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ww-- Q 1 1 1 . ., 5 .71 Q W N1 Q H A 4 , ,1 ' 1 iff W Ji f 5 51 Bun, it ,.l ' V Nw, J 1 ,,, Hahn fm ifl yf if- E g I li I2 7.-S'? ll! FAQ" --, K lvl, l l Q I .life V1.5 Y 'Z W l 7 lbw, l if .' 'P' 55:-'Rxb u -, ,,,: N ,,, f' , 1? 5 ' Q. n fx 2' N ' f x 1, V gyawz Y0lZ5lZ ,. '. , , -L -L-1 ,- , ,,,, Y s, 45,3 The 1950 Crystal William Stack - Editor Betty Banks - Business Manager Lois Fasly - Cartoonist Ross Deaner - Helen Gustason - Advisors "5f?"fU9"":" M 'l,fil"511'ff, I 1 'N , w 4 1 I v . N fl. M .Cf def M59 CI' Still ' Wi' , Tw vi! f' ""G"' 5CH00P IJ 1 'S ro! IGM lhl EM F the Students of ,,5Mgg3',.V! J' L LXW v4 Yr 4 K. .21 Q? X' 5' ' My " J IJ' Board of Education THE BOARD members of the East Pittsburgh School Dis- trict consists of seven directors and a school solicitor. In the December reorganization Mr. Patrick Claugherty was chosen president, vice-president -- Mr. William Thompson, secretary - Mr. James Duffy. Mr. Lawrence O'Toole is the school solicitor. Mr. John Marko, Mr. Leo Comer, Mr. Orville Rice and Mr. Michael Poach comprise the remaining members of the board. Mr. MeCune MR. MCCUNE our principal, va graduate from Duquesne Uni- versity became principal one month after being discharged from the Navy in September of 1946. I I I W .rm I .Q ' - A - ...fzwrvwi .. Mr. Beamer MR. HENRY BEAMER, superintendent of schools, a graduate from Penn State College, received his master's degree from the University of Pittsburgh. He became superintendent on July 1, 1946. Miss Spangler MRS. VERDA SPANGLER BURNETT, has become quite an expert at writing late excuses and tardy slips. She has held her position here since the establish- ment of the school. ,,. . ,W .vc L.,1 RUTH NIRELLA Pennsylvania College for Women English BENARD PETRUSKA Duquesne University English SAMUEL CIROTA University of Pittsburgh Science DENEEN TROGLIONE WHITE Mercyhurst College Biology MARGARET KEEFE BRENNAN University of Pittsburgh Latin 7 t 3 1 l MARIE L. RUSSELL ROBERT A. LEWINTER University of Pittsburgh Otterbrien College Geography Economics ANITA FICKES KLINE MARY F. MCDERMOTT Penn State College Penn State College 1 Domestic Science Library i JOHN RICHARD GOOD University of Pittsburgh History I 1 1 ALBERT A. MILHACO St. Bonaventure's College Physical Education ANN MCGLASHAN St. Luke's Nurses Training College Home Nursing HELEN D. GUSTASON University of Pittsburgh Mathematics WILLIAM H. PFEIFFER Carnegie Institute of Technology Manuel Training MARIE M. PEREGO Duquesne University Music BETTY BRENNAN Carnegie Institute of Technology Bookkeeping ROSS DEANER Indiana State Teachers College Art DIANA MUNJAS University of Pittsburgh Shorthand 1 "4 1. ' ...U l,.f..I.L,l fglcsffi Seniafzd ,nf PH gg XO 5 Ta , E 5 SX. BL 1' L D, ,Sf A it - Q N- I FKWWU A h 55" ' me I X' . , ,I V A 2? ,- 9 X X -.., , ' - . 7 'af p 1 X , - I ' "rc . ' X2 0 u V , Il 5 uwf v--'V' A ' J- rm.-Q N- L 5 ym 1 - lm,-. ,,,,.v of U' . 4 Z . . . - , -- L V ,M,.,f,f,wmm.A1w . P Q X, ,,' 'nm 'x.,,,f -,- -7,4 , -,fl-if 'f""-'W '7' .S 1 ,l aa. AL. , -Q '4' 6, I WM 637 ' g 3 f-qyx, THOMAS BAKER "Moon" Hobby-to see how long I can go without missing a day of school, Likes-Girls and sports-Dislikes English and work. Football Team III, IV, Basketball III. ELIZABETH KAROL BANKS "Rocky" Hobby-horses, Likes horses and baseball, also french fries, Dis- likes-red hair, dusting. Chorus I, Il, III, IV, School Paper III, Feature Editor IV, Klick Club, Biology Club, Girls basket- ball team, Plans to go to Slippery Rock College. WILLIAM BENNETT "Barefoot Willie" Hobby-good looking girls, Likes goodlooking women, Dislikes- 200 lb. football players on opposing team. Chorus-I, II, III, IV, Senior Class Play, Student Council IV, Photography Club, Biology Club, Football Team II, III, IV, Basketball team I, II, III IV, Business Staff of the Annual. BEACTRICE BIVINS I "Bee" Hobby-collecting pictures, Likes to eat and dance, Dislikes- eating lunch at school, Chorus II, Biology Club, Basketball team, Girls Softball team, When graduating is over plans to travel. JAMES .CEDRIC BOYCE "Cad" Hobby-Radio, Likes Shirley, Dislikes-Ang, Property Committee IV, Camera Club, Lived in India for 13 years. Will continue school after graduation but not sure where. SYBIL ROBERTA CASEY "Lucy" Hobby-Drawing, Likes Good foods, boys, and comic books, Dislikes-snobbery people and rainy days, Chorus I, II, III, IV, Steno. Club, Hopes to become a seamstress. , LEO CAMPBELL "Cannonball" Hobby-sleeping, Likes eating, Dislikes-school, Chorus, I, IV, SeniorrClass Play, Student Council III, IV, Varsity E Club, Biology Club, Science Club, Camera Club, Football Team I, II, III, IV, Basketball Team II. Plans to .continue education. POPPY CHILIMIDOS "Pansy" Hobby-Swimming and Driving, Likes boys, fudge nut sundaes, Dislikes-bleached hair amateurs, Chorus I, II, III, IV, Major- ettes IV, Property Committee IV, Camera Club, Biology Club, Physics Club, and Leaders Club, Basketball. Would like to go to the University of Pittsburgh. Vice Pres. of Photography Club. Senior Class Officers CLASS advisor for the Senior Class Miss Keefe. President for four straight years was Edward Graham, vice-president Larry Horvat, secretary D o I o r e s Naughton, treasurer Lois Hite. JACQUELIN JOAN COLE "jo Ann" Hobby-Tap dancing, Likes skirts and sweaters, bubble gum, Dislikes-asparagus and homework, Chorus I, II, III, IV, School Paper I, II, III, IV, Senior Class Play, Property Committee III, Secretary for Home Room, Steno. Club, Basketball Team, Wants to go to Business School. JOHANNA DANIELSON "Io" Hobby-Chewing gum, Likes Swimming, Basketball Shows, popcorn, Dislikes-onions, Staying after school for chewing gum, Chorus I, IV, Property Committee and Stage Crew III, IV, Biology Club, Basketball I, II, III, IV, Hopes to become a beautician or own a grocery store. PAUL DONNELLY "Beans" Hobby-shooting pool, Likes dancing, Dislikes-school, Chorus IV, Junior Class Play, Student Council II, Football Team II, III, IV, Basketball Team I, II, III, IV. THOMAS DROLICK "Hydralic" Hobby-Predicting when the bell will ring, Likes sports, Dis- likes-School, Stage Crew III. DONALD DUFFY "Duff" Hobby-girls, Likes Mother and Father, Dislikes-school, Chorus I, II, III, IV, Stage Crew III, Freshman year-Vice-Pres. Football Team I, II, III, IV, Basketball Team III, IV. BILL DUMI "Bill" Hobby-guns