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fiiirifi, QJ' "LQ -1 i 3 ', me '1 N H QV EP , W- 1 an I ll M l N 1 I I 1 I lu1vgpL.,.QQzf....-.,..,, 1 ,J ,..L,.Q -,, ., 4 A j.,.g 1 I x 1 1 ' 4 v 1 v . 1 1 1 ',V V V 'as 2 I , 1 4 . , ,L , V. 1,g.,,.,1--wiw .f.....w..-4 if , ,. - 1 ' 9 ! f 5 i 6 2. ' 5 ,iv , ., , v f Y'-.137 . V ' It 6, rg," , . ,.g. rv 5 .Vyrnrwxf-.,,.f,:, . ',,,,,,,, ,, , wmv., 1- f 962 VVIIXID Q an-1 Ax + Af' pl T E' H'-w"'fr wi if 'Xu.X"9,:F ,gigs J' V K 0 1. 1 :Q-'3',,,,,r.f'g,m 3 ,Q , . I V P f... 5.-,, .E ,, ,, . , v H , MQK., .3--, -wml 1.5---3, , .-I-5,41 .Q E. If H -24" ,I x -.',-.M 'f' ':Y',..,, 'MN Q78-4sq.f - ,-f-1553.-' . -1-"" fry. 5 - .1 - .. G- '.'u-i'- gk' .275 ifffl- f A . . - . -TA' V Ex.. , --5:-.f 3' EA, r r . h V V . - -1 .I 4:15 .,, ,',,..3:-i:,,, Uggifv q I 'J . ""- ft' - ' N P3-ntl .Lv 'A Q-.-' 4- ' i" -iw, .' , , E'r.V.:,,jF -:',.,lA"-'. T. ..: . , . . ,......NHf .Q.-ET. 1- 4,5-YQ. I ,Q H M..I' J ,P ,. ,1.".:. ,,,-Q I-jill-3:y?:'n -. ,pa-jf, . ' f ir! 1 - - I -- y ' ,X '-,,..1f 521- :Vw .Mir 1, , .. :Q , img wma, 3 Al 1. .ggi Q' 4 , 4 I W 113711, A-Mrsslvragwm V . k V.. ' A -, ' vi vw' -1- " -'.'f:"" ""f'v Jul lun- . .-Q: f1'5.-it 3f.3"5.4 -A HPV fvfi ' ' ' -fb ' ' ff.-rg, A ..f.' , -I uf' ' '- ' ' f If,-:Sm - V W I ' . . . - . .. . I,-.lm " 4 V V ny J W ,,. h.L1....g,a4v- vf- , ig: i T "5l'?-'an'-: A, -' 'vlfqfififiyxv 63' -- . - '-.:- -- 1 I--f.,L3,:.Q , 8 pl .- fi , -tr ' ,II ..: .I 'W' fl-. .' T'-'1'I 'j'f'+"."m'f2, . 1 4 F12 f'-f-T-svim 'E J "-+".-'r- " af' 'ffri fr L- "1 533+ :rcs M - ' 4QI'f7'5Ji..f' ' 'I sky' LTJVI' .wffggify ' -. -,,.. EDITURIAI STAFF IXIIELDONNA CZRIFFIN PETER BRIDGE LOIIRIE DOIIERTX' CARTER PIEYVVARD MISS TIIELMA LAWS I Editor-itz-Chief Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Editor . . Adviser EAS 1 I , . linux- I" eusmfss surf A JUDY IVIARTIN . , Business Manager PATTY DANIEL Assistant Business Manager PAT NIULLIS A AssistantBusiness Manager LYNDA iX"1URCHISON Assistant Business Manager MR. DECK ANDREWS A Adviser -1 GIHAXY 0F EARTIILY STARS' Page Four As the star of the East shines out upon the heavens, so also this, our annual, shines upon its student hody. Through the "skies" of these pages, the stargazer with his magic telescope points out to us shining moments and reminds us of the knowledge gained, the honors won, and the friendships made during the past school year. While the star dust sifts upon us and the star-shine glows from these pages, let us look through the stargazer's telescope as the events of the 1961-62 school year swing into view. ADMIIIISTRA rlou A and 'R CURRICULUM .... . culssfs. . . sponrs. . . ACTIVITIES .... FEATURES . . . , 3, 1, V ' 1-riff", 1 U' ,N - . .f-I" -', f 2, ,Z fAII I. ' 1 A IIT, N L AIIVI. 1 Y f I QM ADVERTISEMENTS . . .. ,Q GER f. .. .. An:-5 Soon to be alone at last, the school gym rzasium and stadium will awazt the boom 0 exuberant school spirit --.qi I ,gg Fld F4531 wan,- -21 H me , ,Z e ,.,,,-,ZW Ifzf, 1' 4 4 I 1 , ,. V ,, gy? N, fm 5 ilu Q 0- ff 1' N 4 1 ' f 275' ,V f V, ,PIN YQ ww- -+.,,,,,, -...Qu ' :f Qlowly lmt surely, tlze lunch luze decreases as lfzungry llaglesw await their turn Page Sm .., :'i,. : is tyrwsf., 1,53 A-,, ., :. 1 ' f ' " r' L f 4 ., M1 va: , , X . t , " C 7 ew :tt , " 1 - ,4r aj v' fg,pfvg '. :ft f V Q fr, 5' ggi.:-xfj' wzg:aa::':W - Z ...Q A .L A A -f ' . ! ' fx: -f w ' a , ,. Weff2yW,...Qz ,vin 1' 5 I , 1,,...g' , 3' ,,-pg gy . , jfigreza A, mi? . ,. vt , 5 ,. 5, ,5.n,... 9 .1 Q 1 VI. , . J ' G ,,?,v"7i,Yyfz ' 93, , . . .. , ., W ., r, , g,,, ' ,V .gg ,,, ., 'gg 14:4 -5.y.',f'1, ' 2 f f fi 21":" "' K , .v zz 11 " 'll?3 : jwfflitl .. E: ' - 2 ' 1 wtf--" 1, tw L f pfff wez rw f- 2 V ' ' 1101, , , 2 1. gn: 5 ,mfg-V M7 7 f ' tff.'f,- .. J, 4, 55,1- . , gt ,,4,.w.4 1 ,J . 44',fu:- 1 V X 4, ww. , f ., aw -QQZQ, 1 ,ft . r ,e t .t,fwMf ' -42, f llfifff afr ii' ,I A ' a f a, 9.1 , ca...-,, ff .4, 1,441 1.1, .f . ,Q -. mfg . - " ' ,f 1, 9 7 ...ff ., 'ff Z A44 I 5 mf. ' L W Seldom so deserted, the halls gleam in their solitude.- F 11-7 S56 Nearly 1400 l7l7CllllHl-pIlCliCll students strive to conquer the five-nzittzzte daslz to their next classes. - -- 1-'w,.......,,..,.,., ,iw- ! I 5 , N Homework and classes are a thing of the past to these students as they enjoy a so- ,I -'I cial hour after school at the school refreshment stand. Page Seven ,gum f ,x , 'iv "VVell, I do declare!" X s 'fb . X 'V f 3 Q f 1 ,lf .Q , 6 X Page Eight Late students search for a place to park in East's newly paved and marked-off park- ing lot. "Old men of tomorrow" relax on the smoking patio four times a day. QL- 1.1. "' Qi W sl.,-V. l as s' "N 'mls V 1 ssl:- 'ff M14 e.-1 Q vs-f ?"' DEDICA TIUN . . . As we, the Senior Class, gaze through the star- gazer's telescope, we see a man who is quite worthy of our highest praise. Because of his pleasant nature, his friendly personality, and his sincere interest in us, we, the Class of '62, wish to dedicate this edition of the EAST WIND to Mr. Rufus E. Reid, junior. 1,,,, l-v i, 1 .ykv A+? w. 'ZF Q -9 ""' 'W-'I-"X Q X 5 Il , ,Q 1- ADMINISTRA rlau CURRICUI UM V-I t 1.35" -5541 5 - - A A 'Q-95'1f+i:f'f'i,lff.-1Q.' A f -mv, vw :..'Z,', I -, 3. 1 ' Q J r 5' 72? 649 " ' :Q fs, ' e ' 5 gjn N' A N. 9 'N vs, 4?-.waz g,'x' A . A 53:5 zu, ff' n.w-Mgt' 'gi -Q. . A-, ?"ja'mfy AJ Z 3 ... . , 2 :Kl "H, ' 1. 7 ' K! fl f , ,JY 1 , 1 ,.,....,..... A Qs. .. W Yo N at ,fx 'WY , Wy, 'Q Nw' Q ,J -,ZA ,, , Q., 1' V. ni 1.1 vgfsdh ,,:..'., 4 , ' ,' , V 3.5 A, Jyygy fl 1 A M ,,,H.g, . W J ., In 1:13, 'Ku , ,J 1,1 M., - ,4 , 1.-r it 4 V 1, ,D-,-.'. - , iff sa' f 1 , -, A ' ' -4: , ff ' 1- Sw- :V 'i..n,,,y + -','f',,m'f!f4 vw ' , -- ' 1- 4 'f c 'Q-KW , Us, ,4,,,cg, f-.1 A ,.lfr,.:Q, gf,-Zfr3M,.iA,ip,A,,,4.4!,, 4 ,,v - i - , 4 T - . ff. 311. 19-42 'Z ,v '24 ' ' 'l?f'.J-1 ,- v ' Q Al: ?,ii3'f"f' V' ff'fvQw."' ' . If ' ff-, 'ff V . ff -AT",-fw1f-tf:."f."l V' " 'I 5' 'x-M' fffr- av-'rw-fvf-'ff 4, -' . -, I .Ulf A ,rg 5 5.1. ,A V .. .0 ' . M91225f14J4f1f'f2"'Yi?s-' , .Z-.way f,,.'nz' fr' Q'-:1 wg. .if 'Trim l,L'x,:iff4f'f' 'f 1 ' " ' ' ' . ' '4' ' , f ' V- ' V.-'se-ygwwfgfav--'A ,.,,,X,g--.fu ., 'fn , ,Y fl K ,, vf f ' ' , , -1 V -"- 33' . ' A3 I. f f Q My . ,f ., ' f 4. .gil 2 iizmgiariiinzii trailer iiifilii g lllll p glltlll 0llR Gll D NG S TAR ................. The steady light of knowledge and learning shines into the s.targazer's eyes as the constellation of teachers appears before him. This light shining out across the universe directs his telescope on the way to other things. znigmigi ll 4 V-G ,",:f-'N' im pa' anim Page Eleven 1 f 5 1 i " y X p 2 2: ii?fb,i41.mr-llvi MR. DEWITT K. PITTMAN Duke University, B.A., M.Ed., Duke University, U.N.C.g Principal , ' ' f ' ' 54,1 0 ::f,53gfE,!,f f ,, , ,M .,,, ,5,,..,, Q,',,5,,,' N 75 V, ,, ,'4g"Vr,ffgzQe-iejjq. 523,31 yJ,,Z.1-fqgh W. - 3 rf Qi, 4, I V111 1 X Linda Beverly, Penny Truckley, anal Mr. Pittman laugh over the many "crazy" things that happen at East every clay. Z' Mas. Louisa Wrucrrr Mas. MYRTICE DUKE Registrar Secretary Page Twelve ' -. . , '5 'M - .wizffpz r War! 6 rrag0 L,,L7ff if in bw Mr. , 'Zy s 3 ,I-,-r-1,5 ip 25,1 ,V ,cf :y r jx " W e, 35: -4 Z, gy 11 -g .-., .-2, 3 . .. .. , ,M ,Y 13' fy, H I 15, Q ' 1. 5.3. , , ' ' tiene -, ia ., sift' 'f,'- if f -f if it mf I ' 0 r .Jw :bay A , A . ' 'nf X gf ' f 2 rf-Q... l ADMIIIISTRA TIDII . . . Gur leaders-to them we owe the efficiency of our school. Our principal, Mr. Pittman, has been with- us from the time East High first opened its doors twelve years ago. He has had the responsibility of developing each student to the maximum in our instructional program. He also has arranged the schedules and supervised our overall opera- tion. Mr. Pittman has been the man who was there and has made East a school that we have always been proud to say we attended. Our assistant principal, Mr. Singleton, has proved in his second year here a very effective administrator. One of his special charges has been the buses and the bus drivers. During the day he and his office assistants have handled absentees. Our secretary,-Mrs. Duke, registrar Mrs. Wright, and her substitute, Mrs. Cate, have carried out the office work very efficiently. Mrs. Duke handles the regular secretarial duties along with running the bookstore. Mrs. Wright has been absent on account of illness a good deal this year, but Mrs. Cate has been a very capable substitute. W, rw' if be it Mn. DAVID T. SINGLETON, IR. Wake Forest, BS., U.N.C., M.Ed.g U.N.C.g Assist- ant Principal 1 Shimmy-,,5,, W Wonder if he got an unexcused absence? Mr Charles Franklin Free Furman University, B.A.: University of South Carolina, M.Ed.: Duke University: Washington and Lee Uni- iersity: N. C. State, Student Council adviser: Counselor. GUIDANCE . . . Through guidance services we strive to make school a worthwhile experience for every student at East. The program includes: ORIENTATION: Representatives from junior and senior classes present assembly programs and visit junior high schools and home- rooms to acquaint sophomores and other new students with what East has to offer. GROUP CUIDANCE: Clubs, committees, and homeroom activities provide information and participation for leadership training and social development, helping students recognize what they have to offer East. TEACHER-PARENT CONFERENCES: Parents, teachers, and counselors exchange ideas and information about a student's test results, study habits, personality traits, etc., in an effort to arrive at a better understanding of the individual. I INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING: Three trained counselors engage in individual interviews with students for purposes of schedule and course planning, discussion of college information, consideration of specific jobs and careers, assisting a student in self-assessment, and working toward a solution of his personal problems. The guidance activities are not confined to the counseling process but encompass the whole school program-classes, extracurricular ac- tivities, faculty, students, and administration, for it is the entire school community which shapes the individual-the degree of success he achieves here and that which he reaches in his life after East. .,l4:.w.a xref' "Personally, I don't care what you think about Freud!" Miss Wayne seems to be offering Mr. Hagen and Mr. Free some piece of profound knowledge. .,.. f Mr, Milton Hgggn Miss Margaret H. Wayne University of North Dakota, B.S.: Flora Macdonald, B-A-9 U-N-C-, M-A-9 Indiana University, M.S.g N. C. U-N-C-4 N- C- Stale? S0Ph0m01'9 Stage, M54 Counselor, Class adviser: Counselor. Miss Wayne strives to help one of East's students to select a college. Page Thirteen ai" 79 . 1 MWF' - 'ay I 4, ff gg' X V lr auf 'Z s, ,f M 7 , A 4 'fu 4 ,-.I , A V1 -A . 1 1 W, 4 . 'ga , .1 4 l Mr. Charles Edward Davis Davidson College, B.A., English III, IV. I Mrs. Laura Prince Davis Queens College, B.A., Beta Club adviser, English III. Miss Eva June Foster : Limestone College, B.A., Emory University, M.A.T., U.N.C., English IV. ' Mrs. Betty I0 Perkins Gilley Appalachian State Teachers College, B.S., Central Michi- ' gan University, English II, III. , 1 Mrs. Ethel Robinson Crose Duke University, B.A., Columbia, Class adviser, English III. l Duke, U.N.C., Junior Miss Myrtle Elva Kiker Appalachian State Teachers College, B.S., University of Colorado, M.A., University of Wyoming, Tulane, Mala- cester College, Debate Club adviser, English III. Miss Thelma Laws Duke University, B.A., Harvard, N. C. State, University of Virginia, Iowa State Teachers College, EAST WIND adviser, English IV. Mrs. Margaret W. McCracken University of Pittsburgh, B.A., Carnegie Library School, U.N.C., Library Club adviser, Librarian. Miss Mary Magdalen Parker College of Notre Dame of Maryland, B.A., U.N.C., In- l diana University, FTA adviser, English II. Mrs. Thelma M. Parker , is , . ' vt ,W ...A igfgeny V X, F 4,2 fm Mrs. Elizabeth S. Stevenson . I Limestone College, B.A., Denver University, Queens Col- lege, University of Tennessee, The Eagle adviser, Quill and Scroll adviser, Journalism Club adviser, English II, Journalism I, II, III. 'L'- W.C.U.N.C., B.A., Appalachian State Teachers College, l U.N.C., English III, IV, Psychology. Miss Barbara Louise Senn Winthrop College, B.A., U.N.C., M.S., Audio-Visual Club adviser, Librarian. Mrs. Margaret Owen Smith Western College, B.A., U.N.C., Indiana University, Ap- palachian State Teachers College, W.C.U.N.C., Asheville, 4: High School Red Cross, English II, III. Nur Advanced Eating falias Iournalism Illl is practiced lay Wilford Kale, loyce Page Foufteen Denton, and Patty Effron. l Rs.. EN ll Il AND .IUURNALI M 3 .Q . it I 2 Sophomores in advanced English not only .V- study grammar, but emphasize literature and A "" ""' 'Q-If creative writing. The teachers in the English department of East Meck- lenburg High School are making a concentrated effort to help students think more clearly, communicate more effectively, and feel more keenly. Under the direction of Miss Myrtle Kiker, Miss Thelma Laws, and Mrs. Elizabeth S. Stevenson, the English de- partment has prepared a very complete syllabus, which shou-ld be a great help to new teachers coming into the department. A new English course, "World Literature," has been added to our curriculum. This course, taught by, Mr. Charles Davis, is an elective for both juniors and seniors. Frances Elizabeth Pittman was a winner of a National English Achievement Award. The following students At the first of the year the library shelves are unusually full. ul, i ng X if .iff 'P fl .LJ had articles published in the 1961 student issue of the North Carolina English Teacher: Donna Cullen, Barbara Irby, Pat Lawless, Jane Catherine Miller, and Frances Elizabeth Pittman. The following students had articles starred, meaning that the articles were given equal rating with some of those published: Betty Brookes QD, Karen Hodges C21 Sheryl Key CZD, Pat Lawless C21 Jane Catherine Miller CZD, Jay Campbell, Daniel S. Jones, Pat Kasmar, Frances Elizabeth Pittman, and Lyn Wil- liams. The following students received honorable men- tion: Marianne Bell CBD, Becky Crews CZD, Judy B. Untz CZD, Mary Boyd, Boddey W. Brandes, Martin Dulin, Madeline Cray, Donna Hailey, Sandra Haney, Judy Hough, Lynda Johnston, Sue Lemmond, Larry Sus- tar, Henry Tysinger, Jane Williams, Jane Willis, and Kathy Yarborough. "Out, out, damned spot" l ast rf if wi It i n 4' fzz,1,"'l'lz-" 6 if 'ME 'Q f7 '3"',,'. r 's J fig F REIGII UIIIGIIII GFS The foreign language department at East has grown from three small classes of French in 1950 to the present twenty classes, which includes three years of French, three years of Spanish, and four years of Latin. Since most junior high schools offer one or more foreign language courses, the high school system is approaching the state goal of six years of con- tinuous study in a foreign language. A big step in this direction is the acquisition of a language laboratory this year. In our effort to raise money for a language laboratory, the department sold more doughnuts last year than any other or- ganization in the United States. Lynda Murchison and Glenn Rhodes had the highest scores in the school in the National Regents Exams. Mrs. Shinn was added to our staff this year. The department was honored by having Mrs. Purvis speak for the second time at the state meeting of Latin teachers at Duke University. X N 'QE .fi Page Sixteen q- i- .., Miss Mary Isabel Choate Erskine, B.A.g U.'V.C., M.A.- L '. Club adviserg rfeimch I, rr, 'Ura Sorbmme' Pam' French Mrs. Laura Gibson Purvis Georgia State College for Women B.A.- U ' 'g f ISlggg1IgT'0m?.IVIyI.A.: U.N.C.g Latin Clllflivelgdwiisetfg F REIGN lllll IMG S Mrs. Leah B. Shinn Bob Jones Universityg University of Tennessee, B.A.g lzmory Universityg French I, Spanish I. Mr. Bobby Ray Stinson Lenoir Rhyne, B.A.g U.N.C.5 Spanish Club adviserg Span- ish I, II, III. ,. A ,1 Proving that Latin isn't all work, some of the Latin IV students in Mrs. Purvis' class ham it up for the camera. The new French III class students studied second year French for the first nine weeks as a review. Miss Margery Lynn Davis VV.C'.U.N.C., B.A.g U.N.C., M.A.g National Honor S0- ciety adviser: VVorld History. Mrs. Sybil Crotts Gray W.C.U.N.C., B.A., M.A.g United States History, Economics Mr. Norman Robert Morrison College of Wooster, B.A.g Pittsburgh Presbyterian Semi- nary, B.D.g New College, Edinburgh, Scotland: S.O.L. Club adviserg Bible. I SUCIAL STUD S Miss Louise Puckett W.C.U.N.C., B.A.g U.N.C.g Davidsong Beta Club adviser' World History. United States History. Miss Dorothy Elizabeth Smith Meredith College, B.A.g George Peabody College, M.A.g Duke Universityg Debate Club adviscrg VVorld History, Contemporary History. Miss Ianie Catherine Wood Furman University, B.A.g Duke University, M.A.g Beta Club advise-rg United States History. 15 as 4253 12, f. e 5 V 1 ' we 'ff - Mia 1' 7 W i' M9 at if - fe., Q, ' b af as "v"' i P1,'1,.e A. s r 0 7 lu t '-,. N + We riff fitaafita Wisiibft Miss Davis, new to East's Social Studies depart- rnent this year, instructs her world history class tn Nledieval history. Iuniors take time out from class to participate in East's annual "clean-up day." SUCI l STU Social studies teaching at East Mecklenburg is geared to a changing world situation. To this end, a group of well-qualified social studies teachers offer a wide range of subjects including: world history, United States history, American government, economics, and Bible. The latest addition to the curriculum is a contemporary history course taught by Miss Betty Smith. Mrs. Gray and Miss Davis were added to the staff this year. ln all classes supplementary reading materials, newspapers, current magazines, audiofvisual aids, and the services of re- source people in the greater Charlotte area are used for valuable enrichment and enlightenment of students. During the summer, Harvey Alper, Miriam Cunningham, Carter Heyward, Fran joslin, and lane D'Brien were enrolled in a "Humanities" course at Garinger High School. ,nz - xl Q Page Seventeen r ,QAM . F995 , ,wg 4---""' ,lf Mr. Henry H. Hamilton, Ir. Mrs. Shirley I. Hamilton XYalte liorest College. HS.: East Caro- Coker College, BMX.: University of Geor linti College. XI..X.: Appalachian State giag University of South Carolina leaehers College, Algebra II, Plane Ge- U.N.C.g Algebra I. ometry. Mr. Kermit Neal Sigmon hflr. Clyde Swofford .Xppalaehian State Teachers College, B.S.g Stetson University: Vvilkf' Forest CUHCLZCV U.N.C., M.E:l.g Ll.N.C'., College Algc- PLA., U.N.C.: M.I.T.g Oberlin Collegeg hm, Algebra II. Engineers Gluh adyiserg Plane Geometry, SNISG, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry. M TIIEMA TICS Due to the increased demands in the area of mathe- matics and the stress on modern mathematics, East High is making a greater effort to offer a broader curriculum in this area. It is our desire to have students well pre- pared to cope with college study. During the summer and evenings Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Scott, and Mr. Swofford studied in mathematics seminars in order to become better acquainted with modern methods. This year Mr. Sigmon was added to the staff of mathematics teachers. llr qcott lectures his class on that frrrei n llH1'1lL1 e- , .t . g 5, g algebra. Page Ifiglileerz . x X 4 Mr. Rufus Eugenie Reid, lr. Appalachian State Teachers College, B.S.g Senior Math, Algebra I. Mrs. Elizabeth T. Vvesson George Peabody College, B.S.g Appala- chian State Teachers College, M.A.g George Peabody Collegeg Plane Ge- ometry, SMSG. gfwvlavf'-ft K :ki , 1 i' 1 .2532 v 1 T . f bf ., mei! Q 5- 15, -. 4- A , vw A .f,4., ,, -1 lf- ,QQ . ., 119365 rs. 4 6 ff if., 5 VFIQPZUY .. 8' X . g., 5 K SC' ENC!-' The science department added Chemical Bond Approach as an advanced chemistry course. This course is evaluated by the National Science Foundation. Basic biology was also added to the curriculum. This course is designed to give the under- standing of biology that every citizen should know. It is not designed as a college preparatory course. Cut of the science department, four of the science teachers studied at various colleges during the summer. Mr. W. B. Robertson studied the technique of independent research and use of radio isotopes for eight weeks at the University, of Virginia. Mr. VV. E. Cheek took sixteen hours of advanced chemical study at Peabody College. Mr. lames Knox took dendrology at the University of North Carolina. Mr. O. K. Caskins studied field biology at Southern Methodist Univer- sity. We had the following number of students receive advanced placement at these colleges: seven at North Carolina State, one at the University of North Carolina, one at the Massachu- setts lnstitute of Technology, one at Wake Forest, one at Duke, and one at Pfeiffer. During the summer we had War- ren Lonon studying chemistry at Western Carolina and lane Lynch studying ecology at Appalachian State Teachers Col- lege. These courses were partially subsidized by the National Science Foundation. ll If l1............l? ,mf - 1 I I 'NS- 1. -'-K Mary lane Guion and Phil Lazenlay examine the body of a small calf during a meeting of the Science Cluli. Mr. Ralph Chastine Barbee R3nd0lDl'1-Macon, B.S.g Univer- sity of Virginiag Roanoke Collegeg Appalachian State Teachers Col- lsge: Converse Collegeg Ticket Managerg Biology I. Mr. William E. Cheek Appalachian State Teachers Col- lege, B.S., M.A.q Duke Universityg George Peabody Collegeg Chemis- try, Senior Science. Mr. Rohertsorfs chemistry class. Two future Scientists? lllayhe not-hut Dorothy Crowder and Gayle Sawyer look fascinated with their work in 4 - 2 4522 -J 'Q ' 5 5 A MTW' ,-.. ' ' Mr. Oliver K. Gasltins Mr. lames Mitchell Knox Mr, William Bruce Rgbertson U.N.C., BS., M.Ed.g Converse Davidson College, B.S.g U.N.C., K St U ' ' B-5-. College: Baylor Universityg South- M.Ed.g Photography Club adviser: Olagllljgima Elite Lllxxegfggy ern Methodist llniversitvg Science Biology I. V.P.I.g American Universityg Uni- Club adviser, Biology I, II. versity of Virginia, Chemistry I. II. Page Nineteen Miss Clara Lynn Almond Greensboro College, B.A.g Workshop at Lake Forest, Illinois: Footlighters Club adviserg Speech, Drama. Mrs. Mary R. Mintich lndiana University, B.A.g Albion Collegeg Queens College: Art Club adviserg Art. Mr. Charles Cole Starnes East Carolina College, B.S.g Florida State University, Vocal Music. ART - DRAMA - MUSIC ART Despite inadequate facilities, growth and expansion can best descibc the art department-both in numbers of students studying art and the areas of art studied. A great deal of new equipment had been added to the department to enable students to work in such fields of art as graphics, ceramics, metal, enameling, as well as painting in the various media. Students are exposed to art of the past, but emphasis is placed on the role of art in our life today. East was represented in the county art exhibit during National Education Week and in the regional Scholastic Magazines l-ligh School Art Exhibit. jane Horner was a gold key winner and lan Lemmond received an honor- able mention award. Judy Miller placed first and third for her portraits at the Mecklenburg County Fair. Art students were also active outside of their classes with bulletin boards, scenery, poster, dance decorations, and other service projects. DRAMA TICS The Dramatics Department produced Blitlfze Spirit in December. ln the spring the Dramatics Department re- hearsed and presented three one-act plays for the District Festival. The Dramatics Department also participated in the Fine Arts Festival at East Mecklenburg. MUSIC Although music is offered as an elective course, East Mecklenburg students can well be proud of the talent in their school, as evidenced by the large number of students who participated in this department. The De- Beginning to get ready for "Blithe Spirit," East's dramatics students prepare to make the props. Page Twenty partment of Music at East Mecklenburg consists of the choir, two mixed choruses, a girls' ensemble, and a band. The choir and girls' ensemble made many public ap- pearances throughout the year and certainly strengthened East's public relations. All of the groups participated in the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter assemblies at school. Four of the Department of Music's largest projects for the year proved to be great successes. Thirtv-three students from East made appearances with the County Chorus during the year, performing for local television and radio programs. ln the early spring, a musical comedy was produced by the Choral Department, assisted by the Department of Dramatics. ln the spring all of the musical organizations took part in the annual Fine Arts Festival. sfhx , af" R 3 7, twig. AN., ,... . 1 ! it ,f v , .z'J7 . . -V I lx. M I2 . -MQ: . ,. , if f . 1 r ff, ,.,. fl V 'Tl- Part of the exercise in physical education is taking several laps around the field. ln a rather unlikely place, Mr. Roper instructs liis dri1'er's education class in one of the biology rooms. P Y C l DUUI UN Physieal education definitely has found its plaee in the sehool eurrieulumg "The mind and the body must function as one unit, and when one is separated from the other, one will deeavf' llhysieal education is a time for sports, games, dancing, stunts, and tumbling. All of these things are fun in oneis spare time, but physieal education is more than just lun. It is a time for learning-learning that only hard work brings sueeess, and that it takes teamwork to sueeeed in any phase of lille. Seventeen different aetivities are now being taught in the physieal eclueation elasses. This year weight eon- trol has been added to the program. We are planning to add many more in the future. Also offered again this year was driver's education, required of all students in physical edueation classes. iq, , he .. .., . an Mr. William A. Browne Miss Sara ,lean Evans Mr. David E. jones Mr. Bernard Brooks Proper Mr. Richard N. XX71lll3l'DS Catawba College, B.1X.g Driver XVinthrop College, ILS., Culver Catawba College, B.A.g .Xpnalgp llast Carolina College, l3..X.g Co- Catawba College, BMX.: Appala- E-ClUCati0n. College, Columbia Collegeg Chinn State Teachers College, lumbia University, AIA.: Chare ehian State Teaeliers College: U,N,C,, G,A.,X. adviser, Cheer- VVorld llistory, Geography, lottc College: N. C. State College: Block "E" Club adviserg Physi- leader adviser: Physical licluea- tion. MUUJ1' Club iIllYiS0r: Driver Edu cal Education. cation. Page Twenty-one f. A , .llr. Andrews mul Mr. Buizclz talk over tlze affairs of the department. ti-Tai ' f ,M W 5 fi'-'i' l Mr. Deck W. Andrews VVofforrl College, B.A,p Univer- sity of Georgia, M.S.B.A.: Appa- lachian Slate Teachers College: VVestern Carolina Collegeg I2AsT XVIND Business Staff ailviserq Ac' counting, Business Law. Page Twenty-two BUSINESS EDUCII UN Business Education is a part of the total curriculum of East Mecklenburg lligh School. It is a course com- posed of many subjects, contributing to the aims of both general and vocational education. The department offers two vocational courses of study, either stenographic or bookkeeping. Through a wide selection of carefully planned extra- curricular activities, such as The Future Business Leaders of America Club, guest speakers, field trips, the NOMA award, guidance, and aid placement service, the Business Department prepares all students for business and com- mercial positions which are open to high school graduates. The students elect these courses either as a terminal education or as a means of acquiring efficiency in other fields of education. Last year the NOMA award went to Barbara Keziah. Mrs. Charlotte A. Bailey Mr. Iohn Milton Bunch MTS- CHIOI H- East Limestone College, B.A.g Colum- George Peabody College, BS., W.C.U.N.Q., . B.S.Q.A.g Queens bia Universityg Typexvriting Il. M.A.: Appalachian State Teachers Q0ll62fS3 5611101 C1355 ildwgefi Uffice Practice. College: Typewriting l, Il. Shorthand l, II. Mr Bright Davis Benton Mrs. Betsy Bea East Carolina College, BS.: Blankenship Y V nl, f L . ns. 