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4 M immmM mi mmm ■ Mr BUCCANEER wmmmmmmm as aiaaiiiii siii : sk mm m mmmm mm - : -| i; gy«s»lg gg|g| IIIP ¥; ■HMUMuMMlMk ' ■■ illBIIB as ■fKi MHNHNMHI I MlUg ItMMMi jMpM| JMPMMi i ii s ii«iiil MBk EAST TENNESSEE STATE COLLEGE JOHNSON CITY • TENNESSEE Editor ..— Maxine Cody Business Manager Patti Freeman STATE IS MANY THINGS . THE CLASSES WE ATTEND THE TRADITIONS WE OBSERVE 9 THE PLACES WE LIVE t. ' ■KfES - hr ; ■ ■■ ■HH H SSIpi SSIiii : pM’:i ; i • v " wsaBmm S SKS-i : : ■■:%,. Pf§i|spll THE ACTIVITIES WE ENJOY |r 12 - CL III tfl H tc o 0 . u X h IfMlw fciii® r fA$A OTSsp H mwi S8 - ppp A- ,; ' ' . ' ■ • , I ” 4 ’ AND THE ATTAINMENT OF A GOAL! ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY 17 ' ' i ' : ■ - . y f. ■ ■ ■■ , ■mt.® Gove r no The Governor and the State Board Plan During his first year of administration, Governor Buford Ellington has been a staunch supporter of education. East Tennessee State College can look forward to continued progress because of the combined efforts of Governor Ellington and the State Board of Education. The Governor appoints the State Commissioner of Education and all mem¬ bers of the board. The State Board of Education, headed by Commissioner Joe Morgan, determines such things as campus policies, budgets, and teacher ap¬ pointments. First row: Hon. J. Howard Warf, Mrs. Sam Wilson, Commissioner Joe Morgan, Mrs. Ferdinand Powell. Second row: Hon. Clarence Holwyck, Dr. Norman Frost, Hon. James Williams, Ernest C. Ball, Judge W. R. Landrum, Hon. Edward J. Jennings. 19 The President President Burgin E. Dossett, a man of vision, a gentleman of courage, and a strong believer in progress, has added another year of recog¬ nition to his past ten years of invaluable service to East Tennessee State College. To President Dossett may the student body of East Tennessee State College express its faith in his vision, its respect for his courage and its admiration for his dedicated love for our school. Hi Miss Ella V. Ross, Dean of Women. Dr. Mack P. Davis, Dean of Faculty. The Deans Mr. Calvin Mercer, Dean of Men. Mr. Phillip Thomas, Assistant Dean of Men. 22 Wi " •» « , Mr. William M. Beasley, Dean of Admissions and Mr. Solon Gentry, Assistant Dean of Admissions. Mr. Drury H. Cargill, Director of Public Information. Records. Administrators Dean P. W. Alexander Miss Flora Marie Meredith, Director of Placement. Mr. John A. Clack, Bursar. Mr. Harold Johnson, Assistant Bursar. Arts and Science BIOLOGY First Row: Dr. Frank Barclay, Mr. Eric Herrin, Mr. James E. Lawson, Dr. Herman O ' Dell. Second Row: Mrs. Elizabeth Owings, Mrs. Hilde A. Roesel, Dr. Richard Stevenson, Mr. Phillip M. Thomas. Below: Student examines one of the many plants studied in botany. SOCIOLOGY First Row: Mr. George E. Fox, Dr. Louis E. Nelson. Second Row: Dr. W. R. Rigell, Mr. Emmett Sawyer. Third Row: Dr. D. G. Stout. 24 Right: Students learn good study habits through use of the reading laboratory. ENGLISH First Row: Dr. John Allen, Mrs. Louise H. Beasley, Mr. Willis B. Bible, Miss Christine Burleson, Mr. Thomas Burton, Mrs. Regenia Dalton. Second Row: Miss Margaret Dugger, Mrs. Solon Gentry, Mrs. Allie Lou Gilbreath, Dr. James R. Hodges, Mr. David Hatcher, Miss Mahala Hays. Third Row: Miss Grace Leab, Mrs. Marjorie Lowe, Dr. Jewell McCracken, Mr. Ambrose Manning, Mrs. Larhylia Wood. 25 SPEECH AND DRAMA Left to Right: Mr. Richard C. Brand, Mr. Harold E. Frank, Dr. C. M. Statham. Right: Mr. Frank and Gene Moore work on scenery layout for " The Kids. " Below: Mr. Frank helps student with a demonstration speech. MODERN LANGUAGE Top to Bottom: Miss Elaine Ehrbardt Mr. Edward G. Lodter GEOGRAPHY Above: The globe is helpful in locating strategic geographical positions, First Row: Mr. Robert W. Darling, Miss Marie Harrison. Second Row: Dr. George W. Webb, Mr. Malone Young. HISTORY First Row: Dr. Morton A. Brown, Dr. Robert G. Crawford. Second Row: Dr. Harold H. Dugger, Dr. Edwin T. Greninger. Third Row: Mr. Richter H. Moore, Dr. Frank B. Williams. 27 MATHEMATICS First Row: Mr. T. C. Carson, Miss Velma Cloyd, Dr. Lester C. Hartsell. Second Row: Mr. Ellison C. Jenkins, Mr. Stan¬ ford H. Johnson, Mrs. Joe P. McCormick. Third Row: Mr. Charles W. Wilson. CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS First Row: Mr. Clifford Boyd, Mr. Marvin Dickerson, Mr. A. G. Gray- beal. Second Row: Dr. Laurence Monley, Dr. Frank Newby, Dr. Douglas Nicholson. Third Row: Dr. Robert L. Snell, Mr. Thomas White- head, Dr. Carl S. Woodward. Below: Mr. Darling points out one of the intricate features of the microscope. 28 aa! MUSIC First Row: Miss Elsie Artz, Mr. Wilkse S. Bobbitt, Dr. M. E. Butterfield, Mr. Richard Coolidge, Mrs. Margaret D. Haynes. Second Row: Dr. George Kehler, Mr. R. E. Orner, Miss Anita Roddey, Mrs. Virgil Self, Mrs. Ruth Watts. FINE ARTS Top to Bottom: Dr. John C. Benz, Miss Ruth E. Harris, Miss Margaret Hays, Mr. John M. Steele. JJ 29 Dr. Travis Kirkland, Director Business and Economics ECONOMICS Left to Right: Dr. Woodrow Castle, Dr. Kenneth Spaulding, Mr. William Wilbur. 30 I Above: Mr. Spanabel demonstrates one of the many machines used in Business. } BUSINESS First Row: Dr. Clyde H. Farnsworth, Mr. Solon Gentry, Mrs. Mary Gray, Dr. Edna L. Gregg, Mr. Harold Johnson, Dr. James Loyd. Second Row: Mr. Harold H. Margason, Mr. George Myers, Mr. Karl W. Sharp, Mr. Glenn Spanabel, Miss Margaret Stewart. 31 Education Dr. Scott Honaker, Director First Row: Mrs. Elise D. Barrette, Dr. Clayton L. Carpenter, Mr. Ralph W. Clarke, Dr. R. H. Eliassen, Dr. Emma L. Farrell. Second Row: Dr. Woodrow Flanary, Dr. S. W. Grise, Dr. Fred L. McCune, Mr. Walter Mitchell, Dr. Ruth Ft. Nixon. Third Row: Dr. Leslie K. Patton, Mr. Russell G. Peckens, Dr. Gem K. Taylor. EDUCATION Below: Especially around exam time, the library is one of the busiest places on campus. 32 LIBRARY First Row: Mr. Paul A. Barrette, Mrs. Nelda N. Brooks. Second Row: Miss Eva Leonard, Mrs. Mary Loyd. Third Row: Miss Edith Keys, Mr. Hal H. Smith. I PHYSICAL EDUCATION First Row: Mrs. Frances Benz, Mr. Julian Crocker, Miss Faye Flanagan, Mr. Gilbert E. Hartsell. Second Row: Mr. Ralph Hensley, Miss Kay Kent, Miss Mary Jackson, Dr . Constance Mynatt. Third Row: Mr. Hal Morrison, Mr. L. T. Roberts, Miss Roma Yankee. Below: Mrs. Carmack, performing one of her many duties as the campus nurse. HEALTH First Row: Mrs. Louise Carmack, Mrs. Mary Dickerson. Second Row: Miss Mary L. Gladish, Mrs. Maria B. Hawkins. Third Row: Mr. John P. Lamb, Mr. Jack Martin. Fourth Row: Miss Jessie Moore. 33 HOME ECONOMICS First Row: Mrs. Harryet Black- well, Miss Rachel Eatherly. Second Row: Miss Vivian Rock- wood. Top: Home Economic majors learn that " the way to a man ' s heart is through his stomach. " Left: Student teachers gain v aluable experience at the Training School. TRAINING SCHOOL First Row: Mr. John H. Arrants, Miss Eva Bogart, Mr. George Finchum, Mr. L. T. Greenwell, Mrs. Glenn Hendrick. Second Row: Mrs. Eric Herrin, Mr. Lawrence Jones, Mrs. Elinor McCune, Miss Vella Mae Smith, Mrs. Agnes Yates. 34 f I i Above: ROTC Sponsor Corps drilling at a basketball game. Below: Industrial Art students learn to operate various machines. Flenoy Medley, Sgt. ' Owen P. Moore, Sergeant E. K. Patey, Lt. Col. Robert W. Pedersen, Capt. William T. Rogerson, Sgt. Charles Reeves. Third Row: Capt. Durward F. Williams. INDUSTRIAL ARTS First Row: Sergeant Ralph Atchley, Lt. Col. Leonard C. Barker, Major Daniel J. Blocker, M Sgt. Roy Davis, Jr., Sergeant Wayne E. Hanselman, Sergeant Keith J. Honaker, Capt. George S. Hunnicutt. Second Row: Capt. Albert A. Lamas, Sergeant ROTC First Row: Dr. Robert E. Buxton, Mr. Glenn Jordan. Second Row: Mr. James Mooney, Mr. George Roe. Third Row: Mr. L. D. Wallis, Mr. Milburn Waller. ETSC Staff Mrs. Edna Barnes Mr. R. J. Barnett Mrs. Betty L. Duncan Miss Jane B. Dugger Mrs. Emma Lee Dyer Mrs. Berniece Foster Mrs. Irene T. Fox Mrs. Manold Y. Gentry Mr. Robert E. Gordon Mrs. Ruth Haire Mrs. Madeline Jenkins Mr. Herbert King Mrs. Mildred Kozsuch Mrs. Zella Kyte Mrs. Janice F. Lawyer Miss Ruby Leach Miss Maurine Ledford Mrs. Minnie Lilly Miss Sue Lloyd Father Albert N. Minor Mrs. Reba Minton Mr. Hyder Minton Mrs. Robert Pryor Miss Paula Reece Mrs. Edna Riddick Miss Eva Rupe Mrs. June Smith Mrs. Carolyn Swartz Mrs. Marilyn Tester Mrs. Dorothy Tolley 36 FEATURES 37 Mr. and Miss ETSC The title of Mr. and Miss East Tennessee State College is bestowed upon the boy and girl who the student body feels are the most typical college stu¬ dents. This year the honor goes to two very deserving people, Virginia Denton and Mack Barnes. - Mr. East Tennessee State College Mack Barnes 39 Rosalind Casteel Virginia Denton Senior Pin-Ups 41 Judy Duncan Scotty Beach Joan Kinkead Junior Pin-Ups 43 Faye Vollrath Marthanne Bullock Sandy Nidiffer Sophomore P in-Ups 45 Sylvia Aldridge . I Freshman Pin-Ups Brenda Green Nettie Jane Young 47 Carolyn Robinson MOST INTELLECTUAL Jane Compton and Buddy Farnsworth BEST PERSONALITY Ross Brown and AA 49 Fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl Patsy Fields Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart Susan Cross 50 Sweethearts Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl Janice Kidd Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl Linda Manley 51 52 JTvItal •yi Jf 1L0 0 i §r w Homecoming King and Queen 1 Bill Holdway and Sharon Cox This was Homecoming! Below: Polly Baxter; Frank Day; Patsy Fields; Scott Watson; Bill Holdway, King; Sharon Cox, Queen; Sandy Canfield; Doug Ellis; Sandy Nidiffer; Dave Berry. Ros Casteel Homecoming Chairman Phi Sigma Kappa—First Place Winner Wheelbarrow Derby. Pi Kappa Alpha-Alpha Xi Delta—First Place Winners Bicycle Race. Left: Flour Card Contest. Below: Three-legged Race. Above: The Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, sponsors of All-Sing, present their annual show opening numbers. Above: Lambda Chi Alpha All-Sing Com¬ mittee with the directors of the winning groups. Jim Talley, Gene Lee, Bill Geimer, Phyllis Merritt, Scottie Beach, Jerry Cole, Christine Hawkins, Bill Furches. Left: The climax of All-Sing was selections from " Finian ' s Rainbow " sung by Jerry Cole, Sandy Nidiffer, Bob Mooty, Elizabeth Wash¬ burn, Frank Day, Marthanne Bullock, Ron Smelling and Regina Dalton. All-Sing 56 Below, right: Delta Zeta—Winners of Second Place Small Group. Below: Kappa Delta—Winners of First Place Small Group. Above: Sigma Kappa—Winner of First Place Women ' s Division. I Right: Phi Sigma Kappa—Winner of Men ' s Large and Small Divisions. 57 Above . Alpha Omicron Pi " Oh, Well, That ' s Hell, " First Place, Women ' s Division. Above . Kappa Delta " Way Down In Africa, " Second Place, Women ' s Division. Left; Sigma Phi Epsilon " Maverick Macbeth, " Second Place, Men ' s Division. Above; Lambda Chi Alpha " Westward Ha, " First Place, Men ' s Division. Potpourri 58 Who ' s Who Twenty-one seniors and thirteen juniors were chosen to repre¬ sent East Tennessee State College in the 1960 national publica¬ tion " Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. " Election to Who ' s Who in American Universi¬ ties and Colleges is based on pa rticipation in college extra-curricu¬ lar activities, above- average scholarship, and good character. Belinda Baker Mack Barnes Polly Baxter Brendagail Berry Doris Jane Bolton Jeanette Carmichael Maxine Cody 59 Jane Compton Frank Day Virginia Denton Eleanor Poe Fleenor Lydia Fulkerson Bill Furches Ann Garst 60 Emily Easterly Carol Faber Patti Freeman Catherine Hillon Patsy Fields Joan Honeycutt Charles Humpston 61 Who ' s Who Phyllis Merritt Gerre White Hutton Harrell Phillips Jerry Jarnagin Reuben Pierce Janice Kidd Faye Vollrath 62 Barbara Kindernay Bob Mooty Pat AAcSwain Scott Watson Betty Lou Medlin Robert Welch- 63 Dedication Dr. Clayton L. Carpenter is a friend of all, an ob¬ jective critic of all phases of college life, a man of in¬ sight, and a student ' s idea of an all-round great guy. It is with affection and high esteem that the student body of East Tennessee State College dedicates the 1960 Buccaneer to our friend and professor, Dr. Clayton L. Carpenter. Dr. Carpenter, affectionately known on campus as " Doc, " has by his genial manner, his sincere professional purposes, and his phenomenal understanding of our campus world won himself a permanent place in the hearts of the students of ETSC. Dr. Oayton L. Carpenter 64 GREEKS 65 First Row: Maxine Cody, Reporter; Neta Fuller, Treasurer; Dean Ella V. Ross, Sponsor; Betty Lou Medlin, President; Jerry Jarnagin, Rush Chairman; Nancy Bruce, Second Vice-President. Second Row: Miss Ada Strong, Mrs. Ruth La Chine, Patti -Free¬ man, Scottie Beach, Lydia Fulkerson, Miss Vivian. Rockwood. Third Row: Miss Margaret Dugger, Miss Jessie Moore, Dr. Constance Mynatt, Innis Olinger, Arlene Dockery, Dean Armstrong. The Panhellenic Council The Panhellenic Council of East Tennessee State College is composed of the president of each sorority on the campus as well as two elected representatives from the seven national sororities. The officers of Panhellenic are elected from the group. The presidency is rotated among the seven sororities. This year Betty Lou Medlin served as president, Jerry Jarnagin as first vice-president, Nancy Bruce as second vice-president, Carol Faber as recording secretary, Gail Harmon as corresponding secretary, Neta Fuller as treasurer, Jeanette Carmichael as parliamentarian, Maxine Cody as reporter, and Emily Easterly as co-rush chairman. The main project ' of the group is the new Panhellenic House which will consist of a room for each of the sororities and a commons room for dancing and other social functions. Other activities of the group include the Panhellenic Workshop and the Panhellenic Dance. This year the Panhellenic Dance featured Les Elgart and was one of the most successful dances ever spon¬ sored on the campus. 66 Inter-Fraternity Council The Inter-Fraternity Council of East Tennessee State College is the governing board for the four national social fraternities on this campus. The Council is composed of two members of each fraternity, one being the president of the fraternity. This year Harry Steele served as president, Jon Earl Bell as vice-president, Gene Moore as secretary and John Fletcher as treasurer. The faculty sponsor for the Inter-Fraternity Council is Dean Calvin Mercer. The activities of the group include sponsoring a program to orient freshmen about fraternities, sponsoring an I. F. C. Dance, and sponsoring an inter-fraternity intramural program. This year the intramural program, one of the best ever spon¬ sored by the I. F. C., is characterized by keen interest and com¬ petition. Dean Calvin Mercer, Sponsor Harry Steele, President; Jon Earl Bell, Gene Moore, John Fletcher, Jim Talley, Bill Geimer. ■■■■■I 67 A sheaf of fragrant, purple violets ... an adelphean blue nestled close to a glowing white ... a sacred trust . . . " No standard too high for Alpha Delta Pi " . . . True sister love ... Its founder Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald . . . The first secret society for college women . . . clasped hands . . . All of these spell Alpha Delta Pi—but there are no symbols, thoughts, or words that can capture the feeling of pride that the members of Gamma Phi Chapter have for their sorority. It can best be explained through our motto, with greatest sincerity- " We live for each other. " Above and below: Christmas party for underprivileged children. Alpha Delta Pi wm Above: Alpha Delta Pi Tea. Above: ADII ' s work on Homecoming Float. First Row: Carolyn Anderson, Belinda Baker, Anne Campbell, Clara Canary, Carole Chesney, Sharon Cox, Linda Crookshanks, Diane David, Patsy Deneen. Second Row: Linda Denton, Virginia Denton, Brenda Duncan, Carolyn Farmer, Myrna Fisher, Donna Franks, Carolyn Gash, Carol Ann Geisler, Janice Harbison. Third Row: Carolyn Henry, Joan Honeycutt, Patricia Houston, Ruth Hunley, Julia Jackson, Jerry Jarnagin, Sandra Jones, Martha Kegley, Shirley Keys. Fourth Row: Karen Knight, Joan Lewallen, Beulah Mercer, Linda Ray, Carolyn Robinson, Brenda Scalf, Eve Scutt, Linda Skipworth, Jeannie Steffey. Fifth Row: Suzanne Sudderth, Martha Thompson, Sharon White, Elaine Wilson, Freida Woodard. President Bob Mooty Above: Third place, Homecoming Parade. Below: Miss Patsy Fields, Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl. Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha was founded on November 2, 1909, at Boston Uni¬ versity. Our local chapter, lota Omicron, was chartered on April 14, 1956, after our local fraternity, Phi Beta Chi, had been colonized into Lambda Chi Alpha a year previous to this date. Lambda Chi annually sponsors the Starlight Ball at which the Crescent Girl is chosen. This year at the Ball, Miss Patsy Fields was re-elected to serve as the sweetheart for another year. The highlight of the winter quarter is the Lambda Chi Alpha All-Sing program, which promotes competition among the Greeks in both large and small group musical selections. The program is staged for two nights, with the trophy presentations occurring on the second evening. Lambda Chi was the first fraternity at East Tennessee State College to obtain a fraternity house, as it was purchased in November of 1957. Mrs. Ned Stacy of Johnson City is the housemother. She occupies an apartment in the fraternity house consisting of a sitting room, bedroom, and bath. The house accommodates 30 actives and pledges, and this year the chapter has opened to its members and guests a kitchen and dining room. Lambda Chi Alpha also boasts first place in Potpourri last spring and the third place " Kentucky Falls " homecoming float in this year ' s homecoming parade. lota Omicron Chapter has been active in service projects as it sponsors parties for area orphanages, programs for churches and civic clubs, as well as other off-campus activities. The chapter is greatly benefited by an active alumni association and their faculty sponsor, Mr. Emmett Sawyer. 70 WBKm I Above: “Little Brown Jug " Rush Party. Above: Mrs. Ned Stacy, Lambda Chi Alpha House¬ mother. First Row: Frank Atchison, Jr., Jim Beasley, Kenneth Clarke, Jerry Cole, Gary Cooper, Frank Correll, Frank Cunningham. Second Row: Tommy Davidson, Frank Day, James DeLaney, Eddie DeLozier, Pace Fonville, Billy Furches, William Geimer. Third Row: Robert Grills, Bill Horton, Dick Jennings, Wayne Johnson, William Johnson, Jr., John Kreiner, Millard Mauk. Fourth Row: Bob Mooty, Kenneth Sexton, Jim Stevens, Jim Talley, Joseph Umberger, Tony Villanti, Bill Welch. Fifth Row: Robert Welch, Sidney Wolfenbarger. Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority, founded on the principles of love and friendship, had its beginning at Barnard College, Columbia University, on January 2, 1897. On April 16, 1 955, Alpha Omicron Pi came to the East Tennessee State College campus. The Jacqueminot Rose, the sorority flower, typifies the beauty of the friendship and fraternal associations among the members of Alpha Omicron Pi. Sixty-five active Alpha Omicron Pi chapters in the United States and Canada now enjoy the key purposes of the fraternity: friendship, scholarship, leadership, and service. The sorority activities this year have included first honors in Pot¬ pourri, an " All Greek " tea dance, philanthropic project for needy children in the Kentucky mountains and Christmas gifts of shoes for needy chil¬ dren in a local school. The faculty award has been received by the two Past Presidents of Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority. Alumnae Adviser, Miss Margaret Dugger; Sorority Sponso r, Mrs. Virgil Self; Rush Adviser, Mrs. W. G. Preas; Financial Adviser, Mrs. Oscar Leach, Jr.; President of Corporation Board, Mrs. James Epps, Jr. 72 First Row: Tommi Jean Bare, Nancy Bruce, Justine Burleson, Sandy Canfield, Maxine Cody, Suzanne Cooper, Jane Creasman, Ann Damron. Second Row: Barbara Ann Davis, Gwen Delozier, Carol Deneen, Emily Flora, Helen Freeman, Patti Freeman, Penny Galloway, Mary Gibbs. Third Row: Ruth Gillenwater, Linda Graham, Brenda Greene, Ann Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Carolyn Leatherwood, Susan Lincoln, Judy McNutt. Fourth Row: Phyllis Marlowe, Ruth Alice Mathes, Ellen Ould, Sandra Proffitt, Hope Seal, Sarah Sherwood, JoJo Schroeder, Sue Shuffle. Fifth Row: Martha Nell Smith, Ann Taylor, Nancy Thornburg, Clara Lou Willett, Gail Williams, Jane Williams, Sandra Winter, Janyce Winter. Phi Sigma Kappa Phi Sigma Kappa became a national fraternity in 1873 and was founded at Massachusetts Agriculture College in Boston, Massachusetts. The Zeta Tetetron chapter was initiated at East Tennessee State College on December 12, 1954. Phi Sigma Kappa was the second fraternity on campus to purchase a fraternity house. The house is located at 715 West Maple Street. At present it will house twenty-five men. The fraternity ' s activities include various services to the student body, cooperation with local civic groups and an annual Christmas party for underprivileged children. Participation in campus activities included winning the Wheelbarrow Derby in Homecoming, and first place in the large and small group division of All-Sing. 74 First Row: Paul Bellamy, David Berry, Thomas Bowers, Frank Bryant, Travis Campbell, Darryl Carr, Sherril Coker, James Crain, Jr. Second Row: Lynn Crowe, Charlie Fraley, Richard Gibson, David Harris, David Hawkins, Walter Hetzler, Tommy Hord, Richard Jackson. Third Row: Michael Kitts, Joe McCormick, Myers Massengill, David Mauk, Larry Milhorn, Ron Miller, Gene Moore, Neil Moulton. Fourth Row: Buddy Osborne, Bert Parent, James Ross, Aaron Russ, Herb Seaton, Jimmy Skaggs, Fred Sparks, Thomas Tipton. Fifth Row: Grady Tittle, Jr., Gor¬ man Waddell, Jackie Williams, Doug Zimmerman. Above and right: Alpha Xi Delta Benefit Bridge and Fashion Show. Jeanette Carmichael, President Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Xi Delta was founded in 1893, at Lombard College, Gales¬ burg, Illinois. Gamma Theta Chapter marked its first anniversary on February 4, 1957. The golden quill—the colors, double blue and gold— the pink Killarney rose—these are the outward symbols of Alpha Xi Delta. These symbols bind the Alpha Xi Delta sisters into a circle of lifelong friends. Alpha Xi Delta teaches that friendship can best be taught by service for others. Gamma Theta participates in both local and national phi- lanthropic projects. For the year 1958- 59, Alpha Xi Delta won the Rotary Club Citizen¬ ship trophy awarded for outstanding service to the community and John¬ son City. Alpha Xi Deltas are well represented on campus with the Co-Mem¬ bership chairman of Panhellenic, 5 members selected for " Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges, " " Collegian " editor, " Collegian " society editor, 7 ROTC Sponsors, a Class Pin-up, the Vice-President and three other members of Kappa.Delta- Pi, and the secretary of Pi Kappa Delta. House Parties, the annual Rose Formal, a Halloween party for the underprivileged children, a Christmas party for the children of the Speech and Hearing Clinic, and other formal and informal parties make up the Alpha Xi Delta year. Winning first place in the Homecoming Bike Race, second place in the Homecoming Float Contest, and third place in " Pike ' s Peak " are among Alpha Xi Delta ' s activities. Faculty sponsors are Miss Jessie Moore and Mrs. J. Madison Brooks. 76 Above: Winners of Rotary Club Trophy. Above: Alpha Xi Homecoming Float. First Row: Anna Bess Anderson, Deen Armstrong, Betsy Bachman, Jacqueline Bacon, Dorothy Bennett, Johynne Bowers, Barbara Broad¬ water. Second Row: Jeanette Carmichael, Brenda Cole, Emily Easterly, Yvonne Fisher, Frances Francisco, Jeannie Gibbs, Rosemary Gurley. Third Row: Janice Kidd, Joan Kinkead, Betsy Lamons, Sandra Livings¬ ton, Judith McColgan, Sally McCrary, Patricia McSwain. Fourth Row: Evelyn Maddux, Sharon O ' Dell, Mary Lou Owens, Lynnell Richards, Mary Alice Robinson, Rowena Robinson, Sandra Sams. Fifth Row: Harriet Smith, Harriet Swan, Deanna Weems. Harry Steele, President Above: Pikes admire their calendar. Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha was chartered on the East Tennessee State College campus on May 15, 1955, making it the youngest national fraternity on the campus. Pi Kappa Alpha ' s short history on the State campus has been very eventful. The fraternity is active in all school events, their small group winning first place in All-Sing and their bike relay team winning first place in the Homecoming 5-Mile Bike Race. Pi Kappa Alpha held for the fourth time, " Pike ' s Peak. " This annual event, open to all sororities and this year held during Homecoming, con¬ sists of track events, beauty contests, and this year included a " greasy pig " event. The fraternity successfully initiated a new event to the State College campus with its first annual " Car Smash. " Highlighting the Spring Quarter is the annual dinner dance at which time the Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl is announced. The present Dream Girl is Miss Janice Kidd. 78 Above: First Annual Pi Kappa Alpha Car Smash. First Row: Columbus Anderson, Eugene Bass, Alvin Belcher, Wayne Blackmon, Joe Booth, Joe Caldwell, Eugene Cowan, Bill Cox, Billy Cutshaw. Second Row: Bernard Edwards, Joe Eller, Douglas Ellis, Bill Fleenor, John Fletcher, Don Fox, Tom Hendrix, Oscar Hicks, Jr., Joseph Huntsman. Third Row: Bill Jones, Robert Key, James Kegley, Jr., Sherril Kiker, Dee Reece Lawson, Darryl Leinart, Bill Lester, Michael McMillon, Jack Messer. Fourth Row: Eddie Miller, Bill Oran, Wade Patrick, Jr., Jerry Pease, Thomas Ramey, Joe Ratliff, Joe Savage, W. M. Sells, James Sharp. Fifth Row: Charles Shockley, Harry Steele, Scott Watson, Fontaine Williams, Charles Wornom, Paul Ziegler. Delta Zeta, the largest national sorority in the nation, was founded October 24, 1902, at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. The Delta Eta Chapter was installed at East Tennessee State College on January 28, 1958, thus bringing Delta Zeta ' s collegiate chapter membership to 130. National philanthropies include support of Gallaudet College in Washington, D. C.—college for the deaf—Carville Hospital, where victims of Hansen ' s disease are treated, and the project of supplying hearing aids to handicapped, underprivileged children. Major events for Delta Zeta are the Founder ' s Day Banquet, Delta Zeta Dream Man of the Year Dance, Mother-Daughter Tea, Father- Daughter Dinner, Houseparties, and campus activities. The sorority colors are old rose and vieux green; the flower is the Killarney rose, and the jewel is the Diamond. Delta Zeta ' s Advisory Council: Dr. Constance Mynatt, Miss Pat Henry CCD, Mrs. Ned Stacy. 80 Above: Delta Zetas attend church together. Above: Fun at houseparties. First Row: Mary Bates, Jill Browne, Ann Browning, Nancy Card, Ann Cawthorne, Linda Cook, Libby Dawson, Gwenellen Dik. Second Row: Kay Dillon, Peggy Earhart, Carol Ferris, Cynthia Fox, Clara Gillette, Marcella Glenn, Christine Hawkins, Judy Heaberlin. Third Row: Joyce Jordan, Rosa Lee Kiss, Janet Lavinder, Dorothy Long, Marinita McCorkle, Roselee Marshall, Oneda Mays, Brenda Mills. Fourth Row: Barbara Myers, Barbara Owens, Kathryn Poteet, Janice Powers, Rebecca Stott, Faye Vollrath, Dorothy Waddell, Janelle Walker. Fifth Row: Charlotte West, Patsy Whitson, Bobbi Wilson, Mary Frances lory. President Jon Earl Bell Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity was founded on November 1, 1901, at Richmond College, Richmond, Virginia. Tennessee Gamma Chapter was founded on April 10, 1954, from the local Nu Sigma Alpha Fraternity, becoming the first national fraternity at East Tennessee State College. One of the big events of the year for the fraternity was acquiring a fraternity house. The " Sig Eps " moved into their house, located at 719 West Maple, at the beginning of Winter Quarter. Other events of the year are: the Sweetheart Ball; Diamond Princess Dinner Dance; Hearts and Diamonds Banquet; and the Christmas Party for underprivileged children. The fraternity was also the recipient of the Rotary Club Citizenship Trophy for service to Johnson City and com¬ munity and the I. F. C. Cup for outstanding leadership, scholarship, and service. The " Sig Eps " placed second in last spring ' s Potpourri, captured first place in All-Sing and received first place in the Christmas Float Parade. The Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart is Miss Susan Cross. 82 Above: Sigma Phi Epsilon winner of I. F. C. Trophy. Above: Christmas Party for underprivileged children. First Row: L. D. Ailey, Larry Armstrong, Mack Barnes, Robert Barnett, Glen Baxter, Jr., Jon Earl Bell, Raymond Blevins. Second Row: Kirby Brock, Ross Brown, Darrell Bryan, Jimmy Carmack, Bill Cartwright, Calvin Copp, Gene Dishner. Third Row: Alvin Evans, Clyde Farns¬ worth, Jr., Max Fiskus, Morris Glenn, Thomas Goodin III, James Gose, Bill Holdway. Fourth Row: Lyndon Holloman, John Laughlin, Charles Leonard, Bill Love, William Lyon III, Ruben Pierce, Larry Presswood. Fifth Row: John Price, Edward Ryan, Ron Smalling, Lester Wilson. § Above: KD Dinner Dance—1959, Right: Annual Dagger Party for pledges. President Scotty Beach Gamma Delta Chapter of Kappa Delta Sorority was the first national sorority on the East Tennessee State College Campus. It was installed November 13, 1954. Kappa Delta was founded at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, on October 23, 1897. Our national philanthropic work is with the Crip¬ pled Children ' s Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. For the second consecutive year. Kappa Delta was presented the Panhellenic Cup for her outstanding leadership, scholarship, and service. Our activities this year have included Barnwarming, keeping a nursery in a local church, wining first and second place honors in All- Sing and second place in Potpourri. Our Alumnae .Advisory Board: President, Mrs. W. A. Starritt; Mrs. Ethel Rigell, Mrs. Hugh Nohler, and Mrs. George McDowell. The sorority flower is the White Rose and the colors are Olive Green and Peace White. The motto is TA KALA DIOKOMEN— " Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest. " 84 Above: Kappa Delta Barnwarming. First Row: Polly Baxter, Mitzi Bitner, A larcheta Blair, Sarah Boshears, Camilla Boyer, Kathryn Briggs, Mary Brooskhire, Marthanne Bullock. Second Row: Patricia Cagle, Rosalind Casteel, Linda Cross, Nancy Driskill, Judy Duncan, Patsy Fields, Lydia Fulkerson, Neta Fuller. Third Row: Shirley Graybeal, Suzy Guthrie, Carole Jones, Linda Kelly, Linda Manley, Sandra Meade, Janet Miller, Selwa Mire. Fourth Row: Patsy Misamore, Sandy Nidiffer, Judy Noblin, Beth Silvers, Sharon Smith, Jo Ann Tallman, Loretta Tate, Elizabeth Washburn. Fifth Row: Anna Marie Watts, Joyce Ann Wayland, Patricia Wheeler, Betty Wolfe, Connie Wolfe, Barbara Woolford, Nettie Jane Young. Kappa Kappa Chapter of Phi Mu was installed at East Tennessee State College on March 4, 1955. The fraternity is the second oldest women ' s fraternity, being founded at Wesleyan Woman ' s College in 1852. Campus activities of the sorority include the annual Sadie Hawkins Day Dance, a Fraternity Tea, informal parties, the Spring Dinner Dance, and the annual house party. The group sponsors a Baby-Sitting Service during the Homecoming Football game. The flower of Phi Mu is the Enchantress Carnation. The colors are Rose and White. The Advisory Council: Mrs. Ralph Cross, Mrs. Stanley Black, Mrs. Buddy Price, Mrs. Gene Martin, Mrs. Me I Smith, and Mrs. Star Wood. Our Faculty Advisor is Miss Vivian V. Rockwood. 86 Above: Phi Mu Homecoming Float. Above: Phi Mu ' s and their District President. First Row: Sally Bacon, Drucilla Barlow, Barbara Barrett, Janelle Broyles, Marcella Cooper, Paula Counts, Myrna Davis. Second Row: Arlene Dockery, Jeanette Fox, Linda Freeman, Linda Hitch, Margaret Huddle, Barbara Kindernay, Mary Lonas. Third Row: Mamie McCullah, Helen Mays, Betty Lou Medlin, Jane Nave, Mary Olinger, Peggy Roark, Margaret Robinette. Fourth Row: Jane Turner, Roma Yankee. President Phyllis Merritt Sigma Kappa was founded at Colby College, Waterville, Maine, on November 9, 1874. Gamma Lambda Chapter was installed on East Tennessee State College campus on March 24 and 25, 1956. Area Alumnae colonized the group. Lavender tints and maroon . . . the modest violet . . . the triangle . . . the pearl as our gem . . . the mystic bond . . . " One heart, one way " . . . These will last for only a day, but love will live forever and aye ... in Sigma K. 88 Above: Houseparty during Spring Quarter. First Row: Brendagail Berry, Jeanette Bible, Ruth Ann Blakley, Fredie Bradford, Phyllis Brewer, Maurine Buckley, Audrey Cardwell, Agnes Carter. Second Row: Deanna Coffman, Joan Cress, Norma DeVault, Judy Ely, Carol Faber, Mary Ruth Gilly, Brenda Graybeal, Dorothy Hamilton. Third Row: Kathryn Ikerd, Barbara John, Linda Johnson, Mary Ann Lowe, Jane McMaster, Carolyn Madron, Judy Malone, Ann Marshall. Fourth Row: Elizabeth Mauk, Phyllis Merritt, Mary Patton, Jo Ann Perrin, Ann Pitts, Jean Pollard, Sue Rakes, Earlyn Sams. Fifth Row: Peggy Scott, Nancy Thomas, Patricia Thompson, Anne Wilkinson. I Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi is one of the leading and most prominent fraternities in the professional field. Its purpose is to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity, and the associa¬ tion of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and stu¬ dents of commerce; and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. Major events of the year are the Rose of Delta Sig Ball, tours through surrounding industry, and professional meetings with the leading busi¬ ness executives of East Tennessee. Delta Sigma Pi is very proud of its thousands of outstanding mem¬ bers, many of whom hold top positions in business and education. 90 John Fudge presents membership certificate to first honorary member. Joan Honeycutt, Rose of Delta Sig. First Row: Curtis D. Abel, Lerty Burnette, George " Bill " Captain, James Chandler, Robert Cochran, Joe Collier, Jack Crum. Second Row: Jerry Dykes, Jonathan Fudge, Claude Hawks, David Hensley, Joseph Hessman, Dwight Kilby, Bill Lester. Third Row: Mickey Maust, Gene L. Meade, Joseph Miller, C. E. Mise, Joe Morley, Joel Peterson, Bobby Ratliff. Fourth Row: Charles Richardson, Gene Sams, Thayer Smith, James Swingle, Alton Wallace, Scott Watson, Kyle Wills. Fifth Row: Ralph Yelton. President Bud Leach Above: Mu Delta Kappa Homecoming Float. Mu Delta Kappa Mu Delta Kappa Fraternity, organized on the East Tennessee State campus in 1948, is a professional organization for Industrial Arts majors and minors. Members are accepted by invitation on the basis of their academic work, character, and interest shown in the various phases of Industrial Arts. The primary contributions of Mu Delta Kappa are to serve school and community and to promote more professional minded people in the Industrial Arts field. Although Mu Delta Kappa is a service fraternity, it does not forget the other aspects of college life. Socials and banquets are held each quarter for the members and their guests. The highlights of the year are the initiation banquet and the spring banquet. An annual event sponsored by the fraternity in the spring is Open House. 92 Above: Industrial Art students in work- shop. First Row: George Byers, Hadi Al-Doan, James Hall, Jon Havelock, Bud Leach, Billy Morrison, Quarles O ' Neill, Roy Scroggins, Jr., George Horton, Frank Jackson, Ray Jones. Second Row: Arthur Laws, Douglas Smith, David Tester. Third Row: Frank Tittle. 93 Doris Jane Bolton Delta Omicron Delta Omicron International Music Fraternity was founded at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1909. The fraternity ' s purpose is to inspire closer friendship among music students, develop character and leadership, en¬ courage high scholarship, and stimulate greater growth in the performance and appreciation of good music. Delta Omicron is the only int ernational music fraternity. There are three chapters in Korea. Omicron Zeta Chapter was installed at East Tennessee State College on May 15, 1957, with twelve active members and twelve alumnae. Service projects include sponsoring a " Listening Hour " at the Veterans Administration Center where recorded music is presented twice monthly. The chapter also assists with musical presentations within the Music Department. Two open musicales are presented by the chapter each year and Founder ' s Day is observed on December 13. One musical meeting is held each month at which mem¬ bers perform or hear the performance of music of good quality. The fraternity colors are old rose and pearl gray; the flower is lily of the valley. The motto is " Continually striving we at¬ tain. " First Row: Polly Baxter, Doris Jane Bolton, Marthanne Bullock. Second Row: Deanna Coffman, Joan Cress, Regina Dalton. Third Row: Carol Faber, Ann Garst, J udy Heifer. Fourth Row: Sandy Nidiffer, Pat Thompson. 94 ORGANIZATIONS 95 Jim Ross Vice-President ETSC Student Government Scott Watson President Polly Baxter Secretary-Treasurer Student Government is organized to carry on the general activities of the school. The officers of the United Student Body are elected in the Spring Quarter to take office the following quarter. The Senate and the House of Representatives are the governing bodies of Student Government. The 20 Senators are elected by the student body. All organiza¬ tions are represented in the House of Representatives by their president. At the beginning of the Fall Quarter, the United Student Body Officers sponsor a Leadership Conference for all members of the House and Senate. At this time plans for the year, as well as a yearly calendar of activi¬ ties, are formulated. - Liason Council: Mrs. Allie Lou Gilbreath, Jim Ross, Mack Barnes, Dr. Polly Baxter, Dean Ella V. Ross, Belinda Baker, Mr. T. C. Carson. Fred McCune, Mr. Hal Smith, Scott Watson, President Burgin Dossett, House of Representatives. Front to back, First Row: Barbara Kindernay, Scottie Beach, Tootie Hunley, Patti Freeman, Nancy Balance, June Grubb. Second Row: Marthanne Bullock, Linda Kelly, Jane Compton, Jim Talley, Charles Humpston, Wayne Blackman. Third Row: Winnie Gillespie, Gene Senate. First Row: Carol Faber, Janice Kidd, Dorothy Long, Polly Baxter, Jim Ross, Patsy Fields, Susan Cross, Rosalind Casteel. Second Row: Cowan, Emily Bight, Judy Duncan, Gene Moore, Faye VollraTh, Linda Cooke. Fourth Row: Virginia Denton, Dot Gragg, Nancy Shell, Becky Crawford, Jane Williams, Kathy Bump. Fifth Row: Jon Earl Bell, Jeanette Carmichael, Wanda Fitch, Benny Hatfield. Bob Wilson, Bill Lyons, Harry Steele, Jim Harris, Jeff Laws, Bill Cutshaw, Lerty Burnette, David Mauk. 97 CARTER HALL. First Row: Brenda Duncan, Interdorm Council; Charlotte Edwards, Treasurer; Oneta Mays, Secretary. Second Row: Jewel Dean Thomas, President; Shirley Graybeal, Interdorm Council; Brenda Gantt, Interdorm Council; Sandra Light, Reporter; Pat Cagle, Second Vice-Presi¬ dent; Linda King, First Vice-President. Dormitory Government Student Government in the dormitories—a link be¬ tween the administration and the students. Floor repre¬ sentatives help to keep an uproar to a mild hum. Each dormitory having their own governing body develops a cooperative spirit, better fellowship, and student com¬ patibility. Each dorm is represented in the Interdorm Council. This council discusses problems concerning dormitory life. The dormitories sponsor an open house during High School Day and Homecoming. Varying from cleaning up for room check to all night bull sessions— dorm life is a great part of college life. RITTER HALL. Jim Bowery, President; Charles Helbert, Interdorm Council; Vance Ramsey, Secretary-Treasurer. 98 YOAKLEY HALL. First Row: Yvonne Berry, Second Vice-President; Betty Rutherford, President. Second Row: Rosalind Casteel, First Vice-President; Joyce Leeper, Treasurer; Joan Brooks, Secretary; Nancy Thomas, Interdorm Council; Janice Kidd, Interdorm Council. COOPER HALL. Tootie Hunley, President; Jane Compton, Vice-President; Linda Cook, Social Chair¬ man. STONE HALL. Nancy Thornburg, Treasurer; Pat Thompson, President; Jane Williams, Vice-President; Ann Marshall, Interdorm Council; Elaine Bennett, Interdorm Council; Nancy Driscoll, Reporter. 99 Maxine Cody, Editor 1960 Buccaneer Editor Maxine Cody Business Manager Patti Freeman Organizations Editor Sandy Canfield Sports Editor Buck Honaker Classes Sally McQueary, Brenda Gantt, Ann Rash Index Elizabeth Johnson Cover and Introduction lim Stanin, Jill Browne, Judy Coggin, Sandra Holtzclaw, John Charles. Patti Freeman, Business Manager 100 The Collegian Gary Cooper, Business Manager Jane Compton, Editor Editor-in-Chief —lane Compton Business Manager Gary Cooper Managing Editor Jim Talley Sports Editor Joe Ward Booth Society Editor loan Kinkead Feature Editor Ron Coleman Reporters . Allen Cresswell, Faye Vollrath, Anne Miller Circulation Manager Alvin Evans Circulation Staff Bill Reece, Calvin Copp, Venton B. Shell, Thomas Hall, Willis Grimm, Byron Knight The Collegian is the student newspaper of the col¬ lege. The paper, written and edited entirely by a student staff, is published during the fall, winter, and spring quarters. The purpose of the paper is to get the facts about ideas and events which would be of interest to the student body. 102 ' J M Ron Coleman, Feature Writer Jim Talley, Managing Editor 103 The 1960 ETSC Marching Band, in their new blue and grey uniforms, presented colorful and entertaining half time shows at the football games. The shows were characterized by precision drills by the playing mem¬ bers and twirling exhibitions by the majorettes. Other activities include participating in local parades and playing at basketball parades. The band is under the field direction of Drum Major Jerry Cole. Head Majorette is Miss Bobbie Johnson. Directors of the ETSC band are Mr. Wilkse R. Bobbitt and Mr. Eugene Orner. Left: Mr. Bobbitt and Mr. Orner talk to Drum Major Jerry Cole about a marching maneuver. The ETSC Band 104 First Row: Pat Thompson, Don Stanley, Lynn Ann Tipton, Ann Pitts, Marinita McCorkle, Lynell Richards, Patti Freeman, Deanna Coffman, Martha Luttrell, Sandra Sams. Second Row: Hugh Mcllhany, Carole Onks, Sue Orner, Phyllis Lamons, Abner Richards, Kenneth Clarke, Tom Burleson, Leonard Dryer, Howard Kidder, Wayne Dutton, Gene Lee, Don Davis. Third Row: John Musick, Sara Sherwood, Kathryn Ikerd, Carolyn Carder, Maurine Buckley, Nancy Russell, Charles Montgomery, Ellen Weaver, Bob Mooty, Suzie Cooper ,Sandra Holtzclaw, Gene Jones, Linda Chase, Maudine Benedick, Maxine Cody, Bill Geimer, Calvert Mcllhany, Willis Blevins. Fourth Row: Bill Buttons, Richard Meade, Ron Smalling, Judy Heifer, Sandra Deakins, Carolyn Potter, Fred Harris, Charlie Humpston, Stacy Hart, Jim Horton, Bob Goodwin, Sandra Light, Linda King, Billie Brown, Clarke Davis, Nancy Hilton, George Little. Fifth Row: Jackie Hicks, Danny Raser, Sue Peters, Jimmy Echols, Bill Geisler, Richard Hansford, Sylvia Kiser, Alex Galloway, Ruben Pierce, Dick Jennings, Bill Williams, Evan Moorehouse. 105 Right: Majorettes Frances Fran¬ cisco, Patsy Fields, Shirley Keyes, Polly Baxter, Ada Rogan, Bobbie Johnson, Mary Carole Jessee, Nancy Dockery. M.E.N.C. Seated: Regina Dalton, Zelta Treadway, Judy Heifer, Helen Begley, Mrs. Haynes, Sponsor. Second Row: Charles Humpston, President; Mrs. Self, Sponsor; Howard Kidder, Avery Blevins, Willard Blevins, Brendagail Berry, Shirley McKee, Ann Garst. Third Row: Don Stanley, Deanna Coffman, Herman Hood, Bob Goodwin, Bill Williams. The local student chapter of the Music Educators National Conference sponsors receptions after Senior recitals. The purpose of this organization is to advance music education and membership in music organizations. All students majoring in music education are eligible for membership. The East Tennessee State College Choir is a select group. Members are chosen according to the quality and blend of their voices. Activities include an annual tour, participation in " The Messiah " and visitation programs. College Choir Seated: Regina Dalton, Accompanist. First Row: Ann Marshall, Elaine Bennett, Bill Williams, Brendagail Berry, Joan Cress. Second Row: Sandra Deakins, Pat Thomp¬ son, Ruben Pierce, Lee Starkey, Charles Humpston, Sandy Nidiffer, Phyllis Merritt. Third Ro w: Sue Justice, Sandra Light, Travis Campbell, Jerry Cole, Tommy Elam, Herman Hood, Earlyn Sams, Marthanne Bullock. Fourth Row: Zeta Treadway, Barbara Frick, Dick Jennings, Verl Moody, Ron Smalling, Charles Haynes, Helen Begley. 106 First Row: Carlene West, Regina Dalton, Babs Frick, AAarcheta Blair, Kathryn Ikard, Vola Jean Young, Beth Silvers, Jo Calfee, June Grubb, Marian Jones, Judy Heifer, Linda Morris, Beulah Mercer, Nancy Snod¬ grass, Sandra Proffitt, Sarah Kennedy, Maggie Carden. Second Row: Ann Garst, Rowena Robinson, Ada White, Mary Carole Jessee, Janice Pitts, Christine Hawkins, Joan Cress, Joyce Miller, Zeta Treadway, Marthanne Bullock, Mitzi Bitner, Phyllis Merritt, Ann Marshall, Carolyn Neas, Judy Noblin, Eva Tester, Brendagail Berry. Third Row: Judy Ely, Ann Pitts, Bill Geisler, Jerry Sparrow, Joseph Umberger, Bill Williams, Charles Humpston, Travis Campbell, Charlie Woods, Gene Jones, Reger Solo- man, Polly Baxter, Carolyn Madron, Loretta Tate, Sandra Jones, Sandra Deakins, Sandra Light. Fourth Row: Earlyn Sams, Elizabeth Bunn, Ida Dean, Jim Watkins, Donald Finchum, Vearl Moody, Bill Haynes, Tom Elam, Lee Starkey, Wayne Mulky, Ruben Pierce, Sandy Meade, Nancy Van Huss, Kathrine Wallin, Helen Begley, Shirley McKee, Brenda Greene. Fifth Row: Deanna Coffman, Pat Thompson, Priscilla Bailey, Bill Street, Mike Housley, Walter Hawthorne, Fred Becklehimer, Paul Seay, Frank Day, Carol Gouge, Herman Hood, Dick Jennings, Sandy Nidiffer, Linda Nelson, Elaine Bennett, Sylvia Aldridge, Mary Totri, Cookie Freeman, Sue Shuffle, Alice Steele. The College Glee Club, one of the largest organizations on campus, is open to any student with an acceptable singing voice. It is not even necessary to have a trained voice or to be able to read music. In the Spring Quarter, the Glee Club gave its annual concert and tours of the Tri-Cities Area. Glee Club Club Cervantes, the Spanish Club of East Tennessee State College, is a organization designed to promote better relations between students from the United States and those from Spanish-speaking countries, to furnish oppor¬ tunities for speaking and hearing Spanish, and to acquaint members of the club with the culture and civilization of Spain and the Spanish American countries. Cervantes First Row: Miss Earheart, Lela Neufer, Linda Miller, Betty Hillon, Emily Bight. Second Row: Senora Machado, Julio Sanchez, Catherine Hillon, Minnie Vin¬ son. Third Row: Mike Crumley, Charlie Humpston, Jean Pollard, Barbara Kinder- nay. 107 Central Religious Council First Row: Rhetta Belle Lyle, Dave Berry, Ruth Gillenwater. Second Row: Nancy Russell, Elaine Bennett, the Rev. Carl Wil¬ son, Jimmy Bowman. Third Row: James Perry, Janelle Walker, Bill Phillips, the Rev. Robert Gordon. Fourth Row: Charlene Sane, James Chandler, James Hall, Fred Witty, the Rev. Roland Gabbert. The Central Religious Council is made up of representatives from all religious organizations. The Council sponsors such campus-wide activities as morning and noonday devotions, Religious Emphasis Week, and drives for funds to be used by the World Student Service Fund. Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Union includes all students of Baptist preference. B. S. U. meets weekly for Chirstian fellowship. Activities of the group include noonday devotions and Mid-Winter Retreat. First Row: Helen Mays, Dean Blevins, Martha Royston, Sue Shepherd, Thelma Simerly, Kathryn Wallin. Second Row: Ellen Weaver, Lou Ellen Owens, Barbara Alexander, Sena Ann Wallin, Ann Burke. Third Row: Deanna Bales, Sue Adams, Carolyn Lewis, Rebecca Lafollette. Fourth Row: Linda Holt, Jane Dean, Linda King, Janice Powers, Patsy Strickler, Shirley Bolden, Marcell Maples, Charlotte Edwards, Allen Heatherly, Butch Kidder, Bill Furches. Standing: Bill Phillips, Willis Grimm, Lola Rigsby, Sara Sherwood, Herman Hood, Leroy Arwood, Margarite Glenn, Jo Brooks, Gene Hancock, Fred Witty. 108 Christian Youth Fellowship First Row: Judy Ely, Marthanne Bullock, Harriet Swan, Carolyn Potter, Charlene Sane, Dr. Kenneth Spaulding. Second Row: Barbara Story, Josephine Calfee, Bill Ellington, Bob Dean, Eric Crites, Judy Duncan, Mildred Koysuch. The Christian Youth Fellowship is an organization of students of Christian affiliations. Their program is aimed at inspiration, church-campus relationship, fellowship, and friendliness. Wesley Foundation The Wesley Foundation, consisting of students of the Methodist faith, was organized for Christian fellowship and inspiration. Wesley meets weekly and strives to establish a better relationship between student and local churches. First Row: The Rev. Robert Gordon, Patsy Fields, Nancy Shell, Catherine Hillon, Myers Massengill, Linda Nelson, Doris Jane Bolton, Lulu Toh. Second Row: Bill Reese, Anna Bess Anderson, Judy Nesmith, Barbara Davis, Kay Dillon, Nancy Card. Third Row: Charlotte Barrett, Carolyn Carder, Clara Gillette, Betty Hillon, Ada Heatherly, Reba Ray. Fourth Row: Bob Hale, Montray Layne, Ann Garst, Shirley Morrell. Fifth Row: Jacky Barker, Sarah Miller, Ray Shearin, Janelle Walker. 109 Canterbury Group Morris Glenn, Jim Schroeder, Peggy Houk, Clara Lou Willett, Charlie Wood, Father Albert N. Minor, Barbara Lucas, Marcella Glenn, Chuck Carroll. The Canterbury Group is open to all students who enjoy getting together for informal discussions, programs, and just having fun. The Canterbury House at 807 Lake Street houses all the activities of this group. The house serves as a home for three or four students, the office of the Chaplain, and the chapel in which activities are held throughout the week. Newman Club The Newman Club is an organization for all students of Catholic faith. It strives to bring spiritual unity into college life. First Row: Dave Berry, Mike Crumley, Belinda Baker, Hope Seal, Dr. Monley, Kacy Anwar. Second Row: Duk Man Kim, Linda Kay Miller, Steve Danko, Tommy Bowers, Linda Walters, Clara Canary. Third Row: Lela Neufer, Dennis Crumley, Johnny Danko, Ross Lee Kiss, George Mankel. eyi no First Row: Martha Fox, Helen Carter, Samuel Lewis, John Charles. Second Row: Ann Hixon, Wanda Fitch, Willis Grimm, Barbara Kindernay, Barbara Laws, Emily Easterly. Third Row: Joann Perrin, Catherine Hillon, Doris Jane Bolton, Patti Freeman, Miss Elaine Ehrhardt, Marion Huffine. Fourth Row: Dr. Kenneth Spaulding, Dean Ella V. Ross, Miss Flora Marie Meredith, Mrs. Mary Florence Self, Dorcas Sexton, Dr. Mack P. Davis, Nancy Ballance. Fifth Row: Mr. Ralph Clarke, Counselor; Helen Mays, President; Pat McSwain, Vice-President; Wanda Hill, Secretary; Jo Ann Price, Treasurer. One of the most stimulating organizations on the campus is Kappa Delta Pi, a national fraternity of educators and future educators. Persons in this organization have been honored through a scholastic achievement. The aim of the fraternity is to foster high standards for preparation for teaching. Kappa Delta Pi Association of Childhood Education Membership in the Association of Childhood Education is open to all prospective teachers. Meetings provide prospective teachers with many useful experiences through the use of films, lectures, and discussions. First Row: Phyllis Stubblefield, Earnestine Ross, Nancy Ballance, June Grubb, B. J. Jones. Second Row: Nancy Shell, Ann Carter, Lydia Fulkerson, Mitzi Bitner. Student National Education Association Left o right: Nancy Thomas, Treasurer; Barbara John, Secretary; Charles Knecht, Vice-President; Wanda Fitch, President; Mrs. Nixon, Sponsor. The East Tennessee State College chapter of the SNEA was formerly the Student Teachers Association and became a member of the national organiza¬ tion in 1958. This organization is designed to familiarize student members with the teaching profession. The activities of this group include forming chapters in local high schools, observing National Education Week, attending the state con vention in Nashville, and entertaining visiting educators. 1960 SNEA Members. Below: 112 Math Club Above: Officers of the Math Club ponder over a difficult math problem. Organized at East Tennessee State College in 1953, the Math Club ' s pur¬ pose is to stimulate interest and promote fellowship among majors and minors in mathematics. Program and business meetings are held twice monthly. Several social events are also held during the school year. 113 Home Economics Club First Row: Jo Brown, Vivian Arnett, Wanda Ward, Bock Soon Chang, Rosemary Dixon, Janet Miller, Patsy Fields. Second Row: Mrs. Blackwell, Miss Eatherly, Miss Rockwood, Betty Jean Moore, Kathie Poteet, Gem Thompson, Carolyn Jones, Kay Lester, Clara Gillette, Janice Harbison. Right: President Patsy Fields and Treasurer Wanda Ward admire some of the newest shades in hosiery. Above: Vivian Arnett, Jo Brown, and Janet Miller model some of the clothes that will appear in the group ' s annual fashion show. The Home Economics Club is an affili¬ ate of the American Home Economics Association. The club is open to anyone interested in home economics. The club ' s major event is a fashion show at which year-round fashions are modeled by club members. 114 Student Nurses Left to right: Judy NeSmith, Wanda Jane Hughes, Martha Kegley, Sally Sutton, Elsa Boucher, Helen Norris, Patricia Mae Brown. The Student Nurses ' Organization was formed for those members enrolled in the college nursing program. This organization helps its members to grow professionally. Phi Eta Tau Phi Eta Tau is a professional organization for women students who are majoring or minoring in health and physical education. It promotes correct health concepts and fosters sportsmanship and leadership. First Row: Linda Skipworth, Social Chairman; Tanya Millsaps, Secretary; June Grubb, Treasurer; Betty Rutherford, Vice-President; Dot Gragg, President. Second Row: Judy Thomas, Judy Noblin, Mary Lonas, Alice Vaughn, Joan Larkins, Julia Baldwin, Cookie Freeman, Jan Williams, Anna Marie Watts, Glenna Britts, Geri Rice. Third Row: Sue King, Brenda Gantt, Patsy King, Julie Johnson, Cindy Thomas, Betty Roberts, Sally Bacon, Arlene Dockrey, Gerre Hutton, Julianna Wright, Carolyn Rector, Bobbie Alexander, Barbara Story, Martha Simerly, Thelma Simerly, Phyllis Lamons, Winnie Gillespie. Geology Club First Row: Lucy Wilkerson, Earl Jones, James Perry. Second Row: Mr. Darling, Sponsor; Larry Shahan, President; Don Helton, Nanci Garland, Dorsey Smith, Morris Glenn. Membership in the Geology Club is open to all persons having an inter¬ est in Geology. This group ' s activities include field trips and collecting fossils. American Chemical Society The American Chemical Society is open to all students interested in the field of Chemistry. The main objective of the group is to stimulate an interest in the field of Chemistry through activities and experiments. 5 • » i ■ • « » First Row: Dr. L. E. Monley, Sam Lewis, Frank Howell, Chum Loo Lim. Second Row: Gene Simmons, Bob Hale, George Hamilton, Dean Blevins, Willis Grimm, Sue Rakes. 116 Above: ETSC Young Democrats Club ' s organizational meeting held at the home of Mr. Richter Moore, faculty sponsor. Young Democrats Club Below: D. Bruce Shine (standing), member of the national executive committee of the Student Federation of Young Democratic Clubs of America, chats with a member of the ETSC Young Democrats Club during a visit to the campus organization. Below: 1960 officers of the ETSC Young Democrats Club. Left to right, they include Jerry Semones, president; Ray Ousley, vice-president; Diane Mitchell, secretary; and Dick Pectol, treasurer. 117 First Row: Wendell Messimer; Betty Bailey, Secretary-Treasurer; Larry Rogers, President; Jean Jones, Vice-President; Mr. Robert Peplies; Frank Jackson. Second Row: Mr. Malone Young, Sponsor; George Blankenship, Charles Hardin; Miss Harrison, Sponsor. Gamma The major objective of Gamma Theta Upsilon is to promote interest in geography, and is open to anyone wishing to learn more about the earth; its inhabitants, climatic regions, natural resources, and the economic activities as influenced by geography. ■ ■ • I Upsilon Camera Club The Camera Club of East Tennessee State College promotes skill and interest in photography. All students interested in photography as a profession or as a hobby are welcomed as members. First Row: Scott Watson, Jon Earl Bell, Sherel Kiker, Morris Glenn, James Gose, John Laughlin, Bill Holdway. Second Row: Gene Dishner, Jo Jo Schroeder, Mary Gibbs, Joan Kinkead, Ed Ryan, Ross Brown, Bill Love. Third Row: John Price, Max Fiskus, Buddy Farnsworth, Alvin Evans, Jim Hughes, Dean Blevins, Charlie Fraley, Ronnie Weaver, Doyle Ailey. 118 Alpha Psi Omega First Row: Ron Coleman, Ann Bowles, Bobbie McCloud. Second Row: Ben Hatfield, President; Nancy Campbell, Gene Moore, Bob Wallace, Mr. Frank. Alpha Psi Omega, honor fraternity in dramatics, works in conjunction with the Patchwork Players. A7 embership is by invitation upon outstanding dra¬ matic achievement. Patchwork Players Patchwork Players hold the development of dramatic ability and ap¬ preciation among students as its purpose. The organization presents a three- act play each quarter. First Row: Mary Ann Lowe, Don Dutton, Margie Johnson, Ron Coleman, Don Charles, Benny Hatfield, Barbara Ann McCloud, Gene Moore, Joyce Jordan, Mr. Frank. Second Row: Wayne Mulkey, Peggy Scott, Loretta Tate, Sandra Hendricks, Barbara John, Mary Helvey, Kathy Bump, Suzanne Cooper, Carlene West, Doris Boone, Kathy Helvey. Third Row: Steve Wood, Jim McCloud, Bob Wallace, Lee Starkey, Bob Hale, Charlie Edwards, Dorsey Smith, Fred Bailey, Toby Pennington, Norman Davis. 119 ' fJ0 ' Pi Kappa Delta Left to right: Scott Watson, President; Dot Long; Jon Earl Bell, Vice-President; Janice Kidd, Secretary; Sherel Kiker, Treasurer. Pi Kappa Delta is a National Honorary Speech Fraternity. The Tennessee Gamma Chapter at East Tennessee State College participates in various speaking and debating tournaments held in the surrounding areas. WETS Radio Staff WETS, the campus radio station, was organized for the purpose of bringing to the students on campus radio entertainment. WETS is also designed to offer training to all students who are interested in radio and television or merely interested in working on the staff as a hobby. First Row: Jim Peoples, Mike Cinnamon, Norman Davis, Kathryn Bump, Fred Bailey. Second Row: E. H. Phillips, Ray Hatmaker, Dot Long, Suz¬ anne Cooper, Dee Malone, Kathie Poteet, James White, Steve Wood. The facilities of the station are available to all instructors on campus for use with their classes. There are no re¬ quirements placed upon persons joining the staff, ex¬ cept that they have an interest in radio for this college. Third Row: C. W. Mullins, Charlie Edwards, Clark Quillen, Ben Hatfield, Bob Hale, Jimmy McCloud, Kathyrne Helvey, Loretta Tate, Hugh Methany, Don Dutton. First Row: Charles French. Second Row: Aaron Miller, Lowell Hurst, Lavon Ful¬ mer. Third Row: Charles Weems, Arley Edwards, Scott Watson, Jack Christian, Bill Knisley. Fourth Row: James Barnette, Bill Douthat, Wayne Snodgrass, Russ Bunton, Bill Dingus. Fifth Row: Odell Gray, Robert Graves, Mack Elliott. Stand¬ ing: Charles Fraley. Veterans ' Club The Veterans 7 Club, composed of former members of the various armed services, is one of the largest and most active organizations on State ' s campus. The club wholeheartedly and diligently worked the past year for charita¬ ble events, and they annually support the Kingswood School Orphanage and other equally notable organizations. The Veterans 7 Club was instrumental in promoting the extension of G.l. Benefits by sending out more than 1,000 letters to Universities and Colleges throughout the nation. r Right: Officers: Charlie Weems, Treasurer; Charlie Fraley, Secretary; Bill Knisley, President; Scott Watson, Vice-President. 121 WSBSSm ■■■I w-■■ " WMgm mBSBSm wBm I Above: Young Republicans Don Barnett, Bruce Hurley, Charles Fraley, Tommie Jean Bear, Scott Watson and John Lyle talk with Vice-President Richard Nixon during their trip to Washington. Below: Bruce Hurley and Scott Watson discuss politics with Senator Barry Goldwater. Below: Vice-President Richard Nixon greets President of the Young Republican Club, Charles Fraley. r C 122 First Row: Tom Wright, Don Sams, James Clarke, Wayne Snodgrass, Arby Edwards, Lowell Hurst, Paul Ziegler. Second Row: John Lyle, Lois Ferrell, Nancy Lyle, Becky Crawford, Lela Mize, Betty Bailey, Tommie Jean Bear, Scott Watson. Third Row: Fred Fields, Jerry Litton, Fred Parks, Bill Knisely, Jon Earl Bell, Don Barnett, Tom Ledbetter, Tom Hall, William Smyser. Young Republicans Club The Young Republicans Club is an organization dedicated to students and faculty members who are interested in the Republican Party. Their pur¬ pose is to create interest in politics and government. Left: First Row: Jon Earl Bell, Scott Watson, John Lyle, Lois Ferrell, Charles Fraley. Second Row: Jim Harris, Bill Knisley, Becky Crawford, Lela Mize. Third Row: Jim Barnett, William Smyser, Mr. A. L. Addington, Thomas Hall, Jerry Litton. 123 First Row: Linda Graham, Justine Burleson, Gwynne Cornwell, Janet Garland, Julianna Wright, Judy AAcColgan, Carol Chesney, Mary Totri, Harwood, Betsy Lamons, Ann Ulrich, Cookie Freeman, Jan Williams. Mary Lonas, June Grubb, Judy Noblin, Lydia Fulkerson, Bill Holdway, Second Row: Mrs. Benz, John Danko, Gary Paduch, Dottie Hodges, Judy Yvonne Fisher, Jane Harrison, President. Aquatic Club The Acquatic Club was organized for those who enjoy participation in swimming, diving, and water ballet. During the Winter Quarter, the club presented their annual water show, " Rippling Rhythms. " Kappa Mu Epsilon Kappa Mu Epsilon, honorary Math Fraternity, was recently organized on the East Tennessee State College campus. The group promotes interest in the field of mathematics. F irst Row: Mr. William Bowman, Lewis Waddell, Ann Wilkerson, Catherine Hillon, Bob Hale, Mrs. McCormick. Second Row: Miss Cloyd, Miss Smith, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Murdock, Colonel Linsert. ATHLETICS 125 Winnie Gillespie, Rhetta Bell Lyle, Sharon Cox, Nettie Jane Young, Scottie Beach, Mary Liz Chambers, Judy Noblin, Sandy Nidiffer. Cheerleaders The cheerleaders, on hand to support the Bucs in their various athletic encounters, do much to promote school spirit. 126 liliiilililililiifiil First Row: Gene Cowan, President; Joe Dixon, Vice-President; Rodney Umberger, Secretary. Second Row: Don Evans, Treasurer; Jim Crigger, Sergeant-at-Arms. Above: Joan Honeycutt, " T " Club Sweetheart. " T " Club The " T " Club is composed of all men lettering in athletics. Aside from their athletic achievements, mem¬ bers of this organization take part in various projects. The " T " Club is responsible for the painting of the First Row: Joe Dixon, Jim Crigger, Gene Cowan, Rodney Umberger, Don Evans, Coach Hal Morrison. Second Row: Ronnie Quillen, Bob Mullins, Wayne Peters, Bill Hughes, Larry Ledford, Ronnie Johnson, Colden " Buccaneer " sign on the press box. Promotion of good sportsmanship and good fellowship between coaches and athletes are two objectives of the club. Burgamy. Third Row: Sam Burnett, Jack Stokes, Don Slaughter, Tom Goforth, Tom Ramey, Darman Place. Fourth Row: Tim Sowders, Bob Patterson, Ron Brooks, Ronnie Rogers, Bill Belcher, James Cochran. 127 The 1959 season, opening and closing with a conference game, was a fairly satisfying one. East Tennessee was defeated in two conference games and in one non-conference game. The record was six victories and three losses. State lost to Middle Tennessee and Tennessee Tech in the conference. These two teams finished in a tie for the O. V. C. Championship. Although our team was the smallest in the conference and had little experience over-all, it was rarely outfought. Some of the outstanding men this year were Raymond James, Darman Place, James Crigger, Larry Ledford, Ronnie Quillen, Wayne Peters, Ronnie Johnson, Tom Ramey, Bill Belcher, Bill Hughes, Ron Brooks, Sam Burnette, Buster Edwards, Jim Cochran, Harry Harmon. Several of the men who played very little in 1959 should be outstanding players in 1960. Darman Place was voted to the All-Ohio Valley Conference team and Raymond James was elected the most valuable player by his teammates. James led the conference in kicking until the last game, and he was one of the lead¬ ing groundgainers in the Ohio Valley Conference. Seniors on the squad include Darman Place, Raymond James, James Crigger, Joe Dixon, and Burgan Revel!. The 1959 Buccaneers 128 First Row: Tim Sowders, Don Evans, Mike Casey, Joe Dixon, Sam Burnett, Buster Edwards, Larry Burrong, Ronnie Quillen, Barry Deandrea, Charlie Morgan. Second Row: Coach Star Wood, Dave Couch, Tony Martin, Kenny Johnson, Larry Bedford, James Cochran, John Honaker, J. C. Higgins, Ronnie Johnson, Jerry Kirk, Prezzle Quillen, Bob Mullins, Tom Parrish. Third Row: Coach Julian Crocker, Darman Place, Wayne Peters, Don Slaughter, Tom Ramey, John Odrosky, Eddie Davis, Rodney Mc- George, Harry Harmon, Bob Wallin, Burgan Revell, Tom Goforth. Fourth Row: Coach Hal Morrison, Tom Rasnic, Bill Snodgrass, Jack Stokes, Jessie Blake, Bill Hughes, Bill Belcher, Ron Brooks, James Crigger, Rodney Umberger, Delmus McCarter, Ken Lingerfelt, Tom Shannon. Fifth Row: Coach Don Riley, Gary Kilbourne, Bob McCracken, Bradley Phillips, Don Robbins, Tommy Lee, Jim Owens, Jerry Robinson, ' Don Snyder, John Byard, Terry Keahey, Chester Smith, Steve Wood. 1959 RECORD We Opponent They 7 Murray State 1 3 Western Kentucky 0 Jacksonville State 1 7 Tennessee Tech 1 13 Eastern Ky. State 18 Wofford 27 Morehead State 21 40 Austin Peay 13 7 Middle Tennessee 29 129 O N CO CD N 00 Raymond James, senior halfback from Johnson City, Tennessee, was voted Most Valuable Player by his teammates. He is a four-year man and led the OVC in punting. Darman Place, co-captain from Rossville, Georgia, was selected on the All-Ohio Valley Conference Team. Darman also received Honorable Mention for Little All-American. He is a three-year man and plays guard. Joe Dixon, Senior quarterback from Greeneville, Tennessee, is a four-year man. He contributed much to the team by his " clutch " play. Jim Crigger, co-captain from Kingsport, Tennessee, is a two-year man. He is a rugged defensive end and pass receiver. Seniors Starting Team Larry Ledford Ronnie Quillen Bill Belcher Bob Wallin Darman Place Ronnie Johnson Tim Sowders Wayne Burgan Jim Peters Revell Crigger Raymond James 131 It s All In The Game 133 1 I H HHBli NhuI p ■w. State In Action 135 ETSC Basketball The 1 958- ' 59 Buccaneers coached by Madison Brooks were the recipients of the George Mikan Award as the nation ' s " Most Improved Major College Basketball Team. " The Buccaneers showed a rating increase of 18.5 coming from 38.9 in ' 58 to 57.4 in ' 59. Their first year in the O.V.C. they had a work¬ sheet of 13-9 as compared to the 7-18 record of the previous year. They moved up in the national rankings from 466th to 138th. With the Mikan award in the trophy case and a season ' s experience in the OVC behind them, the 1960 Buccaneers were looking forward to a successful I960 season. The first big blow to the Buts came when Hugh Jenkins, 6 ' 6 " pivot man from Knoxville failed to return. This left the Bucs without an experi¬ enced center prospect. Other injuries that plagued the team were the loss of Captain Tom Wright and Sophomore center Adrian Coulter in the same game. The season was not, however, uneventful. The Buccaneers in the Watauga Tournament defeated a tough opponent, University of Mississippi. They were defeated in the finals by V.P.I. Their win over Old Miss was one of the upset wins of the year. Tom Chilton, all-OVC Forward and Honorable Mention All-American, was the outstanding member of the team. He led the O.V.C. in scoring and broke several school records throughout the season. He scored 42 points against MTSC to set himself a new scoring record. Jim Brown and Tom Wright were other outstanding members of the team. Despite a worksheet in the deficit column, the 1960 Buccaneers were scrappy and seldom outfought. With Morrison, Brown, Chilton returning from the starting five, and a crop of prospective freshmen, Coach Brooks is looking forward to a brighter 1961 Season. Coach Madison Brooks Johnny Crouch, Ralph McQueary, Harold Street, Ken Cole, Jim Williams, Jim " Moose " Brown, Adrian Coulter, Tom Chilton, Dennis Crumley, Charles Webb, Mike Morrison, Steve Danko, Tom Wright. BASKETBALL RECORD We Opponent They 62 Milligan 66 63 McNeese State 58 73 Mississippi Southern 89 71 Austin Peay 66 77 Western Kentucky 103 79 University of Miss. 60 56 Virginia Tech 74 89 Eastern Kentucky 92 76 Middle Tennessee 80 63 Wofford 62 94 Morehead State 84 69 Murray 86 89 Tennessee Tech 99 71 Tennessee Tech 90 68 Murray 113 57 Milligan 50 87 Appalachian State 86 76 Wofford 63 67 Austin Peay 75 85 Morehead State 89 123 Middle Tennessee 106 79 Eastern Kentucky 108 69 Western Kentucky 83 137 Mike Morrison Jim " Moose " Brown Tommy Wright 138 139 Dennis Crumley Johnny Crouch Adrian Coulter 140 Harold Street N|§§| Ralph McQueary Ken Cole 141 Coa ch Hal Morrison Coach Jack Maxey Freshman Basketball Joe Markham, Johnny Taylor, Ron Marion, Ken Erwin, Eddie Pence, Leslie Phillips, Monroe Ellis, Jim Riddick, Sam Potter, Ron King, Dave Nitschke, Bo Begley. fllfttstti Itciitiiii ■ " w m m Cb t fiiiisii TEilEtlrflTEWE I j JtINNESSE ' t 381 1 TOtNESSK JfSEEE 142 Coach Honaker, John Brazeal, Buddy Hartsell, Clyde Williamson, Ben Wilson, Ron Smalling. 1959 TENNIS RECORD King College Tennessee Wesleyan Milligan Maryville U. T. Maryville Wofford Carson-Newman State Opp. 5 9 5 8 0 9 Rained 2 4 0 4 1 9 0 Out 7 Tennis Middle Tennessee 9 Carson-Newman 1 Wofford 6 King 6 Milligan 7 0 8 3 3 2 Ron Smalling John Brazeal The ETSC net-men finished the 1959 season with 9 wins and 3 losses; losing once to U. T. and twice to Carson-Newman. The Bucs came out third in the O. V. C. Tournament at Bowling Green, Kentucky, by virtue of Buddy Hartsell ' s second place win. Wilson, Smalling, and Hartsell were out¬ standing for the 1959 team. For the 1960 season the Bucs, with four returning men, have their sights set on the 1960 O. V. C. Championship. 143 Front Row: Eddie Morton, Tom Riddle, Gene Cowan, William Rambo, Colden Burgamy. Second Row: Paul Graves, Bill Hargis, Edward Reedy, Jim Hargis, Scott Daniels, Robert Tobbins, Charles Kelley, Jack Campbell. Coach James Mooney Baseball The Buccaneers opened their ' 59 Baseball Season with a win over Slippery Rock, Penn. 6-3. Then Eastern Kentucky came to Johnson City to take two big O.V.C. wins from the Buccaneers 4-3 and 11-3. State broke back into the win column by beating Morehead 7-6, Maryville 7-6, and Milligan 9-0. Leading the hitting attack for State in the first six games were Cowan, Riddle, Burgamy, and Kelley. From this point on State won 4 while dropping 7. This gave them an over-all worksheet of 8 wins and 9 defeats. Top batting averages for State were 398, Gene Cowan; 350, Colden Burgamy; and 345, Tom Riddle. Pitchers Rambo and McNutt won three games each for State. Rambo is a right-hander and McNutt a southpaw. 144 Bill Hargis William Lane, Eddie Morton Bill Rambo We 6 3 3 7 7 9 3 4 1 7 16 2 6 6 9 4 1959 BASEBALL RECORD Opponent They Slippery Rock 3 Eastern Kentucky 4 Eastern Kentucky 11 Morehead 6 Maryville 6 Milligan 0 L. M. U. 7 M. T. S. C. 13 L. M. U. 6 Milligan 6 Maryville 6 Carson-Newman 19 Carson-Newman 3 T. P. 1. 