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JANUARY EAST SIDE HIGH SCHOOL NEWARK, NEW JERSEYA. WALTER ACKERMAN Principal3HOME DOOM ADVISERS benjamin s. lko FRANCES G. RINDAER EDWARD SAL 4FACUITYElisabeth A r me Hi no (Mr .) Clerk Helen Nw»ki (Mn.) Home Economic s Bcv» Bartner (Mm.) Hmineu Eleanor M. Bloomfield Chairman, English Lawrence Bloch Social Studies Paul P. Bogatko Phycical Education Albert BreUford Art Morrii A. Brinn l.illian Hrotman I)r. John Cavirehia Catherine A. Cleary John R. (alley Science Mr».) Mathematic Mathematic English Secretarial Margaret Coppola Jeuie C. Crummy Anthony M. Sarah Danrii l.oren L. Davit Agnes A. Davit! Sadie A. DeLeon ‘M" Health D Andrea Teacher Clerk Social Studle Ubrarlan Mr» Home Economic Science Science Lorraine Del Turco XSchola E. DiNardo Secretarial Music Dr. Henry F. Donn Chairman Physical Education and Health Beatrice Dorahutrh (Mr .) Physical Education Margaret M. Stuart Faber William S. Fa»t Eisenherg (Mr .) Chairman. Science Business Science Charles F. Fisher Art Sydney L. Flamm Corneh'us E. Mathematics Flanagan Technical Mildred M. Gilbert Edith Graham Marilyn Griffith Ruth M. Croaheit Charles L. Crubel Bernard llailperin Physical Education Home Economic Clerk Science Science English (Retired)JANUARY Anthony V. Jannonr Harold M. Jay Jnw Jeffries Margaret Jrnrn l r. Cilbrri Kahn SrtirUriil English Science Librarian Chairman. Business and Secretarial Marie C. Kelly Joseph Keselicka George M. Kessler Dr. Milton Kessler I Inyd Kingsley Freda G. Kirsch John K. lackey W ) Technical Social Studies Social Studir Technical (Mn.) English Secretarial Teacher Clerk Norma P. I citrh Beniamin S. Leon Dr. Harry Lewis Alfred Lord! Leonard l.umb May belle P. Lynch Mary E. Macintosh Michael S. Magistro Business Chairman. Social Studies Mathematics Social Studies English Technical Health Mathematics Camille S. Matbrock Bert Robert Manhoff Patrick Marchesani Arline R. Marsh. (Mrs.) Physical Education Technical K"V Mr Physical Education Nurse Efiie M. Mathirson Marion Matarano Lillian K. May Marsha Milkin tMrt- «■ Science Physical Education Home Economics English (retired) (retired)Richard A. Mlllrf William A. Herbert Moore Katherine N'clligan Engelbert J. Anthony Palnrh Janette Parmele Roth Perkins Technical Monprode, Jr. Engli.h Secretarial Ncumayer Technical Social Studio. Secretarial Chairman. (retired) English (retired) (retired) Social Studies Arthur J. Poivan Edward A. Po ner Ellen C. Richard France. C. Rindner Mr . Lillian Ritter Angelo A. Rosamilia Oliver II. Sabold Edward Sala Science Social Studies Secretarial Secretarial Secretarial Mathematic. Spanish Business (retired) Laura F. Srheftrr J. Jerome Schloster Canio M. Scoca William C. Scott Walter Siegwarth Daniel I). Singer Nellie M. Smith Fred E. Spann Mathematics Business Counselor Technical Social Studies Secretarial Physical Education Mathematic Irving I.. Springer Fannie E. Sterbenz Elizabeth Stiller Howard C. Stintiroan Eleanor Swykowski Frank V. Tansry Vincent P. Trunk Israel Tumin Business (Mr..) (Mr .) Technical Mathematic. Technical English Social Studies Pianist Art (.ecclia Valeri Stephen P. Jessie C. Wagoner Amram Whiteman Emily C. Wilder Thelma J. Wolfe Vincent J. Young Morris Zesin English Vanderhoof Englisli English Music English Chairman. Science Technical TechnicalALBEN ALMEIDA 95 Monroe Street Where’er lie treads, they say you’ll find a trail of broken hearts. V t ROSE BAGHSARIAN 18 Pacific Street With sweetness as fresh as a rose. GLORIA ROSE BENEDETTO 420 Walnut Street A sunny smile and twinkling eyes. ROBERT LEWIS CALABRESE 63 Warwick Street In all he docs he is sure to succeed. EARL L. BARNES 61 Millington Avenue For he’s a jolly good fellow! 102 Albert Avenue There is no room for sadness when we see a smiling face. 10JACQUELINE C. CARDOSA 97 Prospect Street Cute as a picture, an able artist would exclaim; With clothes, personality, and a perfect frame! PATSY A. CICALESE 311 Chestnut Street He is tops in athletics, and is good in making friends! PATRICIA IRENE CAMUSO 138 Prospect Street Better late than never! ELAINE CARAVELA 61 Jackson Street Not so tall, hut very sweet. ANN MARIE CHESEK 124 Wilson Avenue A carefree, easy-going lass. JOHN PETER CHRONIAK 151 Polk Street A handsome lad with big, blue eyes.JOSEPH JAMES CULLEN 14 Elm Hoad He looks very shy, but one finds that appearances arc deceitful. WILLIAM J. DACHOWSKI 35 Fillmore Street A fellow who seems to be very quiet, but really proves to be a riot. JANIE MOZELLE DAVIS 502 Ferry Street Nice and friendly is her style, and gay und happy all the while. 95 Harper Street A cute girl with a winning way. NICHOLAS V. COPPOLA 174 Adams Street His friendship, xs well as his happy-go-lucky way, will never be forgotten. MARIE C. CICCILINE GLORIA JOSEPHINE COSTA 148 Adams Street Charming in l»er every way.o WILLIE MAE DICE 176 Chestnut Street A friend to all who know her. MICHAEL E. DYMINSKI 35 Garrison Street A regular fellow and a very good friend. ALICE ESTEVES 22 Monroe Street A cheerful smile, and a friendly way. PATRICK JOSEPH FANCERA 148 Delaney Street He is not too quiet, nor is he too bold; He is just the type for fun. we’re told. FORREST F. FERGUSON 47 Hawkins Street The tree of knowledge flourishes behind his garden walls. THERESA FERNICOLA 338 Elm Street Pleasant, neat, and always very, very sweet.JOHN GAMBLE 656 South Eighteenth Street A little nonsense now anti then is relished by the wisest men. BARBARA JEANNE GRAY 296 West Bigelow Street A loving heart is the very beginning of all knowledge. ANN ELEANOR CERRITY 27 Hawkins Street Here, now, is friendship. LORRAINE GRUSKOS 265 New York Avenue Silence is golden. MICHAEL JOHN GIANNONE 429 Walnut Street He is one of the quiet type, whose nature never varies. DOROTHY MAE HALL 42 Clinton Place Mild of manner, and gentle Is she of heart. 14JOAN ANN HENSON 11 Myrtle Avenue aughing always, and full of fun is she. ELEANOR T. JANKOWSKI 510 Ferry Street This girl, we know, has an excellent plan, since she’s betrothed to a very special man. ALEXANDER S. KURZAWA 31 Cortland Street Men of few words are the best men. ROBERT KULINSKI 93 Houston Street I may be quiet, now and then- RICHARD HARRIS 113 Hawkins Street A friend to all, and foe to none. ARNOLD WAYNE KRESGE 3 Roanoke Avenue A nicer boy is very hard to find, since he’s both shy and quiet, and never unkind.PILAR LAVIN' 75 Wall Strict Kindness is wisdom. MARGARET MALACHEFSKI 34 Fleming Avenue Her lovely eyes are Cupid’s arms, and her every look, a dart. NORMAN LOCKERY 11 Riverview Court Still waters run deep. MOLLY ENID MARTINEZ 149 Lafayette Street She has a pleasant voice and a pleasant smile. 0 ANTHONY CORR1EA LOPES 230 Elm Street A little work, and a little play, keep me going through the day. ELLEN R. McENROE 31 Columbia Street Her voice was ever soft.ROSE MARIE MORABITO 306 East Kinney Street We are charmed by her neatness of person. ANTHONY MORELLO 95 Ann Street lie’s not too tall, but he’s plenty wise, and he’s a terror for his size. JOSEPH R. MUSCAVAGE 73 Lang Street I don’t say very much but who’s to know what I think? NELSON ANTHONY NEVES 322 Lafayette Street Full of fun and mischief, too, ami doing things he shouldn’t do. BARBARA JOAN NICIEWSKI 411 Walnut Street She’s quite the sophisticate, we all agree. SARAH ANNA NIELSON 12 Pacific Street A humble manner is more desired than a forward heart.THERESA NOBILE 194 South Street It is nice to Ik natur.il when one is naturally nice. MANUEL RODRIGUES, JR. 91 Ann Street He is happiest when farthest away from books and pen. ARLENE OSTROVSKY 26 Poe Avenue In her heart, peace; in her face, beauty. AMADOR RODRIGUEZ 153 Union Street Quiet of manner is he, and in thought, sincere. JOHN ROBERT QUINTAS 38 Monroe Street I regret I have but one heart to give to all the ludies. CAROL FRANCES RUBAN 67 Ann Street The sun reflects her radiance when she smiles. 18WILLIAM ARTHUR STARKLY 35 Warwick Street He is a little gay and a little wise. LORRAINE STELLA TOFEL 33 Schalk Street One rarely finds a person who works l oth so willingly ami so well. LORRAINE EVELYN SENNA 121 Adams Street Cood looks and personality arc hers to use. BEULAH KATHLEEN SMITH 12 Vincent Court Craciousness and friendliness are two of her charming virtues. JOHN A. THORNTON, JR. 256 Van Boren Street A good-natured, friendly sport. ARTHUR PAUL STOCK 203 Warwick Street He speaketh not; and yet, then lies a conversation in his eyes. 19ISABEL ANNE TRIANO 210 Chestnut Street With her vim, vitality, and lots of vigor, one finds looks, personality, and what a figure! ARNOLD F. VALENTINO 9) '' S ' THOMAS PATRICK TROY 137 Adams Street He is, on the surface, rather quiet. HENRY ARTHUR VASEY WILLIAM TRUPPO 252 New York Avenue Worry? Let it run away; Live a life and make it gay! ANTOINETTE M. VICIDOMINI 85 Joseph Street His charming smile, and winning ways, will keep his friends in constant praise. 73 Waydell Street He has never a worry, and never a care. 52 Elm Road She is capable, nice, and very efficient.HOWARD WALKER 87 Baldwin Street He will live to a gay old age. ESSIE DOLORES WILLIAMS 123 Oliver Street To make this world a friendly place, one must show a friendly face. MICHAEL GEORGE WARGO 88 Ann Street He is a great sportsman and a great friend. MARIE CATHERINE WEBER 113 Wilson Avenue Cheerfulness is the best of virtues. mi,met DARYL KATHRYN WRIGHT IRMA ZACHARY 106 Ann Street Fresh is youth, and the world is full of fun! 555 Ferry Street A friend is ever a precious gift.JCTIl'ITKSGraduation! Is it really here? It can’t be! Why, we have only started! But wait, that was four years ago. Goodness, time does surely fly! On that day when we first entered the old auditorium, four years seemed like such a long, long time. Now, as we look back, it seems but yesterday. Remember the feeling we all had on that Monday morning? Our faces and hands were scrubbed, our eyes were shining brightly, but oh-h-h those butterflies in our stomachs! Our first year here at Hast Side was indeed the most difficult we have ever had to face. Wc, poor Freshies, besides trying to locate our new classes and trying not to go up a “down" stairway (or vice versa), were also very busy buying those elevator passes. The construction of the new addition to the school building didn't help us much, either! As time passed, however, we became more familiar with things and we were just starting to feel rather self-satisfied about it. But, as must come to pass to all good things, our good feeling came to an abmpt end. Wc got our first report cards. The common name among us now was “forger." The Freshman year was just a whirl of confusion! Summer vacation over, we came back to East Side as Sophomores. Boy, did we delight in giving those Freshies the treatment! After all, we had gone through it! During this term we held our first class elections. After much serious campaigning, wc elected as officers the following: President, William Starkey; Vice President, Anthony Lopes; Secretary, Theresa Fernicola; and Treasurer, Irma Zachary; and, with the election over, we finally decide ! to devote some of our time to our studies. It was no secret that Steno and Typing were a mystery to the secretarial students, while Latin and algebra continued to mystify the C.P.’s. Report cards this time showed little improvement! Oh, well, there was always next term to look forward to. In 10A most of us settled down to work. Our efforts were well-rewarded, as was evidenced by our report cards. Some of us did so well that we earned Honors, and in this term we held another class election, with the following results: President, Patsy Cicalese; Vice President, Theresa Fernicola; Secretary, Ann Marie Chesck; and Treasurer, Jacqueline Cardosa. Sometime during this term some of our boys started to l ccome known in the field of sports. Pat Cicalese and Bob Calabrese were just two of many. These two l oys won awards in track and swimming, respectively. The class was as proud as the l oys were! 24Juniors at last! And what a thrill it was! Our Junior year was a big one. Our first dance, 'The 11B Rock.” was held one evening in the school gym. Music was furnished by Mr. DiNardo’s orchestra, and although most of the boys were sure that their duty was to hold up the gym walls, it was a night filled with excitement. It was, indeed, a huge success! During this term we elected, amid much enthusiasm and excitement, the following officers: President, Patsy Cica-lesc; Secretary, Carol Huban; Vice President, Jacqueline C'ardosa; Treasurer, Lorraine Senna. The term came to a quiet end. Summer vacation over, we came back to school as 11 As. Our class elections were held early in the term, resulting in the re-election of all our incumbent officers. All attention was now turned to our second dance. But it seemed we were to face a new problem. We hadn't been paying our dues, and that was bad. Not only bad, but perhaps disastrous! No money, no dance! However, Mr. Scoca, our class adviser, came through with the “share the burden" plan on a “pay as you go” basis. If we wanted a dance, we were to be taxed with two tickets! We swallowed this bitter pill and held "The Snowball Dance” on January 4, 1957. The bitter pill was sweetened when we learned the dance was a success. The term was complete for us when we were permitted to order our class rings. That day is one which no East Sider can ever forget. When one wears that coveted ring, one knows he is truly a part of East Side, and one is mighty proud of that fact. Seniors! This was our year, and it was one we shall never forget. For three years we had been striving toward our ultimate goal, and graduation was in our grasp. Election was the first thing to be taken care of this term. In previous elections the enthusiasm had been great, but in this term’s election we surpassed ourselves. The campaigning was vigorous. Our enthusiasm must have communicated itself to the rest of the school, for we were often asked. “What's happening in your class?” We voted, but we didn't hear the results until the night of our big dance, “Swing and Sway the 12B Way." The excitement of this successful dance (the boys danced with the girls), along with the thrill of hearing the results of our elections was something never to be forgotten by any of us! The results??? Oh-h-h!!! They were: President, Robert Calabrese; Vice President, Jacqueline Cardosa; Secretary, Carol Ruban; Treasurer, Antoinette Vicidomini. Our excitement did not stop here, for Senior Day came on April 12, 1957. That day is one that is burned in our memory forever. Everyone looked so 25 different. We were all grown up! During the solemn ceremony of the passing of the Torch a pin could have been heard, had it dropped in the auditorium! The 12A’s also held a dance for us after their play, and the day was truly one to remember! Did 1 say Senior Day was exciting? Well, now came the most thrilling night of all, taking a place second only to graduation. You guessed it! Our Prom! Our prom was held at the Hotel Douglas on May 3, 1957. The girls were beautiful in their gowns, and the boys really were dreamy in their tuxedos. “Drifting On A Dream” was the theme of the prom, and never were words more aptly chosen. Thus: with the elections, our dance, Senior Day, and our Prom over, we ended an unforgettable 1211 term. We came back from Summer vacation in September, 1957, only to find a big change had taken place in our class. While most of us had been caught up in the excitement of becoming Seniors, our class had dwindled to only seventy-two. This meant that we would be one of the smallest classes ever to graduate from East Side. However, there wasn’t much we could do about it now, so we decided to get started to accomplish all we had to do this term. Last year’s officers were re-elected in a rather informal election, by acclamation, but it suited us. With this taken care of, we set our minds to Senior Day again. This time it was our turn to give recognition to, and to pass on the Torch to, the new Senior B’s. This was done with solemn dignity before the entire student body and faculty, after which the old and new Seniors held a social hour and dance in the gymnasium. Senior Day over, some of us turned our efforts to our year lxx k. The Torch. Work had been started at the beginning of the term, and we had hoped to publish in early December, but this, we soon learned, was impossible. After publication. we held our Farewell Dance. This was our own class party. That night while every one had a good time. I’m sure the thought occurred to all that this was the last time the class as a whole would be together except for graduation a few days later. We had gone through four years together, and soon most of us would never see each other again. This thought, of course, saddened us; and we realized that the memories would become more dear to us with the passing of time. Although many said that they were glad to l c getting out, everyone did feel a little sad at having to leave. After all, East Side was all we had known for the last four years. It had taken us as scared, timid children and had molded and shaped us into men and women ready to face the world. This is, indeed, our Alma Mater! 261. Joan Henson 2. Elaine Ciravcla 3. Wayne Krcsgc 4. Marie Ciccilinc 5. Isabel Triano 6. Nelson Neves 7. Barbara Niciesvski 8. Joe Muscavagc 9. John Gamble 10. Bob Kolinski 11. Earl Barnes 12. Tony Lope 13. Daryl Wright 14. Palsy Cfcalesc 13. Margaret Malaebefski 16. Michael Gian none 17. Artie Stock 18. Ellen McEnroe 19. Robert Calabrese 20. Marie Weber 21. Gloria Costa 22. William Starkey 23. Alice Esteves 24. Jackie Curdata 25. Barbara Cray 26. Manuel Rodrigues D27. Alben Almeida 28. Nick Coppola 29. John Thornton 30. Joe Cullen 31. Carol Kuban 32. Terry Nobile 33. Edith Garcia 34. Lorraine Senna 35. Ann Cerrity 36. Pat Fancera 37. Thomas Troy 38. Arnold Valentino 39. Arlene Ostrovsky 40. Sarah Neilson 41. Lorraine Tofel 42. Cloria Benedetto 43. Ann Marie Chrsekwhit woiiji mum if Albon Almeida................................wasn't a flirt? Rose Baghsarian............................was lwtter known? Earl Barnes........................................was thin? Gloria Benedetto....................liked doing home work? Boh Calabrese......................wasn't class president? Dorothy Caldwell.............................wasn’t quiet? Patricia Camuso....................didn’t go to night school? Elaine Caravel a........................wouldn't do her work? Jackie Cardosa........................didn’t know Jimmy? Ann Marie Chesek......................was shy and backward? John Chroniak......................didn’t have blue eyes? Pat Cicalesc........................wasn’t a clean cut guy? Marie Ciccilinc..........................wasn’t engaged? Nick Coppola.......................didn’t have a crew cut? Gloria Costa...................................wasn’t neat? Joseph Cullen.................... didn’t work in the A P? Bill Dachowski.....................did his own home work? Mozellc Davis............................wasn’t engaged? Willie Mae Dice.......................got into any trouble? Eddie Dyminski...........................wasn’t l ashful? Alice Esteves......................learned her chemistry? Pat Fancera.........................wasn’t a regular guy? Forrest Ferguson......................wasn’t so intelligent? Terry Femicola.....................didn’t do her home work? John Gamble.........................didn’t drive a Mercury? Ann Gerrity.....................was hard to get along with? Mike Ciannonc............................liked English 8? Barbara Cray.............................wasn’t so smart? Lorraine Gruskos....................wasn’t always pleasant? Dorothy Hall.............................stopped singing? Richard Harris...............................didn’t blush? Joan Henson...................wasn’t a typical American girl? Eleanor Jankowski...................wasn’t so sophisticated? Wayne Kresgc.......................didn’t haw a nice smile? Bob Kulinski.......................didn’t have a personality? Alex Kurzawa........................didn’t have nice eyes? Pilar Lavin..................didn’t keep so much to herself? Norman I.x ckery............................was studious? Anthony Ix»pes...........................didn't sell shoes? Margaret Malacl efski.................worked in Hcnslcr’s? Molly Martinez..............................was on time? Ellen McEnroe.........................didn’t like school? Rose Morabito........................didn’t have a temper? Anthony Morcllo..........................came to school? Joe Muscavagc............................didn’t go steady? Nelson Neves................................wasn’t a riot? Barbara Nicicwski .... didn’t wear Bermuda sw-ks? Sarah Nielson........................got A’s in History? Terry Nobile.........................didn’t earn Honors? Arlene Ostro sky..................forgot the Sweet Shoppe? John Quintas.........................wasn’t a ladies’ man? Manuel Rodrigues . . . .wasn’t such a wonderful guy? Amador Rodriguez.........................was better known? Carol Ruban..........................wasn’t class secretary? Lorraine Senna........................didn’t clrccr us on? Beulah Smith . didn’t wear crazy shoes? Bill Starkey.........................wasn't a football hem? Art Stock...................................w’asn't so cute? John Thornton..................’