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V ki lf'-fy 1.4, .1 V 3,343 ui!-. 4. -C 5517 ar' K.. ffw Q Q if-?i?4f2::,:.'i ,'Qfl? 'V H ww, g.,. 4 , 4 . . , ,Aa N ,wayw- , f ,y 56, . . , 1 1 1 .Lf K , ' A -'-Qu, gg, 'Wil :fy f' ..,U V '4 f ',w.,+f. 1' , rv VV. ,355-J ww if , - ' . xlwl, ,31f,w 7 1 an X . 315Q,.f.' Vx 1-,shy ' A -Wzf vw 2 bmw. ' ,,1,,:r -Z . 4 -. V fp jg f Y 111135, v ' , ,. ,. , . ,R ,W .XJ X, :ku ,A X X wfsgg, 1 1 .Vf.,Yg'q ff A ' 'gl -U ' wi 5' L,! , . N f '7' ,, , l I 4 , .1 ' .-Q JK z YIM ' N X ,, '. x ,, 1,33 , X W V ' : Q, 1 RW -K , LYNN J., -'iff-hip. V ' R . A ' X-'gms , , A , .. . , N ,y , - ' f- .. ' 1, ' Q .. , A , .V 'V1 ' ...GTA 7 'L r 1 x , x . I l MI , , 1 , 1.4 V , , , ..,, Vg., . .. fs, H5 s,. . , , . ,.,,-W. M ,- Q., A ,P-f N. ,fm ' ' ' .53 ,e.L'wsw:- .. . ,- , but , .- , ,Q L L 5'-'lr '--JE ' , , W 1+ ,. vw.,-f1f.v 7 fy A - 4 W. . 1' I' -Jx:,v- - .. ., x M- .-5.51. 3- '- ' V. ,W ,,u., 1' Xt wiv ,H xg Zmiifl-'Qb'A., 1' s J V ,cpe-rs. 1 . , V Y' 1 W9 QVQAVYV ,Q , J. ,s . , F .,.., , wi gb. gui, , , - K , , NK, .vm ,. ,I ,J , 13?-1 Haw. mg Qgb 1 2' if L2-1 A W Sf . . 'Ziff' ,. X ,- sy 'E x 4 41 . , JU, ew, L, 1 -1 ,. V. wseui , A-N' f:l -?bffwff1?.:uV.-'EV . 6' if--2-'s W , ,.w,', 1 2' -, L2 xx. ' ,. -,psrggq ?i-qs:-sq 1, A-:Zak Q 1 5, ff Faq .gf , , 4 l ' Qnfvy, ,S X' aw f .a--ff 'fgafiie V Q '1.'fn?L -' f ,, 9,55 - K I ,. .n,w, .1 .f V . V N1 ' Af: .-I ' -H Q i1.'.l,v 1 A f ,J ,,g,. ,V A - 1?f.:-6 .2 '1wiw'- ' .Q -A why, -.gk .QW V' N, E -Wx' 1 iwggf, J 1, I: ,hs ,. ,Y 1, ,,f , 1 , f e1G'TfQi' L . , P jf 9.54 - ,, ,. W A 4 -X '-.., 1-. ,. , . ,z 1 ' fin' . , f'f.-5' zlxgvigff 7-1'-3-, x A, ,f 617, W Y' Fr .. ,, gi - ' 1 .TI I V . , ,- V, .V ,,.,.sf H1 ,QT N Tr., I H ,,p,,, L v 1 ,f,, ' Q K , W 1 A! W 'W 11-.1 ' ,Z - M24 'Mgfl' 1 '74'l'72J' , . 7 uw.:,yx:.-7 ,-1 '.- 3, f L, ', fygf, wx ' -t X X 15, ,Ts ., , ,. 1 ,W I , 9 -x?F'il, ': QW-413, f f ' .am L, X ' A ff'-figgy , Vu .Vg 4 Q .f f -1 W ,1'. I P X x , , , , H1 .- .g . V ., L e rx S., 'L s - , w f. Vi, 4 fx L R UN vo1xos OSS Y: ' XQAB EAST NEW YORK C PCYXONFL GOL VO YNXGVN sow we swevewsovx R x N c x v A XTC LR V s. u Y R.: 1 Q JK Wa., 4 ww TQ 4 jf FV gym I Z X 9 1 wf, a i P - s HlIlIEHlIlIN As We graduates go iorth into the World in this lune of l945, We are being given a chance to prove the Worth oi our training at the East New York Vocational High School. Since the days ot the pioneers, the homely toil of the man who labors with his hands has been the glory oi America. We, too, have learned to build things with our hands. We, too, must devote our skill to the service of our country and to the casting ot our own lives in a straight and sturdy mould. Ot great value has been the education We have received here. To make it live in real and lasting achievement is now our problem and our privilege. To the school which has trained us so Well, and to whose hon- ored name We shall ever strive to bring credit, We affectionately dedicate this yearbook. RUBIN RICH, 8AVl - ' S DOJSSOJU Q. MR. J. RITCHIE STEVENSON BOARD OF EDUCATION THE CITY OF NEW YORK EAST NEW YORK VOCATIONALYHIGH SCHOOL FOUNTAIN AVENUE AND WELLS STREET BROOKLYN 8, N.Y. J. RITCHIE STEVENSON PRINCIPAL GRADUATES: A school's success is measured by the success in life of each of the pupils who pass thru its portals Many of the previous graduates have kept us informed of their successes, their failures, their pleasures and their sorrows. By means of the information ob- tained from its graduates, a school improves. Now you are breaking the tie to your high school. Most of you will go forth to make your own way in life. You have the equipment. You know how to operate it. The road is open. May you always move ahead. It is our wish that each of you reach his or her goal. Congratulations. Since' ly yours, A dir. Rrrcsiiz STEVENSON Principal l........ S DOJSSOJD Q. V0 ood SSI' FO C Hl lHl HHH SSHHHHS ART ' Bresk, Frank Eagle, Lester Kramer, Harold BUSINESS ' Bresalier, Sandra Caka, Eugene Emilio, George Grisolia, Gertrude Iona, Stella Kramer, Harold LITERARY ' Davis, Gloria Kramer, Harold Leimer, lohn Pauker, Bernard Bich, Bubin Loschiavo, loseplfi Paulcer, Bernard Sapott, Meyer Leimer, lohn Oringer, Roslyn Paulcer, Bernard Phillips, lohn Sapott, Meyer Windhorst, Edward Boca, Louis Bosenthal, Gerald Sapott, Meyer Toback, Sylvia Zimmerman, Libby William Burney Supervisor of Graduate Activities lerorne I. Gold Yearbook Supervisor Margaret M. Crowley losephine Mosby Harry Lewis Anita Aront 4 ART LITERARY BUSINESS 'U - -i CFOSSFOCI S A 0 S1 EE --6 22 ff! 9.3 'QS '7 3 S X H 51-1, 2-- . -2.- .QE 3 X 7 9,0 x . ig. gk: M N 4 eager, ambitious boys arrived at the main building of East New York with but one desire-to become expert aviation mechanics and perhaps eventually pilots. '-IVHREE LONG YEARS AGO, a group of lt took us a few days to find our way around the building and to learn all the tricks of the trade. Soon, however, we felt like old timers, and when we entered the fourth term, we were able to look down on the new comers from our superior heights. The engine work we encountered in fifth term seemed at first fairly simple. We hadn't realized how our appearance would suffer as a result of the grease. But speaking of appearance, we weren't allowed to forget it for a moment when we met Mr. Migge in the sixth tterm welding shop. Woe betide any of us who appeared without a tiel Our last summer vacation ended in a happy note, surprisingly enough, for our hopes of years were at length realized and we were returning as seniors. Seventh class history I I termers, it's true, but entitled to wear the buttons of our rank and feeling terribly sorry for ourselves when we weren't able to buy the huge ones because of the shortage of metal. This term, we again worked on fittings with varying degrees of success until finally lanuary thirtieth arrived and we reached the last milestone. Of course, at that stage of our careers, we felt that our diplomas were practically in our hands and that we could just sail along blithely, concentrating on the social rather than the scholastic aspects of life. What a rude awakeningl Probably never in our high school years did we work so hard. Theres no question now about our diplomas being hard earned. But it wasn't all grind and there were plenty of funny episodes to break the monotony. Oh, well, it's all but over nowl ln a few short weeks, we'll be taking our places in the world and, we hope, filling them compe- tently and happily because of our experi- ence and training at East New York. -.ii S DOJSSOJO Q. UST three short years ago, in September of '42, East New York was blessed with the arrival of the zaniest, wittiest and cleverest class ever to enter its portals. lt seems like yesterday that we first entered this mighty structure, where knowledge and contentment revolve like the ever-moving hands of a grandfather's clock. When we came, others went, and as we go, others will come to take our places. But we are content with the knowledge that we have left our mark. East New York will never forget us. Our championship teams, cheered on to victory by enthusiastic crowds of solid supporters, will always linger in the memory of those who knew us. Often did we taste defeat, but never were we humbled. Always we Came back fighting, and never for a moment did our opponents lack respect for us. Each term, our teams brought added glory to East New York. Our trophies in the hall showcases are proof of that. Scholastically we also led the pack. Never for an instant did we falter on the road to class history knowledge. No field was too vast to conquer, no task too difficult to perform. Our member- ship in the Honor Society is a shining exam- ple of our success in academic ways. Per- fection is their aim, and work is a joy rather than a burden. Of course, there were many times when school was pretty difficult and when the teachers seemed to get a bit out of hand, despite our best efforts to manage them. Homework and marks were their weapons, and they were experts with them. But, to be honest, we also remember the days when the teachers showed themselves to be pretty good guys. Those were the days when school was a joy and the hours flew by. But the hours turned into months and the months into years, and here we are, ready to leave. We all stand on the threshold of days more significant than school days can ever be. Nevertheless, we shall never forget our Alma Mater and everything that she signifies in our lives. The poet never said truer words than, Parting is such sweet sorrowl GERALD ROSENTHAL, 8El2 l group of brave young warriors, now known as SC set out to win the battle of a high school education. The roads we trudged were long, hard and wearying. Many of those who started with us fell along the way. They lacked weapons strong enough to last them to the end. We who still remain are proud for at last we can see our victory close at hand. Throughout our course, we had plenty of experience in our chosen field. When there was secretarial work to be done, SC was usually called upon. Many of the mimeo- graphed sheets used in class as well as no- tices and bulletins were prepared by our girls. But all was not school work. Our war ac- tivities went hand in hand with our scholas- tic pursuits. We like to feel that our special efforts in bond and stamp sales may help to bring victory closer. The SC girls worked in defense offices, in hospitals, at the C.D.V.O. and also took the places of more experienced workers who were drafted into service. 'We can remember, too, helping Miss Bellin plan and carry out an interesting bazaar, the proceeds of which went to the Allied 'War HN the year nineteen hundred forty-one, a Relief. class history dm! lt was during our four years that the lnter- cultural Committee of Teachers started its work in the school. This term it planned Brotherhood W'eek and Negro Week pro- grams. We are grateful that we had the opportunity of participating in these activi- ties before we left the school. ln our class, we are fortunate in having many talented girls, Ernestine Todd is the school Poet Laureate whose poems we have always enjoyed reading. ln addition, she was vice-president of the school during sixth term and did much for the girls. Mary Timm, our songbird, won first prize in a radio singing contest and is an outstanding member of the school Choral Club. Shirley Neidoff, with the aid of Lt. Dounn, was one of the first girls to start the cheering squad that has been so effective in cheering our boys on to victory in the games. The Davis Twins are the creators of many of the artistic posters on the third floor. Now, however, our task is done. Our troubles and fears lie behind us. Our goal has been reached. Proudly We stand, the SC Army at the climax of our struggle-gradu- ation-with the reward of a four year course, a high school diploma. ID ood SSI' FO C T LONG LAST our four years of high A school have come to an end. Regret- fully we, the dressmaking graduates of l945, look back upon those four years and wonder where they have fled, for those final years of school life are what we remember most. As we began our freshman year with the black clouds of war hovering overhead, when the tragic blow was dealt on Pearl Harbor, it was only natural for us to become interested in war work. We did our utmost to sell war bonds and stamps. We knitted afghans, did Red Cross work, aided scrap drives, sent packages overseas and even had ot pin-up contest for our favorite servicemen. ln our Power Operating class we made gar- ments for neighboring hospitals and clothing for the poor and war-torn refugees. This training helped us to make professional gar- ments and also taught us to be charitable, helpful and considerate of our fellow men. A glow of pride fills each member of our class whenever we hear references to the fashion show that took place during our sixth class history I term. We worked like busy bees to make it the success it was. Another memorable event was the Christ- mas party of our last year at East New York. Who in 8TD can ever forget it? The spirit that prevailed there was one which has been with us for four years and which we expect to take with us into the business world and into our almunae group. Many of our boys and girls learned to dance and became social successes through our efforts in starting a dancing club. Our requests for this club were granted this term, thanks to the teachers who so willingly gave their time after school. But now all these things are happy recol- lections for us. As we graduate we are proud to have received the finest education pos- sible and to have had the guidance and instruction of the best teachers. We have spent four pleasant years at East New York Vocational High School and our gratitude can be shown only by our living up to the ideals and training we have acquired here, 4 S GRADUATION NEARS and we are JAX about to go forth into a world at war, we pause to look back on our pleas- ant school days. Almost three years ago, when we first feasted our eyes upon East New York, we were awed at the sight of the various shops with their complicated ma- chines. Now, sophisticated seniors, with plenty of practical experience behind us, we are ready and eager to take our places in industry or the armed forces. lt seems such a short while ago that we were freshmen just out of junior high school walking through the halls of East New York when the bell rang for a change of periods. Little did we realize that instead of going to the third floor which was our destination, we would end up in the cafeteria. Seniors here, seniors there, seniors all aroundl lt looked as though they were trying to subjugate the poor unfortunate third term- ers, At first we tried to adapt ourselves to the idea that the seniors were lords and mas- ters. But gradually we became adjusted and able to take care of our rights. closs history A year passed quickly and we were in fifth term. Until then we had had rather vague ideas of homework but then things began to happen as though Stukas were diving all around dropping their bombs of destruction-homework in English, math, science, economicsl What had we done to deserve such a fate as this? Many of us, alas, spent part of the seventh term in Mr. Garity's office. Gee, what a won- derful man he is, so straight and tall with a dignified look. We can still feel his friendly hand on our shoulders and hear his llWhat have you done now? in a gruff but friendly tone. The eighth term which was going to be our paradise-in-the-sun now became a synonym for an obstacle course for Marines training for overseas duty. But soon graduation day will be here and the piece of paper for which we worked so hard will be in our possession representing the fulfillment of our dreams and ambitions. And East New York will be but a happy memory. 