11 M. T. S. C. 10 Murray 5 Gene Cowan, Colden Burgamy 145 Track The ETSC Track Team, facing strong competition, finished 4th in their second year in the Ohio Valley Conference. In non-conference meets, individual scoring was good. The Bucs had a successful outing at the 2nd Annual News Piedmont Relays at Furman, bringing back two trophies. ETSC won two of the four relay events, taking the 880 with a 1:39.5 performance, and the sprint medley with a 3:35.5 performance. The 880 team consisted of Don Evans, Don Snyder, Dick Pectol, and Don McDonald. The sprint medley team consisted of Don Evans, Tyson McClanahan, Gordon Nidiffer and Bob Hodges. In the OVC. Conference Meet the Buc cindermen placed fourth, missing third place by 1 V 2 points. The outstanding State win was Tommy Hale ' s 10:26.5 time in the Two-Mile. The loss of Tommy Hale, who was counted on very strongly in the distances, will hurt the 1960 aggregation; but the outlook is brightened by several prospects who may prove valuable to the team. Coach Julian Crocker First Row: Bob Hodges, Coach Crocker. Second Row: Bob Lewis, Tyson McClanahan, Roger Dillow, Richard Keesling, Tommy Hale. Third Row: Bob Le Seur, Dave Couch, Gordon Nidiffer, Don McDonald, John Harrison. 1959 TRACK RECORD 731 2 57 2 Bob Le Seur John Harrison Ronnie Rogers Richard Keesling, Don McDonald Furman 77 E. T. S. C. 40 Tusculum 9] 2 Milligan 44 2 Lees-McRae 16 E. T. S. C. 71 Ohio Valley Conference Meet E. T. S. C. 28 147 Ellis Murphy Golf The 1959 Golf Team, under Coach Hal Morrison, finished 4th in the Ohio Valley Con¬ ference Championship. The outstanding member of the team was Ellis Murphy, who turned in the second lowest score in the O. V. C. Championship. Marion White and Frank Southers were also consistent winners. Coach Morrison is anticipating a successful 1960 Golf season with Murphy, White and Whitson returning. 1959 GOLF RECORD Furman University State Opp. 1 17 M. T. S. C. 2 15 T. P. 1. 7 11 University of Tennessee 231 2 3 1 2 Eastern Kentucky 13 5 University of Tennessee 1 4 I 2 12 2 Mars Hill College 21 6 Eastern Kentucky 6 12 Milligan College 17 1 Mars Hill College 15 2 111 2 Pikeville 18 0 Frank Southers I Coach Hal Morrison, Ellis Murphy, Frank Southers, Wayne Whitson, Marion White. 148 Merits Intramurals Women ' s I ntra murals Women ' s Intramurals have reached a new high on the State College campus. Participation increased as well as the number of activities offered. This year fencing and golf provided new interests for the women students. Of course, the regular sports were also available-, basketball, volleyball, modern dancing, badminton and other provided activities for the extra-curricular program for our campus. The Phi Eta Tau Basketball Tournament was also held this year as was the Volleyball Tournament. Above: Miss Faye Flannagan, Faculty Sponsor and Sally Bacon, Intramural Head. 150 K - ■ : mm ii£ MW » : MM MM £$K®P ■ v «« «• kskksse , mm mmmm mm mm mm mm m m. mm m wm «»»»« »«»• mm mm mm mm mmmm f mm mmmrn ««8g«Mi»3 —liBBiiiBWTESSSai E«rr-3» ' ■JS SSS s I wSmEnn »«»»» mm ' .- : - w? f«8 xgx« - - «« tj ftjgej A i jfiiS-iv ' ; i ; P WS® 38SS $S» W»» « $ mm m %mm mm. m$M. mm?; mmmmmwmm •v mmmmrnm mm mmm mmi mm :m- Mwn?3 ifiM •:y JwBWii m ■ : ,; ■,- f; . iM: « «: ; ’ 1 $ - SIS! ! N «$i T® 15 P V S . was 1 J; •5 %mm mm « mug moss y$s i Im I MILITARY 151 First Row: Col. Aaron J. Larkins, Lt.-Col. Grady F. Tittle. Second Row: Major Kenneth E. Simmons, Major Ralph L. Waddell, Major Ira T. Luster. Third Row: Lt.-Col. Darman C. Place, Major Sidney H. Powers, Lt.-Col. Bobby G. Estep, Major Max Whaley. Right: Honorary Colonel Judy Duncan, Honorary Lt.-Col. Ruth Gillenwater, Honorary Lt.-Col. Betsy Bachman. ROTC At State The primary mission of the R.O.T.C. is to develop qualified Reserve Officers for the Army and for our Nation ' s defense. The program of instruction requires four years to complete, with the first two years, or the Basic Course, being mandatory for all male students of the College. Those Cadets who possess essential leadership potential and the highest mental, physical and moral quali¬ ties, are offered the opportunity to pursue the two-year Advanced Course. Upon completion of the Advanced Course requirements and graduation from the College, the senior Cadets are commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the United States Army Reserve. The Corps is organized into one regiment of two battalions, each with five companies. Portrayed on these pages are varied activities sponsored by the Corps. The Classroom instruction periods, weekly drill and attendance at sum¬ mer camp for six weeks at the end of the third year serve to develop the required officer qualities in the student. The uniformed Cadets serve to enrich and make more colorful the campus life of State College. 152 First Row: Captain George S. Hunnicutt, Captain Durward F. Williams, Major Daniel J. Blocker, Jr., Lt.-Col. Robert W. Pedersen, Lt.-Col. Leonard C. Barker, Captain Albert A. Lamas, Captain William T. Rogerson. Second Row: Spec.-5 Flenoy Medley, ISFC Ralph J. Atchley, M Sgt. Wayne E. Hanselman, SFC Owen P. Moore, SFC Charles D. Reeves, Sgt. Keith J. Honaker, M Sgt. Roy Davis, Jr., Sgt. Elwood K. Patey. First Row: President, Captain Cox; Vice-President, Major Luster; Secretary, Major Tittle; Treasurer, Captain Bowery. Second Row: Col. Larkins, Lt.-Col. Place, Lt.-Col. Estep, Major Simmons, Major Waddell, Major Powers, Major Whaley, Captain Farnsworth, Captain Montgomery, Captain Cowan. Third Row: 1st Lt. Cochran, 1st Lt. Nikazy, 1st Lt. Kiser, Captain Webb, Captain Ramsey, 1st Lt. Jones, 1st Lt. Edwards, 1st Lt. Kreiner, 1st Lt. Bowman. Fourth Row: 1st Lt. Wills, 1st Lt. Graves, 1st Lt. Richardson, 1st Lt. Allen, 1st Lt. Chandler, 1st Lt. Mauk, 1st Lt. Tucker, 1st Lt. Danner, 1st Lt. White, Captain McElroy. Fifth Row: 1st Lt. Morrison, 1st Lt. Pryor, 1st Lt. Dutton, 1st Lt. Helton, 1st Lt. Woody, 1st Lt. Cooper, 1st Lt. Farris, 1st Lt. Laws, 1st Lt. Richardson, 1st Lt. McKarem. ROTC Faculty Cadet Officers Club ROTC Activities Below: Dean Beasley visits Summer Camp at Fort Benning. Below: Cadet Bob Pryor practices firing a machine gun at Summer Camp. ti i 154 Above: Dean Mack P. Davis inspects the Cadet Officers. Right: Colonel Pedersen presents Cadet Colonel Aaron Larkins with his insignia. Below: President Burgin E. Dossett congratulates Judy Duncan on being elected Honorary Cadet Colonel of the Sponsor Corps. 155 Cadet Capt. Charles L. Webb, Commanding Honorary Captain Patsy Fields Honorary 1st Lt. Joan Kinkead Honorary 1st Lt. Sandra Livingston Hdq. Co. 1st Battalion Hdq. Co. 2nd Battalion Cadet Capt. William W. Cox, Commanding Honorary Captain Polly Baxter Honorary 1st Lt. Yvonne Fisher Honorary 2nd Lt. Gwen Delozier Cadet Capt. Jesse R. McElroy, Commanding Honorary Captain Lydia Fulkerson Honorary 2nd Lt. Carol Asquith Honorary 2nd Lt. Rhetta Bell Lyle Company A Cadet Capt. Joshua L. Kiser, Commanding Honorary Captain Joan Brooks Honorary 2nd Lt. Carol Deneen Honorary 2nd Lt. Myrna Fisher Company B Company C Cadet Capt. C. H. Farnsworth, Jr., Comdg. Honorary Captain Janice Kidd Honorary 2nd Lt. Mary Gibbs Honorary 2nd Lt. Sandra Light Cadet Capt. James W. Bowery, Commanding Honorary Captain Nancy Thomas Honorary 2nd Lt. Janet Miller Honorary 2nd Lt. Pat Wheeler Company D Company E Cadet Capt. Javan AA. DeLoach, Commanding Honorary Captain Maxine Cody Honorary 2nd Lt. Linda Kelly Honorary 2nd Lt. Jane Creasman adet Captain Arthur E. Cowan onorary Captain Scottie Beach onorary 2nd Lt. Regina Dalton onorary 2nd Lt. Eve Scutt Company F Company G Cadet Capt. Vance B. Ramsey, Commanding Honorary Captain Doris Jane Bolton Honorary 2nd Lt. Marthanne Bullock Honorary 2nd Lt. Frances Francisco ' t, jafi Company H Cadet Capt. Franklin L. Day, Commanding Honorary Captain Jerry Jarnigan Honorary 2nd. Lt. Sandy Nidiffer Honorary 2nd Lt. Sue Shuffle Cadet Capt. Charles Montgomery, Comdg. ROTC Band ROTC Rifle Team First Row: Bruce Marshall, Joe Stacy, Jim Carmichael, Bill Sell, Jim Kyte. Second Row: Kenny Curtis, Bill Leonard, Mike DeLoach, Dorris Frazier, Gordon Walsh. Third Row: Captain Rogerson, Pat Petrolla, Terry Swingle, Phil Bassett, Wilson Taylor, Larry Milhorn, Sgt. Honaker. ililililililililililililili ROTC Sponsor Regimental Honor Guard Corps Honorary Cadet Colonel Judy Duncan, Commanding Honorary 2nd Lt. Neta Fuller Cadet Captain Michael H. Crumley, Commanding 162 Ipiil 163 i . ■ ■f ■ I.MBS I Dr. Scott Honaker, Acting Director. School of Education The specific task of the School of Education is teacher training. Students enrolled in almost every department of the col¬ lege may receive training for the teaching profession. The school strives to magnify the importance of the abundance of essential knowledge, both cultural and academic, in the minds of the students. Another desire is to encourage full study in the prospective teachers ' fields of concentration. Both on the undergraduate and graduate levels, the School of Education endeavors to provide appropriate training and directed in¬ structional experiences vital to the backgrounds of future teachers. The East Tennessee State College Training School is one of the attractive features of the department. There, under the well-qualified supervising teachers, students spend twelve weeks observing, guiding, and teaching pupils just as they will find in their own school rooms in the years to come. East Tennessee State College, through the School of Edu¬ cation and with the cooperation of the other schools, is plan¬ ning and working seriously to refine the teacher preparation program in the hope that quality of all offerings will be un¬ mistakably excellent. 165 Seniors Bacon, Joan Marlene Bulls Gap, Tennessee Physical Education Phi Eta Tau; Phi Mu, Membership Director; Intramurals, Manager, Assistant Manager; TS Award; " T " Sweater Award; Blanket Award; Plaque. Ballance, Nancy A. White Pine, Tennessee Elementary Education SNEA; ACE, Senator, President; Kappa Delta Pi. Banner, Evelyn L. Erwin, Tennessee Elementary Education Alpha Delta Pi. Beach, Kathleen Scotty Johnson City, Tennessee Elementary Education USB Senate; Sophomore Class, Senator; House of Representatives; Elections Commission; Panhellenic Council, Corresponding Secretary; Aquatic Club, Secretary; Wesley Foundation; Kappa Delta, Membership Chairman, President; ROTC Sponsor, Cadet Lieutenant, Cadet Captain; Cheerleader. Beasley, James S. Blountville, Tennessee English USB Senate; Inter-Fraternity Council; Glee Club; Choir; Band; Aquatic Club; Wesley Foundation, Drama Chairman; Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice- President, All-Sing Program Chairman; Young Democrats ' Club, Secretary; Cheerleader; Buccaneer, Faculty Editor; Potpourri, Publicity Chairman, Director. Bevington, Carolyn Frenchtown, New Jersey Elementary Education Bight, Emily Joan Kingston, New York Art Transfer from Virginia Intermont; House of Representatives; Biology Club; Club Cervantes, Vice-President, President; Young Democrats ' Club. Birchfield, Ray Rcan Mountain, Tennessee English Blankenship, Dolly Council, Virginia History Transfer from Hiwassee Junior College. Blankenship, George W. Johnson City, Tennessee Bledsoe, W. B. Gate City, Virginia Bolling, Morgan E. Johnson City, Tennessee Social Studies Industrial Arts Physical Education Bolton, Doris Jane Kingsport, Tennessee Music Glee Club; Band; MENC, Secretary-Treasurer,- Delta Omicron, Secretary, President; Wesley Foundation, Music Chairman; ROTC Sponsor; Who ' s Who; Kappa Delta Pi. Boone, Charles E. Marshall, North Carolina Mathematics Boren, Louis T. Johnson City, Tennessee Music Bowman, Georgia K. Bulls Gap, Tennessee Business Beta Epsilon; Baptist Student Union. Bowman, Jimmy Johnson City, Tennessee English Radio Club; Central Religious Council; Baptist Student Union, Presi¬ dent; Collegian Staff. Bowman, William D. Johnson City, Tennessee Industrial Arts 166 : Education Bradford, Fredie M. Greeneville, Tennessee Art Organ Guild, Historian; Westminster Fellowship; Sigma Kappa, Art Director, Registrar; Dean ' s List. Brooks, Joan Kingsport, Tennessee Business Beta Epsilon; Glee Club; Baptist Student Union; ROTC Sponsor; Yoakley Hall Officer. Brown, Preston D. Abington, Virginia Physical Education Buckner, Sam L. Mars Hill, North Carolina Mathematics Butler, Polly A. Elizabethton, Tennessee Elementary Education Byers, George W. Kingsport, Tennessee Industrial Arts Mu Delta Kappa. Campbell, Jack E. Johnson City, Tennessee Physical Education Campbell, James C. Elizabethton, Tennessee Physical Education Casteel, Rosalind A. Marion, Virginia Physical Education USB; Interdormitory Council; Aquatic Club, President; Phi Eta Tau; Kappa Delta; ROTC Sponsor; Wesley Foundation; Intramurals; Junior Class, Vice-President; Senior Class Beauty; Yoakley Hall, Vice-President; Homecoming Chairman. Cates, Thelma M. Hampton, Tennessee Elementary Education SNEA. Chambers, Mary Elizabeth Elizabethton, Tennessee Physical Education Aquatic Club; Phi Eta Tau; Baptist Student Union; Cheerleader; Intra¬ murals; Modern Dance Club. Charles, Jane Litton Kingsport, Tennessee Elementary Education USB Senate; Cheerleader; Dean ' s List; Carter Hall, Treasurer. Clark, Patti Jonesboro, Tennessee Elementary Education Cleek, Margaret M. Kingsport, Tennessee Elementary Education FT A; Dean ' s List. Cole, Jerry William Elizabethton, Tennessee Music House of Representatives; Glee Club; Choir, President; Band, Vice- President, Drum Major; ETS Club; Radio Club; Baptist Student Union; Lambda Chi Alpha, Secretary, Executive Committee, All-Sing Co-Chair¬ man; Commuters Club; Intramurals. Combs, Joseph B. Bristol, Tennessee Social Studies Compton, James I. Council, Virginia Biology and Physical Education Transfer from Clinch Valley College. Cooper, Marcella I. Bryson City, North Carolina Elementary Education 167 Seniors Cowan, Arthur E. Oak Ridge, Tennessee Physical Education " T " Club, President; Baptist Student Union; Pi Kappa Alpha, Social Chairman; ROTC, Lieutenant, Company Commander, Officers ' Club; Intra¬ murals; Browning Hall, Vice-President; House of Representatives, Social Chairman; Football; Baseball. Cox, James R. Grundy, Virginia Social Studies Transfer from Concord College; Glee Club; Band; MENC. Cox, William W. Johnson City, Tennessee Art ROTC, Lieutenant, Captain; Cadet Officers ' Club, President; Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary. Culbertson, Kay Gate City, Virginia English Interdormitory Council, Vice-President; Alpha Xi Delta; ROTC Spon¬ sor; Sophomore Class Beauty; Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl. Cutler, Shirley M. Endicott, Was hington Elementary Education Dalton, Doug Johnson City, Tennessee Speech and Hearing Daugherty, Glenda J. Benton, Tennessee Business SNEA; Glee Club; Baptist Student Union. Day, Franklin L. Johnson City, Tennessee Mathematics Glee Club; Band; ETSC Club; Physics Club; Westminster Fellowship; Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice-President; ROTC Officer; Scabbard and Blade; Commuters Club; Young Republicans ' Club; Math Club; Intramurals; Who ' s Who. DeLozier, Gwendolyn Maryville, Tennessee Mathematics Transfer from Maryville College; Interdormitory Council, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Choir; Alpha Omicron Pi, Treasurer, Parliamentarian; ROTC Spon¬ sor; Math Club. Denton, B. Virginia Indian Springs, Tennessee Physical Education House of Representatives, Secretary; Panhellenic Council; Phi Eta Tau; Alpha Delta Pi, Vice-President, President; ROTC Sponsor; Intra¬ murals; Collegian, Assistant Circulation Manager; Senior Class, Secretary; Who ' s Who; Miss East Tennessee State College; SNEA; Freshman Pin-Up; Junior, Senior Beauty. Dixon, Joe S. Greeneville, Tennessee Physical Education Interdormitory Council; " T " Club, Vice-President; Football. Dugger, Brenda A. Elizabethton, Tennessee Physical Education Dugger, Carl W. Knoxville, Tennessee Industrial Arts Dugger, Norma L. Butler, Tennessee Physical Education Phi Eta Tau. Duncan, Judith M. Kingsport, Tennessee Elementary Education Glee Club; Christian Youth Fellowship; Kappa Delta, Vice-President, Recording Secretary; ROTC, Lieutenant, Captain, Cadet Colonel; Young Republicans ' Club; SNEA. Edens, Helen Smith Elizabethton, Tennessee Mathematics Aquatic Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Modern Dance Club. Edwards, James W. Johnson City, Tennessee Geography Transfer from East Carolina College; Alpha Phi Omega. Estep, Jay D. Johnson City, Tennessee Physical Education 168 Education Faber, Carol A. Chattanooga, Tennessee Music USB Senator; Panhellenic Council, Secretary; Glee Club, Accompanist; Choir, Accompanist; Organ Guild, Senator, Secretary, Presiden t; Delta Omicron, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President; Sigma Kappa, Song Chairman, Second Vice-President; Who ' s Who; Senior Superlative, Most Talented. Fisher, Myrna D. Brevard, North Carolina Elementary Education Transfer from Brevard Junior College; Alpha Delta Pi, Reporter; ROTC Sponsor. Fitch, Wanda F. Erie, Tennessee Elementary Education USB; SNEA, President; ACE; Kappa Della Pi; Baptist Student Union. Fleenor, Eleanor P. Church Hill, Tennessee Business Interdormitory Council, Senator; Kappa Delta Pi; Wesley Foundation; Who ' s Who; Stone Hall, President; Sophomore Pin-Up. Fleming, Jimmy L. Kingsport, Tennessee Physical Education Fox, Jeanette B. Burnsville, North Carolina Elementary Education FT A; ACE; Phi Mu, Pledge Ciass President; SNEA. Fox, Martha G. Chuckey, Tennessee Elementary Education SNEA; ACE, Secretary; Kappa Delta Pi. Franklin, John H. Knoxville, Tennessee Social Sciences Garst, Eleanor Ann Jonesboro, Tennessee Music USB Senator; Glee Club; Band; MENC, Vice-President; Delta Omicron, President, Secretary-Treasurer; Kappa Delta Pi; Central Religious Council; Wesley Foundation; Who ' s Who. Gillenwater, V. Ruth Bristol, Tennessee Glee Club; Central Religious Omicron Pi, Pledge Class President, 2nd Lieutenant, Captain, Honorary Republicans ' Club. Glenn, Marcella F. Grundy, Virginia Gragg, Dorothy A. Kingston, Tennessee Phi Eta Tau, Reporter, Secretary, Representatives; Intramurals; Baptist " T " Sweater. Speech and Hearing Council; Canterbury Club; Alpha Fraternity Education Officer; ROTC, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel; Young Business Physical Education President; USB Senator; House of Student Union; Letter Girls ' Club, Graves, James P. Vonore, Tennessee Physical Education ROTC Officer; Intramurals; Football; Baseball. Greene, Jo Ann Johnson City, Tennessee Elementary Education Hall, James Amelia, Virginia Industrial Arts Glee Club; Mu Delta Kappa, Vice-President, Secretary; Central Re¬ ligious Council, President; Westminster Fellowship; Veterans ' Club. Hankla, Eleanor M. Johnson City, Tennessee Mathematics Hanselman, Bernadine Sidney, Ohio Elementary Education Transfer from Bowling Green State University. Hartman, Jane Y. Telford, Tennessee Elementary Education SNEA. 169 Seniors Elementary Education History Industrial Arts Harvey, Jane Johnson City, Tennessee Helbert, Charlie Richlands, Virginia Hendrick, Edward L. Shelby, North Carolina Hillon, Catherine A. Clinton, Tennessee Mathematics Club Cervantes, President; Kappa Delta Pi; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Publicity Chairman, Historian; Central Religious Council; Wesley Founda¬ tion, Secretary, President, Program Chairman,- Math Club, Publicity Chair¬ man; Who ' s Who; Dean ' s List. Hixon, Charlotte A. Parrottsville, Tennessee Business SNEA; Kappa Delta Pi; Lutheran Students ' Association, Vice-President; Dean ' s List. Hobbs, Robert W. Kingsport, Tennessee Spanish Hodge, Carolyn J. Piney Flats, Tennessee Biology Horton, George W. Kingsport, Tennessee Industrial Arts Mu Delta Kappa. Houston, Alfred A. Roan Mountain, Tennessee Social Studies Hughes, J. D. Johnson City, Tennessee Biology Humpston, Charles A. Jonesboro, Tennessee Music Glee Club; Choir; Band, Reporter, 2nd Lieutenant; Orchestra; MENC, President; Organ Guild, Vice-President, President; Who ' s Who. Hunley, Nancy R. Kingsport, Tennessee Business Education Interdormitory Council; Glee Club; Band, Flagswinger; Central Re¬ ligious Council, Secretary-Treasurer; Wesley Foundation, Secretary, Vice- President; Alpha Delta Pi, Treasurer, Senator; Freshman Class, Treasurer; Who ' s Who; Cooper Hall, President; Lyceum Committee. Hutton, Gerre W. Oak Ridge, Tennessee Physical Education Phi Eta Tau, President; Kappa Delta Pi; Intramurals; Who ' s Who; Dean ' s List; SNEA; Letter Girl. Hyder, Elizabeth A. Jonesboro, Tennessee Business Kappa Delta Pi; Baptist Student Union. James, Raymond E. Johnson City, Tennessee Education Football. Jarnagin, Jerry L. Morristov n, Tennessee Elementary Education Panhellenic Council, Secretary, Vice-President; Biology Club, Senator; Club Cervantes, Senator; Kappa Delta Pi; Wesley Foundation; Alpha Delta Pi, Historian, Recording Secretary; Pre-Medical Society; Who ' s Who; SNEA; Freshman Adviser; ROTC Sponsor. Johnson, L. Wayne Blountville, Tennessee Education Interdormitory Council, President; Pi Kappa Delta; Wesley Founda¬ tion, Senator; Lambda Chi Alpha, House Manager, Secretary; Buccaneer. Johnson, Margaret W. Johnson City, Tennessee Chemistry 170 Education Johnson, Sandra L. Piney Flats, Tennessee Elementary Education Johnson, Thomas C. Johnson City, Tennessee Industrial Arts Jones, Carolyn A. Bristol, Tennessee Home Economics Home Economics Club; Delta Zeta, Pledge. Jones, James F. Erwin, Tennessee Math ROTC Officer; Officers ' Club. Jones, Jimmy E. Jefferson, North Carolina Social Studies Transfer from North Carolina State; Intramurals. Jones, Horace Johnson City, Tennessee Physical Education Jones, Ray O. Wartburg, Tennessee Industrial Arts Keasling, Billie N. Midway, Tennessee Physical Education Transfer from Tusculum College; Intramurals. Kegley, Robert P. Bland, Virginia Physical Education Transfer from Greenbrier Military School. Kindernay, Barbara L. Hollywood, Florida Biology Transfer from Stetson University; Biology Club; Club Cervantes; Kappa Delta Pi; Wesley Foundation; Phi Mu, Corresponding Secretary, Vice-President; Collegian, Reporter; Who ' s Who; Dean ' s List; First Honor Roll; Phi Society; Dean ' s Award; Chemistry Award. King, Ronald W. Gatlinburg, Tennessee Industrial Arts Mu Delta Kappa; Veterans ' Club. Kiser, Arthur Lake City, Tennessee English Kiser, Billy R. Coeburn, Virginia Physical Education ROTC, 1st Lieutenant; Cadet Officers ' Club; Football. Lacy, Virginia J. Johnson City, Tennessee History Glee Club; Orchestra; Patchwork; Gamma Theta Epsilon, Secretary; Kappa Delta Pi; Young Democrats ' Club; Dean ' s List; SNEA. Laughrun, George V. Erwin, Tennessee Physical Education Laws, Arthur E. Chuckey, Tennessee Industrial Arts USB; Mu Delta Kappa; Cadet Officers ' Club. Laws, Barbara C. Chuckey, Tennessee Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi; ACE; SNEA. Lawson, Dee Reece Blountville, Tennessee Business USB Senator; FTA; Glee Club; Patchwork; Baptist Student Union, Enlistment Chairman; Pi Kappa Alpha, Pledge Class President. Historian, Corresponding Secretary; Intramurals. 