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f .A f Mvqzfif: : M, . ,. -f f vw w I . .,, J " 1 ' ' L Chmbmg thg W aXXs . . ' 5 1. XC,eeding the Units . . . N fly. ' as zzgjffx, MX 3-. wh W: , ,, Breaking thg Maki . . . A ,wr , L h w J',77n , Q . e 4 24 SJ:-W. ,V we 79 .dime-.,+'.4'mp4f. wfwzfrww, I ,- ,. f -Q5M4ghf5',,,swp h w i.,z.w A :-f n. . J --ze :-W J Qver and Above . . . , ES i L-'H' H.,-Aw' H- 'bi , . .e e -f '- ., ff, ff ... ,gg A mb?-H . W- ' +1 r- 'W-4 A 'vshwwilfib Liwwfe ' A f f - f, We 7. , f wsu :tvs ,,s,.i.fu'- "S W--H fe, - S . 1 the Un ' Skde QU' ,. W- 4- ,L-J ., W L f wm , W e w ' ' L " i f " ,H ' -f if :ff - L9' l 1 7 , -V H'-'-'- WHL W , f, A Step Ahead . - ' East Wind Volume East Mecklen High Sc 6800 Monroe Charlotte, N.C. if t"7355+,l4,L, " "N, Taking Strides: Wes Ishee, head of the boys Cross Country team, races across the finish line at MCAlpine-Greenway Park. -'Was O-R-E-O: Hoa Bragg instructs Missy Helinski on the finer points of Oreo-eating etiquette. 2 INTRODUCTION Birthday balloons: Tonya Campbell and Elizabeth lohnston wish Michael Tucker a happy birthday at the homecoming dance. Lost in thought: Anne littlejohn steals a moment of reflection from the bustle of East life. if , .Q .5 54 1 1 f M3 4 ' Wi 5 . 4, ef -aft fs, .0 O 0 . Q Q 0 J K' r: O: ln a city growing as fast as Char- lotte, and in a high school growing as fast as East Mecklenburg, standing out meant excelling. Each of the 2378 students found that in academics, sports, organizations and student life, recognition required doing more and going further. With its ever increasing enrollment, East seemed nearly ready , i , Y i 4 I Www to burst its red brick seams. Howev- er, 1988 proved that East had grown not only in size, but also in excel- lence. Math competitions, cross country meets, scholarships . . . Eagles dove into all with an extraordinary zest for learning, for being an important part of the community, and for succeed- , K ' L - - lf.- What ARE you doing?: Courtney Dickinson and Peggy Ydel are overcome by laughter, while Scott Biggs retains his suave male composure. ing. Whether students' interests lay in sports, clubs, academics, school spirit, the arts, or many other areas, there was a niche for everyone. And as their involvement expanded, so did their interest in making a positive difference. The knowledge that a person could only be his best through hard ' r' , INTRODUCTION 3 01' work and practice explained the ex- plosive enthusiasm East students showed in all they attempted. They vvere willing to give extra time to make East the remarkable school it is. Whether is vvas a football game, de- bate match, DECA competitions, or simply day-to-day school life, stu- dents always strived for exceptiona- 4 INTRODUCTION lity in their goals. It was this ambitious attitude that enabled each classman to exceed all borders and expecta- tions. In every vvay, 1988 was a year of going beyond, of Crossing the Border. S f far. if' sy' ,, 7 4 3 as wi'-Q Q 5 Zejsgnggr is-5 sag asf H Y., -wg-53 E V c 9 zu, Q 3 mg i tts Qi i M fg, sf MM .ss are 'tw jiri: W M. wi 1 Sa 'gh is ia A ,ia Etzlilqz 'ws "mia lffiviiilli at' Wt- i 't?lZt3'3?if,'il Zi, , , 30.71 f.,,, 5 rf N " l fyfw. ,Q , if A l l t,,V',.. i l m f -4- fe df ' Q 'F ,wr is mrfewvhf W K l f . f., Y ' , F 3 4 1 ii ll 1 1 xx- I , 1 i VV 0,103 f gm? I LW Perhaps the 'pest word to descrroe the duh rneetrngs, hand practrce, ptay ree students had a chance to unwtnd tor a 198763 East Mack student 'oody ts XN- hersds and tearn practrces to 'rust standrng, coupte ot days. Many students enroyed XlOEXlED.Xn addrtron to the requrred seyen tn the tounge and tattdrng, yytth trtends. gorng to partres and the vnoytes, whte ntany Eages spent rnuch ot Students' schoot sprrtt and tremendous otherstustyyantedto steept Mso,CharXotte X that East proytded 1.eaXtor partrcrpatron rnented therr reputaf ottered a yvtde yartety ot ptaces to ytsrt, ttres tor tron as proud Eages. such as Sprrtt Square, Drscoy ery Ptace, Ees- Ptnother tvnp0rtant part ot student Yrte tryd tn the Park, and Sprtngtest. Eagyes Xavdrng on the weekends. Pttter a tnyotyernent tn dt these actryttres arded apers and horneyyork, therntnCYrrn'ornfg,TheNNdXsto5uccess. hours a day, therr tree trnue at East. n students yytth so rnany opportun tnyotyernent, there was dways an atrno' sphere ot 'ousttrng actryrty surroundrng the was re chooX acttyktesranged trorn week ot tests, p schoo X. Pttterfs I I When we came o East as Soph- s vv e 1 o n1 o r e ' arate were In sep DE NT LIFE DIVISI ON ups, but we gr a d u a t e d a s one group. fvircta Cumrrftngs If i .s. I I it ii ll f ' is f 5- lf? , 3 j f ia, 1-1.af7'.1 L T Zi l I fi B. V- -1' .A , 215: K. H i I E 'I .1W,..35, .Wk, M J 1 ls S I ' , ' it i I ' .:":'.:- v ' ' Q' 1 'iii i . ' f " . 5 ' I iff, l . it S 3... l 4 1 ,iii 3 F M lg,-.Wag . I A ' I . "if ll, I I M N J J ii , ' , - - r ,J ,nf- 'v 4' xiii' - l if My gg--in I 5 , y N if If I I3 .F Y l i fi ' 'uv Climbing the walls: Senior Ray Nilssen avoids the crowded hallways by his innovative route to homeroom. But officer . . . : Mark Love is full of excuses las usually as he tries to vvriggle his way out of this ODE. In search of. . . ?: Greg Ward wanders Wrights- ville Beach looking for the perfect vvave, . f-Mt ,, ww 1 3 ff ? F I li . S 9 , 51 e l Q . il i T 5 . 5 i 9 i K I Q -. A ii W STUDENT LIFE DIVISION 7 The heat is on as summer moves in and school moves out. Beaches, lakes, and mountains become popular resting spots for East Meek students. , , . s 5 . ft' , 8 VACATIONXTRIPS if i 5i1g!eWii1g ily Cv uiiziizer june 6 . . . the beach . .. lune6...theheat... lune6...thepool... .' lune 6, 1987, 2:25 p.m. ' East Meck Eagles awaited the final ring of the bell that ended the school year and began their migration to the southfs beaches and anywhere they could rest their tired Eagle wings. Last summer, some rocked their Eagle wings at such concerts as Whitney Houston and Billy Idol, to name a few. Meg Keally, a senior, who went to see Whitney Houston, thought it was a 'great concert despite the reviews." Christy Conroy, also a senior, went to the Psychedelic Furs concert at the Grady Cole Center with a bunch of friends. Her review of the concert was that 'it was incredible . . . we were up Q, 'QQ Q ,Oo front and I got squooshed but it was worth it." Of course, the majority of the Eagles spent their summer at the beach soaking up rays and sending out umating calls" to the opposite sex. lunior Shannon lack- son settled down on the warm sands of Kiawah Beach while others flew over- seas to foreign countries. Alisa Long, a senior, went to France and stayed with her French llsister" Christine. Senior Donna Cook toured the Sears Tower, Art Institute, and malls of Chicago, lllinois and found it to be quite an experience. Everybody benefited from last sum- mer, whether they worked, slept, or traveled. As senior Mark Love put it, the summer of 1987 was 'la great wave peaking in lune, rolling through july, and thunderously crashing in August." We Care: lunior Marc West and sophomore len- The Cookie Monster: Senior Donna Cook can't nifer Love taught Bible school in New lersey. resist the llsweet" side of Chicago. Vive la Francelz Caught in one of her sophisticated moods, senior Alisa Long entertains her French 'sister" Christine. ,. Qi ' 4 x Killer Tans! Juniors Laurie Sessa and Tracy Barwick enjoy the sunny weather on Topsail Island. The Two Amigos: Senior Christy Conroy and her sister Ali model sombreros at Disney World, Out on the Town: Seniors Debbie Daumit and Christy Smith live it up in London, England. ,muh Mmm . . . Grubsl: Seniors Garret Sustar, Ben Kinney, Kevin Gordon, Mike Wyche, jeff Martin, and Clark Hodges practice survival skills at Mt. Pisgah, North Carolina. VACATIONXTRIPS 9 East students worked up a storm last summer. They held jobs at various places in order to earn money for the basic summer "necessities". Fun on the job: Christy Eads is all smiles while she works at Fifty's Burgers and Shakes. 10 VACATIONXIOBS -...wks ., , ,..+-ns..,,,,,m agle ,4 I Work the Eagles sat home all summer keeping up with the soaps, many of them daringly decided to go out into the rough and tough working world. lEast students took jobs to earn money for cars, clothes, beach trips, dates, and other summer essentials. Eagles held jobs ranging anywhere from swimming pools to gas stations' Each student had a different view on what the 'ideal" summer job was. Ac- cording to Nancy Kuhn, who was a life- guard at Sardis Swim and Raquet Club, X O is ok lllifeguarding is the best job to have in the summer because you earn money and get a good tan at the same time." Working proved not only to be worth while for making money, but also to be a lot of fun. Sarah Talbot,who worked at American Athletics said she enjoyed her job because, 'll got to meet good-look- ing athletes every day." By the end of the summer of '87, working East students had learned re- sponsibility, gained friendships, earned a sense of respect for themselves and, along the way, gotten a good touch of what it is like out there in the real world. Not another cart: Greg Ward, a Food Lion employee, prepares to load bags into the customers car. leans, leans, and more leans: Lisa McKenzie does her best to satisfy each and eyery customer at lust Pants. 3 What was that order again? leff Wilson, a Baskin Robins Ice Cream scooper, is a little puzzled by his order. Check or Cash?: Allister Stuart works quickly and efficiently as a Harris Teeter cashier. 'I r---1 l-'lil Salesmen of the year: lonathan Gattis shows off his selling techniques at Robby's Sports. VACATIONXIOBS 11 It was a day of celebration. Five days of theme dressing ended with an exciting evening of skill and beauty. mm., F l 3, l fiom coming '87 will remember Friday Oc- X . Q tober lo, 1987 tor many 44? 5655 years to come. lt was the gb bt nightthe new l987Home- Q0 coming Queen was cho- sen. The Homecoming Court looked stunning accompanied by their escorts decked out in top hats and canes. This year's court was made up of Marti Beck, Becky Branner, Erika Crawford, Kelly Cutts, Courtney Dick- inson, Amy Hart, Amy Moore, Muffin Mclntyre, Brennan Pastor, and Robin Scales. All eyes were focused on lamie Treadaway, who was Homecoming Chairperson, as he announced Becky Branner as second runner up, Brennan Pastor, first runner up, and the new i987 Homecoming Queen, Courtney Dickin- son. Last year's student body president, Heidi Sloan, as well as last year's queen, Susan Pitts, arrived in style as they pulled up in a limousine to congratulate Courtney. Though Friday night was the main event, the whole week was set aside for Putin' on the Ritz. Monday we had our Blue and Cold Day. Tuesday was Club Day, Wednesday was College Day, Thursday was Camouflage Day, and Fri- day was Dress Up Day. Thursday night we had a bonfire where many East stu- dents came together to arouse school Faces of new and old: Homecoming chairperson lamie Treadaway joins last year's student body president Heidi Sloan in honoring the proud court. 12 HOMECOMING spirit. Announced at the bonfire, the winner of the float competition was Ci- vinettes. As the week came to an end, there was still the Homecoming Dance. There was no doubt this was the best dance ever. Plenty of people, music, decor, and enthusiasm ended this week of celebra- tion. The week ending October lo, i987 was one that won't be forgotten for a long time. lt was a week where we all were puttin' on the Ritz! The queen is crowned!: The 1987 homecoming queen, Courtney Dickinson, shows her emo- tion, i H1 i 5-ziiiljlf We "'f' j :lash those pearly whites!: Courtney Dickinson and her majestic entou- age are singing the East alma mater with pride. And the winner is . . . : Kelly Cutts, Erika Crawford, and Becky Branner wait anxiously to hear the results. Three's a crowd?!: Cam Ferguson tries desperately to break in while Sally Dunn and Lowell Gates dance. Gee Dad, you're a real swell guy!: Marti Beck shows her affection toward her dad. Designing women.: Brennan Pastor, Amy Moore, and Muffin Mclntyre show off their formals. HOMECOMING 13 A festive celebration with class and much formal tradition, the .IuniorfSenior Prom of 1987 was a success with all the guests. 14 PROM Ca fe af the Orient started arriving at the T986-1987 lunior!Senior S to Prom, they saw before 'Q 'N them the Charlotte Con- vention Center. From the outside, it looked no dif- ferent than any other time they had seen the building, However, once the couples stepped through the door, the magic of the night overtook them, and they saw that the Convention Center had been beautifully transformed into an Oriental Wonderland. The theme, liSayonara," had been perfectly represented down to the last detail. Everything was adorned with a touch of Oriental beauty. The table set- tings, the overhead decorations, the food, and the picture backgrounds all showed the wonderful influence of the cultures in the Orient. According to Mrs. Barbara Nichols, she and Mrs. Linda Mayfield were put in charge, but they were merely super- visors. lill Owen, the Prom Chairper- son, divided all of the volunteers and organized them into committees for the specific prom needs. The ideas and plans Q ev 'oz 'se Qu og Rock and Roll: The band "Borneo" is seen en- tertaining the large Prom crowd during their hit packed set. were thought of and carried out by these committees. It was their dedica- tion and hard work that brought about the success of last year's prom. Another important aspect of the prom that went mostly unnoticed was the work done by the Sophomore At- tendants. Dressed in black and white, they added a classy touch to the prom ceremonies. They provided many need- ed services, such as greeting guests, serving food, handing out souvenirs, and taking down the decorations after ev- eryone had left. Amy McCarter related her experience as a Sophomore Atten- dant saying that she 'lreally had a great time, even though there was some working involved, It was just an enjoy- able atmosphere to be in." They were truly needed to make the prom as nice as it was. The evening went smoothly and ev- eryone enjoyed themselves, whether dancing to the music played by the band, "Borneo," or just casually con- versing with their friends and dates. The crowd had thinned out by midnight when everyone moved on to their late night plans. The prom was over, but thanks to the hard work of many peo- ple, the couples that attended would live with memories of a fantastic even- ing. Smile: Seniors Lee Carawan and Holly Orr take time out of their busy Prom evening to pose for a picture. Precious Moments: These Couples get in one last dance before the end of the 1986-1987 luniorfSenior Prom. Picture Perfect: Prom gave everyone a chance to look their best. iv i rv Take a break: Some sophomore attendants take a rest Relax: This couple converses leisurely by one ofthe beautiful tables found at last years Prom. from their ever present duties. PROM 15 "During the course of the re- hearsals, I had gotten a chance to meet several new people. There is no such thing as the joy of competition. My experi- ence of the pageant was one of a close network and a lot of fun." -Marion Humphrey For me?I: Tiffany Landers congratulates Amy Hart with red roses. 16 CARROUSEL ,4 ayzrmzra Safran de of September twenty- Ooz sixth, thirty-six of East Q9 ,gs Meclds most beautiful Q40 women displayed their all-out best to compete for the lICarrousel Princess" title. As they walked the aisle, with their escorts proudly by their side, they were intro- duced by Dave Marcus and Brownie Rogers. They entered the stage in their Sunday dress and introduced them- selves to the audience and the judges by telling them a little about their plans for the future. Next came the casual wear segment. This openly revealed each girls true personality as they strutted out in their any day, anyway outfits. The final segment brought a murmur to the crowd and a tear to each parents' eye as each contestant came out in their glam- orous evening gowns. At the closing of the formal wear seg- ment, the judges had the pain-staking job of narrowing it down to the top ten finalists. Those ten responded to a pop question, and from that the five finalists were chosen. As anxiety and happiness filled the air, Marcus and Rogers announced the win- ners. Fourth runner-up: Amy Hart, third runner-up: Brennan Pastor, second run- ner-up: Courtney Dickinson, first run- ner-up: Debbie Daumit. As the last fina- list was left standing, Amy Benzenhoefer was named our new lICarrousel Prin- cess." Pastor shared her experience as a Carrousel contestant by saying, vCar- rousel was an exciting night, but so frightening. I really thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown on stage. Overall, I had a great time, it was a lot of fun." V.. J alll.. A pretty picture: The Carrousel contestants give the crowd one last look before the night comes to a close. And the winner is . .. : Amy Benzenhoefer is announced our new '87f'88 'Carrousel Princess." Queen for a day: Carrousel Princess, Amy Benzenhoefer, gives us her winning srnile. Surfer Barbie: Marti Beck walks across the stage in search of her lost Ken. Strut that sluff!: Angela Wilson proudly models her outfit in the casual wear segment. gh l Bribery will get you nowhere: The professional judges vote strictly on perfor- mance and appearance. CARROUSEL 17 The Eagles captivated the audi- ence with their performances at the talent show, Pop's Pourri. an-Q-H 1... -e Very Impressive: lennifer Hall and Suzanne Be- longia demonstrate their spectacular gymnastics ability in their talent show routine. 18 POP'S POURRI Clirrtf akzglrf in U15 Spotlight talent show, llPop's QS N, Pourrif' was presented 49,5 C5 X on Wednesday and visa Q00 Thursday, October 7 ,Q and 8. They were nights of inexpensive yet won- derful entertainment. The audience loved the talented and numerous Mens Ensemble, who opened the show. Following the Mens Ensemble were many solos and duet vo- cal performances ranging from love songs such as 'Endless Love" to the country tune, uSweet Dreams." Mi- chael Williams and Mark Evangelist both sang original compositions. Kisha Hill displayed her fast-talking ability as she rapped to the song TTPeter Piper." The jazz dance done by Shannon Wightman really impressed the audi- ence as did the dancefgymnastics rou- tine done by Suzanne Belongia and jennifer Hall. lason Banks entertained the crowd with his magic show, llThe Amazing Chop-a-Lot." Closing the show was l'The Inmates," a rock band featur- ing lim West, Michael Williams, Lane Boland, Darrell Ussery, and Dave Ru- sak. The group really aroused the audi- ence with their great musical talent. Directed by Mr. Tom Elmore and Mrs. Linda Howard, the talent show proved to be a true success. Stacie Dick- inson said, llBefore l went to Pops Pourri, l never realized that there were so many talented students at East." On the nights of October 7 and 8, the Eagles were definitely mln the Spotlight." Limber Legs: Shannon Wightman does a split during her jazz dance. Ahhhh Yahhhh!: lason Banks demonstrates the effectiveness of the Amazing Chop-a-Lot on Chad Roscoe's arm, A future star: Michael Williams sings and plays the piano to his own song. Sing it Baby: Mark Evangelist sings and plays the guitar to an original composi- tion. Let's Get Enthusedl: Dave Rusak, guitarist for The Inmates, pouts for the camera. POP'S POURRI 19 It was twelve years in the mak- ing. Graduation had arrived for the Class of 1987, and for over Qrgdyqfjpn ' 8 7 finally arrived - I1 20 GRADUATION finally arrived. The end had Q99 come to twelve years of X96 school and on june 5, 9 6 1987, 624 senior Eagles '90 joined together for their last school function at East Mecklenburg High School. The bleachers were packed full of the graduating class' relatives and friends, and, they sat anxiously awaiting the start of 'Pomp and Circumstancef' everyone stood and watched the seniors march proudly onto the football field, outfitted in their blue caps and gowns. The opening Invocation was given by Thomasena Banks which was soon fol- lowed by Benny Blalock leading the crowd through the Pledge of Allegiance. Brian Logsdon then introduced the Valedictorian, Eugene Tom, with a spe- cial rap. Then, right after the Valedictori- an, it was time for the special surprise of the ceremonies, Peter Scolari, the guest speaker, stepped up to the microphone. Though his business is usually com- edy, the major message in Peter Scolari's speech was one of a very serious nature. He saw the classy nature of last years "Top ofthe CIass": Eugene Tom, the Valedictori- an of 1987, gives his Valediction speech at the graduation ceremonies. graduating class and he wished all of them the best. He saw them as a major force in tomorrow's world, hoping they would fight to succeed and make a name for themselves. His speech was inspiring and his advice was taken in by everyone in attendance. The presentation of the diplomas came right after Peter Scolari's address. They were Presented by Dr. Frank Ro- zelle while Wes Carter, the senior Class President, and jeff johns, the Vice-Presi- dent, called out each student's name. "I though my sister's name would never be called. l didn't realize how many people were graduating this year!" said Steph- anie Davis. There were a lot of names to be called, but the time went quickly. After all of the graduates had returned to their seats, the choir sang a beautiful chorus of llThank You for Showing Us the Way." Wes Carter then gave his closing remarks for the senior year of 1987. The audience then rose, and they were led in the Alma Mater. The end of a well planned graduation ceremony had arrived. The time had gone quickly and everyone left with great memories of their life in school and of the graduation ceremony of the class of 1987. X' Patience is a virtue: Wes Carter and leff lohns sit anx- iously awaiting their time at the podium. , I y y Words of Wisdom: Peter Scolari imparts his humor and Graduation: The feeling is undescribable. wise thoughts to the Class of 1987. I E l N Hats off: The excitement of graduation overcomes these Eagles. Congratuations: Clara Mayhew is happy to get her diploma. GRADUATION 21 I a 4 ri Z ' ' ' 7 ' . , f:f'j7,f. .arf Q-Y, ,. ,fi --,- if , j , .' . , Sf ish?-gr gli by Filly- if-E V Qfrirggjfy. 114 ,r ,I I Ai lf? rr .Q 4 I. A ,V A .J 4 I I. I V I ,,,' Aff - f 4 7 , ' 507 J A as s so s d 1 I" I ' A "L " ' " ' "" ft5?"f f'y"W-5f 3:i'Hi5 1"' f 3541544'f2Wfl7fi'i2t Ptcadernrcs,tt'swhathrg,h schootwas att tearnrng, tor rnanv students, wasn't Easts award wtnnrng band, orchestra, about, and tt was another area tn whtch conttned to the hours between7-30 arn, Odyssey ot the Nttnd, Debate, and math East was ahead ot the rest.Schootrattngs and 1130 orn. Pttter schoot hours and contest teams, atonfg, wtth OTOGYS, feat' besrde, tt was East's students and tacutw weekends tound them wortdrng, wtth ttrrned Easts wtnntng, tr adrtron. Teachers who prov ed the acaderrttc evacettence ot teachers tor extra heto, oreoartnfg, tor a and SYUGGNS worked bard, Qtvtng, eitt a the schoot. Students wanted to tearn and debate rnatch, wortdrng on oubtrcattons, UWC, thought and Care, to Cross borders teachers wanted to teachiogethecthetr dotng acaderntc tnternshtos, or srrnphf N010 WCW UUGQYSYHUCXWEJ 305 BCGGGWC hardwortc and arnbrttous attrtudes created studytng. Students threw thernsehl es 'tnto BYOWW- a schoot where the quatttxy ot educatron educatton, and tn return tncreased therr exceeded the ttrntts. Xcnowtedge ot tacts, ttgures and ttte. if fr .'- , 1? ff e' ' f ' ' ' 0' ' I - j . J tr at - r V rr ' ."r f' r rf r , r r , . , ,f ,f ' : t "fi 1 V- ,r2Vfs4'-he gf"-' iff -t 3v'3H"k4 .1 rf' ' A rj . . ' fi . E f 2 1 rf 1 ':- ' - -- '-'till . fx fr. ' -' ll nere is an honor in rtself. I I 'Suzanne Dotson 11 The quality of aca dernics at East is highly regarded. Gra ting from dua 22 AC ADEM v .I fur llwgil , Q, -.31 - : R , ,A :xg r if . ' ,' H, '- F- 4 .1 t .- ,gt-4 ,. .fa rf it 4, , 1' 1,1 xw, QM 5 is as ESM MW l if kv Exceeding the Limits: After securing his own store of knowledge, Scott Stewart jumps the line between being a student or a teacher in order to explain the way of things to Becky Branner. I know! I know! In this classroom, knowledge runs rampant. Okay, look at it this way. . . : Mr. Gough helps Senior Kelly Cutts to restore her understanding of the confusing world of mathematics. ACADEMICS DIVISION 23 f if al' I 3' LIJ ' 'Q1 .H fffff. 'M z 4 I ,, , if ,789 if , 1 1 Oh Noi: Mrs. larrell has to get a student to remind her again. What did you say?!?: Mrs. Baldwin points out the facts. 24 ENGLISH E tive will be to write a five page essay on last night's reading assignment." Sud- denly, eyes bulged and jaws dropped. This was a definite sign that English class had surely begun. English advanced the minds of sopho- mores by improving comprehension, speed, vocabulary and SAT preparation. Sophomores also concentrated on short stories, research skills and English skills. Ms. Phillips, a sophomore teacher, hoped her students learned stronger val- ues and good judgement through her lessons in literature. Meanwhile, juniors put their attention toward research skills and American Lit- erature. Ms. Hooper commented, Nl want my students to have a better un- derstanding of the development of American Literature from past to pre- sent." Students in Ms. Hooper's class also learned that there was something to be learned in every experience no mat- Come on you guys!!g Ms. Dixon explains that in this story A does not stand for apple. "W ""f-ll-22:::...'sa.p,.. A . . I al K Eavesdropplng' Some of us don't need help in English. ifiiadgia fstrotfigfbacle the Cla llGood morning class. Today's objec- 7? g g r.havf1e.arxopten miniziiin life and get all yQU ltekitfioiiliiltrisfial oflialtiib 'g1, 1 , -:L+ gi' V s' Far seniors, Engiish Ame-ant preparing fiori,vg9ilieget,.anCfgetheyworkirgworld. Ac- cordxngjovrMSaJanxQl!..iea5n1Ug fQ,gh3'4? ana think- -iingfskillsr were.ftheeigo3ls of her ciasses Qndzwere same? acaclmfsly-. Sewers alan went onward Sivithw more advanced lit- leralfurefsuch as?2Macbe1h. A .E Bothistudents and teachers-hadgstheir ibpiifiionllionl was bi gaiaea -frigtish when?'nabintsca:esgfa se- asikegzi. what ..g.s..g s he gift out i f brainstorming, . she A replied, ffa. head- i2icH5."TWhiie Caflibrflohhsoh said he learnecigfftot.sbe.fprganizged when writing AEGSQWCIEE paegfifff Sfvdenfsxveie mt the faygafnframcfngtishmowevef. that -Zilearning . . - ' . .I ' - .. . Rfiefiscdmpijetingf att' threetryears of ter What' path they chose in lrfe. c .j tncusn 25 fe Q Q '9 3- This is so . . . EXCITING!: Andrew Pruitt dreams about sailing off to Spain and doing something REALLY EXCITING! Te veo: Mrs. Branson observes a student presenting his project. 26 FOREIGN LANGUAGES Q in More -l-FTE This was an exciting year in foreign language classes. Cultures and other hu- manities were on the minds of over 1300 East Meck. Foreign language students. Mrs. Phillips, a French teacher, liked to put emphasis on French culture in her classes. She said, 'lit provides growth and knowledge for people to learn about other people." All nine Foreign language teachers worked diligently this year to acquaint us with German, Latin, French, or Spanish. One of the Spanish teachers, Ms. Diaz, put 'a little bit of everything" into her teaching. She felt that the students needed to do more studying, but 'so far, so good." Some students traveled abroad last Comment dit-on . . . ?: junior, Kruti Shukla, Iis- Summer and Came back to School with tens carefully to Madame Phillips. exciting stories to share. Tracy Boney a rl Jil A The Seven Amigos?: No, it's only Mrs. Garmon's 3rd period class concentrating on a Spanish test. senibr wrllfenifio Franceeangl dizilmany svaasaegmaffenerea . nfrgfry tr. 111532 0f5?i.?T1YEQlatf2!.l. QYGUFSBIG t Lifini iioriiiferttiiiin fat :thins th'-S, Vgaf wtfefsgfhe. 5?f?"'f?f1f5t trr. jPi?Cofi3lingiT0 aw. saber-zmfafizsaa' S tlangiiagefis an ongoing thingffa He, like limariay sofisieripexi Ie.ie4Qeliei?eittE1attstnd5?5 ing a language ffxonisf D-420 YQ21fSfi5 anaaghgeanqlszuaenffsn-miata ?939?S?5?reml5f9S?s f05?'5F'i2lan5?'as59 efwftt0f.h'Shfr r '35 , Wik. 3' .V F . .s.. FQBF-KPN 2? Alone at last: Watch out, leff Doggett. Mr. McMahan is sneaking up behind you! This is a "6": Mr. Aulette spent 3 quarters teaching his classes their numbers. 28 MATH 5 It All Adi lf you were like 2034 other East Meck students, you spent 55 minutes of every day contemplating the finer points of everything from fractions to linear sec- ond order nonhomogeneous equations with constant coefficients East offered 19 math courses ranging from Compe tency Math to Calculus A P Some East students enrolled in these courses be cause of a genuine interest in math while others just needed math credits Mrs ludy Wmdle, an Algebra II Trigonometry and Analysis teacher felt that Math is an essential skill in a wide variety of fields from construction work to medicine to engineering Mrs Dawn Murchison, who taught Algebra II Trigonometry Concepts and General Math added that Everybody should take as much math as they can during high school because it will prepare them for life after high school Shadow pictures Mrs Floyd entertains her Math classes with special effects on her over head projector .q'3"""' Brace yourself: Greg Moore prepares himself as Mrs. Graves tells him his grade .Q- R if Science class was interesting . . . : Bret Hutchins tries to make the most of science class. Getting help from the teacher: Mr. Arim assists Ronnie Newrene in class. 30 SCIENCE -Quang K if suggest K, MHS , annul pa,-f"' 3E,Ef2gii'?ii A ,AM A Y 11 hiv A AA QM AW, ,N .A A A 'X w Hawk Ass 'Q sm 2 vw E Aw' ,v M tw A JZ 2 t QAA11, A ' 'i'5iA?Aa:Lm 'tab 3a:.Agia'?Ei' GELVAZ: ' w'w4ffe:sAaA.w' A AAA.. W ,AWA We A 1. ,A A A , ,N W? 5 Alf' lc 'nw Afszkifafaw AN i ,AA M AMQA if?is22AQ,Y222'i S ,sg fbi wwf? VM ZWT. M A gage 22533232352 A. A A V Q-5i2's'f: tfz1'?55fA'-Aiiiffilxclllktl ,E A, A U .A A v.QQQ zA,, A ,si ,A ,AA ,, W Q' ,, mm' mzSQ"zfA ww zawslw Amy A, 1 w,,'p ,f A zzz Z 35' as 7'Ql'.1ie'3 wwe ww irate? iwf,A -:iv A.AAwisLAg5:fl'mzexfeiwwlYfliiw-tg A AA :lasik -A Fifi -,12fAf2AA""if,:rA:A'flaw',:WL'i'm121:svi"21 AA, fp ' , ' K ,iafszw Af,wrAfAlA1Afx',1:A ' 'Nw it 1" w:A':rtAwAAsAAAAf',lA,sAe:AMAAw ff JA 2 'Aaa,::1sgzzlwvH1g1A Q "ff2zi1W5s-M5521 W 1 'N A as Q 313,55 ql.:ifA3g'AAAyZ ,-,f:a:3g22+z'w,Aggm7 W Maw: N5?Ag3l11?At1Avg1,wg.A,: wywgawt-7 ",2Hs5Aq:m5,i YL 5 'ff ,AwA,f..' easy "'AAf'gAAwt,, "AswAAi'A 'flhfi' "w:wm"'AA1v wt MBWZAVAHJ A ,A33,Aw, Ak Aiwa-5, ' ry.-exams' A,'A"'Ww,'1 if gif AQAAMZAAQ 'lA cabin- - wg "iii2Egz13:'f.i2'3Ef1'Q1 '43-1 ' 5' if AQ 1Azf2mav'K.-2155.11',:'sgAsAg,At'A1sA u1A'f:A:ig:24 agt4exakwfmiazmiiiAabf1m11fa:,zmxv ww' if ,, X My 2fisifw':2LzffWQD a f v ig i ' wfsAAw,1AMYAi:g,q ff V W s f A W A wsww. 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A,.A N, ,.AA35LA,'AAeAg1fA4g1Asffgagaigviag I .i ,Azt1?.w.1Y-risiwfg, 1 Asif: mmilwzw Qfvaiiigiie Wz'f':,a"': ' ' Y a'wfi'f'A' AA H' G ' .llslivl',W',f5ifs.' a5':,"9f5-VAfkiiimZ57?3iWLZ4i-'2i+LfvE3m':4J I , AA A ,"AAi2Avsw::iwA' flfmw:mfAzimffizifAffieai1Aw12H:aA?M' 141121: wA2A'sAzgga1':1gmsiwg if' sham 2 gsfatmw' 14 'fffz ff , isa , , 'Sai ,hifi A' Q fmli Aja' "ww .l2'f?1.A?g12?'.f,26icsQtsL 'mlff L" 7ziAfA'wij ff 137aA1"2ff itftixliziilieifiiildiaigiiitl A 'ew A , V .,A Q A122 Qiiitmt az''-ta,'a5fg4m',s'2iz2:Aiiz4',, rwtiisslltsiggs22:7'22vwfs2L'2t:.iz zAi."'A H ram yfzsiizt 1 ,AA R r'-, lfmaifi -Asii, W iiczm, f'1'2LZ2f1f1fij-A:2i'ZH:.f, Q,z2gf.iig,1MijQ2AEW3 iv'cJV'ef: V. t 'A?i'S?11 'if?fs1ft"A'?':fzTf91fi1sIZA.Z'i'L'Sfi"i1?2'iA55f'31 - - - Catch the Wave into the exciting ' world of science! When asked what she A - - - A U s V U liked least about science class, Lauri De- y . A AA" ,A A2 . AA Afff X A 1 'A'1aA'12A,rv A:1f:re: ,A'.fffQf:t' ' xx - ff 'A lm a' f AA,s"AA 31AAg A- A wg lit fgyffr sf - - HAZZwt3g1ii4,zgg-,fml',xAga3QE.5A:.A25, whurst replied, reading chapters. A ,:,AfAAAA Chemistry, which many juniors and seniors took, was considered by many the most exciting and interesting science course of them all. Coach McAfee com- mented that what he liked most about teaching chemistry was llproblem solv- ing, and being able to explain scientific things to students." Future Scientistslz Vanessa Ruggles, Valerie Sowers, Amy Zepeda, and Dana Lowder are young chemists at work. J .- Av v tuna Quan dl "dl Teacher at Work: Coach McAfee tells his class how it's really done. 15A-'wwe 1 . . A . . , , AA ,E maxifi'Zijf:i'aEfl':ii55'253 1 g 'K -A A A J A' , A 5,61 ji :g m IE' if A :mae W ,ffm ,A5AAA1,..AsAA,, 'Agc7A,A,.,A AAg3,,A A .7 32-1 AA' 1 ,Ja ,MSA Q. g gLi213,gm.',mt.A1A,AA ' Ag:3f5EAl52'i3f'i' A. 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A '- S "JAAif2f'2 A 'f ki-gbfazifftf' 3 ,awry 1 Awww" .Nagy 1 1 Mizz A' N A' f , 1, ' -' -AAAAQA fit A ' -film, TQWZ U'T"'Aiii1Av-gWil"LJW'lL3 lf? 191' 1 A A-fwfzm 1 i f-JW':KIESEW:i242?Et?'?tf:a3S2 ':w:w2'fMAfA"1' A, AA A Llc? A Af - AAg,:- -A fafg , a ' 1. vain , ALQF :ggi A,L1,w,A Q :fs s Z A g A':Li 'g ' A 'L - - ' Zattfsfzlriwffi s' H122-Ai!".iAA2fsH3,2't1 " at 'QWAEQEAQQEQE M iilwsi' it'smx1l1f'55:f33l 5 A ., f f V i,s:Qig:g5 K b Mgaf, Egg W. " A, A V f., AQ1,qgA,wA1:fAg:L am pQiE:,Zf?gw,'.A'gs vm' 1: f viC.'fr'l1 fi'xiA' ff l: W1ig"Tf4A1f ft'-Yiffif , ' A Q Q, LZ1sQA,,jwA. AA A ,Sr C ' gf ,AamfA .Wgyw Q A v A . ,AAS Showtime!: As lohn Vastis, Abby Wells, and Mike Wyche view a movie, it seems to move Garrett Sustar the most. One more time!: In the heat of the day, Coach Hood tries to conduct class. 32 HISTORY fwfu M Maru ff ff ,,,...w-0"' ,aff fe Tu: Bus :S'f3e:elf?" -ff- Qigig ,A .,,. .,,,, .f- 656- w-- f 1 ,Munn AFI Ev World War I, Boston Tea Party, the Great Depression, and the Industrial Revolution were just a few of the exhi- Ierating topics studied in History class. As East Meck students dreamed of the fu- ture, they had to call a time-out to the six hundred hall of history, where they tried to absorb all of the gory gossip of Queen Elizabeth and Abe Lincoln. Sydney Nightingale gave her views on history by saying, 'I love it . . . I'm not taking it!" The history department expanded this year as Applied Economics became a required course for graduation. Not only did seniors take Applied Econom- ics, but some juniors and sophomores decided to get it out of the way before their final year. This forced East Meck to increase Applied Economics to eighteen sessions. The history department faculty Me . . . studylz Are you kidding? So this is why Mary Manning always sits in the back. 5 E y Uhhh' Mary Herold, Catherine Alley, Melissa Marino, and Scott Abbott have trouble putting their political views into words. had to double upto teachzhistory aswell as Economics to accommodate everyf- one , ,.g. Three new teachers were introduced to the history departmentithis yeari were Mr. Bose, Mr, Ditty, .s,gr, Q andt5,Ms., Tomblin. Mr. Ditty who transferred from New jersey. commented, All shave had to adjust to many changes, including the opportunity of beingfsin the Career Development Program." gg 1 Coach Coltrane I took Close-Up to Washington thissyear. Agroup of. stun dents took a week off from school and headed, tofD.C,, where they had at chance to exchange their political views with other students across the nationg Coach loses summed it up, by come paring teaching historyiito coaching baseball. by remarking, "Whether l'm on the fieid or in the classroom, Ym always faCir18a.war."1 I I I. HISTORY 33 f I Studying hard to make the grade: Eric Dowdy and Mi- cheal Mangum work during class. In between classes: Chris MacArine beats the crowd to his locker. 34 SPECIAL EDUCATION Mx., XX L 4 1 Z 1' "','f'f" ,ff i 4 an WN, Excep K X1 Gi! Q, ff' v C. This past year the Exceptional Children's Department was located at East Meck. The physically challenged students adapt- ed to the large public high school while still being taught on a one to one basis. Ms. Francis was the head of the depart- ment with teachers who were trained and dedicated to teaching physically chal- lenged students. Mrs. Collins, who worked with the exceptional students, said one of the most inspiring things her Calculating up a storm: Using her time wisely, Karen McGill avoids the tedious figuring in- volved in mathematics. Advice from the teacher: Kim Vandergrift and Micheal Tucker listen to Mrs. Collins. 125523 t a K.. ra X1 R vziiiwsi av Qs l 5 sw Qiigrgzqgiw :tw w szzavgwvgt 1 W 'Q 3' :f5Q5,3?f'r?:il,j5t?f1t W SSH gg gs 3531.2 Whittie 'ms-. 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W ge pw:z,f7wg.1tQ,Z:t.1 iz. by , ,fm m Q j Y 1 ' L 'E L H 23- 1 1 V 251335 L w T. vii 1 t Q 5' QA What's your probIem?!?!: Mark Chadwick is the typical artist at work, What's the secret?: Chris Frisco only shows his creativity to the privileged. 36 FINE ARTS ihcqh in '-s.,,NV fx A helping hand: Mrs. Faires gives her student an example of the assignment. Che TOL. This year's art department was run ef- fectively by Mrs. Faires, Mrs. Burke and Ms. Ross. Together these three teachers brought out the greatest creativity in Art l through Art IV students. Their students experienced drawing, painting, jewelry, ceramics, and fiber design. These students had several opportu- nities to compete and show their cre- ative talents. They submitted their work in many contests in which they were judged and proudly displayed. Some of these contests were The World 600 Show, Festival in the Park, Congressional Art Search, and PTA Reflections. In the month of january, Art students entered the Scholastic Art Competition. 5... luunnlnuwv-me ' E ri , -qi Q Hard working!!: Mrs. Burke watches Becky Branner work on her masterpiece. This was the biggest Competition for East art students. lt offered awards, scholar- ships, and most of all, honor. Duringfthe spring, the art students had their own art festival. Their work was displayed and put on sale. This was a chance for other East students to see the best work of art createdby students of all levels, y y When Carmen Webber, an art stu- dent, was asked what summed up her experience in art class, she replied, 'Contour lines and different shapes make a positive outlook on iifef' The experience of an art class was a way for everyone to express their cre- ativity and a great way to havelfun. FINE ARTS 37 Q7 I , -.gg Actioni: Scott Stewart works the camera for the produc- tion of a television commercial. wh rf? zffrfig 4 . . E t 'Fu p if jg., ' ...' ' ,f Q' a R Pass the time with pantomime: A drama student uses her spare time to practice for drama class. A Iover's spat?: These two drama students perform an improvisation for the rest of the class. 38 DRAMA I jfg, I In l 2 . l is ,. gz -we El 'i 54 ! .I !........ You've got to be kidding!: Catheri Elmore has asked them to do. I-'3r'cDc:l Those attending 'Twelve Angry Peo- ple" and 'lYour a Good Man Charlie Brown" were treated to two of the best dramatic productions in the past few years here at East Meck. These shows gave East's students a chance to show off their acting and singing abilities, and to give them a look at life on the stage. The man behind East's successful Dra- ma department was Mr. Thomas EI- more. Many of the students found on the stage were also enrolled in one of his Drama classes. The subjects offered were Drama l, ll, lll, IVfTelevision Pro- duction, and Oral Communication. In Drama I, ll, lll, and Oral Communi- cations, students worked with Mr. EI- more to develop good dramatic skills. They participated in activities such as pantomime, charades, improvisational skits, and rehearsed skits. Some classes even learned the skills of proper stage movement and the art of stage make- Well . . . : Mr. Elmore offers his opinion, ne Garbark and Tammy Miles laugh about the improvisation Mr. V ,I f.fFi?f.i 5155 . Qglia! wtf 331.2 1 --xii - 14435341 gm,,w.g5g-1 25-'l,sg,z,nqs ,gtg . N Mziwy' igsztmyilgziiaf 42515 1:17-.i-g1z'i'.m.s tier J gi 7 gerzzg, mgxlgg 'iyg.:,V.k.,.w, X 321, f, 111.0 isggi- X G' i 7 'j' two 7 "pw yiqfgg H itm. '- t, WW-'fist w':'.:p.gt:iEQ33,t72 Eikiiitgw Migigwqw'Lggggrsywgtig. ,Cggg it 9:31, Eggsgwt 1 N it i Q iffikfixf, t '-52:4 i Wm A ggaziiisfy. V f X is mit 2- fiizggge 2 : :tai , fliiififlifi-'K 'A ' " z.2.'a22:si2t'1fzwii,z ga V 1 2 .. ,. emi. J' , X , 1 i .riliiiw . it 523373 13 :2 . 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Third row: Tameka Springs, Christy Bolick, lennifer Raines, Selena Young, Kathryn Winiker, Amy Artis, lulie Neale, Katie Littell, Lani Metzler, Debbie Gustafson, Kelley Holmes. First row: Marjorie Weinstock, lim West, Lisa Grimm, Lori Baucom, Michael Williams, Dawn Roberts, Chris LeMeux, Suzanne Dotson, Robert Dinkins, Debbie Kaplan, Kirsten Wilson, David Rosenfeld, Heather Desmond. Second row: Mrs. Linda Howard, Donyell Campbell, Beth Crutchfield, Kyle Woosley, Dawn Graham, Tricia Davis, Donna Cook, Marc lohnson, Kim Sorenson, Stephanie Nichols, Rex Derreberry, Beth Royer, Lorena Russo. Third row: Geneva Baxter, Wendy Hatcher, David Barbour, Lynn Williams, Debbie Klein, Drew Harriss, Tracy Simpson, Amy Wimmer, Andrew Pruit, Yvette Lindsey, Crystal Giles. First row: Lori Little, Suzanne Breitenstein, Denice Greene, Tayloria Laney, Christy Arethas, Marsha Rowe, Kelly Breazeale, Kelly Currier, Wendy White, Chris Long, Chastity Rumley, Terri Smith. Second row: Ginger Bradwell, Kyrs Gallagher, April Shaw, Kara lrby, Kelli Tumer, Sonia Mason, jennifer Mltchell, Tamara Smith, Teresa Linville, Tracie Mcleod, Vede Watts, Dana Price. Third row: Nicole Claibome, Kelly Collins, Pam Sanders, Tamara Hemphill, Tracy Worthy, Susie Bell, Yolanda Straite, Charlenia Pearson, Kiesha Thompson, Camilla Brown, Tricia lacobs. Fourth row: Mrs. Linda Howard, Nicki Fincher, Stacy Davis, Teana O'Leary, Yolanda Mangrom, Laura Washington, Barbara Hudson, Tameshia Stewart, Kimberly Lyke, Carrie Vandenburg, LaToya Mills. 40 CHOIR l S i TT Q - S For the second year in a row, Mrs. Linda Howard led the East Meck Choir, Chorus, and Men's and VVomen's En- sembles to outstanding proportions. Six students from East were chosen to participate in the North Carolina Honors Chorus. They were Lisa Grimm, Beth Crutchfield, Marc lohnson, lim West, Drew Harriss, and Michael Williams. The North Carolina Honors Chorus per- formed at the Providence Methodist Fine Arts Festival. One of the partici- pants, Michael Williams, said that l'Concert Choir has meant more to me than just a class." His attitude was in ac- cord vvith many of the other students who sang with East this year. Sad Songs Say So Much: junior Lynn Williams takes her singing ability beyond the classroom as she performs as Pop's Pourri. First row: Lamont Sloan, Richard Rosenfeld, Vincent Mason, Alton Hunnicutt, Chris Steele, Todd Hutchinson. Second row: Richard Pappas, lohn Stephens, Sunjay Pandey, Darius Deese, lim Baxley, Linn Fisher, Mrs. Linda Howard. E Womens Ensemblelhad a cookies fund, raiser at the beginning of the year and presented the Choir with all ofthe money fromiit. The Choir used this mon- ey to help pay for their Spring trip to New York city. The chorus also Went to Allstate Contest and participated inthe Mars Hill Choral Clinic. ilStanding Room Only" was ethefthemeirforitthe' Spring Concertlvlusic Review. The.N0I'th Caro- lina School Board Association Conven- tion, and also for the ,regional drama contest. p , p W Mrs. Howardfwas again pleased with her remarkable ,group of students and their successful performances. She said, that 'ti tell everyone il meet that! teach the best ,students iniiharlotte. This year has been wonderful." F ,. CHOIR 41 My xg ,, Q 'N 9 fl xi' -tl " Playing in stride: Brett Hutchins and Ronnie Newrene make playing the trumpet look easy. Stop plucking the hair out of your bowl: Mrs. Lowery points her finger at a fiddling student. 42 ORCHESTRA e'lll ,,,,l 1 .W el..., was e,1lelt. ,, K at 13? it e ,Nfl gggnm. F Str 'lf' In E E This year the orchestra was chosen to perform at World Expo '88 in Brisbane, Australia in the summer. Our orchestra was one of 65 selected from 1,200 musi- cal groups who auditioned to be part of Australia's Bi-Centennial celebration. Not only did the orchestra break their ,gtwgzs.vgtt.tW,.z, ,sgggfftp fgggw 1 ,ww rwlgx.. , 'af , ' L w zlww lal 5 bows in class to prepare for the trip, but they also made year-long efforts to raise seywltl S150,000 for the cost of the event. ltf A llFlY-ln" WHS Sponsored bY the Of' chestra's booster club and WROQ at Eastland Mall. They also sponsored a dance after a Friday night football game and took part in the East Meck Bizarre where they set up their llSuper Attic Sale." These were only a few of the fundraisers the orchestra students used to cover the expense of the seventeen dal' WP' Time, dedication, and talent were also Concerts and the Orchestra contest. The orchestra contest gave the musi- cians a chance to compare themselves The Big Bad Bass: Megan Riley gives her bow a ,,t. W- demanded for the Christmas and Spring rest as she studies the next piece. 1, y lll ,wa Getting it Together: The future Charlotte Symphony Orchestra auditions at East. f strt s'1ts T ' V V Vp , ,lsz,f,, iii fu Na.. I am supermanlz ls drummer Darren lessee hiding some- thing from us? No applause necessary . . .just money!: Brad Davis plays his sax to impress the two lady onlookers, Aleta Dunbar, and Katherine Sumner. 44 BAND IVlar'c:l'iiri AT-TEN-TlON!: Marching Eagle lennifer Burleson responds to her director's command. The East Mecklenburg Marching Eagles were an elite group of students that put an incredible amount of time to perfect what they did. In addition to memorizing their music, they had to practice a march to go along with it. The group of hard workers consisted of 146 students who, before school even began in August, were practic- ing for hours at a time each day, most of the time in the mid-afternoon heat. The band had three very important leaders, President - Kevin Sides, Senior Drum Major - Les- lie Anthony, and the junior Drum Major, Mike Feher. Mike told us earlier in the year, 'Although this year's band is pretty young, we've got enough talent and pride in our show that we can become a first class band again this year. Our music and drill are ex- tremely complicated, but we have the de- termination and the willingness to work hard at making the East Meck Marching Ea- gles number one!" In addition to showing their stuff out on the field at the Friday night football games halftimes, they took part in numerous com- petitions. To start the year off, they traveled to Central Cabarrus, where they played ex- Standing in fonnation: The Marching Eagles are performing on the field for the crowds. 555 192531125 35135 if i"25Zl'?53i ifiifims f--rw . S1-fN71?PFaSffS5WYWl?E"W1g1Wgzs7Q ,gaeffsgnqswg fmg , 'Q r ,Wy ,,aa.1,7.f---.ww ,sa--sale--iiiiffziwfmsg-gvwiestiimtkfg?Mzwetinstgz mimi? 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Nesftirssauw at Q t Fifi' Siiiwf 'iif i ii f tl 5 2 3 1 32 3g, :'f f .' i17 'L t' l 5 i 5L'2?f-m uff?-ff l 7 Qiiiffs f . ff 2222-E1'-f?fl-ffriifzsersiaei 2- 1,1 u e -at-X- Wwlv-J-fs -Lal -f si mm -1 .-. t s.1 w'1 W, - A- . 5-' S may -z.-was-5.213 Q' s:l2 . s.2 tks1' f 2fi 5551150 ti'?z'M "2wegs, t Q zs 'wit rzwegsxistw., 3 -gsg,t3ggggi:1zi2f"g'f,gg:gf:ts'N '1gg:r5:a,.L't?-gal? ssgiqwfifgzij, -1 23 1 1 . '5::55,,i 5X.:r1J as 3 zigwxyid m sf 1 G i f :g. l T532F?12s2'W?iiJfiSi:g:w IW -0 fr .sm iw S' -Q sf gms 1 -. gzigvzsiif-P M 5 , W 3 t 1 R W gg'2L.4 5 s.wwg,1i"i ,J-DIMM ,Sb1,Yse5e:5'i -W bpm- ' ,qw 4 ,MtweZsswtegffbiwms-,fri HZMU,my?Lbiiitwmsbavajilwviix 4, -f vswzrzfgzs gwiigwrggj -:--gzssfj w -:fn ,gr .ur :s w -.s w f 7-izkjfgtf qgsgggk 591521313355 K -7' V: s ' ag .ut ' .'?.1113 311-iaws.f21,s:.i::z'fi Lie . -' U- as wsu. 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A wide range of courses were offered to East students to help them prepare for future careers in business. Typing, computers, accounting, and office occupations were among the most popular. Typing courses were designed to teach secretarial skills, such as correct business letter form and envelope ad- dressing. One, Two, Ready, Gol: Conducting her key- board orchestra, Ms. Small directs to their click- eting-clacketing tune. WS Ol YC Sl' Muon - . I su fi it .,,,cs The Typing Pool: These students work hard to finish their typing assignment. 15Mrs. Haywoodtrcommented that the greatest benefitfrom taking. typing courses was, i' . QQ for personal use in typing reports gancff outlines, and. for ap: Bgcagon to typing on a computer keyf 4 'N if ,V 3. ri. s,. Vg, Accounting courses, taught .students business imath and prepared them for possible accounting,careers,, ltyalso eiped students 'decide if accounting was the rightschoice for their future. . In all, business courses offered East students as boost towards the future. WVOCATIONAI. 47 X Q S - . W .M-,Q Q- -s,53N:5sbeX. : f use-sri, ,Q .-ej qmhial g f www 1 ' ' J, V Q-SF-www, X 3 XE r , ...Q ,' ,ta in 1 g':'5js. -:ge iw ., 25, - in Need Any Help?: Mr. Clodfelter assists a student in his Marketing class. Computer Blues: Scott Plybon diligently works at his com- puter. 48 VOCATIONAL W, ,WW 'legs , , ,lf I M 4"' 'UHF seies i' kr ,. H fli, Vocational courses are designed to give students job entry skills or opportu- nities to pursue vocational interests. Last year East Mecklenburg's Vocational De- partment was exceptionally strong. Ac- cording to Ms. Bailey, head of the Voca- tional Department, llOver fifty percent of the student body took at least one vocational course and over ten percent of the student body took more than one Vocational course." Marketing classes were a section of the Vocational Department. The Mar- keting classes offered at East included Fashion Merchandising I and ll, Funda- mentals of Advertising, Advertising De- sign and Sales Promotion, and Marketing I and ll. ln Fashion Merchandising classes, stu- dents were introduced to the fashion industry. They learned about merchan- IVI ea r' k dising fashion, sales promotion, and sell- ing fashion. Students also developed im- portant communications and employ- ment skills. Fashion Merchandising courses were taught by Ms. Rodgers and Ms. Ford. Students in Fundamentals of Advertis- ing classes studied media in-depth and were introduced to advertising planning, budgeting, and advertising copywriting and design principles. ln addition, they developed essential skills in advertising layout and sales promotion. ln Advertising Design and Sales Pro- motion classes, East students learned technical skills in planning, designing and producing, and selling advertisements. They also studied the creative services of the advertising industry. Ms. Loftis taught both Fundamentals of Advertis- ing and Advertising Design and Sales lill W' kwin .L.. , A iiir ffi A iief H993 ypragfarnziasysnd. .s. .1 i - s 1 cational sigfll' developmenficourses miilfersimfiie iowfsfespiefned-ftarsfre really reaQhfnetf.zSd.issf1'S1r1g- ciaggsps- A M1 helafnswv Students--get exeeffsafe fees gosjanefiiaighigsehoaigfbr difiide. or not they want mio into an advertis- es ' ketingicqurses gwerefydefinifely afsuccess ' ts.s A isieii Creative Minds at work: lack Turner and Michael Springs design advertisements. ' liivociiifioiimt E49 I The perfect look: Margret Hethcote styles Rhonda Lin viIIe's hair to perfection. Holding it steady: Tim Hinson builds a masterpiece. 50 VOCATIONAL Isn't this special: Mrs. Coghill knows how to make a blueprint. if x Le Hands-on experience provided stu- dents with the best qualifications need- ed for jobs in the real world. East Meck- lenburg offered a wide variety of voca- tional classes. From Graphic Design to Child Care, there was a class to prepare every student for an occupation in their field of interest. Each vocational class specialized in a skill needed for finding a job after high school or college. Headed for a career in designing, Mr. Moore taught his students the use of technical and general information, in- cluding layouts, photography, platemak- ing, and bindery work. The woodwork- ing class, taught by Mr. Benton used the basic tools for the assembly and finishing of wood pieces. Mechanical drawing re- lated to industrial practices was applied in Ms. Coghill's drafting class. Students learned the language of the drafting trade and illustrated isometric projec- tions, dimensioning, and orthographic projections. xl llll W X A top deisgner at work: Nathalie Sowers works in graphics. the I: 1i3E.EE:tZp:L2?-2 'Left12,..Z?Vm'fgeg2,'tifif vcigwdffft -ttifrviezljf, 15" 'Big M , ,W t fx, .V , .1 M.. ,, ,, , i, g , W Qvsfftlffn ftifettibeswfisfattitfleaifilftgflfSl3tU??PQQtlffS w St' mam, 1-Wi' - 1 , iv H--Wi: J A wnznww-ft fx -1 M Milf 'lfi'i'i'i- i'-'l -its fsvsbf bstse lisi ntefttffo-S,fUfP"?g?aSieS!tg ,lii, i i,lt 1.1- ,ME , V ' ' :Q 'T -Mis. ,Ali-V Vai" We ,i, --feactfecifslset r 5 I SCHHA LS 20 laps on the double!: P.E. teacher Mrs. Alford gives her command to the class. Eat your heart out Hulk Hoganlz Danny Sharpe takes a time out to flex for the camera. 52 PHYSICAL EDUCATION -..at ..,. . .X.. When school began this year back in August, along with match, science, his- tory, etc., Physical Education began as well. Physical Eeucation at East was not just an easy class where students could just twiddle their thumbs and do any- thing they wanted to. Instead, there were many activities taking place. Sports, like soccer, volleyball, softball, tennis, football, basketball, track, and tumbling were introduced to many East students. Along with those, weight train- ing was introduced for two weeks in order to encourage it to be taken next year as a class. Weight training, taught by Bill Dulin and Richard Williams, was used for strength development, as well as to build up muscle bulk. Proper tech- Me? Play Tennis!?: Robin Purser doubts her abil- ity in the sport. S-T-R-E-T-C-H: In P.E., students are expected to go that extra mile to achieve perfection. ll is ANL s 9"f'r3jE2iF' R-33 ' XI- - - - -u,n.vu.'u ' rs V 1522-123 X -' -' - f i if 1 cf Q.. E -ff --4 - E- -,,,. 1 is- pr 5,1 it ! . , ,so t t J p Q7 fx fini- k .-.i x. ' 1 , 415- i . W 9 Q , I 9 .s j E i K , at F J if E 'Rs L.e1:'s l3l'i WM-aeeimusi, irpgthisffzlasslsibeirgause when ciealirsg with, these ,weiightg E iii' ofigiiivlfiatithey . , :wi TEE, :gh aj: Gelneiai RE were taught by Karen Rgausif AetaryfgeA1f6rdgSeiaDdf,L Mn Williams- RE- dass-es were ,generally ifitroduci , i eihs siblefto the studentspf-These get ta t,Se tal afffafenfr pans tag 'vx4watihe-imainiirpur-s RE. QMKKQVFS fespfmdefi by saying, uweitryto' get the students ,active and to participate ia all the sports." , g i , Mrsg fAlf0rd,ffaloitg with hers P.Ei glasses, ttauglgt a Elance" ,Classy Creative ln this classjthe students Qameupfwith-different andrew- PfGSSf2fi themselves tilffffiigh, frteng, and having alot of .WYSUCM snuwiow, 53 Many, students at East aiready had plans for a future profession. They had already decided how to earn their in- come. Many of these students had a chance to getgsorne hands-on training in that field. They participated in Academic Internships. it T lnternships have been offered district- wide since 1976. Mrs. loyceMcSpadin, the founder of the program, has been working with local businesses and find- ingavailable internships for students throughout the district. E A31 seniors, juniors, and second-se- mester sophomores were eligible for in- terships, however, because the student interest was so immense, the competi- tion was great for internship spots. r 54 ACADEMKI INTERNSHIPS V19 Start Mrs. McSpadin recommended in- l ternships for anyone who needed some i guidance in career interests. She stated, lllnternships can give students insight in the profession of their choice. They can see whether or not they would enjoy working in that field." Scott Stewart, an East senior taking an Internship in the area of Radio!Televi- sion said, llThis internship has given me the opportunity to see if I really want to continue my quest toward a profession in Television Production." With Mrs. McSpadin's help, many students at East had the same opportunity, giving them a head start in the business world. Waitlz Because of her busy schedule, students often found themselves lucky to catch Mrs. McSpadin before she left her office. i Academic Interns: Front row- Nathalie Sowers, Brad Bridgers. Back row- Erika johnson, Kim Lyke, Christy Arethas, Mike Graynor, Courtney O'DonneII, Stephanie Nichols, Tracy Simpson, lim Bax- ley, Renee Pesakoff. E Q4 fi 'I W if ii lilly' ff .5 . N: r 7 . Brush it on thick: Governors school helped Alli- son Williams get close to her art as well as some valuable friends, We all scream for ice creamlz Lisa Grimm enjoys her free time topped with hot fudge. I gotta be mel: Lisa Grimm, ludi Rourke, Allison Williams, and, Marjorie Weinstock, express their individuality. sii?5G6iiernor'siischoolifwasf aniiacafilerfii- cally givfteggl school gearecitoaiindiyidualr and specialized study infthe are-as fin whischi thesstudents were mosflqualified. 583308 aste69h2fffreQQm2f2easiatieD fer each student wasiust ga step in fheiidoor, asfthey also ihadeftoe2i11eet4edistricf21 and Stafesgaccepfences- r .Represeafafvs 56151 Meek, Judi Rourke, iisa Grimm, Allil- son Williams, andQMatiorie Wein- stock, Spent weeks Ofstheif Summer persuing their talehtsg'They spent a six hour day six days arweek aitendingitheir specializedworkshops as well ,as the ref quired Philosophy and Psychology courses. These extra two ciasses proved 10 beg -H hummfic experienfee where students were? given the opportunity fo debate onfpresentadayf issueseas well be enlightened by Speakers- A A Yfludi Rdiirliiiisumrriedi up her siay at Govemorfs school by,,i5ay5pg,,s iflt waste unique experience into the bizarre." N , I ' I , Goyzmgzoiz s scuoog ss, ' ,1 Looks good to me: Ms. Phillips proofreads Laurie Culp's layout. Learning the ropes: News Editor Sydney Nightingale gives Shireen Zonoun and Laura Hartsell a few pointers for their articles. 