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,M KN 1. A B n. .rw LQ kiln x ,wifi W 'I vn ' :i'133 'Y-Y ' Em DEDICATION With greatest pride we dedicate our book to Islrf. Lavender S. Ullett, President of the Board of Educa1':ion.' The Senior Class of' 1940 deeply appreciate 1'1iseffor'ts. wt' xQMMf L 1,1 A , . I f' 11 if" Ah .. :ff AB 3356 , . I . ggylvglsiii - X 1 A gwsmgjgwqwmqg qwwiv f FOREWOHD We, the Seniors of ,194O, wish to express our sincere gratitude on behalf off our parents, the business men, and the high school faculty for the unselfish help they have given us in publishing this annual. We have enjoyed' working on it and although we'have put in hours of hard work, we feel that we have left an accom- plishment that will be appre- ciated as well as worth our while to publish. e W N JO President L. S. Ullctt E. G. F. H. Halter McKinney Clerk' J. J. Rice Vine Pres. H. M. H. Rice Welker 40006 Aff X Iargarot PRINCIPAL Lewis Rico SUPERINTENDENT W. J. Schnitzor A C U L T Y Schnitzor Jack Bruner Margaret Crider Konnoth Jacobson Victor Iams THE STHFF Editor ------------------------ Eileen Hall Business Managers --------- Garry Patterson Marvin Archinal Eugene Close Circulation Managers ---------- Alice Neiss Marjean Sehnitzer , Harold Stanleker Typists ------ ----------- Dorothy Meyer Marjorie Voelm Frances Fondriest Pictures ------------------ Donald Hartzell The above staff has been ably assisted by the remaining members of the class. Qumlima Board of Education Faculty A Classes AlEKDli4 Activities Sports Jokes and Adds l 4 -9,45 .f.fQf, f - fs, ff ff L X ,G J if 9 X I , , , f,,, I ' ' ? f 1 ,, 1 x..-.x Nxxx. N v x ' ,QQQ x 59' N f wx sb X x X - x X f N x 1 l X A N, X N N xx XXXQ x SAX Q ' ,151 Z 3 X, 7 , I ' ,fly X, X .'.- K' f? f , IZ XX .X . X5 .jx .x Zf ff. f if 71211, AW QIWVWA fff. za' " ZW? ,1.p,,L , 49 X i3 T XXX YSRQRFSNTST - wNXtxS XXX 'XX x NM XS 44' XR N X Q Q A E , x SY X FN Q9 . X NX xx N X X xy X N ENXNK Q X Nx. K X X4 XX X :N x X x QX.x"V Q U k Q X-Q0 ww X 'Kzwxmx w X . X X x 'XM' 'R W3 'XY' Z4 iff Septo SCpl.7c Octo Oct. Oct. NOVQ NOVA NOVQ Dec. Dec. Dec. Deco Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb 0 Feb. Feb. Feb, Feb. March 1:1315 eh March March April April April May May May May May Maj' May May May May May 5 ll 18 20 51 15 22 22 7 14 20 22 2 11 17 22 27 3 10 17 22' 2 8 15 20 50 19 26 29 4 8 9 11 13 16 18 19 21 1 25 24 2: ---LOG OF T3-IE YEAR Stark County Fair School Day. School Started. W Presentation of Bibles by Mr. Esterly. Seniors gave a Chili supper in honor of Charles Nicholson. High School Halloween Party. The band played at Sandyville. Juniors sponsored skating party. Seniors moved to their new room. Donna Jean Hammell placed 2nd in a declamation contest. Dedication of new addition. Mother's tea sponsored by High School Christmas vacation begins. Back to school again. Mid-year exams. Radio play. Tuberculosis test taken by the school Seniors sponsored Chili supper before Debate tournament at North Canton. Lost basketball game with Malboro. 18, 20, Basketball tournament. Seniors received class ringsi 25, 24, Basketball tournament.. 9 HSpring Feverni-Jr. Play. A Character portray of Abe Lincoln. Literary contest at Canton Twp. Senior Scolarship test at Canton Twp. Alexander Trio. ' 4 ,. P 27 nHurricene Housen--Sr. Play. All-pupil test at Canton Twp. Stark County Music Festival. School exhibit. Won baseball trophy from Magnolia. nHis Ozark Cousinn--Sr. Play. Letters awarded students. Athletic banquet. Jr.-Sr. banquet. Baccalaureate. 22 Final exams. Commencement. Last day of school. Girls. and after Magnolia game Q s Z MJ , af' .K 1 Sfm lf- ! ,C 'fy 4 ly ff fu MQ A' . NL wi' +4 . I , 2 .H 1 ' .O ,,, ,Z ,W -Wffff 4,4 ,fn X fc 4? N 'VW' l I V13 'gl ,A Wig? ' 4 J K fr ffw f f Pl yff, fx, :MQ ' rf!! 1' Z4 fyif x'-'r-,Ne .Q - 3-'y.1i,, gg wff--. '-QA Kr- . . -4- Tfkii ' "7 S",?9l'Y5' Q.f' A f'g"Tif?C:"3Y'?3T'- -X-kSk4f'?' -4'r-bC'f's3'5S?fr.Si" i" .. , xxx 'Xb-,DQ-fx xxx'??w.f-?.x...5 52-ig.-'-LSE? . sagatgt . , ,. . '13gIgK+,a13is-ig -- X xi R .wi X x .1 1 fx Main -Q..." '- ,..., . Z . J EU UR Frances 0 ,qt Fondriest " VICE SECRETARY PRES IDENT Harj Gan' ' sglilje 1161245 ,.,2SChi1tibtw' Amd .lu af Auoccdd-" Robert McVa Mx WW U4 WM-WW4 ,M-,um,a, ,ofa TREASURER xl Marvi Archinal .1 b - ' W I ' ' '- A " ' I., 7""' W7 Margaret Bennett Margaret Hadden .M I' 'RIQJN 1- Eugene Close , Lee Roy Dine vyd , vijlu, a,Z1JJd?d,CAlA1f ,Quia flaw. Eileen Hall Janis Machhmer ,yu frrw-Ula! af " ' 2,01 20-wt M I 1 fm 76-Q4 9261141 f99'6' an-mfr, Q4-vot--su Donal2JHartzel1 Richard Fry I7-11,26 df 1 MDW --JA ff, ,MM M'fKj,,,,,zz" Dorothy Meyer Myria Price I ' A ,bvwfowf ' Kluu WW 540435 i5jR2'fC9k.67,1ff 75fa5hALQyzzML4Jq 7 ,,"-" M216-ff f995,,,.c.,,. Garry Patterson Harold Stehleker jl,f,4,1VrLA4oLQ Wmwffffflw ,pa-666 Margaret Stahleoker Louise Slutz f ,J Louise Roy Rice Marjorie S id " ' V I ohne er dl gxwj H ,oelm -fw If eww ffffb , MWWQ. t 44 5, ,l. -it up -- ,..g ., P I fl - , ..,. JL- YQ .XX r X N ff'rnv1'f1ff JFBS Nei I1 ,J , MARVIN ARCHINAL FRANCES Fomnaimsm Sport ---- ------- --Basketball Sport ------------- Basketball Hobby --------- Roller Skating Hobby ---------------- lSeWing Ambition ------- - ---- Engineer Ambition-- -------- Beautician Activities H Activities " M Basketball ----------------- 4 Band -------------------- 3, 4 Junior Play ----------------- Orchestra --------------- 5, 4 Senior Play ----------- --1--- Senior Play -------- - -------- Glee Club--- ------- --2, 5, 4, Literary ---------- 1, 2--1--- 4 Junior Police ----- l, 2, 3--- Paper Staff -------- 1-23 5, 4 Glee Club --------- l, 2, 5, 4 MARGARET BENNETT Senior President- ----------- Minstrel ------------- 2 ------ Sport --------------- Baseball ,All Pupil Test ------------- 4 Hobby ----------------- Sewing Ambition --------------- Nurse RICHARD FRY -f Activities Junior Play -------- 1-------- Sport --------------- Football Glee Club --------- l, 2, 5, 4 Hobby ---------------- -Flying Ambition ------- -Army Aviator EUGENE CLOSE Activities ' Football ----------- -----5, 4 Sport --------------- Baseball Baseball ---------- l, 2, 5--- Hobby ---------------- Hunting Junior Play ----------------- Ambition ---- ------ --Engineer Hi-Y -------------------- 5--- Activities Football ----------------- --4 MARGARET HADDEN Baseball ---------------- 2, 4 Senior Play ---------------- -if A .Sport --------------- Baseball Hi-Y Secretary- ------ -----4 Hobby ---------------- Reading Hi-Y -------- - ----- - ----- 5, 4 Ambition ----------- Librarian ' Activities N Paper Staff- ------ -- ------- 4 LEE ROY DINE Senior Play -------- - --- Sport --------------- Football LOUISE SLUTZ Hobby --------------- -Hunting H AmbitiOn-4 .,...... ,-E ,- Sport --------------- Baseball , t. t. nglncer Hobby ---------------- Driving HC 1V5- 195 N Ambi ion ---------- Beautician Fogtball ................... 4 Activities Junior Pla -------------- --A Senior P137 ----------------- Paper Star? ..... -a-a--:-::-4 Hi-1' ---------- ----- 5 , 4 Glee Club -------- 1, 2, 5, 4 .4:::::: l91lo NE5e---- Activities Ccontinuedl EILEEN HALL Sport ----------- ----Swimming Hobb -------------------- Art Ambition ---- Lab ratory Tech. Activities Band --------------- l--l-5--- Orchestra --------- 5--- Literary ----- ----- 2, 5--- Paper S.aff-- ----- , 2, 3, Glee Club --------- l, 2, S, Cheer Leader ------------ L-- U3 CD 5 I"' O H 'U I-' D '4 I I I I I I I I-'I-'ll-' 1- ls I IN lb I I I I P I Pr!! ESP Hs 5 USS cfm NIJ CD IJM I Q IP' ld' I0 l"S Il ll Il II II Il I'I Il Nl I'I Il OTII 'Ill II rl!