East Washington High School - Pilot Yearbook (Washington, PA)

 - Class of 1950

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Text from Pages 1 - 68 of the 1950 volume:

' ' X 5 1 I e , J o l L ? A r K 1 4 , P V 4 J ff its -I Q r 'I X P ' r N-4 H L s 5 J P s 1 w Q k ,,,:-. AJP. V: -I 1 5 1 , A -. It ',- Um' Alma Maier C719 af' g0Sk Wkdusxjtxnylfon gclwoox 'PQaf5EYx3YofYx'ovx og AYYXL 1CX5Q"'W3iLOJr" 'wx Comffx,emoQcfXKwx K O+x'1E.'R cevixlxaj ol 'Q1Qq?9,g-'55, 6-1 11 W i 3 Q59 1 . Dedzmlzbn It is with great pleasure and pride that the Senior Class of nineteen fifty dedicates its Pilot to Miss Frances P. Garver. In the many years during which she has d . l serve as music instructor at East Washington, Miss Garver has been a conscientious teacher and a ready advisor to all her students. Her cheerfulness and capability as leader of the chorus and choir have won her many friends in those organizations. ' gr ggsgfGarverfsJcoEstant striving fgr perfestion and her insistance on a high N 3 worg ir m er pup s ave eve 11t1 1 they are eternally gratefui. ope qua es n her students for which In recognition of hermunselfish and untiring efforts on behalf of the stude T , , nts ig gig? ggihgrthe Senior Class wisnes to exgress its gratitude and appreciation FD P1'l.1flCq75ll To The Class of l95O i You have now completed another step on the road that will eventually lead to a useful, productive life. Iour ability to go further depe ds on your desire for more education and training. I sincerely hope that such a desire is constantly in your minds and ready for expression. 5. Faculty Frances P. Gaz-ver, A-BJ California State TeaChGFS 00116595 Music. Art- 'Let's sing it again from the beg1nn1ng.' Dorothy P. Foust, A.B,g Indiana State Teachers Collegeg Industrial Arts. 'Sand it down now.N Andrew E. Knestrick, B.Sg Betty A. Stolze, B.S,g M.A., Washington and Jeff- Slippery ROCK State erson CollegegMathmat1c 5. Teachers College? Civics, Physical Education. 'Great day in the morningl' , One more exercise won't hurt you.n Marjorie J. Doak Westminster College,Ex.'47 Secretary 4. Ralph Forquer, B.S.g Univep- sity of Pittsburghg Physical Education, Biology, Football Coach. 'Ne'll win them alll' Faculty Sarah C. Dunn, A.B.g Waynesburg College, Eng- lish, Spanish, Journalism. WDon't eyer be a school teacherfn w11ma Ruth Meloy, A.B-S College of Wooster, English, Spelling, French. H 'You seniors are the worst.. Howard JacK,b.A.g wasnlng ton and Jefferson College Chemistry, Physics, P.0.D .I Consumers' Educstlon, Gen- eral Mathematic s. I 'Great Scottln fe Elisabeth C. B0Oz,A.B.Un1- versity of P1ttsburghgM.A. Washington and Jefferson College, History, Latin. 'You left out the essen- t1a1s.' H J A X .I l . fjlXJQsl.nxQnLi5:FLQ'5LLlJiL,,,ff 4-2:9 N . 5 . Eloise Watson, B.S.g Ind14 ana State Teachers College Home Economics, General Science. I All right, people.' Stewart Scores Again Lounglng at Annawanna Chalk Another One Up For Doak Four Years Makes a Difference l Daniel Boone Wiley Prepares For The Hunt r Robin and Carol I ,Muni Z". 6 2 Q 5 P, film, I Q Z E he XNXXXN-nw' "num 6 6. ,, I VIIIIIW4' A QV' L3 ' 4 . I faj ' ' l f ff fl EEK qu A X xx, N A q ,A Q E I , 4xR.!'f'Qlm A 3 ,3 fy , Q' Alice Poe11ot,Sec'yg Bob Munnell,Presg Bill Doak, V.Presg John Flack,Treas. MTX -1.-.111-. 3 E O R 3 E B I 3 L B R uG8ym8hn o n unBl1L MP: Jack in 0000 tall and7b1ond....nNo brakes tonightU....woman troub1e.... slumps in his chair with legs dang11ng.....s1ow, lanky walk ....star baseball p1ayer..... chugs around in old Ford..... baby sitter for his s1ster.... J E A N N E o Q Biz'-o' Orme J 6 Yr' aa M is-xr M' 0 V, S' 1 3 QQ Q' Q3 ff 'Jeannen....perfect1on1st.... 1' j nHave you seen W1nk1e?'..NAh,u5, Q? Q Gee Wh1zN.....pres1dent of Y-1. -41 fh Teens....qu1et beauty... Miss' "bA Garver's right hand man, Fri- . day...Ph1 Delt sweetheart...J2j ky 6 endured the joys of Trig and. Q Solid Q de 0 -+ Ia' W t P ag 8. A 'Brownieu...doodles on little A Scravsof p8per durinv class- es...star of EW's lady Amazon acrobatlc team,....'H1,there!n ....ch1ef11raftSmanof our Ju- nior dance posters.....Carne- ie Tech dances....Rayman.... avid sportswoman WDonnyn....nYou're headed for the shoen...nLaugh1ng Boyn of E.W...ocu1ar diff1cu1t1es,,,, dancing end man in the quartet .....E.W.'s ace gridiron guard ....long stocking cap.....NOh! bless yodnJEngineer of the fa- mous ha11 nass 'Chalfy'....rare sense of wit ....pABzmember Cto offset future frustration-Phi Lambda Beta S1gmaD...Johnstown trips and letters..co-pilot of this Sing Sing annual..zero second dashes with Sally every morn- ing nMonan....v1vac1oua.....femme fatale of the senior class.. since eighth grade.....nWh8t do ya know?n..always singing the latest rag-time specials ...'48 gold football dangling from,her wr1st...a Pontiac... usually parked in front of the, Clark abode B A R B A R A C H A L F A N T 'BlondieN...M1ss Garver's art course for four years......NI got a letter from Duke todayu ....s1lent soul...NIdpn't known.....talks about brother Jack in Japan....a neat blonde page-boy...very secret concern- ing her love life 4 e i 'Dago'....nThst's n1ce'...fu- ture nurse....'Why sure'..... habitually waits for Mona Lee and Buddy..nHow's your mother?' ...sends forth cries for Mona L69 at varioust1mes...usually in gay sp1r1ts....pretty..... another yatatatatata girl I 4 nCombatu...v1ctor of the Roy- al typewr1ter....has more in- finite disturbing misfortunes and troubles than the average human b61Ug...nG8m6 tonight, Andyu....basketbal1 star..... uclassyn...Saturday nights at the HY' NPattyH.... WHey,Sis In ..rare friendship with s1ster,E11een ....nFor corn saken.....nYour hair looks nice todayn....has troubles with Mr, Jack...came to E.W. last year..yatatatata ....v1vac1ous cheerleader.... cute clothes "'FeZ"...goes "in for the short' h.a1I"'dUo 1 o o onAh.,SU.g3I' ln o 1 o so 0 'You don't sayn......odd1t1es including shaking the head and mumbling s1multaneuus1y...... .....vars1ty football player .....females fall beneath his fQet.....g0od-looking nLizW...av1d knitter...future kindergarten teacher....mult1 shrewd clothes...Jay football and basketball games....th1rd floor pool room...nHonest1ylW :uno Bibrutherooolalways churning around in Buick..... beautiful hands "Salem" . . .uproar,no1se incor- porated at its loudest....un- controlled,never-ending laugh which breaks his face into a million helpless p1eces...en- thusiast of Robin Hood's little red hat......1mpression1st on.. the, football and basketball varsity teams "Foust1e" . . . .collects records, frequent letters from Lard. ...peruna, that cure all drug ..."Oh, noth1ng"....the other May sister, Bell1e...fr1endly HD arguments with Mr. Jack.