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 W:vtv! :’v '1MMM 7 icA Published semi-annually by the Students of mm East Side Commercial and Technical High School Newark, New Jersey January 1954'rtyett'Uf I. ’TMc ac ett PRINCIPAL VICE PRINCIPALTV. 'rtyanny Sutfo t CLASS ADVISER 4HOME ROOM ADVISER Janette 'Pcvwtele HOME ROOM ADVISER 5me-Marilyn Bilow Music Eleanor M. Bloomfield English Julius C. Bernstein Chairmen, English Paul P. Bogatko Physical Education Sarah Oanzis Teacher Clerk Margaret Borton Mrs.) Horn economics Loren L. Davis Social Studies John Cavicchia Mathematics Agnes A. Davitt Librarian Sadie DeLeon (Mrs.) Science Edward B. Ciesla Technical Catherine A. Cleary Mathematics Edgar A. Cole Technical Edith G. Colm (Mrs.) Languages Jessie C. Crummy Health Anthony M. D'Andrea Science Stuart Faber Chairman. Science tncn tannan English william a. ra»i Business Louise DiCroce (Mrs.) Nicholas E. DiNardo Home Economics Music Sydney L. Flamm Mathematics Charles F. Fisher Art Marilyn J. Fcitel English Rosana Fedenci (Mrs.) Social Studies Ruth M. Gronheit Science Charles L. Grubcl Science Mildred M. Gilbert Physical Education Edith M. Graham Home EconomicsMitchell Hail ter Technical Samuol T. Hecht On military leave) Business Seymour C. Heck English John F. Handler Alice B. Henning Louis A. Horwitz Business English Physical Education Harry Lewis Norma leitch (Mrs.) Chairman. Health Mathematics Leonard Lumb Mathematics Doris B. Hupp Art Harold M. Jay English George M Kessler Social Studies- August Jannarone Anthony V. Jan none Technical Secretarial Margaret Jcsscn Librarian Harry G. Kcttcnrn Technical (On furlough) Gilbert Kahn Chairman, Business and Secretarial Freda G. Kirsch (Mrs.) Teacher Clerk Mane C. Kelly (Mrs.) Secretarial Esther L. Martin Effie Mathicson (Mrs.) Art Home Economics (On furlough) Engelbert J. Rocco V. Nobile Ruth Papier Janette Parmcle Neumaycr Technical Home Economics Social Studies English Lillian K. May Science Harry Lutzke Mary E. Macintosh Camille Malbrock Mrs ) Arline R. Marsh Science English Physical Education Nurse (On furlough) Ellen C. McAllister Richard A. Miller Katherine Neliigan Science Technical SecretarialRuth Perkins Secretarial Edward A Posner Social Studies Florence Rader (Mrs.) English (On furlough) Oliver M Sebold Languages Laura Scheftcr (Mrs ) J. Jerome Schlosser Mathematics Mathematics A yA Ellen C. Richard Secretarial Walter Siegwerfh Technical Dorothy Ring (Mr .) Angelo A Rotamilia Clerk Mathematics Daniel D. Singer Social Studies Garland H. Smith Secretarial Leona H. Smith Secretarial William C. Scott Guidance Howard G. Stmtsman W Harry Sutton Evelyn Tabankm (Mrs.) Technical Business Teacher Clerk Lawrence Sieber English Nellie M Smith Secretarial Fred E. Spann Phvucal Education David E. Wemgast Chairman. Louise Weinstein (Mrs.) Emily G. Wilder Social Studies English Music Israel Tumm Social Studies Stephen P. Vender hoof Technical Jessie C. Wagoner English Wordsworth D. Williams English Michael A. Wmdus Vincent J. Young Irwin J. Zachar Technical Chairman. Technical English NOT PICTURED Dorothy Hamer Music (On furlough) 10 DOLORES GUILDA ANDREACIO 150 Elm Street STEPHEN JOHN ANDREINI 52 Delaney Street DOLORES ANNE AUGUST 107 Linden Avenue, IrvingtonCHRISTINE ROSLYN BREVARD 181 McWhorter Street JOAN CATHERINE BRUNNER Box 94A. Mounted Route No. 1. Keyport PATRICIA ROSE CAMARATA 303 Walnut StreetLEE PATRICIA DeMETRO 243 Lafayette Street JOHN O'OLIVEIRA 126 Ferry Street MARY ANN DUVA 156 Lafayette Street 15 JOHN JOSEPH GROGAN 125 Lincoln Avenue ROSE MARIE GAMBLE 30 Horatio Street MARIE R. GOMES 20 Downing Street ROSETTA HARRIS 257 Bruce Street SWiFIY ROSE MARIE GONZALEZ 160 Lafayette Street WINIFRED MAE HODGE 31 Oxford StreetREGINA MORKUS ANN MARIE THERESA NATALE 1 1 3 Adams Street 289 Walnut Street DOMINICK MICHAEL PADOVANO JOHN ANTHONY PALMUCCI 365 Walnut Street 104 Pacific Street ELIABETH B. OSINSKI 190 Ferry Street O - fv. ANN SHIRLEY PARISO 38 Gotthart StreetTHOMAS NICHOLAS RISPOLI 297 Lafayette Street ROSE FLORENCE SARATELLA 199 Parkhurst Streeti MARIE ANN SMITH 329 Ferry Street 23 PEARL E. SIEGEL 66 Custer Avenue MARIE MARGARET SOLOMITA 170 McWhorter StreetMARIO TEIXEIRA 320 Lafayette Street CLARENCE THOMAS 48 Union Street 24 DOROTHY VERONICA TANKUS 17 1 Van Buren Street GERALDINE MARIE TOOMEY 39 Vincent StreetCATHERINE ANTOINETTE TORELLI 81 Prospect Street MARY ANTOINETTE TORTOREILO 106 Madison Street MICHAEL LOUIS TORTORIELLO 299 Chestnut Street RALPH ANTHONY TUBELLI 1 30 Fourteenth Avenue LILLIAN PATRICIA TUCKER 198 Thomas Street JOHN LOUIS VODARSIK 126 Main Street 25BETTY MAE WESTLEY 175 Oliver Street BEN STANLEY YAKABOFSKI 189 Pacific Street GEORGE STEVEN ZABRODSKI 59 Vi Brill Street MARY HONORA ZAWITOSKI 41 Gotthart Street PAT ZITAROSA 70 New York Avenue 26(Atony by SHIRLEY RYMAN Hey there! Come here! And you too, friend! Gather around as we tell you a little of our formal high school history. In the beginning . . . the date was February 1, 1950—a most extraordinary group of Freshmen entered the halls of East Side High School and its annex. We weren’t any greener than most Freshmen. Introductions, to very important people in our lives, Mr. Sutton. Miss Gronheit. Miss Parmele. Mr. Horwitz and Mr. McCracken, didn’t mean very much to us. then. Mr. McCracken's list of rules and regulations did make us wonder. Before we became acquainted with our homeroom teachers, we were set to filling out this and that form, until our hands and arms were numbed. Lucky for us. we only had fifteen minute classes the first day. In the fall we. the educated Freshmen, were all together, because the Annex had been condemned. Our Freshmen days flew by. even though the school days were longer and were tormented by ‘‘Up Stairways. Down Stairways, Elevator Tickets, Upperclassmen and ONE WAY TRAFFIC.’ In the fall of our Sophomore year changes occured in our various homerooms. Miss Gronheit left us as class counselor when she went to the Ann Street annex. Mr. Sutton, class adviser, gained the help of Miss Parmele as class counselor. All in all. we really acted the part of nice ’’sophisticated morons.” As Sophomore A’s we had our first elections, the results were: President. Arnold Criscitiello; Vice President. Anna Marie Dallakian; Secretary. Leo Souza; Treasurer, Joseph Della Sala. None of us will forget the bomb scare in our Junior year. We had boots, umbrellas. and all sizes and kinds of books to carry home. We were the first Junior B class ever to hold a night dance. It was a Leap Year Dance on February 29. 1952. We were proud as could be of our decorations and games and of our success. The results of our Junior B election were: President. John D Oliveira; Vice President. Dolores Conforti; Secretary. Dolores August; Treasurer. Anthony Cavallaro. In the fall of 1952. the Jack O'Lantern. our second dance, another great success, was held. Even though Margaret Maggio had graduated, she played such a big part in the success of our class social affairs, that we will always remember her. Remember the buses hired to take students to the "away from home football games.” in our Sophomore A and Junior A terms? 28Election results in our Junior A term were: President. Anthony Fiordaliso; Vice President. Dolores August; Secretary. Margaret Maggio; Treasurer. Arnold Criscitiello. Finally our long awaited Senior days arrived! Our Senior B election results were: President, Vincent Lipinski; Vice President, Dolores Conforti; Secretary, Marie Gomes; Treasurer. Anthony Cavallaro. Friday. April the 1 3th, was the setting of our Senior B LUCKY 1 3” Dance. Tony Roberts was the guest soloist. Almost all our classmates attended, and it was enjoyed by all. Senior REC Day! The long awaited day. We really looked forward to it. The girls really dressed up nice and the boys looked sharp. We have many pleasant memories of that important day. George Stankan, Senior A president, presented the Senior torch to our President, Vincent Lipinski, in honor of us. the new Senior B's. After school an afternoon dance and refreshments were enjoyed by all. Then to New York we all trotted. Remember "Shane", "Porgy and Bess", "Greenwich Village", 'Mama Leone's and many other places? Our corsages were spring flowers in a colonial bouquet. Our PROM? Really? It's true. Our prom. "Moulin Rouge", had arrived. Everyone worked hard and we are proud of its SUCCESS. Our tickets were beautiful and the decorations were just out of this world. The boys hadn’t realized what pretty lasses the girls in our class were until that night. Many couples from our class went to the Bill Miller's "Riviera". Graduation Day for the class of June 1953 and our girls helped usher. A nice long summer intervenes. September 14. 1953 opens our Senior A school days. Our election results: President. Vincent Lipinski; Vice President, Dolores August; Secretary. Marie Gomes; Treasurer, Joseph Della Sala. Our class chose to have a Class Dance instead of a Senior Recognition Day. The name of our dance was "Get Your Man" and it was held in honor of Sadie Hawkins Day on November 6. 1953. "Dungareed" girls wearing their brothers' shirts, and boys in L’il Abner shoes appeared at 8:00 o’clock P M. for a social dance. The Farewell Dance was held on January 15. 1954. Everyone came dressed for the occasion, for this was to be our last class social at EAST SIDE. A seriousness enveloped the dance even though everyone was having fun. Remember how much fun our graduation rehearsal was! But on the night of graduation. January 27. 1954. at East Side High School auditorium. with bright eyes filled with happiness and tears, we took our diplomas and changed the position of the tassels on our caps. Our High School days ended as abruptly as they started! 29{fait' t lee glut(fafufUttee O icerupliilttiw lie i!m a : v|3 lf n t6e “Pna HJOHN D OLIVEIRA Our boy Johnny "Dee” is one of East Side's football assets. He joined the Jayvcc team as a Freshman, and as a Sophomore, played the Varsity team. Until his last season he played end position, then he was placed as a defense of safety. There wasn't a season that Johnny did not play football. Another skill of this fine sportsman, was his track team accomplishment in his Sophomore year. NEWTON POLICASTRO Newt is another one of our hard-hitting football men. He played Jayvee football as a Freshman, and joined the Varsity as a Sophomore. His leading position through the seasons was guard. His power-filled frame of 5‘ 7” was known to surprise many an opponent. ROMEO CASCAES Another sport specialist is Rom Cascaes. track star. He has been running track since his Sophomore year. In his Senior year Romeo received his greatest thrill, he served as captain of the cross country team which, incidentally, was an undefeated team. Cross country has highest rating in Rom’s book, and we can readily see why. The basketball court also had a taste of Rom’s talents. As a Junior B he played Jayvee basketball. JOE SABATINO Joe Sab polished the center of any diamond. especially East Side's. A star pitcher in every sense of the word, Joe joined the team as a Sophomore. In every game he was known to strike his opponents with a battling curve ball. After his last season, he won a trophy awarded by the P.A.L., and a major letter. Joe also played forward position in Jayvee basketball. He joined this other sport in his Junior B term. WtMARIAN MIRANDI LUELLA SHIELS 43 PHYLLIS BATORDOLORES CONFORTI Editor SHIRLEY RYMAN MARIO TEIXEIRAFRIDAY. MARCH 13. 1953tc JttMIHHIMIMIIUIIHjfMOST SCHOLARLY Pearl Siegel Romeo Cascaes MOST POPULAR Dolores Conforti Leo Souza p a Jl i MOST MUSICALLY INCLINED Pearl Siegel Ralph Tubelli BEST DRESSED Grace Ferriol Mario Te.xeira MOST FLIRTATIOUS Rose Saratella Tony Cavallaro CLASS COMEDIANS Marie Smith Carmen Lucarelli Pofitdmity PM %i SHORTEST TALLEST Mary Ann Duva Stanley Kross S .0 Vtv BEST LOCKING Dolores August Arnold Criscitiello 52 MOST SOPHISTICATED Betty Otmki Arnold Cnsotiello MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Pearl Siegel Tony Fiordeliso BEST DANCERS Marian Mirarvdi Gaetano Re MOST QUIET Regma Savickas Tom Rispoli MOST ATHLETIC Manon Smith Newton Policastro“So UenA Mrs. Dan Andreacio Mr. and Mrs. V. Badala Anton Cristell Jennie Russo Mrs. Leonard Lorusso Marie Fortunato Joe Guerrera Edith Villanova Vincent Volpe Steve Mimides Emily DePhillips Karl Zalefsky Josephine Lo Potro Maria Giannos James Giannos Norma Natale Ray and Elizabeth Bernice Higgins Big Mack Mrs. Stella Kaminski Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gavula Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Conforti Angelo and Joyce Joyce Sona Marion Conforti Michael Mikulcwicz Charles Mikulcwicz Joseph Lodato Fizzy and Joe Fred E. Spann Mac Cidern Agnes Wolski Eleanor Miller Sgt. and Mrs. J. Levinos Mrs. Camille S. Malbrock Frances Luongo Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hodge Jack Takakjian John Hendler Sally Danzis Flo Horniacck Kathleen Landi Mike Martin Artsie Mae McClendon Anthony, Patty and Eunice Dot Bernstein Ken Margetak Anthony Gerard Fred Goscenski Lorraine and Ray Harry Christie Joan Lesho Mil and Jerry Bob D’Angelo Angelo Fiordaliso Jack Parlapiano Woody Coyle Agnes Zamierowski Walter Lipinski Tom Kopko Al and Eleanor Dawalt John Thompson Rose Preston Peter Lewis Elizabeth Spiclman William S. Evans Joan Baxter Josephine Werner Walter Finan Marianne Palmcri P. M. Gallagher W. Glazpcr J. A. Voorhees Mr. and Mrs. A. Cusano Mr. and Mrs. A. Billitz Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Brown Mrs. Buelah Holloway Joseph Notte Mrs. Edna T. Edwards Mrs. Geraldine Allen Jim Honey Said Blue Bird Sky Club Carl Sypnicwski George and Red Babe Krajczewski Leona and Marty Bad Shane Terry Lee-Lo-Marty Jackie Herman Stash Kross Arlene Scuorzo Barbara Major Helen Major Tony and Judy Joe and Bobbie Cecelia Meehan Terry Hielman Victoria Tremarco Mr. and Mrs. John Carbon Judy and Ceil Eleanor M. Bloomfield Mrs. Louise Weinstein Terry Slatnick Harry and Russ Uhrig Mary Neves Edward H. Small Doris Giantomas Mario Teixeira Peter Pallitto Mrs. Mario Teixeira Hilda Teixeira Dominick Nitti Irwin J. Zachar Mrs. Laura F. Schefter Janet Adams Anonymous Rose and Pat Mrs. Freda Kirsch Mrs. Evelyn Tabankin Mrs. Sadie DeLeon Mrs. Pauline Neves Vincent J. Young Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Ciuccoli Mr. and Mrs. Al Carvalho Mr. and Mrs. Albano Almeida Mrs. Joseph Gomes Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Fantozzie Mr. and Mrs. Carl Moricko Eddie and Ann Bananas Tony and Dom Mr. and Mrs. E. Billitz Brenda Billitz Duchess Mr. and Mrs. A. Burkart Robert and Albert Mr. and Mrs. H. Billitz Susan Billitz Dee from the coast Joe English Rose Mane Duca Toomcy Family Kathleen Rockc Lydia Landi