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 - Class of 1953

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East Rochester High School - Gagashoan Yearbook (East Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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Man !Irm'tF'EHzx"n"MH- W fu Wi M inn am fwfr na ml H 162.22 gm 'im m9ff'f 4 W4tW , iwi Wi x f IM ,lx 1,4421 I M f -S. elf.. 'N n""' Many years ago our predecessors decided 'ihai +his school needed a yearbook, a record for each grad- uafe 'io keep as a reminder of his high school days. When fhe firsi' book wen+ in+o producfion in I93I, fhe search for a suifable name began. ln ihe area where we now live, Indians once roamed, sfalking game, fighfing wars, and building villages. if Each village had ifs sfory iellers, who passed down from generafion fo generaiion fhe glories of fhe +ribe in fales called Gagashoan. Today we record fhe legends of our pasi in word and picfure: our yearbook fells fhe sfory of +he fribes: fhe prowess of iheir braves in in+er+ribals, +he wisdom of iheir leaders, and +he charm of fheir maidens, jus? as fhe Indian feller of +ales did so long ago. WMTZYWL Ma Wjwjjw "2 1 Q , QM' Wjlwgfmf ,M Q M W ""'T-'L ,,14..LsS -v---4 -1,--1-l ,,rp1--- "SZ -ggi ' lE W:- .3..i.,. ,- 'iii' - Q f""'X""' '953 QGA THE V I AL ff" 'N 'iYff OLD Go frizuiaas. Cf-Hers I" 1 I ' QQNS PX ,W6,Q1m5p.LS,wARS,' ff' VW V519 f F X-3 " A YA , rv I I, X ' . , ,X f s W ! V' Q A, .H-I ,L I' .5 X I V. ,f jd X , aj X 1 " -7 J' iY 1 2' 4 , JL EW 2 XJ 1 1 M JJ ' ' M5 J Q if mf A, ' t L' 21 f fi K7 1 T " if L 'J HJ 4' ff? nf 'iff H" ,g J 3 Y' P' ts' v5Q'ffv gf-L x , 4 g 2 1? 5 , -Y' 3 'X ,T . ' z I , in V!!! I V X Na k.,. ., ' A SNC 1953 S OF TE L wow TOXVEIXFQOWS' 5f?gATL ER or TAL,E5 NE W:,N.CQO TO N'fW.... '5QE COUNCILS NXEDXCXQAQS GX MUN, ' NPCYU ' fi-N' Q-cc,U, ALS, AND 4 Je flff-W H ',, . Ley'-fc," W ,fv w- W' . ,J ,Q Q 4 1 Y ' A Lf M , wf aWa .4 ,,, , A J ITOR ' EDWARD WQIGHT ART EDITOR - ROSE MAINE BAYKO COVER DESIGN - PHYLLIS COOK ADWSORS - NHSS. BERTHA BOURNE Nusa. MILDRED BEAQDSU l orrice sun: Mrs. Stortini, Miss Phyllis Gross, Mrs. Smith. BOARD OF EDUCATION Back Row: Mr. Grover, Dr. Coryell, Mr. Corea. Front Row: Mrs, Smith, clerk, Mr. Hazzard, Dr. Harris 4 SUPERINTENDENT PRINCIPAL Mr. L. C. Obourn Mr. F. J. O'Donnell The Big Chiefs, as in the days of yore, tem the Campfires of learning. They encouragi and inspire every pupil to put forth his bes effort. That the Chief's planning keeps ou school running smoothly is shown by a threi day survey held April i, 2, 3, l952. A lette of official notification that our school has bee placed on the list of Accredited Secondar Schools, was received January 2, l953. A a result of this survey by the' Middle State Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools our school is placed among those whosi pupils are undoubtedly given first consideratioi as far as entrance in to college is concerned Behind the scenes the Board of Educatior with Mr. Hazzard, president, continues its tas of directing school policy and constantly seek ing to improve our education system. By hi skillful management of high school and gracli affairs, Superintendent l.. C, Obourn, has gainec great respect from students and faculty alike Familiar to everyone is Principal Frank O'Don nell, who has shown a keen interest in a' phases of high school life. School spirit i greatly augumented by his support of athletic and other student activities. Keeping the rec ords, writing letters and handling the clerica work is efficiently done by the office stafl whose friendly manner is pleasing to all whi approach them on so many, varied errands i Ii' .4 PX ? ii - 1 ,1 ,gg 1 5? n x aw W, 1 5 Q V was les ' X5 ! ,Mm ,.,,,, ,,,A.. ..,.- ,X . 5, 9 -I S ,Qi -gy. x. X f I I ? ' A 5 va sf- s U 9 ' sl A W A A , 5 if , 3 33 an ,.,1 - 1 1- we -, f pg . P ' W1 f V V A 'T ff -", x I ' X m 'vi 'L if L' Y sw Sa , ff-Y 1: ' ,zqii - .i. ,,., - ,.,, W 14 Yi s Ms. 3 .QQ .1 llly Q A-in A 'K fwl , xi 'N A. V 'f'W'.f"'Q4 sfgi' sf! . E' ' it K 2, H- 'iff J ag. ar ,A Hx , ,W hgi,Q,,.l:x:3Y:ff, LY- Qgipay , I a k ' I if TF - ' 1 ff' HE 1 -x 5...-Q-v-"-"4 wg rl' GUIDANCE omecrok '- THE MEDICINE MEN HEALTH STAFF Nurse Warren, Dr. Hurley, Dental Hygienist Myers, Students: Kearns, Maiorani, A very popular spof in fhe building when you are ill is II kl as lhe Infirmary. This room is equipped wilh pi s. eenex, - nd many olher cure-alls for colds, pains and +oo+h- pirin a aches Miss Warren, The school nurse, is readily able To 'lake h h ol h sician care of 'rhese annoyances. Dr. Hurly, 're sc o p y , performs heallh examinalions and is called in when a sfudeni' is really siclc or iniured. Our smiling denlal hygienisls, Mrs h 1' l n our +ee+h and check Cross and Mrs. Myers are ere o cea for irregularilies. ey TQ ,Q HE AU-,WISE-ONE rf ,. 1551 'AY Miss Jackling r K"f"r f"4ii2 A '-itil I ii E Alf " - If ii 1 2.5 if A A - ' f - fb , an 4.22-L J -A ,, Y I A i,'i J' r E ' f-" E r:" 'i-'s :ifr X y 'lr X , 1 If' ,- L5 'M . 6 Miss Jaclcling, our guidance counselor, is +he person who mosl' of us have ap- proached, af one lime or anofher, for assislance. l-ler friendly advice is available To all who seek ir, whelher The mailer in quesfion concerns rhe selecrion of a high school course or 'rhe planning of one's lu+ure af+er gradualion. Her pleasanr per- sonalily and willingness +o help are qual- ifies +ha+ we associafe wi+h Miss Jaclrling 1 . +A 1, W gi 5, ' f X 1 X . V X zmgg. v f , f ' . , 1 I f ' ' f if W Q, X ,LL I , rf 'gi I ' in ' x Z J -1 w Kraft I" H , . f i gg -1 A L I pi . ggi A In gk.. L. R Q A V ,. m LL. x 1 m J vig? , m , 81,5 L,,- V Q:-Y yy-T461 K -- 1 A- f Q I --. .:..,,,x 5 Ax N1 55 X15 X , X. . Eg Six x Exggwf. S-5 QS fl J.. 4. xkkx ,. wr. X y ul X Q xx Q5 , 6,4 M ... Q.: 7 .,- XV' 'u 5 Y 1, '-af' sX "Fun- -iw. - fifkffr Q .fx 'Q Y Q A 5 , 4 1 1 W MISS THEODA MAXON DEDICATION A yearbook is a gournal of our mos? imporlanl school days. Therefore if as parhculary filling lhal' we dedncale our Gage- shoan lo one who has given unsllnhngly of her lime and lalenl 'ro malce lhese years in E R H S so successful. our class ad- visor Miss Theoda Maxon. Miss Maxon has far surpassed lhe required dulies of a leacher or an advisor. She has Taken an aclive parl in our everyday school life slriving wi+h advice. encouragemenl and her own example of induslry and depend- abilily +o help us become belrler people. The sincerify and faifh- fulness wi+h which she has performed her 'raslcs will long serve as an inspiralion +o all +he members of lhis class of l953. ' s 5 1 5 8 I ' . WK 3' -523 Er' .4 "Jim" "An athlete supreme, the perfect answer to a lady's dream." Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Football l, 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom, Senior Ball: Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: President ot Mixed Chorus 4: Student Council 4: Magazine Campaign. --.,-.1'1JJ:,....., In school "oh, so quiet", out- side "what a riot". lntramural Basketball 'l, 2, 3, 4: Magazine Campaign: Sen- ior Ballg Mixed Chorus I Softball l, 2, 3, 4, "Barb" "Tall and lean, friendly too, a worker hard, a 'Friend for you." Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3, 4: Win- ning Baseball Tearn 2: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Gagashoan Typist 4: Modern Dance 3: Magazine Campaign. . ., ..,. -....- ...,.-.Vv .-Mary.. "Pretty and sweet, fun to b near: Mary will go far, in her lite career." Girls' Sports I, 2, 3,4: Leader Club 2, 3, 4: Magazine Cam paign: Music Festivals: Pla Day, Junior Prom: Senior Ball Girls Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4. '...,Q:. " 'B BERYL AMES , ,i "Beryl" U , "A winning smile and manners V 531.1 J: , 'Xe shy, but every woman met his 7' , eye." ' 'Q , .sv lntramurals l, 2: Library Club ' I I 1, 2, Senior Bari. V 'f . , , Q-92: ,iff ,G lu? fi 1 bfi, . sv' I A X J! L ,, ' :fe ,- E-"'k - , 1 ,-- 'N ELEAN SCIANI DIANE ANTHONY X fb rttAm IlDeell "Pert and smart, a Harvest She rig tonga Queen too: when things go QYOUP tif df wrong, she's always ior you." Wlnflinfjll fm'-" National Honor Society 4: 2: Girls Harvest Queen 3: Leaders Club 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom, Senior Ball: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 4: Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Girls' Sports l, ior Prom: Senior Club l, 2: Song 1 2 3, Girls jf Mk ic Festr 4: Sen or Ball, Collector: Play av Dance 2, 3. VIRGINIA BOUGHTON "Ginny" "A Sophomore she came to us, slim and fair, with eyes ot trust." Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom: Library Club 2, 3, 4: Music Festivals 2, 3, 4, Mag- azine Campaignp Girls' Sports 2, 3: Senior Ball. ELIZABETH BURTON -.Liza "Jolly and friendly, eyes of blue, She's ready to please, and work lor you." National Honor Society 3, 45 Senior Band I, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, 4i Leaders Club 2, 3, 4: Latin Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Sports I, 2, 3, 42 Senior Class Officer 45 Mag- azine Campaign. WILLIAM BROWN "Brownie" "I-le was handsome, an ath- lete too: and as for girls, he had them too." Football I, 2, 3, 45 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4: Sophomore Hop, Junior Promg Senior Ball: Magazine Cam- paign. RICHARD BUMP "Dick" 'He came to us from Mace- don, a lively one, with shoes size ten." Magazine Campaign: lat Macedonl Football I, 2, 3: Track I, 2, 3: Basketball I, 2, 3. I953 JACK BUSE lljackll "A man ot rhythm, hot on the drumg full ot laughs and lots of fun." Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Band l, 2, 3, 45 Junior Prom, Senior Ball, Band All State 3, 4: Magazine Campaign, GLADYS BUCHEL "Gladys" "A lot ot fun when she's with you: She's very sweet, an artist too." Leaders Club 3, 45 Stage Crew 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 3, 47 Gagashoan Stattg Girls' Sports I, 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom: Senior Bally Magazine Cam' fs CAROLINE BULLIS nshortyu "She's here, she's there, she's everywhere, with hardly ever a moment to spare." Basketball I, 25 Soccer I, 25 Volleyball I, Library Club I, 2, 3, 4: Magazine Campaign. paign. , l , ,M , lk "a'ir sv ri' -Al ill A 4 rl Q I i7 ' 'Bi 4' rt' Q A? . .I mr? ,raw f .ln l A 1. I i ly? fi' Q, I, Xia? . - . IAQ 'iw' 1 A43 4 aw - ga vf ,.. -.ALE L .tiltxF'?snf:.-4, .- Donpe -- - H 'Ail1"" c ,, on-:e ,Q - BARBARA CALABRESE BERNARD CANNAN "Barb" "Barney" "She will always be gay, with "A little nonsense now and a lot ot music along her way." then, Soloist for Choralairs 3, 4: Is relished by the best of Girls' Glee Club I, 2, 3, 45 men," Senior Play 3, Girls' Sports I, 2, 3, 4: 'Minstrel Show 2, 3: Winning Basketball Team 2, Harvest Queen Alternate 3: Senior Ball. Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Baseball I, 2, 3, 45 Senior Ballg Junior Prom: Magazine Campaign. JOHN CANNAN "CannanbaIl" "He was tall, he was shy, but he is known as an all-around guy." Football i, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Magazine Campaign. JOSEPH CAPPIELLO who-. "About money he always dreamed, He pinched the penny, until Abe Lincoln screamed." Dramatics Club i,.luni rProm, Intramural Baseball l,- 3, 4' Band 1, 2, lntramur Fo ball, Baske ball l, , ,R , Sophomore op ' a azi igriftilit ,Fa A at ig I i V K 1 a ix ir . - rfe i " qi' g - - - 'f'-'-'ffi iff: I ff-'Z C aeifnfdti 'f' ' 'AA ' 'iieifwi Q5 is A ,.,.1 - Pee: ""'g'? i -':'h'2:....--- I---f , - PAUL CIMICATA GARY CONNERS "Cimi" "Gerard "The fellows called him "Cimi", The girls called him "Paul," He's tull ot tun, with one and all. Football l, Track I, Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Base- ball I, 2, 3, 45 Junior Prom: Magazine Campaign: Senior Ball "He was big, He was tall, He was the brightest ot them all." National Honor Society 3, 4, Latin Club I, 2, 3, 4: Choral- aires I, 2, 3, 4, Boys' All State 3, Basketball 3, Football 2, Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Magazine Campaign. DONALD CHECHO -.Donn "Don was outstanding in any- thing he would do, an athlete supreme, he's a coach's dream." - Class Vice-President 4, Foot- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Prom, Senior , Campaign, "Student one on whom to His winning smile, he will ways send." President ot Student Council 4: Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom, Intramural Bas- ketball I, 2, 3, 4, Magazine Campaign, Senior Ball, Music Festivals, Song Committee 2. SENIORS PHYLLIS COOK llphylll "Lots of spirit, lots ot tight, An artist tine, a will ot might." Leaders Club 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew 2, 3, 4: Magazine Cam- paign, Senior Ball, Girls' Sports, Junior Prom 3, Gaga- shoan Statt 4, Glee Club. MARION CILENTO lIMar!l "Live, love, laugh, learn, that's a motto not to spurn." Girls' Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Club 3, 4, Soccer I, N. Assembly Hop: Senior Campaign. JEANNE M. COREA ll-lean!! "Short and cute, a cheer- leader too, One who's best friend is me and you." Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 4, Leaders' Club 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Pres- ident 4, Head Cheerleader l, 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary 2, 3, Gagashoan Co-Editor 4, Junior Prom: Senior Ball. ' A JUSTINE COREA "Justine" "Short and happy, tull ot smiles. She has friends tor miles and miles." Gleo Club l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, Twirler I, Magazine Campaign, Christmas Assembly 3, YVETTE DENCH "Vet" "Short and jazzy, Lots ol punch. She's outstanding ln any bunch." Head cheerleader 3, 4, Li- brary Club 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, Junior Prom, Senior Ball, Tumbling 2, 3, 4. FRANK D'AGOSTlNO "Frank" "A social figure in life, a friend to all. Always a smile tor friends in the hall." Football l, 2, 3, 4, lntramurals Baseball 2, 3, 4, lntramurals Baslcetball l, 2, 3, 4, Volley- ball 2, 3, 4. MARGAY DAVIES "Maggie" "This girl is cute, We call her Maggs. She's one who helps, but never braqs." Leaders Club 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 4, Library Club l, 2, 3, 4, Choraliers 2, 3, 4, Magazine Campaign, Minstrel Show 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club ANN ADEBERARDINIS "Anna" "Full ot fun, Comical too, Always happy, Never blue." Leaders Club 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club Otticer, Girls Sports l, 2, 3, 4, Play Day l, 2, 3, Jr. Prom, Senior Ball, Magazine Campaign, Girls' Glee Club s A- as A ' l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4. l, 2, 3, 4. RosALYN DELLA Pier H W E: V"Bus and t eh y Wig-J 'it "gt 53.3, ,. ., ,. , X .ix ph ' -Q 5. rety and n till ' o U an plainl e ' X ' b . Natio Hon ' 3, 4, I. 5 Leader , 4, b s- X 'Q sador , Girls' l-S p X 1 satisfy! ,il L r C is 1, 2, , , M . ,f2,eg,,-.fm asiriiei C i , irls' S 3 X 4 I lg, 2, 3 r, Tow B lT1Q i . ' ' 3"' sf F1314 ' 55" -' Linn jf Y 'Z i"f'f' ., 'E--,,... - 355 5525 ff?-' ,,", MM JOSEPH DEVITO 'i" A 7 ef ,, , "J0"' MARGARET DIGUISHFQTWD. Joseri-NNE DISALVO He s always late, --Mergon "josh" But never a worry. lt's not his fault School starts too early." "Darla hair, darlr eyes, She deserves the best. One who always smiles, Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, O h 'H H - u lntryamural Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, GRE- WGEBS he Etgstgz lU,n'O' plomi same' Balli Mag' Basketball 3, Modern Dancing azine Campaign, Photography 3: Magazine Campaign: Soph- Club 2, Projectionist l, 2, Omore Hop 3. Fun Night 4. "Lite is a pleasure Without a care. A friend ot all, With jet-blaclr hair." l-lead Cheerleader 4, Leaders Club 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 4, Li- brary Club l, 2, Red Cross l, 2, Junior Prom, Stage Crew, SUSAN DURFEE "Sue" "When Sue looks up And smiles at you, You know full well Your heart just "blew," Leaders' Club 2, 3, 45 Gaga- shoan Stai:l5 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Choralaires 2, 3, 45 Stage Crew5 Library Club l, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Quartet 2, 3, 45 Minstrel Show 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY ANN EVANS "Shirl" "New in school, Friendly too: Quick to make a Friend with you." Student Council 3: Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Magazine Cam- paign5 Girls Sports 2, 3, 45 Minstrel Show 35 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Senior Ballp Drarnatics Club l, 2, 3. BARBARA FINLEY lIBarbII "Neat and slick Lots of friends: Where Barbie goes, Her smile she sends." Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Junior Prom5 Senior Ballp Magazine Campaign5 Music Festivals. 3: in 2' DIANNE FULLER . X, :Q ..Dee.. X "Slim and peaceful ready to jf? Fa-ll! 'Ai Qrini 'QQ ' f 'QQ' lt, Lack of talk is her only sin." ' refwii j g Girls' else Club 2, 3, 4, La. , :-: i brary Club 2, 3, 45 Junior N' Prom5 Magazine Campaign5 1" l Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 4: Red N Cross l. .L 23 I N ' " l , '1.-vq,.N,.l- x 3,14 L I ki ,Q 5-9 if I A i,. ,N M37 ,A aisle s iigfyl ff -xliil g s 'sofa ,N Y 1 Leif i f 7 , nl- 'aiffe-. A.. f' vw f., -H g5.21,...,,,.. i..2??Sf CAROL GOODRICH MARTHA HARRIS DONALD HAYDEN ucarol.. ..Mart.. ..Don.. "The seniors say she's lots of fun and pretty snappy with that gum." Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Leaders' Club 3, 45 Library Club l, 2, 3, 45 Junior Prom: Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 42 Mag- azine Campaign. "Blond and pint size With eyes of blue An able student, A leader, too. National Honor Society 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Chora- lairs 2, 3, 45 Latin Club l, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 45 Leaders' Club 3, 45 Senior Class Treasurer5 Senior Ball. "A lover of nature, winter, spring, and tall, Swift on the track, and loved by all." Track l, 2, 3, 45 Football Manager l, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 45 Magazine Campaign5 Senior Band 15 Boys' Sports l, 2, 3, 45 Senior Ball. NORMA FOOTE "Norm" "Norma is a gal who tries hard to please, We know she'll go 'lar We know she'll succeed." Basketball l, 2, 35 Soccer I, 2, 35 Magazine Campaignp Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, JOAN HELFER "Jeannie" "When you are sad and in need of a friend, Joan will give you sympathy till the end." Leaders' Club 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Library Club 3: Magazine Campaignp Stage Crew 3, 45 Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 4: Gagashoan Art Stott 4. .J CATHERINE KEARNS "Katie" 'Shy and timid is her way. K good secretary she'll malre someday." Sirls' Glee Club 4: Senior Ball: fhristmas Play 3: Basketball l, ?, 3, 4: Soccer l, 2, 3, 4: folleyball l, 2, 3, 4: Baseball , 2, 3, 4: Modern Dance 3. NANCY MAGNER ..Nan.. "A Debonair, And one so fair. Sweet and lrind With never a care." Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Girls' Sports i, 2, 3, 4: Magazine Campaign: Junior Prom: Sen- ior Ball: Music Festivals l, 2, 3, 4. JOHN KUHN "Wilt" "He may be little, but my what a boy! He was Miss Maxon's pride and joy." Band I, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Sports FRANCES KUSH "Fran" "Darla hair, dark eyes, Fran is fair and wise." Girls' Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Magazine Campaign: Senior Ball: Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 4: DONALD LAFAY "Don" "He was an artist, He drew and drew. A bundle of laughter, A swell guy too." Gagashoan Cartoonist i, 4: I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Ball: Junior Modern n ' 3, Stage Crew 3: Junior Prom: Prom: Magazine. Campaign: - Senior Ball: Art Chairman: Junior Varsity seb 2, 3, . Football 2, 3, 4: Armistice As- . ' ,f sembly 3: Winning Basketball pf .f"' 3. 21 I ' 5 Loukv ' 1 ' ' .- i'1 4 f. ii x-I lf' U v Jo KW AJ, 4 7, .R The ile r tace 0 ,lim I i . ls ys e ame 1, 'ifvtt' "Sf- Beca e "Jil r ' I 'E X ' ls h ' Lf I, i, 2, , alle a , ,4, Vfiggygf ,. Baseba , , odern Danc- 5 '7.J',, . ing 4: Gagashoan Collector: 'n 'U Senior Ball: Magazine Cam- .ff , PW- ,miiiirffl if x'--1:.u.v' , 1 1-swf . fi ,2 - , - H Z1 . .5 Sign 4' -0- '-fcc g 5 in ii -ik! 5:2 ... JEANETTE MAIORANI "f"53f ' ,, , . 5""Y . GLORIA MARAriori ioseri-i MARcucci She s jolly and mirthtul, wht.. --Joel- Full of play: But ready tor worlc When it comes her way." Leaders Club Secretary 4: National Honor Society 4: Gagashoan Co-editor: Library Club 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Sports I, 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 3. 4: Junior Prom. "With hair so darlc And eyes so shiny: A picture pretty And yet so tiny." Magazine Campaign: Soccer. "Here's to the chairman Ot our Sr. Ball: A real fine fellow And ai friend to all." Senior Ball Chairman: Junior Prom: Magazine Campaign: Baseball 3: Intramural Baslcet- ball l, 2, 3, 4: lntramural Rnseball 'l, 2, 3. Class I, 2: Track 3, 45 High Prom 35 Intramural Basketbal ampaign 4: Junior Prom ,.-.,. ... ..,, , .. , .,.. ,J ,.,,,, , .., .....,,, ,. .-,., There are but few. K Tgyrve sweegvgr fbi His name was Walt. Though never unfriendly, tTall prettyix A ' .We met him at Greeks, To me or you." O o me t." ' Shaking malt." Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, s' il' , g SQQLQI5 National Honor Society 3, 45 Magazine Campaign 45 Soc- Base V l 'yb Mggx Latin Club l, 2, 3, 4, Intramu, cer l, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball l, aiiye am ' n 4, nioriflqll ral Basketball 2, 3, 4: Flag 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: 4, Music esxt' aL " Guardian 35 Captain of Mag- Baseball 3, 4: Modern Dance if azine Campaign 4, Gagashoan 3: Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4. ' - Staff 4: Junior Prom 2, Senior ,Q A I ' ' Ball 4. ,i Ig A MARY ANN MORREALE . ' J l , A "Mary" L' , '- i ,' " "Smiling and happy, i M K. ' 'X Always gay. if ,a 5.3 1 A You'lI Rnd her AJ . f 4 That way every day." .