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East Rutherford High School - Lancer Yearbook (Forest City, NC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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4 ER ORD .... , ,,-nw .N 'f N-dill:-r 0 .7 0 H' --Hsnwm. 1 f- - A- -YQ-gl fikffl 1 ' "" - 1' X- 192,-ia ,, s 31 Fw, X A R Y- . 3 ' ' ' " fx 'f va, Q :E f ,.,e -A - 1 ,-Q- gm,-w . 1 L5 A - ' H '11 ' X'f'I'5f X? . -632' 'HUA 'ki' Vf V35 - Q k- -f 1 1 " ' iwfg.-glgfgk'??5,,3--' - S ' , L - -Ng -.-4, Y 3 A -f 16 Q-,ff1,,gf 'ig'-2 'iw -4- , xi 4 a V1 1 , Q . Gfffs?-14 -SME?--H '22 gm g V V -4 My --,wi Tiff -'wif-5 f il :ff , ., , . . ? lu, , ., B-Lg,--9-3 4 - .15-1: 1 f ww - E K Q Q? 2 '- Q if' pi 1 lf 5 ,f'gi+i1,4 1 5? eff. V --1 x bw x , , . - I! Q Aj' ., . . f 2 f w bus , , pg ,gf x., x wi R Y A + , , f ' , I W Y - .4 X ' Q SQ? 5. L ' , if A A ff "- ,Hsf ,I if,-Vf ' 1' ifE?7f3f:'f W I ' ' X ff11,f5M4e- iL f'g --iif-TQ ' 1 TH -msg- .+fq ,pg 5.1, Q P " ilsfi' " ' 5iZ?gggf gif? 5535! -gf A852 5 "Y- Q'-.2fj3Q5.5g-fgn g,L"f51,f.-2,f'f,' 1 R ' Lgrrcgg Y - , 3 5' - ' "ag 'Y W ivan mi, Hifgwgj-21 u x ff N f-if ww 1'-wif - ww- f i :,,V,, W A . D ,Ding EW- SL X: I -6-fi" ' if - -M. 1 '.A,.ff:1w1' 'Tiff -1' A .gx iw" ik 5 f fn. Q A X Ari- - -S.,-,':s": 'ff , we x 56, ff- - 3 ffm , ' M f- . - z xv' vig--4 N ,fy 4' w K ' - I " W- F914 - V , , .. I YK Q- gig Sw gh:-K-Argpyi A 1- V ', N: 1,545 J Q V 2 'Q , I wg , 4-3154571 .V V N Q'sj,,f-33 ' ' - J ' "' i -'K ' A " 1 W ' " H-,L .,.,- iff - - . --,',4--,mf A , , - - x 4 A 4 'S M 5 ' 5 ' f AL QfQLu,f-.'Q5-4544537942853d41f""1if':F5N' - W , - w-W, -M---"f,.s.fwf 1 f X , ' K f 1' E . gx 5 Q my , f - , 4 E, -gf . S. ffcgi: -a1.5.6giQ4iB45,,, Y j g ' ' W? M W - V ,U 5, . ,- , 2,1 4 , M 4 X. -A A ,. M. QLL N Eg - ---W T351 1- f. 7' 7 1 1 A , + wwf- M , - if W KV,-Fa-,244 .i t..-: , ,VM A ,. . A I y K fx, - Q. K, W ,V gy - , . , f ij S - A 1 k , ,5 .. if W fb' - A ' , fe-1. , ' - , f ,, Lf' A - V A E-la ' A Q - 'vfwvf' x f - - .. -- L -6 , fl f.. ' .vkfx-fi "N J ' .Q--ff , ----Wg ' Q2 7'-' 'K' -s 0 - WW 7' F- Q ,--algal . f ' lx ' K 'Z ' "jiri - --ue.t.,,, . 1 "f q,, 'I , -,avg-?g',+ '.. .- -, , ,.,, 4 - -.A -K 3, gif" 'H' Q- Q A V 'H .-' in 5 , ' K 6 1 I ,ef vgwx. 1, . ,f , U AN- Q, ' ,-aj ax. i f M - V uf--R.gL -X -1 7.4 3 in N . W , 53259:-f -1- , M 'Q ' 9' H : Ifzi'-fii i ' '- ' - 'g V ' f ' 5f'b':" -r,..l"i H,,,fK-A if . , A W , . ,K , ,.. Q., . .. pf . , . ,, ,M 3 , . .J QQ 'Afle-S 351' h -gi w 1 5---. J- K-8955? Va, ,A .,S,qy,yf'.k k ,LggN,,5gi-5 -w g , ,rayaig 1-,gxqzsf in QQ' -- x .."'J' I 5, ' .' 3 ' ' 'Fw ' , """ i i- f 'fi :wi ' H W "' . !.'f'9'HBQgf V' 'Q 'If' , -5 'W ' t. 'J' 1,2-f' . ' W I -H ' 'fs 'K aaa- -fx , I P' 4.- ' ' ,,,,gi fa .3f'LSj::ff.Trg,- . g,?i'g 5-.fag-j,yg , iv V F ,L M '43 ' Z A g . - 513mm 'A 3 X ' ' V3 " it f 5 , Ja - i 7- 2 iff-1 4- if Vs 'fl T f'L"1-5' - ff' ' fx- 'L' ' W ' v, .,,,k his Mi if it if 1 In . X - jig M-lg , , J . b 1 -5 ,Qi Q 1 ,B my kwrigq V: ,gl Ky-X My 55-35 i E- Vw 11 , -' w pw " -3 . ' ' , A . .. ,Q gf ' Q .,,. I gt-'js 'f ",gg' ' MTS. . - if , 5 K, H 4 ,.:f,--,fzffw l Q Q , A Q. " gf' gm- LJ- -Y 41353 Qfgefiiai..-1 f- - ' 3 Ji- fwwk F99 Aw--mmf iff .f , 'w " .. , ' Q Q L- inn, , . -,. 15- f , 2- L ' H--iv' X ' 101955 f"-, 1.1,-92 M -1 'f ff ye Q' iw -- 5- X - " - Gr,-51" -, J Q - ip, 'tex ,ig A if -5-Li :',.f-L Q:i,5,Qs, wg fe--5 wil. 1' - --F .. 1. ' - -T1 ' M- ff--5 ws- ' :V f - -- - . fgm., ,AW iff' W , f ,W -A . heyy, AW M F-Qgggf X4 Lf A ,wa K , r M i-., ,. .r 43. , t M 3 ,I ix L,,, G . ,E l A --W , ., .1 l -X5 , -gr -"WL " 1 - ,- -. ' fx 5,2 -,X -T "A" , E' V I kj 2 QZWQ 'VWWV Oar lgkff year www ww-Mww:m.x,, 9' "teak M. . w,,,W.m.Q, r ' ,V M-Qmiwgw x A M . payjiix, ..,f I na x ,.., gi ia 5 QQ fiff' Eig?wm,,-A-"""'w""""q'N'n.,,N QR jyf Rfk vi,:QQgi, Ni T fif ff We .iii .5-QL x Kia xg fix ERR' 1 ,P XX ymggy Xi 4 if ,, iwjjgjxif Xxx! fin .1 ixwf-E1 Y x -KX af 5 12,3 - , My - 3 ' 3 H A ' Q Q ' 3 I -2- f 13 XX .Q xg L vi if ff K Q xxx ,xg R Y ,ff f if M. M 'V ff! ff, THE 1963 VOLUME I 2 Presented by the Senior Class of East Rutherford High School Forest City, North Carolina Editor-in- Chief, Jane Waldrop my 7 H . T..,.2 .L., K , . I In N f I 16,17 26,27 34,35 56,57 68,69 80,81 92,93 The lance of the Cavalier was designed to pierce into those about him. Likewise, is an annual so designed that it will pierce into every phase of school activity. With this thought in mind, we have endeav- ored to pattern the LANCER around the complete life of a student at East Rutherford High school, with the hope that it will relate to you our entire school year of 1962-63. 5 Mrs. Stallcup keeps accurate account of Junior magazine sales. It is rare indeed that we find ina teacher a com- bination of intelligence, ability, spirit, and gen- uine interest. . . one whose concern for the students doesn't end with the day. We believe, however, that we have such a teacher--a ver- satile faculty member who has repeatedly given of her time and efforts to further our knowledge AND our enjoyment, and one who has gained the respect of the entire student body, Regardless of her title--"Coach". . . "Doc", . . or "Red", or of her position--biology teacher, planner of the Jr.-Sr., or just plain friend- -we all look upon her as one of the best examples of a real teacher to be found anywhere. Because of this, we very affectionately dedicate this first edi- tion of the LANCER to you--Mrs. Harold Stallcup. Field trips are included in Biology II to help broaden our Guidance and aid is never refused students knowledge of the universe. who ask it of Mrs. Stallcup. i i MRS. HAROLD STALLCUP 7 llvlngooo Tajik? G17 An enthusiastic crowd cheers the team on against our biggest rival--CENTRAL! Aw, come on, Coach. . .since when did football players have legs like that? wemnpw.v.me.f,.wwN.few: femvf ' Zwwmy Hamburgers put on pounds, Linda. V I believe I see one curl out of place. Give us that big Santa Claus grin, Mr. Rucker xp 8141512 why azzrof Q10 wzhy 9 N CiUdAIdfl22y ur Broken strings cause falling wrap-arounds. A very studious f?J Student Body President--right, Jerry ? 1 9 9 C5050 of Drew will vouch for the fact that everyone usually learns his lesson in the end! Student Council elections teach us the value of strong leaders. Mr. Morris teaches Steve how to dress. zybyzkizy ffe "I still say, Old Chap, it's 'Pepsi for those who think young', and we REALLY think young." She's got the whole world in her hands. . . .f,- W XfwqfmU-sH'Q. a- fdyd' Band members enliven our spirits at football games. The school store provides students and faculty with added supplies and refreshments. ewjaemem er oreuer Kay' s constant laughter verifies the fact that school isn't all work and no play. Mrs. Brown's beautiful and informative bulletin boards are of great benefit to the students w1m,Lm11,1 This lively group symbolizes a typical classroom. 12295 af asf I5 is sf gi 3 3 35' . 5 X . 'nf J 5 K f N, leadershi P W EM... As we- have come to, school and enjoyed our new surroundings this year, we probably haven' t stopped to realize the enormous amount of hours andwork which were be- hind its realization. Efficient or- g an i z at io n and administration were needed in order to make our system run smoothly from day to day. For his strong endeavor and untiring efforts inhelping to make a dream come true, we wish to pay a special tribute to our most deserving principal, Mr. O. W. Morris. MR. O. W. MORRIS FIRST ROW: Mrs. Ray Anderson, Mr. Robert Morgan, Chairman, Mr. T. G. Brooks. SECOND ROW: Mr. Clifton B. Bostic, Mr. Lee Calton, Mr. Howard Hamrick, Mr. Robe rt Carson. Absent when picture was made: O O Mr. Wade Matheny, and Mr. L. C. Price. SCHOOL SECRETARY Mrs. Jewell Higgins ' J oar ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Mr. Ray Huskey I9 MRS. HENRY GILES U.S. History Adviser, Lancer Staff MR. JEFF GETTYS MRS. PAUL MAYSE Algebra I Algebra I and II General Math 11 Solid Geometry Math Club Sponsor Trigonometry Math Club Sponsor MR. W. E. DAVIS Algebra I . World History MRS. ROBERT WITHROW U.S. History, World History Director-Glee Clubs UI' MR. JAMES HALL Plane Geometry Algebra II Physics Key Club Adviser MR. RAY HUSKEY World History Economics and Sociology ed OQFS MR. WILLIAM R. RUCKER General Math I and II n Monogram Club Sponsor - f 20 il A. , .ff wsmw MRS. J. V. HILLMAN MISS ANN GRAY MRS. HUGH MILLS MRS. GEORGE HARRIS English I and III English I and H English IV English I and III Debating Club Sponsor MRS. BURLESS BLAIR English IH Senior Speaking Club Sponsor ear . MRS. HARVEY POWELL MRS. ROBERT NEAL French I and H Latin I and II French Club Sponsor Beta Club Sponsor Latin Club Sponsor 21 MISS BERNICE WILLIAMS English II - -X , --.phi MRS. TERRY ROBBINS General Science Chemistry Beta Club Sponsor MRS. HAROLD STALLCUP MRS. JAMES WHISNANT Biology I and II Home Economics I and II FHA Sponsor MR. KEN DAVES Physical Education Civics gzzzofny . . MRS. AL KING General Science Civics MISS BOBBIE WALKER MRS. J. Q. MRS. Science SPOHSOI' Wgrld Geography Biology I Home Economics II and III Student Council Advisor physical Educatjgn 22 IVIR. FRANK SHYTLES MR. J. V. JONES MISS LINDA BUTLER Typing I and II Typing I and II General Business Shorthand General Math II Business English Student Council Advisor MRS. FRED WILKIE Bookkeeping Office Practice Advisor for The Cavalier :Men czlny MR. WILLIAM EDGERTON Agriculture I and IV Agriculture Shop FFA Sponsor MISS BETTY LYNN MOORE MR. LEWIS JACOBS Band I and II Distributive Education 23 MR. BOYD SHARPE Agriculture II and III FFA Sponsor ftff If Pint, v II-' WI v .. - P ! is T-T. ,YI MRS, HOYLE BLANTON MISS FRANCES MCCARDWELL MRS. W. H. BROWN Piano Library Guidance Counselor Adviser, Library Club Attending the dedication ceremonies of the Bryan Harrill Stadium, were Mr. Carson Burns and Mr. Wade McKinney, the chairmen of the Booster C1ub's fund-raising drive. Mr. E. V. Padgett participates in East High's ground breaking activities. be Local educationalpromoters pictured from left to right at the ground-breaking ceremonies are: Mr. Henry Miller, Mr. Harvey Carpenter, Mrs. Herbert Crenshaw, Mr. Gene Holland, Dr. Beatty Bass, Mr. Lee Calton, Mr. E. V. Padgett, Mr. J. J. Tarlton, Mrs. Ray Anderson. Mr.E. V. Padgett, Mr. J. J. Tarlton, Rev. Charles Kirkpatrick, Dr. Beatty Bass, Mr. Harvey Car- penter, and Mr. Gene Holland are seen during the dedicatory prayer for East Rutherford High School ' x '-, I - ' Q4 5' -4 u. Q ,. fs ,5-3,'vfS'gm L WWFW .rm ,M . Nw 5 ,-Q q"',i?'!'ki'ff,hSS W ,2!fm-s3:v:':1. n:e.,'K'Q 1 ,, ,, V If 5, K, A 2 QQ ' mi'2 Riffs.-1 eww' O f I K f M A-5 E?'T?"?4 ' ' ?i'?1?5iQ.?2, ' -' 1 . ' vu Q . xiii-Eifvifi :- L fl ,...---- Ai' 'fisifiifggif-ii 1 2 ww ,EEK , , -5 5- Q U " Q5 V ,K a 2 11' Sri? . ' ' K " Q,-a-mm-Q...1.,g3i owrpws fy-Qgvg.g,vlf. .. X M,Wv,M L, ,X ff IV "'S,. ,-39 A hievement FIRST ROW: Sandra McDaniel, Emilie Thornton, Bobbie Harrill, Susie Harrill, Mary Lee Bain, Shirley A1- dridge, Susan Grose, Hazel Smart, Alyne Keller, Pat Lail, Mary White, Janice Haulk, Pam Pilgrim. SEC- OND ROW: Carol Thorne1oe,Jane Waldrop, Patsy Hollifield, Judy Morris, Dianne Allen, Tanya Flack, Joyce Hudgins, Ann Watkins, Rita Womack, Ruth Ann Sides, Dean Bumgardner, Jane Biggerstaff. THIRD ROW: Betty Toms, Nancy Splavsm, Dale Ramsey, Gail Melton, Carole Ann Roberts, Barbara Toney, Joyce Griffin, Tommy Lee, Mark Brown, George Wells, Heber Hunt, Jim Ayers. FOURTH ROW: Tommy Jones, Dexter Guffey, James Bird, Mac Dobson, J. W. Pace, John Logan, Johnny Toms, Ronald Carpenter, Rudy King. fzlpefa C116 DUCAMUS ALIIS SERVIENDO, let us lead by serving others, is the motto of the Beta Club, Whose primary objectives are to pro- mote the ideals of honesty, service, scholar- ship, and leadership among the high school students of America. The National Beta Club also seeks to reward m e ritor iou s achievement and to assist and encourage high school students to continue their education after high school through a scholarship. PRESIDENT--Ruth Ann S id e s , VICE-PRESL DENT--Jane Biggerstaff. SECRETARY--Susie Harrill, ADVISERS--Mrs. Robert Neal, Mrs. Terry Robbins, TREASURER--Carol Thorneloe. 28 FIRST ROW: Bobby Carson, Susie Collins, Shirley Aldridge, Mary Bird, Betty Barber, Sandra Upton, Ann Morgan, Susan Withrow, Shirley Thomas, Donna Hemphill. SECOND ROW: Pete Mayberry, Tommy Phil- beck, Tommy Lee, Gail White, Susie Morrow, LindaMil1er, Carolyn Toney, Teddy Hunt, Brenda Smith, Nancy Matheny. THIRD ROW: Mark Brown, Roger Allen, Arnold Melton, Jerry Thrift, Gail Melton, Carole Ann Roberts, Jimmy Cooley, Herbert Crenshaw. FOURTH ROW: Steve Stallcup, David Johnson, Steve Oliver, Rudy King, Marshall Tessnear. QSfu0Qz2f Gouncz' The Student Council of East Rutherford High School is our contribution to student govern- ment in secondary schools. All officers and members are student elected. Officer elec- tions are held once each year and students participate in lively campaigns. The Stu- dent Council meets weekly to plan and organ- ize activities for the betterment of the school program. This includes sock hops, chapel programs, and special dances throughout the year. TREASURER--Bobby Carson, SECRETARY-- Herbert Crenshaw. ADVISER--Mrs. Al King, PRESIDENT--Jerry Thrift, VICE-PRESIDENT-- Pete Mayberry, ADVISER--Miss Linda Butler. 29 FIRST ROW: Emilie Thornton, Janice Lovelace, Susan Grose, Susie Harrill, Wanda Holland, Mary White, Norma Lee. SECOND ROW: Janice Haulk, Mary Lee Bain, Shirley Aldridge, Judy Morris, Ruth Ann Sides, Carole Thorneloe, Mary Bird. THIRD ROW: Jim Ayers, Heber Hunt, Teddy Hunt, Jane Waldrop, Tanya Flack, Patsy Hollifield, Dianne Allen. FOURTH ROW: Shirley Melton, Dale Ramsey, Barbara Toney, Joyce Griffin, JerryWall, Johnny Toms, Dean Warlick, Mac Dobson. Absent when picture was made: Pam Pilgrim. uzzfbr J afsfaf CHIEF MARSHALS These Seniors who participated in 1962 graduation exercises will always re- member their excitement and pride as they were recognized as the top scho- lars in their class. The Chief Marshals were so named because they represent- ed the top two in each of the three groups. FIRST,ROW: Mary White, Ruth Ann Sides, Emilie Thornton. SECOND ROW: Judy Morris, Barbara Toney, Jim Ayers. 30 RUTH ANN SIDES JIM AYERS JANE WALDROP Beta Club President Senior Class President Lancer Editor-in-Chief Miss Hi Miss MAC DOBSON Boys' State csenzbz' tzfafgfgame flavor cS1'u0Qn!'.s SHIRLEY ALDRIDGE DIANNE ALLEN MARY LEE BAIN MAC DOBSON TANYA FLACK JOYCE GRIFFIN SUSAN GROSE SUSIE HARRILL JANICE HAULK PATSY HOLLIFIELD HEBER HUNT TEDDY HUNT NORMA LEE SHIRLEY MELTON JUDY MORRIS PAMELA PILGRIM DALE RAMSEY RUTH ANN SIDES CAROL THORNELOE EMILY THORNTON BARBARA TONEY JANE WALDROP MARY EVELYN WHITE JERRY THRIFT Student Body President MARY EVELYN WHITE EMILIE THORNTON Miss D,A,R, Cavalier Editor-in-Chief Girls' State STEVE STALLCUP KATHY MCBRAYER LARRY STALLCUP Boys' State Girls' State Key Club President fi ,-.wm mmss,1R.