1 S DOJSSOJO Q. th ood SSI' FO C N that memorable day, September ll, l942, we walked slowly and tim- idly through the halls of East New York to start our new careers. We had high ideas of becoming machinists until Mr. Hil- gard's talk, and then many of us wondered if we were good enough to become plumb- ers. As we entered the portals of E. N. Y. that day, we marvelled at the beauty and grace of the building. A few days afterwards we tightened our belts as we sought to cone quer the gray, sinister machines, as well as Miss Gillespies War Vocabulary. What a thrill it was to turn in our first jobs -only to return to our benches dismayed by the first encounter with that famous and well-worn handbook, l-iilgards Bible! However, in spite of everything we suc- ceeded in mastering the early stages of thread cutting, tool bit grinding, etc. As our freshman year drew to a close, we worked in the intense heat of Old Sol, for it was against the well-known Code of Ethics to loosen a collar button, or tie. Then came the fifth and sixth terms. We breathed a little easier now, for we could not be looked down on as lowly freshies. We walked about with an air of self-conf? dence, as though the Battle of E. N. Y. were half won. Little did we dream that our greatest trials and tribulations lay before closs history us-tortures such as Mr. Schiffmans Chem- istry, and the Mechanical Laboratory. We were tempted to take a few days off and go on a spree to the Paramount, but thirst for knowledge invariably led us back to the straight and narrow. And so we plodded along, and with the work we had our mo- ments of joy. Can we ever forget the fun we had with the exuberant Mr. Seidler? These days will forever remain with us as a happy memory. Our Day finally arrived. With a rush to the G. O. store, we purchased our senior buttons, which signified our right to be the freshmen's terror. But during that brief and anxious wait for our cherished diplomas, we ourselves were terrorized by Mr. Wards terrible black squares. However, a change came over the class. We no longer delighted in paper aeronautics and other diversions, for trying times had struck. It was with sor- row and pride that we watched our friends leave one by one for the wars. We will long remember our Alma Mater, and its patient teachers who gave us light for the darkness of our ignorance. We will never forget our classmates who will be felf low comrades-in-arms, co-workers in the construction of a free, happy world, and fel- low citizens in its most wonderful country. Y N DEEP SILENCE we entered the hallowed H halls of East New York on that first Sep- tember day, happy at last, for our dreams were coming true. These were soon to be shattered by the Safety Test, that devil- ishly ingenious torturel Grueling hours dragged by, and then the bell for lunch, a cloud of dust from flying feet, and the long race down the hall to our final goal, the Cafeterial This set the pattern for weeks to come. Then came weeks filled with the mo- notony of drawing plans, but soon, as if by magic, our boats began to form. At this time we realized the tremendous opportuni- ties offered to us. We had plenty of wood and tools, and before long each boy had his own room pass. ln the fourth term, we prepared to build bigger and better boats. It was during this term that we completed the racing sailboat which for two weeks shared top billing with the auto chassis in the lobby. We also had our first experience at decking, which we did very well. Fifth term found us transferred to the ad- vanced shop where we started drawing plans which we completed just in time for class history I I the shift back to our old shop. Returned to the advanced shop in the sixth term, we laid out the plans for two sixteen-foot canoes which we were lucky enough to pass on to the next class. Some of us worked on the thirty-foot Cabin Cruiserg this gave us a chance to try our skill at cabinet-making. We made panels, hatches, bulkheads and bunks fthe less am- bitious got plenty of practice trying out the bunksll Seniors at lastl The first day at school found us all at the G. O. store. What for? Why, to buy senior buttons, of coursel Being seniors must have done something for us- we had lOOU'2, G. O. for the first time, and in addition, we more than doubled our War Bond quota. Our shop seemed enormous this term because of the absence of the cruiser. Work, work, workl For the first time in ages everyone worked, even the confirmed loafers. The green and orange and white strips on the efficiency chart must have done the trick. That is one of the things we'll never forget, along with Mr. Tritschler's im- mortal words, Who has my keys? and the ready reply, Look in your pocket. .-.ii S DOJSSOJO Q. V7 ood SST' FO -'C T LAST the moment to which we have Xbeen looking forward for the past four years has come. lt has been a long, hard struggle, but on this day of mem- ories we are all very happy because we have reached our goal. From the very first day of our freshman year we have grown physically and mentally, for we have had an excellent education. The Beauty Culture girls are proud to hold the title of Morale Builders. We have undertaken the important task of keeping women beautiful and of taking the places of those beauticians who have entered the service. ln other ways, too, we have not been idle or content to let the war take its own course. Our girls have participated in many drives for the Bed Cross, National War Eund, collection of clothing and scrap. We also have a group of blood donors. Years from now when we look back over our school days for memories of the past, many pleasant ones will flash before us. There will be the trip to Central Park to see the War Exhibit from which we learned much about the actual conditions of warfare and what situations our brothers and friends are meeting. Our fifth term English work included a Whos Who autobiography project which class history was most enjoyable and through which we were able to know more about our school- mates. ln the sixth term we learned more about our city by preparing an interesting booklet called Around New York with the 5-7-8 BC. This was presented to the library for the use of the students. We shall never forget our History of Hair Styles, a combined project of the English and history departments. lt required work on our part, but it was worth every second, for it inspired us to do more research and also better hair styling. Other highlights in our four years were our visit to the Pennsylvania Hotel to see the exhibit of hair styling sponsored by the Hair- dressers' Association, and the demonstra- tions of cold wave permanents, hair dyeing, and hair styling given in our school by well- known cosmetic firms. Last but not least, our graduate theater party on May l8, to see Dear Ruth will stand out in our memories. We have enjoyed every minute of our stay in East New York and will always look back upon it as the happiest four years of our lives. Because of the fine help received from the faculty, we feel we can take our places in the serious life of our large com- munity as patriotic and efficient citizens. V7 ood SSI' YO ABRAMS, JACK SMSI 703 Vermont St. Gym Squad. The shadow . . . at 5 oclockf' Ambition: Successful machinist. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. ALLICINO, THERESA 8TDI 2408 Pacific St. Service Squad. AlIicino is very sweet, A girl like her can't be beat. ALPERT, STANLEY 8E12 620 Schenck St. Administrative Aid. He likes school fon the way homejf' Ambition: Position in Electrical Field. Service Preferred: U.S. Army Air Corps. t. 8x Bugle Cor sg Service Squad. 'I gree ble a fu f 5.5 e ' ll --f , f- one. I 4 . K e Preferred: U.S. Army Air at ANDERSON, CARL 8E12 823-52 St. Sound Crew. Smoking sure stunted his growth. Ambition: Electrical Engineer. Service Preferred: U.S. Maritime Service. APOSTOL, TED 8AVGA 4811 Avenue N Model Airplane Clubg Civil Air Patrol. When the lunchroom's bare, We know Teddy has been there.' Ambition: Aerial advertiser. Service Preferred: Naval Air Corps. AULD, STUART 8EI1 287 Bleeker St. Track Team: Mimeograph Squad: Cafeteria Aidg Program Com. Stewy's feet are never in glue, For E.N.Y. he'll always pull through. Ambition: Electrical Engineer. Service Preferred: Army. Brightest. AXELROD, STANLEY 8AVGA 840 Montgomery St. Meteorology clubg newspaer. A few more pounds and he'll look like Sinatra. Ambition: Politician. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. ASCENZA, ROSE MARIE 41 Crystal St. Victory Corps: Service Squad: Color Guard: G.O. Rep.: Mes- senger to Main Bldg. About Rose Marie there is little to say, For she's a perfect girl in every way. Ambition: Accountant. BANNISTER, CORRINE 8TD1 1219 Bergen St. Service Squad: Victory Corps. Her hair styles are quite new Like her you see few. Ambition: Best dresser - best dancer. BARLIN, D 1 I 8Av3 1587 Carr ll t, S r ad. fs. . . 5 'alnd he g ' g o build our ai pqp ' A t' : Aviation echanic. Servi e Preferr : Ai Ccypt. BASTA, EDWARD SAV3 470 Prospect Ave. Service Squad. Eddie wishes he was the ocean, So he could have muscles. Ambition: Pilot. Service Preferred: Army Air Corps. 0... P 18 , C M BECK. SEYBIOUR 8AV1 938 Eastern Parkway His favorite question is. IVho is the handsomest fellow in the class and why am l?i' Ambition: Navy Pilot. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. BECKER. ELI 8AV4 524 Saratoga Avenue Quiet and shy and a very great 3115:- Ambition: Business man. Service Preferred: Army Air Corps. BERGER. ESTHER 8C 867 New Jersey Avenue Administrative Aid: Choral Club: Honor Roll. For Esther we can surely say. Shes always happy and quite gay... Ambition: Singer. BERLIAN. ISIDORE SAV2 286 East 93rd Street A.A.: Interclass Basketball. 6 foot basketball fiend. Ambition: Aviation Mechanic. Service Preferred: Coast Guard. BERMAN, JACK SEIZ 437 Barbay Street Administrative Aid. If silence was food, he would never go hungry. Ambition: To be a success. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. Most Athletic. BERNARDO, LILLIAN 8TD2 213-28 112th Avenue Choral Club: Service Squad: Spe- cial Art Work: Vice President 6 term: Year book staff: Honor Roll. Lillian's little but she's wise, A regular genius for her size. lNIost Charming. L 'SZ' .Gi ,rs -vs '64 ks 1' ,J BERNSTEIN. GERSON SBISI 1037 Dumont Avenue Swing band: Orchestra: Blusicz IVhen you gc by and hear a moan. Youll know its Gerson on the saxophone. Ambition: Successful Mlusician. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. BERSE. JACK SEII 666 Hendrix Street Concert Band: Swing Band: Glee Club: Sound Crew: AA Squad: Program Committee. He's a leader of men. and a follower of women. Ambition: Llusician 84 Electrician. Service Preferred: Dflarine. Class Blusician. BERZON. NIARTIN SAVGA 83 Riverdale Avenue Drum and Bugle Corps. He thinks razors he will save. If he doesn'r get a shave. Ambition: Nlechanic. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. BIANCONE. FELIX SAYGA 8703 Bedell Lane Quiet and shy? He'lI get by. Ambition: Aeronautical Engineer. Service Preferred: Army Air Corps. BIEN, RAPHAEL SEI2 101-23 91st Street Ozone Park. Cafeteria Aid: Program Committee. We three don't agree, My teacher, my homework. and me. Ambition: Professional Baseball Player. Service Preferred: U. S, Army. BILELLO, JOSEPH 8AV1 309 Grove Street Library Squad: AA Squad. He's the only guy that wants to join the Navy to let the world see him. Ambition: Navy Pilot. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. ....i...,.--' S DOJSSOJO Q. U7 ood SSI' F0 C BLOCK, EUGENE 8MSI 7 40 Tapscott St. His chief interest is the pursuit of happiness. Ambition: A successful husband. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. BEST, GLENNA 8TD1 285 Quincy St. Service Squad: Victory Corps. In power she's one of the few, Who walk into class without feeling blue. Most Ambitious. BIZZARO, MICHAEL 8AV1 534 Crescent St. AA Squad, Clee Club. He's not very bashful, He's not very shy. just an all around fellow, And one darned swell guy. Ambition: Aviation Mechanic. Service Preferred: U.S. Army BLOTNER, SELMA 8C 1923 Park Place Service Squad: Victor Cor ' Y P, Class Secretary 3rd Term. If this world were travelled round, A sweeter girl could not be found. BLUME, FRITZ 8AVGA 2899 Fulton St. Calm and quiet as a rule, Is it always, or just in school? Ambition: Mechanic. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. BOCCIO, MICHAEL 8AV1 596 Belmont Ave. AA Squad. There's no one like him North or South, That's so small of stature and big of mouthfl Ambition: Navy Pilot. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. QQ BONAVITA, ANNA 8BC 473 Essex St. G.O. Rep. Here is a girl you would like to meet, For she is petite and awfully sweet. Ambition: Most Popular. BONOWICZ, JOHN 8AV4 178 Moore St. I don't need a hair cut, I'm go- ing to be a violinist. Ambition: To be a pilot. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. BRAGAS, VITO 8AV2 2021 West St. Airplane Engine Man. Ambition: Aviation Engine Mech. Service Preferred: Army Air Corps, Ground Crew. BRAKE, VICTOR 8AV2 127-26 102nd Road Band 3, 6, 7, 8: G.O. Rep. 7: A.A. 1, 2: Student Court 8. A real nice guy, plays bass, talks about Lee. Ambition: To own a Ranch. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. Most likely to succeed. BRENNER, LEO SAV2 480 Hinsdale St. , 'fBookworm. Ambition: Mechanic. Service Preferred: Naval Air Corps. BRESALIER, SANDRA 8TD1 379 Berriman St. Red Cross Workg Service Squad: Yearbook Staff: Class Pres. 5, 6 Term: Vice-Pres. 7, 8 Term: Sec. 4, 7, 8 Term: Treas of Grad. Class. Reddish hair, greenish eyes, All in all she's quite a prize. Most likely to succeed. M BRESK, FRANK 8MS1 134-15 86th Road Camera Club: Newspaper Photog- rapher: Yearbook Photography Editor. He looks at the world through 51 shutter. Ambition: Tool and Die Maker. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. BROWN, ARTHUR 8AVGA 584 Maple St. I had a hat when I came in. Ambition: Manufacturer. Service Preferred: U.S. Marines. BROWN, BURTON 8MS1 1752 East 9th St. Track Team: Honor Society: Bond and Stamp Salesman: G.O. Rep.: Gym Leader: Library Squad. Here's a fellow fast on his feet. For a half a mile he can't be beat. Ambition: Tool and Die Maker. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy Best Athlete. BROWN, ELBERT 8EI1 135 Eastern Parkway Basketball Team: A.A. Squad: Program Committee. Everyone calls him E. B., but he's sure to turn out to be a Sea- bee. Ambition: Business Manager. Service Preferred: Navy. Most Active. BROWN, TED 8EI1 382 Kosciusko St. Cheering Squad: Cafeteria Aid: Library Squad: G.O. Representa- tive: Administrative Aid. Work is for slaves: I'm a free man. Ambition: Radio Technician. Service Preferred: Navy. Did most for school. BUFFA, URSULA 8C 1435 Blake Ave. Honor Roll: Victory Corps: New- man Club: Bond Booster: Service Squad. Eyes that shine, teeth like pearl, Ursula's a typical Brooklyn girl. BUTLER, DAVID 8AVGA 222 Montauk Ave. My friends, I say again and again, lend me your notes. Ambition: Glider constructor. Service Preferred: Navy Air Corps. BATIATO, ANTHONY 8AV4 21 Tompkins Place A.A. Squad. Tho he's quiet he's not obscure: Of his knowledge we feel sure. Ambition: Machinist Mate. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. CAKA, GENE 8AV3 C u cey S 2 , ea ok Shi st.: Ambitio LE ine e nic Servic 3 . A .If CA C CCHIO, RI D 6 1 . ff es S'-11afSedrYg'E4rgsvvs ' - 84th St. ' 8AV2 . . Rep. , - 1 , ner f 4 I ngineer 1 HQ . tk X ' rl: A ,, . S f 4-. , i m- rox 'ti ' , Se ' - Wreferrqki ir Crew- Jnlfgyi ' 5 A Q I CALDE Nj IN 584 -'LI' 8AV3 'str v . n uestion is asked on any n, B n o i ' , ut oy ' Ambi Avialfi Whanic. Servi referred: avy.. CANNIZZARO, VINCENT 8AV1 208 Atkins Ave. A quiet tongue shows a wise mind. Ambition: Aviation Mechanic, Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. S DOJSSOJO Q. CAPUTI, THOMAS 8AV2 6 Boulevard Court, B'klyn The Whistling Minstrelfl Ambition: Supervisor of a large chain store. Service Preferred: Navy. Handsomest. CARTY, MARCELINE 8TD1 690 Quincy St. Marceline is on the beam, But when she falls she is a scream. Victory Corps.: Red Cross Work: Service Squad. CATALANO, MARIE STD1 432 DeWitt Ave. Red Cross Work: Service Squad: Victory Corps: Pres.: Newman Club: Treas. 8 Term. A girl like Marie is what We need, For she surely is a friend indeed. Most Attractive. CATANIA, THOMAS 8MS1 979 Putnam Ave. - He's always laughing, has brains and pep. Tom'll succeed, step by step. Ambition: Mechanical Engineer. Service Preferred: Navy. CHERNOFF, AARON 8AV1 867 Dekalb Ave. Library Squad. William Bendix the Secondf, Ambition: Commercial Pilot. Service Preferred: Marines. f17l,,.,,,,.t CW-15.5 oods SSI' FO C CHIPKIN, MARTIN 8EI2 949 Lafayette Ave. Cafeteria Aid: A.A.: G.O. Rep.: ,Sound Crew: Glee Club. Most great men are dead, and I'm not feeling so well myeslff' Ambition: Position in Electric Field. Service Preferred: Navy. CIPOLLA, CAESAR 81511 193 Nostrand Ave. Track Team: Swing Band: Concert Band: A.A. Squad: Gym Leader? Cafeteria Aid: Program Comm.: Cross-Country Team: Glee Club. We come to praise Caesar, not to bury him.'l Ambition: Television Research. Service Preferred: Navy. Most Cooperative. CITARELLA, JOHNNY 8MS1 11 Varet St. War Bond Rep. He's high school bredf' Ambition: To have a good wife and a happy family. Service Preferred: Navy. seed :M 1 4 77t t. ati e Aid, Glee Club. ' oke keeps the class refreshed. A b'tio : . ' r erred: Navy. 1 f COHEN, ANNA 8C 222 New jersey Ave. Service Squad: Class Secretary, 8th Term. Anna can Conga, Anna can five, With all that, how does she keep alive? Ambition: Dancer. COHEN, JEROME 8EI2 607 New jersey Ave. Administrative Aid: Program Com- mittee. The politician irom East New York. Ambition: Undecided. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. COHEN, SOL 8AV2 382 Williams Ave. Swimming Team 5: Handball Team 6, 8. Easy going all the day, Ambitious in a quiet Way. Ambition: Aviation Engine Me- chanic. Service Preferred: Army Air Forces. COMO, VINCENT 8EI1 311 Eldert St. Committee: A.A. Squad: Cafeteria Aid: Newspaper Staff: G.O. Rep- resentative: Mimeograph Squad: Class President. A modest person, a typical friend, An excellent E.IV.Y. blend. Ambition: Radioman. Service Preferred: Navy. Best Dressed. CORONATO, CHARLES 8EI2 382 Miller Ave. Cafeteria Aid: Drum and Bugle Corps. He ought to be banker, He deals in stocks and blondes. Ambition: Successful Electrician. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. CRAIGWELL, ERNEST 8AV3 558 Halsey St. A.A. Track Team: War Bond Rep.: G.O. Representative. You may run over the land, You may run over the sea, But you can't run over Ernie. Ambition: To get married. Service Preferred: Air Force. Most Popular. CRISCUOLI, FELICE 8AV2 75 Adelphi St. He goes round and round and conies out with the answer. Ambition: Aviation Mechanic. Service Preferred: Navy Air Corps. CUOZZO, ANTHONY 8EI2 269 Miller Ave. Small fry, But then good things come in small packages. Ambition: Electrician. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. DANSI, LENA 8C 143 Thames St. Service Squad, Vice-President 4th Term. This fact is certainly true, Not many girls are as Hne as youf' WGS DAVIS, GLORIA 8C 127 Powell St. Pres.-4, 7, 8: Vice-Pres. 5: Sec. 6 Term Honor Roll: Victory Corps: Yearbook Editor: Special Art: Newman Club: Varsity Club. She has a cute Hgure and nice brown eyes, and when it comes to personality, she takes the prize. Ambition: Designer. Best Dresser. DAVIS, HARRIS 8AV2 288 Montauk Ave. Glee Club 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Dra- matic Club 7: Rep. 7, 8. Metropolitan has its eye on him. Ambition: Singer. Service Preferred: Army. DAVIS, HENRIETTA 8C 127 Powell St. Service Squad: Honor Roll: Spe- cial Art Work: Variety Club: Library Assistant: Yearbook Staff: Newman Club. Soldiers, Sailors, fall in for duty- Here comes Henny, 8C beauty. Prettiest. DE FILIPPIS, SAMUEL AV2 565 Sixth Ave. A chip OH t old lo k ' East New York 7, Ambit' n: Air e hani Servic : rm ' Qrps Best d. I, ' its DE GEORGE, PHILIP 8AVGA 156 Throop Ave. If silence is golden, Big Phil is worth a fortune. Ambition: Airplane Industrial. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. p U U1 1- A33 E555 -- tr UI Z 3' Sm X: .4935 ff9.m,.g M ' rv U5 5. Fl 5 oo7U IP'-l E -MSPDOJSSOJU oczds SSI' l 0 C DEKTOR, HARRY 8AV2 1816 Park Place Orchestra: Swing Band. Dizzy, Desperate, Divine M si- cian. Ambitio :Na Ba M ' a . S effFgd: U . avy. , fl: llflf' DEL PRETE, CARL 8AV2 672 4th Ave. Sleepytime Boy. Ambition: Mechanical Engineer. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. DE MASI, DOMINICK 8EI2 17 Jardine Place Program Committee. Wants to find the Square Root of a tree. Ambition: Electrician. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. DEN O, E A 8AV3 -349 c et S S a , '. k uf! Your King's in c ck. , tio .1 c a . ice Prefer djfU.S, Navy. ff DER MANUELIAN, ANABID 653 Hendrix St. 8TD2 Dance Committee: Special Art Work: G.O. Representative 7th and 8th Terms: Class President Sth and 6th Terms. Wit, intelligence, personality has she, It's quite uncommon to have all three. DEVINE, ARTHUR 8MS1 381 Autumn Ave. Keen to serve us and serve well. Ambition: Tool and Die Maker. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. DIELENSNYDER, FRED 8AV3 59-23 68th Ave. A.A. He works occasionally. mbition: Aviation Mechanic. ervice Pretffrr : a -av LVV' ..- ICELQQA DI GIACOMO, AL 8EI2 88-15 103rd Ave. Cafeteria Aid: Program Commit- tee: Administrative Aid. Seven days with Al makes one Weak. Ambition: To be a success. Service Preferred: U.S. Maritime Service. DI LALLO, DOMINICK 8MS1 210 MacDouga1 St. Baseball Team: Gym Squad: Cafe- teria Squad: Interclass: Basketball. joe Gordon oi East New York. Ambition: To get a rich wife. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. DI NAPOLI, CAROLINE 8BC 2050 Bergen St. Victory Corps. Rhumba, Charleston, Boogie Beat, Are a cinch for Caroline's feet. DI PANE, JOSEPHINE 8TD2 466 Harmon St. Dance Committee: Special Art Service Work: Secretary of Class Sth term: Service Squad: Senior Day Committee. Agreeable and full of fun, She is Well liked by everyone. Wittiest. DI TOMMASO, FRANK 1139 Nostrand Ave. Student Court: Honor Society: A.A. Squad: Track Team Mgr.: Math Club: Radio Club: Mimeo- graph Squad: Newspaper: War Bond Salesman: G.O. Rep.: Pro- gram Committee: Library Squad. A'Even a scientific bug, Can't compete with a guy like Slug. Ambition: Electrical Engineer. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. Class Politician. f DI VITA, MINNIE 8TD2 1188 Greene Ave. Choral Club: Special Art, Service Squad: Dance Committee. Big brown eyes, dark brown hair, Is a warning, 'All Boys Bewaref DONNELLY, FRED 8AV2 232 Grant Ave., B'klyn Draftsman, A.A. Squad. The Smiling Irishman. Service Preferred: U.S. Marines. DONNER, PAUL 8AV2 516 Grandview Ave., B'klyn Astronomy Club 8: A.A. Squad. Star-Gazer. Ambition: Transport Pilot, Service Preferred: Air Corps. DOUGHTERY, HELEN 8C 226 Weirfield St. Victory Corps: Honor Roll: Serv- ice Squadg Newman Club. A real blonde girl with charm and grace, A winning smile and an atfrac- tive face. DUESTER, WALTER 8AV4 115-30 197th St. He fought, fought, fought and still the army Wouldn't take him. Ambition: Become a success. Service Preferred: U.S. Army. Most Likely to Succeed. EAGLE, LESTER 8MSI 1418 St. Marks Ave. Art Editor, Crossroads g Gym Squad: Hall Guard: Warstamp Salesman. Rembrandt, Michael Angelo, DaVinci, and Eagle. Ambition: Mechanical Engineer. Service Preferred: Navy. EBERHARDT, GEORGE 8AV2 140 Ralph Ave., B'klyn Ambition: Naval Career. Service Preferred: Navy Aerial Gunner. Theme Song: I'll Get By. EDWARDSEN, EDWARD 8AV4 111-40 123rd St. A lad full of ambition, success in his mission. Ambition: Aviation Mechanic. Service Preferred: Navy. EIGLER, JOSEPH 8AV1 1227 Hancock St. Gas Engine Club. His main interest in life is models-fAirplanesj. Ambition: Aviation Mechanic. Service Preferred: Army. EMILIO, GEORGE 8AV2 194 So. Portland Ave.. Library 1, 2, 3: G.O. Rep.: East New Yorker 41 Meterology Club 7: Crossroads 8. A'Union City thats the place for me. FARELL, IRENE 8BC 708 McDonough St. Renee Victory Corps. Here is a girl with a sparkling Wit, But the teachers don't appreciate it. Most Charming. FEDDEN, CHRIS 8AV2 1004 Bedford Ave. A.A. 83 Meteorology Club 7. K'Music hath charms - but not for him. Ambition: Aviation Mechanic. Service Preferred: Navy. M S DOJSSOJO Q. ID ood SSI' F0 C FEDDERSEN, WALTER 8MS1 137 Norwood Ave. This may sound like a lie, but gee, he hasn't got a tie. Ambition: Tool and Die Maker. Service Preferred: U.S. Coast Guard. FEDNER, EDWARD 8MS1 202 Union Ave. Library Squad: Warstamp Rep. Always active talking ever, Merry, witty, and so clever. Ambition: Tool and Die Designer. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. FEIGNBERG, ELLEN 8C 685 Rockaway Ave. Service Squad: Bond Booster: Library Assistant. Eyes of blue, smile so sweet, To look at her is such a treat. Ambition: Accountant. Class Baby. FELDMAN, LOUIS 8EI1 63 Bartlett St. Mimeograph Squad: School News- paper: Cafeteria Squad: A.A. Squad: Glee Club: Program Com- mittee. Looking up or looking down, We'll always remember him as our class clown. Ambition: Radio Technician. Service Preferred: Navy. Class Clown. FIORELLO, MARIE 8TD1 60 Taylor St. Newman Club: Service Squad. Although she is quite small, She is loved by us all, FORT, FRANK 8AV2 66-26 Fresh Pond Road C.A.P. 5, 6, 7, 8. HStop breaking my glasses. Ambition: Navy Pilot. Service Preferred: Naval Air Corps. Class Wit. M Jw X 'vs FORTE, MARY J. 8TD1 1838 Prospect Place Service Squad: Red Cross Work: Newman Club. f'Although she tlirts and acts so coy, Her heart belongs to just one boy.', FOX, STANLEY 8AV3 1589 Prospect Place Service Squad. He made a great hit with the girls until they took the bat awayf' Ambition: Aviation Mechanic. i. FRANCO, RALPH 8MS1 1238 St. Marks Ave. G.O. Rep. i'He doesn't like math, but he's a whiz at Hguresf' Ambition: A carefree life. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. FRANZESE, JOSEPHINE STD2 289 Logan St. Service Squad: Class Sec. Dancing feet and laughing eyes, We Wonder where her future lies.', FROSHNIDER, SOL 8MS1 501 Brightwater Crt. Honor Society: G.O. Rep.: Gym Squad: Newspaper Rep. He shall compress life and ex- plode success. Ambition: Mechanical Engineer. FUSCO, JOSEPH 8AV3 89 Glen St. Barber Starver. Ambition: Aviation Mechanic. Service Preferred: Navy. JO-Oi Cfw-3,-gufki Jgpu, of -LAC1-m..1' . if wo' M Service Preferred: Naval Air rps. 6 ,W FUTTERNICK, SHIRLEY 8C 356 Bradfort St. Ulf smiles were used instead of gold. Countless millions she would hold. GARDNER, ALICE 8TD2 1664 Broadway Service Squad. A'She flirts at work, she Hirts at play, In other words she flirts all day. GARGUILO, LOUIS SAV3 321 8th St. He'll always hght for what he thinks is right. Ambition: Mechanic. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. GARNY, KENNETH 8AV1 1473 Bushwick Ave. When there is little noise, but a lot of blarney, just turn around and, of course, it's Garnyf' Ambition: Pilot. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. GAMMELLA, MARIE 8C 20 Jardine Pl. Pres. Fifth Term: Bond Booster: Victory Corps: Service Squad. Generally speaking she's nice as can be, and good looking, well look and see.'l GEORGE, FRANK SAV2 116 Richmond St. Look! I'm a helicopter. Ambition: Aeronautical Engineer. Service Preferred: Naval Air Corps. 1:23, Qi f :Li :L sf GERAMITA, VITO 8MS1 323 Jerome St. Guard: Gym Squad. Tho' this Iaddie is so small, He is popular with us all. Ambition: Tool and Die Maker. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. Voted: Most Popular. GETTINGER, EVELYN 8C 472 Hendrix St. Class Treasurer 8th Term: Color Guard: Honor Roll: Service Squad: Administrative Aid. Sweet and shy, Awful easy on the eye. GEWANT R, ER W5 228 E. 37t Stl I r8AV3 . minis tiy! pid: Y rbook ff: abd: 4 op sistant, se tive: oSecretary. How just all me Rock'l'irz 'f7b mbiri : Pilotf L? Service Prefenr : ' ir Force . , f Vof'e'cl1,Ld4t likfly to succeed. .J Q. f' GILLESPIE, JOHN 8Av2 42 Rogers Ave. The Fox. Ambition: Aviation Mechanic. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. GINSBURG, BERNARD 8AV2 283 New jersey Ave. Handball Team 4, 6, 8: G.O. Rep. 3, 5: Meteorology Club. 'AHey There Boys, Ambition: Engineer. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. GIOE, MARY 8TD2 177 Stanhope St. Choral Club: Special Art Work: Service Squad: Honor Roll: Class President 4th Term: G.O. Rep. 6th Term. Active always talking ever, Cute and sweet decidedly clever. Most Popular. mtg' .MM S DOJSSOJO Q. ID ood SST FO C GOERNEMANN, MARIE 8C 302 Marion St. Service Squad: Library Assistant: Newman Club. Always present, never late, Forever Willing to co-operate. Most Reliable. GOLDBERG, MIRIAM 8C 213 Legion St. Service Squad: Variety Club. Miriam is short as everyone knows, But short and sweet as the saying goes. Ambition: Secretary. GOLINS I, SEPH 8AV1 475 Ele nth t. . it he s ot it. Gg'A'tin:- rchi ct, 9 ' rr egvice Pr ,Natl . .,,afR+' GOMEZ, ERNEST 8EI1 430 Livonia Ave. Glee Club: War Stamp Rep.: Pro- gram Committee: School News- paper: Cafeteria Aid: Poster Club. You have to be 'Earnestf to be a Gomez. Ambition: Radio Technician. Service Preferred: Navy. Class Baby. GOODMAN, JOSEPH 8EI1 488 Elton St. A.A. Squad: Honor Society: Mim- eograph Squad: Program Com- mittee: Math Club: Radio Club: Track Team. It takes a 'good-man' To be like Goodman. Ambition: Electrical Engineer. Service Preferred: Navy. Class Orator, GORELICK, MORRIS 8EI1 893 Hopkinson Ave. Basketball Team: A.A. Squad: Mimeograph Squad. Handsome, dark and tall, He lives to play basketball. Ambition: Service Preferred: Navy. Handsomest. GREENBERG, SELMA 8TD1 233 Chester St. G.O. Representative 7th Term: Victory Corps, Yearbook Staff: Service Squad. Selma's never quiet: When she's around There's always a riot. Wittiest. GRISOLIA, GERTRUDE 8BC 64 Fountain Ave. Blondie President of Class: G.O. Rep.: Treasurer: Victory Corps: Stamp and Bond Rep.: Senior Council: Yearbook Staff. Nice figure, nice smile, Helps her friends all the While. Brightest. GUARNERI, BEN 8AV2 Harmont St. A.A. 1, 2, 7, 8: Track Team 4: Dramatics Club 7: Astronomy Club 8. Professor. Ambition: Navigator. Service Preferred: Army Air Corps. GULEMI, JACK 8MS1 408 Suydam St. War Bond Rep.: Gym Squad. We're afraid to knock: he may wake up.'l Ambition: Tool and Die Maker. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. GELLER, EDWARD 832 Belmont Ave. Find me a quiet nook. Ambition: To be an Engineer. HALPERN, MILTON 8AV2 1169 East New York Ave. Racing with the moon. Ambition: Master Aviation Mech. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. HEINZ, BILL 8BB 385 Woodbine St. School Serviceg A.A. Squad. Our Romeo without a Juliet. Ambition: To be a Marine Engi- neer. Service Preferred: U.S. Marines. Class Orator. HENNER, SIDNEY 8AV4 568 East 51st St. Expects to go to college. A ml it 21 Ambition: Engineer. I 'U r'f g ' It intelligence were electricity, he'd be a powerhouse. HERSHKOWITZ, ALEX 4908 Sixteenth Ave. 8AVGA Civil Air Patrol. If speech were measured in wood he'd be a toothpickf' Ambition: Engineer. Service Preferred: Coast Guard. HEVER, EDWARD 8EI2 137 Glen St. Cafeteria Aidg Program Commit- tee: G.O. Representative. Zeke, the Hillbilly from Brook- lyn. Ambition: To be a success. Service Preferred: Navy. HINES, EDGAR 8EI1 409 Madison St. Track Team CCapt.Dg Library Squadg Mimeograph Squad: honor Society fStudent Leaderlg School Newspaperg A.A. Squadg Program Committee: G.O. Rep.g War Bond Rep. Because his work is always Hne, Success is surely in his line. Ambition: Radio Engineer. Service Preferredg Navy. Most Reliable. HOFMAN N. GEORGE 8AV1 97-12 109th St. Bowling Teamg A.A. Squad. The only thing that he likes better than one girl, is two. Ambition: Ferry Pilot. Service Preferred: Army Air Corps. I ww 72 fr! ff idea... 'Q' HOGE, JOSEPH 8AV2 64-61 Cooper Ave. G.O. Rep. 6. f'Hali a buck-it's tails! Ambition. Machinist. Service Preferred: Army Air Corps. an l . - , aff'-'JH 43 -- 27' ':1n.:. HU Here's a who's always , Hockey's th e e like o pla . -4 . ' Ambitio i 7 . Service Preferred: Navy ircre . HUNDERT, DAVID SAVGA 2776 Pitkin Ave. Captain of A.A. Squad. Hundert is still trying to time the engine. Ambition: Chemical Engineer. Service Preferred: Army. HYMAN, LILLIAN 8TD1 56 Taylor St. Service Squadg Victory Corps. Lillie's quite a subtle gal, When you get to know her she is a pal.', Class Politician. IERVOLINO, CONSIGLIA 8C 128 Liberty Ave. Honor Roll: Newman Club: Class Secretary 7th Term: Victory Corps: Bond Booster. Connie is always at her best, Helping out someone in distress. IMMEL, HARRY 8MSl 104-16 107th AVC. He dislikes labor but loves to mm, A minimum of work and maxi- mum of fun. Ambition: To always be carefree and gay. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. Class Comedian. ,4 M S DOJSSOJD Q. S th ood SSI' YO C .ONA, STELLA A. 8TD1 129 Woodbine St. G.O. Rep.: Service Squad: Year- book Staffg Newman Club: Red Cross Workg Victory Corps. 'LA girl like Stella is not a bore, She keeps our class in a great uproar. Class Baby. Most Popular. JAMIESON, ARTHUR 8AV2 1396 Flatbush Ave. A.A. Squad. The Flyer. Ambition: Pilot. Service Preferred: Army Air Corps. J. A Referral 44 .lm ..l 1 d' my if rlie would Ser ePref red Marine Corps. qi Q20 .g..g9ff?i JENSEN, JESSIE 8TD1 9603 Avenue K Service Squad. 'Ajessie Jensen is her name, She will surely achieve great famef' Quietest. J ii .wif Y, ARNOLD 8Av3 7xD out Ave. lee ' ance Clubg Service Cl W . . ry .r - he combs his hair he 6145 - - . .H 5 Ambiti '- fry Q r' irl. Servic ' - I A : ' yAir Corps. Hands , JONAS, GERALD 8BB 1496 St. Marks Ave. A.A. Squad. Somebody told him to get a Marine occupation. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. Class Politician. ff 444' AW , ,wx JUDKINS, FRANK 8EI1 605 Halsey St. Program Committee: Cafeteria Aid. HFrankie's always nice and quiet, Never tries to start a riot? Ambition: Radio Technician. Service Preferred: Navy. Class Artist. KALESNICK, NICHOLAS 8EI1 382 Barbey St. Gym Leader: Gym Squad, Track Teamg Cheering Squad: Cafeteria Squad: Program Committee. Ulnto the Navy he will go, And will probably land in Tokyo. Ambition: Radio Technician. Service Preferred: Navy. Class Banker. KASHTAN, SAMUEL 8EI1 293 New Lots Ave. Radio Club. Sam's the one that draws the best, No doubt in our minds that he'lI lead the rest. Ambition: Electrician. Service Preferred: Navy. Most likely to Succeed-Voted. Kai , LARRY 8AV3 ast St. A. .3 Glee Club: Ljew .- , lea fmen. A . ' nz A nEngi ' W ce : 0 'R ulxwidff , .F H, 1 ff swf? KATZ, HER vi SAV4 185 Kosrisko St. A. A. Squad. He thinks he is Mr. America. Ambition: Soldier of Fortune. Service Preferred: Combat Engi- neer. KATZ, IRA 8MS1 341 Georgia Ave. A.A. Squad: Gym Squad: Hall Guard. , An extinct specie, the kind that comes to school to learn. Ambition: Mechanical Engineer. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. KATZMAN, GEORGE 8AV3 1429 - 35th St. Kip Club: G.O. Rep. So many muscles he rustlesf' Ambition: Mechanical Draftsman. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. LL! 1 Lia- ,g-A-4-. Q ,en f 1 I . -.454 ist.. M-f.c1......'i.. lil KAUFMAN, SIDNEY 8AV1 82 Church Ave. A.A. Squad East New York has a lot of actors: He's one of the characters. Ambition: Engineer, Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. KENNY MARTIN 8AV4 405 Throop Ave. A.A. Squad. Eyes of blue, hair of brown, On his face is never a frown. Ambition: Navy Career. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy Air Corps. Best Dressed. KIRSCH, DANIEL 8EI1 515 Saratoga Ave. Program Committee: A.A. Squad. A fellow with a fine sense of humor, With great possibilities of success? Ambition: Electrical Engineer. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. Most Cheerful. LS KI Y ER, PAUL 1 SAV3 . s rv e : .A.P. i , 5, A re is 1 wilyoulxbbfild B Sfnjo , C . 4 e 'm us happy when he, I says.-I S MY ' ' , i , Y., , Ambitio -, r Service P rrecf: vy Air Corps. Z, KLUCHNIK, GEORGE 8MS1 496 Hinsdale St. Gym Leader: War Industries Pro- gram, Guard on Gym Squad. True, hels quite intelligent and friendly, too. Ambition: Tool Engineer. Service Preferred: U.S. Marines. Handsomest. KOBRIN, IRVING 8AV3 236 E. 92nd St. Bond Rep.: Student Court: Ad- mi i rative Ai . 1 ,I ,f jfiglljget yxfgad, Gqd lrfless flqe needsfonef' A' Ambition? Pilot. Senvice Preferred: Air Corps. PQCKVW. . W KoLAc1NskffRUDoLPH F 147 East sam st. 81313 A.A. Squad. Making plans for the greatest American invention. Ambition: Naval Architect. Service Preferred: Merchant Ma- rine. Most likely to succeed. KORTH, HERBERT 8AVGA 248 Hewes St. Model Airplane Club: Yearbook Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. Ambition: Aeronautical Engineer. He's the idol of this class, fbeen idle for yearsjf' KOWALASKA, FRANCES 8TD1 455 Wyona St. Service Squad: Newman Club: Banker: Victory Corps. Frances is very sweet, A class without her is incom- plete. KRAMER, HAROLD 8AVGA 658 Vermont St. Yearbook Editorial Staff. I don't Want anything for my- self, But please give my father a daughter-in-law. Ambition: Aeronautical Engineer. Service Preferred: A.S.T.R.P. KRAMP, EDMUND 8AV1 4 Folsom Place A.A. Squad. His motto is, 'Fool the other 81-YY, Before the other guy fools you.' Ambition: Naval Officer. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. 1 JO JSSO 1 SPDO OD D-ll V7 ood SSI' FO C KENNEY, THOMAS BAV4 2061 Gates Ave. Serving with U.S. Armed Forces. KRUSE, HOWARD 8EI2 159 Norwood Ave. Administrative Aid: Sound Crew. Oh, nuts, I wish I was in Radio. Ambition: Radio Technician. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. KUGLER, HEINZ 8MS1 157 Miller Ave. A good machinist is hard to find, Don't forget to keep Heinz in mind. Ambition: Experienced Machinist. Service Preferred: U.S. Marines. LA BARBERA, VINCENT 2071-76th St. 8MS1 G.O. Rep.: Gym Squad. In charm and wisdom he is blessed. In handsome clothes he's always dressed. Ambition: To live, love and marry a good cook. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. Best Dressed. LA GUARDIA, NICK 8AV4 277 Humboldt St. The Little Flowerf, Ambition: To take life easy. ,S ice Preferr dz U.S. Navy. Z7 5 if cs .al-6 up LAMBERG, STANLEY 8EI2 2057 Union St. Still trying to figure out how long two short circuits are. Ambition: Radio Technician. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. LEIMER, JOHN 8AV1 1283 Hancock St. A.A. Squad: Dance Committees: Student Counsel: Victory Corps: Borough Conference Rep.: Bowling Team: Newspaper Reporter: Cross- road Staff. Never in class always on the 80, Perpetually late just in B.T.O.'l Ambition: Engineer. Service Preferred: U.S.M.C. LENTINI, MARIO SAV4 633 Hendrix St. 'LSilence is golden people say, 8AV4 lines him that way. Ambition: Mechanic. Service Preferred: U.S. NavyfAif Corps. ,ff Class Poli c n. -A kay ' I ' i I S- k . 1 1 ,A J ' s ,' V LEONE, ANNE 8TD1 29 Wyona St. Banker: Cheering Squad: Newman Club: Victory Corps. Anne Leone, smart and true, Tell us Why you're never blue. Voted: Brightest. LERNER, ESTELLE 8C 462 Alabama Ave. Victory Corps: Service Squad: G.O. Rep.: Bond Booster: Secre- tary 4th Term: Vice-President 8th Term. Out goes misery, out goes gloom When Estelle comes in the room. Voted: Wittiest. LETIZIA, JOSEPH 8AVGA 505 E. 88th St. Civil Air Patrol. 