and knives, Likes all sports, Dislikes-hayrides I never reach, Chorus I, II, III, IV, Property Committee and Stage Crew III, Class or Homeroom President, Biology Club, President for two years. Football Team II, III, IV. Would like to attend Business school after graduation. LOIS FASLY "Lo" Hobby-collecting souveniers, Likes laughing, singing, Dislikes- homework, dishes, being alone. Chorus I, II, School Paper I, II, III, IV, Art Editor III, IV, Junior and Senior Class Plays, Class Treasurer, for Homeroom, Biology Club-Treas., Basket- ball I, II, III, IV. Annual Staff. CHARLES A. FISCHER "Chuck" Hobby-cars, driving and Iixing, Likes Sophie and dogs, Dis- likes-cats, Chorus I, II, III, IV, Property Committee and Stage Crew IV, Camera Club, Biology Club, Basketball II, III, Might go to College. EDWARD GRAHAM "Big Ed" Hobby-electric trains, Likes Basketball, Football and classical records, Dislikes-girls with red hair, Chorus II, IV, junior Class Play, Stage Crew IV, Student Council Pres. for three years. Class Pres. for Seniors I, II, III, IV, Varsity E, Club, Biology Club, Science Club, Photography Club, Football Team I, II, III, IV, Same for Basketball I, II, III,'IV, Business Staff of 'Annual, Maybe will attend Duquesne, Freshman and Sopho- more Attandant. PAUL GOODMAN "Goody" Hobbyitraveling with Jim, Likes Turtle Creek, Trafford, Swissvale, Dislikes-Staying home at night. Property Committee and Stage Crew III, IV. 'rl ..,.n.'ra,.a A s -1 1 l E i 1 ASPASIA HALVATZIS "Patch" Hobby-playing basketball, Likes-movies, games, popcorn, candy, Chorus I, II, Basketball I, II, III, IV, Plays with and practices at Westinghouse. Would like to work business machines after graduation. PAULINE HEPTAS "Paul" Hobby-listening to baseball games, Likes shows, popcorn, good music, Dislikes-people who show off, Working at Murphy's 5 R: 10, and homework. Chorus I, II, Property committee for jr. and Sr. Class play, also program committee, Biology Club, Steno. Club, Basketball Team I, II, III. IVants to be a Secretary. LOIS HITE "Lo" Hobby-collecting souvenirs. Likes Books about the South, abstract art, Autumn weather, Dislikes-short skirts, chocolate sodas, Chorus I, II, III, IV, Cheerleaders IV, Sec. to Student Council II, III, Biology Club, Basketball I, II, Sophomore May Queen Attendant. Wants to go to St. Francis College or the Pittsburgh Playhouse. LAWRENCE HORVAT "Larry" Hobby-Dancing, Likes playing baseball, Dislikes-sweet pickles, Junior and Senior Class Play, Class Officer Senior yr.-Vice- Pres., Photography Club, Biology Club, Basketball Mgr. IV, Business Staff Annual. MILTON KATSELAS - "Milf: Hobby-gin rummy, Likes Basketball, Dislikes-movies, School Paper III, Class Officers -Ir. Yr.-Vice-Pres., Varsity E Club, Basketball I, II, III, IV, May go to College. ANNA MAE KEANE "Nancy" Hobby-Dancing and collecting pictures, Likes clothes, candy boys, Turtle Creek, Dislikes-short skirts, snobbery people, Chorus I, II, Majorette III, School Paper IV, junior Class Play, Property Committee of Senior Class Play, Biology Club, Basketball I, II. Plans to go to Business College. EDIVARD KENYHERZ "Ich" Hobby-playing Baseball, Likes Baseball and Singing, Dislikes- School, Chorus I, School Paper III, IV, Sports Editor IV, Varsity E., I, III, IV, Biology Club II, Football Team Mgr. I, IV, Basketball Team Mgr. III, IV, Annual Staff Editorial. EUGENE KESSLER 1 "Rube" Hobby-driving new cars, Likes Football, women, Varsity E Club I, II, III, IV, Football Team I, II, III, IV. GEORGE F. KOLCUN "KiIroy" Hobby-drawing and painting, Likes electrical and mechanical gadgets, Dislikes-riding streetcars, Band I, II, III, IV, Band Mgr. IV, Chorus I, II, III, IV, Klick Club, Biology Club, Science Club, Junior Class Play, Stage Crew-Senior Class Play, Editorial Staff of Annual, Assembly Crew II, III, IV, Movie Crew II, III, IV, Plans to go to school after graduation to take up engineering. CONSTANTINE KONTAS "Connie' Likes women, Dislikes-Homework and show-oils. Hobby- Dancing, Ambition singing, Chorus I, II, III, Editorial Staff of Annual, Camera Club III, IV. IO BETTY JANE KOTIK "B. j." Hobby-playing violin and collecting stamps, Likes good music, books, neat clothes, Dislikes-jazz, too much working. Chorus I, II, III, IV, Going to Duquesne University Majoring in Music. BETTY ANN MANDERANO "1lIandy" Likes dances, chocolate cake, Frank Sinatra, clothes. Dislikes- Books, neat clothes, Dislikes-jazz, too much working. Chorus show-offs, homework, conceited boys, Chorus I, II, III, IV, Property Committee, Stage Crew for Senior Class Play, Klick Club II, III, IV, Biology Club, Girls Basketball Team I, II. P'ans to continue education in the field of nursing. Band I, II. MARY MARGERT MARKO "Margie" Hobby-talking and laughing, Likes baseball, Mills Brothers, chocolate ice cream, Dislikes-red hair, white cake, rainy days, Chorus I, II, III, IV, Property Committee of Senior Class Play, Klick Club, Biology Club, Girls Basketball Team I, II. Plans to continue education after graduation, where-undecided, Band I, II, III, IV, Annual Staff-Editorial. STANLEY MAZUER "C0rkey" Hobby-sports, Likes loafing, Drolich, Eating, and money, Dislikes-Homework, school, girls, Chorus II, IV. DONALD MULROY "Wick" Hobby-none, Likes sports, Dislikes-nothing, Chorus II, III, IV, Stage Crew III, Class Officer for homeroom I, II, III. Library Club, Science Club, Biology Club, Varsity E, Club, Camera Club, Football I, II, III, IV, Basketball II, Baseball I. Hopes to continue school. CAROL MCGLASHAN "Carol" Hobby-looking, Likes dancing, music, ice-skating and anything sweet, Dislikes-Liver, "Mule Train", Band I, II, Biology Club, Steno. Club, Basketball I, II, III, IV. JA MES MCGLASHAN "Professor" Hobby-traveling with Paul, Likes Turtle Greek, Trafford, Swissvale. Dislikes-Staying Home at Night. Chorus I, II, III, IV, jr. Class Play, Camera Club, Band I, II, III, IV. DOLORES NAUGHTON "Do" Hobby-Dancing, Likes clothes and food, boys, Dislikes- homework, Chorus I, II, IV, School Paper I, II, III, IV, Editor IV, junior and Senior Class Play, Secretary of Senior Class, Steno. Club, Girls Basketball Team I, II, III, IV, Business Staff of the Annual. HECTOR NEIM Hobby-playing chess, Likes all sports especially billiards. Dis- likes-horses and history, Chorus IV, Biology Club, Basketball Team I, II, III. RACHEL OWENS "Rae" Hobby-having a good time. Likes