56 THE EAGLE The I'-:ie Through much hard work and dedica- tion, the Eagle staff continually produced an excellent paper that everyone at East T Meck thoroughly enjoyed reading. Ac- cording to Debbie Daumit, co-editor of the Eagle, the staff's goal was llto have a paper which both the students and the faculty would be proud of and that could capture the enthusiasm felt by all towards the school? This year's Eagle definitely fulfilled its goal. The editors of the paper were in charge of assigning articles, thinking of new ideas, designing layouts, and mak- ing sure deadlines were met. This year's Editors-in-chief were Debbie Daumit and lill Owen, News Editors were Whit- ney Harris and Sydney Nightingale, Features Editors were Laurie Culp and Neal McCall, and Sports Editors were Sports Shorts: Sarah Talbot, and Dave Marcus contemplate the possibilities for their next sports feature. The Eagle staff looks out at what's happening at East: The 1987 staff- Christie Cranford, Mark Hanson, Sherrie Davis, Mike Grayson, Laurie Culp, Neal McCall, lody Thompson, Whitney Harris, Sarah Talbot, lamie Treadaway, Debbie Daumit, Sydney Nightingale, Laura Hartsell, Eric Everett, Shireen Zonoun, lill Owen, Dee Holmes, Tim Morely, Tony Pizzo, and Dave Marcus. Dave Marcus, and Sarah Talbot, These editors, assisted by their advisor, Ms. Sandra Phillips, and a staff of managers, reporters, and photographers, published six issues of thefagie this year. All of the members of the newspaper staff really enjoyed working on the pa- per. Laura l-lartsell commented that the newspaper start, "allows me to be a part of a creative, relaxed atmosphere En which everyone works together." Ac- cording to Dee Holmes, the best part of being on the staff was 'Tthe feeling of satisfaction upon seeing my articles in printf' The North Carolina Scholastic Press Association gave the Eagle the foiiowing awards forthe 1986-87 school year: First Place- Graphicsg First Place- Sports col- umn, Shawn O'Neal5 Third Place- Car- toonsg and Honorable Mention- Editori- . i so A 1 i ,i 'i THE EAGLE 57 First Row: Kristine johnson, Mary Edwards, Shannon Ward, Kristin Nozar, Heather McGarrah, Roula Masouras. Second Row: Steve Alfaro, Leigh Phillips, Meg Keally, Kristin McLean, Christy Smith, Christy Conroy. Third Row: leff Suttoff, Chris Evans, Clark Barrett, Brad Bridgers, Amy McCarter, Valerie Knox, Peggy Ydel, Donna Cook, Craig Horton, Lynn Green, Heather Simpson, Tammi Moore, Stacie Dickinson, Shannon lackson, Amy Wimmer, Mrs. Loftis, Alan Stiff, Garick Kalna. f i M i EE: 4 I wasn't stealing itl: Kristin Nozar is shocked as she's caught in the act. lt won't fit!: Sometimes it takes three to make photos fit in a layout as Chris Evans, Amy Wimmer, and Steve Alfaro soon found out. 58 EAST WIND -,ff f 'ww .fifxf 45 Qwmwf Eight The radiant gleam of light streaming and the cold wind blowing in the dark night was a scene many East Wind staff members will never forget, for they were a part of it many nights at 3 a.m. struggling to meet their dreaded dead- lines. To say they were dedicated to pro- ducing a quality yearbook would not even begin to describe their devotion. As co-editors Mary Edwards and Shan- non Ward put it, 'We had to love work- ing on the yearbook or we would have quit the morning after our first dead- line!" This year's staff had a tough act to follow. The '86-'87 annual won a first place rating from the University of Co- lumbia Scholastic press association. The staff was divided into three basic departments each with its own head and its own duties. lt was only possible to produce a successful yearbook if these three staffs were able to work to- gether as a single unit. Fortunately, the '87-'88 staff almost never had problems with teamwork. They started off as a class, but before the yearbook was com- pleted, they had grown into a family. The three departments were the busi- R B EE? S as 5 .rfgfzwgzei H955 Staff, the ed'f0"al Staff, and the PhOfOgfaphv Staff. Each Staff was a viral . at Q 1. W if as M sf E ,. ia2t .:EE4212g3zzg necessity to the yearbook. If one staff fell behind, members from another were always willing to help. The business staff had a wide variety of jobs. They were in charge of typing all articles, captions, and advertisements. Also, they arranged the index and helped the editorial staff with various details. Meg Keally was head of the business staff in charge of typing. It was her job to make sure all the typing was finished on time, and she had to orga- nize the rest of the business staff mem- bers. Peggy Ydell, the other head of busi- ness, was in charge of all the advertise- ments. She, too, had business staff members to organize and kept them plenty busy cropping photos and ar- ranging ads. When Meg was asked how she felt about the business staff, she sim- ply replied, llBeing on the staff was just like having a job. Many of our weekends were spent in Room 802 from dawn to dusk!" The editorial staff spent their time in interviews, writing articles, cropping What should we do with this?: Co-editors Mary Edwards and Shannon Ward ponder over countless pictures. f t t fa iaasw J - . w- ,fu M . .ia wx - : g . I- s fl r.. - .W X .K , .,,.f.,Kf1... ,. . . - i w.-.2 ff: fsfsf f I .azsesw as mime' fist. I-Wt2s.m.tM s2 ws aff, . afltwzsiw-e,w-I aw . mf-:szsft ,mst . T 4 f . - W. ,.g.:1i,:,7,u52E: Myligk 2.1. VK,,,:2?D:Ek.:,Ni:,w,.z.! t 1 4 Q , ,.,,. . WM .M , ,.., W. ., 1 aff? 5 s1i wz:,1 -eww 52 32122 , m y , 1 gmgisfrfi '- i WWW, ,M ,, a , It ,wtf , ia iss? Brainstorm: The Eyrie staff gets to- gether to share their creative ideas. 1 fa Q 1 ' e, 4' s,yg1,,, ,'.. I sQ ss iikmgf J e Es' -Q ' A 1 M ' 'p- F ll ,xi S f ' 5' rj, 'V ' , ig --5 .ls "f""lffl,.-. 3" N: Q ,ms , 1 G ' ri' X Q 1 ' .f my ,Q ,A v "' .1 Qt:-Q ' X A M MM V 5' -4 to f" -Hmm it I Q dl N 1 1 J JM 7 L A ' Q X xxx Decisions, Decisions: ludi Rourke and Emily Scripter look over some art work and prose. Take a Break: Adam Multer takes advantage of his spare time. 60 EYRIE nmiwmw-MW. ,, , 42 w-memo-vmmwf M 4 if 4' 4... , v f 'HMM gwfr ,ww W W, M f 'XY -man' ,.,.,,,,,,,g1::, vw Q ' ,.-' g 14 f-,,,fr . K . .,. V ,, nm uw We pm in ,, N0 l 'H , I l ' .F s'ses,.-'fs--A 1-Q 'ur nl. N-ani lrnagiri on the I. Throughout the year, the students on the Eyrie staff collected the elements necessary to put together the 1988 edi- tion of their literary magazine. This mind- boggling task was directed by the Editor- in-Chief, ludi Rourke. She assigned each of the fourteen staff members to a specific position, and set them on their way toward the production of the Eyrie. The Eyrie provided an outlet for the creative talents of all students and teach- ers at East Meck. During the year, the Eyrie staff accepted entries such as songs, poems, stories, and other types of creative writings. There were also many imaginative photographs spread throughout the magazine. The Eyrie also gave the staff members themselves a chance to show off their oi' 4-mu. ,, Pass 'LT Help!" Ms. larrell advises Traci Blumhagen. Eyrie Staff: Front row- Layton Croft, Valerie Soesbee, Christy Saleh, Second row- Emily Scripter, Adam Multer, Traci Blumhagen, julie Funderburk, Rob Tinsley, Debbie Klein, Amy Hahn. Back row- Scott Taylor, ludi Rourke, Katy Overby. ,talents.fAdagm,eMigg1tetr, .tagtirsteyegr sgafi member' Saidfthe Eyffefiasi swims. better aperspectivelin luofgsingfar jativse ability' aaa-prosesaga :sewn .Quf!efS..t0..slffesf rbat..ab1iftvf'i-, Weis aiiewfed Sifbfitif entries tewards ine-iffyfzepbursitfev Hada.a1no-advantage .mar the rest af the fillUd6nIsi5Ui'flY.--ai' E Ms. larfell, ci., the Eyrie's adviser over Tibet-ijasiafoiit evefyfii one stayed--kantiiasli She the dents' gtzecianical quegtiogs ,and .gs made. sure everyone worked steadily in otjder to time efaawrdesdisiaesq Q 0 The dedication gof -the Steiff, and the -excellent leadership amide? by ludi Rourke and Ms. larrell broughtfall the ete-ments necessary together to produce Qf16sOf east Meclfs .igtisft f '.'i,k . 35: s 151, -g.:i . ' Evans T61 in f axt.,L 'f - How did you say this worked?: Tracey Simpson hesitantly works the computer. Can you operate a Kroy headIiner?: Mr. Beasley does it with a very professional touch. 62 MEDIA CENTER E 3 it sg 'l wif S W yzwftijgajgty sz 12255 1 F-Ea? H vfpwqg Us if igggggzaglgzsskgfyggzgl a2'lM1BZ1-feElT?iiUf ftfiggg 15559 lfzzfitaizzl wf W:-rwssfqmesaim ' wig 72 12555 ' f Zlglis' fr! My P gl gg Z , sw W1 of Kricnvv :sw s I , dl hifi The Media Center supplied resources of all kinds, to both the student and fac- ulty. lt provided over 26,000 books on many different subjects. ln addition to the average library that contains wall to wall books, it also gave us audio visual equipment, computers and typewriters. Running a library was not an easy job, especially when there was to much to keep organized. However, the librarians managed to juggle the task of keeping up with their countless deeds. These three Media Specialist were Mr. Beas- ley, Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. Foster. To- gether, they kept the library running smoothly and did the job with an amaz- Are you kiddingl: Dawn Roberts gazes at her homework, and wonders if Ms. Samms is seri- ous. MWX' XR? nes.. ' at 0 0 A , , . E . lust what do you think you are doing?: Derek Marshall takes time out to catch up on some current events. -,Nag 3 N522 W 9 sm . Q2 V, E25 5:2412 :mise 2 5 Maw zgimgzwg -if M W ew:otitis-'iisiifbiiziz I . f,,::2fQ,gg3Lggsg3,gr32.s.sA .. . ..t Q 55 ' isii we we . K siggfeg...gfUg.g.g-.ff,Qa5g:. 2 . -f'.f9efif5. i ffzzf 7l'Qif?f 5 0, ilflifilr gi :miss f ft l K if f . wwe: ,uw X st 'was fsfgeif' "L: 1 WEEE r fa? Q i f it r tzilk'-,lswmlv 'W new ' 'fx5'V"' ei? . Q3 :fx 'L M22 E 5'if,.fipf5i,gQZE1 Zwstgfesr swf gtzsii ihfferis 'flifiiifa zz' i sf! g S ,QPSK 1' 2 X. 232.1 Jiri. I :wir Q X 4: fa g . Q, fwgvz.-wah -11.53 1 .vs 32,1 sz . :afar T ffwtft 'S For years they had waited, dreaming of the 3W by 2" piece of plastic that said: 'Drivers Licenses" Drive-r's Edt gave sophomores the opportunity to earn that freedom. Sophomores got to watch the latest in gruesome movies, drive around the range without touching the gas pedal, and ltkiss the box." Sophomores knew that learning to drive was worth the tests and humili- ations, Paiderika Foust remarked, 'il want to be able to get to all the East parties!" Three days of on the road ex- perience taught new drivers the means ing of steering through obstacles like yel- low lines, curbs, stop lights, trees, and pedestrians. When Coach Potts was asked why he risked his life to teach students to drive, he quipped, ilSomee body's got to do it." After Driver'syEd., sophomores faced the responsibilities of getting a permit, car insurance, and finally a drivers li' cense. All sophomores had big dreams about getting impressive cars. Rachel Dougherty commented that, 'll'd love to drive a Porsche, but i'll probably end up with a '78 Chevrolet." Please God . . . : With instructions in hand! Holly Cfaldwell prepares for her behind the wheel mis- sion. 64 DRIVERS SEDUCATION :lorri 3513 How enthusiasticlz These sophomores looked like they really wanted to learn how to drive fwfr:?ft'f 'fzeg 14" 2+ " .. " '. W sf A A -x 'yn 'r ' 4' g DRIVER EllUCAllUNt iriifrr g. aaa We - - t Q 9 . , if M rrrr CHARLOTTE-MECKLENBURG sceoots - ,tiyy v-M Q. Wm J ,,V,., new 'W lfxs Form Closer' Xi i Senior Status Abroad: Seniors Heike Berger from West Germany, Lotta Lundstrom and Caroline Spannel from Sweden, enjoy their seniority over juniors and sophomores here at East Meck. 'S Chicken Legs: Mary Edwards, a senior, helps Takeahike buddy: Senior Alisa Long hikes in the with dinner at her French famiIy's home. Vosges Mountains, in France. l Q Parlez-vous Francais? Habla espanol? Sprechen sie Deutscu? Esne Romanus? This year, NACEL, EE and other organiza- tions sent students abroad to different countries of the world. Likewise, they brought foreign students here to Amer- ica. This cultural exchange benefited both the student and the family that was hosting them. lt was a two way learning experience as the foreign students be- came adjusted to American ways and the hosting family learned a little about their student's country. Exchange pro- grams opened up channels of long-lash ing friendships, and in an indirect way, good relations with other nations. East Meck took Lotta Lundstrom and Caroline Spannel under its wings this past year. Both girls were seniors from Stockholm, Sweden. Lotta came to Charlotte through the EF Exchange Pro- gram and Caroline came through CESP. Asking Lotta what she liked best and disliked most about Americaw she re- sponded, "l liked the people, but I got tired of the fast food." Caroline enjoyed the idea of having school spirit and pride. Of course, some of our Eagles also had the opportunity to experience life in other countries. Mary Edwards and Alisa Long, both seniors, traveled to France last summer while Leslie Slotkin, another senior, rested in Madrid, Spain. 'They are wonderful for people who are adventurous, love excitement, and look forward to new challenges," re- marked Mrs. Garner, in summation of all foreign exchange programs. FOREIGN EXCHANGE 65 zfdeglgiii, I 5 I I V . Ti V' . . 7 7' . . . . . in the iargest sehooi rn Chariotte, one without apprehension. They stretched They Tet their orrgrnahty tiounsh and gaye a wouid think that standing out in the their imaginations and their energy to irttie extra to the schooi. Eyeryone had crowd wouid 'oe yirtuaiiy inaoossihie. make indiyiduai aehreyernent a haiirnark something drtterent to otiensomethingto Howeyer, students tound that one ot ot East rytedc. strengthen the dryersrty oi East. Eagies East' s greatest attributes was that they had The borders oi drques rneant yery irttie weren't atrard to 'oe unique. They weren't chance to discard their inhibitions and when making a name tor oneseit at East. atrard to cross the take border ot diques ais By surpassing their instead,the emphasis was on indiyiduairity to tind rnany diiierent triends. When it irnitations, and being one's seTt. in reaching out to came to indiyiduaiity, East students were others, Eagies reached into thernseiyesl L truiy hreakingthe rnoid. a grow as indiyidu . own goais and oyerconaing r students were ahie to express thernseiyea L llPeopIe at East are so diverse I rsona their pe IVIDUALS DIVISION ities. Each perS0n adds their own unique touch. Todd Burbank i ll ,A ww? , A 3 ' He 1 , k 3 ma Q . W , P5 1 B' , 5 1 ' Q E N S w 5 Q W4 Q R fax-, .-1 'sy ' w - -V X A. x X L M X W M , in 33 u ff' W -N,W K: . Ai, "if ii .H ' 1 4 In-A 'n fr my-fi '- ' Q ai ' QQ? GV 6 ee C900 ' 'XKWQ One size fits aII?: One of Vincent Mason s maior academic worries is finding room for his football player frame amon Switching roles - or reeIs?: Taking the place of Mrs. Franklin, limmy Walther decides to throw a twist into the day's science lesson. Pssst . . . : Georgi Kinnard and Christy McMeans share a private thought, Face to face: While talking to Officer johnson in the student lounge, Tony Horton takes his Senior Superiority to the limit. K6455, Zf""f55 uc.: X , btlctulf fclDwxClf CD new I Rflymwxlk Q Al l'gpWX'9VlX.LD9vf Ltlwccli ct,fc55 lj0k5'7l U If if' Ldful CK jf.Hr'X 6x 4 CQXQ NASE WN9 MXUNQ 'mi fJ4 Hard Day's Night: After a day of running in the lf h I I J J Cross Country meet at Wilmington, Craig Hor- jfigj Zifx Lva i ,X 5 bg 5 5 . ton crashes, face first. K X Too much excitement: lay Smith and Sharon 0 V- CL If 4 G- X flfvee " l McDuffie revert to a befuddled stategzl ' , 1 Y lgtfcf Car! WWC X l L ' f ., - Lx' , X , j l I ive gjgxasq' we Ne 199 SENIOR OPENING 69 l U LN lil illkotchl Vg Wt! nNlQQv t,JllXE1tx LKXQ VMQANL D lousy K'lC No weekend homework?!: looks like advisors, Sam Gough and Linda Mayfield, are displaying false ad- vertisernent. Another one of those dayslz Holly Drerup and Karlton Pettis snow us that look students get after a hectic Monday, which unfortunately was when Senior Board met. 70 SENIOR BOARD I am completely Iost!: Heather McGarrah, a lowly member of the junior Board, is baffled by the work done by three members of the Senior Board, Donna Cook, Christy Smith, and Meg Keally. UThe Senior Board concentrated on many aspects such as community work, senior activities, school services, gradu- ation, but most of all. . .EUN," said Kelly Cutts when asked what the Senior Board did. This year's board consisted of 32 very hard working seniors who gave much of their time to help the Class of '88 have a very successful year. The board, a sort of backbone of the senior class kept over 700 seniors all headed for the same goal . . GRADUATION! The small group that presided over the board as a whole, and who also put in a little more effort, was the officers. They consisted of President - Brownie Rogers, Vice Presidents - Alex Bailey and Dave Marcus, Secretary - Kelly Roberts, Treasurer - Sarah Talbot, and Senior Board officers Kelly Roberts - Secre- Talbot Treasurer Dave Marcus - Vice-Presi- dent jennifer Adams Activities Chairperson, Brownie Rogers President, Alex Bailey - Vice President tary, Kelly Cutts - Activities Chairperson, Sarah Senior Board: Row 1 - Kelly Cutts, Kelly Rob- erts, Debbie Daumit, Sydney Nightingale, Beth Mosley, Courtney Dickinson, Holly Drerup. Row 2 - Sarah Talbot, Tara O'TooIe, Liza Gleasman, Marjorie Weinstock, Rusty Futchel, Ashley Rid- dick, Vanessa Ruggles. Row 3 - lvey Alexander, Meg Keally, Dave Marcus, judi Rourke, jill Owen, Christy Smith, Donna Cook, Tracey Wilson, Su- san Seabolt, jennifer Adams. Row 4 - Alex Bai- ley, Karlton Pettis, Brownie Rogers, john Vastis, Suzanne Dotson, Susan Paris. Not Picturedz Katie Moore, Detra Pringle. IOR BOAR A STEP ABOVE THE REST Activities Chairpersons - jennifer Ad- ams and Kelly Cutts. These seven indi- viduals were chosen by their peers, the '88 seniors, to lead their class in making decisions for many upcoming events. They worked together as part of the board to help make the planned activi- ties work successfully. This year the board sponsored its an- nual senior picnic in September. Follow- ing that was the Carrousel Pageant, se- nior week, senior slide show, and the senior banquet. They also did their part in helping out with the second annual Project Graduation, which involves all of Charlotte-Mecklenburg's graduating se- niors. lf it weren't for the advisors, Mrs. Mayfield and this yearfs new advisor, Mr. Gough, being at all the meetings, this year would not have been as pro- ductive. UEor the past three years, Mrs. Mayfield has been very co-operative with the board as a whole," said Brown- ie Rogers. Dave Marcus also added, "Mr. Gough's experience and intuitive ideas have benefited the board ex- tremely!" From the time school first started in late August, until the end of the 87-88 school year, the board only had a couple of fundraisers. Most of the money left over from the 86-87 school year was going toward graduation. They sold se- nior t-shirts at the early part of the year, as well as senior parking stickers. The leftover profits were used where need- ed. Since graduation is the biggest part of the senior year, it was important that everything was done right. Everyone on the board was put on different commit- tees. One committee that was very im- portant, was finding a speaker to convey an important message to graduating East seniors. As the 87-88 school year finally came to an end, the board had gotten much accomplished! Mrs. Mayfield left us by saying, lil've worked with most of these board members for three years. They were hard workers, and great leaders, They will be missed at East next year!!" SENIOR BOARD 71 ABBEY! XVI C IIIII I1 I IIIIIIIIIII-V I IIIEI II I'ImIiI-I PIIII C III-I-VII-IIIII-' IJ IENNIFER GAIL ADAMS: IIIIIIII III, II, Il IIN ISIIIVII III II IJ C,Iav- XIIIXIIII-JVIIIIIIIIIIXIIII IJ SIIIIINIXII I IIIIJ III PVIIIIIIIIIII'III1II-I1CII.IIrpI1mIII II -X: IIIII-mu III 'I-'IMIIIII Il NIIIIIIIMC IIIII III I'IIxIIIIffI'IIIIC IIs'I"II-.IIII-I Il ALBERT ALEXANDER IVEY ELIZABETH ALEXANDER: CIN IIIWI Il IIII 'X II I Lf ll PIIIIX IHIIIIII III fu i,II.IIIIvI.mf4 .IIY I-'Ivmr MIX I'III.1I-.IIIL Il XIINII IIIPWIIIIIIIPI II -XII C IIIII II I III-IIIIXIN C IIIIJ II IJ IJIK -Xi IIIII III CIIIIN IIIIIIIN III II SIX III Truim III NIIIIIIINIIK IIIII III INIIIIIM I'IIII IIIIIIIIJI II IJ XIISIII II Il If C RI-Im-XI-III.IIIxIf Il BRADLEY EUGENE ANDERSON: Im-IIIXIII C IIIII I3 IWIIIII C IIIII III IIIIIIIIIVIIIIIII IiIfIIrvxI'rII.IIIxI- III, I I I I II I, IX IIIIIIII.II III Xdrwx IvacIIII.II Il I, XIIIXIII XXVINIIIIL III II Il CATHY ANOFF ALLEN H. 'IIIIIIIXIII I IIIII II I1 LIIIIIIIIIV I-VCIIIII III II Il NILIIIIXIIIIIIII II ll DIANA LYNN ANTWEILER: XIII IXIII I IIIII II Il IIXI-IIIMVIKIIIII II IJ III-X Il IIIMIII-I IIIIII IIIIIIIIIIII Il I"fI"If II'I"'II'I'I' II NXIDIJ Il NIIII'MI'f IIIII III IIC Il DAVID ARNETT2 SIMIIIINII I IIIII II PHILIP TIM ARTIS: XIII-Iw I I,.II II TERESA DEANNA ASHE:c IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIII I1 IISI X Il III'I-II.LfIIxI IIIIIIIQIIIIIINI II IIIIIJIIIII II Il SIIIIIII-If IIIII II Ir.IIIs'vr NIIIIII-'II III CHRISTY A. ATKINSON: XII c.IIIII III II Il VIII-IIIIXIVX K IIIII Il Vraxxrlz-'I'IIII FIIIIIIIAII II ll N-XIII? Il SImIIIwII C IIIII II IJ MICHELE DENISE AUBRY: IIIX IJ XIIIIIIIIIIIIQ IIIIII II, III II ANGELIA MARIE AUTRY DAPHNE GAYLE AYCOCK: Inu I I IIIII II, I1, Tore-ILUI IXIIIIIIIQQ SIIIIII-III II ALEXANDER KENT BAILEY: cm-IIIILIII CIIIII II KIIIWISIIJIII III, II XII 1--Pr:-XIII:-nl IJ IJH 'XCIIIII III II, Il IHI -X III II Il IIIIIHPYIIIIIIIRIJIIVI-wrII.IIIxv III II Il NIIIIIIIMI IIIIIIIII XIII IIIIX II IJ IHMIII-r PIIII K he-I-rII'.IIIe-I Il PIIIHIK IIIIIIIIIIIIIC IIdII'IJI'Vx0I7 II NIJIHIIIXIIC IIIII III, II, NIIIIINII LIIIIIQVPXX IJ 'XII C IIIII IJ, K,IwIIIIxIrx C,IIIII IJ CI.Iw Iicmrci II I'IIIu I'IIxIrrI II I'IIxxIIr-I PIIII Uwe-I-III-.IIII-r IJ PVIIIII LIIIIIIIIIIIQI- II, SXIBII I1 BAILEY: IISI X II SIIIIIIIXII C ILII1 III 72 SENIORS 1. 5, af f 1,g,,,. f' 9 Q.. .rx 'Q I 'pr' -- -vmmmwm, MI -In sp-Is , 4 V . . QMM "" Zim 53' -. :msn " -Q " " -' '.3"Z'1'f: 22.2355 Z.. ' :-:- , ...... ' .. I MQ I wr IW '- I a U + E I ' I ,,,, ...,, A ,. M ...., W f-MM--pgs -nMmW..Iw mW,W,.'fw'w. , 1 .: ,Lw , - MWW ., ---' ,,.,:,,- , - I 1 I V ?3QwwNmwmwww'IQW.WImfsgp M- w wf' : , , -. I Q 'Q IV 1-bi If 'dmv fC , i Ke. la. ,S I Wie...- I I. if DAVID ANDREW BAIRD: IIIIPV-ICI II ERSKINE GARY BAKER: IX IQIIIIIIIII III NCCI I1 IJ, Tmcl-I II, IJ, Numb Inmlball II Il,Xc1c.1IIIIIIdIPrI-In Ilub III CLAY 'XII Comle-re-III I- S04 I vr III, I I, IJ Ikarrouwl' ESI brl Il CIIIIIIIICIVI Club II HIIIII II Club III II, Il IIIIIIIMIJIIIIIRepre-wrItdIIxv II Il Ixvx Club III, I I Il,'XJLlIIcm.1lIl0I1:Ir Soc Ieflx II, Il, Poxwlvr Pull Chevr- ls-advr II Il, X.xlerItIm-C ourl II Xdrslb Smmer III II IJ IOANNA KATHERINE BAKIS: CIIPIIIISIFYC lub II IJEC-X Club ll HSI 'X IJ I'Imde-r PUII Iuulball II IJ SImrIIsII I.Iub III, II, XICA II PARIS NICK BALAOURAS: -In Club III, I hemrv Irv Club III, Ilrmme-murxm RQIUVINQIIIIIIIIQ III S-XDIJ III II IJ Gwxermmrx Sfhrubl III, Nwm Tmm III, Spamuh Club III, Sturlvm Umgre-Cs III, VJICIIV VVFC-'SllIlII.1 IU II IZ ANGELICA P. BALCITA: H081 III IMQIIIIC III, Il IZ Math Club II Il N.1tIoII.IlHom1rSOIIPII II, Il' Or- IIIPSIHI III II Il BRENT WARREN BALLARD: -Marie-mac lute-mQIIIp II Il RIISILIIIA Iiaml II, Il Bam! III II Il C,IwmIsIrx Club Il, C IVCIIQ-Clra IZ,PlwsIIsC,lL1b ll, Pup 5 PuurI'I ll C IwmIsIrx Club II, IJ Cbmpulf-r Club III II, IZ, Ilil-K III, II Il ICC II, IJ, Sp.mI5II C lub III II LYNN 'XII NIAII' limvfl Il, Baml III II, Il, CJPVIIIAVI Club IJ WILLIAM ROBERT BARCLAY: IJIC'-X I lub Il IIII-X Il PIIICIICCILIII ll CIIIII Tr-I.IIII II, IJ RAY DELANE BARNES CLARK CHRISTIAN BARRETT: -XII C,IuII II Il C IIPVIIICIVI Club Il L1-I IIIINI II IJ IrdrICIer5tuIleII1I II Iwv Club II Sf-I Islam Il, NIIIIOIIJIIlI1nurSoQIeb II, Il PIII. mu Club II, XCIIIIIIM I-3Iu.1rfl IJ, Pcmclx-r Pu!! C hem Iwxcler IJ CHARLES HARVEY BASLER III: Humerofmw Rep' rehwrwlallxv II, Il L.atII1C.lub III II, Prom C.nIIIImIlII1e II, Student I ongrk-CC IZ, Oulslfmclxng Lmclerxlwrp -Xwmri II ANN C IIOIV II, Il Worm-ms En' Semble Il 'Popk Pourrlw Il ALVIN WILLIAM BAXTER GENEVA LORRAINE BAXTER: CIIIIII II Il CIwmIxIrI Club II IHI-X III II I'ImcIer PuII Iulltball II SpamICI1I'.lub II, Vollvvball Team III, II I I SOIIIII III Mlrsllx Soccer II I2 CELESTE MONIQUE BEAVER: IOIIIIIIIAII III II, CJIDIGIII ll LEAH RACHELLE BECK: Imlr III, IDII,-X Club IJ, Hurvxe-Covnvvmg Cuurl III, II, Pmm CQIIIIIIIIIM- II, Tmrwe-r Student IJ SENIORS 73 MARTHA ELIZABETH BECK: Bantl III, II cm- rouwl ' Pagf-.IIII Il I Inns-III-s III II Il IJII A I luln Il Ilag I.rlx III lIIInIvuIInInIg I tvurt Il lIoIIIsfroIarII Rr-pre' senttIIIII1 III II ll ICI l'resItlz-nt Il l.1IIn I lula II Necretarx Il Pfxxxrln-1l'uIIltIotl,Iall Il IVNIQ IraIII III Il Il Ntuclc-nt I wngrt-II Il KARI LYN Fort-Itgn FII lI.1III,gI- IIIIII III Iranxtvr Stuclf-nt III BRIAN CHRISTOPHER BEDNAR: IIIIIIIIIIIII I lull II, Ire-III II Clulm II Il PIIIIIII I lulm ll XIII lIIIrI lull II ll "Car rouwt-I IIage.Int Il llrInIeroIIII'Rt-I:rI1wIII.IIIxI1 III II Il IV I lwr1rle.IIIs-r III -In acle-IIII: Intl-rnsl1Ip Il CIIIIIIIIIIII IIuIJ Il I,uInptIIer I IIIII Il IBIR II Parlm' I1IE'lIItII'IdII Il, Nalnmal Honor 5m IUIV II Il, Plvyvm Ilulm Il IIIIIIWI III IIII- XIIIIII Il AMY ELIZABETH BENZENHOEEER: 'Xrl IIIIII II Il Iarrrwusel l'rIncsM Il IIIIIIIIIIIH I lulI Il Howl-f rooIIIReprvwntatlxn' Il l'IIxxcIerI'uIt Fuotlvall Il Nparnxlr Llulx II Il DANIEL ALAN BERNATH: NTI I IIIII III II Il IlwIIIINtrx I ILIIJ II IX Nou:-r III Iwx Ilub III, II Il Natunnal llonor NIIIIIIII II Il l'rrIIeII lxnel III ALAN Iflxr-IIIIxtrx I IIIII II Il Span' I'-II I 'ulv II Il Ntuflenl I IIrIgrI-II. Il III I5 III XAINIII FIIIIIILIII II HonII-rooIII RI-prawn-IIIIIIIIII III, II Il IX FIIIIIIIall III Ivtmtlw PIIII I lwt-rlII.IIle-r II Il MELANIE KAY BLACKBURN: IIFIQX IIIIII II HIINX II Il PIIIIIII-r Put' Ioollmll Il IOCQUESE LAMONT BLACKWELL: I IWIIII- Irx IIIIIJ Il FBI X Il Ir:-IIIII IIulI XIIe'Prr-IIIII-III Il HIIIIII-ror1III Rcfpre-sIfIIlaIIxI' II, Il VVANDA BLAKE: Nunn II-.urn III II Il SILIIIINIIIIIIII III IIHIJSIX Il IIIII-tact II Il SIXIDIJ II MARY CAROLINE BLANTON KIMBERLEY ELIZABETH BODIE: 'Iarrouv-I' F'.II,1eanI Il, IJII 'X I.lulI Il NIJIIIIIIII I Iulv III, II lktnrl III I lwe-Inlxtrx. IIIII1 II, I III, XI lulm Il Npanixh I lub I I, I X IX rewtlInIg III, 'xI.IIlI I lulu II LANE Band III II, Il Ibrum- IIIII- III I.1ptaIn II Il IIIIHIIIIIIII I.lIIl1 II, Svcrs-tarv Il, I :IM Ilountrx Il I Ii I Il IatIII I,luII II, Natmnal llunor Nocwlx II Il, NaIIoII.Il MI-III SeI1IIflInalIxI Il, Pops I luurrx' RHONDA LEVERNE BOLDEN: DII I CIIIII II, Il Xotalmnal l'rI-IJIIIIII III Il I-IIINX Il I'tmclerI'ut1 Iootball Il ClIemIstry Club II, IZ: DECA Club I2, Forelgn Exchange Host I2, Foreign Fx- rhange Student II, Frennn Club III, II, Il, Marshal II, IZ, NatIonal Honor Society II, IZ, Powder Puff Football II, Ilp Prom COITIITIIIIPE II, SADID II, Il PERRY ANDREW BOUKIDIS:CI1emIsrry Club I Ig FBLA II: French Club III, II, I2q Varsity Basketball IZ, IV Socfer IO, II, Key Club II, 12, NatIonal Honor Soaety II, IZ, Physifs Club I2, Prom Cornrnlttee II NANCY EMILY BOWERS: DEC-I Cum Iz, PHI Iz- sfxoo I2 KATHERINE ELIZABETH BOYCE: FHA Ig, Horneroom Representatlve II, IZ, II.C Il, ICC IZ, Letter Clrls I2q Powder Puff Football Il 74 SENIORS 'liz , 1 . a E -X 1 . 4- it x - ,.g NA., ,J . - . ' - - AQ' in. -pf vt lf -1 I rm 1, ML' In :W I .. W.. - M. R , SHELLEY LYNNE BRACKETT C ITEIUISIVY Club Ill II lTlJlC-XCluI9l'Sp1nl l'rtvn1Cntnmlltt-e- ll flerntxtrx Clulm ll l Ctrl-.Sorter lJ,SpantshClulJ IU Il I2 Narsltyliaskelluall ll ll IX Gtrlx Basketball IU Nlattunal Hunt S S-KIJD ll, Sottlmll ll ll -. --1. 1.1+.f,... .me Q KELLY VANN BRADLEY LISA MARIE BRADT: Art Club IO' Fremh Club ll Ctrl! Trac lx IU ll,"OurTOxxr1' ll Poxxtlvr Pull Football ll, SADI3 IZ DOUGLAS ANDREW BRAITHWAITE: Natron- al Humor Noflffly ll, Ntttlorml Merll Sem:-Finalist ll, REBECA RUTH BRANNER2 Home-torntng Court IJ, Lette-rglrls ll, ll, Vesta IU, ll ll, Horneroonv Repref we-vltallxe lll DEC-X II SUSAN NICOLE BRASWELL: French Klub 13, H08-X ll! ll ll, Ptmtler Putt Football ll 5-XDD ll Bmyhlll lvttrlerxlup Conterente Sclvularshtp ll BRADLEY MORRIS BRIDGERS: xcmemtt mf ternshtp IL, East Lltlnd II, Il, FBl,-K ll, ll German Clulv ll ll,lC C ll ll,NdtlonalI'ltlnt1rSUCt0lN ll, ll, "Pops Puurn ll, ll,l'roleCtExteI IU N-XIJIJ llllramalk-TN. ll DEADRA SHERAL BROWN IENNIFER LORETT BROWN LAURA VANESSA BROWN: Clwenustry Club ll fholr lil East lllnd ll, Powder Pull Football ll MONICA YVETTE BROWN RICK S. BROWN: Art C lub ll, ll Creatne Design Clulx IO, ll, SDJWSIT Club lO, l t, Hcmmeroum Representaf tm- Ill IX Wrestltng Ill Octagon Club II 5-Xlbll TU SHERI VANESSIA BROWN: 'XLACIPVTTIL Internshtp ll FBL-X ll Spanlsn Clulv ll N-X-XCP lO, Poxxtler Putt Football ll, 5-KDlJ ll ALECIA ANN BROWND: Dru cnt, 12, T lx ts un ll, ll, Transfer Student Ill IEIZFERY BRIAN BRUCEZ Xarslts Baseball lll, II ll LORI ANN BUINICKY: Chemlstrw Clulm ll Frennlw Clulm lil, ll, Prom C ommlttee II Womens' Ensemble I2 Boys Tennls lil EBL-K ll,lrPnLl1Club Ill ll ll National l-lt1norSoctetv ll, ll, Plnwltw Clulx ll, SADD ll SUSAN IANE BURGESS STEPHANIE MARLENE BURNETT: um n, ll SENIORS 75 'Xtl Cnhtt-rx-rm 1- lI.1Xt-l1.1l1 ll ll flwrrrtxtrx C lull ll llli.-Xi lub ll X.1rsltxlIast'lm.lll lvl ll IJ Xtrrxltx Iuulball lll ll ll Puxxllerlhltl t htwr learn-1 ll Xll Crrtlvlx liazwll ltr llahr! 111 ll, lllbrxtrlt t Iiantl ltr Spanlxhf lull ll Ur: heals.: ll IJ Phxw N I lub ll ll SUSIE MARIE BYERS ANGEL BYNUM: ll c rt Xrvgrx Wtnrmle ll llwrrrv-'from lit-prl-whtatvxv ll IJ 'lrltlrf line Tlmt laughs-ml ll Pturwlltmurrl ll DEBORAH LEIGH CAIN: max lu rlt rg Musa trnnal Vt-p I lub lu PAMELA MICHELLE CALDWELL ROBERT L. CALHOUN: IX frat.-mtl ru All Contereme Soccer IZ, Chemtstry Club ll, French Club ll, IZ, Colt Team l2,l.V Soccer IlJgVarsity5occer II, IZ,lxey Club II, ll, Nallonal Honor Stvclety II, 12, Phvslcs Club Il, Prom Commrttee ll DONYELL MICHELLE CAMPBELL: at advmlf Inf ternshlp 10, ll, 12, Choir 10, TI, IZ, Homeroum Repref sentatrve 10, Il, 12,HOSA Il, 1l,NAA4'.P 10, ll Powder Puff Football ll, 12 HEATHER PATRICE CAMPBELL: ciompuzf-r Club l1,Spanlsh Club 10, National Ment Semrhnalrst 12, SALJD IU, Il TONYA HUMPHRIES CAMPBELL: All mare BBDKI IU, 12, Band KJ, ll, 12, Chemistry Club 11, IZ, Frenth Club IO, ll, l2,TIxB 10, ll, IJ,Marsl'ral 11, Il. Math Club ll, 12, Treasurer ll, Il, Powder Putt Football 12: Project Excel IO, Softball 11, ll PHIL ARTHUR CAPLING: -Xrt Club rr, chpmtrrry Club 12, DECA Club 12: FBLA 127 French Club 11, 125 Homeroom Representatlwe 12, Pbwder Putf Cheerleader 11, 12: Prom Committee ll, SAIJIJ 12 EMILY DAVENPORT CAPPS! Academic lntern- shlp IZ, Eyrle 11. ROBERT ANTHONY CARMER: Chemrstry Club 11, German Club IZ, Swim Team ll, 12, Physica Club ll, SADD IO, ll CURT CARONIS ALLEN CARTER! 'Xll C tmlerenu- Ftmllmll ll Xarxrtx liaxlcz-tlmll ll Xar-Qrtx lrrrmtlmll HJ ll ll lX Huw llaxlwtlnall lll IEFFREY DANIEL CARTER SHERRY CARTER WILLIAM GREGORY CARTER: lX lrmtball llt XarwtvFtmtl1all ll, 12 Xli 'X ll llrmwtlvr Putt C lam-rle.1tler ll ll Nlmt Cltl1X1.1nrllm.1H121-rmxe llrrt-rrrarr ll 76 SENIORS 1 ' U ax" I I '- 5 'lxh 5 r' G N. 1 11122 J ,, t, ,, ,sf , ISI I! K V fwwfmwesfwwwa, awmsi. . . . 11 - V . , X " " " 2 Q25 W -5 ',,rI3P", -J ,. W W ...., - - X3 ,t 531 5.3 reviou ives rx? l 4 If Marilyn Monroe only looked as good: Mark Love lets his hair down and shows us that blonds really do have more fun, AIT is A i , X 1 , X Unlike cats, Eagles do not have nine lives. However, previous lives are not uncommon to any rational seniors at East who claim they were rewarded for their earlier wholesome life with the opportunity for a chance at a second lifetime. They recall the good ole days: Stacey Gamble and Dee Dee Ramirez - twinkies jeff Wilson - normal Alisa Long - a wild rose Elizabeth Kesler - Queen Sydney Nightingale - a Sebago Dockside Christy Smith - A French Spaniard from Switzerland Shannon Wightman - ln a previous life, I was a St. Bernard on the Swiss Alps, and in an avalanche I saved a royal child from being killed but got killed myself. So, l was rewarded by coming back as a higher, more beautiful life form . . , mel Christy Conroy and Wendy Watson - We were sisters in a native tribe in Brazil who were to be sacrificed to an evil monster and Mrs. Smith was our chieftess, Who saved us!! THOMAS COTTER CARTON IULIE ARNETTA CASH: Qnivir in ii ij Kitts lratk ll ll! ill ll ll llrmilerl'liti Emillmll ll ll 'Nkifl' lil 30 ALAN L. ln-nth fltllr llt ll Xtiisilx lnotlrall ll, lluinermwin Repri-wnt.itixv ll lX Eniillmtil lil National lltinor Smit-lx ll CAROL ANN CAVALLONE: iiai x ll iirusrx ig lkmtlei Putt ltiirllmall ll YXIJIJ ll Sxxirn Ti-'ani lit, ll, ll DANIEL LEE All State K Jn nestm lil ll ll Crm ernnrs S4 html ll Spanish C lub Ill Xarsilx llaskvllmll Il lX liaselmll IU ll tlrcheslm lfl, ll ll Wuuth Sxinf phonx ot the C timlinrak il, ll Stitithiuisivrn Honors 4 Jr' rheslm Ill CHARLES KENNETH CHILDERS: Spanish t itil: ll, IX llms llrisketlrall lil ll, Narsitx lla'-kellmll ll CHRISTY 'Xtatli-init lntvrn- ship ll, ll, -Xrl K lub ltr, ll, ILC hemistrx Club ll, Trent lr Club ll NK,-X ll Phxsiis Club ll CLEWELL: IJECX ll, ltfmtler Pull lfmotball ll, Slucli-nt K uuncil il BRIAN DARNELL CLIFTON: imtit in Nut P in 'Xtatlt-init internship ill di-nt ll, Powder Putt luulball IJ BRANDY CHEZ COCHRAN: iiwsa ig f SENIORS 77 XfmLatiminalPrepC lub IJ HON-X llI,Nk'XC P Ill XitePri-si' KENNETH EARL COCHRANE IR.: Cllwrwstry Club II, Sp,1nlxI1CluIJ Ill II, NIC it II IJ VIC-X llmtttng -Kxxartl II, Il BRADLEY ALAN COHEN2 Boys' Iennts II, FBLA III, II, I2 Irt-.tsurvr II, French Club Ill Ireasurvr IO, Spanlxh Club Il, Student Congrt-xx IZ, Homerootn Re-pre' sPnlalIvP ll, Interact Ill, II, Nattonal Honor Soctvty II, IZ, I'tmrlGr Putt Chr-vrle-ader Il 5-Xlblb Il Tvpung I -Mmrcl II LEIGH ANNE COLE DAVIAN NICOLE COLEMAN: tum tu, Ir Il Flag urls II, Irs-nrn Club IO, 5p.xnlsh C lull II, IZ, HOS,-X I2 NAACP Ill, II, ll Powder Putt Football II, I2 NICHELLE MONIQUE COLLIER: Cfirrousel' Pdgt-.mt tg, tart A glut, lo, u,ustA ttlpl ct tg, N-X,-ICP Ill, II I2 louder Putt Foollmll Il,Fro1r-tt Ext:-I Ill CORRINE FRANCES COLLINSON: Sxstm If-am IU, II, Il, Intl-rant II, SPKDD II TORI CHRISTINE CONLEY: an Qluly un II H05-K tt, Il CHRISTY ANN CONROY: Claw tsuarfl II Last Html II xlttnttgtng Etlttor Il Slum Te-.am III Nattonal Honor Some-ty II, Il, "K Dur Town' II, F'I'op's Pourrr' Il, Povwrler Putt Ftrotlmll Il, Prom Cornmtttvs- II, Nlwelve- -Xngrx People' ll, ltflt-xtuon Protluntton Stall ll ll DONNA C,I1emIslrvCluIm II, IZ Chotr Il Claw Board ll, DEI A Club III, trdil llfnd Il bpanuxn Clulm ll, IZ, Xswm IU, lI,SeLrPt.1ry Il, I-IUSA Il, ICH Leuitlerslltp Contvrvncel ll, latin C lull IO, Mttrsltal II Il Nattonttl Honor Socltftx ll, Il Pnxslcs C lulv ll Poxwle-r Putt loollmll ll, Il, Prom Cnmrtttrtee II Proyect Excel IU: 5,-XIJID II, Il,C.l1otrC,luI1 Il Chemtstrw Cluln I2 Crow Lounlrx Ill, DFC N Club IL, Swim If-am II Spantsh Club III, II, Powder Putt Football Il, Prom Committee II, S-XIJIJ Ill, II Soltlvall ll MELISSA P. COOMBS:wsu 11, I: c.IwQQrIt1.tttPrs1, III, II, Studi-nt Counctl Ll, Ill, Il, H054 Il GRETCHEN HOLLY COOPER: MDD ll lay- Lf-ttex II, ll STACEY LEIGH COOPER: I w Bus-Inall ut, 11, var- stty liaxeball I2 KEVIN MICHAEL CORNWELL: Lltemtstry Club II, Il,C.lasaliof1rd IZ, FBLA III, llibpdnt'-ItCluI1 III, II, IZ Varstty Wrelstllng II, Homefroorn Re-prefsenlallxef IZ, IX Ioolball Ill, key Klub II ll Physlu Club IZ CHARLES H. COVINGTON: Llwmtslry Klub I2, Fort-Ign FxCh.1ngeHost II, French Klub Il, Phxslfstlulv II Il Clwrmstry C lub Il, Computer Cluln II Il, Phxslts Club IZ CHRISTINE LEIGH CRANEORDZ Article-mic' ln- ternslwup II, Il, fXrtCIuIm IO, II Ilfhvrrrtstrv Club II Il, Eagle II, IZ, lynch II Frvnnh Clulx II, Powrls-r Putt Football Il, ll BRAD WILSON CRAVEN: FBLA tt, I2 cm team IU, II, IZ, -XII Conte-rs-nw golt II ERIKA S. CRAWFORD: Madernuc Internslup Il, "Sound ot 'wlustc' Ill Ilomeroom Re-presentattw IO, ICK Il, NAACP IU, II, IZ, l'Pop's Pourrr' IO, SAIJIJ IO, Honors Choir IZ, Hontvcomlng Court ll KIM RENEE CRAWFORD 78 SENIORS wa. D- ? in 13 . 00' 1 3 I2 X, x ,on s. - I 1 ff'Z7 Mid .4 .4 1? i f.: v m , 2. ..,, ,, Q 53, -M I I-W I II-if L X, , -I, IM A M M I 4.,,,, I -- fy I ff ffm W My Lx f ' ., I.. R f I 51553 Mum "' A 'ikiiwwa w- -I-. IIN . 1- :IM-.39-.5. I ,K -:-. HEMI: :1r'x X I Q 1 I I 5. I . 14.1,- I I X I ,I -Q-.,.' J .lf Ii ff .. , . ...V 'w4mLw"!b.'hn.... x ., I-+3-TES' lf. .-wg, -. ,, THOMAS LAYTON CROFT XIII, ,III r I s Ivr III II Iro5xIuIIrIIrx III lIrIff ll NIIIIIIIXIIIIIIII IJ Narxllw Sous-r III, II, N.1IIIIrmI Ilwmur Nucwlw II, Il, Or' :IIE-xlm III II NXIJIJ II IERRY DAVID CRUEY MARGARET ELIZABETH CRUTCHFIELD: I.I1oIr Il 5p.IlIIsI1IIuIJ Il Intvracl II XIce'l'resInIs-III Il lL1IIrI I IIIIJ III XI.1rNIIdI II Il, NIIIIJIIIII III1mrrNIanIn-Ix II Il, INIIIIII-II s Fnwrvmlllz- II AMY NIMIIINII I IIIIJ II Xvsla II, Ifffsla HIxI:IrIaI1 IZ IxoIr I I Il IremIII IIIII Il,IaIII1III1Ix II, Henk ImPmI1Iz- III NEAL Uwe-rlIIwIrx I,IuII II L1I:Ir- II ll FBI -X Il, IremIII IUIJ Il, CLIIxeIrrmr I NI IIIIIII II Irwlvr' Int III II XII? I're-Nlds-III Il XI,zrxIw.II II, Il NIIIIIIIIII Honor SIIIIIJII II IJ, NI-xxcorvwe-ra IIIIII IrI-.xsure-I III IIIIVSIINI IIIII IJ PrI1rIIC'ommIIII-I- II NXIJIB Il XrIx.mce IiII'IIr:I.Lx Xuan! III, NI-xI.1IIw 'Xxx.IrrI Irmr I x4eIII-Inv IJ Ea' me Fenllurex IIIIIor IZ, Brmdrri Rularx Ie-acIeIrxIIIp II RICHARD MICHAEL CUMMINGS: IIIIIIIIII II Il, Ire'ucI1I IIIIu IZ Xarsitv INrexIIIng Il IX Wre-sIIIIIg III, IIrcIwNIrIa III II I'III.xIII-r I'uIr I Iveerls-.Hier Il CHARLES WILL CUNNINGHAM SHAN MAURICE CURRENCE I III-rrwlrx CIIIII Il SIIIIII-III Qomgrz-55 Il KELLY -XI1IIIIIr IIIII1 ll Il IIIE'IrIIxIrw C IIIIJ II, Il Chas XLIIIIIIMI ImIrpffrsIxm III, II, IJ Cmw K,cxIIrIlrx III II IJ CIrIN frank III II Il SxxIrII Ie-am III, II III1rrIvrImrTIRvprPwI1IaIIx1- IIJ II Il,II C. III II Poxxzlvr PUII FUIJIIIAII ll Prom CIIIIIIIIIIIIII- II S-XDIJ II Il, Horm-IIunIIlIg Ccmrl Il ANDREW 'XII I,orIII-rvm I- Nua- :Pr II IZ X.IrxIly IIMJIIJJII II, XIIrxIIx Noccvr III, II, Il, Poxxdm-r PLIII I Iwe-rII'ddPr II Il Prom I IIIYIIIIIIIW- II -XII Slate mcper II, IJ SARAH RENNEE DANIELS: TI I II IIJIIIIIIMI Prep I Iub III, Il DAVID K. DANO DEBRA I I1rroIIwI I3dLlt'dI'II Il, CIWI-mlstry LIIJIJ II, CI.1wBof1rcI III, II, Il IrI1ssI,uIIn- Irx II, I2 Eagle' II, I.IIIeI Irirlor Il 'ISIIIIHII III NILINII' III Sparuxh CIUIJ II, Xue Prf-suis-nl ll If-Ita III II S:-mor Ikrmrd Rvprf-se-nlallve I2 NfIarsImI II, Il, NaIronf1IIIImrI0r SUIIQII II Ireasurf-r Il, I'Imdf'r PLAII IIIOIIJJII Il Prom I.ommIlIPf- f.IIJ1fIIIdII II, Pmre-Il Exwl III, Y.zIv Book -Xxxard II Iianci III, II Il, 5p.mIsIv Klub III, Fourier PIIII FOIIIIIAII IJ XOf.1III1rIaI Prvp I ILAIJ III CAMERON BRADLEY DAVIS: ISarIcI III, II IJ: Chemlxtrx Club Il, Ik B II ll IPOIJ N PIIurrI II, Foxx' der Purr ChPe'rIe'arIer I2 IEFFERSON ZACHARY DAVIS: -In I IIIII Il fm- man Club III II, IZ, Varslly VVrvslIIng Ill MAURICE DAVIS SENIORS 79 Mfulelrrm lmtermbsp Il, Band IU, II, lugle- II, -Xdwrlrsrng Manage-r IZ, Nxlmrml lIor10rSuCir-lx Il PrmderI'ul1 Ffmulball Il C lmlr Ill I I, Il,lwr1Cb Club Ill, Smm Team Ill ERANITAYVETTE DEAN:ls.mll ur, II, ILIII,-X ur, Spanrslw Club Il, I-IOS-X IJ NN-'CCI' IU II, Il lImm'clvr l'uIIlrrmIbL1ll Il ANGELA MICHELLE DEANER: IJICA Club IJ, l'c1xxrl1'r Pull lrmotbull IZ SIIDD II AMY MARIE DEARING: An Club lu, 11, I:,'lc,.1rf rousefl' Pagzumt ll lJLC,k C lub ll Pznxxrlvr Pull luolb.1ll ll TAVIS All C uvwlvrvrmw Humllndll II Il, C,f1r1IpuIerrC'.lula ll, Sparvlxb C lub II, Imck Ill II IJ Varsllv Fuollmll ICJ II, IJ, llumeruom Re-prvsenhlllve Ill, II, llfrme-'formrrg hnrrrl II IX Urwlllrwg Ill, Nllullw Club ICJ, Il, IZ, Nm-vxcol1wrS C lull ICJ, l'rojPml lxnel II NICHOLAS THOMAS DEFRANCESCO: 'Pops Pourru II Crow Cnurwtrx lil DEC.-X C lub I I, IZ, In-rwfb C lub II, Ne-xxlrrrr1PrsC lub IJ Poxuls-r Pull lrmollmll Il REXFORD -Xnaflemlc Imvmr Chip ll Che-rrllstry C lub Il, Cjwolr II, Il,C,msCC4aur1trx IU HSI A II In-mfhC lub Ill II Il, "Sc:ur14lcnMuCuL" Ill, Nlc-rv C lnsemblv Ill Pop C Prrurrl Il IQ Prom C rmrwrulf refs' II, You re- L1 CQumlM.1m C,lmrll4- Hrfmrm IJ, llsfbalv Club II Il -Xmflffrxw Interm- sblp Il C lwulr IZ Il C. II Il, Prmmler l'uII lrmmlball Il DEAN 3IIdl'IINlIC lub I I Vamlx Football II Il lk lumtlmll IU Puwrl9rl'l1II Haut' ball I mach II WILLIAM M LICIC-'IIIIC Interm- whlp ll Clwmlslrx C lull II IJECAC lub Il ll5LR I1 Spam' IshC lub Ill, VIC-'C II, Pownlvr Pl1llChw-'rlmuler II S-XIJIJ IZ llvlta Rox Iremurer II .mil Il COURTNEY ELIZABETH DICKINSON: 'lf Ilf- rouwl' Fings-.Int ll Clwrrmtrx Club II Cllw Brmrrl II, IJ Pre-nc I1 Club IU, Mule-mime Cnurl I I, Naam Ill, lurmmr Board Re-prm-se-rmllalwe II Vue Pre-slflvnl IJ Hom:-rummg Quvvrw Il, Nlarslml II, Il, Ndlmml Hom1rSoclvlx II, Il Prom Cpnwvnlllee C Imlr II Bfmll IU ll Mae- l'r9sI1lw1l Il, C,lxlrre1lIs's II, IZ, Flag Cllrls lll,C.U'C.dIllf1III I I, Caplum I2 Spanish C.lub II Poxulefr Pull Fmxllmll II IJ DINKINS2 C bolr II, IZ, C mlarw Il, Il Xarsllx Club II, Il, IX lrrmllmll Ill Mem! Inssfmblv IU N-XACP Il 'C armuwm-l" Pap.:- Qanl Il, Flil -X II Il, Xe-wld II, Il Nexxcurrwrw Club Il, Powmls-r Pull Foulball II, Il, Pmm C,.c1lrvrwItz'z- II IEEE fXc.1mlr-fmlc lnlerrrslrlp I2 -Xrl Club Il, IHIC AC lull I2, Ire-ml1C lub II S-KDIJ Il ELLA Clrulr Il, Cnlrwllcls Ill II, VICEPPVGSICIPIII Il Sp,1nrCIwC,lub Il, N.1lIrmrr.zIIlm1ur Smlvlx II I2 Cir: bestm IU, Prcrm C'.c:rlIrmIte'1' II, INUHI- PVIVS Ensembl? Il DAYANA CAPREE DOUGLAS Nrulrcyr IU, II Ire-.xsurer ll, Clvz-mlslrx Club II, Class liodrrl II Il Vrenrlw Club Ill, Mfuahal II, IZ,NflIlom1lHonr1r Souely Il, ll, Powrlvr Pull Ioolbdll I2, l7F0VI1CCII'IIl'IIlIlI'P Cmlr II 80 SENIORS Is: I ilvsisggi. i3x57WiJ?5'fSZ?'Z:. I: ww? zu . - I rr ,G W P15 335 'iqi i qizfief -T42 , , J wx IM - . . I ':':':-12. P W w wf wielwfial ' Qzrmzsll' -I 'EZALSA ., ' ry: in ' I F I s - if I 5: ' II s if i w +ff::.g Fil? I 222-r"' N s.. Flwsik f v ,I E2 A er? I' 55155211 f " W X 2 iw I I III PAMELA SAURE omscouz Il III I CIIIII Il llli I3 'D' MIKE w. moss: Arvw ll IQ III I I l KEITH R. DUDLEY: IX IIIII I mx.-IIIII' III IIIIIIIIII Pull 4 In-IIIIIIJIIIII II, IJ LAURIE ANN DUKE XIWIWITI MII II Nun-'I,1'x Il I.I:rInuw-I l'f1L1I-.ml IL I'III'IIIx1'I IIIIII Il IJ lw-'Im llulv ll, IQ IIIIIIII-IIIIIIII RPIIII-NI-IIl.1lIxzf ll ll l'IIxxrl+-r l'LlI1ImIll1.1" ll IL IIIIIP' I IIIIWIZWII- II CHRISTINA LOUISE EADS: NIIIIIIIII III II CHRISTOPHER ALLEN EANES: I IIIIIIIIXIII I IIII Il Ill! RI Iul: ll Il IIIIII TIIIIII II Il NII.1'IIXl'CIIIlI II XII X ll ll I'ImIlz'I'.II' C,lwI-'m1I1I-' IQ MARY XI.IrlI-IIII ln iv"'N"I:7 Il lI's'I'INI'I KXIII lj fli-I II "I: II IIIIII' IQ I ELF' I A ,, Q.. M, Forget U-Haul: This isn't a budget U-Haul, it's a local We-Haul! IVIMII C luln Ill ll, IL IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII RI-prIwI-IIf.1lIxI- Ill N.1lII'I,1llIII'IIIr XIII IIIEI 'I Il l"II,I-I' luv ll lIX.zXl':"u' IIIIII IINI' I 'In NIrIIII,1rxl'III IXIIXIII-' II BRUCE GORDON ELLIOTT: I III -'-I I ,.lI I Il In-mlw I lull Il NIIIIIIIIJI llIII'ImI NIIIIHII II IQ VAN WILBERN ELROD IR.: IIIIIII III I WI Clulx II NIIIIIIMII C IIIII ll Il XII A I1 INIINIIX C Iu:I IJ HEIDI MARIE EMERSON: IIIIIIII I'I II lg CII -IIII Iv ClulI II Il GINAIILL EUDY: IIIIIIIIII IIII Il Huw IQ IIIIII P l'uIIlIm1lm.1l1 ll NIXIJII ll Can this be East Meck?: Demarcus Williams wants to know where the usual crowds are. SENIORS 81 MARK ERIC EVANGELIST C In-mxslrx CIIII1 Il Cwvvputs-I LILIIJ III, II Krmxtmurvlvx II Il Em! IIHIII Il HSIX Il Ire-:MII CIUII III SxxImTe.1m III, Inuk IJ IIrwmn-mom Rvprf-wvwtaluxv Il DAWN ELIZABETH EARON: Am 1 mb In II, IIIHAIIIMN II XII e-I're-wie-HI I1 Th II Il -In Iwxwtlswi Iwmr' pe-mm Il, IIImwmurvv Rvpre-wr1IdIIw II IIIIIH Dug Tha! I.iugI1r-II' II fJrcI1s-wird III, ll Our hmm' ll SNIDI7 Il, Ixu-Iw -Xmgrx PWIIIII- Il VINCENT LLOYD FEASTER: Irack III, II Mmm' t::m.1II'Iz-p!IIIII III II, Im:IIJ.1II Il' CAMERON CLARK FERGUSON: 'Xrl C nm lu IIVQNIIIIHIL II ll CI.uwXIw'I'resI:In'rvI Ill II IBLN II, Il Suulm-rn kwmfllauv' Il IIrImmI1'wng Iwwrl II Il IIulm'rocm1NI'prvwIvl.1IIxe- IILIC I III, II ILM-y C,IIIII II Il Ne-xxurvm-uf ILIII III Il VmmCIIIIIIUIIII-I-C haw' pe-mum II NXIJID II Nxurle-HI Ennis Vrewuif-III ll Pagans- LIIII1 IJ Cum Umrwirx Il Iiami III II Il If1w1'IlvxIlr Mtlxwlwf-XC II.IIlpvrsIm II Il C,Iwrww.Ntrx C IIIII II IJ NIIIIIIHAI Ihmvr Nm vlx Il Frou' Lurvmvvwultee' II JWIpI.1ne-IIISLI1-wire-IaIr III STEVEN MICHAEL FITZHUGH: c iwnwfx cm, III II Il Irma I nmmlrx Il Spnmsrv C IIIII III XVI C IIIII IJ Cmv C uuvwlrx Il IX Nunn-r III II KELLER FLOYD:c In-rwxlrx C IIIII II Span NIH Inu II N.1lIm'.II Immsr Suumx II IJ I'mmf Ivvwwl' le-1' II NNI III II RYAN E. FOGCIO CATHEY MARIE FOLEY BRIAN ALAN FORD STEPHANIE ANN FORTE: Iain Il Ifnvwvr Studs-III III BRANDT Uwmzxlrx CILIII Il Il Llvrrmm C'.IuIu Il, N.IIIIm.aI Ilwruyr Sum we-IN, IJ, PIM XII A LIIIII IJ ANN CIM-vvmlry C Int: II, IJII XCIIIII Il NI1IumaIIIwwrNmIvIx II IJ, I JrcIIe-Aim IJ I'+mfIsAr PIII' Iur:lIJaII IJ CARRIE CELESTE FREEDMAN: IC .IrmIIwI" Img- I-2.mI IJ Hwmxxlrx CIII1 II lurwpulr-r KIUIJ II DLC 'X Q IIII1 II, IJ QIVIN Smner IJ,SpI1rIlxIw CIUIJ IU IIIMIIMIILIII INIIIIIJLIII II IJ PmmC,uvwwtt1'r- II S-XIIIJ III CIIIJIV Il CHRISTY ELAINE FREELAND: cmw III Sgmrwwsh C ILIII II Il IX I5JxIwIIpdII Ill, IX Nmufr III MW CIUIJ II Il Xarwlx I3dwI1aII Ill II, Il ,XIICIIIIII-rerun'Ii.1seJIw.lII II, IJ Varwllx Same' II IJ PuxxfIr-fr IRIN CIM-1-rIw'f1zIe-r II IJ IULIE LINDSAY FUNDERBURK: 4 he-muwtrv LIIIII II fwfr' Il Irvm II K IIIII III II Il 'NLxlI:m.1IIIUIIIJVSIIIV elx II, IJ, JWI pI.1IefC NIS pm-In runlewl II 82 SENIORS -uk .- T 'X IL iz, f xx wtf' P lv vs gggwfft . .,,.. -I -. p a , ..,. I . ,,.,.. . . . .. ,C . . ., .t asssizg s zifagz., ' ' ' A323522 W- ,- , :gg5,, ' -' W .V at is 4 ...,.. ..,, .. .,,..,.,., .. . . 1 . . ,Q , fs bvqgfnnik 4 1-.gf X ,mga sf I. E sf X 1-gy ' Z? lr I L. 3 a. . ,qi f x. - 1 if ,. K I Tifff- 2? ,. 1511: gui, 1 , -5225 59 MARVIN RUSSELL FUTCHEL: Class Board 12, Prom L ornrntttetb II MICHAEL NORMAN GAGNON: Track III, Na' ttonaIIlonorNottetx II, IJ NatuonalSte-rtt5ernt-Ftnaltst IZ, Proffitt Exttfl III LISA KATHRYN GAILEY: Band to, tt I2 ANDREW DAVID GALE: -'xcatlvrntr Internship IO, Il Cnr-tntstrx CIub II, Il Cross Country II, DEC -X Club IZ HSI-X II I2 5pantsl1Club II IZ TIMOTHY IOSEPH GALLAGHER: Chenttstry Club II,Cross Counlrx Ill II IJ FBI-X IZ, Track Ill II IJ, Dvbatv ll, IZ Art Club lj Poudzbr Putt Football ll, 5,-KIDO II, Spanish Club III, II STACY ANN GAMBLE: an Club to, nag cms to II, German Club IZ, Powder Putt Football IJ H. LOWELL GATES: Larrousel' Escort Il, Chernts- Irv Club II, Ctxttans II, IJ, Cross Counlrv II, fast l'I7nd ll FBIA Il Ilonterotxrn Re-presentatrw ll IX Boys Bas- ke-tball Itl, Powder Putt Cheerleader Il I2 Prurn C orn- rnttlee ll spammcttttv IU ll Student C ungress ll Track II, Xarstlw Baskvtlnall ll ll SUSAN DAVIS GELLAR: kcarlerwc lute-rnshtp ll, Il Art Club ll Cltenttstrx Club II, ll French Club ll Iaxtvttvs II Sensor Board Repre-sentaltxe Il Nattonal Honor Suttelx ll IJ Natlbnalwlertt5PnttfFtnalrst Il,PlwvS- tts Club IO ll I2 lJf1balvClub IO ll Prestdent ll KAREN KATHLEEN GEPFERT: Chou tu, DECA C lub II, Il Plnstcsi lub Il Ponder Putt Football ll ll SAIJD Ill, Spanish K lub Ill, II, ll AMY MICHELLE GHANT: -kfaclvrntc Intefrnshtp IO, Creattwlbestgn Club ll DEC-Xtlub IJ tagft-I IZ French Club Ill, Ponds-r Putt FootbaII II Il NIC -X III, Xocatnonal Prop Club Il CRYSTAL IEANINE GILES: Ctwtf tz, orca Club IIIFBIA IU Il ll N-X-XCP IU II I2 PowderPuttFoOtf ball ll Npantsb Club II KAREN P.M. GLASSEN: WC arrousel Vageant IJ FBI A I I, IJ: Hornecorntng Court Ill, Powder Putt Football II Pronrkornrntttee II,54IJlD IO Il 5pantsIwClub Ill, II Transfer Student ll Ctxtneltefs Il Il, Class Board Il, Cerrnan Club Il, IJ, Ctrls' Sonar Il, Co- Captatn Il, lranster Studs-nt IO TANGIE GLEEN SERDAR NOSRET GOKCEN: Chemtstrx Club II, ll Cermttn Club IO, II Interact III, Treasurer ll, ll IV Ive-stItng II,NtarsI1aI II, Il Isattonal Honor Soctetx II, ll, VICA IU ANDREW GOLDSTEIN BRIAN PHILIP GOLSON: Clterntstrv Club Il, IZ, Frentntlub II Il IC C IJ Nattonal Honor Soctetx II, Xttvflvrefstmlent lj Phystts K lub IJ, l'romCOn1rntttve1 II, Studvrvt Congress Rvpresvntattlz- at Large ll Debate Club ll Il, Nattonal lorenstt league II, Il LISA MICHELLE GONZALEZ: Carrouselh Wag' Pant IZ, I X Cnr-vrleatlvr Ill, lxz-y lll,CIrls Track lU,Sf'xlllD IJ, Transte-r Student II, Class Ntght IU Sports Ntght III Hand IO, lI5PI1ys- Itsf lub IJ Pomler PuttCne-t-rrleader Il Spantslw Club II Debate- C Iub ll SENIORS 83 REGGIE LEVETT GORDON, -Xllf unierente Fool- IZ Varsity Club I0, ll, Il SHELLY LEE GOULD: FHL-K ii. Ffemliciui, ig Foxx- der Puff Cheerleader II, Il Choir ll Pmxtlefr Puil Football IZ, Womens Ensemble ll, IZ TONYA GRAHAM: utctx club ii, iz, umm ig vvcler Putt Football Il, ll C ll IAMES FOBERT GRAY: Musa iz MICHELE FRANCES GRAYNOR: DEC,-x Club ll FBLA IZ, trench Club I0, National llonur Society II, IJ Manlernit ln- n hip IZ, Art Club Ill, Chemistry Club ll, ll, Che-ss ui IO: Computer Club Preisdne-I IU ll DEC -X Club ll. Eiglt-' ll, CirculationManager ll, HSL-K ll Lalini lub Trea- er IO, Prvsidenl ll, ll foreign Ex4h.inge Ill, ll, ll. rnpics ol the Nlinrl ll, ll LYNN ANN GREEN! his! Wind Il, Spanish Llub ll PRESTON LAWRENCE GREEN: miami lll, ii, iz STEPHANIE CAROL GREENE: c IXIVIPIIPN ii. ig DE -X Club ll, Prom Corniniltee ll TRACY LYNN GREER: DH.-XClulm mic c in ii Jvxde-rPuiiFooll7all ll, llbpanishf lub Ill NIC-X Il. I SARAH Ciiefrnlstrx Club ll, a urer IZ Flag Girls Cn-Captain ll, K aptaln ll, T lx li e etary II ll C, Rep I2 NtilionalllonorNocie'iy ll. hesira lil, ll 315 ast Arm R turn d What was one group that made an ex- traordinary come back in the 87-88 year? One group that was able to unite 2,400 people that had 2,400 different personal- ities? One grou that provided an invalu- able service tot e school? That group was the East Army. It started one week before school began by the Student Congress. It originated as an attempt to unite such a large school with such varied students and promoted school 84 SENIORS spirit. To say it was successful would be an understatement. The East Army appeared at all types of games from football to soccer to track. They were easily located for all members were wearing their camouflage outfits, the trademark of the East Army. Cam Fergeson summed up the attitude of the East Army when he said it was MA certain way to bring students together and make them feel united in a single body." The Army wants YOUI: Seniors show their army spirit at a home football game. gg . ,.., .:. :M M, .e5 TI'4iS2W2l'a Qfixqffzfg ffiiiw Way. 'ip' , Nif gf a. Q:552v's:.i351I A-imwggsgi iz g 'I II , .... I 0 vi I A --.m::.56 555331 1 ., , ' , I'g:'2I3i I 'f W if-. gg. QM , M -.-.. I . I -, , W M Wzfsww m f " 'I' , if .:'.:!I'I I"'E 'ff'-:' iii'-E--:--:-:qi , .,.. i Is. ic, 57: A 1 I ll r . f?k?' 'Vi'-f .If I UIIW. Cx .O Gr ...., .GLY f 3 13 r ' Y 1 s,, X, XX X v- -. new v'Q- I ,. M B5 f, wg If ,:.f3-ail s QW we. - A, -:i:::':f 1 j ,X I if X 1,2 I ' I I D. 'Xu-lflvrnlc lnlernsllrp Il, IJICA Klub IJ 'Hur Icmri II Primm IVdSI'IIlJI7 Shim II COLEY GRIFFIN llerrmm Club III, H05-X II, ll LISA ALDERMAN GRIMM: Maflermf lmemshrp II, Il -XII Smlef Band III II IZ, All SmleOrLI1eslr.1 II, Iianrl III, II IJ Ure-mlslrx Club IJ Uwrr Ill Ilgllmvr- nor s Sn bool Il: lfwc vttex II IJ, Natrorml Ilcmur Sm rely Il IJ 'xalIfmdI NI:-rrt Serw-Frrmlrsr IJ Orfhewtra Ill II, Iiubbyformklm Band -Xwdrfl IO, Western RPgnm.1IOrml1es- Im Ill, II SCOTT HADEN GRISCOM: -XIlC.orvIerQr11e-Sow Ler II Il, C Iwmrxtrx Club ll VIIIA Il Ixevilub II IZ, Natlolmil l-Iomxr Srrclvly II, IZ, Plwyslw Club Il, Varslty Smwr Ill II IJ KIMBERLY ANN GUERICO:DIc.M1illm 11, mw- cler Pull Football IJ S-XIJIJ II Il LAURA CHRISTINE GURLEY: Iianrl lo, II I: flwerwxlrx Club II Il l.axIem-A I0 II -Xrtrxmesilwarrf be-rscm Il,lIrLl1PsIrd III, II, Il EVERETT NATHAN HALE III MELODY MARIE HALL: IMA c lub II xrcirx II SHERYL YVONE HALL: HSI-X I1, rremlr cm, nu, NAACP IO II ll Irmzxurvr III, II PrmJrv1C0mrwItPe- II, S-XIJI7 Il 'IC.1rroLIxn-I flu-f-rlenulvr Il IEFFREY S. HALLMARK: rvope Pwwr II MICHELLE RENEE HALMAN: HOSA II, I2 IMP' Preszcln-m I3 Prom C ummrttsm II IANE PALMER HAMER: Llwmlslry Club ll, Crun- Pllvs ll, Svmur Iioarcl Il, Powder Pull Football I1 Spamslw Club Il HAND: -Xnadenw Irulvrm- slup III, IIOSR II IJ Interact II, Selnretarx Il, National Iionor Socleiy II, ILSWHX1 IPam Mamgelr III II, Il AMY SARENE HANN: Acme-rwc lnterushlp Ill, Ifvome-r1's Ensemble Il Il, Choir Club II Il, Fvrle Il, HSI A IJ ILINCPIIP5 III, II I-IOS-X Il Il, 'Swumlol Mum" III Carrouwl Esrurt Il, DECA Club IZ, l V Football III Key C lub Ill, Transler Studs-nt III mum Ffmtball II DONALD EDWARD HANSON: IV suffer lu Captarn Il, Xarsrly Sumner Il Clxrtam Il Edglf' II Photography Eclltur Il, Powflvr Pull Chee-rleacic-r IZ ALAN SCOTT HARRINGTON: Band 11, I: HOSA II, IZ, Irfmsrer Slucle-nt II KEVIN MICHAEL HARRIS: cherwm Klub 13, Crow Luuntrv III, II, IZ Ire-Infh Club II, Hrnmeroom Rvpre-semlamel Il Pcmcler Pull Uwe-rIe.1mlvr IJ SENIORS 85 OCTAVIA HARRIS: xucv III sIfIfI1I.IfI II, I: AIMIIIII l IUII II SIIII' sI1IIw LIIVI Il, Carmmr-I I'age.1III IZ, C III-'mlslrx LIIIII II fagfw II, NI-wg UIIIIH Il Spamsh CILIIJ IU II, NJIIIIIIAI Homnr Soul-tx II SI-cremxrx Il PIMIII-I PUII IIIIIIIIIIII II Il, Pmjerl Ixwl IU, Mamtv CIwerIea1IcIr II XQarIvIIIIc Imlvm- amp IJ, f.IIt'IYIISIIV Cflub ll, VIcvfPrvsIfIc-rut IJ, C.I1rIIr Il, NIAIAIIIII II Il, 'NI.1IIuIIaIIIIIm1r Swuetx II Pm-NIIIQAIII Il WPQIIA Poum' II Sparwum C.II,III III, II, , Smrvmixng RIIIIIII OIIIY Il, IRB II Il AMY LAUREN HART: If .armmm-I' I'.Ige.1IIl IJ C,I'IzII1IIxII'w C Iub II, brow! ounlrx Il IJICAX K lub Ill II, Il, Irs-mimi Iub III, II CIIVIN Tmxk IU II Il IIfIme-uIm- Ingf IIUVI Il, I XI ClIrIs'B.1skQtIJ.1II III, Powder VIIII YIIIIIIIAII II, Il X.1rxItx B.1sRPIIJ.III II Il THOMAS KEITH HARTISZ Ms-:Il LIN-IvIIuIv Ill IASON RICHARD HASTY WENDY LIIUII II Il, Ire1mII6,IuIa III LAWRENCE EUGENE HAWSE: mm III TIIIIIIIQI Stuck-III Ill XcIcIIIIIIr1aII'rm-p4 IIIIJ III DEWEY PATRICK HEADEN: IIII4 Il PIIIIIII-f PIIII KIIPHIII-.Irie-r ll LYNNE HEAFNERZ NIIJVIISIIC IIIIJ III II Pup N PUIIIII' III, I'IIwdI'r PIJII IIIIIIIMII II, PVIIIII QIJIIIIIIII' IGH Il 5-XIIID lil II TRACY LYNN HEDGEPETH: IIIQA IIIIII III, II, Il I'IIxxcIvr PIII! IUIIIIIIIII IZ AXII UJIIIIIVI-I1u-' IrIuIIJ.1II II, Il, NIIrsIIx IIIOIIIIIII II IQ IASON ALAN HENNEMAN:IuImcIIII1 Il I Im I: CLARISSA EVERLY HENRY NEIL ROGER HARDING MARGARET HART HETHCOTE DEBORAH IEAN HILL IOHN MARHSALL HILL: AFI 4.IuIx II, I1, Irvmh CIIIII II, IX Smmvr II I'fmIII-I PIII! C.IW9erIe-dder Il STEPHANIE MELIA HILL: FBLA Ig, www QIIIII Iz, Prmdvr I'uII Iiuutball IJ TERRY LYNN HILL: DEQ ,-I CQIUII II, IZ FBLA Il 86 SENIORS li. I A I 4 is 1 I Hr -M, ...., , ,. f Y . , . .,..., .-W .... 1- . .,,.v.,.. :.:. I I -.'- -1 ---f--- . . -,'fX- V- -ff-' - .,,, , ., .f,.,,-5.51 IM. .-,,.5:.m ,.,-.,,.,,,-,.,, ,M g. :4'..7:.::':f' 1' ..:.A:: . .. ' ' " ' " ' ' ': :,:, - F " ' ' . . .MNWN .. ,Mtv '- 1-. -:x,..,. :bb f r"" ""' 1' "' 1' -. k u ,,r1M,,,,...W. - 'f 3, ..... ,WWE an , figmw-if-:iw 3, 4 . I, 'fwwifaglggmwwigw' E3'i.am,w, If ww. ,mgnww .W ar 'iw C.- fs I A . ' .n sr ' I il , . X X' 1' I TIM STEPHEN HINSON WILLIAM PATRICK HOAGLAND 'xrt Clutu Il liancl III ll, C.hI-Inlslry C lulw Il Ir:-'mh C lulr II ll I lx li IU, ll SI-rgeant .11 Arun Il l'Imrls-r l7LIIIClIPeVle'111lPr Il Prlvrn Cuvnrwllve II XII C unrerenne Sutter IC! 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Baxkettuall II Il NED "C.arrr:uwI" Exztmrt IJ BARBARA ELAINE HUDSON: Flag QIIIQ I: 'Xt dCIt'lIIIC Internship IJ IIomeroornReprexentatne III NAACP Ill II,Pcmrler PLIII Footlmll ll IEFFERY SCOTT HUGHES IEFFERY I. HUMPHREY: Boy! Ie-nms Io, Il IJ, Che-nmstrx C.Iutu II bpanmh Club IO Xamtx XNrestIIng IO NIC A Il, -Xll Conlerente- Tennlx II SENIORS 87 HUMPHREY! 4wwr'eJ1'w IU 11 Tl Chwmmrx 1 My H, NK -X II -Xrl I lun H, V1 Cdrnum-N' Imgwxnl IJ M.u1r-:wx Nuts-rrwup V7 Ulf -X CMM ll Spxvwhfhilv H IX Che-1-YM-.lcin-r Ill Pmxfzz-f Pm' iuulfmali N U NKHIJ H1 X.1mlxCM'e-rh-mi' 1-V L L.1rmLm-N Paygs-.ml ll ADRIANE SYBRINA HYATT:C ww um N-WCP Ill MARCI IILL IANKOWITZ SUE ANN IERNIGAN: nu f ug vmmpf Mm hw VMTN H SHERRY MELINDA IETER CHARLEEN LAVERNE IOHNSON CARLTON FITZGERALD IOHNSON: 1 A 1.11-L H Tl HU -X Hula ll, Holm-mum Rwprme-vv1.xlnxn' H1 XXVI' VJ LI Vrewwhfvwl ll i'mye1c1lxc1-N Il SlL1:h'u1 tnrmn-W wg CHRISTOPHER ROGER IOHNSON: 1 x xv.-V INN: UI MELANIE SHAWN IOHNSON: 4 num ww ri THX TJ HHS-X H TJ Ns-xm-rvvvvrsl MR: HJ ll U XMIM U Xwkaiwrvmx T're5:l!.1tn Ui N Tl IOSEPH LAMAR IONES KIRSTEN SELMAIORGENSEN: x1 .nie-rwn mm-- xhxp U frmx K mmm H TJ H1 PN X Nllrm-v.1Ll9Hxrh.1' rw-v'1.1'u1'w ll lam 1 lui: II fuk Mm k H Tl Piwxu N Kim Tj wrrzm H1 Mlwtx H.zxkexl1.1N U1 N3 CATRINA LYNN IUSTICE: mr -xc nm T1 mx um C.m-frvv.mCM.h II Nl NADH Hb H GREGORY KALE MARK HENDLEY KALLAM -Xc.11i1'mwz Mm-rrvs!up IJ fha-rvwtrx Huh H Im! HmrfN1aH U Fra-'uh Huh II Tre-.mxrer Tl,I4f:nwr1mm Re-pvs-sQnt.xlmv TJ l'1mc1e'rI'ulr On-1-rlsn-mfif-r U IJ:-tmtvfluh TU N, Il HHN ll KAPLAN: K HPIYTNNTVX Huh Tl Chmr TLC mv Cfnuulrx ll Ill! -Xf Mlm H, I X Chee-m-.1ri' 1-r HJ Spfxrwwsiwklulx HD, I! Mwta ll ll NN4yrv11-mlfrvwvw DM- ll MEGHAN 'Xc adevvm Inf '1-mxhwp Il las! HM! N Bu'-:new Miwtrmr ll C Mis Hmmm! H TJ TC C Il Latwrwfluly HJ Prorvti rwwrvullefzfC'.havrp4-V sun IT Xmfil-'wr Tmtrlrwhlp IJ Xrtfhm H, ll Huw Twwmx M ihevwxlrx Uuh H Sp.1ruxhCluIx ll, Home-1 ruwng Esc ful ll Tr.xmterSlu4i1-nl T T SHAN WALLACE KEESLER: I x Fom1llmH lr1,xltA lj Pvmdw PUT! I lun-vrNe'm1f-r ll 88 SENIORS I f I .. 'C 4 sn, , maJf.:,.,.w, J 3-9611. Q -S, IDE M ci. '+G- s o o A-13 5. X. 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Te-mn IH DENISE VICTORIA LAMBERT: lmmll-I Pun lum- ball Il, Delta Rox H, ll ERIC FRANKLIN LAMMONDS: l Iuvwfmom Rep- refwntallxv ICJ IX' Bmkellmll lIl Cfxptallw H, Mlrsllw ISM' I ketball ll ALLYSON SUZANNE LANDIS: -vm Club ll rum lCr,C,l1e-mxxlry C lub H, ll, llag Cjlrlx IU lurelgrw lxclmugf- Hmm H SpJmClvC.Iub Ill H Clrclu-Crm H I1 S-CDH H 4 SENIORS 89 . . Seniors strut their stuff: These seniors danced the night away at the Senior Picnic. PAUL BRIAN LANE! C row Country III ll IJ, Track IO, II, IZ, lnleracl Ill, II I3 Spanish Club Ill A. I V Baseball ll Band III, ll lnterall ll Pmlert lxlel Ill, SADIJ Vlce'F'rPsIclenI IZ, 'ilwelve Rngrx People IJ KELLY MICHELLE LEE HEIDI MARIE LEONARD: mica c lim I1,sp,mh club ll OTIS T. LESTER! Transler btuclenl II DAVID DOUGLAS LICKERT: Cnenwistrw C lub IU Il,Sp.mISl1l.lub Ill, II, De-lm Rox X me-Prewirlenl Il, IX Football Ill, M.-ith Club II, Vowfler Pull l,lveerle.uler RHONDA MARIE LINVILLE: "C,dfmuwl" Pdgeanl IZ, Flag Girls IO, NK -X Parlltxmenltirmn Ill, II, Il IEFFREY TODD LISK: Band Ill, Newcomers Club IO ANN ELIZABETH LITTLEIOHN: Anchor club II, IZ, KITPFTIISIVN Club II Il, French Club ll, IZ, Powder Put! Football II, IZ, Prom K ummnwe II BRIAN CHRISTOPHER LOGAN: mrsm Baseball IO, II, ll,N,1rSIlv football III, II, Il, -Xll Conterence Baseball II I3 .W ji, . 90 sENloRs ,L A .I Alibi ' 'Q -f 3' ,."" f cl 5, 5 Looking for Someone?: lamie Young and Dawn Roberts rise above the crowd in Search for I . . 45-, in , in xx A,- X W. ,TQ I I .Q ....,. ,, -2 : :-1: fi I .I ,E I 45 I, I 32 "SzuvI7 -w . .,. me I Isii: ,I-:I-aimFxb?w, ,fI '. - U s X " I , 2 :. - .yas :I af . .:. :2.. - """ . .' - -. . fm . - ' "" . ,,,., EE' ' ' Q-.. 'UP is if lib 5 X I x, ' u U gf ALISA MARIE LONG: liancl III Il llagfjrrlx ro n Iorelgn Ixcnange Hou IJ, lorelgn lx: I1.