East New York Vocational High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY)

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East New York Vocational High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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New York Vocational II l Wells Street igh Se Brooklyn 3, New York gi OQ SZ 55 fvq L NEW ING? YQ? VX EX LIBRIS hol ,XE fwqffe , 52 22 b N X , . A A P W H 'W , X f , Z Wwx M ,ff 1 , 'w ' -' wr, uh f wr. ,Aww 'A as . I 1, .fx X L 3 Q 1 f M7 ff , , M , M42 mi f --a-7' !...L-f :hui . K: zwnrmf, f wmrw ww ,, 'V Wf 1 t f, 9 fm' 3 . V, 2 I 2 ' 3 11 . , V. Z M fxgxx 2 x ,Vw A P 4A,1 Z E M29 ,f A f 7 , 3 X7 ff V V ff' T To The GraduaTes, You are compleTing your secondary educaTion and are enTering a new phase oT IiTe aT a Time when world aTTairs are criTical. FurTher sTudy may be inTerrupTed. Types oT employmenT Tor which you have Trained may be changed. The courage and TaiTh oT man will be challenged. Through your Training aT EasT New Yorlc, you are prepared To Tace The problems OT Tomorrow wiThouT Tear. My besT wishes Tor your success go wiTh you wherever you may be. Sincerely yours, J. RITCT-TIE STEVENSON Principal 4 M- -s-5 NN.. X i s xx I X s T I .X V 'N WMQIIIJ I WY! I Y To The graduaTee aI3oUT To Tece The vforId I recommend The words QT The poeT Virgii, I They can conquer who oeIIeve They canf AARCN GLICKSIEIII Teacher-in-Charge Boys Annex To The C5racIuaTes, I hope ThaT you wiII carry This ThoughT ThroughouT The years ahead, Any Thing which is worTh having is worTh working Tor. Spare no eTTorT, Time, or cosT To achieve your goaI. Good IucI4. WILLIAM S. BURNEY AdminisTraTiye AssisTanT mn. IAPS 40 I hu.-My To lhe Graduales: Those who graduale in a lime ol crisis need special good wishes. May you be slrong in lacing lhe uncerlainlies ol lhe days lhal lie ahead, resolule in winning and preserving a good lile lor yourselves, and happy in everylhing you do. Aloove all, may God bless you all your days. Sincerely, CLAIRE lvl. GILLESPIE Senior Grade Adviser ri owl MN Staff of CBIISSBUADS Cenlonze, Charles Cesario, John Delowery, Joseph Fournier, Everell Kanlor, Marlin Levi, Angelo Mallucci, Gary Malleo, Joseph Qppel, Kennelh Pocchia, James Pac Powell, Roberl Quinn, Roberl Ragona, Dennis Rosenlcranlz, Sluarl Sanloro, Carmine Slahl, Waller Theis, George Thomas, Charles Tuzzolo, Joseph Varisco, Angelo ully Adviser: Mr. l-l. Porl llf' , f ' 0 gi 1.51. 'ff' .5 gg Qi H , l W l +1 -1 i-1 y W ,Tia , Qaaaa i Q 'sages 1 ' Q 'fill 'Wifi aeeaa A aaaaa is 1 lf-55 p,ff' ,' mana aaa aa rl- 1 hifi 4,-i ff O: ' Y '-. - ii? - T-ff.,,- -. - I-.. Exodus N' 'f fi cc- cncl ucin lhe clay when we lirsl enierecl Easl New York Voca- i,v H-. J 5 F gc Sir: e fe 'ze 'ref I+ waz bu? a few shorl years ago. Upon complelion J a , c '- J ,e we :ina ourselves enlerinq a new sphere aller reaching a gca ff' gffef' 2: a, in y four yeare ago. Syn-5 3' 1' , Q inililulicins of learning. Qlhers, wilh Jrhe lraininq 'rhey Jef- + r. a qial in fhe butiine-'32 world. Bul all ol us will e' ef re e ano lry le achieve a qood measure of success in 'he wcfc. Vxfe ' ie 2 necezzary lo rneel lhese challenges musl be mage lgy gifge f e H 're' 'dey ,ff ead rc zucfezz or failure. In malfinq our clecisions, we rr'uS+5 r v ec' - JJ ,car 2 r Teachers and our parenls who have guided and furcrec UE 5: fcer' f. fmfrfe we ave Eaef Flew Yer? 'fe cfchlern oi zucce-as is noi The only obslacle wkigh wi 1 confrcnl ui, lor lhe aciuiirnen' To a new lile will el lirsl bewilder us. Various orher obslacles, such as rnililary zerfice, may have To be Jraclcled by each and every ene ol us. The lfnewlecge ana Quoance which we have received will enable us lo elevare ourselves 'ro worlhy cezilieni ai arnbiliouz Eazl New Yorlf gradueles. We oi The June I95I graduaring claza wil do our ufmosl lo live up lo Jrhe expeclalions of fhe fggulfy who have prepared ue for a new life in a free counlry slrivinq lor a free world. 7 ,glfi w J Q 'Q Al Al I. ig Z, uv ,-f,fp I-53 ez dmb lx g MR. c. A. WRONWICR Chairman, Building Trades and Boaf Building Deparlmenl MR. E. GUREASKO Chairman Avialion MR. E. WIDMANN Chairman, Relaled Technical Subiecrs l-ur... :x iixihch j ,MX ,, .Y Direcfor of Guidance MR. H. SEIDLER Chairman, Machine Shop Depar'rmen+ MR. E. CAMSON Chairman, Heallh Educafion Deparfmenl MN MR. B. BUTNER E MR. A. WILNER Chairman, English and Social Sfudies Depar+men+s MR H PORT Yearbook Dlrecfor MR. J. SILVERMAN Direc+or of Sfudeni' Ac'rivi+ies 1 . . ii 0555 -NM f i N X.. Z I 5 I . XJ . My 'x .- X9 ' I Mr 'ff- Mr iff If' Iff If, Iffl rf' I ,fr If, Ivffr Ifr. Mr. Mr Mr Mr Mr f!Ir Mr M r. Qefop V' gfeugw F!-ff QF, N51- ..'I fl c-g,, u - C- ff .1 F x,,- JGWE Woo Lek' V222 Sfve rn BLTTGVN IWer3 IXIQWBI , Moiby Geiserr VVe'nrrf3ub J. J, , Iffclf-fIy I-IuIoer, CITES by ACULTY I-Iere 2, your receiiQiI. You guyz II qeI ir in Ilwe me-QI. fx Qiramqe pIieriomeriori. In conclusiori. NVIMI is II. I-Iey CIweeI'. You can I ewsume if. Yfiu quyi. are goofing CII. IIIQ- Jokimq Firsf Aid Wei'den. YQ. I i1reIeriIJrI1is way. I-Iey George! Come iri areiqI1rQIcIificL. Y r yoI boyz. Iilor e head in II1e group. , I ye :een DONT IIiiriIf I m preeCI1irig. I or riI ruriIIieZCI1ooI. I iuir work Here. l'm zIiII waifiriq Ior quie-I. Fair and miId. GK. Wher Iieye you QCII? you, Iour I Carff remember where. QI-I! IIIGIIQ QII riqIiI. 9 Ill j lqll w ffg ,Q T l yi l ii 1 HIT PARADE Thinking of You Where Did The Time Go? Bring Back The Thrill T Cry ol The Wild Goose l-lome Cooking TT T I Wanna Go l-lome T The Thing T T T l'm In The Middle ol a Riddle My l-learl Cries Eor You Life ls So Peculiar TT Lucky Qld Sun Y,,,, T I'm Billing Cn Top ol Jrhe NfVorld Slormy Wealher TT T T Slarl Each Day Wifh a Song No, No, and No So Long T T Ain'+cha Ever Coming Back Can? We Talk ll Gver7 T ln The Mood Jingle Bells You Eorgol To Remember Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Me l Donll Care T T I'll Never Be Eree Give Me Eive Minules More 3:30 Bell TTT TTTTTTT Lale Pass T Summer Vacalion T T Culling Classes Caleleria Lunch T Slaying in School T T A Leller l-lome TT lK2-Ja-C2 5lXlPb5l TT T Guidance Bureau T TTTT Science Class We Golla Go To School T T Good Beporl' Card TT ll Slarls al' 3230 TT TTTT Make Up Period Boys You Canll l-lave a Pass We're Gradualing No Caughl Culling T T Gel To Work 2 Weeks Ohc No l-lomework, Eh? I Gol a Sick Pass T You Can Eail Me You Can'+ Leave School Gelling Up ln The Morning l 0 XT T V . 