-. 4:AB?.brother...."Oh excell- ent lu ll. sails "Nut" . . ..-scientific and ma th- ematical m1nd.....always car- rying advertisements of the latest bargains for students to earn money...bus1ness man- ager of this latest'S1ng Sing annual...the sovereign of the ever faithful movie projector "Di-Zeer". . . . . QA Bi brother WJ0hn, stop it pleze !!W... "NO Jive !".....Every tlme she opens her mouth, a frat- ernity song comes out. Ext- remely ticklish .... .Takes great delight in being late ...friend of all... ........ HStuH.....John Mart1n's other ha1f.....ha1ls from Mariana.. ,,,,,0nce pilot of the cloth covered tan station WHSOQ ... H Lead Foot". o 0 0 :HSC lu 0 0 .WCOIHS on Mart1nf1....a1W9 S On Our Y Junior clean-up comm1ttees..so he sa1d.....a true clown nHopN....wh1ms1cal expression when she sm1les...star of the business college.....nI'm not sure, but I think this is r1ghtn.....nI am an Intellect membern CGo-ToHCollege Club? ...curly hair...nI like green sweatersn......... it-" nGarolu....express1ve eyes... Ph1.Delt campus coed....nJ1m' ...twirls bracelet incessant- 1y....nI'm all mixed upn..... devours yearly 755 of the na- tion's pickle crop....qDA B2 cohort...,the other coleditor of there hallowed pages nJenpyH....beaut1ful,1ong,red ha1r...prom1sed women...ep1s- tles from Jack in Japan...ex- cellent in the culinary arts ....makes all her own clothes ....1ong polished fingernails --HI am an Intellect member ...neatness personif1ed..... 'Croonern...B1g Time operator ...nHe just turned greendrfv- ing that car at ninety miles an hourY..Master of the black coupe....'Is it the universal or transm1ss1on?u....cohort of Stu...fr1endly casual persons alitv uEllon...sovere1gn of ih6 P05 convert1ble...nWhBU P9S9?n--' gesticulates enthusiastically ...horn-rimmed glasses---Ph0' tographer of this book's sun- dry snapshots...dr1ves the.. gang around in the Warehouse truck L L I O T T M E Y E R A L E E nGroundhogn...cons1ders women of very minor 1mportance..... Sunday go-to-meetin' best work shirt....nYou a1n't seen the day when you could climb my framen.. long suffering presi- dent of the class every other year since first grade HA11cen....an honorable nG1z- mon....woman of multi abilit- 1es....ch1ef secretary of the Senior Class since nAndy rul- ed daysn......dreamweaver of song.....zealous cheerleader and the team's chief morale raiser....uDeacn..... . WW M7'dI.,D,fW'gi11" or "Rus che1" . . . .church p niw gglj ,bf H, eague star....Amy.....sporty jQiAyvbpiq Z wgwWJjged hat and red jacket...warm ' f i0 qu1etness.....one of the more xggfy E59 handsome members of our class N.MU' WQWWIE' v Q?.....vars1ty football player A g awk ,7vUby' ......nU1d you see the paper' N ej,MyQ 1pf'- i?QfEyjD- .....a comrade of ell p Y W-lag! fi n .iywlbafu efbyjpbfwn . P o 3,,,Dp,,dP'3f?Qf ,gy R -fu fyiifie W I . G I nG L L I A M R U 'Nance'....Nel11e, one of the t3 May s1sters,WWVA schmoes..d1- 5 vides time between Joy and EW E ....nBet men....swamp root... L ocular d1ff1cu1t1es...Qfx Bi, L accomplice in crime...Char11e, our boy in the taleny show...- shingles own head nA1fyn....nJudas Bunson,..Ifve gOt the gol durn crutn..cre- ator of the nMugglesby Mopp- bottom--Alowette Q. Gluenoodle True Stories Ser1es.....pro- F phetic editor of the seniors' R futures.....nAhISorcery Hun A Jackn N E T T ,E R I J V o A H N S L nFranetten....1HHgUid,S0Ph1S' A ticated a1r...amaz1n8 ability T to go steady.....cur1S HP her E lower lip when perturbed..... R green shoes and B-29 airplane p1ns.....worr1ed.frown on her furehead 14.' WMarcelN. nGot your sident of iec-f"C1l.1b a Harvard ...spends dairy bar ette... Hang up, Baltimore trips... .I car GeorgeW?...pre- i the HI am an Intell ...yatatataatatatta man a Q n 0 I multi time in the with cohort Fran- Berts1eu.... 'Bud'...'That's for sure....n had a hard time learning his lines for the Christmas pla ..nG1ad you could be with usz ....gray matter in the upper story.Car usually found at the Clark abode.....sharp knitted argyle socks....capta1n of the basketball team ! E5 Vx' V P A U L T U S T I N , :Y C R A I llc Wt"'X G 1 s 2 f -Qw 'MW'f" "" ! A t 1 fl A Y 1 e M 5? 'V ,y P N Quftfgn 2.x 4,02 do v5 6 f fxvlfdi f X 'V' I l 15. nPau1n......1ncessant1y talks to Jenny.....pol1te, good ns- tured.....beaut1ful wood car- ver.....that vague 100k,,,,,, Mrs. Foust's classes..nI don't kn0wn...always charging up to v111age.....Sunday School pin for at+endance l L n0og1en...used to be an avid chicken ra1ser.....every once in a while does his homework on rolls of paper towels..... nohhhhhaaa3V,1here did you get that 2,'MroK?neoooohBrd love...'Redn....carries amber- shoot in rainy weather 1 'Weedon...tra11 blazer on his motor b1ke...'But,Andy,I lost my algebra bookn...takes fre- quent holidays from his vari- ous math courses...1nd1vidua1 precise vo1ce.....br1ngs the lights for Miss Booz's Xmas trees....the only true Stag in the organization 'TomN....that Bugs Bunny look ....L1ght green Ford stamped with the mark of the red bird popular man about town.....nI was framedn...Ace typerf?J... Chief bf the Red B1rds....ahh hhhhhh.....1aughs impulsively ....a1gebra is his joy W I Q' dffVI'q T '!9 K' pf R H tif W 7' x ' r A K ii QW, T1 ffy C H, E xt,4',Qf,v R fQfC1Qt kd',,,.