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1 . 1 4 1 1 ' ff' HS H 'X W , .. rx 1 1 1 xxx, , . -16,1 1 ' ,. ,f- ' ' 1 I- 5:31-:R'3?1 ' 1-.. 3 V ' X 1 Q21 ' 1 N-1 , ,I 1 1 , 1 1 . 1 . F. nf! A 1 I ,J .. 1, 1 1 1 1, ff ., 2.1 1 AW , rv' 'z 1 A T , ,1,,1,1 Al ' .f'A'-ILJA' ' . ' 1 .X ' K7 . ld, I Y . qi ' - , 1 ' 1 1 1 , 1 . 1 'x 1:7 .J ix If 1 1 1 1 1 1 1' 1' fx 1' If I I C , M 11 1 f . 1 1 1 1 1 ' , 1 1 , -1 r r 'A SN ,1 1 x ,Q I . f ,nw 1, 1 1 1 F. 'Z .' ' 'L H1 i.' Zg 1:11 l ,,. QQ.. Ni' K if 15 . 13 pr 51 C 1 1 '11 1111? N 1 4.1 '1 1 rlrfg 1 12 1 1, Sq ' 1 ,.., 1: I 1 1 1 X 1 1-1 1 1 Fi v Q1 I, ,1 .1 J ,F 2 s 'J X 1 r r 4-I I A 1 .I , , . W bk 1 4 ,.- 1 , x V' K f '75 'xxx Aly., xL, A 1 fu ag LW Rd' f w 15 1! t 'U ,Q A X in Y .x x ,, A X. iw I ,ff -' N Q .3 f ' ,, ,A ,mmf ,aff 6 ,K w -NX w ef li f Lv 1 U' i J E y , I S'-Ai.-41 i 'x ,. -'L I ' f V . 'SV - v , 'J , 3 f X I rj 5 A i Z , ki X '-. hw Y . 1 -1, 301g 'jk 1 I J I L7 l if Q jj ,gT,fj F ff-Q, A P X 1 'J fgfwj U .EE Q Q x g 'J .Qf N3 ,n 1 W' frm' ' -- fill! 5 QL, av . - W VY, .Lf 'A VL- .fn W ' ' 1 - , . 7X Y , T f Q 3 I Q ,- W Q1 x n arf A 1 ff' X' 1 ax '77- ' -A XXX K ,, LLL' ,F ., ,, ' J XX WD' X 'N ?f'f' ' M ff T 4 fffx' 6 gf, i ,,Lw' - 3 an g 25 UW M' J , . 5 i X 0 i I W . .HQ V - 1 C 1 Q . A . a fix Q4 l + V X-. ' ., K Pt? XX I x JNXX K K . gli X' . 4-5 . XX-2 'fb' lx-42 .-1. '-gy X C1 V ,J- , Tw. Q4 , X, ev' f, if L X '25 1 ol if 'J XXI! ' 5 'fulbmx' K A fy 'L 1 , N 51111 n fywsxx X X A03 'ki' :jg X I , 1 gg X N TQ N fi fx ,c.'f Q1 grub 5 E x . V fl-lixx mg 5 M? . ' wif! 0. ' .. I ' I ,J Af: 1 fy tl 2 . - x 's. . Q ' M . -'U . 1 v 'A :ff 41, S ,f '2 'Aj , '--' 4 'N ..,1 f-2' Kgtx 'I J A-M, .- ' Q! I I I-LXQX 2, .,.. ww f . 'X A bb ir f' ff X XE X N '3 ff ' N A -fa: YN rf- --.- , 4 3 1 ,,,,. U This is our story-what we have done and what some of us hope to do in the dim future. We are two of the many ot our age, but we will be the spokesmen. Our school lite is fast coming to a close. Some will go into the world unafraid, others, not knowing the world and its defeats and successes, will draw back. But for each group the world is waiting with its problems. Let us go on, unfraid and hopeful. But we have spoken enough, let us show you our accomplishments for we are proud of them. I. . . e 1Q4Q Grystal RAY HI-XNSEN-Editor r MARY IANE WINTRUBA Assistant Editor MELVIN SKELLY-Business Manager ROSS DEA IBB HELEN GUSTASON Faculty Advisors . 1 E 5 A i r X V w L V W e rysta! nineteen lusincfredforty-nine Presented hy the Seniors of TAST PITTSBURGH HISH SIIHIIIIT Tast Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - VV I BOARD OF EDUCATION The Board oi Education oi the East Pittsburgh School District meets regularly every second Friday ot each month. The members oi the board are: Mr. Patrick A, Clougherty. Mr. Wil- liam L. Thompson, Ir., Mr. Iames M. Duify. Mr. Lawrence I. O'Toole, Mr. Henry G. Beamer. Mr. Michael Poach, Mr, Iohn Marko, Ir.. Mr. Rice and Mr. Leo Comer admuustfatzon MR. BEAMER Superintendent oi the East Pittsburgh School District MISS SPANGLER Secretary A ol East Pittsburgh High School MR. MCCUNE Principal ot East Pittsburgh High School 3 'gg-W Frm..- ,W 1, , As -. .l 5, V Q , L 9 1 2 Q Swv- V2 ,1H.'w- 11 : 'f N w,,X,Q',.y,f,y,s9f.e, .X . ' ' Q ,S-, -, y. ,, J -cm rv Q44-nf, ' .........,...n 2 ,L?f'ii5T .- A . gf'-mf? ' f .e,L,.k,, .x , , I Q3 if sfff f f 1 . . 1 ' Q , f 4 , , E ef- -ff , , fe: gf! gfwrfgqiq A Q K' , ' .B W ' f fig i A 2 A : 'V - ,swf Xing ga' .44 , f -is .. D .-f?5i,25i'?' wi? M , ,K if - VY. 0-is .145 . , .5 - S V, G Zfzif g mga! ' If Q Whh' Life 1.14 J, ,,. 'wfw' ' 495 - if W '1' K K . , if pQ.:.,4 - 1 2 ' K f J W I V Q fx Q cglze Cgveniors l, . if . SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS The Senior Class Officers are: President, Iolm Miller, Vice President. Raymond Hansen. Sec- - retary. Mary Cox, and Treasurer, Arlene Marti- nell. Mr. Lewinter is the Senior Class Advisor. The Class plans to have a picnic and the Senior Hop in the latter part of May. IAMES AULD- Archie -Pastime- Loafing-Likes sports-Dislikes math- ematics - Stage Crew - Radio Pro- gram-Intramural Basketball-Wants to be a counterspy. BETTY IANE BABYAK- Babs - Brown hair and eyes to match-Pas- time dancing-Likes shows-Dislikes school-Chorus-Senior Play-Crys- tal Staif-Ambition hopes to be' a secretary. ANN BORUSHKO- Babe -Blonde -Peppy cheerleader-Life of the party-Pastime dancing-Likes boys -Ambition to be -'s wife. GEORGIA BROWN- Georgianna - Crazy about dancing and sports- Dislikes swimming-Hopes to be a receptionist-Long clark hair-B1 ology Club-Student Council- Camera Club. QMS I Q., rv ga ry,y Y sz. - f 1 , ., , vw if- 1. - he ,ws fe M, .,.,-,1,Z JOHN MILLER - Ivan - Ambitious hunter-Hates getting up early-Our football star-Wants to continue in college football-President ol Student Council cmd Varsity E -Ir. and Sr. President-Iunior 'Class Play. LOIS BROWN-Brown hair and hazel eyes-Cute