East Nashville High School - Grey Eagle Yearbook (Nashville, TN)

 - Class of 1940

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Text from Pages 1 - 82 of the 1940 volume:

X' ff , ' lf- f Z, -ff --' N , , iff? TLT 9 Kr AQ? N . Y 1 ff 7 rfffnf 15' I D 3. ff 'fl r ' Z lf. 2 L L , ' II 7 --, xx wilgyag ,f ,I XX f 2-1 . Ya N Jiq Zillxgx ' f 5 ' - - H C Xxmxg W Wx M J H ' W ' xl Wy f W 1. 'I E ,Qi-n, 7 I' nf?-' 1 A X ? 7 ,3 A f-, Jud -4 . -Alfl' if' ff ' r .f j Published by the Senior Class of I ' ' 12 -f 1 EAST NASHVILLE HIGH scH0oL . - Z A N NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE ' E '.,. -' , ,vI. 'gf' ,. ju-I-- ' Y ..,--- - j-fd , f 'mf' Z X I X' if .I X , 'Q , 'X' 'M' yy 1 1 ', fi , . X . x.,s.1Jzg Eff 1' E - G TN: W' U X 'H 6 UREWURII We, THE GREY EAGLE staff of 1940, are proud to present to you the result of long hours of toil when we literally burned the midnight oil. It is not perfect. Nothing is. We hope, however, that you will pardon any mistakes or inaccuracies that may have been made: and accept the book as a permanent remem- brance of the never-to-be-fob gotten days of much pain and iff N much more joy at the best -- school in the world - East X High- t u If , X Nut 4' -f ' I7 f 3 H 7 ls A , ,. fee, f E y 12 -'r Qxf ' f f X , f V' X ,FI 4 .,- ff ,, , K ,- :Hum ' 'ij Xxkn ' I ' ' '4f' R A If-2f,j,? in fr pig., a M4111-' xv' f .aa I jim 4 1 Nw, n ,VL 16 Y i A Y I N' if ,ga y 1 , my ts, X lv I iq . fi 0 -f-vf5 x l- ff 5, f I-:1f55l ':-ng? X QAM :gb ' 5,5 Sty f.'ff'1-Eff my ,1 f , ' 1 -X ,jgfsx-mtwrtr any ' -' ' 1.11K '-i , Ax lm.. I' rl ' f Afflf, 'li ,J ,li 'tet .E rf, I 1 SECTION I School SECTION 2 Seniors ,V K Q1 SECTION 5 M f Features W QI L SECTION 4 QA 13 I I hw! , 51707155 Y I b' If 'IW' I - SECTION s f 3 3 'fa i ' O1f'g6l7ZiZ6lfi0 S f 1 -' ' , I , D , EQVE. ' ' I .- QQ-T - I I I I , u i x-Lfgggf :'f' ' A-fi, f I I EENI I W7 I I OI I K f Mfr I f T.IIE MI I I JI f I v - ff. I ' I f .IV fgvlflf ' .,-A 4X! NN f 7 Eff f M E ' ' ',Q,, - AQ f C ' X 3552 ' 34.1, 1 TN I W ,I , , Mr, J ' g I on IQ I V I J CSO ,f-'. A' 7 , Q, hw' 5 55w f': f ' fx 4 1 fmfiiy 1- 'lffgff if My fb fr Q iff R Xxuwf DEDICATION 1940 roudly dedicate our annual to you We, the Senior Class of , p ' Mr. Cecil. Your never-failing patience and untiring service to our class have inspired each and every one of us. We leave the portals of East High with the memory of you as our esteemed teacher, faithful friend, and beloved coachg ' ht ou Page Four and we sincerely hope t a y will remain the inspira- tional pillar in East Nashville High School EIEIEEEDDE 4 E Above-East Nashville High School Below-J. J. Keyes Stadium l 5 Q naval' an . 1' !!'t f Q I fi, , 4,1515 ww is 1' ' ,,. ., is ,SY-11z,, fm-.Wgm ..,m'e: nzesuwwf ., veeezsw mmgm, - , ww ,,..,. .1 .Wm ,..,.. ,.,.w, :HES-? 3?Z :Q.,?'E .E'E?32i!2'x:s5g ,sa,..,. A 1 t EM ziggggfgggaeeayweiz Q , ,,,. ' sv-gg fa, at I 2 as 'JH' KH' 1 1 5' G B, ,f 5 Ep W gf, 1 ' X F, H .1 Q . yi v. .fmeswsw - fi-', ,, 2: Sq?-F5 W .I1?3??W , .L t i 1 ' ' q 2' w -rw-af , - V, -..f A . 6 4 X 1 S ' ' ' z a'fs x fi I H x.'1 , . ,,.. . 1 .... L X .,.,g win X gs z. . ,..,, A Q K xxx X 6 15 J Q Y .kk J ,399 - Y yd THE GREY JEAGLJEE if W. H. OLIVER Acting Principal His friendliness and understanding have endeared him to every student. He has gone about his work fervently and conscientiously and it is the hope of all that he will become principal of East High in the near future Page Nine EAST HIGH FACULTY First Row W. H. OLIVER, A.B., M.A. . , . . MISSDEMOSSH. , ,. ,, .,.. MRS. THOMAS O. MILLER, B.S., M.A. . , MRS. FLOY BROWN POLSTON, B.S., M.A. . MISS EVALYNE HOWINGTON. B.A., M.A.. . MISS DOROTHY KEYES, B.S.., . .. . MRS. SADIE S. FUNK, B.S. . MISS HALLIE MCNEILL, L.I.. . . . MISS MARGARET CATE, M.A. MISS LUCY JOSLIN, B.A., M.A. ....,...,.,,. . . .. Second Row MISS WILLIE A. JOHNSON, B.S. ,..,..,..,... , , MISS KATHERINE ATKINSON, B.A., M.A. , MISS JENNIE P. CLAYTON, L.I.. ..,..,, . , MISS MAXIE CLAIBORNE RECORD, B.S.. .. MISS ROBERTA KIRKPATRICK, B.S., M.A. .. MRS. LLOYD L. GOLDSTON, B.A. ........, . MISS RUTI-I D. MCGARR, B.S. .,.. .....,....,. . Third Row MISS VIRGIE LEE AUMILLER, B.S., M.A. ....,,., . MRS. RUTH H. MCGOWAN. .. ..,......... . MISS ANNA R. MCCAMPBELL, B.S. .... . MISS MARY E. HILL ..,.,........,. MISS VERA KING, B.S. ....... , MISS LUCY F. DYE, B.S. . . . PAUL H. BEASLEY, B.S., M.A.. .. ...,...,,. ROBERT HARPER, B.S. ..,. ..., .,....,...... . Fourth Row MISS MARY L. LEE, B.S., M.A. ..........,.,,. . MISS MARY HOLLINS, B.S., M.A., B.S. in L.S.. . .. MISS DORIS B. SLONECKER, B.A., M.A. ........ . MISS JOLEE LOVE, B.S., M.A. . .. J. H. WINDROW, B.S.. ...,...,. .. . MISS JULIA F. GIBSON, B.A., HUGH A. CECIL, B.A. ..,.... . JOHN A. HOOD, B.A., M.A., .. MERRILL S. CARTER, B.S.. .. . ,.,.. .,. Fifth Row D. H. AYERS ....,,........ .......... W. C. CAMPBELL, B.S., M.A... JAMES W. HURT, B.E. ...... . VIRGIL EDMUNDS ,......, . .. HAROLD HUGGINS, B.A., M.A.. . Those Absent When Picture HALBERT NEILSON .....,... MRS. MILDRED O. WOOD, B.S.. . .. MISS CAROLYN BINKLEY ...., . Page Ten .. Acting Principal ..French and English . ,. Mathematics . . . .Physical Education . ..,,,.,,... Spanish . Art History ...English History . .. Latin and English and History . , . .English . . . . . . . Mathematics . . . . . . .History . . .Chemistry . . ,Commerce . . .Commerce , Commerce .. . . English . . . . .Commerce ........,.,English . , . .Salesmanship , . . Home Economics . . , . , . . . . .Home Economics . ..,......... Industrial Arts Biology ancl Mathematics , . . .Biology and Chemistry Library ...............English ............English .. .. . .....,..... .Commerce . Mathematics and Economics . . . . . . . .Sociology and History ...,,.........History .History and Commerce . . . . .Industrial Arts . , Music and English .,...,.,......Science . . ...,,., ..,...... . .Band . . . ......... Physical Education Was Maole Military Training ,. . . ..,... .Home Economics v,'.', .Dramatics and Public Speaking EDEEEEED INR. vb- Xonix-gg MIC-8 X , 'E-K X xx' , .awk WILLIAM E. EARLY, Editor in Chief CURTIS MANOR, Assistant Editor VIRGINIA TUCKER, Assistant Editor JAMES M. KENT, Business Manager MARY RUTH CROWDER, Assistant Editor ANNE HOWARD, Assistant Editor JOHN C. PLUMMER, Art Editor VIRGINIA ALESSIO, Assistant Editor DOROTHY PARI-IAM, Assistant Editor I-'lixxc Eg GLOXJERV cm my mfg- M ,ww-.1 MARY ,I,XNI'i !iL'll?'iOXL 51.41 1.,.v.4.m,,1,- cm, lp li?-Q, iE:1f'g::'W ,At A ., F I Jsi,xNl'x'.x Mwrxx ' Mwst .ivlwflzr Gln' Ii ! J 4:52 ix if ir' r J T THE GREY JEAGTLJEE ww Z7 I WMiNEK RM 1 4 ENUM f fy!-xHEI'!' But All-Rmgnd ,lim NJ.: Jarif.-fix ISU. 'M' ' M Am: mpum En. 1-ff-,f.1f,L,i, le X Senior Class Superlatives 4? - wi - J 'Q 551 3- I ? .lf .. ga i.,,..- If ' 'V if ': k XHRLIINI X 'Xi.l'Ii5l0 ,UM 1w,p..1.,f can Jfmdffm mf: 1 1. ., A iei zzxtf W H m,1.QQ,,Q. , 3 -L failiififukiffft f ff -xQg.,jff15.,5q3f Page Thirteen k ww da ' J , ,f if ff O 'G X I-'HIF44' lx 1 v ,lL'WV1'x vnu! ,M . .,.. Page Fourteen N STHIE GRM EAGLE? 'F ' Xxx 4!OR4F HXMBINL 4 1 1 A Q mwmila F xx Om1RIfFIf 1'1-Aum wi' Fry f an W-,JN rf. ,.f-1.4 Senior Class Officers SENIORS DAVID EULEY ADAMS Academic Student Council, '36, Football, '37, '38, Hi-Y Club, '38, '39, Bird Club, '39. LINNA ADAMS Academic-Commercial Honor Society, '40. VIRGINIA DALE ALESSIO Academic Student Council, '38, '39, '40, Most Popular Girl, '40, Friendliest Girl, '40, Eagle Staff, '39, '40, GREY EAGLE Staff, '40, Girl Reserve, '38, Girls' Drill Team, '40, Girls' Glee Club, '38, '39, Iris Pageant, Page, '38, '39, Iris Pageant, Attendant, '40, Dramatic Club, '38, '39, Chemistry Club, '38, '39, ELIZABETH AGNES ALLEN Academic Music Club, '39, Library Club, '38. ARTHUR HOWARD ALLEN Academic R. O. T. C., '37, '38, '39, Officers Club, '39, Student Council, '37. LUELLA LEE ALLEN Academic-Commercial Student Adjustment, '40, Home Room President, '36, '37, Com- mercial Club, '40, Spanish Club, '38, VIRGINIA LOUISE ALLEN AcaclemicaCommercial Music Club, '39, Library Club, '38. GERTRUDE ALMQUIST Academic Spanish Club, '38, '40, Music Club, '39, Music Contest, '40, MORGAN FRED AMMONS Academic CI-IARLES EDWARD ANDREWS Academic Chemistry Club, '39, LEVONIA ATKINSON Academic-Commercial Iris Pageant, '38, '39, Stunt Night, '38, '39. MARGARET ETTA BAUMAN Academic Secretary of Home Room, '40, Girl Reserve, '39, '40, Chemistry Club, '39, '40, Art Club, '40, Sunshine Club, '39. RUTH BEASLEY Academic Glee Club, '37, '38, '39, '40, Home Economics Club, '39, '40, Library Club, '37, '38. ROBERT BENNETT Academic Honor Society, '39, Astronomy Club, '3B. f in-ees: . ,wsu-A: mga.-A .. Af, see' -a , if e' aff' -A Y '90 01' 1 577 - vii.. -A A. ..,. - xp 4- 14, ., - 1. k w .d SENIORS ANN BENSON Academic Drum Majorette, '38, '39, '40, Iris Pageant, '37, '38, '39, Glee Club, '36, '37, '38, '39. JUNE BICKET Academic-Comme-rcial Drum Majorette, '38. '39, '40, Commercial Club, '39, '40, Iris Pageant, '39, HARRY BINKLEY Academic Glee Club, '38, '39, '40, Basketball, '39, Football, '38, '40, Home goom Officer, '37, '38, Track Team, '38, '39, President of Home oom, '37. DOROTHY BILES Academic Spanish Club, '39, Stunt Night, '40. MARY MILLER BLACK Academic R. O. T. C. Sponsor, '40, Attendant in Iris Pageant, '40, Bird Club, '39, '40, ALBERTA BoWERs Academic PEARL BRADFORD Academic Music Club, '39, Music Contest, '39, Girl Reserve, '38, Biology Club, '38. VELMA BRANN Academic Eagle Staff, '38, '39, '40, Assistant Editor of the Eagle, '40, Intra- mural Basketball Captain, '40, Squad Leader of Girls' Drill Team, '40, Home Room President, '36, '37, Cast of Ghost Train, '38, Dramatic Club, '37, '38, '39, Program Manager, '38, Cast of Leave It to Mother, '4O. DOUGLAS BRANTLEY Academic MARY ELIZABETH BRASSELL Academic Library Staff, '38, '39, Home Economics Club, '38. AARON BURR BROWN, JR. Academic Non-Commissioned Officers' Club, '38, Bird Club, '38, '39, '40, Stamp Club, '38, Astronomy Club, '38. DAVID BROWN Academic Honor Society, '40, R, O. T. C. Officer, '40, Non-Commissioned Oiicers' Club, '38, '39, Chemistry Club, '38. ELSIE JEAN BROWN Academic-Commercial Glee Club, '38, '39, Home Economics Club, '38, '39, Science Club, '39. ANNA LAURA BUCK Academic Bird Club, 38, Girl Reserve, '38, '39. SENIORS LUCILE BUCK Academic-Commercial Secretary of Home Room, '37, '39, Commercial Club. '40. RAY BUSBY Academic-Commercial THELMA BUTTS Academic Battalion Sponsor, R. O. T, C., '38, '39, Company Sponsor, R. O. T. C., '39, Officer of Home Room, '39, BTLL BRYAN Academic ANNA BELLE CALLIS Academic lglgxsic Club, '37, Orchestra, '37, '38, Art Club, '39, Music Contest, UvA CANNON Academic Eagle Staff, '39, Commercial Club, '40, French Club, '38, '39, '40. VERA CANNON Academic Honor Society, '38, '39, '40, Secretary of Home Room, '39, Secre- tary of Art Club, '40, French Club, '38, '39, '40. EDITH CANTRELL Academic Best All-Round Girl, '40, Senior Class Treasurer, '40, Eagle Stai, '39, '40, Cheerleader, '38, '39, '40, Miss Hi-Y, '40, President of Home Room, '37, '38, '40, Iris Queen, '40, Music Club, '37, '38, Iris Pageant, '37, '38, Girl Reserve, '37. ELAINE CAREY Academic Honoag Society, '37, '38, '39, Spanish Club, '38, '39, Glee Club, '38, ' . JACK CARSON Academic Vice-President, Session Room, '39, DOROTHY CASTLEMAN Academic-Commercial Officer of Home Room. '39, Astronomy Club. '39, '40, Home Economics Club, '39, '40, Glee Club, '39, '40, Iris Pageant, '39, Dramatic Club, '37. M VIVIAN CHEEK Academic Drill Team, '40, Art Club, '40, Chemistry Club, '39. CLAUDE W. CHERRY, JR. Academic Biology Club, '37. A EVELYN MAI CHRISTMAS Academic President of Sunshine Club, '39, '40, Ofiicer of Sunshine Club, '40, Cast of Death Takes a Holiday, '39, Dramatic Club. '39, '40, Eagle Staff, '38, Chemistry Club, '37, '74 mv... ef' SENIORS GLENNARA CLARK Academic-Commercial Officer of Home Economics Club, '39. '40, Glee Club, '40, Com- mercial Club, '40, Girl Reserve, '38, '39, Riding Club, '39, Chemistry Club, '37. KELLY