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.-11? fw: , 4 , s. , iirr- . .,,,,v-W --Q ,,,:,,w 1- ...haf Q hw 11 , rpg, .L 'J -L vga:-4 . we ..f..,: ' 3 1 QA, 2 .5 fa.-, A . ,pg 3,-7+ , , N4 k 'fwfr' 'ig ,Y sv - 3"!. 'w1,,f,,,- ff -,..,,..i vu. ,f . fzhwyisv -uf A ::"' 3 -.",gf:,vgf 4' W, ff ffl WTI. f ' gia--N1jf:QjQf- 44,2 ,, f f 51,555.1 mi 'AW V:-,l.-- J - H1 ig, mf : Q-In 4- Y1i74'v: V as ' " q A if : .H't 1 , Y Q, 5 " ' "g,jTf4'f'7'fgk?' ' , PJ? , - 5,5525 1 L. : ' - -- '4- ff 1- ' '- T"-x-'flbb , . E, , V ini? fi, as--iffy ,ir f :ff 13 ' ' Amr-1 .V -Q3-f ' f, 41 r Y 1. 1 1, .-aff 'Sf A i ,xii-,:,, hw ,KI 4' 67, 1495, ' 'lizfffst 1 QQ' , l 5 Fx: 5? ' 4 L ' ' ll.-1 V u'4 'F' .vp 1 xi vu- -1 eg- ,Q-P ' M-mi9""" iezwsif' 7 : tv L11 U' ,- gf-5... :1 .ff.i. H 3,1 -'Tru , ' 1 ' Lv , , - sg., -,. -'I . 3.--, ' 'K 1, .'T"G 4 - 1 1' ' ' I ,: fb 'E ,. V A Q- . if L' ' ,i.a9'7??f'3:Tr'f"' -XTX-2124-XS - --1,3 f gh. :.,l.:,,imK?1f , fw f i,7g3-,i'in-:xg-..h"a1,f,,,,g-fg ' ' E ff 3i",,,,Q'w1i,z T Q ' ' 1' ? ,Q Q W, ,, 54' Q' R - ff? -, 5 'ffibarw -f 3 -11111 Aft g ' if , r --L 1" ,L-., -' ' 2-:ff Y , .Jim - - 4,5 27: :liz ' JF ' E xc-4 , '3p.- - '- ,165 3 Pfflf' 'EJ A I Kia: 4 ,fi . , M Hi 1-ai' 1- L A ' 'f' - U 21 ni P" 'W Y? , 45' ,jf UVA, ' if M, '14 iL!4i'l V 'ml ' ff ni V . . 1'-bf H" er 4' 1-if. fsck "F R' 'fi' 3? I 5 'L--ei'3f' W. , fr- + .,, 4,553 . , w4'4.,f . 3 7,1-., , 5, . Q V N4-5 , Q . 'i ', H'-Q, .'-" -1 K . -Vt , 'I 4 f M A f ,PQ A: ' gf: L,:1,,Q 'fp Q P' I - 11-5,3 W5 QMMAWW 5Jm7LzQ Cfff-2 55 'I ,, news'-4.1.4 x ,lf ,Q iii if 5EN 9 77 03' 'PQ THE sg5RTAN 1945 5 5 3 3 N 3 S PREFACE May you find within thc pages of this book that which will bring back tcnder memories in thc yczxrs to comic. R USEMA RY K IWNEY, Rd itwr- in -Chief. DEDICATION 'Hn Nw iii' 1 NXQ vb n . 9 fbz 51451120 'zicznz X I NVQ' dcdifzxti' this yvzxris SPARTAN to our Alumni who hzivc niacin' lic uprvmcr sacrifiu' in this war. 'lihcy gnu' thvir :ill to snvv our cc tha- waxy nf lifm- wc- low. llllllfy il May thc' prim' thvy paid bv ll living xymbol of thx' vu-rnnl buttlm- fm french in Xlny it hc- Ll ronstzint inspiration to llx to livc in such a may that :ill nu 4-gm-lhvr without sirifv. 'Il'lllAly hu ll ARMY Orten Abel Paul Baum Robert Baum Eugene Beitzcl William Beitzel Lester Brothers William Burnheimer 'Harry Bungard 'Ensil Cross 'Michael Devine Le Roy Dine Coolidge Farber Robert Gard Charles Grell Charles Haag Lowell Hagg Thomas Haney Edward Hartzell ""Edward Horton Howard Imboden Paul Irwin lvendell Janson David Keeney 'Gene Kinkaid Richard Lewis Robert May Merle McKinney james .Moffet "Albert Mosteller 'Ernest Murray Gregg Nixon Chester Price Herman Pearson Frank Syler Charles Scaffide Phillip Scaffide john Stephens William Schneider Bob Schneider Alvin Schneider Ralph Schneider Charles Shackley Paul Williams MARINES Paul Bungard jr. Andrew McDadc 'Robert Miller Ertus Pritchard ""'Harold Stahlecker William Slutz Gail Voorhees ARMY 'AIR FORCE Eugene Bartley Lec Brown "Richard Fry Howard Keel Dan Larson Louis Larson Thomas Lindsay Robert McVann William Newland "'Gary Patterson Roy Rice Glen Slutz William Schnitzex 'H"'.Iames Ullctt NAVY Marvin Archinal William Bair Melvin Boyd Virgil Broad Jack Burnheimer jack Carling Wayne Dews Junior Fetters Robert Gill Robert Herbert 'Milan Howenstinc 'f""'Melvin Irwin James May Alice Materna Ja McVann Robert Miller Robert Oswald William Reynolds Dorothy Schaffer Walter Steel Robert Shacklcy Robert Ullett Wilfred Waltz Harold Wright Jack Yockey NAVY AIR CORPS Fred Miller Charles Stephens Donald Hartzell MERCHANT MARINES Leroy Bair Carl Materna jr. Donald Oswald 'Discharged "Missing "'Killed NOTE: Due to the fact that we lacked full information on all service men, there may be some omissions in the above honor roll. If such be true, it is unintentional 'md deeply regretted. -N 'ffw-"' P. ,K Board ol: Education In communities all over America certain citizens are Chosen to provide a pro- gaunn of training to meet the ever challenging need for more and better education. Our community is no exception. The fine school that we have, and the plan- ning that has made it,such, is due, in large part, lo the judgment and decision ol the gentlemen who comprise our Board of Education. To them we give our thanks in expression of appreciation. 'VY " f N , ,ar -w .6 ' ""'5 1 'fr 1 , . 3 - ' ln picture: Buchman, C. ll. Rice, Vice Prcsidcntg Rice. Clerkg L. S. l'llc't. Prmwidenti F, G. Halter. PM-fsident-Elect: W. Cnddcv. Superintendent M. Z, POND Urbana Jr. College Wittenberg College A. B.-M. A. Deans -M fi DORIS O. LINERODE MERLIN K. BROTHERS Kent State University Kent State University B. S. Degree Diploma Graduate Home Economics Ind. Arts and Health LEWIS D. RICE Mt. Union College B. S. Degree Science 8: Mathematics MARGARET KLEIN Kent State University B. S. Degree Commercial Courses WAYNE H. D. WISLER Mt. Union College B. P. Sch. Mus. Degree History St Biology 1 Faculty . W . B I "' ive-.. pw HELEN HODGE Mt. Union College B. A. Degree English 8L Latin GEORGE TOOT Kent State University B. P. Sch. Mus. Degree Music- RUTH A. KLETZ LY Goshen College, Edinboro State Teachers College B. A. Degree Social Studies SE N1 O ' R 45 S Senior Officers wr' Frances Grell, Bob Welker, Alice Bowman, Nlnbel Sarbnugh President ............. ............ B OB WELKER Viet: President ....... ............, F RANCES GRELL Secretary ,...,........ .A...... M ABLE SARBAUGH Treasurer .,... ..,........ A LICE BOWMAN Reporter ,................ ........,., ......... N N 'ALTER STEELE! "Gln the Navy when the picture was taken. MARTHA Band l-4-3-4 Chorus 1-2-3-4 Latin Club 1 Booster Club 1-4 Girl Reserves 3-4 Cheerleader 3-4 Spartan Staff 2-4 Annual Staff 4 Literary l-3-4 Debate l Student Government 4 Sextette l-2-3-4 Class Officer 1-2-3 Class Play 3-4 Honor Society 4 Football 4 Hi-Y 4 Pa er Staff 4 P Class Play 3 BLACK THOMAS BARTO ALICE JEAN BOWMAN Band 1-2-3-4 Chorus 2-3-4 Girl Reserves 2-3-4 Latin Club 1 Booster Club l Class Officer 2-4 Student 'Cabinet' 3 Class Play 3-4 DELMA B Majorette 1-2-3-4 Girl Reserves 2-3-4 Girl Reserve Pres. 4 High School Play 1 Class Play 3-4 Spartan Staff 3-4 Annual Staff 4 Chorus l-2-4 Latin Club I Booster Club 1-4 Student Government 4 HAROLD CLARK UNGARD Baseball 4 Football 4 Hi-Y 4 Paper Staff 4 Class Play 3 Latin Club 1 FRANCE Girl Reserves 2-3 Paper Staff 2-3-4 Annual Staff 4 Booster Club 4 Class Officer 3-4 Debate 1-3-4 Student Government 4 Class Play 3-4 llonor Society 4 S GRELL Seniors ws, Hr