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TORCH 1987 Torch 1987 Volume 128 East Side High School 238 Van Buren Street Newark, New Jersey 07105 CONTENTS Introduction 1 Student Life 2 Sports 18 Clubs Activities ... 42 People 62 Community 134 Advertisements ... • .138 Index .. 180 Closing .. 196 East S Jc HOgh School 1987 An old but interesting section olEaslSrte High School Title Page 1Summer Fun in the Winter On December 6, 1985, the lunior Class held its Sixth Annual Splash Party at the Holiday Inn. Shortly after 6:00 P.M. approximately sixty East Side students, teachers, and their friends left school and made their way for some "summer fun in the winter." As soon as everyone had donned their bathing suits, bikinis and in such cases as the Teen Rebels, straw hats and Hawaiian shorts the fun began. The girls were caught up in a series of getting out of the pool and being thrown back in. Meanwhile, the boys modestly displayed their diving skills. Dinner, which consisted of lasagna, meatballs, barbecued chicken, spare ribs, and a variety of delicious desserts was served midway through the evening. After dinner everyone began to relax. The girls disappeared into the girl's sauna and the boys into the boy's sauna, though, not necessarily in that order. The atmosphere was one of easy friendliness. All thoughts of school were forgotten as we all enjoyed such activities as dancing around the pool, playing ball and splashing in the water, posing for pictures or just sitting pool side with our friends. As the evening drew to a close, a more serene moor! prevailed. Couples returned to the pool for a last dance. It was slow and romantic, which gave the night a final and special touch. As long as there are Splash Parties there will be East Siders to enjoy them. Amarieo Ewsto. Mtcnaai Pimontai. Gary Vardas. Jack Wafa. Tony Manmaz take time out to be immortalized by the photographer Danoog to the beat of the Miami Sound Machine the girts show the stuff Aida Sa do s taken off her feet by four fun loving friends 2 Student LifeEveryone enjoys a temlc butict style dvinef as par? of the festive everw g The group takes tane out from the fun and games to make a visual memory HoW on just a kttle longer unM we form the pyramid Student L4e 3Spring Adventure During the week of March 30-April 3, 1986, the |unior class and Mr. Chill sponsored a trip to Florida, a first time ever event. We departed from Newark Airport and arrived in Atlanta for a connecting flight and then we flew on to the "Sunshine State" for a week long adventure. Upon arrival in Orlando we were met by our tour guides. The first night a meeting was held by the travel agent who explained the itinerary for the week. Afterwards some students went for a late-night swim in the hotel pool or explored International Drive with its interesting shopping arcade. Epcot Center is made up of two parts. The Future World, a place of new ideas and innovations in communications, energy and transportation. The other part is the World Showcase which shows the accomplishments and cultures of many European countries. There were many activities for us to do and see in all of these interesting places. In Italy, Robert Pachana and David Fortenberry were found viewing street actors performing a funny skit entitled "Dennis the Menace of Venice" and also seen there was Mike Zamora taste-testing the piz a to compare it to Down Neck's finest. Seen in other countries were Carmela Rodrigue having her portrait painted in France and Keer Burley purchasing souvenirs in Morocco and Germany. Some East Siders were found at Disney World as well as Epcot Center in many of the following places: The Jungle Cruise, The Haunted Mansion, Carousel of Progress or Space Mountain. On our free time some of us also visited Sea World. El Mercado (a shopping mall) and the Elvis Presley Museum. Students, teachers and their guests enjoyed an exciting time during their spring break. This trip was a great success tor all. On® of the major attractions at tho Magic Kingdom is Cinderella s Castle Robert Pachana smiles as his Iriend Mickey Mouse waves he o Taking time out to pose for a picture wore Mr Chill and Mr CXfrancesco Student LifeStudent Lite 5Carmeta RocJoguez despenteiy searches for her Geometry book before the be WTwie focusing a negative Our mg Photography class John Roque prepares to make a pent During Enghsh class Prancme Eng •s captured by the rovmg photographer while taking notes Stars cn the Move Stars are within our reach to explore and contemplate. We as rising stars have seen a change physically, mentally, and spiritually in our lives. Through out our four years we have learned to understand and appreciate one another and together form the school spirit and unity that depicts the perfect constellation of stars. We have also put pride in ourselves and built a strong academic as well as a social foundation for our lives will not end here. As rising stars we will continue to grow, develop, and build confidence in our undertakings based on the skills and values we learned at East Side High School. As our years at East Side come to an end and the thought of leaving begins to set in, there are feelings of uncertainty mixed with anticipation. Ideas for the future shine in our minds of what we will become. Our climb as "Rising Stars” begins. There are endless paths to choose from. Picking the correct one is sometimes a difficult task, but teachers and counselors help to guide us as we make decisions. During this confusing time, however, there are shining moments. No one is likely to forget the Splash Parties, Disney World, the Prom, or the anticipation of our trip to the Poconos. In our years at East Side High School, we as "Rising Stars" have developed a great sense of achievement and character. Throughout our four years many students have proven |ust what stars they can be from a performing star, to a football star, to an achievement star. So as we draw close to graduation day, we grow more hopeful in that we will reach our goals and fulfill our dreams. Leaving will bring sadness but we leave knosving that we are "Stars On The Move." 6 Student Lit L xJa DaStva demonstrates new software tty fellow classmates James Tap«a practices before a band performance WT e improving SAT skits East S dcrs listen with great interest as a formula a explained Student Life 78 Student LifeStars Perform at East Side During the course of Rock 'N' Roll history, many great artists have come and gone. They make their mark with one Dig hit and then are never heard from again. It takes an enormous amount of talent to withstand the test of time in a business where you're hot or you're not. This year, Ms. Savidis decided to spark some electricity by bringing rising stars to perform at East Side She and her industrial art group decided on Ba kslreels. Bat kstreets is a band whose name is well known along Jersey's shore as a Bruce Springsteen typo band. As the concert date drew close there was much expectation concerning the event. Was Backstreets going to live up to everyone's expectations? The reaction from the audience proved that they surpassed all expectations. On May 23rd the auditonum vibrated as it never did before The band played tor two energetic hours and then finally had a break. During this time the crowd transferred to the cafeteria for pizza, refreshments, and music by D.J. TIX. After intermission students returned to the auditorium for another hour. The Backstreets concert ended with a bang as they played a final, "Jersey Girl." It left the girls screaming for more and started memorial weekend off just right. Backstreets bums up the stage with their excellent music The keyboard player moves to the rhythm o» the rnosc Playing to the beat, the drummer keeps up with the band Student Lite 9Almost Paradise On the evening of May 2nd, 1986 at the Casa Stoia Restaurant a feeling of excitement and fren-ziness was in the air. Mr. Chill, the Junior Class Advisor, welcomed the radiant couples as they made their debut at the Junior Prom. The usual crowd in jeans and sneakers took on a more formal look in dazzling gowns, elegant tuxedos and delicate corsages. The evening progressed as D.J. Freddy Freak played the theme song, "Almost Paradise." Everyone then moved on to an appetizing buffet-style dinner, a pleasing change from the usual peanut butter and jelly sandwiches served in the cafeteria. An added touch to this special gala was the coronation of Paul Sousa and Sandra Migoyo as King and Queen of the Prom. More dancing and socializing continued as the evening came to an end when once again the theme song was player!. The pictures will remain in the scrapbooks but May 2nd will forever be engraved in the hearts of those who for one evening lived the reality of "Almost Paradise." Making a grand entrance are fran Jankofl and date Tommy fliozen 10 Student LiteAlmost Paradise Continues Tony Pmho and Jackie Laiucn«sc make a styfcsh exit Sanora Vagoyo ano Pau Sousa share a speoai moment 12 Student LifeCouples crowd the dance floor as the evening comes to a dose Student Life 13Stars U Us M»chael Pirnentei can sure spark the fire with h« dazzling moves Beauty and grace can surety define Paula Garcia during her exquisite performance as Barbra Streisand Bright lights! Dazzling costumes! Shining performers! An event long awaited by many was a few minutes away as friends and relatives eagerly searched for an empty seat in the already packed auditorium. As you may have guessed this event was the Fashion show held April 18 and 19. 1986. The show consisted of two categories; fashion and talent. In the fashion category students modeled one of this year's most popular styles, the Miami Vice look, later in the show the look and glamour of Dynasty was featured. In between modeling some students demonsirated their abilities in singing and dancing by portraying some of today's hottest stars. Such portrayals of Barbra Streisand by Paula Garcia. Whitney Houston by Keer Burley. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band by Raymond Montalvo and his group, the band Wham with Gary Verdes portraying George Michael were some of the show's attractions. This year an extra was added to the program. For the very first time we had our own group of Chippendale’s. The girls lumped, cheered, and screamed "take it all off," during their dance routine. As the evening came to an end the performers went on stage for one last time. Mr. Krolin thanked the audience for their support and the performers for a wonderful show. Jubilation came to a close, but the smiles remained on everyone's faces as they walked out of the auditorium discussing the night's entertainment. 14 Student LZeGood »oc s help make Carlos Gafanha s Miami Vice stive ex tromety up-to-dale Pedecton that sizzles makes Angel Rrvera an irresistible ' ch pcndaie todofcze At his best with the captivating Warm Vice look Mike Pimentel strides with a fashionable style Student Lite ISStud L to 17Stale Champion, Canos Martins, on he way to another victory 18 Orveron Pago SportsSPORTS East Siders have always been good at whatever they do. especially in the sports area, and this year was no exception The Red Raiders performed exceedingly well in all aspects of their particular game In the fall, the football and soccer teams worked hard and proved that they could succeed. In the winter, the boys' and girls' basketball teams were again forces in the city and showed the fighting spirit of the athletes until the last ticking seconds of the clock The Ice Hockey team made the most of their talents and again had an exceptional season East Side's track and cross-country teams, always a power house in the city and county championships, continued to work hard toward improving their talents. As spnng arrived the tennis, baseball, and softball teams had some very impressive records, which gave them the ambition to improve from the previous year. Keeping up with the long tradition of excellence is not always easy. But these athletes work hard to try their best in every game, meet or match, to make East Siders proud of them and their chosen sportA Star Season When the baseball season began, it was projected to be a ' rebuilding year." because of young and inexperienced players on the team But, with the guidance of Coach Blasi and Assistant Coach Anthony Moreno the team played every game with aggressiveness, confidence and the desire to win. The season ended with a 10-14 overall record, with nine of those losses by two runs or less East Side concluded the City League with an excellent 8-4 record, finishing second to Vailsburg The Red Raiders also par ticipated in the Westfield Tournament. placing a very impressive second, again behind Vailsburg Whenever Coach Blast needs a pinch hitter base runner, or a late replacement, he can always turn to his "veteran" team members like Frank Garcia. Luis Troche, William Castro. Jose Alvarado. Mark Griggs, or Victor Plantenys and get the hit. stolen base, or the clutch performance that will aive East Side the runs needed for another victory W0t»am Castro oPtaro one of Ns many base hits during the season Vdor Plantenys making the long throw from third to first to catch tha runnar by a step TEAM SHOT — 3rd Row. Coach Bias . Tmo Pimentef Horlandor Amorm. Joe Krutsck. Ricky Rodriguez Frank Garcia Yun Munoz Asst Coach Anthony Morono 2nd Row. Paul Alves. Lun Troche. Wrlkam Castro, Jose Alvarado 1st Row Mefvwi Torrez, Victor Plantenys 20 Sports SCORE BO ARO OVERALL RECORD 1014 CITY REC0RD O4 ES S Central 9 ES 4 WeoquaNc 6 ES 3 Bayonne 4 ES 8 West Side 4 ES 6 Roselle Calhofcc 1 ES 16 Vailsburg 18 ES 0 Spongioid 1 ES 13 Shaba 1 ES 4 Irvington 20 ES 9 Weequahc 7 ES 9 West Side 1 ES 4 Vaitsburg 7 ES 12 Barringer 1 ES 2 • Cedar Grove 14 ES 2 Rahway 4 ES 2 MOburn 3 ES 1 St Peter s 2 ES 7 Memorial 10 ES 3 Vailsburg2 ES 8 Barringer 4 ES 9 Shaba 2 ES 4 Morns Knolls 6 ES 12 Essex CathohcO ES 2 Central 3 S«m finals Westfield Tournament •"Esse County Tournament Jose Alvarado awaits the next dekvery from the pitcher durng a E S -Central game Victor Ptantenys keeping a good eye at the plate Luis Troche scores a run leadmg E S to another victory Sports 21A Season Of Star Playing Looking back it was a season o f hard work, dedication and a chance to be the next city champions The team honed their skills against several out of 6ty teams in an effort to prepare for the city schedule As fate would have it. the toughest competition would come m the beginning of the season, the team knew what they had to do to win play good fundamental sottbaii — every game With renewed fervor previous experience became evident, strong pitching brought 4 no-hitters, tough defense made key plays look routine and combined with powerful batting East S de won the next sixteen games and remained undefeated for the aty title Success agreed with them as several players garnished post season honors: Capt AiieenMohna 38 All-City Capt Wanda Ramos of All-City Grace Faust mo IB All-City Rita Bynum P All-City. AB-Essex Adnanna Vasquez P All-City. All-Essex When asked about their championship title Coach Werner replied. Looking back it was a tough challenge but the team pulled together for a great season." Susette Santiago shows her fielding skMs as she makes a decisive catch during a game with Arts H-gh Maintaining a keen eye on the del. Wanda Ramos golden glove award winner, prepares tor her swmg Winner of the scholar athlete award. Grace Faustmo gets m some practice before game time 22 SportsSOFTBALL TEAM — Front Row Monique Herring. Aida Santiago. Sara Pmho. Irma Gamez. Wanda Ramos, Sosette Santiago, Judy Cruz. Mana P ho. Ramonita Perez Back Row. Lashooda Taylor, Raquel Serrano. Rosa Francisco. Enid Camacho. Rita Bynum. Aiioen Maima. Grace Faustmo. Adnanna Vasquez. Carmen Rivera. Gahnella CarmceHa. Cileste Marasco. Coach V rg a Werner 23Tennis Team Places Third Last season our term team accomplished a feat that will bo remembered tor many years to come The team captured third place m the Newark City Tournament held at Branch Brook Park Coached by Mr Bayone. the team members were Paul Gomes. Tony Lobo. Paul Carlos. Tony Vieira and Pm Soares These members made the most of their abates and strengths by pulfcng together for a good season Mr Bayone. who is known for his ability to gather good and excifcng players, looks forward to next season We are Sure they wil bring back those magical moments of glory 24 SportsTriple Crown Winners The East S de track team pot together a tremendous season Their accomplishments were highlighted by becoming the fast team m the Newark City League to win the triple crown The championships include the cross-country, indoor and outdoor These runners completed the 1967 season ranked number one m the 800 relay Number three in the two rrutc relay and number two m the Distance Medley m the State of New Jersey The boys team is headed by seniors, captam. Carlos Martins, Carlos Gafanha. Paulo Jaco. Troy Simpson Todd Wiliams. Joao Paul Sousa. Jufco Rivera. Witfredo J.m©nez and Mana Quezada TEAM SHOT — 1st Row Jose Abrantes. Thomas Quendo. Jorge Silva Joel Araujo. Feliciano Pereira. Albert Caraba o. Jeanette Townes. Lucia Cacorfo 2nd Row. Juko Rivera. Todd Williams. Paulo Jaco Jonn Paul Sousa. Carlos Gafanha Ana Cravo. Paula ESteves. Mana Quezada. Yvette Mosgueda. Dorothy Barnes 3rd Row. Troy Simpson. Jimmy Taylor. Carlos Martins. John Acabou. Paul Abrantes. Lmo Porc-a Manny Santos. Neta Resende. Ann« Resende. Rosa Dommgues. and Coach DickersonSCOREBOARO Newarii Crty League Champons Queen ot Peace Champions Duel meet Record 60 W am and Mary CoaegeVa— 1st 880 Retoy 2nd Distance Medley Penn Relays Penn Pa — 2nd Distance Medley Esse County Retoys— 1st Two Mile 1st Distance Medley 1st880RetayWJfroOo Jimene throwing the quarterback to the ground after the sack Al-Armn Crews and Troy Simpson convert on the tackle Todd WiHiams foaows hcs Mockers to reach for the first down yardage Hope and Determination The 1986 East Side football team was full of hope and determination. because many of the quality players would be back on the team East Side ended the season with a one win to eight loss record, but five of those losses were ten points or less The highlight for the players came when they achieved victory over Vailsburg High. With only seconds left to play in the game East Side scored on a safety, en ding the game with a tough win Despite all the efforts of the veteran team members