M. CLEMENTS, JR. Academic Track Manager, '39, '40, Officer of Library Club, '37, '39, '40, Football Team, '38, Spanish Club, '37, '38, Cast of Leave It to Mother, '40. MARGARET CLINARD Academic Glee Club, '39, '40, Library Club, '39. EVELYN COCHRAN Academic Iris Pageant, '40, Home Economics Club, '39, '40, Bird Club, '38, '39, '40, PHILLIP COLE . Academic-Commercial Home Room Oiicer, '40, Commercial Club, '40, Library Staff, '39, ALYCE CoMs'rocK Basketball, '38, '39, Glee Club, '39, '40, Girl Reserve. '39. HELEN ADELE COOPER Academic Honorary Cadet Major in R. O. T. C,, '40, Attendant in Iris Pageant, '40, President of Home Economics Club, '40, Glee Club, '37, '39, '40, French Club, '39, '40, Library Staff, '39, Riding Club, '39, Girl Reserve, '37, '38. MILDRED CORDER Academic-Commercial Most Dignified Girl, '40, Officer of Home Economics Club, '39, '40, Glee Club, '37, '38, '39, '40, Iris Pageant, '37, '38, '39, Riding Club, '39, Health Club, '37, THOMAS LYLE CORLEW Academic Civitan Club, '39, '40, Treasurer, Civitan Club, '40, Civitan Song Contest Winner, '39, Citizenship Essay Winner, '40, Eagle Staff, '40, Dramatic Club. '39, '40, Sergeant at Arms, Dramatic Club, '40, Cast of Imaginary Invalid , Cast of Death Takes a Holi- day , Oratorical Contest, '40, Glee Club, '39, Class Poet, '40, All- State Chorus, '40, Spanish Club, '38, '40, Chemistry Club, '38, Library Staff, '37, '38, Cast of Leave It to Mother, '40, All-City Chorus, '40. EUGENE B. CHAIN, JR. Academic Band, '38, '39, '40, All-City Band, '39, '40, All-State Band, '39, French Club, '39, '40. SARAH RUSSELL CRAFTON Academic RUBY VIRGINIA CRAWFORD Academic Glee Club, '37, '38, '39, Chemistry Club, '38, Girl Reserve, '37, '38, J oHN CRooK Drum Major, '39, '40, Bird Club, '39, '40, Non-Commission Officers' Club, '39, All-City Band, '39. MARY RUTH CROWDER Academic GREY EAGLE Staff, '40, Eagle Staff, '39, '40, Home Room Officer, '37, '40, All-State Chorus, '39, '40, Iris Pageant, '37, '38, '39, Glee Club, '37, '38, '39, '40, SENIORS JUANITA CRUMP Academic EVAN DAVENPORT Academic Honor Society, 40, French Club, '38, '39, '40, R. O. T. C,, '37, Library StaH, '37. HAZEL DAVIS Academic Sunshine Club, '39, '40, Iris Pageant, '38, '39, Travel Club. '38. JOSEPHINE DENTON Academic Music Club, '39, '40, Commercial Club, '39, '40, Astronomy Club, '39 MARJORIE HELEN DOBIE Academic Sunshine Club, '39, Home Economics Club, '39. MARTHA LORAZE DUNCAN R. O. T. C. Sponsor, '40, May Queen Attendant. '40: Iris Pageant, '38, Home Room Officer, '38, '40, Library Club, '38, Sunshine Club, '39, Commerce Club, '39, '40, Home Economics Club, '39, '40, Prettiest Girl in Senior Class, '40, EVELYN J. DUNCAN Academic Home Economics Club, '39, '40, Sunshine Club, '39, Spanish Club, '38, Library Club, '38, Softball, '37. BARRY DUNLAVY Academic Civitan Club, '39, '40, Hi-Y Club, '39, '40, Home Room President, '36, '37, '38, Spanish Club, '37, '38, '39: Vice-President, Chemistry Club, '37, Football, '39, Basketball, '39, '40, Track Team, '39, '40, Tennis Team, '39, '40. CHARLOTTE DUNWOODY Academic-Commercial Girl Reserve, '38, '40, Home Economics Club, '39, '40, Sunshine Club. '39, Commerce Club, '40, STERLING JOSEPH EARHART Academic WILLIAM ELMER EARLY, II Salutatorian, '40, Boy Most Likely to Succeed, '40, Most Indus- trious Boy. '40, Editor, GREY EAGLE, '40, Editor, Eagle, '40, Eagle Staff, '37, '40, Eagle Club, '39, '40, President Eagle Club, '40, Honor Society, '38, '39, '40, Student Adjustment Committee. '39, '40Z Student Council, '36, '37, '38, Spanish Club, '38, '39, '40, President, Spanish Club, '40, Secretary, Spanish Club, '39, R, O. T. C., '37, Cast of Leave It to Mother, '40, NANCY EDWARDS Academic Spanish Club. '38, '39, '40, Bird Club, '40, Glee Club, '40, Girl Reserve. '38. '39. BETTY JANE FAULKNER Academic Honor Society, '401 Glee Club, '39, '40, President of Glee Club. '37, '38, Soloist, '38. '39. '40. WILLIAM CLAY FLETCHER Academic Civitan Club, '40, Hi-Y Club, '37, '38, '39, Treasurer of Civitan Club, '40, Dramatic Club, '38, '39, Cast of Ghost Train. 'Wh rf' ff SENIORS EVELYN MARIE FLY Academic Commercial Club, '39, '40, Home Economics Club, '38, MARY B. FULLER Academic Girl Reserve, '38, Home Economics Club, '39, '40. LYLE FULTON Academic Iris Pageant, '40, R. O. T. C., '37, Bird Club, '38, GLADYS GIBSON Academic Honor Society, '39, '40, Second Prize Winner, Girls' Hobby Fair, '38. ELINOR BEATRICE GILBERT Academic Iris Pageant, '39, Library Staff, '37, East High Girl Scouts. DONNA Ri-IEA GILLIAM Academic Library Club, '39, '40. FRANCES GLOVER Academic-Commercial Girl Most Likely to Succeed, '40, Secretary, Senior Class, '40, Honor Society, '38, '39, Student Adjustment Committee, '39, '40, Secretary, Student Adjustment Committee, '40: Student Council, '37, '38, Spanish Club, '38, '39, President, Spanish Club, '38, Secretary, Commerce Club, '40, EARL THOMAS GOODWIN Academic-Commercial R, O. T, C., '39, '40, Corporal, R, O. T. C,, '40, Non-Commissioned Ofdcers' Club, '40, LoUIsE GORDON Academic Cast of Death Takes a Holiday, '39, Dramatic Club, '39, '40, Spanish Club, '37, '38, Glee Club, '37, Girl Reserve, '38, French Club, '39, '40, Cast of Leave It to Mother, '40. ARTHUR GREGORY Academic JAMES GREGORY Academic Science Club, '37, Bird Club, '37, '40, Aeroplane Club, '39, Chem- istry Club, '39, '40, Commercial Club, '39, GEORGE GRIFFIN Academic CHRISTINE GWALTNEY Academic Honor Society, '39, Dramatic Club, '40, Home Economics Club, '40, Daintiest Girl, '40, ALLEN FORT GWINN Academic SENIORS GLADYS LOUISE HACKNEY Academic ELIZABETH HAMPTON Academic Girl Reserve, '39, Art Club, '40, SARAH LoU1sE HANNA Academic FRANCES HARDCASTLE Academic-Commercial CHARLES W. HARDIMAN Academic R. O. T. C., '37, '40, Non-Commissioned Officers' Club, '39, '40, Secretary of Ohicers' Club, '40, Spanish Club, '39, '40. GEORGE HENRY HARDING, JR. Academic Student Council, '37, '38, '39, Vice-President of Student Council. '39, '40, R. O. T. C., '38, '39, Captain, R. O. T. C., '39, '40, President of Landscape Garden Club, '37, Vice-President of Officers' Club, '40, Secretary, Civitan Club, '40, Cast of Death Takes a Holiday, '39, President of Junior Class, '39, Orator of Senior Class, '40. ROBERT C. HEDRICK Academic Art Editor of Eagle, '39, '40, Library, '38, '39, Non-Commissioned Ohicers' Club, '40, Third Term Club, R, O. T. C,, '40, Winner of Poster Contest, '39, LILLIAN PEARL HENDRICKS Academic Glee Club, '37, '38, '39, Art Club, '40, Home Economics Club, '39. JAMES ALBERT HEROD Academic Band, '38, '39, '40, Orchestra, '39, '40, Music Club, R. 0. T. C., Non-Commissioned Officers' Club: Spanish Club, Library Club, Bird Club, Cast of The Valiant, '40, Stunt Night, '40. MARY B. HEssoN Academic-Commercial Girl Reserve, '39, Astronomy Club, '39, Home Economics Club, '40, Glee Club, '40, Dramatic Club, '4O. LAURA ELIZABETH HERBERT Academic Home Economics Club, '37, '38, '39, '40, Spanish Club, '38, '39, Chemistry Club, '38, Glee Club, '37, '38, '39, '40. JEAN MARIE HEWITT Academic Basketball Team, '38, '39, '40, Spanish Club, '38, '39, French Club, '40, Dramatic Club, '38, Glee Club, '37, '38, Girl Reserve, '40, Eagle Staff, '37, Cast of Death Takes a Holiday, '39, Production Staff of Death Takes a Holiday , Third Place Winner of School Song Contest, Leader in Girls' Drill Team, '40, Cast of Leave It to Mother, '40. ETHEL Hxcxcox Academic President of Home Room. '39, Officer of Home Room, '39, Eagle Staff, '38, '39, Dramatic Club, '39, Astronomy Club, '39, Secretary of French Club, '38, '39, Girl Reserve, '37, '38. VIVIENNE HICKS Academic-Commercial 1 A ' 2 A A M 4 A 3 1, ,X Q 4. ,,i ,- f A ix. if im' ' . n , v-.. g fn .Y 3 , ..,, , s-My .3 .N 'K Y , fl 'G Z wwe ,, ,X nfs ' if A, 'R 5 'X ' l , it were I Rib ff -L j, 1, eg 1 H pa, - . .x F ' . . , , E551 iz Y gtg ' 'Q 4 x., effing' ., 1 w - ' ,x f , s in mf it ,mf 4 . -if .Z A-ai . ft 4' ,l A E 4 A I it I. ,AQ Li SENIORS PATRICIA HIETT Academic VAUGI-IN HoovER Academic Chemistry Club, '39, '40, MARY LOUISE HOWELL Academic-Commercial Girl Reserve, Sunshine Club. MARVIN HART HUDSON Academic Honor Society, '40, Chemistry Club, '40, R. O. T, C,, '38, '39. MARY JANE HUDSON Academic Glee Club, '37, '38, '40, Library Club, '38, '39, Dramatic Club. '39, Chemistry Club, '38. EUGENIA HUGHES Academic-Commercial Glee Club, '37, '38, '39, Commercial Club, '39, '40. ROBERT W. HULME Academic Athletic Sponsor, '40, Boxing Team, '40, Football Team, '37, '38, '39, Hi-Y Club, '38, '39, Student Council, '38, Civitan Club, '38, Bird Club, '37, '38, Library Staff, '39, '40, Landscape Club, '37. KATIE HUNT Academic ANNE HYDE Academic French Club, '38, '39, '40, Commercial Club, '40, Dramatic Club, '39, Riding Club. '39, Chemistry Club, '39, Travel Club, '38, Cast of Leave It to Mother, '40. MARY ELLEN JAKES Academic-Commercial Commercial Club, '39, President of Home Economics Club, '39, Girl Reserve, '38, '39, Glee Club, '37, Girl Scouts, '37, Home Room Officer, '37. J ACK J A1vI1SoN Academic First Sergeant, R. O. T. C,, '38, Football, '39, Chemistry Club, '38, President of Non-Commissioned Omcers' Club, '39, Rifle Team, '39. WILLIAM JERNIGAN Academic Audubon Society, '38, '39, Stamp Club, '38, Astronomy Club, '37, '38. SARAH VIRGINIA JONES Academic Sunshine Club, '40, Home Economics Club. '39. MAURICE .IOSEPH KARR Academic Non-Commissioned Ohicers' Club, '39, R, O, T. C., '37, '40, Spanish Club, '39, '40, Tennis Team, '39. SENIORS . MILDRED KELLEY Academic-Commercial 53 4 JAMES MoNRoE KENT, II ' Academic v GREY EAGLE Staff, '40, Wittiest Boy of Senior Class, '40, Eagle ' Staff, '40, Winner of Boys Declamation Contest, '40, Third Best ,fa ff Actor in the State, '40, Civitan Club, '40, All-City Band, '39, '40, 5 Band. '38, '39, '40, Business Manager of Dramatic Club, '40, Cast Y of The Valiant, '40, Cast of Leave It to Mother, '40, Stunt w Night, '40, Spanish Club, '40, Student Council, '37, '38, Publicity Director of Dramatics Club, '39, '40, Cast of Death Takes a Q . Holiday, '39, R. O. T. C,, '37, '39, Chemistry Club, '39, Bird ' ' Club, '37, Astronomy Club, '38, Stage Manager, Leave It to Mother, '40. HOWARD KIRK Q., Academic in Q - R. O. T. C., '38, '39, Chemistry Club, '38, '39, Spanish Club, '37, , 'f' '38, Non-Commissioned Officers' Club, '39, - -A X ALBERT KIRKPATRICK '1 - -A R Academic ' R, O. T. C,, '38, Landscape Gardening Club, '38, - W ' ll ., ,. ELIZABETH JANE KIRKWOOD Academic Girl Reserve, '37, '3B. NEiL LANCASTER, JR. Academic-Commercial Library Club, '37, '38, '39, '40, President of Library Club, '39, '40, Bird Club, '40, Astronomy Club, '40. ROBERT LEETWICH Academic Bird Club, '36. EDWARD LEHNING Academic MARJORIE LOCKE Academic FRANCES HELEN LOVELADY Academic Sunshine Club, '40, Home Economics Club, '38 ERNEST LUNSFORD Academic ERMINE MADDUX Academic Riding Club, '39, Landscape Club, '38, President, Girl Scouts, '39, JOHN CURTIS MANOR, II Valedictorian of Senior Class, '40, Winner of Outstanding Cadet Medal, '40, President of Honor Society, '40, Member, '39, Vice- President, Civitan Club, '40, Member, '39, Assistant Editor of GREY EAGLE, '40, Assistant Editor of Eagle, '40' Student Ad 'ust i J ' ment Committee, '4O: Rifle Team '40' Sta e Designer of Dramatic , - E Club, '39, Cast of Death Takes a Holiday '39, '40, Glee C1ub,' 38, '39, '40, R. O. T. C. President of Spanish Club, '39, Member, '38, ing First Year Cadet Medal, '38, All-City Cast of Leave It to Mother, '40, President All-State Chorus, '39, '40, BOB MARKER Academic President of Senior Class, '40, Handsomest '40, Student Council, '39, '40, Hi-Y Club, '38, '38 '39 '40' All City Band '39 '40 Mana 39, Boys Quartet, '38, 39, Captain, '40, Winner of Outstand- Chorus, '38, '39, '40, of English Class, '38, Boy of Senior Class, '39, '40, School Band, r of Football Team , . . ' , , I ge Y 39, Manager of Track Team, '39, All-State Band, '39, Eagle Staff, '39, Bird Club, '39, Chemistry Club, '39, R. O. T. C., '38, Astron- omy Club, '38, Vice-President of Student Body, '40. A .ff