clothes, dancing, money, Dislikes-homework, Chorus I, II, III, Cheerleaders III, School Paper I, II, III, IV, Class Play Senior Yr., Student Council I, II, III, Class Ofiicer I, II, III, Steno. Club, Basketball I, II, III, IV. A W ""' -u l A J ii 4 4 .43-1 4 .4 GEORGE PALISAC "A bu" Hobby-driving my car, Likes sports, good movies, working, Dislikes-going around without money. Chorus I, II, IV, Stage Crew IV, Varsity E Club, Football Team I, II, IV, Basketball Team I, II, III, IV. SEDAT PESHKOPIA "Sam" Hobby-shooting billiards. Likes sports, good movies, driving his car, Dislikes-show-offs, homework, Chorus II, IV, Varsity E Club, Camera Club, Class Officer I, Basketball I, II, III, IV, May go to College. JULIA PORTER "Judy" Hobby-reading, Likes eating and sleeping plus cooking, Dis- likes-washing dishes and ironing, Chorus IV, Steno. Club, Basketball Team I, II, III. MARGARET RAMADAN "Marg" Hobby-sewing, Likes good movies, chocolate cake, musicials, Dislikes-Gym, homework, Property Committee III, IV, Biology Club, Camera Club, Wants to be a Nurse. RICHARD ROHALL "Rich" Hobby-sleeping and staying out late, Likes Sports and good movies, Dislikes-Dancing and school, Chorus I, II, III, IV, Biology Club, Camera Club. ALBINA SICONOLFI "Beanie" Hobby-singing, Likes Baseball, Basketball, dancing, Dislikes- homework, show-oils, Chorus I, II, III, IV, and I, II, jr. Class Play, Biology Club, Photography Club, Basketball I, II, III, IV, Would like to go to College. JEAN SIMON "Jeanie" Hobby- dancing, Likes clothes, sweets, boys, Dislikes-big wheels, short skirts, dresses or otherwise, Chorus I, II, IV, Cheerleaders IV, School Paper I, II, III, IV, Jr. Class Play, Class Officer Secretary I, II, III, Class Historian I, II, III, IV, Steno. Club, Basketball I, II, IV, Freshman and Jr. Attendant in the May Festival. THERESA SIMON "Dolly" Hobby-collecting small souvenirs, Likes shows, chew gum, reading good books, and swimming, Dislikes-school, home- work, people who lie, Chorus I, II, III, IV, Steno Club, Basket- ball I, II, III, IV, Would like to go to business school. MARION DOLORES SIMUNICK "Mare" Hobby-talking, Likes clothes, food, vacations, Dislikes-home- work, short clothes, Chorus I, II, IV,, School Paper IV, Property Committee jr. yr., Biology Club, Steno. Club, Basketball Team I, II, III, IV. Wants to go to Business Training School. WILLIAM JAMES STACK "Bill" Hobby-guns, weightlifting, postcards, Likes Music, Books, Dis- likes-Not enough to worry about, Chorus I, II, III, IV, junior Class and Senior Play, Stage Crew, Camera Club, Science Club, Biology Club, Editor of Yearbook IV. 12 DOROTHY STAVROS "Dot" Hobby-collecting souvenirs, Likes dancing, good movies, Billy Eckstine Records, Dislikes-Homework, Chorus I, II, School Paper III, IV, Jr. and Sr. Class Plays, Biology Club II, Steno. Club Library Club, Basketball Team I, II, III, IV, Plans to go to Business School, Business Staff of the Annual. SOPHE STAMBOLIS "Safe" Hobby-dancing, Likes candy, popular music, Chorus I, II, III, IV, School Paper-Copy Editor, Senior Class Play, Property Committee jr. Yr., Klick Club, Biology Club, Basketball Team I, II, III, IV, Editorial Staff of Annual. JOHN STEFANCIS "Fritz" Hobby Living and breathing, Likes Football and Basketball, Dislikes-Studying and Show-offs, Chorus I, Stage Crew II, III, IV, Biology Club, Camera Club, Football Team III, IV, Plans to further education at College. ANNA SNYDER "Annie" Likes good movies and books, basketball, Dislikes--bold people, Chorus I, IV, School Paper IV, Property Committee of jr. Class Play, Student Council III, Class Oflicer III, Steno. Club, Biology Club, Girls Basketball I, II, III, IV. RAYMOND TUBBS "Tubba" Hobby dancing, Likes French Fries, Spaghetti, Dislikes-girls, Chorus I, II, III, IV, Stage Crew III, Camera Club. JOAN VELAR "Velar" Hobby-Reading books, Likes all sports, top movies, classical music, Dislikes-homework, Chorus I, II, School Paper III, IV, Prompter for junior and Senior Class Plays, Student Council IV, Secretary, Biology Club, Steno. Club, Library Club, Basket- ball Team I, II, III, IV, Editorial Staff of the Annual, Plans to continue school after graduation. ROSALIE WHITMAN "Pookie" No hobby, Likes ice cream, dancing tennis, Dislikes-salads, short clothes, strawberry sodas, Chorus I, II, III, IV. MARY ALICE WILEY "Mary" Hobby-being with a certain graduate from Scott High, Likes study periods and weekends, Dislikes-short pencils and home- work, Chorus I, II, IV, Biology Club, Steno. Club, Basketball Team. DOROTHY WILSON "GYPSY" Hobby-dancing, Likes singing, dancing and cooking, Dislikes- homework, Basketball Team, Chorus I, II, III, IV, Biology Club, Steno. Club. PATRICIA WINWOOD "Pill" Hobby-Portraits, Likes dancing and good movies, Dislikes- short dresses, Loud people, Chorus I, II, Biology Club, Steno. Club, Basketball Team. ff , 'Q A71 X - " R13 "1-r-nriiif-ing, If ' I-1- 4 . , ' 5 X72 15' 'V W I rx XX 'l'WI'1W' Il .2 W- M. fl ' M V1 I ll! NL if Junior Class THE JUNIORS, under the leadership of Mr. Lewinter, had what proved to be one of their most suc- cessful years. Their first meeting was held early in September and the following officers were elected: Presi- dent-Donald Ross, Vice-President- Susanne Adams, Secretary-Charles Woolard, Treasurer-Harold Eddle- ston, Historian-Glenna Lee. Their first project of the year was the annual Magazine Sale, is which they made better than one-half of their goal. The next events were the junior Dance and the Class Play. Both were quite successful. The final and most gala event of the year, the junior Prom, concluded what the Juniors considered their best school year. Standing up - Mr. Lewinter, Charles Woolard, Secretary, Don Ross, Presi- dent, Sue Adams, Vice-President, Glen- na Lee, Class Historian, Harold Eddlestone, Treasurer. First row - Angela Powers, Angelo Nese, Bobby Nese, Charles Woolard. Second row - Kay Stefanas, Josephine Parenti. Third row - Rita Mazuer, Adelade Kelly, Phyllis Kraljevic. Fourth row - Mary Grace Murray, Glenna Lee, Anna Karas. ccm5aw--- YA ff. Y, ., J, First row - Harold Friez, John Keane, Don Jacobs. Second row - Anna May Garrity, Alice Craig, janet, Yunic, Flo Foreman, Eva Bradich. Third row - Hevea Eslami, Isabel DePaulo, Catherine Joyce, Audrey, Borkowske, Harold Eddleston. Fourth row - Margaret Gregor, Adrienne Edwards, Phyllis Etzler, Patty Cole, Alan Hol- zmger. Seated