'QL,fS.,fQl.,.f1.,4,1r31J ,X VVL 1.,c, Cf VX fc -.fC4.1Lfqfr'- Zuni will emh 'l25iEI111P11T IEP: T715 SCW01' CIUSS Of Jung' 19.31, living of sound and diS1JOSi!lI,fl 'mind and memory, flfld CO11SidPVil13l The 1lHf'F7'fflil1f1l of this life: do nmkfx puhlislz and df'l'Illl'!' Ihis fo be our . -- lust and us fuIIO:4's, lIC'1'f'l2-U rr'r'0lfi11g all ofhrr fUI'll19I' Wills by us at any time made. Firxt.c1ff6ro1lrIf1u'fIlIde'I1f.wc11'f'prlid,W6g1i1'c'.' Mr. Graham . . A rapid fire water pistol. Mr. Jaffe . . Last call on Wednesday. Miss Klein . . Anew lock for her door. Miss Mosby . . The latest dictionary. Mr. Katz . . A new thermometer. Mr. Burney . . A good guard system. Mr. Gerber . . . A large receipt bookfwtf Mr. Huber . . Taller doors on the subway. Mr. Novak . . . . . . A trip to Texas. Mr. Hilgard . . A larger drawer for S.S. cards. Mr. Widmann . ...... A smart E.T. class. Mr. Butner . . Perfect attendance for the school. Mr. Chinitz . . . . A new pair of cutting pliers. Miss LaSala . . A one year car cleaning service. Mr. Stark . . . . . A Frenchman to speak to. Mr. Silverman . . Have G.O. activities resumed. Miss Gillespie . . . . . . . A perfect composition. Mr. Port . . . . A set of keys with a homing instinct. Faculty at Large . . . . . . A raise in pay. .yn We hmfe hereunto subscribed our names, the twenty-jifth day of June in the year one thousand nine hundred cmd fifty-one. Witne.S.se.s.' 1, Leufned Alot Signed: June 1951 Senior Class Hap P. Tobey Out Will You 41 me 1 L . m.'Q .rl-4' L4 ,- of es B TTU BONE PICKER ag .X g an Y' yi WORD SWALLOWER J S 'Qu -Z-'W' 1-?C:. Wk MUSCLE BOUND A BIIIIYS EYE VIEW 0F STUDENTS The Joker l-le is nearly indisilinguishable Trom The resT oT The crowd. His only marlc oT idenTiTicaTion is an ever-exisTenT grin which gives him The appearance oT a iolrer. During a lesson, he eiTher appears guiTe absorbed in sTudying a TexT in which he has secreTed a comicaboolc or else he enTerTains himselT wiTh consTanT inTeriecTions oT humor. l-le's beTTer lcnown as Who me? The Day Dreamer This is a characTer who may be readily idenTiTied by The semi-Trance in which he walks. l-le is usually inaTTenTive unTil called upon To reciTe. Roused Trom his sTupor, he replies, Whadd'ya wanT Trom me? WhaT did l do? The cause oT his conTusion is a simple one. In all his classes, The Day Dreamer always has The righT answers . . . To The wrong guesTions. l-lis regenTs papers reveal some very sTrange soluTions, ATTer all, who would believe ThaT an advanced algebra problem could be solved Through The use oT a ralqish new model airplane design? AT The Term's end he is awe-sTruclc by his reporT card and regards The marlcs as someThing mysTeriously conjured up on a rouleTTe-wheel. l-leis well lcnown as Why did l Tail? -'il didn'T do nuTTinlll The Glamour Boy This is a noT-unusual characTer who is mosT meTiculous abouT his appear- ance. Upon rising, he will spend TwenTy or more minuTes molding his wave and anoTher TwenTy choosing raimenT which he Teels will enhance his manly appearance and mal4e him ouTsTanding. l-le is usually successTul wiTh The laTTer aim. Who wouldn'T be . . . wearing alTernaTe sTripes oT charTreuse and orange in a maTched suiT7 l-lis dream suiTf7 Oh yes, he has one: A darlc blue shirT wiTh pepperminT-sTicL sleeves maTched To a pair oT red and yellow checlced panTs, oT course. l-lis Teachers describe him as a brighT and colorTul sTudenT. I2 0 KX ll vg HORN RIMMED CLASS CUTTER FN V Z0 ' FULL BREASTED APPLE POLISHE 1 in P KNOW IT ALL r L. MBE 'N 3 ,gg gym 3 fy NXJ XXXXXXX fi? 4 ' ' E4 4 ' 'DI ' X ua f 4 .V f 'S f ' SENIUB ? I f Q X 1 3 XL ff kgs PUSE FUR D E 3 E E PICT RES 5 E 3 E Q E 3 5 is F 5 'u ai : n m H om uuem vmmg fffmmmmmmufii A SCIIO0L DAY IN THE LIFE 0F .1012 EAST NEW YUBKEB f f Q I , 39 1 W 1' X f E ggi! f Eiga Egg? :za f 5555 5 fo fy 5 UQUQWG' fr a 'l.lQ ff 5:-Pet fff a'5,g DOGRS TO A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE PLAN OF JOES DAY The from enfranee is aynuboiic ouf Hue Joe Easf New Yorker! dayis well planned negern deign and urerud Hurougluom Hue for him. His program card lolcfured above chool. Joe Easf New Yorkens program ig Illusfrafes his well-rounded vocajrional and feuu 'fllfedq ble equipment Hue Hneslr. academic Curriculum. , - .AT --fren, AMBROSIO, LOUIS 8ElI 492 Berriman S+ree+ Brooklyn, N. Y. Cafeleria Guard, Building Guard, Cap- lain of lnlramural Baskelball Team, Grad- ualion Usher. Hes lwonesl, lrullwluf, liiendly, and lind, A lriend like lwim ii Haro lo linfzl. Eleclrical Technician AMEND LA, 8El2 62A UM + Br y . N. Y. V ool Newsp er, eleria Guard. He's been p around by ibe leaci- ers so rnuc Tal now be wanfs TC' be one. o a d U. of Alabama and maior in o sludies ARGIRO, VINCENT 8AV3 l2I Franklin Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Bowling Team, Service Squad. Caesar was afnbilious and was killed. l wan? To live. To pifch a No-Hifier for Kenf Lodge. ASHBY, ERNIE 8El2 84-Ol l33rd Avenue Richmond Hill, N. Y., Baskefball, Cafeferia Guard. His brain is one of flne roaming kind. Elecfrician in flwe Navy , ,i ' .W J , gf .W T f 3' J Ii' l rr l . 'E' f w AUERBACH, ARTHUR BEI3 2422 E. 24+h Sfreef Brooklyn, N. Y. Library Squad. An ordinary cilizeni opposes brain lax. anon. Elecfrician Waco'-W' 'Ubi ws. 'Ma--1 Shi' ' iw HEADS UP! AVELLINO, SALVATORE 8El2 243 Grove S+ree+ Brooklyn, N. Y. Admissions, Shop Assis+an+, G.O. X: Sen- ior Rep. The singing Vic Damone of Easl New York. To be flie biggesf big sliol' making good +o flie girl who loves me. BARBONE, l.OUlE BEl2 782 Madison S'rree+ Brooklyn, N. Y. Cafeferia Guard. Heis Lillie Lou cl 8lfl2. BARZ, RUDOLPH BEII I7l0 Pulnam Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Newman Club, Track Team, Newspaper, Library' Building 8: Cafeferia Squad, Honor Sociely. Nor a genius. nz? a loolg ius? a lad 'rlnar goes +i sclneo. To go +o college BAYNES, JOHN BBN ISI9 Bergen Sfreel Brooklyn, N. Y. Track Team, Cafeferia Guard, Glee Club, G.O. Represenlalive, Baskelball lnler- murals. The greal lover-A'ias Ladies Man. BAZAREWSKY, ANTHONY SEIZ I83 Powell Sireef Brooklyn, N. Y. Argues sz weli, he could gef a sick pass for dandrdl. To marry a girl wi+l'1 millions and never have +o go +o work I S A Heallln educalion ia a perl of every course, adminislered lo eaclw sludenl for a minmunn igeriod oi one and one-liali years. BETHEL, LIONEL 3552 325 Lexinglon Avenue Brooklyn, N, Y, Cafereria Guard. l'le worxfol ralher be a dreamer rhan a hover. To be an eleclrician , I f 1 ,,:f2fz f. X ..,!.., BRACCO, ANTHONY 8El2 4I5 Woodward Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Track Team, G.O. Represenlalive, Cap- +ain of Guards in Cafe+eria. k.aCaC e if be ': 3 lifemac 5 I remar. Elec+rician BRASILE, ANTHONY 8Ell l28l Loring Avenue Brooklyn, N, Y. Handball 8: Volley Ball Tournamenls. l-ie 'es e 'gr' a'sfle'5- cf ' 'ea:ne'2 agk 're -'.':': :deft To succeed afler school 'f4f-5 f5'f,.i 4 fl 'j , -f If ' I 4 fa BRATHWAITE, GEORGE BEI3 495 Bainbridge Slreer Brooklyn, N. Y. Service Squad, Track Team, Sound Squad. l-les :-'e'-Ex g 2 EE-'J'-EE. Own a radio-'relevision srore BROWN, LEONARD 8ElI 300 Bradford Slreef Brooklyn, N. Y. Service Squad, Gradualion Usher, Infra- mural Baske+baIl Team. S:r'e r: fe :.: c ' zee Tre nappy Gif we' TJ Eleclronics Engineer LATHE LIFE BRUSCA, DON I563 Dekalb Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. 