'R "N I ls. Q' "s'--A xxx M.S.g YVinthrop College: FHA adviser: Marshal ad- viser: Home Economics, Family Living. i .0 M VUCA DN l The vocational education departments purpose is to train students for employment after high school. The students in this department, as well as the department itself, have won many awards. The students in the Distributive Education course won the following awards. Boy Butterfield won a fifty dollar bond and Bettina Tarlton won a twenty-five dollar hond as the first and sccond place winners in the Charlotte Merchants Association competitiong Linda Holmes was elected vice-president of the North Carolina D. E. Club and was a delegate to the national convention at Chicagog Sandy Avant won first place in the Southwestern District public speaking contest for the second consecutive yearg Bettina Tarlton won second place in the job interview contest in both the Southwestern District and the State Convention and was a delegate to the National Conven- tiong Dale Fennell was runnerfup for the State beauty queen. Mrs. Bose Jennings, the co-ordinator, served as Chair- man of the Southwestern District Convention for the third consecutive year. In home economics, the Crisco Foundation award for the most outstanding student in advanced Home Eco- nomics went to Marjorie VVilson. Aileen Wilson was chosen as the most outstanding senior girl at East in the over-all homemaking program consisting of Home Eco- nomics, family living, and the Future Homemalters of America. East was well represented at the Charlotte Family Life Council. Mr. Tom B. Flatt Mr. Fred M. Gregory, Tennessee lfolytechnique ln- I1-D Industrial Arts. Appalachian State Teachers Eflfhlfevv IN-K C- State Clemson, B.S.g VVofford: College, B,S,g VV.C,U,N,C., Filxfgc' , Q-mens, College? Xlechanical Drawing. adviser: Agriculture. , .,'1t'-fx' ff 'Wir as Wf "Q f.,'?r1:., . I I 'gtg rv... .' ii , 5 s me f 4. ., If Mrs. H. E. lennings Duke University, A.B.: U.N.C'.: N. CY. Stale: VV.C.Ll.N.f'.g llarvarclg DIE Club adviscrg Distriliutixe Iiducation. The lfell has rung, ye! tliese girls ure so fascinated by tlze fnslzioiz magazines flint Miss llfillizims is pleased to have f' IT fin' 161. I. 51' 'J ' Q Miss Buth A. Vllilliams Berry College. B.S.ll.l'. University of Cfeorgiag Han tlirop College: l".ll..'X. ad Hserg llome llconoinics l Coiztemplaiinzg lzis "l10ley" work. one of the Industrial Arts students works in slzop period. Y 4. Y E CLASSES I- 'S ' " El yr + I I , r""e f A1'f---, 0llR BUDY UN T 0F STAR . . . As a milky way of faces comes into the stargazeijs view, we are reminded of the starry-eyed sophomores, the more sophisticated juniors, and the dignified seniors who compose this galaxy of stars which is caught for us forever in this magic telescope. D ss I 'fi W3 Ku S U s rf , ' 1+ , at t at -tw b . Vg, , KW ., - .gztfffg , k , .aft A ' 1 g f '32f"4f51t'-T , M'r'rgf""Zff,,f - ,. Mfr," ' I? V ' , . , ,JMU -2 1 ., ,V ' ,. .4 Q' 4' , , 2 , l . .... mal? ,fa ,Naya -Y ' -- M,",d,v- ' 4g,3:g15l,'Tf "" 13 I ,K lr' - ',"'f:7 Q ' 452, i . r . . in ff. 4 2. VN 5, , ' ' L 'f iQ3.,',j,1f' I 4 1-uf 'r ' , 'x li , , ,W 1 Q ,ww-' H 'ST' YW 2 1 il ' J 5 ,i u , ,, Q , J 3 .wJ,ll I 15 ii 2 SN 'loam VV11.soN Blu, Lowm' LlARI. KING Cliirmnn STAN Xlns. EAST 0R CUISS 0l-'FICE S T'Cf15Wf" September, 1961 . . . Orientation committee . . . those President last football games . . . research . . . College Night ViCe-Pfe5idem ...i l laclwetlz . . , College Entrance Examination Boartl SEIL Secremw mbasketball. totirnaments . . . National Merit semi- fAdviSe'r finalists and finalists . . . the heavenly junior-Senior Prom . , . final exams . . . Baccalaureate . . . the long- awaited graduation . . . good-bye to old friends . . . our last year at East. S NIURS '62 REATHA LOUISE ADAIWS D.E. Club 125 Business Staff of EAsT XVIND 12, S.O.L. Club 105 Musicians Club 115 Choir 11. CAROL CAAIPBELL ALEXANDER National Honor Society 11, 125 Marshal 11, 125 Snanish Club 115 S.O.L. Club 10, 115 Musicians Club 125 F.B.L..-X. 125 Beta Club 12. CATHY SHANNON ALEXANDER National Honor Society 11, 12: Snanisli Club ll: F.l'1.A. 115 S.O.L. Club 105 Girls' Ensemble 125 Musicians Club 12. LUTRICIA ALEXANDER G.A.A, 10, 1 15 Homerooin Secretary 105 Spanish Club 115 S.O.L. Club 10, 11, 12, Treasurer ll. President 125 Student Council 125 Beta Club 12. lx'1ARY SHANNON ALEXANDER Footligliters Club 125 S.O.L. Club 105 Y-Teens 105 G.A.A. 11, 125 Folk Dancing Club ll. SARAH LAND ALEXANDER Debate Club 115 French Club 105 Fuotlitzbtcrs Club 115 Art Club 12. BETTY JANE ALLEN Footligbters Club 10, 115 Musicians Club 11. CHARLES ROBERT ALLEN D.E. Club 11, 12, Parliamentarian 12. LINDA SUE ALLEN Art Club 10, 11, Secretary 10, Vice President ll: Foollighters Club 11 12. Secretary 125 F.B.L.A. 125 Homeroom Treasurer 10, President 115 Student Council 115 Class Beauty 115 Junior-Senior Prom COmmittee5 Chairman Senior Class Bulletin Board Committee. PAUL WILLIABI ALLEN, JR. Debate Club 115 F.T.A. 115 11i-Y Club 105 Choir 11, 125 Bus Driver 11. JUDITH MANN ANDERSON D.E. Club 125 Musicians Club 115 Folk Dancing Club ll. JERRY LEE ARANT EVELYN DIANE ASHLEY Folk Dancing Club ll. LINDA DIANE ATWELL F.B.L.A. 125 Library Club 115 Y'1'eens 105 C..'X.A. 105 Folk Dancing Club ll. SANDRA MCLAUCHLIN AVANT D.E. Club 11, 12, Associate President 11, President 125 D.E. Club Speaking Contestant, First Place Winner in Southwestern District 11, 125 Musicians Club 105 Beta Club 125 National Honor Society 12. , ?'x CE ,,,t 'Am' 5 f af , I f 19 ggi lt!-1 sffigvl . Gu ff-1' I WZ' ,,,-f lx, 9375: ' ' f O Cn '- ' . ,1 .. --I 1 ua if 'F' ,Ay ,AAA Y ,, W at 1 ' 0 - Tia . , 1 f f '5' , 'Y 4 -,, W . -W, 1 ' A my 1 'nf' 7115 ,-'af '12-.--4-1 it f O ." nv- if O ' O W-.Wg fl iiiii 1 1 5 O ,4 51" x Q . Q' I 4,,. 51. ' ,gf-' f O ff- -.,,, . 'gk x t -3 lt, ls' ' J? 2, .Z I ' A ' Cb 459 ff f E . 4 sua...- 1 5 if f I . 14, xl V+-A -45 -A f.,..'f, 42 .Q 0 1 4 , -AM Aw ' Whit , 's 1 4 Y' A, li. ,ft . 1 2 at 4 ' gt,-. . 1 x ,egg I ., , ..'l"'iiiif5 TF, 5 ..,,, . Haj. ,.,. ,,V, . I A up gk - ggjzg , ,, Av Y 1 S HIGHS '62 CAROLE JEAN BABULA Entered 19615 Latin Club 125 Bowling League 12. TIMOTHY BRYANT BACWELL junior Red Cross 10, 11, 125 Spanish Club IO, 115 Footlighters Club 10, 11, 125 Musicians Club 125 Science Club 10: Orientation Committee 10, 11, 125 EAsT IMIND Business Staff 12: Choir 125 Cheerleader 115 Senior Superlative . . . Best School Spirit. BRENDA SUE BAKER Latin Club ll, 125 S.O.L. Club 105 Ilomerooin 'I reasurer Il. IXIARY CAROLYN BAKER DL. Club 125 Library Club 11: liootlighters Club 10, ll. BARBARA ARDELIA BANKS 13.11. Club ll, 12, Ilistorian 125 S.O.L, Club 105 Y-Teens Il. IXIICHAEL STEPHEN BARTLETT Ili Y Club 105 Folk Dancing Club 115 Bus Driver 115 Bowling League 125 Swimming Team 12. CHARLES ALBERT BARTON Sludent Council 10, 12, President 12, Executive Council 125 Key Club 10, 11, 125 Beta Club 10, 11. 125 Autlio-Visual Club 10, 11, 125 National llonor Society 11, 125 Ili-Y Club 105 Ilomeroom Presitlent 105 junior-Senior Prom Committee5 Orientation Committee 10, ll, 125 Football 10, 11, 125 Basketball 10. 11, 125 Track 105 Block "E" Club 11, 125 Morehead Scholarship Semi- Einalist 125 Senior Superlative . . . Most Likely to Succeetl. LINDA EILEEN BATES National llonor Society 11, 125 Marshal 11, 125 F.B.L..'X. 12, President 125 Siudent Council 125 Latin Club 10, 115 Orientation Committee 11, 125 Editorial Staff of EAST XVIND 12, Faculty Editor 125 Girls' Ensemble 125 Beta Club 12. BRENDA KAY BAUCOIXI G.A.A. 10, 11, 125 Y-Teens 105 Folk Dancing Club 115 Musicians Club Il, 125 1-Iomeroom Treas- urer 11. IVIARILYN RAE BAUCOM Quill and Scroll 11, 125 National Honor Society 11, 125 Latin Club 10, 11, 12, Secretary 125 Musicians Club 115 Homeroom Secretary 125 Busi- ness Staff Of EAST XVIND 11, 125 Girls' Ensemble 115 Choir 125 Beta Club 12. lo CAROL BEAVER French Club 105 C.A.A. 10, 115 Orientation Com- mittee 105 Cirls' State 113 Girls' Ensemble 12. SANDRA LOUISE BELK 1'-Teens 10, Vice-President 105 Art Club ll. 125 Musicians Club 115 Business Staff of EAST VVIND ll, 12. lNlARIANNE BELL Beta Club 11, 12, Vice-President 125 National Honor Society 11, 12, Vice-President 12: Quill and Scroll 11, 125 French Club 10. 11, 125 Footligbters Club 10, 125 Business Staff of EAST VVINII 105 Eyrie 11, 12, Art Editor 11, Business Manager 125 Student Council 125 Orientation Com- mittee 10, 11, 125 Junior-Senior Prom Committee5 Ilomeroom Secretary 115 Chairman of Senior Class Social Committee5 National Merit Semi-Finalist. CARY lX4ELVIN BENSCH Motor Club 10, 115 .Xudio-Visual Club 12: Ili-Y Club 125 Business Staff of EAST XVIND 10. WILLIAM ATKINSON BENSON Engineers Club 11, 125 D.A.B. History Award 11. V r l 5 P I L ll l a 1 i I E l 1 E 4 I I v P i 3 ! w lt l I, From time to time our halls and bulletin boards are decorated with the fine talent the art department produces. r' 9f.""' I Yrfffaf ? A 11'-9w VIVIAN NELL BENTON RACHAEL ELLEN BLANKENSHIP Y-Teens 105 Folk Dancing Club ll, Vice-President 11: G.A.A. 119 Spanish Club 125 Latin Club 10, 113 Girls' State ll. Junior Red Cross 114 Homemom Secretary 125 Business Staff A-f EAST WIND ll. DOUGLAS GORDON BERG JERRY LAWRENCE BLEVINS M Cl b 10, 113 A cl' -V' l Cl b 11, 123 N1 C1 b 125 Photography Club 10, 11, Secretary llq Block "E" Club 11, 125 Cross C,f,23',f Hyun: Basketbullulli 113113 u l Humans u Country Team ll, 12, Captain 125 Track Team ll, 12. LINDZ LO? BEVERLY GEORGE lVl1LLER BOICE ntere 1961. WILLIAM HENRY BIGHAM PAT C A A BO E Motor Club 119 Track 105 Basketball 10, 11, 12. U RI I NN, N Y-Teens 105 Folk Dancmg Club 11g Business Staff of EAST WIND ll. JAIVIES C1-lHO1Nf1AS BLACK F.F.A. 11, 12g Audio-Visual. Club 11, 129 Homeroom,Treasurer 10g HENRY BOONE Baseball Manager 109 Bus Driver 12. l 5 . .. i' 'H in R 1 Q I .at E ! 1495" . ,- M Q Y I- ,, Q A Qa, I , , 1 , 1 :Rf V-1 ? ,. - ?,, I ffm V, ,., . 4, T. : , -1 - f , , , 1 "i A n-A "" - 1 A ' gn, : H , . , 1' ' I' - " A A .fr . V ' . ff-mx Q O' 'fwrw' 251'-U--' -'13:E, :'. -,: 1 'vi "fv- ' ' 'L ' ljfjv, '25 re V 1'- 1 " -e" ' w wr' .1 W , x O - r 'J J. CD34 'PU' rvO 0 V m f , . ra -O 7 12? ,N ,Inman-Wa. i , X LQ 1 . J M., 1 4 I K , .v ww: 1 'P v !. ., ,. W . Di' l l 'C' 'r' -b in ,N ' i "W'w.,fgQ, pi f V A , 3 Q ' - if 21' h 2 9 .Q ",, T 1' '5 1 . 3 v ' D C . .,. . .. . K .,., . 552 14 9 . 15- 1 .1-gli, I 'GTI R Y 4 .-egg, .A ' - TEA 4 0 54' , ew V, ' aw. V ' " 51552 . ' -1 V Sm , V U J! 1 Q- SEIIIURS '62 lVlARY LUCILLE BOONE S.O.L. Club 10, 115 Y-Teens 115 D.E. Club 1.1. RONALD THEODORE BOWERS ltlotor Club 10, 115 Folk Dancing Club 115 Bus Driver 10, 11. RODDEY WHITFIELD BRANDES Student Council 11, 125 Quill and Scroll 11, 12, President 125 Journalism Club 11, President 115 Bela Club ll. 125 Footlighters Club 115 Editorial Staff Of Eagle 105 Eyrie 10, 115 Orientation Com- mittee ll, 125 Junior-Senior Prom Committee: Swimming Team 12, CO-Captain 12: Bus Driver 11, 12. RONALD ERVIN BRASWELL Entered 1961. JEAN CUTIIBERTSON BRAWLEY Photography Club 105 Folk Dancing Club 115 Library Club 12. ROY lXlICHAEL BRIDGES HifY Club 10: Folk Dancing Club 11, Treasurer 11hAudio-Visual Club 115 Football 105 Base- ba 11, 12. VELON ANN BROOKS Library Club 10, 11, Treasurer 115 Junior Red Cross 10: F.B.L.A. 12. GARY MICHAEL BROWN Radio Club 115 Audio-Visual Club 125 Engineers Club 125 Block "E" Club 125 Golf Team 11, 125 Cross Country Team 12. JOHNNIE SUE BROWN Junior Red Cross 10, 115 F.H.A. 10, 11, Parlia- mentarian 115 Yffeens 10, 115 Homeroom Vice- President 125 D.E. Club 12. MARION GREG BROWN Hi-Y Club 10, 115 Motor Club 11, 125 Bowling League 12. JACKIE ANN BRYANT Folk Dancing Club 115 F.B.L.A. 125 Junior Red Cross 12. RICHARD MARTIN BUCHAN Latin Club 10, 115 Footlighters Club 115 Audio- Visual Club 125 Junior Senior Prom Committee5 Orientation Committee 125 Choir 125 Cheerleader 11, 12. JOHN M. BUMCARDNER Spanish Club 115 Musicians Club 105 Band 11. PAULA VIRGINIA BURCH F.B.L.A. 12, Secretary 125 Folk Dancing Club 11' Y-Teens 10. CALVIN ALEXANDER CALDWELL Motor Club 10, 11. Mrs. Parker keeps her class "on their toes" as she throws out provocative questions on psychology. in-,, LAIXIONN CAMERON VINCENT LARRENCE CARDINAL Entered 19615 Library Club 12. Debate Club ll, 125 HOmerOOm Vice-President 105 Orientation Committee 105 Business Staff of EAST VVIND 125 Choir 125 Football 11. YT Ilikiilillug C'ARCCIii SiAb1ilBEiiL- 12 DON FRANKLIN CARPENTER - eens ' O ancmg u ' me sslstam ' Debate Club 115 Hometoom Treasurer 10. JOYCE LAUREEN CANADY Beta Club 10, 115 F.T.A, Club 10, 11, 12, Vice-President 125 Home- room President 10, Secretary ll, 125 Orientation Committee 11, 125 Junior-Senior Prom COmmittee5 Student Council 10. PAT FAITH CA"NUP F.1-1.A. 105 Y-Teens 115 Bus Driver 11, 12. LEONA MAE CAPELL Folk Dancing C lub 11. EINIILY CAROLYN CARR S.O.L. Club 105 F.H.A. 115 Junior Red Cross 115 Spanish Club 11, Musicians Club 125 Girls' Ensemble 115 Choir 12. BETTY LYNDELL CARRIKER G..X.A. 115 Yffeens 10, 115 Footlighters Club 11, 12, Treasurer 12, Homeroom President 125 Student Council 125 JuniOrfSenior Prom Com- miteee5 Business Staff of EAST VVIND 125 Orientation Committee 11. Y-Teens 10- F.H.A. 115 F.B.L.A. 12. lm ELAINE JOYCE CARRIKER z 45914 'Mi-vu a 13'--ri' gv 'EF' 4, A If, 1 f Y 'Z 9 ,Q . e , 'O fi vw,-w-.. "Ml 1 RONALD YATES CARTER Choir 125 Basketball 12. ALBERT GULLEDGE CHANDLER Science Club 115 Bus Driver 11, 12. JUDITH LYNN CHESNUTT Spanish Club 10, 11, Treasurer 115 Footlighters Club 115 Homeroom Secretary 115 Business Staff of EAST WIND 105 Cheerleader ll, 12, Vice-President 125 Carrousel Princess 125 Senior Superlative . . . Best Lookingg Cheerleaders Club 11, 12, Treasurer 11, Vice-President 12. ROBERT CLIFFORD CHURCH, JR. Photography Club 105 Motor Club 11. MARTHA ANN 'CLAUS Spanish Club 11, 12, Vice'President 1,25 G.A.A. 115 Iunior Red Cross 125 junior-Senior Prom Committee5 Choir 11, 125 Bowling League 12. Q-nnoovnwnav-ness confer on matters of school spirit. BILLIE ANN CLINE Latin Club 10, 11, 125 F.T.A. 105 Business Staff of Eagle ll, 125 Homeroom Secretary 105 Orientation Committee 115 Junior-Senior Prom Committee. LLOYD MOKINLEY COCHRAN Bus Driver 10, 11, 125 F.F.A, 10, 11, 12, Reporter 11, Vice-President 125 Hi-Y 10. SHARON EILEEN COLE Spanish Club 11, Secretary 115 Footlighters Club 115 S.O..L. Club 105 Homeroom Vice-President IO, President 125 Student Council 125 Iumor- Senior Prom Committee. BEVERLY FRANCES COLLIER F.B.L.A. 125 Y-Teens 105 Folk Dancing Club 11. CAROL LEE COLLINS Y-Teens 105 Folk Dancing Club 115 G.A.A. 11, 125 Homeroom Vice- President 10, ll, Treasurer 125 Choir 12. . VV Ill' 1 , 1-S ia W I A .,., 1 .-1" ' gl ,,.. ., 6 A - A A, ,." 'C -bl 1 ,,V' 5 ' . A . ,'.A: I ,". M' I CN 2: vlx: 2 : .. 'ags 5 6 N A Q40 tx my i f. O Mb-2' ,,f Q" if 59" 5' X ' 4, Q J' Mr. Singleton and Mr. Allison, President of the Boosters' Clulz of Mecklenburg County, 039551 O u SENIDRS '62 HELEN ANNE CONNELL Latin Club 105 Musicians Club 11, 12, Vice- President 125 Junior Red Cross 115 Business Staff of EAST WIND 125 Homeroom Secretary 11, Vice- President 125 Girls' Ensemble 1055 Choir 11, 12, Secretary 12. JOHN LEON COWARI' Musicians Club 105 Block "E" Club ll, 125 Busi- ness Staff of EAST WIND 12: Bus Driver 125 Football Manager 115 Basketball Manager 11. DAISY IRENE Cox S.O.L. Club 11. JIINIINIY LINDELL COX D.E. Club 12, Radio Club Io. JOHN WESLEY CRAIG, JR. Student Council 10. 11, 12, Executive Council 125 Beta Club 10, ll, 12, President 125 Quill and Scroll 11, 125 Key Club 11, 12, Secretary 125 Spanish Club 10, 11, President 115 Footlighters Club 10, 125 Editorial Staff of EAST WIND 10, ll, 12, Sophomore Class Editor 10, Assistant Editor ll, Senior Class Editor 125 Vice-President of Junior Class: Junior Rotarian 125 Homeroom President 10, Vice President 115 Junior-Senior Prom Committee: Orientation Committee 10, ll, 125 Chairman of Senior Class Commencement Committee. KAREN LEE CROASMUN Footlighters Club 10: French Club 11. 125 C.A.A. 115 S.O.L. Club 115 Junior Red Cross 10, 115 Choir 12. lVlARY FRANCES CROSBY F.H.A, Io, S.O.L. Club 11. PATRICIA ANN CRUBIP F.B.L.A. 125 Y-Teens 105 Folk Dancing Club ll. PAULINE DICH CRUMP F.B.L.A. 125 Library Club 10, 11. LINDA BARRY CULLER National Honor Society 11, 12, President 125 Mar- shal 11, 125 Student Council 10, 12, Executive Council 125 Beta Club 10, 11, 125 Spanish Club 10, 115 Sophomore Class President5 Sophomore Award5 Orientation Committee 10, 11, Steering Committee 105 ,Junior-Senior Prom Committee5 Homeroom President 10, Secretary 125 Senior Superlative . . . Most Likely to Succeed. SELBY ANDERSON DANIELS, JR. Audio-Visual Club 11, 125 Folk Dancing Club 115 Photography Club ll: Footlighters Club 125 Junior- Senior Prom Committee: Basketball ll. 12- Foo lv" 125 Baseball 12' Block "E" Club 12: Senior Super- lative . . . Best Looking. WILLIAM M. DAVIS Photography Club 10, JOYCE HILLIARD DEATON Quill and Scroll 11, 125 French Club 115 S.O.L. Club IO, ll, 12, Secretary 125 Musicians Club 105 Editorial Staff of Eagle ll, 12. Editor-in Chief 125 Orientation Committee 125 Student Council gw25bCh3ir 125 National Merit Semi-Finalist5 Beta ,u . PHOEBE JANE DILTZ Quill and Scroll 11, 125 Footlighters Club 10, ll, 125 Joumalism Club 115 Spanish Club 10: Business Staff of EAST WIND 115 Business Staff of Eagle 10, 11, 125 Homeroom Vice-President 105 Orientation Committee 115 Junior-Senior Prom CommIttee5 Junior Carolina Playmakers Summer Scholarship in Dramatic Art 11. ADRIAN RANSON DULIN Photography Club 105 Motor Club 115 Homeroom Treasurer 12. f1,. . ' .V 'nxt , . 5 Gm ,,i,,,,", 1 f - tl.. 51:-f 'Mya . I 321:51 1 -f -Q- ,.,, A , ,A-ff. n I 3, '- . A is Z A "" 4' To 1.50 1 ,W X ,M 1 .42 A 0 f -- -' f l - , Q l ttk . -, j g f 'W 'BIO .-...E.,,.--. .- .Wf.C -u I ,G 1 4 1 IQQ ,O , W' 1 M W 1 'Z , ?1w 1 J ll N , X 3, sr , 'Q 'I fo Z 1 , t 'W' E . JA , 4 M -A 452515. ,.,- ,. . 1 9 . a l i a.. V, ,,. U, A SIWIURS '62 1 W - 1 W R , 322 , qw- 1,1 I MARTIN ODELL DULIN 'V' 5: '," Photography Club 10: Hi-Y Club 11: Junior Senior ,,,-,,.., Prom Committee: Homeroom Treasurer 11. A, JAINIES CONNOLLY ECHERD Entered 1961. if lXf1ARK EDWARDS 'l Entered 1961: Engineers Club 12, Vice-President 12: Radio Club 12. i ff TED WILLIS EDWARDS 17 ? " ' Q "" A Student Council 11, 12: Beta Club ll. 12: Key -Q .Q f - f'-- 1 2 Club 11, 12, President 12: National Honor Society sq, 11, 12: HiAY Club 10, 11, Secretary 11: Junior Senior Prom Committee: Orientation Committee J ll: Homeroom President 11, 12: Basketball 10, I 7 ll, 12, CO-Captain 12: Baseball 10: Junior Rotarian If yr 'I high 1 fs fi Q , 17 ' 12: Senior Superlative . . . Most Dependable. ' av F I J Z X, ""' ' W ' PATTY JEAN EFFRON Six , Marshal ll, 12: National Honor Society 11, 12: A if tfg- Bm Club 10, 11, 12: Quill and scmu ll, 12: Spanish Club 10, 11, Reporter 11: Business Staff of Eagle ll, 12, Business Manager 12: Student A 1 "' Council 12: Homeroom Vice-President 10. 11: 'lk " O G.A.A. 10: Junior-Senior Prom Committee: Orienta- tiorg Committee ll: Cheerleaders Club 12: Cheer- ea er 12. ' Q BONNIE JEAN EICHER Chief Marshal 11, 12: National Honor Society 11, . f 12: Student Council 10, 12: Beta Club 10, 11, ' ., y 12, Corresnonding Secretary 12: Debate Club ll: " fy " ii Spanish Club 10: G.A.A. 10: Editorial Staff of ? 1152if. ' ' -' I 35 A Eagle 12: Business Staff of EAST WIND 12: Home- H, If '- , room President 10, Treasurer 11. Vice-President 'J , M 122: Ogentation Committee 1O,l11: Junior-Selrgior 4 A W -'jf' ' , 1f'v "" ' rom ommittee: Senior Super ative . . . est I . :FMR asf fm' ' student. 11:1 ' , 3 , I 44 ' f W f . ANNE RICHARDSON EPPS " , ' i n -.1, E.T.A. 10, G.A.A. 10, ll: Folk Dancing Club 11: 2 'A 1 V ,, 4 Footlighters Club 12: Business Staff of EAST WIND Q ' 10, ll, 12: Choir 12. iv? 1, 5 X Q ' VICKI MARIE EUDY V Audio-Visual Club 11: Folk Dancing Club 11: Y-Teens 10: G.A.A. 10, 11: Junior-Senior Prom Committee: Bus Driver 11, 12. - PHILIP MODOUGLE FARROW 5 eg wf - wr- V .V ,. . . , ,fa m student Council 11: Beta Club 11, 12: Hi-Y Club " 11, Sergeant-at Arms 11: I-lomeroom Vice President li 1 10, President 11: Orientation Committee ll, 12, 4 -1 5 Steering Committee ll, 12: Choir 12: Bowling f ' . ' League 12. . Q Y .X LEE FRANCIS FAUST '43, qty.. A: ,s" rr!" Audio-Visual Club 10, ll, 12: Radio Operators -If , Club 10: Secretary-Treasurer 10: Hi-Y Club 11: Footlighters Club 12: Bus Driver 11: Swimming 'L Wa: . -V4A- ,11 Team 12. , in BARBARA DALE FENNELL ' "' H D.E. Club 11, 12: Y-Teens 10, Secretary-Treasurer 10: Folk Dancing Club 11. GEORGE LEON FERGUSON +1-1 Club 10, 11: Motor Club 11. ELIZABETH FINCHER CAROLYN SHELOR FISHER F.H.A. 10, 11, 12: Junior Red Cross 11, 12: Choir 12. ig? 1129? f V JOAN LIPPOLD FLEISCHAKER ,O Iago Entered 1961: Junior Red Cross 12. Q t A...- Sandy Hopper, our "Most Talented" senior, J., sings for the last time for tlze East students as she performs during the Student Council E ffvfvi, L Variety Slfzow. fyif,ijfA,j,ZZ. BEN MORGAN FLOWE Motor Club 11, 12, Secretary 125 4-H Club 105 Bus Driver 11, 12. NATHALIE COLLEEN FLOYD Spanish Club llg Yffeen Club 105 Business Staff of EAST WIND 12. MARX' LYNN FORBIS Beta Club 10, 11, 123 French Club 105 Quill and Scroll 11, 124 Art Club 10, ll, 12, Vice-President 11, 125 llomeroom Secretary 10, 115 Editorial Staff of EAST VVIND 11, 12, Art Editor 11, 12: Orientation Committee 10. ll, 125 Iunior-Senior Prom Committee, Chairman of Senior Class Currouscl Committee. 'IUDITH ELLEN FREELAND G.A.A. 11, 12, F.T.A. 125 Art Club 103 Folk Dancing Club 11, 123 Junior Red Cross 12. JAMES OTTO FUNDERBURK, IR. Student Council 125 Engineers Club 11, 12, President 124 Motor Club 10: Hi-Y Club 115 Basketball 105 National Honor Society 12. f ei , M Q 4 'L faq QQ Af - JUDITH KAY FUNDERBURK Science Club 10, G..-LA. 10, 11: Folk Dancing Club 113 Bus Driver ll. 12. lV1ERRY LYNNE FUNDERBURK D.E. Club ll, 12, Secretary 11, 12, F.H.A. 10, Folk Dancing Club ll. PEGGY FUNDERBURK Entered 19615 Beta Club 12. LYNDA JANE FURR S.O.L, Club 10, Spanish Club 119 D.E. Club 12, Treasurer 12. CAROL SUZANN GIBSON 13.1-1.A. 10, 11, 12, Reporter 123 Homeroom Vice-President 103 G.A.A. 119 Junior Red Crossg Orientation Committee 11, Quill and Scroll 11 123 Photography Club llg Business Staff of EAST WIND 11, 12. 1 1 V ii MN 41 M! 1 , 1 we-Q' Y., ' G ' "Q A--ex a 7,,1 A , fi fs. tr", ,AS"'gjI':' X , A' 5 "Are these letters straight?" asks Tim Bagwell of Linda Allen, chairman of the Bulletin Board Committee, while Linda johnston fin- ishes putting up one of the clever, informa- tive Senior Class bulletin boards. LANE CLONINGER GILLESPIE JERRILYNN NEDINA GREENE Entered 19619 Debate Club 129 1:.H.A. 129 Footlighters Club 12. Entered 19613 Girls' Ensemble 12. ALCIE CASTON GILBIORE Baseball 10, ll, 129 Basketball 101 Hi-Y Club IOQ Folk Dancing Club 119 Engineers Club 12, Treasurer 12. MIRIAM LEE GOLDBERG 1-lomeroum Treasurer 102 Spanish Club 101 Footlighters Club 10, ll, JOHN ROBERT GREGORY JUDITH HAZEL GREGORY 129 Business Staff of EAST WIND 119 Debate Club 11. Latin C1115 125 F,T,A. 10, 11, 125 13,1-LA, 10, KAREN LOUISE GRAUER Student Council 10, 11: Footlighters Club 129 G.A.A. 10, 119 Folk Dancing Club 119 Y-Teens IOQ 1lOmerOOm President 10, 119 Orientation Committee 12. MADELINE DELL GRAY Beta Club 11, 12, Treasurer 129 National Honor Society 11, 129 Quill and Scroll ll, 129 Latin Club 10, 11, 12, 'Treasurer 11, President 12: G.A.A. 10: F.T.A. 119 Business Staff Of Eagle 11, 129 Eglitorinl Staff of Eagle 129 Elitorial Staff Of EAST VVIND 12, Copy Elitor 12: Student Council 121 Orientation Committee 10, ll, 129 Iuniorsenior Prom COmmiLtee9 Choir 119 Senior Superlative . . . Best Personality. 7 viyf f. ., or- Q-. 4' E, . Q1 , , '71 I .J ' llgftgimwf-nn? by . 9 1 5 W ' 1. ,, 4- ' ' in Y f I ' 'ff f 'ff' , Lf' x A ' 'L tv , lik, J tiff.,- , Ax' 'LO Student Council WILLIAM REID GRIER ll, 12, Executive Council 129 Beta Club 12: Debate Club ll, President 111 French Club 119 Editorial Staff of Eagle 129 Business Staff Of tion Committee 1 Debate Club ll , junior Red Cross O C1 EAST XVIND 129 Junior-Senior Prom Committeeg Orienta- 2. SARALYN ANNETTE GRESHAIVI 129 F.H.A. 10, 119 125 Historian 129 Latin Club 129 10, 11. , ft Q 'ff 'ka 1- N. N. ' 'tka ff' , , Q., WW 'qw 2 'W une' O - -Q. A , ii S NUR '62 JUDY GRIFFIN Library Club 11, 125 S.O.L. Club 115 Homeroom Vice-President 10. MELDONNA MAE GRIFFIN National Honor Society 11, 125 Marshal 11, 125 Beta Club 11, 12, Secretary 125 Quill and Scroll 11, 125 Latin Club 10: Musicians Club 115 Folk Dancing Club 115 F.B.L.A. 125 Student Council 11, 125 Editorial Staff of EAST WIND 11, 12, Assistant Editor 11, Editor-in-Chief 125 Homeroom Vice President 11, Treasurer 125 Junior-Senior Prom Committee5 Miss EAST WIND5 Orientation Com- mittee 10, 11, 12. PIONNY EARL GRIFFIN F.F.A. 10, 11, 12, Sentinel 12. MARY JANE GUION Science Club ll, 12, Vice-President 125 Footlighters Club 115 G.A.A. 125 Homeroom Secretary 125 Junior-Senior Prom Committee5 Bus Driver 11, 125 Bowling League 12. JOHN WALLACE HALL Folk Dancing Club 115 Hi-Y Club 10, Treasurer 105 Bus Driver 11. NANCY ANN HALL Footlighters Club 10. 11, 125 G.A.A. 10, 11, 125 F.H.A. 125 Editorial Staff of EAST WIND 12, Typist 12. DONNA JEAN HANES Beta Club 125 Spanish Club 11, 125 Footlighters Club 11, 125 Homeroom Vice-President 10, Secre- tary 115 Junior-Senior Prom Committee: Orienta- tion Committee 115 Choir 125 Cheerleader 125 Cheerleaders Club 12. SANDRA HANEY Spanish Club 115 F.B.L.A. 125 Art Club 125 S.O.L. Club 105 G.A.A. 105 Business Staff of EAST WIND 125 Junior Red Cross 125 Junior-Senior Prom Com- mittee5 Choir 12. JUDITH KAY HANKINS Spanish Club 10, ll, 12, Secretary 125 Footlight- ers Club 125 Homeroom Vice President 115 Orien- tation Committee 125 Beta Club 12. ALICE VIVIAN HARGETT G.A.A. 105 S.O.L. Club 105 Folk Dancing Club 115 Junior Red Cross 10, 11, 12, Reporter 11, Sec- retary 125 Choir 11, 12, CAROL JEAN HARKEY Student Council 12, Secretary 12., Executive Coun- cil 125 Beta Club 10, ll, 12, Vice-President 115 Art Club 10, 11, Treasurer 115 G.A.A. 10, 11, 12, Vice-President ll, 125 National Honor Society ll, 125 Homeroom Secretary 105 Class Officer 10, ll, Secretary 10, 115 Orientation Committee 10, 11, 125 Junior Senior Prom Committee5 Senior Superlative . . . Best All Around. DAVID LEE HARKEY Student Council 10, 125 Audio-Visual Club 10, 11, 12, President 125 Block "E" Club 11, 12, Vice' President 125 Homeroom President 105 Basketball 10, 11, 12, Captain 125 Football 11, 12, Captain 125 Orientation Committee 115 Junior-Senior Prom Committee5 Boys' State 125 Senior Superlative . . . Friendliestg Junior Rotarian. JOHN OWEN HARKEY Motor Club 105 Radio Club 115 Bus Driver ll, 12. MARGARET EDNA HARRALD S.O.L. Club 10, 115 F.B.L.A. 125 Junior Red Cross 11, 12. LINDA LINKER HARRIS Library Club 105 Spanish Club 115 F.H.A. 125 Junior Red Cross 10. '7 I ' 70x v 'I V Q. lf, 4 xv ' . 5" i fjwvf , N 1 F QL- 27:1 ' 65:-, .. '53, A Iii ,L ,d.,J ,1.,ZV, , .in :O ,- fem A in If ,il-5. 'Y 1162 P' At, - .gt f ,f X -X0 i my H I 5 . ff.. ' 'af' ', , ' KAI 4 'l If , A ,ar ti Z f -1 3 A .f .. I A :Dy gl ' I 32, , , , 'iv '1 7 it O . fx , fit? !"' ogg AW 'Z QO ,W- 1 ,,,-. 93 ' 91-'X Pk-,. -, 9 sf A v. 6 ,X it LJQ' ' .ANY ,. s I , K 25 Si, 5 at Q X O f""-9 Q ix 1 5 if sc" Y, ' 'I ,,.,. .. , Sa ,t is -V f l J 1 ,. , ,.k, , 4, a As 3095 " IO O 381 M 1 S N DR '62 HENRY EDDIE HARTIS Art Club ll, 12, Treasurer 125 Arts and Crafts Club ll. ll, Secretary ll. NORMA JEAN HARTIS Y-Teens 105 S.O.L. Club 103 Folk Dancing Club 11: Junior Red Cross 10, 113 Bus Driver 11, 12. PAYE LUCILLE HASTINGS F.B.L.A. 11, Library Club 123 Library Assistant 12: F.lI..tX. 10, ll. SARAH LOUISE HASTINGS F.B.L.A. 11, Library Club 12, Library Assistant 123 F.H.A. 10. ll. GARY JOHN HATCHER Polk Dancing Club ll, Footlighters Club 129 Bus Driver 11, 12. DONALD EDGAR HATLE1' Spanish Club 105 Hi-Y Club ll, 125 Basketball 12. RALPH lX'lILTON HAVNAER Hi-Y Club IO: Latin Club ll: Ax. Club 12. JANET ILENE l'lEL1V1S D.E. Club 12, S.O.L. 10: Folk Dancing Club ll. JOHNNY EDWARD I-lELIx1s D.E. Club 125 Folk Dancing Club llg Junior Red Cross 11. JUDITH ANNE HELBIS D.E. Club 129 Junior Red Cross 12. NANCY JOAN HELBIS Latin Club 104 4-H Club 11g Bus Driver 12. BRENDA JANE HENDERSON Musicians Club 10, 11, President 113 Girls' En- semble 11, 12, President 125 Student Council 113 Homeroom Vice-President 12. LINDA I-IYLA I-IENSCHEL F.1tl.A. II. WAYNE HERRON Motor Club 10, 113 Library Club 105 Bus Driver ll. 12. LAWRENCE WILSON I-IEWITT Spanish Club 115 Hi-Y Club 10, 11, Treasurer 115 Orientation Committee ll: Junior-Senior Prom Committee, Homeroom Treasurer ll, President 124 Student Council 12g Football 10, 11, 129 Track 10. Linda lluslzing, clzairman, Linda llutli llolm- son, aml Brenda gllaynard, memlicrs of tlle Baccalaureate Committee, figure that tlze middle of tlie lzall is as good a place as any to make plans for tlie Baccalaureate sermon. SALLY ANN L11LLERT Spanish Club 113 C.i'1..'X, 10, llg Musicians Club 125 17.T.A. 10, 119 Iunior Real Cross 109 S.O.L. Club 125 Choir 12. BEVERLY SUE 1llNKLE Folk Dancing Club 113 D.E. Club 12: Musicians Club IU: Business Staff of EAST wv1ND 11, 12, Assistant Business Nlaimnuer 11, llonteroom Secretary 12: Junior-Senior Prom Committee I1. CANDICE LEE HITOHOOOK Folk Dancing Club llg Footligbtcrs Club 125 17.1l..'X. 12, juuus HENDERSON 1lOCUTT Audio-Visual Club 10, 11, 12, Chief Operator 125 Radio Club Club ll. STEPHEN LANE HOOKS Motor Club 115 Bus Driver 12. 10, lli-Y .1 'x I ,A-4-na..." Xi X SANDRA KAY 1"lOPPER 1'renc11 Club 10g Debate Club 11, Reporter llg liootligltters Club ll, 12, Nlusicinns Club 123 C.D..X. District liestityul "Best ,htressn .Xwurmll llusiness Staff of Fttglv 10, ll, 12: Choir 123 Orientation Committee 10, 11, 12: junior-Senior Prom Committeeg Senior Superlatixe . . . Xlost Tnlentetl. JANE ELLEN HORNER I lleta Club 111, ll, 12: .Xrt C lub 10, 11, 1 resitlent ll: liootligbters Club 10g litlitoriul Stull' of EAST XVIND 11, 12, .Xrt litlitor ll, 125 lloineroont Yice-Presitlcnt 111, 11, Secretary 12g junior-Senior Prom Committee: Orientation Committee 11, 123 Quill :intl Scroll 11, 12, Secretary 12: Student Council 11, ' NANCY CORRINNE 1'1ORNER 11et.t Club 10, 11, 12: Quill and Scroll 11, 129 french Club 111, 11, 'lrensurer 10. 119 Nlusicians Club 11g llusint-ss Staff of li.xs'r XYINU 10g liclitoriul Stuff of litvl' XVIND 11, 125 Junior Class lmlitor 11, Senior Class llclitor 121 Junior Senior Prom Committee: Orientation Committee 11, 125 llonteroom Secretary 11, Vice-President 121 Choir 123 K-irls' En, st-mble 10. JANICE LEE HOTCHKISS Latin Club 10, 11: Science Club 125 Iuniot Red Cross 11: Junior- Sentor Prom Committeeg Orientation Committee 11, 12g Beta Club 129 National Honor Society 12. Louis STEPHEN L1UNTER D.E. Club 11, 123 I7.F.A. 105 Arts untl Crafts 10. 