-rbll Art Editor -------- 1, 2, 1, 2, A11 Pupil Test ---- 51 DONALD HARTZELL iport --------------- Swimming bb ------------ Ph t h Ambition ----------- 9-fggilof Activities Football- --------- 'jf-77"-j'-4 Senior Play ----------------- 5i?YEE2EE:::::i::i2:gE:-E2 2 JANIS MACHAMER S ort Swimming Hgbbi::::::::::::555toQragh, Ambi ion ---------- Beau ic an Activities Orchestra --------- 1 -------- - o Pla un F Z::::::::::::::::: ginigr 2i?f ---- 1 -'--:-4 Glge club---I-I-I-i,'2, 5, 4 MARJORIE VOELM s t --------------- s 1..1 R Kass ................ seam, Ambition ---- Laboratory Tech. Activities Junior Play --------- f--7E--- Ei82rCiuS--::::::::1j'52-224 Cheer Leader--- ------ 2----4 Minstrel ------------ 4-2e444+ All Pupil Test ----- l, 2,5,,4 ROBERT MCVANN Sport --------------- Football Hobby ---------------- Hunting Ambition ------ f ---- Draftsman Activities ' ' Basketball ------- ----2, 5, 4 Football ----------- A-2, 5, 4 Baseball ----- ---- 1, 2, 5, 4 Junior Play -------- A -------- Senior Play ----------- a-ae-- Paper Staff ---------- 2, 53 G1eeaClub ---------- 4-2, 5, 4 4 Treasurer of'C1ass-l, 2, 3, 4 Minstrel ------------- 2--as-a H1-Y -------------------- 5, 4 DOROTHY MEYER Sport --------------- Baseball Hobby ----- 1 ------------ Music Ambi ion --------------- Nurse Activities 'H' H Band --------------- A--L-53 4 4 Orchestra --------- l, 2, 3, Senior Play--- ------ a-a4-- Dobatew-- --- -----2, 5, 4 Paper Staff w------- 1--A-5, 4 Glee Club-M-W ----- l, 2, 5, 4 Minstrel ------------- 24--4-A All Pupil Test ------- 2, 3, 4 Senior Test ----- ---------- MARGARET STAHLECKER Sport--- ---- Basketball Hobby ---------------- Skating Ambition ---------- Beautician Activities Senior Play -------------- 4-- Paper Staff ------ ---4--S, 4 Glee Club -------- ---- 5--- Q , , '27 Q: 'T' I ,-, cwi':aI I-uI""'lE A A 17 5 'MIG ' ' nj' Nz Activities Ccontinuedl ALICE NEISS Sport ------------- Basketball Hobby ----------------- Sewing Ambition -------- Stenographer Activities ' ' Orchestra ------------ 2, 5, 4 Jmnmfway ----------------- Literary ------------- 2a--a-- Paper Staff -------- 4-2, 3, 4 Glee Club --------- 1, 2, S, 4 President ------- Junior Vice Senior Vice President ---- --- Minstrel--- ---------- 2--L--- A11 Pupil Test ---- -.----a--- GARRY PATTERSON Sport---- ---------- Badminton Hobby--v- ------------ Reading Ambition-.a ---- ----- Engineer I Activities U' Football ---------------- 5, 4 Band ----- f -------------- 5--- Junior Play --------- -------- Debate- -------------- 2--:L-Q Paper Staff- -------- --4-5, 4 Glee Club ---------- --2, 5, 4 Boy Scout --------- l, 2 ----- 3 Junior President ------------ Minstrel ------------- 2 ----- ' Hi-Y President ---. ..,. 4-44-4 Hi-Y --------------- -----5, 4 All Pupil Test ---- 1, 2,,o-- LOUISE SCHNEIDER Sport --------------- Swimming Hobby ---------------- Skating Ambition ---------- Stewardess Activities Junior Play ----------------- Senior Play ----------------- Paper Staff -------- --------4 Glee Club --------- 1, 2, 5, 4 Cheer Leader --------- 2, 5--- INRIA PRICE Sport ------------- Basketball Hobbv ---------------- Skating Ambition ------------- Teacher Activities Senior Play ----------------- Literary ------------- 2- ----- Paper Staff -------- ---1--L-4 Glee Club --------- 1, 2, 5, 4 ROY RICE U3'1jU3 CD WOW 233 U53 P' U'U'CD d'4!c'I' mmf? I-"ll I-'I-'O' Oll I-'I'-'55 Dil Ill--'UPI ll Ill-'CII' lllfflll llll""l'JUl II I4II+I llll""'lQ-'I ::ll.'1'6JP'l ll-"' I IIIOCTEI IIIUJO I Ill'-' 'vw -woo ll Cfm NJIUND MON' ""' 1533 UVX:x mar new ISM-bl UJ 'U 0 'S cr I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I U3 E E A senior Play -.-.- ---+-5 ---- - Glee Club --------- 1, , 3, Hi-Y -------------------- 5, MARJEAN SCHNITZER Hobby ---- - ----------- Reading Ambi ion --------------- Nurse Activities A Senior Play ------ A ------ ---- Paper Staf -------- L--2--1-4 Glee Club- ---- ----1, 2, 3, 4 Minstrel ------------- 2------ Senior Secretary------------ All Pupil Test ---- l, 2, 3--- Athlet c Council -------- 5--- HAROLD STAHLEKER ort ------------- Basketball Hunti obbl ------ ---- ----- - EF Ambizion ------------ ---Coagg Activities ' ' ' Basketball -------- l, Football ---------- 1, Baseball ---------- 1, , 4 3: Junior Play ------------- ---- 2' f' 4 31314 Senior Play --------------- -- Paper Staf ------- 1---4-5, 4 Glee Club ----------- -2, 5, 4 Minstrel ------------ -2---4-- H1-Y---4 ---------------- 5, 4 4 Athletic COunCil--- ------- -4 'fH3DUl The new addition to the East Sparta High School is one that everyone should be proud of. Upon entering, the first thing that should attract your at- tention is the newly painted halls and auditouium. Four years ago when typing was put into over the sewing room of the Home Economics crowded both departments. with the most modern equipment the commerce the room formerly occupied the school it took department, this New since 'we have a brand new shop room has moved into by the shop, we have received new typ- ing desks and a new Royal typewriter. The Home Economice depart- a ment is no longer crowded, work. They have received P.T.A. has bought a lot of The boys can be proud but 1 very beautiful place in which to three new Tappen gas ranges, and the new cooking utensils. to have their new tile shower and IUR-UEUJQHUUHIUU locker room which is indeed a convenience during athletic games. A few months ago the band and different music organizations occupied the gymn, this was a handicap to the music department as well as to the other classes. New a very fine iLittle Theatregn has been added for the music classes and also for the purpose of seeing motion pictures. This room has four large windows from which hang blue velvet drapes and also the stage is adorned with the same kind of curtains. 1 ' There has also been added a new Senior room. It is a very nice room with excellent lighting facilities. In the upper hall there has been two new windows made in the , 1 wall, before these windows were made the upper hall was very dark, new it is much lighter. A system of time clocks have been placed throughout the school which are opperctcd by a master clock in the office, this automatically rings the class bells. A " A ,M F' L SH? 35. N 'N x -ll-I-A " -' GWQQ l!g?' Heir I p SX il .- 'K 'Q I ' v 3 . I I ' ' Ill N jui"""' THE VALEDICTORY Tonight as we meet upon this platform to take part in these commencement exercises, we feel two'different emotions. 'Twelve eventful years of schooling are over. We are sorry, for they were happy years. But 'at the same time a spirit of exultation surges 'deeply within us, for we realize that soon we are to take our places in a new and different type of existence beyond the classroom walls. This then, is the event for which we have been preparing. b N n v W Un r D H I 1- Q " Before Wwe go, we'wish 'to thankh our' superintendent, Mr? Sehnitzer, the' Board of Education, our teachers, and'parents1Ur the opportunity of going to school and for their care and guidance while we were here. But there is a larger issue we may forget to be thankful for. We may over look it entirely or just take it for granted. 