8EII S vic Squad, Easl Ney ,York Bd cl LG 2 f me fa . l BURCHIERE, JOSEPH 75 Evergreen Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. A regular qu all lhe way. 'f or miih 1iQff14ej...v,,,A..,xb ko ii, ,. ,W 8AV3 QLllf1'l 'l'Wlll hr- Il are-l lhere. Avialion mechanic? Wfzr,llo.,uL A-MJT, . ff Z vilvdfylgl X KFA, X!! 'r - .gf-ff L BURO, CARMINE 2365 Allanlic Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. l-le may be ba-.hl.l. Bur wirh ln-2 lilrairy Television mechanic A N Ferl' CARBONE, FRANK 759 Glenmore Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. 3El3 he may live shyg r Silence is qclden, ei T , To make good in wha CARROLL, EDWARD 244 Srockholrn Slreel Brooklyn, N. Y. Building Guard. lli- pi,-ny-, by ll.g- liq lan, he riirrvl Aviafion mechanic hel' ge lily. . iw ,re 5 8El3 ' lr a millionaire l l do BAV2 lil lvl lli-3 miiimn be- ray Fi eleclric bill. ll Joe is in The avialion or eleclrical course, he musl lake one lerrn ol machine shop where he will learn lo use lhe lalhe, Shaper, surface grinder, drill press, and lhe milling machine. 11 CENTONZE, CHARLES SBN I4 Scholes Sfreel Brooklyn, N. Y. 6.0. 8: School 8: Senior Represenralive, Service Squad, In+ramural Baskefball, Ad- verlising Srafl. Jusr qive him 3 com itll' ia fvwj .1 Iwil lull ol qau. To be a business man CERETTI, ANTHONY BEII I262 7IsI Slreel Brooklyn, N. Y. Track Team, 6.0. Represenlaiive. Quier and slim' Bur srzl' a nirl- 1 X Technician CESARIO, JOHN BEI3 582 Eas+ New York Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Baseball Team, Service 3: Cafeleria Squad, Sound Crew. The Yode inq Kid Tron Br:-bl yn, Projsional basebaII,4:Iayer gig! cffvazwm uf .ff-lb ff'i0.v.2- Lf if CIMINERA, VINCENT' ZI6 Sandford Sfreer Brooklyn, N. Y. Newman Club, Building Squad, Bowling Team. A good friend To one and a3fT 8EII An enemy To none ar al. Laborafory Technician CIPRIANO, CARMINE 8AVI 256 Wyona Slreef Brooklyn, N. Y. Sricks and sionepi wil hurt his U- n buf please don? Touch hiz wa ' Avialion Mechanic f Q ,ET W . ' . A- '-' i W 4 . My fi? .Z CRN'-'s 9'-4 TEAMWORK CROKE, RICHARLV 232 Moffaf Sfreer Brooklyn, N. Y. Baseball Club, Buil Quier and ca Bur always rea: To be able Io hir EAV3 di, CUSIMANO, ROSE 72 Hooper Sfreel Brooklyn, N. Y. Cafeleria Guard. There came a it To Easr New Y: UAMICO, PETER 595 Myrfle Avenu Ridgewood, N. Y. BVFYN. d a 8EII f A 4-'Agn paris, fp A uf 'ear 6 SAVI If .hence were Pcclefe ef. To make money DAVIS, WILLIAM I499 Ful+on S'Iree+ Brooklyn, N. Y. 8EII Track Team, Inlramural Baskeiball, Cafe- +eria Guard. A s--ic 35 ci: J He-'s 're moe 'o Television Technician 6 we--0-C1,qM,ye .QJUZ f - A A A E - s DEC MIN Di ueeuw' BB 262 Wifhers s+f + Q.1-Lmeaufu Brooklyn, N. Y. Shop Foreman for 3 Years, 6.0. Repre- sen'I'a+ive. Mirror, nwirr f 're i a ' i . f NA nos for a a Carpenfer Engine mechanics is an exlremely imporranl perl of The avialion curriculum. Many zludenrs have enlered This lield upon gradualion and have been very successful in ir. DELLA RATTA, HARRY QEI3 II Sherlock Place Brooklyn, N. Y. We xo. fue 'l1isisrlQ'w'T Radio and Television Servicemen f . fy. , 9 ' 0 f ' A' f 4 yfi. '5- DELOWERY, JOSEPH 8Ell I58 Knickerbocker Avenue Brooklyn, N, Y, Service Squad, Honor Rall, Inlramural Baskelball, Cafe+eria Guard. 'X 'Q I5 I- -A ,Je .. MS- :inf ii, EI +. . . .Ji . QC '?wQvj?aff I Q gif' DE LUCA. MARIO 3513 IOI4 De Kalb Avenue Brooklyn, N, Y, Service Squad. Radio and Television Technician J A f f ,' jf' JI' A '1x ff 'i f'7,:vfff' ,, ,, , ,f-, '.. DE MATTEO, JOHN ZI I4 Aflanlic Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Cafeferia Guard. I selz y .f:.Q,i':-1- re- K .Civ M ,.' :i' ' e 'ni'- A ' l To become a millionaire A ' DEROSA, ANTHONY SBN I236 Herkimer S+ree+ Brooklyn, N. Y. Service Squad, In+ramuraI Baskefball. QQ,-H ,Ver U. S. Marines MAKING A CIRCUIT CHECK DIMARCO, NICHOLAS 359 Alkins Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Cify employee or a singer DINKOWITZ, LEONARD 529 Chrislopher Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. IO lf' I Ihn I7rirIVlI'l'S win, Radio ad-id Television Repair Main -A swf? F.. Q . X DOBBIN, MORRIS 275 Chauncey Sfreef Brooklyn, N. Y. I-I,, U,-.wr +f.fUy-,IM wink- fill lrouble li ' IIIWIIZQ lnirn. DOLINSKI, JOSEPH 543 Schenck Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Cafeferia Guard. Lifle 'I-Iercule ' 'I 'rw To be an Elecfrician EISENBERG, KENNETH 850 New Lols Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. 8EI3 BEI3 BBB 8El2 8BN Member of Ihe Woodworking Club. N' I in 'wrnu noi a lui Iurl fi Iiuy lhal form- In 'flnmm Afler The Army, I wanl Io gel inlo Ihe Carpenlry Business The eleclric rnolor shop was buill al qreal expense. Here aludenls make perform- ance I-egla on molors and generalors as well as repairs Ihereon. 9 ESPINOSA, RURPERT .f 8BN I703 Cenlre Shyeei ,fd Brooklyh, N. YI, A lglfirh1lha,+ 5SmiiIe cl Pleasure. , W ., ,I i, .R 6 If ! ., 7g -, i xv , i J! - l 2 f L, J FARCO, NICHOLAS 279 Ainslie S+ree+ Brooklyn, N. Y. Building Guard. I-le will sinci yo.. a 'rhcu BAV2 Y sand ov-2 1 Avialion Mechanic FERRARO, RAYMOND 8EI2 IO7-07 Rockaway Avenue Ozone Park, N. Y. Cafeleria Guard. Gene Slanley of 8EI2, To prosper in business , , . X .casey .iffw ,fn ff .- 1' . , . .fy k ' , Q ,yy !fw4..1l4,l X Mfggiki I I, ,, ..