SENIOR JUANITA LOUISE MARTIN Academic D, A, R. Medalist, '40, Willmaker of Senior Class, '40: Most Ath- letic Girl of Senior Class. '40, Iris Pageant Attendant, '40g Basket- ball Team, '38, '39, '40: Eagle Staff, '39, '4O: Second Team All- Tournament, '40: Intramural Basketball Coach of Session Room, '401 Session Room OH-icer, '38, '391 Cheerleader, '37, '38, '39. RUSSELL MCALLISTER MARTIN Academic Captain of Track Team. '39, '40: Football Team, '38, '393 President of Home Room, '38, Vice-President of Home Room, '39, '40: Astronomy Club. '38: Bird Club, '39, MARY ETTA MARTIN Academic Home Economics Club, '37, '39, LQNNIE G. MARTIN Academic Basketball Team, '39. CHARLES MATTHEWS Academic PI-IILLIP MAY Academic Lois EVELYN MCCORD Academic-Commercial Home Economics Club, '37, '38, '39g Travel Club, '37. JAMES W. MCCREARY Academic Civitan Club, '38, lris Pageant, '39g R. O. T. C,, Officers' Club, '39, '40: Non-Commissioned Officers' Club, '39: Guard in Band. '39, 'f-10. CONSTANCE MCEWEN Academic Music Club '33, '39, '40: All-State Chorus, '39, '40Z Girl Reserve. '40: Girls' Drill Team, '403 Dramatic Club, '39, '401 Cast of Death Takes a Holiday, '39: Cast oi The Imaginary Invalid, '38: Cast of Leave It to Mother, '403 Spanish Club. '38. RUTH EVELYN MCKINNEY Academic Girl Reserve, '38, JANELLE R. MELTON Academic Art Club. '40: Library Club, '38, '39, '40, JAMES MORGAN Academic Cast of Leave It to Mother, '40, LETCHER MURPHY Academic JENNIE VANETTA NABORS Academic Girls' Drill Team, '403 Home Economics Club, '38, '39, '403 Health Service Club, '36, '37, '38, '39: Soccer Tournament, '36, '37, '38, '39, SE IOR THOMAS NAIVE Academic R. O. T. C., '38, '39, '4Og Non-Commissioned Officers' Club, '40, J ACK OnoM Academic EDNA ELAINE OGLES Academic VERA PEGGY Orro Academic Student Council, '37, '39, '403 Honor Society. '40g Commerce Club, '403 Iris Pageant, Page, '38, '39: Sunshine Club, '393 Riding Club, ggbstggegt Americanism Council, '38: Eagle Staff, '37g Surealists u , ' , ' 8, A. W. OWEN Academic Football Team, '37, '38, '393 Travel Club, '38. DOROTHY LEE PARI-IAM Academic-Commercial Honor Society, '38, '39, '403 Student Adjustment Committee, '38, '39, '40g GREY EAGLE Staff, '40g Eagle Staff, '39, '40g Home Room Officer, '37, '38, '39, Glee Club, '37, '38. GLORIA WILEEN PARK Academic WILLIAM NEIL PAYNE Academic R. O. T. C., '38, '39, '40g Non-Commissioned Oflicers' Club, '39, '40g Spanish Club. '37, '38. NANCY LEE PEACH Academic Honor Society, '40g French Club, '38, '39, '403 Health Club, '38: Bird Club, '38. WILLIAM MARION PEACHER Academic Chaplain of Hi-Y Club, '39, '40, Member, '38g Glee Club, '36, '37, '38, '39, '40p Basketball Team, '39g Home Room Of-Hcer, '37. OPAL ARLENE PELTON Academic-Commercial Honor Society, '38, '39, '40g Captain of Volley Ball Champions, '40g Captain of Soccer Basketball Champions, '39: Spanish Club, '39, '40g French Club, '38, '39, '40, Basketball Team, '38, '39. MILDRED PENDERGRASS Academic JUANITA PENNINGTON Academic-Commercial HERMAN HILARY PERRY Academic Spanish C'ub, '38, '403 Chemistry Club, '40, R. O, T. C., '37, '38, '39g Non-Commissioned Officers' Club, '39, nn.. 1a,k4,1' if . gl L ..-ri' 1. L., is . . :Ig . ., ' ff - 1517? Y, i ' 5,35 'A nggw ., ii -is 5 iff 'A' dag A A 1 ., I r if W 1' - fi ff' . . 4:-A V xiii 'Q Y, ., .4 ' - ' I ij xi ., ' 4 ,M ' SENIORS RAY PETTY Academic Drum Major in the Band, '39. '40, GLADYS PLUMMER Academic-Commercial Travel Club, '39, Home Economics Club, '38, Glee Club, '37, Library Club, '38, Girl Reserve, '37, ROBERT POUNDERS Academic Hi-Y Club, '38, Treasurer of Hi'Y Club, '39, '40, Football, '38, '39, Basketball, '38, '39, Wrestling, '39, '40, Home Room Officer, '39, '40, Track, '40, Iris Pageant, '39, Landscape Gardening Club, 38, Travel Club, '38, Athletic Club, '40, VIRGINIA JEAN PRICE Academic Honor Society, '38, '39, '40, Regimental Sponsor, R. O. T. C,, '39, '40, Attendant in Iris Festival, '38, Home Room Treasurer, '39, Vice-President of Spanish Club, '39, Glee Club, '37, '38, '39. EDWARD JEAN RAGGETT Academic-Commercial R. O. T. C., '37, '38, '39, '40, Eagle Staff, '39, '40, Chemistry Club, '38, '39, Cast of Life Begins at Sixteen, '39, Non-Commissioned Officers' Club, '39, '40, 'lhird Year Club, R. O. T. C,, '40, Rifle Team, '39, '40, Snapshot Cameraman for GREY EAGLE, '39. CHARLES WARNER RALLS Academic Civitan Club, '38, '39, Hi-Y Club, '37, '38, Sergeant at Arms of Civitan Club, '39, President of Student Council, '39, Football, '36, '37, '38, '39, Captain of Football Team, '39, Basketball, '38, '39, '40, Captain of Basketball Team, '40, Track, '33, '39, '40, Tennis, 37, '39, '40, Baseball, '38, Home Room Officer, '38, '39, '40, Athletic Club, '40, Bird Club, '37, President of Bird Club, '38, Sergeant at Arms of Senior Class, '40, Most Popular Boy of Senior Class, '40, Most Athletic Boy of Senior Class, '40, Best All-Round Boy of Senior Class, '40, Friendliest Boy of Senior Class, '40, SAMUEL B. RAY Academic Civitan Club. '39, '40, Home Room Secretary, '40, Treasurer of Ohicers' R. O. T. C. Club, '40, First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C., '40. NATALIE Rr-IEA Academic French Club, '38. '39, '40, Secretary of French Club, '40, Spanish Club, '39, Home Economics Club, '39. ALBERT R. RICH, JR. Academic Spanish Club, '38, '39, Chemistry Club, '38, '39. NEECE RICHARDSON Academic Music Club, '38, President, Music Club, '39, '40, NANCY NELLE RILEY Academic Honor Society, '40, French Club, '38, '39, Bird Club, '39. J. WALLACE RIGGINS Academic Civitan Club, '38, Secretary of Civitan Club, '38, '39, President of Civitan Club, '39, '40, Hi-Y Club, '38, '39, '40, President of Student Body, '40, Vice'President of Senior Class, '40, Neatest Boy of Senior Class, '40, Most Dignii-led Boy of Senior Class, '40, EVELYN RUCKER Academic Home Economics Club, '38, '39, '40, Treasurer of Home Economics Club, '39, Glee Club, '39, Attendant of Hospital Room, '37, '38, Bird Club, '37, '38, Riding Club, '39. LILLIAN RUCKER Academic SENIORS WILLIAM SANDERS, JR, Academic MARY CATHERINE SANDERS Academic Orchestra, '37, '38, Secretary-Treasurer of Landscape Gardening Club, '38, Girl Scouts, '39, '40, Bird Club, '37, Girl Scout Program Chairman, '39, '40. JAMES MONROE SAVAGE Academic Qd0T C., '38, '39, '40, Non-Commissioned Oflicers' Club, '38, THOMAS H. SAVAGE Academic Civitan Club, '39, '40, R. 0. T. C., '37, '38, '39, '40, Captain of ggnrligny F, '39, '40, Rifle Team, '38, Officers' Club of R. O. T. C., Ev:-:LYN SCRUGGS Academic-Commercial GUILFORD SI-IEARON Academic ELYNOR SHIVERS Academic Student Council, '40, Chemistry Club, '39, Library Club, '38. DORGTHY SKEGGS Academic-Commercial. Girl Reserve, '37, '38, Home Economics Club, '38. VAN SLACK Academic Civitan Club, '38, '39, President, Student Council, '38, Football, '38, Hi-Y Club, '38, '39, Audubon Society, '38, '39. A. P. SMITH, JR. Academic Chemistry Club, '38, '39. JOE SMITH Academic Officer of Home Room, '40, R. O. T. C., '37. PAUL W. SMITH Academic-Commercial R, O. T, C., Bird Club, Intramural Basketball, WILLIAM MAYNARD SMITH Academic R. 0. T. C., '37, '33, '39, Track, '38, '39, '40, Bird Club, '39. Joi-IN A. STEDELIN Academic by ,pf 'S' ,pa 6' I Q1 6 R., A 1 H. t. ?F Af . 5 A a L fy .4 .L -J' Tw A ' R .fc mi 0 5 Si: a 'iff' saw 5 4- 1 V1 Q Q es. Q' fr f SENIORS MARY STEPP Academic Honor Society, '39, '40, Student Council, '37, Chemistry Club, '39, French Club, '38, '39, '40, Commercial Club, '40, Riding Club, '38, Dramatic Club, '39, Travel Club, '38, Cast of Leave It to Mother, '40. FRED STROUD Academic Basketball Team. '39, '40, Tennis Team, '40, Science Club, '39. THELMA SULLIVAN Academic-Commercial PAULTNE SUTTON Academic Sunshine Club, '39, '40, Travel Club, '38. CORINNE DOROTHY TAYLOR Academic-Commercial Basketball, '37, '38, '39, '40, Cheerleader, '39, Eagle Staff, '40, Commercial Club, '40. Girl Reserve, '37Z RUTH TAYLOR Academic Home Economics Club, '38, '39, Dramatic Club, '39, Riding Club, '39 KENNETH THOMAS Academic Civitan Club, '39, '40, Library Club, '37, '38, '39, '40, Vice-President of Library Club, '37, '38, Chemistry Club, '39, IRA TROTTER Academic Home Room President, '36, '37, Library Club, '36, '37, Chemistry Club, '36, Bird Club, '37. EMMA TUCKER Academic Honor Society, '38, '39, Spanish Club, '37, '38, '39. VIRGINIA LoU1sE TUCKER Academic Honor Society, '40, French Club, '38, '39, '40, Treasurer of French Club, '40, Dramatic Club, '38, '39, '40, Ticket Chairman of Dramatic Club, '39, '40, Home Room Officer, '37, '38, '39, Student Council, '38, Winner of Davidson County in Veterans of Foreign Wars Essay Contest, '38, Girls' Drill Team, '40Z Library Staff, '37, '38, Astronomy Club, '38, Travel Club, '38, Health Club, '37, '38, Oratorical Contest, '40, Cast of Leave It to Mother, '40. ELEANoR JEAN TYNE Academic-Commercial Commercial Club, '40, Riding. VIDA USELTON Academic-Commercial Commercial Club, '39, '40, Library Staff, '40. DOROTHY WALDRIP Academic Honor Society, '39, '40, French Club, '39, '40, Girl Reserve, '37, Cast of Death Takes a Holiday, '39, Dramatic Club, '39, '40, Astronomy Club, '38, Travel Club, '38, Stamp Club, '38, Cast of Leave It to Mother, '40, DOROTHY WALKER Academic Honor Society, '39, '40, Oiicer in Girl Reserve, '38, '39, Spanish Club, '38, SENIORS MARY WALLENBROCK Academic Library Club, '37, Chemistry Club, '39g Library Staff, '40: Girl Scout, '37. MARY SUE WARREN Academic Basketball Team, '37, '39, '40g Spanish Club, '38, '39: French Club, '403 Chemistry Club, '39, '40. GENEVA WEBSTER Academic Eagle Staff, '38: Glee Club, '37: Iris Pageant, Page, '39g Dramatic Club, '39, '403 Girl Reserve, '38: Library Staff, '39, Travel Club. '38: Art Club, '40. WILLIAM WEBSTER Academic Travel Club, '37. ALMA WEI-IBY Academic Student Council, '39, '403 Home Economics Club, '38, Commercial Club, '39. ELIZABETH WEHRENBERG Academic Girl Reserve, '37, '383 Home Economics Club, '383 Commercial Club, '39, LUVENA WILDER Academic-Commercial President of Commercial Club, '39, '40, Reporter of Home Economics Club, '38, '39g Honor Society, '38, '39g All-State Chorus, ' 8, '39, BETTY WILLIAMS Academic-Commercial Home Economics Club, '38, '407 Health Club, '37, '39g Intramural Basketball, '40, MILDRED WILLIAMS Academic Girl Reserve, '38g Home Economics Club, '39, ROY EDWARD WILLIAMS Academic Honor Society, '39, '40g Track Team, '39g Spanish Club, '38, '39, '40. MARGUERITE WILSON Honor Society, '40g Spanish Club, '38g French Club, '39, '40, LILA WOMACK Academic Honor Society, '39g Glee Club, '37q French Club, '38, '39, '40g Girl Reserve, '40. HELEN WOODALL Academic Music Club, '39g Girl Reserve, '38g Girl Scouts, '38. ROBERT WOODROOF Academic Grumbler of Senior Class, '40g President of Session Room, '401 Hi-Y Club, '39, '40g Wrestling Team, '37g Music Club, '39, 'f-10: Bird Club, '38. S , is gi 1- I . .,L, af! A ' mfs: waf SENIORS SENIORS AVONNE WRIGHT Academic Eagle Staff, '38: Dramatic Club, '38: Cast of The Valiant, '40, Girls' Glee Club, '37, Girl Reserve, '38, Library Staff, '37, Travel Club. '38. MARGARET WRIGHT Academic Home Economics Club, '38, '39, French Club, '39, '40, Spanish Club, '39. NANNIE SUE WRIGHT Academic Officer in Session Room. '3B: Dramatic Club, '39, '40, Home Economics Club, '393 Reporter, '40. WITHOUT PICTURES PAUL CARTWRIGHT ROBERT CAUGHEY JAMES GRIRBLI: EDWARD BAKER HUSSEY JAMES MARTIN LII.A LOUISE M1-:RRIT FRANK STRATTON EVELYN WRAY FEATURES DEEEZIIII 1 ' .J is Y iilfll-lllE GREY EAGLES ?' E LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT ofthe 1940 Senior Class of the East Nashville High School We, the members of the 1940 graduating class of East Nashville High School, of Nashville CDavidson Countyb, Tennessee, do first acknowledge our appreciation of, and express our thanks for, those assets both tangible and intangible which, like the Hag of our country, have been entrusted to our possession with the distinct under- standing that they be carefully preserved and protected so that, with our passing