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EAST MEADOW HIGH SCHOOL CARMAN AVENUE EAST MEADOW, NEW YORK 1965 Dr. Alfred J. Sellers, Principal Mr. Bernard Allen, Faculty Advisor Rita Epstein, Editor-in-ChiefEAST MEADOW HIGH SCHOOL DAD'S CLUB prwents The L I. Gilbert Sullivan Workshop in H. M. S. PINAFORE Friday evening, April 30th, 1965 East Meadow High School Auditorium 0:13 P. M. Student $1.00 7 th 0 Annual Classic 0 fCOTIAI 1 0 CLARKE RAMS 1 vs. EAST MEADOW JETS o East Meadow H. S. Stadium ! September 26, 1964 12:30 P. M. General Admission . . $1.00 All Proceeds to the East Meadow Scholarship Fund I MOpoaw »nu®Ay UDUU03 'ujmpois S H W 3 ° ®ujd6 «uio W V 0r:0l ° “« 0 6uiai8$i(uo4 oq| puo W d OGGI ° S!«0|D | nuoy sdaoxa w d OE l »° 11106 ||Y Admv ®|opuoiun - 91 JaqujaAON 'Aoasjoqj ••“•H J •judjmoi — Yl «quiaAON ApR-in oj XoMy U!MPI°8 — I Ja«|uj»AON 'UJOH f r P»® duiaH - 1C J®qo4XQ [Aop frfoc Aomy uioqd»w - ft Joqo o XoP Vn °£ auiOH O MOdaajj — n J qo o XoP- 9iP$ auiOH 3 «n Mb donDW -oi .laqopo 'Aopjn o$ S'H WJ a lJ0ID - ! so|3 IC2L- rf!HtJDl0H S |onuuv q — qj jaqiuatdas Xopjnjos ,si3r„ •s,Hwa-fr96i iivaiooj i U3Nav i n o H30I9.0 OC 8 IV 3A3 AVaibd X , 'A'N 'onvisi ONOi Moavaw isva 3 s ; wnidonanv ioohos O i HOIH MOQV3IN J.SV3 CJ1 —I 8 w 899 a rH K £ is. 0 1—4 z i c E U 1 a c u c ® h 0 z - ir, M V £ 6K 7 th Annual Classic I VSI I ILAI I CLARKE RAMS vs. EAST MEADOW JETS Clarke High School Gym Fri., Dec 11, 1964 8 00 P M General Admission . . . $1.00 AIL Proceeds to the East Meodow Scholarship Fu«»d GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT EAST MEADOW HIGH SCHOOL -----------------Presents----------------- HERAEA” VIII Friday, May 1st 1964 - 8:00 P. M. East Meadow High School Gym Admission by Ticket only PARTICIPANTS PASS N? 1076 2 § 9613 oK miL m — t Tl 1 1 . . j ' 4- - NLimg is v I ------- r mat, ii responsible for nil use made of this card EAST MEADOW HIGH SCHOOL EAST MEADOW SCHOOL DISTRICT FAST MEADOW. NEW YORK E«p«r— J Return card to library when lea ing district. m 8063Nature, almost perfect in itself, has learned to create its duplicate: A row of trees reflected in a still pond; This image, fragile, dying with the slightest wind or rain. But man has more: a lasting memory, which aided by photographs and timely words. Can reflect upon the year passed.CONTENTS FACULTY SENIORS POPULARITY POLL UNDERCLASSMEN SPURTS ACTIVITIESDEDICATION 8Whenever a Resume editor or staff member has a problem or requires assistance with a particular por- tion of the yearbook, Mr. Allen, our advisor, is there to offer the adult guidance we so often need. He is our liaison with the administration and faculty and is thus able to give the R6sum6 editors a clear insight into the administration's views and opinions. It is very difficult for a student to accept suggestions from an adult and it is conversely just as difficult for a teacher to tactfully correct a student without offending him. This is a talent in itself, and Mr. Allen possesses such a quality. As an Art teacher and with his background in this field, his suggestions are based on experience and knowledge. For four years this man has been the advisor of Resume. He is the only person who remem- bers the failures and successes of previous editors, thus helping us learn from their mistakes. He is the image of a man dedicated not only to a yearbook or its staff or its readers, but to the idea that adults and students can harmoniously cooperate with each other on a regular basis. On every page of this book, Mr. Allen will be able to see that we have learned and benefitted through his position, not only as R6sume editors, but as people. Therefore, to Mr. Bernard Allen, yearbook advisor, do we dedicate Resume 1965. 