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f r PRESENTED BY THE CLASS OF 1965 EAST SIDE HIGH SCHOOL, NEWARK, NEW JERSEYTABLE OF CONTENTS FOREWORD PAGE 4 THE CLASS OF 1914.PAGE 5 FACULTY PAGE 13 THE CLASS OF 1965.PAGE 27 SENIOR ACTIVITIES...PAGE 97 CLUBS...............PAGE 107 ATHLETICS..PAGE 117 BOOSTERS...PAGE 135 2The world is full of many beautiful and wonderful treasures, but it is also filled with problems. Our years at East Side High School have been no exception. During our four years, there have been problems with which we have had to cope; but. there has always been someone to help us. One person, who is either busily working at his desk or walking around the school helping, we feel should receive recognition for his unselfish acts. This person is one of the finest men we shall ever have the opportunity to meet. Although we may never sec him again, it is to him that we owe tribute for all the times we have had to run to him for help. It is to our principal. Mr. A. Walter Ackerman that we dedicate the 1965 Torch. Mr. A. Walter Ackerman, PrincipalFIRST COM MK.NC: KM ENT EAST SIDE COMMERCIAL AND MANUAL TRAINING HIGH SCHOOL EAST SIDE HTC.H SCHOOL M'DITOKIUM VAN RI REN AND WARWICK STS. TUESDAY EVENING. JUNE 23. 1914 PROGRAM PROCESSIONAL “Marche Militate" SCHUBERT Tannhauser Grand March WAGNER SALUTATORY LILLIAN FUF.RST OUR TRIP TO WASHINGTON Lecturer: LENA RICH Lantern Operators: WETZEL. A. METZGER OCAI. SOLO, “Sine. Smile. Slumber" GOUNOD MARGARET SHAFFERY Violin and Flute Obligato JOSEPH NEUSS THEO. ALLMOSLECHNER DEMONSTRATION IN STENOGRAPHY AND TYPEWRITING Dictator: GEORGE BAUER Transcribers: M. Schomstcin, E. Langfingcr ( LASSGRAPHS Paragraphcr: HYMAN ROTH Illustrator: LINDEN PERRINE Assistant : GEORGE DRAKE ( HORUS “Priests March" MENDELSSOHN THE CLASS PRESENTATION OF CLASS FOR GRADUATION ELI PICKWICK. JR. ADDRESS AND AWARDING OF DIPLOMAS Chas. P. TAYLOR President of the Board of Education CLASS SONG THE CLASS GRADUATES JUNE. 1914 COMMERCIAL COURSE BAUER. GEORGE •MULLER. JOHN F K RP. CLARA •iElGF.RT. YADWEGA LANGFINGER. EMMA ROTH. HYMAN SCHORNSTEIN, MARY GENERAL COURSE BELL. EDNA MEYER. RUTH BROBERG. WALTER M. MONYEK. HERBERT A. cozzii.ineTfrank OLSIINETSKY. CARL COLLINS. S. ELIZABETH RICH. LENA R DRAKE. GEORGE H. PERRINE. LINDEN FITZSIMMONS, MATTHEW RITTER, HELEN FRIEDMAN. JEANETTE SCHMUKLER, RACHEL FUERST. LILLIAN SCHWARTZ. SOPHIA GOEHR ING, MARGARETHE KIEB. RUBY M LASSER, CELIA SHAFFERY, MARGARET METZER. ARTHUR T. VAN PELT, ADELAIDE WE ISM AN, SIMON S. WETZEL. FRANK C. ZIFF. EMMA M » ‘HONOR ROLL FOR TERM In pursuit of the theme, “from 1 to 100." the succeeding pages attempt to relate, in word and picture, the first graduating class and the one hundredth graduating class. To that end, I present. The Class of 1914 and The Class of 1965. George R. Benson, Jr. Yearbook AdvisorThe Clan of June 1914: FRONT ROW: Arthur Metzger. ?, Ruby Kieb, ?, Margaret Goering, Celia Laiser, Margaret Shaffey, Schumckler. Herbert Monyek. 2nd ROW: Elizabeth Collin . ?. Edna Bell, Clara Karp. Yadwega Peigert, Carl Olshnetiky, Emma Ung. Ruth Meyer, I-ena Rich. Frank Wetzel. 3rd ROW: Hyman Roth. George Drake. James Jaiso, Ruth Fucnt, Mary Schormtein, Jeanette Friedman. Sophi Schwartz. George Bauer. Linden Prrrinc. John Mullei BACK ROW: Frank Cozziline, Sidney Weiiman, ?. 2. INTRODUCTION ?his unique section got its start several years ago; a young, blond, sophomore remarked, “Mrs. Matar-azzo, our's will be the 100th graduating class; boy, can we really celebrate.” Then a friend, cleaning out an attic, in preparation for moving, came across a box of dusty, glass plate negatives circa 1912 and passed them on to me. “Thought you might be interested!” After a good deal of thought, 1,000 “Help Wanted" flyers, and some 30 pieces of correspondence, this section, devoted to a verbal and pictural review of the class of 1914 came into being. G.R.B., Jr. The class picture (above) is a copy of the one that hung in "our home room, Mr. Laughton’s, North West comer 1st, floor." 1 1 2 1. Dalton, Adelaide Van Pelt: Utter to Mr Ben»on. Jan. 6, 1965 2. Key to Photo Identification; Mr. Carl Olian. Claw of 1914.Another battered copy was sent by Mr. Carl Olsan (Olsh-nctsky) who was class president in 1914. Die Photo used on page 6 is a photo copy of the 1914 class picture donated to East Side by Mr. John Muller, a graduate of the class of 1914. The remainder of the photographs used in this section arc not authentic pictures of the class of 1914. but are used with the intention of portraying the costumes, homes, furniture, and mode of living of that period. The reader, if curious about the people, places, and events of tho class of 1914, if referred to the East Side Library and the early editions of "The Orient" for authentic pictures. Due to technical circumstances we arc not able to reproduce them here. The Library also supplied the photo of the student body seated in the auditorium (now the cafeteria' and the 1912 Faculty. Several friends of East Side supplied the remainder of the photographs used on these pages and the division pages throughout this edition of the Torch. On November 25th, 1908, a resolution by the chairman of the committee on buildings, grounds, and supplies calling for the construction of East Side High School. 1THE CLASS OF 1914 (Below: 1912 Faculty Photographed in Gym) In September, 1910, a competitive exam for principal was held and Mr. Thomas F. Kennedy was selected from a field of 50 applicants. 1 Mr. Kennedy then selected a faculty, choosing “front a wide field of applicants." The school was organized February 1st, 1911, in the Market Street Annex with all first year pupils. The following April the school moved into the new buildings.” with an enrollment of 450 students coming from all parts of the city. 4 The first mention of the story of the class of 1914 comes with an editorial greeting to the new principal; Mr. Kennedy, having transferred to the newly opened South Side High, Mr. Eli Pickwick. With Mr. Pickwick came a number of changes and the establishment of the precedents for the first graduating class.Plans for a 4-B dramatic program (to raise funds for a class trip to Washington ) and “Senior Recognition Day" were among the new additions.1 On Wednesday, November 12, came “the greatest event in the school's history" Senior Recognition Day; jhe seniors marched in and took scats on the platform, following the reading of letters of congratulations from the city’s high school principals, a program of class messages followed. These messages consisted of poems (written for the occasion) gifts (Guildcd horseshoe, an account book) and a banner in the class colors (Blue and Gold). After the singing of a song(Written by Mr. Pickwick for the program), Carl Olshnetsky, the class president, addressed the student body. The program concluded with school song; the new seniors boldly wore the class colors for the remainder of the day. 1ST. GRADUATING CLASS 1. Editorial. The Orient. Vol. Ill, No. II. p. XVII. 2. Op. Cit. p XVIII. 