- -:sisrns s mw s .i czkazzce . . g7yr1k:ufure . . . Qsporfs . ANN WATKINSf Ist place Sr. Biological Division Science Fair: RUDY KING: 1st place Sr. Biological Di- vision Science Fair: GEORGE WELLS: 1st place Sr. Biological Division Science Fair: CAROLYN POPE: Science Fair winner: SUSIE HARRILL: 2ndp1ace Science Fair: VAN ABERNATHY: lst place Jr. Biological Division Science Fair: SHIRLEY LANE: Science Award: PHILLIP MARCHMAN: lst place Jr. Physical Division District Science Fair: RICKY WATSON: lst place Jr. Physical Division Science Fair. DAVID LOWERY: W.O.W. Safe Driver Award: JERRY SMITH: Tool Identification winner: CHARLES CA- NIPE: Tool Identification winne r g TOMMY PHILBECK: Tool Identification winner: MIKE WALKER: Soil Conservation, Dairy Manager, and Forestry ManagementMedal: GRADYWELLS: Star farmer of Cool Springs District, Seed Contest winner: HOWARD CAUSBY: Shop Work Medal: HERBERT TOMS: Farm Machinery, Equipment Safety Medal: STEVE MARSHALL: Seed Team Medal at N. C. State. af? DAVID WEBER: United Nations Speaking Contest winner: Lions Club Declamation Medal 3 GEARY MILLER Lions Club Poetry winnerg JANE WALDROP: lst place Sr. division school Americanism Essay contest: lst place N.C. Americanism contest, Sr. divisiong 2nd place Western District Forensic Contest -'Declamation DEXTER GUFFEY: Public SpeakingMedalgJIM AYERS: W.O.W. History Award: Debating Award: Scholas tic Award: CAROLE ANN ROBERTS: District Science Fair Seal of Merit--Biological Division: Biology Award: LatinII Award: BOBBIE HARRILL: 3rd place Biological Division Science Fair: Home Economics II Award: JOYCE GRIFFIN: Plane Geometry Award: MARY EVELYN WHITE: EnglishIV Award: Semi-finalist National Merit Scholarship. LINDA AYERS Scholastic Awardg Home Ec. I Award MILEY ANN PRICE Typing Award MICKEY WARLICK: Typing Awardg TOMMY LEE: English II Award: French Award: Scholastic Award: TOMMY JONES: Algebra II Award: Scholastic Award: SHIRLEY MELTON: U.S. History Pro ject Award: JERRE THOMPSON: U.S. History Project Award MARY KATHERINE EPLEY General Mills' 1963 Homemaker 32 of Tomorrow '2QI"S . cspeafzlny. . CSCQQIQ. . QSc50QsZzt' 9119 CAROLE THORNELOE: lstplace Sr. Physical Division--District Science Fair: BETTY BARBER: District Science Fair Seal of Merit--Biological Division: JOYCE MURRAY: lst place Science Fair--Biological Di- vision: JOHNNY TOMS: Science Fair winner: Debating Medal:MAURICE GUFFEY: High salesman Jr. Mag- azine Sales: Srdplace Biological Division Science Fair: DONNIS UPTON: Citizenship Award: ARNOLD MEL- TON: District winner 4-H Electric Demonstration: SHIRLEY THOMPSON: Junior Miss Hi Miss: DAVID WALKER: lst place Western N.C. District Distributive Education Interview Contest. SIMON JQNES: Football Player of the Year: Most Valuable Baseball Player: DON WATERS: Best Blocker Award: STEVE STALLCUP: Football Sportsmanship Trophy: MARSHALL HARDIN: Lineman of the Year: DAVID MATHENY: Mostlmproved Baseball Player: Highest Average Baseball: JERRY WILLE: Most Im- proved Football Trophy: KATHY McBRAYER: School Representative to Western District Forensic Contest-- Reading: YVONNE FORD: Dramatics Award: SUSIE I-IARRILL: 2nd place Lions Club Speaking Contest-- Poetry. REGINALD GENTRY: Civics Award: SARA SWICEGOOD: Girls' Physical Education Award: HERBERT CRENSHAW: English I Award: 2nd Place Lions Club Speaking Contest--Oration: Scholastic Award: JIMMY COOLEY: English I Award: Boys' Physical Education Award: Scholastic Award: 2nd Place U.N. Speaking Contest: 2nd place State Americanism Contest- -J r. Division: Star FFA Greenhand: FFA Public Speaking Medal: Seed Team Medal: Tool Identification winner: MARK BROWN: World History Award: SANDRA Mc- DANIEL: Scholastic Award:J.W. PACE: Agriculture Medal: BETTY TOMS: Home Economics Award: Scho- lastic Award: DEAM BUMGARDNER: Latin II Award. JERRY WALL W.O.W. History Award MAC DOBSON Scholastic Award: Chemistry Award EMILIE THORNTON: Scholastic Award: JUDY MORRIS: W.O.W. L l-IistoryAward, Key Club-Sweetheart: BARBARA TONEY: W.O.W. History Award: Citizenship Award: Journalism Award: DIANNE ALLEN: Typing Medal: ALICE MOORE: Home EconomicsIAward. 3 3 W S'o ff' im .. L fwmn'gES Vviiamg X . X xx-.x vuuxim Nm wo- ummm. -. .-, QL Qwwwgwwwi -Aw b , ag-wi . Tii4w1Qi fs1Qwi5S5 if A ff f Ufqanization S759 1963 an Cer CSXJ Who would ever think that all those s h e e ts , guides, rulers, typed forms, p ac kage s , and deadlines could ever result in a finished product in the form of a yearbook? Yet here it is for you to enjoy, and we are all ex- tremely proud of the fine work. The ten associate editors have worked well with the editor-in- chief, and we are indeed proud of our Editorial and Business staffs. We started the year off with a large advertisement sum, to which we are indebted to our solicitors. All in all many long hours and much co-operation from allwere required in order to bring you this copy of the 1963 LANCER. T FIRST ROW: Judy Sisk, Ruth Ann Sides, Kathy Epley, Mary White, Sylvia Chambers, Kathy McBrayer. SECOND ROW: Jerre Thompson, Shirley Aldridge, Beth Harris, Carole Thorneloe, Tanya Flack, Edd Thompson. THIRD ROW: Jerry Wall, Steve Stallcup, Larry Stallcup, Barbara Toney, Gene Huntley, Tan Harris, Jerry Thrift. Ciofforfdf Qsfcyff FIRST ROW: Susie H a r r i ll -Business Mgr., Mary White-Photo Ed., Sylvia Chambers-Art Ed., Kathy McBrayer- Literary Ed., Tanya Flack-Feature Ed. SECOND ROW: La r r y Stallcup-Sports Ed., Johnny Toms-Business Mgr., Mac Dobson-Business Mgr., Steve Stallcup- Sports Mgr., Tan Harris-Photography Ed 1,w1i ls -jus: ..1 c: v-,, , luna- 21 im, -13, 42, . Q' . 5255-SY:-TSW www Ylxfiilzfii :ff-1 g. ff Q- pmfw iff' Sipfgif? :Swgff res? 336- fggxsgg, N15 'S Qi '4 ' . ,,.,. . 132, x R A . Nw ff 1 J , V f 1-. J,, 3 we :.:. .. .3 Q 1 Q 4 W + .QW w M Q A: 53,,::f - lv K V if ' ' H Q. Q A x A ,N , . w Q R ' E' 'fl -we AQ M ' , 3' V, Via K X X X ,, X N Q T X X 'K -P' 135' A ' 6 x Yi XS J Q 059, 3? Q x Sw 5 mfg' ,K x X, 9 Rh A Q we W A Y L ' Z -552:53 ' if 'Sfx , 2 Mg S53 3 1 ,, E. Mi f '1 I 4 T ,Q fp 'Q S 'S ew 3 N. W MX. : It W X T . . 3, : J ai F5 ' M iw we K 5 S me AW 2 if I ..,X . ,,A. , gm X Q . , V, :.. 1 f + A Y ' K , i a ? .. Q Q . X52 ' K 541. X EWS' , f . A X 5 Qz. ..,,, - X - I W W, K ww 1 f?5igfgss: t ' 5234- ,lim I .,mz:IQf3i- :SN , - -M Wg ,L g X J gffigygq K, gy. 1 4,1 ai f - 155 'K+ . k 'SV " -'P FI56' ki W ig. W. - 1 f 1--l5'?"1:W-51.4.7 ' vc, 3359 A if X xx ,. FIRST ROW: Dianne Ross, Emilie Thornton, Hazel Smart, Brenda McFarland, Susie Collins, Mary White, Shirley Aldridge, Mary Lee Bain, Sharon Davis. SECOND ROW: Kathy McBrayer, Jane Waldrop, Tanya Flack, Shirley Thompson, Johnny Pye, George Wells, Mark Brown, Jane Biggerstaff, Jerry Thrift. THIRD ROW: Carole Ann Roberts, Jimmy Cooley, Mac Dobson, Joyce Griffin, Herbert Crenshaw, Cecilia Geer, Rudy King, Ronald Carpenter. Tie Each month the Cavalier staff publishes a six-page news- paper containing features and the news of East High. av eI1 Supervised by Mrs. Ocie Wilkie, the staff strives to serve the school by informing students of the happen- ings around them. 61M FEATURE EDITOR-Mac Dobson, NEWS EDITOR- Carole Ann Robertsg SPORTS EDITOR-Mark Brown EDITOR-IN-CHIEF--Emilie Thornton ADVISOR--Mrs. Fred Wilkie 38 2, -f ,, F' ff? V is Q 3 259 1 +A , ' qi X. GX X X 1 fi iff 1 ex F M WW fi A xx fl it ESE K X M E 4. Q ww 1-fini' :ff ,lik 2?2,:lz:,- ,img xg, Q gi! fi 1 , , H-,Q x fviix wi 1- 2 :MT .E - gi f , FESTSB ATIN CLUB All students taking Latin I or II are members of the Latin Club, and have chosen five main leaders for the entire department. In addition, each class has officers and holds regular meetings. Latin programs are carried on in which the students learn of various Latin fields of interest. PRESIDENT--Marshall Tessnear ADVISER--Mrs. Robert Neal SECRETARY-TREASURER--Mary Bray VICE-PRESIDENTS--Morris Hunt- ley, Pam McGimsey, Pat Lail. FIRST ROW: Bob Carson, Mike Bridges, Charles Smart, Terry McArthur, Scott Harrill, Allen Reid, Nancy Millwood, Glynda Morrow, Brenda Hardin, Mary Craven Ford, Donna Hemphill, Robert Sprouse, Herby James. SECOND ROW: Pat Frasheur, Pam McGimsey, Sheila Bridges, Bernice McDaniel, Judy Dyer, Janice Lingafelt, Joyce Jenkins, Judy Bradley, Sandra McDaniel, Cathy Tedder, Patty Jones, Judy Lowery, Becky Summitt. THIRD ROW: Marcianna,Cochran, Pat Lail, Brenda Harrill, James McDaniel, Beth Low- dermilk, Jenny Owens, Cynthia Philbeck, Toni Womack, Libby Butler, Sylvia Iwerks, Harriet Dalton, Alice Moore, Linda Downey, Diana Thomas. FOURTH ROW: Rita Sorrells, Jack Melton, Kathleen Bridges, Linda Earp, Donnis Wilkerson, Carol Martin, Ava Hamrick, Rita Mitchum, Sharon Davis, Shirley Greene, Paulette Van Dyke, Glenette Greene, NancyGreene, Mitze Rash, Carolyn Landis. FIFTH ROW: Susan Carson, Char- lotte Cherry, Patsy I-Iollifield, Nancy Justice, Patricia Burgess, Betty Toney, Pat Pittman, Linda Hubbard, Donnis Hughes, Rodney Morgan, Susan Morrow, Gail White, Wanda Tessenear, Wolfgang Dahle. SIXTH ROW: Shirley Smart, Linda Houser, Janice Hardin, Marilyn Marchman, Susie Harrill, Kay Jackson, Dianne Sellers, Marianne Wall, Linda Aldridge, Martha Jones, Eugenia Williams, Frances Murray, Kay Lentz, Mary Bray. SEVENTH ROW: Philip Godfrey, Roger Allem, Doug Biggerstaff, Steve Penson, Mike Lowrance, Ronnie Baynard, Butch Gurley, Steve Marks, Joyce Murray, Larry Bailey, Ray Harrill, Kenneth Warlick, Marie Peeler. EIGHTH ROW: Jerry Kiser, Reginald Gentry, Gene Powell, Rickey Philbeck, Wayne York, Tom Blanton, Thomas Toms, Doug Lowman, Donald Brown, Van Abernathy, Carole Jenkins, Diane Toney, Cathy Anderson. NINTH ROW: Barry Yelton, Jimmy Clements, Marshall Tessenear, Frances Freeman, Donnis Upton, Betty Reese, Marie Willis, Linda Smith, Iris Bright, Brenda Street, Betty Toms, Diane Laughter, Cynthia Wyatt, Morris Huntley. TENTH ROW: Drew Mayse, Larry Smith, David Proctor, HerbertCren- shaw, Joe Morris, Philip Marchman, Ricky Watson, Ted Guffey, Roger Scruggs, Sammy Cooke, Joey Lamb, James Carroll, Arnold Melton, Ronald Brooks. FIRST ROW: Carolyn Mayse, Sara Swicegood, Dianne Ross, Judy Spratt, Barbara Smart, Freda Johnson, Dorothy Lee, Ronnie Matheny, Robie Collins, John Givens, Jeff Owens, Philip Osley, Charles Dobbins, Ron- nie Hawkins, Michael Shires, Vance Bailey, Joe Freeman, Virle Toney, Joan Bridges, Janet Connor. SEC- OND ROW: Shirley Smith, MileyAnn Price, Christine Smith, Steve Randall, Don Lane, Arnold Padgett, Char- les Greene, Philip Toney, Howard Whitlock, Kay Epley, David Weber, Edna Johnson, John Bird, Eddie Pad- gett, Stanley Thornton, Car1onSuttle, Brenda Suttle, Norma Morris, Rheugenia Padgett. THIRD ROW: Linda Trout, Shirley Thomas, Diane White, Brenda Smith, Sharon Proctor, Phyllis Thrift, Linda Radford, Linda Harton, Dianne Mode, Essie Bailey, Laura Waters, Nancy Matheny, Betty Dalton, Rita Womack, Patricia Pittman, Judy Morris, Shirley Bailey, Kay Davis, Betty Barber. FOURTH ROW: Alvin Allen, Carolyn Ear- ley, Myra Burgin, Ann Cook, Carolyn Taylor, Dianne Allen, Mickey Hutchins, Nancy Bivens, Betty Davis, Wayne Dobbins, Barry Coker, Larry Davis, Scott Padgett, Don Blanton, Wolfgang Dahle, Steve Wright, Mar- jorie Miller, Peggy Randall. FIFTH ROW: Glenda Brooks, Ronald Dotson, Robin Keller, Jimmy Harris, O. A.Heffner, Jane Biggerstaff, Linda Melton, Viola Toney, Beverly Jones, Nancy Haulk, Patsy Lowrance, Ann Morgan, Faye Jolley, Alyne Keller, Judy Toney, Carolyn Toney, Larry Burgess. SIXTH ROW: Anita Dale, BarbaraRanda.ll, Frances Stacey, John Logan, Mike Rhyne, David Johnson, Kenneth Tisdale, Dean Warlick, Elbert Adair, J. W. Pace, Gene Pannell, Hugh Hardin, Tommy Bradshaw, Ronald Jones, Scott Moss, Mike Spratt, Warren Toms. SEVENTH ROW: Jerry Thrift, Tanya Flack, Martha Green, Steve Robbins, Gary Atchley, Bill Byers,Jerry Willis, Phil Hollifield, Doug Hudson, David Craft, Kenneth Toney, Sherrill Toney, Ray Jones, Russell Collins, Wayne Gettys, Ronnie Ledford, Eddie Hughes. EIGHTH ROW: Susie Harrill, Mary White,Jimmy Griffin, Mike Callhan, Ronnie Gamble, Ray Jones, Bob Bailey, Jimmy Cooley, Neil Rud- isill, Steve Oliver, Jimmy Harris, Harry Smith, James Bird, Freddie Smith, Jimmy Padgett, Donald Ruff, Tommy Jones. grep cf C616 The entire French department composes the French Club. Each French class has a set of officers and holds a meeting during its regular class time once a month. Four main officers were chosen by the club to preside over the meeting during its combined state. To acquaint the members with French customs, ideas, and conver- sation is the purpose of the French Club. SECRETARY- -Neal Rudis ill VICE - PRESIDENT- -Wolfgang Dah.le TREASURER- -Steve Oliver PRESIDENT- -Jane Bigge rstaff ADVISER--Mrs. Harvey Powell 41 FIRST ROW: Carolyn Mayse, Gail White, Paulette Van Dyke, Martha Shires, Ruth Marshall, Joyce Murray, Frances Stacey, Marjorie Miller, Peggy Randall, Ramona Brantley, Betty Morrow. SECOND ROW: Carole Thorneloe, Jimmie Wilson, Carolyn Harrill, Judy Pace, Frances Murray, Martha Jo Smith, Linda Motley, Barbara Randall, Brenda Melton, Faye Matheny. THIRD ROW: Janice Pruett, Judy Landis, Laura Waters, Sandra. Pilgrim, Wanda Tessenear, Rita Sorrells, Patty Jones, Suzanne Butler, Linda Melton, Judy Lowery. FOURTH ROW: Revia James, Melba Hoyle, Jackie Mode, Carolyn Taylor, Nancy Matheny, Shirley Parris, Phyllis Sheppard, Martha Green, Donnis Upton, Betty Toms. FIFTH ROW: Trudy Bradley, Pat Lowery, Brenda Crowe, Marian McDaniel, Jane Biggerstaff, Joie Hutchins, Kay Howard, Vivian Morrow, Joyce Grif- fin, Nancy Smith. SIXTH ROW: Norma Zoe Morris, Marcianna Cochran, Cathy Tedder, Shirley Smart, Becky Summitt, Kathy McBrayer, Jerri Thompson, Judy Crowe, Janice S. White, Judy Jenkins, Camellia Ayers. gzzfzzre 0122 emafers A group of girls whose purpose it is to further t h e i r interest in homemaking and to establish a sotmd foundation for their hom e s of the future, have bound themselves into an organization called the Future Homemakers of America. Goals of their organization include pre- senting interesting and informative pro- President, Brenda McFarland, examines the Christmas wrapping paper that her club will sell. 42 FIRST ROW: Janice Lingafelt, Nancy Millwood, Glenda Morrow, Fredia Johnson, Linda Sisk, Sheila Bridges, Betty Beheler, Susan Withrow, Janet Connor, Joanne Dobbins, Joanne Bridges, Pamela McGirnsey, Peggy Wood, Sandra Tate. SECOND ROW: Brenda Dunkle, Joyce Jenkins, Judy Bradley, Marilyn Toms, Nancy Causby, Judy Bennett, Jenny Owens, Glenette Green, Mary Lee Bain, Emilie Thornton, Susan Grose, Martha Daniel, Bobbie Harrill. THIRD ROW: Margaret Stacey, Pat Frasheur, Alice Moore, Linda Downey, Phyllis Thrift, Kay Davis, Mary Evelyn Stoutt, Bennie Sue McIntyre, Brenda Hardin, Terri Atchley, Shirley Bailey, NancyWood. 