. . . wasn’t a life guard? Lorraine Tofel...............................wasn’t so witty? Isabel Triano............................didn’t go steady? Tom Troy....................................wasn’t so big? Bill Truppo..................................wasn't so tall? Arnold Valentino.....................wasn't a regular guy? Henry Vasey.......................was known by the class? Antoinette Vicidomini .... didn’t handle our money? Howard Walker........................flunked Bookkeeping? Michael Wargo.....................•. didn't wear bucks? Marie Weber.......................didn’t go to California? Essie Williams .... wasn't so easy to get along with? Daryl Wright.................took Physical Ed and liked it? Inna Zachary......................wasn't good company? 30initial [)im:iii; (Ks Albcn Almeida Rose Baghsarian . Earl Barnes . . Gloria Benedetto . Robert Calabrese . Dorothy Caldwell Patricia Camuso . Elaine Caravcla Jackie Cardosa Ann Marie Chesek John Chroniak Patsy Cicalese Marie Cicciline Nick Coppola . . Gloria Costa . . Joseph Cullen . . William Dachowski Nlozcllc Davis Willie Mac Dice . Ed Dyminiski . . Alice Esteses . . Pat Fancera . . Forrest Ferguson . Theresa Femicola John Gamble . . Ann Gerrity . . Michael Giannone Barbara Cray . . Lorraine Gruskos . Dorothy Hall . . Richard Harris Joan Henson . . Eleanor Jankowski Wayne Kresge Robert Kulinski Alex Kurzawa . Always Agreeable . . Remarkable Bain . . . Eager Beaver . . Glamorous Babe . . . Really Clever Delightfully Cunning . . Pleasingly Cute . Everybody's Chum . . . Jersey Cutie Artful Miss Channing . . . . Just Cute . . . Popular Chum . . . Mighty Chick . . Nice, Cheerful . Generally Capable . . . Just Cautious . . Witty, Delightful . . Mighty Dynamic . Wonderful Dancer . Enjoyable Dreamer Attractively Enchanting . . Pleasant Friend . . . Fine, Foremost . . Terrific Female . Just Good-looking . . . Always Gay . . . Mcxlest Guy . . . . Bright, Gay . . . Loveable Gal Daintily High-pitched . . Reliable, Happy . . Joyful Harmony . . Everlasting Joy . . . Witty, Keen . . Romancing Kind . . . Always Kind Pilar Lavin . . , Norman Lockery . . Anthony Lopes . . Margaret Malachefski Molly Martinez . . Ellen McEnroe . . Rose Morabito . . Anthony Morello . . Joe Muscavagc . . Nelson Neves . . . Barbara Nicicwski Sarah Nielson . . . Theresa Nobile . . Arlene Ostrovsky . John Quintas . . , Manuel Rodrigues Amador Rodriguez Carol Ruban . . . Lorraine Senna . . Beulah Smith . . . William Starkey . . Arthur Stock . . . John Thornton . . Lorraine Tofcl . . Isabel Triano . . . Thomas Troy . . , William Truppo . , Arnold Valentino . . Henry Vascy . . . Antoinette Vicidomini Howard Walker . . Michael Wargo . . Marie Weber . . . Essie Williams . , Daryl Wright . . Irma Zachary . . . . . . . Pleasant I ady ............Nice Lad . . . Acceptable Lover Mischievous Merrymaker . . . Marvelous Miss ............Ever Merry . . . . Romantic Miss . . . . Artistic Man . . . . Jovial Manner . . . Natural Niceness . . . Beautifully Neat . . . . Sweet, Nice . . . Tempting Nature Attractively Outstanding ............John Quiet? . Mischievous Romancer . . . Always Reliable . . Cleverness Reigns . . . . Lovely, Sultry . . . . Bop Stepper . . . Wonderful Smile . . Ambitious, Sincere . . . . Jovial Thinker . Laughingly Tempting . . . . Ideal, Terrific . . . . Top Talker? . Wonderful Team-mate . . Agreeable Vitality . . . . Happy Villain . Ambitious, Vivacious . . . Handsome, Witty . . Mighty Wonderful ............Mild, Wild ............Easily Wise . . . Dynamic Wonder . . . Irresistible Zest 31DID MOST FOR CLASS Antoinette Vicidomini Robert Calabrese MOST SCHOLARLY and MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Theresa Nobile Forrest Ferguson MOST AMBITIOUS Carol Huban Robert ClUbrcM MOST BUSINESSLIKE MOST POPULAR Carol Ruban Arnold Valentino Jacqueline Cardosa l’utty Cicalcsc MOST SOPHISTICATED MOST CHARMING Barbara Nictcwski John Gamble Theresa Fcmicola John Gamble BEST LOOKING NEATEST Lorraine Senna William Starkey Theresa Fcmicola Robert Kulinski 32 Dill CHOICE MOST COURTEOUS Theresa Femicola Arthur Stock BEST DRESSED Gloria Costa Robert Kulinski MOST MUSICAL Dorothy Hall Joseph CullenBEST ARTISTS Ann Marie Chnck Nicholas Coppola MOST QUIET Pilar Lnvin Michael Ciannonc MOST ROMANTIC Dai l Wright William Tnippo BEST DANCERS Inna Zachary Earl Barnes MOST FLIRTATIOUS Isabel Triano William Tnippo MOST ATTRACTIVE Isabel Triano John Chroniak MOST SHY Rose UaKhs.ni.tn Alexander Kurzawa NICEST SMILE Marie Ciccilinc Nicholas Coppola MOST TALKATIVE Alice Esteves Manuel Rodrigues FUNNIEST COMEDIANS Lorraine Tofcl Nelson Neves MOST CAREFREE Margaret Malachefski William Dachowski GREATEST DREAMERS Arlene Ostrovsky John Quintas J3Outside my window the wind is howling, and the beating sleet is trying hard to break the panes. It is cold, cold with a stinging coldness that penetrates the very marrow of one’s bones. Inside this firelit room the contrast is luxurious and it is nice, sitting by this fireside. The flames dance and die away as I watch them. I am hypnotized by their flickering, and I dream. I dream of our Senior Prom. It seems but yesterday that I danced with Pat Fanccra at the Hotel Douglas to the dreamy music of Mr. Di Nardos orchestra. There seemed to be miles and miles and miles of net and tulle and fluffy loveliness there that night. I remember Janice Elliott with our class president, Bob Calabrese, and Antoinette Vicidomini with her boy friend John Do Angelo, and there were also Marie Weber and Tom Troy. Even' one looked so different that night that they didn't seem to be the same classmates I had always known. Then, too, I remember Gloria Benedetto and Bill Dachowski, and Rosalie Russo with John Quintas, and Mike Wargo with his girl friend Audrey I ewan-dowski. Let me think, who were some of the others who were there? Oh! Yes! Terry Fernicola was with her escort Jimmy Leonardis; and Gloria Costa was with Arnold Valentino, while Lorraine Senna had come with Red Camaroto. 34MAY 3, 1957 The dance floor was crowded and every one was having a wonderful time! Pat Cicalese was dancing with cute Gi Gi Herman, and Rita Mehrman with Wayne Kresge. Dorothy Hall popped suddenly into view with a marine whom, 1 guess, was her boy friend Ted Lee. As every one danced, I can remember Steve Roxas and Isabel Triano, and Bob Kulinski and Elaine Bjorlingsson. I could hardly believe that they were the same people whom I knew, especially those boys in their tuxedos. They looked like suave sophisticates, which, looking back, they perhaps were. When I saw John Thornton and Joan Napurano, and Lucille Gazzio with Bill Truppo, I was wishing I had brought my camera, but Earl Barnes and Terry Ranson, and Joe Cullen with Joanne Rawa danced by, and my mind wandered. Through the mist of time I see the many couples gathering in the lobby to have their pictures taken as a memento of the night. Let me see, there were Joe La Cara and Peggy Malachefski, John Chroniak and Josephine Cariello, Arlene Ostrovsky who was with Joe Guiliano, and Elaine Gowak w'ho was with Art Stock. The gowns w’ere beautiful. Most of the girls were wearing the strapless, ankle-length type. It all looked like a rainbow with such an array of many colors. Barbara Orlando and Bill Starkey made a lovely couple, and so did Marianne Devino and Joe Muscavage.Snap! I can just hear the camera clicking now. Lillian Olivieri and Nelson Neves had just had their pictures taken, and Marie Rodrigues and All en Almeida were to he next. John Gamble and Margy Salmorin, and Nick Coppola and Peggy Rottino were having a wonderful time, and Rosemarie Petrucelli and Tony Lopez were, too. On that night it was difficult to recognize some of our faculty, since they looked different from usual. There was Mr. Scoca, our class adviser, and Mr. and Mrs. Ackerman sitting next to Mr. and Mrs. Griffiths. And gee, I can just remember how pretty Miss Rindner looked that night. The dance floor was so very crowded that I could just about sec Mr. and Mrs. Scott, and Mr. and Mrs. Sal . Mr. Salz had really looked his best-handsome! The wind is quieting down outside, and the sleet seems to have stopped. The fire is slowly dying out. The flames have stopped their dancing—evert as the Prom had come to an end—and glowing embers send their last warmth and light to waken me from my dream of yesterday. How very beautiful that nature gave us the faculty of memory, and the semi-world of dreams. What many lovely things one has lived through! At each recall one can enjoy them over and over again in conscious memory, and on a lazy, stormy evening, before a fire, one may dream. 36SCHOOL Dm and learned to appreciate the classics and where the chemistry experiments really took our breath away directions ASSOCIATE eii mi ii Barbara Joan Nlcicwskl Daryl Kathryn Wright ASSISTANT EDITORS THE TORCH Ann Marie Chesek 40 STAFF ARTISTAnn Eleanor Cerrity Robert Kulinski Arnold Frank Valentino BUSINESS Antoinette M. Vicidomini110 Ml I! SOCIETY STUDENT ORGANIZATION HISTORY CLPBUSINESS mu ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE LIIIIIABY STAFFDRAMATIC CLUBSCIENCE CLUB JR. RED CROSS a a Q q M O H It A VII DA CE (I H (IIESTUA s mini im ORCIIESTHA 48TWIRLERS CHESS CLUB VISUAL AIDS CLlllSOCCER TEAM CROSS COUNTRY TEAM CHEERING SQUAD 51PAT CICALESE NICK COPPOLA WAYNE KRESCE BILL TRUPPO ARNOLD VALENTINO LORRAINE SENNA JOHN THORNTON BOOSTERS and m Jolly and Johnnie Hosrmary Volosin Valeria Hi' nuk Phyllis Pepck Mrs. George Policastro Ellen Watson Violet Kee Che Kilecn Comiskey l’alila Montavo Hit hard Trotzmku Ernie and Eddie Beverly Kobinson Frank Best Chanda Gregory Charles II. Smith, Sr. Carolyn and Haywood Thompson Delores and Nathaniel Selina Conover Charles Baltimore Joseph J. Rodgers Stanley M. Michalski William Hall Joseph Feder Jimmy and Jackie Joseph Benedetto, Sr. Sirs. JoKjih Benedetto Carolcc Benedetto Donald McCormack Donald and Gloria Mrs. A. Alicks Mrs. Thomas Peldunas Louise Benedetto Joan and Bill Seymour C. Heck Nellie Smith Marie Romeo Gene and Irene Barbara Gray Pixie tiancla Carl Marcbak Mrs. D. Cox Tony Santos Tony Alho Mona and Bumper Hank and Fclccia Pat and Bill Marlcy Pat and Bill Frankie Niciewski Frank X. Cerminaro Norman Hansen Ed Drazek James C. Brito Sherry Mrs. William J. Kelly Emil Bruchmuii Margaret Jcsscn Isabel Triano Bemio Triano Sal Broccoli Edward Schmidt Bcmic Triano Josephine Parascando Grace and Charlie Rose Marie Landi Cookie and Ernie Mary Benson Catherine Bennett A Friend Mrs. Moric C. Thornton Carmel la and Josephine Mr. and Mrs. Victor Pabst Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kopecki Mrs. Marie C. Thornton Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stock Carole Kopecki Ronnie Pabst Raymond Pacos Eddie Charles Joe Misiak Bob and Terry Arthur Charles Mr. and Mrs. D. Riley Cathy Loncbar Pauline Frjat Mr. and Mrs. William Hauser hn Wankmuellcr ta Mchrman Maureen Murphy John McEvoy Ed Renting Stanley Wyrwa Irene Hauser Ray Conk Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Oakley Kathleen Cichowski Carole Stombash Pat and Terry Mary and Delores Jack Jacobi Frances Jacobi Carol Wallmon Mary Rose Fernandez Mr. and Mrs. John Earl Mrs. M. Coppola Dorothy Haincr Geraldine Drust Maybelle Lynch Charles Grubcl Cy Ruggiero Mrs. Margaret Eisenberg Mrs. Corine Williams Brenda Rolierson Hairy F. Douu Ida Jones Mr. and Mn. M. Carraano Barbara Benton Scant and ' inno Hairy Serio Alice Stecki Virginia Cosmanian Carabed Morchian Andrew Giovinuzzo Danny Winter Aunt Flo and Uncle Bill Mrs. William Cook Gloria Mucvi John Pevemick lilly and Debbie Cook Bill Robinson James Farley Fred McDermott Marie Wagner Katherine Palumbo Irma and Nick Mrs. Walter Nelson Deacon Walter Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Philip Thomas Carolyn Toney Brenda Hobbs Barbara B. Lewis Emic and Joe Annu Haxty Frank S. O'Neill John Ftshcr Richard Dvolsky Larry Dino Josephine Costa Nicholas Trabachino Doc Green Tony Cattuso Anthony M. DcSulvo John McGrath Lester G. Durric Joseph J. Culino Arthur Crookcr William Hoaro Richard V. Mancini Felix Fontanc Nicholas DiDia Frank Russo, Jr. Michael J. Cerrity, Sr. Mrs. Joseph Cremcn Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Wunter Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Morey Dr. and Mrs. A. Klcisslcr Richard Ruban Emil C. Ruban, Jr. Barbara Stalowski Helen Plcva R. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. W. Donalcski Terry Romano Pat Romano Ben Hodman Joanne and Eddie Smith David Hodman Mr. and Mrs. Mike Raccvia Mr. and Mrs. Manny Costa Joe Caravela John McKcevcr Frank McClynn Mrs. William Hall Mrs. Frederick Dickerson Mr. and Mrs. Louis Dobak Phil Lamberti joe Valentino Peggy Schwartz Mrs. I-eon Dobak Leon Dobak Ronald Dobak Mrs. C. Nielsen C. Nielsen A. Walter Ackerman Alice Bartcll Jill PIcxtiik Diane Beles Robert Stec Lucy Petti Nelson and Barbara Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grocling Cranny Bridges Mr. and Mrs. Harry Soden Mr. and Mrs. Henry Grocling Mr. and Mrs. John Lindgrrn Walter Drozd Rose Landi Bob Houle Mr. and Mrs. Sam Costa Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Costa Jean Sangaro Carol and Carole Mr. and Mrs. James Antioria Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Costa Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kapclcwski Rose Sahul Deacon Robert Thomas Harold Thomas Mrs. Harold Thomas Robert Lang Mrs. Fred Cullar Melvin Pearson Mrs. Robert Thomas Hcrshey Edwards Richard Harris Dolores Maglio Mary Cicalcse Jew and Marianne Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Muscavagc Nln. E. Vclardi Jim Murzano, Jr. Arthur M. Meeker Reggie Zarnick Charles J. LaMotta Nickie and Mclla Mrs. Albert McCully Mrs. Carmine Alfano Mrs. Zelia Mncci Mr . Ruth A. Malavasi Robert Gallo Tommy Lcusen H. G. Stulec Harriet Hamilton Minuet Hamilton A1 Masonius Anthony Dc Rose Cuz Eleanor M. Bloomfield Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Dc Vivo Joseph Coy Billy Cutely Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gruskot Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hcnningcr Tom and Lorraine Lottie Stroz Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cuwarccki Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ro)ck Annette Smith Elaine and Joe Mrs. Loretta Valentino Mrs. Churlcs Dennis Mrs. Joseph Sahul Frank Sahul Manuel and Kathy Kathy and Eddie Marco Babe and Carmen Del and Dot Joseph Almeida AUnuki Almeida Curmclla Almeida Eleanor Kurlik Nancy Edwards lanicc Elliott Mary Ann and Fred Barbara Salagaj Joan Bernhardt Ir. and Mrs. E. Martin Michael Giordano Emma Hcinmcll Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mastandrca Paul Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bruno Geraldine and Robert Frank Cullari Steve Toroow Betty Gurski Beverly Carver Evelyn and Minnie Sal and Sonny Tony Santos Laura Alfred Bernice and Ronald Pat Mathers Mr. and Mrs. John Pirro Mary Ann Ceuta Jinny Mrs. Lawrence Costa Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Schaefer Bill Fctzcr Tom and Barbara Tony and Mary Dolores Placko Mrs. Martin Dcbcsis Michael Dyminski Mrs. Michael Dyminski Robert K. Dyminski Billy Di Cise, Jr. Edith Russell Elaine Cullen Frank J. Oakley Charles Cullen Mac Cullen Robert Wurster Josephine Monguso Grace Wurstrr Helen and Mike Ann Mr. and Mrs. A. Orlando Mrs. Eugene Troy Carol and Beverly Mary Troy Ruby Abelian William I. Schwcnck William J. Reese I .ester Branch Mis. Herman Geiger Mary Gerstner Nick Liloia Herman Dyke lama Gerardi Albert M. Charles Edward Schwrnck Joan Trojanowicz Cindy Del Cuerrio ioann Napicrkowski Ir. and Mrs. P. Napicrkowski John Cavicchia Mr. and Mrs. Emil C. Ruban Mr. and Mrs. Albert Saggau Mr. and Mrs. Norman Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Amaral Michael War go Dotty Plesnik Ree and Josephine Ginger and Teddy Connie and Jimmy Artie Alves John and Lil Jack Vieira Joseph Pinho John Silva George L. Maggio Jack Coyle David Rouse Henry Ccncja Jack Coyle William Monprodc Marie C. Kelly Rose Marie Gamble Ann Zito Mr. and Mrs. John Higgins Mr. and Mrs. John Gamble Mrs. Marion Matarazzo Harry L. Serio Gladys Connor Rose Marie Pctrucclli Carol and Dianne Corric Audrey Lcwandowski Mike and Audrey Cynthia and Dennis Loniak Marcia and Joan Pat and Barbara Lob and Mary Jo and Angie Domcnick Nasto Miggy Giordano Morey Wichowski Myrna Feinhals Jackie and Iimmy Evelyn Cardosa Florence Augustine Butch Cardosa Philip Benedetto Joseph Benedetto, Jr. Paul P. Bogatko A1 Moraes Vincent Gallucci Anthony Santos Eugene Santos Madalinc Sahatino Joyce and Fritzy Charlie Badorc Frances Brandimartc Mrs. C. Boland Addie Woodard Schenck Michael Jacobs Walter Sobish Richard Colgan Camille Nasto Judy and Angie Mrs. W. Balcrrski Linda Wright Emily G. Wilder Mrs. Don Armellino Agnes A. Davitt Mrs. John C. Edreo Mrs. Howard Mather June Fautz Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Nordhausen Mr. and Mrs. H. Hellwig Arlene Seprn Andy Bachmann Elaine Gabura Mona Bartley Ginney Mawen Hob Griffith Engelbert J. Neumayer Don Drydra Mr. and Mrs. D. Vizthum Mr. and Mrs. Acie Harris William Anberg Peter Lewis Sirs. William Caldwell Mrs. Amador Rodriguez Wayne Hodge Jacqueline Kozon Mr. and Mrs. I,. Mascitello Patricia Moskos Mr. and Mrs. Joan Valickas Mrs. C. Valickas Nancy Constabile Edward Posner Comindo Kspositu Mr. and Mrs. George Laskey l,orrainc Del Turco Loretta Lewis Grace Cicalese Josephine Lopez Sandra I.aurm.i Judy Gorman John Milano Wilma Balicsky Mathew Monica Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller Mr. and Mrs. W. J. PerryMr». Fran Blank Ml . Do I ore Salabun John Liu ska Penny Kruln Mr. and Mr . 