N. Tamborrino Henrietta K. Flack Violet H Vorrath John S. Pctrakian Antionette Vicidomini Lucille Esposito Tony Pereira Mr. and Mrs. Louis Esposito Rosalyn Zarillo Marianne and Carmine Bill Biebel Mrs. Janet Biello Jesse Spoko Mrs. Edith Shymanski Ray Firestone Raymond Nelson Mrs. Regina Kasaitis Jack Gcraldo Dolores Martinez Mary Jo and Ray Mr. and Mrs. Al Bavcrlein Honey Marion Brennan Lorraine Krayser Terry Trajick Pilar Gonzalez Deborah Fenner Vincy Walter Siegwarth Terry and Ronnie Mr. and Mrs. L. Lipinski Theresa Lipinski Richard A. Miller Marie Kucher Seymour C. Heck Dot and Veto Arthur Bartiromo Phillip E. Pagano Louis A. Horwitz Larry J. Scelfo Anthony Dante Doris and Al Marie Schmittzeh Al D'Augustine John Murray Dolores Martinez Jackie and Bob Marty Blumcnfeld Eileen Mulhcarn Elvira Bertero Duke and Marie Dorothy Forfa Bubbles Russo Charles Solomita Tony Pietropollo Angie Solomita Angelo Rosamilia Mrs. J. Rucki Peter Urban Mrs. J. Yagla Mrs. J. Duva Mrs. David Roth Buddy Baber Anna and Harry Jean Leivanen Gilbert Kann Dolores Rizzolo Ann Davis Marie Baptista Nappy Baptista Carmen C. Risignola Jim Parrillo Mrs. C. Tankus Veronica Tankus Dorothy Tankus Mrs. S. Wonjar Stephen and Michael Patty Paczkowski Marie Katusak Caroline Cicalcsc Loretta Romeo Albert Weber Rusteo de Starrc Julia Campos Len Entrabartolo John Rastelli Jay Padovano Joan and Joe Carmella Tedesco Dorothy Fernandez Joan Rairtone Bob and Etta Woodrow Turner Thomas O'Connor Kathy and Donald Spino Mr. and Mrs. D. Cucuzzella David Van Deventer Mr. and Mrs. George Van Deventer Mrs. Louis Satzger Mrs. Dorothy Cox Loren Davis George Kessler Mrs. Edna Schmittzeh Mrs. Margaret Solomita Salvatore Rcstivo Dan Andreacio Charles Blevis Mrs. Alice Saldutti Mr. and Mrs. Comparetto G. Herr Howie Daly J. Meyer Mrs. Nicholas Leonardis Charles Mirandi Mrs. Charles Mirandi Chester Cuttulie Virginia Cuttulie Grace and Frankie Elaine and Peewee Charles Weckesser Anna Marie Dallakian Manny Martinez Mario Gomes Irene and Charlie Gomes Bobbi Golden Anna Marie and Paul Lee and John Florence Calabrese Lorry and Jack Jul and Lou Josephine Cavalla John Cavalla Mrs. Genevieve Busfield Pat Lordi Tony Gouveia Gwendolyn Nannarello Edward Polding Margaret McGrogan Adeline Cunha Eleanor Butler Frank Tanzola Frieda H. Hess Peggy Connolly Amelia Brown Frank J. Notte Nicholas Leonardis Mrs. Joseph Martin George Ostermiller Doris Keifrider Joseph Dacicr Donald Specht Joan and Bob Katherine Ostermiller Jack Boyle Beulah Griffin Barbara and Ray Lou Satzger Mrs. Richard San Giacomo Albin Kasaitis Charles Weckesser Lawrence Bondanti Evelyn Notte Harold Cochran A. Michael Paseckis Ronald and Al Fiaella Connie ForgioneBooateru Mrs. Gussic Alboum Max Alboum Rosann Soriente Charles Tortorcllo Carol lannello Jack Vieira Gene Foti Mary Fernandez James Brito Paul Urso Mrs. James Liguori Matilda Zarillo Mr. and Mrs. William Page Patricia Gamble Ira Palan Max Weiss Ronald Zedalis Rosalie Benovich Morty Hruby Sonny Altmann Mary Gamble John Gamble Jcryl and Eddie Charlie Yesmans Mrs. Lucy Vocaturo Mrs. Sarah Marino Pala Sirignano Mrs. Michelina Scarnigi Mickey and Walt Grandma and Grandpa Doris and Lou Doris Ventre and Lou Eddy and Mary Florence Farrell Jerome Pill Mary Dcvino Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lorcdo Marva Henderson Arturo Basdra Mrs. William McDonald Mrs. Susie Miller Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Rabb Mrs. John Williams Donald Yeldell Charlie Louis Dent Mrs. Elizabeth Cobb Bobby and Joe Marie L. Brunner Fred L. Brunner Mr. and Mrs. John Wasilak Mr. and Mrs. M. Martinez Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Carloni Al Pecoraro Mabel and Bill Henry Saveski Jay Panila Tony Mrs. William Saveski Mr. William Saveski Kelly O'Connor Rosie Williams Mrs. Louis Chivian Antoinette Sabatino Olga Pokol Barbara Dino Little Ed Blake Mrs. Anthony Sabatino Mrs. Alexander Nowakowski Anthony Bronco Mrs. Alexander Jachym Rosemarie Corigliano Mr. and Mrs. John Corigliano Debora Jean Jordan Isabelle Rispoli Anthony Rispoli Thomas Rispoli, Jr. Henderson Ferrell Gerard George Swayzc Anthony Zarillo Donna Ann Prignano Mrs. Thomas Rispoli Three Musketeers Mrs. Thomas H. Smith Mrs. Jack Schieni Mrs. Edna Olson James A. Shiels. Jr. Mrs. J. Shiels George Hank Stys Family James A. Shiels. Ill Alice and Buddy Marie and Larry Mrs. Arne Hansson Robert Englehart Michael Rihlik Mr. and Mrs. George Brevard. Jr. Millie and Doftic John A. Royster, Sr. James Simpson A Friend Co-Workers Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Ringer Alberta Jones Mr. and Mrs. Adam Shubsda Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Pilak Sonny Shubsda Phyllis Ann Shubsda Gerald J. Cotter John Gawricki Marge and Harry Hornig Li I Santa Maria Geraldine Juanita Turner Evelyn Olsofka Angelina Stover Helen Taity Mrs. Angelo Fiordaliso William Klena Mrs. Aaron Bernstein Joe Sab Thomas Mangieri Manny Oliveira Wilmer Ward Ralph C. Jim Peronti Mrs. Theresa Peronti Mrs. Lillie Tortorella Richard Zavaglia Sara Diaz Mrs. V. Christadorc Mrs. Victor San Giacomo Mario Catallo Tony Phylis Green Rac Baffipagha Jiggers Freddie. Jr. Bob and Judy Marion and Joe Anthony Andreacio Nick Andreacio Mary Farbaniec A Friend Mrs. Dorn D'Ambald Henry L. Sipos Joe Malloy John Natale Mrs. Cecelia Zabrodski Tony Spcra Blanche Stanford Richard Rowand Mickey Angelo Kay and Larry Kevin Kopet Robert DiBlasio Clara Mendez Audrey Baumann Dolores Miller Dolores Meyer William Scott Agnes A. Davitt Harry Lewis Anna L. Erbacher Jackie Gomes Augie Brooklyn Al Muchie and Norma Steve Cadena Mr. and Mrs. John D'Oliveira Charlie Patrick Tony Uzzalino Butchie Freddie Larry J. Gatcly Vicki Tufo Bob and Alice Wall Richard SanGiacomo Joseph and Diane Popola Rose and Howard Getto Sylvia Lentine Doris Hupp Mrs. LeRoy Ronan Edward Edwards Milano and Mcnza Lillian Jones Ella Nunn William Bradwcll Lillian and Julius Mr. and Mrs. J. Pereira, Sr. Bobby and Tommy Brown Mary E. Englert Artie Billitz Barbara Waltncr William Billitz Marie Gomes Mrs. Rose Gomes Laurentino Gomes Cadet Larry Gomes Jack Caravela Florence Kleinbeck Mary Gomes Elaine Dopico Johnny Gomes Linda Mennuti Frank Lopez Pvt. Daniel Lusquinos Palmira Lusquinos Eduardo Cordciro Pilar Lusquinos Luis Lusquinos Mr. and Mrs. Manny Lusquinos Barbara Dunn Maria Lopez Marie Diaz Israel Gitter Mrs. George Frank George Frank Gibert Millstein Silverio Perz Jose Perez Tony Hart Vito Mcnnella John Peldunas Vera Laukzemis Mrs. John Savickas Pranas Saveikis Val Melinis Red Mauricllo Mr. and Mrs. E. Mauriello Rita Vcsey Mr. and Mrs. R. Rosado Janet Souza Aida Valcntc Peg O' My Heart Roz and Jim George and Linda Leonardis Alfred Halacki Mr. and Mrs. William J. Ruseski Skippy Joanna Fernicola Mr. Frank Kendryna Fran and Chris Herb and Sophie Irving Springer Ruth Perkins Ruth M. Gronheit Charles Fisher Emma Cavalla Agnes Cicalese Evelyn Brunner Lois Brunner Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Brunner Joe Hickory Josephine Perez Mrs. John Hollinger Elaine Cullen Judy Spielman Jackie Spielman John Spielman Mary Spielman Elizabeth Duffy Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bamrick Mrs. Grace Edwards Mrs. Gerald Stewart Mrs. Sherman Ott Esther and Jerry Dotty and Danny Barbara Swybcrius Arline Dollberg Evelyn Dollberg Mr. and Mrs. William Miller Mrs. Gerardo Devivo Eleanor Szcwczak Mrs. Charles Konsack Charles Konsack Lady's Big Ten Pat Attanasio Charly David Ball Ace Gonzales Thomas Miranda Camclla Gallucci Michael Paris Babe Gallucci Charles L. Grubcl Joe Zedalis Yonko Kenneth LeSoinc Joseph Arena Sandra Kahn Mary C. Toman Tony Panzarino Ruth M. Kaufmann Mary Mills Jean Edmiston Joe Smith Mr. and Mrs. N. Lordi Mr. and Mrs. D. Lordi Jeanette Bartone Mrs. E. Carpenter Dee B. and Joe Nancy Puhl DcMctro Charles Lippey Joe Pirro Red Pirro Lois A. Stillman Otto's Dugout Sheila Jane Gomes Day Dreamers John Reynolds Dolores Harris Ruth M. Foerster James McElroy Lora Marinelli Ira Palan Mr. and Mrs. F. Billitz, Jr. Vera Cuozzo Frank Eng Pat and Frank Eloise and Joe Badala Mr. and Mrs. Frank Criscitiello Mr. and Mrs. James Stancati Jerry Stoia Mrs. Marie C. Kelly Sylvester Ferriol Louis Ferriol Frankie and Grace Buddy Verne Grace M. Ferriol Lucille Ferriol Frank Arthur Gilchrist Samuel A. Ciresi Terry Angle Mary Walsh Thomas Batty Mrs. F. Sterbenz Henry A. McCracken Dave Berger Mr. and Mrs. I. Siegel Richie and Joan Odessa Hill Wilena Heard Jeffrey Goldfmgcr Esta Pilchman Mrs. A. Torelli Alice F. Matthias Mrs. J. Lyons Ann Lamberti Geraldine Truchowski Barbara Lewandowski Mr. and Mrs. Tavares Isadore Korman Pete Lodato Ter and Rose Johnny D. Mr. and Mrs. Jose B. Gomes Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gomes Mr. and Mrs. James Armstrong Jimmy Armstrong Audrey Armstrong Irene Armstrong Johnny and Audrey Elizabeth Favors Marion C. and Joseph C. Barbara Leona Smith Marie R. Giannone Glenn Mortimer Tony and Marion Eleanore Killian Anthony Stoia J. Della Sala Mr and Mrs. E. Della Sala A! Lodato Mary Rose Cascaes George Lourenco George Van Deventer Andrew Fernandez John Benson Jeanette Alfano Ruth Almeida John Howard Ryman Mrs. Omar M. Ryman Omar M. Ryman Marion Serratclli Phyllis Messmeo Viola Morrell Carolann O'Malley Connie Kemp Edward Posner Ginny and Tony Theresa Zolobosky Theresa Zolobosky Bill Dillon Josephine Rozzo Garland H. Smith Anthony Colucci Tony and Mary Ann Abie and Dee Gloria Jean Jack and Rose Stuart Faber Diane Cunha Richard Galisewski Nick Caprara Lorraine and Blackie Edgar A. Cole Mrs. Dominick DiCroce Lucy Lippey Lee Lordi Diana and Joe Jerry Bartone Vicky Tremarco Carol Pecora Margaret Jessen Claire GulineUo Angela Gulinello Mr. and Mrs. Beniamin Fernandes Simone Spence Connie Ballcnski Noemia Duarte Prequerio Ann K. Zwick Margie and Chic Phyllis Weinger Beverly Kosloski Stina Basile Marie Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Saratella Mr. and Mrs. George Rudick Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Siciliano Mr. and Mrs. Albert Uliano Pat Uliano Mr. and Mrs. Cleto Augusto Mr. and Mrs. Victor Saratella Frances Vendetti Mrs. Norma P. Leitch Michael Windus Benny Ann and Bill Mr. and Mrs. John Mauriello Toni The Carello's Bunky Jackie Malachefski Frank D'Louhy Mrs. Anna D'Louhy Carl L. Wagner Ray Padovano Ron Gubala Walter Stan Grcciak Arlene Mortellito Larry Gilmore Florence Souza Sam Souza Elizabeth Ryman Rose Campos Joan Martin Bob DeBcncdette May Lav Beatrice McGrogan Joseph L. Silva Joseph L. Silva George Parrish Anthony Genovese Sam Conforte Ralph Civette Manny Fernandez Chic and Goo-Goo Margaret Natalc Mrs. John Palumbo Ralphelina and Mary Jo Edward Wyrwa Jackie and Bob Sadie Larusso Ann and Sonny Frank Andrcacio Beatrice Andreacio Josephine Andreacio Amelia Civette Emily G. Wilder Harold M. Jay Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bator Elmo Thomas J. Devlin, Jr. Phyllis Bator Jigs Bator Bette. Harry and Cynthia Champ Young Lou Consalvo Mario and Marie Peter Daidone Mrs. Jenny Daidone Ann and Stan Lois and Ralph Liz Turner and Teddy Dorothy Lennon Marie Trautmann Lee Martello Edith Klinghoffer Mrs. George G. Vogel Alphonse Stoia Pat DeFalco Mrs. F. Tortoriello Joe Tortoriello Dan Tortoriello Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Duva Joan Coppola Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bergmans Mr. and Mrs. John Duva George Fabbricatore Tony Scouzo Lillian Guiliano Margie and Jimmy Teddy Lampariello M. B. Martin Joyce H. Miller Hilda August Mrs. Mary August Mrs. Edward Connor Wiliam Joseph Page Manuel August Dorothy Tofel Jacqueline Mullin Rita Meehan Jimmy and Kaziu Gloria Mucci Helene Comparetto Butch Mrs. Fred Billitz. Sr. Martha Billitz Tippic Joan Barlow Edith Graham Odessa Hill W. Mahr Anthony Simonovich Al Purvenis Richard Vetack Ron Dobak Nicholas E. DiNardo Rose Parrillo Frances Natalc Eleanor Silva Joseph Bradley Johnnie and Jolly Mr. and Mrs. Frank Popola Tillie Ziegelman Mrs. Estelle Lewis Mr. Valente Valicki Helen and Mike Ficzko Dolores and Chico Helen and Dolores Michael Testa Joseph Lordi Frank Riggio Charles Inguagiato Mrs. Joseph Riggio Dave and Ben Francis Inguaggiato Larry Farley Mrs. William Vandcryajt Donald Vanderyajt William Vanderyajt Mrs. Mary J. Grogan Mr. William Brose Walter Grogan. Jr. Joe Porta Eileen Zigmund James Gentile Gil Terry Anderson Joseph Sirera Ana Maria Graziano Tony Graziano. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John A. Klein Theodore Gonzales Clara Mendez Marie Gonzales Mary Chiqucs Joseph Gomes Ro and Don Carm and Bcno Mrs. Fannie Earl Mrs. Cora Ricks Jacobi Fenner Mrs. Estclla Johnson Dorothy Johnson Mrs. Pearl Taybron Mrs. Jacobi Fenner David R. Johnson Honey Tucker Dorothy E. Tucker Larry McGrath Sam Cozzi Mr. and Mrs. C. Tamburro Nancy Lipuma Frances Natalc Sandra Cicalese James Mathis Fred Kaiser, Jr. Edward Harris. Sr. Mrs. Annie Jones David Mathis. Jr. Franklin Branch Mrs. Bertha T. Williams Mrs. Alan Luzzi Alan Luzzi Joseph Vodarsik Mrs. John Strauch Mrs. John Osiccki Mrs. J. Polukort Mrs. Joseph Vodarsik Dorothy Stanislaw Beverly Pietrucha Marcia and Ralph Mr. and Mrs. Leon J. ZawitoskiBigelow 3-4643 Bigelow 3-8532 Bigelow 3-5784 - 7490 ATLANTIC STEEL DRUM BARREL CO. THOMM’S HALL COMPLETE CATERING SERVICE Reconditioners and Dealers Meetings - Weddings - Banquets In All Types of and Parties METAL CONTAINERS 50-52 FERGUSON STREET 172 THOMAS STREET NEWARK 5, NEW JERSEY NEWARK 5. NEW JERSEY Mitchell 2-6187 P. CONFORTI Mitchell 2-5660 SOUTH STREET WALLUS SCREW HARDWARE MACHINE PRODUCTS HOUSE FURNISHINGS THEODORE HALUS - SOL WALTER OILS and PAINTS - WINDOW GLASS PLUMBING and ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 144 SOUTH STREET 336 MULBERRY STREET NEWARK 5. NEW JERSEY NEWARK 2. NEW JERSEY 57Mitchell 3-9524 Mitchell 3-1345 Open Evenings HORSE SHOE INN 1 10 Jackson Street Newark, N. J. Compliments of JOE IMPERIAL - McGRATH CHINK - PANCHO Mitchell 2-8704 SEMAK S BAKERY WEDDING. BIRTHDAY and PARTY CAKES 54 Richards Street Newark, N. J. Mitchell 2-6894 Mitchell 2-9086 M. Cr N. TRUCKING CO. MARCZAK FLORISTS FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION 26 Wilson Avenue Newark 5, N. J. MArket 2-8744 GOMES' BAR and GRILL 18 Downing Street Newark, N. J. THE FIFTY BAR H. BEIN, Proprietor 50 Hcrmon Street Newark. N. J. MArket 2-2884 ARROW CLEANERS and DYERS Workmanship and Service Guaranteed 58 160 Clifford Street Newark. N. J. 88 Wilson Avenue Newark, N. J.