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 - Class of 1964

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1 y y, Nm ,1! M '7 F p 9 4,1 M' ,, , E 1' 19' WW , ' A .WCW is 1:?g fav Q , Q-.W1f:NJ 67.7 ' W1-1'21'WWP.-UM",:iWW..iF9 w1a-114Ww1'd"f'- 111' f1f1Y'Jfff.?1 15L111vS'r,1Ff' 'Wfiai.1'iAlPif1 1 'MQMQQW 1 , '11 ws. - sfgngzg Y19fj?.1gLy,w-Vw Qfsnwazwww.-'vw w,,W,,,wg, 11 M1 ,v , 1-,N-11 A1 ,IM 1,1 1. ,1m,1, Qyyflf, ,1,,n.f.1,w, , 1 EWS m,,x -1 Q..3"n-'ig THR-ffeaiyfifaglgeifslfi-Q'Ci,4wfQfw'?'iNWVf4?12PiX:vr'+?W:JW'C W1 "11 W f Q'ga11wmw1f1M MMS U11L'?'X"1'.wa1w 1'Q!1imf.1, M1121 ,, 1,:r1w'6cwEM'L1-1. ' 1 1 1 V fl wma,ww141.af,,f:1?fW3'ff:cww- 1'u:,,1w11-1 1111111 1,1-1WJmi'M1'-if L 111 ,em-1-1 1'11 'v 1-.Q 11-qw1-,151.1,1.,QQ-2,11121: 1 1 dgEwb1f?a4gf 15 1. 15 ,1 1, j.- if fwifii iazi'-fgmmw 'Ww11MfM1X'1Q MMR' 511- 11, 1M'1.7W-V1'W1-'W D1 f11M11WW1 ew? wmv 1f1,.F'uLfi21fx ' m,p3p'y.,g 1 13,9 mam 1 gi, 1 lim.. rwggffafzgf' wv5EsE ::fm:6iZggEii-1?gMgLgp'H+m-W111f-- 1N:W"fNnw.-1w'ff' GA M-L1M'1a1S111..J, 141"1,11w1:.1""'v1. s1f1xX11u4:a W1 51 -M ,. 1 MM, ,WM 1 -n 5Qf:Aaf?if-:11ms15f1ggv1w,z 15m--gm 41, MLW ,Q Mp my 1 515' w1 N 'f' 1 V Y .'1-11r,w'11w 1JA1L,11x-1-,sw - 1 4-Q"1f-1, sf , ,, 1 1 W 11' - 1 " 1 W' 1411171' 1, 'J ,1:121rw5 1111 A 11.5 ,Tl L?1-p1.f2ij,Q:1,wrf K' ' ' :gm jfg WL1f11'1 rfmwg,mm,'51s1i11,131,131 yy, A 'sg ' f ff' S15 1 ' ,Rv I WT NM-1' N5T!f2V5L'i7ELQri: gf. ,551 nw 1'-CYe'Y1Mw A-1 111, -Z1 lg, ' wif 15:75 11 f 5.4. ei ff , 1. 111:Qwv,-'- 11, - 1, i-Q-.iw f ' :ef 1, ww 5 'ig' 1-'.:1w:1'1'1'- '1 '1 Mir , : 5 - f Mwfm' f1f4Wif1-.11,'.f"'Q1z 114211 lf "1 114 , , 11 11 M51 'iw-14 S , v Qriwvi 1 . . . , . 1 ,gfifr X' 1 Q 1 1 1' ffza wmv: . Jin, g55:fF5f.e2g5a1f1 f-f'ffffsQ?f:22K iigfvw ,A 11: V, 11.1 S- , 'KJ K X K " -4 -11:-4. 11-Q 11. D 4 , 'Q1Qf1fii,3?2gRz?i12Eiqs5ff: :ilu-'n-1L2'r"1-Q3 " ,Q ,f fel ' ' T ,Q gf- - 1 2w.6,,,sz111pf Y-,K 2- V1 K.: f 1,11,- -, 11,4 1., 1. 1 .-1 . ,,-. , U, 3 mf L if - 'MQWAibgww-fa-1,J'fJae: ,1 1 . ,- .fw 3 fs-1, 22194171 , "'"'""'ff3ififEL-pfQQ?fa Qi- 3:125 35 fa !k,, V A ,, . -V . 3. Q- , , F., 1 , 1 WWW . , ml 1 53 - ,, w...-......,.N..h1y.,,,.,......,,.W,.....,, f - M1 , Y u , ,J V M,.....,M,1 W,,,M,,,, Q ,,..,, - IQAN k 1. - l 1117? 1 ct' 3 1 , . L J A . V I . I L 1 g,.....,, 5 ik qi gp- ....v.L-J fr if n.-M :FH-krw. ,,-ml.,-mf-g ,,v.1-.af,QQ1-QQ 41-L 4: . . F ll 1 r ,-.Q ., 'ii v 4 A V W 1 V , .,,, .4-317' 2 1 f , 2 T: ,I z ',"21Z, M' Q." 2 i'5:aTqv31 av' 'Hi-1 i' A Q few, WJ- ,Q , ww , v T 1, if f 4. , .. A ,,'An.,-1 .,, VXA in q ,11ML31,x,:1,1,1. 14 -wr -, , 1 11-'A11s'1111v M, 1 ,f ff' 4 P T"f,Z'V':f-1U111'5:g'Wk v 1 W' . 4 1 ,, , 11g1111m1fi 1 ,f f 1, '.-- 1.. R" 11fWB1W vf 'M 5 -fi: q, ,elwrif 9!r'Mliii, : gfM . , . - ' .7 Q ' anE-sgRav:f.gpw1seygff7f4gy.5xq,1Am.7QV.,-,5,f.m,fg, .1 V I ' ' f - '- . n ' 5911- fpuff,su,:,-.dw,-f,-txfwff-mimi?ffffvew:,ffff31fi'12ZfQg"g1g',- 'T V f" :EE n If If 7 TTT . I 1 1 C . ' V Xl X ln -- if A A f f 1 f U -S--x xgvf EAST RIDGE HIGH SCHOOL CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE STAFF EDITOR ............... VICKI GRONER CO-EDITOR ..... PAULETTE GOODNER LAYOUT EDITOR. . .RONNIE WALKER ADVERTISING MANAGER ......... JANICE LACKEY BUSINESS MANAGER and STUDENT ADVISOR ..... GAIL ELLIS ADVISOR ........ MRS. LOUISE BRUCE CO-ADVISOR ............ MISS MARGIE BAUMGARDNER THE WPIONEERM HAS BECOME THE DOMINATING SPIRIT AT EAST RIDGE. THE QUALITIES THAT CHAR- ACTERIZED THE ORIGINAL PIO- NEERS ARE EVIDENT IN OUR EVERY- DAY SCHOOL LIFE THROUGH... THE EAST RIDGE "PIONEERS" 1 Ui? HQ SQ2 1f ,f1l2E f Sk,ERCQii ESM Wi? 5f3YS.i, SCM fmgm HAS? z2am ima SCmQf, E 3 REVERENCE TO GOD AND GUR COUNTRY CLASSROOM STUDY AND ATHLETIC PARTICIPATIGN -Qs WGRK AND PLAY THESE MAKE TH IO EER SPIRIT - . 4 1- M ifwwewggsqifg. ,WWW ,, ,, , , W- Q V Y Mm. sw f Y'1"Q nr-ll! , f W M f m,,m,fWiu,jg,m3r:z 2,5 -I I ,,-A , , I l'ffgfQ,lsm.j ' 'QR .wgzww.f-nv Q k iwafygw Qi 1 f H - ' Y A' Wiwfmdl - K , Q- , my p 2 - . - ggi? 5 Q ' ,' fx' 'z K h ' 1 Q ig 'L'-Q A' , A ,. , . 'fff' L A 7 'L . , 5 'I A" . , f 1 , f. . . f f ,m g .4::,,- fffgfxf-fiw .,., , b. ' 4 X' I FGREWORD In its six years of existence East Ridge High has achieved fame, been victorious and excelled in many fields. It has taken much hard Work and co-operation coupled with the true pioneer- ing spirit to make East Ridge High School the outstanding school it is today. There are many symbols of school spirit. Our orange and White colors distinguish us from other schools as we wear or wave them proudly. But our most cherished and appro- priate symbol of our school spirit is the Pioneer. He symbolizes the true pioneering spirit which overshadows every phase of our school life, giving that extra drive and determination when it's needed most. Like that of the early pioneers our history is madeg each edition of the Musket records the continuing story of our school. It is with pride that the 1964 Musket staff offers these sketches of history for your remembrance. May the spirit that prevailed in the begin- ning continue to keep East Ridge High moving onward and upward. May she have ever before her the true spirit of the Pioneer. We!! Editor TABLE GF CONTENTS Introduction 2 Foreword 12 Dedication 14 Administration 8c Faculty 16 Clubs 8a Organizations 28 Music 62 Athletics 72 Underclassmen ll6 Honors 8: Activities 136 Seniors 160 Advertising 198 Ji if div 54 5 a 5 tl 'Y5lgiiiiffigsi22?f6ggif-igigtqlziiES!tileslgstgfsgig-2.5:if:istissleyfllizftmsibfffqgfgslgliaigqsqtgtscfiiiiaarffzssasfggi25:Il3git!:gliQ!tilt?lil:iffililibgffiiiiltliglfl: DEDICATIO This dedication is made as an expression of sincere gratitude, respect, love and admiration to one who is the embodiment of the '4Pioneer Spirit." lt was he, who, when we were a young and unnamed school, gave to us our name, "Pioneers," for truly we were blazing new trails. The heritage of East Ridge High School has been enriched by his work and influence, first as a teacher and later as the Director of our Counseling and Guidance Services. W His patience, understanding, and faith in us as individuals have been an inspiration for each of us to strive to live up to the ideals set forth for the "loyal sons and daughters of the Pioneer." His words of encouragement have been our strength when we were discouraged and downhearted. We feel that it is indeed a privilege for us, THE MUSKET Staff to bestow on our friend and Guidance Counselor, Mr. William R. Senter, our highest honor-the dedication of this, our 1964 edition. g lf ll . , A 5 wif ,j' i ' ' ' ji f 'L ,LAVV K ,,,, K, MK, ,,.,, .K L, 4.,:,.,,, . . ' i1'E"f v1'!:4f':V" I iv-fl, '3 - -1 P-v,+5!f,1f J if H:f,J, -:liz f - ' W iiififk :K f ig ' " ,, ,' . KK -f K . 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M,-7Kf,,:f-,,.1,-f,.-h,1.':,wKK',fea,xnxx-y,wmKx,s4,5 1 ,, ,,, , M H , ,L s , , s.ss,V,, M, Qf4KmzfixfX:1HfZ6Wk1M . , ff f Q , f- K 314 f 1,1 ,LIT U z'KKvv.,,.ygKKKfiS'gKs,:MySsiiggn-KES7153--Mfgsx 4 ,. y 1 . f ,f QSM? ,QIKVQ-ggaggfwiizcsggiig 357,-,ff,,-KAWxwmff,1's,-fffg,:1,,L1,f-- -KH,-V f I W,W,,fw,wK775,V N, H K ggiwfxzzk.zwfwfe,f'gag' , ,,,, ,,,,, ,K,., , ,mx 5 'Rik-.+kL1"i5'?iW1:f'W , . ,. -'zfe2'ei- f, ' , gi V14 Mx s, 1 in U, f ,if1ii'za,ams3a.1,,S1ma5h.5 '+5:3T5"'fj'f' K K ,K K, . I ', .F ":2"'-'7ftf'fq'Ef4iiJE'5',2ii'f5,3EZ3i:f"2Ls5i3?NK W' W LW?1'W Hi K?ii?ii95+??'5+ 2, EESVSW f' 5 K 5 H K-A-an dw 2 ?" k 1 fxyru F Mins! ,mf A W, W Qvwewa xwfiw My ff, .W K -fav' - sg 9 V 4 ,. Q . 2 'L f ,K ,Q fil 1 f'TYffi?'-'!, QTQT, . , fy 1 ' - 177 , K RX f ff i,,1z,,.Qff-my ,152 .M www 1 M S , , fl 'wg , WgiI25ff5iQffgS25ffg'Ew'g2Gfg:i.fswanxx2 W we W, fg ,,, , , ' K E ' K'QifLgiggiaxiiifgzsfikzeewmW MQ M Mr. Sam P. McConnell Superintendent g - i .,VI, ,f V, ,M , Og Education e fe ' " 1552 h' M eh ' n f F - s1ucP.mcQmm.L . , A ,yffig f,,- ngfygy V K I - Sap-rhlpmhnt Q psi: ,1.,,. - f . , L - ' ' QQ? 5 A , e.e :ennn qn.,r W.,, Q ,.en 2 W - V -, ye:e:fe.f'eg3a,dZ-me'fiigswifimjim'iw' Q24 H -' . . L, ,,L,. 5.,n,,w-1 ,,,-. ,M ,.-, U ,, , V - ' - , 2 f" , f5,-:M313mile-f'1S:figggzffcwa.vwpff+sz1wf'.f54,5-g5 ,,,- 5 ' K -gi-, ' Q . e n ,, '--. Q',' f I n'n n' nene 1 e 'LA' C 0i111W'Sph0Q1s as ' f nnen war f n 5 Haw n Bhd el Wduld, f w as 'Lnefe f n ff' .1 - ,ffff,fw':- -J-1-'gpm.www-lyswm.-LgwfikilqaiQ We-.sYQF!'f.,'.5wm-.',:'.3,tMy1r,e5f'zL'F:Wiz mWL:..,f,, 1 ,, I '7 , 'V 3 f -31 -". f:,-' F'fpf,,Q1-.ff.f1,:f5f!',:7'ae'5gQx7-,W3gW,,fPip2e'fQ9fK,:aff:1g"K:W,:mv.se:S-1'1inewfwe.sze-.5,-wx-fm:.+-.Nfl, w - -',-' flfrfzy -5 2 gi ' f , 1 nn ' n n -51 eyen I .fore A "'L1 ,e'1 fyl ' I1 '-LW Y ,-', :'f+W,1xi,'1' 'L1'f wiiffcdsfy MQ:7?':vwf1f2112-'fekgfwifzya-,'5fW:ff3f'2f,- 1 ' n Wene ' n nenn S eenne ne , , M :-L e..1.:',Wg:f -f :, "" f A ' " nn -Th e e z J Wish lf1iShl'56Hf1Q1eS11CCfiSS in Whatever ' , ' ' ' L - f 1-11 v ' k fVs-9iH.5:-gm-Jgggz-, ' Yg:L.E .,1L .,,- , ..,, .M neee 5 ' ' ' W .' ,,McCo1mb11, Superintendent x 1'f""3'i1'9'ff fC'?'mfY' Schools V 1 ,,,V: ,. , , H my f H SPM:SIt. lzmefff -. -, . A . : p:'mzA.4fsiw1'ef ,",:"'un-5 '- - : 7 ci z5,34Z1':'9?w92i4 ae ,g '- We fw-mv w ' w 1:w.:.1:f':" f-me .332 .551aemkfff:zf-fm lf fs ',-, W fe1,- 1 ' .'fn,:1,w,' V w I8 Mr. Jack Rodman Principal Xfgwl , b 4.rk V ' 'XQEKX E ' X , X' ' ,l EAST RIDGE HIGH SGHOOL X X X X, 4320 sawn err noAn :L,:::::5-s:11:1'::::V:5:q::::rix:,:1:1x::g:i:-::::::::x::::1'cHATIKN6CQGiX"i1,-'1XEr1iQ1k52fS2'6 'Mtiy'4,-1964 X XX X 1 J, R,RODMAN ' ..,..C.,.X Glass of 1964, Blast. Ridge: High School Chattanooga, Tennescaee Dem- Gr:-1dua.ti,ng Class: - K ,, X The g:'sxXi11ati,ng class ci' liiiifl ima 'hhai.'::x'giq:xrz riisatizweyl- . X tion si 'Qing the fir-sb class to"q:ompleisaX the six-yaaafi' X -:yoke in the new Junior--Serbian' Iii-gh XI5iX2hrrL?1,.X I have- X wexwhed ycu ggrmw and gwrqigressh KQYWQUSXEQ these- .Xa-ix y:mlrsX'fXX with a grain, doa! mf prim: nnd aXimirs,tiX:an. X , VX .D X X . - X A XX X 'imzr class is bo fgougrmallatezi Xfilf'XmiiX!!?XIHC1hiXff?'?Jf,!iXXfY1XgXl'g 4 X X ntX1,a:1noXi in they ffhalfis 34ZXfEf,13Q!!XX'5YLif!,X atfgl-ei?.i.t,53 Xem1?yX general Xieevmiwpm-evxn. 'Ther-ev always.MQ-Xdez'xX1g9X:im,XE.-i'XgiX,n,Q'f5A5,2XXXX thai: 1 rreemmfxtzer ubkmn this, SIX-xxXssX QTTXfI.9g'Xf3X.,'X'QEi1'f12'X5.Y'fX- 2Z1XH'4?f-4-S??x?gXXifX. that yan kwwsa ikwmfaci mare, that 1f:Xi.kX1Xf!,mv3j,i.skXXg,Xi'?!?0 XXX X X -ncbievmnenms in Szmum years. X. XX H X X XX ' X X X i ' 1 X f X XXXTQXX X -My saifsrmru wish is bimam-LxXiE.,gqi' you wgiliuixn ra'xxX::rzXasX?s.Y5iXX1XiXXXX,Q,XXXZXX :X X -and that -you 51115. .Kemp 0ur.XacchmXoi in yfwur- ixceadtts n,:xXX1gskXf 21: ' Xwiil ?r1xUntXxXZ5,n n p'I,::Xm.Tmr yew Mx aux- mmrma. 7 X . X - JL. Ei, Fiadmau. 'FrXiXXne:,3LWiz2.' X -XXXiXi:amX X -X - -A 'Xr.XX..a,5XXX.XXX XX X X X X X XXX X XXEEXXX X X X XX XXXXX XXX X X ,X X XXQX X' XX 'X XX' X, XXXXX-:X XX X X X X X X X X XXX XXXXXJX XXX X X X X X , XX.XX,Xv,XX-H X X XX X XX X X X - X XXXXXXX X X .XX XX QXXXX X X X X XX X XX X :.XXX.X ' X XXXXXX., X X 4 Mr. Davis SECRETARY Mrs. Mabery, our school secretary, is always 0-n the job. Typing, keeping track of the school records and treasury, and greeting visitors are just a few of the jobs she handles so Well. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Mr. Davis, as assistant principal, has many important responsibilities. He acts as principal in the absence of Mr. Rodman. All the discipline problems of our school are handled by Mr. Davis. His other school interests include sponsor of the Monitors and coach of the track team. 20 Mrs. Lowrance Mrs Mabery NURSE Our school nurse, Mrs. Lowrance, has become well-known for her eifficriency and helpfulness. Besides "doctoring" all our sick students, she lends a hand as a cafe- teria cashier. Social Studies Louise B. Bruce B.S., William Carey Collegeg M.Ed., Uni- versity of Chattanooga. American History, World History. Science Foister B. Davis A.B., Berea College. Advanced Biology. HEADS OF THE DEPARTME English Guidance Director BuSifl6SS Education Patrick O'Shee, Jr. William B. Senter Edith S- THY101' A.B., Duke Universityg M.A.T., University A.B., Presbyterian Collegeg B-S-, Middle Tennessee Stale? M-A-. Pea of Chattanooga. English. L.L.B., Chattanooga College of b0dY CWOHBEC- Office Practice, B00kkeeP' Lawg M.Ed., University of Chat- ins, Shflfthand- tanooga. Home Economics Hazel B. Walker B.S., University of Tennessee. Home Ee. Mathematics James B. Wimberly B.S., University of Chattanoogag M.Ed., University of Chattanooga. Algebra, Phys- ics. s 1 vis FACULT Elaine Bartlett B.S., University of Chattanooga. English, Spanish. Margie J. Baumgardner Librarian B.S., East Tennessee State Universityg M.A., East Tennessee State University. Barbara Branum Phyllis Brotherton B.S., Carson-Newman College. Typ- B-S-, UUiV9l'SiiY Of Chattanooga ing, General Business. Amin-ican History, World Geog- rap y. Evelyn Cash B.B.A., University of Chattanoogag M.A., Pea- body College. Typing, Shorthand. Elizabeth lVl. Chase A.B., University of South Carolina. English. Lonnell Clark B.A., University of Chattanooga. English. Bernyee S. Clementson B.M., Carson-Newman College. Guidance, Home EC. S. Van Compton Lucy Dickson Leonard Ethridge t A.B., University of Chattanooga, B.S., University of Chattanooga. BS., Tennessee TCCl1. MSCIIHHICHI Mercer University. English. Algebra, Comprehensive Math, Drawing, Shop. General Math. Willie Ruth Ethridge BS., Mary-Hardin Baylor College. Choir. Mary Feezell B.A., Tennessee Wesleyan. English, Speech, Draniatics. McDonald Franklin B.S., University of Tennesseeg M.Ed., Uni- versity of Chattanooga. Chemistry, Health. Sammy L. Grissom B.S., Tennessee Tech. Psychology, Ameri- can History, World History. Charles R. Haile Chester Hedgecoth Herbert Hooper, Jr. BS., University of Wyoming. Art, B.S., Tennessee Tech. Music B-S-, UI1iV6fSitY of THHHCSSCC- Uni- Driver Education. Theory, Bands. fied Geometry, Algebra- Sarah Louise Hunter A.B., The College of Woositerg lVl.A., Pea- ho-dy College. French, Latin. ,lunius F. Johnson A.B., Findley College. Biology, Health. Robert McEwen B.S., Lincoln Memorial Universityg lVl,A., Peabody College. Health, P.E. Lawrence E. Miller B.B.A., University of Chattanooga. Eco- nomics, Business Law, Business Arithmetic, General Business. Betty Rush Eloise Samuels B.S., University of Chattanooga. A.B., Alabama State College for Health, BE. WOIIICH. English. FACULT Paul M. Starnes A.A., Hiwassee Collegeg B.A., Tennessee Wesleyang M.Ed., University of Chatta- nooga. American History, Sociology, Prob- lems of Democracy. Edward E. Woodham B.S., University of Chattanoogag M.Ed., University of Chattanooga. Health, Physi- cal Science. Left to right, Mrs. Coyle, Mrs. Frazier, Mrs. Welch, Mrs. Wiggs, Mrs. Guinn. The fine food served in our cafeteria during its six years of operation reflects the expert ability of the lunchroom staff. Different menus prepared in an attractive manner are served to the students. The good food makes it Worth standing in that long lunch line. Mr. Coffman and Mr. Edwards CUSTGDIANS Keeping a building, such as East Ridge High School, clean and in good working order is a large task. Our custodians work many hours and very hard to make our school one which we can be proud of. PARE T-TEACHERS ASSGCIATIO P arents began oining in September, Eight hundred fifty strong by November. eachers all oined and worked hand in hand, T To make East Ridge High the best in the land. chievements-all we cannot name, Service to the school is our aim. The teacher appreciation dessert was a pleasure, Our part for stage curtains came out of our treasure Thanks to you East Ridge High, For letting us be a part, Serving, "children and youthf, so dear to our heart. PRESIDENT Mrs. Carl Groner, ,Ir EAST RIDGE HIGH WINS STATE TROPHY FUR LARGEST INCREASE IN MEMBERSHIP . . . 99? INCREASE President .i...,.. .... Mrs. Carl Groner, Jr. lst Vice President , ....s ,...........s,. ..,....,..... M 1 's. Earl Britton 2nd Vice President ...............,,...............,....... Mrs. ,lack Hyler 3rd Vice President ,,.., Treasurer ,,,,.s,,i,s,-, , ,,i7ii t, Corresponding Secretary Historian ,,..,,,,s ,.,.s a,.. ...,, , Parliamentarian .,..-......,... Both parents and teachers teacher appreciation teag . ..,...s,, Mrs. Webb Norris Mrs Car Farle Recording Secretary ...,..,. - Y Y .. Mrs. Wayne Bowles Mrs. C. H. Futrelle Mrs. Gordon White Mr. Van Compton participated in the parents served . . . while teachers ate. CLUBS and QRGANIZATIQNS Row One: J. McMahan, L. Garner, J. Miller, V. Groner, L. Walker, Mr. Wimberly, sponsor. Row Two: B. Boatwright, E. Brown, J Houts, T. Gamble, J. Farley, D. Dorsey, V. Stakely, R. Parker. Row Three: W. LaFevor, B. England, J. Duffy, K. Hurst, P. Tallon S. Harvey, C. Preston, J. Lackey, J. MclVIahan. Row Four: V, Odom, J. Croner, P. Sprovuse, P. Patton, J. Turner, L. Beene, A Burnette, J. Phillips, D. Chaffin. President J o lVlclVlahan Joe carries on business at one of the Student Council's meetings. 30 DE T COUNCIL This year the Student Council has taken on more responsibilities and has shown true leadership throughout the entire school. Besides supporting the various phases of the school's program, the Student Council has taken the job of conducting all school elections and school assemblies. As other projects this year the Council aided the administra- tion in gaining popular movies for the student body and holding dances in the school' gym after some of the home football games. The East Ridge High School Student Council is truly the "student government at East Ridge High." OFFICERS P sident ,---.