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f V v% « »... « r •' ■ A ' •• •'• ' 1 1'!» ' '■ ’It Ar - ''A T.• A. «( •■•»••«■• IN THE. fiSTNESS OF FRIENDSHIP LET THERE BE GHTER AND SHARING OF PLEASURES. 4It's struggling on with the will to win And taking defeat with a cheerful grin. It's being true to the faith you profess And doing your noblest— that's success.HI!14 MR. FRANK PELOSO VICE-PRINCIPAL MR. GEORGE CAPODAGI.I VICE-PRINCIPALADMINISTRATION MR. JAMES QUELI VICE-PRINCIPAL MRS. KATHRYN ALEXANDER TEACHER-TO-ASSIST MRS. MARIA M. CARDIELOS TEACHER-TO-ASSIST 15SENIOR COUNSELORS Mr. William Scott Head CounselorMRS. CHRISTINE TAYLOR MRS. ELVIRA BARRACAN MISS IRENE TRUSZKOWSKA COUNSELORS MISS CHARLOTTE SEAWELL MISS SIOMARA SANCHEZAny institution is only as great as the initiative and highly personal involvement, the creative responsibility of each of the individuals in itBUSINESS MR. JOHN HENDLER MR. SAM BOYAR CHAIRMAN MR. MICHAEL AFFLITTO MR. MICHAEL CANGER MR. MURRAY HECHT MISS MARGAR1DA DO VALE 20 MRS. AURORA HOARE MISS JOSEPHINE JACKSON MRS. FRANCES POLLACK MR. WALTER AFFLITTO MR. JAMES MOSSELLE MRS. LINDA HUNTER MRS. THERESA KARPINSKIMR. EDWARD SALZ MRS. MARGARET VELARDO MISS HATTIE BENNETT MS. JACQUELINE PURCELL 22 MRS. DOROTHY ZETTLERMRS. MARIE RITTER MISS EVA SMITH MR. THOMAS MESSINEO DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION MR. GREGORY NOTTE WORK EXPERIENCE COORDINATOR 23 What I am to be I am becoming.ENGLISH MR. EDWARD TUMIN CHAIRMAN MRS. AMY KAMEN MR. JOSEPH LIDDY MRS. LINDA BARNES MR. FRANK FIORITO MRS. DOLORES DAVISMS. BARBARA SWYER MRS. D. PELLER1TO MISS MARY ANN WEEGE MR. ORLANDO DIFRANCESCO MRS. MARIA RODRIGUEZ MS. ANNADELE MARKOWITZ MRS. MARION MATARAZZOMR. PETER YASCYMSKI MR. IRVING WALLOCK MISS TERESA NAPORANO MRS. SELMA METAL MR. ADAM STANISLAWCZYK MRS. LILLIAN KOLBERTMR. HAROLD JAY MRS. VIRGINIA LEPORE DR. IRVING PRICE MISS OLINDA BARBOSA PORTUGUESE ORIENTATION Through good books our eyes are opened to the beauties of the world. DR. TOM DOOLEY A MR. HERBERT MOORE28 MS. TERESE MONTEFUSCO MR. CHARLES FISHERMRS. MOLLY JAY There are times in our lives when we seem to go singing on our way and when the beauty of the world sets itself like a quiet harmony to the song we uplift. MR. NICHOLAS DI NARDO 29FOREIGN LANGUAGES MRS. ELVIRA BARRACAN SPANISH MRS. ELENA LEON SPANISH MRS. ELIZA COTRONEO SPANISH Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. RALPH WALDO EMERSON 30 MRS. ELAINE WHITE SPANISHMISS VIRGINIA WRIGHT FRENCH MR DOMINICK PONTOR1ERO ITAI.IAN-FRENCH MRS. ISABEL DUARTE MRS. MARIANA CASTANHEIRA 31 PORTUGUESE-ENGLISH FRENCH-PORTUGUESEHOME ECONOMICS MRS. HELEN SMITH MRS. MARGARET COPPOLA VOC. HOME ECONOMICS 32 MRS. HELEN TOPAR MRS. LUCILLE HILLER MRS. GLORIA ROBERTSLIBRARY Books are the treasured wealth of the world, the fit inheritance of generations and nations. NURSES MRS. JANICE BLOCH MRS. FERN RICHARDSON MRS. DORETTA JOHNSON MRS. EDITH SHADOWITZ MISS PRISCILLA GIPSON ThoreauMRS. LAURA SCHEFTER MR. EMANUEL MAGID CHAIRMAN MISS MARY KELLY MATHEMATICS MR. STAN SALAGAI MR. RAYMOND LINDGREN 34 MS. W. HEIGHTMISS ELEANORE SWYKOWSKI MRS. ANTOINETTE KLENKE MS. PHYLLIS INMAN MR. WALTER POLAKOWSKI MISS DEBORAH D’ALLESIO MISS CAROL POLAKOWSKIOFFICE STAFF MRS. ELIZABETH ARMELLINO MRS. SALLY ROTH MRS. ROSE CIFELL1 MRS. ELAINE TREMARCO MRS. ANNE ILARIAPHYSICAL EDUCATION MR. DONATO DEL GUERCIO CHAIRMAN MRS. LINDA FALLUCCA MRS. H. MC RONALD MISS GLORIA BROWN MR. KEVIN DUGGANMR. SID ROTHBARD MR. JAMES SPADAVECCHA MR. RONALD CARDOSO MISS MARY GENOVA MR. LOUIS LIPARISCIENCE MR. LEONARD FRIEDMAN CHAIRMAN MR. JOSEPH CICCONE MR. ROBERT WUJCIAK MR. GAMAL ANDKAOUS MRS. ROSALIND BUSH MRS. FREDA KLAPHOLZMR. MISHEL AISENSTOCK MRS. RUBY ROBERTS MISS JEAN GONNELLI MR. BARRETT KING MR. MORRIS ZEVINSOCIAL STUDIES MR. JOSEPH BOTTINO MR. LEONARD CHILL MR. WILLIAM HODGE MR. GEORGE KESSLER CHAIRMANMRS. LILLIAN KAPLAN MISS CATHERINE MORNING MISS SUSAN TERESKI MRS. CYNTHIA O’NEAL MR. PETER RUBAS MR. EDWARD POSNERTECHNICAL MR. JOHN PETROZZINO CHAIRMAN MR. MICHAEL MAGISTRO MR. ALBERT TARLER MR. DAVID ROBERTSONMR. EDWARD CIURCZAK MR. ALAN BARNUSKI MR. JAMES BAYARD MR. PAUL DECKER MR. JOHN ARDITO 46SUBSTITUTES MR. ROBERT KROLIN MRS. LILLIAN HEIMBERG MR. JOHN PALUMBO MR. GONZALO VELEZSOCIAL WORKERS MR. VELEZ-LOPEZ MR SCALAMIERI MRS. CONNIE WHITESECURITY GUARDS CAFETERIA STAFF SCHOOL AIDES 50 CUSTODIANSREFLECTIONS A school is a meeting place of minds. Young and immature minds begin to advance in the various areas of learning under the guidance of teachers. These teachers devote the majority of their time to enriching the minds of East Side High School students and the Class of 1975 feels they have achieved their goal. It is to these teachers, as well as to the administrators, guidance personnel, and staff that we owe a debt of gratitude.FOOTBALL56 Graves, safetyIt takes a great deal of courage for an athletic team to rebound from a disastrous start. The 1974 East Side football team did just that. Coach Notte's men, plagued with early season losses, came roaring back and displayed the fighting spirit of past football teams. They never gave up and for that they will be remembered.CROSS COUNTRYEast Side’s 1974 Cross Country team, led by Manny Cordeiro and John Uzarski, and coached by Mr. Leonard Chill, scored a number of impressive victories. In a sport which brings out few crowds, the East Side harriers ran for glory and truly gave a splendid accounting