3. Ibid, p XIX.XX.The story continues with the “Senior Number,” the class having chosen to publish the Orient to raise funds for their proposed trip to Washington, followed by the class will and a design for a class, school, ring. A later edition of “The Orient" relates, "finally on April 6, at 8:15 the group departed for their Washington trip." In Washington meeting Mr. Townsend, congressman representing the district in which East Side is located.” A good time was had by all, and the trip marked one of the greatest highlights of the Senior Year. On May 1st, the senior class gave the first senior play, “Mr. Bob” in the school auditorium, which was considered to be very well done and provides! the audience with a hearty laugh. The story of the class of 1914 concludes with graduation, Tuesday, June 23,1914.7To the playing, by the school pianist of “Marche Militarc" the 36 members of the first graduating class moved into the auditorium to receive their honors. 1 Many went on to higher education, others to work and marriage, still others to their chosen vocational tasks. From the first day to the last singing of the class song, the class of 1914 got East Side started by comparison, the 453 members of the class of 1965 hopes that it has “Carried On” their aims and objectives, their spirit, and as they were the first to join the cxjxind-ing ranks of the Alumni, now we, the class of 65 also join that force: a good deal richer for basing come to know the first graduating class a little better. The Class of 1965 1ST. GRADUATING CLASS I. Commencement File, Ea t Side High School: Vol I. No. I. IIIn Conclusion: "All those things that are now held to be of the greatest antiquity, were at one time new; and what we to-day hold up by example, will rank hereafter as a precedent.” 1,1 il" Mr. Aaron Goff Vice Principal Mr. C. FlanaganIN MEMORIAM SENIOR GUIDANCE COUNSELORSMrs. Maurauo. whose saluablc traits cannot be expressed in one sentence; for one who has tirelessly worked behind the scenes in an endeavor to make this school year a more memorable one; never in the spotlight her,'elf, but always the results of her work a shining light. We the class of 1965 cannot fully express our thanks for her ever present good judgement. We can only say that her unsparing efTorts were well appreciated and will remain among our fondest memories of East Side High. Class Advisor Mrs. Marion MatarazzoII.R. 101 Mr. F. Peloso Physical Ed. H R. 203 Mr. R. Kirschbaum Art H.R. 107 Miss L. DelTurco Secretarial H.R. 207 Mrs. H. Balccrski I ionic Economics H.R. 108 Mrs. B. Banner Secretarial H.R. 208 Mr. I. Wallock English H.R. 115 Mr. D. Golabek Business H.R. 212 Mr. H. Jay English H.R. 224 Mr. E. Posner .Social Studies H.R. 225 Mrs. E. Kaplan Social Studies H.R. 226 Mr. A. Rossi Social Studies H.R. 302 Mr. A. Rosamilia Mathematics (Camera Shy: Mr A. Tarlcr, Homeroom 7, Industrial Art ) SENIOR HOMEROOM TEACHERS H.R. 322 Mrs. K. Alexander Physical Ed. H.R. 324 Mrs. B. Poll Social Studies Cafeteria 2 Mr. G. Yablonsky Social StudiesI. Mr. L. Allien Technical r. Mr . E. Armellino Clerk I. Mr R Bevcre Technical r. Mrs. J Bloch, R N. School Nunc I. Min E Bloomfield Chairman Englith r. Mr . L Brolman Secretarial 1. Mr. H. Brown Social Studie r. Mr. L. Chill Jr. Claw Advi or Social Studie I. Miss K Conroy English r. Mr. B. Coppock Science I. Mrs. M Coppola Home Economic r. Miss A. Cordova Spanish 1. Mrs. P. Curvan English r. Mr. A. D'Andrea Science 1. Miss A David Librarian Mr. O. DiFrancesco English Below I Mr N. DiNardo Music c. Mr. C. Fisher Art r. Mr VV'm. Fisher Acting Chairman Science!. Mr. S. Flamm Mathematics r. Mr . T, Galantc I. Mr. B. Hailperin English r. Mrs. M. Harris Librarian 1 Mr. M. Hecht Business r. Mr. J. Hendler Business 1. Mr . A. Ilaria Clerk r. Mr. A. Jannone Secretarial 1. Mrs. M. Jay Vocal Music r. Dr C. Kahn Chairman BusinessI. Mia E. Kelly Mathematict r. M«. M Kelly Secretarial I. Mr. G. Kessler Chairman Social Studic! r. Mr . L. Kolbert English I. Mr. P. (.ardieri Business r. Mrs. V. I-epore Latin!. Mr. P. Marchesani Technical r. Mr. P McCabe Business 1. Mr. F. Meehan English r. Mr R. Miktui Tool Clerk I. Mr. R. Miller Technical r Mr. Wm. Milling English I Mrs. E. Mintz Pianist r. Mr. H. Moore English I. Mr. G. Morano Technical r. Mr. G. Nottc Physical Education!. Mr . E Novak English r Mrs. A. Parker Physical Education I. Mr. A. Poivan Science r. Mu C Polakowski Mathematic I Dr I. Price English r Mrs R Roberts Science I. Mr. R Rossi Physical Education r. Mrs S Roth Clerk Below: I. Mr S. Rothbard Physical Education c. Mr. M. Russomanno Business r. Mr E Salz Business1. Mr . H Schechtcr Clerk r. Mr. J. Srhmid English I. Miss S, Schulman English r. Mr. D. Singer Social Studies 1. Mr. J. Skelton Science r. Mr. I. Springer Business 1. Mr. A Stanislawczyk Latin r. Mr O Stoll Chairman Physical Ed. 1 Miss E. Swykowski Mathematics r. Miss F. Teresi Special Education1. Milt S Tereiki Social Studies r. Miss I. Truszkowska Health I. Mill P. L'zzolino Secretarial r Mr S Vandcrhoof Technical I. Mrs M Velardo Secretarial r. Min M NsVrer EnglishPATRICIA ANN ADA MO Secretarial “Pat" Ambition: C P A. PETER ANTHONY ALLEGRO Industrial "Pete" Ambition: Air Force MARIA F. ALVES Secretarial "Marie" Ambition: Secretary JOSEPH GARY AMBERG Industrial "Buddy" Ambition: Tycoon ALLEN EDWARD ANDERSON Business ELAINE MARIE ANDRADE Business Ambition: BeauticianSTANLEY P. ANDRUCHOWITZ Business “Stash Ambition: Business College YOLANDA MARIE ANGRISANI Business "Killer" Ambition: Typbt BETTE ANN AVILLION Secretarial "Booper" Ambition: To Retire DOLORES AYASO Secretarial "Dec" Ambition: Secretarial School JESSIE ELIZABETH AYRES 0 p "Je»" Ambition: Nuraing School 29 EMMA JOAN AYRES Business Ambition: I.B.M Operator HARMONY AZNAR Secretarial “Harm" Amibtion: SecretaryRONALD G. BANACH C-P. "Ronnie” Ambition: College FREDERICK FRANK BARNES CP. "Oscar” Ambition: Pro-Baseball JOHN G BARREIRO Clerical "Jumpin’ John" Ambition: Navy PATRICK BASILS C.P. "Pat" Ambition: Executive BERNARD EDWARD BATTY Industrial "Bemie" Ambition: Navy, Machinist CAROLE GLORIA BAZYDLO Secretarial “Carrie" Ambition: Medical SecretaryLINDA BEATTY Secretarial Ambition: Business School HERBERT ROY BELISLE Business “Herb" Ambition: Business Executive ALFONSO FELIX BENIN!ELI C.P. "Sonny" Ambition: College ROBERT FRANK BERCAMOTTO CP. ‘Bob- Ambition: College RICHARD BF.SHADA Business Ambition: Air Force WILLIAM HENRY BEZAK C.P. “Be el-Bob" Ambition: Medical SchoolRICHARD NICHOLAS BIAXCHI Business ,,Richir•' Ambition: Business MARILYN JEAN BOBROWICZ C.P. •Mar- Ambition English Teacher NATHANIEL W. BOWLES. JR CP “Nate” Ambition: Minister EDWARD BOZEK Industrial "Eddie” Ambition: Graduate FRANCIS JOSEPH BRADLEY CP. “Brad- Ambition: SuccessANTHONY JOSEPH BRANCO Busin? "Bronco" Ambition: Unknown PATRICIA ANN BRAZAITIS Secretarial “Pat” Ambition: Travel BARBARA ANN BREZINSKI Secretarial "Barb" ROMELLOW BROWN Clerical Ambition: Bu»inc» School WILLIAM CHARLES BRYK Technical Ambition: Draftsman JOEANN B BUJALSKI Clerical "Joan" Ambition: WorkGEORGE JOSEPH BUNK Industrial “G B" Ambition: Work MARY IRENE CABEI.O Business “Irene" Ambition: Beautician HENRY JOHN CADORETTE Industrial "Hank" Ambition: Auto Mechanic MICHAEL PETER CALLEO Business Ambition: Accountant SERAPHIN B. CALO C.P. Ambition: College “Fin" BERNICE SADIE CAMPBELL Business "Princess" Ambition: Women's Army CorpsELAINE CAMPBELL Business “Lane” Ambition: Business Teacher VICTORIA BERNADETTE CAN AS Clerical “Vicky" Ambition: Work JOHN ANTHONY CANTALUPO Business "Jack" Ambition: Fireman PHILIP RALPH CAPRARA Business "Phil" Ambition: Work MAUREEN GLORIA CAPRIO CP. "Mot" Ambition: Elementary Teacher JOYCE ANNE CARRER CP. “Joy- Ambition: Math TeacherANTHONY FRANK CASALE Technical "Tony" Ambition: Salesman FRANK P CATALANO Business Ambition: I.B.M. School ALPHONSE V. CATENACCI Industrial "Cat" Ambition: Barber VICTOR C. CHESNA Industrial "Vic" Ambition: Live to be 100 CECILIA CHRZANOWSKA Secretarial "Celia" Ambition: Secretary CHRISTINE V. Cl ASTON Secretarial “Tina" Ambition: Executive SecretaryANTHONY P. CICALESF. Buti ness "Greek" Ambition: College MARIA JOSEPHINE CICALF.SE C-P. "Mary-Jo" Ambition: English Teacher Ambition: Professional Baseball Player ROBERT THOMAS CLARK Business "Bobby" Ambition: Work YVONNE M COLEMAN Business "Vonnie" Ambition: Nunc THERESA MATILDA COLUCCI Clerical "Terry" Ambition: ShowbusinessPAT RICK CONTA R DO C.P. “Pat" Ambition: College MANUEL COSTA Business "Manny" Ambition: Join the Marines THERESA CAROL COSTA Business “Terry" Ambition: Unknown CHARLES ANGELO COSTANZO CP. “Charlie" Ambition: College ANTONIO PETER CRAVO Business “Tony" Ambition: Get Married JAMES JOSEPH CUNHA C.P. "Portugie" Ambition: Commercial ArtistBRUCE CUNNINGHAM Business "Tippy" Ambition: Businessman JOHN JOSEPH CUOMO Industrial Ambition: Unknown GAIL BRENDA CUOZZO G-P- “Sarah" Ambition: Hairdresser FRANK LEWIS D'ALI.ESSIO Industrial “Junior" Ambition: Mechanic FRANK NICHOLAS D AMATO Business "Krinkles" Ambition: Industrial Engineer CAMILLE MARIE D AMORK Secretarial '•Cookie" Ambition: Enjoy Life JOSEPH FRANCIS D’ANDREA Industrial “Joe D.” Ambition: To Graduate Me ARTHUR DANIELS Industrial “Sir Cricket” Ambition: Machinist DIANE A. DANZF.R Secretarial "Dee” Ambition: Legal Secretary CONNIE D'EGIDIO Business "Connie” Ambition: Private Secretary ERNEST DELLA SALA. JR. Technical "Ernie” Ambition: Machinist GEORGE A DELL! SANTI Business “Brother George" Ambition: I B.M OperatorLA VERNE L DELLI SANTI Business "Dolly Doll" Ambition: Dental Technician LAWRENCE L DELL! SANTI C.P. "Larry” Ambition: College GERALDINE M DrMATTEO Secretarial "Cookie” Ambition: I BM School RONALD CARMEN l eROSE C-P- “Ronnie" Ambition: College GRACE J. DeVENUTO Secretarial Ambition: Housewife MAGALY ELENA DIAZ Clerical "Maggie" Ambition: Chemical Lab. AssistantPATRICIA ANN DOMBROWSKI Secretarial "Tiih” Ambition: Legal Secretary DANIEL F DOBRZF.LF.CKI C.P. “Dabber" Ambition: College WILMA SILVA D'OLIVEIRA Butineu "Wil" Ambition: Higher Education PF.DRO C. DONATES Budnew Ambition: College CEORCE JAN DOMANIECKI C.P DIANNE MARY DONEGAN Butineu Ambition: SecretaryMARY ANN DRF.WRY Busincu “Mac Ann" Ambition: Work RICHARD JOSEPH DREYER Bminrss "Red" Ambition: To Make Money GENEVIEVE THF.RESA DROZDZ Business "Genny" Ambition: Work ALAN MICHAEL DUVA Busincu "Al" Ambition: Accountant THOMAS FLINT EDWARDS. JR CP. 'Tom- Ambition: Lawyer HELENA ENES Secretarial "Sophia" Ambition: Travel to EnglandMARIA F EVANGELHO Business "Freddie" Ambition: Work MARIA REGINA EVANGELHO Secretarial "Gina" Ambition: Work MARIE CONGE ICAO EVARISTO Business "Marie” Ambition: Work CAROLYN VIRGINIA EVERETT CP. “Carol" Ambition: Registered Nurse JOSEPH FRANK EVERETT Industrial "Butch' Ambition: Auto Mechanic RONALD ANTHONY FA I KLI.A Business "Ronnie” Ambition: Life of EaseTHOMAS FRANK FAIMALI CP. "Ralph" Ambition: College PHYLLIS MARIA FALLONS Clerical "Phyl" MARIA THERESA FASANO Business Ambition: To be Happy ANTONIA FERNANDEZ Secretarial "Toni" Ambition: Bilingual Secretary THOMAS FF.RRICNO CP. ‘Tom- Ambition: Public Accountant CLAYBOIRNE EDWARD FIELDS Industrial "Mousie" Ambition: EngineeringJOAN HELEN FILIPKOWSKI Scscrciari.il "Joanie" Ambition: Legal Secretary JUDY ANN FIORE CP. Ambition: Teacher ANTOINETTE A FORTINO Btuinea “Tom- Ambition: Office Work FRANK JOSEPH FII.LIMON CP. Ambition: College JO ANN MARY FRANCISCO C.P. “Jo-Ann" ARDWIN DEAN FINDLEY Business “Ozs" Ambition: Unknown CAROLYN ANN FITZGERALD Business "Little Bit” Ambition: Nursing JOHN LOUIS FRANCISCO CP • “Johnny”ARLENE M FRIELINGHAUS Business Ambition: Unknown MARILYN CAROL FRANCO C.P “Maribone” Ambition: Teacher ANNELLA FRF.DA Business Ambition: Beautician KENNETH JOHN FROEHLICH C.P. “Ken" Ambition: Dental College ANNA LUCY GALLEGO C.P. “Anna” Ambition: Registered Nurse NANCY LOIS GALLO C.P. Ambition: HairdresserJOSEPH GALVAO CP Ambition: College CON'CETTA TINA GANGEMI LOUISE TERESA GARCIA Bujir “ “Tina” C.P. ••Brittle- Ambition: Executive Secretary Ambition: College JAMES GASS "Jim' Ambition: Industrial Arts Teacher JOANNE C. GESUMARIA C.P. -Jo- Ambition: College STANLEY GILMER Industrial -Tip-Top- Ambition: CollegeALEXANDRIA ANN GLAZDER Secretarial •‘Alice" Ambition: Work JAMES EDWARD GLAZDER Induttrial ‘Jim” Ambition: Work JOANA R. GODIN HO C.P “Jo-Jo” Ambition: College teacher CAMILLE GONZALEZ C.P. Ambition: CollegeMANUEI. GONZALEZ Industrial Ambition: To be Rich MARFA CARMEN GONZALEZ "Marie" Ambition: College PATRICIA ANN GONZALEZ CP. "Pat" Ambition: College RONALD FRED GREEN Industrial “Fred" Ambition: Machinist CHARLES