- ,lj i , Girls' Glee Club 3, 4: Q ,E i A ,L Girls' Spot l, 265- 7 Mod- .Q ' " ern Dargcflrz 3 , agazine i hi. , 1 , Campyignp M ic Fes' als 1, 1 GSL!" l 2325 4, Ga sh olle : ' 3 h 'Vi ' winningNBaseba am Q ' 'farm ' . ..,. T i "2 'fy' --if dj V ,U Hi. ' QL!! , rfwth - H - 1 - "' ,Y V L, . JAMES NACCARELLA Q" , M, ' - "J-mi" RICHARD NEREAkl ,A NIC i "A sturdy and popular "Dick" ' if ' ary" 'Q . Man is he. "This boy is an outstand' airnfeks d he , l A sportsman's hero Member of the band. i JAS wel as oft, ce. IL Of the 'highest degree." He'II come to your aid,N L n is a girh Nationa Honor Society 4: With a helping hand." i gr sig . ' Sliudenll COUf1Cil l, 2, 3, 4: Magazine Campaign, "Dri l atio onor, iety 3, 4: OFHCSF of Band 3, 41 Treas- Band 3, 4: Music Festival, , ai Club. , , 47 Red urer of Class 3: President of 4, All-State Band 3, 4, Juni ss Preside 4, Magazine 3 School Basketball and Foote ball 1, 2, 3, 4. 35 Band 3, 45 Dance Band I Committee 37 Girls' Sports l, 4 3: U. N. Assembly 3. it in cz quiou. vvuinoi Who often succeeds, A friend of one And all, in need." Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Soccei l, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 35 Vol leyball l, 2, 3, 45 Dancing 3. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Music Festivals 2, 3, 4. BEVERLY NOHE "Squeeze" "Good in sports, On the ball, "Squeeze" is sharp, A friend of all." Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 Leaders' Club 3, 4: Junio Prom: Senior Bally Minstre Show 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3 4, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4 Stage Crew 4. JUDITH PARROTTA "Judy" "Never a worry, Never a care. Bet she'll marry a million- naive." Magazine Campaign5 Library Club l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club lg Junior Prom, Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 45 Play Day 2: Sophomore Hop 2. nh i .1 DONALD PRONG "Don" "Don was a bundle Ot laughter it's true. A mighty sharp fellow, And a good scholar too." Latin Club l, 2, 3, 4: Maga- zine Campaign Mgr.5 Junior Prom Committee 35 Armistice Day Assembly 3g Intramural Baseball, Basketball,Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4. BRIAN PECK HBH.. "Friend of all. Complexion light. His ambitious ways, Were always liked." Football lp Student Council 21 Junior Prom, Senior Ballg Magazine Campaign 45 Soph- omore Hop 2. ll FRANKLIN PRINCE 1 "Frank" fl "Like the glow-worm, ,g He did glow. We'll always remember him as ALICE PELLA "Limpy" "Tennis Champ, Fast and Quick. That's what makes, "Limpy" click." National Honor Society 47 Junior Prom 35 Library Club l, 25 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Choral- aires 3, 45 Tennis 2, 3, 45 Leaders Club 2, 3, 45 Girls ROLAND W. PELLETIER "Roland" 'Ambitious is he Who works ahead: He'll make a good penny For his bread," Baseball 2, 3, 45 Christmas Assembly l, lntramural Basket- ball 3, 45 Senior Ball Commit- tee: Magazine Campaign. Sports l, 2, 3, 4. iq , H A, ' 1' I ii' it . l r ' f" y . "The Golden Toe." ' 'L ig Football l, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Track X 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 2: Maga- M' zine Campaign. V4 I 9 5 3 My Hi- i RICHARD PROSPERI "Pros" "He was handsome, "Witty He was fair: The only boy, With Curly hair." Varsity Football 3, 45 Golf Team 35 J, V, Basketball I5 J. V. Football 25 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Tennis I: Intramural Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. ,. .. romp rii. QUITTBR, , mb.. "Wh'aQaver she Carefree too. "Carol" is She doe? ith ease., The friend tor"you." Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 4: Leaders Club 3, 4: Yearbook Statt, Magazine Campaign: Glee Club 3, 45 Swing Chorus 2g Red Cross 2: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4. ijtvsoutherxrimsmwl, TM," 'A asy to pleas-Q." "x Glee b' Leaders A' 3, 45 Student 'lp Girls' ports: ., Magazine Campaign 45 Senior- Ball Committee 44-'-'Winning BasebaJI5 aPrgm Com . i , if LAWRENCE RIKER "Larry" "Larry was a member Ot the Stage Crew. Good in his studies, And a great triend too." Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew 3, 4, Magazine Campaign 4, Gagashoan 4, Junior Prom, Senior Ball, Choralaires Tech- rrician. 261121 I 3 r ' Rocco "Arts" his nickname, ' I mart and suave, W, ARTHUR RITCHM' s 1 SAM ROCCO nA tn ,. L ur ii He's tall and fast. His records shall Never be surpassed." President of Class 4, Student Council 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Senior Ball: N. Y. S. 220 Track Record 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Vice- President Class 3. , V Q. . , ,N ,Q 1 1793: If . N ' . gl ' - I 3' in , Z.. . f A f W 7' i . X ,. 1, x, . : 1' ' -E .J' ' f "za , .Q-- .f 4- r . 5 'gg -C. of iw:-, 'R '-sy llflfi'-il 1 ff gg. B- 10 gr W X--if 1, ' rp -'L J' 2 -it TONY SANTILLO PETER SCALIA "Spittie" "Saab" "Tony was always late, "ScaIia's a scorcher, We all agree. So they say, And, Oh! what a scorcher He could be." Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 1, lntramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Magazine Campaign, lntra- mural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1. l-le's trying to go to heaven, But he'll go the other way." J. V, Football 1, lntramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, lntramural Baseball 2: Magazine Campaign, Junior Prom, Senior Ball. A snappy dresser. Mr. Brody's genius, A good guesserf' Basketball 1, 2, lntramural Baseball 1, 2, lntramural Bas- ketball 1, 3, Tennis 2, Mag- azine Campaign 4: Band l. SALLY SALMON llFishlI "Full of laughter When around. By her giggles, She can be found." Glee Club 2, All State Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Vice-Pres. Red Cross 4: Choralaires 2, 4, Minstrel Show 3, Girls' Sports 1, 2: Senior Play 2. SENIORS JOAN SCALISE "Jeanie" "Small in trame, Full of fun, For gay laughter, Joan's the one." Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Mag- azine Campaign, Music Fest- ival 1, 2, 3, 4, Winning Base- ball Team 2: Baseball 1, 2, Volleyball 1, 2. rr PAT SACCO Ilpatll "A poet is he, A writer, too: He always 'has A line for you." Magazine Campaign, Senior Ball, lntramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, lntramuraliiVolleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, Soph- omore Hop 2, lntramural Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. i CARM EN SCARPINO USCMP.. "Regardless of his size, l-le played for the sport, And not for the prize." President National Honor So- ciety 4, Vice-President Stu- dent Association 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4: Sen- ior Ball, Football 1, 2, 3, 41 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 3, President Junior Class 3. THC S SCHOLAN "Timmy' " as Cha an ur Jun- r Pr : t t ug 1 at's T Bu 'n r. Ga a np Lati lub , 37 Mix orus , ice resi t Mixed horus 5 Vari o ball 2, 3: etball Mgr. 2, Officer AL ' Club 37 Chairman Jun- ior Pr . l MARLENE SMYTH UMBC.. "Tall and fair As can be. Friends with her You'Il always be." Magazine Campaign: Library Club l, 2, 4, Senior Ball Com- mitteeg Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Music Festivals 2, 3, 4. ANNE MARIE SCUMACI "Ann" "Her voice is low, Her voice is sweet. Her smile will sweep You off your feet." National Honor Society 4: Choralairs 3, 45 Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Band l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4: Mag- azine Campaign: Minstrel Show 3, 47 Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4. JESSIE SHARP "Jessie" "Good cheer is the key To a good time. Jessie's life will be Cheerful and time." Junior High Chorus: Girls' Glee Club, Magazine Cam- paign, Library Club l, 2, 3, 4. 1953 DOMINIC SORGE ..Doc.. "Never a worry, Never a care. Always has a Minute to spare." Varsity Football 3, 45 Track l, 2, Magazine Campaign: ln- tramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Senior Bally Intramural Base- ball l, 2, 3, 45 J. V. Football I, 2. JUNE SEBASTE "Junie" Always gay, Bright as the moon. We all know her: Her name is June." Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Soccer 27 Volleyball 2, 3, Tumbling 3 4 3 4 , :Bowling 2, , . NANCY SHAIRER "Nancy" "A winning smile A pleasant way. "Nan's" always happy, And very gay." National Honor Society 3, 4, Latin Club l, 2, 3, 4: High School Ambassador 4, Band l, 2, Junior Prom: Senior Ball, Baseball 25 Magazine Cam- Jaw-. xv-- va" paign. impair . mplil 'fl .4 xt l by 'Tj Wyll fi Lil 4 W fl ' .4 N535 A , 5' '. le 'ii y li 1 - V I4 Q nt' I ' U :di 2139 6' of ef , , 2, -iff i . :rj '-f A' - , ' csv -H-xx fi'-as a'-r - acc' IRENE STEPHANY -MT -WQTTZGBRUSSELL SYRACUSE "Irene" ' "RUSS" "To be good-natured, ls desired by all. "Irene" is always neat And also tall." Girls' Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4: Junior Red Cross lp Soccer l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2: Vol- leyball l, 2: Magazine Cam- paign. "Russ was happy, Caretree, and gay. We always found him At the C. Y. A." Intramural Baseball l, 2, Mix- ed Chorus l, 2: lntramural Basketball l, 2: Junior Prom, Magazine Campaign. lh ROBERT TOUGHER "Bob" When you ask a favor, 'Yes", is his answer. He loves his football, He's supreme as a dancer." Football 1, 2, 3: lntramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Magazine Campaign. FRANK TRAVOTO "Garganch" "Rugged football He did play, From Freshman year To Senior day." Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1 2, 3, 4: Basketball Mgr, 2, 3 4: Intramural Basketball 1, 2 3, 4: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Music Festivals: Magazine Campaign. ,it It L53 sf., .eu I iwrfgva 'l ., ' Q-54 0 S "1 5153 fs..'LAF1 3 7 .H S 9-'Z Ea, Qzbl ,..: ,QS . 'a.5:t?l14:4l's, . W: ' 5 4.2.-Lf -fir: :: Yi-: -f h a" ian-,--A .Q r - "" - ' -Hi' BEVERLEY WELKLEY "Bev" JOHN WOJICK "A lovely smile "John" Upon her face Shows "Bevy" ls a girl ot grace." Leaders' Club 2, 3: Girls' Sports 1, 2, 4: Latin Club 2, 3: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: .lunior Prom: Winning Bas- ketball 2: Music Festivals 2, 3, 4: Magazine Campaign. "Don't fall from a window, Don't fall from above, And, for heaven's sakes, Don't fall in love." National Honor Society 3, 4: Baseball 3: Armistice Day As- sembly 3: Magazine Cam- paign. BARRY TUTTLE -.Tutu "A sports fan and A manager true: He's always on the Stage for you." Stage Mgr. 3, 4: Basketball Mgr. 1, 2: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2: Junior Prom: Sen- ior Ball: Choralaires 3, 4. ROBERTA WAUD "Bobbie" Like the sun she Smiles on all. "Bobbie" is pretty and suits us all." National Honor Society 4: Senior Chorus 1, 3, 4: Girls Sports 1, 2, 3, 4: Library Club 3, 4: Minstrel Show 2, 3: Junior Prom: Choralaires 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3. S IORS NANCY VANSCOTT NNN.. "One of the best This school has seen. To her classmates She is Queen." National Honor Society 3, 4: Otficer of National Honor So- ciety 4: Officer of Student Council 4: Senior Ball: Officer of Leaders' Club 3, 4: Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chor- us 2, 3, 4, ryriwl. ED RD ,Q RIGHT MATTHEW ZAWACKI P Writ I I uMattir "Ed '4,orkJd at hi "Keep your nose to the grind- Wit! ill his mig stone, 1 igtibfwork was ni ger wrong, Keep yourself on the ball. l ut lways "Wright", ,Q Don't be a drinker, Gacgsh n Aiditor: l aryhytal And you'll never take a fall." Bas ejbzi and Basel?