of themselves.SOCCER Excellence is a goal of all sports teams. The 1974 East Side soccer team achieved that goal. Mr. Duggan’s team again won the city championship and compiled an impressive record. Displaying exceptional ability, the boys carried on the tradition of outstanding East Side soccer teams. Congratulations. Seniors Costa |aggassar Perez Barreiro de Almeida ErezumaHOCKEY Coached by Mr. Steve Leonardis, the hockey team did well in conference play. Despite the fact that hockey is a relatively new sport at East Side, our boys held their own against more experienced competition. FENCING Mr. Stan Salagaj’s Fencing Team continued the winning tradition of East Side teams by winning the city championship. Displaying skill and determination, the fencers enjoyed an outstanding season. BOWLING 65 COACH MISS JOSEPHINE GOODEBASKETBALL A “pleasant surprise" is the way to describe this year’s basketball team. Graduation losses of starters and a new coach could have made this a “transitional” year. But under coach Peter Rubas, the team jelled from the start and began to compile a truly fine record. The result was a third place finish in the always tough City League. VARSITY COACH-MR. RUBASTRACKJIM PAGNOTTA-CAPT. BOB CHENCHARIK EDMUND LOPES TONY HODULICH Splashing to their fourth consecutive city championship, the swimming team, coached by Mr. Larry Markowitz, achieved an outstanding record. Brilliant individual performances were combined with team balance for success. SWIMMING TEAMWRESTLING Wrestling at East Side has quickly become one of the most popular sports in school. This year’s team, coached by Mr. Cardoso, can be called nothing short of sensational. Through training and conditioning, the wrestlers fashioned an outstanding record, one of the finest records in the state. Our congratulations go to the team. CARY PALLITTO Captain Varsity Wrestling TeamCARLOS MARQUES RICKIE SUAREZ KEVIN O’NEILL ANTHONY KNIGHT |.V. Wrestling Team DOMINICK PIEGARO WILLIE RAMOSTENNIS East Side’s Tennis Team produced a city championship and a 14-2 overall record. Coach Charles Fisher’s players combined skill, aggressiveness, and discipline to produce an outstanding season. JOSE BECERRAGOLF The outstanding success of the Golf Team, coached by Mr. John Petrozzino, can be attributed to dedication and hard work. The season was a highly successful one. Congratulations. [F.SIJS SILVA BARRY MATTERN JOSEPH BARTIROMOAUDREY COBB DEBORAH FRANKLIN DANAY PRICE SHARON MATHEWS NOVEMBER GATSON Under the direction of Miss Josephine Goode, the Girls’ Track Team competed against formidable opposition. The girls brought credit to themselves and to East Side by their performance. 74JOHN DUTCH WILLIAM CRUZ OUTDOOR TRACK Coach Chill’s Outdoor Track Team adopted a never-say-die attitude early in the season. Although overall team success was not as frequent as was hoped for. the trackmen gave 100% effort in all of their meets.BASEBALL The crack of the bat signaled the start of another baseball season. Coach Jim Queli’s players started with high hopes for success. They hit. ran. fielded, and pitched extremely well. We are proud of their efforts. WILFREDO TIRADO JOE FALZONERONALD QUACQUARINI REFLECTIONS Being a good sport is sometimes more difficult than being good at sports. East Side’s athletes have tried their best to uphold the tradition of good sportsmanship. The Class of 1975 salutes the teams and their coaches for maintaining this tradition. 77 ... . 35ufr • c« ' '. yj‘t: m" MjA'. %s£' ' .■' 'i';-PiF'. tt ■'$ }£££ M : : -'?■( A i . i£j§§2 •• §W f 3-Tjj ■ • v ; , ? -M . - .SkV-( ' S.'.'vVv W »;'- ... ' ’ V J s:? ':. ■- i J 'WflSagtv ,.'t:MR. LEONARD CHILL SENIOR CLASS ADVISOR Them just aren't enough words to describe what we want to say about Mr. Chill. His easygoing personality has made him easy to talk to. And many of us have had the opportunity to find out that he truly listens. The interest he has displayed in our class also shines through in his teaching. A number of us have enjoyed discovering this in his IR class. He has been the Senior Class’s source of energy in all of our sales and in our activities these past two years. His enthusiasm has caused us to take pride in the "Class of 75”. Through his determined efforts we have grown, matured, and, most importantly, we have learned. We want to say, THANKS". The Class of 1975055 ntor sKTotneroom flitter - 10Z 3ftt'5. rance.s SroffacR - loG 3ftiss.£vnia Jsuntet-izi vQfttr. JoKtvS auta -220 3ft?5.-Xt£fiatv o(‘i)eirt-5oz 3ft tss (Tgnff la ©71 e d-zio 3ftis5 3aeqtteCine!3mnc£-2 3ft t; Surfer ascwmsr i - 220 3ft t 5 7ft at ion 3ft at wavs 0 -525 3ftr. Shelter 3Wa|omslii 5.8 3ftt .3ajse-pfi (ticcone -5 5 3ftr.3fti5%C Tftiseustocl- Qbictfy xrtitudz ffaj turp GM4U tcLTLCJl, OMd 'ANGEL L. ACEVEDO Angciito Business Adminislrotor |ESUS ACHONG Lawyer MARIA E. ACOSTA Mary Secretary ARNOLD H. ALMAGUER Architect JOSEPHINE ANEIROS AUGUSTIN M. ALVAREZ Augie Own Business HILDA ARKS MARIE E. AMARAL Commercial Artist OLGA ARESDAVID K. ARMSTRONG Cowboy Social Worker MADELINE ASENCIO Candy Fashion Model JANET M. BALADO Jan Medical Pathologist LUCIA C. AYALALUIS M. BARROS Louie Electrical Engineer JOSEPH G. BARTIROMO joe B Automotive Engineer CARMEN BAUGH Optometry SONIA M. BONILLA CHERRI A. BOSWELL Tippy Airline Stewardess KAREN T. BOUTILETTE Bout College ANTHONY M. BRANCO Teddy AccountantGRACE MARIA BRANCO Secretary KIMBERLY BROWN ANGEL RICKY BURGOS Hicky Artist WHAT A