'EDO they still have a cafeteria in this school? Ambition: Aeronautical Engineer. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy Air Corps. LEVCHENKO, TED 8AVU 106 Christopher Ave. Do weight lifting: get a build like mine. Ambition: U.S. Navy. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. l LEVY, EDWARD SAV3 945a Lafayette Ave. Glee Club: Service Squad: Track Team. He took first prize at a track meet, but they made him give it back. Ambition: Mechanic. Service Preferred: Maritime Serv- ice. LEWIS, DOROTHY 8TD1 30 Amboy St. Victory Corps: Red Cross Work: Service Squad. Dottie is always on the run, But you will End she's lots of funf, Best Athlete. LO BUE, JOSEPH 8AV1 101-27 104th St. A.A, Squad: Interclass Basketball Champion Team. Ambition: Aviation Mechanic. Service Preferred: Marines. LO FASO, JENNIE 8BC 1260 Blake Ave. Jean G.O. Rep.: Sec.: Victory Corps: Pres. of the Class. The angels carft sing sweeter, Even the birds don't beat her. Best Athlete. LOMBARDI, PATSY 8BB 7 Stryker St. A.A, Squad: Libary Squad. You're a Yoiner, you're a . . . Ambition: To be a boat builder. Service Preferred: Navy. Best Boatbuilder. LONGO, SALVATORE J. 8BB 18 Avenue T A.A, Squad: G.O. Class Reporter! Yearbook Rep.: Baseball Team. Knows all. Ambition: To get into the Marines. Service Preferred: Navy. Handsomest. fl! 49 LO PICCOLO, ANTHONY 90-15 Bayview Ave. 8AV1 Track Team: Baseball Team. L'His stay at East New York has been a four year vacation. Ambition: Pilot. Service Preferred: Maritime Serv- ice. LO SCHIAVO, JOSEPH 8MS1 1710 West 12th St. Crossroad Photography Staff: Busi- ness Staff: Class Pres.: Newspaper Photographer: Service Squad: In- terclass Basketball. Calm and collected and by all respected. Ambition: To provide for those he loves. Service Preferred: Marines. Class Politician. LOVAGLIO, JOSEPH 8EI2 898 Autumn Ave. G.O. Rep.: Sound Crew: Administ. Aid: Cafeteria Aid: Program Com- mittee. He plays with dolls. Ambition: To be successful in Elec- trical Field. Service Preferred: Navy. Most Handsome. LOWENTHAL, LEONARD 8EI2 404 Saratoga Ave. Administrative Aid: Library Squad: Math Club: Radio Club. A swell fellow, very depend- able, Nothing about him that isn't commendable. Ambition: To be a success. Service Preferred: Maritime Serv- ice. LUBER, ELEANOR 8C 607 Howard Ave. G.O. Rep.: Sec.: Third Term: Honor Roll. HA girl with a wonderful disposi- tion, When she goes to work she'll get the best positionf' LUBERTO, DOMINICK 8MS1 101-50 102nd St. Interclass Basketball: Varsity Bas- ketball: Major E: Lunch Squad: Newman Club. As far as sports are concerned, he's the best of the cropf' Service Preferred: Merchant Ma- rine. ' S DOJSSOJO Q. LUFF, ROBERT 8EI2 103-39 106th St., Ozone Park Mimeograph Squad: Administra- tion Aidg Lieutenant Cafeteria Aidg Radio Club: Program Committee: Math Club: Senior Yearbook Rep- resentative. His work is away above par, No doubt about it, he will get far. Ambition: Electrical Engineer. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. Most likely to succeed. LUNDELL, WARREN 8AV1 178 Bay 23rd St. A.A. Squadg Victory Corps. The Unadilla Kid, 'alias the Swede., Ambition: Farmer. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. LUPO, JOSEPH 8MS1 133 Irving Ave. G.O. Representativeg School News- paper Representative. He's always there with a happy smile,- The kind of a boy who makes life worth whilef' Ambition: Toolmaker. Service Preferred: U.S. Army. LUTSKY, THEODORE 8AV3 48 Loga St, -J' A, - fdmb, ' cla he doesFI't ke a pemj How can e s fast asleep. Am 't ' ed Technician. Se f ed: Air Corps. X. , ww' y , LYNCH, JAMES 8EI2 351 South Eighth St. Lindenhurst, L. I. Cafeteria Aid: Administration Aidg G.O. Representative: Newspaper Representative. Talks, cracks jokes, and never quiet, On the whole he's quite a riot. Ambition: To Travel. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. Most Popular. MACEDONIO, SALVATORE 40 Fountain Ave. 8AV4 Brooklyn, New York A.A. Squad. Teachers breathe a sigh, When Sal says bye-bye.', Ambition: Soldier of Fortune. Service Preferred: U.S. Army Ord- nance. Most Popular. 6 MARCELLARI, EUGENE 8AV1 243 Sheridan Ave. A.A. Squad: Student Council: Track Team. Ambition: Aviation Mechanic. Service Preferred: U.S. Marines. MAGRI, ROSE 8TD1 288 Chauncey St. Newman Clubg Service Squad. She's small and petite, Streamlined and neat. MANDEL, ELLIOTT 8AVGA 654 Linden Blvd. Drum and Bugle Corpsg Shop Foreman. Takes up a lot in school, espe- cially space. Ambition: Electronical Engineer. Service Preferred: Army Air Corps. MANFREDI, ROSE 8TD1 817 Barbey St. ' Red Cross Workg Newman Club: Victory Corpsg Service Squad. In school Rose is one of the best, Because she will never become a pest. MANISC CO O 579 Cres nly ti . e does t make oiei s o is onStur ays u day A ition: Avi ' echanic Service Preferr : U.S. Nav 5 I Q' ' . Y gi Q: . . u , I te 1 . a ketball. lr ' Dix MANNES, STANLEY 8AVGA 292 Van Buren St. 'Tool crib' Manny doesn't know a wire from a plier. Ambition: Aviation Mechanic. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. MARCHESE, TERESA 8TD2 376 Warwich Street Dance Committee: Special Art Work: Service Squad: Honor Roll: Bond Booster. Beauty, brains, lots of fun, All rolled up into one. MARCHESE, SALVATORE 138 Lincoln Ave. 8AV1 A.A. Squad: Interclass Basketball: Victory Corps. He has the teachers right where they Want him. Ambition: Aviation Mechanic. Service Preferred: U.S. Army. 4, WI groiz , ROSARId sAv4 941 F A e. Trac ea Shot Put' Team: AQ? 1 am: Vi: Yearbook I y hair gbof knwn ou'll alw-ajfiifind 'm kidding arouhtlfl , ' Ambition: Aviation Mechanic. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. Best Athlete, Most Humorous. MARTORANO, DOMINICK 588 Sheppard Ave. 8EI2 Administrative Aid: Newspaper Reporter: Program Committee. Who when he gets a zero says, 'Why worry, it's nothing' 'l Ambition: Radio Technician. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. W C , F 2 r' . 0' . ' Inter-Cl - a . eac ou can't sleep in cl ' fEddi VI I 5 if-y u didn't fi tal I 1 ,V I ff 2 f . ' JL., ' yAir Corps. If f KZZIQZIQ: X t MARRARO, VITO 8MS1 132 Hopkinson Ave. Gym Squad. He certainly shows eltort, with pencil or file. The kind of boy that makes teaching worthwhile. Ambition: Tool and Diemaker. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. MASINO, CATHERINE 8C 12 Monoco Place Victory Corps: Service Squad: Yearbook Staff: Handicraft Club. Cute, petite, sweet and neat, Kay's the girl with the dancing feet. Best Dancer. MARTA, EDITH 8C 1677 DeKalk Ave. G.O. Rep.: Choral Club: Service Squad. UA nice girl in every Way, What else is there to say. Most Charming. MAZZARA, SAL 8AV2 107-52 129th St. A.A. 7: Model Club 5. Ambition: Engineer. Service Preferred: Marine Pilot. Most likely to succeed. MEXTORF, NICK 8MS1 1719 Grove St. Baseball Team: Interclass Basket- ball: Gym Squad: Cafeteria Squad. 'fLight hearted, light haired, but not light headed. Ambition: Athletic coach in high school. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. MILLER, DAVID SET2 1159 Brighton Beach Ave. Cafeteria Aid: Administrative Aid: Track Team: Program Committee. Pop Miller likes his girls like Geometry, Plaine and Solid. Ambition: Radio Technician. MILLER, JOSEPH 8AV1 112 North 8th St. A.A. Squad. Quiet, Witty, full of fun. He's a friend to every one. Ambition: Pilot. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. S DOJSSOJO Q. I0 ood SSI' TO C MILLER, MALVIN 8MS1 1107 - 107 St. Major and Minor E for Swing Band and Orchestra: A.A. Squad: Interclass Basketball: War Bond Rep. He likes to make with the corn, But we like him best when he blows his horn. Ambition: To be liked by all, hated by none. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. MILILLO, NATHAN 8AV4 909 Gates Ave. Captain of A.A. Squad. Ambition: Mechanic. Service Preferred: U.S. Army Air Corps. I, se MINNICUCCI, ALFRED 8EI2 949 Greene Ave. Cafeteria Aid: Administrative Aid. Okay, girls, forget Glenn Miller, Here comes Minnicucci, the Lady Killer. Ambition: To be a Success. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. MITTENBERG, CHARLIE 201 Bristol St. 8MS1 Red Cross Representative. Snappy, vivid, full of pep, Charlie sure does keep in step. Ambition: Tool and Die Maker. Service Preferred: Merchant Ma- rine, MODICA, ANNA STD2 1393 Jefferson Ave. Special Art Service Work: Service Squad. Anna h8Sf1Yf much to say, But We like her anyway. MORANDI, ONORINA 8TD2 225 Wyckoff Ave. Special Art Service Work: Secre- tary 4th, 6th, Term: Honor Roll: Bond Booster. Quiet, conservative, helpful and neat, This combination is hard to beat. MULA, SAL 8AV2 177 Maujer St. Student Court: Sec. of G.O.: A.A. Squad: Drum and Bugle Corps: Glee Club: Swimming Club: Cheering Squad. Future Secretary of State. Ambition: Engineer. Service Preferred: Navy Air Corps. MUSSARA, MARY 8TD1 493 Pine St. Bond Booster. Mary is a choosy sort, But We all agree she's a darn good sport. MUSSO, MILLIE 8TD1 1004 East 98th St. Newman Club: Street Squad: Vic- tory Corps. To give a speech Millie is shy, But in this world she-'ll get by. NEIDOFF, SHIRLEY 8C 569 Christopher Ave. Cheer Leader: G.O. Rep.: Secre- tary 4: President 3: Service Squad: Honor Roll: Yearbook Staff. She jokes and laughs through- out the day, Instead of working she'd rather playf' Ambition: Buyer. NELSON, ALBERT 8AV1 74 St. Edward Place A.A. Squad: Track Team: Gas En- gine Club. One Week Nelson. Ambition: Commercial Pilot. Service Preferred: Army Air Corps. NELSON, SHIRLEY 8TD2 1381 Bergen St. Choral Club Secretary: Special Art Service Work: Dance Committee: Honor Roll. Always happy, always gay, In our opinion, she's okay. Most Reliable. l 1773 Nostrand Ave. I I' ' NEWSHAN, HOWARD 8AV4 33 St. Nicholas Ave. A.A. Squad. Ambition: Mechanic. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. NOLL, DOROTHY 8C 720 Knickerbocker Ave. Service Squad: Honor Roll: Vic- tory Corps. Everyone likes her, yes indeed: To us, she is a friend in need. NOTARO, MICHAEL 8EI2 354 Elton St. A.A. Squadg Library Squad, Math Club: Radio Club. Who's the smartest fellow in the class and why am I? Ambition: Undecided. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. NOVA, THOMAS 8AV1 Squ d Swimmin XTCBDT Cap- Q 91 ' i ' : I- I structor. ' '- -4' ' .UfS. Navy. 0-1-M' 0'l-hi.. NUSS, ANN 8TD1 295 St. Nicholas Ave. G.O. Rep. 6th Term. l'Your eyes so blue, with blonde hair, too, Won't you tell us who loves you? Most Charming. NYSTROM, ROY 8MS1 84-17 107th Ave., Ozone Park A.A. Squad. After going to East New York he's ready to tackle anything. Ambition: Tool and Die Maker. Service Preferred: U.S. Navy. ' fa. ords, 'll'do it.' gm.. 4: , A 'C' S 5? 45? OBRY, EIVIIL 8AV2 1861 DeKalb Ave. A.A. Squad, Student Court, As- tronomy Club. Never gambles, drinks no beer, Nor plays the hook, is always here. Ambition: Army Career. Service Preferred: Army Air Corps. OSNOW, NATHAN ,f 8AV2 17 rospect Place ' nf - ' . S,qyaEi.L1.'i'L ' fwff 5. 'a -.MIG 'f ssie's there with fatherly ad- lCE.U 'I by 4 1 C tciyi Engine. ,LMALVL ervice Preferred: U.S. Navy. X ORCHOWSKY, ESTHER 8C 615 Blake Ave. Service Squad, Library Assistant. l'Sunny disposition, plain and sweet, Friendly personality, hard to beat. ORINGER, ROSLYN 8BC 428 Sheffield Ave. G.O. Rep.: President of Class: Vic- tory Corpsg Secretary: Treasurer, Senior Council: Yearbook Staffg Dance Committee. 'KA clever mind, a Word that is kind, A girl like Roslyn is hard to find. Best Dressed. OZGA, HENRY 8MS1 95-20 88th St., Ozone Park Interclass Basketball Team. He fought, but they educated him anyway. Ambition: To own a boat. Service Preferred: U.S. Marine Corps. PHILLIPS, JOHN 8AVGA 1689 East 52nd St. Model Airplane Club: Civil Air Patrol: Yearbook Art Staff. He'll get to the top because his iather's a cop. Ambition: Automobile Mechanic. Service Preferred: Navy Air Corps. l C E .ID 0 .ISS S DO Q. V9 ood SSI' T0 11142 if PIAZZA, ELVIRA 8TD2 195 Rockaway Ave. Special Art Workg G.O. Represen- tative: Yearbook Editorg Bond Booster. Sweet and dreamy is this lass, One of the brightest in the class. Most likely to succeed. ,I PIG'lCERI' EDWARD f-t8AV3 35519 - 68t st. N 1, . Pre dent: Track T 3 Pres. of Victoqy Corps' i'Chief' stice of Xudent Courtg,fG.O. Refs.: Rep. NeWspapergNVYearbopk Staff? Fres. df Dancing Club. rl ' ' TQ strike it rich, iiqte for 1 :PifCh'. V. ' , N Ambition: To pe a success in xlife. Service Preferred: Navy. ,X- X PICCININNI, GEORGE 8EI1 281 Stone Ave. George is the one who gets a date, You know he'll find a good- looking mate. Ambition: Radio Technician. Service Preferred: Army. PICKMAN, SAM 8EI1 434 Georgia Ave. Mimeograph Squad: Program Committee . Bright and strong, like a hand- some beau, All in all he's a swell guy to know. Ambition: Radio Engineer. Service Preferred: Navy. Most Talkative. PIZZO, ANT ON 8AV3 130 ove St. an o t - Service Prefeitr dz Navy. ion: e anic. C g. K-lf PLATAROTI, EMILIO 8AV3 4713 New Utrecht Ave. Worry not, littlegzgn, An oak w , e youy, Ambitio : To ve. f 3 Serviye red: Army 0 jllavy. est ressedrf' ,F-pf K ' x , ,, , 1 POLLACK, REUBIN 8AV1 115 Minna St. Better late than never. Ambition: Pilot. Service Preferred: U. S. Army Air Corps. POLLAK, MORRIS 8MS1 161 Penn St. . War Stamp Representative. Sturdy and stable, Willing and Ablefl Ambition: Mechanical Engineer. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. PONTICELLI, ROSARIO 245 Vermont St. 8AVGA His only complaint is, The teachers kept him awake. Ambition: Athlete. Service Preferred: Army. POPKIN, ERWIN 8EI2 73 East 96th St. Administrative Aid. God's gift to the women, and they gave him back. Ambition: Radio Engineer. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. PYYHKALA, PAUL 8AV1 848 - 43rd St. Victory Corps. Every time the teacher sneezes, he answers, 'Presentf Ambition: Teacher. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. PACILIO, JEROME 8EI2 1098 Glenmore Ave. Program Committee. f'Welre trying to calculate how he will graduate. Ambition: Electrician. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. PAIVA, JOSEPH 8AV3 33 Havemeyer St. Bob Hope was never like this. Ambition: None. Service Preferred: Air Corps. Most Humorous. jf' 1 Swarm ,ai C PALE M ELO 8AV1 16 . s-Xl. 'I 6 W bi ' . ervi ed: U. S. Merchant M wi PANTALEO, VINCENT 8AV2 1962 - 59th St., B'klyn. A. A. Service Squad. Do I need a shave? Ambition: Commercial Pilot. Service Preferred: Naval Air Corps. x Q4 PAOLI NTHON vs 28 Gunthe ace A nd. ' , u nt el my bi- p. i'on: o gf work. Ll X ervi Pre err arines. re 4 ' X PAPIRO, MARY 8TD2 220 New Jersey Ave. Dance Committee: President of Choral Club: Special Art Service Work: Yearbook Staff: Honor Roll. Full of ambition, full of fun, Who will succeed? Mary's the one.'l Ambition: Best Athlete. PARCESEPE, ANTHONY 8AV2 1253 Decatur St., B'klyn. A. A. Service Squad. Band. H88 Keys on the Accordion. Ambition: Aeronautical Engineer, Service Preferred: Air Corps. PARENTE, ANGELINA 8TD 2343 Atlantic Ave. G. O. Rep. 5-6 term: Victory Corps: Red Cross Work: Newman Club: Modeling for school: Presi- dent 7-8 term. Tall and slender, She's a solid sender. Prettiest. PAUKER, BERNARD 8EI1 241 East 45th St. Photography Club: Mimeograph Squad: Program Committee: Year- book Rep.: Math Club: Radio Club. He's liked by all and his work gets done, What will the Navy do with E. N. Y.'s proud son? Ambition: Electrical Engineer. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. Personality Kid-Most Popular. PEACH, CHARLES 8EI1 3243 Fulton St. Cafeteria Aid: Program Comm. Quiet and shy, But a 'Peach' of a guy. Ambition: Plumber. Service Preferred: Navy. Quietest. PERRICONE, FRANK 8AVGA 1973 Harman St. He never needs a haircut. fHis father's a barbed. Ambition: Aviation Mechanic. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. PETAGNO, EMILY 8BC 502 East 104th St. Victory Corps. We call her French in a joke, At us she would like to take a poke. Class Wit. PRINGLE, ROSE 8TD1 884 Greene Ave. Service Squad. ' If you're looking for a pal, Look no further-Rose is the gal. MM- S DOJSSOJO Q. V7 ood SSI' TO C PRZYBUS, EMILY 8TD2 511 Graham Ave. Special Art Workg Honor Roll. You don't have to look at Emily twice, just look once and say 'how nice. ' RACHUNAS, ARTHUR 8AV4 851 Madison St. The man to handle the large shop jobsf' Ambition: Tool maker. Service Preferred: U. S. Army. Afvfjfdn flL4L1',fti.9V X-Jill' RADIONOFF, LEO 8BB 2020 Pacific St. A.A. Squad. The poor man's Bob Hope. Ambition: To be a dairy farmer. Service Preferred: U. S. Army Paratrooper. Class Youngster. RADTKE, ROBERT 8MS1 259 Hemlock St. With Robert we won't compete, For We know he's an excellent athlete. Ambition: Tool and Die Maker. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. REINHARDT, TEDDY 8AV4 441 Alabama Ave. A.A. Squadg Track Team. Reinhardt's always full of pep, And with his work keeps in step. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. REMY, GEORGE 8MS1 X438 Lincoln Ave. A.A. Squad: G.O. Representative. War Bond Representative. Entering Air Service begause he thinks he is not of this earth. Ambition: Tool and Die Maker. Service Preferred: Army Air Corps. RICH, RUBIN 8AV1 103-18 112th St. A.A. Squad: Library Squadg Glee Club: War Bond Rep.: Class Bas- ketball: Editorial Staffg Business Staff: Cv.O. Store Assistant. just an ambitious kid. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. Class Businessman. Class Politician. ROCA, LOUIS 8AV1 106-23 79th St. . SAA. S Squad: ff: Vice res. ' Lou was Yiever b efit, Loufwa . Keefpr'ii up at t frate, , , He'll be in a s yahGT2 Ambition bbltal O' cer. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. ROEBER, HENRY 8MS1 63 Eldert St. Shop Foreman. 'KGuns, guns, was all you heard, but now he is in the Army, and has no iear. Ambition: Master Mechanic. Service Preferred: U. S. Army. ROSENBERG, KENNETH 8AV4 185 East 92nd St. He's more interested in ma- chines than in females. Ambition: To see that they don't clip his waves. Service Preferred: U.S.C.G. ROSENBLUM, HERBERT 8AV4 917 Utica Ave. Civil Air Patrol: Service Squad: Orchestra. Ambition: Mechanic. Service Preferred: U.S.N. ROSENFELD, NORMAN 8AVGA 2942 W. 2nd St. He still thinks you time an engine with a stopwatchf' Ambition: Aviation Mechanic. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. ROSENS'1'EIN,GOLDIE 8TD2 203 Throop Ave. Dance Committee: Special Art Service Work: G. O. Rep. 7 term: Class Treasurer 5, 6 term: Bond Booster: Secretary 3 term. In the morning our class is peaceful and quiet. In comes Goldie, and starts a riot. ROSS, KENNE 8AV nistrati Aid: G e 3,08 terling ce C rl ' omes'i at igh ' s I den 'st t eg ' e y t at ha 'oo me. i ' r ' e erred: . erchant I arine. ROSENTHAL, GERALD 8E12 178 Rockaway Parkway A. A. Squad: Senior Yearbook Newspaper Staff: Library Squad. Flattery made him Wear a tie. Ambition: Radio Engineer. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. ROSENZWEIG, SUSAN 8C 15 Stratford Rd. Victory Corps: G. O. Rep.: Service Squad: Bond Booster: Yearbook Staff. Inside school she's sweet and shy, Outside school, oh mel Oh my! RUBENSTEIN, MOLLIE 8C 1924 Strauss St. Vice President 4: Bond Booster: Service Squad: Variety Club. 'iCalm yourself, survive the shock, For her We cannot find a knock. RUBIN, THELMA 8TD2 399 Christopher Ave. Special Art Service Work: Choral Club: Service Squad: Senior Day Committee: Yearbook Committee. A laugh, a joke, a happy retort, Thatls Temi, a jolly good sport. RUSSEL, ANN STD2 440 Linwood St. Choral Club: Dance Committee: Special Art Work: Service Squad. Among the quiet she does rank, But she's often guilty oi a prank. SAJNACKI, BENJAMIN 8E11 387 Georgia Ave. Math Club: Radio Club: Program Committee. Quiet and shy, But still a nice guy. Ambition: Electrical Engineer. Service Preferred: Navy. Smartest. SOKOLOWSKI, STELLA 8TD2 392 1ia3'oml0Sr. Special Art Service Work. A cute blonde With sparkling Wit, Always sure to make a hit. Best Dancer. SALLEY, CARLE jr. 8E11 324 Irving Ave. Library Squad: Glee Club. A. A. Squad: Cafeteria Aid: War Stamp Rep.: Dramatics Club: Civil Air Patrol: Program Com- mittee. Here's a guy Who's always jolly, Wants to design a train or trol- leyf' Ambition: Railroad Engineer. Service Preferred: Army. Most Humorous. SALMON, JOHN 8AV3 234 McKinley Ave. At last his contract with school has expired. Ambition: P.T. Teacher. Gym Leader. Se ice Preferred: Navy. J 369 5.-.4-A5170 Gan.-N Vi 5 ,,,g,.J.-. QM-ew 1111 Lafayet sALvo, Jose sAv3 He-'sk' f sim f e let rs do . Travel. ,ug , S . e Preferred: Arm . 'V SANZONE, AUGUST 8AVGA 23 Clinton St. Ambition: Aeronautical Engineer. Service Preferred: Marines. SAPOFF, MEYER 8El1 885 Troy Ave. Honor Society: Program Commit- tee: A. A. Squad: Mimeograph Squad: G. O. Rep.: Yearbook Rep.: Student Court, Math Club: Radio Club: Newspaper. It is very plain to see, Another Einstein he will be. Ambition: Electrical Engineer. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. Class Genius Most Popular. SASS, MARTIN SMSI 584 Logan St. Library Service Squad. Does his Work, and does it Well, But jumps for joy when he hears the bell. Service Preferred: U. S. Maritime Service. L SCHIFANO, FR1-ing! I ' 8A!73 6,97?reaee t sr. V . W' olid a the rock of Gibraltar. J A iti : eronautical Engineer. Se .1 red: arirres. , J . L Lf.: ' X A X A ii , ff C X.. SCAMBIA, MARY sc iss Hart sf. Victory Corps: Variety Club: Serv- ice Squad: Newman Club. In manner and features she's a lass, Liked by everyone in her class. SCHAFFER, MOLLIE 8C 437 Stone Ave. Choral Club: Victory Corps: Vari- ety Club: Service Squad. Looking for laughter? Want to be gay? just call for Mollie, She'll lead the way. SCHECHNER, SANIUEL 8E11 154 Wilson St. Library Squad: P. M. Salesman: Program Committee. A little Work and lots oi play, Keep him going all the day. Ambition: Soldier of Fortune. Service Preferred: Army. Witt1CSt. SCHELLER, JAMES SBB 82 Fountain Ave. He is a boy Who is not too small, Liked by his classmates one and all. Ambition: To get into a Maritime occupation. Service Preferred: Army. Best Mannered. SCHERMERHORN, SHIRLEY 8BC 1259 Madison Ave. Treasurer: Victory Corps: Bond Booster. History dates are so confusing, Outside dates are more amus- ing. Prettiest. SCHLOSS, LOUIS 8AVGA 1687 Park Place Stamp and Bond Salesman. Barber's nightmare. Ambition: Aviation Mechanic. Service Preferred: Army Air Corps. SCHREIBER, RAY 8E11 1282 Madison St. A. A. Squad: Cafeteria Aid: Pro- gram Committee. He was bred in Brooklyn, Expects to loaf there. Ambition: Electrician. Service Preferred: Navy. Best Appetite. SCHULMAN, LEONARD 8MS1 473 Jerome St. Orchestra: Swing Band: Victory Corps: C.A.P. He has humor, he has Wit, He has charm and lots of it. Ambition: Be a great musician. Service Preferred: Navy. 1 SCI-IWAB, MURRAY 8E11 538 Blake Ave. A. A. Squad: Program Committee: Cafeteria Aid. Girls, Girls, hurry, hurry, Here comes that wild man. lVlurray. Ambition: Motor Repair Man. Service Preferred: Army. Brownsville Poltician. SCHWARTZ, IRVING 8AV-1 345 Bristol St. Any boast would be an under- statement. Ambition: Mechanic. Service Preferred: Merchant Ma- rine. SCI-IWARTZ, ABRAHAM 2061 - 70th St. 8AVGA An athlete if I never saw one. Ambition: Airport Owner. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. SCI-IWARTZMAN, PHILIP 8AV4 202 Avenue M The walking question markfl Ambition: To work for American Airline Co., and retire at 35. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. SCOTT, MILDRED 8TD2 1782 Atlantic Ave. Service Squad: Dance Club. Against Mildred We can't say a word, She's always seen, but never heard. SEIZINGER, RAY 8BB 110-21 - 106th St. School Service: A. A. Squad: Swimming 85 Track Teams: War Bond Rep.: Yearbook Art Staff. Our class swimzner, when asked a question, will always glimmer. Ambition: Naval Architect. Service Preferred: U. S. Marine Paratrooper. Class Athlete. ea,i? NNW SIDRONIE, ALEX BBB 507 Kosciusko . School S 'c 3 Al. uad: In l -sc l i Rep.: Li ua aseball Team. , itcher f r ur g e he's swell, 3 fi I jglfif ' And in mem aj he. . Ambition: 'N e ' a keep friends. f ,fi Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. Smartest in Class. SILVER, ALBERT SAVGA 280 E. 91st St. Nice fellow and such- Can't knock him-We like him too much. Ambition: Commercial Aviator. Service Preferred: Marines. SILVERGATE, EDITH 8BC 565 Vermont St. G.O. Rep.: Victory Corps. Cute, neat, hard to beat, That's the girl from Vermont Street. Class Wit. SINKIN, SEYMOUR 8E11 1335 St. John's Place Program Committee. Who is the guy who discovered electricity? Ambition: Chief Electrician's Mate. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. Best Dancer. SHOCHAT, HERBERT 8AvGA 201 New Lots Ave. Model Airplane Club: Orchestra. When you hear Goodman, Sho- chat or Shaw, All you san say is, give me more. Ambition: Aeronautical Engineer. Service Preferred: Navy Air Corps. SODANO, PH L N SAV4 1698 E. N. Y. e. , e's no an , 1 ry at hi . Am n: To take life easy. Cor Sdrviij Pf2EC.ffCd Alf V7 ood SSI' l'O C SOKOL, IRVING 8EI1 1784 Bergen St. A. A. Squad: Program Committee. A lover of science. Ambition: Radio Engineer. Service Preferred: Navy. SOKOL, HAROLD 8EI1 91 Riverdale Ave. Glee Club: Program Committee: Cheering Squad. A swell guy with a swell voicef' Ambition: Electrical Engineer. Service Preferred: Navy. Class Crooner. SPARACINO, BEATRICE 8TD1 272 Himrod St. Choral Club: Sec. of Class 7 85 8: Special Art Service Work: Service Squad: Honor Roll. 'KPretty, neat and sweet, Enough to quicken any heart beat. Best Dresser. SPEZZANO, MADDALINA 8TD2 740 Monroe St. Special Art Service Work: Service Squad. She hasn't much to say, But does her bit in her own quiet way. SPIELMAN, ROBERT 8AV4 2760 Fulton St. He's almost seventeen and very tall and lean. Ambition: Engineer. Service Preferred: None. SPIESS, WALTER 8BB Pine Ave., Hicksville, L. I. A. A. Squad: Inter-School Service League: Yearbook Rep. We call him a wolf because of his appetite. Ambition: To be successful in life. Service Preferred: U. S. Army Air Corps. Most Popular. . K' FDD ,gnc 99 -V STABLEFORD, HENRY 8AVGA 1432 E. 28th St. Model Airplane Club. 'fHe got one good thing out of school - himself. Ambition: Aeronautical Engineer. Service Preferred: Marines. STEFFENS, FRANK 8AV4 1723 Hart Street Queens, New York A.A. Squad. Ambition: Mechanic. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. STENGL, CHARLES 8AV4 1716 Grove St. School work iascinates Charlie. He could sit and look at it for hours. Ambition: Aviation Mechanic. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. STERBENZ, ALBERT 8AV4 5 -28 Catalpa AEE. ,I ,f-.4 Al is theftyjoe oil fe ow who If facifcfnriplishds evetylhi h ets o e e Aglgifinonz Aeromi ,Ei-rgineer. Sew Preferredgclfm. Navy. STEWARD, MILTON 8AV4 285 Quincy St. A versatile lad successful in every undertaking who has made a line scholastic record. Ambition: Technician. Service Preferred: U. S. Army. STONE, BURTON 8MS1 228 Hull St. Track Team. One day school two days rest: That's when Burton is at his best. Ambition: Tool and Diemaker. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. STRAUSS, EDWARD 8AV1 74 Legion St. Wait till the Army barber gets him. ' Ambition: Machinist. Service Preferred: Army. SUGAR, J 1 nflehyi MPM t. A af E' d nt oft heb q . V . 41 f O H .L A e- se it's,a Hip Joint. Ambit' ' Na ,V -5 V' ' - - . Maritime v' . I f I - I at A TAYLOR, BANNER 8TD2 423 Watkins St. Service Squad. uBanner Taylor is a female, What she longs for is a bit of V-Male. TERACCI, FRANK 8AV1 1619 East 32nd St. A. A. Squad: Bowling Team. Service Preferred: Navy. TIMM, MARY 8C 459 Macon St. Choral Club: G. O. Rep.: Victory Corps: Service Squad: Variety Club. Mary's the girl with the lovely voice, For our singer she is our choice. Most Popular. TOBACK, SYLVIA 8C 222 Hopkins St. Victory Corps: Honor Roll: Serv- ice Squad: Bond Booster: Year- book Editor: Library Assistant: Vice President, 3rd Term. 'ASylvia is a very pretty girl, She keeps the boys in a constant whirlf' TODD, ERNESTINE 8C 308A Bainbridge St. Service Squad: Sec. 3rd Term: Pres. Sth-6th Terms: Vice Pres. 4th Term: G. O. Rep.: G. O. Vice Pres. Sth-6th-7th Terms: Honor Society. And still We gazed, and Wonder grew, That one small head could carry all she knew. Ambition: To be an author. Most Likely to Succeed. TOPPIN, THOMAS 8EI1 249 Sumner Ave. A. A. Squad: Program Com. Come rain or snow, He is a nice guy to know. Ambition: Repairman. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. Hardest Worker. TOSTO, JAMES M. 8EI1 194 Vermont St. A. A. Squad: Cafeteria Squad: G. O. Rep.: Drum and Bugle Corps. jim was born to play the horn. Ambition: Motor repairman. Service Preferred: Navy. Class Dictator. TREZZA, LOUIS 8AV3 520 Union Ave. Adm' 'str tive U a stry gets int it. Ambition: Aviation Mechanic. Service Preferr dz Air Corps IX-4 KQV, 211. 8AV1 1855 Sterling E. Squad He esn t know mat u saysz I' r . Ambi ' ' Pilot. Serv' Prefer : e r O I UGO, ANGELO 8EI1 408 Hopkinson Ave. Swimming Team: Program Com.: Gym Leader. The future johnny Weismul- ler. Ambition: Radio Technician. Service Preferred: Marines. Best Athlete. J Q 43 O iv-ff 4 7 1 If 1 V7 ood SSI' FO C JL UTTARO, MARIO 8AV4 132 - 43rd St. Ozone Park, N. Y. Ambition: Mechanic. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. VACCARELLA, ROMANO 8MS1 510 Autumn Ave. Varsity Baseball: Gym Squad: A. A. Squad. He Iikes the girls. Ambition: To be successful. Service Preferred: U. S. Merchant Marine. VALELA, VINCENT 8AV4 836 Cleveland St. The Big Eater. Ambition: Mechanic in Aviation. Service Preferred: Navy. VA my JOSEPH P. 8BB 13 ' utter! ve. g Hes gigs cracking good X. jo G . l , 3 rn iion To! boat builder. : , qe ', ervi eiPrefe S. Navy. L, ff av! by VERDINO, ANTOINETTE 8TD1 1364 Herkimer St. Class President Sth Term: New- man Club: G. O. Rep. 7th Term. Marty thinks she's Very cute, We all agree that she's a beaut.' Cutest. 1 VIGLIAROLO, ANTHONY 8AV4 245 Sheridian Ave. Wherever he may roam, He makes himself at hornef, Ambition: Mechanic. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. VIGUNAS, ALBERT 8BB 24 St. Nicholas Ave. A. A. Squad. 'LVoted most humorous, that's a joke. Ambition: To be a successful boat builder. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. Most Humorous. VISCOSO, MURRAY 8MS1 366 Berriman St. How can we knock him, we ask in vain? We can't find a thing for which he's to blame. Ambition: Tool and Diemaker. WAGNER, JOH 8A 3 189 Nich as Av 0 Administr ive . Nav t - - .41 him. Ambition: 1 iatg Q M . nic. ervi referre - ' M K Q' X Y WEINER, SEYMOUR 8EI1 8821 Avenue B Track Team: Cafeteria Aid, Li- brary Squadg Program Committee: A. A. Squad. It was a three-year race, But he came out on top at the finish. Ambition: Electrical Engineer, Service Preferred: Navy, Most Ambitious. VVEINSHANK, ALVIN 8AV1 941 Lenox Road He did the most for E. N. Y. He graduatedfl Ambition: Aviation Mechanic. Service Preferred: Navy, l WEISER, MILTON 8AV1 648 Bradford St. Einstein may be wise, but Mil- ton's Weiserf, Ambition: Aviation Mechanic. Service Preferred: Navy, WEISS, JOSEPH 8EI1 140 Amboy St. Program Committee: Cafeteria Aid. Work fascinates him, He can sit and watch it all day. Ambition: Electrician. Service Preferred: Merchant Ma- rine. Laziest. WILDE, ARNOLD 8AV2 42 Lincoln Ave. A. A. 3, 4. Red faced, but always smiling. Ambition: Aviation Engineer. Service Preferred: Army. WINDHORST, EDWARD 8AV4 820 Knickerbocker Ave. A.A. 3, 8: Sec. Bowling Team: Crossroads 8. He'll smile and smile and talk and talk, Ride home with a girl! He'd rather walk. Ambition: Aviation Mechanic. Service Preferred: Army Air Corps Ground Crewman. WOHLLEBE, FRED 8EV4 1061 Hart St. A. A. Squad: Honor Society Squad. Ambition: Mechanic. Service Preferred: U. S. Army Air Corps. Smartest. YACULLO, FRANK 8AV4 650 Caroll St. He Was born lazy. Ambition: Professional Ball Player. Service Preferred: U. S. Army Air C s . IA f'eL-JS Aim! Y MANS, JO!-3 8A52 148 Chestnut St. Gas Model Club 5, 6: Student Court 8. Models on his mind, Both kinds. Ambition: Transport Pilot. Service Preferred: Marines. Sv' if ,Q-N YONKS, IRWIN 8AVGA 1089 Clarkson Ave. K'AtIas did it????? Ambition: Fireman. Service Preferred: Marine Air Corps. ZERILLO, JAMES 8AV3 wie Milford st. I V ' e'saJ1lert9nfilfi3eV'C7assroom. Am ition: Machinist. ,f ' 'Pre . v ZIMMERMAN, LIBBY 8TD2 639 Hendrix St. Special Art Work: President of Class 8 Term: Yearbook: Honor Roll. Always happy, always gay, We wonder how she stays that way. ZIZZO, JEAN '8TD1 275 Sumpter St. G. O. Representative 5-6 Term: Modeling for school. 'AA model is what she wants to be, And she will get there Wait and see. ZOINE, VINCENT 8AV3 481 Marion St. Swimming Team: Track Team: Baseball Team: A. A. Ambition: Gym Leader. Serv' e Pr ferred: Navy. , 4 Mfqn f , ZUBRIS, JULIA Q TD2 17 Cooper St. Choral Club: Special Art Work: Yearbook Committee: Honor Roll: Class President 4th Term. 'iThe very air rings, When this nightingale sings. W VD ood CALIFANO, JOSEPH SAVGA 39 Lafayette St. Model Airplane Club. Got an eye for models, Airplane models Ambition: Aviation Mechanic. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. DRUCKER, RUBIN SAV4 150 Rockaway Parkway He majors in alibiologyf' Ambition: Technician. FINE, MAX 8AV2 153 South 9th St. Orchestra 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Swing Band. All musicians are crazy, Here's proof. Ambition: Own big name band. Service Preferred: Marines. ' I ll f llkrvS4N- '-' IN J VWYN-S, fe ' CQELL3 It Cf,g,1,s.C.,-f LIEBERMAN, IRWIN 8MS1 293 Sumpter St. Mgr, Baseball Team: Gym Squad: A. A. Squad: Red Cross Rep.: G. O. Rep. Meet the surgeon, he cuts daily. Ambition: Night Club Proprietor. Service Preferred: U. S. Marines. MANCUSO, PHILIP 8MSl 374 Bradford St. Editorial Board: Editor-in-Chief of School Newspaper: Editorial Staff of Crossroads A mighty hard worker, effici- ency plus: A worthy student Whom E.N.Y. trusts. Ambition: Be healthy, happy, and wise. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. Smartest. MATARASSO, ALBERT 8AV2 192 New Lots Ave. What's the s-s-s-special? L Ambition: Musician. 5 O . ff- . MAURER, JACK 8AV2 925 - 45th St. A. A. Squad 7, 8. Walking questionnaire. Ambition: Engineer. Service Preferred: Navy Air Corps. Most Popular. NUSBAUM, LENA 8C 593 Stone Ave. Honor Roll: Victory Corps: Serv- ice Squad: Bond Booster: Secre- tary 4: Variety Club. Lena is a tomboy bright and tall, And a favorite with us all. Best Athlete. ROTTLER, WALTER 8AV3 107-14 - 112th St. Door Guard . . . he keeps the flies out. Ambition: Engineer. ,. Service Preferred: Navy. Smartest: QV alfa if 4'-if li All J f I 2 ' N ,- 5 . I, f ... Jil, 'vat Q i 1 ' A ' - ' ll ' . SPATARO, CARMINE 8MS1 806 Cleveland St. Always determined in striving for his goal. Ambition: Tool Ba Diemaker. Service Preferred: Navy. BALABAN, CELIA 8C 193 Legion St. Administrative Aid: Bond Booster: Victory Corps: Honor Roll. 'AOur Celia is one of the best, She comes out tops in every test. Brightest. MORRIS, HENRY 8EI2 390 Crescent St. Cafeteria Aid: Program Com. He keeps going from morn till night, He's full of fun and quite bright. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. Ambition: To see the world. SCHNEIDER, HENRY 8MS1 A. A. Squad: Cafeteria Squad: Track Team. 'LNever absent, never late, At least he'lI be there to grad- f BRESCIA, MADELINE 8C 238 Knickerbocker Ave. Service Squad: Bond Booster. Of all the charm one can pos- sess, 11316-Y' Maddy has the best-it's friend- Ambition: Chemical Engineer. liness.', Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. afnefaggig DUILLO, EDWARD 8EI1 MAGASIS, ARTHUR 8MS1 U. S. Marines: Cafeteria Aid, Even tests and all their Woe, Cannot upset his calm repose. Ambition: To be a success. Service Preferred: Marines. EBERSBERGER, EUGENE 8BB 390 Woodward Ave. The boy with a floating bar. Ambition: To be a Naval Architect. Serving in the U. S. Navy. EMANUELE, JAMES 8BB 2218 Fulton St. A.A. Squad: Gym Leader. The half-pint strong man. Ambition: To be a Boat Builder. Sewing in the U. S. Navy. 47 Rockaway Parkway Dramatic Club. He's good for a half-hour. Ambition: Mechanical Engineer. Service Preferred: U. S. Navy. GORDON, MARVIN 8AV1 635 Madison St. But dehnitely, a poker face. Ambition: Diemaker. Service Preferred: Navy. TOLMICH, HERBERT 8AVl 'AI don't care what the teacher said,' he's wrong. Ambition: Aviation Mechanic. Preferred Service: Navy. MM S DOJSSOJD Q. TZ 49 VI ood SSI' F0 C HllHlHl... man seeks a haven where, if but for a rapturous moment or two, his troubled mind, his weary body, and his unsatisfied soul may be at complete ease. ln this place of seclusion he mediates. Here, with undying courage and determination, he strives to perfect his environment, with a prayer that his God will prevent man's selfish will from adding further havoc to the world. Only in retreat can he find a haven. The retreat may be only a quiet bench in the park, but to its patronizer, it becomes a throne where the endless drama of life is brought before him. In his retreat he erects a barrier against time, he finds strength to believe in the ability of human nature, he cleanses himself of his egotistic greed, and he refreshes his mind with happy and pleas- and thoughts. In this realm truth prevails. With a body that is worth but little chemically, he yearns for a full, abundant life for himself and his fellow men, and he realizes the wealth his HN I-HS never-ending struggle with reality, 7 God and country offer. He delights in the goodness, beauty, and truths that are found everywhere. Spring to him is proof of a new world after a long gray winter. ln his re- treat, he discovers that little things make life understandable. And lastly, he possesses exuberant inward peace with his discovery that the only true point in the universe is God, and he pivots his life, dreams and ideals from that point. But he is not satisfied. He must generously abandon his haven for the reality of adding his contribution to the construction of a new world, for his soul cries out to weld what man's injustice has fractured, and until that is done he can have no rest. He launches his ideals gently, broadcast- ing them, until, fanned by his fellow man's approval, they are transformed into a gale and then into a tempest, sweeping with re- lentless fury, unyieldingly, until they have cleared a road of progress that will lead men to their goal. Philip Mancuso, 8MSl A soldier dreams when he's alone, Of sights and sounds and loves of home, Of laughing, singing, having fun, The happy little things he'd done. And now, so many miles away, The scenes crowd in, in bright array, Until all blend with a dazzling whirl, In the sweet smile of that one girl. A sudden noise-a deafning crash- Like thunder's roar and lightnings flash, A grim reality blasts his dream. ln the distance a rising scream Recalls those bitter words so well, lt tells in truth that War is Hell. His thoughts return now, more and more, To dwell on aims he's fighting for. The first to conquer fear and pain, Then live those dreams of home again. Michael Boccio, 8AVl X wxg X XX X N X x uw? XX N NK Slim X ..., mx SQX 5 .Q X ,jx x X -N fxxfxi ex ' , F5 A xg X X if 'Nga A :LN n M, X X -X A 3 '5 sg . K' -- 4,5 .Q fx H . -X635 w Q . .N . e, . + n xY Q 5 V' V7 ossroocl ' last will anh Gizstalnent mv, Ihr grnhnntva, bring nf nnaunnil xninh nnh fnnltg twinning, heqnrnth in thnnr nxhu hnur hnmnrrh na nnh lpelnrh 115 an mnrh in Ihr pant n wealth nf ixnnginntinn mhirlt rnniiiatn nf this fnllnmingz To Mr. Gold and the Staff: Our appreciation for the long hours ot Work they have put into our yearbook To Miss Kiernan: Cur gratitude tor her Wise guidance To the Student Court: A copy oi The CX-Bow Incident To Mr. Gellert: The colds We got from believing in his fair Weather predictions To Miss Williamson: An air pump to inflate the girls' flat notes To Miss I-leenan: A time-clock tor her girls To Mr. Seidler: A purple tie with yellow stripes To Mr. Schott: Five years of snow-in iact, a new lce Age To Mrs. Conner: Another era of Egyptian I-lair Styles To Mr. Tritschler: A forty-toot key chain To Mr. lzzi: Our deepest thanks and gratitude tor the most enjoy- able times We had in E.N.Y. To Miss Trachtenberg: A 1938 map ot Europe in good condition To Mr. Kramer: A water-proot, shock-proof, repair-proof Watch To Mrs. Wray: Some mechanical ripping machines for time saving To the Guidance Department: An electric pen that signs excuse notes To Mr. Stevenson and Faculty: We leave EAST NEW YORK. To this Last Will and Testament We hereby aitix our signature THE SENICR CLASS OF TUNE, i945 1o,,v,,f.,1,,,4,.g. dw AXQX wie Vi X0 Sm we WM XGOQWQQWXKQRON X603 X vxox Q AXX'-OG' uyv- mxu, sxlkwi img XAQQKX , Y wmv Xfjxo ca XGTOSXQMTI Sff?Wiff ., , Sevzdafz icldadldea 'BA SEB M. I AS NBA L 0 ,J if ,ff X W , 9 M k f , ' a ,W, b , X Q, W' , W fx V wwf QP HJ ,W f , Sly 4' mf X 2, ff ,' M may x , wi 4, 'Q If E ,KSG 4 gi' ,Wk J Xe xx in N1 ff 1 ,WM W s NNINNM IN A-QZT' ., 5 wi-P 1RAcK fbi 2 7 ,e ,H xx I 1.,kL STUDENT CQUNCIL VICTORY CORPS LIBRARY GO. OFFICERS SQUAD STUDENT COURT MATH CLUB RADIC CLUB Israel SAVI-representativc, Seym H83 I ne hast New I orke in VU, Ng, 2 BROOKLYN, N. Y., IANUARY 8, 1945 V - FIVE Vorld Issues Are Discussed At Conference udenh from Seventy-one ichools Hold Meeting on Naeicwfs Post-War Problems 52,000 DONATED TO N. Y. WAR FUND East New York Vocational High School collected a tom! of , almost SZMD for the New York M Ciqr W'a.r Fund, Mr Martin Kramer announced This - resents :he amounts cunt by both annexes and the ma building. We far exceeded our last term's fxgux-es, said Mr. Kramer studtms York The 'boys showed their wiilmg- . ness to do their part to help the war victims asbest schools at- Conierence RDODS. ohn omg of the that people period their problems :nity :essary to gh! arise. igh Schooi the United 'ganizatioxm 'tudent As Ofia A vary efficient lc sag men took their ad of Room 117 on Friday ah. Between :hem and .s another body ol' men in iucognito and who med 'our weaker and less rthera of East New York be triad by 3 jury of their a speedy, public trial. f me former group consisted of lporary oificers of the newly ed Student Conn, taken from the nerd Organization Council members. r iury wzs chosen from the smdem ly-any G. O. member couid qualify, K Hiikr and Israe! Chrbcr of SA re prosecuting and defending atmr- 's lwvbtiiveli. - The Senior Yearbook Is toqgdppearg ' Honor Group Entertdins Seni G , -KW 9 .