- 16, 1,1 nB9ttYn OP HSisu...QnI am an Intellectn member....nFor the 10V0 of Miken.....afternoons of her senior year spent in carefree leisure at Murphy'g ....crazy about p1g1ds,,,ghy retiring soul but very inter- esting to know Clam Of 1951 Third Row: Richard Seal, Paul Kirschner, Jack Dunn, Harold' Orum, Bill Dinsmore, Bob Caffrey, Bill Bryant, Paul Kelly, Victor Cohen, Tom Scott Se6ond Row: Peggy McCartney, Nancy Sims, Imogene McDonough, Jane Nichols, Jean Ward, Mary Margaret Coureon, Rena McNair, Arlene Price, Eleanor Pruno First Row: Norma Ackroyd, Dolores Lindley, Doris Lane, Ann Gessner, Annaliifimcsak, Virginia Cronin, Patti Welsh, Dolores Roe, Gloria Campbell, Polly Longdon, Freda Rapport Not pictured: Tom Furbee, Ernest Prumrine xo i Qy - ." T- ,JXW . xff, ,f Qi 'P " N 1 In V 5 I 7 if 5555- L.. T ' X A A Q- 'V - l Imogene McDonough,Sec'y3 Harold Orum,Pres 1 I . "' Jack Dunn,V.Presg Jean Warf1,Treas. 17. Clam Of 195 Fourth Row: Third Row: Second Row: First Row: Fred Berrien, Paul George, Grant Moniger, Chauncey Frazier, Bill Litle Walter Bigler, Tom Mellars Jake Mozina, George McVehil, Bob Paul, Terry McMurray, Bill Fisher, Dick Bowen, Jim Buckles, Stanley Grabiak, Ed Paul, Archie White, George Reese, George Yatsko YFIOTGDCG Miller, Irene Novak, Esther Pessel, Nancy Filer, Mildred Devore, Gladys Crawford, Robin Palmer, Jean McCullough, Marilyn Morrison, Barbara Chase, Dorothy Chester, Doris Wootton, Kathryn Mounts, Carol Cramblet J3thel"McNary, Doris Myers, Eileen Eiduke, Doris Miller, Eileen I Phillips, Gayel Ackroyd, Shirley Seybert, Dorothy Lutes, Joannefwilliams, Wancy Hannon, nonna Williams, Sue McGough Not pictured: Janice Steggles, Elmer Ligget 499 . L L96 ' S jf! X1 1 E filaiia K f 1? lim . N ' " 1lq:l:' n fx 1slg:'Al!g' 7 . X ', '. ll ll ' ., r 5 S Q' u,, 'gag - N , Lv . , .',t' A53 Chauncey Fraz1er,Presg George McVehil,Trcas, . Tom Wellars,V.Pres: Esther Pessel,Sec'y. asc 9 'A 'E I ie. Class Of 195 Fourth RowgJim Boyd, Fred Suwak, Gilbert McDonough, Harold Caldwell,Bob Lane, Pete George, Bob Suwak Third Row: Charles Shepherd, Sam Bungard, John Lash, Bill Arnold, VincentI.uppin9 John Beck, Tom Thomas, Alexander Williams, Bill Kirchner, Bob Fleming ,Second Row: Helen Davidson, Jean Braden, Linda Lee Blayney, Marion Hodgskinson, ' Helen Funk, Martha Johnson, Marilou Jones, Joyce Ramsey, Ann Henry, Joanne Leslie First Row: Betty Beck, Margaret ?aft, Anna Lash, Yvonne Anthony, Nora Martin, Shirley Hixon, Donna McNary, Patty Smith, Janet Lindley, Cathgrine McCartney Not pictured: Elsie Powell cx 1 4 as R' 41? Helen Davidson,Treasg Gilbert McUonough,Presg ' Fred Suwak,V.Pres5 Joyce Ramsey,Secvy' f 19. il Baby 40311 Bro wl4ee mary Elizabeth Fisher 1 Marcella Stargardter Bill Doa' Frunette Riva Nancy Prigg gf fi , -:: Q f,:v W9 QSM, 5 wt-',':f,1:,,,ugf: Q1 Lf .. Niiifeff "Z i' A ii V12 ' i Q W """'41""T:' 3' , 'Q in f, V - ' f iigfgiim E-5 ' 'il Q s g 5:liE,,.jg 1 V 2 Tiff? ' ':- fifr. dl' Li 1' Sk' -M 5 Eff- 17 W ,. " N .2 ffl J' ::9',1' 1'l"f?'fsw',L:si4fi.ssfLsw,111i?h-,'F l'.f,l,j',4f " 21 li" . f, '73 . Zi? iiizif ,225 f " V. In pmimmmimi Zfwnv 2525 . 1 ,wi-,Q g Bud Stewart :At ,ig wwg wigmfg I H L rm , Q gg ws V X X24 ,gag 31 , if wr ' M 2 f Y f 2ffwm-5mw,fgy.2A,w f . ,ms gw ffg- ggi - f - w'mWxAwm?mfswSg Q+i M-. . gmkQWwma -M x N F A mf, 5 XA gig? 'A K qi S 'M l adv! f XX f M ' mf 3. S1 Lx 4 ,gr f vi, , mfjw. M Q 3 ff, uf X S, Q fb i T " , ww '41 X' K M ,A W Q Q S W Weif S- kk Q, 31 g R Sw Sr Q U WY 14 Y W' W-'3G3k?f?Q3?Q?55Q "::'-W' ---- I -?wEiwQ3'xiwymmi??W .-1' Q' ,-,y wwe. H gffm., , J zwiivgkgm v my iiggygggg- 'Y fit me v f ---f--1+-:. I-.5-r has mmm.: zzimsa fm:i1.Si,m,, 'Mg Bill RHSSOLL Carolyn Laeoh go. Pictures Tom Wiley Barbara Chalfant U Xf AV . ' :f ..: Wa Y 4 ' I. fha wfvwiiwf qs Z1 ?xB?1g is ,Elie 5 'Eggs nl KL ' MMMQQQQMEQ 1 E E35 W W QS Sw if ig: 'Sh if 1 4, ' Q KX W Q iz-wgsuiigfa K ,mf Y, H , Q W ,Q 4 .4 91 , .,.. , ,. June Dague Dorothy Foust Hwwwwmwmwi J osawwwqwwmmx John Flack J 6811116 Boyd gqw Ag? flu, o Elizabeth Wootton Bob unnnell 21-' Kona Lee Clark Eighth Grade Characters ,The Eternal Twosome M3.1"C9l p. VVIST Efl will' 512' ?"i3Q'-- 'W V -' 'Q H ' "J F' ,, - D' :M,QQg",3f1g -Kg. - N, CD ' v-5 f 11f?,mg,,:-,ez zkqggaifg . fqggwf fg - gg f V If-f: :gf :wx - , 1 4 ,, ' V Q' A, QLv,. , ,,,,,, Q. ,,,, , . - ,, Q S faeeo VeJ,iQ3 3 4 I , ,::. . Q aw 0 S fr U1 Baseball Season Le mr- Sd gs and Heads Strong Man? -Mr. Forquer Throws it True Devotion 2.2. F Q 5 rf, we NW H .4 EE - - .5 A I 5 lm E "Ulla E E E ' .. 5 gi - 1 4 5 -Q E 1 E A 6:01:58 'sf gxm. NTD' 31 , kj, Q Shop 0. 6 4-Ca 5 S WHS XI Nxuafl 3, --r' ' x ? ' 1. Q 'Q J kiiiy? Home Makerf Nh' 11 N5 . X W L .hw r 'N 01. I , ' -15 if 1 1 .. I A L 4' f 0 4 3 , I 4 Y. ' X' 9, :Q gi' K xii it z f.. 'E " XG! apix N 4 H G12 XD U J R 1, fir! lm xx f-ff M257 Lx I 1 35. Pilorfmjjf X Third Row: Bud Stewart, Mona Lee Clark June Da , , gue, Dorothy Foust, Jane Nichols, Mary Elizabeth Fisher, Mary Margaret Courson, Anna Simscak, Nancy Sims, b Imogene McDonough, Peggy McCartney, Vic Cohen Second Row: Norma Ackroyd, Jenny Longstreath, Mary Kobilic, Dolores Lindley, Polly Longd0H, Freda Rapport, Patty Eiduke, Gloria Campbell, Alice Doellot, Eleanor Bruno, Ann Gessner, Virginia Cronin, Patti Welsh First Row: Dolores Roe, Jean Ward, John Slater, Sally Hannon, Carolyn Leech, Barbara Chalfant, Jean Brownlee, Elliott Meyer, Jarvis Grover, Marcelle Stargardter, Franette Riva, June Crouser .STHFF M Co-editors: Chalfant,LeGCh Business manager: GPOVGT Advertising manager: Hannon Sports editor: Slater. h t h : MQYST ir? Zggigrg: Brownlee, Poellot Ads: Faust, Prige, Fisher, B0Yd,RaPP0ftf Longdon, Clark, vague, 513152 Courson Art: Lindley, Crouser, BFUIIOQ Poellotf Brownlee Wandon C' lfant W - x 1 . iYEg?ggyBOg?GaLeg?g5ke Loigcgieath, Second Row: Jarvis Grover, Elliott Meyer, 1 : ' ' ' M -- John Slater - h 1 gg?ggoui25SiCkgiZigrN1C O