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71 I I fi ft Mr • JL... ft , ' 4 ' . " .•s 8K 1 4 C M : J Ri n " I ■ " ¥m r " . ,, fei «y. ft Vi ♦ 1 " Make new friends, but keep the old; Those are silver, these are gold. Friendships that have stood the test — Of time and change — are surely best; The EM JC annual staff gives you the LION 78 ■ • t« ri H |Tf- i L H k i • $p H jij- Drafting Design Airframe Powerplant Mechanics Welcome To At The Supervision Management Practical Nursing Distribution Marketing Student Government Officers Our World GTVTC Secretarial Science Heavy Equipment Operator Remedial Education Nurse Aide HAPPY blRTHDM 8 5rn= , v i i 1 ip fe - igyig mmmm L m mm jutm 12 ' Hypnosis fl ■■■■ 13 Industrial Electricity Auto Body Fender Repair Moving With At The Truck Driving % . m $■» mm ; — ■.» :l mm ad 1 «91«H L. hr m i 14 Diesel Mechanics Business Office Machine Shop Tomorrow GTVTC Refrigeration Air Conditioning Auto Mechanics Welding Fabricating Adult Basic Education 15 from the president . . . As I think back over the school year, I feel a great sense of indebtedness both to the students and to the faculty and staff. The interest you have shown in the total programs of East Mississippi Junior College has been very helpful in making this a successful year. As students, Vocational-Technical and Academic, you have opened the doors in your chosen careers. I challenge you to pursue them with all the tenacity you possess. The decisions you make today will affect all your tomorrows. Apply the knowledge that you have gained, and seek more that you may be able to make the right decisions as individuals. Goals, motivations, and discipline are unique to each individual. Weigh each situation as to the advantage or disadvantage to you, keeping in mind that knowledge is a powerful tool. The present — don ' t waste it, and the future — prepare for it. My present association with you has been pleasant and rewarding. My future will be enriched by your accomplishments. It is with great sincerity that I wish you the best in the future years. Clois Cheatham Hi V % CONTENTS Administration 18-19 Faculty 20-21 Staff 22-24 Sophomores 25-28 Freshmen 29-37 Snaps 38-40 17 Clois Cheatham President E.MJ.C. James M. Moore Business Manager B.S., M.B.A. Larry Salter Student Development Director B.S., M. Ed. 13 Troy Williamson Academic Dean B.S., M.A., M.S., Ed. D. Kenneth Hoffman Assistant Vocational Director B.S.. M. Ed. Ruth Rogers Learning Resources Director B.S., M. Ed. Terry Faust Director of Admissions B.S..M.S. 19 Randall Bradberry Head Football Coach B.S., M.Ed. Steve Davis Football Coach Economics; B.S. M.Ed. Stuart Bosarge Science Division Chairman B.A..M.S. Terry Cherry Arts and Photography B.A. Keyes Currie, Sr. Director of Athletics Bask etball Coach, Am. Govt., B.S., M.A. Brenda DiMichele Conrad DiMichele Rachele Ezelle Music, Choir Director, B.S., Social Science — Histories, Chairman, Business and M.M.E. B.S., M.A.,Ed., S., Ed.D. Accounting, B.S., M.Ed. Steve Fisher Forestry, B.S., M.F. Perry Gaither Humanities Division Chair- man, English and Speech, B.S., M.A. John Harpole Automotive Mechanics Myron Hutson Chemistry, B.S., M.S. 20 Betty Killebrew English, B.S., M.A.,Ed.S. Wayne Killebrew Agriculture, B.A., M.A. Cullen Lee Mathematics and Physics B.S..E.E.E. Richard Mathis Mathematics, Basketball Coach;Dean of Men, B.S., M.Ed. Jacob Megehee Farm Management, B.S..M.S. Cora Mitchell Secretarial Science, B.S., M.Ed. Ann Moore Cosmetology Edward Nave Asst. Director of Student Development, History B.S. Gerald Poole Tom Risher John Mitchell Jack Winscott Head Baseball Coach, H.P.R. Band and Music B.M.,Ed. Mortuary Science Sociology Instructor, B.S., M.Ed. B.S. B.S. , M.R.Ed. 21 Mrs. Frances Rush Assistant Register DaleHagan Security Mrs. Mickey Webb Secretary Major Miller R.O.T.C. Instructor " IT " ' " 4 Libby Smith Secretary Sergeant Hillard Assistant, R.O.T.C. Instructor ham mmu «.