9 "A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." —Henry Brooks AdamsMIAMI UF EUUFATIU1V Left to right. Mr. Owen B. Walsh, Mr. Seymour J. Harris, Mr. Rodman Sweeny, Mr. Herbert C. Auerbach, President; Mrs. Jane Ford, Dr. Anthony J. Barbaccia, Mr. Ecole Rosa. liSUPERINTENDENTS Mr. Samuel A. Manarel Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education 12 Mr. George H. McVey Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education Dr. Frederick Shore Assistant Superintendent of Special ServicesADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS Mr. Arthur Castelli Mr. Gerard Johnson Assistant Principal Assistant Principal Mr. Herbert Kraith Assistant Principal Mr. Edward Heine Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Mr. Mortimer Peorlstone Business Manager f 13EAST MEADOW HIGH SCHOOL CARMAN AVENUE EAST MEADOW, L. I., NEW YORK 11554 IVanhoe 5-7000 ALFRED J. SELLERS, principal ARTHUR CASTELLI, asst principal GERARD J. JOHNSON. ASST PRINCIPAL HERBERT R. KRAITH. ASST PRINCIPAL The publications of a yearbook is an exacting and tine-consuming task. It requires the coordination and collaboration of many hard-working people; it demands a precise time- table for the completion of each part, certainty that nothing has been omitted, clarity in each bit of copy for the printer, and, finally, the submission of the entire book to the printer by a definite date. The copy must be complete - exact - neat - and on time. The same qualities needed to put out a successful yearbook were used by a certain college dean who was rather doubtful about accepting credits a student had earned in high school. Finally he said, "If you carry Junior Physics, I'll accept those for credit." So the student determined he would make an all-out effort to carry Junior Physics. The Dean taught Junior Physics. He had a remarkable system of grading - 25% for completeness, 25% for exactness, 25% for neatness, 25% for promptness. It seemed a strange marking system, but it worked out better in evaluating a technical subject than the student had dreamed. But the thing that the student seemed to get out of that class was the im- portance of completeness - exactness - neatness - promptness. He passed and the credits were accepted, but the principles he had learned were not forgotten and were of use to him later on in life. As a matter of fact, he became the sales manager of a large corporation, and on the wall behind his desk there hung a framed, hand-lettered sign - These qualities can be of use to everyone in any field of endeavour but more partic- ularly they can help the student in high school and college. It is obvious that when applied to outside assignments and research, they will bring satisfaction and success; when applied to class work, they will bring commendation and respect; if they become habitual, and are applied to the problems of life, they will bring fulfillment and happiness. It is apparent that these principles were practiced in the preparation of this book. It faithfully records the activities of our school over the past year and containing, as it does, the pictures of every class and every student, together with photographs of our Faculty and school administrators, and shots of many athletic and social highlights, will be a treas- ured memento for all of our students and, most especially, for our graduating senior. Our thanks, therefore, go to the Editors of Resume' and to their fine Staff for an ex- cellent book, and more particularly at this time, to Mr. Bernard Allen, the Faculty Advisor of Resume, who has, for so many years, been the guiding hand behind a succession of fine publications. COMPLETENESS NEATNESS EXACTNESS PROMPTNESS 14Dr. Alfred J. Sellers, Principal 15Macbeth and Hamlet are seen by ENGLISH students this year. 16 Mr. Robert Gemson Mrs. Caroline Gettler Miss Mary Louise Hyland