left to right - Guy Visco, John Yankes, Shirle Tubbs, Norma Latsko, Don Ross. Standing left to 'right - Richard Marto, Catherine Stratos, Raymond Petrick, Bob Wheeler, Betty Kolesar, Joan WVehrle, Grace Winwood, Della Swacus. - Seated left to right - Mildred Gustason, Nick George, Lorraine Auld, Howard Chaney. Stand- ing left to 'right - Harry Wilson, Lulu Eslami, Russ Friez, Suzanne Adam, Don Long, Ruth Bentley. . - es, Standing - Howard Schindler, Presi- dentp Betty Ann Aglietti, Charles f Casey, Ralph Mocker, Miss Dianna Munjas, Teacher. Sitting - james " Kelly, Historian. r 501240 Sophomore Class WTH HOWARD SCHINDLER elected as President, the Sophomore Class of the 1949-1950 had , their first big social event of their Sophomore career, "The Hhrvest Hop" held on October 22, l949 was a huge success. Miss Diana Munjas is class advisor. At the election held on September 18, 1949, Charles Casey was chosen Vice-President, Betty Aglietti is Secretary, Ralph Mocker is Treasurer, and james Kelly is class historian. ' g. E" - 2. 5, y r On Steps - john Merkowsky, Frank Milko, Donald Repasky, Manual Martin. First row - Mary Ann Zugai, Josephine Stefancis Clara Lou Visco, Naomi Porter. Second row - Shirley Good man, joan Lane, Mary Kyriazi, Helen Heller, Romaha Papapoulos. 1, I 5 Left to right: Bolton: row -- Bob 0'Neal, Bob Moore, Ralph Mocker, Mary Lou Saball, john Rakaw. Sec' ond row - Jim Kelly, Howard Swiss- helm, Ronald Toth, Henry Beamer, Fred Skrabski. Top row - Sally Huey, Veronica McClain Betty Ann Aglietti, Howard Schindler. wax Sitting - Grace Carrigg. Standing - Lois Carrigan, Naomi Porter, Ethel Marko, joan Pottinger, Valetta Mc- Donald, Nancy Lee johnson, Claire Wherle, Margaret Kelly. Top row - Roslyn Mulroy, Anna Mae Kovolay, Margaret Garrity, Louise Kusic, joan Rohall, Beverly Stamates. Bottom row - Darlene Clugston, Betty Miller. First row - Nick Zngui, Ron Siems, Mike Missentzis, Joe Reed, Sterling Gloria Dombrow, Madeline Legree. Lipscomb, Edward Ashew, Andy Pin- Secoml row - Gail Pfeiffer, Vince dro. Miller, Martin Meinarich, Josie Schaf- fer, Y'Villiam Gourdie. ' W.. .. .,,,W..,, .. al 1 ff-MY First 'row - Shirley Czartorski, Vera ' Dobrich, Irene Hawatineck. Second row - Alice Jessup, Anna Mae Kerlin, Alice Freiz, Eleanor Latsko, Frances Kaispyzy, Donna Yakin. Donald Kleckner, Chris Tavlas, Andy Bran nigan, Robert Kerr, Gordon Strauss, Ro- bert Kelly, Clyde Hol mes, Elmer Zamba, James Callas. 4 Freshman Class OFFICERS: President-Robert Kelly, Vice-President-john Missentzis, Seca retary-Joan Ressler, Treasurer-Donna Yakin. Mr. Petruska is the Freshman Class advisor. In january the Freshmen held their Hrst dance. It was very successful. The last Freshmen project will be a picnic held in May. Sitting - Stella Russon, Beverly Smith, Shirley Lyons, Helen Whitney, Rosemarie Simon. Standing - Lilian Ily, Edward Askew, Nancy Palerino, Sterling Lipscomb. 1 1 I Lorraine Weber, Nancy Lingenfelter, Anna Mae Jurison, Ann Dugan, joan- ne Lewis. l Donald Kleckner, William Simunick, lvilliam Harden, James McGinty, Harry Diehl. l First row - Peggy Horvath, Grace jackson, Ammina Noble. Second mu' - Mildred Salusky, Anna Mae Maizan, First row - Clifford Askew, john Missentzis, John Rouse, Ronald Wilt. Second r'ow - Martin Murray, Robert McKenna, William Cez- zer, Joseph Polasko, Paul Etzler, Robert Doren- camp. janet Kelly, Patricia Joyce, Sonja Herz, Louise Graham. I 2 fl fi ,. 1 First row - Thomas Ryan, Robert Jessup, Patsy Scarp.4Second row - Leonard Marsh, Michael Adam, Francis Hixon, Ted Ivanco, Eugene Sabo, john Parker. f First row - Dennis Strater, Gabriel Marlin. Second row - David Kerlin, Richard Dumi, Miriam Shtino, Anna Eslami. Third row - Mary Louise Gilbert, Ida Reed, Irene Hansen, Marion Patkin. 1 l Y l if if sxugx ., Y r M I First row - Charles Hockeriberry, Thomas Wilson. Second row - Emily Malile, Gloria Neese, Collen Craig, joan O'Neal. Zqhtii First row - Dolores Searp, Albert Soles, Emanuel Callas, Fred Horvath. Mary Lou Borkowski, Norma jean Bair. Second row - Freida Gjebre, Eugenia Orfanopulous, Nancy Car- rigan, Loretta Swisshelm, Amy Severs, Gwendolyn Hitchings. Third row - Alfred Sherman, Nick Slambolis. Donald Polesnal is shown here trying his skill at some shop work. First row - Thomas Rahaw, john Marko, Ber- nice Moore. Second row - Geraldine Baker, Robert Wilson, Frances Stefko, Suzanne Wil- liams. Third row - Robert Weber, Eileen Siems, Mary Ann Ramadan, Raymond Oyler. First row - Gus Halvatzis, Raymond Martoe, Musac Kavo, Sylvester Hagepenos. Second row - Sandra Hoge, Genevieve Mallis, janet Mazer, Delbert Mendenhall. First row - Catherine Kontos, Duane Mitchell, Erline Lucas, Audrey Kelly, Lauralee Branagan, Marcella Karl, John Luckitich, Russell Allshouse, Betty jean Bellas, Katherine Marton. Swan! male First row - Corrine W'eaver, Carole Peterson, Velda Pfeiffer, William Stavrinaou, Jean Pottinger, Mary Saulsky, Katherine Ryan, Mild- red Galla, john Petrick. Sec- ond row - William Verbe, Thomas Pomper, Steve Stefanos, Peter Pappas, Roy Noey. R. A., ia , n , ,I -4-, 1 A , . , Q X fr V ' I . lk , 1 win A , ffieiivif 5-- , Swv L , 522: .. ,. , '5 . ,' gs? ,Q , A 1 fi A AQ iwgiggfgs 1 T i? 5 Qs, Sw -- Jn, ai?pefgwlyi-fwlfgkzrf ' f 1575 fl mf fl Qfiftfm , 4, J, K W iiiiigz, 14:51 1 A mi' T-, W ffl? ggi Il First row - Catherine Stratos, Sec- retary-joan Velar, Mr. Good, Vice- President-Donald Ross, Gloria Dom- brow, Peggy Horvath. Second row - Corrine Weaver, Howard Schindler, Stella Russon, Leo Campbell, William Bennett, Treasurer-Mary Lou Bor- kowski, Harold Friez. . 3 4 if MXWKV' tif' I .r i V Six ,V A I 0 of . I THE FIRST FEW meetings were devoted to I? the organization and study of parlimentaty procedure. Some of their duties are arranging the schedule for the - if election of cheerleaders and majorettes, dance schedule g i and purchasing and taking inventory of the dance N records. The Student Council represents the students and through its members and their efforts more and ' better things are being arranged for the benefit of the students. 