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Copyright 1940 HOLLY MARSHA I PAUL ADAMS - Editor Business Manager Dk 11111 m The members or the student body of East Mississippi Junior College at Scooba, M ssissippi rccrd and publish their va- rious campus activities of the past year in this the 7th volume of our college annual. OIZUJOI J From out the cornucopia of another year has come treasures, joys, sorrows, ideals, and re- newed hopes. If, while the years speed on their way and memories of our happy school life at East Mississippi Junior College begin to fade, the pictures and words herein review and preserve the memorable experiences of our college career, and impress upon us the constant challenge of the future, the purpose of the 1940 LION shall not have been in vain. HHBBtefa J—)zdLcatlon In recognition of the proficiency that he has attained in his chosen field of study, with highest regard for his patient guiding efforts, and with appreciation of the interest that he has shown in the students and their problems, the 1940 LION is respectfully and sincerely dedicated to — PRESIDENT J. M. TUBB (Tunc: Maryland, Mv Maryland) I sing thy praises o ' er and o ' er Dearest Ole E. M. J. C. Each day I love thee more and more Dearest Ole E. M. J. C. Thy every class room dear to me I love thy splendid faculty And all that doth pertain to thee Dearest Ole E. M. }. C. Some other schools boast wealth and name Dearest Ole E. M. J. C. But you e ' er claim the noblest fame Dearest Ole E. M. J. C. For many years you ' ve stood the test And many generations blest The grandest, noblest, and the best Dearest Ole E. M. J. C. No other school was e ' er so fair Dearest Ole E. M. J. C. Not one with thee can e ' er compare Dearest Ole E. M. J. C. Thy grand old record stands supreme And looking forward as I dream Thy future still more bright doth seem Dearest Ole E. M. J. C. Book One ADMINISTRATION Book Two CLASSES Book Three FAVORITES Book Four ATHLETICS Book Five ACTIVITIES Book Six ADVERTISING M 1 n i i IBoaxJof J%llitz£i KEMPER COUNTY SUPT. W. R. McCOY, Secretary DeKalb, Miss. |. B. MOONEY, M. D Scooba, Miss. W. W. SHEPARD DeKalb, Miss. HUNTER COLE DeKalb, Miss. C. E. BUSH Porterville, M ' ss., Rt. 2 LAUDERDALE COUNTY SUPT. GEORGE W. BEEMAN Meridian, Miss. JOHN L. McLEMORE Meridian, Miss. GRADY CLARK Lauderdale, Miss. W. B. ALLEN Meehan, Miss. W. J. ANDERSON, M. D Meridian, Miss., Rt. 7 NOXUBEE COUNTY SUPT. HENRY L. SPARKMAN, Pres Macon, Miss. S. ]. SMITH Scooba, Miss. T. H. GILES Shuqualak, Miss. GALE PARKE Brooksville, Miss. B. G. PATTY Cliftonville, Miss. tjfo tfm StucUnt SoJtj of £a6,t AiXii.i.ifLi.ih.l i JunLoi ColLzcjiel Tin ;ssion of 1939-1940 is rapidly drawing to a close. At ihis time 1 want 10 thank the student body tor its splendid cooperation and for the fine attitude expressed in all phases of school work during the entire year. 1 doubt if a finer group of students could be found anywhere. It is with pleasure that I look forward to being with you students who compose the Freshman class again next year. I know that your record as Sophomores will be even better than the one you have made this year. To the Sophomores: It is with regret that we have to give you up. However, we send you forth with a wish that each of you will have a life of continued usefulness and success in whatever you undertake. You will always have a welcome on your return to your Alma Mater. The Students and tea- chers next session will be disappointed, indeed if when the mil is called on Home-coming day you tail to answer to your name. Sincerely yours, 1. M. TUBB. MRS. HELEN MAYSON Dean of Women J. C. JONES, A.B Mathematics and Biology MISS LORES SHIPMAN, B.S., M.A English H. G. HAWKINS, B.S Agriculture C. R. STOKER, B.S Agriculture O. B. BREWER, B.S., M.A History (;. D. OLIVER, B.A., M.S Chemistry Z. L. KNIGHT, B.A., Athletic Director and Social Science C. E. McBRIDE, B.A. . Band Director and Social Science MISS LAVELLE THOMPSON, B.M Music B. A., M. A. For the past year Dean Charles E. Crawford has sincerely and conscientiously worked for the better- ment of East Mississippi Junior College. We pay tribute to him for his untiring efforts in overcoming our problems. His wisdom and kindness have won our admiration and love. A. R. DIETS, A.B., M.A Commercial MRS. BENTON WIELIAMSON, B.S., M.S. . . Home Economics MRS. DOUGEAS RAMSEY, B.A Librarian MISS SARAH OWENS, B.A., M.A Language MURRY COX, B.A., M.A Bible W. E. HARDY, A.B Bible MRS. A. T. HAMMACK Dietician MRS. C. H. THOMAS, B.S.C. . . Business Manager MISS MARY OLIVER EVANS Secretarv p Jj ru fu 3 oh.no mo %e± Offlazzi President PAUL ADAMS Vice-President JACK KALEY Secretary-Treasurer JOY STENNIS Reporter HOLLY MARSHALL Sponsor MR. G. D. OLIVER I !!1P Nearly two years ago seventy-two ambitious students entered the portals of East Missis- sippi Junior College in the continuance of their quest for knowledge. No adventurer ever set out upon his journey with half so brave a spirit as these green " freshies " who entered into this glorious adventure. To show that we appreciate what has been taught to us and that we intend to abide by it, the Sophomores selected this motto: " With the ropes of the past we will ring the bells of the future. " From the ma ' ny beautiful flowers on our campus we chose the Rose as our class flower. The class colors are blue and white. Time has passed. Our tasks here are finished, and tearfully, yet gladly, we make our exit through the same doors that we so expectantly entered. We must go. Even the tenderest ties that bind us here demand our departure, to face life and to face it squarely. ohh lOftlOXZl 1 1 1 1 1 1 i i i i i i ii i i i i i i i i i 1 1 » v I i i i i i i i i i i i i 1 1 i i 1 1 1 1 1 1 ADAMS, EUNICE A. A. - DcKalb " As full of sunshine as the breeze or spray t ssed up by the seas. " Thespian Club 1:2; Home Economics Club 1:2; Debate Club 2; Glee Club 1:2; Secretary and Treasurer Home Economic Club 1; Reporter Glee Club 2; Vice-President Thespian Club 2. ADAMS, PAUL - - A. A. - - - DeKalb " The world is good, the people arc good and we are all good people together. " Thespian Club 1:2; S Club 1:2; Glee Club 1:2; Reporter of Wesley Foundation 2; Debate Club 1:2; President Sophomore Class 2; Business Manager Lion 2; Football 1:2; Debate Team 1:2; Tennis 1:2; Baseball 2. ALEXANDER, GARTH A.A. - - - - Beaverton ' ' Footloose on a golden trail — my heart finds rapture. " Thespian Club 2; Glee Club 1. AUST, LUCILLE A.A. - - " God made her a woman, we take her as she is. French Club 1:2. Sco h. BLOUNT, WILTON - - - - - A.A. - - Scooba " Quiet and reserved without, dependable and sincere within. " BOSENBERG, CHARLES - - - A.A. - - - DeFuniak Springs, Fla. " If effort brings success, fame is his. " Thespian Club 1:2; Secretary and Treasurer French Club 1; President French Club 2; French Club 1:2; Debate Club 2; Assistant Business Manager Lion 1; Glee Club 1:2; Vice-Pres- ident B.T.U. 2; Tennis 2; Baseball 2. BOUNDS, JOHN A.A. - Collinsville " To know how to laugh is to know how to reign. " S Club 1:2; Glee Club 1:2; Basketball 1:2; Vice-President Glee Club 2; Tennis 1:2. BOYD. MRS. ONA J. - - - - A.A. Scooba ' Few hearts like hers with Virture warmed. Few heads with knowledge so informed. " BRITTON, CHARLIE A.A. - - - Cooksville " True to his work, his words and his friends. " Commercial 1:2; Most Courteous Boy 2. BROWN, ROY - Portervillc " All he asks is a merry yarn from a fellow rover. " Thespian Club 2; Glee Club 2; Tennis 2; Baseball 2. BURNETT, NELLIE A.A. - Preston " She mounts the ladder round by round — doing all things well. " BYRD, MARTHA A.A. Scooba " Darkness cannot exist where sunshine abounds. " Thespian Club 2, Glee Club 2. CARNES, SHIRLEY - - - - A.A. ----- Thaxton " To know him is to love him. " French Club 2; Debate 2; Chaplin Debate Club 2. CARPENTER, 1DELL A.A. ----- Collins, ille " Ever in smiles, never weary; always cheerful, nc er dreary. " Glee Club 1; Thespian I; Commercial 1. CLARK., DORIS A.A. ----- Collinsville " Her silver voice is like the rich music i I a summer bird. " Thespian 1:2; French 1:2; Glee 1:2; Cheerleader 1:2. CLAY. WILMER A.A. " Attentive ears and watchful eyes make him truly wise. " Debate Club 1; Mcst Courteous Boy 1; Assistant Editor Col- legian 1; Assistant Circulation Manager Collegian 2; Most Optimistic student 2. Rio COLLINS. RUPERT A.A. - - - - " He who has courage succeeds. " Commercial 1:2; S Club 2; Football 2. Pine Valley CONNER, HELEN CLAIRE - - - - A.A. - - - - DcKalb ' ' I laughed, and danced and talked and sang. " Thespian Club 1:2; Tennis 1; French Club 2; Commercial Club 1:2; Debate Club 2; Assistant Editor Lion 1; Secretary Debate Club 1; President Debate Club 2; Reporter Commercial Club 2. SofA zomoizs. 