1 ':"' ,, 1' ' ii JT. Q ,"i in .. , .,:,,,-.3 'Z K .V az, 'WO' if :Wu W VAr,, W AV-2i ' ' - --,. .. " I 's ' 5 o Q 4""A'A IO to 1 vtfc "1 c A -rf--v-1,,,,,,,, DAVID WESLEY HUNTLEY Nlotor Club 105 Arts and Crafts Club 11: Bus Driver 11. GERALD BRANSON HURST AudioAVisua1 Club 125 Radio Club 105 Science Club 115 Bus Driver 115 Art Club 12. GLORIA VIRGINIA HUTCHISON Beta Club 10, 11, 125 National Honor Society 11, 12, Secretary 125 Marshal ll, 125 Student Council 10, 11, 12, Executive Council 115 Art Club 10, 11, 12, Secretary 11, President 125 French Club 105 Quill and Scroll 11, 125 Editorial Staff of EAST WYIND 11, 12, Assistant Editor ll, Feature Editor 125 llomeroom President 10, 125 Orientation Com- mittee 10, 11. 125 JuniOr'SeniOr Prom COmmittee5 DAR Citizenship Award 125 Senior Superlative . . . Most Dependable5 Senior Ring Committee Chairman. RAEEORD WILLIAM HUTCHISON, JR. Motor Club 105 Arts and Crafts Club 115 Bus Driver 10, 11. HOWARD ROBERT INNES Spanish Club 11, 125 Track 12. Sponsor of the Senior Class, Mrs. Carol East, and chairman of the Commencement Committee, John Craig. take a serious U1 look at plans for graduation. DOROTHY FRANCES JACKSON Footlighters Club 105 Folk Dancing Club 115 F.T.A. 125 F.B.L.A. 12, Treasurer 125 Business Staff of EAST WIND 105 Editorial Staff of EAST WIND 12, Typist 12. NANCY CARRA JANIISON F.'1'.A. 105 Folk Dancing Club 115 Girls' Ensemble 105 Choir 11, 12. REECE ARNOUGH JA IVIISON Hi'Y Club 109 Folk Dancing Club 11, Secretary 115 Ilomeroom Treasurer 10, President 11, Vice-President 12: Student Council 115 Basketball 10. TERRY LYNWOOD JENKINS D.E. Club 12: Arts and Crafts Club 11: Motor Club 10. LINDA RUTH JOHNSON F.T.A. 10, 11, 125 Business Staff of EAST XVIND 11, 125 Junior-Senior Prom Committee5 llomeroom Treasurer 115 Choir 115 Beta Club 125 Latin Club 11, 12. ' .X ,Q -'um-yr ' 1 Q tl S 4 O 1 ,f . 91 3. rf- .ff ,ik WU' ,,,l fL !,, f' f O 1 I l P SENIURS '62 ALBERT CLINTON JOHNSTON Audio-Visual Club 10, 11, 125 Bus Driver ll, 125 Choir 11, 12. WILLIAM LEE JOHNSTON Latin Club 125 Bus Driver 11, 125 Choir 12. LINDA LOU JOHNSTON S.O.L. Club 105 Folk Dancing Club 115 Business Staff of EAST WIND 125 Choir 125 Bowling League 12. MARION JONES KENNON EDWARD JORDAN Hi-Y Club ll, 125 Art Club 115 Bus Driver 11, 12. RICHARD NORMAN JUNKER Spanish Club 11, 12, President 125 HiY Club 105 Business Staff of EAST WIND 10, Editorial Staff 12, Sports Editor 125 Student Council 125 Orientation Committee 10. 115 Junior Senior Prom Committee5 Homeroom Treasurer 105 Beta Club 12. WALLACE WILEORD KALE Science Club 10, 11, 12, Treasurer Il, President 125 Quill and Scroll 11, 12, Vice-President 125 Student Council 125 Homeroom President 125 Orientation Committee 125 Editorial Staff of Eagle ll, 12, Assistant Sports Editor 11, Associate Editor 125 Audio-Visual Club 125 Basketball Manager 10, 11, 12, Head Manager ll, 125 Baseball Man- ager 105 Football Manager ll, 12, Head Mane ager 125 Student Public Relations Manager for Athletic Department 11, 125 Beta Club 12. STEVE KALEEL Football 105 Hi-Y Club 105 Latin Club 115 Folk Dancing Club 11. JOANN ELIZABETH KANOY Art Club 105 Footlighters Club 105 S.O.L. Club 2315bSpanish Club 115 Y-Teens 125 Folk Dancing u 12. BARBARA KATZEN F.H.A. 125 Footlighters Club 10, 11, 12. SUANNA ROSE KEINIENCZKY F.T.A. 10, ll, 125 Spanish Club 115 G.A.A. 10, 11, 125 Footlighters Club 11, 125 Orientation Committee 10, 115 Business Staff of EAST WIND 10, 11, 12. SHERYL MELODY KEY Beta Club 11, 125 Latin Club 10, 11, 12, Service Award 105 Quill and Scroll 11, 125 National Honor Society 11, 12: Marshal ll, 125 F.T..-X, 10, 115 Debate Club 125 Editorial Staff of Eyric 11, 12, Assistant Editor 11, Editor 125 Student Council 125 Junior-Senior Prom Committee 10, ll, 12, Orienta- tion Committee 10, ll, 12, Steering Committee 10, 11, '12, Chairman 125 Homeroom Treasurer 125 Choir 12. DAVID BAXTER KEZIAH D.E. Club 125 Library Club 105 Folk Dancing Club 11. BRENDA MARIE KING S.O.L. Club 115 Spanish Club 125 Choir 11, 12. CARL WEBBER KING Student Council 11, 12, Executive Council Il, 125 Key Club 11, 12, Vice-President 125 Beta Club 11, 125 Audio-Visual Club 11, 125 Latin Club 105 Engineers Club 11, 125 Hi-Y Club 105 Orientation Committee 10, 11, 125 Junior-Senior Prom COmmittee5 Homeroom Vice-President 10, President 115 Senior Class Vice-Presidentg Cross- Country Team 10, 11, 12, Co-Captain 11, 125 Track 10, 11, 125 Block "E" Club 10, 11, 125 National Merit Semi-Finalist5 Senior Superlative . . . Best Personality. 1, f , V 5- .. nb! fl F , jf' ,f ' 4 Q - gtg .F-,3--.gfa . , ,. Wav 1-4 . I 4 I Yf,:'ffgfoR fs I' ' f ww , 'am 1,5 ' ' V K' .I 'gtg ' I ,RA. -'-- A 1.15.1-' 5' 5 ' gy, ' .. , "twat ' ! fm. r fx -I 05 nv 1 ,QC f- 1 7 G f f V. "wr K. . , "AM 1 'M ' ,F FY we 4 .""" N V1 I War E, 1'..f'."" I 2 2 ,O K ,VA4 , I? ,Ax ,,-, , :,A , ij, A ,im .I I F Ai sl is ' lm.-.L 'A aww ev! 1n,,.a ul 4 O .. . ,ap ft. I L 1: I '..x-, iiqgwuw 5 V ' I ' O S NIUR '62 DOUGLAS RAY KING 1'1ifY Club 109 Motor Club 11. GLINDA KIRKPATRICK Y-Teens 10. 119 Folk Dancing Club 109 Library Club 119 Audio-Visual Club 119 Library Club 12. PATRICIA KIRKPATRICK JACKSON STAIHEY KISER Motor Club 109 Science Club 109 Footlighters Club 119 Bus Driver 11. CARL WILLIAM KISSIAH, JR. Musicians Club 10, 11, 12, President 129 Stu- dent Council 129 Quill and Scroll ll, 129 Arts and Crafts Club 109 Advertising Editor of Eagle 129 Editorial Staff of Eagle 129 Editorial Staff of Eyric 10, 11, 129 Senior Superlativc . . . VVittiest9 Orien- tation Committee ll, 12. CHRISTOPHER KOSZEWSKI Latin Club 10, 119 Engineers Club 129 Orientation Committee 119 Homeroom Treasurer 129 Track 102 Football 11. JOHN EAGAN LAKE, JR. Audio-Visual Club 10, 11, 129 Science Club 109 Photography Club 119 CroSsfCOuntry Team 109 Track ll. GEORGE PATRICK LAWRENCE French Club 109 Chess Club 10: Audio-Visual Club 10, 11, 129 Science Club 119 Engineers Club 12, Secretary 129 Business Staff of EAST WIND 129 Bowling League 12. ANGIE LAZARIDES Business Staff of EAST WIND 129 Folk Dancing Club 119 S.O.L. Club 10. JANICE BIVENS 1.,E1N'I1N1OND Beta Club 11, 12, Vice-President 129 National Honor Society 11, 12, Treasurer 129 Art Club 10, 11, Secretary 119 S.O.L, Club 11Q Orientation Committee 10, 11, 129 Junior-Senior Prom Com- Initteeg Business Staff of EAST VVIND 119 Editorial Staff of EAST XVIND 12, Literary Editor 12: 1-1ome- room Guidance Chairman 10, Secretary ll, Treas- urer 129 National Merit Semi-Finalist9 French Club 10, ll. lV1AR1ON PATSY LEMMOND S.O.L. Club 109 Folk Dancing Club 119 Choir 11. TICE NICHOLS LEONARD, JR. ,Xrt Club 109 lli-Y Club 11, 12, Chaplain ll, 129 Science Club 12g Debate Club ll, 129 Novice De- bate Team ll: Orientation Committee 119 Junior- Scnior Prom Committee9 Choir 129 Track 10. BARBARA ELAINE LILLY Y-Teens 109 S.O.L. Club 10, 11, Vice-President 119 Office Assistant 12. LINDA JEAN LILLY Sturlent Council 11, Executive Council 119 Mar- shal 11, 129 F.1l.L.A. 129 Office Assistant 129 lleta Club ll, 129 Spanish Club 119 S.O.L. Club 10, 11, Secretary 11. BRENDA JOYCE LINKER Y-Teens 10? Folk Dancing Club 119 Junior Red Cross 119 G.A.A. 119 Bus Driver 11, 12. 11 1 I I l 1 1 i 1 1 1 "Boy, Oli boy, senior rings at last!" says chairman of tlze Ring Committee, Gloria Hutchison. Smiling in placid agreement are committee members Pat Lawrence, Martin 5 Dulin, Glinda Trull, and Linda Bates. H, 5 ' .. ii. ' 1 fl ' CAROLY'N JEAN LINKER lX4ARY DALE LOVVE F,R.L,A. 121 Folk Dancing Club 11, Spanish Club 10: Footlighters Club 11, 123 Debate Club 115 Art Club 12g Quill and Scroll 11, 123 Business Stuff of ILAsT VVIND 10, 11: llomeroom Secretary 105 Euglu Business Stuff 11, 12. MAROLYN lANE IjINK?R WILLIAM FRANCIS LOWRY 1'Teem lO'L1b'Z"1'U"" lm Key Club 10, 11, 12, Treasurer 125 Beta Club 11, 12, Parliamentarian 125 Debate Club 11g Hi-Y Club 10: Vice President of Sophomore Classg President of Junior and Senior Classesg Homeroom President'10q Student Council 10, 11, 12, Parliamentarian 123 Orientation 'Comrnittee 11, 123 Junior-Senior Prom Committeeg American Field Service Iimnlistg Iumor TERRY DEAN LINKER Rotariang Senior Superlative . . . Best All 'Roundg Mr. EAST WIND. Photography Club 105 Motor Club llg S.O.ls. Club 115 llus Driver 11, 12. I RICHARD ALAN MACCLARY 1 1 DOUGLAS 1V1ARSHALL LITTLE Audio-Visual Club 10, 11, 125 Pliotogrgipliy Club 10, 113 Junior Red CFUSS 12s Football 10g Cross-Country 10. 1 ROBERT WARREN LONON, IR. Beta Club 11g Debate Club 11, Vice-President 11g Niitionail Honor Society 11. 125 Marshal 11, 125 Bus Driver 123 Senior Supl-rliilive . . . Best Student. lv .R , ' , ls , ribs- 1 .,'Q'w" ,Q r Q A f I O 955 , , 1 qw. lfiiiduv .5 G .sl A W we F , , I ' "1 'QQ' rr I I I ..r.., Spanish Club 115 Hi-Y Club 105 Bus Driver 11, 125 Choir 125 Basketball 10. MARY VIRGINIA MARINO F.H.A. 12g Junior Red Cross 125 Girls' Ensemble 11. BRENDA CAROL 1b'1ARTIN Art Club Io: choir iz. 1 ag ' Y, :Ti ",' ,, ev gg 1- I 9'9" "?'72'Zt"' . 'il u ' - . ' , . . - " ' " ,.' I-5 In v. ' - I ' A , 'Z 'gl 2 H L , -fr-. I, lj' ' I - ,La ' .',,' on Q g'Kv", IUDITH ELIZABETH MARTIN Beta Club 125 Quill and Scroll ll, 125 Student Council 11, 125 Foot- lighters Club 10, 11, 12, Treasurer 10, Vice-President 125 Homeroom Secretary 10, President 115 Business Staff of EAST WIND ll, 12, Assistant Business Manager 11, Business Manager 125 Orientation Com- mittee 11, 12. SANDRA PAYE MARTIN Entered 19615 Office Assistant 12. BRENDA ELIZABETH MAYNARD Spanish Club 11, 12, Treasurer 125 F.T.A. 11, 12, Secretary 125 S.O.L. Club 105 Audi -V" 1 C1 - ' O Isua ub 10, Junior Red Cross 10, 11, 12, Treasurer ll, President 125 Student Council 125 Business Staff of EAST WIND 11, 125 Orientation Committee 125 Junior-Senior Prom Committeeg Home- gorg Secretary 115 Senior Superlative . . . Most Courteousg Beta u 12. NANCY ELIZABETH MCFADDEN Y-Teens 105 Folk Dancing Club 115 Junior Red Cross 10, 11, 12. SANDRA JEAN MOKISSIOK Musicians Club 105 Folk Dancing Club 115 Footlighters Club 125 Student Council 115 Homeroom Secretary 10, Vice-President 11- Business Staff of EAST WIND ll, 125 Iunior'SeniOr Prom Committeeg Cheerleaders Club 12, Treasurer 125 Cheerleader 12. "Well, I knofw they're here somewhere smiles chairman of the Program Committee, Carol Stuart, as she, Ioan Wood, and Susan Stennett search frantically through Mrs East's unorganized file cabinet for Baccal- laureate programs. LESLIE IUDITH MILLER Latin Club 11, 125 Art Club 105 Editorial Staff of EAST WIND 12, Art Editor 12. WILLIAM BOONE R. MITCHELL Hi-Y Club 115 Folk Dancing Club 115 Cross'Country Team 11, 125 Track 10, 12, DONNA CAROL MOODY Y-Teens 105 Musicians Club 115 Iunior Red Cross 11. JOAN CHERYL MOON Y-Teens 105 Folk Dancing Club 115 F.H.A. 125 11 12 I Junior Red Cross 10, DAVID WILLIAM MOORE Musicians Club 10, 125 Motor Club 10, 115 Hi-Y Club 11, 12. vs,- .Law 'iv 'lu 'fi f ., .. , V -4 ' ' as lt '.. ,E A'-2 1 -'Nh my 4,t...,:' 'Q ..,.A A , , A O f"I , mwuflwrfiyl 1' -1 , ,VA I SIWIURS '62 ' I I . 3, 1 JAY C. lVlOORE if Motor Club 115 Bus Driver 11. A 'A f if , I .a . T 1 I JOE GORDON lV1OORE Science Club 11: Block "E" Club 10: Homeronm A, ' ' -f 0 125 Track 10, Treasurer 10, Cross Country 1 , 11, 12. THELMA LUCRETIA lX'1OORE French Club 115 Art Club 125 Junior Red Cross 125 F.B.L.A. 12. Y-Teens 105 VIVIAN FRANCES lx1OSLEY S.O.L. Club 105 Folk Dancing Club ll. BETTY RUTH lV1ULLIS Spanish Club 105 S.O.L. Club 115 Homeroom Vice- President 12. JA1N1ES CLARE lVlULLIS Motor Club 10, 11: Bus Driver 11, 12. LINDA ANN lXflULLIS Y-Teens 10: Library Club 12, Vice-President 125 Homeroom Secretary 10. JERRY LEE lV1URCHISON Library Club 115 Baseball Manager 11. NANCY CAROLINE NELSON Footlightlers Club 105 French Club 115 Beta Club 115 Orientation Committee 115 Homeroom Guid- ance Chairman 115 Choir 11. JAMES FRANKLIN OAKLEY Motor Club 11. LINDA MARIE OWEN Spanish Club 12. JERRY WAYNE OSBORNE EEA. 10, 11, 12. SYLVIA JEAN ORR F.H.A. 10, ll, 12, Treasurer 125 Art Club ll, 'grlexasgirer 125 Footlighters Club 125 F.B.1..A. 1. . . 11. 12, 125 PEGGY JOYCE PADGETT Y-Teens 105 Folk Dancing Club 115 Footlighters Club 125 Homeroom Secretary 125 Choir 125 Girls' Ensemble 11. ROBERT KRUSE PARKIXIAN Motor Club 11, 12, Vice President 12: Folk Danc mg Club 115 Choir 12: Football 105 Track 10. , . . EVN, Wadi, '..,nLV ,fn-M , -, 4 , ,A 4, , 4. .4-' . . A -3. Wap-A A Ez, f O , A , 5. we Jo 5 v .,., A -, ' I A wg " if, . ' A msn, A PO '-O V- Q H. , .'f 4 .if .4 'V :,:ig1f', 1 aff " . xv I JA fe if A , AIR 1 f' CJ fi x I V K' Q... ,, 52+ WB '32 ri.. f sv.: 4' W, ' ' ' O if 'iff ' J 1. 'Im ws. 1 ts 'ff' 4 :lf"""h ,D 2011 ,. We 'lt F y. ., .A f tal, ., '1 I 12771 Qt 1 G O :uf ., . ,tv iw 1 :,: ' 1 -. I 12, . e-,W "'f. I ' , f- may L gp'- I 1 O 1 Sl-'NIUR '62 lAlX1ES LEIGH PEGRAB1 Library Club 10, ll. REGINA lX'1ARQUES PEIXOTO National Honor Society 125 Beta Club 125 Student Council 12, Executive Council 125 Footlighters Club 125 Bowling League 125 Foreign Exchange Student. ROBERT SPRINGS PHARR Nlusieians Club 10. 11, 125 Motor Club 10, 115 .Xutlio-Visual Club 10, 11, 125 Bus Driver 10, 11, 12: Track 10, ll. FRANCES CA I'LE PHIEER Y-Teens 10, 115 S.O.L. Club 115 Folk Dancing Club 10, 115 Business Staff of EAST VVIND 10, 11. LYNNE PHILIPP Beta Club 10, 11, 12, President 125 Marshal ll, 12: Quill and Scroll ll, 125 French Club 10, 115 Orientation Committee 10, 11, 125 Junior-Senior Prom Committee: Student Council 125 C.A.A. 105 Editorial Staff of EAST XVIND 10, ll, 12, Sopho- more Class Editor 10, Feature Editor 11, 125 llomeroom Secretary 10, Vice President 11. EDWARD EARL PHILLIPS Photography Club 11. SANDRA lV1ADELINE PICKETT F.1l.A. 11, 12, Secretary 125 C.A..'X, ll, 12, Re- cording Secretary 125 Y-Teens 11, 12, President 125 Student Council 125 Business Staff of EAST XVIND 125 Orientation Committee 11, 125 Bowling League 12. JERRY lh'1ICHAEL PIERCE Folk Dancing Club 10, 115 1-li-Y Club 11, Ser- gt-:Int at Arms 115 Homeroom Treasurer 105 Block "E" Club 11, 12, President 125 Student Council 10 11 12 125 Football 10, 11, 125 Baseball 5 Choir 10, 11, 125 Senior Superlative . . . Xthletic. BOBBIE ANN POOL Beta Club 10, ll, 125 French Club 10, ll lblosi 12' : -v S.O.L. Club 105 C.A.A. 105 Debate Club ll, SecretaryfTreasurcr 11: Student Council 10, 1 1512, Eicecutive Council 125 llomeroom President 10, ll, Vice-President 125 Junior-Senior Prom Com- mittee: Orientation Committee 11, 125 Choir 115 Cheerleader 11, 12. Head Cheerleader 125 Home- coming Queen 12: Senior Superlarive . . . Best School Spirit. HOWARD BOYCE PURSER Ar's and Crafts Club 10. 11. Secretary 10, 115 Hi-Y Club 105 Motor Club 115 Homeroom Treas- urer 10: Cross Country 105 Swimming Team 12, Co-Captain 12. ELIZABETH ANN RAMSEY Beta Club 10, 11, 125 French Club 10, ll, Vice- Presitlent 11: Debate Club 11, 12, President 125 C.A.A. 105 Quill and Scroll 11, 12, Treasurer 125 Homeroom Guidance Chairman 10, President 115 Student Council 11. 12, Executive Council 125 Elitorial Staff of EAST VVIND 11, junior Class Eflitor 115 Orientation Committee 10, 11, 125 Junior-Senior Prom Commitfeez Senior Class Robe Committee Chairmam National Merit Semi-Finalist 12, ANNE PAGE RATTERREE S.O.L. Club 105 G.A.A. 10, 11, 125 F.T.A. 115 junior Red Cross 115 Bus Driver 11, 12. ADALBERT GUSTAV RAWALD Spanish Club 105 Engineers Club 125 Hi-Y Club 105 Audio-Visual Club 11, 125 Footlighters Club 125 Homeroom Vice-President 125 Orientation Com- mittee 115 Iunior Senior Prom Committee: Block "E" Club ll, 125 Football 10, 11, 125 Track 11. REBECCA INEZ REEDER S.O.L. Club 105 Folk Dancing Club 115 D.E, Club 11, 12, VicefPresident 12. EVE BARBARA RENNE Y-Teens 105 Spanish Club 115 Footlighters Club 125 G.A.A. 11, 12. President of East's Student Council, Clfzuck Barton, gaily calls an emergency session of the council to order at the Senior Class ban- quet lyy snapping lzis garter. Ted Edwards and Carl King are acting as sergeants-at-arms. CAROLYN REVELS F.T.A. 10, ll, 129 C.A.A. 10, 11, 12, Secretary 1 Spanish Club ll. RICHARD DARNELI. REYNOLDS Chess Club 10? Photography Club 11. 1-IAYDEN PUCKETT ROBERTS Motor Club 11, 12, President 129 Stu Bus Driver 10, 11, 12. Radio Club 10Q LOIS CANTRELL ROBBINS Y-Teens IOQ Folk Dancing Club ll. JUDITH CAROL ROBINSON G.A.A. 10, 11, 129 S.O.L. Club 109 Folk Dancing Staff of EAST WIND 12. Club 11p Business .wg ., 6, - ,Simi-21 ,,'aaw"'aV 4,,, ,, fngf, ' ' 5 M' naar' L Wfwy .9412 fl 95 'lf 1. W :QQQQ 5!l24,3l. 5? iigfffvg -, I fifth 1 hifi' I mf, fifiafgk 4. A 3451.5 l A 1021: NANCY GAY ROBINSON S.O.L. Club IOQ Y-Teens 119 F.B.1..A. 129 17.1-1.A. Cross 10, 11. 1, Treasurer 129 129 Junior Red VICKIE LEE ROBINSON Y-Teens 105 Library Club 12. JIMMY STEWART ROGERS 1lifY Club 109 Arts and Crafts Club 10, Treasurer 119 D.E. Club 12. dent Council 129 10: Radio Club DWIGHT MOODY ROSS Motor Club 109 Folk Dancing Club 119 Baseball 10. JUDY SUSAN RUBIN Entered 1961Q Footlighters Club 125 F.T.A. 129 Junior Red Cross 12. 19:-,J aku.. vga! 'We ,-,sa 5092- , 3 33: 55. LINDA KAY RUSHING 10, 115 Quill and Scroll ll, 125 Business Staff of 11, 12, Assistant Business Manager 115 Homeroom Treasurer 125 Girls' State 125 JuniorfSenior Prom Footlightcrs Club EAST XVIND 10, Vice President ll, Committee. LINDA RUSSELL DL. Club 11, 125 mt Dancing Club II. WILLIAM LARRY RUSSELL Science Club 105 Hi-Y Club 115 Motor Club 12. PAT ANN SASSER F.11.IX. 105 Y-Teens 115 Folk Dancing Club 12. qilef. MARTIN FREDRICK SCHILLER Hi-Y Club 105 Nlotor Club 11. DAVID SAINIUEL SCHWARZ Library Club 10, 11, Reporter 11. CHRISTINA ANN SERICSTAD Y-Teens 105 Latin Club 11, 125 F.T.A. 125 junior Red Cross 10, 1 G.A.A. 11, 12. WILLIAM WAYNE SERRETT "Boy, l'll say!" Kathy YHTbT014gZ'L, Nancy Horner, Sandra Belk, and lane Horner per- form the "can-can" at the Senior Class Ban- 9. --1 Entered 19605 Folk Dancing Club 115 Homeroom President 125 Student Council 125 Football 11, 125 Track 11, 125 Basketball 125 Beta Club 12. SIIERYL ANN SCARBROUGH Beta Club 125 Y-Teens 105 G.A.A, 10, 115 Folk Dancing Club 115 'Vlusicians Club ll 125 Student Council 115 Homeroom Secretary 11, MARGARET SANDRA SHUMAKER F.H.A. 105 Y-Teens 115 Junior Red Cross 11. Treasurer 125 Business Staff of EAST WIND 125 Girls' State 12. nk' lik 23 'QI7' +I. A50 " I elm I" 5, 5 -A. arf' """V f ' A fm Az 553 . I ' I ' 4 f v f A, A W, V V 1-f, , Ig. , Lf, .V C 1. l I I I 1 I I 1 1 .J x S N 0k '62 Y 9 Q ROBERT EUGENE SIDES . "wa Hi-Y Club 105 Folk Dancing Club 115 Homeroom 3' I President ll, Secretary 105 Student Council 115 -...V z -X Block "E" Club 10, 11, 125 Baseball 10, 11, 125 ' , Football 10, 11, 125 Basketball 10, 11, 12. , , Q filo KAY ELLEN SISKRON G.A.A. 10, ll, 125 F.T.A. 10, 115 Folk Dancing Club 115 Senior Superlative . . . Most Energetic. BARBARA ANN SLAVEN I Y-Teens 105 G.A.A. 10: Folk Dancing Club 115 F.B.L.A. 125 Office Assistant 125 Homeroom President 125 Student Council 12. i BILLY WAYNE SMITH ""' Hi-Y Club 105 Footlighters Club 10, 11, 12, Presi- dent 12 Student Council 125 junior Carolina Play- makers Summer Scholarship 115 Homeroom Presi- dent 125 Orientation Committee 11. STEVE BROWN SMITH Motor Club 105 Musicians Club 11. WILLIAM PAUL SMITH lll Photography Club 10, 11, 12, Vice President ll, President 125 AudiofVisual Club 11, 12, Treasurer 125 Student Council 125 Editorial Staff of EAST WIND 11, 12, Photographer 11, 125 Editorial Staff of Eagle 11, 12, Photographer 11, 12. EARL EMMETT SPRINGER lll Motor Club 10, 115 Folk Dancing Club 11. ROBERT ALTON STACK Spanish Club 10, 11, 125 Red Cross Club 125 Bowling League 12, President 12. FRED ERNEST STALLWORTH Latin Club 105 joumalism Club 115 Orientation Committee 1 15 Homeroom Vice-President 1 15 Bas- ketball 10, 11, 12. MARY BELLE STANCIL Library Club 10, 11, 12. RALPH PATRICK STANLEY GERRALD AUNDRE STANSELL Folk Dancing Club 115 Art Club 10, 11, President 115 Student Council 11, 125 Senior Class Secre- tary5 Homeroom Treasurer 105 Orientation Com- mittee 11, 125 Junior Senior Prom Committee5 Bus Driver ll, 125 Senior Superlative . . . Most Cour- teous. MARTHA SUSAN STENNETT F.T.A. 105 G.A.A. 105 Musicians Club ll, 125 Spanish Club 115 Footlighters Club 125 Homeroom Vice President 10, Treasurer 115 Iunior-Senior Prom Commit'ee5 Business Staff of EAST WIND 11, 125 Girls' Ensemble 105 Choir 11, 12, Treasurer 125 Cheerleader 125 Cheerleaders Club 125 Senior Superlative . . . Friendliest. REBA GALE STILWELL Y-Teens 105 F.B.L.A. 115 Bus Driver 12. MARTHA CAROL STUART Beta Club 125 French Club 105 F.T.A. 10, 11, 12, Historian 11, President 125 Folk Dancing Club 115 Quill and Scroll 11, 125 Business Staff of EAST WIND 11, 125 Student Council 125 Iunior'Senior Prom Committee5 Bowling League 125 Choir ll, 12. .f 4' V 7 0, ,aaa wr 1 at f vs 9 Y 7 2' jp, ,REM 4 1 ,fl if be 5 1 . 235, 9 ' 1 2 45 ww 'Q' gfww.. , is , 'No' rigs" vo A L- 45? i 42 X K I rp g v, dh' ' ' yi Y A ZH: 1 A C' 1- 'Z Y 1 C, V, 1 5 2 A? - 1 ' O r 11723 ,gn . wa. .5 I'- ll , C 486' 'QA ' O 92 KW x A gt xi is x af 1- 'dl has fiix C .Lx ICQ 'dv' ,Xl 'E'f""' A 'WO as,- K 'Y Q Q' S NIDR ' BETTINA ROSE TARLTON Photography Club 105 D. E. Club 11, 12, Historian and Parliamentarian ll, First Vice-President 12. BEVERLY SUE TAYLOR Y-Teens 10: F.H.A. 115 S.O.L. Club 105 Library Club 115 F.B.L.A. 115 Business Staff of EAST WIND 10, 115 Homeroom Treasurer 11. CAROL ELAINE TAYLOR 1-.H.A. 10, 11, 12, Vice-President ll, President 125 Suclent Council 125 F.B.L.A. 125 Folk Dancing Club 115 Junior Red Cross 10, 115 Orientation Committee ll. DIANNE THOMPSON S.O.L. Club 105 Y-Teens 10, 115 D.E. Club 12. LYNN EVELYN THOMPSON Folk Dancing Club 115 Musicians Club 105 Choir 11. AIXTY LYDIA THORNTON Art Club 105 Y-Teens 115 junior Red Cross 11, 12, Treasurer 125 Bus Driver 11, 12. BENTON CECIL THREADGILL Motor Club 115 Photography Club 11. CAROLYN ELEANOR TICKLE Y-Teens 10, Sergeant-at-Arms 105 G.A.A. 10, 115 Musicians Club 11, 12, Secretary 125 Folk Dancing Club 115 Business Staff of EAST VVIND 125 Home- room Treasurer 125 One-Hundred Dollar Club 12. H ARRIET RACHEL TODD Y-Teens 10: Musicians Club 115 Folk Dancing Club 115 F.B.L.A. 12: Business Staff of EAST VVIND 125 One-Hundred Dollar Club 12. MICHAEL ALAN TODD Radio Club 11, 125 Iunior Red Cross 105 Home- ronm President 125 Student Council 125 Business Staff of EAST VVIND 125 Track 11, 125 Cross- Country 12. HENRY STEPHEN TRAMMELL Entered 19615 Block "E" Club 125 Football 125 Baseball 12. FRANKIE PENELOPE TRUCKLEY Fooilighters Club 10, 115 Library Club 11, 125 Homeroom Secretary 12. GLINDA DIANE TRULL Beta Club 10, 11, 12, Secretary 125 Marshal 11, 125 F.T.A, 105 Library Club 10, 11, VicefPresident 115 Orientation Committee 12. JUDY MAY TUCKER F.H.A. 10, 115 F.B.L.A. 11. WILLIALI FRANKLIN TUOKER Arts and Crafts Club 11. 'M 1 l J I ' Assisted by Larry Hewitt, chairman of the Gift Committee, Social Committee members jane Horner, Beverly Hinkle, Linda Culler, lean Orr, chairman Marianne Bell, and Steve Kaleel, think of ideas for the Senior Class' first annual banquet. DORIS JEAN TURNER Y-Teens 105 F.H.A. 11. JOYCE ANN TURNER Beta Club ll, 12, President 125 National Honor Society 11, 125 Marshal 11, 125 Latin Club 10, 11, 125 Latin Award 105 Quill and Scroll 11, 125 Junior Red Cross 105 F.T.A. 115 Debate Club 125 Business Staff of Eagle 10, ll, 125 Student Council 125 Orientation Committee 50, 11, 125 Steering Committee 11, 125 junior-Senior Prom Committee5 'Ioir 12. NANCY LOUISE TURNER Folk Dancing Club 11. JAMES ROBERT VALTR Photography Club 105 Musicians Club ll. ROBERT GORDON WALLACE in SYLVIA JO WAYNICK D.F.. Club 11, 125 Folk Dancing Club 11. SARAH LEE WILLARD Yffeens 105 G.A.A. 11, 125 Folk Dancing Club 115 Footlighters Club 125 Homeroom Secretary 125 Choir 12. DARLENE ELIZABETH WILLIAMS F.H.A. 105 Folk Dancing Club 115 D.E, Club 12. MILDRED JANE WILLIAMS National Honor Society ll, 125 Marshal 11, 125 Student Council 11, 12, Executive Council 125 Library Club 10, 11, President 115 Latin Club 125 Editorial Staff of EAST WIND 12, Club Editor 125 Orientation Committee 11, 125 Homeroom Vice-President 12. SYLVIA KAY WILLIAMS Y-Teens 10. rm- YE L., 2 , 'T' 1 E D 1 it 1 1 , ,,.,5.y5 1 V 1: ff 5 A A 5 is.- A A Y ll ' C' ' . gb' ' U fiat' hw W ' ,., V . , Qi i, L. A -E V .',. if VW '1nrm1i"i 'ns ' 'ft , 2 f .I 9 H, I Us ACE, L N ,, 'N ft. A . ' N i ' ' - 1 l I E I , 1 V I I Gina Peixoto, our foreign exchange student from Brazil, looks at letters that have been written to last year's foreign exchange stu- dents. VIVIAN MARIE WILLIAMS BENJAIVIIN FRANKLIN WYANT 111 YfTeens 105 E.B.L.A. ll, 12, Vice-President 125 Choir 12. Motor Club 10, 115 Choir 115 Bus Driver 10, 11. MARTHA SUE WILLIS S.O.L. Club 105 Folk Dancing Club 115 F.B.L.A. 12. LYNDA IOAN WILSON Beta Club 11, 12, Treasurer 125 National Honor Society ll, 125 Marshal 11, 125 Quill and Scroll ll, 125 F.T.A. 125 Latin Club 10, 115 Business Staff of Eagle 10, ll, 125 Editorial Staff of EAST WIND 12, Faculty Editor 125 IuniorfSenior Prom Committee5 Orientation Committee 10, 11, 12, Steering Committee 11, 125 Homeroom Vice-President 10, 11, President 125 Senior Class Treasurer5 Student Council 12. BECKY WYNNE SARAH KATHRYN YARBROUGH Art Club 10, 11, 12, Treasurer 125 F.T.A. 105 Ioumalism Club ll, Treasurer 115 Homeroom Secretary 10, 115 Business Staff of EAST WIND 10, 115 Business Staff of Eagle 12. MARTHA ELIZABETH YOUNG E.T.A. 105 C.A.A. 10, 115 Folk Dancing Club 115 Eootlighters Club JOAN VIOLET WOOD 125 Office Assistant 125 Homeroom Treasurer 10, Vice-President 125 Entered 19615 Choir 125 Musicians Club 12. Girls' Ensemble 115 Choir 12. A: .,e5 HG! 2' we wwf o E O 4 if 5 o F 9 lf Z? 4g .mium....-m..., Q , .. ,, 5? j ,.,. .Dt , X' 'N"f'Ef7? 1. . .gli loving emorg 0 JAMES MELVIN MCCORKLE, JUNIOR Born: May 4, 1944 Died: March 16, 1960 By the CLASS OF 1962 fi 1 u,,g nnualuill 'i'17?:za1ff1cepnnnwW 1 -'I' UN R CUISS UI-'FICE BOBBY FYHREATT . i President September, 1961 . . . homeroom Orientation represen- KEN THQRNTON p ViCe-Pre5ff1e,1f tatives . . . old friends . . . new classes . . . clubs . . . JUDY RAMSEY Secretary Cliristmas families . . . mid-term exams . Z . prom com- Q D mittee meetings . , . Honor Society inductions . . . mar- LARAH URTON ATVQHSWW shals . . . plays . . . National Merit . . . Mrs. Grose and Mus. CZROSE , Advzser Edgar Allan Poe . . . Final exams. lllll DR First Bow William E. Abernathy, Jr Cloria lane Adams Carlton Culp Alexander Iulian Vann Alexander Margaret S. Alexander Jane Allen Rebecca Allen Second Row Peter Marshall Allen Harvey Paul Alper Kenneth Walton Altizer Lynda Carol Anderson Neill Mackintosh Andrew Iohn David Anthony Alvin D. Austin Third Row Dwight Ramsey Austin Patricia Austin Sherry Jean Austin Linda Marie Auten Rebecca Wylene Bagley Boss Stephen Bagully Ervin Wayne Baker Fourth Bow Carolyn Ursula Balch Ceorge Cordon Barrett Christine Anne Barto Barbara Jewel Bates Pryor Hamlin Batte Beverly Lynn Baucom james Billy Beam 'ul ,J "ff VP' fy' af' 'j il 'n A V: 6 f ,,.r2Q" 2-f",f-, . 'Eff .y, , ' .mi 15 ,, mf- Q- - A 39 r 5 2 A , I ,X 4 , 4 4,1 XZMQ. ga v 2. 1 fi U. Z- Z I I: ,V ji ri -if ' 1474 V 5- ' - 4, .. . . iz, '7 I' -. gypsy gum? "' in ' "' fqgrg-, A 2 we A 1 f ' 2-fn, fefurt . . . . in A, 5.3, V, , ' G Z 2 Q, ' 1' ,' . -F f f W sy Q V 0 M- - , M .. These cheerful junior and senior students in Miss Almonds dramatics class have no trouble improvisirzg a Scene with' out props. 1 V fma ff fm ""m.,.., - 'Y 1 L. 'Vit' f 'T J: , ' , if 4 E, r in Il' iz, Qy 9 in 5, A P x 1. im i" f 'vpv 'Y' . Wgwxg i f if if t W Irv s 'ilk YA V W -ca, , V17 j Thanks to clever campaigning such as exhibited here, junior Bob Wilson was elected President of the North Carolina Student Council Association. From left to right are Chuck Barton, Bob, Mr. Free, and Charles Griffin. ' I FOR PRESIDENT f1t'i7?' IUNIURS First Row David Murray Beamon Tim Woodrow Belk Billie Ioyce'Benfield Pamela Robinson Bennett Gilbert Earl Black Linda Trull Black Sadie Ann Blevins Second Row Eugene Douglas Bolick Mary Jane Bolton Ernest T. H. Bowen, III Marilyn Elizabeth Bowers Jane Elizabeth Boyd Harry Chatten Boyte Ioseph Russell Breen Third Row Charles Edward Brewer Thomas Peter Bridge Tamara Joy Bringle Thomas Nelson Brown Robert Mack Brunk William Bailey Brunk Timothy Buchanan Fourth Row Kathy Buck Judith Lee Buckner Martha Ann Bullock Stephen Merritt Burns Iuanita Ann Burr Sara Ann Butler Victoria Elizabeth Byrd ki- 1 .IUIIIDRS First Row Howard Michael Byrum Robert Lee Caddell, III John William Cain Judy Carolyn Caldwell Mary Jacqueline Caldwell Nancy Anne Caldwell Harriet Rae Campbell Second Row Sylvia Alice Canup Kenneth Stephen Cardell Brenda Gail Carpenter Patricia Ann Carriker Philip Russell Chadwick Brenda Kay Childers Charles Lee Childress Third Row Judith Lynne Chipley Wanda Jean Christenbury Frank Mearl Cline, Jr. Judy Gail Clontz John Thomas Clower Karen Marie Coaker Nancy Ann Cochran Fourth Row Patsy Lynnette Cochrane Peyton Harrison Colbert Norma Jean Connell Shirley Jean Conyers Mary Linda Cooke William A. Cook Grady Edward Cooper M Mun.. i A t "" ,D Y V", P' V I Junior history students under the instruction of Mrs. Gray are busily digging for information on the Constitu- tion. "Nb, T. ,. lx. 1 'inn at W I I ,K W .5 9, , . , ,, 'Ji '49 4 '9 1 1 ,N ,J "" 5 "' 'Fw 3 - 4- l9f""'-. " vs, 6'A gag UR 5, Q fifty If . .. . .. X fwfr ,I I gg 3 , .Ac 3 3 -' l The new water coolers at East provide a "between class refreshment" for students and are the most popular characteristics of the school. .IIINIDRS First Row Peggy Sue Corbett Pat Cail Cornell Norman David Cotter Harold N. Cousar Mildred Dianne Crawford Boyd Lee Cribb Dorothy jane Crowder Second Bow Candace Crumly Bay ,lohn Crump Judith Diane Crump jerry Austin Culler Miriam Ruth Cunningham Hurley Benton Curlee Carl Raiford Cuthbertson 'fn 1: 1. he 4 fa 4 W 601 MA. Third Bow Paul Crady Cuthbertson Frances Carol Dagenhart Patty Fletcher Daniel Perry Andrew Davis Boy Wilson Davis Roger Wallace Dawson lanice Ann Day Fourth Bow Aaron Eugene Deese Patricia Marie Delsaney Arthur Michael Denton Paula Marie Deremer Maria Alexis Deviney Sammy Boyd Dixon Lorraine Elizabeth Doherty ,L I1 .F-. 