-Inge Sluclvnl II lrenclwi lub III Treaxurer II Il PoxwclerI'uIIFootball II ll, Xexlu ll lrI-axurer ll Prunw Iaxlilon Nlwxx ll Clrernlstrx 4 lub lj Lrxuans III ll ll, lil! -XL Iulx Il Nlule IX Inner Il Prem Ir K lub III Powder Pull Clwerleafler II, IJ, Prorn C onwnrrt- Ive Il -Maflvrnlc lnlernslup ll C Iwernrslrx Club II ll had IIrnrl lj IBI JI ll FrenIl'rClub I2 Spanrslw Club III, II, Il, Tlxli IO, II, Horneroorn ReprPxenIaIIxe ll, l'ovxfIer Pull Cheerleader ll ll s-XIJIJ ll ll, IDUIJAIQI IO ll ll DANA CHRISTINE LOWDER: In Club no ll IJ,Cl1ernu3trx K lub II, Il Trenclwi lub Il NICK II Pow der Pull Toollmll II Il, National llonor Socretx Il IASON GRIFFIN LOWE: mu ll rx BNIIIIII III Nauorml llonor S0411-tx II, Il BETRINA LUMPKIN ANN-CHARLOTTE GUNN LUNDSTROM: lorwgn Txc l1anI,:,0 Student IJ DANA CAROL LUSK GREG SCOTT LUTHER: xlf I Io SEAN EDWARD LYLES: Band III, II Student Con- grew III II Transler Student Il,l.1tInlIulJ Il Prom Comrrullee III, II, I X lootbrxll III Narsrty Club II Il, I I lirxeluall III II CAROLINE ANNE LYON! Art Club III Cflwemsslrw Club II Tlxlj III ll NADH II PHILLIP DAVID LYTLE: vlu nz, woo u CHRISTOPHER MACARINE TAMMY MICHELLE MALEAR: DEQAQIUII ll I2 Powder I'uII Football I2 SARA GALE MALONE: -Xrt Club IJ Che-rrvlstrw Club Il, Sparrrsh Club II National Honor Sooetx II ll MARY GWEN MANNING: Art Club III, Clrernlstrw Club II, I3 Frennb Club III, II Il, Sludenl Congress II, Il, I C Q f.O'pVPSICI6'lII IZ' Powder Pull Football IZ, Prurn Lornrrsxtlee II DAVID ALLEN MARCUS: 'Carrousel' Pageant Ernnee IZ, Chernzstry Club II, IZ, C laws Board II, Class Ylce-Presrclent Il, Eaglell, SporIs Edrtor Il, Fremlw Club II IJ, lxex Club II, Il Nalronal llonor Souetx II, I2 Powder Pulf Cheerleader I2, Prom Committee Chairper- son II, Proleat Excel II ANDREW SCOTT MAREKZ Academic lnrernshrp Il Band III, II, IZ, Cross Countrx II, IZ Latin Club II, ll HEIDI ELEANOR MARSH: "mule Dog rm Laughed" II, Nallonal Honor Somew II, IZ, "Our Town ' II "Pops Pourru' IZ "Twelxe Kngrx People' ll Tlresplf ans Il, 5panr5I1C.lub II Transfer Studenl II CINDY ANN MARTIN:c Iwmlun Club ll, Il Class Board III, DECK Club IZ, FBI -X II, Spanlslv Club III, II, Horne-room Reoresenlalrve III H054 I2 S-IDD Il 4 wmpuln-r C.lul1 ll IX lldwlmll lll, ll, X.-IFSIIN ILM-Imll Il, I'4mcl1-r llull C lwefrlmnlvr MARTIN: flu-arwxlm Club H, Cumpule-r Qlulv Il HSI -X II Iurwngn lx: lmrwgn- Nlullwul lil Npamxl1f,lul1 lll Huvmlmom H1-prelwvllatlxv HJ H ll lk Wrvwlllmg Ill Phvxlu K lull ll,lJn-ll.1Rrmx ll, Il Stu' rlz-ml 4 umqrsw ll SARAH ELLEN MARTIN: IMI-mul-I lu ll, lg, x lc A H I-rurvlpln lu lmfwgv Slurle-nl ll IENNY Nfl C.lul1 lll, H, ll i,lu-rmv Im Clulw H IJIC X C lull Il ll Ylhlvvlxlw Club lf? LAURA ANNE MASON: liamrl ul ll mc. x c my ll Flil-X ll LYN Kimi:-'wr Imlvrmlwlp ll Xrlilnll H lj Ir.lv1xlwSlmlvr1l Ill Mrewllvrvlle- lfl MELANIE ABIGAIL MATHEWS: clwwlnl-A ll, ll llrmwmrxm Reprf-ss-mIallxm- ll I'4mcle'v Pull luullrdll ll Xrulmr C lull H IJ fmwxfmmllx HJ II Q,fxff.mlam Il HIN ll lmfk Ill ll lhxxrlefr Pull lurwllmll IL -X1.ul1-mm lvwlwrvslwp H flu-vwxlrx Klull H ll fxflv Xrl Erlzlllr H lj lull-mr! ll latm 4 lull H ll tlrwlwlva lll, Pmle-L1 lvffl H NEAL BRIAN MCCALL: 'Xcf1clvm.c lrwlwmlwp Il ll XVI C lull Il C Iwvmlslrvi lulf ll,lf1gll- H H-lllurf-Lclllur IZ IIIL-XI"l-wie-ul H IJ ln-nrlvflula lll lj lf I H Inter' .acl H l'rm1rIr'ul ll l.1Im 4 lun: ll, Nstumlal llvmrnr Nu re-lx ll Plvxxlr NC lull Il Plum C,uvwwlII-:- ll, Pull:-1 l Tx: vl Ill, YXIDID H Tre-lmlrv' ll lrsurrmllxm Xxmrfl H tlflxwa-x rn ilu- Muvrl H Il WILLIAM LANCE MCCALL: I x lnllllmll IH xlwf lx Iclullmll ll, Mzmlw llawelnlxll lil, H Il Xll I :mlm-vwme lillselmll H Il Vdfxllx liawlwllmll Ill Il CHAD ROBERT MCCARTER: x lil lll, 1 x xv.-V rlmg Irv KIMBERLY DRAKE MCCLAIN THOMAS GERALD MCCLAIN: IX myrmll lil, X.1rxltxlmlllv.1ll H, ll lraclx ll N-MNC I' H ll PAUL MCCLURE! -Kcdrlwvm lvvlvmf Nlwp ll llaml Ill H ll C.lwz-vwxrrx I lulm Il Npamxlv I lull ll, Plums Club ll, N-XIJIJ Il, Oflyww nl ll1m'M1ml ll LYNN McCRANIE:clUlwm1N IU ll l'ulJ- ln lx Clmlrpe-rwrw ll, lf Cf ll,K.rL1vC,mLlvvlrx lf! lllf.-X Club H ll Cvrllllffxlf- ul Fx: 1-lll-luv Puxxflf-r Pull lmsllmll ll ll I'rrm14ummlll1-11 H IEFF MCCRARY: Mlrwllx XXVI-xlllrwg ll MICHAEL THOMAS MCCRAY: 4 HM 4 fluumrx Il Npllnxsh C lull IJ SKIJIJ ll DAVID ALAN MCDONALD STEPHEN R. 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NEITZKE TRACY LYNN NELSON: -Xcarlervm Intermblp IJ 'Xrl Club III II, Il,C.llPl'T1ISIIyClUIJ II, FBI -X III, II,PI'1ysf 11- Club Il,PmrrICcJlw11IttPe' II VICA II I2 IERRY NERAD:c,I1e-mmm Club Il, Cumpuler Club ll Homeroum Repre-senlallxe II IZ' IV Football III, Spdrwb Klub II Xarwlx Football II, IJ Delta Rox II, IZ, MPHS 'lr.1r'I4 III DAWN IRENE NEWELL: H054 11, Preudwwr IZ ANDREW SCOTT NEWSOME WILLIAM THOMAS NEWTON STEFANIE MICHELLE NICHOLS: ACHEIPIUIC Inf te-rnsbxp Il KIIPITIISIVN Club III, II Il, Claw Omcer IO H05-X Il SYDNEY LEE NIGHTINGALE: "CarrouwI" Pagf e-am ll, Che-rmslry Club II, Il,Cl.1v Board II, Il, Eagle II Ns-wx Edrlor IZ TBI-X Rvporler Ill' French Club IO Prvxldenl II, Il National Humor Sowell II, Il, Pmxder Purl Football II, Project Excl-l IO, S-KIDO II IZ, Sopho- more Prom Mte-rvclarwl IIB RAYMOND K lwernlslrv I I, DEC-X Klub IJ Natlrurml Honor SOCIHIN II IJ PromCornmltlPe1 II, l'rope-ml Exce-I II, Spanish C lub IJ WILLIAM M. 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TIJIIIIILIII II Il SIXIDIJ Il CI1wIr II, Il SpfIr1IsII CIIIIJ Il, I'ImIIer IHIII FIQIIIIJAII Il SAIIII Il IASON ANDREW RUST: IIJIIII III II In-IIIIIIII CIIIIJ II, SpaIIINII CIIIII III II, Ik B III II IEFFREY SAINDLER IIECA C ILAII Il SIIIIIIIQI IILIIJ IJ IX Iims II.IxkvIIIaII III II IN-XRCP III, II Il, PImwde-r VLIII I,Iwe-VII--Irier Il SENIORS 99 IODY LYNN SAUNDERS: brc C I my Il French Hub lll,TrdlvsIPVSIII4I9r1I H Xamty IId5I'Cl'II7dII Ill Homv' COI'I'IIV1RfY.OLIfI IO, HC JSA H, ll, I'owcI9r Pub FrmIbaII IU, Prom Cnmvwttsfe' Hr KELLY L. SAVAGE: HC Iurrousvl ' Pageuml lj, C Iwemrv Irv Club H Compute-V Uub HJ Frvmb C Inb Il Spamxb Club ICJ Powder PMI FUOIIMII H, SADIJ ICJ, H, 11 C Iwrwxtrx Uub H, Cwneltes I I, Il, C.IdssISr:ard H, '5oumI ut Mmm" III, Thvspmm H Semrelmrv Il Sp,1mxbCIub ICH H IC C IJ 'Lwttlv Dug Tb.1tLaup.1be'cI' H, Natumal Humor Sm wb H IZ, "C mr Town" H Vrmwcivr FUI? IbrJlbdII Il, Prom Conv m1ttf1e'C'.halr H SNIJD H Il ROBIN LYNETTE SCALES: Ilonwrrommg Court Il Im-tier CIVIC H Co-Cfaptmn Il IJPILIIC- Il BRANDON C. SCARBOROUGH: Arn 4 um nn, H, C Iwmxxtrx Club H Phxvcs Club Il N-XIDID Ili BRANDON KEITH SCHARR ASHLEY ALISE SCHRIMSHER C,I.1v I30.1r4I ICJ, IX HasvI1.uIIIC7,IX FucxIbaII Ill H ICvxC,IL1b IH H Il Pcm dvr I,lIII Chr-PVIE-amivr Il BARRY TODD SCOVEL: IX mm,.11I Irv H EMILY X: Adevvm Intl-rmbxp II -'Crt C Iub Ill Yue' I'rPSwCI1-ul H I'vvC1rIs-mt Il, C bf-mmm C'.Iub H Il EIN? -Xrr Friwlwr H Il Vrvmb Uub H Il Cow-rrmr's Srhom H, IC C, H Nlalwonm Hmmm Some-ly H Il 'NIAINHIJI NI:-rn Se-ml-IIDJIM H Pbxwc C C Iub ICJ II Sm re-lam Il Prom C ummlltve' H CJIxrwpICsf1rIbv Nhmi Il Srwefme-CJIwn1pm:I H -Nfl Awarnl ICU H, C.rmp.LwQ5Iurw.1I kr! 'Xxxard H SUSAN LYNN SEABOLT:c,I.NIsmf.1 II, 11, DLC ,C CIub Il 'NIIIICJHJI Humor Srmetx H Il,PmmCr1mmwltf-f- II C bemmm CIIIII H, Il Defbatef C'.Iub ICJ H Trcamxrffr Il, l79b.1lf- -Xxmrfi II DAVID GEORGE SEDOR: Fm C ug, mmm c my lr! Imterarl ICJ H Il DAVID SHELTON SEGREST SHAH2 Nalwulml Hunur Soc wlx H IJ SAIJIJ IZ, Chvss H, Omar II, C ummumty Xmhmleer H, Tudor H Math fmarri H DANNY HI,-K Il, Vamlv Footb.zII IH H IJ 'Varsity Wrestling IU, ll Il, XICQ-X 11 Pcmde-r Pu!! C.he-1-rlvader Il, -'CII C onlelrr-H69 XX resthrwg H Il KEVIN MATTHEWS SIDES: Bam! IU, :I IIVPSICICAHI ll Chemlxtry Club H, IICI3 Ill H Il 'C armuw-I" Fscrwrt Il, C.lxlI.mC IU Secretary H, I're'sIcIe1ml IZ, Ilrvms-rrmum Rr-press-rvunlxve Ib, H, ll, Powder Pub Chewrlvarier H, ll, Prom Cnmvvmullee H MIKE I. SIMONETTI -XQAIIMIM Imf-msIwIp ll, Art Club II, Choir IZ, Lyme IZ, 'Sound UI MUSIC" ICI, 'IIIIIQ Dug Tbal IaLIgbwI" H, Ima C cunts-st XN'lnmJr ICJ, Te-Iwlswon Prudmtlon II I2 100 SENIORS ,umm 'Ol 'Um W. r V! aux, AP Gr ,f W I ., :?: f ..,. f1s: 1f.g1:f " W X I1II.x"'k :HW q 1 4s:M ' :,, X .- I I, ,IW x 1 I Ucgmgg . , Wfx ift if wf I ,Q,:ggQ'.?f5f' 2 if fig lf glfm V 1, If M L, if I Irfgixggggiiwfxijskiiif 'IPIZMQIQ Ldrmuwl Isfurl Il TIN-swam III, II Vdmlw I-rmullmll II, Il IIUIIWUJQIII1 Ilwpre-wv1IaIIxv III IX IIIIIIIMII III II I'uxuI4-rI'uIIlI19vr' Isulaier IZ, S-XIDID ll IZ KEVIN SINGLETON 'iamzuxm-I' bum II fre-auxe-IJPwIgnCIuI1 II, Il, Eagle- II, Il, I Ix IS III, II, IJ, IX FUr1tIyaIl III, Pnmfier IIHII CIWQVIPMIQV Il CHRISTINE MARGARET SIUDA LESLIE ELLEN SLOTKIN: -XmIwrCIuI1 III, II IJ, I'UI9IgIIIXCIIdI1gP Student Il Imr1sIe'rSIude1rIl IU,I'fmds-r PUII IowtIaaIl Il CHRISTY ELIZABETH SMITH: Bami IU, II, IJ, Lhemnxlrx QILIIJ II Il CIA-5 Bvmrd II I2 Ne-cre-mm II lastI'I111clIl,IlagCIrIs II, IZ, 5pdnIsI1C,IuIJ II Il IC L II NJIIUIIJI Hfmof Sowvlx II Il Prmdfr PUII I'wolI7dII IJ, Prom CUIIIII1lIlifv II 4 msg C rmmrx IU II CIJII Team I I, Home-room Repvvxem.1IIxe IU II I X' Bow Bm-wIbdlI III Xamtx BaNkeIImII II C,u-Qaplmm Il NL1IIum1lIIomur muely II, IJ C,IwmIstrx L Iuh II Il Ire'mI1CIuI1 II, Il, fN.1KIon.1I I-Iommr Soc Is-Iy II, I2 Hume' mum Rvprewntatxxv II I'I1x5Irs QILIII I2 I'cmfIvr PLAII Iuc1IbaII II, Il SHXIDIJ Il KIMBERLY M. SMITH: DH -X IJ Ihrme-mom Re-pref wmatsxe' Il IAY -XVI C lub III Il Il "C .1rmu' wI bum Il CIW-mIsIVx CILII1 II IJIC -X Il PRIX Il X.1rsItvIiL1se1Im.1II II, Il XPNII1 II IJ,HoI1wrouIn Reprvserw- IJIIXS IIJ II Il IX I5awIxI1II III IX Bmw I3dNketImII III II, Il, Iv-yC.IIIIf III ll I1 Powder PLIII C.IWt't'I'IGdlIt'I' IZ XVI -Xxmrri IIJ STACEY LYNN SMITH TAMMY NICOLE SMITH VALERIE I. SOESBEE: MII- IJ, cnmgfm ll, Il TX II I2 -XfanIwUIc Imlem- Qhlp I I, Il, C,I'mIr Il, IBL-X II,TV.lI1sIe1rNlu1I0I1I IU, Wom- ewk Fnwmble' II Xml Pre-Alden! Il ANTHONY FITZGERALD SOWELL: Track III, II Il M1rxIIxIooIIJ.1lI III II, Il NAACP III II, IJ XII Cunlerefmel Tmnk Oulduurs III II, IJ, 'XII Slate Iratk Outriomrx III II, Il -XII 81.119 Ir.1ckImIowrx IO II I2 MELINDA IANE SOWELL NATHALIE ANNE -Xulcielvm Internship Il C.hemIstrvC lub II, ll 4 rosskuunlrx Manager III II, IJ, IVdLIxNIdIXdI.1E'I' III II, Il, Indoor Immk Nmnagvr II, Il VALERIE ANNE SOWERS: Arn cm, III, 11, Il, CIwmIsIryCIuI1 ll, Il ULN Lourwlm LI III, II Ilhenclv CILAIQ IU, C,IrIs Imck III, II IJ Qmxs fmmlrw C dptdlm II IZ Irank Laptdwn Il, -XII 1 CJFIIQVQIKP K ross 4 uuntrx IU Il ll -XII C urwlvreme- Tramk II CAROLINE BIRGITTA SPANNEL: UH -x CIIIII Il Furvrgn Exchange- Slucir-nl ll HHH II I2 Irark Il N,-X-KCP II, Il, 'Pops PourrI" III, S,-RDI! III, II, Il SENIORS 101 Final Word Seniors have a tradition of enjoying the spotlight. ln the eyes of sophomores, they appear to be movie stars, worldly, confident, sophisticated, fun- loving, escapading legends in their own school. Trying not to forget the little people tjuniors and sophomoresl they leave them with famous last words to be treasured always. These familiar words will forever haunt the Halls of Fame that seniors walked through for their final year. Dan Bernath - Cheesbuttered Muffinhead Kathy Quanne - SHMECI Melissa Gamble - Do you have a vivarin? Ben Kinney - Something strange happened to me last night. Mike Williams, lim West, David Rosenfeld - Yo Baby, Yo Baby, Yo Baby, Yooooo Scott Biggs - Get over it! Wanda Blake - Next! leff Wilson - The mind bogglesl Carolyn Byrum - It was on sale! Peggy Ydel - just say no! Sherrie Davis - Only REAL men wear Sebagos. Virginia McNair - He is soooo bad. Kim Sorenson - Tell it, Bubba! Sean Calloway - l'll nail that to the wallllll MICHAEL SHAWN SPRINGS ELIZABETH LYNN SPRINKLE: c milf it FBI-X it lrttnthllulx ll ll llxli ll ll Prtxrnf tt ll N-XIJIJ ll GUY EVERE-I-T S1-AAT! Che-nilstrx Clul ll C x trans ll ll Spanish Club ll, lmtk ll, ll MATTHEW IASON STANDLEY: Nunn I In Ill ll ll TONIA CHRISTINE STARNES: an Qltl 1 IJL4.-X flull IJ ll5L-X lj EHR ll UrlsSottefr ll St ltl li ll Ptmder l'ulr ltmtlmll ll, Vruvn Cnvnmltte- ll 'Xncho Cl I lt ll ll, K arrtluwl ' l'.1geant lj, C ht-ntlstry C l l ll I St dent Congress Il l'tmtls-rl'tiH lootlmll ll I I C invit- tm- ll MICHAEL BARRY STEIN:Exftt'1 t in ti I cnt- t.ins ltl II, X it t- Prt-sltlenr ll, Ere-nt h t.llil Ill ll ll 1' :twin Rt-presflntatixtt IJ 'National llnnur Som t ll I' N-Xl JD lt? ll Spirit Square Sthtiltir EUGENE EVANS STEPHENSON 102 SENIORS T is , Wg' I Go Ahead Onlz Chris Frisco is never at a loss for words ,- it-0 9 f-.A YS . ' ' Q I I u 1 5- g. iw. I I' W" .-Iwliikiwwvwlic M fm... 0 -::-:E::5....f ,. -,.:f:.:x:. ,.,. :.,::,: -,J 7 N -I VS MIMMIM -. Ix fzizfk .um m -- I I is Mapa., wwf. wi v ' N.. 1 rl 53123534 W E, Iffg' Q ,tj vizzms. '39 9 I 'i?3SgZz:E:,g- W ' ""' -"- -.-. I, . , , 5 I s v :-:: ,g - ' Sgis smas W2 2- 3552 255 agigw sv nr ,, I X N. 1- ks RICHARD ALAN STERLING: I Iwvmxslrx KIIIII II Q. Il KHIIIIIIILIIIII III II TIIII II I3 IK K II IX Ure-sf Ihng III, NIIIIIIIIJI Ilummr NIIKIPIN II IJ, PIMIIIJI PurI KIII-I-rIe-aIIIAr IJ PIUIII CIJIIIIIIIIIIJH II KIwIIIIsIrx K.IuII Prewie-III Il 'XCJIIPIIIIL IIIlvrrI- NIIIII III II Art K Iub II KIII-IIIIstrx K.luII II QwrIIIaIIK IUII I3 IAIIPIII-I II IJ, Pumier IIIIII IIIIIIIIIIII Il, III-I:aIeK Iutn Il MICHAEL SCOTT STEWART: -XIAIIIJIIIIQ Imefrnf KIIIII Il, higfe Il Ire-IIIIICIIIII III Pmxrivr PuIIK Iweerle-arif er II, Il, SIXIJID III, II, Il TAMESHIA AMOUR STEWART: KIIIIII Il IJFK -X K,IuI1 III, H IN ITFPNIKIPIII III, Np.anIsII Club IO, X'.1rsIIx KIIevrIe-aIIvr Il XIIcdIIIIII.1II'rr'pK IIIID III IX KIIIJI-rlmlnier Ko-K .IpIdIII III N-MIK II III II Il Powder PLIII Football IJ DAVID ALAN STIFF:I III-Imlstrx CILII7 II KIIIIIIIIN II IZ, fm! Hind Il Sp.1IIIsI'I KILID III II NIaIII CIIIII II I'oxxIIe-rI'utI KIII-e-rIaIIIvr II, Il NAIJII III II I CHESTER WILLIAM STILES IAMES LEE STILES: IRI CIuII III IX xxrI1IIIIng III Y., , TERI-LEE STILES: K IIuIr III II K. II IVAIINIPVSIUKIPIII III III bk II, IX CIIve1rIeaIIer III Pi STANLEY LEE STITT1 Iagfw Il, Irdfk Il Mxrvtx INrwIIIrIg IJ 'NI-XICJI Il LAURA ELAINE STORY: -XI.zcIeIIIII Irm-rIIsIIIp Il K IIPIIIININ K Iub III FI-II -X IZ 'NIJIIIIIIIJI N1usIc III Np.IIII5II KIIIII III, IIIQ Vkuiuws IMIIIC' III, 'LIIIIP Dug That laugIII-II' II 'IIur Tcmn' Il 'Pup 5 I'mIrrI III Il IJ I'oxxIIe-r PLIII IOIIIIIAII Il, 5-'IIIII III, XUIIIIIIIAII III, II,K dp' Iam Il 'II-ImIsIrxII ProIIuIIIIIII II Il -Q K KATRINA ELISE STOUT STACEY KRISTINE STOWERS: III mme Bam! III Il ISIIIICI III II Il 'IK.1rroLI'-PI' IHIge'.IIII Il KIIQIIIINIII K,IuI1 II FIIII3 CIrIN Il NIJMIINII K'.IuI1 Il,FIvxxcII1rPuII IIJUI- . Iv.-III Il PHIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIJQ II NUIIIIIIII III I .xv ' ' I' -I,-,' L,-K ' I '?'gf.' 5' '-f'mIMe:LaI1xz?i MARIE -Xmhor KIUIJ II, IJ MKQl1rIouse'I" I7dgt'dIII Il CIII-IIIIsIrw Llub IZ, Pre-IIIII I lub II Stufie-rIl K Imgrew P.1rIIdIrIeIIIarIfm Il, Hwmeruurn Repre--,vrII.IIIxe III, II, IZ PIMIII-IPuIIIIJoIIJ.1II II Il, SIJIIJIIII III II Il M. Band III II, Il CPrIIIaI'I Klub III, 5p.1nIsII Klub III CLAUDIA CUTHBE STROUP -NLIIIIIIIIIII IIIIQVIISIIID Il, XIISIaII-Iiarui III Band III II I3 Sp.mIshKIuII II Il, l.Ivc'e-Iles II NII'eIIresIrIe-III Il N.aIII1IIaI Honor Somew Il, I'ImIIr-r PLIII FIIIIIIJAII Il S-'IIIII I2 LYNN -XrIC,ILII1 Il K Iwwvwwtrx KIuIJ II, K,rIIss Knunlrv II, IZ, IJIL-K K Iub II 5pdIIIsII I Iuh II Il PoxxIIvrPuII I'rII:IIJaII Il PVOIIICOIIIIIIIIII-v II Km IIIJV UIIIJ I I, IJ, Vdrslh K IIeerIvacII-r II,K .Iptmrw Il, IX LIwvrIe.I:Ivr III NJIIIIVIIII III:IIfIr S01 IMI II Il' PIIWIIM PLIII FIIQIIIIIII II I2 Prom KIIIIIIIIIIIPI1 II BIIIIII III II IZ K IIerIIIsIry K.IuIJ II Il, Sp.arIIsII LIIII: III, II, Il, III Ii II, Xml Pre-5IcII-III Il 'PIIIIS I'IIurrI' II I1 Pcmder PIIII Khe'I'rIIJacIIIr II, Il, S-XIID III, II Il IEEFREY ROBERT SUTTHOEF: In I IIIII III II K I19IIIIsIrvK ILIII III, Il I1IsIIIIrIdIZ,5p.IIIIsIIKIuIJ III II Irank II I'ruIIIKI:IIIrIIIItev II SENIORS 103 III: C In-rmxllx C,ICIIv IJ C x'I.mC ICI II IJ C MNC mmlw ICI II IJ Imzk ICI II IJ .XI.xwIx.1I II IJ NdIIulI.xI II:mIIrSIn1I'Ix II, Il IENNIFER LYNN TALBOT: IIIX I1 NW-Im Chu, IJ I'ImII+'r PCIII ICmIIu.1II Il XIIIIIIWII Irwtwmdup II C.1mmCN-I I'.1L1I-.mt IJ C,IxIIu-IIC-w Ill ICIIIIIIV Iixmvd Rvp rI-wrII.aIIxe- II Il CIIM Irs-.mxre-V III II I1 Lnyff- II Spurlw EIIIIIIV Il CIIVIX I+-ww ICI II Cdplmrx Il NIJJIMII CICIII ICI II IJ IIImIr-mom Refprev-vvtdllxm' II M.IrsIv.1I II Il NIIIIIIHJIIIIWIVNUCII-IC II I1 I'oxx1IvrPIIIIIuI1I I1.III Il Prom C ummIlII-I- Il I'mIe-CI Ixu-I ICJ MARIE HSI X III CII-Hrvvwv CICIII III Immu-rSICIfII-HI II XdrwlvC,I1I-I-VIQIJCII-I ICJ N.1IlCm.lI Hmm Ir Sm Iwlx II IJ GARETH PETER TAYLOR: Cnc Cx II IJ Xnarivrmr IIIII-mslwp ICI XVI C IIIII III II IC C RI'urPwrIII1IIxI- ll CIwrwwIrx C IIIII II Il C,IwIwwC,II1IrIII,CIIuxIKrmvII ICI C VIIXNC Iumlvx II IJIC NC Iuh II X,Ice'I'rPsIfIvr1I IJ iwff' Il Tre-HCIIC IIIII III II IJ C,mI-r'mrCNnI1nw ICI Ir.1IIC IJ I-IIWIC-mIw'vv Rv'prvwvvIIxIIxe1 IJ IC C II IJ I.1ImC,ICIIu II, Il, NIAIII C ,IIII II IJ NIIIIIWJIIIIWIU Mme-lx II IJ 'N.1IIIm.1I NI:-II? N+'vwfFIvmIIxI IJ I'I'xwCC ICIIIIIVI-NIIIIIHI II IJ P:m:Ie1rI'IIII C Iu'wIf-IIIII-r II IJ I'mmC1mwmIIIe'v II N XIJIJ Il, I-IILLII CI I C I1z:I.m IJ C amII:mI31mIC Xxxmrf II C1IICCwx In III:- MIIIII Il lwfr-I'IvIuIcIgr.xpIwII Xxx.alII II RANDY LEE TEAGUE KRISTI LEA TEMPLES: I IW I: Inc Ccnn, II I1 fun Tum' II XXIVIII-'I C I mwm:III- II Mvvrm-:I CC Immx III SENDIL Xsmierw IPI:-v'wIIp IJ NWIIINII C IIII: IJ S-XI III Il ANDREW 'XIIIr1e-'vw Iv'Ivv:wwI11 IJ XII C ICIII I3 Iwmh C IIIIJ ICI Iravwe-V SICIIII-'II ICJ DIANNE C 'vwwxxlw C Im: II IJIC N CIIIII II IJ SIIIIHICIICIIIIJ ICI kewl.: II Il , IICINR IJ Pmxvim-TICII' Iurs!'1.III IQ NXIIII Il XXCIVVI-IIN IIN-mIxIIf ICJ CATHERINE ALLISON THOMISEE: CfIIfIf-Im IIIII-UINIIIII IJ II.mcI ICI, II I1 IIJIJCMIN ICI II IJ Pmm CIvv"wIIr-I- 'I SXIJIJ Il FREDDIE LEE THOMPSON GREGORY D. THOMPSON IOSEPH RUTLEDGE THOMSON: M IxcI+-mu Iu- II-rmhwzu II Lluffl II I'Im!IvLU.1xxI1x IfIItIn IJ XIC 'X III II I'IwwIu C ICIII ICI, II, C my-Nm' I'reCIcIs1rw! 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TURK2 Band III II Il CLerIII.aII C lui: II, Il,CIrche-wa II Il, POIISPOLITVIH Il PCIWIIPIIHIII CIIe1e-IIIJIIIIQJI Il Cniusex IJIIIII1 XIIIICI III II Il ROBIN ELIZABETH TURNBULL: Iimwd III II Il Eyrw II IVQIICII CILIII III Ilomvrooxu Repn-xeIIl.xlIw III Idxwilw II Il PmI1IC,cIIIIIIIIIIe-6- II VCIIII II, Il LYNN VIII -X II ILVUIICII CILIII III IDG-Imle C IIIII II Il GIIII Ie-IIIII III II I' -XII C Iyrvlelrwwfe' CIIJII II, Il, HOIIII-VUIIIII Rvpfvselvtd- tml Il Ilcmrivr Pull CI'IE'C'I'I9dIIt1V Il TIFFANY C,IwIIII5Irx CIIIII IIi CEIIIIIP-III-A III NIVIIIIIIIQ LIIII II IMIIIILIII C,IIaIrps-mm Il: DIC 'X CIIIII II SIJIHIIICIILIIIII II Il, HIIIIIPIIIIW Rf-pr:-wwf IaIIIv ICI II Il Pmm C,III1ImIIII-If Il, Ponder PIII! FIIIIIY I1f1II I! ANGELA TYSON:xIc I II IIICIIIIIIII Il NN-XCEP II Il Xc1IIswIIaII III I ILIINIAIIII IWC II:-IIIIV Irx MMIII II ALICIA RENNE VANCE WILLIAM CIIIIZ II-Am II Spun' Ish C lub III Tmck III II Il KIMBERLY SUE VANDERGRIFT 'III NIJIIH CIIIIIQCIM III fXIICI1ImICIuII II Il CIIr'InIsIrw CILIIJ II, IJIC1-XC IIIID II Il Iremh CIIJII III, IICJ5f'x I2 I'cIxxcIc1IPuII IIIUIIMII Il, 5-KIIIJ Il RICHARD MICHAEL VANLIEU IOHN SAM VASTISZ -XII L,III'II9VFIICP Smurf-I Il, Il "C..1rmL15eI Escurl Il CI1C'IIIISIVVL,IUII II, Il CIJNN BIIIIIII II, Il 5pIIIII5hC,IIII: II Il,XarsIII BJCICPIILIII II, Il Nam' Iv Sous-r II Il IX How' I5asICvIIuaII III, IX Somew III Ixew C Iub II, Il NI-1IIIIrIaI Honor Bunn-Ix II, Il, PIMIIM Putt C.IIeferIearIe-r Il, Prom C OIIIIIIIIIUC' II C IWQVIIICIII C IIII: II IIEC A QILIII II, Il, III-mII I lub III, Sturient C ongrvss II SAIIIJ III II GEORGE LORENTZ WALDMANN: IIIIIIIAII II Serge-.int .al -Xrms Il NAIIIIIIAI IIIIIIOI NIJCIPII II Il III-- IJaI4- C,IuII III, II, Il BRUCE A. WALKER: Band IU, II, I: IOHN C IIeIIIIsIm C ILIIJ II Prom CQUIIIIIIIIIIIII II Il, HMP Il IBI 'X II, Il, I X XXII-v Illng III PIIxsIuI,IuII Il,PrIJIf1cI Lxcf1I III NIXLIIJ Il, III1- IIJII-C.IuI1 Il 5I7dFIIsII CIIIII III II Il SENIORS 105 4 ixilans ll IJ fault- l I -Marti-nilr lnli-rnsluip Il lri-nth C lub IJ Fourier Putt K lwerlr-.nler ll fhvinislry tlulm ll fast lllnrf ll Tnlitor ll Trentli C lull IZ, Marslml ll, ll National llunor Nor rely lj Nxxim Truim ll Student C on gross lll, lranstvr Stutlt-nt ll Ski C liilJNicvPrestntel1l lil Ctrl s Ret rl-ation -Xssrk iannn Ill CHARLES DEWITTE WATERS: -Xll stats- liancl in. ll ll MlNl.1ts-1 Jrtht-slra ll ll lianll IU ll ll fine ll Latint lun Ill, ll, ll M.1lhf.lub Ill ll, llkbrcllewtra lll, N ll IJ Tlxll lll ll, Il lie-lvate-Clulu lil ll I1 Nlusrt lheorx Xxxtirtl ll l'T S 'X lmtil Ntati'N.itioi1al -Xxmrrl ll tlienilstry tlulm II flass llilarrl Ill ll Our lnxxn ll lrips lourri I. Prom C,oinrnitlt-l- ll lliama lX ll ll ELIZABETH WEESEZ l'mm forninillee' ll 'Sound ul Music lil The Wrrloxx s Walk Ill MARIORIE CLAIR WEINSTOCK: 1 mlrwsln Clulm ll tlmir ll ll, C lass ltotirtl ll, ll, lrzfntlif lub ltr, ll ll Nttirshal ll lj Nanunal llunor 'lotielx ll ll Hur Town ll Prom I rvinrnittet- I hair ll fimermu s Stliool ll 'Nountl of Xtusit ' lil IJ-XR K itilvnshlp Mxtirnl ll History -Xxxarrl ll DUSTIN SHAWN WELBORN L. WELLS: Xrt C lull IJ Clif-inislrx I lub ll lJlC XC lull ltr ll lren4liC,ltilu Ili Ntiirn lf-.im Ill ll IJ I Elf 'XC lulp ll l'lmrll'V Putt Q hen-ilvailvr ll IAMES ARLYN WEST: fairriuwl xlusrral ll ll Chl-rnislry K lull II, ll 4 lioir ll, Xiu' Pre-sille-nt ll lrvni li Llull ll f,iix4-riirimwlirirml lil ll C lll he-x C lull ll ll lltlln-Ting That laughwl ll Xlathf lulm ll, Pre-sirlenl ll Xie-n s Fnwinlyln- Presiflvnt Ill National Honor Sur ielx ll ll llurlrixxn ll l'opsl'n.irri lil ll ll l'mxrlerl'titt Clie:-rle.irlr-r ll lxxr-lvv Nngry l'n'ople ll Nounrl of Xlusil ill The-spians ll Prn-sitlenl ll S-TEPHAN Brix! lennis lll, Qarilmti- wl lstorl ll lbl-C, X 4 lull II ll fliernistrx Cluli ll f.l1l-ssflllll ll IN Sm r er lll, Prmtlf-r Putt Clie-erli-.ull-r ll ll Xarsitx luutlmall ll Xfarsitx Wrestling ll rl T' f, T fi- -.- 1 aft r W , I , l X . l Moonlighting Many things have gone on at East Meck that we do not always know about. People are forming dreams and actually making them come true. These are just a few students who made their dreams a reality. fl T Has it ever been your 1. A dream to dance your E A ly way into Americas heart? Well that's just ,.1, what Courtney tx. 5 . Dickinson had done. Courtney has been dancing since the age of five. llBallet is a really good discipline and a good way to express yourself," but it has been a llpart of life" Courtney has loved, She said she may have to stop dancing in a few years, but then you never could catch Court- ney off her toes. 106 SENIORS 'A A We've all had to or- , 1 ganize something be- Y fore in our lives, but ', E did you ever try to ' organize a concert -f' t for 400 people and have five bands give freely their time and services for lndians and their education? The organizer of the lndian Education Program Benefit, Emily Capps with the help of Wendy Williams, did and truly gave the hope back to many lndians who wouldn't oth- erwise have it. Emily not only had a dream but also shared it with others. The electricity spark- ling from the eyes of jimmy Paden con- firmed that his dream is alive and rolling. Rock-n-rolling that is. Jimmy, a former member of llThe Minors" said, l'Music is a good way for me to express myself. lt helps me as an individual to set and reach my goals." Even though he may not make a career of it, bass-icly limmy's dream of playing successfully in a band, is coming true. bl li A Y-M-iss .sm -. :-.-:i:.:Q ::.:':'.:-.-.. .. Wa ng, . s.n.E ..s:s:- :.,. .,.. , . - . 'VM -:I-.a-,ml-.-as .- H ..-- --:2a,.f:n-s-:, ..fs-,Q-A-.-. ,- . A-.-:mm-.-sv:-aa. ...... . fame.. -I:- -lass. :- " ..,. .- ' '- --:tits-E--Eiirysri--. . . -:rm-.Av-: 44. ,. ' O '- - ' '--.-EWZSIS' . w as ssgffrm, Ewlsmwsesilfw sam-W ww' stmsfwasiiwsesf YW N awwmiw -5 t I I ,L-, We all love music, ' s 4 but to Charles Wa- , , ters it has become his I way of life. Charles has been writing mu- sic for two years and already his music' has been played by the Youth Symphony of North and South Carolina. ulvlusic helps you become independent and stronger for working hard," Charles said. And he has really been working hard. Charles has already written 20 pieces of classical music and hopes to write much more. This proves his dream of music is defi- nitely, in great tune. Good luck to these people and all of the other students at East Ivleck whose dreams are just as great. Who ever said dreams don't come true? Sis mf nh .r 'L ig f I .ff 2 A A ,- I . s. N Inspirational message: Cam Ferguson displays his own talent. I KIMBERLY LLEWELLYN WHITE: an Club io DLC.-Xt.lul1 ll, S-XIJIJ lll, lransler Student ltl SHANNUN BETH WHITLOCK: oem club io ll, ll, Homi-room Re'prt-svntative Ill Octagon C lull lil, ll Setretarx. I2 Spanish C lub Ill ll 'Pops Pourriw ll Poxxili-r Pull lootlrall IL SHANNON RECOLE WIGHTMAN: Knchor t lub ll ll "C,arrousel" Pageant ll C hemistry C lub ll, ll, llomerooin Represenlatixe ltl, Latin Club lj, Pops Pourri Ili Powder Pull lootlaall ll, ll WILLIAM TODD WIGLEY: Cross Country Il lrenclitlulr ll, ll,M.1rslial II Il, National Honor Society ll ll, Phxsiis Club ll Proimt Extel ll, NIC.-X ltl Il Olympics ol the Mind ll, N C. Scieriw Olympiad IZ SHAWN DAVID WILKERSON: tn Club ii, Boys' Tennis Il I2 Lhemistrvklub ll,CJOssCOUr1tl'y ll lsey club Ill, Il, l1,PowtlHr Puli Cheerleader IZ, Prom Committee II FLOYD T. WILKINS ALEXANDER WILLIAMS ALLISON FAULKNER WILLIAMS: an Club io, ll, ll, Chffrnistry C lub ll ll, Governors SL bool ll, Na' llUV1dllIt7l'lOl'btKl6'lN II Il PowderPultFootball IJ Soltf ball lil Art lll -Xnarcl II 'Xrt Punliase Award ll, Graduate fomniittev ltl WILLIAMS: X ICR l'resitlent I I I I CYNTHIA SHANNON WILLIAMS: DEL A Club ltl, Powder Pull Football ll ll Spanish Club ll, ll ERIN LEIGH WILLIAMS: Hag mis iii, mimi, Club tl l0,0rchestra0, ltl, II ll Pegasus Ill Tran-.lerStudent to IEFFREY VANN WILLIAMS: latin Club ii ig svxirn Tm-am NIXP Itl Il, Delta Rox ll ll SENIORS 107 LEAH GRACE WILLIAMS: IJII.-I c,IIIII II, IIIIIIIQ mIIIII RIJIJII-II-III.IIIxv III IIINIII-I PIIII IIJIIIIIIIII IJ MARIANNE IEANNETTE WILLIAMS: I IXIII' IJIII-I II, II I Il Nf1III1II.IIH:IIIIIr SIIIII-Ix II Il IIIIIIILA CIIIII Il, PIMIIIII IIIIII FIIIIIIIAII II IZ, I'rIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIII' Il, S-XIIIJ II IJ Sp.mIsIv I ILIID II, Il MICHAEL IJIIIIIIXS-I ,XIusI' :III I3,I.III-IIIIIIII I Iub IJ I,ImIr III ll Il IIIIIII IIIIIIIII' III III-IIIII I IIIII II Il III-2mI.IIII,IIIII III IX Noun-I III, PIIIIKPIIIIIII III, II IJ Sfxlbll III, IJ Irack III XIINIIIIII CIIIIIIII Il Il IIIIIIIIIIIIIOILII Il AXIIIIIIIIIIII Pop II KATRINA M. WILLIAMSON:IIIfI III wx xc I' III, II Il Pmxzisfr I'II!I FIIIIIIIaII II Il STEPHANIE KAY WILLIFORD:IbIc -IIIIIII III, II PII-XIIIQIII IJ IISI X III II I'IIxxIII1r I'IIII HIIIIILIII II NJIIDIJ III II SIIAIIIRII I IIIII III II ANGELA -XIII IIIIII IIIIJ III IIIVIIIII ISII.IrII-XII-IIIIJPI II PVINIIIPIII IJ, Iarrcmme-I Page-.IIII IJ I III-IIIIIIII I IIIII II IJ I IIOII II NIIIIII IIIIII NI-:II-IIIII II ll 'NIIIIIIIIIII HIIIIIJI 5IIIIffIx II IJ INIIIIIM IHIII IIIIIIIMII Il Il PVIIIIICIIIIIIIIIIIIII- II, NIIIIIIIIIII MIIIII III Sp.mIsII IIIIII III II IEFFREY 'I .Irrmm-I ' EAI IIII Il I III-IIIIIIII IIIIII II PIIIIII: I IIII1 IJ VIIJII Il LEA -XII I IIIIJ IJ I'cmIIIfr PIIII IIIIIIIJIIII IJ VIIJII III II III II Il IXIIIIII-III IIIII-III' IIIII II, I IIIIIIJII IIIIIII I1 'XII I IIIII IJ I IIIIIIIIIIII I IIIII II IHA Il N.IIIIIII.II IIIIIIwr XIII IIIII II IJ IIIIIIIII-I IKIII IIIIIIIJIIII Il PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPI- II TRACEY ELIZABETH WILSON: I IN HIIIIII II IQ cmwf Immyy III IIII 'XI IIIII Il IIIIIIIIII IIIII III Il XIIIuI1dI II Il NIIIIQIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISIIIIIAZI II IJ IIIIIIIII IIIII' IIIIIIIJIIIIIAII II SAIJII III II SIIIIII IIILIIII III II Il AMY MARIE WIMMER: IIIIIII II Il I IIN IIIWII II Im! IIIIVI M.1rxII.II II IJ, IRMIII-I IIIIII HIIIIIIAII Il IIIIIIII I IIIIIIIIIIII-w I,II.1If II LYNNE IIIIIII Il I mm-III-I II IrI'IIxIIrI-I Il III-IIIII I IIII1 III II N.IIIIIIuxI IIIIIIIII NIIIIIIII II Il,I':mIIe'I I'uIIIrIIIII1.III II Il, IIIIJIII I IIIIIIIIIIII-v II X'II1'IIs'II I IIIseIxIIIIe II DARLENE IAYNE WITHINGTON: IIII-IIIIIIII IIIIII II IIIIXII L RI-pre-WIXIIIIIIIJ Il C+-IIIILIIIIIIIII III SI-cretarx II, Tw.:-Iurefr Il II I. Il, II I.IrIs I3IIsIwIImII IAIIIJIII III NJIIIIIIAIIIIIIIIIINIIIIMI II Il NIIIIIIQIII III, II IIIIIIAIII Il Mamlx Bdskn-IIJJII III II II1pI.IIII I1 III-bale' IIIIII II IJ N.1lIom1I IIIIIIIIRII I,s-dgIII- Il Il III KI II I- Presxcivnt Il Voxx Y III-rPuII IIIf1III.1II II IJ, PIUIIII IIHIIIIIIIPQ II TI I II, Il TONY VICTOR WORSNOP MICHAEL DAVID WYCHE: Bam III II IJ I III-Inmry I IIJII Il,NI.IIIuIIaIIIoIIorScIIIely II, Il Npanlsh IIIII1 IJ Ikli IIJ II PrefsIrII-III Il WYNNI IIIIIIIPIIIIIIII Rep' rrws-IIIIIIIW III II, Il, IIIIVVIII-I PIII! I.IIe-e-VII-IIIIM II, Il, PIIIIIIIIIIIIWIIIHI-' II I.rII! II-.IIII ll SIIMIIIIIIIIIII II IJ CAROLINE B. -MII ILIII II, Il, ILIIIN' TmI k III NIIIIIIIIQIIIIIIIIIISIIIII-II III, II IJ SpaIIIIIII,IIIIm II Il Imnstrlr HIUIIPIII II SHANNON YANDELL Ire-IIIIII ILIIJ ll, PIIWIII-r I'IIII foot' II.III Il IIIIIIII I :IIIIIIIIIII-I-I II 108 SENIORS ig. -' A Q I I :, I . ww- I I. Q: f .If Ig , , I ' I 'M 1. ff 1 L X MI Lil 5 . W' fi wr . A2551 5'?s.:Sm I ' ' W . ws' fgagsgw., mimi. f I- wqggggqwgigk .,, .,.. .,,, W W ,.... E mma' rsfilgimmw m Nx X YDELZ Cb:-rulxtrx C lub ll ll lrmxfnumlry Ill ll, lJ,l.1vl llrnd Il,IILIsllwwI'rlllur Il Glrl4lr.1clI lll ll ll lll:r1wrm1m Reprl-wrwlullxe lil NA' Ilurmlllumlmmlc-lx Il ll Pmxclm-rl,ull loulball ll llrvrrxl Cbrwmllev ll Sxxlm Te-.lm Ll lil ll CATHERINE ANN YEARWOOD: Xrl Club lu ll ll Cbvmlslrx Club II ll Puxxzlx-r Pull Ilmllmll ll Prlvm K urvwnlu-'el ll Prlulval Exwl ll, N-NDI! ll, Srmrmlr Club Ill ll, ll, 'xlf X Il Sflrulustlc -Xrl Rwogrwllrbn ll -Xc.1lle'rnl4 llvlvrmblp ll 'lntlv Img lb.xl Iuugberl' ll,OrclwNlr.1 ll l X Prurlul f lllm ll ll PAUL R. YOUNG SELENA REGINA MCCLINTON YOUNG: Chow Ill ll ll XXurrwrv'- Fme-WIJIP ll AMY KRISTIN ZEPEDA: lvl c,.lul1 lu Il :J 'c dr- rbuwl Pug:-.ml Il Cbevllwtrx Klub Il lrvmlw Club ll Pcmclr-r Pull lrumlbull ll Prom Commxllm- II Prrmlwl lxcel ll TRIS lil ll Nmremrx ll KENNETH BRIAN ZIMMERMAN Malls-lrwll lm:-rm' xblp IJ Bfmfl llr, ll ll, Carruuwl' Pagluirwl Il Cln-mlv lrx Club ll Il Eaglrl ll Ilrmrrwruorvw Rvprefwrwlallxl- llr Il ll, KK ll, luxne-Ill-w ll, If C Rvbrf-'-I-rvlallxv ll Ndllrxrml I-Iclrwr Sm le-lx ll I'mxcIvr Pull lrrmllmll ll Prom lomrulltee ll Prfnlml lxlvl Ill SXDIJ ll Symrflml ul: ll, ll, IJPIDJII' Club Il Camouflaged S niors IOHN ADRIAN ADAMIANZ Art Club IJ LESLIE CAROL ANTHONY: 1lllNt.1t1-Iianrl lu II lJrurnM.1lor Il, Ihmd Ill ll, ll, laycvllefs lulrlor Kelp ll, ll WILLIAM CHARLES BARRUS Npamslw K lub llr Pou- der Pull Football ll SEAN AMEIL BLACK: Lulu Club ng N anlmcilub I3 ll,V.1rsulvH:rJIb.1ll ll, I X football ll XICA Il Vomtrorml Prep Club lu Bows' Terwls Ill ll, C Irmputz-r Club IO STEVE E. BROWNING: c Umpuwr Club lla, wma ll IACQUELINE MAROLYN CAMPBELL: c hem- lslry C lub lll, ll,Spar1lsb Club lll, ll IIOS-X ll, I'rmdPr PufIFc1crlbalI I2, S-XIJID IU, Il ll DEANNA I. CIMINELLI VERONICA D. CLARDY BRIAN D. CLIFTON ANDREW C. COHEN ROBERT W. CRAIG: IX liaslu-llmll Ill Xarsllx Bai- IQPIIJJII ll, Il, NAACP Ill ALICE MARIE CRAWFORD: rx Ia.r.ml,.lll zo, mm IZ STEVE CHARLES CURBEAM: Track Il, ll LISA A. D'AURIA NICOLE D'AURIA! Idymllvs lU, I I, ll, Powder Putt Football I2 TONY MUSTAFE DAHIL: um Iioarrl nu, I x' Bas' ke-tball IO ANDREW BLANFORS DAWES PAUL AINSWORTH EFFINGER CARL LEE FUNDERBURK: krl Club ll, ll, cirwmlsf try Club II, Fre-nah Club ll, IZ, Interact ll, ll, N.1lmn.1I Hurwczrwcleflx' ll, ll NauonaIMe-rltSvrw-Frrmlzxt ll Plus' IKSCILIIJ Ill, ll, ll NORA LATONIA GABRIEL: TLC ll ROBERT GEISS IIM RANDOLPH GLASS KEITH LAMAR GOODEN NEEL ANTHONY GRIESMER IAIME 1. HARTMAN TRICIA L.lACOBS:Clmlr Il ll FIIX :J H4784 rg mum ul AGNES N. JOHNSON KEITH ALAN IONES: IISL-X lu, lk Wm lo, II E. KING: Cox e-mor 5 SI bowl ll IX football lll, Vdrslly loollvdll ll, ll CHRISTOPHER LOTZ MARLOWE GEOFFREY MAGER: Cllr-xx Club 1rl,sADlJ I2 WINSTON T. MARSHALL VINCENT LAMONT MASON: IMA Club lla, FBI-X lll, IH-K Ill MenNEmwr1llJle Ill ll, N-X-KCI' ll' CARLA IINOKE MCKEEVER: msc xcilulp Il Em- l l, IBL-X l l, HOSN Il lrwleracl II, YXIJIJ ll, bpamxb Club ll MICHAEL MCKINNEY: Ilomvroom Represvnldllw ll, IV Irorulball lll,MI-nSEr1wmbl0 ll, NAACP ll, Pow- der PuIlCl10Prlv.irIPr ll, ll Xargltx luotlmll ll, XIK,-X ll Cbcmlr Ill I'xmrIs-r Pull Football ll, Vomuomal Prefp C lub lll Cbemlglrx Club ll, IX Sonic-fr IU, II, Lalln Club lll, Spanish K lub II BRADLEY A. MOORE DAVID ALLEN NEITZKE: Anarlervm IITIPVITNITID II SEAN C. NOLAN FELIX W. OGUNBA MATTHEW RAY PATTERSON: an Klub lz, Computer C lub IO LISA K. PORTER TAI I. RESOR LEIGH HK JS-X Il, Plmmlm-r Illlll Iucrlbull ll NIJAVTISI' l lub Il Tr.1wlerNIurIefvwE lll ANI-I-A Baud Ill Cbulr ltr FIIX Ill ll Pre-mbflub ll Ilrmwrrmrrl Rvbrewvrla- me lll,IlOSfX Il,lC L lll, ll,NA-NCP Ill ll, Il,Pcm1ler Pull lcxulball ll SAIJIJ Ill Npalvlxb Club lll Xouxlrrmal Prep 4 lub Ill, Il ll SHEILA ANN ROBINSON MARGARET ELAINE ROSS: An c lub +I, vc: mm 4lulJ la, lu lrmme-r slurlvm ll ROYAL! C rugs K ounlrx ll Cmrrmvw Club ll, lmnk IJ lr.1rvNIer5IucIenl ll LORRIE DANIELLE RUSHING: xr: Club lu Kbe-rwxlrx Club I1 IDR,-X C lub ll, I2 IBIA Ill Plmcler Pull Iuolball II,PromCor71wlItPe' II SAIDIJ Ill ll,Sp.mA lsb Club IU ll, ll MICHAEL S. SHINN SMITH IR.: -XllC.c1rrlr-re-meFootball lil, Il ll,CIwss Club II ll,I'BL-X ll, Il ICC ll ll, l X links' I5.1skeIlmll Ill NA-XCI' II ll, N-XIJIJ ll! ll, ll,X.1rsllx Iiaskelball ll, ll, Mlrsllv Hnrxllmll IU, ll, ll Xocallfmrlal Prep C lub ll ll BRIAN RUSSEL SPENCER MICHAEL A. SUTTON: IJIC-X c lub ll IEFFREY L. SWINDLER DONNA L. TAYLOR TRINA -Xnallerrwlc lm- ts-rnslmrp IO, IJICA C lub Il SCOTT G. VAUGHAN RAYFORD WEATHERS SIMON D. WILLIAMS Cross Cbunlry il, lil, ll,l.1Ilr1 Club Ill ll,Sxx1m le-am Ll lil, lrank lll, ll lmrwvr Student Il ALYSON NORA WOLFE: bac A Club ll SENIORS 109 s Nletlwries of Yesteryear We remembereyesteryeargs e e J With ealleits pride and all itscheegz e All its dreams, all its lxopes, s e All its happinesseand aklleits jokes: , e But yesteryear, had afd3.rkereSide, s , e ,e :There were problemsdndffhere were lies. e sItfhakdepairi, Vit fAliad deIe3t5Q ef,e g s s , is fs e elthadfhui'ts6and1it hadideceitf sees - I e Temgorrowg tbdaywillebefyes1:e rye8i'Q 1 ' s e ewe ihope Wefll remeximberffhappixxesse ap.1xd cheer. 1 s We 11096Wffll ,fU1iil11Q'011if80alS. our dreams? e Agxdffergeiqtlxefpain, sese foifget the schemes. ' Ftirgiet the 'badwtimesg remembersthesgoodg v Aiid,livein5peace asfxeveryone should. T e s e e seee ' e f+KathrynAndrews ' Q :T 'Sl L W" Q5 fe: Q 4 Wiwiivf 9 k i 1' g' Q rib-:ff . 918- . M 4 ii ' " 5 w T' 1.356 gf 1 We If vgn kg X - 1 93 z' 34' vu HE me " viii!!! I - 'Q H- .. .qqgs 1 0 Y .5 ,...ou-p HKD! 1 ,lg Z' " f I 'y.,.. V. 01, '. 1 s ' . ' n ny' we e g 3 fi 2 Q 5 iii a M I ffl Kimi' SW' ,, ,, s W" - ii.: mlff' 01 'aah Q . . . .kr llilllll ,Mug I I. ill - - l ' oh ' l'i5i' um.. sql ll uf ll! f 8 i 1 'I Q iff L. Z V .tx ' g sf2"'W: 0 C O MA l 9 "9 'S' 'il if e 1 ww ,Q se. K, , 5 . U' 'U :Z ' J , 1 A , t L 'IKIWQ " '?'mH" ' R X 1 fgflf ME, s ry 'wi' if 3 3 A fs I , ffdtf uw ww am , , , -iw' 'B H f l if lf fx """"'g' ' ' " ' ' I Y ,,f,:, : .! , ,A Ln J 44 'ggi , 1 mulaugzsniluf i ' ,llL3ll!s3lll,lll, , . gn H' ,Q 'l l!ll!llHlQll1 ?' "" Q " W "f,9,. 2!Q2i1i5'.5'i22i5i'2 Qt "z ., , 7 ni ' 7 . , ,. 22 V A . "Wifi Q I!! - -'U' f' ' , - " M w w ' i f i , x , 5 f , ' ' ' ' ' ' . . on ' . ' ' W,h, , , 0 ' ' L V , . . 5 ig Q M 4 T '15, if Q' Gr 5 . , . Q Q Q 4 1 -fi ' . D ' 4 P'-A ' 4 . . -1 fn- . f J ., ?5f145'f' f Q ' SP9 ! A "' 4 -ww an-p. 'f'-1----W-:M , v I JK . 1-F M ' tee i Y . 'Wg Y We YX 0 'XOQ 0 Gee mom . . . : Chris Swearenger tries to balance the grade on his American History test with this sheepish expression. True Eagle spirit: Matt Drerup and Lani Metzler show their support for East at a foot- ball game. 1 12 IUNIOR OPENING "No really, l can explain . . . ": Carol Crowley tries to interpret Evan Helms state of confusion. f sf J,, I.. ' . l ...smilie we-M l V ' ' ' sy. fi 'X Everything's under control: Chris ii? Collins feels comfortable sharing his immense knowledge with the less fortunate. ....,.-msnevvv as-was "lt's just overwheIming!": In an effort to enlight- en her friends, Christy Morris is at a loss for words. Split personalities: The pristine and the perna- cious, Leigh Ann Keith and Catherine Alley are contradictory, but compatible. An apple a day : Tyra Greer and Krista Landers are firm believers in the verity of this adage. 4-l gvexo Cb Where are the PeopIe?: Thad Brown has got the church, he knows about the steeple, but he can't seem to find any of the people. lunior Board Offices: First Row - Laurie Sessa - Prom Chairperson, Amy McCarter - Treasurer, Mandy Cook - Secretary. Second Row - Terri Hansen - Activities Chairperson, Tony Pizzo - President. Not Pictured: Brad Mechum - Vice-President. 114 IUNIOR BOARD si' ,if .to .Jr 4 Q , if ,- . 5' gs 1 gli F is A M is j l Suckered Againlz junior, Stacie Dickinson is conned into buying a Class of '89 Sweatshirt from board members Heather Simpson and Steve Alfaro. r-W lunior Board: First Row - Sharon Nicholson, Sara Felmet, lenny Sims, Kim Hughett, Krista Landers, Katherine Fowler, Heather Simpson, Kristin Nozar. Second Row - Dee Homes, Steve Alfaro, lackie Flora, Heather McGarrah, Karon Lewis, Thad Brown, Nancy Kuhn, Becky Hutchins, Suzanne Parkhurst, Kelly Fields, Laura Hartsell, Aiko lzumi, Third Row: Tony Pizzo, Terri Hansen, Mandy Cook, Amy McCarter, Laurie Sessa, Brad Mechum. Not Pictured: Tracy Banfvick, Meredith Brooks, Tanya Fulton and Scott Thomas. UNIOR BOAR 'junior Board" was a name given to a small cluster of students from the Class of '89, Throughout the year they fo- cused on many school services, class ac- tivities, fund raisers and most important, the 1988 junior! Senior Prom. This year's board was headed by six very important individuals, the officers. These members, including Tony Pizzo - President, Brad Mechum - Vice-President, Mandy Cook - Secretary, Amy McCarter - Treasurer, Terri Hansen - Activities Chairperson and Laurie Sessa - Prom Chirperson, served as a govern- ing body over the rest of the board as a whole. When the year first began, the board came to school for a week to help the The Center of it All teachers get their classrooms in order. On Open House Day, the board helped out the new Sophomores by orienting them into a new routine and schedule. Next the junior Board sponsored the an- nual BluefGold Dance, that for the first year ever, was held outside in the court- yard featuring a live band. The board, consisting of 30 members, was responsible for 760 juniors through- out the year. They showed their leader- ship during many fundraisers which were used to raise money for the Prom. They were responsible for selling tie-dye T-shirts at the beginning of the year, fol- lowed by the class sweatshirt sale and the candy sale. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the much needed help of junior Class advi- sors, Mrs. Poteat and Mrs. Hagler. 'Working with the junior Board has been a most enjoyable aspect of my job. Getting to know the students and be- coming closer to them in the process is most worhtwhile," said Mrs. Poteat. These two terrific advisors not only shared with the board the support and know-how they both had, but also helped build up the major goal of the year, upromotion of the prom." As lu- nior Class President Tony Pizzo put it, ul have thoroughly enjoyed working on the board this year, and being such a large part of the lunior Class. lt was a lot of hard work, but after seeing the re- sults, it was well worth it!" IUNIOR BOARD 115 Scott Abbott Doug Abernethy Liz Abrams Ray Abrams Tony Abrams Dwayne Adams lohn Adams Kelly Alexander Thomas Alexander Steve Alfaro Scott Allen Catherine Alley Katherine Alstrin Chris Amos Beth Anderson Stuart Andrews Karen Ansell jeffrey Anthony Brent Arey Rick Argo Richard Arsenault Amy Artis Ashley Atkins loey Baird Michael Baker Randy Baker Ryan Baker Ericson Balcita David Barbin David Barbour 1 16 IUNIORS 1 - 'Tiie Turnfng-P Q i'nL Brian Barefoot Tracy Barwick Shaye Beaman Nanette Bearson Angela Bell DJ. Bell Sherie Bell Mark Bernath Stephanie Berry Tynley Berry john Betancourt Darren Bigley Debra Bigley Tymika Bittle Debra Bjork Andrew Bjorson Matt Bland Traci Blumhagen Sonya Boler Christy Bolick Staci Bolick Karen Boston larnes Bowers Tracy Bowers Kathryn Boyd Hoa Bragg lason Braswell Carol Brawley Darren Brooks Meredith Brooks IUNIORS 1 17 S-E-X-Y!: Laurie Sessa shows off her beautiful smile and her seductive eyes in hopes of catching one of those elusive senior men 55 T llhnnunp-wma-mm.....,,.,, Thad Brown Hillary Bruck Todd Burdette William Burgess Temple Burris Stephanie Burton Brian Bustard Bridget Butler Rob Butler Samuel Butler Marcia Byers Cheri Byous Brad Campbell Donzell Campbell Zeb Campbell 1 18 IUNIORS .- 1, K: . L 9 F , .ci Q7 . rr 'eff Amy Canter Bryan Carella Tim Carney Tracy Carrese Chris Carroll Brian Carson Nichalus Carter Melissa Chapman Kayle Chavis Lisa Chavis David Childs Wei-Hung Chiu Charolyn Choate Brian Clark Christa Clark Lane Clark justin Claytor Nancy Clyburn David Cole Gerald Coleman Chris Collins Christopher Combis Tim Conlon Steven Conner Merlein Conover Karen Conrad Mandy Cook Owen Cooper Scott Cooper Chris Corell IUNIORS 119 lohn Cornacchione Mary Council Ann Covington Roth Cox Scott Crago Alan Crawley Carol Crowley Keith Crump Teresa Culp Kim Cundiff Christopher Cunningham Syrina Cunningham Linsey Daly lohn Daniel Matt Danner Kelley Davis Laurie Davis Robby Davis Stacy Davis Stephanie Davis Scott Dawson Mary Deese Sheldon Dellinger Priya Desai Bernard Desantis Lauri Dewhurst Laurie Deyoung Kenneth Dickens Stacie Dickinson Scott Dicorato 120 IUNIORS . . f , X Ar in, 'C up I t Turning P01111 AXE? fs 'Q - L,y.A , C . ff, ,, , ere ey Worth t? A mad rush, chaos, confusion, sweat and a mob scene all described the day that luniors received their parking per- mits. Because it was the first year for the new drivers to park at school, everyone was anxious to get their 'Eagle on Board" stickers. Seniors had already been issued permits which eliminated over half the parking spaces in the lot. Rumors were also spread that there were not enough permits left for all of the juniors. ln effect, the juniors rushed to the cafeteria doors after seventh peri- od and some even got early dismissals to be the first in line. The lobby turned into a boiler room as students pushed to- wards the doors. Numbers were finally passed out to allow only a few students into the cafeteria at a time. Most stu- dents only got a piece of the number because they were shredded when twenty hands grabbed for the same number. Once in the cafeteria, the car registration number, a valid NC. license, parent signature and three dollar fee were all needed to pass through the reg- istration tables. Students who left with their permits felt privileged to be one of the few juniors who could drive to school, but in the end, everyone was issued parking permits, with stickers left over. The infamous 1987-88 parking sticker. lanis Dilly Roberta Dionne Edward Donaldson Sara Dotty Michelle Douglas it it of 1 jackie Drakeford Matt Drerup Christopher Dubois Eric Duerbeck lohn Dufresne jason Dumas Aleta Dunbar Elisa Earney Cynthia Eaton Gregory Edmonds 0648 IUNIORS 121 Kimberly Eldridge Nader Elguindi Stephanie Ellis jill Ericson Sonya Espin Stephen Espin Kevin Evans Stacy Evans Victoria Evans Eric Everett Russell Evertt Will Fagan Dawn Faraone Antonio Farris Michael Feher Sarah Felmet Brian Ferguson Sheldon Ferguson Chris Fiato Kelly Fields Walter Fields Nikki Fincher Henry Fisher Linn Fisher Scott Fisher jackie Flora Erin Ford Martha Fortos Katherine Fowler Pamela Fowler 122 IUNIORS 'I'Ke 'I'urnI'ngPo1n'tg T Liz Fox Theodore Frazer Joanne Frye Kara Frye Tanya Fulton Heather Furr Charles Gabriel Darren Gadd Pamela Gaddy Sean Gahagan Pamela Gallman Erika Gannt Catherine Garbark Tracy Gardner Brad Garner Sheree Garrison jonathan Gattis Wendy Gay Andrew Gentile john Gill Wes Gilsir Geoffrey Gilmer Debra Glass Bill Gordon jennifer Gosnell Danny Graham Tara Graham Brenda Grant le Vonde Grant jennifer Grass IUNIORS 123 f Having a rough day?: Heather McGarrah is an over- worked lunior. Working overtime: Dana Wilson studies in the library I 1 3 during her spare time. Chad Graves Amy Gray Lee Gray Amy Greene jennifer Greene Christy Greer Tyra Greer jonathan Griffin Timothy Griffin Nicole Griffith Shelley Griffiths Tobias Grove Lori Gunder Rafiv Gupta Debbie Gustafson 124 IUNIORS 4 I ,Q sw- 4 x 'luv' X l -mf V ,f am. Q T. my L, f f " ' . f -QM , V-sffzv L. ff I .vm ,T-v - - 0- ,zu-f, , Q V V Q T. " M ' - Eff, " H as "Ml 3 3 The grning Point '51- All mixed up: Philip Yancey finds him- Socializing after school: Amy Hartis self alone in the visitors section at a and Brad Hoffman see somethings dif- home football game. ferently. i 55" Xe P ft t sllis Thomas Gwyn 9 ff Dawn Hager y QI Anthony Hall Kenyat Hall Ji Reeshemah Hall Lance Hamff Carolyn Hamilton Matthew Hamilton Stephanie Hamilton Tricia Hamilton Terri Hansen Andre Harakas 7 David Harben Robert Hardison lohn Hardman eww' 1UNioRs 125 Greg Hardy lennifer Hargett Craig Harnen jerry Harrell Andrew Harris Gregory Hart Amy Hartis Mark Hartis Laura Hartsell lodine Hasty jason Hayes Michaela Hayes Leticia Haynes Evan Helms Mary Herold "wx Q7 ecision , ecision With the start of the 1987-1988 school year, juniors realized that they had many activities and decisions ahead of them. One of the decisions was the task of choosing the perfect class ring. The class of '89 received their rings in November from the lostens company. Each ring was personalized with a choice of stones which would be their birth- stone, favorite color or the school color, blue. ln addition a sport, club or aca- demic achievement was engraved with an Eagle on the other side. The rings symbolized many things, such as being an upperclassman, or by showing affec- tion to a girlfriend or boyfriend when exchanging them to wear on chains. Most of all, rings symbolized high school memories, which will never be forgot- ten. Next, The Class of '89 was faced with another important obstacle, whether or not to take the Scholastic Apptitude Test lS.A.T.J. They had the choice of the fall, winter, spring, all of these, or even the following year to choose from for a time to take the test. As most students agree, taking the S.A.T. as few times as possible, while still doing well was the key. Whether your strong point was in the verbal or math section, the S.A.T. was a challenging test for everyone. Making all these decisions was good practice for juniors, as they prepared for the even more critical decisions needed to be made for next year, above all, 'lWhich college is the best suited for me?" A Winning Pair!: Two luniors hold hands to show off their new rings. XNS.. 'sr- l '11 V , , -f ,g5,,m,,f A - gg, -..-. wt my V N 4, ,Q N, 55117 V ' ',, xt, :t1Q,:itfQ'Y,f' F ,nu ,vat -,gi A Jlnnn K 'yt' 11 unxun t ,l .,.-llilill V',g0'x,i iuuu ua ,n :X '.11xur num ll lason Herring Stacy Herrman Chad Hicks Missy Hilenski Tracey Hinson Eric Hobbs Vance Hobbs Susan Hockaday Greg Hodges Brad Hoffman Hope Holley Dee Holmes Kelly Holmes Wendy Holton Maurice Hood Tonia Hood Sherman Hoover Brad Hormberg Toya Horne Grady Houston Sandra Hrabchak john Hubbard Erik Hudspeth Kim Hughett Brad Hunkele Alton Hunnicutt Mark Hunt Christa Huntington Matthew Hurley Brett Hutchins IUNIORS 127 Would you go ahead and take it already Aiko Izumi and Blythe Speckman show us the famous frozen Can t you see I m trying to concentrate'? David Lem ace", monds shows us his attitude toward the cameramen Helene Hutchinson jacalyn ldell Aimee Irvin Wes Ishee Tammie Ivey Srikant Iyer Aiko Izumi Shannon jackson Andre james Michelle james Mandy jarnagin Rachele jeffries Darren jessee Stephanie johns Chad johnson Chris johnson Kevin johnson Kristine johnson Lamonte johnson Marc johnson 128 IUNIORS f . t as vig ik ' 2,-, WZ: arf fx? if sr K ., mf. .. ,qrqisw X-' ' rf Snap that button and you die!: It's too late for Clay Peace dude!: Chris Pagani and Scott Thomas are Nichols to enforce his threats. showing us all how to look cool. l ,f -s tl . 7 'Y N 1 Qi,-"P Q.-7 Thomas johnson Christopher jones Deborah jones Garnett jones Harrison jones Michael jones Montrell jones Nathan jones Rena jones Keerti joshi james Kachellek Kelly Kalk Bill Kallam Chris Kammer jim Kappius Mark Kayser Leigh Ann Keith Shannon Keller Chris Kemper Derrik Kennedy IUNIORS 129 Shelia Kennedy Lisa Kerley Anne Ketchum Katrina King Amy Kinser jonathan Kinsler David Kiser Kelly Kistler Brian Kitchen Regina Klutz Valerie Knox Christine Kosanovich Diana Koval jeff Kramer Nancy Kuhn David Kuiz Andrew Kupfer Elise Labozitz Mac Lackey Alan LaFleur What stud!: lonathan Gattis is try- ing to look suave. lust one more question: Becky Hutchins always needs a good an- swer. if 'mfr Do I look like a modeI?: Carolyn Choate is tired of all the attention she is getting. ' '- ui as I Ke Iufmng Krista Landers Kelley Lane Kim Lane Richard Lane Todd Larson Melissa Lassiter lason LaStella Tiffany LaSure Kris Lawing Tracy Lawing Cheryl Lawley Larry Laye Marcus Lee Christopher Lefvlieux David Lemonds Gary Leslie jennifer Levenson Karen Lewis Kristin Lewis Sara Lewis What does this have to do with the price of eggs?: Shay Reich is clueless as to her orders. Are you sure I don't stand back here?: Diana Koval argues that she is right. IUNIORS 131 Sherman Lilly Leigh Limerick Ryan Lindley Yvette Lindsey Michael Lineloerger Katherine Littell Robin Long Christopher Lonon Amir Lotfi Cynthia Lowe Doug Lowry April Lynch jeffrey Maier Michael Mallon Michael Maloney Marc Mangum Michael Mangum Kenneth Marciniszyn Melissa Marino Derrick Marshall Joseph Martin Malik Martin Amy Mason Edward Mason Roula Masouras David Massachi Rob Mastandrea Becky Masters Matt Matone Kimberly Mauney 132 IUNIORS Rx ,N E f 'gf' U! x -QS i , 5 I iv , 'A l'Z , f av 1 0 35 Forgettabl Mom nts Insurance flew high as juniors got their licenses and attempted to drive. Although most new driv- ers used extra care their first few months of driving, unfortunately accidents did occur. Here we have some of the first things that came to mind as they heard the wretched crunch. Due to extreme em- barrassment, these students remain anonymous. NNOh Qui!!! 'iThe road swerved and l didn't." uMom and Dad are going to kill mel" 'Oh Gosh! Not again." mls that Pat?" Amy Maye Leigh McCall Mark McCallister Amy McCarter Leslie McCaskill Betty McClure Michael McDowell Heather McGarrah jeffrey McGee Karen McGill Gregory McGrath Albert Mclllwaine joan McKinley Kristin McLean Teronica McLean 'XWhy me?" Did anyone see me?" "Where did he learn how to drive?" You jerk! You got in my way. 'lIt's not my fault!" Dops! Darn! I broke a nail!" Why did it have to be a BMW?" iiHow many does this make?" Mark McManus less McMullen Scott McNeil Chad McPhaul Bradley Mechum Kristina Mendezoff Lani Metzler Lisa Mieras leff Miller Timothy Miller Benjamin Minkin Hanan Mitry Andy Monin Teri Montagriff Matt Monteith 134 IUNIORS So much for shoes!: Hope Holley gets comfort- Cosmetology at its best!: Liz Fox and Tracy able sitting on the lobby bench. Bowers dress in uniform for class. 1 fr ir , Y 1, 'rr' w--- 7 f l 1 I 4 K ' it M n j , 'R "" Friday Night lues For juniors, Friday nights usually meant sitting in Spoons lce Cream or driving around aimlessly look- ing for parties. using their creativity, these juniors found interesting things to do on the weekends. Valerie Knox and Kim Eldridge - 'Driving to Greensboro at midnight just for the heck of it!" Wendy Holton - 'I sat at home watching Bowling for Dollars'!" Temple Burris - 'Going to LONDCN and then to Kevin's house fPTLj." Mark Bernath - 'Spoon's bathroom!" Catherine Alley - 'Road Trips" Leigh Phillips and Kristine johnson - 'Kidnapping people!" Hoa Bragg and Krista Landers - 'Anchor conven- tion in Chapel Hill!" Garrett jones - 'We went shopping with jimmy Walther!" Hillary Bruck - 'Many river to cross . . . solid gold dancers in the back seat . . . ooh wee, ooh wee!" Stacie Stellings - 'Exploring the 'P States'." Matt Bland - 'We went from 'Marshville to Nash- ville' With Gretchen, Krista and Sarah!" Kelly Davis - 'Making home videos at Don's place, 'which is nice'." Gregory Moore Marshall Moore Lisa Mooshie Timothy Morley Christy Morris jill Morris Renita Morris james Morse jeanne Moton Frank Mularz Lee Mullis Renee Mumpower Patrick Murray Mike Murrill julie Neale IUNIORS 135 Lisa Neff Scott Nelson Sherry Nero Nathan Newell Michelle Newnam Russell Newren Clay Nichols Nico Nichols Ann Nivens Lester Norman Kristin Nozar Richard O'Brien Showhite Ocampo Gregory Ogunba Tomi Ogunba Christopher Gljeski Christine Ortt Brad Osborne Lisa Osborne Katherine Overby Chris Pagani Sandra Parker Todd Parker Susanne Parkhurst Kamal Patel Asheesh Pathak Ronald Patten Pamela Paufler Michelle Pavlakos Charles Pearson 136 IUNIORS 'l'Ks2..'l'111'11i1i2 .Pvinh '1 if yn Surprise!: Mary Harold is caught by yet another pho- tographer roaming the mall. Caught in the act: Temple Burris gets nabbed as she tries to escape Mrs. Besaw's chemistry class. f 2. 3 :3 fi' . f P X Q i 0 1 ' M s., A I, l P l I 63" ii i David Pearson Mia Pennington Renee Pesakoff Leigh Phillips 5 Christopher Picha I if Frederick Pinkston Bryan Pisano Tony Pizzo Damon Plumides Scott Plybon X, Melissa Polak Chris Pollette jonathan Pool Melissa Poole Cherie Porter IUNIORS 137 Antoine Potts Melvin Pough Michael Powell Natalie Powell lohn Pressly Derwin Price Eric Price Tracie Price jennifer Priory Andrew Pruitt Steven Pugh Shannon Raiford jennifer Raines Jason Ramirez Chad Rascoe Tina Ratliff Kathryn Redmond Ashley Reese Shay Reich Tommy Reid IWW, fi 'ga- lu-... What a day!: Carmen Webber anticipates the Caught off guard: Chad lohnson concentrates end of the week. on his assignment. ' ' R r f I ' f ei v -by TK e,'I'grn1n-g Pomiz, , is k-" V V 5, -H 9 g 65 ggrlofelgina t i z A Rh V' l 'Z ' ZW Kim Riehgfdson l g 'R Leshan Richardson get t f - , givin' 6 N. V We ,QA ' f ,R 3 's Y A ' 'yt .YK H-v.,,..... V V wi 'JQL QQESML f si I S' 1 f Y Vw milf' age? They've got the look: Kathryn Thurbee and jill Buddy System: Chris Carrol and Krista Landers Morris flash their smiles at the camera, solve their Chemistry equations with ease. Eric Riley Pam Riley Heather Roberts Kimberly Roberts Amy Robillard Angie Robinson Rhonda Robinson Chad Robson Patrick Rorie Stephanie Ross Kenny Rule David Rusak Carol Rushing Richard Rushing Caroline Rust v .Ut , if J 1 in s 3,1 E s I .cl' ll Chantee Sadler Leah Safir Lynn Saldarini Christiane Saleh Michael Satterfield Eric Saxon Peter Schantz Thomas Schiffers Jennifer Schilt Honey Schramm Scott Scienski Nicole Scoggins Andrew Scott Anthony Scott Jason Seibert Michelle Seigal Reed Self Laurie Sessa Shreeram Shah Shane Sheaff Brent Shedd Michael Short Bobby Short Kruti Shukla Heather Simpson Maria A. Simpson Susanne Simpson lenni Sims Todd Singleton Greg Skaradzinski 140 IUNIORS :lx f.-at 5 +1 ff? 'JM M W 145 Q! Q 346 it 5 if I flfkii sl K:-:XXX x lanie Smith leff Smith jennifer Smith Matthew Smith Scott Smith Sean Smith Sue Smith Terry Smith Tim Smith Tina Smith Bryan Snead Kevin Snead Chris Soiset Paige Someryell Kristin Sorenson Cassie Spann Billy Spear Aaron Spears Blythe Speckman Ronald Spivey Tameka Springs Kimberly Stanley Rogina Starnes Mark Steele Gordon Steffey Stacie Stellings lon Stempa jeff Stewart Trent Stewart Germaine Stinson IUNIORS 141 lenni Stith Donque Stitt Patrica Stitt Melanie Stogner Stacey Stoler Mary Storella Keith Stroud Bill Struck Sarah Sumner Kris Swearinger Scott Szmuriga lochen Tartak Osborne Tate Steve Tatsis Amber Taylor -I 5 . ill Q I ' , X If , 142 IUNIORS Moving right along: Susan Hockaday, Mandy Cook, Amy Yates, Susanne Parkhurst, Nancy-Kuhn, Kristin Mclean, Laurie Sessa and Garnett lones enjoy a weekend trip to Windy Cap with Young Life. 'I'K2'I'ufn'i'112 'lmliiuvgil' Bradford Taylor Kenneth Taylor Tyrell Terry Kellie Thomas Kendra Thomas Scott Thomas Rhett Thompson Ricky Thompson Vemel Thornwell Brian Thorsvold Kathryn Thurbee April Thurston Lisa Tillman Mike Tindell Eric Tinson Robert Tisdale Sandy Tobias Paul Tracy David Treadwell Brady Trexler Stephanie Tucker Daniel Underhill Darrell Ussery Angelene Valls Stacy Vantine Amy Veach Christina Vellucci Michael Vereckey lason Wagoner Pamela Wakefield IUNIORS 143 Kristen Walker Tucker Walther Amy Ward Michael Warr David Watkins Brian Watson Stephanie Weaver Rogers Webb Carmen A. Webber Dana Weir Marc West Christopher Whalen Shawn White Christina Whitten Heather Wilfong Heather Williams Herbie Williams Lynn Williams Matthew Williams Danny Wills Dana Wilson Kathryn Winiker Towanda Withers Leigh Wood Rachel Wood Kelly Woods Kyle Woosley Troy Wooten Beth Wray Philip Yancey 144 IUNIORS H25 ' mst 'i ,g ts asm w 3 W V'9'fr:sH, Q f, A if n u 1 away Y i h,L Q y, LWAA . ,i,n, bvff fr-Q l i 'x' N Fi Adam Ynadle Amy Yates Adrienne Yeung Bill Young Carol Young Francie Zabolitzki Dimitra Zaharakis Kerri Zelinski Michele Zielinski Camouflaged uniors jeffrey Austin Doniel Bailey Samantha Barnes Kelley Beasley Stephanie Belk Christopher Bennett jayson Bixler Anna Branham james Brigman Thaddeus Brooks jeffrey Brown Monica Brown Susan Burgess Susie Byers Theodore Caldwell Kyle Campbell Earlene Carey jeffrey Carter Deborah Clardy Gloria Clardy Mary Clyburn Hylton Collins Teddy Cooper Avery Covington Felicia Cunningham Clyde Daves Kim Davidson Maurice Davis jo Donaldson Kelly DuPont Ronnie Eagle William Fisher Cathey Foley Susan Friend Karen Gainey Vernon Gillam Michael Glover Lynn Gonzalez Hope Greene Melvin Griffin Scott Griffiths jeffrey Hahner Everette Hale Anthony Hamilton Darryl Hamilton Christopher Hampton David Hardesty Douglas Harris Kevin Harrison Travis Hinton Michael Holtzendorff Sonya Hood Diane Houston Alexander Howell Phillip Huntley Becky Hutchins Sherry jeter Virginia johansen Charleen johnson Eric johnson Erica johnson Carla jones Michele jones jennifer joyce Alberto jugo Shannon Kicidis Keith Laney Courtney Lauman Ral h Lawing Kelly Lee jennifer Lester jonathan Lewallan Kerry Lewis james Logan jennifer Lott jonathan Lucas Michelle Mace Timothy MacFall Phillip Massey Wendy Matthews Richard Mattson Tracy McFadden Charles McVay Eva Montero Catassie Moody LaTonya Moore Shiron Moore Richard Moreau jonathan Mortenson Anthony Mosby jimmy Murphy Ronald Neal Sharon Nicholson Kandy Noggle Michael Norman Michelle Otis Allison Pack lvanna Peebles Douglas Player William Poole Richard Powell Daniel Radiloff Kimberly Ratchford Mario Rivers Howard Robinson LaSonya Robinson Rhonda Robinson Christopher Rohde Angela Royal Stephen Royal David Ruiz Kimberly Sanders Walter Schlie David Simon Carrie Small john Smith Wendolyn Smith joy Sobota Charlie Stanley Roberta Starks Van Stitt Clorissa Tigniere Michael Tittemore Robert Torrence jennifer Villas jonathan Wade Tonya Walker DeAnn Weekley Alvin White Bradley Williams Angela Young IUNIORS 145 'r Off to class: Kathy Alstrin rushes to beat the tardy bell in fear of a fifth tardy. Coughdrops anyonelz Darren Ussery is experienfing minor sore throat pain. The center of attention. A Junior gang 1 I- 1 IC' 146 IUNIOR CONCLUSION mobs the photographer. Stop following me around every where: Kelly Out in the cold: Roula Masouras bundles Davis is getting tired Ot two Shadows. up While studying outside. A N P Hx Y X'-. i :i1f M gm HHN? K N SQ? N mmuwmmnn Hmmm 1" WW S I .. I' 1 .Na ,p 14 re.-f""f K .i ,ff i i., ' ,.,- .,-' v pa" ,f ' T T' 4 gf!!! Iuniors conquer the Senior patio: Tiffany Lasure is ready to make the big step towards becoming a senior, as she snows us her brute force. IUNIOR CONCLUSION 147 YIXQQ Ycafges SGQNXQPXX X4 tw? 30 stt is The academic doldrums: Chris Rodriguez is caught in the tedium of school. The 200 hall metamorphosis: While roaming East between classes, Kevin Besnoy suddenly transforms into his Dumbotic State, Behind shafts of shadow: During homeroom, Marcie Ward and Wendy White find warmth from both the heating vent and the sunlight. 148 SOPHOMORE OPENING g-nil! ,,,.