on, they may be left intact to those who follow: our classrooms, library, gymnasium, stadium, and other physical properties which we have so thoroughly utilized and enjoyed. Also, to be found in our books of account is a faculty, or human equation, the mind and body of which constitutes the most intrinsic asset which we have held so dearly during the friendly days of both semesters. Another treasured posses- sion which we have cherished and which we trust our followers will bear with both enthusiasm and dignity is the Hspirit of East Highj, embracing as it does, sincerity, loyalty, and love, as revealed by the notes and the words of our Alma Mater song. We realize that all these treasured possessions are but peculiar to the realm of the American high school student and we have no alternative in making and publishing this as our Last Will and Testament, but to leave them to the successive graduating classes and we hereby so declare. As we come to the eventide of high school life and our school day sun has set, twilight suggests that we are being whisked into a night whose twinkling stars and shining moon remind us of a Creator who gives us faith, hope, and courage. Therefore, we, the said class, while still acting as a body, do hereby collectively and singly dispose of all these treasured possessions left to us by the class of 1939, together with the products of our own labor and originality keeping for ourselves the essence of their sweet memory. To the East High faculty we leave a sincere expression of our appreciation and love for their continuing patience and student interest which have made it possible for us to wear the cap and gown. To those of our East High associates who are not explicitly hereinafter mentioned, we bid them a hearty farewell and wish for them a full measure of health, happiness and success. Finally we do hereby nominate and appoint Mr. Oliver our sole executor to serve without bond. In witness whereof, we execute our will and set our hands, this, the third day of May, one thousand nine hundred forty. Signed and published in our presence certifying that we have subscribed our names hereto as well as in the presence of the undersigned testator, this third day of May. JUANITA LOUISE MARTIN Willmaker. Witnesses: I, David Adams, will a letter in tiddlywinks to some other great athlete. I, Howard Allen, will one Sam Brown belt to Eugene Lomax. I, Fred Ammons, leave my car to Joe Tate. I, Charles Andrews, leave my dignity to Herman Lassiter. I, Robert Bennett, leave, with honorable mention. I, Harry Binkley, will my singing ability to H. C. Smith. We, Douglas Brantley and Arthur Gregory, leave our worldly possessions to those who follow. I, Aaron Brown, leave, I hope, I hope, I hope. I, David Brown, bequeath my job as Mdrugstore cowboy to John McCord. I, Bill Bryan, leave my eternal match to anyone who needs a toothpick. I, Ray Busby, will a bouquet to Miss Cate. I Jack Carson, will one new leg to Peg Leg Pete. I, Paul Cartwright, leave my quiet ways to Gerry Holt. I, Robert Caughey, will a 'istrut to Marshall Whitley. 1 I, Claude Cherry, will the ability to talk in Miss Aumiller's English class to Robert Welch. I, Kelly Clements, will my sociology notebook to my brother, Wallace. I, Phillip Cole, will my way with the women to Earl Hall. I, Thomas Corlew, will my song writing ability to Stephen Foster. I, John Crook, leave Evelyn Cochran to Bert Calhoun. I Evan Davenport, leave my dependability to Jimmie Hall. I, Barry Dunlavy, will the Empire State Building to John Plummer to lean on. I I I 1 Sterling Earhart, will my soothing voice to Mr. Beasley. , William Early, will my leisure time to Mr. Oliver. , Billy Fletcher, will to anyone who wants it, my ability to make excuses. Page Thirty-Two 5 Q ' . J ' 7 an 3, ef -Q 5, .X ' ,f ETHE GREY EAGLEE L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L Lyle Fulton, leave my speed to E. W. Cox. Earl Goodwin, leave a pair of stilts to Brady Henderson. James Gregory, will my fondness of baseball to Robert Greenwood. Jimmy Gribble, will my ability to slip to Langford's to Evelyn Trotter. George Griffin, leave my quiet ways to Bill Harris. Allen Gwinn, leave to Jack Willis anything to keep him quiet. Charles Hardiman, will one rifle to Sergeant Myers. George Harding, leave an audience to George Swint. Robert Hedrick, leave my book sense to Shirley. James Herod, leave a walking cane and a pair of spats to any dude. Vaughn Hoover, leave my time with Elizabeth Wehrenberg to Greenfield Payne. Marvin Hudson, leave my bookkeeping ability to Celeste Hale. Robert Hulme, will my red shirt to Tandy Wilson to go with his red pants. Edward Hussey, leave my role in the Imaginary Invalid to Everett Rutledge. Jack Jamison, leave a place on the football squad to Bob McCord. Billy Jernigan, will one pint bottle Cof milkj to Howard Williams. Maurice Karr, leave my schedule of daily dozens to Counts Shoemake. Jimmy Kent, leave my wit to Bob Hope. Howard Kirk, will my ability to take a joke to Mr. Hurt. Albert Kirkpatrick, will some excitement to the entire school. Neil Lancaster, will my mean Ways to Jack Herst. Robert Leftwich, leave, exhausted. Ed Lehning, will my whistle to the R. O. T. C. Ernest Lunsford, will my good looks to Everett McGehee. Curtis Manor, leave six inches of my height to Marion Cooper. Bob Marker, leave my presidency to Roe McBurnett. James Martin, leave a key ring to Mr. Malone. Mac Martin, will my running ability to John Hampton. Lonnie Martin, leave one history book to Mrs. Funk. Charles Matthews, will my physique to Seymore Yates. Phillip May, leave one good gym class to Mr. Huggins. James McCreary, leave a cure for sleeping sickness to the hospital room. James Morgan, will my basketball ability to Frank Duncan. Ewin Miller, leave my witty ways to Clarence Dick. Letcher Murphy, will my place in line to be R. O. T. C. captain to Finley Swann. Tom Naive, leave my smile to Bud Northington. Jack Odom, leave a wooden nose to Pinocchio. A. W. Owen, will my football accomplishments to Sherman Hunt. Billy Payne, leave to Jimmy Davis, one package of spearmint chewing gum. I, Billy Peacher, leave one bottle of lovesick pills to any poor fish who falls in love. I, Herman Perry, will a permanent seat in 100 to Clarence Harris. I, Ray Petty, will my backwardness with affairs of the opposite sex to Kenneth Kerkeles. I, Bob Pounders, leave my vote for Iris Queen to Betty Duncan. I, Ed Raggett, will my cooking apron to Lonnie Sowell. I, Tud Ralls, leave my ability to win friends and infiuence people to Melvin Primm. I, Samuel Ray, will one copy of Sally in Our Alleyn to Miss Aumiller. I, Albert Rich, will the Remedial Room to some antique collector. I, Neece Richardson, leave my economic accomplishments to Howard Patterson. L L L L L L L L L L L so L L L L do L L L L Wallace Riggins, leave a vest that will shed gravy to Watson Balls. James Savage, leave my rank in R. O. T. C. to Joe McGinnis. Thomas Savage, leave the Civitan Visitors book to Harry Tenpenny. Guilford Shearon, will my dreams of friends in Springfield to Fred Murphey. Van Slack, will a scholarship to college to any who are capable of it. Allen Smith, leave some striped paint to the art classes. Paul Smith, will my quiet ways to Billy Allen. John Stedelin, will my A+'s to Alfred Thoman. Maynard Smith, leave my jumbling ability to Sara Dance. Frank Stratton, will my ability on the track to Gene Davies. Fred Stroud, will one Camel CCampbellJ to Ted Harper. Kenneth Thomas leave to Oakley Wynne the seat in front of the auditorium L , Ethel Pearl can wait for him there. Ira Trotter, will my guitar to Wayne Pride. Bill Webster, leave my ability to make model houses to Jean Ball. Roy Williams, leave my camera to Gene Jordon. Robert Woodroof, because of my gabbing, grinning, gregarious, gracious way, hereby grant to George Griffin this gratuity of grumbling. Linna Adams, will my abundant hair to Willie Mae Speck. Virginia Alessio, leave the Eagle Eye to Francis Boyle. Elizabeth Allen, will my Hair for jokes to Juanita Blessing. Luella Allen, bequeath my formula for how to go to class late and get by with it to Ailene Crossway. Page Thirty-Three Z? Q Y CDL? 1 ,. J Q, A s P' liege, . 3'll'HlE GREY lEAGlLlE5 We, Virginia Allen and Pearl Bradford, leave our love for Knoxville boys to Bette Wills and Dorlene Horner. I, Gertrude Almquist, will one pound to Miss Keyes. I, Levonia Atkinson, will my skill in typing to Dorothy Simmons. I, Margaret Bauman, leave a pledge pin to Judy Whitticar. I, Ruth Beasley, will to Miss Dye one Home Economics class that will not chew gum. We, Ann Benson and June Bicket, leave, together, I, Dorothy Biles. leave some growing powder to Fredonia Lanham, I, Mary Miller Black. will my seat in Candyland to Mary Binkley. I, Alberta Bowers, will a ticket to Chicago to anyone who Wants a good vacation. I, Velma Brann, will my ability to find good freshmen to Ermile Johnson. I, Mary Elizabeth Brassell, leave my early dismission to any senior who has to stay in school for seven periods. I, Elsie Brown, bequeath my ability to captivate all male hearts to Pauline Stacey. I, Anna Laura Buck, will a giftorian to the class of ,41. I, Lucile Buck, will my way with the boys to Mary Elizabeth Outlaw. I, Thelma Butts, leave one lipstick to Miss King. We, Uva Cannon and Vera Cannon, will our habit of not dressing alike to the Dixon twins. I, Edith Cantrell, will Virginia Hull to Eloise Ralls so sheill have someone with whom to gossip at the tifth period. I, Elaine Carey, leave my height to Miss McCampbell. I, Dorothy Castleman, leave my place as A. S. P. freshman begging pennies to anyone who will do it. I, Vivian Cheek, will to Beverly Alexander and Jack Bond any secluded corners without the company of Miss McCampbell. I, Evelyn Christmas, will my last name to Santa Claus. I, Glennara Clark, will my sweet disposition to Jean Fly. I, Margaret Clinard, will my place on the intramural basketball team to Peggy Campbell. I, Evelyn Cochran, leave my cold nature to Louise Roberts. I, Helen Cooper, leave my Bachelor Girls' pin to Virginia Alessio. I, Alyce Comstock, will my agility to Addalene Wilson. I, Mildred Corder, will my dimples to anyone who wishes to go through life with two crevices adorning his countenance as a result of a deformed muscle. I, Sarah Crafton, leave an ambulance to the future cheerleaders for football parades. I, Ruby Crawford, will my S'love for men history teachers to Hilary Love. I, Mary Ruth Crowder, will my giggle to Anne Howard. I, Juanita Crump, leave my curiosity to anyone who Wants it. I, Hazel Davis, leave my ability to catch a softball without a glove to Katherine Reasoner. I, Josephine Denton, will my teeth to anyone who needs them. I, Marjorie Dobie, leave my Scottish smile to Miss Aumiller. I, Evelyn Duncan, leave my place in the senior class to my brother, Charles. I, Loraze Duncan, will my R. O. T. C. sponsorship to Edith Telintello. I, Charlotte Dunwoody, leave my sweet disposition to Polly Neblett. I, Nancy Edwards, will my dancing shoes to Katherine Tate. I. Betty Faulkner, leave my voice to Kitty. We, Marie Fly and Edna Ogles, leave our chairs in 400 to Lotta Burchiield. Dorothy Fulcher, will my excuse to Tommy Holt. Mary B. Fuller, leave my childish giggle to Sue Smith. I, Gladys Gibson, leave my black hair to Dixie Martin. I, Elinor Gilbert, leave one bottle of Get Tall Quick to Miss Slonecker. I, Donna Rhea Gilliam, leave a diet to John Love. I, Frances Glover, will my place as secretary to the secretary of the junior class. I, Louise Gordon, leave my acting ability to Nell Clift. I, Christine Gwaltney, will my neatness to Mary Gladys Vinson. I, Gladys Hackney, leave my skates to Miss Moncrieff with the hope that she will stand up. I, Elizabeth Hampton, leave my art ability to Glenn Sweeney. I, Sarah Hanna, will my job at the Five and Dime, to Alene Petty. I, Frances Hardcastle, will one shorthand pen to Mrs. Goldston. I, Lillian