build-Nice personality -Likes new clothes and oysters- Dislikes liver and cats-Future un- decided-Biology Club-Basketball player. , ' SHIRLEY BROWN - Pastime looking at cz certain blonde boy-Dislikes teachers-Tall-Well dressed-Ambi- tion model- Moonlight and Apple- sauce -- Spring is Here - Senior Chorus-Band-Green QS White. GRACE CAHRIGQN- Anna May -Pastime writing to Art- ikes the Army-Football- Dislikes show otts-Short hair-Chorus-Pho- tography Club-Basketball-Wants to be a secretary. FRANK CAVRAK- Zeb -Light hair with that Athletic look-Favorite pastime loafing-Likes ll rts-Varsity ice cream and cherry pie-a spo E -Wants to go to college. MARY AGNES COX- Blondie -Cute and friendly-Pastime working-Likes to eat and dance-Dislikes getting up early-Member of Biology and Photography Club-Ambition an ordinary housewife, BERNADINE DORENCAMP-Pastime talking with the kids-Likes dancing-Dislikes the color purple-Blond hair-Dimples-Ambition ' ' tt -Senior Chorus Interior Decorator-Malore e -Iunior and Senior Class Plays ll- FRANK FAZZALARE- Fuzzy - Pastime se ing fruit and dancing-Ambition actor-Tall. dark. and neat-Likes dancing-Dislikes girls hair when dyed-Moonlight and Applesauce -Spring is Here-Band I. II, III. whiting Neff , THOMAS HALLUSKA - Timmy - Blue eyes and blond hair-Likes football-Dislikes school -Varsity man-usually loaiing-Aim: College. RAYMOND HANSEN- Ray -Hobby dancing -Likes girls-Dislikes nothing-Sociable dis- position-reliable - Ambition businessman - Iunior and Senior Class Plays-Crystal Editor. LILLIAN HORKAVY- Lil - Pastime dancing ketball-Dislikes silent. -Likes boys and bas 1' htandApplesauce- dull people-Moon ig Spring is Here-Crystal Stal!-Senior Chorus -Wants to be a nurse. J. I A f i ,if is 0 A a get is S J , 'ix 5 ,A Z' A if A R W , s fs s J? , , lg wif uw will W , ,, if 5 Q IOANNE HURLEY- Io -Pastime boys. movies -Likes pork chops. pro baseball - Dislikes history and mathematics-Cheerful - Popular - Ambition secretary - Glee Club - Photog- raphy Club. ANN IVANCO- Shorty -Hobby drawing pic- tures - Likes skating - Dislikes homework - Ambition secretary, housewife-Senior Chorus -Camera Club-Biology Club-Basketball. MARCUS IACKSON- Mark -Hobby driving his car-Likes girls, sports. sharp clothes- Dislikes getting up early-Ambition college- Winning smile-Varsity E -Club Vice-Presi- dent-Football I, ll, III, IV-Stage Crew. RITA IOYCE- Mudgy -Likes skating and eating-Dislikes school and history-Usually seen chewing gum or blowing bubbles- Basketball-Senior Chorus. STEVE KARAS - Kilroy - Hobby loafing - Bowling-Dislikes getting up early-Short. likable, humorous disposition-Ambition me- chanic-Stage Crew-Intramural games. IAMES KLAZER- Jimmy -Nice build-Brown hair - Likes dancing and football - Pastime dancing - Likes to loai - Dislikes nothing - Very shy - Footb all - Varsity Club - Stage Crew-Future undecided. IOHN KLECKNER- Buddy -Tall, blond hair. winning personality-Pastime loafing - Likes dancing, bowling. fishing-Ambition to open sports store-Crystal Staff-Stage Crew. DELORES KOLCUN- Dolly -Pastime sleep- ing and eating-Likes milkshakes-Football- Reading-Dislikes work-Band-Senior Chorus -Spring is Here-Wants to be a civil engi- neer and architect, , if L f e ? X e t W it fa iii' if if . Q H at T A s L l lv 4 L sl M mf L Q1 5 4211 ,I 1 , ' ess--it A v ll , if '15 Y Nsislttiskzt . .,, sllivi ! i , ,W SWK ' 455' w ,,.Q'LT551fff ' THOMAS KRAVETZ- Tommy -Likes loaiing. women-Dislikes school-Brown eyes. brown gzixixg- Aim to find work - Chorus - Biology u . ANNETTE LANDSPERGER - Butch -Champ on roller skates-Dislikes homework-Probably iirst Senior girl to be married-Big blue eyes gltzixior Class Play-Biology Club-Crystal ta . BETTY IANE LATSKO -- Hollywood - Short. blonde. witty-Favorite pastime baby sitting -Likes to sing. cook. swim-Dislikes lish- Chorus-Biology Club-Wants to be a secre- tary. ARLEEN IVIARTINELL-Likes cooking. dancing -Dislikes saurkraut-Short. brown hair. brown eyes--Wants to attend business school -Senior Play-Biology Club-Science Club- Camera Club-Senior Class Treasurer. IAMES DONALD McDERMOTT- McNutt - Snappy wise-cracks-Short but good on the basketball court-Wouldn't be caught danc- ing-Usually loaling-Sherlock in Iunior Play -Hep-cat in Senior Play-Ambition unde- cided. C MARY ELLEN McLAIN- Red -Pastime boys. dates-Likes dancing. movies. basketball- Dislikes History. Mathematics-Cheerful. popu- lar - Ambition secretary - Chorus - Photog- raphy Club. LILLIAN MILKO - Lil -Petite blonde-Likes basketball--Pet peeve white cake-Smooth dancer-Editor of Green and White-Goal- Westinghouse. AGNES MILLER- Agnes -Hobby dancing- Likes boys-Dislikes algebra-lunior and Senior Class Plays-Majorette-Crystal Stall -Biology Club-Science Club Photography Club-Ambition nurse. ing, swimming-Dislikes sitting through cow- boy pictures-Iunior Class Play-Basketball Chorus-Wants to be a stenographer. DOROTHY ORFANOPOULOS- Oriey - Brown hair and eyes-Pastime