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C. -I1T"lfff'f?CZ' ww 4. ,jggficy 4 Y: 1 ? , N"- xlif""fx A W V 4 4 .gif Q '5 K ,,.,, -, M. J w W Q a f 4:-vga 9. 4 mf my F. 12- my Mk f ,K I x 1 55 ' if Q s W J L 1 4 f Z. 1 1 E 5 I 5 1 y I ' , t . 4 5 1 , j . F 5 5 I I , , Z I i 1 I ---... ..,...-.,- ,- .. l i 1 1 u 1 A I n 1 v sz i ' A . Q A I 1 ' I .. .,,. . . . . a 5 s s Y F . I I u ' I C . I . 5 I 1 ' 1 H11 llll 111 :17+Q:w..' T-W, -. 1- , Ll. ' 1 ' X Yx' 'D 1 5 11 1 W 1 ,A3"f1f!'11. Jil "T YW' W L X N L -4. 1, X K- ,W 1 , z- M 1 . 1 QM: K N T1 1 k ff J N 1 N 1 L-1-N1 1 1!..fS-NEAL 'RIG' 1 ix S 1 1 K kfs 1 1 1+ 1. ..- v- I LL .11 I1-S1 1 XIII LYLQTLLNI ' ..1 xx. 1 11 H 1 I1 - 1 3, 1 1 1 l 1 15 Az' lv, 'N 1-L1 . S MV., . xfu 1 IIH 1v',,4.,1I4W FJ A "' 435 X I 5 V4 C 3'-fi -SE! -.A .,. , I 1 1 ., 1 K 1 N'Xf1.,ru'-511 ' ' ,t -4-.L x 15 'nl ' Nw 1 'Affgff 1 1' Y 6 'Lf ' - L 1 jiri ,,.,,,,LN1A . 1 -T ,,. -yt ' 11111111111 'is 1111 1-N1 II 1 1 ' A tv llllllllllllllx 1x1ll1 IIS ll1111111'l11111l ll 1 N 1 f ll N1'l11111l Yl'lIs J Q lllllllllldllll 111111 111 IIIIIIKINI lllll Illll Illtll 1111111 I11 1111 lIlll"l'l'SS 1111 llll 1x N 1111 .. Sl' U s s 1 1 Y 1111 Nl JIIN .ll 1111rk illltl All 11l.11 Ill 11111 Nl ll 1l11'1. ffgiixf ,N Ai 'Ili x, A .. f nf fiififitg 3:6 vt 3 .ff L 1: 1 I I 1 gwyf . 5QlMW'J a Msiikg like w ', ff' Yr if , i MW' MISS PAULINE FRITZ Senior Class Advisor The key to the success of any class is the quality of the direction contributed by its class advisor. In this respect we, the CLASS OF 1955, have been extremely fortunate in having as our advisor. Miss Pauline Fritz. Under her wonderful leadership, we have become a class noted for harmony. If ever our class became the least bit out of tune. we bounced right back on pitch because of her sincere and thoughtful guidance. Because of all her charming characteristics, we shall miss her, but our thoughts will always be with our esteemed advisor. I 1 Y H BOXRD OF FUUCATION Bark Ron Wir froxer Dr Coryell Front Row: Mr. Mance, Mr. Hazzard, Dr. Harris. LEWIS C. OBOURN FRANK J. 0'DONNELL Superintendent Principal For the first time since 1945 I have had the pleasant task of working closely with the student body and particularly with you Seniors. I can there- fore, be a bit more personal in my remarks this year. You can look ahead to a wonderful future. Invention, discovery and humane and understanding world leadership will make the next years exceedingly exciting, fruitful, and generally,good. Be sure that you take an active part. LEWIS C. OBOURN Superintendent The theme of the 1955 class, "Harmony,' suggests a thought or two for your consideration. True har- mony admits of discord. Honest differences of opinion, constructively presented, are very important to the perpetuation of American democracy. Never be afraid "to stand up and be eountedw if you feel that you are right. It is great to be young, and great to be an American. Make the most of it. Good luck. FRANK J. 0,DONNELL Principal Administration il -f-'fi if I'-4 ,-4 .r x i , We 4.82.-.- W4 5 1 A SW Q, 1,.g,w MRAX .9463 Y-vig f 1 ,XQESY ,xfivass iiifi .QRS XQSSA wxsi QXQ. Quiks- 5.1551 I ii? .Af"' g lx D' ' if ni Skis?- ., 5 11 "I ,W . ww 15. .R W si - 1 I Qxl fm TN Vgrtg 1?.,,'...wA , ' 5' X1 ll1- 4-X. 'Q ? l 3 H- Q, . .-- 5-5 1 I I 9 O K ,..k,,.. . -c-.-,u"w. 4,5 .3-,E n wW-.- .-gif -+4f-P' V ' ? .4570 M: J T I 5 ' N g I3 I . , K I . 1 lk. Back Row: Krfffrer Dilling. Pryor. Front Row: Daninzio Qpollio, Aloisio, Mrs, Mc'Caf'lf'rw Svumaci Sortino Rosati CAFETERIA STAFF Mrs. Elizabeth Farrell, Mrs. Ollie Ransco, Mrs. Violet Estey. Mrs. Mae Wright, Miss Edith Henry. if 'N' .ff 50 9 x50 1.6 Anthony pacing Marilyn Rice' David Palmer Valoflirtorian SHllll0l0ff0Uf Senior Honor Students ' i if H73 , Xin Stephen Royku of' X , I 'SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISOR Bark Row: Seidel, Treasurvr: Pavoni, Sorretary. Front Row: Cilento. Vire- Presidont: Dellapietra, President: Miss Fritz. Azlrisor. Ann Storm ff .Q fu f. . l,oran Sin ith V , ig,:i5.v.,, fu? 'ju' fx, -vi ju , L' v fi' L, . al Y f 1 1 Q JY' iw? 4 fn r' ee ls. 4 . api , ' 5'Z:gr,g4J ' , .-wwf Wa' myffigl v f:.:t?5' ,-fs' lik. M? i , drift ifiiif-Y ' Zf'5'g,i" ' 9, vi z T ffm t . X v W .Q t., .loan Cilento Nancy Soudan Nam-y flrflelf-y Louise l'avoni Anthony Belaskas mf, he Anna ffulabrcse v K .loanna Lane I5 HONOR STUDENTS Special tribute should be given to the soloists in the Senior Class. These thirteen honor students deserve addi- tional recognition for their outstanding scholastic performance. They not only have done a superb job in every day school work, but also in participating in many extra curricular activities. The "lucky thirteen" are listed in the order of their standing. To be an honor student, one must attain an average of 85 or above for four years. This year we are proud to announce that the valedictorian of our class is Tony Pacilio and our salutatorian is Marilyn Rice. JAMES BACH "Bookie', Melody" "Live Wire" 4, Cirl's Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Junior Prom Staff, Libraryl tee. Senior Ball Commit- 1 Committee, Senior Ball Commit-' EUGENE BAUER "Gene" "Thinking Of You" Stagecrew 3, 4, J11r1i0r P1'0m Committee, Senior Ball Com- mittee, Tennis 3, 4, Magazine Campaign 4. Seniors 1955 ANTHONY BELASKAS ROENERT BELT AN 'SBisky,' ' "Pancho" i'It,s A Woman's Worldu J' "Hey Therfifi Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, T is 2M 4, J ni ProFpCom- 4, Latin Club I, 2, 3, 4, Junior mi ee, nior Committee, Prom Committee, Senior Ball R ct' ist In mqzdls 3, 4. Committee, National Honor So-.N ' pl ciety 3, 4: Student Association " Ni VP j, President 4: Intramurals 3. '- C. 'NNI ,' DIANA BLAIR FREDERICK BUECHEL "Di" "Fritzie,' i'Let Me Call You Sweethearti' "Mr, Sandman" Girl's Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Girl's Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, 'Tennis Sports I, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, 4, Modern Dance Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Ball Committee, Magazine Junior Prom Committee, Senior Campaign 4. Ball Committee. viii JN A x it if A bl ii 1 X7 , Ev Need - off' Girl's orts 2, 4,f' a h n 4, A as o 4 L ry ub Presiden , u ' r s 0 er i'NC S 3, Seneo Ballygommittee, Ju ior Prom om? 'tp , Leaders Club 3, 4, StagecrXLZL3, . So I-on8,1?g GEORGIA CARR "Georgia On My Mind" Girl's Sports 1, 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Girl's Clee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Modern Dance Club 2, 3, Library Club 4, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Senior Ball Committee. N , ., I6 Jimoulfau X, RUSSEL CARTER "Russ" "Man With A Horn" Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: Cagashoan Stall' - Business Mana- IOANN CASACCIA ujnas "With A Song ln My Heart" Senior Chorus l, 2, 3: Cirl's Clee Club l, 2, 3, 4: 'Twirling l, 2, 3, 4: Latin Clubylgl, 3, 4: 7Libr ry Club 2 ' 345 unior P ger: Choralaires 1, 2: Danee Band ggillfff f'niorfBglY, ittee: ' ll State 2 3' Drill-L' 'li Z. f 6 1, 2, 3, 4,A- . I, rs rtg,l,'i3.- Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Seetiopal GGG ' Z CII!!! ' ' vs, 4. gf-f ' if ' LJ LL. J L IC AML" 1 I x X' fd ,Q - ' O' 1 i ,- V 1 nrhli J i ll! I rf" 'U v. ', v , J iglwif aw C gf: fl T A iJ , V , V, I X I Ll fa 'L t .XR , Nl osx CORBA DAKV1 CR, No41.7, ii.Roseo,' N ffm' -X 'KB' I N H U! '-i.am.- Things Mean Mm ol. tex own Junlf. CirI's one Club 1, 2, 3. Pres. 41 Fqo all 1, Ya, Captkygg Track Cirl's Sports l, 2, 3. 4: Junfor agaznl Camnaidn 4: S ior Prom Committee: Senior Ball 'll Conhmitteek-J.lt1n3or, P om Committee: Modern Dance Club Axommiyee. W L Ml' 4. . W at . W at N 1 q - i ,X ,WJ , I f u VP, x., X I. vw of X, FRANK CZECH "Side" "California, llf-re l 4i0Hlt'N Basketball I, 2: Football 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Band l, 2, 3, 4: llunee Band l, 2, 3, 4: Class President 2: lntramurals 3, 4: ,lunior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Committee. ANTHONY DELLA l'IIiTR.4 "Head" "Unforgettable" Football l, 2, 3, 4: Flag Guardian 3: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4: llanee Band l, 2, 3, 4: Freneh Club 3, 4: National Honor Soeiety 3, Pres, 4: Student Council 2, 3, 4: President of Class 4: Chairman of Junior Prom 3. bf LOUIS 1m'111L'1.11' "L0uie,' "A Wonderful Guy" lntramurals l, 2, 3, 4: Band 1. 2, 3, 4: Drill Band 1, 2, 3, 4: .luuior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Committee. IOAN CILENTO "Jonny" "You Are The Night And The Nlusieu Cirl's Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4: National Honor Soeiety 3. 4: Editor of Ambassador 4: Co- Editor of Cagashoan 4: Junior Town Meeting 4: ,lunior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Commit- tee: Student Couneil 3: Cirl'S .Sports 2. PJ' GRACE DeVlT0 '6Dorothy" 'ilslold My Hand" Cirl's Sports l, 2. 3, 4: Cirl's Glee Club l, 2. 3, 4: .lunior Prom Com- mittee: Senior Ball Committee: Ambassador Staff 4: Modern llanre Club l, 2, 3, 4: Library Club 3. 4: Library Club Officer 3. JAMES DeVITO "Hawk" "Ain't Misbehavinu Intramurals 1. 2, 3. 4: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Committee: Magazine Campaign 4. MARY ANN FERRISNIN WWARIO FIORIAVANT BEVERLY FORD . I B "Mare" "You, You, You" Twirling Corps l, 2, 3, 4: Cirl's Sports I, 2. 4: Modern Danre Club 3, 4: Cirl's Clee Club I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Ball Committee: Jun- ior Prom Committee: Library Club 3. AN' V50 JIU ROBERT Dz'BERARDINlS "DeBar,' Hpfflev i'At Lastn PETER DORAZIO 'AHey, Good Lookinv Football I, 2, 3. 4: Intramural Football 1- 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom Committee: Basketball I, 2, 3: Track I, 2, 3: junior Prom Committee: Senior Senior Ball Committee: Magazine Ball Committee. Campaign 4',q S ' 1955 CARL ELSBREE GARY ESTEY 6'Undertone,' 'iLive For Todayw "Small Fry" Football 1. 2: Stagecrew 3. Mana- Intramuralsl 2, 3: Band 1, 2, 3: r 4' Intramurals I 2 3 4 1 ge v 1 i v 5 Dfill Band 1, 2, 31 Senior Ball French Club I, 2, 3, 4: Cagashoan Committee: Magazine Campaign Staffg Junior Ball Committeeg enior Ball Committee. 4' W X V4 if ie WMQVQ bf w ' XL ...K "Wanted" 'A "When The Blue Of Th Meets The Cold Of The Basketball 1, 2, 3, 41 Junior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Commit- Spencerport I, 2, 3: Girlis tee: Magazine Campaign 4. 4' Mixed Chorus 4' Ma azine - - tl Campaign 4: Senior Ball. I 8 174: Mons 5305? BZ? Y 2 x 'Q Q Q 'Barrera 'Crt is JUIJITH CLANTON ujudy., "Undecided" Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Band 3, 4: Dance Band 3. 