Seniors Rei'- ,iss I.. 1,-1-5, Q ,, DONNA MAE HALTER Band 1-2-3-4 Chorus 1-2-3-4 Girl Reserves 2-3-4 Latin Club 1 Booster Club 1-4 Cheerleader 3-4 Spartan Staff 1-2-3-4 Spartan Editor 4 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 4 Literary l-3-4 Debate l-3 Student Government 4 Class Officer 2-3 Orchestra 1-2 GERALDINE JACOBY Debate 3-4 Class Play 4 Canton Twp. 1-2 DAVID KEENEY Basketball 1-2-3-4 Football 1-2-3-4 Baseball 1-2-3 Hi-Y 3-4 Student Government 4 U- S- AMY 4 ROSEMARY KINNEY Band 1-2-3-4, Chorus l-2-3-4 Sextette 1-2-3-4 Latin Club 1 Booster Club 1-4 Cheerleader 3-4 Spartan Staff 1-2-3 Annual Editor 4 Girl Reserves 2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 High School Play 1 Literary 1-3-4 Debate 1-3 Class Officer 1-2 Student Cabinet 3-4. Student Government 4 Orchestra 4 Honor Society 4 MIKIAM MURRAY Band 1-2-3-4 Chorus 1-2-3-4 Sextette 1-2-3-4 Orchestra 1-2 Girl Reserves 2-3-4 Girl Reserve Officer 4 Latin Club 1 Booster Club 1-4 Spartan Staff 1-2-3-4 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 3-4 Debate I-3 Literary 1-3-4 Student Cabinet 2 Class Officer 1 Honor Society 4 LILLIAN NEISEL Canton Twp. 1 Chorus 2-3-4 Orchestra 3 Girl Reserves 2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 Debate 3-4 Honor Society 4 if 'ROBERT Basketball 'l-2-3-4 Football 2-3-4 Baseball 1 Hi-Y 3-4 Class Officer 3 Chorus l-2-3 Student Government 4 Annual Staff 4 MILLER NORMA JEAN OSWALD Class Play 4 Chorus 1-2-3-4 Girl Reserves 2-3-4 Girl Reserve Officer 3-4 BETTY JANE PEARSON Chorus 1-2-3-4 Class Play 4 Paper Staff 4 BETTE JANE SCHLIMM Chorus l-2-3-4 Q Girl Reserves 2-3-4 Class Play 4 MABEL SARBAUGH Latin Club l Chorus 2-3-4 Paper Staff 2-3-4 Annual Staff 4 Orchestra 3-4 Class Play 3-4 Debate 4 All-Pupil Test 1-2-3-4 Booster Club 4 Class Officer 4 ROBERT Baseball 1-3-4 Basketball l-2-3-4 Football 4 Chorus 1-2-3-4 Band 1-2-3-4 Orchestra 3-4 Spartan Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Student Cabinet 3-4 Student Government 4 Class Play 3 Class Officer 3-4 WALTER STEELE 'Basketball l-2-3-4 Football l-2-3-4 All-Pupil Test 2 Student Government 3 'Student Cabinet 2 Class Officer l-4 Annual Staff 4 U. s. Navy 4 ik' NO PICTURE WELKER Seniors -19' -null N- V M1 ga sfevzg. iiisfgsi -- Whds Who in Sparta High Prettiest Girl- ALICE JEAN BOWMAN Most Athletic Girl- GERALDINE JACOBY' Most Studious Girl- FRANCES GRELL Wittiest Girl- BETTY LOU SHINKLE Most Bashful Girl- HELEN HAGER Most Likeable Girl- DONNA GALLION Most Representative Girl- ROSEMARY: KINNEY Peppiest Girl- BETTY LOU SHINKLE Joniest Girl- ANNA ANTENORA Most Confident junior- DAVID MILLER 7945 Most Handsome Boy- ROBERT MILLER Most Athletic Boy- VIRGIL REYNOLDS Most Studious Boy- DAVID MILLER Wittiest Boy- ROBERT WELKER Most Bashful Boy- EARL SLUTZ Most Likeablc Boy- EDDIE CLINGER Most Representative Boy- DAVID MILLER Peppiest Boy- RAMON HALTER jolliest Boy- ROBERT WELKER Most Sophisticated Sophdmores GLORIA MILLER ISABELLE ARCHINAL Most Dignified Senior- MIRIAM MURRAY Junior Ollliicers 5 5. Donna Hammcl, Helen Hayes, Gene McVann, Dave Miller, Elsie Medley President ,.............. ....... D AVE MILLER Vice President ............., GENE MCVANN Secretary .............. ........ H ELEN HAYES Treasurer ...... .......... E LSIE MEDLEY Reporter ....... ......... D ONNA HAMMEL Junior Class First row: Anna Antenora, Donna Gallion, Bernice Watts, Dorothy Slutz, Betty Hager, Geraldine,Evans, Stella Duda, Pauline Powell. Second row: Jean Chabot, Elizabeth Barrick, Donna Hammel, Elsie Medley, Ann F arber, jean Crawford, Greta Haney, Helen Hayes, Marjoyie Gamer. Third row: Earl Slutz, David Miller, Gene McVann, Joe Antenora, Delmar Shaner, Bob Varansky, Glenn Gamble. Junior Play "MAMA'S BABY BOY" Mrs. Shephard McLean .............................. ............................. MARJORIE GARNER Shephard McLean Jr .......... .................... E ARL SLUTZ Luther Long ......................... .......... D AVID MILLER Juliet Long .............................. .... ..... D O ROTHY SLUTZ Mrs. Matilda Blackbum ........... ............ H ELEN HAYES Wilbur Warren ........................ ............... G ENE McVANN Sylvia Kline ......................... ....... . ........ D ONNA GALLION Mrs. Carlotta Anglin .......... ........ E LIZABETH BARRICK Cynthia Anglin ..............,.. .............. D ONNA HAMMEL Max Moore... ............... ............. J OE ANTENORA Minnie ................................................................................. ......... A NNA ANTENORA The Juniors presented their play' on March 23rd. It was a laugh-filled com- edy that kept a large audience really in "stitches" Mrs. McLean and Luther Long ran into nurnerous and usually humorous problems while trying desperately to conceal the ages of their children. Mrs. Helen Hodge directed the play. The Pep Band furnished music between acts. Semi orhp Play "HERE SHE COMES" Mrs. Goldstein ......... Nora McGinnis ......... .......... . SARBAUGI-I .......BETTY PEARSON Betty Kelton ............................ ............ A LICE BOWMAN Madame Lowell .......................... ............ D ELMA BUNGARD Mrs. J. Haddington Jones ......... ........ R OSEMARY KINNEY Luella Jones.. .......................... .......... N ORMA OSWALD Vi Hudson ................................... ......... M IRIAM MURRAY Polly Wentworth ............................ . Niekie Brooks, Maritza Lopez .......... . Pat O'Keefe .................................... . Carolina .............. ........ . .......FRANCES GRELL .......MARTHA BLACK JACOBY ........LILLIAN NEISEL Sally Ridge .................,........................................................................ DONNA' HALTER The Driver .......... e ............................................................................... BETTE SCHLIMM The Senior Play was given April 20th. The auditorium was filled to over- flowing. Martha Black's double role really kept everyone guessing, while Betty Pearson, as the Irish maid, supplied plenty of humor. Miss Doris Linerode direct- ed the play. The Pep Band furnished entertainment between acts. "sw -Q... N-N x N Nm Xi 'J 1 ff N. 7 A A '1. 1.2 gn' MQN,,..,:s 4 X J ' S1 it N' I s ' L. . 