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 - Class of 1947

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• y JlayrJ (71 OsQJuaJ tfsUsrr ' • 9 46 9 Al COO £) To the new visions and the new opportunities of the future students of the East Mississippi Junior College, who will take upon themselves the obligation to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom, we dedicate this 1946- 47 edition of THE LION THE LION STAFF Page 5 ADMINISTRATION Page 8 CLASSES Page 15 FEATURES Page 41 ORGANIZATIONS l Page 61 ATHLETICS Page 73 el 1 € Jtw. J L Frank Evans and Juanita Riddle Co-Editors George Calvert Business Manager James Springer Advertising Manager Winnie Jean Eley Organization Manager Kenneth Finley and Veda Jones Art Editors Lester Downs Photographer Mary Frances Kelly Assistant Editor Martha Ruth Oakley Assistant Organization Editor Aledamae Hurt High School Editor Joyce Triplett Assistant High School Editor Mrs. Cruce Stark Sponsor te I , w " X V( ' «» . " " - I " ' James Springer oy 2 I CLyJ) i i Winnie Jean Eley Georg s Calvert Ale omae Hurf $? BOARD OF TRUSTEES Kemper County SUPT. EDNA GULLY, Secretary DeKalb, Miss. E. A. TEMPLE Electric Mills, Miss. W. W. SHEPHERD DeKalb, Miss. HUNTER COLE DeKalb, Miss. C. E. BUSH Porterville, Miss. Lauderdale County SUPT. GEORGE W. BEEMAN Meridian, Miss. JOHN L. McLEMORE Meridian, Miss. GRADY CLARK Lauderdale, Miss. J. P. MARTIN Meridian, Miss. W. J. ANDERSON, M. D Meridian, Miss. Noxubee County SUPT. FRANK HURST, President Macon, Miss. L. T. ANDERSON Shuqualak, Miss. CALE PARKE Brooksville, Miss. B. G. PATTY Cliftonville, Miss. WADE LITTLE Cooksville, Miss. 0 - ' : : ' : ■•■ ; ' ■■ 4 lifb Nt»» H?T ' «w- JJ ' Vfc- " if ,: f ' : - T - ADMINISTRATION jMttg fl WWM P JBHWSM m Mitfa a tt iii BBgMi»lwa wmmmmMmmmmmmmmmm m suacz T It would be unfair to say that this has been an ideal school year, because life holds a few disappointments and disillusion- ments for each of us at times. Sometimes it takes a few hard knocks in life to make us appreciate good sailing. It is my sincere belief that before many years, you will sit down and thumb through the pages of this book looking at the faces of the many friends that you had at East Mississippi Junior College in 194-6-4-7. Isn ' t it possible, as you become reminiscent, you will consider this one of the most pleasant years of your life? For those who were responsible for building the 194-6-4-7 memo- ry book of East Mississippi Junior College we extend our sincere thanks. Then as now, Your friend, Cruce Stark H. H. Dawes B. S., M. A. Chemistry and Biology James E. Dean B. A., M. A., PhD Social Science N y . ? l a,ud ; O m s d B. G. Raden B. S., M. A. Dean W. S. Bond B. S. Band A. L. Tidwell B. S. Agriculture Miss Jeanne Henderson B. S. Home Economics J. S. Amacker B. S. Vocational Agriculture J Miss Evelyn Allen B. S. Business Administration Stephen Randall B. S. Industrial Arts Mrs. Fred Montgomery Secretary Mrs. H. H. Dawes B. A. Librarian Mrs. Conrad Robison B. A., M. A. Education ■MMMMRMM WW—WW i i niu ) mil WWWWMiBW W WI WW n W .» WUW £ Mrs. Bertha Stewart Dietition Mr. J. C. Jones B. A. Mathematics and Physics .,.:...■■■■■:.■.. ■ ■ ■ :.. ' ' ■■ ■■■■■■ ■ ■ . ■ ■ . Mrs. Alice W. Stark B. A., M. A. English Mrs. Marjorie McKewen B. A. Music Mrs. C. H. Thomas Business Manager c —WW WB PWaftfgHSW 1 Mrs. W. B. Jones Dean of Women Charles O. Daniel B. A. Bible Robert D. McRaven Aviation ■M ' mr % fi III lV ' ?