4: Drill Band 3, 4: Cagashoun: French Club 1, 2, 3, 4: All-State 4: Cirl's Sports 1, 2, 3: Cirl's Clee Club I, 2. xlwxx EUGENE GALLELLlS'5fg - f ucalliv Z' . "Bewitched, Bothered, and Hoff- ' So Bewilderedw Ju i r ee: Senior Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2: Ba 'u -- - ' ee' gaiine Cam- Mixed Chorus 1, 2: 3, 4: All- paign 4. State 2, 3: Junior Prom Commit- tee: Senior Ball Committee: Choralaires 2 Seniors 1955 WILLIAM CILHART "Bill" "Just My Bill" Student Council 1, 4: Projectionist 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: Choralaires I, 2: All State 1, 2: Tennis 1, 2. NANCY CREELEY iCNan,, "Can't Help Lovin' That Man Of Mine" National Honor Society 3, 4: Edi- tor of Gagashoan: Ambassador Stall 4: Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4: French Club 2, 3, OH. 4: Mixed Chorus Accompanist I, 2, 3, 4: All-State 4: Choralaires 1, 2: Girl's Clee Club 1, 2, 3: Oratorical Contest 4: Harvest Queen 3. A ROBERT CILI. "Gillis" "These Foolish Things" Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Commit- tee: Magazine Campaign 4. FRANK HAMILTON nilerkyn "The Happy Wanderer" Latin Club 2, 3, 4: Intramurals 3, 4: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Committee: Magazine Campaign 4. 9 at ii, Q Fair CAROLYN HARRIS "Boots" "Stay As Sweet As You Are" French Club 1, 2: Cirl's Clee Club I, 4: Library Club 3, 4: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Committee: Cagashoan Col- lector. I0 X X JOHN HOFFMAN HMOHJQ "Goodby Girls, l'm Through" Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Football Stage Crew 3, 4: Intramurals 1, 2, If DONALD KIER N t:D0ns9 4 Got The World On A String" Hdsketball 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, tramural Basketball 3, 4, Foot- 3, 4: .lunior Prom Committee, 3 all Manager 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Senior Ball Committee. Committee, Senior Ball Com- ROSE MARIE KUBEK NROJQ 'iSweet And Lovely" Pottsville Catholic High School 1, 2, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Ball Committee, Latin Club 4, Girl's Glee Club 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. of Library Club 4, Modern Dance Club 3. Ball RICHARD KITCHEN "Kitchy" "Zoomin' ln The Zombie" Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, ,lunior Prom Committee, Senior Ball Committee, Football 2. GEORGE KUHN csRat99 'AAnything Goes" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, Football 1, 2, Junior Prom Committe, Senior Ball Committee. mittee.. hiors 1955 ROBERT KOHLER A ccB0bs9 "Crazy Man, Crazy" Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 1, 2, 3. 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Ambassador Staff 4: Gagashoan Staff, .lunior Prom Committee, Senior Ball Commit- tee, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. .IOANNA LANE MJD!! "My Eyes Cry For You" Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Cvirl's Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Cagashoan Staff 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Drill Band 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, Modern Dance Club 4. 20 BARBARA LEHMANN "Bobs" g'Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart" Luisengymnasium 1, 2, 3, Ambas- sador Staff 4, Co-Editor Caga- shoan Staff, Modern Dance Club 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Senior Ball Committee: Latin Club 4, Cirl's Sports 4, National Honor Society 4. 'flu Revo: mvc..u,e Sd LAWRENCE LENZI CN Larry "'Dark Eyes" lntramurals 1, 2, 3. Prom Committee, Senior Magazine Campaign 4 LLTTRELI, Kljirnl, Can't Be Love" 1, 2: Football 3. 4: Bas- Traek 4' Chorus 3, 4: Prom Committee: Committee. If U' ' . kj W"ill'l5glr10r fl W f P' Y P5 pf , " pa ' , ,IOYLC , la WR XICICHARD MAROZZI A ar A et ' a ' g" H , "Dl'ck', ' , S SP0 lg 2 nl mm There ll Neyer Be A e P l C mmi ,: S 'o l Commit- Llke Y tee. 3 az' nba ,gn 4' Senior Band 1, , 4: ,J f 1,2,3,4:In m ,2, 4: 0' cj Junior P o ittee: nior My VU Ball Com tt . . 1 jjJf'Y" 9 01123, MQ' L , Q ' 'g- ,W j XT ANNX4 MARNTEl,l,O BETTY ANN MCARTHUR M R ROBERT JIEYERS , "Pretty elfl Heyy" "Thou Swell" "Marr "Amoeba" fr flirl'r5 Clee Club l, 2, ., 4: Cirl's Palmyra l, 2: Junior Prom Com- K'Because" 'LI Want A Girl Just Like The X Sporth J. 2. 3, :' ,Leaders Club mittee: Senior Ball Committee: Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Girl'. Sports Girl That Married Dear Old Dad" gm 2, 3, 4: XSenin fgwrus 3. ,4: Mod- Magazine Campaign 4. X a-rn Danvc- Chix , 2, 3, 4: Junior I A Prom Commflle 1, Senior Ball Commit?-K.. 'itll I 1 . V x 4 A 1, 2, 3, 4: Library Club 1, 2, 3: Projectionist 1, 2. 3, 4: Junior Leaders Club 2: Junior Prom Prom Committee: Senior Ball Committee: Senior Ball Commit- Committee: Magazine Campaign 4. tee: Cagashoan Collector 4. 2 I N ,, it fit 3 Goodb ,,,,, RAYMOND MORONO ROBERT MOUSSO ANN MARI ICOLUCCI "Ray" "Moose,' 1 "Beautif rown Eyes" "Someone To Watch Over Me" "A Guy Is A uy" ' G'rl Glee Cfu 1, 2, 3, 4: M 6 Intramurals 1, 2: Magazine Cam- Intramurals 2, 3, ' r Pro 'z - W ' n 43 Senior 11 paign 4: Junior Prom Committee: Committee: Se ' r B Co it- fx m' - J ior Prom t. Senior Ball Committee. tee: Magazi Cam gn te oa ollectgr X 1 x . - I ff X I y it ,. 5 . ,5 'N 'V I i V i i ' ' . R if RI TERRE aggy" a s A " ek " -af'A re and ' Varsity ll eer a r 2', 3, 4: In ra , 'B b Girl's Sp rts 2, , Leaders 2, 3, Bo 'n T I Club 2, , Lat' Clu I, 2, 3, 4' a i ' n . 4: Ambass or aff 4: Library 1 Club 1, 2: Juni r Prom Commi - F. tee: Senior Ball Committee: Stag Y crew 3. I I it 1 AL, ANTHONY PACIIJO DAVID PALMER iq ' STEPHZV PEREERIN "Tony" "Dave" "Wee" , f 'ffm " ,.f"T6fzln"i A K "The High And The Mighty" "When Youire Smiling" "Shrimp Boats Are A'comin" "Sunny Side Up" 4, National Honor Society 3, 4: Foot- Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: Girlfs Track 45 Siagecffw 3:,,, Miiggpl ball 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club l, 2, 3, 4: Football Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43, Twi,rling Chorusli 4: Ifinior Play 3: r. ior Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society Corps 1, Head Twirler'f2, ,,3,j4:- Prim ommiltpeg S?1ior !,fBaly 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Latin 3, 4: Harvard Book Award 3: Girlis Sports 1, 2, 3, 4: Lakin Club Cpmmittee. 'I ,', ' 1 1 Club 1, 2, 3, 43 FTCIICII Club 2, Gagashoan Layout Editor 4: Drill I 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Counm 3: I: i 1 3, 4: Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2: .Iunior Prom Commit- Secretary of Class 44 ixed 1 l ,J . A Gagashvan Staff? B0Y,S Stale 3- tee: Senior Ball Committee. CIIOTUS 1, 2, 3, 4- ' gf' Q." ' "N 00 aodbye. NORMAN PIERSIELAK Pier ARD ROSEMARY PUCCIA KIRO!! 'iLook At Me Now" "Half-Pint" l,atin Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Proj noni!!! Twirling Corps 1, 2. 3. 4: Mixed 3 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Girl's Clee Band 3, 4: Traclc Junior Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Cirl's Sports 1, Prom Committee- enio President 2, 3: Library Club 1, 2: Choral- Committee' lntr age aires 2: Oratorical Contest 4: W Junior Play 4. 'A ' M ve 'ng" Basketb l . 2, , : Track ,2. 3, 4: Foot L in Club 1, 2, 3: Band 1, , ., 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4: ,lu ior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Committee. 'E ROY RIZZO clRiz7! STEPHEN ROYKA "Steve" "Them There Eyes" Band l, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1: lntra- Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramurals murals I, 2, 3, 4: Drill Band 1, 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Foot- 2, 3, 4: Dance Band 2, 3, 4: ball 2: Junior Prom Committee: ,lunior Prom Committee: Senior Senior Ball Committee: National Ball Committee. Honor Society 4- hllllgle- Call Rag" iii 22? Tenderly Latin Club 1, 2, 3, : French Club 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: 4: National Dance Band 1, 2, 3, Honor Society 3, Sec. 4: All-State 3. 4: Junior Town Leaders Club 2, 3, 4: Meeting 3: Ambassador Staff 3: Co-Editor Cagashoan 4: Cirl's State 3. JOANN SA LTRELLI Killa!! "Happiness Is A Thing Called Jo" Cirl's Sports 1: Cirl's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: French Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Committee. 95 FQ - 31 ,Y v. 1 K We I 23 FRANCES SANTILLO "Fran" "Give Me Five Minutes More" Girl's Sports 1, 2, 3: Magazine Campaign 4: Junior Prom Com- mittee: Cirl's Glee Club 2, SALVATORE SCATA .IOANN SCHELSKI ifsarnf, ffshell, "When Your Hair Has Turned HY011 ATC The 011811 T0 Silver" Library Club 1, 2, 3: Girl's Sports Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: Junior 1, 2, 3, 41 G1F1'S C186 C1l11J 1, 2. Prom Committee: Senior Ball 33 Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Red Cross Committee: Magazine Campaign 4. 4: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Committee: Cagashoan StaH. R '-,iz tg K R PAULYNE SCHILLACI scpaulysy "Love Somebody" Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Modern Dance Club 1: Cirl's Sports 1, 2: Girl's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Gagashoan Collector. Ablmce. Makes Seniors 1955 JUNE SCHULTZ "Schultzy" "All The Things You Are" Gir1's Sports 1, 2, 3, 4: Girl's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Modern Dance Club 1, 2, 3: .Iunior Prom Com- mittee: Senior Ball Committee: Cagashoan Collector. FRANK SCRIBBICK ulyallyn HI Guess I'll Be Playing The Field From Now On" St. Patrick's High School 1, 2, 3: Football 4: Senior Ball Commit- tee: Intramurals 4: Magazine Campaign 4. DONALD SEIDEL NANCY SLEEAIAN LORAN SMITH NANCY SOUDAN "Watch-band-sie" "Nan" "Smitty" "Nan" "I Get A Kick Out Of You" "Out Of My Dreams" "Wonderful One" "You Do Something To Me" Football 2, 3: Track 2, 3, 4: Class Girl's Sports 1, 2, 3, 4: Modern Oiiicer 4: Indoor Track 3, 4: Dance Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Cirl's Glee Senior Ball Committee. Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Ball Com- mittee: Junior Prom Committee. Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Choralaires 1, 2: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: All-State 2, 3: National Honor Society 3, 4: ,Iunior Town Meet- ing 4: Oratorical Contest 4: Cagashoan Staff: Home Builder's Contest Winner. National Honor Society 4: Girl's Sports 1, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Ambassador Staff 2, 4: Cheer- leader 2, 3, 4: Cagashoan Staff: .Iunior Town Meeting of the Air 4: Library Club 1, 2: Stagecrew 2. '71 Grow -U Ky V X. , Dance Club l, 2: Red Cross 3, Pres. 4: Cagashoan Staff. Senior MARVIN TEMPERATO "SqueeIc" "Happy Talk" J. V. Cheerleader 2: Varsity Cheer- leader 3: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Committee: Intra- murals 2. BARBARA TURNER THOMAS TURNER "Barb" "Tom" "Dream Cirl" 'kWh Don't You Behave" 1 Y Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Cirl's Intramurals l, 2: Stage Crew 2: Sports l, 2, 3: French Club 1, 2, Track 3, 4: Junior Prom: Senior 3, 4: Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Ball: Magazine Campaign. .lunior Play l, 3: Ambassador Stall' 2, 4: Cagashoan Staff: All- State 4: Modern Dance Club l, 2, 3: Red Cross 4. ANN STORTO MARION STUCKAS KiLiZ!9 ilMare3, "There's No Business Like "Blue Bird O Happiness" Show Business" Fairport High ol L: irl's Library Club l, 2: .lunior Play l, Clee Club 2, 3, 4 'n ance 3, 4: Cirl's Sports 1, 2: Choral- Club 2, 3, 4 'ds ts 3, 4: aires 1, 2: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Junior Pro t enior 4: Girl's Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Modern Ball Qdmmi e Eaga oan Col- 'l do V ' , 3 . . l. M + . , gl, fl' MIA' I-f ANN TRoVAro "lt Had To Be You" Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Choralaires 2: Drill Band 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Library Club 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4: Modern Dance Club 2, 3: Girl's Sports 1, 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Committee. JEAN VOCLER "Jeanie" "The Very Thought Of You" Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Leaders Club 2, 3, 4: Gagashoan Staff: Cheerleader 2, 4: Student Council 2, Sec. 4: Modern Dance Club 2, 4. , 'X .ff 'yr V' .fl g., P' L iq t 'I V KJ ,1 lf' Lf .v" 1 yu "With This Ring I Thee Wed" - Library Club 1, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4: French Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Drill Band 1, 2, 3: Cirl's Sports 1, 2, 3, 4: Leaders Club 2, 3, Sec. 4: Bowling 1, 2: Stage- crew 3, 4: Modern Dance Club ," IOANNE SULT filo!! Q x 1 3, 4. L'- m i . LVN I l 6 . .1-'I Wx, OP X41 XV IN. .1, ,K RICHARD WHEELER -'Dials' "Mix Touchdown" Band l. 2, 3. 