such as Kevin Miller. Todd Williams, Al-Amm Crews, Tony Rogers. Troy Simpson and Dennis Johnson, the team could not put together a winning streak The last game was played against Barringer which is ranked 14th m the state The Raiders played their hearts out as always, but failed m their attempt for victory However, something was accomplished — they scored a touchdown against Barringer High — a feat no other team in the Newark City League could do Coach Russell has his work cut out for him next season, but with young and determined players, dedicated fans can look forward to another exciting season 28 SportsScoreboard East Side 0 VS Shaba 7 16 East Side 2 v$ Weequahic 8 East Side 13 vs Mansi 23 East Side 2 vs Varfsburg 0 East Side 0 vs West Side 22 East S«Oc 0 vs Uncoln 26 East Side 6 vs JamcstXjrgh 14 East Side 8 vs Central 16 East Side 7 VS Barnnger 12 Coach Grow giving instructions to Erick Nows Todd W ms using power lo gain that extra yard Ronald Arnold looks k pass to the receiver 29Transition Period For the 1986 East Side soccer team, the season was mainly a transition period, because they had to adapt to the philosophies of a new coach and get to know all the new players on the team The season ended with a 4-9-2 record, five of those losses to exceptional teams, including a loss to the number one team in the state. Kearny High Playing under a new coach, Ms. Megaro. the team demonstrated noticeable progress. that hopefully will carry in to the upcoming seasons The team was led by sophomore Fernando Cuco. and juniors Jose Vilas and Agustin Barreiras. each showed good dribbling skills and great natural abilities With so many young players on the team, willing to work hard to achieve greatness, fans can look forward to another exciting and improved season ahead As Fernando Cuco. one of the two captains stated. ‘ Coming into the season, we all knew about the young players on the team, but we stuck together, and built some momentum for the future." Jose Otvcwa snowing rvs dribbhng sk«s m a game against Shabarr Goal keeper Juto Rodngues looks on as Jose Vilas takes the goal kick LeoneT Our receiving the pass from a teammate 30 SportsStanding, Asst Coach John Coco Dommgues Avohno. Henry Anava. John Sousa John Cardoso. Leone Cruz. Victor Duarte, Marco luzio. Jaime Gmja. Carlos Perez. Marcetino Figueiras. Agustm Barreiras. Jose Vilas, Coach Megarro Kneeing. John Barroquero. Jose Ovewa. Diego Alulema. Juho Rodrigues. Fernando Coco Edmundo Neves, Roger FxJaigo Nuno Santos Marco Luzio and Leonet Cruz creating another scoring opportunity for East Side Mid Fntder. Jose Vilas, controlling the ball and loolung to pass to a teammate Scoreboard ES 0 VS Memorial 8 ES 1 VS Hoboken 3 ES 0 VS Kearny 6 ES 6 VS Arts 1 ES 13 VS Shabazz 0 ES VS Shabazz — Forfeited ES 1 VS Irvington 2 ES 1 VS Bamnger 1 ES VS Union Hi — Forfeited ES VS Queen ol Peace— Fort cited ES 2 VS North Bergen 7 ES 0 VS Vafeburg 6 ES 1 VS Vails burg 1 ES 0 VS Cedar Ridge 5 Fnal Record 492 Sports 31TEAM — Front Row. G is Vanity Sandra Marins. Hortense Ohveira. Mana Bartx sa. Vanda PaJma. Carta Martas. Ana Cravo. and Yvette Mosqueda Middte Row. Junior Varsity Francisco OePmno. R-cardo Camairo. Paul lameirinhas. Em.ho Casque . Edwin Marfisi. AJCeri Ca baSo Antonio F oere«Oo Bach Row. Varsity Boys Dwan D erson. Coacn Ohe OK arson, joai Arauio. Carlos Gafanna. Fehoano Pereira. Paulo Jaoo. Jorge S va. SaJv.no Matos Captan Cartos Martins. Jaime Zavala 32 SportsCity Champs The East Side Cross Country Team put together a tremendous season Their accomplishments were highlighted by winning the City Championship all four years Over the four years other wins were the Spmgarn meet. Washington. D.C.. Eastern States. Essex County Invitation, the Stewart meet, and the NJSIAA GRoup four Championships. The Long Distance runners completed their season ranked number six in the state The boys team, headed by seniors Carlos Martins. Paulo Jaco and Carlos Gafanha The underclassmen that did a tremendous job. both boys and girls are Joel Araujo. Feliciano Pereira. Jorge Silva. Salvino Matos and Jaime Zavala The girls team Yvette Mos queda. Ana Cravo. Carta Martins. Hortense Oliveira. Vanda Palma. Keisha Williams, and Maribei Ferrer The track team continues to win with spirit and grace Scoreboard Newarfc City League Spmgarn Invi Wash . D C Essex County ChampmnsNp 2nd Due tl-0 Future Olympians Hortense Ofcveea and Vanda Palma SPWGARN CHAMPS 85 86 — Alberto Caraballo. Edwin Marttsi and Javier Reyes The City Champs 1-2 Ana Cravo and Eve tie Mosqueda CITY CHAMPS 83. 8 85. 86 — Sandra Martins. Hortense Ohveira. Vanda Palma. Mana Barbosa Ana Cravo. Yvette Mosqueda pose lor the photographer Sports 33 f ■- SCOREBOARD SCOREBOARD JAMES8URG W 80 45 SHABAZZ L 53 58 CARTERET W 54 52 COLUMBIA L 56 75 LINCOLN W 70 68 CENTRAL W 75 49 COLUMBIA L 56 85 WEEQUAHfC L 62 67 SNYDER L 55 66 WEST SIDE W 63 52 VAIL BURG W 60 56 DICKENSON L 52 56 SHABAZZ L 43 71 BLOOMFIELD L 44 60 CENTRAL W 72 69 WEEQUAHIC W 80 66 WEST SIDE w 70 50 BARRINGER L 50 56 VAILS8URG L 59 60 BARRINGER L 46 55 NEWARK TECH W 64 60 OVEBAU. RCCOflO to WINS 11 LOSSES CrrriXAGcC »wns 8LOSSES-fro PLACE C«ot®f Danen Hcks keeps East S de close with a slam dunk. Andrew Darby takes a jumper from just outside the pa nt Senior Marc Inman goes up for the easy layup 34 Sports Character Builder The East Side Boys Basketball Team completed their season with a record of 10 wins and 11 losses For the third consecutive year, the Red Raiders finished in third place m the city league. With only one senior. Marc Inman. on the team in position of guard. East Side demonstrated exceptional character as well as tremendous togetherness to pull out some great victories throughout the season Every game East Side was involved in was close and usually down to the wire This year the team also changed “history" by winning for the first time in 11 years the Hillside Christmas Tournament and beating Central High School twice in a season — this had not been done since 1974. Individually. Danen Hicks certainly had a terrific season. He led the team in scoring with a 22.5 ppg average and set school records in blocked slots and rebounds and also in triple doubles (points, rebounds, blocks) Asked about the prospects for next year, Coach Duggan said. "Our goal is for us to continue to grow in character and ability and continue to work toward a city championship."TEAM Front Row. Amir Banks. Mark Strothers. Marc Inman. Andrew Da ty Back Row. Coach Duggan. Tony Walker. Robert Noma. Enc Morns. Joe Carter. Danen Hicks. Erie BynumSCOREBOARD ES Scoreboard vs Wost Side ES VS University L ES vs VarfSburg L ES vs Barringer W ES vs Shabazz L ES VS Arts High L ES vs Vatfsburg L ES vs Bar nnger W ES vs Shabazz L ES vs Weequahc L ES vs Woequahic L ES vs Central L ES vs Central L ES vs West Side W Front Row. Irma Smurf' Gamez. Theresa Ro nson Isabel Rtwo. Jean Moten. Jeanme Powell. Mansol Santiana Back Row. Coach Tosun. Mana Vwa. Katnna Arrington. Mary Lee Gnmes. Maria Sampedro, Mana Saguay. Ua Cunha Armando Labrador 36 Sports Improving Season The girl s basketball team ended their season with a record of 4 14 showing noticeable improve ment over the last couple of years The team coached by Mr Tosun finished fifth in the Gty League, ahead of Barringer and West Side The Red Raiders were led by the two seniors on the squad, by Irma "Smurf' Gamez, known as an excellent ballhandler and shooter and Isabel Ribeiro with her strong rebounding The team also consisted of |umor Mary Lee Grimes, sophomores Maria Vieira and Jean Motea and freshmen Lia Cunha. Katrina Arrington and Jeanme Powell Asked about this year's team Coach Tosun stated. “We started with a dynamite nucleus with four returning seniors. However, two had to leave and the burden was left on Irma and Isabel They responded extremely well and everybody did their best to improve As a whole it was a gratifying experience for allM Center Isabel Ribeeo taking a jumper high over tho defenderCoach dba Dickerson Captan Carlo Manns Coach Gary Hay Warming up betoro a practice run Carlos Martins Antonio Figueiredo and Paulo Jaco 1987 INDOOR CITY CHAMPS WE’RE NUMBER 1 The East Side Indoor Track Team has put together another tremendous season They have won the Indoor Championship for the third year in a row Their accomplishments were highlighted by an appearance in the invitational high school mile relay in the meadowlands arena These runners rank among the best m the state of New Jersey The New Jersey Star Ledger Newspaper ranked East Side runners m eight different categories The future of East Side Track looks bright The underclassmen work hard and love the program at East Side We will succeed Front Row. Yvette Mosquera. Ana Cravo. Vend Palma Hortense Ofcveira. Carta Martins Mans De Almeida Middle Row. Em o Casque Edwin Marfisi, Sandra Martins Ketsha Williams Maria Barbosa Back Row. Jorge Silva Dorothy Barnes Captain Carlos Marins Jaime Zavala Troy Simpson, Antorno Figuetredo Jufco River Paulo Jaco. Joel Araujo. Joao Paul Sous Fekciano Pereira, Carlos Gafanha 38 SportsTHE PAST: Troy S mp on. Jubo Rivera. Carlo Marlins. Mana De Almerta Canos Galanha. Joao Paul Sousa Paulo Jaco THE PRESENT (Junors) Feliciano Pereira. Joel Araujo, Ana Cravo. Sandra Marins. OorolMy Barnes. Mana Barbosa. Jorge Silva. Antonio (Flash) F jueeedo THE FUTURE Edwn Martis . Carla Martins Hodense Oveea. Vanda Palma. Keisha Wfcanvs. Errafco Casqueea Jaime Zavala. Woman's Captain Yvette Mosquera Carlos Martins on the run SCOREBOARD SCOREBOARD Newark Oty League ChampsTom Borger awaits the drop of the pock ashes ready tor the face off East Side's forwards surround the opponent's net. seerching for the loose puck 40 SportsDedicated Players The East Side High School Ice Hockey team has definitely made a name for themselves Previously. they had won a major division championship title Numerous hours were put into practice at Iron bound stadium both by the players and their coach Players Tommy Borger and Todd Blozen held many teams to very few scores and they helped lead the team to victory They both should be commended for their play and leadership abilities. All players demonstrated hard work both as a team and as individuals With all the talent on this team much credit should go to their coach. Rudy Blozen. whose leadership and guidance has inspired. as well as motivated, them to go out and do their very best. Alter winning the lace off Joe Buonopane skates oft to the ofiensrve zone Todd Blozen stops the puck, lor h«s delenseman to move it down the ce Front Row. Coach Anthony Russo . Alex Abasto. Anthony V ra. Tom Borger Joe Buonopane Mike Lewick. Coach Rudy Blozen Back Row. Jam Kmetz. Todd Blozen Sammy Gonzalez, Tony Botet Sports 41The Winterguard performs one of their speoai routines for the student body in the boys gym at hall time. 42 Division Page Clubs ActivitiesCLUBS ACTIVITIES East Side students have always relied on clubs and activities to keep active and involved throughout the school year. From attending a Civics Club dance to just listening to a club report; we look forward to our extra curricular activities. They have always offered a change from the regular classes and give us a chance for getting involved. These activities have not only been lots of fun. but they have also provided some very rewarding experiences. For example, the Tessalations club not only ennches our mathematical abilities, but it has given us a chance to enter the New Jersey Math League contest which has been most rewarding. Working on the yearbook has provided us with an insight into the journalistic world. We found that it takes discipline, organization, writing skills and love for A M. meetings. All the extra-curricular activities help create an atmosphere here of unity and a sense of working together in forming that all important school spmt.Just Splashing Around On December 5. 1986 at the Holiday Inn in Elizabeth. N.J, members of the senior class got together to enjoy the annual Splash Party This activity is one in which Seniors look forward to each year. Mr. Chill and the class officers work hard in arranging this exciting event. The party began at 7:00 p m at which time the buffet was beautifully served It consisted of trays of cold cuts, lasagna, fried chicken, roast beef, and assorted pickles, olives and breads, as well as delicious desserts such as chocolate pudding, fruit salads and chocolate cakes After everyone finished eating we all headed for the pool and sauna where we spent most of the night talking and dancing Towards the end of the evening things really started to roll when Arthur Guedes and Paul Carlos threw Mr Chill and Mr. Arvdraous into the pool It was a wonderful evening for those who attended We look forward to many Splash Parties and other activities in the futureWater Polo enjoyed by active party goers Showing th© r love lor the heated pool, members oi the Sr class cannot wait to tost the water Mayra Camacho Mr Chat. Use Perez, pose for the photographer Activities 45Rising Stars Har wort earT Tfort im nd dedication; that's what it's all about The staff meets every morning at 7:30 in room 363 to prepare and assemble the various sections of the book Headlines, captions, layouts, and body copy must ail tie into the theme Besides ai of the above, we still must meet our deadlines set by the printer With the help of Dr. Pellegrino we are able to get a very difficult job done to the best of our ability We began this yearbook in the Spring of 1986 by having group sessions where we exchanged ideas, concerns, and began the challenge of producing a yearbook Dr Pellegrino asked those who were artistically talented to submit then ideas for a cover design Sketches were submitted and Luis Rosario's design was selected In the fall of "86." selections were made for the various positions and we were on our way Everyone had equal responsibility to their assigned sections and with lots of work and dedication along with many lost lunch periods; we were able to produce one of the best yearbooks to date Luis Rosario works on sketches for the '87' cover Checking over returned proofs. s cosports editor John Roque Nelson Ferrers proofreads copy to make sure all 1$ correct the Sports section 46 OubsThe Winner is . . . On November 7. 1986 the Second Annual Homecoming Queen Dance was held. This year there were 16 outstanding contestants all competing for Homecoming Queen Participants were selected on the basis of poise, personality, appearance and their public speaking ability. For the second year, the special guest star was Antonio Fargas, co-star of Starskv and Hutch The Homecoming Queen Dance was sponsored by the Winterguard The judges consisted of Winterguard officers along with Mr Grant. During the previous week, contestants were interviewed about their feelings toward a Homecoming Queen s responsibilities. They each received a score for their response By week's end all scores were tallied and the top five winners were known to the committee. The winner was announced at the dance, where she received the title and crown along with a dozen roses Martha Bahamon was the winner, who exemplifies the ideal of Homecoming Queen Martha is very active in various school related activities and is co-editor of the clubs section of the 87 yearbook As a Senior, Martha looks forward to representing her school in this all important event The newly crowned Queen lakes her first ofloal walk Moggy Bear Fargas takes Martha by the hand as they have their first dance 48 ActivitiesI t ♦1 Queen Martha is helped with her cape by members of the Wmterguard Homecorrang Queen Martha, happily waitmg to begin her year long reign ' Activities 49A Perfect Combination As always the band and cheerleaders have been a great inspiration in bringing out that all important sense of togetherness Whether it be at our football games or at a parade they have always been there to cheer us on. This year was no exception, with the help of cheerleader advisor Mr Cormck. the cheerleaders were able to keep the fans cheering and team winning as they demonstrated skill, gymnastics, timing and precision as their routines were performed Along with the cheerleaders the band also strutted their stuff as hot tunes were played such as "Land of Make Believe " and "Cosmos Although many hours of hard work and practice go into this activity, it is certainly worth the effort when their routines are performed Showmg school spirit our mascot. The Red Raider, reaty knows we are number one BAND — Front Row. Beatrce Santana. Renata Benatti, Rodolfo Landires. Angie Velez Lomo Van o Middle Row. Cartos Ferreira Robert Andrade Faomena Gomes. America Calado. Raquel Marques Back Row Antono Simoes John Ferreira Jean Moten. Leo Rodriguez Marco Ponte. Fernando Lopez. Li»s Nieves Cartos Marques Demonstrate their talented ab t«s members of the bend perform dunng a game 50 ClubsTeam capias. Rita Bynum, shows her r gh spirited smrfe Hey, Hey let s go» East S le tot's go1 The cheertoadmg girls demonstrate a routine and cheer OuPs 51Clubs For Everyone The Dungeons and Dragons club is a small organization that is made up of several students who enjoy playing fantasy adventure games During their weekly meetings the members can actually act out assigned characters and stimulate an adventure that is graphed out on a map with scenery of a par ticular place and time, going as far back as the 12th century Throughout the year they have fund-raisers to purchase lead figures which are used to illustrate the members characters They also have dances and field trips to the local video game store Another active club is the Student Council with members made up of homeroom representatives who play an important role m our school The activities this year consist of decorating the Christmas tree, opening the trading post, and a Mr and Mrs East Side Day These are but a few of the various activities the Student Council has accomplished As part of graduation exercises a special ceremony is held in June, in which the Senior class have their tradi tional farewell This year a committee of 14 members, made up the Honor Guard which was on hand as the Torch was passed to the Junior class This ceremony is a part of a long tradition at East Side High. DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS Front Row. Jose Campos Carlos Ferre a Back Row Paul Carlos Paul Far ro ra. Peter Silva STUOENT COUNCIL Front Row. Brenda Orta Back Row Selma Bastos. Erroha