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 - Class of 1978

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East Stroudsburg University - Stroud Yearbook (East Stroudsburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Cover

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rw. .AL 1 .,- -if :gf 1' 0 Qi! ,, if ur J? x , ,I 'I : l , - ,, A . , - , V T M aI r I V III, VII ' V4 If 5 'I V' ' ' , ' .' V .L V . I II II I m , ,., ,gf ,d I ' i 4 I ' ,K-' , 3 .fz f" -' . K I-,- 1 L' ' 1' .-- ' xl? 4:31 1'p:,x5'I" " Q ' V. '. -1 'V V-' ,ALI ' .eg - V V .I , V .I V .A V V. .- -.f Vs. ,. V ' 5 " E .' V .' "" F '-- "'x,"'V: - "3FT,' J ' ,, V. I. A I. I. ,J ., ,, 5, , ' " -f f - " :fa ' "J: - V15 V . E' 'Q ' 5 ' 3 517:15 V? ' Va , I L- ,f ' " lu -.M - f, f f XV V: . jI I., L, .. 1' 4 wi 5 I,--7, I I' ' I- ' 1 V. . sul I,I.I iff' lg . A VIf, YV I I I I I,I VII I V n i ' '. :I ' 4 'Y -I - - . . .H 'V N ', --' J . ' -'N .. VY 1-3,-..: ,, ' V , 1 - I, ' ,IAI A ga 1 I ..:-f -5 ., ' N -... J, J 3 V " 15,3 5 7 5 A11 ' " 'V' Hr- :J fx ' X' .V 'IVV ' 5 - . ,J L '. 1 ,gfgf E2 - 'E 4 I - .I I 195111, I, I- V ' ' 5 Y - ' ' Ti " - VI, I If I It W I -I 'T I -.I III . I . I I.n 1 VV :I I I -I I .IAIIII -. " ' 1 III V V ' I QT I I III- , '. .' V'-, 4: 55' ""' V -, ' I I .V 4 ' 5 ' ' "" ' , . - 'V I I V'I,I I , -I II I-III I ,I II I--II II G.. I IIIVIIIII I I ' " "N", ' V ' I' V I - - L A wxxf. ' . e QIQHH I ' . WL , ' 1 ' ' I . 'V,' , ' Q A E V V , ' . K ' B f i' 7Mmv !7WWCl'06l!dK9'gf7ZdW A 'if -'-' -L-+6 ---id-.'+..... -.-,4,4..., ,.,, ',- '-:,,A-.4-3:,?- K - ,- .r 3... N Y - ... .- -- Wkczfo ' W M' w,...- w 1 .m::w1- :Ma sw ' ah 55 N526 v atom of MQW 5 01313003 Z 'gwiib 'ggwf' H gf, .sfxhlj . 5 " Q 1 . 'fgdflf-u FT H 4: ' 1 7 ,,i 'Ply' ' 1,1 f ' ,A fir" .- .-., .,4' I ' -'f'TJ:4- ab f174x,1ff,.,n '- lf," ' is 'lf' , L, V "1 r ' 1 ' Lf? --s 0708 'fs J- f, , f-'gin' . l rf, 1- ' , '- v 6 et v'. 111, ' - 1 Ea 5 M bg -11 4 .E , 'I wr. ...T-.,.,,.,,, 5. xi' 1 3 EW i . W j E4 -fc s me 9 l vs. +5 -Q., 1+ ' - -+.. -+... 'H+ -'II' -3- ffgfg: , ' LQ v Z"1 'Li 'L .T in - ' :+.-,' " -H fx is , My E-.-. -.,- , Y Y v Y , N11 --...., , --L - --W--,,,,g .. Ma, --ig Y. ,, .,.., , ,, , , . -ltgx -..rx -Et. .. .i v - .+ G , T-J' "'-- NE ,-K -'-5' 7. 4 x , Hx -Eg g, "J '-, 'A' :N-L .: ,, - .., - - - - --..,-,k..5. --:--Q V - -- - N Y '- .-, - - , :A 'R-- .... .. .Alf--, . 'N 55 - t-..fJ-'.,-, ,gg 5. 5:2-N- - li , , , if-'Z' L egg , " ' '.-, , 'T ,jg '...': LQQJ,-, S st-L-"FIS " LTL -, J,-,QPEY-,'-'-Elli? 1E.i2fr1f1- 'f::Ti:nf5' li 5 L-1 "-'I ....w .. .. -.... T:--5 -- - --...- - .,.......Z..T-'g1" "" "' ""-- ' 7' " 41: f. --...M-4-,-A ,- ,M .A ,l - ,-rbi i 5 --- v-Q-,w -. .-1--rui---1--....,... 'Y R- -Q.--.. .'. ' vQvf:-412511 ------ - - - A ' - - -- ' " '-..T:T" "" 1' "f- i :::.:. 5'-TI:-lf' ' ' 'T yu-:1..L.::::.N . 4 """ " "" """ """"' , fi JU X I, L ' -..,.,-...,- A .......,---.--.......,..1V ,-Y...-, V. if ,- M. .. .- , , ..--A--E-- . ,. V 'F 4 , .. , ' ' c. 4- V- ' t . 5 V-N52 kk- V - if vu,- 3 H T---.,- , -.,?, ' if 1 H v V J I 7 V Y W - uk 9 5 mwwwgwwwza EAST STROUDsma STATE colmsf fx! I f--' 1'-, j ,R H.- J 'wa I X w wwa6 r ' H l 1 w .A Living in a dorm is an experience one will long re- member. Be it a co-ed, male or female dorm makes no difference - strange things happen everywhere. Guinea pigs, hamesters, and unescorted visitors roam the halls, room temperature changes daily, stereos blare "Godspell,' to the "Stranger,', fire drills occur at all hours, and who really knows what goes on behind closed doors. Despite some hassels the dorm does offer some benefits: one has the pleasure of eating in Dansburry, clean bathrooms Cexcept on weekendsl, and an over abundance of friends and enemies. Commuters you don't know what you,re missing! 12 I J 13 t EAST STROUDSBURG STATE COLLEGE EAST STROUDSBUHG, PENNSYLVANIA 18301 717- 424-3545 THE PRESIDENT Apfzili 5, 1978 Dean Gnaduating Seniofus and Fellow Students: Thil yeanbooh, which hai been afszaembied by a cfzeaiive and committed ita55, wiit fsenve cos a fzich Atoaehoufse 05 memofziefs 05 youn coiliege yeafw. In the yeafw ahead, you wifi aecaili having been pait 05 pefzhapfs the 5471415 genenation to become 5ui?,y awane 05 the impending cioae 05 the pevtoieum age -- we Lived with tempehatunei nanging 5n0m 58 degneeza to 78 degneefs depending on the connm 05 the aezsidence haflli you happened to aezside in. You aae ailso pait 05 a genenation which became incfteaiingiy Aenfsitive ,to the needfs 05 aii peopie afs ae5iec,ted not oniy on this campufs but amo in the aciionfs 05 peopiei in the efnmging naiionza 05 the woiid. Mofst impoitantty, you wiii necaii having gaaduafted with a deep and con- tinuing concefzn abou,t how you wouid eann a Living. AA you open this boob twenty yeam 5nom now in 1998, a5ten biowing dufst 055 05 the iong ciooed pagefs, and head thezse woadfs, you wibi pefzhapi be Uziggened to aeview evenizs which have manfspifzed fsubi equent to gnad- uation. You paobabiy wibt be Auipfzised with what you me doing afs com- paned to what you intended to do. I Iznow you wildl be impaefsfsed by the degaee to which youn coitege yeafos pnovided an oppoituvzity 50h you to pnepane youfoseZ5 5on a vafulety 05 fsituatiovus. You wiit be immenieiy appneciaiive 05 youn 5acuity who have l5QfLU2,d you weit by opening doofos 50a you to waih. thnough. Retunning to the hehe and now, ait 05 ui join in wiihing you the befst 05 evenything 5on the yeafos ahead. Coftdioity, DHjmh Dafzneit Hoimefs Pneiidenft 15 A A Ewbgywnwww. . ., wwwgmmwwm QYIZKJOVW czfwfiewiafwofo fi!! u uhh FACULTY: BUILDING FOUNDATIONS FUR THE FUTURE Til ,U .Q , ' 1 '-- 1 Q S N? ' s gx i uAbI'21CZld2lbI'21,, uw 7' . f gg L L F mum: ' M Q.,-- X, riff? Q fwfr V ,164 1 Q Immun'-1:1 JU" L' , , S nw' FACULTY NIGHT AT DANSBURY MR. CHARLES BERLITZ SPEAKS ON THE MYSTERY OF THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE Como C 0770115 PA. SECRETARY OF EDUCATION MS. KLINE SPEAKS ON THE PLIGHT OF AMERICAN EDUCATION 22 I , . F 7 I I V w w I a ' r i I I l 9- i 5 r MR. CAROL KURTZ SPEAKER ON ENERGY 1 H1 ,W ' im J: 'FWF' . 1' . , , w. ' - f fa fm ' STQNY ACRES ls- ,PW V-If mfg I :Q ' l ,KA 1.4 'nf The Second Act presentqsT A STREET CAR NAMED DESIRE November 1977 T 7 vid 'e.A 2 i E 1-gg,3,e lllllllllllllllllllUllll llllllllllllllllllllllll . 655 13:::::::::::::1:1:::::: ::i:22i::: :: 211121212 . IIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIII IUIIII lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllf " I 5 g I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I TWO PAILS GF WATER Oi un-C' The Student Senate of ESSC is the vechile for expressing students views and opinions of issues which effect their daily activities. Students should feel free to bring their problems, whether they are academically or socially orientated to the Student Senate. The Senate Office is located in the College Center. We are here to listen and impliment the pro- cedures necessary for making the changes students feel are needed. The Senators are the elected repre- sentatives ofthe Student Body. Any Student wishing to get involved is welcome to run a campaign for a senate seat. The Senate is your only voice to express your views to the administration. Frank I. Cruice A -,,,4-if STUDENT SENATE And CAS 1 , r I , ' - x f J V . L I I,fQ4'2F3.Q,.Q'. -. 'I ' W ll' ,l.'l'l,,Q " , 13 'TA -'V , ,A 'fi S 'as ld ' 'X A ff we-ft. gg Q: X- ' I ' I u- 'tit-i .1 n-'w va, .lx 'YF Dorm Life vw ' a . . . books, friends, formals and even a moose. New Appalachia Band Concerts Todd Hobin Band Bonnie Raitt Coffeehouses may 1- 1 M 1- 9 Y W n "" '- m,...A. WL, Mmm Mn ww? Q1 H X- X- ..,,,MwW 'ww-wk ' ' !,W,,,: ,,,., Z?,u,M,WW xxxxx xp w!,, H SDI: Haiffisdii f afprofessorv of'Eeo7 'fiom Kutztown State Go11ege.HHe eearnedee his his Doctorate lffohj New Yerlf DfwHartn1 afi 3fiff5Fchniefft63E2isF eSeh+6iid5:bi1rg Iwwahd Senic5rfSeem1 ed6hVSerhestef: f'W' ' N ' Dephrtm eh? 51581 mittee. He i s a1S0 a member of the Kztppag Dr. Hartman en'dyS travelin -arid speridin time with his wife andWtw0+S0nSa ' ! G vi e 4 V1 ,,,,W,,,w MW ,, M, f,,,,,,,,,x,,ww,, w wxmfm-W, MM W' ,- wuwfww , 1",YI,,w,,NMllWGff'W M .w1m'wmwvW1w Wm W 1 w ff MW. X51 W 2111 ggjlwim Wi? JN 311255251515 131511111111 111 ' ' 1 ww1M1mw11 11,1951 11' 1193-Mjzw w9511a11'm 011111911 "W 1mzWfME-www wgwwgmi1-MW11M 151121 W 511 w9s11MWRw1aw 3 11? 1 1 Q 3 W1 M 12 u rf w ww Nm-Bw-.w +1 vw R Y M 11 WM M1 131w1113111,m11,1111WvW?myr113 1 Sew ,' N ' ' " " 1116111111 39 11 N M1111 111111111 gy! W M M111w mpavmfwgv W WW Wwgwwg my wgggww 1- 11 11 1 1111 1x M H 1111 111W 11W 111 11 11111 111M111w 1111, M My J? K 11 M W M V1 'Kim N111 Qwlwk '21 15111 111W 1 1 11111 1111111 11121111 "K 0 "" "" 5 Jn' " Q' ff' ff' 1511 W A X " 'M N WMU "" W 51 "'1 iw' "" W 1111111 W MM1 W WMWMMWM 11111 1 111 WNW 11111 Qi 1211321414 1 if 311119 ., . . W4 "'1 1115 41111, 11.11 1 211151414951 ZMMm1K111W1 1 Q 5 1 1, Q 1 M 1 111'W111w-1111111 MHW1111 11 NNN1 11111 1 1 M 1 '1 N 1 1 3 11wf1??11 M ,,,,,,, 1 1 M W ,M 1111. M11 jill. 11 '11 1111111111 11 1111 :W11111 1 M 111111. 1111111 111111' 5111? 111111 KW 31111111 11? NW 1iMEW',?1:H11131,1111111 W 11 M3111 1112111 WMWMMwM1WWwwwWW 'MM 1 11111 1 1111 ,1.11 . 111 11 N111 W1 ff Um 1?1111111ff1111iW M MQWHWMM1M11111151w1QyAW 1 W1 I' Y 1 1 W1 ww 111, mg ,ff 0 11615 1' 1 H 1 1111111 ww, 111111111 H 111 1111 111W 1111-- A M 1?W1W WMW 1111V1111W'11111E1 11121 1111 W, YZ 711 11 L 1137 W 111,11 11 1 QQ M 4 my 1131110112119 uwM114111 xMM11 M1 M111W MM A 11 13 111W YWM41 ww 11 W 21 11 1 Y M1110 MWQM H K r fix .L- ,1 . uf 1: 1, r 'b X! r v ,. fa 11, 1 Ternple if 1 1 St. joseph's Trenton ,State Bridgeport Kutztown Princeton Lock Haven West Chester New Jersey Tech. Penn State Hartwick Millersville Shippensburg Bloomsburg South Florida Rollins ff r Z 2 'S flip W W T , L W L L L L L L W L L L L Southern Conn. 12-15, 11-15 L Penn State 15-10, 16-14 W Cortland State 15-11, 15-3 W Delaware 12-15, 10-15 L Madison 15-11, 15-7 W Springfield 15-5 W Princeton 15-3, 15-10 W Clarion 15-4, 15-3 W Cortland State Tournament 1st Rhode, Island Tournament 4th EAIAW Small College Champs SOCCER XNONHHWS VOLLEY- ktBALL X . Bucknell, , Lf 1 . it Kean W Zhu- 'H -r 3,13 I Bloomsburg W V, Trenton State L ' 4 Montclair W L 5 , I ' 3 , Westchester ' LA - ' 1 S 1 Lock Haven L .,-4,1 K cam'-.5 ,Temple 1 W .L V in 'Wm. Patterson ' 0 L Z' 1 ' 1 2133, I A' A Pa Conference 2nd C81 i " aw 1 I All schedules are not complete due to latk of space. LLE LL LLE LL LLEY LL LLE B LLV LIJ I The Women's Varsity Vol- leyball Program completed itis fourth year in Eastern competi- tion. It was also the best of the four years. The year was high- lighted by attendance at the AIAW Small College National Tournament held at North Central College in Napersville, Illinois. ESSC qualified for the tournament by winning the Eastern AIAW Championships held at SUNY at Binghamton on Nov. 18 6: 19. The 1977 ESSC volleyball consisted of eight seniors, Capt. Dawn Frey, Deb Pre- scott, Holly Kintner, Tina Sochanski, Terri Van Orden, Anne Lacey, Barb Grady and Sue Waybright, A junior Laurie Ziegler and three freshmen, Michelle Wood, Kathy Hall and Terry Wansart. L L-R D B ' h rt, T W rt K thy Hall Michelle Wood Terri Van Orden Holly Klntner Anne Lacey Mgr Lglleillaljanduslfs Ul2lfJ1ei:lCL-Rllrglloaclalnsxileenely Cerri Mattla Sue Waybr ght Laurie Slegler Barb Grady Dawn Frey Tina Sochanski, Deb Prescott, Asst. Coach june Coodenough , 4' "'.1.f- f.r:. Q ' is ' hr .Q E. fa ,ai- yr :W TB LLF LLF TB LLF TFQQTE LLF TB LLF m I- O l ,J '27 3 'f .-I ' Q 'Q WW j l 4 4 ? ml 5 4 I I ,J Mr-K Although the 1977 season was not as successful as the previous championship seasons in many different ways it was still of championship caliber. Outstanding in- dividual efforts and achievements high- lighted the 1977 season. One such indi- vidual was Harold Strunk the senior run- ningback, who tied the school scoring record for most touchdowns in one season and rushed for over 1,000 yards. Other out- standing performers in offense included such players as, lineman jeff Detzi, and Pat Flattery. And Defense jeff johnson, Bill Berger, Fred Bolina, lack Schwander and joe Detzi had an excellent season making the key plays to stop the opponents scoring chances. As for tl1e season itself for the first time a large number of players feverybody but the seniors! experienced a loss. It came at the hands of Kutztown Stane and later Millersville State College. Although history will record a 6-2 season the true mark of this team, a team which after losing for the first time in 3 seasons it did not quit. In the last game of the season in one of the most emotional games of the year the team played its best game ever in defeating West Chester 24-0. f " 1 f'g'5iw'g:,s.sg -?.'IeqKsiq3.fi!,Lag., f,a.Q,g...,,fnge,f--1"ff'sg'.',5i2.,a ,wage 4 ,..j.f1.5g,- ew g. mayef1.-fazQ.5.g,.3",.21e.r,-5,1.iff:-:.f2'::.y.1,2g.gj2,.jg....gn ' ifiiflfa fini"-3'e'tf.'1 'ls 4.l.'.f.-"-E11-!"f55.' 5. ..'f'TiL'r' -"'1.?3'4:l1'. '32 ' vi I.f5'3" J VI'-"1 'PI' "i'F'.l4 la lf :YH 'lt' . ' gg. Q..,TffZ.,5'l55"'5f75L':?lfl3lwinlLl'f?- 1" 55-wQgT?if'.:'ii-..' 7 V'f'5uFiQ5.f-f'l -gw ipf i,WQ,?':,I:f,fq. 'gag Qgglfl,-1-'i':'f 5-.Q-fguyzfg X. , . Q... . .L M 5,5 0 g ...li ., vt, - , ' A wi. 'M N ',L..,,.,, 9, .',,:1,. ,I .Zak .., ...mf r,,.,-N-, P-,li , 1, J,,,.i.4. -pi .' r.-ji-1,.j...5f2L 2.1 3, my -or .si ' ,1',',1,' .-s. ,-,iff f ,, ,f. 5 , N -1 .352-.-.,.-,r ...g 7,5-. ,, .sf-X15 A . .xref -.W-if-'ffw -"4 1. 1 .wg . if f iz :arg MAS, r3.,:r-'W '. , -.aiu-1 - 'lifiifb' isrfwfg.-ifiiv' as ' 'I Q 1 . - f'-Zffi,A.::5"- -H1---In .. yi. i+1aS"l'.,rf:fA 5:l?'T"32,:1f'f"i"7 Q:-H'fg5T5 T- .1'f' pkg f I .Ugg f , 1 fm? .fl-V rf,ifQ..QZ, v ? l. Rafi., - :,r!:14.1..-,,-ji... gd, '--Al- in V, H f-- vu Ln .7" Q3 if K r . gn ll V' S: ,T 11 .nr E ' gl-1 A r-Mx . , J:'e:" 4 Q' lf- ,I , a, V. -sq ' Q 'f- . F0 , Ivy., , ' J- ,- r . ' .ng - 1 of . Ai A ' , ' v fo ,mx , nf. A ' ' .-fs 35:5 - Q I . ae? '!", Q " . H? 1 ' lla.-25?-'-3:.l?5 Q-N. AMG: J. 5:4 -M915 .A I I. WX3 il... Aix .5 , gy U ig., YB m r - fx:-Q-'Qs' is 5, - r "-"' :.., ' -f L ' ' ' 'W ' ' f . . N " - ,- ' ': wi., ip, ,sr 5' , . 4 , jr... lag Anja. . ujdi :Q 1 .ML . .L 1.-4 M. X -11 ' ' 5 .. .3 -L.-I I -5. W 5- , 4, . yy Q K., ,' ' ' g U- 1 :Ex M, '. .,. -. - ,... i A L- i 2. s.. , .f" -, . J, 1' ' 5 VN ' . 'fill we fx 1 M ' 'Xl '-is l 4 f-Q 11 -f-93' S- -'.2- .4 -' . F-13 IC, A k. A K A .gg , L5 V -A. , - . u. -. ,N 1 Y 'i ,A X g, 'N f ,I A J X .I ,UAL -,,, - v ...W W .11-,lb . 1 .X 1 I-A ,Q IJ .E h . M F 3.1 g ' A - F95 . wx, Q1 r , .. . . -- ,. . 3 0 .., ,, , r T70 gi LA I -as M .ang gi . 'S Ab 744. , QA'-fn Nj .54 jgsfn.-A qc-11 ...Lf H AJ I - i ' . L , F"i'- - .. 2... . "F -f ' I P h ' lr 'z"""1w,. ' 'B P3 .f'f'.'.. rw- 4 1. lr as ff me P 11 S T ner -wi Q - 'f'i',.DC. l ...R -'41 SQ ,. ' 'QQ..a-'sgrv , . E W Qs' --in . rr , , . 521 . .ye-rl.. V ' W!! -. 1 sin' -:S I '-'f A 3 " ' Sl ' .- Z " 1 'li . fr- '-+ 'F fs aes? A -- 'ar ff 'h L' W .vs 'Ls M - EJ 'Eh' 'W 1: +- . .-wan QI? "' 9- 'L' 1 5 ag? Y 0' " 3 , r, n, ' je" H' ' "" :L " "l"x., f,"l'g -gi-,Q .- 4 f l . 1 - .A - if --4 .- ... ax . " 's -- I 2. M, . ' , i y, . 2 ',.f N , ' ..' .- w -. , ws Q . AS if mfr.. a e- 1 , Q fs -- S Ar' . -' . f' . fl . m 'lf P. , U , X . , A V ,W . ., ...Z l . me L TP .l . +G. 1 - r -' X.. .Q e. q im. . - . -1 ,,f:N'. - '. ' rw 'fu 1' 21 'fn ' ' .. C11 V-' ..f-ff-4 . .lla . -' - 'rm 'fy 1:..::'P-. 'FLM-:H ' 4- "'l""fff- 4'.af.fs'h '."'M-wff' ":..2."'5 ' . 7 l'sv..'.fi'f1' '- F A' -2 " P 42' W 'f' N A1-'f . a '- , T- - . -we. - -' - K fiifii - . F K -me nfl "ik-' .z.fel'FflF'.4'lr 344' fi ..r3,0c5.,gr .gQg1.?.y.L,2g5.gfl' Zafalggiapg'Shj?fi.'f3..g:-.E3.45 gv:'i4,rgg4,qs5a3'-.Q-Qifjiga-1,5xinf! 5..wgl'gg'5.g., 1 'I .' .- -f ' F. . - . -v'- Z " I' :1'..'l-E--1: , --.2-...1-w .f 1 I ff' .. --" 2 - - nf- . . .. alni-Vi: 'l""' f' ". -'V' A ' '-'95-""."' 3419 'E'7i'5"fi?'V ',E'?i1F'l'iQ i3s'ff".f"fv'??2 ul-fi' .iiliibi-tl . k'f'5r5'9f.'. 'iw .1ifi'11lff'c.f?f52Wff -fslrfffi 437 W7 .145Hr?-f.'-'f7.'- 1..-'P'..ll"K5' fl 3116 1. "7Z9ll.l5f:'rl"-"f 54 7,1 J i- Y 4 6. . 'f ll" 'Q-Q+dik'Dy5M filkmill -If-5 'I f "' . ., 'Nz--1015-. at-yn... "lyk :Pk --.7llfry,P,'S,x3fPa'f,,73t.-' 4' If-x',f4., ,-fn .,' 492, :EI-ff ,lt 15.-.-.Q-15.144, 1,rlW-,Lael ai. TS., -. -1.--,ig f .,A,. . 1. .1 . .Lf..'ie.e. . .., .ei'2f..1,.2AFh 2fi.'1S9mv:.aHf!' fain' ."-fv:'i' .w:"1 2'1.155.15.r'J-X152-mx'-4"?4VA--'5' l2"2'3.T".".7f'f'5ff4iW"r41f1'94a'-'llwv .2-. " 'L' .S"u:1'1-'D' H1'-v4'f.'--5-v If lst Row KL to RJ: A. Manning CMgr.l, S. Smith, T. Palubinski, R. Jones, B. Bydion, D. Rhoads, P. Flaherty, M. Terwilliger, L. Schiavetta, E. Guers, F. Begendorf, J. Forger, C. Lauc s, B. Bums. 2nd Row: john Detzi, T. Casciano, R. Rakitis, M. Simpson, R. Rakitis, D. Bingham, Joe Detzi, R. Monaco, R. Price, R. Sussman, jeff Detzi, H. Strunk, K. Dinino. 3rd Row: S. LeVan, R. Yakovonis, A. Borrujy, T. Casucci, F. Bell, E. Weissman, I. Rogers, T. Hart, M. Lush, C. Harrison, M. Kreider, P. Collins, I. Shrawder. 4th Row: J. Hamilton, F. Balina, B. Greenstein, G. Grayson, J. Finelli, R. Cianni, P. Wayes, E. Erdosy, C. Riley, J. Burgess, W. Cecchetti, B. Berger, D. Gorman, T. Meier. 5th Row: B. Cipson, . Dickerson, T. Larsen, M. Ancelitz, G. Gabrielli, B. Gabrielli, I. Meier, I. Rappo, J. Yost, B. Seidel, K. Bratchie, G. Higfgins, S. Kosclolek, D. Ca lahan. 6th Row: T. Pre- ssey, B. Jones, M. Buck, K. Kandel, I. Snyder, R. Purcell, I. Holeton, R. Best, R. Amiano, B. Cran ord, D. Beck, B. Kennedy, R. Fetherolf. 7th Row: Sal Rossetti, I. Johnson, K. Kaufman, A. Polony, G. Braccia, T. Coscia, D. Violi, J. Brunner, I. Adonizio, R. DiManno, D. Curley. 8th Row: Coaches: M. Donnelly, Dr. R. Krueger, S. Weidein, J. Marciano, G. Galante, S. Kabacinski, Q. Currie, Denny Douds CHead Coachl, E. Smith, W. Boyd, D. Graham, S. Senneca, Dr. C. Hayes, J. Iusto, B. Schooley. 45 " s X -fs: iff 'sn 'Q . - J 3 F wb , "SV S 154.1 a pig' , 1 'W MCH- '-, ' 1 5:35 Ffa? ivm.-If I , L M ' ,Q , 'Q , v " . -".-ff: W , J fiQ'IA'ff.a,:,1,' . . , ' F' Q . 1 A . fjn' H1 . ""' m ,.., ,,.v ff, -K w xg 1 'L A. '.. ,N 1 A - 3 . NW I l in If . ', ,gl 3 1, , L x . 4.. IX x 4 it ,, . , r f ,Q , ' ing-f . x - 1 .fx If qi. 1 xfwlk, 4 f Q I - M: i if ,H it? -. f 4 ii, 7, 1 7? I 0 R W 1 Qgq,ld:il.' -I . s,' R W I Y ' A -" ' Wwiw' T W W V' Y -- E,H N I 1, 1 L 1 0 3 I W K1 W 1 H ' Z, r HOMECGMING 1977 ' 1,.f' ' v 'j'lfl U 'I 3 I f I I vm. 14 fr le.. ii The one word to describe this yearis homecoming is amaz- ing. Amazing that it didn't rain on Saturday, Friday night, but not Saturday. On Friday evening, October 14, 1977 Koehler Fieldhouse echoed the sounds of '4Firefall',. The performance was ex- cellent and so was the size ofthe audience. Float building continued into the early wet hours of Saturday. We knew Disney Wouldn,t let us down and around 8:30 the sun began to shine. The parade kicked off on schedule with an amazing number of floats and queen candidates participating. On Saturday aftemoon the Warriors defeated Mansfield State College in a great game. During half-time Mary Kate Savage, representing the Main Street Social Club, was crowned Homecoming Queen. Maureen Brosious was first runner-up. Lambda Iota took the first place trophy for their Cinderella Float and Lenape captured first place in the dorm competition. All Winners greatly deserved it. For a while after the campus was busy with the returning Alumni and on Saturday evening, students danced to Jack Flash in Dansbury Commons. The weekend concluded with a movie on Sunday and some more sunshine. Many thanks to Allan Calarco and Kelly Kearney for running everything so smoothly. 