-- 4 Social butterflies: Michelle Wightman and Rob- in Purser pose with curls and confidence. Leave a tender moment alone: Chris Long and lim O'deIl express the innocence of sophomore love. just hangin' out: Mike Tuttle opts for relaxing on the bleachers instead ofthe rigorous exercise of P.E. P we we Q9 qi fi X 4 LWB SOPHOMORE OPENING 149 Excuse me people, but this is how it's done: Sally lohnson uses her leadership skills to help organize the group. What does this mean?: Sherry Chambers reviews the agenda with Ms. Farley. 150 SOPHOMORE BOARD Larry Curley and Moe: These Sophomore Board members Cut up befor their meeting. "Usa First Row: Devin Byrd, Kelly Nardone, Sherri Chambers, Rick Burmeister, Richard Rosenfeld. Second Row: Phiderika Foust, Debbie Guthrie, Kathleen Keener, lulie Daumit, Sally lohnson, Meredith Hammonds, Stacey Dennis, lennifer Eden, lulie Goodman, Carter Cook. Third Row: Reade DeCurtis, Mike Speanburg, Clay Baucom, Suzanne Innis, Suzanne Jennings, Marcy Dion, Tommy Pizzo, Heidi Griffin, Keisha Reade, Rob- ert Gresham. ophomore Boar Great leadership was definitely one of the strongest qualities of the Sophomore class. There were surprisingly large num- bers of candidates for both executive and board positions. The executive offi- cers elected vvere: Devin Byrd - Presi- dent, Kelly Nardone - Vice-President, Sherri Chambers - Secretary, Rick Burmeister - Treasurer, and Richard Rosenfeld - Activities Chairperson. The board worked on various fun- draisers in the spring to raise money for the 1989 prom, vvhich they will be spon- soring. Even though the fundraisers got a late start, the Sophomore board pulled them off with flair. The 25 board members proved to be excellent class leaders. Meeting almost every other vveek, they devoted time and hard vvork to helping their class be- come the best it could be, and deserved much praise for their dedication. The Sophomore class advisor, Ms. Farley, described the Class of '90 as llprobably the best class ever." A New Start . X 1 , - ..,,t ,L ,X ,. , - First Row: Devin Byrd - President, Rick Burmeister - Treasurer, Richard Rosenfeld - Activities Chairperson. Second Row: Kelly Nardone - Vice President, Sherry Chambers - Secretary. SOPHOMORE BOARD 151 john Abernathy julie Albergotti if Ginger Alexander 1, Kristina Alexander james Allen jason Allen ' "f M 2 . T i ij N, , Tanya Anderson Darrell Andrews Daniel Andrichuk Rasheedah Ar-raheem X Christina Arethas ' ' : XQp"" y y i Channing Ashbaugh Alexander Ashworth Angela Atkins Nova Atkins Beth Austin james Austin t- ' A i sls i y Michael Austin Michelle Austin 5 Haim Azizy john Bailey Donald Baker jermain Baker x V Carey Baker Ophelia Baker Donald Baney jason Banks Stanley Banks Natalie Barnes l l i William Barnes Timothy Barone john Barrett Meredith Bass "" Clay Baucom Eric Baucom t xl james Baxley jason Becker Nicole Beckham jeanne Bednar Susie Bell Suzanne Belongia 152 SOPHOMORES Taylor Arnold X ' if +3 l l nirnnqi 4wf""WVMM : 5: , r"'J,M Sorry, it doesn't open: Richard Sansone explores the world of electronics. Take it again and you die!: Carter Cook and lulie Daumit attempt a Biology lab. 1.2 A l itil " ,il A 1 il!- D ,. , kg I .af ,i! if 'wt 4: x Lashawn Benton Meg Bernard Timeco Berry Kevin Besnoy David Biggers Tiffany Birch Paula Blackwell Dorothy Blake Michelle Bohm Carlos Bolden Charles Boling lerry Bowens Michelle Bowman Natasha Boyd Ginger Bradwell Geoffrey Bragg Cecil Brandon Peiffer Brandt Sonya Branson Matthew Bream Suzanne Breitenstein lennifer Breivogel Kevin Brower Camilla Brown ll SOPHOMORES 153 Beginnings This year, much like every year, for sophomores was traditionally long and tiring. Along with learning new territory and getting used to new teachers, meet- ing new people from different junior high schools was one of the greatest ob- stacles ofthe sophomore year. But once the junior high school loyalty dissipated, people were able to make new ac- quaintances. lt was also a time filled with new and exciting experiences, including exams and Drivers' Education. The exams were a down point, but driving was definitely a plus. As the year went on, the upperclass- men realized that the sophomores were gradually earning their wings, to one day become full-fledged EAGLES. This is hopeIess!: Nova Atkins, Samantha Flack, and Ashley Shaw try to cram in a few extra minutes of study time. -le- XZ Dwayne Brown Caroline Bulla Kay Bulla Amanda Bullock jesse Bullock David Burchett jennifer Burleson Rick Burmeister Larry Burnes Crystal Burns Kelly Burns Leslie Burns Todd Burris Lyn Butler Devin Byrd Holly Caldwell jennifer Campbell Amie Canup jeremy Carter Karen Carter Linda Carter Robert Cash Christopher Cauthen Sherron Chambers 154 SOPHOMORES 4 . Q I , if rc., it L v. b is 'S 'X E X X B fm, L Y' I N. sc T. 'K tr? l - S .K f S 1 i Tammy Chappel larma Chisholm Neena Chopra Sean Chumas Beth Church Markus Clackum Thomas Clewell Carlos Clyburn Kelly Cochrane Kelly Collins Juanita Conduff Nicole Conklin Craig Conley Carter Cook Michelle Cooper Gregory Coppage Laura Corell Kelly Costanza Gregory Couts Brandi Cox John Craig David Crawford Krista Crecelius Bryson Croft Chasity Crook jeffrey Crutchfield Colin Cunningham Mary Currie Renee Currie Kelly Currier julie Daumit Angel Davis Ashley Davis Bernard Davis Eric Davis jared Davis jennifer A. Davis jennifer L. Davis Kelli Davis Patrick Day Kelli Deal Scott Dearing SOPHOMORES 155 Blll DeArmey Adale Deaton Reade DeCurtins Daniel DeCrace Traci Deitz Scott Detaune Stacey Dennis Lisa Depenbrock Bill Derrick Travis Dickerson Tara Diedrich Marcy Dion loshua Dixon Rachel Dougherty Limont Douglas Ruth Dovvell Shenna Drakeford Stephanie Drew Kenneth Dunlap A S liili Reginald Dunlap . Christina Edwards f 1 . F Christopher Elder f ex 4, S s.- 7 A W S E 1 Y Nh ,, Q l Jennifer Eden S ccc. E E as Ronald Ehlert t t' J 156 SOPHOMORES r The pile up: Ten sophomores manage to cram themselves into this small Honda. I don't believe this is actually happening to me: Brett Moore, an extremely frustrated sophc more, looks for the advice of an upper classman. Nellie Elguindi james Elliott jon Ellison Mary Elrod jennifer Ely Christine Emig Lawrence English Heather Erb Sarah Espy jennifer Evans Montega Everett jennifer Fain Beth Fangmeier Susan Faris Kathryn Farrar Marilyn Feaster Heather Fields Nicole Fincher Kelly Finley Shawn Fiola Samantha Flack Stephanie Flowers Geoffrey Fogle Brian Foreman Ronald Forte Albert Foster Robert Foster Phiderika Foust Craig Fox Alan Franco Richard Frazer Mark Fulkerson Theodore Fuller David Furr Mandy Cadd Maria Caddy Pamela D. Caddy Pamela L. Caddy Timothy Caddy Steven Cagnon Kyre Callagher Amanda Camble SOPHOMORES 157 EX s Can you imagine two hours of grueling mind search, digging out every minute detail of the entire semester where each question counts less than one point? What kind of torture is this? lf you haven't figured it out by now, how about a hint: EXAM. A synonym for UBIG TEST on EVERYTHING." They were also the reasons for staying up late the night before trying to cram in every last detail. Sophomores got their first taste of these scruti- nizing distresses this year, starting in january. 5254 z,Q,x3nV 'ig ,Tj 4 'ft 'K.. I must pay attention: Debbie Gutherie knows that she must take notes on everything because it will be on her exam. And if you put this gene on this chromosome, you get: Biology Spencer Kympton reviews his genetics to ace the BIG TEST. Catherine Gandy Blair Garrou Michael Gaynor Edward Gentry Michelle Giammarco Robert Gilbert 2-W A' l Lynn Gilliam Wendy Gladden Valerie Glass Elizabeth Glassen lohnny Glenn Timothy Goelzer , Harry Goff Susan Goodall julie Goodman Teri Goodwin jeffrey Gordon Kathleen Gordon 158 SOPHOMORES 1 trump: Q 1 it K it I 'i lxlnxn li Q I i l 11 f y N i - at o f ,, rl 113 15, HK 4 , . AA,:V I" 'I'1' I -' I H n....... is M J? f F ifvt J - i , XX. ,A ' . xx-4 X-- Rial!-,K ., X,-X M., , ,. i - f wal, ll 1 ,,:, B, Yf joey Graham john Graham Mark Grant Rodrickus Green Vince Green Antonio Greene Denice Greene jeffrey Greer Robert Gresham Bryant Griahiam joseph Grier Thomas Grier Melissa Griffin Scott Griffin Heidi Griffith Patricia Griffith Kimberleigh Grimm David Gross Wende Guerin Deborah Guthrie Mark Haase Meredith Haden Richard Hagemeyer Bravnski Hall Lenette Hall jennifer Hall jody Hammers Meredith Hammons Angela Hancock jonathan Hardin David Harris Harry Harris Kandise Harris john Hart Reuben Hawkins Brad Hays Christopher Hazelrigs Angela Helms Robin Helms Sybil Helms William Hemmle Tamara Hemphill SOPHOMORES 159 William Hemphill Shannon Hendrick Chad Henline Travius Henry Tricia Henson Carol Herin Mark Hice jason Hicks Juliette Hinkle Gregory Hinson Lisa Holder Bradley Holland Faye Holliday Daniel Holmes Anita Holt Craig Honeycutt Rebecca Hooks Robert Hoover David Hord David Horne Kelley Houser Dorothy Howard Kenneth Howell Nicole Howie Travis Howie Michael Hubbard jason Huff Christy Hull Christopher Humphrey Hayes Hunt Alyson Huskey Todd Hutchison Kevin Hyman Michael ldell Fredrick Ingram Martin Ingram Robert lngwall Suzanne lnnes Uthai lnthavong james jackson Daniel lacobs Gautam lagannatham 160 SOPHOMORES l I I 1 I i I i h WORD O CAUTIO Sherri Chambers - WYou can't expect the seniors to be nice to youll Meredith Bass - llAct imma- ture while you can" Wendy Guerin - 'Don't speak to juniors and Seniors un- less spoken to" joey Stringer - 'Say you're a junior" Here's some more advice: Don't drop your ea books in the hall! . Shawn jasey jessica jenkins joseph jenkins Suzanne jennings joel johns Anthony johnson Aqvvanda johnson Charles johnson Christopher johnson Cynthia johnson Sara johnson Tracy johnson Brian jolly Christine jones Christopher jones George jones Stacie jones Wendy jones Wendi jordan Shannon joyce Crystal justice Dawn Kampher Kushal Kapadia julie Kasey SOPHOMORES 161 l Caught you looking!: Tim Barone sneaks a peek at his keys while typing. 1 What a fIirt!: Cathy Gandy sneaks a grin at that someone special walking by in the hall. Kathleen Keener ' Lelia Kemper ,L Chris Keretsis .LV xg, john Kessinger 'M' YSL? justin Kessler 4 Christopher Kimbell ' ' f i David Kingen Sharon Kirkpatrick Rachel Klein Davin Kluttz Michael Knight Elise Knox KY? ,.afv4"?Kmnsl-J Gene Ko Barry Kortekaas Kevin Kostic x Dina Koutsoupias Y leffrey Krause L or X Robin Krissel L X A X is - r 'Y 1 1 x , l . Q' Kenneth Kuehl Spencer Kympton '- lohn Lagana , - if -N Tayloria Laney lrl Brian Lanier it QR X . . K, Derrin Lanier if r K fl i f if ug. A Q 162 SOPHOMORES jennifer Larson Amy Laskowsky james Lathan Kerry Lawing Ryan Laws jeffrey Lee Tabatha Leigh loshua Leninger McDonald Lewis Michael Liebstein Lorelei Lindow Pamela Lindsay Laura Lineberger Teresa Linville Michael Littell Lori Little jonathan Liu Karin Lofgren Christina Long Chad Lotz jennifer Love Leslie Lowe Clevie Luckadoo Kimberly Lyke Malinda MacDonald Valerie Maheras Tricia Mahoney Stephen Makarow Alberto Mangione Christine Mangle Yolanda Mangrum Angela Marsh Janice Martin Sherry Martisauski Heather Mask Kevin Mason Sonja Mason Christy Matheson Christopher Matthews Michael Mauldin Laura May Travis McCall SOPHOMORES 163 Matthew McCausland Roslyn MCClendon Matthew McConnell jerry McDonald jennifer Mclilveen Veronica McLean joy McMahon Donald MciVay Lisa MCVay Lorena McVay Christopher Meadows Latwyla Meggett Brian Menkel Travis Mikeal N Brian Miller Tfhgl K 4 gy ',f!'.i Q t Fliisfl ' ' Ain e JJ' . .. fp ran ..h!:N':l1o16if I told you before, I don't care: Kevin Mason seems hopelessly frustrated with his assignments. Don't I look good?: Grooming becomes a number one priority in the life of this sophomore. K '-'1: 1 Ted McManus V so It April McNair Vw james McNinch i i x 164 SOPHOMORES P , , 1 RIVING l DILE Not being able to drive to school was major problem for the sophomore ass. They were forced to beg juniors Wd seniors for rides, and only the lucky nes succeeded. Not only did sopho- nores have transportation problems to :hool but also on the weekends. Jhich sophomore's parents drove the lost carpools this year? Survey says - rst Place - Sherri Chambers econd Place - Wendy Guerin wird Place - Kathleen Keener onsolation prizes go to these Sopho- iores' parents. lson Peterson arbara Rowan S What's the best way to ask a junior or Senior for a ride? lohn Stephens - llGive me a ride now!" Matt Wilson - llYou have a bad car. Can you give me a ride in it?" Heidi Griffith - llYou look nice today. Can you please give me a ride?" Kristine Totaro - 'Please, please, please, please, pretty please, take me home!" Robin Krissel - 'You beg" Grant Stewart - uCan I bum a ride?" Karen Carter - Wake me Home!" Please, Kelly, don't make me beg: Spencer Kympton ll Wherry pleads with Senior Kelly Roberts, for a ride home. etsy Watts xt .- l Y QS? X W 3 as fs. SS :ia , Q ' ,, Q " P 4 X ft X NX ,mx 4 X ,X st? f Q 9 Q K gig? 1 1 Robin Mills james Mincey jennifer Misenheimer Gregory Mitchell jennifer Mitchell Ebony Mobley David Monroe Daniel Montgomery Arnell Moore Brett Moore john Moore Angela Morrison Michael Morrovv Monique Mundz Ebony Murrell Christopher Myers jeffrey Myers Rita Nahta SOPHOMORES 165 Kelly Nardone james Nash Thomas Nerad Roy Newborn Archie Newton Andrew Nichols Stuart Nichols lvery Nicholson Regina Nixon Zenobia Nixon Matthew Noggle Laura Norton jonathan Nutter Heather O'Brien john O'Brien james O'Dell Todd O'Hair Cornelius O'Neill Kevin O'Toole Suzanne Odom Steve Ostrovsky Nina Owcharenko Dawn Owen Melissa Owens Angela Padula Sunjay Pandey Peter Pappas Richard Pappas Yun Park Adrienne Parker Ashley Parker Timothy Parker Monica Parks Darshan Patel Shimul Patel jennifer Payne Charlenia Pearson Nikesha Peay jason Peterson Marshall Peterson Shun Pharr limiterral Phifer 166 SOPHOMORES ti, lhe Senior Patio is OFF LIMITS: Unfortunately, these sophomores learn this lesson lhe hard way. lley Therelz lennifer Love takes time out of her busy day to smile for the camera. YD WW Q--.f K 1 vw - I ,, T- ,W if y 2 . r l W ,X ax ,., ' Keith Phifer Tammy Phillips George Photopoulos Brendan Pierce Christy Pilkinton Kelly Pitts Tommy Pizzo Henry Polanis Bill Poplin Donald Porter Raelana Poteat David Potter E. Powell Whitney Powers Andrew Prentice Kim Pressley Kristi Pressley Rian Pressman Meredith Prince Kevin Pringle Amy Privette Robin Purser David Puryear Allison Raiford Susan Rainey loseph Ramantanin Kristin Rambo Grace Ranson Melissa Ranson lennifer Rasin SOPHOMORES 167 Richard Ray Pamela Raye Shannon Redus lulie Reed Kysha Reid Katherine Retera Efthalia Retsios leanie Rice Willie Rice Bill Riddick Steve Riddle William Rigg Marion Rigley Megan Riley Blair Roberts Christopher Roberts jason Roberts Brian Robillard Robert Robins Anthony Robinson Robert Robinson Tamica Robinson Christopher Rodriguez Herbert Roes jonathan Rogers Larisa Rollins Kurt Roosa lohn Root David Rose Richard Rosenfeld Timothy Ross Sara Roth Barbara Rowan Marsha Rowe Beth Rowell Mathew Rubright David Ruby Chastity Rumley Melissa Runnion Derek Russell lamison Sampson Christopher Samuels 168 SOPHOMORES l . . . 5 l i K 5 0 cg i ! in f - ' - ' t 55: s s yt 4 ww s - ., 'ff . V f - -s,.-fra.--'z , g,1,tsgt:, 15,5 Isis. .gs fry, z, ,.. 1 - , , 1 , , , ,,. 1 f,.-- .-,,.c.s. .. , f.'l'?'. i,Ii ET .Q ' , , , M . f, . -r , ,',' Grin and bear it: Kristin Rambo shows her super-human sophomore strength by carrying all of her books at once. Show me a psychadelic outfit and l'lI show you . . . : This soph displays the latest craze for Baby Eagles. Why can't the rest of the world learn to speak English?: Tara Deitrich is frustrated with her French assignment. Charles Sanders David Sanders Pamela Sanders Richard Sansone Kenneth Satterfield Tracy Savage . . .. . Ms I at Angela Schnaidt - Victoria Schrirnsher my Michael Schwartz loy Searnon Christina Sedor Deborah Seeman wt Robert Sellers Maya Sethurarnan .QQ ' lanice Sewell i Vista Sexton Leslie Sharpe S Wesley Sharpe SOPHOMORES 169 Q ,,...-an-f Some guys have everything: Eric Spanger eyes his classmates bulldozer and secretly wishes that he could have one too. April Shaw Ashley Shaw f' Stephanie Shaw -csv Q S 'mir Amy Shideler Y David Shope Cynthia Sibley 3 i 4 I l Andy Simpson Mario Singleton """ Brian Sipe Lamont Sloan 13? Andrea Smith Andrew Smith ' David Smith L, 5- Ceneva Smith Janie Smith t I f X jeremy Smith ' ' A 1 . lodie Smith Lenettra Smith l ssals t Michelle Smith it S Natalie Smith Robert Smith Suzanne Smith V , . 170 SOPHOMORES an Stephanie Siebold Q Brian Siegel 23 ll I I -nl I un 1 She's MINE!: Lori Lewis greets her friend Robin Mills with a Koala bear vvrap-around hug. Making the grade: Blair Roberts diligently works during class. Tamara Smith Teresa Smith S . Terri Smith Yvonne Smith gg' Matthew Snyder il ir, 'gy Gregory Sobieski Eric Spanier Michael Speanburg David Spence Eric Spencer Dina Spruiell lulie St. Clair Christopher Steele jackie Stephens john Stephens l.P. Stephens Beth Stevenson Grant Stewart Elizabeth Stillvvell Nina Stitt David Stohlmann Candice Stone Allen Story Robert Strain SOPHOMORES 171 GREE MEANS GO Driving. What a word. lt means a lot range, and what seemed like forever on took exarns, but that's okay! You hold in to those who have just been privileged Independence Boulevard, you've your hands the key to the door of free- vvith the obtainment of a drivers permit. passed thetest atthe Dfvtvand it's finally dorn. All you need is a Car. After all those days of learning the rules yours! Your eyes are Closed, your hair of safe driving, spending hours at the looks terrible, and you look like you just Drivers' Ed. is such a joy! N.. Yolanda Straite Laura Strand loe Stringer Beth Strong Allister Stuart Peter Stuart E i L . V 'X S some SX Christopher Stubbs Bill Stublaski Kathy Sturdivant Tanya Surnmerer Otis Sutton t Q, 7146?-x'l4?9'F'ii SV , Beth Taylor g ' 0 vs -f""Xal Roxanne Teague Greg Tedder jonathan Tepper loel Tessier lohn Tharpe Karen Thornas J i a 172 SOPHOMORES 115-msn ' l lun Steven Thomas Chandler Thompson Chris Thompson Evette Thompson Kiesha Thompson Michael Timberlake Carl Tinch Tyler Tooke lames Toomey Allyson Torrence Keonna Torrence Kristine Totaro Todd Trimakas Leslie Tuchscherer Chris Tuck Emily Tucker Kelli Turner Michael Tuttle lamie Tyler Kenneth Tyner Ann Ussery Lori Ussery jeffrey Vanasek Carrie Vandenberg Robert Vandusen Michael Wade Molly Wakefield Amity Walker Gregory Walker jonathan Walker Mario Walker Matthew Walker Samantha Walker Nichole Wall Kendrick Wallace Angela Waller Jonathan Walters jenny Ward Martha Ward Russell Ward Laura Washington Tracy Watson SOPHOMORES 173 I X E I f i E - rar Raymond Wilson Richard Wilson jimmy Witherspoon jodi Wittlin David Wood john Woodall Tracy Worthey Marvin Wright Reginald Wright Susan Wright Tandrala Wright Tracey Wright AQMDQA, ,Y SNK! Dayna Yarbrough Katie Ydel Mark Yencsko Nolan Yeung Erika Young Todd Zagora Chad Zavodny David Zepeda jeffrey Zobel Camouflaged Sophomores Toney Abrams Bobby Adams Charles Adams jerome Adgers Willie Agurs William Akley Virginia Alexander Patrick Austin Brett Barentine jamal Barnard Antonio Belk Darryl Berry Daryl Blakney Alan Bodman Christy Bolick Ryan Bolick Kelly Breazeale Edward Brown Russhelle Brown Antoine Burch Brian Bustard Angela Byrum Kimberly Cassels Makayla Chavis Michelle Cherry Albert Chiu Kilamenjar Clifton Thomas Clifton Lynetta Conway james Cowan Sabrina Curry Montrias Davis Tanya Davis Dayana Douglas Andrew Duke Angela Duncan Aheebia Edwards Audrie Edwards Kimberly Fisk Virginia Flowe jeffrey Freeman Charles Gabriel Pamela Gallman Reginald Gilmore Bryant Graham Rodriquez Grier Thomas Haene Leronda Hall jason Hanley Moses Harper Mark Hartis julius Harvell Russell Heard Angela Heath jerden Heuzen Kisha Hill Titus Huntley Marcello jackson Manolito jacobs Angela lessee Laverne johnson Ronald jones Matthew josey Nikka Keith Rodney Kirkpatrick Steven Kulikowski Gina Lazar April Lemmond Sherman Lilly Lafayette Lindsay Talesha Little john Lynn David Mackey Shane Major Melanie Martin Heather Mathews William Matthews Kenneth Mayer Timothy McClelland Mark McCrorey Michelle Mcllwain Kim Mclntosh Charles Mildren Christine Miller Roy Miller Latoya Mills Cherie Mims joseph Mobley Robert Mobley Wayne Moore Adam Morgan Rodney Morrison Tina Nance Cynthia Nealson Larhonda Nelson Nancy Newsome Vertina U'Leary Susan Osborne james Pace Lori Parrish joecephus Patterson Patrick Patterson Maurice Pharr jocelyn Pope Tyrone Potts Dana Price jerry Rankin Lewis Rankin Latoya Ratchford Akiam Raye Tawanna Reddick Catherine Rhyne Tyrone Rivens Michael Rogers Christina Rowland Edgar Sanders Melinda Sanders Renee Sibby Scott Silverstein Albert Simpson jeremy Smith Thomas Smith Timothy Smith Antonio Steele Kimberly Steele Howard Stowe Nathan Straus Elizabeth Stroup johnny Sturdivant johnny Sullivan Kenneth Tackett Tammie Townsend Laron Vaughn Charmin Walker Amity Wallace Donna Wallace Geoffrey Wallwork Brian Watson Robert Watts Veda Watts Enorico Wells Sadie Whitley Demarcus Williams Sabrina Williams Sanetta Williamson Charles Wise Sherrie Wright Alexandria Young SOPHOMORES 175 Hey, do you think that camera has film in it?: Nathan Strauss and Scott Dearing are caught in midconversation. Surrounded by beautiful women: Paul Lathan enjoys the company of Sherry Chambers and Megan Riley. 176 SOPHOMORE CONCLUSION Confused?: Pheiderika Foust contemplates her next move. What a smilel: Cristie lones and her friend flash their pearly whites. I need a weekend: Melinda Curry takes a break from classes to think about nothing 62,6 5 Q0 25 66. 'dig ox Mother Goose?: Perched on her stool, lean larrell entertains her class with story telling antics. Naughty, naughty Mr. Photographerlz World History teacher Chuckie Gamble hurries from the guidance office with his stack of dreaded term papers. Little people power: ln a fit of anger, Ms. Lazure tries to clean up Robert Dinkin's act. 178 FACULTY OPENING Pickin' a teachin' tune: Edward Milner combines music with his lesson plan. Hungry? Larry McAfee works on his balancing act while raising money for the Cross Country team. i QC-3 Q6 . ,sic 21 FACULTY OPENING 179 wr-as I V I , 2 if 5 8 7 li? I. gc i .4 Dial - A - Principal: Dr. Rozzelle, in his friendly manner, is always eager to talk about East Mecklenburg. l wasn't looking over your shoulder! A student Rochelle Brown gets a kick out of watching the loveable antics of Mr. Harp- er. ' ' 32,3 , I f' -'ff' I 5 M 1 3 A ' l x X U Let's see . . . who's in trouble?: Dr. La- borde carefully scans the list of referrals and tardies on his desk. 180 ADMINISTRATION f 1 N' ' iff ,V ,naw 4 -4 'V vfV'fW"mw,gfzy ,. , 'tif , ' Wwi , -f ,. ,A .V 4 n l B r l fl g ug: 1 N I ....... Roll Calll: Mr. lulian is out early waiting for the busloads of students to arrive at East. .nmclp With all of the responsibilities of running a large school like East Mecklenburg, it took a dedicated, hard-working team of administra- tors to successfully handle affairs. The productive team was com- posed of Dr. Rozzelle, principal of East, and his staff of assistant princi- pals Mr. Harper, Mr. lulian, Dr. La- Borde, and the assistant principal of instruction, Mr. Morgan. Dr. Rozzelle , who was in charge of total operation of the school, over- saw such areas as discipline of stu- dents, evaluation of teachers, per- sonnel related matters, supervision of extra-curricular activities, and se- curity and maintenance, which were divided among the staff. Dr. LaBorde dealt with person- nel related matters such as teacher pay rolls and substitutes, discipline for a portion of the students, and supervision of extra-curricular ac- tivities. As an assistant principal, he tended to see the students who were in trouble more often. He bal- anced his time with good students by working with extra-curricular activities like a state musical review for the choir students, and helping to coach the High-Q Team. Mr. Morgan could have been considered the listening ear. With all of the tedious organizational re- sponsibilities he took care of, like scheduling, registration, and disi- minating mail and memos to teach- ers, he found time to monitor the Career Development Program. He said, ul am for Career Develop- ment. It provides support for be- ginning teachers, and helps stu- dents get better organized instruc- tion and a better use of classroom time." East was very overcrowded, but students knew not to test Mr. Harper when it came to behavior guidelines. The guidelines, along with security, assignments of teachers' duties, maintenance staff, and inventory were his du- ties. He said, 'One has to be flexi- X .,5s, ' 4 . I ' A' it ble, but I enjoy working with stu- dents when they act human!" The year also rode smoothly thanks to Mr. lulian, who handled transportation, attendance, evalu- ation of approximately thirty teachers, and discipline for one third of the other students. These men were all well-re- spected by the students and teach- ers for their successful efforts throughout the year. With all of the responsibility, Dr. Rozzelle still found time in 1984 to pursue a PhD., which he received in 1987 from UNC-Chapel Hill. This is just one example of the dedication these men have shared to bring about positive changes with the faculty and students of East. As Dr. Rozzelle said, 1'We encouraged the students to adopt the theme ll can make a differencef and I think it is important that we all work hard toward making a difference to have the kind of community we desire." Time Out!: Mr. Morgan would love a time out from all the paper workl. Every now and then I get these head- aches . . . : a minor symptom related to the many pressures of assistant principals. ADMINISTRATION 181 Familiar Position: Posed in her most fam- ous of poses, luanila Gruesbeck checks student attendance. 182 SECRETARIES Flash those pearlies: Mrs. Helms gives ev- eryone a helpful smile, Checks and Balances: Barbara Osborne kept the school financially balanced. L-: n if 17 Leaving so soon?: Mildred Caddell han- dled early dismissals in the 100 office for East Meck Students. Hua... .. .ECRET HIE. Not the Typical Type What do you say to a group of women who come to school rain, shine, and even when therefs snow? What do you say to a group of women who keep the school running no matter what problems may arise? Not even 'thank you" seems enough. These were a group of special women at East Meck called secre- taries. Whether keeping the school financially balanced or keeping the faculty and student body happy, M SX they always did it with a style and grace that proved they knew what they were doing. Who were these special ladies? Mrs. luanita Gruesbeck, atten- dance secretary, Mrs. Shirley Mili- gan, enrollment secretary, Mrs. Al- ice Spindler, front office recep- tionist, Mrs. Mildred Caddell, 100 office secretary, Mrs. Virginia Watson, guidance office secretary, Mrs. Barbara Osborne, financial secretary, and Mrs. loyce Helms, Wonder Worker: Virginia Watson shows us her wonderful typing skills. Remember not to look at the keyboard Mrs. Watson, Lovely Ladies: Alice Spindler, luanita Gruesbeck, loyce Helms and Barbara Os- borne enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the library. who is the head secretary and per- sonal secretary to Dr. Rozzelle. Like any job, there are advan- tages and disadvantages. Coming to school when there is snow on the ground and everyone else is at home is a definite disadvantage, but according to Mrs. Gruesbeck, Uhelping the students and teachers with their daily problems is reward enough." Risky Business: Mrs. Shirley Miligan un- dertakes the dangerous duty of attacking the files. SECRETARIES 183 Credit checks kept Mr. Rainwater busy mak- ing sure the seniors graduated on time. Discussing events at East: Ms. Poteat knew what was going on! Listening and caring for students: The T" x""'N-... 'Nw ..,. ai, . x i z ,- . a sw , .--,Q . most important part of Ms. Clinton s job was also the most enjoyable. 184 GUIDANCE l as If . Q 'X X as 3 4 5 QR B t Q R ae 'S' 'z , if R D s N s E , X X V M. " A J Wx L, xx sg, we Q J N M 2 4. ii r- .M . 2 1 XAVV, I . Q 'ff'-a..,..,,.mMM,MW" ? -:'--Mya - Getting organized: Ms. Woodward looks over papers on her desk. A ..UID NC. Finding Paths The Guidance office was one of the busiest departments at East Meck. Almost every student vis- ited the office throughout the year for any number of reasons. From organizing schedules to planning for post high school opportunities, the counselors had their job cut out. Steven Rainwater, Brenda Sanders, Helen Coffey, Nancy Poteat, Phyllis Garner, Barbara it ...MM A - .f .r Clinton, and leanette Wood- ward, worked to guide East Meck students through high school on to college and the real world. The college bound students were able to find an abundance of information on particular colleges in the pamphlets and books that fill the shelves in the office. Further- more, preparation courses were offered for students who took the PSAT and SAT. The counselors used the scores to further lead each stu- dent toward the college of their choice. In addition to assisting with the academics of high school, the counselors were there to listen and care for students. Every student could turn to a guidance counselor for advice or just to talk over prob- lems. v Ss.- 5 - 'SQ, J '1 U Keeping on top of things: Ms. Saunders Offering advice: Ms. Garner's office was talked to Ms. Poteat in the guidance of- always open to students. fice. GUIDANCE 185 Whistle while you work: Lionel Ford sweeps up the lounge. The 87-88 Custodial Staff: Lynsie Adams, Erskin Porter, Bobby Cunningham, Arthur Kelley, Michael Wallace and Katie Love. ff' 3 Have you ever wondered what would happen if our custodial and cafeteria staff works all took a day off? We would go hungry and walk through miles of paper and dirt in the halls. This year's custodial staff was made up of eight members, of whom Lynsie Adams was the ustodial afeteria head. They worked hard every day during classes and after school to keep our school in tip-top condi- tion. Their hard work could be seen both outside and inside the building as the droves of students had vanished from sight. The cafeteria staff, headed by Mrs. Mary Ann Feeny, worked di- ligently before school and also dur- ing the lunch periods. Breakfast was served from 7:00 to 7:30, and two lunches, of course, from 10:40 to 12:35. It was a task feeding close to 2400 famished students, but the cafeteria staff handled it with ease and with pride. 1 . f 5 Left to Right: Bemice Shaw, Cherie Bames, loe Ann Grubs, Mary Ann Hinson, Fran Carter, Gladys Stegalm, Lee Hannan, Della Anthony, Shirley Davis, Geneva lohnson, Mary lackson, Kathleen Grier, Mary Ann Feeny, Margaret Coffey, Doreatha Dunn Watch out!: Doreatha Dunn shows her skill and technique in sandwich packaging to all the other staff members. CAFETERIA 187 Steve Abercrombie: French, Key Club Advisor. Mary Alford: Physical annea- tion, Lettergirls Advisor Hazel Amos: English, Geraldine Anderson: sini- ogy, Marshals Advisor. Michael Al'llTlI Chemistry. Chemistry Club Advisor, Olympics of the Mind Advisor, Girls' Soccer Coach Albert Aulette: Math. Carole Bailey: Vocational cn- ordinator. Ann Baldwin: English, civinanes Advisor. Rita BalUtiS2 O.H Teacher Assis- lam. Allgie Beasley: Media Special- ist. Bfight BEIHOHI Industrial Arts, Wood Technology, VICA Advisor. Besaw: Biology, Chemistry, Interact Club Advisor. Dorothy Branson: Spanish, SADD Advisor. Luck Brown: Home Economics, rinlflahiizo Advisor. Tina Burke: An, Art Club Advi- SOF. Mark Caftef! Social Studies, Boys' Basketball Coach. Richard Clodfelter: Mantel- ing, DECA Club Advisor. Scott Clowes: Band. 1-Oni Cody: French, English, French Club Advisor. Helen Coffey: Guidance Coun- selor, Peer Counselors Advisor Diane Coghill: Drafting, rica Advisor. Elizabeth Cohan: Math, Na- tional Honor Society Advisor Paige Collins: Cross-Categori- cal, Interact Club Advisor. Ron C0ltI'alIe! US. History, Var- sity Baseball Coach. Deb0I'ah Cox: Cosmetology, VICA Advisor. William Crawley: Physics. lal1lCe Dalllel! Psychology, Ves- ta Club Advisor, Carrousel Co-ordina- tDI', Dial! Spanish, Span- ish Club Advisor. Thomas DilIy: Social studies, l.V. Boys' Basketball Coach, Asst. Foot- ball Coach. Martha Dixon: English, Debate. Thomas Elmore: Drama, Thespians Club Advisor. Nancy Faires: An, Art Club Ad- visor, Neal Fafleyi Math, Sophomore Class Advisor. Dexter Feaster: Physical ran- cation, Girls' Track Coach, Asst. Foot- ball Coach. Ella FlShel'! Intro to Computers, Micro Computer Applications, FBLA Advisor, Chairman Southern Associ- ation Steering Committee. Harriett Floyd: Math. R0blI'l FOI'd2 Fashion Merchan- dising, Applied Economics, DECA Club Advisor. Cheryl FOSteI'! Media Specialist. R0biI'l FI'aI'1ClSI Cross-Categori- cal, Varsity Cheerleaders Advisor. Linda Franklin: Biology, lay- cettes Advisor. Faye Garmon: Spanish. Carol Garner: Spanish, Spanish Club Advisor. 'Q , .5 ff 1, , ,A 'df 5 . if -V 'ta ll .i il ll l l 1 s ie- f K 1 gf v- Q sv- Wh-v 135 i an if .,, , f"ZY W iitt it'tii f , " ' Q . C ' rl . f Tx A V' . wa. l slif i Q. . - l l new 1:-an f . .A -..a ZA ' ,nxy p f Q. 'W' pw-w. if Y-'27 . . l 1 li 1 if . F Kr V Y i A kts. . Q . SQ' 7 Y ep i"' V . - A ' ' . 4 A A f, 2, .,., A . 'Fi V x I l I an 'ifx fl 'fe T ir I ' lb as .M I 'cm- .29 ir fi t in a mg., 2. A "' l H' at l 'i Q ii. bf Q-fi K v YU., " Q ' 'Q f l , f fi 'B - 4 'A Y-, ,X I- 4355-7' 7 f' its K' 1 V i 't if ' f' f A gi g kg ggyssffrfrsytm ,sorss gQ,jQf5r1ssf,g e .Wi' X . ..z-f-:S-fig ... 4 J w .st E Y ' 1 s sw: ,SE . .f-- Biggs is ef L -' 'if' .. E 5 .,,.,,,.rr.rry:gg.,5 -:- ,,:.,,,.,sr,r .,...,.. . ..r,.-..s.rr-rr- A rr-, , ..,, , ,,,,,i ,. .,... ..,.. . ........,,4 .,,,. ., .. X.. , i . ...P .:,. :.:,:.:, V,,. . ,-.: , .,-. ,.,. .,........, .....,., . , . ..,,.,1. ,, '07 I nu , ll qv ff" -fn V J Ls. st irq K f -y Q.. R -rw-f K a ' if rr 4 I A it he A ti? 'ig Q. . "?""v ar ' iv- ,, r r ,X 7: A .t A.. 21, rt., X A9 'K N. Jw that's a good idea, but how can we make our students suffer more? At a faculty meeting, David nes listens attentively while Sandra Phillips schemes. -up, 4 A rr lil' ,.,,.f 111 l Phyllis Garner: Guidance Counselor, Newcomers Club Advisor, Evelyn Grain: rrrgirsh Lorraine Graves: Main luanita Gruesbeck: Secre- tary jackie Gunter: Maur, iv, Cheerleaders Advisor Linda Hagler: English, Bible, irr- nlor Class Advisor Gregory Hanes: Biology, Swimming Coach, loseph W. Harper Ill: Arrrr- tant Principal for Administration. Shirley Harris: English, lim Hayes: us, History, Athletic Director Shirley Haywood: Typing, Recordkeeping, FBLA Advisor. loyce Helms: Head Secretary Bettie Holland: Advancement Counselor, Chess Club Advisor Sally Holmes: English, Anchor Club Advisor, Linda Hooper: us, History, Sue Hooper: os Hirrory Liflda Howard: Choral Music. lean laffelll English, Eyrie Advi- sor ::' A M '.f- -fs: Yeah! Finally someone passedlz lanice Crilly-Daniel stands up and shouts as she grades her Psychology EXSITIS. Another Wednesday, another faculty meeting: Teachers gather in the media center, giving up their afternoon in order to receive their weekly report, Linda lohnson: cross-cato gorlcal. Phyllis loyner: lytatia. Dan lllllanl Assistant Principal for Administration. Pat julian: Health Occupations, HOSA Advisor. lane Kinney: Chemistry, Chess Club Advisor. Charles L3B0l'dEZ Assistant Principal for Administration, Hi-Q Advi- sor lames Lenoir: lvtatli. jamie L0ftlS1 Advertising Design, East Vtdnd Advisor, Courageous Lead- Bl Cecelia Lowery: Orchestra, Music Theory Kathy Madden: Matti Linda Mayfield: Biology, ca- reer Development Assistant, Senior Class Advisor. Larry McAfee: Chemistry, Track Coach, Cross Country Coach, William McCall: PHI, sfxoo Advisor, Asst. Football Coach, Asst Baseball Coach. Carole McDonald: lvioaia Specialist, Vesta Advisor. jerry McMahan: Matti, Asst. Football Coach lanet Middleton: togliaii, oo- bate. Shirley Milligan: Registrar Edward Milner: lotto to com- puters, Computer Programming, Oc- tagon Club Advisor Rick MlSk0IltZZ Math, Civitans Advisor. Vvaltel' N10dl'eIl! Chemistry, Volleyball Coach, lV Baseball Coach lane Moncure: Biology, Faculty Council Liaison. Betty Moore: Biology, National Honor Society Advisor, Harold Morgan: stytn, Dawn Murchison: Math, Ati- chor Club Advisor, Annie Nelson: Cross-Categorv cal Barbara Nichols: Child Care, Student Congress Advisor, FHA Advi- sor Carolyn Palmer: Media spo- cialist, Alix French, l.C C. Advi- SOF. Sandra Phillips: English, Eagle Advisor Paula Poole: SVS, Voc. Prep, Advisor. NZHCY Poteat: Guidance Counselor, lunior Class Advisor. lohn Potts: Driver Education, Boys' Track Coach, Asst, Football Coach. lane Prater: riigiioii, iv, ctiooi- leaders Advisor, leanne Pl'iCeZ Math, Girls' Tennis Coach Annie Puett: Math Steve Rainwater: Guidance Counselor, Boys' Tennis Coach, Karen RHUSSZ Physical Education, Head Trainer. lonnie Rogers: Fashion More chandising, Applied Economics, DECA Advisor, Carrousel Co-ordlnator Frank Rozzelles Principal, SUE SRITISZ Math, Career Devel- opment, Asst, Marshals Advisor, Brenda Sanders: ctiitiaiioa Counselor Francis Schwab: Office oooi- pations, FBLA Advisor. Wistar at H l In k Q ,aaa Wil? 3' pa.. Tw T7 X... 9 K KL t ,V 'G 'i x .3 -7 ' ff E7 a L 'tr' fl , ,,., , V,,,,,- CM l f '-'V-a,f.:.E2:1:f? V gf ' , A K l . ,c I K .. i ,yoj -, .V + a..f a " ,i., ' V 4 ,X A ! it 5 'fav' t .ao-iv I 4? l any of-...,.. am A' f' fn--v 7 ricir-i -1:1 'g. :g W 1 mr, .r ..,...,,..,.. ci. I X ":" I was ..,.......,, ,I .-,V: . . y .1 R rf- ' 1 X S r 111 'F E: " ...... . ,Wt oc - A1-- ,,,... , W . ,,.,, ,WI ., A MW? ,4,.or,., r -. vii' i rr ,,, ,r,,r ,.,, ru. so i! f X is K?"-rr. w Ge 1 if 41 , lv 4-. 5 Qi! 2 c . i. 1-ir was 9 bsentee ist Ruby Abl'al'l1S! Driver's Educa- tion, Varsity Football Coach. Dlfyl Benson: Chemistry, Lennis Blanton: Biology Laffy Bosc: Social Studies, Varsity Soccer Coach. Mildfed Caddelli Secre- tary. lennifer Carnes: Main, l.V Cheerleader Advisor, Blanche Cassidy: us. History, Barbara Clinton: cura- ance Counselor. Wilma Collins: Biology, Richard Dohrmann: Driver's Education, Softball Coach, l,V. Football Coach. Dulin: Physical Education, Asst, Football Coach. lackie Fishman: English Charles Gamble: World History, Sam Gough: Main, Senior Class Advisor. Roosevelt Harris: World History, Baker Hood: Social studies, Girls' Basketball Coach David lones: World Histo- ry, Softball Coach. Susan Lasure: iss, David Mitchell: us His- tory, Lecora Mobleyz English. Dale Moore: crooirics, Asst. Wrestling Coach, VICA Advisor. Gene M0fgal1Z Assistant Principal for instruction Mary Lou Orr: Media soc- cialist. Betsy Ross: Social Studies, Art intro, Delta Rox Advisor. Brenda Steadman: Reading, Career Development Asst. lodi Tomboulian: Man. ludy White: ses, vicri advisor, Suzanne Wilden: English Elizabeth Seigle: Accounting, Typing, FBLA Advisor Sherrill: Power Mechan- ics, Auto Mechanics, l.V. Soccer Coach, Wrestling Coach, VICA Advi- sor. Ursela Slipenczuk: German Club, German Club Advisor, LOVEYI1 Small: Typing, Business Law, FBLA Advisor. Susan Smith: English. Michael Soltysz Band, Alice Spindler: Secretary, losephine Stegmeir: Latin, Spanish, Latin Club Advisor. Shirley Strickland: Engiisn. GI0l'i3 Tate! Cross-Categorical, Lettergirls Advisor. Linda Thomas: english, llldy TiITln1SZ Occupational Therapist. c Billie Tomblin: Social Studies, ,. ,. Varsity Cheerleaders Advisor. 7,i Stephanie Walker: Cross- Categorical, NAACP Advisor. , Webb! Cross-Categorb ' cal. Anne Williams: rngiisn, Dick Williams! Physical Educa- tion, Golf Coach, -.,, loe White! Drivers Education. ludy Windle: Main Career oc- velopment Asst., Hi-Q Advisor. leanette Woodward: cuici- ance Counselor, Debbie Woolfolk: Occupa- tion Prep, SVS, Voc. Prep. Advisor. Arthur Young: Biology. ifzs Q y' Am I getting paid extra to haul these papers around?: ludy Windle ex- presses her frustrations. 'WW W' U A :tt A ,Q Audrey Brown l A , my 5 w , on ll A Leslie Dunn y , s o a ef be gg if Nikki Harris if X g A f ' Alison Nickerson ' J 2 'A gif , iif' A Katie Rainwater lustin Thomas Cory Wigg Ben Garner, '87 Graduate an W- 'T V Q 5 if-iii P 4 . 93' , 1 25 I k:-- 5 4 s U Ks cv g , f Now, where are we going?: Childcare grad lustin Thomas waits patiently with friends Amy Clewis, Erin Gunter, jessica Phifer, and Lauren Frazer before going caroling at East. Some day . . .: With dreams of future cheerleading days, Katie Rainwater follows the movements of the East cheerleaders. 192 CHILDCARE GRADS 1 OVER THE , n n n n 1 an f,, J' , - , f .f' A f , " l f it 5' , : 5 4 f'?f.'-ffk".f,! VE' 'ff' ff! . -Sf f ' ff fff: 6 , V Ziff. g 2 . 4, J , fl V. , X . , . . fL.ffumfueZ'f'5f.fZ' , ,Q ,' .g:4.,wf fy ,Q 1 4 ui : iff? if -pg? , ,iff azffffff fl", .,14 .. A dfji?-Zi if 4 I , fl' , 3, gf ix ,ff if if f',Qii P. ff? If ff ,r 1, ,r 2 if W rg. nf: f irty Dancing Patrick Swayze is almost too sexy to deal with. Starring as johnny, a dance instructor at a summer resort in 1963, Swayze gives a convincing look at love when he falls for a rising college fresh- man, Baby, played by jennifer Grey. Through a series of great dancing, and a few hot and heavy scenes, both lohnny and Baby grow in their understanding of themselves and the society around them. Grey and Swayze give excellent performances as young people in tur- moil before the open rebellion of the late '6O's. Fatal Attraction This action-packed movie stars Michael Douglas as a happily married man who opts for a one night fling with a beautiful and seductive woman, played by Glenn Close. But while Douglas wants to end it after that, Close definitely expected more. When Douglas refuses, the demented side of her personality shows through. She stalks his family in an insane attempt to get him back. Cooking the family rabbit is just one of her disgusting feats. S .jg I Q 49505 100 ,bl if " " 1 1 al. ' b if 3 X "'lf.:"' . 1.QQ f?f3q 2125 . , , M P :P wi, T. T iiiiii. ,2gxf'gj30,2.Q 04132440 Si u T M. gZii'3721:5f,f"5'i l 'A'-D "haf is "P '0 '94 .Iv- "1l' :'Q f'3?2fa it l' 5410? 420 -Fgfo fzarf' ' Ztafgqw l 'Q' fb gil f Q y r,, .5 T 2 l l O 6,5 O 414 P44 14 1 W The Princess Bride ff? A very romantic, silly melodramatic fairy j tale. The Princess Bride is the story of But- ? tercup and Wessley, played by Carol Kane and Peter Falk, two young lovers separated 4 by l'fate." Buttercup, resigned to the fact that her beloved Wessley is dead, becomes ' unhappily engaged to the coniving Prince l-lumperdink. Wessley returns to save his love, and must battle through countless ad- ventures in the Pit of Despair, the Cliffs of Insanity, and the Dread Pirate Roberts. And, like all good fairy tales, in the end they live -I happily ever after. -1 f Roxanne ' Steve Martin plays C.D. Bales, a fire chief with an extremely long nose. He falls for the , beautiful Roxanne, played by Daryl Han- nah. But a twist of events leads Roxanne to believe that she loves Chris, a gorgeous but nerdy fireman. One of the funniest scenes , ,g Q in the movie is in a bar, when Bales makes i up twenty jokes about his nose. In the end, E 1 it ff' both C.D. and Roxanne see past his nose to , 5 romance. . If ff' ,f flicks HERE IS NOTHING T0 DO IN CHARLOTTE! How many times have East Meck students uttered those exact words on a Friday or Saturday night? Well just thinkg you could live in Lizard Lick, North Carolina. Their idea of fun is shoveling manure! At least Eagles can go to Spoon's after they finish shov- eling. What did East students do on the weekends? Number one on the list, once again, was PARTYINC.. In a field, on a street, in a houseg anywhere that large amounts of people could gather. Dinner and a movie came in close to partying. Whether it was a pleasurable dining experience tie. Charley'sl or a unique excursion tie. Knife 84 Forkj, East students could be found there. As to the movie part, most Eagles went to l'The Movies at Sardisf' or just rented one for the VCR. ln fact, 2 out of every 3 East students rented more often. Of those that did go to the movies, many opted for the Regency as a cheap S2 plus pop- corn date. lf East students wanted a more excit- S 5'-S'f4,6, ? tif 4 Is 4056 04760 fl 'M 5' 9931? 471 Qtr I Q 0 asm-b,,624r 7' O G' Ovuwhlgolo ge R P ,' A ing evening they headed towards Putt Putt on Albemarle Road or Bowling at Park Lanes or Coliseum Lanes. East stu- dents could be found en mass on week- ends at these fine establishments. Char- lotte also offered events such as lazz Charlotte Festival in the Park Springfest and various other fairs and craft events. A little closer to home for some East stu- dents was Matthews Stumptown Festi- val. A truly cultural event even through it rained the whole time. Whenever a long weekend presented itself to East students they took full ad- vantage of the situation. Some took mini-spring breaks to the beach and others spent relaxing weekends in the mountains. Football and basketball games offered name of school spirit. With the Army back in full swing lowly privates up through General Ferguson cheered East Meck teams on to victory. Even with all this stuff to do East stu dents still whined that There is nothing to do in Charlotte! 0960 V- ci P5 QSQZJXQ6 sei gwto 54096, aw cgi' oils tow ex GXNS M ' wit N '15 gi new GQXQX 95 i.l C '5 1 X X . ffl 44 1" L1 X 'K T f X X xi X , , x , X , Eagles a chance to get rowdy in the A gysg Q 1 gy. g A f W ff i tw Q it N s, nt . . I G Wfgtaying home to watch T.V.? Borrrr- But once in a while Eagles got desperate and plopped their rears on the couch to watch the tube. Always, ot course, armed with a bag or two of mun- chies. T.V. did beat the doledrums occa- sionally. But East students were selective in their viewing habits. Sure. That's why The let- sons were on the llmust see" list. But seri- ously, Eagles were sick of night time soaps lDallas, Falcon Crest, Dynasty etc., etcl They tended to watch sitcoms and late- nite talk shows. Channel 36 lWPCQ-NBCJ on Thursday nights was a favorite. Once again Cosby, Cheers, and Night Court came out on top. Oprah Winfrey was another hit. The mood of the show changed everyday. Fashion shows were followed by poverty stricken America. Still another favorite was Moonlighting, with Maddie and David constantly fighting and, loohlll making upl But in the future, when Eagles get too hyper for the tube, they can turn to page 195 for more information on the more ex- citing side of Charlotte night-lite! Then vegetation in front of a box will become obsolete. f l a l 6 Z Cosby Family Ties Cheers Night Court Growing Pains Who's the Boss? Alf David Letterman SNL johnny Carson Moonlighting LA. Law Dprah Winfrey The letsons The Three Stooges Miami Vice Sledgehammer Cagney 84 Lacey Saturday Night Main Event Dynasty Dallas Falcon Crest Hotel Knots Landing Transformers Wheel of Fortune The Charmings l Married Dora Spencer for Hire 3 rt li WI U2 - The loshua Tree Bon lovi - Slippery When Wet Paul Simon - Graceland Michael lackson - Bad Whitney Houston - Whi Steve Winwood - Back In the High Life Genesis H- Invisible Touch Beastie Boys - Licensed to lll Whitesnake - Whitesnake Anita Baker - Rapture QQ ast year's music industry was a boom- ' ing success as numerous bands re- leased new albums and many more had hit singles. lt seemed everyone was touring the states land some, other countriesl, per- forming in concert for thousands of fans. Bands with a harder rock sound, released many albums, such as Dokken who re- leased Back For the Attack, and Rush who released Hold Your Fire, Rush played at the Charlotte Coliseum last November singing songs off of their newer album. Def Lep- pard gave an electrifying concert last De- cember at the Coliseum with songs off their old album, Pyromania, as well as their newer one Hysteria. Motley Criie's Girls, Girls, Girls concert last November pulled in many screaming fans. Ozzy Osbourne came out with a Tribute to his once close friend, Randy Rhoads. Pink Floyd performed at the Dean Smith Center in Chapel Hill last October for the first time since their last tour, The Wall lboth concerts sold out within a dayl. Roger Wa- ters, who went solo, hit a single with "Radio Waves" from his Radio K.A.O.S. album. lohn Cougar Mellencamp's 'lPaper and Fire" was a sizzling hit off The Lonesome jubilee album. Crest ofA Knave was lethro Tull's newer album last year, and Neil Young and Crazy Horse came out with Life. REM fell into the spotlight with Docu- ment and the song 'lTo The One I Love." Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me was out by The Cure while S.O.D., a hard core band, re- leased Speak English Or Die. To put some rhythmic beat into your life, Eric B. came out with Rakin'which included "Paid ln Full," while Dana Dane rapped on Dana Dane With Fame. Reggae, a fast-rising popular form of music lthough it's been around for agesl came out with Peter Tosh's No Nuclear Wan with the single, UExploited Death Before Dishonorf' lTosh was killed on September ll, 1987, shortly after releas- ing his albuml The music of 1987 offered a great selec- tion of albums and hits from a variety of bands. Whether it was hard rock, rock n' roll, pop, new wave, rap or reggae, music last year appealed to even the most discri- minating tastes. Last year rocked with many great artists. tney Paul Simons Graceland Tour with the Ladysmith Black Mombazo in Africa was a protest against apartheid in South Africa. In addition, Billy loel made an unprecedented tour of Russia. is if Libs? t " A. . 5.5 ,ss i i L-as ww r- 4 is w i. 1, is .ac vf?i,f'3f' 5 ttf, ' '-f ag W k 2 W wang Cl 'fffffxsli . .sqm fc X' L r , itwgsga V i ftflgife-,Q 'V slab if Lge ' f1gBjf"a 15615 t Q 1. f ' Pi' stil ygstfj U X .g,,yg XE sa 2 HZ , Y 'Q 1 S El . lkrfgjl Y1',f'i5'3+ 1 5 ctlawfgii . tgi- tw, as f 1 Weir, 2 1r4s,'q'Cai -S391 - resins as 2393-1- --iii it- 1. .,, ill i' i illl it 9' in 2? 5,1 2, QM . tw . .A E ,gs pin-an-image! The great new game by McGarrah Enterprises! Lets a simple flick-of-a-spinner decide your whole outlook on life! A fun and easy diversion for all of America's teen- agersl rules of plou Spin-an-image is designed for the inde- cision in all of us. How many times have you stayed up all night trying to choose what kind of sterotype you would be in the morning? Now, just let spin-an-im- age take the hassel out of this trying selection. 1. Roll out of bed. 2. Flick the spinner. 3. lt will land on Punk, Nerd, Prep, or Hood. If its a tie, spin agian. 4. Dress according to the picture. You may add your own personal touch- es after you become a more ad- vanced player. 5. Read the attitude and observe the poses of the models. Follow their example, and listen to the suggest- ed music. 6. Live your randomly-picked stero- type for 24 hours. 7. Repeat once for every day. punk music attitude sex pistols, g.b.h. 'Die all hoods dead kennedy's nerds, and dead milkmen preps." music attitude motley criie llHey, babe, ac! dc where's the metallica, dio hood spin-on-imoge rockin' party? Prep i music attitude u2, billy joel i'Biff, do you have the belinda carlisle rad new LL. Bean huey lewis catalog?" music attitude tiExcuse me, but I'd really rather do barbra streisand julio iglecias, air supply barry manilow my homework." UJHRNING: The SU,- geon General has determined that trying to squeeze into a stereo type could be harmful to your individualism. When playing Spin-an-Image, take the neces- sary precautions in trying to attain the ultimate state of any image. Remember, impeccability is impossible. No one can avoid letting their personality lead a ste- reotype off the beaten track . . . In fact, recent studies have proved that this ten- dency may actually be beneficial to the social evolution of humanity . . . but, nonetheless, you can still have fun play- ing this game of all games, nerd . spin-on-lmoge munchies foshions ocodemio Bubble Yum bubble gum S .35 Levi's button-fly 501 blues 5536.00 SPM' notebook -99 Kudos Candy bar .40 button-down Polo 34.00 PHCK Of 6 112 PGHCWS -65 Celts Candi' .40 Liz Claiborne sweater 80.00 C0ll939'fUled notebook PaP9" -99 school lunch 1.00 Pack Of Bic P905 1-59 schooI's crackers .35 .....rf1 r Hfiff. gas. V g ,,. . .,1,tsa- ff ...,. .,.. .0.,.. .,.. . 0yi . .0.... 4 1. 75 9 1 s..s f ,... 1 .. L 1 . ssse ,,,,. women's Guess jeans 54.99 SCh00"S Yea .35 Guess mme-skirt 42.49 """ six pack of Coke 2.09 gebagos 48.89 riff' . . 3 liter Coke 1-49 men's leather cowboy boots 69.97 -W1 Calvin Klein underwear 8.99 large eraser .39 V! if graph paper .99 Z4 - poster board .55 ,X 8 colored pencils 1.29 . I X 2' E S s A . I 46. 1-' XXX if ' - V V !,,f x. xg' . bag of Doritos 2.29 9 XZ V box of Wheat Thins 1.35 li XN7 7 1' ,Q A Totino's frozen pizza 1.49 f Whopper with cheese 1.98 Pa0fY hose 2-49 4 large fries .89 SOCKS 2.79 Wendy's Big Classic 1.77 mE0'5 P38881 Pants 30-00 .1 TCBY's small yogurt 1.05 200 sheets of typing paper 1.79 If Spoon's ice cream .75 small notepad .88 16 8 Crayola magic markers 3.25 compass .75 I I I ef' 9 I 0 Q Lrttleihesaxs . I aff , 6 F L p root- oo s 1.71 1 Wheaties 1.40 Little Caesar's Pizza 6.25 - 0 A- 0 .. y . L, if protractor .39 - gc, A Q A Q V U Q ,M Q 5 at Scotch tape 1.49 X, k..f,-A.fs.fL LC, plain leather belt 24.99 Elm9"'5 8lU9 -99 .41 0 iiiiill ' "'t' 3 Fruit-of-the-Loom underwear 6.29 East Meds Y93fP00k 20-00 big spenders COUNTY BY BERKE BREA FAR SIDE IZ All 'bn war -nf-A mu, s X . A A 1 ' l4uL,N0lX'l0U 7 L , ' - FVlEl9VCR'5!7MIE 1 5 Pgayggm 'Gu' V A , ., , . , if WJYWMWW f 5 K K . ZSIMSE, Q 'Ay Y I 4- Wmm 'AW' ',-' ' 2 .W Q 'ww-P ' ' Z" 'A' K I I ww 3 RHF W -2gg- 1 , ' M Hg x ,Y f-frfi L mop! W., , . , 9 3 I f f , 1 Hr . L X CATHV A Wim A Q A 1' X A f rx51g555'f,g,g'u5 YM w1Lu1 flaw cauno vou we HADx1 Tnwxwnxn sn- ' mmm? fms 15 pf, :Lassie we on 5, ,. ""b Q , w. -5, .JP wnmfvffl , mo we i 'SIN 1'un,nom?? GREAT I 'LENcES...HY5TtKl' Jusr sem' L3-TYE mam as unrmo. 391555 mygig noPsv1?um:N lnus wns we mu! gurriunzssrsg. mixes? 5 f"'h""-21-r-J ' W, 3 I A I ' , X iiisnme l Eousoglig gf I- E60N64BEKlgEReE.., OuR H6E,g A , . , ., V Q : N , AMA , Q Q ,k -Q QXL kv F '-..0v..,..u1f4,.a,vCf4w-A?fd64f,.wwwd'2V'4nxvdH6w ,wmv 8-6 ,Q YZ :L M I A X 5, 0 7 sk ,f,, , YQ U LG, WY, , .A Q f , 5'I.x35'f' Well, look whos exclied Oo seeuyou ,Riagg , 1 341 K '.': 74 HKBXRN 4ff21',tf'N gi yzQ,,1"f.f ,Q , back hom being do-clawed. Q gl 1L,1,g3V,7-62' 1 ' ' I Legg fff Q '- dm V ,g,-,', f M . " ' mXx Jia f W I ' I .-4-, C ' -A 1.9--64,1 ' 1 1 is ,f ' "- , . . '. - ', I - f -x 'A ,, Y, !L.,.NX.2 mmsnnsan.-n.. BLOOM COUNTY - 1 ,y wwe mlm 57EVEf - f ' ' , vwmuwmn excmseme, 414, g, .77EVlE., wwwmn, wffff mms wwe .ewrzmyfrwwx . L ww- war Lwmam 4 J 'new wuremaz usemcesmafwuas 1-, 4 mcmm WMTHEMVJT Q nl uggxhqgo was zmcrn 'fi yoamawr mvffiofyvf . ,Q ffm f' ' V, 1 f f f " -E I X ' I J ,MVA .Q NX I ,. Q few- ' X ax U . ,. f-X 9 " A E . - ' 1, v v -- 'G Q If mcmen cooss Ano cmmra ' L , ,' 1,-5f'!qf"' ' ' , E -4 A U ig? If 1' if ASK 4 EMP'-f wr. 6 0 'nl I, WSGOI 'K Fl V . 5 - ' ME- Qiinuudqml i-'.--- f nwuqxvuN-qvuxu-x- , , ---xv aussi xxx- .,,,,,,,, uh-In .. 1-., I "V Q , ,f "I I .,,.-if - V7 w Ur? .,,h X Q . ,II . "Jus1s1aylnthecab, Vern ...maybethcxt bears - - V -'ffffif huriandmaybehecin't." N Q , cReAruRe Freom me K i Q ' - " BLACK 5PfTTooN 2 V V .zur 5.-ing? EI Q wmce Mmm 'TWE F-'men Q K Efzglfhlzsven. wgnumvnr ' - ' 5' U Q0 F Q 51 57 V K f 5'-:wang :non-rug on , 'Qi' is-v .rHRoi-vififm WF an LETS RUNWE , V' U1 52 'men-sun ww. Nw y .A Bunn-44-, x rf N 6 Z, fk Q I up k..,,,,- , ' 59 3 7 J 2 17 'Q Y Y 4 ll ? Q YK I f V , 'irq G f - :X N I 4 V If s W Y' , 11.5 A Q Q: HEY Looyq 115 we .1 .IJ E 1 X F pi", EAC: LEMA5-rEp,,wE'LL X QU A' ' ?J Q' A 07 fl NN GIET I-HM THIX TTME ' Q M Q Q aw jx. gi 1, , -' Q , 5 - L f ff ,gjze Q ff 6 ,x LV ix ' E KA. g I VMS M1 X-ff l v 1 32' Y V WMS f Y -1 ' ff W1 'f Wi? " H1 - fm klmullk . 1 15, ,f . ' li, I I ! . il ' 1 X, X fr.- 7-,, 6 P- , WW - IUI Suv F Funnies sophomore Sophomore Skipper is sporting a sleeve less turtleneck and a skimpy mini- skirt. The dark stockings add a touch of sophistication. She's getting ready for her guests - some junior girls that she has invited over for cookies and milk - so she is combing her Nellie Glsen perm. One will notice that her room is in total disarray. But this is only a facade. Skipper is really a neat and organized sopho- more. She is just trying to impress her junior friends and appear careless, Her prom dress is hanging on the back wall. lt is a beautiful full-skirted gown complete with glow-in-the-dark stars, so that her date can keep track of her at the prom. She wouldn't want to miss out on any dances. Actually, Skipper hasn't been invited to the prom yet. This is why she is wait- ing anxiously by the phone, in hopes that a special senior man will call. junior junior Barbie is studying furiously for a Hopper test tomorrow. But, as juniors are extremely talented, Barbie can read about the Depression in the 30's, and keep an eye on her favorite soap opera, General Hospital. During a commercial break, she notices that last year's inven- tory of wool sweaters is on sale at BeIk's for 401, off. Barbie, busy as she is with uthe things juniors do", makes a quick mental note to run by the mall this weekend to pick one or two up. She is learning fast that an after-school job at l Can't Believe lt's Yogurt doesn't lend it- self to the purchase of expensive clothes, and to the upkeep of her Nissan Maxima. Now she is trying to complete her chapter without falling asleep. She has already tried the 'drink Coke, it has caf- feine" routine. Soon she will start on a sundae. junior women never count calo- ries. closs closslcs 1 Of senior Senior Ken, a brave and heroic mem- ber of the East Army, has just returned from a relaxing weekend at the beach. Seniors can do that if they want to. One can see by his darkened pigment that he worships the sun, typical of all seniors. On his way home, he was kind enough to pose for this picture beside his new, and terribly hot, Supervette. lt was an early graduation present from dear old mom and dad. They will miss him when he goes off to college. On the hood of Ken's car is a woman's high-heel shoe. Hmmmm. Does this mean he had a steamy rendezvous on The Strand? And look! A woman s bath- ing suit by the Coke cooler! Ken who did you meet at the beach? reolltu As Ken Barbie and Skipper pose for this lovely portrait little do they know what sort of things are happening at home, Kens mysterious woman from the beach showed up in Charlotte and took off with his wonderful Supervette. Mom and dad are distressed to say the east. Barbie s adorable dog ate her history book. Now she will fail her test. ln addi- tion her paycheck was late and she couldnt take advantage of the sale at Belk s. Skippers special senior man never called. He asked Barbie instead. So Skip- per went bowling with her other date- less sophomore friends. At least she A didnt mope around at home. 