1 1 1 1 1 1 i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i IIIUU I I I I I I I I I ' ' I M I I j I I I I I I I COX, LYNWOOD ------ A. A. - - - - - Union " In stature smill — but just the same, a frit-nil to .ill. " Tennis 1:2. CREEKMORE, MARION - A. A. - DeKalb " Though he promises to his loss, he makes his promise good. " Glee Club 2; Most Handsome Boy 2. ETHRIDGE, WILLIAM " He h ' a: - - - - A. A. - wit ih. H will take him far. " Baseball 1:2. 3ailcy EVANS, SARA - - A. A. Scooba " Grass stoops not, she treads so lightly. " Commercial Club 1: Secretary-Treasurer Commercial Club 1. FEATHERSTON. WILLIAM BAKER - - A. A. Macon " All his faults arc such ihat one loves him si ill the better for them. " Assistant Business Manager Collegian 1; Thespian Club 2; Vice- President Freshman class 1. FERGUSON, BERTIS A. A. Pittsboro " She climbs over the rocks though they be rugged. " Dramatic Club 2: Home Economic Club 2; Glee Chili I. GLASGOW, HILDA - - A. A. " Blithe, energetic, tactful, reasonable. ' Home Economic 1:2. Scooba GOUDY, I WVKFNCF ----- Blue Mountain " To take things as thev are — that ' s my philosophy. " S Club 1:2: Football 1:2. ' GREGORY, DORRIS - - A. A. Horsey " None name thee but to praise. " Thespian Club 2; S Club 1:2; Most Popular Boy 2: French Club 2; Football 1:2; Secretary Freshman Mass 1. HARDIN, RUTH L. ----- A. A. - - - - Derma " The smiles that win, the tints that glow, but tell of good- ness spent. " Thespian Club 2: Tennis 1:2; Commercial Club 1:2; Sec- retary Commercial Club 2; Basketball 1:2; Best Girl Athlete 2; Most Popular Girl 2. HODGES, JAMES A. A. - - - Collinsville " Solemn he is, many friends are his. " Vice-President S Club 2; S Club 1:2; Basketball 1:2; Best Boy Athlete 2; Baseball 1:2. HUTCHINSON, JOHN N. - A. A. " A mind content, a conscience clear. Commercial 2; Tennis 2. Hollandalc JACKSON, PENNEY Macon " With a grateful pride we own your many favors. " Thespian Club 1:2; Commercial Club 1:2. JOHNSON, MARTIN A. A. - - Meridian " And thus he wore without abuse, the grand old name ol gentleman. " Thespian Club 1:2; Glee Club i- Business Manager Collegian 2; President B.T.U.; Tennis 1. KALEY, JACK - A. A. - - Bremen, Ga. ' ' With the bright coins of his pers ' n.ility he buys from the ragman, life, all kinds of lovely things: friendship, scholar- ship, athletic ability, and success. " Thespian Club 1:2; French Club 1:2: S Club 1:2; Football 1:2; Baseball 1:2; Vice-President Wesley Foundation 2; Most Versatile Student 2: Sports Editor Lion 2; Secretary-Treas- urer S Club 2. KELLEY, DELTRESS - A. A. - Mashulaville " A sweet disposition merits success. " Thespian Club 1:2; Glee Club 1:2; Commercial Club 1:2; Reporter of Commercial Club 1: Vice-Pres. Commercial Club 2. KITCHENS, GRACE - A. A. - " A mighty spirit fills that little frame. " French club 1:2. Scooba LANTZ, DAISY MAYE ... - A. A. - - - Amory " Capable and strong in spirit, with a smile for everyone. " Thespian Club 2; Home Economic Club 2; Debating Team 2; Glee Club 2; Vice-Pres. Debate Club 2. ofin omoxzi 1 1 1 1 1 1 i i ii i i i i i i ii i i i i i i i i i i i i i Mill I I I I I I I I MARSHALL, HOLLY A. A. Cedar Bluff " A girl of sterling quality and many gifts that endear her to all who come in contact with her. " Thespian Club 1:2; Glee Club 1; Edt. Lion 2; Reporter Soph- omore Class 2; Sec. B. T. U. 2; Most Intellectual Student 2. McCOY, ISOBEL - A.A. - DeKalb " The hand that made you good, hath made you fair. " French Club 2; Thespian Club 1:2; Commercial Club 1:2; Reporter Freshman Class 1. McDADE, EUGENIA - - A.A. Sucarnochee " Too true to flatter, too kind to sneer. " McLAURIN, EDN ' A EARL A.A. - - - " A still tongue oft portrays a deep mind. " McNeil, wilson a. a. ... - ' ' Men are of two kinds and he is the kind I would like to be. " Preston Bailey McQUARY, LEE A.A. Woodland " What a bother to be handsome. " Thespian Club 2; S Club 1:2; Most Handsome Boy 1; Football 1:2; Basketball 1:2. MILLER, GLYNN A.A. - - - - - Scooba " Sometimes I sit and think and think and think, and some- times I just sit and sit and sit. " Debate Club 1. MILLER, DORIS AA.. Philadelphia " Sincerity is the keynote of her personality. " Thespian Club 2; Glee Club 2; French Club 1:2; Edt. Collegian 2; Miss E. M. ]. C. MOORE, ROBERT - - - - A.A. - - - - Riderwood, Ala. " He who loves not wine, women, nor song, remains a fool his whole life long. " S Club 1:2; Glee Club 2; Football 1. NICHOLSON, ALENE A.A. Ulica " On her is bestowed all the sweetness and loveliness of womanhood. " President Thespian Club 2; Thespian Club 1:2; Glee Club 1:2; Debate Club 2; French Club 2; Secretary-Treasurer Debate team; President Wesley Foundation 2; Circulation Manager Collegian 2; Friendliest Girl 2; Secretary-Treasurer French Club. OUBRE, A. J. A.A. Scooba " Cheerfulness is cheaper than grouchiness; why pay the price? " S Club 2; Tennis 1:2; Baseball 2; Football 1:2: Commercial Cub 1:2; Vice-Pres. Commercial Club 1. POOLE. FRANK A.A. - - " When study interferes with a good time, DeKalb jut study. " POOLE, MARGARET - - A.A. - - - - Electric Mills ' ' Work is work and must be done, yet as I work I have my fun. " RAE, IMA A.A. - - - Porterville " Grace is in all her steps, heaven in her eyes. " SANFORD, ANNIE RUTH - - - - A.A. - - - - Preston " In her modesty, like a star among earthly lights. " SANFORD. LEONARD ' ' Let knowledg A.A. ----- Preston grow from more to more. " SATERFIELD, WALTON ■ - - - A.A. - - " Y ' o ' ung in limb, in judgment old. Glee Club 1; Baseball 1:2. Collinsville SHEPARD, MARVEL A.A. - - - DeKalb " Neat in appearance, pleasing manner — and a very likeable person. " Home Economic Club 1:2; Thespian Club 1:2; Glee Club 1:2; Sec.-Treas. Wesley Foundation 2; Sec.-Treas. Home Ec. Club 2. ■ ' ■:■■■■■ ■■:■■-■■ . ■ .. . ■ .... .■■ ' :. .■ .... ,,... ... ... ■ ■■:■.■■:.■■■ ■■,■■. .. ■ .v. .. ■■ ■ ■ m SINGLEY, LFF, - Souwilpa, Ala. " )oy rules in him like a summer moon. " S Club 1:2; Football 1:2; Baseball 1:2; Campus Shirk 2. SKIPPER, ELIZABETH A. A. DeKalb " One that was a woman. " Thespian Club 2; Glee Club 2; Debate Club 2; Home Economic Club 1:2; Pres. Home Econ. Club 1:2; Tennis 1:2. SNiDER, ALICE CLAYTON - - - - Shuqualak " Beauty is truth, truth beauty. " Thespian Club 1:2; Home Economic Club 1:2; Art Edt. Lion 1:2; Most Courteous Girl 2. STANLEY, GRACIE - A. A. - - Electric Mills ' ' A pard-like spirit, frank and sweet. " STEELE, WILBUR ■ A.A. - Fulton " A tower of strength which stood four square to all the winds that bleu. " Thespian Club 1:2; S Club 1:2; Football 1; Pres. S Club 2; Tennis 1. STENN1S, JOY - A.A. - Macon " Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety. Thespian Club 2; French Club 2; Debate Club 2; Sec. Soph- omore Class 2; Asst. Edt. Collegian 2; Sec. Debate Club 2. STEVENS, OMAR - Smithville " He is the ladies ' delight. " French Club 2; S Club 1:2; Glee Club 1; Basketball 1:2. STEWART. PH1LUP ------ Sarepta " He ' s a jolly good fellow. " S Cub 1:2; Football 1:2; Basketball 1; Tennis 1:2. TAYLOR, ETF1EL A.A. Macon ' •Life ' s no joke; that ' s true, " she says, " but there ' s no use- being long-faced about it. " Thespian Club 1:2; Commercial Club 1:2. TINSLEY, GRACE - A.A. - - Scooba " She was a form of life and light. " VAN DEVENDER, CLINTON A.A. - - Gho ' son " Nothing is more friendly to a friend than a friend in need. " S Club 1:2; Basketball 1; Baseball 1:2, Football 1. WADE, MAX - Cslhcun City " He seemed so near and yet so far. " Commercial 1:2; S Club 1:2; Football 1:2. WEBSTER, HORACE - A.A. - - Caledonia " Hope elevates and joy brightens his crest. " Tennis 1:2. WELLS, HOYT ----- A.A. - - - - - Shuqualak " True as is the dial to the sun. " Glee Club 1; Thespian Club 1:2; French Club 1; Art Edt. Lion 2 WENDOLKOWSKI, WALTER A.A. DeFuniak Springs, Fla. " Studious to please, yet not ashamed to fail. " Thespian 1:2; French 1:2; Reporter French Club 1; G ' ee Club 1:2; Most Popular Boy 1; Cheerleader 1:2; Tennis 1:2. Base- ball 1:2. WESLEY, WOODY A.A. DeFuniak Springs, Fla. " Aye, every inch a king. " Glee Club 1; S Club 1:2; French 1; Sports Edt. Collegian 2; Fcolball 1; Tennis 1. WIGGINS, CARL - A.A. - Evergreen, Ala. " The greater man, the greater courtesy. " Thespian 1:2; Baseball 1:2. WOOTEN, BYRON - - DeFuniak Springs. Fla. " For man is m. n, and master of his fate. " Glee Cub 1; French Club 1. KOBINSON, M. D. Tremont " Eyes bright with things he never tells. " Baseball 2. 