Eastern District High School - Eastern Senior Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY)

 - Class of 1955

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.Av ' X X I ' e v ' . , QW-. ' Q rw N ,L ,ii ,Ar ,lien ,. ,kg ' ' ' 14. +L ' I w ' x JA 9 , Af, " 1 4. f ,tn . rf, v , 1 v ,I ,ga e Vg! 4 3 1-.X Q is 4,W!VH4.! .. H-we , ' . 1 U? u ' , A ' v 1 +V 3' - , ,wr- f . F 1 V ' w 1 ' w qi . . 1 w w ' f X I , I vw . 4 aw- - , w . -,p,g:,L f , K , 1 4' 1 kv , my 4,1 ,f r " ' ' YS ,f gf 'W , + " W " ' My ' ' .Q ' ' " N . ,Ni :V ' - "M ' I .. ' 4 as wg -Q3 1-fig f QQ 1. "lik .14 '5 S yn F' .4 I 1 L J, 1 av XJ' - ,Q K, . fpqewy . w,.,,'f1' V. ., 1 ' "ln . fr!-:H V A' ' L, :M 1.5, ll- , Lf 4 V. W 3-,,t?K-g'wa'fl mkifilif .1 - fr f J "W A,,,f , 5r .-4 ., Nr! ,lf " .ax - 5, N, .- 4' My X .uf . I : My H + www-' 1' ik-, 'Wim .NJ-f,, ffkff ffm :Vx : , T .4 ,51lf,,Y3, vu" , 1 . ,V 1.mg'f-',-..g,,u4 W X- . mf ,yu h b L. My g,L.,,. .A W . 44. 'H 4 Wm .FRG ,gh , , V x V, .A , -. ' .JH-.:' , ' .1 7 1 ' " V ,, 4 , .- -, ,.-, U-, , Mx ...L 'V '-1 4 :f,.gM,L lf M , ,- A 4 1 ,Lv ',wL'N'1 R :,I,r,! ,. 4.f'F a. 4' A Q", -'v..f1, 'L' -3 - wr -una Y WW. .I ' v 1- ,X -ln, 1 g. 'YU 1 I 1 -,L M ua ,y,,,.. ,.x x'b A! mfr' YJ' ' , ,A ,L . 1 ws, .-V, a - if ' v in-gpg-gw.:A H THE gala- Ai? I I af' 'MM 6120 W TALCN' ADMINISTRATION PIURES Table N I ORGA 0lIt6lltS Page Two SE N10 Dedication As we, the class of 1955, are dedicated to the Future, so do we dedicate our annual, The Talon. mwfw f ff - Wyw I ff W, V, ,ff 0 WMM ,AW ,,c,, f ' 'Mfve , V7 i ,VNC J 5 'C-MWA t QL 'JWNW 5 . ffweef, " 'Nkq pmSWfra'h-:fe+w- f ff V ft , 7 H wi af ff 4, - AH, Q-,f , .V if , K V S-g ll A Q L 1 'u a' ', - N f .L..,,QG, J ' . ., f eff- " 2 ,, e , we ,...M Q 0 s ' X 51, if N , c V Ri 13?-xiiw WNKVBRQ Nffwwfcxawf Xl, A XR i 1 Page Three Behind these doors lies the Future, QQ Avf mh ,. 2 - si ffqi y ' 1 "if, " M , A- 2,1 I , A A .,. g: 1 ',. h it " V if JF". Q55 " if ' 'F .'5 .,', 21 -- ' .rslkfx-,Q, If. - f 'fb ng ' F .X Y, ' 1g:pf4i",, .v gffw hx A Y i ' ' ' A.P.C. Page Four X AT XON AD MXN ST R MR. JACK DAWSON Principal Page Six MR. JOHN W. TRAP P Assisfant Principal MRS. MARGUERITE LOCKARD Dean of Girls Page Seven x MR. OLIVER I.. SHIELDS Dean of Boys MRS. CATHERINE CULVER MR'S. GLADYS STEADMAN Office Clerk Office Clerk 'W--an-...i.1 MR. CHARLES M. BAIN Visifing Teacher Page Eight LTY MR. ROY D. ADAMS MR. LEONARD H. MRS. ARMEALIA MR. DAVID N. ASPY Social 5fl-'dies ANDERSON ARMSTRONG 5i0l09Y A-8-I Morehead slale Core, American History Commerce A-B" Unlverslly of College. B.S., Western Kentucky A.B., Bowling Green l-oulswlle M-A-1 U"'Ve"5"Y of State College College ot Commerce Kenluckt' M.A., Western Kentucky State College MR. FRANK BLACK MISS ANITA B. BOSS MR. JOHN J. MRS. HELEN BROWN R Core, English German, Mathematics Assistant Librarian E B.A., University of Louisville B.A., University of Louisville lndusmal AHS A.B., Western Kentucky B.S., Eastern State College Slcle College M.A., Peabody College MR. HAROLD R. BURKE MR. JAMES C. MR. H. CLAY BYRNSIDE MRS. RACHEL physics, Mathematics BURNETT core, A'ne"ff'n Hfsfofy MONK CALDWELL B.A., University of Louisville Corel Mafhemafics A-B-, GeOI'9el0Wr1 College Engfish A.B., Eastern State College B.A., Mississippi Woman's M.A., University of Kentucky College Page Ten MRS. VIRGINIA MR. HUGH B. CASSELL CARRITHERS Core, English Home Economics A.B., University of Kentucky A.B., Western Kentucky State College B.S., Nazareth MRS. MARGARET S. CAUDILL Core, Mathematics A.B., Morehead State College MRS. ADELINE H. CLARKE Art A.B., University of Louisville MRS. BRUNETTE M. COSLOW Home Economics, Psychology of Home Living A.B., Eastern State College MISS MILDRED J. COOPER English A.B., University of Kentucky M.A., Duke University MRS. BILLIE CUNNINGHAM Core, English A.B., University of Kentucky MISS LULA DALTGN Mathematics A.B., Western Kentucky State College M.A., Columbia University it it , -gli .X his i ,,y::V: H I i MR. C. BRUCE MRS, HELEN F. MRS. .IANEICE MRS. MOREE C. DANIEL DANIEL DAVENPORT DEAN Soc. Psychology, Sociology Spanish Commerce Chemistry A.B., Georgetown Univ. A.B., Univ. of Louisville B.S., Univ. of Kentucky B.S., Univ. of Kentucky, M.A., Univ. of Kentu:ky Nazareth College Page Eleven MR. H. A. DINNING MR. J. E. CAMBILL MR. LAWRENCE MR. ERVIN W. GISH General Science Vocational Agriculture GAMBLE Commerce B.S., Western Kentucky M.S., University of Kentucky Social Sfudies' B.S., University of Louisville Stale College Auclio-Visual Aids A.B., University of Kentucky M.E., University of Louisville MISS HENDY LEE HAMILTON Latin A.B., Vassar College M.A., University of Chicago MR. BERNARD C. GRAVITT Core, World History A.B., University of Kentucky M.A., University of Kentucky MR. EMMEIT GORANFLO Health and Physical Education B.S., Western Kentucky State College M.A., University of Kentucky MRS. MARY HAYNES Music B.S., Union College rrrr 3 ...fig W.,..f...,,. . ,,. X A , J.. ---. , W V V its .: ?.-greg ft IZSI' ' ,- 0 I l I lf 2 5 Mig r w grf' .V ' I - L f If I V ' A ' V ' . if ' , ' it .mywgmer . .e... ' KZ. .. , if if I is .4 MR. HARRY MR. W. B. HOKE MR, RAYMOND JONES W. HEIDEMAN History Social Studies Shop, Auto Mechanics B.S., University of Louisville A.B., Kentucky Wesleyan B.S., Stout Institute It College V ., ,fee f ,iff Page Twelve MR. CECIL KARRICK Band, Music Theory B.S., Eastern State College M.A., University of Kentucky MR. ALBERT W. KEMP Aeronautics mmer A.B., University ot Louisville . ., Univ ity of M.S., Indiana University ' 'C I X- MR. RILEY LASSITER Mathematics, General Science B.S., Murray State College MR. JAMES MR. CLIFFORD .I. MRS. MARIE .l. MATTHEWS MAYER MCCLELLAN Chemistry, Biology English English A.B., University of Louisville M.E., University of Louisville B.S., Ohio State University MRS. MARJORIE Core, Mathematics B, MELVIN MRS. BETTY MCMULLIN A.B., University of Kentucky English A.B., University of Louisville A.B., University of Kentucky M.A., University of Louisville MR. GEORGE E. MORRISON Mechanical Drawing, General Shop B.S., Western Kentucky State College Page Thirteen 2 Sl MRS. ETTA MARCUM Core, Mathematics A.B., Union College MRS. VIRGINIA McMATH Core, Latin, Geometry A.B., Georgetown College MR. ROBERT D. NEILL Core, Mathematics A.B., University of Kentucky M.A., University of Kentucky MRS. NELLIE ORR MRS. RUTH T. PARDON MR. WILLIAM MISS SARA English Mathematics K. PENNEBAKER MOSS PHILLIPS B.S., Nazareth College B.S., University of Louisville Biology History, English M-A-1 Indiana U"'lVe"5llY M-A-, Ul'llVef5lfY of l-0'-'lSVllle A.B., University of Kentucky A.B., M.A., University of Louisville F iii, . MRS. RUTH B. POWELL MISS MAYBELLE MR. CHARLES M. RUTER MR. GROVER C. SALYER English REICHENBACH English, Journalism Woodworking, A,B,, Miami University Corel English B.S., Western Kentucky Mechanical Drawin ABU University of Kemucky State College A.B., Western Kentucky M.A., Middlebury College State College Northwestern University M.A., Western Kentucky State College MRS. JANE W. SCALZO Physical Education, Health M.S., Indiana University MISS RUTH SCHIMEPLER French, Spanish A.B., University ot Louisville fs f7i.5.- -. ' Page Fourleen MRS. NANCY G. SMITH Home Economics B.S., University of Kentucky Q Y o Z4 MRS- SARAH MRS. BE'l'l'Y MISS DOROTHY MR. I'IAL TAYLOR W. STOUT DEEN STULL L, TAYLOR BIOLOGY: Health, HONG ECONOMICS Dratmatics, Speech Health, Physical Education, PI"75'CUI Eduffmof' B-5-I UnlVe"5lIY of KGHYUCIKY A.B., University of Kentucky Driver Education B'S" Weslem Kenluckf' A.B., University of Kentucky sIc'Ie College M.S., Indiana University ,Q Q! in XQVQL f ffv 1 MISS JANE TRINKLE MRS. ALINE MRS. DOROTHY MISS DORIS WILLSON Mvsif B. WARREN S. WAUGH Librarian B.M., University of Louisville Corel Mmhemmics Mcfhemmfcs A.B., University of Kentucky M-A-I Columbia UDIVCVSIIY B.S., University of Louisville B.S., Nazareth College MR. WILLIAM F. MISS EDITH WOOD MRS. FAITH WILSQN Mathematics I'I. ZOLLNER Orchenm A.B., Miami University French B.M., College of Cincinnati M-A-f U"'lVe'5l'Y of KQUIUCIYY A.B., George Washington University Page Fifteen THIS IS EASTERN Page Sixteen Page Seventeen SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS N, f QL is f ft I Seated: Alan Byers, President, Ned Beatty, Vice-President. Standing: Jerry Colston, Sergeant-at-arms, Bonita Lillard, Secretary, Jim Bale, Sergeant-at-Arms, Ben Fryrear, Treasurer. SENIOR CLASS SPONSORS 'sir' First Row: Mr. Roy D. Adams, Mr. David N. Aspy, Mr. Harold R. Burke, Mrs. Rachel Caldwell, Mrs. Brunette N. Coslow. Second Row: Mr. C. Bruce Daniel, Mr. Albert W. Kemp, Miss Ruth Schimpeler, Mrs. Betty Deen Stull, Miss Dorothy L. Taylor. Pngv Eighteen SHIRLEY LEE AGNEW "Shirley" lr. Red Cross-9, 10, 11, 12, Pres, 117 Latin Club-9, 10, Student Council-9, Art Club-9, 10, 11, Pep Club-10, Booster Club-11, 12, Library Staff-10, Chorus-11, Good News Club-9, All State Chorus- 11, Safety Council-12. "Hang sorrow! Care will kill a cat, and, there- fore, let's be merry."-Wither MARTHA LANIER ANDERSON "Lanier" Latin Club-9, 10, ll, 12, Pres. 11, French Club- 11, 12, Rec. Sec.-12, Beta Club-11, 12, Sceince Society-ll, 12, National Honor Society-11, 12, Sec. 12, Talon Staff, Literary Critic-12. "Truthfulness is at the foundation of all personal excellence."-Smiles VlCKl KAY ARRINGTON "Diddie" Thespians-ll, 12, Pres. 12, Spanish Club-9, 10, Art Club-10, Camera Club-10, Good News Club-9, 10, 11, 12, Senior Play-12. "The heart of a girl is a wonderful thing."- Unknown LORREEN LOUISE ASPER "Luigi" Good News Club-9, 10, 11, 12. "As merry as the day is long."-Unknown CAROL LEE AXTON "Carol Lee" Eagle Staff-12, Girl's Chorus-10, Student Council- 9, Spanish Club-9, 10, French Club-11, Office Staff -12. "To see her is a picture."-Dickenson MARY AGNES BAKER "Mary Agnes" Orchestra-9, Treas.-9, Jr. Red Cross-11, Student Council-12, Business Education Club-11, 12, Vice Pres.-12, Library Club-10, 11, 12, Pres.-11, 125 Youth Speaks-11, Good News Club-10, 11, 12, Beta Club-11, 12, F.T.A.-11, 12, Safety Council-12, All Stale Orchestra-9. x ,MiELL?55Li2s?PiEgZlZ5n 'We Ein F 1 ,fb lilly JQVlUjlllJAV'1lllMll'ljyllY i M x My W W MW ,pb flu fi I - ilol 1 1 W Mill-lvlilsliefxrsl swliicllslel MW , e,,, W it A- - 1 Ngjlij Trarlilerred from Masonic Home. Page Nineteen X .l l -1 O5 l Of manners gentle, of affections mild."-Pope JAMES SMALLEY BATE .. im.. Conservation Club-9, Class Officer, Sgt. at Arms- 1O 12, Football-9, 10, 11, 12, Track-11, 12, Baseball E Club-11, 12, Spanish Club-9. "How for that little candle throws a beam."- Shakespeare ROBERT JOSEPH BAUGHMAN "Bob" Latin Club-9, 10, 11, 127 Science Society-11, 125 Class Officer, Vice Pres.-115 Football-10, 11, 125 Student Council-9, 115 Good News Club-9, 10, 11, 12. "Few things are impossible to diligence and skill."-Johnson NED THOMAS BEATTY "Ned" Student Council-127 Class Officer, Vice Pres.-9, 12, Sgt. at Arms-11, Choir-9, 10, 125 Football-9, 10, 11, 12. "To be o well favored man is the gift of fortune."-Shakespeare JOSEPH CLARK BELL "Joe" "This is no time for me to mind niceties and spelling of letters. I have other fish to fry."- Cervantes CAROL ZELEE BENTON "Carol" Spanish Club-9, 105 Photography Club-115 Art Club -125 Business Education Club-11p F.T.A.-12. "The gentle mind by gentle deeds is known."- Spencer JAMES WILSON BLACK "Jim" Transferred from Warwick, Va. Good News Club-12. "His worst he kept-his best he gave."- Tennyson MARVIE LOUISE BLOODWORTH "Cricket" Transferred from Masonic High "She doeth little kindnesses which most leave undone."-Lowell BETTY JANE BOARDMAN "Betty" Spanish Club-97 Good News Club-9, 10, 117 Chorus -105 Jr. Red Cross-10. "And unextinguished laughter shakes the skies." Pope EDITH ANNETTE BOGLE 'iAnnette" Good News Club-97 Spanish Club-9, 117 Art Club- lly F.T.A.-11, 127 Business Education Club-12. "Modesty and unselfishness-these are the virtues which men prize."-Mouron Page Twerzly LOLA LEE BOHANNON "Boots" Beta Club-I1, 125 Business Education Club-11, 125 Dramatics Club-11. "Kindness is virtue itself."-Lomartine KEITH DAVIS BOONE "Boonie" Conservation Club-95 Annual Staff, Sports Ed.-125 Good News Club-10, 11, 125 Latin Club-10, 11, 125 Prom Committee-115 Ky. Jr. Academy of Science-11, 125 Science Society-11, 12. "Perseverence is more prevailing than violence." -Plutarch RONALD WAYNE BOORMAN "Ronnie" Choir-11, 125 Vice Pres.-125 Track-11, 125 Latin Club-10, 11, 125 Student Council-115 Chorus-11, 125 All State Chorus-125 Conservation Club-95 Good News Club-12. "Rascals are always sociable."-Schopenhauer JACK A. BOOTES "Jack" Boy's Chorus-105 Mixed Chorus-105 Science Society- 105 Good News Club-115 Latin Club-9. "Knowledge is more equilavent to force."- Johnson JANE CAROLYN BOOTES "Bootsy" Transferred from Dayton, Ohio, "A good smile is the sunshine of all."-Unknown DONALD ERWIN BOYNTON UDOFIH Transferred from Erie, Pa. "Just being happy is brave work, and true." -Unknown BARLOW WARD BROOKS "Bumpy" Conservation Club-95 Choir-10, 125 Chorus-10, 125 Science Society-11, 125 Student Council-125 All State Chorus-125 Senior Play-12. "He is the very pine-apple of politeness."- Sheridan SARA ELIZABETH BROOKS "Sara" Spanish Club-9, 105 Beta Club-11, 125 F.T.A.-125 Good News Club-11, 125 Business Education Club-11. "Through her expressive eyes, her soul distinctly spoke,"-Lytelton Page Twenty-one ADRON LAWRENCE BROWN "Larry" Transferred from Oldham County High. "To be awake is to be alive."-Thoreau STEVE DANIEL BROWN "Danny" "He was the mildest manner'd man."-Byron HARRY THIEL BROWN "Hair" Football-9, 10, 11, 125 Track-11, 125 Spanish Club- 95 E Club-11, 125 Basketball-9, 105 Conservation Club -9. "Many a joke had he."-Goldsmith WARREN NIAL BRYANT "Warren" "My heart is warm with the friends I make."- Millary HUBBARD TAYLOR BUCKNER "Tazio" Transferred from Atherton, Science Society-11, "Life is full of amusement to an amusing man." -Beecher JOHN LOUIS BUNTING "John" Football-11, 125 Basketball-11, 125 Baseball-11, 125 Track-11, 125 E Club-11, 12. "Half hidden by a rough grey beard."-Chapman DONNA JAYNE BUNTON "Donna" Latin Club-10, 11, 125 Spanish Club-11, 125 Good News Club-10, 115 Thespian Society-10, 11, 125 Choir-125 Annual Staff, Co-publicity Manager-125 Music Club-12. "Whose smiles all other maids' surpass."- McNally EDWARD ALAN BYERS "Big Al" Student Council-9, 11, 125 Beta Club-11, 125 Latin Club-9, 105 Basketball-10, 11, 125 Baseball-11, 125 Class Officer, Pres.-125 Conservation Club-95 Good News Club-9, 105 Baseball-9, 10. A'ln thy face I see the map of honour, truth, and loyalty."-Shakespeare Page Twerzfy-Iz1'0 HOWARD WILSON CABLE "Torky" French Club-9, 107 Latin Club-11, 125 Chorus-105 Beta Club-11, 125 Science Society-125 Good News Club-12. "He was a gentleman, l'll have you know."- Osborn DOLORES ANN CAMPBELL "Dee" Good News Club-10, 11, 125 Choir-10, 11, 12, Robe Chairman-125 Bowling Club-11, 12. "Actions speuk louder than words."-Proverb DAVID RAY CAPITO "Capito" Football-115 Conservation Club-95 Good News Club -10, 11. "The world is a comedy to those that think."- Walpole PATSY LEE CASE "Pat Business Education Club-11, 125 Good News Club- Io, 11, 125 Pep Club-10. "A good name is better than great riches."- Cervantes DONALD COLEMAN CASEY "Ronnie" Conservation Club-9. "Much have I seen and known."-Tennyson VIRGINIA LEE CASWELL "Dee" National Honor Society-11, 125 Beta Club-11, 125 Thespian Society-10, 11, 125 Scribe-125 Latin Club- 9, 10, 11, 125 French Club-11, 127 F.T.A.-9, 11, 125 Student Council-11, 125 Usher at Graduation- 117 Library Club-95 Good News Club-9. "lt is the privilege of genius that to it life never grows common."-Lowell BARBARA ANN CHAMBERLAIN "Bobo" 4-H Club-95 Good News Club-9, 10, 11, 125 Bowling Club-11. "Whoever lives true life will love true love."- Browning GEORGE VICTOR CHEATHAM "Cheetee" , Conservation Club-95 Spanish Club-105 Chorus-11, 125 Student Council-115 Choir-12. I "Blessed is the man, who having nothing to say abstains from giving wordy evidence to the fact." -Elist Page Twenty-tbree JESSE HOWARD CLARK "Jesse" "l am very fond of the company of ladies." -Johnson NORMANDA JOYCE CLARK "Joyce" Spanish Club-10, 115 Office Staff-11. "A smile that glows ..., "-Milton WILLIAM DONALD COFFEY "Doodle" Orchestra-95 Good News Club-9, 10, 11, 125 Beta Club-115 Spanish Club-105 Chorus-11, 12. "He was straight5 you could trust him."- Petronius MARGARET ADAMS COLLIER "Grits" Beta Club-125 F.T.A.-125 Latin Club-9, 10, 115 Art Club-10, 11, 125 Visual Aids Staff--10, 11, 125 Student Council-9, 12. "Magnificent spectacle of human happiness "- Smith BEVERLY MOSS COLLINS "Bev" Spanish Club-9, 105 Band-9, 10, 11, 125 Music Club -10, 11, 125 All State Band-10, 11, 125 All State Orchestra-10, 11, 125 Orchestra-9, 10, 11, 12. "l live for those who love me."-Banks FLETCHER EDWARD COLLINS "Sonny" Transferred from K.M.I. "Are you almost disgusted with life, little man?" -Unknown GERALD SCOTT COLSTON "Jerry" Football-9, 10, 11, 12, Co-Captain-125 Basketball- 1O, 11, 125 Baseball-9, 10, 11, 125 Track-125 All County Football-115 E Club-10, 11, 127 Good News Club-9, 105 Spanish Club-9. "Why should the devil have all the lun?"-Hill BETTY JOYCE COLYER , "Curly" 1 Business Education Club-11, 125 Good News Club-12. "She is a winsome and wee thing."-Burns Page Twenty-fam Page Twenly-five DORlS IRENE COLYER "Doris" Music Club-105 Pep Club-105 Chorus-105 Good News Club-11, 125 Business Education Club-11, 12. "She is a gallant creature, and complete in mind and feature."-Shakespeare JOANNE WINIFRED CORNETTE "Jan" Transferred from Breckinridge, Ky, Beta Club-11, 125 Thespian Society-11, 125 French Club-11, 125 Latin Club-125 Science Society-11, 125 Good News Club- 11, 125 Chorus-11, Choir-125 Music Club-125 F.T.A. -125 National Honor Society-12. "Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety."-hakespeare CHARLES EDWARD CRABTREE "ChoIly" Transferred from Collierville High School. "Let the world slide, let the world go by."- Heywood DAVID EDWARD CROCKETT "Pookie" Conservation Club-95 Chorus-10, 115 Engineers Club- 115 French Club-9, 10. "And therefore, let's be merry."-Wither DONALD THURMAN CULVER "Cul" Basketball Manager-9, 10, 11, 125 Baseball-9, 10, 11, 125 Good News Club-10, 125 Chorus-105 Spanish Club-115 E Club-1O, 11, 125 Conservation Club- 9, 10. "Eat, drink, and be merry."-New Testament MICHELE DAMATO UJOCITH JOAN French Club-9, 10, 11, 125 Pres.-11, 125 Beta Club- 125 Science Society-125 Honor Society-12. "Be she fairer than the day, or the flowery meade in May."-Wither 11, 125 Latin Club-10, 11, F.T.A.-125 National BOBBY MAURICE DAVIS "Rocky" Good News Club-9, 10, 11, 125 F.F.A.-9, 105 Con- servation Club-9, 10. "So of cheerfulness, or a good temper, the more it is spent, the more of it remains."-Emerson DONALD DOUGLAS DAVIS "Don" J. V. Cheerleader-10, Latin Club-9, 105 Science Society -11, 125 Beta Club-11, 125 Track Team-11, 12. "You Can't judge a book by its cover."-Old Proverb FRED LEN DECKMAN "Fred" F.F.A.-9, 10, 11, 12. "Anything for a quiet life."-Middleton FRANK ROY DE LUCA "Frank" Jr. Red Cross-11. "Life is a jest, and all things show it."-Pape PATRICIA JANE DERHEFER "Patsy" Transferred from Cincinnati, Ohio "A lovely lady, garmented in light."-Shelley ROBERT WILLIAM DETWILER "Bob" Conservation' Club-9, Beta Club-11. "High-erected thoughts seated in the heart of courtesy."-Sidney MARGO ALLEN DIEMER "Marty" Orchestra-9, 10, 11, 12, Sec.-10, Pres.-117 Chorus -12, Student Council-10, 127 Beta Club-11, 127 Music Club-10, 11, 12, Spanish Club-9, IO, Good News Club-9, National Honor Society-11, 127 Mad- rigal Group-127 All State Orchestra-9, 10, 11, 12. "Music is the one thing o fthe world that I love best."-Pepys BETTY JO DILLON ..-Io.. Business Education Club-11, 12, Pep Club-10, Latin Club-9, 10, 117 Jr, Red Cross-12, Cheerleader-9, 107 Beta Club-II, 12, Student Council-9, 10, 11, F.T.A.-10, 11, 12, Good News Club-9, 10, Sec.-9, Safety Council-12, Usher at Graduation-11. "The sweetest garland to the sweetest maid."- Ramory ROBERT ALLEN DINNING ..Bob.. Band-10, 11, 12, Music Club-11, 12, World Affairs Institute-11. "Now my task is smoothly done."-Unknown MARTHA ANN DOERHOFER "Marty" Spanish Club-9, 10, 11, 127 Art Club-10, Good News Club-11, 127 Office Staff-9. "Good words are worth much, and cost little." -Herbert Page Twenty-six CATHERINE SUE DOLT "Susie" Spanish Club-10, 117 Art Club-10, 11, Student Coun- cil-9, F.T.A.-11, 12, Business Education Club-125 Good News Club-9, 10, Pep Club-10. "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men."-Unknown JAMES STEPHENSON DUNLAP, JR. ..J. .. Allied Youth Club-11. lm "None but himself can be his parallel."- Theobald LAWRENCE RANDELL DURBIN "Rendell" Transferred from Sunfish, Ky, Spanish Club-11, 12. "Laugh and be well."-Hutcheson HUGH NELSON DURHAM "Hugh" Football-9, 10, 11, 12, Co-Captain-12, Basketball- 9, 10, 11, 12, All District Basketball-11, All Regional Basketball-11, Baseball-9, 10, 115 Track-10, 11, 125 E Club-9, 10, 11, 12, Beta Club-11, 12, Spanish Club-9, 10, Class Officer, Sgt. at Arms-107 Pep Club-9, 10. "As happy a man as any in the world."- Pepys EMlLY MARIE DURRETT ..Emy,. Good News Club-9, 10, 11, 12, Business Education Club-11, 12, Beta Club-11, 12, Jr. Red Cross- 11, 12. "A fair exterior is a silent recommendation."- Syrus ANN MAYHEW EAGLES "Ann" Latin Club-10, 11, 127 French Club-11, 12, Vice Pres.-127 National Honor Society-11, 127 Beta Club -11, 12, Science Society-11, 12, Sec.-12, Student Council-12, State Convention-12, Annual Staff, Ad- vertising Manager-12g Prom Committee-11, Chorus- 10, Usher at Graduation-117 Thespian Society-10, 11, 12. "The ideal of courtesy, wit, grace, and charm." -Cicero WILMA LOUISE EDWARDS "Wilma" Transferred from Nashville, Tenn. "Youth is full of pleasure."-Unknown RILEY EUGENE EMERY NACE" 10. I "I have not slept one wink."-Shakespeare Page Twenty-.vezfvn Chorus-9, 105 Conservation Club-9, Student Council- ANN BARTLETT EMMART HAND., Spanish Club-9, 10, ll, 127 Student Council-97 Jr, Red Cross-9, 107 Beta Club-11, 127 Annual Staff, Advertising Manager-12. "Honest labour bears a lovely face."-Dekker JAMES TARR ENGLE "Jim" Chorus-10, 11. "Then he will talk-good gods! how he will talk."-Lee I I I I FLORA GAY EVANS ..Gay.. Spanish Club-9, 107 Beta Club-11, 127 Chorus- 10, 117 Choir-107 Band-127 Pep Club-127 Music Club-10, 12. "To err is human, to forgive is divine."-Pope RICHARD ALVIN EWING "Dick" Basketball-10, 11, 127 Football-10, 11, 127 Baseball -9, 10, I1, 127 Student Council-9, 127 All District Basketball-117 All Regional Basketball-117 Good News Club-97 Spanish Club-97 Chorus-IO, 115 E Club- 1O, 11, 12. Class officer-Sgt. at Arms, 11. "He deviseths mischief continually."-Proverbs, 7:14 PHILIP CARDWELL FALK "Phil" Student Council--117 Choir-1O, 11, 127 Beta Club- 11, 127 Good News Club-10, 11, 12, Pres.-127 Spanish Club-11, 127 Allied Youth Club-11, 127 All State Chorus-11, 127 Boy's Chorus-10, 11, 127 Mixed Chorus-10, 11, 127 Senior Play-12. "He is a gentleman because his nature is kind and affable to every creature."-Barnfield MILTON CHARLES FEGER "Millie" Booster Club-127 Baseball-10, 11, 127 Good News Club-10. "A man of action."-Galsworthy SUE WARD FIGHTMASTER ' "Sue" Chorus-9, 1O, 117 Student Council-97 Visual Aids , Staff-127 F.T.A.-97 Music CIUb-115 Library Staff- - 97 Good News Club-9, 10, 11, 12. "Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart go together."-Ruskin MADGE FLORENCE "Maggie" Visual Aids-11, 127 Business Education Club-127 Junior Red Cross-117 Beta Club-12. "A sweet and virtuous soul."-Herbert Page Tzverzly-sigh! GAIL ANN FOLSOM "Sis" Transferred from Yardley, Pa. Spanish Club-10, 11, 12, French Club-12, Mixed Chorus-11, 12, Girl's Chorus--ll, 12, Choir-11, 12, Sec-Treas.-12, Science Society-11, 12, Madrigal Group-12, All State Chorus -12. "No spring or summer beauty hath such grace." --Donne GORDON FORD, JR. "Gordon" Visual Aids Staff-9, 10, 11, 12, Beta Club-11, 12, National Honor Society-ll, 12, Office Staff-10, 11, 12, Student Council-10, Class Officer, Sec.-10, Science Society-11, 12, Youth Speaks-10, French Club-12, Jr. Red Cross-11, 12, Latin Club-9, 10, 11, 12. "A mind equal to any undertaking that he puts it along side of."-Dickens BROOKS LYLE FOUNTAIN "Brooks" Transferred from Atherton. Baseball-12, Senior Play- 12. "Manners-the final and perfect flower of noble character."-Winter GLENN FRANCK "Glenn" Good News Club-9, 10, 11, 12, Baseball-9, 10, 11, 12, Spanish Club-9, 10, E Club-11, 12, Visual Aids Staff-9, 10, 11, 12. "Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well."-Stanhope MARY JOAN FRANCONIA "Joanie" Business Education Club-11, 12, Orchestra-9. "Full many glorious mornings have I known- Shakespeare BENNIE LEWIS FRYREAR DFW.. Spanish Club-9, Football, 9, 10, 11, 12, Co-Captain- 12, Student Council-11, Beta Club-11, 12, World Affairs Institute-11, E Club-11, 12, Pep Club-11, Science Society-12, Class Officer, Treas.-12. "Give me the hand that is honest and hearty." -Montgomery CLINTON FUGATE "Jim Bob" Transferred from Masonic High School "God helps those who help themselves."-Sidney GERALDINE GADDIE "Jerry" Good News Club-11. "Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows.' -Ingersoll Page Tu'e11ly-nine GERALDINE ANNA GAMELTOFT "Jerry" Jr. Red Cross-9, 125 Beta Club-11, 125 F.T.A.-115 Office Staff-125 Business Education Club-11, 12. "l would be true, for there are those who trust me."-Walter PAUL ALLEN GIBSON "Big Gib" Conservation Club-95 4-H Club-95 Good News Club- 9, 10, 11, 125 Thespian Society-10, 11, 125 Science Society-125 Baseball-95 Spanish Club-9, 117 Eagle Staff-11, 12, Sports Editor-11, 125 Chess Club- 11, 125 F.T.A.-11, 125 Good News Club Reporter- 115 Senior Play-12. "There never was a saint with red hair."-Proverb JACQUELINE ANN GILPIN "Jackie" Good News 'Club-9, 10, 11, 125 Office Staff-125 Latin Club-9, 10, 11, 125 F.T.A,-9, 10, 11, 125 Art Club-9, 10, 125 Student Council-9, 125 Pep Club- 1O5 Science Society-12. "Virtue is the performance of pleasant actions." -Woolf SUE ANN GITTINGS "Sue" Good News Club-11, 125 Commercial Club-11, 12. "Blushing is the colour of virtue."-Unknown AMELIA LYNN GLOCKNER UAW.. Spanish Club-95 Good News Club-12. "Know that the simple gift of being kind, is greater than all wisdom of the wise."-Heywood THELMA DOLORES GNAGIE "Dody" Good News Club-9, 10, 11, 125 Spanish Club-95 Chorus-9, 12. "Everyone excels in something in which another tails."-Unknown GEORGlA CORNELIA GOERNER "Cornelia" Orchestra-9, 10, 115 Beta Club-11, 125 Student Council -125 F.T.A.-105 Chorus-125 Music Club-10, 11, 12, Sec.-115 Latin 'Club-125 Senior Play-125 Good News Club-9, 105 State Music Festival-10, 11, 12. "That which betits us is cheerfulness and courage."-Emerson GERALD PHILIP GOETH "Jerry" Band-9, 10, 11, 125 Drum Major-11, 125 Orchestra- 9, 105 Music Club-11, 12, Pres, 12. "No task too steep for human wit."-Horace..., Page Thirty Page Thirty-one WILLIAM FREDERICK GORBANDT "Freddie" Pep Club-9, 10, 115 Band-9, 10, 11, 125 Football- IO5 Jr. Red Cross-9, 10, 115 Music Club-10, 11, 12. "Everyday should be passed as if it were the Iast."Ayrus MARY BALLANTINE GORMAN "Mary BeIle" Spanish Club-9, 105 Beta Club-11, 125 Science Society -11, 125 National Honor Society-11, 125 Student Council 12, Sec.-125 Youth Speaks-115 Usher at Graduation-115 Senior Play, Student Director-125 Dramatics Club-115 Good News Club-9, 10. "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." -Proverb CHARLES DAVID GRAVATTE "Dirty Dave" Transferred from Manual High School "No one knows what he can do until he fries." -Syrus BILLIE JOYCE GREEN "Willie" Girl's Chorus-9, 105 Mixed Chorus-9, 107 Jr. Red Cross-9, 105 F.T.A.-10, 'Ili Business Education Club --11, 127 Good News Club-9, 10, 11, 12. "Skill to do comes from doing."-Emerson MARY ANN GROVES "Mary Ann" Transferred from Norfolk, Va. Chorus-11, 125 F.T.A. -125 Latin Club-12. "The lady's quite bewitchin'."-Noble THANN GRUBB "Grul:by" Mixed Chorus-11, 125 Good News Club-9, 10, 11, 125 Band-9, 10, 11, 125 Football-105 Spanish Club -11. "lt matters not how long you live, but how well." -Syrus JOHN PHILIP HAAG "John-O" "What is the worth of anything but for the happiness t'will bring?"-Cambridge HAROLD ALBERT HAGEN "Harold" Transferred from Hopkins, Minn. Baseball-115 Student Council-II. "Remember this-that very little is needed to make a happy life."-Aurelius JAMES FREDERICK HALL "Jim" Choir-10, 11, 125 Chorus-10, 11, 125 Latin Club-95 Music Club-125 Science Society-12. "So much is a man worth as he esteems -Rabelais FRED RALPH HANSEN, JR. "Fritz" German Club-95 Good News Club-11, 125 Football --103 Photo Club--10, 125 Track-11. "Do your duty, and leave the rest to --Corneille himself." heaven." JAMES LEE HARLAN "Lee" Transferred from Dayton, Ohio. Good News Club- 10,11, 12gP11010 Club-1O,11,12. "Let us work without disputing if it is only to render life tolerable."