YEAR! ANDRES B. BUCETA Electrician RICHARD R. BYRNECHRISTOPHER P. CANZIUS Teacher MARIA A. CABRAL HAROLD ). CALDWELL Hawk Pro Football MICHELE CAPONF.GRO AMARILIS CAJIDE Amaritzas Teacher DAVE J. CAMPOS RITA CAPRAANATOLIO U. CARENIC) ROBERT J. CARRASCA Aeronautical Engineer GWENDOLYN A. CARMICHAEL Secretary JESSE J. CASTELLANOS Neaks MARIA L. CASTANHEIRA Lulu Secretary THOMAS CARBERRY Tom Accountant CARMEN CARLOS Pretzel Physical Ed. TeacherAUDREY M. COBB Dizzy Journalist ROSA M. CHIJVA SecretoryLUIGI COLALUCA FRANK J. CORAN Computer Programmer Cramph Run my own company. ANA T. CORBACHO Corbach Teacher GLADYS E. CORDERO MANUEL COSTA DetectiveDAISY C. CRUZ Chachy Flight Attendant WILLIAM CRUZ Cruising Disc Jockey KAREN CUOZZO Bookkeeper £22 I.UZ E. CRUZ Lucy la loca Professional Model MARIA H. CRUZ Secretary JOSE L. CUNHA Charlie Engineer JOHN S. CUCO MusicianISABEL M. DAMASIO Isabclinha Psychiatrist MICHAEL D ANTICO Tico Broadcasting SUSAN M. DANTE Suzy Psychologist DANIEL DA SILVA Danny Successful Businessman MARIA O. DA SILVA Dina Secretary VICKI D. DANTE Kooglcs Medical Field DINIS DA SILVA 95JOSEPH M. DE CARVALHO Joe F.B.l. Agent SONIA DE CARVALHO PlumlM!r's Wife JOHN H. DE CABO Musician CLEMINTINA DEGIDIO Mindy Executive Secretary PHYLLIS D EGIDIO Beautician The distance on life’s journey is measured not so much by the number of leaves torn from the calendar as by the lives touched for good. MARIA F. DE JESUS Fatima SecretaryDAVE DELLISANTI Rip-off RICHARD J. DEO AMALIA I)E OLIVEIRA M alita Secretary LOUIS P. DE SANTE MICHAEL A. DESMOND CollegeMARIA H. DOMINGUES CHRISTINE M. DONATO JOSE L. DOPAZO Uruffuayo Business Mon ROSA DO COUTO Roe Secretary JANET G. DIAZ Medicine i CARMEN DOMINGUEZ Carmina SecretaryDIANE DYMNIOSK! Di Accountant MARIA H. DOS SANTOS Bookkeeper GALO F. EREZUMA Gallo Wine Electrician DAVID J. ECKERT NONA ELEYMARIA I. ESTEVES Court Stenographer MARIA GORETTI FAGUNDO G. Secretary IDOMINIA |. FALORCA Mini JOSEPH R. FALZONE THOMAS R. FARBANIC Superstar Physical Ed Teacher Tommy Truck Driver MARIA ELISA FARINA Mcirisa Public Relations JOSE S. FAUSTINO Joe Electrical Engineer LINDA FERNANDEZ Chic a Accountant MARIA A. FERNANDES NurseDENISE A. FERRARELLI Nurse MARIA L. FERNANDEZ Secretary MARIO R. FERRER Pilot JOSEPH W. FERRARA Joe VITO D. FERRERA Pilot DANA L. FIELDS Dane Sociologist JACK G. FIGUEIRA Lawyer CARMELO FIGUEROA MeJo Physical Ed. Teacher DAVID B. FISHER Blaise DealerGARY K. FITZGERALD Fitz Electronic Engineer |OSE FONSECA DEBORAH M. FRANKLIN Joe Auto MechanicANGEL L. GARCIA Marines MARIA L. GAFANHAO Legal Secretary NOVEMBER GATSON Surgeon Nurse HERMINIA GARCIA Mina Lawyer ELIZABETH GARCIA Liz Legal Secretary 104 LORELEI A. GENTILE Q. SecretaryLINDA M. GUINTA Special Education Tcache- MARILYN V. GIORDANO Marilyn Hoc Interior Decorator BOBBY GOINES RICHARD A. GIORDANO EILEEN GOLDEN Decorator DENNIS GOMES Godfather To join Mafia. 105JANICE GREEN MICHAEL GREEN Iceberg College FERNANDO GOMEZMAICAS Telephone Lineman BENNIE JOE GRAVES Joey-K.C. Pro Football ROGERIO J. GUARDA Roger Millionaire HORTENSIA GONZALEZ Secretary WILLIAM A. GOSHA Air Conditioning and Refrigeration JORGE M. GOMES MARIA CARMEN GOMEZ Mari-Carmen MedicineDAVID R. GUGLIETTI Goog Businessman GRICEL HERNANDEZ Psychiatrist VICKY HILL Ikky College DAVID A. GUZIEJEWSKI Marines JOSE A. HERNANDEZ Football Player DEBORAH HARDY Secretary ROBERT HEYECK Bob Psychologist ANTHONY HODULICH TonyRUDY V. JAGGASSAR HALINA K. JAROSZ Secretary BARRY HUNTROSEMARIE I.ABATO ELLEN A. JOYCE Court Stenographer THOMAS C. JOSKO Tommy NANCY A. JUCHEM Teacher DONNA M. KLOSOYVSKI Flight Attendant FRED KAZOUN Kay. Air Conditioning and Refrig. ANTHONY KNIGHT Killer Pro FootballSAL LA CRASSO Pro Football JOSEPHINE D. LAGO Jo Legal Secretary ARTHUR A. LEWIS Lew Dentist Let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing. no DEBORAH L. LESTER Music Teacher SHARON D. LOCKERY EDMUND S. LOPES Ed Marine CorpsDOROTA ZOFIA LORENC Doily Secretary Therefore, put forth the best mental effort of which you are capable, work as hard as you can—if to learn is labor to you rather than a pleasure—do all you can to accomplish something, and do not let it seem that you have failed in doing your part when I have furnished everything for you. LUCJA J. LORENC DEBORAH A. LUKAWSKI Secretary Debbie Work with children. PAUL F. LUPO ANNETTE MARANO net Beautician VINCENT T. MARASCO Wheels President of U.S.MARIA I. MARCEI.INO CARLOS A. MARQUES Doc Fireman RAFAEL MARRERO Mechanic CARL MARTIN Lawyer VINCENT J. MARTINELLI College CARIDAD F. MARTINEZ Cary I leip Disabled EUGENIO MARTINEZ Computer Engineering ISRAEL MARTINEZ LawyerJOSE FRANCISCO MARTINEZ Gallego Airplane Mechanic MANUEL MARTINEZ Romeo Electrician MARIA MARTINEZ Secretary BARRY A. MATTERN Chemical Engineer PILAR M. MAZA DENISE S. MARTINS LUIS F. MATOS Hookey Player Plane Mechanic SHARON MATTHEWSPATRICIA E. MCNABOE Nurse IDALINA COUTO MEDEIROS Secretary ANTONIO C. MEDEIROS Tony Mechanic MILAGROS MEIJAS ALEIDA MEIJAS MARIO G. MEDINA Chach Athlete or BustJINGLE BELL ROCK 1974 DIANE M. MILLER Di Legal Secretary MODESTO MIRANDA ELAINE MOLINA Legal Secretary ISABEL C. MENDES Secretary CESAR A. MENDEZ Mechanic GARY J. MENTZEL Big Gar Sales ManagementCLAIRE A. MONTAGUE Stewardess AGENOR MONTEIRO SHIRLEY MOODY Miss Moody Tootie Actress EVELYN F. MORALES JORGE M MOREIRA MICHAEL T. MORGAN NavyWILLIAM J. NAPOLI Gear's Insurance LAURA S. NASTA Lor Dental Hygiene ADELINO S. NEVES