14Z'f1JeZ'ic eawwi THE ATHLETIC COUN- CIL consists of Mr. McCune, Mr. Mihalco, Mr. Cirota, Miss Perego and Miss Brown. The purpose of the Athletic Council is to pass on the rules and regulations pertaining to Athletic and Band participation of the students in high school. During the year they hope to establish a uniform system for Athletic and Band Awards. These Awards are to be "earned" by the student. During the year they will dis' cuss eliminations of all Class A football games. ,. - Top row - Katherine Marton, Catherine Kontos, Yolanda Marcella, Billy Stavrinou, Earline Lucas, Francis Jurison, Sandra Hoge, Betty Jean Bellas, Mary Ann Ramadam, Velda Pfeilfer, Geraldine Baker, Lolly Brannigan. Sec- ond row - Audrey Kelly, Billy Verhe, Bernice Moore, Peter Papas, Mildred Galla, Corrine Weaver, Mrs. Mc- Dermott, Francis Jean Stefko, Lorraine Weber, Marcella Karl, Suzanne VVilliams. Third row - Russell Allshouse, Gus Halvatzis, Muzak Kavo, John Luketich, Raymond Marto, Bobby Wilson. Fourtlz row - Sonja Herz, Mildred Salusky, Anna Mae Mazin, Gwendolyn Hitchings, Josephine Shaffer, Bonnie Mclain, Irene Hansen, Joan Pottinger, Vera Dobrich, Irene Howatineck, Peggy Horvath, Elmer Zambo, Francis Kaspzyk. Third row - Steve Stefanos, William Verbe, Dorothy Stravos, Mrs. McDermott, Patty Cole, Joan Velar, Sally Huey, Mary Lou Borkowski. Second row - Roy Noey, James Callas, Thomas Pomper, Robert Wilson, Patsy Scarp, Leonard Marish, Shirley Czartorski, Lillian Ily. First row - Robert Kerr, John Parker, John Marko, Raymond Oyler, Thomas Rahaw. Top row - Gloria Nese, Marian Patkin, Freda Gjebre, Joan Velar, Josie Shaffer, Dorothy Stavros, Joan Pottinger, Patty Cole, Bonnie McClain, Sally Huey, Irene Hansen, Norma Jean Bair. Middle row - Eugenia Orfanopoulos, Alfred Soles, Mrs. McDermott, Donald Mulroy, Delores Scarponi, Mary Lou Brokowski, Marian Shtino, Gwen- dolyn Hitchings, Anna Eslami, Emily Malile. Kneeling - Dennis Straiter, Thomas Wilson, Charles Hockenberry. Sitting - Fred Horvath, David Kerlin. Standing - Sally Huey, Josie Shaffer, Joan Pottinger Mrs. McDermott. Sitting - Donald Mulroy, Top row - Margaret Ramadan, Sally Huey, Gloria Dumbrow, Betty Banks, Sophie Stam- bolis, Betty Ann Manderano, Margaret Marko Bottom row - Edward Graham, Francis Hich son, Paul Donnely, Vince Miller. Poppy Chilimidos, Sophie Stambolis, Mr. Cirota, Betty Banks, Ray Tubbs THE CAMERA CLUB was reorganized again in 1948 under the supervision of Mr. Cirota. The following candidates were elected to ollice: President, Raymond Tubbsg Vice-President, Poppy Chili- midosg Secretary, Sophie Stambolisg Treasurer, Betty Banks. The charter members of the club are: Connie Kontos, john Duffy, George Kolcum, Charles Fischer, Gloria Dumbrow, Sophie Stambolis and Sally Huey. This organization was given the name Klick Klub and a constitution was drawn up for the adoption of new members. The club's purpose is to increase the knowledge of photography, and to learn to perfect our skills in photography. Gamma GM Top row - Irene Horvatinch, Shirly Carter, Albina Siconalfi, Poppy Chilimidos. Bottom row - Cedric Boyce, William Bennett, James McGlashan, Harry Dhiel. Top row - Leo Campbell, john Yankes, joe Mele, William Stack, Larry Horvat, Thomas Baker, john Duffy Second row - Tubbs, Richard Rohall, Teddy Ivanco, George Kolcun. Bottom row - Connie Kontos, John Missentzis, Charles Fischer. THE "CRYSTAL" IS our annual publication of the Senior graduating class of the high school. Al- though it was discontinued during the war years it is a much anticipated project. The yearbook is comprised of two staffs, the Editorial and the Business. Mr. Deaner took care of the Editorial part while the Busi- ness end was capably handled by Mrs. Gustason. The "Crystal" was first typewritten until later it was gradually improved and is now printed. Left to right - Mr. Ross Deaner, William Stack, Betty Banks, Mrs. Helen Gustason. First row - joan Velar, Ray- mond Tubbs. Second row - Jean Simon, Margaret Ramadan, Mary Marko, Ed- die Kenherz. Third row - julia Porter, Sophie Stam- bolis, .George Kolcun. Standing - Lois Fasly, Con- nie Kontos, William Stack, Editor. Business Staff of Annual First row - Betty Banks, Business Managerg William Bennett. Second row - joan Cole, Dorthy Stavros, Dolores Naughton. Third row - Lawrence Horvat, Milton Katsilas. eww 1 ! 2 f i 5 25 5? Er 5 LS Q 3 3 52 2 i 5 3 .1 ..., W E 2 1 E 3 3 2 3, if 2 5 F S 3 E 5 5 Q 5 3 s x Q 0 Tony Van Orden QW. Bennettj enters with Buttons QL. Campbellj. They have just played a strenuous game of football and everyone gazes in horror, for Tony is supposed to be an invalid with a weak heart. D. Naughton, S. Stambolis, R. Owens, L. Horvat, D. Stavros, L. Campbll, W. Bennett, L. Fasly, B. Banks, W. Stack Babs Wilton QD. Naughtonj and Tony Van Orden QW. Bennettj are so engrossed with one another they fail to see Erma Swan Qj. Colej scold But- tons Wilton QL. Carnpbelll about the dance the previous night. Audrey Wil- ton QD. Stavrosj also seems quite fas- cinated by Harold Cortly QL. Horvatj. Tony Van Orden QXV. Bennettj is being welcomed by Mrs. Wilton QB. Banksj. She has invited him to spend a few weeks for a rest. Babs Wilton QD. Naughtonj, Buttons Wilton QL. Campbellj, Audrey Wilton, and Mr. Wilton QW. Stackj gaze in wonder at Tony who is dressed very warmly for the month of September. Ada Hadley QL. Faslyl is visiting Mr. Wilton, a childhood sweetheart. She and her daughter, Triss Hadley QS. Stambolisj, Elaine Hadley QR. Owensj are somewhat crowded in their rooms. She is asking Mrs. Wilton QB. Banksj if some other sleeping arrangements could be made. Ini the room Babs Wilton QD. Naughtonj and Mr. Wilton QW. Stackj are in dismay about what to do. Sealed Gfadfip Before the play begins, we find Charles Fisher, John Stefancis, George Kolcun, Edward Graham and George Paliscak, the stage crew, busy bring- ing in the props and arranging them for the play. I i Joan Velar, stage manager, is directing the Property and Costume committee. Margaret Ramadan is arranging the flowers while Johanna Danielson and Pauline Heptas set to work on the bookends. Mary Marko is helping Betty Ann Manderano to adjust joan Cole's skirt. Nancy Keane is helping William Bennett re- place a loose button. Babs Wilton QD. Naughtonj is Watching anxiously over Tony Van Orden QW. Bennettj while Mr. Wilton QW. Stackj looks on in disgust. Erma Swan Q-I. Colej strokes Buttons XVilton's QL. Campbelly head while Mrs. Wilton watches. The Green and X'Vl1fIC.SE21l't6d the paper in October and have been working hard all year. The paper was distributed free of charge to the students and was hnanced by the selling of refreshments at the football and