-Voltaire ,S f QMARTHA EVELYEHARRQD 5, n ,,f'. ,Z-4 , .,, , ,. k .1 , rj' ezi- Lcflpy QI -fig-?xi,,! 2nJsh,Club-9,,!:1Q?' 11,,,L1,2511.il?rary Q6411, 12, Good 'New c1gb59,f1a5 f1'1 , 1f2i1j'fAKj-ldixgfg 5 "One does not knowffannot know, the best that is in onle4"1Tliet1.jclgQ1 Kal 527:21 CARL NATHAN HATCH "Nath" Transferred from Indianapolis, Ind. "His foe was folly and his weapon was wit." -Hawkins BEVERLY ANN HATFIELD "Bev" Challenger Staff-115 Beta Club-11, 125 Good News Club-9, 10, 11, 125 F.T.A.-10, 11, 125 Youth Speaks -117 Eagle Staff-11, 12, News Editor-125 Latin Club-9, 10, 11, 125 Office Staff-11, 12. "Great is truth. Fire cannot burn, nor water drown it."-Dumas LOIS ELIZABETH HAWKER "Hawk" Good News Club-105 Art Club-10, 11, 12, Pres.-115 Eagle Staff-11, 125 F.T.A.-12. "When you have a mind to, laugh."-Unknown BARBARA SUE HAYS "Barbie" F.T.A.-9. 10, 11, 125 Orchestra-95 Jr. Red Cross- l25 Good News Club-9, 10, 11, 125 Beta Club-11, 125 Bowling Club-125 Business Education Club--11, 12, Treas.-125 Allied Youth Club--11, 125 Spanish Club- 9, 10, 117 Usher at Graduation-115 Library Club-10. "l must speak the truth, and nothing but the truth."-Cervantes Page Thirty-two HARRY DAVID HEIDEMAN "Dave" Visual Aids Staff-97 Band-10, 11, 127 Orchestra-117 Science Society-11, 127 Beta Club-11, 127 Music Club-11, 12. "Talent is something, but tact is everything."- -Seargill PATRICIA JANE HENSON "Pat" Transferred from Clinton, lll. Good News Club-11, 127 F.T.A.-127 Business Education Club-11, 127 Beta Club-11, 127 Spaniish Club-11, 125 Allied Youth Club-11, Treas.--11. "Northing ever succeeds which exuberant spirits have not helped to produce."-Nietzsche HAROLD RICHARD HICKS "Dickie" Chess Club-117 Band-9, 10, 11, 127 Latin Club- 1O7 Beta Club-11, 127 Jr. Red Cross-11. "Genius is the capacity of evading hard work." -Hubbard ALFRED JOHN HIEB HAI.. Visual Aids Staff-9, 10, 11, 127 Beta Club-11, 127 Jr. Red Cross-117 Science Society-11, 127 Good News Club-9, 10, II, German Club-9, Treas.-9. "He who laughs best today, will also laugh last."-Nietzsche LYMAN CONANT HITCHCOCK ..,-ym., "I am slow of speech."-Old Testament DAVID NORWOOD HITZ "Dave" French Club-9, 10. "Not by years, but by disposition is wisdom acquired,"-Plautus JOHN HERMAN HOFFMAN "Jack" Transferred from Portland, Ore. "My honor is dearer to me than my life."- Unknown .' MARTHA JO ANN HOLLIE "Jo Ann" German Club-97 Good News Club-9, 107 4-H Club -97 Choir-12. "A soft answer turneth away wrath."--Old Testament Page Thirty-tbree JAMES STANLEY HOLLOWAY "Jim" 'iHe tried the luxury of doing good."-Crabbe MICHAEL BOWNE HOOK "Mike" Spanish Club-9, 107 German Club-117 Chorus-117 Baseball-9, 10, 11, 127 Football-9, 10, 11, 127 E Club-11, 12. "Bashfulness is an ornament to youth. . . " -Aristotle CARROLL HUBBARD "Carroll" Transferred from Ashland, Ky, Beta Club-11, 127 Latin CIUb-Ili Spanish Club-11, 127 Student Council -117 Science Society-117 Band-11, 127 Good News Club-11, 127 Jr, Red' Cross-11, 127 Sportsmanship Committee-11, Hi-Y Club-11. "His virtues were his arts."-Burke REX TERRANCE HUFFAKER "Terry" Spanish Club-9, 10, 11, 127 Basketball-9, 10, 11, 127 E Club-11, 127 Pep Club-9, 107 Conservation Club-9, 107 Track-12. "Without music, life would be a mistake." -Nietzsche PATRICIA INEZ HUGHES "Pat" Spanish Club-9, 107 Good News Club-9, 127 Busi- ness Education Club-11, 127 Allied Youth Club-11 "Can we ever have too much of a good thing." -Cervantes LOUNETTE PAULINE HUMPHREY "Lounette" Latin Club-9, 10, 11, 12, Sec-10, 117 Spanish Club- 11, 125 National Honor Society-11, 127 Beta Club- 11, 12, Sec.-127 Pep Club-10, 117 Cheerleader- 1O, 11, 127 Good News Club-107 Science Society- 11, 127 Eagle Staff-11, News Editor-117 Sportsman ship Committee--11, 127 Student Council-97 Usher at Graduation-11. "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm,"-Emerson CHARLOTTE ANN HUND "Charlotte" Spanish Club-9, 107 GirI's Chorus-9, 10 and 117 Mixed Chorus-10, 117 Choir-10, 117 Music Club-10, Sec. -107 Student Council-127 Youth Speaks-117 Annual Staff, Editor-127 Beta Club-11, 127 Business Education Club-12. "When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece,"-Rashire PAULA CLAUDINE HURST "Paula" Jr. Red Cross-97 Good News Club-11. "Her ways are ways of pleasantness and her paths are peace."-Old Testament Page Thirty-four Page Thirty-five JUDITH IRWIN "Judy Irwin" Spanish Club-9, 107 Choir-127 Good News Club-9, 107 Office Staff-127 Orchestra-9, 10, 11, 127 GirI's Chorus-127 Music Club--10, 11, 127 Pep Club-10, 11. "Perfect simplicity is unconsciously audacious." -Meredith STEPHEN DAVID ISAACS "Steve" Transferred from St. Louis, Mo. Student Council-11, 12, Pres.-127 Football-10, 11, 127 E Club-11, 127 Latin Club-117 French Club-10, 127 Basketball-107 Sportsmanship Association-11, 12, Pres.-127 Science Society-11, 127 Beta Club-11, 127 Art Club-107 Prom Com mittee-11. "The force of his own merit makes his way." -Shakespeare CAROL BRUCE JEAN "Carol" Good News Club-9, 107 Beta Club-11, 127 Student Council-117 Latin Club-9, 10, 11, 127 F.T.A.-10, 11, 127 Jr. Red Cross-11, 12, Vice Pres.-127 Business Education Club-11, 12, Hist.-127 GirI's Chorus-127 Office Staff-11, 12. "All succeeds with people who are sweet and cheerful."-Voltaire BETTY LEE JENKINS UJEHICSI' Student Council-9, 10, 11, 127 F.T.A.-10, 11, 127 Cheerleader-127 Good News Club-9, 10, 117 Pep Club-9, IO, 117 Business Education CIUbT12i Youth Government-107 Jr, Red Cross-127 Sportsmanship Committee-11. "What a spendthrift she is of her tongue!"- Shakespeare BETTY FAYE JOHNSON "Betty" Transferred from Manual. GirI's Chorus-117 Good News Club-12. "She was as good as she was fair."-Rodgers ROBERT ALAN JOHNSON "Bob" Football-10, 117 Eagle Staff-127 Good News Club- 10, 11, 12. "He has achieved success, who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much."-Stanley NELSON TIFT JOYNER, JR. "Nelson" National Honor Society-11, 127 Beta Club-11, 12, Pres.-127 Student Council-11, 12, Treas.-127 E Club -10, 11, 127 Safety Council-127 Harvard Book Award -117 Prom Committee, Chairman-117 Usher at Gradu- ation-117 Thespian Society-10, 11, 127 Treas.-117 German Club-11, 12, Vice Pres.-117 Latin Club-10, 11, 127 Science Society-117 Tennis Team-10, 11, 12. "The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do well, without a thought of fame."-Longfellow RALPH JAMES JUDD "Oscar" Football-10, 11, 127 Track-11, 127 E Club-11, 127 F.F,A.-97 Conservation Club-9, 10. "You patched up your excuses."-Shakespeare PHIL EDWARD KAELIN "Monk" "I can resist everything except temptation,"- Wilde PEGGY DALE KAREM Hpiggy.. F.T.A.-9, 10, 11, 125 Jr. Red Cross-10, 125 Chorus- 1O5 Art Club-125 Eagle Staff-11, 125 Prom Committee -11. "She is pretty to walk with, and witty to talk with."-Suchling LIDA LEE KEMP "Lido Lee" Chorus-11, 125 Choir-125 Visual Aids Staff-115 Latin Club-95 Spanish Club-10, 11, 125 Music Club- 11, 12. "Who mix'd reason with pleasure, and wisdom with mirth."-Goldsmith KATHERINE KOEHLER KERN "Kathy" Eagle Staff-11, 12, Activities Editor-125 Latin Club- IO, 11, 125 Beta Club-11, 125 Good News Club-9, 105 Thespian Society-11, 125 Usher at Graduation- 115 Science Society-11, 125 Jr. Red Cross-10, 115 French Club-12. "Tis virtue makes the bliss where ever we dwell." -White MARIETTA JO KING "Marietta" Student Council-9, 105 Jr. Red Cross-9, 105 Spanish Club-9, 115 Chorus-95 Pep Club-10, 11, 125 F.T.A. -IO, 11, 125 Office Staff-11,12. "Laughter is the chorus of conversation."- 'Steele JOAN KLAPHEKE "Joanie" Student Council-125 French Club-9, 105 Eagle Staff- 10, 115 Jr. Red Cross-115 Office Staff-95 F.T.A.- IO, 11, 12, Treas.-11, Pres.-12. "Words cannot express her infinite sweetness -Dante LETITIA ANN KNOELLER Vx "Tish" N Good News Club-9, 105 Spanish Club-9, 105 Photog- A raphy Club-10, 11, 125 Art Club-125 Class Officer, 'K Sgt. at Arms-IO5 Eagle Staff Photographer-125 An- nual Staff Photographer-125 Jr. Red Cross-12. 'l "Where true fortitude dwells, loyalty, bounty, - friendship, and fidelity may be found."-Browne x, CAROL FRANCES KOENIG fe "Carol" to F Spanish Club-95 Good News Club-10, 115 GirI's X' Chorus-105 Mixed Chorus-11. ,y ,N "How graceful and fair she is."-Unknown xg S. ,. fs he ' . Q X , A , CX Q-C RQ I-I .xx -- 'Xylfage 'libirfy-six xx Q, .Xxrs . LOIS EVELYN KREAMER "Louie" Spanish Club-9, 105 Business Education Club-11, 12. "A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere."-Emerson GERALD SANDERS LAM 'Lamie Pie" Chorus-10, 11, 125 Spanish Club-10. "Truth is the highest thing that mon can keep." -Chaucer EITHA ELLEN LANDIS "Fats" Spanish Club-9, 105 Chorus-105 Pep Club-105 Photography Club-10, Sec.-105 Beta Club-11, 125 Art Club-115 Good News Club-11, 125 Thespian Society-125 Booster Club-12. "There is nothing half so sweet in life as love's young dream."-Moore VIVIAN MAE LANDS "Viv" Jr. Red Cross-9, 105 Girl's Chorus-105 Mixed Chorus -105 Good News Club-9, 10, 11, 125 Business Edu- cation Club-11, 12,, "Be valiant, but not too venturous."-Lyly RICHARD HARTSHORN LANGAN "Pigeon" Spanish Club-11, 127 Football-95 Chorus-105 Student Council-125 Pep Club-9. "Nothing is o waste of time if you use the experience wisely."-Rodin , BONITA FAYE LILLARD "Bonnie" Spanish Club-9, 10, 11, Treos.-105 Beta Club-11, 125 Science Society-125 Girl's Chorus-10, 115 Mixed Chorus-115 Cheerleader-9, 10, 11, 12, Captain- 10, 125 Usher at Graduation-115 Good News Club- 9, 105 Pep Club-9, 105 Class Officer, Sec.-125 Mad- rigal Group-125 Prom Committee-11. "The sweetest garland to the sweetest maid."- Tickell JAMES WILLIAM LINDENMEYER "Lindy" Transferred from Long Hill, Conn. Football-11, 125 Track-11, 125 French Club-11, 125 Science Society -11, 125 Beta Club-12. "Success makes success, as money makes money." -Chamfort ROBERT HARDIN LITTRELL "T Bob" 4-H Club-9, 105 Bond-9, 10, 11, 125 Conservation Orchestra-105 Pep Club-95 Music Club-10, 11. "All men think all men mortal but themselves." -Young Page Thirty-seven Club-95 F.F.A.-9, 10, 11, 125 Student Council-115 GEORGE HUNTER LOGAN "Casper" Student Council-9, 10, 11, 12, Vice Pres.-127 Beta Club-11, 127 Conservation ClUb+9j Latin Club-10, 11, 127 Football Manager-9, 107 Golf Team-10, 11, 127 Safety Council-127 Group Leader-127 Pep Club- 1O7 National Honor Society-12. "He was a scholar, and a ripe and good one." -Shakespeare JOHN C. LONG Ill "Jack" F.F.A.-9, 10, 117 4-H Club-9, 107 Conservation Club -9, 107 Jr. Red Cross-10, 127 Student Council-107 Science Society-127 Pep CiUb'9j Eagle Staff-11. "Ay, every inch a king."-Shakespeare ROBERT ALBERT MACKAY H8 b.. "Gentleman is writtgn legibly on his brow."- Colman HARRY MAGERS "Harry" "Patient endurance is godlikef'-Longfellow ARTHUR THOMAS MARKSBURY "Ock" Good News Club-9, 117 Football-9, 107 Conservation Club-97 Spanish Club-9, 10. "I have laid aside business and gone fishing." -Walton BEVERLY ANNE MARMION "Bev" Latin Club-11, 12. "Modesty is not only an ornament, but also a guard to virtue."-Addison JUDITH ANN MARTIN "Judy" German ClUb-95 Spanish Club-10, 117 French Club -127 Good News Club-9, 10, 117 Jr. Red Cross- 9, 11. "A rose is sweeter in the bud than in full bloom."-Lyle MARlLYN ANNE MARTIN "Marty" Science Society-117 Beta Club-11, 125 Girl's Chorus -11, 127 Mixed Chorus-11, 127 Choir-127 Spanish Club-9, 107 Good News Club-9, 10. "O, thou art fairer than the evening air clad in the beauty of a thousand stars."--Marlowe Page Thirty-eight Page Thirty-nine JAMES ROBERT MATHUS "Jimmy" F.F.A.-9, 10. "l've taken my fun where l've found it."-Kipling LOIS ANN MAYER "Lois Belle" Spanish Club-9, 107 French Club-11, 127 Art Club- 1O, 11, 127 Science Society-11, 127 Student Council-9. "Those eyes, affectionate and glad, which seemed to love whatever they looked upon."-Campbell KAY DRACKETT MCCURDY "Casey" National Honor Society-11, 12, Vice Pres.-127 Beta Club-11, 127 Science Society-11, 127 Eagle Staff- 11, 12, Editor-127 Quill and Scroll-107 Spanish Club -11, 127 Latin Club-9, 10, 11, 12, Vice Pres.-10, Sgt. at Arms-117 Jr. Red Cross-9, 107 Student Council -107 Youth Speaks-117 Usher at Graduation. "Journalism will kill you, but it will keep you alive while you're at it."-Greeley HERBERT KENT MCMATH "Kent" Beta Club-11, 12, Vice Pres,-127 Science Society- 11, 127 Student Council-9, 127 E Book Editor-127 Engineer's Club-107 Annual Staff, Business Manager- 127 Usher at Graduation-117 Latin Club-9, 10, 11, 127 German Club-11, 12, Vice Pres.-127 National Honor Society-11, 12, Pres.-127 Youth Speaks-10, 127 Safety Council-12. "To good and evil equal bent, he's both a devil and a saint,"-Kollack MARY MARGARET MEZERA "Midge" Transferred from Phoenix, Ariz. Spanish Club-10, 11, 127 Girl's Chorus-107 Mixed Chorus-107 Choir-107 Beta Club-11, 127 Thespian Society-11, 127 National Honor Society-11, 127 F.T.A.-10, 117 French Club- 127 Senior Play-127 Bowling Club-117 Music Club -107 Annual Staff, Subscription Manager-127 Safety Council-127 Booster Club-107 Visual Aids Staff-11, 127 Good News Club-10, 117 Pep Club-10, 11, 127 Science Society-117 Usher at Graduation-117 State Music Festival-10. "The opportunity to do mischief is found a hundred times a day."-Voltaire CHARLES DOUGLAS MILLER "Chip" Good News Club-10, 11, 12, Pres.-10, 117 Baseball , 127 Spanish Club-10 11, 127 Mixed Chorus-10, 11 7 All State Chorus-11, 127 Thes- pian Society-11, 12, Treas.-12. "He hath a daily beauty in his life," Shakespeare -Qi Tennis Team-9, 10, 11 117 Boy's Chorus-10, 127 Choir-10, 11, 12 JO ANN MILLER "Jo-Jo" Transferred from Chicago, Ill. "They're only truly great who are truly goodf -Chapman STRATTON JETT MILLER "Jackson" Baseball-9, 10, 11, 127 Football-107 E Club-11, 12. "Fair words never hurt the tangue."-Chapman 1 1 DANIEL JOSEPH MILLOTT HDGITH Class Officer, Pres.-11, Science Society-11, 12, Vice Pres.-12, Beta Club-11, 12, Eagle Staff-11, 12, Editor -12, Football-11, 12, Boy's State-11, Spanish Club -I1, 12. "A genius is a man who does unique things of which nobody would expect him to be capable." -Lucas ALICE LOUISE MOFFETT "Ally" Good News Club-11, 12, French Club-11, 12. "Nothing is so popular as kindness,"-Cicero JOHN MCKIERNAN MONOHAN "Jack" "l am not in the roll of common men."- Shakespeare THOMAS SHAHAN MONOHAN "Tommy" Orchestra-9, 10, 11, 12, Band-9, 10, 12, All State Orchestra-9, 10, 11, 12, All State Band-10, Music Club-10, 11. "Music is the universal language of mankind."- Longfellow CURTIS STEVENS MOORE "Curt" Transferred from Country Day. Youth Speaks-12. "To know when one's self is interested, is the first condition of interesting other people."-Pater PATRICIA MAE MOORE "Mother Moore" Good News Club-9, IO, Pep Club-10, French Club -9, 10, 11, 12, Jr. Red Cross-9, 10, Thespian Society -11, 12, County Government-10, Bowling Club-11, Safety Council-12, Recorder-12, F.T.A.-10, 11, 12, Class Officer, Sec.-11, Student Council-11, Office Staff-9, 11, 12, Business Education Club-11, 12, Pres.-12. "The magic of the tongue is the most dangerous of all spells."-Lytton BILLY RAY MORGAN "Bill" "His cares are now all ended."-Shakespeare JAMES CULVIN MORRIS Ill "Jim" Beta Club-11, 12, National Honor Society-11, 12, Science Society-11, 12, Pres.-12, German Club-11, 12, Pres.-11, Latin Club-9, 10, 11, Jr, Classical League-9, 10, Sgt, at Arms-10, Orchestra-9, Photo Club-10, Band-10. "Some are born great."-Shakespeare Page F 0 rl y Page Forty-one KATHERINE LOUELLA MORRIS "Kathy" Good News Club-9, 10, 11, 12. "A peace above all earthly dignities, a still and quiet conscience."-Unknown ROBERT FOREST MOTLEY, JR. ..Mo,s,. Spanish Club-95 Jr. Red Cross-9, 105 Conservation Club-9. "A man he seems of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrowsf'-Wordsworth JULIAN CLAY MURPHEY "Lil" Latin Club-9, 105 Beta Club-11, 125 Choir-10, 11, 125 Tennis Team-95 Science Society-11, 125 Conserva- tion Club-9, 105 Basketball-105 Engineer's Club-105 Chorus-IO. 11, 125 Good News Club-125 Music Club-125 Student Council-105 All State Chorus-11, 125 Madrigal Group-125 Scholastic Achievement Award -105 Safety Council-12. "Men of fine words are the best of men,"- Shakespeare KEITH ELWOOD NALL "Weasel" Latin Club-95 Spanish Club-10. "A man's worth is estimated in this world according to his conduct."-La Bruyere JOSEPH DANIEL NEUBAUER "Jake" Latin Club-95 Student Council-10, 11, 125 Beta Club -11, 125 National Honor Society-11, 125 Class Officer, Pres.-9, Vice Pres.-105 Football-9, 10, 11, 125 E Club-11, 125 Sportsmanship Committee-11, 125 Pep Club-10, 115 Visual Aids Staff-10, 115 Eagle Staff- 11, 125 Prom Committee--115 Science Society-11, 12. "The mildest manners with the bravest mind." -Homer JAMES GARRETT NOONAN "Jim" Student Council-11, 125 Track-11, 125 Swimming Team-125 F.T.A.-12. "Manners easily and rapidly mature into morals." -Mann NANCY ANN NORRIS "Nan" Latin Club-9, 10, 11, 125 Spanish Club--11, 12, Treas.-125 Science Society-11, 125 Beta Club-11, 125 Student Council-125 Eagle Staff-11, 12, Feature Editor-115 Usher at Graduation-11. "Wit to persuade and beauty to delight."- Davies GILBERT HALE NUTT "Ace" Latin Club-95 Pep Club-95 Jr. Red Cross-95 Spanish Club-10, 115 Conservation Club-10. "A fresh, a free, a friendly man."-Gower ALBERT CHARLES OCHSNER "Buddy" Band-9, 10, 11, 125 Music Club-11, 125 Baseball- 11, 12. "Man must be prepared for every event of life, for there is nothing that is durable."-Meander LORETTA JOSEPHINE OECHSLIN "Loretta" "Who makes quick use of the moment is a genius of prudence."-Lavater PEGGY JEAN OWENS HP999Yn Good News Club-11, 125 Business Education Club- 11, 125 Jr. Red Cross-11. "Let gentle Peace assert her power, and kind Affection rule the hour."-Unknown ANITA LOUISE PAYNE "Nita" Transferred from Richmond, Ky. Art Club-11, 125 Eagle Staff-11, 125 Beta Club-125 F.T.A.-125 Good News Club-12. "My heart is as true as steel."-Shakespeare CAROL FAY PAYNE "Carol" Red Cross-9, 125 Good News Club-9,105 Office Staff -125 Business Education Club-11, 125 Library Staff- 9, 105 F.T.A.-125 Booster Club-12. "We must always have old memories and young hopes."-Houssaye NANINE ADELE PEAK "Nini" Good News Club-9, 10, 115 Jr. Red' Cross-10, 115 Choir-115 Bowling Club-115 Spanish Club-95 Senior Play-12. "Thus was beauty sent from heaven , , "- Akenside BETTY JANE PELESKE "Betty" French Club-9, 10, 117 Chorus-9, 10, 125 Library-10. "O world, be nobler, for herlsake!"-Binyon CAYWOOD EDWARD PENNINGTON ..C .. I F.F.A.-10, 11. Gy "To live long, it is necessary to live slowly."- Cicero Page Forty-two Page Forty-ibree ALBERT MELL PETERSON HAI.. "Let me die to the sound of delicious music." -Mirabean WILLIAM HUGH PIPER "Bill" Latin'Club-9, 105 Good News Club-9, 10. "Hegliyes long that lives well."-Fuller PATRICIA LYNN POOLE "Patty" Transferred from Providence, lnd. "Modesty is the conscience of the body."- Bolzac GENE MONROE POPE "Four Putt" Band-9, 10, 115 Orchestra-9, 105 Jr. Red Cross-9, 105 Basketball-9, 105 Science Society-11, 125 Beta Club-11, 125 Student Council-125 Jr. Classical League -115 Music -'Club-10 5Jr, Academy of Science-115 Engineer's Club-105 Pep Club-105 Latin Club-11, 12. "Sleep is the best cure for waking troubles. Cervantes THELMA LOIS POULTER "Little Bit" Beta Club-11, 125 Business Education Club-11, 12. "Fine manners are the mantle of fair minds."- Alcott MARY JOYCE PROFFITT "Mary Joyce" Spanish Club-9, 105 French Club-11, 125 Chorus- 9, 105 Jr. Red Cross-125 F.T.A.-125 Good News Club +12. "My way must be straight out, true with the tongue."-Schiller " DARRELL BOUL PULLIAM "Darrell" Student Council-95 Basketball-9, 10, 11, 125 Golf-11, 5 Spanish Club 5 Pep Club-9. 125 E Club-11, 125 Science Society-12 -9, 10, 11, 125 Good News Club-12 "lt's good to be merry and wise."-Unknown CLAY KENNY RAGEN "Clay" F.F.A.-95 Conservation Club-9, 10, 12. 1"All will be well for us all,"-Eleat HILARY SMITH RAWERT "H'll" "Noisome he was, alvd gamesome as a boy."- Wordsworth MARILYN ANN REEDER "Rastus" Spanish Club-9, 105 Jr. Red Cross-105 F.T.A.-11, 125 Student Council-125 Business Education Club-11, 125 Good News Club-9, 10, 11. "I am wealthy in my friends."-Shakespeare CAROL JEAN REGENAUER "Carol" Good News Club-9, 10, 11, 125 Chorus-125 Library Club-9. "Carrier of love and sympathy."-Eleat FLORA DEE RENFROW "Flora" F.T.A.-95 Spanish Club-9, 10, 11, 125 French Club -11, 125 Good News Club-11, 125 Beta Club-11, 125 Annual Staff-12. "I have tried hard to do the right."-Dallas EDWIN ALFRED REVELL "Smilin' Ed" Band-9, 10, 11, 125 German Club-95 Baseball-9. "Dreamer of dreams."-Norris GEORGIA ANN RIXMAN "Georgie" Good News Club-9, 10, 11, 125 Jr, Red Cross-9, 10, II5 Dramatics Club-115 Student Council-95 Pep Club -9, 10. "I feel like c morning star."-Bishop PATRICIA BROWNLEE ROACHE "Pat" F,T.A.-9, 10, 11, 12, Vice Pres.-125 Thespian Society -11, 12, Art Club-9, lo, 11, Jr, Red Cross-105 Latin Club-9, 10. "To me, fair friend, you can never be old."-- Shakespeare DIXIE CAROL ROBINSON "Teener" Library Staff-9, 125 Art Club-95 Business Education Club-11, 125 Good News Club-11, 125 Chorus-12. "A sweeter person never drew breath."-Inglass Page Forty-four Page Forty-five DAVID ALLEN RODAHAFFER UDUYEH Choir-10, 11, 125 Student Council-11, Science Society -117 Beta Club-117 All State Chorus-IO, 12, Chorus -10, 11, 12. "His heart was one of those which most enamour us."-Gordon NORMA LEE ROSENBAUM "Norma" Good News Club-11, 12, Chorus-115 Spanish Club- 11, 127 Library Staff-9, 10, 11. "ls it not true that love will do no wrong?"- Pitmore DOLORES ANN ROSTETTER A "Dolores" Spanish Club-9, 10, 11, 127 Jr. Red Cross-11, Good News Club-11, 12. "Silence more musical than song."-Rossetti PATRICIA SUE ROYALL "Pat" Transferred from Tucson, Ariz, F.T.A.-12, Good News Club-12, Beta Club-12, Senior Play-12. "Loyalty is the holiest good in the human heart." -Seneca ANNE ELLEN RUSSELL "Russ" Spanish Club-9, 10, French Club-II, 12, F.T.A.-10, 11, 12, Good News Club-11, 12, Student Council- 9, 125 Chorus-10, Jr. Red Cross-97 Library Staff-9. "The great end of life is not knowledge but action."-Jones LILLIAN FAYE SANDLIN "Faye" Good News Club-IO, 117 Chorus-11, Jr. Red Cross- 9. "Neatness is a crowning grace of womanhoodf' -Fontenelle MARGARET ANN SCHICKLI "Ann" Latin Club-11, 12, Science Society-11, 12. "Opportunity, sooner or later, comes to all peo- ple who work and wish."-Stanley DON VERNON SHAHIN "Buddy" Photography Club-10, Spanish Club-10, 11, 12. "Friendly . . . in good humor every day of the week."-Unknown 'N of if ,diff JACKIE SHELTON "Jackie" Transferred from Masonic High School. Basketball-12. "A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds."-Baron FRANCES SUE SHEPHERD "Frankie" Transferred from Masonic High School. "A good conscience is paradise."-Arminius JOYCE ANITA SIMMONS "Simms" Orchestra-95 All State Orchestra-95 Girl's Chorus- IO5 State Music Festival-105 Mixed Chorus-105 Beta Club-11, 125 Good News Club-9, 10, 11, 125 Latin Club-9, 10, r11, 125 F.T.A.-9, 10, 11, 125 Student Council-115 Pep,"CIub-105 Science Society-125 Usher atf2MGr41dhuatioi3+F115 Youth Speaks-105 Annual Staff, ,'Assh,I,Edlto1p4125 National Honor Society-12. OQAU- nlVL7i'For those who love, the world is wide. . . "- ,ff ,f f Aldrich I, I I ff, . I ,i I " ANITA DELORE5 SIMPSON "Neda" 5.1 5 , Good News Club-9, 10, 11, 125 Student Council-9, V,,D V105 Jr. Red Cross-9, 10, 125 Spanish Club-95 Chorus ofu U n'lff7.1O5 Business Education Club-11, 12. JL ,uf-' "Patience is the key of content."-Mahamet QI ll A ly XJ' ' if 11,25 'ITL lJfI DOROTHY NELL SISCO "Dol" Good News Club-11, 125 Latin Club-11, 125 Chorus -11, 125 Music Club-11, 12. "Patience is nobler motion than any deed."- Bartol CYNTHIA ANNE SLOANE ncyn.. "To know how to wait is the great secret of success."-De Maistre KATHLEEN PALMER SLOCUM "Kathy" Spanish Club-95 Good News Club-95 Chorus-95 F.T.A. -115 Dramatics Club-115 Art Club-12. "Coolness and absence af heat and haste in- dicate fine qualities."-Emerson VERNON BENSON SMALL, JR. "Ben" Transferred from Owen County High School5 Science Society-125 Band-115 Music Club-115 Beta Club- ll, 125 Pep Club-115 Latin Club-125 F.T.A.-12. "He that can have patience can have what he will."-Franklin Page Forty-six Page Forty-seven CAROL ANN SMITH "Carol" F.T.A.-10, 11, 12, Sec.-125 Annual Staff, Subscription Manager-125 Good News Club-9, 10, 11, 125 Jr. Red Cross-115 Business Education Club-11. "Lo, this is she that is the world's delight."- Swenhurne JAMES KINNE SMITH "Kinne" "Behavior is a mirror in which everyone shows his image."-Unknown JERRY LYNN SMITH i'Jerry" "A constant friend is a thing that is rare and hard to find."-Plutarch FREDERICK JOHN SMYTHE "John" Latin Club-9, 105 French Club-11, 125 Conservation Club-9, 105 Boy's State-115 Safety Council-125 Student Council-125 Pep Club-105 Science Society- 12. "Let them call it mischief5 when it is past and prospered, t'will be virtue."-Jonson LINDA ELAINE SPARKS "Lindy" Spanish Club-11, 125 Latin Club-9, 10, 11, 125 Jr. Red Cross-9, 10, 11, 12, Pres.-125 Beta Club-11, 127 Science Society-11, 125 F.T.A.-9, 10, 115 Student Council-125 Prom Committee-115 Usher at Graduation -115 Good News Club-9, 105 Scholastic Achievement Award-11. "Skill and confidence are an unconquered army." -Herbert ROBERT THOMAS SPROUL "Bob" Spanish Club-95 Conservation Club-9, 105 Golf-9, 10, 125 Chorus-105 Hi-Y Club-115 Chess Club-115 Football-12. "Once a gentleman and always a gentleman."- Diebiens BILLIE STALLARD "Hooks" Baseball Manager-9, 105 Good News Club-9, 10, 11, 125 4-H Club-95 Spanish Club--115 Chorus-10. "His heart was great as the world."-Emerson LINDA LEE STALLINGS "Lindy" V State Music Festival-9, 105 Spanish Club-9, 105 Latin Club-125 F.T.A.-9, 10, 11, 125 Science Society-125 Good News Club-10, 11, 125 Annual Staff-125 Student Council-115 Girl's Chorus-9, 105 Beta Club-11, 125 Usher at Graduation-115 Pep Club-105 Music Club- 105 Mixed Chorus-9, 10. "A loving heart is the beginning of all know- ledge."-Carlyle JAMES HENRY STICHWEH "Jim" Radio Club-9, 10, Science Society-12, Beta Club-127 Engineer's Club-10. "He profits most who serves best."-Sheldon BILLYE HAGAN STILES "Billye" French Club-10, 11, Good News Club-10, 115 Jr. Red Cross-9. "Hope and be happy that all's for the best." -Unknown KARL DAVID STRAUB "Dave" Conservation Club-9, Science Society-11, 12, Treas.- 12, Beta Club-11, 12, National Honor Society-11, 12, Spanish Club-9, 10, 11, Pres.-11. "Principle is ever my motto, not expediency."- Unknown WILLIAM HALL STRODE "Todie" Art Club-9, 10, 11, Conservation Club--9, 10, Photog- raphy Club-12. "What should a man do but be merry?"- Shakespeare WILLIAM GARY TABB "Gary" Football-9, 10, 11, 12, Basketball-9, 107 E Club-11, 12, Spanish Club-9, 105 Track-105 Good News Club -9, 10. "His movements were graceful, all the girls he could please."-Lybareine KERSHAW JACK TARR "Handsome" French Club-9, 10, Spanish Club-11, 12, Treas.--115 Class Officer, Treas.-11, E Club-11, 12, Eagle Staff -11, 12, Business Manager-11, Editor--12, Beta Club -11, 12, Treas.-12, Youth Speaks-10, 117 Prom Committee-11, Thespian Society-11, 12, Tennis Team -9, 10, 11, 12, State Doubles Champ-9, 10, 11, Regional Doubles Champs-10, 11, Senior Play-12. "The reward of a thing well done, is to have done it."-Emerson CHESTER DOVE TEMPLE "Temp" Basketball-9, 10, 11, 12, Baseball-9, 10, 12, Spanish Club-9, 10, 11, Good News Club-11, Science So- ciety-12, E Club-11, 12, Pep Club-10, Conservation Club-9. "He pleased you by not studying to please." -Lytelton R. GILBERT THOMPSON "Gil" French Club-11, 127 Science Society-11, 12, Jr. Red Cross-9, IO, ll, 12. "The genuine boy may, I think, be set down as the noblist work of God."-Finch Page Forty-eight Page F o rl y-nine CHARLES DEWITT TOTTEN "Buddy" F,F.A.-9, 10, 125 Conservation Club-9, 105 Photoge raphy Club-105 Good News Club-10, 11, 125 Allied Youth Club-115 Football-9, 10. "There is a time of speaking and a time of being still,"-Caxton DON RAY TOWLES "Don" Engineer's Club-11. "Let early education be a sort of amusement: you will then be better able to find out the natural bent."-Plato JOAN ELIZABETH TRIGG "Joan" Spanish Club-9, 10, 11, 12, Sec.-115 Cheerleader- 9, 10, 11, 125 Pep club-9, 105 chorus-11, Mixed Chorus-115 Beta Club-11, 125 Good News Club- 1O, 115 Student Council-125 Science Society-125 Sportsmanship Committee--115 Madrigal Group-12. "You will never grow old if your heart is young." -Strong ELLEN VAN ARSDALE ..v.. Tranferred from Atherton. French Club-11, 125 Good News Club-125 Senior Play-12. "Let us stamp the impression of eternity upon our lives."