Hendricks, will my place behind Woolworthls lunch counter to Josephine Hasty. I, Elizabeth Herbert, leave a bottle of We1ch's grape juice to Miss Haile. I, Mary B. Hesson, will one big Hower to Miss Record for her hair. I, Jean Hewitt, leave all the girls in the oflice a pair of skates and an elevator. I, Ethel Hickcox, leave my accordion playing to Ann Gebhardt. I, L Page Thirty-Four if 1 La' Q p h ,Qi 5 Q' - in -Q2 , iff, E Pi1f:2a,, Y :X A- is ij r ' ' if wma ETHE GREY lEAGlLlEs I, Vivienne Hicks, will one expensive evening dress to Judy Owen. I, Patricia Hiett, leave one new hairdo to Mildred Moore. I, Louise Howell. leave to Owen the efforts he'll need to reach the senior class. I, Mary Jane Hudson, will to all my loyal elevator operators one new Otis Elevator. I, Katie Hunt, leave a wedding ring to Ayers Carter. I, Anne Hyde, will my last name to those who sneak to Langford's. I, Mary Ellen Jakes, leave my personality to Jeane Alice. I, Sarah Virginia Jones, will all my absence excuses to Miss Clayton. I, Mildred Kelley, leave my love for Roland Felts to anyone who wants it. I, Jane Kirkwood, leave my ability to sew a straight seam to Margaret Barrett. I, Marjorie Locke, will some hair curlers to Raymond Gentry. I, Frances Lovelady, leave my place in the Sunshine Club to anyone capable of filling it. I, Ermine Maddux, bequeath my time with a certain U. T. sophomore to Mary Elizabeth Hill. I, Juanita Martin, leave my dirty basketball shoes to Mr. Windyrow. We, Mary Etta Martin and Pauline Sutton, leave our law books to Miss McGarr. I L L L I I on m L I I L L L L L L I. L L L L L L I I y 1 i 1 1 I I I I Lois McCord, will a book of streetcar tickets to Mary Durham. Connie McEwen, leave my place in Miss Atkinson's English class to Jimmy. Evelyn McKinney, leave my High-H typing budget to Willie Mae Lucy. Janelle Melton, will my paint brushes to Billy Neal. Lila Merrit will a date with Ed to anyone who can take my place with him. Z Jennie Vanetta Nabors, leave some chewing gum to Estelle Frankhouse to carry y gum campaign. Peggy Otto, leave the spirit of the K. A. T.'s to Aeolia Lowe. Gloria Park, will my duties in the Junior High Gym to Mary Elizabeth Jensen. Dorothy Parham, will my place in the Honor Society to Malcolm Alexander. Nancy Peach, will my Beta Candy to Mary Frances Longhurst. Arlene Pelton, leave my curls to Anita Sweeney. Mildred Pendergrass, leave one of the Jones boys to one of the Smith girls. Juanita Pennington, leave a shorthand speed test to Miss Johnson. Gladys Plummer, will one of the three little pigs to the Big Bad Wolf. Jean Price, will my position of Iris Queen Attendant to Peggy Bush. Natalie Rhea, leave my ability to blow it out'l to Gerry Dance. Nancy Riley, leave my seat in the Honor Society to Billy Galahar. Lillian Rucker, will a date with Ernest to all the girls. Evelyn Rucker, leave a precious Stone', to anyone who can get him. Mary Catherine Sanders, will my Girl Scout pin to Roberta Franks. Evelyn Scruggs, will my yellow card just full of Fls to Betty Fisher. Elynor Shivers, will the filling of Miss McNeil1's water bottle to Jackie. Dorothy Skeggs, leave my history grades to Tommy Harris. Mary Stepp, leave my last name to the Majorettes. Thelma Sullivan, will my love for Commerce to Mrs. McGowan. Corinne Taylor, will my place on the basketball squad to Louise Taylor. Ruth Taylor, leave my ability to keep out of trouble to Frances. , Emma Tucker, will one star on the chart in 208 to Miss Love. We, Virginia Tucker and Dorothy Waldrip, will our orating ability to Paul Cantrell and Eddy Jones. L L L to go L L L L Vida Uselton, will to my little sister anything she wants. Dorothy Walker, will a trip to Florida to Peggy Stewart. Mary Wallenbrock, will a round-trip ticket to Brentwood to anyone who wants on a honeymoon. Mary Sue Warren, leave my nicknames to Eleanor Warde. Geneva Webster, will my junky notebook to Ann Moffatt. Alma Wehby, leave a 100 per cent sale of season tickets to someone else in 107. Elizabeth Wehrenberg, will my place as teacher in Miss Moncrieff's room to some other math student. I, Luvena Wilder, leave my stenographic ability to Dorothy Gee. .IkBetty Williams, will a scooter to Miss Hollins so she can get around the library quic er. I, Mildred Williams, will my love for the low fLoweJ to Mildred Williams. I, Marguerite Wilson, a copy of Burkels speech to a student in 306. I, Lila Womack, leave one week's supply of chewing gum to Miss Atkinson, this gum will be found under one lunchroom table. I Helen Woodall, will my curls to Mr. Carter. Ii 1. I I Evelyn Wray, leave some sunglasses to Miss J oslin. Avonne Wright, will my interests in Duncan to Dorothy Ransom. Margaret Wright, will one French book to Miss Demoss. Nannie Sue Wright, leave my collection of perfume bottles to some other , modern collector. Page Thirty -Five I found two letters in my mailbox postmarked New York Z A We S-1 is ef' ' qi vga., if -Q, - g gTlHIlE GREY IEAGLJEE I THE 1946 WEDDING TRIP On the morning of May 9. 1946, as I was preparing to leave for my work at the Post Office, City. Upon opening the first en- velope I found that it was an invitation to attend the wedding of Miss Loraze Duncan and Mr. Robert Marker which was to take place on June 5 in New York. Overcome with surprise, I opened the other letter which was from Loraze, who had been a photographers model in New York for two years. She told me that she and Bob had decided to be married on the anniversary of their class graduation from East Nashville School back in 1940 and that they were sending invitations to all their classmates so that it might be a reunion as well as a wedding. I was so excited that I could hardly wait to tell Eleanor Tyne, who also worked at the Post Office. I found that she too had received her invitation. At lunch we met our excited friends, Mary Stepp and Anne Hyde, who were working at Life and Casualty Insurance Company, After three weeks of shopping and excitement, Finally on the morning of June 5, Eleanor. Ruth Taylor, Vivienne Hicks, and I went to Union Station to take the train for New York. We were surprised to see so many of our classmates there for the same purpose. In fact, it seemed as if the whole train would be filled with the 1940 class of East. In line at the ticket window were my old friends, Fred Stroud and Charles Hardiman, both professors at George Peabody College, and Jane Kirkwood buying tickets for Elynor Shivers and Lillian Rucker, all three of whom were nurses at St. Thomas Hospital. Also in line.was William Payne, buying tickets for himself and his wife. the former Betty Williams. Seeing that I would have to wait to buy my ticket, the girls and I moved around and talked to all these old friends. We went to talk to a group about the drinking fountain tan old East High habitj. The group looking at the picture of the two-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Crook. the former Evelyn Cochran. con- sisted mostly of married couples, Billy Peacher and his wife, who was Helen Cooper, and Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Fulton, who was Louise Gordon. When I saw the line thinning at the ticket window and my companions already in line. I went over to buy my ticket. Eleanor and Ruth had been talking to Josephine Denton and Dorothy Castleman who were now working in the Doctors Building. Josephine told them that Linna Adams, who also worked there, was not able to go to the wedding. Vivienne said that she had just seen Juanita Martin, the basketball coach of the champion Y. M. C. A. team. She told Vivienne that she was going to meet Edith Cantrell, who had married Tud Ralls. the famous professional football star, in Cincinnati. Charles Matthews, now an insurance sales- man and his wife, Mary Miller Black, were also in this group. About that time the conductor shouted, 'tAll aboard. and the whole station seemed to be going down to the train. There were so many whom I had not yet seen. Since I would have the whole trip and three whole days to visit, however, I was not worried. I was surprised and delighted to find that Vivian Cheek and Marie Fly had the upper in our section. Marguerite Wilson and Frances Lovelady were across the aisle. We would have all day to recall our fun at East. On further observation we found that Arthur Gregory, now a Banner reporter, and Guilford Shearon, also a reporter, were in Section 2 and that Dorothy Parham and her husband, Thomas Corlew, who dabbled in local politics, were in Section 4. As we pulled out I could see Thomas' crony, Tom Naive, also a local politician, who, according to tradition, kissed the children and Hattered their parents. The former Evelyn McKinney, his wife, was tugging on his arm to make him leave. We knew we were in capable hands, for the train was engineered by an old classmate, Charles Andrews. Back in the club car over the radio came the Krunchy-Krisp Breakfast Food program, featuring the Cannon sisters, Vera and Uva. Those present were very proud of our twins' success. Albert Rich, a link in the A 8: P chain stores, asked everybody to be quiet while he read us an account of our own Curtis Manor, legislator of the state of Tennessee, in the Nashville Banner, of which William Early was the editor. Mrs. Ernest Lunsford, the former Evelyn Christmas, took advantage of our attention and read us an article in the Good Housekeeping magazine written by Alma Wehby and illustrated by Gladys Gibson. both mem- bers of our class. At the suggestion of Lila Womack, a dietitian at Ward-Belmont, we all went to the dining car. On the way we: passed the conductor, who was Marvin mates were scattered everywhere. In the dining car we Hughes, Dorothy Biles, and Marjorie Locke who were all to be enjoying the trip very much. At another table I spied and Anna Belle Callis eating contentedly. Hudson. It seemed that our class- ran across Nancy Peach. Eugenia happily married and who seemed Mary Etta Martin, Ermine Maddux, Soon after lunch, our train pulled into Cincinnati where we welcomed Edith and Tud aboard, With them were another member of Tud's professional football team, Robert Hulme, and its manager. Vaughn Hoover. We later discovered that Ann Benson and June Bicket, drum majors with the Ohio State Band, led by Robert Bennett, had also come on board the train at Cincinnati. As the train pulled out we waved to Ira Trotter and Mrs. Trotter, Thelma Butts, who were not able to go with us. Ira owns the Trotter Bus Line that runs in and out of Cincinnati. As the train sped on to New York we found many more old pals aboard. In Pullman car, Lakeview, we ran across Orcelia Lankford, Edna Ogles, and Luvena Wilder. the well-known trio on the General Motors program, who got on the train at Miami, where they had been on a vacation. As usual we stopped to talk and found that Orcelia was leaving the trio the Page Thirty-Six ' f fied ii lllltllllil GREY EAGLES 5' ' next month to marry Billy Fletcher, an announcer on CBS, and that they were training Ethel Hicl-:cox to take her place. They said that Nancy Edwards was living in Miami and teaching dancing there. Down the aisle we could hear Dorothy Fulcher talking to someone and we moved on down to see who it was. It proved to be three others, Patricia Hiett, Elaine Carey. and Sarah Crafton, who were earnestly engaged in a bridge game. The people in the next car were enjoying themselves immensely with the radio playing in one end and a quartet composed of Howard Allen, Phillip May, Allen Gwinn, and Fred Ammons ringing in the other. They were being led by George Harding, the well-known aviator at Berry Field. The quartet stopped the mournful sound to call a hello to us. George presented his bride of a few months, Frances Glover, and congratulations followed. This car was full of old East graduates, Van Slack and Mrs. Slack, Frances Hardcastle, and Louise Hackney, the poet, and her secretary, Lila Merrit, Douglas Brantley and Thomas Goodwin, lumbermen from out west. Before