53 'S This year,s team, with eight returning letter Winners, was one of the strongest ever. The team compiled its finest record yet while under the direction of Head Coach Jan Carman. The Warrior women did extremely well at the regional tournament, finishing 5th and beating all but one team they met. Graduating seniors are joan Salustro, Lynn Hitchner, Nancy Skean, Audrey Stauffer, Debbie Smith, and Cathy Lenkowski. Co-Captains for the season were Darlene Her- shey and Hope Donnell. l 56 CKEYFIE H LD IE F EY K LLDDHQ YFHE KE C H LD IE F EY CK LDH Q Front Row: fLeH To Rightl D. Yunniger, I. Salustro, V. Ceyer, D. Hershey, H. Donnell, N. Skean, L. Hitchner, S. Mar- shall, B. Kleintop. 2nd Row: T. Snyder, C. Baldwin, C. Custer, A. Stauffer, D. Hauth, D. Dochterman, D. Lawver, D Coursen, Carole, K. Sell, D. Ditch, M. Oakes. 3rd Row: R. Anderson fAsst. Coachl, I. Fister, K. Hamlet, D. Yoh, E. Mummert, D. Smith, V. Scheidt, C. Lenkowski, E. Williams, D. Wisser, C. Klipa, P. Wataha, S. Eichert, Sharon, Y. Straub fManagerJ, Coach Carman. V A I A N N N l i W U w W V L E4 X x X 1 W w N f ,u V r W m L E lr - H 59 NTRY U SSC R YC MTR U SSC R NTRYQ U SSC NTRYCR The 1977 cross country season was indeed a bittersweet one for the Red and Black. The young Warriors forged a 9-3 dual meet record which is the best in the cross country history of the College. Competing in the Penn State Open and the Paul Short Memorial Run against a wide-range of teams, the team demonstrated steady perfor- mance. On the debit side, a tenth place team finish in the Pa. State College Conference Championship was a stunning disappointment. The War- riors redeemed themselves at the I C4A Championship by finishing seventh in the tough University Div- sion. i l , N 4 L1 J Q I U I E U u J xl F' MN? I 4 '32, 4 ,vw I. . 'P V' r ' 37 " 'rg 'Q' Q1 --' J I-, - I, E+' 4 f, fwsfxi ff A- . ' '1 af . ,J,'1gt Qi ' n ff: I ',- 1. N l.l.l 0 0 O SCCCERS ER CC ERSO CC RSQ CCE RSO CERSOCCE 0 O I Q f . 6 .f-.fa H. Royg Manager, W. Becker, T. Renaldi, A. Balch, D. Munson, S. Goodwin, G. Cone, I. Donahue, R. Miller, B. O'Donnell, B. Donahue, D. Neis- winder, K. Ferguson, Doc McKeong Coach, P. Williamson, D. Mathers, T. Davis, I. Colbut, K. Barry, T. Farr, C. Ewerth, F. Stulb, D. Rhen, I Bleich, P. Reffie, T. Conners, T. Martin, M. Mathers, E. Austin. The Booters played an extremely tough schedule against seven major opponents including NCAA first place finisher Hartwick. The team played a spectacular game in defeating the Temple University squad who were undefeated last year. Although their record was not as impressive as usual Coach john McKeon's hopes are very optimistic for next year since it is a very young squad. Coach McKeon celebrated his twenty fifth year as a collegiate soccer coach. Frank Stulb and Willie Becker were named to the All Conference team. Graduating Se- niors are Glenn Cone, Willy Becker, Paul Williamson and Captain Joe Donahue. 66 I .Q up Yi N Q5 " pw- x " nn. .1 -gg 'gm ff'i5'U53i ,I lip 1, l,flfQ!Iff I ,fl f1"fffg5!f.i5 all i . R-1 A' .4 VA' "L " 1i'5E4"'i1LT.Z'r xxx -f ' 12.5 :gil X I x R NNISTENNISTE NISTE EN ENNISTENNHST I- 2 Z Z I.u I- 'L' Z Z uJ I- 'L' Kneeling CL-RJ: K. Nespoli, R. Mather, M. Fiori, S. Marshall, S. Schaeffer. Standing: K. Yokum, L. Norton, L. Burnett, D, Martell, C. Dunkleberger, Coach Wilke, L. Leeds, S. La Bar. The ESSC women's tennis team boasted the best singles player and one of the best dou- bles team in the Pennsylvania Conference during the 1977-78 season. Marilyn F iori won the first singles title and the dou- bles team of Sally Marshall and Sherry Shaeffer was second in the first PC Women's Tennis Championships. During the season Marshall and Shaeffer compiled the best record of 8-2 first doubles. 1 - , -? AV 1 71 URALSINTRA NTRA LSI FSA U M THA HN NTRAMURALS :Ta .I 4 I 1 james Gang was number 1 in intramural football is-, 5 ' , I 1 l 4' -1 '95 El .sf -Q A- f' AX I '4 . .J . L' v?15'fvefZq! 50' in -i:,,:x,4,. F x mx - ' .Q H " Q if ' W L: , . , , q 5 r . X' rl If U , Q 1 'V' ,',1' ' ,4 1 1- I .VfP::.v t 7nl"5J ,Lg ' S J 0 Q 1 if 0 ,Q v xxx 3. .- WE . Q rg " La w ' ANIZAQF ,I '- 9.5: Q, , .A , lv Q sjAq 8,31 ,N .U ., .fl N' 1 I'-gl? '- Vw af" .4 7 gg' ia iuhfgvl-,I , Mr is 'U 1' 1 V- .'q1'.,'-f", SQ,-" 'S Qf '1 -4 Q .f 1 , f , xn- " ' ,- .5- M Vt' L Tx U t pry! . 4 f ,ig- ' T11 ...Q xi' any f ,, 7 ' ' !"" --. , J . wg ,4- gg if.-.X STUDENT UNION n- in 'T --shy. 'NUR Student Teaching V-,Y Y . v N vi" :"Ti5' ' r .K ,. iQ.T:'ZQ17W ..,. .N ' ' L ff -, ':g,:,m- N. Y 1, f- -X J -,, . 1 5 v .. 1254 A ' jf H,-'. .LA ,4-:vi St. Valentines Day Qfmadm frrr-I 5 fi QI' Z v 'L ig' ' 5215! - 'Eff 0 0 r 'x THE STROUD SPORTS STAFF QL-RD C. Thomas, G. McKeman - editor, S. Stackhouse, R. Kownarko, T. PHOTO EDITOR Brian Straub Wansart. I' .f-' 3 I Y . ASSOCIATE EDITOR BARBARA BEAM 82 ' CFrontD Linette Razzano, Bob Moses, Sandy Stackhouse. CBackJ L-R: Lori Richartz, Sev Gurtunca, Kathy Barna, Nancy Hensler, Carolyn Johnson, Cheryl Smith, George McKernan, Barb Beam, Nancy Quiring, Brian Straub. 'N ii Organization Editor Lori Richartz Bob Moses Advisor recogni When we think of the fall, we think of starting classes, homecoming, football games, long lines, and the a.rrival of the yearbooks, in which we've been waiting for since last spring! To most of the stu- dents the yearbooks just happen to ap- pear on campus one day and everyone rushes to pick up their copy. But I won- der how many people stop and think about how much work was put into pro- ducing the yearbook, in which they are maddly looking through to see if they can find their picture. This years staff and I wanted to do a book that was uniquefrom any book ever published here at ESSC. This is what we came up with, a fall, winter, spring se- quential order to the book, team pictures for all the varsity sports, group pictures of the most active organizations on campus. A yearbook takes a lot of time and dedi- cated people. This important factor is what makes a good book, and makes it all worth its while, when that final feeling of accomplishment comes through in print. Its only natural to give credit where credit is due and at this time I'd like to ze the people who made this book a success. F? .l - :, .- --'- --F - Steve Merin - Hunter Rep., Linette Razzano Editor-in-chief - Brian and the photographers forvtheir efforts, with out them we couldn't have had a yearbook. - Barry Wilson and Dr. Penny for their help and time with the budget and bid specs. - The student union personnel for putting up with our consistent pesting. - Pete Nevins for the team pictures and the sports infor- mation. - Ed and Iack from Merin Studios for coming up here to do the senior portraits and group shots. -- A big thanks to Steve Merin, our Hunter Representative who helped me through many headaches and who has taught me everything I know about producing a yearbook. - To my staff for their hard work, and a very special thanks to editors George, Lori, and Carolyn for all the long hours, and hard work put into their sections. - I'd also like to thank the friends and roommates of the staff who contributed to the book. Especially Cheryl for helping with the senior section. - Bob Moses, our advisor for being there and listening to me complain and for being a good friend. "Thanks Dean- 16 . - And last but not least to my parents who put up with me, my long distance phone calls to Steve, and all my editors, to the several trips to Merin studios and back and forth to East Stroudsburg to finish the book during the summer. THANKS MOM AND DAD. But most ofall thanks to you, the students and faculty for helping us capture what will be our memories of 1978 at East Stroudsburg State Col- lege. Linette Razzano Editor-in-chief 1978 Stroud 83 PI-IOTOGRAPI 4 1 LLLLLSTAFFL PHOTO CREDITS: 11 1 Barb Beam --1133UR8zLL, ' Lenny Burkhart - 118, 121L Kevin Cleary - 40U, 4111afLL, 113LL, 116U1131LL, 117LL3zLR,1139o11,1191L11,221 11 1 1 B016h11DiFe0f1if19UL 1431111 11701114 f186ULf18f9U17fM 1911111 1921111, 193, 19'?LL, 198UL, 199UL, 2001IL6zLLZ 201UL, LL5fL11, 202UL, 2031111, LL,3fL11, 204, 205, 143LR, 170LL, 217 1 11 1 1 1 1 . jol1n1Haeuslerf- 73LL, 34LL,f 921111, 95UL, 72CLaL, 124, 125, 138011, 13911L5z1111, 15OUR, CLSILR, 253113, CL, 259UL, 263LL, 227UB ' 1 1 . 5,5155 Heller 11711, 119: 123111, f157U' 1 1111 1 1 1 Shirley Hockstelter - 41LR,' 70LL, 7111, 11511, 138fLR, l51UL, 150CR, 262LB Lori Holgate 111111314311 1141 ll5UL6rLL, Ldrrisa La25120oL1 1111 11 Justine Peterman - 34UL, 260UR8rLR 1DB,V6 Posey -5 4011, 116LR, V M Tom' Prescott f1.8U,1 79UB6tLL, 1l20L, ,1115LB, 1 Phil P1'0VOSt - 92LL, 93UR, 94UL, 95U4R8rLL, 177UR 187LB, 186LR, 188UR, 192LR, 197LL, 202LR, 142LR, 108UP., 169LL, 170UR, 171111, 220, 224, 225, 230, 232 233, 236, 237, 245, 248, 249, 227, 178, 179, 210113, 211LL 20911114SrLLfsE1111Y2t14 2t15f'210'27011L f11C1f1'271UL,1 1 LL,61URf 1, 1 1 Linette Razzano - 78, 98, 99, 257CR,L 1 2591., 210cL, 1 Barba1a1Shive1y,ff,272 1 Roger Smith -- 120U, 136, 137 Brian K. Straub - 1, 2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18LL, 19LL,f20UR,1CR, iLR, 211g1 22,1 24, 25,126, 27, 28,11 291 331I:aR,' 35, 36,187:144,145,146,f47,148,149, 50, 51, 55, 58 59, 68, 69, 70U8zLR, 11UL8zUR, 72UR, ULZSICR, 73U, LR, 80, 81, 82, UL, LL, 83UL, CZSILL, 84, 86, 87, 88, 89, 96, 98, 102, 103, 106, 107, 110, 111, 112, 123LL, LR, 138, U, CL, LL, l39CL, 142UL,iUR, 143, 152UR,CL, 153, 156, 157, L, 1168UI1L,i?If.R, 1169ULz,11LB,f'170U1I:.,1 I3zR,+171G, +LR,1 l76LR,1 177UL,fLR, 178, 179,11 189, 190, 194, 195LL, LR, 196, 198UL, 199LR, 200UR8rLB, 201URYLL, 202UR8zLL, 203UL, 210UL8zLR, 211UL81C, 208, 209UL8zLR, 227, 238, 239, 246, 247, 250, 257U8zCL, 258LR, 260LL, 261, 262URgi 1UL8rLL, 263UL,11 UB,8rLR,11264LL, 11265, 266UB UG, CRBILL, 227CL,1LR,1 ISILL, ,270LL,6rUR, 272CP1 Kim Wentz - 130, 131 Al1 tearnx5p ort pieturesf from Sports Information office. Gr011p11121cfureS1by11301111fr0m11MCr1111S1U1f119S1-. 1 Senior Portraits by Edo Dix of Merin Studios. Art on pages 38, 39, 100, 101, 144, 145 - Andrea Bowman 99 91110d19f1155?2S1W2S 40129 by L99 Ri5HaffZ1 lim MoKe1'n3.n, and Line-tteiRaZ2anoi N EDITGRIAL STAFF L1nette Razzano Barbara Beam George McKeman Lorx Rrchartz Bnan Straub STAFF Kathy Barna Al Calarco janet Coco LeeAnn Dunk Sev Gurtunea Nancy Hensler Bob Kownurko Kathy Krlger CONTRIBUTORS Charhe Baoughman Ed Dlx jun McKernan ADVISOR Robert Moses Edltor m eh1ef Assocrate Edltor Bus1ness Managerlsenror edltor Sports Edltol 0rgan1zat1ons!Events Ed1tOI Photo Edltor Galen McW1ll1ams Stacey Olewrler Nanny QU1f111g Barbara Schwemmer Cheryl Srmth Sandy Stackhouse Cheryl Thomas Terry Wansart Pete Nevlns Andrea. Bowman Barry WIISOH STBOUD 1978 Carolyn Johnson. . A. ' H 'H ' ll Stroud Courier 4 . 3 ,MEL 'J L Q . una -N, T3iW51'L.,.,, " 4 f"!r'i- .sf ' ,.-1v"5d ' ,- ,,.i:ws1L.-v.Z- ' eg., ' 'uszxe-:fi-3 My f ,L I i. - X - ,L k x fx ' f JR M.-A ., LA-,-. L. M The United Campus Ministry of- fers everyone at E.S.S.C. an oppor- tunity to become involved in community service projects, pro- grams of personal education and formation, as well as meaningful worship services. Student volunteers work as Big Brothers and Big Sisters, conduct programs of recreation for needy children and retarded citizens, vis- its and entertain senior citizens, and tutor slow learners. Bible study, weekend retreats, clergy rap sessions, guest lectures and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes comprise some of the educational offerings. Also weekend folk mas- ses, seasonal liturgies for Christ- mas, Baccalaureate, Ash Wednes- United Campus Ministry day, and Palm Sunday are very popular among the students. Fa- ther Benedict 88 NAA r i f .,-.v- Student Center Uffice Personnel "dx-, Snack Bar Personnel FE sf -Q A. 'sr W 5 1 5 ik 5 4 W ' If you turn to 90.3 on your FM dial, you will be tuned into WESS, the radio station of E.S.S.C. WESS is located in the basement of Shawnee and is operated by a group of dedicated people. While listening to WESS, one hears all types of music, sports broadcasts, news, and a variety of other programs. They take requests and dedications so give them a call. Make WESS your radio station while here at East Stroudsburg State. 5 I WES S RMY RCTC fi Having begun at ESSC in january 1975, the ROTC program is offered through a cross en- rollment with Lafayette College. In the 1976- 77 academic year, there were some 75 students enrolled at ESSC and if student interest re- mains as high, there could be large increases in enrollment in future years. The Department of the Army offers three- year, two-year, and one-year scholarships to qualified cadets. Under this program the gov- ernment bears the full cost of students tuition, text books, laboratory fees and other educa- tional expenses. Interested? Investigate. -ng gg 'H-ia, ig S I ... g. YW-, 1, -- ' A .wir ,Q X! :ale ..- ,- L ,fax 5 fb - J .1 n ,,,. , l iq23'-.,' , g'Let it Snow . . . ,', echoed through the dorms with many other Christmas Carols during December. Iack Frost heard the plea and during january and February snow covered ESSC. The college campus was shut down one en- tire day for the first time in ages. Early morning school cancellations de- lighted student teachers, and night classes cancelled meant fun in the snow. Although maintenance had problems with the massive amounts of white, students enjoyed digging out their vehicles, indoor and outdoor snow ball fights! and sliding on trays. 96 Y 5 X A +4 5 Q? Nia - dw " '1"0-fa lk O Q2 Wmfew wx wx xw-.l . 1 Af. 15 'E- H -. .xl lt . ,msn , ,I 1 ., AW. ,-7 'if' - 4' ,E mr . ' . 2 if H uw . , X . 4. .xxxvlx lL,---, .-s'- 52,1 Ly! ,Q -uf , ft -gg --" '?'5'?'ff'-w-911. - fssirff, ,ff -' ,':, .,, l, , . Y. 1- - :Q,. W-Nfl -f-,,--PM ef- . :cg 1- ' f ' 1' .ftp ' " 53' 5 5,5-y 'riffs , ', ..v--' I ' -.- - . , '.' sw i '.' ' L ' A. ' B fa: Q. X. -vig Y", S 1' KV.:-.ig J 1 - A Y A .tt Q rad" Afggx-1 , if. Aims' ' '-Q51 ' f " - iw' A " PF qi-,fg f, Q . -Q' -W' -5,61 - 4 . Fl. .cv V A NW 1 fm , 5 W M . A a M W W lm M ! -s in Y? K 5 fy W Y wx M VT '1 W, W Vx "M nw AW W U Bur X , W N w . M ax N YU W ww B 4 1 ww Nu .nwx in ,J 1 1 MEN,S BASKETBALL 35 Elizabethtown 6 W 23 Franklin Marshall 19 W 26 Montclair State 12 W 11 Lehigh 32 L 3 Oregon State 44 L 30 East Carolina 10 W 30 Millersville 12 W 20 Shippensburg 17 W 36 Mansfield 9 W 25 Yale 12 W Kutztown 15 W 31 EIWA Champs 7th C161 NCAA Champs 46th WRESTLING MEN'S SWIMMING 100 Ramapo State Monmouth Wilkes West Chester Kutztown Millersville Siena Eckerd Shippensburg Mansfield Le Moyne Kings Bloomsburg 2 'E.' 1 A A . - "" 4 xt: Q f Q- A ,Y F-5 'K' '45, 1 1'-A 0,01-X J 1. l ,r . "'--"W, I J 'rg-gi,Z X L l I ff .35 . K. ff, ' I no 2 A 1 1 .A 5 I- I if lf X . fa-, NG. ,, K . hw In I J -. "WSW . .,, Shippensburg Villanova La Salle Monmouth West Chester Bloomsburg Fordham Millersville Lehigh Classboro Clarion Kutztown Syracuse Pa. Conference 3rd C91 NCAA Div. II 15th Q3-31 W L W W L L L L L W L L W 174.55 180.55 170.40 183.90 184.90 139.60 141.00 183.15 178.75 178.75 Syracuse Slippery Rock Navy West Chester james Madison Ithaca Cortland State Pittsburg Suffolk CC Oneota 178.45 L. 163.65 W 182.80 L 164.85 W 136.55 W 92.45 W 140.10 W 184.85 L 163.45 W 157.95 W N.A. Gymnastics League lst C101 M E N, S CYMNASTICS 112.38 111.70 113.75 122.40 109.30 109.30 119.85 119.85 118.15 124.20 123.10 Slippery Rock Army Clarion Springfield Temple Cornell Ithaca Bloomsburg Trenton Montclair West Chester 123.40 L 88.10W 145.45W 137.00 L 119.50 L 119.45 L 118.60W 44.15W 120.45 L 102.15W 125.65 L WOMEN,S CYMNASTICS TER SCCBEBOABD 69 Wm. Patterson 57 76 Queens 106 46 Cheyney 75 71 St. Josephs 89 82 Glassboro 63 57 American Univ. 71 61 Army 81 61 Penn state 91 74 West Chester 75 72 Temple 70 80 Ursinus 50 5 i ' fl - I - ...ifn-, I ,-,,,. ,,,- , I - ga .- em- B by --BHQQ, 4.:'fQ. -fkif' jfjf,"g.QTT3l' ,. .31 "TFF!:"fJ75?f..,a' 1- .1 .-.mv M ,-,NL .,... .. ..t.,,t..... , ,I Qxcwf.--gg'-7rj"' "- ' I V l I., ,, 'Jig-fits'-2.1.3 .. r , ,. ' ----' ' Artwork by Andy Bowman W L L L W L L L L 3 WOMEN,S BASKETBALL Indiana, Pa. 15-10, 15-8 W Queens 15-2, 15-5 W Springfield 15-7, 15-4 W Princeton 15-4, 15-9 W New Jersey Tech 13-15, 15-2 T Pittsburg 15-11, 15-6 W Furman 15-5, 15-8 W Navy 15-2, 15-4 W Penn State 12-15, 4-15 L Bloomsburg 15-6, 15-4 W Army 11-15, 10-15 L Pa. College Invitational Ist George Mason Invitational 2nd ECVL Championship Playoff T 3rd 100 Bloomsburg 31 W 91 Bucknell 40 W 83 Monmouth 48 W 65 Springfield 66 L 79 Glassboro 52 W 81 West Chester 50 W 84 Temple 47 W 44 Clarion 87 L 45 Penn State 86 L Pa. State Champs 3rd f9J AIAW Div. II Champs 5th C731 WOMEN'S SWIMMING All schedules are not complete due to lack of space. MEN 'S VOLLEYBALL N J N M l f H N M i , J P H 4 4 Ill ll mu---f . 4 H g ,- I - - ,. Top: C. Kendall, B. McCorrison, G. McCaffrey, D. Mattai, M. Steinberg, C. Ip CCapt.J, M. Yasky, B. Seagraves, Squier Ball Cdiving coachl, L. Burkhart, CManagerD, Middle: Dr. Livingood fCoachJ, N. Barkley fManagerJ, B. Brown, I. Morriss, I. Griffith, B. Kownurko, B. Dayton, I. McKernan, S. Magowan, L. Karwoski fManagerl, R. Ward QManagerD, J. Schiller. Bottom Row: G. MCKGTHHU CCapt.D, D. Walmer, I. McGrath, J. Borden, M. Seip CCapt.J, I. Polizzoto Led by three year all American, Bob Seagraves, the E.S.S.C. Men's Swim Team faced one ofthe toughest schedules in the east. Major wins came over Division I Schools, Fordham and Lehigh. At the Pennsylvania State College Athletic Conference Championships, the Warriors moved up from a 5th place finish in 1977 to third place in 1978. This was the highest place finish since 1970. Six swimmers gained All American status at the NCAA II Swimming Championships. This years seniors consist of: jay Schiller, Joe Poliz- zotto, Bill Brown and Captains George McKernan and Chris Ip. l 105 A 106 I H w U ' 107 .LEYBALLVOLLEYBALLVQLLEYBALLVOLLEYBALLVOLLEY s fp- ,V .- E iff ' .- I F "' .v , 'T f' Ag. . ' '- 4 ' -, iff, 1 - 1' .'.".,,"" ' L . . , ,MW f A W , eeasqwm 'N 47: fr "" mn'-' -..-9 43153. Q L? V Q 6-K H, , , 75 iQj,y - U JL 4 hx Q, ,sf , A' l - - ,f .X x ,I ,, 73,1-" Ke ' ,K Q ix XX 3 X o 3 , -n 1 ,fu-Q-' ,,,1?" 1 .. J . if - I I tif .I f ' 1 . V - . a .. ,. Q Q 1 A: ,fa K gg J, it 4 N B K , ' ' "' Vg' iq. , ' fd- Qs.: OM . 