-Nietzsche EDNA ALLENE WADE "Allene" Chorus-9, 10, 11, 125 Hockey-9, 10. "I am wealthy in my friends."-Shakespeare DAVID LEROY WAGNER "Dave" Spanish Club-9. "Great were his talents."-Unknown NORMA LOUISE WALDEN "Norma" Good News Club-11, 125 Business Education Club- 11, 12. "Gentle in manners-strong in performance."- Proverb LUCRETIA GALE WARREN "Gale" Library Staff-95 Latin Club-9, 10, 11, 125 Spanish Club--11, 125 Good News Club-11, 125 Annual Staff, Publicity Manager-125 Student Council-125 Art Club -125 Beta Club-12. "She learned to say things with her eyes that others waste time putting into words."-Ford PATRICIA ANN WATTS "Patty" Spanish Club-97 Library Staff-97 Chorus-97 Choir- 1O, 11, 127 Good News Club-10, 11, 127 F.T.A.-97 Student Council-9. "Goodness is a special kind of truth and beauty." -Overstreet CHARLOTTE BRIDGES WEBB "Char" Spanish Club-IO, 117 Art Club-IO, 117 F.T.A.-11, 127 Good News Club-127 Business Education Club- 12. "T'was her thinking of others made you think of her."-Browning WALTER LOUIS WERNERT "Walt" Student Council-9, 11. "lt didn't cost nothing to be a gentleman."- Sullivan BETTY JEAN WHEELER "Bee" Art Club-10, 117 Good News Club-11, 127 Photog- raphy Club-IO, Treas.-10. "Her voice was ever soft, and gentle, and low, an excellent thing in a woman."-Shakespeare JOHN DELBERT WIEGAND "Scrappy John" E Club-11, 127 Football-10, 11, 127 Track-11, 127 Student Council-117 Conservation Club-9. "A friend may be called the nature."-Unknown FRANK N. WILDER "Frank" Photography CIUb-95 Science Society-11, 12. "Slow and steady wins the race."-Unknown masterpiece of JOAN LEE WILLIAMS "Joanie" Student Council-9, 10, 11, I27 Latin Club-9, 10, 11, 127 Good News Club-9, 10, II: Thespian Society- 1O, 11, 12, Scribe-11, Sec.-127 Beta Club-11, 127 Youth Speaks-IO, 11, 12, Student Board of Directors 12, Sec.-127 National Honor Society-11, 127 -11, Usher at Graduation-117 Annual Staff, Literary Critic Safety Council-127 State Music Festival-107 Senior Play-12. "The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed."-Sheridan BONNIE JEAN WILSON "Beve" Beta Club-11, 127 Visual Aids Staff-9, 10, 11, 127 GirI's Chorus-107 Jr .Red Cross-117 Business Educa- tion Club-127 Usher at Graduation-II. "Health and cheerfulness mutually agree."- Addams -127 Page Fifiy Page Fifty-one JOHN BARTH WILSON "Jack" Bond-9, 10, 11, 12, Sgt. at Arms-11, 125 All State Band-11, 12, Music Club-10, 11, 12. "Cheerfulness, sir, is the principal ingredient in the composition of heolth."-Emerson LAWRENCE EDWARD WILSON "Larry" E Club-10, 11, 12, Football-11, Baseball-10, I1, 12, Jr, Red Cross-117 Basketball-10, Eagle Staff- 12, Track-12. Senior Play-12. "Good humor may be said to be one of the very best articles of dress one can wear in society." -Thackeray ANNE CAMILLA WIMBISH "Anne" Latin Club-11, 12, Science Society-11, 125 Jr. Red Cross-125 Spanish Club-12, National Honor Society- 12. "A cheerful temper joined with innocence."- Addison MILDRED ANN WINKLER "Ann" "A quiet conscience makes one so serene!"-- Byron CAROLYN GAY WITTE HGGY.. Latin Club-9, 10, 11, 12, Treas.-11, Pres.-127 Stu- Council-9, 10, 11, Science Society-11, 12, Beta dent Club-11, 12, National Honor Society-11, 12, Treas. -125 F.T.A.-10, 115 Good News Club-11, 12, Usher at Graduation-117 Art Club-107 Swimming Team-12. "The fairest garden in her looks, and in her mind, the wisest books."-Cawley LOIS BRONSON WOLFLIN "Lois" Business Education Club-11, 12, Good News Club- 9, 10, F.T.A.-9. "To be busy at something is a modest maid's holiday."-Cervantes GARLAND LEWIS WYATT "Garland" German Club-9. "lt is good to be iealously affected in a good thing."-Unknown EDWARD CHRISTY ZEITZ "Chris" Jr. Red Cross-9, F.F.A.-9, 10, 11, 12, Conservation Club-9. "Let us live then and be glad while young life's before us."-Unknown JO ANN ZIBART "Jo Ann" Arl Club-10, 11, 125 Bela Club-11, 127 French Club -11, 125 Office Slaff-125 Good News Club-125 F.T.A.-12. "Sa young, so fair, good wifhoul effort."- Byron RONNIE ZIBART ..Zi.. Bazeball-107 German Club-11. "Well-timed silence halh more eloquence than speech."-Tupper SHARRON LOIS ZOELLER "Tiny" Spanish Club-9, 107 Good News Club-115 F.T.A.- 115 Commercial Club-11. "Though she be liflle, she is fierce."- Shakespeare NORMA LEE ZOLL "Norma" Good News Club-10, 117 Spanish Club-95 Commercial Club-11. "W: are born lo be happy, all of us."-Sulro Page Fifty-two SENIOR POE Youth stands poised on the misty brink of an unknown world, Past behind, Present passing, Future to be unfurled. His greatest days behind him, though on to greater deeds, Foundations left behind him on which all history feeds. With rosy cheeks cmd sparkling eyes, the step he takes is bold, But never will he return again, for youth must grow old. Yet age dims not the future, for it grows brighter still, On to better things and greater things, 'til life has had its fill. ln fulfillment lies the greatness for which all mortals strive, To do the best that can be done while we are yet alive. Though living lends its lustre to the future day by day, Past will become a misty thought, though memories will stay. Memories of friendships locked behind Time's iron-bound gate, Memories of funny things, enioyed perhaps too late. School busses, lunches, a scheduled test, a football cheer, A crowded hall, and the Alma Mater ringing clear. One by one, as Future leads us onward year by year, We leave our youth behind us with the things that made it dear. Joan Lee Williams Page Fifty-fbrce IOR CLASS HISTORY Throughout most of a student's high school career, he naturally has as his goal ultimate gradu- ation. He is thrilled as he thinks of the day when a diploma will be his. As that day draws near, however, a certain aspect of sadness attaches itself to graduation, and he finds himself "backing" out of high school, looking back on the joys and sorrows he has experienced there. ln retrospect he may try to remember that first day at Eastern. lf he came to Eastern from another high school, he may recall that initial experience quite vividly. lf that first recollection is growing dim, perhaps he was one of the many who began as freshmen in the fall of l95l. Or it could be that he entered EHS upon the opening of the big, new building in l95O, her first year as a junior-senior high school. The real "old hands", however, are those hardy souls who met at Eastern in the seventh grade when the students were temporarily housed in portable buildings, now employed as our shop buildings. These students are the first to be graduated after attending Eastern for the full six years. And these years have been full. The next autumn we joyfully entered the new building, our school. That was the year of our first school athletic teams. Although we could not play on those teams yet since most of us were just eighth graders, our day was just around the corner. Our class has been thought of by many as having some sort of "golden touch", or magic money- making skill. Though we have worked for our money, our great financial success was primarily due to the excellent advice and guidance given us by our foresighted freshman sponsors. At the helm as class officers that year were Dan Neubauer, President, Ned Beatty, Vice-President, Ellis Minton, Secretary, Anna Alexander, Treasurer, and Jim Bate, Sergeant-at-arms. As our big financial project, we gave the Fresh- man Carnival, which sent us on our way toward the Prom and yearbook expenses that were to come. Selected from our class to serve as junior-varsity cheerleaders their freshman year were Joan Trigg, Betty Jo Dillon, and Bonita Lillard, exhorting the underclassmen to cheer on their team. As school dismissed that spring for summer vaca- tion, we all felt that our first year in high school had certainly been a wonderful one. Some three months later the class assembled again, this time as sophomores. As sophomores, we knew we must elect good officers to guide us in making a name for ourselves in the school. For President we selected a boy who had the entire locality agog with his precocious basketball ability, Ellis Minton. Other officers were Dan Neu- bauer, Vice-President, Gordon Ford, Secretary, Tony Vest, Treasurer, and Letitia Knoeller and Hugh Durham, Sergeants-at-arms. The class undertook to hold a Rink Rally, as it was called, at the Fontaine Ferry Park Rink. This was a tremendous success. Again leading the cheering section were Bonita Lillard, Joan Trigg, and Betty Jo Dillon, but this time with the help of Lounette Humphrey and Don Davis. One highlight of our athletic year was the gala train trip to Ashland, Kentucky, to cheer on Eastern's "Eagles of the Gridiron" in their clash with the Ashland Tomcats. Although we failed to bring home a victory, many delightful memories came home with us. Another big event of the football season was Eastern's invitation to, and victory in, the Cumberland Lake Bowl game. Our team also re- ceived a trophy as County Champs of i952 in football. Page Fifly-four IOR CLASS HI TORY It was in our sophomore year that we belonged to Eastern and Eastern belonged to us. Upperclassmen at last! So were the thoughts of many of us as we registered for our iunior year. A big problem staring us in our collective faces was that of financing the Junior-Senior Prom in a way to make it bigger and better than ever before. A repeat performance of the class's pet proiect, the Rink Rally, yielded handsome profits, as did the Snack Bar, traditionally a iunior class responsibility. Thus we were able to give one of the best Proms this area has ever seen. It was held at the Brown Hotel, with C. B. himself, Cliff Butler, and his band. It was indeed a memorable occasion for everyone concerned. A large part of the credit for our successful iunior year went to our class officers. Those hard workers were Dan Millott, President, Bob Baughman, Vice-President, Pat Moore, Secretary, .lack Tarr, Treasurer, and Ned Beatty and Richard Ewing, Sergeants-at-arms. You might also remember Nelson Joyner's win- ning the Harvard Book Award given by Harvard University for his outstanding scholarship and achievement. That year we again iourneyed to Ashland, this time faring better, battling our opponents to a scoreless tie. Cheering the team were our cheer- leaders, Joan Trigg, Lounette Humphrey, and Bonita Lillard. Jack Tarr was the big man on the tennis team and teamed with his younger brother, Jim, to win the State Doubles Championship, a title they have taken four years in a row. In September of 1954, we assembled for what we knew was to be our last year as a class of Eastern High School. The hustle and bustle and fun of our senior year descended on us almost immediately. The football team started things off with a bang. This team was lauded by many as the greatest in the history of the school. One inspiration to the players was no doubt the new field, the scene of four home games. Cheering them on were .loan Trigg, Bonita Lillard, Lounette Humphrey, and Betty Jen- kins. The Football Queen, .loan Trigg, was crowned at the dance following the Lafayette game. December was its usual self with the Student Council Christmas proiects, the Christmas music concerts, and the other activities. One of these was the senior play, "Down to Earth", a comedy in three acts, presented in the EHS auditorium. Soon after this was the Peppermint Ball, the high- light of which was the crowning of the Talon Queen and King, Gayle Buehne and Gary Tabb. On the last day of school before the Yuletide holidays, the seniors held a class party in the lunchroom. Not to be outdone, the rest of the school held their own parties, and the Christmas vacation was initiated on a festive note. ln February the new members of the National Honor Society were initiated, and later Virginia Caswell was named recipient of the annual Daugh- ters ofthe American Revolution medal. President of his senior class was a boy who had certainly proved himself capable of the task, Alan Byers. Supporting Alan were the other officers- Ned Beatty, Vice-President, Ben Fryrear, Treasurer, Bonita Lillard, Secretary, and Jim Bate and Jerry Colston, Sergeants-at-arms. With graduation the door will close on one chapter of our lives. May this chapter be by no means the longest, but one filled with pleasant memories. Page Fifty-five SENIOR WILL We, the Senior Class of l955, of the city of Middletown, county of Jefferson, state of relief, being of confused mind and memory, do hereby declare, make, and publish our last will and testa- ment. SHIRLEY AGNEW wills her place in Mrs. Mac's class to the next gal who gets her. LANIER ANDERSON wills her College Board Exams to Janet Welther. VICKI ARRINGTON wills her love for boys to any girl. LOREEN ASPER wills her space in "Moron's Alley" to her brother. CAROL LEE AXTON wills her pet goose to Angela Blackwell. MARY AGNES BAKER wills her ringside seat in Mr. Gish's classes to Julie Schmid. PHYLISS BARKER wills her ability to find the right classes to the next new student at Eastern. JIM BATE doesn't have anything to leave and he wouldn't leave it to anybody if he did. BOB BAUGHMAN wills his love for Cadillacs to Lane McCroskey. JOE BELL leaves his ability to study to R. H. Martin. CAROL BENTON bequeaths her ability of not hav- ing to run for the school bus to Judy Spears. JAMES BLACK leaves a loud voice to Mr. Kemp. MARVIE BLOODWORTH wills her standing position on the school bus to anyone who will have it. BETTY BOARDMAN wills her biology class to anyone who can pass it. ANNETTE BOGLE wills her ability to get the giggles at the wrong time to Nancy Crawley. LOLA BOHANNON leaves her place in senior home- room to Susie Morgan. OMA JANE BOND wills her dancing talent to Ronald Jarmon. KEITH BOONE wills his ability of "making out" to Tommy Reitmeier. RONNIE BOORMAN wills his women at camp to Cooper Lilly. JACK BOOTES wills his entire Indian relic and gun collection to Mr. Mayer. DONALD BOYNTON wills his physics book to any- one who wants it. BARLOW BROOKS wills his unfinished homework to Mr. Kemp to dole out in study hall as he sees fit. SARA BROOKS wills her Beta Club pin to Carolyn Smith because she will never get one any other way. ADRON BROWN leaves and he's glad. DANNY BROWN wills his hair to Mr. Trapp and Mr. Daniel. HARRY BROWN wills his high school knowledge to Nancy Shepard. WARREN BRYANT wills a little silence to Mr. Kemp. TAYLOR BUCKNER wills his speed tickets to Bill Wells. JOHN BUNTING wills his height to Jerry Holmes. DONNA BUNTON wills her ability to drive to Paul Pfieffer. ALAN BYERS wills his ability to play tennis to Jim Tarr. HOWARD CABLE wills his solid geometry book, with all the answers, to anyone who is lucky enough to take solid. DELORES CAMPBELL leaves her long hair to Mrs. Caldwell. DAVID CAPITO wills his sophomore English book to Rita Harrod. PATSY CASE wills her ability to get along with Mary Lou Watts to Ned Russell. RONALD CASEY wills his ability to have noisy mufflers and not get caught to Robert Brentlinger. VIRGINIA CASWELL wills her love for algebra to all those people unfortunate enough to dislike it. BARBARA CHAMBERLAIN wills her ability to row a boat to Barbara Hardin. GEORGE CHEATHAM leaves his unusual front teeth to David Haycraft. JESSE CLARK wills his ability to stay in class all day to Randall Hunter. JOYCE CLARK wills her ability to drive the car to her brother, Sonny. DONALD COFFEY wills his Model-A Ford to Pat Johnson. MARGARET COLLIER wills Eastern lunches to the unfortunate underclassmen. BEVERLY COLLINS wills her ability not to break drum heads to Skip Young. SONNY COLLINS wills his one and only church key to Skip Detwiler. JERRY COLSTON wills his lunchroom apron to Gary Russell. BETTY COLYER wills her love for Mr. Gish to Miss Lamb. DORIS COLYER wills her dimples to Betty Colyer. JOANNE CORNETTE wills the remainder of her southern accent to any poor soul who will have Mrs. Stull in the years to come. CHARLES CRABTREE leaves-isn't that enough? ED CROCKETT leaves his cud to Mr. Kemp. Page Fifty-six E IOR WILL DON CULVER wills his "wheat germs" to Linda Dillard. JOAN DAMATO wills her place in Mrs. Melvin's English IV class to any adventurous junior who thinks he can survive the Midland dialect. BOBBY DAVIS wills his driving to Jay Helmers. DON DAVIS leaves his loud voice to Mr. Dawson to be used when the public address system breaks down. FRED DECKMAN wills his ability to pass agriculture to Russel Childress. FRANK DeLUCA leaves his graduating ability to Tom Rodgers. PATRICIA DERHEFER wills her northern accent to all the poor southern iuniors. BOB DETWILER wills his ability to type to Bob Thompson. MARGO DIEMER wills all the fun she had at camp last summer to Betsy Leathers. BETTY JO DILLON wills her seat in chemistry to anyone who thinks he can pass it. ROBERT DINNING wills his seat in homeroom to a senior next year. MARTHA DOERHOEFER wills her warts to Mr. Kemp. SUSIE DOLT wills her geometry book to Mrs. Waugh. JAMES DUNLAP wills Phil Kaelin's bargain on car parts to anybody who wants them. LAWRENCE DURBIN wills his bad cold to anybody who wants it. HUGH DURHAM wills his "E" sweaters to Ann Wil- liams. EMILY DURRETT wills her ability to lose weight to Mary Doerr Perkins. ANN EAGLES wills her love for French to Pam Reed. WILMA EDWARDS wills her crazy, mixed-up schedule to any poor person who has to transfer during their senior year. RILEY EMERY wills his good grades to any future senior. ANN EMMART wills her place in Spanish IV to anyone who is brave enough to take it. JAMES ENGLE wills his ability to get engaged and settle down to Chuck Morgan. GAY EVANS wills the first corner section in the band to Laurel Kaufman and Barbara Williams. RICHARD EWING leaves his low cuts to Bob Faw- bush. PHIL FALK wills his crew cut to Bill Schmutz. MILTON FEGER wills his height to Curtis Bryant. SUE FIGHTMASTER leaves her place in Mrs. Mc- CIeIIan's room to Carolyn Singleton. MADGE FLORENCE wills her height to Mary Ander- son. GAIL FOLSOM wills her gum, candy, and posters to Mrs. Clarke. GORDON FORD wills his report cards to future E. H. S. paper drives. BROOKS FOUNTAIN leaves this philosophy to young freshmen, "studying pays off." GLENN FRANCK leaves his ability not to get tickets to Ann Brasfield. JOAN FRANCONIA leaves her love for bookkeeping to Janice Chambers. BENNIE FRYREAR wills his clean football socks and "X" to Bob Cummins. CLINTON FUGATE leaves his place in the lunch line to anyone who can get through without being trampled. GERALDINE GADDIE wills her love for Indiana to Louise Holt. GERALDINE GAMELTOFT wills her typing book to Nancy Hayes. FRED GATZ wills his "peg pants" to John Libbey. PAUL GIBSON wills his size thirteen shoes to Curtis "Twinkle Toes" Bryant. JACKIE GILPIN wills her ability to talk in study hall and get by with it to Patsy O'Bryan. SUE ANN GITTINGS wills her seat bus 2I9 to Carol Gittings. AMELIA GLOCKNER wills her ability to talk in study hall and in class to anyone who can get by with it. DELORES GNAGIE wills her ability to sleep in study hall on Monday to those girls who date on Sunday. CORNELIA GOERNER leaves 701 to Beverly Hester. JERRY GOETH wills some chlorophyll reeds to the clarinet section of the band to get rid of some of the stinking notes. FREDDIE GORBANDT wills all that he doesn't know about playing a trumpet to the trumpeters in the band. MARY GORMAN wills her I8O pounds to Marlene Pitzer. DAVID GRAVATTE wills his seat in Mr. Daniel's class to any iunior who wants to catch up on his sleep. BILLIE GREEN wills her ability to survive two years of shorthand and typing to Louise Holt. MARY ANN GROVES wills her haircut to Mildred Geiger. THANN GRUBB wills his l929 Ford to the biggest hotrod at Eastern, Barbara Clark. JOHN HAAG leaves his sympathy to all other "P B's" at Eastern. HAROLD HAGAN wills his wonderful driving ability to Jerry Troutman. JAMES HALL wills his seat in choir to Lane Mc- Croskey. Page Fifly-seven SE IOR WILL FRED HANSEN wills his first floor locker to anybody that has all his classes on the third floor. JAMES HARLAN wills his ability to stay out of Mr. Kemp's study hall for three years to all the "little wartlets." MARTHA HARROD wills her love for the D. D. degree to Rita Harrod. LaVERNE HART wills her love for sport cars to Bonnie Brooker. CARL HATCH wills his love to Miss Lamb. BEVERLY HATFIELD wills A. O. camp to Bev Hoock. LOIS HAWKER wills her Hdraggin' wagon" to Brad Broecker. BARBARA HAYS wills her smile to Barbara Clark. DAVID HEIDEMAN wills his staff sergeant stripes in band to the next poor soul who can stand the grind. PAT HENSON wills her naturally curly hair to Martha Wright. DICKIE HICKS wills his ability in mathematics to Dan "BoiangIes" Ross. ALFRED HIEB wills his love for chemistry to Carl Kimmel. LYMAN HITCHCOCK wills his flattened pack of cigarettes to Judy Kilroy. DAVID HITZ leaves Mr. Burke for the iuniors. JOHN HOFFMAN wills his physics book to Dean Garber. JO ANN HOLLIE wills her ability to get Mrs. Coslow for three periods a day to anyone who wants her. JAMES HOLLOWAY wills his ability to court to Ronald Kittle. MIKE HOOK wills his pants with acid holes in them to Gary Gerst. CARROLL HUBBARD wills his press card to Sir Julian Heath . TERRY HUFFAKER leaves his autographed picture of Roy Acuff to Bob Martin. PATRICIA HUGHES wills her ability to catch the bus on time to Ann Wiley. LOUNETTE HUMPHREY wills her pep rally bermudas to Sherry Greene. CHARLOTTE HUND wills her ability to get along with Gene to Johnny Herrick. PAULA HURST wills her love for Bagdad to Patsy Moore. 4 JUDY IRWIN wills her love for chorus and choir to Jennye Cooke. STEVE ISAACS wills his extreme modesty to Bobby Geisler. CAROL JEAN wills her love for English to Gary Russell. BETTY JENKINS wills her voice to Annabelle Wilson. BETTY JOHNSON wills her American history book to Mildred Winkler. BOB JOHNSON wills his big feet and broad shoul- ders to Donna Troutman. NELSON JOYNER wills his exceptional tennis talent to "Sponsor" Goranflo. RALPH JUDD leaves his curly hair to Bobby Martin. PHIL KAELIN leaves his seat in senior homeroom to the next senior occupying it. PEGGY KAREM wills her ability to keep quiet when others are talking to Brad Broecker. LIDA LEE KEMP wills her red hair to Bettie Hensley. KATHERINE KERN wills her seat in Mr. Burke's class to any girl foolish enough to take physics. MARIETTA KING wills her long car to Mr. Neill. JOAN KLAPHEKE leaves her uncomfortable seat on "SIim's" bus to Bobby Geisler. LETITIA KNOELLER wills her confederate flag and rebel yell to all Eastern students to uphold the honor of Eastern forever. CAROL KOENIG wills her freckes and blonde hair to Judy Harlan. LOIS KREAMER wills Ned Russell enough money to buy a belt. JERRY LAM wills his ability to play the guitar to Beth Alexander. EITHA LANDIS leaves her senior year to Dorothy and Toney Lands. RICHARD LANGAN wills his ability to get into dances free to Bill Carter. BONITA LILLARD wills her ieep, "the green mon- ster," to Linda Dillard to cat around in. JIM LINDENMEYER wills his seat in physics class to anyone who is fool enough to take it. BOBBY LITTRELL wills his slide trombone to John Foster. GEORGE LOGAN wills his talent for never having a date to Burton Shelley. JACK LONG leaves his guitar to Bobby Geisler. BOB MACKAY wills his golfing ability to'Gary Russell. ARTHUR MARKSBURY wills his ability to get along with teachers to Gene Brooks and Duck King. BEVERLY MARMION wills her seat in Latin IV to anyone who is unlucky enough to sit in it. JUDY MARTIN wills her bubble gum to the kids in Mr. Kemp's study hall. MARILYN MARTIN wills all her good times at camp to Lois Clifford. JAMES MATHUS wills his l94l Chevrolet to Jesse Clark. LOIS MAYER wills her art ability to Pam Reed. KENT MCMATH does not wish to bequeath anything because he still thinks he can take it all with him. Page Fifty-eight SENIOR WILL CHESTER MEISNER wills his vast knowledge of the Latin language to anyone who will accept it. MIDGE MEZERA leaves her crazy, mixed-up place on the Annual Staff to Pat Hancock. CHIP MILLER wills his ability for telling iokes to Jim Adkins. JO ANN MILLER wills her teasing ability to Henry Wellman. STRATTON MILLER wills his position on the baseball team to Ronnie Georgehead. DAN MILLOTT wills his ability to get his Eagle article in on time to Dudley Haupt. ALICE MOFFETT wills her shyness to Sue Laffan. JACK MONOHAN wills his ieep, "the little red wagon," to Virginia Walker if she can drive it. TOMMY MONOHAN wills his size 48 band uniform to Lena Triplett. CURTIS MOORE wills his three square inches in Jim Noonan's car to Burton Shelley. PAT MOORE wills Mr. Trapp her long hair because he'Il need it when he starts pulling at his. BILLY RAY MORGAN wills his English ll class to Marion Morgan. JIMMY MORRIS wills his physique to Stuart Bruder. KATHERINE MORRIS wills her shorthand ability to Mildred Broughton. BOB MOTLEY wills his three years of smoking in school without getting caught to Bonnie Brooker. JULIAN MURPHY wills his ability to sell refrigerators to Eskimos to Julian Heath. KEITH NALL wills his three years of luck at not getting caught cutting school to Joe Grumme. DAN NEUBAUER wills his low-cuts to Bob Martin. JIM NOONAN wills his luck to pass physics to Floyd Smith. NAN NORRIS wills her exceptional ability to leave all term reports until the day before they are due to Pam Reed. HALE NUTT wills all his hard classes to Bill Carter. ALBERT OCHSNER wills one of the Eastern school buses to T. Goheen so he can take out all his girls at one time. LORETTA OECHSLEN wills her sophomore English books to the next unfortunate person. PEGGY OWEN wills her seat in Mr. Kemp's study hall to the next underclassman. ANITA PAYNE leaves her place at Eastern to her sister Judy. CAROL PAYNE wills her nursing uniform to anyone who has the ambition to use it. NANINE PEAK wills her blonde hair to Sue Ann Burwinkle. BETTY PELESKE leaves Mrs. Melvin's exams to Gretchen Bailey. CAYWOOD PENNINGTON wills his ability to pass English to Jerome Henderman. ALBERT PETERSON wills the services of his class- mates to the draft board. BILL PIPER leaves his ability to pass Mrs. McCIellan's tests to Connie Maloney. PATRICIA POOLE wills her second-year shorthand book to Pat Hancock. GENE POPE wills his "drive for show, putt for dough" golf game to Lynn Ledford. THELMA POULTER wills her love for a certain Chev- rolet convertible to Chevrolet convertible lovers, MARY JOYCE PROFFITT wills her place in Mrs. Waugh's sixth period study hall to Joyce Trautwein. DARRELL PULLIAM wills his ability to study hard to anybody who wants it. CLAY RAGAN wills his science to Ron Straub. MARILYN REEDER wills her love for Frankfort to Annabelle Wilson. CAROL JEAN REGENAUER wills her Shorthand ll book to Mildred Broughton. FLORA RENFROW wills her ear plugs to any poor soul who gets in Mr. Kemp's room. EDWIN REVELL wills his i954 basketball and foot- ball ticket stubs to John Gerlach. GEORGIA ANN RIXMAN wills her ability to sit in Mr. Kemp's study hall without talking to Shirley Shields. PAT ROACHE wills her heart to Bob Carey. DIXIE ROBINSON wills her love for Mr. Kemp and her place in "Moron's Alley" to her brother. DAVID RODAHAFFER wills all his flying time to Barbara Turner. NORMA ROSENBAUM wills her seat in the audi- torium to Phyliss Moore. DOLORES ROSTETTER wills her ability to remember people to Connie Warren. HILARY RAWERT wills his ability to make "A's" in English to Ben Gratzer. PAT ROYAL wills Arizona's wonderful weather to Louisville. ANNE ELLEN RUSSELL wills her hot-rod driving to Sally Bell. FAYE SANDLIN wills her supply of hall passes to Bobby Elmore. ANN SCHICKLI leaves the first eighteen lines of Chaucer's Prologue to the Canterbury Tales in Old English to Margaret Rust. DON SHAHIN wills his T940 Ford to Mr. Trapp to show why he was continually tardy. FRANCES SHEPHERD leaves her mandolin to Dottie Jarvis hoping she will do as good a iob serenading the gang as Frances did. Page Fifty-:zinc SENTO ANITA SIMMONS wills her station-wagon l?l to anyone who can drive it or get it to run. ANITA SIMPSON leaves all the good times she's had at Eastern to her brother Jerry Simpson, DOROTHY SISCO wills her love for Latin to Anne Green. CYNTHIA SLOANE leaves nothing because she is taking everything with her. KATHLEEN SLOCUM goes-willing to leave. BEN SMALL wills his class ring to Gary Russell, who will give his away when he gets it. CAROL SMITH wills her A, O. paddle to Karen Rogers. JERRY SMITH leaves a tape-recorder to Mr. Daniels to tell some of his true stories. KINNE SMITH wills his four weeks of Latin ll to some poor unsuspecting sophomore. JOHN SMYTHE wills his infallible technique for collecting gas money to Neville Blakemore. LINDY SPARKS wills her iob of chauffeuring cheer- leaders to the games to Ann Williams. BOB SPROUL leaves his locker to whoever can unlock it with the key wisdom. BILLIE STALLARD wills his curly hair to "Buttons." LINDA STALLINGS wills A. O. slumber parties to Gene Baird. JAMES STICHWEH wills his seat in Mr. Burke's physics class to Jim Tichenor. BILLYE STILES wills her driver's license to Shirley Horsley. DAVID STRAUB wills his ability to do book reports the night before they are due to Julian Heath. BILL STRODE wills his accent to Eastern's speech teachers. GARY TABB wills his hair to Mr. Trapp. JACK TARR leaves his figure to Sue Burwinkle. DOVE TEMPLE wills his glasses to anyone who wants them. GILBERT THOMPSON wills his lock and locker to Barbara Williams. CHARLES TOTTEN wills the sling to any unfortunate football player in the future. DON TOWLES wills all the l94O Chevrolets to any person who will take them. JOAN TRIGG wills her position on the cheering squad to Sherry Keith. ELLEN VAN ARSDALE wills her ability to make "A's" in mathematics to Rhoda Chism. EDNA WADE wills her ability to play hockey to Sarah and Marie Wade. DAVID WAGNER wills his old car and three good tires to the Science Society. ILL NORMA WALDEN wills her Shorthand ll book to Janice Chambers. GALE WARREN wills Chaucer to anyone in the iunior class who can pronounce it. PATTY WATTS wills her seat in Mr. Kemp's home- room to anyone who has a good heart. CHARLOTTE WEBB wills her ability for getting into trouble to Linda Dillard. WALTER WERNERT wills his ability to leave school when MiddIetown's fire alarm goes off to Leo Goss. BETTY WHEELER wills all the happiness Vicki, Eitha, and she have had at Eastern to Judy, Barbara, and Susie. JOHN WEIGAND wills his singing ability to Carl Kimmel. FRANK WILDER wills his seat in Mr. Kemp's study hall to anybody who will take it. JOAN LEE WILLIAMS wills her ability to always catch the school bus on Monday mornings to her brother, Louis Albert, who knows better. BONNIE WILSON wills her psychology book to Janet Welther. JOHN WILSON wills his "onery hide" to Mr. Kemp to nail to his barn door. LARRY WILSON leaves his passing grades to Gary Moneypenny, he'll need them. ANNE WIMBISH leaves her pony tail for the pony she stole it from. MILDRED WINKLER wills her American history book to Betty Johnson. GAY WITTE wills all the extra hours she has spent in the chemistry lab to any poor soul like her who can't get his experiments done during class. LOIS WOLFLIN wills her ability not to get mad easily to Carol Fust. ALBERT WOODY wills his boat to anyone who can keep it running, GARLAND WYATT wills his chair and desk in physics to anyone who will have them. CHRISTY ZEITZ wills his great ability in the class- room to Barney Long. JO ANN ZIBART wills her inability to write English themes to all those students who can write them. RONNIE ZIBART wills his old baseball hat to Jim Keyes. SHARRON ZOELLER wills all her love for the Eastern boys to Shirley Guethe. NORMA ZOLL wills her good grades to Betty Mil- burn. Signed this twenty-fifth day of May in the presence of two witnesses to whom we are greatly indebted, Mrs. Marguerite Lockard and Mr. Oliver Shields. SENIOR CLASS of '55 Pagc Si.