we knew it, we had arrived at Cleveland. No sooner had some of us stepped off the Pullman for a little rest, than we spotted James Savage and his brother, Tom, who own a group of ice cream places in Cincinnati. Inside the station we ran into Sarah Hanna and her husband, Jack Jamison, who works at the bank in that city. They were preparing to board the train with another couple. Howard Kirk and Mrs. Kirk, who was Mildred Kelley. The loud-speaker system started calling us aboard. At dinnertime we made another trip to the dining car where we saw Mildred Pendergrass and Gladys Plummer for the First time. We were soon joined at their table by James McCreary, who has been courting Gladys for years. I had such a good time that I was sorry to have that meal come to an end. After dinner as many as could get in went to the club car. I saw Mary Wallenbrock, the dietitian at a hospital in Atlanta and Emma Tucker, who was teaching school in the same city. They told me many amusing experiences that they had had in the past six years. Later, Evelyn Wray and her husband. Neece Richardson. completed our party. As we neared New York City the next morning we could see that famous skyline, I dis- covered that Mr. and Mrs. Ray Petty fDorothy Walkerj who had been honeymooning at Buffalo had got on during the night and through my sleep-fogged mind I welcomed them warmly. When our train pulled into Grand Central Station, it seemed that the whole '40 class of East were getting off, when in reality there were many more yet to be seen. Loraze and Bob were there to meet us. With them were our own Mac Martin, the sensational tap dancer on the New York stage and his equally nimble wife, the former Nancy Riley. who sometimes performs with him. Here our large party split and went to different hotels. At the Ritz- Carlton, where our group, splurging a little, registered, we saw the names of Betty Jane Faulkner, the famous concert singer and her accompanist, Mary Ruth Crowder, who were guests there. I also noted that Phillip Cole, the Hollywood dress designer and his wife, Elsie Brown, the current rage of the silver screen, were registered. Further down the list I saw three Smiths. The first read Allen Smith and wife, the second, Wm. Maynard Smith: and the third, Paul Smith, I remembered that Allen and Donna 4GilliamJ were from St. Louis and that Maynard was now a photographer in Chicago. He had become famous by his photograph of Mildred Corder, the singer, with Frank Stratton's Orchestra. Paul, I heard, was happily married to my old friend, Lucile Buck. Just then I was so glad to see Virginia Alessio and Billy Jernigan, Virginia told me that she and Velma Brann were dress designers for a large department store in New York City. Billy, I discovered, was a Hoorwalker in the same store. My, but it seemed that everybody came in at once. I could see Luella Allen, Alberta Bowers, and Margaret Clinard coming toward us. They were all working in New York and had come to see us arrive. Over the radio, as we rested in our rooms, came the voices of the famous comedian, Buck Woodroof, and his assistant, Avonne Wright, who had just recently received the Radio Guide's award for service to radio. We laughed at the program, remembering Buck and Avonne in the good old days. Guest artist on the program was an old classmate, Mary Jane Hudson, whose latest book had been the best seller for 1945. Our program was interrupted by the telephone. It proved to be the desk calling to say that a Miss Evelyn Scruggs and a Mr. Barry Dunlavy were on the way up. In her last letter, Evelyn had said that she and Barry, who was now the professional tennis champion selected to play for the cup next year, were engaged. His partner, Ed Lehning, was to be best man in the wedding. We were very glad to see them and spent a good hour recalling our school days. Evelyn said that Jean Price was doing well in New York as a photographers model and that Evelyn Rucker was coming up in a few weeks to try her hand at the business. Barry had just returned from South America where a tennis match had taken place. He had stayed with Aaron Brown and his wife Mary Hesson, who own a ranch there and are getting quite rich. He said he was surprised to see Edward Raggett, the well-known baritone, on tour in South America. I also learned that Corinne Taylor and Jean Hewitt were in the women's tennis tournament. Again, we were interrupted by the telephone. This time it was Lonnie Martin, manager for Jimmy Kent's Revue which was opening in New York City that night. He told us that Jimmy was sending tickets for the performance. We thanked him and resumed our babbling. That night we took a cab tq the revue. As we arrived, we could see that the theatre was an imitation of a Hollywood premiere and that the NBC announcer, Sam Ray, was introducing the celebrities to the radio audience as they arrived. As we alighted we saw that the latest screen sensation, Robert Pounders, was arriving amid a throng of autograph seekers. His constant companion, James Morgan, was behind him, This was all very thrilling to us so we stopped to watch. As they moved on, the spot picked up Connie McEwen, the star of the Page Thirty-Seven Q i J V, fi 5. if,2, qt 1 if ,391 5 YM EEHE GREY EAGLE? revue, and her leading man, Kenneth Thomas. It did us good to see that so many of our classmates had made a success. As it was nearly time for the show to begin, we hurried in. Jimmy met us at the door and took us to our seats. He left us with his wife. Margaret Bauman, who introduced us to some of their friends. Just then the master of ceremonies, Herman Perry, announced the first act, which was a wrestling bout between Maurice Karr, the champion, and A. W. Owen, refereed by Jack Odom. Knowing very little about such things. I never knew who won. The next thing on the program was a ballet number in which I saw several that I knew. Virginia Allen, Levonia Atkinson, Alyce Comstock, Elizabeth Hampton, and Evelyn Duncan. The star of this was our own Christine Gwaltney. who danced on her toes. We enjoyed this very much. During a short intermission in the lobby we saw Juanita Crump and her husband, Paul Cartwright, who told us that they were living in St. Paul. Minnesota. where Paul was an architect. They said that James Herod and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Brassell, were also n St. Paul, During the intermission we saw Ruby Crawford and Pearl Bradford. too, who said that they had come on an earlier train to do some shopping for Pearl's wedding which would be soon. The prospective bridegrcom was John Stedelin. It was time to go back to our seats as the second act was about to begin. Herman announced that the next would be Robert Leftwich. the great magician, assisted by Jimmy Gribble and Elizabeth Allen. This part was very good although rather hard on the nervous system. A acrobatic number followed, starring Gertrude Almquist, Ruth Beasley, and Geneva Webster Their teacher. Roy Williams. beamed cn them from the wing. Their real ability called for many encores. Letcher Murphy and his orchestra then played several of the latest song hits, one of which was sung by Marjorie Helen Dobie. The last act with Connie and Kenneth doing a ballroom solo followed by a group of girls in an exhibition waltz was splendid. Again I saw scme girls that I knew. On the right were Gloria Park. Janelle Melton, and Mozelle McGowan: cn the left. Margaret Wright, Lois McCord and Juanita Pennington. After a very enjoyable evening, we all went sound asleep with fatigue The next morning dawned clear and warm and we dressed to go to the church. After many last-minute details, we got off and arrived twenty minutes early fimagine thatll. As we walked in we could hear the loud peal of the organ which I knew was being played by my old friend Mary Sue Warren, and the voice of Elizabeth Wehrenberg. A male soloist sang, and I afterwards learned it was Neil Lancaster. I saw him and his wife, the former Pauline Sutton, at the reception after the wedding. Then I saw Anna Belle Buck and Hazel Davis walk in on the arm of Bill Webster, who was ushering, They were followed by Elinor Gilbert and her husband, James Gregory, and Elizabeth Herbert and her fiance, Robert Caughey, I could see Nannie Sue Wright, Dorothy Waldrip, and Vida Uselton in the pew in front of us. I heard that they were now going to art school in New York. Just then David Adams, the other usher brought Mr. and Mrs. Harry Binkley fthe former Mary Fullerl down the side aisle, The organ began playing the Wedding March and the minister. Dr. Robert Hedrick appeared at the altar, I could see Bob and his best man, David Brown, at the altar, also Down the aisle came a little boy of about three years of age bearing the ring. I later found out that he was Kelly Clements, III, son of Charlotte CDunwoodyl and Kelly. I also discovered that the little flower girl was the daughter of Lillian Hendricks and Jack Carson. The brides maids, Mildred Williams, Helen Woodall. Mary Catherine Sanders, and Dorothy Skeggs marched slowly, one by one, down the aisle. The maid of honor, Glennara Clark, followed and then came Loraze in a beautiful white dress and veil. The lovely ceremony brought tears to my eyes and I felt glad that I had come to see it My dreamy look was soon gone for Ruth pushed me into a cab. She wanted to get to the reception at the hotel early. no doubt. She probably wanted to see more old friends and her wish was rewarded for we met Arlene Pelton. the Olympic swimmer, and her best friend Sarah Jones, coming into the lobby, While we were talking, a puzzled-looking couple asked if we knew where a wedding reception was to be held in the hotel. They turned out to be our old friends, Bill Bryan and his wife, Mary Louise Howell. We moved in a body to the reception room and there saw Billy Sanders, the talented young musician, James Martin, who is now selling washing machines: and the typical Fuller Brush man. Ray Busby. They were busy jabbering with the comedienne, Natalie Rhea, and her secretary. Kate Hunt. They seemed to be having such a good time that I merely waved to them and moved over to a group made up of promising young lawyers. Albert Kirkpatrick and George Griffin and their wives, Thelma Sullivan and Virginia Tucker. Claude Cheriy, also a lawyer and a gay young bachelor, was a member of this group. Our talk was interrupted by the entrance fcn crutchesl of Jennie Van Nabors, the famous horsewoman. I remembered that she had been hurt in a fall a month or two before. Mary Ellen Jakes and her husband, Wallace Riggins, the oil man, entered directly behind her. Everyone gathered to speak to them only to scatter as the bride and groom came in A happy hour followed in which we teased the newlyweds and recalled old times. The late arrivals, Dr. Evan Davenport and Dr. Joseph Earhart, were wamly welcomed. Four very tired girls made their way to Grand Central Station that afternoon for the trip home. As we started down the passageway to the southbound train we met Ewin Miller coming out. To his dismay he socn discovered that he was exactly six hours too late for the wedding But turn around? He would not. He said that since he was as close to New York City as that he would see the sights before he returned. As the train pulled out of New York. my eyes closed with weariness and my mind wandered back over the happy two days I had just spent with all my classmates of the 1940 class of East Nashville High School. I wondered if ever we would all meet again. Page Thirty-Eight FORWARD, EAGLES! fMelody, 'iOn, Wisconsinvj By THOMAS CORLEW E ?lj,rjJ J5iJ.,P:lJ JI! , Fon- WARD, EA -6455 .'roa-man , EA -GLES 1 ON ro iJzflfJL.LfMJ-E J. H .J I J ,El .1 JE! J , THINGS LOOK GRAKHIGH FLY-ING f'A'C5LES 15E.'fF!G'Hf' ,,E'iJ,Fp:IJ,ElJ.EJJE Ff6H7t.'FlGHr.'1HOLD HEP NAME UP Hl6'H AS HfA'VEM J J 5 J H5 1 la pf E',4S7'Hf5H f 7f7V ALL HAIL! EA -GLE5 :J EJ fg' ,Q ci 1 QE .SOAR A'BOVL-ALL ELSEAIVD O'Vf-H ALL PRE' WVLL This song Won first place in a school-wide contest sponsored by the East High Junior Civitan Club for the purpose of securing a variety of school songs for use at athletic contests. In addition to Thomas Corlevv's Winner, Mary Wallenbrock and Jean Hewitt took second and third prizes, respectively, with Come On, You Eagles, and The Victory Song. F L iglfs agecmt M ww, 'ill' 102 QQ..