■ ' -.;•■ m f ' Jf ; ag . iife- ' lii «r wt% ISP ft! r« -J SOPHOMORES i SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS si ■» II I is 1 I I. II li St 11 ' ft Si i:pi« ' ipiiijui " i nmiB ■■ ' a.iiiiiiaii ' iiuw»»JHi-.KitKa! i.uJ! Bac«asgM88ae8 ' G O ►cH ».«■« a WRMSW WS ' " r tlt i Heber Ethridge President J. M. Cullum Vice President Josaphine Smith Secretary Ruth Hutchinson Treasurer Christine Mathews Reporter George Adkins — Guin, Alabama " I have more understanding than my teachers, and thy testimonies are my study. " Margie B. Aust — Scooba " Grace in all simplicity. " Sara Aust — DeKalb " A mighty spirit fills that little frame. " Mamie Lou Aust — Scooba " The hand that made you good hath made you fair. " John Barrett — Shuqualak " Mind moves matter. " Dora Bounds — Bailey " A merry spirit doth good like a medi- cine. " George Calvert — DeKalb " Work is work and must be done; while I work, I have my fun. " Erlene Carter— Mashulaville " Strive to seek, to find, and not to fail. " Louise Cook — DeKalb " The grass stoops not; she treads on it so lightly. " J. M. Cullum— DeKalb " And so I rest your constant friend. " jjgjMHaWBWI Ti ' ■ " " i I I -TTTir-iirin mi in .. ii H— HWWW 1 1 ij.I Burma Ruth Dillard — Tupelo " Her soul is full of whispered song. " Helen Duncan — Preston " She is a phantom of delight. " Heber Ethridge — DeKalb " Knowledge is power. " Elizabeth Flora — Shuqualak " Adieu and farewell are sounds un- known. " Retha George — DeKalb " Virtue is like a rich stone — best plain- ly set. " Romey George — DeKalb " No enemy but winter and rough weather. " Grady Graham — DeKalb " Laughing is what greases the wheels of life and keeps them rolling. " Mattie Sue Gunn — Kewanee " She possessed a peculiar talent of pro- ducing effect in whatever she said or did 0j t 1 i farm, tn . John Guyton — Jackson ' ' 0uM " For man is man and master of his fate. " Ruth Hutchinson — Scooba " Mingle a little folly with your knowl- edge. " Hal Johnson — Shuqualak ' " He ' s a jolly good fellow. " Victor Kalfus — Pensacola, Florida " And what he greatly thought, he no bly dared. " Lillie Dale Little— DeKalb " Silence is golden. " Brakke Lockler — Brooksville " Life is what you make it. " 4»r Christine Mathews — Kewanee " We are not so happy or unhappy as we suppose. " Dan Meacham — Scooba " Noah was six hundred fore he knew how to buil loose your grip. , Fred Montgomery — Amory " Be not simply good, be good for sor e thing. " Arthur D. Moss — Paden " A bold spirit in a loyal breast. " William C. Oakley— Booneville X " He who has courage succeeds. " Lois Oubre — Scooba " To know her is to love her. " J ' r %v. mmmmmmtrnmi Norma Parmer — Porterville " Men call you fair and you credit it. " Connie Pennington — Pascagoula " There is great ability in knowing how- to conceal one ' s ability. " Howell Robinson — Columbus " He was the mildest mannered man. " Joyce Skipper — DeKalb " Once a friend, always a friend. " James E. Smith — Booneville " True as is the dial to the sun. " Josaphine Smith — Booneville " She ' s still the same beloved contented thing. " Sara Smith — Gholson " A mind content, a conscience clear. " Lura Stanford — Fulton " No simple duty is forgot. " Clovis Steele — Fulton " They ' re only truly great who are truly good. " Otis Sturdivant — Scooba V) " The way to have a friend is to be one. " Lionel Summerford — Amory " When study interferes with a good time, cut out study. " Homer C. Watkins — Meridian " The mirror of all courtesy. " Marie Welborn — Electric Mills " A rosebud set