Meta George Brenner. Lisa Perez. Cmdy Valenlc. Elena Matos. Mrs Matarar o advtsor. Olga Valente TORCH HONOR GUARD da Cardosa. Mana Alves. Mary F ne a. Marta Famhas. Patncta Pu o. Grace Faust no Martha Bahamon Linda Da S4va. Naterc R au. Helena Hennques. Mara Borges. Mena Bar t osa. Emrfy Nunes. AnaPela Marques 52 CJubaDRAMA CLUB From Row. Celeste Honnquos. Celeste Naraso. Ins Carrero. Knsteena Omni. Ton Oavrs. Ruth Ocasto. Michede Krowi. Mr Ktolm atfvrsor. dorra Barroouetro. Paula do Barros. Gabrieita Car mceUa. Hot Halos. Michelle Peretra. Donna Poturai. Daisy Vaz. Betty Gomes Back Row. Carlos Rabelo. Sam Mercado. Anton ) Pereira. Anthony Oliveira. Gary Verdes. Michael Pimentai. Robed Hernandez. Joe Coeiho. Orlando Rocha. Edward Lenatd. Angelo Peredes. Mary Orta. Rui Lopes. Deno Ferreira. Paul E vansto. Carlos Galanha. Matthew Crchoractu STAGE CREW Front Row Carlos RcOtfo. Elena Matos. Ins Carrero. Angelo P Paredes Back Row. Oano FerrMa Mr Krofcn advisor. Ru« Lopes TESCALATIONS CLUB Front Row. Pan Poor Olga Vaiente Lisa Perez. Mana Oogo. Ana Gnflo MOdte Row Lyda Matos. Ovwtme Pagha. Ana T«x«ra. Marw Rodrigues Mary Jo Soares Mana Tomas. Linda Da S4va. Mana Maiwo. Em y Nunes. Mrs t P«z a advsor Back Row. Ms Potakowski Goorgc Bon nor. ftAcftwri Gorualez Marco Neves PaM Ferre a. John Sava. Nelson Ferrara. Fefcx Diaz Aseen Matos Ramon Ortiz One of the most interesting and exciting clubs is the Drama Club advised by Mr Krolin This activity allows those students who are talented and interested m the performing arts a chance to model, sing and dance It is an event enjoyed by many A major component for a successful Fashion Show is the help of the stage crew With their help, effort, work and dedication they are able to keep the lights, camera and music all in synch For those students interested m Math, the Tesselations Club is both an educational and fun dub. The dub provides an insight on many math related subjects such as optical illusions and polyhedrons With Mrs. Di Piazza and Ms Polakowski we are able to comprehend and enjoy these interesting topics as well as compete in the New Jersey Math LeagueBesides Academics The Portuguese club is a club which encourages the Portuguese language on a conversational level The members learn to appreciate the culture of the country and participate in activities relating to the Portuguese people. Some of these activities include luncheons involving foods from native lands and visiting interesting sites related to the Portuguese culture. Along with that, the club has various fund raisers such as candy sales for their annual picnic The Portuguese Literary Magazine also known as the "Os Academicos" offer students the opportunity for experiences and positive contributions in a literary vein These students involved with "Os Academicos" have great dedication and offer outstanding contributions of literary merit to the magazine. The French club is concerned with the many interesting foods, different holiday customs and interesting land marks found in the City of Paris All of which help to make up the French Culture. Also under discussion are plans for their first trip to Montreal. Canada, where the members will be able to speak French and enjoy the foods, people, and explore the general ambiance of the country. In addition the club sponsors fund raisers such as posters, mirrors, and candy sales The French club has its end of the year picnic and trophies are awarded to the Senior members during the awards assembly program in June KXtruaufSt l HKAftTMAGA lNf Grata Cantata K , lur». San»a Ouarta Mara Samoa. Ana MarcAro AMa5a«ft Ou to A4M9 iMkRor tmaSanka Paula Correa (m Murat tkrat 4e Concacao Soar, Strata Bat Row An»crw 0 SAa Suva Sow ■• jnaa Cantata Rota I mo Man v ta Mato UaUnaCatcrat Aota RafrO' imncmco UantoKJ 54 CCOM PUT FR CLUB Front Row. Anthony Mero. Mana MaHe«o. Ana Texerra Anabeto Marques Mrfdte flow AnJbai Face, Mrs Salaoaj. Ona Reverendo, Mana Rodnguo . Danny Roverondo Jorge MarquM. John Duarte. Pautne Prott. Kathy Fogter Back Row. Augie Parva. Paul Varmo. l«da Da »va. Ramon Or-hz M e Gonzalez. Pari Cartos. Tony Marquez CMOS CLUB Front Row. Luis Malhovo, Martha Bahamon. Janet Crosta. Joso Mendonca Back Row Mr Moknaro Advisor Carmeia Rodnguez Mana Da S a. Oga Vatente Mana Matxwo. Unda Da S va. Edison Rodriguez. Mana Morais, Franosco Mendonca. Joe Cootw. Barbara Mortimer. Lora Do Almeida. Tonv Lourenco. Dma Reverendo. Paul Cerooerra. CHOIR J Front Row Mr Border. Celeste Nansco Khadnah Muhammod. Mansoi Vazquez. Manana Her rera, Christine W son. John Meyer Jose Mendonca. Arcaho Mola. Dewov Outlaw. George Urrutia. Ruth Ocasio. Mercedes Gonzalos. Zefca Apohnano. Elena Matos. Dctobw Jones. Mrs Glover Advisor Back Row. Sytwa Ravmundo, Alda Conceives. Chnstma Da Silva. Robert Hernandez. Ale Hernandez Cunha, Paul VrHho William Goode . Akxiga Peterson. Mana Da S va. Vanda Palma. Tma Branco. Claud Urntia Technology is the basis for tomorrow's future Here members of the Computer Club can easily work on a computer and learn its baste language The Computer Club through such fund raisers as personalized Valentine cards, the ranking of all the Senior class members, and computer generated posters has earned their own monies for transportation During the course of the school year the club participates m special field trips to AT T. Newark and various other corporations in New Jersey The Civics Club is advised by Mr. Mohnaro. together with club members they have such fund raisers as candy sales, which enables them to contribute money to the various depart ments in our school In addition the members have field trips to the 9th Avenue Street Fair in New York City, and guest speakers such as Jessie Kazowits from the Iron bound Educational and Cultural Center and the representatives of the Candy Stripers from St. James Hospital Also as part of membership in this club all par ticipants receive red and white jackets and at the end of the year dinner Senior members receive trophies for their efforts The Choir Jay is made up of qualified young ladies and gentlemen who want to pursue a career in singing They have participated in many outstanding activities such as performing for the Board of Education. Saint James Hospital. Senior Citizen Day. as well as the lighting of the Christmas tree at the Iron bound Educational and Cultural Center Throughout the year. Char Jay attends operas at Symphony Hall m Newark. New Jersey and many fund raisers such as musical shows like, the annual Spring concert, and Christmas concerts held here in East Side High School. This money eventually goes for Choir Jay uniforms, music tools, podiums and also for the trophies awarded to any member who has par ticipated m the choir for four years Ouba 56A Different Atmosphere The announcer is the schools newspaper which helps publicize the happenings in the school. It has many interesting topics about student activities. At East Side High School the Library serves as the center for instructional materials and equipment. Its function is to locate, select, organize, provide, and coordinate these materials and equipment in order to reinforce the cir-riculum. implement learning, and work with teachers and administration to develop library programs. Here the students learn the use of the library as a source of knowledge, enjoyment, and inspiration The library provides a non classroom setting where students learn to work alone and in groups under the guidance of their teachers and the librarians. In this way. it contributes to the growth of independent thinking, develops techniques of studying effectively, and provides an atmosphere for developing desirable attitudes toward reading and communication. The purposes and objectives of the weightlifting club are based on the techniques of the whole background of the weight lifting theory. For example the club emphasizes the proper method of repetitions and sets in lifting weights. Also, it enhances the importance of weight lifting in an individual’s health, muscle development, strength, endurance, and in all areas of athletics Each member can benefit from this activity by working on his own work-out at his own pace. The weight lifting instructor corrects members every week and improves their use of the equipment according to the length of time spent at the gym The members can create a feeling of togetherness which motivates each individual to further pursue weight lifting at home or at a local YMCA NLWSPAPFR Front Row. Lute Maineiro. Maria Milano. Mancell Filip©, Larrame McCrea. John Moyer Mid die Row, Paul Oliveira. Sergio Ferreira, Mark D'Ofiveira, Mrs Pellcnlo. Maria Borges, Lig a Silva. Karen Earias flack Row; Peter S va. Nelson Ferreira. Ricky Carneiro. Header Pedrosa. Paul Ferreira. Paul Carlos LIBRARYSFRVICF Front Row. MarcetU Camacho. Ana A cos, Maria Perez. Cynthia Boatright Back Row. Mrs .Johnson Advisor. Filomcna Silva. Erik De Jesus. Mrs. Gipson Advisor. Dorothy Write. Mrs Rosen baum Advisor. Maria Rodrigues WIGHT LIFTING Front Row. Antonio Farmhas. John Barquena. John Duarte. Peter Oirvera Sergio Valente Middle Row. Arthur Santos. Alfredo Fannhas. Antonio Lourenco. Sergio Fcrrc»a. Marco Ponte. Jack Matos Back Row; Juan Coelho. Eddie Castro. Frank Garcia Pedro Gomez. Sammy Gonzalez, David Perreira. Fnaoo Marques. Mr Blasi Advisor 56 ClubsFUTURE NURSES AND SERVE TIES Front Row. Cynthia Boatnght. Francme Eng. Lda Alegre. Sytvw Ray moundo G w South Back Row. Ms White Advisor. Kostina Davis. Maria Rodriguez Tone Davis. Mane Tomas. Martha Bahamon. Ana Arcos The Future Nurses is a small club made up of students who are in terested in the nursing profession They discuss and explore the many different entry levels into nursing, offer the member an opportunity to explore nursing careers and provide personal experiences about different health care The members are also given a chance to listen to guest speakers from various hospitals provided by the Career Orientation Program Along with the Future Nurses, the Servettes also provide opportunities for students to serve the school at various functions This club helps to give these dedicated students a sense of pride In addition to the future nurses and servettes this year we have a newly formed club where its members discuss current events m Science and its new break throughs It is called the Science Fair Club This year the dub is going to visit the North Jersey Regional Science Fair m Morristown. New Jersey So far the Science dub has had some fund raisers like candy sales, and posters m order to take trips to the Museum of Natural Fkstory m New York and to the Frankkn Institute m Philadelphia Its members are very interested m science SCIENCE FAIR Front Row. Carohne Hammoud Brenda Ohz. Judy Fernandez Back Row. Flonnda Reverendo. Ms Gormeft. Rosa Franaaco. Danny Gonzalez Mana Davtfa. Marganda Ferre a Helena San tos. Tony fksis. Marfyn Fernandez Carlos Catao Diana Vidreeo58 Oubs School Spirit Is Alive The winter guard advised by Dr. Grant and instructed by Keith Me-Comick is an all year round activity starting off m the Fall This Spring they competed against all other guards Nationwide from New York to California The guard meets every Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm and weekdays after school to practice the drill and perfect those triple turnaround catches The guard per forms to songs such as -,Venus" and "Boy Gun' and the drills last for ap proximately 5 minutes The guard this year is National Champs and has taken best rifles, sabors. and flags at almost every performance they've given This year they visited Ohio. New York, and various locations m New Jersey for competitions This activity provides a great deal of fun. new friendships, and most important-ty the East Side School spirit Pauline Prott. Dr Grant. Mana Matos sinks a pose for the camera The Wmterguard performs one ol many routines Mana Matos Luz Matos Paukne Prott. Lisa Perez display their super costumesTRACK CLUB Front Row. Mar Barbosa. Carla Martas, Hortense Oliveira, Vanda Palma. Sonia Smilh. Yvette Mosqueba Middle Row, Joel Araujo. Albert Caraballo. Xavier Reyes, Paul Lamannhas, Edwin Marftsi Back Row. Tony Figuerido. Paul Jaco. Ja»me Zavala. Jorgo Srfva Feliciano Pereira. Tremaine Byrd. Oscar Smith. Carlos Martins HONOR SOCIETY Front Row Rosa Rodrigues Emrfy Nunes. Mana Barbosa. Maria Mtteiro. Anabeia Marques Mara Alves. Mar Farm has. Lisa Perez Middle Row, Alda Sardo. Paula Estoves. Carlos Gafanha Nateroa Ribau. Ana Arcos. Mana Borges. Olga Valente Back Row. Nelson Ferre«a. Paul Ferreira. J P S4va. Manny Da Cruz. Lmda Da S va. Am r s Ortega. Bobby Peltot. Carmeia Rodriguez. Luis Santos. Mrs Giantomassi. Advisor Active People The track club is basically a fund raising organization for the track team The track club holds dances, sells boosters, calendars, and shirts as a means of raising money This money in turn is needed in order to cut costs of trips to such events as the Penn Relays. Colonial Relays, and Spingarn Invitational in Washington. The track club usually has a banquet at the end of each season and a picnic at the end of the year The track dub is like a family. They are very close and usually get together outside of school They also help other community organizations in raising money But most importantly the track club members work hard to see that the team has a successful season. It is an honor to be selected as a member of the National Honor Society Every year the top twenty five students of the Senior class are chosen according to their grade point average of 3.5. These students are inducted during a special ceremony held during an assembly program; in which the torch of knowledge pins, which is the symbol of the National Honor Society, is given to these honored students For this special honor they must have in addition to a high grade point average a general involvement in school spirit 60 ClubsGary Verdes and Joe Coet o along with friends fro c their way lo the ski lodge Lins Oliveira attempts to get back on hts skis after a tumble The East S de Ski Ckib had another excep-t»na»y good year The dub members have taken several day tnps to Great Gorge and Ver non Vaaey along with elegant doners at the Portuguese Manor and a beautiful fun-filed weekend trip to the Inn. located at the foot of Magic Mountain n Vermont This ts the thirteenth annual ski tnp to Vermont and the fourth consecutive three day weekend The dub left very earty on Friday. February 27th. lor a five hour tnp On arrival, they found gamerooms tennis, and squash courts along with swimming and sauna facilities very much to their Hung These conditions of course made for a successful t ne when the dub hrt the slopes The dub was accom panod by Mr AffMo. dub advisor, along with faculty members who helped make this a super ski weekend SK' CLUB Fiont Row, Tony Perreaa. Juan Machado Orlando Campos. John Casaknho. Tommy Borger Mddle Row. Karon Azevodo. Anna Gnfto. Claudia Neves. Gary Verdes. Anthony Vieira Nna 8andeira. Pads Pires A urea Pedreis Back Row. Mr AfIMto. Joe Corhcado. Carlos Barbosa. Rut Figuendo. Tony arfinez. Joe Coetho. Cartos De Jesus. Lias Otewa. Angel Gonzalez. David Verdes Cartes Santos Ctebs 6lMr Adinoiti explains a geometric equation to Sharon KissonPeople Looking back over our four years, the people who most encouraged and supported us were our teachers. With their knowledge, guidance, and patience they have helped us to understand ourselves and have made us aware of the great opportunities available after graduation. We all have certain classes and teachers that we look forward to seeing each day and these are the ones that we will remember when we recall our high school days. We will never forget the times Mr. Molmaro. on the day of his “big" test, would wear the answers on a T-shirt under his jacket, or when we had to perform surgery when a tray of frogs was brought out in Ms. Gonnelli's biology class. In years to come as we look through this book we will remember them not just as our teachers, but as our friends.64IN RECOGNITION John J. Golba was born on September 15, 1939. He was raised in the Ironbound Section of Newark and attended St. Casimir's Grammar School and East Side High School. Mr. Golba also attended Fairleigh Dickinson University as a Liberal Arts Major from 1960 to 1961. In December of 1961 he was appointed as a Patrolman in the Newark Police Department and assigned to the Third Precinct after graduation from the Police Academy. In 1963 he married the former Joan Kuduk, and they are the proud parents of five children, Michelle, Debra, John Michael, Mary and Kristen. In 1971 he was promoted to Sergeant and assigned to the East District where he became Commander of the Pickpocket Squad, a mini-tactical unit concentrating on street robberies and frauds in the downtown area. One of his most noticeable tasks was his recommendation for the formation of the Truancy Task Force to combat extensive truancy. In 1974 he was promoted to Lieutenant and during this time he initiated and operated the first Crime Analysis Unit in the Newark Police Department. In 1975, he received an Associate of Science Degree in Police Science from Rutgers University, where he graduated with honors. Lieutenant Golba was assigned to the non-violent Crimes Bureau in 1979 and in 1981 he was made Captain. He was also elected to the top executive position in the Superior Officers’ Association. On July 10, 1986, Mayor Sharpe James appointed him Chief of Police. It is with great pride and pleasure that the Class of 1987 awards the alumni of Superior Merit to such an outstanding, involved and dedicated Police Chief.Executives At Work During our High School years the administrators and department chairpersons have played an important role m our education by establishing school rules and regulations. The department chairpersons help to maintain the high academic standards that East Side is known to have They work with our Principal Mr Wujciak and Vice-Principals in establishing school policies such as tardiness, cutting, lockers and use of the bathrooms Once a month Mr. Wujciak meets with class officers and Student Council members in order to improve school and com mumty affairs Mr Scardelli continues his great effort to help students by supervising the Basic Skills Program that has become a success and helped many students achieve scores above the cut off rate which is based on CTBS and MBS tests Thanks to their effort and support they have helped