4: Drill Band 1, 2: lntramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Football 2. 3, 4: Senior Ball Committee: Bowling Team 2, 3, 4. 25 RICHARD WHITENICHT "Whitey" "Open The Door Richard" Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Projection ists I, 2, 3, 43 Junior Promg Senio' Ballg Magazine Campaign PRIZES AND AWARDS East Rochester Teachers Association prizes: attendance, re- sponsibility, general attitude, consistent effort -- Frank DiPietro, Grace Florin Harriet Babcock Memorial Prize: for excellence in English, by East Rochester Study Club-Lucy Ann Courtney Delphian Study Club American History Prize-Faith Hauser taverage: 91.751 Louis E. Bird Memorial Latin Prize, for excellence in Latin study-Lucy Ann Courtney faverage: 915 The Burton J. Fryatt Memorial Prize to the Senior Boy, who has maintained a high scholarship, and displayed com- mendable persistence and application in business subjects- Louis Zito The Burton J, Fryatt Memorial Prize to the Senior Girl, who has maintained a high scholarship, and displayed com- memdable persistence and application in business sub- jects-Phyllis Morreale Mark Byron Furman Prizes: to the boy and girl of the gradu- ating class who have excelled in character and ideals, scholarship and leadership-Dorothy Vogler, Larry Weise National Honor Society Recognition Award, for advancement as a student--Anthony La Fay American Legion Auxiliary of Jules Vern Fish Post Citizen- ship Prize-Bette Lane V.F.W. Award-to the girl for outstanding service rendered to the school-a pin and Certificate of Merit-Patricia Clanton V.F.W. Award-to the boy for outstanding service rendered to the school-a lapel button and Certificate of Merit-Law- rence Kotowicz American Legion Oratorical Prize-Walter Baronas St. Nicola Society of East Rochester Prize for excellence in art-Patricia Filiaci St. Nicola Society of East Rochester Award to the student of the graduating class who has done the most outstanding work in instrumental music-Peter Oosterling Library Prize to a Senior for rendering service to the school by working in the library. Given by the librarian, Melvin Johnson-Theresa Rizzo IUDITH WHITMAN Acjudyn "Too Marvelous For Words" Latin Club I, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Officer 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Choralaires 23 Ambassador Staff 43 Oratorical Contest 43 Girl's Sports 2, 43 Art Editor of Gaga- shoang Senior Ball: Junior Prom. Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award: to the member of the graduating class who has shown greatest progress in three years of science studies-Faith Hauser Honor books, given by the Board of Education for perfect attendance in the school year, 1953-19543 not tardy- Patsy DeMare, Alfred Dezio, Lewis Allen, Dennis Kitchen, Peter Oosterling, Betty Lane, Louis Zito, Faith Hauser Prize given by Wm. Hugh Miller for faithful participation and superior work in vocal music-Robert Winebrenner Parent-Teacher Association prize to the member of the Senior Class who through scholarship, citizenship, leadership, and general, all-round endeavor has contributed most to East Rochester High School-Larry Weise L. C. Percy Award for Excellence in Journalism to a member of HAmbassador', staff who contributed most to the success of the school newspaper-Robert Winebrenner The Alex Bosso Memorial Award given to the boy in the Senior Class who, through his participation in athletics, has ex- emplified the following highly desirable attributes of sportsmanship, cooperation, unselfishness, teamwork, en- thusiasm, and fair play-Louis Zito The Alexander Mackenzie Memorial Stewardship Prize awarded to the person in the graduating class who, without thought of glory or of personal recognition, has unselfishly given his service, his time, and his talents for the better- ment of the East Rochester High School and the com- munity-Pat DeMare STUDENT ASSOCIATION TROPHY AWARDS: Lucy Ann Courtney Phyllis Morreale Lawrence Weise Dorothy Vogler Eugenia Platino SCHOLARSHIPS: Peter Oosterling - partial tuition scholarship to Eastman School of Music Lawrence Weise - John McNally Memorial Scholarship to St. Bonaventure University Dorothy .Vogler - partial tuition scholarship to Nazareth College 'R 5.2 Nrfxt plvasv f X I r Senior money makers. What do I do rwxt? Seniors N0 drinking IPILI-lf' on the job 27 UF I9 +8 llllllllllllllllllll Hear Yu' Hvar Yen' Loafers .' .' f Senior lass Histor Before the curtain comes down on our all too brief four years of adventure, we the Class of 1955 wish to put into writing a few of the many activities in which we have been engaged. At the beginning of our freshman year, we learned that our advisor was to be Miss Pauline Fritz. That year our oliicers included Anthony Pacilio as president, Dick Reed as vice-president, Rita O'Brien as secretary, and Anna Martello as treasurer. We became famous for our "pizza" sales in our sophomore year and these, along with our Sophomore Hop, brought instant recognition from the other classes. With Frank Czech as president, Anthony Pacilio as vice- president, Joanna Lane as secretary, and Stephen Royka as treasurer, we had a very successful year. As juniors, we really started to get busy. We held several dances along with our "pizza', sales. Our big project that year was our ,lunior Prom. The class ofiicers, who were president, Richard Prince, vice-presi- dent, Stephen Roykag secretary, .loan Cilentog and treasurer, Anna Calabrese, selected the name of "Spring Holiday" for this big occasion. Although this was a busy year, it could not compare with the numerous pro- jects that we undertook in our senior year. Now we come to the last and most important year of all. We found it very hard to believe that we were actually seniors and nearing the end of our high school careers. The officers included Anthony Della Pietra as president, Joan Cilento as vice-president, Louise Pavoni as secretary, and Donald Seidel as treasurer. To start things going, we had our big Senior Ball which was entitled "A Night to Remember." Next came our maga- zine campaign in which we realized a profit of 314-00. Numerous baked food sales and several dances were held. Our last big projects were Senior Fun Night and the Minstrel Show which enabled us to go to New York. Coronation was also an event of great interest, with its regal participants and courtly splendor. The final climax of our high school years will be Commencement, at which time we will receive our coveted diplomas. We, as graduates, will soon be faced with the trials and tribulations of the "big, wide, wonderful worldf' To our teachers, our parents and friends, and especially to our advisor, Miss Fritz, the Class of 1955 wishes to pay special homage. We know that without their assis- tance, the class would not have been able to accomplish all that was expected of them. It is hoped that we will not be forgotten, for deep in our hearts, there will always be a place for East Rochester High School. CALENDAR 1954-1955 SEPTEMBER 18. Cheerleading Contest - The seventh graders cheer had jazz, they've lot 8. School opens-When school began, we came, we saw, we wept. the spirit no other class has. When classes began, we came, we saw, we slept! 18. Basketball -- Fairport at East Rochester - B. Barbara Lehmann, Exchange Student arrives- Fairport "Canaltowners," they're all wet. Ger'nany's loss was surely our gain, We stopped 'em, We beat 'em, We're the greatest, You bet. "Bab's" is the sweetest, we're proud to proclaim. 21-22. Washington's Birthday Recess - 16. Senior Magazine campaign starts - Ring the doorbells, sell your books, George Washington cut down the cherry tree, we want to see how New York looks. To make a vacation for you and me. 22. Basketball - Pittsford at East Rochester - OCTOBER Those Pittsford "Knights" were undefeated. I. Magazine campaign ends - At 85,000 the goal was set. S4,392! Oh Thu is, umm Eu, Rochester they --mundo- weuf It Wu dmc" met' , 25. Basketball - East Rochester at Webster - 5. Special Assembly - He came from "Down Under," Australia, to you. U , U Ralph Wilson Reid's films were interesting too. Webster Rldnmen went to 'own' . Poor East Rochester to defeat went down. 11. Senior Dance - Money, money, you're our boss, Give us a profit and not a loss. MARCH 12. Columbus Day Recess-Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492. 1-2. Statfe Scholarship Examinations - Columbus, it is very true, we'd have school except for you. Tote that barge, lift that bale. 15. Special Assembly - Alfredo Caveleri came to play his violin. If you don't pass, you surely will fail. It wasn't very hard, our applause for him to win. 7. County Second Half Basketball Playoffs - 21. National Honor Society Assembly - A tap, a smile, an honor great, We travelled to Webster to meet our foe- Honesty and integrity is their trait. We gladly beat them. lt was go. go. gv! 21. Senior Dance - We danced to the music the juke box provided, 9- COUHYY Bllllellllll PllY0ffS - around the floor with our partners we glided. We hld to win. lt WI! do Ol' die. 30. Rotary Halloween Party - Tricks or treats, a night of fun, for us the Die we did. but we sure did try- hulidgya have just begun, 10. National Honor Society Assembly - You watch, you wait, you wish you had, NOVEMBER Been a good student instead of bad. ll- SP'Clll Auelllllll' - Val l-ll-lllef WB! YOUIII, I .lUlll'lllll!l 100- 24. Senior Fun Night - Those corney jokes we hear each year, Her topic was "What I Found Out About You." Their happy memory brings a tear. lo- velelllfl DIY Assembly "' "LW Wu" l'mP"l 995593 unfold 'll' Whole 31. Special Assembly - Dr. Douglas Silverton with integrity rare. He World ln PNN-" asked the question, "What Have You To Declare?" 10. Sophomore Hop -- The crowd was on hand to hear the band, the best in the land, the Hop was grand. APRIL 13. Football - East Rochester at Fairport - The "Little Brown Jug" we 4' special Assembly - George Hspeun Toponer' the mln of 'he yen' fought hard to win back. In spirit and fortitude our boys did not lack. A wonderful guy who know' no fear' - 19. Senior Ball - "A Night To Remember." how could we forget? 