-fly SENIOR PROPHECY As we wander through the library today in 1970, we find traces everywhere of our senior class. In the newspapers, books, Who's Who, and in magazines are people we knew back in 1955. Let's see what they are doing now. In the current issue of a popular magazine, we see that SHIRLEY AGNEW is starring in a remake of Cheaper by the Dozen with her twelve red-headed children. In the drama reviews of the New York Times, JOAN LEE WILLIAMS, their famous critic, gave rave notices to a new Broadway play written and directed by that brilliant playwright, MIDGE MEZERA, and starring VICKI ARRINGTON, who is the brightest star on the White Way On the front page it says that JOHN HAAG has lust donated another million to his institution for poor boys. DR. ANN SCHICKLI recently had a hospital dedicatecl to her for her untiring research in brain surgery. There was a story in LIFE this month about ANITA SIMMONS, who is one of the few women in history to have received an honorary d0ctor's degree from Yale University. CHARLES CRABTREE, president of the school, bestowed the honor. On the political page is an article about GEORGE LOGAN, Kentucky senator, who has lust gotten his 5lst bill passed with the help of his competent secretary, PAT MOORE. Looking through the society page we find the following items: DR. J. D. NEUBAUER has just returned from a tour to the Netherlands, accompanied by his lovely capable nurse, CAROL AXTON. Socialite LOIS MAYER has lust married her third millionaire. Her lawyer, BOB BAUGHMAN, settled her alimony disputes with her ex-husbands. JIM STlCHWEH's name is mentioned for deepening Grand Canyon another 500 feet with his secret formula, He is exploring the newly made hole with a band of his fellow geologists: DAVID HEIDEMAN, FRANK WILDER, and DAVID HITZ. DAVID RODAHAFFER, known for his big deals, has just leased the Brooklyn Bridge to ex-football player RALPH JUDD. MARIETTA KING and her hillbilly band, composed of BOBBY LITTRELL, BILL STRODE, LEE HARLAN, and JERRY LAM appeared on the DAN Miiiorr TV show. As if was the first show of the season, MlLLOTT's sponsor, the lovely MISS MARVIE BLOODWORTH, president of BLOODWORTH's Red Meat Dog Food, Inc., presented a few of the celebrities in the audience. They were JOAN KLAPHEKE, Powers' model, HUGH DURHAM, one of America's all-time great athletes, VIRGINIA CASWELL, author of humorous best seller, How to be C1 Teacher and Stay Sane, JERRY GOETH, who has taken over Stan Kenton's band and now has his own show, and finally KATHY SLOCUM, who has fast become a rival for Chef Milani with her new salad dressing. In the a:cident column is a paragraph devoted to TAYLOR BUCKNER, the Crash Helmet King. It seems he's set a record for pedestrians in one year. A concert is slated at Carnegie Hall by three of Phil Spitalni's brinniant violinists, MARGO DIEMER, CORNELIA GOERNER, and JUDY IRWIN. Winner of the i970 Mr, America contest is HAROLD HAGAN. Smiling beside him in the newspaper picture is his trainer, JAMES MATHUS. Receiving medals for outstanding bravery are JACK MON- OHAN and WALTER WERNERT, two outstanding firemen. In The Louisville Times we see that CARROLL HUBBARD has lust been named as new band director at Eastern High School, while TOMMY MONOHAN has taken over the orchestra. MARY JOYCE PROFFITT, hat check girl at the Stork Club, is being sued by wealthy JOHN SMYTHE for losing his wife's mink coat .The club's owner, JIM NOONAN, has promised to stand by her and has hired the brilliant lawyer, JIM LINDENMEYER, for her. BETTY JENKINS, talented comedienne, is knocking them dead in Las Vegas with her act. Also with her on the bill are that renowned imitator LARRY WILSON, and humorist DOVE TEMPLE, known tor his dry wit. Supervising the works at the city iail is BOB MOTLEY, new police chief. He is highly praised by lady judge ELLEN VAN ARSDALE. Hollywood's dream girl, CAROL KOENIG, is dancing her way to fame in one M. G. M. musical after another while another bright star in the filmland sky, NANINE PEAK, just won her first Oscar for exceptional performance in a highly dramatic role. ' We see a story on industry's Bubble Gum King, THANN GRUB3, and the Ice Cream King, DICKIE HICKS. BARBARA HAYS is head of a nursery school, Some of her charges' mothers were her high school friends. They are the former Misses PHYLIS BARKER, LOLA BOHANNON, LOIS WOLFLIN, GERALDINE GADDIE, NORMA WALDEN, and DOROTHY SISCO. Page Sixty-one SE IOR PROPHECY The mayor of Louisville, JIM MORRIS, praised LOIS KREAMER, ANITA SIMPSON, GERRY GAMELTOFT, BETTY BOARD- MAN, and MARTHA HARROD for their quick thinking in putting out a fire in Woolworth's. The manager, DARRELL PULLIAM, gave them all a raise. RICHARD EWING has been appointed head janitor at City Hall, assisting him in cleaning up the administration is JOHN BUNTING. U. of K.'s proud coach, JERRY COLSTON, is beaming because his team has remained unbeaten all season. Professor GORDON FORD has just challenged Einstein with a new theory. Running the 3-D cameras for New York theatres are FRED GORBANDT, JAMES DUNLAP, GLENN FRANCK, and DONALD COFFEY. Their boss, the owner of a long chain of movie houses, FRED GATZ, just got out of jail for income tax evasion. World champion flagpole sitter ALAN BYERS, has been challenged to a contest by PAUL GIBSON. HOWARD CABLE is in a trance still trying to figure out if the "Torky" brought him. HARRY, DANNY, and ADRON BROWN are in court trying to get their names changed to Smith. Duchess AMELIA GLOCKNER threw a large party for the Queen of England, Some of her guests were SIR RONALD BOORMAN and his lovely fiance, WILMA EDWARDS, LADY MARGARET COLLIER and the ambassador to Lower Slobovia, BEN FRYREAR. JOAN FRANCONIA is marketing a new process for making dill pickles from sweet ones. JOE BELL has been delving back in his family tree. He insists he's related to Alexander Graham Bell. ANNETTE BOGLE, well known dancer, was hired for GEORGE CHEATHAM's new Broadway show called Cheatham's Follies. lt will be written by DAVID CAPITO and SONNY COLLINS. RILEY EMERY is seen on the society page squiring many movie starlets around Hollywood. GAY EVANS has just been chosen band sponsor for the Marine Band, Also in the armed service field, we see that LETITIA KNOELLER was awarded a medal for her out- standing war photographs. MARY ANN GROVES is the director of the Conover Modeling Agency. Her good friend ANN EAGLES recently returned from a trip to Paris where she reviewed a fashion show for her store, Saks Fifth Avenue. PHILIP FALK is now minister of the Fourth Avenue Metho- dist Church. BILL STALLARD is a Baptist minister. Accountant for the Bureau of Internal Revenue is MARY AGNES BAKER. LORREEN ASPER has been named director of the Old Ladies' Home in Louisville, head nurse there is SUE GITTINGS. JIM BATE is coaching a professional football team. NED BEATTY is singing in Faust at the Metropolitan next Sunday. DOLORES CAMPBELL is his leading lady. BETTY JO DILLON has been named "The Girl We'd Most Like to Live Next Door To" by the Air Force. BROOKS FOUNTAIN is manufacturing costumes for angels because he wasn't satisfied with his in the 'I954 Eastern High senior play. SARA BROOKS is secretary to a major at K.M.I., whose wife is DONNA BUNTON. Seen at the opera the other night were staunch patrons LOUISE MOFFETT, LORETTA OECHSLIN, and MILDRED WINKLER. TERRY HUFFAKER is in the hospital with a broken leg. Seems he fell from a building while doing his Human Fly Act, ln the bed next to him is JACK TARR, who sprained an ankle when he jumped over the net after winning the National Singles Championship in tennis. Here's a picture showing sensational Cleveland Brown football star, GARY TABB, making a IO9-yard touchdown run. His coach, BOB JOHNSON, is seen leaping into the air. New York reporter LOIS HAWKER has been trying to interview stock market tycoon, ARTHUR MARKSBURY, ever since he and his partner, JACK LONG, made their sensa- tional smash, but their secretary, CAROL JEAN, keeps in- forming him they've gone fishin'. Gentleman farmer, CHRISTY ZEITZ, has cleaned up on a big tobacco deal with Lucky Strike. SHARON ZOELLER, private secretary to KAY McCURDY, the outstanding journalist in the country, was maid of honor in the wedding of newspaper editor STEVE ISAACS and his fiance. Another wedding of society is that of SIR KENT McMATH, the famous diplomat and his pretty secretary. Just appointed Dean of Women at Iowa State Teachers College is BEVERLY HATFIELD. The Dean of Men is GENE POPE. Page Sixty-two SENIOR PROPHECY Attempting to build a better mousetrap is HALE NUTT, who insists that he can do it if his partner, RICHARD LANGAN, will stop eating all the cheese. We read that Lindy Sparks has been elected president of the P.T.A. at the school her sons attend. JOAN TRIGG has been elected secretary. She has twins going there. Our librarian friend, JO ANN HOLLIE, sighs as she recalls her old classmates. As she looks up from her reading she sees six of Eastern's newest teachers, LIDA LEE KEMP, JO ANN ZIBART, MARTHA DOERHOEFER, BARBARA CHAMBERLAIN, BETTY PELESKE, JOYCE CLARK, and its new principal, DAVID STRAUB, with the Superintendent of county schools, KEITH BOONE. Scientists all over the world are praising LOUNETTE HUMPHREY, chemist for her discovery of a new element which has been named Humphronium in her honor. JAMES and JERRY SMITH, Inc. is building a 120-story building in New York. They have just finished a mansion which they built for DON SHAHIN, who uses it just for big parties. At his last social function were seen DIXIE ROBINSON, NORMA ZOLL, and ALBERT WOODY. CHARLES TOTTEN is quickly rivaling the Toddle House with his new chain of hamburger joints. RONNIE ZIBART has just returned from elephant hunting in Africa. He sold his two prize elephant skins to NORMA ROSENBAUM and BONNIE WILSON, who are using them to furnish their Canadian hunting lodge. EDDIE REVELL is manager of the Vogue Theatre in St, Matthews, and he has just finished remodeling it, The interior decorating job was done by FAYE SANDLIN and her assistant, FRANCES SHEPHERD. ALLENE WADE has eloped to South America, and her parents have F.B.l. Agent DAVID WAGNER on her trail. CHARLOTTE WEBB is head woman speed driver at Indianapolis. Her mechanic is JACKIE SHELTON. One of CAROL BENTON's horses just won the Kentucky Derby. The jockey was CAYWOOD PENNINGTON. Her sister-in-law, JOAN DAMATO, is a French interpreter for the U. N. PAT HENSON and PAULA HURST are doing a fine job as secretaries for that noted man with the horn, ALBERT OCHSNER. L- The two PAYNES, ANITA and CAROL, have joined forces and written a book together about well-known criminals and their fates, They've called it This Way To the Gallows, or Payne in the Neck. PAT ROACHE gained a patent on her new bug spray, guaranteed to ward off any unwanted pests that might come crawling around. GARLAND WYATT, the wrestling champ, has successfully de- fended his title against the Masked Murderer, known to friends as BOB SPROUL. Miss America was crowned last night. She is MISS BETTY WHEELER, representing Kentucky. After the ceremony she was married to her childhood sweetheart, with the former EITHA LANDIS as her matron-of-honor. EITHA is happily married and the mom of four beautiful children. In an advertisement just above this item we see PEGGY KAREM modeling Hazel Bishop's newest shade. Successful GAY WITTE has just published the memories of her years in France. Congresswoman LINDA STALLINGS won a debate on world affairs last week, Her opponent, JULIAN MURPHEY, couldn't get a word in edgewise. WARREN BRYANT just invented an amazing spot remover for removing leopard spots. FLORA RENFOW, buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue, and CHIP MILLER, manager of a rival store, have gone to Chicago to review designer MARILYN REEDER's latest creations. PAT HUGHES and CAROL JEAN REGENAUER are becoming wealthy by selling genuine emerald rings made by their own process-employing the use of old 7-Up bottles. SUE FIGHTMASTER and her husband are proud parents of quadruplets. Their neighbor, BILLIE GREEN is designing jeeps for General Motors. ANN EMMART is conducting a tour of Europe. She and her group will be gone for several months. Some of the people on the tour are old grads of Eastern: GAIL FOLSOM, who is taking pictures for T, W, A, Travel Agency, BEVERLY COLLINS, resting after her recent concert tour of the U. S. A., ALBERT PETERSON, who has just finished designing an under- water hot-dog stand. Lovely CHARLOTTE HUND, who lives with her husband ancl two children in New York, has been named Mrs. America of 1970. An old classmate of hers, ANNE ELLEN RUSSELL, world-famous dress designer and one of the judges, held a party for her after the contest at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, just bought by billionaire JOHN WIEGAND. Page Sixty-lbree SENIOR PROPHECY Head of the newly founded Home for Old Shakesperian Lovers is the former KATHERINE KERN. She's now the wife of a senator. PHIL KAELIN, head matress-tester at a large Chicago store, iust set a new record of ninety-six hours on the iob. MIKE HOOK was awarded first prize in a peanut-rolling marathon around Yankee Stadium. MILTON FEGER and ROBERT DINNING are playing violin duets to the proverbial "sad story". PAT DERHEFER is happily married to a veterinarian whose partner is FRED DECKMAN. The new editor of the Courier-Journal is NELSON JOYNER. Some of his capable staff members are MARILYN MARTIN, fashion editor, STRATTON MILLER, sports editor, BETTY JOHN- SON, Kook's Korner, VIVIAN LANDS, society, and ALFRED HIEB, distribution manager, In the comic pages are several new strips written by JAMES HALL, KEITH NALL, and CYNTHIA SLOANE. DR. LYMAN HITCHCOCK, with the aid of his pretty assistant, NAN NORRIS, recently pulled a gold tooth from gold miner FRED HANSEN. It is being appraised by BILL PIPER and CLAY RAGAN, who can't agree on their "carrots". Some of the Nation's Best-Dressed men came from Eastern High School. A few are BEN SMALL, GILBERT THOMP- SON, JACK WILSON. Some of the Best-Dressed women are DOLORES ROSTETTER, BONNIE LILLARD, ANN WIMBISH, and CAROL SMITH. Psychiatrist GALE WARREN has iust finished a brilliant psychoanalysis of BILLYE STILES, who poses for mascara ads. Recent wealthy contributors to the Community Chest are PAT ROYALL, HILARY RAWERT, JACK HOFFMAN, JAMES HOLLOWAY, and DON TOWLES and his wife. Some businesses contributing were the KATHERINE MORRIS Knit Shop, and the PATTY WATTS Women's Shoppe. Private detectives on the iob trying to locate talented dancer JO ANN MlLLER's stolen iewels are led by BOB MACKAY. PATTY POOLE and her husband have gone on a cruise in the Carribean. JESSE CLARK and JAMES BLACK are the new chicken pluckers at the chicken farm belonging to OMA JANE BOND and LARRY DURBIN. BETTY and DORIS COLYER have taken iobs as waitresses at the new Colyer Order Inn. THELMA GNAGIE, DONALD BOYNTON, MADGE FLOR- ENCE, and CLINTON FUGATE are star attractions at Bungling Brothers Circus, they are trapeze artists. Attorney RONALD CASEY has iust successfully defended his client JACK BOOTES in a divorce case. The lovely lady who has taken over BETTY FURNESS' iob as announcer for Westinghouse is JAN CORNETTE. DON CULVER, a star of the New York Yankees, iust tied Babe Ruth's homerun record. DAVID GRAVETTE is getting a well-earned rest. He electrocuted himself in his new invention, an electricity-less electric chair. ED CROCKETT is the new sales manager at Macy's. JACKIE GILPIN is head artist at Walt Disney Studios. 'The new commandant of Fort Knox, BOB DETWILER, is having a hard time keeping SUSIE DOLT off the grounds. Her beloved is there ,and she tries to see him at all hours. JAMES ENGLE has iust bought out Terry's Texaco Station, working for him as chief greaser is FRANK DeLUCA. Sweet EMILY DURRETT has iust bought a greenhouse and is raising prize-winning flowers. New manager of WHAS-TV, HARRY MAGERS, has been seen lately with the station's home economist, PEGGY OWENS. LOUIS MEISNER is organizing a safari to South America to hunt big game, Going with him is CURTIS MOORE, his faithful gun-bearer. Blonde beauty JUDY MARTIN is a top-notch model in California. She's the girl who advertises Buicks on your TV screen. CARL HATCH is the new owner of the Ranch House Drive-ln. His head waitress is pretty JANE BOOTES. Taking the place of Beecher Frank out there is BILLIE MORGAN, PATSY CASE was recently honored at a banquet as Secretary of the Year. GEORGIA ANN RIXMAN flew in from her ranch in Texas to act as Mistress of Ceremonies, LANIER ANDERSON and MARY GORMAN, successful career girls, are excitedly counting the days until their fifteenth anniversary of graduation from Mr. Burke's Physics class. In today's headlines are BEVERLY MARMION and THELMA POULTER, who just won the Pulitzer Prize for their collaboration on a book culled The College Library. Beverly is the Dean of Women at Randolph Macon, and Thelma is a librarian in Philadelphia. The library is closing now so it's time for us to end this book-browsing and bid adieu to the class of '55 for another I5 years. 'Til then. . , Page Sixty-falzr' NAME AGNEW, SHIRLEY ANDERSON, LANIER ARRINGTON, vICKI ASPER, LOREEN AXTON, CAROL BAKER, MARY AGNES BARKER, PHYLLIS BATE, JIM BAUGHMAN, BOB BEATTY, NED BELL, JOE BENTON, CAROL BLACK, JIM BLOODWORTH, MARVIE BOARDMAN, BETTY BOGLE, ANNETTE BOHANNON, LOLA BOND, OMA JANE BOONE, KEITH BOORMAN, RONNIE BOOTES, JACK BOOTES, JANE BOYNTON, DON BROOKS, BARLOW BROOKS, SARA BROWN, ADRON BROWN, DANNY BROWN, HARRY BRYANT, WARREN BUCKNER, TAYLOR BUNTING, JOHN BUNTON, DONNA BYERS, ALAN CABLE, HOWARD CAMPBELL, DOLORES CAPITO, DAVID CASE, PATSY CASEY, RONALD CASWELL, VIRGINIA CHAMBERLAIN, BARBARA CHEATHAM, GEORGE CLARK, JESSE CLARK, JOYCE COFFEY, DONALD COLLIER, MARGARET COLLINS, BEVERLY COLLINS, SONNY COLSTON, JERRY COLYER, BETTY COLYER, DORIS CORNETTE, JAN CRABTREE, CHARLES CROCKETT, ED CULVER, DON DAMATO, JOAN 5 PET PEEVE Snobby people Monday mornings Nothing Deadheads School buses Gloomy People SE IOR ROLL Raise my own crew of redheads With a deep voice To learn Miss Hamilton's l.Q, Actress To look like Ava Gardner Own a black negligee' Enjoy lite 8:30 A.M. Monday throughTo be a secretary Friday Girls who try to drive Cars with heaters Freckles People Spiders and porch lights School Saying the wrong thing Conceited people Watching the "Candelabra Kid Sticky Fingers Conceited people People who call me "little boy" Lack of school spirit Owners of colt peacemakers People who are late Crowded school buses Women drivers Girls who call me "Honey" I didn't come to EasternTo have more mo sooner School buses passing me School Home work Speed limits "A" in speech Billionaire Graduate Own a race horse farm Go up on a DOWN esca Millionaire Private secretary A nurse "Analyze a man Get a '55 Cadillac for graduation Nurse Retire early in lite-!l7l To be a bachelor To be another Howard Interior decorator Make good in lite To be a rich ditch digger Airline hostess Black To be richer than Loaf Own most of Fort Knox Grand Prix Driver Not hearing Butler during schoolA race music singer Two-faced people Red heads Noisy peoole Smart alecs Bashful Conceited people Women drivers Thoughtless people Conceited people Washing airplanes English class Conceited people Competition 7th graders Late run buses Stubborn women Girls who think they're "it" Show-offs Test days To sit on bench with th ball players To own a harem Be a bachelor Married Own a burlesque show Graduate from college A Ford that will outrun Olds, Graduate from college Social worker To start my own Air For Printer To be a musician To own a convertible F.B.l, agent lator convertible with Torky Hill ney than Jim Adron Brown e foot- Making an "E" Without a smile A man hater Not being ernbarrased Not laughing Not being nice Being tall A peanut vendor Singing tenor With clean bucks Forgetting horses Not mannerly Conceited Without Nanine Peak With long hair Being forward Untrienclly With a 22" waistline Dating Without his pipe Not being sweet Being tickle Driving a new car Being catty Making an A 'I' in Chemistry With a beard Disliking tootball Not discussing cars Without his crash helmet As a woman hater Liking the same bay two Not being polite Satisfied With black hair An auctioneer Nat chewing gum a '54 Not being a "hot fodder" Ce Without Bob A night-club singer Doing a Rhumba Smiling With short hair An oil magnate Despondent To get through nurse's trainingWith her mouth closed Head of Alan Byer's harem Studious Own Empire State Building Playing the harp To beat my sister, Dixie, in aWith long block hair game of cards Private secretary Being mean First I8 lines of original pro-To be as tall as Harold Hagan logue of Chaucer's Canterbury Too few girls Sloppy pilots To sell Brooklyn Bridge Pilot Conceited girls Become pro-baseball player Chaucer Tour France a' la bicycle Page Sixty-fire Not bubbling over From Connecticut Being a Sailor An English professor lnebriated weeks REMINDS US OF A magpie A Toni ad A typical high school girl Perpetual motion Cupie dall An ice skater A manuicurist Rocky Marciano A frog A tuba Party boy A little chicken hawk Tractor driver "Sweet Sue" A cigarette girl Jr. Miss Perfect mother Librarian Jackie Gleason Fuller Brush man Average college boy An angel Don Juan Sportsdrome driver A fashion buyer Penrod A chinaman Onion farmer "E'Iubba-bean" Private sleuth God's gift to women Nightclub singer "Pres," A possum Hillbilly songstress Happy farmer Secretary Mickey Mouse School teacher Bobby soxer Bus driver Bachelor Alice in Wonderland Frank Sinatra Penny Oboe Dennis the Menace Bookie Cocker Spaniel Salesgirl Storybook doll Southern plantation owner Davey Crockett Adolescent Pixie NAME DAVIS, BOB DAVIS, DON DECKMAN, FRED DeLUCA, FRANK DERHEFER, PAT DETWILER, sos DIEMER, MARGO DILLON, BETTY Io DINNING, sos DOERHOEFER. MARTHA DOLT, SUSIE DUNLAP, JAMES DURBIN, RANDELL DURHAM, HUGH DURETT, EMILY EAGLES, ANN EDWARDS, WILMA EMERY, RILEY EMMART, ANN ENGLE, JIM EVANS, GAY EWING, RICHARD FALK, PHILIP FEGER, MILTON FIGHTMASTER, SUE FLORENCE, MADGE FOLSON, GAIL FORD, GORDON FOUNTAIN, BROOKS FRANCK, GLENN FRANCONIA, JOAN FRYREAR, BENNIE FUGATE, CLINTON GADDIE, GERALDINE GAMELTOFT, GERALDINE GATZ, FRED GIBSON, PAUL GILPIN, JACKIE GITTINGS, SUE GLOCKNER, AMELIA GNAGIE, DOLORES GOERNER, CORNELIA GOETH, JERRY GORBANDT, FRED GORMAN, MARY GRAVATTE, DAVID GREEN, BILLIE GROVES, MARY ANN GRUBB, THANN HAAG, JOHN HAGAN, HAROLD HALL, JAMES HANSEN, FRED HARLAN, LEE SE PET PEEVE Slow driving People who don't talk enough Big Cars Women drivers Writing letters Women drivers People who gripe Unsportsmanlike people lst peroid Telephone busy signal People who never giggle class Driving to school Pet peeves Girls that shoot the line People who pretend to be w they aren'l' Unfriendly people Stuck-up people Missing T-Bar-V Pop quizzes Smart-alec teachers Show-offs Monday mornings Aggressive girls loud in IOR ROLL AMBITION CAN YOU IMAGINE? Mechanic As a "brain" Find out why the heck I spentSpeaking in a whisper my last I2 years in school Mechanic Not in F. F. A. Graduate Winning a perfect attendance To became a nurse To graduate Western College To have a successful life medal From the deep South Nat going to Pleasureville Hating music Sour College Success in life To prepare food like th the lunchroom To get cr diploma Get an "A" in Physics To be great in something Short and fat Nat fighting with Bill ey do in Being 5 ll. toll Army General A tightrope walker Not out for sports hatSee a Republican governor in Wearing size I6 Kentucky Sweet Briar To move back to Nashville Graduate To marry a millionaire Graduate Raise little Band Spons Sell Yankee Stadium to Minister or missionary With nothing to do Being a ballet dancer ln a wild frenzy Not being with Janet With a northern accent ors Lady wrestler Brooklyn Not cutting up in McCIellon's class Not being sincere Show-offs Be seven feet tall for one dayNot following Baseball Short boys Marry Rock Hudson Being a politician Homework To run my fingers through Blowing off Liberace's curly hair Dirty ashtrays Get through Senior English Without Julian A'l-'s To score a touchdown Flunking a class Giggly girls Marshmallow duster Running dry Teachers who give tests Be able to buy the Brooklyn Dating girls other than Sherry Bridge People who talk too much Secretary Being practical Mrs, MeIvin's "minor" themelo graduate from ColoradoWith a harem papers School of Mines Riding bus l26 to and fromlfngineer Named Jones school Standing on school bus Graduate Screaming People who run in the hall To get married Not trustworthy Squares Career in Armed Forces Getting his homework Women drivers Be 7 feet tall ln a red Sweater Unloyal Eastern students Teacher Upset Typing mistakes Private secretary Fat lady in a circus People who are late Travel all over the wolrd A sword swallower Waiting for someone Happy and successful life Playing football Self-centered people Happiness With a poodle cut lgnoront Hi-Fi salesmen Electrical engineer A maiorette People who don't know whatPill roller Missing Sunday School they want on quick decision Riding busses Have no troubles Track star Girls that act s-o-o-o-o helpless Make Mr. Kemp stand in Rudolph Valentino Moron's alley People who think they areTo graduate Rabbing a bank better than I Monday mornings To teach home ec. at WestBeing overweight Point Girls who smoke and clriveTo drive a convertible and beOwning a Cadillac convertibles a soda jerk "Rich boys" To see all the home footballWith a million dollars