1 INOLF.Y, HEWITT - - - DeFuniak Springs, Fla. " Free hearted, a pal to all. " S Club 1:2; Tennis 1:2; Baseball 1:2. ohri omoxzi 1 1 1 1 1 1 i i 1 1 i i i i i t it i i i i i 1 1 1 i 1 1 i i i i i 1 1 i Mill I J I I I I I I -J i£. ohJioniois, • • BODY— The big part ROBERT MOORE CARBURETOR— Distributor of hot air CHARLES ROSENBERG BRAKE— Always handy JACK KALEY CUTOUT— Source of noise DORIS CLARK CRANK— Always trying to start something HELEN C. CONNER MOTOR— Medium of motion GARTH ALEXANDER CLOCK— Sometimes slow JOHN BOUNDS HORN— Loudest part HILDA GLASGOW LICENSE— A necessity HOLLY MARSHALL GAS— Always running something . OMAR STEVENS OIL- Always helping out ALENE NICHOLSON SPRING— Lively part DELTRESS KELLEY SPARE TIRE— Always behind ETHEL TAYLOR MUFFLER— Quiet please MARTIN JOHNSON EXHAUST PIPE— Always missing LEONARD SANFORD WINDSHIELD— A protector PAUL ADAMS RUNNING BOARD— Always being stepped on WILLIAM ETHRTDGE CHOKER— Always pulled on PENNEY JACKSON SPOT LIGHT— Confusing to those meddling JAMES HODGES PAINT— Plenty of it MARTHA BYRD GEAR SHIFT— Always in the way HORACE WEBSTER BATTERY— Always run down CLINTON VAN DEVENDER FOOTFEED— Always pressed on ELIZABETH SKIPPER BUMPER— Always hitting something EUNICE ADAMS TOP— Six foot from ground BYRON WOOTEN BED— Close to the ground GRACE KITCHENS TAIL LIGHT— A ' ways out at night WILBUR STEELE The driver of the E. M. J. C. flivver is Prof. Oliver accompanied by the back seat drivers . . . the faculty. Offi LCEIS. President FRANK KALEY Vice-President JESSE RAY FUQUA Secretary MADAEENE CLIFTON Treasurer MYRTLE REESE Reporter BROWNIE LONG MR. HAWKINS It wasn ' t much fun to find that we couldn ' t always do just as we wanted to do, and that sometimes at home our grades didn ' t receive the joyous reception we had ex- pected, hut these disillusionment were infinetesimal, compared to the inferiority-complex we developed through playing maid and valet to our upper classmen. The combination of Home Coming Day with Freshman Day nearly floored us. Belonging to clubs was fun. Even the classes weren ' t as had as we had thought. We sighed as the Christmas holidays closed, but when we were back on the campus, our happy shouts showed how glad we were to be together again. Although we have found that college isn ' t all seeing football games, our enthusiasm for East Mississippi Junior College has become greater and greater. As we turn the pages of the Lion, we will look back upon our first college year and recall memories of some of our most pleasant school terms. jxzsh msn ADAMS, HAROLD Porterville ALFORD, CAROLYN DeKalb AVERY, JAMES CODY Paulette BAGGETT, ROBERTA Philadelphia BAILEY, ILENE Pine Valley BASHAM, CORA CATHERINE Hamilton BAIT, BERTHA Scooba BENNETT, JAMES Vardaman BLACK WELL, EVON Porterville BLANKS, EDWIN Collinsvillc BRASHER, GRADY Sarepta BROOK, MURIEL Smithville BROWN, T. A Smithville BROWN, WILLIAM DeKalb BURLESON, WILLIAM V- Fulton i ' CAWTHORN, WILLIAM . . . DeFuniak Springs, Fla. CLARK, ODIE Houlka CLAYTON, BEN Meridian COLLINS, GRADY Pine Valley CHILCOAT, MELBA ' . . Sarepta CLIFTON, MADELENE Fulton CORBETT, R. B Baldwin CROMEANS, OLYNDIA Fulton DAVIS, DOW Smithville DAVIS, MERLE DeKalb DeMARCO, PROSPERO Natchez fiEin mzn DODSON, LESLIE Columbus ELEY, BILLIE Scooba FUQUA, [ESSE RAY .......... Columbus GARNER, JANIE JPorterville GREEN, CLARANCE Nettleton GRISHAM, WESLEY Baldwin GULLY, ARNOLD Preston GUNN, BERNICE Kewanee HAMMACK, MRS. WALLACE Scooba HATCHER, LESTER Collinsville HATCHER, MARTIN Collinsville HAND, ELMO Collinsville HAND, LORHEE Collinsville HALL, MURIEL Porterville HARBOUR, RETHA ........... DeKalb HARDIN, ADDILENE ........,, Pittsboro HARGETT, ORVILLE Golden HARMON, HILDA Smithville HARRISON, ELEANOR Fulton HARRISON, MARGARET Sarepta HAYES, ROBERT Vardaman HEAD, JAMES Ozark, Ala. HEATHCOCK, CONNIE ......... State Line HODGES, FRANK Collinsville HOOD, JOE State Springs HOWARD, ROSABEL Electric Mills s fiz nmsn HUMMER, VERNON Prairie Point HUTCHERSON, DORIS Geiger, Ala. HUTCHERSON, JOE Scooba JOHNSON, ARLENE Smithville JOHNSON, ELSIE Meridian JOEINSON, HERBERT Scooba KALEY, FRANK Bremen, Ga. KITCHENS, LEONA Scooba KITTRELL, EEWIS State Line KNAPP, ROY Mobile, Ala. EINDLEY, ANNA LEE ......... Baldwin LISENBY, WILMER Ozark, Ala. LOCKLEY, VAN Scooba LONG, BROWNIE DeKalb LUKE, ERCELLE Preston McDADE, L. D Porterville McDONALD, LINTON Meridian McLEMORE, ELIZABETH State Line MAXCY, LENELL Golden MIZE, ELZIE LEE Quincey NULL, WILBURN Lauderdale NUNN, BILLIE Quincey OWENS, RANDALL Fulton PAGE, DORIS Red Bay, Ala. PALMER, LOUISE .........,,, Preston PATTERSON, OUIDA Amory J d imsn PIGFORD, T. S Kewanee QUARLF.S, LEON Scooba RANKIN, SHELLIE Nettleton REESE, MYRTLE Fulton RICHARDSON, ]. W Meridian ROBERTS, WALTER Vardaman RUSH, CARROLL Porterville SHEFFIELD, VERLON Dorsey SIMPSON, DOROTHY DeKalb SMITH, GEORGE DeKalb STEVENS, LOAS Smithville STEWART, LORAINE Nesbitt STUART, ROY Macon STURDIVANT, TRUMAN Derma THOMPSON, DRAPER Shannon TILGHMAN, EARL Scooba ULMER, JOHN N Scooba VINCENT, EILEEN Collinsville WARREN, OMERA DeKalb WEAVER, SARAH Quitman WEDGEWORTH, DOROTHY Lauderdale WHEELER, EVA Fulton WHITTLE, FRANCES Vardaman WILLIAMSON, RUIE Red Bay, Ala. WOODS, LAMAR Dorsey WEAVER, J. R , Tishomingo C an PRESIDENT VIRGENE CLARK VICE-PRESIDENT CLAY EVANS SECRETARY-TREASURER DOROTHY HOLLIS REPORTER MARGARET WIMBERLY LOIS AUST ELIZABETH BEAZLEY RAYMOND BLOUNT DIXIE BRIGGS ETTA BROOKS SYBIL BROOKS VIRGENE CLARK CLARA L. EDWARDS CLAY EVANS LILLIE ANN GIFFORD NORMA HELM DOROTHY HOLLIS BESSIE B. HURST MARGARET ANN HUTCHINSON FRANKIE KEY JAMES T. LANIER HORTENSE LAVENDER BILLIE LAVENDER SMITTIE LAVENDER LEANARD PERSONS JAMES H. THOMAS ANNA RUTH WALL MARGARET WIMBERLY We the Seniors have for four long years been looking forward to 1940. Now that it is here it has been a richer and fuller year than even we had anticipated. During the first semester there were football games, Thanksgiving holidays, and rings and invitations to o r dcr. After Christmas came basketball season. In March and April a number of our members participated in the literary-field meets held here and in Meridian. On April 9th we presented our class play, " Cinderella Rose. " Then followed our class night exercises, the alumni banquet, and at last the delivering of our diplomas. Our high school days are now over, but they have left their imprint upon our minds and our char- acters. Through them we have been made strong, " To seek, to strive, to find, and not to yield. " ? LUZtOZ Oh Officii HARMON KNIGHT PRESIDENT ARTHUR CARPENTER VICE-PRESIDENT THELMA GOSSARD SECRETARY JULIA BRYAN TREASURER MARJORIE TEMPLE , REPORTER FANNIE WIMBERLY REPORTER MISS SARAH OWENS , , SPONSOR ADAMS, JAMES LLOYD BRYAN, JULIA CARLEY, ELLA LEE CARPENTER, ARTHUR GORE, WILMER HOPPER, JEAN HOPPER, JOYCE JOHNSON, FRANCES JOINER, JASPER L. KNIGHT, HARMON LOCKLEY, GUY C. KITCHENS, BILLIE MAYFIELD, ADA MAE SHEPARD, DOTT SNEED, JANIE TEMPLE, MARJORIE THOMAS, MARY AGNES TILGHMAN, FRED TINSLEY, JACK WARREN, MAMIE WILLIAMS, MARJORIE WIMBERLY, FANNIE It is really a jump from the highest class in Junior High to the lowest class in Senior High and Junior College — so the eleventh grade tells us. They have successfully accustomed themselves to a new school and a new faculty, this year and anticipate doing even better next year. MOST HANDSOME BOY MARION CREEKMORE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRI ROSABEL HOWARD :: M. . ' ' ' .. ' ., si •. : , i JHUniii wll Jjjl ■ :•;:: ■:.■■ ■ ' . ,:. :. jllllll- MOST DESERVING STUDENT JANIE GARNER MOST OPTIMISTIC STUDENT WILMER CRAY MOST VERSATILE STUDENT JACK KALEY MOST INTELLECTUAL STUDENT HOLLY MARSHALL FRIENDLIEST BOY FRANK KALEY FRIENDLIEST GIRL ALENE NICHOLSON iisiiv. ■■I M I III ■I ii% : " CUTEST GIRL OMERA WARREN WITTIEST BOY ROY KNAPP MOST COURTEOUS GIRL ALICE CLAYTON SNIDER MOST COURTEOUS BOY CHARLIE BRITTON BEST LIKED PROFESSOR MR. JONES MOST TYPICAL FRESHMAN GEORGE SMITH Hk %.