171 Seniors Leatherwood, Carolyn J. Knoxville, Tennessee Business Education Transfer from University of Tennessee; Wesley Foundation; Alpha Omicron Pi; Junior Class Pin-Up. Leach, O. J. (Bud) Johnson City, Tennessee Industrial Arts AAu Delta Kappa, President; Veterans ' Club, Sergeant-at-Arms; House of Representatives; Student Court Committee. Lee, Gene H. Saltville, Virginia Music USB Senator; Band; MENC, Vice-President; Phi Sigma Kappa; ROTC, Cadet Lieutenant, Cadet Captain, Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; Cadet Officers ' Club. Lewis, Samuel E. Johnson City, Tennessee Kappa Delta Pi; American Livesay, Douglas B. Morristown, Tennessee Lowe, Donna S. Kingsport, Tennessee Phi Mu. McMahan, Wilda G. Sevierville, Tennessee Social Studies Gamma Theta Upsilon; Baptist Student Union, Girls ' Enlistment; SNEA. McMaster, Nancy J. Medon, Tennessee Home Economics Transfer from University of Tennessee, Martin Branch; SNEA; Home Economics Club; Wesley Foundation; Sigma Kappa; Potpourri Committee, Corresponding Secretary. McSwain, Patricia M. Johnson City, Tennessee Elementary Education ACE; Glee Club; SNEA; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice-President; Westminster Fellowship; Alpha Xi Delta, Treasurer, Rush Secretary; Who ' s Who; Dean ' s List. Chemistry Chemical Society, President. Industrial Arts Elementary Education Mack, James A. Johnson City, Tennessee Social Studies Maddux, Evelyn D. Kingsport, Tennessee Physical Education FT A; Phi Eta Tau, Secretary, Treasurer; Westminster Fellowship; Alpha Xi Delta, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Journal Correspondent; Intra- murals; Letter Girls ' Club; " TS " Award; " T " Award. May, Robert G. Johnson City, Tennessee Physical Education Mayes, Helen Speedwell, Tennessee English Mays, G. Helen Kingsport, Tennessee Elementary Education SNEA, Vice-President; Glee Club; Choir; Kappa Delta Pi, President; Baptist Student Union. Meade, Richard A. Greeneville, Tennessee Industrial Arts Band; Orchestra; Wesley Foundation. Medlin, Betty Lou Kingsport, Tennessee Business Panhellenic Council, President; Beta Epsilon; Wesley Foundation; Phi Mu, Treasurer of Pledge Class, Chaplain, Secretary; Who ' s Who; Elections Commission; Second Honor Roll. Merritt, Phyllis J. Elizabethton, Tennessee Music House of Representatives; Panhellenic Council; Glee Club, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President; Choir, Librarian; Band; ETS Club; MENC, Presi¬ dent; Kappa Delta Pi; Central Religious Council, Music Chairman; Baptist Student Union; Sigma Kappa, Vice-President, President; Who ' s Who. Mire, Selwa Kingsport, Tennessee Speech and Hearing Interdormitory Council; Glee Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Alpha Eta; Kappa Delta, Treasurer; Young Republicans ' Club; Intramurals. 172 Education Montgomery, Charles N. Johnson City, Tennessee History Glee Club; Choir; ROTC, Captain, Officers ' Club. Moody, G. C. Jonesboro, Tennessee Business Mooty, Robert W. Newport, Tennessee Music Transfer from Bob Jones University; USB, Vice-President, Executive Committee, Constitution Revisions Committee; Glee Club; Choir, Ac¬ companist; Band, 1st Lieutenant; Ensemble; Wesley Foundation, Music Director; Lambda Chi Alpha, Pledge President, Correspondent, Pledge Trainer, National Assembly Delegate, President; Who ' s Who; All-Sing, Chairman. Moss, Joan S. Johnson City, Tennessee Nance, Sara K. Watauga, Tennessee Overbey, Martha J. Fall Branch, Tennessee Baptist Student Union. Home Economics Elementary Education Elementary Education Palmer, Tommy H. Wytheville, Virginia Physical Education Parvin, Kathleen B. Kingsport, Tennessee Elementary Education Peek, Stanley C. Marshall, North Carolina Mathematics Phillips, James Bruce Mars Hill, North Carolina History Pierce, J. Reuben Fall Branch, Tennessee Music USB; Glee Club; Choir; Band, Secretary-Treasurer, President; Orches¬ tra; ETS Club; MENC, Senator, Vice-President; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Young Republicans ' Club; Who ' s Who; SNEA. Pierce, Kathryn B. Greeneville, Tennessee Elementary Education FT A; Glee Club; Choir; MENC; Delta Omicron, First Vice-President. Plemmons, William C. Marshall, North Carolina Business Education Pollard, Jean W. Johnson City, Tennessee French Club Cervantes; Sigma Kappa. Pratt, James E. Kingsport, Tennessee Biology Pryor, Robert W. Johnson City, Tennessee Industrial Arts Ratliff, Joe H. Richlands, Virginia Political Science and History Pi Kappa Alpha; Debate Team; Transfer from Hiwassee College. Reid, Gail D. Granite Falls, North Carolina Home Economics Home Economics Club. 173 Seniors Renfro, Janet F. Johnson City, Tennessee Richardson, Bobby L. Bristol, Tennessee Richardson, James B. Bristol, Tennessee Richardson, Russell G. Watauga, Tennessee Roberts, Gracie Johnson City, Tennessee Roberts, Robert D. Johnson City, Tennessee Rogers, Lelia Johnson City, Tennessee Rogers, Ralph L. Johnson City, Tennessee Roseherry, Sandra P. Oak Ridge, Tennessee Sane, V. Charlene Parrottsville, Tennessee SNEA; Central Religious Council, ship, Secretary, President; Intramural Scroggins, R. E., Jr. Athens, Tennessee Mu Delta Kappa, Secretary. Semones, Jerry A. Kingsport, Tennessee Sexton, Dorcajs J. Bulls Gap, Tennessee Kappa Delta Pi; Baptist Student l Second Honor Roll. Sharrett, Julia Ann Bristol, Virginia Transfer from Virginia Intermont Dean ' s List. Shatley, Nancy 5. Elizabethton, Tennessee Sheffield, Betty B. Kingsport, Tennessee Shell, Nancy C. Bristol, Tennessee Transfer from Virginia Intermont SNEA; Central Religious Council, R tary, President. Showalter, Melvin L. Johnson City, Tennessee English Industrial Arts Physical Education English Elementary Education Physical Education English Geography Physical Education Business Secretary; Christian Youth Fellow- Industrial Arts Social Studies English inion; Dean ' s List; First Honor Roll; Physical Education College; Phi Eta Tau; Intramurals; Home Economics Business Education Elementary Education College; House of Representatives; porter; Wesley Foundation, Secre- Physical Education 174 Education Physical Education Industrial Arts Education Sloan, Gerald B. Monticello, Kentucky Smith, Douglas Wytheville, Virginia Mu Delta Kappa; Track, Crosscountry. Smith, Marie E. Fall Branch, Tennessee Smith, Nancy Lee Kingsport, Tennessee Physical Education Transfer from Madison Woman ' s College; FTA; Phi Eta Tau; Baptist Student Union; Intramurals. Smith, Roy L. Johnson City, Tennessee English Snoderly, Robert M. Maryville, Tennessee Mathematics Transfer from Maryville College. Snodgrass, Nancy F. Blountville, Tennessee Elementary Education Glee Club; SNEA. Sparks, Dreama Jo Bakersville, North Carolina Transfer from Montreat SNEA; International Club. Stanley, Donald G. Clintwood, Virginia Music USB; Interdormitory Council; Glee Club, Librarian; Choir; Band; ETS Club; MENC; Baptist Student Union; Young Republicans ' Club; Buccaneer. Elementary Education College; FTA; Dean ' s List; Spanish Club; Starnes, John M. Kingsport, Tennessee Dean ' s List; Honor Roll. Tallman, Jo Ann Indian Springs, Tennessee Tate, Roderick L. East Stone Gap, Virginia Social Studies Physical Education Music Taylor, Bobby H. Johnson City, Tennessee Health and Physical Education Taylor, Buddy D. Hampton, Tennessee Mathematics Tester, David Johnson City, Tennessee Industrial Arts Thomas, Nancy L. Trade, Tennessee Elementary Education Interdormitory Council; Yoakley Hall, Vice-President; SNEA, Treas¬ urer; ACE, Vice-President; Baptist Student Union; Wesley Foundation; Sigma Kappa, Vice-President, Activities Chairman; ROTC Sponsor; Young Republicans ' Club; Junior Class, Treasurer; Senior Class, Treasurer. Thompson, Ralph A. Kingsport, Tennessee Social Studies Troutman, James D. Roan Mountain, Tennessee Industrial Arts 175 Education Villanti, Anthony M. Sayre, Pennsylvania Physical Education Transfer from Lincoln Memorial University; Glee Club; Central Re¬ ligious Council; Newman Club; Lambda Chi Alpha, Pledge Class Presi¬ dent; Veterans ' Club; Intramurals; Collegian. Waddell, Ralph L. Greeneville, Tennessee Mathematics Walker, Janelle M. Jonesboro, Tennessee Elementary Education FT A; ACE; Band; Central Religious Council; Wesley Foundation; Delta Zeta, Pledge Secretary, Senator, Secretary, Scholarship Chairman. Ward, Wanda L. Elizabethton, Tennessee Home Economics Home Economics Club, Treasurer. Watts, Mary Ruth Erwin, Tennessee Elementary Education Wilhoit, Barbara A. Chuckey, Tennessee Elementary Education Wilkerson, Margaret Lucile Powell, Tennessee Elementary Education Transfer from T.P.I.; Baptist Student Union, Social Chairman; Geology Club; SNEA; Spanish Club. Wilkinson, Anne Louisville, Tennessee Mathematics Band; Wesley Foundation; Sigma Kappa; Math Club; Who ' s Who; Dean ' s List. Williams, James E. Strawberry Plains, Tennessee Business Basketball. Williams, Thomas L. Hoges Chapel, Virginia Wiseman, Linda S. Johnson City, Tennessee Wolfe, Dorothy R. Gate City, Virginia Westminster Fellowship; Young ology Club; SNEA. Physical Education Home Economics Elementary Education Republicans ' Club; Intramurals; Ge- Wolfe, Helen F. Gate City, Virginia Elementary Education Westminster Fellowship; Dean ' s List. Wright, Marilyn S. Gateleaf, Virginia Elementary Education Wright, Tommy C. Kingsport, Tennessee Physical Education Transfer from Union College; Basketball, Captain. ' Wright, Wanda S. Gatlinburg, Tennessee English Yankee, Roma Church Hill, Tennessee Physical Education Panhellenic Council; Kappa Delta Pi; Wesley Foundation; Phi Mu, Pledge Class President; Phi Eta Tau; Intramurals. Yoder, James W. Patterson, New Jersey Industrial Arts 176 School of Arts and Sciences The training of the individual according to his inter¬ ests so that he may develop into a well-adjusted, well- info rmed citizen who will contribute something to his community, is the aim of the School of Arts and Sciences. The main objectives of the school are: (1) to provide a good academic background for the training of teachers, (2) to give preprofessional training in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Law, Engineering, and many other areas, (3) to give a well-rounded liberal education to everyone. The Departments are: Art, Biological Science, English, Foreign Languages, Geography and Geology, History, Mathematics, Music, Physical Science, Political Science, Sociology, and Speech and Drama. The School offers two degrees. The Bachelor of Arts degree, which requires a foreign language, is the stand¬ ard degree, and the Bachelor of Science degree which does not require a foreign language. Dr. George Dove, Director 177 Industrial Arts Seniors Speech and Hearing Marshall, Vice-Presi- Honorary Lieutenant Al-Doan, Hadi Baghdad, Iraq Bachman, Lizabeth A. Bluff City, Tennessee Glee Club; Wesley Foundation; Alpha Xi Delta, dent, Song Leader, Pledge Trainer; ROTC Sponsor, Colonel. Berry, Yvonne H. Abington, Virginia Biology Transfer from Sullins College; SNEA; Biology Club, Reporter, Secre¬ tary-Treasurer; Phi Theta Kappa; Baptist Student Union; Westminster Fellowship; Yoakley Hall, Second Vice-President, Reporter. Bess, Jack P. Keokee, Virginia « Biology Transfer from Clinch Valley College; Biology Club; Dean ' s List. Blevins, Raymond D. Johnson City, Tennessee Chemistry and Biology Biology Club; Baptist Student Union; Sigma Phi Epsilon; American Chemical Society; American Dental Association. Bowery, James W. Fall Branch, Tennessee Social Sciences Ritter Hall, President; Baptist Student Union; ROTC, Lieutenant, Cap¬ tain; Cadet Officers ' Club, Treasurer; Honor Guard; Intramurals. Bowles, Ruth A. Kingsport, Tennessee Biology Transfer from Union College; Alpha Psi Omega; Baptist Student iUnion; Chi Omega. Bowman, William B. Johnson City, Tennessee Mathematics and Physics Kappa Mu Epsilon, Vice-President; Math Club. Bruce, Nancy E. Bristol, Tennessee Mathematics USB Senator; House of Representatives; Panhellenic Council, Second Vice-President; Band, Majorette; Alpha Omicron Pi, Treasurer, Vice- President, President Pro Tern; ROTC Sponsor; Math Club; Sophomore Class, Treasurer; Cooper Hall, Secretary; Lyceum Committee; SUB Com¬ mittee; Potpourri, Executive Secretary. Butterworth, Robert A. Bristol, Tennessee Biology Transfer from Florida Southern College. Campbell, Earl R. Elizabethton, Tennessee Sociology Carr, Jim J. Johnson City, Tennessee Geography Carter, William L. Johnson City, Tennessee Chemistry Transfer from Medical College of Virginia. Cockerham, Carrol D. Galax, Virginia Industrial Arts Coleman, Ronald T. Grundy, Virginia English Patchwork, Vice-President; Alpha Psi Omega, Vice-President; Col¬ legian, Reporter, Feature Writer; Freshman Class, Senator. DeLaney, James L. Concord, Tennessee Chemistry Transfer from Lincoln Memorial University; Glee Club; Choir, Presi¬ dent, Vice-President; Science Club, Social Chairman; Language Club; Alpha Psi Omega; Baptist Student Union; Lambda Chi Alpha, Social Chairman; Intramurals; Collegian, Sports Editor; Class Treasurer; Who ' s Who; Railsplitter, Business Manager, Assistant Business Manager; Blue and Gray, Sports Editor. DeLoach, Javan M. Johnson City, Tennessee Mathematics ROTC Officer; Rifle Team; Varsity Rifle Team. Deyton, Franklin P. Johnson City, Tennessee Sociology 178 Arts and Dugger, Harold R. Butler, Tennessee Edge, Billy Ray Burnsville, North Carolina Estep, Bobby G. Elizabethton, Tennessee Farnsworth, Clyde H., Jr. Johnson City, Tennessee Transfer from Davidson Colie Club; Baptist Student Union; Sigm Historian, Vice-President; ROTC, Honor Guard; Math Club; Intrarm Club; Dean ' s List; Tennis Team; F Most Intellectual. Farris, Charles R. Johnson City, Tennessee Felts, Charles A. North Wilkesboro, North Carolina Sciences Industrial Arts Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics ge; Inter-Fraternity Council; Physics 3 Phi Epsilon, Pledge Class Secretary, Lieutenant, Captain; Officers ' Club; irals; Senior Class, President; Camera reshman Advisor; Senior Superlative, Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Francis, Perry Johnson City, Tennessee English Franks, Donna R. Knoxville, Tennessee Sociology Glee Club; Band, Flag Twirler; MENC; Westminster Fellowship; Alpha Delta Pi, Efficiency Chairman, Corresponding Secretary, Activities Chair¬ man; Modern Dance Club. Gilliam, Charles L. Kingsport, Tennessee Industrial Arts Glenn, Morris F. Grundy, Virginia Industrial Arts Transfer from Emory and Henry College; Baptist Student Union; Canterbury Club; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Geology Club; Camera Club. Haga, R. Jack Johnson City, Tennessee Sociology Central Religious Council, Vice-President; Westminster Fellowship, President; Pi Kappa Alpha, Chaplain. Haire, Billy J. Johnson City, Tennessee Mathematics Hardin, Charles R. Elizabethton, Tennessee Gamma Theta Upsilon. Geography Havelock, Jon Justus Ipoh, Malaya Industrial Arts Havelock, Renny W. Ipoh, Malaya Home Economics Headrick, Shirley S. Kingsport, Tennessee Chemistry Helton, Donald B. Kingsport, Tennessee Geology Club, Reporter, Geology Vice-President, Program Chairman. Hensley, Kenneth D. Erwin, Tennessee Mathematics 179 ■ Social Studies Seniors Hill, Wanda J. Clinchport, Virginia FT A; Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary; Hobbs, Lowell V. Bristol, Tennessee Holloman, Lyndon E. Ahoskie, North Carolina Sigma Phi Epsilon. Horton, Kenneth Ward Erwin, Tennessee Transfer from Mars Hill Junio Intramurals. Howard, Edgar M. Johnson City, Tennessee Howell, Frank W. Marion, North Carolina Band; ROTC Band; Phi Sigma Vice-President. Wesley Foundation. Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics College; Physics Club; Math Club; Engineering Chemistry Kappa; American Chemical Society, Jackson, Frank Logan Jonesboro, Tennessee Industrial Arts and Geography Gamma Theta Upsilon; Mu Delta Kappa. Jones, William W. Johnson City, Tennessee Mathematics USB, Social Chairman; Inter-Fraternity Council, Secretary, Social Chair¬ man; Pi Kappa Alpha, Social Chairman, Vice-President, President; Junior Class, Senator; House of Representatives; Chairman of Senate; Student Advisor. Rules Committee; Lambert, Sam A. Lafollette, Tennessee Sociology Lim, Chun Loo Seoul, Korea Chemistry Lowe, James B. Crossville, Tennessee Veterans ' Club. Industrial Arts Lowe, Thelma M. Crossville, Tennessee English Luntsford, Samuel G. Johnson City, Tennessee Mathematics McEwen, Bill West Jefferson, North Carolina Transfer from Presbyterian Junior College; SNEA. Social Studies Maden, James E. Jonesboro, Tennessee Industrial Arts Maines, George C. Bristol, Tennessee Social Studies Alpha Phi Omega; Christian Youth Fellowship, Vice-President. Mann, Larry D. Spruce Pine, North Carolina General Science Mauk, R. Millard Kingsport, Tennessee Speech and Drama Interdormitory Council, President; Band; WETS, Chief Announcer; Central Religious Council; Christian Youth Fellowship, Vice-President, President; Lambda Chi Alpha, Ritualist; ROTC, 1st Lieutenant; Photo¬ grapher, Buccaneer, Collegian. 180 Arts and Sciences Miller, Joel D. Johnson City, Tennessee Morgan, Monroe T. Johnson City, Tennessee Morrison, Billy J. Mountain City, Tennessee Aquatic Club; Mu Delta Officer; Officers ' Club. Geography Health Industrial Arts Kappa, Treasurer; Wes ley Foundation; ROTC Mulkey, Bobby L. Knoxville, Tennessee Mathematics Nikazy, Eddie M. Elizabethton, Tennessee Mathematics ROTC Officer; Pershing Rifles. Osborne, Paul Brown Wilkesboro, North Carolina Social Studies Transfer from Lees McRae College; Young Republicans ' Club. Parent, Albert D. Athens, Tennessee Mathematics Transfer from University of Tennessee; Sigma Pi Sigma,- Phi Sigma Kappa; Newman Club; Freshman Chemistry Award; Oustinite Club. Parham, Arthur R. Oliver Springs, Tennessee Mathematics Patterson, Bobby G. Kingsport, Tennessee Physics Perry, James D. Johnson City, Tennessee Biology Biology Club, Vice-President, President; Central Religious Council; Dean ' s List; Geology Club; Christian Science Organization, President. Phillips, E. Harrell Erwin, Tennessee History Radio Club, Continuity Director; Pi Kappa Delta, Vice-President; Newman Club; Who ' s Who; Dean ' s List; Ritter Hall, Vice-President. Phipps, Jackie L. Clintwood, Virginia Physical Education Place, Darman C. Rossville, Georgia Transfer from Louisiana College; ROTC, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Colonel; OVC Team; Small College Little Powers, Leonard O. Tiny, Virginia Price, Herbert K. Johnson City, Tennessee Pursley, William C. Johnson City, Tennessee Ramsey, Charles Marshall, North Carolina ' Ray, Lonnie J. Morristown, Tennessee History T " Club; Baptist Student Union; Officers ' Club; Football, Captain; nerican,- Goat Club. Biology Biology English Mathematics Chemistry 181 Arts and Sciences Revell, Burgan D. Kingsport, Tennessee Social Sciences Transfer from University of Georgia; " T " Club; Pi Kappa Alpha, Athletics Director; Young Republicans ' Club; Intramurals; Football, Letter- man. Richardson, Norma S. Sugar Grove, Virginia Sociology Sams, Earlyn Elizabethton, Tennessee Sociology Transfer from Mars Hill College; Glee Club; Choir; Sigma Kappa; Senior Class Beauty. Seal, Rex B. Morristown, Tennessee Chemistry Simmons, Kenneth E. Elizabethton, Tennessee Chemistry ROTC, Cadet Major; Cadet Officers ' Club; American Chemical Society; Varsity Track. Sloan, Cephas H. Kingsport, Tennessee Chemistry Somers, Bobby V. Cleveland, ‘ North Carolina Social Sciences Tittle, Grady F. Johnson City, Tennessee Industrial Arts Mu Delta Kappa; Phi Sigma Kappa; ROTC, Captain, Major; Scabbard and Blade, President; Pershing Rifles; Honor Guard Commander. Tucker, Bobby J. Galax, Virginia Industrial Arts Walters, Linda L. Sf. Paul, Virginia Biology Transfer from Lincoln Memorial University; Newman Club. Webb, Charles E. LaFollette, Tennessee Physics Transfer from University of Kentucky; " T " Club; Physics Club; ROTC Officer; Young Republicans ' Club; Math Club; Basketball. White, Marion J. Johnson City, Tennessee Industrial Arts ROTC, 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Lieutenant; Officers ' Club; Intramurals; Golf Team. Zimmerman, Claudie A. Fordtown, Tennessee Mathematics ROTC, 1st Lieutenant; Officers ' Club. 182 Business Administration and Economics The School of Business Administration and Economics was organized to provide its students with an oppor¬ tunity to acquire a broad knowledge of the internal problems of business organization and control as well as an understanding of how business may be affected by the complex forces in the economic framework within which it operates. For this reason, emphasis is placed on the development of a well-rounded knowledge of business fundamentals and an appreciation of the struc¬ ture and processes of the American economy. In addition to the regular program of instruction, conferences, workshops, and seminars, special events are held on the campus throughout the year with the co¬ operation of national and local professional and civic organizations. In conjunction with these meetings, dis¬ tinguished educators and leading businessmen from all parts of the nation enriched the educational opportuni¬ ties available to students, and extended the influence of the School throughout its service area. Dr. Travis Kirkland, Director. 183 Seniors Abel, Curtis D. Kingsport, Tennessee Merchandising Allen, Robert B. Watauga, Tennessee Business Armstrong, Charles M. Lake City, Tennessee Business Administration and Economics Transfer from University of Maryland; " T " Club; Football. Bell, Jon Earl Isabella, Tennessee Economics Inter-Fraternity Council, Vice-President; Pi Kappa Delta, President; Baptist Student Union; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Senator, Pledge Trainer, Presi¬ dent; Pershing Rifles; Young Republicans ' Club; Camera Club, President; USB Senate, Parliamentarian; Speaker of House of Representatives. Billings, Harold W. Marion, Virginia Business Bradley, Lester C. Mars Hill, North Carolina Accounting Brinkley, James B. Johnson City, Tennessee Brobeck, Norman C. Kingsport, Tennessee Brown, W. Ross Jellico, Tennessee Sigma Phi Epsilon,- Delta Sigma Rifles; Cadet Officers ' Club; Senior Business Business Finance Pi; ROTC, 1st Lieutenant; Pershing Superlative, Best Personality. Burnette, Lerty B. Church Hill, Tennessee Business USB Senate, Speaker Pro Tern; Delta Sigma Pi, Vice-President; Veterans ' Club. Campbell, James G. Bristol, Tennessee Accounting Captain, George (Bill) Knoxville, Tennessee Business Transfer from Hiwassee Junior College; Collegian, Columnist, Fea¬ ture Writer, Sports Editor, Editor; Young Democrats ' Club, President; Phi Sigma Kappa; Delta Sigma Pi; Honor Roll. Carrington, Charles C. Big Stone Gap, Virginia Business Chandler, James D. Johnson City, Tennessee Finance Delta Sigma Pi, Treasurer, Secretary; ROTC, 1st Lieutenant; Gamma Delta Society, President. Cochran, Robert E. Big Stone Gap, Virginia Business Interdormitory Council; Delta Sigma Pi; Veterans ' Club. Cooper, Gary C. Kingsport, Tennessee Business Aquatic Club; Delta Sigma Pi, Publicity Director; Lambda Chi Alpha, Pledge President, Social Chairman, All-Sing Publicity Director, Editor; ROTC, 2nd Lieutenant; Cadet Officers ' Club; Baptist Student Union; Intramurals; Young Democrats ' Club; Freshman Advisor; Goat Club; Collegian Staff, ROTC Reporter, Business Manager; Buccaneer Staff. Crawford, Rebecca Anne Chattanooga, Tennessee Business Transfer from University of Tennessee; House of Representatives; Patchwork; Westminster Fellowship; Delta Zeta; Young Republicans ' Club; Dick Nixon Club, Vice-President. Crum, Jack C. Kingsport, Tennessee Finance USB, Executive Committee; Elections Commission; Delta Sigma Pi, Treasurer; Veterans ' Club; Intramurals. 