4' lint' Thy - '-Nielodl' annul hfd ' very nn' cn" lts pleasant memories are with us yet. lc P ay 'nm' 'ner l In 1 e ut' 25-26. Thanksgiving Recess - Our tummies were full, our hearts were content, 5' x'r'y!'Facuhy' Senior' 'nd sophomore' -' the spirit of Thanksgiving, we knew what it meant. The his cu um' and picture' were 'ook' 29. Special Assembly - Keith Ellenworth came to East Rochester High, to Inside our Chen' they 'nook ' look' .pak on .lcohomm md keep us dry. 6. inter rlacztion Z The East:r Bungy visits young and old, ut on y t e goo ones, so 'm to . DECEMBER 8-11. Senior New York Trip - 2. Junior Town Meeting of the Air - Joan, Joanna. Loran, and Nancy all What a time, we had a brawl- prepared their speeches quite fancy. OOPS- GXFUSU UH. W0 mel!! I ball- 15. Oratorical Contest - Loran, Nancy, Judy and Ro. Judy won it, they 27- Clfeef DIY -' Doctor. LIWYU- BCEKIFUIIYI, Tlllel- all did good, tho'. How could you be an Indian Chief? 17. Basketball - Brighton at East Rochester - They are the "Barons," our MAY .s -. - , 22 Cggtlmajrozgsewllali b:'lt:4Abut we couldnt be: item, alas and alack. 12. High School Spring Comer' - . y way in a manger, t e hrtst child was born. our only chance to prove our worm, He was our Master, no man did he scorn." We sang md when -nd ones of mirth. 23. Christmas Recess - Santa came with all his blessings. We all ale 16. sped-I Assembly W A chuminl' In-md nuns, Gnu wolperl Keene. mrkty 'nd 'H in dlemnv' ' At acting and performing, she surely is a queen. JANUARY 18. Music Festival - At Irondequoit was held the music festival. It was . - .t it 14. Basketball - Webster at East Rochester - East Rochester High School, 20' ':1:l:?grl:i::flL0TiiclIdEn:ll:DPl::L wlzizolargl-0-.hi We're still the best. V'e still have a chance to win all the rest. It seemed every smdem in school Wu 'here' 21. Mid-term Examinations - Why work so hard to pass all this mush? 27. Movinshup DIY - The ucnnd ole seniors.. with hope' unhuled' Why not fail now and avoid the June rush. Almost uufe now in the wide, wide world... 21. Basketball - East Rochester at lrondequoit - We beat those "lndians" 27- Comnniun - The my., pany was a beautiful uhm. Then were by not very much. That team has still got the winning touch. twelve very hlppy union mn nigh!- 28. Senior Juke Box Dance - We dream of New York, which costs much money. If you supported the seniors, you sure are a "ltoney." JUNE 31. New Semester Begins - Our school year's half over and almost all done, 16' Awuds A"'llllllY ' Some PllY0ll l'Ull well. Others not as good, it seems it's all over before it's begun. Blll 'ul' one Pl'l"d 55 Well 3' ll' Could' 17-23. Examinations - May Dame Fortune forever keep smiling on you. FEBRUARY lf her daughter, Miss Fortune, starts laughing, you're through. 6. Mr. 0'Donnell leaves for Penn State - 25. Commencement - Our friend, our pal, a real swell guy, Our school days are over, they're part of our past, For some it's so-long, for others good-bye. We all wonder why they went so darn fast. 11. Individual pictures - Fix your hair and look real "putty," But deep in our hearts, we think we know why, That's it. smile and watch the birdie. When you have fine friends, the time sure flies by. ll. Basketball - East Rchester at Brighton - One parting thought, as we start on life's way, , We've done it before and we did it again, God Bless You and Keep You, 'til we meet again some day. It just didn't happen, we planned to win. - Nancy Soudan Y? XX Z..,'J" , an f'lll'1'll1 X.lIl1X Nvllfklun, lxlffu, lwmgm- fxulm, f"1'l.x! .-lltwrzffrzrzlxz xllll Mmm .mfl 'lffm l'.n+ulmA mfffnfl llfllllffllllxi If-.111 Xruglm illlll l'1l'illllx lfuh, Huff! lllfmlfffflx: Iullxxw l'.ewm :mul Ihnifl flxlmlull, l'vI7IlI'f,l lllrlnffffrlx ll.nnllxu.n Imam: .uni IM- lx l'xixlw', ffffffl .1llz'rl1ff1r1I.x: Hiiil 'l.liI14'II.III1I NIMH' IM-1,nx.uu1!x lfffflfufmlfi lu11mFmill1, 4 4 1 2 N 1-.af '- ef, , W X 3 1-Y gn' 45 A, C7 "lung lin- lflw lx'1'11g: lflllg lin- Iflw c,Il1't'Il.'-- Corona tzo n HVNIUH X'l"l'!fXlTXN'l'5 VNU Xl XSTPZR Ulf 1'IfIHfXlU'YlIfS lffzrl. lfnu: I'illiL4'IIl' Rtlxill XILINIVI' of iit'I'l'Il1Ulli4W, Uivk Rm-ml: liulu-rr 1 him-Hy, 1l1dlfflrRm4'1 Kun-11 l.t'iIIl.Sll1ll'UIlKI'1lIllNXflllI. - . .Air "' 'ml Run: Xl1ll'i1ll'il' N-'ulnm-i. Xlzuizm Rizzo. ISI 1 COMPOSERS OF OUR "WINNING GLASS SONGS" Left to Right: Blair, Vogler, Rice, Storto, Trovato, Puccia, Lane, Czech, Calahrese. Winning Junior Class Song-1954 tTune of Toot-toot-tootsiel We're the Juniors - - - Hooray! ! Jolly Juniors - - - Today! ! Weire always here to help you, A willing hand and guidance true to help you through. Weive got scholars - Oh yes! Sportsmen, Leaders, - The Best! We've all worked hard -- Weire workin' We've had our fun, With spirits strong, we can't go wrong, If - we work as one!! ,THE JUNIORS!! Smilini, happy and gay -- Yes, we are on our way! Verdant freshmen were we, Sophomores in fifty-three, We found our friends among you, The faculty is always happy teaching you to - Work hard, study, and learn, Then those honors youill earn. We rose to fame, We gained a name, To our Miss Fritz we owe the glory, We have obtained! WE ARE THE - Greatest class here alive-Juniors of fifty-five!! Winning Sophomore Glass Song-1953 fHello, Bluebirdl Gay young kids are what we call ourselves, You can always hear us shouting out, We're the sophomores! Teachers you have always helped us through, Words can't say how much we think of you, Grateful Sophomores! We've got guardians-Oh, yes They're really swell - Juniors, freshmen, we like as well. We are always here to help you out, Got no time to sit and loaf about, We're the sophomores of fifty-five, This class has got plenty of drive! By the time we all graduate, we will leave a name. With Miss Fritz-OH-she's really great, We will rise to fame. Come on, let's all, be gay-Today! Throw our cares away. History, English, we'll struggle through, When we're seniors, we won't be blue! We've got leaders, scholars, sportsmen, too, This is all we have to say to you. Weire the SOPHOMORES, we are alive. Ours is the class of fifty-five! !-SOPHOMORES! ! Llonflf f 95. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Bark Row: Morreale, President: Amhrogio, Secretary: Seidel, Vice-President. Front Row: Filitti. Treasurer: Miss Bentley, Advisor. HONIEROONI 208 Back Rour: Wand. Taverrite Russell. Spollio. Gauthier Fitzsimmons, Root, Seidel Middle Row: Burton. Krath wohl. Soles. Hoffman, Halley Per-ts, O'Brien, George. Luria Allen, Tando. Front Rou- Miss Bentley, Pavoni. Kris tan, Allen, Hopkins, Arillotta Nicndemi. Filitti, Corson Crandall. Svuniaci. uniors if w Y . A-V ra 2 ff.. 91 N 'S fr' I ii 'Q Q au-ww Mmm ISI HOMEROOM 219 Bark Row: Emhrey, Srhroll Young. Reid, Panarites Gardner, Sortino, Cooney Middle Row: Hayden. Var Sfmt, Zalus, Smith, Bottivelli Kreger, Bostian, Rivet. Soho jan, Essom, Front Row: Mis Bourne, Arianna, Longyear Talmadge, Peek, A. Nevin Aquini, Hoffman, Kotowicz Fulton, J. Nevin, LoCastro Swikehardt. f I 1- l x xx Q l K. I. 4 r . 'J' 1. li A I 1955 -A my J, x , , Stationery Chairrnen rPce1'1f1'ng their assignments from Advisor, Miss Bently. nf ,R N f X!- ll mid tml EMI Q r vm-u tw 3 IVY! llfllllflllflflfll Ill!! Hawk Row: Miss Wilson, Basvinni, llmrmun, l.1lll!4l!l Alvut, Nlnrrf-als-, Uclorisi, Ili- Bf-rnrdinis. Mialdlf' Raw: Bur- alon, llusslvr, llurris, Front Row: pillf'FIIXO, Axnlrrogio. Kivr, Fullvr, Ransvo, Cm-4-lr, flhilmls, l.f-flu-rmamm. Nlowry. A HOMEROONI 217 Bark Row: Lune. Salmon, Teeter, Frenrh, Cromwell, Hurllwurt. Cross, Stearns. Middle Row, Powers, Siri- anno. Nlanvuso. Welkley. P. Rarlmffrn. Venelte, McPhee, Alvut, Cherrington. Front Row: Hrs. Sprague, C. Bar- lwrn. Persvhitti, Aloisio. 0'Dell. Capponi, York, Gil- lwrt. Oderlcirk, Stfely, Julien, Fowler. l -,-'wan . l i Ha .,,.., : M . , I 35 ke a dollar out of 98C." 4'C00d to the last crumbfn '4Chickie,s Mambow "How 'bout this one?" U 11 10 TS Packed in like sardinesf' "Tsk, Tsk, playing the parleys again? 36 uma-A ,vga-1 V'- lf"--6-fkxl 'LS IIUNIIQHUHN1 2417 lfufl. Run : ,ln-lun. yl. VIVIHIIIIHN, Nlyn-rx, Russ l'Iy!4-r, lim-h, Ulzwlk-lift, funk. Kwon'-, Mirlrllr' Hun: 'NIL Uummiy. l', 'l'l1mn:lm Nunlillu, Rlll'4'll1'l, Xlilllflb huumn. Williuvn-. Knilmlr-, Hill Nlll'H'I2llllllIl'l', 54'llUi1lll, l"ur:wI, l"runl HHH: I.:-itll, 4IJII'kl', gllx-1-uivz. lif-I , . , . . IEUIQI, Iyilllllli, lrym, xlilI'4'lll'l'l. Pill' man, llrYiIu. l'iv'll'1w:lr1t1'. Vferjivk limlinglzunf-, Sll'l!Q1ll'ill. , . V4 I . 5 it I' In Fw. 09" , 1 l E u w- v-3- Hill' All Wh en' A N SOPHUNIORI-I CLASS fJFFNjERS+BlIl'lx' fu, Ruw: Cn'urg1c', Vim'-l'rf'v1'1lc'r1l. Miss lfash- .gl inn. xfdzixnr. Euvh St'l'It'ft1Vj'. Front Rout .l. 1i0l'1'1l. Trmxzzrvr. .l. lfilvnto. Prvsnlvrrl. ?c-1 HONIEROONI 213-Buflr Rum: D'A:n-7nd lnroso. Rosuti. .l. lfilvnln. Munvusn, Ross A. ffilvntn. Hyclrivk. Papapivtrn, Sortinu. Hayes, U'.'Xg0sIi1m, Yvzvndy, Midrflc Roux' Squirv. Swv:-ny. Mllldeir. Hoyt, M1611 Amlrf-ws, Bolia. Krcfgrr. Mllrraly, Svhilling: Cvnrgf-. Front Rmb: Mrs. Rivlwr, Caudioso Pavoni. Kuppingvr, F:-rri, Sult, Fink Pasqllalv, Wllitenight, Bortle-, Svhlafer Potenlpa, Loilastro. Dippold. ' z v Mini as Q51 ,QQ ii? ul ul Ill IIONIERUUNI 2105-V Burk Rout x1l'Al"fllllf, Beltran, Henry. f:llIlllll't'SP, Nlye-rs. Middlf' Rnur: Uallmvuy. llosvo. Uillon. Fill'lll'h Carr. Front Rtllfi Miss fashion. Fuller Kirkputrivk, Kitvh:-11, Cforva, Le-nzi. Pavi- lin, Lawson, B4-Ilan-ia. IST Sophomores 'Q N-xfx, C7 -q.l" sl 'N 1? K: war gh 'r1g J 5 ,.- 3-ew 'ww WP? QV UR. Mll7IQI.l-X I'vI'1'Qhf'!lill1 X1 ini Y Sw ' . Y. ...A FRESHNIEN VIAFS 0I"FIlfFRS ,NND ADVISOR Furl. Rnux' .'11l1'1'snr: Hrs. Rvig:r'lspe'r'gQ-r. TVVIIYIIVPVZ lfmlrtnvy, Fran! Row: l'n'xi1le'r1t: Proxidmmw. Vl'4'e'-Pre'si- rlvnt: Wvlklvy. Se'r'rz'1ary: Filitti. VRS. LEUTYY- Fr:-slmwn Hawl. Rout Ste-elf-, Uriolv. Lanmniva. Priwv. Sualfrnnk. Nl:-gialv, BLlllQ'l', Salislmry. iluinon, Dvlfino. Clark. Kovrlig. .Wirlmilv Row: N14-I.m1gl1lil1. .-'xll:'n. Filitti. Wilson, Blair. H11g1e'l't, Tobin. hnlxxigl. Vi'c'lklc'y, HilgLl'lllYll4'II, Ury:-r. Nlorrms. Frnnl Rolf: Xlrs. I.:-uty, Rik:-r, Ruffomx ljilllllTH'Sf', Hvil. l'x1lvrn1n. l.indsaly. Rakvr. Diliisin, Ne-uno, Kvum-y, Smith. ltfn-A Kunz' Hlzlir. Hr-Pllv lH'LlliH1'llIH', Iluirn-4, Luuwin , um A . frfwi- n all-114-1-, Nl:-lhmxlhi. 'Wirlrlla' mii oxlul I A, I i' ' Ai :ret ' SDH ggi 222 2' Ill Huzr: N111 Agugliu. Hrnnwki I lx II X11 I I I 1 'mx ll , 11' lr' '. Iillvil ll, ' '. fa vi- , i' 'z, :Xnl mny, Kllinlllfll. Frou! Rulll' fllli nvlly. K1lll1lI'Nki, llurrif. Hop- killx , Lmxry, Squia-r, Lzlmlu. - . . '4-nmn. ,Ill-4-wwf, v Vu: :lm Nl: Ham. luv:-rt11'. v , l 1 E gg 30 EEE has N1 ISS Nl .-XXON --- Fl't'ShHlf'll Burk Roux' Rvrwl. llraul, .-Xllvll, Sf-alvlom. Bums:-y. Urnmslwv. Saltrc-Ili. ifnurtne-y. M1'fl1lle' Row: Ste-ll. V:-te, Buldo. DeHart-, Burton. lVjlll'ill1ll',- Wv00li4'0l'k, Hunks. Mc'- I':lNi'lil1P. Curr. l.0lIlll8l'1llL Gross, Zim, Front Run-: Miss Wiaxon. Fnrnmn, Hrrsey Ulmurn. Svarpinn, Farruggia, Uiszllvo Urzc-Ita. l,aPiz-Ira. .Pom-s. Nlainrani, Wil- kins, Nlnllsso, Kre-yPr. Freshmen i Underclassmen Library Helpers. ,W '+,- Mrs. Rei Pls cr Pr. Frvshmrn Class Advisor, 15 P if teachirzg our "Futura Honwnzakvrf, how to cook. 4-xii F' ThPrf"s lim doorg Freshmenf Fr esh m e n Houfs the water, Barbara .' an jx ,W ' x., H, I0 sri" ! ,.,5.et HK ll , Q im! ,K lim I. liuu .' ,llVlll'x. N-ul:-l, l LIXHIII. lXIlNl.ll1. fznxillziin, l'nllunu, lrilmtll. Rlllllllll, Lola-- Hymn- llmun t'In-will-'lim .'lfI'fl1lle' Run .' lim'-, Iliillii-ffppt-, -M-1-iuii. Nlullww.5f'llI'0ll. l'mnl Run: Xlr. llmirliulal, lin-at. l'ultnn. liulnin, lf.