„,., CAMPUS FLIRT CAROLYN ALFORD CAMPUS SHIEK LEE SINGLEY MOST POPULAR GIRL RUTH L. HARDIN MOST POPULAR BOY DORRIS GREGORY BEST BOY ATHLETE IAMES HODGES BEST GIRL ATHLETE RUTH L. HARDIN IL h Coach Z. J-. Iidzirr -J nlqn.t Coach Knight is one who is interested in not only the present hut also the iuture welfare of his athletes. No character has ever been warped by him, for he is a teacher of true sportsmanship. His teams are disciplined; therefore they are respected as he is. " »■— II ■ ■«■« The title Dream Book could well be applied to this collection of pictures and descriptions of ac- tivities at E. M. J. C. during the 1939-40 school year. Yes, a dream book that will in moments of solitude in years to come so bring back memories that you will seem to live again that most beauti- ful time of all — school days. For you who participated in this particular phase of activity, only a slight reminder will be necessary to cause a flood of memories, both happy and trying, to present itself so realistically that you will almost feel again the jar of bodily contact. You will need only the mention of the name Scooba or football to recall the hours of practice spent in preparation for each game. The lessons learned have made lasting impressions on your mind and character and will go with you through life. You who were not members of the team or its accomplices will remember a few of the thr.lls and disappointments that came with the games of this year ' s football campaign. You probably will, however, so blend the remaining events of these games with those of other years that nothing short of a detailed account of each game would recall them to you. If you are to remember anything, remember the team as a whole and the boys that composed it. The team itself was one which showed at times sparks of brilliance that were to die away in the space of minutes and leave everyone muttering the same words, " If they could only play like thai all the time. " The team was one that earned praise for its conduct and caused comment because of its lack of size; a team that had few if any individual stars, except of course in the minds of the players themselves; a team that fought hard, was a good loser, and best of all a good winner. Jootfraff — Hi w 4UMFm ........ His i ill ' " IIhshhh First Roy: Quarles, McQuary, Burleson, McDonald, Knapp. Middle Row: Adams, Wade, Johnson, McDade, Oubre, Sturdivant. Top Row: Brown, Gregory, Singley, Loraine, Stewart, lack Kaley, Steele; Coach Knight. j00tl7aLL anEuiiLS. E. M. J. C. " Lions " Raymond at DeKALB (Night Game) Sept. 22 Wesson at Wesson Sept. 29 Summit at DeKALB (Night Game) Oct. ( Perkinston at SCOOBA (Homecoming) Oct. 13 Senatobia at Senatobia Oct. 21 Ellisville at Ellisville Oct. 27 Poplarville at Poplarville Nov. 3 Decatur at Decatur Nov. IS « » Billie Cawthon, Tackle; Paul Adams, Tackle; Lee Singley, Center: Lin on McDonald, Back; Bill Burleson, Guard; Wilmer Lisenby, Back; Joe Hutchinson, Back. m Wim Jill? 4 Jf . PP H IPSsiss Summit CJ4.. aooua The Lions probably outplayed this Summit team more than the score would indicate. Neither team scored during the first half, but the Lions gained much yardage. After the rest period, Scooba scored the lone touchdown of the game and successfully stopped the Summit Thrusts — once on the two yard line. « » " Poochic " Oubre, Pack; L. D. McDade, Tackle: Evon Blackwell, End; Max Wade, Guard; Herbert Johnson, End; Rupert Q llins, Guard; Jack Kaley, Guard. IflHf •« ' : IP ±J £ikui±ton (fyarnz This is a scene from the annual Homecoming Day game. Taking the opening kick off the Lions threatened to score, but Perkinston ' s defence tightened before they crossed the goal. The remainder of the game was played near midfield except when Perkinston, after a long punt return, scored the lone touchdown of the game. « » Van Lockley, Back; Lorraine Stewart, End; Leon Quarlcs, Jr., Center; Roy Knapp, Back; Lee McQuary, Guard, Dorris Gregory, Tackle; Wilbur Steele, Back; Truman Sturdivant, Back. So ' SaJUtUf First Row: Coach Knight, Frank Hodges, Lee McQuary, James Hodges, William Burleson, Truman Sturdivant. Second Row: L. I). McDade, Martin Hatcher, John Bounds, Evon Blackwell, Joe Hood. « » The boys ' basketball team enjoyed a rather successful season this year by winning eleven out of seventeen conference games and one out of the two exhibition games played. Having the third best percentage for games won and having beaten, at least once, every top rank- ing team in the circuit except one which it did not play, the boys ' team participated in the annual tournament. Since six lettermen return, equal if not more success is anticipated for the team next year. « » Evon Blackwell, Guard; Truman Sturdivant, Center; Joe Hood, Guard: John Hounds, Forward, Lee McQuary, Forward. y aunzond JDaikstljaLL amz The climax of the baskethall season, as far as the boys ' team is concerned, probably came with the final game of the season. Giving due consideration to the many other brilliant exhibitions of basketball prowness that were given by our team, we are inclined to believe that this one surpassed them all. Not without reason do we hold this contention, for we know in the end — and this was the end — that this Raymond team was the best we played, since we did not have privilege of playing the love team that bettered them either in season percentage or in the tournament. The game itself was one that comes only when two high caliber teams composed cf spirited youth meet to determine, at least for a time, which is superior. This victory and the impressive performance of the freshmen players give the Lion supporters an idea that next year the sky will be the limit. « » L. D. McDade, Forward; William Burleson, Guard; James Hodges, Forward; Frank Hodges, Forward; Martin Hatcher, Guard. gixL Bas tue Ruth L. Hardin, Carolyn Alford, Elizabeth Skipper, Dorothy Wedgeworth, Kathryn Ballard, Ercelle Luke, Frances Whittle Flynn, Ilene Bailey, Muriel Hall, Muriel Brook, Omera Warren, Melba Chilcoat, Coach Knight. « » Under the capable direction of Coach Knight the Lion ' s sextet played commendable games all through the season. Although the team won only two out of the fifteen games played, they are to be commended for their good sportsmanship. The highest scorer was Ilene Bailey, who played an excellent game assisted by Carolyn Alford, Melba Chilcoat, Frances Whittle Flynn, and Kathryn Ballard. Playing guard were Ruth L. Hardin, Omera Warren, and Muriel Hall. They were splendid examples of good team work. The reserves, Dorothy Wedgeworth, Ercelle Luke, Muriel Brook, and Elizabeth Skipper certainly deserve the highest praise for their performance in substitute role. E. M. }. C. is looking forward to a very successful season next year. The team will be centered around Ballard, Alford, Luke, Flynn, Chilcoat, Hall, Warren, Bailey, and Brook. « » Ruth L. Hardin, Guard; Melba Chilcoat, Forward; Carolyn Alford, Forward; Kathryn Ballard, Forward: Ilene Bailey, Forward: Muriel Hall, Guard: Omera Warren, Guard: Frances Whittle Flynn, Forward. Dl znna l efeM f ' . Wmm First Row: Addilene Hardin, Wesley Grisham, Dot Simpson, and Dorris Page. Second Row: Roy Knapp, Omera Warren, Ouida Patterson, Elizabeth Skipper, Myrtle Reese, Eileen Vincent. Third Row: Helen Claire Conner, Eunice Adams, Lenell Maxcy, Jesse Ray Fuqua, Paul Adams. Fourth Row: Ethel Taylor, Joe Hood, Ted Whittle, James Bennett. « » Although tennis at East Mississippi Junior College is not classed as a major sport, after the first breath of spring one may always see large groups of students about the tennis courts. Some are just watching a " bang-up " match and others are actually participating in the game themselves. Both dormitories furnish many capable and efficient players who have been striking the ball with quite a bit of precision. A school tournament is being arranged for the near future when medals for singles, doubles, and mixed doubles will be awarded. The probable run ups for singles will be Wesley Grisham, Jesse Ray Fuqua, Ruth L. Hardin, Linton McDonald, Jamie Garner, John Bounds, Elizabeth Skipper, and Phillip Stuart. czTTLQh Jb chooL J aiks-tuall First Row: C. Knight, Lavender, Hopper, H. Knight, Carpenter, Lockley. Second Row: Coach Knapp P. Aust, Glasgow, R. Aust, Lanier, Gore, Boyd, Atkinson, Coach Robinson. « » The High School launched their basketball season this year with a much brighter outlook than they have had in years. Led by Captain Knight, fast stepping guard, and coached by Roy Knapp and M. D. Robinson, they rounded out a very successful season of fourteen games. Carpenter at the forward post was probably the best floor man on the team with a coolness in tight spots and an accuracy of floor shots that were always welcome. His running