Linilo Engineer DOROTHY A. OEXMANN Chubby Interior Decorator MARIA L. OLIVEIRA Mary Lou Nursing KEVIN R. O’NEILL President JOHN H. OGIN Slate Police BARRY J. OLIVER Air Force CARLOS OLIVEIRA Carl College STEVEN F. OLSHEFSKIMARIA N. PAIVA JAMES P. PAGNOTTA )im Male Nurse EDWARD G. ORTH Big Ed Accountant GARY A. PALLITTO G.P. Physical Ed. Teacher CONNIE A. PAOLELLA Chet Hairstylist ANTOINETTE PARTESI SecretaryMANUEL J. PEREIRA CAROLE L. PERDON JOE PEREIRA Doe-Doe Speciul Ed. Teacher Mechanic MARIA ODINA PEREIRA Dina Teacher MARY I. PEREIRA ACRIPINA PEREZ Bi-lingual Secretary ANDRES PEREZ BENNY PEREZ El Cubono Professional Baseball FAUSTINO PEREZ Tino ElectricianMANUAL A. PEREZ Manny Medicine GRISEL PEREZ Griz Pediatrician LOIS PETRUZZI DOMINICK J. PIEGARO Hock Lawyer MARIA C. PIMENTAL ROSA PINTO Secretary JOSEPHINE M. PETOLINO IOSEPH V. PIEGARO joe Psychologist THOMAS M. PIONTEKTHOMAS P. POPOLA DANAY PRICE Denny Dental Assistant ANA M. QUINONES Anita Lawyer DELIA J. PORRINO ANGELO PUENTE EVELYN QUINONES Accountant PATRICIA L. PRETKO Patty Special Ed. Teacher RONNIE JOHN QUACQUARINI Professional BaseballANABELA R. RAFAEL Bclinha HELEN M. RAPOSO Lena Translator MARIA REVERENDO Beautician LORRAINE RAMIREZ Physical Therapist JOHN RAWA A Bum ILIANA REYES lllie Stewardess ANGELA REBELLO Ang Secretary CARMEN AURORA RIVERA Coc MillionaireJOSEPH J. RIVERA NAYDA T. RIVERA DELLANORA ROBINSON Private Secretary Della Nurse (H.N.-B.S.) RAUL P. ROCHA Accountant MANUEL P. RODAS Radas Electronics MARIA G. RODRIGUES Gloria Secretary MIGUEL A. ROSADO Pucho To succeed in life JULIO V. RODRIGUES Ju Business Management ADELA RUBIO MedicineDONNA MARIE RUE ELIAS J. RUELA Naluro Boy Conservation Officer DOYLE C. SANCHO Big “D" TeacherJUDITH ANN SANTOS Judy To love and be loved JAMES L. SAUNDERS Moony Travel HENRY J. SCHMIDT Hank Mechanic MARIA C. SANTOS Stewardess MAUI A SANTOS Edite Secretary PATRICK J. SCARPEU.I DONNA A. SCHMIDT Don SecretaryROBERT M. SELECKY DENISE L. SCOTT College ELIZABETH SERRA Kookic Stewardess JOSE H. SERRANO Computer Science MARY SIGNAL Teacher ALFREDO J. SILVA Big AI College JESUS C. SILVA Illustrator BRUNO D. SILVESTRIMANUEL T. SOARES Hondo C.P.A. PAUL J. SOARES Apollo P i. D. in Math ANTHONY L. SPEZIALE JAMES M. STEWART Machinist HECTOR L. SOTO Aviation JOSEPH M. SOKALSKI Dino Attack Dor Trainer GLORIA SOUSA Clor VeterinarianRICHARD SUAREZ HALINA D. SUDOL Ricky Green EJ. Technician Helen College IRENE M. SUSZYNSKI Rene Data Processing ANTONIETTE A. SUTERA MIRIAM TARFFE Annette Wife-Mother Miry Secretary SUSAN M. TEIXEIRA Bilingual Teacher PAULA E. THORNE Mouth Airline Stewardess WII.FREDO TIRADO The Pimp Pro BasehafIMIGDALIA TORRES Bilingual Teacher MICHELE M. TRAJICK Mish ANTHONY J. TREMARCO Law Enforcement MICHAEL C. TRIZNA Mike College JOHN R. UZARSKI J.U. Photographer ANGELA M. VAZ Angie Beautician FRANCISCO VAZQUEZ MARI BEL VELEZ THERESA VELEZGAIL GRACE VERDI College HILDA L. VIDAL Lurdy Spanish Teacher LUIS M. VIDINHA TOMMY G. VIDAL MARIA A. VIEIRA ANA VIOLA NTE ROSEMARY VIDAL Airport Hostess JOHN C. VIEIRA Nene Mechanics ANNE N. VITOLOED D. WACI ITER Wock Aircraft Mechanic THOMAS E. WARREN Spaed Pro Football DOREEN WEISSMAN Duce Data Processing CATHERINE WILLIAMS Dimples Professional Model JAVONDA C. WILLIAMS Strawberry Nurse NO PICTURE GREGORY CAPONEGRO WILLIAM KERSTING ELAINE NAJMOWSKI PETER K. OSTAG ROSANGELA PEREIRA 132 I.ARINDA A. WILLIAMS LARRY L. WILLIAMS Larenso Construction WorkerANDREW ZIELINSKI WACLAWA ZYJEWSKA Margrct Pharmacist RAYMOND K. WINKLER CYNTHIA P. WRIGHT DANIEL J. WILLIS Reflections JOSEPH M. ZACHERY DEBORAH A. WILSON Deb Secretary Now that we have arrived at this point in our lives, we ask ourselves, "What have we accomplished?" The answer returns, "Only what you have wanted to accomplish."Senior Class Officers GLORIA SOUSA-SEC. Junior Year Officers—73-74 MARIA ESTKVES—PRES. PAULA THORNE-TREAS. CINDY PEDRA-V.P. 134 Student Council A. FERNANDES. ANNE VITOLO. N. SHAPINSKI. MRS. WHITE-ADVISOR.). BAGDONOVICIUS. LUIGI COLA-I.UCA. JIM PAGNOTTA—PRES.•'I 1 m .s'v.. • v '■'■rtf 0 •: v. r Xr ' 'W'”' • X • ' EBgf M-: • CHEERLEADERS MISS TERRY GNOZA ADVISOR-CHEERLEADERS COLORGUARD-TWIRLERS CHERRI BOSWELL LARINDA WILLIAMS AUDREY COBB—CAPTAIN JAVONDA WILLIAMS -CO-CAPTAINCOLORGUARDTWIRLERS LOIS PETRIJ7.ZI—CAPTAIN MARIA PAIVA DEBBIE FRANKLIN 138 SUSAN DANTE ISABEL DAMASIOAnnouncer Staff Portuguese Club French Club Aspira ClubMarching Band Orchestra Top Twenty Dance Band Senior Play Raul Rocha Rose Vidal Debbie Lester Josephine Lago Diane Dymnioski Barry Mattern Gloria Sousa Michael Trizna Maria Reverendo Adelino Neves Cindy Pedra Michael Trajick Ana Pedroso Maria Dejesus Judy Santos Dominick Piegaro Diane Miller Aleida Mejias Linda Fernandez Susan Dante 141Editor-in-chief Diane Dymnioski Staff Business Editor Ana Corbacho Layout Editor Manny Soares Photography Editor Jose Becerra Typing Editor Cindy Pedra Susan Rygiel Tina Pecora Maria Esteves Valerie das Neves John Ogin Linda Fernandes Diane Miller Judy Santos Patty Pretko Diane Dymnioski The publication of a yearbook requires the concerted efforts of many people. I gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the following: the entire yearbook staff, for hard work and dedication; Miss Shirley of Lorstan-Thomas and Mr. Roy Innocenti of Paragon Publishers, for professional services; the East Side faculty, for patience and understanding. My special thanks go to Susan Rygiel. Diane Dymnioski, Ana Corbacho. Cindy Pedra. Manny Soares, and Jose Becerra, without whom this book would not have been published. 