-I l l1,' 2, Stage Crew 2, 3: lntramural 3: Senior Ball: Teljni L, 314: Basketball and Baseball 2, 3, Projectionist 2, :li Unior 4: Magazine Campaign. Prom: Magazine Camp' ign. Hs name is Dave, We call him Kody- l-l s pokes will never match Those ot Sam Brody." n 7, 8, I, 2: Track I, 25 Intramural Basketball and eball I, 2, 3, 45 Armistice Day Assembly 2: Chorus I. DAVID ZI M M ER IlKodyll LOUIS ZITO "Louie" "Louie had a Smile ready to tlash At any good-looking, Young lass." Intramural Football, Baseball, Basketball I, 27 Mixed Chorus, Red Cross: Magazine Cam- paign, Sophomore I-lop. 1953 , AWARDS I2 E. R. Teachers Association Prizes: Attendance. responsibility, general attitude, consistent etfort- Angela Castro, Robert Vienne and Richard Vienne. I-larriet Babcock Memorial Prize tor excellence in English, by East Rochester Study Club-Durwood Lacey. Delphian Study Club American History Prize - Carole Helter. Louis E. Bird Memorial Latin Prize, tor excellence in Latin study - Durwood Lacey. Burton J. Eryatt Memorial Prizes to the Senior boy and girl, who has maintained a high scholarship. and displayed commendable persistence and ap- plication in business subiects-Nicholas Bellavia and Angeline Agosto. Mark Byron Furman Prizes to the boy and girl ot the graduating class who have excelled in character and ideals, scholarship and leadership-Bernice Bayko and Jack Little. National l-lonor Society Recognition Award, tor advancement as a student-Ralphine Sacco. American Legion Auxiliary ot Jules Verne Fish Post Citizenship Prize-Mabel McQuarrie. V. F. W. Award to the girl, tor outstanding service rendered to the school, a pin and Certificate ot Merit-to the boy, tor outstanding service rend- ered to the school, a lapel button and Certificate ot Merit-Wilma McPhee and Jack Little. St. Nicola Society ot East Rochester Prize tor ex- cellence in Art-Georgiana Sauer. St. Nicola Society ot East Rochester Award to the student ot the graduating class who has done the most outstanding work in instrumental music- Alton Emerson. Library Prize to a Senior tor rendering service to the school by working in the library. Given by the librarian, Melvin Johnson-Barbara Sleeman. I-lonor Books, given by the Board ot Education tor pertect attendance in the school year l95I-521 not tardy-Beverly Gowan and Joyce Jackson. Prizes given by Carl M. Steubing tor taithtul par- ticipation and superior work in vocal music - Beverly Gowan - Richard Bruno. Parent-Teacher Association prize to the member ot the Senior Class who through scholarship, citizens ship, leadership and general, all-round endeavor has contributed most to E. R. I-I. S.-Bernice Bayko. Lion's Club Prize to best triend and classmate-boy and girl-Pauline Petti and Joseph Ballone. Sectional award tor tirst place in the IOO-yard dash, tirst in the history ot E. R. l"l. S.-Nick Bellavia. Rochester Business Institute Scholarship - Sybil Arden. 45 Vt. , j V X ,-- X Xx i -K-tr' ' NTP- '1 Li l. -7 5-Q-Q... sg j' ' 'S f -. fp- 'I 'e Y ,X v s a Al :qv lt P A .6 X x Y Q r fir j 4 l X lx If X 1 - ' ' Tx - X R - ki .xi x'?L1f xxx ! I ' X lr ' I,-'g J L ' , -V -r 5 :Z Jim Allen leaves his all-around ability to Pat LaFica. Barbara Jean Alvut leaves her humor to Dolly Perrone. Mary Jane Alvut leaves 3 or 4 other little Alvuts behind. Beryl Ames leaves his Physique to Fred Dezio. Diane Anthony leaves her sweaters to Lois Helfer. Eleanor Basciani leaves for the barber shop. Rose Bayko leaves her cute looks to Dick Prince. Edna Blair leaves her sports ability to Dorothy Hotchkiss. Virginia Boughton leaves her complexion to Jean Vogler. Gladys Buchel leaves her friendliness to Mary Ann Taverrite. Caroline Bullis leaves her candy appetite to Joyce Foote. Betty Burton leaves her nickname "Bottles" to Georgia Carr. Bill Brown leaves his girlish figure to Chris Russo. Dick Bump leaves his shoes in 202. Jack Buse leaves his drums to Peter Basciani. Phyllis Cook leaves her jolliness to Billy Gillhart. Justine Corea leaves to become Mr, Fahy's private secretary. Jeanne Corea leaves her cheering ability to Anna Calabrese. John Cannan leaves his friendliness to Louis Dianette. Bernard Cannan leaves his witty expressions to Louis Allen. Joe Cappiello leaves his money and nickname "Scrooge" to Mike Yacono. Don Checho leaves the basketball team and a few hundred girls to Larry "Mr, Smoothie" Wiezi. Marion Cilento leaves her pleasent ways to Dorothy Young. Barbara Calabrese leaves her acting ability to Ann Storto. Paul Cimicata leaves Mrs, Saunders without an argument. Gary Conners leaves his dynamic vocabulary to Rose De- Veronica. Margay Davies leaves her figure to Judy Longcoy. Ann DeBerardinis leaves to become "Chiquita Bannana." Rosalyn DellaPietra leaves her leadership to Evelyn Engert. Josie DiSalvo leaves her personality to Alice Tando. Yvette Dench leaves her dress size to Joan Cilento. Margret DiGuiseppe leaves her nice manners to Don Mc- Quay. Sue Durfee leaves the boys in the hands of JoAnne San- tillo. Frank D'Agostino leaves his build to Billy "Tojo" Cramer. Joe DiVito leaves his steering wheel to Mrs. Geers. Don Hayden leaves his white bucks to Walt Baronas. Martha Harris leaves her Scottish ancestry to Peter Gueli. Joan Helfer leaves her scholarship to Faith Houser. Barbara Finley leaves her curls to Grace Florin. Diane Fuller leaves her styles and fashions to Lu Courtney. Carol Goodrich leaves Penfield to Rose Corea. Catherine Kearns leaves her neatness to Lucille LaFica. Fran Kush leaves Rexalls to Nancy Winney and Sam Santillo. John Kuhn leaves his drum sticks to Jim Francisco. Don LaFay leaves his art ability to Joe D'Agostino. Josie Loury leaves her poodle cut to Rosemary Puccia. Nancy Magner leaves her sweetness to Phyllis Morreale. Jeanette Marioni leaves her acrobatics to Pat Filiaci. Gloria Marafioti leaves her black hair to Tom Lane, Rose Martello leaves her blush to Gary Raschiatore. Audery McLaughlin leaves Melody Corner without a request. Eva Miller leaves her quietness to Larry Kotowitz. Mary Ann Morreale leaves her skirts to Betty Lane. Joe Marcucci leaves his "specs" to Jim Burlingame. Walt McPhee leaves Greeks without a soda jerk????? Jim Naccarella leaves a record unable to be matched by any Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior. Dick Nereau leaves without a care in the world. Mary Ann Nicodemi leaves her average to Wilber Hoyt. Beverly Nohe leaves her strut to Bob West. Judy Parrotta leaves her fighting spirit to Lillian Finnity. Alice Pella leaves her tennis championship to Elly De- Berardinis. Carol Puccia leaves her eagerness to Peter Dorazio. Brian Peck leaves his hunting rifle to Lee Wheaton. Roland Pellitier leaves his business marks to Fahy Blair. Frank Prince leaves his "Golden Toe" to Dom Quinzi. Don Prong leaves the Poolroom to Mr. Johnson. Dick Prosperi leaves his curls to Rita "Shaggy" O'Brien. Joanne Quinzi leaves her southern drawl to Bruce Smith. Lawrence Riker leaves his motorbike to Tom Devereaux. Art Ritchie leaves his "Dad" Mr. Brody. Sam Rocco leaves his schorching and jokes to Jerry Vienne. Tony Santillo leaves his perfect attendence record to any unror. l9eter Scalia leaves his nose to Anthony LaFay. Carmen Scarpino leaves his line to Fran Potempa. Tom Scholand leaves his weight to Roy Rizzo. Doc Sorge leaves a record of high honors:7???? Russ Syracuse leaves the C. Y. A. without a manager. Sally Salmon leaves her cackle to Karen Andrews. Joan Scalice leaves her height to Dick Fitzsimmons. Don Schulter leaves the Gagashoan without his picture. Ann Scumaci leaves her sweet soprano voice to "Skie" Czech. June Sebaste leaves her clothing class poems to Bob Wine- brener. Nancy Shairer leaves her strength to Billy Teeter. Jessie Sharp leaves her sheer blouses to Kate Sharp. Marlene Smyth leaves her pleasant voice to Paul Alvut. Irene Stephany leaves her muscles to Don Gill. Bob Tougher leaves his leather jacket to Mr. Durante. Frank Trovato leaves his toothy smile to Anthony Della- Pietra. Barry Tuttle leaves the stage crew to Shirley Russel. John Wojeck leaves his red hair to Francis Santillo. Ed. Wright leaves his velvet voice to Marline Merwin. Mat Zawacki leaves his senior pictures to Mary Ann Ferris. Dave Zimmer leaves his smooth dancing to Norman Hoyt. Louis Zito leaves his name to Louis "Zeb" Zito. Nancy VanScott leaves her ambitious spirit to Amedio Angeline. Roberta Waud leaves her slinky blonde hair to Norma Potempa. Beverly Welkley leaves her smile to Mary Sorge. Shirley Evans leaves happily with the thought that she transferred to E. R. Pat Sacco leaves his jokes to anybody who wants them. V 1 .4 A-1 , V T1 H A, -,. - V A K xl m Y 1 - 'M -H '-f ' ssl ,3::. . ,. .J-. K sg .Q an 1'A X Here we go again Lets make S6000 Crime doesn't pay "Pass the Pigskin" "Hold that Line!" Seniors make S4300 "The E. R. Blues" "Dinah" "Up from defeat" "We catch up on our sleep" "Romeo. where for art thou? T-E-A-M yea team! l LIKE IKE Another vacation? "What voices!" "Without a Song" ''Center-End-Tackle-Guard-- "String-a-long with Stevenson" "And now there are 21" FIGHT, FIGHT, Brown and White X Marks the Spot "Our Little Brown Jug" "Hymn to a Hero" Time to Rest "The Emperor's Waltz" The World and it's problems "The winning team" "Basketball gets underway." Eat that Turkey! And "Their off" Sing a song with me ERHS has voices too "5 Little boys in White and Brown" "Beat, who ya gona beat?" "Why the Chimes rang" "Come on Team, raise that score" Merry Christmas end Happy New Year "Thats our Team" "Bombers give the best you've got- 'We're Back again" "Beat. Beat. who ya gona beat?" "Come on team, raise that score" We beat Fairport We cram for exams 'Fight. Fight. Brown and White" Come on Boys" The Romance of Words" Score, Score. Score" And now more are added" 'Without e Song" '5 Little Boys in White and Brown" 'Oh what a beautiful da !" Y 'And there goes Brody for a shot!" 'Step right up folks" Come on-now. everybody sing" 'Another Oscar" 'Those are our boys" ln your Easter Bonnet" Look out N, Y.. here we come" lt sure went by fast" "Will it be the Army, or College?" The King and Queen" 'Shall we Dance?" And they can sing too" Well. it will soon be over" They were outstanding" CRAM!1! 'May God be with you wherever you go." 