1 ' xg -W .M V gm, Q 1 lr., V 'is ,, -im , 4' ' . ' X .BZ ..,A fi E7 1, L I "I x I ' ' A 4 ' W' ' 1 .:. I 1 xr, ig!! 3'-xv, Q rah.'s ' 4,4 V. ' 1' 1 N ', '91 .'w ', jk' xA!?'Q,xI'. E' ' ' 1 Si Q A I A Q f' ,. ar, 45. u NA -X V 1 7 ,:- A t ' .ex I n "hm "-"'1-5' WJ? ' J ' '55 HMA 'K' jx i m.QjwX, 1 gi ., 1. ,rr R A 4, . f I 9 1 l f A ,' 1 A 4 G I U ku I X r, V . I X. N a 5 1 5- V i 5 ,AJ r 1 fx H4 5 A I h - 'Ile ' 2, at f I if f vf Q - J' - ' 3 1' L -X -v ' " ' Q .,: ' ,' ', Y ' C' .. t 5 , 3 R I., ' W4 X Y 'fl 2" P ' 2?A'a . 5 , , ,, h :i -N ' yy X I x J, R X fa N- M -fm L 1 m .I .4 14 SKETB A LLB ALLBA Q EF M X Q51 fi Q .I ..I '4 D I- LI.I ! CD '4 M .I .I '4 m I- I.I.l FE fn ' H f-Sv 1 'f Q ' 1- J .T-T. . Yi ,A W aqwwk- H . , , -amiga f P, -f s 1' 1, ' A X W ,?W7 + JN , ' Q A . , 7 N ' M-A N ' LIL. My 2 " P x A -. M ' Y f'- - cw' Y Y 'V A, .. ,- W in '5'y 'ih:1,,? ,fini -I V ' H 5 Enix? KX qv , ' 1 Q'-2-'A f . f fix 'x If L, x' " Q 21, - w 4 I .w 2 Eg , 5 9 Q M K . 5 ' bxx AJ.'l t Mk , AL- . ,. - We I '1 il -is 'B - ' -" :mn 73 N "Wu R4 xv FY 'l L9 5 E 1 ,Q :ff . 'nf 6 f . : g,,,,, W ,,L X 'lv-4 f F V 112 fd V I . . , 4 ,W -1 5 LF.. tif. Clockwise starting on left: K. jones, K. Faulkner, D. Forte, N. Barbara, B. Rickos, D. Gurgick, CCo-Capt.J, B. Given, I. Conte, L. Musico, M. Nemes, C. Perry. Center: Captain D. Hentzel. ' we .Nb . -a " -? ,A 22: . I . , ji, . . , F., ,fy ii-. .un ...QLKANA K Ns x 14 wi- , g-1-1'3" 'lt-'-1" Left: Kneeling: T. Walker, B. Shield. Standing: W. Brong, S. Paulik, D. Lezzo Sitting: S. Brewington, B. Gelrig, K. Bergman. ALLBASKE ET SK A LLB EA ET BASK LL BA ET SK A LB KETBAL Top Row CL-Rl: Kim Trainor, Nancy Roberts, Bianca Heard, Ellen Walsh, Rosie Schwartz, Leslie Godfrey, Starr Cooper. Bottom Row: Barb Ewart, Vickie Iaskuta, ,Diane Pashinski, Beth Moran. Missing: jean Beleski, Kathy Hall, Di Yunginger. The 1978 Womenis Basket- ball Team improved both indi- vidually and teamwise during what was called a "Rebuilding Year" for the Warriors. Bose Schwartz, the only se- nior member of the team, and co-capt. Ellen Walsh provided outstanding play throughout the schedule which included several nationally ranked teams. 117 I n A .5 71 w 3 lst Row: G. Shoemaker, A. Sandt, B. Kern, D. McNelis. 2nd Row: S. Falcone, I. McMullen, J. Vargo, H. Freeman, Coach Dalling. 3rd Row: Coach Whitman, Assistant Coach G. Kessel, G. McWilliams, K. Magaro, M. Duncan, D. Blair, C. Sisco, S. Nevins, Mgr. Todd DePaul. For a team that was expected to struggle throughout the season, the 1978 East Stroudsburg State College Wrestling team surprised a number of people. Coach Clyde Whitmarfs team tied a school record for the most wins, compiling a 14-3 slate. The Warriors only three losses were at the hands of Oregon State, Lehigh and Rhode Island, all of whom were nationally ranked. The team had only one senior in the starting lineup, Desi McNelis, although Skip Falcone became the first graduate student to step on the mat for ESSC. East Stroudsburg had five place winners in the conference while taking seventh place. Jody McMullen and jim Vargo took seconds, Ken Magaro third, Greg Shoemaker a forth, and Galen McWilliams sixth place. The Easterns took a heavy toll on possible ESSC qualifiers for nationals, as only three men advanced. Greg Shoemaker took honors as he eamed himselfa first place finish. Jim Vargo took a second, while Jody McMullen placed third. Ken Magaro came back through consolations to take a forthplace finish, but failed to qualify. The national competition in Maryland proved to be very tough going as Greg Shoemaker was the only Warrior to win a match. Shoemaker won three matches, which is an accomplishment in itself, but failed to give ESSC as national placewinner. 119 120 4 A 121 E CD E cn Z U93 E CD E CD C5 Due to the superior depth of the team, this was a very successful year for East Stroudsburg's "Swimmin, Women". The team scored a major upset in defeating West Chester for the first time in nine years. This year saw four time All American, Karen Linck, perhaps one of the best athletes in East Stroudsburg State College his- tory, close out her senior year by successfully defending her Small College National Titles. The seniors consisted of: Karen Linck, Cindy Brown, jedy Fredrick, Deb Seablom, Connie Saksa, Brenda Sowa, Suzi Souleir, Sue Culbertson and Theresa Dorn. Top Row CL-RJ: Mary Sorber, Patty Ahrens, Caroline Pat- terson, Gale Cressman, Jean Scott, Karen Linck, Cathy Crigler, Capt. Middle Row: Chris Hefferan, Laurie Bean, Brenda Sowa, Suzi Sovlier. Bottom Row: Capt. Iludy Fred- rick, Diane Adam, Sue Culbertson, Regina Cal ahan, Deb Seablom, Connie Saksa, Sue Chaplick, Anne Lacey. 123 HVHNG DIVINGDIVINGDIVINGDI GD GDIVIN GDIVIN VINGDIVIN t I U3 N Y CS ST N Y CES H ST N Y STS STICS Y N Z In 1978 the East Stroudsburg Men's Gymnastic Team captured first place at the North Atlantic Championships. This, along with several other honors indicate the dedication ofthe Warrior's throughout the season. Individual first places at the North Atlantic Champi- onships were captured by Co-Captains Will Fontanez and Tony Gehman along with Mark Johnson. All Ameri- can status was earned by Craig Smith and Vince Griseto. As a result of their accomplishments the gymnasts were invited to Germany and Austria to compete for two Weeks during the 1978-79 season. Coach Bruno Klaus, Tony Gehman, Mark McKenney, Mark Johnson, Vince Griseto, Will Fontanez, Craig Smith Arthur PeIzer,ANick Pinardo, Franklin Winstead, Mark Bonnetti, John Croslan. L w 128 I 9 129 r CL-Rl: K. Wentz, K. Baker, D. Fray, B. Fraley, D. Holst fcattj, Coach K. Kolemainen, K. Ringlestein, M. O'Donnell, D. Cruver, L. Pantalone, A Simpson. . - . . - T. .... - - . --. . - . The ESSC women's gymnastic team had an All-American, its first ever, during the 1977-78 season, with Beth Fraley gaining honor at the AIAW Championship of Small College Gymnastics Teams at the U.S. Air Force Academy. Fraley set a school record in the balance beam event dur- ing the season at a 8.70 mark. Kim Ringlestein also qualified for the AIAW Championship meet. The team promises to be just as strong next year as it is only losing two seniors members, captain Debbie Hoist and Denise Cruver. The team was coached by Katherine Kolemainen and assisting the team was John Holman. L,. I -- x.. . 4zL..3L.,. ,dd- W4-.A " ' ' . bw l . -T.:,4.1- A xr' -1 1-1--'fu , '-4' VR : MA -HL' nj-,U ls:.+ , , . 'N ,, Y' . - ..- ' 1 , , . ' Y -- ' .1 ' ,A ,. 133 - ll - I- Sitting: C-. Burford, S. Montick, E. Fisher, P. Falcowski, C. Harrison, B. Edmonds, C. jackson, I. Corga, W. Johnson, D. Violi, M. Howard, W Caldwell, P. Bul'alski, D. Dixon, M. Palmire. Standing: Asst. Coach Eli Smith, C. Watahobich, J. Cardillo, D. Mahon, J. Cardillo, D. Mahon D. Bruce, M. Lillco, G. Dixon, S. Worley, K. Killion, L. Kell, B. Fasse, S. Humphrey, G. Gardoni, E. Patterson, A. Bell, H. Walls, R. Pope, D Baluch, R. Risetto, Donna Fanette Mgr., T. Dragolis, R. Tomsky, C. Hoffner, R. Miller, Coach De Shriever. P1 This year the Men's Winter Track Team had a successful season as far as constant improvement of everyones times through the winter season. During the season they won all the trian- gular meets except one and highlighted the season by winning their own invita- tional. Three men this year set new records. They are: Dell Robinson, hurtles, Ed Patterson, pole vault, and Paul Fe- rency, in the shot put. There are seven seniors on the team that are graduating this year and we would like to congratulate them. They are Gary Jackson, Phil Bujalski, Chris Harrison, Bob Edmonds, Scott Humphrey, Larry Kell, and Damian Spillman. 915. ,J 1 1 'l 1 l was -'naflizi n-9'5" 'fl '1 ri, 'Ss .A 135 Lu ac 0 O :l: l.I.I 2 :- I.l.l ac 0 O QCIKEYICEH EH CKEYHC3 O EH CKEYIC O EH 9... F' ., ,-,La Bottom Row CL RJ G Bogush A Balch I L1ber1 D Woly K Brown T. Florkowsi. Back Row: P. Mc Garvey, C. Welst I Grumbach B Bucci A Rltter I Bzlk C Keamey M Pijar S. McQuig, B. Gilcrest. The Warrior ice hockey club started the season sluggish, dropping 3 of their first 4 games. As the sea- son progressed the team improved and finished in second place in the North Eastern Pa. Hockey League with a 12-5-4 record. The club travelled to Wilkes- Barre and competed with teams from Wilkes College, King's College, and University of Scranton, along with teams from Lake Regrow, Dallas, Bi-County and the Nordsmen. The club was unbeaten in 13 out of their last 14 games, and lost only two games the entire spring se- mester. The high powered offensive finished second in the league and an outstanding defense allowed only two teams to score more than three goals, during the spling semester. Considering the club was fored to use only three defensemen, they did an excellent job. The club was eliminated in the semifinal round of the playoffs. Mike Pijar did a fine job as club president along with treasurer Gary Bogush. Bob Bucci served as team captain along with alternate Joe Grumbach. The club should prove to be strong again next year, losing only graduating. seniors Aaron Balch and Kevin Brown. , - Y ,L I lfilnlguwuculiLALYEHALJ-.1 . ' 4Tff:.L.L 'M HN,-7-, -14 11' -4 L-' fl 'G nam W J -si Hy el' A Nwgir "Aff M 1' Q'-71' ?-. .' Ln, , up-'S WK gk-.-: ' " J 34- . Q, ,532-V T ,t f-',.f' A",'," ,P fs-.'. A. ly, 5, . , lf, :fi'.f?wJ?.f+,'.sif!3z:1 A,-nip 511:11-Y - ' ' 'xr'.wf'?c"-'Pm' ' n 4 H , x, J X U? 1,'3I':"1:1:.'1 ' , 'f 'L ' I-JJ J-'Q 'T' V" 'uf ffPf.r"1l'!A-1-f,,'u 'b 33.'1fi2'f.uf5.li5, 1 11 f ,Kylix-:'f ' 1 - 1 VJ! I H .. my w' - -V-A 1 -,.,,1,., v m5:,.,, ,t-Je-va.,-. Qffzfl -'-3: iygjy.'u, Q,r'r-'ff f ,A nf - Myne: ' V-1 11' - 'r-:lr-. 1.1--"i qi 2 ' I ' g, f ,.-.',',' 'H 'L .If nw.,--li1A'gf.' . ' 5 A. 'qt N, 1,..,. :.' 5. -5.53 'f' is fi: f.:-1. x x..,,' V, -' . Q-,N ,. J, 7"1!U. , -ifwfg -wr, TXT. I I .,. ' ff A la 1 Ag:,,' qEr,1 UE! xg A L X ,.-g9-g-',."'f- A . In : 36,3035 ', ' ,, F ., ' '-..-A'-'A . A. rf" , " ,K 7 Q Q, A1 -. W Q 'fi' , - . -If I' 'fx.?1" ' 'L tx '0 'V-in if N P I Lf .45 I Lhlullg W1 I -'- urs, V " ' , Y -wf"' ' K i ' I r ' 1-' . , 1 W ' I A 5 ' ,,.,--"'f'44,.l - , ' . I 1- f' xc ,E it V ., rf .1-1 ., - , Y- V. L -.:,:5,5u31 ,if i A. ,.,. V :V . " 4 ' f J ' .... ",E'!k'm if l SPRING SCORE+ BUARD 144 K.-,ff !" an In B 1 fl KX I Q4 I I an 11122111 'i ff ' tx'.ev.f,'x'l14l , I -V O16 I Navy V g MS Rariclol151iMacon T2 it Richmond 8 MELN,S TRACK 114 M Kutztown M, M1 39 ,W A 85 Bloomsburg A 68 A W 115 Montclair 33 W 71 Millersville 83 L 91 Lock Haven 63 W nga A Pa. Conf. Qhamps 2nd113J 1 ,ggi S-,. .. 1 gngff wy 2 l,Jf 5 0 1 I lfal ,if 'fat I 81 1' L aw 1 Y 3 NUHWSTENNHSQ 2 Atl. Christian 8 E. Carolina 4 W State t M8 'Guilfordll I i M 'M M91 Pfeiffer 1 Davidson '9 Lehigh 2 Millersville 0 Colgate '5i Army 7 I Pa. Conf. Champs 3rd C1215 GOLF ff ' West Pointlnvitationalf I Lehigh Invitational ESSC Invitational Rider Invitational 3rd X Kings Invitational f j Pa. Conf. Qhamps. Q 1 l U y v 7 lt 'ifl Q2 'li - . .fi ,, 4 I I New jersey States lst Eastern Regionals lst US Intercollegiate 2nd US Men 4th 115D US Women 2nd 112D ARCHE LACROSSE 1 16 Princeton 4 W 11 Lock Haven 6 W 13 Delaware 11 W 12 Rutgers 2 W f 1 M gif lgziggd 10 1 W Glassboro L ' ' 5' ' WW' 1 ' "-' 7 West Chester 12 L viii' 8 Ursiuus 9 L 43 1 Cortland 113 69 1 Temple 1 1 6633 1 in 60 Bloomsburg 26 60 Bucknell 16 W 65 Millersville 59 W 65 Trenton 55 W 65 , Slippery Rqck N 1 81, L65 Lock Haven ' 4215 L Ww w WOMENS TRACK 12 Shippensburg n 11 W 2 Le Moyne V 7 L MdHSf16ld' 40 5 W' 2 1 Haven 4-11L,8-lW 5 Mfmfclaif 6 L Ithaca 0-2L, 3-2W 14 Scranton 0 W Penn stare 5-4W, 2-41. 7 Bloomsburg 11 L 15 King's 8 Glassboro 3- 9,4W 2 Millersville 3 L west Chester 7-sw, 3-2W 4 Loch Haven 2 W AffW0rk by Andy Montclair 0-4L, 7-sw Bowman 2 LJ'x1 All Schedules are not completecdue fo lack ofiroorn. 1 145 I I- ! U KTRACKTR RAC KT G R KT C KTRA C RA HAQKTRACKT 'sf -5 Outstanding performances in distance running events by Terri Snyder and Chris Burak high- lighted the 1978 ESSC Womens Track and Field Season. Terry Walker was a consistent long d d t 1 d' jumper an Io ijarre p ace 1n the Javelin at the EAIAW re- gional championships. lst Row CL-RJ: C. Brown, P. Madge, T. Walker, C. Auis, K. Ianny, Dr. Burris fcoachj. 2nd Row: D. Brown, J. Toth, L. Anthonif, I. Conrad, J. Rhen, K. Boucher. 3rd Row: B. Sowa, C. Burak, K. McCoy, D. Yoh, T. Snyder, S. Hurley, S. Behrens. 4th Row: M.E. Fric , S. Fenton, T. Shea, L. Ciesta, J. Ceaser, M.L. Scarcella. 5th Row: L.A. Fex, P. Bennett, j.Iar1'ett, I. Meyers, K. Hall. 6th Row: P. Klotz, B. O'Hora, K. Killion Ccoachl. 14 5' GCLFGCLFGDLFG OLF LFG CCD LFG O LFG OLFGOLFGOLFGO The 1978 ESSC Golt Team finished as the top team in the Pa. Conference Eastern Di- vision and fifth overall in Conference cham- pionships. Scott Cericola and Daryll Beltz had the best averages during dual match competition. ,Av- ISK GUI CL-RJ: Coach Olsen, K. Moore, B. Cook, G. Manchester, C. Malone, M. Radkovic. Missing: T. Oxenreider, D Beltz, S. Saricola, D. Zern, S. Cark. , 1.4 -.,........n K. CD .I .J 4 M BALLSOFT ALLSOFT FT Q LLS OFTBALLSOFTBA cn 'I The 1978 ESSC softball team finished as one of the top teams in the east for the third straight season. The Warriors, regional cham- pions in 1976 and runners up last year, reached the regional semi-finals before being eliminated. The team posted a final record of 17-9. The highlight was a doubleheader sweep over arch rival and defending champion of the region, West Chester, junior Caren Connelly was a standout both pitching and hitting. Se- niors consisted of Bobbie Campbell, Gretchen Eysenbach, Mary Hartmand and Coleen Stuppy. 1st RowlL RJ S Jones D Hfluth S Savage C Stuppy S Harker, D. Cooper, C. Connolly. 2nd Row: MJ. Storlno V Thomas T Relnhart L Bondurant R Lawyer C E1senbach,J. Colier, M. Hartman. 3rd Row: L. Delay D Schlater K Baer B Campbell P Helm T Shewokis M Syronosky.4t Row: B. Ewal-t,J. Salustro,J. Walmer G Kllpa J Maurek S Ahern D Sage B'1ckRow Asst Coach S. Nye, Coach J. Bush. Ll.I I.I.I LIJ LIJ - ,I ' . '-'i i4 iik ni' if 'V r I ' tr A., x1 ff' lst Row: I. Konsur. S. DiPaoli, A. Bowman, B. Hatfield, C. Pierce, K. Kriger, D. Zarnos, C. Francis. 2nd Row: I. Wheeler, K. Brusstar, D. Roskoski, P. Hoelle, R. Altemose, R. Derbyshire, L. Brock, Coach Schumm. 3rd Row: L. Napolitano, D. Sell, I. Bames, M. Lister, P. Heilakka, K. Francese, M. Gotliel. Te I fax NATIONAL TEAM Bottom Row: S. DiPaoli, K. Kriger, D. Zamos, K. Francesi. Top Row: D. Roskoski, P. Hoelle, I. Bames, M. Gottlieb, D. Altennose. 1 x Success is synonymous with ESSC ar- chery. The ESSC archers again were unde- feated in dual match competition. The ESSC womens team achieved its highest finish ever, placing second in the U.S. Intercol- legiate Archery Championship. The top place finisher was Kathy Kriger who placed eighth. The mixed team also was second while the men's team was fourth. The Warriors swept team titles in the Lancaster Invitational, Eas- tem Regionals, both the New York and New Jersey States, and the Philadelphia Intercol- legiates. Seniors consisted of Joe Barnes, Ron Derbyshire, Phil Hoelle, Larry Napolitano, Dave Roskoski, Carol Francis, Norma Perez, Carol Pierce and Pete Swisher. LSINTRA RA U RA NT LSI ALSHNTRAMURA DL' D E 4 I I- Z CD .I 4 I 3 w X 4 M- Wil"" "F'9 P-M Nl pp--Y. H ru, .1 1, I- ISTENNIS N EN NIST TEN NHS TEN NISTENNIS TEN NIS TEN NIIS Top Row KL-RD Coach Al McCormick, jeff Wolfe, Jim Neil, Ion Shaw, tom Ken Neiser, Dave Kaufman, Dave Shallcross, Rich Rumble. The Menis tennis team showed their superior form and style by placing 3rd at the Pennsylvania State Col- lege Championships. The team competed in its annual southern tour where they played against many top notch schools. Key wins in dual meet competition came over Eastern Carolina, Pheifer and Randolph Macon. Seniors consisted of the top three men: Captain Rich Rumble, jon Shaw and Dave Kaufman. ot . -Y' Q- ' f.: w- it .T l "A i J" :.,wffg,- Ak.. -' 'Y r "'.gi'5', 2:- A- H' i-2 F' a L, .E-.1iffEQw f15q'?1fi'.'nv'-ff-o':w'2 'FF '--W ' J f24f:.1R1h .. J'.111gi..1' ' Hifi'-s5'f,g1 -073 12 157 4 I I- 2 0 4 I I- ! O RACKTRA KT RAC KT CKTRAC RACKTRA I' I ! 0 4I ,apr , ' .-.gf--ii Y V gf-,-v,. ' . qu:-F-'F--'T' " - . .-, ..- , Lg-V.. .-, ,v- '..v. . N....4 QL,-3-3 -c-A-... H.: .. . ....- , Q ' """ ' rn-S J... 1 1- Y- - f..- abi' if 'i""""r.,, Aanfisu 4-9 ,. .D .-Qu. r79 ,al , , ,,.,... wr. P WM: -'ff' - n ,.f.-- -' '11, . HN ,.. " -V - D' I.:-,juw W 41, ,-1-. Y V---t - I v-J N fa.:-H---4-'Q ' . .- Q-"nhl - - ' , - 11' 15,3--" :L f mv- 1- 1 'WJ ., .... " " 'f ' --4- ' , '.f - - 4Qj,"j1,Q-.- -,,4.m:,":--fi.. '- ---n..,Z - -':'5,..,,.'. '- , I, , , A. Q , .4 "U ,.4'ff.r,,' ,, -11 "' 'YU A .,-f.,,.s5,,:, fe' 3 A 1... ' - ' '.- ' r-. '-.,f " --'H ": --- , .,'---4-FJ' "wa ' " -. f'-H . T' 1-5. -1.0. , L., -V ,,,,,,,.. ,.yg,,,,wvn:,,x.:g-,X-.--,,1 ,,.,, fl-,A.,. -1 -1 x U fwfr V .- .1-71,-,:f-72-"1,1ql,p-.-nuizgff',:f',,,Z1'1vv,fLlv-'!" 7-' ' " 64.4- 'V L-. . ,... - 1-1:'9'f'-sift. ' 'H--' H'-.lm1..'?:.f1'Px'4'1'," "g"4,La, ' ,, , 'A N 'P-fu -1- ,.,l, - 'fn-.fi-A,A.,,f'-,--. gy X- ,.f -- , A H, ,- , .. , f-1 ff ' 'W , - M " -, ,:- .,, -.. .,,..,,:,f-- 5 ' V. ,, 'I . ' A-- '-" "'-l"wj : , r ' ,"'L'f"l-f '. 'f1L..f'-. - Lv""1' '- ..ff"": ' ' - .-A-H' - .3-35.1, ,,: A.: as-an-,g., W -Q Mgfvw V. YH' ' 'W'-1 . x "-w-.M , - " -'iff . N J -Q ' . fwiiei " ' ' J-ni" ' 'H--'1 : fa V: if - L' - ' -f , Y ,xy 'Af-t-,h:',w,1,,',,. 'r , 'W " Zu.-.""9-Ts... "" 4--ff - ' ,g4fLi,f,- ,gum ,,..g,e'-!.-,A,g.,.A- A I 1 ,, ., Jn.. ,J ,I .,.-547.3,4'3',1:,:,,1A?i,.'?,-I,-lax.-,ZM1MW, 4 7 Le l1rm'Iv,,,fi QWBJQ, ' 1 I -- fm" -1 il V bp ' "x, 'a-gi ' '- '----H 1' :'Qf'5fTf41 P-aug- .f.1v.,.1, . I H3 v 171, -11 -AML ..y,Yg-+14 Jr-z--v-ff -H ' -3 nnray,-u.-1-um -an -vu-r si3'd29u5f'vfFgCff rv' 45. xoof lf f M0 4? sw f ST TE A -lv ,gk IIQZT-iz' "' ' . "K" ' " ' ME' 'AISEQQ " " ,- f fi: :LE-".x?-'fazf ,li 1 , .iiag g,5,L,.-,Qi I AN,-. ,L - Y Y r -fm .,- I.IJ CD CD R SSEL L R D QRQSSE SSEL R R SSEL A U. The ESSC Lacrosse Team was honored with a berth in the upcoming United States Women,s Lacrosse As- sociation national tournament in which eight teams will compete. The Warriors are third seeded behind Mary- land and Penn State. The Warriors posted a regular season record of 5-3, just losing a final game to Ursinus, 9-8. Top scorers have been Lynne Hitchner with 22 goals, Vicki Geyer with 19 and Nancy Skean with ten. These have accounted for 197 goals in four years fHitchner 69, Geyer 66, and Skeen 629. The team's defensive standout has been goalie Sandy Stackhouse, who made 35 saves against Ursinus and 28 against West Chester to almost single-handedly keep the Warriors alive in both games. Geyer spent two weeks in late February in England as a member ofthe United States Collegilte Touring Team which played six games, winning them all. She played left attack wing and was the team's leader in assists. Back Row CL-Rl: M. Oakes, L. Hunter, K. Hamlet, L. Mackrell, L. Hitchner S Marshall C Custer D Lawver I Hichner Front Row: K. Mulvey, C. McClelland Ccaptl, V. King, V. Geyer, N. Skeen S Stackhouse 163 BASEBALL The Warriors had one of their har- dest hitting baseball teams in history during the 1978 season. The team bat- ted better than .300 in compiling their best record in four years. Seniors were Ioe Buletza, Dave Cardell, Mike Ger- rity, Rick jones, Rick Moatz, Tim Ter Bush and Dave Torresani. ' lst Row CL-RJ: D. Torresani, R. jones, D. Munson, B. Clemsson, C. Chatham, B. Phillips. 