S' First Row: Sally Hannon, Jean Brownlee, -' ' .a' -L Sports: Cohen, Slater, Dunn, Stewart, C lolyn eech, Barbara Chalfant Ed'Paul H ' UlCaTtD6y,, Ph to raphy: Roe hard Cronin, P I h O g Camibell,,Gessner, Bryant, Bruno 26. Ji Qhentfmjf Second Row: Vic Cohen, Barbara Chalfant, Dick Call, Jarvis Grover, Pill Bryant, Doris Lane, Stu Horne First Row: Arlene Price, Sally Hannon, Dolores Lindley, Nancy Prigg, Jean Brownlee, Ann Gessner, Imogene McDonough, Polly Longdon. Late news flash 1 East Washington High School condemned unsafe for occup- ancy ! Juicy gossip !! Student seen in public with noted Chemistry teacher ! Well, maybe things like that don't appear in the Orient, but everything of im- portance, whether large or small, does. Poems, stories, news articles, jokes, gossip, sports, and just about everything and anything could be printed in the paper when it goed on sale every two weeks. Some of the better articles even appear in the semi-annual publication called the Osaw. The editorial positions are rotated with each addition of the Orient so each each member of the class will have a chance to Face the various problems of a newspaper career. I i fi: 2 wx 6 V, ad n!! ' wi f i g " -ii 5 N532 ffl . QIEV I . f f? 27.7 V J Gzkflf Charm First Rou: Polly Longdon, Eleanor Bruno, Freda Rapport, Eileen Eiduke, Dolores Roe, Gloria Campbell, Ann Gessner, Virginia Cronin, Patti Welsh, Nancy Prigg, Dorothy Foust, Mary Elizabeth Fisher. Second Row: Alice Poellot, Mona L. Clark, June Dague, Patty Eiduke, Katherine Mounts, Nancy Hannon, Linda Blayney, Joyce Ramsey, Esther Pessel, Irene Novak, Florence Miller, Carol Cramblet, Shirley Hixon. Third Row: Doris Myers, Nancy Filer, Bertha Miller, Jeanne Boyd, Doris Wootton, Jean Ward, Marilyn Morrison, Robin Palmer, Barbara Chase, Jean McCullough, Jean Brownlee, Doris Lane, Betty Beck. First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Norma Ackroyd, Mary Courson, Imogene McDonough, Sue McGough, Carolyn Leech, Sally Hannon, Marcelle Stargardter, Franette Riva Helen Funk, Dorothy Chester, Marilou Jones, Patty Smith. Gayel Ackroyd, Ethel McNary, Donna Williams, Dglqreg Lindley, Mary Kobilic, June Crouser, Levina Nichol, Elsie Powell, Joanne Leslie, Katherine McCartney, Donna McNary, Martha Johnso Nora Martin. Jeanne Braden, Marion50dgakinsonAnn Henry, Joanne Williams, Gladys Crawford, Mildred Devore, Helen Davidson, Janet Lindley, Yvonne Anthony, Shirley Seybert, Dorothy Lutes. 28. ! Il I Glee Club First Row: Polly Longdon, Eleanor Bruno, Imogene McDonough, Nancy Prigg, Dorothy Fousp, Mona Clark, June Dague, Jeanne Boyd, Mary Kobilic, Dolores Lindley, Levina Nichol, Sally Hannon. Second Row: Bob Munnell, Ann Gessner, Alice Poellot, Jean Ward, Jean Brownlee, Carolyn Leech, Marcelle Stargardter, Franette Riva, Bud Stewart. Third Row: Dick Call, Bill Bryant, Paul Fetherlin, John Flack, Craig Wayman, Bill Dinsmore. Trio Levine Nichol, Marcella Stargardter, Alice Poellof, Imouene McDonough, Eleanor Bruno, Polly Longdon, and Accompanist - Jean Ward, 29. Bvyf Chorus First Row: Fred Suwak, James Boyd, Gilbert McDonough, Dick Call Bill Dinsmore B d , , u Stewart, Bob Munnell, Paul Fetherlin, Robert Lane, Bob Suwak. Second Row: Bill Bryant, Bill Litle, Charles Shepherd, Sam Bungard, Vincent Luppino, Bill Doak Chauncey Frazier, John Slater, Alexander Williams. Third Row: Bob Caff ' ' ' rey, Craig Hayman, Tom Wlley, Archie White, Tom Furbee, Grant Moninger, John Flack. Jim Buckels Terry McMurray, Bill Fisher. fiucfeni Council First Row: Bill Dinsmore, Charles Shepherd, Imogene McDonough, Robin Palmer, Jeanne B0Yd, Bud Stewart, Dick Call. Second Row: Wally Bigler, Tom Furbee, Harold Orum, Chauncey Frazier, Bob Munnell, Bill Doak, Gilbert McDonough. 50. - Dem First Row: Polly Longdon, Eleanor Bruno Freda Rapport, Eileen Eiduke, Patty Eiduke, Gloria Campbell Ann Gessner, Virginia Cronin, Patti Welsh, Nancy Prigg, Dorothy Foust, Irene Novak. Second Row: Alice Poellot, Mona Lee Clark, June Dague, Linda Blayney, Joyce Ramsey, Dorothy Lutes, Shirley Seybert, Joanne Williams, Doris Wooten, Elizabeth Wooten, Jean Brownlee, Esther Pessel, Florence Miller. Third Row: Barbara Chalfant, Sally Hannon, Franette Riva, Marcelle Stargardter, Kathryn Mounts, Nancy Hannon, Nancy Sims, Jean Ward, Jeanne Boyd, Mary Elizabeth Fisher, Barbara Chase, Jean McCullough, Robin Palmer. Carol Cramblet. Fourth Row: Sue McGough, MarionHodgsKinson,Jeanne Braden, Helen Funk, Marilou Jones, Martha Johnson, Nancy Filer, Mary Courson, Carolyn Leech. The 1949 - 50 Y-Teens were very active this year under the fine leadership of Mrs. James Doak and Mrs. Jane White. Their total membership was 48. This year the East washington Y-Teens held a meeting every month as well as a monthly joint meeting with all the Y-Teens of Washington. Some of the activities of the year were the annual Candlelight Service, the Halloween Dance, I the Snowflake Frolic, which was the name selected for the Christmas Formalg the Sweetheart Dance, and the Spring Formal. On April 17 the East Washington Y-Teens presented a panel discussion on Teen Age Problems to the Y-Teens of Washington and their parents. Their were 5 students and A parents on the panel. The officers are: President - Jeanne Boydg Vice President - Jean McCullough3 Secretary - Katheriz Mounts, Treasurer-Nancy Hannong and Program Chairman - Robin Palmer. .