basketball games. Editor, Dolores Naughtong Busi- ness Manager, Raymond Tubbsg Art Editor, Lois Faslyz Make Up, Joan Velar, Dorothy Stavrosg Fashion, Rachel Owensg Copy Editor, Sophie Stambolisg Feature Editors, Betty Banks, Phyllis Etzlerg Social, Jean Simong Girl's Sports, Anna Mae Maizon, .Ioan Coleg B0y's Sports, Edward Kenyherz, Ralph Mockerg Typists. Marion Simmunich, Annie Snyder: Exchange Editor, Anna Mae Kovalyg and Reporters, Nancy Keane, Suzan Adams, Glenna Lee, Angela Powers, Joan Pottinger, Gail Pfeif- fer, Mildred Salusky, Frances Kaspykic. Dolores Naughton .,.,... .,...,..,,..,.,....., E ditor Miss Brennan .,.......... ......,..,.....,.,..,.., A dvisor Raymond Tubbs ,,..,. ......, I iusiness Manager Whiz? First rozu - Dolores Naughton, Edward Kenyherz, Joan Velar, Joan Pottinger. Second raw - Lois Faslf, joan Cole, Raymond Tubbs, Sophie Stambolis. Third row - Dorothy Stavros, Betty Banks, Annie Snyder, Marion Simmunich. Slanding - Nancy Keane, jean Simon, Rachel Owens, Phyllis Etzler, Suzanna Adams, Ralph Mocker, Gail Pfeiffer, Miss Brennan, Glenna Lee, Anna Mae Kovaly. GU First row - Don Duffy, Don Ross, Harry Mlilson, Don Mulroy, Vince Miller, Bob Wheeler, Richard Marto, jim Kelly, John Gorek, john Stefancis, Edward Graham. Second row - Mr. Mihalco, Eugene Kessler, Milton Katselas, Sedat Peshkopia, Bill Bennett, Charles WVoolard, Howard Schindleer, Bill Dumi, Paul Donnelly, Nick George, Robert McKenna, Edward Kenyhertz, Third row - Mike Adams, Joe Reed, Howard Chaney, Andrew Brannigan, Clyde Holmes, Paul Etzler, Don Kleckner, Ron Kleckner, Ralph Mocker, Bob Kelly, Harry Dielh, Charles Casey, Tom Baker. Advisor was Mr President-Joe Reed, vice dent Eugene Kessler, Sect -Charles Woolard, and T urer-Don Duffy. a1mll'q5C'luL First row - Shirley Goodman, Josephine Stefancis, joan Pottinger, Helen Heller, Josephine Schaffer, Veronica McLain Mary Zugai, Mrs. White-advisor. Second row - Ethel Marko, Mary Kyrizi, Beverly Stamates, Romilia Papulos, Valetta -McDonald, Betty Ann Agelliti, joan Rohall, Darlene Clugston, Lois Carrigan, Betty Miller, Clara Wherle. Third row - Nancy Lee Johnston, Anna Mae Garrity, Joan Lane, Gail Pfeiffer, Sally Huey, Gloria Dombrow, Mary Lou Saban, Anna Mae Kovaly, Louise Kusic, Margie Kelly, Roselyn Mulroy. Fourth row - Robert Karl, john Merkosky, Jim Kelly, Frank Milko, Ron Siems, Manuel Martin, john Rahaw, VVilliam Payne. Q, ts THE BIOLOGY CLUB, un- der the guidance of Miss Trog- lione, has a membership of about fifty students. The officers chosen were: President-Fred Skrabski, Vice-President-Bever- ly Stamates, Secretary-Valetta McDonald.' The purpose of this club is to further its acti- vities in the Biology Club Field. The members visited several points of interest this year. Among their interesting tours were: Heinz Plant, Buhl Plane- tarium, Museum, Highland Park, and Phipps Conservatory. if Eiafagq Glad aw-A spam .5 ffl' Q 6 M 9, - ,Yi X X . 5 A aft, 1 f N vi , :vQk 4 , 'ww 1 Q 0 wx in Q, U WN pb ,STX A fiitffgi ff After a line sprint of fifteen yards around right end joe Reed is finally brought down by the line backers of the East McKees- port football team. THE ENDING of the 1949 football season meant the ending of the high school playing days for many of the gridders. There will have to be eleven new faces to surplant those that are leaving. To be at practice every day, to give most of your time to football denotes great determination on the part of all of these athletes. Harassed by early season defeats, East Pittsburgh was still able to display the hard fought football that pulled major upsets. The Staff congratulates the football squad and wishes them good luck for next season. ff .. all The Coach Albert Mihalco poses for the photographer with his two student managers Richard Dumi, eighth grade and Edward Keny- herz, Senior head manager. -Qin. - 4 1 Lining up for the Hrst night football game ever played at East Pittsburgh are Martini Mur- ray, Howard Schindler, Robert VVheeler, Charles W'oolard and William Dumi. Because of its success this game paves the way for future night games. Aloe Reed Q23j has to come up from the secondary position to stop one of the Penn Township backfield men on an end run, which amounted to a seven yard gain. First row - Ronald Kleckner, Robert Kelly, Charles Casey, Donald Kleckner, Clyde Holmes, Harry Diehl, Andy Bran- V nigan, jim Kelly, Robert McKenna. Second row - Howard' Chaney, Eugene Kessler, Bill Bennett, Paul Donnelly, Harry Wilson, Richard Mario, Bill Dumi. Third row - Don Ross, Howard Schindler, Robert Miller, Tom Baker, John Goerk, Ronald Toth, Nick George. Fourth row - Joe Reed, Paul Etzler, Don Duffy, Charles Woolard, Leo Campbell, John Stefancis. Fifth row - Coaches Mihalco and Carter, Bob Wheeler, Don Mulroy, Marty Murray. ' 5 .1 . - 2 w ifi, Il V. b.1, 'E EQ, G 1 V P " is- WILLIAM DUMI Bill Position: Guard Nothing can keep him out game. l . i. I E EUGENE KESSLER , - Rube Position: Quarterback 1 Was our faithful quarterback. 'E r I L F JOSEPH REED joe Position Right Half Fastest backfield man. T DONALD ROSS Don Position: Fullback of the DONALD MULROY Position: Quarterback Our star passer: played four years Varsity football. CHARLES WOOLARD Position: End get-1 ,lt .tl .sw ,ffvf tm lm, ,. V -fi z.: H X 4 , or , 4' MmiE. .11i si , Mt ' , ff - lil -lt. . T E A .IL ti, At R , K, .K VJ :f aw? "'. 1. . 'lm ' - iwiff " en' ' W.. ,, A V: f-fm. ., . , . ' li l M s,f?.iff sw -q . aj' S w i is l 13 t fi x 5 48 a ws il' if E , ..,, ll j Qi!