games for the next fifty years Mr, Burke's first period physicsTo own General Motors Without his barbells class Weekend assignments To get four years of collegeDriving mules before Uncle Sam gets me Tests on Monday To become a success in business Editor of the Courier Journal Pal' Hancock Marry a millionaire ln Africa Page Sixty-six REMINDS US OF Farmer Public address system Five o'cIock shadow James Cagney Sweet young thing Mickey Rooney Violin virtuoso Sunshine Riverboat gambler "little Iodine" "Happy go lucky" Grease monkey Butcher Modern Valentino Toothpick Governess Southern belle Pool shark Debutante Saucy red head Snow White Dreamer Minister Tom Thumb Age of innocence "Pistol packin' Momma Irish lass Einstein St. Peter Ozark Ike Minnie Mouse Julius Caesar Cou rt iester Faithful wife Mexican iumping bean Hell driver Harvey Farmer's wife Gym teacher Consideration Sponsor of the Lonely Hearts' Club Corliss Archer A band teacher Casual ladies' man Cong resswoman Skeleton Toothpaste acl Gloria Swanson Chauffeur Penny pincher Physics teacher A "schmoo" Muscles FRANK BUCK HIEB, ALFRED Pogo NAME HARROD, MARTHA HATCH, CARL HATFI ELD, BEVERLY HAWKER, LOIS HAYS, BARBARA HEIDEMAN, DAVID HENSON, PAT HICKS, DICKIE HITCHCOCK, LYMAN HITZ, DAVID HOFFMAN, JACK HOLLIE, JO ANN HOLLOWAY, JAMES HOOK, MIKE HUBBARD, CARROLL HUFFAKER, TERRY HUGH ES, PAT HUMPHREY, LOUNETTE HUND, CHARLOTTE HURST, FAULA IRWIN, JUDY ISAACS, STEVE JEAN, CAROL JENKINS, BETTY JOHNSON, BETTY JOHNSON, Bos JOYNER, NELSON Juno, RALPH KAELIN, PHIL KAREM, PEGGY KENIP, LIDA LEE KERN, KATHERINE KING, MARIETTA KLAPHEKE, JOAN KNOELLER, LETITIA KOEN IG, CAROL KREAMER, LOIS LAM, GERALD LANDIS, EITHA LANDS, VIVIAN LANGAN, RICHARD LILLARD, BONITA LINDENMEYER, JIM LITTRELL, BOBBY LOGAN, GEORGE LONG, JACK MACKAY, BOB MAGERS, HARRY MARKSBURY, ARTHUR MARMION, BEVERLY MARTIN JUDY MARTIN, MARILYN MATHUS, JAMES SE IOR ROLL PET PEEVE AMBITION Study for tests over weekends Beautician Mean girls To become worthy of my par- ents Mr. Burke Owensboro The girl that the boy I likePhi Delt Housemorther likes Gossipy people Missionary For those driving to have taElectrical engineer leave school last Mrs. Melvin's English reports Typing and shorthand teacher Bock seat drivers To own a new Cadillac con- vertible Book reports Chemical Engineer English IV Civil Engineer Themes Get through college People who save seals on theM, D, bus School buses To own a new red Cadillac convertible Girls who giggle all the time Te be a mechanical engineer People who don't like to gooflleat Benny Fryrear in tennis off Term papers Unfriendly girls Chewing gum snappers Cars without radios To attend Wake Forest Member of dusty roads To graduate Duke University lhabol Men who don't like wamenBe America's best-dressed sece drivers retary People who fuss about myGraduote from nurse's training glasses People who spell my nameGraduate from college of mu- lrvin sic Football coaches To play first string on same- People who call me Jean Carol Unfriendly people body's football team Graduate from college To be Mrs. O'Bryan CAN YOU IMAGINE? Captain of The Queen Elizabeth Being bashful Quiet and reserved Without Peggy Being rowdy Playing in Male's bond Being sarcastic Flirting Not in visual aids A cheerleader Dancing Scokian Making straight A's in physics ln a baggy sweater Singing Ea-bufloo Catching anything As a bartender As a monk Not helping someone Milking cows Nat going steady Not in love Without her "fiddle" A midget Without eyebrows Without something to say Conceited people A house wife Being loud Conceited girls To be o playboy Writing poetry Dior Millionaire Without a pencil behind his ear Life-not the magazine To make a million Without a comeback Stock cars Industrial designer Acting in Shakespearian plays Atherton Be Miss America Without Lois People who pronounce my nameGet through four years of Not sampling other people's wrong college lunches Southerners who relight the CivilGraduate lrom Stanford Talkalive War People that don't like hillbillyTo take Golcly Hill's place on music the Grand Ole Opry. Back seat drivers like RichardSeven dates a week Langon Yankee accents Gossiping people Canceiled people Stuck up girls Social clubs Stupid people Lunch Conceited boys Fake Southern accents Girls who fib about dates Anything above the first floor Combination locks To be a teacher Have a car of my own Work someplace besides Woolworth's Te be a hillbilly entertainer Go to California To marry o certain Baylor student Buy a Jaguar U. ol K. Digest at least one Eastern lunch Take over Tommy Dorsey's band Caesar and Macbeth were cm- bitious, l don't want to make the sanIe mistake Move out of Worthington Not being able to porticipateSuccesstul businessman in sports School Graduate White elephants with polka-Become successful in something dotted ears Tactless people To become a librarian People who hit the lperoxideITo be a psychologist bottle Snooty people Boys smarter than I Go to a neat college Printer Page Sixty-sezferz Driving a Crosley Messy Without her camera As Eartha Kitts' protege Not having a man an the hook Without his guitar Bragging efficiency expert Without something nice to say Letting a year go by without cutting Not being a cheerleader A iockey Lending money As a Republican senator The shy type Being rude An orchestra conductor Going to Harvard Boisterous A gun-moll Wearing blue-jeans to school Peroxiding his hair REMINDS US OF First grade teacher Robert Wagner Daisy Duck "Cashmere Kid" A missionary A salesman Spring chicken Band leader Bug hunter Income tax collector Doctor Quiet type Little Boy Blue ADe Insect exterminator Wild West Cowboy "Helping hand" A Countess Gardenia Old married woman Littlest Angel All-American football player Dog Catcher Martha Raye Trainer for a flea circus Modern lover Vice-president of U. S. A. Mr, Hyde A hood A whirlwind Little lost girl A maiden aunt "Tennessee Waltz" Best-dressed woman Press photographer Nanine Red pepper Johnny Guitar Avon representative Nurse A pigeon Teddy bear "Easy going" Undertaker Lawyer Play boy Gentleman College professor Little nonchalant Mother Hubbard Smile-smile-smile Neat treat A tobacco auctianeer NAME MAYER, LOIS McCURDY, KAY McMATH, KENT MEISNER, LOUIS MEZERA, MIDGE MILLER, CHARLES MILLER, .IO ANN MILLER, STRATTON MILLOT, DAN MOFFET, LOUISE MONOHAN, JACK MONOHAN, TOMMY MOORE, CURTIS MOORE, PAT MORGAN, BILLY MORRIS, JIM MORRIS, KATHERINE MOTLEY, BOB MURPHEY, IULIAN NALL, KEITH NEUBAUER, DAN NOONAN, JIM NORRIS, NAN NUTT, HALE OCHSNER, ALBERT OECHSLIN, LORETTA OWENS, PEGGY PAYNE, ANITA PAYNE, CAROL PEAK, NANINE PELESKE, BETTY PENNINGTON, CAYWOOD PETERSON, ALBERT PIPER, BILL POOLE, PAT POPE, GENE POULTER, THELMA PROFITT, MARY JOYCE PULLIAM, DARRELL RAGAN, CLAY RAWERT, HILARY REEDER, MARILYN REGENAUER, CAROL RENFROW, FLORA REVELL, EDDIE RIXMAN, GEORGIA ANN ROACHE, PAT ROBINSON, DIXIE RODAI-IAEEER, DAVID ROSENBAUM, NORMA ROSTETTER, DOLORES ROYALL, PAT RUSSELL, ANNE ELLEN SANDIIN, FAYE scnicicu, ANN SE IOR ROLL PET PEEVE I2 o'clock curfews Riding the school bus Lack of privileges and respect for seniors at Eastern Fickle women People who pronounce my name wrong Peroxided hair People who stare Latin Mrs, Melvin's English tests Snobby people Being kidded about Fire Depts. People that don't weigh 245 Smart girls My '39 Plymouth State Police Girls with cars Loud-mouthed study hall teachers Nosey teachers People with 'Io sense of humor Girls who smoke Nosey teachers French I I Big, crowded, orange school buses Underclassmen in senior home- room Hot dogs Conceited people Unfriendly people People who are unkind to strangers Giving oral reports Unfriendly people Six weeks papers A Model A that you have to push People who do not like classical music School buses People who think they are big- shots S:hool buses Having to work on game nights Getting up at 6:30 Getting up to catch the early bus School Ronnie Metcalf's Ford Homework on week-ends People who break promises Conceited people A person with a pet peeve Boys with duck-tail hoircuts People who throw confetti Homework Hillbilly music School buses Clocks in bedrooms at night Bus drivers who are early Reckless Drivers Snobbish people Not having the car to drive to school AMBITION To knit a pair of argyles To travel around the world To be there, just once, at the right time Engineer Storve in New York Minister Dancing teacher To be an all around person To quadruple in lsaac's Chevy To get through nursing Who me? Concert cellist Car Own a new Ford convertible To find out who killed Cock Robin Weigh l9O lbs. To marry a millionaire To ioin the Marine Corps Go over Niagra Falls in a barrel .loin the Army Pocket-size harem Go around the world Run Eastern's lunchroom Winning pilot in submarine races Professional trumpet player To Graduate To sit upon the Boss's lap To become an attorney To make an A in Chemisry To go to dramatic school Laboratory technician Mechanical engineer Crop duster To graduate from college To graduate To have a hard luck story H955 Buick will dot Graduate from high school Graduate from college To see the world Graduate Successful businessman Go to U. of K. To love and be loved To be a nurse To taste the last drop of Maxwell House Coffee to see if it is really good To marry a flyboy Teach half as well as Mrs. Melvin Secretary and own a Cadillac Go to the Air Academy Pass Chemistry To make A's in college Air line hostess Graduate from college To go to college To be a Doctor Page Sixty-eigbf CAN YOU IMAGINE? Unladylike Flirting Not spouting German Wearing a Scotislt kilt Acting sane Not being in the Good News Club As Marilyn Monroe's stand-in Being a loudmouth With green hair Without a sweet disposition Not hanging on o fire truck Playing a piccolo A ballet instructor Not being tired Without his red cap All-American football player At the North Pole Staying at school all day Without freckles As Mr, America ln a diaper Preacher In a Micky Mouse cartoon Out of trouble Being subtle A brilliant conversationalist Being a politician With a 42" waist Being transparent Without Betty Boardman Not eating Playing Marlon Brando's roles Being muscle-bound As Tarzan An Olympic pool player Being wide awake in Algebra ll Opera singer Uncooperative With a mustache With John Bunting's physique With a bold-head Being untrue A psychologist Driving a truck Being Quiet With straight hair As Driver-Training teacher Playing Louis Armstrong's horn Not talking about flying As o gold digger Driving in the Sportsdrome As a hobo Being quiet in Psychology Taking Mrs. Orr'e place Big game hunter REMINDS US OF Fashion editor An old fashioned girl A Doctor Little mean bug Mischievous angel Goodness personified Dancer Bull in a China Shop Robot Grounded angel "Come-what-may" Musical minded A nuclear-physicist Activity personified Shy former Dr, l. Q. A rose Truck driver Jimmy Boyd Jeweler Success A wolf in sheep's clothing Dennis the Menace's mother Stubborn mule "Gabriel" Car hop Something nice Little thing Intelligent blond Carol K. Perfume saleslady Mr. Peanut Scientist Mr, Peepers Officer in the Sewing Circle Sgt, Friday Beautician Thoughtful wife Mouse trap manufacturer Crusader Rabbit Wrestler Little Miss Muffet Home economics teacher Nurse Shy Child Ticket-seller at a movie My Friend Irma A school teacher's wife Melodious giant Cricket Lady Marriage consultant Typhoon Head of Y.W.C.A, Psychiatrist NAME SHAHIN, DON SHELTON, JACKIE SHEPHERD, FRANCES SIMMONS, ANITA SIMPSON, ANITA SISCO, DOROTHY SLOANE, CYNTHIA SLOCUM, KATHY SMALL, BEN SMITH CAROL SMITH KINNE SMITH JERRY SMYTHE, JOHN SPARKS, LI NDY SPROUL, BOB STALLARD, IIILLIE sTALLINGs, LINDA STICHWEH, JIM STILES, BILLYE sTRAua, DAVID sTRoDE, WILLIAM TABB, GARY TARR, JACK TEMPLE, DOVE THOMPSON, GILBERT TOTTEN, CHARLES TOwLEs, DON TRIGG, JOAN VAN ARSDALE, ELLEN wADE, ALLENE WAGNER, DAVID WALDEN, NORMA WARREN, GALE WATTS, PATTY WEBB, CHARLOTTE WERNERT, WALTER WHEELER, BETTY WI EGAND, JOHN WILDER, FRANK WILLIAMS, JOAN LEE WILSON, BONNIE WILSON, JOHN WILSON, LARRY wIMsIsH, ANNE WINKLER, MILDRED WITTE, GAY WOLFLIN, LOIS wOoDY, ALBERT WYATT, GARLAND ZEITZ, CHRISTY ZIBART, JO ANN ZIBART, RONNIE ZOELLER, SHARRON ZOLL, NORMA SE PET PEEVE English, History, and Math Conceited people AMBITION To be known for my knowledge of English, History, and Math Graduate People who think they knowAir line hostess it all Telephone calls To get a convertible Studying To see the U. S. People who "pop" gum To graduate from Baylor People who take censuses To get along in lite Congested hallways Riding a school bus Ist period study lMr. Aggressive women Homework and tests Friday lunches Term papers Hillbilly music Cheerleaders Jellybeans Book reports Toll boys Term papers Women drivers Stuck up girls Girls who blow face Having wrecks Cold women To make a success of my life Own a Cadillac convertible Gambilllfo catch up on my sleep for a change To study in Forestry Get out of high school College To get a bus to take my riders to the games To live in Saskatchewan To succeed To be a teacher To blow up the Chemistry lab To make the Beta Club Go fishing whenever l want to To see Mr. Kemp standing in Moron's Alley Become a millionaire smoke in myNational Checker Champ Help the Brooklyn Dodgers win a World Series To marry a rich widow English Quit wearing glasses 1940 Chevrolet and homework Be a mechanical engineer Work Graduate from U. of K. Chewing gum To graduate and inherit a million Dogs Registered nurse 8:25 to 3:05 To he called "little" girl Being 5' 2111" Hillybilly music Empty gas tank Mr. Kemp's homeroom Graduating Monday mornings in school Iishorfyl. Join the Marines ol To be six feet tall To be 5' 3" tall To graduate from college To direct traffic at the Ranch House A new Cadillac convertible Always be happy To have my name spelled right People who call me "WiIdest"To perfect a subconcious Short week-ends Conceited people Peroxide and little The morning after Nothing Two-faced people People who aren't sincere sisters thought inducer for learning English Be drama critic on New York Times Work for Sotuhern Bell Telephone Company Annapolis Naval Academy Be as short as the girls l go out with Be happy To graduate To lead a happy and successful life Listening to Carol Jean's loveTo get through my first problems year at college Teachers who call us wartlets To win a boat race Intercoms To live in peace Homework See Mr. Kemp playing in a Last year's 3rd period sandpile To study art American History class Cheerleaders To play lefttield at Yankee Stadium People who call me "little girl"Air line hostess Doing homework Own a new Ford Page Sixty-nine ICR ROLL CAN YOU IMAGINE? Complimenting someone As a prima ballerina Scrub woman Dunce Winning a debate With horns and a pitchfork Bar maid An old maid Driving an old ialopy Not smiling At submarine races As mayor Not wrecking his car Not on some committee As a gambler As ia car hop Being stuck up Not in the Chemistry lah. Not talking As a ditch digger Dating Marilyn Monroe A bad sport Not on the tennis team Being in a hurry As a floor walker As a great olator As Liberace Without a date Nat worrying about letters from U, of K. A bird collector With Frank Sinatra's build On a diet Not flirting Singing soprano Typing 90 words a minute A cautious driver Mad at someone Teaching speech As a janitor Not being friendly to everyone Being short and tat Without a wisecrack Not liking C. B, Wild and reckless Clumsy Coming to school without her homework Not being tempermental Spauting the Einstein theory Being anemic Principal ot Eastern ln a slinky black formal Wearing knickers Not combing her hair Being the first Senior to graduate REMINDS US OF Tousled hair Misplaced angel Sweetness personified Comedienne Carefree Iassie Hard worker Jane Arden Max on Milton Berle's show Commentator Little Bo Peep Mr. District Attorney Referee Soda ierk Reporter Book worm Camp counselor Crazy mixed up kid Inner Sanctum Bare-back rider Sherlock Holmes "Baby Talk" lovable kitten Tennis racket Slow poke Big wheel Mailman Woman driver Miss America Mother-in-law Anxious Apollo Dandelion Bubble dancer Gibson girl An executive's wife John Wayne Suger 'n spice 'n everything nice A punchy fighter Electrician Mary Worth An Aunt Bonnie An owl Dr. Jekyl Judy Garland Cab driver Something wonderful Traffic woman Steamship captain Gorgeous George Wild one Red Riding Hood Bugs Bunny Hairdresser Organist THE TALON STAFF MV , "xr I ,M ls. A Assistant Editor ANITA SIMMONS Subscriptions CAROL SMITH MIDGE MEZERA General Managers FLORA RENFROW LINDA STALLINGS N-1 C7 5 I I Editor-in-chief CHARLOTTE HUND Business Manager KENT MCMATH Sports Editor KEITH BOONE ' Photographer LETITIA KNOELLER Sponsors MRS. BILLIE CUNNINGHAM MRS. ARMEALIA ARMSTRONG Page Seventy L L Publicity DONNA BUNTON GALE WARREN Literary Editors JOAN LEE WILLIAMS LANIER ,ANDERSON Advertising ENN EAGLES ANN EMMART UNYORS - , .X fj' ,A f Q Xp PgS ty IU IOR CLASS om-11 ERS L--s..f S 'iv if f 3 41 4 I ,I Seated-Sherry Keith-Secretaryg Janet Welther--President, Jim Tarr Vice President. Standing-Bobby Martin-Sergeant-at-Arms: Harcourt Kemp-Treasurer Harold Ramsey-Sergeant-at-Arms. JU IORS SSW " 3: ' ,Q i , Sw- 4. ' Y, P Y , A f r , I , 4 "f' Sf ' ? 0 'ing S ' W" ' 'W I ff v Q ' ' Q . 'levy 7 ' ' ' - 135, S Sf,,.,,v'S S ' ces MMM. l I ll . . .....,,.. , 1 5 S wi ' , 'E fav. A 'ff 1 fi ' -,, 54" I B 3-4' s A t ' x 6 , L4 M, ff ,, First Row: Beth Alexander, Carla Sue Allgeier, Frances Athington, Gretchen Baily, Karl Baker, Mary Baker. Second Row: Eva Barnett, Barbara Bartberger, Scottie Beck, Sarah Bell Janie Benge, Betty Ann Bennett. Third Row: Edward Barrickman, Barbara Ann Berry, Gail Buehne, Betty Beierle Susan Bishop, Angela Blackwell. Page Serefzty-fu'o ,S N ,A ., I , .5 G ,M , " A -a ,N 5 Q Yxkixw , g I VV WW! X 1 4 4 ff W' f , ff 4- fn-f ldrfff , J 1 ,cw X I Wifi' , 2 ' 1 f' ' if Q .l 4, f I ' 5531 1' M g V. ' gg, . ,N 4 ' Z ""' J Q ' rv P -- , lQf.rL-pd? lk , am ., 4 iv W , My , 1, 1 f iff WS V Q , ' 1 ,W , - V Q. L -.M , lf 5 rf I -f , f 4 X ,C 3 J J Ji f i K V, 'K mx ' X in 5, 1 f MJ , . -.W 1 I 3? ew' .3 1" . 110 7, , l "CM if , WWI 7 ' C J f J ' 5 ' 1 'X 'JW ,V " Q' Q ' 2 4-F' 1' I 2 ,J , Q va , X H A21 -at , whzfnt ,,,, ' l iffy , 131' NX AQ fi ' f E, :I ,M Ale -in V sq ,gm ,Z 4 any WW" V ss 'NP' 'ff s wr , , '. vt 1. - 'Q W fe F' ' A ' ,'..,f" tl.+v's. i W s ' 7 X, it vane' I V - Aw 1 W , if is 45" 'swf J 0, S, if . 1' . ,rf K M, ' f 'sw A xf-wxff 'JM f . 33.5 4, jc! ' 4 R ..,,,, ' , 4 M ,vin 1 ,df 7 Y f 1 First Row: Neville Blakemore, Mary Bland, Jerome Clark Boardman, Mary Bocook, Pat Booth, Marvin Bowles. Second Row: Carolyn Branham, Ann Brasfield, Bob Brentlinger, Gene Brooks, Richard Brooks, Mildred Broughton. Third Row: Garnett Brown, Cora Broyles, Beverly Beuchele. Fourth Row: Jimmy Burns, Bolo Burns, Carden, Dan Carmichael. Fifth Row: Myrna Carroll, Bill Carter, Chilton, Clara Clark. Sixth Row: Lois Clifford, Diane Cobb, Cornett, Nancy Crawley. Stuart Bruder, Curtis Bryant, Judy Bryson, Sue Burwinkle, Marilyn Byerly, Charlie Jack Carter, Janice Chambers, Forrest Ramona Compton, Robert Corby, Diane Seventh Row: Donald Crisler, George Dailey, Kenneth Davis, Sylvia Dean, Daniel Detwiler, Bobby DeVoe. Page Se z'en!y-tbree I M, I fm.. 1 ' 'W f Q . 4 'Q' X at X X f w ' ' ,W was I Z rf. , fi gf? . be ! A f Q' B , .,, -4 ,,Vv' I :Q I V l . X f 's...., , Q H E NEEZ ll? F ' Nw V ,W V1.. b J ' i'EP ft . . - " s . N fm . 5 B x X f. N t it ww tv E . S -.A fs!! fs , W t f , g -Q--'V Q. 1 My uf- C J ' 1 X , ' g 0 my X V, , ,, ' gxffy i My . 'L' ' --M-nf! I V- Q ' ff? 1 .N V ' U1 on 1 , far , A , ,gp B ,so ,, 'J 'J A X J '27 R ,Mg g , M f ' ' 1 1 y . , 4 Q.-7 y.. .1 fr, i a 1 J fix. ,LA if . ft 1 I Six f f xg f B ,,, , . . F . . x , , P, , .33 A V . G -.Jr ,bt V 4.3, ez, H -gr, "nv-fafg 4522 , it , , ,Q 2 , 6 QW First Row: Janet Diercks, Linda Dillard, Donna Dillard, Anthony Dillon, James Duffy, Cynthia Doll. Second Row: Mary Lou Dunlap, Terry Ann Eagles, Pat Ellis, Helen Everett, Jeanette Fultz Ronnie Falls. 'Third Row: Bobby Fawbush, Dolly Fitzgerald, Shirley Flint, John Foster, J. C. Fust, Harvey Gaddie. Fourth Row: Dean Garber, Mildred Geiger, Bobby Geisler, Ronnie Georgehead, John Gerlach, Clara Goatley. . Fifth Row: Dorothy Goff, Luther Goheen, Douglas Grant, Ben Gratzer, Phil Grauman, Joe Griffin. B l G bbs, Anna Goff, Kenneth Haeberlin, David Sixth Row: Margie Gross, every ru Hall Ressie Hall ,Seventh Rovf: Lee Halverson, Loreen Hammond, Pat Hancock, Judy Hardesty, Beryl Hardy, Judy Harlan. Page Seventy-fom' M12 as W lbzia X f " U ' X 1 .fr V x , 1 X ' : Q, Q Q ' V344 1 .. ,' Z -sa, A Q fi J ,ml , X , QW A I J s 2 Q as , awk X, Y K ! t S 'P' ' " 2 ur M :W V. l. . I E I W ,ff f ': B' ,xg 5 'CW 'jf .J it 'V -or Q tai 0 , -1:2211 713-nf f N 1' ', .B fx ' , ' --vv i B Q A X, wk as . J 74 z , ' . ,A 'qi if N , we J , , j X 1 fipp v K , ' fi ,i 'f . . . ,.f,, 7 A A .X - f -. Z H 0 -s , ' 4 ., r Q ,V X F- U First Row: Barbara Hardin, 'Viva Harper,,ShirIeyf Harris, Joyce Hatfield, Ann Hayward, Robert Hayes. Second Row: Dave Haycraft, Dudley Haupt, Julian Heath, Jay Helmers, Mary Jane Heltsley, George Henderman. Third Row: Beverly Hester, Rodney Hester, Ruth Hodges, Ann Hoffman, Jim Holiday, Bettie Hensley. Fourth Row: Randal Hunter, Dan Jenkins, Bob Jackson, Gerald Jackson, Mary Lawrence lrwin, Ronnie Howard. Fifth Row: Don Johnson, Pat Johnson, Judy Jones, Nancy Jones, Katie Jonte, Kenneth Kaelin. Sixth Row: Latona Kaelin, Jack Karlen, Sherry Keith, Charles Kellis, Richard Kelly, Harcourt Kemp. Seventh Row: Judy Kilroy, Carl Kimmel, Bennie King, Ronald Kittle, Gail Knight, Raleigh Lane. Page Seventy-five s am ,l Q L- A - I, rx 1 hw: '-,sr S self N 'M C L' L s . KW, X y .WS , " ' ,f g' ' ' ,M A' if--W Q " if f 1 -x ' "Y "4 , K .'-f f x , ' " I ". , K K .1 ? by ,LEX . xi uuv . 53 W -fi e mi? F Y K Q 'f ' ' ' A X , "" f, 'lf X .4 X. s , ' sl 'fi - W A , I. 'X -w g f ' ff N, t N, i X it ' 72 M. SYN W4 N K , N.. K 4 ,Q . A , V :sw N, A 1 5 sg, s B -2 M ses -- A r , if , 'E' 4, L vii! ' f 1? , 'L L i ' -515 X f sm ,Z S , , Gt A ,, .y 5 , ,, . f V . I f A y ,A.., n . 3 ,1 A L ' in ' ' . , M B - ,N X Y A b ,L U ,ii , ,.,. , I A 0 5' L AVPV if ' V 'C-E L l ' , ' ' f f L X L ' ' L B . First Row: Nancy Lawrenson, Thurman Lear, Betsy Leathers, Betty Lewis, Evelyn Laurent, Martha Belle Lock. Second Row: Margie Lotze, Marilyn Lyvers, Kae McConnell, Lane McCroskey, Tommy McGloshen, Dudley Mclver. Third Row: Jackie McKinney, Conrad Maloney, Sandra Mattson, Sue Mandeen, Barbara Marr, Marshall Eldred. Fourth Row: Woody Marshall, Bobby Martin, Nancy Mayrose, Avis Medlock, Ted Merhoff, Kitty Messmer. Fifth Row: Ronnie Metcalf, Betty Milburn, Tommy Miles, Doris Miller, Shirley Miles, Pat Miller. Sixth Row: Howard Moffett, Gary Moneypenny, David Montioy, Phyllis Moore, Pat Moore, Charles Morgan. Seventh Row: Susie Morgan, Ronnie Morrison, Judy Mosher, Marilyn Muir, Wesley Nail, Bobbie Neubauer. Page Sereizly-six 'M Asn 1 zzz . X4 'ws V I K X X ff , I f fi 1 i - .9 , ,- Q',w, ,,, , f f Zfa fs iv- 7 2 J af W xg if f f if Q Q, f 9, X x X X W f f i f f I X 4 rr ,7, ' ,f f R f , X, ,- x f, f r 1 X A 3 U if ' U I ,. X ,f ' 'V ' A .Q P 4-6 1 3 V fle e WZ ' ' ,l ' -we - .dffvi - my ,WZ I , ,If A , Q ff -1 if Q , ' A A ,, f 'V . ,, S, W , . ,, V, , 'ff , at fs .- . - 2-X. S 1 ew is l. 1 f, 5 , M Jw ' f ' 4, ,M iw ,a , ff S 1 " f v Nay ,7 r A ,J ,V ' -if fr." I .1 ' I Q H' " A ,V 'i f- 1 Q Q, A -39 A ir ,A ly, 'J' " f ' 1'-' 1 -' ,155 x Q , if w - f if J . 0243... with 59 U6 J J ' i ui ll . N 1 I .. ff, L s A H , , ' 9 I ,, ,rw S W, W: :T 5 Q Ng. l U2 , , ,4 l , as - , - 1, , I K . ' ' ff M. u-.Q ,M , r -V ' -. .,- 1 ' ' 1- , 4 'f f f I N ai 'Qi " yi., 4431 : J " ----' -1 ,. . J 'f ' 'S K W6 Qi 'll I , , , ,f l I -' c ,bf 2 7, , it ' 3: l X x First Row: Sue Newlin, Joanne Ottman Pats O'N 'I P , y el , eggy O'Neil, Carol Pace, Marilyn Palletti. Second Row: Da vid Pattison, Mary Perkins, Diane Perrine, Tyrone Perry, Paul Pfeifer, Juanita Phillips. Third Row: Marlene Pitzer, Judy Purdy, Mabel Pollitt, Rose Ann Povey, Harold Ramage, Raymond Ramsey. Fourth R ow: Sarah Rouse, Miriam Rautio, Vernon Rawert, Jeanette Rowlett, Bettie Jo Ray, Pam Reed. Routon, Andrew Russell. Sixt Fifth Row: Barbara Reeser, James Rueff, Dennis Riley, Marilyn Robertson, Kenneth h Row: Gary Russell, Margaret Rust, Jane St. Ledger, Marion Sandefur, Sandra Sanford, Sherry Schornberg. Seventh Row: Bill Shuman n, Eugene Schultz, Vianne Seabolt, Edward Shackle- ford, Charlene Scheibel, Burton Shelley. Page Sez'er1fy-seven it L , Lf: J 'Ji ol VL , Jeff? T f Wir Jill . s is , i -V . V, Q , - I .Wi .,k Q. f he 1 KR U .P 3' A J .MTR Q, ' bzi X P ix , QQ? f , J W JY , lv' ,. M NN . J f 1 F-sl 1: E9 4. X Fr., It is . J i f f F A .1 1' l I . E - I fl 'E ' . H J f' M X, MN ,ii 1 J 'J ' 'A"' S' S F, 2- .gm -lge 9 .L , y , -is it - i f A---:' . 1 .sg we i sit J . is S-fi Ns? sss l - in S- L I Xxx . I Jw F ff? Ai' -H 'Tb rw gg V I . .X E ml ',-,.. --.. I im Q "Qs I ' , . Q , ,f Y' ,il -wi , ' E ff? V si rr . 52 f ' J x 5 , w . ,ugh "Q, " J has T' '1 First Row: Nancy Shepard, Shirley Shields, Carol Shields, Peggy Ann Shewmaker, Virginia Singleton, Harriet Smith. Second Row: Linda Smith, Judy Smith, Stewart Smyth, William Schmutz, Robert Schneider, Bill Spencer. Third Row: Judy Ann Spencer, Pat Spink, Sharon Stamper, Mary Ann Steiner, Ronnie Stokes, Jimmy Straub. Fourth Row. Woody Stroupe, Fred Sowder, Jim Tarr, Bill Taylor, Walt Test, Dot Thomas. Fifth Row: Lula Thomas, James Thomas, Mary Ann Thompson, Bob Thompson, Rance Thompson, Sylvia Thompson. Sixth Row: Jimmy Tichenor, Dot Tilley, Meredith Towner, Donna Troutman, Joyce Trautwein, Baker Truman. Seventh Row: Barbara Turner, Bert Van Arsdale, Margaret Vaughn, Roland Wade, Ronnie Waford, Virginia Walker. Page Seventy-eiglJt 0 . il , J ' 1 ff' S fl Brad Broecker George Knoeller "T Q' we 1-'W me I ,rf 'Q' C X 4 , 3 af f L' j 4 ' f N " I ., ,.a.:,,j ' C vm. , ff , W ,, j W 4 : Q4 W It , f : 33 ..., .1 ' F' SQ lk- li 2 T- .,., MMV . . ,V ' I ,u , K Q , 4 KN 1, J 2 wg, f ',f Q gf -' W4 owl , S--4 2 + A Kgs ' , ew 'JM 1 ' "5 fl Z, f ' W X 3 ' f -X X A 5 , I IWW f' ? J A-wr I , i f "ZW New L 5 , ,"f"f' S ift5,Qg,f'rZ "aff ? A ..-:s t, A Q , - f First Row: Shirley Wallace, Wade Wearren, Fred Welther, Janet Welther, Charles Warren, Connie Warren. Second Row: Martha Westwood, Norma Wheeler, Sam Whittaker, Gillis White Ann Williams, Archie Willis. I Third Row: Basil Willis, Henry Willman, Annabelle Wilson, Marlene Wilson, Tom Wilson, Shirley Wisehart. f Fourth Row: Katherine Wood, Skip Young, Richard Young, Tom Young, Joyce Zibarf, Jesse Zimmerman. NOT PlCTURED Patsy Carver Eddie Dengg Don Delaney Lee Dodge Fred Finger Judy Flamm Julius Floyd Arlene Gregory Ronnie Gaddie Norman Gilmore Carl Gisinger Bobby Hail Suzanne Hill Beverly Hinsdale Shirley Harris Louise Holt Forrest Hite Billie Hedges Patsy Karlen Paul Kelley Page Seventy-nine James Lennon Bob Linton Tommy Miles Bruce Miller Phillip Moore Ruth Morrison Harold Payne Carolyn Perkins Marvin Pinaire Floyd Smith John Thompson Bob Thomale Paul Ward Mary Walker Gail Webb Judy Wellons Mary Wimbish David Watts Don Wirth Paul Zimmerman The Annual Staff wishes to express its appreci- ation to the Cast and Crew of the Senior Play tor the contribution made to the annual fund. x ' """"'+-Sv..,s..g..s..,-.,., ,v,,g.,,,,,, Pa g e Ei g la! y HQMQRES Page Eighty-one V 'Ne ww .W ,W OFFICERS: Seated: Ann Wiley, Secretary, Barney Long, President, Cooper Lilly, Treasurer, Ronnie Curry, Vice-President. Sophomore-as 5 Q - "" , 1' , 2 '7' . H ' ' I 'Q' .Si , Ni I s.JTfLf ff f ' 'Nff 4 -'fi ' .i 5 4 gf , M77 , V V ,W , f A Q' 1 B 1 ,X -A -Q 1, f ' ,W A . Qi Q J fy lr, lg: Q' 44' fig WMA - ri 1 5' 1 f -' ' f , A N .M-,. z .. 'lv 1 -P-.40 4, A " V , .,:. .5 -, , -4, , -rf' ' V , V " ,. - , Z2 ' Zi. ' ,S ,fi 1 L: t ,j E ' ' ' Mg" 5 Q., A L s m , , - ,Nw -,."Z,,. f - 1 First Row: Danny Abbott, Betty Adams, James Adkins, Larry Alt, David Allen, Jon Alexander. Second Row: Margaret Allen, Tom Ameyette, Mary Anderson, Allen Arrington, JoAnn Athington, Jane Ballard. Third Row: Gene Baird, Jack Baird, Linda Banta, Henrietta Barnett, Harold Becker, Ted Behle. Page Eighty-Iwo Y. i if y up V ,V 1 and Q M... v, y.., Q V it 1 ,ii J 4 in A . S B V F Q .6 2 ia A"-,,q Q 5 ,E f C " .,. 