- FLEMING, PETE 8AVI I3I-I9 I30II1 Sfreel Soufh Ozone Park, N. Y. Woodworking Club, Cafeleria Guard. Give him a Space ship, and hes on his way. Aviafion Mechanic FRANCIS, MARK BAV2 I946 Arlanric Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Cafeleria Guard, Building Guard. Give him a baskelbali and you can keep lhe girls. Career in Air Force Chemiilrx' is an E-CE, Bien Chernislr FOURNIER, EVERETT 8AVI ISO Troy Avenue -, Brooklyn, N. Y. Swimming Team, Blue Prinl Squad. we like him more eacn day. gm Commercial Pilor gn--a.. e1AMMoNA, TIVNY eAv3 724 'Presidenf S+ree+ Brkklyn, N. Y. , ,fgn-American Club, Track Team, G.O. -, Represeqjarive. ln 3' ear! rhar Uh ard gr' 5 don? mix. Avialion Mechanic or milirary career GIORDANO, ANTHONY 8AVI 28 No. Oxford Srreel Brooklyn, N. Y. i' hands were in his oo:ke': ulcIn'r speak above a whisper. Join Ihe Air Force GIOVANNIELLO, MARTIN 8El2 6124 Menahan Slreef Brooklyn, N. Y. Cafeferia Guard. Be carelai cl the quiel one. Eleclrician ' GRASSO, SAL 8ElI 384 New Jersey Avenue Brooklyn, Y. r Inlramural s ejball T . l-le S b y she mee? T k o r 5, h I' a rea' 'rrea+ Elecgc E W I elf EMBRYO ENGINEERS invaluable carl ol lhe lechnical program. Joe musl also lake y and phyiics are required in lhe avialion and eleclrical lechnical Each day he has 'ess lo say. Thahs why GRIPPALDI, NICHOLAS BAV3 888 Park Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y, Work liascinales him. He can 51+ and walclw il' all day. Aviafion Mechanic GUASTAFESTE, FRANK 8El2 989 Crescenf Sireel Brooklyn, N. Y. Cafeleria Guard. Brigl'1+ Boy?f7? To become a good Elecfrician ff: ,O ff' f if - B X A P . ' .IQ ' , I 'TX-T' GUTFLEISCH, STANLEY SAV3 529 Jerbme Slreef Brooklyn, N. Y. Hes a Bremen a' l-ear-, H955 +-.5 bell and runs. To go info +l1e avia+ion 'Held HARDY, EUGENE 8BN 7864 8Is+ Sfreef Glendale, N. Y. Rip Va' Wfrkie 25 EEN, Join +l'1e Navy HINDS, CLAYBOURNE 8BN 5I9 Tl1roop Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. School Baskelball Team, Dramalic Club lnframural Baskefball Tearn. His brain be oiled, and gfeary 'Z' eo To .earn a bil of 'flnis lirrie C-ld. Navy W fin ,MMV 'W OBSERVE THE READING HITCHCOCK, CALVIN 8AV3 84 Desales Place Brooklyn, N. Y. A lillle ioke, a lillle cheer, a lillle mischief, Calvin's here. Aviafion Mechanic or Io become owner of a boxer kennel HOLLACK, CASIMIR 8AVI 27l Pennsylvania Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. J. V. Baskelball, Newspaper Slaff, Blue Prinling Squad, Cafeleria Guard, G.O. Represenfalive, Newman Club. A guy we all look up lo. lo leer 3 inchesl U. S. Air Force Pilof IMPELLIZZERI, ANTHONY 8EI2 304 Wilson Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Program Commillee, Cafeleria X: Build- ing Squad, Admissions Assislanl, Year- book Commillee. I-le says 'rlwal be is i'God's gill IO 'lI'16 irlsf' To mgarry +l1e girl I am now courling IMPERIALE, FRANK BAV3 39 No. Porlland Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Four years in a coma- Woke up willw a diploma. Avialion Mechanic IZANDER, WILLIAMS BEIZ I8 Irving Place Brooklyn, N. Y. Cafeleria Guard. To be an Eleclrician All eleclrical shflenls musl lake eleclrical science and sliop praclice. r I ,l KANE, JoHN l'f2f?i5i5!! 749 Halsey Slreel X. Brooklyn, N. Y. 'l Cafeleria Guard, Track Team, G. O. Rep- resenlafive. We call him l'Big ,lohn.:',,'i To play ball wilih +hQ,,,BrobIfIyn Q , Dodgers KANTOR, MARTIN 252 Riverdale Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Service Squad, Library Squad, Phorog- raphy Club, G.O. Represenlalive. A lirrle work and lors of play, keep: him going all The day. Aviafion Mechanic BAVI KRUG, HAROLD BEIZ 233 Heyward Sfreel' Brooklyn, N. Y. Track Team, Cafeleria Guard, G.O. Rep- resenfalive, Shop Foreman, Baseball Team 'lOld Fairhiul -Wakes up in lime ro go home al rhe 3:30 bell. To play maior league ball KRZYZANOWSKI, WILLIAM 8AV3 557 Warwick Sireel Brooklyn, N. Y. Early ro bed and early ra rise makee Willy very sleepy. Try Io gel in+o aviarion field or Air Force LANCASTER, RONALD BEI3 6l5 Macon Sfreel Si. Brooklyn, N. Y. E Glee Club, Track Team, Radiio,lCIub. To him N.R.A. means Njver Remem. ber Anylrhing. Radio Technician ra 9 , I I I x -if , I WN -155 Vim...- 'l'faf 4 W 'swf I T X'-ybif ' NOW I-lERE'S A GOOD BOOK! LEPORE, JOSEPH 75 Cumberland Wk. Brooklyn, N. Y. Building Guard, Sound Crew The lilibusrer kid. Radio 3: Television Technician LETTERIELLO, JOHN 56I Pine Slreel Brooklyn, N. Y. Shop Foreman, P.S.A.L. in G 8EI3 8BB Ymi I know ir, buf I canr exoain il. Airforce pilo+ or woodworker LEVI, ANGELO I6 Monaco Place Brooklyn, N. Y. SAV3 Cafeleria Guard, Building Guard. A very charirable fellow, he gave hi: piclure io The blind. Aviaiion Mechanic LONGO, DONALD 827 Essex S+ree+ Brooklyn, N. Y. 8EI2 Program Commilree, Caprain of Cafe- feria Guards. Sir Longo ol: rhe guards. Eleclrrician LUCCHESE, VITO 374 Elfon Slreel' Brooklyn, N. Y. Always gay, never blue, Therels a real guy lor you. To be a cify employee The .iorary has many volumes ranging from ioolrball ro aeronauiical, marine, and eeirfiia engineering subiecls. Joe may borrow any oi lrhese lor a period up ro Iwo weeks apo he cilren does. 8EI3 yffjfzfffcw 449, MAFFUCCI, GARY 8El3 660 Decaiur Sfreel Brooklyn, N. Y. Service Squad. Cafeleria Squad, Sound Crew, Dramalics Club, Special Service. l can answer fha? queslion perlecllx if you give me a chance lo look il up. Become a physical educalion leacher QV! , -f ..., X Q , , 'EMM ll ' x X A . l X2 MAITE ,fn RMAN eAv3 52l Drew Slreel Brooklyn, N. Y. Friendly, al'l'C..gh a bil shw. All in all one smell guy, MARCUCCIO, JOSEPH 8El3 225 McDougal S'rree+ Brooklyn, N. Y. Track T-55 To be like Don Gehrmann, lhe greal mile: f,S l X' 5 4 ,- , '- 2.-iff i A H 'iI',f' .,x-!1,P.V,rQ-f A f' f ,, MARHNEZ, HIPOLITO BAV2 l87 Columbia Sfreef Brooklyn, N. Y. Sergeanl of lsl floor Building Guards. Locker Room Guard. Wren :'i1'5 f.fe'e Z .e' ' 'L Join fihei UBS. Air Foiceu H MATTEO, JOSEPH II2-I9 209+h Slreef Hollis, L. l. 5 4 X .res-v' 34 A job fravelling all +he s'ra+es or in 'lo'- ei n counfries .,,.xlgq'5-L--,hx 'X ' 1- EE we in PUZZLED? MILLER, SAMUEL 8Ell 236 New Jersey Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Service Squad. To slale his knowledge would be rough: So call him Einslein, lhafs enough. Eleclronics Engineer MILLER, SAM SAV2 l092 Willmohr Slreel Brooklyn, N. Y. Cafeleria 8: Building Guard, Senior Rep- resenlalive. Sammy plus Gloria, lvlinus homework, equals l love and l lfailure. Businessman MIMES, ARTHUR 8EI3 3ll Lewis Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Service Squad, Wirh lhe leachefz answers he clis- agrees. l-le Thinks he lfnmffi hif A, B Cf. Radioman MORALES, ANTHONY 8EI3 22l Milford Slreel Brooklyn, N. Y. llrn ioinq on a dial nexl week. To be like Rocky qrazianox A f 7 f 412551- X g' ' , - , f .ff -'XY . 