mate, Lockley, played a smooth, steady game all the season and led in the scoring parade. Atkinson and Lavender are to be complimented for their nice pass work and their exceptional value in taking the ball off the back board. Hopper, small as he was, had plenty of scrap and was tops in keeping up the morale of the team. Gore, Aust, Glasgow, and Boyd did well in the role of substitutes. This group of boys had a wonderful spirit and played clean hard basketball throughout the season. They are looking forward to an even more successful season next year. -Jhz Co Llecj Ian DORIS MILLER Editor-in-Chief MARTIN JOHNSON Business Manager Staff fOY STENNIS Assistant Editor FRANK KALEY Assistant Business Manager ALICE C. SNIDER Society Editor WOODY WE SLEY Sports Editor ALENE NICHOLSON Circulation Manager WILMER CLAY Assistant Circulation Manager OUIDA PATTERSON Joke Editor MARGARET WIMBERLY 12th Grade Reporter MARJORIE TEMPLE 11th Grade Reporter MRS. MAYSON, MR. BREWER Faculty Advisers ? ? ? ? ? Super-Snooper « » The COLLEGIAN, a monthly periodical, which is published by the students of East Mississippi Junior College, includes news from the college and high school, as well as news of local interest. During this the second year in the history of the school paper the staff, together with the cooperation of the student body, has endeavored to publish all the outstanding events taking place on this campus and create an atmosphere and school spirit that would be a credit to the school. As we near the end of another season the staff is looking forward to the annual banquet which the COLLEGIAN and LION staffs enjoy together each year. -3ns. J-i ion HOLLY MARSHALL Editor PAUL ADAMS Business Manager 2£ J-lon hlff JANIE GARNER Assistant Editor ELIZABETH McLEMORE Assistant Business Manager ALICE CLAYTON SNIDER HOYT WELLS j Art Ed tors ROSABEL HOWARD y BROWNIE LONG Feature Editor and Organization Editor JACK KALEY Sports Editor WILLIAM BROWN Joke Editor EILEEN VINCENT Advertising Manager JESSE RAY FUQUA Advertising Manager MR. OLIVER | MR. H. G. HAWKINS j Sponsors « » One of the greatest difficulties in editing an annual is the creating of a " different " yearhook — a desire which can never be fulfilled. This year the staff has attempted to record and preserve, more informally, those activities which will best revive the happy memories of East Mississippi Junior College. We hope that this volume meets with the approval of the student body, and may we say that we deeply appreciate the honor and privilege accorded us in editing and managing this publication. WILBUR STEELE President JAMES HODGES Vice-President JACK KALEY Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS DORR1S GREGORY LEE McQUARY PAUL ADAMS JOHN BOUNDS OMAR STEVENS WILBUR STEELE LAWRENCE GOWDY PHILLIP STEWART ROBERT MOORE CLINTON VAN DEVANDER LELAND SINGLEY JACK KALEY JAMES HODGES ROY KNAPP WILMER LISENBEE TRUMAN STURDIVANT f- ' RANK HODGES L. D. McDADE MAX WADE rupert collins linton Mcdonald JOE HOOD MARTIN HATCHER EVON BLACKWELL WILLIAM BURLESON VAN LOCKLEY LEON QUARLES, j r HERBERT JOHNSON JOE HUTCHERSON WILLIAM CAWTHORN A. J. OUBRE WOODY WESLEY « » The " S " Club is composed of those students who have been awarded a letter in one of the major sports. By promoting a program of clean sports, wholesome character building, high ideals, and rigorous train- ing, this club is producing " real " men who are taking their positions for the improvement of society. Considering all angles, membership in this organization is deemed an honor to any athlete. gtzE eu CARROLL RUSH President JOHN BOUNDS Vice-President EILEEN VINCENT Secretary EUNICE ADAMS Reporter HELEN CLAIRE CONNER Accompanist MEMBERS DORIS MILLER JOHN BOUNDS MARION CREEKMORE DAISY MAYE LANTZ ROY BROWN CHARLES BOSENBERG DELTRESS KELLEY MARTHA BYRD WOODY WESLEY HELEN CLAIRE CONNER PAUL ADAMS ROBERT MOORE ALENE NICHOLSON MARVEL SHEPARD DORIS CLARK ELIZABETH SKIPPER LESLIE DODSON CAROLYN ALFORD SARAH WEAVER OMERA WARREN CORA CATHERINE BASHAM LENELL MAXCY ROSABEL HOWARD T. A. BROWN ANNA LEE LINDLEY CARROLL RUSH EUNICE ADAMS JESSE FUQUA ARLENE JOHNSON DOROTHY SIMPSON ELEANOR HARRISON ROBERT HAYES DRAPER THOMPSON L. D. McDADE EILEEN VINCENT « » The Glee Club, one of the most active of campus organizations, is a select group of thirty-four vocalists who were chosen on the basis of competitive tryouts. During the year this group took prominent part in concerts and programs of various types. The club possesses a repertoire of classics and semi-classics which have been rendered with marked success. -Jhs. Hand MR. C. E. McBRIDE Director MARION CREEKMORE Cornet OLIVER MATHEWS Cornet CLARA EDWARDS Cornet A. C. GRANTHAM Cornet WILLIAMS GOODMAN Cornet GRADY HOPPER Cornet OUIDA PATTERSON Clarinet JACK TUBB, Jr Clarinet ARTHUR WATTS Clarinet ANNA RUTH WALL Clarinet I. R. DUDLEY Clarinet DOROTHY HOLLIS Clarinet RUTHIE WHITE: Clarinet DONNIE PEARL LOCKLEY Clarinet I. W. EDWARDS Clarinet BILL GIFFORD Clarinet G. C. LOCKLEY Saxophone MAJORIE TEMPLE Saxophone IACK TINSLEY Saxophone PROSPERO DE MARCO Trombone CARROLL RUSH Trombone JOHN PERSONS Trombone JACK AUST Trombone CALVIN MATHEWS Trombone LOUISE STEWART Trombone LESLIE DODSON , Bass HERBERT TEMPLE , Bass SAM LOCK , Bass BILLY HARDY Mellophone TOMMY ANDERSON Mellophone CHERRY KNIGHT Mellophone CHERITE HARDY Mellophoru- LEON QUARLES, JR Baritone FRED TILGHMAN Bass Drum HARMON KNIGHT Snare Drum ELOISE DUDLEY Twirler FANNIE WIMBERLY Twirler « » Under the direcion of the Band Master, Mr. McBride, a group of students including both beginners and advanced students, have made rapid progress in learning music and furnishing entertainment to the school and to the public. Several programs have been given during the year including a concert and several chapel programs. The Band has appeared not only at football and basketball games but also at the tournament in Decatur. cu HELEN CLAIRE CONNER President DAISY MAE LANTZ Vice-President JOY STENNIS Secretary DOROTHY SIMPSON Reporter SHIRLEY CARNES Chaplain MR. JONES Sponsor MEMBERS PAUL ADAMS CARROLL RUSH WESLEY GRISHAM ANNA LEE LINDLEY DOROTHY WEDGEWORTH R. B. CORBETT LESLIE DODSON IAMES HEAD ALENE NICHOLSON CHARLES BOSENBF.RG JOY STENNIS SHIRLEY CARNES DAISY MAE LANTZ ELIZABETH SKIPPER HELEN CLAIRE CONNER ROBERTA BAGGETT EUNICE ADAMS DOROTHY SIMPSON « » This organization is composed of a group of students interested in the value and application of public speech art and in cultivating an appreciation of the importance of the art of debating. Highlight of the club ' s activities during the year was the winning of second place in the annual junior college debating contests held at Delta State Teachers ' College. The subject was " Resolved, That the South is the nation ' s No. 1 economic opportunity. " Paul Adams and Wesley Grisham upheld the affirm- ative, and Alene Nicholson and Daisy Mae Lantz composed the negative team. (lommExalai 2U ROBERT HAYES President DELTRESS KELLEY Vice-President RUTH L. HARDIN Secretary HELEN CLAIRE CONNER Reporter MEMBERS ANNA LEE LINDLEY GRADY COLLINS BILLIE NUNN JESSE FUQUA GEORGE SMITH ODIE CLARK MERLE DAVIS EARL TILGHMAN ROBERT HAYES WALTER ROBERTS ROY STUART ADDILENE HARDIN LOUISE PALMER EDWIN BLANKS ETHEL TAYLOR IDELL CARPENTER RUPERT COLLINS PENNEY JACKSON HELEN CLAIRE CONNER MAX WADE DELTRESS KELLEY EUGENIA McDADE RUTH L. HARDIN JOHN HUTCHISON CHARLIE BRITTON JEAN HOPPER JOYCE HOPPER « » The Commercial Club was organized primarily to encourage and promote interest in business and to ad- vance the growth of East Mississippi Junior College in a civic, commercial, and industrial way. It con- sists of those students who are interested in the field of business and wish to gain additional information other than that given in the regualr commercial classes. a onzs cu conomie ELIZABETH SKIPPER President RETHA HARBOUR Vice-President MARVEL SHEPHERD Secretary-Treasurer OUIDA PATTERSON Reporter MRS. BENTON WILLIAMSON Sponsor MEMBERS FRANCES WHITTLE BROWNIE LONG HILDA HARMON MURIEL HALL ELSIE JOHNSON OUIDA PATTERSON BERNICE GUNN SARAH WEAVER DOROTHY WEDGEWORTH BERTIS FERGUSON MARVEL SHEPHERD ELIZABETH SKIPPER EUNICE ADAMS DAISY MAE LANTZ ADA MAE MAYFIELD ALICE CLAYTON SNIDER RETHA HARBOUR HILDA GLASGOW MAMIE WARREN FRANKIE KEY JANIE SNEED « » FANNIE WIMBERLY MARJORIE WILLIAMS CLAY EVANS LAVERNE LAVENDER ETTA BROOKS HORTENSE LAVENDER MARGARET WIMBERLY ELIZABETH BEAZLEY SYBIL BROOKS ANNA RUTH WALL LILLE ANN GIFFORD DIXIE BRIGGS MARJORIE TEMPLE FRANCES JOHNSON