2 'I 4 qulu " Y L4 ,. A ' R ' .Ax yi - , . ' W ff qw .Q . si.. ww' - , g ef J .Joy in ' V- E I J QQ f ,J i' ...g N , ' y , , -, 'J N0 - . e S W .B ,av t u Q --:-:v A , I I if AV': Q f-.. k5,x A ii 'Thx P Sz F i ? , as AAV:,, ,hqiqn b . Q . , Q .I X wx K First Row: Elizabeth Bishop, Earle Bishop, Jennie Blakeman, Shirley Blankenbaker, Barbara Blanton, Elizabeth Blanton. Second Row: Eugene Blanton, Margie Bloom, George Bogard, Phillip Bogle, Archie Boston, Joan Bowles. Third Row: Mary Bradbury, Corrinne Brady, Larry Branch, Bonnie Brooker, Tommy Brooks, Susan Brown. Fourth Row: Tom Brown, Babara Bryant, John Burckel, Elaine Byassee, Betty Byron, Carol Cardwell. Fifth Row: Iva Catlett, Laurel Kaufman, Margaret Keidel, Barbara Cissell, Russell Childress, Rhoda Chism. Sixth Row: Jordon Clay, Barbara Clark, Walter Clark, Betty Cleveland, Billy Cobb, Joan Coffee. Seventh Row: Bob Colgan, Janet Collier, Bill Collins, Dixie Colyer, Jennye Cooke, Robert Crenshaw. Page Eighty-lbree -Q ,f i , i W'-WZ hw x ' ' N Y . Q, Z' Viv 1, . -JI ' l ' Q - " f ' rf 4 5 ,s . ' W-K ff 1 'dmv A - 5 . C ' 1 , " f X Am Vg I .T l K J 1 Q W 5 We v , V A . , , .,,,, cfm' j' ff ,' ' I A' I3 J A A ' L" J , 7 M. A fi X 4 . "' Q. 7 ' Zi' , A i ii I V ' Mi' 1' "" I lf. ...y J . k I 1,22 -.rl ' -:Ig I Q, in " 1 M, Z nf VV R Q. K fvf, ' V ' X 5 , .::, px., -f A . 1 f - " Q . in fi M an 4.1 K I, .,,,,. E f Q I ,WWC Z f' M V IQ k A ,J . Q, Y N Q W Lg .., , A W -' Z . If B A QW W , J fi 4' 1 ' 'A 5 J , .,,, , f X First Row: Martha Crouch, Betty Crowe, Tommy Crumpton, Bob Cummins, Ronald Curry, Robert Davidson. Second Row: Dan Davis, Bob Day, Juanita De Jarnatt, David Demarest, Robert Deppen, Christine Derhefer. Third Row: Louis Dolt, John Doninger, Mary Dunlap, Harold Dupin, Kay Duer, John Dyson. Fourth Row: Pat Edwards, Bob Elmore, Barbara Engle, David Falk, Sandra Fisher Ronnie Foltz. Fifth Row: Anne Ford, Alex Forrester, Janet Fritz, Hollie Funkhouser, Carol Fust, Ronnie Gaddie. Sixth Row: Gary Gerst, Marion Gaddie, Virginia Ghee, Carol Gittings, Susie Glenn, Ellen Mc Glon. Seventh Row: Easter Goins, Mitzi Goerner, Jo Ann o Barbara Goodwin, Beverly Grant. Page Eighty-four G ft, Bob Goodfleisch, J A Hu. rm, K f , f r f, N. M N M -,gz :V by 4 W 4 V I, Av .M 'W' X I 'P Q X 5 'z my ., X 1 X W A 4. ., f .43 x -K ' , S2 it 7 Z ,W ,y I A' 94,12 "J , .41 l ff . ax., 2 7 f, A .. .., - 1 , ' WW, . A :riff 2 X 7 ,W m 0' f . in ' 4 ff X 6 f W y f . I ff .- M 4 f , f 7 A f g it N.. .- " ' , NS :- A Z f if , ff 4 4 ,, 2 , Q,, , e , 9 W u V 1 W, ., . -in 'W ..X X . 'W wc' ff l ' ai J ,' 4 X Q 5 is cm ,GQTQW Q .MQ 3' ,W g ,Q ,f S 1 , .-., 4 img X X , 1 J f f ws , 'QQ Vx it +5 X fir' ,J K Q f Q S l f, f X gf 1 "ery, W 4 init f . '67 , 'W - QL V .7 fi ,W 1 ' - s, f pfrw W wk W X A ,.-...J ' 4 ' H 1 ' . c me . , 6 5. . 'TM . ' X X ff f , ' 6 if f " ,' Qfifv. ,, s " ' ist ' 3 First Row: Anna Green, Sherry Greene, Pete Griffin, Jean Hack, lrvin Hack, Stephen Hager. Second Row: Nancy Hall, Ellyn Hamilton, Ann Hammond, Kenneth Harbison, Sherry Hardesty, John Harp. Third Row: Ronnie Harrington, Jean Hartmann, Ann Harvey, Tim Hays, Nancy Hays, Bob Heady. Fourth Row: Doris Heheman, Linda Heinlein, Jim Henderson, Virginia Herr, Priscilla Hewitt, Bobby Heib. Fifth Row: Judy Hicks, Harriet Hill, Dorothy Hite, Clyde Holloway, Bob Holzapfel, Barbara Hopewell. Sixth Row: Beverly Hoock, Melinda Hook, Shirley Horsley, Leilah Houchin, Dennis Howard, Pat Howard. Seventh Row: Hudson Clay, Sue Hudson, Bill Hughes, Alan Hund, Shirley Hundley, Viola Hundley, Page Eighty-five E t M "' A Et Maj! f l A ' - rf- f' ss t n FF , , .f M ,V 6, -P-is 49? A A X g f K? C L f- :gf f, 1 5-V nf' X ' , af t. sf f f s ' s r is W-TQ ' ,.,A, N g --N. J Y, , f . , N , sg X W . .., f ft-w - -.c V p . I , ,l M : ' r ' Q f I ' " I 21. t , F , ""' B f W .L J y s, f F F xx A X sw ., A x X XL . ' " T71 W ? aa L W, Q gd N' 'J X -0. 4, X , wu...JMN f -7 V ki YD' K ' i Ni W F , V' h ' l "-0' iw , fl' ' , 1' f Nd T QT H f t f I A 'gi ixkslx if .ni Vxly. Wi f - 'MM ffl. 1 , : Af J " ,"-we . .. A x X , -4' X ' , 4 Q ' -4' 7. -I t J 2 ' -- X 'A 4, ff""? J ww - 42? . V f W Q57 t uf ,- :-:wee-3 , . , X, A , . W, ' , f' ' , . 6 5 , V 4 V Vs 5190 5,1 ,vvlrjff . First Row: Lana Irwin, Bobby Johnson, Dianne Johnson, Donna Johnson, Margaret Johnson, Janet Justin. Second Row: Bill Jones, Bill Jones, Glenn Johnson, Dottie Jarvis, June Jaggers, Ronnie Kaelin, Third Row: Wally Keltner, Mildred Kemp, Martha Keller, Jimmy Kemp, Frank Kimmel, Melvil King. Fourth Row: Martha King, Bobby Koehler, Carolyn Kolter, Bobbie Koons, Linda Knoop, Bill Ladusaw. Fifth Row: Sue Laffan, William Langford, Henry Leathers, Lynn Ledford, David Leiman, Tommy Leis. Sixth Row: Margie Lewis, Susie Lewis, Cooper Lilly, Bill Litkenhouse, Dale Long, Barney Long. Seventh Row: Martha Loran, Dan Lorenz, Larry Lose, Charles Lutes, Patty Marilla, Bill Mason. Page Eighty-six Q L X P X i f . f, W Q J V lt' sg.,-1Q"Z. X if " 5 1 I 9 V. I is l I M .rx I . . an I ,J X1 I .-f ,f W, ,,y U --...a - V ff: A K X .Q mga' Q,,, , is X ., - V, A , 1, ,A, A A A A Z i if ' :':" y . ' 5 we f X of 'I' 1, , M . AA. ,.,, J - ..,, Q31 f '75 P u J' N -, W Q, res n J C R '55 9 J , ' x --f fig:-yi' 4A.A,, ,, M Riser , .,VV ,h r 1 Al J 'J 'gg . J ::1: I I 0 5 " J V J, .", N i 3 'Q F' s f J ' 2' J fb .,, f ,V -A . If .:,. f-7 Q 4- 1, , Q zz' Q A f f A' - f4f-- J . I R ' :ii A ,11-- -'f- - ,I c . A U A T X, 4 f. is is ' , ' , K .. . , x IIZ . X s NV ' up I Sf , A- ..,, V , F ,. X ,:':.,: r Q S Q ' so - 1 3, .1 s iw, . .V Q 1 r -iv . N 1 X ., 1 K s X ,.,A. V x! f R t V In V X lvkl X - GV so sb QVVI. r 5 .-,, . lg . .N 7 .f,, ,3. T . . R . , X xy fs! K ' ss, M C 'J J Q L A.,,AA 1 ' N First Row: James Mardis, Frank Master, Carmen Mathis, Jack Mayer, Jean McConnell, Charles McLaughan. Second Row: Anne McMichael, Beverly Miller, Myron Miller, Richard Miller, Barbara Minrath, Robert Moore. Third Row: Carolyn Moore, Judith Moore, Leona Moore, Robert Moore, Pat Monohan, Linda Morris. Fourth Row: Judy Morgan, Judy Neill, Edward Newton, Kenneth Niemeier, Patsy O'Bryan, Michael Oliphant. Fifth Row: Angerear Ormsby, Donna Orrell, Robert Owen, Suzanne Owen, Donna Pardo, Robert Pegge. Peloff, Goldie Peters. Sixth Row: David Perry, Kathryn Perkins, John Pepper, Lynn Penick, James Seventh Row: George Pearce, Sharron Pierce, Norma P Pat Pouliot, Andreas Povey. Page Eighty-seven loetner, Gregson Page, , 'x J f ff I J "H, ,M A fi, e . -W . , 'sl J 5 , ,. N SJ f Q X '47 r , vat B Q! . W 1 . I 4. ,X gg R z ,v Q N' , xx ff f , H f N N X -5:52 1, jj, ,, Xxwv 1, ., 'agar J S W RWM X of X , J M L V , .,:. x 1351. ' V , X V, ' ,V., r k U . Q, ' '--- N . M fi ' e f 1. :: .. J time A '- , , ,ev A.. will -af W -r T' 'ti wi? T ' 5 J ,cqgf 4 I- ,J , f q v W l, 1 - Y as... I x 1, f I 4 ,,,-, J 1 M J' Nga ' 5 2 1 Mm 'I , V ., . Z ,, , Q H f in . ' 1 . . A Z .as Ax I , ,, ,W ' 5 ' .f . K , -. ' N' , 4 L,-'s-gy, f X, X 1 ..,V 1, ,Q :-'. E . A y -1v- f 1 I-K X M First Row: Sam Pulliam, Bob Rabbath, Mary Regan, Vivian Rayburn, Judy Pullen, Karen Rogers. Second Row: Darlene Riddle, Linda Redmond, Roger Reichmuth, Tommy Reitmeier, Russell Rhea, Beverly Richardson. Third Row: Vivian Ridgeway, Judy Rogers, Joy Roberts, Harriet Robertson, Louis Roos, Melinda Rosenbaum. Fourth Row: Ned Russell, Henry Saam, James Satterly, Mary Satterly, Judy Saunders, Carol Seaton. Fifth Row: Ben Shawler, Ruth Sheehan, Ruby Shepherd, Carol Schornberg, Stuart Shuster, Mike Schaefer. Sixth Row: Barbara Scheer, Barbara Schlipt, Marion Sidebottom, Lloyd Simpson, Jerry Simpson, Chris Skaggs. Seventh Row: Alford Slack, John Slack, Carolyn Smith, Mary Smith, Thomas Smith, Judy Spears. Page Eighty-eight l , ,, A X , 1 fe 4 , 1- ' C S Q , , 2 ' f , 3 V If eg gk T M 2 f W1 , W we L2 wif 2 f if f , , " Y 'X 3 , X 'X 7 7' - , wi. I , ., 1 5 91" f' ' i ' " ' S 3 J 4, ,f Q tix. Q 5v L ' ' . 'ti ' 4' .. 'f , W I SW ..,, A ,Zn 7 Ag, i f 'f W T, 4.4, 5- ' im tfw ,, ,bk , yy- t W v my! V . f WWW , ----f wW,:m2:.,f., ,.l.,..s In 'BW .,. ii W. fff i 'Z f i " f 4 'WWQ ' pf is, V i .Q V 1- ' Z , ,:- .. NE 7 . , , ' , ff ,J M r 1 J ' W ,' 6 4 ' .. S N i, r 1, 7 ' . ' , ,.,, 7 A J r , , ,Q Wg . 41 , . -' I -, L , 'QCII' X ,f Hs, by .,., , l. Q "S 5 ' 'Y ' F, , 1 F J- vt , gg : -L 'SX ii V 5.1.1 ,Z fu 5, In We S L -' i - , - 1. 4' W., A Q , f I .. J ,, t W,, 2 I, 7- ,,,,b V , qqqbv H . ,, ,,,, gi 1 J. 1 AM, J. 2.3, . -my 1'-4 1 Q ,ff ,,,, f we iid wr f Jw ., 5:13 ji' 7 1 X X sw if Zgiroxfbtr Z Q, 'E First Row: Leslie Spitzer, Rosalie Smith, Ann Sproles, Susan Sproul, Larry Sprowles, Shirley Spurr. Second Row: Charles Staples, Nancy Steadman, Carroll Steele, Nancy Steiner, Bonnie Stevens, Gwendolyn Stoops. , 1 Third Row: Darlene Stoups, Donald Straub, Ronald Straub, Charles Stone, Carl Sundberg, Robert Sumner. Fourth Row: Eddie Sommer, John Sutherland, Bettie Ann Swann, Betty Swann, David Taylor, Mary Tate. Fifth Row: Nancy Thomas, Louie Thompson, Shirley Thompson, Robert Thompson, Anne Thorn, Sandra Threlkeld. Sixth Row: Nancy Tollison, Carolyn Trigg, Gerry Troutman, David Tucker, George Tyler, Larry Van Gundy. Seventh Row: Judy Vance, JoAnn Vest, Linda Wallace, Ann Warren, James Washburn, Billy Wearran. Page Eighty-nine ,, f ,aff ,, f X i f 1 w if f " with , A,, f ,, .4 .. 1 , ' A Y , . , f 'J' iii'fZ,, " , f 1'-f f J N A, i 1 M g V ,.q c ,i Q 9 J W. V, 0- 1 X f',' f i 4 L ' L.x . Q ri T X av' - ,fm M x X X X A it c Rs X N ef X S , .ass- , .X -' "': 7 . ,Q ,ff - S A ff: A , , Q 5 :,, .,.,, . X fi'-P J L", ...,.. av' V. .. V , .... - Xb: Q -,' A 4 1 x Y -. , A ......, iw ,i A ' ' ft' Ps .i I 'V i ig, ly I ' " L, N of 'X -I 'od H. 1 kid 1 5 Q r ' l if ZEQP N K- I f . i f First Row: Mary Watts, Bertha Washburn, Carla Wiles, Bill Wibbles, Janice Westmoreland, Pat White. Second Row: Doris Whitlow, Patricia Whitworth, Ann Wiley, Keith Wilke, James Wilson, John Wilson. Third Row: Marilyn Wilson, Richard Wilson, Barbara Williams, Betty Williams, Danny Williams, Kenneth Williams. Fourth Row: Floyd Willson, Bob Wimburn, Edward Wirth, Joe Wise, Theodore Wooton. Fifth Row: Martha Wright, Don Wurmser, Frank Wylie, Carl Young. NOT PICTURED Julius Cartield Hudson Clay Bob Eversole Sharon Evans James Franconia Leo Goss Fred Guthrie Mary Gaddie Becky Gatz Anna Greene John Hall Bob Henson Dorothy Hite Gayle Hunter Eugene Jaegers John Jones Jimmy Keyes Barrie Konicov John Laurent John Harp Page Ninety Dale Lang Bobbie Kaltenthaler Helen Key Barbara Koehler Earl Nowlin James Patterson Martha Lewis Marlyn McConnell Thomas Perryman Danny Ross Mary Owen Don Shumate Robert Johnson Linda Redmond Judith Rogers Darlene Riddle Judy Spears Mary Summerford Robert Sumner Sara Wood, me SHMEN 1 V Pa , 'N fs M' "' ge Ni nety-one PRE HM N CLASS GFFICERS ,... OFFICERS: ffmlm Seated: Connie Pack, Secretary, Boonie Sutherland, President. Standing: Richard Thomas, Sergeant-at-arms, Earl Long, Treasurer, Boots Durham, Vice-President. X- fr "" ' ?i i ,.,, ra-Z ' I Jim - . Qin W, ,, r . . Q lag ,M 4 I I V- ee e C J wi as Y r , f 1 if S , 1 ::,. - , , V Q -.:- A ,. -741, y Q, - , 1 I I I Y fl A, x f :Q A 9 , f-' I 6 " zz. N .,,. x I il V., 'W V ' sst v rl - f, 5 ' v iz ,.,, : r, - . I J M J N.. First Row: John Anderson, Charlotte Barnett, Cecil Beam, Danny Behrmon, George Bentley, Buddy Black. Second Row: Patsy Blair, Cora Bland, Eddie Bowles, Jule Bowman, Carol Bren- ner, Beverly Brentlinger. Third Row: Mary Brentlinger, Charles Brinley, Bill Brooks, Lyn Brown, Gilbert Bryant, Judith Buechele. Page Ninety-two K W ,, 5 4 ' 7 A ll iv., 7 . .:s- ' I l v, ' Wah, L f ,firm JN 'W .Z W XZ Vx 1 ! 5, , W , X x! I X , I X M fyy 1 3 ' -, X 1 gs ,' .5 , 1 f .- , , f ., f NX 41 W ff ' ? KL ' Q N f wx x Q. X AA L.. 4 af, my f X! J, X ZW aw! f Q ,wr E if .5 ,M Q, f ASW f X j 4 Wg! 1 , I y . f 7 .ff ,4 .J I 12 M2 '57 Q, ff - er I fr if 4f f .. V f if , gwvwv .. Vf7,,W,,, ,,. . W vez ? 0, f, , - V Z X W 0 4, X , f 1 " W is f ,Vf i l 'EW ip I i ,f :sf '1 ', X C 4 df' 0 M. , in :Z,.. r s 22 'b s x ivy A' ISM ,N :.l W7 A f Q 'Q 3. 4 ffifilzi f ,. , , A -..J A V A .y,if.,,,X 2 .951 N 1 or A I ,. V3 , Mg! 6, sa ,H 7 .... , A A . , N i. - ,M . ,- 'g -ff' X--,V Y. 'Ms . yj ' '. yr I , f ' 4-3 ' 1 5 H CI V 2 ' if . - X Q s i v , , I w w .4 I R , . 5. Qin., X 2 xg 47 V . 7, ' ' . ,.... 222 W: i V ,A ' ' f if ,V g + r A 'f.x X ,f :f X f d . , r J r ,J R r J V V f ' 531 WN I y , ga! , , 13, First Row: Berry Burgin, Bob Carey, Mary Carpenter, Roger Chambers, Sallie Cheatham, Anne Christman, Second Row: Ann Clark, Ruth Combest, Alice Cullinan, Mable Campbell, Ricky Dawson, Jimmy Dever. Third Row: Eddy Donaldson, Martha Dulin, Sam Durham, Linda Drew, Nancy Drew, Barbara Eddleman. Fourth Row: Mary Elkins, Barbara Ensminger, Bill Fane, Lydia Fightmaster, Betty Foster, Thomas French. Fifth Row: Judy Gottbrath, Velma Gorbrandt, Emilie Goodlett, Kenneth Gilpin, Mary Garrett, Janice Fuchs. Sixth Row: Sam Gover, Carroll Gowens, Barbara Graves, Judy Hahn, Maya Haldiman, Thomas Hamilton. Seventh Row: Betty Hammack, Robert Harris, Mary Harrison, Marcia Haworth, Mildred Hays, Barry Hedges Page Ninety-three , A Q ,b: L L .Q . . 4 3 .M W .. , wffx K ,Six X ' fs N- Q - ' , ,F ' '- . Q, . QQ Q Q Q . QQ X . H F K M Q X ' ' X M , f A 'Cf' " L ' x P , V NNE I., . Q. 5 gf Q X - 'Q . 4' XRS ,Q N.. . , . '-'- , L A. . 7 N-4 - Ugg' L , ' ' K, 1 F Jxvd S LL U in RQ , J K Q Q, Q ., if .C 'X E ,ix N Q , , vrtv- i, ., fide., legs L es., - ., C , -.-f f fp , M .Q,,.L-Ni Q5 Q fi .Q RQ Q M , f WJ , Q . - A-: i i- Q 1' J f 'n ,Q L - ,. '--' ' in g m ,, an ,. Q ff f H ,, -"' 'S Q Q ,. I ' Q K .i First Row: Marion Hedges, Peggy Hedges, Fred Heinerdinger, Dorothy Helmes, Evelyn Humprey, John Herrick. Second Row: Rita Harrod, Mildred Hite, Margie Hoofnel, Emery Hoskins, Ronald Jarman, Caryl Johnson. Third Row: Diane Kaestner, Kristie Kincaid, R. C. King, Mary Kite, John Lamar, Dorothy Lands. Fourth Row: JoAnn Lawson, Wanda Likes, Earl Long, David Lose, Kenneth Lowry, Barbara Lynam. Fifth Row: Sue McComis, Kent McConnell, Peggy Marksbury, Frances Mattingly, Tom Maze, Faye Miller. Sixth Row: John Millar, James Meisner, Kenneth Mitchell, Marion Morgan, Reed Moore, John Martell. Seventh Row: Betty Neal, Connie Pack, Eddie Parsons, Barbara Pearce, Betty Perryman, Elsie Petitt. Page Ninety-four Z f I 4, 1 vm, 'W X I X i Z . s ,M ,f YQ X I Y -Z' . 1 M M 'Ns ',,,f .LW X, I I 7 ' ' ' N 1 A Q., 1 0 X fr. -X ,A .kan 3 ' Qs - . 'MQ V' 5 A , f , f ' ' WZ fl Q - , f ,,. . ,, V? H, , I , ..,,, ,,, 70 4 , V X In i we " J 3 . Q 2- Q Q sa. ..,. n xi X f MwdihJAss gl , ' ,J - , r 4 K I ' My ' f . , , fl , f , , f f X j .K it - 'xr J V if . , W f . g' , ,V X it yin, 71:1 xg? L I M- an. . f 'I , , if Mil 7 ' Y' "J if ZR l . . .,.. ,Q , Q, Q ,Q -W ' M " , ii ... - 1 , l A fy .. , . . I J K VW , .. - 4 Q V ,fvs . f V 1 ' B ' WJ? T L ! QW 4, J 9 ,N W, 40 M .K -3 f u, X 1 A Z WM Q 'Vain , WG.-as f 4' ,6 ' .X ff H I 7 ftsymg T , ,.. , N-V V . , Z .1 - ' , . 'f, V 4 ,,,, mi ' L ' , "W :Mei , V' 11 W f , . :I x f 'i W1 ,W 'V V Z .J Q , ' 4 lg ' y ,f5u4"Nj -2 .jf Z " , 'J' f A . y V,, mr, . ,fy f W f ff r -. A First Row- Pat Pluckebaum Lloyd Poulter Lois Po nd G . , , u , eorge Povey, Kay Powers, Norma Price. Second Row: James Reinle, odgers, L. H. Roy. Gail Ridgeway, Minnie Roarx, Nancy Roarx, Thomas Third Row: Margaret Sapp, Jimmy Sappington, Pat Shelton, Nancy Sleadd, William Sleadd, Barbara Smith. Fourth Row: Juanita Smith Barbara Starr, Sue Steffy. , Linda Smith, Ronald Snyder, Peggy Speckman, Fifth Row: Fred Stutzenberger, Boonie Sutherland, Mary Swetnam, Darril Taylor, James Test, Ruth Thomas. Sixth Row: Sara Thom son E l T' l Trigg, Ruth Triplett. p , veyn ing e, Sara Tinsley, Bobby Totten, Sara Seventh Row: Wanda Trautman, Marlene Truman, Angela Ulery, Jerry Vaught, Norman Veech, Kenneth Walden. Page Ninety-five 2 as TZ 1 ut wt f 'M ' . "' 1 ' 'H' 'I f . , , 49 l J Z Q 'A ' 5- -I I N Q 1'-J. Q my X ft' ae, :', , Uv First Row: Edith Ward, Louise Whaller, Ruth Whitlow, Judy Wyman, Bobby Yates NOT PICTURED Robert Baker George Benton Carolyn Bishop Barbara Edwards William Garrett Judith Gottbrath Judith McGuirk Charles Holland Alvin Housley Carol Johnson Glen Johnson Helen Johnson John Johnson Mary Ellen Ritter Raymond Schroader Loyd Simpson Sylvia White Page Ninety-six 3522? Q Q-F2 2 si? ar Mk 22 ' Qi x W X New 3 F x J E , if S, J fe L 1 , Q s 2 r we S kr' we A , ,V l 1 J N L , L: . -L . l Aa' ,Qt Q. 4- cf A fab-A Pfiffzif we L it fx A-J ff" " r f-4 .:::u Qi' - ii- L f L af f ' S J i sf B if yi I -, , s. s L .. L :S ' - 4 K -if f -w or W - L l 'JF I W.. . I-I ' - H' S :Jani 21 1 , H it Ng ' ,F LV y ,W fs .M-Q' L J N L. L s i XLLKL , " ' , iv Q Sf, y -,.-- ' ' ,C-51 Q I it ,, M Q Q 2 h M. L' Q K 'I 1 if X f L :V m m ,A sw I 4 ' .Q WA ,V v . AA ,N V V , : H ,A ., 0 ,va -. v' W wi . ' ,J V ' V 1 V URL , X 'mr If Zi .. 5' f . . if ' r ' -, ..., , ' 1 jx s -X 29 fx S , . P R., 'W ' I -L , ,,QQ,, X ' 5 L ' r ,f f f First Row: Diane Baker, Sherry Basham, Louis Barnett, Sara Batson, David Behrman, Fred Bennett. Second Row: Alice Blair, Jimmy Blair, Beverly Blevens, Leon Bolin, Martha Bonds, Rosita Bowman. Third Row: Wayne Bradley, Glen Bradley, Burke-en Bradburn, Nancy Branam, Joan Brenner, Carl Brown. Fourth Row: Sandra Brown, Huston Broyles, Patti Bryant, Patsy Buckner, Judy Butler, Bob Capito. Fifth Row: Barbara Carfield, Kirby Carman, Ronald Cassity, Winston Chamber- lain, John Clark, Lynn Claxon. Sixth Row: Larry Conrad, John Cowan, Ollie Colyer, Jean Crask, Betty Crick, Marcella Cundiff. Seventh Row: Wade Davinport, Christine Davis, Billy Dearner, David Donaldson, Crevolin Duke, Douglas Irene. Page Ninety-eiglJl ii iw A Y X1 fi 1 ' A ,, ,-J W E A , ' 0'-:aff I 1 fi ' , 43' . f me f ' x ' 7 'W' W f f 1 "' Q f M 6 f K 5' - X1 4 V ,Wifi 7 N A if B ' A 'MII f 'lg , 7 - R, at k . ,,,.f.u- ' lf l E , L ,fs 55? , Nl' 1, 'km' YW' A9 I fm , if . 'ww' l X "Qi f i .iw- 2 -W M Yglzyf 1' 1. UI -Q- Z 0 5 L C E. CD E Q. 2. Q. CQ SCD 0 3' Q .1 O I.-" O E 5. LQ -v- O 3 L C Q. '4 'Tl Q -1 3 fD 51 U O -1 0 -v- J' '4 'H 5. 3' 0 81 I 0 3 E. QCD UI! Ov: 33' Q,fD :l Quo 52 U' 39. QQ 3--11 U' Q2 D. -11. O S 0 :I n. fb 'I 'l '4 'n 'K Q 3 E 5. m- O '4 O 0 11 'l '4 7 CD Q :K U7 Q 3 Q. 1 Q 'fi C 3 2' If O C uv 0 5-1 Michael Frey, Bill Gadd. f 'm NA f , f Wx ' K- V has or F f, w 6 3 f' , ' , Q fb X2 2 ff l -we ,rj , . f f I X at 3 X X A , L 1 , , if V X " "1 5 ,., , Q, . ' 1 ' Ns. Q eff nihgsfj fe My . -. 5 ea timmy at l l x V ' ' 7 M Ei f-K , it , f , ..,f ls! , Q5 ,F Na., if M y X if it S,-' W- V , s-N , fff' Q . wwf W 'f u ' W , .R .. .c ,fb , ew? , Y XXV Third Row: Leslie Gaddie, Paul Gaddie, Eryne Goatley, Joan Gortney, Ruthella Graff, Rodney Grayson. Fourth Row: Joe Grumme, Lewis Guyn, Alene Hack, Rachel Hammon, Billy Harris, Marsha Harris. Fifth Row: Ronnie Hatch, Mary Hatfield, Wendell Hawes, Carol Harp, Jerry Hedges, JoAnn Hedges. Sixth Row: Arthur Hite, Bobby Hines, Billy Hill, Marilyn Henderickson, David Henderman, Jerry Holmes. Seventh Row: Faye Howard, Carol Hubrich, Ann Hunt, Anita Jamison, Billy John- son, Mary Jones. Page Ninety-nine f . M rf, - , Claw ,mv , L N., K . KW my , V e , X ,tx If s y nm ,R .L 1 ,, A 5 Ya , .:,, X I , ,K ! if , , Nl, r. I A: A - vs, " 7 no f K I: , A A' '- 51 ' 4 ,J 5 , I V 1, , S K tvipf. t ., ,t fs eff-lf sf-'lf s P W7 V W S W 1 t P X ' " 'X ,V ...... t' , 1 tiff A '42 Pl sf ,1 L.: X' 1 Y 1: 5 ' V Na' I ' X X r if I ' , 1 W 'U X' L, X C X .fl f w X' " Q ' Q , I ,-. , . A' es Q' , , A 2 M, ,,, Qs, gf. .H , , L-A S' k v 1 X X X -1.7 , . fo--' ? f L, E 4 , N I . . 1 I ,, nun, .,.,, A f P W I , 'E 122, ' -1- A I vw 1. f 'EV '?""' ' ' X V ' K X 9 yldfq, " 'C , 'Q M t ' V' " 'W - 2 ia i 2 ' 'Sv 0 ' , Y- 'few if Q '--A I Z , a 0 ' X ' ,...., W - ' , N , : f W4 5 0 at W ' . f E W ,X ,gq Q, ,H I ,V up I 2 pe ss 359 . -41:5 " 5 ' 1 , ' 1' 2 . ls. . . 'sf: 'f' ." faf!!ei vw , 1 First Row: Cherie Kaestner, Paula Kane, Oscar Karlen, Ernest Kelly, Kenny King, Viola Long. Second Row: Michael Manus, Ralph Marksbury, Calvin McComis, Lynne Man- ning, Lee Roy Massey, Leon Motley. Third Row: Larry Miller, Billy Mitchell, Julia Miller, Babs Monroe, Jerry Morris, Joe McDonald. Fourth Row: Ronald Mc Leod, Janice McQuillen, Charles Murphy, Phillip Myers, Faye Neal, Gene Owens. Fifth Row: Carter Ormsby, Mary Perkins, Patricia Phillips, Woody Phillips, Clara Pierce, Daryll Powell. Sixth Row: Bonnie Price, Loretta Pruitt, Alice Ragan, Ray Rafferty, Doris Renile, Beulah Rixman. Seventh Row: Neal Renfrow, JoAnn Reynolds, George Riley, Frances Risinger, Ray Risinger, Stanley Risinger. Page One l7IllIl17'6lll im V , Z , ,4 4? -Q , 7' pgs S , , ' f ' 1 f . Q tw-1 .sf md ' ,. ? rally? "W" Y?""' i ii?"-+1-' ,Y 9 9 5 im S if Wg, , 4 ,, N' W " f V , , r 3 1 , , - , , f f f K -X V5 -f Y f' ff S t' f' f' . ' 1 ' .,,. . I f X I XX 'f I W 'Bm ef M, I 1 I Z x".i X AJ I fl D fs - L' 'Z -.., -qi f 4 si , I i X f W ei. W x' . ' ' i Q d W " ' Q fy! g 'Y d M 1 -. , . ' 1: ri -1 .- ., S 5 . - ' ' 1 , ' f f - M' . .fy 'X sf f f 1 R "V rf' f ' 1 3 We 'f gi .Q 5 I 'x , ,f W -13--A f K ...gi i First Row: Joel Rodche, Red Robinson, Charles Roby, Robert Satterly, Carol Sappington, Julia Schmit. Second Row: Nancy Scott, Ann Skaggs, Brenda Smith, Fran Spears, Billy Stanley, Martha Stewart. Third Row: Patsy Strieble, Tommy Sutherland, Bill Swan, Sue Thompson, Bobbie Trigg, Lena Triplett. Fourth Row: Phillip Tyler, Joe Varble, Cleo Vincent, Cova Vincent, Doris Waltz, Sara Walden. Fifth Row: Donnie Walker, Elizabeth Walker, Ronnie Walker, David Waters, Gail Weakly, Martha Weber. Sixth Row: Doris White, Theresa Williams, Ronald Williams, Louis Williams, Ernest Wilson, Loren Woodson. Seventh Row: .lim Young. NOT PICTURED Ronald Brambam Ben Colyer Ann Eads Karen Knauer Linda Patterson Tommy Briddle Bill Crawford Bill Goins Betty Lewis Velma Phillips Jean Brown Philip Curd Marcia Harris Ben Moore Loydd Ridder Bob Capito Geraldine Dupin Eddie Holt Sammy Nicols Ricky Strohmeir Page One hundred one 0 ,J If . I NW 1 I . X , ,1 NJ 7 S .J Q E E l l , i ,f,., . -J , , ff' Q1 s. , l C - Si, 'ff N M 2 as f M Ni W.. , 'V i i "E f 'wx X- . if - l V 735 Q77 'V F ' . I - si . fi ' Wm., sa A: ww rf-'W Q ,Gal 4 5 , , A ,J . Q t fx Qi 6 ma an , Q ' f f K eq, 2 I Wes' 5 N' 5' I , Q i , -1 ,F K . . i N. X N A 4 4 f'lt , ll ' " ' ' ' . A 'fl 1 5 f ' K Wg,-lf. lls m Q , I., . V, s ' ' ' . E XM K ,. , ' . . ., . W V " fe- , QW rw W, 12 ,V f 'l ""', '. E, J fa .. 7 Z, 1 r . ..T.f,.7...., ...,........m.,. ll.. hs, - ,S-fn ,,.,, C A . e . A xr A S J si J Q X J as ' -:JI L , s' . f' s, ,MW i M ,wg ,, f Q . ' f K 4 E fa ,43'y,g V A vi 'XI figs! I f .C Q YE' , . rf M ' ' s. ff I M ..- L .. . . .X st" - I. f4 . , . x .s 9:-:-" Q . u Y ' K Al V . 'x r Q ' up V I X First Row: Judy Adkins, Curtis Aldridge, Bonnie Armstrong, Betty Barnett, Buddy Bell, Carroll Bell. Second Row: John Blakeman, Taylor Bolin, Paulda Boyd, Burlene Bradburn, Carol Bradly, Jean Brinley. Third Row: Joan Brooks, Dorothy Brown, Bobby Bruce, Bruce Campbell, Shirley Campbell, Mary Carpenter. Fourth Row: Barbara Chandler, Richard Chilton, Danny Ciresi, Byron Claghorn, David Clark, Joyce Clark. Fifth Row: Willie Colyer, Jerry Combest, Peyton Corby, Billy Copper, Lenada Culver, Michael Daniels. Sixth Row: Billy Davis, Charles Dean, Janie Dorset, Jim Douglass, Edna Duff, Thomas Duncan. Seventh Row: Charles Elkins, Eloice Ells, Eleanor Ernest, Barbara Fendley, Judy Ford, Doris Franklin. Page One blllldfed Iwo V, , f f ' f f f , Q rg -: ,f .' -lkl '- I+ Q A f .. L . ,Z - x , ' "U -vw. fi 7 sa .. sf X ,,,.,' 4, oil ' - nl f -f 7 " X , A ,,,, my X V X Y ,. .,,. . ,.AA, ' af- N ., g M, , Q ,ggi Z ,S ,X Q X' fi ' 3, 3 it . , Q Q x 1 A Z5 i T2 JM. ' x , ft I Q, E ' a Q X. :E I W 5 41" X 1 I N ,sf .J ' N. fy Qbv ' g .mg g ..., my Q I .. ,gy z.,.'i gf - f xv, X 'X' , 2 . 5 i . QQ , , Q . its D , x i f .5 1 TQ! . V X , fi if ., V' J ' , ' V IW, . 'F , ...Q M mm X -:gg K , ,Q 1, Q, I 1 4 , , A, mv All - M If 4 we IJ ' X 4, - . 6 W , ,G K. fly.--.... VM. :nel 1 1 N, , -.--... fn s x.., 4 'N lf'-1 , was X. i , ,-.pe '. ,fm X ' 1' s VN . A.. 'K 2 X ni ...vw 1 .s . 04 H.. . ,s Jef N , 'A S", is --4 1. X -Wag k . .4-sf '..f-- V2 - My . N1:j"7 4 I fr ,ffl ' . .,g ,WA Sd s 'Me' First Row: William Frost, William Frazer, Gerald Fultz, Ronnie Garrett, Linda Gowens, Mildred Goeth. Second Row: Shirley Goodeth, Peter Graves, Carlena Grimes, Arthur Hadden, Michael Hardin, Ronald Hardin. Third Row: Sherman Harris, Jerry Hawles, Donald Hatch, Victor Hayden, Gwyn Haynes, Billy Heady. Fourth Row: John Heaton, Donald Henson, Mary Henson, William Hedges, Perry Hershbruner, Alex Hottell. Fifth Row: Lana Hoofnel, Frank Hoskins, Pat Hundley, Harry Hunt, Bobby lssacs, Anna Johnson. Sixth Row: Douglas Johnson, Kenneth Jones, Betty Kaelin, Jerry Keys, Juanita King, Vinson Lands. Seventh Row: Scottie Lay, Mary Lay, Helen Lewis, Susan Lindenmeyer, William Loyall, Barbara Lynn. Page One lnnzdred three 1 . X giiiif J J Z, ei .J "" My , MQ T' J J ' T M . .' " J ",,, ' ' , Y 7' zz T N' V., it bs. .W J J L 0 ,T .... ,,. 4, T - ha w? 'walk ai . , . X :Lf V, Q9 if ! Agn , . f , ffiw 5, f J ' J .' + J gm x 1 "J X I , ,f fury ij' 5 ' . X ,1 kgprk j, X W is Qi A Ml W N -- ' AAS" H ..,,'N ' 'fs , it if -- i ci f . 5 ' Z? A f Q 4' ,' f 4 X A V uw' 1 iz , --,- f "Biff W 7' " -4 f f , i"' ' ' Y' Mu i ,"-hex K T - fi , ' ""1 " f 1,,Vf,,W W if f, , X 314, J , l sl . R ' ' S ' 'mf' 1 S- "' X ' -' ,. ff- 5' - , f f W 5:7 1 KJ X I 3 .. Y I A ' If if ' I in v' X.. A f' itll. .,.,, M- It f " ' , ' ' :ff .," .,, First Row: Violet Mason, Maynard Mattingly, Bonnie McKercher, Rose Metcalf, Daniel Miller, Robert Miller. Second Row: Ruby Miller, Wanda Monroe, Barbara Moore, Ray Moore, Edward Morgan, Alma Mueller. Third Row: Joyce Murphy, Virginia Neal, JoAnn Nicklies, Roger Orrell, Jeff Page, Leonard Phillips. Fourth Row: Johnny Pierce, Gerald Pruitt, Charles Quinetts, James Rafferty, James Richardson, La Verne Ridgeway. Fifth Row: Arthur Sayers, James Seppenfield, Donald Sheehan, James Sleadd, Theo Smith, Beniamine Stallard. Sixth Row: Anita Staples, Pat Sterling, Kenneth Sorrell, William Smith, Billy Streible, Alice Sutherland. Seventh Row: Martha Sutherland, Tandy Swink, Don Taylor, Dennis Taylor, Ronald Teaford, Paul Thomas. Page One lmndred four I fi +4 r y ! ,ff ' 3 if , , ' ' I :': if W W f M R Q. L I gxxwwmf V .,., X Z IX ' Xii'l 5 .,,,,v. J ff W , N -' F I ' " , '. QE -67 ' A A f if ' 4, 3 A .,.. 5 H Q ,Li gf Zwyq l V QQQA f 4 . 'zb' V I ' T, 1 X f me sz y , First Row: Portia Truman, Buzzie Wagner, LaMonne Ward, William Washburn, Paul Watts, Robert Watts. Second Row: Norman Whemes, Wallace Wheeler, Roxie White, Mary White, Mary Wibbles, Chester Wilson. Third Row: Thomas Williams, Bonnie Williams, Richard Williams, Ageline Wyatt, Geraldine Wyatt, Charles Yager. Fourth Row: Vonda Zoring. NOT PICTURED Diane Baker Buddy Bell Bobby Bruce Stephen Davenport Alvin Fendley William Garwood Sandra Meisner Mary Pate Bobbie Summers Richard Townell Page One lmndred fire Caught by the candid camera, Memories that will nol disappear. Because 1hey're stamped upon this sheet- Thal youlh will always linger here! S if T X as Sw il' K, l , N W' . Q , Q.. ff' N 4' Y lex , e W 5 1 M f Q2. mfffm ' sv., 4 .1 A f -.P , if v F QW L, I Q U 4"'e-fe 'l 1 b 53.752337 ,. V!'gfQiB'h, 2 in gl!! V. ,,, ' A Q yr? 'S Q Q 4 S Page 0710 hundred six Ns X National Honor Society is Pictured: Gay Witte, Treasurer, Lanier Anderson, Secrelaryp Kent McMalh President, Kay McCurdy, Vice-President, Mrs. Marjorie Melvin, Sponsor. Purpose: Members: SENIORS Virginia Caswell Gordon Ford Margo Diemer Nelson Joyner Lanier Anderson Jimmy Morris Gay Wille David Slraub Joan Lee Williams Don Neubauer Midge Mezera Kay McCurdy Lounelle Humphrey Ann Eagles Mary Gorman Kenl McMalh Joan Damalo David Gravalle Anila Simmons To recognize scholarship, Dickie Hicks Jo Ann Cornelle Ben Fryrear Kalherine Kern George Logon Lindy Sparks Alan Byers Cornelia Goerner Curlis Moore Nan Norris Jack Tarr Ann Wimbish JUNIORS Belly Bennell Neville Blackemore Belly Beierle Marshall Eldred Judy Bryson Harcourl Kemp Judy Hardesly Page One brmdrerl eight leadership, service, and character Ronnie Slokes Ann Hayward Jim Tarr Beverly Hesler Jim Tichenor Sherry Keilh Berl Van Arsdale Belly Lewis Ronnie Waford Marilyn lyvers Paul Pfeiffer Diane Perrine Grelchen Bailey Carol Pace Judy Purdy Mabel Pollill Harriel Smilh Jane Sl. ledger Winkie Wimbish Janel Wellher Beta Club QW f H .. 