'FOURTH ROW: RitaMitchum, Carole Mathis, Shirley Greene, Anne Thomas, Dianne Higgins, Glenda Brooks, Toni Womack, Cynthia Philbeck, Dianne Tate, Linda Grant, Gail Hoppes, Ellen Cook, Imo- gene Starney. FIFTH ROW: Barbara Greenlee, Carolyn Causby, Sandra Upton, Linda Edgerton, Patricia Burgess, Nancy Justice, Mary Jo Brown, Patsy Lowrance, Martha Jones, Linda Harton, Linda Aldridge, Marianne Wall. SIXTH ROW: Susan Carson, Ruth Sides, Kay Lentz, Patricia K. Pittman, Catherine Laven- der, Donnis Coffey, Carole Bailey, Judy Dyer, Shirley J. Smith, Sally Glover, Rheugenia Padgett, Linda Rad- ford. fa" . O 12261700 grams, wo r ki n g for school beautifi- cation, and c ar r y i n g out successful money making projects. The Mother- Daughter B a n qu et climaxes the year an d h elps to make each member's activities both meaningful and enjoyable. TREASURER--Linda Edgerton, PARLIAMENTARIAN--Patricia Frasheur, VICE-PRESIDENT--Martha Daniel, COUNTY SECRE- TARY--Kay Davis, ADVISER--Mrs. Sarah L. McGinnis,iREPORT- ER--Joyce G r iff i n , COUNTY AND LOCAL RECREATIONAL LEADER--Cathy McBrayer, SECRETARY--Joie Hutchins, HIS- TORIAN--Alice Moore, COUNTYREPRESENTATIVE--Mary Lee Bain, ADVISER--Mrs . Elizabeth R. Whisnant. Absent, PRESI- DENT--Brenda McFarland. gufure armers 0 gmerzba Future Farmers of America is an organ- ization for high school boys which enables them to learn more about the science of agriculture while increasing their leader- ship ability. One of the East Rutherford Chapter's projects is landscaping the school grounds, which truly exemplifies the F.F.A. motto: "Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve." ,nm nr 9,- avf'5 "fs. o,,,1.l,Q Anvrssn--Mr. Bill Edgerton, PRESIDENT-- r-'E-F A' Grady Wells, VICE-PRESIDENT- -Herbert Toms, ,Ewa SECRETARY--Mike waiker, TREASURER-- l'J4,,,,.-'J steve Marsnaii, ADVISER--Mr. Boyd sharpe, REPORTER--Ronnie Hawkins, SENTINEL-- Wayne Webb. FIRST ROW: HarryJones, Harold Smith, Arnold Philbeck, Raymond Gurley, Dean Brantley, Dennis Hardin, ErvinMcGinnis, Charles Queen, Wade Yelton, Ronnie Hawkins, Dan Wright, Wayne McCurry, Vance Bailey, Mickey Dobbins, Koehler Queen. SECOND ROW: Kenneth Toney, Dexter Guffey, Charles Price, Tommy Penson, Jerry Toney, Donald Murray, Donald Dodson, Leon Greene, Allen Hamrick, Fay Murray, David Freeman, SteveMarshall. THIRD ROW: Bi1lyMcFarland, Bobby Hawkins, Lewis Freeman, Lonnie Melton, Steve Roberson, Donald Bridges, Joey Costner, Britt Philbeck, Gerald Huber, Donald Mase, Johnny Randall, Wayne McKinney, Norris Penson. FOURTH ROW: David Dalton, Donald Whisnant, Wray Jackson, Perry Wilson, Charles Canipe, Clifford Jones, Wayne York, Tommy Butler, Arthur Blankenship, J. B. Smith, Jim- my Hamrick, Gene Vassey, Delano Smith, Larry Powell. FIFTH ROW: George Allen, Dennis Hubbard, Don Ruff, Grady Wells, Gene Brandle, Eddie Upton, Edward Toney, Roger Mase, Ernest Yelton, David Toney, Ronnie Elmore, Jerry Blanton, Danny Owens, Herman Campbell. SIXTH ROW: Roy Bailey, Jerry Biddy, Gene Huntley, James Morehead, Robert Long, Ron Wall, Howard Causby, David Waters, Bobby Hunt, Steve Simmons, Michael Walker, Larry Walker, Herbert Toms. SEVENTH ROW: Wayne Gettys, Jerry Queen, Tom Blanton, Geary Miller, Charles Dixon, Kenneth Bailey, Kenneth Towery, Milton Davis, Buster Greene, David Lowery, Charles Duncan, Benny Wall. EIGHTH ROW: Jackie Greene, Jerry Smith, Arnold Melton, Robin Keller, Edward Norville, Tommy Richards, Danny Earley, Devon McFarland, Tommy Philbeck, Ron- nie Edwards, Dwight Hollifield, Steve Brackett, Dewey Webb. NINTH ROW: Wayne Webb, Lawrence Love- lace, Charles Padgett, Ronnie Lynch, Dean Dyer, Earl Higgins, Stanley McDaniel, Tim McDaniel. FIRST ROW: Marilyn Toms, Brenda I-Iarrill, Carol Ann Martin, Susan Withrow, Judy Bradley, Frances Stacey, Terry Pye, Susan Grose, Kaye Davis, Robbie Collins. SECOND ROW: Glenette Greene,Janice Haulk, Donnis Coffey, Sharon Davis, Mary White, Becky Summitt, Mary McDaniel, Nancy Haulk, Roger Allen, Diana Thomas, Brenda Davis, Ann Watkins. THIRD ROW: Jane Biggerstaff, Linda Melton, Barry Coker, Kathryn Lavender, Arnold Melton, Thomas J ones, Carole Ann Roberts, Marshall Tessnear, Gene Powell, Joey Lamb, Ted Guffey, Rudy King. y7Zaa1f 6515 Those students who excel in and enjoy math- ematics make up the Math Club. In the meetings they learn something of the his- tory of algebra, geometry, and other branches of mathematics. Activities of the club include working .number puzzles and other 'challenging mathematical problems that the members do not have time for in class. REPORTER--Donnis Coffeyg PROGRAM CHAIRMAN--Janice Haulk, TREASURER--Joey Lamb, ADVISER--Mrs. Paul Mayse. 45 PRESIDENT- -Ann Watkins, VIC E - PRESIDENT- -Linda Mel- ton, SECRETARY- -Sharon Davis, ADVISER- -Mr. Jeff Gettys, 969 C515 The Glee Club is an intensive chorus in Choral Music. Members study various composers and the interpretation of many styles of choral literature, as well as methods of good diction and clear tone production. SEATED: PIANIST--John Logan, LI- BRARIAN- -L in d a Sisk, STANDING: DIRECTOR- -Mrs. Robert Wi t h r o w , PRE SI DE NT --Simon Jones, VICE- PRESIDENT--Dale Ramsey PIANIST- - Miss Betty Moore. Absent, SECRE- TARY-TREASURER--Brenda McFar- land. FIRST ROW: Miley Price, Linda Sisk, Sandra Wilson, Kay Pruett, Betty Behealer, Geraldine Huber, Janet Poole, Brenda Harrill, Sandra Tate, JoAnn Early, Grace Smith. SECOND ROW: Ronald Jones, Charles Dun- can, Jeff Owens, J. D. Shropshire, Martha Tessinear, Helen Adair, Donnis Wilkerson, Kay Weast, Lucille Hutchins, Geraldine Hoyle. THIRD ROW: Jesse Allen, Donald Jones, Jimmy Bradley, Dale Ramsey, Bar- bara Toney, Shirley Murry, Ruth Ann Sides, Jimmie Wilson, Sybil Wilkerson, Carole Mathis, Absent: Judy Smith, Brenda McFarland. E12 'J 6501115 East High's Male Chorus is an in- novation this year. Under the di- rection of Mrs. Robert Withrow, the mixed sounds of bass, baritone, and tenor fill the band room twice a week. Notable projects of this club are: participation in the county- wide concerts, presentation of a Christmas program for the student assembly, and being featured guests at the various club meetings. Roger Allen, Jerry Thrift, beck, Phil Ho Crenshaw, S Van Abernathy, George Wells, David Weber, Barry Coker, Don Blanton, Scott Padgett. SECOND ROW: Mac Dobson, Mark Brown, Wayne Dobbins, J . C. Greenlee, Ricky Phil- llifield. THIRD ROW: Larry Marshall, Jesse Allen, Herb FIRST ROW: am W FOURTH RO Drew Mays e, FIRST ROW: Donnis Coffey, Shirley Aldridge, Judy Sisk, Alyne Keller, Mary Craven Ford, Rita Mitchem. SECOND ROW: Tanya Flack, Ann Watkins, Joyce Hudgins, Carolyn Toney, Martha Greene, Bobbie Harrill. THIRD ROW: Carole Ann Roberts,Janice Greene, LindaMelton, Marilyn Marchman, Alice Moore. my Cook, Steve Marshall, Simon Jones, Doug Lowman. 1 Larry Stallcup, John Logan, Jimmy Bradley, Bill Byers, Steve Stallcup. gifkfv 7 orus Like the Men's Chorus, East High's Girls' Chorus consists of a group of girls whose voices are harmoni- ous with one another and who are capable of presenting good pro- grams of music whenever called upon. The girls are chosen by the director on the basis of individual tone quality and voice potential and are drilled in the basic fundamen- tals of music and voice. +V, i f .wi Sq, .--guy, ,Wi x 75,227 3535 K I M.W,:.X M -ms Q 3351 IEW!-553 '?1?12i5?Zf??V X , fn, , ,, W Q z 1 A Kiwi' Si' ii nw . wif mf- 4 i1.f.,.Q-.fgegff is W1 1,2 X 555: f ' "H K exfvzf' K X X 3 Ng A , 1 .. , L C , Q .L N A .X 1 2 wg' T H 2 ff4.,,,qM jlf YV X2 if f,,,j:g,is gy' .- M f ::':,g.'g.:iu:N.,,, fffilagxig " A 5 , K I , . .TEV ,fi Q X , 5- I ? Q sg" . ' 3 K 1 5 , 5 1 - ,jf -r. af zxi h . 'nl' I , 1, I if 'G fn 1 , WWW? l 4 f A Q Q ,kai Q , Q. Q A .,,.,v Vg W. , , 4 Eg , fg V is 'K Q we 'F , Q . xiii M 4, .. ,..,, - .em 2 f M-,R,,,,gA.w2 f 45-'wg--xg, -ML , -' A Y X 3 Q 3 ,.-in -K . ,l Q54 i. X lfz , k-:x- QQEPA kliiij P I .W ,,,, , , H .. .,,, Q. :fx A f-1: :V-:fi 1 A-Sf, 19:5 NX .. .. . K, Ly, . ww 52 X Q if X . 5 aff ,7 ' , V: Y A 3 ' 2- -F ? A2 U' 1 X f Y Sh 1 ' ...- f , E . L4 25 A 5? rv f Q5-,W Cyan Our band, under the direction of Miss Betty Lynn Moore, has brought considerable pride to our new school. The football games at home were highlighted by the band including the half time entertainment at Homecoming. Formation of abasketballpep band, participation in the Christmas program, and a spring concert are indeed notable activities of the East Rutherford High School Band. . 7 - Director-Miss Moore, Drum Major- David Weber, Captain-Kathy Epley, First Lt.-Larry Walker, Second Lt.- Jerry Kiser, First Sgt. -David Proctor, Sgt.-Howard Whitlock, Corporal-Judy Morgan. FIRST ROW: Lynn Lowery, Ronnie Mayse, John McKeithan, Wanda Cochran, Judy Greene, Gregg Wilson, Mac McKeithan, David Weber, Kathy Epley, Cathy Logan, Judy Morgan. SECOND ROW: John Weathers, Robert Smith, Mike Flack, Geary Miller, Betty Dalton, Jimmy Moore, Audrey McArthur, Von Bagwell, Mark Griffin, Cynthia Wright, Scott Harrill. THIRD ROW: Larry Walker, Howard Whitlock, Jerry Kiser, Hugh Proctor, David Proctor, Steve Scruggs, Donald Addis, Chris Davis, Danny Proctor, Michael Mills, Maurice Guffey. nf" "4 .,. gg f Lf Q X631 5 4 'E E Sw ff! ,Wax N V-. .,f Ng, KW -f i- Eu r M' K M..- , ,y Wim, .M 2'--2 ,a Lu-1+ ag 55 I X i , X f -Q gfzigs Y Q Kami S I Q l ' 1iSfiaff5f zf' 'fiEi?5fYE52?2g45fg:1?ifE-"' A ffm :Q-gm W f .V 'Xxx' fl .. 1-:A 1 A : fx-421,15 fi ' rf -,nw 4 J ,Q , 93- , ,-f'mi8f!'5 f.,5,1Jgf f., ,Nl ey cm The East Rutherford Key Club, with its membership of twenty-five, combines leadership potential, enthusiasm, and purpose as it works to benefit school and community. With the motto "We Build", the Key Club engages in doughnut sales, ticket collections, election of a Key Club Sweetheart, chapel programs, and other beneficial activities. This ser- vice arm of the school is sponsored by the Forest City Kiwanis Club. VICE-PRESIDENT ..... Rudy King PRESIDENT ....... Larry Stallcup SECRETARY ...... Jimmy Cooley TREASURER .... Ronald Carpenter ADVISER . . . . Mr. James Hall FIRST ROW: Wolfgang Dahle, Johnny Pye, Tommy Lee, David Weber, George Wells, Don Blanton, Mark Brown, Jerry Thirft, Maurice Guffey. SECOND ROW: Steve Wright, Larry Marshall, Jimmy Cooley, James Bird, Mac Dobson, Gene Pannell, Ricky Watson, Bobbie Bailey, Herbert Crenshaw. THIRD ROW: Drew Mayse, Steve Stallcup, Dean Warlick, John Logan, Rudy King, Ronald Carpenter, Larry Stallcup. nu ' ' 'lu nnuunr ' WAMN 7,1 Y"-' 5-'FM 1,, , 7m..l5" I mf: - Q X -.3 . 'R , . 3 Q EQ f -i ,,l Q S' f if x ., Z1 5 I N-15 ml? OYIUIZQ The Monogram Club is made up of members who have lettered in aparticular sport or in cheerleading. Sell- ing programs and ribbons at football games is one of the many projects sponsored by this club. Boys and girls of the Monogram Club work together to make the athletic program a profitable part of thier school cur- riculum. Q' lk a U r SECRETARY--Shirley Aldridge TREASURER--Judy Morris VICE - PRESIDENT- -Steve Stallcup A ADVISER- -Mr. Bill Rucker 1 ,' PRESIDENT--Simon Jones w-Mluwhunw vu1lm..m,.4.,,,, FIRST ROW: Dianne Ross, Steve Marks, Phyllis Sheppard, Linda Wright, Sara Swicegood, Judy Sisk, Shirley Aldridge, Jean Dyer, Philip Godfrey, Judy Morris, Beth Harris, Kathy McBrayer. SECOND ROW: David Matheny, Don Blanton, Phil Hollifield, Bill Lewis, J. C. Greenlee, Simon Jones, Van Abernathy, Alvin Allen, Kathryn Lavender, Judy Crowe, Becky Summitt. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Harris, Joie Hutchins, Mark Brown, Sam Newton, Alan Black, Ann Watkins, Joyce Hudgins, Ann Cook, Judy Martin, Don Coffey. FOURTH ROW: Gary Grant, Larry Davis, James Bird, O. A. Heffner, Larry Marshall, Carole Roberts, Jane Biggerstaff, Linda Melton, Gene Powell, Jimmy Cooley. FIFTH ROW: Jerry Willis, Cecilia Geer, Jim Bradley, Steve Dobbins, Joe Morris, Steve Stallcup, Drew Mayse, Don Waters, Marshall Hardin. SIXTH ROW: Gene Hunt- ley, Dwight Hollifield, Neal Rudisill, A. C. Taylor, Phil Luckadoo, Larry Stallcup, Ron Carpenter. 53 FIRST ROW: Ronald Cantrell, Ray Harrill, Judy Toney, Linda Dunkle, Dianne Sellers, Nancy Haulk, Carole Thorneloe, Mary White, Anita Dale. SECOND ROW: Shirley Greene, Juanita Holland, Dianne Tate, Mary McDaniel, Steve Marks, Alan Reid, Rodney Morgan, Donna Kay Hemphill, Veronica Wall, Sandra McDaniel, THIRD ROW: Harry Moss, Kenny Tisdale, Phillip Marchman, Dicky Robbins, O. A. Heffner, Drew Mayse, Ted Guffey, Marshall Tessnear, Arnold Melton. FOURTH ROW: Philip Godfrey, Scott Padgett, Doug Low- man, Van Abernathy, Thomas Toms, Ronald Brooks, Morris Huntley, Kenneth Warlick, Ted Daves. PRESIDENT--Van Abernathy LAB ASSISTANT--Ronnie Cantrell VICE-PRESIDENT--Ted Daves REPORTER--Carol Thorneloe SECRETARY-TREASURER--Allan Reid LAB ASSISTANT--Dickie Robbins ADVISER--Mrs. A1 King -f . ,yay .. f ,Q .,.. .s5 .M-,Ham :QI 1 'Fl at will czezz ce The Science Club of East Rutherford High School has as its mainpurpose the supplementing of class- work in the various departments of science. They plan to sponsor the Science Fair later in the year and to promote interest in the entering of projects in the fair. One of their main goals is to become affiliated with the High School Science Clubs of America. 54 jjuffc cspeakflny To develop poise, assurance, and clarity in speaking before an audience are the main objectives of the Speaking Club. Each year the members participate in the Western Dis- trict Florensic Contest, the Lions Club Con- test, and the United Nations Speaking Con- test. Cl QA C N-,Q E S J ag L W Xl PRESIDENT--Carol Thorneloe VICE-PRESIDENT--Jean Dyer SECRETARY--Mary White TREASURER--Ann Cook ADVISER--Mrs. Burless Blair FIRST ROW: Mary White, Susan Grose, Susie Collins, Emilie Thornton, Jean Dyer, Mrs. Blair. SECOND ROW: Caro1eThorneloe, Gail Melton, Ann Cook, Pat Lowery, Beth Harris, Bobbie Harrill, Carole Ann Rob erts. THIRD ROW: Susie Harrill, Jerry Wall, Jerry Thrift, Steve Stallcup, Jane Waldrop, Vivian Morrow FOURTH ROW: Johnny Pye, Mary Katherine Epley, Melinda Griffin, Dianne Ross. WSF 7 1- - rw, 'W A . R," .1 .. .hwy-.fz ' . - , f, n E , ' . rn s 'f X- af, , A- -.vs V f. ' higgqzsw, - ' N nv ' . '- 3 file. - X xx ag V f , ,Nix 5 1 sn P F 3 . I x '5 3. 1 I :av ,.. -i 1 1 si. ' 4 W.. -KN '5 4293 K wth 'SQ uf M9 if iw sswffwgf r - ,:. A 2 '-.. ,5 muy iff, 1 Surf 159 . -' K ,yew 41 3- ,,f ,E Q' .ff .