- , cg- Y 1. f F fi qi i S1 C, 'L - Y ,fl X as - TE' 'ish JV 1 v 31. that Let1:evmemClu19 W N X i Third Row: George Reese Ja k'D , c unn, John Flack, Ed Paul, Stuart Horne, John Slater Tom Wiley, Paul Fetherlin Second Row: Bob Paul, Harold Orum, Wally Bigler, Tom Furbee, Bob Caffrey, Bill Doak, Bill Russell, George Bigler, Jarvis Grover First Row: Dick Call, Bill Bryant, Tom Scott, Sam Bungard, Bill Litle, Bud Stewart Bob Munnell, Craig Wayman, Bill Dinsmore The Lettermen's Club is composed of the boys from the four classes who have earned their school letters b ar y p tici- ipating in a required number of games in baseball, football, or basketball. In order to purchase letter sweaters the Club sold stationery, and held a record dance, 'vfhiah was a success. The sweaters will go to the Senior members of the Club. D ,W f - xx , like M56 Qt Bob Munnel1,V,Presg John Flack,Treas3 kBi1l Doak, Seclys Bud Stewart,Pres. Lz'bm1fyCluI9 , Second Row: Alice Poellot, Fred Suwak, Jack Dunn, John Martin, Bob Vnnnell, A Franette Riva First Row: Nancy Filer, Esther Pessel, Marcelle Stargardter, Imogene McDonough, Dorothy Poust, Nancy Prigg At 101 gtic Aaz'mz'mkimizbn Second Row: Richard Seal, Jim Seybert, Nancy Prigg, Jeanne Boyd, Nancy Filer Malcolm Lightner , First Row: Dorothy Foust, Franette Riva, Barbara Chalfant, Carolyn Leech, Sally Hannon, Nancy Hannon, Shirley Seybert 33. ,lg Img Crew Second Row: Bob Caffrey, Walter Whitcher, Tom Scott, Sam Bungard, Bob Paul , Bill Fisher, Ed Paul, Bill Litle, Bob Fleming, Vincent Luppino, Gilbert McDonough First Row: Jack Dunn, Bill Doak, Dick Call, John Flack, Bob Munnell, Bud Stewart, Jim Seybert, John Slater, Bill Dinsmore G0 To Celleg e Club Second Row: Dolores Roe, Elizabeth Wootton, Jeanne Boyd, Barbara Chalfant,Imogene McDonough, Sally Hannon First Row: Gloria Campbell, Jenny Longstreath, Carolyn Leech, Marcelle Stargardteg Mary Kobilic, Jean Ward 34. J L, s umlmwb sgilllq, EIIIIIIIQ Eli s EU? Exmxs 5 E 5111? ..' i : 5 2 E ' 5 -5 2 5 zllllllbv 5 : m f cg '-ff Lf Ni L3 Z B f7t 1, 1. M Q 4 7' xl- 6 'QAX 9 to ez P ,H-,' : 'L L- FA J .0 -4 V 9- gl 5 7 , K- , 4 I- Z' - 1 rf I Q I f U ag ' :Mb gf f X fa 6 Q2 5 w W ui kj fx L x lpgfx T' N I r , g . . X X 4 X X Q X is Q1 WX fin, Q INN f . 4 fn A 'U num , rf 1' lg fi f 'X M I1 l N ' 1 1 lx xx 3:1 Y x X X V 'X I , u Y I X43 9 . QUE ff X O 1?'?I , l35,l Football First Row: VincentLuppin0JQr., Craig Hayman, John Slater, John Flack, Bob Munnell, Bud Stewart, Bill Russell, Dick Call, Paul Fetherlin, Jack Dunn-Mgr. Second Row: Ralph Foreuer, Tom Scott, Bill Dinsmore, Bob Caffrey, Harold Crum, George Reese, Bill Doak, Ernest Crumrine, Tom Furbee, Bill Litle, bill Bryant. Third Row: Harold Caldwell, Pete George Jake Mozina, Tom Mellars, Walter whitcher, Paul George, Wally Bigler, Paul Kelley, Sam Bungard, Bob Paul, Chauncey Frazier, Bill Kirschner, James Boyd. The Galloping Ghosts of East Washington, under the mentorship of Falph G. Forquer, compiled, in 1949, one of the best records in recent years. with the loss of eight seniors from their 1948 team, the Ghosts were hard pressed but ended the season with a fine record of five wins against three losses. Acclaimed by many as the best game of the year was the East Wash - McDonald tilt which the Spooks dropped by a 27-18 score. Stewart, co-cap- tain and senior quarterback, was nomin- ated to the Washington-Greene County Class B team. Many others made the second team and still others were awarded honorable mention. The Seniors who are leaving this year are: Craig Hayman, Paul Fetherlin, John Slater, John Flack, Bill Russell, Dick Call, Walter Whitcher, Bill Doak, Bob Munnell, and Bud Stewart. Their services will be sorely missed. I ENDS: Fetherlin, Wayman, Litle, Slater, and Mellarsg TACKLES: Russell, Flack, Reese, Bill Kirschnerg GUARDS: Call, Scott, Orum, Bryant, Paul Georgeg CENTERS: Caffrey, Furbee, P. Kirschnerg QUARTERBACKS: Stewart, Boydg HALVES: Munnell, Bigler, Bungard, Kelley, Shepherd, Caldwellg FULLBACKS: Dinsmore, Pete George. V Season's Record E.W... .... 7 O .................. Ellsworth E.W... ...32 7 .... ...Center Township E.W ........ 19 0 .... .... Mt. Morris E.U ........ 16 7 .... .... Richhill E.W. . . .... 6 32 ..... ..... W est Beth E.W... .... 7 33 ..... ..... Avella E.W ........ 18 27 ..... ...Mc Donald EJ! ........ 32 6 .... .... H ickory SZWZU7' Football Sq um' U0OgieH HFGZH NBudN WGroundnog' O fv 43 ffm xx QW n 'e YI Sal m f'V.'eedo" HBi11N 'nDiCku HS1aterU UCombatU 57- L , I Bmfeelball. Second Row: Mr. Forquer, Ass't. Coach, Bud Stewart, Tom Wiley, Bob Caffrey, Bill Dinsmore, Victor Cohen, Mgr., Mr. Grover, Coach First Row: 3eorgi1Reese, Tom Furbee, John Flack, George Bigler, Bill Doak, Bob ' unn For the seventh consecutive year, the 2 ,.f" VQ "Gallopbing Ghosts" of East Washington Q !! y Z Y -5 'I High School have won their section 25 'Q JZ 6 X in the basketball league with a final WWV. iii ? -42 1 tally of 16 wins and 1+ losses. The so ' u hardworking coach of our victorious team J S ' is Arlton G. Grover. The squad is not a tall one, but it makes up for this deficiency in speed and agressiveness. This years team was built around Captain Bud Stewart, Bob SEASON'S RECORD Munnell, Bob Caffrey, Bill Dinsmore, John Flack, Bill Doak, and George Bigler, vet- erans of last year. ... .... .East Wash Midway...... In the reserve, Coach Grover has Tom ........East Wash Waynesburg.. Wiley, George Reese, Tom Furbee, Bill ........East Wash Trinity..... Litle, and Wally Bigler. ........East Wash Donora...... As his assistant Coach, Mr. Grover has ........East Wash Waynesburg.. Ralph Forquer, who is also the head foot- ........East Wash Beaver Falls ball coach. The seniors who will graduate ........East Wash urgettstown June are: Bud Stewart, Bob Munnell, John ........East Wash Chartiers... Flack, George Bigler, Tom Wiley, and Bill ........East Sass geailsville. DOBK. announce as' as ic Oryquoos On March.first, East Washington faces ........East Wash Claysville.. Midway in the first playoff game. The ........East Wash Avella...... game will be played at Dormont High School. ........East Wash West Alex... We wish them all possible success and ........East wash Peters Twp.. long endurance in the tournament. ........East Wash Chartiers... ........East Wash Beallsville. ........East Wash Hickory..... ........East Wash Claysville.. ........East Wash Avella...... 55. .......East Wash West Alex... Bmleetballfta V5 , nsalegnn nGI.Ou-ndhqg N ' "Combat vv 2? 