-■« i r ; " ; Dr . M MUEO CHH5E 35 ' ME fMK. Student Center Workers Ida Madison, Ruby Johnson, Olga Hutcherson, Maggie Sue Parham 22 Nancy Barefield Secretary Kate Cherry Business Clerk Felicia White, Barbara Mathis Head and Assistant Dormitory Residents Louise Warren Bookkeeper Sandra G. Yarborough Library Clerk Jimmie Hopper Library Clerk 23 r ' . CA:L Mac Baty. Noot Parnell — Director Assistant to the Physical Plant James Bar ham — Manager, Morrison Food Services Cafeteria Staff 24 Steve Abrams Columbus, Ms. Delia Adams Dekalb, Ms. Paul Backstrom Columbus, Ms. Johnny Barfield Meridian, Ms. Blen Bates Meridian, Ms. Rendia Bennett West Point, Ms. Stanley Bray Macon, Ms. Bob Briggs Scooba, Ms. Deborah Briggs Scooba, Ms. Jessie Brown Porterville, Ms. Bruce Bryan Scooba, Ms. Kim Butler Shuqualak, Ms. Ricky Butler Meridian, Ms. Jimmy Campbell Shuqualak, Ms. Prentiss Chancellor Macon, Ms. Lillie Clark Dekalb, Ms. Tony Cole Collinsville, Ms. James Coleman Columbus, Ms. Thomas Coleman West Point, Ms. HollieCompton Columbus, Ms. 25 Mark Cox Butler, Ala. Donnie Crow Columbus, Ms. Annie Dale Scooba, Ms. Rezairi Estakhri Iran Eddie Estes Columbus, Ms. Kevin Evans Columbus, Ms. Shawn Evans Columbus, Ms. James Ewings Mantee, Ms. Helen Fox Dekalb, Ms. Mary Grady Dekalb, Ms. Wade Gordon Macon, Ms. John Hall Tuscaloosa, Ala. Pete Hankinson Columbus, Ms. Rich Harcrow Columbus, Ms. James Harris Starkville, Ms. Gwen Hawkins Porterville, Ms Mohammed Hemmatian Iran Perry Hendrix Columbus, Ms. Venise Hibbler Shuqualak, Ms. Matt Hodge Columbus, Ms. 26 Joe Hopper Scooba, Ms. Roy Houston Dekalb, Ms. Laura Irby Scooba, Ms. Terry Irby Meridian, Ms. Cathy Jones Sturgis, Ms. Jennifer Kneibert Dekalb, Ms. Mary Little Macon, Ms. Randy Little Meridian, Ms. David Lee Macon, Ms. Don Mattox Dekalb, Ms. Joe Mickens Macon, Ms. Gene Moore Macon, Ms. Steve Morgan Sturgis, Ms. Glen Mowry Macon, Ms. - : . f : - K J jTvi ■ Kay Nester Dekalb, Ms. Patricia Oliver Scooba, Ms. Wayne Outz Macon, Ms. Odester Parson Brooksville, Ms. John Payne Columbus, Ms. Debra Prather Meridian, Ms. 27 Brett Price Lafayette. La. Cindy Price Dekalb, Ms. Rodney Putt Starkville, Ms. Phillip Quinn Starkville, Ms. David Reed Macon, Ms. Tim Richards Macon, Ms. Jeff Robbins Macon Ms. Jet Scarbrough Meridian, Ms. Emmett Schuster Starkville, Ms. Sharon Seawright Maben, Ms. Virgil Seay Georgia Jeff wade Tuscaloosa, Ala 1 1 .t i Lacy welcn Dekalb, Ms. Jamie White Montpelier, Ms. Tony wnite Dekalb, Ms. Sophomores not pictured Marvin Wiggins Meridian, Ms. Levon Wilkins Dekalb, Ms. Steve Wyckoff Columbus, Ms. Aldridge, Doug Alter, Endy Ashmore, Joe Beck, Randolph Belle, Cecil Brewer, J. Brooks, Melvin Bruton, Jeffrie Bufkin, Gary Byas, Victor Clark, Lenora Collins, Clifford Cumberland, Virginia Dufour, Tommy Ezelle, Trene Gibson, Wanda Hart, Ronald Heidleburg, Viola Ivy, Robert Jones, Virgil Lucius, Willie Luke, Cathy Mitchell, Lance Monk, Harry McCullough, Ruby Pittman, Avence Rush, Johnny Singleton, Martha Taylor, Harris Williams, Roger Young, Curtis 23 Lisa Adkins Scooba, Ms. I Joyceln Anderson Dekalb, Ms. id! 17J i Bill Avery Macon, Ms. Jack Bailey Meridian, Ms. Lee Anderson Dekalb, Ms. Melody Anderson Shuqualak, Ms. Mike Aust Scooba, Ms. Jean Barefield Dekalb, Ms. Albert Barfield Meridian, Ms. Eric Bates Collinsville, Ms. Jerome Bates Preston, Ms. Harold Bennett Preston, Ms. James Benoman Dekalb, Ms. W.C. Bland Brooksville, Ms. Denny Bodden Tampa, Fla Mike Bond Preston, Ms. Diana Boyd Dekalb, Ms. Talmadge Bridges Hamilton, Ms. Annie Broach Daleville, Ms. Sandy Caldwell Meridian, Ms. 29 Virgelene Campbell Scooba, Ms. Jim Cannon Starkville, Ms. Ronnie Carter Toxey, Ala. Tim Carter Columbus, Ms. Ben Chandler West Point, Ms. Brad