- .Ioe MclVIahan V P ident .... Lane Garn S ry ........ Vicki Gron T er .n...,.. Jackie Miller R p r .,...... Linda Walker Sp nsor ...,.... Mr. W L. to R.: J. Miller, L. Walker, J. McMahan, L. Garner, V. Croner, Mr. Wxmberly, Spo STUDENT GOVERNMENT PRACTICES WORKING DEMOCRACY IN . . . - STUDENT CAMPAIGNS AND ELECTIONS - CONDUCTING ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS - PROMOTING STUDENT PARTICIPATION Showmg democracy m actlon, Mlchael Rogers votes in a Student Council election. Mr. Wimberly announces candidates who will give their campaign spee student council offices for 1964-65. Mrs. Clementson, Sandra MCG:-rughey, Donna Waterhouse, Molly Moudy, Mr. Senter, Jerry Luther, Virginia Smith, Jane Swear- ingen, and Cheryl Schmook. DIRECTOR Mr. W. R. Senter. COUNSELOR Mrs. Bernyce Clementson 32 G IDANCE AN INTEGRAL PART OF SCHOOL LIFE Guidance services, as applied to the secondary school, should be thought of as organized activities designed to give systematic aid to pupils in solving their problems and in making adjustments to various situations which they must meet. These activities should assist each pupil in knowing himelf as an individual and as a member of socieftyg in making the most of his strengths and in correcting or com- pensating for Weaknesses that interfere with his progressg in learning about occupations so that he may intelligently plan and prepare, in Whole or in part, for a careerg in learning about educational opportunities available to him, and in discovering and developing creative and leisure interests. COUNSELORS AID IN PROBLEMS . . . PERSONAL, SCHOOL, STUDY, VOCA- TIONAL - ORGANIZED TESTING PROGRAM FOR ALL GRADES OBSERVANCE OF LLEGE DAY AND CAREER DAY ALL E R STUDENTS BENEFIT FROM GRAM UNDERCLASSMEN SERVE AS GUIDES FOR VISITORS ON COLLEGE DAY AND CAREER DAY 33 ADVISOR EDITORIAL STAFF Mrs. Louise Bruce CO ADVISOR Miss Margie Baumgardner Kay Brown, Linda Wells, Beverly Boatwright, Paulette Coodner, Marilyn Ensley, Vicki Lane Garner fNot pictured: Jerry White? MUSKET STAFF CAPTURES MEMORIES . . CREATES It was a busy and challenging year for the 1964 Musket Staff. Selling ads, drawing new and different layouts, and developing good copy were just a few of the tasks that the staff undertook. Hours after school, in the evenings, on weekends, and in the PHOTOGRAPHERS A YEARBOOK summer were spent in making the 1964 Musket some- thing special. We hope the Pioneer "spirit" captured in this Musket will be reflected for years to come by the students of ERH. SPORTS EDITORS 34 Jerry Carter, Danny Tatum David Eaker, Jack Groner LAYOUT EDITOR STUDENT ADVISOR EDITOR COVEDITOR , .x.- 7 W h .. K :,- -'- Ronnie Walker Gail Ellis Vicki Groner Paulette Goodner BUSINESS STAFF -. 396-wi-.... WW s.w,...,.. M 122 5544-f if- THE MUSKET STAFF Gail Ellis, Linda Walker, Janice Lackey, Tommy Baugh ANNUAL HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES Row One: L. Pope, B. Boatwright, M. Ensley, P. Patton, L. Friel, J. Lackey, V. Stakely, M. Scheni. Row Two: L. Garner, P. Coodner, S. McCaughey, K. Holt, S. Capehart, S. Aronwald, W. LaFevor, P. Tallon. Row Three: D. Chaffin, D. Eaker, L. Walker, E. Murphy, J. Robinson, K. Brown, L. Beene, L. Wells, P. Womack, B. Johns. 35 Row One: G. Turner, J. McMal1an, A. Harris, C. Pekala, D. Winkler, A. Braly, C. Brooks, S. Hixon, K. King, B. Rogers, B Wamack. Row Two: J. Luther, K. Griffith, C. Hyde, P. Forrester, K. Hurst, B. O'Neal, J. Carroll, J. Pfitzer, L. Martin. POWDER HOR STAFF EDITOR ADVISOR Olivia Flynn has competently run the Powder Horn as Editor-in-Chief. Mr. Van Compton 36 EDITGRS Olivia Flynn, Editor-in-Chiefg Jerry Luther, Mimeographerg .lane Davis, Associate Editorg ,Iudy Dale,Assi,stant,Associate Editorg Billie Rogers, Society Editorg Terry Gamble, Sports Editorg Don Grant, News Editorg Mr. Compton, Sponsor. ' PUBLISHING The successful publication of a high 5390 school newspaper depends greatly on co- operation and hard work. These words, deed, were the watch words of the 1963-64 staff of the Powder Horn. Under the competent advisorship of Mr. Van Compton, the paper staff met at the 5th period each day to carry out the tasks of putting out an informative publication of student interest. The Powder Horn serves as a student mouthpiece. It recognizes outstanding stu- dents, scoops special events, and covers elec- tions and activities. .lane Davis, Olivia Flynn, Jerry Luther, Cecelia Cooke. SPORTS BUSINESS T I Jerry Luther, Claude Hyde, Glenn Turner, Terry Gamble, Jerry McMahan Cecella Cooke Kenny Griffith. 37 Row One: L. Futrelle, M. Britton, L. Fields, B. Moss, P. Sparks, G. Ellis, B. Gannaway, G. Wallace. Row Two: Mrs. Clementson, Sponsor, C. Cooke, P. Talbert, N. Webb, N. Spears. S. Norris, V. Christa, S- Mccaughey, J. Farley, C. Schmook. Row Three: R- Walker, B. Wallace, F. Dillard, D. Matthews, A. Burnette, K. Griffith, V. G-ioner, P. Womack, D. Kelly. NATIUNAL H0 GR OCIET sri NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY I 3 ? 2 .1 5 Q , A Z Qi OFFICERS One of the highest honors that can be attained by a high school junior or senior is membership in the National Honor Society. Members are selected from the upper third of each class and are voted on by members of the faculty. Membership is based on a student's character, leadership, scholarship, and service. The Honor Society has two in- ductions each year. Seniors are tapped in the fall and juniors in the spring. The main project of the Honor Society this year was presenting the school with Honor Society collars to be worn by graduating society members. OFFICERS: David Matthews, President, Ronnie Walker, Vice Presidentg Vicki Groner, Secretaryg David Kelly, Treasurerg Fran Dillard, Parliamentariang Nancy Webb, Program Chairman, Mrs. Clementson., Sponsor. 38 SPRING INDUCTEES Row One: C. Payne, D. Chaffin, K. Brown, M. Smotherman, P. Goodner, N. Payne. Row Two B. Boatwright, M. Ensley, D. Verble, O. Henson, D. Vandergriff, J. Goforth, I.. Walker, C. Smith S. Glasscock. Row Three: G. Pekala, V. Parton, C. Atwood, II. Scheni. RECOG ITIO GF CHARACTER, LE DER HIP, SCHOLARSHIP AND ERVICE. GRADUATING MEMBERS Row One: C. Atwood, M. Britton, A. Burnette, V. Christa, C. Cooke, F. Dillard, G. EIHS, L- Fields R010 TWO: J. Farley, I.. Futrelle, B. Gannaway, J. Goforth, K. Griffith, V. Groner, D. Kelly, D. Matthews. Row Three: B. Moss, S. McGaughey, S. Norris, G. Pekala, C. Schmook, C. Smith, P. Sparks, N. Spears. Row Four: P. Talbert, R. Walker, B. Wallace, G. Wallace, N. Webb, P. Womack. Row One: Miss Feezell, Sponsor, G. Ellis, R. Walker, L. Beene, D. Grant. Row Two: L. Fields, J. Farr, N. Webb, A. Burnette P. Johnson, M. Lewis, J. Emerson, B. Wamack, J. Durham, B. Rogers. Row Three: J. Farley, P. Womack, H. Dixon, K. Griffith R. Farmer, D. Eaker, F. Dillard, J. Hodges, L. Garner, V. Groner. THESPIAN SOCIET L. Beene, G. Ellis, D. Grant, R. Walker. OFFICERS President ........... ...................... ...... D o in Grant Vice President ...... ............. G ail Ellis Secretary ,---,,,,---- ,,.,... R onnie Walker Treasurer .,.... ..,.. L ibby Beene Sponsor .,.,. .,... lVI iss Feezell 40 This is the first full year the dramatic group, formerly known as the Honor Dramatics, has been privileged with membership in the National Thespian Society. The National Thespian Society, founded in 1929, is composed of 2,390 troupes in the United States. It is the purpose of the local club to encourage and to participate in all phases of dramatics at our school. Since the troupe began, there has been a noticeable increase' in the interest of stu- dents and in the improvement of stage facilities. .5 U Q , fyE557ATw -N 4 'f, e 2 E A X f 4 Row One: G. Ellis, G. Aven, 0. Flynn, S. Goldstein, J. Farr, Mr. Johnson, Sponsor. Row Two: K. Newton, P. Womack, D. Kelly, R. Johnson, C. Cooke. Row Three: L. Walker, D. Womack, J. Adams, D. Stephens, B. England. GRE SIC LEAGL E The Forensic League is a new organization at East Ridge. It was formed by a group of students interested in debate and public speaking. Metro government was a popular topic for the club's debates. ln addition to affiliation with the Forensic So- ciety, the club is also a member of the Tennessee Speech League for high schools. club had no officers this first year. The five founders served as board in the club's administration. One of the first things a debater must learn is to do research. Row One: F. Nunez, J. Mclffahan, J. Houts, Sweetheart, T. Gamble, Mr. Grissom, Sponsor. Row Two: A. Charlesworth, L. Henry M. Bailey, J. Gaither, E. Swilling, B. Johns. J. Hours. S. White, ,l. Durham, C. Bridges. Row Three: T. May, J. Groner, F. Hooper, NI. Smotherman, D. Brooks, S. King, J. White, C. Roberts, J, Poole, J. McMahan, B. England. UNIOR LIO Once again the East Ridge Junior Lions have completed a most successful year. Their many services to the school and the community in- cluded: the ringing of the Christmas bells at the welfare chim- neys, the delivering of the Christmas food baskets to the needy families, and with the successful sale of their calendar, they W presented to the school forty traveling blazers emblazed with l the school crest. These will be used by representatives of the . school. Junior Lions officers present Mr. Rodman with forty traveling blazers for the school. OFFICERS President ...................,...,...,...... Freddy Nunez Vice President ,,,... ..... J oe McMahan Secretary .. ....... ...... K enny Griffith Treasurer ........ ....... T erry Gamble Lion Tamer ....... ...,.,...,, D on Grant Sponsor ....... .... S ammy Grissom Ronnie will probably end up buying a calendar from each of the four top Jr. Lions Calendar Salesmen. 42 9 The Junior Lioness Club was organized in the latter part of 1962 with the help of the Senior Lioness Club of East Ridge. It is a service club composed of twenty-five members chosen through letters of ap- plication to the club. This year the Junior Lioness had their annual life-saver sale, presented the school with five blazers, sponsored a dance for the student body, helped in the Welfare drive during Christmas, and presented their "Beau,7, Kenneth Griffith, in an assembly program and a skit. Later in the year they had a service project, helped conduct a survey for the East Ridge Jaycees, and had a social activity for the club members. The Junior Lioness life-saver sale was again undertaken this year. OFFICERS President ,,V,,,w,,,,,. ,,,,e,Ye,,,,,,,,,,,,t,,.,,.. P hyllis Sparks Vice President ...... ...... B everly MOSS Secretary Y,w--F-AY ,,.,.. V lVi2lI1 Slfakley Treasurer .....,. -,s---- .l lldy' Fa1'lCY Repgfter Yrvnk ,,,, M lIll'llC Spgnggf ----,-------MYYv,,,-,-,-,,,,,,,-,-- ,.,.,.... E loise S3I1'1ll6lS Phyllis Sparks presents Kenny with u gift from the .lunior Lioness. I ' I S Row One: L, Walker, Mrs. Samuels, Sponsor, M. Cobb, B. Moss, P. Sparks, V. Stakley, J. Farley, P. Goodner. Row Two: K. Rodman, M. Ensley, S. Jones, M. Simmons, L. Thrailkill, V. Parton, K. Holt, B. Wamack, G. Ellis. Row Three: M. Adair, L. Kelley, J. Wilkerson, S. Ratchford, L. Futrelle, M. Howard, G. Wallace, V. Groner, J. Robinson. 43 Row One: Mr. McEwen, L. Garner, G. Aven, R. Julian, D. Eaker, S. Sherlin, V. Odom. R. Walker, R. Weir, W. LaFevor. Row Two: D. Toth, D. Clark, R. Guider, R. Williams, J. Luther, C. Goss, C. Peek, J. Weir, L. Stubblefield, P. Pearson B. McLeroy Row Three: B. Chormley, M. Rogers, J. Bennett, C. Werner, D. Kelley, M. Coyle, D. Smith, J. Bethune, T. Thompson, G Turner, J. Totton, S. Atwood. UNIOR OPTIMIST 59 N I 00 Opn Mx f Selling .Christmas trees and "East Ridge Pioneer" stickers were a few of the projects undertaken by this year's Junior Optimist club. They also par- ticipated in their annual Father-Son banquet and served as county commisioners for a day. In ad- dition to these the club helped take a public survey in the town of East Ridge and donated 3125 to the school for baseball uniforms. 44 At the Optimist first District meeting, Richard Julian was elected President. OFFICERS President ....... ..................... Richard Julian V. President ..... .......... V ic Odom Secretary ....,.., ......... G ary Aven Treasurer ...... ..... S teve Sherlin Sponsor ...... ....... M r. MCEWGII President Alice presents the trophy to David, our Ideal Boy. The Opti-Miss Club, which has recently become se- lective in its membership, has enjoyed an active, serv- iceable year. Among its many activities were selling Christmas Wrapping paper, giving Christmas gifts to underprivileged children and the donation of four girl's blazers to the school. The club presented an assembly program on December 17 during which time Mr. ldeal, David Eaker, was announced. With spring came the annual Mother-Daughter banquet and the long-awaited Opti-Miss pins. The girls also found time to participate in community charity drives throughout the year. OFFICERS President ..,,,,, ,,,,,,. ............,... , A lice Burnette V. President ..,. ..,... N ancy Webb Secretary .... .... W anda Hyche Treasurer ,W ,,Y, ,,,,,,,.... L irlda Walker Sponsors ,,,.. ...... M rs. Brotherton, Miss Hunter With these gifts the Opti-Miss girls brightened Christmas for a group of small children. OPTI-MISS Row One: Miss Hunter, B. Rogers, N. Webb, S. Norris, W. Hyche, D. Eaker, A. Burnette, L. Walker, B. Boatwnght, S. Adkins, Mrs. Brotherton. Row Two: M. Scheni, M. Britton, R. Pruett, L. Ligon, J. Zeige, B. Mavity, P. Talbert, G. Pekala, M. Mays, L. Wells, S. Turner, L. Caylo-r, P. Yarbrough, G. Blevins. Row Three: P. Irwin, M. Farley, Heard, S. Bazzell, L, Beene, B. Shannon, C. Schmook, J. Von Schaaf, K. Hurst, C. Yarbrough, J. Abercrombie, P. Hickman, .l. Farr, S. Aronwald, R. Ashworth. 45 Row One: A. Harris, S. Fox, P. Womack, J. Miller, S. Neal, J. Starnes, B. Parker, G. Wofford. Row Two: J. White, C. Hyde, E. Schrader P. Pierce, J. Swafford, J. White, B. Lumpkin, D. Dubrow, J. Payne. Row Three: G. Beamer, M. Holmes, J. Phillips, B. Fryar, J. Bulman T. Lively, L. Swanson, S. Childs. Row Four: J. Oxford, D. Chaffin, D. Haley, E. Brown, L. Gutshall, J. Bell, K. Tullis, R. Gilley. Row Fwe R. Krum, D. Loggins, J. Turner, J. Adams, D. Bevilaqua, B. Wallace, D. Matthews, B. Sullivan, C. Barry. KEY CLUB The Key Club this year has more than ever tried to live up- to its motto of 'GWe Build." The Key Club sold concessions at the football games. In the annual Muscular Dystrophy Drive they col- lected almost 35500. They were also in charge of the annual Red Cross drive in the homerooms. Last summer Mr. Starnes and Paul Womack at- tended the lnternational Convention in Pittsburgh. OFFICERS President .. ,.......... .........,......,,,,,,,,,,,, P aul Womack Vice President ..... Jackie Miller Secretary ....... ......... S tanley Neal Treasurer .. .,.. ....... B uddy Parker Sponsor ...... ..... M r. Paul Starnes Sweetheart .... .... V icki Groner 46 Two Key Club boys take up for the Muscular trophy Drive. Row One: B. Black, J. Goforth, J. Turner, B. Copeland, S. Brown, B. Cannaway, G. Legg, V. Pritchard. Raw Two: J. Durham, P. Hendrix, S. Sawyer, P. Boren, G. Keown, L. Turner, V. Christa, N. Spears, G. Brown, S. Silvers, M. Klara, P. Haley. Row Three: N. Fridell, S. Greene, J. Davis, J. Lackey, P. Towery, S. Cass, P. Hunt, D. Brown, C. Adkins, D. Noblitt. E IOR Y-TEE S OFFICERS President W ........... ............................. ..... B e Cky Gannaway Vice P1'6SlClCI'1t ...... ,. ,, ,, ,, V Glenda Corresponding Secretary .... ,,,,, S andra Brown Recording Secretary ..., . Beverly Black Treasurer -............. ...... . ,. Beth Copeland Chaplain ............. .... . .. Janet Turner Inter Club Council Rep. ..... ..... J udy Coforth SPODSOI' ........ . . . ................. . .... ,. lVIrs. Branum Y-Teens gave a Christmas party for orphans at Bonnie Oaks School. This year marks the sixth year of Y-Teens at East Ridge High School. Ac- tivities, both Y.W.C.A. sponsored and of their own invention, kept them busier than ever. J This year the Y-Teens collected for UNICEF and the Cancer Drive. There was no end to the sales . . . potato chip sales, Easter Lily sales, and Poppy sales. At Christmas they decorated the lobby at the Y.W.C.A. and gave a Christmas party for orphans from Bonnie Oaks School. In February they took part in the potato chip rally. The outstanding Sr. Y-Teen was pre- sented with an award in recognition of her service to the club. 47 The main objectives of the Junior Y-Teens is service to their club, school, and community. The girls also engage in many of the activities spon- sored by the Y.W.C.A. Among these Were: the Y- Teen Recognition Service, the Potato Chip Sale, and the Lily Tag Sale. OFFICERS President ,,,,......,... ....,t,, D ottie Verble Vice President ....... ...... C arol Preston Secretary .......... ...... G ayle Guest Treasurer ................ ....i,. J udy Neal Program Chairmen ..... ...... G wen Cofer Barbara James Sponsor ...... .....,. M rs. Branum UNIOR Y-TEENS Row One: B. James, C. Preston, G. Guest, .l. Neal, D. Verble, Mrs. Bartlett, Sponsor. Row Two: M. Shasteen, D. Tate, J. Cowart, N. Slayton, N. Brown, S. Crownover, L. Hall, N. Payne, D. Oglesby, D. Dorsey, G. Cuider, A. Boyd, P. Pack. Row Three: J. Thorne, S. Hixon, P. Talley, M. Dupree, D. James, S. Weber, J. Crane, C. Adcox, L. Murphree, B. Cooley, S. Cline, B. Dobbins, S. Petry. Row Four: A. Faeber, S. Daverson, J. Carroll, B. Harris, P. Wagner, C. Rowland, F. Armour, S. Adair, P. Dockery, P. Morse, P. Sprouse, C. Miller, B. Burgess, S. Colby, H. Haisten, S. Cross, S. Davidson, P. Dockery, P. Lowe, S. Glasscock, A. Kunath, N. Weaver, M. Moudy. 