184 Business Cutshaw, Billy W. Greeneville, Tennessee Business USB Senator; Baptist Student Union; Pi Kappa Alpha, Pledgemaster; Veterans ' Club; Young Republicans ' Club; Intramurals; Senior Class, Vice-President; May Court; Homecoming Court; Inter-Fraternity Council- Debate Team. Danner, Malcolm A. Elizabethton, Tennessee Business Edwards, Bernard D. Galax, Virginia Business Physics Club; Wesley Foundation; Pi Kappa Alpha, Pledgemaster; ROTC, Captain; Math Club; Intramurals. Farmer, Connie M. Rural Retreat, Virginia Business Management Garver, Fred Cosby, Tennessee Business Gilmer, Donald W. Johnson City, Tennessee Business Heaton, Janice D. Elizabethton, Tennessee Business Helton, Jay H. Hampton, Tennessee Accounting Hessman, Joseph Bristol, Tennessee Business USB Senator; Newman Club, President; Delta Sigma Pi, Correspond¬ ent, Senior Vice-President. Icenhour, Luther H. Bristol, Tennessee Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson City, Tennessee Alpha Omicron Pi; Buccaneer Staff. Jones, Cecil G. Kingsport, Tennessee Accounting Finance Business Kent, James A. Elizabethton, Tennessee Business Administration Kiker, Sherel D. Trenton, Ohio Merchandising Inter-Fraternity Council; Pi Kappa Delta, Treasurer; Pi Kappa Alpha, Alumni Secretary; ROTC, Cadet Captain; Intramurals; Veterans ' Club; Young Republicans ' Club. Kilby, Dwight I. Biountville, Tennessee Business King, Jack R. Bristol, Tennessee Business Larkins, Aaron Kingsport, Tennessee Business Pi Kappa Alpha; ROTC, Cadet Colonel; Pershing Rifles; Cadet Officers ' Club; Young Republicans ' Club. Leuty, Tom B. Spring City, Tennessee Business 185 Seniors Lilley, Bob P. Bluff City, Tennessee Business Luster, Ira T., Jr. Kingsport, Tennessee Business Administration Wesley Foundation; ROTC, Honorary Cadet Major; Pershing Rifles; Cadet Officers ' Club, Vice-President; Honor Guard. Maust, Larry M. Johnson City, Tennessee Business Meade, Gene L. Johnson City, Tennessee Business Medearis, Glen E. Bristol, Tennessee Business Miller, Joseph H. Johnson City, Tennessee Economics Mills, Ralph T. Coeburn, Virginia Accounting Transfer from Clinch Valley College. Mise, C. E. Kingsport, Tennessee Business Moore, Jerry J. Greeneville, Tennessee Merchandising and Management Morley, Joe W. Kingsport, Tennessee Business Gamma Theta Upsilon; Veterans ' Club; Delta Sigma Pi, Junior Vice- President, Historian, Efficiency Chairman; Student Senate Housing Com¬ mittee. Morrison, Harold C. Kingsport, Tennessee Business and Economics Murray, James C. Elizabethton, Tennessee Business Transfer from Steed College of Technology; Alpha Omega, Phi Theta Pi Chapter. Patton, James H., Jr. Kingsport, Tennessee Accounting Payne, Charles F. New Tazewell, Tennessee Business Pearson, Sam B. Kingsport, Tennessee Business Peterson, Joel F. Johnson City, Tennessee Business and Economics Potter, William E. Elizabethton, Tennessee Business Powers, Sidney H. Kingsport, Tennessee Business 186 Business Ramsey, Vance B. Kingsport, Tennessee Business Interdormitory Council; Ritter Hall, Vice-President ;ROTC, Honorary Lieutenant, Honorary Captain; Cadet Officers ' Club; Commuters ' Club; Intramurals. Rastall, Teddy L. Johnson City, Tennessee Accounting Glee Club; Band, Manager; ROTC, Regimental Color Guard Com¬ mander; Pershing Rifles; Honor Guard. Ratliff, Bobby G. Haysi, Virginia Accounting Transfer from Emory and Henry College; Delta Sigma Pi; Veterans ' Club. Robinette, David R. Coeburn, Virginia Rodefer, Elizabeth A. Blountville, Tennessee Sams, E. Eugene Elizabethton, Tennessee Transfer from University of Tennessee; Delta Sigma Accounting Business Business Shannon, James N. Knoxville, Tennessee Finance Transfer from University of Tennessee; Veterans ' Club; Dean ' s List. Smith, Billy Kingsport, Tennessee Business Snodgrass, Lowell W. Piney Flats, Tennessee Business Stapleton, Lowell R. Kingsport, Tennessee Stewart, Billy J. Kingsport, Tennessee Trent, Randall L. Jonesboro, Tennessee Tucker, James A. Erwin, Tennessee Wallace, Alton W Elizabethton, Tennessee Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi; Intramurals. Wallace, James Appalachia, Virginia Accounting Transfer from Lincoln Memorial University. Watson, Scott P. Elizabethton, Tennessee Economics and Speech USB President, Chairman of Special Committee; Pi Kappa Delta, President; Baptist Student Union; Pi Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi; Veterans ' Club, President, Vice-President; Young Republicans ' Club, Vice- President; Who ' s Who; SNEA, Social Committee Chairman; Camera Club, Vice-President, President; Debate Team. Williams, Jerry L. Kingsport, Tennessee Business Williams, Lawrence M. Indian Springs, Tennessee Business Accounting Business Business Business 187 Business Williamson, Kenneth O. Cosby, Tennessee Business Wills, Walter Kyle Greeneville, Tennessee Merchandising and Management Band; Orchestra; Delta Sigma Pi; ROTC, Honorary 1st Lieutenant; Cadet Officers ' Club. Wilson, Myrna H. Elizabethton, Tennessee Business Wood, Stuart E., Jr. Bristol, Tennessee Business Woody, Robert B. Johnson City, Tennessee Accounting Transfer from Western Maryland College; ROTC, Cadet 1st Lieutenant; Cadet Officers ' Club. Wornom, Charles L. Poquoson, Virginia Business Transfer from Bluefield College; Student Counselor; Pi Kappa Alpha, Scholarship Chairman; Intramurals; Phi Theta Kappa. Young, Ronald K. Elizabethton, Tennessee Business 188 Graduate School Council The Graduate School of ETSC i’»■■ Juniors Ailey, Luther D. Al-Rubaie, Abdul Alvis, Bobby J. Anderson, Virgil W. Archer, G. B. Arnett, Vivien L. Arnold, Doris G. Bailey, Betty F. Bare, Helen F. Barnes, Johnny L. Barnes, Mack N. Barnette, Donald R. Bilka, Anna L. Bitner, Mitzi J. Boone, Doris M. Bowers, Bobbie E. Bowers, Roger L. Boy, George E. Brandon, Barbara S. Brown, Johnnie A. Brown, Patricia M. Browne, Jill Broyles, Janelle A. Bruce, Rosa L. Bryant, Edward L. Buchanan, Mary A. Buchanan, Rebecca M. Bucher, Elsa Bump, Kathryn J. Byrd, Karen A. Calfee, Josephine A. Canfield, Sandra J. Carmichael, Jeanette Carr, Franklin W. Carter, Helen S. Carter, Martha A. Cartwright, William S. Chang, Bock Soon Charles, John R. Clark, Ida K. 191 1 Juniors Clemons, Ruth A. Cody, Maxine G. Coffman, Deanna S. Coffman, Hugh A. Cole, Charles D. Compton, Benny F. Corbett, Cordell Counts, Hoyt L. Counts, Paula J. Cox, Donna L. Cox, Margaret L. Crowder, Fred J. Darnell, Betty K. Davis, Billy C. Dawson, Libby J. Douthat, Billy Durey, Richard A. Early, Ron Evans, Alvin T. Ferrell, Mary L. Fields, Patricia A. Fisher, Yvonne Fraley, Charlie E. Frazier, Dorris D. Freeman, Patricia A. Frye, Volena S. Fulkerson, Lydia H. Garland, Phillip E. Gillespie, Winnie L. Gilly, Mary R. Goodin, Thomas E. Ill Gose, James H. Gray, Odell W. Greene, Douglas M. Grimm, Willis M. Grubb, June F. Hale, Robert J. Hall, Thomas A. Hamed, Mickey R. Harrison, Clarissa J. 192 Juniors Hathaway, Joe C. Haulsee, Richard W. Helton, Bobby G. Hicks, Jackie L. Hodge, Jane V. Holdway, William E. Honeycutt, Joan E. Horton, James M. Huddle, Margaret L. Hughes, Jimmy K. Hunnicutt, Laura J. Ikerd, Kathryn i. Ireson, Jimmie Jaynes, James W. Jones, Bertie J. Jones, Earl M. Kegley, Martha B. Ketron, Louis T. Keyes, Shirley A. King, Carl H. Kinkead, Miriam J. Landrum, Donald F. Leonard, Fred R. Litton, Jerry L. Littreal, Carroll D. Livingston, Sandra J. Lones, Mary M. Lowe, Alean E. Luttre11, Jane A. Lyle, John D. McClelland, Sarah B. McCracken, Terrell H. McQueary, Ralph Malcolm, Norma N. Martin, Wilma R. Messimer, Alva W. Milhorn, Charles L. Miller, Doris E. Miller, Marie L. Moore, Joe M. | 193 Juniors Moore, Sallie K. Morehead, Nan cy C. Morrell, Shirley A. Morrison, Charles W. Mull, Sandra L. Musick, Johnny D. Nave, Jane M. Neas, Ida C. Noblin, Judy G. Noonkester, William B. Parrish, Leon T. Payne, Mary E. Perry, Ronald J. Pierce, Robert E Potts, John B. Quinn, Edwin K. Rakes, Janice S. Reece, William R. Reeves, Winifred I. Reynolds, Lorene W. Richards, Abner D. Riddle, Thomas R. Ring, David Roark, Peggy A. Robinette, John M. Robinette, Rachael M. Robinson, Leo S. Ross, James M. Sams, Gerald N. Seay, Hilton A. Shahan, Larry A. Shanka, Barbara A. Sharp, James E., Jr. Shell, Barbara A. Shell, Linda S. Sherwood, Sarah J. Shumate, Buford Smith, Martha N. Smyser, William B. Snapp, Mary A. 194 i I Juniors Snodgrass, Billy B. Sparrow, Jerry F. Starkey, Lee Stiner, Tommy C. Stout, Kenneth A. Swingle, James F. Swink, William A. Tabor, George L. Taylor, Ann K. Totri, Mary M. Tucker, James W. Turner, Curtis P. Turner, Jane K. Vinson, Minnie M. Welch, Cline H. Whitson, Carolyn R. Whitson, Patsy A. William, Martin Williams, Elaine Williams, Martha M. Williamson, Clyde T. Wilson, Barbara L. Wilson, Doris A. Yelton, Ralph 195 Sophs Abayachi, Mohammed A. Aboulhosen, Bashir Adams, Raymond K. Akerd, William W. Alison, Harry B. Allen, James C. Almany, Wilber K. Anderson, Anna Bess Anderson, Calvin M. Anderson, Robert C. Armstrong, Larry E. Asquith, Anita C. Bailey, Dorvin H. Bailey, Priscilla A. Baker, Walter C. Barnes, Ivan W. Barnes, Stephen B. Baskette, Jerry W. Bean, Benny E. Beckelhimer, Fred Beckner, Paul M. Begley, Helen K. Bennett, Elaine Bennett, Shelby J. Bible, Clyde T. Bible, Dortha J. Blevins, Avery W. Blanchard, Jo A. Bolden, Shirley E. Boone, Helen J. Botts, Betty Jo Broadwater, Barbara S. Brock, Kirby A. Brown, Josephine M. Browning, Doris A. Bruner, Daphana M. Buchanan, Donald L. Bullock, Marthanne E. Byrd, Ruth A. Cain, Atlee E. Caldwell, Joe W. Campbell, Billy J. Campbell, Garlan S. Campbell, Richard D. Campbell, William D. Canary, Clara V. Carder, Carolyn S. Carder, Kenneth L. 197 Sophs Carrico, Johnny L. Carroll, James R. Carter, Donald R. Carter, Ina Kate Carter, Martha A. Cates, Doris J. Chase, Leonard D. Chesney, Carole L. Clark, Sammy D. Clarke, Kenneth M Clift, Tony Coggin, Judith A. Collier, Bobby J. Constable, Rubye P. Cooper, Robert Cowan, Sandra L. Creasman, Jane C. Cress, Joan E. Crosby, Benny L. Cross, Kenneth E. Crowe, Lynn M. Crumley, Nancy K. Cummings, Arthur B. Curtis, Dorothy J. Cutshaw, Barbara A. Dalton, Regina C. David, Diane B. Davis, Jessie L. Davis, Norman Denton, Linda R. Dickson, Rosemary Dodson, Sandra L. Dugger, Billie Duke, Anne Dykes, Billy Jo Earhart, Peggy S. Elam, Tommy L. Elkins, Scott W. Elswick, William H. Estep, Frances B. Farmer, James K. Ferguson, Sheridan E. Fleenor, Maudie C Fletcher, John C. Foglesong, Kitty S Frazier, Benny C. Frye, Warren G. Galloway, Penny 198 Sophs Gibbs, Mary J. Gillenwater, Patricia L. Gilley, Bonnie C. Goodwin, Bobby A. Goudarzi, Nasser A. Gouge, Carl N. Graves, Walter E. Gray, Carolyn A. Green, Doris L. Gregory, Henry L. Hadi, Saleh Hall, David J. Hammond, Freeda Harmon, Marvin H. Harr, James W. Harris, Robert B. Harrison, Daniel P. Hartsock, Blaine L. Harwood, Janet L. Hawkins, Christine M. Heatherly, Ada C. Heller, Jon L. Hessenauer, Robert H. Hicks, Joseph Hitch, Lynda L. Hodge, William R. Holt, Don A. Hood, Herman C. Hord, Thomas M. Housley, Carl B. Howell, Marie E. Humphreys, Galen B. Hunsaker, Betty J. Hunt, George C. Hunter, Jeff H. Hurst, Peggy J. Hurst, William H. Ingram, Jim Isaacs, Mabel J. James, Marion D. Jennings, Janette S. Johnson, Ann C. Johnson, Fred W. Johnson, Joseph A. Johnson, Margie A. Johnson, Mary L. Karim, Ahmad Keffer, Ralph E. 199 Sophs Keister, Jane Kelly, Linda K. Kister, Doug Knipp, Janice M. Kyker, Dickie L Lacy, Richard L. Lamons, Betsy A. Lawless, Thomas E. Laykins, Billie M. Lehman, Carol A. Lewallen, Margaret J. Lewis, Donna M. Lilley, Jim K. Linn, Marguerite A. Little, George M. Long, Dorothy F. Lowe, Mary A. Lowe, Phyllis Luttre11, Jimmie B. McClellan, Yvonne R, McCullah, Mamie L. McCurry, William E. Main, Parker G. Markham, Betty F. Marshall, Charlotte A. Mauk, David R. Meade, Larry J. Millard, Ella J. Miller, Eddie J. Miller, Joyce N. Miller, Ronald C. Millsap, Bruce G. Millsaps, Tanya K. Moore, Harold Moorehouse, Evan G. Morgan, William H. Morrell, Brenda J. Mullins, C. W. Murray, Elizabeth J. Murray, Phyllis J. Nelson, Linda M. NeSmith, Judith M. Nicely, Edwin R. Nichols, George L, Nidiffer, Mary S. Noel, Sherrell A. O ' Dell, Joe R. O ' Dell, Sharon 200 Sophs Odom, Wilma S. Olinger, Mary I. Orner, Sue J. Owens, Mary L. Pace, William H. Page, Tim Parks, Phyllis E. Parks, Robert R. Partin, Jane Peoples, James R. Petrola, Francis ill Phillips, James B. Phipps, Carolyn Phipps, Parolea Pinkston, Linda C. Pitts, Janice A. Potter, Carolyn A. Preston, Shanna M. Proffitt, Sandra A Query, Nancy K. Ramey, James R. Ray, Reba A. Rector, Carolyn J. Reece, Jack E. Reece, William L. Reed, Charles B. Rhea, Carolyn C. Riddle, Donna L. Riddle, John T. Robinson, Rowena Robertson, Roy L. Rogan, Ada Royston, Martha A. Russell, Elizabeth J. Russell, Judith L. Russell, Nancy I. Rutherford, Mary J. Rutledge, Wallace E. Sams, Danny E. Sanchez, Julio A. Sanders, Robert L. Sarfaraz, Yahya Scooksbury, Walter Scutt, Evelyn E. Seal, Betty Jo Shell, James F. Shelton, Peggy L. Shipley, Jobelle A. 201 Sophs Shoun, Nancy A. Shuffle, Sue M. Sisk, Freddie D. Skelton, Astra J. Skipworth, Linda L. Slagle, Jane L. Slaughter, James D. Smalling, Charles R. Smith, DeAnna M. Smith, Hubert G. Sluss, Bobby R. Solomon, Frances A. Sowders, Martha J. Stitt, Judy A. Stokley, Willie K. Stout, Randolph G. Street, Clay W. Street, Clay W. II Strickler, Daniel Stubblefield, Phyllis D. Stump, Billy L. Suffridge, Saundra G. Swan, Harriet C. Swink, Terry E. Taylor, Charles R. Taylor, Guy T. Taylor, Helen S. Temple, Doris J. Templin, Bonnie E. Terry, Laura H. Thomason, Jimmy R. Thompson, Patricia A. Tipton, Thomas A. Tucker, Ada L. Ulrich, Ann M. Updyke, Jerry L. Vaughn, Alice A. Waddell, Betty S. Warren, Glenna P. Wayland, Joyce A. Webb, Sandra White, Ada R. White, Bettye A. White, Robert L. Williams, Charles E Williams, Edgar E. Williams, James E. Williams, Jane 202 | i i Sophs Williams, Tom D. Wilson, Bob Wilson, Charles L. Winter, Sandra N. Winters, Harry L. Wolfe, John P. Wood, Ann Wright, Carolyn L. Young, John L. Young, Johnny W. Young, Sonja F. Zafarghandi, Carl Ziegler, Paul E. Zimmerman, Carl D. 203 Frosh Abbott, Edward D. II Adams, Sherman Akard, Judy F. Akers, Saundra D. Allen, Raymond E. Anderson, Hollis R. Archer, I la L. Archer, Scotty B. Argo, Ernest W. Arlauckas, Peter J. Arms, Eugene R. Armstrong, Arvella Arney, Carolyn B. Arnold, Judy C. Arwood, William D. Atchison, Frank T. Bachman, Robert B. Jr. Baharestani, Manouchehr Baker, Carlos U. Baker, Emily Baldwin, Julia A. Bales, Deanna Ball, Marilyn J. Banner, Judy Barker, Jackie R. Barkley, Brenda Barlow, Drucilla M. Barnes, William L. Barninger, Robert Barrett, Charlotte K. Bass, Jerry L. Bassett, Phillip J. Bates, Mary E. Bates, William L. Jr. Baxter, Glen M. Jr. Baxter, Judith C. Beidleman, Joe Bell, Nancy L. Benedict, Maudine Bentley, Judith Berrowg, Larry B. Bible, Loretta N. Biddle, John R. Bishop, Bobby K. Blackburn, Tony L. Black, Audry Blair, Marcheta G. Blankenbecler, Kenneth M. Blevins, Gary D. Blevins, Patsy R. Bogart, Robert H. Booker, Melba J. Boring, Jerry L. Boshears, Sarah Bowers, Larry C. Bowers, Thomas N. Bowman, Freddie L. Bowman, Henry F. Bowyer, Camilla G. Boyd, Bobby L. Boyd, Carol A. Braden, Donald G. Bradley, George M. 205 Frosh Braly, Sandra Branum, Stephen D. Brewer, Phyllis A. Bridgeman, Gladys E. Briggs, John C. Briggs, Mary K. Brinkley, Sally A. Britt, Gladys G. Britt, John R. Britt, Shiela L. Brookshire, Mary E. Brotherton, James E. Brown, Billie J. Brumit, David G. Brummett, Dorothy S. Bryan, Robert E. Bryant, Pete C. Bryson, Judith L. Buchanan, Peter F. Buchanan, William M. Buckley, Maurine B. Burke, Canzada A. Burleson, Justine T. Butcher, Martha F. Button, William J. Byington, Omer L. Byrd, Carolyn L. Cagle, Patricia A. Cagle, Roy A. Campbell, Helen E. Campbell, Katherine A. Campbell, Travis M. Cantrell, Jerry H-. Card, Nancy E. Carden, Maggie L. Carmack, Jimmy L. Carr, Pamela R. Carrier, Janice M. Carrier, Sylvia L. Carroll, Larry D. Carroll, Marsha D. Carter, Robert L. Cathorne, Ann O. Chadwell, Paul Chafin, Bobby B. Chambers, Donald B. Chambers, James C. Chaniott, Charlene F. Chase, Linda Christian, Dayton B. Christian, Dennis E. Church, Charles W. Cochran, Joyce A. Cody, Sandra Coker, Sherril F. Cole, Brenda C. Cole man, Jack B. Collins, Jiles L. Comer, Ronnie C. Compton, Iva N. Conduff, John D. Cook, Jerry L. Cook, Jim H. 206 Frosh Cook, Nancy P. Cooper, Norman C. Cooper, Suzanne Cooper, Wayne Jr. Cooter, York A. Copas, Norman B. Corbett, Selma J. Cordell, Jerry R. Cornett, James A. Correll, Dayton F. Coulter, Alexander M. Cox, Sharon L. Cox, Wanda L. Cox, Wilma J. Creasy, Cecil W. Jr. Cress, Janet R. Crockett, James T. Crookshanks, Linda O. Cross, Linda A. Crowe, Dennis L. Cunningham, Frank Curd, Linda C. Curtis, Kenneth W. Daniels, David D. Davidson, Jimmy H. Davidson, Patricia Davidson, Thomas O. Davis, Barbara A. Davis, David C. Davis, James E. Davis, Robert B. Deakins, Sandra L. Dean, Ida J. DeLozier, Hugh E. Jr. Deneen, Patricia J. Denny, Jeanette M. Derkhshani, Kyoomars DeVault, Norma K. Dew, Bess Anne Dik, Gwenellen Dillon, Rebecca K. Dishner, Doris A. Dishner, James R. Dixon, Mary M. Dooney, Thomas A. Dugger, Janet S. Duncan, Brenda Dutton, Donald W. Eads, Larry S. Edens, Billie S. Edgemon, Patsy J. Edwards, Arby Edwards, Charlotte J. Edwards, Wendell L. Elkins, Lee R. Eller, Edward J. Elliott, Mary A. Ellis, Charles A. Ely, Judy K. Emmert, Imogean Ervin, Judith D. Eubanks, James E. Everett, Janice L. 207 Frosh Faulk, Roy Faulkner, Virgil L. Jr. Fields, Anna L. Fields, Earmel B. Fields, Priscilla J. Fioravanti, Robert A. Flannagan, Jo A. Fletcher, Spencer T. Flora, Emily K. Fonville, Pace M. Forgety, Peggy A. Fox, Barbara J. Fox, Don L. Fox, George T. Fox, Hugh S. Fox, Norman P. Fox, William M. Francis, Jo A. Franklin, Margaret V. Frazier, James D. Freeman, Brenda G. Freeman, Helen D. Freeman, Linda G. Frye, James L. Fuller, Andy C. Fuller, Patricia R. Galloway, Louis A. Gantt, Brenda E. Garland, Carolyn S. Garland, William D. Garman, William D. Garner, Terrence E. Gash, Carolyn E Geagley, Patsy L. Gervin, Anne K. Gillette, Clara R. Godsey, Henry R. Godsey, Jerry L. Good, Johnny A. Goode, Doyle Goolsby, Ehrick C Gothard, Charles Gray, Michael ' T. Graybeal, Brenda S. Graybeal, Shirley A. Greene, Brenda K. Gregg, Jerry R. Grindstaff, Betty J. Gross, Charles E. Grubb, Phillip E. Gurley, Rosemary J. Hagy, William W. Haire, Donna G. Hale, Charles W. Hamilton, Catherine A. Hamilton, Walter H. Hampton, Charles J. Harless, Billy Harman, Harry Harmon, Lanny H. Harrell, Billy J. Harris, David L. Harrison, Shirley L. 208 Frosh Hart, Stacy L. Harter, Linda L. Harvey, Robert Hathaway, James N. Hayes, Harold L. Haynes, Bobby J. Haynes, William A. Heaberlin, Judy C. Heck, Mary D. Helbert, Gary R. Heifer, Edward H. Helton, Patricia D. Henry, Robert L. Ill Herzig, Donald Hetzler, Walter M. Hickman, Deanna J. Hicks, Billy J. Hicks, Caroll Hicks, Jerry F. Hicks, Oscar V. Higgins, C. J. Hilbert, Samuel D. H i I Ion, Betty D. Hilton, Nancy F. Hite, Janice K. Hodge, Dorothy L. Hodge, Richard Hogan, Alfred Holbert, Faye M. Holley, Elsie L. Holt, Linda K. Hooks, David E. Hope, Charles L. Horne, Fred A. Horton, William M. Houston, Pat M. Hudson, Steven H. Hughes, Betty R. Hughes, Gene G. Hughes, Jenny L. Humphrey, Martha K. Hunt, Carol L. Hunt, Patricia K. Huntsman, Joseph T. Hutchens, Dennis L. Hyder, Charles E. Hyder, Virgil L. Ingram, William C. Irwin, Phyllis A. Ivey, Wayne E. Jablonski, Alice L. Jackson, Douglas K. Jackson, Raymond K. Jackson, James F. Jacobs, Cornelia F. Jacobs, Sharon L. James, Billy J. James, Shirley E. Jarnagin, Joseph T. Jennings, Melinda J. Jeter, Larry C. Johnson, Bobbie R. Johnson, Boyd G. Jr. 209 Frosh Johnson, William L. Jr. Jones, Carol J. Jones, David B. Jones, Maxie E. Jones, Milton R. Jones, Sandra S. Jordan, Joyce M. Kenney, Dale S. Kaisley, Bill Keith, Donald R. Kidder, Howard Kilby, Larry R. Kilgore, Gailya G. Kimberlin, James C. King, Linda I. King, Patsy R. King, Sue C. King, Wallace C. Kiser, Jimmy R. Kiser, Sylvia B. Kiss, Rose L. Kite, Sarah J. Kitzmiller, Mary E. Kivett, John Komaromy, Richard Lafollette, Betty R. Lafollette, Rebecca C. Lamons, Phyllis A. Lane, Jimmy L. Larkin, Lynda J. Lawson, Bonnie Ledford, Joe C. Ledwell, Richard L. Ledwell, Stanley W. Lee, Charles E. Lee, Ronald W. Leinart, Darryl J. Lemons, Kenneth J. Lester, Virginia K. Lewis, Larry L. Light, Sandra R. Lincoln, Charlotte S. Lindsay, Paris M. Lingerfelt, Larry R. Linkous, Ronald W. Long, Fred E. Lowe, Walter Lunsford, Charles R. Luttrell, Martha L. McAmis, Evelyn M. McClanahan, Roger L. McColgan, Judith K. McCorkle, Marinita H. McCracken, Eugene T. McCraken, Robert J. McCrary, Sally M. McEwen, Charles W. Mcllhany, Calvert W. McIntyre, Leon L. McKinney, Johnny W McMillan, Michael C. McNeese, Jeanette J. McNeese, Wayne L. 210 Frosh McNutt, Judy E. McNutt, Keith W. McNutt, Larry C. McPherson, Ronald Madron, Mary C. Mahan, Charles I. Malone, Deeloris B. Malone, Glenn T. Malone, Judy D. Maples, Agnes M. Marcum, Lon Marrs, Sandra Marshall, Clarence E. Marshall, Dorothy E. Martin, Jackie R. Martin, Janice R. Martin, Mary K. Mason, William L. Massengill, Bobby W. Massengill, Myers N. Mast, Mary J. Matherly, James Mauk, Ocie E. Mays, Oneda J. Mercer, Beulah A. Meredith, J. E. Merritt, Phillip M. Metheny, Hugh M. Miller, Aaron D. Miller, Albert E. Miller, Albert H. Miller, Alma L. Miller, Anna S. Miller, Barbara A Miller, Harry D. Miller, James P. Jr. Miller, Lambert H. Miller, Linda K. Miller, Sarah A. Mills, Benny Mills, Brenda J. Mir, Darioosh Mire, Joanne J. Misamore, Patricia A. Montgomery, Raymond Moon, Emma S. Moore, Betty J. Moore, Fred W. Moore, Nancy D. Morrell, Stuart R. Morris, Linda H. Moulton, Neil B. Mulkey, Sidney W, Murray, Robert L. Myers, Barbara J. Nasser, Marvi Nave, Mary A. Nave, Rose A. Neal, Elizabeth A. Nelson, Jackson L. Newberry, Ronald D. Newland, Allen W. Newman, Bill F. 211 Frosh Nickels, Patricia H. Nidiffer, Betty J. O ' Dell, Gaye N. O ' Dell, John H. O ' Dell, Martha A. O ' Droski, Johnny L. Olinger, Ernest R. Olinger, Jo E. Ollis, Larry E. Onks, Carole A. Olsen, Donald R. Osborne, Roger N. Overby, Howard W. Painter, Wilson H. Palmer, Garry L. Parker, Judith A. Parker, Marlene M. Patrick, Wade H. Payne, Patricia E. Pearson, Elizabeth F. Pence, Eddie E. Perkey, Donald J. Perkins, Mildred J. Perkins, Samuel V. Peters, Sue J. Phipps, Euniav Phipps, James T. Pierce, Wendell E. Pierson, Norman L. Pitts, Margaret A. Pleasant, Betty T. Pope, Anna S. Poteet, Kathryn A. Potter, Carolyn S. Powers, Gerald Powers, Janice C Powers, Jerry H. Preston, Sam L. Price, Bobby Price, Charles L. Price, Muriel A. Pruitt, Ralph L. Quillen, Prezzle O. Quillen, Ronald C. Range, Shirley Rankin, Virginia A. Rasar, Daniel B. Rash, Rebecca A. Ray, Arlena Ray, Judy L. Rearves, Ellen L. Reed, Faye A. Reedy, Charles H. Reedy, Glenda A. Reese, Bill E. Rice, Phyllis G. Richards, Judith L. Richardson, Martha A. Robbins, Donald K. Roberts, Frank E. Robinette, Janice P. Robinson, Carolyn I. Robinson, James H. 212 Frosh Robinson, Larry R. Robinson, Margaret A. Rogers, James L. Rookard, Betty A. Russ, Aaron III Russell, Robert M. Rutherford, Joyce A. Salyer, Larry W. Sampson, Robert E. Sams, Douglas B. Sams, Sandra K. Sanders, Linda A. Savage, Joe D. Scalf, Brenda Schmidt, Knute M. Jr. Scott, Bobbie E. Scott, Rebecca C. Seal, Roger Seal, Theresa H. Seaver, Marilyn C. Selby, John B. Sell, William G. Sells, Warner M. Setser, Micca D. Sexton, Phillip R. Shannon, James B. Shaw, Judith A. Shearin, Neida F. Sheffey, Carolyn S. Shell, Jon E. Sherfey, Nancy A. Sherrod, Clarence D. Shipley, Charles S. Shirley, Robert L. Shropshire, Nancy C. Shuey, Eleanor A. Silvers, Nora B. Simerly, Martha A. Simmonds, Larry T. Sims, Donald D. Singleton, Rany E. Sizemore, Jerry T. Skaggs, Jimmy D. Slaughter, Paul D. Smith, Alex E. Smith, Charles E. Smith, Dorsey W. Smith, Kyle C. Smith, Linda S. Smith, Lyda S. Smith, Robert M. Smith, Roberta C. Smith, Ted R. Smith, Wayne M. Snapp, Fannie Snapp, Janice M. Snodgrass, Sara F. Snyder, Scotty L. Soloman, Roger A. Sorrell, Brenda M. Sowers, James R. Spangler, Norma J Speer, Gary M. 213 Frosh Spiro, Jimmy D. Sprinkle, James R. Stacy, Donald B. Stallard, Harry E. Stanley, Raymond W. Jr. Steadman, Robert P. Steele, Samuel H. Stevens, Toni Stills, Texie J. Stipes, Charles Story, Barbara R. Street, Mary E. Strickler, David V. Strickler, Patsy E. Strickler, Raymond Jr. Strickler, Robert G. Stubblefield, Charles O. Stump, Rockne L. Sturgill, Nancy Sykes, Sarah R. Tallman, Edgar J. Jr. Taylor, Jackie H. Teitelbaum, Robert J. Tester, Eva