'We are speaking new of the fact that we live in a democracy under which free public schools are possible. And after graduation this same democracy will give us equal right to pursue whatever we think best for our happiness. ' When the news of the birth of a new nation, the Uhited.StEes of America, was sent over the world, it was predicted to have an early downfall. It was believed that the principles upon which America was founded were too radical for a monarchistic world. Today America has not only eutstripped all nation in material and intellectual progress,'but in that 'higher domain where moral forces reign supreme. Her opinion places the stamp of finality upon judgments affecting the destiny of nations. The 'glory and achievement of our country is men, not things: These men could build railroads, bridges, factories and markets, and surpass every nation of the earth in trade and commeree.' This would not merely show the'material wealth of our land, but'they would represent the energy, the ingenuity, the intelligence, and the courage of men inspired by the conviction that they were born free and equal. Ne just conception' of the making ofTAmer16a'from the beginning, no rational understanding of her present and.fubwre, can ignore' the relation of man to the material development of our country ahdn'the influence of modern methods upon the citizen and his government. 'N mf. fp r l p -QIQ w o Ev'-'1'..-.... VALEDYCTORY'-CONTlNUED Our industrial and commercial progress has amazed and alarmed the competing countries of the world. America now stands foremost among the nations of the earth in manufacturing, mining, commerce, and agriculture. While we are building America on the basic principle, democ- racy, we are building a structure to endure with time. Our country has gold, silver, woods, and lakes, within it, but we must remember that these gifts of nature can be found in every land. It is our sacred constitutional liberty, and all that it signiff es to the American citizen, that sweetens the airwe breatte, and makes our great possessions more attractive to the world's home-seekers than those of all other lands. From the beginning of our national life, there have come to us, out of all the countries of the world, liberty-loving people, seeking political freedom and equality of opportunity for themselves and for their children. And this great tide of immigration has been quickly merged with the native-born American into one people, by common purpose and unity of ideal. These are the people of America, their spirit is of Americanism. Americanism is action and not sentiment. It upholds the American ideals and brands as Wslackersn those who claim American protection and still at the same time, amid thmr responsibilities. It expects every man to do his duty and to add his portion to the aggregate of nobleness and honorg to obey laws and be obedient to them, and to extend good will and justice to all. True Americanism means an improved attitude toward schools. No one can deny that knowledge is better than ignorance. True Americanism calls for the abolition of special privileges both in the industries and politics. Management belongs to. both"capital and abor. These are some of the principles of true Americanism. It is our duty to defend them cheerfully and willingly. We must encour- age others to become acquainted with our american problems and aid them in solving these problems. The graduating classes of today, must do their part in helping to make America the ideal place in the world. May God give us grace to perform these duties. SALUTATCDRY Americans today are in danger of accepting a general belief of defeat. It is widely thought that the individual is a victim of forces, beyond his controlg that his makeup and abilitiest are determined by heredity, that his happiness is dependent upon con- ditions outside himselfg in short, that he is anything but the master of his fate or the captain of his soul. Scientific theories have filled our vocabulary' with recipes for defeat. Constantly we hear such statements as, HPersonality is something you either have or don't have," or "I suffer frcmln inferiority complex.n These and similar common remarks show the general view that the individual is a helpless creature controlled by outside forces. Personality, for example is not an 'accidental gift but an achievement.. Nation-wide studies which have been made show that young people who sell magazines or who obtain jobs from the neigh- bors, or who work to earn money during sum er vacation, tend to have stronger personalities than those who do not. The importance of such activities lies not in the rewards or money received but in the habits and Qttitudes which they develop. As for'the inferiority complex, the term should never have been coined, because then there would be one less. manufactured idea for people to fear. A sense of inferiority is not a disease which mysteriously overtakes a person 'and makes him helpless. On the contrary, it can be of real value, for the person who recog- nizes his inferiority, and then does something about it, develops superiority. Acquiring superiority in any field may be illustrated by the process of learning how to dive. The individual gets .himself beautifully poised, leans forward, and at the last momentlaesitates and draws back in fear. If, his fears prevent him fromxnaking further' attempts, he never learns to dive and his f8D!'1SffIlBP conquered. If, however, he persists and makes awkward and painful dives, he will finally go in smoothly and come up feeling pleased. His friends will compliment his form and he will have made one more comquest over himself and his environment. Whether in diving or in any other phase of life, this is the basic idea in the development of personality and superiority. Again and again the individual must plunge into the stream oflife, lg ' 1 gg I I lr 5 --"'-ffff "'-f"-"-- SALUTATORY--CONTINU,EDp b at this point and at that, in order to develop effective skills. The person who does only what he likes to do, who avoids embar- rassing situations, develops the habits of inferiority rather than those of superiority. Here we see the difference between men. On the one hand are those who are inferior and either refuse to recognize their faults or believe there is nothing they can do about them. Since these people will not take steps to improve themselves, they often want to reform the entire social system. They cannot see that in any plan of life, they would probably be misfits unless they changed themselves. On the other hand are those people who believe they can develop their personalities and achieve competence and.supor- iority. ' Probably ten million people admire Andrew Carnegie. Why? Because Andrew Carnegie remained forever the master of'his world rather than its victim. Neither poverty, nor starvation, nor war could daunt his spirit. He emerged with courage unimpared. Psychologists know that most people are potentially as self- reliant as Andrew Carnegie. Before it is too late then, Americans must realize the truth, that the difference between success and failure is essentially a matter of philosophies. A philosophy of defeat makes failure in- evitable even with the most richly endowed person, a philosophy of success, a determination to make thed most of one's self, can do miracles even with one poorly endowed. ..