1,54 3 Y W7 la Sophomore Class First row: Elsie Fort, Barbara Medley, Bertha Truax, Frances Duda, Lillian Materna, Lois Brinkman, Gloria Miller. Second row:- Conrad Farber, Ruth Meyer, Carmen F rilcy, Rachel Medley, Isabelle Archinal, Ina King, Norma Strong, Betty Shinkle, Peggy Lindsay, Harold Gill, Mr. Wisler. Third row: Charles Devine, Victor Lehman, Carl Farber, Jack Loshcr, Virgil Reynolds, Alvin'Butler, Edwin Clinger, Michael Shaffer. Freshman Class First row: Carl Reynolds, Roland Polen, Edward Duda, Donald Howenstinc james Barnes, William Bowman, Ramon Halter. Second row: Evelyn Stahlecker, Catherine Henderson, Doris Garner, Ruby Garner Reva Tripp, Helen Hager, Evelyn Medley, Donna Carnes, Rose Marie Black Miss Klein. Third row: Patsy Mehl, Delores Meininger, Lois Clinger, Marguerite Barrick Louise Grell, Naomi Meyer, Shirley Henline, Naomi Boyd, Anna Nciscl. Eighth Grade Firbt row: Helen Henderhan, Garnet Hothein, .Ioan Crawford, joan Shaffer Dorothy Dews, Mildred Meyer, Flora Jean Pritehard. Second row: Duane Devine, Donna Quillen, Elaine Baeehle, jean Meyer, Elizabeth Davis, Dorothy Minor, Florenee Yoekey, Nlary lwiedley, Linford Slutz. Mr. Brothers. Third row: Robert Butler, Ronald Sehliimn, jack Wright. junior Mottiee, john Frizcko, Tom lVagner, Charles Minor, lVallaee Bowers, Sam Medley. Walter McDade, Jack Paul. Seventh Grade In front: Betty Hayes and Inez Nledley. First row: Martha Shank, Ronald Wright. Lou Bauglnnan. Romulux Iwi-ai field, Verna Neading, Eugene Merrick, Lucille Koon. Vhyllix Ulil. Setond row: lean Clallion Ruth Ann Huston Paul Barnes. Doris Ann 'l'ru.ix Ronald Schaffer, Marilyn Vorhees, lWaryiReynolds. Marvin Ilaney. 'lihird row: Bill Dewx. lilden Seliaiwr. Roy Smith. Daniel llewk. ll'-miie lR4'l'Y ll"YV2llfl lN'ittx Miw Kletrlx kiwi PRERARE N f Nislzzfmf .x L1'mL? Annual Staff First row: Elizabeth Barrick, Martha Black, Gerry Jacoby, Frances Grcll, Lillian Neisel, Donna Halter, Mabel Sarbaugh. Second row: Donna Hammel, Delma Bungard, Glen Gamble, Bob Miller, David Miller, Bob Welker, Miriam Murray, Rosemary Kinney, Miss Linerodc. MISS LINERODE ..,...,.,....... .... .......... F a culty Advisor ROSEMARY KINNEY .,...... ........... E ditor-in-Chief DONNA HAMMEL .......... .. ......... Assistant Editor MIRIAM MURRAY ........ ........ M anaging Editor DAVID MILLER ........... .............................. A rt Editor FRANCES GRELL ........ ..................... B usiness Manager BOB WELKER .............. ....... A ssociate Business Manager MARTHA BLACK .,...,.... ......................... A ctivity Editor DELMA BUNGARD ........... ......................... S ports Editor MABEL SARBAUGH ......... ............ S cholastic Editor DONNA HALTER ........... ..............,,...... L iterary Editor GLEN GAMBLE .................. ................. A ssistant Art Editor ELIZABETH BARRICK ........ ........, A ssistant Business Manager LILLIAN NEISEL ............... ............ A ssistant Activity Editor BOB MILLER ......,............ .......... A ssistant Scholastic Editor GERRY JACOBY ....,.., ..............,............,.......,.. ..................., A s sistant Literary Editor The students on the year book staff have really worked to publish this record of the school year 1944-45. If any of you noticed the midnight oil burning at the school house around April the first, we plead guilty. If any of you heard comments on the condition of the composing room after one of our sessions, we plead not guilty. Seriously though, we do hope that this book will serve as a pleasant memoir to the students of this school, particularly the Class of 'fl-5. Spartan Starck First row: Rose Black, Bernice Watts, Dorothy Slutz, Gerry Evans, Anna Antenora, Gerry Jacoby, Martha Black, Frances Grell. Second row: Donna Halter, Louise Crell, Elizabeth Barrick, Betty Schlinnn, Br-:ty Pearson, Mabel Sarbaugh. Lillian Neisel, Charles Minor, Paul Barnes, Miss Klein. Third row: Virgil Reynolds, Donna Hammel, Delina Bungard, David Miller, Ann Farber, Tom Barto, Miriam Murray, Harold Clark, Marguerite Barrick, Bob Welker. Starck Organization Editor-in-Chic? -Donna Mac Halter Assistant Editor-in-Chief-David Miller Faculty Advisor-Miss Klein Circulation ManagersMAnna Antenora, Gerry Evans, Dorothy Slutz, Bernice Watts Artist-Ann Farber Stencil cutters, Proof readers, Mimeograph operators, Typists-Tom Barto, Martha Black, Delma Bungard, Harold Clark, Donna Mae Halter, Gerry Jacoby, Miriam Murray, Lillian Nciscl, Betty Pearson, Bette Schlimm Reporters: Administration-Martha Black Literary and Musica'-Rose Marie Black P Scholastic, Classes, Features, and Comrnunitvf-Mabel Sarbaugh and Frances Grell Organizations'-Marguerite Barrick Calendar-Elizabeth Ann Barrick Humor-Bernice Watts, Gerry Evans and Bob Welker Senior-Walter Steele Junior-Donna Jean Hannnel Sophomore-Virgil Reynolds Freshman-Louise Grell Eighth-Charles Minor Seventh-A Paul Barnes Student Cabinet Joan Shaffer, Tom Wagner, grade eight, Bill Bowman, Marguerite Barrick, grade nine, Bertha Truax, grade ten, Bob Welker, Rosemary Kinney, grade twelve 3 Victor Lehman, grade ten, David Miller, Helen Hayes, grade eleven, Phyllis Uhl, Paul Barnes, grade seven. The Student Cabinet is the central force of the student government program at East Sparta-Sandyvillc High. Members of this group are elected from the student body and serve as advisors to the Superintendent and Faculty. All student activities pass under the scrutiny of the cabinet. To date it has sponsored the Spartan Chapter of the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools, Salvage Drives, Sale of War Stamps and Bonds and the Acitivity Calendar. Chairmen for the six departments in Student Government are selected from the Cabinet. The Departments of Publicity, Justice, Finance, Material, Awards, and Safety carry out the program as agreed on by the Cabinet and faculty. Members of-departments are elected by the student body. The entire system represents democracy at work in our school. Student Government First row: Bill Bowman, Linforcl Slutz. Don VVitts. Bob lNIiller. Gene lNIeVann. Eddie Clinger, Ramon Halter. A Second row: Rosemary Kinney,'Donna Halter, Ruby Garner. Inez Medley. Harold Lee Gill, Jack Paul, Glen Gamble, Bob Welker, Jean Chabot, Reva Tripp. Third row: joan Shaffer, Martha Shank, Frances Grell. Eugene Merrick, Martha Black, Tom Wagner, Earl Slutz, Bob Butler, Ronald Wrighte Paul Barnes, Bertha Truax, Phyllis Uhl. Fourth row: Helen Hayes, Dorothy Slutz, Barbara Medley, Marguerite Barrick, David Miller, Virgil Reynolds, Don Howenstine, Victor Lehman, Jack Lesher Delma Bungard, jean Gallion, Garnet Hothem. v AWARDS PUBLICITY MATERIAL Chairman David Miller Rosemary Kinney Victor Lehman 12 Martha Black Donna Mae Halter Dave Keeneyii ll Earl Slutz Glen Gamble Marjorie Garner 10 Virgil Reynolds Harold Lee