■« » PaikUn lL UH uUM MM l MHH'- 3-6132 ELFENBEIN, INC. Thorough Training for Careers in Business • MEDICAL SECRETARIAL COURSE • FOREIGN TRADE COURSES Spanish Secretarial Export-Import Executive • EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAL COURSE • JUNIOR ACCOUNTANCY COURSE • COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Admission to Leading Colleges DAY OR EX’ENINQ SUCCESSFUL PLACEMENT SERVICE Founded I1)12 Newark Preparatory School 1019 Broad Street Newark 2, N J. MArket 3-0370 VINCENT J. LIPUMA IRONBOUND REALTOR 86 FERRY STREET 115 MULBERRY STREET NEWARK 2, NEW JERSEY 59 NEWARK 5. NEW JERSEYFerry 5 - 10tf and $1.00 Stores Johnnie’s Meat Market 146 FERRY STREET NEWARK. N. J. Mitchell 2-7381 Tires end Tubes Buffardi's Auto Service AUTO ACCESSORIES Rettery Recharging - Vulcanising 312 CHESTNUT ST.. Cor. Adams St.. NEWARK. N. J. Ironbound Cleaners and Tailors 131 FERRY STREET NEWARK. N. J. Frank’s Idle Hour 492 MARKET STREET NEWARK. N. J. Compliments of Peter Zaharsky Mitchell 3-8012 HENRY FRIED. Prop Munch’s Bakery Wedding. Birthday end Party Cakes 80 PULASKI STREET NEWARK. N. J. Engel’s Market 42 FLEMING AVENUE NEWARK. N. J. Washette Self-Service Laundry Complete Washing end Drying of Your Laundry in Ife Hours 178 FERRY STREET NEWARK. N. J. Mitchell 2-1487 Kay's Department Store CLOTHING FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Interior Decorators 152-154 FERRY STREET NEWARK 5. N. J. MArkct 2-2528 WESLEY Z. LEWANDOWSKI Wesley Jeweler DIAMONDS . WATCHES - JEWELRY 206 FERRY STREET NEWARK. N. J. MArket 2-1020 Lafayette Factory Cr Mill Supply Co. INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES 233 LAFAYETTE STREET NEWARK. N. J. MArket 3-9614 De Falco Esso Service Station General Repairs on All Makes of Cars and Trucks COR. NEW YORK AVENUE and McWHORTER STREET JOurnal Square 2-0148 - 8882 JOHN ESPOSITO Esposito Hardware Co. Mill Supplies, Paints and Contractor's Supplies 275 NEWARK AVENUE JERSEY CITY 2. N. J. Mitchell 2-9194 J. and S. Tavern 97 LANG STREET NEWARK. N. J. East Side Sweet Shoppe Delicious Sandwiches 60 94 WILSON AVENUE NEWARK. N. J. 214 VAN BUREN STREET NEWARK. N. J.MArket 2-4193 FARMERS FEED JACK TAYLOR Raymond Boulevard Newark, N. J. Mitchell 3-4106 By Appointment Only MISS HILDA E. TEIXEIRA Graduate of Pratt Institute DRESSMAKING ALTERATIONS ORIGINAL DESIGNS 320 Lafayette Street Newark, N. J. Compliments of N. J. D. P. C. Compliments of MRS. JAMES PARISO MRS. LUKE REYNOLDS MRS. PAT SANTUCCI MRS. AL FRANCIS MRS. LENNY MASONES THE PERFECT LAUNDRY CO., INC. Have Your Laundry Done the PERFECT Way 51-57 McWhorter Street Newark, N. J. MArket 3-1173 CENTRAL PRINTING CO. FINE PRINTING and ENGRAVING 28 Calumet Street Newark. N. J. MArket 4-9084 WILLIAM HIBELL CLEANING AND RUBBISH CONTRACTOR 165 South Street Newark, N. J. MArket 2-6744 JOSEPH LEONARDIS Representative • LA FIAMMA” 61 255 Lafayette Street Newark 5, N. J.Mitchell 2-3656 Glen Ridge 2-5155 VAlley 4-7035 Phillips Brothers FLORISTS 160 FERRY STREET NEWARK. N. J. P. Lodato GROCER 92 ELM ROAD NEWARK. N. J. Mitchell 2-2439 MArket 4-2891 F. and A. Molding Co. 140 CLIFFORD STREET NEWARK. N. J. Mae Adamski MEATS and GROCERIES J46 MARKET STREET NEWARK. N. J. Compliments of Manny MArket 2-9279 Al’s Luncheonette 115 WILSON AVENUE NEWARK. N. J. Compliments of Joe Complimenti of Thomas and James Possumato Pelak’s Cafe 20 CLEVELAND STREET HUDSON. PA. American Metal Box Co. Metal Skjtc Cim and Metal Boxes Foot Locker 25 NEW YORK AVENUE NEWARK. N. J. Schrott's Bakery BREAD - ROLLS - PIES - PASTRIES Birthday Cakes 113 WILSON AVENUE NEWARK. N J. MArket 2-4630 Oscar Scholz PHARMACIST 131 WILSON AVENUE CORNER MARNE STREET NEWARK 5. N. J. Anderson’s Shoe Store 117 FERRY STREET NEWARK. N. J. MArket 2-8998 Eckert's Prescription Pharmacy A. A. ROSENBERG Registered Pharmacist 167 FERRY STREET NEWARK. N. J. MArket 2-0039 JOSEPH CESAR. Prop. Cesar’s Liquor Store WINES • LIQUOR - BEER Imported and Domestic 111 FERRY STREET NEWARK. N. J. MArket 3-9680 Byrnes tj McCrea Luncheonette CANDY - CIGARETTES • NEWSPAPERS 62 25 FLEMING AVENUE NEWARK. N. J.COLLEGIATE CAP AND GOWN COMPANY Manufacturers of CHOIR ROBES . . . BAND OUTFITS . . . SPECIALTIES ACADEMIC CAPS, GOWNS and HOODS 366 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK. NEW YORK Station Pharmacy DRUGS and PRESCRIPTIONS MArkct 2-1792 748 SOUTH STREET NEWARK. N. J. MArket 3-9508 Ed s Texaco Service TEXACO PRODUCTS GRADUATE HOUSE Motor Tur -up Brake Work OLIVER and PULASKI STREETS NEWARK. N. J. TROPHIES - MEDALS - AWARDS Manufacturers of A Friend of Mario EAST SIDE HIGH SCHOOL RINGS MArkct 2-9360 Pru. Delicatessen Liquor Packaging Mr. and Mrs. 1. Siegel 109 MONROE STREET NEWARK. NEW JERSEY 52 FLEMING AVENUE NEWARK. N. J. 63MArkct 2-3852 C. Tenenbaum Furniture Co. Forty Years of Greater Value 128-130 FERRY STREET NEWARK. N J. Good Luck to ROSE DA I DONE and AL McCOSKEY Rosalie and Joe MArkot 3-5837 Rosette Specialty Shop Hosiery - Lingerie - Sportswear - Cotton Dresses 150 FERRY STREET NEWARK. N. J. Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. John Jay Mitchell 2-9556 William S. Kruck Meats - Poultry - Fruits - Vegetables 380 CHESTNUT STREET NEWARK. N. J. Aljo Bar and Grill 5000 BERGENLINE AVENUE WEST NEW YORK. N. J. United Markets 134 WILSON AVENUE NEWARK. N. J. Pete The Barber Reliable Tonsorialist 269Vi LAFAYETTE STREET NEWARK, N. J. Mitchell 2-4745 O. G. Soares JEWELER 139Vi FERRY STREET NEWARK. N. J. K. C. Butcher Co. G. CUCUZZELLA. Prop. Butcher - Baker - Groceries 204 JEFFERSON STREET NEWARK. N. J. Konopka’s Tavern 153 FLEMING AVENUE NEWARK. N. J. Mitchell 2-8915 We Deliver Maggio's Pharmacy 136 FLEMING AVENUE NEWARK. N. J. MArkct 3-6862 Newark Paint Wallpaper Co. Complete Line of Wallpaper and Paint 13 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE NEWARK. N. J. MArkct 2-5648 Joe Dobar CUSTOM TAILOR 41 ELM ROAD NEWARK. N. J. Compliments of Joseph and Edward Mikulicx Best Wishes To Our Classmates From Dolores Andreacio Rose Saratella Dolores Conforti Marie Solomita Anna Marie Dallakian Mary Tortorello 64 nu.iH »r l»»« • NtW CITY PRINTING COMPANY UNION CITY. N IwM m- -mVvwvtomrwvmmwjwTHE TORCH Published semi-annually by Students of East Side Commercial and Technical High School Newark, New Jersey • June 1954Henry 0. McCracken PRINCIPALAnna L. frbacher VICE PRINCIPALnorma P. Leitch ADVISER AND COUNSELLOR 6fred f. Spann ADVISERSENIOR DORIC Room ADVISERS (lien C. Richard llellie m. Smith 10fflcuuyJulius C. Bernstein Chairman, English Marilyn Bilow Eleanor M. Bloomfield Paul P. Bogatko Music English Physical Education John Cavicchia Max Chimacoff Edward B. Ciesla Catherine A. Cleary Edgar A. Cole Mathematics Languages Technical Mathematics Technical Edith C. Colin (Mrs.I Jessie C. Crummy Anthony M. D’Andrea Sarah Dansis Loren I. Davis Languages (Rotired) Health Science Teacher Clerk Social Studies Agnes A. Davltt Librarian Henry T. Donn Chairman. Physical Education and HealthMargaret M. Eisenberg iMn.i Science Stuart Faber Chairman. Science Ellen Fannan English William S. Fast Business Marilyn J. Fcitol English Charles F. Fisher Art Sydney L. Flamm Mathematics Cornelius E. Flanagan Technical Marie R Giannone Business Mildred M. Gilbert Physical Education Edith M. Graham Home Economics Ruth M. Gronheit Science Charles L. Grwbel Science Mitchell Haitter Technical On military leave)George M. Kessler Social Studies Mary E. Macintosh English (On furlough) Marry Lewis Leonard Lumb Harry Lutske Chairman. Mathematics Mathematics Science Camille S. Malbrock (Mrs.) Physical Education Artine R. Marsh Nurso Esther L. Martin Art Effie M. Mathieson (Mrs.) Home Economics (On furlough) Lillian K. May ScienceEllen C. McAllister Richard A. Miller Katherine Nclligan Engelbert J. Ncumjycr Ruth Papier Science Technical Secretarial English Home Economics Edward A. Posner Florence Rader (Mrs.) Social Studies English (On leave) Ellen C. Richard Secretarial Janette Parmele Social Studies Ruth Perkins Secretarial Angelo A. Room ilia Oliver H. Sabold Laura F. Schetter (Mrs.) Mathematics Languages MathematicsIrvl"9 L Springer Bu»inc» Leona H. Smith Secretarial Nellie M. Smith Secretarial Fred E. Spann Physical Education Fannie E. Sterbenx (Mrs.I Pianist Howard G. Stintsman Technical W. Harry Sutton Busness Israel Tumin Social Studies Evelyn K. Tabankin Mrt.i Teacher Clerk Not Pictured Dorothy Hainer Muse I On leave) Wordsworth D. Williams English 16Benjamin Frank Anello 1 86 Brookdale Avenue A leader, a gentleman, 'tis plain to see, Yet modest as anyone can be. Richard Joseph Angelo 4 93 Ferry Street His personality, his brains, his happy heart, Are things from which we hate to part. Wilbert Baker 183 Pennington Street He is a persistant willing worker, and is bound to reach his goal. I Constance Mary Ballcnski 66 Christie Street She is slim and toll, And she is friendly to us all. Frank Peter Barberio 107 McWhorter Street Come let us joke and make merry, I have no time to weep or worry. 18Ralph Frank Barnes 1 77 Pennington Court As friendly in school as he is fast on the line. Arthur Bartiromo, Jr. 291 Chestnut Street Patient he toils the whole day through; the tasks he cannot do ore few. Patricia Jean Bartell 50 Mary Street Blonde, blue-eyed and gay. To every heart she finds a way. 19 Dorothy Bartko 1 27 Johnson Street Her bright face makes sunshine in a shady place. Mildred Louise Bauknight 542 Market Street Just a pal, kind and true; A loyal classmate, through and through.Marilyn Joyce Bazydlo 202 Warwick Street She is charming and neat. Peter John Bieksha 109 Van Buren Street Pete's a guy you all should meet; To all the girls he's sure a treat. Carmen Mary Benimeli 27 Pacific Street Dependable as the day is long. Her mind is masterful and strong. Judy Santa Biondi 297 Jefferson Street Her charming smile and her winning ways have brought her many friends. 20Philip Vincent Bongiovanni 3 Adams Street The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure, and pleasure my business. Helen Ann Borowski 86 Harper Street Full of fun and mischief too. Doing things she shouldn't do. Marcia Bell Bovino 69 Lang Street Morning, evening, noon and night. She makes the dullest places bright. 21 Patricia Lucille Bovino 353 Chestnut Street A nice little girl, without a foe, She means a lot to a guy named "Joe”. William James Brenner I Gotthart Street Tallest of boys, shortest of men, he stands in his socks just four-feet-ten.Beverly Anne Brescia 301 Oliver Street Many a friendly girl you'll meet, but only one, quite so sweet. James Carmen Brito 172 New York Avenue Jimmy is a guy that’s nice to know; Nice to all, he has no foe. Leroy Brundage 39 Oxford Street The kind of boy we all admire. Eleanor J. Butler 723 Harrison Avenue. Harrison Quite small and shy, and appealing to the eye. Margaret Ann Bunk 244 Elm Street It’s a rare person who works both willingly and well 22Samuel Charles Calcllo 350 New York Avenue His limbs were cast in manly mold, for hardy sports or contest bold. Julia Campos 426 South Seventeenth Street Such a sweet and delicate frame, But oh! what power she does contain. Kenneth John Campbell 8-1 1 Vincent Court The spirit of East Side lies deep in his heart. Nicholas John Caprara 1 8 Calumet Street A happy-go-lucky boy in Nick; His is a friendship that will stick. George Albert Carr 405 Frelinghuyson Avenue Wise men always give the day first to work, and then to play. Mario James Catallo 30 Twentieth Avenue. Irvington He has a smile, he has a car, and he is sure to travel far.Agnes Susan Cicalese 100 Delaney Street She spoke not a word but went straight to her work. Marion Nicolina Civette 217 Walnut Street An active member of our class. And a very bright and happy lass. Josephine Ann Cocuzza 304 South Seventh Street Her loveliness I never knew, until she smiled at me. k Anthony Ben Conde 61 New York Avenue Not too tall, and very quiet. Janet Catherine Collins 19 Saint Francis Street She does her work, and still has friends and fun. 2-1Celia Cooper 122 Walnut Street She is a friend, and a pal to all. Balbina Costa 161 Green Street To know her is to love her, and everyone knows her. Margie Rose Dante 248 Astor Street She is sophisticated, and very shy, And oh! so easy on the eye. % V Adeline Mildred Cunha 8 Clover Street She's quiet, brilliant, and sweet, And her clothes are always neat. Patsy Joseph DeFalco 282 Adams Street Sad, mad, happy or gay, he always has something nice to say.John Frank Dcnte 265 Walnut Street Men of few words are the best men. Mary Devino 65 Warwick Street She is short and very sweet, and her classy clothes are very neat. Carmen Patsy Deo 13 Goftharf Street He is small and very wise, and he is a terror for Ns size. Anthony John DeVito 347 Walnut Street I am happiest when farthest away from my pen and book. 2627 Frank Gcc Eng 202 Mulberry Street A friend to ell, end a foe to none. Carmelita Janet Fatigante 364 Lafayette Street It's nice to be natural, when you're naturally nice.Ana J. Fernandes 138 South Sixth Street She is wise and not too tall; Precious things arc very small. Joanna Fernicola 338 Elm Street Whose guiltless heart is free from all dishonest deeds. Frederick Ferreira 385 Chestnut Street Silence is deep as eternity; speech as shallow as time. Dorothy Rose Forfa 389 Walnut Street For nature made her what she is, and never made another. 28Ann Ermalinda Fortunato 150 Elm Street Her clear speech, her perfect way. a friendly gesture, a smile so gay. Richard Peter Galisewski 18 Fillmore Street He has his own quiet way; When he's smiling, it's a sunny day. Josephine Rose Fucci 59 Nichols Street A girl who’s very sweet, to whom no one means more than "Pete". Thomas James Garrity 220 Astor Street He looks very shy, but that isn't true. Dolores Mary Gaska 52 Brill Street Fair her face and brightly flushed. A sweeter maiden never blushed. Arline Martha Goessling 78 Garrison Street A disposition sweet and fair, and noted for her Titian hair. Joseph Anthony Gomes 28 Mott Street An athlete and a will to endure. Edward Vincent Gosxtyla 21 Garrison Street I have often regretted my speech, never my silence. Anthony Edward Grande 1 76 Walnut Street A nicer boy is hard to find, Shy and quiet, but ne'er unkind. Edna Joan Grehl i l 0f py- nov s d, " tok“ a '«« ° get hei m Thomas George Greene 224 t Astor Street Not a sinner, nor a saint, perhaps. 30Dorothy Ann Grzelak 45 Houston Street The way to win friends, is to be one. Mary Albertine Hackett 140 Jackson Street A happy disposition is her great treasure. Aidona Anele Gvazdaitis 431 Walnut Street No matter what she did, she did it well. John Andrew Haug William John Helms 55 Oxford Street 82 Niagara Street Just a guy, you'll admit, happy, smiling, full of wit. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind. 31Lois Starr Hess 20 Lexington Street A little cheerleader, light in step Here’s a girl with lots of pep. Julia Mae Odessa Hill 11 8 Walnut Street Her lovely voice will win her fame: One day we will respect her name. Mary Josephine Higgins 352 Vz Elm Street Her friendly smile and witty jest. Make her company of the best. Jill A. Howley 2 Hawkins Court Contented just to succeed. Frank Nicholas Jacheo 427 Walnut Street Slow and broken was my pace, But now at last I've won the race.Joseph Wieslaw Jakimowicz 29 Fillmore Street He is smart and nice to know. Justine Mary Jarocki 76 Chambers Street There is no room for sadness, when we see a pleasant smile. Arthur Thomas Kaiser 272 Ferry Street He is always laughing, for his is an infinite wit. John Kaccrek 51 Darcy Street He is quiet in every way, with a friendly smile through every day. Jane Helen Kendryna 84-86 Chambers Street The fairest garden in her looks. And in her mind the wisest books.Lorraine Ann King 1 9 Read Street A ring on her finger, a dimple cn her cheek. Lucille Lorraine Klimek 295 New York Avenue Popular, and surely a treat. Her personality can't be beat. Genevieve Mary Kluczek 271 New York Avenue There is no cosmetic for beauty, like happiness. Raymond Joseph Kowalski 34 Cortland Street Marian John Kozimor 299 New York Avenue The tree of knowledge in his garden grows. I had my full measure of laughter and pleasure. 34Joseph John Krinsky 81 Warwick Street I don't soy much, but who knows what I think? Albert Robert Leick 87 Garrison Street It’s a friendly heart that has many friends. Joseph Anthony Lombardi 312 Lafayette Street He is quiet and sincere. Frank Angelo Lopez 370 Lafayette Street Far may wc search, before we find A heart so manly and so kind. Constance Marilyn Lord 64 Barbara Street Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.140 Elm Street 69 Congress Street Dee, with her classy clothes, should be in fashion shows. Not too serious, not too gay, Just a sport in every way. Joan Helen Malesiewska 619 Ferry Street To make this world a friendly place, one must show o friendly face. 36Barbara Jane Mann 72 Barbara Street A girl who is full of ideas and ambition. Joseph Carmen Manzella 288 Van Buren Street He's quite small, but holds a mighty mind. Maryrose Ann Manzella 72 Komom Street Captain of the twirlers is our Maryrose. With curly hair and pretty clothes. Mary Lou Marks 102 Chambers Street Ready to work, ready to play, An all 'round girl in every way. Nicolina Amelia Marzclla 414 Walnut Street Her ways are ways of pleasantness.Andrew John Matthews 120 Fleming Avenue We grant, although he had much wit. He was shy of using it. Frank Jerry Mauriello 195 Walnut Street He is quiet and is well-liked by all who know him. Daniel Patrick McCann, Jr. 37 Cortland Street A friendly smile, a lively way, A friend that's true through every day. Joan Eileen McGarry 1 88 South Street Joanie is a friend to everyone. Quiet, sweet and lots of fun. Nancy Catherine McGlynn 13 Rivcrview Court A happy smile for every day, She gives to all who come her way. i 38Catherine Joan McKeon 42 Lentz Avenue A quiet girl of sterling worth, Is more then all the gold on earth. Clara M. Mendez 101 Ludlow Street Her lace is sweet, her thoughts are kind. Michael John Micchelli 238 Elm Street A little gay, a little wise, Makes him the best of guys. 39 Nijola Julia Miknevicius 339 Elm Street Her flaming hair, and happy smile, do much to make our lives worth while. Anthony Joseph Mondi 59 Delaney Street A spendthrift of wit and good humor.Theresa Ann Morano 135 New York Avenue Words foil us when we turn to you, Who ore so loyal, kind and true. Marie Rose Murante 456 Mulberry Street Her smile is a passport to new friendship. Maryan Helen Murxenski 39 Patterson Street When'er a day is dull and dreary, Leave it to me to make it cheery. I , - Ralphclina Naporano 282 Adams Street Lucille Arlene Newsome 183 Second Street Rather informal and always neat. A pretty girl who’s always neat, and very, very hard to beat. 40Dominick A. Nitti 15 Warwick Street He's not rough, he’s not tough; he's just determined. Josephine Diana Nobile 194 South Street Shy and modest is my way, and this is how I’d like to stay. Joan Marie O’Neill 679 Market Street Her pretty face looked toward the skies, and shamed the stars with her eyes. Donald Anthony Paolclla 134 Congress Street Popular, as well as well known. Anthony Carmine Parenti 1 5 Union Street His cheerful ways are known to all. Grace Mary Patton 56 Madison Street There is peace in her heart, and beauty in her life.Mary Grace Patton 56 Madison Street Charming, sweet and debonair, she doesn’t seem to have a care. Robert Michael Pepsin 1 3 Alyca Street A friend to all, a foe to none. Marie Jose Pereira 150 Ferry Street A cheerful smile in a quiet way, A pleasant word she'll always say. Mary Grace Petracca 72 Garden Street A good name is more precious than gold. Adele Bernadette Piekarski 276 New York Avenue Her voice, soft; her smile sweet; her walk, graceful; her clothes, neat. 42Anthony Joseph Pojnar 372 Elm Street He’s the kind who likes to have some fun; He loves a ioke and can return a pun. Ann Mary Pinto 260 Ferry Street A charming, friendly girl is she, as surely she will always be. Joseph Vasquez Porta 133 Elm Street You used to come at twelve o’clock, but now you come at noon—Caroline Ann Ptakowski 42 Wilson Avenue She's blonde, and toll, and pretty, too! Roseann Alice Purcell 50 Napoleon Street Not solemnity, nor dignity, but friendliness, and jollity. Josephine Katherine Pullman 11 Fourth Street, North Arlington She is jolly, kind and true, and her laugh contagious, too. Albert John Purvenis 76 Ann Street This world's no longer if we hurry; Life is shorter if we worry. 44Diane Elizabeth Reo 62 Madison Street Charm strikes the sight, but merit wins the soul. William Anthony Richardson 31816 Seventh Street, Harrison A quiet boy with modest air, Who patiently seeks some learning rare. John Edward Reynolds 43 Gotthart Street Kind and friendly is his style, Gay and happy, with e’er a smile. Philip Roemer Betty Ann Rogers 144 Brill Street 34 Komorn Street He always has a pleasant smile. Quite the sophisticate, we all agree; Neat clothes, charming smile and pleasing personality.Robert Donald Roman Delores Dorothy Sabatino MO Pine Grove Terrace 1 7 Foundry Street It has been wonderful to share his silent, contemplating air. A merry loss is she, and never an old maid will she be. Patsy Anthony Salsano 108 Nichols Street A handsome face, a flirtatious glance, down goes my book, and away I prance. Diana Schimenti 41 Warwick Street Worry, let it run away; Live a life and live it gay Rose Theresa Senatore 300 Vi Oliver Street As the rainbow comes and goes, we long remember Rose. 46Aldona Caroline Seperis 326 Hunterdon Street With a face so sweet and a heart so kind, A nicer girl is hard to find. Shirley Ann Serfass 86 Gotthart Street Jacqueline Elizabeth Siano 222 Wright Street Nice and friendly is her style, Both gay and happy all the while. A pleasant girl all the while. And she always has a friendly smile. James Gennaro Siciliano 409 South Eleventh Street Were he perfect, we would admire him more and like him less. Arthur Paul Silva 23 Madison Street In all he does he's sure to succeed. Anthony Donald Simonovich 82 Napoleon Street The less people talk of their greatness. The more we think of it.Joseph Sirera 224 Elm Street He's the quiet type, whose nature never varies. Frances Joan Smialowicz 114 Chapel Street Pretty, neat, very gay, To every heart she finds a way. Robert Joseph Skelly 77 Niagara Street We cannot defeat his wittiness. Joyce Elaine Smithc 826 Raymond Boulevard Like sugar; so sweet and so refined. Mary Elizabeth Souza 80 Holland Street She's short and poppy, carefree too; Always laughing, seldom blue.Richard Joseph Spychalski 74 Lang Street I may be quiet, now and then— Walter Matthew Stangreciak 83 Joseph Street He speaketh not, and yet there lies a conversation in his eyes. Richard Frank Staub 58 Kossuth Street He's sometimes quiet, sometimes shy, yet we all agree he's quite a guy. Barbara Ann Steinmacher 364 Dayton Street Pretty smile, and loads of fun.Darlyn Joy Strachan 18 Tichenor Street True individuality is unique. Leonard Walter Sulewski 283 Adams Street If work interferes with pleasure, give up work. Walter Casimer Szymanski 49 Darcy Street Not very tall, but very wise. Edward John Taillefer 171 Pennington Street Humor is the foam on the wave of life. Marie Ellen Tittel 353 Van Burcn Street —to catch the thrill of a happy voice, and the light of a pleasant eye. 50Theresa Pauline Trajick 128 Jackson Street She loves men end song, and enjoying both, she’ll live life long. Carmen Joseph Troiano 19 Denbigh Street -A good looking boy, who is easy on the eye. Aida Gomes Valente 335 Lafayette Street Well informed, and always neat. Louis Michael Turco 210 Jefferson Street His intelligence, his honor, we shall long remember. Joseph Fred Verdia 10 Nichols Street Have you seen his dancing style?Anna Marie Vertorano 174 East Kinney Street When spoken to, I speak, for do not still wafers run deep? Joseph Leon Walicki 104 Pulaski Street Liked by all, and without a foe. Richard Stephen Vetack 39 Fillmore Street He has much wit, and he’s quite a guy But with a girl he’s pretty shy. Albert Weber 1 3 Marne treet He is nice to walk with, and witty to talk with, and pleasant, too. to think of. Veronica Weber 19 Fleming Avenue Is she so quiet, so demure? Perhaps, but don't be too sure. 52Rosie Mae Williams 58 East Kinney Street Common sense is most uncommon. Edward Stanley Wyrwa 35 Gotthart Street A happy disposition is his greatest treasure. Barbara Clara Wisniewski 4 Vincent Court She has a kindliness all her own. 53 Bernard Joseph Yorkanis 145 Wilson Avenue Happy, jolly, full of glee, thy manner is from sorrow free. May Young 220 Mulberry Street Why live, if not to be merry and gay?Paul John Zadie John Leonard Zarnick 121 Prospect Street 218 Oliver Street A little work and a little play, keep me going through the day. He’s not too quiet, nor too bold. Just the type for fun, we're told. Joseph Matthew Zedalis 863 Mount Prospect Avenue He's not too tall, but plenty wise, and he is a terror for his size. Theresa Mary Zolobosky 37 Schalk Street She has a laugh that's full of fun. Wesley James Zeliff 40 Lexington Street Slowly, but surely, he thinks before he acts. 54Our High School Days (A Play in Four Acts) by Marion Civette Cast of Characters The Class of June, 1954 Their Teachers The Principal Their Advisers The Vice Principal Prologue: "All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players.'' So spoke Shakespeare. and how true he was! That is what we are all thinking now as we walk down the aisle on this memorable day. June 23. getting closer and closer to the stage where we will receive the diplomas that will formally end our school days. We can’t believe that this is really us in these caps and gowns. Why. it only seemed yesterday that the first act began. Act I, Scene 1 9B September 11, 1950! We are just entering a strange new school. We are taken into the auditorium while all the upper-classmen are gaping at the "strange new crop ’ that has just arrived. The secretarial students are taken to the Ann Street Annex and while they are struggling there, we are getting to know the main characters in our play: Mr. McCracken, our principal; Miss Erbacher. vice principal; Mrs. Leitch. adviser for our class; and all our home room and subject teachers. But we have no easy time of it either, buying elevator tickets, going up "down" stairways, going down "up" stairways, bringing lunch to the boys' locker room, getting books in the auditorium, and being generally confused without numbers on our class room doors, since the building was just painted. Act I, Scene 2 9A The girls have come from the Annex and all the boys are very happy about the good job they do of showing the girls around the school. We have a 9A Social on April 27 to bring the whole class really together. It is a big success except for the fact that the boys hold up the walls. This leads us to start afternoon dance classes for the boys in the girls' gym. Act II. Scene 1 ]OB Here it is. September again, and we are Sophomores: "big wheels' to the Freshmen! (So we think). We have our first election and the results are: President.............Aida Valente Secretary .... Rose Senatore Vice President .... John Haug Treasurer . . Rose Marie Duca Act II. Scene 2 10A Now we are having our first real dance: "The Rose Festival." and although it is an afternoon dance, we work hard to make paper roses and paint chicken wire to be used as arbors for our roses. It is about now that more of us begin to really notice all the clubs and activities around us and start to join them. Act III, Scene 1 n B As Juniors, we are really on top of the world, but we are quickly blown off by the bomb scare we have. What riot and confusion! We run helter-skelter to our lockers to get all our belongings before the school is blown up. It turns out to be a false alarm, but we sure have fun in the end. Mr. Spann joins us now as our second adviser and he and Mrs Leitch do a fine job. We are very excited about our first evening dance on November 14. "The Harvest Moon Dance.” We have big stars sprinkled all over the gym and a lighted paper moon shining from a corner of the gym. It is an unusual dance, and we are very proud of the profit we make from it. 56We hold our second election, and after much campaigning the new officers are: President..................Ben Anello Secretary .... Ann Fortunato Vice President . Theresa Trajick Treasurer .... William Helms Boy. what a busy term this is! We order our class rings and have them before Christmas. What a fine Christmas present it makes, and we are sure that everyone notices them. Was everyone surprised when we hold a "Junior Wreck.’ All the girls dress alike with bells on their socks and what fun is had by all! Act III, Scene 2 ] 1A Here it is. only six months more 'til we'll be Seniors. We can hardly wait. Now we are starting to worry about our dues, and we are being urged to get more into our treasury. We are all hepped up about our next dance. "Evening in Paris." because we will be trying something that has never been done before—A Can-Can. But first we have to get Mr. McCracken’s permission and after he sees our dance, he gives us the "green light" to go ahead with it. Some of the girls rent Can-Can outfits and to the background of a French outdoor cafe—tables—roses—and a French night scene, highlighted by the Eiffel Tower, do their number amid much applause. Act IV. Scene 1 12B Well, now we are Seniors and are riding high. We are very proud of our football and bowling teams, champs in the City League. Our dance, "The Bobby Sox Hop" is held on November 10 and we pick the best dancers in a jitterbug contest and give them their prizes while they are blindfolded and confetti is pouring down on them from a huge cellophane bobby sock hanging in the middle of the gym. All our talk is about our Senior Rec and the Senior Prom. But we are not allowed to hold a reception because it is voted out by the 12A's. We sure make up for all the missed fun at our Senior Prom, though. We are the first class in thirty years to hold a Prom outside of school and we start a wonderful new tradition. It is held on December 4. 