- naw 'OP , .1-,. -fa 1 'f W - 'rw W 5 T ' 3: 1 w, fi fig? ,alia T if i ,J r 9 if 1274? 5,43 k y sg 3?TlI-lIlE GREY lEACGlLlEEf2 HISTORY When we entered East High, we were awed by its great size and all the things it had in it. There seemed to be boundless opportunities awaiting us. On becoming acquainted with some of the seniors who had absorbed part of its riches, we became aware of our chances for self-development. Soon we were caught in the exciting swirl of school life. We became the proud bearers of the name, Eagles. That was several years ago. Now we have reached that time when we've taken advantage of most of that which it offers. Our relationship with the school is about to change. We shall soon move out into the world, but we will represent the school wherever we go. We have high hopes for the future based on accomplishments of the past. I will call your attention to some of the accomplishments and developments which occurred during our time. Three forward steps were taken at the organization of our R. O. T. C. unitg the East High Band, which now marches to the tune of our new class song, FOTLUHTK1, Eagles, and the Men's Club. We have watched the be- ginning and progress of the Dramatic Club organized by Mrs. Alder and now being capably directed by Miss Binkley, Salesmanship classes were initiated. Several terms ago the public address system came to the rescue of the auditorium programs. We have had losses as well as gains during these years. We felt deeply the retirement of a kind and able leader in Mr. Fisher in the fall of '39, but we have been happy to have in his place another capable and humane gentleman, Mr. Oliver. It was during our time that Coach Armistead left to become principal of Highland Heights and again we were fortunate to have Mr. Cecil and,Mr. Huggins to carry on his Work. Page Forty-Six GQ ' ' - EF f -41 1 - ' S ' T 18' :Jig I 1 ' , - r J X ' 9 K ETHE GREY lEAGlLlEiE 5 At the present time we are experiencing the revival of intramural sports and renewed interest in clubs. Many of these clubs have given interesting and profitable programs in our auditorium at different times and some have won recognition in their line of work. We are proud of the fact that the formal initiation ceremony originated by Mr. Cecil and his committee in the Junior Civitan Club has been adopted by the Civitan Clubs throughout the nation. Some individuals of our class have won honors in various fields of endeavor. Mac Martin broke mid-state record for running the mile, winning the state cham- pionshipg Jimmie Kent won first place in the boys, declamation contest of the cityg Connie McEwen in the girls. Curtis Manor set a new high for scholarship at East with an average of 98.7. William Early won a high place in extemporaneous speaking contest and your Writer took some prizes in the Civitan's Citizenship Essay Contest. Time does not permit us to mention all the worth-while and pleasant things that we have been doing these years. We have come now to realize the fact that we must seize every opportunity for learning. We must grasp quickly every means in our power to complete well our last days before our relationship changes from a student to an alumnus. Now we are leaving the joys and trials of our happy school days and turning our faces resolutely toward the real cares and responsibilities of life, but we go forth with high hopes and with a firm resolve to make the ambitions and ideals instilled within us at East High the guiding principles of our new lives. In days of old young knights rode forth to protect the helpless, to succor the innocent, and to slay fierce dragons and thus to win their golden spurs. In this day of a world gone mad with war and carnage may we not resolve to destroy the dragons of hatred and fear that now threaten the peace and safety of all innocent and helpless people and may We ride forth not to win golden spurs but to grasp firmly in our young hands the precious olive branch of peace and love. Page Forty-Seven 4 il - it 41 if 'QD 'R E, Erma GREY EAGLE? R Page Forty-Eight FLEDGLING FLIGHT Eagles, soar with valiant spiritg Prove your worth to bear the nameg Pledge your lives ever to lift itg Honor, East's and yours, the same. Live such lives that lift it higherg By achievement, build her fame. Bring perfection ever nigherg Prove your worth to bear the name. Eagles now must leave their eyrieg Broader flying looms in sight. New life Comes to tempt, to challenge Eagle wings unused to flight. Youive no time to be regretting Time alone to build, to frame, Time to live well ere the setting. Prove your worth to bear the name. Eagles, hover ever nearer Truth and light and all thatis good. Sail above the evildoerg Glide in peace and brotherhood. Hold her spirit ever dearerg Let your life not mirror shame. Be a doer, not a hearer. Prove your worth to bear the name. Eagles now and Eagles alwaysg Eagles you shall ever beg Though you fly into the wide ways Life expands that it may see Whether you can reach successg Whether strength will grow or waneg Strive and by your nobleness Prove your worth to bear the name. An In-dispensable Part of the Sports Picture-the Cheerleaders EDEEEEEED SP ORTS L! .2 Y. Y 1 4 I ,QQ ,X fi if ea.. .ee ra X- s use E as ff N t . X X is Y s it N THE GREY JEAGLJEE S- The Squad FOOTBALL East was not so successful in her gridiron campaigns this year as she has been in in years gone by, scoring only one touchdown during the entire season. This drastic fact may be attributed to several causes. The team was almost entirely inexperi enced, most of the old team having graduated in '39, Added to this is the misfortune of two of our few experienced players receiving injuries early in the year which disabled them for the greater part: of the season. Several other injuries added to the hard luck of the team. Eleven of the forty-three football men are leaving with the Class of '40. They are Captain Tud Ralls, John Zophi, Mac Martin, Fred Ammons Bob Pounders, Barry Dunlavy, Robert Hulme, William Patterson, Harry Binkley Ewin Miller, and Jack Jamison. The defeats shown by the following scores were largely offset by the superb spirit of sportsmanship displayed by the boys throughout the entire season. East-0 0-Duncan East-6 6-Litton East-0 27-T. I. S. East-0 18-Ryan East-0 7-Hume-Fogg East-0 45-West End East-0 40-Central East-0 33-Du Pont Page Fifty-One W irriilz GREY EAGJLJEE is The Squad GIRLS' BASKETBALL The East girls' basketball team began the season with very insufiicient realization of their high hopes, however, toward the end of the campaign, they rallied and won six out of the last seven games they played. When practice started, seventy-six girls applied for positions, but the number was finally reduced to twenty. Sportsmanship and teamwork were outstanding throughout the season. In the District Tournament, the girls had the misfortune to meet Du Pont, the league champions, and were upset in the first round by a margin of two points. The regular team consists of: CAPTAIN JUANITA MARTIN, Center RUTH THOMPSON, Center DoRo'rHv CARTER, Forward CORINNE TAYLOR, Forward JEAN HEWITT, Guard MARY SUE WARREN, Guard Page Fifty-Three . ie? 5 r L' 4 '-5. , L- '93 QT ,M , :ix ik Y- -f if ' - W 4 Sir, . E ETHE GREY EAGLES The Tournament Team BOYS' BASKETBALL The East basketball quintet was handicapped practically all season by sickness and injuries. Indeed, all five of the regulars were never on the Hoor at the same time until one week before the District Tournament. Notwithstanding the repeated misfortunes, however, the team won seventeen of the thirty-four games played. The worst beating of the season was suffered at the hands of Father Ryan, with a score which read 46 to 32. The greatest victory according to scores, was over Cumberland, 45 to 27. When the regular five finally did get together, though, the team advanced to the semifinals in the tournament, but were upset by West High, 20 to 19. Barry Duncan and H. recovered from he was able to team, and Fred Dunlavy was the high score man of the season, followed by Frank C. Smith. Billy Neal displayed brilliant ability when he finally pneumonia and Captain Tud Ralls showed fine work whenever play. The seniors are Tud Ralls and Barry Dunlavy, of the Hrst Stroud and Billy Peacher, of the second team. Page Fifty-Five ir ' Q9 k .A P - . S -A 6? ' S xg 7 -Q? K fe1a,,gq sg S gg E- mx. 1 Nile S Q ,, E--' f' as Q T' ' 'Se E ' 5 ?TE1E GREY EAGLE? Track and Golf First row-LESLIE DAVIS, CORNELIUS SANDERS fmanager, track teamj, MAYNARD SMITH Icaptain, track teamj, MAC MARTIN fassistant coachj, KELLY CLEMENTS Cmanagerj, GENE DAVIS Calternate captainj, J. D. GREER, JAMES STRATTON. Second row-JoHN PLUMMER, JACK GOODRICH. H. C. SMITH, TROY LYNN, ROE Mc- BURNETT fgolgfj, ROBERT GIBSON fgolfj, LEVIE SPEARS fgolfj. Third ,row-BARRY DUNLAVY, EVERETT MCGEHEE, MALCOLM ALEXANDER, FOSTER CoRN, OTIS WARNER, EVERETT RUTLEDGE, HILARY LovE. Fourth row-OWEN HOWELL, SEYMORE YATES, COACH HUGH CECIL, HERBERT JARED, ROBERT MEDERARIS, EWIN MILLER. ' TRACK The East Track team has had a goodly measure of success this year, notwith- standing the fact that they lost two of their three dual meets. The two high scorers were Mac Martin, district and regional mile champ, with a minimum time of four minutes, forty-nine seconds, and Maynard Smith, holder of district high jump record of five feet, eight and three-fourths inches. East captured second place in both district and re- gional meets, with Martin, Smith, Alex- ander, Rutledge, and Dunlavy doing brilliant work. Scores of dual meets are as follows: East 47 80 T. I. S. East 65 54 Vanderbilt Frosh East 5016 53Vg Central Page Fifty-Six GOLF East's Golf team was well represented this year by such able members as Herschel Spears, runner-up for Southern Preparatory and High School Champion- shipg Hilary Love, a fine golfer with a long tee shotg Roe McBurnett, who ad- vanced to the semifinals in the Inter- scholastic last year, and Bud Saunders, who came to East only this year. This capable team walked away with top honors in the local tournament and Succeeded in gaining second place in the Southern Regional Tournament to climax the most successful golf Season in the history of the school. OCCER BASEBALL CHAMPS Q '- f gk fl kilt. f ' X Ka' 355 ' Qixx 4 .