with little willfull thorns. " Royce White — Fulton What ' er he did was done with so much ease. it er he did was done with so much James Williams — Bethany " Strong is the spirit within him. " Lois Wilson — DeKalb " Sweet is every sound, sweeter thy voice. " Bobbie Gene Young — Tupelo " Believes in love, Santa Claus, and ev- erything. " Jerry Peden — DeKalb " Elegant as simplicity, and warm as ecstacy. " NO PICTURES: Thomas N. Adams — Citronelle, Ala. Earl Alexander — Scooba Rick Cavender — Amory Emmett Norris Creekmore — DeKalb Jessie Gregg — Slate Springs r Ralph Hedden — Batesville, Ark. Hershel McRae— DeKalb Randel Smith — Booneville i sid . mm — 4 i % Ut t f » . r- F™ ' ' »« , :. ■ ' ■: FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS it ! ■ 11 ' 1 I I I Bill Pressley President Jimmy Allison Vice President Alice Adams . ' .. Secretary Winnie Jean Eley Treasurer Jean Rosenbaum Reporter . m Clifton Branning — Meridian Sara Briggs — Scooba Marden Brown — Meridian Alice Adams — Scooba Hubert Alexander — Carrolton, Ala. Bonnie Jean Allen — DeKalb Jimmy Allison — Aberdeen Charlie Barrett- — Shuqualak J. B. Baty— Scooba H. W. Boone- Electric Mills James Boone — Electric Mills Robert C. Sanders— DeKalb Jack Boyd — Scooba Robert Bryan — Scooba s Kirby Cade— Brooksville cT Tom Cayson — Fulton ? » John Clark— DeKalb Eugene Clayton — Lauderdale John Colbert — Brooksville »-«- — sujC i - J b- +H J 1-C3 ' 4£ ' 4)S .- Jp ir. : . -: 5 Lynwood English — Amory William English — Amory William L. Estelle, tJrtt « ... «•» ■ »• I ■ " ; -- ■■::■ M Malcolm Ethridge -DeKalb t Derald Eldridge -DeKalb fKf Rfo Frank Evans-Tremor,. A T fi. Horace Wayne Farmer — Guntown Roy Herman Farrar, Scooba | Howard Curtis Floyd — Ashland . : M : Oscar Coleman — West Point 3 u-© Denton Cook— DeKalb George Russel Crosswhite — Prarie Lois Cullum — DeKalb Edward Darnell — DeKalb Guy Charles Darnell — Meridian 3 U 1 . " V " , Foster Dove- Guin, Ala. Lester P. Downs — Booneville Winnie Jean Eley- Scooba Erma Elliot — Shuqualak James Friday — Booneville . " Monroe Gentry — Macon Maizie Gifford — Scooba W , n l i e ff Margie Fay Glenn — Amory .Dorothy Helen Glidewell — Okolona James M. Golden — DeKalb [ ' " " But ' J Robert Mae Gordon- Porterville f : , Sam Graham — Okolona Murray Hailey — Preston Paul Hailey — Gholson Walter Hall — Porterville Robert Haney — Amory Drexel Heath — Albert Henders — Aliceville Walter Henders — Aliceville William Henders — Aliceville oCAy L Jc to James Henley — Aberdeen Curtis Henson — Nettleton William K. Hester — New Albany Harriette Josephine Hicks — Gainsville, Fla.. George E. Hill— DeKalb lifford Hpllpwcw— -Lctuderdale -t ' Aubrey Hopper — Lauderdale Grady D. Hopper — Scooba Shirley Home — Booneville YI i . Hunt— Guin, Ala. «Jj f .Charles Jaudon — Aberdeen ■■ wWalmadge Jones — Meridi Jesse Howard — Aliceville, Ala. Gaylon B. Hubbert- DeSoto Sam Hubbert, Jr.— DeSoto Virginia Hull — DeKalb i m m mm ■ I ¥ Marie Jordan— Columbus Mary Frances Kelly — Boonev. Leo C. Kirk — Louisville Veda Jones — Tremont Junior S. Johnson — BocSlevi William Eugene Johnson — Ful In Memoriam William Albert Lowry — Scooba Clarence M. Mc Arthur — Gholson Maxine McCaskill — Scooba Wiley Roy McCoy— DeKalb James Clark McDonald — DeSoto Douglas A. McGill — Boone ville H f »« jz A4 g c- — Truel Gray McKinney Enterprise Neal Key McLelland — % DeKalb Clyde S. McWilliams— DeKalb Douglas M. Means — Tupelo Danish R. Miller — Booneville Hugh Montgomery — Columbus Lester Moss — Paden . n r Doyle E. Neal— DeKalb John A. Nealy — Booneville t Rex Newborn — Booneville u) lU tkJr J ?U £ vvJ $v John F. Newell— DeKalb »— Martha Ruth Oakley — Booneville Hoyle S. Palmer — Bethany ?