Cheatham Scooba, Ms. Keith Chisolm Collinsville, Ms. Beverly Clark Dekalb, Ms. Bill Clark Columbus, Ms. I George Coleman Columbus, Ms. Glen Coleman Meridian, Ms. Scott Colvin Columbus, Ms. Annie Cross Scooba, Ms. Tyron Cockrell Macon, Ms. Steve Cross Colubmus, Ms. Allen Cyprian Columbu- Ms. Willie Cyprian Columbus, Ms. Hazzle Dale Scooba, Ms. Howard Davis West Point, Ms. Jerry Davis Birmingham, Ala. 30 Vickie Dawson Meredian, Ms. Judy Deason Columbus, Ms. Theresa Dewberry Starkville, Ms. John Donellan Butler, Ala. L. ■ Ruby Easley Meridian, Ms. Diane Eaton Montplier, Ms. Barry Edwards Columbus, Ms. Elenzie Edwards Columbus, Ms. Aziegbe Ekukpe Nigeria Sammy Ellis Starkville, Ms. Ike Ethridge Meridian, Ms. Rhonda Ethridge Meridian, Ms. Charles Fleming Scooba, Ms. Lorenda Fleming Scooba, Ms. Debra Fulgham Maben, Ms. Bertha Fulton Preston, Ms. Mike Fulton Dekalb, Ms. Theresa Fulton Preston, Ms. Kevin Gibson Itta Bena, Ms. MelindaGossett Columbus, Ms. 31 9K - 25kft Theresa Green Macon, Ms. Greg Griffith Montgomery, Ala. Dottie Gully Preston, Ms. Wiley Haab Meridian, Ms. Murray Hailey Preston, Ms. John Handy Scooba, Ms. Carol Hathcock Electric Mills, Ms. Randy Hearon Birmingham, Ala. Lynn Henderson Macon, Ms. Shelly Henderson Macon, Ms. Barbara Henley Macon, Ms. Peggy Higginbotham Brooksville, Ms. Rita Higginbotham Brooksville, Ms. Amos Hill Silas, Ala. John Hill Elmore, Ala. Tammy Hodges Meridian, Ms. Jim Holly Coosada, Ala Alexis Horner Meridian, Ms. James Ivy Macon, Ms. Sandy Jackson Preston, Ms. 32 Cal Johnson Prentiss, Ms. Dorothy Johnson Macon, Ms. Charles Jones Columbus, Ms. Janice Jones Columbus, Ms. Stephen Jones Columbus, Ms. Robert Kearschner Columbia, Ms. Alice Kingery Scooba, Ms. Tommy Kingery Scooba, Ms. Debra Knox Scooba, Ms. William Knox Starkville, Ms. Doug Lackey Meridian, Ms. Bud Langston Columbia, Ms. Lorris Lewis Tensas, La. Sharon Lewis Columbus, Ms. Max Lilly Meridian, Ms. Debra Lockett Macon, Ms. Charlotte Long Toxey, Ala. Buddy Lowe Columbus, Ms. Dennis Lyles West Point, Ms. Winford Lyons Bailey, Ms. 33 Bill MacNeill Sturgis, Ms. Marilyn McCollum Scooba, Ms. Jud McCarter Sturgis, Ms. Ralph McLelland Daleville, Ms. • . . Tim McNair Macon, Ms. Landis Mickens Brooksville, Ms. Hosein Moghaddas Iran Cindy Moore Columbus, Ms. Helen Morant Macon, Ms. Linda Morgan Meridian, Ms. Jesse Mosley Daleville, Ms. Wiley Murray Macon, Ms. Bruce Myers Columbus, Ms. Arvm Nash Starkville, Ms. tua iNicnoison Scooba, Ms. is . •■ Sam Oglesby Columbus, Ms. Scott Oliver Atmore, Ala. James Parham Scooba, Ms. Svt -7 1 Carnell Patterson Macon, Ms. Bob Persons Brooksville, Ms. 34 Kay Pierce Collinsville, Ms. Kim Pierce Collinsville, Ms. Charlotte Pritchett Columbus, Ms. Dean Puckett Townsend, Ms. Dennis Puckett Townsend, Ms. McQuinn Reed Preston, Ms. Tom Rencher Scooba, Ms. Fred Rice Starkville, Ms. Elmar Robertson West Point, Ms. Willie Rodgers Starkville, Ms. Maurice Rupert Macon, Ms. Eugene Sanders Columbus, Ms. Theodis Scott Dekalb, Ms. „ (ftfe ' J ?-- jp.-,. m 4- ■ uS Mary Ann Shaw Sturgis, Ms. Darius Shurden West Point, Ms. Lila Sikorowski Starkville, Ms. Betty Simonds Shuqualak, Ms. Jane Sims Steens, Ms. Earnestine Smith Macon, Ms. Paul Smith Columbus, Ms. 35 Rod Sparkman Dekalb, Ms. Deborah Stancil Meridian, Ms. Daisy Stewart Macon, Ms. AITalbott Scooba, Ms. GinaTalbott Scooba, Ms. ivniion i ate Brooksville, Ms. Sandra Tate Brooksville, Ms. Bernell Thomas Chavin, La. Debra Thomas Dalesville, Ms. I Kenneth Tisdale Aberdeen, Ms. Connie Todd Collinsville, Ms. Janice Triplett Macon, Ms. Margaret Upton Meridian, Ms. Jack Vaughn Starkville, Ms. Durrell Warren Columbus, Ms. Tim Warren Scooba, Ms. Mary Washington Columbus, Ms. Janet Watson Electric Mills, Ms. Michael Watson Meridian, Ms. Wyvonia Webb Mantee, Ms. Calvin West Gilbertown, Ala. Marva White Prarie Point, Ms. Jean