2nd Row: I. Rappo, T. Casciano, M Cerrity, D. Schwartz, R. Marro, B. Schlecter. 3rd Row: P. Litchevsky, I. Bratchie, I. Buletza fco-captainl, T. Ter Bush, R. Moatz, E Kuss, G. Hayes fcoachl. 4th Row: D. Nelson, K. Burry, B. Evers, M. Petruny, D. Cardell, M. Capozzi, M. Nayman. F27 af?" ,HP . O ' -ve' . ' ' - '.,1-,gl J, , , - F5 M1 wav. -. ,-..,, -H, , . f" T 'A 1"-0.1. J I . ., ,-.-an n fs 5. .. ,.-1., vp . -:ffWA..' '- ' A I-4-. -. '-:H , -5. ffl . Q.- -ijw, . 1 H.. -r.w- H 'H . V-LL' .Q f' a ...I 4' ' I 1.5-v. fl . ,.A., 3 yr 5 may Lv'-f N W-4' 1 ,,..,- -- M, -. ,W -' R N d ,.--ft W-.. .- -"""g,- fx 'x NN A W A 'XL H ., N. ., N. ,K N N.. n , , ,.., Ng " 'M H X 3 .x N. ,. Am-. XX R, H 1 'X K7 , , . 'v""'Q 4'-wr -4-1 'ii .,,,.-f-'- 6 Y. wiv A .1 ' P4 f' T ,'f"""K' .- ,.,.4 H-qw,,'-uf tix. .1 , uw- ru. vw h L my nn! ,,,.1..- w- -"V, 1 ' M f ,s..x.., D - A., 1 I 'lsxx Q nh' , -H.. ,vw x3 , W QQ-fl , I .r M W .N if muh, 'W 'A V, 1 5 g - ,, Y: A . V A 'w,,1 .-1 .1 . V ,- '.. ' TX" 'A ' ' 51" ,...f'5l'. R 1'11'Lm-'V , ' ,,,,.w5-"' ' - ' F,i'-1.9.5 Y ,?Q.fy 33551-4'1W -' - , hx ,W .. ' 'N' f:z'iw W . if! " - " - ' f " . . , ' Uv. x , rmfkfa -M11 . , Q r., . -Q, k"K , .,4 21. ..,,, ,,, , H ,I , ., ,. "1--, ' ' Y '- V 45521-ig, '62, -wmzg. ' fl-' f, ' . .- 1 " V 4 f-,1'H'r-.'fl- - " sf 7-EQl.F,,':'z,2'5.v W. E ' ' C af-",:1 - 1 ' 9-:L -V .. Xa:-:few , . r -1 ,Q -. ,,: f-1:-,J-ew, up A .- .94 qff.-1.4m-.LH '-uf' ,-,,1,pr 1 , . 1,, 'J' 'fjlfgi N Vi ' . .f"f'. ff'3i'I.f:32ii'f5i2, if .4 L, .egg Lk nw.: 4 l ?- Q. -v N - 169 nr- --wx 'dl lk I, fi m iax Ji 1 X 1 If CONVUCATIO ,. 3 , f 1 1- 1 - 4 Af fqx x 1 m Af Q . f 3'h'Kc.lg?.5 'N n . Q4 I? ii , kf1,'i:g5gpq"' Wx 'FX Ag ' . Q- . .. W xx Y' rg. Q ' 3.-f -A, U ' ' . .- X- -- :-xv - YU! Qpi- bw gn-if - ". 4 'X ll 'N' "- '-la? 'fx' 61.2.-R " ,3fj:- Wrsrrif .A 4.5. 5' V gk 5 'S ' :"I.,"'fv' 1' I Q' q 1- f J J "J N- n Sam Donaldson jean-Michael Cousteau Maya Angelou 1 Mi M Q '. 1 gfggx ,, , Issac Asimov Joseph Sorrentino Heywood Hale Broun Edward Fiske if xg ' 53 5' 'K Ty' THE STREETS Of E Q 77 NEW BKT X-Q L., -J- E R- SPRING! 177 . V L X.. .. 7' "X ..,.. . A A a ' 55::6C5'? , Q ins' , 'k I ,L,gi.,1iEeLU 14 :H-XJ 11. 'J iltff ,-af 4 1 '-1i's.ig2iZ'?'?4 ,ng..,, A . ,. 321756 '-Sqfi ' all nf ,fi ..,i t- BHK? F ig 5. , Qi ', .V F R 5. N -,,.- ' pa z , - 1. l' Sf'.A' 4.2,-E' , ., ' l Mm! Wfjglznfwg Fairly Original Players College Union Board 4 we AEI f H 4, , f, '41 1L" LS . , Q 6 Judo Club ! Contemporary Dance Club Forensic Team Sigma Alpha Eta Alpha Phi Omega 1 5 .,-. fx: 1' ' ggi' W L? 5 EQ 96:9 X ,,.u y-.G ,- 0 Residence Hall Executive Council Student Life Committee 183 Fraternity Auxilary Organizations Theta Chi Omega Psi Phi W Zn Sigma Pi 184 l Tau Kappa Epsilon Kappa Phi Kappa Alpha Chi Rho wks 1. N15-N Phu'-1-sv v' W. g N , 5-.., - ' X 1 -..,f AZH KA 50 fry FE GI 7l'PZ QX0 5 BE MT W vii., 4P"'nll? Af Pledging - iff., J Fraternity Style The Brotherhood of Alpha Chi ,Rho recaptured their title in Greek Games this year and they also placed in the Greek Talent Show with their production of "Frac- tured Fairy Tales." Although founded in 1965, Alpha Chi Rho is now the newest national fraternity at ESSC. They were accepted as a chapter of their national fraternity on April 10, 1976. They have participated in numerous service projects with the most important being the Easter Baskets they made up for the chil- dren in the area. Theta Chis lived up to their motto, "The Help- ing Hand", by receiving the Red Cross Humani- tarian Award. Eta Pi Chapter placed First in Creek Week, Fraternity Division, and also cap- tured the IFC All Sports Trophy. The Brothers travelled to the University of Malyland to attend a Regional Convention and will participate at the National Convention in Chicago this summer. Theta Chi definately proved they are number one at ESSC - It was a V6I'y prosporous and happy year for the Brotherhood. 1 2' ,Q 5 V if ff nity AA - " n. 'li The Brotherhood of Kappa Phi Kappa is the youngest Fra- ternity on campus. This year the Brothers proved Kappa Phi can keep up with the rest when they placed second in the Greek Sing and third in the Greek Games. Their perfor- mance at the sing had the en- tire audience clapping and cheering along. Kappa Phi Kappa may be new on campus, but they are certainly making their mark. Sigma Pi fraternity is known for their house, their parties, and the great voices among them- selves. Their home is at the corner of Smith and Analomick Streets and it is the spot of many activities. - Their service projects in- cluded drives for the Heart Fund and Cerebral Palsey. They also sang to the children at LM. Hill Elementary At Halloween. Question - are all the brothers of Sigma Pi Sigmatones? Tau Kappa Epsilon, the largest national Fraternity on Campus, was very active this year. The brothers were involved in all Inter-Fraternity Council Sports and many service projects. Their version of the 1920's gave them a third place in the Greek Talent Show for a job well done. After that performance everyone under- stands why TKE is Unique. 55375 ..,o Tj- -. j i .'. 'YT- .csfjr 'N - 1 172 . me--ft 4 , ,.- Y-L" . 1 l - 5 Ms.,-, '. gr' , C V:,i1?R'gl At 91 Analomick Street one will find not only the Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity House, but most of the Phi Sigs. On March 30, 1978 the Brothers celebrated their 15th anniversary of the Beta Pentagon Chapter. Phi Sig was very active in all Inter-Fraternity Council Sports and many trophies decorate their house. Their service projects include con- tributions to the March of Dimes, collecting for the Heart Fund, and a walk for Muscular Dystrophy. Through all their activities Phi Sigma Kappa continues to hold true to their motto, "Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Character." am T fl wx W Omega's motto, "Friendship is essential to the soul," is the foundation of their fine organi- zation. They have participated ac- tively in many service projects, and continue to grow on the East Stroudsburg Campus. Good luck in the future to the Sons of Blood and Thun- der. WU l g 1 . Pledging - Sorority Style Alpha Omicron Pi, Phi Beta Chapter, another National Sorority, placed first in Greek Week by Capturing first place in Greek Sing and Greek Games. They have participated in many ser- vice projects, and have made A-O-Pi number one on Campus. This year Ev- erything Came Up Roses for Alpha Omicron Pi. A The Sisterhood of Alpha Sigma Alpha, the oldest National Sorority on campus, celebrated their Tenth Anniversary this year. Gamma Rho received National Recognition for Scholastice Im- provement in 1977 and they par- ticipated in many worthwhile ser- vice projects. Happy'1Oth Anniversary to the Sisterhood of Alpha Sigma Alpha and many more prosporous years ahead. Lamda Iota celebrated their third birthday in April of 1978. It is currently the largest sorority on campus. This year Lamda Won first place in the Homecoming Float Competition and also placed in the Greek Sing. Their motto is "Follow Your Dreams", and they follow theirs and also help others do the same. Lamda's service projects included helping Eas- ter Seals, the Heart Fund, the National Epliepsy Foundation, and the Pocono Hospital. Upsilon Psi captured First Place in this years Greek Tal- ent Show with a splendid per- formance of The Chi1dren's Hour. Although Up Psi is only a local sorority, the girls make the sorority well know. Their service projects are numerous. Among them were collections for Thanksgiving baskets, the Heart Fund, and Cerebral Palsey. The sisters of Upsilon Psi are among many of the students who feel Greeks are an Asset to ESSC. GREEK SING GREEKWEEKGREEKWEEKGR 20 KWEEKGREEKWEEKGREEKW GREEK GAMES GREEKWEEKGREEKWEEKGR 'L-' ' , we-' . -1'1f"f," 1' af " , .,., , - , JM . , " I Mgf, ., 1 "' , Q1 -M - - , ,L -, N . ,. ' 4 ' - ' 1 N - Mr . N HJ- 1 .U 5 , , . f w .. -,o 4 First Place - Alpha Omicron Pi KWEEKCREEKWEEKGREEKW GREEK TALENT SHOW N If Y W J: . X. xx: k'a:'y ,f .Eli ,jffjl g X' " "'1"+i ..... . :www-2 ...,., - - '-- - - - -Y 'q Y 13 "" Lvl ff GREEKWEEKGREEKWEEKGR ,zf In V J E '57 rd. s X W 4 First Place - Upsilon Psi KWEEKGREEKWEEKGREEKW 205 x 3 . E V f X I A, : f 1 X f x p ff! f W' f -I , T V f vi xr - ' .ri 1' ,.. 7,113 if L.'.f .lvl Od -J 5 If I K K Ui 4 F1 - f X 2 A 2 '-as 208 .- 4 ,, 1"-14 'I' 51 'J ,we al " ' - - ,-1 , mf'-e: .V f. 1., -HH '.,,-. '. 1 , -. -ZW? 3 ' 4 ' 7- f -SWK , 5 assi A- ?"f3f 5 r gr: ZEEL 1' , -131,4 . A , 1 L V. , , 55, ' " ' f vga- . 1 ' ' f' . , .fm , I 1 5 ff Mx "' f , . , , . : , X , s . ,Al ' Hi' Ja- 4 I fb,- I i ' Yr... in-L' 56.0" ,M V , ! XC. ' gl: 4 W 'Z 1 .1 x V 1 1 2.10 x-I fn 'H 211 ANL p-gf-M... K y,,,,A,4V,-,,, SE IGB 212 wr. fr. I 'Y "' Q X. 6 1254 31 27' x ARTS AND LETTERS .1-'w fig, Dr. Carolyn Raney Cormne A. Cardxllo Cynthla Cascante Debra june Coles Deborah Sue Garrett john Joseph Casper Richard Harry Gebelein 14 Angela M. Albano Laurel E. Bowen Amy Clair Burgess Allan Joseph Calarco Mane-Antolnette Kelly R. Eisenhauer Counterman Victoria Ann Gessner joseph F. Cocek sw" i A A FL ,., 'cafe hw. wi 'x , I E-" 4i 4 ns , . . rl nu "'iFm5-!fgr-- q . 2 '-mea f 9 ,, ..- 4 David Patrlck Knaak Edward Mackin "Jil, l 5'!,'1ls:- v' Maureen Roseanne O'Boy1e Patricia Ann Ruyak Susan M. Miller James Richard Ryan Jeffrey Bruce Schwartz Iolm Charles Seigendall William Harvey Snyder Brian K. Straub Theodore Szymczak WI Deidre Lynn Yunginger 215 EDUCATIO -gr we Dr. Lester Bowers Virginia Lynn Bach Pamela Marie Badcock Frederick Anthony Barletta Christine D. Benson Joe E. Benvenuto Deborah Lynn 'Berry Debbie M. Ahern Sandra Noel Aiken John C. Alleger, III Vinnie Anthony Amadio, Ir Frederic B. Begendorf Sheila Pamela Bell Q., -. Richard Lee Billings Ronda Marie Bishop Christine Jo Blackton John Joseph Boccolini Q77 Kathryn C. Boone Barbara A. Boyer -7 '49 .X Q ' "" .4411 - .,..- ,, . v J H , U' - ' ' . ,,,1L.mm+-1 an ... I 'J . , ,GP -I F " .5 . 5, , --"""P' -.-nir.r.a.ff. ' ""il"f""'f ' Luz'-115' .f ilffkwifi ar Susan A. Bradley Rosemary Brent la Patrrcra Mane Brlnk Cheryl Lynn Brocklesby Laurie Ann Brunswick Darlene Jane Bryant an 'fl T Sharon Ann Bums Elizabeth A. Butler Ann Michele Brown Laura Jeanne Casari 2 KJ vs" ,.-.1f"' 'Yun Marie Ann Castagna Marie M. Ceneviva Carol Ann Chopel Nancy S. Clark Kathryn Ann Coe John M. Collins, jr. Kevin A. Cooper Frances A. Craig Paul Demberg Karen Marie Deren Patricia Susan DeSanto jeffrey D. Detzi Dona Marie Dixon Linda C. Dominitis Dustin jane Drenner Sharon Ann Theresa Duchnowski 218 If HE, fi Cheryl Dunleavy jane Denise Eckert Mary J. Epser Thomas E- Fflff Lynn Fedak Heidi A. Fennimore Janis E. Fey Patricia Susan Fishler Julie L. Fortese 471 ack William Friend Karen Claire Fruhwirth Cherylee Furr JoAnn Gagliano Deborah Gallucci Lynda Giacomarra Frank Stephen Gibson Linda Susan Gilliland Joan E. Ginsburg Robin Lois Giombetti Edward G. Goff, Jr. Lynn Mary Graver Diane Pauline Gudleski Cynthia Lee Hagan MaryAnn Hanna 219 ff' Susan I. Harbove Karen Lynn Hamer Terri Lee Hildenbrand Kim Alison Hillier I 220 Karen Ellean Hartmann Diann Edith Held Karen Ann Henry . . 11-v :fy 4 .. . , 'It Mariann T. Hoban Diane M. Homa Vivian C. Howe 3 Brenda Gail Hug Ruth Jolly 'KP ,. Bernice Chika Ibe Paul I. jacques Connie Ann judge Janine E. Kasmark rF?.. --' ., lf V e r, 452' N iiw Angelina Kasperkoski Kelly Ann Kearney Colleen Patricia Keenan R rv l. U julie Ann Kercsmar Susan I Krafty Nancy J Kronmuller Dorothy M. Kelly Edward Stanley Kemp Patricia I i oan Krych Bonnie Ann Llndt YVS 'Ui Carol Ann Llnslnblgler Mary Cqtherme Lxptak Renee Ann Loprete Cindy Susan Mack Nicholas Eugene Mandell jeffrey Allen Mang li J Patricia Ann McGough George Francis McKeman Anne Theresa McMenamin Patricia M. Meehan Lynette Kay Meyers inda Ann Middleton Jody Milanek Debra Lynn Miller Wendy Jo Morris Rosemary Morton David A. Moyer Kathleen Mary Monahan Gail Shively Moore Sharon Kay Moyer john D. Murphy Lois Kay Murphy Patricia A. Murphy Lawrence F. Napolitano Patricia Ann Neary Robin A. Nenow 127 if T 'WN june Marie Obzud lane M. Ochs Benedict A. Onyema Kathy Ann Nespoli Susan Ann Oasaro 'if Lora Lynn Paoloni Patricia Ann Parker Patricia E. Paulus QIQ ai .. Michael J. Osofsky Patricia M. Palmer l r x 1 A Carol A Powell Frank A. Puccio Ann Marie Queeney 1. Victoria L. Pearson Debre Ann Perioli 45. ., X F' J Ioan Ann Radiosky Linette Ann Razzano Lynne Theresa Rice Lorraine Catherine Richartz Debra Lee Roark 22.3 -"www Suzanne Madelaine Amy Louise Schmitt Schilling 25 , LA-"3 tl. ' Anne Louise Scully Michael Joseph Shamp 224 at Mary Patricia Sagan Connie Saksa Thomas Justin Salvino Qi 59 x Lorrie Teresa Santilli Betty Susan Santomen AnnMarie Sarzillo '23 41' John Schmoyer Rosemarie Brenda Schwartz Bonnie S Scott an if-T' Barbara Jeanne Shively Anthony Philip Simonetta Ann Joan Sincavage Dawn Elizabeth Smith Deborah L. Smith Janet Margaret Smith Paul A. Sosik Lenore U. Squirlock Robin Lynne Stevens Harold Strunk Kathy Ann Takacs Sally J. Tintle Il ik --I." . :fs ' 455 - i , .K 'L ,K ml' ..'- E-iq .Wad lui!-.L Deborah A. Turner joan D. Unangst Scott E. Van Hart Douglas Tolbert, Ir. Hal L. Tremper nv-213-Q -ox Theresa Marie Viechnicki Debra M. Vina 225 .wir NX,2 I Renee Marie Wall Ann F. Walsh Susanne U. Walsh Denise Bryant Ward '!!!'1'f" , Y -- -1-.um '55 , .A .N 22 , W , all 1 . Laura Vanessa Watson Margaret E. Weir Margaret Ann Wells Ruth Ann Yaron Kathleen P. Young Nancy Jeanette Zelno 226 Ann Marie Willard Nancy R. Yanelli Marion Marie Zunski jean Marie Zwirek 3 D. Christopher Anderson 'F' Elizabeth Ann Adams Susan Diane Alexander L s TH' Melanie Adair Antalosky HE LTH 81 PHYSICAL EDUCATIO Qs Barbara Aukscunas Carol Lynn Baker Lx TT" Peter William Bellis Leslie Io. Berger Dr. Richard DeSchriver X94 Nancy Lynn Barkley Lou Bamett Emest Ion Beam 'Q' Judith A. Bitterman Kathleen M. Bono John W. Bookheimer III 227 Stephen Iames Borrell Judy Ann Brace Ann Marie Breig Cynthia Ann Brown Daniel Brant Brown PQ! an-. QC""v-N Chrlstlne Maria Burak Leonard Wllleam Burkhart Ann L Burkholder Rebecca Lynn Buss Cale I Campbell Mara A. Campbell Darla Lee Cestone Margaret Louise Childs Kerry A. Ciatto William John Cleffi in if Lfiafxf: Susan Melanie Clifford Bruce joseph Clowar Joann Patricia Conrad Sherry Ann Corsnitz Sharon Ann Cosgrove 228 Jeanne Marie Criblear john Kevin Crosland Susan Bollinger Culbertson Patricia Ann DeLara Barbara A. Delling f- '69 Richard Charles Dentino David C. DeNure John Dixon jr. Susan Kay Dixon Christina Marie Domenico 'QT' he 5-ii, joseph Thomas Donahue Patricia Mary Donegan Hope Edna Donnell Doris Anne Draving Shauna Marie Duemiit James Thomas Dunleavy janet A. Dzwonek jill Edelman Pamela Mae Evans Julianne Fidishun 229 15 Neal Walter Fisher Patrick James Flaherty Anthony R, Gehman Priscilla Flowers Judith Ann Frederick Donna Mary Gartling Michael john Gernty -:gi Victoria Lynn Geyer April Ann Gingrich Karen Lynott Golden ...X 9' is 1217 230 -1-""' Christine Ann Goril Beverly jean Gradwell Barbara Ann Grady an Denise Luann Gruver Marie E. Grzeszkiewicz Cheryl A. Gunn T-s Debra Lynn Hass Debra A. Hall Yvonne B. Hall am Cynthia Marie Harpel Mary C. Hartman Susan M. Hartzell an Di Anne Louise Hentzel Yvonne C. Hersh Darlene Marie Hershey gifvs 'nr--X Samandra L. Hickman Lynne S. Hitchner Alvin Warren Hollister '-K. 'Dx ull, " Sharon D. Hand Patricia Ann Hannon Bonnie Louise Hatfield Nancy L. Hensler 231 Ann Marie Hudacs Scott William Humphrey Laura Suzanne Hunter Robyn Ann jones Doreen Carol Kantner Wendy Celeste Kamow Eileen Ruth james Richard G, jones Larry R. Kell Kim Karin Kemmerer vs . x 1 ,VY .1 ,. ,. ,I Stephen John Kibling Marie Alice Kinek 4 I w v I I Holly jean Kintner Jacqueline Dawn Kishbaugh 1" f 4 ul Virginia A. Kosnik Joseph Stephen Kost Debra A. Kravetz Deborah Lee Kropinieki il TT eq:-ev' ex Patricia jane Leith Kathy Lenkowski Px fi! Sheryl Ann Lentz Cynthia Lee Leonhauser Paula Kovarick Anne E. Lacey ,rd-t w D Fl., 1 ' l H ,a K My-5, 73. 3 J, 73" H. 1' .,-. 1, ,,.fH"., . gf ,, vi- ii V . N Ellen Marie Kozlosky Michele E. Kranzley fm 1 Susan Lehman Carmela S. Leib WWE Q." "'I "C-0 .5 ,, ' -:if f .A , 1. Q if : 3?:f,f9"Sq 15. 5 I 'E 4 -' ' Q," -1-6' 'TTU 04541:-A '. ' . xx 233 lla K Robert P. Lesser aren Rachelle Linck rx Janice M. Lisicky Jessica Litichevsky Kathleen Ann Loeper Joan Ellen Lyons Mari Jo Maclay Cheryl Ann Maclelland fi 1 4 Theresa Ann Long Eileen L. Ludwig Barbara Alina Madtes Susan Mary Malinowski Q13 Elizabeth Ann Matray Nancy A. Mattia 284 3" 3 l L a Nancy Mangan john G. Marino jr. Dale I. Martin P1 X i Randy Scott Maugle Ioan L. McHenry Judy Anne Mclnnls Patrice M. McKenna Giordano Bruno McMullen Desmond Patrick McNelis -Ii QI' rv Phyllis Moretti Mary Carol Elaine Ianie Marie Nolan 12215 ' Deborah Margaret Mengel Fred L. Miller M ozdziock A f,..luL Mary M. Nowicki janet Marie Oliver Thomas joseph Palubinski LouAnn Petrak Deborah Anne Pickel Carol Jeanne Pierce David Thomas Novitsky Terry L. Nowers Cynthia L, Perry Mary Ann Perry Thomas C. Powers Patricia Ann Prebish 235 hx Debra Sue Prescott Constance Ann Pulsinelli mf -.. N '6'1o-'- wax.. . 5 Bonnie I. Randolph Dick G. Richards 236 Mary Anne Psomas Cynthia L. Pulinka Robert M. Quinn 'ek Diane C. Rabold William Gerard Regan Nancy C Regina N , 4 ., V I l V 'l ' A . . Cynthia Richardson Laurie Riley vw.z'z- Susan Re osa 5: 5 '4 "" 'feffi Linda Kay Rhiel ,.. X J ' I Q V Ni - i K-1 I ' . 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Joseph George Doyle Cheryl Dunkleberger Gretchen Eysenbach Linda Fetherolf Barbara M. Fisk fl Eva Elizabeth Fitins Elizabeth A. Fritz John R. Gangemi Richard Thomas Genevie Carol A. Godowski Nancy Arleen Green Sharon Ann Green john Arthur Hadalski Betty Rae Haney Gregory I. Ianusey 242 iii L- N in-'Y Jerome R. Hersh Kyle David Hoar Elizabeth Mary Hober Carol Ann Inglima Christopher Ip ,vii wr- Carolyn L. johnson Barbara H. jones Mary Kay Kmiecinski Joan Renee Knauss Barbara E. Lancaster 'N vs Q:- If Charles Wilson Lochart II Douglas Reed Logan Marianne M. Lynch james Ray Magaziner joseph Michael Manz Michele Marie Martin i Harold Richard Brend W. Moss Susan Marie Mykalo Paul Raymond Nelson McDougall Jr. 243 fi' 7' 1- W, Michele Marie Parker john Philip Pelcheck Norma Jeanne Perez Theresa A. Paquin Michael Parisi Susan Mane Rmkus Kerry Rodrlguez Anne Kathleen Rud Ann Marie Porvaznik LOUISE A Prezkop Charles P Schaa Joe H Schurxg john A Sell Mary Kate Savag James Scaringe 'vi NZ ' ' ..,. H ee",g.7. " , . Mi 1 ,K+ 7??!w5'l' if 'J 1 g I V ' -if 'S' ' I y1l,f+f 52 if.-,1' g1fIfjH . mfrf -S P l fi Mfr M51 Ffh 1 75-I-' . 