1953 at the Military Park Hotel. The girls are dreams in their beautiful new formals and corsages, and the men look so much differently in their tuxedoes. Now. instead of holding the walls up. they hold the girls. Work finally gets under way on the changes in our school building and the new addition that will be built next to the old one. The new addition will house the gyms and big new audi-troium. Since the work will be completed in January, we will be the last June Class to graduate at the Rivoli Theatre. We have a Senior Reception Day on the 21st day of May. and although it is a little different than usual, we all have a wonderful time. We put on a play which is enjoyed by all. Now only one precious month is left for us in high school. Our Torch is published and we spend many days getting our classmates and teachers to autograph them. We hold our Farewell Dance on June 4th. and we all have a good time, except that we keep thinking how close June 23rd is getting to be. Our report cards are out and we are excused from classes to hold rehearsals for commencement. We hustle back and forth getting our graduation clothes, trying on our cap and gowns, and bringing them to school each day for rehearsals. We are so excited that it never occurs to us that we are really graduating. Then the afternoon finally arrives. It is 2:P.M. and we march down the aisles of the Rivoli Theater to take our seats. Finally our diplomas are presented to us and as we look at them, all the past memories of "Our Hiqh School Days" vanish. The last act has ended and we are now in the present looking on to the future. Whatever is in store for us and no matter how busy we may be. we shall always hold a fond place in our hearts and memories for East Side High School and all the wonderful teachers that took us as immature children and molded us into men and women ready to take our places in the world. Of course, we feel sad now when we realize that we are no longer a part of East Side and that the last act in "Our High School Days" has ended. But there shall be many more plays and acts—marriage, parenthood, a career, perhaps a profession. We shall be on the stage once more. 57Academy Awards Murder on Monday..............................................................To go to school Sabre Jet........................................................Getting to homeroom by 8:25 Little Boy Lost.................................................Freshman s first day at East Side Long Long Trailer........................... . JW....................Mob in the late room Man Behind The Gun...........................................................Mr. Rosamilia Second Chance...............................%.%........................Please, Mr. Rosamilia? Top Banana....................................................................Mr McCracken A Queen is Crowned...........................................................Miss Erbacher The Sea Around Us......................TM . . 1.............................The Faculty I. The Jury............................1 . . S.............................Mr. Scott Stalag 17..............................flf. Mr, Scott's office Julius Caesar.....................................-s.........................Mr. Bernstein Master of Ballantrae ............................................................Mr. Spann Forever Female..................-................................................Mrs. Lcitch Man of Conflict................., ..............................................Mr Davis Monkey Business . . . .;.........................................Mr. William s classes Plymouth Adventure...........................................•................U. S. History I Latin Lovers..................................................................The Latin classes Botany Bay.......................................................... Mr. Faber's Garden Club It Came From Outer Space ...........................................That trigonometry problem It Should Happen To You...............................................Mr Jannonc's lecturing H.s Majesty O'Keefe . . ,................Dr. Cav.cch.a So This Is Love................................................... Flunking Mr Scoca's class Go Man Go ............................................. ■ Mr. DiNardo and his band With a Song in My Heart .1;................................................Miss Wilder Breaking the Sound Barrier.................................................The music room Riot in Cell Block 1 1 .... T ...... W-......................................Cafeteria crowd Here Come the Girls.....................................................Etom ,he powder room Knights of the Round Table............................................Eating in the lunchroom War Paint..........................................................Found in girls' pockctbooks The Actress '. ! ....................................................... the nurse's office Money from Home.......................................................................... Dues Go for Broke...........................................................Seniors paying dues Sudden Fear............................................. Student teacher in Senior "A" class Kiss Me Kate....................................................When teachers are not looking How to Marry A Millionaire...................................... Put an ad in the Announcer B:g Heat.....................................................................Final examination Forbidden.............................................7...............................Cheating All I Desire............................................................................... ,s So Big................................ . . . . I.................... •••••. f s Cease Fire............................I .... f....................Ending of examination Waiting for report cards Our report cards Passing by the skin of your teeth After failing Sweet Shop during school hours Cutting, holiday, hooks Truant officer. Mr. Barnes Called to the office Desperate Moment The Thing Escape From Fort Bravo The Wild One Off Limits Story of Three Loves Public Enemy Personal Affair . Law and Order..................................................................................Hall patrol The Conquest of Everest...........................................Climbing to the third floor The Cruel Sea...................................................... Water fountain near 214 Take the High Ground..................[................................When vou go on hooks Give a Girl a Break...........................................................Senior A Boys The Cowboy and the Lady.......................................Freshman boys and Senior girls All American........................................................East Side's Football Team Prince Valiant..................................................................Joe Gomez Crazylegs.......................................................................Track Team War of the Worlds.........................................................After football games Tonight we Sing...................................................................Football rallies Hell and High Water............................................................. Swimming Team Little Fugitive.................................................................0ne who cuts It Happens Every Spring...................................................... • • Cutting A Lion in the Street........................................Mr. Lumb after too many cuts Count the Hours......................................................................Until 2:30 Snake Pit.........................................................................Basement lockers Bright Road...................................................................................Going home The Living Desert......................................................East Side after 2:30 Roman Holiday.............................................................Christmas vacation In the Good Old Summertime..............................................................No school Torch Song...............................................................................A ma Mater Limelight ..................................................................Graduation day From Here to Eternity . . . East Side will remain in our hearts Best Years of Our Lives........................................Were spent at East Side High 59Last Illill and Testament We. the members of the Class of June 1954. being of sound mind, memory and understanding, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament: To Mr. McCracken, our principal and friend, we leave the best wishes of the graduating class and the hope that the new addition to our school will be completed very soon. To Miss Erbacher we leave the everlasting task of trying to improve the study pattern scheduling. To Mrs. Leitch. our home room and class adviser, we extend our heartiest appreciation for the time, the pain, and the fine work she has put into making our class the success it has been. Therefore, we leave her an extra lunch period to make up the time she has given to us. To Miss Nellie Smith we leave an ankle-length fur-lined coat to keep her warm when the days get a bit chilly. To Miss Richard we leave the promise that she will receive excellent secretarial students who will be able to fulfill every teacher's dream, by typing 100 words per minute and writing shorthand at 200 words a minute. To Miss Martin we leave a recording machine that will repeat, over and over again, “Where is a note for your absence? ’ To Mr. Spann, our adviser, to whom we are very thankful and grateful for the excellent work he has done for our class, especially in keeping our class under control at our class meetings, we leave our promise that his future classes will be less talkative. To Mr. Cole we leave the promise that his future home room classes will have many more members of the female sex. To Dr. Cavicchia we leave an assistant who will help him in publishing future year books. We also extend to Dr. Cavicchia, our deepest appreciation for making our year book a great success. Vv ; ; r' To the remaining members of the faculty we leave ear plugs to relieve the pressure made from the noise coming from the construction of the new addition to East Side. To the custodians we leave the promise that future East Siders will be more tidy than the past and present. To the Freshman we leave enough elevator passes to last for one year, plus a map of the school. To the Sophomores we leave the everlasting words. "Pay your dues, or else' . To the Juniors we leave the golden money pot that is located at the end of the rainbow to pay their expenses. I You're going to need it kids!). To the Senior B's we leave the privilege of following our footsteps, and the pleasure of being the first to receive diplomas in our new auditorium. To the entire student body we leave a hope that their remaining years at East Side will be as happy and as enjoyable as ours were. Hold high your heads and be proud to say. "I come from East Side " In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seal this 23rd day of June, in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Four. re- signed. sealed, published and declared as and for the Last Will and Testament of the Class of June 1954 in my presence by its officers, who. at their request and in their presence, have hereunto subscribed my name as witness. sat: -i MOST SCHOLARLY MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Carmen Benimeli Frank Eng Frank Eng Margaret Bunk BEST DRESSED Domcnica Lordi Joe Verdia BEST LOOKING Patricia Bittner Wc»lcy Zeliff MOST ATTRACTIVE Marcia Bovino Philip Rocmer MOST CAREFREE 64 Judy Biondi Nick CapraraMOST BASHFUL Adeline Cunha Frank Mauriello MOST QUIET Catherine McKeon Dan McCann MOST TALKATIVE Theresa Zolobosky Anthony Parenti BEST DANCERS Aida Valentc Joe Verdia SHORTEST Julie Campos William 8renner MOST POPULAR Carmen Benimeli Joe Gomes TALLEST Caroline Pfakowski John Denfef jssr THE ANNOUNCER jSb Published by the Students of East Side High School VOL. XXII. No. 8 NEWARK. N. J.. JUNE. 1954 Price Ten Cents December, 1953 mm hold ennous proih or nn m» hole On Friday night. Dec. 4th. the senior class of East Side High School presented their Senior Promenade, “One Enchanted Evening.” The formal dance, under the supervision of Aida Valente and Terry Morano. co-chairmen, commenced at 8:30 I . M., in the main ballroom of the Military Park Hotel, to the music of Herb Larsen and his orchestra, whose melodious tones are well known in the metropolitan area. Odessa Hill added her musical renditions to aid in making it an enjoyable evening. The ballroom was decorated in colors of red velvet and white, and lighted by candlelight. On arrival at the dance, each couple was presented with souvenir dance booklets and with the names of couples attending this prom, and a card as a remembrance of this gala event. Free souvenir books of matches were also distributed. On this memorable evening, the seniors were honored to have as their singing guest, none other than their very own Sonny Curtis, once known as Sonny Calello. Mr. Curtis sang out for the enjoyment of everyone, four hit tunes. This prom night will live in memory as one of golden dreams for it was the fulfillment of all the seniors’ schemes. The night blended with sweet melodies, made everyone feel as if they were walking on stars. As one of the seniors said, “Yes, the night was wonderful, all things were right, and we will never forget them. So we will save this memory and always keep it new, and remember this enchanted evening throughout all of our lives and cherish this prom of our own.” The girls floated into the hotel looking like little crispy snow-flakes. There were miles and miles of lace and nylon tulle. There were all colors and shades displayed. Every girl looked like a goddess, and of course, the men should get some limelight too. They looked quite handsome, and a few years older. When the couples left the hotel, they all remarked how wonderful it was to hold the Prom outside of school, and what a wonderful time was had by all. For the first time in our school’s history, a Prom was held that really brought the students completely away from school surroundings and made them feel very “suave.” To the class of June 1954, it was truly “One Enchanted Evening.” And they shall be very proud and happy to be the ones to start a fine new tradition and perhaps pass it on to all future seniors. Among those who attended were: Marilyn Bazydlo. who was escorted by Dick Coombes. Marilyn wore a beautiful white lace and nylon tulle Continued on pjgc 2, column 3 and 4 May, 1951 October, 1953 9A DANCE The 9A Spring Dance, held April 27, was a great success. Everyone at the dance enjoyed the music by Mr. Nicholas DiNardo and his band, the dancing, the refreshments, and the colorful balloons. Mrs. Norma Leitch and Miss Gronheit were among the teachers present. Mr. DiN'ardo played many popular songs to make the dancing more enjoyable. Once he played a conga, and boy! was the crowd really having a roaring time, especially the boys, holding onto the girls’ waists. A dance contest was held. The winning couple were Mary Jo Higgins and Jimmy Bineo. 