East Tennessee State University - Buccaneer Yearbook (Johnson City, TN)

 - Class of 1978

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East Tennessee State University - Buccaneer Yearbook (Johnson City, TN) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 379
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versfly; M N , 1*)7I, Emory University. HOUCHLAND. Arthur [ , (1M71), AssislanI Professor- Health S lences, B A , IMSB, State University o( Iowa; MS, 19fc4. Brig- hjm YounK UniverMlv. Ph.L) , IM7S, University ot South Dakota. HUAN(., Thomas T. (11711. Assix late Prolessor-Chemistry, BS, l**)!. Njlioiial Taiwan University, M A , t4M. tasi Tennes- see Stale UfiiviT»ity, Ph D . l ' t» > S. University lit Illinois HUCHtS, Thomas M., OtJi), Associate Professor- Politnal Vience, B A, ISbl. and MA., ISbb, St Marys ot San Antonio. Ph [) , 1971, University of Arizona HUMPHRVS, Baiiura R, (1%2|, Professor-Business Education; BBA, I ' f./, and MB.t , IMbl, North Texas State University; fifO. IM70, University ot Tennessee ffUNI, Delori-s M,, (tSfaf). Instrui tor - Physu jl Edurafton. As- sistant Director. Kingsport University ( enter, B S , l ' « > 8. Auburn fJnivcrsity, M Ed . ISbS, and U A., 1976. Middle Tennessee Stale University HUNTER. Harold I.. (1976). Assistant Prolessor-Speech; B.S. in Ed, fftJ, Edinboro Slate College; ME A., 1970, Ohio UniverMty. HVDER, Carroll R.. (1971|. Associate Prolessor-lndustnal Edu- cation; B S . lib?, and M.A.. lSb7. East Tennessee State Univer- sity; Ph.D.. 1971. Ohio Stale University. IGLAR, Alfx ' rt F., (1970). Associate Professor-Environmental Health, B S„ 19 ,1, Carnegie-Melton Unnersily; M,P.H,. I9f*, and Ph U , 1970, Univt^ity of Minnesota IKENBERRY, Roy D, |1969|, Associate Professor-Biology; B.S., 19b2, Eastern New Mexico University, .MS., 19M. Texas Tech University; Ph.D , 19b9, University of (Jklahoma. ISBELL. Rebecca I.. (1975). Instructor-Education; BS., 1964. University of Tennessee; M.A.. 1973, East Tennessee State UniversilY, lABlONSKI, T Henry, |r.. (1966), Associate Professor-Math- ematics; B S, 1961. Maryville College; M.A.. 1%5, George Pea- bcx^ College for Teachers; M.P.H.. 1%6, University of North Carolina lENKINS, Roger, (1976), Assistant Professor- Business Adminis- tralion, BS., 1968. Berea College; MB. A., 1970. East Tennessee State University; Ph D , 1976, Ohio Slate University, lERNICAN, Robert H,, (1976), Clinical Assistant Professor- Family Practice Internal Medicine, B,5.. 1947. and M.D„ 1950. Tulane University, lOHNSON, Dan M.. (1976), AssislanI Professor- Biology; BS,. 1965, Emory and Henry College; M.S., 1%7, and Ph.D.. 1969, Michigan State Universify. lOHNSON. (.eorge W., (1970). Associate Professor-Psychol- ogy; BS. 195B, and MS.. 1966. University of Tennessee; Ph.D . 1971. University of Georgia. lOHNSON, Harold K., (1956), Associate Professor- Bursar; B S,. 1949, and M.A-. 