48 Row One: S. Spurling, J. Ridgeway, C. Roddy, J. Stone, D. Stubblefield, B. Pierce, P. Tallon, C. Stevenson. Row Two: B. Soulders, P. Hiltz, S. Sawyer, S. Ellis, G. White, P. Patton, S. Harvey, S. Ball, M. Singleterry, G. Gaither, J. Elliott, S. Godsey, S. Casey, S. Petty, J. Snyder, J. Duffy, P. Stern. Row Three: S. Cole, W. Irwin, D. Doughty, A. McManus, L. Nall, B. Woodard, L. Rayburn, J. Smith, J. Hedgecoth, L. Womack, C. Norris, T. Cause, S. Smith, C. Muskey, G. Lidsey, L. Friel, D. Mosley. UPHOMORE Y-TEE S OFFICERS President ........,... ,,,,,..,,--,-- J udy Stone ViCC PTCSid6I1t ...... ....... C arol Stevenson Secretary ......... ..... D ofttie Stubblefield Treasurer ...... .,,.,,.,,,.,, P at Tallfm Sponsor ..... ..... M iss Dickson The Sophomore Y-Teens, this year, are on the move again. Like the junior and senior Y-Teens, they are a service club, so they help our school and community with service projects. As of yet, they haven't had very many projects, but hope to ' in the future' D. Doughty and S. Smith collect for East Ridge Welfare. 49 FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA 14' 1 il Enuczmon P110 m mm, mt-In mveivtm. wsmvmn A n........- .u .-. .H .... I -........ .......,1.. cms The Future Business Leaders of America strive for serv- ice, education, and character that are necessary for business leadership. An awards program aids in building skill in business subjects. Practical experience in selling is obtained U T U R E through selling projects. Social service and business train- USINESS ing are experienced by using the profit from the sales EADVERS projects for club expenses and school business equipment. MERICA C3 OFFICERS ..,, , .. . . , , , .... President .,,s....... .,............... .,.. S h irley Arnold Vice President ...... ....... B illie Rogers Secretary ............ -. -. Wanda Hyche Treasurer ................ ................... J anice Davis Parliamentarian ....... ..... C arman Yarbrough Photographer ..... ........ K aren Kaiser Sponsor. ........... ...... M iss Evelyn Cash Row One: B. Rogers, S. Arnold, P. Hendrix, W. Hyche. Row Two: J. Davis, C. Yarbrough. Row Three: M. Scheni, S. Silvers, J. Thomas. Row Four: P. Raley, S. Brown, J. Swearingen, R. Pruitt. Row Fives P. Hunt, B. Gannaway, C. Schmook, K. Kaiser. -Row Six: P. Towery, Miss Cash, R. Claiborn, G. Legg. 50 Row One: K. Manning, B. Bradshaw, J. Smith, D. Ramsey, N. Schaerer, Mrs. Walker, Sponsor. Row Two: D. Waterhouse, Z. Baker, C. Dean, C. Guess, J. Eaves, L. Howard, S. Vipond, L. Hixon, J. Bowles, A. Wilhoite. Row Three: P. Johnson, P. Stone, B. Forester, S. McKaig, L. Cooley, L. Parris, M. Greene, K. Boyd, M. Totten. Row Four: S. Trundle, C. Padgett, W. Snyder, P. Taylor, J. Finch, G. Huff, M. Cantrell, C. Allen. TURE HG MAKER OF AMERICA The emblem of the FHA symbolizes the homes of tomorrow, in the hands of the,youth of today. The colors, recl and white, are indicative of the courage, determination, and purity of youth. The projects of the East Ridge FHA provide rich exper- WQMAKERS E . :tn ffm "5 If " o 4430 go' NEW X40 iences in leadership and living. +0 or '-4, ' 7 sf 2 3 73 E I 1 OFFICERS Presldent ......................,,......., Norma Schzterer Vice President Secretary ..,..., Treasurer ...... Sponsor .,..,, Joanne Smith Diane Ramsey Betty Bradshaw Mrs. Hazel Walker The FHA girls ex- amine the cook- books that they sold for their money- making project. l l l Row One: G. Orrell, M. Totten, B. 0'neal, S. Green, O. Flynn, M. Britton, Mrs. Chase, sponsor. Row Two: L. Hall, D. Bailey, C. At- I wood, S. Totten, G. Lindsey, M. Simmons. M. Cobb. L. Thraikill, C. Preston, L. Martin, ..L,,lQale, A. Boyd, D. Abercrombie. Row l ghree: .l. Carroll, E. Murphy, S. Colby, M. Adair, M. McKnight, S. Heideman, H. Haistefn, K. Brown, S. Davidson, A. Braly, L. ope. X l l OFFICERS k President ---------------------------- Mildfed Totten This year the Future Teachers have had four Vice President .................... Charlotte Brooks Recording Secretary ............ Sherrill Green Corresponding Secretary ........ Olivia Flynn Treasurer ............................ Beverly O'Neal Chaplain .... .... P at Forester -3 Historian .................................. Gayle Orrell i n X1 ll main projects of service to the school and com- munity. The annual projects of setting up a Christ- mas tree at the Children's Hospital, and the "Apple for a Teacher Dayi' were carried out. They also donated books to expand the library, and served as substitute teachers at local grammar schools. Mildred Totten presents hooks to Miss Baum- F.T.A. members discuss plans for future activities. gardner for library. 52 ' Y' Row One: R. Williams, J. Swafford, E. Brown, L. Henry, W. LaFevor, S. Fox, T. Cantrell, B. McI.eroy, R. Weir. Row Two: S. Sher- lin, P. Womack, B. Powderly, R. Guider, C. Goss, J. Luther, T. Thompson, T. Elsner, L. Delbrugge, T. Gamble, J. Houts. Row Three: J. Cunningham, D. Chaffin, C. Werner, R. Julian, C.-Roberts, W. Gardner, D. Smith, D. Eaker, J. Bethune, B. Ghormley, D. Loggins, Mr. Hooper, Sponsor. FELLOW HIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETE The F.C.A. chapter of East Ridge High has a huddle meeting each week. At this meeting the boys discuss vari- ous problems that confront them. Each year the boys from this and other schools are sent to camps HCIQSS the nation where they meet many great CHRISTIAN ATHLETE OF THE YEAR athletes. The highlight of the year was the naming of Steve Sherlin as the Christian Athlete of the year from our school. Steve Sherlin receives his Bible from local representa- tives. OFFICERS President ---------..-.-----.................. Steve Sherlin GFOUP Leader ----,. ..... D avid Eaker GFOUP Leader ------ -..... P aul Womack Chaplain --e,----,--- ....... R ichard Julian These Christian Athletes presented not only their first but one of the most impressive assembly programs at East Ridge. 53 "We hope that this plaque will help preserve his memory, inspiration, and the many accomplishments on and off the athletic field at East Ridge. This plaque is in his memory, his monument will remain in our hearts." LETTER OFFICERS President .,...,,,,,,..,..,,,..,,t,,,,V,t. Robert Weir Vice President ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Larry Delbrugge Secretary-Treasurer ,,,..... Bobby lVlcLeroy Sergeant at Arms ,,,.,, .,,,, R ichard Julian Sponsors ,...,,..,,,,,,, .,,,. M ack Franklin Charles Haile This yearls Lettermen had many activities some of which included: taking up money for the East Ridge Welfare Fund at Christ- mas, and selling East Ridge windbreakers to other athletes of the school. They also held an initiation for the new members which were taken in at the beginning of the school year. The most worthy accomplish- ment of the Lettermen was the presentation of the plaque in honor of Coach Earl Shanks, which will be placed on the football stadium. N Row.0ne: Coach Haile, B. McLeroy, L. Delbrugge, R, Weir, R. Julian, Coach Franklin. Row Two: M. Britt, J. Swafford, D. Grant, A Harris, C. Cess, P. Pierce, J. Luther, F. Nunez, W. LaFever, S. White. Row Three: C. Roberts, R. Guider, L. Chadwick, B. Boyd, J Miller, J. White, J. Hodges, T. Gamble, R. Gilley, B. Saffles, B. Parker. Row Four: S. Sherlin, B. Ghormley, J. Jeffries, L. Rogers, D Eaker, M. Miller, D. Smith, K. Hobbs, J. Cunningham, J. Bethune, D. Taylor. 54 Row One: G. Wallace, B. Wamack, M. Martin, C. Smith, D. Williams. Row Two: B. Shannon, L. Fields, C. Cook, S. Petry, J. Durham J. Goforth, J. Finch, S. Barry, B. Cooley, R. Ashworth. Row Three: Miss Rush, L Beene, S. McGaughey, N. Webb, P. Johnson, J LETTERETTES Emerson, S. Sheffield, R. McGill, L. Davis. The Letterettes are girls who have lettered in athletics, choir, band and cheerleading. Their main purpose is to help promote better sports- manship among the student body. The initiates looked bad, but their spelling looked even worse. During initiation new members may be found anywhere doing ing! anyth President ............ Vice President Secretary ............ Treasurer ,.,.. Sponsor ..... OFFICERS Marilyn Martin ,- Carol Smith Diane Williams Ginny Wallace Miss Betty Rush 55 Row One: G. Orrell, G. Pekala, B. Moss, C. Payne, V. Smith, O. Henson, Mrs. Lowrance. Row Two: C. Rich, J. Cowart, K. Newton, J. Carroll, S. Colby, S. Hixson, S. Kimbro, C. Ownby, C. Stevenson, G. Foy. Row Three: C. Judd, M. HSFVCY, T. Warren, S. Ellis, F. Pagan, B. Gibson, D. Powell, J. Swearingen, D. Tate, P. Newton, S. Daverson, J. Phillips. Row Four: P. Sparks, L. Futrell, N. Spears, M. Shasteen, L. Tumer, J. Bryan, K. DHVIS, W. Jones, B. Johnson, C. Carpenter. MEDICAL CAREER The Medical Careers club, organized for the benefit of those desiring a future voca- tion in medicine, has been in existence for three years. Activities for this year included educational movies, guest speakers and panel discussions. The club also distrib- uted Thanksgiving fruit baskets at a local hospital and had a cake sale to raise money. OFFICERS President ................................ Ora Henson V. President ..... Virginia Smith Secretary ....... Christine Payne Treasurer .. Sponsor .....,. 56 Beverly Moss Mrs. Lowrance OFFICERS: Vir- ginia Smith, Bev- erly Moss, Christine Payne, Ora Henson. Brenda Johnson orders her club pin. SPORTSMAN CLUB The Sportsman Club, in its second year at East Ridge, has served the school and com- munity by developing good sportsmanship. Row One: Mr. Johnson, Sponsor, B. Farmer, B. Bradshaw, R. Ellis, H. Dixon. Row Two: D. Woods, B. Butts, R. Evans, T. Bradshaw, K. Davis, G. Williford, B. Saffels, G. Pruitt, H. Nathan. Row Three: K. Gallaher, J. Fitts, T. Cranert, T. Bancroft, B. Driver, D. Webb, S. Standifer, R. Ewing, P. Helms. The lnquisitors Club is primarily concerned with presenting the high school student with a background in a variety of fields through film and leetures which are based on cur- rent events, sports, coun- tries, and industry. INQUISITORS y Row One: T. Warren, Mr. Miller, Sponsor, D. Tatum, M. Haddock. Row Two: M. McNabb, G: Yvfher, E- Dawn, M- Stull, J. McGee, J. Starnes, T. Hudlow, B. Lively, R. Jolley, C. CiIlY. B- Plrtle. Row Three: B. Porter, J. Kerr, W. Staley, W. Browder, S. Simonds, J. Simmons, D. Stephens, C. Yarbrough, W. Thomas, R. Smithers. 57 4 Row One: J. Carter, G. Aven, M. Klara, D. Ogleshy, F. Gaither, J. Eaves, C. Rich, N. Weaver. Row Two: Miss,Baumgardne1' J. Emerson, E. Johnson, B. Klara, L. Thrailkill, D. Ramsey, L. Pope, P. Byrd, L. Cooley. Row Three: K. Boyd, G. Qualls M Greene, M. Parris, R. Braddam. Row Four: E. Love, J. Bennett, D. Tatum, R. Smithers, J. White, H. Dixon, K. Irwin. LIBRARY STAFF I know that card is in here! The purpose of a library is to get the right book into the hands of the right person at the right time. The staff seeks to fulfill this aim and works hard at checking out books and magazines, shelving books and even repairing books that are damaged. Representatives of our library staff again this year attended the meeting of the East Tennessee Association of Student Library Assistants. This year Linda Thrailkill, a hard Worker of East Ridge's staff, was elected president. 58 OFFICERS President ,............................... Henry Dixon Vice President ............ ....... A nn Boyd Secretary-Treasurer ...... ....... J ane Eaves Reporter ..................... ..... J erry Carter Comer Johnson gives Dennis Womack a lesson in shelving books. Row One: H. Dixon, G. Williford, L. Baliles, S. Hicks, J. Starnes, J. Carter, R. Braddam. Row Two: D. Womack, E. Johnson G. Aven, J. Bennett, R. Smithers, D. Tatum, L. Clonts. Row Three: D. Loggins, S. Wimpee, E Love, D. Davis, J. White, S. Standifer Steve Standifer, representative of all our projectionists, capably carries out the duties assigned to him. Keeping projectors repaired and cleaned, show- ing films and film strips in classes, running the projectors for movies in the gym, and operating record players and tape recorders are tasks that are capably handled by our projectionists. They can even perform hard tasks, such as rewinding a film upside down and backwards, with ease. PROJ ECTIO ISTS Members of the Library Staff and Projectionists sold cakes to raise money. CA HIERS It would he impossible for the cafeteria to function effi- ciently without the aid of the student cashiers. They are al- ways ready with a friendly smile and "here's your changef' B. Copeland, Mr. Wimberly, S. Classcock, Mrs. Lowrance. is oFF1cE STAFF Row One: B. Wamack, J. Durham, B. Rogers, N. Payne, M. Scheni, M. Britton. Row Two: D. Dorsey, G. Pekala, G. Wallace, J. Farley, N. Webb, C. Preston. Row Three: C. Payne, P. Talhert, B. Gannaway, W. Hyche, A. Burnette, J. Finch. 60 These girls, during their free periods, assist with the many duties necessary in operating a school office. An- swering the telephone, taking announcements, running er- rands, and calling ahsentees are some of their services. MO Row One: L. Caylor, G. Blevins, M. Sparkman, G. Foy, A. Wilhoite. Row Two: P. Davis, M. Thompson, L. Rayburn, Mr. Davis. Row Three: L. Peace, S. Kimbro. These students, under Miss Taylor's leadership, operate the school bookstore very efficiently. They are always willing to take your business and money dur- ing the "before homeroom rush." "Do you have a pass?" These are the familiar words of our alert monitors, who are under the leadership of Mr. Davis. They're always on hand to help control school discipline. BOOKSTGRE E 3 Row One: D. Abercrombie, P. Newton, P. Hiltz, D. Bailey, M. Hixon, D. Waterhouse, B. Ellis, P. Yarbrough, S. Godsey, K. Thompso C. Adkins, L. McDonald, J. Thomas. Row Two: B. Woodard, B. Bradshaw, S. Adkins, K. Adams, M. Klara, L. Fields, M. Cantrell, P Maples, S. Martin, M. Lewis, M. Sparkman, W. Irwin. Row Three: B. Claiborne, J. Abercrombie, S. Sawyer, B. Klara, S. Sawyer, .l Emerson, S. Sheffield, D. Hash, S. Totten, P. Wagner, B. Harris, J. Thorne, J. McGee. Row Four: B. Burgess, R. Coleman, N. Hayni P. ilohlnson, C. Wallace, J. Gaither, B. Bradshaw, J. Allen, L. McCurry, D. Winkler, E. Johnson, J. Bell, S. Adair, S. Espy, S. Spurling . 1C man. C 01 R OFFICERS President ............. .............................. P all Johnson Vice President ,,.,,, ..,.. D iane Abercrombie E ......, Martha Lewis Shirley Sawyer Secretary ............. Treasurer ................ OFFICERS AND ACCOMPANIST Student Director ...... ............ J ulia Emerson Accompanist ,---,,, ,.,,,,, D lane AlJCI'CI'0II'l.lTJl6 1 l DIRECTOR Row One: D. Abercrombie, S. Sawyer. Row Two: S. Martin, MIS. Willie Etllridge J. Emerson, P. Johnson, M. Lewis. 64 TWO NAMED TO ALL STATE CHORUS John Gaither and Nancy Haynie FOUR NAMED TO EAST TENNESSEE CHORUS John Gaither, Pat Johnson, Julia Emerson, Dennis Winkler CHOIR PRESENTS SECOND MUSICAL rw' 'fag .. ... ,f , I . , .q1, , ,-,,,V,:,.d, ,wily ,,, ,. . , .I. I. .M ,s , " ' V -.J q 'T x . ew . . ' 1+ ' " 4 1 ' I, ' II ' "1 " . 'Lf ,U r fm- - ,f,.,,, ' . f"' A ' A .,,j.I,,4L, tif ' - I .QM ESP. . -1 - , , -, ,..4..:,.-QI. W. II-II I, -W ,t ,Q 3, A , , M' 2x7.vS'.'N,+1-Q ,,,,.'3.v , v , MWA-Wix-M ,,..:L:MH,-.. .,,..,... fe .M-:Im K.I',,,,T! , I ,fe-f-If . 5' ' 'fn ' I 1 5 .' ,S 51" fs 'I' "'W"""Mf'fQg,,, ,.,,.....'..,,,..' ' ' " it ' J'i"l"iNVJTETV31'?iifTJSQei.5Ff'fRf'-PIfjIf 'AE ,MI . v- If -f 'J' ' t"f:f'M"'i -Iv Q IIIIIWWT-I4IUf-Nr-werffirIv: xv 'T1lJ'T"' gflgkzw fy 3 'A x,.,,3,i'f'T.,,. ' .. I. ..I-V-IFII---.,-ew-'rIf' .. ,!.' 'tawif' I -Q? 3 ff' t' "" """'W ,"'- I' - 'fn I , ...I IMIIWIW-wlffinf 'FJRE f fl " If' i msE.laft -- ,If -ff -fi ' ""i'oft" , -F . fl-s444e.f :Q 'I-' "T " 'Www I- -sf I If H - 'f 41"-"M t"',,"Tf'.14i1:T. Y' . .' ' f e z ' I- II I I - I 'W ' ' 'I 4- -af -W 'f-..,Tgf?afa5...I,,,I' QQ w. ' i,4, QQ, I g.n5'!,.ffI,. MQW.-. .1 . , twmwrmmswefwxae-af-w'1,.f,,.Yrff?.1xgfsf - It J .-H, ,. 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'E- Mfg ii.'?f5f' ' vi :ia Mhviliff IW 'K PIMH: ai vig -. -1 'w w ' va tw Ibn-. a w I'I1 '2.':fa ,.- ..vv.f.'I I5,'MIi-wa.. ww-I-"1 ,Q X fsi ffrifi ,Ii V t -En.. i i ft' 5ik5 I'QQI-Ir? 1 ., ,132 5 + ,, .: g!IQ-.,f1- I - 2- , 1- 'Jn I.. lIV5i5'll u fff- I., 5-wi I'- 'ffl' 5"4WfY I W?lffU"II' ' '- 'H' -f W " f ' :HW -.ily .. f 55 l il".-5. 1.-'Q 5hII.:2Lpf .WZ -f:.. : 1- 'wee . Iwi, I- ww. f-Jag mfYi74.IillFlIt J ga -,f ax ,f'-'M .g!If- " ,...I,+,Ig,.f .. . W w w talk. f.v,,II.,,I I . W : If 'W 'Qgfgttt'.yf,i.4m.wg.l1f .-Ml 13.2. 5 ,--'-'R- , ' ,rp tg ' tsslgfff-' ' fyazii lyeaiaw 5, 1. I, we-Ifra - , if .. - -fm - . I f - . ,,. .'g -, I' ..M ' , M- JIM t?J,,gW,, ,I-flw, q,3fg,aIW'+ I oI+. I ,,,I an 5, f , Io K- . 1. If-YI. lit' " , I L. to R.: R. Ashworth, J. Smith, B. Wallace, M. Britton, J. Beene, C. Simmons, C. Rich, E. Jennings, J. Kerr, Goforth, J. Turner, Bevilaqua, B. Fryar, B. Sullivan, C. Barry, D. Vandergriff, J. Stone, R. Ewing, D. Kelley, J. Bennett, J. Whx-te, D. Matthews, R. ton, T. Hudlow, G. Helms, E. McCoy, J. Allen, B. De'Garmo, K. Tullis, L. Helms, P. Dav1s, P. Stern, J. Elltot, D. G1l1esp1e, F. THE MARCHI GPRIDE AN , THE E.R. BAND The East Ridge High School Marching Band for the 1963-64 season con- l sisted of 65 members, the largest band in the history of the school. DIRECTOR The hand performed at ten halftime sho-ws during the football season, closing the season by going to Dayton, Tennessee, to perform at the Straw- 1 A berry Bowl. BAND OFFICERS Chet Hedgecoth OFFICERS Capfaill -I.I.