-...... Sgudeqig Dame egg 1-he Music gf SCIUOI' Ceiebl'lheS Eilarber Heads 'Crossroads' e Swing Band: ld Ccntest Socacty, m accordance cf fuller cooperation class, sponsored a was held Friday eve- w 1th u :tn the senior dance mng December 8, in the school gym-N pourmg nun, over 250 UP Goldman and the East Band. by enter- to dance tc the music' Honor Societyj 1 and Qui- 5 iance con-f of fun Hfldl W WHXY' gn-5' d if 64 ? ' '?3 43232 1 6 3519 Q W f, Miiier, Dorothy 4 Are Assistants V A ncw and improved CROSSR semiannual yearbook of the ing class, is under production appear at the end of january, , Ham Burney, senior adviser, ax This second yearbook in E York's history has as its im visers Mrs. Josephine Mosby, Ex gare! Crowley, and Mr, Burns Garber of SAVZ is editor-inrd Vhller, SAV2, and Dorothy Ox are assistam editors, Dorothy xuw, 8C, is at the head oi the mth fharline Banks, STD, as dxmxz The husimfs manager mfrzmtz. SEN. ami the assist 'r is Fred Weiner, also of S 1: Gmini if technical adviser. clubs for W ' If ,.,-.M Sxzssmaf 5 ark announced by 5 larger and mine cxtcnsix -thu original book xvhiuh 'nz is being planned by mary, 1043, lfkO5:ROA xfgkard crxvcf, 30011 pho 41 rous articles by tht Earns, ciubs, and asm in the book. to afmear incluc of IU-45, last will a short src working v G. Miller YS? Seym Lack obe SMS? Q ursi has done 1 Pacer Lopipu-0, 1 the schoo! has topped its g gn' s BUIOUYK OX DC?-NS After becoming a mem- gxrl xs assigned to a particular sale of war bonds and stamps 51000. Th: total war bond and sn have amounted to approximate ' Qcagh valucj since ihc Sixth Y appeal, sought. the student. tru! had Uioroef' behind it in the form of Mr. XVi!liam P. Migge, faculty supervisor of the Student Court The cui- prits were brought up on such charges Cafeteria irregularities, leaving the building withoutx authority, infractions of school .ruies and regulations, etc. Penalties includedvone. two, or three weeks, probation, the calling of parents .bf 'CWS' 1 ' , ., mroom, or Crew Pro- mean p1lots', naviga- or gunners' wings The fxfteen boys who qualified for the A.S.T.R.P. and the Air Combat Crew Program are: Isidore Chaufhes, SEHQ Dominick Criscaulo, SEXZQ Bernard Herman, 8EI1g jerry Kcilel, 812111 Ber- nard Lack, SEHQ Thomas McEntee, SEIIZ Fredrich Petrizno, BEII3 Domin- ich Rogulo, SEIZQ Fred Weiner, 821113 n ! George Abitantc, SEIZQ Raiph Chalomw 815123 john Christie. SAVIQ joseph Burg, 8AVlg Banjamin Khaigf, SAV2, and Edward Pins, 81512. Announcing the list of successful snr dents, Mr. Wmnwick said, East New York can certainly be proud of these She collects all of its salvage ma- teriai, from old nyio-n stockings to used paper, and keeps an account oi letter contributions, She also tries to recruit new members for the Corps. Besides having the satisfaction of doing a pa' triotic job, Victory Corps giris also are giwzn credit for their service on' their permanent record cards: The present members of the Victory Corps are: A. Ambrosia ,..,. 3TD1 A. Bennen .. .... .SC H, Barrisi .. ..... STD! O. Boles .,.. ..,., 3 TD2 B, Ca!-della .. ..... STDI G. Cataianotto ..... IGH C. Frances .. ..... 3TD1 C. Fitzgcrafd ..,. GIS T. Gordano .. ...,... 4C2 R. Gtxerriern .....3TD2 started One hundred and sv bonds have hem purchased, Some classes have readxcd chases exceeding 5500, Mr, announced. They ure: SAV7-reptescntativg, Fran! my-oEici2.! teacher, Mr. Dux' glowitch-063611 teacher, Mr. . i 7. SBB1--rzprcscntztive, S2 ihen-officiai teacher, Mr. lla Q 6AV4--representzdvfe, Icsq 'mm-official mam. Mr, Mig N 3-6AYGA--rvprcscntative. aofficizi teacher, Mr. Smdner 55.13-representative, Robert 0535411 teacher, Mr. CoRman. ' Classes 7. SBBI and 6AV4 ,tained NNW in their var 1 Q SWING BAND CQNCERT GHCHESTHA GLEE CLUB GAS ENGINE CLUB VIEW EINDERS CHESS G CHECKERS POSTER CLUB CHEER LEADERS HQNQR SGCIETY C. A. P. QS IXFSQXGQYQ QNX I I Blues on Parade D D I'll Never Smile Again D D D A Million Dreams Ago 1 Dont Fence Me ln DD .e., D .,..e Take It Easy DDD DDD DD D D D I Didn't Know What Time It Was D IDreamotYou DD DDD D DD l'll Never Let a Day Pass By D DD D Why Don't We Do This More Often lt Could Happen to You D Halfway to Heaven DD D Up-Up-Up DD D DD DD And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine There Goes That Song Again Sentimental Iourney DD DDDD D D One Meat Ball D More and More I'l1 Be Around D DD l Dream ot You ' 660164 Mr. Buttnerz DD Mr. Swire D Mr. Chinitz Mr. Schott Mr. Stoier DD Mr. Goldman Mr. Silverman Mr. Goldenberg Mr. Fine DD D Mr. Stillman DD D D Mr. Burney Mr. Phillips D D Mr. Glickstein DD Mr. Migge D Mr. Garity el Za ' D DMonday morning DD D DD DDDD lt l don't graduate D A co-ed main building DD DrDDDDDDDSchoo1 D The line in the lunch room DDDDD D DDLateness excuse D DDDD D DD Without getting a zero DDDD DDDD D D DDDDD Go to school D Failure D 4th term Cafeteria to library D D D D She tailed DD DDDDD D Guidance ottice Graduation march DD School special Homework D D D Lett back D East New York Buzz, Buzz, Buzz Went the Buzzer DD DDDDDD When the Lights Go On Again DDDDDDD DDDDDDDD D DD lt l Had My Way l'm Dreaming ot a White Christmas D DD D DDDDDD DDDDDD DDDD A c centuate the Positive DD Ioshua Fit the Battle ot lericho DDDD .DDDBeginning To See the Light DDThere'll Be Some Changes Made Nothing Can Stop the AD AD Corps DDDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDDDDDDD l ' ll Never Smile Again Saturday Night ls the Loneliest Night in the Week 1 . . D DDDD DDDDD.DD ltsaS1n to TellaL1e D D DD DD DD Remember D DDDD Bing Bam Boom D D lt Had to Be You JUlIHNtY lHHIlllIlH tHSl Ntl YHHK OUR YEARS AGO we entered East New HZ: York. Eour yearsl lt seems such a short time, and yet here we are, ready to leave. As in old age, scenes of youth return. Memories of our freshman days rush upon us. . The Herkimer Street Annex was out of this world in every sense of those wordsl Each day we climbed those endless stair- ways to the third floor. Each day we groaned and grumbled. Each day we were pacified with the thoughts of the main building, for soon we would ride in elevators just as the seniors did Cso we were toldl. Why, some of us had already purchased our elevator passes in preparation for that day. Oh, but ignorance is bliss-and we were blistersl ln September, l942, we were transferred to the main building, and we felt suavely sophisticated when we replied that we were third termers to the inquiries of some elderly people. We have since learned that those people were the omnipotent seniors. December 7, l94l had come and gone, but so far the war had not yet seemed to touch us. The attack on Pearl Harbor, how- ever, had not only changed the course of events of our country but had also changed drastically the country's entire educational system. We took definite war courses to prepare us for the future. We were given Red Cross instructions in the art of First Aid. We ban- daged and splinted each other energeti- cally. We were also asked to participate in the pleasant bone-breaking Health Educa- tion activity, Commando Tactics. Then there was a Service Honor Roll placed in the lobby to remind us of the boys in the service who were fighting for us. We also felt the loss of many of our teachers to the services, but the vision of the safer and more secure world for which they were fight- ing helped to compensate for our loss. But life still had its light side. We consid- ered ourselves sharp in those days, With sloppy sweaters and dirty saddles we were right in there diggin' the jivef' But that was mild. Because then came the zoot suits. They were really something! Why, if your pants weren't pegged to l2 inches and your key chain didn't trip you every time you took a step you just weren't hep. The musical trend was one of the main factors that influenced our clothing fad. Benny Goodman came out with a really hot rendition of String of Pearls and soon that song had each and every female hep cat in town wearing a string of pearls and then - ah, love of the girls' lives - then came Erankiel And with him came the bow ties, bobby socks, All or Nothing at All, Sun- day, Monday and Always. Ahl Music was so sweetl As time went on we learned to become sales-resistant to the familiar appeals. For example, here it was the first day of school. No sooner were we seated and relaxed in those soft comfortable seats, than up popped the super-salesman. You heard, loin the G. O. or Wouldn't you like to go to the baseball game? lust think, a dime will do it. lt was not that we were lacking in school spirit, for there is no one among us who wouldn't do or die for dear old E. N. Y., but we were financially embarrassed. This was life at East New York. We shall miss the smells around the shop, the sgueaks and the booms of the band tuning up, and the teachers' constant Leave by the front door. We shall miss all the good times. Al- though we didn't suspect it at the time, even the hard work was fun. We never thought we'd see the day, but here it is, We're going to miss our old E. N. Y.l Carle I. Salley, 8Ell - .... S DOJSSOJO Q. H0662 ff Complimenfs of Hue Firsi' Grodua'I'ing Glider Class SAVGA, +o Mr. Sfevenson, Mr. SmeH'zer and The Fcculfy Complimenis of H, CHIN 81 LEE IIU., Inc. Chow Mein Manufocfurers 123-127 BANK STREET NEW YORK 14, N. Y. CI'1eIseo 3-6840 complimenis of B. ELECTRIC COMPANY EIec+ricaI Con'rrac+ors 6 O 8 B R O A D W A Y BROOKLYN 6, N. Y. We Invife Employmenf Inquiries Complimenis of TAYBERN EQUIPMENT C0. New YORK, N. Y. Complimenfs of NOVOCOL CHEMICAL MFG. CO. 2911-2923 ATLANTIC AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. CompIimen'rs OI lozuh, ' 1492 EAST NEW YORK AVENUE EIecI'ricclI Supplies BesI Wishes OI HINSBH PRIJDUIIE CU., Inc. 3549 STEINWAY STREET LONG ISLAND CITY, N. Y. Complimenls ol STAR OVERALL 81 UNIFURM MFG. CORP. T43 INGRAHAM STREET BROOKLYN 6, N. Y. Our Complimenls oncl Besl Wislwes To llwe Grocluoling Classes of June, T945 REED 61 COMPANY 373 FOURTH AVENUE NEW YORK 16, N. Y. School Jewelers A HEALTI-IEUL NOURISI-IING ENERGY ECDOD Compl memIs N 1 A f1! ,.1 6 url ,Tig T elm 8 M S I ICE CREAM BREYER ICE CREAM COMPANY. INC. LONG ISLAND CITY N Y EAT DRAKES CAKE DRAKE BAKERIES, Inc. 77 CLINTON AVENUE BROOKLYN 5, N. Y. N Elin Memoriam loseph Schmidt, member of the Electrical lnstallation class, who will always be remem- bered as a dear friend and a lcyal classmate. 'NN e, ,CG elmo 'Coe K X QSPAVL, XNXSXO- OK-5 o mde xo NX X e emde exe qi oix eodoet-5 of XX OX QKN eqapxees O on ood o ox Hoax N Sxm eos O03 QKOXI qxokxoq No O06 . q ous ..,+ 'XO 'Xl OXY- CUNGHATULATIUNS T0 THE GBA DUATES UF JUNE 1945 MR. EDWARD N. SCHOTT MR. LAWRENCE SALVO MISS E. DE IULIAN MR. PETER LOPIPARO MR. RODNEY LETHBRIDGE CLASS 8EI1 COMPLIMENTS OF EVERY WOMAN'S MAGAZINE MR. SIDNEY WOLFE MISS CLAIRE GII.LESPIE MR. C. M. HEPBURN MRS. C. FORTE MR. EDWARD CHINITZ MR. IEROME I. GOLD For Breakfast THOMAS' ENGLISH MUFFINS ARTHUR STUDICDS Cfficial Phorographer 'ro 'rhe- January 1945 Crossroads RQ 1457 BROADWAY NEW YORK E clusively Equipped To Do Yearbook Phofography 45 R e Street 0 Ne IVIARLIN PRINTING CO., Inc. PRINTER OF THIS BOQK q W' York 7 W5 ' UWC C207 505255 'beef' ff Qf'111f57 fmpQ1L1,7-MZ7, M 9f4bfM'fffff-fFDf'60 M Z,7Cff4.6Q u Awww imc! ACM , fX,1cr.,wu.N-.L ' .v r'FfLSSmcc4ws Af:-fi ,442 BWQAA it Q A ,f W ML! Q7 gi? JZ?-fy-f miiwhvx P90-M761 Lim W ' V4 A df 4 , , WW , my ff ii Exif WF' f'6'f 'W 1 R A wif-TWA Z4 0 Cf-f+V,3Q2'g1J?fff,,,fQ, -. Q mm zzz.-JL! M l1 JVM ff, KM fwfzi 4 X 57515 ,1- ' n WWW

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