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New Jersey MArket 3-7869 MIKE PALLITTO’S SPORT SHOP SPORTING GOODS - WORK CLOTHES CAMPING and SPORTS WEAR 315 Walnut Street Newark 5, N. J. Mitchell 2-9617 LEO’S TAVERN 112 Pulaski Street Newark 5. N. J. 63MArkct 3-1790 MArkct 2-3000 H. A. GREENE CO. SPORTING GOODS ALDERNEY DAIRY COMPANY Your School Sweaters in Stock - • Outfitters for East Side High School Athletic Teams MILK and CREAM OF HIGH QUALITY • - 28 HALSEY STREET 26 BRIDGE STREET NEWARK 2, NEW JERSEY NEWARK 2, NEW JERSEY COLLEGIATE CAP AND GOWN COMPANY Manufacturers of CHOIR ROBES . . . BAND OUTFITS . . . SPECIALTIES ACADEMIC CAPS, GOWNS and HOODS » 366 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK, NEW YORK M Published Semi-Annua My EAST SIDE HIGH SCHOOL Newark, New Jersey June 19587 7 7 7 Y 7 7  {. Tifciit r rfc vuiuXH PRINCIPALVICE PRINCIPAL 7 isiae£ CLASS ADVISER 6 JOHN R. COFFEY PAUL BOGATKO M0K ,S A. afi(NN NORMA P. LEITCH HMK ftdvUl Ul ELLEN C. RICHARD ANGELO A. ROSAMILIA 8Dr. Gilbert Kahn Business and Secretarial Dr. Harry Lewis Mathematics William A. Monprodc. Jr. Social Studies Vincent J. Young Technical 10Sabby Addonizio Physical Education Catherine Alexander iMn.l Physical Education Elizabeth Armclllno (Mrs. Cleric Helen Balccrskl (Mrs. Home Economics Best Bartner (Mrs. Business JUNE, 1958 Lawrence Bloch Social Studies Paul P. Bogatko Physical Education Albert Brelsford Art Morris A. Brinn Science Lillian Brotman (Mrs. Secretarial Arnold Burstcin Spanish Or. John Cavlcchia Mathematics Catherine A. Cleary Mathematics John R. Cottey English IIMargaret Coppola (Mrs.) Homo Economics Jctiio C. Crummy Health Anthony M. D'Andrea Science Sarah Oansit Teacher Clerk (Deceased) Loren L. Davit Social Studies Agnes A. Davitt Librarian Sadie A. DeLeon (Mrs.' Science Lorraine DcITurco Secretarial Nicholas I. DiNardo Music Beatrice Dornbusch (Mrs.) Physical Education Margaret M. Ciscnberg (Mrs.) Science William S. Fast Business Charles F. Fisher Art Sydney L. Flamm Mathematics Cornelius E. Flanagan Technical Mildred M. Gilbert Physical Education, (retired) Edith Graham Home Economics Marilyn Griffith Clerk Ruth M. Gronhcit Science Charles L. Grubcl Science Seymour C. Heck John F. Handler Louis A. Horwitf August Jannarone Anthony V. Jannone Harold M. Jay English Business Physical Education. Technical Secretarial English (on furlough)Jesse Jeftrics Science Margaret Jessen Librarian Marie C. Kelly Secretarial Joseph Keselicka Technical George M. Kessler Social Studies Or. Milton Kessler Social Studies John K. Lackey English Norma P. Lcitch (Mrs. Health Benjamin S. Leon Business Alfred Lordi Social Studies Leonard Lumb Mathematics May belle P. Lynch Social Studies Mary E. Macintosh English Michael S. Magistro Technical Camille S. Malorock i Mrs.) Physical Education Bert Robert Manhoff Physical Education Patrick Marchcsani Arline R. Marsh, R.N. Effic M. Mathieson Marion Matarasxo Lillian K. M Technical (Mrs.) (Mrs.) (Mrs.) Science Nurse Home Economics (retired) English (retired) Marsha Milkin Physical Education Rickard A. Miller Herbert Moore Katherine Nelligan Engelbert J. Ncumayer Anthony Paluch Janette Parmcle Technical English Secretarial English Technical Social Studies I retired I (retired)Ruth Perkins Arthur J. Poiv.in Secretarial Science (retired! Frances R. Pollack (Mrs.) Secretarial Edward A. Posner Social Studies Ellen C. Richard Secretarial Angelo A. Rosamilia Mathematics Edward Salz Business Laura F. Schcttcr (Mrs.) Mathematics J. Jerome Schlosscr Mathematics Canio M. Scoca Business William C. Scott Counselor Walter Sicgwarth Technical Daniel D. Singer Social Studies Nellie M. Smith Secretarial Fred E. Spann Physical Education Irving L. Springer Business Fannie E. Stcrbcnx (Mrs.) Pianist Elizabeth Stiller (Mrs. i Art Howard G. Stintsman Technical Eleanor Swykowski Mathematics Frank V. Tanscy Technical Vincent P. Trunk English Israel Tumin Social Studies Cecelia Valeri English Stephen P. Vandcrhoof Technical Jessie C. Wagoner English Emily G. Wilder Music Thelma J. Wolfe English Morris Zevin ScienceORA LUCILLE ADAMS 47 East Kinney Street A quiet and sincere girl, who came to us from her senior year at Dunbar High School, Baltimore, Maryland. We wish her well. MARIUS AMBRAZIEJUS 331 Walnut Street An easy-going fellow with a pleasant smile, he was a member of the choir and band, and was active also in the History and Spanish Clubs. ROBERT JAMES AGLIATA 298 Chestnut Street A sincere student who earned honors throughout his four years here. A member of the Latin and Visual Aids Clubs, he was also a Student Council delegate. JOHN H. ANSTISS 30 Horatio Street John is that fun-loving lad from 313 He was a member of the track and football teams for one year. 16 LOUIS MICHAEL ALBERTO 98 Malvern Street As a member of the varsity basketball and baseball teams, Lou added much to our school's athletic record. He is the kind of lad we are proud to have as a classmate. BARBARA JOAN ARNDT 1 64 Polk Street Barbara's blonde hair and green eyes added a delightful attraction to the football field, where she appeared as a twirler for two years, and as a drum majorette in her senior year. She «s a lovely girl with a pleasing personality.MELVYN MANUEL ARROYO 333 Lafayette Street Mel is a quiet friendly senior, who was a member of the Drarnatics Club, and was also a member of the track team. JOSEPH S. ATTANASIO 235 Adams Street A serious-minded student, Joe was a member of the track team for one year. He was also a member of the Visual Aids and Latin Clubs. ANNETTE GLORIA AUGUST 294 Walnut Street Dark hair and pretty eyes describe Annette. She is a pleasant person to know, and is a real asset to our class. ROSEANN T. AULENBACH 62 Hawkins Street Cute and petite! That's Roseann, who was representative to the Red Cross and delegate to the Student Council. She always had a friendly smile for every one. Bill is one of those big happy-go-lucky boys from 313. He was a member of our swimming team for one year. GERALD EMIL BARTIROMO 67 Warwick Street A congenial and friendly fellow, well-liked by all of his classmates. 17JEAN BERTHA BAUER I 26 Wilson Avenue Quiet and friendly, Jean has been a member of the Library and Announcer Staffs. She was also a member of the Girls' Glee Club. WALTER P. BIELSKI 627 Ferry Street Walt is one of those nice boys from "upstairs". He enjoys sports and outdoor activities, although he has had little opportunity to participate in them. JOAN ELAINE BERNHARDT 164 Polk Street Joan made honors throughout her four years, and she spent much of spare time helping out as secretary to the Physical Education Department. DAVID D. BLAKE 203 Magazine Street Dave is a rather quiet boy. He was a delegate to the Student Council from 317. ANNA MARIE BIEKSHA 500 Market Street Anna is quiet, pleasant, and retiring. Otherwise little heard from, she has helped to swell the music of the Girls' Glee Club. STEPHEN JOSEPH BOHACIK 20 Rome Street Steve is the studious type. He was representative from his home room to the Junior Red Cross. 18JOAN ANN BONDURA 40 Main Street Joan was a busy miss during her four years. She was president of the Business Club, Student Council delegate, member of the Girls' Glee Club, and member of the Honor Society. FLORENCE BONILLO 33 Pacific Street Sweet and petite, that's "Babe", who was a delegate to the Student Council. She is a lovely girl, with charming manners. JOHN THOMAS BORSKE 84 Ann Street John is a quiet fellow. His many pleasant ways added real |oy to our senior year. SALVATORE BROCCOLI 207 Pennington Street Sal is the most care-free senior in his entire class Conversation with Sal reveals that he hasn't a care in the world! He is a nice big boy. CATHERINE BROWN 173 Morris Avenue Here is a likable girl with charming manners. She is a member of the band, and of the Servette Club. ROBERT JOHN BUCCINE 33 Darcy Street Bob is a nice fellow who always jokes with every one. His pleasant personality will be of great help to him. 19DIANA PATRICIA BURNS 54 Wilson Avenue Diana is noted for her firey red hair. An active girl, she was a member of the Glee Club and of the Business Club. She also served as a member of the Library Staff. lUhf 1 IJa BARBARA ANN CALDWELL 183 Pennington Street "Pretty and quiet" describe Barb. Her pleasant personality was a real asset to our class. ELLEN AMALIE BUSTARD 52 Lexington Street Sociable Ellen never has a free moment. She participated in the History, Latin, and Garden Clubs, and was elected to the National Honor Society. ELLIS VINCENT CANAL, Jr. 198 Malvern Street Give him a sax and he's happy. He is one of the boys responsible for the greatness of our school dance orchestra. Who will ever forget "Harlem Nocturne"? 20 MARTHA J. CAIN 1 17 Hunterdon Street Martha is a peppy cheer leader who enjoys sports. She was a member of the Latin and History Clubs. PATRICIA F. CAROLAN 123 Tichenor Street Pat is one of the.girls whom we may thank for making the football stands get up and cheer. She belonged to the Servette and Business Clubs, and was the whip-lash in the preparation of this book.WILLIAM JOSEPH CARR 23 Lentz Avenue Bill is that nice boy from 208 He was a member of the track team for three years, and a fleet-footed lad he was, too. MARY ANN CENTRA 40 Warwick Street Mary Ann is a small girl with plenty of pep, and one whom we may thank for the wide circulation of our Announcer. JEAN DOLORES CATENA 43 Brookline Avenue, Nutley Jean has worked very hard with our cheering squad. She is a very attractive girl, and has become a good friend to all of us. JAMES A. CICALESE 287 Adams Street Jimmy is our class clown. He is a little boy, full of mischief, but is serious enough to be a member of the Key Club. VIRGINIA HOPE CARVALHO 227 Jefferson Street Ginny is the girl who always has a twinkle in her eye. An active member of our class, she participated in the activities of the Dramatics and History Clubs. She also was a member of the National Honor Society. BEVERLY ANN CHABRA 38 Marne Street Bev is a sophisticated girl with plenty of charm. Her activities include the Announcer Staff, History Club, and Student Organization. She is a member of the Honor Society.A LORRAINE F. CIFELLI 108 Ferguson Street Lorraine is that pretty girl who is always sporting a new hair "do”. An active member of our Prom Committee, she also served on the Library Staff. i MARGARET ROSE COLLUMB 81 Niagara Street Marge is one of our sweetest girls, with one of the nicest personalities. NANCY C. COSTABILE 1 54 Dclancey Street Friendly and dependable, efficiency, in its fullest meaning, is contained in that small stature. All these qualities are found in Nancy. CONGETTA L. CUSUMANO 31 Downing Street Connie is the girl with the long, pretty hair. Our teachers will never forget her, since she was of great help in solving their typing problems. RAYMOND GEORGE CONK 90 Garrison Street Ray is one of the friendly lads from 313. He was a member of the Science and Mathematics Clubs. PAUL LEONARD CUTRINO 12 Merchant Place CAROL ANN CZAJKOWSKI 84 Rome Street A quiet girl with lovely brown hair. A member of the Girls' Glee Club and of the Choir, Carol is also one of the girls who helped to make our prom a success. 22 Paul is a nice fellow with a friendly smile. He enjoys sports. He was a member of the track and baseball teams, and participated also in the activities of the Science and Mathematics Clubs.ROBERT E. DANIELAK 23 Hawkins Street Bob, our staff artist, is intent on his art. With a smile for everyone, he is a very fine person to know. ANNA ANDREA DUTCH 97 Garrison Street Anna is one of our quiet Seniors who enjoys the great outdoors, and who proves it as a member of the Garden Club. ARTURO DOMINGUEZ, Jr. 11 Cedar Street, Hillside Artie is a happy-go-lucky boy. He was a member of our football team, and is a great fellow with a keen sense of humor. MARGARET ERVINGTON 80 West Alpine Street Marge is a quiet girl who, besides being a member of the Girls' Glee Club, was a great friend to all her classmates. . u - • m GERALDINE ANN DRUST 400 Walnut Street A tall girl, and unobtrusive. Geraldine's extra-curricular activities have kept her quite busy. She was a member of the History, Business, Garden, and Glee Clubs. JUDITH ANN FELL 55 Oxford Street Judy will make her employer a good secretary. She was treasurer of the Business Club, and was elected to the National Honor Society. 23 NELSON A. FERNANDES 94 Houston Street Nel comes to us from Seton Hall. His height, his neat appearance, and his manner, demand a second look. HELEN ANN FICZKO 46 Magazine Street Helen was one of the very active members of our class. She was also a member of the History Club and of the Honor Society. MICHAEL T. FERRARA 216 Van Buren Street Micky is the friendly lad who has a smile for everyone. His school activities included baseball, bowling and the Latin and Stamp Clubs. HELEN TERESA FILLO 58 Christie Street Helen's auburn hair and green eyes are quite delightful. She is a member of the Assembly Committee. WILLIAM M. FETZER 1 12 Brill Street Bill is one of the quiet Seniors who spent much time with books. For sports he enjoyed baseball, in which he was a member of the J V team. JOYCE MARIE FOERTSCH 80 Yx Komorn Street Joyce is one of the quietest, yet one of the friendliest, girls. Her lovely blonde hair is one of her many attractions. 24CARMELLA M. FRESULONE 283 Walnut Street Carmclla is identified by her beautiful long pony tail. She is a charming girl who has enjoyed her high school life, and has added much pleasure to ours. REGINA J. GALISEWSKI 1 8 Fillmore Street Regina is a friendly person who, never given to repeating gossip, always has something good to say about others. ROBERT ANTHONY GALLO 89 Napoleon Street Bob is a serious-minded student who is a lot of fun. He was a member of the Visual Aids Club. JELSA GIANTOMASI 300 Lafayette Street Jelsa, a very pretty girl, has short, black hair. She is a serious student who filled her career as a member of the Business, History, and Servcttc Clubs. JUDITH ANNE GIORDANO 110 Jefferson Street Having mastered steno and typing, Judy will, one day, be a very fine secretary. Her adeptness is'Cnhanced by her sweetness and interest in others. MICHAEL A. GIORDANO 18 Downing Street Mike is a very pleasant person, with a nice personality. He was a member of the Visual Aids Club. 25PATRICIA ANN GIORDANO 279 Van Burcn Street The application of thought to everything she did, made her high school career the more pleasant. VICTOR M. GONZALEZ 160 Lafayette Street Varsity football was his greatest interest, he having given three of his four years to the game. He is a good sport and is liked by all. RALPH CARMAN GIORDANO 283 Chestnut Street A football player of note, as well as a steadfast friend, made us proud to know him. LORRAINE GORZENIK 75 Hawkins Street She'll always remember working for Mr. Lumb for two of her East Side years. Bowling seems to be the sport she most enjoyed. 26 FRANCINE GOLDENBERG 57 Congress Street She worked tremendously hard during her four years at East Side, and her National Honor Society membership is proof thereof. PATRICIA CLAIR GUSTOS 31 Fillmore Street While working hard to hold her membership in the Honor Society, she was also an Announcer representative. Her intelligent planning was of great help to our Prom Committee.JOSEPH HALL 220 South Street Many times he proved that his work was done-and always well done. This man will be hoard from in time to come. HERMAN HAWK 368 Dayton Street Basketball, football, and track have long since taken hold of him. Now's the time to play the game! GAIL MARIE HILLIARD 47 Napoleon Street During her four years at East Side she took part in many activities, and in the Business Club, as well as on the Dance and Prom Committees, and the Student Council, she proved herself a conscientious worker. JOAN HOWARD 28Vi Providence Street Joan was a member of the Student Council, and an Announcer representative. We always appreciated her ideas, since they dealt mainly with the answers to any type of problem. NAOMI HOWARD 89 Astor Street She was a home room representative for our school paper, the Announcer. Her fancy was for singing in the Glee Club, and her voice was often heard above the rest. JOAN ELIZABETH HOY 87 Garrison Street She worked, now and then, in the Guidance Office, a task which proved to be brightly amusing She also was a member of the Business Club. 27CATHERINE ANN HUZAR 3 Horatio Court Typing, and many other kinds of work, were her enjoyment. Being conscientious in her studying kept her on the Honors List, but she found time to be of help in our administrative office. DOLORES KAPUSCINSKI 73 Ferguson Street While putting a great deal of her mind to her studies, she was also a member of the Business Club. ARLENE ANN JOHN 221 Ferry Street She was so quiet, and so very shy; but she made up for it by being very clever in every thing she ever did. DOROTHY KAPUSCINSKI 73 Ferguson Street A Business Club member, and an astonishing high school student. She and her sister twin were our confusion. 28 JOHN JOSEPH KALAFUT 6 Horatio Court We appreciate his running 'round the track for one full year, and also for his faking part as delegate to the Student Council. JOSEPH FRANK KEIFFER 27 Darcy Street He splashed around for some years, and as a member of the swimming team he proved to be very successful.PATRICIA ANN KOPACK 79 Lang Street She was always so friendly with all of us. The tremendous amount of interest she had in her schooling, as well as in her other activities, were our envy. ARTHUR WALTER KRUEGER 99 Niagara Street Without wasting any time he would complete his projects thoroughly, "for he," as the learned Zarathustra said, "by geometric scale could take the size of pots of ale." CAROL SANDRA KOZIMOR 1 54 Paris Street Along with all her studies, the History Club, the Red Cross, and the Prom Committee, she was quite the busy girl. ROBERT ANDREW KUBACK 87 Napoleon Street Participation in both the indoor and outdoor track and swimming events were his greatest concerns, and East Side's prestige was enhanced through his successes. NANCY LILLIAN KOZIMOR 40 Gotthart Street At first judgment she appears to be so very quiet; but once you arc well acquainted with her, your opinion, now based on new evidence, will change. PATRICIA ANN KUCY 24 Fleming Avenue In the short time we have known her she has proven to us that she has much ability, together with good sense—rare attributes, indeed, in the human being. 29RAYMOND JOHN KUCZKO 88 Houston Street Here among the common men is another of our very quiet lads, in proof, indeed, of the words of the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln, who said, "The Lord must have loved the common people, for he made so many of them." MARIE ANN LAMANA 80 Wall Street She was home room representative to the Junior Red Cross and a member of the Business Club. Her deep concentration on her studies was much admired by all of us. PATRICIA ANN LADA 334 Oliver Street She seems a very easy-going person, but mastery of herself caused her to plan and to think about her work with motionless effort. ROSE MARIE M. LAVINGNO 3 Horatio Court Her smiling face you'd be sure to see when collecting for any worthy cause. She was Red Cross representative, in consequence, as well as a very busy student. LOIS MARIA LEVANT 379 Walnut Street She has enthusiasm for any type of work. She was monitor and Girl Friday for a number of teachers during her four years at East Side, and she will be sadly missed. ARLENE M. LAGATTUTA 113 Delancey Street Being a member of the Glee Club, and of the History and Mathematics Clubs, have kept her quite busy; but membership in these activities did not at all keep her name from the Honors List. THOMAS PAUL LENZI 332 Lafayette Street Tom is one of the most ambitious of boys. He played football for one year, and was team manager for two years. He did much of the leg work for this book.AUDREY J. LEWANDOWSKI 72 Elm Road She was a sincere and energetic worker and placed as assistant in the Boys' Gym office. She favored that most, over all her school work. SANDRA MAE LIPSON 1 Hawkins Court She served on the Library Staff, which was a very special interest, but most of her time was devoted to study. GRACE LEXA 66 Ann Street Her activities in school included the Business Club and the Student Council. In both of these she showed great interest. LINDA EVELYN LOPES 46 Napoleon Street She did her share of work at East Side, and while doing this, she made many, many friends. GRACE LUCIANI 67 Nichols Street She did her best in all she tried, and through it all she proved to be a sweet and friendly girl. ROBERT RAYMOND LINDSEY 19 Hawkins Street Here was a very witty fellow, and try he did, often successfully, everything he found at hand to do. NICHOLAS JOSEPH LORDI 198 Jefferson Street His strength and sturdiness were advantageous in all the sports which he enjoyed. We had many a good time with him at school. 31MARY ANN CAROL LUKSA 286 Van Buren Street Working hard to keep up her excellent grades was her aim, and her name was often found on the Honors List. ANGELINA F. MACALUSO 71 Columbia Street Angie belonged to several East Side clubs. Among these, the Junior Red Cross, the Business Club, and the Girls' Glee Club were her greatest interests. EVELYN GENEVIEVE MADEJ 4 18 Walnut Street Evelyn, bless her, was another quiet member of our class. She always had a smile for every one, and every one was the happier for having seen her early in the day. GLORIA ANN MANZELLA 2356 W.ckford Road, Union Here is a person who considers life just one grand picnic. As home room delegate to the Student Council she was busy all the day. PATRICK RONALD MACCIA 81 Ferry Street Pat was a valuable man on our football team, where his well-timed plays helped to win many a game for our Alma Mater. His appealing personality is the magnet for many friends. PATRICIA L MASZCZAK 62 Magazine Street Pat is very, very pretty, and very, very neat. A sweet natured person, she always was popular, and her future is not feared for. 32doris eva McCarthy I 50 Orchard Street Doris, a member of the Business Club, considers life to be as free as the birds. She is a fun-loving person, and makes the most of it. CATHERINE McCREA 402 Market Street Here is a wonderful girl who has fully enioyed her school life. She was a member of the History, Science, Dramatics, and Spanish Clubs, and has demonstrated well her ability for leadership. GLORIA JEAN McGOVERN 19 Gotthart Street Gloria, a member of the Business Club, will make her future employers happy because of her ability. Those lovely eyes will also do their share. JANET M. McGOVERN 57 North Thirteenth Street Janet is a naturally quiet person She did not participate much in her school life, but was a serious student. ROBERT ANDREW MELIS 92 Van Buren Street Bob spends his leisure hours showing off his crazy dance steps. A fellow man, well-liked by all, he adds much to our pleasure in life. CONCETTA IRENE MEMOLI 30 Wheeler Point Road Concctta is a person of much intelligence and of sweet disposition. Who wants more of a woman? 