Gill Jack Lesherl 9 Don Howenstine Ruby Garner Carl Reynolds 8 Tom Wagner Jack Paul Bob Butler A7 Eugene Merrick Inez Medley Ronald Wright FINANCE SAFETY EVENTS Chairman Helen Hayes Bill Bowman Robert YN'elkex 12 Frances Grell Bob Miller Delxna Bungard 11 Dorothy Slutz Gene McVann 'lean Chabot 10 Barbara Medley Eddie Clinger Gloria Miller 9 Marguerite Barrick Ramon Halter Reva Tripp 8 .loan Shaffer Linforcl Slutz Garnet Hothem 7 Martha Shank Donald Witts Phyllis Uhl mln the Army Girl Reserves First row: Martha Black, Donna Halter, Rosemary Kinney, Marguerite Barrick, Reporter, Miriam Murray, Secretary, Dclma Bungard, President, Norma Oswald, Treasurer, Evelyn Medley, Miss Linerode. Second row: Pauline Powell, Dorothy Slutz, Geraldine Evans, Alice Bowman, Helen Hayes, Carmen Friley, Rachel Medley, Naomi Meyer, Donna Gallion, Gloria Miller, Bertha Truax, Barbara Medley, Anna Antenora, Betty Schlimm, Elsie Fort, Anna Neisel, Rose Black, Doris Garner. A Third row: Stella Duda, Elsie Medley, Greta Haney, Betty Lou Shenkle, Ruth Meyer, Peggy Lindsay, Anne Farber, Donna Hammel, Patsey Mehl, Lois Clinger, Elizabeth Barrick, Lillian Neisel, Donna Carnes, Bernice Watts. The Girl Reserves of the East Sparta-Sandyville High School first wish to express our thanks to Miss Linerode, our advisor for her help she has given the past year. The organization now has forty members. During the year 1944-45 we opened our events with a formal initiation ceremony. The program consisted of music, and of some literature. The light used was candle light, which was very effective. The new members stood in a triangle, shaping the Girl Reserve symbol. Completing the ceremony several days later, the initiated members dressed as they were advised by the older mem bers of the organization. A hay ride and weiner roast were planned by the Girl Reserves and Hi-Y, but due to inclement weather the plans matured as a party and dance in the school auditorium. The joint organizations also planned a roller skating party at the Land o' Dance, and fortunately the weather was not against us. Our project for this year is to help keep up the morale of our service merit Therefore, we are sending cards and other games of interest to the Veteran hos- pitals in the United States. As Girl Reserves, we quote: Reaching toward the best, I will be- Earnest in purpose, Gracious in Manner, Scemg to beautiful, I , , d Eager for knowledge, mpartial in ju gment, Revercnt to God Ready for service, Victorious over self, Ever dependable, Loyal to friends Sincere at all times. I will do my best to honor God, my country, and my community, to help other girls, and to be at all times a loyal, true member of the Girl Reserves. I-li-Y First row: Conrad Farber, Charles Devine, Ramon Halter, Earl Slutz, President, David Miller, Vice President, Virgil Reynolds, Secretary, Eugene McVann, Treasurer, Eddie Clinger, Harold Lee Gill. Second row: Victor Lehman, jack Lesher, Don Howenstine, Bob Miller, Harold Clark, joe Antenora, Delmar Shaner, Tom Barto, Mr. Brothers. Third row: Bill Bowman, Glen Gamble, Bill Crilley, Alvin Butler, Bob Varanslcy, Carl Farber. The East Sparta-Sandyville Hi-Y of 1944-45 has had one of its best years since its organization. We of the Hi-Y are very proud to belong to such an outstanding organization. The Hi-Y has been very active this year. We have been doing many new and interesting things. In the fall we took part in the Bond Rally Parade. We also have been con- tributing to the new Y Camp near Malvern, This Camp is for recreation of the various Y's in the county. We have also been going to the Y in Canton to swim. This is a summary' of some of the activities the Hi-Y has been doing this year. We hope that we will have many more prosperous years such as this one has been. Cheerleaders Martha Black, Donna jean Hammcl, Rosemary Kinney, Jean Chabot, Donna Mac Halter. Drum Majorettes Jean Meyer, Betty Lou Shinkle, Delma Bungard, Rachel Mcdlcy, joan Shaffer Girl Scouts First row: Lou Ann Buchman, Patty McVann, Verna Neading, Mary Catherine Carnahan, Carolyn Lebold, Lucille Koon, Donna Fetters, Marlene Mehl, Wanda Patterson. Second row: Lois Clinger, Flora jean Pritchard, Jean Meyer, Donna Quillen, Ruth Ann Huston, Algine Neisz, Garnet Hothem, Phyllis Uhl, Elaine Baechle, Donna Carnes. Third row: Gladys Fry, Inez Medley, Sally Pond, Doris Ann Truax, Jane Lyn Best, Donna Clark, Beryl Koon, Mrs. Andrews. The Girl Scout troop began its program for the year last October. 'The group was divided into two patrols with Lois Clinger and Donna Carnes serving as patrol leaders. The meetings have been held every other Wednesday at four o'cl0ck with the girls in charge of their own recreation and discussion periods. The council is made up of the two patrol leaders and two members of each patrol who are Sally Pond, Carolyn Lebold, jean Meyer, and Verna Neading assisted by the leader, Mrs. Andrews. Our patrons committee serving us this year have been Mrs. Alice Hall, Mrs. Geneiva Carnahan and Mrs. Margaret Carnes. Some of the special activities of the troop have been a Christmas party, a Holiday tea, an Easter week Vesper, a birthday dinner party, and special devo- tions for the April P. T. A. meeting. Boy Scouts EAST SPARTA ' First row: Marvin Haney, Gene Schlimm, Duane Devine, Gene Merrick, junior Mottice, Jack Paul, Donald Slutz, Donald Evans, Zona Baechle. Second row: Harold Gill, Glen Gamble, Ed Glinger, Al Butler, Don Howenstine, Sam Medley, Carl Reynolds, Charles Devine. Third row: Ronald Wright, Linford Slutz, Raymon Halter, Roy Davlin, Donald Witts, Bob Butler, Walter McDade, Ronald Schlimm. Mr. Roy Butler is Scoutmaster. SANDYVI LLE First row: Dean Strong, David Magirna, Cleo Miller, Richard Antenorn. Daniel Materna. Second row: Jack Varansky, Donald Williamson, Robert Steele, -Iguuws llenlim-, Mr. I. E. Hawkins, Scout Master. 4 ,Q stats?-lg 4. Q' J- N '2 Km' Hg 'K 'fi. :'-if 4 B V V Y 4 t . - , -'L' ' 3' .319 I 1 :Q ,al 5 h s 1 R A -. 3 - H ' ig ' LN :Iv -5 J 4 M 3m pA . G-wi I J f gk x fr - ,ff -. ' ' Q. :' ' 'Y ' z M K WW, . U 1- ,.-, -'-'f ' afgh , if ' 'if-Q15 W , ' G X 'QA' xl 5 X. . ,QA gig .WS new lil ,. 