142 Adam StanislawczykOUR ADVERTISERS Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1975 "The Greatest” | From the Class Officers: Maria-Pres. Cindy-V;P. Gloria—Sec. Paulo—Treas. 12011 9m .A7+7 3foritO0 Restaurant "ThC CBSK’.ce or the Spanish CUMINS’ A7 rrnnv btrcct Newark, n. j. o?iOO BUCCINE BROS. SUNOCO 69 WILSON AVE. NEWARK. N.J. 589-9437 07105 m UMNb OCLIVCftV FRANK’S CLEMEHS AU WOAK DON ON PSfMISrs ONE HOUR SI.HV U lit KM r«in HfwAWK N J 07 0 To Debbie Wilson and Class of ’75 LOT’S OF LUCK Mom. Dad Michelle Gene TELEPHONE 589-0618 A BATH CUSTOM SHOP FABRICS SLIP COVERS • DRAPES • BEDSPREADS • KRtiruI-VNAl TCCOMT.NO Ov' KC.U»» 177 Ft r STRICT URNIt ZOHN NIWAir N. J. 0710 JOANIE’S MUSIC STUDIO JOANIE’S BAND FOR ALL OCCASIONS 89 WILSON AVE. NEWARK. N.J. 07105 589-8639 m mmh MICHELLE BRIDAL SHOP B JJ. RiJ. VLJ XU J c— 11 nlM AI(«N »A«N MARCZAK FLORIST’S INC. 201 FERRY ST. 344-1325 NEWARK. N.J. 07105 MINUET MUSIC •CCOMM • NAOihig BriOiciaAB INST WSICAlO • «AO N - T.v. TOPAO SCO « TAAK CAR’«'S3H 7 H«» K'RUf Sum MC«M K. N. j. 071 OS 34«ni1 BYK’S Finest in Food Caterers-Supermarket 99 Pulaski St. Newark, N.J. San Agustin PANAOERIA Y OULCCRIA ttrcci«iiOAD in burrtr paba booa» f IOTAS Y B4UTI20 • I fTRNV •TAUT NEWARK N. J 07 10 T l 44-»S « 589-3888 DENISE DELL Style Director VIVIAN’S Ultimate One MON.-TUE.-FRI. 9 a.m.-5 p.m. 145 FERRY ST. Newark. N.J. THUR. 9 a.m.-8 p.m. SAT. 8 a.m.-5 p.m. WED. MEN: by app. ALEX’S SPORTSWEAR 208 FERRY STREET BEST WISHES TO MARIA ESTEVES AND THE CLASS OF 1975Congratulations and Best Wishes to Maria Isabel Marcelino and the Class of 1975 ALATI AGENCY Your Independent Insurance Agent Serves yon First FINNEY J. ALATI 222 LAFAYETTE STREET NEWARK. NEW JERSEY 07105 589-2406Phone 589-2920 75 Good Luck 75 The Gentleman’s Shop to Iliana, Diane Linda QUALITY MEN’S WEAR From 104 Ferry St., cor. Jefferson Newark. N.J. ANTONIO SANTOS ROY TAVEIRA LISBON 70 Love, Eddie, Marie Michael IMPORTERS DISTRIBUTORS SPANISH PORTUGUESE PRODUCTS 344.5172 AMPLE PARKING" Corte Co. 'j h iesa Spanish Portuguese Sausage MARIO TEIXEIRA. JR. Importers of Portuguese Food Products FUNERAL OIRECTOR 201-653-7246 417 Hoboken Ave., Jersey City. N.J. 07105 426 LAFAYETTE STREET NEWARK. N J. 07105 344-9608 Phone 344-5826 Jenny’s Shop CHILDREN’S and LADIES’ WEAR V. CAPONEGRO SONS TRUCKMAN - Land - Air - Sea Regina Cunha—Prop. 140 FERRY STREET NEWARK. N.J. 07105 147 Malvern Street Newark, N. J. 344-9720 To Diane Miller Class Of '75 Michael’s God Bless You All May Your Dreams Come True Hair Styling for Mon Love And Success 289 Lafayette Street Mom And Dad Nicholas DePrimio "Our Alma Mater” 1932344-8253 Libby’s FASHION’S Junior Slacks Tops 154 FERRY STREET NEWARK, N.J. 07105 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the “GREATEST” HOMEROOM 102! With love, Mrs. Marie L. Ritter 589-3931 589-3932 McCarter meat center Catering to the Retail Customer SUPPLIERS For Restaurants Home Freezers BERNARD KROLL 148 Wilson Avenue Newark. N.J. 07105 ATLAS-Driving School 589-6981 FREE DOOR TO DOOR SERVICE Lessons In Port uguese-English—Spanish 68 Monroe St. Italian-Greek—Polish Newark. N.j. 07105 344-2601 Congratulations Class of ’75 Electric Casting Corporation 70 Penn. Ave. Kearny. N.J. .™-9073 pat buffardi Diamonds—Jewelry—Watches Watch Jewelry Repair 186 Jefferson St. Newark. N.J 07105 589-1565 Luis Pereira. Prop. 40 Wilson Avenue Newark. N.J. 07105 Estrela Photography Studio Wedding, Party and Passport Pictures 483-9611 Free Delivery Thur.-SaL Danny’s Pizzeria Watch your pies being made Italian and American Sandwiches Daniel Serratelli. Prop. 741 Harrison Ave. Harrison. N.J. 589 1855 589-9587 The Hunter's Club Bar-Restaurant “Where Good Friends Meet” 51 St. Francis St. Newark. New Jersey 589-5224 A. Alves. Proprietor GALINHEIRO Shorty's Poultry Market 52 Madison St. Newark. New Jersey 07105 344-7075 344-7272 Orgo Flower Shop, Inc. 141 Ferry Street Newark. N.J. 07105 344-9667 By Appointments Top Secret Coieffeir Complete Hair Service 175 Ferry St. Men Women Newark. N.J. 07105 GOOD LUCK SENIORS! Remember us always the COLORGUARD of 74-75 Anne Vitolo-Capt. Cindy Pedra-Co Capt. Kathy Crosta Cathy Williams Leslie Lima Bernadette Partyka Pam Rodriguez Carolyn Mara no 41»I SltuiCcx.q i t CO»T» caitlll »NO Mlltt ••4 rennv tracer N j. or»ot Best Wishes to the Class of 1975 Dr. K.C. Zaorski l’AUL'8 UOMK KL HN18HIN08 CO.. UtC. Ill 121 N». Y«4 .Wi Stw Pfco«w, U - 544 O.M.HO MOOWS • Al« COBIO TlOKIM • LI VI MO »00- • • • • IOMOOMI • tUCHINII • dincttu • colo« tv • HANOI • STCHCO CAJIFITiNO Til - UNOLIUN miu»k» r CL cv»tom rr: rTVB« l-OMIKICK FACT CH1WT AHCAMOSK 344-2123 Free Delivery 589 3340 DUGOUT PIZZERIA Italian Sandwiches—Meals J. D’Ascoli 362 Lafayette St. Newark. N.J. 07105 "•» eooc L. ALVA nr 7 IUMM c Bu until olfu;l Uut t U« . RCNTAlt AO0» »0 W CHHCg C iCuu»OM 127 rtmmt tTHIT ft'AUONIMV NCWAMN N A 589-3333 "Okie World Desserts” A1 Nasto Sales Manager Nasto’s Ice Cream Company 236-40 Jefferson St. Newark. N.J. 07105 If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far awav. Walden Edward J. CiurczakEAST SIDE PHARMACY Good Luck Graduates, Especially John Dutch Pulaski St. corner Elm Rd. Phone 589-8011 Newark. New Jersey 07105 Hallmark CardS COSMETICS GIFTS The Young Girls Fashion Store PLAY GIRL BOUTIQUE Up to Date Styles at Low Cost COME IN! 120 Ferry