'Well. the Seniors will leave-but. next year the rest of the school will still be here." We've got Centers mighty tough-" September 3 11 September September 16 September 19 September 26 30 September October 3 October 8 October 10 October 13 October 15 October 17 October 20 October 23 October 23 October 24 October 24 October 27 October 28 November 1 November 4 November 8 November 10 11 November November 14 November 19 November 26 November 26 November 26 2 December December 3 December 4 December 5 December 12 December 19 December 19 December 22 to January 5 December 23 December 30 January 5 January 6 January 9 January 13 January 19 to January 22 January 30 February 6 February 9 February 13 February 16 February 19 February Y February February March 6 March 13 March 30 and March March April 1 April 3-6 April 13 April 16 April 24 May 1 May 14 June 5 June 10 June 11 and June 12 June 15 thru June 18 31 31 June 21 June 22 20 Februar 23 24 27 School began. Magazine Campaign began. Assembly on crime prevention by Assistant District Attorney. Football game with Ben. Franklin. Score in our favor 13-7. Football game with Canandaigua. We won with score 6-0. End of Magazine Campaign. We lost to Newark in a tight football game with score 20-7. Blue Jay Singers. Football game with Brighton at E. R. We won 20-7. Columbus Dey recess. Mr. Copeland. a Shakespearean actor. entertained us in assembly. We played lrondequoit on our own field and won with score 21-13. Speech of Republican views on the coming election. Teachers Conference. Mixed Chorus entertained teachers at Monroe High. Choralaires entertained the teachers at Jefferson High. We played host to Brockport and won, 20-7. Speech of Democratic views on the coming election. New members tapped in the National Honor Society assembly. We beat Webster on their field with score 25-14. Mock election was held in school. We got back our "Little Brown Jug". after beating Fairport with score 25-13. Armistice Day assembly. Armistice Day recess. Seniors make S40 on the Ball, E. C. Ramsey spoke on the U. S. and the world. The Awards Assembly was held. First basketball game on our court with Newark. We won 51-45. Thanksgiving recess. We beat Webster. at Webster. Outside assembly-George Campbell entertained with music. Our fall concert was a huge success. We played host to lrondequoit and won. We beat Brockport on their court with score 25-24. Christmas Assembly. We played host to Brighton but lost 51-45. Christmas recess. We traveled to Newark and won 48-43. Traveling to Geneva. we won 59-33. School resumed. We played host to Pittsford and won 64-45. We traveled to Spencerport and won. Played host to Fairport and won. Mid-year exams. We traveled to lrondequoit and won. We played host to Brockport and won. Outside assembly on languages. We traveled to Brighton. National Honor Society Assembly. Choralaires travedled to the Rochester Friendly Home to entertain. We played host to Spencerport. Washington Birthday recess. Senior-Faculty basketball game. We traveled to Fairport. Seniors staged Fun Night. Sing Assembly. Senior play is put on. Proceeds donated to the Poor Juniors! Basketball awards assembly. School closed for the Easter vacation. lfinallyi Seniors went to New York City. Easter recess ended and school reopened. Career day. Coronation Day. Junior Prom was held. High School Spring Concert. Moving up day. Awards Assembly. School Regents exams. Regents exams. I 9 5 2 - 1 3 Baccalaureate' SCH UUI. GALE N DM! Graduation. 23 W Sari Yagi?" fafgif' if 1 K 1 .A .QS - Kiwi" 9 vs 2 gif . Nwf fiw . 2',.-V - Q 'ff K ' Mx av: ,f ff 4 ' M -- Wifi-553, W. af " 'Ki' - QE K .. X L 3 'Uh I ! is , 2 92 N? 4 E ws ,F 'Q' X f' ,ei . 0, A 5 E E E if 'Y Qs P Q R it Ng UF I . 45, - fig, fr-.5 'G E ! i N ,N 1 ' 5 r S Q if SENIOR MEMURIES 5 ' w I if f . ,, . 1 W Ai b A :TEL-:.. .3 .E 7 .525 . M , I g -gbb it 2-2 X R .155 - H+.-1 1-E T m Q ' , ' M ' 54 Q: if K4 X ' 44? J H " 1 R ls 555: aff' 1 ans? fr ,x S., Wax Y Q W i pg 4 T J, fi . 3 Jkfii si ag , , xy, MJ L ,zgxm 3 ff, ,, , f CJ vw N L 4 It ' -9 Y 'B , 1 ,rg 6 5' X X6 2 rg, 92. if 1 I A L A 11.1-5 ,Q ' Q fn V , , H - '.':,g - in WV., , iz: - . Qu., Y " " '4u.fg..aY I A 5 ll L 3 1 W3 ll! 1 l S gr f fr 7' , 1 ,Jw A ,. , ' WINNING CLASS CHEER I952 Juniors We've gol' forwards mighly Ioughi We've goi guards mighly rough: We've go+ cenlers full of fighl: So come on Eas+ Rochesier, win +onigh+. Sound-off BOMBERS Sound-off BOMBERS c.r'-KP" +f -- Bombers give Ihe besl' you've go+: And do i+ -- TONIGHT!! WINNING CLASS SONG l95I in Sophomores ,, A Sophomores we're 'rhe class of I953: if When ihe chips are down, when we're losing ground, We will slill go on +o viclory. It Sophomores of Ihis class we are always proud fo be: f, Wiih a spiril slrong, we can'+ go wrong, , 0 ,Ve 0' " We will win, +ha+s always plain +o see. sa ' , " Chorus We belon 'ro a class Ihal is greal. J 9 ff- And a class ihey will all appreciaie: cqpvczh We wan+ +o say, our class is here fo sray. Jusi go on saying, We re doing line gay, young Sophomores: SOPI-IOMORE CLASS YOU'RE O. K. WINNING CLASS SONG I952 h Juniors Siand up and cheer Ihe Juniors are here. Ihe besl class in all The land: All our classmafes me+, worked 'rogeiher fo ge+ - all Ihe hand. O, here we are Ihe class of Juniors, Ihe class of l953. We've excelled in 'things we've done We've all worlced hard bu+ slill we've had our fun. We feel so sorry 'lor you Seniors, you Sophomores ha So make room give way, for 'rhe besf class of ihe day JUNIOR CLASS of '53. Chorus Remember Ihe song we sang when we were Freshmen, And +he song +ha+ won for us in Iifly-one: So proud we'll always be. fhe class of filly-+hree. We ioined in spor+s or any game, and raised ou fame: And loolc a+ Ihe way Miss Maxon has advised us. Her help has guided us 'Ihrough ouf 'rhe years: Waich us "E, R." for here we are - "CLASS of '53' 28 honors we won hand in I ven + a chance: r Brown and While Io 778 ,gp-'F' NX . 5: ' 5 Q, -5' Qj fi I' 'V ' I . , 1 7 'U' sf 'W iw I v I If Arif A Q if lvi . 1 fy -'D Wil: Q-fifgxng 0. "' N Q 5 E Y W SUE DURFEE CAROL WWA ANN .scUMAcu 4 1 ' 's U. 'p' fi D, 9 ' i' ik'-Q -'iftxf I 1 g f M . - A 9- IOHN KUHN Rou.AND Pmamn R . ,. AUCE DELLA DIANNE ANTHONY ALVU T MARLENE ' H X SMYTH L EDNA BLAIR 79 5 ROSE BAY KO Q MA JEAN COREA OOSSE DI CATHY KEARNS OUDV -1 ixxrms meme 'i' - - ,--Q4 1---i-' nose MARTELLO5 sri? 955555 Rosa DELLA PSETRA SHARP eu: Anon BA-scnaxun mg Adil' CAROL BuLu5 TS? ,,', Jgf- - nl-' 3 S nu? E P' , , V U H !LOUlS zwo 22: if ?! lfZf'f- If.i. ig gg 4 'Fic RUSS SYRACUSE Qi DEBERARNNIS v: f M A'. W fy 7 Q fx M .., Tiff PAUL CJMICATA 4 Q ,, , I a Q' xN fm sf V R 11 155g gg' f- f W' I vo X 1 K! 'E-' -1' ii M Z' :qv 5,3 L55 2 Ji- .f 1 i .EL ,igag iz-1 .gf -W J-ki-aft f 1: TOAN I-IELFER MARY ANN MORREAL ' 2--4 MARTHA HARRIS newflfi .-...-- . N 1 ...P GSW Ni 'x'- xu, ' 0 M :wi X J' h . 11 Qgiz n 59"F' '-3 51 MARGAY DAVIE L.- ., -Q ,L X B" non LAFAY .3 "LL, Ni. H151-"sps.vgfs---sa-s..s.fg., L4 uf uk, Nfx"xf"-4:--.Q..,,, ki ki AA. g-,gf X4 hssmf . S-'gf -F' vv' XA4, ':M..w ,xsgzfdvh NAA-MX,-1 NM ff' Lrg, ,gag SALM X v no sA W' r m gg., ,M wflgy -5T'l?Eff'iWY A Mmownu xx? , 1 "Q W X Mnamon iuSureY razsr-Mens XX J lf . 0 eu: ev 5 , f,g,,pqf, fu! ,3M?A?". P If Mmm 1 439335. X BARRY TED LEWEQFUTTLEQ SHIRLEYEVANS .ji v K i X 7 ' X y if Im 44 K ix I if J K tw x X N X M X K ,mag lm X, I J 4' - f X ha d , QW 4 Q, ogshlx: ' "gg - ' ' 'Q' f f BRIAN Peck in Awasm 1:5 if ' pwllz 32 " gl +1 13- fi G Q Z U Y ,Z ff- an if x,nuWT MW ED 6' .14 T? SWL., f. -' :LMA-N ' 3 MNH lrfffk, CANNAN 00N M cf' Bu' she Rm H-0 wmv, wwf AUDRY MQLAUGHLIN 'fu J' fa -li '- -3' - SEBASTE 34.-ri 5 BUELHEL QMW 6 77 DICK NER EAU K? TONY SANTILLO JS, N, g..,.Y Y- . Li 3 H x X ' 1' f V N 1 , fig 34 ' J .F X ooc some -qz in V S J V S f m., X -1 Fl ff 'j wf' 52" 5 .' 4 F 11 I : Ex SAM Rocco fZ5?7?Li ' GIG BW NONE s Q Q ' 42fQ4Lif? Q77 5 Jos Mfizlfcn 2.-., Fl if J 'Q ? Fi QI 'VU Noam roots -P Q?-gi Pqwlxff TACK BUSE 2 PXQTER gcAUA B 34 3 K J PAT SACCO gc TOM .SCI-JOLAND x A' JOAN SCA c"" U55 VIRGINIA BOUGHTOH YVET DENCH MMU D DEVITO JZ CAPIELLG QQ 2 fmfn, fx, I 7-Q -UPA DICK BUMP'a"- VINNIE CILENTO i..-.rf 35 jf 1'-Q MISS MA X O Ig 9 Z 5' ,322 f D f 41", IZKFZYANN Nucooeu MARIAN CILENTO NANCY SHMRER 57 DWLQ741 L ' ' 4. N 2 N? ' X N N W. x 'f .f .fff f "M ,, - t . ! R JOHN CANNAN Q4 .QS JUNI NAQCARELLA DICK PROSPERI FRANK " f X .W iw., Q DON LAFAY an sg BILLY BROWN FRANK TRAVATO if W' --f CARVIEN SCARPINO FRANK PRINCE TIM ALLEN QA x1W'1 DON CHECKC 1 ,X YA N ? XI' K' ff' MARYIANE ALV U T Hg Dm lk J W ' L 0 I '-' A'f 'f,.' fi' 5 4 ::. ,. 51 cff'f"T'.Q,-:g gi ,'. A "W , -"""' T312-' - . Y hm A 'ffl I na'X,Nx 1 M' K S YG: 'x f 'iI "1 N ff Q " ' ' 4 'Q L M si X4 4 Z X. 64 X ci xv X .X L 5. 1 ' N , E lg! ,4,y A ,g ,X bf J z -. N J 'ff' g Q- V ,J ' ,.,, 1 ,3 HOME ROOM 217 Miss Bourne's Home Room Top Row: Vienna, Mc:Quay, K'tCl'l9V1, Quinzi, Harris, Alvut Cliddle Row: Francisco, Smith Ogle" Saueff Zlfo, Dezio L sin, Hite, West. First Roslf. SZ- Veronica, Winney, Best, 5155, Engem SOV99, Tando, Courtney Russo, Florin, Hopkins, I B oN 'll Home EOHONXE Rfiom os- . Swilson 5' amel D-Ag tk-L Mls , Bufling Diane 1 1 gow- , prekioi .Xe Pla QP F. Di , .Yaverrr 'P.xeUO, kmfh xc Row. D Dx wont Mid MaYl0e3'B.'Lafl1 yiel- ki, ' -Y. Lan I Manga i rd. img Fmlixllpxgsai De 8132879 , Cr, anon Fei. Fgsxgrlloi Wai NMS. 6 as M ,mr ' ni JUNIORS 1950-1954 W assi TT? fr- la gs, ' "I 'lg Iwi 3: sricens iuNioR cuss O , I Morreale , sw-ding: WF .Hiil.eia, Weiss. wwf Courtney. Sitting- aug HOM E ROOM 219 Miss Hery's Home Room . Top Row: LaFica, Baronas, 5 Weise, Sfenglein Middle Row: 'X Ballone, Carli, Glanton, Hoyt, ll Devereaux, Gueli, Hanselman. Front Row: Yacona, Potempa, Perrone, Rocco, Hauser, Duval, Blair, Rizzo, Russell, Fleming. jf PLMNS -.A iOPHoMoREc ' moiblus it SOPHDMORES 1951-1955 arf' 'Wa LASS orncsns a 'I . crro, Czeclkoyites Fritz, Lane HOME ROOM 208 Mrs. Sprague's Home Room Top Row: Seidel, Pecilio, Conrad, Belton, Palmer. Third Row: Ditzel, Gilford, Cosco, Roika, Gallelli, Meyers, Second Row: Vogler, Whitman, Morono, Turner, Koh- ler, Di Berardinis, Kitchen, Buee chel, Wheeler, Galante, First Row: Harris, Mac Gregor, Corea, Longcoy, Stuclros, Trovato, Ham- ilton, Seltrelli, Sleeman, Blair, Santillo. if-fi . T53 i' Il HOME ROOM 213 Miss Fritz's Home Room Top Row: Schultlf Cilento, De- Vito, Merwin, Piersielak, Belaslres, Fioravanti, Prince, StePl'lU"Yf R'C' ci, Middle Row: Lane, Youljqf Hamilton, Oderlcirli, Bach, White- ngqhi, Lenzi, Dephillip, Carter. Foote, Front Row: Ferris, Martel- lo, Rizzo, Schillaci, Rice, Storto, O'Brien, Greeley, Glanton. Bal-'el' DeVito. I ' 1 X. ,, fk , ,, 'A O fs, , ,,iOMERl, , " Ml, ob Jap Aoiaroodyis HOM 207 76 :A GU, me R CZSM1-it Altrerfl alt' Sch loqm R C' Efsb ' 'Wed SW A ow: Pe ree, Ga derml GW n. Gil, 'eg' 'T lf , ord Mtuusielle P12515 ,Zf"Oizi', Agkidle :rm-,f do Esfey ' Soffmdn Kfitg, pn, C Wi. P ' ffu'U,, ' U rr, LISS, LG"fISU1i2?n9, Pucci, Reed- Te GFICG dldbr 6 SQU mp6'at0. I Caldbraese'DHOlch-- I Olazjol -3 H: 55's , 3 -3 -F .' 