■ John Randolph — New Albany Irby Dean Redditt — Mobile, Ala Allison D. Reed— DeKalb William L. Rieves — Aberdeen Howard C. Richardson — DeKalb Juanita J. Riddle — Booneville • " fr Janell Parker — Scooba Janice Parker — Scooba Dorothy; Lou Pearson — Golden Joseph D. Pendergrass — Shuqualak v-4ohn E. Persons — Scooba Robert G. Pressley— Booneville Robert G. Pressley— Boonev: 0 +- William W. Pressley- Booneville Carlton Pruitt — Guntown Thomas W. Puckett— Porterville Donald Quinn — Bradley Edward J. Riley — Guin, Ala. Jean Carol Rosenbaum — Scooba Thurlow Russell — DeKalb iff QW £y A Earnestine Rutherford — Booneville irginia Rutledge — Fulton Davis Rutledge — Scooba t r M Carl Sanders — Amory Charles Sciple — Gholson Leonard E. Sharp — Porter ville Henry Shepherd — Gholson Madge Shepherd— Gholson Thomas Shepherd McLeod Charles E. Smith Gatman William A. Smith — Guin, Ala. Robert H. Sparkman — Cooksville James E. Springer — Okolona Fred Stanford — Amory Keldon Stanford — Fulton Zola Mae Stevens — Tre j£ Sammie E. Stewart — Scooba Forrest D. Stokes — DeKalb Richard Tapp— Guntown ' H p£ " •:. William Otis Walker— DeKalb Arthur L. Watts — Scooba Clinton B. White — Lucedale eryl Taylor— Clarkdale J " y Al larcel Joseph Thomas — New TJy Orleans, La. X a Curtis Tucker — Jackson •m tm IT JO PICTURES: Carolyn Aust — Scooba Jack Aust — Scooba Ralph Aust — Scooba Miburn H. Bounds — Bailey Dorris Branning — Meridian Jo Burrage — Shuqualak Mary Kate Caldwell — Aberdeen Joe Carter — Boone ville William Edward Conner, Jr. — De- Kalb Robert Ethridge — Meridian Guy Fleming — Mobile, Ala. Kenneth Finley — Scooba William Foshe — Houlka George Hairston — Crawford Burton Davis Hines — Aliceville, Ala. Ralph J. Howard — Fulton Nat Hurdle — Daleville Gilbert Hurt — Louisville Flavil Leon Johnson — Tremont Fannie Jones — Scooba Addie Love Wimberly — Scooba Wayne T. Young— Tremont Lanier Green — Cleveland I Jefferson D. Jordan — Columbus Boleyn E. Key— DeKalb James Lang — DeKalb Charles S. Lockley— Scooba Luna E. McCroy — Tremont Eddie Norwood — Shuqualak Harvey Odom, Jr.— Slate Springs Edith Permenter — Shuqualak Hulon Clyde Pippin — Booneville Wayne Pyron — Guin, Ala. Don O. Spearman — Tremont Douglas Stanford — Guin, Ala. Walter H. Steel — Meridian Robert Stewart — Scooba Ann Thomas — Macon Kenneth Turner — Macon J. T. Turnipseed — Columbus John Weir— DeKalb Stephen Wilson — Preston Norman Young — Booneville SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ! i I I I t " wt www w wi»i w» w «» wii MaBWMWMM wi wwwrw»awwiiwH»i aaw it W M ttawwww i iW B gwwwiwwiwwMWMiwwwi —an ( % i I .t n ww ■ jfatjjkgs aaaaoia fc ' j s aaag I Marion Yonge President Billie Opal Haskins Vice-President Joseph Edward Patterson ...Secretary and Treasurer «$? Marion Yonge II SENIORS Lola Burks ! I Dorothy Pearl Shelton Martha Dean Aust Rebecca Adams Peggy Jo Martin i Billye Opal Haskins SENIORS II 1 ■ 5 ' i i ' i 1 i I ' s 1 ■ if : m ! i I i i NOT PICTURED: Pauline Martin Henry E. Myers Thomas E. Griggs Billy E. West Syble Jean Killingsworth Joseph Edward Patterson ' 1 } v O . ■• ' ' V JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Charles Andrew Owens Reporter M argie Wimberley Secretary Birdie Ethel Parker President James Harold Aust Vice-President r JUNIORS r » " •- James Harold Aust Miriam Beazley