11B Harvest Moon Dance Nov. 14 Mrs. X. Leitch. adviser of the 1 IB class, has announced that the class will have a Harvest Moon Dance on Friday night, November 14. The school band, under the direction of Mr. DiNardo. will provide the music. Entertainment is planned and a good time will be had by all. The llB’s are also interested in collecting dues, and for this purpose, they have elected their home room representatives. The committee for this term consists of Marion Civettc —101, Terry Morano—203, Theresa Trajick—205, Carmen Benimeli— 214, Judy Biondi—217, Carol Ptak-owski—301, and Judith Kiziu -322. October, 1950 EAST SIDE ANNEX CLOSED 9B Girls at Ann St. Has anyone missed the freshmen girls this year? Since the annex has been closed and East Side is overcrowded, the 9B girls are at Ann St. There are five sections of girls taking courses who occupy the fourth floor. Mr. Lumb is in charge, and the other teachers are: Dr. Zachar, Miss McAllister, from the annex Mr. Gray and Miss Ferraro. The girls do not come to East Side for any subject, but they will all be here in February. So cheer up. 9B boys. If winter comes, can spring be far behind? December, 1952 nil's Consider Welfare Committee 11B class members were happy to get their long-awaited class rings. They now really feel like upperclassmen. The 11 B's are considering the formation of a welfare committee, which will attempt to solve the financial problems which students meet in trying to pay the expenses they have in their Junior and Senior years. This is the first class to consider this problem, an important one to many students in past years. April, 1953 I I A Everyone who attended the 11 A s “Evening in Paris” dance on May 15 agreed that a wonderful time was enjoyed by everyone. The setting was a Parisian St. Cafe, complete with dashing Frenchmen, singers, and dancers. Altogether this was a fine and unusual dance which will long be remembered by those who were there. Chairman of the entire dance was Aida Valente, with Marion Civette serving as her assistant. Chairmen of the Decorating, Entertainment, Publicity and Ticket Committees were: Carmen Benimeli, Sam Calello, Frank Eng. and Louis Turco respectively. The 11A class is also making plans for its Senior Prom, which will be held sometime in December of next term, although no exact date has yet been decided ujxm. The Junior As have been reminded to start the big job of paying their class dues by their class advisers, Mrs. Leitch, and Mr. Spann.Page 2 THE ANNOUNCER June 1954 December, 1953 The "Hew” Senior Prom If you do something one way all the time, it seldom occurs to you that the same thing can be done a better way, and you don’t think of changing your old way. But this year when the Senior Prom rolled around, the seniors had foresight enough to know that it could be done a much better way. They weren’t afraid to try something new and break the “bonds of tradition,” and so they decided to hold their Prom on Dec. 4 at the Military Park Hotel. Tradition was broken by holding the Prom outside of school, but everyone was very happy about the results, including all the faculty members. For one thing, the school was not in an uproar as it usually is the afternoon of the Prom. There was no hurrying around the gym, no getting the gym class in an uproar, no frantic last minute preparations for decorating, no last minute little details to go wrong. While the Senior B’s were taking it easy that afternoon, all the food, decorations, etc, were taken care of by the hotel staff, and everything was prepared for the seniors’ entrance. When the seniors arrived, everyone was relaxed and in one piece, not as in other years where the kids that worked on the committees and ran around all afternoon were too tired to fully enjoy themselves and were just ready to keel over. Everything was done meticulously and worked out very smoothly. You could feel an air of easiness, but yet sophistication, as the seniors were sitting at their tables. It’s pretty certain they loved being served and were quite happy just to sit down and enjoy themselves. They must have really enjoyed' themselves because they stayed at the prom much longer than they ordinarily used to do when it was held I in school. January, 1953 11B Girls Hold Own" Junior Wreck" The 11B girls had an impromptu-junior Wreck” Monday, Dec. 22, 1952. The girls wore blouses, red bows in their hair, and bells on their bobby socks. Even though there was some confusion with the bells ringing all around school, everyone had a good time. The Junior B’s are planning for their second night dance to be held either in April or May. November, 1952 March, 1954 EAST SIDE GIRL WINS SENIOR A's HOLD IN BEAUTY CONTEST SUCCESSFUL DANCE On Friday evening. February 19th, the .Senior A’s sponsored their last profit-making dance. This dance, like all senior affairs, was a success. Music was provided by the school band, which began to play at 8 and stopped at 11. much to the disappointment of the dancers. Because of its nearness to the holidays, this dance was called, “February Holiday Dance.” The money made on this dance will go toward the yearbook and other miscellaneous e. | enses connected with class activities. Everyone had a wonderful time, and the Senior A’s would like to extend their thanks to all the students and teachers who made it possible for this affair to turn out as well as it did. The next and final dance the Senior A’s will hold is the Farewell Dance, scheduled for a date in June. The seniors are busy planning for their yearbook by selling boosters and ads. Of course, all seniors are urged to pay their dues. Seniors Hold Glamorous Prom At Military Park Hotel Continued from page 1 column 1 gown. The bodice was simple and strapless. Jean Kluczek was escorted by Charlie Swider, a soldier boy. Jean wore a lovely shrimp colored strapless gown, and she looked as pretty as a picture. Justine Jarocki came with Frank Jacheo. Justine looked lovely in light green. Carmen Benimeli wore a beautiful tangerine full length gown which set off her lovely hair. She was escorted by Frank Pietrucha. Aida Yalente came with her beau, and our hero, Joe (iomes. She wore a white gown with midnight blue stunning top piece. It also had a bustle and was a ballerina length. Maryrose Man-zella came with Bob Seany and she wore an iridescent sequin gown with a white nylon tulle skirt. Mary Hackett came with Stanley Funcelli. Mary looked lovely in pink velvet and nylon tulle. Dorothy Magdon came with her beau. Donald Hess. She wore a strapless blue gown. Joan O’Neill came with her beau too, and she looked radiant in her blue tulle velvet top gown. Beverly Brescia came with Charles Junior. Beverly wore a Paris blue tulle ballerina gown with silver embroidery. Frank Barberio escorted Rose Senatorc. Rose wore mint green, and she looked lovely. Sam C’alello escorted Vicki Kisoli, who attends Belleville High. Vicki wore a white with red velvet trimmed gown. Ann Pinto looked lovely in her gown of white tulle with a bodice of shrimp colored sparkle. Her escort was Ed Kroras. Pattie Bittner was escorted by her college man Frank Barbosa. Her gown was aqua nylon tulle. Jackie Siano and her escort Bob Leonardis made a charming couple. Jackie wore white nylon tulle with scattered rhinestones. Mary Jo Higgins and Eddie Valente were a pair. Mary Jo wore a gown of blue nylon tulle with skirt after skirt of handkerchief points. Rae Naporano looked charming in a white gown. She was escorted by Tony Cicalese. These were only some of those who attended, but everybody looked beautiful. Mr. and Mrs. Jay, Mr. and Mrs. Spann, Mr. McCracken, Miss Richard, Mr. and Mrs. Windus, and Mrs. Leitch were kind enough to attend. Whether East Siders know it or not, they have in their midst “Miss Tenth Congressional District,” who is none other than Clara Mendez of homeroom 101. This pretty miss was chosen from a field of eighteen contestants trying for the title at a dance given for Representative Peter Rodino at the Terrace Ballroom on Friday, Oct. 17. Another East Sider who contested for the title was Rose Marie Gonzales. Clara wore a powder blue, strapless. ankle-length dress with shoes to match. After three eliminations took place and only four girls remained in the running our “Beauty Queen” was selected as the prettiest with the most pose, and received the title “Miss Congressional District.” The judges were Miss T.Y. and a famous star from a well-known television program. Clara was photographed with Con-1 gressman Rodino and the other celebrities present. She received a | $100 bond; a $50 gown, made as she wants it; and a knitted suit as prizes.Our Hit Parade Ronald Dobak John Drzewiecki Can Dream, Can't 1? Rose Marie Duca Wine. Women. And Sona Frank Eng Ralph Barnes A Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That Carmclita Fatigante Till We Two Are One Patricia Ana Fernandes .... Trying Joanna Fernicola Outside Of Heaven Mixed Emotions Dorothy Forfa Tell Me You're Mine Robert Fortney Hubba Hubba Thomas Garrity Tell Me Why Dolores Gaska If Only Melancholv Baby Patricia Bovino Can't Help Loving That Man of Mine Edward Gosztyla 1 Had a Notion Five Foot Two Leroy Brundage I’ll Be There With Bells On Dorothy Grzelak 1 Only Have Eyes For You Believe Casey at Bat ........ One Of The Rovin' Kind His Business Is Love Hot Red Mario Catallo Halla-Lu-Yah Jill Howley We'll Meet Again Unless When You Love Someone Beautiful Dreamer Lucille Klimck 1 Keep Telling My Heart Margie John Dcntc Until Eternity Marion Kozimor Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know My Life's Desire Albert Lcick Anthony DeVito .... Anywhere 1 Wander John Levendoski No Sad Songs For Me 70 Constance Lord Laughed To Keep From Crying Betty Rogers Don’t Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes Donald Lourenco Now. At Last Dolores Sabatmo Wedding Bc'ls Will Soon Be Ringing Sophiscated Lady Aldona Scpens What! Where! When! My Letter Day Anthony Simonovich Frank Mauricllo .... I’m Long Long Gone Daniel McCann Danny Boy Nancy McGlynn 1 Never Cared ww ritrfl rfJnCvS L drK a r r 11 1 Vtf? Till Then Clara Mendez Someone to Care For Michael Micchelli Wanderin' I'll Walk A Iona Nijola Miknevicius Hal! As Much Anthony Mondi For Every Man There's a Woman Theresa Morano Why Fight The Feeling? Somewhere Along The Way Maryan Murzcnski Lovin' Spree Ralphelma Naporano Everything 1 Have Is Yours Walter Szymanski Just Because Dominick Nitti California, Here 1 Come Josephine Nobile Time On My Hands Joan O'Neill When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Donald Paolella Whispering Anthony Parcnti Gabriel Blow Your Horn Grace and Mary Patton Me And My Shadow Joseph Verdia Too Young to Tango Robert Pepsin Even Now Marie Pereira Marie Seems Like Old Times Adelo Pickarski Love Is Where You Find It Albert Weber Frank Pietrucha Anywhere 1 Wander Jack Pilecki No Help Wanted Ann Pinto Let The Rest Of The World Go By Barbara Wisnewski Because You're You Anthony Pojnar As We Are Today Joseph Porta Hey! Joe Bernard Yorkanis Caroline Ptakowski .... Secret Love Josephine Pullman In The Mood May Young Roscann Purcell He's Just My Bill Paul Zadie .. Doing What Comes Naturally John Zarnick That’s Amorc Joseph Zedalis Wesley Zclliff Too Young John Reynolds Blues With a Feeling Theresa Zolobosky Laughing Song 71Girl ' gym for grace Too many cook ? Mechanical Drawing 8 English 8 States HWoiV Metal and WeldingPrinting Gab-fott or Lunch? Nurse. Student and Physician life there' Ar„t,ca.rcvp,at.on. Where there . tor everyone health Little home-makersProm Committee Home doom Reps Class Officers 7576 Left to right: Mildred Baukmght. Judy Biondi. Pat Bittner. Jo Fucci. Mary Jo H.ggins, Lorraine King. Jean Kluczek. (not pictured: Lucille Kl.mck).ANN FORTUNATO Amstant Editor JOSEPHINE COCUZZA Assistant Editor BEN ANELLO Advertising MARIE MURANTE Advertising THERESA MORANO Sports ANTHONY SIMONOVICH Sports ■ LOUIS TURCO Sportsflies Of STffL We will not be here to enjoy the new cafeteria, the new gymnasiums, the new auditorium, and the countless new facilities that will soon be 78The Backbone of Learning part of East Side's plant. To those who follow us. we leave this legacy, with the admonition that it be put to good, full, and honest use. fOOTBflLL 1953 CHAMPS During the last years at East Side, many memorable events made history in the field of sports. Probably the most outstanding was the football team’s becoming city champions in our senior year. Sparked by the playing of our seniors, Frank Pietrucha, Sam Calello, Ralph Barnes, and the versatile Joe Gomes. East Side's football team ran through the city league games, winning all. In our first game. South Side was shut out by the Red Raiders by a score of 25-0. Next, our team played Weequahic. which was swamped by a torrent of touchdowns bringing the final score to 57-6. Everyone will, without a doubt, agree that the East Side-Barringer game was the turning point, the point at which the events took an unexpected turn and the point at which people began to notice the new strength of the East Side squad. The then undefeated and overconfident Barringer Blues lost this important game, the score at the end of the thrilling upset being a narrow 7-0. In the next game, our team, favored, won over West Side by a score of 19-7. Finally. Thanksgiving Day. 1953. came, bringing with it the determining East Side-Central game. The new and crowded Memorial Stadium, formerly Ruppcrt Stadium, was the site of this exciting game. During the first five minutes East Side scored two times, placing itself in the lead by fourteen points. The game seemed to be decided until Central strengthened its defense and went on the offense. After a touchdown and a valiant attempt at scoring on Central's part, near the end of the game. East Side won by a score of 14-7. 