loating with Mary-Likes b a s k e t b all , dancing-Dislikes squash - Ambition doctor - Camera Club - Biology Club-Senior Chorus. RICHARD PETRICK- Dick -Likes his saxo- phone and clarinet, girls. dancing, iazz-Dis- likes cheese. fish-Hobby playing his saxo- phone-Iokester-Ambition to continue in music-Band and Orchestra I, II. lll. lV. RUTH POTTINGER - Ruthie - Likes cake. baseball- Dislikes swimming - Hobby base- ball-Ambition secretary-Blonde hair, blue B E A TRICE MILLER- Googs -Redhead- Pleasing personality-Favorite pastime danc- eyes, turned-up nose- Green 6. White - Camera Club-Treasurer III-Biology Club, VERONICA SABAN- Ronie -Usually testing out cr new recipe-Cuts a smooth rug-Aim: secretary-Photography Club-Chorus. BERT SIMON- Bert -Tall. dark, and hand- some? ? ? - Likes driving - Dislikes school- Usually seen with Beatrice-Iunior Class Play -Senior Class Play. MELVIN SKELLY- Sonny -Shooting pool- Likes pumpkin ie-Dislikes school Short P A - . gray eyes, brown hair-Ambition to get mar- hx ried-Basketball-Green G White-Crystal Q 5 1 Q Staff-Iunior Play. 5 ' jlW1 'iWSM,, , fi K' MARY STAMBOLIS - Mary -Pastime danc- ing-Likes all sports-Dislikes chemistry, physics-Usually quiet-Very shy-Ambition nurse-Prop Committee in Senior Play-Pho- tography Club-Chorus. 9 - KX kr is A STAVROS - Ann - Likes dancing local ANN ' ' -Sells tickets at a Dislikes shopping theater - Always laughing - Ambition secre- ' l - Senior Chorus tary-Senior Class P ay Crystal Stalf. LAWRENCE TURCOVSKY - Larry -Blonde. blue eyes-Pastime dancing-Likes sports- ' to get a job- Dislikes nothing-Ambition il-Stage Crew oi Senior and Student Counc Iunior Play-Crystal Stati. ETHEL - ed, friendly -Favorite pastime dancing-Likes shopping. sewing -Dislikes basketball. housework-BL 'ttee-Chorus-Wants VAUGHN sem-1 -Big ey ology Club--Prop Comm: to ' be a Public Speaker. I ney -Pastime writ- MARY IANE VERBE- cr ' d nd all sports tes Likes shorthan a ' Chorus- ing no - ' ' -C stal Staff-Senior Dislikes cats ry -Wants to be a secretary. Photography Club e Likes ice MARY LOU WEHRLE- Mar - cream. swimming - Dislikes school- Usually -Hair of gold , . . Eyes seen talking to a boy oi blue? ? ?-Senior Chorus. WN A SANDRA WILLIAMS- Sandy -Crazy about dancing and tall men-A spaghetti and Pepsi- Cola ian-Tall and willowy with lovely clothes-Wants to be a secretary-Green 6 White. GERALDINE WILSON- Jerry -Hobby work- ing-Likes to laugh and be happy-Dislikes complaining people-Brown hair. nice per- sonality-Ambition secretary-Senior Play- Senior Chorus-Crystal Stati. MARY IANE WINTRUBA- ICtney -Hobby horseback riding - Likes dancing - Dislikes liver - Studious. brown hair. ticklish - Ambi- tion nurse-Prompter Iunior, and Senior Plays -Ass't Editor ot Crystal. X, 14 9-AQ 2Jl4'LJQ4'C!ClSS4'I'lQ4'l ROOM 206 IST ROW: Mr. Petruskct: C. Konios: B. A. Mcmderano: A. Siconolfi: M. Marko: B. I. Kotik: M, Ramadan: B. Banks: S. Srambolis: P. Chilimidos: P. A. Henderson: E. Kenyherz. ZND ROW: G. Kolcun: C. Fischer: D. Mulroy: D. Duffy: L. Cambell: G. Paliscak: E. Graham: W. Stack: R. Tubbs: P. Goodman, 3RD ROW: T. Drolich: S. Mazuer W Bennett S Peshko ia L Horvath P Donnell . McGlashcm: M. Ka!- : . : . p : . : . y:I selas: I. Steiancis. ROOM 207 1ST ROW: Miss Keele: W. Wiley: I. Porter: D. Wilson: L. Wier: A. Snyder: L. Hite. L. Fasley: M. Simunick: P. Weber. ZND ROW: I, Cole: D. Stavros: R. Ianic: H. Niem: T. Baker: M. Smith: R. Rohall: W. Dumi: R. Owens: A. Halvatzis: I. Simon. GRD ROW: P. Winwood: A. M. Keane: C. McGlashan: D. Naughton: L. Wees: P. Heptas: B. Bivins: I. Velar. l.LI'l'lOI'S An informal picture oi a iew Iuniors during one ol their leisure moments ol the day. Paul Donnelley: Lois Fasly: Rachel Owens: George Paliscak. THE IUNIOR CLASS The Iunior Class, under the competent di- rection of Miss Keele, has climbed another rung on the ladder toward graduation. First was the election of class officers. Ed- Ward Graham Was chosen President, Milton Katsilas, Vice President, lean Simon, Secre- tary, Betty Banks, Treasurerp and Lois Hite, Representative. The first project ot the year was the sale of magazine subscriptions. The Whole- hearted support ol the students made this campaign a financial success. Betty Banks received a prize tor the largest number ot magazine sales. The boys ol the Iunior Class have shown promising athletic ability by their participa- tion in the school's sport program. lt is expected by all that the Iunior Class will go on to greater success and progress as the Senior Class of 1950. IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS I I. Simon-Secretary. E. Graham-President, Margret Keele Brennan-Advisor-M, Kcrtselcrs- Vice President, B. Banks-Treasurer, B. Kolesar-Secretary, H. Eddleston-Vice President, B. Raynovich-Class Advisor, A. Nese-Treasurer, R. Nese-President, G. Lee-Class Historian. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS The Sophomores started their activities under the able supervision of Miss Rayno- vich, electing Robert Nese, Presidentg Harold Eddleston, Vice President: Betty Kolesar, Sec- retaryg Angelo Nese, Treasurerg and Glenna Lee as Class Historian. They Worked out numerous activities which were enjoyed by all who attended. These activities and their unforgettable ex- periences Will help pave their Way to a new year, as Iuniors. ROOM 203 t 91 A group of sophomore students on their way to class-Phyllis Etzler. Charles Woolard, Harold Eddleston. and Lorraine Auld. IST ROW: R. Thomas: C. Stefanos: G. Winwood: A. Cregg: I. dePaulo: N. Latsko: P, Cole: I. Yunic: L. Eslami: S. Tubbs. ZND ROW: E. Bradish: N. Brewer: S. Adams: H, Eslami: A. Garrity: A. Powers: A. Borkowski: C. Ioyce: R. Bentley: Mrs. Gustason. SRD ROW: V. Hen- derson: E. Edwards: G. Lee: M. Gregor: S. Swacus: B Kolesar: I. Parente: R. Mazuer, I. Wehrle. .,f-QW , 5. ,wif W4 Fffv' ., g - HETPTJ- ' .. Q ,N 5? JM 'X vm ' , ,iw 5535 , 4 ,, ,ga 5 51232 , 'MEX I 2 it 5 f fg fl : ig, W, V 5 5 :W '21 H fi A ,,L, WSM g NW, A k -,.... ,Q in ' u,,1.5,.yQ:, THE FRESHMAN CLASS The Freshman Class, under the able super- vision of Miss Diana Munjas, has chosen: Ray Fasley-President, Beverly Stamates- Vice President, Mary Lou Saban-Secretary, Rosalyn Mulroy-Treasurer. The Freshman Class got off to a good start by holding their dance in November. ,It proved to be a big success which gave them a good financial foothold which will help them through the coming years. Good luck, Freshmen! ROOM 107 IST ROW: Miss Munias, M. Kelly, G. Carrigg, I. Lane, A. M. Kovaly, M. Garrity. B. Stamates, B. Miller, A. Phillips, V. McDonald, N. Iohnson. 2ND ROW: C. Feola, H. Heller, S. Good- man, L. Kucic, M. Kyriazi. N Porter: R. Papoulos, C. Wehrle. R. Mulroy, I. Rohall. SRD ROW: E. Marko. I. Ste- fancis, D, Clugston, M. A. Zugai, L. Carrigan, F. Fore- man. R. Porter, I. Pottinger, C. L. Visco. 4'9.S' 171811 ROOM IDS 1ST ROW: M. Mlinarich, F Milko, V. McLain, M. L Sabcm, G. Pfeiffer, S. Huey M. Legree, B. Aglietti. I Shaffer, G. Dombrow, I Rahaw. ZND ROW: H Swisshelm, M. Missentzis, R Fasly, G. Lauffer, A. Pen dro, R. O'Neal: E. Askew, R. Miller, D, Repasky, R Mocker. S. Williams. M Marlin. SRD ROW: R Moore, C. Casey, I. Merkov- sky, H. Beamer, R. Siems F. Scrabski, I. Kelly, W Gourdie. W. Payne, N Zuagi. Deventlz ana! glglztlz Qracfes IST ROW: E. Latsko, F. Kcxs- pcxzyk, I. Howcrtnik, I. Lewis, V. Dobrich, N. Lingenfelier, A. M. Iourison, M. Horvcxth. ZND ROW: Miss Fickes, R. McKenna, T. Ivanco, F. Hixon, W. Baker, R. Iessup, W. Gezzer, C. Holmes, A. Brannigan, I. Callas. SRD ROW: M. Adam, A. Iessup, A. Friez, E. Hubert, D. Kleckner, R. Kleckner, T. George, S. Lyons, S. Czar- tczrski. IST ROW: A. Eslami, C. Craig. I. O'Neal, I. Hansen, M. Bowkowski. N. I. Bair, G. Hitchings, I. B. Reed, E. Or- Ianopoulos, L. Swisshelm, A. Savers. ZND ROW: A. Weir, A. Sherman, T. Wil- son, D. Polesnak, R. Rey- nolds, N. Stcxmbolis, G. Mar- Iin, D. Strcxiter, C. Hocken- berry, A. Soles, Miss Trog- Iione. SRD ROW: D. Sccxrp, V. Velimerovich, F. Gjebre, G. Nese, M. Shinto. E. Ma- lile, I. Hulbert, R. Dumi, E. Callas. dv' .1 v sfifyi' If f Mu IST ROW: Miss Russel, R. Simon, L. Weber, B. Smith, D. Yakin, L. Weber, H. Whitey, M. Salusky. 2ND ROW: E. Sabo, R. Ryan, W. Simmunick, I. Missentzis, R. Scott, C. Tcrvlas, E. Zambcx, P. Scarp, 3RD ROW: R. Ryan, D. Weir, S. Russon, I. Ressler, I. Twcrrdowski, I. Parker. x.-,,- L-1 A., ct! ities , r W 23 ve., .,,, Here is the group which is mainly responsible. along with the work done by the business and editorial staffs. for the success of the annual. Mrs. Gustason as financial advisor and Mr. Deaner as editorial advisor, with Ray Hansen as Editor-in-Chief and Mary lane Wintruba as Assistant Editor. he Crystal Staff Well, after our school term was under Way a group of capable and earnest Working Seniors Were selected for the task oi editing a yearbook. A layout of the book was arranged soon after the class had voted in favor of the project. We were instructed in our duties in producing a class annual that We hoped would be more pleasantly pictorially and verbally arranged than those oi previous years. We of the Senior Class Wish to deeply extend our thanks for the grand cooperation ot the teachers who devoted their time in coaching our methods ot editing, and also to the support of all the Book's patrons. Members of the business staff of the Crystal. .Jr Members of the Editorial Staff oi the Crystal. f . 55 ,f , Y QQ y l- ' J -f ffff ffl jfjil ,:-7 :- r fD'a:Q1arissf wa, isis- The student body composing the staff ot our high school paper include pupil reporters from ' the Freshman Class, to the Seniors. The members are: Miss Brennan, Advisor, L. Milko. D. Naughton, I. Pottinger. R. Owens. M. Salusky, G. Pfeiffer. R. Pottinger, I. Hurlev, B. Banks. CHRIST NX rx 6 - CIMO L- I N G PRO GR Mn M H-Q' Q lUx3O'lt'3U . I A f Suwcia . 