-::-..: uno E, Y GRAUON W THE SEARCH FOR BEAUTY 'Have you ever lest something and you have searched and searched and finally found that you were holding itor that it ,very near to you?' So it is with beauty. We make a tour to find it while we are actually running away from it. Years ago there was a boy who was half blind and did not know it. When the glasses which had finally been prescribed for his near-sightedness were brought to him, he was sitting on the porch of his father's farm house. Near at hand stood a tree. A tree to him had been a green blur but now to his amazement he saw it silhouetted against the sky. He saw the delicate beauty of leaves and branches and the glint of sun and shadow. And the tree which sprang into its bright distinctness was a representdw ive of his whole new world. It had never occurred to him that there was any world except the foggy one he had always looked out on. Now he grasped at the real world which had never belonged to him before. ' ' We have only to become blind to realize the beauties of liv- ing, but then it is partially too late. While we may still clin to our spiritual beauty, our materialistic world is gone. We try to suppose that to appreciate beauty we must possess some rare sense. To say that somebody else may get pleasure out of natural beauty, but that we can not, is merely to use laziness as anroxcuse. Consider Helen Keller. How could she by any 'imag- ination be enabled to'enjoy the world of light and darkness, of sun and moon and stars, of clouds and hills and lakes and running waters, of flowers, of birds and bees? But she dld learn and she learned to enjoy those exquisitely. In order to appreciate nature 'to its full extent she used the senses that she did possess. She felt the shape of things with her fingers, EEE could smell and she could taste. She had the courage to start with them and .let them carry'her as far' as they'could. nDurkg the first 19 months of my life,U she said, HI had caught glimpses of broad, green fields, a luminous sky, trees and flowers which the darkness that followed could not wholly blot out. If wekuwe once seen, that day is ours and nothing can ever take it away from us. Life is not made up by its quantities, Its real value must come out of its qualities. During the months of World War, a lady kept a little part of her garden for flowers she'loved most. Receiving at her house one day a general of the army, she apolo- gized for not having the entire garden planted with potatoes 'and f wwe le-- M tiff gf 1 T Q ,I Af ' .fiq' 1' ,' QS: -- is ogaimnmccowiamuteh carrots and eabbages, as was the custom every-where in those days when people were conserving food. He begged her not to apolo- gize. He said, VThis is the time when we need beauty more than we need anything else.n Life always does need beauty. And today beauty is a practical need. While we have remained neutral to the conflict between nations so far does not mean that we' will not ' eventually be forced into it, so why not enjoy these Hu gs while we can? Precisely as the boy whistles to keep up his courqgg so are we all crying today for something to reenforce confidence after our absurd hysteria of fear during the last few years. The strain of our modern mechanized civilization is making it more and more necessary to look toward the finer mental and esthetic things, to find the balance and compensation for the grind of daily living. John Keats wrote in his node to a Grecian Urnn,--HBeauty is truth, truth beautyg that is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know.W In the first quotation mentioned, it ispossible Keats meant that we can find beauty in everything if we just have ambition to search for it. Besides beauty in poetry, in music, in art and in nature there is beauty in spirit. Unconsciously it surrounds us in our everyday habits. The work that we are cn- gaged in can be filled with beauty if we only let our minds won- der. We are not to merely think things are to be done to get them over-with and not feel beauty in just seizing upon it with the hard desire to twist some practical advantage out of it. In- stead we should really study it in its own difference, and should wonder about it, hold it in our minds until we know what it re- minds us of, what comparisons and analogies it brings to us, and what searchlight of suggestions it reflects suddenly upon our brain. . If we have spiritual beauty we keep our minds full of kk spiring illusions and imagining the most beautiful thoughts from things we gee. We may see beauty in listening and learning as well as in teaching. We may sec it in the willingness to cooper- ate' and in the willingness of people to work well to-gether, We may see beauty in freindships and in the home. We may see it, in our cathedrals. Ancient art will come back to our world today in such measure as we the people, having looked understandingly upon beauty, desire beauty in things we create. Florence Nightingale, desperately ill of fever in the Crimea, left a record of the fact that the thing which brought her back to recovery was the sight of a single rose. Let us, too, 'have faith in beauty! Let us appreciate America for what it is, not for what we can get out of it, and let us all begin a crusade in quest for Beauty. .QE C ' LBS.,- ONWAID TO OUR GOAL KTune: Tho Old Spinning Whoelj S U Fl G Verso: .gr , ' - ,, J 1 . ID I . .if Q 'Q . 0 ' ! . .. ..., I, V l 1 "' I ' 'V 'Y I l:l r V ', s Y rg. ' ' ' ' rf-H 3 ' 3 Nl Q V 'rw 4 sua1u?a1u651Zb4aAh1a0VfubwMQfyaqqf.l,x'.'gm9xQQMu44276ufQ?Mf t l' I , 5 , H- Q45 as an Q ELC L 77 . v , Y , ,Wir ?J 'Q Q 331 .mlfw I , Fi i A ,mt i V wwww' i i V Aga H V AMA a44w'7fA-4274!--Gi! ' MvlIfl445,aAnU4.u49aow W -mu me t " 'W IYQEEI .--515231-I ' Af. . W mmf-.x L .M . fqa' N Q P7733 an - ,U U fXe:,'!g l941l:i ,J n Yirillllun CLA SS P K OPHEfC" I am reluctant to admit that since my humble graduation from East Sparta High School, 15 years ago, I have won international recognition as the world's greatest crystal gazer. I gaze into the future as my fingers caress the globe which brings me face to face with reality. We are new passing through the stratosphere with a speed such as light waves cannot travel. We find ourselves on the planet of Mars Incorporated, facing the newly elected President, Donald Hartzell and his friend Eugene Close, head of the Agricultural Bureau and the Forest Conser- vation Department. The graceful pianist, Alice Neiss and that internationally known tenor, Garrio Pattersioni lknown to the class of '40 as Garry Lee Patterson! are visiting President Hartzell and his sweet wife the former screen actress Judy Garland. Both 'the accompanist and the singer have studied in Paris under the di- rection of Monsieur Victor L, Iams. In the home of the Hartzells' I see Nurse Jean Schnitzer taking care of President Hartzells' young son, who entertains himself by chewing on one of Marvin Archinals' new improved teething rings. A familiar breadth of shoulders displays itself now. Colch Harold Stahleker of Columbia University is revealed putting his pigskin heroes through a tough work-out. Across his chest he wears the various letters he recieved during his High School career. The' lovely countenance of Louise Schneider smiles from a tall bill board. This beautiful commercial model is posing for Ruth Louise Slutz's new Nsoft Al1ure,N beauty soap for brunettes. Another commercial sign is close by, and I read Dr. McVann's Rub Liniment--nDeath to Pain.U' This new liniment is a sure boon to the sore muscles of athletes. In a twinkling of an eye the scene changes. A huge silver China Clipper cuts its way through the mountainous clouds of the sky across the Pacific. Admiral Dick Fry is reviewing his pride of the air lines with a quick eye. Dusky City, Pennsylvania, makes the ball clouded and ' dark. I can seo Myria Price with a mean pair of handcuffs and a 38 re- peating automatio. Sho's G-Woman Number I. . Rat-a-tat-tat. For a minute I thought that it was a machine w 5' Ellis, -nv .:::-,.. -. 