'ww Q Q a . ii' .V .,,4'-I gg f Ku ,O ,Q Tff ef is U 0 5' s A 'JNAV5 X A A 4 .x-f,.g,.n- "i"-v'7"ii sz 3 4 ri 'v,'- a Ng, 'Q fl - 'WK W 'f .,,! Q -Q ,- , WN ' 5. f Pwr 4 1 Mixed Chorus First row: Jean Chabot, Anna Antenora, Bernice Watts, Normagene Oswald, Bette Jane Schlimm, Geraldine Evans, Barbara Medley, Lillian Neisel, Betty Jane Pearson, Shirley Henline, Mitzi Carnes. Second row: Reva jane Tripp, Ruby Garner, Dorothy Slutz, Doris Garner, Helen Hayes, Carmen Friley, Ruth Meyers, Naomi Meyers, Alice jean Bowman, Miriam Murray, Rosemary Kinney, Marguerite Barrick, Lois Clinger, Elsie Fort, Donna Gallion, Rachel Medley, Mabel Sarbaugh, Martha Black, Anna Neisel, Mr. Toot, Director. Third row: Delma Bungard, Rose Marie Black, Donna Mae Halter, Elizabeth Arm Barrick, Donna Jean Hammel, Harold Lee Gill, Charles Devine, Bill Crilley, Bill Bowman, Virgil Reynolds, Bob Welker, David Miller, Donald Howenstine, Tom Wagner, Sonny Halter, Betty Lou Shinkle, Isabelle Arehinal, Greta Haney, Marjorie Garner, Elsie Medley, Stella Duda. The chorus made three appearances this year. One in December, another in May, and at Commencement. Included on the programs were: The Lord's Prayer, The Pilgrim's Chorus from Tannhauser, and The Soldier's Chorus from the opera Faust. Senior Sextette Altos: Mitzi Carnes, Donna Jean Hammelg Second Sopranos: Rosemary Kinney, Miriam Murray: First Sopranos: Elizabeth Ann Barrick, Martha Black. J unior Se-xtette First Sopranos: Barbara Medley, Carmen Friley: Second Sopranos: Ruth Bll'yl'l Rachel Medley: Altos: Helen Hayes, Betty Lou Shinkle. Scholarship Club First row: Rose Marie Black, Marguerite Barrick, Miriam Murray, Elizabeth Barrick, Martha Black, Donna Hammel, Rosemary Kinney, Mabel Sarbaugh, Louise Grell. Second row: Dorothy Slutz, Isabelle Archinal, Lois Clinger, Carmen F ,riley, Helen Hayes, Frances Grell, Lillian Neisel, Anna Neisel, Donna Mae Halter. Third row: Harold Lee Gill, David Miller, Bob Miller, Alvin Butler, Vie Lehman, Bill Bowman, Carl Reynolds, L Our school believes that honor should fall to those whose school work has been diligent, consistent and good. To that end the Scholarship Club exists. .Its mem- bers arc awarded the "S" with the "open book" inlay. It is earned with a quotient of three. Wherever it is to seen, it stands as the badge of scholarship. Debate and Literary Our debate team made a creditable showing in the County Debate Tourna- ment this year. The girls tied for second place in the "B" group. The team was composed of Lillian Neisel, Frances Grcll, Anna Neisel, Mabel Sarbaugh, Ruby Garner, Doris Garner, Geraldine Jacoby, and Pauline Powell. Miss Kletzly acted as debate coach this year.: Betty Lou Shinkle, Greta Haney, Donna Hammel, Isabelle Archinal, and Helen Hayes gave dramatic readings at various programs during this school year. Betty Lou and Isabelle were picked to represent our school in the County Contest. Our literary team was composed of Martha Black, Elizabeth Barrick, Miriam Murray, Rosemary Kinney, Donna Hammel, Mitzi Carnes, Donna Halter, Lois Clinger, and Rose Black. These girls represented the school in the County Lit- erary Contest. ......1-- X X x XXX Xxx X x x XX x N x x 3 X X X N x N Xxx ' XX X XX XX FOOTBALL First row: Don Howenstine, manager, Bill Bowman, halfbackg Earl Slutz,- quarter- back, Vic Lehman, centerg Carl Farber, guard, Delmar Shaner, taekleg Bill Crilley, tackle, Tedd Finlayson, halfbackg Ed Duda, guard, Carl Reynolds, managers. Second row: Mel Boyd, coach, Joe Antenora, guardg Bob Welker, end, Virg Rey- nolds, fullback, Herman Pearson, halfbackg Bob Miller, halfbackg Tom Barto, tackle, Harold Clark, guard 5 Gene McVann, centerg Dave Keeney, end, Walt Steele, end. SCHEDULE Date Where Played Opponents We They Sept. East Canton East Canton 0 12 Sept. Canton Twp. Canton Twp. 6 56 Sept. East Sparta Lehman Reserves 13 7 Oct. East Sparta Dennison St. Mary 19 0 Oct. East Sparta Malvern 7 7 Nov. East Sparta Canton Twp. 0 34 Nov. Grecntown Grcentown 19 38 Coach M 1173 sf so if x During the football and basketball seasons Melvin Boyd coached the boys. Mr. Boyd is a graduate of East Sparta Sandyville High School and attended Kent State University. A He left us to enter the Navy in March. The boys were sorry to see him go, and send their best wishes to him while serv- ing our country, and say "thanks coach" for all hc did for them. A MJF' TEM AWMQA W O7 X465 Ly. WM 5,2 x98 Ma. y BASKETBALL First row: Don Howenstine, Ed Clinger, joe Antenora, Bob Miller, Virg Reynolds, Bob Welker, Gene McVann, Earl' Slutz. Second row: Sonny Halter, Bill Bowman, Vic Lehman, jack Lesher Al Butler 2 -7 Ed Calhoon, Bill Crilley, Harold Gill. Date Where Played Opponents We They Nov. 28 East Sparta Canton Twp. 22 48 Dec. l Beach City Beach City 23 32 Dec. 5 Mineral City Mineral City 32 8 Dec. 8 Waynesburg Waynesburg 30 35 Dee. 9 East Sparta Bolivar 23 30 Dec. 19 Canton Twp. Canton Twp. 27 51 Dec. 22 East Sparta Lehman Reserves 51 41 Jan. 5 Uniontown Uniontown 28 46 jan. 6 Magnolia Magnolia 32 33 Jan. 9 East Sparta Mineral City 52 20 Jan. 12 East Sparta Waynesburg 36 44 jan. 13 East Sparta Brewster 59 23 Jan. 20 Greentown Greentown 30 40 jan. 23 Bolivar Bolivar 30 3.1 -Ian. 26 East Sparta East Canton 31 58 jan. 30 East Sparta Greentown 47 62 Feb. l Brewster Brewster 31 22 Feb. 6 East Canton East Canton 22 62 Feb. 9 East Sparta Beach City 31 37 Feb. I0 East Sparta Magnolia 28 39 Feb. 12 East Sparta Uniontown 56 49 'IZOURNAMENT SCORES Feb. I4 Massillon Greentown 35 46 Feb. I 7 Massillon Navarre 38 41 BOB MII,I,I1R BOB WELKER JOE ANTENORA VIRG REYNOLDS ED CLINGER EARL SLUTZ GENE MCVANN AL BUTLER VIC LEHMAN BILL BOWMAN DON HOWENSTINF DNVE KEENEY--'U, S Armx BASEBALL First row: Bill Crilley, Harold Clark, Don Howenstinc, Bill Bowman, Carl Rey- nolds, Harold Gill, Jack Lcshcr, Virg Reynolds, Ed Clinger, jr., Mottice, manager. Second row: M. Z. Pond, Supt., Raymon Halter, Delmar Shaner, Vic Lehman, joe Antenora, Bob Varansky, Al Butler, Carl Farber, Gene McVann, Earl Slutz, Mr. Brothers, coach. Managers Bob Butler, Carl Reynolds, jack Paul Mfg? 5 Udbuvdbndwhi Kffwfmf dpfadfcaxva ,K piuwcv 4- Fbzffwf QM Jfvfazzff ff fizzww 4, RJ JM, I-lonor Society First row: Frances Grell, Martha Black, Dorothy Slutz, Helen Hayes. Second row: Lillian Ncisel, Rosemary Kinney, David Miller, Donna Hammcl, Miriam Murray. This year we organized our Spartan Chapter of the National Honor Society. Candidates for election were all members of the Scholarship Club, whose entire school record was equal to a quotient of 3 or better. They then passed the test of Character, Service and Leadership. The chapter was installed and the new members were initiated on April 24, 1945, in a student assembly. Installation and initiation was in charge of the Canton Township Chapter, L. ,,7, W Health Class Rosemary Kinney, Betty Pearson, Betty Schlimm, Mabel