ROBERT GRIMM Industrial "Moose" Ambition: Unknown CAROL LYNN GROZINSKI Business "Carol" Ambition: beauticianMANUEL J. GUEDES Industrial “Manny" Ambition: Auto Mechanic MICHAEL GEORGE HAKUCHA Industrial “Mike" Ambition: Work CAROL ANN THERESA GURDAK 0-P. “Carol- Ambition: Art Teacher Writer LEON JOSEPH GRZYWINSKI Technical “Lee" Ambition: To Graduate CAROLYN AUGUSTINE GLIDER CP. “Carol- Ambition: Business College JANET ANN HARKEWICZ C P. “Suzy S." Ambition: MerchandisingGLADYS XECOUA HARRELL Business “Sweet Shrone' Ambition: I.B.N1. Operator NINA JEAN HAYSLETTE Secretarial Ambition: Secretary MICHAEL JOHN HROMOKO CP. "Mike- Ambition: Electrical Engineer JOSEPH JOHN HRDINA Technical “Joe Press" Ambition: Real Estate Developer KATHLEEN MARTINA IIELLWIC Business “Kathie" Ambition: Airline Stewardess MICHAEL A. IIOMOKY CP. "Bobby- Ambition: Mixologist ROBERT RAYMOND HUBBARD Technical "Bubby” Ambition: Draftsman DONNELL HUNTER, JR. Industrial Ambition: Businessman CHARLES H HURDLE Technical "Buddy" Ambition: Draftsman CHARLES A I ADI MARCO Technical "Charlie1 Ambition: Draftsman CONRAD PETER IIIRIG C.P. "Con" Ambition: College IRENE ANN JABLONSKI CP. "Rene' Ambition: Elementary Teacher WILLIAM DAVID JAMES Business "Daxtcr" Ambition: Armed ForcesMARIA de LOURDES JANEIRA Business "Marie" Ambition: Office Work KATHERINE JASONTEK C.P "Kathy" Ambition: College JAMES C. JONES Industrial "Neal” Ambition: College ROBERTA KF.RVEL Secretarial "Bert" Ambition: Work JAMES JOHN KLENKE C.P. "Jimmy" Ambition: Air Force PATRICI A ANN KNOWLES Clerical “P 1 Ambition: Secretarial SchoolMARY ANN KONDROSKI Secretarial “Mary Ann" Ambition: Work THERESA MARY ANN KOVACH Business “Terry” Ambition: Work JOSEPH EDWARD KOZIC cp. “j ” Ambition: College LOREKE ROBERTA KRAF.MER CP. Ambition: College UNIT , STATES ! 2t. i JOHN MYRON KRAYNANSKI Industrial "Jonny" Ambition: To be Successful JOSEPH ANTHONY KRUPINSKI Industrial Ambition: Photographer DOROTHY ANN KUDUK C.P. “Dot” Ambition: Teacher RONALD KL'I.IK Business “Golden Boy" Ambition: PolicemanNANCY MARGARET LANG Secretarial Ambition: Unknown JAMES MYRON LAZAREK CP. Ambition: College GERARI) PETER LaSALLE C.P. "Jerry" Ambition: College THERESA ANN LAVINGNO Secretarial “Tetry" Ambition: Work ROSETTA ELIZABETH LEE Buiinesi “Tammy" Ambition: Burincu School JOSEPH LELINHO Busine» “Bellino" Ambition: I.B.M. ProgramingGERALDINE D LEONARD!S Bu»in«s "Ceric" Ambition: Beautician JOSEPH CEORGE LEONARDIS CP. “Leo’ Ambition: Criminal! Lawyer STEPHEN LEONARDIS CP "Steve” Ambition: CollegeFRANK JOSEPH LIMALDI C P. “Frankie A.' Ambition: College PATRICIA ANN I .OB AS Business Ambition: Commercial Artist JANE CONCETTA LO BUF. Business “Janie" Ambition: Travel RICHARD JOHN I.fBAS Industrial "Rich” Ambition: Unknown SUSAN BERNADETTE Ll'DF.RA Secretarial “Sue” Ambition: Business Career VERONICA JOAN MacINNES Secretarial “Ronnie" Ambition: I-egal SecretaryDELIA MALDONADO Secretarial •'Dee" Ambition: Hair Dresser STANLEY G. MAL1SZEWSKI CP "Whity" Ambition: Engineering CONSTANCE MALLORY Secretarial “Connie” Ambition: Business College FRED RALPH MANZELLA Industrial "Freddie" Ambition: Barber AMELIA M MARINO Business "Amelia” Ambition: Work JOANN MARIE MARLOW Business “Love” Ambition: Unknown JUDITH ANN MARSANO Secretarial “Judy" Ambition: Legal Secretary HUGO MARTINEZ C.P. Ambition: Marines DOLORES MARTINS Secretarial “Dec" Ambition: Secretary MANUEL MARTINS C.P. "Manny" Ambition: Lawyer LAZARO HENRY MATOS Business “Henry" Ambition: Business Career CAROL ANN MATUSIEW'ICZ Secretarial "Carol" Ambition: WorkWILLIAM A. MATYSKIEL C.P. "Lite’ Ambition: College ALEXANDER WALTER MAZL'R Industrial "Butch” Ambition: Millionaire WILLIAM JOHN MAZUR Industrial "Willy" Ambition: Work ALBERT WILLIAMS MERSIER Industrial “Charlie” Ambition: Draftsman SHEILA ANN McCORMACK C.P. Ambition: Teacher DEBRA ANN McHUGH Secretarial “Debbie” Ambition: Legal SecretaryJUDITH ANN McLAUGHLIN Clerical “Judy" KENNETH JAMES McMINN "Kenny" Ambition: College MARGARET Business McNamara "PtKfty" CELESTE J. MICCHELLI C.P. Ambition: Speech Therapijt JUDITH ROSALIE MILANO C-P- “Jade" Ambition: College LUCINDA MILES Clerical "Cindy” Ambition: Air ForcePATRICIA ALICE MILES Clerical "Penny" Ambition: Business Administrator MINERVA MILLAX Business "Minnie" Ambition: Beautican MORRIS LEVON MINATEE C.P. "Min" Ambition: College MARY LOUISE MITCHELL Secretarial "Gerri" Ambition: Stenographer JOSE MIGUEL MOJICA CP. "Josic" Ambition: Lawyer JAMES VITO MONTAGUE Business "Jimmie" Ambition: Air Force PATRICIA ANN MARIE MOSKUS C.P. "Pat" Ambition: Teacher WANITA JO ANN MOSLEY Buiinesj "Nit" Ambition: Teach Retarded Children JO ANN MOTTI Business "Red" Ambition: Nunc ROBERT M. NAGY C.P. -Bob- Ambition: Engineering STANLEY NAKONECHNI C.P. “Snookie" Ambition: Marines KATHRYN MARIA NAPOLITANO Secretarial "Kathy" Ambition: Court StenographerMARLENE NASEEF Secretarial "Mar" Ambition: Secretary CRISTOBAL NAVARRO CP. “Rex" Ambition: College ANN MARIE NERBETSK! Secretarial “Missy" Ambition: Legal Secretary MARGARET ANN NORRIS Business "Maggie" Ambition: Beautician JOANNE MARY NOVIELI.O Secretarial "Jo" HENRY NUNES Business "Rick" Ambition: BusinessKENNETH R. OEXMANN Industrial "Ken" LEWIS ALFRED OGONOWSKI Business "Cauliflower" Ambition: Lawyer PATRICK GARRY O’MALLEY Business "Pat" Ambition: College ALBERT VINCENT O’NEILL Industrial "Al" SANDRA ANN MANNS Business "Sandy” Ambition: Bookkeeper GEORGE OWENS Industrial “Snag" Ambition: Career in Army JOAN ANN MARIE PAGANO Business “Joanie" Ambition: Office Worker RAYMOND P PALENTCHAR C.P •Ray- Ambition: Writer FRANCES ROSE PALMER Clerical “Frani" Ambition: Housewife WILLIAM FREDERICK PARANA Business •‘Bill" Ambition: U S. Navy Band PF.TER PAREDES Business Ambition: Executive ANTONIO HUMBERTO PARGA C.P. 