-- ................... D avid Matthews Co-Captain ...... Curtis Barry Lieutenants .- ..... Bennie Wallace Tommy Matthews Robert Shaver Secretary -, Bobbie Jo Shannon 66 'S' lil- "5 A F' P' Wi- 'tilflifdlfiig ffl Ti ff? l a w--Hoff H- f -3-api ' M Q Q2 W- 'avwaw wf me W -jr:f1afj,Yf35i-mvlzirikxffVf'l?ii'f'i-Mix-4-..---Mc:-.fz.'B.:..-. 5355- Sa , W' ul 5 if ss v gpm 1 ,Li-., .i,A.V M V JtA,,M2,,,,,5,5jV,,55,,l-51, m,4,:.,1gA,A5-ff.,:1!T-.axles-.wi4w.,,f,. ,aw .W . A. ,. . I I my . . ,.,.... , wa. ,.3.M-In 31,,,,,,F.A,,,.,,L,A.,A,.,,,-VAV.--,-aw, .SpN.-Qgpjfyi-.M-AAW.-W..,,,g-L,,,,,, .V A in ,WM ,, ., Q ,,,, .,,. ,. V.....,f,:, I W... A... ,. A, . ,,,., ..,,,,,x..A..,. f.,-.-.Mu,ra-y-.aaa-faww-5-5v.t-.lffwf.,1:-1057-mmf1.-nwmmm-fwaaa- a.....A,a-af . . .aAA,,,f,,.,,,,A:.,,,i,,,.,A,A ,w.,,,W,f.W,,.f, 5,A,,,,,,,W,,,,,,,,,,,,A.,,.,.A,,..,,W,.,.,-,,f....f.-,.Ae-.tl I W.. . . - gi . ,f., ,,,, W 'f ' ,,. WA A, ,... . ., .,. hs, W Q f,.,.mmM,,as.-, A. h,-2, QA, ,,A.,,,.,.g.A,, 3, I ,gl 4,ss!fr-f:.9.f,zyL- "4 . . H 'HM ' M . ' .. 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The band completed its first year of Class tanooga and at the State Marching Festival in rated as third in the state, having missed first At the East Tennessee Band and Orchestra bands out of eighteen to receive a "Superior" ceive this rating. A competition. At both the Tri-State Marching Festival in Chat- Murfreesboro, the band received a "Superior" rating: It is also place by only .4 of a point. Festival in Maryville, Tennessee, East Ridge was one of five rating and the only Class A band from Hamilton County to re- ln May, the band made a tour of Middle Tennessee and played concerts at Columbia Military Academy, Tul- lahoma High School, and Twin Rivers High School in Nashville. DRUM MAJORETTE MAJORETTES Sandra Cole, Bobbie ,lo Shannon, Brenda Sledge, Fran Dillard, Sandra Ball Susan Petry 67 C NCERT BAN Row One: B. Wallace, M. Britton, C. Simmons, L. Beene, J. Smith, B. Sledge, S. Ball, P. Hamrick, R. Ashworth, B. Shannon. Row Two R. Gum, F. Dillard, C. Rich, J. Kerr, S. Petry, E. Jennings, J. Goforth, L. Helms, S. Cole, J. Elliot, D. Gillespie, P. Davis, P. Stern, E. Lov J. Payne, D. Bevilaqua, G. Howard. Row Three: J. Turner, J. Heard, B. Butts, M. Camhron, F. Mullins, F. Gaither, C. Stevenson, B. Shave G. Wilkes. Row Four: D. Matthews, R. Helms, R. Ewing, J. Stone, J. White, D. Kelley, J. Bennett, D. Vandergriif, J. Stamey, J. Wi banks, D. Forester, L. Ledford, B. Lee, T. Matthews, E. Seevers, E. McCoy, J. Allen, K. Tullis,.fB. DeCanno, G. Helms, T. Hudlow, P. Helm- D. Clayton, J. Oxford, B. Fryar, D. Miller, B. Sullivan, L. Womack, C. Barry. SWING BAN Row One: C. Simmons, F. Mullins, B. Wallace, J. Turner, G. Wilkes, R. Gum, B. Shaver, D. Matthews, L. Womack, C. Barry, B. Sullivan, J. Oxford. Row Two: J. Stamey, K. Tullis, J. White, D. Forester, J. Wilbanks, L. Ledford, B. Lee. 68 2 THE BRASS CHGIR Seated: J. Stamey, J. Wilhanks, D. Forester, L. Ledford, B. Lee, G. Howard, D. Bevilaqua, E. Losfe, ilg. Oxgnrd, B. Fryar, D. Miller, B. Sullivan, C. Barry. Standing: E. Seevers, E. McCoy, K. Tullxs, . De armo. THE WOODWIND ENSEMBLE Seated: B. Shannon, R. Ashworth, M. Britton, C. Simmons, L. Beene, R. Gum, F. Dillard, C. Rich, J. Kerr, J. Smith. Standing: J. Stamey, K. Tullis, D. Matthews, J. White, G. Wilkes, C. Stevenson, J. Turner. THE PERCUSSION EN SEMBLE L. to R.: J. White, D. Matthews, D. Kelley. 69 TWO ARE NAMED TO THE ALL STATE BAND Bennie Wallace Cary Wilkes HONORS AND AWARDS ARE GIVEN TO TALENTED HARD WORKING, AND VERY DESERVING E.R. BAND MEMBERS NINE ARE NAMED T O EAST TENNESSEE BAND 7 - m"'l-Dm, ,ui Gi X: ,ABQ Q . 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Davis, D. Grant, M. Miller, L. Hen1'y, C. In the fall of 1963, a band of ro-ugh and ready Pioneers emerged upon and largely dominated the local high school scene, featuring a fleet, explosive ground game and practically impenetrable defense, this group posted the best high school slate in the city with an excellent 8-2-1 record. Following a relatively slow start due to inexperience and injuries, the Pioneers continu- ally improved throughout the season, capping it with an impressive 17-7 win over Soddy Daisy in the first annual Strawberry Bowl in Dayton, Tennessee. While posting the best record in the school's history, these Pioneers slugged their way to a rating of thirteenth in the entire state. Stunned by a City touchdown in the first 448 seconds of the game, the Pioneers continued in offensive dol- drums for nearly three and one-half quarters, able only to gain a 6-6 tie in the last four minutes of the game. Although dominating the game after City's freak touch- down, the Pioneers were unable to cross the twin stripes on numerous scoring opportunities. Held within Cityis ten yard line twice early in the second half, East Ridge finally capitalized on a City mistake to eke out the tie. Linebacker Bobby MCL:-:roy nailed the City punter on his 76 ER OPP. 6 .......... ........ C ity .............. 13 ,,.,.-..., ........ B rainerd ...... ........... ...... 0 .......... ........ R ed Bank ........ - ........ ......... 14- .......... ...... Notre Dame ....... ..... . 33 .......... ........ O oltewah ........ ............. 45 ,,,,,..... ........ lVl cMinn Co. .... ............ - ........ - 0- ,,.... .,.. ........ B a ylor .......... - .............. - 14- .......... ........ T yner ....... ------ 61 ,..,..,... ........ B GA ....................... - ........ ....-- 10 ,,,,,...,, ........... H ixson ...................... W--- .... ..... - STRAWBERRY BOWL 17 .... . ..............,.............. Soddy Daisy ..........................------- - own 17 yard line late in the fourth quarter, thus giving the Pioneers their chance. A Guider to Roberts pass moved the ball from the 12 to the 5, where one play later, fullback Paul Pierce blasted off tackle to score thn tying touchdown. The Pioneer defense, led by lVlcLeroj and Jerry Luther, played a sterling game, limiting Citj to less than 100 yards total offense. Tailback Mike Odon carried the brunt of the stymied East Ridge attack, rush ing for over 100 yards. A LL PREVIOUS E.R. TEAMS OOTBALL 'ff' ,fx ' ' A A A . . ,-.' A A ,,. ,, ,,,, A S A H , 'S W ' ' 'S AA -..,, if 'A ' W-if-'fQf1,:fA . ' ' ""' M ls""""f-'-'-"-----f-- H -f" A T ' ' " "" A A Af, .',- 5 ..M,.,....f , ...,. ,A A,AAA,A. V- A A , ,- A, ' f Q 7 5' "I ' i ZA 'vTffQgfi Al1:5j1A1:f:l' 4 . - . f wi? A 'Il l-"W-M"MfM"f'?"i!f'W -"'P'fWz'A.A Af A A , Lysam VVKKA I ,ff Aj - jg A5:vi, ' W ' . .5 Aws,,v4w ,.--v., ., " ' '- A A AA ' "kX"" Q. f--'-- ' -1 Qs ' S A AA.- ,... Q We " " 41 ' "5 ' ML K I A , A 1, f.., AA A A A -, ,SS A , I. AAR A I H A gf, k W k A A . ' A A A . A, Z.. ,.A':A , Mffigafw- : ---'vi A A A ...df , ,'.' -W -. - w- vw. af' A, 4A , Awvvgggwamf A ' f- I '- "'g, 'A I ' " 'K ' '- f , A , AA A as Q x Y f X AA . , 'L AS: H -- -T c - m -A H V , - p ' A fa -wh o ,52 -'A Q ' - 'TA fi' A Sm A x A5 Af A AA , , if A -A A , A A A 'L Q . fi.. -- w - ,A --,- "-" V . A v---- - V - .A Q ,,," , f A f' 'W " ,, A ig g A , .. lg H A .... A . ' ' " E ' A ' Q ' ' K' . 'yyg rw A .',. A , ' ' . 1 . A A -- ,A , g A,3,f "" " , ,, H ' A n AA,,, Y ' ,wwf V A W ,.?'y1.Ag AA -, fkk-A , A T - ' A, A ,, il A, few , ,A A'-' ' AA "-fgA.,' A' - X 5' i A' FA' an 7 V 3 y, I T ,1'11,1jH-', ,,-' --'L- - , F A ' " 1 0, A, -pa., AA , A I- 1 A, I ' , A ' , , ' LA ','sf,ff"1 ,--g " - A , -- ,.., ijw, 1-.. , A Q A, - '- qg, A A H ,hy 5 Aw, H --VA - . -,-W5 Ay-1,,fj,fjy:Vi 's-s, A2""'- - ff Q,-L 1, '-LL 5 ' ,gy N... , -A A. ,- ,Q ,,, - WA A. ' " A A-, dhhiii fl A,,-A,,A 1 M VA' ' All """'i 1552 A ' ' - A' 7 A2452 ' .,Lf' H" .. 'A ,1 A15 AA - -' ' Q . - - "'h f ' V will , AA , Sl' A ' A, J A 'L,- A, F W' 1 A . ,A A A'-ff' A - ' , - A ,- 5" " 5 - ,L,, I 'AfA 7 ' 'swilfl : ' A 'x 'A A' - , " --'f ,V , ' , - AAMKAJW1, ' . A , , 539 ' . ' H" 4 ,A V H if 'Af,- 'ff IffA?,' , "LL 'L A ' ' 'i,"'lL k"' if-'i 'VS'f1'Q -"k " A ,+,g5ff5fiF,-'filifli W N f , A, -i ff- V '," f A' ' f 9- ' -"- :fiT"'3f55f .1,"2f'V7- ' gp ,ff X ,,, , ,, ,W,A,.lA. .AAA ,A -' -"AA ,Aga AA',, new ,V ah . ' 'KAL ' ' A 7 W W' if Vw .. A A' , -, , ' ' 1 "-k f " sf-ff-1'A , , ,,A a ' - s f A ' AAAI- A',- '-AA- 3 ",, - f...s1,AAA,, S .ly ',,,,,, - ' ' .Ai-V.Ae-' .AQLAJQV ,A , , A ., AA AA .AAA L:wAff-V .AAs-'f.fn.AA.A...a Aus, -- ,i...M.,.a,..,,,A,,,, A ,A ,N ,,,,fA, mwaimxamsimmmamaamowmewwmzzmmzaxmmwmwamamw.aawa.im4mmAwmMW.Mf.,.,AWA,,..A...A 1 .W -f - gg., ,,m7,Ai - Wx. Pi? Saffels, P. Pierce, J. Hodges, J. Luther, C. Goss, D. Byrd, L. Chadwick, D. Taylor, M. Odom, R. Schmook. Row Two: K. Davis, T. Collins, Boyd, M. Holmes, D. Long, J. Jeffery, .l. Houts, J. Cunningham. Mac Franklin Athletic Director and Head Coach Ed Woodham ASSISTANT COACHES . l Charles Haile Raymond James 77 1964 PIO EERS POST BEST HIGH SCHOOL Bobby McLeroy Center Charles Roberts End Richard Julian Tailback Ralph Cuider Blocking back David Byrd End Charles Goss Tackle Kenneth Hobbs Guard Jerry Luther Tackle Jackie Miller End Freddy Nunez Wingback Mike Odom Tailback Paul Pierce F ull back Robert Weir End Jimmy White End Butch Boyd Tackle Lloyd Chadwick Tackle Terry Cooper F ullback Jim Cunningham Guard Bobby Davis Wingback Donald Grant Guard A1 Harris Center Johnny Hodges Tailback John Jeffery End Wayne LaFevor Blocking back LATE IN CITY WITH 8-2-1 RECORD Mike Miller Tailback Bobby Saffels Tackle Bobby Powderly Blocking back Dickie Taylor Center Stanley White Manager Tommy Reed Tackle Clark Werner Wingback PIONEERS RANKED THIRTEENTH IN TENNESSEE SCHOOLBOY FOOTBALL The following week, East Ridge handed the Brainerd Rebels their first grid loss, ending their 23-game string by a score of I3-7. Before a capacity crowd of 7,000, two quick second-quarter touchdowns by Paul Pierce and Mike Odom coming on the heels of two of the five Brainerd bobbles provided the margin of victory in this hard fought game. Contained in their own territory nearly all of the first half, the Rebels often found a solid, orange wall of Pioneers greeting their salliesg key members of the Pioneer defensive unit in this game included Robert Weir, Bobby Mclseroy, Charles Roberts, Charles Goss, and Bobby Saffels. For his all out efforts against the Rebels, Roberts was tabbed Times' Lineman of the Week. Against Red Bank on the following Friday, an ill and crippled band of Pioneers found the Lions too much to tame, losing 19-0. Injuries to Jimmy White, Ralph Guider, Clark Werner, and Mike Odom prior to the game and injuries to Charles Roberts, Jackie Miller, and Johnny Hodges during the rout effectively stifled the Pioneer attack. One bright spot in an otherwise gray and dismal night proved to be the Pioneer defensive line led by Charles Goss, Kenneth Hobbs, and Don Grant in the second half, through a magnificent effort, this defensive crew limited Red Bank to a scant five yards on the ground. Rebounding well from the previous week's drubbing, the Pioneers whipped the Irish of Notre Dame by a score of I4-0. Mike Odom, who, according to Coach Franklin, U. . . looked like a million dollars out theref' took two broad swipes at the left side of the Irish line and was rewarded by two touchdowns and the accolade of Times' Back of the Week. The defense led by John Jeffery, Robert Weir, and Bobby Mc- Elroy played a tremendous game, easily containing Notre Dame through- out the entire night. Aided by key blocks thrown by Ralph 'Guid- er, Paul Pierce, and Freddy Nu- nez, Mike Odom sweeps the right end in the No- tre Dame game. Fullback Paul Pierce blasts off tackle to score the tying touchdown against City Pioneers offensive unit a tlme-Out in the hard- Notre Dame game. . . as Johnny Hodges holds the ball for Jerry Luth- er on a PAT attempt. Behind a wall of blockers, Mike Odom Sprints 35 yards for a TD against the McMinn Cheerokees. 82 A familiar sight for m-any opposing line hackers . . . Pursued by hefty Baylor linemen, Mike Odom legs the pigskin to- ward a total of 78 yards rushing for the evening. PIONEERS FEATURE EXPLOSIVE GROUND GAME AND RUGGED DE-EENSE IN '64 MODEL the grasps of a Red Bank Lion. a reverse, wingback Freddy Nunez attempts to Continuing in their winning ways the following week, the Pioneers drubbed the Ooltewah Owls with the aid of four long runs and a blocked punt by the score of 33-7. After being initially scared by the Owls, the Pioneers exploded, scoring on runs of 84, 49, 51, and 48 yards by Mike Odom, Richard Julian, Johnny Hodges, and Paul Pierce respectively. The Pioneers' defensive unit played their usual hard-nose game, adding a TD to East Ridge's final total by way of a blocked punt by Capt. Bobby McLeroy. Against McMinn County the following Friday, the Pioneers rolled up over 300 yards total offense and coasted to an easy 45-6 victory over the Cheerokees. The offensive machine was led by Mike Odom and Paul Pierce, both scoring two touchdowns apiece. Ends John Jeffery and Robert Weir also scored, Jeffery's tally coming on a recovered fumble and Weir's TD upon a 5 yard pass from Wayne LeFevor. The Baylor Red Raiders, resplendent after a 20-7 conquest of top-rated Oak Ridge two weeks earlier, invaded Shanks upon the following Friday. A grim, hard-nosed, rock-ribbed defensive battle was waged by the outmanned Pioneers, yielded only one long freak touchdown in losing 6-0 to the Mid-South champions. Baylor's head coach Jim Worth- remarked following the game, "We were lucky to get out of there alive. The East Ridge boys deserved to win the they were a better football team this night." With the Pioneers' offensive machine stymied by Baylor's huge wall, the East Ridge defense substituted desire and determination for pure brawn and responded with an equally defense. Led by Capt. Bobby McLeroy with 12 unassisted tackles to his credit for the evening and tackle erry Cooper, the defensive unit held the highly touted Baylor offense within East Ridge's 10 yard line upon one occasion. 83 PIONEERS CLOSE OUT SEASON WITH IMPRESSIVE STRAWBERRY BOWL WIN Following East Ridge's brilliant game against the Baylor Red Raiders on the previous Friday, the Pioneers could only manage a 14-0 win over the hapless, winless Tyner Hilltoppers. Following a lethargic, scoreless first half, Mike Odom scored from the 8 yard line after a timely fumble recovery by Jackie Miller on the Tyner 12. Also, in the last five minutes of the game, the Pioneers managed to crease the scoreboard on a Julian-to-Weir pass good for 10 yards. Enraged as a result of their colorless showing against Tyner the previous week, the Pioneers completely humbled BGA by the score of 61-7 the following Friday. Mike Odom scored four touchdowns personally and passed for yet another, while Johnny Hodges con- tributed two. Not to be outdone, John Jeffery and Ralph Guider contributed one 6-pointer apiece. The defense again rose to the occasion, as Captain Bobby McLeroy led his cohorts in holding BGA to 125 yards total offense. In a boiling cauldron of dust at Hixson on Halloween night, the Pioneers nipped the Wildcats by the score of 10-7 on the strength of Jerry Luther's 41 yard field goal. Luther's long boot came on the heels of Mike Odom's 2 yard plunge in the second quarter, ending the Pioneer scoring for the evening. However, the game was far from over, as the Pioneer defense, although receiving one long, constant test in the second half, never cracked. 84 Perhaps, they didn't need those halfbacks' all, as a host of Pioneers waylay one from Baylor faboveJ and Notre Dame Cleft . In the first annual Strawberry Bowl Dayton, Tennessee, Johnny Hodges Mike Odom sparked the Pioneers to glittering 17-7 win over the Soddy Dai Trojans. Following a scoreless first ha wingback Johnny Hodges scored tv quick touchdowns, one on a 22 ya1 scamper up the middle and the other c a 20 yard pass from Ralph Guider. La in the fourth quarter, Jerry Luther addf his second field goal of the season, thu Odom along with Hodges carried t brunt of the Pioneer attack while Jo Jeffery, Robert Weir, Richard Julia Bobby McLeroy, and Kenneth Hob proved stellar on defense. The main c in the staunch Pioneer defense, McLer received the honor of Times' Linema of the Week for his efforts. providing additional insurance. Mil U . U . I , h 1 I o o wr -W. K EE? W 1 f, ,lah , 9, , EA ,, ,gg KF, I I my , E- , , K M' ' - ., .. my 552' vim, , ,, v Q ., 3 '-,il ff?"-E., 5, vi FGOTBALL LIFE INCLUDES . . Team determination . . . even child's play . . . injuries . . . utter amazement . . . coaching assistance . . . congratulations . . . a lot of sweat and hard work Time out! Someone lost his contact lens. Charlie concentrates on the foul shot. ALL P RT OF BASKETB LL Girls can fight for the ball just like boys can-even on the floor. Those half-time talks with the coaches-inspiring or de- pressing? No, we're not playing London Bridge. 