-iii. lliiii-fl, I'li.-ti-plzw-, Ninn. llllllvl, ll:-illmfl, tlvm, rim Eighth Grades 1: I ,1 P nl i Q I , Q 1 iilln F: 'in'- I!! MISS IIORSIQYW-Stli Crude Bzzrlf Row: llill1llllk'. Blomlgoml. Kin lunry. Nlallry. llilli. Svlmlmnl. Nlnwwvll. tfnstil, l'iruriro. Flliilfllf- Run? clfilftflll. llzirrie. ,-Mnini. liolivn, Olmnrn. Front Rout Nliss llnl'wy. Yu tfnlmll. llvllzi l'ie'tru. Nlfn'lm'k. if 1. Ps l P"t't'1' ' r- l King, lluniplmm-ll. 'l1lllll'HlHIl. Raw. Daxivs. nngi. l.eitli. XX aii'i'e-n. .J -Xllvn. .-Xnilmrngiu. Nlonaitt. Um-ns. t, llll , 2 f" iiuli NIR. lfANNl0'l'0f-ARtli Gracie Hrlrltt Hour: lfonrutl, lliliniseppe, javkson. 0'Ke-4-ft-, lfalalnru, Ciatalino, Morrc-ale, llas- ... slvr. Snlvatmw-, Hull. Middle Row: Bar- lll lie-ro, Rosini, llnttnn, l,lll'I'lI1K'll0, Kit-'r. ll I llliarlvs, Nlarshzill. llolia. lfapriotti. Fran! Row: llrnniwvll, linilmlvs, Rivet. Svliastv. FV flairnvr, ixlllIlt'llF0. Santini. Turner, War?- lianl, Cappivllo. Nlr. tfanniotn. MR. DURA NTI-f -f-8th llradf- lfurl. Rout: Kzmlivr, 'l'yrm-, lirigvrt, Stm-pliany, Blair. Miflzlle' Hour: Kivr, Mvails, flhantra. ling:-rs, Nlmnllim, Nluye-r, Gifford, Svlmjan, Fmnr Row: Mr. lluranlv, Jones, Allen, liarr, Sl:-1-Ivy, Nlumw-, Nc-Imn, I.:-nl:-rinzimi, Vizzingrilli, l'ari-, Wf'ige-rt, ,. , f- nm! ml an-Il In ll llll I ll MRS. KARGER-7th Grade Back Row: Hahn, Federation, Rumpf, Meyers, Teeter, Andrews, Lohmueller Middle Row: LoGastro, Levato, McCaffery Forrest, Griffith, D. Parent, Schlesing Volpe, Evans. Front Row: Beltran, Duganl, Gialini, Mueller, Dippold, K. Parent Bach, Morreale, Bolia, McPhee, Hansel man, Moyer, Dudley. MR. VERZELLA-7th Grade Back Row: Potter, Wawryzewski, Calabra, Lusk, DeCiandis, Scrihbick. Middle Row: Danizio, Arnold, Kuhn, Seconi, Dillon, Lincoln, Cannan, Downey. Front Row: Rogers, Pulcini, Kohler, York, Ransco, Agosto, Kastner, Polito, Gaudion, Bussey, Orioli, Mr. Verzella. i :I gg., '. . V , 41 "ful 'wi 1 eggga ' f' ni ui ui -... ,, M RS. GEARS-7th Grade Back Row: Matzan, Baldo, Tyree, Zanche, Cappiello, Talmadge, Wheeler, Battazzo. Middle Row: Mrs. Gears, Barnes, Bliek Cira, Bottirelli, Francisco, Colegrove Buechel, DeGregory, Galloway, Connellyl Peralto. Front Row: Hansen, Baker, De- Nlare, D'Agostino,Daninhurg, DiBerardinis, Drake, Rinaldo, Jones, Krathwohl, Appell Costanzo, Chinelly. Seventh Grades Til' Ill' li lla ll ll I I a 1 I I a I I I I if f" ,. lll Ill Iii i I MR, DIA NETTI-7th Grade Back Row: Chapin, Reese, Ward, Gatizone, Tuttle, Klitgord, Kazoroski, Pignato, Valentine Kreger. Middle Row: Alletto, Swikehardt, Fish, Ocarr, Bushart, Florin, Munding, Consaul, Kuppinger, Czech, Dick. Front Row: Mr. Dianetti, Yandow, Mundy, Stuckas, Hill, Lawson, Greeley, Gleason, Rizzo, Weagley, Scumaci, Ricci, Bauer. 42 Q lll ll I t l I , J ' , , . f , f rv' . 1 fu xx 43 L C , '4 . O L X ' X il 1' NX 1 V ' EV ' . 1 X 'l 'Z V 'XJ Xf V " J Sm fx' ,f ffl IJ Y v I J X, N X! I ' Jr- V1.1 ' P Xl X 'Y A' X X , " I f s FV V ' my L . ' HJ J , Y N x , V V X K 'muff If I ,Y 1' 'f"'11L.g ,f L,-fL'y',y-,, 1 S5:5lC',yLg I'--f.c.1.Cf ' I i Q V, -,,,.,.,g, Yd7fZ,,,!!. ,S J, liz!! 5,4 I 'ILL X, 'Y' Kenai A ,,",W4lrf'Jf -ry X wf Cf" ,fu-1 Qdxlfx- 'ja' 'IT' Cb"C4'L- Ol- .,?9CfG'C!, - , , , I3 161-Dui 191, Af fy. ,1 f 1 fi -J H. ,Vg f SENIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL-Back Row: Mancuso, Seidel, Cooney, Clark. Middle Row: Raschiatore, Burlingame, George. Courtney, Sacco, Gilhart, T. Pacilio. First Row: Vice-President: T. Pacilio, Secretary: Vogler, Treasurer: Della Pietra. President: Belaskas. Senior Council One of the main duties of the Student Council is to set an even tempo in the ever progressing lives of the student body. In this respect the Senior High Student Council resembles the metro- nome which sets the pace for unity between the students, faculty and ad- ministration. Through the years, the Student Coun- OFFICERS OF JR. HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL Advisors: Miss Horsey, Mr. Cannioto. Front Row: Vice- President: Davies, President: Kristan, Treasurer: Cherring- ton, Secretary: Gratton. unior Council JR. HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL Back Row: Advisor: Miss Horsey, Danizio, Davies, Cala- bra, Levato, Ricci, Gratton, Mr, Cannioto. Front Row: Allen, Kristan, Cherrington, Chinelly. cils have done an excellent job in form- ing the rules that govern the student body. The Councils are composed of representatives from all homerooms in the High School. -1 1 OFFICERS OF THE SENIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL-Back Row: Ad- visors: Miss Bently, Nliss lackling, Mr. O'Donnell. First Row: President: Relaskas. Treasurer: Della Pietra. Secretary: Vog- ler, Vice-President: Pacilio. ,wa Dr 1 'li 9' Yi GAGASHOA N STA Flf Bark Row: Advisor: Miss lleardsley, Whitman Schelski, Cilento, Pacilio. Estey, Carter, Kohler Turner. Vogler, Adrisor: Miss Bourne. Front Row: Storto, Lane. Alfieri. Calahrese, Soudan. Editor Greeley, Clanton, Rice, Ferris, Lehmann. agashoan Many hours of hard work have been donated by the Gagashoan staff. They have given 2 class periods each week and have frequently slaved long hours after school. The two advisors, Miss Beardsley and Miss Bourne have contributed their welcomed guidance. This book you are now reading is proof of the hard work and fine talents of the Gagashoan staff, BUF: Where new suggestions and new ideas for the Gagashoan stay? originated. GACASHOAN COLLECTORS-Back Row: Longcoy, Svhillaci, Lehmann, Casaccia, Corea, Back Row: Photography Editor: MacGregor, Saltrelli, Harris, Merwin, Cifforrl, Ford, Middle Row: Pavoni, Martello, Puccia. Kohler, Business Manager: Carter. Schultz, Calabrese. Front Row: Sult, O'Brien, Stuckas, Hotchkiss, Trovato, Carr. Front Row: Lay-out Editor: Pal- mer, Smith, Editor: Greeley, Art ll? Editor: Whitman. I I au 1 N K ,Ni ' uv ,NNTBNSSAIJOR ST:XFl" Burk Row: ,4d1'i.wr: Mr. Fahy. Seidel. Cross. Kohler. Miflrilf' Rauf Turner, tialalwese, 0'Brien. Kristzln, Steely, firm-el:-y, Front Row: Pavmii. Dr-Vito, l,r-lnnunn, flilentq, Wliitmari. Soudnn. AN'lHASSAlt0R S'l'AFl" AT W'0llK---Burlf Rnu': Turner, Steeley. I Iialulm-sr-, Sourlzin. Mirlrllz' Row: S4'ltif'i, l'ax'oni, Wliitman. Front S C H U 0 I. S A D O R :7'7iM?a ii'?'I!.?'F'..f'5.S'6i'?f.,., Q' Erlimr: .loan ffilento. in vonferenr-e with .4:l1'i.mr: Nlr, Fairy. Ambassador f Illfitt hAwtB.ftb i.a..u.i..... is t,..i.i,..,,, ...i.t,i. -...... ii, .tt tw ,,,, M tlimil DON grids Roy, Nlr, t.ihy, Lilento, Ur-Vito, Ullrien, lkristan, ximian i -A Uur newspaper has hc-come an important item in 'i ..:rT T X Spartkml the school life of our students. The memhers of the staff """'ni spend one period each day preparing ropy. Newspaper " "'h' If W' reporting is highly valuahle training. and the reporters M-5-hh, -GA ,lok have learned many of the hne points of journalism. :' "" 5 'ii Q 'ill' Q, The Arnlmassador plays an important part in our L , high sehool life. Through this paper, the students are 4- informed as to thi- past and Coming events of the school. lt also serves as a guide on matters of rec-ord during so the svhool years. A i ,mmm K NIINEWARK Rl ir llznx'nrn1'n1 With the r-ont-entrated efforts of the staff and ad- visor. the paper is put out onve Z1 weffli. IT Friday morning's most popular reading. Whafs new in the news, kids? LATIN CLUB-Ninth Row: Root. Palmer, Kitchen, Gauthier. Eighth Row: Hamilton. Clark, Prong. Piersielak, Welkey, Beltran, Pacilio. Kohler. Seventh Row: Callelli, Carter, 0'Rrien. Hoselton, Mancuso, Cilento, DellaPietra, Williams. Sixth Row: Saalfrank, Hanks, Davis. Aquini, Vogler, Allen, Krieger, Hayden. Fifth Row: Cross, Cilento, Whitman, Ledermann, Wojick, Allen, Burton, Hoffman. Fourth Row: Reed, Kenny, Hiker, Quenell, Lamb, Sacco, Dehlare, Olxourn, Third Row: Greeley. Lehmann, O'Brien, Longcoy, Trovato, Casaccia, O'Dell. Second Row.' Filitti, Taverrite, Parshall. Farrugzgia, Soudan. Hersey. Pavoni, Fuller. First Row: Reed, Royka, Lane. Rice, Seidel. This year's Latin Club. under the supervision of Miss Pauline Fritz. has been a great success. The organization has been engaged in many activities among them being: initiating the new Latin Club members. combining forces with the Fair- port Latin Club in a joint Hsocial-business meeting." tureen banquets and other parties, all of which makes this an interest- ing extra curricular activity. FRENCH Cl.UB-Bach' Rauf: Vezendy, Kohler, Carter, Estey. Dfkgostino, Cross. Fifth Row: T. V. Pacilio, T. Pacilio. Joslyn, Della Pietra. Root, Smith, Papietro, Nlrs, Bieher, Fourth Row: Ludwig, Price, Turner, Hotchkiss, Lane, Clanton, Hoffman, Mal- lcy. Thirzi Row: Woodcock, jones, Greeley. Rice, Schilling, Sweeney, Burlingame, Smith. Second Rout Beltran. Whitenight, Stell, Leigh, Fulton, Swikehardt. Kreger, Mast. Firvt Row: Bortle, Harris, Cuppinger, Caudioso, Santillo, Perschitti, Koto- wiez. Julien. ii I8 Latin lub LATIN CLUB OFFICERS-Buch' Row: l.ane, Scriim: Seidel, Aerlile. Middle Rauf: Reed, Consul: bliss Fritz, .4d1'isor. Front Row: Royka, CIUHSIIIQ Rice, Quacxtor. French Club The French Club. under the leadership of Mrs. Beiber. is a very active organization. Each year it has colorful and in- teresting initiations for new members, besides lunch meet- ings and parties. FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS-Hack Row: Pacilio, Presiticnt: llella Pietra, Social Chuirmari: Greeley. Secretary. Front Row: Perschitti. Treasurer: Mrs. Bielmer, ,4rl1'i.mr: Kohler, Vit'e-Prcxitlcrit. l ., s s Stage Crew S'l'ACF CREW 0l"Flfflfllg-ffr'riIr'r': Cary Fistey, Stage Mr1ri11g:'r. lmfl lu lllgfllf .Inns-t llollrnan. l'rnlu'r!if's: Roller! l"ullr'r, Kflll-.Nfl -Kuna liululmrr--rg .efflwrlisirzg Mnfnrgwg .lvrry l.ansin, TI'I',llIl'1'li1lH. Projectionists What would music' he with- out harmony and at sovial study vlass without a movie onc-e in a while? To make it possihle for us to prolit from this Color- ful teavliing material we have our ahle projeetionisls staff under the diref-tion of Mr. Uillonnell. WhlIPIllg,hl Bill Gilhart HEMI I'R0.IEC'l'IOlNlS'l' Top Row: R. Allen, Hoffman, fialahrese, Cill. Third Rauf: Yezendy. Estey, Sult, Bueehel, Knililrs. Serum! Rau: Prong. Nliss Beardsley, Az' r1'isor5 Steely, Hoffman, Fuller, George. T, Allen, l,ausin, Cromwell, Bauer. Front Row: Murray, Santillo, Hayden. The twenty-one members of the stage crew were selected from 85 applications submitted for memhership in the club. This is a very popular club. Students enjoy the stage work required to produce colorful assemblies. plays. and other stage productions. Programs presented for Armistice Day. Christ- mas. Spring Concert. the School Play. Coronation, and the Minstrel Show are staged by this group under the guidance of Miss Mildred Beardsley. ad Row Srhroll Serihlmk Smith Qtron enell Plstfl llirlx Rom XI y I FIQHQ front Rau flento 4 su .1 to :ru no n 1 1 Ntlxa ore 4 fa' l?f'2i ' it . r . Rlfll CROSS -H I?r11'1.' Rout FPl'l'l. Cvorgxv. Front Row: Andmws. V- f ,V 1. 