ELLA LEE CARLEY NORMA HELM JULIA BRYAN MARY AGNES THOMAS JEAN HOPPER JOYCE HOPPER LOIS AUST The Home Economics Club is one of the most active of the college organizations. This year the high school Home Economics girls organized a " Little Sister " Club. Marjorie Temple was elected President, Clay Evans Vice-President; Anna Ruth Wall, Secretary and Treasurer; and Hortense Lavender, Reporter. All the activities included both the high school and the college clubs. The outstanding event of the year was the tea at w hich Alice Clayton Snider and Brownie Long presided at the tea table, and the officers composed the receiving line. Several luncheons and dinners were given during the year for members of the faculty, members of the board of trustees, the Mississippi Southern College Choir, and others. The annual clothing exhibit was one of the club ' s spring activities. A fashion show portrayed the March of time as interpreted by the club members. The club presented three chapel programs during the year. j rancaL± CHARLES BOSENBERG President FRANK KALEY Vice-President ALENE NICHOLSON Secretary-Treasurer ROSABEL HOWARD Reporter MISS SARA OWENS Sponsor MEMBERS IOY STENNIS ALENE NICHOLSON CHARLES BOSENBERG LUCILE AUST DORRIS GREGORY SHIRLEY CARNES WALTER WENDOLKOWSKI GRACE KITCHENS DORIS CLARK JACK KALEY HELEN CLAIRE CONNER ISOBEL McCOY OMAR STEVENS CARROLL RUSH VAN LOCKLEY, JR. PROSPERO DeMARCO MADALINE CLIFTON ELEANOR HARRISON DORIS HUTCHINSON EVA WHEELER MYRTLE REESE ROBERTA BAGGETT ELIZABETH McLEMORE ROSABEL HOWARD LENELL MAXCY CORA CATHERINE BASHAM LESLIE DODSON VERNON HUMMER FRANK KALEY ARLENE JOHNSON RANDALL OWENS JOE HUTCHINSON ERCELLE LUKE EILEEN VINCENT « » Le Cercle Francais has increased both its membership and activity this year. In addition to its regular bi-monthly meetings the club sponsored social functions and chapel programs. Varied programs on sev- eral phases of French life, art, and music have been presented. Several members carry on correspondence with students in France. WeJk joundah y ton ALENE NICHOESON President JACK KALEY Vice-President MARVEL SHEPARD Secretary-Treasurer PAUL ADAMS Reporter MR. BREWER Sponsor The Wesley Foundation, which is the Methodist Young People ' s Union, is one of the outstanding Christian organizations on the campus. Its aim has been to promote higher Christian ideals among the students. PAUL ADAMS EUNICE ADAMS CORA CATHERINE BASHAM ROBERTA BAGGETT HELEN C. CONNER HELEN MERLE DAVIS CODY AVERY CHARLIE BRITTON MURIEL BROOKS DORIS CLARK MURIEL HALL RETHA HARBOUR CLARENCE GREEN ELEANOR HARRISON MARVEL SHEPARD ELSIE JOHNSON PENNEY JACKSON ARTHURINE FOWLER JACK KALEY CAROL RUSH DAISY MAYE LANTZ VAN LOCKLEY MEMBERS VVILMER LISENBY DORIS MILLER BILLIE NUNN ALENE NICHOLSON RANDALL OWENS A. J. OUBRE DOROTHY SIMPSON ETHEL TAYLOR DRAPER THOMPSON OMERA WARREN BERNICE GUNN SARA WEAVER DOROTHY WEDGEWORTH EILEEN VINCENT ELIZABETH SKIPPER WILLIAM BAKER FEATHERSTON WILLIAM BURLESON MARION CREEKMORE DOW DAVIS FRANK KALEY JOHN N. HUTCHISON LORAINE STEWART « » J afiti±t -JxaLnbiq L inion During this entire year the Baptist Training Union has been one of our most inspiring campus organiza- tions, with about sixty students enrolled. This union was divided into two B.Y.P.U. ' s — the Landrum group directed by Ruth L. Hardin and the J.O.Y. group directed by Shirley Carnes. MEMBERS GARTH ALEXANDER CAROLYN ALFORD JOHN BOUNDS CHARLES BOSENBERG GRADY BRASHIER T. A. BROWN SHIRLEY CARNES IDELL CARPENTER MADALINE CLIFTON OLYNDIA CROMEANS LESLIE DODSON WILLIAM ETHRIDGE JESSE RAY FUQUA DORRIS GREGORY TRUMAN STURDIVANT MAX WADE FRANCES WHITTLE CLINTON VAN DEVANDER LENELL MAXCY LEWIS KITTRELL BROWNIE LONG HOLLY MARSHALL ISOBEL MaCOY WILSON McNEIL LOUISE PALMER MYRTLE REESE WALTER ROBERTS OMAR STEVENS WALTER WENDOLKOWSK1 EVA WHEELER L. D. McDADE ILENE BAILEY ROY BROWN MARTIN JOHNSON GE ORGE SMITH ROY KNAPP WILLIAM BROWN MELBA CHILCOAT RUPERT COLLINS BERTIS FERGUSON JANIE GARNER ADDILENE HARDIN RUTH L. HARDIN MARGARET HARRISON CONNIE HEATHCOCK ARLENE JOHNSON DELTRESS KELLEY ANNA LEE LINDLEY ERCELLE LUKE ELIZABETH McLEMORE LEE McQUARY OUIDA PATTERSON LEE SINGLEY JOY STENNIS LORAINE STEWART PHILLIP STEWART t I 1 Sif.. OFFICERS MARTIN JOHNSON President CHARLES BOSENBERG Vice-President HOLLY MARSHALL Secretary-Treasurer MR. CRAWFORD MR. OLIVER Sponsors ALENE NICHOLSON President EUNICE ADAMS Vice-President MADALENE CLIFTON Secretary ELEANOR HARRISON Reporter ELEANOR HARRISON WALTER WENDOLKOWSKI RUTH L. HARDIN ELIZABETH SKIPPER DORIS CLARK JACK KALEY WILMER LISENBY HOLLY MARSHALL WILBUR STEELE MARVEL SHEPARD PENNEY JACKSON BERTIS FERGUSON PAUL ADAMS GARTH ALEXANDER DORRIS GREGORY WILLIAM BAKER FEATHERSTON MARTHA BYRD ALENE NICHOLSON LEE McQUARY MARTIN JOHNSON FRANCIS WHITTLE CARL WIGGINS CHARLES BOSENBERG DELTRESS KELLEY ROY BROWN EUNICE ADAMS ISOBEL McCOY MADALINE CLIFTON OUIDA PATTERSON ROBERT HAYES LENELL MAXCY ORVILLE HARGETT LORRAINE STEWART CODY AVERY JANIE GARNER MARGARET HARRISON JAMES HEAD ADDILENE HARDIN VERNON HUMMER WILLIAM BURLESON J. W. RICHARDSON DOROTHY WEDGEWORTH SARAH WEAVER OMERA WARREN LOUISE PALMER MURIEL BROOK BERNICE GUNN DORRIS PAGE ELSIE JOHNSON JESSE RAY FUQUA ELIZABETH McLEMORE ANNIE LEE LINDLEY MURIEL HALL MYRTLE REESE ROBERTA BAGGETT HILDA HARMON MERLE DAVIS WESLEY GRISHAM VAN LOCKLEY J. R. WEAVER MELBA CHILCOAT ARNOLD GULLY WILLIAM BROWN ERCELLE LUKE DOROTHY SIMPSON ARLENE JOHNSON DORIS MILLER RETHA HARBOUR JOY STENNIS EVA WHEELER ETHEL TAYLOR BEN CLAYTON HELEN CLAIRE CONNER EILEEN VINCENT T. A. BROWN DAISY MAYE I.ANTZ R. B. CORBETT ALICE CLAYTON SNIDER DRAPER THOMPSON ROSABEL HOWARD BILLIE NUNN FRANK KALEY Under the direction of Miss Loris Shipman the Thespian Club has made rapid progress. This club was divided into three theatrical comjianies with a director lor each group. At each meeting a play was pre- sented by one of these groups- The major productions of the year are three one-act plays directed by Miss Shipman and sponsored by the entire club. These plays are entitled " The Wonder Hat, " " The Darksum Furriener, " and " Lawd, Does You Understand? " One of these, " The Wonder Hat, " was judged excellent in the Little Theater events at Decatur. E.M.JC. J zinti£X (Lounhj cu PAUL ADAMS President FRANK POOLE . . . Vice-President LOUISE PALMER .... Secretary WILMER CLAY Reporter This club was organized by the students from Kemper County to promote good fellowship and friendship among fellow countians. MEMBERS EUNICE ADAMS PAUL ADAMS CAROLYN ALFORD LUCILLE AUST BERTHA BA IT NELLIE BURNETT ROY BROWN WILMER CLAY HELEN C. CONNER MARION CREEKMORE MERLE DAVIS BILLIE ELEY JANIE GARNER HILDA GLASGOW ARNOLD GULLY MURIEL HALL RETHA HARBOUR ROSABEL HOWARD DORIS HUTCHINSON ELSIE JOHNSON HERBERT JOHNSON GRACE KITCHENS LEONA KITCHENS BROWNIE LONG VAN LOCKLEY ERCELLE LUKE ISOBEL McCOY EUGENIA McDADE EDNA EARL McLAURIN A. J. OUBRE LOUISE PALMER FRANK POOLE LEON QUARLES IMA REA CARROLL RUSH DOROTHY SIMPSON ANNIE RUTFI SANFORD LEONARD SANFORD MARVEL SHEPHERD ELIZABETH SKIPPER GEORGE SMITH EARL TILGIIMAN CLINTON VAN DEVENDER OMERA WARREN MARTHA BYRI) « » The Eauderdale County Club was organized in the conviction that E. M. J. C. could be boosted better by the students of Lauderdale County working as a unit. MEMBERS JOHN BOUNDS J. W. RICHARDSON WILLIAM ETHRIDGE, JR. BEN CLAYTON ARTHUR CARPENTER, JR. WILSON McNEIL DOROTHY WEDGEWORTH WILBURN NULL BERNICE GUNN T. S. PIGFORD IDELL CARPENTER DORIS CLARK MARTIN JOHNSON EDWIN BLANKS EILEEN VINCENT WALTON SATERFIELD james hodges frank hodges lorhee hand elmo hand martin hatcher lester hatcher linton Mcdonald OFFICERS laudlrda ' le MhR-fDIAN JAMES FIODGES . EDWIN BLANKS . EILEEN VINCENT . IDELL CARPENTER President Vice-President . Secretary Reporter Dkaivamua eu MADALENE CLIFTON . . President SHELLIE RANKIN . . Vice-President LENELL MAXCY . Secretary-Treasurer ELEANOR HARRISON . . . Reporter For better cooperation and friendship Itawambians organized the Itawamba County Club. MEMBERS MADALENE CLIFTON MURIEL BROOK WILLIAM BURLESON OLYNDIA CROMEANS DOW DAVIS CLARENCE GREEN DORRIS GREGORY ORVILLE HARGETT LENELL MAXCY DORIS PAGE SHELLIE RANKIN MYRTLE REESE VERLON SHEFFIELD WILBUR STEELE EVA WHEELER RUIE WILLIAMSON LAMAR WOOD RANDALL OWENS « » Q-ULTON FR MOKlT -. CaLnoun Countu CluLt Classmates from one of our northern counties wished to renew old friendships and make new friends; hence the Calhoun County Club was organized. ADDILENE HARDIN RUPERT COLLINS GRADY COLLINS GRADY BRASHER BERTIS