87 Glenn Turner, David Chaffin, Jimmy Bethune, Steve Sherlin, David Eaker, Tommy Elsner, Robert Krum, Denny Smith, Charles Roberts .limmy Swafford. COACH Marshall McEwen CAPTAINS MANAGERS 88 Benny Chormley and Tommy Thompson Steve Sherlin and Denny Smith V SCHOOL SCORING RECORD BROKEN This yearis basketball season was an array of many close games. Many times this year the Pioneers won or lost by margins of less than ten points. The defeat of league power, Notre Dame, marked the first of many of this season's high- lights. The Pioneers handed the Hixson Wildcats their only league defeat and downed Ringgold at their homecoming game. Individual honors came when David Eaker, a senior center, broke the school scoring record of forty-four points by tally- ing forty-six points against Soddy Daisy. The season as a whole did not measure up to expectations but the team still made a good showing. 2 All eyes are on Smith as he shoot ALL CITY and ALL H.I.L. Coach McEwen talks with the boys during time out. STEVE SHERLIN-Sr. DENNY SMITH-Sr. DAVID EAKER-S13 Guard Forward Center 89 Shewrlin shoots with no one near. Krum connects for two points. Forward Turner breaks loose on a fast brewak. ROBERT KRUM'-JL Forward 90 JIMMY BETHUNE-Sr CHARLES ROBERTS-Sr. JIMMY SWAFFORD-S Forward Guard I. SCHEDULE OPPONENT Notre Dame EAST RIDGE 56 .,................,, 59 Birchwood 4-2 ......... ..,...,. 7 0 Kirkman ...... ,......., 4 9 ,,,,.,.7, .,,.,,, , 58 Rossville' -- ......,.. 45 ..,..... ..,.,,w. 4 0 Sale Creek ,,., ...,,,... 5 4 ,,....... ,..,..., 4 6 Hixson ...... .......,, 3 2 .,.,...,, ..,,,,,. 6 8 Ooltewah ,,,A,,,, .,,,,.... 4 4 ,,,,.,,. ..,.,,,. 5 0 Ringgold ...... ......... Soddy Daisy Tyner .........,.. ......... 64 ......... ......., 5 9 63 ,.,.,.... ........ 7 4 54 ......,.. ........ 4 8 Hixson ....,,, .......,. ,....., , 5 4 Sale Creek ..,... .....,... 4 2 ,....... ........ 6 4 Ooltewah .r..,. ....,. ........ ........ 6 0 Birchwood ,.,..... ......... 3 9 ........ .,...... 7 8 Red Bank .ri,.,,. ,...,..,, 6 8 ,,,,,,,. ,,,.,,.. 6 2 Brainerd .....,.. ......... 6 9 ........ ......,. 5 8' Red Bank ...... ......... 5 8 ....,.,. ......,, 5 7 Rossville .. ........ ........ 9 7 Brainerd ...... ......... 5 9 .,.,.,,, ,,..,.,, 5 4 Kirkman ...... ......... 6 1 ........ ...,..,, 6 0 Ringgold .......... ,.,...... 5 l ,....... ......., 5 8 Notre Dame ........ ........ 8 0 Tyner .,....,........ ...,..... 6 8 Soddy Daisy Y ,,.,,.. ,...... . 58 .M ie,o 7 an 7 ia,,, -11 - Eaker jumps high to evade Brainerd defenders. Krum comes down with another rebound. 9l Eaker arches short over the defense. East Ridge grabs off another rebound. GLENN TURNER-Jr. TOMMY ELSNER-Jr. DAVID CHAFFIN-Jr Guard Guard Center Coach Herbert Hooper, W. Byrd, D. Chaffin, S. Fox, S. Simonds, R. Vaughn, E. Merritt, B. Day, W. LaFevor, J. Phillips B. Lively. B-TEAM BASKETBALL Who will come down with the rebound? Vaughn shoots for two points. GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL Carol Smith, Marilyn Martin, Mary Adair, Diane Williams, Rose McGill, Pam Do-ckery, Fran Dillard, Linda Davis, Pat Dockery, Shirley Sheffield, Katie Rodman, Patti Moore, Managers: Connie Jordan, Cecelia Cooke, Linda Fields. PIGNEERETTES POST BEST SEASON YET City ..............,, ,...,... 3 2 .......... .......... 2 4 Notre Dame ..., ..,..... 4 9 .,....,,,. .,........ 3 5 Birchwood ...... ........ 5 3 .,,...,.., ,......... 6 3 CAPTAINS AND COACH Kirkman ,,-.,,,- .-,.,,-, 2 1 ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,.,,,. 6 2 Sale Creek ...... ..,..... 6 1 .......... ......,.., 44 Hixson ........ ....,,.. 5 3 .......... ........... 4 7 Ooltewah .... ........ 5 3 .......... .......... 3 9 Ringgold ........... .....,.. 4 8 ...,...... ....,..... 2 2 Soddy Daisy ..... ....,... 8 0 .......... ........., 4 0 Tyner ...,.......... .....,.. 5 7 .......... ........... 4 3 Hixson ............ ....,... 5 4 .......... ........... 44 Sale Creek ...... ........ 6 1 .......... ........t.. 4 3 Ooltewah ........ ........ 6 5 .......... ....... 5 6 Birchwood ...... ......,. 4 9 .,........ ....... 6 4 G.P.S. .............. ........ 5 0 .......... .-..... 6 2 Red Bank ........ .,,..... 4 0 .......... ,------ 5 3 Red Bank ........ ........ 4 1 ....,..... ....... 5 1 City ,,,,,,,,,,,. ........ 5 2 .......... ....... 4-8 H . ':-'- 'i--,, , ,-',Qi5 fiff' A ,1T' -wg? L,.1 Q, G.P.S. --an --an--38-N-0--M -------51 Dillard! Coach B-my Rush, IE?ffQQi'13'eQii1 te.. ttettr, gli3i E3i 3ii13iii tttt iiiiiiiii Notre Dame .....................,.... 67 .........- -----..---- 45 Tyner ,,--,,,-,,,,,, ,,.- ,........... 64 .......... ........... 4 0 94 DILLARD NAMED TO ALL TOURNAMENT TEAM The Pioneerettes ended the 1963-64 season with an 8-15 record. Although the record does not show their potential as a working team, the Pioneerettes displayed much improvement over last season. In the first round of the tournament East Ridge won over Birchwood 66-54 led by Pioneerette scoring leaders, Fran Dillard and Shirley Sheffield, scoring 28 and 27 points respectively. In the sec- FRAN DILLARD MARILYN MARTIN Forward Gllllfll ond round East Ridge fell to Tyner with a score of 69-58. Fran Dillard was selected for the All Tournament team with her outstanding average game score of 29.5 points. Linda Davis evades defender for easy shot. J :QE X CAROL SMITH DIANE WILLIAMS Forward Guard VU A Everyone stretches to get the rebound. 95 SHIRLEY SHEFFIELD Forward ROSE MCGILL Guard Fran Dillard concentrates on a very important shot KATIE RODMAN Forward LINDA DAVIS Forward 96 fi First down and ten yards to go. 1 i I ,Q PAM DOCKERY PATTI MOORE MARY ADAIR Forward Guard Guafd No one seems to be able to stop Shirley's shot. Linda Davis hits for two points as everyone watches. PAT DOCKERY Guard ,wwf-r : ,.. af .,,f.5,,g., . .., gf1,gf:zs,-gym.-i ,,,--w-wr -W f : '7-if fiL2'fiiffE3 , - , f ., .- ' if ff' . - pg. W-fiw 5555515 - - .. -- ., .r - - - fl - fi. , - f2loin-ofiffilxst-as' ':- - fs-W f. -' , - 1- ,N . ' :,'-mf" W ai.- ..s , -lg.f-iwtzz-o'.nlig,f . Filiiiili igfiav.. . y ', ,.ff f s' ' - 'Ss an ,. is 2. , a , xv. 3 f- . X .. , ,v'f, tg?,tz u i1a..., gfz2eia..5ziMg.gv'is ji- iwefliia 5-as ss- ...I H . . .., - , . .V .L , rw...-... a.,.... f,r,.,.5w.,,Ss... K Elf, Q 7 - if K 5 - - X My - ,. 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' K' . y r. -' , - - -1 . - , I , '1 gang. 1 .pa 2 - f an-. , Lager s 1- , , 5 W, Quay., M,..- 5 . -1 , , , . ia 2 PT: ,uf - -to - - - ' 1 5-galil, 1:9511- 5' 'fc 2-5 11 2i..,jJ - f ff " -"' ' . ' ' 1' ,.1.l -Y Ls-ii ,1s1u::,n.:, , .M - Lf," 'ww Q - ...i --'Vg-Q'l":f'iSJ' .:? .?Erf: "f" A-+255lf:'XrzY'T5F?i2:'? 1 'TPM ' 'f C1 ,. .,.,,. ,..,,, gm., ,.,, ,k,g , K, .. I ,, . , ., M., .,,.,,. . . ,. , .H f y --" -- 'Q 5 , ,,..:123zT1wQ.r ..i1z'7.giQi--1. L -A .- - ' V fgiiiffgffrwf .'1EE!fI:is'15!?l M, fi' i "-imilll it-AA -ttffmff ' f. ,. ffl, is '17 '17 T3:t75t4iii1 'frm f liiff1!?f15i51.fU I A .' t'5eWIi?Z'5v 'S siiiifiv -," ,f -' EL ?: 5 1" ' ' -- " Q ' ' " 5 -gf,.1 ,. . " - .,,, ' -: A 5-il 'uyv lqgegeigt-we-1 - af 5- 'rg-,.: ,',..,,?:.2f22.. . ,A ,V 1' ,..w Eff 1,wi--mg 5 --gf. - K--V 15315ZGEQQ-.frfzggsvfs 3, .-1.g'5W1Livg5-11gy-fri '-Q, ,'.,,.- 1 ' ' 4 t 1 3 ,- . . -- Q. . ',-4 - - -f M, . ,- -- f. .V fm-:,"Hxw. Qu -.1-1 ff--J., -, 5- of ,H ,-. 22- " ., iiQg"tf'iif:ift-f-,.fxrf Q 'A ?1g',i?f""'lwgA.4 ' L' -"' ,. ' - Zif f g gi-::2i.r-L 1 E f ' sz 1, .,fz.Q-1-.ff',fsi:u2.1.2-1Q -- H Q- ..' ,Riff f , ff 1 ., - N w- f ' ,lv 2-vi V fair? 523 ' 1 ' tif H.. s Weir Row One: E. Brown, S. Smith, A. Harris, G. Parton, B. Parker, H. Nathan. Row Two: C. Goss, L. Swanson, K. Hobbs, R. C. Peek, G. Mosley, D. Haley. COACH RESTLING Mac Franklin 964 RECORD - 10 WI S - LOSSES The East Ridge High School wrestling team, coached by Mac Franklin, became one of the top and most interesting sports in school. The team had a very good season, having ten wins and only two losses. The chances of a better record next year are good since all of the team will be re- turning with the exception of two seniors. Among the ones returning is Charles Goss who holds the title of State Heavyweight Champion. O EERS' CHARLIE GOSS NS STATE HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE Charles Goss Louis Swanson Kenneth Hobbs Robert Weir Charles Peek Danny Haley Goss prevents the escape of his Baylor opponent . . . and a decision. A1 Han-is George Parton Ernie Brown Bllddi' Parker Steve Smith Harold Nathan Row One: L. Rogers, E. Swilling, P. Womack, T. Neal, J. Ford, M. Haddock, 'G. Beamer. Row Two: B. Butler, .l. Bell, J. Bulman, T. trell, R. Johnson, R. Arnold, J. Totton, W. Gardner. CROS COUNTRY COACH STRO GE T TEAM YET This yearis Cross Country team, in its fourth year of com- petition, was the strongest yet. Showing real "Pioneer spirit," Coach Davis' boys proved that they were not to be beaten easily. It was this same spirit and enthusiasm that made this team one of the top Cross Country teams in the state. Returning lettermen and a number of eager new additions helped to make East Ridge a formidable foe for all Challengers. Even with the loss of five seniors, next year's outlook is bright because of the valuable experience gained by this year's Foister Davis IOO IIBWCOIIICYS. The Pioneers eagerly wait for the gun to start their race for victory. The blast of the gun starts a race against time. but the excellent training and stern determination proves East Ridge to he superior . . . At the beginning, Baylor helps E. R. to set the pace . . . , ,r. IW ....V, t H W, .-,,,.V.,0.,,, Sr Qing, P-f lgi21ZzR2 -- -.AY ,A A W -n'f:iW' ,'li'2 V iff5W M - , t ' ' W fii3iWSl ' ,1l?f VQSWAQQM-ixiiiairllififffr - r s i A it 'g rin ..W.-ag-sw-6-A -ew-if . -V iVVJVV,V.!1 ffw-1, Ve in - A L wiiy M ...,..n,.,,, W?' fT.V:' '35 I 5 - 2li'1g1'- J' 'wwf T, , A ' 7 ' w g' Q I NV --Vw 52 he he :I 'ff f"gVf12 s Azi'-ww if-13:-- g '1i i .L lfi'lsQl4'fw:,giV , V- 5 , .i.:jssg1Q-wifi r f., . . XM, , Wewg,,5V,,,,ejgV5k w i i 2 f V 1 'Q f f 2,54 . f r " "1 53,4 ,.,42 sv 'im-.V,-. A IiiIwi?-gig:wgjV,VLnx4w:52ffer? ,, , ,Vgfisifsisirffwsr if2fFff?fii1SS25?2f2fKf1V V V wit. Hfiggbxgg' weQ.,QV,isVsmfrzasiisstfiigzt'!!lsrgVefwfffziziisfii f Y f ill f 4 1 ' A I VszikipLE,55591532:E521Eifiiielwffiffgffwe' ' 'L YVtemvea,VVK1V:ffflwixfmH'flHWe:v1!1Y1V ,V ., wgisagr54'sirgfefiiiffffffaie5i3e5agiig6gn32?s"sV2 X , , ., p.. ,,.. .. , ,gy K, x5lLiVigE?gBsV V F " V K 5 - :rf mV f, , . if 1- -A ,Vfgsm:irv1xe'vsf-vw 7fvi wasfvV L fsf ,i.:1ffiwz.VV,zV zeal .elim -my X , WJ za .2 g4Q igi5i, Xsifgwmkl , , -i" f , 5 5 :arg E . K V- Vg ,. t,,. .,,,. V V. .K-5 ,. ,gZ,3-'ltggiffiigf:rr.',z':'gf-A ff"gf'fi5z 5 : f 'Y ,V , S ' "ig tr1Vifiaifz.fig-M'wflg-15fgz!?i??ifK?ff5f1.!pg'.:: i L' x fren 1 S fwfr ', K K mi V, in X ,, 5 ,. I. ,wil Ii52fi5iif'it2 ,lAi:g,4G5'L5,wiS?Q " ' M52ffas1S'5,1f,zra.1fTfais A 'wfffirs fffffl igx lglx mix if!S. liilfi Rl? 515 . , l K K , , ,, S lv Viv K vi V , W sf! Wailea 1 4 'iw .'11ffwQ1fsr Iv Vw, V ,, ., . 2, 4.1-- N , f. W ff .Ke,g:55Aqg513fV5 V5w.:5i7gq.3gisi',x F52- 'Vt'-,:'1.' 5"'5 " e kr3K?i,if?'W911i:i'7iiE3?iiafl,Q2hli.fil5fr - ,V X , .- VV- Y' I ff -si V ',,1, V Lri, trrlt if-'f wg., wiiv'it11-sg--i111fewrViViV?V1..i , V- 1 ' "Viffel5EwM:5sfQi,V 1,wf2fQg.5V:?55ifgswEflfimgbgwarwgifggipifgakz,Qtr-swsfgiii - ,-.V ' ' 'p' f.4,1'f'1s,:.s-it-frgwgf:,wV1i..',z.w,,2 is g:wm,t:f3 V43 wzzss-N V- V i v 1 , -Vw QV, f,w,.rwS'1'Vzifiwr- wmfnwsws 1:5izwfwfflsi'-955-iiesiesls V 1 4 Hug, qi,-mn. is.tg-ifsf1fqgi':'g'w2g'Vw,gbfqgsqgig2f,ff4,gg1min ' ' wer, , . as Mickey Haddock, straining in the final seconds, wins the grueling race. IOI 1964 PIGNEER TRACKMEN PLACE SIXT Row One: M. McKnight, Mgr., S. Marlin, Mgr., B. Butler, Capt. T. Gamble, J. Ford, D. Chaffin, C. Goss, Capt. J. McMahan, L. Henry M Haddock, P. Womack, W. Gardner, J. Bulman. Row Two: J. Vlfhite, Mgr., J. Miller, F. Nunez, L. Rogers, E. Matthews, T. Neal, E Swilling, T. Pippin, O. Hancock, M. Odom, S. Fox, D. Loggins, C. Werner, R. Johnson, Coach Foister Davis. COACH 1964 VARSITY TRACK Although the 1964 edition of the East Ridge High Track Team often found their season and chances marred by sickness, questionable rulings, and other assorted ills, they still enjoyed their best season yet. Under the competent leader- ship and coaching of Foister Davis, the Pioneer spikemen combined speed, ability, stamina, desire, and spirit to mold a great team. Led by Captains Terry Gamble and'Joe,MclVlahan in their assault against the clock and the tape measure, the Pioneers featured four tremendous relay teams and great speed in the Sprints. In addition to their sixth place finish in the TSSAA State Track Meet at Brainerd, they compiled an outstanding record which included: first in the Knoxville News-Sentinal Relaysg second in the TSSAA District 5 Track Meet and the Times' City-County Track Meet, and third in the City High Invi- tational and the TSSAA Region 3 Track Meet. In addition to the four relay teams, the hopes of the Pioneers were largely dependent upon Odell Hancock, Clark Werner, Mickey Haddock, and Tom Neal. Hancock, in addition to running the first leg on both the 440 yd. and 880 yd. relay teams, broke the 60 yd. dash record of the school by one-tenth of a second with a clocking of 6.5 seconds. Also, Odell proved to be a consistent performer in the 100 yd. dash. Taking first in the hundred in every meet prior to the state meet in which he took third, he clipped three-tenths of a second off the school's century standard, lowering the mark to 10.0 seconds. Clark Wern hacked more than one second off the school's 220 yd. record in his third place effort in the state meet, lowering the stan-dard to an excellent 21.5 seconds. Clark also run- ning key legs upon both the 440 yd. and 880 yd. relay teams, is co-holder of the 60 yd. dash mark with Hancock. Junior Mickey Haddock chopped more than nine seconds from his own mile record, lowering the mark to 41:38.2. He also broke the three year old 880 yd. run record, cutting 1.44 seconds from the standard with a time of 2:02.0. Powerful Tom Neal, a runner capable of competing equally as well in the 100 yd. dash as in the mile run, lowered the schoolis record in the 440 yd. dash from 53.0 seconds to 50.75 seconds. In addition, Tom served as anchor man for the mile relay. l02 l Foister B. Davis STATE MEET DESPITE DIFFICULTIES The 1964 Pioneer spikemen enjoyed quite an assault upon the school's records, besting or equaling 12 of the 18 standards. Captains Terry Gamble and Joe McNluhan proudly display the runner-up trophy from the Times' City-County Meet. Anchor man Clark Werner crosses the finish line, winning the 880 yd. relay for the Pioneers. Junior Mike Odom vaults to second place in the City-County Meet, equal- ing the sChool's record of 1l'9". sf:Qausew-awpanaswasKzwfmmvmevssszgeemrrzuxse.-zmvefwsmfwxgazvswv,-msfnwmmimnmssmemfmtsweww.www-,Wwe NussQ-fwvf,-skies, usmwaxw-'W Mr FOUR EXCELLE T PIO EER RELA 880 Yard Relay Also starting the 880 yd. relay, Odell Hancock sprints from his blocks CU. In the first exchange, Eugene Matthews re- ceives the baton QZJ, which he subse- quently passes to Terry Gamble f3D. Terry then hands the baton to Terry Pippin fill, who then crosses the finish line KSJ. A team composed of Hancock, Gamble, Mdlahan, and Werner, "the best ever in the state" according to the re- served Coach Davis, fell victim to hard luck and questionable, protested ruling after sweeping first in this event in the City-County, the District, and the New- Sentinal Relays. Their best time in this event is an excellent 1:3I.0, Two Mile Relay Paul Womack starts both his leg and the two mile relay KD. Lawrence Rogers receives the baton from Womack f2D and subsequently passes the baton to Freddy Nunez f3J. In the third exchange, Mickey Haddock receives the baton Q43 and 880 yards later, finishes the race f5J. In addition to finishing first in the City- County, second in the District, third in the News-Sentinal Relays, and fifth in the Region, a quartet of Womack, Nunez, Swilling, and Rogers lowered the school's record to 8:29.9. I04 EAMS PROVE TO BE CITY S BEST 440 Yard Relay Odell Hancock explodes from the starting blocks with the baton KID, which he subsequently passes to Mike Odom f2J. Odom then hands the baton to Tom Neal on the second exchange CSD. Following his leg, Tom passes the baton to Eugene Matthews C4-J, who then fin- ishes CSJ. In addition to taking first in the City-County, the District, and the News-Sentinal Relays and second in the Regional, a team composed of Hancock, Odom, Werner, and Matthews cut five- tenths of a second from the existing state record with a. clocking of 43.4 seconds in their second place effort in the state meeft. One Mile Relay Eugene Matthews breaks from the starting blocks on the first leg of the mile relay CID. The baton is passed to Terry Gamble 123, who then passes the baton to Freddy Nunez on the second exchange 135. Freddy then hands the baton to Tom Neal 441, who finishes the race exhausted 153. ln addition to their second place finish in the state meet, this crew of Pioneers also took first in the News-Sentinal Relays, the City High Invitational, and the City-County and second in the district and regional meets. While running second in the state meet, this team crossed the line with ali excellent 3:27.4 time. WER ER MO T VALUABLE WHILE Terry Gamble! Captain J oe McMahan Captain Odell Hancock Captain Joe McMahan and Terry Pippin clear the low hurdles! with ex- cellent form. AMBLE W0 BEST TEAM SPIRIT AWARD Junior Mickey Haddock wins the -mile run, breaking both the school's and the City-County record with a time oi,4:38,2. Lawrence Rogers, Mickey' Haddock, and WWW Sprinter Odell Hancock elipses the best the Mid-South has to