Sarbaugh, Frances Grell, Donna Halter, Mr. Brothers, instructor, Bob Miller, Harold Clark, Bob Welker, Tom Barto, Alice Bowman, Martha Black, Lillian Nicsel, Miriam Murray, Norma Oswald, Gerry Jacoby, Delma Bungard. The State Department of Education in co-operation with the State Depart- ment of Health, sponsored a School and Community Health Education Project in Ohio. The purpose of this project was to develop a functional health course for twelfth grade students with the aid of co-operating health agencies in the com- munity. Since this was an experimental project, it was necessary to establish del finite criteria for the selection of schools. The criteria was as follows: flj The health course must be offered five times a week for a period of one semester or three times a week for a year, with one-half unit of credit in either ease. C22 A qualified instructor in health education to teach the course. C31 Attendance of teacher required at the Health Education Training Conference, held at Ohio State University, August 14-25, 1944. Q41 Schools would require the service of a nurse consultant. The Senior Class, in co-operation with the Civic club, sponsored the Fall Fes- tival. The Civic Club in turn, turned over their share of the profits to the Health Class. This money paid for our physical examinations. Our school felt very much honored to have been one of the twenty-seven high schools in the State chosen to experiment with this course. I After taking this course, we realize how beneficial it is to all students leaving high school. We understand better the meaning of School and Community health. 3 East Sparta P. T. A. OFFICERS MRS. DOYLE MERRICK ............. ......,...... P resident MRS, EUGENE GORDON .......... ,..,... V ice President MRS. ROBERT ANDREWS ........ ............. S ecretary MRS. GEORGE BARRICK ............ ....,.... T reasurer PROGRAMS September- School Fair with Dorothy Sweany as judge. October-Religion and Education with Rev. Winzenreid and Rev. Miller. November-Education Tomorrow with Hobart Kinney and Lavender Ullett. December-Music with Mr. Toot. January'-Health with Mrs. Clifford Clinger. February--No meeting because of coal shortage. March-Program presented by students participating in Literary Contest. April--Recreation on Family Night. May--Symposium on Discipline. Our membership chairman turned in 303 memberships. A gain for which we received a record book at the Harvest Supper as a reward. We haven't undertaken any large project this year because of the war. We have tried to provide good programs at our meetings, and have had as many School Dances for our childrcn's entertainment as was possible. We have refurnished the School First Aid Kits and hacked the Crusade for Children, also the clothing do-- nation. Wt' helped Mr. Toot with his n '-ir , ' music for school activities. pp- Sandyville P. T. A. The officers are: President, Mrs. I. E. Howkinsg Vice President, Miss Grace Speak:-rg Secretary, Mrs. Pauline Oswald: and Treasurer, Mr. Harry Welker. The total membership this year was 121. An award of a lovely record book was received at the annual Harvest Supper for an increase in membership over last year. The various themes for this year's meetings were: I Give Thanks Unto the Lord for He is Goodg Peace on Earth, Good Will 'Toward Meng Better Be Safe Than Sorryg How Firm a Foundation, Knowledge is Power, Know Your School, and All Children are Our Children. The P. T. A. Summer Round-Up was a special project to promote the health of the children about to enter school. Also, we sponsored the Boy Scouts. SPECIAL PROGRAM On March 21, 1945, Sandyville Parent-Teachers Association sponsored a "Breakfast in Hollywood" party immediately following the regular business meeting. The refreshments were served while 300 guests gathered around tables that were attrac- tively decorated in spring colors. The oldest lady, Linda Benedict, 85 years old, was awarded the beautiful Arm-Roy orchid which was air-expressed from Tom Brenaman in Hollywood. The oldest man, Godfrey Schneider, 91 years old, received an award also. Mr. Schneider's grandson, Corporal Robert Schneider, who has a part in the movie, "G. I. Joe," was the only serviceman present. The wishing ring was won by Mrs. Mary May. Mrs. L. V. Carnahan of East Sparta and Mr. Hugh Dcihl of Sandyville received awards for the "Good, Good Neighbors." Superintendent M. Z. Pond was guest speaker for the evening. Irving Howkins portrayed the part of Tom Brenaman, Merlin Brothers was the an- nouncer, and joseph Smith took the part of "Corny.' Mrs. Eugene Gordon received an award for the goofiest hat. All -local business establishments were recognized throughout the program, and their rooperation helped greatlv in making the party an all-round success. ' Grade School---East Sparta GRADES FIVE AND SIX lim row: Donna Medley, Mary Kathryn Shank, Sue Chabot, Mary Catherine Carnahan, Beryl Koon, Frank Butler,iBill Neading, Zona Baechle, Pat Carnahan, jerry Wagner. Seefind row: Lyn Walsh, Donald Evans, Cary Black, Donald Slutz, Billy Medley, Sam Miller, jimmy Walker, Gladys Fry, Marlene Mehl, Katherine Barnes. 'I hird row: Iva Jean Kirby, Carolyn Lrbold, Bonnie Hager, Wanda Patterson, Doris Craw- ford, Niles Deetz, Joe Devine, Paul Smith, Max Gortney. lmirih row: Patty Mlivann, Sally Pond, Alginc Neisz, Jane Best, Lois Watts, Mary Iluwton Finmees Yoekey, Ernest Render, John Miller, Mrs. Andrews. GRADES FOUR AND FIVE lnkl row: Bill Harrier, Donald Riee, Dua' Brownfield, ,Izielg Mellade, Wenclmll Nlillwi Charles Blakely, Paul Roby, Leonard l...chen, Joe Wyant. Wwmirl row: Mary Cooper, lvlary Umstead, Betty Lou Medley, Muriel C1arn.ili.ix:, janet lilatl jane Snyder, Rosemary Gill, Anna Shaner, Lueille Ervin, Dean liyans. lhird row: Eddie Slutz, Ceeilia Fort, Shirley Shaffer, Greta Shaffer, Donna lfetteix, .klir llayiw, Ifranlaie Reynolds, Dale Garner, Gene Sehlimm, Vern Garner, Mry. Cllappeip GRADES TWO AND THREE First row: Richard Slutz, john Slutz, Robert Medley, Ronnie Medley, Glen Shnner, Allan Slutz, Joanne Medley, Jean Fetters, Kenneth Render, Sam Kirby, Kenneth Crawford, Frankie Wright. ' Second row: Mary Smith, Shirley Meyer, Clara Derflinger, Sherie Bockus, Yvonne Wright, i Judy Wright, jo Lane Brothers, Anna May Ervin, Beverly Shaffer, Helen Fort, Doris Evans, Shirley Swinford. lhird row: Vivian Gortney, Donna Long, Erdine,Dews, Mary Martha Boswell, Kent l"ern-ll, Richard Herbert, Ed Meyer, Kenneth Minor, Clifford Baum, Joel- Black, Jerry Fetters, jerry Nertding. GRADES ONE AND TWO First row: llzirold Cooper,-Spencer Gordon, Richard Schlimm, Gary Glen Wright, Gerailtl Forbes, llowurd Irwin, lloyd Davlin, Emery Brownfield, Kenneth Pgisting, llnrold .ooper. Second row: Sue Rice, Franklin Allen, Glen McDade, jack Winzenried, Junior Cziiiiervlh Lylan Walker, Carolyn Neading, Carol Snyder, Stephen Abel. 