5 i IUNIDRS' First Row Peter Driscoll Donahue Sarah Louise Dorton Robert Owen Doster James William Dotson John Edward Dowd Michael Wayne Dula Judy Ellen Dulin Second Row Melba Jaldena Dulin Ruby Lee Dulin Larry Douglas Duncan Walter Iackson Dunn Angela Duty Patricia Cayle Earp Karen Elaine Eason Third Row Cathy Diane Edwards joseph Worth Edwards, Ilr. Charles David Elliott Martha Lee Elliott James Franklin Ellis Roy Tilton Ellis, Ill Curtis Wade Elmore Fourth Row Barbara Cene England Betty Lee England Wilna Lorene Eury Kenneth Rommie Evans Sharon Elizabeth Fink Jackie Ann Fisher Anna Ruth Flatt 1 Ifnst's art department has become qt te s ton a denced by tlzese erztlzusiastic young tsts , www., 1 -v-uw 1 .f ' in wx -gc in I' YW . I W at lt...l 'f m, 'ff 'Q- K' L -1 1 Q ig. M A 1 A lbs If IIINIDRS First Row Barbara jean Fleenor Marilyn Irene Fletcher Patricia Dianne Foard Dickie Forbis june Sybil Fortess joseph Edwin Fort Virginia Rose Foster Second Row joseph Watkins Freeland Mack Genning Freeman joseph Leo Funderburke Toby Funderburk Wynelle L. Funderburk David Levi Furr Miriam Martin Furr if Third Row jan Camilla Galloway Robert Arnold Gay Thomas Creed Gilley Sue Glassgow Probert joseph Girard, jr. Richard Steward Gordon Vickie Ann Gray Fourth Row Bruce Wayne Grayson judy Grayson Helen Eileen Greenwood Miriam Agnes Grier Nancy Hudson Grier Charles Richard Griffin Lana Kaye Griffin .IUIIIURS First Row Robert Marshall Griffin Diane Lee Grotophorst Iohn Alva Guy Linda Jean Hager Wanda Gail Hager Indy Elizabeth Hagler Boyd F. Haigler Second Row Alfred Frank Hall Saundra Ieanette Hallman Karen Ann Hancock Elizabeth Anne Harkey Mary Elizabeth Hartley Charles Hedrick Barbara Ann Helms Third Row Coy Franklin Helms David Kirk Helms Iudy Raye Helms IackieVDianne Helms Mabel Brenda Helms Carter Heyward Brenda Lee Hill Fourth Row Christopher Leslie Hill Mary Louise Hill Virginia Randolph Hill Wanda Louretta Hill Hilda ,lean Hinson Janie Elizabeth Hocutt Betty Jane Hodges LL LLLL .L Q., "f . ,D 'Y' p at R 'V Dx , e 1 Il., L l i Q J' ls l J 'VV 4 1 - i' ., A XM! V R AU' ds WX' , ' V X ' . 1 1 ll 1 ha.. - L41 l Junior English teacher, Miss Kiker, here patiently explains to one of her curious students exactly why many con- h First Bow sider Walt Vlfhitman Arnerica's greatest poet. Carolyn Anita Hogan Jerry Wayne Holladay John Willard Horne Martha Carol Houston Betty Annette Howard Boy Bradley Howard Patsy Jane Howell Second Bow Patsy Sue Howie Robert Ellis Howser Ruth Pamela Hoyle Powell Sigmon Huitt, Jr. Dianne Elizabeth Hundley Barbara Kay Hunnicutt Sandra Kay Hunnicutt is ,.fq... ff it :YP ,Q- ss 1 QL . Y D Third Bow James Thompson Hunter Janice Huntley Donna Lynn Hyland Robert Kenneth Jamison Justin Heyward Jenkins Betty Susan Jerrnan Tony Alton Cox Jetton Fourth'Bow Bay DeForest Johnson Prichard H. Johnson Margaret Ann Johnston Sandra Kay Jolly Lois Christine Jordan Dan C. Jorgensen Frances Lydia Joslin IUIIIURS First Row Shirlee Io King Linda Sue Kiser Mickey Helen Kiser Stewart Kenneth Koepcke Sharon Ann LaPointe Martha Elizabeth Lawing Dan james Lawson Second Row Phillip jackson Lazenby Jeanne Byrne LeGare Jean Hudson Lemmond Linda Elizabeth Leopold Ronnie T. Liles Walter Guy Lineherger Delores Ann Lingerfelt is. I1 ,J , .A .,.. Third Row - Edna Ann Linker A 4 Helen Carol Little james Hartwell Little Judith Elaine Little I ,ma Arthur Douglas Lloyd if Shirley Marie Long Emily Carol Love 4 V j 'llhufjn gi Fourth Row ' I Amelia Anne Lowe james Eugene Lowery 13116 L1OLliSC Ly1'lCl1 Mr. Swofford holds his trig class "spellbound" as he ex- Ffanqeg Elizabeth Mqclgjn plains to them complex theories of math. Ronnie Earl McGraw Iewel Ann McLaughlin Linda Gail Mann ' s f 'UN H , ' E 2 ffm ., ,,,, gi, E , 'll' ' 1 Q:-1. H , www L . -.. V rift gallh .IUNIDRS First Row Carol Leigh Marks Cheryl Dean Mathews Gene Wiley Matthews Harold I. Matthews Brenda lean Mayes Elizabeth Durand Meleney William Worth Merritt Second Row Billie Margarite Middleton James Lee Miller Robert Brice Miller Carol Ann Mills George Frank Misenheimer Robert Larry Monteith Leonard Robert Moore Third Row Naomi Ruth Moore Carol Louise Morgan Edna Faydeen Mullis Fred Lamar Mullis Helen lean Mullis jerry William Mullis Patricia Gail Mullis Fourth Row Ronald Ray Mullis Sylvia Gale Mullis Lynda Louise Murchison Bobby West Murr Betty Ann Myles Manie Carlotta Napier Richard Wayne Nelson 4- vw It 1 'ss Ll Ill IDRS First Row Robert Delane Nelson Linda Darlene Newell Lillie Ann Newton Armelle Madelaine Novel lane Ashton O'Brien Gary Reid Orr Elizabeth Hane Pace Second Row Betty Jeanne Parker Ronald Edward Patton Anne Marie Peacock john Ray Penick Margo Sue Petern Winston Arnett Phelps CoNette Alice Phillips Third Row Harris Emory Phillips Claudia Mary Pickett Richard A. Pitts, Ir. Catherine Sue Poindexter Janice Louise Pool Mike O. Poovey David Livingston Potter Fourth Row Ross Mills Povey Frankie Price Judith Anne Price Paula Kathleen Propst Irene Elizabeth Quinn Faydean Ramsey Iudy Gail Ramsey 41.1 -f Q-rl X .-...ul ' UN 'Q i s 1. ,, .K 'T' r K . ,Q , I' X 5 . 4 .lst .... L LLL Concentrated study: tlze goal of eaclz student at East fsupposecllyll. LQILLLAL '-wh. in 'ik S if 'nm W 1-1-1- pr-. - -.ivy vm y V, I Q . xlfi ILL IUIIIURS First Row Samuel Murray Rankin Rachel Ann Rea Robert Louis Reaves Francis Marion Redd Phil M. Reid Gayle Elaine Renegar Lynn Carol Rezac Second Row Ronald Charles Richardson Wanda Kay Ridenhour Patricia Ridenhour Barbara lean Ritter loyce Marie Robertson Paula lane Robinson Timothy Robinson Tliirrl Row ,loseph Patterson Roche Ethel Marie Ann Rodden Vicky Lynn Roper Diane Lynn Rumble Elaine Faye Russell Lehn Keith Salisbury Honey Frances E. Saunders Fourth Row Loutricia Gayle Sawyer Shirley Ann Sharpe Richard Lee Shaw Donald Sherrin Janice Ann Shoemaker Ted Shropshire Becky Ann Simpson IUNIURS First Row Iudy Anara Simpson Peggy Ann Simpson Sharon Ann Simpson Vicky Lee Simpson Ronald William Skinner Wade Levan Sloan Carole Ann Sloop Second Row Ford T. Smith Kathy 'Smith Natalie Soos Gary Leo Sowell Robert .O'Neall Speer Sandra Hazel Springs Rita Kaye Stafford Third Row 43 ..:... Melody Ann Stancil Susan Merryl Starer Larry Dayton Starnes Robert Ted Steele W W Carol Diane Stilwell William Theman Stumpf John Southall Sumner Fourth Row Richard Herbert Suther Michael Thomas Swinson Lena Marie Swofford Robert Peabody Taylor julia Dianne Thomas Virginia Ann Thompson Robert Fredrick Thorne as ,T - 1 1.. fi i" H Matt. E I E . ' ,V ,Q .i ' . -'-i"' fi' :ls I 1 , W ff 2 r u+ 5+ t r. Q- , lt , i .,,., 1 f Q F 1 Wy 1 1 11 Q .IUNIDRS First Row Phillip DeWolfe Thorne Kenneth W. Thornton, Ir. Bobby Ralph Threatt Barbara Louise Tice ,lean Ruth Tinsley Gerald Harris Titshaw Eddie V. Tolson Second Row James Franklin Traylor Leland Frazer Troutman Ronald Charles Tucker Meta Louise Turkelson Stephen Henry Wainscott James Floyd Walker ludith Ann Walker 'Il- r L Third Row Betty Ann Wallace Donnis Virginia Watson Ernest Paul Weant Richard Barry Welch Sally Elizabeth Wentz Keith Wentzel Iimmie Harlan VVhite Fourth Row Judy Faye White Nancy Ann VVhite Dannie Whitley Rebecca Ann Whitley Ruby Delores Wilkinson Arthur Haywood Williams Ethel Marilyn Williams vi 17 i l1'Y.L'f5f.',.,4 V. . 1" "?r:Y:,1-f'ief1:1i,,3 , . , ,Jn 42: 21:1 ' .IUIIIDRS First Row Gary Randall Williams Sarah Eleta Williams Shirley Ann Williams Mavis Carol Willoughby Edgar james Wilson Frank Mercer Wilson Loyd David Wilson Second Row Marvin Odell Wilson Robert Owen Wilma Anita Cheryl Winchester Frances Jean Winstead Marye Ann Winstead Donna Louise Woller Brenda Sue Woodard Third Row Mary Elizabeth Woodle Judith Ellen Wright Mary Lee Young Richard Leonidas Young Q gvv 5 an J., , if 4' fm" Why are so many students absent the same day? A coin- cidence? Maybe, but more than likely Mr. Reid's giving a big test. 15.1 I .Wwe N1 Y 4 fwwwwew f K W 2 w ,Yx 9 'X .fl S ga ' Q M 6. 1 Ll PL i qw "ivy SUPIIDMURE CLASS 0l"l-'ICERS Mrss WAYNE . BILL CARR ,.,,A Drcxus THOMAS BARBARA Hurrr MARILYN Lowny . ...Adviser . . A L .President Vice-President , . .Treasurer . . . Secretary September, 1961 . . . Grientation . . . new faces . . . new friends . . . Mardi Gras sockhop . . . those first foot- ball games . . . and those first report cards . . . yo-yos . . . N .E.D.T .... exams . . . basketball games . . . Beta Club inductions . . . julius Caesar . . . sophomore picnic . . . final exams . . . our first year at East. PlIOMORl-'S First Rcrw Russell H. Abernethy Karen Dianne Aikens james Ronnie Aldridge Sherry Ann Alexander Nancy Berthel Allabaugh john Marshall Allen joyce Dale Anderson Karen jean Anderson Brenda joyce Arant Second Row Mary jean Arbogast Ken Edward Armish Linda Carol Arnett Ricky Worth Autry Alicia Sandra Babenco james Harby Bailey Nancy jo Baird jimmy Vance Baker Margaret janette Baker Fifth Row Third Row Martha Ann Baker janie Lou Baldwin james Richard Balentine Patricia Anne Barber Leary Edward Barnette Baron Lynn Bartlett Rebecca Henderson Bass jerry Lynn Baucom judith Diane Baucom Fourth Row Maleta Diane Baucom Vivian Suzanne Beaver john Thomas Belk john Richard Bennett Barbara Ann Benton Samuel Creighton Berry Kenneth Williamson Bigham Suzanne Carol Bingham Sharon Lynn Birmingham Beverly Dean Blanchard Rebecca Lillian Bland -fn if i 7, fn be ,ff :if if aaa ' ,ff U f fa ' TQ! ,, paw I F I 3 l Vvv v aw F' 1 H 35. Malcolm B1-main Blankenship The usual attentiveness and awe are present in world his Stephen. Harper Blankenship tory as Miss Betty Smith leads her class in u discussion 0 IHFY H111 Blanton the imddzes Ages. Frances Yvonne Bone Lydia Ware Botsford Shirley Ann Boyles Martin Luther Brackett s . 4 'T vfs 'I' 4 ,-, f ,,,. A .V , t ms M l 3' gf' rl 1 H its ,pq ',- x -f - M AW .-"' 'N I A, raw 4, , K 5. sn- x , i f Aj: 'JW 18 ge 3 A 'mi R V' l 'M i n ' 'fr 'N fe W 1 f Q ' A at A M A V U I by . U QQ i if fm N aa! 1 A ' l ' ft , K X nu. 4 N if ,, l' a 1 A , N Q E k 'Q V , ,V M it ,-D. 1 ,: 'F LA 1 . I I 1 X. pg ,.-sa.. ,, r , ,gl lam -s t W .. a W fr 052 Ns 'V gm WP' , J.-M i . e 4 .' 5 , as X , , ta- . if I-rt 1 J':.:- R, Q 4 'Q W' or ,Z .x 3, r 4 ly ' 4 W 1 , , l 21, A i 5 welji l tl! 7 "ag Q , F it 1 E 'vw , I F, 4, ,W iliam we te., we 5 Ql"4 rl F -, X L l 3' 4 1. 1 r ry ,3,,f.-V f ,x A 6. W' 9- ' - W.. 1 at in , 2 I r K' I li if 5 l . 1 Ld xl x L..A .f Sophomores will soon experience relationship with an exchange student. Here Charlotte's two South American exchange students are welcomed to America. Holding the banner is East's Betsy Ramsey. The others, left to right, are Tommy Canady, Tommy's "brother," Marcus, East's exchange student, Gina, and Gina's "sister," Mavj' jane Guion. fl 'it -5 '1- 3? '1 is .J if f 1 Z I. kt: if PIIUMURES First Row Sylvia Anita Brackett Richard Lawrence Braswell may Ina Elizabeth Brawley David Burleigh Brewster Iune Ellen Bridgford Douglas Earl Broadway Mariorie Cornelia Brown Helen Melissa Brown Richard Edmund Brown Second Bow Sharyn Malinda Brown Martha Frances Bryant Iudy Marian Burdette Betty Lou Burnett Linda Diane Burnette Mary Magdalene Burnette Walter Raleigh Burris Harold Wayne Byrum Ronald Weber Byrum Fifth Row Third Row james Edward Caldwell Thomas Iames Caldwell loyce Iuanita Callahan William Henderson Calvert, III lack Marshall Campbell Ronald Wayne Canupp Betty Anne Cardinal William Bryant Carr Phillip Howard Carriker Fourth Row Mary Renfrow Case Carolyn Sue Chadwick Virginia Lee Chandler James Grady Christenbury Virginia Dianne Christensen Robert Craighill Christian Ieffrey Curtis Clarke Roy Ted Clem james Mack Cochran lane Cornelia Cochran Melvin Harris Cohen Wade Floyd Coley jerry Steven Collins lane Helen Connell Robert Franklin Cook Samuel Robert Cook Patricia Dianne Cooper Iohn Ransom Corne UPIIDMDRES First Row Vivian Couchell Alice Coughenan William Henry Covington Tommy Edward Cox Robert M. Croasmun james Byrant Crosby jean Carolyn Crump jefferson Cleveland Crump William Fisher Crutchfield Third Row Dennis john Doherty Barbara Dale DuBroff Walter Clyde Dudley Linda Ann Dulin Margaret Anne Dulin David joseph DuMontier john Eugene Durai Matthew Alvin Edwards Robert Olin Edwards Fifth Row Second Row Sharon joyce Dailey Polly Ann Davenport Charles Clifton Davis judy Darlyne Davis Olivia Beth Davis john Knox Day Barbara Ann Deese Robert Dale Deese james Hugh Denson Fourth Row Thomas Arnold Edwards Ruth Ann Ellerbe Danny Eugene Epps Donna Lee Evans George Kimmons Evans, jr. David Edward Ewing james Donald Farguharson Lynda Gail Flowe Timothy jerome Floyd Mitchell Lynn Ford Fred Allison Friend Gerald Alan Frucht Sammy joe Funderburk Richard Alan Gaddis Donna Deanne Gantt Dicky Brown Garmon Warren Harding Geddings Roberta jeanne Gibbons .Q .i E, .C .mt '1 x Y., 'N-.N V f 25' exam F5-Q SUQQ Sgr' ating N 35:3 Q 2 xms. 2'2- x E55- Efml' FQ? FOR.. Wim -mm 3 5. fs aww Ewa Bo: 133' E55 F 3. Ds 55 wa.. Sa -.2-: S SE' r ii K. 9, .4 L 'X'-it if 56 2 , . ra, as 1 -. f.,.,l ri- 1, 1 I , A V A AA ' ' ' ii .f ' 7' C' - 'iii .- " if ' - A' . ' f . U -4 he ",Q':' V I' nm ,A 'T f. 'A' 9 A 1, :"5,,.w-,7.,, fn , .rw 1 E N Q , T Q., F 1 ,, ,, MLA 2 K I I ,P ,i,. wrwwgi M .,. , , - 'SM A V as Q ,.-A.. ' " I ' ' 'Y f fr- ' , , 1. 1 A Q3 V Us N Q 9 i 2 x ., K , Y Q Q ET ' :M N .f .ws- - "f.Q2 . 1 ' 5 M' T f C ,V Al ' Q ' ' gi Y gs 4, ,: MN. n It Ji? as 'O 4 y-NZ 1., vi D, K 4- Q- , ,Ux Q nv- ,Q A 'V 0 A ,, l 'uf C "' N- ,J , im' ,ij E 1 , . xiii, X ' g , 1 f,.... ..,, I A: .fa ' M- f .Q ,.., 6 . 6 3, 65 1 ev vi 41:2 1, 1 A fv v- Q vs 5 Ax xx , ff 'N ,Q 1 Q wx M, X.. x ur ji may . r v Q A , Q D- f'i, 1 is ..,i E F " Vw if 11.1 Q lint! tl it gl ,A t W, I 3' My , ., rs ,N IDN Qs' gx -ax R .i S f t e 5 S ' xA, H E3 9 ', Sri' 1+ few-ties e,-si e I ss is -S . 0 K rl get s 5 it K fa E T he - K A it -I T, 'tk' g Mgjgi rll A X? Q 'N Q nk , 3 5 F Q fx A 4: T A T. A-J lx Q V. T: Tx Qt fe 1 Lgraib it tx 24, 7, IV- '12 , Vx , T., a B' 7 - V: 1-.tw "M .7 A WA ' l ik at - , ff .. 1 1 . X e 1 -gj,,fd E 'T . , he L .L f I - A I am, , K M AVIA W , . CT , 7 Q T ' A we ' ' Vuy' t '4 f' , V S f 4 , 5' as .N . B A W ft' t if if W, fs f no wt .X .ar Ye, f' N5 - s. ' , .. ji? X. I - - . ff, A 2 X l 6 '- ,. 1 so L .L 'Y .L . L The Student Council party in Bob Wilson's barn was First Row Third Row quite a hit. Here members and guests alike "ham it up." From left to right seated are ,Ioan Wilson, Charles Griffin, Powell Huittg standing are Lorrie Doherty, Barbara Huitt, and Steve Smith. Betty lean Gibson Sue Carolyn Gibson Iohnnie Geraldine Gladden Nancy Alice Gladden Iohnny McClellan Glenn Terry Small Glosson Iimmy Albert Gordon Michelle A. Greenbaum Iudy Jeannette Griggs Second Row Amy Griscom Ralph Ronald Grosswald Iames Wilson Grout Grady Wade Hager Peggy Elaine Hagler William Clarence Haigler Linda Carol Haigler Raymond Glenn Haire Brenda Kay Hall Harriette Elaine Hall Norma Ann Hamriclc Stephen Thomas Harrington Margaret Kay Harris Mike Vernon Harris William Cochran Harris Richard Briant Harrison Dennis Richard Hartis Gayla Ieanne Hatcher Fourth Row Betsy Io Hatley Glenna Marie Hatley Pamela Kay Hecht Beverly Ann Helms Garl Lee Helms Elizabeth Ann Helms james Edmon Helms Iudy Faye Helms Merai Wisteena Helms Fifth Row Nancy ,jane Helms Richard Blair Helms Terry jean Helms Tina Luetta Helms Trina Lynette Helms Brenda Kay Henderson Samuel Phillip Henderson Sandra Kay Henson Fred Edward Herron S 0 ll0MORl-'S First Row Samuel Herron Vernie Marie Hicks Charles Neil Hill Brenda Ioyce Hilliard james Thomas Hinkle Bonnie lean Hinson lanice Buel Hitchcock Michael Ownby Hixson Thomas joseph Hixson Second Row Iudy Ann Hobbs Stephen Howard Hobbs Rebecca Marie Holladay Doroth Linda Holland Y Harvey Ellison Honeycutt Mildred Louisa Hood William Ancel Horne Betty Frances Horton Bryan David Houston Third Row Meredith Ashley Howie Barry Gene Hughes Barbara Christine Huitt Pamela Hunter Anne Marie Huntley Velma Cleona Huntley Ianice Sue Hurst Cathy Laura Hutchins Lyn Gayle Hyde Fourth Bow Alice Ann Icard Lynda Lee Ingram Iames Harvey Irby Barbara Sue james lohn Wallace Iames Patricia lames Ronald Edward james Ben Arnold Iamison Iohn Arnold Iamison 4 91522 f :yi 4 , 14,4 3' 1 1 24 3' Y I? X 1' 1-Z . .f ffl' , .mwV,,. Fifth Row Richard Lewis jenkins Beth Twining Iohnson Ervin Timothy Iohnson Stephen Gunnar Iohnson Edward Joseph Iones Karren Rolaine jones Robert Lanier jones Steve Iaran Iones Brenda jane Jordan The School Calendar has proved itself to be an indispen- sable friend to East's students. vm 'X 7 xl as ""l, I I 1-r"iT4'k " 4 r ' 'K l 4 , - ? V E , I ,ra ' . lv ,. V ,- 77' Mei Q fi, . 4, . 115 A Z E ' ' A W E llvll ,. an is r "" " vg Q 'N k iv f R W? fi 1 -- ' 3 :H A - :NVAN A V A -Q K .1 :M ,, N wx ' N ,. as ' W f s i L .L c 1 L. L 1 Wav I . if 5' 'I 4 'W f I , ii 1 ' "" N'-13' s I L' .A F g,LLnl 'r air -as A ,, . ,-. ,V al 7? ll T it 'r - fi "' "2 ,"""'-sfasww is A 'Q 0 v. F l J, A , - if 'Q . b1AL L 1, If V , R 'r Y 4 R 2 mini i 1 - ,Q 'ff 'i " ' 4 ,N in 4 ,Wg it 'N , f .X ' E Q, Q Q.. , r s .M Kr lim dmk. , I A vi 151 'M Ska 4 an X... If 'N ii 73" 'ers fi I ' M W? . V-M ill' V lx V X iv e. A 4 EK Lab a . 1 I lr-.4 Qs I 'li 4-'A ' 4, Y., Kiwi Q s. , , rvs ip.. z . xl ,, rt., A - L 4 'Hs ., ,W 1 It 'V 1, 1 4' K n ,L E ., -M ,fy ' 5 , -s . L LLL- A fQ'w.a1:e,f4,+a , M 57- get. ,im 1, f :K ,W 5 1: :N 4 F' M Q t W 's' fl' 't 1 f 4 I 'I 1 'Q .L A L " if ft AQ lice 'ti' fa it First Row Third Row Apparently this ump has taken up the latest dancing craze, "the twist." ,Maw """"--a. William Emest Keeter Rachel Elizabeth Keith Beverly Alyne Kennedy Dawn Elaine Kerley Mary Ann Keziah Kenneth Blair Kiker Karen Sue King Meredith Lee King Richard Allen King Second Row Gharron Leigh Kirkland William Robert Kisiah Richard Arthur Klein Dorothy Iane Knight Judith Marie Koepcke Iohn Emest Lagana Ann Marie Lapp Alex Goodman Lawing Mary Sandra Lawrence Fifth Row Susan Iean Laws Elaine Diana Ledford Horace Dee Ledford Ralph Shipman Leete Dorothy Allison Lemmond Larry Gene Lemmond Linda Garter Lemmond Terry Dalaine Lemmond -leanne Marie Lindley Fourth Row Karen Ann Little Martha Lillian Little Patsy Ann Little VVilliam Harrison Lockhart, III Arnold Lean Long Barry Quentine Long Linda Diane Long Mearlyn Rebecca Love Elizabeth Lowe Ioel Palmer Lowery lohn Robert Lowry Marilyn Sims Lowry Larry McKinley Ludkel David Steven Lurie Mary Janice Luther Frances Hiller Lynch Marcia E. McFarland Oswald Gene Madray 0 Il0MORl-'S First Row Brenda Mae Maness Garl Wayne Marshbanks Beniamin Douglas Martin Edith Ann Martin Ted Douglas Martin Mary Carol Massey Johnny Elmare Matthews Boyce Glenn Mauney Rita Elaine Mayfield Seconal Row Melissa Marcelle Maynard Robert Maynor Earl Patrick McAteer Iimmie Lee McClain Iames Wesley McCower Iames Edward McDaniel Brenda Lee McDonald Hettie Diane McGee Donnie Edward McGinn Fifth Row Third Row lames David McGraw Linda james McKay Denise Marie McKiernan Paula Louise McKittrick Dana ,lean McLean Mickey Charles McManus Gloria jean McNamara Carroll Dale Merrell Elizabeth Lynn Merrick Fourth Row Kludy Ann Mills Ruth Mae Misenheimer Carolyn Lee Mitchell Ianice Dianne Mitchell Ernest Moore james Edgar Moore Bobby Scott Moore William Ray Moore Ioseph Allen Moraleda Karen Eileen Morris VVilliam Iunior Morris Larrv Kenneth Morton ludy Kay Moser Robert Edward Mosley Richard George Muise Atha Elaine Mullis Brenda lean Mullis Donald lay Mullis :I ' ', I Q, If iv mx F 1-:F Q, . ' ,Q A 4' ff M ' or e' ai' H I .,,,d . . ns ra' ff Q I L .A srsss 5' ,fifgfn President of the Student Council, Chuck Barton, speaks in sophomore assembly to the "baby Eagles" on the characteristics of leadership. if l , Kyiv 5 if R i K I I 1 1 'a.,l'mf, i .4 tt 4 r ' ,X iii K " .. V 1 W ' fa. Q ,ine M' , 7 V tx fx 'fy ' W, X '- 5 fl- 'C T-' ge g 1 f 'f 1 v. ff ' qt ff 1 N , ' 0, f Ng A L V N, it . ' i rs. -1 Kr' s 1 1 l ,- . F5 5 J- I-. f 4. J 3 Us P wi? us' Iii inn .: i'-gn rv- I 2 Q f - QI .6 ,Q ir. Q A t T h Q 1 , 7,-. ,NJ 2 ,, F 1 "H" ii R' ' 'f-F - g 2 . ILL I . .. .4 K , A l al, ,. . g NME, , f A- as if y W, - ev , Q' Dx' 'Z ii Nr 'iw 'N' if lie! ffl Lita? , X T 3 . 'Vit 5' 's r: ve T Gi vi I Q Iv v U ' 1 I N' ii' A Ibn! r Y .. ff-Av.. V M V s i L , 1, i Q yy Q A v A A F 3, LJ: SX jj ik A 4 at 7 V A vs fb 4 Q, . X ,AH . ' W1"m I 14 AK A L 4 I f " 4:-wxak' NZ-I i3 '39 Ms.. ,X 'Q ,iw ,A If 1 'Q L 51" 1, ff " f 'f fi as-0' f F"Gt 'YN X ,,- s .1 'K -LQ 1- , it , A4.A Q 4 wmv ! I Easfs magnificent choir is presenting the "Hallelujah Chorus" during the Christmas program. Directing is llflr. Starnes. p ' ' -...s X --.... 'V'4v "' V... . 5 V, .av-4- 1 ' ' W,-. r-, A . if 5 53?2'a5f?,'ffi,t I' f if -by . Q n L Q1 1 8 tl fi if n all: ff 6 ig V f if vxig Y ri ,aw L i 1- S' ' -: I ' 1 "4 . A ,539 3 S0 UMURE First Rem' Frank Chester Mullis Michael lohnny Mullis Patricia Mullis Stan Alva Mullis Sandra jane Neal Iimmie Lee Newell Grady Ross Nichols Andrea Elizabeth Ann Neeles Melvin Iimmy Norwood Second Row Grover Fairfield Nunnery Linda Ruth O'lJell Spencer VVakefield O'Meara Martha Mary Osborne Sandra Kay Uverton Brenda Gail Pangle Michael Lane Partee Frances Roberta Agnes Paterson Howard Lawrence Pearre Fifth Row Third Row Carolyn lane Pence Ianice Virginia Penick VVanda Eloise Philemon Carolyn Ann Pierce Ted Alonzo Pigg Michael Larry Pittard DeVVitt Kennieth Pittman Brenda Elaine Plylcr Lucy Adele Pope Fourth limi' Marie Elaine Porter lerry Lee Powell Sufanne Powell L. Gregory Powers Angela Karen Prather Margaret Gail Presson lune Selenc Price Larry Priston Price Martha -lanet Price Michael Edwin Price Sylvia Diane Price Christopher Bland Proctor Kenneth Earl Proctor Bob Prentiss Provence Lydia lane Query james Edward Rape Maxie Ann Rayford Susan lane Reichard , Q P UMO First Row Iohn S. Reimler Robert Farren Renne Phyllis Anne Revels William Edward Rhodes Ioyce Ellen Riemenschneider Robena Anne Riggsbee .lames Henry Riley VVilliam Barry Rippy Yvonne Louise Ritter Second Row Helen DeAnne Roberts Jimmy Heath Roberts VVilliam Hicks Robertson Carolyn Dianne Robinson Donnie Eugene Robinson Marsha Gayle Robinson Charles Donald Rogers Sharon Lee Rose Sydney Ann Rose S Third Row VVilliam VVayne Ross Mary lane Runge Anthony Howard Russell Patricia Annette Russell Drew Andrew Saitta Donald Gene Sansbury Frances Suzanne Schuster Sandra Rae SchwartL Samuel Edward Scott Fourth Row Beverly Seagle loyce Marie Seagle Yludy Carolyn Severt Donald Coffin Shearouse Stella Edith Sholin Eric Howard Silverstein Robyn Lynn Silverstein Donald Reid Simpson Ralph Allen Simpson ,.? 2 VV J sf 'i mr. , M, :V , 1 fin? E Y 1 :W: 5 3 7 vxwf,,fa,v,,..,.,,.m.. ,. . ' , ' 1 12 ll I p Q - 1 N. i 5 L., V i 3 , r z Q i hr,,,tt'zff ,- -,.f,,.... Fifth Row .lanet Lynn Sinclair Egiieillgiggfe A prime example of East's talent is shown in the dancing Betty Gay Slesingel. of Gerald Smncil and Linda Anderson in the annual va- Hugh Franklin Sloan riety slzow. Carol Ann Smith Creed Fulton Smith George Virgil Smith lacquelyn Dolores Smith 11" vw," 2 "it --l lil ii 'A as V i1,r 4: Lea Qu' e Q, iw . W I , i i 'ii' f Q . sr Q A f Q 11 -i W 2 ' V K i 1 V4 I I ev., mf 4 M s .. - is, ' f it f in - on M- M 1 N W, - 'UQ -ff-A W' Q ff x ,, 'il W' vi. ,, -l.r i i A ' V- , r LA r I 1 Lal 1 V 44, .,.? I l " A- , . 1-Q, ' he N as figiw-I-3. 4, Q 2 2: if ,232 .. E nv Ah cr-gg' Q W My I I , Q F L gk, A wk. eglj, ' M ' W I I i Q I . r ft- ' f .4 -r I -.gm W K A 6 "'---J K 5' 'Y l li Leash 1. as J 5 9 'll 4 it an .Q ,I ' f ' xv :Zu a 'Q 1. 1 at . N WA ' b I "Ns -R 'N vw t vr , SOPll0M0 E Mrs. Cilley's sophomore English students have found that f' Q V bvv I. w ' N i , s A , Q -1 1 , - A ' " Y "' - Q N- ., , ' Q x ' ' -1 5 1 W, r 4 D - Q TT r x N., 'Ubi W, ' I . ,,, I , R 1- ,,,- 'af S 'fx og 6 1 v f 1 1' M 1 A gi V -1 rm ml . ' , l X to I I I f M j S W5 5 T kg, as, f j -T, .uf v .. .. N' V 2, 5 ff- ,gi 'Q 1: 0 Q ea ,af W K ' A We ' t A ' "W 'sf is H 4- ,Q V ,, "T L 1' I 1 v f ,,,, ,ul A Vi it lr., Q -3:-. : Iv fv ,X -c Ar , fy 'uw N I A A 1 I AM V" of ::N Tl. T. VN f f 1-.. as A it gl -A 'WJ V . f ooo 1 ' axe , A .L at 'wg -.,. ,, k - Y 1 1 1 I x waiting for the lunch hell to ring is the most exciting mo- ment of the day. lSeems teacher agreesllj I . 'll 1 ,,..,,.f- First Row Mary Ann Smith Nancy A. Smith Sandra Lee Smith Sheila Oakley Smith Stephen Lee Smith Roger Harold Soiset jannette Daine Spencer jacqueline Alice Stack james Ralph Stafford Second Row Tommy Avery Stafford Frances Eve Stancil Vickie Lou Stansell jerry Starnes Walter Eugene Steele Mary Lynn Stennett Frances jean Stephens johnny Morrison Stephens Third Row Thomas Marshall Stewart Mary Delores Stilwell Sylvia Kay Stilwell Pamela Eddeth Stocker jay Alan Stone jack Boyce Styles Michael Sanders Sullivan Ann Lorraine Sutton Edwin Pernay Swicegood Fourth Row Cary Reid Taylor Charles Everett Templeton Pete Theodore Thevaos Donald Fred Thomas Doris Louise Thomas Richard Roger Thomas james Edwin Tillotson Virginia Ann Tingen james Carl Stevens Billy Franklin Tompkins Fifth Row Stephen Loren Townsend Cheryl Ann Tripp Carney Edward Tucker Rose Ann Tucker james Earnest Turner Tommy Ray Turner john Lewis Tyer Linda jeanne Van Buren George Clark Vaughan PIIUMURES First Row Marc Vogel Robert Alvin Waddell Nancy Carroll Wait Linda Sue Walters Iudy Lee Ward Frances Marie Warren Donna Marie Waters Iohn Durant Watkins Edgar Stephen Watson Second Row Frank Eugene Watson Iohn Huntley Watson Robert Finley Watson Charles Lee Webb Ronald Delbert Weger Robert Lee Welsh Larry Iean Wertz Bonnie Faye West Harry Lewis Whisnant Third Row lanice Sue VVhite Linda Gail VVhite Tommy Augustus VVhite Stephanie Lynn Whitlock Peggy Darlene Wiggins William Edward Wilburn Iune Diana Willard Iames Corneleous Williams Mary Iudith Williams Fourth Row Rita Faye Williams Robert V. Williams Ruth Ianet Williams Betty Ruth Wilson Larry Charles Wilson Phyllis Cleo Wilson Samual Allen Wilson Shirley Wilson Rowena Gabrielle Winstead 1 Fifth Row Madelon Sheila Woller Marie Wooten Carolyn Frances Worrell joseph M. Wortsman, III Aubrey Heading Wright Vickie Suzanne Wright Eugene Robinson Yandell James Walter Yandle Graem Cornel Yates Sixth Row Ronald Calvin York Marsha Elaine Young Susan Dimny Young Susan Marcia Zaro Wm YZ 1 e- K 'I ll-. 4 .v ', i . .' Q 1 a s .. PK , 2 , Q- f H., . " , -of 1 F TZ' .-, V. A? if Wm ifvv 465 . g A 4 up 1 1 Q1 xrw xx F ' W I vt I V ul I Xl I L .SLLLLA as 1 E at .Q Q, W A' rl fr fr 1-f Q- t ' ff H ff fe- Q , Q 1 I W 1 I - iiri :C I It . :V F ! IW' . 1 4 I A Q L 1 E 1 - . - "' 'fs 5 H "'1 LZ? Qv ...., :fi-3 2' ' "" N ,U .v,, f2gf'?'j:,,: . -11"W",: ilk Q ,,. Q , W , A 'vv' , A lvvq , In . gm , V 1, H W S 5 V . g 7 7 .V -M.. ,v .. - : A - ,hm A 34 9 rl 5 7 an 'I g 1 G. :N is I . ez ,Q rw 'R' ,. wr r FM? 3 wa I ,v - 4' V' ' ,. I M 514: . 'N 5' ' 3 Q A ., A I Q f' 'Q ' iir. F sv LA 1 H LA 4 H 1 ,, I A 455, 1 I V Y 4 -,.- ,VIV Y pf., F4 I A I "'f.,,fW X 'Q " 4 ' 1 s ."'- f ' ., ' V , :ll ,Ig 4 ky :H 4? vs 'T li , 1' in f- A a ' Jw A W' A N ,, D N Q. , V 0 5 'Z 4 V ,, . "N 'Pr' if ff:-.-. - A Q , W P05 f I ,fi-v., , fm , .,,, . R . Q 4 F l ii! I s ,,,r I . it 4 5. 45" M 'ih gi ' av 5 9 we K' I A A ' 6 Q l ' I 1.4.1 SPURT5' I.. .. I I ...mul .y-e3 f -..,, 'Wy ksfrfx , 5 'Unstrung ia 0llR P A YING S TAR Flashing before the stargazer's telescope come the meteor-like sports in which the active students of East Mecklenburg participate. The seasons pass by quickly, but they are caught for us to remember in the View of the telescope. 'UQ' Page Eighty-three 'ws-awp A lady Chesnutt, one of our cheer- leaders, makes her acceptance speech after being crowned Homecoming Queen. 9 "If I don't get a touchdown . . the cheerleaders chant as the crowd sways. IIEERIEAD R The day after elections last year, the 1961-1962 cheerleaders began to work. There were many cheers to learn, along with the new ones to create. A paper drive and doughnut sales were summer money-making projects. Also taking up leisure hours in the summer were weekly practices and poster parties. The vacation was climaxed by a week at the beach, but that week was not one of rest. Two or three times a day the cheerleaders were seen on 'the beach practicing their cheers. At the end of the summer the group was at the stadium still practicing. September 1 found the cheerleaders at school for a sophomore pep rally. That same night East had its first football game. The beginning of school marked the time for the cheerleaders to boost spirit by making posters, selling pom-poms, booster cards, boos'er buttons, and decals. The school spirit work- shop was continued with many enthusiastic people helping to boost school spirit. Chartered buses, pep shirts, spirit chains, door decorating, the card sections, and the "after-game sock hops" were all sponsored by the cheerleaders, en- thusiastic students, and the Booster's Club. The year of cheering, from one election to the next, has been filled with many moments which will be fondly remembered by each cheerleader. ' gf? ' TSM., g". lr. 1 ' 1.