'XY ,gfff f,W7f7fW,ff,f1,ffffxff for ff I ' x ' I ' , I' X v , I R ' S X is clos Io ic d 000000 tf"'+y K l NN X s an l his is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Aquarius, Age of Aquarius . . . A-qua-ri-usss. Re- member when this song hit number one in 1969? No, of course not - how could you? You were just a toddler then, listen- ing to mommy's and daddy's lullabys. However, that doesn't mean you can't revive the 6O's. The 60's were cool . . . rad man . . . far out tfar out in LSD, marijuana, and peyote, that is.j The modern day hippies fwhich includes just about everyone of usj have brought back the 60's fashions. The peace symbol is a must, although today it's little more than a trendy fash- ion accent, Peace demonstrations and free love for all are no longer in, as they've been replaced by the conserva- tive attitude of the 8O's. The Vietnam War, was a major hap- pening in the 60's and today, though a bit late, veterans are finally receiving the long overdue thanks they deserve. Through the Veterans Memorial, many are being acknowledged for their sacri- fices and their courage. The Rock, the Fox, the Q, and Magic 96 keep it rolling with the Beatles, the Supremes, Simon 84 Garfunkel, classic Led Zepplin, Janis loplin and many oth- ers. Of course, while thinking about the 6O's, one cannot forget limi Hendrix and his guitar, entrancing his fans into a llPur- ple Hazef' Be cool man, be groovy, the 60's are back and it seems like we'll be lltwisting and shouting" for a while to come. Dylan poster compliments of Record Exchange. Other pictures from Time-Life Books This Fabulous Century 1960-7970. ashion is evolutionary, never revo- lutionary. A cycle that keeps re- peating itself, it updates past styles with a few accessories, and a few changes here an there. Tie-dyes, the psychedelic fashion of the late 6O's, regained popularity, and were worn with a tremendous enthusi- asm this year. Hundreds were sold, cre- ating small businesses for high school and college students alike. The more unique the design was, the better. Mini skirts had a strong comeback this year, also. Although mini skirts are always 'in", they were a major part of this year's wardrobe. From denim minis to dressy black and white checkered wool minis, just above the knee -- they all served the purpose of showing off some leg and thigh. Denim, stone or acid washed, with a worn-out, comfortable look was the most popular piece of clothing at East Meck. God forbid if one was seen wearing new blue jeans with not one E ..,. . fi Hn... hole in them! Full prairie skirts and long slim jean skirts were comfortable attire to wear to a casual dance or romatic date to Charley's. Leather jackets were in great demand the Fall of '87, Worn pri- marily for looking good, they also kept their wearer warm from the cold winter wind. Combat boots, cowboy boots, and riding boots got East students through the winter snow to school on time. Different shades of brown and the usual basic black prevailed over other colors. The most tres chic fashions were set by the East Army. The trend of army green fatigues trickled down through the masses from the Student Congress who set the trend, to the Student Body. Fatigues were not only a fashion state- ment separating the elite fEaglesj from other high schools, but also away to display school spirit and pride. Tres chic is the name of the game, babe. tt . .W KS .i W 'u s,,,..,.....,..,..,,a.,. .. . . ,.,. it ' rx "W 22 fl" lffi. iw. . Q51 ' .T ".' l' ' rt i jr ,Asa-..,fff ., J I . 5 . V Q I - ' '.'f 1 ','V Viyl m- - 'is UA E' . A ' +I! .X .lf f ni X i ..g. 'L 1- . i -i., .v . V-fm , 8 Y ,,. . I . fQ, -A i-f5i55i'l'fi-ll Q 'y' ' .V ' ' ': 4' f 5: - Q. sk' . if Y' . z,4f'1.-:J V. t V ll , K.. F- Q. 5 .,Vti: Vi A I .A AA A if 'Al f 1 -xx-X sexy-X 7 O : I' ff f -J 414 f I Ji .Af fl ff' ,gf ,fk 2-U5 Foo Ugg.: -1 3 CQUCIUQQCUCC ' She will forsee and help with all matters of life and will reveal which path to take. Mrs. jones is an expert in reading the stars. All you must do to receive her guidance and advice is send your birthdate, shoe size, credit card number, and under- wear color preference to P.O. Box 1989, Lizard Lick, N.C. 27105 arks Vi., i' . if - wi ggi., ' - -af .- we - .-.: ,. .:-..: -...-.. ..,.,..,..,. N . ..,:.,. , ..i.: ...zz . -.... - , -. .. .:-.. ..,.. , , -4.-,- ,... . .-.. .... . .... . . M- .-.. ragga .few Maas? mg ---- 2 1 'iifof ' .5 if 'f T555 '44 water skier. An East Meck High School junior was ciciously at- tacked by mammoth Great White sharks. Chris Car- roll was skiing last weekend when the bloodthirsty beasts attacked! The attack occurred when Carroll, I 7, was water skiing behind his familyis boat on Lake W lie. Here is his actual report. "I was skiing, you know, dbing some stunts. Then I saw a fin in the water beside me. Then another. Soon, I was surrounded by giant sharks! One ti ed m ski and I fell in the water. I saw one go or my leg, then Ililiackeclioutf' Witnesses to this tragic incident were all close friends of Car- rollis. Scott Thomas was driving the boat, and David Harben was waiting for his turn to ski. Both were, " . . . shocked, completely shocked by the whole eventf' Thomas commented that, "I never even knew that there were sharks in Lake Wylielv While Thomas and Harben were watching helplessly, Carrollis leg was ripped oifby an 88 foot shark. He was finally rescued and ta en to a Charlotte hospital. Hospital reports put Carroll in " . . . good, stable condition. We saved all ofthe leg above the calff, Carroll is now resting in his parents' Providence Plantation home. ' V e ' A "'-- M 13 z ,.. ' ..,.l 2- .,... i A N B d 4 ' '11- f ew 0 y "'r3 mE --xii' 2..:fWi' i g- Contact Lola B. Headed H W ,,.... W .rs , MM ,..,.. 1 ..... M P 2 8 8 ii' a X f V"' 'BA -,.- The ghost of Elvis walks the earth again, appearing in the 400 hall girls bathroom. His romantic voice comes from the second stall every Tuesday morning! g'Love me tender, love me true . . . D can be heard at precisel 8:44 a.m. on Tuesdays. This henomenon has not yet been explainedl Cus- todians and plumbers have both been called in to disassemble the toilet, but the source ofthe music has not been found. This bizarre occurrence was first noticed by Diana Koval. Here is her account. "I was in the bathroom, fixin my hair, when I heard some weird music. There was not one else in the room. The noise sounded like Elvis underwaterli' Koval waited until she heard Elvis for the next two Tuesdays before she told anyone her amazing story. Since then, Elvis fans from all over the country have been congregating in the 400 hall bathroom every week. eost enquirer .Q .-J . ii 'M +14 -X 3 i i ii ii ii isai . Q ,1 ,,, :: :4 A,,1., 1 i. :1 .. 1,, -1 . ::11 1-. ....- ., ---. --A K '--'A' .-.,a ,1-:A'-" 'liui 2 :'-fi :,1Z Iv. :A. --'.-1 ,,1,j N "W :', jQ5jl:'i"'Ff 1 ,1'. ,',. V .11..A,.-.1,A:. ....,,. .111 , .a '...'1 -.,V, .V,,.i,1:.:i.:1A -...-. "'.3 . 1.1 a i.:-1- "i' 0' - . ""' -. g Y A chemistry teacher at East Mecklenburg High School was abducted by a giant UFO. He says that it was so big that it made a 747 look like a toy! "It made all of my dreams come true," said Mr. Mike Arim, 34, of Char- lotte, N .C. "I wasnit dreaming. It real- ly happened!" "I know a lot of people will think I'm insane. But I don't care. It was amaz- ing." Arim, who teaches chemistry and coaches women's soccer said that, "The spacecraft seemed to be powered by hamsters running in exercise wheels." "I won't even pretend to under- stand how hamsters could generate enough power for such a large space- ship. But they did. And they spoke to me in English. However, they made squeeking noises when they communi- cated with each other." Authorities have discussed the al- leged space trip with Arim, but have refused to comment to the press. They will report after a full investigation. Arim said that he mysteriously blacked out after chasing a soccer ball into the parking lot. He later awoke on board the ship. He said he got a close- up look at Venus and Mercury, then headed back towards Earth. The next thing he knew, he was in a trash dump- ster, back at East Meck. The whole trip took less than 20 minutes. Genius begs docs: Take out my brain nd make me stupid! Unhappy genius, Mary Storella, wants a surgical team to make her dumb by removing part of her brain! "I donit know why they took me. I'm just a chemistry teacher. But it was a really great experi- encef, Intelligence is too much to bear, Storella, 17, told the East Enquirer in Charlotte N.C. "All my intellect has brought me is a meaningless existence. "They can take out as much of my brain as they want. I just want to live a normal life. I came back to high school as an attempt to have a real life. But it's just not working!" Storella reportedly has an IQ of more than 290. Accord- ing to newspapers, she read Dos- toevskyis Crime and Punishment, in the original Russian, in only two hours. She was four years old at the time. She proceeded to graduate from Harvard University with an honors degree in mathematics at the age of eight. Her miserable life has gone downhill ever since. A brilliant physicist, Storella has held I4 high paying jobs with American and international firms in the last 8 years. She has lost each job due to emotional insta- bility. In addition, she has never had a boyfriend. "An operation is now my only chance," she continued. "I'll go anywhere, do anything, to get one. I will even perform the sur- gery on myself if I have to. A medical spokesman, who asked to remain anonymous, said, "No surgeon in his right mind is going to perform an operation like that! It's definitely unethical. It might even be illegalf' Storella continued by saying, "My whole life has been one long equation, and I'm sick of itl I just want to relax. You know, watch some T.V An IQ of 90 would be great." "I just want to be an average person." cost enquirer i NX, '-cm ix A r 4 f 6 if 1-"V :f f emini libro ciquorius f Z at 'I WE Your love life will perk up in 10 years, prob- ably with an Aries or a Sagittarius. In the meantime, get a pet, either a goldfish or a hamster. You will spend the next five years working towards one specific goal. Don't give up! You have a 467, chance of reaching it. Beware of wisdom teeth surgery. C CJ fi C G l' fffiwiireemfff Q Career plans exceed your every wish. Your success as an entrepreneur will be unbeliev- able. Watch for romantic interest from a Scorpio. But be careful. A Virgo might try to interfere on your love life! Since you will be rich, watch out for distant ilrelatives" beg- ging for some of your millions! leo Children are numerous in your future. A teacher? A principal? A parent? Beware of spending too much time around a Gemini. lt might bring you down. lob offers from a blue ship company come in 1997. Avoid investing in the stock market in 1989. Don't go to Rock Hill, S.C. in March, 1994. vir o ff 21 . R l foresee long stays in a mental institution in your future. Romantic flings with a Gemini, an Aquarius, a Taurus, and a Scorpio all end as abruptly as they start- ed. You will aquire your dream car some- time in 2017. Don't park it in the East Meck parking lot when you come back for a Homecoming Game. Y O A rapid weight gain is in your near future. When you join Overeaters - Anonymous, you will meet the Capricorn of your dreams. Gnce you are both thin, you will elope to Lizard Lick, NC. But predestined troubles arise when a crazed Leo attacks the tires of your car as you drive along. Take the neces- sary precautions. scorpio O 6 ' ,Q ,gf 1' 3 ff Q I D9 322 Boredom and ennui are around every cor- ner. Your life will be a drag, until you realize your dreams and become a drummer in a hard-core punk band called The Death Don- keys. After joining this band, you will meet a vivacious Virgo. A short stay in a mental insti- tution should clear up the effect of the rela- tionshio. sogittorius -Lf' I X 1 I I You are destined to snuggle by the fire alone for the next few years. But in 1995, you will meet a Cancer or a Pisces that will completely change your life. The question is, will it change for the better or the worse? Cheer up, though. You will be filthy rich from a relatively stupid in- vention. copricorn The future holds many surprises for you. Travel, money, cars, boats, and furs. But you will have to marry rich, because you are destined to be a failure in business. As a result of this married fortune, you will have tons of free time to do all sorts of charity work, like be an advisor for a high school yearbook. horoscopes fi' 1 ln your future, Emerson's poetry plays a important role. So does the opera, the syrr phony, and the ballet. You never knew hot cultural you could be until a Taurus, or may be a Libra, introduced you to the fine things in life. You will most likely live in Chai lotte for the rest of your life. Beware c turtles in 1996. pisces 4 Long term problems will be solved whei you fall in love with an Aquarius or a Capri com. Look for a career as a sanitation work er, it pays more than teaching. Expect you taste in music to fluctuate between countri and new wave. Don't buy a Yugo. Bewari of the summer of 1989. A surfing accident i likely. ies a.-P 'aff .' T? You are a very lucky person! Conte: relationships, grades - everythi seems to be going your way. The futi holds a warm romance with a Canc but you will eventually marry anotl Aries. Live your life the way you w. top don't worry about material goo Read Thoreau in November 1992. iIOUfUS WX U ' e A short romance with a Libra will lea you feeling bitter. A close friend, a sces, will get you to snap out of it. Tl same person will eventually becor your spouse. Remember, friends ma good marriage partners. Career plans' through in 1991, but your background dish washing should help pay the bi 54 Q F . 27 W , MY: fa A af 9, 2 2 Srwds W' up Get down Paffy is just ,is J 2, ,ff , 011,73 I H ' -' ffvll-,'.,i -fp..-s fl- r--nf ,,, I A -. ., - , F . . . , .A,.f f 4 , 1',,:w ,f.:',','v Q lf fa , : J AA , I Jllssftyfflvi " I? p ' F n-' Qu. ff ' Ili' '1 7 ,, ,,' iy' . 'V if ff ilf.':r,.7"5 25' Q ,, ln t'ne sornt ot t'ne Olymorc year, Evldence' ot tberr bard work 39' leambanxg me SWE 15364 Xeafggiho East athletes dedrcated themselves to neared tn the marw 'nonorslandn state were ot nams Ort H6066 C 3 P9- excellence. Gwlng, HOCA, ot themselves, recognrtlon WW 193105 21045 lndwldual SPOW5 Sewe art01tter,rJvrv0Se,at they not only proudly represented the atnletesvreeewed. Exfxixeral team? web E33 3'fngKY giasgviegexlfxi fihgsggf exceotrondrtxy ot East, but dso tlnat ot as t'ne arsrw Base a , aww OCCGY, an '59 5 ll , themselves. Spendrng atternoons ln Nlollevballl and C3059 ,COUHKN leamg and me 59eCtaxO'5'SueK?hmg' SWK 326 pragirgg, athletes wgrtged to pertegt 'nad members who recewed fxllfConterf PQOOVG OOYYTW CVCPCCY2-Yl0flSf 351 at ' t'nerr abrlrtres. Tnrs trmevconsumrng, bro- 2066 bonori-. lb Y'0Gftf QJYSUW tor 109 MSS. 9l0V?d Y'0aYd'290W5 W39 grtoiher cess was well rewarded as students saw r arNl4l0'Q,S, rrtarw YCBVOS amleved SUV-C955 fefeagmdwxmm Sm ems Wem fossmg the po-griwe fggnttg, Among, t'nese teams were t'neW. Soccer K G or GY. 'VL f."l", ,lj .fgrfgg 'H fl- F, jj, f x,g'j,,',p' , ,, ' rw. . , ,-,N , frmlfga, "iq ff! lj: ',a5,g,fji,1,15 I r 'J 1- !4gf'g.-. X J., .. 1,1 4, - 'l:7".?fI':, IL' ' .f j xii V2 -I 12 V 'gg' :Avy - ai' ,, Kira Ia lk A A ff? f 2 ff 5 l V if ff , sl? eff, 1 ifpafsfiyffff, ' ,if f 5 A ing of being an important part ll of East. f Eric Hobbs love ff Pe basketball! lt's a rt and it rsonally, l great spo , ou the gives y 210 SP 0 RTS DIVISION feel- GUTCH 0. 1 . 2 ei L U. txfbgsgq Q5 ea afar ,, 'Q Y' v-Qflf!-,, 6. Aw., of x, -. gy is W .3 L L .J Swing High, Swing Low . . : At halftime the girls find their positions on the field where they come to a rare standstill. L. By halftime at the football games, the colorguards were always psyched to per- form their spectacular show of color on the football field. Feeling the beat, the twenty girls twirled flags and capes while weaving in and out of the band. They placed at several of the band competi- tions and discovered the secrets of suc- cess: dedication, hard work, and style. The girls reaped the rewards of their practice. In competition, they placed first at Olympic and Newton-Conover and second at Mooresville. They also helped the band win the title of Honor Band at the Carrousel Parade. These accomplish- ments resulted from day long practices during summer and after school through Thanksgiving. The co-captains, Lisa Diggs and Sarah Gribble, led the practice un- der the instructions of choreographer lane Gill. To catch the audience's eye, Miss Gill designed new uniforms and flags for the squad, focusing on red and gold lame for flair. Nicole Griffith said, 'Color guard was a great opportunity to meet new people and be involved, but you have to get over the stage fright real fast!" The squad had a lot of talent this year although many of them had never expe- rienced this before. When asked about her first year, Laurie Davis reflected, ul realized it was more work than I thought it would be, but once I got the hang of it, it was really a lot of fun." 212 COLORGUARD op of the Lm First Row: left to right, Tracey Gardner, Sarah Gribble - co-captain, lennifer Harget, Christy Smith, Mandy Gamble, Stacey Stowers, Cathy Thomisee, Aiko Izumi, Laurie Davis, lulie Goodman, luanita Conduff, Amy May. Second Row: Kelly Nardone, Nicole Griffith, Kristi Walker, Lisa Digs - co-captain, Aleta Dunbar, Stephanie lohns, Tracey lohnson, Sarah Soltys, Yvette Lindsey, Barbara Hudson. Have a Coke and a smile!: Sarah Soltys, Christy Smith, and Dee Dee Ramirez obtain the essential insulin needed before a perfor- mance! S+ lg. 2 ln, Inq nm Ha, .. vb eHbound Under the supervision of Mrs. Al- fred and Mrs. Tate the lettergirls danced their way into our hearts while performing at all the football games and home basketball games. To keep on their toes they began the season early by practicing two weeks in luly from 6-9 a.m. Then they headed off in high spirits for lettergirl camp at Furman where they diligently worked towards perfecting routines all the while be- coming a closer group. In their compe- tition the squad won everything includ- ing best Home Routine, choreographed by Kathy Quanne and DeAnn Week- Iey, and best Camp Dance. During the football games, these en- ergetic woman danced to the music of the band, and for the basketball games they created a show of their own. The Captain Kathy Quanne and co-captain Robin Scales choreographed many of the routines with the help of innovative ideas from all the squad members. ul love my squad because they are a bunch of great people. l'm going to miss working with them a lot!" said Kathy Quanne. The lettergirls competed in the spring with the goal of placing Superior and going to the state camp at Myrtle Beach. What's that on the ceiling!?: During halftime the Iettergirls bask in the limelight. Center: Robin Scales - Co-captain, Kathy Quanne -Captain. Back Row: Rochelle lones, Amy Canter, Katie Boyce, Stacey Vantine, Tammi Moore, DeAnne Weekley, Becky Branner, Kruti Shukla, Amy Hartis. X le-leliflil " 'A ly A 'ffliflifg If? ff 133 it, ' X ' 555515 iff giflqlggj 4 f g '-it , .. iitliilf Skim, .... A Who's the Boss?!: Robin Scales and Kathy Quanne can easily smile because they love what they do . . . dance! Such balancel: Backstage these girls are one big happy family. LETTERGIRLS 213 Watch out!: The varsity cheerleaders start a cheer to start that Eagle spirit soar- ing. ln order to have an outstanding squad, it took sacrifice, strength, and determination. These eleven high spir- ited girls were under the direction of new advisor, Ms. Tomblin and co-ad- visor Ms. Frances. Meeting for two weeks in the sum- mer was not always a thrill, but neces- sary to prepare them for the vigorous practices of camp. At the end of july, the squad headed off to Eastern Cheer- leading association camp held at UNC- Charlotte. While at camp, they learned a variety of cheers, chants and pyra- mids. The squad's overall performance won them all spirit awards in their divi- sion. Their energy and perfection left the remaining squads speechless. When Tricia Hamilton was asked to comment on her camp experience, she stated, lllt hurt, but the sore muscles definitely paid off." It was not until football and basketball season approached that they boosted up that Eagle Spirit with cheeres to en- tertain the crowd and promote student body involvement. Krista Surface, the team captain, stated, llWe put forth all the effort that was needed to make the squad a success. Determination made us a great squad!" 214 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS pirit at its Best . - A-N-fe ,::2Q:sXif??i5SNh , ,Q mm, sg, 'N it 'fi 3 First Row: Shannon Keller, Melissa Lassiter, Krista Surface, Lendy Hunter, Hoa Bragg. Second Row: Hope Holly, Tricia Hamilton, Sara Lewis, Tameshia Stewart, Amy Yates, Sheryl Hall. Taking it to the toplz The cheerleaders show their stuff during a time out. Cheer Perfection WA . W. .. ,,e, tg ' ' 'V" "YQ, ef . , Wrgagmt I 4 .. .K my .. .gin 1' ,ef ,Ware ,W A J Hustlel: Captain Marilyn Feaster shows the crowd her Eagle Spirit. Ready?!?: lennifer Hall looks to her fellow cheerleaders to call the cheer. Along with September came the ex- citement of junior varsity cheerleading try-outs. Over forty energetic girls had the dream of filling one of the nine spots on the squad. With try-outs only lasting three days it did not give anyone time to waste. At the end of the try-outs, there were nine happy and cheerful faces. Re- becca Hooks commented, UI was hon- ored to be chosen out of many talented girls." With the football season already started the junior varsity cheerleaders were able to jump right in and showed everyone they were no amateurs! They were even asked to cheer along with the varsity cheerleaders during the home- coming game. With the help of advisors, Ms. Prater, Ms. Carnes and Ms. Gunter they were able to be more organized and unite with their bumper sticker fundraiser. When basketball season started, they showed nothing less than perfection. Often their was a small crowd at these games but they were far from discouraged. Captain Marilyn Feaster stated, "We all got along well which definitely reflected on our performance. From left to right: Kathy Elrod, Amy Schielder, Rebecca Hooks, Kelly Pitts, Robin Krissel, Robin Helms, jennifer Hall, Marilyn Feaster. Not Pictured: Phyllis Thompson. Go Eagleslz The l.V. Cheerleaders open the game with a spirit raising cheer. l.V. CHEERLEADERS 215 hoot High, im Low 'YP A word of advicel: Coach Bosc preaches to his weary players during halftime. For most of us, August 8, 1987 still meant laziness and fun, but for the soc- cer team, it meant going back to work. As the season got under way, the team was cut to 19 players. For the most part, the team looked like they were going to have another great season, and of course, they did! Led by co-captain Clay Baker, who was the recipient of the first annual Charlotte Soccer Foundation Scholarship, and Scott Griscom, the team finished with 18 wins, one tie, and one loss. When the team advanced to the first round of the state playoffs, they met and defeated Winston Salem's Parkland team, 12-O. Next, they dominated North Forsyth High School's team to win 8-O. Unfortunately, they lost a close game to Greensboro's Grimsley High School in the 3rd round, 1-O. Nl feel the game we played against Grimsley was a champi- onship game," said Coach Larry Bosc, who also said, 'lt was simply bad timing. We played Grimsley too soon." Coach Bosc was selected as Soccer Coach of the Year for the Southwestern 4A Con- ference. This year the soccer team received many honors. Andrew Cohen, was named N.C. player of the year, second team All-American, and received all-state honors. Four players, lohn Vastis, Clay Baker, lohn Hoffman, and Rick Da- Costa, received All-Conference, All- 216 VARSITY BOYS' SOCCER Ei A' ig., ,L if U QW i' . 9' Region, and All-State honors. Chris Frisco and Phil Rimer also received All- Region honors. i'Being ranked number one in the state for six weeks, and ending up fourth says a great deal for our team," concluded senior co-captain Scott Griscom. The V Team: Front Row - Mack Lakey, Clay Baker, lochen Tarke, Phil Rimer, Sean Cal- loway, Andrew Cohen, Zeb Campbell, Scott Griscom. Second Row - Rick DaCosta, Rob Krissel, Chris Frisco, Brent Arey, Craig Beasley, lohn Vastis, Danny Wills, Donald Hanson, Matt Wilson, Coach Larry Bosc. Not pictured: lohn Hoffman. A winning pair: Chris Frisco and Clay Baker scrimmage during practice. is 5 3 ...S . ML "5 . ,,. .. -4, ..... at .. A. . 2' --Q .W .sf WN. -H+ . .1 ' Was: Colliding at midfield: Sur- viving a football game meant hard work and tough players. The 1987 Varsity Football team made an honorable effort to defeat their op- ponents with each game throughout the season. Although the head coach Rudy Abrams commented, l'We could have played better this year," the team attracted Eagle fans to every game. The Army showed their support to bolster the team by sporting their fatigues at every game. Helping Coach Abrams were assistant coaches Dulan, Potts, McCall, Feaster, Dohrman, and Mc- Mahon. Tony Horton and Reggie Gordon set high standards for the rest of the players as team captains. The team did not have as many wins as they deserved with talent such as Hor- ton, Gordon, Alvin White, and David Carter, who were the outstanding team members. Tony Horton was also selected to play on the North Carolina Shrine Bowl team. Next years team should be even more stronger with the upcoming juniors. 218 VARSITY FOOTBALL aking the Pla .aim . ein. First Row: Sean Lyles, Lester Norman, Tommy McClain, Scott Thomas, Dean Diamaduros, Zeb Campbell, Christopher Carroll, Bill Struck, Albert Alexander, Gary Baker, Mario Single- ton. Second Row: Herbie Williams, Rogers Webb, Reggie Gordon, Fred Ingram, David Carter, Anthony Hall, lohn Cornacchione, David Watkins, lackie Drakeford, Brian Logan, Alvin White, Lance McCall. Third Row: lerry Nerad, Darius Deese, Anthony Sowell, Greg Sean Carter, Kurt Caronis, Robert Dinkins, Black, Brad Anderson, leffery Stewart, Scott Mulwee, Lamar Richardson, loe jones, john Burns. Fourth Row: Frank McKee, Dustin Runnels, Tony Horton, Coaches and trainers. On the Lookout: The Eagle defense was ready for the tackle. Healing the wounded: Team members re- ceived medical attention from injuries caused by a rough game. Extra points: Field goals helped to increase points on the scoreboard on the way to a victory. , V,-2-ffw , It , fi ' '9 as x aff Ma M1 H.. v ,Wa Sideline concentration: Team members get psyched for their turn on the field. Strategy on the sidelines: The coaches plan for the next big play. VARSITY FOOTBALL 219 We're number onel: The players on the sideline show their team spirit. The talented junior Varsity football team ended the season with six wins and four losses. They played excep- tionally well and were strongly sup- ported by the student body. The l.V. players showed a lot of team spirit and always managed to make their games very exciting. Running back, Tim Miller, really contributed to the team's success this season by scor- ing twelve touchdowns and running for over 1000 yards. The top defensive players were Pete Mobley and Chris lohnson. Although the Eagles had many outstanding play- ers, their wins were because of the entire team's effort, they won and lost as a team. Coaches Richard Dohrman and lerry McMahan thought that the team did very well considering how hard it is for the players to get used to being in a brand new team with people that they have played with before. Coach Dohrman said that he expects the boys to be llexcellent varsity players next year." 220 l.V. FOOTBALL assing to Victor First Row: Trey Tinch, Randy Cox, Willie Rice, Daryl Hamilton, Randy Kirkpatrick, Maurice Hood, Andy Smith, Rion Bolick, Van Stitt. Sec- ond Row: Shiron Moore, Travious Henry, Lawrence English, Braunski Hall, Scott Griffin, Phillip Massey, leff Vanasek, Chad Humphries, Tim Parker, Eric Davis, Andrew Biorson. Third Row: Tim Miller, Evan Helms, Rodriqrez Green, lerry Rankin, David Cole, Anthony Robinson, Derrick Kennedy, Tom Nerad, Stacey Evans, Tony Abrams, Chris lohnson, Maurice Weber. Fourth Row: Chris Amos, Kerry Lawing, Chris Matthews, Bobby Hardison, Ken Kuehl, Chad Lagana, Montrell jones, Derrick Marshall, lames Allen. With Ease: Tim Miller dodges opposing players as he runs the ball down the field. Heading To aff Y S7 I .Cs A4 The Top The Junior Varsity soccer team had an outstanding season this year. Their record was 15-1-2, and they won the conference championship for the fifth straight year. Practice started in August for every- one trying out. After the varsity team was picked seventeen more players were chosen for the junior Varsity team. The players practiced every day to prepare themselves for their 6:00 games on Mondays and Wednesday. The purpose of the l.V. team was to prepare the younger players for future roles on the varsity team. Coach Sher- rill commented that he is confident that llThe junior Varsity players are well prepared to be assets to next year's varsity team." In Control: Bradley Mechum and Todd Zagora keep the ball from their opponent. First Row: lim McNinch, Steve Riddle, Brad Hoffman, Todd Zagora, Bill Riddick, Brad Mechum, lohn Hart, Spencer Kympton, jason Wagoner. Second Row: Matt Snyder, Brant Biggers, Clay Baucom, Scott Smith, Alberto Mangione, lim Tomey, lon Nutter, Walter Fields, Coach Larry Bosc. Go for itl: Spencer Kympton battles Varsity player, Clay Baker, for the ball at practice. Watch thisl: Bill Riddick demonstrates his great balancing abilities after his team's win over West Meck, l.V. BOYS' SOCCER 221 Kick in the Grass Strategic Moves: As the girls huddle before a game, Coach Arim talkes of strat- egy and the essence of win- ning. Two years have passed since the Lady Eagles first stepped onto the soc- cer field, and since then, they've be- come one of the top all girl soccer teams in the conference. Led this yer by captains Millicent McKeithean, lanis Gustafson and Heather McKissock, the Lady Eagles began the '87 season with two shut out victories. The team was chosen after trying out for two weeks. Their practices lasted one and a half hours Monday through Friday excluding game days. Many out- standing players returned, which gave them a more experienced team from last year. Experience and having played together prior to the '87 season was an important factor in how well the team played early in the season. High on spirit, on game days, the girls could be seen wearing their East soccer shirts and boxers, or carrying soccer balloons. uSometimes we can really get together and do well. Other times it just doesn't click." commented Millicent McKei- then on the girls' playing. Most of the girls felt they still had a lot of work to do and believed there was always a chance for improvement. BJ. Brendle, a senior player, said, 'Being on the soc- cer team was one of the best memo- ries l took with me from high school." 222 GIRLS' SOCCER Pg.-f., it 1 4 as -5-tw... l 'f Go ahead, make my day: Sara lones shows grim determination as she moves to receive the ball. ln the background, Heather McKissock signals she is free to give and go. Drop Back!: The Lady Eagles play with aggres- sion as they struggle to get the ball from their opponents. W ks f fo i if 4? 4 1 -.1 . as 'Q 1 . -, f " Nui Q Misfit Aren't you glad you use Dial?: Kristi Kwaiser is certainly glad her opponent uses Dial. ' ,, ,.s'.i'X7f? 22',Qiz,1,gQ1f, , The Right Moves: Balancing a soccer ball is a technique that has to be acquired through much practice, as Kristi Kwaiser demonstrates. Defense on the Go: Heather McKissock moves to block the ball as it is kicked down- field by an opponent. GIRLS' SOCCER 223 We can do it!: Determina- tion helps Richard Rosen- feld, Mike McDowell, and David Rosenfeld in the competition. Winning was not the only thing the Cross Country team experienced last sea son. Along with their victory came friend- ship. The athletes took time out to go to the beach, summer camp, and the moun- tains. The night before a big race, one could usually find the team finishing out their practice with a pizza. Coach Larry McAfee explained his view of what a team should be as he said, "The measure of success of an athletic team is not just the win-loss record, but the friendships and experiences you share." On the trails, however, the Cross Country team showed their athletic abil- ity as they met the competition with suc- cessful results. Both the mens' and wom- ens' teams won conference and region meets. Individually, Leslie McCaskill was the womens' conference champ and led a pack of Lady Eagles, Tomi Ogumba, Kim Eldridge, Valerie Sowers, and Traci Blumhagen to the All Conference Hon- ors. Trying to break lon Stempa, Wes Ishee, and Byron Royal's stride was al- most impossible as they made the All Conference team for the men. Due to some illness of key runners, the week of the State meet, the Lady Eagles finished third in the state and the men finished twelfth. Kirsten lorgenson summed up the season as she said, tlRunning for Cross Country gave me a chance to better my- self even though l'm not the number one runner." 224 CROSS COUNTRY akin Track A 1 na First Row: Gene Ko, Brian Miesch, Charlie lohnson, Kim Eldridge, Amy Hart, Raegan lones, Beth Fangmeier, Kirsten lorgenson, Adrienne Parker, Brian Thorsvold, Tim Morely, Wes lshee. Second row: Andrew Kupfer, Brad Taylor, Byron Royal, Owen Cooper, Kenny Rule, Kelly Cutts, Peggy Ydel, Amy Hart, Lisa Depenbrock, Traci Blumhagen, Stacy Herrman, Mike McDowell, Mike Williams, Chris Kemper. Third Row: Darren Bigley, Richard Rosenfeld, David Monroe, Shawn Wilkerson, David Rosenfeld, Nathalie Sowers, Brad Hormberg, Grace Ranson, Matt Walker, Leigh Ann Cole, Chris Evans, Valerie Sowers, Nancy Kuhn, Tim Gallagher, Leslie McCaskill, lill Wherry, Bryan Carella, O.B. Tadlock, Matt Matone, Adam Roth, Kevin Harris, Craig Horton, Debbie Bigley. Not Pictured: Tomi Ogumba, Marcy Dion, Nellie Elguindi, Allyson Mauldin, Whitney Powers, Lane Boland, Bob Foster, Toby Grove, lon Stempa. I Y I- - ...igiixi-N531 ' i - F1171 ef f- we 1. Warming up: Leslie McCaskiII, Individual Con- ference Champion, enjoys a run in McAIpine Greenway Park. Q! y ,f"?i"H-ff 'L' 'iw Three miles left to go: Adam Roth keeps his Eagle pride as he gains the lead. I wanna go homel: Valerie Sowers suffers from the agony of da feet. CROSS COUNTRY 225 ets- -Slam Ready for anything: Celeste Beaver, Kim Cundiff, Sherie Bell, and Leslie Lowe wait T i for the serve to start the l ' g . Zi, i... g Ng y game. ' This year's volleyball team slammed many balls into their opponents' courts, as they finished 8-4 for the in-league season. They placed second in their pre-season tournament at Sun Valley on August 29th. The team won against Hunter Huss at the Conference Tourna- ment in October and lost one to Garinger. Coach Modrell felt that the team played a lot better at the end of the season, improving on their skills as they went along. Practices were held everyday after school from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and game days were Tuesdays and Thurs- days. The hard work and determina- tion the girls put into their practices and games paid off when they made the state playoffs at East Gaston. Melanie Stogner, a junior, said of the team, 'I think the team played well even though we were young, we only had two seniors." Sherri Bell, a junior, was elected to the All Mecklenburg Team and the Ob- server All Volleyball Team for her out- standing playing and sportsmanship. Another player, Celeste Beaver, who is also a co-captain, made All Confer- ence. The team had a successful, fulfill- ing season, as senior Laura Story agreed, ul was excited to be playing on the team because the team played so well." 226 VOLLEYBALL . NNN Front row: Marsha Rowe, Laura Story, co-cap- tain, Melissa Ranson, Kristin Sorenson, Darrin Lanier. Back row: Coach Modrell, Melanie Stogner, Heather Furr, Celeste Beaver, co-cap- tain, Leslie Lowe, Sherie Bell, Tim Ross, man- ager. Not Pictured: Kim Cundiff, Adele Deaton. Break time: The girls take a rest while they plan a new strategy for the next match. Y A! to O.K., Here's the plan: As they listen intently, Coach Modrell gives encouragement and ad- vice to the girls. h I ,,-.-., ,..,,,. , , ., 'ir' I 4 K . .. g l T? ,,'V,.,,., M YW - if figs ' :VY - ' '..y ' W' L . H- ' f 7 ...... M1 5. Q rj .. D- 1 its Q5 f. X I iimn---YW ' g 4 " "' I Y- tt,t at n'WM QQ ' ' ed-'L K .2 "r , afxi'-'L "I feel pain!": Senior Laura Story seems to be in pain as the team regroups. Set for a slam: junior Kristen Sorenson gets ready to slam the ball into the other court. VOLLEYBALL 227 In the spotlight: Tomi Ogumba shines as a sprinter for this year's team. Tne girls' track team had an out- standing season led by Head Coach lohn Potts. Coach Potts was assisted by Larry McAfee and Dexter Feaster. For the first time in East history, the Lady Eagles placed first in the confer- ence! They dominated the conference in the distance events, taking almost all of the top three places in most of the events. They scored almost half of their team points through these distance events. Their winning didn't stop there, however. They took third place in the Regionals, and finished out the season tieing for tenth place in the State Championships. The premier sprinters were Tomi Ogumba, Sherie Bell, and Wanda Withers. While lamie Oxendine, a high jumper, and Sheri Bell, a triple jumper, carried the team in the field events. The majority of the team spe- cialized in the distance events. They included lamie Oxendine, Leslie Mc- Caskill, Kim Eldridge, Valerie Sowers, Kirsten lorgenson, Traci Blumhagen, Kelly Cults, and Peggy Ydel. The girls' track team had an excep- tional season as they raced for the gold. 228 GIRLS' TRACK acing for the Gold lt takes two: Teamwork is an essential part of track as Sherie Bell and Kim Eldridge soon found out. Something funny Coach?: Coach Feaster and Coach McAfee smile proudly at jamie Ox- endine. V. for Victory: Kim Eldridge and Leslie Mc- Caskill show their excitement as the girls place first in conference. No problemlz lt's obvious by the look on her face that Kelly Cutts has no doubt as to the outcome of this race! Can I make it?: Amy Hart proves she can as she easily clears the hurdle. On your mark, get set, gol: The Lady Eagles prepare for what promises to be a tough race. GIRLS' TRACK 229 l . M ,,,,MmL Over the top: Adrian Harper makes hurdle jump- ing seem easy as he grace- fully glides over the top. The 1986-87 Boys' track season lasted from February 1 - May 28. The team consisted of twenty-five men of varying ages and talents who when put together made a spectacular team. They were divided into three specific areas of specialty including sprinters, distance runners, and those that ex- celled in field events. The main sprint- ers were Anthony Sowell, Bryant Robins, and Brandon Gill. There were three outstanding distance runner, Trey Ishee, Matthew Hornburg, and Bob Mueller. Brandon Gill also had a great talent in the field events as a triple jumper. Under the guidance of Head Coach lohn Potts and the assistant Coaches Larry McAfee and Dexter Feaster, the men were able to succeed in competi- tion. They placed fourth in the confer- ence and tied for ninth in the Region- als. ln the State Championships, jimmy Brown brought recognition to East by placing third in the .800-meter race. The guys enjoyed being on the track team and said it not only brought disci- pline to the sport, but also every aspect of their lives. 230 BOYS' TRACK 2 our ark 5 .ws-ww, N MQ..- A Msagg g M W be -...-u.N.........Lwq.t.t.. lim' ---...........,..,cW ---iw-Q--.-... Leading the pack: Bob Mueller and Kenny Rule lead the way to an exceptional win. I got it!: With the batton held tightly in his hand, limmy Brown races to pass it to the next runner. if "?1fQI!'fW'f "ZS 0 44 Am I almost there?: lon Stempa pushes him- self to reach the finish line. e-""""" Concentration: Briant Robins gives his all as he prepares to throw his shot put. Deep Breaths: Anthony Sowell takes a deep breath of determination as he speeds down the track. BOYS' TRACK 231 A conference win: Brownie Rogers leads the Eagle's of- fense down the court against the Ashbrook Green Wave. uYou have to keep working hard, and you have to have a little hope and never quit. You should never give anything but your best effort." This was the attitude expressed by lohn Vastis and many oth- er members of the 1987-88 Varsity Men's Basketball team. Although the team lost some key players last year, this positive outlook kept the team going throughout the season. Practice began early in November, continuing every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, even during the holidays. The team worked hard to increase their finesse in man-to-man defense and to improve their offensive scoring game. The Eagles started off with a close loss to West Charlotte. ilWe got down on ourselves early in the season, and al- though we had the talent, sometimes it was hard to believe in ourselves," com- mented Chris Frisco. However, soon afterwards, the Ashbrook Green Wave fell to the Eagles, and it seemed that the Eagles had gotten things on track. When the team needed an extra boost, they relied on the outstanding talents of se- nior lohn Vastis and junior Andre Harris. They worked hard and played as a team to do their best for the 1987-88 season. 232 VARSITY BOYS' BASKETBALL Shot at ictor Front Row: Chris Frisco, Mike Short, Daryl Myers, Harrison lones. Back Row: loe lones, Andre Harris, Erik Lammonds, Rob Craig, Brownie Rogers Soaring Eagle: Harrison lones shoots over a defen- sive man in the game against East Gaston. .a Will it make it?: All players watch anxiously to see if the Eagles will score yet another basket. Each year, twelve girls devote four months to their school. The 1987-88 Girls' Varsity Basketball team consisted of highly skillful sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Coach Baker Hood, who was the head coach, was assisted by Coach Farley, Coach Coltrane, and Mr. Met- zler, whose daughter was a member of the team. The team practiced everyday after school, and their games were played on Tuesdays and Fridays. According to Coach Hood, they had a strong team this year, with their main drawback being inexperience. Only two members of the team, Darlene Withington and Amy Hart, were se- niors. The rest were mainly sopho- mores who had to adjust to the change from junior high to high school. Coach Hood also commented that this was a plus since next year these girls would have the advantage of not only being older and stronger, but also being fa- miliar with how the team works. The girls loved being on the team, for it not only taught them about the game, but also about life. 234 VARSITY GIRLS' BASKETBALL n the Rebound Determination: lennifer Fain knows all eyes are on her and gives her all to the shot. Who should get itl: Receiving the ball is easy. Getting rid of it, that is a different story. ull: ,,,,WW W,,,,, nffgaw W .mwwd .ll ' 1 O Fly like an Eagle: Mike Lyth soars high above the rest to deliver a winning shot. Normally when one thinks about a basketball player they think of someone who is tall, Well, there is more to it than that. According to the l.V. Boys' Basket- ball coach, Mr. Dilly, a player must have ua willingness to work hard and a good attitude as well as physical ability." The members of the l.V. team had all of these qualities and more. The only things they didn't have were permanent team captains. The captains rotated with each game so everyone could have a chance to lead the team to victory. The team also rotated their starting line-up, giving each member a chance to show their stuff. Although the goal in basketball is to win, Coach Dilly said it's just as impor- tant 'lto do the best you can." These boys really did keep this goal in mind. The team: Marcus Lee, Mario Singleton, Westly Sharpe, Mike Lyth, Ron Fort, Shannon Hendrick, Bob Hardison, Eric Hobbs, Alan Westbrook, Doug Lowery, Herbie Williams, and Antoine Sanders. Swing your partner by the arm!: Eric Hobbs shows both his great dance steps and good sportsmanship while scoring another basket for East. 236 l.V. BOYS' BASKETBALL '?..?he El! Bounces Swish! This was the sound most often heard at a lV girls basketball game. The girls coach, Coach Coltrane, replied, uCoach Hood should win the champi- onship with these girls next year on Var- sityf' And maybe they will. Coach Rauss replied that the purpose of lV is to ilpre- pare for varsity level." She also said 'ldedication is a main factor." One of the things these girls had was great dedication. And just who were these girls? The captains were Katherine Sumner and Kelly Burns with a great team consisting of Leigh Wood, Christi- na Whitlen, Kelly Nardone, Michelle Newnam, Sam Flack, Nikki Fincher, Christine Eming, and leannie Rice. Even though they couldn't win every game they sure had a good time. Kath- ryn Sumner said it best, 'We may not have won, but we have a lot of fun." Big Tippers: East Eagle 114 stretches for the ball, but finds that sometimes keeping on her toes isn't enough. Team Players: Sam Flack, Kelly Nardone, lean- nine Rice, Suzanne Innes, Coach Coltrane, Kelly Burns, Katherine Sumner Give me five: ln a strong offensive movement. the lady Eagles work for a basket. l.V. BOYS' BASKETBALL 237 aking Waves Skinny dipping?: No! lt's just the East Meck Swim Team warming up for a big meet. 'lO.K.l I want a 12 lap warmup, then ten 100's on a two minute interval. Go!" So begins a typical workout at the john- son Memorial YMCA. Three days a week, for three months, including Win- ter Break, the East Meck Swim Team averaged one and a half miles every day. During practice, they worked on pacing, endurance, strokes, weights, and sprints. li0ur practices were rough, but I could really see an improvement in my times and in the rest of the teams times," said Laura Lineberger, a new team member. Double participation guidelines were eliminated this year by the state. This was good news for year-round swim- mers because they could swim on two teams without penalty. jeff Williams, a senior, explained, liLast year, lots of swimmers in our conference were ineli- gible due to double participation, This year our team was stronger because this rule was abolished. This made competi- tion levels rise in all of our meets, and lowered regional and state qualifying times." The Eagles finished their regular sea- son with a 4-2 record for the women's team and a 5-1 for the men's team. Sev- eral of East's team members qualified for regional and state competition. Senior Rich Neal said, llTraveling to meets is one of the best parts of being on the team. Riding up to Carolina on the bus is great for team spirit." East swam against 238 SWIMMING North Meck, Monroe, Ashbrook, She- bly, South Meck, and Myers Park. South turned out to be East's biggest rival. The Eagles lost to the Sabres, but beat Shelby High School for the first time in five years. Coach Hanes commented that, llOur team did quite well this year. Our record shows that we had good times and good swimmers." First Row: Heather McGarrah, Steve Alfaro, Ni- cole Conklin, Pam Paufler, Pam Gaddy, Wanda Blake, Carmen Hand, David Paufler. Second Row: Adrienne Yeung, Amity Wallace, Tracy Wilson, Becky Hutchins, Allister Stuart, Kristin Nozar, Meredith Brooks, Russell Everett, jason Wagoner, Scott Szmuriga, Laura Lineberger. Third Row: lim Kappias, Wendy Holton, Greg Hart, Suzanne lnnes, Franzi Zabolitzki, Vance Hobbs, Matt Stanley, Mark Chadwick, Richard Hagemeyer, Rich Neal, Brett Hutchins, Coach Greg Hanes. Not pictured: Tracy Barwick, Mi- chelle Newnam, leff Williams. Tag Team Swimming: Greg Hart touches the wall so Matt Stanley can complete the final leg of the 400 freestyle relay. "Oh joy, oh bIiss": Coach Greg Hanes shows enthusiasm after a good race. Now landing in lane 2: Becky Hutchins displays a new form of the standard racing dive, Heave, ho!g Wendy Holton uses brute force to pull Tracy Barwick from the wa- ter. SWIMMING 239 All tied up!: junior Scott Fish- er uses his strength to keep the opponent under control. llWe have a very young but improved team. l think we will be very strong if things come together right," comment- ed Coach Sherill. The Varsity Wrestling team got off to a great start this year as they took a quick 8-10-1 season record. Their many tournaments and invitation- als included the East Meck Invitational, where they took first place for the first time since 1972. They took first place at the Conference Tournament, second at the Anson County Invitational, third at the Crest Invitational, and third at the independence invitational. Led by co-captains Danny Sharpe and Dusty Runnels, the team really held together well and had another winning season. Like the year before, the team had a motto they liked and followed throughout the season. This year's 'G.O.Y.A." kept the team's desire going during the three months. As the season ended, the wrestling team took fourth in the regional compe- tition and twelfth place in the state com- petition. All in all, they had another vic- torious season, and another winning team. 240 WRESTLING e Right oves Q The team: First rovv: Mike Knight, Tim Barone, jason LaSteIla, Scott Fisher, jason Hayes, Willie Rice, Greg Hodges. Second row: Carey Baker, Mike Satterfield, Chris Stubbs, Stan Banks, Mi- guel Mewburn, Danny Sharpe, Dusty Runnels. Horsin' around: jason LaSteIIa and Scott Fisher are perfecting their moves during practice. QR Sh xg 5 E wg 491' -8--' ,Xml i - use A v Standing in the shadow: . Andy Monin tries to walk the A straight line. T The l.V. baseball team was basically a farm team for the Varsity, from which players were brought up when needed throughout the year. Coach Coltrane utilized this group of fine young talents frequently during the 1987 season when there was an injury or a special situation, The '87 l.V. team made considerable progress throughout the season and looked forward to Varsity play in 1988. Coach Modrell said of his young team, llThe varsity is losing a lot of players so l think the new l.V. players will fit in nice- ly." Consisting primarily of sophomores and a few juniors, the l.V. team won almost seventy percent of their games, finishing second in the conference. Stacy Cooper led the team in hitting, by batting over .500 throughout the eigh- teen game season. Danny Wills with the help of lohn Cornaccione and Chris Kemper had a great pitching sea- son. The team started out shakily at first, but with hours of diligent practice they pulled out a great season. The l,V. team attributed their success to concentration on the fundamentals. Third baseman Harrison lones said of the team's success, l'As a team we turned in an impressive season support- ed by strong pitching and consistent hit- ting." A sigh of relief: lohn Cornaccione shows his reaction to the last play of the inning. 242 l.V. BASEBALL att r UP x g N x , A, .z Y, Wfwwzms mwsyw. Wav- F -st V as A ,Y .., W. - as T - Yi - A ...... ,K ,c.,. .tl .. R-,RN K . . ss. . my .-...ee 'Wfiii -Y' fag- 5 -, ,e K. g ,.., - -ti. md... M if X - fs- - xkwr y 3, J in ss ,tsl f ' . 'ii X .Q ,Q ' ' . 5 , - Q .K Q, K fy ,K 4 X . ,.. V, x. 1 ex, xiii? ,f 3 .tt -u as ,- or .. ,- zf,-risky 1 .K Liffif 'N l A . T K wx. ' -saw S ' b ,- X X AView from the Mat Twister anyone?: Tom Clewell attempts to pin his opponent. Wrestlerettes: Ronda Poplin, Tracey Greer, Liz Abrams, Lorena Russo, Caroline Cavalone, Trina Stout, Heather Roberts, lenny Massey. Training for the 1988 l.V. Wrestling season was strenuous, but well worth the effort. Coach Sherrill worked hard to develop a fine team. The young ath- letes struggled through a hard fought season. Each wrestler contributed his strength throughout the year, For many team members, this year brought about a long term learning season to prepare them forthe Varsity team next year. The wrestlers all competed to the best of their potential and the team developed throughout the year. The season was a success due to a team effort. Adding to the excitement, the Wrestlerettes gave their support at each meet. The squad kept score and helped out when need- ed. Overall, the l.V. wrestling team showed a great potential for next year's Varsity team. The l.V. Wrestlers: Brian Lamer, Nathan Strouse, lason Cochran, Matthew Cummings, josh Dick- son, and Tom Clewell. Concentrating on a pin: The tension begins on the mat in the starting position. l.V. WRESTLINGXWRESTLERETTES 243 et's Play Ball at .llff A lgfrr ..,,,, 1 5' tg, 'f i. Y wg Ziii. i Aa... fe tg, uwxf, :W Agn., :., msn s ,W ,,,, . . ,N .. yi' f f- -,vga -::Q..r'U:wgt?-fgygfm r'r,,,'f'-..Wa?33" ff N kggig it , X .f -Q, se . :gg if ' ,f :arg I . Q The mo-ment of truth: . f ,' . Breaths are held as April j- 'MW Thurston keeps her mind on putting her bat to the ball. Speeding feet, swinging bats, and sailing balls were three things that im- mediately sprung to mind when one thought of East's amazing softball team. Tonya Campbell said, lllt was a re- ally good group of girls." This softball team was much more than that. lt was a group of talented players and their determined coaches. The girls prac- ticed everyday there wasn't a game. Coaches Mr. Dohrman and Mr. jones worked to prepare the players for the tests to come. Game days, Mondays and Thursdays, gave the girls a chance to strut their stuff. The practice paid off as major improvements vvere made in everybody's game. The season ended with an excellent team full of great players. The season also left a softball playing family full of many good friends. 244 SOFTBALL S r , On the sideline: Members of the softball team turn their hopes toward the players on the field. A round of applause: Clapping to the beat of a good play, Christi Black, Alisha, and Liz Fox cheer on their team. fixxiift S U l twiki xfaigxgrm i tv 4 1 1 It it Ducking a disagreement: Coach lones dis- putes a Call as a player checks to make sure her foot really did land on base. 5 NS: so WH M on WM' .A f mf, ax w,f' i kill! 1. his W-Aa 4 ' ,Q ,fl vnu In a " alma Y 251355 Alva, f., 8 2- 3 my "1 1 , , f W ,al 1 if ln J,. y if M 1 1 --Q 7' A mind full of tricks: Kayla Davis plans her next pitch. Brace yourself: Darlene Withington prepares for whatever might come her way. SOFTBALL 245 Take Cover: Angela Schni- adt anticipates a great shot from her opponent. Practicing every day after school for twelve weeks, their dedication paid off. This year's Girls' Tennis team ended with a terrific season, with ten wins and only two losses. These de- feats were to very competitive schools, Shelby and Ashbrook. Three of the outstanding players were Sarah Talbot, Laurie Sessa, and Erika Gantt. Sarah served as captain, played in top form in the city regionals, and was seeded third in Charlotte, She also played in the state tournament but was beat by the third seeds Laurie and Erika, Eastfs number one doubles team, seeded top eight in the state and made it to the state quarter-finals. Erika and Laurie both made all conference, and were the regionals doubles champions. Even though these girls spent a lot of time in the lime light, the entire team pulled off a successful season. Ms. Price commented that the team, 'had good people all the day down the line, - we had fourteen great players." With the Lady Eagles finishing second in the regionals, Ms. Price is sure that llNext year should be even better." 246 GIRLS' TENNIS atch- akers a,:s,,,, ,, .,.,.. 4. x V,,, 7.51 W First row: Amy Moore, Tara O'Toole, Sarah aw Talbot, Laurie Sessa. Second row: Lynn Gonza- lez, Heidi Griffith Tennis Anyone?: Kelly DuPont prepares to make a sensational return. S S 355 5 . . . And then in my spare time: Karen Ansil sports her tennis gear, psyching up for a big match. Am I a tennis pro or what?!?: Laurie Sessa shines on the tennis court, preparing for her soon-to-be Regionals Doubles Championship with Erika Gantt. GIRLS' TENNIS 247 aking a Racquet Q-'Q ti'??. 39 seg. 1-ss -9 . .tg s . 'st ii ,.s,. as A12Qaf3,g5p,1.x.+s.. H V ww., W ine. '15 r Ls. 4 ,- ' - ,Q N, ma- " . in ' W ,- if ' -1 , 55,-.,ts'iff:tegiQ?e Q, W, ... . ss.. L 5-,, " 4 L u s L f .ggjwy 1,5 .m-s.tosf,x-,tb r' J, - t ' ' ia..,..'i. , - X A ..-ts, kv! 3' dials: ti Jifasm H .Q . 9- .. c k"" g l H, k . K ' g P SST , J - K44 -K g 4'.a.:.r.w 4,,s..':+.a,......a.....-..-wary ' A And away we go: Twisting to return the volley, Randall Phillips demonstrates his per- fect backhand form. The 1986-87 Boys' Tennis team was composed of many different talents. Randall Phillips, a senior and the num- ber one player, had been playing ever since he knew what a tennis racket was. Fifth seeded senior Mike Weber com- bined his tennis talents with his pitching talents to play a spring season of both Varsity Baseball and Boys' Tennis. XOur team has worked very well to- gether and everyonefs attitude has been awesome," commented Steve Rain- water, the Boys' Tennis team coach. They worked so well together that they pulled off a 9-3 record, tieing for second place in the conference. They also had six players to go to regionals. Pl feel the whole season was a terrific success, and this was probably one of the best teams we ever had at East Meck," said Morris Mangum, a senior and second-seed player. 248 BOYS' TENNIS r-'Q .N 5. QWRBRO Nr? Always gentlemen: Doubles partners Morris Mangum and Randall Phillips pause to shake their opponents' hands after a match. Donk!: With a clean sweep, Morris Mangum returns the ball. 1 S-53' sag e ii QV' vim 1.5 " .I -R M S515 if 81 .-5' " 1 'ft as J xx x Q., Q Wt?-A H its 5 1 i ' ' ' ' I M Y' ix, ff min.. q ..Ji...a.a.u:.5.4.. r- l.l . Tight shotlz Tim Carney puts forth extra effort as he stretches to return a tough volley A gallant gallup: Randall Phillips aspires for a super shot. lgot it! l got ill: With full force, Morris Mangum leans into the shot. BOYS' TENNIS 249 eein Off ...Ei ,gist gn-f Laura if The Golferes' Pose: Covington and Tim " Koval anxiously await their turn. The 1987 golf team had a rough year. The seven player team, com- posed of one sophomore, two juniors, and three seniors had recorded two wins after their first six matches. Under the helpful instruction of Coach Williams, the team was able to make the best of a very competitive season. Led by junior lack Turner, who often shot in the 7O's, the Eagles were able to win some close matches. Tim Koval, a senior new to East, also added some low scores, normally in the low 8O's, to the team. Captains Laura Covington and Mike Wolfe kept the team to- gether and their spirits up, even though Mike suffered an ankle injury early in the season. The team went to the con- ference tournament with high hopes. Before the tournament, team member Tim Koval said, l'We hope that we can upset a few teams." The season, though not a great success, was still important as it gave many Eagles valu- able experience which should show next season. GOLF 250 I f-'Q' . . . ' .. ' 5' .. . . , ...+- .N .,. ...Q ,. M, . . n ki.. . M. Putt Putt for the fun of it: lack Turner aims his " . gl. 1- " T ' Q, ,ggf?" . f f Batter Up: Slugger Mark Rountree is up to , l. ., putt. . 5 1 ' I .' E ' j k,.fZ,z,r " ' - ,T ,L.:",r'w7ff 'f- 2 .,.' X I Easy does it: D.l. Bells key to success is keep- ing the ball away from the water. A iz as .s,, ,X M ck E - , . ----, - xl os. Inches away: Mark Rountree decides just be- ing close won't do. l 'N l 'l lust a swingin': Tim Koval goes for the green GOLF 251 At a stance: Caught in a moment of concentration, Chris Frisco prepares him- self both mentally and phys- ically for the oncoming ball. -'ww Could you picture about thirty boys doing aerobics to lane Fonda? lt was nothing strange, just the juniors and se- niors preparing for varsity baseball try- outs. Voluntary workouts began on janu- ary 3rd with aerobics. Gfficial practice began on February Znd. Coaches Ron Coltrane and Bill Mc- Call prepared the team for the season with daily practices. Typical practices included infield and outfield drills, bat- ting practices and game 'lsituationsf' The Eagles finished third in the Southwestern A Conference behind tems from Independence and South Meck. This 3rd place finish enabled East to qualify for the State play-offs. The team was led by Brian Logan, Lance McCall, Chris Frisco, and lohn Burns, all who were juniors and All- Conference selections. 