- N -mf U .B M A ng 1 Y X ' -xg . Q ' N - , :- ' ' 25 xi Page Fifty-Eight THE GRM EAGLEJRY E AUTOGRAPHS ORGANIZATIONS DEDDDEDD 'C 0 N THE GREY JEAGIUEEK R. O. T. C. The East Nashville High School R. O. T. C. was organized in the fall of 1937 under direction of Lieutenant Colonel C. C. Benson and Sergeant A. J. Myers. The original enrollment was approximately 250 cadets, the training of whom was facili- tated by the importation from Hume-Fogg of Second Lieutenants William Fulcher and Luther Smith. The first year saw the installation of William Fulcher as cadet major, Luther Smith, Landys Sanders, and Robert Caughey as cadet captains. The American Legion medal for the outstanding cadet was presented to Major William Fulcher, while that for the outstanding First-year work was awarded to Corporal Curtis Manor. The high lights of the year were the annual Federal Inspection and a competitive drill in which East ranked third, the winner's banner being taken by the Hume-Fogg unit with West High running second. The second year of military history saw East organized as the Second Battalion of the Nashville High School Regiment under direction of Major Halbert H. Neilson, Colonel Benson having been transferred to Fort Knox, Kentucky. Hugh Mott was made cadet major, with Robert Caughey, Harold Cummings, and Hayden Clements as captains. The battalion was organized in three companies, E, MF, and HG, instead of only two, UE and FH as before, GH Company consisting of band members and junior high students. This year, the East riiie team was organized, and met with no little success in its matches. The R. O. T. C. wrestling team was also successful in its work. Major Hugh Mott won the outstanding cadet medal in '39. When many of the officers graduated in January, the battalion was reorganized in two companies, with Billy Tugwell as major, and Cecil Acree, Ed Lehning and Thomas Webster as captains. The boys acquitted themselves well in the school's annual Iris Pageant. The unit failed to attain the much-coveted 'tHonor School rating on Federal Inspection, and in the competitive drill between schools, companies competing this time, E Company came away with third place, while HF Company was pushed into sixth place. The boys began this year with a brand-new spirit and a determination ,to win. Under the leadership of Cadet Major Ed Lehning, with Captains George Harding, Thomas Savage, and Woodrow Porter, they improved steadily. Drill regulations had been changed, making it easier for the recruits, and they really went to town. First Lieutenant Curtis Manor received the outstanding cadet medal this year. The unit did well on Federal Inspection, but accurate results are not procurable at present. After Federal Inspection, due to several postgraduate ohicers leaving school, the battalion was again reorganized, placing Thomas Savage as major, and Sam Ray, Curtis Manor, Maurice Karr, and Woodrow Porter as captains. The unit's latest activity to date is participation in East High's fourth annual Iris Pageant. The cadets are enthusiastically preparing for the drill which will show their im- provements in comparison to other Nashville units, and the East High R. O. T. C. looks forward to a very brilliant future. Page Sixty . Y' .-,.g ' ..Wz:..,,.,,, Company EU Front row-FIRST SERGEANT CHARLES JOHNSON, SECOND LIEUTENANT DAVID BROWN, HONORARY CAPTAIN MARY MILLER BLACK, FIRST LIEUTENANT SAM RAY, ALBERT GERTI-I, EARL KEMP. Second row-JAMES HARTMAN, RICHARD BENZ, FULTON PETWAY. ROBERT PETTUS, FINLEY SWANN, WILLIAM YORK, DOUGLAS RATHER, MELVIN DIXON, LONNIE SOWELL, LEROY NEATHERLY. Third row-DEWEY KRONK, PAUL ROBINSON, BURTON CONDYER, ANDREW GWIN, BILLY HOIRS, RALPH PHILLIPS, STEWART OWEN, JAMES DOUGLAS. Fourth row-ROBERT GILLILAND, ROBERT JOHNSON, LETCHER MURPHY, RUPERT CART- WRIGHT, LEROY CARTER, JOHN RICHARDSON, LAWRENCE LONGHURST, WILLIAM NEWBILL. Guidon BBGTE7'-JAMES CONNOR. Battalion Staff and Colors First TOWYMAJOR HALBERT H. NEILSON, JEAN PRICE, CADET MAJOR ED S. LEHNING, HELEN COOPER, SERGEANT A. J. MYERS. Second row-CAPTAIN WOODROW W. PORTER, FIRST LIEUTENANT MAURICE J. KARR, FIRST LIEUTENANT WILLIAM A. VALDES. Third row-ROBERT L. JOHNSON, SERGEANT EARL C. KEMP, WILLIAM C. NEWBILL. Company FU First TOw-KENNETH E. ROSS, CURTIS J. MANOR, THOMAS SAVAGE, LORAZE DUNCAN, CHARLES HARDIMAN, WILLIAM N. PAYNE, LELAND LANCASTER. Second row-JAMES STEPHENS, CHARLES BENNETT, ALLEN DOWELL, EDWARD HALL, WILLIAM C. CROCKETT. HAROIID BUTTS, JOHN C. GREEN, WILLIAM P. ARMSTRONG. Third row-JOHN A. FREUND, WALLACE MAYFIELD, JIMMIE AKIN, ROY FLY, JAMES C. CAMPBELL, CORNELIUS SANDERS, FRED CHEST, HERMAN PARRISH, WILLIAM ROE. Fourth row-JOSEPH GRAVES, CHARLES COLLINS, JERE B. HOLT, BYRON WILLIAMS, gI-IARLES B. BINGHAM, WARREN BLANKENHORN, THOMAS GIBSON, HOUSTON BRIGGS, EORGE SWINT. Fifth row-JACK BOND. R. O. T. C. Rifle Team First row-CURTIS J. MANOR, LELAND LANCASTER, ED S. LEHNING, DAVID T. BROWN. Second row-JEAN PRICE, HELEN COOPER, SERGEANT A. J. MYERS, LORAZE DUNCAN, MARY MILLER BLACK. Third rowSWo0DRoW W. PORTER, JACK BOND, CHARLES F. SVVANN, CHARLES B. BING- HAM, KENNETH L. ROSS. Fourth row-WILLIAM N. PAYNE, ALBERT L, GERTI-I, THOMAS H. SAVAGE, SAMUEL B RAY. Absent when picture was taken-EDWARD J. RAGGETT, ALFRED SANDERS. '-E' f 4 K ,- 3? f . 7' ff' S - E, B4-- 4, Y 2, W-Y L j.gx'f Qs. 5 K VY Y . M . . X. Lt, it R go ,Y k X 57 if K iff K CJR 5 5 S --. .1 Q ETHE GREY EAGLEE So A HI-Y First T0w-MR. HURT, Sponsor, MAC MARTIN, Vice-President, TUD RALLS, President, EDITH CANTRELL, Miss Hi-Y,' B0B POUNDERS, Treasurerg BILLY PEACI-IER, Chaplaing KENNETH KERKELES, Sergeant at Arms. Second row-SEYMOUR YATES, FOSTER CORN, J. D. GREEK, H. C. SMITH, BILLY NEAL. Third row-EVERETTE MCGEI-IEE, DOUGLAS DUNCAN, HILARY MARTIN, LELAND LANCASTER. Fourth row-BARRY DUNLAVY, E. W. Cox, FRED MARTIN, ROBERT WOODRUFF, ROBERT SANDFORD, JOHN MCCORD, ROBERT HULME. MOTTO 'fTo create, maintain, and to extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian characterf' Page Sixty-Three Z? 42 Y, ' E vi L ,. J ? X 61? f: : ETHE GREY IEAGLJEE4 Civilian Club l Page Sixty-Four Sunshine Club ff - 'E RD rf' if , -A + g 5 XX if 2 f I ,gp ,Y f Q, 4 3 , , iw X . Q I OA - QE, Q vc - R- .. -,I s 1 5 Q GREY EAGLE? EAGLE STAFF First TOUJ-DOROTHY PARHAM, EVA DIGKERSON, EDITH CANTRELL, CURTIS MANOR, Assistant Editor: WILLIAM EARLY, Eclftorg VELMA BRANN, Assistant Editorg GLENNA LARKIN, EDITH DICKERSON, VIRGINIA ALEssIO. Second row-MISS DORIS B. SLONECKER, Sponsorg ANNE HOWARD, MRS. LLOYD GOLD- sTON, Sponsor: ANITA SWEENEY, MARTHA MONTGOMERY, JUANITA MARTIN, NELL CLIET, CORINNE TAYLOR, MISS DOROTHY KEYES, Sponsor. Third row-JUNE HALLIBURTON, MARTHA HOLLAND, MARGARET LANIER, MARY RUTH CROWDER, ELEANOR WARDE, EMBRY HADLEY', PEGGY STEWART, VIVIANNE CAPSAS. Fourth TOW-ROBERT HEDRICK, HERBERT JARED, JACK BOND, JIMMIE KENT, THOMAS CORLEW, JAMES DOUGIAS, CHARLES JOHNSON, EDGAR ALLEN. Page Sixty-Five Y e J, ,. 9 -i Q- P EwSEiif 3-A 2' ix 3 :AJ ' ' -xii if GREY JEAGILIEE Spanish Club French Club Page Sixty-Six ?THJE GREY EAGLE? sn ig. I-,eg I ,T Q, W ,- A X rg ,1 , , , .7 . . - f V, 1 ,V 1' .xx ya S I 5- .,, - . 1 W? 21. ' 'V i f 1. ,1 I ' ' ' ' . ' ' . ' m.Q.,,:.'f .,,.,..-w'-r.,...A, ,V . , A HONOR SOCIETY First row-CHRISTINE GWALTNEY, ELIZABETH MAYBERRY, FRANCES SAIN, RILLA WOOL- RIDGE, CURTIS MANOR, President, ANNE HOWARD, Secretary, H. N. STROUD, Vice-Presb dent, VERA CANNON, DOROTHY WALDRIP, MARY ELIZABETH WORRALL, PEGGY OTTO, DOROTHY PARHAM. Second row-MARTHA MONTGOMERY, MARGARET TRAVIS, VIRGINIA TUCKER, GLADYS GIBSON, FRANCES KELLEY, ARLENE PELTON, NANCY PEACH, KATHRYN EVANS, MARTHA FINLEY, GLORIA PARK, NOVA DENE POTTS, ROE MCBURNETT, NANCY RILEY. Third row-MILDRED KELLEY, MILDRED LATIMAR, PEGGY VAUGHN, ANITA SWEENEY, LINNA ADAMS, MARGUERITE WILSON, MARY STEPP, MILDRED 'WILLIAMS, DOROTHY SIM- MONS, AILEEN CROSSWAY, FRANCES GLOVER, JEAN PRICE. Fourth row-MISS MARGARET CATE, Sponsor, MISS DORIS SLONECKER, Sponsor, LOTTA BURCHFIELD, JUANITA HARRELL, MARGARET LANIER, JAMES CAMPBELL, JUANITA BLES- SING, SARAH SALMON, MISS LUCY JOSLIN, Sponsor, ANNE GEBHARDT, MR. JOHN HOOD, Sponsor. Fifth TOW-WILLIAM EARLY, EVAN DAVENPORT, MARVIN HUDSON, WILLIAM GRAY, MARTHA HOLLAND, FRANCES HICKERSON, ELLEN CLAIRE WAIN, DOROTHY WALKER, HERBERT JARED, CHARLES JOHNSON, ROY WILLIAMS, LEVIE SPEARS, DAVID BROWN. Page Sixty-Seven ' K L 1 'F Ns f ? X THE GREY JEAGLIEEKXE' I 1 E Library Stay? Page Sixty-Eight Home Economics Club ' - . i T5 . 9 T - g - 4, in M Q R Y 1.5 i I X T ' Til ' if V T Ernie GREY EAGLE? THE STUDENT ADJUSTMENT COMMITTEE First TOLD-LUELLA ALLEN, FRANCES GLOVER, Secretaryg ANNE HOWARD. Second row-CURTIS MANOR, DOROTHY PARHAM, JANE GAY CANNON, ROE MCBURNETT. Third TOw-MR. BEASLEY, Sponsorg OAKLEY WYNNE, WILLIAM EARLY. HISTORY The Student Adjustment Committee was organized in 1932 by Professor J. J. Keyes with Mr. Oliver as sponsor. The committee has, since its organization, been composed of outstanding pupils who have demonstrated their worth as good school citizens. PURPOSE The Student Adjustment Committee was organized for the purpose of assisting the principal in checking, guiding, and adjusting that small group of pupils who find difficulty in conforming to, and following, the rules and programs of the school. Page Sixty-Nine 4 J ig ,A in fi ,QA -5 W , 2 GREY IEACGLE4-E Dramatic Club Page Seventy Astronomy Club mary Tax' Hb , ag, ' ' . W. :w 7, L 1 ,ami , Q. 1 5 F. , ,KW f . 4 J B, LJ B., z: K ...ig N 1 K Y Q JE? 5, f P ' 7 Y 155. . ff 'Hi gui Ya , ,. ,' V ' 9 321-5 -'i V, 'R If S I., 2 2' 4 4 5 Q A - E L - J Ce 1 QC Y CR 5 b 42 5-L. L K c e 'Q f ifgg THE GREY EAGLIEE Fe Commerce Club Chemistry Club Page Seventy-Four I, A L f Sy: g ff 55,5 Lg' S N. 1. - xx if L f 9 f Y' 1-?4 X' t Q X E L... - f K THE GREY JEAGILIEE 4f' STUDENT COUNCIL First row-PEGGY STEWART, EDITH CANTRELL, CELESTE HAILE, Secretary, ,395 TUD RALLS, President, '39, PEGGY OTTO, Secretary, 340g VIRGINIA ALESSIO, ELYNOR S1-IIVERS, ALMA WEHBY. Second TOw-MR. JAMES W. HURT, Faculty Sponsor, SARAH SALMON, ELEANDR WARDE, ROE MCBURNETT, President, '40, CECIL AGREE, FRANK YATES, BILLY SMITI-I, EDGAR ALLEN, Bos POUNDERS, LELAND LANCASTER, MR. W. H. OLIVER, DEXTER PHILLIPS. Third row-H. C. SMITH, TANDY WILSON, WILLIAM GRAY, JACK GOODRICH, MALCOLM ALEXANDER, Bon MARKER, Vice-President, '40, Fourth row-E. W. Cox, MELVIN PRIMM, ROBERT GREENWOOD, DOUGLAS DUNCAN, OLIVER HOWELL, J. B. HENDERSON, JR. Page Seventy-Five Q if ini nl X ' 'Twig J ZA Y A 4154 fi -gg, X Q 'i -ff E ETHJE GREY il3AGiLi13E ef' THE GIRLS' DRILL TEAM A girls! drill team was begun at East in 1940 and through the able cooperation of all its members, it has now become an organized part of school life, Early in the term, a group of girls headed by Jean Hewitt, a senior, suggested having a unit somewhat in accordance with the R. O. T. C. unit in our school. This idea slowly formed into a resolution and was taken to Mr. Oliver for consider- ation. Mr. Oliver, and Major Neilson of the R. O. T. C., discussed the possibility of the idea, and soon the girls were given permission to enroll. The unit is composed of 137 cadets. There are seven platoons, each headed by a lieutenant. Each platoon leader is assisted by a second leader and a platoon guide. The uniforms consist of white skirts, white jackets fastened by red buttons, and white military caps, with the insignia of East on them, made like those of R. O. T. C. boys, The initial appearance of the group was made during the Iris Pageant this year when it paraded for the first time. r The leaders a e as follows: First Platoon , . LIEUTENANT VIRGINIA ALESSIO Second Platoon . . LIEUTENANT EVELYN ACREE Third Platoon, .. LIEUTENANT GENEVIEVE SANDERS Fourth Platoon . LIEUTENANT DORLENE HORNER Fifth Platoon. .. -LIEUTENANT JEAN HEWITT Sixth Platoon . . LIEUTENANT NANCY FELTS Seventh Platoon . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , , , . . ,LIEUTENANT GLYNN SPILLERS The purpose of the unit is to furnish something different for the girls and at the same time to improve posture, marching, and coordination. Page Seventy-Six by v. swvf.-, Company 1 Company 2 ETH-IIE GREY EAGJLJEE 5' 'E 4- E K , . 2 Fe, .' 13 'ff ff 'ei 5. ' A . . 'g. i'1. , GIRL RESERVE CLUB LOIS HUDSON . .. , . President DQROTHY LAWRENCE, A . ,ViCe-PTeSide'rlt MARGARET DALTON . . . ...... Secretary LOUISE THOMPSON. . TTCGSUTQT MISS GIBSON .,.. - Sponsor MARGARET BOONE MILDRED WALKER CONNIE MCEWEN JEAN HEWITT BOBRIE JEAN COLLEY HAzEL OUTLAW JEAN JAKES RUTH MOON EMBRY HADLEY EVELYN ACREE BEVERLY ALEXANDER MAI ELLEN LAWLER AVA NELL THRASHER MAUREECE AGEE LILA WOMACK LOUISE HOWELL Page Seventy-Eight MEMBERS MARTHA MCKELLY JEAN CUNNINGHAM MARTHA JENKINS MARY FRANCES LANIER VIRGINIA TUCKER JANE LEWIS DOROTHY RANSOM FRANCES SAIN CHARLOTTE DUNWOODY JUNE HALLYBURTON GLADYS SMITH VIVIAN REYNOLDS MARY KATHERINE TATE MARGIE GANTON LEVONIA ATKINSON MARGARET BAUMAN MARGARET PATT SHIRLEY HEDRICK JANE LUTTS ANNE WHITE PEGGY STEWART MARTHA MONTGOMERY ELIZABETH LEE ANNE BRUCE DIXIE MARTIN DECKIE MARTIN ANN LAWRENCE DOROTHY WHITE HARRIET LOLLAR KATHRYN EVANS LOUISE VICKERS MLQUIUUY PIQMINIQ QUMPMY f '4 4 w , NASHVILLE Q TENNE55EE f '- l f ' MUDERNUFPIQIMEIQ5 EULLEEIEWLENNUALE EATALU EUFJ 0 w L

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