Wilkerson Meridian, Ms. Cora Wilkins Dekalb, Ms. Ferris Williams Scooba, Ms. Lamar Williams West Point, Ms. Willie Williams Scooba, Ms. William Woods Scooba, Ms. Author Young Coffeeville, Ala. Ash, Charlie Bullock, James Clayton, Anthony Coleman, Franklin Cook, Robert Culpepper, Robin Daws, Nancy Denton, George Denton, Prentice Dotson, Norah Duplechain, Debbie Edwards, Brenda Evans, Carl Gibson, Kenneth Guyton, Teleah Hannah, Tony Harpole, Johnny Freshmen not pictured Henderson, Lisa Henderson, Melanie Hendrix, Perry Hill, Rickie Kaotira, Kosin Lenning, James Little, Eddie Lockey, Tim Mickens, Landis Ming, Edward Minter, Joseph Moghaddas, Hosein Morton, Sylvia McGee, William Pope, Mike Richardson, Gary Roberts, Ray Roebuck, Wesley Rush, Tommie Shirley, Ernie Singleton, Earl Smith, Gary Smith, Jamie Stribbling, Susan Tabb, Henderson Thomas, Thadeus Tisdale, Samuel Tubbs, Johnny Vaughn, Teresa Walding, John Watson, Janet Wheeler, Shirley Williams, Leroy Woodfin, Paula 37 : . -4r V 33 39 40 GOLDEN TRIANGLE VOCATIONAL-TECHNICAL CENTER PRIDE IN THE INDIVIDUAL PRIDE IN THE CENTER PRIDE IN THE COMMUNITY 41 Aaron Langston Golden Triangle Director Edwin Alford Ass it Director Donna Etheridge Assistant Director 42 ADMINISTRATION FACULTY Pam Bello Adult Basic Education John Dickinson Auto Body Fender Repair Addie Harrell ABE Curriculum Spec. Arthur Mills Auto Mechanics Bill Coffey Airframe Powerplant Mech. Gilbert Swanzy Auto Body Fender Repair ™, L - x ? r n m % Pat Malone Auto Mechanics Susan Moates Business Connie Peranich Business Dot Tramel Business Joe Buckner CETA Supervisor Sue Kelly CETA Counselor Pat Harp CETA Related Education W. W. Denney Diesel Mechanics Larry Branch Drafting Design Bobbie Hines Drafting Design r Jean T. Spikes English Mary Sue Atkins Health Occupations PatKohler Health Occupations Dot Houser Health Occupations Jean Barton Health Occupations Pam Jacobsson Health Occupations Karen Teague Health Occupations Alice Jon son Health Occupations Boyce Langston Heavy Equip. Operators Jackie Mouchett Heavy Equip. Operators C.E.Blake Industrial Electricity Connie Pilgrim Librarian «►? Harold Dobbs Machine Shop Eddie Washington MAMC Coordinator Michael Hendon MAMC Counselor Rick Young Marketing Coordinator J.W.Boyd Refrigeration Harvey Gause Remedical Education Ed Rice Remedial Education Jerry Keel Supervision Management William Hawkins Supervision Management Mac Harris Truck Driving MikeDrogula Vocational Counselor MikeSmith Vocational Counselor Ed Redmond Welding Fabricating 45 STAFF Mary Richardson Registrar Vickie Wray MAMC Secretary Mary Anne Denney Bookkeeper KayGolson Secretary Brenda Miller CETA Secretary Sherry Younger Printer Marsha Halbert Secretary Buchanan Bennett Printer William Wilkins Maintenance Superintendent Robert Harris Asst. Maint. Supt. Emma Jones Maintenance Tommie Billups Maintenance Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics Freddy Anderson Jackson Anthony Burleson Caledonia Charles Wilson Starkville Dan Gardner Columbus David Lollar Sturgis Larry Sumners Starkville Gary Burks Starkville Mike Devers Starkville Marvin Hill Caledonia Chesley Lee Starkville Kenneth Loden Columbus Not Pictured: Mark Otis Bell, Starkville Robert S. Gerhart, Columbus William J. Gilder, Vardaman Sam Smitherman, Starkville Raybern D. Steed, Columbus CLASSES 47 Auto Body and Fender Repair Robert Dunlap Caledonia Terry Lollar Columbus Michael Gilmore West Point Chris Hardin Columbus Randy Hodges West Point Willie McCarter Crawford Larry Parker Columbus Lewie Perrigin Columbus Johnny Lagrone Columbus Thomas Perrigin Columbus L. C. Rush West Point Arturo Sandoval West Point Roger Studdard Caledonia David Wheeler Starkville Not Pictured: Gary Greer, Louisville 48 Auto Mechanics Eugene Gilreath Columbus Eugene Gjerde Columbus Harry Hatcher Columbus