- 4 A:V"'.- I 5, 5 5' '7 x M J' ,t ' v A WU' 'T' 1 .it at - f - 1 , wa llzil n ,J 1 if F .5 nk Zi jigs? A I1 . i :wif 1. r Y fr rl!-Q Q, ,VI ,stir .+L ,ttf 3: ji,l?4,,z,, .gy V Ffa' jf'-'B Vu fa' - N',.'- 1-sf 5314... '33, . Vfgibzitx - nv , .5 'iii 1 -- ' 'F-W' ' ' "" is " 'la t' ,, " RK I 'mt i - xi vy .is n - , ' 'l Q ,X V Y 5.4,-,q51',,',i-D, ,V , ' fa Q ,Q i e J we-if -WX" T' e Vu : ,Mr-, , WEL f ,:2fP?i. f f R if f af'- 'ai-fa. ,- ff:-N ' i- ,-N' ' ' mi -- ., 4- 1 Q9"a'f:',ii-f .Ji '1'i:'Sf 4 A 1 1 ' s W itte 5 .4.- ,. .J-rf'-cf .1 " '5,1i"'1'2' 'f ,. ff , . fig-ff - ,-sl A X 1 ' pg Wie Q i fr a . ' 5 f if ,i , "' , ' e fig i f , - -,'pwr,tg.g1f: fggbfwf 23 r. ,efr pff V-21 5 a , if?..1ff-Q51 R me Q -:- r'-.Q-31 fiat , e ,in gy 2-v::.?? it ef'-2' ' . -'V-- 1 if ,f B ,I 1, ' if Q-ff' . A113115 1 "Lg " Q3 '1 M ,,,,,, 3, R MR - 4. get .ai ' 'I' -iff' f fif i '-1 ,Q ' ' egg, ' 'W' ff? , ,:ETi'.yA'f'f 'gf 7 ? l ilf siiil QW--5' l V .T 4 - 'ff gr Compounded with the rugged 4-A conference, our team suffered due ' ,-1 , 1 1 , fs to setbacks, quarterbacks, halfbacks, and fullbacks. This year our team FF 3 if L 5 A was not as seasoned as ID former years since the team was mainly composed A L fl' 7 -l-'5' 9 of 'uniors and so homores mf gf-,," gQ5:1'! jldfl? ' J P ' .K S-F ,Er-ig, B -A The defense this ear was led b ca tain David Harke and newcomer ,W P ....- -,-6 ' ,K "" , I-- tg f -'mf M. ,gnzqhfgf ,,,, in ,a',t ,- ,,,,, va, L 1' fu if -1,15 4 f' . Steve Trammell. Work horses on the offensive were Robert Howser with a 5.2 yard average per carry, and Pete Batte', one of the best punters ever to come to East, with an average of 41.2 yards per punt. I-lowser's speed and ability to change direction quickly was an asset to the team. Kneeling: Steve Trammell, Selby Daniels, Wayne Serrett, David Harkey, Chuck Barton, jerry Pierce, Don Hilliard, Bert Rawald, Charles Pearson, Gene Sides, Walter Dunn, Larry Hewitt. Second row: Paul Cuthbertson, Robbie Miller, Tom Gilley, Gerald Iones, Robert Howser, Rick Young, Dickie Forbis, Richard Gaddis, Ronnie McGraw, Bobby Gay. ghiri rolgv: Iohn Lagana, Martin Brackett, Gary Orr, Ken Thornton, Iohn Clower, Iimmy Tillotson, ran me rice. Bob Wilson, Iohn Come, In XJ J" r F . .N id: - ef.-4, M ' ft 2. 4' -. wg,-'a ' L'P,x,.-1 Q1 Y Q. Q arf' ry-V, P ,, 2 ' .1 Y ' , . .f A' "4 Z "' - " 1. -, . 51. ' 5' ., mx-"fi.i,ggQf15' jf' 7 s ' lf" ,Q A W" wif' ',,,.,,-1.-I ' - -wha. . ,- 'fniifv' u f ' .' 2 ay. " - 'fkge A it -va 4. Q. . a - A fgjlr ":'fe'f-.. g. ' i Z'f f A ' ' .'iI:,1'L-alru' ' saiisvimt-.. ,4.s'wr"f .Y '. ' ' .55 I ff-P' f Li: - f '- ,..,.,.-- ' 4 , A-" ., -vm . - ,. . L , ,., . -,,,' . ' ' xi ,, r ., 6, WM Kneeling: Ioe Breen, Chester Mullis, Dickie Garmon, Donald Sandsbury, Roger Dawson, Robert Williams, Ken Armish, Phil Lazenby. Second row: Ricky Ballentine, Bob Cook, I. C. Spears, Iamie Farquharson, Howard Carriker, Cam Miller, Dickie Thomas, Tim Belk, Richard Brown. Third row: Bobby Sleet, jimmy Walker, Tommy Cook, Iimmy Riley, Tommy Caldwell, David Potter, Marshall Stewart. .Ill l0R VAR ll' Y 00l'BlIll Cur record was not impressive this year, but the junior varsity team showed a great deal of improvement. East had one of the best l.V. lines this year. Other teams were able to pass effectively, but they were not able to push our line back easily. The outstanding linemen were Chester Mullis, Howard Carriker, C. Spears, Bobby Sleet, and Richard Brown. The outstanding offensive backs were Tommy Caldwell, Marshall Stewart, Cam Miller, Dickie Thomas, and Tim Belk. Doing a fine job as defensive halfback was Robert Williams. Tommy Caldwell was a good punter, punting an average of 65 yards or better sometimes. f , S B .. i it if-2,127 3 f r ' , iz . r V n V .wi-v ' ,s.,, , . ,,, E ,, lust about to receive a pass is Don Hilliard C222 with Bob Wilson Q39 in the background. Successfully blocking a pass receiver are Chuck Barton C24l and ferry Pierce l3ll. Page Eighty-seven WALTER DUNN JERRY PIERCE DAVID HARKEY 4 If ,,tg,1,V,9j 2. 1 135235-tr' ' A Ullk SEHIDR '2 CHARLES PEARSON Page Eigh ty-eight 'A ,. ,,4.f' ,...,.-vv-f' ' ' , 4 .,', DON HILLIARD f.,g4f -Hwy fm-V, ,..a.-F- Zu' WAYNE SERRETT "' R Lf BERT RAWALD PIA YERS .. ig: U , , fy. f, '.,W- . H H A fy 3 H fjgzzzmf ,3 ' f 4 1 A 4 1' 1 +2 , ,-- 3:9 the-5..g' . 1 1' 3Lfff" T . R ,gf-' 4, R k gji'-SP-s.. ,mf ff' . ' .ggy v -V M,-Q As L., 4 I x - ,,--, 1 1. .,-, , .,.. - -V 9 , :f:.w'? ' :5fA':ygg:5,:gvg.4. w ., , :e f f 9. Q T. " 'xi 11 ' - ' 'W' um, N, fu R. ,.,',ly:3 V ,, - ' ir., NT ' CHUCK BARTON i I A A.: ,J ,. W, ,,x,,. STEVE TRAM IVIELL SELBY DANIELS r4,Q,Y J-. cgi? 74535 f, 4, - 5' Z 44. 352 . 4 , Q W, it , .3 ai, M QTY 1. Y wiv, -of N .14 , JF. . 35.-., J, -L i'5'?Al 2' Q5 'r R 4. Q-' f- 1 xsvpl':,,'? , -Q.. gfvi, fp. A . , A Www 1 ' .R' - ',w:Q11f'L. - 'P' MW, C :. rl .-145 .1-1 garb 'M ,i 'fig "Wad ' f - T, X 4 ,A 'L ,y , -if , . .,:m:2. -wwf .fl iqwimffu Q QR, ,PL Ak, . A "vs" I" 4'v wah' .f 4, . gn, Z 1 iijirgf' ' 3 .W -. ' , if AVQ J baby, ,. gk V ,A .ug Aw .: -'ANN' lfafyh .,' 'A-QW" f,f,,'1' .1 -' 5. ,J T Sw K A 593 wg, f,,,4g-gf! -1, A 33,1 GENE SIDES 1 .Q- K A F 4 5 .lg LARRY HEWITT Page Eiglltvpnine i .r ' , 14.' Xu' 54 x Q- - ,H , . N , mr.. N- W -Q ' , , , S U ,N x fi if .kg --if lk 31.24, . . fa, -,gy ' . g - '- at I ' ' ' f W4 ld 9 I' -vlffv .-gh iii. T' T If xr.. 1 Tb B? BT! l T t A-U 1 ' ' 'X T ' "W 5' ij I 'il im it-Q ' X an fi Ti. 1' ....-U I., Iii , - . AP., ll T A . V x-. Wul- . 'nfl Y, ,9 xx .. 5: :QQ -xi-x' , X V i " r ' :H 5 . g, N . ,Y . '4 Seated, Kenny Koepcke, Ronnie MCC-raw, Don Tweed, Punk Reid, jeff Thompson, Robert Howser, Bobby Threatt, Lance Maye, jerry Pierce, Mickey Bridges, Iim Campbell. Standing: Coach jones, Bob Taylor, David Beamon, Mike Thomas, Russell Sloss, Iim Walker, Ioe Turner, Algie Gilmore, Frankie Bowers. BASEBAIL With seven wins and eight losses, the East baseball team ended with a losing season. Although it was not a winning season, the team made a good showing with Don Tweed and Gene Sides leading the pitching and the batting. With the experience of the 1961 sea- son and the advice of the senior players, the 1962 team promises to be one of the best yet. Leaving his role as one of East's leading pitchers, David Beamon strains to make first base. Page Ninety i 5 i 4 fs if 4 ti s 5' if ,.! g. V 2. 4,3 k' W A w 9'2.v' i. ,. -'62, P 'staff' 5 46533, V mv 1 v1 fir 'ZW f , fa up . 1412! .gg , -. ,,.A . iii L14 'f .:1yt7,.7'f'ir 3 ' v 2 , Q el First row: joe Freeland, Mike Sullivan, Howard Purser, Dennis Doherty, Barron Bartlett. Second row: John Guy, Peter Donohugh, Mike Bartlett, Mr. Free, Roddy Brandes, Richard Klein. SWIMMING TEAM This was the first year for East to have a swimming F team. They won their first meet with Page High of Greensboro and then lost the next two meets to Myers Park and Page High respectively. They won their last The East Mecklenburg High School Golf team ended . . . th th b t t ' th P . Th meet at Chapel Hill. The outstanding swimmers were e Season among 6 es eams In 6 Con erence e Dennis Doherty John Guy and Howard Purser who team was led by Mickey Powers and Butch Connell. all Won first place in their event except with Myers Park. Connell placed first in the conference for individual players. He tied for fourth place in the state with only two strokes more than the winner. Golfers, David Cotter, Mickey Powers, Doug Thomas, Richard johnson, Buddy Sumner, Butch Connell, Allan Ewing, Kenneth Iaminson. 3 3- I A-G' 45' cy an an 'eu wtf X A,- 3 ,sf 'Q 2 J 4. . . ' ti I The crow courztry team is at the start of one of their pgy U 'N - -- practice runs. z'f?i5"'4- 5 i ' 5 ' .' . , E335-. Q f 'A 1 - t" 5-152:14 :AMLA1 ffl ' "F, 4,.. W Uima Ji i. ' ' wig g 4 . ,VW ny' V Q 4 V " '13, 461, "JN Q 9 I 'ag , Q.. 2 "' 1 51 I Y . nk: ' , X ly -f ' . -9 ' - e A ' -'r 1, 'fu' Q' fine -- , .4 'P if This ia only part of the practicing that Doug Bolick, - di ' ' Iinmzy U'lzite, and Ioe Moore put in to go to the state A .. , ,, ' g Af ,J meet. A 1 TQ, 4 ' my ..QA., , , , -. -V , -' ' ', 1 . ' . ' . ' , 7 ' ,az-'as-Q, ' '-'.,'jL. - . CRO S-C0lIN RY In the Conference Meet on November 3, East placed second. East placed fourth in the state meet on No vember IO. Harry Boyte, the lone Eagle, runs the cross-country track behind the stadium. ff 4 Y i -We 'r -3-f, 4 "' A , 1 ifzitgi "F, ' f -Q M 'r M- ' ag "S"7ra. 'S L+ W aft?-"L at e a +111 r . at n so e tere , te' ' . A , ,Q QP ' -'Y ..,.,,gf,:5ff5,'s I, , 1 ,hr ' 1' Mayfair A -uv? if rg. f' V, A Av y-'Q 'I ' " " "" ' A' r'-"""r"""- ' V " "- L- ' t- Snftifztzfq af. o ...I gh .fir 'D ' 'Q Q ' 1 . ,oQ,w?,.,.1w S A ,, g "?X.'i5f3Jf jf '-" ' ff! 1 H EAST-16 WEST-46 1 g if' g f5g3 ' s"f in t EAST-16 souTH-40 Si.. 13,25 .1 - q .Q 23-. Y if '.N 4. Vg, - , , .. .V . EAST-24 souTH-31 Q2 I -g,3f ,,, lJ'8' Q5 M, Y EAST-49CCounty M860 MYERS PARK-38 ,lj f' rg -L1'4",f ,J . 4 ' 'ff EAST-28 GARINGER-44 -'1 'ff. . Q,"2?,3:. --1 ,Y ,1 p ri Qvjf Wt' .K ' 't' EAST-28 NORTH-30g WEST-46 6515, Lf R N fy Q tx I 'Q ,ft V 1 W I .,e' - sun gl' ' xc " .Q Page Ninetyftwo ,li CRUSS-CUUN RY This year the 1961 CrossfCountry Team ran its way through a winning season to a fourth place position in the state meet. Three boys, the stars of the team, won positions in the top ten in the state meet. For the second consecutive year, East has placed three runners among the top ten. Jimmy White placed third, Harry Boyte placed fifth, and Doug Berg placed sixth. The entire team, under the captains Doug Berg and Carl King, finished the season with five wins and only two losses. Both losses were at group meets, where East placed second. The team placed second in the county meet and second in the conference. - 1: -4 1 NJ X , s fl -4-.qv X , , v . M rw? nn1"' 1 3: 4 K3 Co-captains for our cross-country team this year were Carl King and Doug Berg. First row: Billy Mitchell, Doug Berg, Carl King, Harry Boyte, Gwen Doster, Iimmy VVhite. Second row: Mike Todd, Gary Brown, jim Little, Ford Smith, Doug Bolick, joe Moore. dw 9' , 4'- ,, 5 ff. yr? 1 Y. , Z 1 yaiiimia The player from South seems to be pleading, while "head- less" lolm Clower gets ready to grab for the ball. VAR IT Y B SKI-'TBAU in the beginning of the season, they made a sensational comeback half-way through the season. Under the leader- ship of David I-larkey and Ted Edwards we had a suc- cessful season, but our team was not as spectacular as last year. Ted Edwards, David I-larkey, Gene Sides, and Bobby Threatt were the backbone of the team this year. During the games, Gene Sides and Bobby Threatt made many shots from as far out as twenty-five feet. Again this year, sideline coaching was carried on by our Coach Baker Hood. With many players such as Bobby Threatt and john Glower returning next year, our outlooks are very high. First row: Larry Taylor, Bobby Threatt, Gene Sides, David Harkey, Wayne Serrett, Ted Edwards, Ernest Stallworth, Ghuck Barton, justin jenkins, Sammy Rankin, Second row: llohn Glower, Lee Nicholson, jerry Blevins, Donald Bigham, Hur ey Curlee, Steve Bums, Lance Maye. Kenny Thornton. Harley, Jimmy Walker, Bill ....-.--- "'. ..-, i,. ia, 'f'ai7.f?1g p V f,,f,.vEl:3:'v1:.,,?Zf A , we r s axir wrwwwmfe -V 'f'11'f" 35 -1 mum? ' va 1-wwf, A A I .:,, ,,.,.,. 5. za A 3 2 n ' ' ' , A , -I in 5 ff V ?Q , ' ' " ff 5' f L L A V , 5 v A g A 1' I . Y 1 , s s , f lg 5 2 r 4 ' . 3 X ' s Q tl i I 7 '- 1 - l X T at gg! f- .A I h.M!.A'121t9 .U fxf -' 1 E 5-'1llbef,'1l.b-..i? jf.: mln' 2- 9 M .1 . up ..ae'1:+,,-:Q . jf? ff ---32' .. va f f l ' if -,ia j'::....f: '-Q' 1-3 M'-N' -l off- q,,JL,fa , at as . . f ' Nag i ,. 1 , F-I: 54 B ii ' " H 2 '. .. 'F , . 4 . . i , lv fx 4 X . Q l ' "-' ' 251. Tl T A A i ',,' I if ,vii 1 Y 'I 1 v, - 1 it t ,, 2 if .......,..f , V, V 1 54.3, M - ,. " ' i ' ' f 'Z 'Q e, ,Y . I Z' , z A Q A' i V 'Q I V' ,. fx p 1 5 4 ' g, I , , L L ,la 1, it 'V .k f' " 4, 1 if-43 we 1 1 " "' Q K ,. ,, . N' if 11531. fin . ,W , fn -Ina' -Y , A Y"""' ,, . QV wi .fr.,v.!. 'Y ,flwgtfpg 'K 1 4 , , 5 1, D Y ,yr '22 'ik 451. ,wwf 5, . if . A lo. 3' 4:2 U.-q-ugv-un-w . . L. 1. ,M 5 3 5 If , 'ff l JI " 2 X!!! X Ni ff X A V D ,523 ' B SIHTB ll 3' ' x , Kr KAI. - . ' ' v 1 '. f wm v.. , A Q3 'X , f 'W' 1 N.. " ' ' A 4' .. ff 5 .. A , 7:7 fl -w e Q3 -,.,,,, , 9 . W J ggi. 5, g ,D ,1 A 4, J Dt A X gs 2 ' '- ff FD 1 , I i V ! Q 2 3? 5 ' DAVID HARKEY TED EDWARDS f X c f J r , I if f X ' xx ' 1 'I I tx-D, . 5 1 1 ,f J if D D f ff K Page Ninety-five Three of our senior players, David Harkey, Gene Sides, and Church Barton, are in the fore COIUT. WIN A3 ,, m Q- f- aft wma -3 M 5 4 WW' msg. ii' 25. Wham -WZ 939 saw David Harkey, one of our co-captains and a senior player, just finishes making a shot in the East-Gastcmia game. OUR IIDRPAYR They fe all mapped up in mei' LEE NICHOLSON GENE SIDES ERNEST STALLWORTH work. , ill.: i v2 -.ff-" 1 2 A f ,,,:. 14.5, E ,.a,. ..., KE fy . ,. X .tb is - '93 -4 - 5 -W . ' I G ' The Eagles get ready for the rebound on a '2 Q ' D fm , 5 foul shot. Q Q . f .,,r Q ,yy 4, is I ' 1 "W: vang . - V J " A-:gl f i. ME K J 21 A it 4 gr , , t Q 1 ' V ft? ,'- ' ' 4-., E A , 'Y sei to v B slr: B u if ' ' f ' ' if it ' f 5 Q -M 'K ll ' Havin a ver ood season this ear East's gba i gylgg g yg Y , M 'N 5' If "W .dt ' if junior Varsity Basketball Team managed to win se-f M W 3 at 7, . "a ' " ' ' "b' P first place in the conference near the end of the Q.. , X. Jews 4--..,.,,,,,,.-5-mmm-Q. A'Ms"""""'Q"--'vs-...,..,K Kneeling: Alvin Edwards, Bobby Edwards, Ichn Come, Kenny Kiker, Billy Crutchfield, Mike Pittard, Jimmy Stevens, David Brewster. mmy St fford Danny Epps Standing: Tommy Cox, Chris Proctor, Carl Helms, Iohn Lagana, Bill Calvert, Tommy Caldwell, I? 1 , . ,1 V 'L . 'I-ww..--...,,,, s N '-fail: :- : E..-'1-:- ,gm ,V , N , Q-,s-3 - ,, ,., - , - -if ,, , ,V ., 1 'ti' "fig" f .mae 1 season. The most outstanding players of the sea- son were Tommy Caldwell, Billy Calvert, Tom- my Cox, Danny Epps, and john Lagana. Although the team played inconsistently, they were good in rebounding and shooting. It was found this year that the close shots and fast breaks have been the best plays for the team. EAS QQAST' 'EAST 2154357 -ef: ,Z J 1.-hr' ,pl B H5924 4 ii t . 'Iv L. l,J?'f '7 QAST. 2 rr., "TAC f' Coach Hood gets together with the team for one of his half-time "confer- ,I 871065. Although it looks like David Harkey has a long arm, it's really Ted Edwards. ,, ""'f"W- 'mill . ,A xml L f . ,yn ' SCUREBUARD East 5 56 Catholic East 48 Myers Park East 46 North , , . 1 M East , 42 Garinger J East .,.s 46 Gastonia gk Q East .. . 45 Asheville gi East 53 South 4 is .V.Z East .i4,. 62 Harding ,. It g,,- East ,,.s , . 55 West . . . 'ii-'i t's- 55353 f,A: t1',t: East 6 . . 54 North . N ,tr 1'-f , I Agig East 5 . 50 Myers Park ' 'Iirr East . 5 . 50 Gastonia tst, ,'5' - f r tt East 61 Garinger " t-t-f ' t"' 4 East 4 53 Asheville 4 East . 40 South , . s EAST UN THE IIARDWUUD Looks like David l-larkey is mocking the referee. 1 il. it 1. "The Angry Young Man" ff l I . ,. 2? A 3 ,, , Y, 2 Zi, 5 ii' . W , 4-V, f , :A-Q.. 1 , A-r . ,',..:.5, . 5, f., , ,v ,Q . . " 2.1! 9, 'N Wig-" Q " 11 ' ""' mm ' W s ' wr -.Heal-4:-' am? 'W - . . .gt "':,,s xf""? "' 1-MQM,-Ti3'T:Q7vgA,i.. w'2fw'.l' ' ' still. ' ' Lk'-as 2' , '33 -,fmffaf 'ft Kneelmg Wayne ones Larry Starnes llmmy White Eric ones Ray Iohnson, Randy Deutsch, F1rst row Will Ford Mike Denton Ken Altizer Doug Berg Harry Boyte, Carl King, Bill Second row Gordon Burns Mike Todd Sandy Stokes Gary Orr Frankie Price, David Potter, TR fl! Finishing the 1961 season, the track team had one of the best records that East has ever had. Harry Boyte, Bill Little, Tommy Ross, and Wayne Serrett were the top scorers. Except for a loss in the opening meet, Wayne Serrett was undefeated in the hundred yard dash. In the Queen City Relays, East placed third. The Eagles came in eighth in the Duke-Durham Relays. Harry Boyte, Tommy Ross, and Wayne Serrett were sent to the State meet where they placed third. lu-rnping a hurdle, Bolo Wilson certainly looks like an "Eagle in flight." 'VZ '? X, , l 1 ly 52,46 1.-'?+e"H. V. M , ,Wm Q Left to right: Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Hood, Mr. Williams, Mr. Free, Mr. Iones. Not pictured: 0A CIIES G M N GER Coach Williams, head of the athletic department, coached both football and track. Coach Hood coached varsity basketball and junior varsity foot- ball. Coach Jones coached basball and helped with football. Coach Browne helped coach football besides teaching Driver Education. Mr. Hamilton coached the Iunior varsity basketball and golf. Mr. Free coached our new swimming team. The managers are a very essential part of the East High Sports Program. Among other things they issue equipment, have enough soap and towels on hand after practice or a game, keep rooms used by athletes neat and clean, administer to wounds, make sure that all equipment is brought in after practice, take water to players during time-outs, and have medicine kits fully stocked before games. The managers help to keep the sports activities at East to remain organized. Wilford Kale, public relations lim Campbell, lack Campbell, Ellison Honey- cutt, Rob Cirard, managers. I A CTIVITIES rl ,I I , ff "W" l xx -5. 0llR ACTIVE STAR . . . Looking into his telescope, the stargazer finds many hright activities crowding the year spent at East. It was sometimes difficult to find time for these activities in busy schedules, hut as they found a place in our schedules they also found a place in our hearts. Page .Q One Hundred Three , za 2' EXECUTIVE COUNCIL STUDENT C0llNCll The Student Council of 1961-1962 set its goals high and has worked diligently to attain them. The council had to strive extra hard this year because the schedule change necessitated meeting after school. Nevertheless the yearly projects proved to be successful and beneficial. As always, Homecom- ing was exciting, and the Variety Show, "Over the Rainbow," was a real treasure. During periodical night sessions the Student Council held workshops for overall evaluation and improvement. Through Public Relations, a stand- ing committee, students from feeder schools and other senior high schools attended the workshops to exchange ideas. For its successful year the Student Council owes much to its adviser, Mr. Charles E. Free, for his loyalty and hard work. Seated: Chuck Barton, Bob Wilson, Carol lean Harkey, Charles Griffin, Mr. Free, adviser. Second row: Carl King, lane Williams, Betsy Ramsey, Cina Peixoto, Culler, Linda Leopold, Powell Huitt, Bill Crier, Bobbie Pool. The Executive Council, the nucleus of the' Student Council, is composed of the officers, standing committee chairmen, and our foreign exchange student. It is the duty of this council to serve the school through the upholding of East's foundation, the Honor System. The members of the Executive Council meet and talk if ' 1 5 . Linda with those who have failed to meet the standards of Honor at East. The Student Council is operated around this body through the leadership of committee chairmen working with a committee of representative students. 2 f 3 : . 5 . , J ' g .. I ? 2 Q9!9 '-t 1 'rl' F A L , ..,f' ", , ' V 1:1-iff' n S V .' Cnucx BARTON Bon WILSON President Vice-President First row: Mr. Free, adviser, Chuck Barton, president, Bob Wilson, vice-president, Carol lean Harkey, secretary, Charles Griffin, treasurer. Second row: Brenda Maynard, Mildred Craw- ford, Ioyce Turner, Barbara Huitt, Ioan Wilson, Linda Culler, Linda Leopold, Madeline Gray, Sheryl Key, Betsy Ramsey, Mari- lyn Lowry, jackie Stack, Ann Sutton. Third row: Becky Holliday, jimmy Funderburke, Dick Shaw, Ray Iohnson, Powell Huitt, Bill Grier, john Craig, Gina Peixoto, Carol Stuart, Bill Lowry, Jerry Pierce, Dickie Forbis. Fourth row: Barbara Slaven, Iudy Martin, Bonnie Eicher, Betty Carriker, Patty Effron, Bobbie Pool, loyce Anderson, Wanda Christenbury, Anna Flatt, Dorothy 4. ri ' 3 'E "' ' f Gb' 4 , Z 1' I in 3. 6 ay.-.Q--v CAROL IEAN HARKEY CHARLES GRIFFIN Secretary Treasurer Crowder, lanie Helms. Fifth row: Wilford Kale, Iimmy Tillot- son, Rob Girard, Maria Deviney, Saundra Hallman, Steve Smith, jamie Farquharson, Lutricia Alexander, Gloria Hutchison, Mel- donna Griffin, Marianne Bell, Bill Carr. Sixth row: lane Wil- liams, Paul Smith, ludy Ramsey, john Guy, Bobby Threatt, Baron Bartlett, Bobby Cook, Ioyce Deaton, Sandy Pickett, Carl King. Seventh row: Gary Orr, lack Dowd, Mike Todd, Bobby Murr, Hayden Roberts, Bill Kissiah, Norman Iunker, Kenny Thomton, Ken Pittman, Tommy Caldwell, Ted Edwards, Larry Hewitt, Martin Brackett, Bill Smith. P rv' 'Q i 2 i s 3 l Q f i - E .a 4 ' E i Z 1: 2 Ii 1 T it ? 5 E 1 3 . ' Q i ? ' 1 1 4 ' i T 2 s I 5 .M-it 4, i 2 ' E W 3 Z 5 11 l 2 2 if i 5 3 2 3 f f it it i 2 3 . , i i +i A 'r E :Q , i r 1 5 Z . S E 5 i . 1 v r ' 1 2 z 5 l E 2 S E S ! l i 2 I Q 5 -in -Q' A-. wf 1- JN.. lg . Th A N 3 r 'AWV ' PETER BRIDGE Assistant Editor lx1ELDONNA GRIFFIN Editor-in-Chief CARTER 1-IEYWARD Assistant Editor LORRIE DOHERTY Assistant Editor Seated at typewriters: Nancy Hall, Dottie Iackson, Diane Groto phorst, Typists, Kneeling: Peter Bridge, Assistant Editor. First row: Elaine Russell, lane Williams, Club Editors, Anne Dulin, Ralph Simpson, Sophomore Class Editors, Anna Flatt, Patty DeLaney, lunzor Class Editors, Nancy Horner, Ioan Craig, Senior Class Edi- tors, Lorrie Doherty,Carter Heyward,Assistant Editors. Second row: Iudy Miller, Lynn Forbis, Iane Horner, Artists, Lena Swofford, HJ- I.-'AST I-'DITURIAI STAFF Ideas for the 1962 EAST VVIND began to stir in the spring of 1961. The new staff began to pour out new ideas and suggestions for the approval and disapproval of the new editor, Meldonna Griffin, and the adviser, Miss Thelma Laws. Miss Laws and Meldonna carried these ideas along with them to the annual S. 1. P. A. Convention at Washington and Lee Uni- versity, where they attended lectures, panels, and round-table discus- sions created to help yearbook staffs in planning for the coming year. They also shared with the representatives from other schools their own experiences and ideas as they participated in panel discussions. Meldonna served on two panels, "The Editor's lobn and "The Selec- tion and lmplementation of the Theme." Miss Laws presided over The Advisers' Round Table for schools with an enrollment of more than 500. As a climax to the three-day convention, at the Awards Luncheon on Saturday the EAST WIND was awarded a First Place Award. Upon returning, Meldonna informed the new staff of what was "inn and "out" in the way of yearbook publication. The idea for the theme was the first big thing. The staff, after having seen and having helped with various themes for the yearbook, chose "East-a Galaxy of Stars" as the theme. Then the work really began. Throughout the months from September 'til February, the staff worked long and hard-but with fun and enjoyment-to produce for you, who made the "galaxy of stars" possible, an ever endearing memory of your '61-'62 school year at East. Literary Editor, Iudy Clontz, Copy Editor, Cheryl Matthews, Picture Editor, Norman lunlcer, Sports Editor, Madeline Gray, Copy Editor, jan Lemmond, Literary Editor, Linda Bates, Ioan Wilson, Faculty Editors, Rob Girard, Sports Editor, Gloria Hut- chison, Lynne Phillip, Feature Editors, Miss Thelma Laws, Adviser, Meldonna Griffin, Editor-in-Chief. it , .I ,.. A . A-M WND BUSINESS STAFF The EAST WIND Business Staff consists of a business manager, three assistants, and homeroom representatives. Mr. Andrews advises the staff in its work of financing the publication. A good bit of the annuals income comes from ad sales. During the summer, members of the staff began the selling campaign by visiting the business firms in the area and soliciting ads. Sales continued through October. Qther income is derived from the sale of the book and of class pictures. Because of the Business Staff's untiring work, the cost of the annual was held to a minimum. Z 5 5. C? 1 X. ,u .M 01: First row: Mr. Andrews, adviserg Pat Mullis, Assistant Business Manager, Patty Daniel, Assistant Business Manager, Lynda Mur- chison, Assistant Business Manager. Second row: Barbara Huitt, Candie Crumly, Donna Gantt, HaITiet Todd, Sheryl Scarbrough, Carolyn Tickle, Sandra Haney, Pam Bennett, Linda Ruth Iohn- son, Ricky Ballentine, Bobby Edwards, David Brewster, Amy Griscom, Sandy Schwartz. Third row: Brenda Maynard, Sandy r, ,h p z- L. f-'S C" A 'vi fb a Y .xg 6 fig,-f. 'mi' 5- Q-'T' N ,,. PATTY DANIEL Assistant Business Manager PAT MULLIS Assistant Business Manager i 5 1211 i ..,- f if Pickett, Karen Coaker, Judy Robinson, Iane O'Brien, Linda Rush- ing, Carol Gibson, Marjorie Brown, Jane Bolton, jean Lemmond, Anne Epps, Susan Stennett, Kathy Buck, Carol Stuart. Fourth row: Betty Jane Hodges, Bae Baucom, Colleen Floyd, Suanna Kemensky, Steve Watson, jimmy Roberts, Diane Stilwell, Linda Iohnston, Betty Carriker, Sherry Simpson. Fifth row: Ronnie York, Vinny Cardinal, Ierry Holladay, Tim Bagwell. Page One Hundred Seien juny MARTIN Business Manager LYNDA MURCIIISON Assistant Business Manager ff,"-' 'a fc'-W' ! an is 4 zrgle Published monthly by members of the two jour- nalism classes, The Eagle covers school events in news articles, features, and editorials. Last year The Eagle won the first place award and over-all trophy for newspapers in the over-one- thousand enrollment division at the Southern Inter- ? . . . . . , scholastic Press Association convention at Washing- i- l ton and Lee University. Also, the paper won a first place award in editorials and second place in make- jovora DEATON P.-xfrry EFFRON Editor Busmess Manage' up at the North Carolina Scholastic Press Institute convention at the University of North Carolina. o o Echlarlul Stuff Seated: Bonnie Eicherg Ioyce Deaton, Editor-in-Chiefg Wilford Leopold, Maleta Baucom, Carolyn Pence. Kale, Assvciafe Edimfi Madeline Gray- Third row: Ierry Holladay, Bill Kissiah, Powell Huitt, Steve Second row: Lena Swofford, Betty Hartley, Mrs. Stevenson, Burns, Ioyce Robertson. adviserg 'Topsy Greenwood, Sue Glassgow, Sandie Crumly, Linda ' W-PRUFPKT LATER RELIGION mcuuunt ,v, , 1. ' A J N ,xx 7 .-f' 'X IT" 3- I l I'Y get . RELIGION 'Q , . Ili ETERMINE a- AGRICU LT CHOOSE A s X tl. ll 439 .ls,MgxXxXl X -s ' . ' gpm, . ' ww , T f, lm , 6 . , , .- f ?'l A fm, 1 1 I' i s li itz, -1' Seated: Mary Dale Lowe, Patty Effron, Business Managerg Topsy Greenwood, Brenda Mayes. Standing: Ioan Wilson, Susan Litwak, Charles Griffin, Anna Flatt. Business Staff The business staff of The Eagle for the 1961- 1962 school year has sold approximately forty ads. Brought in by those ads was well over nine hundred dollars. Last year for the first time students other than those in the journalism classes could join the selling staff. As a result, with the money brought in by the advertisements plus the subscription price paid by each student, The Eagle paid for its own publica- tion. Lena Swofford led the list of those selling the most ads. Anna Flatt and Susan Litwak ran close behind. i ' SJ I. 4 X1 'VII I , 6' 2 u -2 Interest in journalism grew rapidly during the year. Here we see Betty Hartley at the typewriter, loyce Deaton and Patty lif-fron working on the layout of the paper, and Wilford Kale working on his sports write-up. Page One Hundred Nine 1 45" Seated: Marianne Bell, Business Illanagerg Sheryl Key, Editor. Standing: Doug Boliclc, Maria Deviney, Assistant Editors: lim Kennington, Claudia Pickett, Sue Glassgow, Saundra Hallman, Bill Kissiah, Miss Upchurch, Adviser. I 1 ,Ml SHERYL KEY Editor MARIANNB BELL Business Manager Tll 1-'YRIE The Eyrie, East Mecklenburgs literary magazine, was printed in its third edition this spring. It contained the best essays, poems, and short stories written during the year by the English classes. The purpose of the Eyrie and its staff is to promote an interest in creative and expository writing among the student body and to bring recognition to those whose writings have been chosen most outstanding. lt is the Wish of the Eyrie staff that this magazine will serve as an inspiration to all English students. Qlllll G SCRO l Quill and Scroll is an international honorary society for high school journalists, whose purpose is to encourage and to reward individual achievement in journalism and allied fields. Membership in this organization widens a student's horizon, increases his journalistic perspective, and gives him the prestige of belonging to a scholastic society. The chapter at East Mecklenburg is named for Kays Cary, a columnist and reporter on The Charlotte Observer staff. Each year Mr. Gary presents an award to an out- standing student based on attitude, contribution to his staff, and writing ability. The 1961 award went to Arthur Skibbe. Membership in the Kays Gary Chapter is limited to "B-" average students on the editorial or business staffs of the EAST WIND, The Eagle, and The Eyrie. Roddey Brandes, president, and Mrs. Stevenson plan the in- duction of new members. First row: Mrs. Stevenson, adviser. Fourth row: Wilford Kale, vice-president, Carol Gibson, Ioyce Second row: Betsey Ramsey, treasurer, Bill Kissiah, Gloria Hut- Demon' l0YCe Turner, Meld0DU2 Griffin- chison, Lynne Philipp, Carol Stuart, Linda Rushing. Fifth row: Roddey Brandes, president, Patty Effron, Mary Dale Third row: jane Homer, secretary, Madeline Gray, lane Diltz, Lows, loan Wil50nf Rae Baucom- Sheryl Key, Nancy Horner. ., an if . B5 EEE ,7 -um A .