1 . JL . -. T1 ' x 4- - fa 1- , - n::::Jf Nvwfa mgwaagw H1 aim i fffff 'r'AN'!HNw Xqshg --...J Prophecy CContinuedJ gun. It's the sound of a fastest typist, Marjorie The Hereford Farber. picks up cow. ln hands to cows the known as changing scene looking at Roy Roy dressed in typewriter being touched by the lworldls Voelm. shows a beautiful shining red and white Rice. Roy Rice you know, married Doris blue overhalls, comes across the field, a three legged stool and proceeds to--milk a chocolate a Jiffy he has a big glass of chocolate milk, which he Doris. He has discovered the secret of feeding his necessary ingredients to produce the famous beverage , Jiffy Chocolate Milk, ready mixed. Lee Roy Dine is president of the company specializes in henna coloring blue eyebrows. Mars Dye Company Inc. This for would-be red-heads with Margaret Stahlecker owns the Hi-Ya Swing Margaret Bennett is known as the special blues way,. she has changed her name to Margo.D Club in Las Vegas. singer . CBy the The remark was made that Margaret Hadden in the culinary world, being the head chef at It is the first time a woman has held this position. is quite important the Statler Hotel. The noisy sputter of radio static fills my ears. To behold, Eileen Hall, who is playing the VFlight of the Bumble Bee,U and Frances Fondriest, Tubby to you, is singing for the NSlender- izing' Mfg. Co. Janis machamer holds the secret of this remedy for keeping the figure slim. I pause a moment, waiting for other revelations, but the mysterious walk of the future forms a barrier, and the glass is darkened. Our seance is over. The spell is broken. Thus closes the mysterious vision into the future,of those with whom I have labored during my High School career. i-1- - '-Ifg 1129 912 -I 5 v,--4 4 1 "S U2 Q QD S19 '1 5 0 "S f I NV Di C SH .f uqof ,tomme-3 VTE LIO 0 I qzmg .X ,J QH3dW3Pl ig: -I S I .zszqguqo C Il 'JH UT 'ooqzg 'V' OUOOS SU Hao .1o11,mf 11:0 .I J 01131 "21- Q f ' f " H- KU-133 PUEVU Our school dgys are all over, Our happiest days are done 5 But still we must remember, Our life has just begun. The road is steep and rugged, The path not wide or straight, There're many ways to conquer, No matter what our fate. Work, wait, watch and win, From there we must begin. Then later will come victory, But not if we give in. Work, for even the greatest men did that, Wait, and sometimes rest. Watch, observe and don't forget, The hard way may be best. It's longer, that we will admit, And rougher all the way. . We must be strong, know right from wrong, To climb throughout each day. Climb though the rocks be rugged, If we our goal would reach, Don't give up--fight to win, The great instructors teach. 5' 17' '- 'Wy ,- 1 ,. gggifb 'f ? - f de- 4 X .w X , Wk. 053 f am 7 A Q' x ,..s V 1 A 1, 'I ff. M33 N S9 .Mil 15 J Q ' f 022' 0 , f I ,fy I U24 if , X E , 4 ff 1 I Q vii 1+ I J JUN U I S First row, Cleft to rightl Evelyn Quillen, Elizabeth Handshuh Virginia Meyer, Erma Henline, Alice Friley, Doris Farber Second row, Frank Syler, Eugene Vorhecs, Robert Gard, Charles Haag, Gene Beitzcl!'Grcgg Nixon, Margaret Schnitzer, ponsor 4 Third row Mike Devine Charles Stevens Fred Miller Janes May .v ' 1 1 President Charles Haag Vice President Gene Beitzel Secretary Doris Farber Treasurer Robert Gard Reporter Alice Friley w ff J V 1 - WA W W W im QQ M ' 1, X fglgfj N N kk f I 122, e- 'Xfg' 1 SUPHUVUURES First row, Cleft to rightf Wilma Gempler, Doris Everett, Vire ginia Lupher, Betty' McKinney, Dorothy Pelger, Esther Arohinal, Geraldine Abrigg, Doris Miller. . Second row, Cleft to Bright? Mr. Jacobson, Helen Davis, Milan Howonstine, Alvin Schneider, Mason Robson, Wilfred Waltz, Lee Brown, Maxine Rice. Third row, Cleft to right? Homer McDade, Jack Carling, Elmer Gamble, Eugene Bartley, Ernest Murray, Coolidge Farber. President Milan Howenstine Secretary Betty McKinney JW ffm? I i? Wa Zgk QM 2 mm Z JJ W M y 'I fiX FHESHWEU First row fleft to right! Grace Farber, Beatrice Handy, ' Clara Jane Lewis, Awilda Hiller, Jean Everett, Jewel Archinal, Alice Evans, Marilyn Howenstine, Ruth Tripp, Betty Espenchied, Flossie HU.dI'lC' o Second row, Junior Baum, John Stephens, Clifford Strong,A Robert Gill, Alice Materna, Margie Wright, Harriet Thomas, Nomnawhnmrq Gloria Haverman, Phillip Scaffide, Charles Grell, Bill.Burnheimer. Third row, Carl Materna, Paul Bungard, Floyd Irwin, Jay imcvann, Donald Uhrich, Tom Lindsay, Robert Norris, . Ertus Pritchard, Leonard Griffith, Robert Baum. President Phillip Seaffide Secretary Norma Winters Reporter Ruth Tripp do D9 Gif Z IIAA -7 , ' af W2 I l fx W 6 Z l Q wx ' ' J Q w i' f"" 4""""'-- -1 ,4 1 1-ff K 2 an , -"-x jffgfflfff "' ,, N fl , N'-N. C K! fi c f iff!! X M qw X 0 ,J . --.fx f x f X KX gag 41, f . f- A47 W N... 5 ' 0 Q, N ly fff-X fvffi "' V f 'aa , " f f X , A W X, l ff ' 'AL-.C '. JL, ' fx M,f RYA N 7.44 V ALUMNI! 1927' Ro Ho Hall, Supt. Donald Carnes Doris Cook l928' R. H. Hall, Supt. Viola Black Evelyn Bowman Edith Mae Davies Wilfred Hall Helen Janson Bernice Joseph ' Elizabeth Lidhtenwalter Vincent Lucas Myrtle M6Nutt W lbur McNutt Myrtle Mulinek Leonard Taylor Harry Vorhees AMary Welty l929' R. H. Hall, Supt. Freda Able Paul Black Agnes Fightmaster Mildred Keeney Catherine Knotts William Slutz Mose Stephens ' l93O' RQ Hg Hall, Supto Hazel Adams Bernard Bau Harvey Baum ' Helen Brothers Marguerite Carnes Verna Lupher Hazel Nelson Lewis Rice Harold Russell Florence Slutz 1951 ' W, Ido Kohr, Helen Able ' David James Davies MargaretnKlotz Fred Slutz ' Madeline Walker Clyde Wi11iams,Jr. ' 1ers2'v- - Kohlj, Nathan Black Pauline Eversole Nelson Eversole Esther Janson Marvin Keeney Mary Lois Klotz Reva Lupher ' Eugenia Maser Idabelle May Kenneth Mills Mary Paulus James Wesley Rice Evelyn Truax June Yant ' 1955 ' W, M. Kohr, Supt. Hazel Brothers Jane Clugson Harold Fry A Millard'Haag Verne Josephw Lucille Mills 0 'Q-,, --- X n . .Ei-'-'.':. lzr- r iff!-in flzjfmf ALUMN1 Viola Shaub Mary Slutz William Slutz John Wagenhals Mary Margaret Williams Mary Ernestine Young 1954 w. M. Kohr, Supt. Ruth Bender Evangeline Carter John Clutter Forest Gard Florence Gill Dwight Jones John Micke Berdine Miller Carl Neading Edith Paulus Katherine Rice Wade Van Voorhis, 1955 W. J. Schnitzer, Supt. Joseph Atkinson William Deitzel Ruth Best Donald Black Pauline Clugston Lou Leone Clutter Wilma Cook Thelma Everett Lowell Haag Howard Inboden Wendell Janson Dan Larson Helen Loftus Bernice Lupher Merriam Horledge Donald Mosberger Wil Newland Glewllutz K 1936 W. J. Schnitzlr, Supt Virgil Broad Lester Brothers Rosemond Deal Mary Devine Mary Jane Dine Dorothy Eversole Myrtle Fetters Dorothy Haag Franklin Keeney Leona Heading William Sehnitzer Opal Seibert Miriam Stephens Robert Ullett Clyde Vorhecs 1937 W. J. Sohnitzer, Supt Kathleen Black Marvin Cook Mary Fondriest Edward Hartzell Hazel Howenstine Howard Keel Pauline Lamb James Moffett Flossie Rainsberg Violet Rainsberg Mary Sehnitzer Erma Shustor Esther Siber Loretta Slutz Robert Soehnlen James Ullett Paul Willi 2+2zvv229 7Waw 1958 W. J. Sehnitzer, Supt Orten Able w., " , , -9 be -A Jim fE?A law E""""""3u ' to ' -, . Q, iw, -. 5' f-Tl Fl.-- .....: I Evrwls nl. 2122401 Q3 A 1 mmfw. Q ...,,. , ,..- ...-....'.,.. 