Mrs. Hope JohnsonMiss Michele Kalwaro Mr. Norman Klein Mr. Louis Kraus Mr. Michael O'Keefe 17They enrich our lives with a knowledge of ART and the appreciation of beauty. Mr. Bernard Allen Mr. John Tonges Chairman Mr. Jack Pangburn 18|Tf9 Mr. James Gorman Chairman Mrs. Amelia Argentin Mr. Thomas Freda Miss Leonora Harder X's and y's finally take on some meaning in the hands of our capable MATH teachers. Mr. Bernard Sweeney Miss Enza Vitiello 19Mr. Kevin Dwyer Through exploring SOCIAL STUDIES, countries become more than a place on a map. Mrs. Geraldine Decker Mr. Daniel Howard Mr. William Kaas Mr. Ralph Henderson Mr. Bernard Ehrlich Mr. George Gru 1 1 Dr. J jhn Hjjodi s A Dr. Gordon Atkins Chairman Ipf Mr. Frederick Coulter 20 Mr. James Kuhler i Mr. John McEnery Mr. Francis McNally Mr. Norman Maisel man waisei Mr. Robert Rossano Miss Barbara Wilbert 21Enriched curriculum and well-equipped labs of our SCIENCE department prepare students for the future. 22 Mr. Murray MillerMr. Joseph Paruolo 23 Mr. Irvin RaffmanThe efforts of our LANGUAGE department further communication among people. Mr. Augustine Colletti Mrs. Edith Kuttner Mr. Sidney Teitlebaum Supervisor of Languages Mr. Robert Simonds Chairman Miss Madeleine Galanek Mrs. Joyce Weil 24 Mr. Paul Levato Chairman Mrs. Beatrice Barkin Mrs. Ruth Barrett Mrs. Patricia Bradbury Mrs. Dora Carlin These people make it their BUSINESS to ■'I p prepare us for the commercial world. Mrs. Josephine Groen 25With enthusiasm and energy these teachers promote PHYSICAL EDUCATION and fitness. Mrs. Helen Kobzo Mr. Edward Reinisch Director Mr. Charles Dinkelmeyer Mrs. Betty Peizer Mr. Chester Zabek t Mrs. Pat Sessa 26Mr. Matthew Graham Director Mr. Kenneth Stacey Cooperative Program Director Mr. Louis Adler Future homemakers and craftsmen begin their VOCATIONAL learning under these teachers. Mr. Frank Blasio Mr. Peter NovellinoOffering GUIDANCE, they help clear the obstacles for future success. Mrs. Judith Healy Mrs. Sue Whitehill 28Performing, understanding, and enjoying MUSIC is the goal of this department. Mr. Richard DongesThey provide the SPECIAL SERVICES without which our education would be incomplete Mr. Martin Raphael Librarian Mrs. Alice Offrell Nurse Mr. Norman Pollens Psychologist I A ' S Miss Elizabeth Kerr Nurse Mrs. Ruth Noble Librarian J Miss Kathleen Morris Dental Hygienist Mr. Austin Weiss Reading Mr. Robert Huber Speech and Drama 30Mr. John McCagg Audio-Visual Supervisor Mr. Edward Reinert Driver Education Mrs. Caroline Persche School Store Mr. Robert Mayo Driver Education P Mr. John Kropf Driver Education 31Bottom row: V. Schneider, A. Cipriano, V. Brown, M. Van Hassel, Elhiuney, M. Hellberg, H. Kaminsky, L. Roberts, E. Reichenberger, D. Mansicioun, F. Gargano, A. Morgan, F. Staher. Second row: M. Schwove, I. Culmone, P. Gabbigher. R. Nolan, V. Metuza, A. Serprico, E. Roberts, K. Voueitzeu, K. Me- Preparing our meals, the CAFETERIA STAFF offers us food for thought. Bottom row: R. Chicco, G. Miramda, H. Siemaskl, A. Roy, M. Brown, J. Olshlager. Second row: M. Cartabuke, W. Zacharia, L. DeGraf, C. Stringham, W. Gerula, S. Tartai. Keeping our school in working order, the job of the CUSTODIANS is never ending. 32Left to right: C. Jorgenson, S. Silver, N. Drew, R. Booth. I Left to right: B. Carroll, M. Loeffler, G. Gherhem. F. Carroll |B Seated: H. O'Neil, A. Edgar. Standing. E. Schmidt, H. Harmer, S. Boehm, R. Grimmer, H. Detke, H. Margolis, G. Eisdorfer, M. Signorelli, A. Voiland, A. Conklin, E. Kozma. B. Hills Doing different jobs for various purposes, the SECRETARIES together contribute to the efficiency of our school 33"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them." —Laurence BinyonAlton Abramowitz jet gazette, ski club, pre-med club ,wp y v f ■ i? f W, r H Robert Alek jv