- QQ Rig BEWUTBS 233 Si 5 1 if? f A, ds , assi? -K X v Q- x fax .ea E . ,Mfg 1 ' , 4131-fziiiiggx bfici-vt? A- K -' ' dx x EM W ' K 4 deux- -- N. Q, i 'W-Q 1 gf:-., 4 , 5 4. WFaTffii:- mf. .. S 2 ix? 3 ,. F3 sg? fi - L,f, A , ffef ' qw -' F ' Q 1167 A 4:2250 ,Q .qw ' E72 rl? 5 5:92 ,sk .W TER' if Fig qt X Q. ,5 'XR Q--fa, ww D, , 'eff 2:13 Q '12 aff .Q iff if Q1 E5 . 5' S Q 1. Q51-wif? mfg.-2351+ 'MP f :X fp. gi uszb arrz' omecomzzzy If EV , W i?:f A' Q ll Q Q12 mwzmawwmwwfwmm nwwmm- mu mwsmwfa my my m:m.'aem-Maxxf.u.w,m-Qvmiisf -W,-A'-QWQJL. .xmwwwm frmms ix- swam' Q 1.-1, . ww-. Qwmfl mwmw,:-S' ',', Ax- -vw 1-mwafw xp rw 5517? gf Qefyff. . . Excitement and surprise are evident by Susie's reaction to the announcement of her queenship. ears 0 joy. .. Susie' s expression spells out her happiness and pride at being selected East High's first Homecoming Queen. M.N,.:.. . - 3 1s nv Q f J-swf, xvfgii 75? - . is K- Q V- ff . y ' V 1 -, 5 F ' Was- me-eww-L umm- e- r., 5 f-pf ,' :f.i--'-wtfv,-zfw , . y ,w...vx.,, V.--..... X .wi Q, 1.:..,., A: , . ..,ym., ,.,M,.-..,.- .- 5 M xw: , . N-, , Km A x.. K .Q ...A ,V Mow, .LW .. . -.,ff.sw, N.. ,. v . f .K f aw s my :Em aw- .:g.-.Q.m.f:- .:f,K.e,-ifwagf 4- 4-,-.wr-5.1 2,-Aga?-:Q--X -. g, gy,,mgw.gki-Q.. .,., f L' A K ,inf 3 'i:-:-,ri'.wfi:vgl- X -'-1-9,Fig.-wfwwwiv-f5,,,ik1:Qr if fwNS1g'Q .551 1. X ' 1 . -H f f ' k -' 1 1? 'ff " , g Qian K, 1 Q 1 KK.,--,1,-1-K 'K . K sms yr .. - 1,4 f-, ,wz fi. , wg , K1wg.g,K.,.g -K QQK, , ,X A ,A K,-Nw., ,sw rw- , ,KL --nz,-,M W gp..-f ,. .,-- . -1. ff-.f f,fs.sQz,,f.ww.- -f ,, Ltr .. --- .sr -ew. my N- --K ' 'QQAX fi MV fM,mx-f 11 ,ffxwfsfvigwf 2. S.-4. ik., 'ry Q Q. -W 1' .KX ' 9.-f if-iuwgx--fvfs '. A -, -7 ,. 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'RSLY' "5 '-i,"f'1 37:1 ix- 1 3' 'L 1 Aw if x ,1 . H2 If a .aw 1,-gf..,5g ,f .:' "'-,Ky-,1.,-.K- .. . ,- 5 'Q' -- ,ffl-,.TQ-.ltf , I -Clif CTA- " --Mia' KK ,gr W .Aig l 1- 3 '- K ,Q .. , .Y M . X. , W' K, .4 fs Lf . . f' A ,- 73-'XY 1 Q ' Q y rw-313f,,Kw' 1-. - .1 , W I I VW., ig 14 ,. N . X .. -AK. .. .. 1 5fiQ.'--E-- .. --wr-', 3 Q-K ,Km ,f .K-432555 Y- --55 . 1225 K X ' -1 ., ' lf! W-'t,f1?7'. - ' . mx .. s, , ' ,A in ,, -F . ,K xl 1 . - . ' 5K ,, 1, N -W A ' fi ,.,y.xK . -.ifkxifm J ' ..--, , ,4-- -MK, x I ku fflf1Qfv"i.i- -if ' f .Q -f -A-. - '- . . ,gym , ,. -- .. :fnNQ.xv-KK' '- Mi, WAX: pf:-A Ll- Vg, 'K'W1ff,f, "K -, vw -K f VY W, ,. . 5. ' f '1-.,y'1g.g,s-K A1gf.,-jjj-f.'?E',51K,.5:,j:,KE4i K -1 -5 mg ' - 11- x -gy' ,I +1 E.f'-TMJ - W - Kg .51--1-: 1: W , - .f sq... ,. .. Q K. ,,. N, 1 --Q li, ? S K -Q fu,-Y-v ,,,'fx-far.. WT-Wwe..ie"-42--xilf..-,HW , sw, ,-.4 -'-I i'-my-vw . A" -.--if 5. X x ..f.-fr..-nm, W- -f.:--f:f-,i1- --2591-:M-. 5 , ww.-Xfs. Z 1 - ,k.,, 3 K H N f.. 7 -4,5 ,f Q5 -'-'1Y K -' KK: 5--fn K K, K ' 5- 1 , -f isa, ,,, .xg lf 'S ' x fe- ff fix' --.--if -I K 4 . K, , 1 --Q. ,,. .-- 1 Q. -K1+..-g.-f- .- f A -,. .f-ff . .wx ,r -' '--ww' 4' gs. V Y V Q .134-Qzwk N- . A-f 1-- , + '- -Q-rw 4- -Cv Hx- 1 - X, . f K 4 . ,, -- , 4 --. f,-li- --me .-f.fS5+f. sim Mg, . K-..-WVK K .. -AK, A K . ,K 5 Km.. Q .-....-Q.. ,., -K. .K . ., ,. HK.. . ,K . Q - - - ,, v D'-fm-.-:,Jq,. ,f., ,. My , .. -H--.Q ., W. W ' .Y -L ff K1 Q , ., . 1 :Q "Y gem 5.1-i'ij .X " ' " ' M X v...f--.- g.-A+ --S-1. -1-,,,f.f-0 . v-.f-Q, , , - K A yqKg..f'. fx-MX ' I V "TIf"-,f735XE.'f',.i' , W .Ll .ik Tfa ,1'CY,J:', Z' Kuff ml ' K ' 51 - K' ff - W, , fig. .-if--'NK v fn- X ' f 4, - -K.,-f --my -5.-v Q ff 'Q' 5-'Li " A K 2' M 5 tsifsi 5-Q . J" . :J wf X , x W 2. eff ? fi-' , . ,F - ik , YA f xiii? ' 'ik My gay! ' ELIZABETH KEETER HARRIS 2nd Runner-Up to Miss Merry Christmas O f BEST SPEAKERS L MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Mac Dobson Jane Waldrop O Steve Stallfcupu 1 O Beth Harris ,Sm -. 1: , 1 - f..,:fS Lu. zumufw-uxuunnuzg Mun.: mmngnmmwxqmma 141-W W-ss:x:AmLm.w-.-1u.rm,w,1.n MOST ORIGINAL A L Cecilia Geer David Walker 9121 OI' UPQFQAVUQS r MOST ATHLETIC BEST ALL ROUND Shirley Aldridge Simon Jones Judy Morris Larry Stallcupr gl'f21Ql1us .1 O 42' Of 29 f X x X?- -gm . 4 fx , . V , 3 Y ,W in Lx. V rg , ,, 'V x L L ' Q 1, L W ' ' -V ,K , A k V If f "" V 'f .J M, f -fi, ,gs - K. - Li "Q ,, ' ' EW' ' fs I fif, if - 4 -i Q :Qi 2 s FJQBLENZD gf PE ,rl This r ai.. va uv - 'ww , ff? 1 .. X V ...L , ,. .v Luv -up V , . f N f - . r 5 gr , D , ,f,- ,rg x 5 WW. ww,-2 gbml, H - at n -. .mf . gdb' 4 ' V ,J ,X - ofwwi., re A 1 s 5 .eff " .a f f , x ' 'I I F I H -C U ' ' . Sports-minded boys and girls throughout the school partici- pate in and enjoy the football, basketball, and other sports which are offered. 'adv x 'avi in lg v' Ei FIRST ROW: Steve Marks, mgr., Donald Ruff, Larry Davis, Scott Padgett, Johnny Pye, Mark Brown, Simon Jones, David Matheny, Phil Hollifield, Don Blanton, Wayne York, Steve Wright, Douglas Hudson, Mike Rhyne. SECOND ROW: Sammy Newton, Joe Morris, Jimmy Harris, O. A. Heffner, Freddy Smith, Don Coffey, James Bird, J. C. Greenlee, Rusty Evans, Gene Powell, Marshall Hardin, Ron Carpenter, Philip Godfrey, mgr. THIRD ROW: Coach Hall, Coach Rucker, Larry Stallcup, Ronald Guffey, Neal Rudisill, A. C. Taylor, Jerry Willis, Steve Stallcup, Phil Luckadoo, Steve Oliver, Don Waters, Gary Grant, Drew Mayse, Jim Bradley, Bill Walker, Steve Dobbins, Coach Shytles, Coach Daves. The E ast High Cavaliers surprised the South-Western 3A Conference asthey finished in the first division of one of the most powerful 3A conferences in North Carolina. The Cav- aliers fought hard against some of the highest ranked teams in the state to compile a sparkling 6-3-1 record. The Red and Black boasted one of the best offenses in the conference as they s c or ed 136 points in ten games. Under the fine coaching of head co ach Bill Rucker and assistant coaches Jimmy Hall, Frank Shytles, and Ken Daves, the Cavaliers have brought respect and honor to the name of East Ruther- ford High School. TRI-CAPTAINS Simon Jones, A. C. Taylor, COACHES Marshall Hardin Rucker, Hall, Shytles, Daves We They Chase 35 Kings Mountain 0 Cherryville '7 Central 6 Lincolnton 0 34 Belmont 19 '7 Polk Central 7 0 Chase 31 6 Shelby 0 27 Blue Ridge 31 13 .JIMMY B5RADi LEY ' MARSHALL I-IA.RDINl AA A 'AC TAYLoif5 l A A b ADON WATERS Fuuback' Guard A A ' 'iacmew Halfback STEVEASTALLCUP SIMON JONES P LARRY STALLCUP Quarwlfback -1ff31fbAack V End A A FIRST ROW: Mr. Carl Waldrop, Simon Jones, Gary Grant, Jim Bradley, Steve Stallcup, Coach Bill Rucker. SECOND ROW: A. C.Tay1or, La.rrySta.llcup, Neal Rudisill, Don Wat- ers, Jerry Willis. min! Mama? SPORTSMANSHIP TROPHY Steve Stallcup PLAYER OF THE YEAR Simon Jones gt PLAYER OF THE WEEK Don Waters ------- Gary Grant --- -- Neal Rudisill ------ Steve Stallcup ----- Larry Stallcup ---- Simon Jones ------ A. C. Taylor ------ Jimmy Bradleys - - - Jerry Willis ------ Marshall Hardin Chase -Kings Mountain Cherryville Central Linc olnton Belmont Polk Central Chase Shelby Blue Ridge BEST BLOCKER PLAYER OF THE YEAR Being presented to Simon Jones by Mr Carl Waldrop, sponsor. TROPHY Don Waters MOST IMPROVED PLAYER Jerry Willis FIRST ROW: Ted Harris, Frank Jackson, Kenneth Lowery, Mike Spratt, Ronnie Edwards, Steve Roberson, John Bird, Bob Carson, Herby James. SECOND ROW: Steve Oliver,- David Johnson, Jimmy Mason, Sam Cook, David Womack, Reid Hammett, Jimmy Clement, Ronald Brooks, Kenneth Bailey. THIRD ROW: Manager Reginald Gentry, Jimmy Griffin, Wayne Lancaster, Wayne Bumgardner, Jack Greene, Ken Tisdale, Charles Canipe, Bill Byers, Coach Ken Daves. R Freshman Freshman Football U f,2".-'f.,-"f,'3f'ff -9' . ,, SPX f A ' T KJ FIRST ROW: Dianne Sellers, Mary Craven Ford, Linda Radford. SECOND ROW: Martha h I d ones, Joyce Jenkins, Linda Aldridge, Marianne Wall, Eugenia Williams, DonnaKay Hemp C eer ea ers im, Linda -X' -sm.m-arf esfmmnmewravaa ff mx-1 :- 44 14 QASI 442 QASI EAW' E4 U51 3E! tA37 QASI 234 440 FIRST ROW: James Bird, Gene Powell, Freddy Smith, Larry Davis, David Freeman. SECOND ROW: Mark Brown, O. A. I-Ieffner, Steve Stallcup, Phil Luckadoo, Harry Smith, Dwight Hollifield, Larry Stallcup, Ronnie Toney, Larry Marshall. Mez This year's Cavalier squad was characterized by very close and thrilling games. The team showed deter- mination and spirit right down to the wire throughout the season and though sometimes the loser, they gave their cheering fans many exciting moments. The Cavaliers were a credit to our new school by their fine sportsmanship and representation throughout the season. MANAGER - A1311 BIHCK CO-CAPTAINS - Steve Stallcup COACH - Mr. Ken Daves Larry Marshall Q! wi re f W u - e U M V1 ,,,. L 15 . Q 3 V :,f , b , .zxi 1 2 I f . -J' I j 3 K .F K S .x w . E ,..i .,: x Ah . , . ik vw lk MQ M A 5 '-.xvxrw K-,z,L.x ' x E . L' K X . ww. 21. s .. ,-,aqf.w:Qi" 3 1 o w . ,sw Qs, i : 'E 3? 1 1 'F ' at j 1 vi ? 1 1 . ., K .k,-,, ' 1 5,537 N 'I -- S. QA 'Qs If , E N X., s vm I fb Ill! KKK H- 4, ww if 5 " g V ffm 'P yu ff! P2 ffm v 5 f D X 'f P gwlbbi , x fy , , 'Y 3 E llglleioim takes a pass and cuts for the COACHES: hh:SB?SbEai:g3'1ker as e' SCOREKEEPER: Ann Watkins MANAGER: Judy Lowery 1 1 .K - - 0 SARA SWICEGOOD CAROLE ANN ROBERTS LINDA MELTON JOYCE HUDGINS Forward Guard Guard Guard 1 O O T 7x 40 N 11 Q if. Q A, W qfzfif U, 'gy 'g,. I xx q , Q 'Y "r r. - ' QU xy Q f 32 24 31 9 AF S f if gs L x- 25 12 w Q is X x .,, f f A if U - K 5 , , X l 'V . ' 5 nl . . . 1, 1 1 l r . X Q i K M T A ' 1 f 1 A ' N Swicegood starts a hard drive for the basket. .M Stallcup runs for first down :Cavaliers move in for the tackle.- 'Brown sweeps for yardage. I Luckadoo rolls off the post and' shoots over a defender. AL.X Fi NOG., Q Hill ll HE un-u Ma Mg K Ca Sc l'llgl K - Rh Sr Y I!!l'l A ts Ba lat I 11" I f .Er Rami X M, CJ, dy' ff 'XX jf L K .. W Xi-TS! A well-rounded p r o gr am of study must include scientific, social, historical, grammat- ical, and vocational benefits for the student body. Togeth- er, the students and faculty make our study fields both in- teresting and profitable. Graph plotting and equations are important parts of Algebra. MATHA D SCIENCE Science, the study of man's relation to the everchanging world around him and mathematics, the language of that study, are two very important courses of curriculum at East Rutherford High School. The relation of great names such as Pythagoras, Newton, E i n ste in , and Mendel to these causes does not classify them as outdated, for they are continually receiving more em- phasis and more interest. The freshness of new 1 ab o r at o r y facilities combined with efficient teaching methods serves to make these courses of Algebra I and II, Plane Geometry, Chemistry, General Science, Solid Geometry and Trigono- metry, Phy s i c s , Biology I and H, and General Math I and II most stimulating to the students who take them. Chemistry students are introduced to the basic elements and principles of life through text book material and laboratory experiments. The dissection of the cat is one of the major activities of the Advanced Biology class. To compare the anat omy of the cat with that of the human body is the main aim of the operation. A GRI C UL TURE AND HOME ECONOMICS Modeling and the judging of clothes are major parts of Home Economics III, as these girls demonstrate. Beautiful chests, cabinets, and tables are made by the boys in Agriculture Shop. Not only is this experience a learning exercise, but the boys are able to put their finished pro- duct to a practical usage. Home Economics is taught to girls exclusively for the purpose of educating them for their future roles as homemakers. ' The teaching of Agriculture to boys enables them to make the farmer's role in our society more effective and less ignored. These two subjects are closely related in that the students of both are enriched vocationally by the practi- cal application of knowledge to life. P r o p e r food preparation and presentation are very important in the life of the Home Econom- ics I students. i SOCIAL STUDIES East High students pursue the knowledge of the past andpresent through U.S. History, and World History. Along with parallel reading and special projects during the year, history students are able to keep abreast of world events. Through E c o n o m i c s and Sociology, the students gain knowledge of the basic fundamentals of finance and welfare. Geography students travel through native and foreign lands by way of books, maps, films, and globes. Geography students learn of the world and its land, people, climate, and products. Harriet assists in giving out the World History workbooks. Basic Economic Principles are explained and displayed to the class by means of effective bulletin boards. -fs-fe, , - " ' we ,vr,,f A ,W FOREIGN LANGUAGE AND ENGLISH English I, II, III, and IV all have one common goal: to provide a better and more basic un- derstanding of the English language and its literature. Through programmed education, periodic oral reports, speeches, and discus- sions, and the writing of formal and informal themes and creative poems and short stories, English provides afirm foundation for further study in grammar, literature and composition. Better understanding of a nation's culture by means of direct communication, that is, listen- ing c o mp r e h e n s i on and spoken language, breaks barriers between nations and peoples andthus paves the way for mutual respect and friendship. Latin and French students gain this basic understanding. TOP PHOTO: Latin students make plans for a program to be given during one of their monthly Latin Club meetings. BOTTOM PHOTO: "EttuBrute"mightwe11 havebeenthewords of this 'victim', as the Sophomore English classes portray their yearly drama, THE TRAGEDY OF JULIUS CAESAR. "The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain." English IV meets Liza Doolittle with her cockney accent and her professor as he tries to help her in PYGMALION. These French II students are engaging in "laboratory work" in which they listen to and answer the speaker on the recording. Seniors take the preliminary step toward college through the College Entrance Examinations taken under the supervision of the Guidance Department. Students in Distributive Education drill each other in the proper methods of job interviewing. D. E .... Guidance Distributive Education enables the students to participate in regular school activities and classes during the first half of the day, and maintain jobs as a requirement for the course in the latter half. Through "D.E." the student learns, by experience, the traits of the working world. Our guidance department, under the leadership of Mrs. Virginia Brown, helps and directs every student with problems concerning his present and future life, education, and vocation. Guidance--whether pertaining to college or per As these girls examine the handbags, they are demonstrating the sona.l problems--is sought through the direction phase of Distributive Education knownas merchandise inspection. of the Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Brown. . WG" glam Xie T gas-vwif Q 5 , if A Q . L K .5 N 5'QRQj'f? Q y Qm.w, V , Y ,Y-if Ek 1' ,Q K4 lifes" ,rush .Q- f i Q Q , 5 as ig K 2 JV Q h J si ,, E :e gg ' 1 I K gg W m V1 E Q K " x 5 'iiiffff H .ff . Q KL- ii X x BA D... Members of the band are acquainted with the various instruments and then are trained and developed in the one for which they are best suited. mony. Listening to accomplished choral groups sing helps the Glee Club to better understand the proper por- trayal of musical arrangements. Practice makes perfect and this band member wants to guar- antee improvement through constant work and much deter- " mination. ' Nobxs Pacem' or other beauttful strains may be heard comingfrom the band room every morning during sec ond period. GLEE CL UB In this class, musical culture and apprecia tion is taught to the students who, in return, display their knowledge in music and har -u 5 J 'E 'r lr - I 5 . , I 'a f I I . - IX' EW f. x ' ' I P 9 'r r i 2, 1 ,..f:f3:f5 'CS ' li ff I W i . 