'lhircl row: Marry Nlurleai Mottice, Suzanne Stephens,.C:1rol Ann Halter, Zena Gorlney, Geraldine Evans, joan Shenkle, Elinor Pond, Billie Grinrdstaff, Rochelle Wilson, Pzuslix Raye Quillen, Esther Umstead. Fourth row: Lillian Hagar, Larry Lee Nohl, Dixon Shenk,.Ann McKinney, Roseiiiuit ULU!!! . Sandra Walsh, Zane Black, Sandra Morehead, Doris Allen, Bexerly Alirigg, Donald lliczwnlielcl. 'fond row: Lury Hudnvll, Graff' Bair, Jvan Alice- Herman, Evvlyn Larlrarli, Uolorvs Hallii Grade Sclwool---Sanclyville GRADES SEVEN .NND Rlfllfl' first row: Clvo Millc'x', Jaimiz llvnlinv, Hvrlmvrt Srlmi-iClf'x', Riflmrd Axmnuia, Miki' Prvnli 1 govir, Dran Strong, Ivan Prvdragoviig Janicc' Dolvin, joan William, Danivl Matvrna jrarminr' Farbcr, Juno Baum, Maxim' PolCl1,.M:xry' Haltvr. lliiul row: Robert Stvclv, Hclrn Dada, Norma Crillvv, Cmwva Nalvlv, Viiiwl Hamm, Unix Witlmin, Roy King, Donald Williamson, William 'Knottg Miss Sp:-:ulinwx GRADES FIVE AND SIX ll'Nl row: Janrt Williams, M.ll'X' Tarriolv, Vi-ilvt Young, BQ'VL'1'ly llI'ill'XM DOWN iilflll' 'Q Cora Ladrach, Myra Boyd,iJamc's Herman, Dorothy 'l'ac'ci0lc, Dvan Polrii. rcund row: Rox' Baum, Atlvr Crowl, Billv Cadclvy, Sammy Antc'noi'a, jrssi- Cainlilr-blm N f lx f Polvn, Paul Dolvin, Harry Bair, Lrrov Hvnlmv, Crm: Carling, Nvil Liarnf-J, j-1" ' 'nm David Matvrnn, Mrs Lvhman. GRADES THREE AND FOUR l-'irst row: jam-I. Hawkins Elainc Norris Barbara Lindsax' Monica Halt:-r Marilvn Karma, , , , , , . Marlena' Oswald, Donna Slabaugh, Eva Prcdragovxc, Norma Farnsworth. Second row: William Williams, William Slabaugh, Larry Dolvin, Ricliarcl Haltvr, Cir-orgv Hrrman, Richard Matcrna, Vancc Carncs, john Waync Cadclcy, Edward Young. llrird row: Richard Witliam, Roland Ovcrdorf, Robcrt Tolfo, Howard Gcclxlcr, llillx' Crum Dorsr -IcnkinQ, Alhcrt Ladrach, Harold Crowl, Richard Oswald. GRADES ONE AND TWO ic"1a'TfTff lfirmt row: VYilliani Nciscl, larrrx l'll'OIIllTll, Grorgc lXlalm'rna, Ruth Ann x'l'l'lll4'l', Ann Wxlliaim, .Xnna Pri-dragovic, Vilda Slalxaugh, Max jon' Kcrl, Nancy Bxinl-anan, Nancy .Xnn lrax Sf cond row: .Klr-tha Noblc, Robrrt Hawkins, Darryl Carnrs, Judy Hrrinan, Yr rl Slronu, IM mond Nulwlv, Clayton Crowl, Anna lNIary xvllll2lIllS, Ucorgr May, W'anda llolcn. ir I. lhird row: Sum' Iiarncs, lfliarlotlc' Boyd, Marcrlla Ovmrclorf, Martha llurxwll, Kilrn liauxn lvlllldlll Barrics, Yvrna Mac l..1drac'l1, Jana! vvllllillll, MN. Miller East Sparta-Sanciyville High School Alumni CLASS OF 1927 Donald Carnes Doris Cook CLASS OF 1928 Viola Black Evelyn Bowman Edith Marie Davies Wilfred Hall Helen Janson Bernice joseph Elizabeth Lichtenwalter Vincent Lucas Myrtle Mulinex Leonard Taylor Harry Vorhees Mary Welty CLASS OF 1929 Freda Able Paul Black Agnes Fightmaster Mildred Keeney Catherine Knotts William Slutz Mose Stephens CLASS OF 1930 Hazel Adams Bernard Baum Harvey Baum Helen Brothers , Marguerite Carnes Verna Lupher Hazel Nelson Lewis Rice Harold Russell Florence Slutz CLASS OF 1931 Helen Able David James Davies Margaret Klotz Fred Slutz ,Madaline Walker 'Clyde Williams CLASS OF 1932 Nathan Black Pauline Eversole Nelson Eversole Esther Janson Marvin Keeney Mary Lois Klotz Reva Lupher Eugenia Maser Idabelle May Kenneth Mills Mary Paulus James Weslev Rice June Yant CLASS OF 1933 Hazel Brothers jane Clugson Harold Fry Millard Haag Verne Joseph Lucille Mills Viola Schaub Mary Slutz John Wagonhals Mary Margaret Williams Mary Ernestinc Young William Slutz CLASS OF 1934 Ruth Bender Evangeline Carter john Clutter Forest Gard Florence Gill Dwight jones John Mick: Bardine Miller Carl Neading Edith Paulus Katherine Rice Wade Van Voorhis CLASS OF 1935 Joseph Atkinson William Beitzel Ruth Best Donald Black Pauline Clugston Lou Leone Clutter Wilma Cook Thelma Everettc Lowell Haag Howard Imboden Wendell Janson Dan Larson Helen Loftus Bernice Lupher Merrian Morledge Donald Mosberger William Newland Glen Slutz CLASS OF 1936 Virgil Broads Lester Brothers Rosemond Deal Mary Devine Mary Jane Dine Dorothy Eversle Myrtle Fetters Dorothy Haag Franklin Keeney Leona Neading William Schnitzer Opal Seibert Miriam Stephens Robert Ullett Clyde Vorhecs East Sparta-Sanclyville High School Alumni CLASS OF 1937 Kathleen Black Marvin Cook Mary Fondriest Edward Hartzel Hazel Howenstine Howard Keel Pauline Lamb James Moffet Flossie Rainsberg Mary Schnitzer Erma Shuster Esther Siber Loretta Slutz Robert Sochnlen james Ullett Paul Williams Max Weaver CLASS OF 1938 Ortcn Able Paul Baum Melvin Boyd Mary Lois Brown Ensil Cross Robert May Edith Neiss Robert Oswald Chester Price Kay Rice Nancy Slutz Gayle Weaver CLASS OF 1939 William Allison Jane Burnheimer Gwenda Devine Stanley Duerr Betty Gill Mildred Handshuh Louis Larson Richard Lewis Merle McKinney Irene Quillen Charles Scaffide Dorothy Seibert Edward Seibert Gladys Steel CLASS OF 1940 Marvin Archinal Margaret Bennett Eugene Close Lee Roy Dine Francis Fondriest Richard Fry Margaret Haddon Eileen Hall Donald Hartzcll Janis Machamer Robert MeVann Dorothy Meyers Alice Neiss Gary Patterson Myria Price Roy Rice Louise Schneider Marjorie Sehnitzcr Louise Slutz Harold Stahlecker Margaret Stahlecker Marjorie Voelm CLASS OF 19-ll , Eugene Beitzel Michael A. Devine Doris M. Farber Alice L. Frilley Robert M. Gard Charles A. Haag Erma J. Henline Milan A. Howenstine Gene W. Kincaid James J. May Virginia M. Myers W. Fred Miller Gregg W. Nixon Evelyn P. Quillen M. Eileen Simonson Charles Stephens Frank A. Syler CLASS OF 1942 Geraldine Abrigg Esther Archinal Eugene Bartley Lee Brown Jack Carling Helen Davis Coolidge Farber Elmer Gamble Mae Jones Richard Kinney Virginia Lupher Homer McDadc Doris Miller Ernest Murray Dorothy Pelger Maxine Rice Alvin Schneider Helen Shaffer Eugene Vorhees Wilfred Waltz CLASS OF 1943 Jewel Archinal Paul Bungard jr. Junior Baum William Burnheimcr Ruth Couts Grace Farber Hopealene Garner Robert Gill Charles Grell Gloria Haverman Edward Horton Marilyn Howenstinc Thomas Lindsay Carl Materna Jay MeVann Robert Norris Ertus Pritchard Irene Rogers Philip Scaffide John Stephens Harriet Thomas Norma Winters CLASS OF 1944 Dauna Bennett Eileen Brothers Joseph Crum Betty Garner Robert D. Herbert Martha Louise Neiss William J. Reynolds Janice L. Stevens Betty Winzcnried jack H. Yoekey School Services .. ,f 'T iff' 1' ,f 1 I M" '1UV51'3f'U1'W'i ED LIALHUON and MR. Um Snmlyvillc' Fmt gpqm., wx- :""L..,,pv-M1WM 41" lil ' X: s- WK Q., . 