offer in the form a close-knit group in the 880 yd. run. 100 yd' dash. Wayne Gardner Lawrence Rogers Clark Werner Freddy Nunez Tom Neal Paul Womack Not Pictured: Eugene Matthews Anchor -man Freddy Nunez breaks the tape, winning the two mile relay in the City-County Meet. '07 LATE DEFEATS MAR PIONEERS, EFFORT TC Row One: W. LaFevor, L. Delbrugge, R. Williams, M. Prestridge, B. Butts, Mgr. Row Two: Coach Marshall McEwen, R. Julian, C. S. Sherlin, D. Byrd, J. Hyler, R. Weir. V ii i 1964 VARSITY BASEBALL Coach Marshall McEwen I 08 Undefeated in nine games and in sole possession of first place in the HIL by a margin of two games with only two remaining to be played, the 1964 model of the East Ridge High Baseball Team found themselves beset by the woeful menace of a late season slump. As a result, the Pioneer batsmen dropped the remaining two games of the schedule, finishing in a tie with Soddy Daisy for the championship, and were promptly eliminated from the District 3 Tourney by Red Bank in the second round. Although these mis- fortunes proved a disappointment to the team, school, and fans, the season was not entirely fruitless, affording E.R.I-I.S. its first combined HIL cham- pionship and a season record of 9-3. Seasonis highlights included Steve Sherlin's no-hitter against arch-rival Brainerd on opening day, the inspirec victory over So-ddy Daisy by a score of 4-0, and the exciting I-0 victory ovel Red Bank. Senior southpaw Steve Sherlin and junior right-hander Mike Prestridgf often carried the silent bats of the Pioneers via their strong-armed pitching. Sherlin, posted a 5-2 won-lost record and an almost unbelievable earned run average of 0f95, pitched in addition to his shut-out no-hitter three shut-outs Prestridge, with the aid of a blazing fast-ball, posted an excellent won-lost record of 4-1 and an earned run average of 3.31. Not content with merely pitching the Pioneers to victory, Sherlin also led the team at bat with a AOC batting average. Robert Weir, Wayne LaFevor, and Riley Williams also con tributed heavily to the Pioneer attack with averages of .382, .353, and .30f respectively. EPEAT AS DISTRICT AND REGIONAL CHAMPIONS EAST RIDGE Co-CHAMPIONS OF HIL THE ANTICS OF A HIGH SCHOOL PITCHER eammates enthusiastically greet Larry Delbrugge follow- g his homer over the left field fence at Spring Creek. Coach Marshall McEwen, Robert Weir, and Riley Williams confer with Steve Sherlin during a dark moment in the tournament. Shortstop Wayne LaFevor punches the ball to right on a hit-and-run play. Left fielder Richard Julian takes a healthy Catcher Larry Delbrugge, both at hat and in the field, performed in the es- sential role of sparkplug of the team. Third baseman Robert Weir, a leading hitter of the team, readies himself for the coming pitch. SHERLIN, ROBERTS, ANl 1 1 , , . Nw Qggfffiffwif 2 -ff-- . ,..,'. gg Q 5 5 W 1,9435 STRO G HITTI AND PITCHI G PACE PIO EER NINE Second baseman Riley Williams singles to left against Brainerd. Equally adept with a glove as with a bat, Roth- ert Weir patrols the third base line. First baseman Johnny Hyler raps out a base hit in the crucial Oolte- wah game. DRILL S UAD f 'Y .1 ? is -tw . X-237 f. . fl '-1 '- :s, '-ite ' W .i"'e.v?'n'r'F':f7'3., V':vrte,QiW:-wry'',L.:.'1iT'wfXW51.We WW Mwilt.Wftivft''if.'G'.i1"l f --'- . J ' 4 --'- M ' " . . -- ,.. Q V... : ' . " i -' . f .- 5 5 1, 0 K 'k in ' ,A n l, 53 1 , J L. ' n gfgj,23.?2252ggi??'f.fTi',.'gi,.y,,f' 7', ,,5 ,g 1, 'gg ,L if 2 ,M a Q. H " L,- f -, ..- Q, ...ft f. . ' , . J L J' ' ,ii- 'ff 7 ,N Msg.. .. ,. , , . , 1 N. ,, U, K rs., , .. . A 3, et X . . , - ,-fl, is A , . 2 gf. ,,.,gS..,. .1.t,a.,,,.7-i Z g,- .fx fs. .f1 , E. 2 f " " , . fe. A i f V' , if Q, 4 ,4 fa . + q 8 .5 ,gi ' t"t V Y . B "- fs ' . . , , " fi ' M f s - 1 f 't" I rf ,X M "Jai awe f -' '- . I. . , .. ., . 'fre'- ,,,, I V miami ef.--..4w.af mise . , . , . - 1 M - fsrxfgv we sf efgfxiasewfzeeif--eigbvsfss..,mg?:':2.:mf,:f.1f:.sLa2y21w.feiW2v'f -as p . . . L. to R.: V. Prichard, K. King, F. King, S. Casey, S. Harvey, L. Ligons, B. Gillespie, P. Hiltz, L. Nall, S. Daverson, M. Herndon, Jordon, N. Slayton, J. Cowart, P. Dupree, D. James, H. Haisten, S. McKaig, S. Smith, B. Gannaway, S. Crownover, S. Weber, C. Adc J. Crane, B. Ellis, J. Bell, M. Suggs, B. Bradshaw, G. Keown, B. Black, Z. Baker, M. Singleterry, S. Sawyer, M. Mays, C. Schmook, J. Gee, S. Godsey, S. Martin, C. Padget, G. Heard, S. Greene, S. Bazell, D. Tull, Capt., P. Moore, Capt., P. Talbert, Lt. Col., J. Turn Lt. Col., D. Williams, Col. Il2 FOOTBALL BANQUET L. to R.: B. McLeroy, B. Saffels, R. Weir, C. Coss, J. Miller, T. Cooper, J. Hodges, F. Nunez, K. Hobbs. FOOTBALL AWARDS Outstanding Lineman ,.,,,,,,. Bobby MoLe1-oy All City ......... ......... K enneth Hobbs Most Improved .......... ,,,,,,,,, B obby Saffels Bobby McLeroy Terry Cooper Most Desire ..... ...... F reddy Nunez Outstanding Back ............,.. , .e..i,,,..,i, Johnny Hodges '64-'65 Captains ............................ ..... C harles Goss ALL SPORTS BANQUET Jackie Miller Row One: C. Goss, C. Smith, F. Dillard, S. Sheffield, D. Williams, C. Roberts. Row Two: D. Eaker, C. Werner, S. Sherlin, T. Gamble, D. Smith. GIRL'S BASKETBALL BOY'S BASKETBALL Charles Roberts .......................................... Scholarship Carol Smith ........-----..---------.----A--------44-------- Scholarship and Alumni Fran Dillard ........... ...... M ost Valuable David Eaker ....... ........ M ost Valuable and Alumni steve shells. ...,. ...... lvl ost Improved Shirley Sheffield ..... .. .............................. Most Improved Denny Smith ,.,.....,........,......,................. Sportsmanship Diane Williams .......... . .-..-..-.-------A---------- Spoftsmanshlp WRESTLING BASEBALL Charles Goss .......................................... Most Valuable Steve Sherlin ....... .-.----.-.-.---.- - - '----A-- Best Team Effort TRACK Terry Gamble ...... ........................... B est Team Spirit Clark Werner ..... Most Valuable . 'I I3 Mickey gets team support after a successful mile run. S. Smith holds on and hopes for a victory. ALL EAST RIDGE TEAM E. R. baseball team rates another successful game. II4 Yelling through the fence-that's not against the rules. E. Matthews runs the 100 yd. dash for East Ridge in the Times ity-County Meet. PGST WINNING SEA 0 N Kenneth seems to be all wrapped up in this one. Time out for Charlie! Haddock sets the pace for the Cross Country run. Congratulations go to Charlie after his win. - x iii 1, fain "5 ' 5 W fi 7 M 1'as:zw,,z?f ' ,Q Km -K ww 77,75,KL,Q771ggg-LK gf. - , ,xv W, s 7 -7 mf7,f " ' H5756 S' 7 FII M 7 fgiiaggiyz-,fd 71 13Ess52l?S'12Tf'57 7Qii5i?771QQ32?7:?:1' 3 WSL 5557: K+ ,mi ' iQi5?g1fg'!s?ffiY5z7, .SSW wif? -iriail i'3g5f5Q?Z2i5gs'f35Af 51, Qgff3i,f1gigQxi1ff',,k 'L is i'2!iY?f:L'tf'55 ilesfs4li3M.,777 9.721121-Kvgs K 72fsff:555eff:i77 ?5ff'f" V ,i':?1E75Ifiigii' 535gmkfgifflfff " XT A A 45, 77,,7,1g7.7,,',, my Q7..,,.,, , V K, K H :vc 2r',,L7..,: ,mm ,if 7 7 7- f :I ' ' , - , , as .LJ F' 77 771:55 .fi fi 'I' 1.Wgiff''vii:"KM55':Ev5iQ'W-E-5'i!.:1:Lsa't'f":U1''Vi7Q,U:?3T?fiuz1SE?4fgQ5ii' , .7 ' ' 7 ' i :',vffv.7' ''V17g5fg2,:ifr2,7z??g:l:i'vgfmf,STM7-N7i"'f1iEg-i'.z1iT3g17?fse3i:5f2f1h52247'f?29gfgIEff'?5'5iff'f 2 , - 7 , . .7 5 , Ni"el-grlxtfgv1'7'1Q:i1Kf7:7iK'g2'f1-iii-uisii "Y1?:Hfff'f :fKf3sf'7z 1e2?zs':,e,1,wwL1'Q ,7 K 1 7 V ' , 7' F21',f" , 5' "-fz?7f.7'9"wi Kr' , ,- f 'K ' - 1' ,, ' 7K -f,zzzQpz,',g1i1'.-'!z"K5fi,5f'f've"7,Gf'.i2l7i':g5?.,,ik74tiffiiaizgviifizfexttiif3+1I5?.fELiS,f'1ga55i'ff'521555 . -7 7-K L5 7 V- 7' 77 , K, 17,1 , ' ,KJ M51 Vg ,,,425vmgfwlf,AK'-ggigf7aKfgffim:'7ii,5?f+3g2fg12x33,sK+',gv1K3fffSfE7iKg4,sQggyye,g ., V, , I H 7 ,7 , K 7 K1 W 71WK7,Q,KWMK,-K,,,,,7,777,375,M7K7fK,gfW7,735,ggyKK37gx7KigKfg5iK,gKg? A 17 +7 , '- 7 7 7, ' 4 7 7171 K z.. fw'vfeH ' " ffr' Q7 H - 7 7 77 7 - 'i - 4211 77-vviwfiffzwzuif7'-fffZy5s71f2fY,2KMiz-:2fH7K7'1s5f,sf'-if71255-.xmim,3sff7,p1Vina . , 7, ,7 K 7 A - K 7 K Z, 735, ,-7. .77 7,7-iff-57.7 wifi-E,:Z,-v1K77m1 ,Hsi.sqv,-ii,swz7K7vfgg151:,7ffswwsKW7 w ,, 7' ' K -, -A 11,77 7 y 71:-. 771' f',pv,-Q 777,,ff'1- 7-1-,zimkgg+g+3e72g7fgf777zf77,2ss-ws,777172iq1i,'w ga,f7fszg.774gf3Mm5gi1sSf5s1gi3 L7 " ' ' ' K +7'7'f7.!-' 4 2 7 'MKL7 ,, 5'1" ,i1'gf'?f'xe-7,, gsigf',:7f,,f'1ggff,n225,as,Simfx-15,4135ggggiffmgikfgii5g,,agQ3,lsgggilfagxg2lzgqEEQ,1qff,g,73 ' ' ' . , V, fag ,rf I, 7gfHgf7,1+s'K5gieagfxfx51X1EanQLgg3sgagifK1g2+:1'gg:ai2g5 , 7- A 7 . 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" W ' ,gggg '-71532im,igyirpi154112976529meW-f5z1Z,Qf5'12541,529ff2Q2f2?.a',jfaw.f1i5aQigffaiias5f5f2iEI7efg:?79gQfE7s 'E WV , , I'w77fw.F75.711777'15'757ktJgsw,312,'f'77f+iQ,'ag:f,7aw7:mei-fgeieffglffikiw'wr,,a,mg7gpg3fgKfWsggg7 K ' 7 I , +7 f w71'7fL:7+gfzggftgmlfff7fK.ff.s7-'M 9102 armsfg7c'fw2J,5nvmfwe,2i17,7ffemswiauwqi 7 ww .Ur wfffz 74vfEW,s1717:-J:f1K2i:a'5m:gK+15'fQi,:gz'1iYs7,47,e'Jsi5asff,s'ig5.915+2-.tai'Zs25i27gE'3s'-i'Eifc,l'WES2i'!E,5f+j'7ggl5e' " L'"'f""7--''fifv-1i5f7Pi:E'J7'17535277'f1?1'p9ggz"i1s',sgf5iw ,say 1if7:1,1Kwq7,,,i+f,s f 7 7heM7232f1751EJ:QvFfe'xi2Qaf1figf73f'ffQ II7 CLASS OF 1966 The largest class yet to enter East Ridge High, this year's sophomores came ready to participate enthusiastically in all activities of this school year. Full of school spirit, they were active in the clubs, sports, and academics of our school. These sophomores have become and are growing as true Pioneers. OFFICERS President . ,,,..,,r,,,.it,.,,t, ,...,,,,,,,... J ohn Houts Vice President ,,,., ,..,. W ayne LaFevor Secretary .,,,,..,,.tt ..,,,. D ottie Stubhlefield Treasurer .,,., .... S usan Aronwald Sponsor ,,.,t, ,,,,,,. lVl r. Ed Woodham Row One: Dottie Stubblefield, Susan Aronwald. Row Two: Mr. Woodham, John Houts, Wayne LaFevor. Zina Baker Sandra Ball Fred Ballard Myron Banther Sharon Bazzell Ralph Bedwell Janice Bell Jimmy Bell George Black Vic Bond Fred Bonner Terry Boydston II8 Judy Abercrombie Mary Adair Kayron Adams Susan Adkins Carla Allen James Allen Sandra Alverson Susan Aronwald Mavis Ashworth Steve Atwood Annette Baker Deborah Bailey Martha Caldwell Mark Cambron Martha Cantrell Sherry Capehart Jerry Carter Sharon Casey Lloyd Chadwick Charles Chandler Allen Charlesworth Steve Childs Bruce Clairhorne Danny Clayton Bobby Cobb Donald Coile Darlene Coe Sandra Cole Rosemary Coleman Tommy Collins Cary Brackett Terry Bradshaw Claude Bridges Danny Brooks Susan Broome Wade Broome Ernie Brown Reida Browning .lane Bryan Billy Butts Patsy Byrd Wayne Byrd Tommy Cooke Linda Cooley Doug Craig Darrell Cubine Gerald Culpepper Johnny Cunningham Brenda Curvin Grady Daverson Billy Davis Pam Davis Carol Dean Butch De Garmo ' II9 Ricky Donham Debbie Doughty David Dubrow Jackie Duffy Sue Edwards Judy Elliot Beverly Ellis ,lim Elmore Butch England Sherry Epperson Kayo Erwin Wayne Erwin Dee Dee Gillespie Nancy Gillespie Suzanne Godsey Grace Graham Tommy Granert Tony Green Mary Greene Johnny 'Curley Larry Gutshall Danny Haley Peggy Hamrick Sara Harvey Sarah Espy Randy Evans Rickey Ewing Joel Fins Perry Flynn John Ford Gail Foy S-teve Foy Deborah Frances Linda Friel Frances Gaither Kenneth Gallaher Johnny Garner Donna Gasis Monta Gass Terry Gause Brenda Gibson Jeannie Gibson ffl ? 5 Q We iw Gia-L+ ,J .. f -I' 1 Della Henry Lamar Henry Brenda Hickman Linda Hickman Mike Higdon Patsy Hiltz Jean Hitchcock Marilyn Hixson Chris Hodges Linda Holmes Mike Holmes Kendra Holt John Houts Linda Howard Thomas Hudlow Gay Huff Eddie Hu hes Steven Hurst 4,..,... hug AFWA, gr ' Q 72 'A 3 1 K gh, ,..,,., 6 ig, J Sherry Harvey Joyce Harwood Deborah Hash Clifford Haynes Susan Hazelwood Jackie Heard Glenda Heard Suzanne Heideman Gregory Helms Larry Helms Phillip Helms Richard Helms if -r 1 1 1 Connie Huskey Ruth Hutcherson Wanda Irwin Spence James Elaine Jennings Brenda Johnson Comer Johnson Randy Jolley Gaye Keltner James Kerr Sharon Kimbro Barbara Klara l2I Wayne La Fevor Barry Lee Deedra Legg Carolyn Levi Linda Ligon Clenann Lindsey William Lively Duaine Long Eddie Love Wanda Lowe Carolyn Loyd Bobby Lumpkin GPHO GRE Gordon Moseley Donna Myers Linda Nall Harold Nathan Cathy Newton Brenda Nicely Connie Norris Cindy Owenby Dennis Ownhy Larry Owens Cheryl Padgett Lynita Parris I22 Janice McGee Ann McManus Mike McNabb Mike McTaggert Karen Manning Pam Maples Steve Marlin Susan Martin Jerry Matthews Lyle Matthews Tommy May Lynda Meador Eddie Merritt Betty Miller Dennis Miller Mike Miller Johnny Morse Diane Moseley -v l Andrea Porter Drendu Powell Ray Pritchard Susan Pruett Gene Pruett Gary Qualls Jerry Quinn Barry Ratowe Linda Rayburn Robert Reynolds June Ridgeway Hazel Rightmire Gail Roberson Carolyn Roddy Cookie Rogers .lohnny Ryans Wayne Rymer Sue Sawyer George Partin Pam Patton Cheryl Payne Pat Pearson Charles Peek Larry Penney Sudie Ann Petty Johnny Phillips Brenda Pierce Tommy Pierce John Poole Linda Pope Raymond Schaerer Ralph Schmook Eddie Schrader ,lan Schreck Mary Scoggins Eric See-vers Charles Simmons Martha Simmons Marcia Singleterry Eddie Smith .lanice Smith Richard Smith l23 Paula Stern Carol Stevenson Jerry Stone Judy Stone Dottie Stubblefield Larry Stubblefield Micheal Stutz Buddy Sullivan Bobby Summit Pat Tallon Danny Tatum Wendell Thomas Cathy Thompson Stanley Thompson Carolyn Totten Jay Totten Sandra Totten Kyle Tullis I24 Sandra Smith Steve Smith Robert Smithers Wanda Snider Jackie Snyder Beverly Souders Sandra Spurling Wayne Staley Jimmy Stamey Steve Standifer James Starnes David Stephens Shelby Turner Jackie Von Schaaf Mike Wamack Lynda Walker Donna Waterhouse Cary Watkins Carole tmorela Johnny Weir Linda Vlfells Ginger White W. C. White Gary Wilkes ene Williford :eve Wimpee ennis Winkler ordon Wofford ynn Womack ennis Womack Barbara Woodard Earl Wright Robert Wright Cy Yarbrough Peggy Yarbrough Jay, you say cross-country is not all it's cut out to be? Boys, that's the price you pay for being a '6lowly" sopho- more. Who said that washing cars is all play and no work? What a way to raise money! I ! Now, are you sure that I passed that test? Mrs. Eloise Samuels, Carol Preston, Buddy Parker, Gail Guider, Al Harris. CLASS OF 196 'gfuniors AL Last . . . lust One More Year To Go" Having stumbled through the amazement of being sophomores and eager to become seniors, the junior year was a golden haze. The year was climaxed with their big project, the Junior-Senior Prom. Other highlights of the year were the Powder Puff game and the Junior Play. The members of the Class of '65 will combine their efforts to make the coming year an outstanding one, both for the students and the school. CLASS OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,V,,fffVff.- - Buddy Parker Vice President eei,.. .. ,,,,,,, Carol Preston Secretary ,YYYY,,Y,, ,,,,,,,,,.,,. C ail Gllldel' Treasurer ...... .i,........Vff,........ A 1 Haffis Sponsors , ,,,,,, Mrs. Eloise Samuels Mrs. Phyllis Brotherton Diane Abercrombie Sherry Adair Jerry Adams Connie Adcox Gary Ainscough Fay Armour Ruthie Ashworth Gary Aven Debbie Bacon Bonnie Baldwin David Barry Tommy Baugh Colleen Benedict 1 Beverly Boatwright Roddy Bovell Q 1 l l JU IORS START YE I26 Minnie Cobb Gwen Cofer Becky Cooley Edward Cooper .loyce Cowart .loy Crane Ray Cross Sharon Cross Marlene Crowe Shirley Crownover Linda Daniel Sandra Daverson Janice Davidson Lyndell Davidson Sharon Davidson ITH 260 MEMBER Anne Boyd Butch Boyd Ricky Braddain Annette Braly Charlotte Brooks Wayne Browder Kay Brown Nancy Brown Jimmy Bulman Phyllis Burkhart Bill Butler Tommy Cantrell Carolyn Carpenter Janice Carroll Becky Caywood David Chaffin Gayle Cheek Charles Citty Rebecca Claiborne Larry Clonts Sherry Ellis Tommy Eisner Marilyn Ensley Andi Faerber Jim Farley Mary Farley Mike Farris Jill Finch Glenn Fisher Brenda Forester Don Forester Steve Fox Lebron Frazier Bobby Fryar John Gaither Bobby Davis David Davis Jane Davis Keith Davis Linda Davis Gloria Dawn Bill Day Pat Devitt Bobbie Dobbins Gerry Dobson Pam Dockery Pat Dockery Donna Dorsey Buck Driver Carol Duncan Ronnie Duncan Mary Pat Dupree .leff Durham Gary Easley Jimmy Eidson JU IORS DEFEATED BY SE I0 .lerry Gilstrap Sandra Glasscock Stephen Goldstein Paulette Goodner Charles Goodwin Charles Goss Carlton Grant .lack Groner Gayle Guest 'Gail Guider Richard Gum Mickey Haddock Hennie Haisten Linda Hall Al Harris Betty Harris .loan Harris Many Harvey Joyce Headrick Don Heartly Mike Hendrix Ora Henson Martha Herndon Sammy Hicks Wayne Hicks Sharon Hixon Larry Holder .lunior Holland Fred Hooper Marlene Howard Karen Hurst Wanda Hyche Claude Hyde Patti lrwin Barbara James POWDER PUFF G ME - N V.8 Diane James John Jeffery Bill Johns Ernest Johnson Kenneth Johnson Linda Johnson Raymond Johnson Carletta Jones Connie Jordan Cindy Judd George Kelley Linda Kelly Jim Keltner Faye King Kaye King Steve King Sarah Kirby Sharon Kline Dennis Knox Robert Krum Ann Kunath Tommy Lively David Loggins Pat Low Eddie McCoy Lois Ann McDonald Glenda McKee1 Robert McLaughlin Jerry McMahan Larry Manley Mike Marlin Lennis Martin Kathy Matthews Pat Matthews Becky Mavity J U IOR PL - aTHE MO SE THA :fi EN ! Vicki Parton Bill Payne Christine Payne Jimmy Payne Nancy Payne Linda Peace Rhonda Perry Susan Petry Joyce Phillips Randy Phillips W 2? Q R 32 aw Cynthia Miller Jackie Miller Karen Miller Jerry Moore Patti Moore Pat Morse Molly Moudy Fred Mullins Linda Murphree Elizabeth Murphy Judy Nall Judy Neal Stanley Neal Patsy Newton Mike Odom Donna Oglesby John Oxford Pat Pack Freida Pagan Buddy Parker MJ' Paul Pierce D Terry Pippen Bobby Pirtle ' ,rr Bill Porter ' 'bfi rg Bobby Powderly A O RED" PRIL 10 we L- ": .. i , i W iii Nancy Slayton Brenda Sledge Mickey Smotherman Martha Sparkman Stanley Spraker Pat Sprouse .ludy Standridge Phoebe Stone Maureen Suggs Louis Swanson Eddie Swilling Patsy Talley Diane Tate .lim Tawater Judy Thomas Carol Preston Mike Prestridge Roy Qualls .Ice Rahrn Lloyd Reid Wayne Rich Fred Reimke Steve Roark Phillip Roberts Joy Robinson Katie Rodman Tony Rollins Carol Rowland Brenda Saffels Monique Scheni Lavern Sellers Myleen Shasteen Vicki Siddall Steve Simonds Bernie Sims gb, -f 'Q fi JU IOR-SENIO .ludy Thorne Linda Thrailkill Donna Trotter Danny Trundle Sandra Trundle Donna Tull Marsha Tullis Glenn Turner Doug Vandergrif Ronnie Vaughn Diane Vawter Dottie Verble Jimmy Voiles Phyllis Wagner Linda Walker Carol Wallace Gwen Watson Nancy Weaver David Webb Sandra Weber f Tglfiill . , x e i ' is R Gary Whaley Jerald White Jimmy White Stanley White Greg Whitson Donnie Wood Gary Workman Mike Wrinkle Carmen Yarlnro Jackie Zeige ugh ROM - PRIL 17 DAVID CHAFF IN THE MANY PHASES O 15 BOYS' T STATE , GIRLS' STATE CAROL PRESTON PAULETTE BOODNER Chemistry students apply their knowledge in the lab. Never thought she'd stoop so low to win an election. HE LIFE OF A JU IOR Junior girls serve as guides on Career Day. try to hold their line in the annual Powder Puff Getting ready for the Junior Play. Decorating for the Junior-Senior Prom v P .:Lm., . ,XXX X Z- A H , - M251-il?" i Q X iff f 5655 iziifl . ,X ,. .X-XXX.,X,,gX,,fXXX1XX.X.X'f ' ' L' - ' f. H, Xe ,f.aqXs1'fX, Xi: Xu X. X'Xf'X-QXMXX1w5XLf1f'1Xv:Xff - , 552322 XX:2.f3:Lf2XffX iw ,XaXf,X,ff IZ",,XArgp4XgWX,X'Xj':Y,s1Xa2:,f'YXi,sf'XEl:L XM: .X,w, X, A WX, mfg: X,XXgqX53,XX QMXXXX, X15-XXXXXW my XXX,,..XX,Xx.,X,X,X,X,X,gXeg,X5,X.X! 