1 -v'--I -.Ng O,-JL f' of Qulxyko ,Ls -n 1 F 1 1 W :Lim V' ' ' , f'2S"",G!2,, Wwfefr,lQgr'.221, Siendmqi , Hopkins, ' .dem I'6ttr Taverittef Plas' - r. ' llglsrrehittii Secwwl' MISS CASHION'S HOME ROOM 'op Row: Barbero, Morreale, Essom, Lane. Middle low: Boticelli, Clow, Hayden, Menette, Taverrite, 'owers, Salmon. Front Row: Pavoni, Arianna, Nevin, fhapin, Alvut, Hurlburt, Fulton, Gilbert, Fowler, Czech. MR. QUlNN'S HOME ROOM lop Row: Goewey, Alvut, Sortino, Cooney, Gardner, 3rown. Middle Row: Allen, Ransco, Waud, Santucci, 7-rench, Lane, Seidel, Cherrington, Odorisi, lrhman, feeter. First Row' Kotowicz Hotfrnan Lon ear . , , qv , Vlancuso, Rivet, Arillotta, Feathers, Nicodemi, Krath- uohl, Dench, Peclc. FRESHMEN 1952-1956 V . . i 'V MRS. BARRETT'S HOME ROOM Top Row: Spollio, Root, Malley, Gauthier, Young. Row: Allen, Scumaci, Hoffman, Kreqer, Shelhan Lausin, Schojan, Fuller, Basciani. Second Row: MCM Filitti, Rascniatore, Crandall, Childs, Wellcley, Br. Smith, Harris, Swilcehart. First Row: Balmer, Ambr Palermo, Talmaclge, Mowry, D,iBerarclini Lucia, O'l Peets, Julien, Turner. J X J I c ww x Q , X i Z fi, E .. ,,-- . -.ff,g,"ia.. . ll! MRS. l.EUTY'S HOME ROOM Top Row: Cromwell, Hassler, Cimicata, Luclcett, Eml Stearn, Adams, Russell, Ahern, Fitzsimmons. Second l Kristan, Hopkins, O'DelI Hull, Ledermann, MCF Sirianno, Panarites, Tando, Schroll, Van Scott. First F Barbero, Perschitti, Aquini, Aloisio, Nevin, Raschial George, Bostian, Fuller, Capponi, Kier, A00 jxlr. Durante's Home Room 11,11 illmlon msn -urn minus 1 5 wlggggs l yi i. i HOME ROOM 111 Top Row: Santillo, Schrecken- gast, LaCastro, Plyter, Muse- leldt, Coolr, Hydriclz, Second Row: Bellavia, Juseurz, Wright, Dellon, Shellhammer, Ross Prong, Strong, Balia, Aria ,, drews, Schlafer. Front Row: Connioto, Kitchen, Pereqrin Gill, Knibbs, Linzi, Hoyt, For rest, Corea, Cosco, Buechel Canizio. Miss Horgser, , . f-.1 W 4- ,J- Q 1 HOME ROOM 109 Miss Horsey's Home Room Top Row: Koons, Cilento dle Row: Squire, Galloway Calabrese, Bellavia, Thomas Mancuso, Pasquale, Comislcy Blair. Front Row: Pavone Kirlrpatriclc, DeVito, Peterson l Sortino, Falcone, Stone. Mid- s D'Ambrose, Marcucci, Rosati, Potempa, Hoyt, Schojan, Fa ruch, Watts. 'Agia 2-,fill xyxt' A J' .liy x ' iii iii il 1, XIX. il phi l l li we yy lit l I " SX Q. i. glwi ,gif 1 it - . UEBLONSKYCITYQ 1 4' X ,fx xx A X Le -i Q, ' ll f xg 4 ' ii f .v A Q J I we - X J ll . ll ' -fi uni :I -l .,+ l -QI .,,mQ 31 HOME ROOM 113 Mr. Bouchard's Home Room Top Row: Mulder, Kreger, Murray, Maurc Williams, Schilling, George, Henry, Soles, Bell ran. Second Row: Ross, Thomas, Clarke, Florin Burlingame, Stenglein, Allen, D'Agostinc Sweeney, Newcomb, Wojick. First Row: Fuller Fink, Kuppinger, Gaudioso, Parson, Dehn, Sul! Whitenight, Bortle, Joslyn, Pacilio. lllNIOR IIIGII - 7th GRADE MRS. GEARS HOME ROOM 103 Mrs. Gears' Home Room Top Row: Burton, Beltran, Hanks, Braal, Koenig, Orms- bree, Saltrelli, Demare, Clark, Saalfranlr, Price. Second Row: Obourn, Mueller, Reed, Nen- no, Tobin, Jones, Woodcock, Taverrite, Hoselton, Filitti, Geminn, McLaughlin. Front Row: Buflone, Quenell, Sacco, Goddard, Pecilio, Cira, Squier, Mast, Jusewicz, Smith, Lind- say, DiRisio, Rilrer. MR. VIRGILIO it ioxlx I .1 Alllni 513 MR. VERZELLA iff :ii Ei? E 5 i 'll in il A0 ,,,w HOME ROOM 108 Mr, Virgilio's Home Room Top Row: Stell, Filitti, Young, Wilson, Courtney, Allen l.., Delfino, Prinzivalli. Middle Row: Lausin, Garwood, Allen T., Dryer, Mote, Knorr, Le- rnonica, Palermo, LaPietrc, Zito, Blair, DiGuiseppi. Front Row: Baker, Murray, Cromwell, Engert, Sleeman, Maiorani, Peregrin, Myers, Loury, Feath- ers, Sharp, Setter. HOME ROOM 'I01 Mr. Verzella's Home Room Top Row: Morabito, Laties, Branski, Bauer, O'Brien, Sea' blom, Packer, Cairns, Carr, Providence, Davis, Megale. Middle Row: Welkley, Lamb, Kenny, Forman, Allen, Mc- Phee, Guiliano, Lugwig, Du- rente, Blair, Lombardo, Ur- zetta. Front Row: Harris, Di- Salvo, Celabrese, Forrugia, Hopkins, Bardon, Anthony, Wilkins, Scalia, Heil, Konarslri, Scarpino, Pettrone, Morrow. Ill!! Il -5-7-Z-'Q'V' MUSIC CLUBS' 5 9996690 'ao chmvm Q6 GREG - , vw THE 'fx f Xis7A3-5? Q:f34q STAGE CREW AND PRO.lEOTl0NISTS STAGE CREW Top Row: Miss Beardsley, Ad- visor, Tuttle, Hite, Cosco, Riker, LaFay. Middle Row: Russell, Russo, Turner, First Row: Buechel, Soudan, Di- alvo, Nohe, Evans, Bayko, ii files I an 'fl' i ---W fi., W L. .LIL 4 Q Wi 1" .. f i f ,, Q' STAGE CREW K ,- Q The purpose of the stage crew is to help put on our school plays and assemblies. ' "N'Kjii' ii The sta e crew works hard on scenic desi ns, Ii htin , borrowin ro erties, con- H- 3 Q Q Q . Q Q Q P P . ,, structing and painting the sets for plays, Christmas assemblys, minstrel shows, etc. qfgptg, Every person is assigned to a certain iob. That person is responsible for his or her 8" ' - '46 ' 'ob well done. Bein on the stage crew mi ht sound like 'fun but it means a lot of IH h l k g Q a er sc oo wor . PROJECTIONISTS 7' - Past, present and future, the performance of the proiectionists is an . T Q A invaluable service to the teachers and the students of this school. This service 5 f 1 .Q is the one of showin educational motion ictures to the u ils of various - + , 1 I . 5 9 p . P E . . i cl 7 , 5155 classes. Their work does not stop there: they have given up t err class time , if Q f and study halls. and have even worked after school cleaning or repairing the A' Q 0, it 'ive , projectors. This is done to make your school work easier and more enjoy- . - ' ' ' ble. . 4 mfg, 5 1 1' fl, 'L A .V Y - ' JC, 1' '15 ff .71..'Z'.' .,.: 6 I I . uf. . K:,: E w i v gel, g 4 S .... s..,sHQ-mf' A- gn. 4 V f A ii . Q PROJECTIONISTS Top Row: J, Lausin, Adams, Wright, Whitenight, Allen. Front Row: Myers, Doyle, Ritchie, Gilhart, Tuttle, Piers- ielak, Nereau, Brown. Sitting: Quinell, GAGASI-IDAN msu.En or TALES: GAGASHOAN STAFF Have you ever wondered aboul' ihe 3 work rhaf goes info The proclucfion of a year book? A few examples are layouis. drawings, pholography, and adverlise- menls. The I953 Gagashoan is headed by Edifor Ed Wright. We would like lo ex- press our Thanks lo Miss Bourne and Miss Beardsly. We hope ihis book will help lo bring back memories of 'rhe "Senior Class ol l953." GAGASHOAN TYPISTS Top Row: Welkley, Sebaste, Pella, Scu- maci, VanScott. Middle Row: Cook, Kearns, Magner. First Row: Anthony DiSaIvo, Alvut, Puccia, Calabrese, Maio ram, Waud. 3 GAGASHOAN STAFF Top Row: LaFay, Connors, Wright, Riker. Middle Row Bayko, Cook, Miss Bourne, VanScott, McPhee. Froni Row Basciani, Corea, Puccia, Heller, Durlee, Maiorani .'-:?' .- A052 l GW i ..'lO.. K GAG-ASHOAN COLLECTORS This year fhere were iweniy Gagashoan colleciors. very Wednesday ihey wenf 'ro 'rheir assigned rooms and collecled paymenls. Aller colleciion, fhey lolaled ip 'rhe money and lhen if was furned in fo Rosalyn Della- iefra, Colleclion Manager. GAGASHOAN COLLECTION STAFF Third Row: Burton, Morreale, Smykh, Anthony Shairer, Nicodemi, Loury. Second Row: Weud Fuller, Pella, DeBerardinis, Alvut, Blair. Firsi Row Buechel, Welkley, Scalise, Puccia, Calabrese, Di Salvo, Scumaci. On Siairs: Advisors, Miss Beard sley, Miss Bourne, Della Pietra. THE STUDENT GDUNCIL high school homeroom. retary. Mr. O'Donnell. SENIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS President, Cilentop Vice-President, Scarpino: Secretary, VanScott. SENIOR COUNCIL The student council is composed ot a representative trom each Senior Each spring, the president and vice-president tor the tollowing year, are elected trom candidates ot the Junior class. This year otiicers are: Vincent Cilento-president: Carmen Scarpino-Vice-president: and Nancy VanScott-sec- The council undertakes many important duties. Among these are: select- ing the cheerleaders: and collecting Student Association dues. The Student Council is under the capable advisership ot Mrs. Saunders, Miss Bentley and BEAR X 'CY 1 'X Q ,, 'ii Jil .'-'.r ,Kb ' SENIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL 1:15 " Standing: Allen, M' Sl clcling, Mr. O'DonneII, Miss Bentley, Vogler, Lawson, Weise. .gi Qyj Top Row Sitting: O' r' VanSc,Qtt. Middle Row Sitting: Krathwold, Cilento, Nacarella. 1' ' Bottom Row Si . EmIq:ey,'Della Pietra, Draper, Scarpino, Latay, Taverrite. ss s fi A l .I i7 I M, U won COUNCIL in iw ' ' Juni Council is 1 P cbmpqdl o I ne represent- 'I ative bly ea h seventh and eighthl gra e homeroom. The coImcil's duties are to arrange and conduct dances, help choose Junior Varsity Cheerleaders, help sell season pass boolcs, and collect student association dues. The representatives help the Senior Council in activities carried on throughout the school. JR. HIGH COUNCIL Top Row: Advisors, Miss Horsey, Mr. Cannioto, Cilento. Middle Row: Hy- driclc, A. Cilento, D'Agostino. First Row: Sweeney, Obourn, McPhee, Maiorani. i ' A L l JR. HIGH COUNCIL OFFICERS Secretary, Sweeney, President, Agostino, Advisor, Miss Horsey, V President, Hydricli. !Q'Q1 wi x 1,2 5,1 ,s 'v w, 5 ... vv 'iff if E3 E Q? 1, Eg 'FQ . xxlm ' M 0 Y 'Z 3 'V , , . 'JH PH , ' ij . 3 'U Q! 'F' V 5 YJ Ymwhf ww KN' s 'M 'Q S ' X, Q f i' I , Q Q' ' 3 , 5 M- Y X lllllllllll DI III! Ihird R gR "W" "OQlf?V, Lourtn , G1 , Barrett Otge usjell, Clow, Julien, Barbefay Swfnhfon, Ragciatore, Smith H ff , - Co R : - , i fl I 1 O I LATIIN CEUB QFFICERS pmt Row: Hgms Vtginebrenner, Russell, Taecischilftfvegglf Chapin, Kohler, 5rLii1l:iinM,3Ill1BY. Royka, Harris, Miss Fritz, Lane, Burton, ' Ce' mbfeyf Kotowiczl Rami t l' lO""'f Duval, Lane Paclgl rs' Courtney' a ore, Hotchkiss, LaFiCal Kgtowiiyo, Carr. The purpose of the French Club is to help further the pupil's knowledge of the language and customs ot the French people. This year the club went to see the movie "Les Miserables" which proved to be ot great enjoyment to all. . Under the guidance of Mrs. Barrett the club is progressing nicely and the number of members has increased greatly since last year. Each year the Latin Club is an enthusiastically formed organization. The purpose ot this club is mainly to bring all its members together to inn- press Roman customs and habits upon them. Each year new officers are elected to represent their club, and the new members go through a short initiation ritual. The club has been growing continually and now has about sixty members. s " ' .. ., ,Q - . . f : 1' 7 . .af-'::., v13 -Q" ff-2345: - 1 gg - 4. -0 LATIN CLUB cilio. Third Row: Piersielak, Prong, Nico- demi, Burton, Second Row: Merwin, Sauer, Courtney, Lane, Cilento, Glanton, Vogler, Lane, Whitman, Young, Rosa, Demare. Front Row: Greeley, Houser, Hel- ter, Della Pietra, Shair- er, Rice, O'Brien, Wellc- ley, Sudan, Harris, Longcoy, Pavoni. I 48 Top Row: Emerson, Doyle, Connors, Mc- Phee, Osterling, Pal- mer, D'lnriocenzo, Pa- Weise, Winebrenner, Roylca, Smith, Reed, LaFay, Della Pietra, l IIIISIBII Rl IIB . 5 Stenglein, B0UfJ'T'O"' SWTT1' Nevin, bteeieyf fum 'Rice Schelski, rrovaw, . i' , Carly Newcom' I v sam, mv ' -ii' , K PP1f'9e" , ' ia . 'LTP Ziyi. Fmgci Anthony, Gx2okdriiT:y,CkWCaEZidkOSZ? Potempth Yorli, 2Elt3:kLnqAndiJ9ws, Hamilton, Sult, Mu er gior , f 'r a f y mas. ' Third Ropw: QCATgbesliovijarslsrlticelli? Schillacr, Rizlo, Lane, O Foote, 95 9 ' ' . . . . . ' T 1 ,, The Library Club consisTs oT s+uden+s oT The Junior and Senior High '- W H - g School who work aT leasT one period a weelc in The library. AlThough'The 5 , -'TKLT' ' "' '.