-A F fl: ,.. , RONALD TOTH JOHN QOFRK Babe P U I E d Crusler -- , osition: n Posmon' Guard Smallest end in the section. Up and coming guard. ll ff livanqxi t -A am fl Z, gsfteg fzx' 'la w -- , Eh X ' 4 in - yt - S 4- xl ,-11ff.,, me .fi ri: 5 ww l it it l ists: 'UTM ' . fits tl 1 . W. it los A or .R :E X as 3 4 as ws, fr if' + 3,2 my A .2 ms WILLIAM BENNETT ' Billy Position: Left Half W icky ner. RICHARD MARTO Moose Position: Guard Was the guard of the team. vYWiii'5'x -V5 .af-3511, fgsbsmnfw - - it .Q ..,f', ' ffl, 1 swf' " NICHOLAS GEORGE 3 .iii - QQ is 'X F 1' ff t va Xxx M A is as sf QW arf' . E Nick Position: Tackle Big and Brawny. Means trouble Chic Few years to go and will be very valuable. , Good kicker and also a good plunger. y, l 4 if - if -E t 3356 5535 v 55 1 gs sy 4 +R, v 3. mf'-fin , .MBS-.till 1. - fi. his yi I :f,.u.g, E, " ,I . W, t- ffiyiiw ., T ' Wil ROBERT WHEELER Bob DONALD DUFFY Duff Lots of tough luck but still kicking. Position: Right Tackle Biggest lineman. Position: End -A ,,.,i. .LL 4-H LA, -, En.. , ....,-., l T . p ..i, mag, Good backfield man: also tricky run- 42 QV' i fix: ' .,.:, ' ti EDWARDEERAHAM HOWARD CHANEY Howie Position: Guard Position: Halfback JAMES KELLY jim Position: Quarterback Hdlkl' fbll. . S'llh. f .t , l 'll af UC P aYU'1 om 3 H lligolcingaforward to a very good season piibabig ie ergegeglreo asa :xrewgn y ' the gridiron. Hifi K 'iff .1 CHARLES CASEY , , THOMAS BAKER Pearl to K X , I Moon Q i y Position: Fullback ' POQIUOI11 End :gg ' Was really a full fullback. Quick on his l0e55 Proved W0rthY- k-Al'i- 4 , i'-i- 3 X ' 2 HARRY w1LsoN A Wheel ' : .gif Position: Center . Was the center of our team, H 'L N HOWARD SCHINDLER ' il gi, Is 1-I Position: Guard JOHN ZTEFANCIS ayed good guard on the team. ritz Position: Tackle Played two good years of football. l LEO CAMPBELL ROBERT MILLER A-Position: End Vince to be just like his brother. moral SUPIPUTL Cannon Ball h POSltl0l'l! Guard Pogitigni End " l his ' 2 broke" more than the Proving. ,YW - -Lax, ,...,,,, ..,,,-l..4,. ,,, , , , PA UL DONNELLY Beans Position: Quarterback Played four years of football. Is not to be fooled with. GEORGE PALISCHACK Abu V Didn't play much football because of 'injuries, but gave the team all his EAST PGH. HIGH SCHOOL opened the 1949-50 basketball season with one of the toughest schedules ever en- countered. The team is in Section XIX of the W.P.I.A.L. If the team can give a good account of themselves they havea very good chance to be in the running for the section championship. The team will be strong at all positions, losing only three seniors from last year. Eight players will graduate from the varsity squad this year. Basketball coach is Mr. Mihalco and the managers are Ed. Kenyherz and Mike Adam. Baaketiiall Q 'T 5 271.-X ,ig Q My K - -nil :- ..:'-u ar up 1-is . ' Q' H sm liiafg, 14 il wr: A ww 3 Qf ' Y V M1 'fmunf W 1 z F q Sa 3 , V ' - 3 "-'3 - I ' Q I if lp 5 nl gfzsw Thomas Baker .... Sr. .,.. ..,.. F orward WA . . iff: YV1lhan1 Bennett Sr. .,.... Forward Paul Donnelly , .... ..... S r. ..,. Forward 5 Donald Duffy .... Sr. .... ...... F orward lf gig . X Nick George ,..... jr. .... Guard N ' 1' - Edward Graham Lawrence Horvat Milton Katselas .. Richard Marto ., Ralph Mocker ..., Sedat Pishkopia joseph Reed ....,...,.. ....... Charles Woolard Sr. Sr. Sr. Jr. .,..,. . Soph. . Sr. ...,.. . Soph. Jr. Center Forward Forward Guard Center-Guard Forward Guard Guard qgf Kyiv 5 F Q, ,J M if.r " ...,. ' ,ff rg? - .M 3 ag J 'a ,F -,392 "'i-a",42Z. figffizf QQEUZQISQQ .g gazed ffigeeggigg 25345 rife? 35 fl x :.,,,,. , , f fx W L sf -za 1425 A ' X ,fx rs X , . X, 3? '55 K K N f Y , iii 'iilxlfral K ? Ze H il' H YV? E I, iw fx'-fl 1 :Q fi E 9. ' wifi? P qw, Ural 32, . iii' 4 '.Hiiwvi"'M, M agigwslf ll ma., 1 . r 6 kg iw 'Lg QQ N 35 4 L ET' 1 Y H i. S f 4 lla . ,L J flier ,, A Y .M Ami , Q , , . as '-an M--4' There was a varied program of individual and team sports throughout the year. During the warmer days of September we played kick- ball outside-but resorted to soccer in the gym- nasium on cooler days. The following month we showed our ability on the mats-doing somer- saults, headstands, etc. Following tumbling, the boys weer invited into our classes for square and social dancing. Some of the students were chosen to demonstrate a few square dances for "Patrons' Night". Then came our favorite sport-basketball. After several weeks of prac- tice, captains were picked in each home room and a round-robin tournament was scheduled. Then came a turn to the finer things in life, and we had modern dancing. This involved rythmic exercises to the beat of the tom-tom, dancing to music, and finally, our own original dance compositions. Following modern danc- ing, the nets were brought out for a program of volleyball and badminton. There was a mixed doubles tournament in badminton to help build up co-recreation in the school. Also along this line, co-recreational plans were made for volleyball-each team consisting of four girls and four boys. During May, as the days became brighter and warmer, we were able to go out- side again to end the year with softball games that provided a lot of excitement and fun. Not to be forgotten in our physical education- al program is our beautiful swimming pool. Q 'ah' Syzcvdh is' 'f The students of East Pittsburgh are fortunate in having a pool as we are one of the few It is hoped that the students will continue their interest in sports and -recreation in the future. , , ,.,,-,.,.a ,.,,, , , a ...-...........Y Aman... "--A--M '-'- in the district that has this fad" V. 53' l , il tt L .-'.7, 1 i . I -..g 3 L I 33' 'WZ' L - i 1 -V -.H Ji 7 . . ..., . .... -.- ---- :- -Y-rv-:1-1-1 N44 Senior Class Cheerleaders: Standing - Roslyn Mulroy, Shirley Tubbs, Lois Hite, Audrey Borkowski. Sitting - Claire Wherle, Eleanor Latsko, Joanne Lewis, Jean Simon. ' ln.ga.m'-'- ,- 1 vm- -nt ,ja nmwmsm. .. fu, .wwmgk 'ff' ,3'.,lf'9?W3izwLT , ' 'Ji S. IW. WOLFE FUNERAL HoME Electric Avenue East Pittsburgh, Pa. FINE BROS. Cleaners and Tailors We Call for and Deliver Call Valley l536 211 Electric Avenue East Pittsburgh, Pa. Phone: Valley 2317 Dr. Jos. J. Schmidt Dr. H. Z. Schmidt Optometrists Established 1896 107 Electric Avenue East Pittsburgh, Pa. Compliments of Brown Dairy Company EAST PITTSBURGH, PA. Good Luck . and Best Wishes to the Graduation- Class of 1950 if V I C ' S SERVICE STORE, Inc 709 Brad-dock Avenue Ea-st Pittsburgh, Pa. , Congratulations to the Class of 1950 TERRACE l and I. MAIN TH EATRES F. E. HASLEY, Prop. Valley 2149-J Bessemer Avenue East Pittsburgh, Pa. ,H A Q .1 in L? Q A 5 Compliments of Stambolis Newsstand BRADDOCK AVENUE EAST PITTSBURGH, PA. WALTER J. YENNY Jeweler 104 Electric Avenue East Pittsburgh, Pa. Va. 6446 - Br. 1-3275 VALLEY 6205 MENAS FLOWER SHOP Flowers for All Occasions Cor. Linden- and Cable Avenues East Pittsburgh, Pa. GEORGE MENAS, JR., Proprietor L. GROSS AND CO. FOOTWEAR 102 Electric Avenue East Pittsburgh, Pa. GOLDHAMMER HARDWARE CO. Household Goods - Builders Electrical and Plumbing Supplies 120 Electric Avenue East Pittsburgh, Pa. Phone: CH. 0784 EVERBEST CLEANERS Dyeing - Repairing - Altering We are Reliable 1032 Penn Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. Compliments of VALLEY