Margaret Lee Aust Imogene Baty Dorothy Jean Boyd Sara Frances Boyd Louis E. Bryan Ray Cade Peggy Fayne Eley fi " t John Owen Daniels 4 I Dale Shelton Birdie E. Parker Joyce Marie Triplett George McDade Margorie Wimberley Aledamae Hurt Judith Knapp Richard Lamar Martin Charles Andrew Owen i • »■ --v Not pictured Olga Mae Howard Eloise West Allen E. Watts Ralph E. Brooks Eugene Baty 1 JO JgZ Pt€ df. mz cC i ft c n BILLV Smith T ■ ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' ' . " :: " . i rnw m tivmr nmt» m ;mi iit«m }l ' ,!X 2r !! ? X " e -e v r OUls; fc J. ' fw ' A. BUT D £ f f I I JUt UiS J MW f Cjal - XM t l himhi ■ ii mi. kjU 6l0WiXd QaScaf vU aaffej yC Sr CAROL.VN AUST .Apak matc tsz z k. LJ£as? C s. " O If , J kmah je R OSE BAUWl M o s T P o P U l A R « ' U. pr e VEDA JONES OffoAt ypfca JAMES FRIDAY MRS. CRUCE STARK P A MlTA R lOO -E. , % r v 8.y X i ■ ■ffirtini C " w. ijN i Cfe » s S? ' : lv ' f 4. IPI- J Mi T , „-.,.—- w 9 c o s G O o v YONQE m l ' i m3eir " « . . B !: nv-3 rpu +ruv« iacvr» mMar .- r± ? -.».-. -% .■ :» t K! nz.-i ts W:» »j.sr3f»i » ?«v. w :j. PAULINE MARTIN - U mm J 3t iu (ig t?- ' () mmeirnctn.mttmJlWijjiiiXi » l ? iti«.a» -jpji »i» 9» -.ic j » MOST MOST BEAUTIFUL HANDSOME a tcrst 4 - % „ T Co ?, e 4 S AR A .HA RU s eovo styo r A c?z f j OVCE TRIPLETT F R I N D 1 I T r A« T »H ARq. e Wi Qer t-v M O P o u L A R ©6 V ©U OO ' OA 6U c y i E S T j» vu 6 - au lol M «s, e ' M Q erl v Qur PAT T eRS oH -yi- y Ml SS JOYCE TAYLOR J r h o -1 XT ® L$ W nit o Miss Joyce Taylor Christine Matthews Oscar Coleman Royce White Margie Wimberly Sara Briggs Carolyn Aust Sara Frances Aust Charles Smith Virginia Rutledge Ann Thomas Homer Watkins Bill Pressley Lionel Summerford Jean Rosenbaum Joyce Skipper y Lois Oubre Peggy Eley Billye Haskins Jeryl Taylor Monroe Gentry Jeryl Taylor Donald Quinn Aubrey Hopper Lillie Dale Little Burma Ruth Dillard Elizabeth Flora Dorthey Lou Pierson Ernestine Rutherford Mary Frances Kelly John Neeley ar- i w i ' (A6U4. a. £a JOHN MEEL.Y " ROVCE WHIT wi i m i hi ' n ■ turn ■ i w ww i u i w i w,«4i ' .- i WuiJW. | ! . U ' l -w f »j g . " i ' j:i»A- ■ » » ». g mr ■ mi p tw8W I W N WW —— B J ' 3t ' ■feflp™ ■ " — jjj-- 1 1 1 ?f W Sara Briggs Charles Smith — Sec-Treas. Lois Oubre Maizie Gifford Jeryl Taylor Forrest Stokes Jean Rosenbaum Ann Thomas — Vice-Pres. Miss Joyce Taylor — Sponsor f Virginia Rutledge « BiUyOaHey a j ' Leo Kirk — Pres. Malcom Ethridge Keldon Stanford Royce White Fannie Jones Jack Colbert Emmett Norris Creekmore Edward J. Riley Heber Ethridge Arthur Moss n fyxaftorta ?? a$i o ?4 G j Jeryl Taylor, Vice-Pres. Billye Haskins, Reporter Curtis Henson, Pres. Aledamae Hurt, Sec-Treas. Mattie Sue Gunn, Prog-Chair. Dr. J. S. Dean, Sponsor Judith Knapp Elizabeth Flora Thomas Shepherd Homer Watkins Connie Pennington Burma Ruth Dillard Joe Carter Frank Evans Curtis T ucker Tom Cayson Christine Matthews Royce White Edward Darnell Drexel Heath u. v k mm HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Aledamae Hurt Elizabeth Flora Madge Shephard Judith Knapp Burma Ruth Dillard Helen Duncan, Pres. Miss Henderson, Sponsor Sara Smith, Vice Pres. Joyce Skipper Dora Bounds Shirley Home, Reporter Billye Haskins Christine Matthews Mattie Sue Gunn, Sec-Treas. Earline Carter SC IENCE CLUB Talmadge Jones Earlene Carter, Sec-Treas. Heber Ethridge Allison Reed Lura Stanford, Pres. Thomas Shephard Lester Downs Malcom Ethridge Leo Kirk, Vice Pres. Keldon Stanford Douglas Means Frank Evans Joe Carter Mr. Daws, Sponsor