-' ' ', 1- purpose oT The club is To serve The readers There is some social acTlviTy. W , ' I a . LasT ear The club had a ver successTul Tea. The club lans To have Two Teas -1 '- -, iq- T X, f 1' ' d Y . . h. Y p . f v ' 1 an a picnic T is year. w . Q - , Z , ' ' 7' 'T 'Q 'Lf-ei .. J! I X fi :- -Qiia"" 1? 0 J vi A Among The lisT oT new courses oTTered The sTudenTs This year was ThaT OT Journalism. This course provides an ouTleT Tor and The developmenT oT any wriTing abiliTy which mighT be possessed by The sTudenTs. The TruiTs OT The ThoughT and hard work puT in by The sTudenTs is evidenced weekly in The new oTTicial school paper, The High School Am- bassador. As a resulT oT This publicaTion boTh The class members, The sTu- denT body, and The comrnuniTy aT large have proTiTed. ru: Almssnnon .IOURNALISM CLASS Sitting: Best, Soudan, Helfer, D'Innocenzo, Harris, Emerson, Con- nors, Shairer, Morreale, Filiaci, Turner. Sfand- ing: Mr. Fahy, Rosa. Ditzel, Nicodemi, Della Pietro, Lane. Tig C - . 7 rf' if YA-eg. i5'3 ,Ti f '21 35?-lk ' - as -,Nl , f Q?-M" .nia- SEIIIIIGE CLUBS i GHORALAIRS There is noi one of lhe 39 Choralaires fha? does noi "love io sing For lhe pasi ihree years, This organizaiion has enieriained ai disiani schools and for social galherings in and around Easi Rochesier. The or- ganizahons musical reperloire includes spiri+uals, seasonal songs, old and new classics pop and ryihm arrangemenis, and sacred music. MAGAZINE GAMPAIGN The magazine campaign, The largesi proieci underlraken by +he Sen- iors was very succes ful ihis year. Sales loialed approximaiely 54,500 and a profil ol SI 600 was realized. Don Prong was General Manager. MAGAZINE CAMPAIGN McPhee R tch e Bu ton. Rilcer, Scarpino, Nohe, Prong, Puccia, Coolr. .2 CHORALAIRS Baci: Row: Kitchen, Fitz mons, Emerson, Conners, hart. Third Row: West, Ga Pacilio, Francisco, D'lnnen zio, Root, I., Smith, Ca Embrey, Cimicata, Mr. Ste ing. Second Row: Weinbren Osterling, Greeley, Pella, L Whitman, D.Vogler, Krathw Waucl, Salmon, N. Turner Cooney. First Row: R. Puc Scumacci, Hoffman, Harris Lane, Calabrese, Davis, Trovato, Nohe, Durfee, Cc ney. Best, Storfo. RED CROSS OFFICERS Standing: Mrs. Reiglesperger, Advis Mary Ann Nicodemi. Sitting: Sa Salmon, Phyllis Morreale, Mary Sorc RED URUSS This year 'rhe Junior Rec Cross Council was composed o' +wo Senior and Two Junioi girls. Under Iheir clirecfion boxes were sen+ +o Europear children and membership ir The organizaiion was encour aged. The Siudenf Council coop eraied in colleciing you niclcels and dimes, which made 'rhese programs possible. Ch v w 2 33' -1.-q1 f'w wi 'gl 04' 'CP 3 , QQ Q' ,Ml Yr 12 gtk' seg.--Q. . Hisg , .2 ,, ---Q u xx so ,c , MIXED Being asked lo sing al imporlanl funclions is becoming a habil of Easl Roches+er's Mixed Chorus. ln Oclober lhe chorus journeyed +o lhe meeling ol: 'rhe Cenlral Wesfern Zone of New York Slafe Teacher's SOPRANOS Top Row: Malley, Hoffman, Cilento, Van Scott, Turner, Whitman. Middle Row: Santillo, Hotchkiss, Calabrese, Lane, Pella, Sharp, Trovato. Botiom Row: Harris, Scumaci, Nohe, Hopkins, Soudan, O'Dell, Chapin, Finity, Puccia. ALTOS Top Row: Waud, Anthony, Lane, Vogler, Sauers. Middle Row: Harris, Salmon, Burton, Glanton, Hopkins, Vogler, Davies, Courtney. Bottom Row: Best, Puccia, Durfee, Krathwohl, Storio, Morreale, Magner, DiSalvo, Ambrogio, Pavone. Associalion Conference in Roches- ler. Under Mr. Carl Sleubing's di- reclions, lhey performed nolably. Olher evenfs on 'rhe calender were: The 'Counly Vocal Feslival, Spring and Fall Concerls and fhe annual Chrislmas Assembly. --as:'x. , T' X N , , A , ,,-,,-, '55-if gifw' ' ' gag-':': as ' '-' iiesi-S i Top Row: Maybee, Platlno, Glanton, Florin, Bal- lone, Carli, Serge, Rocco. Middle Row: Tando, Engert, D. Blair, Perrone, Potempa, Taverrite, San- tillo, Hopkins, Rosa, Russo. Fronf Row: Heller, Rizzo, Sharp, Duval, Winney, DeBeradinis, F. Blair, Filiaci, Morreale, Finity, DeVeronica. Top Row: Smyth, Morreale, Salmon, Boulton, Mc- Laughlin, Alvut, Blair, Stephany, Fuller, Waud. Third Row: Bayko, Anthony, Goodrich, Helfer, Nicodemi, Evans, Calabrese, VanScott, Kearns, DiGuiseppe, Cilento. Second Row: Welkley, Pelle, Alvut, Puccia, Kush, Durfee, DeBeradines, Basciani, Finley, Sharp. Boftom Row: Miller, Quinzi, Della Pietra, Nohe, Buechel, DiSalvo, Martello, Harris, Scalise. Corea. Maiorani, Manner, Corea, Scu- GIRLS' GLEE CLUB One hundred 8: lhirly high schoo girls compose lhe membership of lhe Girls Glee Club. Because of lhe large number in lhe group, lhey rehearse in fwo seclions, combining lheir efforls and voices for perform ances. Their well blended voice: and good looks make a welcome ad dilion 'ro lhe musical programs dur ing 'rhe year. Xxx x ' ' " ia in ' JW?- 'VN Snr i 4? M v L 'KQV . ar ' ., ,997 Q ,P ' A Q . . Ljgxf Q 42 N b gi: x M5 M 5 5? Q .- Q A ... Sl lg IIB-8 Hulk em-sf X131 Q 5 QS .5 Q ali? ' '5,ju il 15 :ur ll U- if 55, 'B Sd" .M- v-, lm' Y A ' ' W1 if , ' 5 i Z XX "' 'l K' Zkal 'rn N? if i fri? 'TL I 2 X W ,.. f mi . f' 'K 1 QJ -l H., 3 . 'hw A -' 5 4 , C+-wth N 'ff-75 ,5-"",B.Q"'f 15' T ., , his ,rxvtpy " --K f .Q wif an-mfm1g1EAt,.g' f-Q' ' Sf' 4w'fQf3"N-1 , -ifD"X 'aff M1 -Q X L? ' ' 'E , A Arr A ,. '-,M W 5-1 ' If ' ,A A-EMTKQ gg, eggswkf. .Nw 33, ny.. X ,sr A 'jffts 'Jfx d,,M.x , -A 3' ' K. 'W 1 - . y 1 1, 'L ,Q " 1,4 I ix 0,136-. 5 Vx 5 A I' K1 1411 I? R., 1 3 S 3. gf- N, gs X I - .mi ' ' Q 1-' ...f FK E' N4 vw 4 L f N . wk if X 4 xvl 'I Q-'F N X' X , V rf ' . N fn Q :N 5 f, f g""'1 , F K mf-5 x S . ,4 'Q' xt. X 'L K"" fm cmfxlr' 5 -" if 2 x g ' if ,4 'drx ff . - ' K. gym AA NN 5 . I J 5 9 x X 5 5 , 1 4' A - i 4 -. ' ,M 4 vf L...-1-K V .-I 1 4' wh Q.. K M if , ' ' s ,I 4' " 9 xW 't t ,. 4- M A 'L 'vw-'x " mfg 4 Q ,x 5 ff 'r Q P ' If Q J 5 o-1 4 ,Lb ' Ng? .Y 4' 4-, fa' 0 , 25' 567' -4 0, R A' si L9 .QM22 U ix Af, 'x f ip .V WA fi, We 'N' -an , I , Q if M ...Q Q + ge 'R . y,g 1 w W , , , , 'fl HEY! E' ,Y L LfQr., Q 4 1 5:1 271 Eu Lllsfqllg T . LHS 1 if 'rf' WU' A S I Y- ' x l""Y"l is .ry fra- 4--1, E 9 ,gg Uflwv , .,l rw' K-8 51' "Nl i I -33, 1 545 ffm X 'Af A w "'k"' N J Q cr 'Y-' r" I 'WT Q ' Liver-'f fx' X Ze' "fe," "A L' 3352. .-' ' J nm E1 - A "Q":-'f-1' f- V5 ---Q, gas I ' Qs? '1E?,.,fN QQJ -P .. 4,1 -Lg-f -S: 546 -0- T X ,4 " K -.,. , 5 . x -S f wx 'ju' TNR' fffklk "ff 1. -'nga X 2 ,.-f.-W x-xx?-U, ,gg X 13,--Q P+ sig 3 rj? ."'7 5,55 Q V ,px i . hm ff"1f5,.,.:nf,f.,1i" F ' as v ff-az ff vi Q , A , r - r 1 , s fn if fx. 1 V L X, fs QFM f KJ, I, 1 M Q xyhfti Q11 lf, ,Q':A,,j- Xiw ' ul? 2:54 -, - r s A ' x 1 " JK qv' ff? ' -Q V SQ- k W . Q, If ii 4 I K " . D ff"'w M W Am. sz. 1' -SM 4 ii 'f'?if"? '-'Q -1 ,QQ , Alai. ' xwfj! Iii". Eh vffm' 1' mf f" Q16 -Q , 'Y E Xa ,Qs X f V ifnklrtf' -A lf? H7 " ' S wfgffw hwy z M M 1 A 5 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: "V" lrom left to rightp Checko, Zito, Weise, Lalzica, Smith, Brown, Scarpino, Naccarella, D'Agostlno, Vienne, Fltzsimmons, Allen, Managers: Yacona, Trovato.: Coach: sectionals. Mr. Baroody. ,ir 5 , xg f 43N v - A - n -s -1- T - Y ' V, .KK Y X umcnoss Q, 4 YE-B0 BOMBERS '?"'9'n in 'I .V Q ,,,' 1 ' , A I A ,., it 5 2 James Allen Don Checko Larry Weise Jerry Vlenne Despite the tact that a I5-3 record was good tor SCORES AND SCHEDULES but a runner-up in the county loop this year, the JUN'0R VARSWY T VARSHY memory ot the lighting Bombers ot l952-53 will go Team sam . . Newark Newark down an the mlnds of many E. R. l"l. S. fans as one of Webster Webster their most cherished memories. Irondequait lrondequoit l-laving lost the first halt title to a time Brighton BfPClfPOff Bffifllfpoff team, the Baroodymen roarecl back in the second half B"9l'lO" B"9l'tO" . . . Newark Newark only to be beaten by a vastly Improved Falrport qulntet. Geneva Geneva After the Bombers had won the resulting play-otl with Pittsford Pittsford Brighton, and the second halt crown, in one ot the SPEHCSFPOFY 5P?f1CefPOff greatest come-back games ever, another play-oft was Fa"pO't Fa"p0'l + d . h . In Webster Webster necessary o etermnne t e county representatuve to t e Imdequoit lrondeqwt Brockport Brockport This time, however, the combined forces of Lady Luck Brighton Briqhfvn and the Law of Averages plus the Brighton Barons caught SP?"Ce'PO'l Sp,e"Ce'PO't - ---. Fanrport Fairport up wnth our men and for the 'First time In eight suc- Brighton cessive years, a new record, the Bombers bowed out. Brighton C A M PW g if xl H 223 My + W fb T155 I . J ' fi Q P' . . Tiv- 'I IPTV? if of if -is ' 1 . , M, z 'V 4 , 'wiv 4- ya N I A, g .K X f f , Q ,mf ' in 5 - i k A It Xwwn , 6 MQ X, 5 rf, I Q it fy: 5 W , Eff Q .13 4 , 'A fi 'Q ' 9: A "R 1 N N wt Wt V5 2 i X , Q' 1 ? ': fl , ' 319515 M ff 11 , yy, 1 X f A , 4 M. . '45 2-'WV A, 1 . QL E2 . 13 4' Xin Q 554 55' tx ,4 w Q I' 4 Q Pj, S X V ' is , fx N xg, 'bi X X W I S sf ' .ivy F gl., l V 'N gy R X5 5 ' x i wr V X ' A U 5 2 E55 0 'rn a K am an Torming a nucleus wiTh his Three veTerans: Don Checlco, Jim Allen and Franlc Prince, Coach Larry Quinn builT The second mosT powerful grid squad in The CenTral WesTern Comference. Ending The season wiTh a 7 won, I losT record gave The "Bombers" second place in The C.W.C.,' Their only loss was To The champs Newark F . . our E. R. boys, "Juni" Nac- carella, D ' an rlnce were awarded All-C T VARSITY FOOTBALL BouCl"a'd' smith M' D'Af3ostinO- Lalzicai Front Row: I IDBITO. ' 'N p' tra. I ns Camden' Zito, liausingjxixllja Gill, Devereaux, De a ie - TDP Row: Fltlvmmo ' Qumi' Y E B f 1' ' WX U V , Tl I James Allen Don Checlro L ,. ll QWNN ALL GONFERENGE - .. BOUCHARD COACHES , 'Q Ko STarTing wiTh a green Te d on Checlco, Jim Allen and Fr lc P' on erence honors. LO FOOTBALL MANAGERS Cramer, Kuhn. Yacono, Tuttle, Ha yden. Fuller. .Qs T OP Row: Mn Quinn R Pr' ' - 1 n LaFaY. TrovafO'C7jOE!Z:n,P Cannan, Dyqgost, C r r - lI'lo, VARSITY FOOTBALL Tlgiu F' Pfincie, Naccareilligt Row: Scarpino. IUMBERS James Naccarella Frank Prince VARSITY SCORES E. R. I3 Ben Franlrlrn 7 E. R. 6 Canandaigua O E. R. 26 Brighton 7 E. R. 25 Irondequoit I3 E. R. 20 Broclcport 7 E. R. 25 Webster I9 E. R. 25 Fairport I3 E. R. 7 Newarlr 20 JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES E. R. I8 Canandaigua 27 E. R. O Brighton 6 E, R. 43 Irondequoit I2 E. R. I4 Brighton O IUNIUR VARSITY VARSITY FOOTBIILL - V osperi,DeBerard, hecko Allen F A slow starr with a last finish can well de- scribe the record of this year's Junior Varsity squad. For a great majority of the boys, 'rhis was their first real experience with fool'- ball. lr look fhem time Io learn the various fundamentals, but at all limes they were eager to learn and practice. As the season pro- gressed, Ihey 'foo progressed and their lasl' two games, as fhe scores indicate, were a marked improvement over their first two. Top Row: Coach Virgillio, Palmer, Gardner, Czech. Fitzsimmons, Spollio, Seidel, Assistant Coaches Ritchie, Tougher. Second Row: Kitchen, Cooney, Teeter, Pacilio, Lane, Wheeler, Odorise, Reed Essorn, Morreale, Cosco, Estey, Roylra. First Row: Tando, Kohler, Basciani, Barbero. Kuhn, Hoffman DiPietro, Venette, Wellcley, Taverrite, Santucci. AI 1, Uv as 5 .K . .,h' b H .x gs I- : fn V" ,L I 1,5 qi 4 N 5-5 5 sl? 3 1 'K fx f si N' 7 ag Why .f 1 if 9 h ,A . :.