1, Bl . , ,JU 1? -' , X li'Q"l,l'l'Sltll'Ill - 'l'nrm-r. Svlic-lski. Sm'rm-tmy-'l'1'e-asilrrfr - Troyuto, Advisor HH? HL li A MJ L Us-Som W HH A am 0 In ,ht 'Nil l I ci .. .N s , 4. f , f 3 ' f t CD t It-XNCF BNNU -- Bm-If Rout flannplwll, Puvilio, Spollio. Mizltlfllv Hou: Ulionrn. Kit-ff. Root, Banner, Ne-mio. liZtl'lf'l', Rizzo. Pit-rsif-Ink. llvnry. Sll'ltlIl0. Stvzirns, Front Row: llosel- ton, liuvli. CZf'I'll, Ciniiruta. Dt-lla l7iPtrti, Kolilrr. Clanton. Konurski. Udvrisi. Rm-rl, fioonvy, llnsviani. .IVNIOH RFU CROSS 'lllic Junior llcd Cross. as il svllool avtiyity. has il wry important duty to pvrlorm. Some ol the 'wolf-r'ts vonsisl ol: two yearly drives: one lor ItlCItllJCl'SllllJ. and onf- for funds. aiding thc' Blood Xlolmilc lrnit on its annual visit. sending wire park- ages oxf-rseas. and attvnding monthly meetings lor further information on ,lnnior lied Cross lnnvlions. This vital organization is a Credit to onr svhool and community. provnss. s. l4'.LIt'lSItClAgl ' '. 50 -L 7-7 . Q1 Ei iii T! f'J P?-s -' ' -L -KY Q - -W ' M , , e L4 . , . 'L . af I J T flfzf QQJJ' " kt' 1 txxx , -t.2'm-f lllllll, VMNIJ Sllffll OF F: Nlumly, l7ulton, Rik:-r, llollman, Kr:-ge-r, l.:-dernian, Whitman, llrong. Clark. B.-KRS OF E: lhIUI'l'l4Pl'l'i, Will'l'l'll, Konarski, Stuvkus, Olrourn, Rive. Clanton. lla-nry. l'i1'rsi1-lak. lJel'hillip, llull. STEM OF R: Paeilio. ffaniplu-ll, tlulahrr-se, 'I'rovuto, llillisio. 'l'hurman, Spollio. Smith, Root. ffllU1l.l'l UI" ll: Kohler, Carter, llizzio, Nloraliito. lloselton, Cohen. Nlouutt. Str-rns, Allen, Nolte, Della Pietra. Allen. HAR Ulf ll: lfimieata. Stephuny. Allen. Reeli. Nlarozzio, Toliin. Bands To add to the many other aetivities in East Roz-hester High School. our sr-hool is very proud of its instrumental groups whit-h inelude the drill and danee hands. These two organizations. along with the sparkling performanee of our twirling eorps. provide us with the neeessary entertainment at our games and danees, Mueh hard work goes into the preparation of these groups in order to hring us well rounded musieal and entertaining programs. Lost for a time - but with us noun 4 3 - , My ,W TWlRl,lNf1 CORPS -A Bark Rout l7erris, Harris. Drum Pavoni. Mfrlnlle Row: Hayden, 'llalniadgtg Clow, Front Roux' Pueeia, Hotchkiss. 5 l W v Nlujorette Cfaszlvcia f SENIOR BAND-Back Row: Mr. Beckwith, Lane, Campbell, Spollio. Fourth Row: Prong, Morlock, Riker, Salvatore, McCaffrey, Calante, Hassler, Kristan, D. Wheeler, Piersielak, Morabito, Della Pietra, Wheeler, Schroll. Third Row: Trovato, Fillitti, Krathwohl, Burton, Klitgorcl, Weagley, Henry, Nenno, Bauer, Stuckas, Clark. Second Row: Whitman, Konarski, Hoffman 3 Smith, Waud, Cira, Rosati, Kotowicz, Reed. Front Row: Cimicati, Vogler Palmer, Kreger, Ambrogio, Lederman. Band Plan-li year the hand makes a trip somewhere to lmroaden lfast liovhesteris wonderful reputation in the music field. This year the group traveled to Highland Bowl where they were il part of the eight-hundred pieve all-county high school hand. The 90 members of this organization spend three periods a week practicing for the Vario-ns events in which they participate. 1 a illr. fnnzvs Hrvckrvilll-Halzrl Director .llr. Bl'ClCIl'I.flIf7S revenge. 52 '-T12 'HQ' 559 is A , 9' f.,, , , X' ' X ., kg!! 3 f- V 2 F' I- xv, W-1 1' . A, s fx X7 , S , fi fy-'L , ff-15, 5,-1? SJW Eff: 'T' " - all J' f 1--f X Y, - WA' Vg-4,1 , 1 g 4 Q7 -' ,V -'X A 1 X? W . xgk ,f ZX E - -. , f, f x 1-f'1 ' , 5 X , .. .- 4 Sf f s,a' Z-nf "'+'Tf -'Xa 2' NN -Nz - ' H 7 "-I , r-ST' ,FE f. ,-4 X " 'S Q51 H X 6 I , .- ,:, gs 5, fr-ru I+ vy..N Q pq:-4 ,4 ,, Qs F 1 if , V11 f"V , 1 A 1 .41 , - ,Ji V 5 , C-5 xr K w. 'X 4 sf-'-M fm? 'L '53 N ' V AQ Nw ' 4 .ff X 3 2 ga R sag.-X iff? xx fe 553: 5 Q WIP. IXVQ , A ,mr L 'Q Q - 'pgs' E 459 'E f-wx Y J :Lip ! Qt . fx? 29 f " 4 1 ' fry" 'QA N5 P13 Xl' N '.. 4A .Y . 4. , I , Q. - W9 ,h IJQ, In iw JKAQ' K ,1'-4x- f rx! V, A VZ. , A I-3 :ffl Q - ' .vig Q? -A If f , gg i , A . I CG Y kj ' "' f 1 V' 1 ' A f r Y' . ,, A if f Q O f W , I , X 1 ' X t va 3 4, ,If vu ' -'V f I Q. 3 1 . K A - X. ma ' '-i talic' . .5 r E n --- F Aim '- '29 FRESHNIAN AND SOPHOMORE ClRL'5 GLEE CLUB- lusewicz, Kearns, llersey, Jones, Must, Squier, Thomas. Bm-lf Rnwg 'If Bellgvia, Baldn, Murray. lllegale. Cross, Third Row: Nl. Bellavia. Andrews, Lo lfastro, Marrow. Sf-hillingz. Cf-ol'5lf'. Hanks. Sixth Rout Xlc'Elwaine. Zito. W0lil'k- Feffi. Fillitti. Uf'Hl8Tf'. Slllf. -qf"'071ll RUM!! PHVUIU. Williams. Wilson, Dilluiseppe, lfarley, Krcyer. Fifth Raw: Lawson, Danizio, Pasquale, Corea, Clark, Scurpino, Par- Lainonica, Srlilafer. Saallrank, Buechel, llarr, Stell, Steng- shall, Taverrile. First Row: Hopkins, Farruggia, Lowry, lein. Fourth Rau? ff, ,llII"SYXlf'Z, Bortle, Mueller, B, Palermo. lligalvo, Rosati, l.a l'ietra,Knorr, Forman. UFFICIICRS OF Tllli fllRl,'S CLEE ffl.UB-'Bzwlr Row: Llrllfflfllllll, Wojickq Secretary. Burton: Svfrelrzry. fforeu: Librarian. George. Front Row: I,1'11rrzriarz. Smith: Vice-President, b Kristan: l,ff'.YIillPV1f. Corea: LIYIVIIVIVIIVI. lferri. u Many musical tones come forth from the mouths of over one- hunclrecl girls. The Cirl's Cleo Club is open to girls from their freshman to their senior year. Because there is such a large number, they rehearse in two sec-- tions, freshman and sophomore. junior and senior. combining their efforts and voices for an excellent performance. This group puts on two large assemblies a year. One is the traditional Christmas concert and the others is the Spring concert. Due to the fact that we have such a wonderful Glee Club, East Rochester is very proud to have this organization as part of their curriculum. 51 H 5 ki L Q, Z, 4fi1?Q fa 95 SENIOR lilllllll Ul"l"llflfHS -Hrzrli' Rout llydrii-lx, Ijlfrrzriflri. Mirlfllv Rnu: Svid:-I, V1're'-l'r1'xi1fe'11!. Front Noir: Whitman. Srv'r'1'!r1r,v: Sult. Lilllllflillflf CiZf'l'll. lJfI'SfllUlIf., we-4 xii LQ 'm T7 QBCRUSJ it A 'i ' X R, Nh! I in A gLL ' 'H-' ii -, ' , Y ii - til ,F ifv?sf - -s , if li . v "' , l f A if' ' iitif ii 'ig-'Hs 'Q Q .Qi if T Q- if i in 1- 5 . EF' . 56 fv Hawk Rout: Cross, lfnihrey. V1-zendy, Root. liurtvr, Fnurlli Row: Ford. 'Nlallr-y, lilark, llosc-lton. Kewl. lVillHll'Zllll. Tlzirrl Rout Buevlif-l. Sm-vriey. llofllnan. Mlm-n, Cairns. finsro, Svhilling. lfiler to, Qvhelski. Srwofirl lfnzr: l.r'hniann, Wojif-li. Whitman. l.an ,fQ!lTovato. Nlartn-llo. llotr-hkiss, Ffrxl Rout llopkins.ll.oi oy. Loirilzin. Bortlv, 0'lJell, fiauilioso. llll!'t'lLI, lily er! ' ' s 'I ,ff I 'MA fly, HC Af. 05 If W tytf- i fluff ill ,yi ,WA T Shnior Choir Music fills the air. while the melody lingers on. Twice a week the strains of music from the voices of the eighty-three memhers of the Senior High Choir drift through the school providing a musical hack- ground for your enjoyment. Under the Capable direvtion of Mr. W. Hugh Miller. the group provides entertainment for the stu- dent body and townspeople. The vhoir puts in many long hours rehearsing for assemblies. festivals and concerts throughout the school year. They also pro- vide the music that is the essential part of the annual Minstrel Show. Our school is well known for its music-al organiza- tions and mueh of the eredit should he given to the efforts of this fine aggregation. u- i jay ,rr x a I W uiilhliw hgpliiilii -gzmxxxg ::::::::g.:aaaa,aa.a 'XX-----' Q i 'Nirll ' - Q "".m ,. .M Q N - -' Xkxx .qi . xl' v 2 XX X . 3 .Wr- mem , . 213, iz Q s Q 5 G 9 5 UU' N' - Big building' big godly New York Citjfx "Grand Cimyrmf' 4 ., , fr "Maw Dig lhoxe 4-ily xiii-berx."' "Hu1'iug ii uvnrrlerflfl lime already." "ANR fair in lore and mr1lrf."' . 1 'B 1 1- M r "Ir1lmdnfn1g ' ""' Q g 'if Dm,'cfm-h0'sfidf1." ,,f , , I -ilu' ,' , - I ' Y .. A f f 1' '4 :lla if 5 L Sb r , . J 1 rf. 'P ,- 'Q aj 5 4 'S l . ,Nxt Q . ., ,X "W'uke ufr, Diane." NGN 'Wm' md' A-lm, mn' big' bulwyguugl.. hoLBo1z'fry 'I mmm-luxlcs good. 1 eu-s. "Gcullen1av1 Dave-W'ou'."' H , I 'Yi 'i , as n . k " .4 jg, . v l K X' , x . ' Q 'D fin .L ' Y 4 Y 'rig .1 ,, ,, .V F V .-' f . Y - -fli.. :Ls K . ' - 1 ' ' A A Q :fi X 'Y ' 6 'S , i 5 L I tr 3 1 Q 1 s ,. fr i 1 I F Ag ' "W e're lrrml uml we :mmm go hnrrref . f VK E.: .u I .V V, ..., .W A Hi: fun, rwllwn . ' Tj? - ' fri " ' Q ' - "Leaving xo soon?" 'PQI Li ' XR? Oh.. Linz I hole fo HP , . Qi sffs. - - - . . , fl m . f - 5 1 .L V. ' ' ' """"g "lf, your brow Bmw.-I." , fi x X ' W Hull Hull tin Lung x all here .,- i - ' a ,. 3 A ,s , ' A wir Q' ff i 4 Q ,ig r Q' Q "W'uirb lhfue mioriex, giriJ."' . UNM. y,,,k Ci,.,..1,1,,, we w,,,ef" "lY'e're going right bark xrbere "Did they buue u ball or 11 bruu'l?" "Su-eel dreams. girliexf' we Jturled from." X' J. ' As! A . Q 5,2 X 4, ,, K., L.. I " A - , ' 1 - 3521 or 'g , fi f -- i 5, . 5 ,W A L " lf-5' ,422 ' Rorkefeller Plaza. MLW! "9" K0 ,'om""'iJ" ."Davy, Davy Crockett." "New York, New York, wha! a , wonderful lou'nf."' 08 QL l L , ff F x, K V f Burk Row! .l. Seidel, Fink, Root, Smith, Cooney, Palmer, Zio, Maneuso, Falcone, Bach, Reed, Belaskas, Seidel, l.uttrell, Filzsininlons, LaFiea, Uezio, Viennc, Coach, Mr. Stenglein. Brody. Front Row: Fuller. Gill, Peterson, Angeline, Dora- Lzzs! minute instructions to Don Seidel by Track Coach Mr. Brody. ,i ,Q -f Q' Track In 1954, the Track team had a very good season, winning all its individual meets and also in an over- whelming upset, it won the Monroe County Meet, the first time since 1947. In the County Meet, Don Seidel won the 440 yard race, Dick Fitzsimmons won the high jump, Pete Dorazio won the Broad Jump and Dave Cooney took first in the 100 yard dash. It was also, the Hrst time in the history of Track at East Rochester that both of our relays won, the 440 and 880 yard relays. All and all, Track had an excellent season under its dynamic coach-Mr. Brody. INDIVIDUAL TRACK MEETS E. R. ........... 48 Brockport ...... .. . 43 E. R. .. .. 52 Brighton . . . . . . 39 E. R. .. .... 54 Fairport .. . .. . 37 COUNTY TRACK MEET E, R. ............ 46M Brighton .. .... 225 Brockport ... .. .425 Fairport . .. . . . .122 25' 'QP-v"'::' 'I xwlli I Y .,n"iN fvaiv' , .HW .im-5 J f":14tm."f2 P :f.ff5f:,1 f J' -f' an-1 5- l.XS'I' Yl'iXlt'S ll'X5l'illwXl.l, 'l'l'i'XNl -Hnrlf lfllllf Kolilf-r, Fniitli. Wi-isa-, Wlu-1-lf-r. ltoylui, 'live-te'i'. P"l"'Utl2l, filo. Varsit Baseball The lf. ll. ll. S. llasr-hall Team ruptured the Nlonroe County tiluss A llliainpionship lor the hrst time in many sca- sons liy tlefeutiug: their arvh rivals from Bfigllllfllt 5-U in a play- oll' paint- at Ita-tl Wing Statliurn. After winning the first hall title with Z1 lint- 0-l rm-1-ortl the team failed in the sec-ond half and tlu- playaofl' or-1-urrecl. 'Iilll' game was u lwrilliaut team effort with many line plays lie-ing rnatle. llut tht- splenrlirl hurling of Tony Paeilio was perhaps the outstanrling feature as he lirniterl the harcl hitting visitors to only 5 hits. Seniors who pluyeil their linal game for Pi. li. H. S. were: llilly llruper. l,urry VV:-iso. tlary llasehiatore. Don Mc'Quay. l,ou Zito. lfran Poternpo. llrur-e Smith. and Don Quinzi. But the return of lt-tterrnen 'liony l'ar'ilio. Doug: liane. Billy Teeter. Dia-k Wlu-4-lt-r, llolw Kohler. Steve ltoyka. Don Kier. and John llollrnan nnikt- prosper-ts bright for the l955 season. V954 Vlfon 0. l.ost 5 lfust llorlu-ster ...... 