13116.16 Y-norrram is to be I. Cole. I. Velar, S. Brown, A. Powers. L. Fasl , S. St b 1' , S. W'll' . M. Katselas. E. M s ' - Kenhertz. D. Stavros. Y am O ls 1 mms n theqauql -, :gngr f -pg' - , X Vsski-rv., 1 AY E' on OL' t - 51 I ' -- L Q I ,x e reen an ate .4 ' f -1 .e ' T-'Q' ,. ' ,. -1' ' SQ:4..'Qy-X ' J Vffr' V '-.' if I 2 fi?-,.-fzyl EY Tn g-.six ,wif ,X .af v' ' ' While walking nonchalantly down the school corridors, perhaps you have felt a gentle tap on the shoulder and have been asked in a low, mysterious Whisper, 'What's the latest dope? Well, there's no need to be frightened. lt's probably just one of the Green and White reporters. They seem to be everywhere, and whatever they hear they print it. As you probably know, it is, for the Ecomxes out every otheruweek at the price ot two cents per. copy. The material in the Green and White in- .f'. f . . ..y 'f fcludes everything from a gossip column andrjf, ', ff i ! ' ' I f 1 Ntashion-wise facts, to news about the facultyfi' ,f ff.-31 ' - 5 and grade schools and is enjoyed by every-Q4Qf'2 K S 'N ' OI19. The Green and White, like every other O5-, 't . lr, Ryschool organization held several dances dur- most part, run by the Seniors with L. Milkog A xl ' . J A 'ix -as Editor-in-chief, M. Skelly, Business Mana- img the Year' one of Whlch WGS held Cabaret LL X Iger, I. Hurley, Ass't Editor, S. Brown as Social Style' There were fables Set Ground ihe gym? t C Editor and R Pottinger and M. I. Verbe who Qffhgfffand the Ccuples danced bY Candlelight Ie'1 O U7-, 3'2OSet up the stencils. Miss B. Brennan is the freshments Were Served later' ' in ZEUPOIQQ bl-Zladvisor. The reporters are those who have I Here's wishing the Green and White con-Ze QPG5' .FWS ,vlolunteered from grades!-nine to twelve. It .tinued success thru the coming year. Vg Ong 1-.IV -Lcf Tlx'?d . 1. . nr: V . . . X T ri? .- do St U2 9 to Pod titlr ' Hp PEPQ r I 'Z-UO' Ga' 14.7 ' Z-I fi Ve-be S 8,0 L: ,go Lf. thank thg to L-L Ch - .V M, lngs GCC? P P fa E MSP- 'I S Pa Nr, .5 Lillian Milko-Editor ' Ioanne Hurley--Assistant Editor tx Melvin Skelly-Business Manager . Miss Brennan-Advisor M Y Q X 1 ', Q XI' XX. x N W Student Council, composed of home room represen- tatives, meets every other week. They discuss such problems as selection of cheerleaders and dance dates. It has been a great asset to the entire school. Qgjtualent Gotlncz' I Legislation enacted by the Student Coun- cil during the l948-l949 included the follow- ing: a dance schedule arranged, admission price agreed upon, dance regulations set, and a class Historian chosen from each class. This legislation Was approved during the administration of the present officers, assisted by the faculty advisors, Miss Raynovich, Miss the faculty advisors, Miss Raynovich, Miss Keefe and Mrs. Gustason, whose guidance Was sincerely appreciated. Student Council officers, President I. lVIiller, Vice President L. Turkovsky. Secretary L. Hite, and advisors, Mrs. Gustason, Miss Rczynovich, and Miss Keele. athletic Gouncc' The Athletic Council, consisting of Mr. McCune, Miss Perego. Miss Brown, Mr. Cirota, and Mr. Mihalco, controls the interscholastic sports competition of East Pittsburgh High School. Aside from this function they regulate the leagues of basketball and softball between different teams made up of students not eligible lor scholastic sports. I 1ST ROW: D. Ross: N. George: C. Woolard: B. Wheeler: G. Palischak: E. Graham: M. Iackson: T. Hcxlluska: L. Campbell: I. Miller. 2ND ROW: Mr. Mihalco, Couch: B. Bennetl: D. Mulroy: R. Mario: V. Miller: D. Duffy: T. Baker: I. Goerk: I. Stelcmcis: B. Dumi: D. McDermott. SRD ROW: M. Skelley: H. Chaney: S. Pishkopia: H. Wi1son:M. Katselas-: I. Klazer: M. Missentzis: P. Donnelly: C. Casey: I. Kelly. czrsity M Q 'Vik N . VARSITY 'E CLUB OFFICERS urer: Marcus Iackson, Secretary: and Iohn Miller President. SITTING: Frank Cavrcxk, Vice President. STAND- ING: Mr. Mihalco. Coach: Charles Woolard. Treas- G. Wilson: A. Stavros: B. Simon: R. Hansen: A. Martinell: L. Horkavy: A. Miller: B. I. Babyak. Mrs. Meredith QA. Stavrosl off on another tangent. threatening to send Tony Iones KR. Hansenl to jail. lie csvenior play SPRING IS HERE The curtain rises and the audience find themselves in the Kappa Kappa Sorority House. The girls are discussing Prorn Week. Serena Stewart, a photographer arrives to write up an article about Prom ,Week but falls in love with Norwood King. Tony Iones, a mysterious man, takes the job as a cook at the Kappa Kappa House. Rosalind Hoyt falls in love with Tony. Angie Meredith and her boyfriend, Fletch Conway, try to prove Tony a convict. Mrs. Meredith arrives and is forced by Tony to be bound and gagged in the garage. Mrs. Herring, the housernother, doesn't sense the strange happenings. Be- tween Diana Vinson, the comedian, Winny Ashton, the brain child, Conny Iudd and Shorty Thomas, the jitterbuggers, and Betty Lou Peters, a southern belle, the audience is kept in stitches. Later, Tony is proven inno- cent and all ends well. Members ol