make us "rising stars " Mr Wujciak Mr Moselle Mr Sena Mr Chagnon Mr Machado 66 PeopleExploring Hidden Talents Art and Music in some form are evident in everything we do in life Our art department encourages students to bring out certain hidden talents This dedicated faculty through years of experience offers students skills and ideas of pursuing such careers in painting, drawing, crafts, commercial art. portraits, photography or just personal interest Our band under the new musical director. Mr Baione continues their excellent performances and participates with pride and enthusiasm at school and community affairs Many students at East Side come from foreign countries with little understanding of the English language, nevertheless our bilingual teachers provide a pleasant atmosphere and enjoyable learning environment in order for the students to excel and master the English language 68 PeopieVA fSl MA f Si Ml RMnguU a f st M l c«M UA (Mnpu• 1 «MMI SI A I Si 1 Am W4 f SIWe’re On A Rol I Among the various programs ot study offered. the Business program is one which has advanced at a considerable pace and is showing much promise. Technology has become a major aspect of the Business world, thus, students must be exposed to such skits and equipment that will holp them with their success in Business This year the Business Department has added eleven more IBM PC's, three printers, and one Lanier word processor to the Business classes. Also, next year word processing will be taught as a separate class However, this is not the end. because as Mrs Ruggeri said, "Next year we hope to have a roomful of IBM PC's for students m accounting, bookkeeping, and typ«ng classes.'' With all this advancement, students are bound for success. Mrs Ruggeri checks out a program with a student during word processing Cl3SS Paua Garcia types in key information on the computer a a 0«'O m Mr W va MwSctayr Mr TtfM MX mi a« i M A fcl nilVA lng„ Mr PWuneo OA BukSa. M Otrreo VA (r t Mr OfnrcMW BA BA frqbi+ Ur Mwcn % BA fnpuft Or ‘ ii 0 f -vh ft M A {ngk A Mr. UWtvo MA fngfcrt SruMntCourcvAa aor Mr Rim. BAlnffktf, Mr. CMrww BA fn0MA Mr forte UA freteAMinding Our Grammar English classes have played an important role in developing our reading and writing skills Our teachers have helped us improve our skills by having us write essays, read short stones, and learn vocabulary words, which we are quizzed on weekly. Throughout our four years at East Side we have read many novels written by some of the greatest authors, such as. "The Grapes of Wrath," "The Great Gatsby," and "The Natural " With the help of Mrs Giantomasi and Mrs Caamano we fully under stand the true meaning of "MacBeth" and "Julius Caesar." a few of the finest plays ever written by William Shakespeare In addition to learning about the fine works of English and American Literature, we also had the opportunity in our SAT classes to strengthen our skills m vocabulary and reading comprehension There our teacher Mr. D'Ernco. gives us tips on how to achieve a high score on our Scholastic Aptitude Test, which we all must take if we plan to attend college 73W, CXurt BA forma langutg CAjb Mr Catunh BA forma Ima O frmr CkA)Aa or Mr Homo UA Gudme M Smncrmi UA Gukftneo M» Solomon UA GwBUXO M» ?ru {to M M4 GMkm Mr M4 Gurtanc MlWngM V A form n Ur jAQAHelping Hands The guidance department has played a substantial role m our education throughout our four years at East Side As freshmen, they made us realize how these four years of schooling would affect our future goals and plans and as seniors, we feel that we were given the essential guidance to confront those goals and plans Our counselors were there to give us that extra push when we felt defeated, they encouraged us to reach our highest academic potential and always advised us about our problems and ideas Through their knowledge and experience. Mrs Figueiredo and Ms Truszkowska are assisting us with our choices of colleges, filling out applications, and preparing us for life after East Side Another department which has broadened our minds is the foreign language department With their assistance we have learned the various and interesting cultures of other countries The students are allowed to choose classes of French. Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish from which they can reach a better understanding of the language and ways of life. As students pass through the fourth floor. C Building they can see and hear the different countries being discussed, viewed, and admired. With such guidance and knowledge, we feel confident of facing the challenging future that awaits us . i People 75 .• B r Mr DmU 04 tetocar l i Siwn 04 Nomafconomci Wamiar JmrfneM BA Mr. Undmooo 0 4 oma I conorvc Mr AnMo 04 Ttchmcml Mr Macrae ano M FaeftnearHigh Tech! This year the Technical Depart ment has advanced their programs by adding the use of computers to assist students with their work The Mechanical Drawing classes teach students how to construct and measure accurately using "Computer Aided Drafting Systems" This computer system produces their work faster and neater The Graphic Arts classes have begun using a 'Phototypesetter' which is computer assisted. This system allows students the oppor tumty to construct a printed page on a monitor and then create a hand copy to be utilized in the reproduction process The Electronics classes will offer "Micro Computer Repair Programs ' which allow students to learn how to repair an IBM computer In the Auto Shop students are using a "Computerized Engine Analyzer “ This machine lets them know exactly what is needed to repair a car In the Metal Shop we have a “Computerized Numerical Control System ' (CNC) that is used as a teaching a»d to expose students to computers and how they are used in industry to manufacture metal and plastic items In the Wood Shop students use a "Computer Assisted Wood Lathe." a machine that constructs all forms of shapes out of wood Another area of this department which has proved useful to us is Home Economics Future plans for the Food and Clothing classes are for them to receive "Computer Software " During an interview with Mr Guarmo. Department Chairperson, he was asked, "What does the department hope to accomplish by using computerized equipment in the classes7" His response. "The goal of the department is to keep pace with the technological changes and expose students to computerized industrial processes and practices " Mr Matnsctano grvtng instructions to Carmeta Rodriguez on macNne operation People 77Mr OPIUM 0 A IMMMta Mr Ai n« M4 wr«nii t Mt Ncfl fl A UaMwnam Ml ouv flA UaOwntfct 78 P«op tChallenging The Numbers The Math Department offers students such subjects as Algebra, Geometry, and for those who enjoy challenges. Calculus, Trigonometry, and Computer Science classes are also available In addition, students receive further assistance with old skills m the Basic Skills classes and review for the SAT s m the SAT Skills classes. For further challenges and fun. students can join the Tesselation Club which has joined the N J Math League, for the first time There is a series of six tests in which the highest scoring individuals and groups are awarded prizes This experience allows students to test and compare their abilities with other students from the state of New Jersey With such experiences and knowledge that are obtained from the math teachers, students are prepared to deal with the mathematical problems of life Mari Borges addmg the imal louche lo her program, dor mg Computer CUSS People 79VA Mmltf :Som Coacri Mr land BA MM« 8A PTiftKAItOvc u r rumCoK 8A P yvc I »ron 8 A Pf tvctt f (Varo" Cmi County MOaor OkrMoor r acA CokA M Fan 8 A XMMFV F«x«y «Mg» 8 A ‘nyt-cArfObCAtKyi Mr Mugra 8A Nm»iBody Basics The saying. "A healthy mind makes a healthy body .' is certainly true at East Side Physical Education classes allow us to take part in a wide variety of athletic sports, such as volleyball, basketball, and softball Dunng the fall and winter we must play sports indoors. However, once warm weather arrives we are allowed to go outdoors to Independence Park to get some fresh air while we participate m the day's activity. Denise Tremarco and Andrea An-druchowitz can still feel the pain from Mrs Alexander's constant drilling of the walk-run mile In our health classes we are taught the parts of the human body and how they function Our health teachers let us know the importance of first aid so that we can help ourselves or others in case of an accident Who can forget Mr Zarro's lecture on. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure " In our driving education classes we were taught the rules and regulations of the road and also, how harmful drinking and driving can be not only for us but for others as well With the help of our physical education and health teachers we now have the knowledge of understanding what is good for ourselves and for the well being of others John Roque portions h n e« »o the pitch 81Theories and Explorations In our Science department we have skillful teachers assisting us all the way Explaining and pro vidmg theories or formulas in order for the students to have a better understanding of the outside world scientifically In Chemistry Lab. Mr Leonardo thoroughly explains the procedure before any experiment is performed Furthermore, safety equipment has been installed, such as. the eye-wash and the shower in case of an emergency Who will ever forget Mr Cic-cone's joke or his theories of life? Not only do we learn of the scientific view of the world but its past as well. Our History teachers teach us the past and how it affects us in the present time Although we studied for Mr. Bottmo's difficult test we ac complished a feeling of satisfaction after receiving our graded papers. Thanks to their great ef forts we will continue to grow as successful stars ■»» 04 Sow Ul Motarlt V4 Sc4nc« M. Ton9i V4 Sc«nc 82Students en,oy g films on the life of Teddy Roosevelt during U S hfcstory classM» TucM BA M Pom BA Sctc+itOvCMiy. M. mo-Stf o f AxaftOft Mr JOM W U A UOttntA U MCvM Mr WicroMtu 8 DnjgCoof ntlO'Helping Out When we need books for an important term paper or a book report, we usually seek help from our librarians in the Media Center Mrs Gipson, Mrs Johnson and Mrs Rosenbaum are always ready with a smile to lend a helping hand Our Special Education teachers work with students on a one to one basis to help them improve their abilities Mr. Grant, our speech therapist, helps students develop their speech in a clear and accurate manner by having them practice exercise methods in sounds Our attendance counselor. Mr McCormack is always hard at work trying to continue the improvement of attendance at East Side Headaches and upset stomachs are a few of the prob lems our nurses must deal with Mrs Block and Mrs White, our newest addition to the health office. make sure everyone's health records are up to date and provide physicals for students who plan to participate in a sport Informing students about the danger of using drugs is the job of our drug coordinator. Mr Wichowski No matter what the problem, this fine group is always ready to help out V Gtw SpeecA rrwep Mr I 85Secretaries CAFETERIA — Front Row. E Marrow. Emma Barnes J Roberts. R Lawson Row. C Taylor. Julie Ramone, D Reaves E Jackson. Annie Konopka, Ann SanK Anme R d Mane Giordano. Cla-e Oaban Elizabeth Fernandez Back Row » Thome, Robert Ymgst, Susan Amende 86CUSTODIANS — Front Row Tonney Wiliams. Bertha Johnson. Ann Undsay Bar Row Grady Woody. Audrey Hutchinson, Charles Cothns. Barotow Hulchson Helpful Hands Always giving assistance to make East Side a good and clean school are a lot o! people working cooperated together as a team The socrotanes begin their task every morning typing the daily bulletin or the absent bst obtaining information tor teachers and aiding students and parents Our custodians maintain the school efficiently. keeping the borers working the school comfortable and dean m order to create a work mg environment Mr Roberts along with our cafeteria workers see to it that the students and faculty recerve a satisfymg and nutritious meal from the lour food groups The security guards offer protection inside and around the school grounds Nevertheless they assist us dunng a fire drd or just open.ng the bathroom doors This team of people dedicate mem solves to mako East Sde a continuing star ol success FRDAY SECURITY — Mabel Hardm. Barbara Hudson. Douglass Gordon. Marion Johnson. Maureen Lockette. Fanny SouthallFaculty Get "Tied Up” On March 21. 1986 the East Side basketball and baseball teams sponsored the annual basketball game between the students and faculty The teams taking part in this competition consisted of East Side's most skillful faculty players They were split into two groups called Blast's Bombers and Duggan's Dunkers The game ended in a 52-52 deadlock with no overtime involved because the fast pace of the game had the "older" teachers gasping for air The leading scorers for the game were the following Blasi's Bombers with Mr Gould in first place with 23 points and Mr. Malanga in second place with 10 Duggan's Dunkers had Mr Duggan in the lead with 23 points and Mr Cullen right behind with 22 The effort given by the faculty was well-received by the students attending, who stood on the edge of their seats until the last second brought the end of the game Faculty members are to be congratulated for demonstrating their basketball skills and sharing them with the students. Hopeful ly. this tradition will continue for a very long time 88 PoopteOur Deepest Appreciation Few teachers have as much experience being an advisor as Mr Chill. He has been at East Side since i960 and has served as an advisor since 1963 His first graduating class was that of 1964 Since then, he has been involved with everything from trips to Walt Disney and the Poconos to Splash Parties and picnics He has also arranged various sales such as magazine subscriptions, stickers, candy. East Side sweaters and stuffed animals. Who could forget the image of Mr Chill running around the school advertising the Mr East Sider teddy bear holding a banner saying ' Class of 87 and proud of it" In doing all these things Mr. Chill has restored school spirit and pride Due to his tremendous effort. Mr Chill is greatly appreciated by everyone who works with him Mr Chill makes many things possible for us and once again we thank him for his expertise and most of all. his caring M» Chrfl, senxx class advisor KEY: Favorite Movie Favorite Song Favorite Singer or Group What Will Remember Most Oaoanda AcaPOv Top Qt»v f and lovar Duran (Vxan A lha good tnaa Mth nr, Inanda Antomo Afonao TopGui.HtMnr ins f ♦» Lo.amoy Good Tyraa mm Ran Rand Marta Afortao: KaraM «UJ Tow G a IP a Bad Van- Man Sophomo’a ,w n»ng ou« at trta toefcar and ra « • •urn ay « • ' Ra a AfluP Raeaiaaa Mad About toj Octarto Aguaa Mad Ua- (Wyond Margarita AguAar- Xarata K«j Part I M Ah Ha Scphomcra raa haring ou a’ Thundardoma Cart Angat Broca Cnad Out. Julo igwaat Oood uiaa ma tccfcara andfaadrda adhmy Oaat Spmgataan IraOrPa hanangnlha my i-arrtt •randa itaBa waft Panda 90Class OtfK s - Oo Vfctonr - fimtum. Usa Pew — ttce Pres-denf. Zl Ap ineno - SocnXacy. M ha Sostttk - Pres 1«otTha Gr ac t lO» 0 Al WtaOhay HMton Th An ana gooo inn » h tronM CA» J An« Arooc Th Worth LOv Mte T £ "• Th good Una my o ' »o« td Arnold She 1 Gotta Hav a SpaeMMon fltsvOMC voAa-Oaard coo nmtMh i« ow» 1: AprtFootoO ho Wh « (Wi N «» 1 « T n A paf p»fc o AMkn « U 2 ma m F ncnCJut odwinneEMlSOt'i (Boday J n E-add Jdco.oen Moat «tm» '»« o Bapdata : r Floyd Th Mcv Vou Gv Low A Bad S «- Bon Jon Bang out (cwttng) rBarbo Scatfaca GraoaotGod rOi gating ou Cano Bartmaa ‘aghvnar onEcn Stm t Don t Brtak M, Maori I ana I lan Ear B. Maang th to y r plan and thngout fn »y gating out eF ehoot hopa j t Marta Barfeoaa • • »!, n Eva SM lovng You Pat Shop Boy On vary «P a guy LOU Sana 92Flying High m 8k«»i x— c«p licm r«3»t HvjOton»«9u»t] Jo « B«"0» t«o«Wov«t Van H»f fnaot n.i»6« ' e '«oi» iiicKMrPai, Warn loKimWaUMb ion «KN» U, 4 ,tri at (at’ Soa ratnai vanxvoviciv fardtarOliMt Wr a»»j -o and r boy «nd W r 3 V Uacrv» Ai ma tun aa 'tad m WWWrguan and 4tn parod and Most students will certainly remember Manny Da Cruz, the student who sat in the back of the class and didn’t say much Despite his introverted personality, however, he has been noted fora his intelligence and friendliness Manny is a member of the Iron-bound boys and girls club and participates in our school s honor society activities On his free time he enjoys outdoor sports in bicycling and swimming At other times he likes to enjoy relaxing moments creating artwork or listening to music He also holds a part time job at Penn Pharmacy Manny plans to pursue a career in aviation with his talent for math, he is sure to do well m this field With his varied talents we know Manny will be flying high in whatever he finally pursues M nu«i Da Cruz belter known as smrfey ranks number len 93All American! Carlos Martins is a very unique athlete. As he stated. "It all started back m 1984. after I placed 12th in the annual Easter race." He has enjoyed a story book season, he was undefeated in state competition and became slate champion for 1986 in cross-country. He also took part in the Kinneys Cross-Country Championships, where he finished 2nd m the northeast region qualifying for the national race held in San Diego In California. Carlos completed the course in 10th place, in the field of the 32 best runners in the nation, thus be mg named 2nd team All American. Carlos is also a member of the Portuguese running Club. Den of Lions, which he has been part of for two years While competing for the Den of Lions, he was first in the qualifying round for the eastern section of the Junior Olympics, and won a bronze medal in the national race held in California Carlos owns the school record in the 2-mile outdoor track at 9 18. and the county record in the 3.1 mile crosscountry course, which stands at 15 05 Carlos Martins' ultimate goal in his athletic career is to win a gold medal m the Olymptcs. just as his idol Carlos Lopes did in the 1984 Summer Olym pics, and be known as the best runner in the entire world Todd MoidiOedae Sr wn: Q j n Ooova Earth Kn Sorter Pae W« Henro HtMi RRa Byryan I an Oagcr. T x fi and Go »mMe Cmww ‘‘".m ScfW ’£ . Artonto Ct rwl K™ M Yew Fyea E.Ac xte My SewYae Bu DMC Hergca{ »noliha Got ToBe Alo n 8 , kW. The»rv y r4Jm 7 cf«enw)r.g vyjed ird m, Inendi ahO Detvoomt teacher AMR CM ch»: Ceein Weft SMdcm WVMlM.JU Sft. Mlfan CUMCW: Pner Song Amott E-araiee The Beelea. The tend inlMMwift MayteCameehrxPeeWea.Bg Atfeenljfe. » vw« r(on W S« , The good !