St. LOOK AROUND! Newark. N.J. Pho. 344-0069 ------------------------------ ------------------------------ SANTORO LUMBER COMPANY “Just Lumbering Along” 99 Madison Street Newark. N.J. PHONE 589-2729 344-9000 OLSHIN’S PHARMACY largest Drug Store in Newark Established 1907 Lafayette St. corner Congress St. Open 7 days a week holidays from 8:30 A.M. to 11 P.M. Newark. New Jersey Wholesale Prices on Kodak Film and Cameras Agency for Russel Stover CandyGood Luck to Diane, Iliana and Linda Love. Hilda and Jose A. JORUAT, JOYERO 100 Ferry St. hk i8K Newark, N.J. Especialidadrs En Anillos De High School Tel. 589-4054 Best of Luck Class of 75 Sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N Maccia Class of '63 589-4959 589-9551 Spanish Tavern Inc. Bar Restaurant—Spanish Food 104 McWhorter street NEWARK. NEW JERSEY 07105 Joe “Cop" Loretta "Princess” THE CULLEN’S Jimmy “Boy” Kathleen "Chick” Compliments to Diane and the Class of ’75 Uncle John Aunt Alice Love. The Valickas Family Joyce Chris Good Luck CLASS of 1975 Rocky Pacheco El Chico’s Meat Market Fresh Meat. Fruits and Vegetables 154 Green St. Newark. N.J. Tel. 589-3207 D’ALLEGRO’S Public Service Pharmacy 252 WALNUT ST., cor. Jefferson St. NEWARK, N.J. Phone 344-8663 344-9848 145 Wilson Ave. Wholesale Newark. N.J. 07105 World Dist. Inc. BUYERS SELLERS OF BANKRUPT Retail Promotional Salvage Merchandise-Merchandise Broker MRS. MARKOWITZ Thanks for being around when we needed you most. "Ain't Nobody Like You" Ha! Ha! Love, Diane, Illie and Linda FERNANDO MARTINS. Prop. 589-2755 Freddy’s Service Station. Inc. 159-61 Wilson Ave., Cor. Barbara St. Newark, L.J. 07105 589-2435 FREE DELIVERY 589-2436 UNION POULTRY CO., INC. Fresh Poultry Killed Daily-Visit Our Cut Up Department 105-107 Union Street Newark. N.J. 07105 Tel. 589-5339 Aleman Shop Telas por Yardas—Puntas y Rctazos Siemprc Vendiendo Barato 175 Ferry St. Newark. N.J. 344-5422 99 Ferry Street Arcos Agency Inc. MARIA DANTAS FAZENDEIRO Newark. N.J. 07105 To my sister Diane and her Class of ’75 Success and love in the years to come! Elaine, Frankie, MaryBeth and PaulFONSECA BRITO HARDWARE Paints—Plumbing-Tools-Hardwares and Electrical Supplies 95 FERRY ST. NEWARK. N.J. 07105 Phone: 589-7146 Lisbon-Madrid Restaurant 325 Lafayette St.-Newark. N.J. 07105 TEL. 589-9882 NEW YORK AIRWAYS HELICOPTER SERVICE Frequent 30 Passenger Flights from Newark to: La Guardia—Kennedy—Wall Street— Morristown A. Joffer—Driving School "We Specialize in Teaching Nervous People" Special Rates for Young People 589-0833 From 8:30 A.M. to 8:30 P.M. HONESTY 1H4 Ferry St. Newark, N.J. C L CHARBROIL Congratulations Class of 75 204 Ferry St. Newark, N.J. 389-4945 a • wrnmrr ■ m GEORGE JORGES 40 FERRY STREET NEWARK. N. J. 07 103 ( 20 I ) 344 -4391 {P dxo J3nniUz v’l t T — or MEMBER MEMBER GENERAL INSURANCE ' NOTARY PUBLIC ENGLISH a SPANISH TRANSLATIONS • INCOME TAX 181 VAN BUREN STREET NEWARK. N. J. 07 103 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ’75 From The POLISH FALCON Mr. CymsPhone 589-9348 for FREE DELIVERY 4 Z’S PIZZERIA and SUB SHOP 381 Walnut St. Newark, New jersey BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1975! COOPER SPORTSWEAR MFG. CO., INC. 720 FRELINGHUYSEN AVENUE NEWARK, N.J. 07114 TEL. 344-7939 FRESH FISH DAILY Popular Fish Market RESTAURANTS AND HOTELS SUPPLIED COMPLETE LINE OF IMPORTS REBELO. ASCENSAO RODRIGUES. PROPS. 129 FERRY STREET NEWARK. N. J. 07103 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATING CLASS OF 75 EAST WARD COUNCILMAN—Henry MartinezPhone 201-589 4»4» "La Canastilla” ESPECIALIDAD EN ROPA IMPORTADA DE ESPANA 173 Ferry St. Newark. N.J. 07105 o c »OI • BOO 0300 Soup 'N Sandwich Shop ' Ivm-TM HOWCWMM ' •M rrmmt »t. HCWAM . N. J ovon Senior H.R. 310 Says Farewell to East Side Their Friends. Teacher Mr. Waller Polakowski Olga Arcs Jose Bergcry Amarilis Cajide Bob Chencharik Luigi Coialuca Antonio Da Cost a Joseph DeAmorin Phyllis D'Egidio Rosa OoCouto Maria A. Fernandes Linda Fernandez Maria L. Fernandez Maritza Fucntcs Eugenio Martinez Carlos Margues Antonio Modiros 344-9886 ALL OCCASIONS 4«1-G024 JOAN'S CATERING 180 Elm Street Newark. N.J. Tel. 589-4032 All Your Table Necessities Here POPOLA BROTHERS FOOD MARKET KEYS SLOCKS Door Checks 24 Hours Service Expert Lock Service 589-7970 Key City 387 Chestnut Street Newark. N.J. 07105 Keys To Fit Every Lock Specializing in Auto and Home Locks of Any Kind 125 McWhorter St. Newark. N.J. FALASE PORTUGUES SE 11ABLA ESP INTERNATIONAL FLORIST Flowers For All Occasions ARTHUR PIMENTEL 344-9097 N.J. Americana Travel, Inc. NOTARIO PUBLICO Passagers—Cartas dc Chamada-Procuracoes-Escola de Cidandani Ahilio J. Marques 189 FERRY STREET Ann G. Marques NEWARK. NEW JERSEY 07105NEWARK CAMERA ELECTRONICS INC. Dealer in all Phases of Professional Photo Finishing at Lowest Prices SALES-REPAIRS-RENTALS 89 FERRY STREET NEWARK, NEW JERSEY 07105 Phones: 589-3650 589-5901RALPH A. DE VINO ASSOCIATION AND LADIES AUXILIARY 84 Pulaski St. Newark, N.J. 07105 |. SANTOS. Prop. ROQUE REBELO Restaurant—Tavern AMERICAN. PORTUGUESE AND SPANISH CUISINE SPECIALIZING IN ALL SEA FOOD Hall for Catering. 