Leland Hatton Columbus Tommy Marshall Columbus James McCarty Columbus Thomas Norris West Point Eddie Richardson Columbus John Stevenson Columbus K. C.Threet Columbus Neal Wells Columbus Billy West Columbus Herbert White Columbus Not Pictured: Sharon Evans, Columbus AFB Clarence Walker, Aberdeen 49 Business and Office Occupations Diann Addison Starkville Lisa D. Aplin Starkville Theresa Barksdale Columbus Gail Beit Badal Starkville Sherry Carroll Columbus Evelyn Coleman Starkville Brenda Cooper Eupora Susan Covington West Point Cynthia Crowe Columbus Becky Davis West Point Louise Dotson Sturgis Margaret Harper Columbus Polly Hawkins West Point Kathy Herrington Columbus Maureen Hood Columbus Cyndi Huffman West Point Lolita Jones Starkville Vicky LaPradd Starkville Georgia-Ann Lautar West Point Johnnie Mae McCann Columbus 50 LeaAnn McCullough Columbus Mary LeeMaddin Starkville Rose Maddox Starkville Debbie Monts Maben Faye Morgan Steens Yvonne Nicks Starkville Gayle Oswalt Columbus Debra Price Columbus Ann Simmons West Point Paula Swift Columbus Gladys Vaughn Starkville Kaye Vest West Point Janice Wartes Columbus Rebecca Whitmire West Point Queen Annie Wilson Crawford Alicia Yeatman Maben Tami Younger Columbus Not Pictured: Pamela Sue Hepner Janice Jernigan Shirley Wood 51 Diesel Mechanics Michael Adkinson Starkville John Ashford Starkville Ted Booker West Point Glynn Culpepper Columbus Joe Cunningham Columbus Dennis Dempsey Louisville Drako El-Amin Starkville Prentice Martin Starkville Thomas Mason Starkville Franklin Prisock Sturgis Thomas Romans Columbus Ronald Salmon West Point Howard Townsel Starkville Eddie Turnipseed Aliceville, Ala. Braxton Whitt West Point • i Willie Young West Point 52 Not Pictureo Barry Faults er Columbus; Eddie Patridge, Tomnolen; James Wells, Columbus Distribution and Marketing Buzzy Barksdale Columbus Janice Blue Starkville Carol S. Coan Columbus A.J. Cross Miss. State Michael Dowdle Columbus Johnnie Henderson Columbus Alex Jordan Starkville Tierney Horner West Point James Huffman Eupora Brenda Jenkins West Point Kimberley Johnson Starkville Paul Little Columbus Belinda McDaniel Starkville William Mcllwain Starkville Richard McKee Starkville Geri Lynn Porter Starkville Diann Rice Starkville Debra Robinson Starkville Gina Thrasher Starkville Not Pictured: Mike Murphy Columbus Linda Spence Starkville Dennis Wilkerson West Point 53 Drafting and Design — Sophomores David Andrews West Point 1 ' 7 Micheal Beatty West Point Robert Bragg III Starkville Donna Ellis Starkville David Evans, Jr. Columbus Ronnie Fulgham Mathiston Ernest Lowrimore Columbus George F. Miller Starkville Glenn Parker I Macon Steve Redwine Columbus Cliff Watkins Cedar Buff Kenneth Whithead Louisville Not Pictured: Tim Jordan, Columbus Drafting and Design — Freshman Pat Adair Columbus Phil Barker West Point Bobby Barksdale Columbus Michael Chapman West Point Otis Davenport Cedar Bluff Carl Evans Columbus John Foster Columbus Ricky Gibson Columbus Eddie Hayward Columbus Linda Jewell Columbus Marc Killebrew Caledonia Vicki Lancaster Columbus David Langford Artesia J SU John Lumsden Columbus Steve Price Starkville Roy Roberson Starkville Eddie Wilson West Point Bill Woods Macon Not Pictured: Harold Barnhill, Columbus Robert McBryde, Lucedale 55 Heavy Equipment Operators Leonard Brooks West Point Archie Conway West Point Ben Dowdle West Point Calvin Earley Columbus Eddie Henderson Columbus Not Pictured: James Baswell, Columbus Eugene Crosby, Louisville L. A. McGee, Crawford •Fred Robertson, Columbus Cloud Tate, Brooksville Stanley White, Starkville Gary Napier Crawford Arthur Strobel West Point Eddie Williams Columbus V- " ■: £ ? - J0% ■■ ? -ill-- ' Jf 4 ' i+JK ' -- Z r. 69 . «• . ..» . -• ' !. ' ' -r.l ' dfct ■ r; 9 ' - .. .. . ' .» ft. Industrial Electricity Gary Bell Stephen