'L x 5 ,ff "'. . a x I f ww YJ K V,,..,.f ff v 3 Q-qw... ! 4 Y Lv' Q -'-1 W ' A meg N me V mi 1 . M J ,. 5 Q 5 Q Mg Q Aw ,. . f' . .1 'X my . VV ,V X fi H.,-1 - My . fi. ' ' V f '+L li t M'iW?Qfvasf- ' - A -- ' 'UF' . Fifa ,K , M , gr- ,- eg, '1- +af3fff2ifff 'K -,,v4"g"' M '- sx ,ss . ,,,. wx , Y , A gi Y M Mu "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of Future Secretaries gain experience through their country". . .as shorthand students busily take the use of the dictaphgne. dictation. Many tests which the student body takes have been run off on the stencil by mem- bers of the business classes. Students receive p r a ct i c al knowledge of everyday business affairs in office practice. T 1, f A sf ,gg 'er KS UK fans Q-1' f Q 2 L v. N ay .- x . . f? zxfinx -'nn Lssilti 3 11 -f. 17 25 Y ev ' , 'vff"' fE ,. r im, .,: ,,--in ,N f"r v 4 :" fxf! . gfzffxauml' 9,3 'X X ,, .Spy .nm lim., ,Q neuwuood, in 3 ,,4svAr4es:.s,:gvfpgn'g! ,-,.nu:mnw4..,.":,, Q dum elven!-iiilg,,, Fig, ua1nvs4Q544vq, ,Q-sr 4' ' vvvassaw, niwuw g , unmvaeagea ,""'vn-vault , unnnoaoqq."lo1s.,'51 n-upanvccaq,:"9no,,,, 3 in nn-4mu,,,:f1sa,,,: , waaabnrna-4.-iipg,.'!Qg,5 afraueewnu. :Ninn f sunuol1snl'vaq,:"'l x !.gaonlvnvca,,,':'14,,. ., pzssnlcsi-!fg.g,.."ig., 4 :suv'Nvlu.4,,,,'1'h.g , ipvuannnn -wiihug, iggpnamu-g,.,,.izm,,, x Qi'6llO!'K4lHl!,t-qgdfflg 'lF1f"'9'9"Nr'Nu 'Ns nusuqncnlafengw, 'Mg nnalunq:o,,,5 Sian: v Qu-nsuwrvhoaag Qty, Q Q14Ai9npl'g,,,'- fg5,'. nwnsgpsnksi-:xii Ara., . 'swan' uug,,,,, 5 M51 'Q uyqrn-us-ig, ,wwf Q. . - unissepgg,,,,5 Q g 1 n ?4Nll'M'sq,..,,, 1,5 , ng.. uunuagi, ' y, wxygQ5NF'iucfc i! . - , AY"'xi2:zk:2E:5a'p, A SQI ' . ' ' ' Y. X gnu- 0 il . ., 1: Q A A 'R' WIP: ' 23513: -5 3. . - . . xy, ,N a . Q. , ., ,K ,ig-bw My ' 1 We 3' J E --.f . K? ta 5 W , ' 2 ' MST A- X Q- ,sggligx gw f ' we 5-Eff, V175 K?f'Y1"Xii- I' E.,.: , '41 -I' 3 in 23. S Q 5 K 'M :M 5 Q 5,51 x 1 Q3 K ' kk ' ,ma ' iff Q E? "Nw i 1 5 ,, 5 , 1 5 I s ' P Q v Xi, . k X, z-fp :gm ' 2-.Q 'W a if - 4 A f 'E as-.Q SS35- W. sw I We sfzi X J L T 'I ,, L If I MEM I , f Q 7 Daily we pass through the halls and greet one face after an- other. Few of us, however, become acquainted with the en- tire 851 members of our stu- dent body. Fellow Cavaliers, meet your classmates! TREASURER Wolfgang Dahle SENIOR SPONSORS: Mrs. Robert Neal, Mrs. Fred Wilkie, Mr. Lewis Jacobs, Mrs. Hugh Mills, Mrs. Robert Withrow. VICE-PRESIDENT PRESIDENT Jim Ayers One more year and our time is gone! We have many accomplishments behind us and our life- times ahead. Our main interests include col- lege, marriage, or a job, but most of all grad- SE CRE TARY Tanya Flack """ 'W Tanya makes plans for attending the college of her choice. Publishing the annual requires long and hard hours. hrs uation--with its solemn, remorseful connota- tiong the culmination of twelve years of study, joys, sadness, and decisions. We haveour last farewells and go our separate ways. High Senior candy salesmen discuss means of salesmanship. Eat Gro-Pup! It's for hearty eaters! Determining the size of the finger is a preliminary step toward receiving Senior rings. WALTER LEE ADAIR Never a dull moment . . witty . .likeable . .fun is SHIRLEY LOUISE ALDRIDGE Personality plus . . his motto charm, intelligence . . unlimited capabilities wg-'mf N .mf-, MARY LEE BAIN JERRY MANN BIDDY Always ready for fun, but Quiet . .energetic worker willing to work . .high . .Always a friend . . aims . .laughter eager to learn -'www DIANNE ALLEN Lovely, courteous . . quiet, studious . .depend- able . .sweet . .versatile MARY BIRD Big smile, fair skin . . cute, friendly . .willing to help . .dependable AWN' JESSE LEE ALLEN Always smiling . .cars and fun . .trouble-free . friendly W-bw-A' M M JERRY WAYNE BLANTON Married man . .carefree, easy-going . .fun to be with HORACE RAY BUTLER GRACE A HOWARD SYLVIA Fun is where you find MARIE CAMPBELL CRAYTON CAUSBY JEAN CHAMBERS it . .loafing is great . . Always carries a comb . Filled with mischief . . Speaks her mind . . friendly quiet, reserved . .shy, wide smile . .never idle silence is golden, but who kind wants gold? . .lovely JOEL ALVIN ALLEN BRENDA ALLEY JAMES DEWEY AYERS ROY DONALD BAILEY Cheerful, pleasant . . Every day is a holiday . . Class prexy . .always The only way to have a co-operative . .cute . . jolly, gay . .a smile that there when you need him friend is to be one . . jolly cheers all . .boy next door A smile and friendly hello BRENDA SUE BOITER JAMES LINDA KAY BRIDGES DONALD Once a friend, always a MYLES BRADLEY Wee but wonderful . . WAYNE BRIGHT I friend . .quiet, shy . . Always good for a laugh life will be fun . .en- Carefree . .pleasing live each day for now . .easy to get along with gaged . .sunny disposi- smile . .quiet and cour- . ."MOOSE" . .fun-lover tion teous l K DORIS JEAN CHAPMAN EARL JUDY NELL CROWE MARY ANN CROWE Lovely black hair . .con- DOUGLAS CROWDER Lover of basketball . . Never a more sincere stant smile . .very ver- Big flirt . .into constant willing to do her part . . YOUUE lady - -fl-111 Of good satile , ,sweet mischief . .seldom full of good will will ' speaks 97 WOLFGANG DAHLE German loved by all . . strawberry hair . .very capable . .most deserv- ing DOUGLAS MCARTHUR DOBSON Not too serious, not too gay, but a rare friend in a rare way . .ambitious MARGARET MARY JOANN EARLEY KATHERINE EPLEY Always ready with a Tunes flowing from a smile and cheerful word clarinet . .sophisticated . .sweet and kind . .ready to help needy MELINDA THOMAS RAY GREEN LINDA SUE GREENE DORIS GERALDINE GLASCOE Man of few words . .easy Tall and graceful . .lives FAYE GREENLEE Chatter, laughter, and going . .sly wit . .re- the golden rule . .soft- Whiz on the basketball more chatter . .little but served manner spoken court . .silence unknown not quiet . .friendly to her DONNIE MITCHELL HARRILL Girls, watch out . .cute . .thinking is an idle waste of time, likeable SARAH BRENDA KAYE HARRIS ELIZABETH SUZANNE HARRILL Endless chatter . .very KETTER HARRIS Looks, intelligence . . neat . .spreads sunshine Diamond on left hand . . giggles, chewing gum . . with a smile . .cute vivacious . .contagious first Homecoming Queen 98 laughter . ."Let's yell" TANYA DARE FLACK Pretty girl with a bright red blush . .brains with a lovely covering NANCY YVONNE FORD BILLY Fickle . .crazy schemes ASHBURN FREEMAN . .black-haired beauty . . Man of few words . . sweet, friendly ready for fun . .quiet boy in back of room CECILIA LYNN GE ER "O1ive" . .explosive per- sonality . .always ready with a prank JOYCE MAE GRIFFIN MELINDA Giggles . .noble aims . . PADGETT GRIFFIN full of fun and chatter . . Cars, clothes, and money conscientious . .flirting is fun . .never at a loss for words SUSAN RAMONA GROSE Bus driver . .si1ence? what's that? . .fond of opposite sex MARSHALL EUGENE HARDIN Tri-captain . .tall, dark, and handsome . .original and artistic JOSEPH JANICE BILLY LEE HOLLAND WANDA TANDY HARRIS LINDA HAULK Friendly, well-liked . . CARYL HOLLAND Slow and easy-going . . A smile for everyone . . serious-minded . .who F riends are gained well mannered . .eager soft spoken . .dependable needs to study? through silent under- to help . .loyal friend 99 standing . .po1ite. .lives golden rule CAROL CAREY HOLLIFIELD Diligent . .Eager to help others . .a ready friend . .dependable DONALD DOUGLAS JONES "Mr. Touchdown". .tri- captain . .rugged charm . laughter is best medicine PATSY ANN HOLLIFIELD Little red-head . .chatter, chatter . .capable . .in- dustious 'Ha-ns.. HOWARD LEE HORNE Small in words, mighty in ways . .F.F.A. .shy in a crowd . .good-na- tured SHIRLEY ANN LANE Pleasant to be with . . appealing speech . .loyal friend . .sincere fl! NORMA JEAN LEE Wise and good as she is fair . .a sweet silence . neat . .kind LINDA FAYE HOYLE Winning smile . .gay . a friend to all . .works hard and well J ANICE ALLEN LOVELACE Young wife . .short, sweet . .pleasing person ality ADDIE BRENDA PAUL DOUGLAS MANN LARRY MAE MCFARLAND SUE MCFARLAND Little man with big name GLENN MARSHALL Kind and good . .sweet Sincerity is her byword . .Paul Bunyan Perky, on the gym floor . .very sincere and loyal . .a ready smile, her . ."Looney" . .every- friend sunshine '00 bodys' friend HEBER TEDDY JACKSON HUNT ROOSEVELT HUNT, JR. One Of Our twins - .in- Hebews match . .faithful, felligent mind - -willing energetic worker, bound to do his P9-ft for success . .quiet em JESSIE EUGENE HUNTLEY Girls and cars . .never pass temptation by . . worry? never . .cute DAVID VESTER LOWERY Speaks worthy words or none at all . .b1ack, wavy hair . .avid East fan HAZEL DIANNE LYNCH Petit . .gentleness and kindness are her hobbies . .veryquiet. 1, KATHERINE REBECCA McBRAYER Refreshing beauty . .very forgetful . .likes to visit U.N.C. JUDITH ANN JENKINS Starry-eyed . .heart be- longs to Steve . .faithful, kind, loving CAROLYN JESSIE McDANIEL Honesty, sincerity com- bined . .soft-spoken . . a good friend HELEN BRENDA LINDA SHIRLEY FAYE MATHENY JOYCE MELTON GAIL MELTON ANN MELTON One you can depend on . . Very cute . .ta.lk, talk, A very loyal friend . . Industrious, dependable beautiful brown eyes . . talk . .plenty of beaus . . brains, personality . . . .loyal to what she loves always a smile promising ability 101 fun is the spice of life . .brainy . .Simon JUDY ANN MERCK GEARY Conscientious worker . . RAYMOND MILLER diligent . .eager to serve Talented in many ways . . . .smile's for all MICHAEL PANNELL Quiet . .friendly . .a very scientific mind . . sincere diligent, energetic work- er . .courteous, cheerful GENE PAMELA 'FRANCES PILGRIM Sincere . .a heart so true . .chuckles . .gay spirit and a ready smile ETHEL LENA MOORE Sweet and versatile . . Good and true . .her LARRY MOORE Study? Are you kidding? Tall and lean . .let's friendship is worth mil- have a race lions JOHNNY PATRICIA EDWARD POWELL KAY PREWITT "Britt" . .curly black Never at a loss for words hair . .shy grin . . . .blondy . .tall and quiet stately BARBARA SHIRLEY ANN RASH JOSEPH J ERALD ROLLINS DALE RAMSEY A gentle soul . .modest FREDDY ROACH Specialty is cars . .wavy Tall and graceful . . . .shy and sweet . .words Life is gay . .a smile for hair . .tall and outstand- peaches and cream face are few, but rare all occasions . .lives one ing . .friendly smile and 102 day at a time. word JAMES JUDY VIVIAN JIMMY ERVIN MOREHEAD ANNETTE MORRIS KAYE MORROW WAYNE NEWTON Enjoys fun . .not fond of Fair and gracious . . Chatter . .carefree . . Diligent and energetic books . .it's dangerous blonde-covered brains . . lover of fun and Danny . . worker . .friend worth to study . .regular guy rapt listener likes to primp . .witty having . .bus driver BOBBY JAMES PRICE MILEY JOHN THOMAS PYE DARRELL PRICE Eager to please . .quiet, ANN PRICE No worries . .short, Personality all his own but laughs loud . .bash- Giggles, chewing gum . '. chubby . .your pal . . . .born to laugh . .like- ful . . against books continually jolly . .the live for each day able. .cute way to have friends is to be one SUSAN RUTH ANN SIDES JUDY DIANNE SISK NANCY JEAN SISK DIANNE ROSS Ready and eager to serve Little but loud . .good Best things come in little Full of mischief . .real - -H good heart is W0I'th and gay . .beaus . .en- packages . .buttons and cheerleader . .loyal to sold - -Speaks S0ft1Y '03 ergetic cheerleader beaus . .short, sweet ideals . .enthusiastic MARTHA LYNN SHIRES GRACE HUDGINS SMITH Sweet and quiet and oh so Young housewife . .very nice . .a true friend . . amicable sincere smile LAWRENCE COFFIELD STALLCUP Made from hero's "stuff" . .determination, char- acter . .glory in sports . .handsome STEPHEN PATTON STALLCUP A11-American boy . . agile athlete . .care- free and cute . .wise- cracks JERRE THOIVHFSON CAROL Makes life seem so PATRICIA THORNELOE cheerful . .kind . .amic- Wise and merry . . able . .industrious . . straight thinking . . friend always sure, prompt . .depend- able EMILE SUSAN THORNTON CAVALIER . .Clever, candid . .brains, brains, brains . .personality I ,Q JERRY LEE THRIFT "Mr. President" . .sense of humor . .leader of students DAVID FREDDY J AME S HAROLD RUSSELL WALKER GENE WALKER JERRY WALL DEAN WARLICK Fun is my fortune . .the Fun is where you find it Strength through silence Quiet and reserved . . ringleader . ."Boney" . . . .happy-g0-lucky - -R . .a unique, unchanging Well mannered and help- no worries at all g00d friend t0 have mood . .firm friend ful . .friendly IO4 HAZEL ADDIE EDWARD CALTON REBECCA STALNAKER IMOGENE STAMEY CARLTON TAYLOR, JR. THOMPSON, JR. Clothes and beaus . . Dependable as the sun . . Big physique . .lover of "Big Edd" . .fast driver brunette bombshell . . to sweet smile, cheerful leisure and fun . .tri- . .sleepyhead . ."Let's have fun, you must love word . .very honest Captain . .good buddy get a hamburger and a fun Pepsi!" JOHN WILLIAM TOMS BARBARA ANN TONEY VERNON AMELIA Bound for success . . Smiles for all . .sincere, JERRY TROUT JANE WALDROP very depgndablg capable, kind, neat , , Knack for mischief . . Original, vivid, efficient cute fine fellow . .determin- . .Our Editor . .explosive ation and ambition . . personality . .brains, quiet charm MICKEY RAY WARLICK BONNIE SUE WATERS DONALD LEE WATERS DAVID A true friend . .polite Honesty comes naturally Sleepy . .let the world WILLIAM WATERS and sincere . .honest . .faithful in every under- slide . .sports are his Tall and lean . .cheer- taking pastime . .bashful . . ful . .always smiling . . honest friendly JAMES RAY WATERS ROBERT EARL WATTS JANICE SMART WHITE MARY EVELYN WHITE ws fun to be lazy . . A mme learning is a dan- Faithful - -young home- Scholar - -dancing iS her smiling and friendly . . gerous thing . .a smile maker - -good 9-nd gay - - Specialty - -Charm, S0- constant jokes as big as his heart WGICOIUG C0mPaHi0D DhiSfiCati0D Now, this is the way to study mythology! LINDA ANN WRIGHT A sweet smile and pleas- ddiIso3g?:1iagLZIld Isn't this an intelligent looking group of helpers? did? 1? -Q 9121 OI' SHIRLEY ALDRIDGE--Student Council 1,2,3,4--Sec- retary 25 Varsity Basketball 1,2,3,4--Co-Captain and Sportsmanship Trophy 35 Jr. Marshal 35 J r. Speaking Club 1,2--Vice-President25 Newspaper staff 3,45 An- nual Staff 45 Monogram Club 2,3,4--Treasurer 3, Sec- retary 45 Beta Club 3,45 Glee Club 15 FTA 2--Secre- tary Treasurer 25 Sr. Superlative--Most Athletic 45 Zndplace science fair 25 2nd place U.N. Speaking Con- test 25 Girls' Chorus 45 Alternate Girls' State 35 Home- room President 15 J r.