50-400 people Parties. Weddings. Showers BETWEEN CONGRESS JEFFERSON STS. 90 FERRY STREET Phone NEWARK. N.J. 07105 Rndios—Telcvisorcs—Rofrigcradores—Liiv.idoriis LISBOA Mumbles en torios los Estilos Segundo Fallat Furniture Inc. JOHNNY’S FOOD MARKET 139 Ferrv St. % 589-4978 VIUANI'S SUPER MARKET INC. Hotel—Restaurant—Marine Supplies Prime Meats. Imported Domestic Foods 142 Ferry St. Newark. N.J. 07105 Taystee Spot Soft Ice Cream 167 Ferry St. 344-5403 "American Hardware Stores" CONTINENTAL HARDWARE Bath Tubs—Sinks—Cabinets—Housewares 190 Ferry St.. Nvvk., N.J. Phone: 589-3988 Compliments of Radial CASTING CORP. Bronze-Aluminum—Copper Montcl—Steel—Iron Pattern Makers 15-29 Sherman Ave. East Newark. N.J. Humboldt 5-2009 Congratulations Class of '75 From the Twirlers Petruzzi-Captain. Lusquinos-C.C.. Damasio. Domingues, Dante, Franklin. SanGiacomo—C.C., Franklin. Morton. Paiva. Senatore Good Luck to Class of '75 Frank J. Geraci and Sons Photographers 131 Wilson Ave.. Nwk. N.J. Bona Fortuna Ad Multos Annos Faculty........ Sports......... Seniors........ Activities..... Advertisements INDEX .....■...................12 .........................52 .........................78 ........................135 .........................143 155To Ihc Best of “75" Class of "75" Cindy Joe and Dot 4-3 74 Richie and Cindy 2-1-74 Rev. Ronald R Regula Gloria the Zekc David Galvao—n—Tina Pecora Tom Carberry John Dulchboy Luis Barros Mark Santora-n-Annette Maruno Maria Rcvcrcndo Me. Myself, and I (Arnold) John Cuco Joe Vaz A MaryLou Oliveira 2-8-73 Diane "EIC "Susie" "75" Angel and Phyllis Richard Nardone Dan Santos Ang Rrhello Joe Falzonc Tony and Angie Joe and Neli "75" Best Yet! Agnpina Perez Anon El Al Joe ft Maria 11-24 72 Gruel Perez Mario Ferrer Mr Humberto Perez Patricia Binkowski "1975" Clara Nunes-CLiss of '75 Mr. ft Mrs. John Cafanhao Len Chill You're The Greatest! Best of Luck. Class of "75-Love of Life, that's what you are! Laura Nasta E S H.S. "75" Danny ft Denise Greg ft Judy 8-1-72 John and Ann Mrs Christina Taylor Miss Susan Tereski Green St. Boys Mr. Peter Rubas Mr. K. Alexander Mr. Larry Markowitz Good Luck Class of "75"—From JOE Fernando Almeida Mr. ft Mrs. Fatzone Joseph Da Silva Mr. John Spicer (Class of '68) Marie Rehello Hang len. Photo ham Koala ft Geek '75 Herminia A Armando Cajide The Greatest. H.R. 310 Isabel ft Armando "75" Maria Gafanhao "75" Alcino and Helena Maria Pimentel '75 Manoki-n-Chavcla Edd ft Star Mercy Perez Karen ft Larry Geoqe ft Debbie Eddie De Noia Henry Groh Maria Fernandez Mary Genova To the girls I eat Lunch with. Valeric. David and Daniel To Judy. Love Aunt Antonctte Carusillo Mr. ft Mrs. Carmine D’Egidio Mary Dante Uncle Mike and Aunt Fran Congratulations to Susan Congratulations! From Richie VVojtasiak St. James CYO Sal Di Cicco Michael ft Annette 5-2-74 Anthony and Vicky Aug. 24. 1973 Mr. ft Mrs Mario Pcdra Julie A Cheryl 1-12-73 Pamela D'Amico Wayne Rudinski ft Cheryl San Giacomo To Di. Love Shar 'n Joe Carol Rygiel Dino A Toni Blackberry Brandy Rocky Raccoon The Four Rosas WuJcUk Dennis ft Ana Rabbi Animal David-n-Tina 9-4-74 C Notte Linda Fernandez "75” Big Bad Ed O Sam Boyar John Petrozzino Harry. Dolores ft Dawn Perdon Irene Perdon Lillian Kolbert Patty Prctko "75" John ft Ana 8-31-73 FLivio A. ft Denise M. Oscar A Mendez Se Amaran Siempre Vinnie Pagnotta "78" G. Andnious Mickey Chencharik "72" Eddie Wes Carlos Silva Ralph Paolclla Nancy ft Joe 10-9-70 C ft C Nov. 2. 1973 Walter Polakowski John Gomez Pal Caamano Mary ft Paul Mas Tina Fernandez Al Fischer Nicholas Pucciarcllo Mr ft Mrs Walter Sobka Good Luck Ellen. Love Gene Richie Deo Cesar ft Carmen Mr R Hope it Always Work Out. O K ! Tony Rosa Congratulations Diane D! Irene Truszkowska John ft Sue "71" Granny Grits-E.M. Megaphone Mouth-J.C. Mindy ft Mr. A "Irish" McNaboe "75" Adam Stanisluwczyk Mrs. Elizabeth Cerqueira Mr. Al Rossi Peter Lardicri The Plant Woman The Spic 213 Loretta Catapano Ann Banach Love Ya! Paula Janet ft Someone Special With love. Dawn Carlos and Lena Chris Strycharz Mr. ft Mrs. J. Strack Mrs. Pauline Minetz Jack Msgr John Schamos Michael Durva Mrs. J. Lusquinos Miss Frances Cicalese The Papko Family Mr. ft Mrs G. Tatoris Mrs. Mary Alai Charley and Donna |osephinc ft M.mny To Diane—Love Manny Frank A Diana—Forever Aninhas Eugene S. ft Elba R Spirit of "75" Viva "25 de Abnl" Neli-Class of "75" John ft Natalie 12-31-72 “Big B "-Barry Love and Happiness to Judy Santos Me and My Future. John Viera Terry Cnoza "Advisor" Good Luck to Ihc Class of "75" Class of 75-Loves Miss Gonnclli Love to all-Fun loving Miller Hortensia ft Juan Manuel Linda loves Manny 7-13-74 Best Wohcs to the Class of "75" Ernie Oliveira Me ft My CANON (Jose B.) Wilson Avenue's Second Grade Tony ft Roe John Yannotta—n-Roe Lubdto Albert Ciccone-n-Liz Garcia Walter Sobka A Michele Trajick Big Tut's Produce Market Janice ft Kenny Oexmann Richie. Debbie. Cheryl Sobka Congratulations Ellen. Love Dad Margo Gomez Helen Caamano Alan ft Tcm Mary Paolclla VANG Class of "73" Mr. ft Mrs. Miguel Becerra Richie Greenemeiger A Cathi Nappi Phillis A Jim "75 ft 78" Good Luck Michele Catapano "77" Good Luck Elaine ft Patty-Love Fran Lucia A Ruben 6-14-72 Miguel ft Migdalia '74 Nayda ft Pep 4-1-71 Paul ft Laura Hector quiere a Elda '74.75 ... Cherokee ft Mary "Everlasting Love" Juan Benedetti ft Carole Perdon 1-9-74 Hemiine L McRonald Mr. ft Mrs. G. Perdon Henry. Hat. Hobo ft Harr Woo John Hendler Edward Posner Tommy Josko Margaret Vclardo Ray Kirchbaum Midge ft Sam Rivera Leonard A Rosalie Scara Joe Oliveiri Barbara Malanga Charles Farinella Arthur Hooper Eddie Solamentc Many. Virginia A Kids Boogic-n-Annette 1-9-73 Mr. ft Mrs. Fred Vcrdia Debbie DeVino A. Barbosa Olivia Hagan Mrs. Sprague Art Marano A Family Marie A Frank The Lima Fumily