FERGUSON ILENE BAILEY RUTH L. HARDIN MEMBERS ROBERT HAYES JOE HOOD PHILIP STEWART MAX WADE FRANCES WHITTLE MARGARET HARRISON OFFICERS RUTH L. HARDIN .... President JOE HOOD Vice-President FRANCES WHITTLE . . Sec ' y-Treas. ROBERT HAYES Reporter MELBA CHILCOAT TRUMAN STURDIVANT JAMES BENNETT WALTER ROBERTS LEE McQUARY JAMES AYCOCK CU JAMES AYCOCK President WILMER LISENBY . . Vice-President CHARLES BOSENBERG . Sec ' y-Reporter JACK KALEY Treasurer ROBERT MOORE . . Sergeant at Arms The students from states other than Mississippi decided to become better acquainted by forming a club. Among those enrolled are nine from Alabama, one from Arkansas, two from Georgia, four from Florida, and one from Illinois. MEMBERS JAMES AYCOCK GENE DENNIS WOODY WESLEY WILLIAM CAWTHORN CHARLES BOSENBERG JACK KALEY FRANK KALEY CARL WIGGINS « » LEE SINGLEY JAMES HEAD ROY KNAPP WILMER LISENBY GARTH ALEXANDER RUIE WILLIAMSON DORIS PAGE ROBERT MOORE DL J% Vivs CU The students from the counties of Monroe, Lee, Lowndes, Tishomingo, and Prentiss formed the Big Five Club for the purpose of boosting E. M. J. C. i n that territory. MEMBERS HILDA HARMON ANNA LEE LINDLEY DAISY MAYE LANTZ OUIDA PATTERSON ARLENE JOHNSON CORA CATHERINE BASHAM OMAR STEVENS JOHNNY STEVENS WESLEY GRISHAM R. B. CORBETT J. R. WEAVER JESSE FUQUA LESLIE DODSON DRAPER THOMPSON T. A. BROWN BILLY NUNN ELZIE LEE MIZE HORACE WEBSTER OFFICERS OMAR STEVENS JESSIE FUQUA HILDA HARMON OUIDA PATTERSON . . . President . . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer . . Reporter ( 2££T WALTER WENDOLKOWSKI CAROLYN ALEORD LESLIE DODSON DORIS CLARK Throughout this season, in triumph and failure, our cheerleaders have helped to keep our spirits soaring, and now we pause to give them recognition. « » The football players elected three Freshman and three Sophomore girls as sponsors for the first three " home " games. Two of these girls received the honor of presiding at each game. They were in- troduced by one of the cheerleaders and given special recognition. OUIDA PATTERSON EILEEN VINCENT RUTH L. HARDIN ISOBEL McCOY ELIZABETH vIcLEMORE u 1. President Tubb 2. A business Woman 3. Romeo and his Juliet 4. Pals 5a. Pillow fighting 5 .Pillow fighting 6. A pile of snow gals 7. A favorite pastime 8. A football sponsor who married and left us. 9. A cold place to kneel 10. E. M. J. C. Songsters 11. Dear old Lab. 12. Off for a touchdown 13. Could it be he ' s scared to come closer? 14. Cornered 15. Thanks for posing, Mr. Jon.s 16. Sunny smiles from sunny " Chiles. " 17. A comfortable place to lean IK. (ust after being rolled 19. General Flunkey 20. Almost in stairsteps 21. Fultonions socialize 22. Concentrating 1. Shoeshine Boy 2. A home-run — if he hits it 3. Band boy 4. A frequent sight 5. Knock it in 6. Junior High " Kids " 7. Store frequenters 8. Pining for whom 9. Her smile looks " Testy " 10. Shivering and why not 1 1 . Lee, take off your cap 12. Second girlhood 13. The camcrman gets " shot " 14. Good work, boys 15. Careful, Steele 16. A midnight feast by candlelight 17. Want a haircut? 18. Whew! She means business 19. Hard at work 20. A snow fight 21. Prof, has L. D. become a convict? 22. Prompt in arriving and leaving 23. High school football 24. Another Floridian 1 . Mississippi Southern Choir 2. Welcome to visitors 3. " Freshie " in town 4. H2o — water not acid. 5. Oh! Johnnie. 6. Echoes still preserve our exciting shouts. 7. Rolled in the snow 8. Snap ' em ' fore they are off again. 9. A typical freshman 1 ' ). An advertizer for E. M. 10. Kangaroo Court 20. And the Dappa Flappers 11. Bus students jitterbugged upside down 12. Waiting patiently for a goal 21. Our mail man 13. Double vision 22. Knobby 14. A kid once more 23. " Don ' t you see " — says 15. Courting in the court Mr. Brewer. 16. Clark Gable or Big Mo ' 24. Te asing 17. Practice makes perfect 25. Watching what? 18. A peep into the store 26. Baby Freshmen 1. Exercising 2. Absorbing Lit. 3. Cramming or? 4. It ' s all off now, boys 4a. A birds eye view 5. Smiling sweetly 6. Mother Mayson and | e 7. In action 8. A high perch 9. Honolulu 10. Mealtime I 1 . It ' s not winter lo him 12. Ping Pong 13. Posing 14. The cast of the " Wonder Hat ' 15. Our Dean 16. From the smallest to the tallesl 17. Campus Flivver IS. He ' s back again? 19. Prof. Oliver ' s rabbit-hunters 2(1. Better late than never 21. Always at, social hour 22. French Club hikers. v M LJn czrftitixzelatLon Without the aid of our supporters throughout Kemper, Lauderdale, and Noxubee Counties the 1940 Lion would have been a failure. Now it is for them that we give due recognition. We thank the faculty and the student body for their cooperative at- titude, Mr. DeMulder for his splendid photography, the Southwest Engraving Company and Interstate Printers for their untiring efforts to give us a truly distinctive annual. -THE ANNUAL STAFF. TJW? ' i llJlll FOR GRADUATION A nd all year Clothes, long Loeb ' s is the very best store to buy Presents, and Athletic Equipment Al ex. . Loeb - Inc. %el table Clothiers MERIDIAN and UNIVERSITY, MISSISSIPPI Eunice: " Do you wanna roll with your coffee? " Billie Nunn: " An spill it all over myself? No, thanks, I ' ll drink it standing here at the table- " COMPLIMENTS OF Sumter Lumber Company, Inc. Manufacturers of tt ' Njarwhite " The Soft Textured Short Leaf Yellow Pine Lumber Natural Beauty Enhanced by Careful Manufacture ELECTRIC MILLS, MISS. (Kemper) Try the New Baldwin Built Hamilton Grand in Your Auditorium There ' s a BALDWIN Piano to suit every desire. Phone or write and our representative will come to Scooba to discuss any of your Music needs. EAST MISSISSIPPI ' S MOST COMPLETE MUSIC STORE • Band Instruments • Baldwin Piano All Types, Repairs From $295 • Sheet Music • Records Popular and Classical Popular and Classical meftioinn . miss 810 Twetity- First Avenue (Dement Building) J. B. PEAVY, Mgr.— Phone 972 MERIDIAN, MISS. Hoyt drove up to a toll bridge in his Ford. " Fifty cents, " said the cashier. " Sold, " replied Hoyt. IN THE BUSINESS WORLD OF TODAY A NEAT APPEARANCE DOES COUNT DRESSES COATS SUITS UNDERWEAR HOSE SPORTWEAR CHARGE ACCOUNTS for YOUR CONVENIENCE MERIDIAN mnncEis OF MERIDIAN, INC. AIR CONDITIONED for YOUR COMFORT MISSISSIPPI MAILCLERK STENOGRAPHER TELEGRAPHER BANKER M „ u « rcD PRIVATE REPORTER MANAGER SECRETARY The School that places Students ' " J - fay 424 CfflLLICOTHE BUSINESS COLLEGE CHILLICOTHE, MO. .jagfc w. THESE EIGHT BUILDINGS COMPRISE, THE " LARGEST BUSINESS COLLEGE PLANT IN AMERICA FLORA SPARKMAN DRUG COMPANY The School Book and School Supply Store You Are Always Welcome! SCOOBA, MISS. § T. H. QUARLES Dry Goods — Shoes- — Clothing Groceries ; SCOOBA, MISS. § 1st Cop: " A college student, eh? " Carl Wiggins: " Yes, sir. " 2nd Cop: " It ' s a stall. I searched his pockets and found money in them. " READ ALL ABOUT IT — in — THE MERIDIAN STAR Daily and Sunday The one big daily newspaper of Eastern Mississippi and Western Alabama MERIDIAN, MISS. ALL THE WORTHWHILE NEWS Compliments of COMMERCIAL BANK OF DeKALB, MISS. Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments ,,l WHITE SYSTEM OF MERIDIAN, INC. Loans to Salaried People Ten Months to Repay 2217 Fourth Street MERIDIAN, MISS. When you are in Meridian we shall be pleased to serve you Quality Clothes for Men and Women. Our prices are most moderate considering the High Quality. MARKS-ROTHENBERG CO. MERIDIAN, MISS. Max Wade: " I smoke only quarter cigars. " Aycock: " Yeh, hut not until some one else has smoked the other three quarters. " MERCHANT SPECIALTY COMPANY Jobbers in Southern Lily Flour, Candies, Notions, and Groceries 2217 Front Street MERIDIAN, MISS. BANK OF BROOKSVILLE BROOKSVILLE, MISS. Members of F.DJ.C. Depositors in 22 States " Chevrolet Is the Choice " STYLE .:. PERFORMANCE .:. ECONOMY KNEE-ACTION SHOCK PROOF STEERINO Buy the new 1940 Chevrolet and have a car that will trade anywhere. V Hi RO! F ! " You Get So Much for So Little MURRY CHEVROLET CO. MACON, MESS. Phone 14 Compliments of WHITE LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO. MERIDIAN, MISS. Eileen had gone to town, so Idell Left this note: " If I ' m studying when you get back, wake me up. " IMPERIAL COTTON OIL COMPANY Manufacturers of Cotton Seed Oil, Meal, Hulls, Linters, Pure Crystal Ice MACON, MISS. E. T. GEORGE, JR., Mgr. NOXUBEE COUNTY CO-OPERATIVE DAIRY ASSOCIATION MACON, MISS. A. and M. Butter Purina Feeds Wishing You the Best That Goes, but When You Go, Go in a PRINCE MOTOR CO. FORD