-Sr. waitress 25 J r.-Sr. planning -committee 35 East High planning committee 3. ALVIN ALLEN--Basketball 2,35 Baseball 2,3,45 FFA 1,2--Vice-President 25 Monogram Club 2,35 French Club 45 Jr.-Sr. planning committee 35 Lancer staff 45 4-H Club. . DIANNE ALLEN--FHA 1,2,35 Beta Club 2,3,4--Sec- retary 35 Class reporter 35 Teen Correspondent 35 High Magazine Salesman 35 Lancer staff 45 Jr. Mar- shal 35Jr.-Sr. waitress 25 Jr.-Sr. planning committee 35 Cavalier representative 45 French Club 3,4. JESSE ALLEN--Football 15 Science Club 15 Men's Chorus 45 Glee Club 45 Deca 4. BRENDA ALLEY--FHA 1,2,3,45 Jr. Speaking Club 25 Homeroom President 15 Deca 4--Treasurer 45 Chi Lamba Chi 1. JAMES AYERS--FFA 1,25 Basketball 1,2,35 Beta Club 3,45 Bus driver 3,45 Annual staff 1,2,35 class valedic- torian 1,2,35 Chief Marshal 35 U.S. History Award 35 Sr. class president 4. nor BAILEY--FFA 1,2,3,45 Deca 4. MARY LEE BAIN--Glee Club 15 FHA 1,2,3,4--Vice- President 3, County Representative 45 J .V. Basket- ball 15 Jr. Speaking Club 2, Play 25 FTA 25 Beta Club 3,45 Newspaper staff 3,45 Lancer staff 45 Vice-Pres- ident Homeroom 25 Cavalier homeroom representative 45 Jr. Marshal 3. JERRY BLANTON--FFA 1,2,3,45 Basketball -35 Bus driver 3,45 Lancer staff 45 Class officer 1,35 Jr.-Sr. planning committee 35 French Club 3. BRENDA BOITER--FHA 1,25 Glee Club 15 Library Club 1,25 Basketball l,2,35 Science Club 45 Lancer staff 4. JERRY BIDDY--FFA 1, 2,3,45 Homeroom President 15 4-H Club 15 Deca 4. MARY BIRD--J.V. Basketball 15 Cheerleader 1,25 Varsity Basketball 35 FHA 1,25 FTA 1,25 Monogram Club 2,35 Commercial Club 35 Glee Club 1,25 Deca 4, Recording Secretary5 Lancer staff 45 J r. Marshal 35 Student Council 45 Jr.-Sr. planning committee 3. JIMMY BRADLEY--Homeroom President 15 J.V. Bas- ketball 15 Library Club 1,2,3,45 Football 2,3,45 Base- ball 2,3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Glee Club 45 J.V. Baseball 15 L an c e r staff 45Chi Lamba Chi 15 Intra- mural sports' 2,3,45 Science Club 1. LINDA BRIDGES--Class President 15 FHA 1,2,3,45 Monogram Club 1,2,3,45 Commercial Club 2,35 Glee Club 35 Jr.-Sr. waitress 25 Jr.-Sr. Planning committee 35 Chapel Committee Chairman 35 Lancer staff 4. zrecfozy WAYNE BRIGHT--FFA 1,z,a,4, Deca 4. RAY BUTLER--Library ciub 45 J.V. Basketball 1. GRACE CAMPBELL- -FHA 1,25 Jr.-Sr. planning com- mittee 35 Basketball 1,2. HowARD cAUsBY--FFA 1,2,a,4. SYLVIA CHAMBERS--FHA 1,25 Band 1,2,35 Majorette 2,35 Homeroom President 35 Jr.-Sr. waitress 25 Jr.- Sr. planning committee 35 Homeroom Vice-President 45 Deca 4, Vice-Presidentg Lancer staff art editor 4. DORIS CHAPMAN--Library Club 1,35 Jr.-Sr. Com- mittee 35 Lancer staff 45 Paper staff 3. JUDY CROWE--Glee Club 1,2535 FHA 1,2,3,45 Mono- gram Club 3,45 Jr. Speaking Club 25 Homeroom Sec- retary-Treasurer 45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Lancer staff 45 High salesman FHA Christmas wrapping paper sales 3. MARY ANN CROWE--Glee Club 2,35 FHA 35 Jr.-Sr. planning committee 35 J r.-Sr. waitress 25 Lancer staff 4. WOLFGANG DAHLE--Homeroom President 45 Class Treasurer 45 French ClubVice-President 45 Key Club 45 Sr. Superlative--Best Mannered. MAC DOBSON--Library Club 15 Speaking Club 1,25 Key Club 2,3,45 Newspaper staff 2,3,4--Feature Ed- itor 45 Student Council 25 Monogram Club 25 Class President 35 Debating Club 3,4--Chrm. 4, Debating Team 3,4--lst place district debate 35 Beta Club 3,45 J r. Science Symposium 35 Lancer staff Business Man- ager 45 Male Chorus 45 Boys' State 35 Morehead Nom- inee 45 Sr. Superlative--Best Speaker 45 World Geog- raphy Award 2 5 Chemistry Award 35 Scholastic Award 35 Jr. Marshal 3. JOAN EARLEY--Jr.-Sr. waitress 25 Jr.-Sr. planning committee 35 FHA 35 Glee Club 4. KATHY EPLEY--Debating Club 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3, 4--Vice-President 3,4--Captain 45 FHA 15 Lancer staff 45 Homeroom Cavalier reporter 45 J.V. Basket- ball 15 Intramurals l,2,3. TANYA FLACK--Beta Club 3,45 FHA 1,2,35 Glee Club 1,25 Girls' Chorus 45 Jr. Speaking Club 25 Jr.-Sr. waitress 25 Jr.-Sr. planning committeeg Class Sec- retary 3,45 Newspaper staff 3,45 Lancer staff Feature Editor 45 Sr. Superlative--Best Mannered 45 Home- room President 35 French Club class Secretary 45 In- tramural sports 2,35 J r. Marshal 3. YVONNE FORD--C h e e rl e ade r 1,2,35 Class Vice- President 25 Dra.rnatic Club 25 Freshman Sponsor 15 Dramatics Award 3 5 Monogram Club 35 Debating Club 35 FHA 1. BILL FREEMAN--FFA 1,2,3,45 Monogram Club l,2,3. CECILIA GEER--Library Club 35 Lancer staff 45 Monogram Club 3,45 J r. Speaking Club 1,25 Glee Club 15 Paper staff 3,45 Jr. Varsity 15 Varsity 2,3,45 FTA 35Valentine Queen 35 Jr. High Salesman for magazine sales 35 Sr. Superlative--Most Original 45 Jr.-Sr. planning committee 3. ezzzbz' Zzlrecfozy X gs X LINDA GLASCOE--Glee Club 1,23 FHA 1,2,3,43 FTA 33 Lancer Staff 43 FHA Handbook Committee Chrm. 43 FHA planning committee 3. RAY GREEN--Deca 4. LINDA GREENE--Jr.-Sr. planning committee 3. DORIS GREENLEE--J.V. Basketball 13 Varsity Bas- ketball 2,33 Monogram Club 2,3,43 FHA 1,23 Deca 4, Corresponding Secretary. JOYCE GRIFFIN--FHA 1,2,3,4--Treasurer 2, County Treasurer 3, Reporter 43 Jr. Speaking Club 1,23 Beta Club 3,43 Cavalier staff 43 Basketball 1,23 Math Club 43 Plane Geometry Award 33 Crisco Homemaking 23 Homeroom President 43 Secretary-Treasurer Home- room 33 Jr. Marshal 33 Jr.-Sr. planning committee 3. MELINDA GRIFFIN--SpeakingClub 1,2,3,4Q FHA 1,2, 33 Lancer staff 4g Paper staff 3. SUSAN GROSE--FHA l,2,3,4--School Beautification Committee Chrm. 2--Banquet Committee Co-Chrm. 3, Chrm. 43 Debating Club 1,2,33 Speaking 1,2,43 Beta Club 3,43 Bus Driver 3,43 Math Club 43 Secretary De- bating Club 3. DONNIE HARRILL--Chi LambaChi23 J.V. Basketball 13 Varsity football 2,33 Monogram Club 33 Homeroom President 23 Deca 4. SUSIE HARRILL- -J .V. Basketball 13 Intramural sports 2,33 Jr. Speaking Club 1,2--Play 23 Jr.-Sr. waitress 23 Jr. Marshal 33 Class Treasurer 33 Debating Club 3,4--Secretary-Treasurer 4--Tri-Angular team 43 Beta Club 3,4--Secretary 43 2nd Place Lions Club Speaking Contest 33 French Club, Class Vice-Pres- ident 43 Lancer staff business manager 43 BandSpon- sor, Homecoming Queen 43 Sr. Superlatives--Most Popular, Friendliest 43 Jr.-Sr. planning committee 33 Speaking Club 4. BRENDA HARRIS--FHA 23 Homeroom President 1. BETH HARRIS--Speaking Club 1,2--Secretary 1, President 23 Student Council 13 FTA treasurer 3s Li- brary Club Sec. 23 Class officer 1,23 Homeroom offi- cer 2,43 Basketball 1,23 Cheerleader 3,43 Monogram Club 3,43 Sr. Sponsor 43 Miss East High 43 Sr. Super- lative--Most School Spirited 4. TAN HARRIS--Science Club 13 Library Club 2,43 Latin Club 43 Lancer staff photographer 4. JANICE HAULK--Beta Club 3,43 Jr. Marshal 33 Math Club 4g Lancer staff 4. CAROL HOLLIFIELD--Library Club 23 Deca 43 Lan- cer staff 4. BILLY HOLLAND--Deca 4. WANDA HOLLAND--FHA 13 Beta Club 33 Homeroom Vice-President 43 Jr. Marshal 3. PATSY HOLLIFIELD--Beta Club 2,3,43 Library Club 43 Library Assistant 2,3,43 Glee Club 3--Treasurer 23 Jr.-Sr. waitress 23 Homeroom sec. 33 Jr. Marshal 33 Lancer staff 4. HowAnD HORNE--Library Club 23 FFA 1,2,3. LINDA Home--Glee Club 1,2. HEBER HUNT--Key Club 33 Beta Club 3,43 Boys' State 33 Jr. Marshal 33 Tied for 2nd place English award 2. TEDDY HUNT--Key Club 33 Beta Club 33 Student Coun- cil 43 Vice-President Homeroom 23 Jr. Marshal 3g Valedictorian 23 Sr. Superlative--Most Likely to Suc- ceed 4. GENE HUNTLEY--Band 1,23 FFA 2,3,43 Jr.-Sr.plan- ning committee 33 Basketball 13 Class officer 1,33 Lan- cer staff 4s Monogram Club 43 Golf team 3,4. JUDY JENKINS--Jr. Speaking Club 1,23 FHA 1,2,3,43 Lancer staff 43 Basketball 1. SIMON JONES--Class Vice-President 13 Varsity Bas- ketball 1,2,3--Co-Captain 33Varsity football 1,2,3,4-- tri-captain 43 Varsity Baseball 1,2,3,43 Most Valuable Baseball Player in American Legion and high school 33 All conference baseball 2,33 Monogram Club 1,2,3, 4--President 43 Glee Club 3,4--President 43 Men's Chorus 43 Lions Bowl 43 Homeroom Treasurer 23 Sr. Superlative--Most Athletic 43 Player of the Year 4. SHIRLEY LANE--Class officer 1,2,3Q FHA 1,25 Li- brarianAward 1,2,33 Library Club Sec.-Treas. 23 Jr.- Sr. waitress 23 Jr.-Sr. planning committee 33 Science Award 3. ezzzbr NORMA LEE--FHA 15 Beta Club 35 Jr. Marshal 3. DAVID LOWERY--FFA 152,354--District winner FFA seed identification contest 35 WO.W. Safe Driver Award 3,45 Bus Driver 3,45 High Candy Salesman Sr. Sales 45 Sr. Superlative-Friendliest 4. DIANNE LYNCH--FTA 35 Lancer Staff 4. KATHY McBRAYER--Student Council 1535 FHA 1,2535 4--Recreational Director 4--County Off. 45 J r. Speak- ing Club 1,2--Play 25 Newspaper 2,354--Business Mgr. 3,45 Lancer staff Literary Ed. 45 Freshman Sponsor, Homecoming Queen 15 Football Homecoming Sponsor 45 Miss Cool Springs 3--Miss Merry Christmas 35 Cheerleader 2,3,45 Monogram Club 3,45 Intramural sports 2 5 J r.-Sr. waitress 25 Lions Club Speaking medal 15 Winner of Poetry Florensic Contest 1,35 Girls' State 35 Sr. Superlative--Prettiest 4. CAROLYN MCDANIEL- -FHA 152. BRENDA McFARLAND--FHA 152,354--Treasurer 2-- Vice-President3--President 45 Glee Club 2,3,4--Sec- retary-Treasurer 45 Commercial Club 35 J r.-Sr. wait- ress 25 Mgr. and scorekeeper for basketball team 35 French Club 35 Cavalier staff 45 Lancer staff 45 Jr.- Sr. planning committee 35 Outstanding Home Ec. stu- dent 25 "Mlss Colfax Fair" 4. PAUL MANN--cheerleader 15 FFA 1,2,3,4. LARRY MARSHALL--Basketball 15253545 Baseball 1, 3,45 Key Club 3,45 Men's Chorus 45 Monogram Club 2, 3,45 Vice-President Homeroom 25 Homeroorn Presi- dent 4. FAYE MATHENY--FHA 1,z,3,45 FTA 35 Glee ciub 1, 253. BRENDA MELTON--FHA 1,2,3,45Glee Club 1,25 Bas- ketball 152535 Commercial Club 35 Homecoming Queen 35 President FHA 35 Deca 4. GAIL MELTON--Homeroom Vice-President 15 Jr. Speaking Club 1--Sec. 15 J .V. Basketball 15 Varsity Basketball 35 Beta Club 3,45 Student Council 45 Sr. Speaking Club 45 Lancer staff 4. SHIRLEY MELTON--Newspaper staff 2,35 Class Sec- retary 15 Band 15 Jr.-Sr. waitress 25 J r. Marshal 35 Homeroom President 25 Chi Lamba Chi 25 Student Council 15 Lancer staff 45 scorekeeper J.V. Basket- ball 15 Beta Club 3,45 History Medal 35 Finalist in U. N. Speaking Contest 1: waitress FFA banquet 3. zkecfozy JUDY MARTIN--Glee Club 2,35 Basketball Manager 35 FHA 35 Library Club 4--worker 152,35 Jr.-Sr. wait- ress 25 Deca 45 Monogram Club 45 Lancer staff 45 Bus driver 4. GEARY MILLER--FFA 15253545 International Live- stockShow in Chicago 35 Band 2,3,45 Jr. Speaking Club 2--Play 25 Lions Club Speaking Contest 35 Sr. Superla- tive--Most Talented 45 Bus driver 4. ETHEL MOORE--J.V. Basketball 15 Homeroom Pres- ident 45 Deca 4. JAMES MOREHEAD--FFA Deca 4. JUDY MORRIS--Class Sec.-Treas. 1,25 Class Report- er 25 Class Vice-President 45 Basketball 2,3,4--Co- Captain 45 Monogram Club 2,3,4--Vice-President 3, T re asur e r 45 Beta Club 25,4--Vice-President 35 French Club 354--President 35 FHA Historian 35 Miss Colfax 25 W.O.W. History Award 35 Chief Marshal 35 Sr. Superlatlve-Best All Round 45 Lancer staff 4. VIVIAN MORROW--J.V. Basketball 15 Band 1525 FHA 15253545 Lancer staff 45 Jr.-Sr. planning committee 3. JIMMY NEWTON--Bus driver 45 FFA 1,25 Lancer staff 45 Jr.-Sr. planning committee 35 French Club 3. GENE PANNELL--FFA 152.5 Key Club 45 Library Club 45 Bus driver 45 Math Club 45 Jr.-Sr. planning com- mittee 35 French Club 3,4. PAM PILGRIM--Jr.-Speaking Club 1,25 Newspaper staff 2,3,45 Beta Club 3,45 Jr. Marshal 35 Lancer staff 45 2nd place candy salesman 4. JOHNNY POWELL--Monogram Club 152,35 FFA 152, 354. KAY PREWITT--Band 15 FHA 1,25 Glee Club 4. BOBBY PRICE--Tri Hi Y 1,25 FTA 35 l-lomeroom of- ficer 153,45 Wrestling 25 Football 2535 Basketball 35 Baseball 2. JAMES PRICE--FFA 2,35 Library Club 4. MILEY ANN PRICE--Glee Club 15253545 FHA 152,35 Commercial Club 35 French Club 3,45 Jr.-Sr. wait- ress25Jr.-Sr.planning committee 35 Jr.-Sr. program 3. JOHNNY PYE--Key Club 2,3,45 Newspaper sta.ff 3,45 Bus driver 45 Varsity football 2,45 Jr.-Speaking Club 2--Treasurer 25 Play 25 Jr.-Sr. planning committee 35 Treasurer of class 251-Iomeroom President 35 Home- room Vice-President 45 Alternate Boys' State 3. DALE RAMSEY--Class officer 3,45 Basketball 1,2,35 FHA 1,25annual staff 2,35 Jr. Marshal 35 Beta Club 3, 4--Vice-President 35 Monogram Club 2,35 Glee Club 4--Vice-President 45 Jr.-Sr. waitress 2. FREDDY ROACH--Library Club 15 Deca 4. DIANNE ROSS--FHA 15 Band 15 Cheerleader 2,3,45 Monogram Club 3,45Jr.-Speaking Club 25 Sr. Weaking Club 45 French Club 45 Homeroom Sec. 1,45 Jr.-Sr. waitress 25 Lancer staff 45 Newspaper staff 3,45 Jr.- Sr. planning committee 35 Lions Bowl Cheerleader 4. MARTHA SHIRES--Glee Club 15 FHA 2,35 Jr. -Sr. wait- ress 35 Library Club 1,25 Jr.-Sr. planning committee 35 French Club 35 Lancer staff 4. RUTH ANN SIDES--FHA 1,2,3,4--Parliamentarian 25 May DayActivities 15 Latin Club 25 Intramural sports 25 Beta Club 3,4--President 45 Glee Club 45 Commer- cial Club 35 Lancer staff 45 Sr. Superlative--Most De- pendable 45 Cheerleader 35 Chief Marshal 35 Home- coming Sponsor 33 Chapel Committee 35 Graduation Choral Group 35 Student Council 2. JUDY SISK--Glee Club 15 Cheerleader 253,45 Mono- gram Club 3,45 Girls' Chorus 45Jr. Speaking Club 25 FTA 3--Vice-President35 Jr.-Sr. waitress 25 Lancer staff45 FHA 25 Homeroom Sec.-Treas. 25 Intramurals 2,35 Lions Bowl Cheerleader 45 Library Club 45 Cava- lier staff 4. NANCY SISK--4-H 1,25 FHA 15 Cheerleader 25 Deca 45 Vice-President 4-H 1. GRACE SMITH--Glee Club 45 FHA 35 Jr.-Sr. waitress 25 Jr.-Sr. planning committee 3. LARRY STALLCUP--Football 2,3,4, Basketball 1,2, 3,4--Co-Captain 35 J.V. Baseball 15 Key Club 2,3,4-- ezzzbr zlrecfozy Treasurer 3, President 45 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Glee Club 45 Jr.