5 -'42 ,,,f,' ,'Y,f, ,I fff, ,EJJVA-4 MORGAN, LEWIS BAVI 7l9 Kings 7 Walk Brooklyn, N. Y. Library Squad, Cafeleria Guard, Wood- working Club, Dramalics Club. A or rnising slnde-nl, Always promising 'ro do bellor. To become an Avia+ion Mechanic Research lacililies in rhe radio shops are very good, having conslanl revision and arrenlion. The modern inslrrurnenls make possible Jrhe repair of nearly every lype ol - iC device- MORRIS, CHAUNCEY 8AV3 56I Decafur Sfreel' Brooklyn, N. Y. A willing hearf, a helpinq hand, Always ready on demand. To furfher schooling, buf governmenf has ofher plans V992 MOSER, GERARD BBN 7I-I6 Myrfle Avenue Glendale, N. Y. Nof foo loud, nof foo shy, He's iusf a grand sorf of guy. Join U. S. Air Force MURRAY, LOUIS BAV2 950 Sf. Marks Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. J. V. Baskefball Team, Cafeferia Guard. Gym Guard. He's a fellow fo know, Always ready and on fha go, muse r99v NICOTRA, ROSARIO BBN 544 Logan Sfreef Brooklyn, N. Y. A Iiffle ioke, a liffle cheer, A liffle mischief, Nick is here! I NOLF, FRANK 8BN 375 Sumpfer Sfreef Brooklyn, N. Y. Track Team, Transporfafion Assisfanf, School X1 6.0. Represenfafive, Service my Squad, Inframural Baskelball. Quick Scoffyl The razor. Carpenfer Q. TENSILE TESTING OCCHIPINTI, SALVATORE SAVI 334 Glenmore Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Orchesfra. He fouqhf, buf fhey educafed him any- way. Aviafion Mechanic OPPEL, KENNETH SAVI 766 MacDonough Sfreef ,, Brooklyn, N. Y. r yr ll I Honor Soci,ell'y, vicel1Rresldenf G.O., G.Q. Repregenlaflve, Edifor of 'York- er, Newman CluI:,!Gl e Club, Phofo Club, Library Sfal:f,','TrS?ck Team. Cafe- feria Squad. ' I A fine fellow and a fine friend: Onfe on whom you can depend. Agriculfural Engineer PALOPOLI, JOSEPH 8EI3 70 Skillman Sfreef Brooklyn, N. Y. You're absolufely righf. To be presidenf of Kenf Lodge 0 ,. 9' I . .VI x' lp! 4 I: X PARKER, WILLIAM SBB 96 Walkin Sfreef Brooklyn, N. Y. lnframural Baskefball, Track Team, G.O. Represenfafive, Shop Foreman. Abouf his career he is hazy. We wonder could he be lazy. Boafbuilder PARLATI, THOMAS SAV3 369 Elfon Sfreef Brooklyn, N. Y. If muscles were wisdom, he'd be a pro- fessor. To ioin fhe Navy ln hii course of sfudy, Joe Easf New Yorker musf fake one fe-rm of mechanical gbgfi,-gry work in fhe elecfrical and fhe ayiafion courses. PATTERSON, ROBERT BBN 367 Euclid Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Tlie Smilinq lrisnrnanf' PEZZULLO, JERRY 8El3 70 Weiriield Sireef Brooklyn, N. Y. Track Team, Baseball Team, Sound Crew, Service Squad, Cafe+eria Squad. ,fc l y . , , cc' ic ,fe radii 'em' : an, PFLEGHARDT, ROBERT ' BBN l22 Wyckolili Avenue 2 Brooklyn, N. Y. 5 Ll ' G.O. Represen+a+iye,Awoodyoykinq Club, service squad, ini.-aiaaufsi Ba5lre+baIl. Tre fo .-. 1'r,ePf3iliCr1Hclla' -awe. To bxefomefa lpdi.ls+lLal lAr+s lns'fruc+or rl D ,ffi lf i 42' I., I,-5, 4 f PIERONI, ANGELO BEll ZI9 Walworlln Slreel' . Brooklyn, N. Y. ' Building Guard, Newman Club, Boywling Team, Honor Roll.,f '- A .viii 'ea ,'. F! -ways ' '13 f- -'-dyi 'i, cgi 3:1 Eleclri ngirneer POCCl'llA, JAMES 8AVI l35 Washingfon Walk Brooklyn, N. Y. Service Squad, G.O. Represen+a+ive. Ageeace are 2 1' 1' Ne v-eo Cy e.'e'.:'e. Aviaiion Mechanic Q- ff-ff T ,Q goes' 'U 'seq ai fb- PORTER, MONROE BAV2 5lI Essex Slreef Brooklyn, N. Y. Building Guard. ln school lie always is perplexed. l-le wonders wnal will come nexl, Army Air Force or Mechanic POULOS, STEVEN SAV2 57 Si. Nicholas Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Cafeleria Guard, Library Squad, P.S.A.L. Medal. Friend., Romans, and Classmalesg Wl1o has rome ink? Avialion Meclfianic in fhe Armed Forces POWELL, ROBERT SAVI 336 Greene Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. GLQ. Representaiive, School G.O.v Sec- reiary, Caplain of Track Team, Building Guard, Service Palrol, Cafeleria Guard. Qiiiel, arnbiliou: and sincere Roberl will liave a '.ucccz',ii,l cereei. To go 'lo college and sludy plwilosoplly. lo be a dispensing pharmacist, and also fo 'be a good allwlele PREZORSKI, JAMES BEI3 3l7 Knickerbocker Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Service Squad, Library Squad. Hia. kniwledqiii is ax. 4-all as iii, iieiglni. To be successful in eleclronics .JSI-ff 1 i 'av .A - , f V A .1 PRUDHOM, CHARLES 8El3 3832 Ray Sire-el Seaford, L. l. lnlramural Baskelball Team, Building Guard. Nofv i. ine time when we mu-.l learn, No more icoiinq -ircinnd lliiz Term, To be successful L HOUSE BUILDERS Joe Easl New Yorker learns mucli oi lime building irade in llwis and oilier Sho l . IOS. CJ- l-i-mfr-rn-.ran rm +l-irminln all mi line slseruc mi lwiiilrlinn rmnclriir-iimn PRYOR, HERMAN BAV3 464 Madison Slreel Brooklyn, N. Y. Te' ua al' 'you know -, n f Tale 3 U. S. Navy PUTTRE, GEORGE BEI3 3I2 VanBuren Slreel Brooklyn, N. Y. Presidenl' of Newman Club, Library Squad, Service Squad, Glee Club. Tbe Iurere Ivlr. America, Operaiic 'renor OUIER, FRANKLIN 8EI3 505 Columbia Sireel Brooklyn, N. Y. Library Squad, Service Squad, Cheering Squad. I-Ie 'V'-an's fi Iniw if be 'an rn in a radii: wave. To be a 'Teacher or professional singer OUINN, JOHN SAV3 IOI-24 IIBII1 Slreel Richmond Hill, L. I. Track Team, Glee Club, Oralor, Cale- feria Guard, Service Squad, Bowling Team, Adverfising Slafi, Senior Rep. Tbe one and only Irue smilirro Irislfman. To become an avia+ion pilol in +I'1e U. S. Marine Corps RAGONA, DENNIS BBN 606 VanBuren Sfreef Brooklyn, N. Y. G.O., Sclwool 8: Senior Represenlalive, Service Squad, Inframural Basketball, Dramafic Club. A friend in deed' .-fer a If-'Efdlf in reed. Teacher of Indus+riaI Arrs fe f .wut cv T yalrxi 00' Sgr, M' ww wav ' aw LEARNING BY DOING RENE, ROBERT 8EI3 3I0 Evergreen Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Sball be qer a Iwaircur or b,y a vi: 7 Impe fsonafor of movie srars ,- , J, X 7 fc f ff, ..4Q' ,1fTffSf2 . ap!!-If X' ln! I, Kidz' -hx' if -f V Q55-.les ' RICHARDSON, JAKE BEI3 379 Hancock Slreel' Brooklyn, N. Y. Service Squad, Track Team. When ir comes Io Homework' nes r if Ilve Dodge Bforbers. Radjiobnd relevision repair man ' r . J N. VR,,.,,,, la , fl fvg 4 dc V. I RICHARDSON, CLARENCE . sau 459 Rockaway Avenue , ' I Ozone Park N Y f ' fi J fjBaske+balI. Teaynrfbzefxufelfgaskei- ,L4 I, 41' h!j ,f . , All ,V . G WHY 5 Qbv fem ,pu , e's a bil, wro is a spglj ,'HandbaII, baskejlbpll Hack , llfl' ROCA, HARRY 8BB IO -23 79II1 Sfreef . one ark, .I.. ai-vlglzisiyg 4, p sis an+SI'1op Fore an. - Fri nds, ,tnei bborA,,!qv :a35'ra'e5 'BWTBICI WK? 1 milf oreman, As- . u . o U. S. 3If'VfE'cZivine'I maker RODRIGUEZ, ALBERT BAV2 90 Mauier Sfreef Brooklyn, N. Y. Building Guard. T5 're baskrra on no IIVTTX T: ore'rx -:WIS be a -. To ioin U. S. Air Force 35' :Q irq erudent Cinilrucl many Iypes ol wafer cralr. Tbese are ordered in A .,, ij'-VET? biarfng enfhueiafls. ROMANO, MURRAY 8El3 574 Vermoni Slreel' Brooklyn, N. Y. Too quiei lo knock or boosi. To coniinue working on radio and 'rele- vision a'f+er gradualion ROOT, MARVIN 8AV2 364 Hinsdale Slreel Brooklyn, N. Y. Building Guard. Give hirn a io? bow, and hes Safisiied. Eurlher educalion in Air Force ROSENKRANTZ, STUART SEII 746 E. Wyngafe Drive Elmoni, N. Y. Ediior oi school newspaper, Ediior of yearbook, Library Service