Charles Smith, Reporter " r temp Heber Ethridge - - President Drexel Heath - Vice-President Mae Stevens - - - Secretary Mrs. Stark - - Sponsor Others members are: Virginia Rutledge, Burma Ruth Dillard, Connie Penning- ton, Mae Stevens, Heber Ethridge, Madge Sheperd, Matfie Sue Gunn, Irby D. Redditt, Malcom Ethridge, Donald Quinn, Curtis Henson, Charlie Barrett, Vir- ginia Hull, Bonnie Jean Allen, Forrest Stokes, Bobbye Jean Young, Judith Knapp, Charles Smith, Earlene Carter, Talmadge Jones, Mrs. Stark. • 9 e C t» «y -t: t K 4 y ilHBil ' m Jf OAT OFFICERS OF B. S. U. Christine Mathews . .. ' President Helen Duncan Vice-President Dorothy Lou Pearson Secretary Jeryl Taylor Treasurer Tom Cayson Devotional Chairman Veda Jones Publicity Chairman Martha Ruth Oakley Social Chairman Joyce Skipper . Music Chairman Mary Frances Kelly Literary Chairman John Neely Extension Chairman Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Dawes and Miss Evelyn Allen Sponsors Rev. C. O. Daniel Pastor Other members are: Fay Glenn, Sara Smith, Elizabeth Flora, Aledamae Hurt, Judith Knapp, Ernestine Rutherford, Shirley Horn, Billie Reeves, James Friday, Edward Darnell and Thomas Shepherd. E-.M.J.C. G LEE CLUB OFFICERS President Lester Downs Secretary-Treasurer Dorothy Lou Pearson Reporter James Friday Other members are: Mae Stevens, Judith Knapp, Jeryl Taylor, Billie Haskins, Mattie Sue Gunn, Mazie Gifford, Helen Duncan, Dora Bounds, Lois Wilson, Elizabeth Flora, Lois Oubre, Juanita Riddle, Virginia Rutledge, Aledamae Hurt, Sara Briggs, Faye Glenn, Bobbie Jean Young, Martha Ruth Oakley, Ernestine Rutherford, Joyce Skipper, Heber Etheridge, Mrs. Marjorie McKewen, Forrest Stokes, Bill Reeves, Lester Downs, Buckie Daniels, Bonnie Jean Allen, Dorothy Lou Pearson, Madge Shepherd, Mary Frances Kelly, Miss Evelyn Allen, Veda Jones, Charles Smith, James Friday, Junior Johnson, John Neeley, Aubrey Hopper, Gene Clayton, Doyle Neal, Kenneth Finley, MalcolmEtheridge, Hugh Montgomery, Lester Moss, and Charles Owens. I! I! || d v ■ :- • -U j ■■••• U, SiSi; fl f •i iffl» P3£ E.M.J.C BAND Margie Wimberly, Drum Major Peggy Eley, Majorette Allison Reed, Clarinet John Owen Daniels, Trombone Miriom Beazley, Cymbals Charles Owen, Mellaphone Homer Watkins, Drum James Friday, Baritone Jeryl Taylor, Majorette Joe Carter, Clarinet Winnie Jean Eley, Flute Curtis Henson, Drums Marie Welborn, Majorette Jimmie Fordsman, Trumpet Mr. W. S. B ond, Director Lester Downs, Clarinet Billy Rieves, Clarinet Drexel Heath, Trumpet Not pictured: John Evan Pearsons, Trombone; Norman Young, Trumpet; Martha Van Bibber, Flute; Bobby Frost, Trumpet; John Quarles, Trumpet; Allen Watts, Bass Horn; Freddie Tripplett, Trumpet; Royce Stuart, Trumpet; Robert Ethridge. Saxophone; Patricia Watts, Clarinet. AVIATION ■ ; : :.- : : ■ : :-:;;::;:v:v...: ' ; ™ ;««-» " Ralph C. Aust Haynes Kirby Cade Joseph M. Cullum Robert L. Ethridge Ortus Lanier Green r Brakke Lockler Donald Quinn far Thomas C. Shepherd r » .ih Robert Edward Stewart James Turnipseed Addie Love Wimberly Drexel Heath Gaylon Hubbert Truel G. McKinney Howard C. Richardson Henry Shepherd h c Martha Ruth Oakley Ernestine Rutherford Jeryl Taylor Dora Bounds Marie Welborn Winnie Jean Eley „»Mmm,jik4nuto»» Coach C. L. Brooks Brakke Lockler Billy Oakley John Barrett Hal Johnson, Captain Grady Graham Marion Yonge Bud Riley Walter Henders Assistant Coach Boyd Hubert Alexander Jack Colbert Bill Henders Bill Estell Louis May Wayne Pyron Haroid Sparkman Jessie Howard Jimmy