••■« « h d n »e ca'eaane Joee Carepoe- Beck to School. TouG va ImeABeONe'ne OonJcv Women. Parlaa. Nc rairwv Uee'. Poconot Egh!» E“o»c T ka!« ’oact-tyi Bed Tens' Grace CaneeJe- S« »t ArJwee. Say You SayW P»uiMcCartney.Maine good feencta STUOENT COUNOL Of FCERS — C xty Vaiente — Secretary. Brenda Ortiz - Storekeeper Lisa Perez — President. Elena Matos - V.ce President, and Selma Bastos — Treasurer 95Helena Sanlos is the vibrant and witty senior who ranks number nine S«y » Cwman C«-4on«: 13 M«M Capstan. V saKnghf . Say N« rGCT'-ML«4 Vou SayU 'tafvScur JWarfwia Good t«T«i I if v wy Ifnnd» Madalaoa CncMr 8a To Senool IW« Cardoaor op (h ToiMf TUomioI BayKW.Alffagocot r » vJoaoc noe y » SM L Mng y « Scopiyi frandi Paul Cartoa: Roc«y Mo ror Sno« Opan Anr . Joumoy. Th Pocono rximan . paiai.iwngovoi.ina te u Twa. KaanCctaga Active and Dedicated Helena Santos who ranks number nine is excited about the future She plans to utilize her language abilities, friendliness and outgoing personality by becoming a flight attendant. Her decision to become a flight attendant was spurred by Helena's love for nature and travel Eventually she hopes to be the guardian of small children who travel alone. While at East Side. Helena has been a member of the Portuguese Club and Honor Society. She has also been a Sophomore Class Homeroom representative and works a part-time job which she has held for four years Her most active hobby is working out. She is a member of spa-lady At spa-lady she enjoys the energy that running, dancing and swimming gives her. Apart from that Helena also enjoys music and photography Above all she likes being with friends. 96Ow »r» Coit»qiwo»»: CooOoo M Conor : Tft Ft. Torn andOo Jo C t r o: 'h F»» Donor W«i» C—Wo Cmte S oo« AOnror Veu Coorw Hero. Man P r on P o» e My ftrvOMC M» b l fn r SFormer' O' Mr Dicharton Gy"" f ct»r Go LOv • 8od ItomftMIl Jo 0"0t tna (Hvc « ioy dtu 0 eMr » rwneneac r no • • » boon M«ngng oU • 10-2« »••• C v «o. One tna a AlNMindFo r« r«, HMiMrt. U2 :«oc»»(V W»a«c r. Wttam Fiw v»Wi|OW C rquMra: foe Gun ■ i»to n f Th 0oo 3WnMin«) 97On The Go Francisco Mendonca is perhaps one of the most actively involved seniors, both in school and community. His school activities have consisted of the Student Council. Executive Board. Portuguese Club, Civics Club, Library Club, and the Leadership Group sponsored by the Board of Education as well as editor of ads for the Torch. One of Francisco's most interesting activities was the mural painting at St. James Hospital. Several times during the year, Francisco along with other interested students, painted cartoon characters on the walls of the pediatrics ward in hope of brightening the environment for the patients. Francisco's outside activities have included the Explorers, being a hospital volunteer, and a tutor at the Ironbound Educational Center He has also participated in the Close-Up and Boys' State Programs and he is included in Who's Who Among American High School students. Plans for the future include Upsala and pre-law courses. Whatever he does, we wish him luck and success. Franosco Mendonca diligently worts on ads for the yearbook. Lucia Caiknt a: The K rg f 4$ Swoete ! Taboo. Sad . Bahama "86-iry'nandk.EP LP.PG.AO.OV Melody Ontrort Ti Exacutonara Song. ICMI Sentafaon. I cfeett Mofcmar. Jr Sp h Party. Tha Writer guard art R AR Kiyatyna Chib B aaMa t Club. T«c a Heart . Wtetor, Houtlen. The good to •rams Jack Coafco: Eacape tier Sr. York Lowe Cor-e Wakng . van Helen bOAavk Joaa Co »o: Arwnal Houw. Suntbno Raggaa.Yaz ThapartatatthaTR Underground and beetng pie ayatan Mano Coaho- Back To School. Earth Angal Twitod S.n r, Crazy fnand pa lar and capooaPy grk PaiAo Coalho: Back To Schod. Earth Angd Sccrptoa. Al my fnend Eaxabat Coneatcao: Back To Th Future Caraiaaa VVnpor. Rod Stuart. Spec Trm triendk and An year1000 mondG« l « ( B ' f“» y C M t W tp tX ar Dinar Gnu dttKTwi " f ' • ' ’•» momng poiai oum » cn n »» manat iungogout air" LMWMV : T »Coto ,inj»» A Myl end Fo«r»« Sine , 1JMM frsenmen «r»i m leen G»l MartaOMoo reeOun MtiwlWe Jof«a Oe Cwtt «xr o »»tt t »d Manual Oo-angwaa XaH «oc» and S » Ouarta: Top Owr tnandi and OemenoOai Wan rn to aian« «oe Ookfcan Mo Tht f • Th t cften lo »» PMCoftna aamym ndt and ff« lun met I Km had dump ttaaa 4 Future Executive As Olga graduates she will know that she has made the best of her four years at East Side She has a special talent for organizing time which has enabled her to take part in numerous activities Olga is President of the Executive Board of the Student Council. Senior Class Treasurer, Tesselations Club Treasurer. Honor Society Treasurer, and Faculty Co-Editor of our yearbook She is also a Literary Magazine typist, civics club member and is on the Guidance Advisory Board Olga is an active member of our community and is health conscious On weekends she tutors children m religion, participates in the church choir and works out at New Woman — a health spa Apart from ail these activities she holds a part time job as a dentist s receptionist Olgas future plans include Monmouth College with a major in Business Administration and minor m foreign language With her various talents we know she will be successful g« Valent « both school mvoTved and »dcncaffy talented People lOltrick Ed : Th King and I. Hot CaMome. UB40. fnencH end curing Ckll P 4 r Emory: PV f loyO Th VV« . Starway to Homo, ted 7cppeln. M ngngout ie ttS«d Ph irm cyand parti »■ th Bed Co Frenctn Eng: ftecfclae . KjO 0» Amonce. Orpeche Mode. The crazy moment and m ton and happy ten with my beat fnende Maria Ettevea: Th Karat KJd The WtxcH Get n re Way. Wham. Th eraly day oI Fre hme year Jot Eatavaa: Wanderer cave gri. Oo You Want To Fur .. Th Cur . Th par. , hangng out wth the guy . and the grta Paula Eatavaa: An oOkc r and a gentkmen. New Lit . Depeche Mode. Mon yBun Diane Eatramera: Apr Fool Day. Teddy Hear. FMt. Freed my toner year and oarong n a comet: to compete tMti oty tchocts Americo Ev aril to: Hat Without A Caua . RockaMy Guy. Pdocet and Rocfcat . The gala cutting dan and hanging c .t Paul Facto: Vadty Gr ». UnforgettatA Fir . U2. Mating my baat tnend.Unda The East Side fashion look worn by Diane Estremera, Linda Da Silva, and Martha Bahaman. 102 PeoplefcUrt Firtnh : K r»l« M I, I, OH Angela Faulkner I'A nour, Sing. fi«nOt end I.-O' Yolanda Felteleno laabal Famende a; The U»t A-r ocan Virgo. Ct«ni WN»per. Wham. My eooiwrore year. end rrry b »l inerd Cada None Famende Karat K d. Sta Ltfa Fernanda : -on Cede. S"eighi Lovnj You. Pif F 10,-0 Good U- a w.i From The Koan. Bryan Adame. My lour my Irtenda m my toner year , vi n hgF W™ A Close Up Look At Our Government Alda Sardo, Francisco Mendonca, and Luis Santos had the opportunity to live in Washington. D.C. for a week through the Close Up program sponsored by the Board of Education. The trip began in December with a two day visit to Trenton for a look at the state government and federal buildings. On a Sunday in March the students left Newark by train and headed for the Twin Bridges Hotel just outside the nation’s capital. Each East Sider shared his or her room with a student from Washington State. From this there developed friendships that may last a lifetime. During their busy week Luis, Francisco, and Alda visited Federal Buildings, monuments, and Crystal City. At Capitol Hill they attended seminars with prominent members of different career fields, attended a debate, and were given an insight into the different law making bodies. During his free time Luis Santos saw an off Broadway production at Ford's Theater while Alda went souvenir hunting with her newly made friends. The highlight of the program came towards the end of the week when students had the opportunity to hear the president and ask him questions. Finally, students visited Williamsburg. Virginia, a restored colonial village. Upon returning to D.C. everyone enjoyed a final dinner at Washington's Presidential Hotel and then attended a memorable farewell dance. On Saturday morning the students left Washington. D.C. and solemnly returned to Newark. Alda said. "It was a beautiful experience." Indeed it was a learning and fun event which we hope many more students have the opportunity to enjoy. Francisco Mendonca. Alda Sardo. and Luis Santos. Close Up participants. People 103K)t MS"fv w«ftYou ««• ••«« Back To Scf ooiAumor rAr JK.IWr w W mm 0»n 0«o r». Tf»ey Trank Sv»»a Mangra ou« « Si Iona Pan. labaka U Jay t CMm Oanaa AnryaaandCannala BmwSci An Independent Lady Jaam OaMa You A a Tt» t a Oiaco Traey Oaata Rock, I I a IV t ary CartoalaM« Akana fn MockaH On Scon n«Aa l7«2 UraryJ l rv3 Braa You T Ma Arryona a no nakaa na You kna Tha anwig momant ««tn tnu crai, kAjnla danca A my (nandt an) r» good wnaa ae» taam and tortor area a) E S and xtoM cc at Vdor Alda Sardo. who ranks number seven has always been known to go at her own pace and create her own style She has strong values and a friendly personality This is evident as she interacts with fellow students in dubs such as the Civics Club, Honor Society, Portuguese Club and Portuguese Literary Magazine Alda is also a senior class homeroom representative and par ticipated in Rutger s Saturday Academy. Her most memorable experience while in high school came when she took part in the Close Up program for one week in Washington D C She stated. “I wish I could go back there. It was a learning and fun experience ” Apart from her academic achievements. Alda holds two part-time jobs On weekends she works as a receptionist in a video store and on weekdays she operates a computer at a local pharmacy She loves creative wnting and during her free time enjoys reading and listening to music Alda is pretty set on her plans for the future She will be attending Rutgers College of Pharmacy in New Brunswick and hopes to become a successful pharmacist to u o » crazy '' 106Measuring Up To Graduation The measuring for caps and gowns at East Side has always been symbobc of the upcoming graduation With this procedure, which takes place m February during gym periods, comes an awareness that time spent at East Side is limited and within four months seniors will be marching down the a sie to receive their diplomas Boys will be wearing red gowns and girls will be m white ones All students will have caps with red and white tassles while Honor Society students are given an addi tional gold lassie to symbolize the achievements. Students will keep the caps and gowns as they are covered by the student dues Years from now students will remember graduation more than the day they waited in line to step up and be measured, but that is where it all started Paula OarcM PiWai Fa a a l»a and O CM) U8 0 (iwciuwairn (Bartangaaj AM »»udo an ciaai 86 UcMO Oomaa: Polca Aoadafft,. SM IcwngVou TfcaMorfcaa T «fnanda Pial i mada ovar if lou laar o« adMol and Via good Unaa Jou Ooncaivaa. HacAaloi Pad, Uatta et Tm t BP» Joa Homarooin 3ml 106QoiuaHi 'h«LMlO 0sri IGM In W y. A T jCOVJ U, noowoo" 367 «fd mjr Jo o Ok : Th T« L C( n) CWa : 9 • go U r v You r BM JO 0 V » 3rd fear AtxMMh (Vnwr •A rr. Ve Allr M grx bc Me «t v ry •cW i O 9orto ‘ c W Scftoc You G V LOv B«J S me Rjll VxAonor ywhangnaoul »« ! m,b »1 Oul Mh UcfcWI «nd f» •paration l y that special moment begins with measurements for caps and gownsFuture Leaders Four boys were chosen from East Side for their excellence in academics, athletics, or in extra-cumcular activities, to represent Essex County m the Boys' State Program held at Rider College This program was designed to make the students more aware of how our government works Upon arrival at the college each boy was placed in different dormitories The dormitories then came to represent different cities and two cities then formed a country. Because of these accommodations the participants were able to meet and make friends with boys from different life styles and back grounds while participating in mock court cases, campaigns, legislative sessions, and municipal court hearings The boys rose at 6 30 and followed a ngorous schedule of seminars and sports Towards the end of the week some participants put on a concert and a newspaper of the events was published Wilfredo Jiminez chosen for his excelteration in sports stated. "It was one of the best experiences in my life, it made me proud to be an American" David Fortenberry added that the program taught them not only about government and politics, but also about how to get along with and understand people from different backgrounds UiHmwMu OamondO ' Urn HarrtaMtoc Conv'Wdo Gw« L r» 8mI ct toriM mtr feamM and ImLm W, Iwdi tmm tm Ci ro'ff»».»rui»IMt«Cn» 0oodnwnar» M«iL«rMta■mr— rO(W » BMUiffC M, f-arOi tlXRXHOdtlrt IMn CwHarrf Bey P'rca ana AmMct iMnwd bang aM my wMr Mart Hoppla Oancmg on Via catrg iJOnMAcfea Mj Inanoi Lanea Momlaeafc: Tha GoOMBw Oaeo C cua. Cobnai Atvama Mr Sanaa «W "wnKgjirmaaatM aL«pM ‘'■•'ty r, p» Tfc H n OH Eefto m) »• Bun»ym n u, M Lop '■ • Fly BMC DOQ roo Mtom Tn Worr«r AB n i op i K Vne . Mo« Yoi» BoOy Run CMC ’►» prt» “» r nrrH «H 'un MMil Htm COnon U, «»« n rop rtt 0 l «d MN Grwrtn c r« BoOf Run-OMC L «ng r p r «« n»» nOi 1SZ3, : At r fiom Th 9 :8«cfc To School row Boor «unOMC i woo • MtMonMv At Cm oni a wir S .«noir Sf » Cat Tn»rg •o 9 » tha The Right Type Silvia Ferreira, the only Business Ma jor student in the top ten has what is needed to succeed m the business world She was awarded the Katherine Gibbs leadership award and won sec ond place in the essay contest titled “Freedom, Our Most Precious Heritage In addition, she has been awarded a tutoring certificate for her contribution to the Iron bound Educa tional and Cultural Center Youth Council Other school activities include the Portuguese Club and the National Honor Society. Unlike those students enrolled in college preparatory courses such as Calculus and Chemistry, Silvia has been striving for courses which will enable her to realize her dream, to work for a large corporation These courses are part of an intensive secretarial program involving work with word processors, data machines, accounting. bookkeeping, and shorthand Silvia is undoubtedly very talented in these areas for she won first place for typing m the May 1986 Newark Business Olympics This event was a source of encouragement because it enabled her to compare her skills with that of students from other districts Silvia Ferreira, a secretarial student ranks number six in112 PeopleThree Superstars Although we have many talented athletes at East Side there are certain outstanding players This year three seniors: Luis Troche. William Castro and Frank Garcia have excelled Ail three players have been on East Side's baseball team since their freshman ear. and each has contributed a great deal to the team, They are currently co-captams of the team, a well deserved honor Luis Troche plays centerfiekJ and is the lead-off man in the line up. "He has an uncanny way of getting on base " says Coach Blast William Castro, another excellent batter, batted over 300 In fact he was given a special honor, he was chosen as the 1986 All-City 2nd baseman by the Newark baseball coaches. Frank Garcia is a quiet dedicated team player, he will be starting his second varsity season this year "Frank came through when we needed something to happen," commented Coach Blast We wish these three athletes much success m the future and hope they continue their athletic careers People 113Lucy Mandat. MO 6or» Can't 0(4 0 M, • Mora Snafarad Sacral , •■ tnand and Its. tugou troaa KWOlindn. »vcaroimauSA I fan Mandaa: Stand By M» I or Cam Turn Around Iha Cal and Ataara ClOaearg Manangou a« Hfw yw tnanda cuiang data l an»man a»r MJtfMihoa AMa Sardo. Jawana Jackson, and Sus e Costa share a relaxing moment after an aerobe worko-JfOfxyJif FfWKieee Mw%d0«»-Aywifl Vewen Q,,xr K r-u B»t WO Go00«« » Akmti ParadM Madonna Actmla a vandt and partm «fi 8B : Th La l Dragon T»» oifa'ayi ODaDarga tnmdi and wa good t»na» aft ■ motto aUtcrtan) cfartn Anga St Wctdc M, Patlory dMi •andraMgor CaaaMnca « " »—an Wn otlfa lyq Daad i a.p«rad iMat L««a "ww Mo . Vo Bod, »wt T aMaaca 0«n Jww fW a .»»fnandt Well Rounded Student Carlos Gafanha is the well rounded student who ranks number five He entered East Side with a strong academic background and proceeded to strengthen it As he did well in all his classes, he soon began searching for an activity which would hold his interest Sophomore year he found that he enjoyed running and therefore joined the track team as a sprinter Since then Carlos has dedicated most of his time to running As a senior. Carlos is both co-captain of the track team and president of the track club, m addition, he runs for the cross-country team As he enjoys it. Carlos plans to continue running while m college Apart from running track he has also won the Human rights Day award for hts involvement as vice-president of the student council. His plans for the future include Rutgers University in New Brunswick with a major in Business Administration Carlos has the initiative and wit needed for a successful career in a world of diverse competition 115“OX Th 6r kfMt OU) St Wxmg You Pm EtoyO Pwmt »h o V RXonda NtpMr. t . SqcUHcp. CotonatAAramt lAaatmc n«w v«r«H and l a ng Eaal Sal . a 1 AUWaBrfO LWf Sa.EOtO' M,v«ro» nom« goodf Tn MMn Top (km Shot Through' Bon Jo Th, t-mrrH i n 116 P©op tLeadership Qualities TRACI OOOM DMA '+ 4 ArlW T » part and th» bad MnM fpKaaMnancH Wa d SCM«CA « You LIM B, Ua 6-x» W'»" Morwoon C ». Sopowcra ai CXAardMJ iJT HLVU MUNCZ «°ck» N HopaUf, Davoi..! To You JOMJOM ThawnifaN myAwrtl umUoumm AVJMOOUVPM OOMNOOCOUVIMA MCXIXrrtHA. 