1954, East Tennessee State Unisersity. )OHNSC)N, lean R , (1976), Unl^ersl^ School Instructor-Mafh- emalics, A B, l ' M7. Shorter College; M,A„ 1951. Peabody Col- lege for Teachers. lOHNSON. Rothelle H.. (1976), Assistant Professor-Associate Degree Nursing; B.S.N., 1959. and M N., 1969, Emory University lOHNSON, Stanford H, (1957), Associate Prolessor-Direclor, Computer Services, B.S., fMH, East Tennessee State University; MA-, 1951, tieorge Peabody College tor Teachers. lOHNSION, ludith E, (1970), Asscxiate Professor-Physical Education, B S., 1959, and M.Ed., 1967, .Murray Slate University, Ed.D, 1970, lemple University lONES, Omald R,, (1961), Professor-Psychology; B.S., 1959, MS.. 1960. and Ed.D.. 1964, University of Tennessee. lONES, George W.. (1975). Assistant Professor- Music; B.M.E,. 1966, and MM., 1975, North Texas Slate University. lONES, leanne E., (1964). University School Instructor-Social studies; BS.. 1954. and MA,, 1963. East Tennessee Slate L;niversity. lONES, Lawrence W., (1959), University School Assistant Pro- fessor-Science; B.S., 1*19, Milhgan College; M.Ed., 1959, Uni- versity ot lexas. lOSElStJN, Maunce L. (1976), Associate Professor-Special Education, B A , 1965. and MS. 1966, AcJelphi University; Ph.D., UniveiMty ol Flonda. 1970 lOY, Flora F , (1967), Associate Prolessor-Reading lalKiralory and Clinic, B.S., 1961. and M.A , I%7. East Tennessee Stale Uni- versity; Ed D , 1972. University ol Tennessee. lOYCE. Thomas A.. (1970). Instructor-Physical Education. Di- rectcw ot Intramurals; B.S.. 1965. Florida State University; .M.A., 1970, East Tenness«?e Stale University. IcEHLER, George B., (1959). Professor-Music; B.A.. 1937, lunior Cisllcge at Vac, Hungary; B M . 1941. and MM., 1944. Royal Hungarian State Conservatory of Music, Budapest; Ph.D.. 1941. University o( Budapest KELLY, Ben Riley. (1975), Associate Professor-Special Educa- tion, B A . I ' t64, University ot Florida, MS., 1968, Florida State UniverMty, Ph (3 , 1971. Case Western Reserve University KENNEDY Billy )., (1970), Assistant Professor-Scxial Services; B S , 1957 Bethel College; MA, 1959. George Peabcxly College tor leachers KERLIY Ivndell M, (l%7). Assistant Professor-Mathematics; B S . 191.4. and M.A., 1%5, Appalachian State University KERR, Bernard ).. (1975). Instructor-Health Education; BS. 1171, ETSU; M PH,, 1974, University ol Oklahoma KETRON, Ruth F , (1972), Assistant Professor-Dental Hygiene; B.S.. 1971 and M.A., 1972, ETSU KEYS, Edith (1958), AssCKiate Professor- Reference Librarian; B.S., 1940, ETSU; MA., 1957, George Peaody College for Teachers. KINSLEY, Richard N , |r , (1968). Professor-Health Sciences; B.A . 1951. Earlham C ollege. MA. 1956, Washington University; Ph.D., 1%2, Purdue University KIRK. Celesta C , (1971). Instructor-Associate Degree Nursing; B.S.N. . 196). Vanderbill Unisersity. KIRKPATRICK, Donna (1974). Instructor-Associate Degrc-e Nursing, BS, 1958, Radford College; B.S.N., 1961, Vanderbill University. KOMPARA. Diane M (1970). Assistant Professor-Social Ser- vices; B A. 1%2. Beloil College; MA.. 1%7. San Diego State College. KOPP, Richard W (1971), Asscxiate Professor-Chairman, Chemistry; B S , 1960, Rutgers University; MS.. 196), Universily of California, Ph D , IKy,, University of Michigan. KOZSUCK, Mildred S., (1968), Assistant Professor-Cataloging Libranan, B S„ 1950, West Liberty State College; MA, 1969. East Tennessee State University. KRAUSE, Mary Lou, (1966). Universily School AssislanI Profes- sor-Fourth Grade; BS . 