252 VARSITY BASEBALL trike ' Out s mv N . S 1" 2 i , .-f X 1 'its .....jE.gik .s K .gs 5. X' F 1 ,. , as K' ' S T .f Vk.k gg A . Hb-4. , K. Xa All dug-out!: Team members follow the game while waiting their turns. Coming in for a landing: Catcher, john Burns awaits the arrival of a curve ball. AL,- Lt. T . ' ' f ---. 'PQ ... P 'i Q 'Q A Q X15 I . v 1 l f si Q sg' 1 V M 'ie'-flag, ' fi ff'f41'lj ' 2, e'27Qf1z ' F Ge. 7 ,f .V W- i 24 .N '- 4-ggi 1 ,U Q41 Hustle, HustIe!: Coach Coltrane shows his en- thusiasm for the players. I ,245--vg 436' if1.W QV, "Y ' V Li"f?U '13, ' ,...- wt X Q K.,-.1 XA - P if? if 9' 1' :rf 43 we My a-filf . - f s fs 4 2, 1- 1 A " We Ready, aim, firel: Winding up for a pitch, Danny Wills concentrates on that critical con- nection of shoulder, elbow, wrist, and baseball. l got itl: With eyes focused on the ball, and a body ready to spring to action, Scott Logsdon anticipates his part in the play. VARSITY BASEBALL 253 Best of The Best At the net: Senior jeff Humphrey was all confer- ence and at 3rd seed last year, while sophomore Ashley Shaw was at 4th seed in tennis. "Serving" up Success: Senior Sarah Talbot, cap- tain of the girls! tennis team, made semi-finals in regionals and competed in the state tournament in Chapel Hill, Aqua lovers: Seniors Becky Hutchins, leff Wil- liams and Meredith Brooks showed speed, de- termination, and outstanding swimming ability on the swim team. Hole in one: Senior lack Turner got MVP on the golf team last year. m Making the play: Senior Stacy Cooper and the l.V. baseball team were successful last year as they had 12 wins and 5 losses. Hitting Them Homers: Seniors Brian Logan, lohn Burns, Lance McCall and Chris Frisco were all conference in baseball. Stretching before a game: Heather McKissock led the girls' soccer team to a successful season last year. "Passing" all the rest: Varsity player, Clay Baker, was all conference, all regional, all state and the receiver of the first Charlotte Soccer Foundation College Scholarship. junior Scott Smith showed his effectiveness as goalie for the l.V. soccer team. 254 OUTSTANDING ATHLETES S .151 ,Es fs. i 8 te sw- ,K Hx .fs T -r if - F351-K -il-5 Yi, k Xi ,,..,i ,Ss 1 k '-4 . ,st ff ffl- i - ff Q kt iigibx Q - Q ky 0- ' 1 s ' .. ' A '1g'7ix'Q'i -Q - an , sk - X- fr s "M 5, ,. w t ug ', :-' c:5W'a X.. , . .ff ,, S if , fs, 1 '-t, 'SK-" ' 5 A is 333155-QQe.1.g if ,Q H Env: : WL , tw gf ' V : -1 . 1 A ' we it C S ,f A - 2. - ,. , st V i 'L ,' - 5 K . -- - X t, ' f ,- r--st f .K . ,-- ,, ' ,',- tr.. T "iii U" .f -:fe.11-i-- 'st-1 . 2,552 f -t-.1-. ,. ---f mt sf- . we ,W ,. suis 1. ,., ,- . .ew x ,--fs t f-so .- N 'ff L,k, K- 1 -.A W' - :ISI A - IA S uiulawk A V l Lg ,gtg i .Ei gsmg C ,V 't,. fi M Volleying to the Top: junior Sheri Bell was all conference, and she was named to the All Mecklenburg Volleyball team. Basketball Giants: Seniors Darlene Withington, lohn Vastis and junior Herbie Williams showed their stuff on the court with a lot of style. Stomping over competition: Seniors Reggie Gordon, Tony Horton, and junior Alvin White and senior David Carter displayed outstanding leadership as they gave their best on the Varsity football team. Tough Players: Robert Mobley, junior Tim Mill- er, who scored 16 touchdowns, and sophomore Chris johnson were outstanding athletes on the l.V, football team. No way out: Senior Danny Sharpe pins down one of the many unfortunate opponents who encounter him. His record was 24 wins and 6 losses and he won all conference. Eat my dust: Sprinters Tomi Ogunba and Antho- ny Sowell left behind opponents covered in their dust as they made all conference, all region- al and all state. Watch my heels: junior Leslie McCaskiII was number one in conference and on the all region- al team while juniors Wes Ishee and lon Stempa were all conference and all regional in Cross Country. OUTSTANDING ATHLETES 255 V eaffii' fi. ,ij-A ., 7 frifffgf I 1 2.19 ISF, I -1-X if .1 I I aff M' Q K., ., "'w:.. V! 'f-.a2Gp:4 -r 4 A - M V A, , S f , -K , . I 4 17, ,,L Y ,Q , I , A ' .52 , T fffl r 2 , V E5 i as I' dents con- nar stu T an ount oi work 1 ve their To a Y c oo an e arn sr pro their s e ave d to rnseiv es on Tne sr K em' whether i ure ior the Tneirirrne ' ore oi e unrires vnrc r concern unry. gve rn ier . T 'affair e oppor T acade e, ir cornrn ance ro no soc rn an -, ia,-. , ,, ,159 if 'iv A. . In 'ew o arrona, nce ro the is a cn work, a i a group a 5 f'rfs'rMifwf wir a van reresrs Tay in vo s iiere ac'na drierentr es in a stu en ves to rearn b ing, a arr o rnindrvidua aw ne ad it, and find r eirin Nice areas. ron to er er ' ' resrsiurnrsn i asc oo - iearned nat ' r'ne Border iro oi others. cesswe energy. Everyo anner ever one 'nad ro For rnany East stu- se osrrw n .T ey o eopie with srrnr ar rn sen e drsadv antages o rzatrons created a T e otnerwi rossrng ness to awareness if f qi? A X . er the nn s ded a p ' rer to es r organ ' md 'nav T T W aiexl ut ir ro ' ' r vi Tstiess a '- w a e as Eas ' WAX NNO . 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The newvo Tubs pre F Q ,.,!, A V. , I 1 'ffiirwrwf in ffJ'ii1ssWf if 1 skis, of if fi A4..s !?5ff1?f1 , f !.ffrf?mff5fs ff Beinginaclub isa great experience f it means new chool friends and s 256 O RGANI ZATI ONS DIVISION E , in v o I v Clubs make scho0l more fun. ,Laurie Davis ll gm ,ff i W , I f- ., 4 f ,. I- 'K bij , ' 2 , , . ., 14 1 9 f 4 JH ' ff fQ"E'lAf-I 'U d ,. .f fr ' f - 'ff 1 f :,'g-bm' I if 1' V , ,Q H ,, ! 'C' ' ' I ,Irs 1 gf V v',,,f Q it JV g ., L . . , P 15.6 nk, nr l : , it iclg-ffl ii-ft J. .fftwif It ' ' Q . .W 4 - v ' Lv . - P"Q tg '.h. , Q , ,. It f I I 1 ,f I Q13 I f I 935. to , On the side: Finding that extra hours bring fun as well as work, seniors Sally Dunn, Anne Alleva, Angie Wilson, and Diana Antweiler enjoy their doughnuts with Coach McAfee. What a tangled web we weave: Members of Octagon engage in their own version of Twister. Cousin It?!?!?: In a gust of club spirit, Courtney Dickinson and Georgi Kinnard dance to their own tune. ORGANIZATIONS DIVISION 257 1. Advisor - Ms. Nichols. 2. Offi- cers - President - Cam Ferguson, Vice-President - Lowell Gates, Secretary - Carmen A. Webber, Treasurer - jamie Treadavvay, LCC. Representatives - Marti Beck and Mary Manning, Parlia- mentarian -' Gretchen'Strawser, Sergeant-at-Arms - Skip Steven- son. 3. Major Activities - Home,- coming. School Elections, Traffic, Announcements and Data Board, Thanksgiving can drive, Reactiva- tion of the East Army, Spirit March, Valentines Day Dance. rganization First Row: Gretchen Strawser - Parliamentarian, Skip Stevenson - Sergeant-at-Arms, Carmen Web- ber - Secretary, Cam Ferguson - President, Lowell Gates - Vice-President, lamie Treadaway - Treasurer, Marti Beck - l.C.C. Representative, Mary Manning - LCC. Representative. Second Row: Sarah Steele, Gary Leslie, Scott Biggs, Clay Baker, Brian Golson, Russ Everett, leff Martin. Leader of the Chain Gang: Gary Leslie displays his talent by forming chains for the Spirit Link contest at Christmas time. The Face of the Eighties: The supercharged style of Cam Ferguson leads the Class of '88 through rain, SNOW, sun, and fun! 258 STUDENT CONGRESS The Future Accountants!! Mary Manning and lamie Treadway careful- ly count the overload of change put into the vending machines by Eagles with extreme appetites, rganizations 1. Advisor - Ms. A. Phillips. 2. Of- ficers - Co-Presidents - Marti - Shireen Zonoun, Treasurer Laura Hartsell. 3. Major Activiztiesgj School beautification, Citibybferthe month, Regulation of Citibsaeuvi- ties, Sponsorship of club of the year, Organized Leadership Work- shop, Participated in Christmas toy collection, llHave a Heart in Febru- ary" can drive. First Row: Anne Alleva, Cathy Elrod, Shireen Zonoun - Secretary, Mary Manning - Co-President, Marti Beck - Co-President, Laura Hartsell - Treasurer, lodi Wittlin, Karen Lewis. Second Row: Brad Bridgers, Amy Moore, Robin Helms, Meg Keally, Paige Scales, Marianne Williams. Third Row: Wendy Holton, jamie Treadaway, Lowell Gates, Cam Ferguson, Brian Golson. C Smooth talkerl: Brian Colson is always ready to make a point. Sorry, this is private!! Amy Moore discusses the latest ICC project with Civinette member, Suzanne Dotson. l.C.C. 259 Beck and Mary Manning, Secretary rganization 1. Advisor - Mrs. Franklin. 2. Offi- cers - President - Melissa Kirby, Vice-President - Ashley Stuart, Sec- retary - Chihaiu Tsuboi, Treasurer - Stephanie Stern, Activities Chair- person - Christy Curley, l.C.C. Rep- resentative - Shireen Zonoun, Se- nior Board Rep. - Susan Gellar, ju- nior Board Rep. - jennifer Hargett, Sergeant-at-Arms - Susan Paris. 3. Major Activities - Supported band, Supported swim team, McAlpine Park Haunted Forest, Santa's Supper, Alexander's Children's Home, Crop- Walk, Key chains, Collected coke tabs. 1. Advisor - Mr. Abercrombie. 2. Officers - President - Karlton Pettis, Vice-President - Clay Ba- ker, Treasurer - Peter Keretis, Se- nior Board Rep. - jay Smith, junior Board Rep. - Matt Bland, Ser- geant-at-Arms - john Vastis. 3. Major Activities - Landscaping project, Toys for tots, Roundball Marathon, Teacher service, j.V. chains. 260 IAYCETTESXKEY CLUB Ri as First Row: Christy Gurley - Activities Chairperson, jennifer Hargett - junior Board Rep., Stephanie Stern - Treasurer, Ashley Stuart - Vice-President, Melissa Kirby - President, Chihiau Tsuboi - Secretary, Susan Paris - Sergeant-at-Arms, Susan Gellar - Senior Board Rep., Shireen Zonoun - l.C.C. Representative. Second Row: Angelica Balcita, Lisa Grimm, Leslie Anthony, Mike Feher, Robin Turnbull, Gretchen Cooper, Keerti joshi. "wa vin- First Row: Dave Marcus, Sean Calloway, jay Smith - Senior Board Rep., john Vastis - Sergeant-at- Arms, Clay Baker - Vice-President, Karlton Pettis - President, Peter Keretis - Treasurer, Matt Bland - junior Board Rep., Chris Frisco, Bradley Mechum, lim West. Second Row: Daniel Bernath, jason LaSteIIa, Marcus Lee, Scott Griscom, Mac Lackey, jonathan Gattis, Shawn Wilkerson, Perry Boukidis. Third Row: Reed Hanna, Cam Ferguson, Kevin Cornwell, Brownie Rogers, Rob Krissel. rganization l First Row: Dawn Farron - Activities Chairperson, Amy Zepeda - Secretary, Mike Wyche - President, Garrett Sustar - Vice-President, Ben Kinney - Treasurer, Sarah Gribble - l.C.C. Representative Second Row: Dawn Query, Allison Rushing, Srikant Iyer, Laura Hartsell, Kevin Sides. Third Row Richard Sterling, Eric Tinson, Scott Abbott, Brad Davis, Drew Harriss, Charles Waters, Gordon Steffey Lynn Sprinkle. First Row: Amy Cullipher - Historian, Anne Alleva - l.C.C, Representative, Donna Cook -- Secretary, Georgi Kinnard - President, Courtney Dickinson - Vice-President, Alisaulong j Treasurer, Debbie Daumit - Senior Board Representative. Second Row: Melissa Polak, Stacie Stelllngs, Aprll Thurston, Debbie Kaplan, Nikki Doerfler, Kelly Bradley, Cindy Thomas, Midi Coombs, Leigh. Phillips, Carol Brawley. Third Row: Carmen Webber, Becky Branner, lay Smith, Catherine Alley, Nicole Scoggms. 1. Advisor - Ms. Coghill. 2. Offi- cers - President -Mike Wyche, Vice-President - Garrett Sustar, Secretary - Amy Zepeda, Treasur- er - Ben Kinney, Activities Chair- person - Dawn Faron, l.C.C. Rep- resentative. 3. Major Activities - Battle of the Bands, Sponsor of a foster child in Honduras, Station at Charlotte Observer Marathon, Brian Deaton Scholarship. 1. Advisors - Mrs. Crilly-Daniel and Mrs. McDonald. 2. Officers - Presi- dent - Georgi Kinnard, Vice-Presi- dent - Courtney Dickinson, Secre- tary - Donna Cook, Treasurer - Alisa Long, l.C.C. Representative - Anna Alleva, Historian - Amy Cul- lipher, Senior Board Representative - Debbie Daumit. 3. Major Activi- ties - Girl Scoiit Cookie Sale, Sup- ported Varsity and LV. Soccer, Vol- unteered at Discovery Place Haunt- ed House, Volunteered at Santa's Bag at The ChiIdren's Theater, Spon- sored scrimmage basketball game, Sponsored November Calendar Guy, Served at Faculty Dinner, Gave teacher treats and birthday cards, Assisted with debate tournament, Helped with Meals on Wheels. TKBXVESTA 261 ., A l ' rganization 1. Advisor - Mr. Arim. 2. Officers - President - Richard Sterling, Vice-President - Drew Harriss, Secretary - Lane Boland, Treasurer is - Sarah Gribble, ICC Representa- ' tive -- Lane Boland. 3. Major Ac- tivities - Field trips to ASU, UNC, NSCU, and fundraisers. 262 CHEMISTRY CLUB First Row: Katherine Sumner, Aiko Izumi, Melissa Polak, Hillary Bruck, Kim McAdams, Sara Gribble, Drew Harriss, Richard Sterling, Lane Boland, lodi Wittlin, Hoa Bragg, Christy Gurley, Shireen Zounoun, Lisa Chavis. Second Row: Kathryn Thurbee, Sue Smith, Katie Moore, Roula Masouras, Karen Conrad, lennifer Greene, Karen Lewis, Lisa Grimm, Bruce Elliot, Kelly Cutts, Kelly Davis, Ann Littlejohn, Angie Wilson, Vanessa Ruggles. Third Row: Tracy Boney, Mary Edwards, Shannon Ward, Craig Curtis, Tim Morley, leff Miller, Serdar Gokcen, Dimitra Zaharakis, Amy McCarter, Stacie Stellings, lackie Flora, Beth Anderson, Gamett lones, Tyra Greer, Srikant Iyer, Emily Scripter. Fourth Row: O.B. Tadlock, Sydney Nightingale, Sara Malone, Christie Cranford, Pam Paufler, ludi Rourke, Tammy Miles, lulie Mitchell, Chris Evans, Will Fagan, Susan Gellar, Katy Overby, Susan Bradbury, Paige Scales, Rex Derreberry, Brett Michaud. , uw . rv - x First Row: Steven Pugh, Amy Zepeda, Elizabeth Kesler, Liz Rawlinson, Sarah Gribble, Drew Harriss, Richard Sterling, Lane Boland, Diana Antweiler, Stephanie Davis, Lisa Meyer, Marc West. Second Row: lennifer Smith, Russ Everett, Amy Greene, Scott Taylor, Ericson Balcita, Terri Hanson, lill Morris, Carol Crowley, Natalie Powell, Christina Whitten, Sara Lewis, Susanne Simpson, Kathryn Winiker. Third Row: Mark Bemath, Scott Biggs, Krista Landers, jeff Smith, Bill Spear, lonathan Frankle, Bryan Miller, Chad lohnson, Brent Ballard, Anil Patel, Cathy Yearwood, Vance Hobbs, Dave Pearson, Michael Williams, David Rosenfeld, Sean Smith, Gary Leslie, Thad Brown. Fourth Row: Eddie Mason, Robby Davis, Charles Waters, Alisa Long, Eric Belongia, Paul McClure, Kevin Cornwell, lohn Pressly, Mike Keilholz, Brady Trexler, Greg Skaradzinski, Doug Braithwaite, lock Blackwell, lay Smith, Patrick Murray, Brian Golson, Daniel Fishman, lennifer Adams, Patricia Rorie. rganization F 'wr 1:-rw " 1 Y First Row: Kelly Alexander - Historian, Amy Greene - Treasurer, Missy Hilenski - Vice-President, Daniel Radiloff - Co-President, Leigh Ann Keith - Co-President, Marti Beck - Co-Secretary, Tracy Banfvick - Co-Secretary, Iodi Wittlin - l.C.C. Representative. Second Row: Adrienne Parker, Shannon Wightman, Diana Koval, Michelle Bowman, Kathy Pilkinton, Mike Liebstein, Katherine Sumner, Susan Hockaday, Charles Bohnig, Eric Balcita, Scott Marek. Third Row: Kelly Nardone, Tina Smith, Brian Foreman, Ryan Bolick, Gordon Steffey, Mary Kayser, left Williams, Dave Culp, Mike Grayson, lason Allen, Mack Fulkerson, Sean Lyles, Daniel Park, Kristine lohnson, Sarah Felmet. First Row: leff Seales, Beth Mosely, Susan Gellar, Stephen McDonald, Laura Hartsell. Second Row: Derrin Lanier, jennifer Campbell, Stephanie Stern, Shireen Zonoun, Rachel Wood, Kathleen Keener. Third Row: Lynn Gonzalez, Rex Derreberry, Michele Zielinski, Stephanie Davis, George Waldman, Kushal Kapadia, Mike Speanburg, lohn Walker, Eric Tinson, Garrick Kalna. Fourth Row: Mark Love, lason Allen, Debbie Klein, Todd Wigley, Cam Ferguson, leff Vlhlson, Todd Burbank, Brian Golson, Charles Waters, Greg Ward, Darlene Withington, Kevin Gordon. 1. Advisor - Ms. Stegmeir. 2. Dffi- cers - Co-Presidents: Daniel Radi- loff and Leigh Ann Keith, Vice- President: Missy Hilenski, Co-Sec- retaries: 'Marti Beck and Tracy Barwick, Treasurer: Amy Greene, Historian: Kelly Alexander, l.C.C. Representative: lodi Wittlin. 3. Ma- jor Activity - Attended conven- tions. 1. Advisor - Ms. Dixon. 2. Offi- cers - President - Susan Gellar, Vice-President - Steve Mc- Donald, Secretary -- Beth Mosley, Treasurer - Jeff Seales, ICC Repre- sentative - Laura Hartsell. 3. Major Activities - Debate Tournaments, recycled cans, Forensics, Extempo- raneous speaking in dramatic inter- pretations, prose, and poetry. LATIN CLUB! DEBATE 263 P 1 t t t t rganization 1. Advisor - Ms. Baldwin. 2. Offi- cers - President - Ashley Rid- dick, Vice-President - Suzanne Dotson, Secretary - Muffin Mcln- tyre, Treasurer -- julie Wisneski, l.C.C. Representatives - Marianne Williams and Ashley Schrimsher, lu- nior Board Representative - Tem- ple Burris, Parliamentarian - Vir- ginia McNair. 3. Major Activities - Stadium cleanup, Chris Hertel Race, Rest home visits, Goodies for teachers, Supported Cross Coun- try team, Volunteered at Santa's Bag and Santa's Supper. 1. Advisors - Ms. Holmes and Ms. Murchison. 2. Officers - President - Angie Wilson, Vice-President - Christy McMeans, Secretary - Sal- ly Dunn, Treasurer - Holly Drerup, Senior Board Representative - Amy Moore, l.C.C. Representative - Amy Moore, junior Board Rep- resentative - Krista Landers, Sun- shine Girl - Whitney Harris, Parlia- mentarian - Elizabeth Rawlinson. 3. Major Activities - Pediatric ward visitations, Cleanup in teach- ers' rooms, Supported Varsity Men's Basketball, Supplied snacks for teachers' lounge, Sold dough- nuts, Helped at Santa's Bag and Santa's Supper. 264 CIVINETTESI ANCHOR U ti r ,', First Row: Tracy McCranie, lane Hamer, Ashley Schrimsher - l,C.C. Representative, lulie Wisneski - Treasurer, Suzanne Dotson - Vice-President, Ashley Riddick - President, Muffin Mclntyre - Secre- tary, Marianne Williams - ICC Representative, Virginia McNair - Parliamentarian, Temple Burris - lunior Board Representative, Paige Somervell - Sunshine Girl, Tiffany Turner. Second Row: Beth Anderson, Lynn Saldarini, Vanessa Ruggles, Susan Hockaday, Bridgett Butler, Lisa Diggs, Liza Gleas- man, Stephanie Greene. Third Row: Nancy Kuhn, Marti Beck, Melanie Matthews, lamie Mozingo, Christina Vellucci, Paige Scales, Susanne Parkhurst, Elizabeth Kesler. L'- First Row: Kelly Davis, Whitney Harris - Sunshine Girl, Elizabeth Rawlinson - Parliamentarian, Sally Dunn - Secretary, Angie Wilson - President, Christy McMeans - Vice-President, Holly Drerup - Treasurer, Amy Moore - Senior Board and l.C.C. Representative, Krista Landers - junior Board Representative. Second Row: Shannon Wightman, Hoa Bragg, Sharon McDuffie, Kelly Cutts, Kelly Roberts, Amy Veach, Kim Belk, Regina Vanhoy, Diana Antweiler, Kristin Sorenson. Third Row: Gretch- en Strawser, Sarah Steele, Lani Metzler, Colette Peterson, Matt Bland, Allyson Mauldin, Suzanne Simpson, Krista Surface, Ann Littleiohn. rganizations i i First Row: Hanan Mitry, David Barbour, Beth Crutchfield - Co-Vice-President, Laurie Culp - Co-Vice- President, lenny Sims - Secretary, Mary Edwards, Shannon Ward, Teresa Ashe, Neal McCall - President, Sandi Hrabchak. Second Row: Carl Funderburk, Debbie Klein, George Waldman - Ser- geant-at-Arms, Rachel Klein, Pam Paufler, Kyle Woosley - Treasurer, Serdar Gokcen, Chris Lemieux, Richard Hagemeyer, Charles Boling. First Row: Adam Roth, Charles Horne, David Sigmon, Christy Greer, Michael Stein, Wes Ishee. Second Row: Matt Danner, Kenny Rule, Brad Taylor, Greg Hodges, Steve Pence, O.B. Tadlock, Craig Horton, Rick Cummings, Carleton lohnson, Darren lesse. Third Row: Dink Dinkins, Gary Leslie, Alan Stiff, Guy Staat, lohn Pressly, leff Long, Lowell Gates, Mark Hanson, Toby Grove, Matt Matone, Andrew Kupfer, lim Bowers. 1. Advisor - Ms. Besaw. 2. Offi- cers - President - Neal McCall, Co-Vice-Presidents - Beth Crutchfield and Laurie Culp, Secre- tary - jenny Sims, Treasurer - Kyle Woosley, Sergeant-at-Arms - George Waldman. 3. Major Ac- tivities - Poinsettia sales, Toy drive, Volunteered work at Hospi- tality Care Center. 1. Advisor - Mr. Miskolitz. 2. Offi- cers - President - David Sigmon, Vice President - Michael Stein, Treasurer - Charles Horne, Secre- tary - Wes lshee, ICC Representa- tive - Adam Roth. 3. Major Activi- ties - Haunted House, Flag Duty I supports girls soccer and girls varsi- ty basketball. lNTERACT!ClVlTANS 265 2 1 lv l' l l l 13 r g an i Z ati o ri F 1. Advisori- Mrs. Cohan, and Mrs. Moore. 2. Officers - President - Drew HarrisS,1ViCe-President - Brian Golson. Secretary - Whit- ney Harris, Treasurer - Debbie Daumit. 3. Major Activities - Doughnut sale and carnation sale to raise money for scholarships. 266 HONOR SOCIETY i -W tg, - First Row: Sarah Gribble, lim West, Shannon Ward, Marjorie Weinstock, Christy Gurley, Whitney Harris - Secretary, Drew Harriss - President, Brian Golson - Vice-President, Debbie Daumit - Treasurer, Beth Mosley, Mary Edwards, Tracey Boney, Vanessa Ruggles, Courtney Dickinson. Second Row: Peggy Ydel, Brad Cohen, Serdar Gokcen, Tina Puryear, Dave Marcus, Teresa Ashe, Sydney Nightingale, Christy Conroy, Sean Calloway, Heather Smith, Krista Surface, Muffin Mclntyre. Third Row: Karlton Pettis, Mike Wyche, Scott Griscom, Clay Baker, Angie Wilson, Susan Seabolt, Cyrilla Pumell, Ashley Riddick, Kathy Quanne, Kathy Norman, Daniel Bernath, lason Lowe, Suzanne Dotson, Amy Moore, Holly Drerup. Fourth Row: Richard Sterling, Amy Wimmer, Tracy Wilson, Perry Boukidis, Ray Nilssen, George Waldmann, Neal McCall, Beth Crutchfield, Christy Smith, Paige Scales, Sara Malone, Michele Graynor, Brett Michaud, Brian Bednar, Michael Stein - Membership Secretary. ll! First Row: Laurie Culp, Melissa Kirby, Lisa Grimm, Angelica Balcita, Whitney Harris - Secretary, Drew Harriss - President, Brian Golson - Vice President, Debbie Daumit - Treasurer, Krishna Shah, Stephanie Stern, Ashley Stuart, Sherrie Davis, Emily Scripter, julie Funderburk. Second Row: lill Owen, Liz Owens, Bruce Elliott, Tonya Tarter, Dawn Roberts, Susan Gellar, Allison Williams, Alison Floyd, Donna Cook, Brad Bridgers, Marianne Williams, O.B. Tadlock, Scott Taylor. Third Row: Willy Vancura, Nick DeFrancesco, lonathan Frankle, Susan Bradbury, Tonya Campbell, Lisa Meyer, Heidi Marsh, ludi Rourke, Darlene Withington, David Rosenfeld, Robert Carmer, Carl Bush, Richard Bogart, Mike Keilholz. Fourth Row: Todd Wigley, Eric Belongia, Mike Gagnon, Todd Burbank, Doug Braithwaite, Daniel Fishman, Lane Boland, Clark Barrett, lohn Vastis. .,,. rganization i 1. Advisors - Mrs. Sams, Ms. An- derson. 2. Officers - Chief Mar- W shalsz Debbie Daumit and Marjorie ' Weinstock. 3. Maior Activities - Served as hosts, when called upon, for in-school and out-of-school functions, were ushers and handed out programs at graduation, assist- ed with Honors and Awards Day. First Row: Tracey Boney, Marjorie Weinstock, Debbie Daumit, Shannon Ward, Courtney Dickinson. Second Row: Donna Cook, Beth Crutchfield, lill Owen, Karlton Pettis, Tracey Wilson, Serdar Gokcen. Third Row: Laurie Culp, 0.8. Tadlock, Holly Drerup, Drew Harriss, Todd Wigley, Amy Wimmer, Tonya Campbell. Not pictured: Sarah Talbot. Deep concentration: Drew Harriss shows his reading abilities . . . with the book upside down. 9' Q sg .Qt 952, 'lun F i Who said studying is all marshals do?: lill Owen and Laurie Culp take time out to get into the holiday spirit. MARSHALS 267 , ,.L 1. Advisors - Ms. Ford, Ms. Rog- ers, and Mr. Clodfelter. 2. Officers - President - Stephanie Willi- ford, Vice-President - Darren Kunar, Vice-President - Andrew Kupfer, Vice-President - Liz Raw- linson, Vice-President - Scott Tay- lor. 3. Major Activities - Free En- terprise Project, Boss's banquet, Santa Claus Picture Booth., student directory, Creative Marketing Pro- ject, competitive events, 268 DECA rganization Q: 'tv K 1 First Row: Kristi Temples, Tara 0'TooIe, julia Vaughn, Suzanne Breitenstein, Kathy Farrar, Elizabeth Rawlinson, Stephanie Williford, Darren Kunar, Andrew Kupfer, Debra Bigley, Susan Friend, Stephanie Berry, Kim Guerico, Kevin Beshog. Second Row: Kim Bodie, Angela Deaner, Beth Anderson, Carrie Freedman, Tracie McLeod, Lendy Hunter, Tracy Boney, Laura Mason, Lori Little, Regina Vanhoy, Shannon Whitelock. Third Row: Susan Seaboll, Nancy Bowers, Heather Matthews, Catrina justice, Shelly Brackett, jennifer Misenheimer, Cindy Martin, Susanne Simpson, Tammy Malear, Paige Rascoe, Amy Hart, Tracy McCranie, Ashley Schrimsher, Tina Puryear, joanna Bakis. Fourth Row: Tracey Wilson, Trina Undenfvood, Pam Driscoll, Kim Clewell, Yvette Linsey, Marilyn Feaster, Allyson Dellinger, Colette Peterson, Temple Burris, Catherine Alley, Dafni Aycock, Phyllis Thompson. ,, 1 ,-f' -A sa- First Row: Melanie Martin, Tonya Graham, Eddie Dickens, Karen Carter, Scott McElhaney, Elizabeth Rawlinson, Stephanie Williford, Darren Kunar, Andrew Kupfer, Tonya Summeror, Heather Furr, Steve Pence, Rhonda Bolden, Carol Young. Second Row: Kelly Kalk, Reed Hanna, Squiggy West, Steve West, Dustin Welborn, Geoffrey Gilmer, joy Rosamond, Amy Ghant, Michele Graynor, Kathy Norman, john Hoffman, Stephanie Forte, Alecia Brownd. Third Row: Dwayne Adams, Sean Black, jeff Hughes, jim Kappius, Melvin Griffin, Ryan Baker, Carlton johnson, Marti Beck, Christy Morris, Edward Samuels, Crystie Starnes, Lorrie Rushing, Mike Murrell. Fourth Row: Alex Bailey, Brownie Rogers, Ronnie Eagle, Tom Flack, Mike Grayson, Richard Bogart, Chris jones, Caroline Spannel, David Sigmon, David Smith, Nathan jones, john Holmes. ' . 1 I if L,.-. .1 ',, . ' I I ll i l F I' HHIZEIJIIUH ' 1.Advisor-Mrs.julian.2.0fficers S M A f iiii A ' - President - Dawn Newell, First Row: Scott Harrington Activities Chairperson, Nicole Griffith - Secretary, Dawn Newell - President, Stephanie Ross - Vice-President, Patrick Rorie - l.C,C., joanne Frye - l.C.C. Second Row: julie Mollar, Anita Robinson, joy McMahon, james Gray, Melanie Blackburn, Amy Hann, Brandy Cochran, Cindy Martin, Regina Vanhoy, Christy Eads, Kirsten jorgenson, Nicole Braswell, Debra Bigley, Nita Dean. Third Row: Melissa Hough, jim Baxley, Kim Cundiff, jennifer Villas, Midi Coombs, Gina Eudy, Christine Emig, Nicole Coleman, Malik Martin, Clarissa Henry, Amir Lofti, Windy Griffin, Leigh Phillips, Carol Cavallone, Thad Rowland, Shawn Fiola, Lane Clark. H Y '-EW-Mg, First Row: Kenny Cochrane, Scott Simpson, Brian Logan, Ann Tyson, Debbie Hill, jennifer Brown, Kym McClain, Terry Smith, Tracy Greer, Lisa Vance, Rhonda Linville, Brian Bruce, jason LaStella, jennifer Massey, Danny Sharpe, Marshall Rowell. Second Row: Sandy Tobias, Kerry Lewis, Tracey Bowers, Kim Fisk, Liz Fox, Stephanie Burnett, Whitney Padgett, Melinda Sowell, Amber Williams, Kelly Kistler, Earlene Carey, Amy Hartis, Marci Byers, leVonde Grant, Syrina Cunningham, Michelle Cherry, Teron- ica McLean, Tricia Hood, Tangie Glenn, Corrie Collinson, Shenice Ivey. Third Row: joni McKinley, Tisha Haynes, Angelia Young, Reeshamah Hall, Donzell Campbell, Yvette Starks, Sonya Espin, Tricia Ross, Margaret Hethcote, Pam Caldwell, Terry Montagriff, Tony Horton, Mark Hanson, David Dano, David Carter, Kevin Evans, Shan Currence, David Sedor, Reggie, Gordon, Travis Hinton, Albert Davis. Vice-President - Stephanie Ross, Secretary - Nicole Griffith, Activi- ties Chairperson - Scott Harring- ton, l.C.C. Representative - Pat- rick Rorie and joanne Frye. 3. Major Activities - American Cancer So ciety Smoke Out, Adopted Adult Care and Share, Bloodmobile, Blood pressure screening, Special Olympics. 1. Advisor - Mrs. Cox. 2. Officers - Presidents - Kenny Cochrane, Tracy Greer, Marshall Rowell, Vice- Presidents - jennifer Brown, Bryan Logan, Terry Smith, Secretaries - Amy Hart, jennifer Massey, Kym McClain, Treasurers - Brian Bruce, Scott Simpson, Parliamentarians - Kerry Lewis, Rhonda Linville, Dan- ny Sharpe, Club Advisors - jason LaStella, Lisa Vance, Reporter - Debbie Hill. 3. Major Activities - Thompson's Children's home, Al- exandria Children's home, Magno- lia Nursing home, Hairstyle Com- petition, Trade lndustrial Education. HOSAXVICA 269 1. Advisor - Mrs. Branson. 2. Offi- cers - President - Kerri Zelinski, Vice-President - Chris Lee, Secre- tary - Paige Scales, Treasurer - . Neal McCall, l.C.C. Representative - Kerri Zelinski. 3. Major Activities - Speaker from SAFE DRIVE, lt is also a club designed to make peo- ple aware that drinking and driving can kill you. First Row: Shannon jackson, Kathryn Thurbee, Molly Wakefield, Shireen Zonoun, Krishna Shah, Paige Scales - Secretary, Kerri Zelinski - President, Chris Lee - Vice-President, Neal McCall - Treasurer, Nicole Braswell, Aiko lzumi, Sue Smith, Suzanne Odom, Kelly Burns. Second Row: Cindy Martin, Susan Faris, Ann Ussery, Anne Welborne, Misty Spruiell, Tracey Wright, Karin Lofgren, Kathleen Keener, Debbie Guthrie, Marcie Ward, jessica Williams, Melanie johnson, Laurie Culp, Lynn Gonzalez, Sonya Branson, Shannon Redus, jennifer Greene, jennifer Gosnell, Lorena Russo, Kevin Hyman, Lauri Dew- hurst. Third Row: Kimberly Lyke, Michelle McKinney, Franzi Zabolitzki, Allister Stuart, Nicole Conklin, Angela Hanccok, Effie Retsios, Tammy Phillips, Dimitra Zaharakis, Brad Cohen, Kristie Wilson, Allison Rushing, Stephanie Davis, Lynn Gilliam. ,ji-1 vs'-A Y First Row: Sarah Espy, Teri Goodwin, Meredith Hammons, Stephanie Siebold, Paige Scales - Secre- tary, Kerri Zelinski - President, Chris Lee - Vice-President, Neal McCall - Treasurer, Roula Masouras, Katie Ydell, Kathleen Gordon, jody Hammers. Second Row: Lorelei Lindow, Sandi Hrabchak, Cyrilla Pumell, Kathy Norman, Beckage Branner, Leigh Phillips, Karen Caner, Carol Cavallone, Robin Turnball, Dawn Faron, Lynn Sprinkle, Laura Hartsell, Amy Zepeda. Third Row: lisa Meyer, jill Wherry, Cathy Yearwood, Eric Belongia, john Pressly, Todd Burbank, Alex Bailey, Patrick Murray, Melinda Sowell. 270 SADD rganization rganization 'El-Y QI Q First Row: April Shaw, Wayne Riff, jeVonde Grant, Yolanda Straite, Ann Sanders, Brad Wilson, Krista Crecelius. Second Row: Thomas Smith, Geneve Smith. 'sf WH First Row: Nancy Bowers - Reporter, Allyson Mauldin - ICC Representative, Trina Stout - Assistant Secretary, Mary jane Kludzuweit - Secretary, Diana Antweiler - President, jennifer Wood - Vice- President, Heather Simpson, Deborah jones, Erik Saxon, Mrs. Brown. Second Row: Christy Bolick, Elisa Eamey, Angie Planck, Katie Boyce, jenni Talbot, Molly Wakewield, Chantee Sadler, Veda Watts, Melissa Ranson, Heather Fields. Third Row: Stephanie Hamilton, Aleta Dunbar, Missy Privette, Heather Williams, Melanie j., Geneva Baxter, Teresa Smith, Linsey Daly, Danny Sharpe, Kristina Mendezoff, Channing Ashbaugh, Loreiei Lindow, Tricia jacobs, Nicki Fincher, Connie Miller, Cynthia Eaton, Mi- chele Aubry. 1. Advisor - Mrs. Woolfolk. 2. ICC Representatives - jackie ldell and April Shaw. 3. Major Activities - Christmas presentation, speaker from Belk's on uniawful conceal- ment. 1. Advisor - Mrs. Brown. 2. Offi- cers - President - Diana Antweiler, Vice-President - jenni- fer Wood, Secretary - Mary jane Kludzuweit, Assistant Secretary' -- Trina Stout, ICC Representative - Allyson Mauldin, Reporter - Nan- cy Bowers. 3. Major Activities - Calendar Guy, Halloween Carnival, Competitions in FHA competen- cies, Brunch for Homecoming Court, Make Treats for teachers during the holidays. VOCATIONAL PREPJFHA-HERO 271 Urganization T. Advisor - Ms. Faires. 2. Officers A I l ll President - Emily Scripter, Vice- QMMMMTT' A ig ' president - Scott Taylor, Secretary - Sarah Malone, Treasurer - Ha- nan Mitry, l.C.C. Representative - Tina Mangle. 3. Major Activities - Spring Art Sale. First Row: Hanan Mitry, Tina Mangle, Sarah Malone, Michelle Gimnarco, lanice Sewell, Emily Scripter, Scott Taylor. 1. Advisor - Ms. Betsy Ross. 2. Le 1 ,.. f irr a ' . Officers - President - Adam Multer, Vice-President - Kathy Quanne, Secretary - Tara O'Neill, Treasurer - Eddie Dickens, l.C.C. Representative - Amie Pugh, Ser- geant-at-Arms - lerry Nerad, Technical Advisor - Eric Dwer- beck. 3. Major Activities - Guitar Workshop, Spring Music Festival. First Row: jerry Nerad, Adam Multer, Eddie Dickens, Amie Pugh, Kathy Quanne, Tara O'NeiII, Eric Dwerbeck. Back Row: Denise Lambert, jennifer Nail, leff Williams, lay Pippard, lohn Paden, Chad Graves. 272 ART CLUB!DELTA ROX l Qrganization 1. Advisors - Ms. Windle, Dr. La- - borde. 2. Officer - Captain - Sri- kant Iyer. 3. Major Activities - Academic Quiz Bowl Competition. First Row: lody Whittlin, Scott Taylor, Dee Holmes, Srikant Iyer, Kathleen Gordon, Clark Barrett. ,ff ..ee.. 5 1. Advisors - Mrs. Holland, Mrs. I Kinney. 2. Officers - President -- Carlos Reina, Vice-President - Ka- mal Patel, Secretary - Tim Morley, Treasurer - Chad johnson. 3. Ma- jor Activities - Chess Competi- tions. l .. First Row: Chad johnson, Carlos Reina, Kamal Patel, Tim Morley. Back Row: Mrs. Kinney, Adrienne Yeung, Anil Patel, Daniel Montgomery, Bill DeArmey, Nolan Yeung, Mrs. Holland. Hl-QXCHESS CLUB 273 ,H .:' i, 11, 1 1 a f M e o o 1. Advisor - Ms. Small. 2. Officers - President - Keerti Joshi, Vice- President - locquese Blackwell, Secretary - Pam Riley, Treasurer -- Scott Griscom, Parliamentarian - Eric Belongia, Recorder - Dar- lene Withington. 3. Major Activities - Candy sale, Locker mirrors, Eas- ter Baskets for disabled children, Christmas carols for rest homes, Christmas baskets for rest homes, District and State Competition in business area. 1. Advisor - Mrs. Walker. 2. Offi- cers -- President - Carlton John- son, Vice-President - Edward Samuels, Secretary - Octavia Har- ris, Parliamentarian - Stephanie Hamilton. 3. Major Activities - Doughnut sale, Carwash, Thanks- giving drive, Sponsor families on holidays, Support basketball games. 274 FBLA! NAACP 0 rg an IZ an o in LIS-l vs First Row: Darlene Withington - Recorder, Scott Griscom - Treasurer, locquese Blackwell - Vice President, Keerti loshi - President, Pam Riley - Secretary, Eric Belongia - Parliamentarian, Amy Hann, Brad Osbom, Brad Cohen, Teresa Ashe. Second Row: Mike Liebstein, Debra Bigley, Roula Masouras, Laura Anne Mason, Cathy Gandy, Vicky Schrimsher, Heena Chopra, Dawn Faraone, Carol Young. Third Row: Kevin Heppnar, Allister Stuart, Kimberlee White, Cam Ferguson, Carol Cavollone, David Sedor, lanelle Ranger, Mia Pennington. A I First Row: Octavia Harris - Secretary, Edward Samuels - Vice-President, Carlton lohnson - Presi- dent, Stephanie Hamilton - Parliamentarian. Second Row: Katrina Stout, Nita Dean, Kim Clifton, Tanya Fulton, Mrs. Walker - Advisor. Third Row: Katrina Williamson, Erica johnson, Sheryl Hall, Sherry Nero, Wylana Kirby, Shenice Ivey, Rienita Morris. Fourth Row: Anita Robinson, Tricia Hamilton, Reeshemah Hall, Stacy David, Crystal Giles, Darell Myers, Clarissa Henry, Nicole Coleman, Tammi Moore, Ereka Crawford. 5 P2 i t 1 , First Row: Chad Graves, Paige Scales, lim West, Dawn Faron, Heidi Marsh. SCHBZX BUS ,.. .. First Row: Heather McGarrah, Dawn Roberts, Rebecca Masters, ludi Rourke, Emily Scripter, Tammy Miles. Second Row: David Paufler - President, Will Turk, Dr. Milner, lohn Crane, Sean Gahagan. Not Pictured: Liz Owens, Valerie Sosbee, lulie Mitchell. 1. Advisor - Mr. Elmore. 2. Offi- cers - President - lim West, Vice-President - Dawn Faron, Secretary - Paige Scales, lCC Rep- resentative -- Paige Scales. 3. Ma- jor Activities - Work with all school productions, sponsored the 87-88 Fall production, in and on tal- ent show. 1. Advisor - Dr. Milner. 2. Officer - President - David Paufler. 3. Major Activities - Crop walk, Ac- tivities with Matthews underprivi- leged youth, Sponsor family for Christmas, Sell Christmas trees for Optimist Club. s rgzmization f THESPIANS!OCTAGON CLUB 275 Q.,-. ' V , , 5 'E vi s F .' .V ' ll 4 , I. t , O C 1. Advisor - Mrs. Cody. 2. Offi- cers - President - Roula Ma- souras, Vice-President - lock Blackwell, Treasurer - Garick Kalna, Secretary - Terri Hansen, I.C.C. Representative - Nicole Scoggins. 3. Major Activities - Christmas Party, Foreign Language Week. I. Advisor - Ms. Slipencuik. 2. Of- ficers - President - Bryan Carella, Vice-President - Chris Kemper, Secretary - Darlene Withington, ICC Representative - Wendy Hol- ton. 3. Major Activities - Rhine- Iand House for Octoberfest, Going on vacation to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, German Camp Sorgenfrei, German Picnic, Foreign Language Week. 276 FRENCH CLUBXGERMAN CLUB FQHHIZHTIGHS W., il First Row: leff Miller, Tim Morie, Shannon Ward, Marcie Ward, Terri Hansen - Secretary, Roula Masouras - President, lock Blackwell - Vice-President, Garick Kalna - Treasurer, Sara Klumpp, Phiderika Goust, Amy McCarter, David Massachi. Second Row: Stefany Weaver, Adrienne Parker, Debbie Seeman, Valerie Maheras, Nicole Braswell, Aiko Izumi, Lisa Chavis, Mary Edwards, Amber Taylor, Burce Elliott, Karen Conrad, Barbara Rowan, Tim Barone. Third Row: Stacie Stellings, Carolyn Choate, Eric Riley, Dana Lowder, lennifer Greene, LeRonda Hall, Kathleen Gordon, Chris Long, Karin Lofgren, leanne Bedrow, Kathleen Keener, Terri Smith, Kathy Alstrin, Kruiti Shukla, lennifer Gosnell, Sue Smith. Fourth Row: Mark Bernath, Mary Council, Laurie Culp, Lotta Lundstrom, Amanda Bullock, Hillary Bruck, lennifer Hall, Stephanie Siebold, Geneko, Michelle Giammarco, Kelly Burns, Nicole Conklin, Meredith Hammons, Will Fagan, Meredith Brooks, Becky Hutchins. ewmf-1.-lla ' mf First Row: Brett Michaud, Bill Rasin, Diane Howard, Michaela Hayes, Stephanie Burton, Terri Hansen - Secretary, Roula Masouras - President, lock Blackwell- Vice-President, Garick Kalna - Treasurer, Rita Nahta, Liz Abrams, Alex Ashworth, Rex Derreberry, Sydney Nightingale. Second Row: Stephanie Ellis, Carl Funderburk, Allison Rushing, Katie Ydel, Kelly Pitts, lenny Ward, Thia Kemper, lennifer Love, Laura Hartsell, Tricia Henson, Heidi Griffith, Kimberly Lyke, Hanan Mitry, Lynn Sprinkle, Neal McCall, Brett Hutchins, Eric Tinson. Third Row: Heather Mask, Amy Zepeda, lim O'DelI, Phillip Wertz, Kushal Kapadia, Brian Bednar, Steven Pugh, Marc West, Lisa Meyer, Alisa Long, Scott Taylor, Christy Morris, lulie Neale, Krista Landers, Suzanne Innes, Ashley Parker, Clay Baucom, Paul Lathan, lames Austin. Fourth Row: Mike Williams, Eddie Mason, Adele Deaton, Robbie Cash, Dobby Davis, Brian Miller, Todd Wigley, Brian Golson, Patrick Murray, Greg Skaradzinski. U---an-nv' ,Affec- 'Neal ju! First Row: Nolan Yeung, Kerrti loshi, Heidi Emerson, Ruan Kinberg, Bryan Carella - President, Wendy Holton - ICC Representative, Tracy McFadden, Adrienne Yeung, Craig Honeycutt, lulie Mitchell, lanelle Ranger. Second Row: Samantha Flack, lim Baxley, Christa Huntington, lason Hayes, Kathryn Winiker, Christina Vellucci, Michelle Newman, Christine Emig, ludi Rourke, Thad Brown, Brad Bridgers. Third Row: Wayne Padgett, Willhelm Turk, Eddie Halem. rganization W First Row: jill Ericson, Kevin Hyman, Sally johnson, Lauri Dewhurst, jennifer Schilt, Shireen Zonoun, Dimitra Zaharakis - Secretary, Debbie Daumit - Vice-President, Heather McGarrah - Activity Chairperson, Lorena Russo, Karen Lewis, Debbie Guthrie, Heena Chopra, Kelley Davis, Shannon Redus. Second Row: Liz Owens, joy McMahon, Layton Croft, Amy Mason, Wendy Gay, Mike Schwartz, Susan Faris, Anne Welborne, Allister Stuart, Hina Mehta, Kristine Totaro, jennifer Evans, Susan Wright, Effie Retsioa, Sonya Branson. Third Row: jennifer Hargett, Leslie McCaskill, Lisa Depen- broch, jody Hammers, Sarah Espy, Brendon Pierce, Kevin O'Toole, Elizabeth Glassen, jessica jenkins, julie Kasey, Natalie Baines, Kristine Wilson, Stacey Stowers, Ashley Riddick, Vanessa Ruggles, Kristin McLean. Fourth Row: Natalie Powell, Mandy Cook, Richard Suorsone, Eddie Gentry, Marianne Wil- Iiams, Donna Cook, Raymond Nilssen, Christy Smith, Sarah Lewis, Andrew Pruitt, Tyra Greer, Sean Smith, Brent Ballard, Sendil Thirumurthy, Brad Cohen. First Row: Leigh Phillips, julie Albergotti, Carole Crowley, Michelle Pavlakos, Christy Atkinson, Heather McGarrah - Activity Chairperson, Debbie Daumit -'Vice-President, Dimitra Zaharakis - Secretary, Mary Herold, Dana Weir, Lynn Gillian, Teri Goodwin, Cathy Yeanfvood. Second Row: Richard Hagemeyer, Scott Szmuriga, Scott Biggs, David Barbour, Dan Reilly, Lorelei Lindow, Lisa Mieras, Eric Price, Hayes Hont, Patrick Rorie, Bryan Weckel, jon Tepper, David Ruiz. Third Row: Omir Lotfi, Mark Love, Brandy Trexleir, Chris Picha, Peiffer Brandt, lim Toomey, Paul McClure, Todd Larson, Carl Bush, Todd Trimakas, Tommy Pizzo, Christine Emig, Christina Vellucci, Rick Argo, Lance Hobbs, Bill Spear, Chris Kimbell, Gary Leslie. 1. Advisor - Mrs. Garner, Mrs. Diaz. 2. Officers - President - Tara O'Toole, Vice-President - Debbie Daumit, Secretary - Dimi- tra Zaharakis, Treasurer - Kevin Cornwell, Activities Chairperson: - Heather McGarrah and Shan- non jackson. 3. Major Activities - Raise money to buy videos of movies in Spanish, Banquet during Foreign Language Week, Trip to Mint Museum. SPANISH CLUB 277 -- --N A .f ...F. ..- - I 7 ' 73 ' ' ,Q ,af -- PERSPEC T I V A Supreme Decision After seven months of f' nominations and testi- monies, the Senate confirmed ,Anthony Kennedy to the Supreme Court, replacing lustice Lewis Powell. Kennedy is likely to cast a deciding vote in cases involving abor- tion, affirmative action, and separation of church and state, These key cases were a main influence in the decision to accept Kennedy. Kennedy, Reaganfs third nominee, grant- ed no interviews and made few public statements after his nomination, unlike Rob- ert Bork and Douglas Cinsburg, Bork was rejected by the Senate 58-42, the largest defeat for Supreme Court nominee ever, mainly because of his rigid and insensitive views of free speech, privacy rights, civil rights of women and minorities. Ginsburg withdrew his nomination after admitting he had smoked marijuana as a professor at Harvard Law School, lranscam Secrecy, deceit, and , contempt for the law were the common ingredients of the lran- Contra scandal. Several senior officials be- lieved that they alone knew what was right and thought that knowledge of their ac- tions by others in the government would be a threat to their objectives. They did not tell the secretary of the state, the Congress nor the American people of their actions. When exposure of their operation was threat- ened, they lied to cabinet officials, to elect- ed representatives, and to the public The public policy was not to make any concessions for the release of hostages be- cause the concessions might encourage more hostage-taking, however, at the same time the United States was secretly trading weapons to get the hostages back, 278 PERSPECTIVES FF Another public policy was to observe the Boland ammendments proscriptions against military or paramilitary assistance to the contras, but simultaneously the National Security Council was funding the contras' military effort. Lt, Col, North coordinated all of the ac- tivities and was the central figure in the Iran- Contra affair. l-le had the approval of Adm. Poindexter, the tacit support of Robert McFarlane, and the help of William Casey and Richard Secord. Although all of these men were questioned by the Senate investi- gating committee, as of yet none have been indicted. Lt. Col. Oliver North testifies as a key official in the Iran-Contra arms for hos- tages sale. Free at Last Eighteen-month old lessica McClure made television history on the night of October 16, 1987, She had fallen into an abandoned well near her home in Midland, TX, two and a half days earlier. Trapped twenty-two feet below ground, jessica spent over sixty hours in a solid rock reservoir. Rescue teams worked relentlessly day and night to free her. The entire country was enthralled by les- sica and her will to live. Even though she was in danger of losing a leg to gangreen, the rescue workers quickly transported her to the nearest medical center as soon as she emerged. All eyes watched on national television as her plight tugged at the emo- tions of the newscasters. Her human-inter- est story turned out happily. The media fol- lowed up her rescue with many hospital reports and announcements of her gradual improvements. Stock Shock Monday October 19, 1987, the stock mar- ket plummeted out of control in a selling panic that pushed the Dow jones indus- trial average down 508 points. 22.604, be- low the previous Friday's average, the fall exceeded the 12.8 percent loss from the 1929 crash. From 503 billion to 2.311 tril- lion dollars were drained from the value of the stocks, which sent shock waves around the world. As a result of the crash, the dollar fell, but the gold prices soared in all foreign markets. Economists were convinced that the United States was still in fair economic condition because of the nation's strong corporate profits, and the lower Q5-95251 unemployment rate. 'Black Mondayff sent Wall Street into a frenzy during a selling panic. ,lessica McClure is held by fireman Bill Queen after being rescued from the abandoned well. PERSPECTIVES 279 E," K vf"l - - ' ', l. Z' gk xi x Sinn A "-.ip +"'f' wfvr' ..gltiiisg, it ii 1 'wg 'H . 1 N' A M r t .A-'ve 'L 'N . J- .---Al, . f vi l 'a. N . , 'yy ' I' ' , , . H ' S, ' , Af ,ff A . as fu Q: '.' . S "Xa wi, un- I B A,,x N A K It . if ' .. I '- -6 ' A I gal, Q .- gm., -9 A , X .4 if 2 2, ,S X, 25 1 J' -A, g y D Tfsl -1 .fi ' ' pgs. P N ga ' S-i-R-4,31 r i'.,.---gg . 'Q-5. ' W ' ,Qt tri -0 . -- I . fi t PY its ,'., , ,: . ix. 't.,g- . ' V, .I 8 ,. gli' It W, gcsssfo ARF y. ,.-egmev Pease- I ZJTED IN THE if-:AME OF Kentrox Folk T557 SHAM- 0 Public Enemy .No 1 The words Acquired ,f Immune Deficiency Syndrome accompany the most threaten- ing disease in this country today, because it is mainly transmitted through sexual inter- course. AIDS has swept quickly across the United States since its first widespread ap- pearance in 1982. The virus attacks the body's immune systems, and the victim eventually dies from other diseases, includ- ing pneumonia. Formerly associated with homosexuals, the AIDS virus has entered into the hetero- sexual world. Infection from AIDS can oc- cur through sexual intercourse and also QOTRY. N ZJQQQEJSUTEXAR i40BlU7'AT'o S . through blood transfusions. Intravenous drug users are in extremely high risk groups because of the sterility in the sharing of needles. Public awareness of AIDS is growing, but many myths about the virus are also evi- dent. Education and prevention are main concerns in the eyes of the public. Opposi- tion to condom advertisements on TV. and the dispention of sterile needles for drug users who agree to join treatment pro- grams have been a part of the controversy. The latter, an experimental system launched in Europe and migrating to New York, has spurned arguments from anti- drug groups asserting that giving away ster- ile needles says that drug abuse is okay. Other attempts in California to diminish transmission through infected needles is the dispention of bleach to clean them be- fore and after each use. 280 PERSPECTIVES fu 'ffl Demonstrators stress the importance of federal funding for AIDS research, The virus has killed over 25,000 Americans in the past six years. g,,e C g , giil, S An extraordinary guest, Pope Iohn Paul Il visited the United States last September on his first journey here in eight years, During his nine day visit, he went to nine American cities: Miami, Columbia, New Orleans, San Antonio, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Monterey, San Francisco, and Detroit. His first stop was in Miami where the President and Mrs. Reagan greeted the Pope along with a crowd of thousands. lohn Paul Il, the first Polish Pope, came to the United States to physically reach the American public, and not simply stay en- closed with a select few. His remarkable outdoor masses drew an average crowd of 300,000 people, which called for extreme security measures. The Secret Service allot- ted 5.7 million dollars for the entire nine day trip. Individual security for each city, the lowest at one million, reached its highest cost at 5.5 million in Miami. President and Mrs. Reagan greet Pope john Paul ll in Miami. f ' at is 1 r 5 loe Clark, principal of ,f Eastside High in Pat- terson, NJ., received much criticism from the school board for his exclusion of 60 students. The students were ex- cluded because they were disciplinary problems with no chance of graduating. Since joining Eastside High in 1982, Clark has brought much success to the school. His no-nonsense approach to education earned him the nickname llCrazy Joe." Principal loe Clark has even been praised by President Reagan for his tough guy teaching approach. ln his first year as principal, Clark ex- pelled BOO students and created new dress codes and discipline codes for fac- ulty and students. He fired a basketball coach for talking during the singing of the school's alma mater, and he also fired a teacher for not wearing a tie. Clark believes that he has done only what needed to be done and feels that llVVe brought that school from disgrace to amazing gracef' t s 1 t a 1 1 The US Supreme , Court ruled five to three in lanuary that school officials should have the power to censor stu- dent expression. The ruling ranges from speech to school newspapers, which symbolize the printed opinion of the stu- dent body. The ruling does not affect college papers. The controversy started four years ago at Hazelwood flvlol East High School when the students sued the prin- cipal for pulling stories about divorce and teen-age pregnancy from the Spec- trum student newspaper. R we-L-'--1 QV' xg ' is -,-A90 Nqwwaf Y ,...waa-v""" Shake lt Up aby ln the fall of 1987, much earthquake activity took place in Southern California. Most of the earthquakes were simply mild shifts in the earth's crust, but many caused deterioration of building foundations. One quake in particular reached a measurement of 6.1 on the Richter scale, and inflicted extreme damage to numerous streets and buildings, as in the picture above. PERSPECTIVES 281 ifWiHal152.ggl!?i32f if 2Ii31'1?a':ZYNiQif'1k HE Emi! 1" 3432.12 1320 'L"'tWQiw it L4 iw WKJ' V V Ri 'fi WM U ffaf , a 511353,-g.g?:' 5fSW"'t 3i1:tW?Ii'2fsa5'lf-A azwiffivfmfsst t it Meat-g 'ma if fszvsggzimsaieaags aaaawssi 4 iaamsfrf " ima gsm " 'La vafizasuii W5 wilt H15 fiff tiisgisziitxyie Wiiiiiifilzbf 125122311 z,??+tEg37iitL2gQg12l32i7:g?'5 " ab fe-.sa,5y:+ ga sg zzaasaiisssfimzitiiaia 1 Q .vista-we-gaHt.wm1S"3:21-sf atitf:i?gs1af3f1Q,2'f?g:L.2: f 5 wsgilfg rsitgzaftggi sgggsingiig Q ... ::fLEw'.a'fG:'4:2':2N'stgzff:z5f55 ,ge .. 'ai'.:wi1Sff"5:4'5'5fEl2f?iZ5 ' aziwtat :at ww? Q: 2 1 was f Q 2 : .wswsfstsumiwaaffi . . . it 9158 'sswmwlkatnssa sa fssa,,aat,.ts,.tQ,fe,aa S azzwgggmfgziiastazatw 2 miie-all ss sl I ti f 3 5135 - 2 if?-?'ii??'ii'fE1lP?i:t f ?K,j..5sf25?:L?5'iifh2 1 atweay 1 113,14 W ,aw wt 5 iifitiaiiggisigfzisifsfiiilfib i Y Emitrwiwi tltfisffifs 'f is .aeatftatw .aa smtp, ti aifgstf Q A Ms it 5 8 rf f 1 i gig f .atiltgtfitqf 5 ,. 3522. wtasfmt 3 H .. 2 asvacwfaataxfftaifm Q5 Q .4 ,mia ii, 'W Lia 'P s safetgiisiiiliiigw .ag V 632 1 Mgtsafaaag'-iaiiiiatfah Q as s t Sas 2 tg :ai-:,.e.zi,2agiaasgs1S" . 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M,,Wsi::mwf,:tf2it.4V swfaw-:gagwssmzralis iimwgvgfizsf zaigzaqvmifazagfltifsf Hg2".21'p,wSf::t2fzlgzasih Himsa' 'flaws'- gn.S+g:aQ'ms ff"'g+t3:wa,zaw' --'- :.-1. lo its 5,-2 at V,:tigQ,,,..tt , Jsgaviwzw sww Jig, Mamasaetrzaesiqefatigataysest ,.tas.' ., af-aaswfgg 4 tdt22tattEfa gg,gs..zaJaa f . i afgaggsz -fat 5 f.s..2.ff, .xg f ,... .1 35:55 Jgwsggsygs :pig Msi,5gt3dt33g,Lg-V '- t- .V ' 5 - .3 'I -. an ss, gg3,,m,t:Wfg,gg,ag ggfmgsaaisygafgwsffit 55, . :H - -.-v - .gg fkfw Q W ,aa M . .. . - af if- f. .yt , ..., . .. . .. ,. ag? .. . .. . MM gf ...:J2g,,a.,,.a,s,a . .. ,. , .. .. ,sat QW N E I - sy . . ta- . t iwE?iiLzm? .. sfs -t g p s --f- :m a fi a ---- s aim wmaw amgazw . Mf5sH 95flili2sEa'stf iaftsmwisias'aaiaffaff3tTtatm a ww, Msa,E2g1sa,as,+gg gm, 0 ggagtaiggtt gs mzwm tg ssmgggsagjt Ftgwgtggfgaygi .t.:a.mEtfatf:2 wiwtfsazwwta' zitsttttttsazfwmtt sefwtilillatifffafiatztiii 28 twissjmtfsfemgtzf w Qfitswm ffsgtasa xs tfff aibtaag twmsattae .ams,ttaaat,i ,s..gf,atagfa Maxima f,,g,.wwga away me, t wttawwgmt wtvfafiz at a aww Umm 1 i- ,-4 1 2 - l a alti ta tt ata aststLU.tp,y1,twLwtaa xtiyyayasfgas wal fm S--g -,. at t: aa aw M1 t . . f6.,..a Q, wge..4'H eg.taa, MW it ggywfsfttam . Z .ft .. f..f.. .. as ,w,t,s.. .fm Q, saagga .. . .ygZf,s. a Mai ak? Nw , at tlmza . , Ei yw szs e' gzea g w tlgiiiaisigitizstf ,QfaQa5.i'gf'f4ifi1tZZf2aY:i2Qi1?'f .tw -' ff 1' 1 I, tz.g,t,glQg4rgt13e.:3H..?5"gEg'igftfg3aff.tl2 4- t?itVtasa'1,,f5s'gg.ia21ggg1,'tg23,s.ysgsigt if . - , . . s i , - - . i- is I -A t I .-.- .. 1 ' N A " ' ' ' A ' ' i???E'5?1TZ2Y 3 3132255 tast e Qlllwgafl H' ZTZSZQDPZSSKZEassaggtiEk'53't7'i5ZiEgg:,'ikf :m.,,.,g1.U.., if sfytgggstaa ga t . agfaazsaesttazggiwmz:2?:g,a:M., ggzfzwtfi at agglgiw 5 - ,. gaassgaggwwxgwzzzsmggtgswafgafa.. Matti! .. ' 2 1 - f 4 1 M' ' The extent of Self de- The pl'Op059d SCL-'lp tu re for the new at , fense became an enor- , , mous issue when Bernard Goetz, an electrical Charlotte C0ll5eUm received mush OP' The United States be- engineer, shot four youths on a Manhattan position from both the public and city came involved in the tanker conflict between Iran and Kuwait in 1986, after Kuwait asked the U.S. to flag some of its vessels. In May, 1987, the USS Stark was accidentally fired upon by an Iraqi fighter pilot, and thirty-seven crewmen died. In December, thirty-four merchant vessels were attacked by both Iranian and Iraqi crafts. Presence of the U.S. in the Persian Gulf has existed since 1948 to protect freedom of the waterways and to insure the safety of U.S.-flagged vessels. Even though the U.S. imports only five per- cent of its oil from the Gulf, other coun- tries depend heavily on Persian oil. Twenty-one percent of Western Eu- rope's oil, and sixty percent of Iapan's oil comes from the Gulf. subway with a .38-caliber revolver. Goetz claimed that the youths were attempting to rob him, and that he had the right to protect himself. Much of the controversy had been caused by arguments from both the prosecuting and defense attorneys. Goetz's defenders asserted that he was symbolizing an outrage to urban crime, and therefore was not guilty of murder. The prosecution insisted that Goetz was a dangerous man. Goetz was charged and then acquitted with four counts of assault, but was found guilty of third-degree weapons possession. He only received a six month jail term. To protect U.S. interest in the Persian Gulf, the military coniiscates Iraqi mines and escorts Kuwaiti tankers. 282 PERSPECTIVES council. It was a 22 foot-tall stack of bronze boxes that had been nicknamed Gumby, after the 1950's clay animated figure. The project was estimated to cost SB440,000 from start to finish. Charlotte radio stations, particularly the FOX, capitalized on their humorous ridicule of 'Gumbyf' Their criticism of the proposed sculpture made it the joke of the city for weeks. Although the New jersey artist, joel Shapiro, delivered a presentation to the City Council in order to give them more facts and information about the work, they still voted down the proposed sculpture. The Art Commission has not yet se- lected another sculpture for the Colise- um, but the selection process will begin again. Art Commission member Bob Cheek said, 'll personally am pleased that it appears that the Art Commission will have an opportunity to select a bet- ter work of art, hopefully by someone who's a more accomplished artist." 1 NFQQc.""t1i12:11E1 j L 'ftfi:aEiiiiE:1,gitQw . y V J' A -fs:,wiN:ftws,gir. .g1S'.fsg:.1g:f,iHzs 1. 1.52 gstigfgfftgtrisfgxfigws gg.: if kaM:sis1fti67:i,e1wf21'Lz1'ite zissgsezfkzl s gm s' ifftas 3 4 'f' - -'M g ' ' .. -Sf ,mqsfgza V Q a '- , 5. . : 3 2 ' - -. - . La if 'yifgilisigtliwiwt ai . 1'i51t1isiW"!itNWfmsfig . . 11315fi2x'iafM?i2Wt'sTYiffsWM Sue Myrick defeated incumbant Harvey Gantt in harlotte's mayoral race last fall. Her campaign promises of less traffic congestion and a Ieaner government gave her an edge in the close election. Myrick took the oath of office as Charlotte's 47th and first female mayor. She focused as much on social issues and values as she did on her campaign plat- form. IlLet's not be an example of the rest of the world," Myrick said. "Let's be a city that is an example to the rest of the world." ., x . . .W we 'lm Fat of Future NutraSweet Co. an- nounced that a low- calorie fat substitute will be on the mar- ket in 12-18 months. The product is made from milk or egg proteins that are cooked and mixed in a new way but will remain in a natural form. Because the product is in natural form, it will not have to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. 'What we start with is natural protein, and what we end up with is the same natural protein," said Robert Shapiro, NutraSweet's chairman. llThe only dif- ference is that the protein particles are now just the right size and shape to cre- ate the sensory properties of fat in the mouth." Simplesse can be used as a fat substi- tute in dairy products like ice cream, cheese spreads and sour cream, and also in oil-based products like salad dressings and margarine. lt however, can not be used in baking or frying. Each gram of Simplesse has 1 V3 calories compared to 9 calories in one gram of fat. This new cholesterol-free product is going to be the dieter's dream, and Nu- traSweet promises that food made with Simplesse l'will taste every bit as good as their fat-laden counterparts." Fallen Angels lim and Tammy Faye Bakker were forced to resign from their leading positions at the PTL ministry after a "sex and money" scandal was made public. lim Bakker was found to have had an affair with PTL secretary, lessi- ca Hahn, who was paid S265,000 in 'lhush moneyf' after the incident. lim and Tammy were also accused of being overpaid and of spending large sums of the ministryfs mon- ey without permission. Furthermore, it was disclosed that the Bakkers had been evad- ing taxes by saying that the ministry was a non-profit organization when it was actual- ly making a sizeable profit. After Bakker resigned, Rev. lerry Falwell was given his old position. Bakker accused Falwell of lying and stealing the PTL empire, with it's approximated S172 million in as- sets. Along with the assets, however, came the estimated S70 million in debts largely created by the Bakkers' overspending and poor money management. Following the scandal, lim and Tammy ended up in severe financial trouble, and were forced to sell much of their real estate and other assets. Eventually, jerry Falwell resigned after he realized that PTL would not be able to over- come its problems no matter how much money the ministry received. Many Ameri- cans wondered if lim and Tammy would be brought back to PTL, therefore bringing an end to the so-called llHoly War". However, u.-.1-WA, N---t. ' av t 'lllnr...',m,. lim and Tammy before the scandal. the two evangelists and the ministry they created were never reunited. A Bigchiu Alvaro Garza was pulled unconscious from the icy Red River near his home in Moorhead, Minnesota on December 4, 1987. The eleven year old was sub- merged for 45 minutes after he fell through the ice on the river while sled- ding. When his body was pulled out of the Water, he had no vital signs, and his temperature was 77 degrees. The outlook is bright for Alvaro Garza. 