'A'iWi-mmm ,gf ' -:' fgQf5ff' , " " Paul Baum Melvin Boyd - Mary Lois Brown Ensil Cross Robert May Marie Meininger Robert Miller Edith Neiss Robert Oswald Chester Price Kay'R1ce Nancy Slutz Gayle Weaver x ALUMNI 1959 :' W. J. Schnitzer, William Allison Jaek'Burnheimer Gwenda Devine Stanleg Duerr Betty 111 Mildred Handshuh Louis Larson Richard Lewis Merle McKinney Irene Quillen Charles Scaffide Dorothy Seibert Edward Seubert Gladys Steele Supt X U fx XX Y Q 4 H t U . . N . ,M . .. . ,. , , , s Y. xv XL .f XXV ' X. ""x"'Q 3? .exfwwx-vm-MN mx fx- ms Xw we .xx L' N ' N 9' 'KX - X x ., . K Es -, - 6 . -'fb x x xx. .QA X- 1 - ., Q x .ww , x + X X Q ' A' f f Q --X W V i X xx in X XRQ5 XX . ,4,.5,- X X q . 1 Q, QS K, X N x X XXNXXXXXX h . Y, - X AX XXX .N . 3 X FQ Q" xx: K 5. Cx X . A XX Q x N x ' QQ X33 5 I N f xXx,qQx.'.gN X. J " AA' v r A X s ix N2 INS 'X1QNRxL1:.'XX-Q fS:XQFbx24 xx QQ XX-X I x xx- '-xx 'Xwx-b"'XcI.-xSQ.x.KX x X N-Aww' XX 'X e NXXEANSA HI-Y First row ileft to rightl Fred Miller, Harold Stahlccker, Gregg Nixon, Robert Mcvann, Mike Devine, James May. A Second row, Eugene Vorhees, Garry Patterson, Roy Rice, Charles Haag, Donald Hartzell, Robert Gard, Mr. Bruner, adviser. A Third row, Charles Stephens, Eugene Close, Lee Roy Dine, Eugene Beitzel, Cledith Hendrix. First row Cleft to rightl Robert Gill, Gail Vorhees, Lee Brown, Ernest Murray, Donald Meyer, Jack Yoekey, Elmer Gamble, Ted Finlayson. ' ' Second row, Mr. Rice, leader, Eugene Bartley, Eugene Vorhees, Ertus Pritchard, Donald Oswald, Stuart Rennieg ' Third row, Bill Burnheimer, Nike Devine, John Stephens, Ed Weidman, Robert Witts. BUY SCOUTS U l V ,, ,,..2, 4- aw fmwairlisfdggfaigsa av? iqii5R:g AA' 0 5 E Q . -FWZ? ' - 9 lllllll- .. 1 , 391 C9 K X fx E: 1 ' Y!! law? .-.lx S.. W Q55 Z! 1 . :I ANNUALMSTA U g First row Cleft to rightl Jean Schnitzer, Eileen Hall, Janis Machamer, Margaret Bennett, Dorothy Meyer, Louise Schneider, Myria Price, Alice Neiss. Second row, Harold Stahleker, Louise Slutz, Marjorie 'Voelm, Margaret Haddon, Frances Fondriest, Margaret Stahlecker, Mr. Bruner, adviser. I .' 1 Third row, Garry Patterson, Lee Roy Dine, Roy Rice, Donald Hartzell, Robert McVann, Eugene Close, Marvin Arehinal. PAPErz 5T,fxrf First row Cleft to rightl Evelyn Quillen, Louise'Slutz, Elizabeth 'Handshuh, Virginia Lupher, Betty McKinney, Alice Neiss, Frances Fondriest, Ruth Tripg. 8 M W Second row, Margaret Stahlecker, Jean Sehnitzer, Eileen Hill, Louise Schneider, Dorothy Meyer, Janis' Machamer, Hyria Price, Alice Friley, Margaret Haddon, Hr, Bruner, advlserf W H . 4 1 Third row, Cledith Hendrix, Harold Stahleker, Garry Patterson, Robert Gard, Charles Haag, Eugene Beitzel, Robert McVann, John Stephens. 1 S 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' "" -iAf. f-' Z N , . I-is -'f' "U: ' ' A w js us e . 1 x ,Q 1, 1,1 1 1- 7 S 'x U 1 " 'O ' x ,hai xiiffv' tiki A r., ,A EJWJQS' KJ, 4' ."x,rx' MUSIC WRITE-UP ' The music this year progressed very nicely under our new supervisor, Mr. Iams. Throughout the fall.and winter the high school band, which consists of 45 members, has played for several events, the first appearance of the band was at the Stark County Fair, where all county schools met to participate in the parade. The next appmuw ance .was at the dedication of Fawcett Stadium. After school began the band gave a concert at Sandyville, and on December 14 it participated in the dedication of the new addition to our high school. This was really the first appearance at home since school started, and the band performed very nicely. The main event of the year was the music festival held in our own school. The band, with the endless help of Mr. Iams, gave one of its best programs. Many improvements 'were rmade since our band had begun. We wish to thank those who helped in making our band a success, and for the uniforms which were bought for them. We also wish to thank the P. T. A. for buying our four drum major- ettes, Delma Bungard, Gloria Havcrman, Harriet Thomas and Norma Winters, their beautiful rod and white uniforms. ' The Pep band, which was organized this winter, is a group of people selected from each section of the large band. This Pep band, also under the supervision of Mr. Iams, has progressed very nicely and has made several public appearances. Although the Girls Glee Club did not make many public appearances this year, they worked very hard to make the music festivals at our 'high school and at Canton a great success. We feel quite sure that their efforts were not in vain, and we wish to urge the girls to keep up their good work. The Boys Glee Club, after working grae. all year, gave p splendid performance at the music festiva- at home, and they were well represented in the Canton music festival. The Mixed Chorus, made up of the Boys and Girls Glee Clubs, also sang at the music festivals. This group sang several beau- tiful numbers for commencement exercises. We wish to thank Alice Neiss for her cooperation and help in playing the piano for these .musical organizations. We also wish to thank Mr. Iams for the work he has done to make the music a success, and we hope he can continue to improve those groups in the years to come. OUR BMD First row, Cleft to rightj Delna Bungard, Gloria Haverman, Alice Bowman, Virginia Meyer, Gene Beitzel, Dorothy Meyer, Marilyn Howenstine, Ruth Meyer, Charles Stephens, Coolidge Farber, Frank Syler, Lee Brown, Gale Vorhees, Glenn Gamble, Norma Winters, Harriet Thomas. Second row, Mr. Iams, instructor, John Stephens, Dorothy Pelger, Maxine Rice, Rosemary Kinney, Miriam Murray, Walter Carling, Donald Meyer, Frances Fondriest, Bill Slutz, Milan Howmmmine, Robert Gill, Jack Carling, Stuart Reinnie, Cledith1Hendrix. Third row, Ted Finlayson, Betty Lou Shankle, Donna Jeanlkhnmah Eileen Brothers, Donna Mae'Halter, Ed Weidman, Donald Oswald, Charles Haag, Ernest Murray, Virginia Lupher, Paul 'Bungard, Elmer Gamble, Jack Yeckey, Junior Fetters, Jimmie Haney. 0 C - ,WA X3 , A I 21:3-,.-liz? .42 QQ O .? . Nfl qggzm hu 3 tan. ia waphQp,laCDfw fggaraafgsxa ' 1 - ff ' ,L . gif, : ,. fl. .-ef -Lmffiggpzazv - - " H 'f n ' 'I , CnlRL'S 6 LEE CQLU Br First' row fleft to right? Clara Jane Lewis, Grace Farber, Gloria Haverman, Norma winters, Harriet Thomas, Virginia Meyer, Erma Henline, Marilynn Howenstine, Esther Archinal, Dorothy Pelger, Frances Fondriest, Ruth Tripp. Second row, Mr. Iams, instructor, Jean Schnitzer, Louise Sluts, Eileen Hall, Louise Schneider, Myria Price, Jean Everett, Dorothy Meyer, Virginia Lupher, Jewel Archinal,'Alice Materna, Beatrice gandy, Marjorie Voelm, Betty Espenchied, Flossie Hudnell, Doris arbor. Third row, Alice Neiss, Doris Miller, Maxine Rice, Awilda Mrller, Alice Evans, Margaret Bennett, Janis Maehamer, Betty McKinney, Margie Wright, Alice Friley, Geraldine Abrigg. . , . , i BUY Q G LEE C LU B First row Kleft to right? James Hay, Marvin Archinal, Robert McVann, Alvin Schneider, Mason Robson, Lee Brown, Ernest Murray, Mike Devine, Robert Gill. Second row, Mr. Iams, instructor, Robert Gard, Eugene Beitzel, Charles Haag, Roy Rice, Garry Patterson, Gregg Nixon, Harold Stahleker, Jack Carling, Coolidge Farber. Third row, Carl Materna, Leonard Griffith, Robert Norris, Ertus Pritchard, John Stephens, Robert Baum, Bill Burnheimer. ' i ,ixM.a,'ucfvs U N-14 Nowm PRETTIEST GIRL-- HANDSOMEST BOY-- Louise Schneider Robert Norris MOST ATHLETIC GIRL-- MOST ATHLETIC BOY-- Margaret Stahleckor Harold Stahlckor MOST STUDIOUS GIRL-- MOST STUDIOUS BOY-- Frances Fondriest Richard Kinney WITTIEST GIRL-- WITTIEST BOY-- Eileen Hall Garry Patterson MOST BASHFUL GIRL-- MOST BASHFUL BOY.- Jerry Abrigg Charles Grell GREENEST FRESHMAN-- SOPHISTICATED SOPHOMORE- Jewel Archinnl Doris Miller MOST CONFIDENT JUNIOR-- MOST POPULAR SENIOR-- Charles Haag Alice Neiss MOST LIKABLE GIRL-- MOST LIKABLE BOY-- Marilyn Howenstine Robert Gard HAPPIEST PERSON Alice Friley .Lf-...Qcyvmg A-f--- 5259 QEPM -'.