the stage crew take time out from their hard work to pose for the photographer. STAND- ING: I. Kleckner, T. Halluska, S. Karas, I. Klazer, M. Iackson. STOOPING: I. Auld. and L. Turcovsky. A Miller snaps a quick shot of R Hansen and B Simon while Tonys glrlfrlend and his sister watch B Babyak looks bew1ldered as usual Members of the prop committee make last minute preparations before curtain time, directed by the prompter. D. Orlanopoulos, M. I. Wintruba, I. Hur- ley, B. I. Latsko. D. McDermott and B. Dorencamp putting on their reet skee skeet routine while L. Horkavy and B. Simon prepare to leave for the dance. S. Brown and D Kolcun look on envlously 5 I s E 5 E . .W I, agile Sports 1ST ROW: I. Reed: W. Casey: H. Chaney: B. Bennett: Coach Al. Mihalco: I. Goerk: M. Misseniis: R. Toth: H. Wilson. ZND ROW: I. Kelley: H. Schindler: B. Dumi: I. Miller: D. Ross: I. Stefancis: E. Kessler: D. Mulroy. SRD ROW: L. Campbell: D. Duffy: R. Mario: C. Woolcxrcl: E. Graham: F. Cavrak: B. Wheeler: T. Halluska. 4TH ROW: M. Iackson: I. Klazer: P. Don- nelly: T. Baker: B. Miller. Cgyootoall This year the football squad went for a Week of pre-season training to camp, near Ligioner. Coach Vitsas left us before school started and left his material to Coach Mi- halco. Abu, the only casualty, broke his ankle in the line of duty-playing softball after football practice. The first game was Clairton,-the boys fought hard but Clairton was a little too strong for them. Score: 32-O. Then Pitcairn and after sixty minutes of battle on the Quarry Field, the boys set up a 13-7 score to Win their first game. Then came Wilrnerding on their home field. The boys practiced hard to Win, but they were-1. Baker Bennett Campbell Cavrak Casey Chaney Donnelly Duffy Dumi Graham 34 were too much for our team and it ended 19-0. Then We traveled to Freeport, only to run up against a brick Wall by a score of 27-12. The boys Were in condition for Sharpsbirrg and they proved it by a 19-U score. P. S.- Maybe the mud helped. This brought up their morale for the Rankin game, but it ex- ploded in the second quarter and they gave us a 37-6 beating. Edgewood was next. The boys fought hard but they could not score and it stayed at a U-U deadlock. We traveled to Peabody field to meet Sacred Heart, which turned out to be a 26-6 victory for the Shamrocks. Only one game Was left to play and it Was East Mclxeesport at home. The boys fought hard during the game, but it turned out to be a 20-l3 score with us on the -bottom half. Next year and in years to come the boys Will go to camp, give the newcomers a dig- nified hairciit, practice until it is dark, and fight to win football games. M7 A gf : ..,, mm 'AH rm 'VW A Q!! Wd' sfflk TMMV, . 7 ,IA V fr ,Ain Je.. ' . - tm., '- , , my ' y K li ,I ifyy +ve' ef ' W 'lf K ,V -V ,li , 1 , tx--ff: ' .., -M fi - H' nf , ' ' Q1 ..f' ' 1 . f is ' . tl . e - - tyyiit ' lie ' L- ft 'rl' X - ' -liz? Y' ' 3 r t - -Y -K 5- It i., . V K, Q I A , , , 6-' WH 7 ' -?sfQ'f 3:fi?E 2 f' If ' I , 5, .' 'iii f-iff- 1. We 2' H5513 1 Q.-1e.eg,gi.: Q f. , - v , mpg ,in X, . Goerk Hcxlluskd Iackson Kelly Kessler Klazer Marta I. Miller R.Mi1ler Missentzxs Iohn Miller cmd Mike Missentzis during cz practice Coach Mihalco telling Bm Dumi how and what to d0. session. Here on the bench sit the hopefuls, waiting io be sent into the game. f 212 2:34 X Wm-e, W www J? swf g ig s. 1513 Li :. v iif'?f5? '.i ,im 'f h:w'f Tififllif- glfiaffffffg 17 E35 . 3 ' 11zffi2fff if MUIYOY Reed Ross Schindler Stefcmcis Toth Wheeler Woolcxrd Wilson Mihalco -Lei Qasketoall Lined up left to right are Ed. Graham, Frank Cavralc and Geo. Palischak receiving tips on their offensive and defensive plays from Coach Mihalco. Basketball practice started November l5th With a large turn-out. Only twenty survived in which ten are on varsity and ten are on the Iunior Varsity. The boys are practicing a new method under Mr. Mihalco and hope it Will pay oft in the future. Our games have not been too successful. We have lost our share of the games, and won several, but the team doesn't look too bad. They have the spirit to Win and play, and in the end that is really what counts. VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD Melvin Skelly, Senior: Bill Bennett, Iunior: Sam Pish- kopia, Iunior: Donald McDermott, Senior: Paul Don- nelly, Iunior: Milton Katselas. Iunior: Frank Ccrvrak, Senior: Charles Woolard. Sophomore: Edward Graham, lunior: and Geo. Palischak, Iunior. E , V4 l in 5 ' fl 1 , IUMP BALL . Mr. Mihalco tosses the ball into the air as Donnie Long oi the Iunior Varsity tries to get the ball from his team-mate. Geo. Pcxlischak of the Varsity. BASKETBALL SQUAD 1ST ROW: I. Goerk. R. Siems, D. Long, R: Mocker, R. Moore, R. Miller. ZND ROW: Mr. Mihalco, D. Mc- Dermott, S. Pishkopia, M. Skelly, P. Donnelly, W. Bennett. 