Aid, Sgi. oi Building Guard, Laboraiory Service Aid, G.O. Class Rep., Journalism Club, Me+eorology Club, Cu'Hing Squad. li a lace .::ac. ary 'reazxez e-cce:s' Y:u see N as :'e5':e acne aa.: To work my way fo an Sc. D. in Com- municaiions Engineering ROSTER, EUGENE 8El3 400 Evergreen Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Fishing Club, Track Team, Service Squad. l-le! a Sei 'rece 'ri' -I- 2 f.:'i :: 1 crearcr. -1' f' Big game hunfer l 5 'MV-4:1 Z5-i4j-4 If g ,X -J, . -fffjffff ,' 3111! ,I RUMPH, EDWARD 8El3 94 Conklin Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Safeiy Squad, Sound Crew. He has an acne' 51' eu , 'lninlfa Commander in U. S. Navy I I 1. f' fr gf- .l A 4 we 'wi MMM GOOD! RYAN, KENNETH 3El2 867 Knickerbocker Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Locker Room Guard. Fun lg be wilh, nice lo knciw, Thai is why we like hirn sci. A good iob RYAN, JOHN 3AV2 IOI-I3 IIO+h Sireel' Richmond Hill, L. l. Baseball Team, Building Guard. Wl'ellioio We oil or good cheer, Jack is always. gushing, Go info business SALIZZONI, LOUIS 8El2 I8 Skillman Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Cafeieria Guard. Thinks hes a ccrnedian. A millionaire and live lo be lOl SALMON, ROBERT BAV2 IO6 Crescenl Sireel Brooklyn, N. Y. The inly ii.h lhai ham been canned yei. Army Air Force SANTORO, CARMINE 8El3 237 Howard Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Honor Sociely, Glee Club, Caplain ol Service Squad, Sound Crew, Culling Squad, Cafeleria Squad. He! a genius. l-low df we know? He fold uc co, Elecirical Engineer ff? Joe Easi New York can depend on a well balanced, hol lunch io susiain him Drown each dev- SANTUCCI, JERRY SAV2 II54 DeKalb Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Baskefball Team, Cafeleria Guard, Build- ing Guard. A3-nays cneerlui, a gay, He cerlainly will be a kir some day. Avialion Mechanic SAPANARO, JOSEPH 8El2 I793 Prospecl Place Brookl n N Y y , . . Cafeleria Squad, Locker Guard. Livle Misrer Big. Eleclrician SAVOIA, STEPHEN 8EII Il35 75+h Slreel Brooklyn, N. Y. Service Squad Lieufenanl, Track Team, Newman Club, G.O. Represenlalive, Gradualion Usher. I feel sick, I lee' iii Cirnon Charie, fe' 3 over The hill. Deleclive SCHIAVONE, THOMAS BBB 450 Cheslnul' Slreel Brooklyn, N. Y. P.S.A.L. Award. Hard cur fre lag' Sghiavzf ir eclwcol Icday. Arlisl SCHILLING, JOHN BEII 3356 Fullon S+ree+ Brooklyn, N. Y. Library Squad, Cafeleria Squad, G. O. Represenlalive, Gradualion Usher. A ver nice ucv he seerna Io oe. ., Y L . I-Ie I Fnilf? J:3i1,1ui'.-.a' ard iee. . , . W WL.. SIMILAR TRIANGLES MEI SCHWARTZ, RONALD 8ElI 60-09 I50+h Slreel' Flushing, L. l. Camera Squad, Cafe+eria Squad, Library Squad, G.O. 81 Red Cross Represenlalive. Duz does everyrhing. Ronald does nolrhing. SCIGLIGAGLIO, MICHAEL 8El2 2686 Pilkin Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Cafeleria Squad. Has good possibiliriesj rnakirgs cl an Einsfein. SINOPOLI, BRUNO SAV2 634 Bergen Slreel Here is a boy who is a Hof RSC! Hapsy, buf if he doesnt warch our he will econ meer his greal' Qrarfucazoy. Aura Racing SKOLNICK, ROBERT 8AV2 792 Surfer Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Service Squad Lieu+enan+, Curling Squad, Senior Represenlalive. He s our al: river Hi: 'ras is air.-.'a','3 ep ri, SOBERS, CECIL 8El2 457 Halsey Slreel Brooklyn, N. Y. Cafeleria Guard, Baskerball Team. Beauilu drearner. To become an eleclrician li ever BR- X N' SQ. . Y T' xc YR Geimehvw Glemeflfdfy. lnlerrnediare, and advanced algebra, as well as lrigo- '2fREl 3f'i We '39 IRIQQW riirl ol Ihe lechnical courses. Vocalional sludenls also are :rrereo rnarhernalics. SORRENTINO, CARMELO SEII I234 Halsey STreeT Brooklyn, N. Y. Building Squad, CaTeTeria Squad. We have here a regular guy I-le will be somebody by and by. ElecTronic Technician STAHL, WALTER 8AVl 959 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Baseball Team, Service Squad. I-le's generous and hes Tail' BuT his hearr is by no means small. AviaTion Mechanic STEWART, PAUL BAV2 444 Madison STreeT Brooklyn, N. Y. Track Team, CaTeTeria Guard. Quier, genius a' .-fcrk. S'e.'.'arf is :op,- ing. AviaTion Mechanic in The Army Air Force STILLITANO, FRANK BBB 679 DeKalb Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Shop Foreman. When a good riff- 5 g:T: Frankie is Johnny cn Tk 5 To be a carpenTer TAYLOR, WILLIAM 8BN I87 STockTon STreeT Brooklyn, N. Y. S'r:'3 cc,: eat :a'Gf, 'TWGVCE . , . cave. ard brck rr. QW M Q 'SV' W. v , I y X .., VI SECTION VIEWS 'K Hin, f 'Q GM THEIS, GEORGE 8ElI 458 Drew STreeT Brooklyn, N. Y. EdiTor of Yearbook, Senior Rep., Building Guard, Library Squad, GraduaTion Usher, Honor Roll. George!! . . . All The way. To become an ElecTrical Engineer Q, THOMAS, CHARLES 8EII 3I7 Sackman STreeT Brooklyn, N. Y. Service Squad, CaTeTeria Guard, Shop Foreman, InTramural BaskeTIJalI. I-le is iusT like a desserT, My-T-Fine. Radio Technician TRAINOR, THOMAS 8AV2 90-I0 77Th STreeT Woodhaven, L. l. Building Guard, Track Team. Caesar was killed because he was am- biriousg Tommy is going To live a lonq Time. AviaTion Mechanic TRUCCHIO, RALPH 8El2 97-28 Cresskill Place Brooklyn, N. Y. VarsiTy Baske+ball Team. Feed me, I Teel a deuce. To aTTend The UniversiTy of Alabama and playion Their baskeTball Team , ' ' i W .. TUZZOLO, JOSEPH 8EI2 34I Shepherd Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. CaTeTeria Squad, Track Team, J.V. BaskeT, ball Team. Bound To go a long way in The Army, 25 miles To be xacT. To b ome a go d elecTrician r an engin ' The M r'n 5 'LZ-f . mf-K' .il A f . Whalrever curriculum Joe EasT New Yorker is following, he is required To Take a minimum of one Term oi mechanical drawing. VALENTI, ROSARIO 8El2 l256 Blake Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Cafeleria Squad. Ty Jimmy Duranle has nolhinq on him. To be a succeass in life ,y Y-.J L-' VARISCO, ANGELO 8AVl 673 Hemlock Slreel Brooklyn, N. Y. Track Team, Shop Foreman, Woodworking Club, G.O. Represenlalive. Noi a sound, lhe room is quielg Here comes Varisco, The class riol. Aeronaulical Engineer VILLANI, PETER 8EI3 590 Bainbridge Slreel Brooklyn, N. Y. Service Squad, Music Acfivifies, Cafe- leria Squad, Sound Crew. He's a singer! l'rn a singer? To be a singer VISCONTE, ANTHONY 8AVI 382l Fosler Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Pholo Club, Newspaper Edilor, Baseball Team, G.O. Represenfalive, Cafeleria Guard, Glee Club. Always Trying lo succeed, Pilol or pro baseball A ,fx 'Q ,- ,,' WALKER, JAMES 'BBN 7l9 Kings 7 Walk A ' Brooklyn, N. Y. - Track Team, G.O. Represenialiwe, Service Squad, lnlramural Baskefball, Glee Club, Cafeferia Guard. Never absent never lafe: Success is surely his Tale. Carpenier , ?'U W ,WSF-3' 'Rf HOW'S THE WEATHER UP THERE? WEINER, ARNOLD 8Ell 52l Georgia Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Building Guard, Graduafion Usher. A good ole worker, a good ole pal: He won'+ spend many years looking for a gal JJ-1. 