FOOD CENTER Phon-e: Va. 3087 - Free Delivery GEO. SKANTAR, Prop. Groceries - Meats - Produce 835 Linden Avenue East Pittsburgh, Pa. EAST PITTSBURGH BOOSTER CLUB 346-348 Electric Avenue Dancing Every Saturday and Sunday 9 to 12 BINGO Every Friday Night Phone: Valley 9604 or Valley 3149 HATTER A R RY 811 Braddock Avenue East Pittsburgh, Pa. EDUCATORS MUTUAL Insurance Company Lancaster, Pa. CHARLES HANEY, Dist. Agent 1104 Grant Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. OHRINGER HGME FURNITURE CO. BRADDOCK, PA. I Other Stores in McKEESPORT - GREENSBURG Every Child is Entitled to a High School Education Loyal Crder Of Moose East Pittsburgh, Pa. Lodge No. 1192 if 'A' Compliments Compliments of of LINCOLN COACH LINES V A L L E Y Phone: Irwin 1-337 D A I R Y C O . I , rwln, i' 'k Pennsylvania TH E SMART SHOPPE East Pittsburgh's Only Exclusive Ladies' Shoppe 825 Linden Avenue Phone: Valley 9619 East Pittsburgh, Pa. Best of Luck Seniors GUS 81 BOB'S DAIRY BAYLEY HARDWARE Robert and Edith Enyeart, Props. ZENITH TELEVISION Sales 81 Service 1636 Brinton Avenue 'k if J O S E P H ' S MEN'S STORE North Braddock, Pa. Ik Ik Congratulations sets the Fashion in from FI TERRACE PHARMACY OWSTS For beautiful flowers call Shac'kelford's - Your Home Florist 829 Linden Avenue East Pittsburgh, Pa. Phones: Valley 4020 and 4021 your dependable DRUGGIST Night and Day Free Delivery Va. 3826 or Va. 9010 Corner Main and Center Compliments of GREAT EASTERN Ffedeflfk 723 Braddock Avenue Theater East Pittsburgh, Pa. STAR MARKETS, Inc 517 Main Street Greatest Name in Local Bus Service for the Last 20 Years LEONARDO BURRELLI 170 Grandview Avenue N. BRADDOCK, PA. Valley 0330 G O O D M A N ' S c""'P'i"'e"'s JEWELRY STORE of ,K Ez BROS., Inc. Your Cgedit ls Good at oodman's GENERAL CONTRACTORS Specialty Steel Products, Inc. East -Pittsburgh, Pa. mAMoNos - WATCHES Valley 1709 'k 817 Braddock Avenue East Pittsburgh, Pa. Compliments of Established 1890 TERRACE RECREATION F A L L E R ' S CENTER Better Furniture East ,pin-sburgh, pa, Turtle Creek - Wilkinsburg Compliments of BROZDA PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS Valley 9-790 Corner .Main and Howard Streets East Pittsburgh, Pa. Compliments of GRAY a. DUQUETTE 283 Braddock Avenue Turtle Creek, Pa. Phone: Valley 5671 Phone: Brandywine 1-5093 Plumbing, Heating and Household Appliances Compliments of 0'HARA BROS. Valley 9735 Corner Western and Bessemer Avenues East Pittsburgh, Pa. Complete Line of Sports Equipment Basketball - Football - Baseball Hunting and Fishing Supplies THE SPORTS CENTER 679 Linden Avenue East Pittsburgh, Pa. Valley 3074 Jobe Funeral Home An Institution for Community Service 123-127 Church Street Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania Phone: Valley 1950 DELLAS CAFE GEORGE DELLAS - GUS URINIOS Proprietors 701 Braddock Avenue Get the Nicest Things in Town for Only 50c Down . . . at Compliments of the Leading Credit Jeweiers veterans s""""' of of Foreign Wars Wilkens Amateur Hour Every Sunday: WCAE Post 5003 Wilkens in East Pittsburgh ' East Pittsburgh, Pa Electric and Braddock Ave. VA. 2116 - BR. 1619 SENIOR CLASS A FRIEND palfzaaa C. C. Murphy Co. A Friend Poach Bros. Nevin's Drug Store Paul's Barber Shop Joh-n Kamber Brannigan's 'Confectionery Coney Island Lunch Riche Studio Valley Hardware Co. Mr. 8g Mrs. John A. Lundy Turtle Creek Auto Parts Co. Kenneth C. Vincett Axton's House of Gifts East Pittsburgh Barber Shop Brotfs Jewelers 84 Opticians Frank Gluck J. B. Quality Market P. Cuzanicik Backearis Hotel Cust Keremes White Front Restaurant Guy DePaulo Nick's Cleaners -Hohmann's Drug Store Taylor's Men's Store S. M. Krause Levines A. Honig Cvordon's Drug Store Carlton's Men's Store Maurice Stern Lanigan Funeral Home East Pgh. Music Store PROFESSIONAL PATRONS Albert A. Rosenberg, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Nevin Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Newhouse Dr. A. -R. Treva-skis Dr. and Mrs. J. S. Lloyd Dr. S. R. Weiss Schools . . . Colleges . . . Universities all over America have this to say --HUEBUCI-'i YE lllllllll-I out , e,1L9:e55 us. ol.lDD" . ,519 to ' es Q0 1 ,gall Il me X I r Sewca vow on .tm 'Wd ol loan vlease ew WN negation ed moe on W kv 'cooper- a?9 W all " want 'I i 1 yovfl ea to We ax and X 1 am 0 Aetwe' wok snags . X0 You I books X Shah he grateful Xra'4lng.llu5 MW' ou in mcg ,tion mhz speak? 5 wllh Ike Yrfiebu ue 01' ' wow' we '.. FRQM nom MICHIGANQ.. --The salmon... "The staff and I were very much Sgturda Wbooks at ' pleased with our annual. We us thisy Rnd wer riveii in t have received 'many compliments are m0rni,, e 'deljpe own on the book." Us Wzery 532' gi The red to lieen Very ehelblooked Jing, those ot? congratulagegfsigstic, yoingrhqve H the e to 0 ha lsfactory Y certain! rd lo gn! W ali' iowalor We W new Annu b00k' n tl, , lar. wit' out K FROM RHODE ISLAND. . . "It has been a pleasure to work with you in the production of this year's book. I also wish to extend my com- pliments to your firm on the excellent quality of the book. The paper, print- ing, reproduction of pictures and draw- ings, and the covers are exceptionally fine in all details." EROM NORTH DAKOTA U. "I Want you to know how very pleased I am with the yearbook which you got out for us. In fact, I was 'really delighted when I saw the finished bookg I liked the gray cover the printing superimposed on some of Ihe pictures, and the general set-up. We are very grateful to you personally for your interest in the book, and for showing us how to set it up." H. H. HUEBUCI-I sr 0 PRINTERS-LITHOGRAPHERS 'I'O SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES EVERYWHERE 2140 Aisquith Street 0 Hopkins 6700 0 Baltimore 18, Maryland SEND US YOUR YEARBOOK FOR FREE ANALYSIS AND ESTIMATE AWW4454 1 1 i N r 1 3 2 5 I 1 i ,1 I i a 41 3 E 5 5 I 1 i P v Y- ---wr-W . Y V .Y ., -,,, fr.-.-, W-. .-1.-..- Y--Vf wifi- Y v.,.. ,, . -..M Y.. -...,,.,fv1-,H ,7..-. , , ,rf ,.. gr., ,..,, ,,,,.... -Q .4...,..,.,, .....,-.. , ,. N, . -- .-k, -.-,g,.,.,..:....,-Q.....,,, ., ,... ilk' V ' ,' f f ' w , . 'l B - A A -. Q . 6 ,V- 79' 'iii V ' 1, H 1 L Q' -1. . 9 1. E3 . V, W , ' X -2 . ,,!' 5 . s, L' X. X E. . T r . 1 I' s n .Ai ' 1 x ""--. P 1 4,4 X "--eq .. 'f Tv- . J., ., :VI- .' '-ty' .A ' -QV 1 .42 r A 22? 5. I-. .H "z Y 4 AM-4513: ' .r 11 - I Z. X -

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