82OCTOBER 10 fast Side 25 South Side 0 OCTOBER 17 fast Side 57 Uleequahic 6 83 NOVEMBER 7 fast Side 7 Barringer 0NOVEMBER 14 fast Side 19 West Side 1 NOVEMBER 26Senior Athlete By Terry Morano Another June, another graduation, and another flock of athletes leave their Alma Mater. These athletes have sweated, plugged and fought for East Side even though the going got tough at times. One day we will look back and remember them. We will always be proud to say they're from East Side. These boys typify the spirit at East Side in that they were always loyal, straight, and they never failed to show the Red and White sportsmanship. In recalling our four years at East Side we remember the football seasons, along with the usual rivalry and fervor. We remember one of the finest football teams ever to represent East Side. Their record speaks for itself — “City Champions. 1953.” Many of our classmates distinguished themselves nobly on the playing field, principally in their last year, playing a major roll on the 1953 team. Much of the credit for our teams' successes goes to the coaches: Mike Windus, our football coach. Paul Bagatko. our baseball coach, Dr. Henry Donn. cross-country, and our swimming coach. Dick Miller. We now submit for your consideration the Most Valuable Athlete of the class of June. 1954: fellows and gals — Joseph Gomes Joe is one of that greatest athletes that East Side has ever produced. JOSEPH A. GOMES Joe proved himself to be one of the finest halfbacks in the city. He started playing on the "Frosh" team, and his brilliant playing soon put him on the varsity squad. Joe was elected captain of the team. He was such an able player on the field that he was chosen a member of the All-City. All-County, and All-State Teams. Joe has three varsity letters to his credit. He has also earned the varsity letter in track. RALPH FRANK BARNES "Superman” as he is known to his classmates, played varsity for two years as a halfback. Since he came to East Side he has been outstanding in football. He spent one year on the J. V. A real hustler, he moved right up to a regular position on the varsity. Ralph was not only a good offensive and defensive player, but a good pass receiver too. He has two varsity letters to his credit. Ralph was also a track man for three years PETER JOHN BIEKSHA Pete is a man of very few words. He began his swimming career when he made the varsity team in his freshman year. Peter was elected captain of the team and proved to be the right man for the job. He became one of the highest scorers in the city league competition and broke all records. This is one fellow who has enough medals to cover his shirt. Peter will be remembered by all his classmates. SAMUEL CHARLES CALELLO Sam Calello has won letters in both varsity football and baseball. He was one of East Sides’ greasiest fullbacks. His accuracy pulled many a game out of the fire. As a catcher on the varsity baseball team. Calello proved himself one of the best in the city when he made the All-City, All-County, All-State Teams. Sam has received five varsity letters. Yes. he also participated in swimming. Sammy was with the swimming team in his freshman and sohpomore years. His most outstanding sport is baseball. Don't be surprised if one day he will climb the ladder of success right into the major leagues. RONALD JOHN DOBAK Ronnie became a letter man in his junior year as an outfielder. He followed the next year with another "E” this time using his talents as a pitcher. 85 DOBAK t t- FERREIRA LOMBARDI PIETRUCHA n Tf « Mr 4 , RANDOLPH FREDERICK FERREIRA Freddie concentrated his sports interest on the baseball field and was rewarded wilh two letters, one for his work in the season of 1953 and the other for the ’54 season, during which he played the infield. JOSEPH ANTHONY LOMBARDI Joe reached greater heights on the diamond than on the gridiron. He played two years’ varsity football, but mostly as a substitute. As for baseball, his career was on the varsity in 1953 Joe wishes to play pro baseball someday. FRANK PIETRUCHA Frank was a member of the varsity football team and though one of the heaviest men on the team, he was also one of the fastest. He played J. V. only one season as a sophomore, but then moved up to varsity where he finished his high school career. When ever a quicky touchdown was needed. Frankie was the fellow you could have depended on. Frank played a big part in our 1953 “City Championship.’’ ROBERT RANDOLPH On the athletic field Bob is a jack-of-all-trades. Bob has played some basketball and baseball during his tour years at East Side. His greatest achievements have been on the diamond, where he has played the infield, and where he was one of our star pitchers. Bob played three varsity years. ARTHUR PAUL SILVA Arthur played center on the football team. He was the smallest and lightest man on the team. “Arty” was the fellow who backed up the play, and broke up his opponents game. He made the varsity squad in his senior year. JOSEPH MATTHEW ZEDALIS Another of our mermen is Joseph Zedalis. Joe began swimming for our team in 1951 and has competed in some outstanding meets. He is certainly one of the fellows who played a part in the success of the 1954 swimming team. ZEDALIS 86 SILVA87Indoor Track Cross Country 88East Side High School has many things of which to be proud. One of these is the Bowling team. City Champions for the 1953-54 season. The team's record is a fantastic 27 games won out of 30 — the highest record since the league was formed. Another record set was the unbelievable 869 team score for a single game, an individual scoring average of over 174. Besides, our school’s bowling team set a two-game score of 1669. another all-time leargue high. The underlying reason for our team's great success is best explained by team captain and high scorer Tom Calello in his statement. “The outstanding quality of our players was their natural ability combined with a high competitive spirit. Their best work was displayed in the clutch." This, coupled with the careful and able coaching of Walter Siegwarth. of the faculty, produced our championship team. Tom Calello captain, had the highest individual single game score with a remarkable 226. He also led the team with a 170 per game scoring average. Ronald Dobak. Richard Staub. and Joe Walicki were three more excellent players. These three, with Ed Weber, and Bob Pivola. formed an outstanding playing combination. The team has a 785 per game scoring average, or 157 per player, for the season. 90BOOSTffiS Jolly and Johnnie Frank Eng Mr. Eng Gim Yee Mrs. Eng Gim Yee Joyce Eng James Eng Estella Romanick Stanley Cmielewski Mrs. Stella Cmielewski Peter and Helen Zych Peter and Judy Zych Sigmond Kurczop Hazel Kurczop Julia Galisewski Louis Galisewski Regina Galisewski Albert Leick William Leick Philip Leick Carol Gass Ann Tully John and Richard Theodore Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Strzclec The Marlewicz Family Mr. and Mrs. J. Barsky Marge Porsch Vera Lioi Paul Wentworth Ray Gauthier W. Harry Sutton Joseph J. Bradley Jorry and Lorraine Cook DeMatteo Mrs. Michael Bartko Michael Bartko Tillie Milano Theresa Whittaker Vera Bartko William Buratin Arnold Criscitiello Helen Bittner Mrs. D. Bittner Ben Bittner Walter and Paul Donna Jean Mooney Mrs. James L. Mooney Ethel Primavcra Helen Powell Milie Marquardt Hanah Bestford Nicholas E. DiNardo William Howard Rene Bogart Margaret Banrvon Edward Dula Mr. and Mrs. V. Ingato Edith Noakes Nancy Morabito Josephine Cavaila Marion Micchelli Richard Barbierri Mr. and Mrs. J. Mantegna The Mantegna Kids Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bottone Mr. and Mrs. S. Baione Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Micchelli Mrs. A. Ccccre Pat and Mole Mrs. G Corrier Lorry and Jack Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O'Hara Mrs. Walter Borowski H. Cunningham Alfred Santa Danny and Mary Perkins John Skubon Uclia Susan Ruccio Doris and Frankie Jackie Kocian George Kefz Mr. and Mrs. William Me Lough tin Edith Sabba George Zabrodski Victoria Dusko Eleanor Wargo Tony Panzarino Terry and Joe Edward Valente Al Pecoraro Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lancieri Mr. and Mrs. Jack DeJohn Eileen O’Hara Emily Dietrich Rose and Anthony Pat Aylward Janice and Dom Frank S. Sitek Ozzie Walter Devcr George Owens Mrs. Anthony Sabie W. McMullin Bill Borger Mr. and Mrs. T. Murtha Peter Kucma Peter Focrstcr Fred E. Spann Mrs. Fred E. Spann Irving Springer Laverne Russell W. McMullin Ronny and Gcri E. J. Doyle Ralph DeJohn Mrs. Susan Naporano Marie Fraga Mrs. Manuel Pinto Manuel R. Pinto Joseph Pinto Armor Moraes and I Ida Joe Rodrigues and Marie Solomon L. Levine Pat and Dee Dee Cicalese Linda Ann Walker Eddie and Irene Dlugosz Pfc. Al Somodi Mr. and Mrs. M. Deo Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Medeiros Mr. and Mrs. T. Murtha Rosemarie Petrucelli Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Salvatore Mr. and Mrs. John Rastelli Frank Capczzora W. McMullin Carol and Janet Adams Bud McCormick Mickey Ryan James E. Gavan Edwin Edolstein Henry Hollander William Edelstem Joseph Lombardo Tiger and Tonto James Serfass Mrs. J. Serfass Diane James Serfass Palmira DeSilva Barbara and Buddy Kelly and Walter Ruth Rooney Mrs. F. J. Busch W. McMullin Mrs. Norma P. Leitch Jackie Herman Eda Calabrese Anne Sperduto Jo Domrarumma Mac Andoldi Dottie Kessel Mildred Koontz Ronald and Diane T. Graham Rosalie Benovich Mrs. Luigi Marzella Ralph Cuttaia John Grauzalis Sandra Cuttaia Roselyn Marzella Gilbert Kahn Joe Rostelli Eda Calabrese Ozzie Kurtz Mrs. V. Ostrander Roland and Diane Claire and Marie Mrs. H. Cunningham David Eng Mrs. Mary Walker Jules Taner W. McMullin Mrs. Adam Friedrich Mrs. M. McKeon M. McKeon Susan McKeon Matty McKeon Rita Flynn Vytaufas Miknevicius Kazys Navickas Anna Saveikis Algimantas Miknevicius Mrs. Julia Miknevicius John Pagnotta James Morehouse Torelli Family Mr. and Mrs. Michael Deo Gerard Morgan Edward Sprafkin Mrs. Mary Traylor Mrs. Michael Kocian Mrs. Rose Petrucelli Mrs. Louise Erdman Ann DeRogotis Florence Vera Lioi Bill, Peg. and Butch Nancy and Bill Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Ferrigno Victor Mastriano Herb. Tess. and John Mr. and Mrs. S. Spychalski Joe. Jinx, and Debbie Phil T. Nork B. Kawalka Rose and Spike Phylis Gennaralli Mrs. Joseph Lordi Mrs. Anthony DcLcva Betty DeLeva William C. Scott Agnes A. Davitt Margaret Jessen Edward A. Posner Mrs. Louise Weinstein H. Yam Marie R. Giannone Mrs. Marie C. Kelly Fred Ellen Gannan Hank Guziejcwski Charlos E. Scelfo Tom Hill Barbara Ponticelo Mrs. Anthony Ponticello Mrs. Morris Perone Beatrice Andreacio Dolores Andreacio Mr. and Mrs. Dan Andreacio Josephine Andreacio A. Andrew Rosamilia Walter Gavron 102BOOSTERS Mrs. Steven Nieuzyfek Mrs. William Palmer Jo Pullman Joyce Dimond Stanley M. Renz Kay Pullman Dom Pullman Oavid Michaud Peter Scsnick John Hendler Edgar A. Cole Peter Sc snick Leonard Lumb Mr. and Mrs. Anthony King Mr. and Mrs. John Fattorusso Pat Cicalese Mrs. Joseph Yorkanis Mrs. R. Bartlow Delores Yorkanis Jerry Cohen Jimmy Mclfzcr Sidney Stoller • Dominick DcJesso William Pawelczyk Carol Ann Morehouse Dottie Botts Alma E. Carnellie John Wyckoff Regina Kopinski Adclc Rockwalski Rene Dubichi Ellen Betz Marguerite Hoyt Helen Cunningham Mrs. Leo Genneralli Leo Genneralli Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Wagner Michael Spechio Stanley Szczepanowski Mr. and Mrs. Frank D'Alessio Harry Palumbo Mimi Bartiromo Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bartiromo Mrs. Sadie Deleon Mrs. Gladys Connor Mrs. Salvatore Bovmo Salvatore Bovmo Junior Bovino Mrs. Patsy Leo Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Polakowski Stan and Justine Arlene Joann Opalka Dorothy Popek Thomas Purcell Mrs. Thomas Purcell H. Zimmermann Honey The Three J’s Paula Yvonne Delores and AI Jean Rispoli Janet Siano Frank Siano Leon Margetak Don Padavano Emily Pestano Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Wnorowski Mr. and Mrs. Pat Verdi Guy and Joe Raullo DeFonseca Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Trajick 0. Bianco Bobbie and Andy Gene Diahan Beverly and William Edith and Eddie Mrs. John Patton Frank Mercurio Paul McGmley Paul McGinley Mrs. Camille Malbrock Helen Pozar Henry Schilling Carol Ann Janowski Mrs Eva Wisniewski Joseph and Linda Loboda Dot and Vic Raymond Wisniewski Eddie Lorczak Mrs. M. Steel Barbara and Robert Tafilowski Marilyn Bilow Paul P. Bogatko Eleanor M. Bloomfield Scan-Dolls Nancy Lipuma Sylvia Fernandes Mr. and Mrs. T. Rykowski Mr. and Mrs. W. Andahazy Mr. and Mrs. T. Noonan Mr. and Mrs. W. Ballenski Billy Ballenski Mr. and Mrs. W. Bauknight Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Sterbenz Edward J. Lufft Hans Hammdorff Mrs. Hans Hammdorff Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lufft. Jr. Ruth G. Sherman Mrs. Louis Amaro Mrs. Joseph Popola Louis Padovjno Maria Rodrigues Bernice and Rosalie Bob and Ernie Enrico R. Del Campo Ralph Giannctti Catherine Tomminelli Joseph Zieniewicz Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jarocki Laverne and Barbara John Marzella Luigi Marzella Sol Samuels Edward Powers Nick Adams Edward P. Gladney John J. Meier Thomas Caprio Joseph A. Quinn Lenhard and Haas Paul A. Bernhards James G. Ogden Mr. and Mrs. C. Duca Duke Mrs. I. Goodman Marion E. Oland Mr. and Mrs. John A. Colin Mrs. M. Eisenberg Fred J. Lutot Katherine Nelligan Evelyn and Tippy Barbara and Ray Samuel Steele Jerome S. Lacker Mrs. Helen Ruben Herzel Tito John O'Grady Sal Vella Josie Vella August Brenner Robert Casale John A. Palmucci Mr. and Mrs. Mario Noviello Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Tittel James Green Mr. and Mrs. Ben Ruckman Marie and Jimmy Nicolma Marzella Mrs. John Gravzalis Mrs. Ralph Cuttaia Joanne and Glen Mrs. Michael Boshka Ben McCormick Loretta Cotellesso Joseph P. Rose Mary Golej Mr. and Mrs. H. Kappel Beverly and Jo Ann Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Zegar Penny Kypreos Pat and Babs Bruce and Bobie Blanche and Ken Eileen and Bill Claire and Lou Nancy Paonc Dom and Katy Sam Petracca Terry Conforti Augustmo and Domonica Frances Petracco Thomas Paone Augustine Paone Augustino Petracco Mary and Frances Babs Agnes Luksa Jo Sabin Mr. and Mrs. John Banach Mr. and Mrs. Norbcrt Morris Roseann Moris Eugene F. Marconc Domas Andruska Ruth and Tony Mrs. Anna Urban Val Daddio Ann Cecere Janet D’Elia Kathleen Ciere Ray Salgueiro Pat Prignano Harry Lewjs Marie and Frank John Scrio Ray Smith Marilyn and Frank Franco Joseph Civettc Mrs. Joseph Civctte Amelia Civctte Frank DiLeo Joe English Lucille Libritz Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dante