3' if fw- fin WEINER, MILTON l00 Scholes S+ree+ Brooklyn, N. Y. Building Guard. Our Class poiilician. Radio, Television Technician 8El3 WILDGRUBER, CARL I7I4 Madison Slreer Brooklyn, N. Y. Nor 'loo lasr, no? foo slow, lCV'lOvJ. 8El3 Jusf The sorl one likes ro Radio, Television Repair Man WILLERS, LOUIS 233 Schenec+acly Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. A shy guy' bel a sw Cl Aircraf+ Engineer 8AVI WILLIAMS, ALBERT SEII 927 DeKalb Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Service Squad, lnlramural Baskelball. A handsome fellow ana rear' A nicer boy is hara ro'me-et To go +o college and +0 be an elec+rical Technician , Q 4 V Q Q All srudenls in Jrhe avialion courses lake meleorology in Their las'r rerm. The equip- menl is so complere and up lo dale Thar if is one ol Jrhe besr equipped wearher slalions n rhe New York Melropolilan Area. WILSON, THOMAS 8AV3 252 Madison Slreel Brooklyn, N. Y. Track Team, Class Rep. Band, Building Guard, Cafeleria Guard, To go lo college, be a good a'rl1le+e, and a physical educalorl WINK, RICHARD 3OI Ainslie Sfreel' Brooklyn, N. Y. Building Guard. SAV2 Sis YOUNG, ROBERT BBN 52 W. I9ll1 Road Broad Channel, L. l. G.O. Represenfalive, Cafeleria Guard, Building Guard, Newman Club. Always working, never sl1irkinqI ln luis iuiure, success is lurking. Work in ll'1e building lrade ZUMMO, NUNZIO 4I4 Menalwan Sfreel Brooklyn, N. Y. Proud lie could graduale BAVI willnoui any W g- I ,Ne i M Q My 3, -A ' ka homework. iss Czirseiefy 5-jil!l.Fi,'r5,Lli 5 Avialion Mechanic Fireman C A M E R A S H Y ALEXANDER, RICHARD 8El2 GIGLEO, JAMES 8AV3 437 Barbey Slreei I26 New Jersey Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. Cafeleria Guard. A swell guy? Ask lriimll A :harming ie j.1 gc nigh Mechanic Sui? 75 Rcrard an a artund guy, KOSINSKI, ANTHONY BEI2 Television Technician 64-67 Cooper Avenue BARTH, EMIL BEIZ Brooklyn, N. Y. IZ44 Dekalb Avenue Track Team, Baskelball Team, Building Brooklyn, N. Y. Guard. I-les a E-'15 fe , , Always On llwe Ball. . ee? rim, MCGRATH, CORNELUIS BEII To make money COTICCHIO, THOMAS l28-O8 Inwood Sfreel' Soulh Ozone Park, N. Y. Frrr e',f Vg e fe 2 2' Carpenler DINSTMAN, HERMAN B85 Slone Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Cafeleria Guard. Always c'ee', l-le! a ie iv Carpenler 566 Ridgewood Avenue A guiel clwap and lriendly loo, Bos? wbnes is wlwal we lwave for you. 8BN Brooklyn, N. Y. Newman Club. U U. Naval Air Force BEIZ PA RTEN IO, PETER BEII 8806 Farragul Road Brooklyn, N, Y, Baseball Team, Swimming Team. GUCCI drailsman are sc-lclom made, bul 'iff 4 Refer will make llwe grade. Draf+sman ROMAN, JOHN 37 Wesl IHI1 Road Broad Channel, N. Y. Building Guard, Cafeleria Guard. l-li guief manner and pieasan' way. 8BN VW' bnng lwim many lsappg days. Carpenler l'VE A TOUGH PROBLEM Tlie guidance deparlmeni is an inlegral parl oi ilie school, always prepared To assisl a sludenl' willw luis problems. Tlie Guidance Ollice lwandles admissions, lesling, counseling, plagcenlejl, college enlrance, eic.q in sliorl, all oi Joe's problems. SCIIIIIDL CLUBS and IIRGAN IZATIUN S . .DJ gf N5 ILL lv xm ,763 L45 ,. ,.' ,3 X' 'Y' 5 5 Q X ' f Q J f X , 1 'L 'I .2 I An X I. in j f E.kfi7 6 , . J f NX v N 41 V gY Y-ri H, I A K5 llodica ted to our Forln or A th lotic Tea Ill 9 g l if DEPARTMENT OF STUDENT ACTIVITIES Coordinafes our sfudenf ec+ivi+ies, supervises qraduenkion de+eiIs and helps organize senior dey, and Ialenf shows. 'T7,i '. I-eff? W F71 IJ ik' e. ,Iii Iii X SCHOOL BAND Provides rnusice en+ef+einrnenf 51+ aI! I-alen' Shows, and 57 ees? one epoi- 'roriurn Concer+per+ern1. , S Joe 'P I , I 'Y 4 t1fj'1fNf f q,A,X x CROSSROADS STAFF Orgenizahon of The ooo? fo- efe reading. EAST NEW YORKER STAFF In'reqra+es and publishes school news Jrwice during The course of each Ierrn. fl EW bfi? 'N SCUND CREW Maimlains and operales audio and molion piclure equipmenlr used in II16 assembly. Tlwey also adiusl Iiglfiling eflecls during plays, elc. CAFETERIA SERVICE AIDS Assisl IacuI+y in oblraining smoollw operajrion of Ilwe caIe+eria. BUILDING SERVICE AIDS Mainfain order wlwile classes are Iransienl Ioelween periods. LIBRARY SERVICE AIDS Assisl in calaloging of books and magazines in Jrlwe sclwool library, NEWMAN CLUB The purpose oI Ihe dub Is Io incul' care a moral code of life and esIablIsI1 spIriIuaI values. During The year Ihey have Ine Ioflovving acIiviIIes: Corn- nwunIon Breakfast +hea+er parries. Iec- Iures, dances, and excursions. ACADEMIC SQUAD Asif? 'r Crecarafon Ii 'nIrne:- oracr nna'er ani Genera cer?caI w:'l fe ax: , 're Soda Swoies :VIC Ere 'E' :ECi E E SOCIAL STUDIES CLUB Preeerfi aizerro I cfzcfafi 'GC f Ing Honey ':.fCi u a .' ' grey 'refer i',Cer'1. DRAMATICS CLUB I-Ieipz oefehp qualiries of good speecn In Inrereejred sIudenI9 and de- IT-ferz rfadoui audnorium programs. M PT' onlpliments 0 3 CLASS CELEBRITIES 8AVl Mos? Popular-Angelo Varisco lvlosl Lllce-ly lo Succeed-Kennellm Qppel Beal fbxllmlele-Waller Slalwl Besl Looking-Carmine Clpriano Beal Dressed-Robe-rl Powell lvlosl Ambillous4Kermell1 Qppel lvlosl l-lumorous-Angelo Varisco Class Polillcian-Amlhony Vlsconle Besl Personalily-Peler Ufkmico Tell Tale Teller-Lewis Morgan ompliments of BAV3 CLASS CELEBRITIES 8AV3 Meir Popuhr-Tom Padarfi C3555 Leader-Chauncey Morris Beer Looking-Tony Giammono Beer Afhlefe-Richard Crolce Wirriesr-Richard Berrl'weN The Besf Lover--Armqeio Levi Class Comedian--Joe Burchiere Good Joe-Vincermr Argiro Did Mosr for Sdwoo!