5 3gj'f1,x'Q2 40 mM,,.Q H, OUR hx IIUOI. BUSES N XXX '-.XX N .Xa xx X X5 xxx, ' X X X X X X xx X Y. xx xx X X N XX lx XXX A .K x bb X 3 x 2 lg XX X X L N X EE 1 PQLZJQ Jf3,LzyQ2 'fziff ziggy? 7RE1te' At . B. 5e,Z,,,1?,,u C 5 K is .'1xg'w,?fEjWf x 5 ?fQ5.f'g ' ,: C Jf51'2ffff+W l 8 7'ff?? MQ c,g,,vn, Jfvffoffaff TJWWTIMU TODAY'S BUSINESS T0 T0 WORK PLAN F UR F 0 R VICTURY PEA CE 'lr EAST SPARTA HARDWARE EAST SPARTA, OHIO .- EAST SPARTA DRUG STQRE EAST SPARTA, OHIO u Phone 7Olll Compliments of The Sparta Ceremic Company 191 I U F 05.40 AN OHIO STATE ACCREDITED BEAUTY SCHOOL GHAS. YELLIN, Pres. Unnn if I ae s I " 'E ' -4 fe l v f' k fd Easy Payment Plan Free Employment Service At Any Time to Our Graduates The... TIIF WURLDT THIRD LIRUEST INDUSTRY Beauty Cultu re YOUR FUTURE' the all import Professional Beauty Culture will open the door to success and make YOUR future increasingly profitable as the years add to your experience and prestige. It is an established fact that Beauty Culture offers untold opportunities. It is the world's THIRD largest indus- try and one of the few remaining UNCROWDED professions. -90 'Ni s.-,nc Anon Should Be YOUR CHOICE of a Career ant thing in your' whole exiistencel ip1BLfM S C fa - . . . 5 2 ' cgi' PAYIONAL Our famous Hygienic System as- sures you of the finest, most thorough training possible. It acquaints you with EVERY phase of the Beauty profession . . . both theoretical and practical. Additional subjects, lectures and specialties are included in the regular course . . . such as shop man- agement, hair styling, make-up and many others that will- give you more than just a course in Beauty Culture. Ours is one the few schoo in Ohio that have been awarded this distinction. ls - Canton 7-Icademy of Beauty Culture CANTON, OHIO 312 CLEVELAND AVE. N. W. "BEAUTY BUILDING" Phone 7043 John Greenleaf Welker and Rembront Miller .Qualify Poem, gnc! Pkobgaapluf Summa Sewing Gland 'Q-4' Singer Sewing Cenker 438 NORTH MARKET ST. Nu'sley's Piano School Ganplmmh of 0hi.?'1?fi2i"T'EZZf.'l5LZf.iw'i'iZ.i0. O QSWAI-U5 PIANO - THEORY - PEDOGOGICS FLORENCE NUSLEY, Director Second Floor Over McCrory's Dial 3-2900 SERVICE STATION SANDYVILLE, onio eamplimenli Zfze Stop 8 Shop Food Market East Sparta, Ohio PHONE 7691 Canton's Most Beautiful luaqagined, Ice Quan ,I X GMM Stone SANDYVILLE, OHIO Compliments of The Bank of Magnolia Co. 'GB' ..,,..,,.. if CANTON, OHIO , 1 ' "GOOD LUCK CLASS OF '45" Rice Office Supply Company E I Stationers with Years of Experience to Help Serve You 204 Third St. N. W., Canto O, COMPLIMENTS OF THE HELENA BEAUTY SHOP EILEEN BROTHERS, Operator HELEN BOCKUS, Mgr. 6 of PATTERSON'S FnozEN Foon LCCKERS and Congratulations to the Class of '45 90"'f'f0"?'f4 of CANTUN Sllllll Mzllllllll' Lehnld Brucerg , 2353353155 SANDYVILLE, oH1o Slum! fm Me 5:11432-eaafnilq We Umm PEAKER Bnos. A. L. BEITER- gwffm S 132 Cleveland Ave. N. W. CANTON, OHIO 3,1006 ggdcjwd SANm'v11,1.1-1, omo Machamer Restaurant We 4'M1'f' M' Bef -...INT- " ATHLETIC Home Cooked Meals A Damant"4 EAST SPARTA. OHIO 134 Second Street S. E. Open Six Days a Week CANTON, OHIO Candy- Pop - Cigarettes A gveeiings fzom THE STEIIN MANN 00. DIAMUND5 - WATCHES E ewvpldfwvh Ol Sdaawaae - 614014 A GW The Livingston DEUBLES Furniture Cu. JEWELERS FOR 112 YEARS 130 Market Ave. S. 300 MARKET AVE. N. C'2?9'mfufaffO'11 CADDET5 GHEENHUUSE an of 7945 THE OFFICE I 0 Potted Plants EQUIPMENT Co. I gut Flowefs orsages "COMPLETE SERVICE IN SCHOOL FURNITURE AND SUPPLIES- OFFICE FURNITURE AND SUPPLIES" if 32 ' USCARAWAS ST. W. Ph 6111 CANTON, OHIO SANDYVILLE. OHIO Gaanfalimeafd of CONTRACT GR Kenneth G. Sarbaugh 0:0 SANDYVILLE, OHIO 'INIMMENCEMENT GIFTS' SINCERE That win Outlast Your Memories 0f1'-c1mP0f'an'Day- CCNCRATULATICNS ggswafzy - Zianzoncfa CLASS of 191.15 WVQMEE 4' Cimtlyz 1207 Cm... Ave. N. W. McC1'eery 's CANTON, OHIO 'Y . Best Wishes Sandyville Feed Store To The H. M. WELKER, Prop Class of '45 -g- '+ Feed, Seed and Fertilizer ch S B S U SANDYVILLE. omo T GWdmmh4 ELMDALE DAIRY ,me .:. em.. .,. 3,94 In Our Ninth Year MARTIN S. BLACK "E" ' J EWELRY Buy Graduation Gifts That Last Gantonia 0Hu! Rolialla emu: ymf.. 135 Tuesc. E. GORDON 4una4lJlame 'B' EAST SPARTA SAN DYVILLE DRINK IN UDTTLES EEREEEEEEHBHEHEHEEEEEEEBEWEEH3 Complimenis of United States Quarry Tile Co. East Sparta, Ohio Buy Mama Wm Bomb EENWEWWWEEWEME RULES FOR SUCCESS Don't worryg don't overbuy. Keep a high vitality, keep insuredg keep cool. Stick to chosen pursuits, but not to chosen methods. Bc content with small beginnings and develop them. Be cautious, but when a bargain is made, stick to it. Keep down expenses, but don't be stingy. Make friends, but not favorites. Don't take new risks to retrieve old losses Stop a bad account at once. Make plans ahead, but don't make them in cast iron. Don't tell what you are going to do until you have done it. -Prairie Lumberman 6 P. 81 0. F000 STORE EAST SPARTA, OHIO The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Chinese l"rc'.'erb FADE ll S N O gatscusff fo 55125011 It is our sincere hope that, as you leave the East Sparta-Sandyville High School, you will be very suc- cessful in the various walks of life you choose to pur- sue. WR' know that you will have many pleasant memories of the hzippy experiences enjoyed here, and we hope that we may be a part of them. THE FACULTY m1mlBUUUU EEEmUmHI 4 'ff 5:4 I ,-1. -if v 'fl 'Nm' flfffdfwffd ,1 .1 S 5 Z 2 E 2 f 53? Q1 -T081 .faq fr wed? 5 F Q 145 ma. ?!!i!i f 55' Q! W, was .Q H . K1 11 fig. A 11 ,- 'if 1, -. -Vx NTP J! 5 . c XS. . I . 4 , , .. i A. h, 6 V. .. u' p ,Z I ' ' 4 .xi K. L V 1 ' '-. 1 L 1 . Y -Xl . . . 'af . 1 1 ' Q. '.:r . e Ney I. .1 1 , K. . J f . 4,.:25..,, 2 ' g F . x F.. ..k'n . iii -Eu .iiw-,i?::: Q fi- ,aww V., Q an '- 2 V .A ,M . , JV- 'ilgfhhx - vf 31" " x' -' lift -'LG' Q 'xl ' " I 1. 4. limi-1. if sf -. '.:':ggf,K".5 3 urfg .g,.:,. 'a A ii-: ,,.' - iw? --if wh'-3. . fii., u -.. . .. J.-wx .a .1 , 'R S f 1 ' ' P 9351 " , fe . Fam ,321 'm s gx gt iggfg 5 . wifi - ggiigfij . nfivggfx 5 ,Fl I C3-b X Haig,-g'.:9'i?,,'f' fsk ff 4 fs f'!'xif2.'ti ,L P! KE 2 I1 S 3 's Z ? m E 3 5. r f E Il 3 5 Q 3 a E E 2 a 1 E A 4 .- ie S I Z 3 ia 2 Q If , 3 Q 5 .- i :ME!q I R' -,ISM ' .4.,'lI2fl3S 1 fl ' .LAI D" ' ' .f is "'!-..' 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