-A-. A . , T7 a .1 2 3 it b .23 First row: Joyce Turner, Bonnie Eicher, Chief Marshalg Sheryl Key. Second row: Ioan Wilson, Linda Culler. Third row: Glinda Trull, Lynne Phillip, Linda Bates, Linda Lilly. Fourth row: Patty Effron, Carol Alexander. Fifth row: Meldonna Griffin, Warren Lonon, -lane Williams, Gloria Hutchison. MAR IIALS' One of the most outstanding service and honor organi- BONNIE EICHER Chief illarshal zations at East is the marshals. This recognition lies in the fact that the marshals are the fifteen students having the highest averages at the end of the first semester of r . . . 5. M' ffm S1 their junior year. 'W' ff A' . 'll' The service of the marshals is evidenced by their mar- fr . . . . ., if . shaling at various school functions, such as the Variety i at ,Q Show'and assemblies. The group is responsible for usher- ' V I , a 1 1 a n ' ing and distributing programs. The big moment of the g . , - marshals is at graduation, when they lead the senior -ar" -' i procession at the Baccalaureate Sermon and at the Com- mencement Services. 1 if .f.,, Members of the National Honor Society, an honor club composed of students with an A-minus average, are selected on the basisiof character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Inductees are chosen the last semester of their junior year or during their senior year. Activities during the year were the induc- tion service, the Faculty Tea, and the Na- tional Honor Society Convention. The club presented the annual savings bond to the "Most Outstanding Sophomore" and a scholarship to a deserving senior who was not a member of the Honor Society. All of these were financed by the sale of personal- ized stationery. Honor Society members have several spe- cial privileges not granted to non-members. For instance: Written excuses are not neces- sary for absences and tardies, and impressive NHS gold satin stoles are worn by members at baccalaureate and graduation. The club's year was quite successful with the help of its new adviser, Miss M. Davis. First row CAROL ALEXANDER CATI-IY ALEXANDER CHUCK BAJIFON LINDA BATES Third row PATH EFFRON BONNIE EIC!-LER MADELINE GRAY MELDONNA GRIFFIN Fifth row WARREN LONON GINA PEIXOTO IOYCE TURNER IANE WILLIAMS Second row RAE BAUOOM lVlARIAN'NE BELL LINDA CULLER TED EDWARDS Fourth row CAROL JEAN HARKEY GLORIA I-IUTOHISON SHERYL KEY IAN LEMMOND Sixth row IOAN WILSON NATIDNIIL IIUNUR SUCH-'TY . Q.. na, f ' I Q I -.L 4, ' 14, li Q 5 13' xl I i gin .1 fin, 7 Ti gy wr ,V rf A Q ,L .-.gvyypjw ,. .-,, ' t 1 O Q' if O fyo is -F. Q ' . Ts A .LA 2 ff ' f , ' V, ie. I. ja.,- , - f 24 .J?4,,5M,, IQ., 'I ,. v.,.:g -H X ff ' V. ' I O 9 I A. o . 'E -"WBT .Q f a , we 'STR it 75- H fi. A I - ha V K- :tw , , ,' ,O G O f 'O I A ,., ,a, ,. ,,, Sar ah Q' M " A A . ' 0 'Ei A .O O ,O If me ... 6 T f Q x x .- ..,,', 1 y ,O L 'T I 4521 11:-' t , f '--. x 129 eo x Page One Hundred Thirteen AIPIIA CHAPTER First row: Iohn Craig, president, Marianne Bell, vice-presidentg Glinda Trull, recording secretaryg Bonnie Eicher, corresponding secremryg Madeline Gray, treasurer, Bill Lowry, parliamentarian. Second row: Miss Ianie Wood, adviser, Gina Peixoto, Bobbie Pool, Anna Flatt, Patty Effron, Linda Lilly, Judy Clontz, Linda Dil TA SIGMA CHAPTER First row: Ioyce Turner, president, Ian Lemmond, vice-president, Sheryl Key Tlzzrd row Nancy Horner Ann Iohnston Claudia Meldonna Griffin, secretary, Ioan Wilson, treasurer. Second row: Pickett Peter Bridge Phil Farrow Gloria Hutchison Marla Lynn Forbis, Carol lean Harkey, Sarah Dorton, Betsy Ramsey, Devmev . ' MAJ f ' fl "Q-is-snub, Cl UB Two inductions were held during the year by the Beta Club, a non-secret leadership and service club. A B-minus average, outstanding leadership, service, and character are prerequisites for membership. Sponsoring the Valentine Dance was the club's big project. Money for this was raised through the sale ol: doughnuts. Many members attended the state Beta Club convention in Raleigh in the spring. f' f 'is 'N L-4 , a... ""'il- , I K LQ , , ff- L t r .1 if ' Q ,.r A ,, . I 'bi-, whi m ' I , I fu ' 14525 :E 5. lohn Craig, president of the Alpha Chapter, pauses while Marianne Bell, vice-president, tells about next weeles pro- gram. ...ff was ,N ,sf First row: Betsy Meleney, treasurer, Carter Heyward, recording secretaryg Lynne Phillip, president: lane Bolton, corresponding secretary. Second row: Susan Litwak, Brenda Woodard, Delores Lingerfelt, Lena Swofford, Betty Parker, Anne Peacock, Carol Stockton, Candie Crumly, Lorrie Doherty. Third row: Charles Griffin, lean Lemmond, Carolyn Balch, Dorothy Crowder, Rita Stafford, Sally Wentz, Patsy Howell, Donnis Watson, ludy Ramsey. KAPPA GAMMA CHAPTER Members of the Beta Club prepare a poster for their Sweetheart Dance. Page One Hundred Fifteen E - F ll, no it il M 4 1 , V 5 Seated: Mr. Andrews, adviserg Linda Rushing. Linda Murchison, Harriet Todd, Carolyn Tickle, Carol Gibson, Sandra Belk, Patty Daniel, Iudy Martin. Hard-working members of the Business Staff of the EAST WIND who sold at least a hundred dollars worth of ads were invited to join the Hundred Dollar Club, a new club at East this year. These people alone sold more than half the ads for the annual. It is hoped that the existence of this club will inspire future members of the selling staff to be- come eligible for membership. Page One Hundred Sixteen Patty Daniel, Linda Murchison, and Iudy Martin reminisce over the work of the past year. URI!-'HTA TIUN CUMMITTEE Under the supervision of the Guidance Counselors, the Orientation Committee, composed of many selected upperclassmen, dealt with acquainting incoming students with East's policies and activities. In the spring of 1961, the committee began its work by visiting the various feeder schools and presenting to the ninth graders a program about East Mecklenburg, placing more emphasis on the noneacademic activities of the school. Ei f nv -if ,X .gk i., WA-ig vans- J-X 4-SA H fn... When school began in the fall the new sophomores were offered a concentrated picture of the school and were guided in their homerooms by two upperclassmen, a "big brother and sister." A "Mardi Gras" sockehop, spon- sored by the committee, gave the sophomores a chance to get acquainted with each other. Grientation was, by no means, a short, conclusive pro- gram. It was a continuing process throughout the year of growth and understanding among the students and faculty members. 3 '-,,W,-,,- G'-gn ,..,-L 4 NL Y A4 V BMJ Seated: Betty Harkey, Ioan Wilson, Phil Farrow, Sheryl Key, Ioyce Tumer, Dickie Forbis, Peter Bridge, Mr. Hagan, adviser. Second row: Ianice Hotch- kiss, Brenda Maynard, Lena Swofford, Carol lean Harkey, Ian Lemmond, Judy Clontz, Lorrie Doherty, Ianie Hocutt, Candie Crumly, Billie Ann Cline, Linda Leopold, Patty Daniel, Madeline Gray. Third row: Sandy Pickett, Bonnie Liles, Doug Bolick, VVilford Kale, Patty DeLaney, Sarah Dorton, Joyce Canady, Carter Heyward, Lynne Phillip, Bobbie Pool, Sue Glassgow, Susan Starer, lane Bolton. Fourth row: Bob Taylor, Charles Griffin, Brenda Mayes, Anna Flatt, Dorothy Crowder, Betsey Meleney, ,lane O'Brien, Linda Bates, Meldonna Griffin, Tim Bagwell, Wilna Eury, Betsv Ramsey, Sandy Hopper. Fifth row: Barbara Fleenor, Bae Baucom, loyce Deaton, Gloria Hutchison, Walter Lineberger, Chuck Barton, Powell Huitt, Dick Shaw, Marion Redd, Charles Elliot, lim Dotson. Sixth row: lane VVilliams, Pam Hoyle, Wade Sloan, Bob Girard, Ken Altizer, Bill Kissiah, Bob VVilson, Iudy Ramsey, Iohn Guy, Boddey Brandes. Orientation Steering Committee members Phil Farrow, Betty Harkey, Peter Bridge, Ioan Wilson, and Dickie Forlais look over the past years work in orientation. Nav, Seated: Carl King, vice-presidentg Ted Edwards president Bill Lowry treasurer Standing Powell Huitt, Bob Wilson, Charles Griffin, Chuck Barton KEY Clll ln the field of entertainment the East Mecklenburg Key Club excelled. At both the Senior Class Banquet and the Variety Show the Senior members performed their famed "can-canl' in full dress "unif0rm." Of course, "entertainment" is not the main purpose of the Key Club. During the year the club had many projects. Weeks of intensive planning went into both the club-sponsored sockhops-the Zombee Jamboree and the Bohemian Hayless Hay Dance, and much work was done by the club members to make the annual Miss East High contest the big success it was. One of the many things the Key Club did to "help outn around the school was to assist the cheerleaders in decorating the stadium before all home football games. No higher honor can come to a boy than to be accepted as a member of the Key Club, for this is a recognition of his high character, scholarship, and outstanding qual- ities of leadership. Only the most outstanding boys in the student body are accepted. Humlred Eighteen Through many interesting films, speakers, and other types of programs, the El Circulo Espanol furthered the members' knowledge and understand- ing of Spanish-speaking people. The club had two money-making projects during the year: selling engraved plates and selling candy at Christmas. Trying to stimulate an interest in Spanish among the student body, the club spon- sored Spanish Week in February, during which club members decorated bulletin boards and gave Iudy Hankins, secretary, Marty Claus, vice-president, and Nor- man Iunker, president, put up a poster advertising Mexico. devotions over the P. A. A gala banquet at the end of the year highlighted the club's activities. lg, .8 1 cm u o fsmwo p, a 'tl- L 2 I Members of the spanish Club are helping to plan the Coming 1 , Seated: Brenda Maynard, treasurer, Marty Claus, vice-president, Norman Iunker, president, Iudy Hankins, secretary. Second row: Patty Daniel, Beth Lawing, Linda Ingram, jan Hitchcock, Cor- nelia Cochrane, Marilyn Bowers, Marilyn Lowry, Lynn Stennett, Millie Hood, Polly Davenport, Janice Hurst, Linda Black, jan Galloway, Melissa Maynard, Linda Owen, Mr. Stinson, adviser. Third row: Sue Bingham, Martha Bryant, Linda Holland, Sarah Dorton, Charles Elliot, David Cotter, Cheryl Matthews, Terrie Helms, Richard Gordon, Pat Russell, Edwin Swicegood, Wilna Eury, Rachel Blankenship, Bobby Stack, Ronnie Aldridge. -sl .lip i -0, ..a:a. A , . r - . fl ' f ' sr . l'a5ff'L , fl. 7,..f,,1s- - ft "- N f M five: .5 .Ll eral! .y Ji' W i jf, 1 t UI' Dickie Forhix, tretzszwerg ,llmleliue Cray, president: Powell Huitt, rice-prcsiticrlrq line Btmcom, fecrctmy, prepare for the induction of lZCll'17IUHll7L'lAN. LA TIN CUIB -Ck if . I I "This is ri piece of the Coliseum," says Betty Harkey as she speaks to the Latin Club about her trip to Europe. First row: Judy Miller, Nancy Crier, Beverly Blanchard, Barbara Huitt, Linda McKay, Powell Huitt, vice-president, Madeline Cray, president, Dickie Forbis, treasurer, Rae Baucom, secretary, Ware Botsford, Beverly Kennedy, Jane Query, Betty Harkey. Second row: Billie Ann Cline, Lucy Pope, Marilyn Bowers, Har- riet Campbell, Cheryl Tripp, Ann Icard, Cay Winstead, Fran Joslin, Judy Williams, Ann Butler, Carol Babula, Judy Gregory, Sheryl Key. Third row: Jackie Fisher, Diane Crotophorst, Melody Stancill, Becky Love, Mrs. Purvis, adviser. Fourth row: Betty A99 Students who have taken or are now taking Latin are eligible for membership in the Latin Club. The club is associated with the state and the national Junior Classical League. The pur- poses of the Latin Club are to stimulate interest in the language and classical world and to complement classroom study. This year the club sponsored a sock hop in the fall. The money from this project was used to purchase supplementary books for the Latin classes. On March seventeenth, the mem- bers attended the state Junior Classical League convention at the University of North Carolina at which the club conducted the workshop on "Latin Week." ln the spring the club held Latin Week. During this week the members gave the morning devotions, placed posters around the school, and made bulletin boards for each classroom. At the end of the week the club held its annual Roman banquet at which the members, dressed in togas, returned to the days of early Rome. On Awards Day in 1961 a silver key was presented to Arthur Skibbe in recognition of his outstanding service to the club. Hodges, Dawn Kerley, Lee Mitchell, Joyce Riemenschneider, Stephanie Whitlock, Karen Anderson, Mary Ann Keziah, Brenda Hilliard, Linda Lemmond, Sandra Henson, Sylvia Canup, Carol Smith, Becky Holladay, Steve Hobbs, Marion Redd, Walter Line- berger, Jane Williams. Fifth row: Dennis Doherty, Jim Irby, George Evans, Dickie Bennett, David Ewing, Bob Provence, Rob- ert Lowry, Lock Lockhart, Rick Jenkins, Steve Johnson, Walter Dudley, Harry Boyte, Jimmy Traylor, Ronnie York. SQ U ,hfjshm li' l at ET" Y "lv, 9 4' M. 6 I .ff if -0 Uh I . tiwivifrfi 1M Q7 44, 4 .. is x , !- ' , ..,7.-W ggi? Seated: Ann Iohnston, vice-president, Maria Deviney, president, Greenwood, Diane Burnette, Carolyn Pence. Third row: Miss Buddy Sumner, treasurer, Anne Peacock, secretary. Second row: Choate, adviser, Sharon Brown, Barbara Bates, Lynda Murchison, Eddie Rhodes, Iimmy Rape, Dale Merrill, Anne Dulin, Iune Brenda Mayes, Karen Anderson, Paula McKittrick, Mike Sulli- Fortess, Pam Bennett, Betsy Meleney, Diane Rumble, Topsy van, Mac Blankenship, Russell Abernethy. - lfW'u. ' FRENCH Clll Designed primarily to supplement work in the regular classes, the French Club is an honor club. The programs include lectures, films, and speakers -all of which are planned to acquaint the members with French life and culture. The French Club sponsored the annual French Week, during which the members gave morning devotionals, and exhibited a display of French art for the benefit of the student body. This year, the French department offered, for the first time at East, a course in third year French. Resembling the march on the Bastille, the French Club members crowd around the tape recorder. Page One Ilzuzdred Twenty-one STRIBUTIVE D CA ON CLUB Beverly Hinkle, editor of East's D.E. newspaper SALESCHECK, gives instructions to reporters Sandy Avant, Bettina Tarlton, Lynn Funderhurke, and Indy Anderson and typist Sue Brown. xxx ---ts,--' ,Z , ,'-,,"'Et"5 First row: Sandy Avant, president, Bettina Tarlton, first vice-presidentg Inez Reeder, second vice-presidentg Linda Mann, associate president, Lynn Funderburke, secretary, Linda Furr, treasurer, Beverly Hinkle, promotion editor, Barbara Banks, historiang Tommy Swinson, president of junior D.E. Second row: Tommy Stophel, Arthur Williams, Carolyn Baker, janet Helms, Darlene Williams, Sylvia Williams, Reatha Adams, Sue Brown, lean Tinsley. Third row: Dale Fennell, Linda Russell, 'x D.E. is not all work. Barbara Banks, Inez Reeder, Io Ann Brown, and lady Helms enjoy dancing with their dates at one of the cluh parties. ' os.-..-,..'........., Sylvia Waynick, Steve Hunter, Frank Hall, Iudy Helms, Mike Dula, Lucille Boone, Ruby Wilkinson, Linda Blackman, Beverly Taylor. Fourth row: Terry jenkins, limmy Rogers, Ronnie Mullis, Pete Allen, jimmy Mclntyre, Tommy Matthews, David Keziah, jimmy Cox, Robert Reaves, johnny Helms, Judy Anderson. Not pictured: Charles Allen, Diane Thompson. The purpose of the Distributive Education Club is to further the knowledge of the business world and also to provide an organization to take care of the social activities which D. E. students might miss by being in school a half-day only. The club was most active during the entire year, participat- ing in local, state, and national conventions which emphasize leadership training. The club sponsored the following projects: preparing a Christmas box for the needy, surveying shopper's preferencesg publishing a local D.E. department newspaper, the Salescheclcg selling Christmas cards, surveying to find out what students like best and least about East, and providing a faculty shopping service. The highlight of the D.E. Clubis activities for the year was the Bosses' Banquet at which the students entertained their employers. This was a formal affair with approximately four hundred people present. E l At state convention in Greensboro, East students carn- ,. -E-5' ,A paigned for Linda Holmes, who was elected vice-president tttt 1 -as and represented Nortli Carolina at tlze national convention 2 1 N in Chicago. , I Sandy Avant, first place winner in tbe public speak- ing contest, congratulates second place winner in the job interview contest, Bettina Tarlton, at South- western District convention. ug., W. 1 1 r 1 A. QA, 1 'wr .Kg vb age I? E nu..-sw' 115 East students and bosses were among the four hundred persons attending the annual Bosses' Banquet. . Sandra Avant, D.E. Club Presidentg Winner First Place Public Speaking Contest Southwestern Dis- trict in 1960 and 1961. ii, 4" 44:3 -. ' ff' 1n our D.E. class we study Marketing and Distribution. 5 . l i 4 ? r i t -5 Q. 3 -fl I-'IIT ll BUSINES HAD R UF AMERICA H 'D Punrngg 9' Enrngy Utsrugy ,X gnu.: sustn roua -- Hllflfflm IQILITY W A,S,D,F,G,H,l,K,L-The F.B.L.A. believes that practice makes perfect. D lv Members of the F.B.L.A. help Linda Bates, president, plan for the coming programs. The Future Business Leaders of America Club strove this year to instill in its members a helpful knowledge of the busi- ness world-what it could do for them and what they could do for it. The E.B.L.A. Club was honored a number of times with the privilege of having wellequalified business people as speakers. F.B.L.A. aided a needy family at Thanksgiving and Christ- mas. The club also observed Business Education Day, attended the State Convention at Durham, and went on two tours of business concerns in Charlotte. The club, for the first time, conducted a follow-up survey on former members of the F.B.L.A. The F.B.L.A. Club had a Christmas social and a party at the close of school to celebrate the end of a year's hard work. Seated: Dot jackson, treasurer, Paula Burch, secretary, Linda Bates, Carolyn Linker, Nancy Robinson, Iudy White. Third row: Anne president, Vivian VVilliams, vice-presiclentg Vickie Cray, reporter. Second Marie Burns, Ann Brooks, Beverly Collier, Carol Taylor. Dianne Atwell, row: Lucy Moore, Martha VVillis, Linda Lilly, Carol Alexander, Edna Meldonna Criffin, Linda Allen, Elaine Carriker, lean Orr, Sandra Harrall, jackie Bryant, Pat Crump, Harriet Todd, Elizabeth Woodle, Haney. , aff? , ff, 'E , P , ,sv -ai? f ' ' e Affffff X .IV 1, :I l . 1 , 1 4 ac:--.f"f" l lll 5 I ' r i E 9 FTA adviser Miss Magdeline Parker flefti, president X Carol Stuart fseatedl, and chairman loyce Canady f A pore over college catalogues and yearhooks. ,Q ,Av ,A 5 1 .Q S, , s i' " sf f ' .- graft :EY J VEEQT , , ei? " ...A ' V ' iii -alia -2 ..,v,L14.2iig,-Lj3f,5Q:L O iff r J ,Q it Q, P . ' 5 1 t3 m 5 1 5... - arf Future Teachers of America are -lisa--an V A' husy packing cookies to send I-'UTIIR TE Clll-'RS to former members who are now in college. i 2 C7 First row: Mrs. M. Parker, adviser, Carol Stuart, president, Canady, vice-president, Brenda Maynard mond, treasurer. Second row: joan Wilson Gregory, Linda Ruth johnson, Nancy Linda Leopold, Nancy Grier. Third row: 7 secretary, jean Donnis Watson, Baird, Miriam Iudy Freeland, Ioyce Lem- Iudy Furr, Lena Teacher Appreciation Day, American Education Week, and College Night were three major projects sponsored by the Future Teachers of America Club this year. College Night, held on November 16, was the most outstanding of these projects. Hundreds of students and their parents attended the event and talked to college represent-atives from the various colleges both in North Carolina and outside the state. Swofford, Linda Holland, Susan Starer, Melissa Maynard, Susan Reichard, Iudy Wright, Maxie Rayford, Kathy Buck. Fourth row: George Vaughn, Neil Andrew, Claudia Pickett, Diane Groto- phorst, Christine Serigstad, Anna Flatt, Sue Glassgow, Dorothy Crowder. The club also attended the state convention at Lenoir Rhyne College in Hickory. Ar mid-semester they sent cookies to former students of the F.T.A. and helped teachers grade exams. At the end of the school year, a deserving senior was presented a scholarship on Awards Day. Page One Hundred Twenty we Kiif K .Q af Hi First row: Lane Gillespie, Nancy Hall, Iudy Ghipley, Carol Gibson, Iean Orr, treasurerg Sandy Pickett, secretary, Becky Simpson, vice-president. Second row: Miss Williams, adviserg Beverly Helms, Kay Harris, Sandy Overton, Dawn Gurlee, Ann Blevins, Ioan Moon, Linda Harris, Barbara Katzen. FUTURE IIUMEMAIH-'RS 0F AMERICA Getting a wider understanding of the fields of home economics is one of the main goals of the Future Home- makers of America. This was done through demonstra- tions, speakers, and active club participation. The FHA. gives three degrees of achievement. Re- ceiving lunior Homemaker degrees in 1961 were Iudy Fleenor, Donna Niven, and Wanda Ghristenbury. For the first time in many years two girls qualified for Ghap- I This conclave of FHA's members seem to be cooking up something. Sugar 'n Spice 'n everything nice go into the Fl-lA's nioney-making project. Page One Hundred Twenty-six ter Homemaker degrees-Garol Little and Garol Taylor. Highlights of the year included a state and district rally. During F.H.A. week members were responsible for devotions. During Christmas they decorated the school lobby. The main money-making project was the selling of candy and peanuts. , ,. I' .... .r.fm5g...' 2 .ru V N -.vlv .' I A T al K . i - in f ' tm . 'T' Q - 'Qt' I? f- L- ' - In az 5 , . , T i'sref W e ' Q 1 . Y jr 6 v I F The officers of the F.F.A. work tediously on their projects. A very active club at East Mecklenburg this past year was the Future Farmers of America. The mem' bers learned how to use vocational knowledge to the best of their ability for the benefit of their homes, community, and nation. Two purebred Hereford heifers, purchased by the Citizens Bank of Charlotte, were placed on the farms of Gilbert Black and Leon Ferguson. Mickey Cochran and Perry Harris entered a feeding con- test with beef calves and won a hundred dollars each. Some of the results of the home projects were: Harley Harris won a thirty dollar prize in elec- tricity at the State Conventiong the Sears Roebuck bull, kept by Bill McComb, won fifth place in the stateg and Frank Brawley and Douglas Flowe re- ceived the Carolina Farmer Degree at the State Convention in Raleigh. In August twelve boys attended White Lake F.F.A. Camp. FUTURE FARMERS 0E AMERICA First row: Eddie Brewer, treasurerg Ted Pigg, Mike Mcllroy, Tommy Black, presidentg Larry Morton, john Durai, Bill McWhirter, I-lamp Dulin. Second row: Robert Nelson, Larry Duncan, Richard Nelson, Bill Harris, Mickey Cochran, vice-presidentg Billy Wilburn, Mr. Flatt, adviserg Jimmy Caldwell, Iames Miller, secretary. gd, Qvftiii- :usa W Q v if I -:Anne ann-nn 'W P - " A71 ' i 4""'9' FY-llJ'Tll1fQ .I.4"- "FIS , FJ' I-' Vw ' 9' .Q -..lay - 1, N, -. l +155 ' 1 First row: Mrs. McCracken, adviser, jackie Smith, Ianice Poole, treasurer, Wanda Christenbury, presidentg Carol Stockton, 'vice- presldentg Virginia Foster, Miss Senn, adviser. Second row: Miriam ll RARY Clll Competence in library use is an essential skill of the student today and of the educated person of tomorrow. The Library Cl-ub, in learning about the organization and use of the library, is able to help the other students in developing and using this competence. Thus the club offered an opportunity to the members to share the re- sponsibility of carrying on a vital and essential part of the school program. The highlight of the year was attending the state convention of the North Carolina High School Library Association. ,hz V 411 5 """"-w .. I Y f i I' ' 'J-i -:wfmm N L 7"'wug,?:v , ' W .'.. Jews. -xfxr..-gg i I Cunningham, Marilyn Linker, Judy Tucker. Third row: Lucille Hastings, Judy Hobbs, Mary Belle Stancil, Penny Truckley, Ernie Bowen, Lamonn Cameron. 3 U " ...l "Now we are going to tell all these people that they lost a book," says Miss Senn, librarian, to Ernie Bowen. Glenda Kirkpatrick arranges the newspaper as one of her many chores as a library assistant. f if 4, V 2 DEB TE Clll To help students develop skill and confidence in speak- ing, to examine all sides of a problem and arrive at a logical conclusion, to do research, and to organize and present convincingly a particular viewpoint are the goals of the Debate Club. The 1962 query was a timely and important topic of great interest to the debaters themselves. It was: "Be- solved: That the federal government should equalize educational opportunities by means of grants to the states for elementary and secondary schools." Six students, Margie Brown, Harvey Alper, Richard Klein, Nick Leonard, Warren Lonon, and Suzanne Schuster, competed for the four positions on the Varsity Team. Eight students were trained as Novice Debaters. The Varsity debated Forest Hills of Marshville in March. 1 i The Varsity Debaters pose for a picture before getting down to work. K 'Q F X fre' " . BW'4'2..?gy L 0 I Q 4 ' 1' F if fe Q ? .51 -...Ng ,Mtg M Seated: Peter Bridge, reporter, Carter Heyward, secretary-treasurer, Betsy Ramsey, president, Harvey Alper, viceepresident. Second row, Standing: Miss Kilcer, adviser, Ianice Luther, Margaret Alexander, Fran Joslin, joe Wortsman, Steve Hobbs, Sylvia Canup, Mariorie Brown, Ioyce Turner, Sheryl Key. Third row: Melody Stancill, Meta Turkleson, Vinny Cardinal, Ierry Holladay, Richard Klein, Nick Leonard, Joyce Riemenschneider. Miss Kiker explains the new query to members of the Debate Club. Page One Hundred Twenty-nine We "?'ii: 'f3':'.-11Q.2":1.'., X.--'QZHQ'-'. ' . 3 A 9 ' l KA-in U V V t 4 , , I . Y, , mm 45, 91 S t 2 1 is Q? l " ' '- c :-54,-. i'1gg,g: ,4 tag!-L 1,1 A in if, V' 3 .:i,3:li., ff f 1 " 'W"W'1-1 we cst - s 'Wilt ..5,' - A , ,. . ,,-wife-me a . .b -H-wv4v-'sua' .., .... K .,- unw- .. 'H "Nell really put our hacks to if." .lladanze Arcotti fillartha Elliottl plucks information from hyp- A l l ! Madame Arcoiti is "out cold" as Charles CBill Smitlfzl and Dr. Bradman llolzn Craigl lzelp her onto the sofa. QI '. '2- ,1- , ,N l . Nl E.. ' , Atv. !'C!N ' 1 notized Edith lLinda Leopold? as ghosts, Elvira CSandy Hopperj and Ruth fAnne Peacockl, vanish. 00 l GIIT CHI Students who are interested in Dramatics, but who are not in Dramatics classes and who are will- ing to stay after school to participate in the club activities, comprise the membership of the Foot- lighters Club. These students have the opportunity to learn more about plays and acting, and to take part in pantomimes, monologues, and selected scenes from longer plays. "On you get, and away you go." 'R we wiij- , '. . 'V ' " ' ' Seated: Linda Allen, secretary, Iudy Martin, vice-president, Bill Smith, president, Betty Carriker, treasurer, Miss Almond, adviser. Second row: Leonard Moore, Donna Hanes, Mimi Howie, Sharon La Pointe, Susan Zaro, Kathy Buck, Nancy Hall, Shanon Alex- ander, Anne Epps, Diane Thomas, Martha Elliot, lane Diltz, Chris Barto, ludy Hanlcins, Sandy Hopper, Carlton Alexander, Gary Hatcher. Third row: Ray Wallace, Ian Hitchcock, Mary Burnett, Robin Silverstein, Alicia Babenco, Maleta Baucom, Sandy Schwartz, Susan Starer, Linda Leopold, Patsy Howie, Mary Dale Lowe, Iudy Chipley, Martha Young, Peggy Padgett, Sharon Rose, Richard Klein. Fourth row: Iudy Mills, Cathy Hutchins, Beth Lowe, Pam Hecht, Iune Bridgeford, Shelly Greenbaum, Tim Bagwell, Phyllis Wilson, lean Orr, Sandy Smith, Karen Coaker, Ann Iohnston, Lee Faust. FUUTLIGIITERS OFFICERS FOR THIS YEAR BILL SIVIITH, President JUDY MARTIN, Vice-President LINDA ALLEN, Secretary BETTY CARRIKER, Treasurer Page One Hundred Tlnrty one 1 5 . ? .LL L. 1 ...ug ,K l . ? Q 5 r , . 9 E , E ,W A .Y .