1957. and MA. 1966, East Tennessee State University. -L- LACEY. Anna E . (1964). Assistant Professor-English; B.S. 1940 and M.A.. f957. East Tennessee State University. LACY. Eric Russell. (1968), Professor-History; B.S. 1955 and MA,. UKjO, East Tennessee Stale University; Ph.D.. 1963. Uni- versity of Georgia. IAMB, lohn P, )r , (1949). Professor-Dean. College of Health, BS, 19(7, East Tennessee State Universily; C P H., 1938, Van- derbill University; MP H , 1949, Yale University. LANE, Thomas D, (1968), Assistant Professor-English; B.A, 1966, University of Texas, MA., 1967 and Ph.D., 1972, Texas Chhstian University. laPEIlA, Robert D-, (1%2), Associate Professor-Music; B.M., 1953 and MM , 1954, Drake University lATTA, Kenneth C, (1975), Assistant Professor-Military; Cap- tain, LJ S Army, Military Science Department; B,B.A. (MGT), 1975, Columbus c;oltege. LAW, Hugh E (1974), Professor-Business Adminstration; BBA., 1952 and M.S., 1953, Baylor University; Ph.D., 1959, Lou- isiana State LJniversity. lAWSCJN, lames E., (1959), Professor-Health Sciences; B.S., 1958 and M.A., 1959, East Tennessee State Universi^; Ph D-, 1967, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University LeCROY, Anne K., (1959), Professor- English, B.A., 1947 and M.A., I ' M*, Bryn Mawr College; Ph.D., 1952, University of Cincinnati, LEGER. Robert G.. (197)). Assistant Professor-Sociology; 8. A., 1968, North Georgia College; M.A.. 1971, and Ph,D,. 1974, Uni- versity of Iowa LEMONS, Karen D., (1976), Instructor-Dental Hygiene; BS, 1975, University of North Carolina. LEONARD, Eva O., (1946), Associate Prolessor-Head Catalog- ing librarian; B.A., 19)6, Emory Henry College; B.S. in L.S.. PHO. George Peabody College for leachers, LEWIS, RoLjert G,, (1%7), Asscxiate Prolessor-Social Services; B S, 1 958, East Tennessee State University; M.S.S.W., 1964, Vir- ginia Commonwealth University. LIGON, C LaVeta, (1964), Associate Professor-Psychology; B.A., 1946, Oklahoma Baptist Universily; M.A.. 1955. Baylor University; Ed S . 1963, Gi ' orge PeabocJy College lor Teachers; Ph.D , 1970, Flonda State Unisersity LINDEMAN, Robert E., (1975), Associate Professor-Famils Practice; Director, Behavioral Sciences Program, A.B, 1957, Midsvest Chnstian Clollege, M.S.. 1966. Ft. Hayes Kansas State College, Ed.D , 1970, Oklahoma State University. LINDLEY, Margaret R., (1971), Univen.itv School Instructor- Home Economics and Dietitian; BS, 1942, University ol Tennessee LIPP, Carol Ann, (1975), Instructor-Dental Hygiene; B.S.D.H., 196). University of Michigan, LIPP, David A,, (1975), Assistant Professor-Business Adminis- tration; B S , 1965 and MBA, 1%7, Ohio Slate Universi^, lODIER, Carsie H , (1963), Assistant Professor- Home Eco- nomics; 8 S , 1940, Milligan College; MA, 1963, East Tennessee State University. LONC;, Charles H,, (1972), Assistant Professor-English; King- sport University Center; B,A , 1960 and MA, 1965, Eastern Michigan Unisersity; Ed.D, 1973, Ball State University. LONIER, Teri-sa L., (1976), Inslnjctor-Art; B F A,, 1974, St. Mary ' s t ollege, ,M F.A.. 1976, Unlversl^ ot Florida. lOWRY. Eleanor H,, (1967), Professor-Chairman, Associate Degree Nursing, B,S., 1962 and M.S., 1964, Emory University. LOWRY, Kermit. jr., (1976), Professor-Acting Chairman, Sur- gery; BA, 1955, Universily of Virginia; M D,, 1959, Emory University. LOYD, lames W., (1959), Profc»ssor-Dean ot Admissions and Retorcis, B.S,, fW. Tennessee Technological University; M A . 