Smith Norman Young Bill Pressley Charlie Barrett Joe Carter Joe Windle Pap Pressley Albert Henders Douglas McGill Gaylon Hubbert Vic Kalfus Foster Dove Eddie Norwood James McDonald Lionel Sommerford Cheer Leaders: Billye Haskins, Sara Briggs, Doyle Neal, Shirley Home Rosemary White. Majorettes: Peggy Eley, Margie Wimberly, Jeryl Taylor. BOYS ' BASKETBALL Standing: Bill Pressley, Assistant Coach; Clyde Pippin, Harold Sparkman, Randal Smith, Douglas McGill, Pap Pressley, Guy Darnell and Coach C. L. Brooks. Front Row: Jimmy Smith, Lester Moss; Denton Cook, Billy Oakley, Danish Miller, R. F. Hedden and Grady Graham. GIRL tyStt UK (J Z i Standing: Bill Pressley, Assistant Coach; Retha George, Martha Ruth Oakley, Dorothy Pearl Shelton, Janell Parker, Janiece Parker, Josephine Smith and Coach C. L. Brooks. Front Row: Eddie Norwood, Manager, Jean Rosenbaum, Juanita Riddle, Jerry Peden, Virginia Rutledge and Dora Bounds. Oft =« m 7 s - m «si f ' J; tt ' ? » a h • ' y " " 4Sk|| ' • EM. J. V » J $ $ « ■- 4,.- , W a " % f t™ $ -W« 4M h rrl IT .» T1 • lit -J, 7$ Mk ■• F|» -J, L, , 4-1 -,• - 7 $ • ■. I W ■fcf J f ' ft r Mm T t i A H " iV ' .: ■ t H A F- £ M . J. c . J fc f$ t St «? I + £■ : :, , J ; r . ! $ S-CrflM of ?: ' ' ■ ■ » « VS ' SUrif- Dorothy Pc@rl f% ' ■ . ' . . ■«• • Cfc: T X. ? I . IJ.6. .! . V5 ¥S ¥5, u i i d 1 " 5s n- ■■ LI • ?-. « . ---■ But 9 f S 7 [N - % £L H $6l frs 5 C E N C E s 5355 212132 ON THE JOB THE FOREMAN ALL TOGETHER HARD WORK FINISHED ' jTl -t. -fe fepn? - V f W m. tfff THE L O V STORES fS vi 0 X$ s WELCOME X i CL£ANlNCb,LAUNDERINOr DeKALB, MISSISSIPPI ANP HAT B LOCKIN 3r-= PHONE | DeKALb ; WESTERN RAILROAD CDMPAM DeKALfc 4 WE5TERN TRANSPORTATION CO. Pel ALB. MISSISSIPPI 3 C I fl L6X LO£5 JD£. UNIVERSITY M E P I I A N 5TARRV I LLE z i i-i Lp-a 14 u L MEMPIAN, MISSISSIPPI F O F— . HAM) WAP E ' OHN Z)£BR£ MZM ZQUIPM6NT HAmPUJAKE HOKE DEKALB, MISSISSIPPI We Shall 3b Pleasbp To Sb£Ve You: Quality Gorges fb z Men Anp Wombs . Ot Paces aze A4osr MOOBZATB G)N$tPEZ.tN6r7H£ H GH Qi AL rY • • • corr PAr v M E P- I P I A M, MISS I S S I P P I AM AMEWCAN 5UPP0M EK tr THE EAST MI5SI55IPPI JUNIOR COLl£GE MISSISSIPPI ' S MOST EXCLUSIVE MITE CLUb -K DIME AND DANCE ORCHESTRA 7 NIG-MTS AWEEK. HIGHWAY SO WEST OP MERIDIAN.MISSlSSIPPI • MATIME-E EVERY SUN PAY- S. ' ooTo7-30RM. 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S ervice wfion AS • LUB • Ol U TRADE General Merchandise S M U Q U A L A K- M I 5 5 I $ 5 I P P I Macom Building i SUPPLY COMPANY Building Material fkoM foUNMTION TO Roof MACON. MISSISSIPPI i featEAT ON Center Key (jakaoe P E K.A L Ml 5 S I 5 S I P PI J.T.MSCULLY attorney -at -law Pe«al6, Mississippi FAKM SUPPLY P6ED5 PEK-ALE , M»55»55l PP| AomYOfiocm MbatMarkbt Staple Fancy $rp OCEKieS Ml 5SI SSI PPI ($ mpdm t(jfo- uu.R.rmcoY Staple amcy 6 0C£ £$ PBKAL8, MISSISSIPPI CALVBRT M RA£ toko pbalep. Parts op all kinds PEKAL , M $2iS IPPi EVERYTHING FOPi bUILDINO ELECTRIC MILLS, MISSISSIPPI EAST - $1 DE C i WE BUY ArsYTWINCj SELL EVERY miNGr De AL© % MISSISSIPPI G %, ES -MEATS • FRESH GltABllES V •s WH OLESALE AAIP FkETA I L WefypA YOUR QUSINESS 1 BEAUTY 5HOP Call SlO Ib AppoiNWEwf Laaaap Builoiko- MEP-i c? AM .MISSISSIPPI II mens shop 31 Z3 . p AVE. weft i pi Art. Mississippi (jl lttfzllfttttofy- LOH FURNITURE MISSISSIPPI THE CARROLL NOTION COMPANY WHOLESALE. pp.y OOP5 NOTIONS " 207 • Z5t« Avenue empiah, Mississippi OtV£A -Electpjc Anp Supply Co. 17.2.X - 4™ Wet ' 7e j2Uou(4?iz. MEfMDtAN .MISSISSlPPX • WASH I K4( . REAS I M . G-ASOLI