- Li, .. , -x, A TT TT ,T l 4 1 C if if , First row: Donnis Watson, Marty Claus, Carol Stuart, Susan Stennett, Tim Bagwell, Ray Wallace, Powell Huitt, Bob Parkman, Phil Farrow, Dick Shaw, Ann Epps, Helen Ann Connell, Rae Baucom, Dianne Ford, Vir- ginia Thompson, Jean Lemmond, Irene Quinn, Honey Saunders. Second row: Ann Wallace, Carolyn Carr, Libby Woodle, Nancy Jamison, Roger Dawson, Albert Johnston, Ronald Richardson, John Clower, Donna Hanes, Peggy Padgett, Judy Helms, Joan Wood, Sandy Hopper, Linda John- ston, Ann Newton, Carol Dagenhart, Carolyn Fisher, Jane Lynch, Mr. Stames, director. Third row: Patsy Howell, Lana Kaye Griffin, Anna Flatt, CHU R e a Bill Wallace, Ronald Carter, Bob Wilson, Mike Pittart, Bill Carr, John Craig, Rickie Buchan, Richard McClary, Elizabeth Harris, Gayle Sawyer, Kathy Smith, Jane Robinson, Wanda Ridenhour, Joyce Turner, Brenda Martin, Brenda King. Fourth mw: Elizabeth Young, Carol Collins, Nancy Homer, Joyce Deaton, Paul Allen, Vinny Cardinal, Nick Leonard, Owen Doster, Jerry Pierce, Ford Smith, Mike Byrum, Steve Smith, Jerry Blevins, Karen Croasmun, Sarah Williard, Sally Hillert, Alice Hargett, Sandra Haney, Dorothy Crowder, Sheryl Key. Mr. Starnes and his Girls' Ensemlale sing before the student body us a part of the annual Christnias program. This year, under the most capable direction of Mr. Charles Stames, the Choir strove to present enjoyable musical programs for all. It sang at several local churches and meetings during the year. In November, the Choir was chosen to present a musical program for the North Carolina Principals' Conference at Caringer High School. On December 19, it gave a very successful evening Christmas concert in the school auditorium. In February, it showed up in the usual fine style at the District Music Contest. The highlight of the year came in April with the presentation of the musical, "Bye Bye Birdie," before an approving audience. The last performance for the year was singing at the Baccalaureate service for the graduating class of 1962. First rmv: Anne Peacock, Carol Marks, Cathy Alexander, Beth Lawing, Sarah Williams, Patricia' Ridenhour, Betty Myles, Jerry Green, Carol Willoughby, Mr. Stames, adviser. Second row: Freddie Williams, Jane Boyd, lSIylvLa Canup, Betty Harkey, Jo Beaver, Linda Bates, Janice Huntley, Ann Huntley, Rita Stafford, Brenda en erson. GIRLY' ill EMBU' Under the superior directorship of Mr. Charles Stames, the Girls' Ensemble had a wide selection of secular and non-secular music. This very capable and active choral group performed on numerous occasions this year. During the month of November, the Girls' En- semble sang at the Mint Museum for the Women's Carden Club. The girls sang Christmas carols from many lands while Christmas trees from many lands were displayed. With the Choir, the Ensemble participated in the Christmas assembly program and Christmas concert. Other engagements were at the Rehabilita- tion Center and numerous churches. For the girls in their new ensemble outfits, this year has been most rewarding. IX!-'D CIIU ll First row: Janice Shoemaker, Pat Mullis, Beverly Helms, Donna VVoller, Susie Beaver, Barbara Ilelms, Carol Love, Naomi Moore, Sue XValters, Vieky Byrd, Rita XYilliams, Becky XVynne, Linda Mullis, Lynne Stennett, Susan Starer, 'lrina Helms, Miriam Grier, Ann Johnston, Marsha Young, Ruth YVilliams, Yivian Couchell, Betty Howard, Mr. Starnes, adviser. Seeoml row: Irene VVilliams, Barbara Hunnicutt, Bonnie Hinson, Glenna Hatley, Pam Hunter, Gail Presson, lidvvard Herron, Danny Nlurphy, Don Carpenter, Betty Gibson, Betty Jane Allen, Lane Gillespie, Sylvia Mullis, Pat Sasser, Yvonne Bone, Diane Thomas, Nancy Turner. Tlzinl mir: Bar- bara Deese, Nancy Mel3adden, Patsy llaigler, Frances Staneil, Judy Bob- inson,, Joyce Canady, Rachel Rea, Gloria McNamara, Ronnie Aikt-ns, Ed- ward Deese. XYoody Harrison, Eloise Phileman. Linda O'Dell, glll1lI'lI1l' Vlfright, Sarah Dorton, Jane Connell, Cathy Edwards, Angie Prather, Janice XVhite. lfourtlz mu: Betty Bravvley, Nlary Runge, 'Ierry Helms, Barbara Benton, Rachel Blankenship, Carol Jones, Mickey Cochran, Bobby Cay, l'red Klullis, Nlike Harris, Charles Pearson, Angie Lazarides, Glenda Ilgirkpatrick, Pat Kirkpatrick, Mary Ann Smith, June VVilliard, Pam Clltlelt. M 'QW .ar First TORT! Marie Warren, Miriam I-urr, Tina Helms, Elizabeth Helms, Susan Lultwak, Betty Cardinal, Tamara Bringle, Ann Blevins, Shirlee king, Diane Burnett, Phyllis Revels, Nancy Baird, Gay Vllinstead, Judy Williams, DeAnne Roberts, Marsha Robinson, Judy Chipley, Pam Stocker, Carolyn Pence, Mr. Starnes, adviser. Second row: Jean Earp, Shirley Long, Sylvia Brackett, Jane Allen, Carole Sloop, Sandra Shumaker, Juanita Gray, Ann Dulln, Robert Nelson, Jim Kennington, Johnny Peniek, Patsy Cochrane, Beverly Blanchard, Karen Morris, Carolyn Hogan, Wynelle Funderbburk, 'Iopsy Greenwood, June Fortess, Nancy Gladden, Donna Cant. Third row: Donna VVaters, Danny Whitley, Judy Walker, Mary 1- ' f " M25 . , l Ann VVinstead, Nancy Cochran, Francis Meflain, Barbara Slaven, Paula Propst, Sue Bingham, Linda Owens, Coy Helms, Charles Hedrick. Tommy Stafford, Carol Smith, Patricia Bone, Becky llolladay, Shirley Vlalliams. Christine Jordan, Linda Dulin, Kay Jolly, Brenda .XleDanald, Brenda Hen- derson, Donna Moody. Fourth row: Nancy Smith, VK'isteena Helms. Eve Renne, Carolyn Chadwick. Diane Stilwell, Terry Lemmond, Edith Sholin, Jane VVilliams, Diane Grotophorst, Faye XVest, Kenneth Evans. David Moore, Ernie Perry, Ralph Leete, Harry VS'hisnan!, John Crump, Gayle Renegar, Mary Belle Staneil, Judy Hodds, Patty DeLaney, Maria Deviney, Sue Glassgow, Judy Burdette, Betty Burnett, Brenda Hilliard, Betty Nlullis. Page One Hundred Tlzzrty three gh, S' 3 msr HIGH B un V Here we see the East High "music makers" at work bi , j ' i 'faq f ,f,., 1,5-Q ' vf..4'.'v- . .,.,,.'N r-M'-v 17' ,full First row: Sam Berry, David Schwarz, Tommy Belk, Ricky Autrey. Second row: lim Valtr, Ken Pittman, Douglas Broadway. Third row: jim Irby, Steve Iohnson, Howard Pearre, Steve VVainscott. Fourth row: Ervin Baker, lanice Hotchkiss, Mike Denton. 58, QSM' One of the features enjoyed this year at the football games, assemblies, ice hockey games, concerts, and festivals was the music furnished by the East Mecklenburg Hi h School Band. These erformances were a natural out frowth of sound musician- g P ga ship and the total music-learning process. l , , if ',",,' Daily rehearsals always included the fundamentals, such as scales, arpeggios, , , '-', 1 ' M' Q rhythmic instruction, and, of course, music of lasting value. . . 1 1 The band has always created in its students an appreciation for all types of muslc. I ' ,ft V iv MR. GRADY BROWN Page One Hundred Tlzirtyffour Band Director rl-ou!! , s. First row: Larry Starnes, Sandy Hopper, Brenda Baueom, Ioan Wood, Sheryl Searbrough, Larry Montieth, treasurer, Helen Ann Connell, vice-president, Carolyn Tickle, secretary, Bill Kissiah, president. Second row: Pam Stocker, .lean Lemmond, Cathy Alexander, Carolyn Carr, Sally Hilbert, Carol Alexander, Wisteena Helms, Jane Connell, David Nloore. Third row: Eloise Phileman, DeAnne Roberts, Marsha Robinson, Sue Walters, Becky Love, Becky Bland, Cay Winstead, Iudy Williams, Diane Grotophorst. Fourth row: Don Shearouse, Bill Carr, Ierry Blevins, Ray Wallace, Owen Doster, Mary Case. Standing: Mr. Starnes, adviser. MIISICIAN Clll Outstanding musicians in all the musical organizations at East make up the membership of the Musicians Club. These are students who are interested in performing, appreciating, and hearing good music. The Musicians Club meetings, which were held twice monthly, were composed of solo and small group per- formances. A large variety of music was presented: jazz, classical, popular, sacred, and modern. The amateur per- formances helped to give the young musicians experience, poise, and knowledge for their future musical careers. ln the spring of 1961, the club gave a scholarship to a selected senior who 'planned to major in music in college. 'lil' .- -,, 1, - .. 1, "-M----me nun T "itil i a-,,,,... Members of the Musicians Club are getting ready to "perform." "IWy looornerang won't come back," sings Ioan Wood to Larry Starnes. lj 2 1 ,X xv, F sjfi lj - ' 1 ,- I i'f'i g 5 leanne Lindley, Dana illcClean, and Sandy Lawrence add their "touches" to the hiilletin hoard that brightened Mrs. Mintiehs room. First row: lean LeGare, secretary, jean Orr, treasurer, Gloria Hutchison, president. Second row: Sandra Haney, Iudy Ward, Saundra Hallman, vice-president. Third row: Dianne Cooper, Sheila Smith, Ron Skinner, Mrs. Mintich, adviser. Fourth row: 4 Q .mf rt. , nt- 2, . ' 2, 4 ' ' , L1 ,. '5 X Q QL ,af ,- '4 ' 1 ' if ,,, - ' wg FM x -if . .L ' hi i If '04 j S NJ1 , J 'Q i " 3' N. . 3. , -1, A ,. . 'V I' ! , "1 lla' . ,.,-e vp x F-f g,f"'j',4 il A , 4 r-,,,,.. ART Clll East students who do not have time for an art class have the privilege of joining the Art Club. Club time was spent working on class projects, out- sideeinterest projects, and helping other school or- ganizations to publicize extracurricular functions. As a money-making project, Christmas tree tickets were sold for one dollar in co-operation with the Optimist Club. The proceeds from this sale paid for the club's page in the annual and for supplies for the Art Department. Dottie Lemmond, Mary Dale Lowe, Betty Horton. Fifth row: jerry Hurst, Billie Middleton. Sixth row, Standing: Barbara Sue James, Kathy Yarbrough, Amy Griscom, Lucy Moore, Sarah Alexander. , 94 - .. Xa. L 'K 'UM Students interested in developing skill in photography compose the Photography Club. In the club members learn darkroom processes, the use of the camera, and the use of all club photographic equipment. The club has built and equipped a school darkroom in which the members learn to develop and print their own films. Paul Smith, who is president of the club and photographer for the EAST WIND, spent many hours preparing pictures for the yearbook. "!"""N Left to right: Iimmy Bailey, Mike Byrum, vice-presidentg Paul Smith, presidentg Buddy Wright. Pll0l' DGRAPII Y CHI S RW G 0TIll-'RS l0Y HY Clll Seated: Miriam Cunningham, treasurerg Ioyce Deaton, secretary, Ann Newton, vice-president. Standing: Mr. Morrison, adviser, Meta Turkelson, Barbara Bates, Beth johnson, Pray Iohnson, Bill Cribb, Lutricia Alexander, president. The Serving Others Loyally Club is designed to pro- mote the ideal of service and to help the school carry out programs to aid the needy. This year through the Christmas project, forty-two families were supplied with food, clothing, and toys. The club also co-operated with the Music Department to present the Christmas and Easter assemblies. Club meetings featured discussions and speakers on various topics. rj' 5' I' . H, If ,,.... .,-. I Now here's one that should go in the scrapbook," laughs Powell Sitting on the right is East's delegate to the National Bed Cross Huztt, vice-president, to Brenda Maynard, president. Convention, Brenda Maynard. Brenda, Marilyn Petrie, and Sgt. Stuart Queen are apparently enjoying their meeting. UNGRRD CRO S This year the High School Bed Cross succeeded in fulfilling its Statement of Principles: "VVe believe in service for others," Our members visited and some served as aides at the Charlotte Rehabilitation Center, while others worked as volunteers in our local hospitals and blood center. "For our country," Our school, with the help of our members, contributed to the National Enrollment Drive. "Our Community," First row: Ianice Pool, Alice Hargett, treasurer, Powell Huitt, vicefpresident, Brenda Maynard, president. Second row: Sharon LaPointe, Nancy VVhite, Melissa Maynard, Dot Lemmond, Iudy VVhite. Third row: Ginny Marino, Ann Butler, Virginia Foster, Ioan Moon, Edna Harrold. Fourth row: Chris Serigstad, Betty Hodges, Lucy Moore, Zan Young, lackie Smith. Fifth row: -. C 9' VVe are proud to say that East is one of the few schools in the nation and was the first in Mecklenburg County to have its students contributing life-giving blood. "Our school," We presented programs in which the mature student finds a place to serve others while in school. "And in working for greater human relations through- out the world." Our foreign exchange student recorded a letter to her parents through the efforts of our Red Cross chapter. jan Galloway, Billie Middleton, Vludy Freeland, Pam Hecht, lane Query, Sandra Haney, Cornelia Cochrane, Barbara Huitt, Dick Shaw, Carolyn Bevels, Tim Bagwell. Standing: Margaret Alex- ander, Kathy Buck, Patty Delaney, Mrs. Smith, adviserg Ann Blevins, Matt Blankenship, Walter Lineberger, Bob Stack. '.iIYULl F5 ,..., . Y,-ll F . s Ya 44 ,fi tg, I r l l I r l l i P l F 1 I l l 1 i The Engineers Club enjoyed a filmstrip as one of its many varied activities. .,. . . vW,.,,,v..... 6-TJ NOW fa, NGINEERS Clll juniors and seniors who have evidenced an interest in one of the fields of engineering comprise The Engi- neering Club. It is an honor club that is associated with The Charlotte Engineers' Club. The purpose of the club is to increase and intensify the members' interest through interesting speakers and films. The club also tries to acquaint the student body with the fields and opportunities of engineering. Two representatives arc sent bi-weekly to The Charlotte Engi- neers' Club meeting. As a work project, the club completed a portable lab this year. -. ,, ,,f . .4.., g ,-. . 1 Y' X' l sq ii 4' 1-2 ,., nys Y hi ., Q' j -1 I. 'Q ' ' 1. ,My r, iff.. -I yt, - ,,, .rn ff . , I il i T - T get V is T iq, I ' ,, " Bef -11 fi -ft 'W' ' ' if .Ui i V V' 4 1 44 ri " ' Taj' 11512-,ffl . ,V , , Clyde and the boys. Mr. Swofford if 1 ' N ' ,. .. I ' ff - l d l' b d f ' ftl l' A 4.5, I at H ,A .Q In ea s zzs an 0 engineers uz z zzs I, ..,, , - . , 1 in! r . , AM -,.,,V, 4 slide rule. N, . ,Q :,,,., A - '-is 5 ., A A f . ,. . - - g V... , a at ai W , ' ,v'- I5 A ,v'.y gym,-v I if-iw Q gg- '..'- I I -I, 6214, ' , t ' . , 7 f i X ,f Al Sfv i t ..,f If ' . -1 - I A' - 2 1 ,af 1 ., V 'V l 'A I, H J T . f ii e f , it M We First row: jimmy Funclerburke, presidentg Mark Edwards, vice- zewski, Mr. Swofford, adviser. Third row: Billy Benson, Bill preszdentg Algie Gilmore, treasurerg Pat Lawrence, secretary. Brunk, Frank Wilson, Gary Brown, Bob Brunk. Second row: jim Dotson, Carl King, Bonnie Liles, Chris Kos- V? R-c Vlfilford Kale, president of the Science Club, has his little "peep show." SCIENCE Clll The East hflecklenburg Science Club is dedicated to promoting the growth of interest in science at East. The club is affiliated with the Future Scientists of America, a national organization whose goal is the furtherance of scientific knowledge throughout the country. The members of the Science Club are those who would like to learn more about different phases of science and would like to acquaint their fellowclassmates with scientific progress. This year in an effort to achieve our goals the club sponsored certain projects such as bulletin boards, a schoolwide assembly program, "This Atomic World," and the main project of the year, the science fair. Winners in the fair were awarded prizes and sent to the district fair. Standing: hir. Gaskins, adviser. Seated: led Clem, .ludy Koepke, Pam Hoyle, Phil Lazenby, Nick Leonard, Rob Girard, ircasurerg VVilford Kale, presidentg Gene Matthews, secretaryg Dale Merrill, Mickey Hixson, Janice Hotchkiss, Francis Patterson. W -J 1 1, -as-vw its F 'Q .l First row: Miss Senn, adviser, David Harkey, president, Betty Hodges, secretary, Paul Smith, treasurer. Second row: Jack Campbell, Richard Muise, Eddie Barnette, Harry Whisnant, David Cotter, Buddy Sumner, Cary Brown, Selby Daniels, Bob Pharr, Lanier jones, Pete Thevaos, Ross Bagully. Third row: David Helms, Albert alohnston, Ricky Buchan, Pat Lawrence, Tommy Black, Jerry Blevins, Lee Faust, Carl King. Fourth row: john All 0-VI Ar the beginning of the year capable students recom- mended by their teachers were invited to join the Audio- Visual Club. These students were trained in the use of the A.V. equipment so they could give courteous and efficient service to all departments. Clower, Ken Pittman, Steve Jones, Steve Harrington, Frank Wilson, Larry Taylor, Tommy Belk, Keith Wentzel, Ervin Baker. Fifth row: Rob Cirard, Dennis Doherty, Tim Buchanan, Mickey McManus, Steve Burns, joe Freeland, Johnny Lake, Phil Henderson, Del Dunn. Sixth row: Billy Wilburn, Sammy Wilson, Cordon Barrett, Wade Sloan, Doug Little, Ford Smith, Norman lunker, Jerry Hurst, lim Caldwell, Cary Williams. lllflll This year the club sold candy as its yearly project. The money from the candy sale was used to buy a gift for the school. On Awards Day in May 1961, the Audio- Visual Club presented a stereo hi-fi to the school. I -- "Peppy" Smith, treasurer, tries his hand at fixing the proiector. School-spirited David Harkey gets ready to fix some equipment. , IRIS ATHLETIC ASSUCI T UN Variety was the keynote in G.A.A. activities for the past year. Members participated in basketball, softball, ping pong, and volleyball tournaments. Swimming, camping, ice-skating, and bowling were also enjoyed. Projects for the year were selling school cushions and sweatshirts, and conducting a junior high playday for girls entering East next year. Highlighting the club's activities were the state play- day at VV.G.U.N.G. and camping at Morrow Moun- tain. First row: ludy Buchner, Carol Mills, Karen Iones, Sharon Fink, Betty Hartley, president, Miriam Cunningham, secretary, Randy Hill, Gloria Adams, Gail Earp, Miss Evans, adviser. Second row: lane Knight, Kay Stilwell, jean Earp, Cathy Edwards, Sarah Williard, Barbara Hunnicut, Iudy Freeland, ludy Robinson, Elizabeth Woodle, Lynn Sinclair, Karen Little. Third row: Page One Hundred Forty-two Basketball is a favorite sport of the girls in the G.AA I , Yvonne Bone, Linda Haigler, Glenna Hatley, Mary lane Guion, Shannon Alexander, Ianie Helms, Marilyn Williams, Beverly Baucom, Ioyce Anderson, Pam Hoyle, Becky Bass, Chris Serig- stad, Eve Renne, Faye West, Anne Ellerbe, Melissa Brown, Iudy Helms, Patsy Howie, Dianne Helms. 1 6 AA," 1 at A ' y xl , -5 . -,QA . A.. , - an 'nvy f . T - 1 -, 11 ,, .vg '- First row: jim Campbell, treasurer, Frankie Price, Carl King, David Harkey, vice-president, jerry Pierce, president, Bert Bewald, Chuck Barton, Doug Berg, Gene Sides, Bob Wilson, lack Campbell. Second row: Ricky Young, Dickie Forbis, Iimmy Tillotson, Bobby Cay, Tommy Cilley, Tim Belk, Steve Trammel, N In Q Q R N N Q In Q N . 1,7 The officers of the Block "E" Club exercise their brains for a change. 412 at Q," l,,,4 1 ,v' ' 5,45 T'- Y . ,-.,s- P'-'fi ' 7,1 ' aria., 'f fa , .',,4':4.'5' V' f .,,,, Fins. - aut'- W, , ,ii :- Martin Brackctt, Elisnn Honeycutt, Harry Boytc, Ken Thornton, Kenny Koepke. Third row: Lance Nlaye, VValter Dunn, Ted Edwards, Cary Orr, Gerald Innes, Iohn Lagana, Bobbie Miller, Don Hilliard, Bonnie McGraw. Iohn Corne. The Block "E" Club was organized for all male students who earned a varsity letter in football, track, baseball, basketball, and cross-country. The club places special emphasis on the development of sportsmanship, character, and physical fitness. As its source of funds the Block "E" Club has the operating of the concession stand in the gym and proceeds from athletic contests. The club is proud to be able to award a hundred dollar scholar- ship to the most deserving senior in the club. It also makes awards for outstanding abilities displayed by our athletes at East. Page One Hundred Foriyfthree Knrive-N , T, ww-1 , 1 ,--Q Students mob as they load the buses in the afternoon. CAfter all, a: 3 o'clock people are ready to go home.J Q i 1 BUS DRIVER A less renowned group of students at East that is very important to our school life is the Bus Drivers. These students receive pay for their work, and they earn every penny of it. They accept the responsibility for the life of every student on the bus when they take a bus route. We appreciate the fact that these students transported us to school and home again safely this year. 3 V -ar, V 45' 5 . .-.,,,,,,.- L. w.,qg.3:,fA j . P 4 - I Q wb A Q ' L ' . ". W-tiiiiawlzn .-.my in ' ' , , 4 . ,- r. wa. First row: Edgar Wilson, Mickey Smith, Warren Lonon, Billy Wilburn, Toby Funderburk, Mickey Cochran, Bob Pharr, Ken jordan, Richard McClary, julian Alexander, Tommy Gilley, Larry Montieth, Pete Batte, Terry Linker, Ford Smith, Gerald jones, jimmy Walker, Ben Flowe, Lance Maye, Albert Chandler, Ronald Tucker. Second row: judy Grayson, Libby Pace, Shirley King, Irene Quinn, Becky Simpson, jean Hartis, Virginia Thomp- son, Davis McClendon, jewell McLaughlin, john Harkey, Tony jetton, john Horne, Sylvia Mullis, Carol Little, Wayne Flowe, Lydia Thornton, Albert johnson, Errol Puckett, Curtis Elmore, Tommy Black, Gerald Stansell, jerry Mullis, Carlotta Napier. Third row: joan Helms, Brenda Linker, Peggy Sue Corbett, Vicki Eudy, janice Huntley, Brenda Hill, judy Funderburk, Tim Robinson, Melvin Norwood, Glenn I-laire, Bobby Cathy, jimmy Mullis, Steve Hooks, Hayden Roberts. The students who drive buses are leaving on one of their two daily trips. C 5. - 7 M, '12 . .' v .,. .. f 'Q I 557:-v--f ,Vi 4 f t J . ,fa ' 1 , I fn S 5 , ...Q--1'7" 5 5 4 N- Lorrie Dolzerty, assistant editor, uses lfzer "efficiency plus" rnctliod of typing llzunt and peckl. HIST WIND DITDRI l 5. 'W As they do so very often, some of the East Wind ,mv staff stay after school to work on the annual. 'EQ' Laboring over the "dummy" are Peter Bridge, Miss Laws, Meldonna Griffin, and Carter , Heyward. A I' gil M STAFF IIT W0 K Wir! Ti Meldonna, Griffin and Ioan Wilson put some last minute touclzes on the faculty section of the annual. . A! ft' , 'Q O V . D- ' i .. 'Y Q k , . , I 4-wfflffi 2' M N- -I ,iv ' f r , In s' 'Nj-.1 K ,I X Q 10 f , .,. V A f l 'f , , .ii . V -aww ,. .Q , 1- t tx ' ' s ,f ,.v., L- X t 2 I fs -fs - fi. Page One Hundred Forty-five I-'HI T URI-'S I.. -I I i 2 Z- Q x 1 'E g .5 . -fr g 45 5 i 1: z 1, t .il g 1 L eve Q i 1 dir 3 Q' 2 4, 5 .. -4 : ,Q 2 Q- as " - ff 2 .Q S R.. I X 3 v s 3 , E 2 , f...ev.-ev-9 4,,,.,,., ws, L in-A . ,mg 4 f : . 1,1 ---, I . ifgi ....... Q i' M 'k 21 X J , Y , 3. :fa 1 , , ,' ag' . . -+4 . ....... .,.. ..4.,.....-vs-1 I ,. f Q, i I Q Q f w . 4 1 1 4 W, t , ...M-va 1 ,...N...,. ,Q 1- f Qt f L 1 : 8? 5 I . ': 1 2 S 9 i , ' " A' 5 2 . 1 ., 1 , x Z ' ' . .4 W -Q Q V . g ' ff' - ,i ' 3 g 2 fi 'E 5 1 1 . r 5 S Q 1: . 3 f I , -Z ' . ' 2 4 ,1 ,Q J E .N r- ww- -.n...x.--. - V t ni . - 2 s , ,Q I I 1 3 5 3 1 .s , , , Q Q 5 ' 7 .-.-Q. ...- M..-,--.u., Q 1 f ? f 2 2 ' r a S . 2 ' 2 T 1 S Z 4, r ' M , if r 3 Q5 he T ' if i , J, , 1 , ,J il ' A ,il gi a I Q ig 1 i i sa S f E 2 1 1 C J-',' 'LN S, , 14 2 Q if ,F ,...,, Kf?'vlN 'fifflitwg 9' ' f' f 6 ff .,,,,- pr 1 'z '31, pr i -gift? 3 N 3 X " s 3. ' Q., , , , - ,K -. W .. Y H 1 1 ! 1 -i 5 A i N W IN SPECIAI STARS The final vision to Come into the View of the stargazer and his telescope is the students who have gained special recognition-brightly shining novas in East's sky. Page One Hundred Forty-seven 1 t M1 ' ffiiaa 'QQ "': A V 2' V49 MELDONNA GRIFFIN BILL Lowiw MR. AND MISS EAST WIND In November of 1961, the three assistant editors of the EAST WIND editorial staff prepared a list of six nominees for the titles, Mr. and Miss East Wind. The qualification for each of these honors is that of having contributed the most to East Mecklenburg High School during your three years of high school. Nominees were john Craig, Bill Grier, Bill Lowry, Patty Effron, Meldonna Griffin, and Gloria Hutchison. The annual editorial staff met and elected Bill Lowry, president of the senior class, and Meldonna Griffin, editor of the EAST WIND. To Bill and Meldonna, the annual staff offers sincere congratulations! I jf, gag, , A. riziizg ' f r- 51555 DJLR. AWARD GLORIA HUTCHISON Gloria Hutchison, tall, brunette senior, was named winner of the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizenship Award in an an- nouncement over the public address system, Mon- day, October 17, 1961, by Mrs. Marianne Boyd. The award, presented annually by the Piedmont Patriot's Chapter of the D.A.B., is given to the senior girl exhibiting the highest qualities of de- pendability, service, leadership, and patriotism. The winner is chosen by a faculty-student commit- ISC. Gloria was asked to answer a history question- naire and to discuss an essay topic which were entered in the district contest. She attended a D.A.B. district meeting at Kings Mountain on November 4 and a banquet near the time of Washington's birthday. Along with those of the past D.A.B. Award winners, Gloria's name was added to the D.A.R. plaque in the hall. Gloria also won the District D.A.B. Good Citizen Award. , X ad. wfw---- ' " M 1: '- an - . 'Q ' if " . ' ' 5 '3" f1" '1-TE':1' ,..' ' V H 3 .lv ' ,sw :.,V . 1.V 2 . -4 " 1' 3 . ' az , e ' aw, it E .1 ' I' 4 Ml S ll MISS LINDA ALLEN From five qualified nominees the senior class elected Linda Allen as Miss Hi Miss for 1961-62. Senior girls were first nominated in each senior homeroom on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character, and personal attractiveness. The other nominees were Betty Carriker, Bonnie Eicher, Donna Hanes, and Bobbie Ann Pool. As Miss Hi Miss, Linda was a weekend guest of Winthrop College in Rock Hill in the spring. A feature of her weekend was a special dance for all girls holding the title. In addition, her picture appeared in a special edition of The Iohnsonian, Winthrop's newspaper. Linda is especially recognized at East for her display of good looks and artistic ability. i l Page One Hundred Forty nme 4 CARRDII l P INCESS JUDY CHESNUTT The coveted honor of Carrousel Princess was bestowed upon Judy Chesnutt on September 20, 1961. Judy was elected by the senior class after a senior girl was nomi- nated in each senior homeroom. At a pep rally on October 27, Judy, clad in her cheer- leading uniform was crowned by Mr. Peter Cerns, a representative of the Carrousel Committee, while hun- dreds of East High students applauded. Riding in the Carrousel Parade and attending the Carrousel Ball November 23 were Judy's greatest honors. In an emerald green formal she represented East while riding in a 1962 white Buick convertible, compliments of Lee A. Folger Buick, Incorporated. The ear was deco- rated uniquely with poinsettias by the Carrousel Com- 4, J mittee of the senior class. The two-day festival afforded f Judy many unforgettable memories. ' 1 lx 1 J ' ir- it , 8,2 'J 'i ' 1. IIOMEC MIN QU E BOBBIE ANN Poor. Amid hundreds of spectators, exuberant school spirit, and shining sports cars, East lV1ecklenburg's 1961-62 Homecoming Queen was crowned. The queen, Bobbie Ann Pool, and her court arrayed the stadium with beauty during the night excitement of September 29, 1961. First and second runners-up were Judy Chesnutt and Linda Allen, respectively. The other participants were Patty Effron, Donna Hanes, Candy Hitchcock, Millie Hood, Sandy Hopper, Jean 1V1cKissick, Lynne Phillip, and Kathy Yarbrough. The queen was crowned by her predecessor, Sue Lem- mond, after which the two girls paraded around the field in an elegant, white convertible. The following night the queen and her court, sponsored by the senior foot- ball players, were presented with their sponsors at our 1961 Homecoming Dance, held at the Charlotte Woman's Club. Page One Hundred Fifty T.. ,., SWH-'TII ART QU II JEAN MCKISSICK Sparkling brown eyes and a bubbling personality won for lean lVlcKissick, member of the EAST WIND Business Staff and popular cheerleader, the title of East Meck- lenburg's 1961-1962 Sweetheart Queen. At Park Center on the evening of February 10, Jean, elected by the student body as their choice of twenty-four nominees, was crowned by Betsy Ramsey, the American sister of former exchange student Betty Brookes, the 1960-1961 Sweetheart. Patty Effron was the first runner-up and Cina Peixoto, second. The Dance was sponsored by the Beta Club, and gaiety resulted from romantic music by the Neil Criffin or- chestra and various sizes of heart-shaped decoration. jean was presented a rhinestone crown, adding to her excite- ment and happiness. ka f ls.-A-.. , I ,K A lzvjyiw ,... MISS EAST HIGH CAROLYN BRENTS Pretty, dimpled Carolyn Brents was named Miss East High for 1960-61 at the East Mecklenburg Beauty Pag- eant, sponsored by the Key Club, on May 11, 1961. Bobed in elegant formals, thirty-eight girls participated as four Charlotte celebrities made the hard decisions. The tenseness of the evening was lightened by master of ceremonies Brooks Lindsey, better known as Ioey the Clown, and entertainment was provided by East students at intervals. All this was backed by a "Stairway to the Stars" theme. After the judging was narrowed down to fifteen girls, then eight, the top three girls were presented: Carolyn Brents, winner, lean lVlcKissick, first runner-up, and Iudy Chesnutt, second runner-up. All girls were spon- sored by clubs or homerooms. Page One Hundred Fifty one Sl-'NIUR BEAUTY JUDY CHESNUTT P g O Hundred Fifty-two W- xii .rw TQQ KL "', 5 1? 1 aww SENIDR B A UTY Page One Hundred Fifty-three be ffl .. 4 CURTH ENTERPRHES umvsnsm MERNATIONAL srumos umveksst crrv, CALIFORNIA POPLAR 94550 January 3, 1962 Miss Gloria Hutchison Feature Editor of the EAST WIND East Mecklenburg High School 5214 Mammoth Oaks Drive Charlotte 7, North Carolina Dear Miss Hutchison: I can tell that 1962 is going to be a wonderful year, because the first thing we did was to judge your beauty contest. It was fun - except that we had a difficult time choosing winners. All the contestants are very attractive. Our very best wishes to the winners - and to everyone else at school. Thank you for asking us. Janet joins me in wishing you a Happy New Year. Sincerely, Cya Tony Cur is TCfah encl. Z' fv- rim 'l""""' STARS TO JUDGE THE STARS Selecting class beauties was begun by each homeroom's nominating one girl in their class as class beauty. Three class slates were then prepared and each class elected four girls as their beauties. In an attempt to have a non-local judge, twenty-five movie stars were written in early june of 1961. After receiving five acceptances to judge the twelve beauties, Mr. Tony Curtis was decided upon. To add a woman's idea of beauty, he was asked to judge with the assistance of his beautiful wife, janet Leigh. To Mr. and Mrs. Curtis: the feature editor extends sincere appreciation for their fair selection, quick re- sponse, and complete cooperation. Wqg' A' w, ' JUN on B Aun' SUPIIUMURE BEAUTY BEA UTY RUNNERS- UP fm- SENIOR LINDA ALLEN .V ,L V'V A Aff LW' V ' M JU NIOR MILDRED CRAWFORD SOPHOMORE SANDY LAWRENCE f -ffl? L. JUNIGR SHERRY AUSTIN SOPHOMORE BARBARA HUITT . ,,N,,,, f SENICPI BOBBIE ANN POOL 1 JUNIOR JUDY LITTLE 'W's-A SQPHOMOPIE SANDI SCHVVARTZ NTT'3f'i'3': I-55fZ1',.Lf',v,W' LL mai via: ' j 1 , nl?"