Matt ft Martha Eckert Luis Acosta David Camara Sanford Fleitell Larry-n-Elainc Al-n-LindaMrs. E Barragan Mr. A Mrs. John Uzarski Igor Stephen Lronardis Jackie Nolan Saturday Night's Alright! Best Wishes-Lucille B Miller Flame A |ohn White III Ramon A |anrt Iglesias Shar 'n |oe "72" Mr. A Mrs. Stephen Dymnioski Dave Robertson Micharl Cupo "76" Carolyn R. Alba no Albert Covas Diane. Irene. Susan A Tina "75" Mold My Hand Richie Wojtasiak A Cindy Pedra Angela Rcbello '75 To Sue—Cuz Joe Carlos A Rose Mary Helen A Robert Duck, l.eoch. A Dogman |oc Paolella Robert F. Becerra Blue Orchid-Wolf A Desiree Best Wishes-Cynthia O'Neal We're going to miss the Class of '75. Mr. A Mr . Markowitz White Satin rest in peace. Tony Sanchez Humpty Dombrowski The Pnnce of Poland Inc. Mr. A Mrs. A. Nasta Andrew Zielinski Mr. A Mrs. (juucquarini Julissa Mrs. Nancy Dutch Mr. A Mrs. Thomas Carbcrry A Family Congratulations Di-Mom A Dad Good Luck-Sal Di Cicco l«ove to Cindy-Susan Mr . Antoinette Policastro Cheryl. St. Vincent's Cheerleader Marge DelliSanti Valerie Pizutelli A1 Rcbcllo Lillian Kaplan Linda Hunter |ames C. Mosselle Thresa Groh John Palumbo G Morning fanice Both no Mike Collucci A Pat Lanza Roseann Moreira Gonzalo A Valrz (osephine Jackson joe A Fran Peter A Ann Marie ... always. Marilena Domingues Good Luck. From Frnie. Jackie, and Lisa Ralph A Olga Kdith Shadowitz Ann Wilson Anthony Dante Good Luck Class of '75-Kuy Mary Catena Bobby "leggs" Mr A Mrs Anthony Maresca Alisha King Mathew Masnik Fredy a Goretti Adozinda A Jose '75 Elite Santos-1975 Rita Capra 75 Kevin J. Duggan Angelo Martinelli Robert Ramos Mr. Fionto (Frank A.) Tony De Pullos Sharon-n-Evelio Mr. John Ardito Donna A Johnny- Mike Izidato A Nancy Ziemski Fatima A Samuel Carmine and Augusta Diane Catena '78 Bobby Roselli A Donna Leonardis David DelliSanti A Vicki Lindley Terry Lobo A Tino Domingues Vincent Falzone Joe Damiano A Ann Weekley 74 Marilyn Gonzalez Angie Caainano Mr. Del Guercio Mis Virginia Wright East Cafeteria— Eleanor Fields Anne Deo Anne Belas Carmella Do Franco Tessic Latore Ruby Jones Terry Ragonose Betty Fernandez Claire Olohan Carmella DelliSanti Lena Placitcllu Mary Alvarez Vicki Xavier Carmen Dieguez Jennie Ferguson Anne Konopka Howard Andrew Ritta Wheaton Anthony P. Capua no Larry Ca smano Corisco Power Joe A Patty-Albert A Virginia Gloria A Tony John V. Falzone (Class of ’72) Vincent DaSilva (Class of 74) Mr . Diana Spicer ’67 Lupe Gonzalez Amada Perez Martha A Milton 3-19-74 Mr. A Mr . Joseph Garcia Gu Soares A Pam Wagner Dan Serratelli '70 Good Luck Patty-Donna 78 Petr Cantalupo Juan A Marilyn Rivera Elda guicre a Hector 74.75 ... Connie loves Rudy 6-26-72 ... Oscar Caamono Mr A Mrs. Humberto Perez Mr A Mr . John DaSilva Phil Falzone Jr. '60 Doretta B Johnson Joe Damiano 111-76 Michael Ammiano A Debbie Ogorzat ES.II.S. Explorer Scout Club Angie Launno Dr A Mrs. H.A. Brotman Ann A Sam Pelosc Congratulations Bobby Dogman Barbara A Joseph Byra Cathy Paolella Mrs. Maria Rodriguez Miss Margarida DoVale Miss Mary Anne Wecgc Mr. Frank Peloso Andy A Roe Off. Ray Gonzalez Mr. Walter Afflitto Mrs Anne llaria Larry Caamano Jr. Ms Barbara Swyer Mrs. LiIIi.i rn Hcimbcrg Joe A Debbie 12-28-73 Michael D. A Donna S '72 Joe A Jo-Ann Shooter A Red Say 111! From Mr. A Mrs. A Leech Sal-n-Debbie 3-7-74 Tony A Rosa Marylziu-Spirit of '78 0 povo unido |a mats sera vinado Boldiy G. A Kathy C. Spirit of "78” Ro—Class of '72 Janet Bartiromo Sharon Killian E.S.H.S. Librarians Jimmy A Barbara Pearson Marilyn Fortino "72” The Falling Star-E.C. Helen. Artie. Artie Jr. A Donna |ohn A Dee Fabbricatore Good Luck-Class of '75 Mildred C. Spadone Ruthann. Class of 71 Frank Giantomasi “72" Make it Mother’s Disco—Manny Ruela Pork Chops of '78 Mary Jean Strycharz Uncle Izzy-Love A Success Best to You-Aunt Francis Compliments. Pat A Roger Dry Cleaning-Durva Teta Stella—Best Wishes Stay Happy—Belle Podems JoAnn. Joe. Joey Keselicka Mr. A Mrs. B. Strycharz Cood Luck-Aunt Marcie Cood Luck-Class of ’75. Tom Hoffman Mrs. Margaret Witkus Best of Luck. Aunt Helen Miss LaVrnic Alexander Mrs. Mary Reskow Kathy and Someone Special R.P. A A.P. Love Forever Good Luck J.V. A C.P. Live A lad live—Ana A Jackie You A Md Forever D.D 1 did it my way "Roc" Orlando A Colleen 8-30-74 Class of 76 Love is St range—78 “Lots of Luck. Seniors". Lilia Think before making a decision. 74 “White Satin Lives Etcrnallv" Ceasar A Valerie Good Luck Senior . Sandy Senatore Better than ever. Class of '76 Frank Crisafulli Laura Rygiel Adele Goresh Tony A Adene Fred Kayoun Jr. Anthony Nasta Good Luck Judy. Kathy Thau Make Room for the Class of "76" Susan San Giacomo Joe F. A Deb C. Danny and Angela '73 Andy Regula A Roe da Silva Good Luck Cindy-Mom A Dad Carolyn Marano "77" Donna DelliSanti '76 Wayne A Cheryl 11-4-72 George A Susan "76” Earl A Mane Ritter Michael Eckert A Gail FabbncatoreThis publication of the Class of 1975, East Side High School, Newark. New Jersey, is a book of memories. The Torch contains staff, teachers, classmates, and friends, all of whom have affected and influenced the lives of every member of this class. It contains the places and the scenes which became for us Seniors the familiar settings of our daily activities. We cannot, we will not forget these people, these places, and these activities. The 1975 Torch will help us remember. You con close your eyes to reality but not to memories. 

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