Bell Dana Clark John Cooper Donald Harris Macon Brooksville Columbus Eupora Cedar Bluff James Hegman Holly Bluff i ■ il %» I » iff HI Benjamin Ivey Columbus Marty Killebrew Caledonia Mark King Columbus Nhan Quang Nguyen Columbus Philip Plyler Columbus Robert Rogers. Columbus Donald Stewart West Point Milford Taylor Columbus Tony Tilley Elhelsville, Ala. Michael Tillo ColumbusAFB Reginald Wilson Columbus Randle Wright Vardaman Not Pictured: Brian Gildea, Columbus Eddie Mickens, Starkville Robert Miller, Starkville 57 Machine Shop vM M, Teddy Billingsley Columbus Arvid Coats Starkville •St V9 ' .wV William Delk Columbus Henry Douglas West Point Robert Gray Crawford Bobby Hodges Steens Joe Hurst Mantee Michael McCollum Columbus Jayne McWilliams Columbus Garry Monts Starkville Albert Nichols Starkville Ralph Polk Columbus Elbert Rice Starkville Willie Scott Columbus Michael Smith Columbus Sammy Stotts Columbus Sammy Williams Columbus Not Pictured: Robert Glover Columbus 53 Practical Nursing Sylvia Brittle Columbus Regina Calmes Starkville Mary Cooper Mathiston Barbara Dutton Columbus AFB Sharon Fowler Caledonia Gwen Frank Columbus Sherre ll Gill West Point Phillisine Glass Noxapater Sandy Glover Columbus Gypsy Gray Artesia Cheryl Lane Harris Columbus Gloria Hyer Columbus Sherry Kinard Louisville Betsy Matthews Starkville Linda McCain Eupora Daneeta McDaniel Columbus June Narmour Mathiston Nancy Phillips Macon Sherry Rayburn Louisville Janette Reid Eupora 59 Martha Wakefield Columbus Pam Wallace West Point Myra Ward West Point Hazel Weathers Columbus GayleWebb Starkville Judy Webster Louisville Kathleen Wilson Columbus Beverly Woods Starkville Gail Wooten Starkville Not Pictured: Sue Fields, West Point Peggy Hannah, Columbus AFB Shelby Harkins, Pheba ) 1 60 Refrigeration Jerry W. Beaird Eupora Rickie Donald West Point Peter Martin Columbus Charles Brown West Point Maurice Clowers Columbus Johnny Cothran Maben Eric Elizenberry Columbus Jerry Elkins Eupora Barry Fason West Point Frederick Neeley Columbus Enos Pittman Sturgis Ivory Williams Columbus MikeDodd Columbus Lance Jackson Sturgis Sam Williams Columbus Not Pictured: Darryl Sykes West Point 61 Secretarial Science Dorothy Adams Columbus Lisa Ann Bolin Starkville Sewanna Dewease Starkville Sallie Edmond Columbus Kay Golson Cedar Bluff Pat Lash ley Columbus Helen Mize Starkville Patricia Smith Columbus Holly Teasley Starkville Lu Anne Tennison Sturgis Terry Thompson Crawford Wendy Weed Starkville 62 Supervision and Management James Billings Columbus Jerry Boyd Starkville Tommy Calder West Point Michael Derby Columbus Herbert Farmer West Point ■■■■■■■ ;;.; Columbus Harrison West Point KmI .a ' ' mmrllus m 1 1 David Johnson, Jr. Columbus Thomas Kirby West Point Alice Neely West Point Charley Rutledge West Point Gary Sawtelle Prairie William Shirley West Point A. M.Sisk West Point James Tennyson West Point James Waits West Point 63 Truck Driving Mike Collier Maben Joey Forbes Starkville James Lowe Okolona Johnnie Patrick Starkville Lacy Scott III Columbus Not Pictured: Bobby Price, Aberdeen; Willie Randle, Artesia Richard Underwood. Starkville; Sylvester Adams, West Point Welding and Fabricating Dee Carter Starkv.lle Michael Davis West Point Samuel Evans West Point Admise Gandy Macon Terry Graham Mantee Larry Haney Columbus Richard Hulsey West Point Michael LeBlanc West Point Nathaniel Lee West Point C. K. Nabors Columbus 64 Eunice Pruitt Macon Bruce Townsend Columbus George Shelton Crawford James Whittle Macon Larry Smith West Point William Stevenson Pheba Not Pictured: Kevin Clark, Montpelier W. A. Davis, Jr., Pheba Victor Sobrado, Columbus John Tolon Crawford X s v %. T LIKELY TO SU Dana Clark Cliff W; • ■ l II ■ )U« f 79 J j IrT- ' kr fs 1 zl ' ?Kr ELS WSrl " w.1 kk i " • T , ■ i ' J .. i — r 1 1 ■ 1 ■ ml 1 MOST INTELLE C VOCATION. eorgia-Ann Lautar ■-■■■- v Donna E% ■ffman u v M So 4 ■ I 1 Younger i»i« ■f ¥ ' BO DOCK MACHINE WORKS H D06BS - PROPRIETOR Dedicated to Harold Dobbs, who is always ready with a helping hand for a student, friend, or worthy cause. 