-I. Y . 'fi al, x . A I .2 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED CHUCK BARTON LINDA CULLER "We now have 'three coins in a laarrel'." UUR BRIGHTES T STARS ,gy 6' -.J A, ,L f ,f ' fy 5 M V ........ K' . ' ,H .. yyfay I: :P M, , ..,...A, 1- " N-tj, BEST SCHOOL SPIRIT TIM BACWELL BOBBIE ANN PooL East beat WHO? BEST STUDENTS WARREN LONON BONNIE EICHER ". . . and I raise you two books." I 54- MOST COUBTEOUS GERRALD STANSELL BRENDA MAYNARD "H ow many Stamps do I get for her?" A v an vi A L N S I Y j , I I tif? I f A , ' B f ,VUA ' A f A W D. gf 1 E .- ! 5 k X BEST ALL ROUND I ff f A 'BILL Lowm CAROL JEAN HARKEY ' 'N " A A' ' J L :Y . MOST DEPENDABLE GLORIA HUTCHISON TED EDWARDS "Now Mother will never have to know about our wreck." L I 3 ,, -1 -zu I CARL KING MADELINE GRAY g, 'v BEVERLY HINKLE ERRY PIERCE KAYE SISKHON If BEST LOOKING SELBY DANIELS JUDY CHESNUTT "I thought we came to watch the Uhangis dance!" Ullk BRIGIITES T STARS' :px -Z FRIENDLIEST SUSAN STENNETT DAVID HARKEY "But, David, they weren't invited!" MOST TALEN TED JOHN GWALTNEY SANDY HOPPER "Did you know that hams can he cured?" A 0 Iuniors and seniors danced to the beautiful music. 1961 IIIIIIDR-SEIIIUR PRDM The 1961 junior-Senior Prom was held at Radio Center on May 5, 1961. The decorat- ing committee chose "Around the World in Eighty Days" as the theme. At the entrance a fountain and a flower cart provided an ef- fective greeting for those attending the dance. A skyline of New York was the backdrop for the dreamy dance music. The couples in the grand march entered the ballroom over a jap- 'Y .'5'sQ1i::35,rc" zmaff sf 6' . :Ski 4 1 5 I -. an ."x.7 I , 5 X K 1 . If I If ff X ' 1 , J anese bridge, which gave an Oriental touch to the dance floor. ln the center of the ceiling, which was decorated with ice blue streamers, hung a lovely replica of the balloon from "Around the World in Eighty Days." On each table was a smaller replica of the balloon. Around the railing, travel posters added to the international flavor of the evening. All this made our 1961 Junior-Senior one of the loveliest and most enjoyable ever. Before a romantic Iapanese background, class "celebrities" and their escorts were introduced to those attending the Prom. Iunior class officers and their dates formed the receiving line to welcome those arriving. 'N i Q, f ff- it 1 'Y luniors, content that the decorating was over with great success, relaxed as seniors enyoyed with sad and memorable eelings their last prom at East A hazy New York skyline rescmnded the dreamy dance music of the orchestra. The swirling grand march added charm and mality to the evening. if , ,,-.. , ., 4, . cs ' L l JUNIOR ROTARI ANS .lllIIl0R RUTARIANS Six senior boys, thought by their class adviser to be Mecklenburg, outstanding leaders of East ,were given the title, lunior Rotarian. Each of these boys attended weekly Rotary meetings for a specified month in order to become acquainted with that organization and to acquaint the Ro- Se ted Ted Edwards, Bill Lowry. Standing: David Harkey, Chuck Barton. AMERICAN EIEID SERVICE For the second successive year, East was unable to send one of its students abroad although Bill Lowry was our finalist This school year we were for- tunate to have one foreign exchange student at East. Regina CGinaD Peixoto from Brazil resided with Mary lane Guion and was welcomed by all East Mecklenburg students. BOYS' G GIRLS' STATE Each june rising seniors who have been nominated by junior teachers and have been selected by local American Legion Posts go as delegates to Boys' and Girls' State. The boys' conclave is held at the University of North Carolina, the girls', at Woman's Col- lege of the University of North Carolina. During their week's stay, the students were divided into cities and precincts which made up the state, and they became members of one of the two political parties. Mayors and other politicians were elected. These experi- ences afforded not only helpful knowledge concerning the phases of govemment, but also about sectional differences in our state. Q .11 N90 ' Q S Foreign Exchange Student GINA PE1xoTo tarians with his school. SCIIUIARSIIIPS AIID A WARDS East's gymnasium was the scene of the presentation of many scholarships and awards on Awards Day, May 2, 1961. Eight scholarships were given: ,lane Diltz and Bill Smith won scholarships given by the dramatics department to study with the Caro lina Playmakers in Chapel Hill during the summer. Henry Tysinger won the Musicians Club scholarship of 55125. Iohn Gwaltney received a S100 scholarship from the Woman's Club. Helen Ann Connell won a S150 scholarship for voice from the Community Concerts Association. Helen Williams won the PTA scholarship, and Frances Poindexter, the National Honor Society scholarship. Ann Spencer won a S75 scholarship from the Future Teachers Club. Citizenship awards went to Gladys Phillips, Jim Caldwell, Beth Pittman, and Susie Carr. Other awards were given in the fields of language, homemaking, agriculture, band, choir, drama, history, joumalism, science, mathematics, debating, essay writing, business education, and distributive education. Fifty- seven awards were given. GIRLS' AND BOYS' STATE First row: Rachel Blankenship, lan Lemmond, loe Beaver. Second row: Linda Rushing Sheryl Scarbrough. Third row: jim Kenn Roberts. ington, Vinny Cardinal, David Harkey, Hayden E Q ' I 1- As the stargazer puts away his telescope after touring the heavens, so we, the students of East, close the pages of our annual with the memories of our year at East Mecklenburg still shining in our vision-star-studded memories tracing the pathway from the sophomore with faltering steps entering the halls for the first time to the senior graduating with confidence and expectance. Page One Hundred Sixty-three AD VERTISEMENTS' TW N f.. v J. X I A J , WW.. v , .,.,,.,, mm. f 1 I ,.,-.aww gpm., f '. of . R IMI! , a :,:.," 1 ,fm . , -, 7.7 I 5. Y Q-H-. av.. A, . T, ,.4.ZlL,.,L. , 1 . K 0 XIII PM nm , II' o j A ' I ' nl' " ' I ' EE ' E. W Q 1 jf , -' , 'il' I ' '-1 N e " S K nz 5 " ' c f f 0 . , I5 " 42 zz. J, ' ' il I g':- , I Y H' I W 94, -2 of 'W' 8 r -3 M . , if!! 91 I was--M' 'A --...,.,-..-. X . ,,ff,w4 PW ,, Q , :av:z.S-.-- ,, 4 .RV- f 'Q'-'evbgzif A ,157 V6 w Ji 1 ,..-v ----f .- , ff--""" ' ' MW- - nl .. , Q w,6,,.,m-fmwvfw-,. H ,," M...--W-L--I in , ,W INA 'Rv N -' ' f ' V " ' -- ,, -I , . 4 - M' - - ' ' , fs f V 1, ' .V f' 'fi -Q .raw . :f4n?....?,,, ,. , , . ','. ' -n ' ' ' '... A In hy.: S qv 4. V. .. , 1 , ' , Y - Y, ., , ,,w,,..,,m-, -,,Q,,,,, ' 1 an , 4 gr A ' Y if I ' ' fi . , . , D . - 1 . .. ,,,, . 1, -V.,-+.:',-:,w, ---'- - Y - .- .. F- ,I-:J-., f g 1, 1 ff ' J' 1' .. f , , I . , . v.. .W , .Q M' ':- ,f f 'wg 2 '4 Ng- pg 4:-fe,-:,:f4m,r,., ., 25, It 'I 5 5 1 5 ,rf y.GQM.5,,', ' V I " W al l -www-y44w..:...,, I .,. V. V Q Z- ... , '--. ,,....-iQ.: I M, .5 ' ' B' -'FH-1 ,ff . ' V , --1.44 ' ' ' . . -. .,.,. 2 ' . f ' . ..A.. I ,.,,, . A .,-. L, - ,mhff W ,. ' 3, , ,.ff-'f-42151, 5153ta3,.,. V - K ' g 'fl A " ug Q... h A ' 5 4, I l Q . . , . A , - , , . Q, ,. 1 - .' rl '11-5'.':-',Z fn, f' 5" V 3- nfl", .Q9"g',',,: ,M-1 gf, J- . -'-1-gw ',4'--if ..,4--ftff:-,-ami . ' ' ' ' ,ffc mig-Q-ew' i - ' - , V A I -'-v , .g.:f:,Qy2:-51 "i.,,.,jj.'3 In . ,V ., A, .la H V 7 ' A Pc, ., .wi . 1 v 5 in-M. 3, . I u v fy THE GREATER For Gver 67 Years... Your Home of Better Values PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THEY SUPPORTED US PLEASE SUPPORT THEM AMITY GARDENS DRUG STORE Amity Gardens Shopping Center Open 9 A.M. to I0 P.M. Daily and Sundays FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS SERVICE FREE FAST DELIVERY Shamrock Drug Westerly Hills Drug Store 3029 The Plaza 3438 Wilkinson Boulevard Phone 333-0l68 Phone EX 2-l352 Open 8 A.M. to I0 P.M. Daily and Sundays Open 9 A.M. to I0 P.M. Daily and Sundays MAC-EE FIRTH BARWICK CARPETING PURSER'S IE: Estimates ARMSTRONG AND KENTILE FLOOR COVERINGS All Types Cabinet Tops 3807 Monroe Road FR 5-5406 Page One Hundred Sixt DIXIE EIECTRIC MOTOR SERVICE, INC. I237 Central Avenue CHARLOTTE 5, N. C. BOWEN 8. GIBSON North 29 and Potters Road I Mile North of Fairgrounds OPEN SUNDAYS Complete Line of QUALITY Groceries-Meats-Produce Feed and Hardware N. M. CRAIG Contractor Home Building a Specialty Large Selection of Lots and Plans Available IO3O Sharon-Amity Road CHARLOTTE, N. C. Phone EM 6-2967 MINT Hlll CIEANERS MINT HILL, N. C. H. A. Jamison, Owner JOHN M. McEWEN CO. Groceries, Shoes, Work Clothes, Seeds, Cement Blocks, Fertilizer, Hardware, Paints LI 5-4736 Mint Hill, N. C ge One Hundred Sixty-eight GREENWAY NURSERY, INC. EASTWOOD BARBER SHOP 6307 Reddmon Road Warren J. Redd KE 7-2386 ORNAMENTAL PLANTS 4329 The Plaza Phone FR 7-7002 Ovvneri Ralph S. Porter Compliments ot MCCOY SERVICE COMPANY, Inc. Independent Petroleum Dealers Office: 5315 Wilkinson Blvd. - Telephone EX 9-5941 CHARLOTTE 8, NORTH CAROLINA Stations in N. C. Cha rlottezl Gaston ia Mt. l-lollyli Kings Mountainzfz Shelby? Forest City? Spindaleii Rockingham East Rockingham Laurinburg Wilmingtontli Corneliasl: Cherryvillel: Your Dollar Stations in S. C. Darlington? Newberryl: Unionl Sumter? Winnsboroil York? l-lartsvi I lei: Cloverzi Jonesvillei: Has More Sense at McCoy's HElEN'S BEAUTY SHOP Highway 51 between Matthews and Independence Blvd. Day or Night Appointments Air Conditioned VI 7-4844 Phone JA 3-4441 Jack l-lawtield l ARMOR TREAD TIRE CO. 3119 South Boulevard CHARLOTTE, N. C. Page One Hundred Sixty-nine ir Phone JA 3-1822 Nite JA 3-0217 IHS'Ef33E5?5lliliRF2'lC'EEli lillllllll 8 lll'S lllllll llllllllll Complete line of: ouge of gkwgpg Groceries, Meats, and Vegetables Sedgefield Shopping Center Members F. T. D. MINT HILL, N, C, CHARLOTTE, N. c. "' 54701 Frank Griffin, Owner 'A' GAY LAUNDRY 8. CLEANERS, INC. ' H01 North Brevard Street CHRISTENBURY BARBER SHOP 1300 The Plaza PICK UP STATION 719 Louise Ave. Phone FR 7-2064 377-4192 "Complete Barber Service" W. M. Helms Charlotte, N. C. f' I Al BROWNE'S SERVICE AND L, .1 FUEL ons "Who Me?" Page One I lu ndred Seven ty ' Q- I P I . A "The morning after the night before" Specializing In Home Permanents And Beauty Culture 1 1 JEWEllS BEAUTY SALON Phone ED 2-8070 3114 Plaza Road CHARLOTTE, N. C. HOYT A. RIDENHOUR M. T. BUNN PIUMBING Textile Machinery and Supplies COMPANY 3118 Monroe Rd 5301 Hickory Grove Road FR 6-2070 KE H162 'A' Klwmpi ADVERTISING PRODUCTION CO. SCREEN PROCESS PRINTER ART-LAYOUT-D ESI GN-POSTERS DISPLAYS "lf it is an object, we can print on it" 5849 Albemarle Road CHARLOTTE 5, NORTH CAROLINA 537-3353 Compliments of CITY CHEVROLET 710 South Tryon Street ED 2-7151 "Friendly People" 'A' Page O "The patio henpa rty" EASTWAY ESSO 3315 Independence Boulevard ED 2-9382 "Minor Tune-ups WARREN DISTRIBUTING COMPANY 226 West Third Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. ED 3-0551 Wholesale Distributors of Appliances, Jewelry, Giftware Luggage, Sporting Goods, Toys SEE US FOR YOUR INDUSTRIAL GIFTS Real Estate FR 5-5792 I H' A52 fin Q Z Q REALTORS 3 Mutual Q' 235255: 5 I Q ' Esnif' TURNER BROS. AGENCY 122 East Fourth Street CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Insurance ED 2-4136 One Hundred Seventy-t ACCURACY ASSURED IN FILLING PRESCRIPTIONS S T A N L E Y ' S SUPER DRUG STORE, INC. Corner 7th St. and Pecan Avenue CHARLOTTE, N. C. WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE PLEASE CALL AGAIN Phones: ED 3-5103 - ED 3-5104 ED 3-5105 - ED 3-5106 MASTER CLEANERS, INC AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY Corner of Commonwealth and Pecan so 4-5841 SHElTON FLORIST I L I I - 117 Middleton Drive 1, I ,ze FR 5-7744 ' 1, "What do I do now, Mrs. Blankenship?" Page One Hundred Seventy-three R. J. McEWEN 8. SON FURNITURE, HARDWARE Er APPLIANCES Phone Ll 5-4816 MINT HILL, N. C. . -., Q1 "What, me worry?" JIMMY RENFROW'S SERVICE 527 Providence Road CHARLOTTE 7, N. C. COMPLETE CAR SERVICE MAC'S BEAUTY SHOP Margaret Wallace Road KE 7-1796 Mrs. Ruby McGraw HARRIll'S BAR-B-Q 1025 Kings Drive CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Telephone ED 4-8808 Junker Plumbing and Electric Company 7400 Albemarle Road Harrell M. Junker MATTHEWS DRY CLEANERS "lf pleased tell others, if not tell us." VI 7-4123 One Hundred Seventw'-four EDison 3-0138 Main Office: Kent, Ohio DAVY TREE EXPERT CO. FIELDS JEWELERS, INC. 122 East 4th Sfreef 101 N. Tryon Street CHARLOTTE 5, N. C. Bus.: EDison 3-3014 CHARLOTTE, N. C. Al Manch, President Re5,g KEy5tone 7-3579 SPORTING GOODS Faul 8. Crymes, Inc. 415 S. Tryon St. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Best Wishes THE CASUAL SHOP Providence Village Compliments of American Beauty Florist, Inc. TUXEDOS FOR RENT BUTLER SEAFOOD , H Flowers For All Occasions Phone FR 5-4409 Corsages-Cut Flowers-Funeral Designs CHARL01-TE, N. C. 1506 South Boulevard ED 3-4177 "Meditating or concentrating?" GREENS NURSERY "Only Quality Plants" 5030 North Tryon Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. Page One Hundred Seventy-five T0 YGU Who Stand On The BRINK CF A NEW WORLD In the years ahead, we shall have a greater need than ever before- for vision, knowledge, understanding, and skill. We, the Parents and Teachers of East Mecklenburg, are proud to know that we have had a part in working together to help make your years here a richer, fuller experience. lt is our sincere hope that you are now ready to meet the Challenge of the future unknown world-a world on the threshold of Space Adventure. Together we build for peace, For the right of each man to give The fruits of his labor and skill That all men in freedom may live. CReprinted from "Stepping Stonesul The thoughts and prayers of your Parent Teacher Association go with each of you as you venture forth into that "New World." Page One Hundred Seventy-six l il. l -9 ll ,. ff Ill K E 'L f i 1 . NN rl. 4 l r i f i ' ' A SGUVENIR QF FOREVER l ll , i Q if H X .l 2 i p ' K '.', fwfr Q7 ,1f.,,, NW' ' f Cir, Yrs .,:k'd ,..V----- 6 . " if +'--W ,if-31"l:'?l5iTe-A-x il- AQ: of -.fe ,re xx i .v af? , Ref, fl g nl, f . 11 Qi - Lil AJ, ,lvl J p 4 if gfg,XlY I-49ifyf3ff.'f 'M - L - l H T i ' " t it!-Llii Sf 1, I 9 " ' X ' A, , ,Q '.'- hy X" ll-Xt! kg -. i lg . w -- fi' I L- lj? jf sf-, I ,-QI utr, 114- -I I V, I . I' ,-.if , ' v A .,..5,,, Jff p I W V V' xl Y-r ' ff" i .-s if tl- 'lg' ,f yd! r' A fine professional photograph does two things for you . . . It represents you at the instant it is taken, and it keeps that You alive for later generations to see . . . You will grow older, of course, but our talented artist-photographer will keep today's You forever young! . . . We are happy to be your official school photographer, and we'd be proud to be your personal photographer, too, to record all the other important events of your life. YOUR OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER PHOTOGRAPH 529 soUTH TRYoN STREET, cHARLoTTE 2, N. C. "FOI'merly dl' Efird's Dept. Sf0l'eu Page One Hundred Seventy-seven KING CHEVROLET COMPANY CHEVROLET HEADQUARTERS since 1925 531 East Trade Street ED 2-3131 Refreshing remembrance AUTOGRAPHS 1. i J , roons . it - X740 featuring I Z ' A delicious I -1 PIZZA , T"'E,.'f5'?'l,.,1f.ffS.""' - 4 15529 ' -1' C - 1 , ' Q by gc D I - 11 il 1 1 V -- DRINK I ' GQQZ ' 'f mr cocA-com Bommc comPANY OHddS ygl CLARK'S DISCOUNT DEPT. STORE "" "Arriving or leaving?" Your Complete Shopping Center! Everything Fo, The Home HANK'S ATLANTIC smvlcs "Hank's Gas Keeps Your Car On The Go" "Free Pick Up 6' DeIivery" Complete Car Service Road Service-Washing-Lube-Accessories And Family! Amity Gardens Shopping Center W. E. "Hank" Hutchinson, Prop. 6044 Plaza Road Charlotte 5, N. C. Phone 332-9632 N. E. Independence Blvd. CIHIARILUTITTIE CUILIISIEIJIMI ICE SKATING All SUMMER We appreciate your patronage Page One Hundred S ty WAl1lR H. ll0lU CUMPA l 3032 Bank Street, P. 0. Box 11,111 Charlotte, N. C. Graphic Arts Supplies Printing Machinery and Equipment Phone JA 3-4176 340 OZIUHIAQP C0lfl'll9CLl'lg 1 m e LUMBER AND BUILDERS' SUPPLIE ' I u S Q fl lf Since 1908 W x- nag' x I C0 1 , - Telephone 376-7461 - Ill East Peek Avenue N25 Q Q "The Lumber Number" -T " me A ,X 'L CHARLOTTE 3, N. c. T A R ROSE'S BEAUTY SAlON H E E l C l'l l C K S Complete Beauty Care 1300 Central Avenue Air Conditioned Dryers ED 3-2143 lf no answer can KE 7-3230 Man: Han, N. c. LI 5-4516 ROWELL AND COX BARBER SHOP 2005 Commonwealth Avenue We cut the Principal's hair, why not yours? FR 6-4114 Rowell and Cox Compliments of POWERS 8. ANDERSON DENTAL COMPANY, INC CHARLOTTE, N. C. mdred Eighty PLAZA HARDWARE The Complete Hardware Store with General Electric Appliances 'l5I3 Central Ave. ED 4-3463 For All Your Sewing Nee PIEDMONT FABRICS ds 3949 N. Independence Boulevard Phone 537-6926 CAVALARIS SKATING RINK MOREHEAD BOWLING HILL'S ESSO The Best Service For Your Money Private Parties Q Dlllll 9l9Vz E. Morehead Street 6906 Albemarle Rd, ED 4-376I KE 7-9942 JINI'S GULF SERVICE 3030 N. Independence Blvd. at Fugate COMPLETE SERVICE Road Calls Phone 375-9462 CHAMPIUN SALES GORPURATIUN 2827 Central Avenue CHARLOTTE 7, N. C. Phone 377-2849 Page One Hundred Eighty i' Compliments of Auty-MacDonald Lumber Co. 'Ir PHUVIDENEE CLEANERS Expert Cleaning Service I Day Cleaning Service Located in Providence Shopping Center 631 Sharon-Amity EM 6-3393 ir PINECREST FLORIST 7021 Lawyers Road FLOWERS OF HIGHER QUALITY Mrs. Viola Dorton KE 7-3881 if Juciefda- Myne 200 N. Tryon Charlotte's Largest Selection of junior Fashions . . . Dresses, Coats, Suits, Sportswear junior Formals . . . for Special Occasions from 29.95 to I00.00 Page One Hundred Eighty-two ir Compliments of my Eonnak iliac! of lance 2131 Central Avenue KE 7-134-4 'k List your property with us Personalized Service I 3 45 N ALTY Q y swf E TERPRISES W Q MORTGAGES SALES AND RENTALS INSURANCE CARDINAL REALTY ENTERPRISES 211 Professional Building 334-1681 537-6605 v 'lr JOHN V. SMITH, C. l. U. The Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co. 414 Johnston Building CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA ED 3-7703 'k Our 66th Year Garihalhi 8: Zirnnz JEWELERS 104 South Tryon Street 813 Providence Road Page One Hundred Eighty-three P' Q . "'F"E"'1"!"""" gg 2, , H R249 gi -'--A--A in-A.. .4 AS... ,,.,,. . ..Y. O... A 'fzjrjjl-Afjij ff! 1 -A ' 'lvnumew WNW' 2' ' ..,,. ff , 2? A , SUNRISE DAIRY A J. W. Gantt, Distributor KE 7-2945 Charlotte, N. C. "East High Students Drink Our Milk" Congratulations From Fganklin 5,3543 Sporting Goods . Athletic Equipment HIDDEN VALLEY BUILDERS the Remember 'HC Better Living begins when you own 3 new home zao chafloffefown Man Phone 596-0526 CHARLOTTE 4, N. c. srmsvlur noun mms co. " PWS To Look We" 1804 North ffm sffeef SHAMROCK BARBER snor CHARLOTTE 1, NORTH CAROLINA 2939 S""""ock Dm Phone 537-6991 ED 3-2213 Owners C. V. and T. V. Johnson One Hundred Eighty-f OUT KAl.E-LAWING CO. STIlWEll ELECTRIC COMPANY Complete Office Outfitters Industrial-Commercial Phone FR 7-2641 Residential Repairs 217 S' Tryon st' 4456 Central Avenue CHARLOTTE, N. C. KE 7-3411 Compliments of STACK'S ESSO SERVICE WllSON'S DRUG SUNDRIES 30, South Mint Street P. or. Box so CHARLOTTE, N. c. MINT HILL, N. c. Phone ED 2-3994 LI 5-4701 THE SHOE BOX Ltr' STYLE AND QUALITY SHOES-HOSE-BAGS l Page One Hundred Eight One Hundred Eight LIBRARY ANNUAL PAPER BOOSTER CLUB IOIN THE BOOSTER CLUB WHICH MEETS EVERY THIRD MONDAY OF THE MONTH THEY BOOST ALL PHASES OF EAST. BOOST THE EAGLES ATHLETICS STADIUM BAR-B-Q HEATING I ' it--f mmx 399' -2:2153-31: .-:1:fS:2:2:-:Ti -5 . . . .-:Rf Q - ....... mt Z'.'.'. . .' X .v 5: '-1 .f:-z.:-:-:Q-22:-:-:-:3'2:-3: - S, - . . . . . - TELEPHONE ED 3-7458 FR 7-5514 WALKER OIL COMPANY P. O. Box 5295 3225 N. Davidson St. CHARLOTTE, N. C. l. Modern Delivery Trucks Equipped With Two Way Radio For Better Means To Serve You. 2. Metered Delivery Service For Greater Bill- ing Accuracy. 3. Twenty-Four Hour Burner Service For Your Convenience And Heating Assurance. 4. Budget Terms Available For Convenience Of Payment. AT SINCLAIR .... We Care For YOU Ancl YOUR Car SuperFIame SXN C L A I Q WWERX 0,1 su mt run Page One Hundred Eight L ",. A H ,,., , -, .fer . 1 4 ez-j 'wfg m i' 'ifivw' . -Y,- ' I A bizs , Qi 'il - M.. ' ' ' "WHAT TROPHIESI' Staton-Thomas Office Machine Co. Calculators-Adding Machines Typewriters Sales Service-Rentals 1245 Central Avenue Phone 376-8237 CHARLO1TE 4, N. C. SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS HAll Oll CO., INC. Fuel Oil - Burners Service 2600 East Seventh Street '20 Telephone FR 5-8711 Charlottetown "Our Friends Are Worm Friends" Mall H. E. "seek" Hall Compliments of SHAMROCK FABRICS 1417 Shamrock Drive Miss Eunice Baucom, Owner ED 3-1678 Compliments of PROVIDENCE HARDWARE A. C. ROUNTREE COMPANY "Established 1931" INSURANaCE ADIUSTERS FIRE Telephone AUTOMOBILE FR 6-2406 CASUALTY Night Calls INLAND MARINE EM 6-1186 KE 7-2194 EM 6-2398 Post Office Box 4284 CHARLOTTE 4, NORTH CAROLINA PARK lANES BOWLING 1700 Montford Drive JA 3-7633 "CharIotte's Bowling Paradise" Page One Hundred Eighty-eight OllVER'S AMOCO 2 ,Q "The Telephone" z helps you do 4329 Plaza Road CHARLOTTE, N. C. your work Easier - Faster - Better NORTH CAROLINA TELEPHONE COMPANY OAKHURST RADIO AND T.V. MORRISON'S 4612 Monroe Road ED 2-1411 Watch and jewelry Repair Providence ED 2-1605 "We can fix it" Gold Er Silver Charms EAST MINT Hlll 5 8. IOc STORE Mint Hill Road, East MINT HILL, N. C. john M. Black, Owner Wcgwen junera! Sruice Telephone ED 4-6421 727 E. Morehead St. CHARLOTTE 3, N. C. MIDWOOD FlOWER SHOP 2411 Central Avenue ED 3-0585 "As Eagles make their flight" Page One Hundred Eighty O CIITHEY LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS HOME PLANS 4II5 Monroe Road ED 3-3I38 0 TIRES LUBRICATION 0 TUBES OIL CHANGE Printing Calculators and High Speed o BATTERIES BALANCING Calculafgrs . BELTS FLATS FIXED Ten Key and Full Keyboard Adding Machines Receipt Issuing Cash Registers . . . . . COMPLETE SERVICE Dictation and Transcription Equipment ALSO VICTOR BUSINESS MACHINES COMPANY DIVISION VICTOR COMPTOMETER CORPORATION I6II E. Seventh Street Charlotte, N. C. FRonklin 5-7708 C-ROCERI ES-M EATS-NOTIONS o HOLLANDS SERVICE 8. GROCERY 7904 Albemarle Rd. KE 7-9973 ne Hundred Ninety ir 'lr Il. L SMITH DRIVE-IT-YUUHSELF INC 1501 South Boulevard , ' ED 3'45'3 AAA ROAD SERVICE Sharon Amnty F: Randolph "RENT A TRUCK Phone EM 6 2867 FOR HAYRlDES" 'A' 'A' ' ,A.,. ,. W' A the N-' A .. .. ,W , - A wa, ,f .. ' . E my Q - . iw" ' ' ,. -A HM", '..'f.,, , -1- V--4, -ft, V ' " X - - af - 1, -rfw.-'Min """f'WWWWvf,f1b-58iwaJAffw5fJ'1f' Q .. Q .A NJQ 1 Pg O H d Phone ED 3-4761 We buy or sell NEWEU' GULF SERVICE Frank Clinton Furniture Co., Inc. Phone ED 2-2567 New and Used F RN Highway 29-A U ITURE AND APPLIANCES 'll2 North Brevard Street NEWEU-I N- C- CHARLOTTE 2, N. c. Archie D. Moore, President DUKE FILMCRAFT COMPANY Broadhurst-Allen Electric Co., Inc. "Creative Photographic Craftsmen" P0t'l'l'alf and Commercial Photographers ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 824 East Trade Street Phone ED 3-8230 Clmflollef N- C- lndustrial-Commercial-Residential BIVENS FLOORS 81 CABINETS, INC. 4lll Monroe Road FR 7-2973 THE BANK OF MATTHEWS Organized 1909 MATTHEWS, N. C. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation l Q, O H ndred Nuzety-two Compliments of HENDERSON SCHOOL OF DANCING 600 Queens Road ED 2-8306 CHARLOTTE, N. C. 129 Greenwich Road EM 6-2163 Telephone EDison 3-8846 ROY WHITE'S FLOWERS "Finest in Flowers" Roy I. White 1949 E. Seventh Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. COMMONWEALTH LAUNDROMAT REEDIS REERIGERATIQN AND C l t L d A d """'e e 'Y , " AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE Dry Cleaning Service KE 7-1852 Commonwealth Avenue at Pinecrest Avenue 5317 Unakq Avenue 3346 Commonwealth Ave. KE 7-1424 CHARLOTTE, N. C. HOMER JOHNSTON REALTY DEAN INSURANCE AGENCY MATTHEWS, N. C. Beach Real Estate-Sales 6' Rentals OCEAN ISLE BEACH, N. C' ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE Ch0"l0F1'e Office Telephone VI 7-8575 4470 Central Avenue Page One Hundred Ninety-tlzre '5Zf"Zw , . ,, J. f4,74.f5,h, A ,wr 'feat wioheo for cc wonderful future! 8 IT'S vouRs wl'rH Sou f thern 'Bell The Following Profefyional Men Of Charlotte Extena' Their Congratulations To The Graduating Clary Of '62 PAUL A. STROUP, IR. FLEMINC H. STONE L. THOMAS MORTON C. E. LAWING JOHN KASLER IAMES H. GROUT ROBERT C. FRAASA A. F. DANIEL CHARLOTTE VET. CLINIC CHRYSLER cf DAYTON T. M. BURNETT I. B. HALL I. O. LAFFERTY T. O. COPPEDGE H. H. HAYES O. R. ROTH Pg O H ndr "A penny for your thoughts, Mary Jane" B. D. FUNDERBURK "Shop at the store that offers you more" GROCERIES, DRY GOODS HARDWARE Phone VI 7-1561 MATTHEWS, NORTH CAROLINA 100 ACRES Baucom's Nursery and Grading Co. Complete Landscaping and Nursery Service Experienced Landscape Designers and Nurserymen to advise and assist you Complete Garden Shops located to serve you Phone 334-6453 4431 N. Tryon Across from old fairgrounds Haigler 8. Baker Atlantic Service Firestone Tires and Accessories Washing, Lubricating and Recapping Phone ED 2-9613 2000 E. Seventh St CHARLOTTE 4, N. C. -k You can depend on our service COMMONWEALTH BARBER SHOP 3304 Commonwealth Avenue I. M. FUNDERBURK PARK FLORIST "Flowers for All Occasions" '3429 Commonwealth Avenue Mrs. Eunice Kesiah KE 7-2161 Home Telephone FR 5-4360-Office FR 6-8029 HARRY C. GARNER CONTRACTOR Paper Hanging - Painting 2823 Shamrock Drive CHARLOTTE, N. C. "The Christmas spirit" e One Hundred Ninety-s CK I believe that every right implies a responsibilityg every opportunity, an obligationg every possession, a duty." john D. Rockefelier, jr. Compliments of ROBERT l. TAYLOR J. M. LITTLE STORE GENERAL MERCHANDISE M. lITTlE COTTON GIN BUYER OF COTTON AND SEED J. ALLEN, N. c. Phone LI 5-4337 Page O me OBSERVER PRINTING HOUSE CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA INDEX Page Administration and Curriculum .,..,.,i ,.,i 1 iiii 1 0-23 Advert1sements1 ..i.,.. 1 .... .iii iiiiivi 1 American Field Service ....,. Art Club .,.-eee,,e,,,e,w 1 ee,,,,e.ee. 1 Audio-Visual Club eeeeeeeeeeeeee Basketball Team Captains eeeee Baseball Team eee. 1 e..,.....,. 1 Beauty Runners-up W... 1 Beta Club e,ee Block "E" Club e.ee..,.e Boys' and Girls' State 1 .eeee 1 Bus Drivers v.ee eeeeeiee,,e eeee Carrousel Princess ..,..., Cheerleaders eeeeee,eeeee,ee Choir ......,.e.e,....eee,eet.,,.ee...,, Coaches and Managers 11 eeeee. 1 Conclusion ..,..ee,..,.e.....,.. Contents ee,ee,eef.eeeeeeee.f..eee Cross-Country Team .,..t,.. 166-185 111111162 1136 1 ee,, 11141 95 90 1 1111155 114-115 1 eeeee 143 11111162 144 150 84-85 1 11 1 132 11111101 ..-. 163 5 1111111192-93 D.A.R. Award 11111,.1..1..111 ,,,.,11 1 49 Debate Club 11111e1.,.1.... 1 .,,..... 11,1 1 1 1 129 Dedication ....,..,..11..,...11.,1111,,1.111 1,111111 1 9 Distributive Education Club EAGLE Business Staff .,..11,1 EAGLE Editorial Staff ..... 11 .... East High Band .,1........,11111111111111111, 11 EAST WIND Business Staff EAST WIND Editorial Staff 122-123 11111109 111111108 1111134 11 11111 107 11111106 EAST WIND Editorial Staff at Work 111111111111 145 El Circulo Espanol 1 1111111111111111111.11.,.,,, 11 ,,11 1111 11,11 1 1 9 Engineers Club .11, 1.1, EYRIE .1.., .1111,11111111.. 1 11111111139 1111111111110 Footlighters Club 1,11 1 1111111 1130-131 Foreword 1111 11 111111111111111111 1 111111111111.1 11 11111111 11111111 1 4 French Club 111111111111111111111111111111111111.11111...1 11.111111 1 21 Future Business Leaders of America 111111111111111, 124 Future Farmers of America 111.11111.11111 1111111 1 1127 Future Homemakers of America 1111111 11111111 1 26 Future Teachers of America 11111111 11111111 1 125 Girls' Athletic Association 1111111 111111111 1 42 Girls' Ensemble 11111111111111111111 11111111132 Golf Team 1 1 1 Homecoming Queen Junior Beauty 1 1 Junior Class 1 1 Junior Red Cross Junior Junior-Senior Prom 119615 Junior Varsity Basketball Team 1 1 1 Junior Varsity Football Team Key Club 1111 1 11 1 1 Latin Club 1111 Library Club 1 Marshals 11111 11 Memorial 11111111 Miss East High 11 Miss Hi Miss 1111 11 11 Page 111191 150 1 1 154 1 1 54-69 11 138 Rotarians 111 11 11 11 111 162 11 1111 160-161 11 11 98 1 1 1 1 87 118 1120 111111128 1 112 53 11 1151 111111149 Mixed Chorus 1 1 11111111 11 1111 133 Mr. and Miss EAST WIND 11 1111148 Musicians Club 11111111111111111 1135 National Honor Society 1111 One Hundred Dollar Club 1 Orientation Committee 1111 11 Photography Club 111 11113 111116 1111117 137 11111111 1111162 11111140 111111152-153 Quill and Scroll 111111111111 Scholarships and Awards 111111 Science Club .1111111 ...1111..1 Senior Basketball Players 1.1.11 1 96-97 Senior Beauties .1111 11 1.11 Senior Class 11111111111111111111111 1111126-52 Senior Football Players 1111 1 1 1.11 188-89 Senior Superlatives 111111111111111111111 1.1.111 1 56-159 Serving Others Loyally Club 1111111 ...1....1 1 137 Sophomore Beauty 111111111.111.1... 1.11...111 1 54 Sophomore Class 1.11 1 Student Council 1111 11 Sweetheart Queen 1111 Swimming Team 1111111111111111 Track Team 111111111111111111111111111 Varsity Basketball Team 11111111 Varsity Football Team 111111111 1111170-81 111111104-105 111111111151 91 111111100 94 86 Page One Hundred Ninety-nine WZ 31 i i 5: . L , 3 Z I lx 3 'I I 1. ga -1 U p L I. 2 'I w 'x 11 i q V H JH ' Q? JJ I ,N I 4 I 4 1 . W 1, 1 ls 5? Ly

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