'lHe's making all the steps that we want him to be making. Thing are going the way we want them to be going," said Dr. William Norberg. 'We don't see signs of bad brain damage." A five man water-rescue team saved Garza from the icy Red River. They used boats and a long pole to probe the ice for the body. lim Reiber dove down into 18-foot deep water to pull Garza into a boat. larett Coulter, another member of the rescue team said that his message to the boy was l'We just want him to know how lucky he is." PERSPECTIVES 283 .,,,.,,, 5. ,WMWMWLM ,,.. ,M J. ,,.,, . ,.-W, ,,.:,,,.-,V , ..,, -.M WNAA - ,-,.-A M. ,..,.,.. - ,,.a.,,,.k ' N :::f :IV f1':1: ,.,..,, ' lil T i YE ' ::-1: X: zin f , L . 5 all Azl' l Egiil -f--:- j ..., . . z 1 ,,:, ,, ,:.: 1 I5 T 2 X l , gig tt ' -' ' . ' it 1 l l i iii X . X 1' .. . . . . , , , 1 - x A tg, ,:- i ' . I 5:5 . gli 'J ' 'i l .I.,f-. f.,.1 .ff 1:- 1 3 i :X-:- i ,. - - sllg 2 l MXL ' xiii s ill .. .. ,,.. ... it wa 1 i lzti g ijjj tg jisi jjfi l jj itil jjg lj ii l il ggaj li tj? 5 iw l 'f '-"' . " i I ri 1 : i f- 2. 5 il tl- E31 . lei it Et E 'il EX ':"l T3 ,.,.,. X, raw ? ...5. 3 , ngji ,EX 5 Zi g! N gpg jijwgi j , , j wg-X ,. .jXg fi,g2j-H gi, 1, E gifiz j- .jgi 15, 21 iii is iii .2 gi X. ig liX a mga tgf g, ij 2,2 ii, 53? . tj I ei. X, '.' -:.: P-'::.2.' ""' I' We ' " X I -5 ft EQ t' 5 K 'wif Isl lf :li fi X : it X154 ---- '--' - 'a-va ' lz izfagjg if- it-i ai i i .lf ggi X i' 5 gi 15 X gi S' l i i salt -5 'fi i igt 3 1X.li'3.5 5Egll lf ll L3 gl lj X' lf X 5 1 lf 511 :. If 1.3 'I f ---' '-: l! 9: 3' 5 3' .L l. gi 2: ff 1214 .124-fffe '-'f : 2- 1 'l ffl ?fgfi?f l 2-t s . -' 1 5 .rise .zz it-:g X i 1 fl f S jw "ll 'z 1:5 s : X:f'-. -a:1':is:Eii1 : li .? X 5 fl f i X i : :sf:- 44 A l z Il? EX 2' l w wf? - C1 :-:-.-::i54-: ::. :-:-,g. gf EY. :Xf X at -5 1 3 5 i x j. af if.: X f j 5 , ':g'-2-: -- t ' ::. Hi 2 I-'g :'.j:f5 -it- :2f.-f2:"I -f:' - N 5 X Q1 1 'U i .5 -125552: fi XI: ,,., 4 1 W E ,l 252-I U ' I f 1 X aM Q 33 ig -g::, :,..... ff ..a: :--:ff if .- SX fr -53 5 if jl 3 j :X X W ,... b .. ff :L25.-2:-:.-5:25gf:'2.'Xf ' . '-::g:2S'2 . ,. 1" 2 I-2'-2,11 ' 7- ' jg, 1 , ly . 1 2:5535 'Z X .. , '- X 5 2':E:Q zfflif ai lfl i ts 5335 5 1: g jlititikll 5 Xi 222 2 IE: 1 5 s 2 itgl if rljigf 535225 2 .,,. , .. . Q .,,...,.,, . i X Y iii iiiisiiii -.:z- 5 -rn'-I - 'LI-:..: 5'- ESV 'W ' , . . X .... . ff... .---.,.'m.- -. .. .. 2 . , ,.., E- li Elia F7 . '-V'V 2 - --V- jx v 5521 - ---- - -' -'--. 2: ..X. . 't . .E 5 " ,, ,f. E i s Q 5,4 sei, i t l 2 5. -iw :HE egg. .,,. . .....:,.,., .,...,.,. ...... Q New laws concerning surrogate parenting were promoted by the landmark deci- sion in the 'lBaby M" case. The New jersey Supreme Court voided a surro- gacy contract between Mary Beth Whitehead-Could and William and Eliz- abeth Stern. The dispute resulted after Whitehead-Ciould refused the 510,000 and fled to Florida with the child she agreed to bear for the couple. The New lersey Supreme Court also ruled that surrogate contracts involving payments are not enforceable and dis- putes arising from surrogate arrange- ments can be treated just like any custo- dy case. The court said the contract vio- lated New jersey adoption laws, and seemed to closely resemble baby selling. Volunteer surrogate mothers were found to be legal, provided the agree- ment allows them to change their minds about parental rights to the child. Custody of llBaby M" was given to William Stern, her biological father, who calls her Melissa. Whitehead-Could was granted visitation rights: ' s W ". ' 1I- 5-1-if'I:fP:"'f' ' -.E-35" :. 5'?I5?5. 'il-2'2':-"':.'. .,,, .,.. "' it i W if , 4 ki 1 is iii Ti 1' s . ff.. 117, 1 - ..-- L , -- - . .-is .... : :-.-. ., Xazaxsauigw a 5159.5 . Z' , g I2 lr . s 1" Q it .1 tl 29 as 5 -f V- " entire family in the crash. Evidence indicated that the crash was caused by pilot error. lt is believed that the pilot failed to follow a preflight checklist that would have shown the in- accurate wing-flap setting, which caused the malfunction. This plane crash was significant in that it was one of a chain of U.S. airlines disasters and that it stimulat- ed a hugh crackdown on U.S. airline safety. 5. ss " X . -we X ..,. .N -,Qu-.jf 1 ,EMM 4:-.zww VA Q id' ! 2 ,,..5' 3.' " E 3 '21-" :F-X ' 5 .3-::.. 'Z:f..-f 'Sl If." ii 4.2 Z .aaa E " 5.5.32 .iw ' " Ii"" ff-F . X,X. ' 2 X it Q- WW-MX aa. , 3. ISE! --g?E:,:X-:I'-,v-,i.:'I:'IS- .I.": g:,E3QI-""' vf?I:"2". I"" ,. ,,,,.. W .. 'Mmm 4 The Arizona House im- peached Governor Evan Mecham for "High crimes, misde- meanors on malfeasance of office." He was accused of trying to hide a EB350,000 campaign loan and of borrowing 580,000 in public funds for his automobile dealer- ships. Other accusations against Mecham include obstructing justice by trying to thwart an attomey generaI's investigation of an alleged death threat by a state official. Mecham made himself known in janu- ary 1987 by refusing to acknowledge the Dr. Martin Luther King lr. holiday as a state holiday, saying that its creation was illegal. Mecham has been known to have made several prejudiced remarks about groups KS .- ,X .., .-,... i.. .: . -- - .... p such as blacks, jews, and homosexuals. if ' XX N sV i 5w- .. fa Wi Sa i n te V i .-:X -tsl : -.---- : '-:.: ----- 5 f:. :. .., -. :.a.:-- 1. -fi :- :.::.':. 1 ...... 1 --'- -:WM ----- .-.- .... .... '-X- ':.f--f5.:'2:-:-2.-2.2.'f2s1'g.-. -..'::s2::2 . """' .' ..... ' -' The tragic Crash of ...,. . . , ...... .- .... - 2 f:.:.t is 2 .. :.g.. -: .,.. Q N U ff ll W 9 St A l fl l ll 9 5 Flight 255 out of Detroit shocked the nation last August. The flight bound for Phoenix had barely gotten off of the run- way when it came crashing down. lts death toll of 156 make it the second worse U.S. airline disaster ever. The lone survivor was 4-year-old Cecilia Cichan. She was severely burned and lost her 284 PERSPECTIVES The late November prison riots in Atlanta and Oakland, La. were sparked by the an- nouncement that 2,545 Cubans from the 1980 Mariel boatlifts would be deported. The 2,200 Cuban inmates in the Atlanta and Oakland prisons rioted, burned build- 4 .5525 fa-A -TZ . i. s is l lm N . ..,. , 5 4' lx 12' , . . ...,.,,.,.. . ,.,,. , . ,,, Y mm 24 K E 3 I S in ings, and took 120 people hostage. One inmate was killed in the rioting, and many others were injured. "Liberty or die," their protest written on a prison wall summed up their purpose. The Atlanta Inmates demanded media monitored negotiations and protection un- der the 1966 Cuban Reform Act, which all owed permanent residency after a year and the right to apply for USA citizenship. They also wanted termination of the Washington-Havana pact, judicial review of each Cuban inmate's case, medical treat- ment for mentally ill inmates, and halfway houses for inmates without family or friends in the United States. The Cuban Inmates kept control of the prisons even after Cuba offered llfreedom at home." Ramon Sandhez-Parodi, Cu- ban's representative in the USA said 'lthey will receive the same treatment as those who returned in 1985. The vast majority are free, have joined their families and en- joy full possibilities of employment." Most of the Cubans, however, said that they would rather die than go back to Cuba. After much tension both inside and out- side ofthe prisons, all of the hostages were finally released. . . If . ..... -X-X Vice-President George Bush, and CBS anchorman Dan Rather exchanged harsh words in a nine-minute live televi- sion interview regarding the Iran-Contra scandal, and the involvement that Bush might have had. Bush became angry be- cause he wanted to discuss his presidential campaign, and retorted, 1'How would you like it if l judged your career by those seven minutes when you walked off the set in New York? Would you like that?" Bush referred to the episode last September 11, when Rather angrily walked off the set in Mi- ami because he thought the U.S. Open tennis match would pre-empt his broad- cast. The match ended, Rather was no- where to be found, and the network went black for seven minutes. ww- ---- mm .W rw'f:.:T :-t.'i:j:E,Si','-Fi:ti it si! . ff:f i xl K E I ll i is 1 jg l xg ,sg 'li fifffzitff fi sais U 44 'X' 5 f' ,, as 1, 8 . Q f lj vyl, Dennis Conner, who lost the America's Cup four years ago to the Australians, made a gallant comeback in 1987. Lead- ing the crew of the Stars 84 Stripes, Con- ner managed to skillfully navigate through many periods of high wind tur- bulence and rough waters. Australia's Kookaburra lll lost four to zero to the Stars 81 Stripes over a period of seven days. The races were close, but Ameri- ca's team pulled out in the end for the win. Proud and exhilarated, Dennis Con- ner will always be known as the man who l'won back the cup!" ll sl f Ji tsu: V A If2EZtf.-ffz. U V- Wgggqw. 5' . Ham , -' L , - - .,t5.g'f.'y.z1 l r J fa - . saiggzw i. tgwszw f ts sm ti? si ,. in if wife-ww:,zwzngs-vgstgztwtwmtasawg.mania M, Nuuiwm- ,tqwgsaezw .-tw wi-at ' :asa swfziwva-swap. we a Mfimii- iwgwm.f..U..wLws,g..q.-5 9 s s s A Z?ELi2a.t2.S2t'QzrZ'f.:'- .' ' .ftzsiiil-' 'Pistol" Pete Mara- vich died on lanuary 5th at the young age of 40. His death was first disclosed as a heart attack after he collapsed during a pick-up basketball game in Pasadena, California. Later it was found that Maravich had a congenital heart problem that he was born with. llPistolf' Pete was the greatest scorer in NCAA history. ln his three years at LSU, he averaged 44.2 points a game. Mara- vich also scored an NCAA record 3,667 points, including 69 in one game. He went on to play 10 years in the pros. Pete Maravich will always be remem- bered for his great athletic accomplish- ments as well as for his many other fine qualities. CBS's Brent Musburger, who worked with Maravick, said, llPeople will remember his showmanship. He was the one white basketball player who really would have fit in with the Harlem Globetrotters." -- l . , President Reagan and f Mikhail Gorbachev end- ed their third summit in December with mixed results, but both men seemed pleased with their accomplishments. Reagan called the sum- mit lla clear success," and Gorbachev said, 'lWe have opened up a new phase." Reagan and Gorbachev signed an unprec- edented agreement eliminating 2,611 mid- range and shorter-range nuclear missiles based in Europe and the Soviet Union, however, they were not able to agree on a balancing of conventional arms in Europe. Reagan and Gor- bachev decided to continue research and test- ing on l'Star Wars," but the limits placed on tlStar Wars" testing is still an issue. Although they welcomed progress on a global chemical weapons ban, they did not resolve key differ- ences on cutting half of their long-range missile arsenals. Reagan did not get a firm date for the withdrawal of the 115,000 Soviet troops fight- ing in Afghanistan. Gorbachev said that the Soviets will withdraw if the U.S. stops aiding the Afghan rebels. The two leaders also dis- cussed lewish immigration, the war in the Per- sian Gulf, Central America, and other areas of regional conflict. United States Democrats supported the agreement while most Republicans did not. Vice-President George Bush, however, did strongly support the agreement between Rea- gan and Gorbachev. President Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev are expected to meet for a fourth summit fin Moscowl in 1988. "You ever heard of the Fifth Amend- ment?" -U.S. Senator Terry Sanford, D- N.C., outspoken defender of tobacco, ducking a question on his own smoking habits 'lt sells so good I'm thinking about put- ing 538 on every room on the fifth floor." -Russ Kimball, manager of the Sheraton Hotel in Clearwater, Florida, basking in the noteriety of the room where lim Bakker had his fateful encoun- ter with jessica Hahn 'Theres no money in it." -Sheldon Co- hen, former IRS head, on regulation of giving money to charities llThe reason the all-American boy pre- fers beauty to brains is that he can see better than he can think." -Farrah Faw- cett in Glamour 'tThe greatest honor history can bestow is the title of peacemakerf' -Richard M. Nixon PERSPECTIVES 285 g tg . if iiiiifitsgifs Q 5 g -e ,Y l ' ,as s , if is l 4 .1 431 it Q 1 iswfgggatglfe -2 Wasil ? 1' -:' M sgs ' . Q' lim-is-:egg ' iv3S1ps?2f, K ., 4V , rt' we . t . i . gui! s' as-.-A :.i sg . -' ' . . . W- W- ., -is C Af' X 1 152:21 ,. fi- " -"F ti ' : . E t if ' Is' ,mfs ,xiii-....g... ...M ,aa,,,s, s5q.,.,,..,. . .M ..f.,,,..tf-..,..aat's',',...,,.. .L M ...wg-Q... ti ., wif- 'f3Meg:'z-.w'5s- gigs-1,52st 1 ' qju3 mg1xit sts sag, .pas se sf1.3't,iggtzf21g 1gg,.g.wt9 1,311 5 1.11-ti l . Ma i U l'1frf gi13g?3qQ2g1?f 23i.sv-sl-1161 .Y .Zi ' - - . as ' - L it t 'E Ei!-1v:3f:1 pwzl?rifleiewf-xssff.s 1- :wait L -kiw i qwz wtme .. wma-1125 awww-P ms-e.1.,.i..tN.s, H -tw. as-.seam-.ie sw S - t -2 W. -ts-tw-at atiaitssasetiteaasffmX1tisifx-timetwasiffattsiwi?tQmBais2lt?iat222 2iiwifistaa The Minnesota Twins beat the Saint Louis Cardinals four games to three to win the 1987 World Series. This year's series was particularly exciting because the Twins were never expected to make it to the World Series, much less win it. As sec- ond baseman Steve Lombardozzi put it, 'We're no longer the Twinkies, we're the World Champion Minnesota Twins." The Twins and Cardinals came into the seventh game tied three games to three. lt was played in the Metrodome which was packed with the loud Minne- sota fans. The game didn't begin well for Minnesota as St. Louis scored two quick runs in the second inning. Then, Twins pitcher Frank Viola decided to go with 286 PERSPECTIVES his fastball, and after that, St. Louis could not get two hits through the next six innings. The Twins comeback, however, kept stalling. Then, St. Louis relief pitch- ers Danny Cox and Todd Worrell walked several Twins batters to set Min- nesota on its way to a four to two victo- ry. Although both teams played very well in the series, game seven meant it all, and the Minnesota Twins were able to pull off the win making themselves the 1987 Baseball World Champions. -s--'at Y 'iv-Wteiisiiiw 3 11-si -iiftwfzilr he tv PW- E1 H310 gmt-was-a,ts m-angst was ac- V 5 ...Yi . Q 42f.,j5,f:9-Xrg,fM 1 .. .- . - .,,, :. -- .. ,.1Wyg3M.. as -.mlm -L..-L-H V ag . 1 .- .v m .,g -.p - g-.aw -sa ' - ' jimmy 'the Greek" Snyder, the wise- cracking analyst-oddsmaker for CBS . sports, was fired after he made offensive f 1' "" .. wif , E553 'li - ' fi" if 1 if li lil? . -- aw w E-if is l 1 --" f .lf ...,g5.f its E3 r l t Kirby Puckett and jeff Raerdon of the Minnesota Twins celebrate their World Series victory over the St. Louis Cardi- nals. racial comments in an interview on janu- ary 15. He was dismissed the day before his one-year, S400,000 contract expired, however, he was expected to be brought back for the next year. Snyder said that blacks are better athletes be- cause they were Xlbred to be that way." He also said that "the only thing left for the whites is a couple of coaching jobs" and 'if they take over coaching like ev- erybody wants them to, there's not go- ing to be anything left for white people." Many people were very offended by Snyder's comments and were pleased that he was dropped by CBS Sports. Snyder said, ul don't know how to fight this. All l said was the truth." Aka-gfNN'Z'WtWf?f ' -1 I . .ts - -"" ' "A " , ,.... . . D N A I I E, ,qi I ..,..... . 45 A Q' 'site fi 'E ga Yi at fsmitb ?'ttf.' r if 4 . - fs -. .--f'- tg! -mg. - -.:. The Washington Reds- kins came back from a 10-0 deficit to win the Super bowl 42-10 over the Denver Bron- cos. This was the greatest comeback in Su- per Bowl history, and the Redskins couldn't have done it without their talented quarter- back, Doug Williams. Although Williams suffered a sprained knee during the game, he returned to play an outstanding game. Williams, the first black quarterback to play in the Super Bowl, led the Redskins to 35 second quarter points. This was the most points scored in any Super Bowl half. He threw four touch- down passes in the second quarter, which was as many as were ever thrown in a game and set a record for most passing yards - 340. Williams also threw a record- tying 80-yard touchdown pass. The Washington Redskins, the predicted underdogs, surprised both the crowd and the Denver Broncos with their excellent game, and came home with a Super Bowl victory that they very much deserved. K -t . .. Ac-1-M 1 . 1., , Q' . u i if 1 5 --rx ' . . ' ' fm., ,if I ...... ' " . . ui mhm... , g V g - . , S 'wp K . 3 5 at A A . . iii. .L lf: kz. 3 ., P ' his . f 'fl' .g 1 g . .55 . ' . .m" . K t . . i'3fas, .Q "t' N ' D - A .f la 0 tk K, tg. Q . Mega 'f --M . W.. .. T?" v. 1 S: . . W . . . .,.--N Q.. - 1 ,M . ws.. . . I .-,.-.,.,.,.....,,, " ,.,LL PRP. . yay 1 im +1 .. .- os ... tsp M . . .. tgiiylmxligi B . it? 12 P' 1 1 . t. I - -0 may as as ' G-is Sfmt-2-:Qt Mastiff- zsffmaitzswwt .rsazrlwzzimz Busing continued to be a problem in the Char- lotte-Mecklenburg School system this year. About 12,000 stu- dents were bused for the purpose of de- segregation, and some of the bus rides were as long as 45 minutes each way. The current pupil assignment plan used "pair- ing" to racially balance many elementary schools. Under the pairing system, black children were bused to kindergarten through third grade schools in white neighborhoods, and white children were bused to four sixth grade schools in black neighborhoods. This year much opposition to the current pupil assignment plan came from the South- east Charlotte neighborhoods. 'We sup- port reasonable busing for desegregation," said one group spokeswoman. t'However, we do not consider bus rides over 30 min- utes for small children reasonable." The Southeast Charlotte neighborhood groups stressed the fact that they were not against desegregation at all, they were against unreasonably long bus rides. A result of the controversy, several School Board meetings were held open to the public so concerned parents could voice their opinions and suggest compro- mises to the Board. --... g MM' , V. Kevin Sieres, The Charlotte Observer's talented replacement for Doug Marlette after his leaving last fall displays a com- mon Southeast Charlotte view of DL Relics emphasis on busing students for racial balance. g'i"i3g,qgf,,-1242951254 nslaiziiig....QLZ???5::5ffgi7g5i3i,12453:32-iggzt.'tajgisiriggzi X .Za ' S 'siifssafgxpfv :sz 2fE::si13i3 i??Z15 siifiiifhliv :za Q : -- . 1 : 3:11 ' gag Sitiiiissmiift -. 531552. 2 ' 2 :5 Smgzstzstiziwaistf gg .. N52 . Dr. Peter Relic was se- lected to be the new superintendent of the Charlotte-Meck- lenburg schools. Relic, who served as the superintendent of the West Hart- ford, Conn. schools for seven years, was very optimistic about coming to the Carolina's largest school system. lllt seems so exciting, important, and over- whelming. l want to do what's right for the community and what's helpful for the children," said Peter Relic of his new job. Relic faced some major issues coming into office, such as a highly criticized pu- pil assignment plan and a career devel- opment plan for teachers. There were also problems with the building pro- grams that were consistently over bud- get and behind schedule. Dr. Relic spoke at several schools in order to inform parents of his plans for the future. He visited all of the schools in the system and made an effort to meet the students, teachers, and parents. gzmgyfffh If l -KA fp 1 me , an ff AfifSe,s,',y1?f.qgfgg ii . ' . 12-15 f H ' 1 tiii'-Wlifzitkw ,MQWBQTV-.amE55.wf' 5.111-5 On April 22, Char- lotte was awarded one of four expansion franchises in the professional basketball league and will have a team for the 1988-1989 season. Charlotte was unanimously approved by all 23 of the members of the NBA Board of Governors. The other fran- chises went to Miami for the 1988-89 season and to Minneapolis and Orlando for the 1989-90 season. George Shinn's two year pursuit of an NBA franchise ended dramatically with the unanimous vote. Shinn will be the team's managing general partner and majority stockholder. Other owners are general partner Cy Bahakel, limited part- ner Rick Hendrick, and limited partner Felix Sabates. A ticker-tape parade was held down- town where thousands of Charlotteans came to celebrate the city's new profes- sional basketball team. Finally, Charlotte thought of itself as a big city, the NBA boosted Charlotte to 'lmajor league stat- ure," and the rest of the country took notice. PERSPECTIVES 287 ,M H8'511Yi - 1 W? tiimfliiwiff K -"- ft 5. ,:.-. 1 U, .... e, A 2 . was ix Y i is t twig E s i v 2 5 : '- ,Y :-2-'-2... m.at.f:,..w.t . 5, 1 1 - ' . ,, ,: ' , , gg pfsfgii 'J' . 5 ' .-2' pf' 'EL fbi, mg a. X, ,D 5, M ., ,Q E -u .L ip W Hn! YH N ,1 1,1 Q- s 3 -63' .N 5'.f57'f h fi? ' ', - f P 4 ' A P ' . ff - , ' Q-'siiwli fe M 5-,Q-, Hjiif, : ?3t,fQ5j , g 'p. -,Q ' i g li ' N Mfr '4 5 xg ,.V-' X' Q' 'fgigyr-' ii d ' .fr i f rffgrif-J'iffi iff, W!!! if ffili' r ff l r , 0 gig? if - r fL-:if if 0 ' T V in business, potrtrcs, or actrvitres, adv er- ev ents, as vvett as pr ornotrng, schoot spirit. PXQYWQVW P6 E213 Studentif 50990066 the trsernentsvvere essentratircattered on iorti- peg gtudentg tootged around me hairs, they husrnesses, thev rn turn supported East. boards, neon signs, and the naedra, thev savv signs puhtrcrirng, ev ervthrng from the Students, ASO, had the Onnortunrtv to tr- iorrned a 'proad tink ot covnrnunrcatron. ever-present doughnut sates to the vesta 00022 S09 annuai whrte 09500807-i0'6 W Ptdv ertrsernents ev entound their vvav into sponsored dog vvash. WW0 i0dNidU?1X Oi H009 5459, Wrthwt We thehatts ottast Mect4Xenhurg,.Posters ptas- The business cornrnunitv and East t030N' 009095595 2100 rndrvrduais that ad' tered on everv square inch ot wait space Mectdenhurg, students were 'rntertvvrned VQVUSPC5 i0 V09 EQSY Wmdf OUbXiC5U00 tntorrned students about duh tundrarsers, through sociat activities, covnnaunitv WOUXO '094 WVPOSSUQ- Pt0Xf9YU59Y090YS Ptpptred Econovnrcs products, and schooi ev ents, regutar purchases, as vvett as ena- 09020 busrnesses KO Stav Pt Step Ahead. .1 fa .- 4 . , H F we r':'T'fi'1bf-1'-'i,fi'f !!!"Ji'f.f5-1-fn 'ff f Qu rr, if . uf, 3 - . : . .f s.. - , ' ,-5,45 ,rg 'A r,51jAL',4', - mei? I- Q J fy 'if' QU rf ,:,Q:',. ,v Iwi? ' Q H I We '1 ,ffgir rs. 1. ' ,,2.'!,' fl 14 ,M ,Af m. .'r,"g: v- ,I ,I I gn' A 1,1 . If :i,Afif,l?jAf 1 rf' fl agiifhriti J, 1 5 JL- L- 417' ,Jef -, ,, g:"!!5vV:, '55, gif. 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Qluamai ,n 'll 7 hai---mf 'Qlll1QQm lliiim-1 lSR3DSS1SSQBSQSQQl Iifkwlilig-1 WN!lS:i?illlUi1 f- l1!SP?S91SS11fH?Q1fi1QS A Step Ahead: Dressed in sandwich boards, Se- A personal promotion?: Sandwiched between two nior Tammi Moore publicizes the excellence of advertising posters, these guys ham it up in the East Meck. student lounge. Come on guys!: Business Editor in Charge of ad- vertising, Peggy Ydel, expresses how leadership and frustration sometimes come hand in hand. ADVERTISEMENT DIVISION 289 .-37.12 fi 1 if-, 3 , IM 1. :rr,. im - ADVERTISEMENTS -- Congrotfufafiono fo fhe Clan of 1988 gl"0l'l'l 4624 E. 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MCDOUGALL HONDA 6501 South Boulevard INSURANCE SINCE 1906 Charlotte, N.c. 28210 704-3 72-4363 17041552-2090 60I'l9l'6lfll!6lti0ll.6 fo flue CEM of 1988 !l'0lYl A Complete Service Store C t Jewelry Design 8 Manufacturing 'APD I BUILDERS Z?5lw.lydR p -Watch Rep -Gifts 6701 Fairview Road fgifd EC? K 9 Charlotte, North Carolina 28210 705 P d Rd 1704i 364-0943 3321605 Ch I tt NC ADVERTISEMENTS 319 ADVERTIS .. 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X. - -1 , .i ,xx, m,.f Y 5 K ,. .- , sq 1' Juanita Cundiff Laurie Davis Lisa Diggs Aleta Dunbar Stephanie Flowers Mandy Gamble Tracey Gardner Julie Goodman Sarah Gribble Nicole Griffith Jennifer Harget Barbara Hudson Aiko Izumi Stephanie Johns Tracey Johnson Yvette Lindsey Amy Maye Kelly Nardone Christy Smith Sarah Soltys Stacey Stowers Cathy Thomisee Kristi Walker ADVERTISEMENTS Cassidy's Cool Cats Allen Ansley Tori Conley Jeffrey Doggett Heidi Emerson Vincent Feaster Liza Gleasman Serdor Gokcen Tracy Greer Lisa Grimm Sheryl Hall Ned Howie Jeremy King Paul Lane Sarah Martin Tracy McCranie Tara O'Toole Edward Padgett Lorena Russo Oscar Tadlack Careth Taylor Freddie Thompson Tiffany Tumer Erin Williams Stephanie Williford Leonard Komberg Sheila Zonoun AD VERTISEMENTS C H OIR David Barbour Lori Baucom Geneva Baxter Donna Cook Scott Cooper Erika Crawford Beth CrutchHeld David Culp Rex Derreberry Chris Giles Dawn Graham Lisa Grimm Amy Hann Drew Harriss Wendy Hatcher Marc Johnson Debbie Klein Yvette Lindsey Chris LeMieux Phalicia McCraw Muhin Mclntyre Stephanie Nichols Todd Parker Mike Powell Andrew Pruitt Dawn Roberts David Rosenfeld Beth Royer Lorena Russo Tracy Simpson Kim Sorenson Kristi Temples Madorie Weinstock Jim West Lynn Williams Mike Williams Kristen Wilson Amy Wimmer Julie Wisneski Kyle Woosley Mrs. Howard ADVERTISEMENTS t Line John Gill Scott Merrick Chris Meyers Jason Meyers Mike Leibstein Gordon Steffey DVERT I MENTS Court Marti Beck Becky Branner Erika Crawford Kelly Cutts Courtney Dickinson Amy Hart Muffin McIntyre Amy Moore Brennan Pastor Robin Scales AACP '89 swf . 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Boulevard East Meck Eagles Charlotte, N'C' Spoon's Ice Cream 554-8580 Sardis Crossing Center 847-4771 ADVERTISEMENTS Aleoia Brownd Carl Bush Robert Calhoun Cam Ferguson Tangie Glenn Kevin Gordon Sarah Gribble Melody Hall May Hann Clarissa Henry Iulie Hollar Charles Horne Melanie Mathews Kim McClain Susan Olstad Iody Saunders Ashley Schrimsher Krishna Shah Anthony Sowell Chester Stiles Donna Taylor Andrew Thomas Ianet Treadway Bruce Walker Lynn Williams Amy Wimmer Iennifer Wood Tony Worsnop Brown 's Bohemians ADVERTISEMENTS EAST MECK LOW BRASS I 1 i Congratulations to the MEA'-,jgL?ES Class of '88 Film Developing d SHEER E , Z' t EXPREss1oNs O . n epen ence . l i Matthews, NC. 28105 Professzonal Famzly Hazr Care M h Sh C M h NC. 8 05 Ph 8 7-857 - ADVERTISEMENTS - Celebrate Smart lt's a Class Act! The Best of Life Is Yet to Be! Don't Drink and Drive! - I East Meclf-S-f.A.D.D. OLYMPIC SPORTING GOODS At Tower Place Festival CNear Park Rd. Ext. on Highway 515 THE FINEST IN ATHLETIC FOOTWEAR 8a CLOTHING FEATURING ADIDAS, REEBOK, NIKE OP, CATCH IT 8L MUCH, MUCH MORE ASK ABOUT OUR STUDENT SL ATHLETE DISCOUNT 8L FAMILY PLAN 542-6971 542-6977 - ADVERTISEMENTS - EAST WIND The Stal? . S- Reality . Insanity Crossmg' The Border We,Draw - the Lgne Here ADVERTISEIWE T alentlne s Court Queen and King: Courtney Dickinson Ray Nilssen Senior Court: Brennan Pastor Cam Ferguson junior Court: Hope Holley 1 Tony Pizzo Sophomore Court Kelly Pitts Tommy Pizzo Nobody Can Do It Like We Can' Angela Bell Stephanie Berry Michelle Collier Erika Crawford Reeshemah Hall Sheryl Hall Tracy McCloud Tamisha Stuart ADVERTISEMENTS Q ...V ,f ,ff X xv f .A X , L I I ,NGK . yauaglvzff? ADVERT MENT S 3 l il NN N . Do you like it? Yeah, I like it. Don't you??? Search for the theme ... the jungle ... YUCK!!! In Memory of Ross . . . Rossing the Border! This isn't ln- dependence, this is 277! Whoops! Oh no, we're lost. Wait a minute, there it is! First deadline. Yikes! We did it! Weekends in Room 802, Coach Sherrill's bathroom! The Edwardian Theory - Food, food, food! Chicken plain - just bread and chicken. The LONG, DEEP conversations, Male anatomy discussions, l.P.'s 5 Tgwxu xts !a,!,c, Fw , YV: lc, p ,ig t . ,,,, ,... ,AfiOgc!,x9 L id! jliflflhsovfv Mold! GJ? l SWG! Qfzclff ww' W il ss W arm! Oh, No Shannon . . . This isn't the Manor Theater! The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Whistle. Brad's music - forks in your eyeballs please, Brad. The Morbid An- gels, The cat on Monroe Road, Heather and her strict code of morals, Valentine's Day in 802, Dancing on the tables, our Sweet card. Making chopsticks. The roof escapade, Scrambled ducks??? An effervescing ele- phant, The Meaning of life - We're still searching! if april'- . . .. .Ma - t, 'L ,.. ' 1.1--Y gg , 111 :sms -:gs k Er In Loving Memory of 1C A R1neh . ' art 1969 - 1987 Love -- The "Crew" 5ummer,5 niglzf app? af fab fouclzecl file 54? pface wif all e . f Xpfdln te6U"5 we CP? F ain wad ,9 widll W feard fo cry W fzarclrillilu fo Lear .9 COMfJ,U8 Mfnik wa Lriglzf eyw foolfeol J i fo MW goodbye merafglg 2 Buf 51 lznow flzaf fig gum! Q, ffm lofi -Ann Slldomf mixer! 9 e can dee me rom gaker dw MZ A W A 9f6f70 - SXQQX87 - ef fi e In Loving Memory of George Vohden 1928 - 1987 In Loving Akmuwy face and body but of fl'0TI'L HIE good of love and the truths of his wisdom. 9' Swedenborg 1926-1987 YERSUNALLV VOLJRS - AAAAAAAIways First - East Meck Fellas - Duck, Griz, IH, KH, Pit, Rob I.: Sixpak, TEE, Zeno. Thanks for the Best times. Myrtle Beach Sea Mist, Snowshoe, Spring Break - Awesome! Ray N. - AAAAAAGGGHH! I4 years of formal education ends here. Love always, lulie. URFREthing 2 me. - Scott - AAAAGI: To - T.V. II, Eyrie, Choir, and all of my friends who've made the last 3 years so special! Thanx to my buddies and Each Meck. I'm honored to have known you both. Love, Tracy Simpson tTiggerl - Aims and Erin: Here's to l.B.C. and picnics in the cold! I Love You Both!! - Teresa - Ali, Tracy, Vanessa: I'm going to miss ya! Love, lenni- fer. - Alisa L.: Senior year was great with you! I Love You and I'lI miss you! Best buddies forever! - Elizabeth K. - Alison: Cheeta 84 the brain 4ever. Eman. Atlanta. Beach Skiing. Spring Break '88 Thanks for everything. BFF! Love, Tracy - Amy C.: The best is yet to come - ASU is it! Love ya lots, Allyson M. - Amy W.: Call me if the distressed kittens come knocking on your door first! lbid!?! Love, Meg K. - Annual Staff: Thanks for all your hard work. Your wonderful personalities and great individuality have added something special to the book. - Shannon and Mary - Annual Staff: What a staff! Never before have we been 45 pages ahead. Thank you for all the week-ends and evenings you worked to make deadline. - I. Lof- tis - Ash: No more soup. Like that hair. VK - Zebra? Meet ya at The Bell. Florence here we come. Bye sexy. Check ya, Terdri - Ashley Bear: So many good times. OIB, Florida, '88, New Year, fBabysit a Senior?!l, Preps fyukl, Synonym - UNCW, 'sup lack?!, Queen, Why beautiful? Graduation - llWe laughed until we had to cry." I'lI never forget you. You're the best! I love you always! jennifer - Bambino: I love 84 will miss you! - Renee - BB, TB, TM, SG, TT, BW, MB: Never forget me! Friends are friends forever, if the Lord's the Lord of them!! I love you guys!!! - Suzanne - Beth A.: Do W.C. Lions make ya roar?! Love ya, Iackie 340 PERSONALS - Bopsie: To my twin sister. Thanks for putting' up with me and for being there. College is gonna be great - the men anyway. Best Friends + Bobsey Twins forever! Love, Boopsie - Boopsie: Thanks for being such a great best friend for our high school years. You and I have been thru a lot of weird experiences this year and Thank God we survived. Let's jam in college!! - Bopsie - Brad: Thanks 4 being the best buddy ever! I don't think I wouId've made it without our talks, and espe- cially your hugs! You are so special! Love, Donna - Brandy: Graduation is here and I want to tell you that I couldn't have done it without you! I'll always love you. Love, Steve - Brown + lim: We will miss loving you next year! We've had a special llBAND" between us. You have driven us nuts but we'Il love u annually! XXX OOO - Bug and Bob: I leave to you the hazardous job of business editor and the perils of French III without me. I'll miss you terribly! Best of luck in '89! Take care y'alI, MCK - Burnout: Big Daddy is looking after you - and Katie, will you go with me to Daytona - OI, You did not get to put me back in cell block D - and to the Class of '88, Let's do the Rambo - PS, to all, tl made it! - Rambo - Business Staff - DC, SD, CH, KI, LP, HS: Remem- ber?!? Personalized White-Out, Copy Sheets, Typing the Index, Editorial Boo-Boos! Thanks so much, Peg and Meggy - Carol: I'm so glad we're such terrific friends! You're the best! I'm glad you've been there for me! Good luck with Thaddy Waddy and everything you do! I love ya! - LisaMarie - smile! - Cath P.: States, EZU, PN, Halloween, Freckle? Yuck! jeff, Plum's, Fleming 304, L., East, Hang Yahtzee 54, no, 48Vz, FW, Pl, free jackets? no! Larry, Midnight KRO- GERING, yaz, INXS, GT. I luv u! BFF! Na - Who, Stace - Alfred Schwilk? - Cathy, Kellie, Amy, Ianelle, lenn and jenn: I Love y'alI! Gonna miss ya next year!! Good Luck!! Love, Lisa - CC: I love you always! TT - Chas: Thanks for everything. You've made such a difference in my life. I love you forever!! 5-9-87 - Amy YERSONALLV VOLIRS - C. Horne: Remember in 6th - !!Meet me in front of the girls! bathroom . . . " Also, thank you for being there for me when my mom died. I'Il remember u always!! KW - Christy: Cod, ya'II make the cutest couple! Why don't y'II go out?! Love, Brad - Christy: Where's the new shipment? Love ya, Adele - Clark: My favorite Keystud. Don't forget the good times and remember to keep in touch. Love ya, Iudi - Clark: Remember all of the laughs, talks + silly times we shared. Thanks for just being you. Love, Laura - C.M. Bailey: No matter what happens in the next few years, I will always love you. You mean so much to me. Thank you for being a great boyfriend and best friend. I love you today, tomorrow, and forever! - Kirsten - Coach Mac: They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength: they shall mount up with wings as eagles. They shall run, and not be weary. God Bless. - Kelly, Kirsten, Peg + Val - Connie Miller: I love you always. Luv, Dink - Crowns, rings, Browns and things: julie, I love you! - Cyrilla and Laura: You are such great friends!!! Keep in touch!!! Remember Chapel Hill!! Love ya, Val - Dana, Tracy, and Hina: You're a crazy bunch that I love to death. We'Il go our separate ways next year, but you'll always hold a special place in my heart. I love you! Marion - Dave -I- Val Gal: Thanx 4 lunch! Ciao, Adele - Dave S.: Thanks so much for all that you have done for me. You'II never understand how much you mean to me. I'm so thankful I found you and I will always love you deeply. P.S. - You are the best friend anyone could want. I mean golly gee wilakers, who could help but like someone with such nifty shoes. Gee whiz, Beave, such dandy shoes shouldn't not be worn - they should be burned. Believe me, it would do you a world of good. - IK. I love you anyway. Forever, len P.P.S. - I do not whine! - Debbie: You always smile and cheer everyone up! We love you for it. You are you and that's awesome! - CED - DeeQQ, ChristyQD, Deb, Mary, Lis: Thanks 4 being there. Luv, PS - Dimi Z.: Take it easy with 'Rat" and do some cheat- ing this summer. He'Il never find out. Practice on your wobbling some more, too. Ha! Ha! Pritz! Love, Me - Derrick M.: Who did you say the man was? Love, Tammi - Diana Bo Bama Fe Fi Fo Fama Dianaaa Bananaaa: Remembering the rock in the rain, Piggyback rides, 4th picnic tin the rain of coursey, Bojangle lunches, Snow- flakes, Whanga-Whanga, Dirty Dancing, New Year's Eve, Sleding, 5-29-86, Prom, All of the good times, all of the laughs, all of the hugs, all of the times you were there for me, all of the help 84 support. I cherish these precious times because you are so precious to me. You have captured my heart with your love 84 I am yours forever! All of my love, Sean - Diana: Top Gun, BS, IC, M8tMsfCoke, 'PF", 'Quack-Quack", Bon lovi, lustin and Frankie - Thanks for listening + being there for me! I luv ya! Karen - Dida: l'II miss you next year. I love ya, ludi - Dink: I hope it lasts forever! I love you, Connie - Donna + Iulie: It's warm enough, REALLY!!! What would we have done wfo THE SENIOR PATIO? - Marianne - Eddie: You've become such a major part of my life. Thanks for always being there and always knowingjust what to say. I Love You - Now and Always, Amy - Elizabeth - Alisa: Remember the TOT Dance? Thanks 4 being such great friends! Love, Marianne - Elizabeth K.: You are all a best friend could be, and more!! Thanks for being there! I love you! Alisa L. - EM, REE, TRAC: You made Eyrie bearable. I'II miss you all. Ciood luck and don't forget big circle loves. - god - Erika: Thanx for everything! Love, your bossy friend, LS - Garrett: Thanks for making everyday special, for being my best friend, for understanding, for all our memories. I Love You always, Tracy - Hamer House: Thanks for letting the good times roll, Mel, Amy, Sal, Whit, Scot, -F Chris T. - Drew and the fellas - Heather, Kirst, Kris: My buddies! I love yfll, Donna - Heather: Remember Spoons is open 24 hours. - Rich PERSONALS 341 YERSONALLV y into - Hills: Smokey liPlace", ooowee ooowee! P, States, SC, Dancers, Starsky, Ieffrey, 3am, Davidson, PIum's, Heatwave, 'Sorry", Rm. 1214, Skeletons! BFF I luv u! - Stace-pact - Hol, Deb, 81 Court: It is a time of innocence. A time for confidences. I have a photograph. Preserve your memories. They're all that's left you. I love you guys. - Peg - Holly: Thank you for helping me and for reassuring me when I was down! I love you. You are beautiful! - CED -- Hope: Friends are what make the world go round - RP - Impkie: I love you!! I always have and I always will. Remember all of our good times together and never forget them. You'll always be special to me! Thanks 4 being such a great best friend!! - Tiger - I need an Editor NOWI: Thanx Mary, Shannon, Meg, Mrs. L. Ya'Il were great and oh so obnoxious! Love and Kisses, HM - Iamie: You are and always will be so special! Thanks so much for always being there. I Love You. Marion - Iane: Spring Break '88! llMake me hot Scott!" Love, Mel - Iaycettes: Chippendales rt1!!! Take care, Melissa - IB: What a year! GS, PP, Nikki, Bail, The Greeks, Gettin run over, 12:30, Sweet memories. Luv, DZ - IC: Take care of Aimes. Don't ever lose touch. Love you like a brother. Friends Forever! Love, Always, Iggy tSheIlI - Ieff: Dreams don't mean a thing - or do they? Love, Big T. - len: Despite our many UI differences, you are very special to me. I love you Benfer! Your sis - Shannon - Iennifer: We've been through a lot in the past year. Thanks for standing by me. I can't believe we're finally graduating! I hope we're always close! Love ya, Lisa- Marie - smile! - Ienny: Love ya, friends forever, legs, lost, laws, Iggy, Breakfast Club 1OOX, guys, parties, problems!! Alex messing up our speciality. Miss ya, Shelly - Ienni M.: Best Friends Forever - I love you - Scrub Kim - Iill: Hello! Its been great! Knock it out with god - Iimmy W.: Thanx for some great times! Love, Renee 342 PERSONALS - Ioanna Blythe: Thanx 4 everything! U R the bestest. Remember long driveways, speed limits, Anns, Honks, DP, Nuns, Cod does no wrong, Tesas QUT, the Can- aba, and me, IEM! I luv LI! BFF! - Iill - Ioy!: To the very best friend I could ever ask for! - Amy - I. Rogers: 4th lunch was GREAT with you, thanks! Crilly - IT: Thanks, I never would have made it without u. We're really gonna graduate! Ily - Laura: TC, ILY - RP: TC Next year we will miss U-ly - AA: LY, miss you - AW: My other half, Ily - Iust Iane: Kak and Wide - LCH: I love you guys tons! - IB -F KC: Iust can't stay home - CBS + QHF: Me Cuesta Tanto Olvidaros Os Quiero - RR -l- AW: Iazz Caps, Best B- Days, I luv my twin! - IC: Best B-Day present, IWLYF, YHAPIMHF, Never Forget, I used to be disgusted now I try to be amused! - EC - Iudi: Alackl Take 1 mailbox, add 1 incredible blow away car, mix well. English daze and comic nights. Monty, Emo, and the eternal BM. Thanks for putting up with my ll ---- " nature. Bored and lost wfo you. - CB - Iudious: Broadcasting live from WROM! What a time it's been. Amos, OM, Election The Prom. Thanks for all the great times, and here's more! Turkus - Iul: Can I drive your car? BF's always - I love u, Donna - Iules: Hempstead has been fun! Road-trips! Love, Scott - Iulie!: l'll love you forever. 2B2B2, Scott - Iulie, Iody, Layton, Lane, Clark, Ion, Alisa, Bryan, Emily, Amy, Dawn, Liz, Srikant, and all the rest: Thanks. - Scott - Kandy: How many more Eckerds scenes are we going to have? Will you ever get over your infatu- ations? Have fun your next 2 years! PC anyone?! I'lI love you 4ever! Love, Caroline - Kemper: You are bad as poptarts, cool as toast, hot as oatmeal, and cold as chili. Luv, SH and NK - Kevin: Thank you for your love, patience, under- standing, and for being my best friend. Never forget our many great memories. If you leave - I love you always, 'lMLK" The best is yet to come! Love, Donna - Kim: Babysitting?? Remember the Pool?? Love, Craig YERSONAILV YOURS - Kimby BBBBBFEAEI: Scrub loves you! Stand by me - lenni - Kim H.: lust go STRAIGHT Slammers - no fizz. Mr. Cool. TWURW! - no RIGHT! GT here-we-come. Thanks 4 it all BF! I luv u! Mr. Bost and all!! SB '87 and '88! TBE! - Stace - Kirst, Temp, Desmi, Cooki, Mari: My BFs. I love you. - Iules - KMI: Ohohoh - He won't even be by friend! llBut- ter!" Luv, AMR - KP: Don't spear any Bill without me! Love ya, Don- na - Kirstin: I love you! - Mike - Kristin, Tracy, Mer, Amy G.: Thanx for al the great times! There's a lot more to come!! You guys are great. Thanx for putting up with my weirdness!! I love y'II forever!! - Laurie - KT, HD, IW, DC, AR, MW, RC, CM, PC, CB: I love you all! Lets keep in touch always! Friends forever!! - Kirsten - Larry: This is it! Thanks for the laughs. - Meg - Laura: A friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself. Love, Renee - Laura: Bo-Be-Do! - Renee - Laurie, jackie, Tracy: Life is unfair! To those of you who found Mr. Right, I hate you. Thanks to Laurie we have pictures of everything. jackie, I hope you finally make up your mind, finally, DL!!! Laurie - crying ba- bies!! I can't wait until dinner! Love, Amy - Lez: Always remember BK and AL! You're the best friend a person as crazy as me could have. See ya, Melissa - LG, CC: Olsomobile, Have u ever smoked? I'm hot. French Inhale, TCHDNW, Berf Ieekies, Closet Crueie, Aye: Heavy Petting, My eye, Speed in house, Greek God, Bear Hugs, Luv u 4 ever - PS - Lisa, Kellie, Cathy, Amy: My best friends through my senior year. I love you forever, lanelle - Lowell: Thanks for being you. I love you, Sally - Lynn: You're the BEST! Thanks for all the wonderful times that we've shared. no one could ask for a better best friend. I love you. - Mary - Mandy C.: My only baby! - IM - Mari: BF's 2nd grade + 4ever! Wanna race? Love, Donna - Marianne W., Iulie W., Donna C.: Thanks for all the great times! We love y'lI! - Alisa + Elizabeth - Mark: The Alanby man. Thanks for all the fun times! It was fun getting my car stuck. Skiing next Thanksgiv- ing? Friends. See you in fifteen years. Love, Terri 112 - Mark B: Markers? - Pens? I was wrong! - maybe not! love ya, SS - Mary Editor: This year and our friendship have meant so much to me! It all began with llreaIIy", V2 talk and V2 work - love, life, religion . . . editors or philos- ophers? Befuddled, orgulous, fishy-fish, chopsticks, late nites, us - innocent? What an arm! Great music, great year - it can't be over! You are truly special and I love you! - Shannon - Mary + Shannon: My two favorite guppies. I'm taking a months leave. Requirement for future editors: Hand lettering. - Many thanks for the enormous amount of work you spared me because of your de- termination and expertise. Your wonderful outlooks, serenity and maturity have made working with the two of you a true joy. God bless you both. - I. Loftis - Mary lane and Celeste: I'm glad we stayed friends. I wish you both the best. Keep in touch! - Connie - Meg: It's over! S-P-O-R! Can you say your alphabet backwards? Three sheets to the. . .East Wind! Thanks, Peg - Meg: Remember! Kittens with mittens, fresh pickles that go pop, and floppiesl Thanks for the Memories. - Amy - Megletz Your loving Ichabob loves you! Good luck next year at Georgia. Don't ever forget Fatneck and Bob! And I never want to see you at Eastland Mall again! Love, Ichabob IPhiI Day loves us tool - Mel: Thanks for all the great times and especially for putting up with me. Love ya, lane - Mel: Thanx for the memories and for being a true friend! PS - Stay out of the mud! Luv ya, Leslie - Mer: Peace, love, and sunshine 4ever. Thanx! - Adele - Michelle: Next time, party's at my house! Love, Adele - Mike: Whoohwhoh, 2:23 PM l'How 'bout doin' me a favor?", Iason, That was bad as!!! Reverse Fliption 'Who built the fence?" That's a might peculiar! FREE Coupon, Love for sale . . . No! No! We won't have any of that. OK, Susan, Ok, KILL!!! Chin-Chin Nameru O Kudasaieast - Ieff PERSONALS 343 YERSONALLY YOURS - Mizzy: Let's get square. We don't Party. 2 for free. You're a PAL. F's are F's Forever. Arenft they cute? We're the BEAST! Laughs. Running, Tanning. I love you. - Terri - Mueslix: I love you. You've made my life so special. You are everything to me. 4FR, Casserole - Mr. Mike: Don't forget to write those poems. I'll miss you - but only a little. Love ya, Iude - Mr. Sterling: Thanks for making me so incredibly happy. And of course, for keeping me in my place! You know I love it and that I LOVE YOU. - Me - Mr. Turk: My tall, tall hunk of man. l'll miss you while you're at THAT school. Love you, Iudi - Mrs. L.: You've put up with us so well! Whether it was our forgetfulness, our bizarre music, our never- ending food supply, orjust our plain insanity. . . You're terrific and we love you! Mary 84 Shannon - My Babey, BF, Hubby: Want some candy little boy? Get Oh! Mine. UR so special to me. I love you. - Your Iul - My love muffins in lunch: l'm so glad that we decid- ed to be anti-social together! SC SK VE MS DK HM FF - ODM Ist Ave Crew H81 thanx 4 all the great Xs! l'll never 4get SB '88! UR the best!!!! - Marianne -- Paul: I luv your feet! Chevy Rules! Luv Ya, Leslie - Party Crew: Tans, guys, OD, parties, Spring Break! - Kim - Paul: Whols gonna fix the picnic tables when you're gone!?! I Luv Ya Daddy! - Melissa Kay - Peg: I know you'll do fine at college but I couldn't say goodbye without telling you how much I Love You and how special you were to me this year. Thank you for being there. - Valerie - Peggy: Regardless of what you might think, never forget that I think you are awesome! I love you! - CED - Philip, Scott, Doug, Matt: You guys are a lot of fun! Thanks for entertaining us on the weekends! Super- bowl was great, so was Roll-a-Round. Remember a girl always loves a rose! We love you! Laurie and Amy - Photographers: We like you again. . .Well, sort of! - S 81 M 344 PERSONALS - Renee: Thanks 4caring, supporting, + understand- ing me and 4 always being by my side. You make such a difference in my life. Remember Bambino, parks, Bicom 1, do be, paranoia! The big orange, breakfast is over, and I feel fine. Are we talking loud? Our friend- ship is everlasting. NEVER say goodbye. I love you! - Laura - Renee Carmichael: This is so funny!, Friday night photos, I'm serious, Pizza, Actually - it's not that fun- ny, Sexy knees, Skinny guys, Actually - it's about ---, OINK?! Albows! . . . It was hip, It was rad, It was narly. Need I say more? - Me - Rick: I Love You. - Leigh - RM: Flintstone, Cow, Alf? Chill out! Luv u, DZ - Robin P.: I love you babe!! LL and ICT. Yours, CB - Roses are red, Violets are blue, You're one in a million, Brett, and l'll miss you! Thank you for making my senior year so wonderful. Love, Sydney - !Sally!: lpookyj !ditto! ll love youll!! - Nerd - Scott: SST fliterallyl Late nite, S50 rabbit, Burd, 'oq- like', Christmas in Iuly, O Tannenbaum, and those yet to come. Milka, Hi-O Boys? O20 and Monty Python. Thanx 4 the invitation to a 2 year party. - CCB QBMI - Shannon: U know U R "The Best." We've had some really great times the past 4 yrs. Thanks for all the memories. l'm sure there's more to come. Love ya lots, Stacie - Shannon: Well, we did it. We created our own Utopia at East and what fun we had doing it! l'll never forget all that you have taught me on our famous 3, 4, or sometimes 5 hour conversations that spanned any- where from anatomy to world politics. Thanks for a great year and the very special friendship that we share. - Mary - Shannon Kicidis: U may not believe this, but I really do LOVE YOU!!! - Kevin Bey - Shawn: It wouldn't have been the same without you. Thanks for everything. I love you. - Peg - Shelly: How's LaLa land? Love you forever, Ienny we've been through a lot together and we've still going strong. Remember old time rock 'n' roll. - SP Lunch Bunch: You all is the greates! - Melissa - Squirt: You're the sweetest. Love ya always. Hon- estly, Nerd - Stacie: You -F Guido? l'm telling. Luv U, DZ YERSONALLV VOBIRS - Stacie Quacie!: interruptions? Thanks. A side and a half anyway. Heat wave 'Blow it off" Ieep Ho! Bank- rupt? Too Bad. Nobody does it better! At least I'm not 'dead" - demo? Ask ESRI! Future? No expectations - just the pact - OK . . . For now! - Stay Sweet Iennifer: Forever, Love Always, Your Dave - Stephanie and Granny: I Love You + l'll miss ya. Keep in touch. Love ya, Shelly - Sue: Thanks for being there. Good luck wfTed, Shelly, and Ienny - Susanne: Don't forget the Harley men! I love ya! - Mel - Susan-n-Lisa: Thanks for all the good times - Spring Break '88, Florida!, I'm gonna miss y'll. Love Always, len - Syd: Thanks for caring -l- for being there. Love, Donna - Sydney: Thanks for all the great times we've shared. You're very dear to me, and I will miss you very much. You're a very special girl. Love, Brett - Tara: Your Mama Samas. - Tracey -l- Crystal - Ter-Bear-Lar-Bear: We need some pens to replace our markers! GT! Duke, it's about time! INXS second row, SB '88, UNCW car of complainers, Na-who? I luv u Stup SH - S.S. - The Crew: I don't even know what to say. We've been through a lot together and we were so close! I hope we can someday be that close again! l'll never forget any of you. You're very special to me. Good luck to everyone! I love you all! - LisaMarie - smile - The Crew: We survived the worst and enjoyed the best of times. You all are very special people who will always be a major part of my life. Love, Amy - Tim: If you only knew!! - Melissa - Tim Carney: Thanks. I love ya, Stace - Tina: I love you!!! Think - lake, prom, sand, stars, heathers, fall, cheeks, dizzy, Toyota, salon, food, fire, feet, chicken, klein, I love you, face, I'm yours for- ever!!! Remember you're my smile!!!!!! Love, Ieff fsnif, snif, snif! - To Amber: BN I ulnstant O" - Love you + miss you! Carolyn -l- Amy - To Craig, Chris, RAC, Dave, Mike, Allison, Kirsten, Kristi, Heather: SQUAT TILL YOU DROP!!!!!!!!I! From, PC Ir. - To East: Nobody rox like Charlotte's Fox. - LA - To Laura and Iulie: You are the best friends a girl could have and I love you both. Laura's like the wind. Iulie's, you're my best friend. Charles, I love you. From, Ienni Davis Uenni D. that is!! Ha Ha! - Tom: I love you!!!!!! Thanks for being there for me. Love Always, Lisa - To my 'littIe" sis: It's been fun. The clothes fight. Which guy is it this week? Get off the phone. M8iM! PLEASE let me drive home! I know you're gonna 'heIp" me write this paper! B84 on Mardi Gras! Do you think you use enough hairspray? Get to bed, l'll cover for you! You should've been born blonde! You may be my lil sis, but you're a best friend too! I love you! - Shan - To my lunch buddies: I love you all! We will have to Mdo lunch" again next year! Love, Shan - To the Class of '88: Payback time has come. I now quote, llRichochet days, welcome to reality." - To Tracy: Have a super summer. From, Stacie -- Trace: I'm always here. Love, Renee - Tracy: Thanks for being the greatest! You'Il always be in my heart. Love always, Shelly - BFF Friends - Vance: We had the best of times! l'll never forget them. I luv ya and you're still my baby. P.S. Ultimatum, Vas, Masoose, the pool, Daangl, B4 the game, Tears, Walks, Laughs, Scooter, Skiing. Love, Cay - Yours Truly - Virginia: You were like the big sister I never had and I will never forget you. You were always there when I needed you the most and I love you. - Valerie - Weezie: Congratulations on your graduation! l'll al- ways love you. - David R. - Well, kids: I guess it's now the 21st century. I hope you enjoyed the memories we have captured in this book. Love, Mom and Dad. UMMXSST january 1988! - We're all VFW: P, Mamo, Tabu, E, Gs, Clayton, U2, UZ, U2, G - Wolfgang: You've been my best friend and more! I love you. Keep writing your music. - Big L" - Zaharakis: U rat lover U!!! - Stacie - Z end: What more could you ask for? PERSONALS 345 dults humans who try to curb the youthful energy of high school students Abbey, Michael 72, 309 Abbott, Scott 33, 116, 260 Abernathy, john 152 Abernathy, Robert 116 Abrams, Elizabeth 116, 276 Abrams, Raymond 116 Abrams, Toney 116, 175, 220 Adamian, john 109, 299 Adams, Bobby 175 Adams, Charles 175 Adams, Dwayne 116, 268 Adams, jennifer 70, 71, 72, 262, 306, 307 Adams, john 116 Adgers, jerome 175 Adkisson, lohn 72 Agurs, Willie 175 Akley, William 175 Albergotti, julie 152, 277 Alexander, Albert 72, 306 Alexander, Ivey 71, 72, 218, 302, 307 Alexander, Kelly 116, 263 Alexander, Kristina 152 Alexander, Thomas 116 Alexander, Virginia 152, 175 Alfaro, Steven 58, 114, 115, 116, 238, 304 Allen, james 152, 220 Allen, lason 152, 263 Allen, Scott 116 Alleva, Anne 72, 254, 257, 261, 312 Alley, Catherine 33, 112, 113, 116, 135, 261, 268, 312 Alstrin, Katherine 116, 146, 276 Amos, Esthus 116, 220 Anderson, Bradley 72, 218 Anderson, Elizabeth 116, 264, 268, 315 Anderson, Tanya 152 Andrews, Darrell 152 Andrews, Stuart 116 Andrichuk, Daniel 152 Anoff, Cathy 72 Ansell, Karen 116, 247 Ansley, Allen 72 Anthony leffrey 116 Anthony, Leslie 45, 109, 260, 302 Antweiler, Diana 72, 257, 262, 264, 271, 318 Ar-Raheem, Rasheedah 152 Arethas, Christina 40, 54, 152 Arey, Brent 116, 216 Argo, Richard 116, 277, 315 Arnett, David 72 Arnold, L. 152 Arsenault, Richard 116 Artis, Amy 40, 116, 293 Artis, Philip 72, 299 Ashbaugh, Channing 152, 271 Ashe, Teresa 72, 265, 266, 274, 302 Ashworth, Alexander 152 Atkins, Angela 152 Atkins, Ashley 116, 315 Atkins, Nova 152, 154, 161 Atkinson, Christy 72, 277 Aubry, Michele 72, 271 Austin, Elizabeth 152 Austin, jeffrey 145 Austin, Leslie 152 Austin, Michael 152 Austin, Patrick 175 Autry, Angelia 72 Aycock, Daphne 72, 268, 318 Azizi, Haim 152 346 INDEX rown-nosing the highly sophisticated art of persuasion ltwo masters: Tim and Scottj Bailey, Alexander 70, 71, 72, 268, 270, 306, 307 Bailey, Craig 72 Bailey, Doniel 145 Bailey, lohn 152 Bailey, Stephanie 72 Baird, David 73 Baird, joseph 116 Baker, Donald 152 Baker, Erskine 73 Baker, Henry 152 Baker, james 73, 216, 221, 254, 258, 260, 266, 299, 317 Baker, joseph 152 Baker, Michael 116 Baker, Ophelia 152 Baker, Randy 116 Baker, Ryan 116, 268 Bakis, joanna 73, 268 Balaouras, Paris 73, 291 Balcita, Angelica 73, 260, 266 Balcita, Ericson 30, 116, 262, 263 Ballard, Brenton 45, 73, 262, 277 Ballard, Bryan 73 Ballard, Sherry 73 Baney, Donald 152 Banks, lason 18, 152 Banks, Stanley 152, 240, 241 Barbin, David 116 Barbour, David 40, 116, 265, 272, 327 Barclay, William 73 Barefoot, Brian 117 Barentine, Brett 175 Barnard, lamal 175 Barnes, Natalie 152 Barnes, Ray 73, 316 Barnes, Samantha 145 Barnes, William 152 Barone, Timothy 46, 152, 162, 240, 276 Barrett, Clark 58, 73, 266, 273 Barrett, john 152 Barrus, William 109 Barwick, Tracy 9, 117, 238, 239, 263, 304, 315 Basler, Charles 73 Bass, Meredith 152, 161 Baucom, Clayton 151, 152, 221, 276 Baucom, Eric 152 Baucom, Lori 40, 73, 293, 327 Baum, Ruth 109 Baxley, james 41, 43, 152, 269, 276 Baxter, Alvin 73 Baxter, Geneva 40, 73, 271, 327 Beadnell, Cheryl 73 Beaman, Shaye 117, 312 Beasley, Kelley 145 Beasley, Nathan 73, 216, 316 Beaver, Celeste 73, 226 Beck, Leah 73 Beck, Martha 12, 13, 17, 74, 258, 259, 263, 264, 268, 291, 313, 315, 317 Becker, jason 152 Beckham, Ella 152 Beckwith, Kari 74 Bednar, Brian 74, 266, 276, 299 Bednar, leanne 152, 176 Belk, Antonio 175 Belk, Kimberly 74, 264 Belk, Stephanie 145, 293 Bell, Angela 117 Bell, Don 117 Bell, Sherie 117, 226, 228, 255 Bell, Susie 40, 152 Belongia, Eric 74, 262, 266, 274 Belongia, Suzanne 18, 152, 270 Bennett, Christopher 145 Benton, Lashawn 153 Benzenhoefer, Amy 16, 17, 74 Berger, Heike 65 Bernard, Meg 153 Bernath, Daniel 74, 102, 260, 266 Bernath, Mark 117, 135, 262, 276 Berry, Darryl 175 Berry, Stephanie 117, 268 Berry, Timeco 153 Berry, Tynlee 117 Besnoy, Kevin 1-18, 153, 268 Betancourt, john 117 Biggers, David 153, 221 Biggs, Scott 3, 74, 102, 258, 262, 277, 317 Bigley, Darren 117, 224 Birch, Tiffany 153 Bittle, Tymika 117 Bixler, layson 145 Bjork, Debra 117 Biorson, William 117, 220 Black, Sean 109, 218, 268 Blackburn, Melanie 74, 269 Blackwell, jocquese 262, 274, 276 Blackwell, Paula 153 Blake, Dorothy 153 Blake, Wanda 74, 102, 238, 309 Blakeney, Daryl 175 Bland, Matthew 117, 135, 260, 264 Blanton, Caroline 74 Blumhagen, Traci 61, 117, 224, 228 Bodie, Kimberly 74, 268, 300 Bodman, Alan 175 Bogart, Richard 74, 266, 268 Bohm, Michelle 153 Boland, Lane 18, 74, 224, 262, 266, 296 Bolden, Carlos 153 Bolden, Rhonda 74, 268 Boler, Sonya 117 Bolick, Christy 40, 117, 175, 293 271, Bolick, Ryan 175, 220, 263 Bolick, Staci 117 Boling, john 153, 265 Boney, Tracy 27, 74, 266, 268, 277 Boston, Karen 117 Boukidis, Perry 74, 260, 266 Bowens, jerry 153 Bowers, james 117, 265, 313 Bowers, Nancy 74, 268, 271, 309 Bowers, Tracy 117, 134, 269 Bowman, Michelle 153, 263 Boyce, Katherine 74, 213, 271, 308 Boyd, Kathryn 117 Boyd, Natasha 153 Brackett, Shelley 75, 268 Bradbury, Susan 75, 261, 312 Bradt, Lisa 75 Bradwell, Ginger 40, 153 Bragg, Geoffrey 153 Bragg, Hoa 2, 117, 135, 214, 262, 263, 314 Braithwaite, Douglas 75, 262, 266, 296 Brandon, Cecil 153 Brandt, Peiffer 153, 277 Branham, Anna 145 Branner, Rebecca 12, 13, 22, 37, 75, 215, 261, 270, 308, 312, 318 Branson, Sonya 153, 270, 277 Braswell, lason 117 Braswell, Susan 75, 269, 270, 276 Brawley, Carol 117, 261, 312 Bream, Matthew 153 Breazeale, Kelly 40, 175 Breitenstein, Suzanne 40, 153, 268 Breitzman, Robert 109 Breivogel, jennifer 153 Bridgers, Bradley 54, SB, 75, 259, 266, 276, 291 Brigman, james 145 Brooks, Darren .17 Brooks, Meredith 117, 238, 254, 304 Brooks, Thaddeus 145 Brower, Kevin 153 Brown, Camilla 40, 153 Brown, Deadra 75 Brown, Dwayne 154 Brown, Edward 175 Brown, jeffrey 145 Brown, jennifer 75, 269 Brown, Laura 67, 75 Brown, Monica 75, 145 Brown, Richard 75, 318 Brown, Russhelle 175, 180 Brown, Sheri 75 Brown, Thaddeus 11-1, 115, 118, 262, 276, 304 Brownd, Alecia 75, 268 Browning, Steven 109, 316 Bruce, leffrey 75, 269, 300 Bruck, Hillary 118, 135, 262, 276 Buinicky, Lori 40, 75, 293, 306 Bulla, Caroline 154 Bulla, Catherine 154 Bullock, Amanda 154, 276 Bullock, jesse 154 Burbank, Colby 66, 75, 263, 266, 270, 302 Burch, Antoine 175 Burchett, David 154 Burdette, Todd 118 Burgess, Susan 75, 145 Burgess, William 118 Burleson, jennifer 45, 154 Burmeister, Richard 151, 154 Burnes, Larry 154 Burnett, Stephanie 75, 269, 316 Burns, Crystal 134 Burns, john 76, 218, 252, 254, 291 Burns, Kelly 154, 270, 276 Burns, Leslie 154 Burris, jeffrey 154 Burris, Temple 118, 135, 137, 264, 268, 315 Burton, Stephanie 118, 276 Bush, Carl 76, 266, 277 Bustard, Brian 118, '175 Butler, Bridget 118, 264, 315 Butler, Lynette 154 Butler, Robert '118 Butler, Samuel 118 Byers, Marcia 118, 272 Byers, Susie 76, 145 Bynum, Angel 76, 318 Byous, Cheri 118 Byrd, Devin 151, 154 Byrum, Angela 175 Byrum, Carolyn 76, 102 is for cookie That's good enough for me. - Cookie Monster Cain, Deborah 