77 Powder Puff Football i ■ ' ..A«H7 +: Harold Dobbs Donna Etheridge 73 Suiting Up Heads or Tails 79 p I Kickoff! ■ c ; j. [;.j 30 Mm Me? Exercise? ■tot .■• " . ' +,; . ' •■ .■(. ' . •- " ; ' " " , ?§ ' ? J- Casualty. GTVTC Nurses to the rescue. - Rah! Rah! Sis Bommbah! 81 " Queen for a day " 82 w , • J . -J . The Royal Court • ■ -» . ■ if i. ' v ' V ' A iff " : ■„Vl ... " Call the Statue of Liberty play! " ■ s " ' -- U •a ■ i Tag, you ' re out! La.; . iV% Mf » 83 w ' r t -»« • 1 B l H . ' • ' . v %-: : ' Where ' s that ? ! receiver? " f ; -? ' ; ■ • 84 A • .4. . Vk HMMm £ v " Roger Staubach, eat your heart out! «T. . k 5 Happy is the omen When the Stork ' s on its way; The mystery of life will unfold on that day. 85 Phi Beta Lambda DECA •v VICA Student Council ■■■■■■■Hi Sign up here for the Gong Show No autographs, please! " Bee Gees, eat your heart out! " A Star is Born You forgot your Underalls! GTVTC Chamber Music Society - a Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to know Torch Singer A truck driver ' s lament — The 18 Wheel Ballad The Bump An acappella aria Sing no Sad Songs for Me 97 She ' s at it again! The Price of Glory r ' ! " . • 3- ' }| 1 : ?-- % " Timmy ' sCuttin Up! i • - His fondest dream i mm — — — -jmT ' I " Present bedpans Let ' s eat!! " And here ' s Harvey!! " Joy of the morning Who ' s idea was this? The cafeteria ' s menu for the day The Exterminating Crew ' Can we do it next? ' 1 4 CONTENTS edicationi . r . 7 .98 99 favorites m : m z Q0-ll s . . 1 18-437 Organizations ? . . . 1 3 8 r - - - 97 Dedication Sometimes those who try for the best go unrewarded. Sometimes getting involved just brings trouble. Sometimes the most valuable ones are taken for granted. But this time we make no mistake. E.M.J. C. Lion Staff 98 Larry K. Salter 99 Miss EMJC K, v Nester 100 101 102 fe— — RickyButler VERSATILE Rita Higginht 103 Hollie 104 BEST Tim Richards Janice Triplett 105 106 FRIENDLIEST Jean Barefield CUTEST 107 108 Sophomore Class Officers Tim Richards, (Pres.) Kay Nester, (Vice-Pres.) Kim Butler, (Sec.-Treas.) Sophomore Class Favorites Rendia Bennett, Tim Richards, Kay Nester, Wayne Outz 10S Freshman Class Officers Ben Chandler, (Pres.) Doug Lackey, (Vice-Pres.) Kay Pierce, (Sec.-Treas.) Freshman Class Favorites Kay ?rce, Sharon Lewis Al Talbott Doug Lackey 110 ' - ' ! ' . i . ' • -, »«»•» •» 5 " ' .- i s 111 Homecoming 1977-78 112 Queen Laura Irby Homecoming Court 1977-78 Kay Nester Kim Butler 113 Homecoming Court 1977-78 114 Rendia Bennett Cora Wilkins Homecoming Court 1977-78 Bettye Simonds Margaret Upton 115 Most Handsome Doug Lackey Most Beautiful Laura Irby L-R — Al Talbott; M argaret Upton; Thomas Coleman; Hollie Compton; Most Handsome — Doug Lackey; Most Beautiful — Laura Irby; Tim Richards; Rendia Bennett; Joe Hopper; Connie Todd. 116 V %. Scenes from the Pageant 117 113 H CHEERLEADERS 0 ;■ WI5HI 119 (L-R) Tony McCullough, Randall Bradberry, Steve Davis. (L-R) Kelvin Knox, Steve Jones, Kenneth Gibson. (KNEELING) Pete Hankinson — Head. 120 Charlotte Pritchett, Hollie Compton Lisa Adkins, Joycelyn Anderson Jane Sims, Jean Barefield ! Mary Grady, Sharon Lewis 121 Virgil Seay RB All State-All Star Wade Gordon RB James Harris DB All State-All Star Am ,« »- Phillip Quinn WR Steve Abrams DB LevonWilkins WR j Photo Not Available 122 Greg Griffith QB Johnny Tubbs LB Brett Price QB Dean Puckett DB Joe Hopper DB-K All State Sammie Ellis RB • S8fe ... .-- " - " . Jack Bailey WR Rick Harcrow DB Arvin Nash DB a % sr ■ — . - — John Hill RB Winfred Lyons RB Pete Cyprian DB 123 ■ Steve Cross DB Jack Vaughn RB Jimmy Cannon RB ' ■ •«« • Tim Carter DB-K Jerome Bates RB Emmett Schuster C ■ i fc , fe m 124 Charles Jones DE-LB Rodney Putt OL Bill McNeill C ..