-:...A N L,fTfink'h'1 C?-,,,, ,,,:T'-'T' 14.4 Tl S U bvzhu f ""- ,AX if -X 15: ex " f J 'P "1" '-., -1Af ' '- - -, C-,QQ 5..- .g,-.J OUR SENSELESS REPCDRT T 'AQ' Their Name A 'As We D Their 'ilfief ' Favorfte A A Untold T Cards TSay Ti I Say TCharacteristicss TPast Time T Ambition L- Harm A aa' ' P P' A ' Pasfing ' Head of ' ' Archinal T Crocky Hegpfulness Pictures the G-men Margaret B. 'T odd ' - A A wbman TGB1Enett T Bennett THcartedness - .Bowli f wrestler Clg5eT TT Bill Teachers Clocks TNimishillen TT Lee Roy' P ' ' Gazingn P Rac'ing""' P Kite Dine T Snapgy Aroun -- T Trains Racer T ' Frances L. T' Her concerned dStudying ' Witch Fondriest Tubbv T Manner c Tuagst TTDoctor 'Richard E. D ' Go'5'd Taste Gof fr o A Date W'i'Eh Fr Fr In ClogggsTTT Sgnday?S2hoolT Lamour ,T Hadden heart T Hgptful Readi . T Cham 'Helen Elleen ' 'P Fee nf Elds Trainggg An AmEglance A T Hall T Halli-T Ta ine T Squirre s T Driver T TM " Donafd H dd Ability to " Worfd"s'cfastest -TTggrggeEl Donnie Agree T J Sleeping T TT Trunner I T t"'an s . TTT rapeze L TMachamer JanisTT Quick temper Telling Jokesj Artist Robert V. ' FIM- ng 'v"s7i't'hTFolTI.ow indffls ' TM McVann T Bob TCleverness FarberT jKather's carftradi Dorothy Mari? Debatlm """ Hockey? Classical A Meger TDottieTT T Ability TTI and Marbles , Composer -W'ini'fre Kfidcef ' Musica A Tal'E'ing to a l Marry that V T Ne1ssT Neiss T fingers certain boy certain boy Garry L. Flir ing with 'Memorlzidng ' ! Write an A uT Patterson M Pat' rich-girls f DT?ais TT encyclopedia "1 ' lld rdv ng ad' T' A Myria Price Sgyria THer blonde hai' Truck TTT, T Actress T T A roam-A Hunting new ' A motorcycle Ro S. Rice linc His hei ht e laces to ar co fguise M. ' F1 'ETEE'Eg' P P H Hgpe gpgbntl T Schneider gchneiderVT everyone SkatingTT radio listener Marjean Ad. ' it ""' Playing at A A 'A high Schnitzer Jean Dr humor Pi Po 7' M Diver Ruth Louise Y v Hmm A 'A hog Slutz Slugie T TalkingT TTTTta1kiT"TTT cal1erT T Margaret A ARfdT.'ngrQgH'1ool Become 'a Stahlecker Peg Chewing gpm TTbusses debutante Haroldl G. Combing his Talking to a Marry that T ' TStahleker Fat TT T bristles certain girlw certain irlT T Marjorie it 1 Growing Make victims for Voelm Marge Scatterbrains kfinger-nails Ambulance Driver DEBATE TEAM 1 1 Debating coach Mr. Iams, Robert Gard, Eugene Beitzol, Dorothy Meyer, Wilma Gompler. OUR1 ITERARY TEAM Marilynn Howenstine, Milan Howenstine, Ernest Murray ffl-SR. P'lg,UE4 Hall, Dorothy Meyer, miria Price, Msrgdretl,Hgdden, Frances Fondriest. Second row, Marvin Archinal, Lee Roy Dine, Roy Rice, Donald Hartzcll, Mr. Schnitzer. First row, 'Evelyn Quillen, "E11zabeth Handshuh, Virginia Meyer, ERma Henline, Alice' Friley, ,Doris Farber, Second row, Charles Stephens, Gregg Nixong Charles Haag, Robert Gard, Gene Beitzel3. Jamws May, Margaret Schnitzer, director. e-JRMQH m wwf W W, 1 1 , 'Af ' f HW Q mf! I! A- .- " - W 1, MIIMJN JUL. fn ff I Q A- fJff!3N'f""ffl1Z If sffis3, SS' .k , , , V is : ,u , M7 Y' ,M ' Viv W ., , ' 'g1Q14 v:1"6,'Vy l. Zn 1 . X ff! ,f 1 I by f ,f ,fl VZ- 4' 5 9,05 , i Q., an , 'QI 2 6 X 'U 4 O D o0 g M ISCELLA NEOU S The fighting Spartans baseball team 'romped over the Magnolia Panthers three games straight to take possession of the Hoagland trophy. This trophy was donated by Mr. Hoagland of Magnolia and was to go to the winner of a series be- tween Magnolia and East Sparta each year. The first game was won l4 to 6, the second 12 to 4, and the third l7 to L. In each of these games bparta's fine pitching and excellent batting won for us. Stahleker pitched two games while Brown hurled one. Gard, Stahlecker, Haag, McVann, and Nixon were the big batters Tournament East Canton 24 East Sparta 26 Waynesburg 47 U N 24 Jackson Twp. 24 U N 22 Basketball Scores .East Canton 52 East Sparta 51 Waynesburg 55 U N 25 Mineral City 21 H N 29 Hartville 55 U U 22 Uniontown 54 N N 55 Marlboro 33 H H 29 Alumni 20 " " 59 Beach City 52 N W 25 Magnolia 10 U H 18 Greentowhi 58 H U 28 Waynesburg 25 W U 19 Mineral City 21 N U 28 Hartville 45 U N 24 Uniontown 51 U W 52 Magndlia 16 " " sv Beach city 42 " " 16 East Canton 52 U N 16 Greentbwn 55 U U 51 Marlboro 39 U N 56 BHSKETBQLL First row, Cleft to rightl 'Phillip Seaffide, Gregg Nixon, HaroId'Stahleker, Mason Robson, Charles Haag, Robert Gard, Mike Devine. Beeond row, Cleft to rightl 'K. 'B. Jacobson, Marvin Archinal Eugene Bartley, Robert MeVann, Lee Brown, Alvin Schneider. Gard4 Nixon Haag. Brown Bartley Devine Coach K. B. Jacobson - Center Guard Forward Guard Guard Manager Robson Stahleker Schneider McVann Arohinal Seaffide Center Guard Forward Center Guard ASSte FU UI BQLL First row, Cleft to rightb Eugene Bartley, Jay HeVanng Ertus Pritchard, Harold Stahleker, Robert Mevann, Wilfred Waltz, Mason Robson, Mike Devine. 4 1 Second row Lee Brown, Garry Patterson, LeeRoy Dine, Roy Rice Donald Hartzell, Eugene Close, Frank Syler, K. B. Jacobson. Bartley McVann, Jay Pritchard Stahleker MeVann, Robert Robson Devine Magnolia Uniontown Malvern Malboro East'Canton Greentown Augusta Waynesburg Coach K. B. Jacobson Baekfield Baokfield Linemen Baekfield Baekfield Linemen Baokficld Linomon Patterson Dino Rice Hartzell Close Syler Fry Brown Football Scores 6 O 28 42 51 57 28 51 East Sparta N I! H I! YI Y! Il H Linemen Linomen Linemen Linomen Linemen Linemen Baekfiold Manager O O O 18 6 15 13 12 My 0 wffffwjf ' 7 W My E Mm W ---sWWTJUG!?EPI4 3 q'YNarccKaA,o.LR-Ov.,l.al.m1u , - ij W W M Wai SY MW Mwwfwwfw by Ofjyy if ff? if qw! M35 5 ia W A W n W S was-,. Q if 'Y'-vgbcdl' fthvfspi BQSEBQLL First row Cleft to rightb Eugene Bartley, James Hay, Jay Hcvann, Harold Stahleker, Gregg Nixon, Lee Brown, Robert McVann, Wilfred Waltz, Hike Devine. Second row, Robert Gill, Leonard Griffith, Mason Robson, Charles Haag, Ertus Pritchard, Fred Hiller, Robert Gard, Coach Jacobson. Jacobson Stahleker Bartley Robson May Nixon Coach Pitcher In-fielder In-fielder Out-fielder Catcher Br own Gard McVann Griffith Miller Waltz Pitcher Pitcher Catcher In-fielder In-fielder Out-fielder QR DRUM- M AJCRETTE ,Dolma ' Bungard, Harriet Thomas, Gloria Havorman Norma Wintors. 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H -, ' fif ggi Fatherion Memorial Daybg Uwhere is mother, T8d?u Q53 533 Tedg nShe's upstairs waving her hair.n 'AQ g5g'Father: UGoodnessl Can't we afford a flag.N - Q33 - It is about as hard for a rich man to enter Heaven as it is for a Ipoor man to remain on earth. E55 3 :Eg ggi The old slogan: nYou Canft Keep a Good Man Darn.n QE? -E -:- ' ':tif2-EE.i5fE:::Ef2.r':'3i'.. ' L' '-:'22SE:2I:5:fEE:1:IEE'::2EEE'2'aii':5E::Ekm"' 2'xflf1I:EfF:f 1' jifli x .:2'h'1: "Iii E'l'a:l1"x'x-.2:'2-::I2F21:1!E::2:: -:::1' . is 55" I-SFI '. ..'g.1 . ,.-- n .. gg-..-gg--.-,,, .g' -.- ' "' ""' .. -U ..- ,Inv-, - .. lv .-.:'. - 'I ' .o -.,. -- 1 , v . ""r Z"Gn F 2 ' :wifi :,3::.,g:::.:::: .::.::.:- - : .g-:..::g:...g,.::::g""'-""- .532 gr::.gg::-.::::-:::1ggr::1 ..... '- ff"...:v:ZIZ:-53:21:15-lfllh:52253-H'I 7 :. 5' : . ' 5:---:I----I:-'--'Z--H . -U '- Z "'-5-:Hg-:Elin,Lilian-, ...xA,...,-:Z--1' 'IIH-':1l:-Ililllgl--23.-. . ,,. 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Others have thembut ' p are dehorned to keep the rest of the herd safe. Some breeds, I believe, never have horns Lat all. It's s long story. y. M.: Yes, but what about this particular cow? Why hasn't-it 9 ,.. any horns. j:i:QQ25Farmer: Because it happens to be a horse. a girl wants a man she can look up to, she'd better marryan -wud' aviator . 