1 -- f-. ,f 1. '. Amy, 1 Colleen L. Shive Laurie Ann Shoemaker 244 Richard Michael Shultz Karon Lynn Simmonds Reginald D. Sims ini l "fu X Gilbert A. Smith Roger Kent Smith Urban Bruce Smith '7T'I:v N Matthew Mark Sweatlock Darrell Ira Travis Marianne E. Valentine Marianne Stoback Pam Stokes Sylvia Veneziale Kevin Von Rote .X , X ' . 'i fu. X I Gary William Watson Meredith Indez Williams ,ff l H Brian Patrick Wright Julie Anne Yaple 245 SCCIAL SCIENCE DeAnna L. Altemose Joseph J. Aversa Dr. joseph Castelli .Til Stephen N. Barry David Brighton Beam ed., W! Carmen L. Burreuzo Cynthia Ann Campbell 'EIT Kevln E. Brown Philip Anthony Bujalski Robert Klrk Burns Nicholas Francis Castellano Mary Ann Connors 246 Mary Beth Crane Dionisios A. Dalamaras janet L. Davis Sandy L. Davis Gary Michael Dickens Kathryn Marie Donovan Dennis Lee Dunkleberger Robert N. Ehrig Donald Robert Flick 'few' James K. Glick Theta Arlene Grimaud N X . fi.. .. William Fontanez Gregory Wllllam Forte Lisa Elaine Gast '-'4-:HTYS-+-:i - -4.-4-' x 452, 7' Christopher M. Harrison Deborah Ann Holst Barbara G. Ienkin JI L 24 -41. 48 Deborah I. Loper Deborah L. Marten Michelle A. Miller Ianice I. Moore James Johnston Scott David Klenk Scott David Lamm Harold Woodrow Lester Ir. Douglas B. Inderman Jerri Alyce Litman Daniel Richard Mathers Peter C. Maynard Candace A, Mehalshick l I I x Brian Foster Morgan Linda M. Nagel Karin Ann Nee Y K fb Robert Patrick O,Connor Stephen Philip Olivetti William M. Onusko III YF?- Gene E. Pambianchi Michael T. Patterson Richard john Rakitis fm Robin T. Rawls Ann Marie Re1d Robert Iohn Richards Maureen Ann Sapolis Theodore William Schmid James H. Seitz Susan Anna Rogers 1 . xx L.-1151 Ion M. Shaw John Joseph Santicerma Steven C. Shermetta 249 , v A ..n ., ,IA , . Ioan Louise Slotter Alan I. Smith Susan Kathryn Szabo Ellwood Raymond Ma1yAnn J. Timchak Eugene Charles Trowbridge Thomson III Susan Beth Walton Rebecca I. White Maurice M. Williams -0- Holly Jayne Young Kim Lori Ziegenfuss ANGELA M. ALBANO - 204 South Kennedy Dr., McAdoo, Pa. - Art, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Liberal Arts Honor Society, Stony Acres Executive Board, Recreation Association, Hotel Management Club, Intramurals, LAUREL E. BOWEN - 806 East Prospect St., Hackcttstown, N.J. - English, Liberal Arts Honor Society, English Honor Society, Kappa Delta Pi. AMY CLAIR BURCESS -- 30 Sylvan Way, West Caldwell, N,J. - Spanish and Art. ALLAN JOSEPH CALARCO - 321 Wcst Fourth St., Hazleton, Pa. - Theatre, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Resident Advisor, Tlictu Chi, Alpha Psi Omega, State ll. CORINNE A. CARDILLO - 347 Oakdale Place, Springfield, Pa. - Communications, WESS tSta- tion Managerl, Fairly Original Players. CYNTHIA CASCANTE -17 Fort George Hill, New York, N.Y. - Communicationx!Theatrcg Alpha Psi Omega, College Union Board, Stroud Courier, Second Act, Womeu's Chorus, College Choir. DEBRA JUNE COLES - 206 Central Ave., Cranford, N.J. - Art, Liberal Arts Honor Society, Little Sister ofTheta Chi, Stage II. MARIE-ANTOINETTE COUNTERMAN - 205B North Sixth St., Stroudsburg. Pa. -- French and German. KELLY R. EISENHAUER - 57 Magna Dr., Coplay, Pa. - Communications, WESS, Intramumlg, DEBORAH SUE CARRETT - 6 Brookline Dr., Massapaqua, N.Y, - English. JOHN JOSEPH CASPER - 1215 State St., Archbalcl, Pa. - Communications, Sigma Pi, Donn Council, Intramurals. RICHARD HARRY GEBELEIN - 107 Shady Lanc, Lansdale, Pa., - Theatre, Lihcral Arts Honor Society. VICTORIA ANN CESSNER - R.D. 3 Box 3595 Stroudsburg, Pa. - Spanish, Liberal Arts Honor Society. JOSEPH F. GOCEK - R.D. 3 Box 3443, Stroudsburg, Pa. - English. REBECCA ANN HIBBARD - 620 Charles Ave., Kingston, Pa. - Theatre, Libcral Arts Honor Society, Stage II. ' DAVID PATRICK KNAAK - Box 636, East Stroudsburg, Pa. - Spanish and Political Science. EDWARD MACKIN - 5245 Castor Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. - English, Dance Committee, Intramu- mls. SUSAN M. MILLER- 818 Donna Dr., Point Pleasant, N.J. - Communications, Stroud Courier, SCAT. MAUREEN ROSEANNE O'BOYLE - 307 Boulevard, Glen Rock, N.J. - Communications, Liberal Arts Honor Society, SCAT, Dean's List. MARY KATHERINE ROLAND - 450 Seventh St., Slatiugton, Pa. - Art, Women's Track 1Co- Captainl, Varsity S, PATRICIA ANN RUYAK - 1077 North Adams St. - Park Dr., Pottstown, Pa. - Communications, Forensics, Lacrosse. JAMES RICHARD RYAN - 475 Williamsluirg Rd., Lansdale, Pa. - Communications, Stage II tMaster Cnrpenterl. JEFFREY BRUCE SCHWARTZ - 775 Sumac Rd., Highland Park, Illinois - Communications, Track, Sigma Pi, JOHN CHARLES SEIGENDALL - R.D. 5 Lehighton, Pa. - Communications, WESS. WILLIAM HARVEY SNYDER - 127 Rutgers Ave., Swarthmore, Pa. - Communications, Theatre. BRIAN K. STRAUB - 301 Cay St., Roycrslbrd, Pa. - Communications: Dean's List, Stroud Courier and Stroud Yearbook CPlioto Editorl, UCM, Intramural Sollliall. THEODORE SZYMCZAK - 2509 Finley Ave., Cornwclls Heights, Pa. - English. DEIDRE LYNN YUNGINCER - 200 West Conestoga St., New Holland, Pa. -- Communications, SCAT Liberal Arts Honor Society, Basketball. EDUCATION DEBBIE M. AHERN - R.D. 2 Box 701, Sussex, N.J. - Special Education. SANDRA NOEL AIKEN - 3818 Kratz Rd., Collegevillc, Pa. - Elementary PE: Diving, Intramu- rals. JOHN C. ALLECER III - Bartonsville, Pa. - Elementary Education tMusicJ, College Choir, College Band, Kappa Delta Pi, Committee lor Evaluation ol'Elcmenta1'y Curriculum. VINNIE ANTHONY AMADIO JR. - 2832 South Sixteenth St. - Special Education tMental Retar- dationlg CEC, MCACLD. Monroe County Association for Kids with Learning Disabilities. VIRGINIA LYNN BACH - 6995 Guilford Rd.. Upper Darby, Pa. - Elementary Education, Upsilon Psi, Inter-Sorority Council tVice Presiclentl, College Band, Homecoming Chaimian. PAMELA MARIE BADCOCK - 5 Afton Dr., Florhaun Park, N.J. - Elementary Education, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Donn Council, UCM, AEE. FREDERICK ANTHONY BARLETTA - 76 Harding St., Hazleton, Pa. - Secondary Education tSocial Studiesl, WESS tSports Directorj, Dorm Council tPresidcntJ. FREDERIC B. BEGENDORF- 180 Van Cortlandt Park South, Bronx, N.Y. - Sociology, Football, Intramurals. SHEILA PAMELA BELL - 3662 East Crown Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. - Health and Physical Education, Little Sisters ofTheta Chi, Phi Lambda Sigma Honorary Society. CHRISTINE D. BENSON - l167 Jcricliu Rd., Abington, Pa. - Elementary Education, AEE, Intramurals. JOE E. BENVENUTO - 19 Cross St., Netcong, N.J. - Elementary Education, Wrestling, DEBORAH LYNN BERRY- 4a Dell Ave., Netcong, N.J.- Special Education, Council for Excep- tional Children. RICHARD LEE BILLINGS - 15 Chestnut St., Mountaintop, Pa. - Special Education, Alpha Chi Rho, Dappa Delta Pi Honor Socicty. CEC. RONDA MARIE BISHOP - 12 Gilbert St., Carbondale, Pa. - Elementary Education, Women's Track and Field, UCM, Intramurals, CHRISTINE JO BLACKTON - 4225 Bayard St., Easton, Pa. - Elementary Education. JOHN JOSEPH BOCCOLINI - 309 Grace St., Old Forge, Pa. - Secondary Education, Phi Sigma Kappa, Bowling Club. KATHRYN C. BOONE- 3504 Allen St., Bethlehem, Pa. - Elementary Education, PSEA, Salvation Anny Reading Program. BARBARA A. BOYER - 926 Monocacy St.. Bethlehem, Pa. - Special Education. SUSAN A. BRADLEY - 312 West James St., Norristown, Pa. - Special Education, Council tor Exceptional Children. ROSEMARY BRENT - 1 Downhill Rd., Levittown, Pa. - Elementary Education, Intramurals. PATRICIA MARIE BRINK - 1812 West Main St., Stroudsburg, Pa. - Secondary Education! Communications, NVESS. CHERYL LYNN BROCKLESBY - 9100 Pine Heights, Pittsburg, Pa. - Special Education, Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship, Judo, Women's Chorus. ANN MICHELE BROWN - 410 East Second St., Berwick, Pa. - Elementary Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Dean's List. LAURIE ANN BRUNSWICK- Main St., Chen'y Creek, N.Y. -- Elementary Education, PSEA. DARLENE JANE BRYANT - 279 Lee Park Ave., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. - Elementary Education, Basketball, Bowling. SHARON ANN BURNS - 1629 North New St., Bethlehem, Pa. - Elementary Education tReadingl, VVho's Who, PSEA, AEE tVice Presidenti, Resident Advisor, College Choir and Band, Little Sister of Sigma Pi, Intramurals, Psychology Association, Salvation Anny Reading Program. ELIZABETH A. BUTLER - 320 East Mahanoy Ave., Cirardville, Pa. - Elementary Education, College Union Board, Concert Committee. LAURA JEANNE CASARI - R.D. 2 Lchighton, Pa. - Elementary Education, AEE tTreasurerl, Dean's List, Daughters ofthe Crossed Swords tPrcsidcntJ, MARIE ANN CASTAGNE - 703 Kosciuszko, Nanticoke, Pn. - Elementary Education. MARIE M. CENEVIVA - 2119 North Broad St,, Lansdale, Pa. - Elementary Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Senate, College Union Board, Day Care Center. CAROL ANN CHOPEL - 444 Race St., Catasauqua, Pa. - Elementary Education, AEE, PSEA, Kappa Delta Pi. NANCY S. CLARK- 2215 Fairview Avc., Easton, Pa. - Elemcntary Education, PSEA. KATHRYN ANN COE - 427 Windemiere Ave., Mt. Arlington, N.J. - Elementary Education, Alpha Ornicron Pi, Dean's List, Assistant Librarian. JOHN M. COLLINS JR. - 1932 Washburn St.. Scranton, Pa. - Secondary Education tSocial Sci- enceslg Senate, Young Democrats. KEVIN A. COOPER - 220 Market St., Halihx, Pa. - Elementary Education, PSEA, Football. FRANCES A. CRAIG -R.D. 3, Lebanon, N.J. - Elementary Education tReadinEl: Alpha Omicron Pi, Senate, College Band, AEE, Intramurals. PAUL DEMBERC - 168 East Central Ave., Wharton N.J. - Secondary Education! Communications, Theta Chi, Football, Baseball. KAREN MARIE DEREN - 34 Surrey Lane, East Hanover, N.J. - Elementary Education, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Kappa Delta Pi. PATRICIA SUSAN DESANTO - 508 West Grove St., Clarks Summit, Pa. - Secondary Education tBiologyJ: Sigma Zeta, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Phi Omega tljrcsidentl, Chemistry and Biology Clubs, SPSEA. JEFFREY D. DETZI - 117 Washington St., Wind Gap, Pa. - Elementary Education, Dorm Coun- cil, Football, Intramurals. DONA MARIE DIXON -4 Wilson St., Factoryville, Pa. - Special Education. LINDA G. DOMINITIS - 12 North Jardin St., Shenandoah, Pa. - Elementary Education, Concert Committee, Stroud Courier. DUSTIN JANE DRENNER - 724 Bruce Ave., Mount Joy, Pa. - Elementary Education, Alpha Sigma Alpha. SHARONANN TIIERESA DUCHNOWSKI - 417 Sherwood Ave., Dunmore, Pa. - Elementary Education, Upsil on Psi, AEE, PSEA, UCM, Intramurals. CH ERYL DUNLEAVY - 195 Lindley St., Andover, N,J. - Elementary Education llieadingll Alpha Sigma Alpha. JANE DENISE ECKERT - 770 Main St., I-Iellertown, Pa. - Elementary Education, College Union Board, Concert Committee. MARY J. EPSER - 4260 North Church St., Vllhitehall. Pa. - Elementary Education, PSEA, Kappa Delta Pi. THOMAS E. FARR - 438 Haveiiord Ave., Narbeith, Pa. - Secondary Education tMathl, Soccer, Intramurals. LYNN FEDAK- 11 Colburn Rd., East Brunswick. N.J. - Special Education, Upsilon Psi, Council for Exceptional Children, Kappa Delta Pi. HEIDI A. FENNIMORE - 40 Greenbriar Dr., Worcester, Pa. - Elementary Education, Senate, International Education Committee fVicc Presidentl, Spring Convocations Committee. JANIS E. FEY - 261 Pope Rd., Tohyhanna, Ra. - Elementary Education, Kappa Delta Pi, PSEA, PATRICIA SUSAN FISHLER - 28 North Sixth St., Bangor, Pa. - Elementary Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Intramurals. JULIE L. FORTESE - 143 elm St., Dunmore, Pa. - Elementary Education, AEE, Recreation Association. JACK WILLIAM FRIEND - 120 Belvidere St., Nazareth, Pa. - Secondary Education flvlatlll, Dean's List. ' KAREN CLAIRE FRUHWIRTH - 718 U2 North Eleventh St., Allentown, Pa. - Elementary Education. CHERYLEE FURR - R.D. 1541, Wellsville, Pa. - Secondary EducationlCommunications, PSEA tVice PresidentlRegional Vice Presidentl, Forensics tPresidL-ntl, Stroud Courier CNews Editorj, SEMSA, Senate. JOANN GAGLIANO - 91 East Cooper St., Dover, N.J. -- Elementary Education, Elementary Education Association, Kappa Delta Pi, Honor Society. DEBORAH GALLUCCI - 33 Golj Lane, East Hanover, N.J. - Elementary Education, Alpha Sigma Alpha. LYNDA GIACOMARRA - 37 Marion Rd., Montvale, N.J. - Elementary Education tReadingJ, Alpha Omicron Pi, AEE, Inter-Sorority Council, Intramurals. FRANK STEPHEN GIBSON - 5717 Dunbar Ct., Cornwells Heights, Pa. - Secondary Education! Communications, Stroud Courier, Phi Sigma Kappa. LINDA SUSAN GILLILAND - R.D. if4 East Stroudsburg, Pa. - Secondary Education tGermanl, Honor Society, SEMSA. JOAN E. C-INSBURC -2523 Washington St., Allentown, Pa. - Elemtary Education, Lambda Iota, Arts and Lectures Committee. ROBIN LOIS CIOMBETTI - 1111 Church St., Jessup, Pa. - Elementary Education, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Order ofDiana, Color Guard, Drill Team, AEE, Freshman Class tTreasurerl, Varsity Football Manager, Intramurals. EDWARD C. GOFF, JR. - Hallstead, Pa. - Elementary Education. LYNN MARY CRAVER - 231 West Sixty-fourth Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. - Special Education, Varsity Tennis, Council for Exceptional Children. DIANE PAULINE GUDLESKI --400 South Lehigh Ave., Frackville, Pa. - Elementary Education, College Union Board. Concert Committee, Coffeehouse Committee. CYNTI--IIA LEE HAGAN - 213 Cherry Blossom Dr., Churchsville, Pa. - Elementary Education Alpha Omicron Pi, UCM, Kappa Delta Pi, Womens Chorus. MARYANN HANNA - 165 Tilghman St., Allentown, Pa. - Special Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Council For Exceptional Children, PARC. SUSAN I. HARBOVE - 1350 Statten Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. - Elementary Education. KAREN LYNN HARNER - 23 Calicolmush Rd., Levittown, Pa. - Elementary Education, Upsilon Psi, PSEA, United Campus Ministry. KAREN ELLEAN HARTMANN - 1 Hillside Terrace, Wallington, N.J. -Special Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Daughters ofthe Crossed Swords, Council for Exceptional Children. DIANN EDITH HELD - 1736 South l"Iall St., Allentown, Pa. - Elementary Education. KAREN ANN HENRY - 56 Carlisle St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. - Elementary Education tContraction P.E.l, Catalina Club, Swimming. TERRI LEE HILDENBRAND - 42 Sleepy Hollow Lane, Ackermanville, Pa. - Elementary Edu- cation, PSEA. KIM ALLISON HILLIER - I2 Wabash Ave., Wharton, N.J. - Elementary Education. MARIANN T. HOBAN - 1723 Winona St., Scranton, Pa. - Elementary Education, Lambda Iota, Kappa Delta Pi. DIANE M. HOMA- 1639 Bleyler St., Hellertown, Pa. - Elementary Education, Outdoor Commit- tee tSecrctaryJ, Stony Acres Executive Board fTreasurerJ, Concert Committee. VIVIAN C. HOWE - R.D. 455, East Stroudsburg, Pa. - Secondary Education tPhysics and Earth and Space Sciencej, Mid-Career Students, Kappa Delta Pi, Society of Physics Students, PSEA, Elizabeth Kurtz Science Scholarship t1976l. BRENDA CAIL I-IUGI-IES - 1051 Chipperfield Terrace, Stroudsburg, Pa. - Elementary Educa- tion, PSEA tPresidentl, College Choir, Salvation Army Reading Program fStudent Coordinatorl. Alpha Psi Omega, Who's Who, Elementary Education Association, Musical 1776, Pop Music Group. BERNICE CHIKA IBE - Umungwa Obowo, Etiti P.A. Via Amuahia, Nigeria- Elementary Educa- tion. PAUL J. JACQUES - 33 Tall Pine Lane, Levittown, Pa. -- Secondary Education, WESS. RUTH JOLLY - 7 Watts St., Towanda, Pa. -- Elementary Education, PSEA, Kappa Delta Pi, Judo Club, UCM. CONNIE ANN JUDGE - R.D. alfl, Dalton, Pa. -- Special Education, Alpha Sigma Alpha tPresi- dentl, Council for Exception Children. JANINE E. KASMARK - 71 Fon St., Forty Fort, Pa. - Elementary Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Elementary Education Association, PSEA, College Choir, Stroud Courier tTypistJ, Child Care Center. ANCELINA KASPERKOSKI - 386 West St. Joseph St., Easton, Pa. - Elementary Education, PSEA. KELLY ANN KEARNEY - 109 Sumner Ave., Scranton, Pa. - Special Education, Upsilon Psi tPledge Master and Social Chaimian, President and Co-Chairman Homecomingl, Intramurals. COLLEEN PATRICIA KEENAN - 117 Pondsedge Rd., West Chester, Pa. - Special Education, Council for Exceptional Children, Upsilon Psi. DOROTHY M. KELLY - 538 Hamilton Ave., Kingston, Pa. - Elementary Education, Kappa Delta Pi, PSEA. EDWARD STANLEY KEP, JR. - R.D. 5442, East Stroudsburg, Pa. - Elementary Education, Who's Who, Dean's List, Freshman Clacc Nice Presidentl, RHEC Nice Presidentj, Senate, Dorm Council tSecretarylTreasurerl, Resident Advisor, Wrestling, Cheerleading. JULIE ANN KERCSMAR - 107 Schanclt Ave., Pen Argyl, Pa. - Special Education, Council for Exceptional Children, PSEA. SUSAN J. KRAFTY - 322 West Packer Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. - Elementary Education, Little Sisters of Sigma Pi, Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society, Association for Elementary Education, Intramurals. 