football, varsity track, homoroom v.p. Edward Ackerly winter carnival committee, homeroom pres. Gail Allibone booster club pres, and treas., heraea, intramurals, office assist. Carolee Alpert booster club, teacher's assist., intramurals, hall patrol, business club f J - fvWendy Alpern rockettes, f.t.a., office assist., hall patrol Anthony Amanzio Hilda Amador hall patrol, business club Mel Albin interpreter, language lab assist., varsity tennis, homeroom pres., hall patrolEiko Aoki foreign exchange student, international club d Nancy Arpaia cheerleader, intramurals, heraea, f.t.a., hall patrol, homeroom treas. Steve Anith physics club, ski club, fresh, track, homeroom pres., lab assist. interpreter, jet gazette, lab assist., hall patrol Steve Ashinoff key club, physics club, rifle club, fresh, lacrosse, homeroom pres., lab assist. Anthony Avitabile Robert Azzarello student council v.p. and rep., sr. prom committee, band, orchestra, key club, german club Arlene Baas business club, hall patrol, heraea Buster Avolese varsity track, varsity cross country, homeroom pres. Mitch Axelrod Carol Babich leaders club, heraea, intramurals, hall patrol, teacher's assist., librory assist. 36Larry Bachner Felicia Barcia Mitchell Bari Arlene Baker student council rep., f.t.a., hall patrol, sr. prom committee, homeroom sec., heraea Kathy Balsam business club, heraea, holl patrol JoAnn Barbera hall patrol, business club, heraea f.h.o., hall patrol, homeroom pres. exchange student, international club pres., pre-med club, human rights club, Spanish club, hall patrol Kenneth Barna varsity basketball, risumi, jit gazette, fresh, baseball, hall patrol, lab assist. Ingrid Bantz Spanish club, international club, debating club, office assist., holl patrolRick Baslaw Raymond Becker varsity bowling, boll patrol, french club, chess team Alyce Baruch office assist, hall patrol, teacher's assist., intramurals, f.t.a. Stephanie Becker Linda Bautz jr. ond sr. class v.p., cheerleaders co-capt., et gazette, li'l abner, sr. prom committee chairman, heraea John Beddia jv cross country, varsity trock Carmine Bellucci art club, lab assist., sr. prom committee, hall patrol Thomas Belmonte varsity cross country, hall patrol Jack Beebe Ricki Bell risumi art staff and seniors ed., pTtpaciiv, band, international club, art service club Stephen Belth human rights club pres., international club, pre-med club, folk singing club, the bard, library squad 38Rex Bence varsity football varsity lacrosse Sandra Bergeman hall patrol Douglas Bennett varsity baseball Janet Bente et gazette typist, homeroom sec., intramurals Carol Bergwall art service club, intromurals, teacher's assist. Diane Berkoff human rights club, f.t.a., resume special features staff, sr. prom committee, f.h.a. Charles Bernor varsity track Roseann Berlin office assist., hall patrol, international club Kenneth Bernstein jet gazette sports ed., varsity tennis, human rights club, lab assist., ski club Mark Bernstein risume business staff, office assist., library squad, language lab assist., lab assist., hall patrol Elayne Berbiar »' abner, hall patrol, office assist., intramurals, Spanish club, lab assist. 39Gary Bessel Manny Beyer li'l abner, debating club, art club, lab assist, drama club, hall patrol, chess team John Besswanger Andy Bittker varsity ond jv football, varsity ond jv lacrosse Shari Blachman leaders club, li'l abner, heraea, resume special features staff, f.t.a., ski club, intramurals Judy Blatt jet gazette news and feature ed., sr. chorale, li'l abner Robert Bloom national thespian society, fresh, football, fresh, baseball, drama club, li'l abner, hall patrol, resume, perspective Linda Bjorkman office assist, nurse's aid, intramurals, heraea, art service club 40 Donald Boalick jv football, hall patrolRobert Bobulinski