113936 n "Bud'1 HT Omn ngobbyn WC aymanq ' 59 , i Bmeball PQWMPMQEH ,Hi Mia , . ' - 1 f,, ,i,, .mf Q.. . :sf ,,. '5 ., V- :-- ' E 'QS "3,,..g1-gfg-1., ,,- ' 5 .1 i, 'f,5,:, s, , 1. A 255' ,. , , . , "' ' .,-,.,, , ,.. ,,, QQ , . ..., . it h awa ii gg? . . .f .a iring im' ifjwgagm i A 'MQW ,. . .,.,. . ,, L., , M .,l. ..., 4 , ,,, 1 ,kk QL? ,M g A ,, . ,. , , . ., ,... , , . T. B?-29 gggggt 1 , L , ,M . . at ,M W ' ., Wa l-n ..,,., ..,,,,..: gW,.M5 .Ml.,YmWWa .,, .swam , .M.. . .- as gm if 3 S TA 5 ,W wif? mia! ' 'R RNQQ QPESQQQQ it rdf aa N, .33 it fm 3 X aiirqgyi 3 3 Bc mf W ,gg-ff X frm 3 M Q 0 1? 2' hd K J Y gif, 2 aag ,,5f . 4 as ,Sewag e Rx 1, , Gia A. x agiiff . . HE ? PQ if 72 , xi -, QQ Q ' .-ka X in-,gf ' Q Z 2 wH4f?f7i5 13f . K' 'fad " ' '4 . w,'.w, : .. 'Hs ' if 3 51 'T ' . .17 f ia-nf l' .rf-fl E- ' HI .: p -,Wawgaa.vM.iaM.MWa.a was -. Q .-in. mt.- V. -aV-a aMa.s, g A - . ' - k f . :5: ., , l..,: jg3. -E.: :--.. .. aa:-V- j -g U , V, Aw- '-L., -, j,,' Vm, :, .N:,:- 1 fa, -: .:.,,,,L ,.N.,,' .f-2.5.6 mwmaMMwaaa,EMwwxN:amwwwa wmammmwmswislawwamwaw " ' i . 1 ' Q w i 4 - ,- - ? , ' : . ' '- -'-A .. , .. 1, I-Q ,f -, . . f? ffa, 1.--sf ,. ,W M., ff . . , - .W I..--,..f. 2 if L , . gm T T V T maQ,ammHmmaemMmmmmwmmw,, ?wMmwa..simWf ia' aa va - - .M 5.-,gs M .. we ...JM"'., , . . 4, -.wa ,- ,, . . i S. ,, -- If. f , - - -. -- :1'E.54:x,'5'f k -' H V f9.,',, ,'.3, :Ti7:V j5,iQf - fiif L l "Fha, .yi Q.. L' SfQyjYfYTY , 1" A V 1: F-5 sf: 'Val , MES' d "H 'il iffy. . . -f g.. , 5 , fgpiagxgf f , ,awi5:gi4.rsat , -' afwia. 5 5 , :ft H ' ' 5, . T " ' 1. af X ' 'f 'K H -, .- -2 - , -W " ' ' K , .--gr : i ., im,-'iw I - - . U, V N. . ,,3-.j:,,- lg Q61 ,K 'k ,,,j.f':t,-: fl: ' yn "" ,' L ' -, - I -Q Hg f,'t,?i. ', 1 ' Q' ,L -fit ' WL' g. 2,225 zQ,4q,'gfj,,. ', .sf " V ', tm i-W - .xaa,w-, H. sawn . .f pzaawfqvgs.ew W.ww,F 'ftivxm-lfakiiwma. f at .- Liz Qwx ,, ,K Je. "fx . EM 'f ' .f, '. " ,?' '. ' ' 1' ' 6 T" I f wav' , in K- , I K ' ' A f A , " is ju ' ' ' 'W' 'ii-'az'-f-' - . 'W' 1 ,A I 1' s e Third Row: Bud Stewart, Tom Furbee, Chauncey Hoffman, Frank Mozina, Bob Munnell, John Flack Second Row: Mr, Forquer,coach3 Dick Call, Jack Myers, Bill Doak, Bob Caffrey, Ed Paul First Row: Buzz Wilson, mgrg Wally Bigler, Paul Fetherlin, Bill Dinsmore, Bob Paul The East Washington baseball nine opened the 1949 season at Claysville with Bi1lnQgak:pitching. The batting of Bill Dinsmore and Frank Mozina, supported by the other seven, won the game 7-2. The Trinity Hillers were our second opponents in game number two and proved to betoo much.for us as the final score was 25- 6 in favor of the Hillers. Paul Fetherlin was the big batter for E. W. and the pitching was done by Ed Paul and Paul Stater. In the third game the HGhostsW played host to the Washington High School nine and dropped another to the tune of l5-4. Thefpitching was done by Chauncey Hoff- man and Bill Doak, allowing 16 hits for Wash High to five hits for East Wash. Batting stars were Munnell and Doak. East Washington,facadCanonsburg in bout number four to lose again 9-6. Pitch- ing was done by Paul Slater and Ed Paul and Bob Munnell got nine hits. Game number five was another loss for East Wastg this time to Chartiers to th e tune of 12-5. The batting crowns were awardgQ'to Doak and Caffrey, while pitch- ing title went to Paul Slater. East Wash defeated Canonsburg in a return bout with only a small margin:7-6. Chaunoei Hoffman and George Bigler were on the pitching mound. Wash High again proved to be too much for E,W. and defeated us againg this time to the tune of lO-2. Jack Myers batted two out of the three hits and Paul Slater did the pitching. In the eighth game we let another game slide through our hands into the mitts of Trinity and the final score was ll-O. Bill Doak pitched this time. Number nine was another win for theHGhostsU. The conouered team was Claysville and the score was 9-B. Hoffman and Slater pitched. The tenth and final game was lost to Chartiers 20-5. Pitchers were Slater, Hoffman and Ed Paul. The East Washington nine finished in fourth place and is looking foward to a better season in 1950. The team will remain the same with the exception of Paul Slater, Chauncey Hoffman and Frank Mozina, who graduated. 40, Cbeefleaderf 5-,sg Q, .2m'C,a.,Qf5o.,3-WO O TUUCM l MJMW Eleanor Bruno, Eilee Eiduke, Patty Eiduke, Gloria Campbell, 'DQ if o Q Alice Poellot, Freda Rapport, Polly Longdon Llano ? ,Qcmo Maui M .ffm fQ,a-,ooLJ- Q9 Q9LndLJ KLjEZQ2T 6LLL4.LfJL dwg fgjijllld o-AQUA-V-f' iagouwa vcd D 119,-290.4 44.4115 ,ofadwivia QL:--f-J Second Row: HWOl1SiE'7, "Fred.a","P0-f-J-Y" , ' First Row: "Gloria", "Patty", "A11Ce"f "E11een" walul .JLw.JU-J N40 bfi MJ 5.0.1 - A WZ'-fzevaaiikf 1-GPH" PPM, A:l5t:,4.x.-QQ 1" at Q26 o 7' ou Prophecy As I gaze into misty depths arises my second hand crystal ball, the year of 1960 hovers before us. Out of it's the graduating class of 1950. From the latest issue of'VTOTT5liWestern Love Stories' magazine comes the fact that June Crouser has just been voted WMiss Western Cowgirl of l960W. As first prize she was awarded a 60,000 acre ranch in Southwestern Texas. John Martin has just taken over Joe Chitwood's Hell Drivers and has revised the group and now calls it HMartin's Mobile hmrderersn. He has been the AAA champion automobile racer for the past three years. We see from the latest stock reports that uUnited Rice Mills Inc.W, run by Nancy Prigg, has gone up fifteen points in the last forty-eight hours. She has been producing her own rice since her Junior year in high school. Alice Poellot, famous opera singer, and her renowned accompanist, Jeanne Boyd, have recently returned from an eighteen month tour of Europe and the newly formed nation of Texas. The duo has traveled under the un-operatic name of UGarver's Girliesn -so as not to attract attention. Ah hah! What's this? Why it'5 Craig Wayman and John Slater announcing their plans to succeed Norman Thomas and run for president and vice-president, respectively, on