-Sr. planning committee 35 Class Vice- President 35 Homeroom Vice-President 35 Lancer staff sports editor 45 Most Valuable Basketball Player Trophy 25 Free-Throw Basketball Trophy 35 All Con- ference football 3,45 Lions Bowl 45 Player of the Week 3,45 Morehead Nominee 45 Rep. Governor's Youth Con- ference 35 Fellowship Christian Athlete attendance 25 Sr. Superlative--Best All Round 4. STEVE STALLCUP--Monogram Club 2,3,45 Key Club 2,3,45 Varsity football 2,3545 Varsity basketball 2,3545 Fellowship of Christian Athletes 35 Lancer staff sports editor 45 Class Vice-President 25 Vice-President Monogram Club 45 Boys' State 35 Basketball Rebound- ing Trophy 25 Basketball Sportsmanship Trophy 35 Baseball 15 Sr. Superlative--Most School Spirited 45 Student Council 2,3,45 Jr.-Sr. planning committee 35 Lions Bowl 45 Player of the Week 2,45 Football Sports- manship Trophy 4. BECKY STALNAKER--Library Club 15 Tri Hi Y Club 1,25 Intramural Sports 1,35 Jr.-Sr. waitress 25 FTA 35 Lancer staff 4. IMOGENE STAMEY--Deca 45 Library Club 3,45 FHA 1,2,3,45Jr.-Sr. planning committee 35 Graduation ex- ercises 2. A. C. TAYLOR--Football1,2,3,4--Tri-Captain45J.V. Basketball 15 Track 25 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Home- room Vice-President 15 Science Club 1. EDDIE THOMPSON--Library Club 1,25 Science Club 15 Glee Club 15 Lancer staff 4. JERRE THOMPSON--FHA 1,2,3,45 Jr.-Sr. waitress 25 Homeroom Secretary 25 Best U.S. History project 35 Lancer staff 4. CAROL THORNELOE--FHA 1,2,3,45 J r. Speaking Club 1,25 Basketball scorekeeper 2,35 FHA reporter 35 lst place science fair 25 lst place district science fair 35 Beta Club 3,45 Science Club Reporter 45 Sr. Speaking Club Pres. 45 Jr. Marshal 35 Lancer staff 45 Treas. Beta Club 4. ezubr Zzkecfozy ,EMILIE THORNTON--Debating Club 1,2,3,4--Sec. 2, President 35 Chi Lamba Chi 2,35 Jr. Speaking Club 1, 2--Play 25 Beta Club 3,45 FHA 1,2,3,4--Reporter 2, Sec. 35 Sr. Speaking Club 45 Homeroom President 25 Outstanding Home Ec. Student 25 Scholastic Achieve- ment 2,35 Chief Marshal 35 Girls' State 35 Best Latin Student 25 Newspaper staff 2,3--News Editor 3, Edi- tor-in-Chief CAVALIER 45 Sr. Superlative--Most Likely to Succeed 45 Editors' Conference Winthrop 35 FHA J r. Homemaker Degree 15 NCEA English Award 3. JERRY THRIFT--Student Council 2,3,4--Correspond- ingSec. 2, Vice-President 3, President 45 J r. Speaking Club 1,2--Play 25 Key Club 2,3,45 Library Club 15 Men's Chorus 45 Chi-Lamba Chi 1,25 French Club45 Class President 1,25Key Club Sec. 35 Newspaper staff 2,3,4--Sports Editor 35 Jr.-Sr. planning committee 35 Lancer staff 45 Sr. Superlatives--Most Popular, Most Dependable 4. JOHNNY TOMS--FFA 1,25 Basketball 1,25Annual staff 1,2,3,45 Beta Club 3,45 Debating Club 1,2,35 Citizen- ship 25 Debating Award 1,2,35 Class officer 35 J r. Mar- shal 35Science fair winner 35 FFA award 15 Bus driver 2,3,45 Business Mgr. 3,45 J r.-Sr. planning committee 35 J r.-Sr. waiter 25 Beta Club executive council 4. BARBARA TONEY--Class officer 1,35 Annual staff 1,2,3,45 Library Club 35 Teen Talk Rep. 2,35 Asst. Chief Marshal 35 J r.-Sr. planning committee 35 J r.- Sr. waitress 25 Zndplace science fair 35 Library Award 35 Journalism 35 W.O.W. History Award 35 Home Ec. Award 25 FHA 1,25 Glee Club 45 Beta Club 3,45 Citizen- ship 1,35 Homeroom President 4. JERRY TROUT--Speaking' Club 1,2. JANE WALDROP--Glee Club 1,25 Student Council 1,35 Jr. Speaking Club 1,2--Play 25 U.N. Peace Speaking Contest finalist 25 Lions Club Declamation Medal 25 Beta Club 3,45 Newspaper staff 2,3,45 Homecoming Sponsor 2,35Jr.-Sr. waitress 25 Jr.-Sr. planning com- mittee 35 Miss HiMiss 45 Lions Bowl Princess 45 1962 Lions Bowl Queen 45 2nd place Western District Flor- ensic Declamation Contest 35 Americanism Essay Contest--1st in school, lst in N.C. 35 Sr. Superlative-- Best Speaker 45 Editor-in-Chief of annual 45 lst place district science fair 25 Alternate Girls' State 35 In- tramural Sports 2,35 Editors' Conference,-Winthrop 35 J r. Marshal 3. DAVID WALKER--Homeroom President 15 FFA offi- cer 2--contestwinner'25 President Deca 45 D.E. Inter- view Contest winner 45 Sr. Superlative--Most Original 4. JERRY WALL--Speaking Club 1,2,35 Library Club 15 Beta Club 3,45 W.O.W. American History Award 3. DEAN WARLICK--Basketball 35 FFA 1,25 French Club 3,45 Bus driver 45 Key Club 45 Jr.-Sr. planning com- mittee 35 Jr. Marshal 3. MICKEY WARLICK--Jr.-Sr. banquet planning com- mittee 35 Perfect Attendance Certificate 25 Jr.-Sr. program 3. BONNIE SUE WATERS--FHA l,2. DAVID WATERS--FFA 1,2,3,45 Library Club 25 Deca 45 Student Council 1,25 Bus driver 4. DON WATERS--Football 2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,35 Track 25Baseba.ll 15 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Sr. Super- lative--Best Looking 45 Lions Bowl Player 45 Player of the Week 45 Best Blocker Trophy-4. JAMES RAY WATERS--FFA 1,25 Library Club 1. ROBERT WATTS--FFA 152,45 French Club 35 Vice- -President Class 25 Cheerleader 2. JANICE WHITE--FHA 1,2,3,45 Band 1,25 Jr. Speaking Club 25 Deca 4--Reporter 4. MARY EVELYN WHITE--Beta Club 3,45 Debating Club 2,3,45 FTA 3,45 French Club 45 Science Club 45 Math Club 45 Sr. Speaking Club 45 Chief Marshal 35 Jr.-Sr. waitress 25 J r.-Sr. planning committee 35 J r. Science Symposium 35 Newspaper staff 1,2,3,4--Circulation Ed. 45 Lancer staff picture editor 45 Homeroom Vice- President 35 Band majorette 1,25 Algebra Award 25 English Award 35Miss D.A.R. 45 National Merit Scho- larship Semi-Finalist 35 Intramural sports 2,3. LINDA WRIGHT--FHA 1,25 Basketball 2,35 Jr.-Sr. planning committee 35 Jr.-Sr. waitress 25 Monogram Club 45 Deca 4. ar an Ill l T 'VICE - PRE SIDE NT 1 David Matheny PRESIDENT Tommy Lee JUNIOR SPONSORS: Mrs. J. D. Hillman, Mrs. Harold Stallcup, Mr.XWi1liam Davis, Mrs. Burless Blair, Mrs. A1 King, Mrs. Henry G'1 M .J Hall. , , , les' r ames Finally we reach a position of importance. Within our class are next year's presidents, captains, and editors. In preparation for these big jobs ahead, we prove our merit by an en- ergetic magazine drive to raise money for the TREASURE R SECRETARY Bobbie Harrill John Logan Our Homemaker of Tomorrow, Don Coffey, teaches the girls to make curtains for Mrs. Stallcup's room. 'hrs Jr.-Sr. When banquet time comes, we again concentrate all our attention on the job at hand and let the Seniors know that we can handle any task we undertake. DavidWeber relieves Miss Moore in the directing of the band. Being a lady's man requires quite a bit of primp- ing, right, Pete? Mrs.King finds itvery easy to help Shirley Thomp- on, the Junior Miss Hi Miss. When will we be through with these magazine sales? A954 Elbert Adair Diane Aldridge George Allen Randy Anderson Gary Atchley Camellia Ayers Karen Bladwin Betty Barber James Beheler Jane Biggerstaff James Bird Nancy Bivens Allan Black Carolyn Blankenship Raymond Bradley Hugh Branch Gene Brandle Romona Brantley Steve Bridges Mark Brown Dean Bumgardner Larry Burgess Rodney Burnette Shirley Butler Wayne Byers Herman Campbell Lois Campbell Ronald Carpenter Susan Carson Carolyn Causby Qciokfriga letra? Phyllis Champion Richard Champion Charlotte Cherry Donald Coffey Donnis Coffey Suzette Collins Russell Collins Ann Cooke David Craft Brenda Crowe Loretta Dale Betty Dalton Charles Dalton Martha Daniel Larry Davis Raymond Davis Kay Davis Charles Dixon Stephen Dobbins Donald Dodson Jeanne Dyer Ronald Elmore Douglas Fish Frances Freeman Judith Gowan Gary Grant Annette Greene Martha Greene Barbara Greenlee J. C. Greenlee ' 196' .. 9zeffefzZ'aQ Paficga Dexter Guifey Larry Gurley Maurice Guffey, Jr. Ronald Guffey Dewey Hardin, Jr. Bobbie Harrill Carolyn Harrill Diane Harris Jewel Hawkins Phillip Hoffifield Robert Holtzclaw Kay Howard Melba Hoyle Geraldine Hoyle Geraldine Huber Joyce Hudgins Douglas Hudson Bobby Hunt Mary Jo Hutchins Lucille Hutchins Revia James Edna Johnson Elaine Jolly Ray Jones Ronald Jones Thomas Jones Alyne Keller Judy Kennedy Rudy King Patricia Lail 512 azzvze Qafer Judy Landis Jerry Lankford Katherine Lavender Patricia Ledford Thomas Lee William Lewis John Logan Steven Lovelace Lawrence Lovelace Judy Lowdermilk Judy Lowery Phil Luckadoo Marion McDaniel Betty McDaniel Sandra McDaniel Roger Mace Kenneth McFarland Wesley McNeely Freddie Mann Ruth Marshall Lorenia Martin David Matheny Lawrence Mayberry Roger Mayse Linda Melton Diane Mode Jackie Mode Shelby Jean Morrison Betty Morrow Freida Murray 1954 .- Joyce Murray Shirley Murray Stanley Neal Sammy Newton Edward Norville Donald Osley Danny Owens J. W. Pace Judy Pace Tommy Penson Dale Pettit David Philbeck Doris Philbeck Ray Pittman, Jr. Janet Poole Janice Pruett Johnny Randall Betty Reece David Reep Carl Rhymer Mike Rhyne Barbara Rich Steve Robbins Gerald Robbins Carole Ann Roberts Carole Roper Wanda Scoggins Roger Scruggs Steven Simmons Doyle Sisk PM add, 07412126 Qi. gdlzyuef . Hazel Smart Judy Smith Larry Smith Nancy Smith Nancy Splawn Perry Steele Claude Street Rebecca Summitt Donald Tesseniar Martha Tesseniar Leana Thomas Shirley Thompson Mary Jane Tognarelli Herbert Toms, Jr. Elizabeth Toms Sarah Toms Betty Toney David Toney Jerry Toney Carolyn Toney Phillip Toney Viola Toney Edward Toney Donnis Upton Eddie Upton Diane Vegoren Michael Walker Larry Walker William Walker Ronald Wall f96' PM :L-of .Qewf ear Paul Waters Ann Watkins Max Weast Brenda Weatherford Michael Weatherford Dewey Webb Wayne Webb David Weber George Wells Grady Wells Joyce Wilkerson Roberta Williams Jerry Willis Marie Willis Betsy Withrow Rita Womack Nancy Wood Cynthia Wright Stephen Wright Cynthia Wyatt Ernest Yelton Pictures not available: Frances Hefferman Robert Philbeck 120 .x 41, rw.. -:SR . if as . H.. 'gp g , ,, - if 2 'K A Q 'K xi! 2 K fi W2- . my 'K N iM X K - f PRESIDENT Scott Padgett l VICE-PRESIDENT Bernice McDaniel cgopfo SOPHOMORE SPONSORS: Mrs. Har- vey Powell, Mrs. Jack McGinnis, Miss Bernice Williams, Miss Linda Butler, Mr. Frank Shytles, Mrs. J. Q. Hodge, Mrs. Paul Mayse, Mr. Boyd Sharpe. With a touch of upperclass sophistication, we adjusted ourselves to the rigors and enjoy- ments of high school. During our classes We dissected frogs and studied Julius Caesar. TREASURER SECRETARY Myra Burgin , Kay Epley Every Sophomore has the dissection of the worm in biology to look forward to. 122 OI"QS Whatacombination! For fun, we attended all the ball games and sock hops. We even loaned our prettiest girls to the upperclassmen as waitresses for their J r.-Sr. Throwing books is Mr. Davis's method of keeping his classes alert. Our future football stars receive words of wisdom from the famed Charlie Justice. What would we do without the Coke machine? 1965 Van Abernathy Judy Adair Shirley Adair Charles Allen Amber Angel Teresa Atchley Linda Ayers Bobby Bailey Jimmy Bailey Essie Bailey Shirley Bailey Ronnie Baynard Douglas Biggerstaff Donald Blanton Thomas Blanton, Jr. Steve Brackett Frances Bradley Linda Bradley Qqviamww Qzhyyk IZ4 Ray Bradley Richard Bradley Mary Virginia Bray James Bridges Kathleen Bridges Michael Bridges Dean Bright Sheila Bridges Iris Bright Douglas Bright Diane Buckner Myra Burgin Elizabeth Butler Suzanne Butler Steve Butler Thomas Butler Donice Camp James Carroll Judy Chapman Barry Coker Robbie Collins Linda Condrey Ellen Cook Jimmy Cooley 210176 gwby . . . Cynthia Edmonds Mirak Ellis Kay Epley Patricia Frasheur David Freeman Thomas Freeman Ronald Gambill Reginald Gentry Barbara Gettys Donnie Gettys Wayne Gettys Phillip Godfrey Linda Grant Daisy Green Nancy Green Charles Greene Desi Greene James Greene Shirley Greene Ted Guffey Patrick Gurley Allen Hamrick Brenda Hardin Hugh Hardin Ronald Cooper Herbert Crenshaw Harriet Dalton Martha Jean Daniel Larry Davis Lynn Davis Milton Davis Stephen Davis Sharon Davis Richard Dobbins Jo Ann Dobbins Wayne Dobbins Linda Downey Brenda Dunkle Dean Dyer Carolyn Early Phyllis Earls Linda Earp A955 ... ee! Waiver Janice Hardin Susan Harrill Mike Hardin Jimmy B. Harris Jimmy C. Harris Linda Hawkins Ronnie Hawkins Ray Haynes Howard Hanes Leon Head O. A. Heffner Helen Helton Earl Higgins, Jr. Melvin Holland Peggy Holland Dwight Hollifield Gail Hoppes Lynda Houser 126 Dennis Hubbard Linda Hubbard Gerald Huber Donnis Hughes Mickey Hutchins Sylvia Iwerks Kaye Jackson Carole Jenkins Allen Jones Patty Jones Ray Jones Clydean Kanipe Diane Keeter Robin Keller Jerry Kiser Joey Lamb Ronnie Ledford Kay Lentz Robert Long Judy Lovelace Bruce Lowery Patricia Lowery Michael Lowrance Ronald Lynch 75.2 QW gefofe. .. Annette McFarland Devone McFarland Bennie Sue McIntyre Arnold Melton Gary Melton Gene Melton Jack Melton Marjorie Miller Alice Moore Myra Moore Linda Kaye Morgan Rodney Morgan Joel Morris Carl Morrison Rosa Lee Murray Fay Murry Arnold Padgett Dianne Padgett Scott Padgett Jimmy Padgett Marie Peeler Steve Penson Barbara Peterson James Philbeck George Magill Phillip Marchman Steve Marks Steve Marlowe Steve Marshall Carol Martin Judy Ann Martin William Martin Helen Matheny Ronald Matheny Nancy Matheny James Mathis Drew Mayse Wayne McCurry Bernice McDaniel Mary McDaniel Stanley McDaniel Timmons McDaniel X955 Weef uf MEM! Ricky Philbeck Sandra Pilgrim Patricia Kay Pitman Patricia Ann Pittman Carolyn Pope Larry Powell Gene Powell Charles Price Joe Pritchard Sharon Proctor Terry Pye Jerry Queen Carolyn Ramsay Barbara Randall Peggy Randall Tommy Richard Paul Robinson John Root J Neal Rudisill Donald Ruff Bobo Scruggs, Jr Phyllis Shephard Martha Shires J. D. Shropshire Horace Skipper Barbara Smart Charles Smart Shirley Smart Brenda Smith David Smith Delano Smith Freddie Smith Harry Smith Harold Smith Christine Smith Larry Smith Linda Smith Sandra Smith Shirley Smith Rita Sorrells Eugene Spratt Judy Spratt fa Qzydifi Pictures not available: Gene Bumgardner Charles Dobbins, Jr, Marcia Dycus Maxine McCurry Charles Queen Sherrill Toney Virle Toney Linda Trout Paulette Van Dyke Patty Ward Dennis Warlick Claude Waters Laura Waters Richard Watson Allen Whisnant, Jr. Gail White Dianne White Donnis Wilkerson Sybil Wilderson Freddie Williams James Wood Dan Wright Barry Yelton Wade Yelton Wayne York Frances Stacey Mary Evelyn Stout Brenda Street Carlon Suttle Sara Swicegood Diane Tate Carolyn Taylor Marshall Tessinear Wanda Tessinear Diana Thomas Martha Thomas June Thomas Shirley Thomas Phyllis Thrift Thomas Toms Edith Toney Kenneth Toney Ronnie Toney PRESIDENT Steve Oliver FRESHMAN SPONSORS: Mrs. George Harris, Miss Bobbiewalker, Mr.William Edgerton, Mr. Ken Daves, Mrs. Terry Robbins, Mr. Jeff e r s on Gettys, Mrs. James Whisnant, Miss Ann Gray. VICE -PRESIDENT Pam McGimsey A stare and a grin was all we received when we entered high school. But behind