33RAUL S. MONTANO 165 Green Street A participant in many of East Side's sports, Raul was also a member of many of our clubs. He is a real sport in any field. LeROY MOORE 82 Seventh Avenue LeRoy transferred to our school in his senior year. A very studious boy who will undoubtedly be very successful, he has Our best wishes for his future. JOSEPHINE JOAN MOSIER 104 Houston Street A member of the Honor Society, Josephine will one day reach an envied goal. She is a lady and a scholar. JOAN NAPIERKOWSKI 23 Read Street Delegate to the Student Council for several terms, her main interest is the Junior Achievement movement. Joan is one of the more active girls and is very popular. JOHN DAVID MORTELLITO 335 Walnut Street John participated in several school activities, and was a member of the soccer team. His ploasino personality and whimsical humor have made him very popular. MARY A. NAPOLITANO 197 Wilson Avenue Mary Lee "tickles the ivories" in our dance orchestra and brings forth much sweet music. She is a member of the Honor Society, having discovered that all play and no work makes no jack. 34JOAN MARIE NAPURANO 326 Elm Street This girl is vice-president of the Student Council and was president of the Servettes Club. Her pleasing personality is a pleasure to behold. DOMENICK NASTO, Jr. 160 Walnut Street That fun-loving boy from 210, Domenick, is an individual whose personality surely will be the reason for his reaching the goal he has set for himself. CAROLE MARIE NEUMAIER 555 Wilson Avenue This pretty, blonde-haired miss with the lovely smile will certainly make her way in this world. GREGORY JOSEPH NOTTE 105 Telford Street Greg is an outstanding member of the class. He has been very active in both school and class affairs, and is one of the best football men East Side has ever had. ANDREW J. OSEFCHEN 38 Vincent Street If there is a good time to be had, you will always find Andy present. Tall, blond, attractive, full of fun — what more does a fellah need! BARBARA WANDA OSINSKI 379 Lafayette Street Lover of nature, and a member of the Garden Club; thrifty, as banking secretary. Barbara is truly representative of American womanhood. 35JUNE ROSE PACK 1 7 Cottage Street June is one of the girls who helped to make East Side's cheering squad one of the best in the city. Interested also in other school activities, she was a representative to the Junior Red Cross. CARMELA MARIE PAGLIA 63 Gotthart Street As a member of the Business Club, and active in several activities essential to our school life, Carmela has developed into the sort of person whom every one would like to know. WILLIAM L. PADNER 43 Mott Street If you ever come across a group of people laughing whole-heartedly, you will find that Bill is the one who is making them laugh. He is a fun-loving person. MANUEL JOHN PAIVA 39 Adams Street Manny is one of Our more popular boys. He is liked by all of his fellow students, because of his friendliness and his attractive personality. mm,, GFRALD JOHN PAGANO 287 Chestnut Street A most courteous and friendly senior, Gerald is a person who is the delight of all who know him. SALVATORE A. PAOLELLA 192 Munn Avenue Sal is a very nice person. He has an appealing personality, and every one who meets him is pleased to know him. This type of man is an asset to his school, and to his community. 36DOLORES A PARRILLO 247 Lafayette Street Dee, as she is known by most of her friends, «s a tiny, blonde-haired girl. She may be seen walking 'round the halls with a great big smile for every one. Happy girl, spreading a little sunshine all along the way! ROSE MARIE J. PETRUCELLI 335 Walnut Street Rose Marie is the hard working captain of the Twirlers. She has done much to make our school's Twirlers the best in the city. She is vice-president of the Senior Class. PHYLLIS ANNE PEPEK 71 Hawkins Street Phyllis is a quiet, sweet person. She has taken part in a number of school activities, and in her senior year she was a member of the Bowling Club and of the Business Club. LUCY ANN PETTI 21 3 Elm Street Lucy, one of our shorter personalities, is Student Council secretary. Sweet in her ways, she is also friendly and popular. EUGENE FRANK PETROSKY 32 Fleming Avenue Eugene, a very handsome boy, has a penchant for every thing he does. He has a very nice personality along with his other desirable attributes. ROSE LUCY PETTI 150 New York Avenue Rose is a person who doesn't say much but knows quite a bit. She is a member of the Latin Club, as one would expect of this studious girl. 37DOROTHY S. PLESNIK 66 Magazine Street Dotty is active in several clubs, but her membership in the National Honor Society, and on the editorial staff of the Announcer are her chief activities. RAYMOND J. POCHMARA 75 Kossuth Street Ray is a member of the basketball varsity. He is a good athlete, a good fellow and a good friend. Need more be said? LORETTA CAROL RAWA 15 Elm Road Loretta, a fun loving girl, is about the most athletic girl in the senior class. You will find her present whenever, and wherever, there is an athletic con test going on. VALERIE ANN REZNAK 98 Napoleon Street Valerie is a very neat and pretty girl. She has been a member of the Business Club and was Announcer representative for a number of terms. We are envious of her annual trips to Florida with her family. RAYMOND RICKS 198 Thomas Street Ray is that crazy drummer you hear above all the rest of the school dance orchestra. Ray is a very nice person to have as a friend. 38 GLORIA TERESA RANSOM 279 Mulberry Street Gloria is known to most Seniors as one of our nicest girls. She was Announcer representative for several terms. JOSEPHINE RIAL 138 Elm Street Josephine is a person who is friendly to every one. She is a Junior Red Cross and Announcer representative.MARIE JOAN RISSO 50 Jabez Street One finds Marie among our quiet girls, of which she is one of many. She is Junior Red Cross representative. MARIE CATHERINE ROMEO 21 8 Brookdale Avenue If you were to describe Marie, you would say she is very petite and cute. She will always add her opinion to any conversation, and she is usually right. Marie belongs to the Business and Servettes Clubs and she did much in the preparation of this yearbook. KATHLEEN CAROL RITTER 39 Oxford Street A nice girl with an admirable personality, Kathy enjoyed assisting teacher-counselors in the Guidance Office during her last year. HENRY A ROZEMBAJGIER 395 Walnut Street A fellow who enjoys scientific and mathematical problems, and who has enjoyed being a member of the Mathematics and Science Clubs. EUNICE D. ROBERTSON 4 Vincent Street The outstanding voice of this girl has been heard above all others in the Girls' Glee Club, of which she was a member during her four years here. ROSALIE RUSSO 55 Malvern Street Charming, efficient, energetic, this active member of the Business Club will one day make an excellent secretary. THOMAS MICHAEL RYAN 20 Henslcr Street Tom is that tall, dark, handsome boy who is always dressed very smartly A very nice person to know. 39BARBARA ANN SADOWSKI 19 Elm Road A very active girl who took part in many of the school's activities. Barbara is a girl who will do very well in any field. MARIE ELAINE SAINZ 159 Elm Street One of the reasons for the Library Staff's efficiency, since Marie has been the staff's president for the past two years, she has also participated in many other activities. JOYCE D. SAN GIACOMO 239 Lafayette Street As a member of the Cheering Squad for three years, and captain in her last year, she really pepped up our stands at the games. Joyce is a very nice girl, who will be missed. NATALIA SANTOS 283 Adams Street A very intelligent girl who was elected to the National Honor Society. This is the type of girl who will easily achieve her goal m life. RICHARD D. SANTUCCI 60 Gotthart Street A very good-looking fellow who served as Student Council delegate. He is a boy who does much when taking part in any activity. DOLORES JOAN SASIAK 109 Niagara Street Dolores did well in helping to make our prom successful. She takes life very seriously and will succeed readily. 40EDWARD F. SCANLON 398 Walnut Street This lad took part in a couple of East Side's varsity sports in his first year. He is a quiet boy who always has a smile for everyone. VIRGINIA RUTH SEDLAK 308 West Kinney Street A real asset to our Twirling Squad for two years, Virginia hopes to become a secretary, and we arc sure she will make a good one. SUSANNE EDITH SCHAEFER 4 1 Read Street Susannc is that girl who is well-liked by all her classmates. She has enjoyed working for various teachers, and was an active representative for the Junior Red Cross. ELAINE ANN SCHULTZ 1 77 Wilson Avenue Elaine is a nice girl with an excellent voice. This she has proven by taking part m East Side's Glee Club and Choir. Elaine will make some one proud to have her as his secretary. THOMAS JAMES SMYTH 9 Horatio Court Here is a quiet boy whose hobby is stamp collecting. To perfect this hobby, Tom joined the Stamp Club and did well. GEORGE B. SNYDER 31 Oxford Street Smiling, happy-go-lucky, and quiet. George's company is enjoyed and sought by everyone. 4tSALLY MARIE K. SOMODI 1 62 Tichcnor Street A girl who hastens to one's side when needed. Sally participated in many activities, and was much interested in her school work. WILLIAM MICHAEL SOSTAK 1 1 Brinsmaid Place One of our shorter and quieter boys. Bill is a fellow whose company is always enioyed by all. RICHARD R. SPIROCK 60 Hawkins Street Richard is that quiet boy from room 317 A very serious person, he is a real ''buddy1' and a generous friend at heart. ALICE STECKI 369 East Kinney Street Alice is one of the busiest girls in the class. She was active in several of the school clubs and served as class treasurer. 42 LYDIA MARGARITA SOTO 134 Pennsylvania Avenue Lydia is the kind of girl who never says much, yet it is a pleasure just to have her near. She takes life very seriously and is always busy. ip BARBARA ANN STENGER 98 Marne Street Barbara is one of our neatest girls. She has assisted several of our teachers, and was a member of the History Club.ALTON LOUIS SYKES 1 8 I Pennington Street Alton is a very nice fellow. He loves sports and has taken part in JV and Varsity competition. ARNOLD TEIXEIRA 80 Garden Street Arnold enjoys sports and has earned three letters in soccer. He has also been a member of several clubs. MARY THERESE SZOLLOSI 49 Komorn Street Mary is one of the most quiet girls one could ever meet, and, as may be expected, she has a very nice personality. ANTHONY GEORGE TESTA 402 Market Street Tony has shown many movies to many East Sidcrs as a member of the Visual Aids Club. He was a member of the soccer team, and is very popular. 43 JAMES COY TEAGUE 73 Columbia Street A wonderful fellow with an appealing personality. He is a member of the National Honor Society, and took part in several activities at East Side. ANNIE MYRL THOMPSON 203 Mulberry Street Annie is one of the most friendly girls one could ever meet. She enjoys sports and is a leader in any one of them.JEANETTE TOKARZEWSKA 30 Marne Street Jeannette enjoys nature and is a member of the Garden Club. She has also worked for several teachers during her four years at East Side. JOSEPH GEORGE VALENTINO 269 East Kinney Street Joe is a member of the National Honor Society. He is the type of boy who will be a real credit to our community. PAT JOSEPH TOZZI. Jr. 269 East Kinney Street Here we have a very bright boy who is a member of the National Honor Society. Pat enjoys his school activities, and has been helpful in patrolling our halls. AMELIA JOAN VEHOCK 675 Ferry Street A hard worker, Amelia has been a member of the History Club, and has enjoyed her school life in all its phases. 44 JOAN UZZOLINO 9 Oxford Street Joan is a sweet girl with a wonderful personality. She has worked for teachers in the Guidance Office, and her aim in life is to be a good office worker. ANTHONY J. VERDERESE 93 Jefferson Street An all-'round fellow, Tony has par. ticipated m sports and in several school clubs, and has been elected to the National Honor Society.EILEEN SOPHIE VETACK 39 Fillmore Street Here is a wonderful girl to know. Eileen enjoys group work and has been a member of several clubs and committees while here. LOIS LEE WASHINGTON 204 Mulberry Street Lois is a friendly person who has charm and quiet dignity. Her physical presence is often scarcely known, but her service and results are always evident. DIANE JACQUELINE WALLS 42 Garrison Street One of the nicest co-captains the Cheering Squad has ever had, Diane was also a member of the Library Staff and of other groups during her four years. ELIZABETH ANN WISMANN 375 Walnut Street One of the most charming girls in the senior class, Elizabeth has made her class proud to have her as their secretary. JUANITA VERDUGO 297 Walnut Street Juanita enjoys club work and proves so by having been a member of the History, Spanish, and Glee Clubs. She enioys those activities which may prove valuable in later years. ANDREW THOMAS WARGO 246 Van Buren Street Andy is a member of the Visual Aids Club. He may not be big in size, but he has big ideas for his future. He will succeed through his determinationEDWARD FRANK WITTLES 43 Schalk Street One of the smaller fellows in the class, but one of the nicest. Ed played soccer for one year. MARGARET ANN ZARILLO 390 Chestnut Street Marge is one of the friendliest girls in the class. She takes life very leisurely, but is looking forward to a successful secretarial career. GEORGE JOHN WURSTER 49 Clover Street A quiet fellow who is always friendly, and who is everyone's friend. He has a very nice personality. JOAN IRENE ZAWACKI 95 Niagara Street A very nice girl who took great pride in working in our school library, Joan is a girl with such personality that she will be successful wherever her duties will require her to deal with people. MARIAN MARIE ZIELINSKI 38 Somme Street Marian is a member of the Business Club, and, as others, she has the desire to be a successful secretary. We wish her well. ROBERT K. YANNUZZI 33 Read Street Here is our class president, and one of the nicest fellows you'll ever meet. Quiet, and unassuming, he hangs on to your every word. EDWARD JOHN ZAWORA 126 Brill Street A nice fellow whose pride and joy is in instrumental music. Ed has been a member of the dance and symphony orchestras and of the school band. ?%4 HO Ue Remember September. 1954? That was the month we entered East Side. On the first day of school all of us had acute cases of "the jitters.” and. as we made our way to our new home rooms, we were taunted by upperclassmen calling us "Freshie." The next day we got our schedules, and we had a hard time finding our classes. Even though we tried to act as upperclassmen, there was something about us that gave us away. Every where we went, we were plagued by upperclassmen who tried to sell us elevator tickets and reservations for seats in the crowded cafeteria. The addition to the school wasn't yet completed, and many of us got in the way of workmen. After what seemed to be an eternity, we were finally settled and our first year was over. After summer vacation, we were "big shots.” We were Sophomores now! The year before, we hadn’t liked being called “Freshie.” but now we added to the discomfort of the new Freshmen. During the Fall term, many of us recognized the opportunities of joining the various clubs and some tried for the athletic teams. Our class was organized under the direction of our adviser. Mr. Tumin. We held our first election of class officers at this time, which resulted in a very close vote. The elected officers were: President. Ralph Giordano: Vice President. Rose Marie Petrucelli; Secretary. Patricia Kopack; and Treasurer. Victoria Cupito. Our treasurer took her job very seriously, and before long we were hailed with “Please pay your dues." Later on wc were to find that this was to become a daily, and unending, demand. Before long, our busy Sophomore year and its summer holiday were over and we were Juniors. Along with the excitement of class elections came the thrill of our new class rings. The day our rings were delivered, hands, with extended fingers, were the obvious thing. Election of class officers this year was unique! In three of the four classes the votes cast resulted in a tie. and no run-off election was held. The officers installed were: President. Robert Yannuzzi; Vice President. Rose Marie Petrucelli and Joan Napurano; Secretary. Victoria Cupito and Patricia Kopack; and Treasurer. Patricia Gustos and Joan Napierkowski. One occurrence clouded the joy of our Junior year. Our beloved principal. Dr. Henry A McCracken, succumbed to a heart attack on the evening of October 23. 1956. On the night of January 1 1. 1957. we held our first social affair. It was a dance most aptly named "Winter Wonderland." We had a very good crowd, and. strangely, every one danced, even the boys! Three months later we held another dance. The gym was transformed by the decorations into a background for the theme song Moonlight Serenade." (Who was the first person who decided to name East Side dances, anyway?) 48 During this term, the entire student body welcomed Mr. A. Walter Ackerman as the new principal. Most of us tried to make him feel at home, which indeed he was. since he had once been a student here! Our final summer vacation came, before becoming high and mighty Seniors, and we all determined to make the most of it. When we returned to school, finally, we disposed of elections as soon as possible This term there was only one tie. and we placed in office the following: Robert Yan-nuzzi, President; Rose Marie Petrucelli, Vice President; Patricia Kopack. Secretary; and Alice Stecki and Elizabeth Wismann, Treasurers. After elections, we began preparing for Senior Day. November 15. 1957. That day we came to school in our best clothes, with red carnations to mark us as the "new Seniors. The Senior Day program was conducted with quiet dignity, as was expected, and when our president. Robert Yannuzzi. accepted the Torch from the Senior A president, you could have heard a pin drop. Afterwards, we enjoyed the dance that the 12A's held for us. After Senior Day we all turned our attention to preparations for our Prom. It was held on December 6, 1957. in Duffield Hall. Military Park Hotel. As we waltzed to the music of Mr. DiNardo's orchestra, we felt as if we were in another world, what with all the girls so beautiful in their lovely new gowns, and their escorts the handsomest ever. We were glad we had named the Prom “An Affair to Remember," because, of course, we will never forget that night. As 12A’s we held another dance, “Rapture in Blues.” This dance was as successful as were all the others. On April 13, 1958. we were hosts on Senior Day. This time we were privileged to pass the Torch to the new 1 2B's with congratulations and admonitions. and there was sadness mixed with the fun of the day. because we realized that in a few more weeks we would be leaving East Side. On Friday evening, June 6. 