'mf f - f 15 X'+Xf'fXfh 'f-SX ,QWXX 'QX!f,1wX1-AX, w,-'1X:.f+.rX:s f5'2-f'Xg.cX'1 ,"fX.1,:1XX1,X'X. -'X1-W,,.,eX1,'Xf'f,XXeel-w,yXg,K,sAf.-XX,,XfXLX,f+,XfX, XX -. - fX XXX fin ffm. Xwxiiffv 9f'1f12f3ff X " 'K f nw 'GLX -f ' sh-'szilsf 'fn2fXf'Xf3+2 'M-wsXXfXsX'X X1,MW.X,.X'--JXLXX1'X1k1'Xsf.f,x.Ximam?X,1Xwfgftf1f.'X-XA XX Tw ..XX,s:gX:-.2X-:XML , , XXX,w','fizf1,s.::zf,3w ?2iQXaWplX4 v9522fv2s X5,,,9v5X!MMyug2XxfLf5fX'XK,g5:-45:20ME'-XXXFXXggawif 1 X' 'i'X'fflX'WifieLffX51ff5f ZW?ifi!??i2375L?5i'259YzfTlif5ff',sYXSQQEYQSWiki'ifXfX1?'f1-iff'f"''' I ' . ' ,...XXXgfa,ffe5:nzX2Xi'fs,X:'Xwf5f23q,S1.MX, gwiifb 1?fX, ffzsif w' ' , wi 'Q ffff:Xwgf22z11a'2533XSsi'u?jfK,sg5Ms?2'X4fig,Xs?EwM' V' X -'P'JNSAf's,5wLXX'5ff3fXEslgfxiffigfg5,L4Xfg?,i'5g?XXfiztwk-R' 'f-'M1'fy?+fwfvftkwmfivfQgXQ+XiX.1XrXfPfXXlfsiaifgiffEQJEWXX.FX-Q.,s'.i,f',wX, gy-w-X , X ,XwX?--gf,fWfiwg1fssW-f'Qf-1" ' ,, i5.1311'X2zgq+XX:wcvwg:uXJf'.IXt'1a9l3'mwXmffyffeg,XwXXf'iX,:3z1f-,,H,qXi,1X3L4',f, K ,547 , ' K ss'Xws.fmi5fas2wXX1vX,f'XEg:x2Y2nf1X2Xv1s2XWXgfsvX5l:XX'HX:nsvvXwea2wl:if'f,XL:XfXw.fafn-'fixA wa, f- X'X-1Ek-fi?vii+f?3'iffi?2K'Q5L43f?5'311Z3i5244f'QZFEEWf'G',sZf6Qi'g5Xfvwigs62XX'G5J!w,f"fi,'Xe'f+,f,n'X','f' '- " K ve' exes2Af'X2XS52:fiiX5issfza1 wa?'m131Q2iexX'XgXf32X1'XXXfX.sXXXXW,X1:ms,Q,1'XXX,1's',X",ymt X ,XXQQX 5g51g5v,ftq,LjgagX!qg+K1 gXggXM5eQg Myf:Xufqg,fXg1Xwg4552y,X'Xsi,ffR,g4m31, vff-"7 - X :1XXfsLXweaw'ggi'f QXXXXXM' ,sw XXX XXw1XasXc.'XX XXXQXW fi !fXeXsXsi2fEvf'f2''4'Qimfiif334 '2imEWwgilwxulsilf'XfW "" X 9 WA3:X,f,, 'z's,'5'4'U wsii.J'4" 2 ffX2"sXXXfXli-X if ???'XX'9XssfX f ,HX f3X5gigIas2?Xf11ffw'x X K K X ,XX X X , XX X ,, X X xx, 5 45 X 137. N. W u nw BRENDA WAMACK REIGNS A L. to R., V. Groner, J. Durham. MAID OF HoNoRBXiiiXsSpeaii MISS JUDY HOUTS Tears of joy come into Brenda's eyes as she is crowned 64 Homecoming Queen by Mr. Rodman. HOMECOMI QL EE l S. Ratchford, J. Houts During half-time festivities of the East Ridge-MclVlinn game, six nominees. chosen by the football team, were each escorted onto the field by a senior member of the team. The candidates and their escorts were: Janice Durham escorted by Bobby Mclueroy Vicki Groner escorted by Robert Vveir Judy Houts escorted by Richard Julian Sandra Ratchford escorted by Charles Roberts Nancy Spears escorted by Clark Werner Brenda Wamack escorted by Johnny Hodges From these nominees the Queen for Homecoming was chosen by popular vote of the student body. A hush fell over the crowd as they anticipated the outcome of the election. Finally it was announced: Miss Brenda Wamack was crowned as Homecoming Queen for 1964 and Miss Judy Houts as her Maid of Honor. The climax of the night was the annual Homecoming Dance after the game. I39 1964 SENIOR TEAM Row One: S. Arnold, O. Flynn, B. Rogers, N. Fridell, C. Schmook, S. Norris, D. Williams, M. Martin, P. Hunt, J. Durham, B. Wa S. Ratchford, J. Farley, B. Moss, S. Vipond. Row Two: Coach C. Roberts, Coach C. Werner, A. Burnette, G. Wallace, S. McGaughey S. Barry, C. Ryan, F. Dillard, M. Lewis, S. Silvers, N. Haynie, D. Nobhlitt, G. Legg, Coaches R. Guider and R. Julian. SPIRITED CHEERLEADERS LEAD ENTHUSIASTIC Senior Cheerleader-David Eaker, Senior Capt.-Olivia POWDER P E' SENIORS RACK UP VICTORY OVER Flynn, Junior Capt.-Marlene Howard, Junior Cheerleader- J ack Groner. Sr. Cheerleaders-Row One: T. Gamble, M. Coyle, D. Eaker, R. Fryk. Row Two: L. Garner, T. Thompson, W. Gardner, J. Hodges. l40 Jr. Cheerleaders-J. White, S. Fox, J. Croner, T. Pippin, M. J. Adams, F. Hooper, J. Dobson. SENIOR QUEEN CANDIDATES HIGHLIGHTING THE GAME WAS THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE TWO LOVELY QUEENS, CLAUDE HYDE, JUNIOR AND BILL GUINN, SENIOR JUNIOR QUEEN CANDIDATES ow One: N. Fridell, J. Houts, S. Ratchford, A. Burnette, C. Wal- ce, B, Moss. Row Two: O. Flynn, B. Guinn, J. Swafford, D. atthews, R. Julian, M. Rogers, T. Neal, S. McGaughey. Row One: C. Guider, N. Brown, K. Matthews, M. Dupree, D. Dor sey, K. Rodman. Row Two: S. White, C. Goss, J. Tawater, C. Hyde R. Nicely, B. Parker. TOOTBALL . TRADITIONAL .IUNIORS 15-O JUNIUR TEAM Zi23.2R5TL5i?..:l?'RP25iz., 52. R,i.2,z103f:D?..?.iS1eY, L' Row One: B. Saffels, K. Rodman, C. Rowland, J. Neal, A. Kunath, B. James, M. Dupree, D. Dorsey, B. Sledge, M. Moudy, l J. Carroll, S. Glasscock. Row Two: 'Coaches J. Miller and D. Webb, P. Mathews, H. Haislen, N. Brown, L. Davis, D. Verble, l W. Hyche, K. Matthews, J. Robinson, L. Kelley, S. Colby, M. Howard, J. Davis, Coaches P. Pierce and A. Harris. I4' I 1 THE SENIOR CLASS PRESENTS FIRST PLAY OF THE SEASON GE Onef 'GTHE CURIOUS SAVA " ii A I H lomance makes the plot more interesting as well as Doing the Reuban Glide KROSALIE RUNS RlOT" MUSIC DEPARTMENT PRESENTS SECOND MUSICAL ntertaining, "Rosalie Runs Riot," a hilarious romantic y nusical-comedy, was presented by the Music l Department on February 7 and 8, before large ludiences both nights. Rosalie, played by Susan Martin, and Howard, played by John laither, led the cast in the presentation of a rery successful and entertaining musical. Di- 'ectors for the production were Mr. J. F. .l ohn- son and Mrs. Willie Ruth Ethridge. Perplexing problems of beaus, beaus, and more beaus beset poor Rosalle in the musical. An entertaining musical put on by talented performers provides an enjoyable evening. . I43 KTHE MOL E THAT ROARED', IINKHKCLASS PLAY Dottie Ve-rble 1m Tawater Mickey L'Personal matters will have to wait, Glori- annali' '4What do you mean by this, you crazy hoodlurns ! " COMEDY-FARCE A small country called Grand Fen- wick captures the attention of t.he world when it invades New York City with bows and arrows. The en- suing results of this venture provided an entertaining and unusual evening for all those attending. Smotherman Carol. Preston Junior play cast and production staff. Claude Hyde Jerry Adams Marilyn Ensley Jerry Dobson Steve King Decorating for the prom is only half the fun. The Gingerbread House was a favorite gathering spot. A NIGHT TO REMEMBER "THE E CHANTED FORE Ti' gig ,Q ,fi' -' ia- if ' , Guests found the mushroom an unusual site. Delicious refreshments from a beautiful table. - 3 tl f f 't"ff , .. 'Us' 59' i MQ,g "'L',3, f H A ,,.,. . , P 51-ft-'i"',t ' Q Q A t ti M v R e"' i f A at . K. f u gi Q A om The fountain was a main attraction. JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM iss Fran ANUAR JULY Marlene Howard Dillard JUNIGR CALENDAR RY 19 MARCH, Miss Billie Rogers SEPTEMBEIS ,IONS PIRLS 4 APR Miss Alice B OCTO Miss Donna D AY UN' Miss Brenda Wamack EMBER da Sledge Miss Janice Durh W E Alice Burnette MUST Fran Dillard VETED E IOR HO 0 David Eaker FOURTEEN SENIORS ARE CHOSEl TWELVE SENIORS FORlN COUPLE AS TITLE DURING PIONEEl The annual presentation of Pioneer Highlights is a memorable event for everyone, but it is especially so for the fourteen chosen seniors nominated as candidates for the most cherished title of all -lVlr. and Miss East Ridge High School. JHIHCC Durham Judy Farley Sandra Ratchford I48 Kenneth Griffith 106 MCMEIIIIIH David Matthews MR. AND MISS ERHS S CANDIDATES BY THEIR CLASS OURT FOR HUNORED RE REVEALED IGHLIGHTS As the anticipation grew, each candidate was presented individual- ly, entering through a rose covered arch. The announcement of the 1964 honored couple, Miss Vicki Groner and Terry Gamble, brought Robert Weir cheers of a Jroval from a ca acit audience. First runners-u were Pl P Y P Miss Fran Dillard and David Eaker. Gmny Wallace Paul Womack MR. EAST RIDGE HIGH - TERRY GAMBLE MISS EAST RIDGE HIGH - MISS VICKI GRONER ISI PIG EER STUDENTS DISPLAi MR. AND MISS EAST RIDG 1 ' - sa .19 Libby Beene and Ronnie Walker emceed the program. Bo Y JO S annon and Vicki Groner danced to LOOP 12 Mr. and Miss East Ridge High and the Court aw JIIGHLIGHT HEIR TALENTS IGH ARE PRESENTED I i l The Crests, a new singing group, became an immediate favorite at East Ridge. Martha Lewis, a very talented young lady e East Ridge High School Swing Band, a featured group, provided the music for several other acts and also presented their n numbers. ,1 Rm 4 Jig, K Q52 Es W 7353115 A f ,, QM ,Q , L S is S fig Sin :df '- gf my s M E x, El, ii 2 E E :J l g z Q n s mx., T F Q , hiya a mai-w...:.'f xisaw-25 1964 MAY KI QUEE CANDIDATE Wm? asf? i . Az, gg ,Q 1 we ,S 55 L if X 2 3 Q fi 5 E f I SE 'E' if E I I v FRAN DILLARD DAVID EAKER Q? 39 Q 1, ESS s s,, ini: is 5 Sf K SE X53 N , EU 1, gi xg? M' , as, 5 W S Iii fs 5 g 2+ -2 , ,g ,xg igx s 5 E W, E ,lg iii E 3. CAROL SMITH JOE MCMAHAN DIANE WILLIAMS CLARK WERNER JUDY FARLEY DENNIS SMITH MARILYN MARTIN ROBERT WEIR MAY KING DAVID EAKER MAY QUEEN FRAN DILLARD Mr. East Ridge, Terry Gamble, crowns the 1964- May King, David Eaker. Miss East Ridge, Vicki Croner, crowns the 1964 May Queen, Fran Dillard. 1964 MAY DAY " YOU The Royal Court is composed of the King and Queen o u" ,"I ' U " f fi lf i, .-ei ' 'V T , . - Kr, 5 , ' ,5'f, i V The Senior Court is composed of girls who have lettered and their escorts. ' ' o ' ' ' H 5? fi" ,K K' :if 5 11' iz: T 5:33 in ir :sv ff .flag V 'iyii I 1 1 ffff'9"' 5 , F if ' a I I ' - s,,'. 93' " . ,H ,img - in - ,iw AL,L 5 i ioot we H, wan, e 1, Y esst MMM, ., Q- ' fe mizifsziifigysm: 4 , f gi. "', gigs W' RK Senior girls enjoy the tradition of winding the May pole. Makef- Iss A My Q52 ,sw ff f '65 -1 li Q ,r 4 Wm? 114.13 ggoifv W m a A 'fs 'ff Mg V-ggw ?' wig 1 ff kk Bi M x ,XF 33 ir? get it? ngfifsi mt? Q vs T HEART What could be more young at heart than fairy- tales? To carry out the theme, each gym class made up a dance based on a well-known fairytale. IS9 E2 lm!!-110125 SENIORS CLASS OF 1964 PRESIDENT 7. ..., ,,. ,,,,A T ERRY GAMBLE SECRETARY ,.,.....,M...-,, ...,.A.. F RAN DILLARD VICE PRESIDENT SSSSSS, SS7,,SS,,,,,, J UDY FARLEY TREASURER SS,7,SS,..,..,.. .....,S,S L ANE GARNER SPONSOR ,S,,S7,SA,,,,,,,.,.-,, A,,,.A4,.SS, M ISS FEEZELL CAROL ADKINS H. . . Sweetness, goodness, in her per- son shined." DEBBIE ANDREWS c'Very bright and lively, and full of fun you betf, SHIRLEY ARNOLD "Wholesome and true, sheis one among few." SUSAN ASTIN 'Sweetness and vitality make up her personality." CAROL ATWOOD "She who sows courtesy reaps friend- shipf' 25 NANC AULT wfhere is friendliness in her smile.'7 EDDY BAILEY "A little rebellion now and then is a good thing." MIKE BAILEY 4'He smiles with an intent to do mischief? TONY BANCROFT uHave your fun and ,let the World go byfl CURTIS BARRY 4'Talent and personality make a Wonderful combinationf' SUZANNE BARRY '4No1t a Worry wrinkles her browf' MARY ELLEN BARTON 'QA sweet and quiet missf, GUY BEAMER 4'Friendly, likeable and kinda shyfl I63 LIBBY BEEN E MA friendly and likeable girlg always willing to lend a helping hand. J IMMY BELL '4Words won't describe him-he's simply himself." JOHN BENNETT "A good-natured kindg a trusty lad." DAVID BEVILAQUA 'cThe man who loves to laugh must surely do Wellf' , BEVERLY BLACK HA friend to gain: a friend to re- main? GAYLE BLEVINS '4Attractive and sweet, with a constant smilef' PATTY BOREN "A tme friend is forever a friendf' JOYCE BOWLES HA girl of few Words but lovely thoughtsfl KATIE BOYD '4The smile that Won't Colne off." BETTY BRADSHAW 'cBorn with the gift of laughterf' BOBBY BBADSHAW "Life is too short for petty worries." MILTON Bam' "Men of few words are men at their best." MARTHA BBITTON "Nothing is impossible to a will- ing heart and a determined mindf, DWIGHT BROCK. "A likeable boy with a likeable Wayf' BUTCH BROWN "I have learned in whatsoever state I am, therefore to be content." DIANE BROWN c'She's quiet and neat, swell and sweetf, GLORIA BROWN '4Courtesy is the center of her actions." SANDRA BROWN 4'She lives her life for one love!I" ALICE BURNETTE 6'Where'er she meets a stranger, She leaves a friend. JIMMY CARTWRIGHT i'Why wo-rry when there will be another day." LINDA CAYLOR 4',Iust being alive is funf' VICKI CHRISTA "A girl of few words but many deeds for others." GLENN CLAIBORNE WTO worry little, to study less is my idea of happiness." DAVID CLARK "His conscientiousness and will- ingness will bring him success." CECELIA COOK 'LA faithful student, a perfect friend, we hope her joys will never end." TERRY COOPER "Oh, this learningg what a thing it isf, BETH COPELAND 4'Wit and humor have their part of her." MIKE COYLE "No matter what 1nay come or go, no hurry or worry helll ever knowf' JIMMY CUNNINGHAIVI MI don't like Wings, I like wheels." JUDY DALE "A quiet dignity covers a mischievousxx 77 heart. .IANICE DAVIS "A merry heart maketh countenance? a cheerful GENE DAWN HA fellow who knows his own mind." LARRY DELBRUGGE uGood nature is the sign of a large and generous soul." FRAN DILLARD 'Tall and blonde, she loves her fung talented and true, loved by everyonef, HENRY DIXON 4'An easy manner and a helping- handf, JANICE DURHAM c'Nutty as a fruitcake and just as goodf, DAVID EAKER 'GA happy senior, fun to know, give him a basketball, and away he'll gof' JANE EAVES "The rnildest manner, and the gentlest heart." GAIL ELLIS "Endowed with intellect, Witty and wise." ' RANDALL ELLIS uLife without mischief is not life at all." JULIA EMERSON Wfalent and beauty are a wonderful combinationf' JUDY FARLEY "Never idle, never still, always ac- tive, charm you she will? ROBERT FARMER uSlow and steady wins the race. IEANNE FARR 4'Earnest endeavor is certain to bring rewardf, LINDA FIELDS HFair words never hurt the tongue." OLIVIA FLYNN 'Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasinfl PAT FORESTER Wfhe longer you know her, the sweeter she grows." NANCY FRIDELL HAs merry as the day is longf' RONNIE FRYK NCorne graduation and snatch nie from this homework." ' LOUISE F UTRELLE nWe,ve tried her and found her trueg we like her and so would you." TERRY GAMBLE 4'An all-around swell fellow is Terryg symbolic of action, school spirit and loyaltyf' BECKY GANNAWAY "She won a place in our hearts with sweetness? WAYNE GARDNER ulollity and friendliness only partial- ly describe his good naturef' LANE GARNER 4'The friendliest . . . active and rep- resentative leader . . . honest and goodf' SHERRIE CASS HBeauty is its own rewardfa BENNY GHORMLEY '4Better to be happy than Wise." RONNIE GILLEY 'iWork fascinates meg in fact, I could sit and stare at it all day." JUDY GOFORTH 4'The smile on her face is but a reflection of her heartf, DON GRANT NHis fine attitude and congenial way will bring him success somedayfl SHERRILL GREENE HA light heart lives longf' KENNETH GRIFFITH MMen were born to succeed, not to failfl VICKI GRONER 'LAI1 all-around girl, symbolic of action, school spirit, and loyaltyg her place will be a hard one to fillf' CHARLOTTE GUESS "A gentle mind by gentle deeds is knownf' RALPH GUIDER HHe never troubles trouble, till trouble troubles himf' BILLY GUINN HHis mischievous nature will al- ways be found in the midst of thingsf, golden." JOHNNY HODGES MSO-nie think the world was made for fun and frolieg so do I. :9 JUDY HOUTS uYouth, beauty, graceful action seldom fail? EDWARD HOWARD NI came to school to get a gen- eral idea of things." GARY HOWARD "Sensible people find nothing uselessf, PAT HUNT c'Meet her, know her, and youill never forget her." RICHARD HUSKEY 'cNot afraid of work, but not in sympathy with it.', JOY HUTCHESON HSpeech is silver, but silence is JOHNNY HYLER 4'Happy, funny and carefreef, ODELL HANCOCK a'Oh, why should life all labor be?" NANCY HAYNIE uHer friendly attitude has gained her many admirersf' JOHN HENDRIX 'Keep smilingg it makes everyone Wonder what youlve been up to." LINDA HIXSON NA soft-spoken miss . . . not a kinder or sweeter life could be found." KENNETH