0» nou»-Edd »Arof y YouSpnMo Back 10 Y « Fuftsa M«o Smnr» Eaal Roc Mar w 9rt« Roc nRoom wrt OMdorAK Waiunandpood 50 HgTartatlUJrti Oon vjxmay»MngrpoJoMhair»d This year our number (our ranking senior Maria Farinhas. is soft spoken and energetic She has awlays held high academic standards even when graduating from Ann Street School. While at East Side she has excelled academically, socially she has been a member of the Track Club. Portuguese Club and class homeroom representative. She is a member of the National Honor Society and has contributed her talent for writing to the Yearbook as faculty and student life co-editor. One of her most memorable experiences while at East Side was being chosen to participate in the Hugh O'Brien Leadership Seminar in New Brunswick. N J. This gave her the opportunity to meet with other leaders from our state. Maria plans to attend Rutgers University in New Brunswick this fall majoring in Business Administration She will surely be successful in whatever she does because she is very dedicated and has set her goals as high as they will take her Peoplo 117Well Prepared - k- • I Jorge Marques listens intently during physics lab wtule procedures tor the next experiment are explained One ol the most competitive departments at East Side is the Science department Upon speaking to a graduate of East Side I learned that she felt she was well equipped to cope with her college science classes after having been through the challenging science courses at East Side The traditional course of study is as follows: General Science Freshman year, Biology sophomore year. Physics and Physics Lab Junior year and Chemistry and Chemistry Lab senior year Perhaps the most memorable times in science were spent with Ms Gon-nelli on a brology field trip to Sandy Hook. Mr Andraous s lab experiments and the very particular odors formed by the different substances in chemistry lab East Side's science department should be noted for its excellence and the teachers appreciated for their dedication PmM 0WMtm Gma. PM Com Ur NMiMMlOCMIlHm AmankaOnaga Hack loir luX« AJ andA AMtta, Houston afl »» ■owmupMpmwn OrtUtSoUMan SpKuWoi Atvarn Inanda and good ••• 118 People •wan r-acnana • l a»a Manhattan. Ja-aa. CM Blue Sgrngalaan U 36. homaroom Lirtf an Cm Padilla t T Wduig n tha Ran lonatftcMa Sumat6 gMMai m»i tnanda knoMadga a pom to tr» Vara Pagan Ward Scanca S a« l ort tonal Rena la«ng n t-n an »aaShort But Sweet K«H N«t Sm c Oum«« M«»fiic Nran Comtandt A Ti liwui oe «n m, »«oi Unaipaclad LOvan PTWCoAfW t)«r g S « tv» »r 31-», wv KS« A « wlf K»c«"renOi nd m« QAan] 1122 UHhm Pwieo. Demomi G i. JK» Nancy Pafat: BaenatO'Part (OntyVou Wl a SnlnattnOMTlatlng Knan MNanay MOutton naatngUrar IranWO FquaroaOtc 84 tugpnn oul anei my Irantlt atcvoa I A UP AAonya Pataraon Feat Bom ( ✓ Jaaatca Paaracca I■» Oamp (Vxmng DMC " m 'iy- aftta laatad Joum good !maa a ananaN and eanga «M Whoever stated that good things come in small packages was certainly correct when it comes to Maria Malheiro This 4'9 energetic senior ranks number three among her peers Maria is a very dedicated student and has of course been named a member of the National Honor Society Apart from being an exceptional student and holding a part time job she also takes time out to participate in various school activities She is on the newspaper and literary magazine staffs as a typist and is co senior editor of our yearbook Her interest in math has also promp ted her to join the Computer Club and Tesselation Club She also takes time out for the Civics Club and is a homeroom representative All these activities have been demanding and it paid off when she was named a Garden State Distinguished Scholar and student of the month It was an honor which proved to Maria that all her hard work was worth something and even gave her extra enthusiasm Maria would like to become a computer engineer with a degree from Stevens Institute of Technology We wish her luck in whatever she does Maria Malheiro is the short but talented girl Mho ranks number three 120 People. :Tr F , A .0.9.!r,tvs Mr.PWiUB tf ocxx! !»-♦» m I RMafena Pmh »o tMi Ac Oi G«’ o hm l«n mw r a onO OOod at fluid floor AMOAWPmhO top Our A.kr on SxsMw fl E O SpcMaOOOn On X»» K« J 1 — ■"•co Ptnoo: Sutvba Orcra Witn w.vr The » 8 Oc Tr D 0' »I » 9«H »n t fed n« PuMnAot "0 Any RockoMy band a the «(Mtsai Certoe fnt Top G» Frond aw S JlnpK KflnVUgn. $Un 5 Vermont CcrOo i Top Gun Your 10« .JM'S « " W’wroyftM, RunOMC rn’wMhju People 121Improving Our Scores SAT The three initials that strike horror in practically every high school student We dread taking them and we dread waiting for the sometimes not so great results Luckily, here at East Side we have the opportunity to take classes that will help improve our scores Mrs Di Piazza takes care of the math section. She makes those complicated algebra equations seem simple. and almost always manages to solve for X. The English section is handled by Mr. D'Errico. who with his seemingly endless etymology lists, helps us improve our vocabulary He also explains strategies in the best way to take "the test." S AT. classes, however, not only help us score well on the College Boards, but also help us with our future We learn about different careers, and different schools that can help us reach our career goals VMwtarWKHniioScfotSM Mwnkarto mm PaufrM P CVb Stan Lov 5 Vou. Scorpcr o nng if hate Mr Ptf 8 naMr. CM "of •no tongmg out m it» battooonw Mart Ou t d K«,,i IUJ J.Trv Aimaba Stmoo AganM Al Otk AitfOo C«i NHoiwwi O Pe arol Ionian cvtftng tcftoal and maaing Jo 122 People Canoa R»o«io Fitf (Xoort Hcuaa Uuvc l "a Haring out » Via man • '00 n Students listen as a strategy on how to improve SA T scores is explainedJoaa Rodrtguaa: Eacapa Fw Saw Vo Pcwa 5M a Tion UaOan. 0 good People 123 Danny Hmnofe 'an Tcxr. Ma Sanar t Fo«. 2 30 and « »« tocfcar Nicko Mca: l’aa Waa Hannan Ravanga. jac tour Body RunO-ne.AJol my a r a Iran) and taacftaraCwmi Truafca ftodnouai HM Tnja oa E»«af a ay unala oai ady x a» and buaftng Mr Ualraoanoacfooa' MMnRo«tuai IUa6t Doangua! •« UaaOa nodrtguac Commando QanM Uaa Laa tha day! c m» Angalo and my batttnanda Dana and Ora 124 Peop Excellence Pays Off It is no surprise that Emily Nunes is our number two rank She has always strived tor academic excellence and it has paid oft. Since freshman year, Emily has shown ambition when she entered an oratorical contest in her English class Sophomore year she won first place in the optimist local oratorical contest, and fourth place in the essay contest. "If I Were Mayor " Emily has also been involved in many extra-curricular activities and clubs. She was President of the Sophomore Class. Student Council Executive Board Member. Dungeons and Dragons Club. Port- uguese Club. Civics Club. Library Club, and the Tesselations Club Her talented ability for writing has led her to be a member of the Literary Magazine and School Newspaper, and she is recently coeditor of the senior section of the yearbook Emily is also a homeroom representative for the Senior Class, and President of the National Honor Society Hard work and outstanding grades have led Emily to be named a Governors School Scholar. Rutgers Scholar, and a Distinguished Scholar of New Jersey Emily hop© to attend Drew and with her unrelenting energy and perseverance her goal w surety lead her to success n whatever she does People 125Svaatta Santiago xmpng Sac ftaan Ana Santo Stand 8y Ma Waft you Cartoa Samoa '•« Wanoarart «aOai» EuMCttvAx JoMSMMWOogSHlnmV c mm WNapar •OMV' par’ .am » ra Pn • oyd m, tr» «p to FOa SaayCata Taanftacwpart ScorpornGrtf a’—OM nangnooulw, Ta Ni Jup, andircnd fMtyxi Nancy Guanaio and maAm latttn and moat oral tofttiaftaam M momanddad rean acnooi Joa Samoa Pmfc Hoyo m mpm Sinlti BkudyStmlay Woman Luta Samoa- cm Ca0 o v»ii Around myMaarr Strvj (ravJt pad Man Samoa Sacral Admrar Say You Say Ma Pau Vo g via Utl mart of ray Mana Samoa: Baacn Part, SoUany Man lonaAcn good t«m mw tnand Alda Sardo: ‘'rally r Pm Wt n io«a tVaa t Own Pmtab Sprout banattono tnatocfcar 126 Poopts Winners of the Business Olympics Mans Cequovo. Mana Matos, and Silvia Ferre Aspiring Business Executives Every year the Business Olympics is held m a Newark public high school, The program is sponsored by local corporations and gives students the opportunity to compete in such fields as typing, shorthand, steno and bookkeeping Winners are chosen on speed and accuracy In May of 1906 the competitions were held in Shabazz High School All the participants were given sweatshirts. but Silvia Ferreira took home a black and white television set for achieving first place in the typing division Maria Matos also won a television for having placed first in the steno competitions while Maria Cerqueira placed second in steno and won a portable radio We are sure these students will continue doing well in their chosen fields and hope the Business Olympics will continue to encourage young aspmng business executives. SnwHNanirB MttTonyd M«» TenipoMr, THo® hM rwaur fttw row mv MW Kk» ••'•Of i+ T ora i I afft O Thom Scwtfon: Man SW©DyS««© cott Cc©« PoconoaMpandMno r » am . jr. OMC •-o -" People 127Hatdor S a Scar turn Slap by Stop tan pa t w«ai caprcom J«MMrtH.M»MiCU 9«ot lotn Maori Up at Wort, The CXjC L gu Sin Th»sp» wvolo dM Sav a Piay. CX an CXaan i O' Fng»eO Qhi Orefaatra S parol IMA VaMa t .m nfcii im Vow On to a Bad Nam Boo Jew m» Inand and Via to m M togaViar Anabala Samoa : ropGtn N ««rS i Goodbye Boo Jowl OoORiwt Tror Stow Tgh. Tan T a ha Slaughter aat Dragon Caua lmwtfiyouM t Way Newtdaon my e-ui AaMi ; Carooo ftai Bio Waw Bryan Adame Cia% of T a w ura to My rm •Otr OapacO Mode cuttng mr Ota gi yiandMp c »r, l n e at tmeo M«w Sto ftacb toSchoo Tataon ma Oioao Ouran M mj craiy trande good »n e and a«»i gorged guy Armando Solo- Top Qwv Your my Megcmr t » good ton mao grt Anaomo Sou : Tn Ay.Bomlot A v John Sou a. haca to SeNao Boo J» 1 way Mr Bona latl mm No Un ap c1ed Kuan Lana hangnQ out hand adh tnand and I Mata h n mat Happart 128 Peoptetg T SM6 fcfn«M»lOM T u« C r UOT4I M IHCVt iwped "» •'»» » ind ‘••'xJt TafM Bk ioScko( AM Tmin '•' n» ftoyo — T An SMDDySMC l»" IrwrxJ. Three Year Student It is rare to see such ambition in a young student, but Nelson Ferreira poses it all He entered East Side with a goal to graduate in three years He has not only succeeded in that, but also at becoming valedictorian Transition from sophomore to junior year he says. "Was the most difficult because I had to leave my friends behind." However, he quickly attained new friends and established himself a true senior, respected and liked by his peers Nelson has twice won the "If I Were Mayor" contest, first as a finalist representing councilman Sharpe James and again this year as first place winner This year Nelson has also won first place in the essay contest entitled "Freedom Our Most Precious Heritage " Apart from his success in school Nelson also devotes some time to the extra-curricular activities in which he can utilize his writing ability such as being co sports editor of the yearbook Other activities include a homeroom rep and National Honor Society member. Nelson s dream is to use his talent with words to become a lawyer He has appplied to schools such as Harvard. Princeton. Brown and Yale Wherever he goes he will surely be successful because of his ambition and the amount of time he devotes to studies Nelson Ferreira, valedictorian for 87 People 129Zor S« Torr»» 0 nft« Tr«m rco: The OuImSo'h Anjet LUl Troch : Evi Oc 3. ILfc You. Ut- V n» Troclw: Kamtx . Al Cried Out. l«ro al inc ijcoa lit , L« .«»ine good t»n IhM MfwEd.tcn (roods and me good vrm Xsrq fjniot , -----1 V l»nl : Top Gun. Word Gel n If W y. MK)onna my fixytdl tea ld 415 Otfl« V») nte: SiMM, MMonna. Boo Jo-o. 2 30. contuicd iretrpno E»o Votonon: 0»cfc to in FulufO.' End G«1». Don Monley. my tenor yi East Side students take notes and fasten to a lively discussion about current events during Social Studies class •"• •1 Valai: Pat Acw HomatOno ly' Scnrgtlaan Curing ctatt nd gt'tnU cfjno fr, gua-Ot OtwaMo V«rt: Goo aw To w«j lo B «a J n i JacAaon. Dong • h'3° OtC «"ih LuCy rd P o a n IOC hah ,1 0 vW V rBat: Strepng Stem SS O coo1rol. T n n«fc l part«t. hangng ou« n V a't W» £ • •00 Vtatoa: Atar t Run , Jor Th k | d»,, tchcd Marta Vtruat t-nahl N.ghl. Glory o» UM. n foal my boyfntrx] Wadsnn . Whan Juw Charyf Waltnar Daatfy fnand ROCK n to USA John Cougar UtAar-oamo. A latamWanc to Rahway pmen CmdyWattnar Larry WMiama: f'Htf 13th VI. R r g Me Run OMC. Th toachart th ! h ipnd m roach my $0 Toad Ktmbarty wti ton: Atant Poe Goa My Mnd RinOMC.IrMramambartO •AvJ.ILrtOMC l« ch rt moitl Traeay Wortia: Sac to School Smk maOoar Gragory Aoamt Bl. Marc. Rot Sahyth.Wah. Shan Norman Wright; Rrtt, it ts. Run To To, Bryan A0ar4 Frandt.pt ! CM Wuejamat Bond mono Kgh »and Kgh r. Brx Sf -- tt n Th troat dungUt Vourg'a gaomatry cat 131Mc aa4 Zamora: 'halVamUMCk Don I go Var Cloo.1 mm «rtn r ja cnor J U ch LATE ARRIVALS Nj ThtM r1 Franc Jot Th ctot of 06 V3 07 « y ®r j ai »» 9000 -- 132 P op eMrgtltKMRv iolMI Madonna Camera Shy ftarOara Alvar SargoAmorm OMy A O|iO M . Ctnot B iv» Cano Bo««J ? Luo«Bom o Anton® ft-andao »$ CrnQvaC'aaoo RoandoOai Tar EM A gw EncAandy •van OoniaMi JtflFay Gordon f 0 TnaUoya Edgar Narano 15 Angola Otang IV •w Ad Polanco AlaiandroOaH joaaRearo DaanaA«ara Gary Hotmacn UacolMigun Sorgo Mx»Vv « Mac Wv Santiago Cav«S Stangrac-a W Antonio Totaa Va Dotor an Oamar Vaual Poopte 133A group ot famibar street signs that East S V students might pass every Js 134 Dr .son Page CommunityCOMMUNITY Newark offers some unexpected wonders for any urban explorer. But for the tourists, the commercial area, on either side of Ferry Street, will probably hold the strongest attraction. During the week. Ferry St. bustles; on weekends it is a shopper's paradise. Although most of the area is Portuguese and Hispanic, the atmosphere is International. Besides the various commercial zones along Ferry St. the Ironbound has its well kept side streets. Along one of these such streets, facing Independence Park, stands East Side High School. East Siders are very involved and committed to their school and community. Students here willingly give of themselves to various related activities such as the Ironbound Peace Education Project. St. James Hospital Mural Painting Activity and Newark's 150th Anniversary Celebration — “A Shining Past and Brighter Future." Because of this dedication and assistance Newark's Ironbound continues to grow and develop in a most positive way. making the Iron-bound Community a very special place in which to live.E as I ward Councilman Henry Martinez addresses the hooorees at the |uWec celebration Principal Robert Wujciak welcomes back tha former graduates The oldest graduates at tho ceremony, represent the class ol 1918 136 CommunityEast Side Celebrates Diamond Jubilee Forty-Five graduates from East Side High School were honored for their various professional achievements The ceremony, attended by various members of the Newark school board. Central office staff and family members of the honorees. began at 4 30 pm One of the most recent graduates honored was Frank Giantomassi. who practices law from an office in Newark's Iron-bound. where he grew up and continues to reside Another East Side graduate on hand to receive an award was Midi Ricciardeili, who after graduating East Side began working for the Newark Board of Education During her 30 years of employment, she served as administrative secretary to various superintendents. Principal Robert Wujoak promised the alumni that the same standards that had moved them to succeed would be reemphasized m the Ironbound School These people have come back to their roots.' Wu-jciak said, This is where the seeds were sown The seeds of honesty, integrity and good citizenship." The honorees were among 75 alumni nominated to receive awards for professional achievement that coincided with the dia mond anniversary of the school Mr Wujciak commended the alumni for returning to the school for the special event A reception followed the awards ceremony in the school s media center library Reception I he media center following the awards ceremony 1972 graduate. Frank Giantomassi receiving h«s award M RtcoardeUi executive secretary to Schools Superintendent Eugene Camp be! is congratulated by Henry Martinez 137BEST WISHES FROM SENIOR HOMEROOM 360 TO THE CLASS OF 1987 Good Luck and May You Always Prosper. Front Row. Nancy Hernandez. Maria Fernandes. Danita Harrison, Maria Barbosa. Sylvia Ferreira, Maria Cerquiera Middle Row; Helena Costela, Ironda Hayward. Rachele Pellegrino. George Bonner. Tawanna Lang. Antonio Pinho. Manuel Domingues. Ceu D'Almeida. Alex Hernandez. Vera Pagon. Ms Polakowski. Rosita Martenez Back Row; Stephan Watkins. Sergio Rodrigues. Peter Emory. Manny Velez. Rui Figueiredo. Jose Coelhu, Tony Brandao, David Stangredciak. Elizabeth Molina. Pnscilla Davilla 140 A J Best Wishes From Homeroom 361 and Mrs. Swykowski Front Row Rosa Lemos. Jessca Petracca Aurea Pedr«ras. Deofcnda Acabou. Vanta Mrtdle Row. Enfca Eda Daana Cynar Mara Paraz Nancy Paraz Tanya Maya liasa Andrada. WaHaca Scott. Pauta Estevas. Mara Costa Ms Swykowski Back Row. Padro Pabto, Juho Moot Paul Evanslo. Laska Pagnm. Broca Jantuns. Lu« N cvas. Roy Barbas. Marco Cruz. Jack Coat )Class of '87 Ms. E. Zenna Good Luck to the From H.R. 365 and Front Row Deborah Vasquez, Avefcno Otrveea. Man Malheiro. Dane Estremera. Jane Rodnguez. Paula Garoa, Mana Reyes, ins Torres. Ms Elane Zenna Middle Row. Daisy Arroyo Patroa CotOa Ru. Figueiredo Martha Bahamoo. George DeMatos Mana Marques Dane Hernandos, Nwko Rice Back Row Witfredo Jimenez, Paulo Ferreira. OsenakJo Vora. Humberto Pova. Angel Echandy. Gary Somodi. Manny Lopes. Lance Horniacek. Lms Fernandes. Rui Fameirmhas Victor Ptantenys U2 Ads EAST SIDE IS FOREVER Homeroom 367 and Mr. Baione Front Row. Maria Farinhas. Paula Matos. Dawn Jones. Emma Jean Savage. Michelle Cote. Paul Almeida Middle Row; Ivette Lopez. Usette Ortiz. John Pinto. Sabrina Richardson. David Zambrana. Maria Diogo Back Row. Danny Reverendo. Todd Williams. Luis Rosario. Jose Goncalves, Angelo Paredes. Carlos Martins. Paulo Jaco. Mr Baione AdS 143Best Wishes to the class of ’87 From Mrs. Salajag’s H.R. 382. Front Row; Ivan Gonzalez. Vicky Kunz. Diane Lopes. Inacio Pinto. Pauline Prott. Fatima Morais. Bndgett Rodriguez Back Row. Marc Inman. Abdullah Graham. Elio Valentin. Annabell Ramho. Luis Troche. Tracy Gaeta. Tommy Scanlon. Mario Aponte. Marelyn Rodas. Jorge Marques. Gnsel Mercado. Jose Costa. Mrs Salajag. Carlos Pires. Pedro Rivera Ad 145Best Wishes to the Class of From Homeroom 412 and Mrs. Leonardis. Front Row. Rui Lopes. Mrs Leonardis. Dario Ferreira Middle Row. Maria Otiveira, Ana Martins. Franme Jazikoff. Lilia Sandavel. Carolyn Cordero. Jackie Hernandez. Maria .Esteves, Cherie Brown Back Row, Manny Mejias, Manny Atves. Jose Martinez. Jose 'Esteves. Bobby Pellot. Albert Lopez. Jorge Matos. Nelson Rovira. Anthony Albarran, Jose Santos. Antonio Pardal. Hilario Soares. Augusto Ferreira 1461 Ms H.R. 424 SENDS BEST WISHES i TO THE CLASS OF ’87 Front Row. Julio Rivera. Jose Campos. Maria E Paz. Maria Marmea. Maria C Paz, Lisset Noda. Wanda Ramos. Ana Barros, Elizabeth Conceicao Middle Row Luis Medina. Victor Alzamora. Margarida Matos. Joe Cardoso. Marco Luzio, Jorge Santos. Irma Gamez. Jose Cerqueira, Eunice Santos. Mrs Mar-chetti Back Rovy. Peter Silva, Marcelmo Pereira. Antonio Martinez. Jose Negron. Nelson Pena. Avelmo Cerqueira. Edwin Valentine. Francisco Her nandez. bcimo Gomes. Rui Parreika, Isabel Fernandes 147Congratulations to the Class of 1987 From H.R. 464 and Ms. Gonnelli Front Row, Damans Viruet, Maria Da Sitva, Maria Maldonado, Helena Santos Natercia Ribau. Anabela Marques. Andrea Andruchowitz. Helena Henriques Middle Row. Margarita Aguilar. Ms Gonnelli. Krystyna Ciuba. Amarifis Ortega Carmela Rodriguez. Linda Da Silva Back Row. Antonio Sousa. Rui Fernandes Paul Oliveira, Paul Carlos. Manny Costa. Guilherme Machado, Jose Silva Carlos Gafanha 148 AdsGood Luck Best Wishes To The Class of 1987 From Homeroom 484 Mr. Andraous Ad$ 149I'll always remember ... Capri, Aldo's, Club 35, Tops Diner, Burger King Parking Lot, Washington Square Park ... are we all Brothers? ... Is the room spinning... Guys ... I'm in love ... again!? Let's go bleach craxy ... you're ugly and your mom dresses you funny ... you look marvelous darling ... Orgies ... Toga Parties ... What's up dude ... She turns me on ... Jump her bones ... Village 1 ... Downeck Dropouts 1 ... 