D. Thacker, Frances E. Thomas, Bobby G. Thomas, Cynthia R. Thomas, Garry B. Thomas, Jewel D. Thompson, Martha E. Thompson, Ronald L. Tidwell, Earl E. Timbs, Loyd R. Tinker, Carroll R. Tipton, Lynn A. Todd, Sybil I. Townsend, Vernon D. Travis, Luther B. Trent, William S. Turner, Lloyd Jr. Umberger, Joseph M. VanHuss, John F. Vicars, Lowell A. Waddell, Dorothy A. Wagner, Larry D. Walder, Charles B. Walker, Larry P. Wallace, Victor M. Wallace, William C. Wallen, Calvin W. Wallen, Emma K. Wallen, Sena A. Warren, Charlotte A. Warren, Melba K. Weaver, Elizabeth E. Webb, Harvey J. Webster, Barbara A. Webster, Janice L. West, Charlotte R. West, Peggy C. Westmoreland, Patricia L. Wetzel, Lynda Whitaker, Kenneth L. 214 Frosh White, James C. White, James J. Ill White, Judy E. White, Lucyle C. White, Ronald L. Whitson, Milton O. Whittaker, Audrey J. Wilcox, Jan E. Wiley, Marilyn G. Williams, Bill R. Williams, Emily Williams, Freddie W. Williams, Van J. Williams, Velma J. Willis, Clara L. Willis, Claude E. Willis, Jack F. Wilson, Richard A. Wilson, Floy E. Wilson, Jean S. Wilson, Robert D. Wines, Wanda R. Winsett, Bertha L, Winter, Janice R. Witt, Barbara J. Wolfe, Connie L. Wong, Shou Chi Wood, Noah J. Wood, Stephan F. Woods, Charles H. Woolard, Merrill G. Woolford, Barbara A. Young, Joy R. Young, Kendred A. Zory, Mary F. 215 Nursing The East Tennessee State College School of Nursing offers a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. This School, in conjunction with Memorial Hospital and Holston Valley Community, is the first of its kind in the East Tennessee area. For some time interest in a degree program had been expressed by the officials of Memorial Hospital School of Nursing and the administration of Holston Valley Community Hospital, area medical and nursing organizations, and interested individuals. After much study and planning by these groups in con¬ sultation with members of the Tennessee Board of Nursing and directors of similar degree programs, East Tennessee State College, in collaboration with the area hospitals, established the School of Nursing, September 14, 1954. It is the purpose of the School of Nursing to develop nurses who will be qualified professionally to give competent nursing care to the sick, who can function adequately in sociological health and preventative medicine pro¬ grams, and who can effectively contribute to an everchanging society. Mrs. Maria B. Hawkins Director Far left: Mr. John P. Lamb, Chairman, Department of Health Education and Co-ordinator, School of Nursing. Left: Mr. William A. Phillips, Administrator, Holston Valley Community Hospital. Below, Left to Right: Nursing Instructors: Miss Francise L. Bowman, Miss Nancy Davidson, Miss Hilda M. Hensley, Miss Jean C. Layton. I 1960 Nancy K. Bowers Elizabethton, Tennessee Clara J. Brown Greeneville, Tennessee Marjorie L. Cartwright Jonesboro, Tennessee Barbara A. Clark Kingsport, Tennessee Marie Donnelly Johnson City, Tennessee Jane Hughes Johnson City, Tennessee Sue Ingram Johnson City, Tennessee Charlotte Linville Johnson City, Tennessee Janice McQueen Elizabethton, Tennessee Judy Rhodarmer Canton, North Carolina Janis B. Strickler Johnson City, Tennessee Susan F. Suit Kingsport, Tennessee 217 1961 Eleanor Benemann Anna Lee Bilka Mitzi Brink Nannie Brooks Mozelle Garber Betty Headrick Lindell Henderson Martha Kegley Peggy Kiser Norma Osborne Winifred Reeves Naomi Fern Roberts Linda Shell Mary Testerman Dorothy Vandergriff Kay Whitener Carolyn Whitsoo 218 1962 Patricia M. Brown Elsa Bucher Clara Canary Maudie Fleenor Kay Flora Anita Houk Carol Lehman Phyllis Lowe Wilma Martin Judith Nesmith Helen Norris Judith Russell Sally Sutton Sandra Webb Clara Lou Willett 219 1963 Judy F. Akard Marilyn J. Ball Tommi J. Bare Freddie L. Bowman Billie J. Brown Nancy P. Cook Wilma J. Cox Jo Anne Flannagan Peggy A. Forgety Carolyn S. Garland Alice L. Jablonski Bobbie R. Johnson Linda I. King Deeloris B. Malone Mary J. Mast Sarah A. Miller Patricia H. Nickels Elizabeth F. Pearson Martha A. Richardson Neida F. Shearin Roberta C. Smith Texie J. Stills Mary E. Street Charlotte A.Warren 220 w i§p®i RliiillllP 221 FIRST PEOPLES BANK Johnson City, Tennessee Jonesboro, Tennessee North Johnson City Branch 3% Interest Paid on Certificate of Deposit 2Vi% Interest Paid on Savings Accounts Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation BYRD ' S RESTAURANT The Tri-City ' s Leading Department Store irst in QUALITY FASHION SAVINGS Corner of Main and Roan Street—Johnson FOUNDRY MACHINE WORKS, Inc. Structural Steel Division - Tenn. Bridge Steel Co. Johnson City, Tennessee If It ' s Made of Iron or Steel, Draw a Picture of It—We ' ll Build It. 222 223 SCOTT ' S GROCERY Vegetables Fruits Meats CONVENIENTLY LOCATED NEAR THE COLLEGE 831 W. Walnut Johnson City FREE SERVICE TIRE COMPANY 124-26 Buffalo Street PHONE WA 6-6118 RENTZ JEWELERS Home of Blue-White Diamonds 305 S. Roan Street Phone WA 6-9911 THE BOOK SHOP Roan and Market Streets John Sevier Hotel Bldg. Phone WA 6-6244 Johnson City Tennessee Compliments of CALFEE SWANN INC. 102 E. Main Phone WA 8-3632 THOMAS ' Men ' s and Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear PETER ' S GIFT SHOP " Fine Gifts for Everyone " 325 E. Main Street Phone WA 8-5241 H. E. HART ' S JEWELRY 214 E. Main Street Phone WA 6-2533 Compliments of WOFFORD BROS., INC. 317 E. Main Johnson City Tennessee MASSENGILL ' S SPECIALTY SHOP Distinctive Fashions for WOMEN AND MISSES Since 1916 Johnson City Tennessee DOSSER ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of GENERAL SHALE PRODUCTS CORP. GEORGE OLDHAM ASSOC., INC. George Oldham Jack Monroe General Insurance — Travel Agency John Sevier Hotel Bldg. Phone WA 6-0137 Johnson City, Tennessee LOUIS ' SHOE SHOP 15% Discount to College Students 117 Buffalo Street Phone WA 6-4233 224 All school supplies readily available in our new self-service bookstore. T-SHIRTS GREETING CARDS CLASS RINGS GIFTS COSMETICS East Tennessee State College Bookstore First Floor—Administration Building 225 EUSTIS LANCASTER ASSOCIATES John S ' evier Hotel Bldg. Andrew Johnson Hotel Bldg. €NGIN€€RS ND DISTRIBUTORS | HH | DIRECT MANUFACTURERS AGENTS 1 Johnson City Ph. WA 6-0141 Knoxville Dial 4-4623 SMYTHE ELECTRIC COMPANY Records and Record Players 238 East Main Dial WA 8-2833 ED MOTTERN JEWELERS Keepsake Diamonds 121 Fountain Sq. Johnson City, Tenn. GUNNAR TEILMANN FLORIST 318 East Main Phone WA 6-2441 Johnson City MARKET STREET DRUG STORE Your REXALL Store 1 34 W. Market Johnson City HOSPITAL PHARMACY " Drive-In Pharmacy " 602 North Roan Street Johnson City, Tennessee PHONE WA 6-0121 Plenty of Free Parking Space CARDER HARDWARE CO. 1 32 West Market Johnson City Tennessee Eat at The COLLEGE GRILL at Walnut and Lake Your Family Gets the Most From FOREMOST THE GREAT NAME IN DAIRY PRODUCTS 226 COMPLIMENTS OF EAST TENNESSEE STATE COLLEGE GRILL Congratulations for fine to the PRINTING PLATES Class of 1960 of 60-65-75-85-110-120 or 133 Screen Halftones and Zinc Etchings from for use in HAMILTON NEWSPAPERS—PERIODICALS and BROCHURES NATIONAL BANK or for Of Johnson City OFFSET PRINTING NEGATIVES with Drive-In Branch on PRESCO West Walnut - Street Press-Chronicle Bldg. WA 8-2141 " Little Jobs With Same Care As Big Jobs” TRIANGLE SUPPLY CO., INC. Plumbing Building Supplies 820 W. Walnut St. Johnson City 215 E. Main Compliments of WALLACE ' S Johnson City RAINBOW CORNER Owner-BILL DARDEN PEERLESS STEAK HOUSE " Where Good Food Tastes Better " Bristol - Kingsport Highway HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF JOHNSON CITY, GREENEVILLE, AND KINGSPORT BECKNER ' S Jewelers for 74 Years 232 Main Street Johnson City Tennessee 403 Roan St. " Complete Office Outfitters " Johnson City, Tennessee WA 6-4107 228 KUPPENHEIMER CLOTHES McGREGOR SPORTSWEAR ' , v Ua naUt VARSITY-TOWN CLOTHES NUNN-BUSH SHOES “Your Quality Clothing Store Since 1912” rr Eat to please thyself , but dress to please others.” DRESS RIGHT — you can ' t afford not to! — Benjamin Franklin VOLUNTEER 334 E. Main St. TfatcCiaC COMPANY Johnson City, Tennessee J lAAJLA Johnson City - Greeneville ■ Kingsport - Elizabethton DIXIE DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT " The Pride of East Tennessee " From a Sandwich to a Complete Dinner 425 E. Main St. Johnson City, Tennessee BIFF-BURGER DRIVE-IN JOHN SEVIER HOTEL 225 Rooms - Air-Conditioned " Boiled Burgers, " 19c " Thick Shakes " 1000 W. Market New Jonesboro Hwy. FOUR DISTINCTIVE RESTAURANTS Petite Coffee Shop Roundtable Room Steak House The Terrace Famous for Sunday Evening Smorgasbord For clothes that are smart, that will give the boy ' s heart a start, try NETTIE LEE SHOPS 240-242 E. Main Street PHONE WA 6-5431 Johnson City Tennessee 229 INDEX A Abbott, Edward D. 205 Abel, Curtis Dale 91, 184 Adams, Sherman E. 205 Adams, Sue 108 Ailey, L. D. 83, 118, 191 Akard, Judy F. 205 Akers, Saundra D. 205 Al, Doan Hadi 178 Aldridge, Sylvia 107 Alexander, Bobbie 108, 115 Allen, Raymond E. 205 Allen, Robert 184 Al-Rubail, Abdul 191 Alvis, Bobby J. 191 Anderson, Anna Bess 77, 109 Anderson, Carolyn 68 Anderson, Columbus 79 Anderson, Hollis R. 205 Anderson, Virgil W. 191 Anwar, Kacy 110 Archer, G. B. 191 Archer, lla L. 205 Archer, Scotty B. 205 Argo, Ernest W. 205 Arlauckas, Peter J. 205 Arms, Eugene R. 205 Armstrong, Arvella 205 Armstrong, Charles 184 Armstrong, Deen 66, 77 Armstrong, Larry 83 Arnett, Vivien L. 114, 191 Arney, Carolyn B. 205 Arnold, Doris G. 191 Arnold, Judy Carol 205 Arwood, Leroy 108 Arwood, William-D. 205 Asquith, Carol 157 Atchinson, Frank Jr. 71, 205 B Bachman, Betsy 77, 178 Bachman, Robert Bruce 205 Bacon, Jacqueline 77 Bacon, Sally 87, 1 1 5 Baharestani, Manouch 205 Bailey, Betty 118, 123 Bailey, Fred 119, 120 Bailey, Priscilla 107 Bailey, Ruth Fay 191 Baldwin, Julia Ann 115, 205 Bales, Deanna 108, 205 Ball, Marilyn J. 205 Ballance, Nancy 97, 111 Banner, Judy R, 205 Bare, Helen Frances 191 Bare, Tommi Jean 72, 122, 123 Baker, Belinda 68, 97, 110 Baker, Carlos 205 Baker, Emily R. 205 Baker, Jackie R. 109, 205 Bakley, Brenda J. 205 Barlow, Drucilla 87, 205 Barnes, Johnny L. 191 Barnes, Mack 39, 83, 97, 191 Barnes, William L. 205 Barnett, Robert 83 Barnette, Jim 121, 123 Barnette, Donald 122, 123, 191 Barninger, Robert 205 Barrett, Barbara 87 Barrett, Charlotte K. 109, 205 Bass, Eugene 79 Bass, Jerry Lee 205 Bassett, Phil J. 161, 205 Bates, Mary Ellen 80, 205 Bates, William Lee 205 Baxter, Glen M. Jr. 83, 205 Baxter, Judith C. 205 Baxter, Polly 54, 84, 94, 96, 97, 105, 107, 156 Beach, Scottie 56, 66, 97, 126, 159 Bean, Ida 107 Beasley, Jim 71 Beckelhimer, Fred 107 Begley, Helen 106, 107 Beidleman, Joseph C. 205 Belcher, Alvin 75 Belcher, Bill 127, 131 Bell, Jon Earl 67, 82, 83, 97, 118, 120, 123, 184 Bell, Nancy Louise 205 Bellamy, Paul 75 Benedict, Maudine 105, 205 Benemann, Eleanor 218 Bennett, Dorothy 77 Bennett, Elaine 99, 106, 107, 108 Bentley, Judith 205 Berrowg, Larry R. 205 Berry, Brendagail 88, 106, 107, 161 Berry, David 54, 75, 108, 110 Berry, Robert M. 75 Berry, Yvonne H. 99, 178 Bess, Jack Paul 178 Bevington, Carolyn 166 Bible, Jeanette 89 Bible, Loretta N. 205 Biddle, John Robert 205 Bight, Emily 97, 107, 166 Bilka, Anna Lee 191, 218 Billings, Howard 184 Birchfield, Ray E. 166 Bishop, Bobby Keith 205 Bitner, Mitzie 85, 107, 111, 191 Black, Audrey Leroi 205 Blackburn, Tony Lee 205 Blackmon, Wayne 79, 97 Blair, Marcheta Gay 84, 107, 205 Blakely, Ruth Ann 89, 113 Blankenbecler, Ken M. 205 Blankenship, Dolly 166 Blankenship, George 118, 166 Bledsoe, W. B. 166 Blevins, Avery 106 Blevins, Dean 116, 118 Blevins, Raymond D. 83, 178 Blevins, Willard 105, 106 Bogart, Robert H. Jr. 205 Bolden, Shirley 108 Bolling, Morgan E. 166 Bolton, Doris Jean 94, 109, 116, 160, 166 Booker, Melba Joyce 205 Boone, Charles Edney 166 Boone, Doris 119, 191 Booth, Joe 79 Boren, Louis Tilman 166 Boring, Jerry Lynn 205 Boshears, Sarah 85, 205 Bowers, Bobbie E. 191 Bowers, Johynne 77 Bowers, Larry C. 205 Bowers, Roger Lynn 191 Bowers, Tommy 75, 110, 205 Bowery, James W. 98, 158, 178 Bowman, Freddie Lee 205 Bowman, Georgia K. 166 Bowman, Henry 205 Bowman, Jimmy 108, 166 Bowman, William B. 178 Bowman, William D. 166 Bowyer, Camilla Gay 85, 205 Boy, George Edward 191 Boyd, Bobby Lynn 205 Boyd, Carol Ann 205 Braden, Donald Gary 205 Bradford, Freddie M. 89, 167 Bradley, George M. Jr. 205 Bradley, Lester C. 184 Braly, Sandra Jeanne 206 Brandon, Barbara Sue 191 Branum, Stephen D. 206 Brazeal, John 143 Brewer, Phyllis Ann 89, 206 Bridgeman, Gladys E. 206 Briggs, John Calvin 206 Briggs, Mary Kathryn 85, 206 Brink, Mitzi 218 Brinkley, James 184 Brinkley, Sally Anne 206 Britt, Gladys G. 206 Britt, John Ratliff 206 Britt, Shiela Lee 206 Britts, Glenna 1 15 Broadwater, Barbara 77 Brobeck, Norma C. 184 Brock, Kirby 83 Brooks, Jo 108 Brooks, Joan 99, 157, 167 Brooks, Nannie 218 Brooks, Ron 127 Brookshire, Mary E. 85, 206 Brotherton, James E. 206 Brown, Billie 105, 205 Brown, Jim " Moose " 138 Brown, Jo 114 Brown, Johnnie A. 191 Brown, Patricia Mae 115, 191, 219 Brown, Preston Dale 167 Brown, Ross 48, 83, 1 18, 184 Browne, Jill 81, 191 Browning, Ann 81 Broyles, Janelle 87, 191 Bruce, Nancy Elizabeth 66, 73, 178 Bruce, Rosa Lee 191 Brumit, David Grant 206 Brummett, Dorothy Sue 206 Bryan, Darrell 83 Bryan, Robert Earl 206 Bryant, Edward Lee 191 Bryant, Frank 75 Bryant, Peter Conrad 206 Bryson, Judith L. 206 Buchanan, Mary Anne 191 Buchanan, Peter F. 206 Buchanan, Rebecca 191 Buchanan, William M. 206 Bucher, Elsa 115, 191, 219 Buckley, Maurine B. 105, 206 Bullock, Marthanne 56, 85, 94, 97, 106, 107, 109, 160 Bump, Kathryn Jean 97, 119, 120, 191 Bunker, Sam L. 167 Bunn, Elizabeth 107 Bunton, Russ 121 Burgamy, Colden 127, 144, 145 Burke, Ann 108, 206 Burleson, Justine 73, 124, 206 Burleson, Rom 105 Burnett, Sam 127 Burnette, Lerty B. 19, 97, 184 Butcher, Martha Fain 206 Butler, Polly Ann 167 Butterworth, Robert A. 178 Button, William J. 105, 206 Byers, George W. 167 Byington, Omer Lyle 206 Byrd, Carolyn Louise 206 Byrd, Karen Ann 191 C Cable, Wilma 113 Cagle, Patricia Ann 84, 98, 206 Cagle, Roy Alvin 206 Caldwell, Joe 79 Calfee, Josephine A. 107, 109, 191 Campbell, Ann 69 Campbell, Earl 178 Campbell, Helen E. 206 Campbell, Jack E. 144, 167 Campbell, James 167, 184 Campbell, Nancy 119 Campbell, Travis M. 75, 106, 107, 206 Canary, Clara 69, 110, 219 Canfield, Sandra 54, 73, 101, 191 Captain, George A. 91, 184 230 Card, Nancy 81, 109, 206 Carden, Maggie Lee 107, 206 Carder, Carolyn 105, 109 Cardwell, Audrey 89 Carmack, Jimmy Lynn 83, 206 Carmichael, Jeanette 77, 97, 191 Carmichael, Jim 161 Carr, Darryl 75 Carr, Franklin W. 191 Carr, Jim Jack 178 Carr, Pamela Ross 206 Carrier, Janice M. 206 Carrier, Sylvia Lee 206 Carrington, Charles 184 Carroll, Chuck 1 1 0 Carroll, Dorothy Marsha 206 Carroll, Larry Dale 206 Carter, Agnes 89, 191 Carter, Ann 11 1 Carter, Helen Sue 111, 191 Carter, Robert L. 206 Carter, William L. 178 Cartwright, William 83, 191 Casteel, Rosalind A. 49, 54, 85, 97, 99, 167 Cates, Thelma Mae 167 Cawthorne, Ann Ohara 81, 206 Chadwell, Paul 206 Chafin, Bobby B. 206 Chambers, Donald 206 Chambers, James C. 206 Chambers, Mary Elizabeth 48, 126, 167 Chandler, James 91, 108, 184 Chang, Bock Soon 114, 191 Chaniott, Charlene F. 206 Charles, John Robert 111, 191 Charles, Ron 1 1 9 Chase, Linda Joyce 105, 206 Chesney, Carol 69, 124 Chilton, Tom 139 Christian, Dayton 206 Christian, Dennis 206 Christian, Jack 121 Church, Charles W. 206 Cinnamon, Mike 120 Clark, Ida Katherine 191 Clark, Patti Lynn 167 Clarke, James 123 Clarke, Kenneth 71, 105 Cleek, Margaret 167 Clemons, Ruth A. 192 Cochran, James 127 Cochran, Joyce A. 206 Cochran, Robert Edward 91, 184 Cocherham, Carrol 178 Cody, Maxine 66, 73, 100, 105, 159, 192 Cody, Sandra F. 206 Coffman, Deanna Sue 88, 94, 105, 106, 107, 192 Coffman, Hugh A. 192 Coker, Sherril F. 75, 206 Cole, Brenda Carolyn 77, 206 Cole, Charles F. 192 Cole, Jerry 49, 56, 71, 104, 106, 167 Cole, Ken 141 Coleman, Jack B. 206 Coleman, Ronald 103, 119, 178 Collier, Bobby Joe 91 Collins, Jiles L. 206 Combs, Joseph B. 167 Comer, Ronnie 206 Compton, Benny F. 192 Compton, Iva Nell 206 Compton, James lvan 167 Compton, Jane 48, 97, 99, 102 Conduff, John David 206 Cook, Jerry L. 206 Cook, Jim H. 206 Cook, Linda 81, 97, 99 Cook, Nancy P. 207 Cooper, Gary 71, 102, 184 Cooper, Marcella 87, 167 Cooper, Norman Clyde 207 Cooper, Suzanne 73, 105, 119, 120, 207 Cooper, Wayne S. 207 Cooter, York A. 207 Copas, Norman B. 207 Copp, Calvin 83, 103 Corbett, Cordell 192 Corbett, Selma Jane 207 Cordell, Jerry Ralph 207 Cornett, James Alton 207 Cornwell, Gwynne 124 Correll, Dayton Frank 71, 207 Couch, David 146 Coulter, Adrian 140 Coulter, Alexander M. 207 Counts, Hoyt Lyman 192 Counts, Paula J. 87, 192 Cowan, Arthur Eugene 49, 79, 97, 127, 144, 145, 159, 168 Cowan, Sandra 1 1 3 Cox, Donna Lou 192 Cox, James Robert 168 Cox, Margaret Lynn 192 Cox, Sharon Lynn 54, 58, 69, 126, 207 Cox, Wanda Lou 207 Cox, William Wayne 79, 156, 168 Cox, Wilma J. Pruitt 207 Crain, James 75 Crawford, Becky 97, 123, 184 Creasy, Cecil W. 207 Creasman, Jane 73, 159 Cress, Janet Rose 207 Cress, Joan 89, 94, 106, 107 Crigger, James 127, 130, 131 Crites, Eric 109 Crockett, James T. 207 Crouch, Johnny 140 Crowder, Fred Jones 192 Crowe, Dennis Lee 207 Crowe, Lynn 75 Crum, Jack C. 91, 184 Crumley, Dennis 110, 140 Crumley, Michael H. 107, 110, 161 Cuberson, Kay Kiser 168 Cubtis, Kenny 161 Cutler, Shirley M. 168 Cunningham, Frank 71, 207 Curd, Linda Carol 207 Curtis, Kenneth 207 Cutshaw, Bill 79, 97, 164, 185 D Dalton, Doug 168 Dalton, Regina 56, 94, 106, 107, 159 Damron, Ann 73 Danner, Malcolm 185 Daniels, David .207 Daniels, Scott 144 Danko, John 110, 124 Danko, Steve 110, 139 Darnell, Betty Kay 192 Daugherty, Glenda J. 168 David, Diane 69 Davidson, Jimmy 207 Davidson, Patricia 207 Davidson, Thomas 71, 207 Davis, Barbara Ann 72, 109, 207 Davis, Billy Wayne 192 Davis, Clarke 105 Davis, David C. 207 Davis, Don 105 Davis, James Edward 207 Davis, Myrna 87 Davis, Norman 119, 120 Davis, Robert B. 207 Dawson, Libby J. 81, 192 Day, Frank 54, 56, 71, 107, 160, 168 Deakins, Sandra L. 105, 106, 107, 207 Dean, Bob 109 Dean, Jane 108, 207 DeLaney, James 71, 178 DeLoach, Javan M. 159, 161, 178 DeLozier, Eddie 71 DeLozier, Gwendolyn 73, 168 Deneen, Carol 73, 157 Deneen, Patricia 69, 207 Denny, Jeanette 207 Denton, Linda 68 Denton, Virginia 39, 68, 97, 164, 168 Derakshant, Kyoomars 207 DeVault, Norma 89, 207 Dew, Bess Anne 207 Deyton, Franklin P. 178 Dik, Gwenellen 81, 207 Dillon, Kay 80, 109, 207 Dillow, Roger 146 Dishner, Doris Ann 207 Dishner, Gene 83, 118 Dishner, James Robert 111 Dixon, Joe 127, 130, 168 Dixon, Mary M. 207 Dixon, Rosemary 114 Dockery, Nancy 105 Dockrey, Arlene 66, 87, 115 Dooney, Thomas A. 207 Douthat, Bill 121 Driskill, Nancy 85, 99 Dryer, Leonard 105 Duncan, Barbara Y. 207 Duncan, Brenda 69, 98 Duncan, Judy 85, 97, 109, 155, 161, 168 Dugger, Brenda 168 Dugger, Carl W. 168 Dugger, Harold R. 179 Dugger, Janet Sue 207 Dugger, Norma Lee 168 Durey, Richard A. 192 Dutton, Donald W. 105, 207 Dutton, Don 119, 120 Dykes, Jerry 91 E Eads, Larry Steve 207 Earhart, Peggy 81 Early, Ron 192 Easterly, Emily 77, 1 1 1 Echols, Jimmy 105 Edens, Billie Sue 207 Edens, Helen S. 168 Edge, Billy Ray 179 Edgemon, Patsy Jane 207 Edwards, Arby N. 121, 123, 207 Edwards, Bernard D. 79, 185 Edwards, Charlie 119, 120 Edwards, Charlotte 98, 108, 207 Edwards, James W. 168 Edwards, Wendell L. 207 Ehrhardt, Elaine 1 11 Elam, Tom 106, 107 Elkins, Lee Roy 207 Eller, Edward Joe 79, 207 Ellington, Bill 109 Elliott, Mack 121 Elliott, Mary Ann 207 Ellis, Charles 207 Ellis, Doug 54, 79, 109 Ely, Judy 89, 107, 207 Emmert, Imogean 207 Ervin, Judith D. 207 Estep, Bobby G. 179 Estep, Jay D. 168 Eubanks, James C. 207 Evans, Alvin 83, 103, 1 18, 192 Evans, Don 127 Everett, Janice L. 207 F Faber, Carol 49, 89, 94, 97, 169 Farmer, Carolyn 69 Farmer, Connie M. 185 Farnsworth, Clyde H. Jr. 48, 82, 83, 118, 158, 164, 179 Farris, Charles R. 179 Faulk, Roy 208 Faulkner, Virgil L. 208 Felts, Charles A. 179 Ferrell, Lois 123 Ferrell, Mary 192 Ferris, Carol 81 Fields, Anna 208 Fields, Earmel B. 208 Fields, Fred 123 Fields, Patsy 54, 70, 85, 97, 105, 109, 114, 156, 192 Fields, Priscilla J. 208 Finchum, Donald 107 Fioravanti, Robert A. 208 Fisher, Myrna 69, 157, 169 Fisher, Yvonne 77, 124, 156, 192 231 INDEX Fiskus, Max 83, 1 1 8 Fitch, Wanda 97, 111, 112, 169 Flannagan, Jo Anne 208 Fleenor, Bill 79 Fleenor, Eleanor Poe 169 Fleenor, Maudie 219 Fleming, Jimmy Lee 169 Fletcher, John 67, 79 Fletcher, Spencer 208 Flora, Emily 73, 208 Flora, Kay 219 Fonville, Pace M. 71, 208 Forgety, Peggy Ann 208 Fox, Barbara Jayne 208 Fox, Cynthia 81 Fox, Donald Lee 79, 208 Fox, George Thomas 208 Fox, Hugh Stephen Jr. 208 Fox, Jeanette 87, 169 Fox, Martha F. Ill, 169 Fox, Norman Paul 208 Fox, William M. 208 Fraley, Charles 75, 118, 121, 122, 123, 192 Francis, Jo Ann 208 Francis, Perry 179 Francisco, Francis 77, 105, 160 Franklin, John H. 169 Franklin, Margaret V. 208 Franks, Donna 69, 179 Frazier, Dorris D. 161, 192 Frazier, James D. 208 Freeman, Brenda Gail 208 Freeman, Cookie 107, 115, 124 Freeman, Helen 73, 208 Freeman, Linda 87, 208 Freeman, Patricia 66, 73, 97, 100, 105, 111, 192 French, Charles 121 Frick, Barbara 106 Frye, James Lee 208 Frye, Sandra V. 192 Fudge, Jonathan D. 90, 91 Fulkerson, Lydia 66, 85, 111, 124, 157, 192 Fuller, Andy C. Jr. 208 Fuller, Patricia R. 208 Fulmer, Lavon 121 Furches, Bill 56, 71, 108 G Galloway, Louis Alex 105, 208 Galloway, Penny 73 Gantt, Brenda 98, 101, 208 Garber, Mozelle 218 Garland, Carolyn Sue 208 Garland, Judy 124 Garland, Phillip E. 192 Garland, William D. 208 Garman, William 208 Garner, Terance 208 Garst, Ann 94, 106, 107, 109, 169 Garuer, Fred 185 Gary, Michael Taylor 208 Gash, Carolyn E. 69, 208 Geagley, Patsy Lee 208 Geimer, William 56, 67, 71, 105 Geisler, Bill 105, 107 Geisler, Carol Ann 69 Gervin, Anne Keys 208 Gibbs, Jeannie 77 Gibbs, Mary 73, 1 1 8 Gibson, Richard 75 Gillenwater, Ruth 72, 108, 169 Gillespie, Winnie 97, 115, 126, 192 Gillette, Clara 81, 109, 1 14, 208 Gilliam, Charles L. 179 Gilly, Mary Ruth 89, 192 Gilmer, Donald 185 Gleen, Margarite 108 Glenn, Marcella 81, 110 Glenn, Morris 83, 110, 116, 118, 169, 179 Godsey, Henry Rufus 208 Godsey, Jerry Lee 208 Goforth, Tom 127 Good, Johnny A. 208 Goode, William D. 208 Goodin, Thomas E. 83, 192 Goodwin, Bob 105, 106 Goolsby, Ehrick Cecil 208 Gordon, Robert 108, 109 Gose, James 83, 118, 192 Gothard, Charles D. 208 Gouge, Carol 107 Grjigg, Dot 97, 115, 169 Graham, Linda 73, 124 Graves, Paul 114, 169 Graves, Robert 121 Gray, Odell W. Jr. 121, 192 Graybeal, Brenda 89, 208 Graybeal, Sheila 89, 208 Graybeal, Shirley 84 Greene, Brenda 73, 107, 208 Greene, Douglas M. 192 Gieene, Jo Ann 169 Gregg, Jerry Ray 208 Grills, Robert 71 Grimm, Willis 103, 108, 111, 113, 116, 192 Grindstaff, Betty J. 208 Gross, Charles Edward 208 Grubb, June 97, 107, 111, 115, 124, 192 Grubb, Phillip E. 208 Gurley, Rosemary 77, 208 H Haga, Raymond Jack 169 H u gey, William Wade 208 Haire, Billy Joe 179 Hale, Bob 109, 116, 119, 120, 124, 192 Hale, Charles W. 208 Hale, Robert J. 192 Hale, Tommy 146 Hall, James 108, 169 Hall, Thomas Allen 123, 192 Hamed, Mickey Ray 192 Hamilton, Catherine 208 Hamilton, Dorothy 89 Hamilton, George 116 Hamilton, Walter H. 208 Hampton, Charles Joe 208 Hancock, Gene 108 Hankla, Eleanor 169 Hanselman, Bernadine 169 Hansford, Richard 105 Harbison, Janice 69, 114 Hardin, Charles 118, 179 Hargis, Bill 144, 145 Hargis, Jim 144 Hatless, Billy Wayne 208 Harmon, Harry Estel 208 Harmon, Lanny L. 208 Harrell, Billy Jack 208 Harrison, Clarissa J. 124, 192 Harrison, Shirley Lee 208 Harris, David 75, 208 Harris, Fred 106 Harris, Jim 97, 123 Harrison, John 146, 147 Hart, Stacy Lee 105, 209 Harter, Linda Lee 209 Hartman, Jane 169 Hartsell, Buddy 143 Harvey, Jane 170 Harvey, Robert ' 209 Harwood, Janet 124 Hatfield, Ben 97, 119, 120 Hathaway, James N. 209 Hathaway, Joe C. 193 Haulsee, Richard W. 193 Havelock, Jon Justus 179 