Mr. and Mrs. S. Bodino Mr. and Mrs. A Dante Mr. and Mrs. J. Ciccone Richard and Janet Perry Mrs. R. Nitti Grace Nitti Anne Nitti Art J. Nitti, Jr. Mrs. R. Nitti Arthur Nitti Arthur Nitti Eugene Nitti Ciro Debartolomeis Mrs. Marie Araneo Kitty McCann Anne Wilk Daniel Moore Mrs. George Volk Jessie Pereira Peter and Happiness Joe and Mane Mrs. John Marzano Josephine L. Pereira 103BOOSTERS Danguole Venckus Mrs. Frank Siaho Frances Tucker Eleanor Gostyla Terry and Ray George M. Kessler Babe Krajczewski Harold M. Jay Joe Ouimet Lee and Marty Paula and Johnny Frances and Eddie Hugo Thomas Stan Kross Mr. and Mrs. John Dudek Bobby Dudek Mary Sabak Ann Sabak Alice Gostyla Mr. and Mrs. Albino Perry Mrs. George Lewandowsaki Engelbert J. Ncumaycr A Friend Mrs. Carma Pereira Lucilio and Francelina Virginia Salamanchuk Frank Naporano Eleanor and Paul Fetko Elaine Huljak Carmella Piegaro Ruth Clark Pearl Siegel Emma Mill Preuella Hill Ollie B. Stoudmire Mr. and Mrs. Vito Piegaro Mrs. Joseph Duca Joseph Duca. Jr. Rose Marie and Ronnie Macel O'Mullen Margaret Bannon Ginny and Guido Mr. and Mrs. Lopes Lorraine and Freddie Marie Elena and Stephen Mr. and Mrs. C. O'Neill Dot and Jerry Dowd Joe Fitzsimmons Anna Marie Dallakian Leona Staniulis Mr. and Mrs. N. Jachoo Mr. and Mrs. J. Jacheo Antoinette Nasto Anna Marie Juliano Evelyn Kee Chi Thomas B. Mon Joseph T. Wing Lee Kun Chong George Mon Hung Sing Joe William Hock Harry Fong Kenneth Margetak Fran Vcndotti Jomc Gentile Sara Diaz Dennis Crawford Dan Sullivan Sam Martucci Stella Romanick Manuel and Mary Gomes Minda Gomes Theresa DeGeorge Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Clark John Dooley and Mary Alice Millie B. and Harry R. Judy Wong Harry Kee Chi Bee Seto Mr. and Mrs. Young The Cooper Family Pat and Stan Tony Valcnto Theodore J. Howley Arlayne and Frank Red and Jill Lois A Jeffers Pat Kiernan Mr. and Mrs. Dewitt Wells John Byrne Ray Bondura Norman Jukus Connie and Johnny Mr. and Mrs. Lou Milo Rosemarie Catena. R.N. Mr. and Mrs. William Catena Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Pecoraro Mary Jane Mauer Janet Kane Grace Patton Vickey Scoop Herbert Karam Ferris and Joyce Lorraine Muench William Muench Honey Matthew Stangreciak Alice B. Hennings Walter Stangreciak John Teague Paula Newsome Mrs. Bessie Dey Charles Dey John Lewis Mrs. John Lewis Albert Kocrbis Mrs. Albert Koerbis Mary Tansey Mary Kowal Mrs. Jessy Smith Ronald Oldock Stanley Oldock Martha Tom Sutter Arthur Young Tom Calello Charles Dueda Tootsie G. Frances, Nancy and Lucy Mrs. Peter Sesnick Bill Murray Glenn Mortimer Mr. and Mrs. A. Simonovich Wilbur Kull James Kelly Terry Pryzchok Dominick J. Scarillo Dominick and Marie Sam and June Murante Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Murante Fred and Lynn The Bodzwicks Mr. and Mrs. Victor Gaska Irene Surdick Betty Lou Gustos Mrs. Leon Gaska Charles Jones Chester Lcntowski Sadie Larusso Leonard and Sadie Frances Winskus Vera Lang Albi Ponelis Gladys Mitchell Charles Balchunas Charles P. 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Frcga Mr. and Mrs. Albert Piazza Al and Tony Senatore Jiggs Mrs. Alphonse Nobile Faye T. Nobile Alphonse Nobile John Leonhardt Gene and Bob Wyrwa Mr. and Mrs. F. Wyrwa, Jr. Robert Boyle Andrew Prachar Golden Knights Jess Irvin Maureen and Jimmy Phyllis and Jackie James R. Paul Mr. and Mrs. J. Adams Butch and Mary Larry and Janice Gilmore Corricr Jerry Aikens Mary Ann Yablonicky Mane Castellano Ronald Surdykowski Frank S. Sitek Norman and Clyde Lorrine Ulrich Marie Baslcy 104Margie Dxiejma Dyl and Brenner Tex Perry Edward Gostyla Mrs. Marge LaMotta Patty Service Bea Homan Roseann and Bill Claire Gulinello Fran Schalkoff Jacqueline Mullan Irving Gitter Ricky Gillick Frank Malley Tony Alaimo Mrs. Mae Herman Barbara Golden Dot Rubas Joe Reed Joe Reed Dottic and Bobbie Michael lachio Rose Marie Martonc Margie and Chic Jim Sullivan Earsy Sullivan Mrs. Mary S. 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Chivian John Dcnfe Mrs. Mary Domaracha Stanley Domarachi Florence K. Peetors W. Kowalski Al Giordano Ella J. Kuchman U.S.S. Ant.ctam CVS-36 Mrs. Nellie Pojnar Dolores Pojnar USCG Aux. Flotilla 322 Bob Pojnar Stanley Pojnar J. Kuchman Mrs. Mary Lewis Pete Little Jo Gilda Russomano Fannie Landolfi F ran Madeline Beatrice Mrs. Jcann Allen Marie Stanziale Mr. and Mrs. S. Moore Dorothy Kopacz Carol Zamierowski Barbara Salagaj Stan Siedlarczyk Joe Dziezwa Stas Jolly Boys Garfield Indians Sally Salagaj Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Haddow Smily Marchcster Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Rufolo Marion and Joe Mr. and Mrs. James Rufolo Mrs. Gareld Poling Mrs. Nick Crognale Michael Wonyetye George Chuggy Frank Bunk. Jr. George Bunk Anna Bunk Peggy and Ken Mildred and George Ronnie and Louie Mr. and Mrs. L. Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. R. Kolhman Mr. and Mrs. T. McDonnel Janet Smith Janet Siano Mrs. Frank Siano Ozzie Ironbound Refrigeration Chase Auto Wrecking Arroheat Fuel Company Home Room 216 Bea Sal's Luncheonette Francis Marguski Minnie Mrs. Al Mecca Eddie and Irene Dlugosz Al Mecca Mrs. Joseph Catena Mrs. Eleanor Giasullo Mr. and Mrs. Al Gemgnani Randy and Dino Gemgnani Mrs. Paul Cavalchire Paul Cavalchire Alphonse Rossi F. Tampany Mrs. Ralph Anardone Albert Ronco Claire and Lou Bruce and Bobbie Blanche and Ken Pat and Babs Pat and Dee Dee Cicalese Linda Ann Walker PFC Al Somodi Ann, Eleanor and Lala Mrs. Anthony Sabatino Paula Yvonne Delores and Al Bea Homan Madelyn and Marion Jean Rispoli Barbara Kchm Violet Kee Chi Alfred A. Biondi Marilyn Biondi Tony and Mickey Mr. and Mrs. Mary Staff John Gesumaria Mrs. John Gesumaria Betty Fitzsimmons Tony James Natale Anthony Barberio Mr. and Mrs. J. De Falco John McQue Mabel T. Cadott Harold V. Burch John Pafricco Howard Jones Dorothy Tofel Ronald Forester George and Barb Ginny and Tony John and Betty Ann Rogers Viola DeFalco Mil Vazzano Angela Padovano R. Scillla June C. Motyka Nappy Baptista Marie Baptista Johnny Anello Chris and Johnny Anello Mr. and Mrs. Fred Weiman Mrs. Natalie Weiman Mary and Stanley Matty, Pete and Bruno John Ferullo Joseph P. Byrne Walter C. Polewczak John ar.d Nick Engle Mrs. Wilbert J. Zeliff Wilbert J. Zeliff Wesley Zeliff Celia and Odie Herbie Bristol Mr. and Mrs. Samson Toliver Morris and Diddy Mr. and Mrs. Adam Salsano Marie Katusak Rosemarie Maker Mr. and Mrs. V. Bovino Josephine Fucci The Girls from 1 107 Mrs. Clark George and Louis Gold Mrs. Humphreys Marion G. Church Sal Ragosra Bob Ankinson David F. Moeller Bob and Ida Marvin Fortel Ann Sardo Stuart Faber Antoinette Nasto Fran and Jimmie A friend Jolly and Johnnie 108HDVERlISfmEflTSM. Smetkiewicz DRY GOODS 88 PULASKI STREET NEWARK. N. J. MArkcl 2-9708 Ironbound Recreation Center 99 FERGUSON STREET NEWARK. N. J. Okinawa Barber Shop CHARLES E. DAVIS. Proprietor 528 MARKET STREET NEWARK. N. J. Yale Drug Company BROAD «cxJ SOUTH STREETS NEWARK. N. J. Compliments of Woolworth’s Cafeteria Byk's Self-Service Market 99 PULASKI STREET NEWARK. N. J. Compliments of The Wagner Pie Boys LOU AMBROSKY FRED CORZELIUS GENE LIPSKI J. THOMAS JAY BRENNAN BARWELL Milano and Menza AMERICAN • ITALIAN GROCERS 248 OLIVER STREET NEWARK. N. J. MArkcl 3-4395 M. Deo GROCERIES - VEGETABLES - CHOICE MEATS FROZEN FOODS - SANDWICHES 64 PULASKI STREET NEWARK. N. J. MArkct 2-9609 JESSIE WILSON Club 220 220 FERRY STREET NEWARK. N. J. KEerny 2-9742 WONG SON Asia Restaurant LUNCHEON. DINNERS end FAMILY DINNERS RIDGE ROAD and BELLEVILLE PIKE NO ARLINGTON. N. J. Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dlugosz 133 PENNINGTON STREET NEWARK. N. J. THE NEW CATHOLIC BIBLE $1995 Terms: $3.00 Down, $1.00 Weekly City and Suburban Sales Co. Mitchell 2-5313 Mitchell 2-6187 P. CONFORTI South Street Hardware HOUSE FURNISHINGS Oils . Glass - Paints 144 SOUTH STREET NEWARK. N. J. Compliments of Joseph and Edward Mikulicz Compliments of FRANK PANICO AL TAMASMAUSKY BILL BRIODY G. BOUCHER ANDREW F. TRUSKOWSKI PHIL F FORTUNATO noMitchell 3-7588 OLIVERI’S FARM MARKET 16 Pacific Street Newark, N. J. Mitchell 3-1345 MARCZAK FLORISTS FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION 26 Wilson Avenue Newark, N. J. TERRY MORANO Best Wishes for a Happy and Successful Future JIM JOHN PADOVANO, INC. GENERAL INSURANCE John J. Padovano. Jr., E. S., June '38 317 Jefferson Street Newark, N. J. JOHN RUCKI ASS N, INC. 82 Pulaski Street Newark, N. J. ESsex 2-9336 THE BOWL BAR COMPLETE ITALIAN DINNERS TOMATO PIES Entertainment Nightly 695 South Orange Avenue Newark, N. J. Compliments of JAMES SOLDO MArket 3-3844 ZEES WHELAN AGENCY at EAST SIDE PHARMACY Finest Quality Drugs, Sundries and Cosmetics at money-saving prices 72 Pulaski Street Newark, N. J. IllHome Room 211 IRWIN i ZACHAR. Adviser and Home Room 201 WORDSWORTH D WILLIAMS. Adv.utr MArket 3-2458 Mitchell 3-4568 J. and H. Caterers 381 WALNUT STREET NEWARK. N. J. Compliment Of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Trajick MArket 2-5696 Copeland Cooperage RECONDITIONED STEEL DRUMS 444 MUL8ERRY STREET NEWARK. N. J. MArket 3-3740 A-2-Z RADIO and TELEVISION SERVICE 316 LAFAYETTE STREET NEWARK. N. i. Home Room 224 MRS ROSARIA C. FEDERICI. Adviser Mitchell 2-8913 Libby’s Luncheonette FOUNTAIN SERVICE Cigarette - Candy - Newspaper 112 FERRY STREET NEWARK. N. J. Home Room 303 Home Room 102 MRS. MARIE C. KELLY. Adviser Compliment of The Cafeteria Staff EAST SIDE C. and T. HIGH SCHOOL A Friend Good Luck and Best Wishes from Home Room 312 MILDRED M. GILBERT. Adviser Home Room 116 MARIE R GIANNONE. Adv. er Anderson's Shoe Store 117 FERRY STREET NEWARK. N. J MArket 4-3212 Reno Jewelers Discount Up To 50% To Member of P. T. S. A. 38A FERRY STREET NEWARK. N. ). Remember Your Confused Claismatc in Home Room 217 112 SIDNEY L. FLAMM. Advijcr AIDA BEVERLY CARMEN LOIS NANCY ROSEMArket 3-1398 JACKS FOOD MARKET MEATS - GROCERIES - FRUITS VEGETABLES 1096 8road Street Newark. N. J. GUYS AND GALS Patty Ben Josephine Charlie Judy Danny Diana Arty Mary Jo Eddie Beverly Marion Mike Eleanor Joe Lucille Pete Pat Red Ann Edna Sam Mitchell 2-1656 Mitchell 2-1458 STANLEY S CATERING SERVICE WEDDINGS - BANQUETS • PARTIES Buffet Sandwiches for All Occasions 289 New York Avenue 86 Pulaski Street Newark. N. J. JOHN S RELIABLE MARKET Compliments of MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH SPEZIALE MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH F. GENTEMPO MR. AND MRS. FRANK PETRUCELLI MR AND MRS. JOSEPH R. GENTEMPO MR AND MRS. JOHN BELLISANO MR. AND MRS. OTTO WILKENS Compliments of A. HOLLANDER SONS Mitchell 2-2133 MArket 3-5798 A B REFRIGERATION SERVICE COMMERCIAL SALES AND SERVICE Beer Systems - Freezers - Butcher Boxes Water Coolers - Air Conditioners 202 Warwick Street Newark, N. J. MArket 3-9508 ED S TEXACO SERVICENTER BRAKES - IGNITION - TOWING TEXACO PRODUCTS 519 Ferry Street Newark. N. J. 107-13 Pulaski Street Newark. N. J.East Side Sweet Shoppe DELICIOUS and TASTY SANDWICHES "Taste Them To En|oy Them" 214 VAN BUREN STREET NEWARK. N. J. Home Room 106 LEONA H. SMITH. Adviser Mitchell 3-3796 Sunrise Milk EGGS AND BUTTER 437 WALNUT STREET NEWARK. N. J. Home Room 101 NELLIE M. SMITH. Adviser Home Room 108 ANTHONY JANNONE. Adviser Compliments of L. H. and A. S. Home Room 215 JESSIE WAGONER. Adviser Home Room 217 MRS. NORMA P. LEITCH. Adviser Konopka's Tavern 153 FLEMING AVENUE NEWARK. N. J. Bruno's Barber Shop E. S. ESscx 3-4025 J. RUFOLO Simplex Sales Credit Co. BEDSETS. FURNITURE. DRY GOODS. SLIP COVERS Clothing and Appliances 86 ISABELLA AVENUE NEWARK. N. J Mitchell 3-8012 HENRY FRIED. Prop. Munch’s Bakery WEDDING. BIRTHDAY and PARTY CAKES 80 PULASKI STREET NEWARK. N. J. MArket 2- 8769 Five Corners Liquor Co. 10-12 WILSON AVENUE NEWARK. N. J. Mitchell 2-3656-7 GLen Rtdge 2-5155 Phillips Brothers FLORISTS 160 FERRY STREET NEWARK. N. J. Home Room 302 MRS. LAURA F. SCHEFTER. Adviser 1 14Thorough Training for Careers in Business • MEDICAL SECRETARIAL COURSE • FOREIGN TRADE COURSES Spanish Secretarial Export-Import Executive • EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAL COURSE • JUNIOR ACCOUNTANCY COURSE • COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Admission to Leading Colleges DAY OR E 'ENISQ SUCCESSFUL PLACEMENT SERVICE Founded 1912 Newark Preparatory School 1019 Broad Street Newark 2, N J. MArket 3-1790 H. A. GREENE CO. SPORTING GOODS Your School Sweaters in Stock Outfitters for East Side High School Athletic Teams 28 HALSEY STREET NEWARK 2. NEW JERSEY MArket 2-1792 GRADUATE HOUSE TROPHIES - MEDALS - AWARDS Manufacturers of EAST SIDE HIGH SCHOOL RINGS 109 MONROE STREET NEWARK. NEW JERSEY ALDERNEY DAIRY COMPANY MILK and CREAM OF HIGH QUALITY NEWARK, NEW JERSEY MArket 2-3000 115MArkct 2-2528 WESLEY Z. LEWANDOWSKI Congratulations to MILDRED and the CLASS OF JUNE. 1954 from MR. and MRS. LOUIS RAWITZ MArket 2-9712 CLUB 87 87 Kossuth Street Newark. N. J. MArket 3-4444 CAPP and ZICCARDI I RON BOUN D SPORTS SHOP 77 Ferry Street Newark, N. J. WESLEY JEWELER DIAMONDS - WATCHES - JEWELRY Expert Repairing 206 Ferry Street Newark. N. J. ELIZABETH IRON WORKS, INC. Elizabeth. N. J. 44 Broad Street Glen Ridge Stores Bldg. Bloomfield, N. J. Glen Ridge. N. J. BLoomfield 2-0986 GLen Ridge 2-5590 PHILLIPS BROTHERS FLORISTS Mitchell 2-3656 160 Ferry Street Newark. N. J. Compliments of THE BLUE BUTTON BOYS SAM MURANTE and JAMES GILROY 50 BAR HERMAN BEIN, Proprietor 116 50 Hermon Street Newark, N. J.Naporano Iron FOOT OF HAWKINS STREET Metal Company NEWARK. NEW JERSEY P. JANTELLE, INC. BUILDERS 571 SOUTH TENTH STREET NEWARK. NEW JERSEYTHE HOWARD SAVINGS VITAMIN CORPORATION INSTITUTION OF AMERICA NEWARK’S SCHOOL SAVINGS BANK ☆ ☆ VCA LABORATORIES 768 BROAD STREET 274 LAFAYETTE STREET NEWARK. NEW JERSEY NEWARK. NEW JERSEY COLLEGIATE CAP AND GOWN COMPANY Manufacturers of « CHOIR ROBES . . . BAND OUTFITS . . . SPECIALTIES ACADEMIC CAPS, GOWNS and HOODS 366 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK. NEW YORK 118Blflelow 3-5784 - 7000 THOMM'S HALL COMPLETE CATERING SERVICE Meetings - Weddings - Banquets and Parties 172 THOMAS STREET NEWARK 5. NEW JERSEY BEST WISHES FROM WILLIAM President BANK OF COMMERCE 313 MARKET STREET NEWARK. NEW JERSEY 119The Editors and Staff of this yearbook, and their Adviser, gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Academy Yearbook Photographers and New City Printing Company in the preparation of this volume. The many years of association of East Side High School with both these organizations has been such that they, to us, represent more than mere purveyors of service and of merchandise; and we like to consider ourselves to be more than just customers. 120 • NtW CITY WONTING COMPANY UNION CITY. N 

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