76, 316 Caldwell, Mariajean 64, 154 Caldwell, Pamela 76, 269, 318 Caldwell, Theodore 145 Calhoun, Robert 76 Calloway, Sean 76, 102, 216, 260, 266, 306 Campbell, Brad 118 Campbell, Donyell 40, 76 Campbell, Donzell 118, 269 Campbell, Heather 76 Campbell, lacquelyn 109 Campbell, jennifer 154, 263 Campbell, Kyle 145 Campbell, Tonya 2, 76, 244, 266, 277 Campbell, Zeb 118, 216, 218 Canter, Amy 40, 119, 203, 293, 308, 312 Caner, Karen 270 Canup, Amie 154 Capling, Philip 76 Capps, Emily 76, 94, 106 Carella, Bryan 119, 224, 276 Carey, Earlene 145, 269 Carmer, Robert 76, 266, 300 Carney, Timothy 119, 313 Caronis, Curtis 76, 218 Carrese, Tracy 119 Carroll, Christopher 119, 139, 218 Carson, Brian 119 Carter, David 76, 218, 255, 269 Carter, jeffrey 76, 145 Carter, jeremy 154 Carter, Karen 154, 165, 268 Carter, Linda 154 Carter, Nichalus 119 Carter, Sherry 76 Carter, William 76, 218 Carton, Thomas 77, 291 Cash, julie 40, 77, 293 Cash, Robert 154, 276 Cassels, Kimberly 175 Cauthen, Alan 77 Cauthen, Christopher 154 Cavallone, Carol 77, 269, 270, 274 Chadwick, Mark 5, 36, 77, 238 Chambers, Sherron 150, 151, 15-1, 161, 165, 176 Chapman, Melissa 119 Chappel, Tammy 155 Chavis, Kayle 119 Chavis, Lisa 119, 262, 276 Chavis, Makayla 175 Cherry, Daniel 43, 77 Cherry, Michelle '175, 269 Childers, Charles 77 Childs, David 119 Chisholm, larma 155 Chiu, Albert 175 Chiu, Wei-hung 119 Choate, Carolyn 119, 131, 276, 312 Chopra, Neena 154, 274, 277 Chumas, Sean 154 Church, Elizabeth 154 Churchill, Christine 77, 299 Ciminelli, Deanna 109 Clackum, Markus 154 Clardy, Deborah '145 Clardy, Gloria 145 Clardy, Veronica 109 Clark, Brian 119 Clark, Christa 119, 312 Clark, Olivia 119, 269 Claytor, justin 119 Clewell, Kimberly 77, 268 Clewell, Thomas 154 Clifton, Brian 77, 109, 299 Clifton, Kilameniar 175 Clifton, Kimberly 77, 274, 358 Clifton, Thomas 175 Clyburn, Carlos 154 Clyburn, Mary 145 Clyburn, Nancy 119 Cochran, Brandy 77, 269, 300 Cochrane, Kelly 154 Cochrane, Kenneth 78, 269 Cohen, Andrew 109, 216 Cohen, Bradley 78, 270, 274, 277 Cole, David 119, 220 Cole, Leigh 78, 224 Coleman, Davian 78, 269, 274 Coleman, Gerald 119 Collier, Nichelle 78 Collins, Christian 112, 119, 213 Collins, Hylton 145 Collinson, Corrine 78,m 269 Combis, Christopher 119 Conduff, luanita 155, 212 Conklin, Nicole 155, 238, 270, 276 Conley, Craig 154 Conley, Tori 78 Conlon, Timothy 119, 313 Conner, Steven 119 Conover, Merlein 119 Conrad, Karen 119, 262, 276 Conroy, Christy 58, 59, 77, 78, 93, 266, 291 Conway, Lynette Cook, Donna 8, 40, 58, 70, 71, 78, 261, 266, 277, 307, 312, 327 Cook, Kevin 151, 153, 155 Cook, Patricia 115, 119, 114, 142, 277, 304 Cook, Sandy 78, 300 Coombs, Melissa 78, 261, 269, 312 Cooper, Gretchen 78, 260 Cooper, Michelle 155 Cooper, Owen 119, 224 Cooper, Rodney 119, 327 Cooper, Stacy 78, 254 Cooper, Teddy 145 Coppage, Gregory 155 Corell, Christopher 119 Corell, Laura 155 Cornacchione, john 120, 218, 254, 359 Cornwell, Kevin 78, 262 Costanza, Kelly 155 Council, Mary 120, 276 Couts, Gregory 155 Covington, Avery 145 Covington, Henry 78, 302 Covington, Margaret 120 Cowan, james 175 Cox, Brandi '155, 220 Cox, Roth 120 Crago, Scott 120 Craig, john 155 Craig, Robert 109, 232, 299 Crane, lohn 78, 275 Dearme William 156 273 Fox, Elizabeth 123, 134, 269 Goff, Harry 158 260 Gay, Wendy 123, 277 Griffin, Melissa 159 Cranford, Christine 57, 78 Craven, Bradley 78 Crawford, Alice 109 Crawford, David 155 Crawford, Erika 13, 78, 274, 316, 327 Crawford, Kim 78 Crawley, William 120 Crecelius, Krista 155, 271 Croft, Ann 155 Croft, Thomas 61, 79, 277, 291 Crook, Chasity '155 Crowley, Carol 112, 120, 262, 277 CrueY, lerry 79, 302 Crump, William 120 Crutchfield, leffrey 155 Crutchfield, Margaret 40, 41, 79, 265, 266, 277, 327 Cullipher, Amy 79, 261, 312 Culp, David 79, 263, 300, 327 Culp, Laurie 56, 57, 79, 265, 266, 267, 270, 276, 277 Culp, Teresa 120 Cummings, Richard 6, 79, 155, 265, 313, 318 Cundiff, Kimberly 120, 226, 269 Cunningham, Charles 79 Cunningham, Christopher 120 Cunningham, Felicia 145 Cunningham, Syrina 120, 269 Curbeam, Steven 109 Currence, Shan 79, 269, 318 Currie, Mary 155, 176 Currier, Kelly 40, 155 Curry, Sabrina 175 Curtis, Craig 79, 300 Cutts, Cynthia 13, 22,70, 71, 79, 224, 262, 264, 307 oonesbury's Dr. Whoopee Gary Trudeau's statement on the increased safe sex awareness due to the AIDS epidemic D'Auria, Lisa 109 D'Auria, Nicole 109, 291 DaCosta, Richard 79, 216 Dahir, Tarik 109 Daly, Linsey 120, 271 Daniel, lohn 120 Daniels, Sarah 79 Danner, Ty 120, 265 Dano, David 79, 269 Daumit, Debra 9, 16, 56, 57, 71, 79, 261, 266, 277, 307, 312 Daumit, lulie 151, 153, 155 Daves, Clyde 145 Davidson, Beth 79 Davidson, Kim 145 David, Albert 79, 269 Tricia 40, 80 Guam' Davis, Angel 155 Davis, Ashley 155 Davis Bernard 155 Davis, Cameron 79, 261 Davis, Eric 155, 220 Davis, lared 155 Davis, lefferson 79 Davis, lennifer A. 155 Davis, lennifer L. 155 Davis, Kelly 40, 120, 135, 146, 262, 264 Davis, Kelli 155, 277, 293, 315 Davis Laurie 120, 212, 315 Davis, Maurice 79, 145 Davis Davis Davis Davis , Montrias 175 , Robert 120, 262, 276 Sherrie 57, 80, 102, 266 Davis, , Stacy 40, 120 , Stephanie 20, 120, 262, 270 274 263, , Davis, Tanya 175 Davis, Dawson, Scott 109, 120 Day, Patrick 155 Deal, Kelly 155 Dean, Eranita 80, 269, 274 Deaner, Angela 80, 268 Dearing, Albert 155, 176 Dearing, Amy 80 Y, , Deaton, Kathryn 156, 226, 276 DeCurtins, Reade 151, 156 Deese, Darius 41, 80, 218 Deese, Mary 120 DeFrancesco, Nicholas 80, 266 DeGrace, Daniel 156 Deitz, Traci 156 Delaune, Scott 156 Dellinger, Allyson 80, 268 Dellinger, Henry 120 Dennis, Stacey 151, 156 Depenbrock, Lisa 156, 224, 277 Derreberry, Rexford 40, 80, 263, 276, 291, 327 Derrick, William 156 Desai, Priya 120 Desantis, Bernard 120 Desmond, Heather 40, 80, 309, 327, 359 Dewhurst, Lauri 31, 120, 270, 277 Deyoung, Laurie 120 Diamaduros, Dean 80, 218 Dickens, Kenneth 120 Dickens, William 80, 268, 272 Dickerson, Travis 156 Dickinson, Courtney 3, 12, 13, 16, 71, 94, 106, 257, 261, 266, 277, 299, 307, 312 Dickinson, Stacie 18, 58, 115, 120 Dicorato, Timothy 120 Diedrich, Tara 156, 169 Diggs, Lisa 80, 212, 264, 315 Dilly, lanis 121 Dinkins, Robert 40, 80, 218, 265, 313 Dion, Marcy 151, 156, 224 Dionne, Roberta 121 Doerfler, Nicole 80, 261, 291, 312 Doggett, leffrey 28, 80 Donaldson, Edward 121 Donaldson, lo 145 Dotson, Ella 22, 40, 71, 80, 259, 264, 266, 307, 315, 327 Dotty, Sara 121 Dougherty, Rachel 64, 156 Douglas, Cynthia 121 Douglas, Darrell 156 Douglas, Dayana 80, 175 Dowdy, Eric 34 Dowell, Ruth 156 Drakeford, lackie 121, 218 Drakeford, Shenna 156 Drerup, Holly 70, 71, 80, 264, 266, 277, 307 Drerup, Kenneth 112, 121 Drew, Stephanie 156 Driscoll, Pamela 81, 268 Dross, Michael 81, 309 Dubois, Christopher 121 Dudley, Keith 81 Duerbeck, Eric 121, 272 Dufresne, lohn 121 Duke, Andrew 81 Duke, Laurie 81 Dumas, lason 121 Dunbar, Aleta 44, '121, 212, 271 Duncan, Angela 175 Dunlap, Kenneth 156 Dunlap, Reginald 156 Dunn, Sally 13, 81, 257, 264 DuPont, Kelly 145 aglemaster East's shortlived comic 11Hero" Eads, Christina 10, 81, 269, 30 Eagle, Rondal 145, 268 Eanes, Christopher 81 Earney, Elisa 121, 271 Eaton, Cynthia 121, 271 Eden, lennifer 151, 156 Edmonds, Gregory 121 Edwards, Aheebia 175 Edwards, Audrie 175 Edwards, Christina 156 Edwards, Mary 58, 59, 65, 81, 265, 266, 276, 309 Effinger, Paul 109 Ehlert, Ronald 156 Elder, Christopher 156 Eldridge, Kimberly 122, 224, 228 Elguindi, Nader 122 Elguindi, Nellie 157, 22-1 Elliott, Bruce 81, 262, 266, 276, 296 Elliott, lames 157 Ellis, Stephanie 122, 276 Ellison, lon 157 Elrod, Mary 157, 259, 215 Elrod, Van 81, 309 Ely, lennifer 157 Emerson, Heidi 81, 276 Emig, Christine 157, 269, 276, 27 -v 7 English, Lawrence 157, 220 Erb, Heather 157 Ericson, lill 122, 277 Espin, Sonya 122, 269 Espin, Stephen 122 Espy, Sarah 157, 270, 277 Eudy, Gina 81, 269 Evangelist, Mark 82 Evans, Christopher 58, 82, 224, 316 Evans, lennifer 157, 277 Evans, Kevin 122, 269 Evans, Stacy 122, 225 Evans , Victoria 122 Everett, Eric 57, 122 Everett, Montega 157 Everett, Russell 122, 238, 258, 262, 313, 317 irst Night C h a r l o t t e ' s festive version of Times Squares New Year's celebration. Fagan, William 122, 276 Fain, lennifer 157, 234 Fangmeier, Beth 157, 224 Faraone, Dawn 122 Faris, Susan 157, 220, 227 Faron, Dawn 82, 260, 270, 274, 275 Farrar, Kathryn 157, 268 Farris, Antonio 122 Feaster, Marilyn 157, 215, 268 Feaster, Vincent 82 Feher, Michael 45, 122, 260 Felmet, Sarah 114, 122, 263, 304 Ferguson, Brian 122 Ferguson, Cameron 12, 13, 82, 84, 95, 96, 107, 258, 259, 260, 263, 274, 317 Ferguson, Sheldon 122 Fiato, Christoher 122 Fields, Heather 157, 271 Fields, Kelly 115, 122 Fields, Walter 122, 221 Fincher, Nicole 40, '157 Fincher, Nicole M. 122, 271 Finley, Kelly 157 Fiola, Shawn 157, 269 Fisher, lohn 122 Fisher, Linn 122 Fisher, Scott 12, 240 Fisher, William 145 Fishman, Daniel 82, 262, 266, 296, 303 Fisk, Kimberly 175, 269 Fitzhugh, Steven 82, 291 Flack, Samantha 154, 157, 276 Flack, Thomas 82, 268, 299 Flora, lacqueline 114, 122, 304 Flowe, Virginia 175 ' Flowers, Stephanie 157 Floyd, Alison 82, 266 Foggo, Ryan 82 Fogle, Geoffrey 157 Foley, Cathey 82, 145 Ford, Erin 122 Foreman, Brian 157, 263 Forte, Ronald 157 Forte, Stephanie 82, 268 Fortos, Demetrios 82 Fortos, Martha 122 Foster, Albert 157 Foster, Robert 224 Foust, Phiderika 64, 151, 157, 176 Fowler, Martha 114, 115, 122, 205, 304 Fowler, Pamela 122 Fox, Craig 157 Franco, Alan 157 Frankle, lonathan 82, 262, 266, 296 Franklin, Laurie 82, 316 Frazer, Richard 157 Frazer, Theodore 123 Freedman, Carrie 82, 268 Freeland, Christy 82, 299 Freeman, leffrey 175 Friend, Susan 145, 268 Frisco, Christopher 36, 82, 102, 216, 232, 233, 252, 254, 260, 300 Frye, loanne 123, 269 Frye, Kara 123 Fulkerson, Mark 157, 263 Fuller. Theodore 157 Fulton, Tanya 123, 27-l Funderburk, Carl 104, 276 g Funderburk, lulie 61, 266 Furr, David 157 Furr, Heather 123, 226, 268 Futchel, Marvin 71, 83, 300, 307 umby loel Shapiro's p r o p o s e d Nwork of art" for Charlotte's new coliseum that was defeated by public ridicule Gabriel, Charles 123, 175 Gabriel, Nora 109, 299 Gadd, Amanda 157 Gaddy, Maria 157 Gaddy, Pamela D 123, 157, 238 Gaddy, Pamela L. 238 Gaddy, Timothy 157 Gagnon, Michael 83, 266 Gagnon, Steven 157 Gahagan, Sean 123, 275 Gailey, Lisa 83, 306 Gainey, Karen 145 Gale, Andrew 83 Gallagher, Kyra 40, 157 Gallagher, Timothy 83, 224 Gallman, Pamela 123, 175 Gamble, Amanda 157, 212 Gamble, Melissa 83, 102 Gamble, Stacy 77, 83 Gandy, Sarah 158, 162, 274 Gantt, Erika 123, 246 Garbark, Catherine 39, 123 Gardner, Tracy 123, 212 Garner, Martin 123 Garrison, Linda 123 Garrou, Marshall 158 Gates, Horace 13, 83, 205, 258, 259, 265, 313, 317 Gattis, lonathan 11, 123, 131, Gaynor, Michael 158 Geiss, Robert 109, 300 Gellar, Susan 83, 263, 266, 296 Gentile, Andrew 123 Gentry, Edward 158, 277 Gepfert, Karen 83 Ghant, Amy 83, 268 Giammarco, Michelle 158, 272, 276 Gilbert, Robert 158 Giles, Crystal 40, 83, 274, 327 Gill, lohn 123 Gilam, Vernon 145 Gilliam, Tara 158, 270, 277 Gilmer, Geoffrey 123, 268 Gilmore, Reginald 175 Gladden, Wendy 158 Glass, Debra 123 Glass, lames 109 Glass, Valerie '158 Glassen, Elizabeth 158, 277 Glassen, Karen 83 Gleasman, Elizabeth 71, 83, 264, 307, 315 Glenn, lohnny 158 Glenn, Tangle 83, 269 Glover, Michael 145 Goelzer, Timothy 158 Gokcen, Serdar 83, 265, 266, 277, 296 Goldstein, Andrew 83 Golson, Brian 83, 258, 259, 262, 263, 266, 276, 299, 303, 317 Gonzalez, Lisa 83 Gonzalez, Lynn 145, 246, 263, 270 Goodall, Susan 158 Gooden, Keith 109 Goodman, lulie 151, 158, 212 Goodwin, Teri 158, 277 Gordon, lettrey 158 Gordon, Kathleen 158, 270, 273, 276 Gordon, Kevin 9, 83, 263 Gordon, Reginald 84, 218, 255, 269 Gordon, William 123 Gosnell, lennifer 123, 270, 276 Gould, Shelly 84 Graham, Bryant 175 Graham, Danny 123 Graham, Dawn 40, 84, 291, 293, 327 Graham, loey 159 Graham, lohn 159 Grahama, Tara 123 Graham, Tonya 84, 268, 316 Grant, Brenda 123 Grant, l e Vonde 123, 269, 271 Grant, William 159 Grass, lennifer 123 Graves, Aaron 39, 124, 272, 275 Gray, Amy '124 Gray, lames 84, 269 Gray, Patrick 124 Graynor, Michele 84, 266, 268 Grayson, Michael 54, 57, 84, 263, 268, 316 Green, Lynn 58, 84 Green, Rodrickus 159, 220 Green, Vince 159 Greene, Amy 124, 262, 263 Greene, Antonio 159 Greene, Denice 40, 159 Greene, Hope 145 Greene, lennifer 124, 262, 270, 276 Greene, Preston 84 Greene, Stephanie 84, 264, 315 Greer, Christy 124, 265, 313 Greer, l effrey 159 Greer, Tracy 84, 269 Greer, Tyra 112, 113, 124, 277 Gresham, Robert 151, 159 Griahiam, Bryant 159 Gribble, Sarah 84, 212, 261, 262, 266, 296 Grier, loseph 159 Grier, Michael 85 Grier, R Grier, T odriquez 175 homas Griesmer, Noel 109 Griffin, Griffin, Coley 85 lonathan 124 Griffin, Melvin 145, 268 Griffin, Griffin, Griffin, Griffith, 165, Griffith, Griffith, Richard 159 Timothy 124 Windy 85, 269 Francoise 151, 159, 276 Kimberly 124, 212, 269 Patricia 159 Griffiths, Scott 145, 220 Griffiths, Shelley 124 Grimm, Kimberleigh 124 Grimm, Lisa 40, 41, 55, 185, 260, 262, 266, 296 Griscom, Scott 85, 216, 217, 260, 266, 274, 306 Gross, David 159 Grove, lason 124, 224, 265, 313 Guercio, Kimberly 85, 268 Wende 159, 161, 165 Gunder, Lori 124 Gupta, Tajiv 124 Gurley, Laura 85, 260, 262, 266 Gustafson, Debra 40, 124, 293 Guthrie, Deborah 151, 158, 159, 270 Gwyn, Thomas 125 INDEX 347 ornets the small teal and purple insects that represent Charlotte's newly acquired NBA franchise Haase, Mark 159, 205 Haden, Meredith 159 Haene, Thomas 175 Hagemeyer, Richard 159, 238, 265, 277 Hager, Dawn 125 Hahner, jeffrey 145 Hale, Everette 85, 145 Hall, Akuma 125 Hall, Anthony 125,218 Hall, Bravnshi 159, 220 Hall, Daphne 159 Hall, jennifer 18, 159, 215, 276 jackson, james 160 Hall, Leronda 175, 276 Hall, Melody 85 Hall, Reeshemah 125, 269, 274 Hall, Sheryl 85, 214, 274, 314 Hallmark, jeffrey 85 Halman, Michelle 83 Hamer, jane 85, 264, 315 Hamff, Christopher 125 Hamilton, Anthony 145, 220 Hamilton, Carolyn 125 Hamilton, Darryl 145 Hamilton, Matthew 125 Hamilton, Stephanie 125, 271, 274 Hamilton, Tricia 125, 214, 274, 314 Hammers, jody 159, 270, 277 Hammons, Meredith 151, 159, 270, 276 Hampton, Christopher 145 Hancock, Angela 159, 270 Hand, Carmen 85, 238 Hanley, jason 175 Hann, Amy 40, 61, 61, 85, 269, 274, 327 Hanna, Anthony 85, 260, 268 Hansen, Terri 114, 115, 125, 262, 276, 304 Hanson, Donald 85, 216 Hanson, james 57, 85, 265, 269, 313 Harakas, Andre 125 Harven, Gerald 125 Hardesty, David 145 Hardin, jonathan 159 Hardison, Robert 125, 220 Hardman, john 125 Hardy, Gregory 126 Hargett, jennifer 212, 260, 277 Hargett, Shelley 126 Harnen, Craig 126 Harper, Moses 175 Harrell, jerry 126 Harrington, Alan 85, 269 Harris, Harris David 159 Dou las 145 f 8 Harris, Harry 159 Harris, Harris, Harris Harrisj Patrick 126: 232 Kandise 159 Kevin 85, 224 Octavia 86 274 Harris, Whitney 56, 57, 86, 264, 266 Harrison, Kevin 145 Harriss, Andrew 40, 41, 86, 261, 262, 266, 267, 277, 296, 327 Hart, Amy 12, 16, 86, 224, 228, 268 Hart, Gregory 126, 238 Hart, john 159, 221 Hartis, Amy 125, 126, 213, 269, 308 Hartis, Mark 126, 175 Hartis, Thomas 86 Hartman, jamie 109, 318 Hartsell, Laura 56, 57, 115, 126, 259, 261, 268, 270, 276, 304 Harvell, julius 175 Hasty, jason 86, 300 Hasty, Iodine 126, 312 Hatcher, Wendy 40, 86, 306, 327 Hawkins, Reuben 159 348 INDEX Hawse, Lawrence 86 Hayes, jason 127, 240, 276 Hayes, Michaela 127, 276 Haynes, Leticia 127, 269 Hays, Brad 159 Hazelrigs, Christopher 159 Headen, Dewey 86 Heafner, Rhonda 86 Heard, Russell 175 Heath, Angela 175 Hedgepeth, Tracy 86 Helms, Angela 159 Helms, Evan 112, 127, 220 Helms, Robin 159, 215, 259 Helms, Sybil 159 Hemmle, William 159 Hemphill, Bernard 86 Hemphill, Tamara 40, 159 Hemphill, William 160 Hendrick, Shannon 160 Henline, Chad 160 Henneman, jason 86 Henry, Clarissa 86, 269, 274 Henry, Travius 160, 220 Henson, Tricia 160, 276 Herding, Neil 80, 306 Herin, Carol 160 Herold, Mary 33, 127, 137, 227 Herring, jason 127 Herrman, Stacy 127, 224 Hethcote, Margaret 50, 86, 269 Heuzen, jerden 175 Hice, Mark 160 Hickes, Howard 127 Hicks, jason 160 Hilenski, Melissa 2, 127, 263 Hill, Deborah 86, 269 Hill, john 5, 86, 302 Hill, Kisha 18, 175 Hill, Stephanie 86 Hill, Terry 86 Hinkle, juliette 160 Hinson, Gregory 160 Hinson, Timothy 50, 87, 291 Hinson, Tracey 127 Hinton, Travis 145, 269 Hoagland, Wilbert 87 Hobbs, Benjamin 127, 238, 262, 277 Hobbs, Eric I27, 210 Hockaday, Susan 127, 142, 263, 264, 315 Hodges, Clark 9, 87, 318 Hodges, Greg 127, 240, 265, 313 Hoffman, Bradley 125, 127, 221 Hofmann, john 87, 216, 217, 268 Holder, Lisa 160 Holland, Stuart 160 Hollar, julie 87 Holley, Rebecca 127, 134, 205, 214, 293, 314 Holliday, Faye 160 Holmes, Daniel 160 Holmes, Deidre 56, 57, 114, 115, 127,273,304 Holmes, Kelly 40, 127, 293 Holt, Anita 160 Holton, Wendy 127, 135, 238, 239, 259, 276, 312 Holtzendorff, Michael 145 Honeycutt, Dennis 160 Hood, Latonia 127 Hood, Maurice 127, 220 Hood, Sonya 145, 269 Hooks, Rebecca 160, 215 Hoover, jonathan 87 Hoover, Robert 160 Hoover, Sherman 127 Hopkins, Neil 87 Hord, David 160 Hormberg, Brad 'I27, 224 Horne, Charles 87, 265, 313 Horne, David 160 Horne, Toya 40, 127, 293 Horton, Anthony 69, 87, 218, 255, 269 Horton, Craig 58, 69, 87, 224, 265, 306, 313 Horton, Louise 87 Horton, Robert 87, 302 Hough, Melissa 38, 87, 269 Houser, Kelley 160 Houston, Diane 145 Houston, Grady 127 Howard, Cathy 87 Howard, Dorothy 160 Howell, Alexander 145 Howell, Kenneth 160 Howie, Melissa 160 Howie, Ned 87 Howie, Travis 160 Hrabchak, Sandra 127, 265, 270 Hubbard, john 127, 160 Hudson, Barbara 40, 87, 212 Hudson, Tracy 87 Hudspeth, Erik 127 Huff, Paul 160 Hughes, jeffery 87, 268 Hughett, Kimberly 114, 115, 127, 304 Hull, Christie 160 Humphrey, Christopher 160 Humphrey, jeffery 87, 254 Humphrey, Marion 16, 88, 300, 315 Hunkele, Brad '127 Hunnicutt, Alton 41, 128 Hunt, Hayes 160 Hunt, Mark 128 Hunter, Lindsey 88, 214, 268, 314 Huntington, Christa 128, 276 Huntley, Phillip 145 Huntley, Titus 175 Hurley, Matthew 128 Huskey, Alyson 160 Hutchins, Becky 115, 131, 145, 238, 239, 254, 276, 304, 315 Hutchins, Brett 30, 42, 128, 238, 276 Hutchinson, Helene 128 Hutchinson, Todd 41, 160 Hyatt, Adriane 88 Hyman, Kevin 160, 270, 277 n School Suspension Some of us are still waiting ldell, jacalyn 128, 271 ldell, Michael 160 Ingram, Frederick 160, 218 lngwall, Robert 160 Innes, Suzanne '151, 160, 238, 276 Inthavong, Uthai 160 lrvin, Aimee 128 lshee, Wesley 1, 128, 224, 230, 255, 265, 313 Ivey, Tammie 40, 128, 269, 274 Iyer, Spikant 128, 261, 273 Izumi, Aiko 115, 128, 262, 270, 276,212,304 im and Tammy out in the doghouse fair- conditioned at thatj jackson, Shannon 58, 128, 270 lacobs, Daniel 160 lacobs, Manolito 175 lacobs, Patricia 40, 109, 271 jagannathan, Gautam 160 james, Andre 128 james, Michelle 128 jankowitz, Marci 88 jarnagin, Amanca 128 jasey, Shawn 161 jeffries, Rachele '128 jenkins, jessica 161, 277 jenkins, joseph 161 jennings, Suzanne 151, 161 jernigan, Sue 88 lessee, Angela 175 lessee, Darren 44, 128, 265, 313 jeter, Sherry 88, 145 johansen, Virginia 145 johns, joel 161 johns, Stephanie 128, 212 johnson, Agnes 109, 291, 292 johnson, Anthony 161 johnson, Aquanda johnson, Carlton 25, 88, 265, 268, 274, 306, 313 johnson, Chad 128, 138, 262, 273 johnson, Charleen 88, 145 johnson, Charles 161, 224 johnson, Christopher 161, 255 johnson, Christopher 88 johnson, Christopher 128 johnson, Cynthia 161 johnson Eric 145, 232, 233 johnson, Erica 58, 1-15 johnson, Kevin 128 johnson, Kristine 58, 128, 135, 263 johnson, Laverne 175 johnson, Marc 40, 41, 128, 327 johnson, Melanie 88, 270, 293 johnson, Sara 150, 151, 161 johnson, Thomas 129 johnson, Thomas 129 lohnson, Tracey 161, 212 jolly, Brian 161 jones, Carla 1-15, 213, 308 jones, Christine 161, 176 jones, Christophe' 129, 268 jones, Christopher 161 jones, Deborah 129, 271 jones, Garnett 129, 135, 142, 315 jones, George 161 jones, Harrison 129, 232, 254, 315 jones, joseph 88, 218, 232, 233, 309 jones, Keith 109 jones, Michael 129 jones, Michele 40, 145, 293, 312 jones, Montrell 129, 220 jones, Ronald 175 jones, Sheila 129 jones, Stacie 161 jones, Wendy 161 jordan, Wendi 161 jorgensen, Kristen 88, 224, 225 josey, Matthew 175 joshi, Keerti 129, 260, 274, 276 joyce, jennifer 145 joyce, Shannon 161 Kimlmell, Christopher 162, 277 Kinberg, Ruan 89, 276, 306 Kindley, Mitchell 89 King, jeremy 109 King, Katrina 130 Kingen, David 162 Kinnard, Georgianna 6, 68, 89, 257, 261, 312, 318 Kinney, Benjamin 9, 89, 96, 102 Kinser, Amy 130 Kinsler, jonathan 130 Kirby, Melissa 89, 260 Kirby, Roddriecka 89, 274 Kirkpatrick, Rodney 175, 220 Kirkpatrick, Sharon 162 Kiser, David 130 Ixistler, Kelly 130, 269 Kitt hen, james 130 Klein, Deborah 40, 61, 89, 263, 265, 327 Klein, Rachel 162, 265 Kludzuweit, Mary 89, 271 Klumpp, Sara 89, 276, 299 lsluttz, Davin 162 Klutz, Regena 130 Knight, Michael 162, 240 Knox, Elise 162 Knox, Valerie 58, 130, 135, 315 Ko, Gene 162, 224 Kornberg, Leonard 89 Kortekaas, Barry 162 lsosanovich, Christine 130 Kosttc, Kevin 162 Koutsoupias, Kina 162 Koval, Kiana 130, 263 Kramer, jeffrey 130 Krause, jeffrey 162 Krissel, Robert 89, 162, 216, 302 Krissel, Robin 165, 215, 260 Kuehl, Kenneth 162, 220 Kuhn, Nancy 10, 115, 130, 142, 22-I, 264, 304, 315 Kuiz, David 130 Kulikowski, Steven 175 Kunar, Darren 89, 268, 300 Kupfer, Andrew 130, 224, 265, jugo, Alberto 145 268, ,313 justice, Catrina 88, 268 Kyrnpton, Spencer 158, 162, justice, Crystal 161 165, 221 1 rispy Kreme aser 95Q Donuts, E a st M e c k 's staple food What a new ex- perience in stereo sound. Kachellek, james 129 Kale, Greg 88 Kalk, Kelly 129, 268 Kallam, Mark 88 Kallam, William 129 Kalna, Garick 58, 88, 263, 276, 318 Kammer, Christopher 129 Kampfer, Dawn 161 Kapadia, Kushal 263, 276 Kaplan, Deborah 40, 88, 261, 312, 327 Kappius, james 129, 238, 268 Kasey, julie 161, 277 Kayser, Mark 129, 263 Keally, Meghan 58, 59, 70, 71, 88, 259, 307 Keber, Michael 88, 316 Keener, Kimberly 151, 162, 165, 177, 265, 276 Keesler, Shannon 88 Keilholz, Michael 89, 262, 266, 296 Keith, Leigh 112, 113, '129, 263 Keith, Nikka 175 Keller, Shannon 129, 214, 314 Kemper, Christopher 129, 224, 254, 276, 313 Kemper, Cynthia 162, 276 Kennedy, james 129, 220 Kennedy, Sheila 130 Keretsis, Chris 162 Keretsis, Peter 89, 260 Kerley, Lisa 130 Kesler, Elizabeth 77, 89, 262, 264, 315 Kessinger, john 162 Kessler, justin 162 Ketchum, Anne 130 Key, Melissa 89 Kicidis, Shannon 145 Labovitz, Elise 130 Lackey, William 130, 205, 216, 260 Lafleur, Alan 130 Lagana, john 162, 220 Lambert, Denise 89, 272 Lammonds, Eric 89, 232 Landers, Krista 112, 113, '114, 115, 131, 135, 139, 262, 264, 276, 304 Landis, Allyson 89, 299 Lane, Kelly 131 Lane, Paul 90 Lane, Richard 131 Laney, Keith 145 Laney, Tayloria 40, 162 Lanier, Brian 162 Lanier, Derrin 162, 226, 263 Larsh, Stephen 90 Larson, jennifer 163 Larson, Todd 131, 277 Laskowsky, Amy 163 Lassiter, Melissa 131, 214, 314 Lastella, jason 131, 240, 260, 269 Lasure, Tiffany 131, 147 Lathan, james 163, 176, 276 Lauman, Courtney 145 Laurents, john 90, 306 Lawing, Kerry 163, 220 Lawing, Kris 131 Lawing, Ralph 145 Lawing, Tracy Lawley, Cheryl Laws, Ryan Laye, Larry 131 Lazar, Gina 175 Lee, Christopher 90, 270 Lee, jeffrey 163 Lee, Kelly 90, 145 Lee, Marcus 131, 260 315 Leigh, Tabatha 163 Lemieux, Christopher 40, 265, 131, 327 Lemmond, April 175 Lemonds, David 128, 131, 313 Lentnger, loshua 163 Leonard, Heidi 90 Leslie, Cary 131, 257, 262, 265, 277, 313, 317 Lester, lenniier 145 Lester, Otis 90 Levenson, jenniter 131 Lewallan, jonathan 145 Lewis, Elizabeth 17 1 Lewis, Karen 115, 131, 259, 262, 277, 304 Lewis, Kerry 145, 269 Lewis, McDonald 163 Lewis, Sara 131, 214, 262, 277, 314 Lickert, David 90 Liebstein, Michael 163, 263, 274 Lilly, Sherman 132, 175 Limerick, Leigh 5, 132 Lindley, Ryan 132 Nld1"l.11u1'f-' Kllwlio 1113, 221 'ylanile Ciinstine 163 272 Mangium tolanda 40 163 McKinley, Ioan 133, 269 McKinney, Michael 93, 109 McLean, Kristin 27, 58, 133, Mancgtini Xttiif 132 xIcing.1ni, Xticliaef 34 132 Manning, Mary 33, 91, 258, 259, 3 I7 Marciniszyn, Kenneth 132 Marcus, David 16, 56, 57, 70, 71, 91, 260, 266, 307 Marek, Andrew 91, 263 Marino, Melissa 33, I 32 Marsh, Angela 163 Marsh, Heidi 91, 266, 274, 291 Marshall, Derrick 63, 132, 220 Marshall, Winston 109 Martin, Cynthia 91, 268, 269 142, 277 NtcLean, Teronica 133, 269 McLean, Neronica 164 McLeod, Kimalla 109, 300 McLeod, Tracie 40, 93, 268 Mc Mahon, Mc Manus, McManus, McMeans, loy lb-l, 269, 277 Philip 134, 313 Ted 164 Christy 68, 93, 264 McMullen, less 134 Mc Nair, April 164 McNair, Tina 93, 302 McNair, Virginia 93, 102, 264, Mar1in,janice 163, 270 Martin, jason 92 Martin, jeffery 92, 258 Martin, Malik 132, 269 Martin, Melanie 175, 268 Martin, Sarah 92 Martosauski, Sherry 163 Mask, Heather 163, 276 McNeil, Scott 134 N1cNinc h, lames 164, 221 McPhaul, Chad 134 Mask, jenny 92, 299 OCampo, Snowhite I 36 Lindow, Lorelei 168, 270, 271, 277 Lindsay Lafayette 175 Lindsay, Pamela 163 McQueen, jason 93 Mcyay, Charles 145 Mckay, Donald 164 Mcvay, McVay, Lisa 164 Lorena 164 Meadows, Christopher I6-I Lindsey, Romana 12, 40, 68, 132, 212, 327 Lineberger, Laura 163, 238 Linberger, Michael 132 Linville, Rhonda 50, 90, 269 Linville, Teresa 40, 163 Lisk, jeffrey 90 Littell, Katherine 40, 132, 293 Littell, Michael 163 Little, Lori 40, 163, 268 Little, Talesha 175 Littlejohn, Ann 2, 90, 262, 264 Liu, jonathan 163 Lotgren, Karin 163, 270, 276 Logan, Brian 90, 211, 218, 252, 254, 269 Logan, james 145 Long, Alisa 65, 77, 91, 93, 261, 262, 276, 296, 312 Long, Christina 40, 148, 163, 276 Long, jeffrey 91, 265, 313 Long, Robin 40, 132 Lonon, Christopher 132 Lotfi, Amir 132, 269, 277 Love, jennifer 2, 163, 167, 276 Love, Mark 7, 77, 91, 263, 277, 302 Lowder, Dana 31, 91, 276 Lowe, Cynthia 132 Lowe, jason 91, 266 Lowe, Leslie 163, 226 Lowry, Douglas 132 Lucas, jonathan 145 Luckadoo, Clevie 163 Lumpkin, Betrina 91 Lundstom, Ann-Charlo 65, 91, 276 Lusk, Dana 91 Luther, Gregory 91, 309 Lyke, Kimberly 40, 54, 270, 276 Lyles, Sean 91, 218, 263 Lynch, April 132 Lynn, lohn 175 Lyon, Caroline 91, 309 Lytle, Phillip 91 ore Star Trek a new series for the loyal trekies. Macarine, Christopher 34, 91 Macdonald, Malinda 163 Mace, Michelle 145 Macfall, Timothy 145 Mackey David 175 Mager, Marlowe 109 Maheras, Valerie 163, 276 Mahoney, Tricia 163 Maier, jeffrey 132 Major, Shane 175 Makarow, Stephen 163 Malear, Tammy 91, 268, 299 Mallon, Michael 132 Malone, Sara 91, 272, 316 Maloney, Michael 132 Mason Amy 132, 277 Mason, Kevin 16 3, 164 Mason, Laura 92, 268, 274 Mason ,Sonia -10, 163 Mason, Vincent 41, 68, 109 Masouras, Spyridoula 58, 132, 146, 262, 270, 274, 276 Massachi, David 132, 276 MasseYf lennifer 92, 269 Meaker, Christopher 93 Mechum, Bradley 115, 134, 221 260, 304 Meggett, Latxxyla 164 Mehta, Hina 93, 277 Melton, Robert 93 Mendezott, Kristina 134, 271 Menkel, Brian 164 Metzler, Lani 40, 112, 13-1, 234, Massey, Phillip 145, 220 Mastandrea, Robert 132 Masters, Rebecca 132, 274 Matheson, Christy 163 Mathews, Heather 175, 268 Mathews, Melanie 92, 264, 315 Malone, Matthew 132, 224, 265, 3 I3 Matthews, Christopher 163, 220 Matthews, Wendy 145 Matthews, William 175 Mattson, Richard 145 Mauldin, Kathryn 92, 224, 264, 271 Mauldin, Michael 163 Mauney, Kimberly 132 May, Laura 163 Maye, Amy 133, 212 Mayer, Kenneth 175 McCall, Leigh 133 McCall, Neal 51, 56, 92, 265, 266, 270, 276 McCall, Travis 163 McCall, William 92, 218, 252, 254, 299 McCallister, Mark 133 McCarter, Amy 14, 58, 114, 115, 133,276,304 McCarter, Chad 92 McCaskill, Leslie 133, 224, 225, 255, 277 McCausland, Matthew 164 McClain, Kimberly 92, 269 McClain, Thomas 92, 218 McClelland, Timothy 175 McClendon, Roslyn 164 McClure, Betty 133 McClure, Paul 92, 262, 277 McConnell, Matthew 164 McCranie, Tracy 92, 264, 268, 315 McCrary, jeffery 92 McCray, Michael 92 McCraw, Phalicia 327 McCrorey, Mark 175 McDonald, David 92 McDonald, lerry 164 McDonald, Stephen 31, 92, 263, 296, 309 McDowell, Michael 133, 224 McDuffie, Sharon 69, 93, 264 McEIhaney, Derek 93, 268, 309 McEleveen, jennifer 164 McFadden, Tracy 145, 276 McGarrah, Heather 58, 70, 115, 124, 133, 238, 274, 277, 304 McGee, jeffrey 133 McGill, Karen 35, 133 McGrath, Gregory 133 Mclllwaine, Albert 133 Mcllwain, Michelle 175 Mclntosh, Kim 175 Mclntyre, Chandler 13, 93, 264, 266, 315, 327 McKee, Frank 93, 218 McKeever, Carla 109, 318 McKenzie, Elizabeth 10, 93 264, 293 Meyer, Lisa 93, 262, 266, 270, 276 Michaud, Brett 68, 93, 266, 276 Mieras, Lisa 134, 277 ,wti1cea1,Travis 164 Mildren, Charles 175 Miles, Tamara 39, 93, 275, 291, 296 Miller, Brian 164, 262, 276, 296 Miller, Christina 93 Miller, Christine 175 Miller, Connie 93, 271 Miller, jeitrey 134, 276 Miller, Richard 93 Miller, Roy 175 Miller, Timothy 134, 220, 255 Mills, Latoya 40, 175 Mills, Robin 165, 171 Mums, Cherie 175 Mincey, lames 165 Mincey, Karen 94 Minkin, Benjamin 134 Misenheimer, lenniter 165, 268 Mitchell, Gary 109 Mitchell, Gregory 165 Mitchell, jennifer 40, 165 Mitchell, julie 94, 275, 276, 291 296 Mitry, Hanan 134, 265, 272, 276 Mobley, Ebony 165 Mobley, loseph 175 Mobley, Robert 175, 255 Mohr, jeffrey 94, 318 Monin, lohn 134, 254 r Monroe, David 165, 224 Montagrift, Teri 134, 269 Monteith, jason 134 Montero, Eva 145 Montgomery, Daniel 165, 273 Moody, Catassie 145 Moody, Mary 94 Moore, Amy 13, 94, 246, 259, 264, 266 Moore, Arnell 165 Moore, Bradley 109 Moore, Donald 156, 165 Moore, Gregory 29, 135 Moore jason 94 Moore lohn 165 Moore, Katherine 94, 262, 302, 307 Moore Latonya 145 Moore, Marshall 135 Moore Shiron 145, 220 Moore, Tammi 58, 94, 213, 274, 289, 308 Moore, Wayne 175 Mooshie, Lisa 135 Moreau, Richard 145 Morgan, Adam 175 Morley, Timothy 57, 135, 224, 273 Morris, Christy 112, 113, 135, 268, 276 Morris, layme 94 Morris, lill 135, 139, 262 Morris, luantez 135, 274 Morrison, Angela 165 Morrison Rodney 175 Morrow, Michael 165 Morse, james 125 Mortenson, lohnathan 145 Mosby Anthony 145 Moses, Sandra 94 Mosley, Elizabeth 71, 94, 263, 266, 307, 316 Molon, leanne 135, 312 Mozingo, james 94, 264, 315 Mularz, Frank 135 Mullis, Robert 94, 135, 291 Multer, Adam 60, 61, 94, 272 Mulwee, Michael 94, 218 Mumpower, Helen 135 Munoz, Monique 165 Murphy, jennifer 94 Murphy, jimmy 145 Murray, Patrick 135, 262, 270, 276 Murre1l,Ebony 165 Murrill, Michael 135, 268 Myers, Christopher 165 Myers, Darrell 94, 274, 316 Myers, lettrey 165 EL Strike A month of good Monday night T,V. Nahta, Rita 165, 276 Nail, jennifer 94, 272 Nance, Tina 175 Narclone, Virginia 151, 166, 212, 263 Nash, lames 166 Neal, Richard 94, 238 Neal, Roland 94, 300 Neal, Ronald 145 Neale, julie 40, 135, 276, 293 Nealson, Cynthia 175 Netf, Lisa 136 Neitzke, David 95, 109 Nelson, Larhonda 175 Nelson, Scott 136 Nelson, Tracy 95, 309 Nerad, Gerald 95, 218, 272 Nerad, Thomas 166, 220 Nero, Sherry 136, 274 Newborn, Roy 166 Newell, Dawn 95, 269 Newell, Nathan 136 Newnam, Michelle 136, 238, 276 Newren, Russell 136 Newrene, Ronnie 30, 42 Newsome, Andrew 95 Newsome, Nancy 175 Newton, Archie 166 Newton, William 95 Nichols, Andrew 166 Nichols, Clay 136 Nichols, Nico 136 Nichols, Stefhanie 40, 54, 95, 327 Nichols, Stuart 166 Nicholson, Sharon 114, 145, 304 Nightingale, Sydney 33, 56, 57, 68, 71, 77, 95, 102, 266, 276, 303, 307 Nilssen, Raymond 95, 266, 277, 309 Nivens, Becky 136 Nixon, Regina 166 Nixon, William 95 Nixon, Zenobia 166 Noggle, Kandy 145 Noggle, Matthew 166 Nolan, Sean 109, 300 Norman, Katherine 95, 266, 268, 270, 300 Norman, Lester 136, 218 Norman, Michael 145 Norman, Stephen 95 Norton, Laura 166 Nozar, Kristin 58, 115, 136, 238, 304 Nutter, lohnathan 166, 221 ptimistic Shannon and Mary when they think they can actually make their last deadline, OBrien, Heather 166 O'Brien, lohn 166 O'l3rien, Richard 136 O'Dell, james 149, 166, 276 O'D0nneIl, Courtney 54, 95 O'Gunba, Felix 104 O1-lair, Todcl 166 O'Leary, Xertina 40, 175 O'Neill, Corneilus 166 O'Neil1, Tara 95, 272, 307 O'Toole, Kevin 166, 277 O'TooIe, Tara 71, 95, 246, 268, 315 Odom, Pamela 166, 270 Ogunba, Gregory 136 Ogunba, Tomi 136, 224, 228, 255 Olieski, Christopher 136 Olstad, Susan 95 Orr, Troy 95 Ortt, Christin I 36 Osborne, Bradtord 136, 274 Osborne, Lisa 126 Osborne, Susan 175 Ostroxsky, Steve 166 Osullivan, Catherine 95 Otis, Michelle 145 Oyerby, Anna 61, 136 Overly, Thomas 95 Owcharenko, Nina 166 Owen, Dawn 166 Owen, lill 14, 56, 57, 71, 95, 266, 267, 277, 307 Owens, Elizabeth 96, 266, 275, 277, 318 Owens, Melissa 166 Oxendine, Anthoney 96 ictionary the new boardgame hit that has everyone scribbling Pace, lames 175 Pack, Allison 145 Paden, james 94, 96, 107, 309 Paden, john 96, 272 Padgett, Edward 96, 276 Padgett, Whitney 96, 269 Paclula, Angela 166 Pagani, Christopher 129, 136 Painter, Tracey 96 Pandey, Suniay 41, 166 Pappas, Peter 166 Pappas, Richard 41, 166 Paris, Susan 71, 96, 260 Park, Yun 166 Parker, Adrienne 166, 224, 276 Parker, Ashley 166, 276 Parker, Michael 136, 237 Parker, Sandra 136 Parker, Timothy 166, 220 Parkhurst, Susanne 40, 115, 142, 26-1, 293, 304, 315 Parks, Monica 166 Parrish, Lori 176 Pastor, Stephanie 12, 13, 16, 96 Patel, Anil 96, 262, 273 Patel, Darshan 166 Patel, Kamal 136, 273 Patel, Shimul 166 Pathak, Asheesh 136 Patten, Ronald 136 Patterson, loecephus 175 Patterson, Matthew 109, 316 Patterson, Patrick 175 Paufler, David 96, 238, 265 Paufler, Pamela 136, 238, 265 INDEX 349 Pavlakos Michelle 40, 136, 277, 293 Payne, lennifer 166 Pearson, Charlenia 40, 166 Pearson, Charles 136 Pearson, David 137, 262 Pearson, Nannette Peay, Nikesha 166 Peebles, lvanna 145 Pence, Stephen 96, 264, 265, 291, 313 Pendleton, Elizabeth 97 Pennington, Mia 137, 27-1 Peppard, larett 97, 272 Pesal-cotf, Renee 5-1, 137 Peterson, Colette 97, 264, 268 Peterson, David 166 Peterson, lason 165, 166 Pettis, Karlton 70, 71, 97, 260, 266, 277, 299, 307 Pharr, Maurice 175 Pharr, Shun 166 Phifer, Danny 167 Phifer, limiterral 166 Phillips, Leigh 58, 135, 137, 277, 312 Phillips, Leigh 96, 97, 261, 269, 270, 312 Phillips, Robert 97, 299 Phillips, Tammy 167, 270 Photopoulos, George 167 Picha, lames 277 Pierce, Brendan 167, 277 Pierson, Michele 97 Pilkinton, Ann 97, 263, 306 Pilkinton, Christy 53, '167 Pinlcston, Frederick 137 Pisano, Bryan 1 37, 205 Pitts, Kelly 167, 215, 276 Pizzo, Anthony 57, 114, 115, 137, 215, 304 Pizzo, Thomas 151, 167, 277 Planck, Angela 97, 271, 302 Player, Douglas 145 Plumides, Damon 137 Plybon, William 48, 137 Polak, Melissa 261, 262, 312 Polanis, Henry 167 Polk, Larry 97, 309 Pollette, Christopher 137 Poole. lohnathan 137 Poole, Melissa 137 Pope, locelyn 175 Poplin, Ronda 97 Poplin, William 167 Porter, Cherie 137 Porter, Donald 167 Porter, Lisa 109 Porter, Shamett 97 Poteat, Raelana 167 Potter, David 167 Potts, Bryant 138 Potts, Tyrone 175 Pough, Melvin 138 Povey, Ashley 97 Powell, Eric 145, 167 Powell, Michael 138, 327 Powell, Natalie 40, 138, 262, 277, 293 Powell, Todd 97, 291 Powers, Whitney 167, 224 Prentice, Andrew 167 Pressley, Kimberly 167 Pressley, Kristi 167 Pressly, lohn 262, 265, 270, 313 Pressman, Rian 167 Price, Christy 97 Price, Dana 40, 175 Price, Derwin 138 Price, Eric 138, 277 Price, Tracie 138 Prince, Meredith 167 Pringle, Detra 97 Pringle, Kevin 167 Priory, lennifer 138 Privette, Amy 167 Privette, Melissa 97, 271, 299 Pruitt, Andrew 27, 40, 138, 277 327 Pugh, Amie 97, 272 Pugh, Steven 138, 262, 276 Purnell, Cyrilla 67, 97, 266, 270 Purser, lonathan 97, 316 Purser, Robin 53, 149, 167 Puryear, Christina 98, 266, 268 Puryear, David 167 350 INDEX uintessence What ?!?l Quanne, Kathleen 98, 102, 213, 266, 272, 308 Query, Deborah 98, 261 eagan's last year in office Hip, Hip Hooray! Radiloft, Daniel 145, 263 Raiford, ,Allison 167 Raiford, Shannon 138 Raines, lennifer 40, 138, 293 Rainey, George 98 Rainey, Susan 167 Ramantanin, loseph 167 Rambo, Kristin 167. 169 Ramirez, Elizabeth 77, 98, 212 Ramirez, lason 138 Randall, Traci 98 Ranger, lanelle 98, 274, 276, 300 Rankin, lerry 175, 220 Rankin, Lewis 175 Ranson, Grace 167, 224 Ranson, Melissa 167, 271 Rascoe, Chad 18, 138 Rascoe, Paige 98, 268 Rasin, lennifer 167 Rasin, William 98, 276, 316 Ratchford, Kimberly 1-15 Ratlitt, Tina 138, 293 Rawlinson, Elizabeth 98, 262, 264, 268 Ray, Richard 168 Raye, Akiam 175 Raye, Pamela 168 Reddick, Tawanna 175 Redmond, Kathryn 138, 359 Redus, Shannon 168, 270, 277 Reed, lulie 168 Reeks, leffrey 98 Reese, Gordon 138 Reich, Shay 130, 138, 313 Reid, Lakysha 151, 168 Reid, Tomioell 138 Reilly, Daniel 139 Reina, Carlos 139, 273 Resor, Tai 109, 299 Retera, Katherine 168 Retsios, Efthalia 168, 270, 277 Rhodes, Christa 109, 306 Rhyne, Catherine 137, 175 Rhyne, Patrick 98 Rice, leanie 168 Rice, Willie 168, 220, 240 Richardson, Kimberly 40, 139, 293, 316 Richardson, Kimberly 40 Richardson, Lamar 98, 218 Richardson, Larry 98 Richardson, Leshan 139 Rickard, David 98, 302 Riddick, Ashley 43,71, 98, 264, 266, 277, 307, 315 Riddick, William 168, 221 Riddle, Steve 168, 221 Rigg, William 168, 271 Rigley, Marion 168 Riley, Eric 139, 276, 277 Riley, Megan 168, 176 Riley, Pamela 139, 274 Rimer, Charles 98, 216, 306 Rivens, Tyrone 175 Rivers, Mario 145 Roberts, Blair 168, 171 Roberts, Christopher 168 Roberts, Dawn 40, 63, 91, 98, 266, 274, 327 Roberts, Heather 139 Roberts, lason 168 Roberts, Kelly 70, 71, 98, 165, 264, 306, 307 Roberts, Kimberly 40, 1 39, 293 Robillard, Amy 139 Robillard, Brian 168 Robins, Robert 168 Robinson, Angela 139 Robinson, Anita 109, 269, 274 Robinson, Anthony 168, 220 Robinson, Brenda 99 Robinson, Howard 145 Robinson, LaSonya 145 Robinson, Rhonda 139, 1-15 Robinson, Robert 168 Robinson, Sheila 109 Robinson, Tamica 168 Robson, Chad 139 Rodriguez, Christopher 1-18, 168 Roes, Her bert 168 Rogers, lack 16, 70, 71, 99, 211, 232, 260, 268, 306, 307 Rogers, lonathan 168 Rogers, Michael 175 Rohde, Christopher 145 Rollins, La risa 168 Roosa, Kurt 168 Root, lohn 168 Rorie, Patrick 139, 262, 269, 277 Rosamond, loy 99, 268, 318 Rose, David 168 Rosenfeld, David 40, 99, 102, 211, 224, 262, 266, 327 Rosenfeld, Richard 41, 151, 168 Ross, Margaret 99, 109, 291 Ross, Patricia 99 Ross, Stephanie 139, 269 Ross, Thomas 99 Ross, Timothy 168, 226 Roth, Adam 99, 224, 225, 265, 313 Roth, Sara 168 Rourke, 1 dith 55, 60, 61, 71, u 99, 266, 275, 276, 307 Rowan, Barbara 161, 165, 168. 276 Rowe, Marsha 40, 168, 276 Rowell, Elizabeth 168 Rowell, Marshall 99, 269 Rowland, Christina 175 Royal, Angela 145 Royal, By ron 109, 224 Royal, Stephen 145 Royer, Be Rubright, thany 40, 99, 327 Mathew 168 Ruby, David 168 Ruckh, Ri chard 99, 300 Ruff, Michael 99 Ruggles, Vanessa 31, 71, 99, 4 262, 26 Ruiz, Dav Rule, Rob Runnels Runnion , 266, 277, 307, 315 id 145, 277 ert 139, 224, 230, 265 ustin 99, 218, 240 Melissa 168 Rusak, David 18, 139 Rumley, Chastity 49, 68 , D A Rushing, 276, 30 Ilison 99, 260, 270, 2 Rushing, Carol 40, 139, 293 Rushing, Lorrie 109, 268 Rushing, Richard 139 Russell, D Russell, D enise erek 168 Russo, Lorena 40, 99, 270, 277, 327 Rust, Caroline 139 Rust, lason 99, 309 outhern Association Aaaghhhlll Sadler, Chantee 140, 271 Safir, Leah 140 Saindles, leifery 99 Saldarini, Dorothy 140, 264, 315 Saleh, Christiane 61, 140 Sampson, Samuels, Samuels, lamison 168 Christopher 168 Edward 99, 268, 274 Sanders, Charles 169 D . Sanders, Sanders avid 169 dgar 175 , E Sanders, Kimberly 145 Sanders, Melinda 175 ' P Sanders, Sansone, arnela 40, 169, 27 1 Richard 153, 169 Satterfield, Kenneth 169 Satterfield, Michael 140, 240 Saunders, lody 100 Savage, Kelly 100, 306 T Savage, racy 169 Saxon, Eric 140, 271 Scales, Gwendolyn 100, 259, 264, 266, 270, 275, 306, 315 Scales, Robin 12, 25, 100, 213, 308 Scarbourough, Brandon 100 Schantz, Peter 140 Scharr, Brandon 100 Schielde, Amy 215 Schitfers, Thomas 1-10 Sc hilt, lenniter -10, 140, 277, 293 Sc hile, Walter 145 Schnaidt, Angela 169, 246 Sc hramm, Honey 140 Schrimsher, Ashley 100, 264, 268, 315 Schrimsher, Victoria 169, 27-1 Schwartz, Michael 161, 169, 277 Scienski, Scott 1-10 Scoggins, Mitchell 100 Scoggins, Nicole 140, 261, 276, 291, 312 Scott, Andrew 140 Scovel, Barry 100 Scripter, Emily 61, 100, 266, 272, 274, 316 Seabolt, Susan 71, 100, 266, 268, 299, 307 Seals, leffrey 100, 263, 296 Seamon, loy 169 Sedor, Christina 169 Sedor, David 100, 269, 274 Seeman, Deborah 169, 276 Segrest, David 100, 316 Seibert, lason 140 Seigal, Michelle 140 Self, Reed 140 Sellers, Robert 169 Sessa, Laurie 9, 114, 115, 188, 140, 142, 246, 247, 304, 312 Sethurman, Maya 169 Sewell, lanice 169, 272 Sexton, Vista 169 Shah, Krishna 100, 266, 270 Shah, Sheeram 140 Sharpe, Danny 53, 100, 240, 241, 255, 269, 271 Sharpe, Leslie 169 Sharpe, Wesley 169 Shaw, April 40, 170, 271, 277 Shaw, Ashley 154, 170, 254 Shaw, Stephanie 170 Sheatf, Shane 140 Shedd, Brent 140 Shideler, Amy 170 Shinn, Michael 109 Shope, David 170 Short, Michael 140, 232 Shukla, Kruti 27, 140, 213, 3081 Sibby, Renee 175 Sibley, Cynthia 170 Sides, Kevin 45, 100, 260, 318 Siebold, Stephanie 170, 270, 276 Siegel, Brian '170 Sifford, Marcus Sifford, Tyron Sigmon, Charles 100, 265, 286, 313 Silverstein, Scott 175 Simon, David 145 Simonetti, Michael 100 Simpson, Albert 175 Simpson, Andrew 170 Simpson, Heather 58, 115, 140, 271, 304, 312 Simpson, Maria 140 Simpson, Susanne 140, 263, 264, 268 Simpson, Tracy 40, 54, 62, 100, 291, 327 Simpson, William 101, 269, 306 Sims, lennifer 115, 140, 265, 304 Singleton, Christopher 140 Singleton, Kevin 101 Singleton, Mario 170, 218 Sipe, Brian 170 Sistare, Charles 5, 101, 302 Siuda, Christine 101 Skaradzinski, Greg 140, 262, 276 Sloan, Lamont 40, 170 Slotkin, Leslie 65, 101 Small, Carrie 145 Smith, Andrea 170 Smith, Andrew 170 Smith, Christine 9, 45, 58, 70, 71, 77, 101, 212, 266, 277, 309, 315 Smith, Craig 101, 318 Smith, David 170, 268 Smith, Geneva 170, 271 Smith, Heather 13, 101, 266, 318 Smith, lanie 141, 170 Smith, leffrey 141,261,263 Smith, lenniter 141, 262 Smith, leremy 170 Smith, leremy 175 Smith, lodie 170 Smith, lohn 145 Smith, Kimberly 101 Smith, Lenettra 170 Smith, Matthew 141 Smith, Michelle 170 Smith, Milton 109 Smith, Natalie 170 Smith, Norman 101, 260, 262, 312 300, Smith, Robert 170 Smith, Scott 141,221,254 Smith, Sean 141, 262, 277 Smith, Stacey 101 Smith, Sue '141, 262, 270, 276 Smith, Suzanne 170 Smith, Tamara 40 Smith, Tammy 101, 171 Smith, Teresa 171, 271 Smith, Terri 40, 171, 276 Smith, Thomas 175, 271 Smith, Timothy 175 Smith, Timothy 141 Smith, Tina 141, 263 Smith, Wendolyn 145 Smith, Yvonne 171 Snead, Bryan 141 Snead, Kevin 141 Snyder, Matthew 171, 221 Sobieski, Gregory 17 1 Sobota, lay 145 Soesbee, Valerie 61, 101, 275, 302 Soiset, lohn 141 Somervell, Paige 141 Sorenson, Kimberly 40, 101, 102, 293, 327 Sorenson, Mary 141, 227, 264 Sowell, Anthony 30, 101, 205, 213, 255 Sowell, Melinda 101, 269, 270, 318 Sowers, Nathalie 51, 54, 101 Sowers, Valerie 31, 101, 224, 225 Spanjer, Eric 170, 171 Spann, Cassie 141 Spannel, Caroline 65, 268, 312, 258 Speanburg, Michael 151, 171, 263 Spear, William '141, 263, 267 Spears, Aaron 141 Speckman, loanna 141 Spence, David 171 Spencer, Brian 109, 291 Spencer, Eric 171 Spivey, Ronald 141 Spragins, Franzel 101 Springs, Michael 49, 102 Springs, Tameka 40, 141, 293 Sprinkle, Elizabeth 101, 261, 270, 276 Spruiell, Dina 46, '171, 270 StClair, lulie 171 Staat, Guy 102, 265, 313 Standley, Matthew 102, 238 Stanley, Charlie Stanley, Kimberly 141 Starks, Roberta 145, 269 Starnes, Rogina 141 Starnes, Tonja 102, 268 Steele, Antonio 175 Steele, Christopher 41, 171 Steele, Kimberly 175 Steele, Mark 175 Steele, Sarah 102, 258, 264, 309 Steffey, Gordon 141, 261, 263 Stein, Michael 102, 265, 266, 313, 318 Stellings, Stacie 135, 141, 261, 276, 312 Stempa, lon 141, 224, 228, 255 Stephens, lohn 171 Stephens, lohnathan 41, 165, 171 Stephenson, Eugene 102, 300 Sterling, Richard 103, 261, 262 Stern, Stephanie 103, 260, 263, 266 Stevens, lackelyn 171 Stevenson, Elizabeth 171 Stevenson, Skip 258 Stewart, Floyd 165, 171 Stewart, leffrey 141, 218 Stringer, joe 161, 172 Stewart, Michael 22, 38, 54, 103, 318, 358 Stewart, Michael 141 Stewart, Tameshia 40, 103, 214 Stiff, David 58, 103, 265 Stiles, Chester 103 Stiles, james 103 Stiles, Terri-Lee 103 Stillwell, Elizabeth 171 Stinson, Germaine 141 Stith, jennifer 142, 313 Stitt, Donque 142 Stitt, Nina 171 Stitt, Rewa 142 Stitt, Stanley 103 Stitt, Van 145 Stogner, Melanie 142, 226 Stohlman, David 171 Stoler, Stacey 142 Stone, Candice 171 Storella, Mary 142 Story, james 171 Story, Laura 103, 226, 309 Stout, Katrina 103, 271, 274, 318 Stowe, Howard 175 Stowers, Stacey 103, 212, 277 Strain, Robert 171 Straite, Yolanda 40, 172, 271 Strand, Laura 172 Straus, Nathan 175, 176 Strawser, Gretchen 103, 258, 264 Tessier, joel 172 Tharpe, john 172 Thirumurthy, Thirumaval 104, 277 Thomas, Andrew 104 Thomas, Cynthia 104, 261 ,Robert 129, 143, 218, Thomas, Karen 172 Thomas, Kellie 141 Thomas, Kendra 143 Thomas 304 Thomas, Steven 173 Thomisee, Catherine 104, 212, 306 Thompson, Freddie 104 Thompson, Gregory 104 ?!- Strong, Stroud, Beth 172 Keegan 103 Stroud, Keith 142 Stroup, Claudia 103 Stroup, Elizabeth 175 Struck, William 142, 218 Stuart, Ashley 103, 260, 266, 300 Stuart, Mary 11, 172, 238, 270, 277 Stuart, Peter 172, 314 welve Inches of Wilson, Kirsten 40, 108, 327 niversal Stubbs, Christopher 172, 240 Stublaski, William 172 Sturdivant, johnny 175 Sturdivant, Kathy 172 Sullivan, johnny 175 Sullivan, Laura 103 Summerer, Tanya 172, 268 Sumner, Sarah 44, 142, 262, 263 Surface, Krista 103, 214, 264, 266, 314 Sustar, Garrett 9, 32, 103, 261, 318 Sutthoff, jeffrey 58, 103 Sutton, Michael 109, 315 Sutton, Otis 172 Swearingen, Kris 112, 142 Swindler, jeffrey 109, 306 Szmuriga, Scott 142, 238, 277 Snow equals 5 days out of school Tackett, Kenneth 175 Tadlock, Oscar 67, 104, 224, 265, 266, 277, 296, 313 Talbot, jennifer 104, 271 Talbot, Sarah 10, 29, 56, 57, 70,71, 104, 246, 254, 277, 306, 307, 315 Tartak, jochen 142, 216 Tarter, Tonya 104, 266 Tate, Osbourne 142 Tatsis, Steve 142 Taylor, Amber 142, 276 Taylor, Bradford 143, 224, 265, 276, 313 Taylor, Donna 109 Taylor, Gareth 104 Taylor, 1-lellon 172 Taylor, Kenneth 143 Taylor, Steven 61, 104, 262, 266, 272, 273, 296, 306 Teague, Randy 104 Teague, Roxanne 172 Tedder, Gregory 172 Temples, Kristi 104, 268, 327 Tepper, lonathan 172, 277 Terry, Tyrell 143 Thompson, jacinta 173 Thompson, Kiesha 173 Thompson, Noel 173 Thompson, Phyllis 268 Thompson, Rhett 143 Thompson, Ricky 1-13 Thompson, Steven 173 Thomson, joseph 57, 104 Thornwell, Vermel 143 Thorsvold, Brian 143, 224 Thurbee, Kathryn 118, 143, 262, 270 Thurston, ,April 40, 143, 244, 261, 293, 312 Tigniere, Clorissa 145, 293 Tillman, Lisa 143 Timberlake, Michael 173 Tinch, Carl 173, 220 Tindell, james 143 Tinsley, Robert 61, 104 Tinson, Eric 143, 261, 263, 276 Tisdale, Robert 143 Tittemore, Michael 145 Tobias, Sandy 143, 269 Tooke, Tyler 173 Toomey, james 173, 221, 277 Torrence, Allyson 173 Torrence, Keonna 173 Torrence, Robert 145 Totaro, Kristine 165, 173, 277 Townsend, Tammie 175 Tracy, Paul 143 Treadaway, james 12, 13, 57, 104, 258, 259, 303, 317 Treadway, janet 104 Treadwell, David 143 Trexler, Edmund 143, 262, 277 Trimakas, Todd 173, 277 Truman, Thomas 104 Tsuboi, Chiharu 104, 264 Tuchscherer, Leslie 173 Tuck, Chris 173 Tucker, Emily 173 Tucker, Leslie 105, 306 Tucker, Michael 2, 35, 105 Tucker, Nikole 105 Tucker, Stephanie 143 Turk, William 105, 275, 276 Turnbull, Robin 105, 260, 270, 302 Turner, jennifer 105 Turner, john 49, 105, 250, 254, 299 Turner, Kelli 40, 173 Turner, Tiffany 105, 264, 315 Tuttle, Michael 149, '173 Tyler, jamie 173 Tyner, Kenneth 173 Tyson, Angela 105, 309 Tyson, Carolyn 105 Theory Be happy, eat right, don't kick over anthills, and watch for meandering aardvarks. Underhill, Daniel 143 Underwood, Trina 109, 268 Ussery, Ann 173, 270 Ussery, Darrell 18, 44, 143, 146 Ussery, Lori 173 ideo Cassette Recorders Acheap way to get a girl on a couch. Valls, Angelene 143 Vanasek, jeffrey 173, 220 Vance, Alicia 105, 269 Vancura, William 105, 266 Vanderberg, Carrie 40, 173 Vandergrift, Kimberly 35, 105 Vandusen, Robert 173 Vanhoy, Regina 105, 264, 268, 269 Vanlieu, Richard 105 Vantine, Stacy 143, 213, 308 Vastis, john 32, 71, 105, 216, 232, 255, 260, 266, 307 Vaughn, julia 105, 268 Vaughn, Laron 175 Veach, Amy 40, 143, 264, 293 Vellucci, Christina 143, 205, 264, 276, 277, 315 Vereckey, Michael 143 Villas, jennifer 145, 269 all Street October 19, 1987 - Black Monday. The crash sent Dow jones plummeting 508 points. Wade, lonathan 145 Wade, Michael 173 Wagoner, jason 143, 221, 238 Wakefield, Molly 173, 271, 270 Wakefield, Pamela 143 Weckel, Bryan 174, 277 Weekley, Deann 40, 145, 213, 308 Weerstra, Cristen 170, 174 Weese, Elizabeth 106 Weinstock, Marjorie 40, 55, 71, 106, 266, 277, 327 Weir, Dana 144, 277 Welborn, Dustin 106, 268, 291 Welborne, Anne 174, 270, 277 Wells, Abby 32, 274 Wells, Eliott 106 Wells, Enorico 175 Wertz, Phillip 174, 276 West, Adrian 106 West, james 18, 40, 41, 102, 106, 260, 266, 275, 327 Wittlin, lodi 173, 175, 259, 262, 296 263, Wolfe, Alyson 109 Wood, David 175 Wood, jennifer 108, 271 Wood, Leigh 144 Wood, Rachel 144, 263 Woodall, john 175 Woods, Kell 144 Woosley, Kyle 40, 144, 265, 327 Wooten, Troy '144 Worsnop, Tony 108 Worthey, Tracy 40, 175 Wray, Elizabeth 144, 315 West, Marc 144, 262, 276 West, Stephan 106, 268 Westbrook, Hubert 174 Wetherbee, Ashley 174 Whalen, Christopher 144 Wherry, jill 165, 174, 224, 270 White, Alvin 145, 218, 255 White, Kimberly 107, 274, 302 White, Ronald 174 White, Shawn 144 White, Vicki 174 White, Wendy 40, 148, 174 Whitener, Ron 174 Whitley, Sadie 175 Whitlock, Shannon 107, 268 Whitlow, Michael 174 Wright, Marvin 175 Wright, Reginald 175 Wright, Sherrie 175 Wright, Susan 175, 277 Wright, Tandrala 175 Wright, Tracey 175, 270 Wyche, Michael 9, 32, 108, 266, 299 Wynn, Randall 5, 108 -temporaneous Our word of the Whitten, Christina 40, 144, 262, 293 Wieland, Brian 174 Wightman, Michelle 149, 174 Wightman, Shannon 18, 77, 107, 263, 264 Wigley, William 107, 263, 266, 276, 277 Wilcox, Martha 174 Wilfong, Heather 144 Wilkerson, Shawn 107, 224, Waldmann, George 105, 263, 265, 266, 316 Walker, Bruce 105 Walker, Charmin 175 Walker, Gregory 173 Walker, john 105, 263 Walker, jonathan 173 Walker, Kristen 144, 212 Walker, Mario 173 Walker, Matthew 173, 224 Walker, Walker, Wall, Ni Samatha 173 Tonya 145 chole 173 260, 296 Wilkins, Floyd 107 Williams, Alexandra 107 Williams, Allison 55, 107, 266 Williams, Amber 107, 269 Williams, Barbara 124 Williams, Bradley 145 Williams, Cynthia 107 Williams, Demarcus 81, 175 Williams, Erin 107 Williams, George 174 Williams, Heather 41, 144, 271 Williams, Herbie 144, 218, 255 Williams, jeffrey 5, 107, 238, 254, 263, 272, 300 Wallace, Amity 173, 238 Wallace, Donna '175 Wallace, Kendrick 173 Waller, Angela 173 Wallwork, Geoffrey 175 Walters, jonathan 173 Walther, Edward 144, 313 Walther, james 68, 106, 318 Ward, Amy 144 Ward, Gregory 7, 10, 106, 263 Ward, jennifer 173, 276 Ward, Martha 148, 173, 220, Williams, jessica 174, 270, 315 Williams, Leah 108, 299 Williams, Lynn 40, 144 Williams, Marianne 108, 259, 264, 266, 277, 315 Williams, Matthew 144 Williams, Michael 18, 40, 41, 102, 108, 224, 276, 327 Williams, Michael 262 Williams, Sabrina '175 Williams, Simon 109 Williamson, Katrina 108 Williamson, Sanetta 175 Williford, Stephanie 108 Wills, Thomas 109, 268 Wills, Daniel 144, 217, 252, 254 Wilson, Angela 17, 108, 257, 262, 264, 266 Wilson, Dana 124, 144 Wilson, jeffrey 11, 17, 77, 102, 108, 263 day lin other words, we ran out of ideaslj Because we like you! Yancey, Caroline 108 Yancey, Phillip 125, 144, 313 Yandell, Shannon 108 Yandle, Adam 145 Yarbrough, Dayna 175 Yates, Amy 142, 145, 214,314 Yazvac, Kelley 108 Ydel, Margaret 3, 58, 59, 102, 109, 224, 228, 266, 289 Yearwood, Catherine 109, 262, 270, 277, 316 Yencsko, Mark 175 Yeung, Adrienne 145, 238, 273, 276 Yeung, Nolan 175, 273, 276 Young, Alexandria 175, 269 Young, Angela 145 Young, Carol 145, 268, 274 Young, Erika 175 Young, jamie 91, 109, 309 Young, Paul 109 276 Ward, Russell 173 Ward, Shannon 58, 59, 106, 265, 266, 276, 277 Warr, William 144 Washington, Laura 40, 173 Waters, Charles 95, 106, 107, 261, 262, 263 Watkins, David 144, 218 Watson, Brian '144, 175 Watson, Tracy 173 Watson, Wendy 77, 106, 291 Watts, Elizabeth 165, 174 Watts, Robert 175 Watts, Veda 40, 175, 271 Weathers, Radford 109, 302 Weaver, Stephanie 144, 276 Webb, Rogers 144, 218 Webber, Carmen 37, 138, 144, 258, 261, 312 Webber, Maurice 174, 205, 220 Wilson joseph 174, 271 Wilson, Kristina 174, 270, 277 Wilson, Mary 108 Wilson, Matthew 165, 174, 216 Wilson, Raymond 175 Wilson, Richard 175 Wilson, Tracey 71, 108, 238, 266, 268, 277, 307 Wimmer, Amy 40, 58, 108, 266, 277, 327 Winiker, Kathryn 40, 144, 263, 276, 293 Wise, Charles 175 Wisneski, julie 108, 261, 306, 315, 327 Withers, Towanda 144, 228 Witherspoon, jimmy 175 Withington, Darlene 108, 24-4, 255, 263, 266, 274, 276 Young, Selena 40, 109, 293 Young, William 145 at is the meaning of life. Zabolitzki, Franziska 145, 238, 270 Zagora, Todd 175, 221 Zagarakis, Dimitra 145, 270, 277 Zavodny, Chad 175 Zelinski, Kerri 145, 270 Zepeda, Amy 31, 109, 261, 262, 270, 276 Zepeda, David 175 Zielinski, Michele 31, 145, 263 Zimmerman, Kenneth 109, 309 Zobel, jeffrey 175 Zonoun, Sheila 56, 57, 109, 259, 260, 262, 263, 270, 277 INDEX 351 ra hs 2 fi. I: 'U A41 w ' 'LN W A! " WJ f' J , r" ' , e ,, N 2+ 1 W 4 ' 5 ,J Ufjii me f?C'lf g j CU?'953Q M HJ 1 fff Kip wfif 1 Egclf HH C 'GQ i I cfm W i:C:1 fm,g YJm ' 7f1' '1f1 f Q 9 k l ,ffu 26af 951, i ' 0 m 25 wff f .V 6 fm! N A K ,NL - I V K i f M?,11,,E,wL:A, pu W Q91 if C,Qf,Lg,J ,1,fcgfi "' H gklvmffkj, L,3L2igig ,L Wwawmwiwawwwwi MQ , c:Mg 4 yu ifgbxg Am 1 Q fl fnl.QQifi5 v if X 21511 i'fELR, g i L,,1f'i.A C1cf QfLL if 4i i If' ' 1 W f H -GH, fx! ffl!! 2 I fw, .N I ,F A l,, L,. 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It takes all types: During their afternoon ritual, the Flute line blends harmoniously in both sound and form. 358 CONCLUSION Out on a Iimb!: Foreign exchange student Caro- lina Spannel is frightened by the strange ways of a young American boy. Ah-uhmmm: The Eaglemaster, Scott Stewart meditates in the Senior parking lot before pro- tecting East from yet another lecherous villain, ' s I' '.. it ii,, as .5 .4 1 "" 12 ss gs'-s f- Z tn ' Mig ,gf-5' Lit 019 019 , - ,y , Q 3, ,fgiifiii , ff i N v 'V t4 1-Y ..:l'i5Z'LU'f L" , -f3:,'iZ:' if l:'ii?'rE'if'fqg'a ' 'A.' r vnyr Ql7a2ff?1' V Q Yagi' 1.1 -"" C iff 7l':'l"'rf'i Zi' I 2 .4 We if i, H M54 I "Time it was, And what a time it was, lt was . . . A time of innocence, A time of conh'dences." - Simon and Garfunkel High school. lt was a time for hard work, for laughter, and for growth. These three years exemplified the peri- od of change, the middle ground, be- tween childhood and adulthood. The learning gained in this time came not only from an academic education, but also from the relationships and exper- iences high school offered. For seniors, East meant one more year of security, while they prepared for life after graduation. The rules and restric- tions, although often griped at, condi- tioned students for success when those borders were removed, and indepen- dence could be achieved with responsi- bility. A sense of individuality, a sense of pride, and a firmer understanding of the world into which they would soon step were instilled in each student that walked East's halls. All three enabled stu- dents to reach beyond their limits, and to discover that 1988 truly was a year for Crossing the Border, J i ,- 1 af 5 4 5:2 t r :viz gi I lfgffgfii lgdfijf Z .V ! '-:gf gfik, U Vlllvdff Q -yifif ff jf, y I ,Y T' ' . K ' """wx.sn6. , at-,,.f-v-fl ' glint. X, fr'-H ee- d BTX it A C fbi? . K . .,. st fazl ., fww ,t,,t if 2 Q T -g H.. 1 zu, I T The parking lot jumble: Senior Heather Des- mond and friend wait for the traffic to clear. Looking back: Sharing a few moments together, Katie Redmond and lohn Cornacchione enjoy the warmth and quiet of the afternoon. CONCLUSION 359 Mary Edwards. . . Shannon Ward . . Christy Conroy. . Meghan Keally . . Peggy Ydel . . . Clark Barrett .... Steve Alfaro .... Brad Bridgers .... Donna Cook .... Stacie Dickinson. Chris Evans ..... Lowell Gates .... Lynn Green ..... Craig Horton .... Shannon Jackson Kristine johnson . Greg Whalen . . . Becky Alexander. Metro Portraits . . English Department . . . Homeroom Teachers .... Custodial Staff . . luanita Gruesbeck ..... Joyce Helms .... Larry McAfee . . . Phil Sherrill .... The East Wind Staff Co-Editor-in-Chief Co-Editor-in-Chief i n . Managing Editor Co-Business Editor, Typing, Organization Co-Business Editor, Advertisements . . . . . . . . . Head Photographer . . . . Editorial Staff, junior Section ...............Editorial Staff . ............. Business Staff . . . .... Business Staff . . . . . . . Business Staff Photography Staff . . . . . . . Editorial Staff . .... Business Staff . . . ..... Editorial Staff . . . .... Business Staff Garick Kalna .... Valerie Knox .... Mark Love ....... Roula Masouras . . Amy McCarter . . . Heather McGarrah Kristin McLean . . . Tammi Moore .... Kristin Nozar .... Leigh Phillips ..... Heather Simpson . Christy Smith .... Alan Stiff ....... leff Sutthoff ..... Amy Wimmer .... Mrs. Jamie Loftis. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Photography Staff . . . . Editorial Staff, Senior Section . . . . . . . . . . . Photography Staff . . ........ Editorial Staff, Mini Mag EditorialStaff, Sophomore Section, Perspectives . . . . . . . . . . . . Editorial Staff, Mini Mag . . .... Editorial Staff, junior Section ...................EditorialStaff EditorialStaff, Sophomore Section, Perspectives BusinessStaff BusinessStaff . . . . Editorial Staff, Senior Section . . . . . . . . . . . Photography Staff . . . . . . . . . . . Photography Staff . . .... Editorial Staff, Senior Section Advisor Acknowledgements . . . . Delmar Representative . . . . Delmar Representative .......... Photography Assistance . . . Annual Sales . . . Assistance . . . Assistance . . . Assistance . . . Photography . . . Photography Colophon Volume 38 of East Mecklenburg Senior High School's Annual, the East Wind is printed by the Delmar Company of Charlotte, North Carolina. The press run of East Wind was 1,950 with 360 pages. Trim size was 9x12 inches with a paper stock of 80lb. Wet Vaco gloss enamel. The end sheets are 65lb. coverweight Eaircrest Yellow. Body copy is Optima, News Gothic Italic, Caledonia. Headlines are as follows: Student Life - Granite Cursive, Academics - Aldostyle Extended, Individuals - Windsor Outline, Windsor, Clubs - Freedom Bold, Sports - Times Roman Bold, Perspectives - News Gothic Bold Italic, Mini-Mag - Bauhaus, Caslon Bold. The cover is white Kivar printed with PMS 540. The 1986 and 1987 editions of East Wind were awarded first place ratings from Columbia University Scholastic Press Association. 360 fpwmom, mm QOW Mmm ,bait CMG ' 1 CDUQDLJFQTEZ VJ enwg Q 5503 emma CVYUQ' YWDQQQLQG Jian Eixislcxvfci, bus! 303, uf Qn Oufz, L73 jjxmey W QaDsw,Q'fOL alibfjem WD mmm QSM gb Ywmmgjo 66692 mc V533 wewmf! VYUYWQOUOOLCK od Loupe VQQ ' I buj Qmgggm QYUOUUL www ,va Q54 mg Qbpp 7 60136 vQ,L,LcJL wi uodhoviejvefw cdou CJLQ QEOUL. dove Hu Y ilumdb Olwxgi 255 - ww, Mudd W 006 ff 520 fy Whyisvxgxuklb Q2 95' WVWE fb Q56 sci? PQ4 W WXGA-bl W. wsn mt"5'Kk3 ObCP QQ Q if QQ wi . Geoff bud, ' 'W VW' ,lblmbc 5? C? Q'7b5f63??CP?O 5665 .fowfef X951 C? zu, ifgqqfgggq 431' 1 - , 5mf25i'f' W' W Q0 fb Cfcizgff VCDCLV I3 Co G QKJQT, L65 , A 62 Gund. k Ifk knew 51-nd be:-f-3 Nasal xg ,,, we Sqyng M-+ do-ss F..-r 2 LQ '. The CCB A5 I --X .Q 'ik Y W- ' ,,.-wr, 1'A9'n,,.Q YG we sv-W-w-efq. CMA IWW Sdn-.,Ww M-1 www? JW wi -vwujojimwww . VW' OJM MW mv? ww 104 jfN7w,1fPwf1W3AM WW HV 'Q 7 QMM 0,2105 92 ww Wfjw 55 Wil FY gg 'ff Qnqwe :Wy Wig QL97f1,Z,,0P fc ,c ff '7Ql aff 034,35 AQL ,JQjd7'5 MQ IQ? my Wu QIQTQ ET!!

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