- V .-f"'N -...--W" .P 2392 Q K l"" I BOYS' INTRAMURALS . gl Q T , T A W' A il x l T SENIOR INTRAMURAL CHAMPS acl: Row: Cappirflfl, J, fannan, B, Cannan Tuttle F. Prince, Front Row: Coach Naccarella, ronri Haydon, Aloinn, Cilenlc. l , li 2 l i , l . , I Q. 1 ' 'vu I il ii ,jg in , if L,- A 1 lf' f. A " f Q! . 'l T l JUNIOR INTRAMURAL CHAMPS Back Row: Laiisrn. Julien, Burlingame. Front Row: Coach Vienne, Gill, Yacona, Draper. l l .98 INTRAMU RAL PROGRAM An lnlramural Baslcelball Pro- gram is conducled during 'rhe in- door season and is open +o all boys who are nor par+icipa+ing on eifher rhe varsily or J. V. Teams. ln rhe Junior-Senior League eighf coaches. each of whom is a member ol eilher The Varsily or J. V. Squad selecfs his leam al a drawing held prior lo The opening of The League. The Frosh-Soph League is composed ol represenlalive Teams from each of The home rooms and 'rhey lilie- wise are coached by a Varsily or J. V. Squad member. The winners in each of +he di- visions-Frosh, Soph, Jr. and Sr. - meels similar 'reams represent- ing Brighlon High School. These inler-school series are a goal +o- ward which each feam slrives in addilion lo winning 'rheir own class championships. Q, .Q if 0llci?f'- Ant U4 li Q 'Q . P' Qffvf all T A ij"nii!?, T A - V - a "' DAYKU " 3' 2' v 1, ra! b' .F R I W l at X: tail v gl ,L L ' i ' A .,- 1,-fir. P fi .- f 0 I1 , . , ' -..Q,,Tg,,n:,g'.9.' fi X T xiifoun 1 ', NP , ' s X li, A 4 ' . I SOPHOMORE INTRAMURAL CHAMPS FRESHMAN INTRAMURAL CHAMPS Baclr Row: Bach. lndiano, Carter, DePhillip. Front Row: Back Row: O'Brien. Root, McMillan, Turner. Front Row: Coarh Allen, Lindsay, DeVito, Rizzo, Piersalaclr. A-1 Fuller, Wellrley, Basciani, Schojan, Coach Reed. LEADERS' CLUB resident, VanScott5 Secretary, Maioranig Vice-President. Russo. MISS BENTON Girls' Physical Education Instructor. Baclr Row: J. Vogler. Russo, D. Vogler, Alfieri, Merwin. Third Row: Hopkins, Longcoy, O'Brien, Rice, VanScott, Evans, Florin, Pella, Suli. Second Row: Hauser, Puccia. Corea, DiSalvo, Lane, Harris, Davies, Goodrich, Buechel, Burton. Front Row: Nohe, Anthony, Alvut, Martello, DeBerardinis, Courtney, DellaPietra, Maiorani, Quinzi, Each year Miss Benlon and lhe lhirly-live members of lhe Leader's Club supervise an exlensive girls' inlramural program. They acl as umpires, scorelceepers, limelceepers, and referees: They also run showers for lhe very rired feminine alhleles aller The games. Besides running lhe games, lhey also help lighlen Miss Ben+on's many responsibiliries in gym classes. Keeping lhe girls in line and providing inreresl- ing games for lhem lakes a lor of ingenuiry. Under lhe leadership of Miss Benlon, ihe officers Nancy VanSco++, Jeaneile Maiorani, Chris Russo, and The various managers, a very success- lul program was fulfilled. FIRST AND SECOND PLACE TENNIS CHAMPS E aff' Sauer, Pella, Nohe, Vogler. limi- I GIIILS' SPORTS WINNING GIRLS' SOCCER TEAM Baclr Row: Walid, Morrealc, VanScotl. Goodrich. Front Row: Dellapietra, Bnylco, Fvanc, Mmrvram, Miller, Davis, Marfello. LLM A. Xxx. MODERN DANCING GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL Standing: Voqler. Russo. Middle Row: Russel Tando, Perrone, Kneeling: Tavverile, DeBerardiu X S 1- la -I 5 -1.4, . Q. Q Flu f 5 X T: 41 S. 'N ' - 'Ty Q X,,L2 lv R' Q, X V' A nf 1' S' 'vw r'-In " J K if , IAYKO L ' 1 in 1 GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Back Row: Kearns, Morreale, VanScott. Middle Rc Magner, Maiorani, Miller. Kneeling: Marte Back Row: Pelln, None, Voqler, Andrews, DeViIo, Morreale, Blair, Turner, DiGmw 0 Middle Row: Martello D, Blair Sleeman, A. Mariello, pp - V I Pnrria, DiSalvo, Stuclfas, DuVal, Froni Row: Carr, Slorto. ,,-1 GIRLS' BASEBALL TEAM Standing: Alvut. Anthony, Buron, Puccia. Pelle, Kneeling: Nolwe, Corea. Quinzi, DiSalv0, Harris. 65 Scumaci, ,rw , W W -:L 1 13 fs' 4 Q fm fa me GQ' , Q xl X I WRT 5 SN Av L S W E3 g Ex! 'IP , v! at f f' fd f KA s. In Q 1 Q X " P Sfify gy? N... 5' . an A 5. f .vqif soma smmums ., glagligus V35 KaEQsbnE'?'E1EM'L GSH sr-'ul F' I llll'5ff n U -...bg sf-vi-5 , fi 'Pk , te 'tu fag- '- Q "V" in A .F 5.21 Q x v K , 2 aw - 34. :KQV W. ' ,SN ,Mfg X E w Q,. X - -' 'LJ A ilhgq IW, S f A V- garrwmwwxfxfmg 'X W . GLEN rms nm , -1 fl,pgn.N-Mff, , wwffm Dm-us Hx nu xmwwfv 4n....u-,Jn l 'rw'- Af ,.41 t 4 I ,wb -' Q- , is fi ,F fly S X. x",-.f K5-. Fx 4 5 'f' 1 5 ' .Xx' G ji .-" U g f V 5 5: Xi. A 5 sig S Q i V . S . ' ,N IQ- V"-me im .. A .LLM X +G' Compliments of the Compliments of PAUL'S FOOD MARKET O. Y. A. "We Meet or Beat All Priees" JOHN TREVISAN, Director "4 E- COMMERC'A'- ST- Free Delivery Phone E. R. 685-R Good Will and Surress to the P U L V E R S , "CLASS OF '53" Jewelry, Wafches - Glasses Fllied from Diamonds S.. ........... sERVIgg-g5RggfggIANCE ge? .X AN 'ron . m e Can Ir nz Qc CIAL . Lighi Lunches Ph . R. IIO Compliments of CLARK'S HOME FURNISHING "Home of Streamlined Selling" 400 W. Commercial S+. Easf Roches+er Compliments Compliments of COMMUNITY CLOTHES SHOP HILLSIDE SERVICE STATION Ill W, COMMERCIAL ST, Corner Fairpdr+ - Lincoln Roads E551 Rochegfer Phone 283 Cliff Joslin John Celeniano Compliments Cgmplimenig of gf HATCH MUSIC STORE KING'S SHOE STORE EARL'S WELDING SERVICE METAL FABRICATING Eas+ Roches+er Phone l24-M J. DELLA PIETRA'S GROCERY and MEAT MARKET 450 W. COMMERCIAL ST. We Deliver Phone E. R. 684-J Compliments of CARR'S FOOD MARKET 58 LINDEN AVENUE Easi' Rochesfer Phone l87-M Compliments of ALFIERI FOOD MARKET 230 W. COMMERCIAL ST. You Ring E. R. l20 We Bring Best WislJes to tbe "CLASS OF '53" from R O S E ' S Compliments of E. G. Hazzard - E. B. Hazzard "YOUR REXALL DRUG STORE" Mr. Wal+er Hoselfon, Charles Hoselfon, and Mr. Dunne survey fhe driver +raining car. The car is being loaned +o +l1e School Sysfem. HOSELTON CHEVROLET BEST WISHES TO THE "CLASS OF '53" mofw THEODORE WIRTH 'CHARTERED BUS SERVICE Palmyra 783-J-3 ROCHESTER GHS and ELECTRIC Your Friendly Service Company Compliments of ACME-VALET DRY CLEANERS Compliments 0f VILLAGE APPLIANCE CORNER Main and Commercial Compliments ,,, A M E R I c A N G R A T T O N I S Tailoring and Dry Cleaning Service I: U R N I T U R E "Known for Quality W ork" East Rochester Main St. 322 Main St. East Rochester D e R I T T E R - F I S H CARL'S TEXACO SERVICE I N S U R A N C E Corner Commercial and Main I37 W. Commercial St. East Rochester East Rochester Phone E. R. 220 Compliments of TERMINAL STORE JOHN and 'DOM CALABRESE East Rochester II6 W. Commercial Compliments of DAN ' S BILLIARD PARI.-OR TOWN DRY CLEANERS "We CALL and DELIVER" Compliments of D 0 M R I C C I SHOE REPAIRING I06 W. Commercial St. Phone E. R. 74I 407 Main St. East Rochester B A C H M A N 'S Compliments of 319 MAIN STREET DESPATCH MOTORS INC. Ice Cregm Cgrrfegfigngry "YOUR LOCAL HUDSON DEALER" MBQGIIHGS Smokes East Rochester Q Phone 77l EAST ROCHESTER FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASS'N The Place Where You Get The Most For Your Savings Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1953 from DESPATCH SHOPS INC. JACKETS and AWARD SWEATERS For Quality and Dependability Call R U B Y ' S SPORTING GOODS STORE Rochestefs Spalding Store 857 CIin'ron Ave. So. MOnroe 3357 You Will Find a Suifable GIFI' For Every Occasion A+ SAXTON'S Who Extend Very Good Wishes to the CLASS OF 1953 CLINTON BARGAIN STORE "THE FAMILY SHOPPING SPOT" Extends Best Wishes to the CLASS OF '53 Compliments Of "BABE" GILBERT Rochesfer Business InsI'iI'u+e R. B. I. Students of Today Are Leaders of Tomorrow I72 Clinton Ave. So. Roches+er 4, N. Y. KITCI-IEN'S SERVICE STATION SINCLAIR GASOLINE and OIL 320 Main Sf. Phone E. R. 308 Compliments of SIMMON'S FLORIST I02 WEST COMMERCIAL ST. Phone E. R. 44l EAST ROCHESTER OFFICE UNION TRUST CO. OF ROCHESTER W. D. HEWES AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE Compliments of SCHNEPP MOTORS INC. Your CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH Dealer 4I4 Main Sfreei Phone 276 4l3 Main gf,-eef Compliments SWEETLAND of HOMEMADE MAIN AUTO SALES CANDY - ICE CREAM Compliments Compliments of of SKYLINE DRESS SHOPPE K N 0 T T Y ' P I N E C""'Pi?"f"" PATTERSON'S HARDWARE W E S T E R N A U T O Main and Commercial Slreef HARDWARE and SPORTING GOODS ll0 Easf Commercial Sfreei GINEGAW BROS- TANDO'S cHoP HoUsE Plumbing - Healing - Hardware Radio-Television AIR CONDITIONING E. Raghesler Phone 3 Open 24 Hours Compliments of PETE GARASCIO BARBER SHOP Compliments of ANGELA'S SMART APPAREL Compliments Compliments of gf FINN AUTO SUPPLY MANCE'S MARKET C0mPlim4'm5 Van Heusen Shirls Forfune Shoes ef GENE'S CLOTHES SHOP P A R K S I D E D A I R Y Curlee Clofhes Campus Sporiswear 474, f.3Lee.5e,, YEARBOOK PORTRAITS 8,11 GROUP PHOTOGRAPHS by THOMAS D. PHRROTTH 152 WEST COMMERCIAL STREET East Rochester, N. Y. Rochesfer Coca-Cola Boffling Corp. A. L. ANDERSON 81 SON "SAY IT WITH FLOIVERSU FRANK KOONS FLORIST WEST SIDE BOWLING HALL WE CATER TO BOWLING PARTIES l'46-8 W. COMMERCIAL ST. ' John Speca. Prop. Compliments of G A B E ' S T. V. SALES and SERVICE Compliments of LENA'S BEAUTY BAR The Gagashoan would like fo express iheir +hanks fo fhe Business Managers, Carmen Scarpino and Tom Scholand. for rhe excellenf work on fhe Ad section of fhe bool. 75 E. R. BOWLING and COCKTAIL CENTER We Ca+er Io BanqueIs and Par+ies Phone E. R. l45 Compliments of CARPENTER HARDWARE CO. "Serving You Since 1911" HARDWARE. PAINTS and GLASS Compliments of WELCH'S MEN'S SHOP "WHERE QUALITY COUNTS" Woodworking can be a proitable hobby Investigate Eesi-Bild Patterns MONROE LUMBER EAST ROCHESTER I07 N. Washingfon S+. Phone E. R. 742 COMPLIMENTS DESPATCH OIL co OF Comer ROCHESTER STATIONERY CO. WASHINGTON and LINDEN AVE. Telephone E. R. 242 8 JAY STREET Rochesfer 6, New York BIISTIIIN BROS. COMPANY Exclusive Dealers in High Schools JEWELRY, ENGRAVED COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS, PERSONAL CARDS Special Emblems Designed for Clubs and Organizations WRITE FOR FREE CATALOGUE i :QQ 1 4 ' -Ji A i"! 'lllllillllllllllldlrlllfwlrl'lxlfllfiilylllmijiiyvu Mfg' yy y 4 ,,LN 4 U U 'N 1 I M f 1 lllffll- illfiwfi Hiibfiltllasl i 'ii - MM WNW" iii.. Si, Many years ago our predecessors decided fha? fhis school needed a yearbook, a record 'For each grad- ua+e +o keep as a reminder of his high school days. When 'rhe firsl' book weni' info produciion in l93l, +he search for a sui+able name began. In 'rhe area where we now live, Indians once roamed, sialking game, fighfing wars, and building villages. Each village had ifs s1'ory iellers, who passed down from generaiion fo generaiion 'rhe glories of 'rhe 'rribe in fales called Gagashoan. Today we record fhe legends of our pas? in word and piciurez our yearbook iells ihe sfory of 'l'he iribesg lhe prowess of fheir braves in inferfribals, +he wisdom of iheir leaders, and ihe charm of 'rheir maidens, iusl' as 'rhe lndian feller of fales did so long ago.

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