1f2111'Tornbstone Deelerfafter several futile. suggestionsj: "Howwould ml. ' ' 'GL e H ' do for "n inscri tion?" ...... 5522222 ....... l- 'zzz .Ii '25 -.- .L- : ---: ..n.- -U.. last place he ever thought of going." w - -some HALL Lf. m PI-' E RESTAURANT UF L-LQML-Cooke DMEA ALL LQLNDS FUHERQL SAALDCLLQHES I-mmf sooo PM CHILI ,11'.'.11:i 5f5:f,.5: .... --' ':.- ' -15' I!'f?fff:fffff--i----"'!2::::::a..........m1':'qg1:':121---""5'T1:::. Eau:?:::::i':::::!,'5?!5 fg!??55! 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'-"i!. -lu .:::..- --::- gz... , , .... , ii? the road, a city smarty called: sms HHey Rube did you see a wagon-load of monke's aww WNo,5 replied the farmer. HDid you fall off?g ' sms Some men like plump girls, while others stick to . ....gg. Ulf: gg and narrow. Fat Lady: nLittle boy, can you toll me if I can ' t t th a kVn ' ga o o e p r . :mn Little Boy: NI guess you can, lady. A load of thru. n 0--.,,. ':!I::: ::::g:: .::..,f ,..!'-2. .--.1-,. .... -, .. -- '..:--3 Here's the one about the cute girl magician who out of an old goat. 9 I V P I V f I fl P,-1oN0-5I6Z ,fflom 0004 Hoping to get a rise out of the farmer hoeing in a field by ge by here?n the straight get thru this hay just went made a monkey 2::F ...ggi 255122 .. -"nv 134 2ND ST, sfo we D QANToN,oHno ' 00 M PHQNE 23225 I . flJDifQkpr3?O'Fff5 0EfN5T pRTAfW?DW'j0 ----15- --2:-fgg-0::::'-::!2:-1511:g:1ii:g5---211-1-It5:::-!':::g2-::2:-gZZf-"-::--:-:g:.-.gg:.-.:g:.-::g::.:::g.::3-5..:::::l:g-g:::5-5:::g-g:1:g..-:-g..:5-g: :.::..:.:g ::-.g.1:.:1 :g:I:.L,-::,:5:.g.:g:.:.:gg-:ggg .- ,, --.,f- .. ,,-- '.... -.,. .,. . ,,---.,,.- ., .--.,,.---.,.-u .--.. --..-,---. .---.',.'..- -- ..- - .- '..-- -..- -..-- - .- - - '-.- -.- -.- -- . ,,.:,..-. .4 -. - ..-,,.-. ,,,: ,...,-,...,',. .,,..:. ..:::.,.- .J:.,,.5-.,,,.-.J ... ,...., ....::,...,f:...,.-...l--,,, ..,,, .hu..:.,,:.-5-11.-53,-,f:3 ,-5... --. .---I -0--. .- -. -'- .---. .---. -- - I . , .. , , ',..., .. ., . 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N fffwa ' , Remember the time when the "Oh, I just got tired of' undressin' telephone used to be a Pappy to wash his clothes!" convenience? . . g 1 C'nWPlH UHUS ' J f I i -. L U F J 1 3' ' I H ' .." . u A 1 --I Q Q - -1 U. ... . -. 1 s. . . -.-- -- -7 .'-ln..-1 --. -H"A. -- ----PF' - . .,.:--..-:':u.:: - gd- 0:5 -.I ...J I:-,.:-::,-:::n..3::f.uUp ,.-:.,,u -.,-Irv..--gl-,ln Q:-,,.::.,,, :,,..,-,:::,,-In .1 ',l-'hp--,..:y,,..'g,::.:,,,: :,,,:::...,:,.-.,g.:::.,,::.., .--'1'I"o 12:2-422:24Egg:-1559-eg-1:4::-I. 555: ':ga:!m2:I-51:45-g-Sz: .--::-,-55:25-l::55E1::1lEl51EE:E55E::EfgE:::::::::E-::25:z2--gi:lg::Ia-EE:-:1:::?rE::::-Z::'1"::: f:::.-Inf::-::::r-:::::::---r-2--Er: . -- :'I":'--. '- ng:--4' -'ga . v '-..-.Z-:I - ' "-'.--I 'LL '1 I!-'..-'UI'-I --- .. ---' --H --'--I-!!."L7'-"Cv.l'T.---III... I--"-'-'23-'-' 25 ' GI--" I''22'7':2!'-Sill:-:ll-2' 'Er' I I ' I-Ehluskgll..--ur'.!Hi.' 3-If 523,ggg,:fei?wH!r:evp::,:g,i:-1--::---2:1-2-,-12--,-,E--7,-,:,-I!-,::-,Ei::.:,--:Q-y:',--,--,ra--,---:-,-.yt-,-,,'H5g,y::?::--,-j.3E43-5::,---,g,':E-,-aug,-',---,','-----',--,-,-,-: 1 .J....,.,,f, dm, iiJfiTi2.f3ii .aa H, Q TfQ4L.... .2f1:lE1c.,,. IUQZ V2 1'. I H S : rv 1 -. . :ua -. -1-p-...- I ' ' H'-' "-" X U, . .. Qu, ,.,. f , U , wx,-X f, ' N X NN ouna15AsT5PARw-x VT:-1 a aw First row Kleft to rightl Andy Fort, Harold Wright, Bill Slutz, Ed Weidman, Harold Heininger, Ralph Jentes, Junior Fetters, Harry Bungard, Harold Clark. Second row, Isabel Fernandez, Martha Jane Black, Louise Neiss, Betty Garner, Norma Oswald, Betty Schlimm, 'Norma Sparks, Opal McKinney, Donna Mae Halter, Betty Winzenreid, Marjorie Sparks, Janice Stevens. Third row, Kr. Jacobson, Ted Flnlayson,' Delma Bungard, Elta Mae Kenney, Rosemary Kinney, Donna Bennett, Norma Slutz, Miriam Murray, Wanda Quillen, Alice Bowman, Eileen Brothers, Davidhkmmr. Fourth row, Martin'Dews, Donald Oswald, Albert Hosteller, Wallace Masalko, John Dews, Gail Vorhees, Jack Yockey, Bill Reynolds, Bill Fernandez, Andy Hcbade. SANDYV1iLLE7THe8Ti-I First row Cleft to'rightJ Muriel Handy, Jeannette Paul, Mable Margaret Sarbaugh, 'Frances Grell,' Anna Ruth Strong, Bessie Gcckler, Norma Price, Thelma Pelger, Betty Pearson, Doris Baum, Anna Hess. Second row, Robert Welker, Harold Hadden, Juanita Hadden, Nina Handshuh, Elaine Schafer, Ruth Anderson,- Walter Carling, Joseph Cru , Robert Nicholson, Walter Steele, Mr, Brothers. Third row, Orland Hiller, LeRoy Everett, Billy Schneider, Louie Predrogovich, Robert Miller, Junior Handy, William Price. .. - . -. , . -..g:::5 .: . -2 -:- .' . - -- . -:.--. I . - . : -2::....: ' I , .I' I . .. , I I , -.---I . :. ' .g,g .l!u' l as Y' . - .. . - . - .: -. - :- 2 aff Q '-22---'-v 21--- I. ... 1 ..I '3 'lgghiv , . I- If -5 . . I. .-A... ,.n..,,,. .:.:.,.::-.4553-. h.-, Q .. :gag I u 5' 3 I I -- . . . , . . . -.l:n:':.,-I .. u- ...,- ... I ... I -I . ,un .I"'g " II '02 .a .,sI'In.I I-I I .. ... -I In Q .. - 5,,...., .- ..--3!:.-gg-E:3g'-2:g:::--:...:-:.:::g:ElI:::....::-3-:gt-g 35:2-::::Ig:. C'-:ggi -Lg.:--:: !g:,,:-g:::g-:j..,.:':: g .. ' , J... WU: ' jg, : :- ""--::':--:':: :I--las' 2I::----I:--H-S-:sr--su:--::'::-::-2: :---: -. -:S---gr--:. :'1'-'il-I::I--22: 3- :-----!-:::-l:..:- -"':-.--':-. ----::: -l:. : : . QU! 5 2 ,gtlg gg : :Hug ::::g-:I :g:...:g.-- '-.---.g.-,gc.:---..:gg-.----- -g-.-.-:::.--: . -g. -... .:.---........ -g- -.-- ---g...- .. :-521. . --. . I - L -g...:-g... ., -. .sh . " :.. 5.7v- ii .5 EJ E55 . A I 4- IE 'Iii lk- :ng EI mn :::. - 5 JL ::::g EQE555 Em EE EE 5555! :::E5 HQ EE 55552: :--'ff sg' EE FE 555 ::E::: ..,... . ... .:g..., ll' . . u.:v :Il 'Q ...:g. GRADUATIQN GIFTS QI IASTIINIG VALUE A Good Watch, Hamilton, Longines, Elgin, Gruen, Waltham Jewelry, Pen Sets, Diamond or Colored Stone Rings CASSIIDWS, I NC Jewelry of Quality ..::..., 'Ulu gg.. .NI 207 Cleveland Ave. N. W. Canton, Ohio Mrs. Stahlecker: Did you mail my letter, Margaret? It was important, you know. ' Margaret: Yes, mother, I did. Mrs. Stahlecker: gave you for the Then why did you bring back the three cents I stamp? Margaret: I didn't have to use it. I just slipped the letter Eggin the box while no one was looking. EggMen are roped in by girls with a line. 15355 EE Qginr. Hall: nThis is the sunset my dear daughter painted when Qifshe was abroad.n' EE'Ne1ghbor: nWell, I was just going to remark I never saw e sun- gygset like that in this country! IE :mu I --- I I 7 - - '- '--- QE? M,- ,,,e .lil "" ig vm W? .Q D M e as Nm IISTRUMIITS C A N T Q N I M" "W" HH G I-I I C' mi r , 5 PHD Nc 25202 E? ,IQ '..- .:, . nl!! I EEE ,... ... -.-I I1 'I'.IlI ...I ::-- .. "u. 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Suggestions in the East Sparta High School - Spartan Yearbook (East Sparta, OH) collection:

East Sparta High School - Spartan Yearbook (East Sparta, OH) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


East Sparta High School - Spartan Yearbook (East Sparta, OH) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


East Sparta High School - Spartan Yearbook (East Sparta, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


East Sparta High School - Spartan Yearbook (East Sparta, OH) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 57

1940, pg 57

East Sparta High School - Spartan Yearbook (East Sparta, OH) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 51

1940, pg 51

East Sparta High School - Spartan Yearbook (East Sparta, OH) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 70

1940, pg 70

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