6 Spent-erport . . . 2 lfalst llovliester . . 5 llillon ...... . 3 lfust llovln-ster . . . . 2 lronflequoit . . . l lfzist Rot-liester . . . . 27 llroekport . . . . 5 lfast llovliester . . . l Welister . . . 2 Iiiist llot-lic-ster . . . . 5 Fairport . . . 3 lfzlst liovltester . . fl Brighton .... . 1 lfast llovlu-ster . . . 2 Speneerport . . . 3 lfzist llof-lif-ster . .. .. l Hilton . . .. . 0 l'illSl llovliester . . . . . 'J llrovkport . . . . 3 lfust llovliester . . fl Wlelwster . . 6 lfzist llot-lu-ste-r ...... 2 Fairport . . . 10 lfzist llof-lu-ster ...... tl Brighton ....... 11 lllzlybolif lfust llovhester 5 --f Brighton 0 ,dr 4. I-.fx A 4. . w- -,K m -I . , , 18, bl uf lu 1 . - .,.. I f . 2, ' .-1- .J wwf , ffl' 'Q' or v ""' V I' in "' ' 'AMW' 2,4 'i 'lf' -F 1' J' -Ur: i J"--' ' -,nz v s' i .. "ff I ' F", ' v 1" , va lv, 'J V it ' ' ' ' 'f ' 'Y " . V ,.- "- 1-Y- . i. . ,,1.-. , r, ,. v v ., . M v. 5 ly J' U it 1 .l ,t MM!! mlb.: EA I 'Nli-Quxiy. lfionl Noir: lfutirlt, Nlr, lloyrt-3 Url:-rlxiilx, lluviliu llollinzin. Qulnzi. lxivr, ltrupi-r. liuswluaitort-, Vrtrsily Buselxall Courlt -- - llr. Boyer ol b Y. l l N .....,...-. . .. ---W-... . CROSS-COUNTRY TRACK TEAM-Bflfk R010-' Seidel. Stearns, Piersieluk, B. Reed, Cross, Coach. Mr. Brody. Fran! Rauf: French, D. Reed, Schojan. First crosscountry team of E. R. H. S. did well for its initial year. High honors went to Paul Schojan. who finished sixth out of 250 contestants, in the Section Five Crosscountry Meet. The team placed second in the Brighton Invitation. Winning the three scheduled meets against Canandaigua. Monroe. and Brighton the team Cross Country got off to a good start and has strong possibilities for the coming season. SCORESgfLow score winsl East Rochester ...... 26 Canandaigua . .. . 29 East Rochester ...... 32 Brighton . . . . . . 23 East Rochester ...... 30 Monroe . . . . . 25 unior Varsity Baseball JR. VARSITY BASEBALL 'l'EATNl-Buvlf Raw: Proxil n lf' PG. lXlai'c-tic-ci, Pacilio, Raschiatore, Rosati. Faruch, Cilento, Wand, Taverrite, Plyter. Welkley. Klan- Nlillan, lsausin, Sor- lloglyn, Schnjan, Muncuso, Bzlrhero. tino, Salmon, Seidel, Coach. Mr. Verzella. Front Roux: 62 5 Football Tackles Nw ililn-wk. llilllll4'I', Uilorl-i. Nlorivnlt-, l,:mlm'r, The Tzu-kles protevt the zones from lfnfl to lluard und stop tht- opposition from f-oming through. They must also opt-n holes in this zone lor our lla:-ks. ..---' .... :AJ Ends Snhnon, flze-wh, Spollio, Siriunno x'l'lll'llI', l'zu'ilio. Tho lfnds' main ioh is to calf-li passes lor those nive easy grains. hut they must also he nhlo to stop end runs and do their share ol hlovlcing. Guards lfiggostino, 'IH-Q-It-i-, lfrundzlll. Wvllxlvy. De Berzirdinis. The Guards protevt the middle of the line and stop opposition plays through there. They must also he good blockers to open holes for our Racks. A.- 1 A 'l- .' ' - 'E l " A m O . HALFBACKS Santucci, Taverrite, Cooney, Wheeler. The Halfbacks are the boys who break loose for long gains around end or make plunges through the line when a fast or shifty man is needed. 'ffgg wh 4, R v if .E QUARTERBACKS AND CENTERS Lane, Prince, Farueh, CENTERS: Mancuso, Belaskas, Della Pietra. The uarterback calls the plays and runs the team, while the Center is respon- sible for hiking the ball to the Quarterback. Football FOOTBALL MANAGERS Back Row: Ferri, Kristan, Tobin. Front Row: Rostian, Bach, Pier- sielak, FOOTBALL VARSITY SCORES ER 13 Batavia .......... 13 ER 7 Brighton ........ 13 ER 0 Irondequoit ...... 20 ER 0 Ben Franklin .... 27 ER 0 Webster .... . . . 34 ER 0 Canandaigua ..... 33 ER 0 Newark .... . . . 13 ER 13 Fairport . . . . . . 12 1 AIS Mile I The Fullbavk is the power- house of the team. He must be able to plunge through the line and pick up those few badly needed yards. Football .lil .I.V, I-'00'I'IIAI.I. Huvlf Row: Ilourtnc-y, M1-llnnald, Cook, Sultrelli, llc-ltran, Ilayes, llydrivk. Mialullv Row: Coavh, lVlr, Verze-llug IN-rri, Kristan. lloselton, I.ausin, J. flilento, I"0rf-st, Ilrual, Iloyt, Rosati, Pvt:-rsnn, flirral, I.:-nzi, Tobin, Spollin. Front Row: Strong, Clark, Salisbury, Ilvllino, Ross, Nlorabito, A, tlilf-nto, Papiz-tro, I'rovi1l1-nm-. .IIINIOR VARSITY I"00'l'BAI.I. SQIORI-IS HR I3 Ilrighton ........ 27 ICR Ifl Irondequoit ...... I3 Ifll I3 We'lrste-r ..... 27 ICR III Ifananrlaigun ..... 27 UIMIIII-IS Comwy. Bust-iurli. l'aviIiu. Ilrinve. LGHP. .4.vvi.vlar1! lfoarlr. Mr. Ilia- netti: Czvrlrfl. Nlr. Ilourlmrd. The Varsityis season was not completely victorious but it had its rewards in beating our formidable rival Fairportg and in gaining experience for next year. The I. V's had a fair season and gained football ex- perience. TLPX KAL XM! ' -Q gg-sl-1: l.uttrell, Fitzsimmons, Fiorvanti, Pacilio. Kuhn, Barhero, Middle: Cough Baroodyq Manager Kohler, Joslyn, Waud, Reed, Lune, Lausin, Cauthier, Sortino. This year's varsity squad had a motto which was, '4Give it all youive gotfi And that is just what they did! Although they started off rather slowly, the team, with tremendous spirit and drive picked up speed rapidly. As usual the most important games were with Brighton and Fairport. Although the varsity lost the first half, they roared back and captured the second half championship in a playoff game with Fairport. Even though the squad lost the Championship to Fairport in a playoff, the season was extremely successful. The squad gained the knowledge that if you give your all, that is all anyone can ask. Peter Barbero was selected for the All-County honor team on the Times-Union and Mario Fioravanti and Pete Barbero made the Democrat All-County. Perhaps a quotation from the coach Mr. Baroody will best sum up this season, '6This year's team made the most progress of any team 1 have coached. The squad, because of its cooperation and will to do its best, will long remain one of my favorite teams." K n 66 I Varsity Basketball s ,.,.. ,,,, fav- 'r I 6. Q 1 f f ff' Y, 1 T! 1954-55 BASKETBALL RESULTS ER ER ER ER ER ER ER ER ER ER ER ER ER ER ER ER ER ER ER W 51 54 64 49 63 48 55 37 75 73 54 50 48 59 62 42 71 65 61 Newark ............ 63 Honeoye Falls ...... 44 Penfield ............ 54 Brighton ..... .... 5 0 Pittsford . . . . . . . 72 Geneva ..... .... 4 4- Fairport . . . . . . . 57 Webster ...... .... 3 5 Irondequoit ....,.... 71 Honeoye Falls ...... 41 Newark ..... .... 7 4 Penfield .... .... 3 3 Brighton .... .... 4 0 Fairport 56 Pittsford . . . . . . . 60 Webster ...... .... 6 2 Irondequoit . . . . . . . 62 Fairport ............ 61 Fairport ............ 65 on 12-Lost 7-Percentage .632 unior Varsit Baskteball TN 'J nt ,Q-6 6 l.X'. ll.-XSKPI'l'BAl.l. SCORES Uppnnerzl .I Newark ........ .. Sl . lluneoyc lfalls ..... 44 . Penheltl ..... ... 40 . Brighton .. ... 58 L' l'iItsforfl .. ... 32 ,L llc-tiara .... ... 39 Sl l"airport . . . . . . 35 45 Webster ...... ... 43 47 ovwtiliie' lrontlequoit ........ 45 45 lloneoye Falls ..... 39 65 Newark ...... .. . 54- 38 l'vnlie'l4l ... ... 37 59 Brighton .. ... 522 51 l"nirport .. . ,. . 47 62 overtiinm' l'ittsl'ortl . . . . . . 61 43 Welistc-r ...... . . . 53 ' 0Xf'l'IlIIll' li-mnif-qimit . . . . . , 60 T90 The ahility to win the Close games was the highlight of the l95-1-l955 Junior Varsity basketball team. In compiling a "won 13. lost 4-" record on the season. the team was able to win seven of eight games which were two point vontests. This is inclirative of their competitive spirit and desire. These qualities. Coupled with their fine sportsmanship. made it a highly sticcessftll season. IUNIOH V.'Xli5l'l'Y l4A5Kl'l'l'll:'tl,l. 'l'l'i.'KNl-V l,i-frmIf1'glif.- Tolnin. 54-irlvl. hll'lJUIl1llll, Sfilllll, l'a4'iliu, Vrterson, XY.-lk, fllllllll, T. li1lllSlll, Wlillxins. ll, llvvrl, lfrxr-ttn, 5alr'slu'l'y, lf-y, Koenig. think, Saltrvlli. f Surlino, l'ly1'r, llrovitlerivt-, lJ4'Vito, Iillllfll Vt-rn-lla, 5t1m'n, 3 Z f.. .l S X 'X ,- X R Xi .lu- 67 , 'L I , I ' l . M- a NYJ I I. I , I H : f1 lib , , L ,,,., If, ,.,,... , W, I I. K ty ,-.L I f Xfv Z' ,fN" 'lv XI I ilk any W V 5 fix si lily I X1 Y. VV5 V T I 'lf . , .B ii .b I,-l VII x U gh. I I r . q I I , .W ,Q-I I I I' XXI ly ff L 1 Naknhy Sourlhh 1 1 Rita O'Brien Head Cheerleaders 4115 egg 'GCP' Julie Corea rf' " V3 ' ' VARSITY. IfHI5I3III,I3ADI2Rs Frombgradesf nine' through itwelvef twelve girls are chosen eer home for football 'al' 'basketball games. Three of Kthese girls. elected head Cheerleaders, Cheer at awav Ygames. I VARSITY CHEERLEADERS i Baek Row: O'Brien, Blair, Vogler: Krathwahli Middle Row: Hopkins. Soudan, Pasquale, Kristan. Front Row: Perri, l,ongr'oy. Corea. Sult. 68 I I I ' L Q if V. I ,LY I- , , , f X .I N .J CHEERLEADERS AQ7 Twelve girls, from grades sevitfthrdugh teri, are fhosefi i to:c eel' at home Juniok Varsit ,N basketball gamesi Theyk pfacll tice rigorously in prdiiaratiogilfw for the Varsity' squad I i lik X1 1 l I' I lx I '- I I xx R V x r I, . J - ' I 'V t JUNIOR VAR ITE' ' U7 4 CHI-QIQRLEAD I gy Bavlr Bow:"'Coscp, Gr s Cforge. " Third Row: Khbpinger, Harris,W- A fali. S COE! 'Row: Ogsn Tave 11' rite, Obouigj rant e, C rese,,f ratt ' f .X , ,ye I T I U4 Y CJ 'li ' fi 'V 1- Xa I f l ' 71 -I J! 1 i .Q Q Q 1 x 'IN I - . f ,fb X .J t 'Q J 'AM' ff' f fi., W It XZ W l Still: 5 r'1'r'n- lillX'lll'ilNll 1'n' ip I,:klLljpi4iI:lt l'rz'si1lo'nt. llnrtnn: Yin-s The responsibility for lllf' girls intramural sports srliedule falls on tlif- slionlrlvrs nl Miss llvlvn Rvnton and the lraflers' Club. These girls show their interest and enthusiasm for sports liy spending inttny lionrs tiltvr svlmol olliviuting ut the various . 5 1 I l.lCXltliIlN Ill-Ill' IN NI'Uli'I'N lNVl'lil 4i'I'lHN "'4"""' lll"'I" I "l 'll"' l"":'l"'xl l'li'l'ku'lff f"""'l "'t'fif"' 'Xnifnig tlwir otlivr st'rxit't's. tlit- tnvnilwrs nl tht- l.0atl0l's' pmntt is tu s In 4-nt p :nz-is ll'4' I. Lin s. :tit nn, llNt'hIA'l. - I , L Q- Q lv N' , E H x x . i - i mmum. 1 HIHIHWUN l,',N,h',m. Npml. Nuwlmlil l.lnlt also .isslst tlllllllg gym eltissms. lwuanst nl tlit lltlllebl Q 4 games. :intl vmmpt-rtitimi ol tht- tiwirilvvrs of tlw l,1'a11lvrs Lltlli. lltillly J girls tirv ulflt- lu pttrtiriptttt' in tln- sports aivtixitivs tlwy enioy. L pc - Qui ,, W P4 at. wwf ff 1 t Ko H U l.l'iXlll'illF 1l.l'll Huff, Rim: Il:-mtg:-. Yrrglw. llurris, lluytlvli. File-tti. Frnrif Nutr: U'llrie'n, Kit-eg Kotouivl. Nlill'l4'lltL lloplxins, XIIN, H,-Mtn.. Imlpq Sul:--A Ifmtl. tlitlfllf' Nutr: l.nl Listro, fflztrlx. llurtnn, llliefri. ,l. Sllll. Xllrn. l'illt'l'llU7. -Xnnln-ngin, l'a-rst-hitti- tfmr-zi, Nttllxrllllllll. 1 qtlstlnt'-eg Nvxin, Kristan. II. Fnlt, Ktippingvr. llttrlwru, Nl ? . E f-I 7... 9' -V1 -L, K - .K f --5 , -ms sri "' QA ' N29 iiiiiffffilff .ay VV . kkrihixk ff,, Q1 .. ? -ii, IN ii exif ll iimxfugl C o ii ' l s in i ia f-1 i ii ff p - SMX - WINNINIQ YUl.l.l'iYl3qXl,l. 'l'lf,'XNl--Btzvli' Rout l,ongf-oy, Corea. Alfieri, Sult. Yogleri Fmril Rout Soudan, Nlartello. I,-liI'lt'Il. lialahrese. This year the winning lyasketlmall team. headed hy Captain Anna Klartello. mon easily over the -1 other teams in the league. 