HOBBS nI'Ie lives to build, and not to boastf' ulset others do the work. I'll do the KENNETH IRWIN resting." PAT JOHNSON 4'She who loves music enjoys life." SUZETTE JONES 4'Pe1'sonality makes success." WANDA JONES 'SI-Ier willingness to serve sets her apart." RICHARD .IULIAN "He has a talent to be good lookingf, KAR-EN KAISER estyf' DAVID KELLEY "Friendly, sincere, with ligence to spare." No legacy is so rich as hon- , intel- GLORIA KEOWN wllhat certain sparkle in her eye We hope will never, never die.'7 SHARON KINZALOW "A sweet girl worthy of noble praise." IVIARIAN KLARA 'IA cheery maiden with a happy smile." .IANICE LACKEY HA winning personality, and an independent spiritfi BRENDA LAWING MA girl I knew who lived upon a smile." LAMAR LEDFORD "Talented, witty and a great friend to have." GLENDA LEGG 4'You can hear her -laugh in the twinkle of her eye." MARTHA LEWIS 'IA lovely smile, a winning way, that's our Martha any day.'7 .IERRY LUTHER HBoyish charm, a little bit shy, lover of football and a really nice guyf, MARILYN MARTIN uEve.r jolly, ever trueg never sad, never lJlue.'7 SUSIE MATHEWS 'QA gentle heart by gentle deeds is knownfl DAVID MATTHEWS "A friendly fellow, musically in- clinedg a nicer boy yould never find? EUGENE MATTHEWS MI have spent my life laborious- ly doing nothing." TOMMY MATTHEWS 'cMerrily, merrily shall I live." MARTHA MAYS "Quiet, thoughtful, and nice. TONY MCDONALD uFriendly to all who cross his pathfl NICKY MCGAUGHEY 'iLife may he dull, but never me.'7 SANDRA MCGAUGHEY HA happy disposition is a gift of naturef' ROSE MCGILL 4'Big-hearted and friendlyf, SANDRA McKAIG "Her character is composed of sin- cerity and sweetness." MARK MCKNIGHT 6'If he doesn't find a path, he'll make one." BOBBY McLEROY "Happy-go-lucky, fun loving guyf' "His looks plus his personality make him a swell guy." HPrecious possessions are small in JOE MCMAHAN BEVERLY MOSS sizefl TOMMY NEAL 'The force of his own makes his own reward." DIANNE NOBLITT ly heartfl merit HA vivacious miss with a friend- SANDRA NORRIS HA disposition bright and cheeryg a ray of sunshine when the day is drearyf, FREDDY NUNEZ "Energy will do anything that can be done in the world." VIC ODOM '4Sincerity and truth are the bosses of every good lifefl BEVERLY O'NEAL HA pleasant smile and always merry." GAYLE ORRELL 'LWith manners mild, serene and true, a hard worker, always a friend to you." JIMMY OVERALL 5'I'Ie finds homework an unnec- essary evil." GERALDINE PEKALA 4'Her friendship is Worth havingf, JENNIFER PF ITZER "Eager to laugh, but slow to com- plain." SHARON PHILLIPS 'cQuiet is she but as friendly as can JOHNNY PIERCE HI-Ie likes work so well that he could lie down and sleep beside itf, VALENCIA PRICHARD 'GA friend sweet and hard to beatf' RUTH PRUETT c'Her deeds speak for them- selves." PATSY RALEY 4'Quiet, but never idlef, DIANE RAMSEY HA girl of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrowsf' SANDY RATCHF ORD 'cShe loves to live and laugh." TOMMY REED "Get thee behind me, Satan, and push." CAROLYN RICH "Small and sweet, carefree and neat." CHARLES ROBERTS 6'When my studies get so deep, then I lay me down to sleep." BILLIE ROGERS "A peppy girl with lively eyesg a personality twice her size." LAWRENCE ROGERS uYou'll never find him off the trackf' MIKE ROGERS "The word gimpossible' is not in his dictionary." CHERYL RYAN '4Her ways are Ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace." BOBBY SAFFELS 6'Soft spoken but a head for mis- chievous deeds." SHIRLEY SAWYER 'cHer attractiveness and dependability make her an interesting personf' 'tNon NORMA SCHAERER e but herself can he her equalf' CI-IERYL SCHIVIOOK dGentle of speech, beneficent of mindf' BOBBY IO SHANNON HA musical whiz, with talent rareg friendly, sincere, with charm to spare." ROBERT SHAVER 4'lVIusic is a thing of the soul." SHIRLEY SHEFFIELD "A go-od disposition I far prefer than goldf, STEVE SHERLIN c'An innocent charm a mischiev- ous gring We Wish every boy were just like himfi SUSAN SILVERS "Her size does not lessen her persona'lity.H CAROL SMITH 'Take a look at eyes that smile and her fine athletic stylef' DENNIS SMITH 4'To play the game for whatis in itg to play the game and play to Win .IOANNE SMITH "That which is good is always sweet." VIRGINIA SMITH ulolly, good-natured and friendly." PHYLLIS SPARKS 4'She wears a smile that wonit rub off." NANCY SPEARS "A pleasing appearance, a heart in accordancef, VIVIAN STAKELY aQuiet, good natured and a lot of fun.,7 JIMMY SWAFF ORD NA friendly and likable fellow is hef' JANE SWEARINGEN wllhe mildest manner and the kindest heart." PHYLLIS TALBERT "A blend of sincerity, depend- ability, and intelligencef' BILL T ATUM "Sincere, steadfast and sensi- blef, PAULETTE TAYLOR "Just being natural, naturally pleases." MARTHA THOMPSON "Attractive and sweet, with a constant smile? TOMMY THOMPSON '4Worry kills more people than bullets, so why worry." DANNY TOTH uConscientious in all he doesg as good 'a student as there ever wasf, MILDRED TOTTEN "Much wisdom often goes with the fewest Wordsf' PATRICIA TOWERY HA sweet girl with few words." JANE TURNER 'LA lively gal to everyoneis call' not a pal to one, but a pal to all. .IOHN TURNER "I may be small, but I have big ideas." LINDA TURNER '4Truly a winning personality has she.'7 SHELLEY VIPOND 'ilu quietness and in confidence shall he your strengthf, GLEN WALKER "He never has much to sayg he just Works and goes his wayf, RONNIE WALKER 'Teaming passes for wisdom among those who want hoth.,7 . BENNIE WALLACE 'cHigh aims from high char- acter . . .H GINNY WALLACE 4'Chattering voltage like a brok- en wiref' BRENDA WAIVIACK "She radiates with charm and personalityf' NANCY WEBB "To meet- her is a pleasureg to know her is a delight? C ANITA WILHOIT JANICE WILKINSON alterationf' "Jive played a lot and I've worked a Iittlef, HA 'noisy pest, but boy, will We miss him." "This maiden is sweet and fair and never seems to have a caref' ROBERT WEIR CLARK WERNER JERRY WHITE "Quality, not quantity is my meas ure " "Let her stay as she isg she needs no DIANE WILLIAMS 'cPeople like her make the World go around? RILEY WILLIAMS "Full of pep and fun, a trouble maker on the run." LARRY WOMACK "Quietness often leads to fame." PAUL WOMACK "Liked for his ability, varied accomplishments and striking personality? RANDY WOOD 'GA head for thoughts." GEORGE YOTHER 'Steadfast of thought." NOT PICTURED STEVE DAVENPORT MILES JOHNSON BARRY SNOW ALLAN TOTTON JIMMY WILBANKS SALUTATORIAN Gail Ellis l80 SENICR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED 4 GAIL ELLIS RONNIE WALKER BEST ALL AROUND TERRY GAMBLE JUDY FARLEY UPERLATIVES MOST TALEN TED BENNIE WALLACE VICKI GRONER TMR' CONGENIALITY MISS CONGENIALITY DENNIS SMITH sul I CAROL SMITH I OST SCHOOL SPIRIT I f 'af as WJ Wwe I 'W ,I ,-. M W' S' V. Wx V: , D A ,E A l gf?f1:w-J I , .I MM-Smsgw ., if ifgiyf, rf, .4 - YZ 'vi iv. x,.. I , . Am ., V ..,,,, , T r N ,A in . I . r y 2: I- A ,gf I 4, Vg , Q' . ' 'iii' 'F ,, "W 1' 'V -6 v 2 Q'--1' , . '- 1,,f,,iV H. , f 1 :Mi f 5: K' L kg ' 1K: ? qaR RsAf ,i.Kz,-' . V, :V f f, 8 44: 1 ' ,. K. ' fig -" 1 .f ,,,. ' -. 1, w r ' 152452453 " . .S N ..:v . :lhl ,. ,. M 'fivssi " 'Wf"1": ' 'iii' ,. ww .5-I , -., sl Ig 'rj' J be ' if 41' I -,Wm.,kfiI?f' H - X31-fi - "W'3Yf+A Mi e s 55315 I aw1f'1!,fL if , , , - "iff, , M y J wt W W lvhrr E gf, K.,.. 5. .g V fi BRENDA WAMACK SE IO ES MOST ATHLETIC CHARLES ROBERTS UPERLATIVES FRAN DILLARD WITTIEST GINNY WALLACE BILLY GUINN MOST BEAUT F L MISS ALICE BURNETTE MISS JUDY HOUTS MISS BRENDA WAMACK JIMMY CUNNINGHAM u i RICHARD JULIAN M RALPH GUIDER MOST HANDSOME CLUB BEAUX LETTERETTES J R. LIONESS Terry Gamble th Griffith OPT I - MISS David Eaker JR. LIONS Miss Judy Houts OPTIMIST Miss Nancy Haynie KEY CLUB Miss Vicki Groner CL B SWEETHEART ENIOR RECOGNITION GIVEN FOI BONNIE WALKER Lions Club Award Science Departmental Award Valedictorian FRAN DILLARD Balfour Award DAVID MATTHEWS Key Award for outstanding Na- tional Honor Society member ALICE BURNETTE and VIC ODUIVI Danforth Award LWARDS ZHOLARSHIP, LEADERSHIP, CITIZENSHIP, AND SERVICE si E E VICKI GRONER Annual Award, D.A.R. Citizen- ship Award DAVID KELLEY Math Departmental Award, S.A.R. Award if GAIL ELLIS English Departmental Award American Legion Award PAUL WOIVIACK American Legion Award qs , "'-ra 'C' OLIVIA FLYNN BECKY GANNAWAY Social S t u d i e s Departmental HOIUC EC0I10miC5 Depaftmen Award, Paper Staff Award tal Awafdn Y'TeCU Award I89 Music Departmental Awards .IEANNIE FARR Art Departmental Award JANE EAVES '90 Library Award PAT JOHNSON fchorusj and BENNIE WAL- LACE fbandn CECELIA COOK and MIKE BAILEY PhysicaI Education Departmental Awards MILTON BRITT Industrial Arts Departmental Award CHARLES ROBERTS Woodmen of the W 0 r I d History Award PHYLLIS SPARKS ,I r. Lioness Award it gli' HMQ1-fM,-w BEVERLY MOSS , l , A W , ,M 'A - mf, - if is ia M M Me ' 1 'EQ Y si 5 ii! A f , -'T N M W . fy A a fi we M M , M M S, ,M ,. WM D.A.R. History Award SANDRA MCGAUGHEY Business Education Departmental KENNETH GRIFFITH Award D.A.R. History Award SENIOR AWARDS VICKI CHRISTA P.T.A. SCI'ViCC AWE1I'd Dramatics Award DAVID EAKER Alumni Award l9I PRO PHET MICHAEL ROGERS LAWYER PAUL WOMACK CLASS NIGHT 4 HISTORIAN FRAN DILLARD Senior class president, Terry Gamble, and senior sponsor, Miss Mary Feezell, present Mr. Rodman with the class gifts, the spotlight and silver punch bowl. POET KENNETH GRIFFITH 'CMIGHTY IS OUR DREAM, MIGHTIER ITS FULFILLMENT' COMMENCEMENT alt Is Our Choice, I VALEDICTORIAN Ronnie Walker " . . . To Face the Future With Hope and Courage? . . . To Evaluate Our Past." SALUTATORIAN Gail Ellis V lKERS :fore We Choose . . " CLASS REPRESENTATIVE Paul Womack ". . . To Become Re- sponsible Citizens." 'ACULTY REPRESENTATIVE " . . . To Develop Our Potential Vicki Groner I95 EXPRESSIO S FEELI Gs The seriousness of the occasion is mirrored in the faces of the vale- dictorian and salutatorian. I96 Mr. Dixie Smith and Superintendent Mc- Connell present Cecelia and David with their diplomas, a smile and a, word of congr-atulations. ' I --,1 . I .,-. 'HT Looks of pride and pleasure are displayed N-1 by Bobby and Jimmy as they receive their diplomas. XD ATES is a little sad as he realizes his high school .days are over. 'gMighty is our dream, mightier its fulfillment." I 97 ff- Wiz, New vig Jiww QW ff i K X 1 Your Neighbor Recommends Us MATTHEWS DRUG STORE FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY ON PRESCRIPTIONS Boyd MaH'hews. P.PI1. Hoy'I' MaH'I1ews, P.PI1. 3712 Ringgold Rd. - 622-II56 - W. D. FARLEY Con+rac'I'or and Builder Builder of Fine Homes" I644 Springvale Road ED'S T.V. SHOP 867-9888 so BAILEY, Owner 38I0 Brainerd Road Chai-Ianooga. 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TENNESSEE Serving and protecting millions since 1909 d lim' V "Giving Tennessee Real Pit Barbecue" COMPANY LI'I'I'LE PIGS BARBECUE ll . 37l0 R' Id R d Comple+e Service on All mggo ca Makes and Models" 24-Hr. Clean Wrecker Used Service Cars La Dean Shop For "Dis+inc+ive Fashions" 44l2 Rossville Blvd. alo Chickamauga Ave' Phone CA 2-7335 624-9945 Rossville, Georgia 2I0 WHEN YOU EAT KAY'S YOU EAT THE FINEST JAX S 1 ai' Tue, 5 ,afieia ' 'fl DXTN 1 4 ' 1 if I . , Beauhful ' as - ar of lhe Wedding anl' "The Tawn's Choice" Reid House Salads SPECIAL ORDERS WHOLESALE PRICES Po'raI'o Salad - A Specially 0 Green's Lake Rd. 622-7695 Too Small" S- 1z'B57I 6 Oxygen Equipmenl Q Orlhopedic Shoes 7 F illau r JS e id -1. Surgical Supplies 9 6 'll oo -E I- DIAL 267-II6I 'I ' 0 9 "OpposiI'e Erlanger Hospi'Ial" 930 E. 3rd S+. Compliments of A-OK Supply Co. I086 Duncan Ave. CI1aH'anooga, Tennessee 629- I 439 SERVING CHATI'ANOOGAN'S SINCE l9l7 DOWNTOWN EAST RIDGE 265- I 67 I 698-4407 I08 E. 8+h 35l5 Ringgold Rd "Everyl'I1ing for Your Home" CALLAHAN Furniture Company 4929 Rossville Boulevard Chaflanooga, Tennessee Torvin Supply Co. Serving 50 Mile Radius COMPLETE KITCHEN EQUIPMENT FOR HOTELS - SCHOOLS - RESTAURANTS 725 E. ll+l1 S+. 266-bIl2 Naiionally Adverlised Lines THE PERSONALITY SHOP KI NGWOOD ESSO SERVICE STATION "Service When You Need I+" JIM PENDLEY, Owner 3839 Ringgold Rd. Chaffanooga, Tenn. I I5 Chiclcamauga Ave. 229-I43 I 629-9I45 ' Q c E- bfreef :Very Bwldmg ' ' ' ChaH'anooga. Tenn. 7 . 447145 EAST RIDGE le S566 1 1E Ave. DRUG CO. Prescripiions Cosmeiics Sundries 5304 Ringgold Rcl. Clwai-fanooga, Tenn. 7 For Good Food - ElDSON'S RESTAURANT 5308 Ringgold Rd. Cl1aHanooga, Tennessee V 0 Resideniial Painfs - Wallpaper - Ari Supplies ' i . Commercial EEEEEEE -Jl g l i o New Homes PAINT STORES BOYD 81 BICKEL 1 loos w. 8+h and 4,,5 REALTQRS Ashland Ter. Pine Sis. Ringgold' Rd. 3650 Ringgold Rd. 867-9662 KLEEN-A-MATIC Lei "Spec" Do li' ZI4 Brainerd Easl' Ridge Rossville Hi GENE MARTIN Ladies' Apparel . . . Jv3TR:,A'::l',gIN "Where Beau+y and Fashion Mee+" PHARMACISTS O' THE MS 20I Chickamauga Avenue Rossville, Georgia 224-460i 4-7059 :I Boys" SHlRLEY'S BARBER SHOP CARL SHIRLEY, Cwner 4 Barbers-Shine Boy Osborne Shopping Cen+er GLAMOUR BEAUTY SALON 1. E, .. 624-1509 'WG' 39l3 Ringgold Road All isylislsf Mem erso NHCA BURGER-KING At "COME QEINIIIH 4I55 Ringgold Road ChaI"I'anoo a, Tennessee and craft 9 I we teach you how! I CHA 777llVOOG!l 3720 Ringgold Road 629f733I 5 COMPANH Congratulations to the '64 Seniors From P. T. A. I THE PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION I OF EAST RIDGE HIGH SCHOOL BA R B E R S H 0 P 38 I4 Ringgold Road J D PERKINS BOB LONG RALPH CONDRA JOHNNY BURGESS ESTON HAMMONTREE 9I8 McCallie Avenue CHATTANOOGA. TENNESSEE MUSTANG Newesi' Spori Car L .FI ,, lvd. 624-l54I ZZ Q Qrgggm Tl 0 N 1 'V Q5 1 L f ia1'e N ' ' ffl' iPlaza Xi lf K gs Yi X - -..-..... f W L 3 Congra+ula1'ions ' X A Class of '64 JERD SOUTHERN BELL TELE-PHONE AND TELEGRAPH CO. i on ruhllutinns L gm .ag graduating class IOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA COLA COMPANY BY TAYLOR CLOTH SHOP Firs'r in Qualify 36I3 Ringgold Rd. TEXAN NNE mm RESTAURANT 'I ,QNTHE " HEN 'L WMUUIJ FDR "' 'T' Chaffanooga, Tenn. LILIE IQQOMPCALL INSTITUTION o HOTEL 0 RESTAURANT STORE EQUIPMENT I O90 McCallie Avenue JE Zyezftez Valued L HIGHLAND I ' MEN'S SHOP Osborne Shopping CenI' L L- TENNESSEE EGG COMPANY, INC. Wholesale PouI'I'ry and Eggs 4I4 Wesi' I6'II1 S'rreeI' CI1a'H'anooga 8, Te E, INC. s+ Orders +o Go 7 DAYS A WEEK East Ridge Flowers "Flowers Telegraphed Anywhere" 38ll Ringgold Road 624-0254 BUCK MILLER'S TOWN HALL SERVICE Business ' 4 . X I V 2 Service Our ry Q 4l57 Ringgold Road A 84 M Toy Store Models - Toys Sporting Goods Playground Equipment Quality Toys tor All Ages 35l6 Ringgold Rd. 624-I894 Also Eastgate Toyland Some ot the Finest Names in Musical Instruments AL MILLER MUSIC STORE NEW AND USED PIANOS Complete Repairs RENTAL - PURCHASE PLAN 605 Cherry St. 267-5853 DEARING Printing Company WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS Chattanooga Restaurant Supply Corporation 822 East Eleventh.St. Chattanooga 3, Tennessee . . . ALL SEASON LONG. mvulluf MILK All Good Wishes, Seniors, from +he makers of SOLTICE I IS6'5I2Ia Q mmawi "" "We hope you never have a headache, Iour if you do, rub on a Ii++Ie Sohice for relief!" CHATTANOOGA MEDICINE CO. I7I5 W. 38'I'h 265-452I I I H 41" BARBER SHOP KINGWOOD PHARMACY "Your Courfeous Barbers Good HeaI+h +o All From Rexall EILEUSSZFES 3824 Ringgold Road Easi' Ridge, Tennessee 'YLTLL KJ I STUDIO "Portraits are Precimas bey0nd Price 99 RALPH WEXLER THE CRAFTSIVIEN WHO CREATED YOUR FINE "Bargains in Clofh and Drapery" CLASS RING BRAINERD CLOTH AND 3555 Brainerd Road E. G. Fitzgerald - Jim Johnson Gene Fingerald SEND THEIR BEST WISHES AND CONGRATULATIONS -,,,-,-,T- EAST CHATTANOOGA COAL AND SUPPLY L I805 Cru+chfieId Avenue ' ' ChaH'anooga, Tennessee CLASS RINGS AND PINS ' CLUB INSIGNIA MEDALS TROPHIES ' PLAQUES ' DIPLOMAS INVITATIONS 2I00 E. Main Sf. 3920 Ringgold Rd. 3422 Brainerd Rd. 224 ELESAY JEWELRY COMPANY 6I6 Merkel' Slreel' ww- in A Chaffanooga 2, Tennessee ments of - Jernigan Furniture Co. Loveman's, Inc. Martin-Thompson Munford's Mary Carter Paint Store Pink Cloud T. H. Payne ze Our Advertisers business 'fell lhem you saw Their acl and acl in our annual. I+ will help us in selling Thank, You. Musket Staff WW Xfiiwffcfy WffJi,m ff M 327 1 1 MMQMX V w 'MQW WOKBEWWYQQQW Lxrxl 119 mf Jim' J 69' 7, r 14,2 CLw , W , DM Leaf ,lk -ffgiafff-pffm tlgyvm-X ,. , 41, . Q wfm 'LL ALMS,-fx , '-' 'O , aww 2 f 1- 1 .,QH,ymM1fpZc6 M 4 ' , Q4 . -, ... J6?QJ4M'f 'WMWW fy1AH' ' ?QWwdQ,EZiM, V K f ' ' LQ c?7u7i6' Q 59.152 'UMPEGQM AUTCGRAPHS ,Q 5 Q QM 0175! , JQQ4 Odffgduzl 4 ,Q ,f WAHM? f fig W ffffmgf if jfjw Wifi JUL? Qyggwf 7LffQ66j4jZ5m ZZZVMM WXMMMQQ pfg,fJ,4f75A27y41u yf,MJJ jZdjjZdZZ97d ,BJM yd. Zzfcfai A-L Aff! 1+,4q,,VQ,A?j Ug zf' K',f' 37 emi YjM7mf,,0QUZjfJQWQ KQCJZJL I , 4 yffdf cl! QA YJWQ5 Q , 1 ff f LX1-11 .L 1.LJ AUTOGRAPHS .LA.L.l AUTO GRAPH TAYP95 'TP?Pl5E"!4E5 FPMIANY ,-1... E X 1 -' . . ' 'I X ' XM Q Q .,.q-.Mm.V,X.X,jV Q-V A. X Q' X Q "-1--1-4-xem...-.-g . 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Suggestions in the East Ridge High School - Musket Yearbook (Chattanooga, TN) collection:

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1964, pg 220

East Ridge High School - Musket Yearbook (Chattanooga, TN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 98

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1964, pg 75

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