1-fvr?..,- Pictured: Mrs. Ruth Pardon, Sponsor, Jack Tarr, Treasurer, Lounette Humphrey, Secretaryg Kent McMath, Vice Presidentg Nelson Joyner, President. Purpose: To promote citizenship and leadershipg encourage fellowship and cooperation: reward effort and echievementi inspire honesty and tolerance. Members: Beth Alexander Lanier Anderson Gretchen Bailey Mary Agnes Baker Eddie Barrickman Barbara Bartberger Betty Bierly Betty Ann Bennet Barbara Berry Susan Bishop Jim Black Neville Blakemore Mary Bocook Lola Bohannon Pat Booth Sara Brooks Cora Broyles Judy Bryson Gayle Buehne Bob Burns Alan Byers Howard Cable Charlie Carden Myrna Carroll Jack Carter Joyce Caswell Virginia Caswell Diane Cobb Margaret Collier Joanne Cornette George Daily Joan Damato Don Davis Sylvia Dean Bob Detwiler Margo Diemer Betty Jo Dillon Hugh Durham Emily Durrett Ann Eagles Marshall Eldred Ann Emmart 'P Gay Evans Philip Falk Judy Flamm Gordon Ford Bennie Fryrear Geraldine Gameltotf Ronnie Georgehead Cornelia Goerner Mary Gorman Joe Griffin Judy Hardesty Beverly Hatfield Barbara Hayes Ann Hayward David Heideman Pat Henson Beverly Hester Dickie Hicks Alfred Hieb Suzanne Hill Ann Hoffman Jim Holliday Ronald Howard Carroll Hubbard Lounette Humphrey Charlotte Hund Mary Lawrence lrwin Steve lsaacs Carol Jean Dan Jenkins Nancy Jones Nelson Joyner Patsy Karlan Sherry Keith Dick Kelly Harcourt Kemp Katherine Kern Gail Knight Eitha Landis Betsy Leathers Betty Lewis Bonnie Martha George Marilyn Conrad Beverly Marilyn Lillard Locke Logan Lyvers Maloney Marmion Martin Nancy Mayrose Kae Mc Connell Kay Mc Curdy Tom Mc Gloshen Kent McMath Kitty Messmer Midge Mezera Pat Miller Dan Millott Curtis Moore Patsy Ann Moore Jim Morris Julian Murphy Danny Neubauer Nan Norris Margaret O'Neil Pat O'Neil Carol Pace Marilyn Paletti Diane Perrine Mabel Pollitt Gene Pope Thelma Poulter Rose Ann Povey Judy Purdy Miriam Rautio Flora Renfrow David Rodahoffer Sarah Rouse Pat Royall Page One bnndred nine Andy Russell Charlene Scheibel Anita Simmons Shirley Shields Ben Small Harriet Smith Linda Smith Lindy Sparks Linda Stallings Jane St. Ledger Sharon Stomper James Stickweh Ronnie Stokes Dave Straub Elwood Stroupe Jack Tarr Jim Tarr Dorothy Thomas Sylvia Thompson Lear Thurman Jim Tichenor Meridith Towner Joyce Trautwein Joan Trigg Bert Van Arsdale Ronald Waford Gale Warren Janet Welther Joan Lee Williams Ann Wimbish Winkie Wimbish Annabelle Wilson Bonnie Wilson Tom Wilson Shirley Wisehart Gay Witte Richard Young Jo Ann Zibart Joyce Zibart Paul Zimmerman , me :wks L!! E 352 , M is wilii Z. Thespians Memffcef N 'val 'H li' .W ,f- JA 1 I 95 , ss fl. if fff Qs- 1 ,, , , Nm. M z 9 4 A f V y i jx' all we " T342 Seated: Mrs. Bettye Stull, Sponsorg Mrs. Helen Daniel, Sponsor. Standing: Dudley Haupt, Vice-Presidentg Virginia Caswell, Scribe Joan Lee Williams, Secretaryg Vicki Arrington, Presidentg Chip Miller, Treasurer. Purpose: To promote interest and skill in the dramatic arts. Members: Gretchen Bailey Donna Bunton Diane Cobb Joanne Cornette Ann Eagles Paul Gibson Nelson Joyner Katherine Kern Eitha Landis Midge Mezera Pot Moore Judy Purdy Mariam Rautio Pam Reed Jeanette Rowlett Jack Tarr Meredith Towner Judy Vance Faculty Sponsors: Mrs. Bettye Dean Stull Mrs. Helen F. Daniel Page One lmndrea' len Student Council by-an J 2 1 ., . , ' ve-M.. .. ,,,,,,,M,w.-.,..Mm..,,s,.g,,,, 1 Y , , ,f"-," 5. A My WMF . g 2 , if . M..c,,,,W,m .,..,,.z,,WW.M,.,0,,. WWW l . 9 ' A i j' A M.57.-W,,.,m.,. V . ,Wim ,, eff' i 1 ' S , 4 L MfW.,......e,... ,,,,,, .J.....,,,, . ., ,m,.1M. ' 2 i Seated: Mr. William Pennybaker, Sponsorg Mrs. Jane Scalzo, Sponsorg Gorman, Secretary, Nelson Joyner, Treasurer, Standing: Steve lsaacs,, President, George Logan, Vice President. Purpose: To develop in the student a growing appreciation of membership in a democracy. Members: Norma Ploetner Ned Beatty Barlow Brooks Alan Byers Virginia Caswell Richard Ewing Ann Eagles Jackie Gilpin Charlotte Hund Richard Langan Joan Klapheke Nan Norris Dan Neubauer Gene Pope Anne Russell Joan Trigg John Smythe Gay Witte Joan Lee Williams Betty Bennett Brad Broecker Ramona Compton Judy Bryson Nancy Crawley Marshall Eldred Bobby Giesler Mildred Geiger Beverly Hester Julian Heath Harcourt Kemp Sherry Keith Betsy Leathers Marilyn Lyvers Marilyn Muir Carol Pace Charlene Scheibel Paul Pfeifer Ronald Stokes Carolyn Singleton Jim Tarr Joyce Trautwein Janet Welther Ann Williams Mary Anderson Rhoda Chism Ronnie Curry Barbara Goodwin Steve Hager Sue Hudson Bobby Koons Judy Moore Carol Seaton Jerry Troutman Joe Wise Charlotte Barnett Nancy Drew Carrol Gowens Carol Johnson Earl Long Pat Plunkebaum Boonie Sutherland Richard Thomas Daryll Powell Ralph Marksbury Lynn Claxon Alene Hack Julia Miller Pattie Bryant Bill Goins Charles Quenette Shirley Goodlet Michael Hardin Mary Frances Wibbels Mildred Goeth Patricia Lou Sterling FACULTY SPONSORS: Mrs. Jane Scalzo Wm. K. Pennebaker Mr. Clifford J. Mayer Mrs. Betty McMullen Page One lmmlred eleven , ,fi Mary fM,wM,..s.....-1 The Latin Club Seated: Miss Hendy Lee Hamilton, Sponsorg Janet Welther, Treasurer Gay Witte, Presidentg Winkie Wimbish, Secretary. Standing: Ben Gratzer, Sergeant-at-Armsg John Doninger, Vice-President, Bob Carey, Sergeant-at-Arms. and Rome. Members: Joan Damato Beverly Marmion Anita Simmons Joan Lee Williams Anne Wimbish Gay Witte Betty Beierle John Burckle Bob Day Lee Dodge Eugene Jaegers Diane Perrine Mabel Pollitt Judy Purdy Ronald Stokes Bert Van Arsdale Janet Welther George Bogard Ronnie Curry Sylvia Dean John Dyson Alex Forrester Esta Mae Goerner Linda Heinlein Harriet Hill Jim Holiday Mildred Kemp Beverly Miller Barbara Moore Ellen McGlon Purpose: To encourage an interest in the civilization and culture of ancient Greece Julian Murphy Ronnie Howard Fred Finger Dudley Haupt Ronnie Watord Miriam Rautio Carol Jean John Wilson Judy Spears Burton Shelley Ronnie Boorman Meredith Towner Jane St. Ledger Nancy Lawrensan Jim Lindenmeyer Lindy Sparks Lounette Humphrey Virginia Caswell Ben Small Donna Bunton Gale Warren Beverly Hatfield Gayle Buehne Mary Doer Perkins Bob Jackson Barbara Hopewell George Logan Steve Isaacs Barbara Marr Page One hundred twelve Judy Harlan Roger Price Bettie Jo Ray Barbara Jean Smith Sue Steffy Nancy Tollison Louise Whallen Judy Wyman Dianne Cobb Lane McCroskey Nelson Joyner Neville Blakemore Gretchen Bailey Annabelle Wilson Linda Stallings Ruth Triplett Angela Ulery Pat White Bob Yates Alice Cullinan Dan Davis Terry Eagles Mary Lou Garrett Barbara Graves Darlene Haworth Caryl Jean Johnson Flora Mc llwain Donna Orrell Lynne Penick Keith Boone BB WA? fl, Spanish Club n ,, Q , ,,, ,, ,, In-WV -my 5,Y.:7f-,,.,,7.n...c...V,,,,,....a,. M, , 'Wi Seated: Miriam Rautio, Corresponding Secretary, Betsy Leathers, President, Nan Norris, Treasurer. Standing: Betty Lewis, Recording Secretary, Cooper Lilly ,Vice President, Charles Crabtree, Seargent-at-Arms, Gary Gerst, Seargent-at-Arms. Purpose: To promote interest in Spanish and Spanish-speaking Members: Diane Cobb Sarah Rouse Myrna Carroll Anne Russell Midge Mezera Delores Gnagie Hale Nutt Judy Martin Judy Hardesty Sharon Zoeller Bill Shumann Isobel Collier Pat Edwards Virginia Herr Judy Moore Linda Redmond Carolyn Smith Charles Carden Jerry Goeth Kitty Messmer Mary Profitt Tom Young Carol Regenauer Bonita Lillard Ann Hayward Betty Bennett Lois Kreamer Tom Amyette Louis Dolt Sandra Fisher Melinda Hook Pat O'Bryan Rogers Reichmuth Darlene Stoops Winkie Wimbish Mary Gorman Marilyn Reeder Linda Stallings Gail Folsom Don Shahin Chip Miller Pat Hancock Mary Bocook Jim Duncan Nancy Hays Carroll Hubbard Donna Pardo Carol Shornberg Dan Straub Mary Tate Carla Wills Ruth Hodges Tom Brooks Eddie Dengg Beverly Grubbs Peggy Hedges Marty Lock Bill Mason Jimmy Sappington David Taylor Ruth Thomas Virginia Walker Eddie Wirth Ronnie Falls Judy Jones Mary Roarx Pat Sheldon Sara Trigg Betsy Leathers Paul Pheiffer Jim Steaub Rosemary Thurman Dick Wilson Jon Alexander Bob Colgan Bob Devoe Maya Haldiman Don Johnson Donald Lorenz James Rueff Marlene Truman John Wilson Ann Emmart Skip Detwiler Lida Kemp Minnie Roarx Bob Thompson Thurman Lear Betty Lewis Kenny Routon Baker Truman Jerry Troutman Shirley Wisehart Beverly Brentlinger Charles Crabtree Judith Gottbroth Thomas Hamilton John Lamar James Mardis Charles Mc Laughlin Peggy Speckman Walt Test Gretchen Bailey James Wilson Edward Barrickman Martha Doerhoeter Phillip Grauman Margaret Sapp Sara Thompson Constance Warren Tommy Miles Dolores Rostetter Pat Spink Stuart Bruder Arleen Gregory Buddy Leathers Robert Owen Lynn Summertord Barbara Williams Ray Bryant Jim Henderson George Povey Barbara Lynam Sam Pulliam Charles Lutes Kay McCurdy Jay Roberts Lindy Sparks Bob Thomale Joe Bell Carol Cardwell Phil Falk Pat Henson Frank Kimmel Dan Millott Joyce Hatfield Sherry Greene Frank Masters Leslie Spitzen Charles Warren Larry Alt Nancy Crawley Linda Drew Wanda Likes Jack Mayers Linda Morris Woody Marshall Miriam Rautio Sue Newlin Phyliss Moore Ned Russell Carroll Steele Carolyn Trigg Beverly Beuchele George Daily Gary Gerst Pal Howard Melville King Norma Ploetner Elaine Byassee Page One hundred thirteen countries. Ann Sproles Vivian Ridgeway Sam Pelphrey Tommy Crumpton Janice Fuches Joseph Helmers Leilah Houchin William Hughes Warren Pinairs Darlene Riddle Bill Litkenhous Nan Norris Norma Rosenbaum Sherry Schornberg Betty Adams Donna Bunton Bettie Hensley Steve Hager Dianne Johnson Cooper Lilly William Schmutz Judy Rogers Terry Whilhite Jule Bowman Jennye Cooke Barbara Clark David Demarest Betty Hammock Carolyn Kolter James Misner Danny Ross Charles Stone Linda Wallace Marilyn Williams Taylor Buckner Judy Flamm Katie Jonte Richard Langan Jennie Blakman Jack Tarr 1 Gale Warren Jimmy Burns Ronnie Harrington Laurel Kaufman Ronnie Straub Jim Tarr Gene Brooks Anne Wimbish Gary Doll Bob Hayes Bill Draper John Foster Mildred Geiger Donna Johnson Dudly Mc lver Gregson Page Hugh Slack Betty Swann Sylvia White Scottie Beck Don Crisler Judy Hicks Dale Lang Margie Lewis David Tucker Sally Bell Mary Brentlinger Barbara Bryant Charlotte Barnett Robert Holzaptel Wally Keltner Avis Medlock Anna Pierce Eddie Sommer Dorothy Thomas Betty Williams Margie Bloom Chris Derhefer Randell Durbin Lounette Humphrey Flora Rentrow French Club LU U Rgfmag LX , 5 . --f - PM '-1 ...., f ' 21 X I f i' Standing: Miss Ruth Schimpeler, Sponsor, Angela Blackwell, Treasurer, Marion Sandefur, Sergeant-at-Arms, Sue Hudson, Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Faith Zollner, Sponsor. Seated: Ann Eagles, Recording Secretary. Purpose: To promote interest in Members: Peggy Shewmaker Neville Blakemore Betty Cleveland Nancy Drew Kay Duer Barbara Eddleman Marshall Eldred Maya Haldiman Rita Harrod Ann Hoffman Sally Hudson Mary Lawrence Irwin Harcourt Kemp Katherine Kern Raleigh Lane Midge Mezera Mabel Pollitt Judy Purdy Aileen Scott Burton Shelley Stewart Smythe Sylvia Thompson David Watts Janet Welther Basil Willis Richard Young Larry Branch Lynn Brown Ann Christman Rhoda Chism Suzie Glenn Ann Harvey Harriet Hill Sue Laffan Martha Sue Lewis Jim Lindenmeyer Barbara Minrath Ben Shawler Tommy Smith John Smythe Sandra Sanford Gilbert Thompson Ann Warren Pal Whitworth Don Wirth Ellen Van Arsdale Marlene Wilson Kay Wood Beth Alexander Eva Barnett Pat Booth Anne Brasfield Betty Blanton Brad Broecker Gayle Buehne Virginia Caswell Joan Cornette Shirley Flint Vice President, Joan Damato, President, Lanier Anderson, and knowledge of the French people, Gail Folsom Doug Grant Lorrine Hammond Nancy Jones Patsy Karlen Jim Keyes Roberta Koons Bobbie Koehler Lois Mayer Anne Mc Michael Judy Masher Judy Neill David Perry Mary J. Profitt Anne Ellen Russell Donna Troutman Joyce Troutwein Gillis White Carla Allgeier Angela Blackwell Garnett Brown Joan Damato Terry Eagles Harold Hagen Beryl Hardy Steve Isaacs Alice Louise Moffett Bobby Neubauer Margaret Rust Sylvia Dean Cynthia Dean Betty Foster Jeanette Fultz Nancy Hall Mildred Hite Sue Hudson Eugene Jaegers Janet Justice Evelyn Laurent Barbara Marr Pot Miller Bobby Moore Diane Perrine Lois Pound Mary Anderson Forrest Chilton Gordon Ford Anne Hayward Judy Hardesty Dudley Haupt Gail Knight Mary Kite Marilyn Lyvers Judy Marlin Ronnie Morrison Barbara Pearce Karen Rogers Marion Sandefur Carolyn Singleton Page One hundred fourteen language and culture. Harriet Smith Judy Spears Larry Sprowles Jane St. Ledger Bettie Swan Evelyn Tingle Meredith Towner Paul Ward Fred Welther Lanier Anderson Jane Ballard Susan Brown lva Catlett Nancy Crawley Alice Curd Ann Eagles Priscilla Hewitt Martha King Carolyn Kolter Pat Marrillia Chester Meisner Jim Noonan Pam Reed Flora Renfrow Floyd Smith Sharon Stamper Elwood Stroupe Nancy Thomas Bertha Washburn Jo Ann Zibart The German Club FANS wanio Seated Judy Bryson, Secretary. Standing Kent McMath, Vice-President: Miss Anita Boss, Sponsor, Tom McGloshen, Treasurer Ronnie Waford, President. Purpose To maintain interest in the German language annd culture. Jimmy Morris Alma Mueller Marilyn Muir Pat Pouliot Kay Powers Barbara Schlepf Dale Schroeder Charles Staples Fred Stutzenberger Ronnie Waford Danny Williams Ronnie Zibart Betty Beierle Shirley Blankenbaker Judy Bryson Fred Finger John Harp Bobby Hieb Nelson Joyner Paul Kelley Dick Kelly George Knoeller Tom McGloshen Kent McMath Tom Monohan Page One hundred fifteen Youth Speaks Seated: Joan Lee Williams, Secretary, Mrs. Marguerite Lockard, sponsor Standing: Jim Tarr, Curtis Moore, Members of the Executive Committee Purpose: To create better human relationships, to encourage personal cltlzenshl responsibility, and to discover, develop and supply the moral and spiritual values inherent in the democratic way of life. Delegates: ALTERNA TES Joyce Hatfield Dianne Perrine Gretchen Bailey James Tichenor Floyd Smith Diane Cobb Betty Lewis Jim Tarr Sherry Keith Harcourt Kemp Alex Forrester Ronnie Curry Chris Derhefer Judy Sanders Carol Seaton Anita Simmons David Straub Curtis Moore Dan Millott Virginia Caswell Vicki Arrington Gordon Ford Kathy Kern Hugh Durham Nelson Joyner Kent McMath Benny Fryrear Kay McCurdy Joan Lee Williams Gay Witte Jim Morris Jack Tarr Charlotte Hund Alan Byers Page One hundred sixteen Mathematics Club X J A ss a Seated: Judy Neill, Vice-President, Ruth Triplett, Secretary, Sara Treasurer, Mrs. Waugh, Sponsor, Jim Adkins, Sergeant-at-Arms. Standing: Ned Russell, President. ' Purpose: To promote an interest in the history and culture of mathematics. Members: Kaye Zaring Janice Chambers Rogers Chambers Anna Goff Linda Smith Sharon Stomper Mary Agnes Baker Dixie Robinson Nancy Steadman Sherry Basham Linda Goins Paula Boyd Joan Brenner Carla Allgeier Pat Spink Sharon Evans Gwen Stoops Judy Harlan Theresa Williams Martha Harrod' Jean Hartman Billie Davis Eleanor Ernst Midge Goeth Judy Rogers Library Club Members Kay Powers ' Barbara Edwards Ruth Triplett Mary Kite Ned Russell Mary Lou Garrett Jimmy Adkins Dee Helmers Judy Neill Frank Kimmel Carol Brenner Angela Ulery Sarah Tinsley Joan Coffey Kenneth Harbison Nicky Pearce Tinsley, , v First Row: Linda Smith, Secretary, Nancy Steadman, Treasurer, Miss Doris Willson, Sponsor. 1 . Second Row: Mrs. Helen Brown, Sponsor, Sharon Stamper, Vice-President Dixie Robinson, Reporter, Mary Agnes Baker, President. 1 , Purpose: To improve library service and to stimulate greater library interest Page One hundred seventeen American unior Red Cross an 'Jw afar' ll' U'-'r Members: Pictured: Nancy Haye, Secretary-Treasurerg Lindy Sparks, Presidentg Carol Jean, Vice-Presidentg Miss Sara Lamb, Sponsor. Purpose: To promote interest and appreciation for the Red Cross. Jim Bate Jerry Colston Betty Jo Dillon Barbara Hays Betty Jenkins John Long Carol Payne Mary Joyce Profitt Anita Simpson Ann Wimbish Beth Alexander Judy Bryson Donna Dillard Marjorie Gross Pat Hancock Patsy Karlen Betty Lewis Suzie Morgan Judy Purdy Sharon Stamper Meridith Towner Janet Welther Gene Baird Barbara Bryant Jennye Cook Anne Ford Ellyn Hamilton Lana Irwin Sue Laffan Robert Peege Donna Pardo Larry Sprowles Judy Spears Dick Wilson Beverly Brentlinger James Dever Page One hundred eighteen Phillip Tyler Larry Miller Jeny Hawes Shirley Goodlett Linda Gowens Tandy Swink Jimmy Seppenfield Judy Ford Ruth Ann Thomas Mary Lou Garrett Pegg Hedges Faye Miller Connie Pack Peggy Speckman Bill Swan Billy Hill Ann Eads Donnie Walker g Eagle Staff Seated: Jack Tarr, Editor, Kay McCurdy, Editor, Dan Millott, Editor. Standing: Paul Gibson, Sports Editor, Marilyn Lyvers, Managing Editor, Judy Hardesty, News Editor, Dudley Haupt, Business Manager, Mabel Pollit, Feature Editor, Kathy Kern, Activities, Beverly Hatfield, News Editor, Mr. Charles Ruter, Sponsor. Purpose: To keep our readers well informed on intellectual, educational, and social news. Members: Editors KAY MCCURDY DAN MI LLOTT Business Manager DUDLEY HAUPT Feature Editors PAT ROACHE MABEL POLLITT Sports Reporters BOB JOHNSON LARRY WILSON Photographs LETITIA KNOELLER JACK TARR Circulation Manager JACK LONG Managing Editor MARILYN LYVERS Activities KATHY KERN Sports Editor PAUL GIBSON Reporters PEGGY KAREM LOIS HAWKER ANITA PAYNE CAROL AXTON Page One hundred nineteen Advertising Manager PEGGY KAREM News Editor JUDY HARD ESTY BEVERLY HATFIELD Feature Writers NAN NORRIS KATHY KERN Sponsor MR. CHARLES M. RUTEF ,"ckin.7 ,f of-,Q Z, M f we ZH ' 7 we , 2 1 W Jr W! fe Q -,, H X ,4 it lf! f ,qv-ww Members: President. Mill . -We Art Club me-,M ,fn Seated: Gale Warren, Secretaryy Carla Allgeierg Gary Moneypenny Artist Standing: Jackie Gilpin, Vice-Presidentg Lois Hawker Re ot r L M , p r e , ois ayer, Purpose: To promote art in the school and create an appreciation of good art Carol Benton Diane Cobb Lois Hawker Judy Moser Diane Perrine Pam Reed Billye Stiles Gale Warren Jo Ann Zibart Margaret Collier Jo Miller Sylvia Thompson Barbara Eddleman Dee Helmers Milindo Hook Evelyn Laurent Barbara Minrath Mary Walker Carla Sue Allgeier Jackie Gilpin Letitia Knoeller Nancy Lawernson Martha Lack Page One hundred twenty Barbara Moore Patsy O'Bryan Kathy Slocum Billie Wroolls Jane Ballard Dixie Robinson Jack Bootes Rodney Hester Gary Moneypenny Jon Alexander Archie Boston Bob Carey James Dever Nickye Pearce Jim Peloff Larry Van Gundy Whit Wooton Karl Baker Tommy Brown Luther Goheen Tommy Hedges Jimmy Herr The Good News Club f We Seated: Priscilla Hewitt. 13' Standing: Chip Miller, Barbara Hays, Nancy Hays, Jim Adkins, Phil Falk, Ronnie Harrington, Barbara Clark, Iva Catlett, Mr. Shields, Sponsor. Members: Suzanne Owen Jim Patterson Nicky Pearce Tom Reitmeier Beverly Richardson Melinda Rosenbaum Judy Saunders Carol Seaton Dorothy Sisco Ann Thorn Ann Wiley Winkie Wimbish Whit Wooton Carl Young Linda Banta Harold Becker Earle Bishop Phillip Bogle Jack Carter Russell Childress Barbara Engle Sharon Evans Ronnie Foltz Anne Ford Barbara Goodwin Beverly Grant Ben Gratzer Peter Griffin Ellyn Hamilton Clyde Holloway Lana Irwin 72 Purpose: to provide a Christian witness on the High School campus. Ronald Kaelin Martha Keller Judy Kilroy John Laurent Howard Moffett Judy Morgan Jean McConnell Harriet Robertson Andy Russell Barbara Scherr Stuart Shuster Nancy Steaclman Billy Wearren Tom Wilson Jinny Ghee iCarroll Hubbard Jimmie Adkins Chip Miller Nancy Hays Philip Falk Bill Schmutz Sherry Basham Barbara Hays Alice Louise Moffett Jackie Gilpin Kenny Gilpin Howard Moffett Carol Pace Ellen McGlon Christine Clark Page One hundred twenty-one Peg Marksbury Dick Kelly Bob Baughman Anita Simmons Velma Phillips Mildred Hite Mary Anita Lydia Linda Wand Lynn Brentlinger M. Jamison Fightmaster Drew a Likes Minnie Roarx Pat Shelton Don Davis Bobby Hines Sara Batson Carroll Steele Dorothy Thomas Billie Stallard Betty Wheeler Norma Price Nancy Sleadd Eitha Landis Sandra Sanford Barbara Clark Iva Catlett Priscilla Hewitt Pat Hughes Billie Greene Keith Boone Ephraim McDowell Science Society go 'Qi' we Pictured: Dan Millott, Vice-President, Ann Eagles, Secretary, Jim Morris, President, David Straub, Treasurer, Miss Edith Wood, Sponsor. Purpose: To promote interest in science and to provide enjoyment through science. Members: Shirley Agnew Lanier Anderson Bob Baughman Neville Blakemore Keith Boone Barlow Brooks Stuart Bruder Curtis Bryant Judy Bryson Alan Byers Howard Cable Dianne Cobb Charles Carden Jo Ann Cornelte George Dailey Joan Damato Don Davis Ann Eagles Marshall Eldred Fred Finger Gordon Ford John Foster Benny Fryrear Ronnie Georgehead Jackie Gilpin Glenn Franck Cornelia Goerner Arlene Gregory Doug Grant James Hall David Heideman Alfred Hieb David Hitz Ronnie Howard Bob Jackson Richard Kelly Katherine Kern Eitha Landis Betty Lewis Bonita Lillard Jim Lindenmeyer Jack Long Barbara Marr Bob Martin Lois Mayer Kay McCurdy Kent McMath Dan Millott Jim Morris Marilyn Muir Julian Murphy Dan Neubauer Albert Peterson Darrel Pulliam Page One hundred twenty-two James Rueff Burton Shelley Anita Simmons John Smylhe Lindy Sparks Jimmy Stichweh Jane St. Ledger Ronald Stokes David Straub Jim Tarr Jimmy Tichenor Bob Thompson Gilbert Thompson Bert Van Arsdale Ronny Waford Gretchen Bailey Frank Wilder Ann Wimbish Winkie Wimbish Gay Witte Garland Wyatt Gene Pope Dan Jenkins Lane McCroskey Tommy McGlashen Ben Small Future Teachers of America Members: Seated: Carol Smith, Secretaryg Pat Roache, Vice-Presidentg President, Peggy Karem, Treasurer. Standing: Mr. Robert Neill, Sponsor. MAT Purpose: To expose students to the teaching profession through experience in the school. Billie Styles Marie Ridgway Annette Bogle Pat Moore Carol Jean Carol Smith Carol Benton Gay Witte Anita Simmons Barbara Schlipt Barbara Turner Betty Ray Dot Tilley Pat Roache Paul Gibson Sara Brooks Dorothy Thomas Billie Stallard Pat Henson Lois Hawker Joan Klapheke Judy Harlan Mary Lou Watts Margo Deimer Caryl Johnson Judy Jones Mary Agnes Baker Janet Welther Sue Laffan Koy McConnell Pat Howard Barbara Hays Mary Lou Garrett Nancy Steadman Pat White Ann Sproles Ann Ellen Russell Page One hundred twenty-three Pat Royall Richard Langan Hale Nutt Linda Stallings Beverly Hatfield Virginia Caswell Lindy Sparks Jo Ann Zibart Joan Damato Jackie Gilpin Janet Collier Lois Clifford Kitty Messmer Marilyn Reeder Suzie Dolt Charlotte Webb Peggy Speckman Marietta King Sally Bell Joan Klapheke Business Education Club Seated: Miss Sarah Lamb, Sponsor, Mr. Irvin Gish, Sponsor, Mrs. Janeice Davenport, Sponsor, Pat Moore, President. Standing: Carol Jean, Historian, Barbara Hays, Treasurer, Mary Agnes Baker, Vice-President. Purpose: To establish an inter-relationship between the school and business firms, to help raise the goals of individuals entering business fields and to improve the school business courses through more interest. Members: Pat O'Neil Peggy O'Neil Patsy Ann Moore Marilyn Byerly Barbara Bartberger Janice Chambers Joyce Hatfield Mary Jane Heltsley Dolly Fitzgerald . Gayle Buehne Marlene Pitzer Joyce Zibart Shirley Miles V Sharron Stamper Mary Ann Steiner Rose Ann Povey Mary Ann Thompson Shirley Harris Clara Clark Charlotte Hund Dixie Robinson. Mary A. Baker Vivian Lands Joan Franconia Lola Bohannon Billie Green Jerry Gameltoft Betty Colyer Doris Colyer Lois Kreamer - Mary Perkins ,. Barbara Berry Diane Cornell Sherry Schornberg Marilyn Robertson Mickie Westwood Page One hundred twenly-four Norma Wheeler ' Thelma Poulter Pal Case Marilyn Reeder Emily Durrett Annette Bogle Bonnie Wilson Madge Florence Norma Walden Barbara Sue Hays Peggy Owen Pat Moore Carol Jean Barbara Turner- Dot Tilly Shirley Shields- Judy Harlan Cora Broyles , ffzfffzh ,, ' Office Staff if " ,J rpm f'f, -7 f .V 1: f Purpose: To serve and aid the faculty and students. ,WM , sw fmumzmillw Front Row: Carol Axton, Gordon Ford, Beverly Hatfield, Marietta King. Back Row: Ann Brasfield, Mrs. Gladys Steadman, Barbara Marr, Margie Lotze, Carol Jean, Mrs. Catherine Culver, Pat Moore. Not Pictured: Jerry Gameltoft, Gayle Beuhne, Jo Ann Zibart. Purpose: To facilitate utilization of audio and visual teaching aids. Members: Diane Cobb Joyce Trautwein Betty Blanton Linda Heinlein Alfred Hieb Lana Irwin Judy Moore Sue Fightmaster Norma Wheeler Ann Hayward Charlene Scheible Carolyn Trigg Margaret Collier Glenn Franck Philip Grauman Madge Florence Judy Bryson Janet Welther Mary Anderson Bonnie Wilson Betty Lewis Midge Mezera Pat Hancock Sue Ann Burwinkle Audio-Visual Aids Staff M Left to right: Judy Bryson, Mary Anderson, Bonnie Wilson, Madge Florence ,Janet Welther. Page One hundred twenty-five Future Farmers of America Members: Seated: William Schmutz, Vice-President: Bobby Littrell, President Ronnie Gaddle, Secretary: George Henderman, Reporter. Standing: Mr. John Gambill, Sponsor, Marvin Bowles ,Treasurer, Christy Zeltz, Sentinel. Purpose: To train for farm leadership. Carroll Clark Fred Deckmcnn David Falk Harvey Gaddie Carl Gesiger Bobby Johnson Charles Totten John Karlen Forrest Chilton Caywood Pen n ington Bobby Davis James Franconia Robert Deppen Norman Veech George Tyler Russell Rhea Thaddeus Povey John Pepper James Dean Reed Moore Rayvon Moore Eddie Bowles Russell Childress Kenneth Gilpin Marion Morgan Bobby Totten Bob Winburn James Reinle Page One hundred twerzly-six 4-H Club Pictured: Pat Moore, Reporter, Kay Powers, Secretary-Treasurer, Larry Lose, President: Barbara Edwards, Song Leader. Purpose: To make the best better. Members: Janet Fritz Bonnie Stevens Sherry Hardesty Norma Price Ann Hamon Ann Greene Shirley Ann Thompson Ann Schickli Nancy Mayrose David Lerman Henry Saam Joe Wise Keith Wilke John Dcninger Kenneth Harbison Howard Cable Danny Abbott Ted Behle Carol Brenner Beverly Brentlinger Bob Carey Lois Clifford Martha Dulin Sam Durham Barbara Edwards Tommy French Mary Jo Harrison Jean Hartmann Beverly Hester Sherry Keith Peggy Marksbury Michael Oliphant Jim Peloff Carolyn Perkins Kent Mc Connell Gail Ridgeway Linda Smith Lynn Brown Susan Brown Bobby Capito Mary Long Carpenter Barbara Chandler Lenada Culver Mike Daniels James Devers Barbara Edwards Charlotte Ellington Kenneth Gilpin Jean Hartman Jerry Hawes Page One hundred twenly-seven Wendell Hawes Victor Hayden Jerry Hedges George Henderman Perry Hirsbrunner Harry Hunt Betty Kaelin David Lose Larry Lose Dan Miller Pat Moore Eddie Morgan Suzie Morgan Kay Powers Jimmy Rafferty James Richardson Ronnie Snyder Bobby Watts Paul Watts Billie Wibbels Mary F. Wibbels Jim Young Jean Brown Sponsor: Mrs. Poulter 74, unior Conservation Club I , ,,VV h.,..,,. I , , ,lf M...M..,,N.,,, 21, x 7, Z1 fvmjffg V k 'fam R raa or 2 eg 4 , W vw' .4-,f E Pictured: George Henderman, Presidenlg Bobby Johnson, Vice-Presidenlg David Demaresl, Secretary-Treasurer. M , 732525 C W of we ,Z . ,, . W V Q X .P Purpose: To conserve the nalural resources of our country. Members: Tommy Brown Bobby Hines Jerry Holmes Tommy Biddle Rodney Hester George Henderman Woody Ormsby Billy Hedges Harold Payne Bobby Johnson Winston Chamberlain David Demaresl Ronnie McLeod Ronald Snyder Arlhur Hadden Roger Orrell Charles Roby James Washburn Bruce Campbell Kenneth Walden Karl Baker Douglas Johnson Marvin Hedges Chuck Quenelle Jimmie Seppenfield Billy Crapper Wallace Wheeler Mr. Lawrence Gamble, Sponsor. Page One hundred twenty-eight 1 5 QM I ,C 'hu- """'M EN 'llblfgq Q , f me v wzzww ff, f f 1 ,,,, 7 W I J Wg 2 E Camera Club ' ff 2 ' 2 r ' A -e V F , ? f,.A....., I me , , N My Seated: Walt Test, President, Letitia Knoeller, James Test. Standing-First Row: Carter Ormsby, Lynn Claxton, Louis Williams, Mr. James Matthews, Sponsor. Standing-Second Row: Charles Hines, Pat Johnson, Fred Finger, Basil Willis, Charles Kellis. Purpose: To promote interest of it to all students. Members: Letitia Knoeller Jerry Holmes James Dever Lynne Claxon Roger Price Philip Curd Bill Strode Eddie Somner Tommy Crumpton Carolyn Kolter Betty Williams Charles Totten Charles Kellis Cecil Beam Bill Brooks in photography and to teach the basic principles John Anderson james Test Richard Thomas Bill Fane David Lose Mary Ann Hancock Dianne Johnson Louis A. Williams Ronald Stokes Fred Finger Gillis White Fred Guthrie Pat Johnson Dudley Mclver Page One hundred twenty-nine 5 , s X Girls Chorus ' ,al Sue Laffan Margie Lotze Nancy Mayrose Mary Frances Mattingly Jo Miller Carolyn Moore Betty Peleske Joy Roberts Dixie Robinson Ruth Ann Sheehan Judy Spencer Mary Swetnam Shirley Thompson Norma Wheeler joan Coffey Ruth Combest Betsy Leathers Janice Westmoreland Barbara Reesor Bettie Jo Ray Sylvia Dean Velma Gorbandt Scottie Beck Pat Booth Donna Bunton Carolyn Branham Sallie Louise Cheatham Chris Derhefer Juanita De Jarnott Barbara Ensminger Dolly Fitzgerald Janet Fritz Dody Gnagie Mary Ann Groves Maya Haldiman Viva Harper Pat Howard Patsy Key Peggy Marksbury Leona Moore Connie Pack Carol Jean Regenauer Peggy Shewmaker Dorothy Sisco Nancy Sleadd Juanita Smith Barbara Starr Nancy Tollison Ginny Ghee Anna Green Ramona Compton Helen Bond Delores Campbell Joanne Cornette Alice Cullinan Donna Dillard Linda Dillard Gail Folsom Hollie Funkhouser Beryl Hardy Shirley Harris Mary Jane Heltsley Judy Hicks Jo Ann Hollie Lida Lee Kemp Judy Kilroy Gail Knight Marilyn Martin Jean McConnell Rose Ann Povey Shirley Spurr Nancy Steiner Evelyn Tingle Meredith Towner Judy Vance Margaret Vaughn Gene Baird Henrietta Barnett Faculty Sponsor: Miss jane Trinkle Page One hundred thirty Mary Lou Watts Barbara Jean Turner Patty Watts Annabelle Wilson Kay Wood Ellyn Hamilton Barbara Blanton Judy Irwin Diane Johnson Sandra Sanford Ruth Hodges Margie Bloom Clara Clark Janet Diercks Anna