3RD ROW: E. Graham. G. Palischak. F. Ccxvrctk, C. Woolcxrd, M. Katselas IUNIOR VAR-SITY BASKETBALL SQUAD TOP ROW: Iohn Goerk, Sophomore: Robert Moore Freshman: Donald Long, Sophomore: Robert Miller, Freshman. BOTTOM ROW: Ronald Siems. Fresh- man: Ralph Mocker, Freshman: Mr. Mihcxlco, Coach. 4 --4. TEAM PEP-UP BEFORE THE START OF GAME Paul Donnelly, Ed Graham, Frank Ccrvrak. George Palischak, and Melvin Skelly. 1ST ROW: W. Gourdie: D. Kolcun: I. Mele: R. Petrick: S. Williams: I. Missentzis: A. Holsinger: I. McGlashen. ZND ROW: P, Cole: H. Beamer: E. Kenhertz: G. Pfeiffer: S. Huey: P. Scarp: B. McKenna: D. Swacus. 3RD ROW: B. Dorencamp: H. Heller: G. Strauss: T. George: R. Moclcer: B. Mandarano: M. Marko: I. Henderson: F. Forman: Miss Perego. 4TH ROW: B. Sta- mates: A. Miller. F. Gjebre: F. Hixon: H. Diehl: A. Soles: D. Scarp: G. Martin: A. Brannigan: B. Kolesar: N. Keane Much of our school spirit is aroused by the band. There is a notable inspiration Within the student body when led by the band at pep meetings. Most attention is given to the band during the football season Where a school spirit along with the color of the game has been stimulated by their music. Many musical selections during the game and various formations at halftime proved to be interesting. ln addition to serving our school, the band performs in many community affairs. Thus it is becoming one of the most active organizations of this school. Bernadine Dorencamp, majorette leader, and not excluding our four other majorettesg Agnes Miller, Nancy Keane, Betty Kolesar, and Beverly Stamates, performed with the Band. We conceive that the band will materialize into something larger Quin! The band performing in full- dress In the foreground we have the maiorettes. left to right, Beverly Stamates, Agnes Miller. Bernadine Dorencamp, Nancy Keane and Betty Kole- sar. and finer under the new direction of Miss Perego. i Glleel' ledffel' S The cheerleaders pep up all the games, and help us to win. They are Peggy Henderson. Ann Borushko. Audrey Borkowski, and Rosalyn Mul- roy. New Cheerleaders chosen this year by the student body: Rachel Owens, Frank Fazzalare, Shirley Tubbs. and Bill Payne. ajorettes The mcqorettes do much to add to the pep and glamour ol any parade, football game or any activity in which the band participates. They are Beverly Stamates. Betty Kolesar, Agnes Miller, Nancy Keane, and Bernadine Dorencamp, head majorette. Q 3 fi E oot af! amp This is as tar as our story goes-but it is not the end. We will go on tor years, We will leave school and go into that end- less line ot young people who wend their way toward future goals. No, this is not the end, because the end can never be written. But we are confident that, somewhere in that endless eternity, there is peace and hope. We're willing to wait. You will hear of us later, on some distant day one ot us may take your pulse, one work tor you in the shops, another tight tor you in a distant 'contlictp and still others join the many myriads ot lives and hopes all young people see ahead. We will stand in the streets and tactories and office buildings, but some ot us will be looking at the stars. M743 pafrond Dr. and Mrs. S. R. Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Iohn A. Lundy A Friend Dr. K. C. Vincett A Friend Mr. I. G. Goldman Mr. I. F. Loreski Mr. Frank Gluck A Friend Mr. S. Iaffe Mr. Ioseph Mazur Mr. A. Honig Ohringer Home Furniture McDermott Superb Cleaners Victory Hat Cleaners Paul's Barber Shop Mary Schuch Beauty Shoppe Eagle Clothing Store Mi1ton's Shoe Stores Weaklands Men's Clothing Lanigan Funeral Home Coney Island Lunch Mallon's Luncheonette Surrowiak Music Store Misses Anna and Catherine Barno Mr. Korlis Lyon A Friend Dr. and Mrs. Iohn S. Lloyd A Friend Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Nevin Mr. and Mrs. B. Dorencamp Mr. R. Costa Mr. Chester Dixon A Friend Mr. M. Stern Mr. M. R. Sygeel Turtle Creek Auto Parts Co. Valley Hardware Co. L. Schmidt Jeweler A Peter's Barber Shop Ton De Paulo Shoe Repair Gil's Style Shop Iohnston The Florist Riche Studio Iimmy's Fruit Market Gust and Sons G. C. Murphy Co. Nick's Cleaners Iohn's Drug Store 'lr COHQIOAHQQIL ia U! EAST PITTSBURGH FIRE MEN 'lr . l :nn l 1 47 SH!-1IIIiELFUHlJ'S Jefd fke ja6Lion in jdzwera For beautiful flowers call Shackelford's, Your Home Florist 829 Linden Avenue East Pittsburgh, Pa. Phones-Valley 4020 and 4021 Congratulations to the Class of 1949 Compliments of TERRACE WALTER J. YENNY and MAIN THEATRES jewed' F. E. HASLEY. Prop. 104 Electric Avenue Valley 2149-I EAST PITTSBURGH, PA. BESSEMER AVENUE EAST PITTSBURGH. PA. Va. 6446 Br- 3275 48 Greatest Name in Local Bus Service for the Last 20 Years LEONARDO BURRELLI '1705 Grandview Avenue N. BRADDOCK, PA. Valley 0330 Compliments of VISCO AUTO SERVICE Center Street and Lincoln Highway Open Daily--8:00 A. M. to 9:00 P. M. Valley 96ll Pittsburgh New Kensington McKeesport MONARCH WALLPAPER 6 PAINT CO. 713 BRADDOCK AVENUE BRADDOCK, PA. Phone BRandywine 0299 BAYLEY HARDWARE ROBERT and EDITH Enyeart, Props. House Furnishings - Paints Television