those new faces of ours was a lot of spirit and high hopes for a good year. We always yelled loudest and SECRETARY TREASURER Linda Radford Linda. Edgerton Q12 longest at pep rallies ! And throughout the year, we showed our ambition to be future leaders of East by participating in any activity that came along. What form! What poise! P. E. can be fun! Who will ever forget FFA initiation? This is as bad as a traffic jam! Just keep trying . . . you' 11 catch on! A955 fefiffzefz Helen Adair Linda Adair Linda Aldridge Larry Allen Cathy Anderson Carole Ann Bailey Kenneth Bailey Larry Bailey Lois Ann Bailey Vance Bailey Betty Beheler Thurman Beheler Judy Bemiett John Bird Vance Blankenship Barbara Bostic Jane Bostic Judy Carole Bradley Judy Bradley Trudy Bradley Tommy Bradshaw Donald Bridges Eddie Bridges Margie Bridges Sammy Bridges Joann Bridges Glenda Brooks Ronald Brooks Mary Jo Brown Patricia Burgess Johnny Butler Rita Byers Bill Byers Mike Callahan Jimmy Camp Charles Canipe Ronnie Cantrell Darcus Carpenter Bobby Carson Nancy Causby Frances Chapman Christine Chapman Jimmy Clement Marciana Cockran Jimmy Coffey Jackie Coker Janet Connor Sammy Cook Joey Costner Johnny Crotts WW Aw 1471? year. .. Lewis Freeman Fredia Gettys John Givens, Jr. Sally Glover Jackie Green Marilyn Green Leon Green Thomas Green Glenette Greene Carolyn Greene Jack Greene Judy Greene Judith Ann Greene Jimmy Griffin, IH Raymond Gurley Reid Hammett Ava Hamrick Jimmy Hamrick Dennis Hardin Brenda Harrill Ray Harrill Scott Harrill Linda Harton Nancy Haulk Bobby Hawkins Sandra Haynes Donna Kay Hemphill Diann Higgins Bobby H111 Juanita Holland Nina Crowe Anita Dale Davie Dalton Steven Daniel Ted Daves Betty Davis Sandra Davis Ronald Dodson Mary Ann Dotson Charles Duncan Linda Dunkle Judy Dyer Linda Edgerton Ronald Edwards Derry English Ronsome Epley Wanda Fish Mary Craven Ford Dorothy Ray Freeman Joe Freeman A955 gt'6f0lfP WQWWLP George Hollifield Marlene Hooper Bruce Hoyle Edwin Hughes Morris Huntley Wray Jackson Franklin Jackson Freida Jackson Herby James Joyce Jenkins David Johnson Fredia Johnson David Johnson Faye Jolley Beverly Jones Clifford Jones Polly Jones Max Jones Martha Jones Mary Ellen Jones Nancy Justice Wayne Lancaster Winfred Lancaster Carolyn Landis Don Lane Dianne Laughter Betty Ledford Dorothy Lee Patricia Lemons Janice Lingafelt Arnold Lovelace J. C. Lovelace Beth Lowdermilk Cleon Lowery Kenneth Lowery Douglas Lowman Patsy Lowrance Terry McArthur James McDaniel Denease McDaniel Billy McFarland Pam McGimsey Wayne McKinney Marilyn Marchman Michael Marlowe Marie Martin Joann Martin Jimmy Mason Carol Mathis Carolyn Mayse zz Piymffaflcafm Uhfrer. Jeff Owens Jenny Owens Charles Padgett Rheugenia Padgett Albert Parker Shirley Parris Norris Penson Britt Philbeck Cynthia Philbeck Tommy Philbeck Tommy Pitman David Proctor Annie Mae Queen Katheler Queen Martha Queen Linda Radford Steve Randall Mitze Rash Allen Reid Dickie Robbins Steve Roberson David Robertson Patsy Russ Robert Scruggs Dianne Sellers Michael Shires Jimmy Short Linda Sisk Rebecca Sisk Helen Smith Diane Melton Kay Melton Lonnie Melton Nancy Melton Jerry Milam Linda Miller Nancy Millwood Rita Mitchum Ann Morgan Reid Moore Norma Morris Richard Morrow Jr Glenda Morrow Susie Morrow Scott Moss Linda Motley Frances Murray Susie Murray Steve Oliver Philip Osley f96'6' fmt gfwdfdl fo Jerry Smith J. B. Smith Martha Smith Robert Smith Shirley Smith Shirley Juanita S Michael Spratt Robert Sprouse Margaret Stacy Lavonna Stafford Brenda Suttle Bill Suttle Sandra Tate Cathy Tedder Barbara Thomas Stanley Thornton Ken Tisdale Warren Toms Marilyn Toms Carolyn Toney mith sf- Judy Toney Diane Toney Sally Towery Sandra Upton Nancy VanDyke Gene Vassey Kathleen Walker Bermy Wall Veronica Wall Marianne Wall Kenneth Warlick Arnold Waters Donald Whisenant Steve Whisna.nt Phyllis Whitaker Janis White Howard Whitlock Eugenia Williams Vickie Williams Dianne Wilson Jimmie Wilson Perry Wilson Sandra Wilson Susan Withrow Toni Womick David Womack Peggy Wood Brenda Wright Judy Yelton Mary Lee Yelton eQQOi0f?Z0f9 Year 3-4 G L! Ronnie Yelton Pictures Not Available: Donald Brown Wayne Biungardner James Mickey Dobbins Ted Harris Ervin McGinnis, Jr. Ronald Moore Jimmy Morrow Ervin Murray Q I 'Mn QWP1 no U 4, F Z .:,.,.:....,..,...,...,. ...., ,..,... . . , Aj 5 f. '. -"fff1 ffffffff ' x ..:.:. 1 .:.1.:.,:: 2.5 Linda Harton and David Matheny, Don Coffey and Linda Radford perfectly illustrate the custom of Freshman girls and upperclass- men boys going "steady", Don't laugh at us--you were a freshman once! X M. 4 W Sf. Q1 wha M Win S' , 12' A4 ,.......J Advertising ALEXANDER BAPTIST CHURCH Marion D. Blanton, Minister R. L. Lineberger, Minister of Music Mrs. R. L. Lineberger, Judy Lowdermilk, Organists H. P. Lowdermilk, Jr., Treasurer Mrs. Garnel Wall, President of W. M.'U. Mrs. Paul Vandyke, Director of Training Union Clark Hoyle, Superintendent Sunday School John E. Pye, President Men's Brotherhood Forest City, North Carolina The Congregation and Staff of THE FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Extend Congratulations to the Graduates and Faculty On Completion of Their Year's Work Reverend M. Teague Hipps, Minister To Be Supplied, Director of Christian Education Mrs. Fred Blanton, Church Secretary Mr. G. Hoyle Blanton, Minister of Music Mrs. G. Hoyle Blanton, Organist Mr. Dan King, Chairman of the Official Board Arthur Vickers, Sexton Forest City, North Carolina The Members And Staff Of The FLORENCE BAPTIST CHURCH Convey Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Students and Faculty Q r. Minister-T. W. Estes Minister of Music-To Be Supplied Secretary-Miss Martha Jean McFarland "Trust in the Lord with all thine heartg and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths." Florence Baptist Church Corner Florence and Broadway Forest City, North Carolina SANDY LEVEL BAPTIST CHURCH Minister-Charles R. McDaniel Sunday School Superintendent-Dewitt Melton Ye Shall Keep My Sabbaths, and Reverence My Sanctuary, I am the Lord. Leviticus 19:30 Sunday School-10:00 A. M. Training Union-6:00 P. M. Worship Services-11:00 A. M. 2nd, 4th, 5th Sundays 7:00 P. M. lst and 3rd Sundays Route 1 Bostic, North Carolina MT. HARMCJNY BAPTIST CHUR Minister-Paul F. Dotson Sunday School Superintendent- Loyd D. McCurry O Come, Let Us Worship. Psalms 95:6 Sunday School-10:00 A. M. Worship Service-11:00 A. M. each Sunday Evening Service-lst 81 3rd Sundays Prayer Service-Wednesday Nights Route 2 Bostic, North Carolina CH MSMQNQ X -+4 N312 ,iff I T K X 75" 4' i 1 Tiki .Pig I I 5 . ' ,IA f L, X , ' X -V .yy K ' 1 52 " Q .. to :.gQ.,.-.. X... Sir A ' 4 : .S" 9 J' Qt A. .me M, ' v. v A-Q gg- 5iQAg5A.,, , ' , C:-Iv A- W, :. J A Q ,eww , . lg?-H541 x ' m fi ..,, 'I . f +I . I 1 - -use ' . gn Q51 : . I ,, - is Congratulations to the first graduating class of EAST RUTHERFCRD HIGH SCHOOL From Oak Grove Methodist Church Ellenboro, North Carolina. Compliments of FAIRVIEW BAPTIST CHURCH Route If 2 Bostic, North Carolina qDQI.rf:9rHR FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Forest City, North Carolina SALUTES 1963 Graduating Class of East Rutherford High School MT. LEBANON BAPTIST CHURCH A AV T A A . Sunday School-10:00 A. M. Preaching-11:00 A. M. Training Union-7:00 P. M. Bible Study and Prayer Service Wednesdays-7:30 P. M. "Lord, I have loved the habitation of Thy House." Psalms 26:8 "Let us go into the house of the Lord." Psalms 122:16 Route 1, Bostic, North Carolina CEDAR GROVE METHODIST CHURCH Pastor-Paul Heafner Sunday School 10:00 A. M. lst 3rd 81 4th 11:00 A. M. 2nd Sunday Worship Services 9:45 A. M. 2nd Sunday 11:00 A. M. 4th Sunday 7:30 P.M. 3rd Sunday Bostic, North Carolina ELLENBORO MILLS, INC. ELLENBORO, N. C. Congratulations to the Faculty and Students of EAST RUTHERFORD HIGH on completion of their first year. ' - af wALoRoP's, INC. Famous for Quality and Value London Fog - Dobbs Puritan - Jantzen Jaymar - "Hushpuppies Canterbury - Hickok Munsingwear - Esquire Lady Manhattan - Happ IV Alligator American Tourister Bass Weejuns - Mayfair Manhattan - champ Lakeland - Middishade Crosby Square - Evans English-Leather - Shank Harburt - Edward Schainman WALDROPS, INC. Men's and Young Men's Wear ------ Ladies' Sportswear 106 East Main Forest City, North Carolina HARRI LL BROS. WHOLESALE CONFECTIONARY Herman Roy Candy--Cigars--School Supplies Phone Ch-5-2115 6 Young Street Forest City, North Carolina DEE'S GRILL 81 DRIVE-IN CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1963 WEST END FOREST CITY NORTH CAROLINA PEPSI-CGLA 81 7-UP BOTTLING CO THE ALEXANDER MILLS ,G Congratulations to the Senior Class from Coca-Cola JK? CMM BCJTTLING C0 Congratulations to the Senior Class of '63 from LAUREL MILLS, INC Rutherfordton North Carolina "l hear Cone Mills Corporation is 3 EWU PIECE to W0fk-" "You're right . . . they have a fine career development program . . l'm applying for a job with Cone!" 5 lj ffl! 'sv CONE MILLS CORPORATION 'Where fabrics of tomorrow are woven today." fggglzlttgv XECUTIVE IIFFICES FINISHING PLANTS ' ' " Ereensburo, N. C. Carlisle 8. Greenville, S. C. '!iee.- 0 Greensboro 81 Haw River, N. C. MANUFACTURING PLANTS-Avondale, Cliffside, Greensboro, Forest City, Salisbury, Pineville, Reidsville, Gibsonville, Haw River and Hillsboro in North Carolina. Greenville ln South Carolina. CONE PLANTS IN YOUR AREA ARE FLORENCE, HAYNES AND CLIFFSIDE BLAlR'S of Forest City Men's Furnishings 'English Leather 'London Fog "'Cricka.teers Phone 245-2076 Horne Shopping Center, Forest City, North Carolina JOE ROBBINS GENERAL CONTRACTOR Homes built for your convenience. Free Estimates Phone CH-5-5071 108 Flack Road Forest City, North Carolina Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1963 from HUNTLEY'S USED CARS CITY RADIO 8a JEWELRY CO "Headquarters for East High" Tie tacks, Charms, Miniature class rings in school colors Phone CH-5-4638 Forest City, North Carolina THRIFT BRCTHERS SUPER MARKET Grade A City Wide Market Delivery Fountair Garden Fresh Service Vegetables Phone CH 5-4212 608 South Broadway Forest City, North Carolina THE FCREST CITY COURIER Rutherford County's Semi-Weekly Newspaper D Published MONDAYS AND THURSDAYS A Prize Winning A B C Newspaper Live! Progressive! Aggressive! The 'hvin Voices of Rutherford County The No. 1 Radio Station WBBO AND WBBO-FM WBBO 780 and WBBO- FM 93.3 on your FM Band We Salute Students, Graduates, Faculty Members of East Rutherford High School Listen To The People You Know Over WBBO RON 81 EDDY'S RESTAURANT K Where Friends Meet Dial CH 5-4470 Forest City, North Carolina RADIO STATION WAGY "The Friendly Voice" F. M. 105.3 mc 20,000 watts A. F. 1320 mc 1,000 watts Phone CH-5-9888 Forest City, North Carolina BELK-LOGAN OF FOREST CITY "Remember, you always save at Belk- Logan!" 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Phone CH-5-2539 Forest City, North Carolina GAMBLE'S FLORIST F. T. D. Member Flowers for All Occasions Dial-CH-5-4724 308 West Main Street Forest City, North Carolina J. AUSTIN HAMRICK Insurance Agency THEODORE EARLS' GARAGE Hospitalization Fire-Auto-Liability General Auto Repair 114 East Main Street CH-5-4513 Forest City, North Carolina Forest City, North Carolina J. W. WATERS Quality Used Northern Cars Phone CH-5- 5254 R. F. D. 4t1 Located at Sandy Mush Forest City, North Carolina YEL'1'oN MILLING COMPANY Manufacturers and Distributors of Yelton's Best Corn Meal Rutherfordton, North Carolina W Feminine Apparel of Dignity and Distinction Forest City, North Carolina Best wishes from friends, GUY E. JOHNSON and THE FASHION SHOPPE HICKS FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE col GE 8: RCA Televisions Phone CH 5-5321 Forest City, North Carolina TOM'S TOASTED PEANUTS Tom's peanut butter sandwiches 8: Tom's candies Phone CH-5-4508 ERNEST H. CHAMPION 805 South Church Street Forest City, North Carolina CHARLES WATKINS USED CAR EXCHANGE Better Grade Used Cars Day Phone 245-4397 Night Phone 245-4476 323 W. Main St. Forest City, North Carolina BILL O. DYCUS Plumbing, Wiring, Floor Finishings, General Shopwork Phone GL 3-7539 Hopewell, North Carolina I'm tired, I'm weary, I'm frazzled, I'm POOPED! This school year for me has been full of more rushes, more deadlines, more hours, and more headaches than any other which I'ye ever ex- perienced. Nevertheless, this annual is FINALLY finished . . . completed . . . through . . . OUT! I, as your 10096 insane editor, sincerely hope that you enjoy this first copy of the Lancer---for, with all that nail-biting and hair pulling it requires, it may be the last! But it was worth every minute of it! Jane Waldrop This is the absolute END! Editgg--in-Chj.ef Q Y' "Victory! Victory! Is our cry! 'V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!" Q You ren him about ir, coach! refrzefnhr. . . Our very competent lunchroom workers-- FIRST ROW: Mrs. Norville, Mrs. Philbeck, Mrs. Dobbins. SECOND ROW: Mrs.Smart,Mrs.Harmon, Mrs. Toney, Mrs. Davis. 755' zfrrf year.. Our practice teachers, Mr. Smart and Mrs. Haney, pre- pare a bulletin board as part of their practice work. "And that little green shoot over there. ." This group of students, along with a few others, are re- sponsible for getting us to school safely each morning. FIRST ROW: Jim Ayers, Dewey Webb, Herman Camp- bell, Steve Brackett, David Reep, Geary Miller. SEC- OND ROW: David Lowery, Charles Dixon, David Toney, David Waters, Susan Grose, John Toms, Dean Warlick, Gene Pannell, Jimmy Newton. Absent: Bill Lewis, Her- bert Toms. dfghff Why should you diet? Food won't cause your hair to fall out! lf" a 4 EAST RU 1 'Ll' Q ,--- - li - ! ua., : . " ' Vim, x , N I rouNoac fe Q- . 4,49 - .Lf ' Al- 4 ?igXSg3gfj5g ': Q 5 i ,. V J ' E . .W , . ,ag ' ..,. ,A fx- v4"t"'-'5' gag, ma. H.. - -'G ' - . , , W -- rf", V f 5 - . his f x A .- .f ' - if ' 1, ' . K ,.. x1 ' ' . ' A 4 t . 9 XX . M F f . ' . ,, V , K W A F F f ' an x I ,, . . 7. - 5.2-if: ,,, .Y If-5 ,swf ff..w45.h I W v ' , r , -. ,4 4,525 . i gi 2 W, - "" A .av ,I .1 , W' ff," W , i ff' f 1. Hr H W Uma' il. 1 'n EAI 'xx L V EJ an I fi fx A 4 J. :Fw A, I A -.fu X wg' 'Kr W Q I I' CJ J 1 P f' fr W M? Efufli " L V ajf Q5 F., ,1r,. if gl H11- f ,V-'jjj A-3,51 nr -I r - P L 'M F. hifi' W 9 ,gi w54J,Er,LJ v! nf:

Suggestions in the East Rutherford High School - Lancer Yearbook (Forest City, NC) collection:

East Rutherford High School - Lancer Yearbook (Forest City, NC) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


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East Rutherford High School - Lancer Yearbook (Forest City, NC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 79

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