1958. we held our Farewell Dance. It was a wonderful dance, but we were sad in our hearts as we realized, that except for a fleeting hour at graduation, this would be the last time we would meet together. Finally, after the years of waiting. June eighteenth arrived. Nervously we waited for our diplomas, which at last we clutched in dampened hands, and with the music of the Recessional unheard in our ears, we hastened from the auditorium to shed our caps and gowns. In little groups, then, with either a few friends or a few relatives, we vanished into the darkening night and the doors of our Alma Mater swung closed behind us. Tomorrow a new day would begin. A day which, as the poet has said, was to be our own. 49Aaat TViCl a uC We, the members of the Class of June. 1958. being of sound mind, memory and understanding, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament: To Mr. Ackerman, our principal, we leave our best wishes for a pleasant administration in the years to come, and our thanks for helping to make East Side the great school which it is. To Mr. Griffiths we leave our thanks for the help given us in solving our problems, with the realization that his solution, although seemingly harsh at times, will be of value to us in later years. To Mr. Tumin, our class adviser, we leave our hopes for a class that will sell millions of Christmas Cards and. of course, who will pay dues on time. To Mrs. Leitch. who has announced her retirement, and who leaves East Side with us. we wish years of rest and tranquility, and the nostalgic joy of a job well-done. To Mr. Rosamilia. the man from room 301. we leave an all-girl thinker. This sensation will be the talk of the country. To Dr. Cavicchia we leave our thanks for his help in the planning of this, our yearbook. His years of experience have made difficult and tedious tasks routinely simple. To Mrs. Kelly we leave an artificial typist as thanks for all the help and guidance she has given us in the past, and an alarm clock so that the members of the Business Club may attend the early meetings. To her we also give thanks for her help in preparing this yearbook. To Miss Macintosh we leave a home room full of punctual students. To Mr. Coffey we leave a home room full of honor students. To Mr. Bogatko we leave an all-girl home room for a change of pace. To Miss Richard we leave a class of efficient secretaries, so that her days may be easier and less tense. To Mr. Brinn we leave a room full of scientists, and an entire class of quiet students. To Miss Lynch we leave a group of the best-dressed girls in the school, so that she may compliment them every day.To the remainder of the faculty we give our heart-felt thanks for their patience, and for teaching us not only the subject, but also the finer points that single out one's individual personality. We leave them the wish for satisfaction that all their efforts were not in vain. To the Sophomores we leave the thought of being higher-ups and the feeling that now they are getting some where. With the best two years still to go, we counsel them to enjoy every minute of it. with the warning that not one precious thing must slip them by. To the Junior B's we leave the wonderful experience of having earned the right to wear their school rings. To the Junior A s we leave the hope that their Senior year will match the splendor of ours. To the Senior B's we leave the thrill of Senior Day and their Prom, and also to them we leave The Torch with the hope that they will keep it burning brightly until they pass it on. To the entire student body we leave the responsibility of keeping East Side as wonderful a school as it has been to us during the last four years. In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this 18th day of June, in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Eight. Signed, sealed, published, and declared as and for the Last Will and Testament of the Class of June, 1958 by its officers in the presence of us who. at their request, and in their presence, have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses. Salvatore Paolella Gloria Manzella loan Howard Koseann Aulcnbach iiebacl t e 'tt oacU Elizabeth Wbmann Patricia Giordano Barbara Stcngcr Diane Walls Mcmoli Joseph Attannsio Kathleen Ritter Mary Napolitano Doris McCarthy Gloria McGovern Loretta RawaP.itrid« (•tUiimi Sally Someth Arlene . John W:,l Joan NapicrkowskJ Patrick Maccia CongHta Cusumano Vc-Isott Carole C ajkow Angelina MacalusoRobert Danieluk Lorraine Cifelti Josephine Rial Audrey Lcwandowski Jr Isa Giantomasi Rntx-rt Melts Anna Bieksha Henry ■zcnbajgier Margaret Zarilk) Barbara Arndt Annette August Amelia Vchotk Virginia Carvalho Eileen Vctack Josephine MosierGregory Nolle • Gail Hilliard Manuel Palva Gerald1 Bartironv Riaso Carol Ku imor Patricia Kopack Nancy Ko lmor Evelyn Made) Nancy Goetabile Barbara ; OsimkiquinncQ cmpuog Ul’of O.'UIO f »!J«K w»unM «tnnpy 1 ,!JQ aaVJOK) M-»jpa r uo]ur3 { PJrMP3 upntpS . UU«!Mtg oiicjiuIvk ucof I OBAXBZ urof novt  7fo entemfivi ORA ADAMS............ ROBERT AGLIATA . . . LOUIS ALBERTO . . . . MARIUS AMBRAZIEJUS . JOHN ANSTISS . . . . BARBARA ARNDT . . . MELVYN ARROYO . . . JOSEPH ATTANASIO . . ANNETTE AUGUST . . . ROSEANN AULENBACH . . WILLIAM BALLENSKI . . GERALD BARTIROMO . . JEAN BAUER........... JOAN BERNHARDT . . . ANNA BIEKSHA . . . . WALTER BIELSKI . . . DAVID BLAKE . . . . STEPHEN BOH AC IK . . JOAN BONDURA . . . FLORENCE BONILLO . . JOHN BORSKE . . . . SALVATORE BROCCOLI . CATHERINE BROWN . . ROBERT BUCCINE . . . DIANA BURNS . . . . ELLEN BUSTARD . . . MARTHA CAIN . . . . BARBARA CALDWELL ELLIS CANAL . . . . PATRICIA CAROLAN . . WILLIAM CARR . . . . VIRGINIA CARVALHO . . JEAN CATENA . . . . MARY ANN CENTRA . . BEVERLY CHABRA . . . JAMES CICALESE . . . LORRAINE CIFELLI . . . MARGARET COLLUMB . . RAYMOND CONK . . . NANCY COSTABILE . . CONCETTA CUSUMANO . PAUL CUTRINO . . . . CAROL CZAJKOWSKI . . ROBERT DANIELAK . . MARGARET DeSILVA . . ARTURO DOMINGUEZ . . GERALDINE DRUST . . . ANNA DUTCH . . . . MARGARET ERVINGTON . JUDITH FELL.......... NELSON FERNANDES . . MICHAEL FERRARA . . WILLIAM FETZER . . . HELEN FICZKO .... HELEN FILLO.......... JOYCE FOERTSCH . . . CARMELLA FRESULONE . REGINA GALISEWSKI . . ROBERT GALLO .... JELSA GIANTOMASI . . JUDITH GIORDANO . . . . had a chair that folded up ...............argued with Mr. Jay . started playing basketball . . threatened to become intoxicated . . . . wore a South Side jacket ...............learned to cha-cha . went to the shore with fifteen cents ................was called Anastasia ...............wore slippers to school ..................went scissors-happy ..................lost his hub caps . . . . got an "A” in a chem test . . . . was late for Senior Day . . . walked into the boys’ room . was late for her sixth per od class . . . couldn't think of anything was in the battle between 313 and 317 .............wore a suit to school ...............practiced screaming ...............had a broken zipper .............got his seat changed . . . brought a mouse to school . explained a poem for Miss Wagoner ...................cut his curly hair . . . . was stranded in Irvington . . . had her picture in the News . . . was called "Mother Martha" .............ran for Miss Valentine .............made the girls scream . was asked to the Prom, and cried ...............started lifting weights . . . got her engagement ring .............was Miss Personality . . . . was escorted to her locker .............told her "Alice" joke . took Machine Operations ....................ran out of gum ...................got Brandy’s ring ................almost "conked" out . . . . screamed for her gym suit . . . . couldn't face the appendix . . . played teacher in chemistry . . . fell down the school stairway . . . composed "Rapture m Blues” . . had fun in fourth period lunch . . . went swimming for Christmas ....................went ice-skating ..................made sound effects . was told she would marry first .............fell into a waste basket . . smelled ammonium hydroxide . won a dance contest in his H.R. . knew about some stolen hub caps .............wore green stockings .............got hit with an egg . . . was thrown out of assembly ............. had tears in her eyes ..................got a concussion .......................... got a job ...............got a gold football ....................fell up the stairs 61MICHAEL GIORDANO . . PATRICIA GIORDANO . . RALPH GIORDANO . . . FRANCINE GOLDENBERG . VICTOR GONZALEZ . . LORRAINE GORZENIK . . PATRICIA GUSTOS . . . JOSEPH HALL . . . . HERMAN HAWK . . . GAIL HILLIARD . . . . JOAN HOWARD . . . . NAOMI HOWARD . . . JOAN HOY............. CATHERINE HUZAR . . ARLENE JOHN . . . . JOHN KALAFUT . . . DOLORES KAPUSCINSKI . DOROTHY KAPUSCINKI . JOSEPH KEIFFER . . . PATRICIA KOPACK . . . CAROL KOZIMOR . . . NANCY KOZIMOR . . . ARTHUR KRUEGER . . . ROBERT KUBACK . . . PATRICIA KUCY . . . RAYMOND KUCZKO . PATRICIA LADA . . . . ARLENE LAGATTUTA . . MARIE LAMANA . . . ROSE MARIE LAVINGNO . THOMAS LENZI . . . . LOIS LEVANT . . . . AUDREY LEWANDOWSKI GRACE LEXA........... ROBERT LINDSEY . . . SANDRA LIPSON .. . LINDA LOPES . . . . NICK LORDI .... GRACE LUC IAN I . . , MARY ANN LUKSA gfl ANGELINA MACALUSO PATRICK M ACC IA . . EVELYN MADEJ . . . GLORIA MANZELLA . PATRICIA MASZCZAK . doris McCarthy . . CATHERINE McCREA . gloria McGovern . janet McGovern . . ROBERT MELIS . . . CONCETTA MEMOLI . RAUL MONTANO . . LeROY MOORE . . . JOHN MORTELLITO . JOSEPHINE MOSIER . JOAN NAPIERKOWSKI . MARY NAPOLITANO . JOAN NAPURANO . . DOMENICK NASTO . . CAROLE NEUMAIER . GREGORY NOTTE . . ANDREW OSEFCHEN . BARBARA OSINSKI . . JUNE PACK .... WILLIAM PADNER . . GERALD PAGANO . . . . walked into Mr. Leon's class ...................got Carlo’s ring . . made his first touchdown . . . . had droopy knee socks . . . started taking J.E. out was asked, by Tom. to go steady . . wore her sweater backwards . made a basket from half court .............went out for track . . . . was chased by a cop . caught Vito’s hand in her locker .............went to the Prom . . saw the movie “Peyton Place" . . . . became a Mouseketeer was the quietest person in her class . . . . copied chemistry notes .............couldn’t make cocoa . . . fell in front of a hospital . . . changed a flat on Rt. 22 .............met Phil at a party . . . . drove without a license . forgot to take the attendance . . . . bought a cowboy hat . . drew a certain girl's picture ................moved to Newark . . . . cut his side burns off . . got stranded during a storm . forgot what she had memorized ..................got her hair cut . . fell 20 times while skating . . . . played bongo drums . . learned to swim underwater . . . . broke out in a rash . . came to school without a slip . brought the Caddie to school . thought the chem lab was on fire . . . . got lost in New York .................made All-City . . . started going with Jimmy ................came late to school .................had a black eye . . . kicked four extra points .............almost hit a truck .............tripped on her pen .............had two class rings . went for a walk, second period .............was “extinguished'’ . got her driver’s license . went to American Bandstand .................broke a window . . . went home minus a coat . . . . got stuck on the train .............ran a 4:56.8 mile . . cheated during a history test .............had a broken heel .................wore argyle socks . . saw the Empire State Building . . became S.O. Vice President . . gave his school ring away was caught driving without a permit .............became a TV star . . . celebrated Senior Day .................slid in the hall .............went to Eagle Rock .................forgot to speed . . . . wore his combat boots 62CARMELA PAGLIA . . . MANUEL PAIVA . . . . SALVATORE PAOLELLA . DOLORES PARRILLO . . PHYLLIS PEPEK .... EUGENE PETROSKY . . ROSE MARIE PETRUCELLI . LUCY PETTI.......... ROSE PETTI............ DOROTHY PLESNIK . . . RAYMOND POCHMARA . GLORIA RANSOM . . . LORETTA RAWA . . . VALERIE REZNAK . . . JOSEPHINE RIAL . . . RAYMOND RICKS . . . MARIE RISSO . . . . KATHLEEN RITTER . . . EUNICE ROBERTSON . . MARIE ROMEO .... HENRY ROZEMBAJGIER . ROSALIE RUSSO .... THOMAS RYAN .... BARBARA SADOWSKI . . MARIE SAINZ .... JOYCE SAN GIACOMO . . NATALIA SANTOS . . . RICHARD SANTUCCI . . DOLORES SASIAK . . . EDWARD SCANLON . . SUSANNE SCHAEFER . . ELAINE SCHULTZ . . . VIRGINIA SEDLAK . . . THOMAS SMYTH . . . GEORGE SNYDER . . . SALLY SOMODI .... WILLIAM SOSTAK . . . LYDIA SOTO........... RICHARD SPIROCK . . . ALICE STECKI .... BARBARA STENGER . . ALTON SYKES .... MARY SZOLLOSI . . . JAMES TEAGUE .... ARNOLD TEIXEIRA . . . ANTHONY TESTA . . . ANNIE THOMPSON . . JEANETTE TOKARZEWSKA PAT TOZZI .......... JOAN UZZOLINO . . . JOSEPH VALENTINO . . AMELIA VEHOCK . . . ANTHONY VERDERESE . JUANITA VERDUGO . . EILEEN VETACK .... DIANE WALLS .... ANDREW WARGO . . . LOIS WASHINGTON . . ELIZABETH WISMANN . EDWARD WITTLES . . . GEORGE WURSTER . . . ROBERT YANNUZZI . . MARGARET ZARILLO . . JOAN ZAWACKI . . . EDWARD ZAWORA . . . MARIAN ZIELINSKI . . . . got her driver's license . . . . went swimming without . . took a book home from school . went to the movies in the morning . . wrote a 2000 word composit;on . didn’t have her history home work . . ad libbed a twirling routine . . . kept repeating her name . found that she was a chronic cutter ..............danced the Charleston . got a nose bleed from high pressure ....................was proposed to ......................made baked apples ..................returned from Florida ..........................forgot her slip . . . . made the baseball team ....................fell on the ice . . fainted on the first day of work . . . stayed an hour after school ..............came to school at 9:16 . got stuck in Stanley's truck . . went fishing and caught virus .......................got his big "C" . . borrowed money at 1:00 A M. . . . whistled "Wringo Wrango" . forgot a cheer during a rally was the only girl in Trig- ..............was in a car accident . . . was asked if she were a model . . . . had the heat turned on . went 25 mph in a I 5 mile zone . . . . found a worm in her food . . . . made the twirling squad ..............talked in a low voice ...........................broke his arm . . . . got stuck in her locker . . . . brought his car to school . . . parked a car on the sidewalk . drove into a telephone pole ....................played Santa Claus . . . stayed an hour after school ..............wore polka dot shorts . . . joined the Romance Section ..............started playing Einstein . . . had Mr. Brinn for Physics . . . went to the Oasis in a jeep . . .’.... played volleyball ..............started going steady agreed with someone in history class ...............fell into some cement . couldn't answer a chem question ..................got stuck in Union ..............• . missed a foul shot .......................got her Cadillac . fought for a chair in the cafe . got a guard for her ring ......................came to East Side . . . . got a ride on Senior Day . . . was elected class Treasurer ................got an "A” for honesty . had eighth period study L. . . was elected class President ...........................lost her shoe . . . caught the measles in school ..............lost his shorts in gym ..............learned how to drive 63'W at 7Vo dct ,.. ORA ADAMS............ ROBERT AGUATA . . . LOUIS ALBERTO .... MARIUS AMBRAZIEJUS . JOHN ANSTISS .... BARBARA ARNDT . . . MELVYN ARROVO . . . JOSEPH ATTANASIO . . ANNETTE AUGUST . . . ROSEANN AULENBACH . WILLIAM BALLENSKI . . GERALD BARTIROMO . . JEAN BAUER .... JOAN BERNHARDT . . . ANNA BIEKSHA ... WALTER BIELSKI . . . DAVID BLAKE .... STEPHEN BOH AC IK . . JOAN BONDURA . . . FLORENCE BONILLO . . JOHN BORSKE .... SALVATORE BROCCOLI . CATHERINE BROWN . . ROBERT BUCCINE . . . DIANA 8URNS .... ELLEN BUSTARD . . . MARTHA CAIN .... BARBARA CALDWELL . . ELLIS CANAL . . . . PATRICIA CAROLAN . . WILLIAM CARR .... VIRGINIA CARVALHO . . JEAN CATENA . . . . MARY ANN CENTRA . . BEVERLY CHABRA . . . JAMES CICALESE . . . LORRAINE CIFELLI . . . MARGARET COLLUMB . RAYMOND CONK . . . NANCY COSTABILE . . CONGETTA CUSUMANO . PAUL CUTRINO .... CAROL CZAJKOWSKI . . ROBERT DANIELAK . . MARGARET DeSILVA . . ARTURO DOMINGUEZ . . GERALDINE DRUST . . ANNA DUTCH . . . . MARGARET ERVINGTON . JUDITH FELL . . . . NELSON FERNANDES . . MICHAEL FERRARA . . WILLIAM FETZER . . . HELEN FICZKO . . . . HELEN FILLO . . . . JOYCE FOERTSCH . . . CARMELLA FRESULONE . REGINA GALISEWSKI . . ROBERT GALLO . . . . JELSA GIANTOMASI . . JUDITH GIORDANO . . . didn't come to East Side as a 1 2A .................wasn’t so talkative ................... wasn’t a likable guy .................didn’t enjoy racing .................wasn't a swell guy . didn't make a cute drum majorette ...............wasn’t on hall patrol . wasn't a well-liked guy ......................had short hair . . . . came to school on time .....................ever sold his car ..........................talked a lot .............wasn't good company .........................lost her keys .......................liked history . didn't have curly blond hair .............stopped being a down ......................got a crew-cut . . didn't have a nice personality ...............wasn’t called "Babe” .............................was quiet ....................shaved every day .................was better known . . . . didn't have a milk route ....................had black hair . wasn't in the Honor Society . didn't have a nice smile wasn't a candidate for Miss Valentine . couldn’t play "Harlem Nocturne'' . didn’t know how to dance ....................was outspoken ...................wasn’t betrothed .............never met No. ”41" . never heard of Broccoli sandwiches ....................wasn’t so neat ....................wasn’t a clown ...............didn't wear bracelets ....................wasn't pleasant .................talked a little more .............couldn't take dictation .....................ever fell in love . . . never worked in Woolworth’s . . . . . . had no personality .................wasn't a good artist ....................wasn't engaged .................wasn't a lot of fun ..............got a "Met." contract ..................did a lot of talking ...............forgot her safety pins ................... didn’t have freckles ....................stopped talking ...................wasn't so friendly .................wasn't a swell guy .................wasn't a regular girl ....................wasn’t so cute .................was more popular . didn’t have a long pony tail . didn't work at the Prudential . . . wasn't a typical American boy . . . didn’t know her college man ...................wasn’t a swell girlMICHAEL GIORDANO . PATRICIA GIORDANO . RALPH GIORDANO . . FRANCINE GOLDENBERG VICTOR GONZALEZ . LORRAINE GORZENIK PATRICIA GUSTOS . . JOSEPH HALL . . . HERMAN HAWK . . GAIL HILLIARD . . . JOAN HOWARD . . . NAOMI HOWARD . . JOAN HOY .... CATHERINE HUZAR . ARLENE JOHN . . . JOHN KALAFUT . . . DOLORES KAPUSCINSKI DOROTHY KAPUSCINSKI JOSEPH KEIFFER . . PATRICIA KOPACK . . CAROL KOZIMOR . . NANCY KOZIMOR . . ARTHUR KRUEGER . . ROBERT KUBACK . . PATRICIA KUCY . . RAYMOND KUCZKO . PATRICIA LADA . . ARLENE LAGATTUTA . MARIE LAMANA . . ROSE MARIE LAVINGNO THOMAS LENZI . . . LOIS LEVANT . . . AUDREY LEWANDOWSKI GRACE LEXA .... ROBERT LINDSEY . . SANDRA LIPSON . . LINDA LOPES . . . NICK LORDI .... GRACE LUCIAN I . . . MARY ANN LUKSA . ANGELINA MACALUSO PATRICK MACCIA . . EVELYN MADEJ . . . GLORIA MAN Z ELLA . PATRICIA MASZCZAK . doris McCarthy . . CATHERINE McCREA . gloria McGovern . JANET McGOVERN . . ROBERT MELIS . . . CONCETTA MEMOLI . RAUL MONTANO . . LeROY MOORE . . . JOHN MORTELLITO . . JOSEPHINE MOSIER . JOAN NAPIERKOWSKI . MARY NAPOLITANO . JOAN NAPURANO . . DOMENICK NASTO . . CAROLE NEUMAIER . GREGORY NOTTE . . ANDREW OSEFCHEN . BARBARA OSINSKI . . JUNE PACK .... WILLIAM PADNER . . GERALD PAGANO . . . ....................didn’t have a Chevy . . . . never got that phone call ..................couldn’t play football .....................never smiled ...........................couldn't cha-cha . never moved to Hawkins Street . didn't have a nice personality .....................wasn't so tall ....................didn’t play basketball . . . only had one locker partner ....................was ever serious ......................wasn't a fine girl .....................didn't go steady . . wasn't a typical American girl .....................wasn’t so shy .....................wasn’t so quiet ..................didn’t have a twin . . . . didn’t look like Dolores . . never learned how to swim . . . . didn’t go to St. Casimir's .....................never had that party . . . . wasn’t so good-natured .............didn't wear loud shirts . . . went to swimming practice . . . came to E. S. as a Freshman .............liked doing home work . didn't work for the nurse .............missed earning honors .............wasn’t naturally nice . . . . was hard to get along with .....................wasn't a flirt ....................stayed at St. Vincent’s .................ran out of stamps . . . didn’t have a nice complexion ....................didn’t wear bucks . . . . didn’t work in the library .........................got a pixie . . . . wasn't so tall and husky didn't have a sunny smile for everyone ....................wasn’t the quiet type .....................lost her smile . . hadn't kicked those field goals .............filled her hope chest • was shy . . . . didn't go to Carol's party .............had perfect attendance . wasn’t particular about her work ....................didn't compose songs ......................wasn’t so nice .....................couldn't jitterbug .......................got A’s in English . . got his baby picture from Mexico .............didn’t study stenotype ............................wasn’t so neat ....................wasn’t such a swell girl . didn’t belong to Junior Achievement ......................missed her train ....................wasn’t so collegiate .............................used his brakes didn't have blondo.hair and blue eyes ....................wasn't a football hero .........................was short ............................wasn't engaged . . . . didn't cheer the team on . . . didn't drive like a hot rodder . didn't have a white convertibleCARMELA PAGLIA . . . MANUEL PAIVA .... SALVATORE PAOLELLA . DOLORES PARRILLO . . PHYLLIS PEPEK .... EUGENE PETROSKY . . . ROSE MARIE PETRUCELLI . LUCY PETTI............ ROSE PETTI............ DOROTHY PLESNIK . . RAYMOND POCHMARA . GLORIA RANSOM . . . LORETTA RAWA . . . VALERIE REZNAK . . . JOSEPHINE RIAL •. . . RAYMOND RICKS . . . MARIE RISSO.......... KATHLEEN RITTER . . . EUNICE ROBERTSON . . MARIE ROMEO . . . . HENRY ROZEMBAJGIER . ROSALIE RUSSO . . . . THOMAS RYAN . . . . BARBARA SADOWSKI . . MARIE SAINZ . . . . JOYCE SAN GIACOMO . . NATALIA SANTOS . . . RICHARD SANTUCCI . . DOLORES SASIAK . . . EDWARD SCANLON . . SUSANNE SCHAEFER . . ELAINE SCHULTZ . . . VIRGINIA SEDLAK . . . THOMAS SMYTH . . . GEORGE SNYDER . . . SALLY SOMODI .... WILLIAM SOSTAK . . . LYDIA SOTO............ RICHARD SPIROCK . . . ALICE STECKI .... BARBARA STENGER . . ALTON SYKES .... MARY SZOLLOSI . . . JAMES TEAGUE .... ARNOLD TEIXEIRA . . . ANTHONY TESTA . . . ANNIE THOMPSON . . JEANETTE TOKARZEWSKA PAT TOZZI ........... JOAN UZZOLINO . . . JOSEPH VALENTINO . . AMELIA VEHOCK . . . ANTHONY VERDERESE . . JUANITA VERDUGO . . EILEEN VETACK . . . DIANE WALLS .... ANDREW WARGO . . . LOIS WASHINGTON . . ELIZABETH WISMANN . EDWARD WITTLES . . . GEORGE WURSTER . . . ROBERT YANNUZZI . . MARGARET ZARILLO . . JOAN ZAWACKI . . . EDWARD ZAWARA . . . MARIAN ZIELINSKI . . . .................chit-chatted more . didn’t wear monogrammed sweaters .................wasn’t nice looking . didn't have a boy friend her size . . didn’t have a sweet disposition ..............didn’t have a crew-cut . . wasn't captain of the twirlers ....................reached five feet .................was better known . . wasn’t editor of the Announcer . . . . couldn’t play basketball ........................lost her ring . didn't cruise around in her Chevy .................didn’t go to Florida . . . . wasn’t liked by everyone .................wasn’t an athlete ......................wasn’t so quiet . .... didn't have gray hair couldn't play volleyball .................developed laryngitis . didn't work for Stanley's . . . . didn’t have a cute hair-do ..............didn’t own a Cadillac . never went to Washington . . didn't cause a riot in D and T 2 ...........................was bashful ...........................cut a class ..............was easily persuaded . . . didn’t take dancing lessons ........................couldn't bowl .................wasn’t so carefree ....................couldn't polka ....................wasn’t a twirlcr . couldn’t talk about Sputnik ..............paid attention in class . . didn’t have a coke for lunch ..............wasn’t good-humored ....................wasn’t so silent didn’t put his best foot forward .................forgot her camera . . . . didn’t ride in a Cadillac . . . wasn’t on the basketball team . . ....................was noisy . . got on the $64,000 question .................wasn’t called "Tex" .................had no personality . . . couldn't play volleyball ....................wasn't so tiny . . . never made the Honors List . . . . was quiet in study class . . . got an F on his report card ....................wasn't a nice girl ....................wasn't athletic . didn't drive a "57" Cadillac ....................couldn’t drive wasn’t co-captain of the cheerleaders ....................wasn’t so friendly ....................wasn't so nice ..............didn’t wear knee socks .......................was six feet tall ..............studied a little more . . wasn't a good class president .......................had long hair . lost her comb and mirror ..............wasn’t a clean-cut guy ..............wasn't good company£■ initial ORA ADAMS . . . . ROBERT AGLIATA . . LOUIS ALBERTO . . . MARIUS AMBRAZIEJUS . JOHN ANSTISS . . . . BARBARA ARNDT . . . MELVYN ARROYO . . . JOSEPH ATTANASIO . . ANNETTE AUGUST . . ROSEANN AULENBACH . WILLIAM BALLENSKI . GERALD BART I ROMO . JEAN BAUER . . . . JOAN BERNHARDT . . ANNA BIEKSHA . . . WALTER BIELSKI . . . DAVID BLAKE . . . . STEPHEN BOH AC IK . . JOAN BONDURA . . . FLORENCE BONILLO . . JOHN BORSKE . . . . SALVATORE BROCCOLI . CATHERINE BROWN . . ROBERT BUCCINE . . . DIANA BURNS . . . . ELLEN BUSTARD . . . MARTHA CAIN . . . BARBARA CALDWELL . ELLIS CANAL . . . . PATRICIA CAROLAN . . WILLIAM CARR . . . VIRGINIA CARVALHO . JEAN CATENA . . . . MARY ANN CENTRA . . BEVERLY CHABRA . . JAMES CICALESE . . . LORRAINE CIFELLI . . MARGARET COLLUMB . RAYMOND CONK . . . NANCY COSTABILE . . CONGETTA CUSUMANO . PAUL CUTRINO . . . CAROL CZAJKOWSKI ROBERT DANIELAK . . MARGARET DeSILVA . . ARTURO DOMINGUEZ . GERALDINE DRUST . . ANNA DUTCH . . . . One Ambition . . Real Ambitious . . Loves Athletics . Mister Agreeable . . Joyful Always . . Bashful Angel Mostly Agreeable . . Just Ambitious Appealing Attributes . Romantic Angel . . Witty Boy . Growing Boy . . . Jolly Belle . . Joyful Bundle . Attractive Brunette . . Wandering Boy . . . Dandy Boy . . . . So Busy . . Just Bubbles . Fascinating Babe . . . Joyful Boy . . . . So Big . Clever Bundle . . . Regular Bob . . Delightful Babe . Eager Beaver . . Miss Charming . . Bubbling Charm . Exciting Character . . Popular Cutie . Working Classmate . . Very Cheerful . . Joking Cutie Modern and Clever . . Bright Chick . . . Jolly Chap . . Lovable Cookie . . . Merry Chick . . Really Cheerful . . Nice Classmate . Cleverly Cunning . Popular Charmer Charmingly Capable . . . Royal Duke Mighty Dynamic . . Always Dandy . . Great Delight . Ambitious Dreamer MARGARET ERVINGTON . JUDITH FELL . . . . NELSON FERNANDES . . MICHAEL FERRARA . . WILLIAM FETZER . . . HELEN FICZKO .... HELEN FILLO .... JOYCE FOERTSCH . . . CARMELLA FRESULONE . REGINA GALISEWSKI . ROBERT GALLO . . . JELSA GIANTOMASI . . JUDITH GIORDANO . . MICHAEL GIORDANO PATRICIA GIORDANO . RALPH GIORDANO . . FRANCINE GOLDENBERG VICTOR GONZALEZ . . LORRAINE GORZENIK . PATRICIA GUSTOS . . JOSEPH HALL .... HERMAN HAWK . . . GAIL HILLIARD . . . JOAN HOWARD . . . NAOMI HOWARD . . . JOAN HOY ........... CATHERINE HUZAR . . ARLENE JOHN .... JOHN KALAFUT . . . DOLORES KAPUSCINSKI . DOROTHY KAPUSCINSKI JOSEPH KEIFFER . . . PATRICIA KOPACK . . CAROL KOZIMOR . . . NANCY KOZIMOR . . ARTHUR KRUEGER . . ROBERT KUBACK . . . PATRICIA KUCY . . . RAYMOND KUCZKO . . PATRICIA LADA . . . ARLENE LAGATTUTA MARIE LAMANA . . . ROSE MARIE LAVINGNO THOMAS LENZI . . . LOIS LEVANT .... AUDREY LEWANDOWSKI GRACE LEXA . . ROBERT LINDSEY . . . ...................Miss Energy ...................Just Fine ....................Natural Flirt .......................Much Fun .....................Wild Fellow ...................Happy Female .................Highly Feminine ................Just Friendly ...................Cute Friend ...................Reliable Gal ...................Real Gone ...................Jovial Gal ...................Joyful. Good ...................Merry Guy . . . Pleasantly Good-Looking ......................Really Gay ....................Friendly Girl .....................Vibrant Guy ......................Lucky Girl ......................Pretty Girl .....................Just Happy .................Happy Harmony ................. Great Humor ....................Joyful Heart ....................Noble Heart ...............Joyful Happiness ....................Cute Hair-Do .....................Always Jolly .......................Just Kind ......................Dear Kitten ...................Dreaming Kid ................Jazzy Knight ...................Popular Kutie ...................Cute 'n‘ Keen ...................Nifty Kind ...................Artful Kid ...................Real Keen ...................Pretty Kiss ..................Reliable Kind ...................Pleasant Lady .................Acceptable Lass ......................Merry Lover ...................Really Likable .......................Tame Life ......................Lucky Link .................Always Laughing ......................Gay Luxury ....................Roving Light 70 SANDRA LIPSON . . . LINDA LOPES . . . . NICK LORDI . . . . GRACE LUCIANI . . . MARY ANN LUKSA . . ANGELINA MACALUSO . PATRICK MACCIA . . . EVELYN MADEJ . . . GLORIA MANZELLA . . PATRICIA MASZCZAK . doris McCarthy . . CATHERINE McCREA . . gloria McGovern . . janet McGovern . . ROBERT MELIS . . . . CONCETTA memoli . . RAUL MONTANO . . . LeROY MOORE . . . . JOHN MORTELLITO . . JOSEPHINE MOSIER . . JOAN NAPIERKOWSKI . MARY NAPOLITANO . JOAN NAPURANO . . DOMENICK NASTO . . CAROLE NEUMAIER . . GREGORY NOTTE . . . ANDREW OSEFCHEN . . BARBARA OSINSKI . . JUNE PACK . . . . WILLIAM PADNER . . GERALD PAGANO . . . CARMELA PAGLIA . . MANUEL PAIVA . . . SALVATORE PAOLELLA . DOLORES PARRILLO . . PHYLLIS PEPEK . . . EUGENE PETROSKY . . ROSE MARIE PETRUCELLI LUCY PETTI.......... ROSE PETTI.......... DOROTHY PLESNIK . . RAYMOND POCHMARA . GLORIA RANSOM . . . LORETTA RAWA . . . VALERIE REZNAK . . . JOSEPHINE RIAL . . . RAYMOND RICKS . . . MARIE RISSO . . . . KATHLEEN RITTER . . ................Sweet Luck ...............Lovable Lass .................Nice lad ................. Gay Love ................Merry Lady . . . Always Marvelous . . Pleasant Merrymaker ................Easy Moving . . . Gay. Mischievous . . . . Pretty Merry . . . . Dainty Manner . . . . Couldn’t Miss . . . Great Merrymaker ................Jolly Mite . . . Rates Medals . . . Cheerful Manner . . . Rather Modern . . . Less Mischievous .................Just Man ...............Jersey Miss .................Just Nice . . . Mighty Nice . . . . Joking Number . Delightful Nature . . . . Cute Number .................Gay Nature Always Outstanding ...............Bashful One ................Just Polite .................Wild Pal . . Growing Professional . . . . Careful Porson . Marvelous Personality . . . . Simply Polite . . . Dreaming Person . . . . Pretty Perky ............... Eager Pal Rather Mischievous Person . Lively Personality . . . Remarkable Pupil . . . Delightful Person . . . . Remarkable Pal ................Glory Reigns ...............Little Riot . . . . Very Reliable . . . . Just Realistic . . . Reliable Remedy . . . . Manner Right . . . . Kind Romancer EUNICE ROBERTSON . . MARIE ROMEO .... HENRY ROZENBAJGIER . ROSALIE RUSSO . . . THOMAS RYAN . . . BARBARA SADOWSKI . MARIE SAINZ .... JOYCE SAN GIACOMO . NATALIA SANTOS . . RICHARD SANTUCCI . . DOLORES SASIAK . . . EDWARD SCANLON . . SUSANNE SCHAEFER . . ELAINE SCHULTZ . . . VIRGINIA SEDLAK . . . THOMAS SMYTH . . . GEORGE SNYDER . . . SALLY SOMODI . . . WILLIAM SOSTAK . . LYDIA SOTO .... RICHARD SPIROCK . . ALICE STECKI .... BARBARA STENGER . . ALTON SYKES .... MARY SZOLLOSI . . . JAMES TEAGUE . . . ARNOLD TEIXEIRA . . ANTHONY TESTA . . . ANNIE THOMPSON . . JEANETTE TOKARZEWSKA PAT TOZZI........... JOAN UZZOLINO . . . JOSEPH VALENTINO . . AMELIA VEHOCK . . . ANTHONY VERDERESE . JUANITA VERDUGO . . EILEEN VETACK . . . DIANE WALLS .... ANDREW WARGO . . . LOIS WASHINGTON . . ELIZABETH WISMANN . EDWARD WITTLES . . GEORGE WURSTER . . ROBERT YANNUZZI . . MARGARET ZARILLO . . JOAN ZAWACKI . . . EDWARD ZAWORA . . MARIAN ZIELINSKI . . Ever Realistic Miss Rainbow . . . Happy Rowdy . Romantic Remedy Tempting Romancer . Blushing Senior Mighty Spirit Just Sugar . Naturally Studious Really Surprising . . . Dreamy Smile Eager Suspect . . . . Sweet, Sultry Ever-Lasting Stepper Vigorous Student . Teasing Sir . Grand Smile Successful Senior . Witty Sportsman . . . . Lady Sweet . Really Sociable Ambitious Senior . Bright Style . . . Always Sincere . Many Smiles Jolly Thinker Admired Thinker . Always Talking Ambitious Team-mate . . . . Just Tiny , . Pleasantly Tame . Jealous Unit . Just Vigorous . Always Vivacious . Agreeable Vitality . . Jubilantly Vivid . . Extra Vitality Delightfully Wonderful . . . A Wanderer . . Lively Worker . Extra Wonderful . . Entirely Witty . . . Gay Wish . Reasonable Youth . . Miss Zephyr . . Justifiable Zed . . Even Zealous . . . Merry Zest 71tfatecfr and — Well, Seniors, here we are, arriving at the long-awaited day; but when we look back, it seems as if we entered East Side a short while ago. Digging into the old gossip columns of our well-known Announcer we found a lot of news about many of our classmates. Sliding down the lane of memories, we stop to laugh at some of the things we did during our carefree high school years. To start out with, the trip to the U. N proved very interesting to Jelsa. whom, we re sure, will always remember it for one special reason Did you ever take a look at the beautiful bracelet A! Partyka gave to Barbara Osinski? Josephine Mosier's advice to boys was: ‘‘If you don't think girls are dynamite, just try dropping one." It was a neck and neck battle for Lucy, but she just couldn’t forget Gene and the loser appeared to be a good sport. Could that thing called love be the reason that Tony Testa, star of the soccer team, is off his stride? Marie Romeo said that the Chatterbox never mentioned Tommy’s name. Now, we show her. Joyce San Giacomo is walking on clouds. We happen to think she might be in love. Does Joan Napurano need glasses, or is her winking starting up again? Why do Juanita Verdugo’s eyes shine when she sees a red Ford convertible? Could it be because of Joe? Joan and Nickie look pretty cute walking down the halls together. There was a surprise sweet-sixteen party for Jean Catena given by Joyce and the girls, and we re glad to hear that Virginia Carvalho is feeling better since her operation. What’s this? Three of our 1 IB girls are working in the same store Let's stop to see them. Mary Lee Napolitano and George are still going strong. Jean Catena is still keeper of the flame for Sluggo. Knowledge is a wonderful thing. That’s what James Teague is saying about the things he knows in his physics class. Credit goes to Miss Macintosh. She influenced our class to sell jewelry so as to help get our dues paid. Congratulations to Mike and Audrey for going steady for one whole year. Keep off the road! Another of our girls has happily joined the women drivers’ club. It’s Joan Napurano. Judy Fell looks nice in her new hair-do. Don't you agree? What girl walks Tom Lenzi to classes? Could that be why he's so late? Virginia Carvalho has gotten engaged. Alice Stecki was called the clown of the 5th period lunch. Francine Goldenberg and Audrey Lewandoski sang at assembly. Pat Carolan and Jean Catena were added to the Cheering Squad. Pat Gustos and Helen Ficzko visited the panel discussion of the exchange students from Europe. Pat and Marie have many lonely nights due to the fact that Romeo and Tommy are with the Armed Forces and are far away. Grace Luciani treasures the ring sent to her by Lou. How come no one could touch the jewelry box that Pat Carolan got for Christmas? Every one is glad to hear that Carmen and Babe are back together again. Flame, flame, are you still burning for Connie and Ronnie? Every one is wondering who the cute Senior B is. whom they call Pat Boone. (Alias Marty). The Spook Hop kept many of the fellows puzzled, trying to find out who the cute girl was who went with Tom Lenzi. Electricity will cost less at Nick's house. His face has been lighted up like a lamp ever 72faun a udiiCe aya since he got back from that convention at New Brunswick. What door did Bob Melis walk into to get that broken nose?5 A surprise party was given to Pat Maszczak during the fifth period lunch, and a surprise guest was Mr Ackerman. Jean Catena and the girls got together and gave to Joyce San Giacomo, our cheering captain, a humdinger of a surprise party. She’s at bat—Pat Carolan—and the latest catcher is Jake. Was Mr. Grubel surprised when he asked Joe. of 208, “What’s the matter?’’ Joe replied. "Matter is anything occupying space and having weight.’’ Mysterious thumb tacks were found in Miss Macintosh s H. R. All pedestrians beware. Pat Carolan is driving. Nick Lordi and Sluggo have just become members of the East Side bumper-to-bumper club. Trucks seem to be Sally Somodi’s latest interest. Keys. Trust? Will Richie Santucci ever trust Juanita Verdugo with the keys to his car again? Roads aren't wide enough for Joe Attanasio; he goes right over the island. At least he did once. Dotty Plesnik had a wonderful time on that Port Authority trip in New York. Everything was fine until Dotty ate the plums and got seasick. You can tell Pat is Irish by the way she does that jig. Junior and Beverly were sure surprised when they started out for the beach party and the car broke down. Well, there’s nothing like thumbing a ride home. Francine Goldenberg has acquired a horse by the name of Charley, after climbing 160 steps in a tower at Valley Forge. Congratulations to Diane Walls and Margaret De Silva on their engagements during the Christmas vacation. More combinations have been added to our "going steady” list. They are Jean Catana and Herman Enderle. Pat Carolan and Joe Keiffer and Juanita Verdugo and Fezzy. Alice Stecki was really attached to the Santa Claus costume that she wore in school, while the East Side girls are "stuck” in the new sack dresses! See what we mean? Atrophy for the most outstanding dancer was awarded to none other than that quick stepper of 208, Tom Lenzi. Every one had fun and foot complications while learning the stroll at Carol Kozimor's Christmas party. All East Siders watched our newest celebrity. Joan Napurano, when she appeared on T. V. January 23. Gregg Notte also happens to be a well-known celebrity, not only for his ability in football. but also for his debut on T.V. What green twigs, with white berries, were all over the entire house of a certain Senior girl, and for what purpose? Joe Attanasio sure deserves credit for winning the chemistry book. The game played was Chemo. Mr. Grubel's version of bingo. Bob Melis sure is having a hard time selling his boosters. Maybe he just doesn't have the right technique. Congratulations are to Barbara Arndt, who. because of illness, could not appear as a drum-majorette at the games. She just kept on plugging and attending all practices and working with the rest of the girls before the season started. As a reward she got her letter at the Athletic Award Assembly. « Well, fellow classmates, don’t you agree that it was fun going through the gossip about one another since we entered East Side? Many of us have forgotten little things that have happened to us during the course of our four years. Now we have been reminded and we think you will enjoy this column more when you re-read it. 73S uctty SEPTEMBER 1957 9th One. two. three, just one more step. Wow! What a tough and rugged climb, but we finally reached the top of this long ladder. Just think, wc arc now Seniors! Looking back, we can honestly say that it was worth the effort. Think of all the prestige we have acquired along the way. Boy' what a terrific feeling it is! 12th Ooooh! What a catastrophy took place today! A case of a little mistaken identity explains the situation. A poor bewildered Freshman unintentionally kept insisting that a locker issued to one of our Seniors had been assigned to him. It caused a great deal of controversy between the two. You sec. the Freshman stands at six feet, whereas our helpless Senior measures five feet. Incidentally, that solved the problem. 13th A fellow told us a very amusing story today. It went something like this. Boy. am I doomed. I have to take my first semester test and flunk it. What a predicament! Since we arc not very bright we asked a very silly question. It went like this: How could she flunk when she hadn't even taken the test yet? Her reply: Friday the 13th. what else? 15th What an attractive picture. A crowd of Seniors entering the nurse's office and the line was still forming to the right. Can't understand it. They seem to be a healthy group. Not to feel left out. we joined the parade. As the word passed down the line we discovered we were ailing from lack of knowledge and too many books. Our prescription, to be filled immediately: Read the books. Signed—East Side's M, D. 17th First assembly program. Beware, look who's taken a seat in the balcony. None other than our president, himself. Guess he's inspecting our bevy of lovely beauties from above. Where's the first-aid kit? Prexy couldn't stand the altitude and he fell from the balcony. 