Sets Electrical and Plumbing Supplies 1636 Brinton Avenue NORTH BRADDOCK, PA. Phone VAlley 1796 STAR MARKETS, Inc. 517 MAIN STREET LEVINE'S 816 Braddock Avenue BRADDOCK, PA. Phone BR. 8331 'iSmart Feminine Apparel Compliments of East Pittsburgh POLICE DEPARTMENT I ' 1 1 1 Follow the Popular Crowd to HILLIARDS CAFETERIA 661 BRADDOCK AVENUE EAST PITTSBURGH, PA. Home-Made Pies, Home Cooking Hours 6 A. M. to 7 P. M. PUGLLESE MARKET Fresh Produce Daily Groceries Birdseye Frosted Foods Phone Valley 6468 834 Linden Avenue EAST PITTSBURGH. PA. Compliments of GREAT EASTERN 723 BRADDOCK AVENUE EAST PITTSBURGH. PA. SYMONS, FLAHERTY 6 CO Real Estate -Insurance EAST PITTSBURGH, PA. COMPLIMENTS GF lINElllN UUAIIH LINES Phone Irwin l -337 IRWIN PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of Brown Dairy Company 'A' Compliments of Ardmore Shoe Shine Parlor lobe Funeral Home An Institution tor Community Service 123-127 Church Street TURTLE CREEK, PENNSYLVANIA Phone Valley 1950 ROY R. IOBE IAMES A, IOBE Compliments of O'HARA BROS. Valley 9735 Corner Western and Bessemer Avenues EAST PITTSBURGH, PA. EVERBEST CLEANERS Cleaning - Pressing - Repairing rwo-noun ssnvics CH. 0794 Plant 1026 Penn Avenue, Wilkinsburg Branch Store 7 - 10 Main Street Compliments ot BROZDA PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS Valley 9-790 Corner Main and Howard Streets EAST PITTSBURGH. PA. Compliments ot TERRACE RECREATION CENTER EAST PITTSBURGH. PA. Established l890 FALLER'S Better Furniture Phone va. 1555 529 - 533 Penn Avenue TURTLE CREEK. PA. DeFALCO'S EAST PITTSBURGH CURB MARKET 203 - 205 Electric Avenue FRUITS and VEGETABLES Valley 1316 S. W. WOLFE FUNERAL HOME ELECTRIC AVENUE EAST PITTSBURGH, PA. FINE BROS. Cleaners and Tailors We Call for and Deliver Call Valley 1536 211 Electric Avenue EAST PITTSBURGH, PA. GROSS AND CO. FOOTWEAR 102 ELECTRIC AVENUE EAST PITTSBURGH, PA. Goldhammer Hardware Co. Household Goods - Builders Electrical and Plumbing Supplies 120 ELECTRIC AVENUE EAST PITTSBURGH, PA. Compliments of RUCHIZ BHUS,lnu EAST PITTSBURGH, PA. i' Compliments of Vlllll DAIRY EU. '33 ERNIE'S MARKET Groceries - Meats - Vegetables Phone Valley 1776 614 LINDEN AVENUE Compliments ot SOPHIES PLACE 209 ELECTRIC AVENUE EAST PITTSBURGH, PA. THE SMART SHOPPE East Pittsburgh's Only Exclusive Ladies' Shoppe 825 LINDEN AVENUE Phone Valley 9619 EAST PITTSBURGH. PA. Compliments ot GORDON'S DRUG STORE IJUUIIMANB JEWELRY STUHE 'k Your Credit Is Good at GOODMAN'S DIAMONDS WATCHES 'A' Valley 1709 817 Braddock Avenue EAST PITTSBURGH, PA. lt's Easy to Start Your Training at The Robert Morris School For Day and Evening Classes in Accountancy ' and Business Administration Bookkeeping Secretarial Science Business English Salesmanship Eftective Public Speaking For lull information call at the school 'g.-, or Phone WILLIAM PENN HOTEL BLDG. AT 0922 Compliments ot Hartstein Hardware Co. 301 - 302 Electric Avenue Valley 0910 Brandywine 2130 EAST PITTSBURGH. PA. Compliments ot NEVINS DRUG STORE EAST PITTSBURGH, PA. CARLTON MEN'S SHOP The Valley's Style Setters EAST PITTSBURGH TURTLE CREEK VALLEY AUTO SALES BUICK zas BRADDOCK AVENUE TURTLE CREEK, PA. ' VALLEY 2528 BR, 5273 Phone: Valley 2317 Dr. Ios. I. Schmidt Dr. H. Z. Schmidt Optometrists Established 1696 107 Electric Avenue EAST PITTSBURGH. PA. Get the Nicest Things in Town for Only 5Uc Down . . . at Wilkens LEADING CREDIT IEWELERS Sponsors of Williens Amateur Hnur Every Sunday: WCAE- WILKENS in EAST PITTSBURGH Electric and Braddock Ave. I VA 2116 BR 1619 Compliments of CABLE AVENUE CONFECTIONERY EAST PITTSBURGH BOOSTER CLUB 346 - 348 Electric Avenue DANCING Every Thursday and Sunday 9 to 12 BINGO Every Friday Night Phone Valley 9604 or Valley 3149 1 DELLAS CAFE GEORGE DELLAS- GUS Rmlos Proprietors 701 BRADDOCK AVENUE EAST PITTSBURGH. PA. Compliments of HOHMANN 'S PHARMACY nk' Corner Main cmd Bessemer Avenue EAST PITTSBURGH. PA. ATTER A R R Y 811 BRADDOCK AVENUE EAST PITTSBURGH, PA. Compliments of STAMBOLIS NEWSSTAND BRADDOCK AVENUE EAST PITTSBURGH. PA. Complete Line GOOD LUCK of Sports Equipment Qnd BASKETBALL - FOOTBALL - BASEBALL HUNTING AND FISHING SUPPLIES to the THE SPORTS CENTER GRADUATION CLASS 679 Linden Avenue of EAST PITTSBURGH, PA. 1949 VALLEY 3074 Q il VALLEY 6205 VI I-T5 llflenas Cgyower csjlzop Service Stare, Inc. 709 BRADDOCK AVENUE EAST PITTSBURGH, PA. jAzzuerJ for Occadiona Cor. Linden cmd Cable Avenues EAST PITTSBURGH. PA. GEORGE MENAS, IR., Proprietor G0l'Yll9El'nellfJ of RIVOLI THEATRE EAST PITTSBURGH, PA. Educators Mutual Insurance Company LANCASTER, PA. CHARLES HANEY. Dist. Agent 1104 Grant Bldg., Pittsburgh. Pa. Compliments of VARSITY E CLUB Compliments of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Q Post 5008 EAST PITTSBURGH, PA. r ir Q , .Ph 1 -3' 3 in 1' l K R - x .i 11, f 31 :ble .455 QI' as- P , r N x f 1 'nr 4 v A. u 1-L nu 4- wwf ma vnu :nn L. nm mu 1 me m w V W' A 4 4:

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