1949 and Ed D . 1955. Universi^ ol Kentucky LUCERO, A Alfonso, (1971), Asscxiate Prolessor-Chairman, Business Education; B A , 1961 and MA, 1%5, New Mexico Highlands UniviTsity, Ph.D., 1971, University ol New Mexico. LUDOLF, C^ordon W , (1961), Prolessor-Economics; B.S., 1953 and MA, 1954, East Tennessee State University; Ph D . I%4, Ohio State University, LUNDV, lames D., (1972), lnstructor-.Military, Sergeant Maior, U.S. Army. Rifle Team Coach, Military Science Department LUOMA, Raymond G,. (1967). AssislanI Professor-Accounting; B A,, 1955 and MA.. 1956, Michigan State University, LYIE. Ben F . (1963). Prolessor-Mathematics; B-S,. 1955, Uni- versity of Tennessee; M,A.. 1964, East Tennessee Stale Univer- sity; MS, 1966, University ol Tennessee, Sc D , 1969, New Mex- KO State University. lYlE, Eli/abetti D, (1961), AssisUnt Professor- MalFsemalKs; BS,, 1958 and MA.. 1962. East Tennessee Suie University -M- MctANN. Gary D,. (1975). University Schcx)l Instructor-Pri- mary Grades; BS . 1970. and MAT. 1973. East Tennessee Suie Urwvtrrsity. McCarthy. William L . III. (I976). Inslnjclor-Physical Educa- tion, Assistant BaskettMll Ccjach. B.S,. 1974. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Slate University, McC ()Y, Gc-ne F , (1966), Associate Professor -Health Sciences, B,S,, 1964 and M,A., 1966, East Tennessee Stale Unrversily, M,S,P H., 1969, University of North Carolina MCDONALD. Wdlcam A,. (1961). University School Instructor- Social Studies. B.A., 1950, Universily of ChalUnooga. M.A., 1962. East Tennessee State Universily McCAVOCK. Donald. (1976). Associate Professor-Biology, BS,, 1956 and MA 1958, Middle Tennessee Stale Univi-rsih, Ph,D„ 1%7, University ol Tennessee. McKEE, lames W,. |r,. (1965). Professor-History; B A. 1962. MA. 1964 and Ph.D.. 1966. Mississippi State University McKEE. Thomas Edgar, (1976). Asscxiate Professor-Account- ing; BS. 1969. East Tennessee Stale Universily; MBA, 1973 and Ph D, 1975. Georgia State University, C P A.. Suie ol Ten- nessee and State of North Carolina, 1971 McKINSTRY, Sam W. (1974), AssisUnI Protessor-Polilical Science; B A , 1%2, Westminster College; MA. 1969 and Ph O,, 1974, University of Missoun MclEAN, lames H,, (1976), Professor- Dean, College ol Busi- ness; BS, 1941, Livingston University, MBA., 1948, Universily of Alabama, ID, 1958, Emory University, PhD, 1967, Ohio State University, C.P.A., 1954, State of Georgia, McMAHAN, Elizabeth L, (1971), Professor- Dean, School of Graduate Studies, 8S , 1943, Kearney Stale College, M S PH , 1944, Universily ol North Carolina, Ed O , 1969, Duke University. McMAHAN, Lemuel V, (1974), Inslructor-Heallh Education; B 5, 1949, Applachian Slate University; B.S , 1953, North Caro- lina Slate University; M PH,. 