'lihey have exhilmited wonderful sports- manship and fair play. These girls have played luaskethall together for four years and have achieved a well-voordinated team. The honor team nas ehosen lay tear-hers who uatvhed the girls perform, The six girls chosen lor the team show ed outstanding skill and ahility. Solver requires muvh passing and teamuork. Headed hy Connie Alfieri. the group learned a great deal about working together as a unit. WINNING lLlRlfS SOKXIICR 'l'Pf.'XNl-V-HMA' Hou: Sult. Ford. Yogler. Alfieri. DeVito. Front Rout lforea. l'axoni, Soudan. U'llrie-n. Longvoy, ilalahrese, Nlartello. 'H A C l ,Pk HONOR l3ASlil'iTBAl,l. TEAM -- Bark Row: fXll'ieri. Vogler. Middle Rout Sult, U'Brien. Front Row: Nlartello, fialahrese. Girls Intramurals WINNING BASKlC'l'BAl,I. TEAM -- Cala- lrrese, l.ongr'oy, Sult. Alfie-ri, Nlartello Yogler. 0'llrien, Corea, Soudan. fl 7 'J .3 - Q1 l "M Q' N l' W N, ww V-5' ll , 5 , l' J Q45 fxkfalgl l ll "X-:fi N ,' " " . 0 N S I X- X A fx X- . 1 1 K K " V A11 P - J ' Q l 3 l .M L 1 , 'll Q 1 V A 4: - U rl X ll, HUNUIC XIll.l,lfXllNl,l. llf-XXI lim-I. ffulr: Nulu. Yugla-V, ,l, Sllll. H'lffrl4ll4' lelllff llxuk, l,m4-al, II, Null, ll:-lluxlu, fron! Run: l zll.llul4fw. Girls Intramurals 'l'lCNNlh 1.llXXll'lHNS lim-If Nun: -fw- nml plums' llama-, wllIllllll'll. FIIIIII Rau: llyq plum' Xuglvl, Silllllilll. l E lf' lfx -J' al 1' In ,, ,. . 1 4 v -,w'?"f l,"l5'l' ll'1Xli'5 WINNING ll X5lfllXl,l, 'lilflll fx'4n'f.: lfnzrz Ymglvr, Sll'l'lll1lll, llDI'I'il. igllilln-4-N.-. Irmxllv. U llIxl4'll, fmnl IXIIIIY Fllll. Xlzlrtr-llu. lllgur. 'lllw Nlmlm-rn llillH'l' fflulf. is xml only wry 1-rxjnyzxllla' lull also Zlll 1-xvvllvnl l.0l'Ill of 1'xvr1'is1'. l.1'cl lwy' Nliss llvry. llw yirlg IN'l'l1i'1'll'1l an lllllll't' mul IIl'ili'llht'tl Illillly f'xc'rvis1's. flillllillll ,l02llllll' Sull I1-fl lu-r lf-:lm In xi:-lnry in mllluill hllt'Il Ilwy xwrv ,l1lIllUl'S. llwy xwn- llIlilf'l-t'illt'1l in llu- four gunna-s llu-y playa-ll. 'l'l1if mum- llflllll lm, xsulliwl ull xxilll Ullllllllgl lmrmrs in xulln-ylvzlll. llvzlllwl lay llilu Ulllrie-rl. Ll grvul dl-ul of Ivzumxork was clispluyvrl. 'flu' l0IlIllr Il121l4'llf's nun- llvlal in llu' lull ul '51, NIHIIICHN ll'XNlIlf 1Ql.l'l1 Huff. Knut Sull. Kl'l'g1l'IQ Xnglvr, Wlmitmun. l.1'llIllilllIl. l.nlfustl'u. Uflf-rkirk, l"llll1'I', llll!'4'lll'l. Sll'IlQ1ll'lIl, xlI1lI'l'Ns. l,uli:ull'n. lllvu. l"rnnt lfrllfi l..lll1'. lllam. lhllm-u. Xlmsm, llzuxmn, 5l1-1-nmn, lmru, Xlglrlvllu, 'xl'l1lIlllil, l,11l1gym1r. l"4'l'l'lw. xx , ,. ' -'W'--v-9-wvsauqvkir 'lfamz , -as . v, in iq 'I l ,- f:.- r.. sf- gg pfinl if g'w+ iwf f-f V ,X . .jf s? , 3 mf x:gww - may 4.2 K ' C nr . --, A W A wr ,,,. A '- V ,. , xxx 44 I Ui JUNIOR l'Y'I'R'XN1L'RAl- CH AHPS wk Razr: Bastian. TLnf'l'1'itv. Svlmjan, Front Rout pnliu. Rurlrf-l'n. SLlI1tllf'l'i. we V . SENIOR INTRAMURAL CHAMPS Burl: Row: Fioravanti. Puvilio, Cilhart, Royka, Barh, Front Row: Ik-Hu Pivtra, Czevh, Gill .Q if zl, ' c4.- V 1 b 1b si Champs ,..., 1 FRIf5I'iNll'1N IN'l'RNNlURfXI. CIIIA-X'NlI'S Huff-.' Run: Nlurulmitu, l'u-nxiflmnf-1-, Hrunski, Fmnr Rout flhimblly, DeRisiu, Llulwig. Sw-alia. I , l i i S ff 7 .Q .f ,AE L ra 1 x .x . S . - I - . H 7 'E ' .H ' 5 ,, L! ,,,.wf L ' 22 ai A 1 ' 5 3 JT' Nw T2 SOPHOMORE INTRAMURAL CHAMPS Bark Row: Row: Ross, Meyers. Knibhs, Pavilio, Gill. Front Compliments 'ff ACME-VALET DRY CLEANERS Compliments 'ff S I D O ' D E L L Compliments of SCHNEPP MOTORS INC. Your CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH Dealer 4l3 Main Sfreof Compliments of RITE-WAY MARKET Meats, Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables I I9 W. Commercial Phone 429 Compliments of DAN'S BILLIARD ACADEMY and REFRESHMENT BAR C om plimeuts of HATCH MUSIC STORE Compliments of E. G. Hazzard - E. B. Hazzard CARL'S TEXACO SERVICE Corner Commercial and Main "y0UR REXALL DRUG STORE- Easf Rochesfar Phono E. R. 220 Good Will and Success To Compliments "THE CLASS OF '55" of from S C A R P I N O WOODS PHARMACY Service and Appliance Compliments Compliments 01 ef l'lART'S FOOD STORE WESTERN AUTO STORE Compliments Compliments of of KING'S SHOE STORE ANGELA'S SMART APPARELX , ff ' if , - WW pg QW i W ' ompi' en A I ompl'me I , mr 9 Ay of 1 A jj vji El J. 4 W G RA T N ' - 'fy A IW if N F I R V iw I ,in ,A 1 Pggne 942 A East R ester A Main . JP QW W Nj W' mm 's no s'r Q M W X0 . mercial 22 So. L X EETS MJ' ju. Efiff' V 57-Q -.T If 'fgznfz VT! ' jciom o nm tj! ' ewel fch ses Fi+ WV J5SS' 04 a +. 63' ndsPg?e4i.-433. ' W QJAEEPIFIYH E Y.: . D Y E E N ro . - o . e i be be c H T.?MsGZ'lTi C ANQE Sh 9 ' 4g!f he w J I37 Qrpcial S . Phone 40 'A , fi n I YJ liments V E2 m en 5 of I DR SP U ER CME SHOP L Y Ea e er e Yorlz M of 'SJ A ' . Y I - . ff 2 , M My-JL ,, Easi' Roclrjfef. M ERC A SE o IIO I A pw DE W C , FnANK's sr nr sl-I " 'of""" 407 MAIN STR Earl' Rochesier New Y lr K N 0 T T Y - P I N E EVERYTHING FOR THE ORTSMA 74 You'll find all Ihe many iypes of School Supplies, Gree'l'ing Cards for every occassion and Parfy Inviiafions a+ S A X T O N ' S DEPARTMENT STORE EAST ROCHESTER FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Highest Dividend Rate Paid In Monroe County Assefs. Sep'l'. 30, I954 -S5,'Il7,394.l8 Compliments of the C. Y. A. john Trevisan, Director Fred Diute, Asst. Director Compliments at HOSELTON'S CHEVROLET AMERICAN Tailoring and Dry Cleaning Service "Known for Quality Work" 322 Main St. East Rochester W. D. HEWES AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE 4I4 Main Sf. Phone 276 Compliments of CARPENTER HARDWARE CO. 5 "Serving You Since 1911" HARDWARE. PAINTS and GLASS Compliments of GOODMAN SHOE STORE SHOE REPAIRING I22 W. Commercial Sf. Phone 95I-J Compliments of EARL'S WELDING SERVICE METAL FABRICATING Easf Rochesier Phone I24-M ROOSEVELT SERVICE STATION "General Automotive Repair' Service" 305 Rooseveli' Rd. Phone 846 Compliments r of KOTOWICZ and NORTON EXCAVATING coNTRAcToRs "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" KOONS Honlsr ,Q N 4 I S is S CONGRATULATIONS . X3 II L A S S U F I 9 5 5 Q apply Io exfend Ihe felicifafions you so richly rve, Her our sinceresl wishes Io every member S o he C 5 '55 on your iourney Ihrough life. 'X Roberi' L. Kohler, Mgr. 45 CHESTNUT STREET 5 ROCH ESTER, N. Y. with s Compliments of HAROLD KITCHEN'S WEST END SERVICE STATION Washing+on a+ Commercial Phone 888 Compliments vf KAY'S CHILDREN'S CENTER WEST SIDE BOWLING HALL "We Cater To Bowling Parties" 146-8 W. COMMERCIAL ST. JOHN SPECA. Prop. DOM RICCI'S SHOE SERVICE ALLEN EDMONDS-The Shoe of Tomorrow "Top Quality and Worlemanshipu I05 Easl' Elm - af Main Best Wishes To The "CLASS OF '55" from ROSE'S Compliments of "BABE" GILBERT w fl - Q U, fc! VA He 4 4 gif! A mpli ents l t Kish be Mg! , C VW X , ' s OF I955 OA 4 ,lm fy'llfl.AGE AP , E lp A from U QORNER 1 QKQ' - ow cl-I s I ain and Co rcxal V X D L I - ' CL:- LV ef A ST OCH STE CE Van Heusen Shiris Forfuno Shoes KEY' mmehu if ENs's CLOTHES sl-lor fl 3' . F Roc TE rl Clofhes Campus Sporlswear lf' LETE RE E ERVICE A Pe tte IQ Given To All l 4 X ATTERSONUS HARDWARE 4 W a es an :stings CM A R 1- H U p U N N . HARDWARE md SPORTING Goons E. R. 32-W RH. IIO Easf Commercial Shoo? HO. 4I I0 AMELIA NUGENT, Real+or Compliments Compliments of of DESPATCH MOTORS INC. FINN AUTO SUPPLY Eas+Rocl1es'ler Pl1one7Il S w E E 1' L A N D Compliments of COMMUNITY CLOTHES SHOP HOMEMADE nu w.coMMERclAL sr. C A N D Y l C E C R E A M Easl' Rochesler Phone 283 Compliments of N . D . S T E V E FUELS and HEATING I58 W. Commercial Phone 66 Compliments of BILL FILIACI from SAM'S SUPERETTE I57 W. COMMERCIAL ST. Easi' Rochesfer. N. Y. GINEGAW BROS. Plumbing - Heating - Hardware Radio - Television Earl Rochesler Phone 339 TOWN DRY CLEANERS "We Call and Delivef' I06 W. Commercial S+. E. Rochesfor 77 J V j X f I v J Giga f fwgsbll Rfyif 'W C7 , SM.. R , RR ff KW .4 ABR Wqomrnn X . NJ - XJ , b e R T , NEW YORK fi Oy RR w . Q E R D PRODUCERS OF 'U 0 C, EX Sl E c:HooL JEWELRY, f I ' EN A C ENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS ,R V 2 ND PERSONA CA S X 0' MR. seo E D. KILLIP S P. . Box no ROC ESTER, New YORK J Co liments of Compliments of x 'rm nur. sronn ALFIERI room MARKET HN and DOM CALABRESE 230 W. COMMERCIAL ST. East Rochester II6 W. Commercial You Ring E. R. I20 We Bring TANDO 'S CHOP HOUSE AIR CONDITIONING Opon24Hours Compliments of PAUL'S FOOD MARKET "We Meet or Beat All Prires" II4 E. COMMERCIAL ST. Free Delivery Phone E. R. 685-R Compliments of WELCH'S MEN'S SHOP "WHERE QUALITY COUNTS" Compliments vt SKYLINE DRESS SHOPPE Compliments of PETE GARASCIO IARIER SHOP E. R. BOWLING AND COCKTAIL CENTER We Cater To Banquets and Parties Phone E. R. I45 78 ,Q , W V as ' iwfil Q 4 A KWSN nf-.Mgr-1:-v.w'w1.,fsQf .. f, Q 1-km f , , - wwf 3,5 0 b .M ,N , .. WA, T375 f fm. - Q 4 - fi ., ' Plivwp,-ff Q5-gb-gigs 51531, ' Q' 1 ,sw -' 'Av ,f z112v?'Xi'w2' a"Efi1?-5' " "VM -fa f'....'fK-,v-, 'J 1 - . . .ufwqf-. ,- vffisfespgiggg-.-'j,5,f- . ,g-qafgg :g7:3ef+ff-:,g1fyj L f ,, ,,,3v.b.,z,ak, ws.. .,,. .M N.,,.A,I,nk . ,.x,,,.b.,... k , M , , . , x -I A , K. 1, --we , wffv . ff, fm-if, dfgw. ,dem up -rw.,-K,-1,,fT1,+ Q, yi W- . 1 W .' , " -W 1 , ' T K uf . .. ,H f. ' , H' -+3 at f. , , f --,-"V+ ,Q - f . 'iffif,vff,,w.,, ",i'-aff.-riff.-w ,. wg,f,., 5 w1wfz've:Jf"-wi 31 gf , N ' , . ,,,- "' ' W W V 1, A W . s:,f.-xlciwSrl-,f.ArrM?g5Q:w?9f2.wf A 5, . fi f --1 1. V. fy,-1 . iv ,if 1355 351293 1Z73f"r5 a 4.-,sm lfffljz if 25:- .1-xl, - E233 i 335321 ,1 ,Li . Z 1, L. .5 . Y.- 551'-3 iii? ff?-tm F-.gay -22,3-s 52 EI? Z'99f'E5 IN H:-1 ' .V.'p ri H ..-.1- 1165-5,4 fail 232143 5335: ,f-, gf. 525:41 l5if' 1 .1 -5 .--'Y .,,,?, 35.41. ' l:-555: GPFS Lk?-L ' iii? .,, r f . 1, f.gg. :sizi- ,,'..- - -14.4351 P-:-f 'L- 'Mia 5-PZ 221 'Q-Qs 3?13l5::. fi-Lia 'L-L-' Gf 5:2-2. 1' Af Q,-, WSI? iiif 3 FPFEZ Eff?" 5? V E-5355: rgzifg S334 752 .AJ rg. ,- ,-Af,-.-. 1 : 42 if-'2 , . .. . H , ,W W LL,, M Q. . 253255 , L mu, x 3 ,HJ31 .. -, f. '-. Q' ,. "ff 'Af ' f ' x - 7' . K .-au..1-,A-m, j,g,.vf-',f4,.z.,',51,1F, .., A f V -1 r win' ,, f .. f. k' . . N7 ff. -Aww , '-,:Vw'a- .,,, ,A-'r'V fr1:"'--f -i P ,, U Q , VeI25"i'1?41i'kfL"j""'gl'-4' .f., f u K., f ' Q, , . T5-'II 9fl,ffwf,Q,Q"7f"vA:f1,,Y"M-iii'ii ,, "" .Y-lui. 1 -' V' 4 E-311 4 , , V fy. ai f. .. Q f ff' .I sf, :ave t .Q 411.3 gvMa.:1- Q. -3,-3 ' - 3253.15 2R?21f'.gzQ.gjf 59312154 1-JVM . - -ff' : " T- Vs . ww -K 21' ' -1 ,J'wi'-MVf.1zfiiwy- ww'-Q ' 14 1 L f: :F 'f 537.51 -. ax 51. , , lxm . , M f'1'f H f, i Si3'ff34if" V . I 55277 , K, . -' 1:4 -N4 W 'Z ,Awgga ,,,. ,pg ,yspmw-wr-iezg. . .5 - 5 yzn,f,.A,QwgNQg,.v k,-Ml, .f-1,5 M .Vx K v W ,., 'Qv-g..,f,rf5,6 .W .,!,,ig,g,,,f.g.ze9 ,5 W, ...rig ff .9 if .Mn ,, ,yn ,K .,W,,.-yn Ww:,p.,- , 115,75- ,af m. ,..,, Q aw-,,. 2. :ffm M w.,:S.,f -- . lv - A.. , . ...---mm., f .J - , -ww, V- w ,W 3-,rw A Q51 -,saw-..'?Qw.:-.,,.y ., X .9 ,NY - -f fu.-..,,.--ww' f' . Q -V , . ,f , L . L K' 1 , ,, f .7 as .WSL-ff gg img.-2 as .f ,eQf'sfffe,.-fi.. ,per nqgwr :,.g Lg r,i,,- A u,,g,,, we -,,zuy,:w-f f 1---4, 1 vsefeyfg Wu. AQ + , 'ring 'm ags'-f -Mn'--f-wi 'M-if -' , 5-P: 2 -A - 9222

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