Havelock, Renny W. 179 Hawkins, Christine 56, 81, 107 Hawkins, David 75 Hawks, Claude 91 Hawthorne, Walter 107 Hayes, Harold 209 Haynes, Bill 107 Haynes, Bobby Joe 209 Haynes, Charles 106 Haynes, William A. 209 Heaberlin, Judy C. 81, 209 Headrick, Betty 218 Headrick, Shirley S. 179 Heatherly, Ada 109 Heatherly, Allen 108 Heathon, Janice 185 Heck, Mary 209 Helbert, Charlie 98, 170 Helbert, Gary R. 209 Heifer, Edward Henry 209 Heifer, Judy 94, 105, 106, 107 Helvey, Kathyrne 119, 120 Helvey, Mary 1 1 9 Helton, Bobby 193 Helton, Donald B. 116, 179 Helton, Jay 185 Helton, Patricia D. 209 Henderson, Lindell 218 Hendrick, Edward Lee 170 Hendricks, Sandra 119 Hendrix, Tom 79 Hensley, David A. 91 Hensley, Kenneth D. 179 Henry, Carolyn 68 Henry, Robert L. 209 Herzig, Donald 209 Hessmann, Joseph R. 91, 185 Hetzler, Walter M. 75, 209 Hickman, Deanna J. 209 Hicks, Billy J. 209 Hicks, Caroll N. 209 Hicks, Jackie Lynn 105, 193 Hicks, Jerry F. 209 Hicks, Oscar V. 79, 209 Higgins, C. J. 209 Hilbert, Samuel D. 209 Hill, Wanda June 111, 180 Hillon, Betty 107, 109, 209 Hillon, Catherine 107, 109, 111, 124, 170 Hilton, Nancy F. 105, 209 Hitch, Linda 87 Hite, Janice Kay 209 Hixon, Ann 111, 170 Hobbs, Lowell V. 180 Hobbs, Robert Wayne 170 Hodge, Carolyn J. 170 Hodge, Dorothy Louise 209 Hodge, Jane 193 Hodge, Richard D. 209 Hodges, Bob 146 Hodges, Dottie 124 Hogan, Alfred 209 Holdway, Bill 54, 58, 83, 118, 124, 193 Holloman, Lryndon 83, 180 Holt, Linda 108, 209 Holtzclaw, Sandra 105 Honaker, Buck 101 Honeycutt, Joan E. 68, 91, 193 Hood, Herman 106, 107, 108 Hooks, David Eugene 209 Hope, Charles L. 209 Hord, Tommy 75 Horne, Fred A. 209 Horton, Bill 71, 209 Horton, George W. 170 Horton, James M. 105, 193 Horton, Kenneth W. 180 Houk, Anita 219 Houk, Peggy 1 10 232 Housley, Mike 107 Houston, Alfred A. 170 Houston, Patricia M. 69, 209 Howard, Edgar M. 180 Howell, Frank W. 116, 180 Huddle, Margaret 87, 193 Hudson, Steve H. 209 Hughes, Betty Ruth 209 Hughes, Bill 127 Hughes, Gene Gale 209 Hughes, J. D. 170 Hughes, Jenny L. 209 Hughes, Jim 118 Hughes, Jimmy K. 193 Hughes, Wanda Jane 115 Humphrey, Martha K. 209 Humpston, Charles 97, 105, 106, 107, 170 Hunley, Ruth 69, 97, 99, 170 Hunnicutt, Laura 193 Hunt, Carol Lee 209 Hunt, Patricia Kaye 209 Huntsman, Joseph T. 79, 209 Hurley, Bruce 122 Hurst, Lowell 121, 123 Hutton, Gerre 115, 170 Hyder, Charles E. 209 Hyder, Elizabeth A. 170 Hyder, Virgil Lee 209 Icenhour, Luther H. 185 Ikerd, Kathryn 88, 105, 107, 193 Ingram, William C. 209 Ireson, Jimmie O. 193 Irwin, Phyllis Ann 209 Ivey, Wayne Earl 209 J Jackson, Douglas K. 209 Jackson, Frank 1 1 8 Jackson, Julia 69 Jackson, Raymond K. 209 Jackson, Richard 75 Jackson, James F. 209 Jacobs, Carnelia Fay 209 Jacobs, Sharon Lee 209 James, Billy Joe 209 James, Raymond E. 131, 170 James, Shirley E. 209 Jarnigan, Jerry 66, 69, 160, 170 Jarnagin, Joseph 209 Jaynes, James W. 193 Jennings, Dick 71, 105, 106, 107 Jennings, Melinda 209 Jessee, Mary Carole • 105, 107 Jeter, Larry Clyde 209 John, Barbara 89, 112, 119 Johnson, Ann 73 Johnson, Bobbie Ruth 105, 209 Johnson, Boyd G. 209 Johnson, Margaret 170 Johnson, Elizabeth 73, 185 Johnson, Julia Margaret 115 Johnson, Linda 89 Johnson, Rennie 127, 131 Johnson, Sandra Lou 171 Johnson, Thomas Crum 171 Johnson, Wayne 71, 170 Johnson, William L. 71, 210 Jones, Bertie Jean 111, 193 Jones, Carole 85, 113, 210 Jones, Carolyn 114, 171 Jones, Cecil 186 Jones, David B. 210 Jones, Earl 116, 193 Jones, Gene 105, 107 Jones, Horace 171 Jones, James E. 171 Jones, James F. 171 Jones, Jean 1 1 8 Jones, Marion 107 Jones, Maxie Etta 210 Jones, Milton R. 210 Jones, Ray Otto 171 Jones, Sandra 69, 107, 210 Jones, William B. 79, 180 Jordan, Joyce 80, 119, 210 Justice, Sue 106 K Kaisley, Bill 210 Kease, Bill 109 Keasling, Billie N. 171 Keeney, Dale Steve 210 Keesling, Richard 146, 147 Kegley, James 79 Kegley, Martha 69, 115, 193, 218 Kegley, Robert P. 171 Keith, Donald Ray 210 Kelley, Charles 144 Kelly, Linda 85, 97, 159 Kennedy, Sarah 107 Kent, James 185 Ketron, Louis 193 Key, Robert 79 Keys, Shirley 69, 105, 193 Kidd, Janice 77, 97, 99, 120, 158, 210 Kidder, Howard 105, 106, 108 Kiker, Sherel 79, 118, 120, 185 Kilby, Larry R. 210 Kilby, Thomas 91, 185 Kilgore, Gailya J. 210 Kim, Duk Man 1 1 0 Kimberlin, James 210 Kindernay, Barbara 86, 87, 97, 107, 111, 171 King, Carl H. 193 King, Jack 185 King, Linda 98, 105, 108, 210 King, Patsy 115, 210 King, Ronald Wade 171 King, Sue 115, 210 King, Wallace C. 210 Kinkead, Joan 77, 118, 156, 193 Kiser, Arthur L. 171 Kiser, Billy R. 171 Kiser, Jimmy Ray 210 Kiser, Joshua R. 157 Kiser, Peggy 218 Kiser, Sylvia B. 105, 210 Kiss, Rosa Lee 81, 110, 210 Kite, Sarah J. 210 Kitts, Michael 75 Kitzmiller, Mary 210 Kivett, John J. 210 Knecht, Charles 1 1 2 Knight, Karen Kae 68 Knipp, Janice 113 Knisley, Bill 121, 123 Komaromy, Richard G. 210 Koysuch, Mildred 109 Kreiner, John 71 Kyle, Jim 161 L Lacy, Virginia J. 171 LaFollette, Betty R. 210 LaFollette, Re ' cecca 108, 210 Lambert, Sam 180 Lamons, Betsy 77, 124 Lamons, Phyllis 105, 115, 210 Landrum, Donald F. 193 Lane, Jimmy Leon 210 Lane, William 145 Larkins, Aaron 155, 185 Larkins, Joan 115, 210 Laughlin, John 83, 118 Laughrun, George 171 Lavinder, Janet 81 Laws, Arthur E. 171 Lawson, Bonnie R. 210 Lawson, Dee Reece 79, 171 Laws, Jeff 97 Layne, Montray 109 Leach, Oscar J. Jr. 172 Leatherwood, Carolyn 73, 172 Ledbetter, Tom 123 Ledford, Joe Charles 210 Ledford, Larry 127, 131 Ledwell, Richard 210 Ledwell, Stanley W. 210 Lee, Charles Edward 210 Lee, Donald 210 Lee, Gene 56, 105, 172 Leeper, Joyce 99 Lehman, Carol 219 Leinart, Darryl 79, 210 Leonard, Bill 161 Leonard, Charles 83 Leonard, Fred R. 193 Le Seur, Bob 146, 147 Lester, Bill 79, 91 Lester, Kay 114, 210 Leuty, Tom B. 185 Lewallen, Joan 68 Lewis, Bob 146 Lewis, Carolyn 108 Lewis, Larry Lynn 210 Lewis, Samuel 116, 172 Lim, Chun Soo 116, 180 Light, Sandra 98, 105, 106, 107, 158, 210 Lilley, Bob 186 Lincoln, Susan 73, 210 Lindsay, Paris M. 210 Lingerfelt, Larry R. 210 Linkous, Ronald W. 210 Little, George 105 Litton, Jerry Lee 123, 193 Littreal, Carroll D. 193 Livesay, Douglas B. 172 Livingston, Sandra 77, 156, 193 Lones, Mary 87, 115, 124, 193 Long, Dorothy 81, 97, 120. Long, Fred Eugene 210 Love, Bill 83, 118 Lowe, Alean E. 193 Lowe, Donna Stallard 172 Lowe, James B. 180 Lowe, Mary Ann 89, 119 Lowe, Phyllis 219 Lcwe, Thelma M. 180 Lowe, Walter 210 Lucas, Barbara 110 Lunsford, Charles R. 210 Luntsford, Samuel 180 Luster, Ira T. 186 Luttrell, Jane Ann 193 Luttrell, Martha L. 105, 210 Lyle, John 122, 123, 193 Lyle, Nancy 123 Lyle, Rhetta Belle 108, 126, 157 Lyon, William 83, 97 Me McAmis, Evelyn M. 210 McClanahan, Roger L. 210 McClanahan, Tyson 146 McClelland, Sarah B. 193 McCloud, Barbara Ann 119 McCloud, Jim 119, 120 McColgan, Judy 77, 124, 210 McCorkle, Marinita 81, 105, 210 McCormick, Joe 75 McCullah, Mamie 87 McCracken, Eugene T. 210 McCracken, Robert J. 210 McCracken, Terrell H. 193 McCrary, Sally 77, 101, 210 McDonald, Don 146, 147 McEboy, Jessee R. 157 McEwen, Bill 180 McEwen, Charles W. 210 Mcllhany, Calbert 105, 210 Mcllhany, Hugh 105 McIntyre, Leon L. 210 McKee, Shirly 106, 107 McKinney, Johnny W. 210 McMah-an, Wilda G. 172 McMaster, Jane 89, 172 McMillan, Michael C. 79, 210 McNeese, Jeanette 210 McNeese, Wayne L. 210 McNutt, Judy 73, 211 McNutt, Larry Gene 211 McPherson, Ronald L. 211 McQueary, Ralph 141, 193 McSwain, Pat 77, 111, 172 M Machado, Senora 107 Mack, James A. 172 Maddux, Evelyn 77, 172 Maden, James E. 180 Marlowe, Phyllis 72 233 INDEX Madron, Carolyn 89, 107, 210 Mahan, Charles Issac 210 Maines, George C. 180 Malcolm, Norma N. 193 Malone, Dee 120, 210 Malone, Glenn 210 Malone, Judy 89, 210 Mankel, George 110 Manley, Linda 85 Mann, Larry D. 180 Maples, Agnes M. 108, 210 Marcum, Leon 211 Marrs, Sandra M. 211 Marshall, Ann 89, 99, 106, 107 Marshall, Bruce 161 Marshall, Clarence 211 Marshall, Dorothy 211 Marshall, Roselee 81 Martin, Jackie R. 211 Martin, Mary Kate 211 Martin, Wilma Ruth 193, 219 Matherly, James D. 211 Mathes, Ruth Alice 73 Mason, William L. 211 Massengill, Bobby 21 1 Masengill, Myers 75, 109, 211 Mast, Mary Jane 21 1 Mauk, David 75, 97 Mauk, Elizabeth 88, 211 Mauk, Millard 71, 180 Maust, Larry 186 Maust, Mickey 91 Mays, Georgia H. Ill, 172 Mays, Helen 87, 108, 172 Mays, Oneda J. 98, 211 Mays, Robert G. 172 AAeade, Gene L. 91, 186 AAeade, Richard A. 105, 172 Meade, Sandy 85, 105 Medearis, Glen 186 Medlin, Betty Lou 66, 87, 172 Mercer, Beulah 69, 107, 211 AAeredith, J. Earnest 211 Merritt, Phillip M. 211 Merritt, Phyllis 56, 89, 106, 107, 172 Messimer, Wendell 118, 193 Methany, Hugh 120 Milhorn, Larry 75, 161, 193 AAiller, Aaron D. 121, 211 Miller, Albert E. 211 Miller, Albert H. 211 Miller, Alma L. 211 Miller, Anna Sue 211 Miller, Barbara Anne 211 Miller, Doris Evelyn 1 93 Miller, Eddie 79 Miller, Harry D. 211 Miller, James P. J r. 211 Miller, Janet 85, 114, 158 Miller, Joel C ). 1; 81 Miller, Joseph H. 91, 186 Miller, Joyce 107 Miller, Lambert H. Jr. 211 Miller, Linda Kay 107 , no, Miller, Marie L. 193 Miller, Ron 75 Miller, Sarah A. 109, 211 Mills, Benny 21 1 Mills, Brenda 81, 211 Mills, Ralph 186 Millsaps, Tanya 1 1 5 Mir, Darioosh 21 1 Mire, Joanne J. 211 Mire, Selwa 85, 172 Misamore, Patricia 84, 211 Mise, C. E. 91, 186 Mitchell, Diane 117 Mize, Lela 123 Montgomery, Charles 105, 161, 173 Montgomery, Raymond -.211 Moody, G. C. 173 Moody, Verl 106, 107 Moon, Emma Sue 211 Moore, Betty Jean 114, 211 Moore, Fred William 21 1 AAoore, Gene 67, 74, 75, 97, 119 Moore, Jerry 186 Moore, Joe H. 193 AAoore, Nancy D. 211 Moore, Sallie K. 194 Mooty, Bob 56, 70, 71, 105, 173 AAorehead, Nancy C. 194 Morehouse, Evan 105 Morgan, Monroe T. 181 Morley, Joe W. 91, 186 AAorrell, Shirley Ann 109, 194 Morrell, Stuart R. 211 Morris, Linda 107, 211 Morrison, Billy J. 181 AAorrison, Charles W. 194 AAcrrison, Harold 186 Morrison, Mike 138 Morton, Eddie 144, 145 Moss, Joan S. 173 Moulton, Neil B. 75, 211 AAulkey, Bobby L. 181 Mulkey, Sidney W. 211 Mulkey, Wayne 107, 119 Mull, Sandra Lynn 194 Mullins, Bob 127 Mullins, C. W. 120 AAurphy, Ellis 148 Murray, James 186 AAurray, Robert L. 211 Musick, Johnny D. 105, 194 Myers, Barbara 80, 211 N Nave, Jane 87, 194 Nave, Mary A. 211 Nave, Rose Ann 21 1 Nance, Sara K. 173 NeSmith, Judy 109, 115, 219 Neal, Elizabeth A. 211 Neas, Carolyn 107, 194 Nelson, Linda 107, 109, 211 Neufer, Lela 107, 110 Newland, Allan Wayne 211 Newman, Bill 211 Newberry, Ronald 211 Nickels, Patricia 212 Nidiffer, Betty J. 212 Nidiffer, Gordon 146 Nidiffer, Sandy 14, 54, 56, 85, 106, 107, 126, 160 Nikazy, Eddie Max 181 Noblin, Judy 85, 107, 115, 124, 126, 194 Noonkester, William 194 Norris, Helen 115, 219 O Odell, Gaye Nelle 212 Odell, John Hugh 212 Odell, Martha Ann 212 Odell, Sharon 77 Odroski, Johnny 212 Oiinger, Ernest Ray 212 Olinger, Jo Ellen 212 Oiinger, Mary I. 66, 87 Ol I is, Larry Eugene 212 Olsen, Donald R. 212 Onks, Carole Ann 105, 212 Oran, Bill 79 Orner, Sue 105 Osborne, Norma 218 Osborne, Paul B. 75, 181 Osborne, Roger N. 212 Ould, Ellen 73 Ousley, Ray 117 Overbay, Howard W. 212 Overbey, Martha J. 173 Owens, Barbara 81 Owens, Lou Ellen 108 P Paduck, Gary 124 Palmer, Gary Lester 212 Palmer, Thomas H. 173 Painter, Wilson H. Jr. 212 Parent, Albert Denis 75, 181 Parham, Arthur R. Jr. 181 Parker, Judith Ann 212 Parker, Mary M. 212 Parks, Fred 123 Parrish, Leon T. Jr. 194 Parvin, Kathleen 173 Patrick, Wade Holland 79, 212 Patterson, Bob 127, 181 Patton, James 186 Patton, AAary 89 Payne, Charles 186 Payne, Mary Elizabeth 194 Payne, Patricia E. 212 Pearson, Elizabeth F. 212 Pearson, Sam B. 186 Pease, Jerry 79 Pectol, Dick 1 1 7 Peek, Stanley C. 173 Pence, Eddie E. 212 Pennington, Toby 119 Peoples, Jim 120 Peplies, Robert 1 1 8 Perkey, Donald James 212 Perkins, Mildred J. 212 Perkins, Samuel V. 212 Perrin, Jo Ann 89, 1 1 1 Perry, James 108, 116, 181 Perry, Ronald Joseph 194 Peters, Sue J. 105, 212 Peters, Wayne 98, 127, 131 Peterson, Joel 91, 186 Petrolla, Pat 161 Phillips, E. H. 120 Phillips, Bruce 172 Phillips, Harrell 181 Phipps, Bill 108 Phipps, Euniav N. 212 Phipps, Jackie L. 181 Phipps, James Thomas 212 Phipps, Kathryn 212 Pierce, Kathryn Bird 173 Pierce, Robert Eugene 194 Pierce, Ruben 83, 105, 107, 173 Pierce, Wendell E. 212 Pierson, Norman 212 Pitts, Ann 89, 105, 107, 212 Pitts, Janice 107 Place, Darman 127, 130, 131, 180 Pleasant, Betty T. 212 Plemmons, William C. 173 Pollard, Jean 89, 107, 173 Pope, Anna Sue 212 Potter, Carolyn Sue 105, 109, 112 Potter, William 186 Potts, John Boyden 194 Poteet, Kathryn 81, 114, 120, 212 Powers, Gerald N. 212 Powers, Janice 81, 108, 212 Powers, Jerry H. 212 Powers, Leonard O. 181 Powers, Sidney 186 Pratt, James Edward 173 Presswood, Larry 83, 212 Price, Bobby Kyle 212 Price, Charles L. 212 Price, Herbert K. 181 Price, Jo Ann 111 Price, John 83, 118 Price, Muriel Alice 212 Proffitt, Sandra 73, 107 Pruitt, Ralph L. 212 Pryor, Robert W. 154, 173 Pursley, Clyde 181 234 Q Quillen, Clark 120 Quill,en, Pezzle O. 212 Quillen, Ronald E. 131 Quillen, Ronnie 127, 212 Quinn, Edwin K. 194 R Rakes, Sue 89, 113, 116, 194 Rambo, William 45, 144 Ramey, Tom 79, 127 Ramsey, Charles 181 Ramsey, Vance B. 98, 160, 187 Range, Shirley A. 212 Rankin, Virginia 212 Rasar, Brooks 212 Raser, Danny 105 Rash, Ann 101, 212 Ratliff, Bobby G. 91, 187 Ratliff, Joe H. 79, 173 Ray, Arlena 212 Ray, Judy 212 Ray, Lonnie 181 Ray, Lynda 69 Ray, Reba 109 Reaves, Ellen L. 212 Rector, Carolyn 115 Reece, William R. 194 Reed, Faye Agnes 212 Reedy, Charles H. 212 Reedy, Edward 144 Reedy, Glenda Ann 212 Reese, William Robert 212 Reeves, Bill E. 212 Reeves, Winifred I 194, 218 Reid, Gail D. 173 Renfro, Janet F. 174 Revell, Oliver Burgan 131, 182 Reynolds, Larene W. 194 Rice, Geri 115, 212 Richards, Abner Davis 105, 194 Richards, Judith L. 212 Richards, Lynnell 77, 105 Richardson, Bobby L. 174 Richardson, Charles 91 Richardson, James B. 174 Richardson, Martha 212 Richardson, Norma S. 182 Richardson, Russell 172 Riddle, Tom 144, 194 Rigsby, Lola 108 Ring, David 194 Roark, Peggy 87, 194 Robbins, Donald K. 212 Roberts, Betty 115 Roberts, Dale 174 Roberts, Frank Earl 212 Roberts, Gracie 174 Ro ' rerts, Naomi Fern 218 Robinette, David 187 Robinette, Janice P. 212 Robinette, John 194 Robinette, Margaret 87 Robinette, Rachel M. 194 Robinson, Carolyn 69, 212 Robinson, James H. 212 Robinson, Larry R. 213 Robinson, Leo Shults 194 Robinson, Margaret A. 213 Robinson, Mary Alice 77, 113 Robinson, Rowena 77, 107 Rogan, Ada 105 Rodefer, Elizabeth 187 Rogers, James Lee 213 Rogers, Larry 118 Rogers, Lilia H. 174 Rogers, Ralph L. 174 Rogers, Ronnie 127, 147 Rookard, Betty Ann 213 Roseberry, Sandra P. 174 Ross, Earnestine 1 11 Ross, Jim 75, 96, 97, 194 Royston, Martha 108 Russ, Aaron 75, 213 Russell, Judith 219 Russell, Nancy 105, 108 Russell, Robert M. 213 Rutherford, Betty 99, 115 Rutherford, Joyce A. 213 Ryan, Edward 83, 118 S Salyer, Larry W. 213 Sampson, Robert E. 213 Sams, Don 123 Sams, Douglas B. 213 Sams, Earelyn 89, 106, 107, 182 Sams, Gene 91, 187 Sams, Gerald N. 194 Sams, Sandra 77, 105, 213 Sanchez, Julio 107 Sanders, Linda 213 Sane, Charlene 108, 109, 174 Sarvis, Joe 213 Savage, Joe 79 Scalf, Brenda 69, 213 Schmidt, Knute M. 213 Scott, Bobby Eugene 213 Scott, Peggy 88, 119 Scott, Rebecca 81, 213 Schroeder, Jim 110 Schroeder, Mary Joyce 73, 118 Scroggins, Roy 174 Scutt, Eve 69, 159 Seal, Hope 73, 110, 213 S eal, Rex Byron 182 Seal, Roger 213 Seaton, Herb 75 Seaver, Marilyn C. 213 Seay, Hilton A. 194 Seay, Paul 107 Selby, John Boyd 213 Sell, William G. 161, 213 Sells, Warner M. 79, 213 Semones, Jerry A. 117, 174 Setser, Micca D. 213 Sexton, Dorcas J. 11, 174 Sexton, Kenneth 71 Sexton, Phillip R. 213 Shahan, Larry A. 116, 194 Shanka, Barbara Ann 194 Shannon, James B. 213 Shannon, James N. 187 Sharp, James E. Jr. 79, 194 Sharrett, Julia Ann 174 Shatley, Nancy S. 174 Shaw, Judith Ann 213 Shearin, Jay 109, 213 Sheffey, Carolyn R. 213 Sheffield, Betty 174 Shell, Barbara A. 109, 194 Shell, Jon Erby 213 Shell, Linda 194, 218 Shell, Nancy C. 97, 111, 174 Shepherd, Sue 108 Sherfey, Nancy Ann 213 Sherrod, Clarence S. 213 Sherwood, Sara Jane 73, 105, 108, 194 Shipley, Charles 213 Shirley, Robert L. 213 Shockley, Charles 79 Showalter, Melvin 174 Shropshire, Nancy 213 Shuffle, Sue 73, 107, 160 Shumate, Buford K. Jr. 194 Shuey, Eleanor Ann 213 Silvers, Beth 85, 107, 213 Simerly, Martha 115, 213 Simerly, Thelma 108, 115 Simmons, Thelma 108, 115 Simmons, Gene 116 Simmons, Kenneth E. 182 Simonds, Larry T. 213 Sims, Donald D. 213 Singleton, Rany E. 213 Sizemore, Jerry T. 213 Skaggs, Jimmy D. 75, 213 Skipworth, Linda 69, 115 Slaughter, Don 127 Slaughter, Paul D. 213 Sloan, Chephas 182 Sloan, Gerald 175 Smalling, Ron 56, 83, 105, 106, 143 Smith, Alex Eugene 213 Smith, Billy 187 Smith, Charles Edward 213 Smith, Douglas 175 Smith, Dorsey 116, 119, 213 Smith, Harriet 77 Smith, Kyle C. 213 Smith, Linda S. 213 Smith, Lyda A. 213 Smith, Marie 175 Smith, Martha Nell 72, 194 Smith, Nancy Lee 175 Smith, Robert C. 213 Smith, Robert M. 213 Smith, Roy Lee 175 Smith, Sharon 85 Smith, Ted Ray 213 Smith, Thayer 91 Smith, Wayne Morris Smyser, William B. 123, 194 Snapp, Fannie L. 213 Snapp, Janice Marie 213 Snapp, Mary Ann 194 Snoderly, Robert 175 Snodgrass, James 98 Snodgrass, Lowell W. 187 Snodgrass, Nancy 107, 175 Snodgrass, Sara F. 213 Snodgrass, Wayne 121 Snyder, Scott L. 213 Soloman, Roger 107, 213 Somers, Bobby Vance 182 Sorrell, Brenda M. 213 Southers, Frank 148 Sowders, Tj m 127, 131 Sowers, James R. 213 Spangler, Norma Jane 213 Sparks, Drearna J. 175 Sparks, Fred 75 Sparrow, J$rry 107, 195 Speer, Gary M. 213 Sprinkle, James R. 214 Spiro, Jimmy Dean 214 Sudderth, Suzanne 68 Sutton, Sally 1 15 Stacy, Joe 161 Stacy, Donald Blair 214 StaHard, Harry E. Jr. 214 Stanley, Don 105, 106, 175 Stanley, Raymond W. 214 Stapleton, Lowell 187 Starkey, Lee 106, 107, 119, 195 Starnes, John M. 175 Steadman, Robert P. 214 Steele, Alice 107 Steele, Harry 67, 79, 97 Steele, Samuel H. Jr. 214 Steffey, Jeannie 69 Stephens, Jim 71 Stephens, Teresa G. 214 Stewart, Billy 187 Stills, Texie Joan 214 Stiner, Tommy C. 194 Stipes, Char les 214 Stokes, Jack 127 Story, Barbara 109, 115, 214 Stout, Kenneth A. 195 Strickler, David V. 214 Strickler, Raymond 214 Strickler, Robert G. 214 Street, Bill 107 Street, Harold 141 Street, Mary E. 214 Stubblefield, Charles 214 Stubblefield, Phyllis 1 11 Stump, Rockne Lee 214 Sturgill, Nancy R. 214 Sutton, Sally 219 Swan, Harriet 77, 109 Swingle, James F. 91, 195 Swingle, Terry 101 Swink, William A. 195 Sykes, Sarah R. 214 T Tabor, George L. 195 Talley, James 56, 67, 71, 97, 103 Tallman, Edgor J. 214 Tallman, Jo Ann 85, 175 Tate, Loretta 85, 107, 119, 120 235 INDEX Tate, Roderick L. 175 Taylor, Ann 73, 195 Taylor, Bobby Hutson 175 Taylor, Buddy D. 175 Taylor, Jackie H. 214 Taylor, Wilson 161 Teitelbaum, Robert 214 Tester, David 175 Tester, Eva 107, 214 Testerman, Mary 218 Thacker, Frances 214 Thomas, Bobby Gene 214 Thomas, Cynthia Rose 214 Thomas, Cindy 1 15 Thomas, Garry B. 214 Thomas, Jewel Dean 98, 214 Thomas, Judy 115 Thomas, Nancy 89, 99, 112, 158, 164, 175 Thornburg, Nancy 73, 99 Thompson, Gem 114 Thompson, Martha 68, 214 Thompson, Pat 89, 94, 99, 105, 106, 107 Thompson, Ralph 175 Thompson, Ronald L. 214 Tidwell, Earl E. 214 Timbs, Loyd Rex 214 Tinker, Carroll 214 Tipton, Lynn A. 105, 214 Tipton, Thomas 75 Tittle, Franklin F. 75, 182 Todd, Sybil 214 Toh, Lulu 109 Totri, Mary 107, 124, 195 Townsend, Vernon D. 214 Tucker, Bobby Joe 182 Tucker, James W. 187, 195 Turner, Curtis Paul 196 Turner, Jane 87, 195 Turner, Lloyd 214 Travis, Luther R. 214 Treadway, Zetta 106, 107 Trent, Randall 187 Trent, William S. 214 Troutman, James 175 U Ulrick, Ann 124 Umberger, Rodney 127 Umberger, Joseph 71, 107, 214 V Vandergriff, Dorothy 218 Van-Huss, John F. 214 Van Huss, Nancy 107 Vaughn, Alice 1 15 Vicars, Lowell A. 214 Villanti, Anthony M. 71, 176 Vinson, Minnie 107, 195 Vollrath, Faye 81, 89, 97 W Waddell, Dorothy 81, 214 Waddell, Gorman 75 Waddell, Lewis 124 Waddell, Ralph L. 176 Wagner, Larry D. 214 Walder, Charles 214 Walker, Larry Paul 214 Walker, Janelle 81, 108, 109, 176 Wallace, Alton 91, 187 Wallace, Bob 119 Wallace, James 187 Wallace, Victor 214 Wallace, William 214 Wallen, Calvin Wayne 214 Wallen, Emma 214 Wallen, Sena A. 108, 214 Wallin, Bob 131 Wallin, Kathrine 107, 108 Walsh, Gordon 161 Walters, Linda 110, 182 Ward, Wanda 114, 176 Warren, Charlotte A. 214 Warren, Melba K. 214 Washburn, Elizabeth 56, 85 Watts, Anna Marie 84, 115 Watts, Mary Ruth 176 Watkins, Jim 107 Watson, Scott 54, 79, 91, 96, 97, 118, 120, 121, 122, 123, 187 Wayland, Joyce Ann 85 Weaver, Elizabeth Ellen 105, 108, 214 Weaver, Ronnie 118 Webb, Charles 156, 182 Webb, Harvey James 214 Webb, Sandra 219 Webster, Barbara A. 214 Webster, Janice L. 214 Weems, Charles 121 Weems, Deanna 77 Welch, Bill 71 Welch, Cline 195 Welch, Robert 71 West, Carlene 107, 119, 214 West, Charlotte 80, 214 Westmoreland, Pat 214 Wetzel, Lynda D. 214 Wheeler, Patricia 85, 158 White, Ada 107 White, James 120 White, James C. 215 White, James J. 215 White, Judith E. 214 White, Lucyle C. 215 White, Marion 148, 182 White, Ronald Lee 215 White, Sharon 69 Whitener, Kay 218 Whitson, Carolyn R. 195, 218 Whittaker, Audrey J. 215 Whittaker, Jean 69 Whitson, Milton 215 Whitson, Patsy 81, 195 Whitson, Wayne 148 Wiley, Marilyn G. 215 Wilcox, Jan Ervin 215 Wilholt, Barbara 176 Wilkerson, Ann 89, 124, 176 Wilkerson, Lucy 116 Wilkerson, Margaret L. 176 Willett, Clara Lou 73, 110, 219 Williams, Bill 105, 106, 107, 215 Williams, Elaine 195 Williams, Emily F. 215 Williams, Freddie W. 215 Williams, Gail 73 Williams, James E. 139, 176 Williams, Jan 115, 124, 215 Williams, Jane 73, 97, 99 Williams, Jerry 187 Williams, Lawrence 187 Williams, Martha Mae 195 Williams, Martin 195 Williams, Thomas L. 176 Williams, Van 215 Williamson, Clyde 143 Williamson, Kenneth 188 Willis, Claude E. 215 Willis, Clara L. 215 Willis, Jack F. 215 Willis, Walter Kyle 91, 188 Wilson, Albert R. 215 Wilson, Barbara Lynn 195 Wilson, Ben 143 Wilson, Bob 97 Wilson, Bobbi 81 Wilson, Charles 75 Wilson, Doris Anne 195 Wilson, Elaine 69, 215 Wilson, Jean F. 215 Wilson, Lester 83 Wilson, Myrn H. 188 Wilson, Robert Dean 215 Wines, Wanda Rose 215 Winsett, Bertha 215 Winter, Janyce 73, 215 Winter, Sandra 73 Wiseman, Linda Sue 176 Witt, Barbara 215 Wolfe, Betty 85 Wolfe, Connie 85, 215 Wolfe, Dorothy 176 Wolfe, Helen F. 176 Wolfenbarger, Sidney 71 Wong, Shou Chi 215 Wood, Charlie 107, 110, 215 Wood, Noah J. 2 15 Wood, Steve 119, 120, 215 Wood, Stuart E. 188 Woodward, Freida 69 Woody, Robert 188 Woolford, Barbara 215 Woolford, Barbara 85 Woolard, Merill 215 Wornom, Charles 79, 188 Wright, Julianna 115, 124 Wright, Sue 176 Wright, Tommy C. 123, 138, 176 Y Yankee, Roma 87, 176 Yelton, Ralph 91, 195 Yoder, James W. 176 Young, Joy Raymond 215 Young, Kendred Alan 215 Young, Nettie Jane 85, 126 Young, Ronald 188 Young, Vola Jean 107 Z Ziegler, Paul 79, 123 Zimmerman, Claudie A. 182 Zimmerman, Doug 75 Zory, Mary Frances 81, 215 236 Sixty and Snow Sixty and the Student Center r — S 3 «w s’s eSI y£5s»«w J " “ S 2 S .. .IIMlWililfiii ■ ' 1— " - " ' sss»S 3 “rzisrss r .T.r£.Jssasssg »!» S8S883 ssss@ smstm®m t® ' ■ ® 88$ 88$8888 - «8888» «» » ZJZ fe 8t W 8 8 g 8 8S?: $88 ' " 5888 888888 Jf IF » H l£ mmmm ji M t- 88888888888 8 m £• mm ' 8888 P 5 . m • . wi cWW 8888888 888888 •888888: mm » ' ¥ f • f 3 - ;• . .- ■ ' ■ ' ' T r T " - - m m mmmmm ■»:¥ - ; J . ' " JS afefo ei £’ 3ki a 7 j ■r Tvr 1 J 3I jfS • jcTiLy : jSS £SN|F ' %• " c5aW5 diP S • » ■ M ' j Lm 8» , y; " lTry yji y|g| ebIf " i M- ym vw St 111. ■ . J pr« Vftifliffor • ■ ' —P! " f - : ■ y v « m3 M i - EAST TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY b W ' f i... j» ' VUUr 4

Suggestions in the East Tennessee State University - Buccaneer Yearbook (Johnson City, TN) collection:

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East Tennessee State University - Buccaneer Yearbook (Johnson City, TN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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