'Tony” Ambition: EngineerLINDA MARIE PASSOS Clerical "Lin” Ambition: I.B.M. Operator ARLENE RITA PALL Business “Lene” Ambition: Office Worker MARY L. PAUL Clerical “Kitty-Kay" Ambition: Beautician ANITA MARIE ANN PEMPEY C.P “Nccts" Ambition: Registered Nurse CELIA MARIE PEPE Secretarial Ambition: Secretary MARY ELLEN K PEPEK C.P. “MclEllcn” Ambition: AnesthetistDOLORES ELIZABETH PEREIRA Secretarial "Dee" Ambition: Secretarial Work JOHN ANTHONY PEREIRA Industrial “Pierre" Ambition: Own a Business IRENE DIANE PIANKA C.P. "I" Ambition: International Relations ANITA LOUISE PIERRE Secretarial Ambition: Bookkeeper MARCIA PIETRUCHA Clerical "Marsh" Ambition: Work CYNTHIA LEE PILECKI CP "Cyn" Ambition: CollegeARTHUR SOUSA PIMENTEL Industrial "PJmentts” Ambition: Florist ROBF.RT PINTADO. JR. Business Ambition: Accounting ELAINE V PIONTKOWSKI Secretarial ''Polack' Ambition: Work LOUIS RENE POLANCO Business "Louie" Ambition: Air Force SUSAN JEANE POLE Secretarial "Sue" Ambition: Secretary VICTORIA ANN POI.ICASTRO Secretarial “Vickcy" Ambition: WorkMATTHEW PONTICELLO C.P. Mat Ambition: College JOHN PTAK Business “Big John ’ Ambition: Mechanic MARIF. ELEANOR QUAGLIATO CP "Ria" Ambition: Accountant MARIA FERNANDA QUINTAS Business "Freddie' ROBERT RAAB Business Ambition: Draftsman “D.J. MARJORIE RADDEN Business “Bee-Bee'1 Ambition: Professional ModelJOSEPH WILLIAM RUFOLO C.P. “Joe” Ambition: Electrical Engineer STF.VF, RUFOLO Business .Ambition: Navy ANDREW RUGGIERO Industrial "Butchie" Ambition: Own a Business FRANK JOSEPH RYGIEL C P. “Frankie" Ambition: College ELAINE MARIE SAIN'7. CP. "Elaine" Aml ition: College ENC A R N AC I ON MARIA SAINZ C-P- “Connie Ambition: Airline StewardessRICHARD JOSEPH SALGADO Business "Richie" Ambition: Own a Clothing Store. ROBERT P SANTANA CP. Ambition: College RICHARD A SANTANGELO Business Ambition: Navy ANTONIO SANTOS C.P. "Tony" Ambition: Architecture MICHAEL JOSEPH SANTOS Business "Mike" Ambition: College ANTHONY JOSEPH SAUCHELLI C.P. "Fritz" Ambition: LawyerCAMILLE MARY SAVOCA Secretary "Cammy” Ambition: Legal Secretary LOUIS GEORGE SCALANGA CP. "Lou" Ambition: Business Administrator ANGELA MARIE ANN SCARNEGI Business “Angel" Ambition: Interior Decorator PHYLLIS ROSE SCHETTINO Secretarial "Phyl" Ambition: Secretary LOUIS ANTHONY SCOLA Business "Loote” Ambition: Millionaire ANITA LOUISE SCOTT C.P. “Nitt" .Ambition: TeacherLOIS ANN SENATORS C-P- "Lou" Ambition: Teacher BARBARA ANN SERAFINO Secretarial "Barb' Ambition: Secretary THOMAS ANTHONY SESTA CP- “Se " Ambition: College JAMES JOSEPH SHEAR Induitrial "Shear " Ambition: Teacher BARBARA ANN SHUBSOA Clerical "Barb" Ambition: I B M. Operator ENRICO PATRIC SICO C.P. "Ricky" Ambition: CollegeJANET AGNES SIERZEGA CP. “J n” Ambition: Navigator CASIMIR JOHN SIKORSKI CP. “Cas" Ambition: College JO ANNE LINDA SILVA Secretarial “Jo-” Ambition: Cosmetologist BARBARA ANN SKELLY Secretarial "Barb" Ambition: Rockcttc IRENE PATRICIA SKI ENGEL C.P “1 Ambition: Speech Therapy LINDA SKROSKY Business "Lyn' Ambition: BeauticianCHARLES STANLEY SI.IFKO Technical “Charlie" Ambition: Machines! MARION G. SLOMKOWSKI Secretarial “Mar" Ambition: Legal Secretary CAROL ANN SMALDONE CP. "Carol" Ambition: Happiness GERALD MARTIN SMALLEY C.P. “Jerry" Ambition: Engineering SONASTINE SMALLWOOD Business “Tina" Ambition: Nurse JULIA ANN SMITH CP “Julie" Ambition: SuccessLEONARD S. SMITH C.P. "Smitty' Ambition: College VINCENT ERNEST SPAGNOLA Technical "Rico’' Ambition: U.S. Marine LUCILLE MARIE SPEZIALE Secretarial "Lu" Ambition: Secretary DOROTHY MARIE SNEIDER C.P. -Dot- Ambition: Teacher JOSEPH JOHN SOLOMITA Business “Joe' Ambition: U.S. Marines ALPHONSE SPIRRA Technical "Ally- Ambition: Businessman CAROL ANN SPRAGUE Clerical "Red- Ambition: Travel,DIANE SHARON STANLEY Business "Foxey” Ambition: Modeling PATRICIA ANN STAPLETON C.P. "Tisha" Ambition: Teacher SUSAN JANE STECKERT Secretarial "Sue" Ambition: Private Secretary FRANK STEWART Business "Biff" ARLENE STOMBASH Clerical "Bubbles'’ R1IUB1E LEE STOUDMIRE Business "Cookie" Amirition: NurseADAM SUSZYNSKI Business Ambition: Mechanic VIRGINIA MICHELE SWEEPER Business “Peaches" Ambition: Executive Secretary STEPHANIE ANN SZCZEPANIK Secretarial “Stevie” THOMAS JOHN SZELIGA Industrial "Tom" ELEANOR FRANCES SZEWCZAK Business “Elbe” JAMES KENNETH SZYMANIK CJ. “Jim" Ambition: ArchitectLEONARD E. SZYMANSKI CP. Ambition :Coliege Ambition: Accountant HEIDI TATTER C.P. Ambition: Nurse ANNA TEOETHOFF Business “Teg" JOHN GERALD TF.SKE Business “Johnny" Ambition: Bookkeeper PHYLLIS GRACE TESTA Secretarial “Fee" Ambition: Secretary-MARGIE THOMAS Secretarial Ambition: Business College CHARLES WINSTON TINSLEY Industrial Charlie Horse Ambition: Arehitcctrial Draftsman LUCY ANN TORRES CP. "Lucy" Ambition: Nurse BARBARA THERESA TRIANO Secretarial "Barb" Ambition: Accountant JACQUELINE ANN TROY Business “Jackie" Ambition: Typist WALTER JOHN TRIZNA CP. "Wally" Ambition: CollegeJOSEPH CARMEN TROIANO Technical Ambition: Electronic Technician PAULA ANN TROIANO Biuinru “Paul” Ambition: I B M. Operator KATHLEEN FRANCIS TROTTF. Secretarial "Bubble " Ambition: Beautician BARRY TURNAGE Technical “Big B” Ambition: Navy RONALD JOHN TUROS C.P. "Ronnie" Ambition: Petroleum Engineer FRANK J. UDVARHELY Technical "Frankie' Ambition: Armed Force FRANCINE ROSE LZZOL1NO Business "Cleo" Ambition: Success NORMAN JOSEPH VANISKI Business "Steve" GALE JOYCE VAN VALBN Secretarial “Bunny" MANUF.LA VASQUEZ C.P. "Manny" Ambition: Teacher JUAN VELAZQUEZ Industrial. Ambition: Auto Mechanic ALBERT DANIEL VENEZZIO C.P “A Ambition: College PATRICIA CON'CF.TTA VERDI Secretarial “Pal" Ambition: Secretary JOYCE NANCY VILLANT Cp. “Jo " Ambition: Medical Technician PATRICIA VICIDOMINI Business "Pat" Ambition: Secretary WILLIAM THOMAS WAGNER C.P "Bill" Ambition: Business Administration PATRICIA COLLEEN WALLACE FRANK ALLEN WASHINGTON. JR Business "Frankie" Ambition: NavyBEDIE MAE WEST Business Ambition: Nunc JOHN PATRICK WHITE Industrial "Gcech" Ambition: Draftsman GREGORY L. WILLIAMS C.P. "Gregg" Ambition: Millionaire JEROME WOODBURY Business "Wood' Ambition: West Point JO ANN YACKIMOVICZ C.P. "Jo” Ambition: Nurse ROBERT VINCENT YACULLO Business “Vac" Ambition: Auto-EngineerPAGE MISSINGPAGE MISSINGMANUEL YGLESIAS C.P. "Manny" Ambition: Chemical Engineer ANNA ESTHER ZAMORA Business “Annie” Ambition: Beautician MYRNA EDNA ZAMORA Commercial Ambition: Nunc MARGARET Z.WVADZKI Secretarial “Peggy” Ambition: Airline Stewardess CAROL THERESA ZAWORA Secretarial Ambition: Private Secretary RONALD BENJAMIN ZECK Industrial “Big Ron" Ambition: MillionaireCARMELA ZEMA Clerical “Gina" Ambition: Work JOHN WILLIAM ZIDZIUNAS C P. "J Z." Ambition: Stock Broker PHILIP ANTHONY ZIOMF.K C.P. “Phil Ambition: College (Left) JAMES RALPH ZIRPOLI Industrial “Zip" Ambition: Commercial Artist (Right) SYLVIA ANN ZYJEWSKI Secretarial Ambition: Legal SecretaryJUNIOR PROM tannivDECEMBER 18, 1964 1033cCi OPEN HOUSEnrThe Pep Club: Mrs. M. Matarazzo.The Servetts: Mrs. B. Bartner.The Library Club: Miss A. Davitt Mrs. M. Harris.The Electronics Club: Mr. Fiden a.Above: Senior Members. BF.I.OW: 196.) City Champion Football Team: BACK ROW: Mr. B. Manhoff, Coach; M Bradley. T. Sauchelli. E. Kurdes, J. Coppola, C. ladimarco. C. F pps, J Connies, J Kane, E. Kurdyla, G. Williams, R. Iloden. J. Buuaca, A. Fields. F. Vicidomini, Mr. P. Rubo . Ass'nt Coach. CENTER ROW: Salgado. R Selmeyer, W. Howasx, B. Wagner, J. Zyla, M. Pride. J. Zidziunas. B Matyskicl, M. Minatee. M Hill, P Contardo, R Hcarle FRONT ROW: C. Daniels, J. Pcvernik, I.. Polanco. T. Frasier, P. Ray, J. Shear. R. Comick, B. Ronco, S. Polukord, G. Serio, N. Bowie . I- Adam (Kneeling at Mr. Rubas’s Feet). CITY CHAMPIONS 119The l%5 Championship Soccer Team: TOP ROW: M Rendiero, Nl. Ferreira, J. Neno, J. Mota, M Rarroqueiro. H. Matos. SECOND ROW: T. Nunes, J. Pereira, A. Rosa. A Zapico. J Campesi. A. Bautis, J Cuomo. THIRD R ) : J Silva. A. Vierra. J Gonsalves, A Pimental, A. DaCosta, H. Nunes. FRONT ROW: H. Campos, A Cicchino, Mr. G. Notte. Coach; M. Santa Maria. A. Dantos, A. Ca-pella.IN TRIBUTE to the 1965 Senior Soccer team, the 100th graduating class, the yearbook staff, and the student body of East Side take this means to express their appreciation to this Championship team. To the players. The Coach. Mr. Greg Notte, we say, “Congratulations." For the first time in the history of East Side, the 1965 Soccer team carried East Side's banner into the State Finals; although they didn't bring back the State Soccer championship, they did win the admiration of the entire school, and earned a permanent place in the East Side Hall of Fame. 1965 STATE FINALISTS 123The 1965 Cross Country Team STANDING: V. Illaria, A. Taylor, Co-Capt.; Kraynamki. Co-Capt.: Kur eja. Sparks. B Taylor. Robertson, Pate, J. Downey, Mr L Chill. Coarh KNEELING: Rodrcgucs, Jones, Slamkowski, Polieastro. Falcowski, B. Downey. Lararek, Noire . Lynch. CilTelli. SEATED: Woodson. Mayo. Radden, Lasky, Falrone, Reyes, Stoia, Murdick.The 1965 Swimming Team: Sealed Pool-Side: Jasontek. Levandowski, Estavez, KIo . Szamretta, Mueller. Sanle . SEATED: Sorlun, Duva, Ba»ilc, Mazur, Ihrig, Biello, Keluwk. STANDING: Coach, Mr. R. Miller, Slingerland, Ilaria, Bailey, O'Shea. Mew. Scarpon, Ziropli.BASKETBALL 128ABOVE: The l%5 Basketball I'cam: STANDING: Cun ha, Daniel . Pride. Zyla. Galveo. Branch. McMinn, Malenky. SEATED: Tyler. Moore. Coach. Mr. S. Rothbard, Cumick. Bowie . Peele.WRESTLING TEAM The l%3 Wrestling Team: Coach. Mr F Pekwo. STANDING: A. Lopez. R Hoden, B. Mokoid, J. Klenkc. R. Sellemever, J Barrett, S. Droz KNEELING: K Trus kcusska, C. Kelley. A. Fonseca, G. Pallitto A. Cordosa.ABOVE: Senior Member of Squad BELOW: The !%.'» Chccrleading Squad BACK ROW: P Zawad ki. M Bobremi . J Gevnnaiia. C N’apoliiano. M Gould, R Williaimon, J. Criscoli. CENTER ROW: C Got.ale I S.hneider. M Siano, C Johnton. C Micehelli, I. Miller, 1 Fa io. FRONT: D Malvarer, Co-Captain; I. Pianka, Co-Captain.TWIRLERS COLOR GUARDJPMWM Swank Men’s Shop 172 Blonmhrld Ave. Newark. New Jersey Open Wed. lil 9 I’ M. Sam R. Sico, Prop. Hu 2 9928 lo i (asmplimrnts of Mr. Mrs. Robert McMinn Compliment of Mr. I.ouis Alien Best W ishev Downtown Esso Mr. Mrs. W. F. Sicrzcga 427 ladayctir St. Al Destefano — Proprietor Mis Maybcllc Lynch Ihis Edition Printrd By; In Appreciation From American Yearbook Co. Home Boom 225 i wjfyWlt Cambridge, Maryland G. G. Refrigeration Corp. Standard Concrete Block Heating Cooling Supply Co. Gas A Electric 4IR-440 Adams St. 66 Merchant Street Newark, N.J. Newark 5, N.J. Tel. 623-5711 Charles Gon ale Joseph Novicllo, President A» tho edition of the Torch comes lo a close, I find myielf (mine a grateful "Thank You" to the many people who helped lo make it possible: therefore, I lake this opportunity to make mention of them First. Mbs Shirley, whose extra help and cooperation made a difficult task much easier. Tom. whose advice, friendship, and understanding helped beyond words; Dick I-awall for his unceasing help and advice, the ('-ambridge staff for their sperial effort I on my behalf; The claw of 'fi5 and Mrs. Matarano for the privilege of doing their book. The Torch-bearers for their help, cooperation, and support; Marion Slomkowski for the Dedication; Jose Mojica for the "diamonds"; Mrs McCarthy for the glass negatives. Mr. Oban and Mr. Mueller for their help and cooperation on the class of 1914; Miss Davitt Sc Mrs. Harris for digging up the research material . Joe M. for the cover emblem; Judy Marsano for her "special delivery" photos, the many friend of Last Side who help with the 1914 section; I nnv St Molly for their moral support when the going got rough; and last, but not least. "Edie-B." who understood, helped, and sustained me while this edition was in production To each and to all a very sincere "Thanks for every thing." LOR STAN-THOM ASM. J. (•fritty. III Jackie Meehan Mr. Mr , l o Ro kow ki I milliard Smith Mr. Chc lcr Buraw ki Pal Irwc;jk Mr. Mr . la- Roy Krnmon (•Wcr Miller M. Mr . Robert Crwi Mr. Mr . W. (kir rnik latui Verdi Clare Ravinvky Mr. Frank Ravin kv NR H. Farrand Guido Si Bellv Mandrlli Anthony J. Mayo Mr. Sc Mr . Howard I an? Mr . Ann Dan cr I -orene Kraimrr Mr . Pauline FiI Jerald Celette Padinha Alex Ma ur Mr. John Godinho. Jr. Mr. Sc Mr . Albert Viviano Mi Rmr Bally Dorothy Whitman Richard Starve hak Martha Grabon Jame Chaddich Mr. Mr . Cha . Kolmer Marin Fudali Row ann Cauca Niehooas DiNardo Mar Ann Circhino Mr. Mr . Ilelme llrr Jovrph Malinow-vki Carol Trelolt Lorraine Dow d Belt Stein Mr . J. I i|x hak Michael Ernest Salerno Herman Riedinger E. Haflurewir Anthony l»rdi Mr. Joteph Matciteili Frank Barone Joe Shield Vincent laicattur Helen Man ella Ablert Campl ell Anna Ba ano Mr . G, I ri na Mary Ann Supko Mr. Bamey Turn Robert T. ( onimn Mr. Sc Mr . V. Pignatorr Evelyn Novak Helen Eng Mr. Matthew Srymanik Carmen Rodrigue Joyce Jardin Frank Parhana Mr. Sc Mr . Frank Hagenrr Mr. Si Mr . I. Jarra Carole San Giacomo Pfc. John PI Greene Gerald Morano Joe Vcccharelli (iary T. Podia Ethel Freda I eon Ro kow ki Mr. Sc Mr . Takevky Mr. Anthony Swierkowvki Sharon Marie Icwc ak l.urkic Millrr Slummy Janow ki Mr. Sc Mr . I - Reichgotl Fay Verdi Ellen Sinnctt Undo Ra in kv Mr . Sophie Ravin ky Mr. Mr . John S ub ki Peter A. Ken , Jr. The Mondelli Family- Marie .u aek Mr. Mr . Ovcar Milrhrll Nina Hayvletlr Paulette Sunnevtlle Joan Hartenvtein Mr. Sc Mr . l. Grorimki The Trueba Family I ..uir.i Ann MeMinn Bobby Serio John Earl Currid, Jr. Mr. Mr . M. Stanchak Jim Capriglionr I end a Chaddiek Mr. Eugene Walter Currid Cathrine Marra Carmella IVAIIe io Mr . Movquera Matild Mr. Mr . J. Zegar li a Helimletlrr Stephanie la-vant Jerry lacobelli Anna Andrade Rita I .ape hat John I .ape hak, Jr. John la Biond Joe lacav.de John l i lano Alberto J. Rivera Philip Barber Camtrn Marano Paul Siegal Gene Serafin Mr. Sc Mr . R. Furfaro Mr. Mr . J. Civrttrr Mr. Mr . V. Perone Judy Trin a Mr. G. Trian a Joannie Supko Shirley Supko Rotrman Serra Anna Crude Waldetc D'Oliveira Mr. Mr . Manuel Ava o Mr . Jean Srymanik Ellyn a|Hiti Tony Martin , Jr. Mr. Mr . Frank Rinaldo Mr. Sc Mr . Amnldo llorta Penn Saving loan .Wn Virginia Saldutti Barbara Maurirllo Dorothy Catena Mr . Betty Carrer l.urille Fiorie John Freda l-rnny Pepek Mr. George Karwacki Mr. John Kloeh Mr . Emily le-wc ak Mr. A Mr , (ieorge Millrr Maggie Jartow ki Mary Ann Morgan (tail Verdi John Macria Kathy Kavintky Paula Schaub AEce Hentr Tommy Cocria Margaret Wolff Thomas Kemp rymki Mr . Mary Benner Mr. J. Troiano V irginia Pereira Mr. Mr . Framine Anna Wci » Evtelle iviano Ihe Grorinvki Family Mi Dorothy Whitman Mr . Edith Avre Mr. Mr . Spexialr Mr. Mr . Antune Billy Chaddiek Marie Spe iale Ida Caura Mr. Sc Mr . Z. Filipkowxki Mr. Mr . Anthony Fa io, Jr. Stephanie Somodi Mr. Mr . IVmald Smith Mr. Mr . A. Policavtro Rae lacobelli Mr. Mr . Jack Pilecki Mr. J. I ape hak Shirley Tri na Anthony Barrita Pat Cupilo Emory I. Davi George Clay Thomas Cecere Iflui Bat ano Jo eph P. Bordo. Jr. Sal Pellerito Sadie Perone Mr. Mr . J. Cammemto W illiam Ba alk Walter Tri na Dolore Supko Mi Shophie Turo Mr . W. Supko Diane Ryan Mr . Margaret Cremrnen John Medeiro Ann Mwnt el Bethania Sierra Emma Mcljiughlin I oui Paw |oi Mr. Mr . Raul Jardin Mr. Mr . A. Musialowier Dorothy Field Mr. Sc Mr . J. Wadlry Jo Ann Frevco G Forge Eng Mr. C. C-arrerMr. Ac Mr». P. Kopack, Jr. Sutie SciUn(ji Sara Tatter Kathleen I'rban Janet Degrunola Mark Pietrzvdotki Phil Orlando Georgia Bavile Nick Biello Cathrine Pinto Mr. Mr . Dorn Chkalwt Mr . John Ziomek Pat tie Ixunbardi F.vrKn Pieniek Ofrlia Jorrijf Shirk) DuDonit Jo Anne Ijmbutta Mr . A. Reinhold Mr. P. Giannotta Ramon I-opr Nkkcy Berg am otto Mr. Mr . S. Manro Cathrine Ricotta Mr. Mr . C. Dave Mir had Whitt A. Amador. Jr. Armando Silva. Jr. Jo cph C. S»l a Tony Cnu Gloria (idda William Srdial Henry Bator Bill Di CUe Barbara Spanterberg Mr. Mr . Robert li c »»ki Richard .Nardone Mr. Sc Mr . Manuel PinentaJ l.inda Romany hyn Mr . Marion Pecora Mr. Mr . Bruno (iolda Betty Tin ley W illiam Havko Bill Grablov Mr. Bettino Palumbo Michael Mkehelli Janet Guarino Anthony Bakxie I jirTy Rote Gaurino Sam Fort i no Marie Fortino Gloria Radden Mr. Ac Mr . Nl. Fraga John Kauner Barbara Shubtda Mr. Mr . Grata Mr. Sc Mr . Shubtda Ray lloltteiler Joe Gritafulli Irene Manat Al Spirra Carol Ann I .udera Bill Wane a Marly Cotla Mr. Mr . A. W'. lord! Mr. Si Mr . A. Biondi Mildred Ciordiano Joan Pagaino Mr. K. Alexander Ernie K. Spent Al Mater azai Mr. Si Mr . Foul Carol Ann Marchak A. M. Gruber Mr. Mr . M. Scamrgi Michelina Granato J. P. Connelly l.urielle Srhrtlino Mr. IVAndrea Mr. Mr . John DeGeorgc Anne Cicaletr Mary Lob Vincent Antonueci (ifurgr Delli Santi Sonatdne Smallwood Alfred Nunez Brenda I- Jack W alter Pempey Mr. l-ardiere Jo eph Perez Diane Troiano Mr. Mr . R. Gatalberti Anella Ricotta Mr. At Mrv T. Whin Rotalie Motqurrt F.lit Ruela Morri Gold finger Robert Joffee Stanley Wichowtki Jean Wkhowtki Peter Smith Mr . Helen Rumbrowtki Kathleen Ann Giordano Cliff l-ane l-ucy Nardone Arnold D'Alle io Tony Amarol MU Amelia Rufolo Mr. Philip Pecora Joteph Fob Mr. Mr . Kwialkowtky Mr. Peter Gerrity Sa' Forletua Mr. Ann Palumbo George At louite llartnagel Joteph Baione Kay Bottone Mr . Antoinetter C'ecrc Mr. Mr . Frank Fortino Mr , liiiuitr Girodano Mr . R. Walker Mr. Mr . John Skelly Tony Prldunat Mr. Mr . Lackey Mr . Rabiej Barbara Catalano Sutan I udera Mitt Cordova Sutan Fattonitto Mr. Si Mr . Peter 1 .udera Mr . B. Poll Hattk .Arrington Caroline Cotla Barbara Gegorrc Jilda Yacullo Nat Pagano France Kozlov tki Albert O'Neil Mahon Slomkowtki Dori Materaz i Marcia Pietrucha Mr. Irving Springer Donna Tafaro Geraldine Granato Cathy Katerkir Roe Batilr Carol Robak Karen Klopy Yolanda Del Grotto Klizabeth Haiti Pfc. John R. Ziomek Mr. Albert John too Maria Pimentel George DuDonit Alice Nunez Mi E. Rienbotd Alan Pempey Mr. Ruttomanno Vincent Delli Santi Margaret Manco Mr. Mr . H. Balczyk Klizabeth Salimgene Mr. Mr . C 'Vhitt l.uncinda Freita Albino Freita Albertina Silt a Mr. Joteph I e. Freita Frank Kapunitki Raymond Kaputcintki Dinew I-» k» Diane Ferrit Frank D'Alettio John Pereira Mr. Joteph Triano ( amiella IXAllettio Antonio Pimenul MUt Bernadette Mkehelli Mr. William Callup Jame WArt Angele Sateikit Mr. Mr . Stanley Lubantki Mr . Phylli Pieco Mahon Mkehelli Joteph Fortino Mary Sal Baione Peter Bottom- Mi Id red Mkehelli S. Si M. Fortino Mae T. Radden Alke Tribel Robert Miktut Robert A. Serio Mr. Mr . Scharpnkk Paul Catalano Patrka lamer Carmen Gnalir Sanford litell Mrv Stella Glogora Ihomat Carrubba Harvey let Norm Slingerland Sharon Roarty I knot M. Bloom held I aura Pagano Angie Pagano Danel Pierre Jame Shear Regina SlomkovttkiJose Chuna Vincent Gonzales Maria Evangelho Mr. Mrs. E. Wicbowski Mrs. William Stout. Jr. Mr. Mrs. Gus Bulthaupt The Albans Mr. Mrs. I). Guidrr, Sr. Marvin Weber Victor B. 1 m B0 0 Joan Adamo Baby l.isa Trtieba Mr. Fred C. Hagel Mrs. Helen Hess Florence Man ella A. J. Capasso Mary Ann Siano Mr. Mrs. J. Fernandes, Jr. Joe Piegaro Alcjandra Mesa Leonard Smith Mr. Mrs. Manuel Rebek Delilah Biascoechia Elsie Zjewski Magda Benavides S. Momkouski Sammy Sax Helen Staugiatis Alfred Mehler Mr. Mrs. F. Dobrzelccki Mary Huber Henry Sicr ega Dolores D iki Mr. Clayton S. Updike Veronica Muench Mrs. Peter Lewis John Hromoko Lucille Flatley Viola Jacob Joesphine Ponticello Mi mi Ponticello Mr. Mrs. Sain Debby Cranfteld Rosemarie Mauriello Diane Garrer Sue Stickert Irene Skiengel Joan Skiengel Mrs. J. Block Mr. Mrs. L. Kuduk Al Granato Joseph Napurano Mr. B. Ruth Joseph Galvao Stattic Mr. Mrs. O. T. F.ngler Mark Englcr Mr. Mrs. G. R. Benson Jerry Smalley Arnold June Seantorc I-ouis J. Senatore Mr. Greg Notte Cornet Wi« John Charles I)ail« y Norman Thomas Chuck Boden Mr. Richard Inwall Mr. Thomas Slustker Mis Shirley Ventor Mr. Mrs. Al Senatore The Senator Children Yolanda Senatore Bob Cintardo Linda Dias Suley Soaves Helena Cuco Mr. Mrs. Lavingo Carmine Iavingno Victor Marques Mariana Silva Mr. Mrs. M. Kush Sucly Pepe Steven Palasti Waldemar Monteiro Cindy Freitas Victor Pastor Patsy Ragalcssey Karen Dclpome' Mr. John Motti Mr. Mrs. Koaal Sons Mr. Mrs. Adam Gutkowski Miss Genevieve Guzicjewski Mr. Mrs. P. Rosling, Jr. Mr. Mrs. P. Rosling, Sr. Lisa Raucci Thomas Pavonc Mr. John Adamo Mrs. Carmine Coppola Rickv Hagel Mr. Ralph Man ella Mr. Mrs. Pat Capuano Peggy Zawadzki Mr. Mrs. Brito Mr. £. Posner