DEALERS DeKALB, MISS. R. N. HENLEY CO. Macon ' s Newest Department Store MACON, MISS. Robert Hayes, our optimistic student, fell from the top of the dormitory. As he passed the second story, he was overheard muttering: " So far, so good. " « » Blind dates are girls who have been so disappointed in love that they ' ve cried their eyes out. Compliments of A. J. LYON CO. MERIDIAN, MISS. THE ALEXANDER THEATRE The Best in Sound Motion Pictures Best Wishes to Graduating Class ELECTRIC MILLS, MISS. Modern Bathroom Fixtures and Water Pump Can Now Be Installed with No Down Payment Terms as Low as $4.89 per Month See Us for Water Pumps and All Plumbing Supplies — Call, Phone, or Write SOUTHERN PIPE SUPPLY COMPANY 102 Twenty-Second Avenue MERIDIAN, MISS. On Your Way to Meridian Stop at RHALY ' S BUSY BEE LAUDERDALE, MISS. Robert Moore: " What ' s good for finger nail biting? " Annie Lee: " Sharp teeth. " The Best Dressed Men Wear | 7 ClOTHES J m,%n,„rWk THE SCHWOB CO. 2120 Fifth Street MERIDIAN, MISS. Compliments of BOB J. SNELL CONFECTIONERS MERIDIAN, MISS. JOHN L. EASTMAN Representative Compliments of THE REX THEATRE DeKALB, MISS. HARDIN ' S BREAD IS GOOD HARDIN ' S BAKERY MERIDIAN, MISS. Mrs. Williamson: " All right, now tell me what the hakers do with the holes out of doughnuts? " Daisy Mae: " That ' s easy- They cut ' em up in sections, and use em to stuff macaroni " Compliments of FIVE POINT GROCERY AND CAFE MRS. N. J. MARTIN Prop. SCOOBA, MISS. Compliments of PHIL JONES SON GRAHAM GROCERY CO. SENTER HARDWARE W. P. CHANCELLOR JOHN ' S SHOE SHOP MACON, MISS. Compliments of THERRELL- PHILLIPS CO. LUSK CLEANERS THE BEACON T. J. JACKSON MACON. MISS. O. K. RADIO SHOP MERIDIAN, MISS. Compliments of DAN McWILLIAMS L. H. STUCKY ROGERS CASH STORE KEMPER COUNTY FARM SUPPLY STORE DeKALB, MISS. MERIDIAN GROCERY CO. MERIDIAN, MISS. Y andy: " They say Irish is a grand brain food. " Joy: " I eat lots of fish. " Vandy: " (Josh! Another popular theory shot to heck. Compliments of ELEY DRUG CO. J. M. MEEK WELLS BEAUTY SHOP S. A. SHAFF SCOOBA, MISS. SHUQUALAK SHOE SHOP SHUQUALAK, MISS. Compliments of RICE-PAPPENHEIMER FURNITURE CO. J. R. WARREN J. W. BOZEMAN MARSHALL FLORIST MERIDIAN, MISS. MERCHANTS FARMERS BANK MACON, MISS. Established June 1, 1888 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Company Compliments of E. H. BRITTON SCOOBA, MISS. RELIABLE MOTORS, Inc. CHEVROLET DEALERS MERIDIAN, MISS. MERRELL PAINT GLASl COMPANY MERIDIAN, MISS. To avoid complaints Use MerrelTs Paints Dow Davis: " Mr. Oliver, I have a splinter in my finger. " Mr. Oliver: " You should have more sense than to scratch your head. " Compliments of ROSENBAUM-ROBINSON COMPANY MERIDIAN, MISS. Compliments of SPINKS McCULLY DeKALB, MISS. THE BRITTINGHAM Cleaners and Pressers Motto Is to Make You Look Your Best Prop., CHIEF WILBUR ELECTRIC MILLS, MISS. Compliments of DeKALB WESTERN DeKALB, MISS. Compliments o£ ROSENBUSH FURNITURE COMPANY MERIDIAN, MISS. DEMENT PRINTING CO. Office Supplies Underwood Typewriters Sundstrand Adding Machines MERIDIAN, MISS. THE PERSIAN F. W. JOHNSON, Prop. Cleaners, Dyers, Hatters, Tailors 204 Twenty-First Avenue MERIDIAN, MISS. Phone 429 Compliments of. THE MACON HOTEL MACON, MISS. W. V. TARVER, Mgr. Frank (writing): " I won ' t write any more, Dear; my roommate is reading over my shoulder. " Creekmore: " You ' re a liar. " SEWARDS ' DEPARTMENT STORE Ready-to-Wear for Men, Women, and Children Brown Bilt Shoes for Women Fortune Shoes for Men DeKALB, MISS. WITH GOOD WILL from THOMAS L. BAILEY MERIDIAN, MISS. BEST WISHES LERNER JEWELRY CO. MERIDIAN, MISS. THE MELTON HARDWARE CO. Wholesale and Retail MERIDIAN, MISS. WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE " Everything for Autos " ERNEST DAVENPORT, Owner MACON. MISS. Compliments of L. L. MARTIN Compliments of W. B. LUCAS GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Authorized Dealer ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE COMPANY IRBY WHITE, Manager MACON, MISS. Page: " Oh, my, I sec you had your hair cut. " Knapp: " Nope, I just washed it and it shrunk. " Compliments of A. KLAUS COMPANY MACON, MISS. Compliments of JESSE P. STENNIS MACON, MISS. Compliments of H. L. SPARKMAN Superintendent of Education MACON, MISS. ELKIN CO. FORD DEALERS Phone 1 MACON, MISS. Compliments of C. V. ADAMS CHANCERY CLERK MACON, MISS. Compliments of LAND FUNERAL DeKALB, MISS. HOME GEORGE D. PAYNE Hardware and John Deere Implements DeKALB, MISS. Compliments of W. R. McCOY Superintendent of Education DeKALB, MISS. Caroly n: " Doctor, what ' s the best way to get a wart off my hands? " Doctor: " Shoot him or marry him. " « » Sunny smiles are sometimes worn by shady people. Compliments of JOHN C. STENNIS DeKALB, MISS. STENNIS DRUG STORE The Rexall Store Home of Super Creamed Ice Cream Made Fresh Daily HARDE STENNIS (Your Druggist and Friend) DeKALB, MISS. STANDARD SERVICE STATION T. G. MqRAE, Prop. Auto Accessories — Farm Implements Radios — Refrigerators DeKALB, MISS. Compliments of S. D. STENNIS DeKALB, MISS. Compliments of EMMONS BROTHERS Manufacturers of All Grades of Mattresses and Bed Springs Since 1899 MERIDIAN, MISS. Compliments of C. D. FEATHERSTON DEPARTMENT STORE Make Our Store Your Store MACON, MISS. DEMAND FREEBURG ' S BEST FLOUR " FOR BETTER BAKING " MERIDIAN, MISS. M. F. HOPPER GENERAL MERCHANDISE SCOOBA, MISS. Omera: " All that you ' re saying is going in one ear and out at the other. " Van Lockley: " Well, what is to prevent it? " « » Jesse Ray: " Do you like mushrooms? " J. R.: " I don ' t know I ' ve never slept in one. " Compliments of EUGENE ' S BEAUTY SHOP SCOOBA, MISS. Compliments of JOHNNIE M. HULL CIRCUIT CLERK DeKALB, MISS. J. L. ROBINSON Shell Products Goodyear Tires " EQUIPPED TO SERVE " SCOOBA, MISS. Compliments of l, v. Mcdonald SHERIFF DeKALB, MISS. MERIDIAN BANANA CO. " EAT MORE BANANAS " 16 22nd Avenue Phone 570 MERIDIAN, MISS. Compliments of an EAST MISSISSIPPI JUNIOR COLLEGE BOOSTER Always Ask for SMITH ' S HOLSUM BREAD MERIDIAN, MISS. Compliments of HOWARD CAMERON Miss Shipman: " Give me a definition of the word appetite. " Spat: " When I ' m eating I ' m ' appy; when I get through I ' m tight — that ' s appetite. " Compliments of ALBRIGHT WOOD MERIDIAN, MISS. Compliments of SMITH WHOLESALE CO. DeKALB, MISS. Compliments of K M LUMBER CO. DeKALB, MISS. Compliments of HOME OPTICAL SERVICE MERIDIAN, MISS. Compliments of ACME BUILDING SUPPLY CO. MERIDIAN, MISS. Compliments of W. Y. BRAME Compliments of TOWNSEND BEAUTY SALON AND SCHOOL MERIDIAN, MISS. JAMES F. WEBB FUNERAL HOME, Inc. SILENT ERVICE Since 1869 MERIDIAN, MISS. Mr. Brewer (As he visits insane as ylum): " And what are you doing my good lady? " Old Lady: " I ' m writing myself a letter. " Mr- Brewer: " What are vou saying to yourself? " Old Lady: " I don ' t know, I won ' t get this letter till tomorrow. " Com pliments of , G. w. BEEMAN MERIDIAN, MISS. HALL FIXTURE CO. We Buy, Sell, and Service Typewriters, Adding Machines, Cash Registers and Scales MERIDIAN, MISS. Compliments of MERIDIAN SHEET METAL WORKS MERIDIAN, MISS. WISE SMYLIE, Inc. INSURANCE Phone 68 300 Rosenbaum Bldg. Meridian, Miss. Jt was a genuine pleasure in working with the staff of the LION. This book was printed in the plant of Llntziitatz Lpunisns INCORPORATED MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI - We dedicate this space to the faculty and entire student body of E. M. J. C. T J s yvluLazr i Studio " Specialists in School Photography " Meridian, Mississippi MISSISSIPPI... aSTATE rich in tradition, is visited by thousands of people each year attending the Garden Pilgrimages and those following the Azalea Trail. The glorious life of the Old South is perpetuated in the minds of those visiting the State during these festive seasons. With a subtropical climate and mild winters, Mississippi s eighty-mile coastal line is a year-round vacation paradise. Great agricultural and lumber interests, with the more recent discovery of oil, help to keep this grand old State in the spotlight of the nation. There are many Junior Colleges in connection with a splendid educational system. The engravings used in this year-book were produced by the South- western Engraving Company of Dallas. SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING COMPANY of DALLAS Producers of Better College Annuals DALLAS, TEXAS And, departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time. — Longfellow

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