Purvis Kay Duer Lydia Fightmaster Judy Flamm Jean Hack Nancy Hall Beverly Hoock Carol Jean Margaret Keidel Bobbie Koehler Pat Blair Mixed Chorus 'WW ,f Z 'WW ' . , ' 4 I L ' , P f Uri? ,,.. xx ., xx Judy Kilroy Gail Knight Marilyn Martin Jean McConnell Rose Ann Pavey Shirley Spurr Nancy Steiner Evelyn Tingle Meredith Towner Barbara Jean Turner Judy Vance Margaret Vaughn Mary Lou Watts Patty Watts Annabelle Wilson Kay Wood Ellyn Hamilton Barbara Blanton Judy lrwin Diane Johnson Sandra Sanford Ruth Hodges Danny Brown Dan Carmichael Walter Clark jerry Lam Pat Miller Bob Rabbeth Jesse Zimmerman Steve Hager Bob Burns Bill Draper Tommy Crumpton Lee Halverson Ronnie Boorman Barlow Brooks Garnett Brown Charles Carden George Cheatham Donald Coffey Phil Falk James Hall Julian Heath Tommy Leis Chip Miller Julian Murphey Paul Pfieffer Randy Rabbeth David Rodahaffer Joe Wise Lane McCrosky Ned Beatty Bobby Hail Connie Pack Pat Blair Carolyn Branham Sallie Louise Cheatham Chris Derhefer Juanita De Jarnott Barbara Ensminger Dolly Fitzgerald Janet Fritz Dody Gnagie Mary Ann Groves Maya Haldiman Viva Harper Pat Howard Patsy Key Peggy Marksbury Leona Moore Carol Jean Regenauer Peggy Shewmaker Dorothy Sisco Nancy Sleadd Juanita Smith Barbara Starr Nancy Tollison Ginny Ghee Anna Green Ramona Compton Helen Bond Sponsor: Miss Jane Trinkle Jean Hack Nancy Hall Beverly Hoock Carol Jean Margaret Keidel Bobbie Koehler Sue Laffan Margie Lotze Nancy Mayrose Mary Frances Mattingly Jo Miller Carolyn Moore Betty Peleske Joy Roberts Dixie Robinson Ruth Ann Sheehan Judy Spencer Mary Swetnam Shirley Thompson Norma Wheeler joan Coffey Ruth Combest Betsy Leathers Janice Westmoreland Barbara Reesor Bettie Jo Ray Sylvia Dean Page One hundred thirty-one Velma Gorbandt Scottie Beck Ronnie Boorman Pat Booth Donna Bunton Delores Campbell Joanne Cornette Alice Cullinan Donna Dillard Linda Dillard Gail Folsom Hollie Funkhouser Beryl Hardy Shirley Harris Mary Jane Heltsley Judy Hicks Jo Ann Hollie Lida Lee Kemp Gene Baird Henrietta Barnett Margie Bloom Clara Clark Janet Diercks Anna Purvis Kay Duer Lydia Fightmaster Judy Flamm Ronnie Boorman Barlow Brooks Garnett Brown Charles Carden George Cheatham Donald Coffey Philip Falk James Hall Julian Heath Tommy Leis Chip Miller Julian Murphy Paul Pfieffer Randy Rabbeth David Rodahaffer Joe Vlise Boy's Chorus "N.,,.s' A Lane McCroskey Bobby Hail Ned Beatty Jerry Goeth Danny Brown Dan Carmichael Walter Clark Jerry Lam Pat Miller Bob Rabbeth Jesse Zimmerman Steve Hager Bob Burns Bill Draper Tommy Crumpton Lee Halverson Sponsor: Miss Jane Trinkle Page One bznzdred llairly-two Choir W, Z 5 ,E f , J' Purpose To represent Eastern in various programs outside Phil Falk Gail Folsom Hollie Funkhouser James Hall Beryl Hardy Shirley Harris Julian Heath Mary Jane Heltsley Judy Hicks jo Ann Hollie Lida Lee Kemp Judy Kilroy Gail Knight Tommy Leis Marilyn Martin Jean McConnell Ned Beatty Scottie Beck Ronnie Boorman Pat Booth Barlow Brooks Garnett Brown Donna Bunton Delores Campbell Charlie Carden George Cheatham Donald Coffey Joanne Cornette Alice Cullinan of school. Donna Dillard Linda Dillard Chip Miller Julian Murphey Paul Pfieffer Rose Ann Povey Randy Rabbeth David Rodahaffer Shirley Spurr Nancy Steiner Evelyn Tingle Meredith Towner Barbara Jean Turner Judy Vance Margaret Vaughn Mary Lou Watts Patty Watts Annabelle Wilson Joe Wise Kay Wood Lane McCrosky Ellyn Hamilton Barbara Blanton Judy Irwin Diane Johnson Bobby Hail Sandra Sanford Jean Hack Ruth Hodges Faculty Sponsor: Miss Jane Trinkle Page One hundred thirty-three Band Personnel FLUTES Carol Ann Bradley Barbara Edwards Ruthella Graff Larry Lose Judy Neill Marilyn Paletti Beverly Richardson Ann Wiley Barbara Williams Janice Wood PICCOLO Ann Wiley OBOES Barbara Bryant :l:Beverly Collins Roger Reichmuth ENGLISH HORN :R Barbara Bryant CLARINETS Barbara Blanton Glen Ed Bradley Bill Brooks Iva Catlett Janet Collier David Demarest Joe Grumme Suzanne Hill R. C. King Ted Merhoff Lane McCroskey Donna Orrell Carol Ann Pace Darryl Powell Joey Roache Charles Stone Jimmy Sutherland Peggy Speckman :kCarol Seaton Bob Thomale Dot Tilley Sylvia Thompson Ruth Triplett Charles Warren BASS CLARINETS .Ricky Dawson :Uudy Saunders Bill Spencer BASSOONS :3:Donna Johnson Kay Powers ALTO SAXES Carol Brenner Robert Dinning Kenneth Haeberlin :?Richard Hicks TENOR SAXES Mary Lou Carpenter iklloyd Poulter BARITONE SAXES Jeannie Blakeman Edwin Revell Ik CORNETS Buddy Black David Falk Freddie Gorbandt Thann Grubb Fred Gutherie David Heideman Jimmy Henderson John Herrick Bob jackson Dan Jenkins Mert Keller Ronnie Kittle Albert Ochsner Eddie Parsons Jim Straub Tom Wilson HORNS Cecil Beam Joan Brenner Barbara Carfield Mary Lou Garrett Laurie Kaufman Beverly Miller Ellen McGlon Chuck Quenette Lynn Summerford Paul Thomas Page One hundred thirty-four TROMBONES John Foster Bobby Hines Carroll Hubbard 'i:Mildred Kemp Bob Littrell David Lose Richard Thomas Sara Tinsley Loren Woodson Richard Young BARITONES Tom Amyette Philip Bogle Patsy Buckner Ben Gratzer "Jack Wilson V BASSES 2'Brad Broecker Carroll Goweens Jim Holliday Bill Swann James Thomas Darrill Taylor Carl Vest STRING BASSES Pat Monohan ikTom Monohan SNARE DRUMS Lena Tripplett Bob Winburn Skip Young BASS DRUM David Lerman CYMBALS Gay Evans TIMPANI iJane Ballard denotes section leader Eastern High Orchestra FLUTE: f:Ann Wiley Beverly Richardson OBOE: 5:Beverly Collins Barbara Bryanl COR AN GLAIS : Barbara Bryanl CLARINET: Tlerry Goeth Bob Thomale BASS CLARINET: Judy Saunders BASSOON: :lcDonna Johnson Kay Powers HORN: Zlynn Summerford Laurle Kauffman Ellen McGIon Mary Garret TRUMPET: 'Blames Slraub Daniel Jenkins Ronald Killle TROMBONE: 2:MiIdred Kemp Ben Grafzer Sarah Tinsley Mr. William Wilson-Conductor TUBA: Brad Broecker TIMPANI: Jane Ballard PERCUSSION: Lina Triplell Skip Young VIOLIN: ZIIQCornelia Goerner QMargo Diemer Barbara Blanton Ellen McGlon Beverly Richardson Iva Catlett .Ioan Coffee Jean McConnell Mary Kile Judy Harris VIOLA: Slra While Judy Irwin VIOLIN CELLO: 5:QThomas Monohan Patricia Monohan DOUBLE BASS: 2:Shirley Blankenbaker James Adkins Brad Broecker 5:-I sl :lj-Concerlmislress Q-Board-1954 Page One hundred tbirly-five Music Club Officers: Brad Broecker, Treasurerg Mildred Kemp, Secretaryg Bobby Thomale, Vice-Presidentg Jerry Goeth, President. Purpose: To promote interest and understanding of music. Members: Mert Keller Lida Lee Kemp Mildred Kemp Judy Kilroy Ronnie Kittle David Lerman Bobby Littrell David Lose Larry Lose Margie Lotze Ellen Mc Glon Nancy Mayrose Beverly Miller Pat Monohan Tommy Monohan Judy Neill Albert Ochsner Carol Pace Marilyn Paletti Kay Powers Beverly Richardson Barbara Blanton Margie Bloom Brad Broecker Donna Bunton Janet Collier Beverly Collins Jo Ann Cornett Ricky Dawson Margo Diemer Judy Flamm Cornelia Goerner jerry Goeth Freddy Gorbandt Ben Gratzer Anna Greene Thann Grubb Jimmy Henderson Jim Holiday Dan Jenkins Donna Johnson Laurel Kauffman 1,4 Page One hundred thirty-six Jane St. Ledger Judy Saunders Carol Seaton Peggy Shewmaker Dorothy Sisco Bill Spencer Jim Straub Lynn Summerford Bobby Thomale Sylvia Thompson Meredith Towner Barbara Turner Carl Vest Charles Warren Ann Wiley Barbara Williams Jack Wilson Tom Wilson Janice Wood Skip Young Joy Roberts SY ORT S ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT Emmell Gorunflo David Aspy HEAD FOOTBALL COACH ASSISTANT FOOTBALL COACH ..........- '4 G37 Roy Adams HEAD BASKETBALL COACH Charles Ruler ATHLETIC DIRECTOR Billy Hoke ASSISTANT FOOTBALL and BASKETBALL COACH I I Hal Taylor Riley Lassiter ASSISTANT FOOTBALL COACH ASSISTANT FOOTBALL COACH Page One hundred thirty-eight VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM W ZK ,f Wl9W'Z77l1P 7,15 ffssiifii 7 74 ff- K ff f 7 X ff f J J A J J J '- M f rx f First Row: Benny Fryrear, Richard Ewing, John Bunting, Bob Baughman, John Weigand, Ralph Judd, Wade Wearren, Gary Tabb, Jim Bate, Danny Neubauer, Harry Brown, Jerry Colston, Hugh Durham. Second Row: Raymond Ramsey, Bobby Martin, Frank Wiley, Bob Sproul, Mike Hook, Steve Isaacs, Dan Millott, Jim Lindenmeyer, Ronnie Georgehead, Tommy Young. Third Row: Barney Long, John Donninger, Bob Carey, Tommy Reitmeyer, Raleigh Lane, Gary Russell, Jim Tichenor, Tommy McGloshan, Gary Moneypenny. Fourth Row: Bob Cummins, Ned Beatty, Louis Roos, Wesley Nail, Cooper Lilly, Billy Wearren, Fifth Row: Danny Ross, Sam Gover, Woody Ormsby, Carl Kimmel, Elwood Stroupe. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM JERRY COLSTON, Co-Captain BEN FRYREAR, Co-Captain HUGH DURHAM, Co-Captain Fullback Guard Halfback Page One hundred thirty-nine NED BEATTY RAYMOND RAMSEY CARL KIMMEL Center Tackle End STEVE ISAACS WADE WEARREN MIKE HOOK Tackle Guard Guard wEsLsY NAIL rom Youmo JOHN WIEGAND Fullback Tackle TUCHQ Page One hundred forty BOB SPROUL JIM LINDENMEYER GARY MONEYPENNY GUUl'd Holfback Halfback JIM TICHENOR BOB MARTIN ELWOOD STROUPE End Tackle Center COOPER LILLY DAN NEUBAUER HARRY BROWN Guard End Quarterback Page One hundred forty-one GARY TABB RALPH JUDD GARY RUSSELL Hulfback Fullback Quarterback JIM BATE RICHARD EWING DAN MILLOTT Hclfhack End End JOHN BUNTING BOB BAUGHMAN Tackle Tackle Page One hundred forty-two HIGHLIGHTS OF 1954 ln the middle of August with sixteen lettermen returning from last year, coaches Goranflo, Aspy, Hoke, Lassiter, and Taylor started putting the 1954 Eastern Eagles through their paces to meet their initial foe, Manual. The first game of the '54 season proved the Manual single wing power too much for the inexperienced Eagles. The first half showed neither team leading, but in the third quarter Manual's Mike Hemmer scored six points on a 60 yard run and then added the point. Manual's second touchdown came in the fourth quarter with Hemmer again scoring and again adding the point. On the kickoff Hugh Durham went all the way from his five yard lineto make the final score l4-6. The following week the Eagles met Atherton at Manual Stadium. With both teams playing a poor first half, Atherton scored first with a drive late in the third quarter. The conversion was blocked by Ralph Judd and it was 6-O, The score seemed to wake up the Eagles, and in a very short time Judd scored on a 40-yard run. After Nail made the conversion, the final score was 7-6. The Southern game, the first to be played on the Eagles' home field, will linger long in the memory of Eastern fans. With Colston and Ewing both scoring and Nail kicking both the conversions, Eastern beat Southern l4-O. On the first of October Eastern met the Shawnee Indians on the E. H. S. home field. The Indians marched down to the one foot line where the drive stalled. Fifteen plays later, Durham passed to Colston for the T. D. The try for the point was missed and the score was 6-O at the half. In the second half Eastern put on a terrific offensive showing with Durham, Colston, and Tabb scoring once each and Ewing scoring twice. Shawnee scored once, and Eastern won 40-6. The following week the Eagles met favored Valley at Valley. The two teams played evenly until one minute and fifteen seconds were left in the first quarter. At this IUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM First Row: Danny Ross, Eddie Wirth, Bobby Cummins, Jimmy Keys, Billy Mason, Boonie Sutherland, Bootes Durham, Bobby Totten, David Harden. Second Row: Danny Abbott, Louis Roos, Hugh Slack, Jack Karlan, Preston Sumner, Bob Yates, Carroll Gowens, Charles Lutes, Tommy French. Third Row: Frank Wylie, Ronnie Curry, Steve Hager, Bill Wearren, Bill Jones, Gary Gerst, Bob Johnson, Ray Gilpin, Buddy Black. Fourth Row: Sam Gover, Barney Long, Tommy Reitmeier, John Doninger, John Slack, Larry Sproules, Don Lorenz, Norman Veech, Bob Carey, Earl Long. Page One hundred forty-three time Durham passed to Colston in the end zone, Nail converted and the scoreboard read 7-O. Eastern scored in the second quarter when Durham tossed a touchdown pass to Ewing making the score 13-O. Valley couldn't make yardage they kicked, and a few plays later Durham scored from the Valley eight. The point was good. With only two minutes and seventeen seconds remaining in the half, Valley scored to make it 20-6. Early in the second half Durham went around end for another touchdown. A pass from Valley's Mackin to Laysfield went for the T, D., and the score was 26-13. After the Valley score, Russell and Tabb both scored to make a 38-13 upset. On the fifteenth of October the Eagles, on their new field, won the County Football Championship for the third time in five years. The win over Fern Creek was the fifth straight win for the Eagles, and the third straight win over county foes. Eastern easily won 25-O with Colston and Durham both scoring twice. The Eagles next foe was Boone County at Florence. The team from E, H. S. played an easy game, winning 28-O, with Ewing, Kimmel, Tabb, and Durham scoring touchdowns and John Weigand scoring a safety for their poorly earned win. The twenty-ninth of October the Eagles met the Lafayette Generals from Lexington. The "Big Blue" got off to a rousing start when Durham raced 64 yards for the score on the third play from scrimmage. A few plays later Ewing intercepted a pass and returned it to the Lafayette five yard stripe. Two plays later Tabb powered over, and the score was T4-O. The Generals scored two quick touchdown, and the score was tied at the half l4-l-4. In the second half Eastern completely dominated play and won easily 28-l4. On the fourth of November with a string of seven victories behind them, Eastern met Male, a perennial city powerhouse, at Maxwell Stadium, Male scored first on a sustained drive after taking the kickoff. The Eagles then got back in the game with a 61 yard pass play from Durham to Colston. After that it was iust an exchange of touchdowns, with Colston, Durham, and Tabb scoring for the Eagles. Male finally won 33-20. The i954 season has been the most successful one ever known to Eastern fans, with the Eagles winning seven and losing only two. Individual honors go to Jerry Colston and Hugh Durham, who both made All Jefferson County and All State Honorable Mention, Benny Fryrear, Richard Ewing, and John Bunting, who also made All Jefferson County Team, and Steve Isaacs, Mike Hook, Bob Martin, Raymond Ramsey, John Weigand, Tom Young, Dan Neubauer, Gary Tabb, Gary Russell, Jim Bate, Harry Brown, and Ralph Judd -- without whose participation the most successful season of Eastern's history would not have been possible. Keith Boone Page One hundred forty-four VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Front Row: Hugh Durham, Richard Ewing, John Bunting, Jim Black, Alan Byers, and Jerry Colston. Second Row: Ed Shackleford, Terry Huffaker, Charles Crabtree, Julian Heath, Jack Shelton, Darrell Pulliam, and Harcourt Kemp. Third Row: Harold Ramage, Luther Goheen, Curtis Bryant, Paul Pfeifer, Stuart Bruder, Marion Sandefur. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM l 2 RICHARD EWING ALAN BYERS HUGH DURHAM F0rWGfCl Forward Guard Page One lamzdred forly-five 5 1 L Q LUTHER GOHEEN DARRELL PULLIAM HARCOURT KEMP Guard Forward Guard JULIAN HEATH Forward 4 3 N' 1- A MARION SANDEFUR Guard fy if F L HAROLD RAMAGE Forward TERRY HUFFAKER JOHN BUNTING JIM BLACK Guard Center Forward Page One blmdred forty-.fix CURTIS BRYANT PAUL PFElFER JERRY COLSTON Center Forward Guard ED SHACKLEFORD CHARLES CRABTREE Forward Cehfef Page One hundred forty-seven Basketball Highlights 1954-55 The Big Blue from Eastern once more had a highly suc- cessful season, winning County Championship and having a 13-6 won and lost record. The Eagles got off to a flying start in their opening game at Shelbyville, The team from E.H.S. easily defeated the Red Devils 68-5l with Durham and Ewing scoring 22 and 20 respectively. ln their first invasion into the 25th District the Eagles ran into trouble with Southern but finally defeated them 46-39 at Masonic Home Gym with Ewing and Colston at the head of the scoring column. The Big BIue's pre-Christmas road trip into the eastern part of the state proved fatal when they met the Lafayette Generals and were defeated 50-40 and the next night they iourneyed to Maysville and were defeated 64-60. The Eagles got back to their winning ways after Christ- mas when they met and easily defeated Owensboro Tech at Masonic Home. On the following Friday the Eagles met Manual in a game long to be remembered, It was nip and tuck all the way through and when the final buzzer rang, the score was tied, ln the overtime the Big Blue came out as victors . V. Basketball Team First Row: Keith Wilke, Buddy Leathers, Louis Roos, Ronnie Currie, Bob Carey, Danny Ross, Ben Shawler. Second Row: Danny Williams, Tommy Brooks, Tommy Reitmeier, John Laurent, Barney Long, Buddy Black. Third Row: Don Lorenz, James Mordis, John Doninger, R. C. King, Mr. Bill Hoke, Coach. Page One bznzdred forty-eigfJt with the scoreboard showing a 6O-59 victory for the Eagles. Eastern and Manual again met, this time in the Louisville Invitational Tournament, and this time Manual won the hard fought contest in the last minute of the game 47-46. Avenging their loss to Manual, the Eagles met and easily defeated hapless Atherton at Masonic Home 68-54 with Ewing and Durham leading the parade of scorers. January 23 the Eagles iourneyed to Fern Creek where they routed the Fern Creek Tigers 63-45, The next night the team traveled to Oldham County to meet and defeat the Colonels 56-41 with Ewing's one hand push shot once again leading the team to victory. The darkest day of the basketball season was on February 'l when the influenza-weakened Eagles met St. Xavier at Masonic Home and were defeated 64-29, the worst defeat ever sufferel by an Eastern squad. Later that same week Eastern got back on the winning trail by defeating two County foes, Southern and Valley, on successive nights, The two wins clinched a tie for the Eagles in the County Championship race. On February 8 the Eagles met Shawnee at Male Gym and played one of their best games of the season, coming out on top with a one-point victory over a good Shawnee team. The following Friday the Eagles met Valley at Valley's home court and were defeated 57-55 in a sudden-death overtime period. The Eagles next foe was powerful Male at Male Gym. The "boys from Middletown" threw quite a scare into Male before dropping a 72-65 decision, Both teams hit above forty percent of their shots and in this game the great Kenny Kuhn showed his All-State qualities, Leading the Eagle scorers were Ewing with 24 and Durham with 21. The Eagles finished the regular season play in a blaze of glory defeating Fern Creek to win the County Champion- ship 75-62, Oldham County again 89-56, and stubborn Atherton 70-63 at Male Gym. Thus the Eastern Hhigh Eagles finished the regular seazon as County Champs for two years straight with a l3-6 record with the District and Regional Tournaments yet to be played and thus bringing down the curtain on an- other successful basketball season. Keith Boone Page One hundred forty-nine bf i fig M X -...wsu-M Page One lauudred fifty E E 6 H if. U f 11 I others Le SY phrey, Bef e Hum kins, Louneh' .len Beffy Bonita Lillcxrd, Joan Trigg, y Keith, Charlene Scheibel. Sherr IUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS .W ff 5 5 Kneeling: Sue Hudson, Sherry Greene, Norma Price, Sally Hudson. Sfanding: Sarah Trigg, Judy Moore, Carolyn Trigg. Page One hundred fifty-one TENNIS TEAM Picfured: Chip Miller, Jim Tarr, Burton Shelly, Jack Tarr, Nelson Joyner. GOLF TEAM i nw Y Kg uhm We 'i 2 2 Firsr Row: George Logan, Harcourt Kemp, Ronnie Curry. Second Row: David Walls, Mrs. Ruth Pardon, Mr. William B. Hoke, Darrell Pulliam Page One bmzdred fifty-Iwo BASEBALL TEAM Top Row: John Bunting, Hugh Durham, Richard Ewing, Alan Byers, Stratton Miller, Larry Wilson. Bottom Row: Bill Collins, Glenn Franck, Wade Wearren, Jerry Colston, Don Culver, Milton Feger. Track Team ihmmm 'WZG-'J Bottom Row: Jerry Troutman, Bobby Fawbush, Ralph Judd, Bobby Martin. Top Row: Coach David Aspy, Hugh Durham, David Haycraft, Bill Schumann. Page One bzmdred fifiy-three f Q fi 1 2 , M, ,, , 7 Eastern's High School Girls' Bovfrling League A 7 'sl V if ' no 'L . , - 'V A 'i,,,U,W fi, Z . Q l x 4 l' First Row: Sue Laffan, Treasurer, Connie Warren, President, Bobby Koehler. Second Row: Pat Ellis, Dolly Fitzgerald, Carolyn Kolter, Mildred Geiger. Third Row: Ann Thorn, Barbara Hays, Janet Diercks, Barbara Scherr, Susan Brown, and Judy Spencer. Miss Dorothy L. Taylor, Sponsor. SWIMMING TEAM qpr' First Row: Dick Miller, Walter Test, Bob Martin, Julian Murphey, Jim Noonan, Charles Warren. Second Row: Bill Litkenhous, Harold Hagan, Howard Cable, Ronnie Boorman, David Straub. Third Row: Louis Thompson, David Rodahatfer. Mr. Hal Taylor, Sponsor. Page One hundred fifty-four F' QREQ QE gk ,i ' .f iff Q 'rf 5 gl 'Y' Ea 2 , E, R 0, .,,... y,,. f ' It W Page One bzmdred fifty-five ,,, 'X ,ww 1 in f x , x v KT! 4550? ' 11 1' Talon King Go ry To bb ir Talon Queen Gayle Beuhne Page One bzmdred fifty-sew Kings Men Queen's Court Jerry Colslon Vicki Arrington Julian Heath Sue Fighfmasler Nelson Joyner Pal Howard Dan Neubauer Annabelle Wilson l i f .' : Page One hundred fifty-eight 'k Eagle Queen Betty Wheeler Page One blllldffll fifty-nine 'k , n ! ' s Football Queen Joan Tdgg Page One lJmzdred .vixly 'A' Basketball Queen Betty Jenkins Page One hundred sixiy-one Band Sponsor Gay Evcns Page One hundred sixty-Iwo is for the many hours of classes x fm- i, L LN wa-m..,.,. t ? Wm, Page One hundred sixty-three N? gw is for the energy exerted . 4 Page One blllllffed .fixiy-four is for the moments we've enjoyed ' ' Page One blnzdred sixty-five is for the opportunities presented r'-19 ua' Page One hundred sixly-six is for romances We have known Page One hundred sixty-seven is for the ideals We have fostered Page One hundred sixty-eight is for the endless friendships made fi 1' Nm. 11, - ,g fa ' , fi ,X X 2 ,J 7 ' W fb .lx 'M Page One hundred sixty-nine -1 ..,.,.,.,,,, if 2 . 6 Q? ei fi' is for the school we love so well . A -mm A.: .saws 5,4 1 ti Each little letter has played a large part. In spelling the word so dear to our heart Page One hundred :evenly To our advertisers: As sewing the public is your aim, you've served our yearbook well. What you've done and still can do, the pages following will tell. May the best of luck be yours, we've had the best with you. Good luck to all you merchants and to your patrons, too! Good Luclc Graduates 5 ff zeCl-We Dt-IOTOGIQQDP-IEP. H. I.. Davenport Transfer EASTWOOD, Ky. Anch 207 BUNTON TRIMMERS TRIM - EDGE - MOW BUNTON SEED CO. FLOYD AND JEFFERSON Page One hundred seventy MIDDLETOWN SHOPPING CENTER MAIN STREET SINCE 1778 PETERSON HARDWARE 1Anchoroge 2011 MIDDLETOWN GROCERY 1Anchorcuge 121 MIDDLETOWN APOTHECARY 1Anchorcge 2121 MIDDLETOWN CLEANERS 1Anchorc1ge 61 JOE RATTERMAN PLUMBING 81 HEATING 1Anchorc1ge 4001 MIDDLETOWN FOOD STORE 1Anchorc1ge 7811 ARRINGTON DRY GOODS 1Anchorc1ge 341 O SANDERS CLEANERS FABRIC 51-lgp TAylor 4433 129 sf. Matthews Ave. 218 5- 4th Sf- 3706 Lexington Rd- Louisville, Ky. St. Matthews BEAUTIFUL CLEANING WAbash 6640 TAylor 3231 Daily Pickup and Delivery YOUR STORE FOR FABRICS MARSHALL PLANING MILL INC. THE PAINT POT 4053 Westport Rd. Louisville 7, Ky Millwork - Phone TA 0351 A" SUpp"eS Industrial Woolen Products SHOWERS 0'BRYAN'5 SHO, TRAVELING GROCERY Phone: TAylor 7012 3930 Frankfort Avenue Eastwood, Ky. St. Matthews, Ky. Anch. 1905-J Compllmenls Compliments of of ORALEA'S COOKIE JAR . RICHEY PHARMACY Corner of Frankfort at Stlltz TA 1923 Lyndon, Ky. EASTWOOD GROCERY 8a HARDWARE "The best in groceries and hardware" We Deliver Eastwood, Ky. Anch. 423 ROADSIDE GROCERY "Best in Feed 81 Groceries" Anch. 492-M EASTWOOD SERVICE STATION Eastwood, Ky. Phone Anch. 800 GORTNEY'S SERVICE STATION First Grade Gas at Cut-Rate Prices "Your Health is our only concern" Complfmenfs sT. MATTHEWS O, APOTHECARY Ray Langston, Registered Pharmacist, owner 307 Wallace Avenue-ln Wallace Center Free Delivery-BElmont 2414 I-Yndonf KY- LEWIS MARKET C0"'P'f"'en'5 f GROCERTES - MEATS - VEGETABLES O Evergreen 81 Old Henry Roads Phone Anchorage 742 Lyndon, Ky. Page One hundred seventy-three Compliments H of Serving . . . ROBERTSON COMPANY, INC. 1315 W' Kentucky St' motorists with dependable petro I Louisville IO, Kentucky Manufacturers of Quality Industrial Finishes leum products since the days of the first horseless-carriage. O Compliments of I MIDP'-ETOWN MANOR STANDARD on COMPANY MOTOR COURT QKENTUCKYJ I I I BANK OF 1owNE PHARMACY I Mlnm.ETowN mghwoy 60 I I HA Good Place Middletown, Ky. Anchorage 876 I To Bank" I Clean - Modern - Complete I LET US HELP YOU SAVE Middletown, Ky. Have Your Doctor Phone Us. Compliments of CASA BOUTIQUE MlDDLETOWN'S NEWEST sl-IOP LILLARD'S NURSERY Phone I62 Page One hundred sevenly-four X61 Q fge' 2 be the yer mark 4301 Page 0 For Nearly Halt A Century BALFOUR "Known wherever there are schools and colleges" Designers and Manufacturers ot America's Finest 0 Class Rings 0 Personal Cards 'Club Pins 0 Dance Bids and Programs 0 Commencement Invitations 0 Diplomas Producers ot EASTERN HIGH SCHOOL RINGS 615 South First Street, Louisville Phone JAckson 8232 Page One l7lUlLl1'E'l1 seventy UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE The Finest Tradition In Education College of Arts and School of Medicine School of Law Graduate School School of Dentistry Since Its Founding In T798 Science Speed Scientific School Division of Adult Education School of Music School ot Social Work School of Business For catalogues and information, write to: THE REGISTRAR, UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE I Louisville 8, Kentucky I I Compliments of l .The Mace To ,Goku DIPPERWELL RESTAURANT , Shelbyville Rd., on U.S, 60 Anchorage 9l3l 1 Thurston Cooke Ford Incorporated Jetfersontown's Newest Drug Store 402i FFGIHIKIOYI Avenue 122 NORTH TAYLORSVILLE ROAD Phone 5-2280 Jefferson! Ky I SALES - SERVICE Compliments of RICHEY PHARMACY , BEImOn1- 4251 LYNDON, KENTUCKY l Phone TWinbrook 3-3441 I USED CARS sslmoni 6491 A FNEND , I ,I Page One lamzdred seventy-Jezfezz 'T TT Y JW mmm' f' 4, Mfuffl0msf4P11lma T I A'aEliN 1' Wzlhash 8421 MARK Cl F Ill LIALIT 131 YW. MAIN ST .... AT THE BRIDGE XSUUTIIERN PRESS, INC. 1 f A ln appreciation: Boosters Placing your name on our well-wisher list has been the greatest pleasure. lt's people like you we won't forgetg remembering is a treasure! To the merchants and The staff and class of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hund Mr. and Mrs. George Jonte Gail and Julian Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Sparks Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Brooks Mr. and Mrs. T, M. Pope A Friend Bob and Dee Mr. and Mrs, Karl Arrington Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Neubauer Wimbish, Goodwin, Scherr, a Mary Gorman Jean Meahl Jimmy and Margie C. Hubbard, D. Heideman, F. Wilder, and A. Hieb Anchorage Pharmacy Stout's Grocery Mrs, J, F. Davis the boosters who have shown themselves true '55 extend a fond "Thank You". Dr. and Mrs. Olof Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Reed Blackwell Dr. and Mrs. J. K. Keyes Pat, Sue Ann, Freddiet and Albert Anne Brasfield Mr. Robert Hope Gaddie Mr. and Mrs. Reed A boy of S.S.C. and C.L.S. Judy Bryson and Betty Beierle Mrs. Ruth T. Pardon nd Scheibel Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Boorman Mrs. L. E. Slattery Mrs. Jessie T. Dickerson Bobbie M. Davis Martha Ann and Dolores Ledford's Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. Horace W, Eagles Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Williams blue Page One l7llIll1'7'6'd seventy-nine wk . inf' ,, 1 ,J 1 Q vwg ' g Si 1, W W ws WI xii in i 11 .wif J ' fic? ' '21 f 'ff7g' ,..f v , This A 1 L ' , , """sx2n'ir'- ie, :Jw W ---- if A - r My- ' .1-' '- -W A Jn-,,, -41 ' an 7 ' ' " 1' 1' N 32' , 1ExMeW' . 1,1 1. 4' 5-? , ,fm - 1112 . ,U v 1 , , :?k'w3'..' YH sf 1 w 1,4 W 1 y W ' ,i A J' 1. 'KL 'Z ,. we 14,3 fy. -Q 1 WH: ' p f f I H ,L -1 E ,.'l, iff. .f- X ., , 'V' ' 'Q , 1 . A , , I . Q 21.1 ,veg H ' eu'-4 . -1 - ' " A' ' si-if ' ,Q Y .VJ an 35-1: 3' ' , ' , f , N!" ,muff f? -my ,ix Us 1 ' 1- 'Q W' 5 J ' QW, ., W 2,5 H .V N:t.,?V ,Q " QQ: ',,,eh,E. 3- ag j iwwiid, 4, x .. ix' , Av' ii -H AT f - 1 if, 1f".'EE' V- W r-f .1-wr 3 xy.: awggf T1"'!"'Q.UE' -- :ff af ,1- X. ,-. N-, 1. w 57 "R-f vgmh X V QT ,. 1 'fieifm - 1' -,:.3f4',,5'jin -dl I-T "Wm GT 'fgfi--115' VM, 1. 1 ' H' qgffaf, f,:f,,'f N' my vgl Uv' M: ff ., 1 ' f V 1132" I ' l.wL'Q, V' ' . -mg' ' 3'?',1,vf 1 - 2254. 3 ,yy .YQ Mrf V ,L -3 'jai- w- A "Au fb M SJ Glffglvffv M W Qwfjwj WW W J M www F zfwffbf N? K? X 4 5 I 2

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