251 NANCY J. KRONMULLER - 157 Camp Council Rd., Phoenixville, Pa. - Elementary Education, Who's Who, Kappa Delta Pi, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. PATRICIA JOAN KRYCH - 272 Division Ave., Belleville, N.J. - Elementary Education tOutdoorJ, Gamma Iota Zeta, AEE, Intramurals, Hall Councelor. BONNIE ANN LINDT - R.D. 992, Red Lion, Pa. - Elementary Education, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Senate, IGC CSecretaryJ, Order oi' Diana iPresidentJ, ISC fiiepresentativel, AEE. PSEA. CAROL ANN LINSINBIGLER- R.D. 03 Martzville Rd., Berwick, Pa. - Elementary Education. MARY CATHERINE LIPTAK - 383 Anderson Rd., King of Prussia, Pa. -- Secondary Education iSocial Studiesl, Who's Who, Hall Council iVice PresidentlPresidentl, RHEC tTreasurerl, Stroud Courier, SEMSA iTreasurer!Presidcntl, Yearbook, Italian Cultural Society, Kappa Delta Pi fPresi- dentl, Intramurals, Phi Alpha Theta, Deans List, ISC Dance Marathon. RENEE ANN LOPRETE - 106 South Seventh St., Easton, Pa. - Secondary Education! Communications, Stroud Courier fEditor-in-ChieflSports Editorl, SEMSA tPresidentD, Hall Council, PSEA, Kappa Delta Pi, Intramurals, CINDY SUSAN MACK - 521 White St., Bowmanstown, Pa. - Elementary Education, Chorus, College Choir, AEE, PSEA, Kappa Delta Pi. NICHOLAS EUGENE MANDELL- 54 Hickory Dr., Quakertown, Pa. - Elementary Education, JEFFREY ALLEN MANG - 5240 Gerry Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa. - Elementary Education. PATRICIA ANN MCGOUGH - 34 Thompson St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. - Secondary Education iSo- cial Studiesj, College Union Board fChairmanj, Arts and Lectures Commitee fChairmanJ, Senate, Extra-Curricular Ailairs fClf1i'tll'ITl11hJ, Human Relations Committee, SFJB, Who's Who, College Center Planning Committee, Convocations Committee. GEORGE FRANCIS MCKERNAN - 100 West Ave,, Springfield, Pa. - Secondary Education iEnglishJ, Swimming fTri-Captainl, Yearbook fSports Editorl, PSEA, Varsity S Club, Media Board. ANNE THERESA MCMENAMIN - 37 Willits Way, Mill Race Farm, Glen Mills, Pa, - Special Education, Council for Exceptional Children, Hall Councelor. PATRICIA M. MECHAN - 121 Loomis St., Nanticoke, Pa. - Elementary Education fEarly Child- hoodj. LYNETTE KAY MEYERS - 438 Walnut St., Luzerne, Pa. - Elementary Education fEarly Child- hoodl, Upsilon Psi. LINDA ANN MIDDLETON - 7861 Beferly Blvd,, Upper Darby, Pa. - Elementary Education, AEE, Intramurals. JODY MILANEK - 35 Gmce St., Reading, Pa. - Elementary Education, Senate, Who's Who Among Colleges and Universities, Little Sister of Sigma Pi, Student Aftliirs Committee. DEBRA LYNN MILLER - Broad St., Delaware Water Cap, Pa. - Secondary Education iMathJ, Kappa Delta Pi. KATHLEEN MARY MONAHAN - 1950 Pennsylvania St., Allentown, Pa. - Elementary Educa- tion, Kappa Delta Pi, Swimming and Diving Club. GAIL SHIVELY MOORE - 508 Applehill Dr., Easton, Pa. - Elementary Education, Sigma Alpha Iota, College Chorus and Band, Mid-Career Secretary. WENDY JO MORRIS - 513 Noxth Ott St., Allentown, Pa. - Elementary Education, Dean's List. ROSEMARY MORTON - 3 Windmere Path, Trenton, N.J. - Elementary Education, Rifle Team, DAVID A. MOYER - 42 North Second St., Bangor, Pa. - Secondary Education fSocial Studiesl, Basketball iCo-Captainl, Kappa Delta Pi, Varsity S Club. SHARON KAY MOYER - 623 North Rt. 113, Perkasie, Pa. - Elementary Education, AEE, PSEA. JOHN D. MURPHY- Mid Main St., Port Jefferson, N.Y, - Special Education, Cheerleader, CEC. LOIS KAY MURPHY - 181 Belmont Rd, King of Prussia, Pa. - Elementary Education, AEE, Intramurals. PATRICIA A. MURPHY - 24 Oak St., Mountaintop, Pa. - Special Education, Concert Committee, Canoe Club. LAWRENCE F. NAPOLITANO - R.D. 4, Moscow, Pa. - Secondary Education iSocial Studiesl, Football, Archery. PATRICIA ANN NEARY - 3623 Winfield Ave., Moosic, Pa, - Special Education, Kappa Delhi Pi, CEC. ROBIN A. NENOW - 1314 Chew St., Allentown, Pa. - Elementary Education, AEE. KATHY ANN NESPOLI - R.D. 2, Berwick, Pa. - Elementary Education, Tennis, Intramural Basketball. SUSAN ANN OAGARO - 521 Country Club Lane, Havertown, Pa. - Secondary Education iCom- muuicationsi, Lambda Iota, Little Sister of Sigma Pi, Homecoming Chainnan, UCM. JUNE MARIE OBZUD 'Zi 7 Reservoir St., Simpson, Pa. - Elementary Education, Lambda Iota fSecretaryl. JANE M. OCHS - Box 67, Glenwood, N.J. - Elementary Education, AEE, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, UCM, Salvation Army Reading Program, College Choir, Women's Chorus. BENEDICT A. ONYEMA - Udo Na Obizi P.A,, Via Umuahia, Nigeria - Secondary Education iGeorgraphyl. MICHAEL J. OSOFSKY - 30 Durst Dr., Milltown, N.J. - Elementary Education. PATRICIA M. PALMER - R.D. 1, Mt. Bethel, Pa. - Elementary Education, Alpha Imicron Pi, Kappa Delta Pi. LORA LYNN PAOLONI - 766 North Valley Ave., Olyphant, Pa. - Secondary Education CSpanishl, HPE Club, Intramurals, Contemporary Dance Club, SEMSA, PSEA. PATRICIA ANN PARKER - 391 Hill-n-Dale Dr., York, Pa. - Secondary Education tCommunica- tionslg Alpha Omicron Pi, Order of Diana, Stroud Courier. PATRICIA E. PAULUS - 1310 Mine Lane Rd., Easton, Pa. - Special Education, Who's Who in Colleges and Universities, CEC, Stroud Courier, College Union Board, Alpha Psi Omega, Women's Chorus, College Choir, Distinguished Faculty Committee. VICTORIA L. PEARSON - 7 Shepherd Rd., Malvem, Pa. - Elementary Education, Alpha Sigma Alpha iSorority Chaplainl. DEBRA ANN PERIOL1-554 Keystone Ave., Peckville, Pa. - Special Education tMental Retarda- tionlg CEC. CAROL A. POWELL - 132 Stockton Rd., Bryn Mawr, Pa. - Elementary Education. FRANK A. POCCIO - 28 Passaic St., Dover, N.J. - Secondary Education fSocia1 Studiesl, Phi Alpha Theta, Intramurals. ANNMARIE QUEENEY - 8 Hillside Dr., Annandale, N.J. -- Elementary Education, Kappa Delta Pi, AEE, CEO Tutor, UCM. JOAN ANN RADIOSKY - 110 Mahonoy Ave, Mahonoy City, Pa. - Elementary Education, Upsilon Psi, PSEA, AEE. LINETTE ANN RAZZANO - 3430 Arlington St., Laureldale, Pa. - Elementary Education, Year- book iEditorJ, Daughters of the Cross Swords, Intramurals, APO Wrestling Toumament, East Stroudsburg Tournament, Minsi Desk Receptionist, Women's Track Team. LYNNE THERESA RICE - 356 Owen Ave., Lansdowne, Pa. - Elementary Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Who's VVho, Senate tSecretaryl, SAA iBoard of Directorsl, UCM, Child Care Center, PSEA, Intramurals. LORRAINE CATHERINE RICHARTZ - R.D. ifl, Milford, Pa. - Elementary Education, Daughters of the Crossed Swords fSg't. at ArmslSeeretarylPresidentJ, Yearbook CActivities Editorl, Campus Tours, Hall Council fHomecoming Chainnanl. DEBRA LEE ROARK - 914 Magnolia Rd., Hellertown, Pa. - Elementary Education, Gamma Iota Zeta. MARY PATRICIA SAGAN - 509 East Hinckley Ave., Ridley Park, Pa. -- Secondary Education! Communications, Stroud Courier, Intramurals, ACAT, WESS, CONNIE SAKSA - 44 West Marthart Ave., Havertown, Pa. - Elementary Education, Swimming, Intramurals, Cataline Club tSecretaryJ. THOMAS JUSTIN SALVINO - R.D. fl, Phoenixville, Pa. - Elementary Education CAdaptive P.E.J, Phi Sigma Kappa. LORRIE TERESA SANTILLI - 19 Second St., Shoemakersville, Pa. - Elementary Education fP.E.J, HPE Club, Phi Epsilon Kappa QPublicityJ, Kappa Delta Pi, APO Service Fraternity iSecre- taryj, Field Hockey, Intramurals. BETTY SUSAN SANTOMEN - 119 East Maple Ave., Bound Brook, N.J. - Elementary Education, Stroud Courier, Association for Elementary Education. ANNMARIE SARZILLO --35 Locust St., Carteret, N.J. - Elementary Education ifteadingli Alpha Sigma Alpha tCorresponding Secretaryj, Ski Club, J.V. Cheerleading. SUZANNE MADELAINE SCHILLING - 1200 Center St., Ashland, Pa. - Elementary Education, 252 Concert Committee. ' AMY LOUISE SCHMITT -43 Draeger Place, South River, N.J.- Elementary Education, Intram rals, J.V. Cheerleading, Association for Elementary Education, Yearbook. JOHN SCHMOYER - 1901 North Twentieth St., Allentown, Pa. - Secondary Education iSoci Studiesl, Baseball, Flag Football Games Gangl, Intramurals. ROSEMARIE BRENDA SCHWARTZ - 353 South Broad St., Nazareth, Pa. - Special Educatio United Campus Ministry, Varsity Basketball. BONNIE S. SCOTT - 1999 Baker Dr., Allentown, Pa. - Elementary Education, College Cho "Pop" Choir, Resident Advisor, Kappa Delta Pi, House Council. ANNE LOUISE SCULLY - 527 Washington St., Westfield, N.J. - Elementary Education, Dear. List, Kappa Delta Pi, Who's Who, Association for Elementary Education CSecretaryl. Homecomi Committee. MICHAEL JOSEPH SHAMP - 5954 Newtown Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. - Secondary Educati fEnglishD, Football, Track, Tau Kappa Epsilon, FADC. BARBARA JEANNE SHIVELY - Forge Gate Apts. 35E2, Lansdale, Pa. - Elementary Educati tSociologyi, ROTC tColor GuardfRanders Rifle Teaml, Intramurals, Dining Hall Committee. ANTHONY PHILIP SIMONETTA -417 West St. Joseph St., Easton, Pa. - Elementary Educati Sigma Pi. ANN JOAN SINCAVAGE - 87 Hazle St., Swoyersville, Pa. - Secondary Educati Communications, Alpha Omicron Pi, Summer Times Stroud Courier lPublic Relationsl. DAWN ELIZABETH SMITH - 39 Bright Rd., Hatboro, Pa, - Elementaxy Education, PSEA, A Catalina Club, Dance Club. DEBORAH L. SMITH - 3587 Pleasant Ave., Allentown, Pa. - Elementary Education, Al Sigma Alpha. JANET MARGARET SMITH - 8 Greystone Rd., Phillipsburg, N.J. - Special Education. PAUL A, SOSIK - R.D. 5942, Moscow, Pa. - Elementary Education tP.E.J. LENORE U. SQUIRLOCK- 4625 Forest St., Bristol, Pa. - Elementary Education, Kappa Delta Association for Elementary Education, United Campus Ministry, Resident Advisor. ROBIN LYNNE STEVENS - 71 Elm St., Tunkhannnck, Pa. - Secondary Education tSpanishl HAROLD STRUNK - Box 124, Reinholds, Pa, - Secondary Education, Football, Baseball, Al Chi Rho. KATHY ANN TAKACS - 165 Martzville Rd., Berwick, Pa. - Secondary Education iBiologyJ. SALLY J. TINTLE - R.D. 42, Uniondale, Pa. - Special Education, Who's Who, Residence Executive Council, House Council, PSEA. DOUGLAS TOLBERT, JR. - 1132 East Woodlawn St., Philadelphia, Pa. - Elementary Educati Theta Chi, Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, WESS, Upw Bound iTutorlCouncelorJ, Stround Courier. HAL L. TREMPER - 105 Cedarwood Dr., Brick Township, N.J. - Secondary Education iHistoi Intramurals. DEBORAH A. TURNER - 104 Briar Cliff Rd., Berwick, Pa. - Elementary Education, Intramur Little Sisters of Sigma Pi, Volleyball Clvianagerj. JOAN D, UNANGST - Box 206, Pequest Dr., Belvidere, N.J. - Elementary Education iReadi Kappa Delta Pi. SCOTT E. VAN HART - 20 Starlight Dr., Morristown, N.J. - Secondary Education iMathl. THERESA MARIE VIECHNICKI - Box 685, Langhome, Pa, - Special Education, Council Exceptional Children, Intramurals. DEBRA M. VINA - 125 Kinkade Dr,, Middletown, N.J. - Secondary Education tChemistryl, Al Omicron Pi, Student Exchange Committee iPresidentJ. RENEE MARIE WALL - 606 Church St., Jessup, Pa. - Elementary Education iMathJ, Ka, Delta Pi, Euclidean Club, Association for Elementary Education. ANN F. WALSH -- 407 Fourth St., Dunmore, Pa. - Elementary Education, Recreation Associati Association for Elementary Education. SUSANNE U. WALSH - 1905 Green Ridge St., Dunmore, Pa. - Elementary Education, Lam Iota. DENISE BRYANT WARD - 142 Longshore Ave., Yardley, Pa. - Elementary Education, Ten Upsilon Psi. LAURA VANESSA WATSON - 617 Green St., Norristown, Pa. - Special Education iMental R dationl, Council for Exceptional Children, PARC, Cultural Affairs Committee, Black Stud Movement. MARGARET E. WEIR - Radwyn Apts. M-13, Bryn Mawr, Pa. - Elementary Education CE- Childhoodl. MARGARET ANNE WELLS - 4715 Henry St., Easton, Pa. - Elementary Education, Alpha O ron Pi, Swimming, United Campus Ministray, Association for Elementary Education. ANN MARIE WILLARD - 1107 Gloria Lane, Yardley, Pa. - Elementary Education, PSEA. NANCY R. YANELLI - 730 Dunwoody Dr,, Springfield, Pa. - Elementary Education, Kappa D Pi, Senate. RUTH ANN YARON - 203 Eleanor St., Peckville. Pa. - Secondary Education tMathllComp Science, Euclidean Club tVice Presidenti. Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Zeta, PSEA. KATHLEEN P. YOUNG - 1233 Revere Rd., Yardley, Pa. - Elementary Education, Alpha Si Alpha tPresidentlMembership Directorl, Inter-Greek Council fPresidentl, Association for Elex tary Education. NANCY JEANETTE ZELNO - 729 Chestnut St., Eynon, Pa. - Special Education, Counei Exceptional Children. MARION MARIE ZUNSKI - 1066 North Locust St., Hazleton, Pa, - Elementary Education. JEAN MARIE ZWIREK- 72 Penn Ave,, Exeter, Pa. - Secondary Education tBiol0gYl: Chemi Club, United Campus Ministry, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Zeta, PS EA. PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH ELIZABETH ANN ADAMS -- 17 Shrewsbury Ave., Highlands, N.J. - HPE, UCM iChairm Visits to the Elderlyl, Scranton Diocesan Campus Ministry Council CPresidentJ, Resident Advi SUSAN DIANE ALEXANDER - 953 County Line Rd., Huntingdon Valley, Pa. - Nursing, Stu Nurses Association. D. CHRISTOPHER ANDERSON - 318 Ridge Rd., Sellersville, Pa. - HPE, Wrestling, Resi Advisor. MELANIE ADAIR ANTALOSKY - West Market St., Orwigsburg, Pa. - HPE, Phi Lambda Si Phi Eplison Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi. BARBARA AUKSCUNAS - 2313 Brighton Ave., Scranton, Pa. - Speech Pathology, Lambda iChaplainJ, Sigma Alpha Zeta, Kappa Delta Pi, Theatre, CAROL LYNN BAKER - 4 York Place, Gaston, Pa. - HPE, Cheerleading iCaptainJ, SE CSecretarylTreasurerJ, Gymnastics, Phi Lambda Sigma, Senate, Arts and Lectures Committee, S Bar fSupervisorJ, Intramurals. NANCY LYNN BARKLEY - 201A Hawthorn ESSC, East Stroudsburg, Pa. - Nursing, Stu Nurses Association, Swimming iManagerl. LOU BARN ETT - 917 East Seventh St., Bethlehem, Pa. - HPE, Football, Basketball. ERNEST JON BEAM - 149 Parker St., Scranton, Pa. - HPE, Track, Sigma Pi. PETER WILLIAM BELLIS - 115 South Rolling Rd., Springfield, Pa. - HPE, Basketball, Base Varsity Club, HPE Club. LESLIE JO BERGER - 419 North Wyomissing Ave., Shillington, Pa. - PHE, Intramurals. JUDITH A. BITTERMAN - 622 North Main Ave., Scranton, Pa. - Nursing, Student Nurse sociation. KATHLEEN M. BONO - 308 Robin Lane, Non'istown, Pa. - HPE, Intramurals. JOHN W. BOOKHEIMER III - 508 Edgemont Ave., Lansdale, Pa. - HPE fGeneralistl, RI fPresidentJ, Track, Convocations Committee, Intramurals. STEPHEN JAMES BORRELL- 893 North Godfrey St., Allentown, Pa. - HPE, Swimming Epsilon Kappa, Intramurals. JUDY ANN BRACE - R.D. 9954, Clarks Summit, Pa. - HPE, Skiing Club, Intramurals. ANN MARIE BREIG - 125 Miles St., Old Forge, Pa. - Speech Pathology, Alpha Omicro Sigma Alpha Eta, Kappa Delta Pi, Council for Exceptional Children. CYNTHIA ANN BROWN - 719 High St., Williamsport, Pa. - HPE, HPE Club, Swimming, J Club, Dance Club, Two Time All-American. DANIEL BRANT BROWN - 81 Holland Dr., West Hurley, N.Y. - HPE. CHRISTINE MARIA BURAK - R.D. 12, Nicholson, Pa. - HPE, Track and Field, Phi Ep Kappa, Phi Lambda Sigma, HPE Club. LEONARD WILLIAM BURKHART - 963 Tilghman St., Allentown, Pa. - HPE!Politcal Scienceg Football, Theta Chi, Varsity S. Club, Swimming tAssistant Coachl, Rsident Advisor. ANN L. BURKHOLDER - R.D. 9442, Carlisle, Pa. - Nursing: Senate, Student Nurses Association. REBECCA LYNN BUSS - 558 Fernwood St., Einmaus, Pa. - Nursing: Student Nurses Association tSecretaryJ, APO. GALE J. CAMPBELL - 701 Butternut Lane, Easton, Pa. - Nursing, Student Nurses Association. CEO fAdvisory BoardlTutor, NSNA, Karate Club. MARA A. CAMPBELL - 11 Elder St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. - HPE, Swimming, Catalina Club, HPE Club, Little Sisters of Sigma Pi, Intramurals. DARLA LEE CESTONE - 8 Riekens Trail, Denville. N.J. - HPE: Gamma Iota Zeta, HPE Club, Intramurals. MARGARET LOUISE CHILDS - Box 66, Athens, Pa. - HPE. KERRY A. CIATTO - 5 Willow Dr., Oley, Pa. - HPE, Football, Wrestling, Phi Epsilon Kappa, WILLIAM JOHN CLEFFI - 38 Donna Dr., Rockaway. N.J. - HPEg Phi Epsilon Kappa tPresi4 dentj, Track tCross Countryj, House Council, HPE Club, Intramurals. SUSAN MELANIE CLIFFORD - 121 West Warren St., Dunmore, Pa. - Nursing, Intramurals, Dining Hall Committee. BRUCE JOSEPH CLOWAR - 400 Chestnut Court, Cornwells Heights, Pa. - HPE fGeneralistJg Phi Epsilon Kappa, Intramurals, JOANN PATRICIA CONRAD - 428 Fainnount Ave., Sunbury, Pa. - HPE, Athletic Allairs Board, Track and Field, Field Hockey fManagerJ, UCM, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Phi Lambda Sigma, Stroud Courier, Who's Who. SHERRY ANN CORSNITZ - I884 Ebony Dr., Yorlt, Pa. - HPE, Intramurals. SIIIAJRON ANN COSGROVE - 509 Anderson St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. -- HPE, Intramurals, HPE C u . JEANNE MARIE CRIBLEAR - 2649 Murray Ave., Cornwells Hgts., Pa. - HPE tGeneralist and Adaptedlg Phi Lambda Sigma, HPE Club, Donn House Council. JOHN KEVIN CROSLAND - 700 A Mickley Run Apts.. Whitehall, Pa. - HPE, Varsity S Club. Gymnastics, Men's and Women's Assistant Gymnastics Coach. SUSAN BOLLINGER CULBERTSON - 61 Mayfield St., Dover, Pa. - HPEg Alpha Omicron Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Lambda Sigma, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities, Swimming, Intramurals. TIMOTHY DELANEY -- 614 Ridgedale Ave., East Hanover, N.J. - HPE, De-an's List, Hockey Club, Athletic Training. PATRICIA ANN DELARA - 32 North Chester Park, Glenolden, Pa. - Speech Pathology and Audiology, Alpha Omicron Pi lPresidentJ, Sigma Alpha Eta, Senate. BARBARA A. DELLING - Booming Grove 64133, Hawley, Pa. - Nursing, Dean's List. RICHARD CHARLES DENTINO - 650 Billings Ave., Paulsboro, N.J. - HPE, CAS, HPE Club. DAVID C. DENURE -- 40 Taylor St., Dover, N.J. - HPEg lIPEClub, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Vol- leyball, Intramurals. JOHN DIXON JR. -- 33 Morgan Dr., Succasunna. N.J. - HPE, Dcan's List, Indoor Track, Lv Outdoor Track. SUSAN KAY DIXON - Third St., Dalton, Pa. - HPE lGeneralist and Adaptivejg Little Sister of Theta Chi, HPE Club, lntmmurals. CHRISTINA MARIE DOMENICO -- 140 North Seventh St., Lehighton, Pa. - Nursing, Student Nurses Association, APO Service Fraternity. JOSEPH THOMAS DONAHUE - 104 Davis Ave., Bloomlield, N.J. - HPE, Soccer CAII Confer- eneel. PATRICIA MARY DONEGAN -- 239 Highland Dr., Milltown, N.J. - HPE. HOPE EDNA DONNELL - 130 Spring Dr., Center Valley, Pa. - HPE, Field Hockey, Lacrosse. HPE Club, Phi Lambda Sigma. DORIS ANNE DRAVING -1380 Bernard Ave., Willow Grove, Pa. - HPE: Basketball QMVP 19771. SHAUNA MARIE DUERMIT'-H 91 Grandview Ave., Dallas, Pa. - Nursing, Hall Counselor. JAMES THOMAS DUNLEAVY- 104 Middle St., Taylor, Pa. - HPE, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Football, Intramurals. JANET A. DZWONEK - 23 Black Walnut Rd., Levittown, Pa, - HPEg Phi Lambda Sigma, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, Little Sister ol' Sigma Pi, HPE Club, Dorm Council fTreasurerJ, Intramurals. JILL EDELMAN 9283 Darlington Rd., Pl1iladelphia, Pa. - Nursing, Student Nurses Association. PAMELA MAE EVANS 208 Laclca Ave., Olyphant, Pa. - HPE, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Basketball tWomen's Managerj. JULIANNE FIDISHUN - 661 Austin Dr., Fairless Hills, Pa. - HPE CGeneralist, Gymnasticslg Alpha Sigma Alpha, Order of Diana, Tau Kappa Epsilon. NEAL WALTER FISHER - 154 Elizabeth St., Millersville, Pa. - HPE tGeneralistJ. PATRICK JAMES FLAHERTY - 75 South St., Hanover, Pa. - HPE, Football lThird team All- Americanl. PRISCILLA FLOWERS - 3047 North Bamlorey St., Philadelphia, Pa. - Nursing, Who's Who Among Colleges and Universities, Senate, Black Student Movement, Student Nurses Association, JUDITH ANN FREDERICK - 1436 Marlyns Lane, North Wales, Pa. - I-lPEg Who's Who Among Colleges and Universities, Swimming lCo-Captainl, Lacrosse, Bowling Club, Catalina Club. DONA MARY GARTLING - 104 North Traymore Ave., Ivyland, Pa. - Nursing, Student Nurses Association, Stroud Courier, Stroud Yearbook, ANTHONY R. GEHMAN - 2163 West Ridge Dr., Lancaster, Pa. - HPE lGymnasticsD, Gymnastics, MICHAEL JOHN GERRITY- 13 Pine St., Basking Ridge, N.J. - HPEg Phi Epsilon Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, Baseball, Army ROTC. VICTORIA LYNN GEYER- 37 East Fourth St., Pottstown, Pa. - HPEg Field Hockey, Lacrosse, APRIL ANN GINGRICH - 1312 East Chocolate Ave., Hershey, Pa. - HPE, Athletic Affairs Board, Lacrosse, Intramurals. KAREN LYNOTT GOLDEN -- Box 482, Mt. Pocono, Pa. - HPE. CHRISTINE ANN GORIL - 30 Moongale Dr., Carlisle, Pa. - Nursing, Student Nurses Associa- tion, Hospital Volunteers fChairmanJ, Upsilon Psi. BEVERLY JEAN GRADWELL- 309 South Line St., Frackville, Pa. - HPEQ Phi Epsilon Kappa, Phi Lambda Sigma, HPE Club, Dean's List, PSAHPER. BARBARA ANN GRADY- 140 Hastings Ave., Havertown, Pa. - HPE, Basketball, Volleyball 11977 Nationalsl, HPE Club. Intramurals. DENISE LUANN GRUVER- 38 Green St., Sellersville, Pa. - HPEg Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Phi Lambda Sigma, Gymnastics. MARIE E. GRZESZKIEWICZ - 102 Reinman Rd., WVarreu, N.J. - HPE, Phi Lambda