N6. . Tl -B R.EPAIP— LAUPe PALE. MISSISSIPPI ADAMS DRUG COMPANY DRUGS 3 NP X Automatic ftfeHttf xMACHtNe$ Philco fiAPIOAfiJP | ££fKt y£RATO % P KA13,MISSISSIPPI •• " •• V • 1 PLEASE EVERYONE Temikme Apparel • 2217 5 5r. MERIPIAN, MI55I55IPPI K en p£Rs coui ty nr £55 r GePs DeKALe . Ml 5 5 1551 P PI oa £ Cto Company . U. AAID J.M. 5TErNNI£ WASHWfrAMP OK6ASmCr • SINCLAIR PR0PUCT5 • GOOPYEAP. TIP S PeKALB, MISSISSIPPI MEfclPlAN, MISSISSIPPI A Store of Supers Jewelry •ICEEP5AKE DIAMOND MNOS ELGIN ANP HAMILTON WATCHEJ c n ? £ps Of Onta fors fOK M M AMP lAp eS Jeweiay Akp Repaid Shop Mei »»P|AM, M I S$« SSI PP I " Mi Utf W. A. LEW I 5 PROPRlEfOlV o 1( T . M hllGHWAY ANP 50 T . rt AvE. MERIDIAN. MISSISSIPPI TlfkE COMPANY 4 th anp Zl ?f Avenue M6RIPIAH .MISSISSIPPI S T O P» E 819 • ' Zl s 7 AVE. £P tMtP 113 AA E P» I PIAN, M. I SSlSSi P P I DELUXE CAFE Opposite (5u5 Station me i pi am, mississippi WMANN ' S Since IS70 MEMPIAH, MISSISSIPPI DeKAlb FURNITURE SUPPLY CO. DeKALfc, MISSISSIPPI 3a$r IY sh£s LERnEPc JEWELRY Since 1913 MEfclPIAN.MlSSlSSlPPI THd voGue AVERIPIAN, MISSISSIPPI BEAUTY SKO? MERIDIAN .MISSISSIPPI EIGHT OCLOCK, COFFEE MILD AND MELLOW A4 P POOD STORE AAEfc PIAN, MISSISSIPPI L 11 StoV. SuJif m s MEAT CUMNCrAND LOCKED SEP--VICE KOXU5EE REFRIGER fflOK jtfSOCi fflON.IRG A.A.L • ( (DMfs pho. 3 7 MACOn,Ml55l35IPPl COTTON -SEEP MEAL COTTON -SEED HULl PURE CRYSTAL ICE PURCHASERS OF COTTONSEED TWOMOPEM GIN PLANTS MfietiaJL Cotton Oil Co. render personal S rvic to our customer MAK-fc OUR STORE YOUR. HOPPIN NTE MISS l S 5 I P P I DEPT. STORE MACOM , MlSJtSSIPPI DICK SO MOTOR CO. PHONE € DOD 6 • DOP E TRUCKS • PLYMOUTH MACON .MISSISSIPPI SlNCLAI R. PR.OPUCT5 AND GENERAL 11 PES WE SPECIALIZE JNJ MOTOR. TUM6 -UP • FPONr 6MD ALlGNMeHT flre afre euappedL z£ aiv u c fep- O ' ve Your Car LON EP-. life 3MIBBLIL $IEIZV0C£ 2r. C. Corrort, Ownei Staple an p Fancy Grocep-iesanp Meats ($AS • O L • T ££S 7C 3BS g 3a tte ies I R D ' S - eve frosted poops PASTEURIZED HOMO SEAilZEP (tBAPE ' A ' AAiuC. 99 SHELL) Mississippi D.LFMR LUMBER. CO. BRUCE. - LOUVSV ILLE. CLtV DRU6 CO- toi rWs Meet- " t COOBft. Wilts. Tr ost DfcUb COMPANY oiWrs tbrudsi j Metrics ouAuSt Schcer Supplies QPPt( HA .D WA .E. General farJujarQ Mil urtif ' ttrt Scooba, Miss. e R- iss. JOIsJfcS MOTOR, COMPANY Lhmusler J P f HcxtM Gits U . Dirts piDubes Cms ley electrical appliances Ca.ll 77 Dekalb, Mississippi iCfcMPfcR, MOTOR. COMPANY CHEVROLET coar . 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' UOUISE OfelETREE DAR.E " vA i %m.M SWEfci fAaton TT f A As J,. A. PHILIPS VWa£«y tw. Mjsrr Dt ulb (jA i ' tDMAb.ODEW Dtftdtb l D kodV ,l HAfcMOU.KNIfeHT lAUrididvv (V DeKalb t i Ss F MUOW MUSIC STORE .JP 9MMPS 6lFTjt ART SHOP CT Meridian (APtff tf .« . •f- 54.F (LfcFE. NlftYidliart FfcfcM SUPPLV CO. McriA ' voi f MkS. SALLY WALKER Cr lauded L. MuJUU alJc OF FRIENDS s A X o Ji — t- ufJ GUtJL 26, " W ? " .s a . »o Your yearbook is a store of treasured memories. The oft re- peated thrill of recollection which accompanies each new search through its pages will many times repay you for the care and consideration which has gone into its creation. We are proud of the part we have had in the production of this book. It indicates the wealth of ideas and ability which have made possible the long record of our school annual achievement. TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY Dallas, Texas f 1 H J I - J J I I ■Hi ■i ■Be ■1 u !■■ inH al m 9 SBhh

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