-John Quinn Beer Dancer-Herman Pryor Besr Acfor-Sranley Gurflehh Bear Musician-Nick Gripeldl Class Gianlr-Norman Moiferm Beef Fed-Frank Imperiole Book Worm-Calvin Hilrchcoclc The Unearrhly Noise-William Krzyzanowslci Besr Dressed-Roberr Powell Compliments of 3Ell CLASS CELEBRITIES SEI I Mosl Popular-Charles Prudliom Besl Dressed-Anllmony Cerelli Beal Loolcing-Louis Ambrosio Besl Allfilele-Alberl Williams Smarlesl-Samuel Ivliller lvlosl Lilcely lo Succeed-George Ilieis Tall Tale Teller-Joseph Delawery Bookworm-Sluarl Rosenlcranlz The Lover-Sleplien Savoia Quielesl-Anllworiy Brasile Sleepiesl-All:-erl Williams Class Comedian-Dominick Brusca Regular Guy-Carmelo Sorrenlino Besl Dancer-William Davis Class Leader-Joseph Delowery ompliments of IIEI CLASS CELEBRITIES 8EI2 Beef Dreseed-Lionel Befhel Quiefesf-John Kane Noisiesf-Ernie Ashby Mod Likely To Succeed-Cecil Sabers The Lover-Anfhomy lmpellizzeri Beef Fed-Donald Longo Class Comedian-Louis Salizzoni M051 Popular-Raymond Ferraro Bookworm-Frank Guesfafesfe Mos+ Baslwful-Louis Barbone Beef Aclror-Joseph Sapanaro Elecfrician-Anfhony Bracco Did Mosf for Sclwool-Salvafore Bracco gwfffff Compliments of 31313 CLASS CELEBRITIES 8EI3 Besf Looking-Joseph Marcuccio Bes+ Singer-Pe+er Villani Besf Dancer-RoIoer+ Rene Comedian-Tony Morales Smarfesjr-Carrrgine Buro Quiejr Type-Joseph Paiopoli Besf Aflfmlelres-XJerry Pe-zzullo 2Jol'm Cesario Class Sfrong Man-George Puilrr Ar+is+-Joseph Maffeo Mos? Popular-Pe+er Vlllemi Lover-Frank Carbone Class Pe+-Carmine Sanforo 9 My W. ompliments of IIBB and 3B CLASS CELEBRITIES 8BB Beef Dresser-Eugene Decaminada Beer Alhlele-lvlorris Dolobin Gayezl-John Lellerielo Wilrlesl-William Parker Beal Worlcer-l-larry Roca Bed Carloonisl-Thomas Schiavone Mosl Popular-Frank Slillilano 8BN The Briqhlesl-Dennis Ragona Beal Alhlele-James Wallcer The Noisieslr-Joseph DeCarlo Besl Dancer-Clarence Richardson The Williesl-Rosario Nicolra The Bookworm-Ronald Nasshan The Sleepiesf-Eugene Hardy Class lvlalhemalician-Roberl Pfleqhardf The Lover-Anfhony DeRosa Biqqesl Aclor-William Taylor Carpenlerfn?-Roloerl Young Regular Guy-John Romano Besl Fed-Erarmlc Noll Good John-John Baynes Besl Dresser-Charles Ce-rulonze lvlosl Ambifious-Roberlr Pallersoru 0 You emelnber . Do you remember The rush To The 6.0. sTore Tor your TirsT senior pin? Do you remember The Time when The TaculTy gave The sTudenTs a ChrisTmas show? Do you remember The Time when Mr. G. gave you a checlc Tor your coaT7 Do you remember when several Teachers blocked cerTain exiTs aT 3:30, and you had To Travel around The building To geT To your Tloor exiT7 Do you remember ThaT TirsT lunch in The caTeTeria? Do you remember The TirsT boolc you borrowed Trom The school library? Do you remember when you couldn'T geT a sick pass? Do you remember all The shop saTeTy TesTs which had To be Taken each Term? Do you remember how The school shone, aTTer iT goT a new Tace? Do you remember The Term you didn'T have To ioin The G.O.7 Do you remember when your class was visiTed by Mr. B. B. during homeroom period when you were having a guidance lesson? Do you remember when you were caughT wiThouT a Tie? Do you remember when There were no Treshies enTering The school? 40 The Wednesday EV. 4-7IO2 LOUIS SERPICO SERVICE STATION 807 METPQPOLITAN AVE. Bfoof Im. N. Y. CCMPLIMENTS CE LOUIS SHIFFMAN STOQO 2-4852 CHARLES CENTONZE TIN PLATE MOVING I4 SCI-IOLES STREET Brooklyn 6, New York ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT CO., Inc. G41 AIIANIIC AVINUE EI I,I.7 N. Y. I-I Z Y CEIII'-AWIE' UEIIVIYI MIKE TUZZOLO CHOICE FRUITS II. VEGETABLES GROCERIES ZQZAIS BPADDCCV AVENUE Bei efose, N. Y. I-ICI Is 45362 E, CIQWO PHII.'S MEAT MARKET CHOICE MEATS 2. POULTRY 222-I5 BRADDOCK AVENUE ILIU Ca WWE- EIeIIver BeIIe fiG, N, Y. GLORIA'S LUNCHEONETTE AND CANDY STORE 392 MYRTLE AVENUE Brooklyn N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF RENSHIRE CHEMISTS B. Epi?-n, PI'warmaI:IgI 359 FRANKLIN AVENUE Cfirrxer Lev'r1qIQm Ave: BFEQIK'-,m, N .Y. EVefgfeeP 5-I75O We DQIVEI' GARDENIA FLOWER SHOP C, Guerra Y IVI, Eerrarwe FUNERAL DESIGNS - WEDDING BOUQUETS ORCHIDS - G-ARDENIAS 2047 EULICIN SIIQEEI Br-iIIym 33 N, Y. I-IY. 5-I5bI SAM'S HYGRADE FRUIT 8: VEGETABLE MARKET JUICE GRAPES, TOMATOES, WATERMELONS A SPECIALTY IMO EASTERN PARKWAY BrQ3I'-yn, N. Y. CL, 7-0903 THE MELODIERS Musnc FOR ALL occAsuoNs Nl. 9-8403 I-IYacImIh 8-5520 - 5-59I5 D. B. GOLDBERG 81 CO. GENERAL MERCHANDISE SURPLUS - SALVAGE 362 JUNIU5 STREET Bf:9IIww I2 N. Y COMPLIMENTS OF A.K.S. SUPER MARKET 333 MYRTLE AVENUE Br,:cIm, N. Y APpIegaIe 7.3525 I GLEWOIE 5,0200 EST- 1896 BALKAN LUMBER COMPANY I R- J- ATKINSDNI INC- EVERYTI-IIN6 TO BUILD ANYTHING ' R HARDWARE-TOOLS - MACHINERY I T094-94 GLENMORE AVENUE I , 4 RALPH AVENUE AT BROADWAY IS'-:cl -,R S, N, Y. ff: N1 ?-232I I APpIeqaTe 7-9086 Ralplw Campano CONKUN AUTO REPNR 8' R. c. RADIO 8. TELEVISION AUTO RADIO - ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES BODY XI FENDER SPECIALISTS REPAIRS, LUBRICATION, ACCESSORIES 3OOI ATLANTIC AVENUE Sales and Service Bwfl ,n 8, N. Y. C 'C' NI 9-9793 '5-i '1 2 4 Ne Dellxef THE WISE STUDENT SHOPS AT M. INGLESE 8. SON Green Tele-Radio Distributors, MEAT MARKET 'nc- Ho+els and Resfauranfs Supplied 472 Sl-l-TTER AVENUE Brzcflflyn 7, N. Y. DI: EXEPQPEEII FVEIAIIJE BT, N, R, RCA HEADQUARTERS E-- 'C'E E-4706 PATRONIZE HAMILTON DRY CLEANERS OUR STAIN SPECIALISTS In The Removing of Lip SHCI: - Nail Polish - lnlr Gum - Blood - Iodine - Medicine . Glue - Egg ' Grease - Efc. IZII EPOADVVAY Broolflyn ZI, N. Y. X MUHUH ETUUTUE OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER TO THE JUNE 1951 CROSSROADS 49 WEST 46 STREET NEW YORK 19, N. Y. 74a Hamel' 35644, 7m WATKINS 4-6700 -1-fm PRINTERS OF CROSSROADS 200 VARICK STREET NEW YORK CITY 14, N. Y. Y 1gi,ggg'4.if AT ALL OFFICES safe Deposi+ Boxes Sgrzj Zhg- savings ACCoun+S Lowcost Savers Life Insur ance U. s. savings Bonds F0 in School Savings Morfgage Loans CI1ris+rnas Club 18684951 Money Orders Foreign Exchange IHEEIAST NEW Yo R1ixSAxILvGS BANK Resourcvs Uver 3355 Millions ATLANTIC AVENUE AT PENNSYLVANIA EASTERN PARKWAY AT UTICA AVE. PITKIN AVENUE AT I-IOPKINSON MEMBER FEDFFAL TEP7 IT INSURANCE CORPORATION 2 N w , X 7 A !4if4ff czvfff'-4 . - , ff!'Qg Z X Qw mwMf1ffM.wLwWQw4 ,X CLUDIIQQ . 'f ,rf 4' h X277 f . J 1. ,4 , . , A A - ,f W -KV? V54 --I-Q X Af Y fl! aqfpiff f f , L 1 , XJJD f' L 1 f f ' 5 ' 5 - ff 1 F ,' ' ' -b ' 1 1' ' , , , 7, A I , ., ,, , paw! ffflwff , 5 ' fL z1 i Qifgg+Qg,M Q , , .. Zbfjkad , DJQJ1-iwfwk Zbvfcdfdlffd - MQW paw 69 7 f 'VywX auf- -----' 4,4 7'g 11. ,fCZ'?'w,z X XZ f L Lf, 5 fl f,Qf1li, OM C . 7 f X 47 fi A P H i ff' 'V -Y ' I in f Q ' 'J ,J-AixG,,,1.m!'2 ,g.,,. ,X ' rv .. v f X 1 , r K L X , , 1 PRINTED BY' 'Cb'MET. K . ,M ,W . i 4 3 i I S Z f X, i A i 2 5 a 9 F l 3 5 3 5 Q E Y i e l I F H S s P F F I 5 Q 3 F ! : a E 2 i X 1 e i E S 4 , E 5 s 5 r P 5 5 4 E R I 1 HKllIb.lliFT'HVlr'E 'HEEHI-H!fl7 'Y75'I!? ' 3Y5 Nl'j?1331, .YF'v!R'.'fP. 2 1Wf '!l'H!.. 723311-VM f ' QL'4 ' .,-u . 1 f 212, 'J . - fl r' 1 f ?47!'t'H1iUlf'UW!l'WWP5-'IVY 7f? fW '?J A DIKDIK4-'EP- 3 I 3+J'!?1'f.4U','4'lf' 5 'B' VAT' 72.3 H PfZ?!f'. 7'1f,,'5Zf .G.'4.HI'221F .Eg'!:.l2'G1 J..1l.LiLZL.irEd'i7 .Jisii.f' 'CXLxAiLEl'l4L'a.'Allilu'U , A 1 N J , I r 4 1 uv' 'I 1 w Q 1 w I 1 ,xi ' 54.5 A M 4 ,ia

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East New York Vocational High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 37

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