Sigma, Phi Epsilon Kappa, House Council, Soccer fManagerJ. CHERYL ANNE GUNN - 1516 Makelield Rd.. Yardley, Pa. - Nursing: Cheerleading, College Band, Student Nurses Association iPresidentJ. DEBRA LYNN HAAS - 344 North Ninth St., Lehighton, Pa. - Nursingg Student Nurses Associa- tion, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. DEBRA A. HALL - 120 Blue Ridge Rd., Plymouth Meeting, Pa. - HPE. YVONNE B. HALL- 144 Jersey Ave., Port Jervis, N.Y. - Speech Pathology and Audiology, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Eta CEC, NSSHA. SHARON D. HAND - 646 East Tioga St., Allentown, Pa. - Nursingg Student Nurses Association, Womens Chorus. PATRICIA ANN HANNON - Box 606, Pocono Pines, Pa. - Nursing, Student Nurses Association. Cheerleading. CYNTHIA MARIE HARPEL - I5 Wintermere Rd., Lebanon, Pa. -- HPE, Alpha Omicron Pi, Phi Lambda Sigma, Gymnastics. MARY C. HARTMAN -201 Market St., Gratz, Pa. - HPE, HPE Club, Softball. SUSAN M. HARTZELL - 306 Forest Hills Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. - Speech Pathology, Alpha Sigma Alpha tPhilanthropic Chaimianl, SAE. BONNIE LOUISE HATFIELD - 229 Gurgan Ave., Shippensburg, Pa. - HPE, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Lambda Sigma lTreasurerl, Intramurals, Archery. NANCY L. HENSLER - R.D. 1, Linden, Pa. - HPE, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Epsilon Kappa, CUB, Gymnastics, Stround Yearbook, Intramurals. DI ANNE LOUISE HENTZEL - R.D. 2, East Strolmdsburg, Pa. - HPE: Cheerleader fCaptainJ, Stround Courier, Dean's List. YVONNE C. HERSH - 1642 Whitehall Ave., Allentown, Pa. - HPE, Phi Lambda Sigma, Intramu- rals. DARLENE MARIE HERSHEY - 935 Crofl' Ave,, Elizabethtown, Pa. - HPE, Field Hockey KMVPJ, Intramurals, SAMANDRA L. HICKMAN - 5417 Kingsessing Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. - Nursing: Queen of the Lampodos Court of Omega Psi Phi. LYNNE S. HITCHNER - 451 Cherry Lane, Souderton, Pa. - lrlPEg Hockey, Lacrosse. ALVIN WARREN HOLLISTER - R.D. 5, Moscow, Pa, -- I-IPE, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Dean's List, Intramurals. ANN MARIE HUDACS - 821 Maple St., Scranton, Pa. - Speech Pathology and Audiology, Kappa Delta Pk, AEE, SAE. SCOTT WILLIAM HUMPHREY- 1484 Bethel Rd., Boothwyn, Pa. - I-iPEg Varsity S Club, Track and Field, Concert Committee. LAURA SUZANNE HUNTER - Willow Ave., Ambler, Pa. - HPEQ Phi Epsilon Kappa, Lacrosse, Varsity S Club, Athletic Allairs Board. EILEEN RUTH JAMES - 2830 Wolf Ave., Pennsauken, N.J. - HPE: Phi Epsilon Kappa, Phi Lambda Sigma, Volleyball. RICHARD G. JONES - 400 Jerome St., Tamaqua, Pa. - HPE, Football, Baseball. ROBYN ANN JONES - 102 Crescent Ave., Wilkes-Barre. Pa, - HPE. DOREEN CAROL KANTNER - 521 Park St., Allentown. Pa. - Nursingg Student Nurses Associa- tion, Little Sisters of Sigma Pi. WENDY CELESTE KARNOW - Sunstone Famis, Kennett Square, Pa. - HPE: Tennis. LARRY R. KELL - 37 Clearlield St., Elizabethville, Pa. - HPE: Phi Epsilon Kappa, HPE Club, Intramurals, Varsity Club, Track and Field, Kappa Delta Pi, Judo Club. KIM KARIN KEMMERER- Fairview Ave., Slatington, Pa. - Nursingg Student Nurses Association CTreasurerJ. STEPHEN JOHN KIBLING - 129 Elm St., Watertown, N.Y. - HPEg Basketball, Baseball, Phi Epsilon Kappa. MARIE ALICE KINEK - 827 North Shemian St., Allentown. Pa. - HPEg Basketball. HOLLY JEAN KINTNER - Box 201, Mehoopany, Pa. - HPE, Volleyball, Softball. HPE Club, Resident Advisor, HPE Outstanding Senior. JACQUELINE DAWN KISHBAUGH - 1521 Rudolph Dr., Bethlehem, Pa. - Nursingg Ski Club, Catalina Club, Twirling, Student Nurses Association iViee Presidentl. VIRGINIA A. KOSNIK - 479 Mount Prospect Ave., Clilton, N.J. - I-IPEg l'Iouse Council, RHEC, I-Iealth Center Committee, Phi Lambda Sigma, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Intramurals. JOSEPH STEPHEN KOST - 9 Smith Dr., Drilton, Pa. - HPE: Intramurals, Phi Epsilon Kappa. PAULA KOVARICK - R.D. 35, Stroudsburg, Pa. - Nursingg Student Nurses Association lTreasur- crl. ELLEN MARIE KOZLOSKY - R.D. 9954 Glenbum Terrace, Clarks Summit, Pa. - HPE, House Council, HotelfMotel Management Club. Intramurals, Pom Pom Girls, MICHELE E. KRANZLEY - 15358 Sheephill Rd., Pottstown, Pa. - HPE, Phi Lambda Sigma, Lacrosse. DEBRA A. KRAVETZ - 820 Edgemont Ave.. Palmerton, Pa. - HPE, Phi Epsilon Kappa. DEBORAH LEE KROPINICKI - 59 Dawn Dr., Clark, N.J. - HPE, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Phi Lambda Sigma, ANNE E. LACEY - Hemlock Farms, I-lawley, Pa. - HPE: Volleyball, Swimming. SUSAN LEHMAN -638 Barry Dr. Springfield, Pa. - Nursing, Upsilon Psi, Senate, SFJB, Student Nurses Association. CARMELA S. LEIB - 216 North Laurel St., Hazleton, Pa. - Nursing, Student Nurses Association, Little Sisters of Sigma Pi. PATRICIA JANE LEITH - R.D. 594, Bethlehem, Pa. - HPE, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Phi Lambda Sigma, HPE Club. KATHY LENKOWSKI - 72 South Landon Ave., Kingston, Pa. - HPE: Field Hockey, Intramurals, Chorus. SHERYL ANN LENTZ - 252 Ore St., Bowmanstown, Pa. - HPE, Gymnastics. Contemporary Dance Club, Orehasis, Phi Lambda Sigma. CYNTHIA LEE LEONHAUSER - 13 Riverdale Rd., Yardley, Pa. - HPE: Track. Alpha Sigma Alpha. ROBERT P. LESSER - Sand Spring, Schnecksville, Pa. - HPEg Wrestling. KAREN RACHELLE LINCK - 20 Birch Rd., Kinnelon, N.J. - HPE, Swimming fAll-American! Swimmer of the Yearl. JANICE M. LISICKY - 1848 Sherwood St., Allentown, Pa. - HPE, Dean's List. JESSICA LITICHEVSKY - Sunnyhill Rd., Dover, N.J. - HPE, Alpha Sigma Alpha tlleeording Secreta.ry!Treasurer!Soeial Chairmanl, Intramurals. KATHLEEN ANN LOEPER - 1546 Mulberry St., Reading, Pa. - Speech Pathology and Audiol- ogy: Sigma Alpha Eta fPresidentl, Alpha Omicron Pi, J.V. Cheerleading. TI-IERESA ANN LONG - 754 Sturdevant St., Flemington, Pa. - Speech Pathology and Audiologyg Upsilon Psi, Sigma Alpha Eta, Kappa Delta Pi, Stroud Courier, UCM, Who's Who. EILEEN L. LUDWIG - 207 Museum Rd., Shillington, Pa. - HPE tGeneralistJ. JOAN ELLEN LYONS - R.D. itll. East Stroudsburg, Pa. - Nursingg Student Nurses Association tVice Presidentj. MARIJO MACLAY - 1006 Lindbergh Ave., Stroundsburg, Pa. - Nursingg Student Nurses Associa- tion. CHERYL ANN MACLELLAND -40 Robarts Dr., Phoenixville, Pa.- HPEg Lacrosse, Intramurals, Resident Advisor. BARBARA ANNE MADTES - 1056 Columbia Ave., Lansdale, Pa. - HPE: Field Hockey, Lacrosse, HPE Club, Phi Lambda Sigma, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Delta Kappa Pi, Athletic Trainer. SUSAN MARY MALINOWSK1 - 437 Lawrence Rd., Havertown, Pa. - Nursing: Upsilon Psi, Student Nurses Association, UCM, Women's Chorus. NANCY MANGAN - 3 Oakford Glen, Clarks Summit, Pa. - Speech Pathology: Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Eta, Stage Two, Concert Committee. JOHN G. MARINO, JR. - 1114 Stafihrd Ave., Scranton, Pa. - HPE, Phi Sigma Kappa, CAS. DALE J. MARTIN - R,D. i'l'2, Lafayette, N.J. - HPE. ELIZABETH ANN MATRAY - 756 Palmer Ave., Maywood, N.J. - PIPE, HPE Club, PSEA, Volleyball. NANCY A. MATTIA - 104 County Line Rd., Lansdale, Pa. - Nursing, Lambda Iota tFounding Sisterl, Student Nurses Association. RANDY SCOTT MAUCLE - 17 South Ninth St., Quakertown, Pa. - HPElHistoryg Varsity S Club, PSEA, Phi Sigma Kappa, Chi Alpha Theta, Theta Chi lSecretaryD, Athletic Atlhirs Board, Intramurals, Track. JOAN L. MCHENRY - R.D. ffl Crestmont, Lock Haven, Pa. - Nursing, Student Nurses Associa- tion, Twirling fCaptainl, United Campus Ministry. JUDY ANNE MCINNIS - 53 Bucy Rus Ave., Cnnnel, N.Y. - HPE, Phi Lambda Sigma, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Intramurals. PATRICE MARY MCKENNA - 7026 Cottage St., Philadelphia, Pa. - Speech Pathology, Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society, Sigma Alpha Eta, Dean's List, Recreation Association. GIORDANO RRUNO MCMULLEN - 238 Ridge Ave., Allentown, Pa. - I-IPEQ Wrestling, Gymnas- tics. DESMOND PATRICK MCNELIS - 616 Windwood Rd., Baltimore, Md. - HPE, Wrestling, Track lCross-Countryl, Phi Epsilon Kappa. DEBORAH MARGARET MENGEL - R.D. fl, Pipersville, Pa. - HPE, HPE Club. FRED L. MILLER - 1780 Richard Ave., Williamsport, Pa. - HPE, Intramurals fReFereeJ, Tennis. PHYLLIS MORETTI - 1510 Second Pen Argyl, Pa. - I-IPE, Volleyball, Swimming, Softball, Intramurals, HPE Club, Little Sisters ol' Theta Chi, House Council, Hall Councelor, CAS, Dorm Homecoming Committee. MARY CAROL ELAINE MOZDZIOCK -- 215 First St., Eynon, Pa. - HPE, RHEC fsecretaryl Treasureri, House Council Cliresidentl, Pom Pom Girls, Intramurals, HPE Club, Little Sisters of Alpha Chi Rho. JANIE MARIE NOLAN - 1361 Garden Rd., Philadelphia, Pa. - HPE. DAVID THOMAS NOVITSKY - 70 Franklin St., 11Veatherly,-Pa. - HPE, Phi Epsilon Kappa. Football. TERRY L. NOWERS - 4224 Twenty-Third Pkwy.. Hillcrest Heights, Md. - HPE CAclaptedJ, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Lambda Iota. Gymnastics. 253 MARY M. NOWICKI -- 122 William St., Plains, Pa. - HPE, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Kappa Dclta Pi, Track Intramurals. JANET MARIE OLIVER - 532 Davis St.. Easton, Pa. - Nursing, United Campus Ministry, Psy- chology Club. THOMAS JOSEPH PALUBINSKI - 728 Girard Ave., Hamburg, Pa. - HPE, Football, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Varsity S Club. CYNTHIA L. PERRY - 3200 Lescurc Ave., Hcrrisburg, Pa. - HPE fAc1aptiveJ, Lambda Iota, Recreation Association, Cheerleading. MARYANN PERRY - 528 South Main St., Old Forge, Pa. - Speech Pathology, Alpha Omicron Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Eta. LOUANN PETRAK - R.D. 992, Montrose, Pa. - HPE, Volleyball, Folk and Square Dancc Club, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Phi Lambda Sigma, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Judo Club, IIPE Club, Band, Choir. DEBORAH ANNE PICKEL - 16 Old Brookside Rd., Dover, N.J. -HPE, Intramurals, Recreation Association iPresidcntJ, Stony Acres Board, Phi Lambda Sigma. CAROL JEANNE PIERCE - 206 Meadowcrift Lane, Media, Pa. - HPE, HPE Club, Phi Lambda Sigma, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Folk and Square Dance Club LPresidcntJVice Prvsic1entJ, Honor Roll, Who's Who, Archery, Intramu- rals. THOMAS C. POWERS - 5 Mekinley Place, Beacon, N.Y. - HPE, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Intramurals ijames Gangl. PATRICIA ANN PREBISH - 84 VVilson St., Factoryville, Pa. - HPE, Lambda Iota fSentineli, Intramurals. DEBRA SUE PRESCOTT - 1725 Third Ave., York, Pa. - HPE, Volleyball. MARY ANNE "PSOMI" PSOMAS - 25 Natick St., Staten Island, N.Y. - HPE, Tcnnis, Intramurals, Alpha Phi Omega, Institute of Religious Studies, United Campus Ministries, HPE Club. CYNTHIA L, PULINKA - 823 Walnut St., Coatesville, Pa. - HPE, Gymnastics, FCA, Lambda Iota, Phi Sigma Kappa. CONSTANCE ANN PULSINELL1 - Brass Castle Rd., Washington, N.J. - HPE fAdaptivel Gcneralistl, Catalina Club, Lambda Iota, Council for Exceptional Childrcn, HPE Club, Upward Bound. ROBERT M. QUINN - 20 West Lynhroolc Rd., Collingdalc, Pa. - HPE, Resident Advisor, Phi Epsilon Kappa, House Council, DIANE C. RABOLD - 110 Brookwood Dr., Carlisle, Pa. - HPE, Upsilon Psi, Tennis, Stroud Courier. BONNIE J. RANDOLPH - 1711 Johnson Rd., Norristown, Pa. - Nursing, Student Nurses Associa- tion tSecretaryl, Contemporary Dance Club, Twirling, Dance Marathon, Catalina Club. WILLIAM GERARD RECAN - R.D. ffl, Athens. Pu. - HPE, Wrestling, Sigma Pi. NANCY C. REGINA - 141 Ann St., Easton, Pa. - Nursing, Student Nurses Association. SUE REPOSA - 29 Scenis View Dr., Esmond, R.l. - HPE, Phi Epsilon Kappa, HPE Club, Intra- murals. LINDA KAY RHIEL - 556 Parkway Ave., Langhorne, Pa. - HPE, Track and Field. DICK G. RICHARDS - 1 Turrell St., Montrose. Pa. - HPE, Intramurals, Baseball CManagcrJ, Phi Epsilon Kappa. CYNTHIA RICHARDSON - 240 South Fifty-Fourth St., Philadelphia, Pa. - Nursing, Student Nurses Association. LAURIE RILEY - 412 Prospect Avc., Morrisville, Pa. - HPE, Catalina Club, Phi Epsilon Kappa, l-louse Council lPrcsidentl. ANNAMARIE THERESA ROBERTONE - 1510 Second St., Pen Argyl, Pa. - HPE, Intramurals, HPE Club, Little Sisters of Theta Chi, Hall Councelor, House Council, CAS, Football fManagcrl, Domi Homecoming Committee. DAVID CHARLES ROSKOSKI - 719 Main St., Simpson, Pa. - HPE, Archery, Bowling Club. DEBORAH ANNE RYAN - 98 Briarwood Dr. West, Bcrlcley Heights, N.J. - HPE. JAMES MICHAEL SABOL - 63 Eley St., Kingston, Pa. - HPE, HPE Club, CAS, Intramurals. DIANE L. SAGE - 36 Ilillmen Ave., Glen Rock, N.J. -HPE, Phi Lambda Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Intramurals, Dean's List, House Council. JOAN MARIE SALUSTRO - 13 Lynn Dr., Ocean, N.J. - HPE, Field Hockey, Softball, Athletic Trainer, Resident Advisor, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Phi Lambda Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Who's Who. SHARON SCHEIBLEIN -1049 Edison Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. - Nursing, Student Nurses Associ- ation, NORML, Concert Committee. LOUIE SCHIAVETTA - 64 Scuddcr Place, Northport, N.Y. - HPE. JOHN JAY R. SCHILLER - 182 Ardmore Ave., Lansdowne, Pa. - HPE, Swimming, Intramurals, Resident Advisor, HPE Club, Phi Epsilon Kappa. Who's Who. DONALD G. SEIDENSTRICKER - 422 East Hanover St., Hanover, Pa. - HPE, Senate, CAS, Student Faculty Judicial Board, House Council, Intramurals. WILLIAM W. SEME - 42 Ferguson Rd., Warren, N.J. -- HPE, Football, Intramurals. RICHARD JOHN SHAAK, JR. - 660 Broad St., Emmaus, Pa. - HPE, Golf, Sigma Pi. LISA MARIE SH UXTEAU - 1206 South Twenty-Fourth St., Allentown, Pa. - Speech Pathology and Audiology, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Eta, Senate, Intramurals. MICHAEL SIMPSON - 80 Filling St., Brooklyn, N.Y. - HPE, Football. NANCY JANE SKIAN-417 East Woodland Ave., Springfield, Pa. - HPE, Field Hockey, Lacrosse. SUSAN I. SKOLITS - R.D. Atl, Flemington, N.J. - HPE: Resident Advisor, Phi Lambda Sigma tSecrctaryJ, HPE Club, Visitation Violation Board, House Council. Intramurals. BRENT ALLEN SMITH -- 4920 Lancaster St., Harrisburg, Pa, - HPE, Golf, DEBBIE LYNN SMITH- Mill St., Washington Boro, Pa. - HPE, Field Hockey, l-IPE Club, J.V. Cheerleading. ELLEN SMITH - 1349 West Livingston St.,4Allentown, Pa. Q- HPE. JUDITH LYNN SMITH - 90 Chatham Rd., Stamford, Ct, - HPE, Tennis. RICHARD L. SMITH - 4004 Seventh Ave., Temple, Pa. - HPE, Football, Volleyball, Intramurals, HPE Club, Phi Epsilon Kappa. V MARYELLEN SNELSON - 3047 Maple Ave., Reading, Pa. - HPE tAtlaptiveJ, Little Sisters oi Theta Chi, Council for Exceptional Children, Intramurals, Football CManagerJ. LISA L. SNOOK-214 South Ninth St., Axiom, Pa. - HPE, Phi Lambda Sigma, Phi Epsilon Kappa, HPE Club, Intramurals, Powder Puff Football, Dean's List. TINA M. SOCHANSKI - 1015 North Jasper St., Allentown, Pa. - HPE, Who's Who. Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Lambda Sigma, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Intramurals. SUZANNE SOULIER - 40-31 172 St., Flushing, N.Y. - HPE, Diving, HPE Club. CAROL BETH SOUTHWICK - 372 Tavistock Dr., Medford, N.J. - HPE, Intramurals. AUDREY MARIE STAUFFER -161 North Main St., Stevens, Pa. - HPE, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Phi Lambda Sigma. NANCY MARIE STEINMETZ - 511 Stafforcl Ave., Scranton, Pa. - HPE, Powder Puff Football, Intramurals. SANDRA LYNN STOCCHI - 6 Candytuft Rd., Levittown, Pa. - Speech Pathology? Upsilon Psi, Delta Gamma Pi, United Campus Ministry. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JAMES STRICEK - 324 Park Ave., Curwensville, Pa. - HPE fGeneralistJ, Athletic Trainer, March- ing and Concert Band, HPE Club, Intramurals. ' JAN ET M. STRONY- 222 Jackson St., Olyphant, Pa. - HPE, Phi Lambda Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi. COLLEEN A. STUPPY - R.D. 491, Jonestown, Pa. - HPE, Athletic Trainer, Field Hockey, Softball. CYNTHIA JANE SUITCH - 643 East liflain St., Vveatherly, Pa. - HPE, Phi Lambda Sigma, Phi Epsilon Kappa. V KEVIN KEITH SUROI - 87-11 Seventy-Eighth Ave., Glendale, N.Y. - HPE, Baseball, Resident Advisor, Senate, Theta Chi, Outdoors Club, Ice Hockey Club, Fmt Lauderdale Cluh iPresidentJ. VALERIE K. SZABO - 3133 Northampton St., Bethlehem, Pa. - Nursing, Senate, Little Sisters of Sigma Pi, Student Nurses Association, Catalina Club. LUANNE TAKACS - 223 B Washington St., East Stroudsburg, Pa. - Nursing, Student Nurses Association. h PAUL VINCENT TARRY - 332 West Twenty-Second St., Chester, Pa. - HPE, Kappa Delta P1 fPresidentJ, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Stroud Courier, Soccer, Intramurals. 