67 Pontiac G.T.O. Convertible ... 63 Stingray Corvette ... The Cure, Billy Idol, The Smiths, The Clash, Generation X, Elvis Presley... Rebel... Punk Is Not Dead ... Staying out of school... living Dangerously ... Suburbia ... Noelle, mystery women?? ... life is like a grapefruit you never know which way it squirts. Let's live it up guys graduation is coming up. Life's only purpose is having fun. Inacio Pinto DO's 150 AdsCongratulations and Eest of Luok to JANET CROSTA and the Class of 1987. We love you and we are very proud of you. Your future is now what you make of it! Grandma Kelusak Grandpa Grandma Dad Mom Uncle Steve Aunt Rosa Aunt Arleen (Class of 73) Aunt Kathy (Class of 75) Marie (Class of ’89) Nicky Michele and... Lisa said "Meee Tooo” Ms 151Always And Forever Frannie Tommy 12 17 83 Diane Scott 10 26 85 Tracy Victor 6 5 83 Joe Annabella 3 29 86 Best Wishes to the Class of1987!Compliments to the Class of 1987 Fernando Vinhas Victor Vinhas From f. Longmes Bulova. Pulsar. Seiko. Timex Lorus. Citzen. Omega America’s Most Popular Class Ring We carry a fine line of diamond engagement rings at low prices1 197 Ferry St. Newark. NJA NOSSA TERRA 78 Ferry St. Newark. N.J. 589-8464 MEIGA BOUTIQUE 101 Ferry St. Newark. N.J. 589 4708 YOUNG IDEAS 345 Kearny Ave. Kearny. N.J. 997-0760 The latest clothing for young Men Ladies PEGAUS SPORTING GOODS 77 Ferry St. Newark, N.J. 589-3510 THE SPORTS PAGE 325 Central Ave. Jersey City. N.J. 656-1188 Men's and Ladies’ Active Wear. Athletic Footwear Uniforms and Accessories. Good Luck to the Class of 1987. GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1987 154 Ad Santos Florist Congratulates the class of ’87 465-7702 156 10 Wilson Ave. Newark, N.J. 07105INTERNATIONAL FLORIST Our specialty is Weddings Decorations, Fruit Baskets Balloons Social Affairs 141 Ferry St. Newark, N.J. 465-7709 5 Sayre St. Summit, N.J. 277-0308 140 First St. Elizabeth, N.J. 558-1119 Manny, Manny, Bino 156 AdsCasa Stoia Seafood Restaurante Continental Dining Served Daily 51st Francis St., Newark, New Jersey (201)690-5749 Portuguese International Manor “Banquets for ail Occasions” 157 Daniel Goncalves Your Host: 55st. Francis St. Newark, New JerseySaint James Hospital 86 years in the Ironbound 158Jeafoocj fe-sfourttf) ;Good Luck From Homeroom 415 Mrs. Front Row Ana Nobra Carta Barraro Angat Maldonado. Fat na ROa.ro Paula Corraa. Sandra Ouaria Mr Ma m die Row Antoc o Oliveira Edaon Rodnguez Odete Valente. Ma celle Stol. Luaa OSveira. Ana PauU Santos Back Row josa Amaro Domingos Otrvewa. Paulo Coetho, Holder Da Srfva Rosa Rodngues, Madaiena Caracas, RoaaHna P"ha o. Carlos Marques Good Luck To The Class of 1987 From Homeroom 485, Mrs. Smiley, Ms. Werner, Mr. King. 161Barbara Janet LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT “FRIENDS FOREVER CLASS OF ’87 162 Ads Carmela. Amarilis. Denise, Jane, Andrea MariaFRIENDS LOVERS TOGETHER FOREVER '87 MAY GOD ALWAYS BE WITH YOU. OUR LADY OF FATIMA CHURCH.. Benetton... S G... Snickers ... Bmw ... U-2 . .. Cornflakes ... Beach Bums.. Sue .. MTV... Mountechouro... Summertime ... Beep, Beep, Beep. Stud Alert.. Miralago .. R.D.P---Magie Noire ... Moi. J'ai Vne Swatch ... Ton Sur Ton ... B ca... Switzerland ,.. Ola ... Al.. Peanut butter and Jelly ... Copa .. Who Sings? Robert Palmer .. Savage .. Cock Robin ... Rochies Mercedes .. Brutal,.. Agua Luso... Masculine ... Guys, Guys, and more Guys ... O Maximo ... Rugid... Different Unique... Xaw ... Congratulations to our Daughter “Carmela Trueba Rodriguez Love, Mom and Dad Maria — '85 Ricky — '86 » 164 AdsCONGRATUALATIONS ROSE Best of Luck in College and may you reach your highest goals in life. Love Mom Dad Brothers: Regi, Ronnie, And Junior. Aurora Pedreiras Paula Pires Best of Friends in the Class of “87" May the Best of Everything Happen to Both of Us. AOs 165Elisa Padilla — Lucia Cezimbra “We May Not See Each Other Everyday, Once We Leave East Side, But True Friends Last Forever." To Wendy M. Fuller Diamond Gold Exchange We buy sell Special Orders Appraisals 242-7625 87 Halsey St. Newark, NJ 07102 Love: Hadsom A. Rahman Adbul B. Ameer 166Congratulations to the Class of 1987 Harry Fein Fine Furniture George Jorges 589-4945 PENN FEDERAL SAVINGS BANK Main office: 36 Ferry St., Newark, N.J. Other offices, in Camden, East Newark, Farmingdale, Harrison, Mt. Laurel, Marlboro, Newark, Old Bridge, Parlin, and Sayreville, N.J. Insured Savings Accounts Home Mortgage Loans Checking Accounts Money Market Accounts Auto Loans — Student Loans The safety of your savings in this bank is insured up to $100,000. Save by mail — We pay postage both ways. Ads 167 7 48 Ferry St. Newark, NJ624-2300 905 Broad St. 745 Broad St. BNB BROAD NATIONAL BANK NEWARK BRANCHES 50 Park Place Chestnut St. Wheeler Pt. Rd. 273 Lafayette St. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1987 FROM EAST SIDE PHARMACY Prescriptions • Cosmetics • Hallmark Cards Marius Zawodniack Pharmacist-in-Charge 72 Pulaski St. Newark. N.J. 07105 589-8011 168 Ad PACHANA ELECTRONIC CO. INC Electrical Contractors Industrial — Residential N.J. State License 755 60 Elm St. N.J. Business License 765-A Newark. N.J. 07105 (201)344-4790 Ceramics By Raymond Dragon 62 Pulaski St. Newark, N.J. 07105 (201)344-7612 "All Your Complete Ceramic Needs'' Gasses • Molds • Gifts Made to Order Slip • Paint • Favors Tues.-Thurs. 6:30-9:00 PM Saturday By Appointment Agnes and Raymond Dragon OwnersBEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1987 GOOD LUCK BEST WISHES AMERICANA IRONBOUND MEDICAL CARE Joseph L. Mosqueira M.D. Donato A. Colavita M.D. TRAVEL Abilio J. Marques 189 Ferry St. Ann G. Marques Newark, N.J. Cynthia G. Marques 344-9097 GOOD LUCK TO ALL EAST SIDE STUDENTS FROM NELA HER WORK TEAM ARTHUR POE CO. ACCOUNTANTS — AUDITORS CONTABILISTA VOGUE HAIR STUDIO 344-9453 110 CONGRESS ST. NEWARK. N.J. DONALD P. POE Licenaed Public Accountant 589-5455-5496 113 Ferry St. Newark, N.J. 07105 “L? 170 Ad Sirocha Construction Builders Leslie’s Wholesale Furniture Distributors 589 6549 206 Ferry St Newark, N.J. 483-1132 11 N Fourth St Harrison. N.J. a Impulse II Celeste S Quintana 589-6597 164 Ferry St. Newark, NJ. 07105 Home Improvements — Frame Dry Walls Complete Kitchens Bathrooms Concrete Roofing Antonio Simoes Armando Rocha 991 3064 94 Tappan St Kearny. N.J. Best Wishes To the Class of From H R. 203 JANET CROSTA ZELIA APOLINARIO ELSA AMARAL ROSA LAMEIRA MAYKA BENITEZ ILDA CARDOSA CAROL FIGUEROA JOSE ANTUNES MARIA AFONSO MANNY DA CRUZ VICTOR PORTELLA RUI BRANDAO FRANK GARCIA ANTONIO TOBIA TERIK ELLIS JOHN CUNHA ’87 171CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SISTER “CARMELA" TO WENDY (Pooh) FULLER CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES IN ALL YOUR ENDEAVORS. AND Your Loving THE CLASS OF 1987 Godmother LOVE, Lararne MARIA RICKY TO WENDY M. FULLER TO MARTHA BAHAMON May you find happiness Keep your spirits high and don't let nothing bring them down Keep working and success in life, hard and don't ever and may God bless you. give up. because you are reaching for the stars. Love: Your Mother Father Love Always Brother Mom. Dad. Luis, Oscar. Evertyn and Clara As a good education is more necessary to children than to such as have arrived at maturity of understanding, so the inhabitants of those countries have much greater need than the European nations of a wiser legislator The greater their sensibility, the more it behooves them to receive proper CONGRATULATIONS ECC UPWARD BOUND STUDENTS Martha Bahamon impressions, to imbibe no prejudices to direct themselves Ligia Silva by reason Ms. Brown. Mr, Kirkland Love. Auntie Desiree. and Mr Harrison 1 WANT ALL THE GRADUATES OF EAST SIDE HIGH CLASS OF 1987 BARBARA TO REMEMBER ME ALWAYS AS JEANINE AS LUAOEERAL C o "87" Always on Top No Stopptn'i CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST OF LUCK IN ALL YOU DO! LOVE YOU MOM 1725898149 TO OUR DAUGHTER PATRICIA C. May all the years ahead be as bright as this graduation day Always find the right road to success and achieve your goals lots of luck and happiness in the future Mom and Dad OASIS LIQUORS, INC. Fine Selection of Import or Domestic Wines Liquors 521 Ferry St. Jack Newark. N.J. Lorenco 34 NORTH AVE. GARWOOD, N.J. 789-9428 RADIO VOZ DE PORTUGAL WNWK 105.9 FM SUNDAYS FROM 5 TO 7 PM A TOUCH OF PORTUGAL' Atlas Travel Agency • OOMfSTIC « INTERNATIONAL HIOMTS • EXCURSIONS • ARE AUTO • HOME OWNERS • WORKMEN S COMPENSATION • Atlas Insurance Agency Ortelio Jewelers General Repairs Custom Designing. Diamond Setting, Watch Repairs. Lay Away Plan. Jewelry Cleaning And Plating Vicent Ortelio Aida Ortelio 1055 Elizabeth Ave Eliz. 353-5991 162 Adams St Newark 344-5863 COMPLIMENTS OF CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1987 FERRY FURNITURE Furniture Appliances 203 Ferry St 589-777-6040 Newark. N.J. Humberto Balano PHOTO STUDIO 273 Lafayette St. Newark. NJ. To the Class of 1987 173589-4054 Seabras Gift Shop Wishes The Class CM 1987 Success Happiness 115 Ferry St Newark. N.J. 344 5064 Sergia’s Jewelry Inc. Santonello 589 72989 Supreme Santel Linen Supply Inc. Linen. Coats. Aprons. Towels. Uniforms Commercial Laundry Service 124 Delaney St. Newark. N.J. Andrade Caravela Inc. (Jordat) 134 Ferry St Newark. N.J. Sergia Galan Fashion Express Boutique Portuguesa Vestidos De Noiva — Wedding Dresses Fala-se Portugues Marie Andrade 111 Ferry St 589 5841 Newark. N.J. Vouga Travel Agency BEST WISHES TO THE Telex 138 347 5897151 Grace Rest 87 Ferry St. Travel Consultant Newark. N.J. OTHER •ranches «o»d C«M Telex — 642-525 Relvas 204 Ferry St Newark. N.J. Travel Center Inc. 589 4401 CLASS OF 1987 FROM THE EAST SIDE HIGH SCHOOL TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT. 174 AdsPATRONS All Good Things Wendy. Good Luck In The Future. Love Michelle Wendy. May You Find Happiness In Your Endeavors Elouise Good Luck Michael. In All You Do. Your Loving Parents FRIENDS Mike Loves Helen 6-15-86 Ceu Congratulations — May your Dreams Come True, Love Mom and Dad To My Dearest Nephew. Congratulations Aunt Mary. Congratulations Alvin. Love Mom and Sisters Barbara. I Love You. Charlie A Friend Best Wishes. East Side Library Good Luck To Tia Ceuzmha From Armandinho Congratulations to Ceu. Armando, and Dete Congratulations to Nelson. Araceli. Maria on their graduation To My Cousin Rose. Congratulations! Your Cousin Mariette Congratulations to Yvette and Elvira Lopez Congratulations Yvette From Your Sister Betsy Congratulations To My Son Alvin. From Dad Good Luck Janet — Love Mom and Dad Charlie Loves Barbara 4-4-86 Congratulations to Sergio Amonn from Aunt Marie 175Lasting Memories Do you remember September of 1983? We entered at that time a new phase of life as we walked through the doors of East Side High School. We soon learned that we had to take responsibility for ourselves and also to act as mature and confident young adults The years have passed and it's hard to believe that we are now finally seniors! Senior year is the year we all look forward to. Whether it's because it's our last or because it's the most memorable Over the past four years we have accomplished many things We absorbed a great deal of learning. |omed numerous school activities, made worthy friendships and most important attained self-achievement. Our high school years will also recall the happy times we had together with our "family" of friends and teachers from 8:30 to 2 30. A period in time in which we spent many exciting and fun-filled moments. Now, as we prepare to leave East Side, we face career decisions that will concern our future as to whether or not to continue our education Even though we will all be going our separate ways we will all definitely remember East Side High School and what it meant to us. 176 Closing Paul Alves 1986 Sorter class president passes inc torch to Michael Sostak during the graduation ceremoniesA lovely keepsake of graduation day. The moment of expectation has arrivedLooking Back There is always something that occurs to make a year unforgettable Its celebrations, victories, tragedies, as well as movie and music hits all helped to make an impression on us When 1987 is mentioned we will recall Hands Across America. Miss Liberty's 100th Birthday. Hostages in Lebanon. Baby M. the Mels and Giants Championship Seasons, and box office hits "Top Gun" and "Aliens." Now let's take a closer look at the events of 1987 that made them unforgettable In the World David P. Jacobsen was released by pro-iraman-Lebanese kidnappers in exchange for American weapons The Soviet Union freed Nicholas S Daniloff. an American journalist accused of espionage m exchange for Gennadi F. Zakharov, a KGB agent facing spy charges in New York. The Reagan Administration continued its grinding war with Iraq m one of the world's most crucial regions, the od rich Persian Gulf. Corazon C Aquino ended Ferdinand E Marcos' 20 year reign as the Philippine president and she also became TIME magazine's "Woman of the Year " In the Nation This year showed caring when people of all races gathered from every state to join hands in an unbroken chain from coast to coast in "Hands Across America" in order to help raise money for homeless and hungry people New York threw a party in honor of Miss Liberty There were tall ships and fireworks, with Elvis impersonators and other top entertainers performing Liberty Weekend was outstanding and certainly unforgettable. It made people remember the Statue of Liberty and all that it symbolized for generations of immigrants The case of Baby M still continued as her mother. Mary Beth Whitehead battled it out with William and Elizabeth Stern, the couple that paid her to bear them a child Tip O'Neill retired after 34 years in the House and for the first time, the Nation celebrated the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr as a Federal Holiday In Sports: The Amazin' New York Mets took the title of World Senes Cham pions after defeating the Boston Red Sox in a close-knit performance of seven games A title they haven't had since 1969 It seemed everyone, whether a baseball fan or not. was be ing metsmenzed" by the most exciting World Series m baseball history The winning spirit continued as a crowd cheered and chanted for the New York Giants as they defeated the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl They were welcomed home with a victory celebration at Giants Stadium as fans were given logo buttons and whistles as souvenirs In the Media 1987 was a year for blockbuster movie hits. Top Gun grossed over $170 million. Aliens $70 million. Back to School $90 million. Crocodile Dundee $100 million, and Karate Kid II $100 million. The top TV shows were The Cosby Show. The Golden Girls. Family Ties. Moonlighting, and Growing Pams Among the TV shows that made their debut were The Tortelli's. Alf. and The Joan Rivers Show The highest rated syndicated special m history was Geraldo Rivera's discovery of Al Capone's milk bottles and the most talked about and admired TV personalities were Oprah Winfrey with her talk show on debatable issues and Bruce Willis with his slapstick comedy, good looks and new haircut (which started a whole new trend), had women falling head over heels for him The marriages that made big headlines were Maria Shriver to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Caroline Bouvier Kennedy to Edwin A Schlossberg. Tatum O'Neal to John McEnroe and "The Royal Wedding" of Sarah (Fergie) Ferguson to Prince Andrew of England. This year was also rocking when Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band released their 40-song album. Live 1975-85. It became the fastest selling multiple-record set in history with advanced orders of more than 1.5 rniHion Whitney Houston swept six out of nine nominations at The American Music Awards, while Janet Jackson received only two There was also a time of mourning as we had to b d farewell to Cary Grant who starred m such movie classics as "Notorious" and "North by Northwest" and to Desi Arnaz who became famous with his wife Lucille Ball Elsewhere in America It seemed everyone was running out and buying a Hyundai. Yugo. or Nissan car which surpassed $170 billion, a record In Memphis. TN, it marked the 10th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death and fans by the thousands gathered at Graceland to pay tribute In Newark, N.J., Sharpe James defeated Kenneth A Gibson (in office since 1970) to become Mayor of Newark and East Ward Councilman. Henry Martinez became President of the City Council. The latest craze among teenagers in fashion was sweats. Big sweaters. W-IDE pants, scribble and grafiti prints, long, pleated skirts (to the ankles), leather and wooden jewelry, sporty watches, banana combs, hi-top sneakers, white and black boots with fringes and the 50's look. This year will be remembered not only as our senior year, but also as a year of many special events which helped make 1987 definitely unforgettable 178 Lootung Bac INDEX A AbeetO.Alax—41 Abrantee Jcae — 26 Abrantee Pad - 26 Acebou. Oeomde — 90.141 Acabou, John — 36 Adnc Mr - 62 72 Aflfctto Mr -61 67 Atoneo. Antorvo — 90 Alonao Mane —90.171 Agues Nea -90,146 Aguu Octavw — 90 Aguiar. Margarita — 90,148 AJayon I -69 Afcarran Anthony — 91. t46 Atagra Ua-$7 A ander Mrs -80.81 Afecaa. Martyn — 91 AimaAJa.Cai»- 132 Ainnarta. babel - 133 Aima«JaL Pauto-91. '43 Almoat ParedM — 10.11.12 AKiama. Dago — 31 Alvarado. Joaa - 20.21 Alvarez Barbara-91.133 ANes. Helena — 91 AK«a. Manual —91. '46 ANes Mar - 52.60.91 Ahaa, Paul - 20. 