■■ Lamar Williams LB Avence Pittman DE Ben Chandler LB Judd McCarter DL Jessie Mosley OL Jim Holley OL Photo Not Available .. Albert Barfield DL Eric Bates DE Willie Rodgers DE 125 James Coleman OL All State-All Star Anthony Clayton DL Paul Smith DL Mike Watson OL Glen Bates OL Scott Oliver OL 126 Buddy Lowe OL Elmer Robertson TE George Coleman DL op m Steve Morgan TE Paul Backstrom TE AITalbott WR Fred Rice WR Scott Colvin DE-LB 127 Keyes Currie, Sr. Head Coach Howard Davis Tim McNair Thomas Coleman Clifford Collins Shawn Evans William Woods Randy Hearon Tom Rencher Elenzie Edwards , Lorris Lewis Burnell Thomas Eugene Sanders 129 BELOW, L-R — Wyvonnia Webb, Rita Higgingbotham, Rendia Bennett, Bettye Simonds, Diann Eaton, Debra Stancil. Standing, L-R — Judy Deason, Annie Dale, Cora Wilkins, Jessie Brown, Annie Cross, Kay Pierce, Sandy Caldwell. 130 HH W ft fllVftJ ' State and Regional Champs Second in the Nation ! Rita Higgingbotham Rendia Bennett Cora Wilkins Kay Pierce ?.1H0 DebraStancil Bettye Simonds Diann Eaton H WyvoniaWebb 131 ! ¥ O y , Judy Deason Annie Dale Sandy Caldwell Annie Cross 132 Richard Mathis Head Coach Jessie Breaks National Record! 133 L-R, KNEELING — Shurden, Aldredge, Key, Ethridge, Hall, Davis, Kearschner, Wyckoff, Colvin, Richardson. L-R, STANDING — Chandler, Langston, Oliver, Holley, Backstrom, Hodge, Young, Wade, Lockey. L-R, KNEELING — Kim PU nnie Todd, Tammy Hodges, Rhonda Ethridge. L-R, STANDING — Melody Anderson, Janice Jones, Janice Triplett, Chan chett. Gerald Poole Head Coach Jim Holley Scott Colvin Gary Richardson Tim Lockey " Zeus " Wade Bob Kearschner John Hall Author Young 135 Paul Backstrom Jerry Davis Ben Chandler Steve Wyckoff Doug Aldridge Ike Ethridge Scott Oliver " Snapper " Shurden Ufa Matt Hodge 136 Bud Langston John Hall Doug Aldridge Phi Theta Kappa I Phi Beta Lambda 137 Baptist Student Union fP ® Wesley 133 New Friends Collegians 1 1 139 . " • §fe5SOT » ' ' .«? - Seat .... Marching Band o i ■ 140 Art Club College Publications Staff Stage Band 141 fk ROTC Scotch Guard 142 K I V « - ' Secretarial Science f , N.- „ ,; • ■ v ' V»fc Cosmetology 143 f: s Forest Technology 1 144 Automotive Mechanics Mortuary Science Blacks Unlimited 145 146 Find the face in this picture 147 w w 148 149 150 Columbus Air Force Base Mr. Marzine Duett Education Officer Tracy Mitchell Education Technician Mitzi Green Coordinator John Adams Education Supervisor Mr. Donald Spindler Counselor 151 Board of Trustees Clay County Kemper County Lowndes County W. G. McCuiston Donald R. Rushing LyleJ. Smith Mary Joe Washington Lacy Pollard William Hood L. B. Mitchell William P. Mills J.T. Darnell L. D. McDade Knox Dudley H. M. Hailey A. D. Hatcher George Gerhart David C. Shelton Billy R. Swedenburg H. G. Pearson Randolph Brown Lauderdale County Noxubee County Okibbeha County Douglas Little Turner Pigford Kenneth Jones H. C.Watkins W. W. Thompson John A. Johnson, Sr. A. R. Koon L.T.Anderson, Jr. W. S. Lavender Dewey Owings Whiteway Patty Broox Sledge John R. Ware M.T. Griffin M. S.Camp M. O. Shivers Everett Kennard W.W. Hare Board of Supervisors Clay County Kemper County Lauderdale County J. L. Blankenship Johnny R. Ross David W. Waide Glen A. Pate William L.Hill Eddie Sparkman J. C. Edwards Fred Chisolm Mike Luke George Spinks W. H. Melton R. N. McElroy Lamar Taylor Joseph M. Mosby TommieCoker Lowndes County Noxubee County Oktibbeha County S.A.Smith J. G. Thompson Ed Andre ' s, Sr. W. B. Cla.-ly Jimmy E. O ' Bran W.S. Mullins John M. Adams John H. Heard Boddy C. Presley Joseph Wayne Willie Thompson Robert Bock Jimmy Linley Curtis Buckner Douglas Miller 152

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