the Socialrit ticket. They have held nb ,other political offices, but it is said that they got their start in politics in Mr. Jack's P.O. D. class........Shrewdness at it's peak. In the educational field we see that Marcelle Stargardter has just completed her Spanish Translation of Macbeth. She has previously translated into Greek and Russian such famous books as Tressler's WEnglish in Actionn and that best seller WNight Life of the Godsn......Si, Si, Senor! Also in the educational field, we find that Walter Whitcher, the greatest scientist since Howard Jack, has finally solved Einstein's Theory of Relativity 'and found it to be entirely wrong. Says Walter of the theory, NI knew it all the timeL" Gad, what sorcery! Looking in on Sally Hannon's nJazziest Funeral Parlorn in Eastern Slobbovia, we find that Sally is about to bring back to life her one thousandth corpse. Sally got her start in business one night 'way back in the Fall of 1949. Barbara Chalfant has just finished her tour of South America. She was lecturingon Solid Geometry and its value to the American dollar. The world famous Elliott B. Meyer has added a branch office of his WSecond Hand Diamond Inc.H in London. He has cleaned up a small fortune buying wedding and engagement rings from divorcees and reselling them. Carolyn Leech, Washinqton's version of Katherine Hepburn, has been on Broadway for three years with her own interpretation of the Christmas play that was put on at East Washington in 1949. She has been playing before sell-out crowds. Stuart Horne, that famous driver of the Indianapolis 800, is the first man on record to win the race four times in succession. He now produces his own cars. Jean Brownlee, the noted artist, has been awarded the Nobel Prize in art. She is famous for her blackboard doodlings. Paul Tustin has just stacked away his first million dollars. The proud father of sextuplets, Mr Tustin says, WGadfrey, six more mouths to feedln Thus far he times. fMaternity waiting room, that is.D Who's he married to? has visited the waiting room twelve Why Jenny Longstreath, that Hollywood beauty, of course. . Dick Call, famous architect, has just patented his revolutionary soap box derby racer. He also turns out a large production of Latin ponies. His cohort in business is none other than Bill Russell News has reached us that the Meloygproduced Macbeth cast has been asked to do command performance for the Bob Munnell is defeated only twice attributed to Ralph Mona Lee Clark, King and Queen of England. This play stars John Flack and Mary Elizabeth Fisher. coaching the Pittsburgh Steelers for the tenth straight year. He has been since coming directly from high school to his coaching position. His success if Forquer's WFaith-Fire-Fightn slogan. June Dague, and Elizabeth Wootqn, those famous make-up artists, have signed another contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer calling 31,000,000 a year. They have been in Hollywood for four years now. In our latest addition of NRing Magazinen we find Jarvis Grover fighting for the heavyweight championship of the against Dick Call. world with Bill Doak. Jarvis has been fighting since the church league games fThe editor will accept all bets., Dorothy Faust and Patty Eiduke have discovered e new drug that prohibits the teacher from giving anything but A's to' Mr. Jack. Chemistry and P.O.D. students. The unwilling guinea pig was none other than Tom Wiley has written a book' on how to g'et along with teachers. The book contains only one sentence and I quote, NDon't take any of their subjectsn...... unquote. We see where Frannette Riva and Mary Kobilic have collected their English talents and have willed them to all mankind so that Mrs. Veloy can have a vacation......,....,,. The crystal ball is ciouding but I can barely discern Paul Fetherlin, George Bigler and Bud Stewart huddling about an operating table. who's on it. Uh no! lt's bm,Groverl Now boys, take it easy. The ball is dark now. I see no more. The skips of 1950 has passed in revue. O f C 14155 VW!! We, the graduating class and proper for us to leave, teen hundred and fifty-one. their successors their most Elliott Meyer leaves h1s Bud Stewart wills his pr Avenue to anyone who thinks ,Mona Lee Clark leaves he them. BOYD Munnellgbeq'1iea'thes hi Patty Eiduke leaves her Virginia Longstreath wil of nineteen hundred and fifty, feel that it is fitting as individuals, some remembrance to the class of nine- So with all good intentions the following pass on to treasured possessions. pipe and man of distinction look to HBorisn Orum. operty rights to a piece of curb stone on North Wade he has a chance. r winning ways to the Junior girls, who certainly need s "Sl-lflda-Y b9S'0" ,work shlrts to Deac Dinsmore. position as Senior cheerleader to Freda Rapport. ls her cooking and Sewing abilities to Nancy Sims with the hope that she WHY get as nice a guy as Jenny did. John Martin 199-V95 his UWRECKLESS' driving to Tom Scottg June Crouser wills her q Carolyn Leech leaves her Gessner. Sally Hannon leaves her June Dague wills her "ex ulet ways to Imogene McDonough. accumulation of Jay boys to Virginia Cronin and Ann petiteness to Polly Longdon. cellent" driving ability to Jane Nichols. Alice Poellot leaves her cute figure and singing ability to Mousie Bruno and may she do as well with the Bill Russell leaves his George Bigler and Nancy he can solve them. Franette Riva leaves her success at McNair. Barbara Chalfant.w1l1s her frequent way. Mary Kobllic leaves her m. love for Trinity girls to all the dissatisfied Juniors. Prigg leave all their problems to anyone who thinks business college to Arlene Price and Rena trips to Johnstown to anyone going that secretarial abilities to Patti Welsh. John..FlaCKleaves his "Cassanova" ways to Bobby Caffrey. Paul Fetherlln leaves hi Dick Call leaves his foo Craig Wayman leaves his Tom Wiley wills his spec Paul,Tustin wills his wi