1957. University ol North Carolina. MCPHERSON, Charfeen F, (1974), Instnjc tor- Baccalaureate Degrc-e NuPving, B S,N., 1966, Ohio SUte University MABE, ludith A, (1976), Assistant Professor- Baccalaureate De- gree Nursing, BSN,, 1970, East Tennessee Suie University. M,N„ 1976 Emcxy University. MACKARA. W Fredenck. (1975). Assistant Prolesscx-Econom- ics; A.B.. 1969. Rutgers University; Ph.D,, 1976, Texas A M Univf^rsily, MAHONEY, Patnck, (1977), Instructor-family Practice; B A, 1%9, University of Notre Dame; PhD, 1976, University of Tenners see. MANNING, Ambrose N,, (1948), Professor-English; B.A, 1943, Atlantic Chnstian Coflege, MA., 1947. Universily ol North Caro- lina; Eds, 1955, George Peabcxis College for Teachers; Distin- guished Faculty Member, 1975 MANNING, Mary D , (1948). Assistant Prolessor- English; BA, 1946, and BS. in IS,, 1948, New York Slate College (or Teachers- MAREHIONl, Michael P, (1976), Assistant Professor-Geo- graphy; B A , 1963, Montclair State College; MA, 1968, Louisi- aru State UniversiW, Ph,D., 1971, University of Cincinnati MARKLAND, Mary G, (1966), Instructcx-English, B S„ 1962, and M.A., 1965. East Tennessee State University . MARSHALL. Max L.. (1968). Prolessor-Chairman. Journalism; BS. 19*4. United States Militarv Academy; M.A., 1951, and Ph.D.. 1968. University of .Misscjon. MARTIN. Kenneth Wayne, (1975), lnstmctor-Env«onmental Health, BSE H , 1972, East Tennessee Slate University MATTSON. Joseph B.. (1958). Associate Prolessor-lnduslrul Education; B.S,. 1954. Bemidji SUle CoHege; M > L. 1957. Colo- rado State College. MAUK, Manlyn, (1970), Instructor-Associate Degree Nursing; B S, 1953, Columbia Unisersift MAXEY, lack A,, (1959), Prolesscx-Physical Education; BS , 1950. East Tennessee Stale Unl^ersl^; MA. 1951. George Peab- ody College for Teachers; Ed D,, 1966. Universily of Tennessee, MAYS. George L.. (1975). Instruclor-Scxial Services, B.S.. 1971. University of Tennessee; M.A,, 1975, East Tennessee Suie Ur\iveesily. MAYS, Sue B , (1976), Professor-Chairman, Home Ecorsomics; BS , 1948, Madison College; M Ed , 1167, and Ed,D . 1975, Vir- ginia Polytechnic Institute and State University MEARS, Wilfred Gerald, (1976), Assistant Professor- Music; BS., 1948, Inciiana University ol Pcmnsylvana; M.Ed., 1952, Pennsylvania Stale University; D Ed . 1965, Flonda Stale University, MEHTA. Sharmi R.. (1973). Assistant Professor-Ecooomxs, Kingspon Universily Center; BA,, 1956, Cuparal Univervly; MS, 1965, Oklahoma Stale UniverwN; Ph.D . 1972, Universih csf Tennessee MERCER, Calvin F , (1952), Professor- Business Administralion, Dirc-ci™, Placement Services; B S , 1950, and M A, 1952, Uni- sersift of Kentucky; EdO,, 1962, flonda Stale Universilv. MERRILL, Hany C III, (1969), Prolevsor-English, BA, 1950, MA, 195), and PhD, 1959, University of Tennessee MIDYfTT, Mariorie I, (1966), Assistant Professor-Mathemat- ics; BS, 1947, and MA,. 1948. George Peabcxly College tot Teacfters MIIESKI. Kenneth I, (1971). Associate Professcx-Polilical Science. B A. 1966. Flonda Stale UnivervW; Ph D,. 1971. Uni- versilv ol North Carolina. MIIHORN. Howard Thomas, |r., (1975). Prolessor-Charrman, Physicology; B.S,, 1960. Lincoln Memorial University; Ph.D,. 1964, and M,D.. 1975, Universriy ol Mississippi Medical Center. Faculty Index. i7S

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