50.176 Abamora. Vclor — 91.147 Amaral. Ana — 91 Ararat. Eda-91.171 Amaral Natarc — 92 Amaral Piar - 92 Amaro joaa-92 161 Amaar . Abdul - '66 Amandola. Susan — 86 Amancana Traval — 170 Amonm, Serg — 133 Amom Harlandar — 20 Anon . Mr -78 Aneva. Henry — 31 Andrada Caravala Inc (Fearton E press) — 174 Andrade Lu a — 92.141 Andrada. Rohan — 50 Andraoua.Mr -44 62. "8.149 Andruchowaz. Andrea -81.92. '48 Am Si School—117 A Noaaa Terra — 154 Antoneth. Arnddo - 92 Antunaa.Joaa—133.171 Aooanano Zees - Aponte Mar -132.145 Arauio Joel - 26.32.38 39 60 Arcoe Ana-56 57 60 92 ArOto Mr - 76 Arnold. Ronald —92 Amngton. Katma — 34 Arroyo. Oa y - 133.142 Arthur Poo Co -170 Aria Hgh — 22 Attaa Travel Agency-173 Avanato Pad - 53 Avaino. Domnguaa — 31 Azeveoto Karan — 6' a Backstreet — 9 Bahamon. Martha - 16 47. 48 102.142.172 Baaey Oome — 92 Baiona Mr -24 68 89.143 Batooa Mana — 133 Baiaatar. Aida — 92 Bane Mr -80 Bandera Mr -61 Bara Amr - 36 BapMta Araaarno — 92 Barbae. Roy — 92.141 Barboa Canoe - 6i. 92.149 Barboaa Mar - 32 60 93.140 Bamaa Dorothy - 38.39 Bamaa, Emma — 86 Bemaw Dorothy — 26 Barraraa Aguatn-30.31 Barraro. Cartoa — 133.161 Bamngar — 28 Barrotjuaro Giona — 53 Barroguaro John — 31,56 Barroguaro Mr -69 Barroa. Ana — 93.147 Barroa Joaa — 93 Barroa. Tony — 56 Baafcetbai EaetS da-34 Baaioa Cartoa - 133 Baaloa Salma - 52 95 Barzola EUabeth — 93 Banatti. Renata — 50 BeMaz Mayka-83.171 Bantez M a — 93 84nguaJ Facdty — 66 B hop. Tanya - 93 Blanche Gregory - 93 Bias. Mr -20.56.60 88 112 Stock. Mre -95 Btozen. Rudy —41 Btozen Todd —40.41.94 Btozen. Tommy —10 8toma Mr -74 BorvMa. Oamana — 94 Bonner George — 53.94.140 Border Mr -54 Bor gar Tom —40 .41.61 Borgaa. Mar - 52 56 60. 79.94 Boteho. Luc - 133 Botatto. Tony— 41 Bottno Mr -82 83 Boduvght Cynth - 56. 57 94 Bowie . Mr —68 Branch Brook Park — 24 Branoo. Cartoa - 149 Branco Cedoe — 94 Branco. Tn — 54 Brandeo Rm — 94,171 Brandao Tony — 133,140 Broad Nat onal Bank - 168 Brown. Cher -94 96 Brown. Cher —146 Brown Mre -80 Bruno Mr —76 Brenner George — 52 Buonopar Joe — 41 Burtay Kaar — Borne. Mr — 72 Buaraaa —70 Byntxn Ere — 36 Bynun Rrta- Byrd, Tramena — 60 c Ceamano. Arrmndo — 95 Caamano. Mr. 72.73.86 Cabral Amorvo —96 '49 Cecoto Auguaio — '33 Cecoto. Fernando —133 Cacoto. Luc — 26 Camacho. Aivtn — 96 Camacho. Marcato - 56 95 Camacho Mayra - 45 95. 149 Camacho Olga-51 Camacho Ruben - 132 Campba Eugar —137 Campoa. Joaa — 52.95.147 Campoe. Orlando — 61 Cancela Grace — 56.95 Candor . Carman — 96 Cappaian. Mrtna - 96 Carabatw. Albert -26 32 33 Caraotaa Madalana - Cardoeo. Ida — 52.96.171 Cardoao.John-3i.56 96 147 Cartoa. Pad - 24 44 52 54 56 96 148 Camaro. R erdo — 32 56 Carrvcaia. Garbraa - 23. S3 Carragozeto. On»to — 97 Carrero. Irw — 53.97 Carter. Joa-36 Caaamo. John — 61 Ceanv a Si — 66 Caapuara. Em o - 32 33 39 Castanhera. Joaa — 97 Caaianhaaa. Mra -74 Ceatro W am - 20.97. U2 Cavadaa. Joaa - 97 Catao. Cartoa — 57 Cavanagh.Mra —74 Cavato. V meant — 97 Chegnon Mr -66 CM. Mr.- 10.44. 46. 83.90 Oppandalaa - 14.1$ ChoaJ-54 Central MS -21 Cerqueea. Avalno — 97.147 Cargo Joaa — 97.147 Carguara Kathleen - 97 Cerqueara. Luc — 98 Cerqueae Mar -97.126,140 Carquaaa Pad — 54 Cecone .Mr -82 Cehoracto. Matthew - 52 Crfera Mr -86 Oeron. Melody-98 Ouba. Kryityr 98 148 CrveaCtob-43 54 Co . Jack — 98.141 CoMho.JoM-98.S3.54.6l. 140 Coeho. Mano - 98 Coat . Paulo-98 '61 Corteado. Joa — 61 CoMna. ChartM — 87 Colon. Ehem —133 Computer Ctob — 54 Concaeao Ekzabam — 56.96.147 Cordero. Carolyn — 99 146 Corraira. Pau — 56. 99 i6t Corteade. Alcra - 99 Coala Manual - 99 148 Cotta Mana — 99 114.141 Coal Pedro - 133 Coated Malar — 99 140 Cola Mehaaa - 99 143 Crave. Ana - 26.32.33 38 39 Creapo Emgua — 133 Crewe Sheer — 99 Croea Country Team — 32 Croeta. Janet - 99 47.54 171.157 Cruz. Judy — 33 Cruz. Leon — 30.31 Cruz. Marco -99 141 Cruz. Requel —149 Cubrte Patnc — 99. ' 2 Cuco. Fernando — 30,31 Coco, John —31 Curt Aracar - 54 Curt . John - 171 Curt Sua-54 Cutmo.Mr -67 Cuttno. Deway - 99.154 Cynar. Dear — 99.141 D Daiado. Ararea - 50 Da Cruz . Manual-60 93 99 171 Oa Cruz. Mart i- 100 Oa Curt . Atvno — 100 Da Curt . John-100 DAJmac Ceu —140 Oarby . Andrew - 34 36 Da S e. Anion - 56 Da Sara. Cartoa- 100 Oa Sava. Chnatna - 54 100 Oa Sam MakSar — 161 Da Sava Joaa - 100 Oa Sara. Unde- 54 60 100.102 148 Oa save Mar - 47.54 100. '48 Davaa. Pnecrte - '00.140 Oev e. Mar — 57 Dev . Knataar - 53.57 Oav . Tonya-51 53. 57 Oa Almeida laabai —100 Da Almeida. Cora — 54 Da Aknaoa. Mar — 38.39 Oa Barroa, Pada —53 Decker. Mr -76 DaJaaua. Cartoa — 32.56.61 OaJaaua. Ertck - 56 OalGuarc Mr —67 Oai Vale. Carmanarta-101 Oel vena. Lam — 101 OaMatoa Anton — 101 Oa Mato George — 101.142 Da No Mr -68 OaObvaea. Malar -56 Oa Pmho. Franciaco — 32 DEmoo Mr -72.73.122 D a. Irena -56 Oa Mar - 56 0 z Fata — 53 Ota. Mar —56 Diaz Rolando —133 Ocfcereon.Mr -26 32.36,80 Otokaraon Oewn-32 Dtokaraon Darnck — 133 OFranceeco Mr —4.72 0«go Mar - 53.101.143 O P z a Mre — S3 78 122 D r y World — 4.5.6 DJTa —9 OoCouto. Jorge-101 DOvaea Pad - 56 Domnguaa, Manual — 101.140 Domnguaa. Rom — 26 Down Neck—4 Drama Club —53Duarte. Mr —74 Duarte Sandra — 101.161 Duarte Victor —31 Duggan Mr -36.80.88 Dungeons and Dragor CluB — 52 E Eartae Karen - 56 E Street Band - 14.17 East Side Hgh 1.2, 54.66 66 «. 73.76.61 85 ’43,172 178 East S«Ja Footbal — 28 East Side Pharmacy - 168 East Side Soccer — 30 East Side Track Team — 19.26 38 Echandy. Angel - 142.133 Ede. Encfca. 102,141 EBa. Terr -178.133 EBa Yvette —102 Emory. Peter - 102.140 Eng. Franc — 6.102 Epcot Center — 4 5 Ettevee Jose —102 Estevee Lucy - 56 Esteves Mane - 102. t46 Estevee Paula - 26 60 68.102 141 Estremera Diane - 102 142 E vane to Amenco - 2.102.141 F Feceo Pa lie — 102 Fe gh Ockeneon L mv —66 Faison Ms -84 Famernhes Ru - 142 Fargas.HuggyBear — 46 Farmhas. Antomo — 56 Fannhas. AJtredo — 56 Famhas. Mana - 117.143 FaUknar. Angela — 103 Feus trio. Grace — 22.23.52 Fehoano Yolanda — '03 Fernandes Isabel - 103.147 Fernandes tvona — 103 Fernandes Lies —103 142 Fernandas Mar - 1CM 140 Fernandas. Rui -104 148 Fernanda Ekiabetn - 84 Fernanda Judy—57 Ferrara. Augusto — 146 Ferrara. Cartoe - 50. 52 Ferrara. Chns — '64 Fanara, Oano - 53.104.146 Ferrara. John — 50 Ferrara. Maganda - 57 Ferrara. Mar — 104 Ferrara. Mary — 52 Ferrara. Nelson - 46 47. 53 56.60.104 124,142 Ferrara. Paul —52.53 56 60 104 124.142 Ferrara. Sergo — 56 Ferrer Mar -32 Ferry Furniture —173 Fidaigo, Mar —56 Fdaigo. Rodger -31 Figueres Marce — 31 Figuaredo. Mrs — 91 Figuaredo Anton - 32.38 39 60 Fguarado.Ru- Fguaroa. Carosna - '04 171 Fionto, Mr - 72 Fhcks. Danan — 34 Florida — 4 Flonm, Ana — 104 Fog Kathy-54. '04 Fonseca. Morse — 104 Foreign Language Faculty — 74 Fortenberry. Devd - 4 104.108 Francisco. Rosa — 23.57 Franc co. Susan — 55 Freak. D J Freddy — 10 Fretas Mar —106 FrenchOub— 55 Fresco Rocco — 106 FnendS — 178 Fuantea. Osvaido — 137 FuBar. Wendy — 106.172 Fulton. Mr - 78 G Gab . JoArm —106 Gaata. Tracy - 106.145 Galanha.Caiioa-16.26 27. 32.38 39.53.60 »4 '06.115.148 Gagkard Et abetn - 106 Ga n Sarg —174 Gaiar a Yvat - 53.56 Gama , tm - 23.34 36.105.147 Garc Frank - 20.56.106.' 12.171 Garc Pau - 14.17.70. '06 142 Garland - Tonya - 51 Gatto. Mr —78.88 Gianlomasi. Mrs — 72.73.60 Gianlomasi. Frank —137 G hb. Jaene — 31 Giordano Mar — 86 Gipson. Ms - 56 84 85 Gkjver. Mrs -54.68 Got . John J -66 Gomes Faomer — 50 Gomes bcrto — 106 147 Gomes Paul-24.25 Gomes. Pedro — 56 GoncaNes. Ada — 54 Goncahes Jose - 106. '43 GoncaNes .Mtohtf — 56 Goncahes. Vcior -106 Gonr B. Ms - 57 63 82.118.148 Gon aJa . Ang — 61.106 Gonxale . Danny — 57 Goniale . Evelyn — '06 Goniale Nan - 133.145 Goniale Luceota — 106 Gorvale . Mar — 107 Gon aie . Mercedes — 54 Goniale Mchaei - 53 .54 Goniale Sammy — 41.56 Goode W m-S4 Gordon Oougias —87 Gordon Jeffrey — '33 Grace Joao- 107.149 Grace. Rosetta -107 Graham Abdut - 107.1 5 Grant Or - 48 58 85 Grant Marcefcno-51 Gregono. Pau —107 Grdo. Ana — 53.61 Gnggs Mark - 20 Gnmea Mary a - 34 Gnesett. Mr —78 Gronngar .M -71 Grove. Coach — 29 Guarmo Mr - 67 77 Guadas Arthur - 11, 44 56. 107 Guerrero. Nancy —107 Gudance Faculty-74 H Hammoud Caro — 57 Merdn. Mar del - 87 Marnson. Dents - 133,140 Hayes Gary-» Hayes Lindsay —133 Hayes. Tonya - '07.141 Hayward Honda — 107.140 Hayward. Wanda -107 Hennouas Celeste — 53 Hennoues! Helena - 52 97. '08.146 Hemerde Ales - 5 . '06.1 0 Mar render Dane — 108. '42 Hemenda . Francisco —132 Hamanda Jacqua - 108,146 Hemenda Mcheal — 108 Hamanda . Nancy — 133 140 Hamanda Robert —53 5 Hamanda . Tamers — 51 Hamanda Vetor - 108 Herrera. Manana — 54 Herrng Mongue — 23 Mcfcs Danan - 3 . 36 Hcfcs. Stephon - '09 Hokday.lnn —2 Homecorrvng Oueen Dance — 48 Hopk . M ssa -133 Hopk . Sharon — 109 Hopp . Mark -109 Hom cek. Lance - 109.142 Houston Whitney - 14. 16 Hudson. Me -71 Hudson. Barabara — 87 Hughes.Mr -80 HeAng. Mr -82 Hutch on. Audrey — 87 Huicheon. Barotow — 87 I ice Hockey Team —19 sane. Mrs -89 impulse I-171 inmen. Marc — 51. '09.136. 145 internatonal Floret — ' 56 konbound MadcaJ Center — 170 tronboud Section — 65 J JaWonsfcj. Damd —109 Jackson Mrs —69 Jackson E —06 Jackson Gwen-59 Jackson Jawana —114 Jeco. Paolo - 26,32.38 39.109.113 Jamas. Ms -8 Jay . Mr -82 Jaifcoh. Fran — 10 109.146 Jar . Bruce —109 141 Jeroneno. Morsca — 55 Jmna W rado - 26.28 29.106 108,109 142 John. Moha — 65 Johnson Mrs —56 84 85 Johnson Bertha —87 Johnson Den e — 28 Johnson Marion —87 Jones. Dawn - 110,143 Jonas. Oabb - 54 Jonas. Garland — 110 Jubiation —14.16 JuraorQass-2.4 Junior Qess Advisor —10 Juraor Prom — 10 K Kaman Mrs —72 Kaiowits. Jaas — 5 Kearny N S —30 Kessler Mr -67 Kng Mr -82,161 Keschbaum. Mr —68 Keeon, Sharon — 62,110 K Parc -110.149 Kmaa. Jam —41 Konopka. Ann — 86 Knstan — 66 Krom.Mr -14.17.153 Krowt. Mchete — 53 Kruts .Jo -20 Kuduk. Joan-55 Kun . Vcfci - 132.145 L Labrador. Armando — 3 Lama a Rosa-110.171 Lamamnhaa. Paul — 32.60 Lamannhas. Ru — 110 Landres. RodoBo - 50 Lang. Tawanna -110.140 Lankan Mr —67 Lawaon. R— 86 Lamoa. Rosa — 56.110.141 Lenard Edward — 53.110 Leonards Mr —7 .82 Leonards. Mrs -72.146 Leake s Who a Furvtue Ostnbutors - 171 Lawck Mfca-41 L ular nt Got — 36 Undgran. Dr —78 Lndsey Ann — 87 lobo, Tony — 24. 25 Lockatta. Mauaan - 87 Lopes. Mr —69 Lopes Carl-9 Lopes Dene-110.1 5 Lopas Manual-110.142 Lopes. Mar - 110 Lopee Ru — 53,110.1 6 Lope Ms -69 Lope Alberto —110 146 Lope Ewi — 110 Lope . Fernando — 50 Lope . Nana —111.143 Lope . Robert —111 Louranoo, Tony — 54 Louroea. Onst —133 Lubo.Kaly — 56 Luno. Marco —31.56. 111. 147 M Machado Mr -56 Machado Gu rma—lit. 148 Machado Hennque - 56. Ill Machado Juan — 61. ill Magard.M -30.80 Major Tyrone — 111 Ma nga Mr -63.88.89 Maldonado Ang — ill. 161Maldonado C t o— 112 Naper Rhonda — 116 Per ;. Ramomia — 23 Napcrano M — 78 Pare;. Vetor — 133 Narceco Celeste - 23.51. S3 54 Peter Dand — 56 Mata Jack - 2 P te on Along - 5 Mtfhero Want — 47. S3 5 56 60 112 120 1 2 Naionai Honor Society —90.117 Petevon Alton, —120 Na;a K Edgar —133 Petrecc Jess.; — 120, 1 1 Negron Joae - 133.1 7 Patnao Mr - 73 Nava . Mr —76 Phyec ! Edue ton Faculty — 80 Martai EOwn - 32 33.38 39 60 Neve . Claude - 61 (V La la — 121.1 1 Nava . Edmundo-31 Pm- nt t kkchaai - Megua Ar be a-S2 5 60 112.1 8 Nava . i aOai- 116 Pimanlat Irvo — 20 Marques Cano - SO 112.161 New Jersey —1.26 Pinha.ro Roiakna — 121.161 Newark —1.66 Pinho. Antonio — 121. 1 0 Mvqua Jorge - 5 112 . 118 1 5 Newark Airport — « Pwho M -23 Mar qua Mar — 112 1 2 Newark City Tournament — 2 26 Pinho Sar — 23 Newark Poke Department — 66 Pinho. Tony — 12 Nw.es Lu — 50 133,1 1 Pmio feed- 121. 1 2 1 5 153 Notxa, Agostnho — 133 Polo John-119. 121.1 3 Mar'em E — 86 Notxe Ana — 116 161 Pros Cano - 121.1 5 Marina; Antond - 7 Nod Leaet — 117.1 7 Pva C 4-55 Marina; Henry — 136 137 Norn Enck — 29 .36 Pves Paula - 61 Marina; Joaa - 112.133. i 6 niO T»i. nOOCn — »X Pittman. Tnstan — 133 Marine; Mena - 113 Nona Ms —78 Plantar.,- Vetor - 2 Marine; Roeta — 113 1 0 Nona Em y — 7.52.53 55.60 117.125.133 Pocoro — 6 Marin . Ana — 113.1 6 Nuno; SyNe — 11.117 Poia owi Ms - 53. 78. 140 Marin . Carta — 32 38 39 Polanco Robano — 121 Marin Cano - 13 1 18 26.27.32 38 39 3 9 u Polanco wae-133 Martn Joeo— 113 Ponte Meco - 50. 56 Marins Sandra — 32 38 39 Oasn Liquor Inc — 173 Pontorero Mr - 74 MauaO —72 Obang Angela-133 Poor. Pan —53 Maiara;;o Mr — 52.72 Ocaeo Ruth - 53. 5 Poriana Motor—122.171 Mataro PaiAo— 113 Odem Trad — 117 Portuguese Oub - 55.117 MamFactfty-70 Oahan Cla - 86 Portuguese mtenabonai — 157 OMvana. Lu a -133 Portugua Liteary M ga;mc - 55 Matos AAeen - 53 59 0 vaaa Anthony —S3 Polurag Donna — 53 Maios Augwtto —113 Ova Antono-132.161 Por . Humberto - 142 Matos Etera - 52 53 5 Ova Aveano-117 161 Povoa Kjmberto —122 Ov« » Domngos — 117 161 Powe Jeannw — 34 Okva a Helens -32 33 39 60 Powa M - 64 Maiot. lux — 58 59.113 Okva«» Jack - 117 Proii. Pauin - 54 58 59 122 1 5 Mato I yd - 53 0 va a Jo -30.31.117 PryStOCk. Mr -86 Mato Marge. - 55 11 1 7 Over . Ua — 61.117 Puarta Sandra — 55 Mato Mara- 7 58 59 11 126 Curve L a — 161 Pub4o Patrce — 52 Mato Paula-11 . 1 3 Oe»e B Mana —118 1 6 Pvat Mr —73 Mato Paulo — 11 OWa«a Paii-56.118 1 8 0 Mato Sahmo - 32 Over Pasar - 56 Mar,-66 Ortega Arnar - 60 118 1 8 McCormac Mr - 58 8 85 Onako Ja-aier» 173 Quenoo Thom —26 McCcrrsck Mr -50 Ortu Ana — 133 Gue;ad Mare - 26 122 McCraa tor ana - 56 Ortq Brenda - 52 57.95 Qu » AWjandro - 133 McKrvght Mcnaai-11 Orttf.mgrd — lie Ouniana Ceeit S - 171 Mao Canter Faulty — 8 On.;, insert - 118 1 3 R Moor uaa- 132.133.1 7 Orta Mar,-S3 Magarro Coach — 31 Ortq. Romon - 53. 5 Med Bout jue — 15 Redo Vo; Da Portugal — 173 Mete Em -57 P Rahman tsad on — 166 Mama jota- 132 133 i 9 Renhc Anrarwto - 122 Mandat Mara — 133 Pablo Pedro -133 1 1 Ramona Ju a - 86 Mend ;. Edwm — 114 Pechena Electron Co. Inc. — 189 Ram.ro: Alt-edc — 122 Manoa;, Liken — 11 Pacnene Robert- , 118 Ramos Mr -66 Monde; Lucy — 11 1 9 PacMa EMa-118.1 9 Ramo Wanda - 22 23. 122 1 7 Mendonca Dulca —115 Pagan Vara-118.1 0 Raymurdo, Sytve — 5 57 Mandonca Frenc co- 7 5 55 98 103 106 115 Pagha Chnatm — 53 Rea.es D — 06 1 9 Pane Aug -5 Rebate Carlo - 53. 122 Mandonca Jo e - 5 PaTwes Manual — 119 Red Rader — 19 20 28 Mando;a Juke — 5.95 P a a Rcardo- 119 Rad Arne — 86 Maaqvia Ragna — H5 Palma vanda- 60 Ran Tony-57 Mercado Sam - S3 Palumbo Mr —72,83 88 89 Ratra - 174 Mercado Gn» i-4S 115 Pardal Anlomo - 119.1 6 Randero Mr - 66 Meceo Eurece — 51 Parade Angelo - 53.119.1 3 Reserde Mew - 26 Meo Anthony — 5 Panavacchw Mr -80 Reiende Nei - 26 Mata Mrs - 76 Perm. Mr —71 Raveedo Demy - 54 123 143 Mayor John - 5 56 Perm. Rome — 119 Raveando CVe —54 M-cheaa—65 Parra Rm - 119.1 7 Raveerdo Ftermda - 66 57 MdUrd Ml - 83 Pascual Tawana —119 Rayet J ver — 33 M e Kavn-28. 115 Patron —176 Raya Man - 123 142 MNOn Car-sa — 116 Pa; Mare-119 1 7 Rayas Mr - 89 Were Mr 76 Padre Aurea — 61,119.1 1 Rayas Mr - 69 Mo na AAaen - 22.23 Pedros Haidar - 56 Rbai Armanw — 123 Mokna Ewaoeth —116 1 0 Pegesut Sponmg Good — 15 Rbau Naieo - 52. 60 123 140 Mokraro Mr —5 63 78 PUMgnno. Or - 46. 68 Rbero Faime- 123.161 Mortal Irtsett — 116. 1 9 P egrmo Rachel - 133.1 0 R4»ro rsabal - 34 123 MontaTrO Raymond - 14 Pakanio Or -56.72.117 Rbaro Jo - 133 Monte-0 MarCO- 116 Paaot Bobby-80 133.1 6 Rccerdau- M - 137 Moraham Mi - 72 Peiote Mr - 86 Rce Ndko - 123 142 Mora-t. Eaton — 9 5 116 1 5 Pan Aracak - 120 Richedior Sabnn — 123 143 Mom, B tar - 5.116 5 Pan . Nelson - 133.1 7 Ri mg Star — 6 7 Monro Ev — 116 Pann Fader — 167 Rrvas jo»e- 133 Monara Fernando — 133 Pare Anlorvo - 53.61 Rrvea Ange - 15. 123 Mo Mr -66 Parer f bo .oo - 26 32.38.39 60 Rive Carman — 23 Mo qo d Y»aiia - 26 32.33 38 39 60 Pera a imo —26. '33 Rive C en - 133 Mo'err joan - 34 50 Per a Marcaio - 120 River . Judo - 26.27 38 39 123 147 Mot. Sorana — 116 Par lAchaa - 53 Rnne Padro - 123. 1 5 Motley Darlene-116 Par ; Certo —31 Robertson Mr - 76 Moot Jufc - 116 141 Pare; Lae-44 45 52 53 58 120.149 Robert J -86 87 Pare; Mere - 56 '33.1 1 Robets Mrs - 82 N Pea; Nancy —120.1 1 Robmaon Gary — 133?Credits The editors and staff of the '87 Torch extend best wishes to the '87 graduates Acknowledgements We wish to express our thanks to the administrators, teachers, staff and students who helped us in so many ways to compete this '87 yearbook Working on the Torch gave us the opportunity to document our last year at East Side It was indeed a challenge with hard work, hours spent, a strong and special commitment to do a job well. Very special thanks are extended to yearbook advisor. Dr Helenmarie Pellegrino, who once again, through her guidance, dedication, suggestions, patience and pushing made putting all the pieces together so much easier. TORCH STAFF Advisor: Dr. Helenmarie Pellegrino Activities Clubs Editors. Martha Bahamon and Linda Da Sifva Art Editor: Louis Rosario Commumty Ads Editor: Francisco Mendonca Index Editors: Janet Crosta and Maria Da Silva People Editors Maria Farmhas and Carmela Rodnguez Proof Reader: Carmela Rodriguez Senior Editors: Emily Nunes and Maria Malheiro Sports Editors; Nelson Ferreira and John Roque Student Photographers Kathy Fogler and Donna Borger Typing Editor: Maria Matos Colophon 475 copies of the 9x12. 1987 Torch were published by East Side High School s yearbook staff and printed by Taylor Publishing Company. Dallas Texas The book uses 80 pd matte paper The cover design by Senior Louis Rosario features the Torch with stars in red and gold foil in a stamped motif on a white base Rising Stars is in 48 pt Brush Lettenng. The type used on the cover is Helvetica with different types used throughout the book. Tool lines are one or two point Various gray screens along with original star designs are used m the book The end sheets are red with 87 gold forf stamped on them AH senior portraits were taken by Lorstan Studio. Newark. N J The Torch is a member of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and has been a second place winner m the Press Association Contests Cntiques Special Thanks are extended to Mr Joseph Shoopman. Taylor Publishing Company representative and Ms Shirley Vetter of Lorstan Studio for her valuable assistance and interest 184

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