s many female companions to anyone who desires one. tball ability to Dick Seal with the best intentions. dancing technique to Tommy Furbee. tacular English recltations to Jackie Dunn. de awake look to Ernie Crumrine. Marcelle Stargardter leaves her great understanding of Senior English to Jean Ward. h V Bill Doakb9QuGathesh1s basketball prowess to the future varsity. Walter Whitcher leaves his ability to get along with Mr. Knestrick to Victor Cohen. John Slater Wi-115 his re Mary Elizabeth Fisher leaves her Shakespearean Jeanne Boyd leaves her ability to go steady to Jean Brownlee wills her Elizabeth,Vootton wills ady wit to the boys in the future spelling class. talent to Doris Lane. Mickey Courson. Simcsak and Dolores Lindley. NormaA0kr0yd. artistic skill to Anna her job at Murphy's to Dorothy Foust leaves her undying love for Mr. Jack to Dolores Roe and Gloria Campbell. Jarvis Grover leaves his job at the Basle Theater to anyone who likes POPCDPD. Stu Horne leaves his chair in the boiler room to Tracy Bryant. We, the Senior Class, be ing part1ally'sound in mind and body do Uerebv-uroclaim this to be our last will and testament. - 3. 2. X,, 45 'i u s Fourth Grade Crew 5:20 Workout Let's Try That Again Mr. Brock and the Essentials Ccbach Gives Orders TYIPGS GiI'18 and an Ice Cream C0116 "Little Johnuand Linda. Lee . .,i,. . I V Don Ace Explains Latest 'Automovile' Wreck Dolly and Oogie Mousle Visits Mrs. Doak oddities of East Wash Mighty Small Fife "Latest Dirt" De East Side Bums Halfback Groundhog uow1e's Little Harem 45. u We Mine Our Own C031 Sbphomore Beauties . Stolen Property Nice Bny Scouts The Mad Women of East Wash The Outdoor Basketball Team Little Angels We 116. uDown the Center' qi e is +..,..,-'f"'21:' y wie-m .g ,: '- f iwW,LlxfN3 , gggwqqaawylflafr p,???2QQQgg1k,2Q2Q -as igQHQawwut'C?rf --,m:fff:Q, -k,:g,i Q V Haw.wxwwR3QHiklfw5 Mickey and Flip Tab NAME Bigler, George Boyd, Jeanne Brownlee, Jean Call, Dick Chalfant, Barbara Clark, Mona Lee Crouser, June Dague, June Doak, Bill, Eiduke, Patty Fetherlin, Paul Fisher, Mary E. Flack, John Foust, Dorothy Grover, Jarvis Hannon, Sally Horne, Stuart Kobilic, Mary Leech, Carolyn Longstreath, Jenny Martin,,John Meyer, Elliott Munnell, Bob Poeiiot, Alice Prigg, Nancy Riya,5Franette Russell, Bill Slater, John Stargardter,Marcelle Stewart, Bud Tustin, Paul Wayman, Craig Whitcher, Walter lla ff fenzbn' CHARACTERISTIC Lanky frame Versatility Good nature Wide grin pneoualled humor Energy Basketball skill Throaty voice Ability to argue Friendliness Deadpan expression Snappy dresser Boisterous laugh Sarcasm Math mind Curly hair Ability to sleep Ready smile Cute Quips Ped hair K iCarefree attitude dboperative Casualness Singing ability Cute'haircut Sophistication True heart Ready wit Superb figure Popularity Manual ability Many girl friends Third grade look PET PEEVE Getting up early Weekends-too short None Objective type test Cheating None Conceited boys College boys Studying Junior girls Girls Untidy characters Effie and Jeannine Dead batteries The whole world Being pushed around by John Slater Women None Underclassmen None Noisy girls Typing class Spanish class 11:00 curfews for basketball players Flat tires Talky people Algebra tests Teachers Sister Coming to school at 8:17 None Women's rights Coming to school Wiley, Tom Dreamy expression Bill Doak Wootton, Elizabeth A Dependability Boys who are late , on dates it g Ch . lk I g? T 'ew ",AlQv J w'rs Zi? ,,' ' f 2 1 1 J fj 4 I"- ' if fm ' - 47, AM ITION To make a million.-- After that ??? Tho knows ??? Missionary Architect Writer None Artist Nurse To find an ambition. Dietitian Mechanical engineer Teacher, and then ?? Minister Hair to return to its natural color. Retired millionaire Female Einstein Telephone business Get out of school Join a men's frat Secretary Get a good job Mgr. of S,A,hMeyer Co. Unmarred footballseason Take a post-graduate course at E. W. Keep on living Make a million by 1955 Go to Westminster Having a winning in- termural team Go to college. After that--Who knoWs?? ' Doctor Doctor Pass an Algebra test Retired billionaire Stay in chorus for a year Get the most out of life vw ez , f?1 V y X-wwgggiikwmm dr' Jumpl Reese ig the Air Night Life at the Y E.W. Scores agaln Junior Hot Dogs Andy and Cohort Ralph 48. I CX 2 Qi Q5 ,K PN DVE RYMXSENEP , ff g M X Nl ,fi if f if My Im , 1 'THE STORE QF MARSHALL DRY 60995 af 'ri-1513 BEST ,wxlrl P1-1915177 S1ML!JWLEL!JS WA 5Hmf5TON'5 LA RQ EST oE.PAR'rME.N'f STUR 3 SE RV I NG. THE i1oMMUN1'rY 5 INC E 1360 Q.fi FETHERLIN QYE Al, QI? Wed Edbfve. Gen ex-GK. 50 sua-wwe Q. 'Phone 16351 C55 SQQZXM fbcin Sh-ad I - , , I I ' ' M Jfxcx ,war Mig mf' Q u-' I X CN P F' C' , nojionoxky HdvEgnS8L"yXgGRg?oR Jj..r:n-.JJ'X..1 SPOQE mann "' Swv-03315, 19 Enix- Qhaehn? Qt f'XMMaX1'wQmsMIn1, eh-.. QQQR 41,1 ew 6 JXA fx I Em Gee QJSXQDNS www s5f3s'r W1 HE QQ FR AZIER SIMPLE X INC. 454 gifxef aafxu s rxa5Qf 'WASHINGTUN ,PENNA TQ THE GLASS 3 STEEL INDUST Rl E S CUNTRACTJNG 3 CQNSULTING ENCWEERT5 51. W. A. L JZI' L E L U .III ES E R 222 HALL AVENUE VxC1X5I'IINCfffUN,?fX. BUILDERS SUPPLIES PHONE 64 HOTEL AULD ES. 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LEIWI PIUXRAMMZY I 4Z4CflECQU ST 'Pl-IONC 2095 .MGNA R Y JEWEL RY 5 'TOR E. 31 NORTH MAIN STREET WASHINGTON, PENNA. .....ijII..I, IOOO FWZ NUS5 TIRE safaxflcz SIEBEZRLNJG mas 7W6mNSTON5'Ll' POPULAR YNUETY STORE N Qc. more ffm YGO E550 PRQWUQ 58.8 K dp, nCarolH HNancy ana Joyoen nLinda Lean Hwhat a dfew!n HAndyn WEstherW NBuddiesN HSeein' Double?H 59. ff 1 EN N L, 1,1 XLLV C - 4 ,.- xx .. X 1 K Xx f 1 , L X Y.. L':,f'f 2 MU' 1- ff J' Re"'n'x Q A f ' Ji" A" fx ,-N, fy xx KX? eg, I KELLER THIS YEARBOOK PRINTED VELVATONE-EXCLUSIVE KELLER REFINEMENT OF PHOTO-OFFSET gc BUFFALO ff. I I 'Vs if F vi Q , ix '81 .-Q. Vw

Suggestions in the East Washington High School - Pilot Yearbook (Washington, PA) collection:

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