254 SUSAN MARIE TELLARICO -18 Abby Dr., East Northport, N.Y. - HPE, Recreation Associatio Phi Lambda Sigma, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Intramumls. TIMOTHY EARL TERBUSH - Box 66, Crahamsville, N.Y. - HPE, Baseball iAll-Conferen Shortstopj, J.V. Basketball tAssistant Coachh. J. MICHAEL TERWILLIGER - 314 Lincoln Rd., Adamstown, Pa. - HPE, Football QA ConferencelHonorabIe Mention All-Americanj. SUE J. THOMAS - 118 West Ferdinand St., Manheim, Pa. - HPE, Track and Field, Alpha Om ron Pi, Phi Lambda Sigma, Intramurals. VANESSA JOAN THOMAS - 712 Brooke Circle, Morton, Pa. - HPE, Softball, Lacrosse, Resid Advisor, JOHN STEVEN TOGGAS - 72 Springs Ave., Gettysburg, Pa. - HPE fCoachingl, Wrestli United Campus Ministry fExecutive Boardj, Fellowship of Christian Athletes fPresic1cntl, Phi Ep lon Kappa fPresidentD, Resident Advisor, Student Life Staff, Who's Who, East Stroudsburg Hi School Coach, Dean's List. JANE E. TOTH -413 George St,, Throop, Pa. - HPE, Intramurals, Traclc, United Campus Minis CVisits to the Elderlyl HPE Club. NANCY L, TRINCH ERE - 3838 Hecktown Rd., Easton, Pa. - Nursing, Student Nurses Assoc tion. YVONNE MARIE TRIANI - 1415 Winston Cr., Bethlehem, Pa. - Nursing, Student Nurses Asso ation, Resident Advisor, Who's Who. JOHN ANDREW TUCKER - 308 VVest Grand St., Nanticolce, Pa. HPE. TERRY ANN UNGUREAN - 2340 West Blvd., Bethlehem, Pa. - Nursing, Student Nurses Asso tion, Lambda Iota. ALLEN A. VAN TASSEL - R.D. aV'2, Montrose, Pa. - HPE, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Intramur' Dcan's List. ROSANNE SAMANTHA MARIE VERNON - 2-415 Banana St., Mount Camiel, Pa. - Nursii Little Sisters of Theta Chi, Student Nurses Association, NORML. MARTIN J. WAGNER - R.D. 392, Shiclcshinny, Pa. - HPE, Phi Sigma Kappa, Theta Chi QV Presidentl, Intramurals, Freshman Football, Homecoming Committee, IFC, IFC-ISC, Theta fLittle Sisters Coordinatorl. SARA D.lWALRATH - 56 West Ave., Wellsboro, Pa. - HPE, Intramurals, Powder Puff Footb HPE Clu 1. NANCY LOUISE WANAMAKER - 2047 Henderson St., Bethlehem, Pa. - Dental Hygiene. SUSAN LYNN VVAYBRIGHT - R.D. 592, Littlestown, Pa. - HPE, Phi Lambda Sigma QV PresidentlSecretary1, Phi Sigma Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi fRccording SecretaryJ, HPE Club, Wh Who, Concert Band, Chorus, Hall Councelor. DAVID JOHN WEDDING - 1160 Bay Ave., Toms River, N.J. - HPE fGeneralistJ. SANDRA ANN WILK - 22 Owego St., Simpson, Pa. - Nursing, Student Nurses Associati Lambda Iota. VICKI NVILLIAMS -- Box 312 ESSC, East Stroundsburg, Pa. - HPE, Kappa Delta Pi. DENISE LYNNE WISSER --125 West Washington St., Fleetwood, Pa. - HPE, Phi Lambda Sig Phi Epsilon Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, Field Hockey, Softball, Intramurals. HAROLD JOSEPH WOLL, JR. - 2 Upper Mulberry St., Danville, Pa. - HPE CCeneralistJ, Sig Pi, HPE Club Nice Presidentj, Gymnastics, Intramurals Uames Gangl. TINA MARIE YOCUM - 1648 West Pine St., Shamokin, Pa. - HPE, Intramurals. JANE M. YOST- 2459 Beeler Ave., Yost, Pa. - HPE, Softball Uvlanagerl, HPE Club. DENNIS ALAN YOUNG - 145 Moyer Rd., Chalfont, Pa. - HPE, Intramurals. VALERIE A. ZABOFSKI - 191 Nicholson St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. -- Speech Pathology. LEE ANN ZERBE - 711 West Main St., Valley View, Pa. - Speech Pathology and Audiolo Cheerleading, Sigma Alpha Eta, Lambda Iota. NANCY A. ZINKLER - R.D. 4452, Saylorsburg, Pa. - SPEECH PATHOLOCY, Sigma Alpha E lon. JOSEPH JOHN ZYWICKI, JR. - 212 Eleanor St., Peckville, Pa. - HPE, Theta Chi fMarsll Coordinator of Daughtersj, Inter-Greek Council fPresidcntJ, PSEA, Resident Advisor. NATURAL SCIENCE DEREK ANSPACH - 1564 Ralston, Bethlehem, Pa, - Biology. KURT R. ARNER - Box 86, Brodheadsvillc, Pa. - Psychology, Football, Archery, Psychol Association iTreasurerl. AARON BRUCE BALCH - 135 Elizabeth St., East Stroudsburg, Pa. - Computer Science, Soc Ice Hockey Club. JANICE RUTH BLESSINC - 1118 Agnew Dr., Drexel Hill, Pa. - Mathematics, Euclidean Cl CHARLES DUVALL BOOTH - 24 North Green St., East Stroudsburg, Pa. - Physics, RO Association ofthe U.S. Army. Society of Physics Students. JAMES PATRICK BOZZUTO - 632 Broadway, Bangor, Pa. - Biology, Liberal Arts Honor Soci fPresidentl, Sigma Zeta, Biology Club, Homecoming Committee. SHARON LEE BROBST - R.D. 44 1, Barnesville, Pa. - Psychology, Little Sisters ofAlpha Chi CPresidentl, Dance Committee lChairpersonJ, CUB, Intramurals, Stroud Courier, Senate, Ho Council, Tau Chapter of Sigma Zeta. LOIS ELAINE BROWN - 16 Ridge Dr., East Hanover, N.J. - Computer Science-Psychol Gymnastics, Sigma Zeta, Who's Who, House Council lVice Presidentl, Residence Hall Programa Committee, Computer Science Committee, Euclidean Club. JOAN D. BRYAN - Federal City Rd., Trenton, N.J. - Biology, Field Hockey, Track and Fi ilslanagerj, Hall Councelor, Sigma Zeta Arts and Letters Honor Society, Biology Club. JOSEPH BRUCE BULETZA - 36 North Nichols St., Saint Clair, Pa. - Biology, Baseball, Athl Trainer. AUDREY CATHERINE BUTKO - 2381 Washington Ave., Northampton, Pa. - Med Tech, si Zeta Tau, Lab Medicine Club. ROBERT JOSEPH BYDLON - 211 West Hazard St., Summit Hill, Pa. - Biology, Football, B' ball, Theta Kappa Epsilon. SAMUEL MARTIN CHAZANOW - 214 Houston Ave., Stroudsburg, Pa. - Environment Stud Liberal Arts Honor Society, AIBS, NORML IVice Presidentl. WESLEY J. CSOP - 13 Alpine Center, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. - Computer Science, Archery, Intra rals. PATRICIA M. DARDARIS - 643 Worthington Dr., Warminster, Pa. - Psychology. RICHARD THOMAS DAVIES, JR. - R.D. 9942, East Stroundsburg, Pa. - Psycho1ogY4 Coll Choir, Madrigal Group, Sigma Zeta Tau Honor Society. MICHAEL JOHN DEININGER - 502 West Taylor, Taylor, Pa. - Mathematics, Intramurals. RONALD L. DERBYSHIRE - 414 Fairview Ave., Ambler, Pa. - biology, Archery. TERESA ANN DORN - 12 Knapp Ave., Florham Park, N.J. - Psychology, Diving, Canoe C Concert Committee. JOSEPH GEORGE DOYLE - 325 Larchwood Rd., Springfield, Pa. - BiolOgY9 Theta Chi, S ming, U.S. Marine Corp. CHERYL DUNKLEBERGER - 333 Green Tree Dr., East Stroudsburg, Pa. - Psychology, Me Health Worker, Tennis, Liberal Arts Honor Society, Psychology Association. CRETCHEN EYSENBACH - 315 Western Ave., Bristol, Pa. - Environmental Studies, Softl Stround Courier iPhotographerJ. LINDA FETI-IEROLF' - 219 Oakwood Dr., Whitehall, Pa. - Environmental StudieslGeorgray House Council, Intramurals, BARBARA M, FISK - 950 Margaret St., Allentown, Pa. - Computer Science. EVA ELIZABETH FITINS - 32 West Fifth St., Lansdale, Pa. - Biochemistry, Laboratory M cine Club. ELIZABETH A. FRITZ - 5 Ridge St., Ashley, Pa. - Environmental Studies. JOHN H. GANGEMI - 86 Ford Ave., Wharton, N.J. - Psychology: Football, Tau Kappa Epsi Resident Advisor. RICHARD THOMAS GENEVIE - 47 Red Cedar Dr., Levittown, Pa. - Psychology. CAROL A. GODOWSKI - 1517 Clay Ave., Dunmore, Pa. - Psychology!History. NANCY ARLEEN GREEN - 230 Braeside Ave., East Stroundsburg, Pa. - Computer Scie Sigma Zeta, Euclidean Club, College Chorus. SHARON ANN GREEN - 404 Church St., Hackettstown, N.J. - Biology, Laboratory Medi- b. N ARTHUR HADALSK1 Q- I2 Viking Lane, Levittown, Pa. - Psychology. TTY RAE HANEY - 333D-3 Green Tree Dr., East Stroundshurg, Pa. - Computer Science, clidean Club, Liberal Arts Honor Society, Hotel Management Club. EGORY I. HAWUSEY- 1725 Arthur St., Philadelphia, Pa. - Environmental Studies, Intramu- , CAS, House Council. OME R. HERSH - 125 Donald St., Allentown, Pa. - Environmental Studies, Dean's List, erans Club QTx'easurerJ. E DAVID HOAR - 12 Terrie St., Ellcnville, N.Y. - Earth and Space Science-!I'IPE, Baseball. Epsilon Kappa KTreasurcrl. IZABETH MARY HUBER - 1085 Tilghman St., Allentown, Pa. - Psychology, House Council surerl. OL ANN INGLIMA - R.D. JH, Falls, Pa. - Computer Sciencellinvironmental Studies, Biol- Club, Liberal Arts Honor Society, Sigma Zeta. RISTOPHER IP - 311 Rutgers Ave., Swarthmore, Pa. - Biology, Swimming lOutstauding letej. OLYN LOUISE JOHNSON - 652 Montgomery St., Allentown, Pa. - Mathematics, Yearbook ior Section EditorlBusiness Managerl, Dining Hall Committee tSecretaryl, Dean's List. BARA H. JONES - 505 Scott Rd., Orcland, Pa. - Chemistry, Alpha Omicrin Pi fSecretaryJ, mistry Club, Student Foreign Exchange, Intramurals. RY KAY KMIECINSKI - 208 Center St., Danville, Pa. - Computer SciencelEnvironmental ies. N RENEE KNAUSS - 968 Flexer Ave., Allentown, Pa. - Psychology, Alpha Sigma Alpha, e Sisters of Sigma Pi. BARA E. LANCASTER - 27 Oakridge Rd., West Orange, N.J. - Environmental Studies! ial Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Council for Exceptional Children. RLES WILSON LOCHART, III - 333 Greentree Dr., East Stroundsburg, Pa. - Environ- tal Studies. CLAS REED LOGAN - R.D. 455, East Strounclsburg, Pa. - Computer Science, Euclidean IANNE M. LYNCH - 614 Garfield Ave., Ardsley, Pa. - Environmental Studies, Basketball. ES RAY MAGAZINER - 7711 Burholme Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. - Environmental Studies. PH MICHAEL MANZ - 385 Mountain Ave., Franklin Lakes, N.J. - Computer Sicence, etball, Track, Sigma Pi. HELE MARIE MARTIN - 6529 Algard St., Philadelphia, Pa. - Psychology. OLD RICHARD MCDOUGALL, JR. - Box 242, Pocono Summit, Pa. - Computer Science, ral Arts Honor Society, Euclidean Club, Veterans Club. NT NV. MOSS - Laurel Springs Est., Swiftwater, Pa. - Environmental Studies, Sigma Zeta AN MARIE MYKALO - 2319 Brighton Ave., Scranton, Pa. - Mathematics. L RAYMOND NELSON - 520 Marcel Dr., Harrisburg, Pa. - Psychology. RESA A. PAQUIN - 151 Analomink St., East Stroudsburg, Pa. - Computer Science, Eucli- Club, Computer Science Committee. HAEL PARISI - 27 Oriole St., Pearl River, N.Y. - Earth and Space Sciencelfleography. HELE MARIE PARKER - 2501 North Washington Ave., Scranton, Pa. - Environmental ies, College Band, Swimming CManager Girls Tcaml. N PHILIP PELCHECK- 2815 Helen St., Allentown, Pa. - Mathematics, Stroud Courier. MA JEANNE PEREZ - 39 Terhune Rd., Clark N.J. - Chemistry, Sigma Zeta, Liberal Arts r Society, Chemistry Club, Who's Who Among Colleges and Universities, Freshman Chemistry d, Fellowship Christian Athelctes. MARIE PORVAZNIK - 153 West Abbott St., Lansford, Pa. - Biology and Environmental ies, Dorm Council, Intramurals. ISE A. PREZKOP - Brodheadsville, Pa. - Commuter Science, Sigma Zeta, Euclidean Club. AN MARIE RINKUS - 1029 Griffith St., Philadelphia, Pa. - Psychology, Sigma Zeta Tau, hology Association. RY RODRIGUEZ - 434 Berkley St., Easton, Pa. -- Psychology, Sigma Zeta. E KATHLEEN RUDDY - 1740 Madison Ave., Dunmore, Pa. - Biology and Chemistry, ral Arts Honor Society, Sigma Zeta fPresidentJ, Laboratory Medicine Club tSecretaryJ. Y KATE SAVAGE - 13 Laurel Dr., Scranton, Pa. - Biology, Lacrosse. ES SCARINCE. - 20 Horn St., Orangeburg, N.J. - PsychologylEnglish. LES P. SCHAADT - Reeclers, Pa. - Biology. H. SCHURIG - 1711 Arthur St., Philadelphia, Pa. - Biology. A. SELLEN - 705 Rising Sun Ave., Holland, Pa. - Biology, Football. LEEN L. SHIVE - 404 Woodcliff Ave., Stroudsburg, Pa. - Psychology and Mental Health. RIE ANN SHOEMAKER - 11 Fairhaven Rd., Havertown, Pa. - Matbmatics and Computer ce, Gall Council fPresidentl, RHEC. ARD MICHAEL SHULTZ - 421 North Broad St., West Hazleton, Pa. - Biology and Med , College Choir, Wrestling, Intramurals. N LYNN SIMMONDS - 2605 Carrcll Lane, Willow Grove, Pa. - Environmental Studies! ra h '. PNAILID D. SIMS - 26 East Elm St., Norristown, Pa. - Psychology? Human Relations. ERT A. SMITH - 360 Taylor Ave., Easton, Pa. - Computer Science, Sigma Zeta. KENT SMITH - 1324 Harris Rd., Dresher, Pa. - Mathematics, Who's Who Among Colleges niversides, Stroud Courier and Yearbook, Sigma Zeta, Euclidean Club, Intramurals, Cross try, Convocations Committee, UCM. N BRUCE SMITH - 529 East Basin St., Norristown, Pa. - Psychology, Omega Psi Phi 'dentl, Peer Counselor, BSM, ROTC. IANNE STOBACK - 8 Wabash Ave., Wharton, N.J. - Environmental Studies, Sigma Zeta. STOKES - 541 Ann St., Stroundsburg, Pa. - Psychology fCounsc1ingl: Psychology Associa- ennis, Cross Country Skiing. - HEW MARK SWEATLOCK - E344 Soldier Hill Rd, Paramus, N.J. -- Biology. ELL IRA TRAVIS - 1415 East St., Honesdale, Pa. - Biology, Intervarsity Christian Fellow- ANNE E. VALENTINE - R.D. I, Nicholson, Pa. - Computer Science. IA VENEZIALE - 522 Main St., Stroundsburg, Pa. - Biology and Chrmistry, Chemistry Biology Club. N VON ROTE - 2011 Laural St., Strounclsburg, Pa. - BiologY: Sigma Zeta. WILLIAM WATSON - 108 West Ave., Springfield, Pa. - Environmental Sciences, Soccer, , Swimming, Theta Chi. DITH INEZ WILLIAMS - R.D. 1, Pittston, Pa. - Biology, Sigma Zeta, Chemistry Club, Club, Liberal Arts Honor Society. N PATRICK WRIGHT - 1709 Academy St., Scranton, Pa. - Psychology. ANNE YAPLE - Kresgeville, Pa. - Physics!Mathematics, Sigma Zeta, Society of Physics nts, Ruclidean Club. AL SCIENCE NA L. ALTEMOSE - Brodheadsvill, Pa. - Sociology. PH j. AVERSA - 501 Mary St., Old Forge, Pa. - Political Science, Senate, Commonwealth iation of Students. HEN N. BARRY - 105 McNamara Rd., Spring Valley, N.Y. - Sociology. D BRIGHTON BEAM - 2202 Girard Ave., Allentown, Pa. - Sociology and Anthropology, e Band, RHEC, Dorm Council. N E. BROWN - 115 Harding Rd., Southampton, Pa. - Sociology fCriminal Justicel, Donn il, Soney Acres Board of Covenors, Ice Hockey Club fVice Presidentl. IP ANTHONY BUJALSKI - 20 Calcin St., Sewaren, N.J. - Sociology CCriminal justicej. RT KIRK BURNS - 2431 Ardsley Ave., Glcnsid, Pa. - Social StudieslSecondary Rd., Foot- ean's List. EN L. BURREUZO - Box 45, Martinview Rd., Lake Hopatcong, N.J. -- Sociology, Sociology CYNTHIA ANN CAMPBELL- R.D. 4, Tourist Park Rd., Halifax, Pa. - Sociology and Psychology. NICHOLAS FRANCIS CASTELLANO - 209 Kennedy Dr., Roseto, Pa. - Political Science, Who's Who Among Colleges and Universities, Political Science Honor Society, Liberal Arts Honor Society, Theta Chi, Senate, National History Fraternity, Baseball. MARY ANN CONNORS - 463 Harvard Ave., Palmerton, Pa. - Sociology fCriminal justicelg Soci- ology Club, Intramurals, Day Care Center. MARY BETH CRANE - 411 North Eighth St., Stroudsburg, Pa. -- Sociology, Alpha Phi Omega. DIONISIOS A. DALAMARAS - 36 King Alexander St., At.hens, Greece - Economics, Men's International House CCoordinatorl. JANET L. DAVIS - 303 DuBois St., Hallstcad, Pa. - Sociology, Alpha Omicron Pi. SANDY L. DAVIS - 106 Old Allamuchy Rd., Hackettstown, N.J. - Political Science. GARY MICHAEL DICKENS - 141 East Avon Rd., Parkside, Pa. - Sociology 1Criminal justicelg Intramurals. KATHRYN MARIE DONOVAN - 30 West Marthart Ave., Havertown, Pa. - Sociology fCriminal Iusticel, Alpha Omicron Pi, Intramurals. DENNIS LEE DUNKLEBERC-ER - R.D. 1, Williamsport, Pa. - Sociologn ROBERT N. EHRIG - 20 Hunter St., Tamaqua, Pa. - History and Georgraphy, Vets Club fVice Presidentl, Geography Club, Intramurals. DONALD ROBERT FLICK - 2181 North Fifth St., Strounclsburg, Pa. - Sociology CCriminal justicel. WILLIAM FONTANEZ - R.D. 1, Vcnango, Pa. - Geography, Gymnastics fTeam Captainj. GREGORY WILLIAM FORTE - 291 Brodhead Ave., East Stroudsburg, Pa. -- Political Science, Theta Chi, Liberal Arts Honor Society, Political Science Honor Society. LISA ELAINE CAST- 2 Haddon Place, Fmt Washington, Pa. -Sociology, Dorm Council, Sociol- ogy Club, Intramurals. JAMES K. GLUCK- Box 448 Oak Grove Rd., Pipersville, Pa. - History, Football, Dorm Council CPresidentl. THETA ARLENE CRIMAUD - R.D. 6, Danville, Pa. - Sociology, UCM, ROTC, Hall Council, Intramurals. CHRISTOPHER M. HARRISON - 416 Osceola Ave., Elkins Park, Pa. - Economics, Omega Psi Phi, BSM, Indoor and Outdoor Track Intramurals. DEBORAH ANN HOLST - 41 Garret Place, Glen Rock, N.J. - Sociology!Spanish, Liberal Arts Honor Society, Who's Who Among Colleges and Universities, Gymnastics iCo-Captainl. BARBARA G. JENKIN - 423 Layton Rd., Clarks Summit. Pa. - Economics, Alpha Phi Omega fSecretary and Treasure-rl, UCM, College Choir. JAMES E. JOHNSTON - 223 Princeton Ave., Palmerton, pa. - Sociology, Veterans Club. SCOTT DAVID KLENK - Box 95, Harford, Pa. - Sociology. SCOTT DAVID LAMM - 23 Glen-Tilt Ave., Wcmersville, Pa. - History and Political Science, Volleyball. HAROLD WOODROW LESTER, JR. - 1422 Verbeke St., Harrisburg, Pa. - Political Science! Sociology, BSM, Stround Courier, Sociology Club, Intramurals. DOUGLAS B. LINDERMAN - 1000 Rhodora Ave., Reading, Pa. - Economics, Theta Chi CTrea- surerj, Big Brother Program. Economics Club. JERRI ALYCE LITMAN - 4233 Fairdale Rd., Philadelphia, Pa. - Economic-slFrcnch, Economics Club, Foreign Study. DEBORAH J. LOPER - 7210 Hazel Ave., Upper Darby, Pa. - Siciologyg Dcan's List, Concert Committee, Intramurals. DEBORAH L. MARTEN - 2312 Weinmann Way, Yardley, Pa. - History, WESS, College Band, Intramurals. DANIEL RICHARD MATHERS - 334 Beech St., Kearny, N.J. - Political Science!Social Studies, Soccer, Intramurals. PETER C. MAYNARD - 6 North Washington Valley Rd., Long Valley, NJ. - Economics QCriininal Iusticei. CANDACE A. MENALSHICK - 1638 Eleventh St., Bethlehem, Pa. - Economics, Little Sisters of Sigma Pi, Senate. MICHELLE A. MILLER - 528 Essex Rd., Norwood, Pa. - History, WESS, Dorm Council, Intra- murals. IANICE J. MOORE - 960 Green Briar Lane, Springfield, Pa. - Sociology. BRIAN FOSTER MORGAN --35 Kenwood Dr. South, Levittown, Pa. - Political Science, Interna- tional Education Committee lPresidentD, Mainstreet Social Club, ROTC. LINDA M. NACEL - 23 North Fifth St., Stroudsburg, Pa. - Economics, Liberal Arts Honor Society, CEO Tutor, Economics Club. KARIN ANN NEE - S19 West Berwick St., Euston, Pa. - Sociology CCriminal justicei, Sociology Club. ROBERT PATRICK O'CONNOR - Main St., Mahonoy Plane, Pa. - Sociology. STEPHEN PHILIP OLIVETTI - 202 Fairview Ave., Wind Gap, Pa. - Political Science, Political Science Honor Society, Liberal Arts Honor Society, Dorm Council, ColfTeam, ESSC Service and Foundation Committee Inc. WILLIAM M. ONUSK III - Woodcrcst Lane, Milton, N.Y. - Sociology 1CriminologyJ, Phi Sigma Kappa. GENE E. PAMBIANCHI - 12 Smith St., East Stroudsburg, Pa. - Political Science, Sigma Pi CPrcsident and Sccretaryj, Senate. MICHAEL T. PATTERSON - Box 172, Canadensis, Pa. - Economics, Alpha Chi Rho. RICHARD JOHN RAKITIS - 1120 Main St., Stroundsburg, Pa. - Sociology, Football. ROBIN T. RAWLS - 34 Forest Dr., Mounmintop, Pa. - History!Political Science, Liberal Arts Honor Society. ANN-MARIE REID - 811 West Oak St., Norristown, Pa. - Sociology. ROBERT JOHN RICHARDS - 216 Quarry St., Whitehall, Pa. - Sociology. SUSAN ANNA ROGERS - 546 Hamilton Ave., Kingston, Pa. - Sociology, Lambda Iota iService Chairpersonl, Intramurals, Sociology Club. IOHN JOSEPH SANTICERMA - 12 Smith St., East Stroudsburg, Pa. - Economics, Sigma Pi, Senate, Physics and Economics Tutor, Baseball. MAUREEN ANN SAPOLIS -- 539 Foote Ave, Duryea, Pa. - Economics. THEODORE WILLIAM SCHMID - 1507 Brunnerville Rd., Lititz, Pa. - Sociology fCriminal Iusticei. IAMES H. SEITZ - R.D. 1, Pen Argyl, Pa. - Economics, Economics Club. ROBERT JAMES SEITZ - 213 West Pennsylvania Ave., Pen Argyl, Pa. - Economics, Economics Club. JON M. SHAW - 2 Robin Hood Rd., Suffem, N.Y. - Economics, Tennis Team. STEVEN C. SHERMETTA - 30 Forrest Rd., Telford, Pa. - Sociology CCriminal justicel, Liberal Arts Honor Society, Upward Bound. JOAN LOUISE SLOTTER - Porter's Mill Rd., Pottstown, Pa. - Sociology, Domi Council, RHEC, Sociology Club CTreasurerJ, Intramurals. ALAN J. SMITH - R.D. 4, East Stroundsburg, Pa. - Sociology, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship CPresidentl. SUSAN KATHRYN SZABO - 401 East Front St., Berwick, Pa. - Sociology, Sociology Club. ELLWOOD RAYMOND THOMSON III - 572 Sherman Lane, Morrisville, Pa. - Political Sciencelliusiness Management, Alpha Chi Rho, Baseball, Accounting Proctor. MARYANN J. TIMCHAK - 143 Crabtree Dr., Levittown, Pa. - Political Science, Liberal Arts Honor Society, Political Science Honor Society, Senate, Student Life Staff, Soccer Sweetheart, Who's Who Among Colleges and Universities, UCM, Educational Programming Committee. EUGENE CHARLES TRONBRIDGE - 214 Park Ave, Stroundsburg, Pa. - Economics. SUSAN BETH WALTON - R.D., Berwick, Pa. - Sociology, Intramurals. REBECCA J. WHITE - Church St., Liberty Corner, N.J. - Geography, Track. MAURICE M. WILLIAMS, JR. - 51 Berwick, St., Beaver Meadows, Pa. - Sociology fCriminal Iusticel, ROTC, judo Club. HOLLY IAYNE YOUNG - 239 South Sixth St., Bangor, Pa. - Sociology. KIM LORI ZIEGENFUSS - Box 4200, Hillendale, Bangor, Pa. - Geography, Field Hockey, Softball, Intramurals. 255 E V an ml If-. 4' 'hx 'bn 1 X -. ' -g N, 'FF -. A -4 -Q .3 Nh "-Q WJZJIWEQCAIZKHJ' bvkzyjgfw 0660' the EAS LIGHT .--X-i A ' -.-f 11-" . , ,. ,. 515- V 'E'-"11a4tX1"""'-"f!T". , Ea - V 3 ff Ar - . gagiii' U .V . H n., j-'T A 0 ' F J" -fx Q' . Qgw 60V kjfhdtlczbffwaib have M0 258 if U-ff-""""?-1 259 1 w FIREFALL IN-CUNCERT V October 14, 1977 i 2 Wfv- Q fwmm . gf i:s1f'l :4-me - ffigs.151Ir:sQ'9" if-9. JQMMQM wma! Y! , ffm A 1 iff! ' ' I?-: " , 5, .Q V, v.,1 , . I-9. T I " ' A fr: W -1 T K -Y ,Af 1, .K , y , W lx, vw.. X 1, 1 V A I Fa P- -1-, L. . N.. , ff' A A41 4: .. : 4 . 5, ggi., -I in 2 , W.. mv-. c ff: H :. r V' I ' tif? JU: Q-3 '4 '?3?'j'? W fill" ' t"L f-- -J :- Wi "vu: v . -1,7 5. Li-:L ggznb, at rl- A 12:11 I 1 VF, K N f .- 1 1 -Q., I .svqjgcu JQW 1 al- 1 W1 .i I' lg 1 will si ,T--1 9 . f-ff -kg, 2 v1-N , --Q. Q. MW 2 x W-w mba fy... E ' ' 1 A.yI.f,.:! ,, w - J , Q.. 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