25th Look at all those rugged football players roaming around the halls. They look like tomorrow's Mr. America. It must be those shoulder pads that do it. or do they take a body-building course after hours? What do you think? OCTOBER 1st Second assembly program. Make way for an approaching object. Coming in for a landing again is our prexy. who seemed to be flying high and wide at our last program. He says he will keep his feet on the ground hereafter and leave flying to the birds. Sounds logical. 7th Mr. Tumin makes the request of the season: "Pay your dues, please." 11th Boy. what a crowd! The gym is packed with people waiting patiently for the winner's number to be drawn. Everyone is tense. The winner is number 566 -96 What do you know, that's Joe's ticket, and the prize is a box of unsold tickets to be raffled off the following week Hey. I lost my stub. 31st What a revolting development! We asked a friend if she planned to wear her mask throughout the entire day. and since it was Hallowe'en we felt it was a reasonable question. However, we were amazed to discover she wasn't wear-ing one. Boy. were wc embarrassed! Can't believe it. We're still apologizing How could we have made such a terrible mistake NOVEMBER 11th Everyone wears his best attire and most photogenic smile. Seniors are being photographed However, we face a serious problem Since the boys are allergic to white shirts and ties, the starch and the neck have had a battle As you may have guessed, the starch won over the neck, and all the photos show our stiff-necked crew! 15th Get out your dancing shoes and put them on your feet. Today is the big day. 74Senior Day Wow! What a handsome group! Girls, put those shoes back on again, here comes Miss Bloomfield 22nd Report cards—no comment. DECEMBER 6th Occasion—Senior Prom Place—Military Park Hotel Seniors at their loveliest, everywhere you look. 15th Mr. Tumin places another request "Dues. Dues. Dues." Isn't he persistent? He spins the same platter all the time. Sure hope he changes his tune. This one will never make the Hit Parade. JANUARY 1958 2nd Teachers and students alike discover they are suffering from New Year’s pa rtyitis. 3rd Hangover completely gone. Wonders can work miracles (or vice-versa). Served vitamins with milk in cafeteria. The approach is what attracted our attention. We were given a choice: take this one. or else. This is a democracy? 4th Contacting the Lost and Found Department. Who took the history exam from a certain some one's locker? Needed urgently. Please return before 8th period. FEBRUARY 21st Dramatically-inclined students audition for Mr. Jay's productions. "Originality" is his motto. Is there an Alfred Hitchcock among us? 28th Senior A dance. Moonlight Serenade. Poor Mary, she lost her heel in the crowd Where did he get to? Gee. I’m getting exhausted sitting on Frank’s shoulders. There doesn t seem to be any more standing room. MARCH 4th Finally reminded that history reports are due today. The problem is. on what? Genie, please come to the rescue. 19th Lent begins. Boys fast on girls and vice-versa. Some sacrifice! APRIL 1st Is there a Sherlock Holmes present? If so. who put the smelling salts in guess who's desk? A foolish question. 4th Easter vacation1 Golly, it's a great life. 18th Senior Day! Who's the comedian who pinned the flower to Nancy's shoulder? 21st The Torch is in production. Dr. Cavicchia has bags under the bags under his eyes Poor fellow! Dosen’t he get tired reading this kind of stuff? His thirty-seventh yearbook! MAY 1st Hey. we seem to recollect that Mr. Kessler was recently minus hub caps. Who returned them? 27th A request number by the Seniors: "Money Burns a Hole In Our Pockets.” 30th A beautiful day—too hot to go back to the grind. Who thought up that sudden trip to the beach? JUNE 2nd The boys walk No money for gas. and the girls are unwilling to push 5th An additional request by the Seniors: “Donations. Please." 11th A few weeks and we will be alumni. Where does our future lie? 12th Senior Awards Assembly. Superiority is recognized at this time. 13th Farewell Dance. Our last affair before we part. What a solemn occasion! 18th It's here, graduation. Throughout the crowd tearful graduates are mingling. Soft music . . . speeches . . . awards . . . diplomas . . . hurray! We're headed for celebrations and parties. Goo' bye. see you! 75MOST CHARMING Elizabeth Wismann Joseph Keiffer MOST COURTEOUS Rose Marie Petrucclli Salvatore Paolella MOST POPULAR Robert Yannuzzi Joan Napurano 76 DID MOST FOR CLASS Robert Yannuzzi Joan Napurano MOST BUSINESSLIKE Audrey Lewandowski LeRoy Moore NEATEST Manuel Paiva Barbara StengerMOST CAREFREE Salvatore 3roccoli Susanne Schaefer Poll OST atto tTR c Tivp ™rdS ntUCci GREATEST DREAMERS Arturo Dominguez, Jr. Lorraine Cifelli MOST SOPHISTICATED Jelsa Giantomasi Richard Santucci NICEST SMILE Patrick Maccia Phyllis Pepek MOST ATHLETIC Gregory Notte Loretta Rawa BEST DRESSED Joyce SanGiacomo Manuel Paiva MOST FLIRTATIOUS Gloria Manzella Thomas LcnziBEST LOOKING Jean Catena Richard Santucci BEST DANCERS Patricia Carolan Thomas Lenzi MOST TALKATIVE Juanita Verdugo Domenick Nasto, Jr. Pofiulanity PoM BEST ARTISTS Arlene John Robert Danielak MOST SHY John Kalafut Rose Petti MOST MUSICAL Ellis Canal, Jr. Mary Napolitano MOST ROMANTIC Roseann Aulenbach Ralph Giordano MOST QUIET John Kalafut Arlene John ’THem uf SOFT SUMMER BREEZE.....................Vacation is over SEPTEMBER SONG.........................Back to school STRANGER IN PARADISE...........................Freshmen I MIGHT LIKE IT........................Says Freshman WAKE UP LITTLE SUSIE .... Time to go to school SLOWPOKE.................................You’re late! STROLLING GIRL...........................In the halls A THOUSAND MILES AWAY . . . My mind, when in history class MY PRAYER . . To pass U.S. History 4 with high honors PLEASE SAY YOU WANT ME TO . . . Mr. Monprode MAYBE....................................Is his reply GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY....................We passed! ON MY WORD OF HONOR .... Cheat! Who. me? ARE YOU SINCERE?.......................The faculty asks us IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT. . . . We cram for exams KEEP IT A SECRET.................... Stolen answers I KEEP A LITTLE LIST..........................Gyp-sheet AIN'T THAT A SHAME? .... Got caught cheating CLOSE YOUR EYES..........................Report cards WANTED .... .......................Blank report card WHAT'LL I DO?..........................Failed a major WHO'S SORRY NOW?.......................The kids who failed WONDERFUL. WONDERFUL.....................Made honors THE WALK.......................Down to the principal’s office JUST ONE MORE CHANCE .... Please. Mr. Ackerman? IN MY LIFE.............................Truant off.cer WARM........................I don't feel well. Mrs. Marsh NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS . Dramatics classes CRAZY CHEMISTRY........................In 315 and 316 SEVEN ELEVEN...........................Raising our dues BECAUSE OF YOU...........................I flunked English DON’T..................................Be late to class GET A JOB..............................After graduation LET’S GET AWAY FROM IT ALL .... Week ends THAT CRAZY FEELING.....................Day after Senior Day LITTLE WHITE LIES..................Excuses for being absent MONEY BURNS A HOLE IN MY POCKET . . . Class dues AT THE HOP ■...............‘ . . East Side dances THE PLACE........................Sweet Shop after school MOMENTS TO REMEMBER....................Football games SO TOUGH...............................Football team SHORT SHORTS.............................. Gym suits LOLLYPOP ... .To the winners of a volleyball game OH, JULIE..............................Mr. Rosamilia EARTH ANGELS...........................East Side girls DON'T LET GO..................Chairs in the cafeteria GONE...................................It's too late YOU GOTTA HAVE HEART . Throughout a marking cycle SO RARE .... Closing school because of snow storm ENDLESS................................Home work I ALMOST LOST MY MIND...........................Exams RIP IT UP..............................I flunked anyway IT ISN’T RIGHT.........................Why did I fail? JUST A LITTLE STREET................No parking space PEANUTS........................Working in Bamberger’s TRUE LOVE..............................Class lovers LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT.....................Holidays MR. SANDMAN...............Caught napping during class FOREVER MINE...........................Class rings MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS .... Senior Day AFFAIR TO REMEMBER.....................Senior Prom WITCHCRAFT.........................The past four years MY PERSONAL POSSESSION . . Memories of Dec. 6. 1957 FROSTY THE SNOWMAN . . . Visited us on Prom Night GRADUATION DAY ........ June 18, 1958 EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE . . I’ll remember the good times FOR SENTIMENTAL REASONS . . We think of East Side FADED PHOTOGRAPHS . . . . V . . . Class pictures SCHOOL DAYS............................Are no more YOU’RE MINE.......................V . . . D.ploma CHANCES ARE........................ We may ’TIL THEN .... Never forget the | I’LL BE SEEING YOU . . . . . At our firstTftatuxyiny £dit yx4 £dii ywxi rf 4t4t ZHt4 ROSE MARIE JOAN PETRUCELLI PATRICIA FRANCES CAROLAN NANCY CARMELLA COSTABILE ' MARIE CATHERINE ROMEO Stx intent ROBERT EDWARD DANIELAK BEVERLY ANN CHABRA THOMAS PAUL LENZI ROSEANN THERESA AULENBACH JEAN DOLORES CATENA LORRAINE FRANCINE CIFELLI JOAN MARIE NAPURANO HELEN TERESA FILIO “SuaiKeM, JEAN BERTHA BAUER WALTER P. BIELSKI VIRGINIA HOPE CARVALHO MARGARET ROSE COLLUMB HELEN ANN FICZKO LOIS MARY LEVANT JOAN NAPIERKOWSKI ANDREW JOSEPH OSEFCHENtit i’P'uwt @o K Htttee C ic tA Standing: Rose Marie Pelrucelli; Israel Tumin, Class Adviser; Elizabeth Wismann. Sitting: Alice Stecki; Robert Yannuzzi, Class President; Patricia Kopack. 84 $1 yocdall 'pxed uKtUi 'poatbzltGREG NOTTE VIC GONZALEZ RALPH GIORDANO TOM LENZI NICK LORDI PAT MACCIABILL FETZER VIC GONZALEZ PAUL CUTRINO LOU ALBERTO RALPH GIORDANO RAY RICKS 89Speech etu 98 uROSE MARIE PETRUCELLI t7(vvilen4. VIRGINIA SEDLAK tfaW lee ARNDT tooDanct "Dance OrcAecPta O'tc e t'ia 101t4 4e tt6ltf @o Knutte Student @ou t U STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS fttHotatcen. Sta ttaKuatce eftsieAeHtatived 103Sea Sxfclowu (faute t (2lu Jolly and Johnnie Mr. and Mr . H. D. Lear Stella Sasiak Priscilla Silveira William Robinson Myrna Feinhals Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Ferry William Davies Stanley Sadowski Mrs. Ralph Aulenbach Mr. and Mrs. F. Burns. Jr. Joan Burns Mr. and Mrs. F. Burns. Sr. Eviie Burns Ronnie Burns Bobby Baranowitz Mr. and Mrs. William Rouski Bill Rouski Pat Krunkowski Arnold Valentino Mrs. Catherine Caldwell Judith Caldwell Barbara Caldwell Leo Rogan John Caldwell Mrs. Robert Seller David Breton Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Burke Robert Simmons Mr. and Mrs. A. Carbo Mrs. Margaret Ruiz Frankie Ciambotti Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Renn Grace Piscitelli Cathy Centra Hilda Filippcne Edward Posner Robert Kirby Patsy Giordano Vincent Pastor Alice and Gwen Virginia DuDeck Kathryn Watkins Diane Belas Peter Chabra Terry Chabra Paul Belas Mrs. Peter Chabra Mimi Messner Mrs. Erna Messner George Batty Mrs. Charles Dobbs Charles Dobbs Angelo A. Rosamilia Robert Harris Steven Emin Mrs. Anthony Cifelli Mary Troy Mrs. P. Jendrowski Mrs. Henry Jenowski Judy and Joe Mr. and Mrs Michael Ficzko Helen A. L. Ficzko Dolores Ficzko Mr. and Mrs Stephen Eustachewicz Barbara Eustachewicz Mr. and Mrs. James Armstrong Mr. and Mrs Eugene Lord Vincent Guarino Irene Armstrong Lawrence Werrell Hector Moody Mrs. Hector Moody Mrs. Helen Speer Paul Klus Mrs. Henry Pryor Henry Pryor Robert Pryor Mary Ruelens Mrs. Mary Ruelens Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Fresulone Jeanette Ann Fresulone Mrs. Joseph Cicaiese Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Tsaptsmos Peter McLesky Bonnie B O'Neil Rose Mane Manzione Ann Mane Moccio Tugo Tonzota Mickey and Ron Dorothy Hayducka Betty Lou Gustos Leonard Entrabartolo Peter Gustos Mrs. Peter Gustos Frances Gustos Mrs. Frances Podlas Patricia Gustos Kulcba Family Irving Miller Mrs. Gertrude Entin Donald Lopes Mr. and Mrs. Jose F. Lopes Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Salguciro Ray Salgueiro Mrs. Andrew Luksa Mrs. John McKinney Mrs. Stanley Luksa Mrs. Stanley Schultz Barbara Luksa Veronica Luksa Gloria Benedetto Robert Kulinski Bert R. Manhoff Herbert Moore Manuel Rodrigues John Mierta Lea Rose Edyfhe Liebman Mrs. Sal Tedesco Steven and Helen Janowski Butch Janowski Leon J. Roszkowski Mr. Joseph Janowski Wayne Kresgc Frank Janowski George 8atty Edward Pepck Thomas F. Koe'kel Mrs Michael Petruccelli George Black Francis Maloney Mr. and Mrs. Phil Petruiio Robert Cremen Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Basto Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Butko Wilma Jean Mickens Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Rossi Fred Holmes Joseph Gomes. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gomes Dolores Gomes Mr. and Mrs. John Rial John Rial. Jr. Mildred Russo Vera Pcpc Edward Pepe Anthony Pepe Fred Pepe Lena Mascbefzky Virginia Bertero Rosalie Russo Joe Fatigantc Peter Collumb Maryann Protzkm Thomas C. Caruso Philip Portnoy Mrs. Irene Walls Eilene Walls Edward W. Coyle Diane Walls Peter Kutney Peter Keimer Jesse Tankel Thelma Chiggcri Joseph P. Kozak J. Scopelliti Olin C. Friant, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. A. Zaritlo Vito and Dotty Zarrillo Angelo Delli Santi Mr and Mrs. Stanley Zawacki Stanley Zawacki. Jr. Phil Jandik Joan Zawacki Adele Balkus Mrs. Jean Sias Mrs. Adele Kurtinaitis Peter Kurtinaitis Sam Simoes Ronny and Arlene Joseph Morano Mr, and Mrs. Salvatore Romano Josephine Attanasio Luis Lusquinos Gloria Tate Mary Macintosh Mary Ellen Herman Agnes A. Davitt Mrs. Camille Malbrock Janet De Ring Cathy Bustard Mrs. Amalie Westbury Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Bustard Mr and Mrs. Walter A Litke Charles L. Grubcl Edith Russell Joan Henson Ruth Chadwick Margaret Castimore Mrs. Ralph Coppola Marc Cohen Michael Goldenbcrg Marion Salvia Mr and Mrs. Philip Visco Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Lagattuta Rosemarie Vella Lorraine Del Turco Mr and Mrs. Dominick Salvia Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Salvia Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Robertello Janet Juba Eleanore Swykowski Tom and Barbara Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grimm Lorraine Cifelli Mrs. Ann Kapuscinski Joann Da Silva Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Da Silva Susan Marie Loocs Andrew Luksa Mrs. Andrew Luksa Mr and Mrs. S. J. Manzella Joseph Manzella Mr. and Mrs. Frank Monza Mr. and Mrs. James Bonner Doris and Rocky Mr and Mrs. J. McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Walter Drozd Mr. and Mrs. Henry Milewski Mr and Mrs. P. Napierkowski Mr and Mrs. John St or back Mrs. Peter R. Farquhar William A. Moore. Ill Mrs. Jean Ostrosky William Ostrosky Mrs. Agnes Latacz Leo Skrobot Joseph Tomczyk Mrs. Viola Kijek Mrs. Fanny Czerniak Mr and Mrs. C. Czerniak Mr. and Mrs. J. Czerniak Chester Kijek Barbara Nicicwski Joan and Phil Stanley C. Pojnar Mrs. Stanley Pojnar Stanley Zawacki Mrs. Stanley Zawacki Dee and Georgia Harry Buffardi. Jr. Harry Buffardi. Sr. Pat Scnatorc Arlene and Marie Pat Fancera John. Joe and Sam Gary Buffardi Jan and Pru Cadena Anthony Fabbncatore Mrs. Anthony Fobbricatore Mr and Mrs. James Alberto Vincent Alberto Marie Pilecki Manuel Da Silva Anthony Martin George Capo negro M.ke Pallitto Jack Nobile George Juodelis Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Blankenhorn Jesse Jeffries Mrs. Margaret M. Eisenbcrg Emily Gunn Wilder Sarah Danzis Marie Santos Natalia Santos Maria Santos Eleanor M. Bloomfield Mrs. Sadie De Leon Joseph Gesumaria Mrs. Joseph Gesumar.a Mrs. Angelo Farro Mrs. Salvatore Bovino Sal Bovino. Jr. A Friend James Mount 108Joseph Volpe Michael Piccifillo Joseph Forturvato Arthur Poivan Mr Lawrence Scheffer San Salzano Herman Schultz Rosemarie and Tony Linda Po unko Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Tozzi Mrs. Steven Lajda Dotty Plcsmk Eleanor Korlik Mrs. Steve Plesnik Steve Plesnik Vera Plesnik Mrs. John Poolen James Morrison Rosemary Morrison Ann G. Clark Patty Jane Schiveikart Adelaide Krug Leona Jczck Jane R. Leber Mario Steckcrt Mrs. Helen B. Pockmara Sigmund Pochmare Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Santos Mr. and Mrs. A Pavao Mrs. Barnott Lipson Tess Basile Alfred Basile Georgia Basile Rosom ry Basile Pat Basile Barrett Lasher Fil Fornicola Vic Fernicola Sandra Fernicola Sharon Fernicola Diane O'Neill Mrs. John Rodgers Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Metis Josephine Vcneziano Angela Plinio Margie Porcarclli Palmira Carrubba Edward Demoraki Mrs. Walter Dewey Mrs. Ernest Williams Ernest Tedesco Mrs. John Gicnga Bob and Bill George and Steve Mrs. Thomas Curivan Joanne Januscski Francine Goldenberg Hugo Gallardo Walter Krueger Mrs. Walter Krueger Marion Griffiths Richard Harris Margaret Jesien Sandra Lipson Richard Etheridge Mary Tatocka Bob Davis Mr. and Mrs. W. Miller Dolores Canat Martha and Bobby Mmnie and Bob Mrs. Beatrice Dornbuseh William Anberg Mr . Frank Pofh Mr . John L. Sidwa Mr . Francis Schoen Mr . William McEvoy Mrs Adam Sypniawski Mr . Frederich Floig Mr . Andrew Do I insky Andrew Dolmsky Mrs. Don Moore AI ben Almoida John Quinfas Murray Hcchf Sugar and Sweety Connie Montgomery Gene Anderson Leu Sacco Rose Scolamieri William and Elizabeth Donovan John Napolitano Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fresolone Mrs. Luther Harrington. Jr. Dolores David Louise Miraglia Mrs. Rose Pngnano Mary Ann Miraglia Mrs. May Miraglia Harry Miraglia Scarj and Zinno Joann Fontanarosa Anthony Petti Mrs. Alfonso Petti Frank D’Amore John Petti Rose Petti Theresa Petti Anthony Paglia Charles Belgio John Grohowski Joseph Frisco John Santemaria Lucille Padovano Lucille Triano Richard Wieczcrzak Louis Esposito Dolores Martinez Mrs Frank Parrillo Frank J. Parrillo Dave Troisi Donruimarie Parrillo Sal Petfi Frank LaBate. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Rawa Jo Ann and Joe Adrienne Gurdak Judy Alteriz»o Joan Dlvorkin Pete Dokut Irving Springer Dolores Wysocki Lorraine Lebo Gloria Vieria Janet Kozimor Jesse Jeffries. Jr. Kathy Carolan Pat and Michael Lucille and Nicholas Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Nasfo Mr. and Mrs. Ra'ph Sanchez Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Yeachshein Peter Paglia Cermcla Paglia Julie Pagin Mary Peglu Lucille Peg I Mrs James Nolen Mr . Walter Nugenf Mr and Mr . Michael Howard Mr and Mrs. Stephen Teku’a Naska Majewski Stephen Kapuscinski James F. Buchinski Mrs. Marsha H. Buchinski Edward Ttemper Michael Homiacek Dolores and Mickey Barbara and Evelyn John Junior Pete and Dotty Mr. and Mrs. John Kapuscinski Mrs. Pauline Zajac Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Dokus Jean Dokus Joe and Kate Helen Pepsin Mrs. Peter Zych Mr. and Mrs. Zygc Kurczop Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Blando Mr. and Mrs Stanley Cmiefewski Mr. and Mrs. Richard Galisewski Mr. and Mrs Louis Galisewski, Jr. Tony Lopes Joseph Giordano Jerry Ferrante Mike Giordano Morris J. Giordano Barbara Masalli Kevin Giordano Danny Masellf Reverend John R era Emily Giordano Archie Davison Pierre Bousquet Leon Welgos Billy McHalc Dolores Bieksba Ann Bieksha Mrs. Peter Bieksha Mrs Mary Polanski Mrs. Ann Sosnosky Frances Sosnosky Richard Polanski Nancy Polanski Mr and Mrs. Peter Polanski Peter J. Bieksha Mrs. Willie Wakefield Angela Melchiorre Theresa Ferrara The Somoracki's Mr. end Mr . Joseph Somoracki Mrs. Joseph Bauer Joseph Bauer Dorothy Bauer Thomas Bauer Stephen Bauer Linde Bauer Jean Bauer Stanley Lewandowski Henry Kroner Mrt. Fred McDermott Don and Richie Blank Bev end Robert Anthony Gomes Peter Jeint Shirley and Sam Jackson Susie and Eddie Mr. and Mrs. F. Schaefer Nicholas Mannaro Tom and Bob Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Valentino Richard Valentino Lena Verdcrese Mrs. Mary Paolella Joseph Apostino Frank L Marano Angelo Fontanarosa Oommick Verderese Walter Farley Robert Pip David Martinz Ted and Phyllis Mrs. Sam dealest Sam Cicalase Agnes Cicalese Mrs. Louis Galisewski Louis Galisewski. Sr Adelmo J. Vazquez Lydia and Barry Harris Mr. and Mrs. John Ramos Andrea Varela Pedro Vcrdugo Juana Vcrdugo Anthony Fresulono Charles St iusc Joseph Verduoo Mercy Wichowski Mrs Margaret Brady Frank and Lois Mrs. Henry Zepar Gema and Debbie Dzuban William Levant. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Levant Mr and Mrs. Philip Levan Lois Levant Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Zepar Mrs Bernette Smith James G. Hunt Mrs James G. Hunt V. Zimmerman John Dudek George Sabak Stanley Chozempa Frank Kokoszka Edward O'Rourke Joseph Allone Mr. and Mrs. A. Isabella Mr. and Mrs. A. Mastandrea Kenneth Martian Mr. and Mrs Edward Antas Andy Welti Mr. and Mrs. Thad Gurdak Carol and Teddy Gurdak Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bauer, Jr. Stephen Orki Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Zatorski Anthony and Frank Tortoriello Bruce and Michele Garafolo Mr and Mrs Joseph 8auer. Jr. Mike and Audrey Mrs. Wanda B crnacki Steven J. Cza kowski John Dudek Tommy Dudek Frank Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sfefsko 109Mrs. Mary Lewandowski Mr . Mary Wargo Cynthia and Dennis Lamak Mr. and Mr . William Gorria Ellic and Hank Mr and Mrs. Michael Wargo Jeanette Gutowski Sharon Gurdak Mrs. Lillian Gurdak T. J. White Micheal Wargo. Jr. Mr and Mrs. Wa Perry Mr. and Mr . Wa Perry Alphonse Shumicas Philip Siano Philip Salzano Dennis Gurdak Mr . John Dudek John Dudek Philip Wmterholt Edward Gurdak Peter Swidar Louis Galisewski Mr. and Mrs. Zyge Zawacki Ray and Loretta Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zawackt Alice Silva Manuel Silva Clem Daly Ed»e and Bob Nicki and Johnny Geni and Bill Pat and George Phil Nork Richard Jacoby A. H. Schulz Vera Wilson Mary Altomontc Tiny and Pat 0 Malley Harry Henger Nicholas Pavlichko Olga Pokol Wayne Krcsge Denise Da Nave Marianne Miller Billy Dachowski Susan Ellen Clayton Maria Helena Da Nave Ernest Giordano Mr. and Mrs. Joseph De Ro a Gaetano Ferranto Edwin T. Hagan, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Rui Clayton Jackie and Bob Ginny and Pete Maureen Martin Mr. and Mrs. B. Lipson Robert Ditzler Mr. and Mrs. W. Brooks Mr. and Mrs. L. Craft Mrs. Laura Craft Valeria Camisa Cathy lannucci Tina Kachulis Barbara Lipson Mmnetta Zoppo Mrs. William Carr Robert Zatorski Robert Stec Richard Fass Frank Grillo Mr. and Mr . S. Hanas L. Fernandez Frank Carmody Carol Rosier Brenda Roberson Jacquelyn Hughes John Teague Allan Wise Katheleen Summer Lorraine Ford Anna Durham Michael Kucy Mr . Walter Jacobs Mrs. Joseph Kucy Joseph Kucy John McGuire Mrs. Julie Barskl Mary Rote Kwasek Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Orth Mr. and Mrs. J. Bandurski Elaine Szalonkiewicz Joan E. Krais Gussie and John Mahon Dolores and Fred Dolores Yannuzzi Louise McGuire Monsignor I. Kclmelis Mr. and Mrs William Churney Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wargo Lonora Battaglini Veronica Sposobiec John Kalafut Bernard Spirock Mr . Bernard Spirock Bernard Spirock, Jr. Mary Ann Miller Michael Krawchuk Paul Homa Dorothy Drabik Mary Ann Woomer Betty Vcrno Ooris Barda William Sostak Mrs. William Sostak Beverly Barda Mr. and Mrs. J. Drabik Joe Mann ion Gary Quicn Billy Dachowski Al Masomut John Kubicka John Brych Mr. and Mrs George Ferris Jack Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Snyder Frank Toltl Mr and Mrs. G. Smyth Buddy and Lucille Mama and Poppa JoAnn and Joseph Terry and Eddie Lucille and Owen Mickey and Jackie Mary and Stretch Patricia and Richard Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stenger Thomas Ryan Michael Ryan Mrs. Michael Ryan Barbara Stenger Clifford Morris Mr. and Mr . George Batty Mrs. Frances Morri Tommy and Barbara Lil and George Roberta Turos Family Mom Damelak Gerald Pagano Mrs. Peter Caprara Ann Pagano Mr. and Mr . James N. Pagano Tony Bas Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Basilc Biase J. Pagano Anthony B. Pagano Diane McGovern Rick Enright Mary Ann Borsuk Rocco Kauf mann Jacqueline Lindsey Diane and Carolyn Frances Virginia Kearney Gloria Chaplinski Joan Schmidt Henry G. Fetzer. Sr. Henry G. Fetzer. Jr. Catherine Fetzer Charlene and Danny Pat and Richie Marie and Jackie Ted Peppy and Vinme Richard Bohacik Edward G. Borger Cathy Balbach Florence Volos in Christine Stanczyk Maroe Villano Marianne Miller Regina Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Louis Vukan Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bohacik Jami Scott Mercy Bromirski Steve Roxas Mr. and Mr . Tirso Roxas Eddie Wittles Edward Whittles Patricia Lada Charlotte Wittles Michele Socoloski Lenorc Socoloski Weed Nieratko Robert Nieratko Frank Pinho May Santucci Ralph Santucci Connie Santucci Mr. and Mrs. Carmine Santucci JoAnn Sadowski Eleanor Padncr Mr. and Mr . Walter Podia Mrs. Michael Pevarnik Peter and Elinor Chubin Mrs. Casmir Zatorski Mrs. Alex Kirick Nell Sfangreciak Mrs. Bess Bartner Charles Micchelli James E. Jackson Peter Strzalka 110 Mr . Peter Strzalka Mrs. Alphonse Zatorski Cynthia Ann Zatorski Mr. and Mr . George Landi Steve Kundrat George Bousquet Dorothy Osefchen Mrs. Joseph Osefchen Elizabeth Thau Robert Thau Mr. and Mr . Elmer Thau John Rossi. Jr. Gerald Daly Robert D. Page Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Kuczko Mr. and Mrs. J. Kwasek Mr. and Mrs. F. Thalheimer Mr. and Mr . Richard Sackerman Silverio 8a ile Cheryl San Giacomo Connie Bujalski Jo Ann and Smitty Dennis Popielarczyk Sam Hicks Mr. and Mr E Sedlak Mary Fragoso Virginia Sedlak Sandra and Marty Sedlak Ronnie. Willy and Mickey Dolores Scelfo Patricia Mata Dorothy Scheider Mr . Barbara James Mr . Albert Leier Mrs. Claire Uzzdino Rote Smith Mrs. David Godfrey Joan and Billy Mr and Mrs. John Cross Mr. and Mr . William Ockenhousc Mr . John Tavaska Gerald E. Field Cookie Field Mrs. Mary Szwarga Mrs. Katherine McCrea Mr. and Mrs. Walter Tokarzewski Mr. and Mrs. Peter Scheffclhuber Loretta Rawa Frank Margulski Mary Ann Klimek Richard Farnum Chris N. Pintozzi Tom Pintozzi Florence Forlenza Lucille San Giacomo Mary San Giacomo Marty San Giacomo Gloria San Giacomo Helen Basile Elaine Moschello Barbara and William Maryann Caldicro William Stecki Mrs. William Stecki Alice Stecki Terry Jablonski Ted Stecki Mr. and Mr . Casimir Soltys Millie and Stanley Dottie. Valene. and Adam Loretta Stanislawczyk Louise SchmonTho Gerard Gowers Sister Mary Ellen. O.S.B. George Batty, Jr. Dolores Morris Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Morris Joseph Stenger Mrs. Joseph Stenger Frank Fogler Helen Fogler Mr. and Mrs Walter Nych Gerald Vincent Buckley Alice Buckley Theresa Rawo Josephine Cicchino William Ritter Mrs. William Ritter Charles P. Maude Kathy and Eddie Eddie Miller Margie Synger Morris Synger Billy Ritter Kathy Rittor Mrs. Alberta Robertson John L. Berry Edwardo L. Robertson Pcrcell F. Robertson Candace Thomas Catherine and Tom Thomas and Richard Vctack Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Vetack Mr. and Mrs. Gus Kaminski Margo Cabillonar Barbara Allaman Richard ). Nino Jeanette and Frank Mrs. Joseph Vchock Joseph Vchock Mrs. Stanley Najmcwski Stanley Naimowski Joseph Vehock. Jr. Marion Delikat Amelia and Jean Ginger and Joe Amelia and Marion Judy and Sal Sally Brach Mrs. Marion Flynn Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sadowski Mr. and Mrs. Alex Freeman Bob Bondura Mrs. John E. Ladanyl Sharon Bacha Walter Dolocheck Mary Dolocheck Mr. and Mrs. John Kowalick Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gotch Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Manny Naia Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Levinson Mr. and Mrs. Morrie Johnson Barbara Marie Lawson JoAnne and Archie Mr. and Mrs. Barney Cap rig I tone Helen and Robert Mulheam Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Carolan Joan and Richie Gloria Costa Vincent Murantc Janice Donlan John D'Elia Mary Lou Bataille Mrs Julia Ballister Antoinette Borkowski Rose LaFalcc Mr. and Mrs. J. Cicchino Anthony Cicchino Joseph Tighe Harry Nichols Bob De Voe B. William Stephenson C. C. Simmons Joseph Connelly Thomas Pagtio Shirley Provcnzano Mr. and Mrs. Sal Castelli Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burnett Mr. and Mrs. Frank McGovern Mr. and Mrs. A. Kapandais Peter McMahon Mr. and Mrs. R. Bonnet Jimmy Petti Nancy Ann Petti Betty Mcmoli Harry San Filippo Mrs. L. Pantano Toni Lodato Mr. and Mrs. W. Kopacz Felix Kopacz Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kopack Julia Kopack Dorohty Kopacz Richard Kopacz Mr. and Mrs. J. Neumaier Leon Sobka, Jr. Edward Karbauski Mr. and Mrs. H. Sasiak William W. McLaren Mrs. John Czajkowski Marie Mayer Mr. and Mrs. H. Wenk Mr. and Mrs. M. Fitz Irene Opanowicz Ed Froehlkh Brenda and Pat Vickie and Marie Gail Schnegelberger Mr. and Mrs Frank Maszczak Linda Soltyis Margaret Soltyis Ruthte and Dotty Peter Miller Mr. and Mrs. Walter Maszczak Mr. and Mrs. Charles Titus Mr. and Mrs E. Musa I Janet and Ronnie Hank Pryzbck John Golba Gemma Lamana Charley Schaefer Mrs. H. Lexa Paulette Halstead Mr. and Mrs. L. Coviella Eddie Fitz Rickey Madei Mr. and Mrs. R. Made) Mrs. Mary Madei Genevieve Madei Mr. and Mrs. E. Dlugcsz Paul F. Wosko Mr. and Mrs. F. Rendfry Mr. and Mrs. A. Roto Mary Pickard Peter Balchunas Victoria Lee Sasiak Frank Capizzi Pat Frega Eddie C. Harris Mrs. Mary Howard Thomas John Mr. and Mrs. Daniel John John Jones Steve Palasti Frank Callahan John Zanski Max Muller Joseph Latacz Cliff Garland Larry Smith Captain Stanley Stawasz Mrs. Stanley Stawasz Mrs. Alexander Kozimor Thomas Kozimor Eileen Kozimor Mrs. Katherine Stawasz Joan Karcheski Mary Foertsch Joseph Foertsch Raymond Mehlcr Robert Mehler Alfred J Mehlcr Norman Mehlcr Ruth Mehler Anna Mehler Joseph Smeltzer Mrs. Louis Cicalese Gerald Cornacchi Mrs, Gerald Morano Mrs. Anthony De Silva Anna De Silva Agnes Munley Dominic Morano Mrs. Dominic Morano Carlos Morano Barr Czajkowski Joseph Brink Mr. and Mrs. Adam Mayer Mack Schwer John Czajkowski Charles Perry Carol Marck Hildebran Vieira Phyllis Morgione Ralph R. Montanaro Robert Collumb Manuel Da Silva Carmen and Reyes Mr. and Mrs. James Bonillo Sal McCue Danny Ruder Tom McCue Babe and Carmen Baby Jerry Betty and Eddio Peter Collumb Mr. and Mrs. Peter Collumb Margaret Collumb Mr. and Mrs Paul Glickenhaus Eleanor and Larry Mrs. Elsie Agin Mrs J. Guiamar Paul Coppola Ed Murzenski Dick Zavaglia Blanche Betty Sasiak Angela R Duca The Yurow’s The Caresser's III John Billow Mrs Frank Somodi Elaine Sainz Patricia Munley Benny Sainz Beverly Robinson Mr. and Mrs Charles Sadowski Mr. and Mrs. John Ambrozy Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Sadowski Mr. and Mrs. Steve Chabra Mr and Mrs. John Menka Theresa Piwaski Mr. and Mrs. A. Alicks Charles Gerard Al D'Augustme Frank Romeo Ann and Tom Irene and Joe Ralph Romeo Dr. Gilbert Kahn Mr. and Mrs. J. Pollack William S Fast Arnold Valentino Mrs. Carmen Restine Carmen Restine Frank Cevetto Clement Restine Mr. and Mrs. A. Pellegrino Mrs. Millie Cevetto Leon Matthews John Kowalczyk Helen Kowalczyk Mrs Phyllis Hopke Mr. and Mrs. William Matthews John Osinski Barbara and Bill Joseph Mosier Mary Mosier Helen Mosier Jerry and Joey Golmanavich John Sowakinas Joseph Sowakinas Mr. and Mrs. Leo Golmanavich Mrs William McGovern William McGovern Sarah Nelson Thomas Ferris Mrs. Arline Marsh, R.N. William McHale Gloria McGovern Mrs. Anna Moura Mrs Dorothy Ozimek Josephine Cocuzza Angie Macaluso Charles Macaluso Mr. and Mrs. Sal Macaluso Mr. and Mrs. A. Perez Pat Guariglia Mr and Mrs. Edward Suarez Manny Matos. Jr. John Fernandez Mrs Norma P. Leitch Mrs. William J. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. B. Foley Thomas Cusumano Leonard Cusumano Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Barlow Mr and Mrs. P. Cusumano Mr. and Mrs. R. Cusumano Joe Dominguez Mrs. Ruby Wallman Mr. and Mrs. Walter VerneGail V«rn« Joseph Sleith Mrs. Helen Kuback Andrew Kuback Ronald J. Kuback Paul Ballman Ann Mcntzel Otto Kuehl Mr». Joseph Kcitfer Joseph Keselicka Irving Juman Richard Spirock Reverend and Mrs. William Ervirsgton Jessie Robinson Sam Jackson Andrea Dutch Mr and Mrs. John S. Dutch D.ane Litwitz Gene Fedorczyk Mr. and Mrs. John J. Dutch Catherine Zinn Edward Dutch Barbara Wolski Eleanor Olsofka Milton Bezak Mrs. Pauline Olsofka Jack Hoyt Mr. and Mrs. J. Olshefski Alan Cohen Donald Mochler Thomas Morgan Edward Komoroski Carlo and Pat Mr. and Mrs. P. Giordano Carol and Bobby Pat and Duane Perky Joe Frank Fell Mrs Frank Fell Joanna and Domenick 01 la and Pat David and Mary Mrs. B. Ryman George Warren David Norwood. Jr. Joseph M Mon no John Trella Miguel Alexandrino Anthony Volire Burnett Hamletr Mr. and Mrs. A. Quagliato Evelyn Robrecht Chris Staselewicz Mr. and Mrs. James Sliker Lorraine Tabak Louis Schraft. Sr. Ralph Polito Mr. and Mrs John Hilliard Mr. and Mrs. Christian Schraft Sharon Mahon Mr. and Mrs F. Giordano Carlo Canestri Mrs. Jack Wallin Mary Krill Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Grusin Mrs. Charles Lind mar Terry Gorzenik Mr. and Mrs Edward Jones Richard Ciecwisz Robert Ciecwisz Edward Wittles Theodore Lada Sidney Zweig Antoinette Le Gassic Ray Reilly William Lada Augusta Lada Edward Kuter Billy Lada Ray and Dee Joe Strycharz Gerald V. Buckley R. J. Spike Richard P. Banach Edward Sowinsk. Peter Rojek Theodore Gubernat Jack Alban John McDonough Carol Conk Mr. and Mrs. Richard Conk Joan and Charles Charles Krehr. Jr. Joseph Cullen Bill Hauser Gene Hauser Dec and Ritchie Erdmann Evangeline Aznar Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Canal Jane and Phil Agnes Zamierowski William G. Gericke John R. Schmidt Albert Lcick John Kohl James Me Sor ley Nicholas E. 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Jr. Gene Lewandowski Mr. and Mrs. Arturo Dominguez Diane Zuk Lanny Launno Dominick Cutrino Mrs Dominick Cutrino Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Isom Mrs. Margaret Lewis Mrs. Ruth Roper Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Romao Joseph and Cynthia Ramao Madalien Amarol Mrs. Jost- Amarol Joseph Andransky Mr. and Mrs. P. Pagano Mr. and Mrs. S. Zaborowski The John Guro's Mr. and Mrs. Allen Angle James Young Mike and Helen Mrs. Helen Garon Mr. and Mrs. Walter Garon Mr. and Mrs. Victor Gieron Mr. and Mrs Frank Garon Mrs. Julie Ficzko Mr. and Mrs. Casimer Ficzko Edward Gutto Albert W Barlow Mrs. Catherine Hall Theresa Krchnacek Anita Smith Ann Schiner Sarah Connor Mary Graf June Reilly Ann Reilly Frank Comarata Artie Ores. Jr. Geraldine Forbes Donald Findley Rose Berliner David Malcolm Mike Koxma Mr. and Mrs. Beniamin Ficzko Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ficzko Mr. and Mrs Rudy Garon Bob and Bill Mrs. Claudia Radon Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ziegler Mr. and Mrs. Robert Withers Theresa Gudaitis Joseph 8. Heacook Victor Drust Mrs. Victor Drust Eleanor Olsofka Sandra Drust Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fitzgerald Roscoe Richardson Jack Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Crosta Mrs. Mary Gilsenan Mr and Mrs Ernest Robinson Mrs. Janet Mikulicz Edward MAulicz Henry F. Wcnk Mrs. Love Findley Jo Anne Buccine John Kacerak Joseph C Diacovo Joseph Principe. Jr. Louis A. Vicidomim Howard Stintsman Paul P. Bogatko Gerald Bartiromo Mrs. Alfred Bartiromo Alfred Bartiromo Barry Kolton Maria Lanza Mr. and Mrs. Emil Lanza Carol Ann Bartiromo Camillo Bartiromo William Ballenski. Jr. Caroline Grcgorec Mrs. William Ballenski P. Burns R. Burns Catherine A Cleary Henry Donn Richard Miller Lloyd Kingsley Walter Siegwarth George M. Trippc Carrie Davis Marion Duncan Matt.e Suer.eves George Feincman Al Sykes Phyllis and Frank De Gennaro Terry and Mary O Donnell The Bukowicki Family W. M Mahoney Bob Hundley David Nelson Peter A. Keimcr The Treacy Family Nicholas Molmaro. Jr. Joan Ornowski Gina and Tex Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lemaldi Eugene Nitti Mrs George Hetzel Mrs Joseph Foertsch Jack Kujawa Mrs. Edward McCarthy Dolores Ziegler Ralph Kittell Sam Lawton Cathy Huzar Mrs. Theodore Huzar Teddy Huzar Mary Jane and Joe Diane Nitschke Roy Lishman Joan Hoy Mrs. Samuel Hoy Richard Fordney Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lishman Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hoy Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Walters Mr. and Mrs John Kozlosky Virgic Lishman Joseph Lishman Johnnie and Jollio 112MArket 3-6883 MArket 2-6653 JAYZEE HARDWARE and SUPPLY HOUSE SERVICE and QUALITY WITH ECONOMY 94 Pulaski Street Newark 5. N. J. MArket 3-9508 ED’S TEXACO SERVICENTER Brakes - Ignition - Minor Repairs Road Service - Wheels Balanced 107-13 Pulaski Street Newark 5. N. J. MArket 3-1864 JOSEPH PACHANA SONS ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 60 Elm Road Newark 5. N. J. ESscx 2-4213 Est. 1924 MICHAEL LaMORGESE ROAD BUILDING and ENGINEERS Paving Contractors - Excavating and Mason Work CAPRIGLIONE PAPER CO. Dealers in WASTE PAPER and MILL SUPPLIES 83 Vesey Street Newark 5, N. J. RITE DRUG CO. G. H. DeGIOVANNI, Reg. Pharm. J. J. DeGIOVANNI. Reg. Pharm. D. B. AMBROSE, Reg. Pharm. A. INGENITO. Reg. Pharm. 1 19 Wilson Avenue Newark 5, N. J. MArket 4-9784 ONE HOUR MARTINIZING THE MOST IN DRY CLEANING One Hour Cleaning At No Extra Cost 134 Wilson Avenue Newark 5. N. J. Mitchell 2-8860 MAX MULLER CONFECTIONERY and LUNCHEONETTE Jumbo Sandwiches - Country Club Ice Cream 113 938 Stuyvesant Avenue Irvington 11, N. J. 98 Magazine Street Newark 5. N. J.Be t Wishes to Mitchell 3-7223 F. J. GERACI GERACI PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO PORTRAIT - COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY A FRIEND Wedding Cendidt - 3 Dimcmionjl Color Slides 146 WILSON AVENUE NEWARK 5. N. J. Best Wishes to ADELINO J VAZOUEZ THE CLASS OF JUNE. 1958 JOSEPH ZIDONIK INSURANCE BROKER 144 FERRY STREET NEWARK 5. N. J. ESscx 2-4075 Congretuletions to PERRY’S FRUIT and PRODUCE THE CLASS OF JUNE. 1958 WHOLESALE MR. and MRS. S. KOZIMOR NEWARK. N. J. Mitchell 2-5801 Mitchell 2-0913 DINGLEBERRY'S ECKERTS PHARMACY YOU NAME IT — WE HAVE IT! A. A. ROSENBERG. PH G. Prescriptions end Cosmetics 116 WILSON AVENUE NEWARK 5. N. J. 167 FERRY STREET NEWARK. N. J. Mitchell 2-9145 BEST WISHES TONY’S MEATLAND MR. and MRS. JOSEPH A. LOBODA 112 VAN BUREN STREET NEWARK 5. N. J. MArket 2-9279 LIBERTY CLEANERS and DYERS AL’S LUNCHEONETTE 118 VAN BUREN STREET NEWARK 5. N. J. 115 WILSON AVENUE NEWARK 5. N. J. Mitchell 2-9828 Mitchell 2-6187 P. CONFORTl POLKA DOT BOX LUNCH SOUTH STREET HARDWARE VINNIE PINHO end FREOOIE SILVA HOUSE FURNISHINGS 155 MAGAZINE STREET NEWARK. N. J. 144 SOUTH STREET NEWARK 5. N. J. TO MY NIECE. MARIE Mitchell 2-8995 Congretuletions from ROMAN INN UNCLE PHIL ROMAN end STANLEY KURPIESKI, Props. 58 PULASKI STREET NEWARK 5. N. J.Congratulations to THE CLASS OF JUNE, 1958 BOB LIPSON CARMEN LA FALCE Congratulations to The Nicest Ad Solicitor FRANK S TAVERN 47 Fleming Avenue Newark 5, N. J. Mitchell 2-9617 LEO’S TAVERN 1 12 Pulaski Street Newark 5, N. J. Congratulations to PAT MOM - DAD - KATHY Mitchell 3-8460 KUPPERMAN SONS, INC. Dry Cleaners and Shirt Laundcrcrs “Dry Cleaning At It’s Best' 130 South Street Newark 5. N. J. Best Wishes to THE CLASS OF JUNE. 1958 MITTLEMAN BROS., INC. 1 594 Maple Avenue Hillside. N. J. MArkct 3-9192 STATION PHARMACY Everything for The Sick to Meke Them Well 148 SOUTH STREET NEWARK 5. N. J. MELVILLE DAIRY J. GARB 1224 GROVE STREET IRVINGTON. N. J IISCOLLEGIATE CAP AND GOWN COMPANY Manufacturers of CHOIR ROBES . . . BAND OUTFITS. . . SPECIALTIES ACADEMIC CAPS, GOWNS and HOODS 366 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK, N. Y. MArket 2-3000 MArket 3-1790 ALDERNEY DAIRY COMPANY MILK and CREAM OF HIGH QUALITY H. A. GREENE CO. SPORTING GOODS Your School Sweaters in Stock Outfitters for East Side High School Athletic Teams 26 BRIDGE STREET NEWARK 2. NEW JERSEY 116 28 HALSEY STREET NEWARK 2, NEW JERSEY •■'I I MMIf

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