Thomas Peldunas Mari Quagliato I amis Serano James Kateta Christin Zyjewski Ninia Dovaie Linian Mondusini Dolored Bober John Ko ic Marguerite Mehler Mr. V. Zataski Mr. Mrs. B. Jataski Mr. Mrs. R. Balicki Mr. Mrs. C. Cullen Mrs. Helen Moskus Mrs. Estelle I-cwis Miss Patricia Moskus 'Lorn Higgins Ronald Malenky Betty Hromoko Gabriel Sclabrino Marie Sain John Pereira Paul Eng Wong Mr. W. Ramcharan Joyce Carrcr Pat Droxd Font Santos Henry Cadorette Tom Sneider Miehclli Debbie Golba Mike Ostcnski Marie Jackson Viola La Fragola Robert James Wilhelm Joese Cipriano Kac Fortuanto Anna Zamora ovee Fischctti zslic Walker Idilia Canhoto Fatima Evangelho Pat Kush Paul Eng W ong Pat Giordano Juania Malverez Bill levant Juan Malverez Carmen Bcnimeli Mrs. Edna Young Mr. Mrs. W. Mazur Mr. Mrs. Stanley Dragon Rev. Robert A. Gutkowski Stan Ma ur Jerry Wuinn Mr. Mrs. F. James lziuis M. Abin Phyllis Candito Trueba Sharon Hess 'Frombound Trophy Center Marianne Margotta Mrs. Tina Maria Debbie Denise Mcllardy Anne Zawad ki Miss Anita Pintozzi Manuel Costa Judy Firoe John Kebclo Felix Camacho Marge ret Malinowski Stella Hodulich Tony Castro Lorraim- Iagzemis Ed. Staugiatis Joe Kozic Mrs. J. Pires Mr. Mrs. C. Zatarski Jean Dziki Dr. Mrs. F.. Wyrwa Mrs. Christine Valickas Mr. Mrs. A. Roma now Dr. Peter P. Iz-wis Mrs. Helen Moskus John Connelly .Mike Hromoko, Sr. Richard Hromoko Joseph Ponticello Sirs C. Polowski Elaine Sainz. Steve Francz Mrs. W. Ramcharan Miss Virginia Wright Rosemarie Csantiz Mr. J. Skiengel Mr. Mrs. r. Skiengel Jane Gillow Mr. Mrs. J. Golba. Jr. Jeanette Jacek Alexander Lowe Thaddeau J. Gurdak Tom Cameron Linda Schocks Linda Jo Senatore Bobby Weber Christine Trutlinc Sergio I). l)rSousa Laura Catapano Lenny Pinkos Irving L. Springer Pete t iaglairdi E. Zawora Sr. Pete (mppolaMr. Mrs. J. Savoca Beverly Corly Phil Srelinger. Jr. Mrs. Marie Trotlc Diana Menendez Mrs. E. Zawara Mr. Mrs. A. Aztvedo Bernice Trotte Mr. Mrs. Harrv Micliz Antoinette Szewaczak |udv Horssath Patricia Verdi Mr. Mrs. W. R. Castles The Poplawski Family Mr. Mrs. M.Cabelo.Jr. Thomas Dugan Dugan Familv Joseph Torella. Jr. Joseph J. Solomita Ann M. Clatz Chester Szewczak James J. Seraltella Mrs. J. Saratella Mr. Mrs. J. Dugan Mr. A. Rossi Mr. T. Satarella Mr. Mrs. Richard Diaz F. X. FafTev Bob W eber Thomas R. Gamatko Mrs. K. Manders Margret Toby Harold Rishp. |r. Mrs. Wm. Dr ini tiger Mr. Mrs. R. Zirpoli Camilo Ramalho Anita Scott Miss Mars a Kotow ski, R.N. Anne Barnett Bernadetts Skroskv Mr. Mrs. A. A. Scott James C. Zirpoli Alma Barringer Ronny Seclinger Mr. Mrs. Sutario Laraine Scarpone Wanda Skroskv Joanne Moissades Albano Seabra “BE A GEM” - BUY A BOOSTER Thomas Mark Gassaborro Miss Adrienne Kotow ski. R.N. Arthur Kerr Anthony Seabra Dr. A. Feldman Therese Nitsche Bernadette Kerr Miss Patricia Finnigan I. W illiams Rabies Hospital l.uclla Babes Cynthia Pilccki I.orctta Micholski, R.N. Mr. Mrs. J. Pilccki Mr. Mrs. F. Froehlich F.ddic Kwiatkowski Mrs. Fdith Weber Mike Morano Junior Feijo Debbie Lee Smith TortorielFs Club Diane E. Bezak Mary Charles Gonzalez Christine Kazmirek Mike Almeda Camile Con alez .Soli Calatrava Marie C. Kelly Bob Albinc Mr. Geraro Limaldi Anthony Policastro Mrs. Lucille Bassano Kaths Quagliato Lucs- Limaldi Mr. Genaro Limaldi Mars Ann DeFaria Mrs. Lucy I’olicastro Airs. W m. Spit er Steven Murin K. K. Quagliato Jimmy Spade Tresa F'ortc Pauline Allegro Mrs. A. Allegro Mr. L. Alter! I.ouis Forte Mrs. Yrlardo Sam Costa Mr. A. Allegro Miss Mars Ann Wcege Mr. R. Bevcrc Mr. O. DiFrancesco Carmen Cicalesc Clads Florence Mr. Anthony Jannonc Mr. F. Meehan Sam Ksviatkowski Mr. G. J. Morano Jo Anne Ravard Mr. M. I.eski Jacqueline Fiore Barbara Bedford Marjczcsvski Neil Masterson loni Lynn Durante Franki Fede Helen Celentano Mr. Mrs. Donald V. Curran Mars Canas James Mcsimer A1 Raguz j Joe .McDonnald Helen Canas Helen Wolff Frank Capasso III Flda Canas Mrs. Madeline Wolff Antoinette Favata Margaret Wolff Donna Bober Jane Kirwan Maryann Ondrejcek Patricia Parsells Mr. Mrs. H. Librizzi Irene I’alentchar Mr. Mrs. Joseph BujaRki Maggie Grodzki Julia Marcos Walter Montcrio Gina Pecoraro Kathy Famham laequeline I’ecoraro Mr. Mrs. J. Noviello Barbara Toner Barbara Nosicllo Mrs. Garruto Nick De.Mctro John Kcsclicka 'Fliomas Bauer T-Jay’s Lunch Ann Walter Karas Downtown Esso Miss Tereski Terrs Gembarski Louis Gallo Mrs. P. Pallitto Marilsn Jack Huschak Mr. Mrs. F. Adamo Peggy Andy Wargo Fast Side Sweet Shop Carmen Velez Robbie Gallo Maria Torres Rene Hurtado Philip Adamo Mr. Mrs. Mi Ilian Carmen Marrero Frank Torres Mrs. Gloria Vera Alice Ann Mess Jose Contieras Mr. Mrs. C. Mess Mr. Mrs. J. 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Ryman Elena Martinez Mrs. Thema Ventola Mary Ann illafCKio Stanley Domararki Mrs. Arnie Cunningham Mrs. P. Di Francesco Mrs. Ethel Mintz Carmel la Lattanzio Judy Caliendo Angie Orgo Tom Mac Farland Joan Roman Brenda Brown Mrs. Shirley Sunneville Pat Yacea Linda Cpruccini Mr. Mrs. Bobrowicz Richard Bohacik Bill Wanca The Kapuscinski's Mr. Mrs. W. Pawelczyk Mr. Mrs. VV. Pawelczyk John W. Todd Pat Brown Catherine Selby Geraldine De.Matteo Mr. Mrs. W. Davies Mr. Mrs. A. Zacpfel Jimmy Lynch Josephine Pepek Jirnie Fife Mr. Si Mrs. S. Szwajkowski Bator Family John (Butch) Janowski Anna Janowski Angelo's Lucheon Agnes A. Davitt Louis S. Condos Estelle Flis I-arry Pepek Maggie West Frank Fernicola Ida J Vieira Milan Smikovecus Manuela Vasques Mrs. D. Scvcrino. Jr. George Serio Mr. McCabe Charles Costanzo Mr. W. Milling P. Sagato Mr. G. Yablonsky Guider's Grocery Nancy Woytwoieh Christine Scheider Ai Schwartz Martin Milano Sharon Joyce Joe Amberg Mr. Mrs. J. Stancel Louise Pagano Mrs. A. 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Santi Ann Marie Spath Hugo Martinez Anna Nunez Mrs. Minnie Villaggio Elaine Slifko Pat Sukatskas Miss Yvoane Thomas J Si B Cleaners Frank Rubinetti James Cucuzzella Manuel Trucba Bray ton L. Smith Mrs. Kaplan Maria Pereira Miss F'lossie Buckner Susie Coruccini Helen Cicalcse Richie Scelfo Norman Slingerland Margaret Duffy Carol DiFrancesco Sandra Martinez Mr. Si Mrs. J. Pawelczyk Joe Zelcnski Mr. A. Rossi Mr Mrs. A. Testa Mrs. Lorraine DcMatteo Myles Kelly Miss DelTurro Mr. John Pietrucha Alice Vessels F'ddir Lesho Marilyn B. Harris Karen Marie Pepek Mr. Mrs. IJndsey Mr. Mrs. S. Janowski Henry Cicharacki Frank Chiras Edward Pepek Vinnic Pepek R. Fidanza Mr E. Bailey Florence Criseuolo Mary Irene Vieira I«ee Tancredi Richie Drozd Tino De Almeida

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