bond, jv football, hall patrol, orchestra John Bonczek Jean Boesen heraea Helene Bore Bonnie Bradeen office assist., bowling club, f.h.a., business club Michelle Bohana leaders club, f.t.a., ski club, heroeo, risume special features staff, office assist., teacher's assist. Elizabeth Bosco jet gazette editorial and exchange eds., interpreter, photography dub, resume publicity staff, folk singing club Marjorie Borell jet gazette, sr. chorale, li'l abner, teacher's assist., radical Noreen Brady heraea, Spanish club, business club, f.h.a., hall patrol, resumi, homeroom v.p., intramurals Perry Bolton varsity and jv wrestling, physical fitness team, hall patrol 41Howard Bregstein tom ones, senior prom committee, jv wrestling, perspective, human rights club, ski club Diane Brown heraeo, intramurals, homeroom trees., newman club, hall patrol, booster club Harriot Brown hall patrol, office assist, faculty show Joan Brooks ers. Ellen Brenner crafts club pres., f.t.a., human rights club, international club, bowling club Patti Brenner intramurals, office assist. Marie Breyer newman club pres., f.h.o., homeroom treas., resume literary staff, sr. chorale Michael Brown varsity rifle co-capt., fresh, track, fresh, football Barbara Brewster leaders club, tom jonos, resumo literary staff, international club, booster club, office assist., ski club, sr. chorale Carol Brescia heraea capt., cheerleader, homeroom v.p., intramurols ■ 42Marcella Brownlee f.t.o., cadet teacher, intramurals, heraea, office assist. Ronnie Brownman heraea capt., student council rep., leaders club, resumi publicity and art staffs, math team, p rsp cfiv, ski club Toni Brown fresh, wrestling, hall patrol Mike Bryant hall patrol John Bua hall patrol Jacqueline Burris resume special features staff, ski club, homeroom treas., f.t.a., cadet teacher, booster club, office assist. Clifford Buckman parking lot patrol Anthony Bruno varsity football, varsity baseball i R£ "' p0 cjyrtf- Kathleen Burns intramurals, heraea, hall patrol, homeroom sec. Eileen Butensky hall patrol, leaders club, intramurals, heraea 43Jean Cameron f.h.a. pres., leaders club b. altman fashion board rep., heraea, intramurals Andrew Buttafuoco jv football, jv lacrosse, hall patrol, fresh, wrestling Roseann Caliendo italian club, intramurals, heraea Jacqueline Caparelli intramurals Anthony Butera, Jr. Lynn Cambria majorettes, teacher's ossist., hall patrol, intramurals Vincent Caggiano fresh, wrestling, fresh, soccer, hall patrol Dolores Concilia heraea, intramurals Glenn Cannava jv soccer, international club, audio-visual squad Donna Capobianco rockettes, student council rep., heraea, homeroom sec. and treas., intramurals, teacher's assist. 44Naomi Carlson teacher's assist, heraea, hall patrol, intramurals, booster club Doug Carleton Frank Cappello Francis Carroll fresh, football, parking lot patrol Doreen Caso Michele Cary booster club, teacher's assist. Arthur Castelli varsity and jv .baseball, band, jv football, international club Thomas Cavanaugh varsity lacrosse, band uniform manager, li'l abner, tom jones 45Maureen Chancellor booster club, hall patrol, intramurals Cary Chasin varsity wrestling, fresh, soccer, fresh, baseball, holl patrol, parking lot patrol, homeroom trees. Harriet Chameides et gazette, teacher's assist., language lab assist., Spanish club Laura Chase tom ones, heraea, f.n.a. v.p., national thespian society, intramurals, homeroom pres., hall patrol Barbara Chatzky li'l abner stage manager, ski club, resume special features staff, teacher's assist., booster club Gail Chelkonas f.t.a. v.p. Carol Chitel rockettes, leaders club, drama club v.p., ski club, booster club, heraea, intramurals, teacher's assist., jet gazette Barbara Ciezkowski art service club, hall patrol, teacher's assist. Paula Chernin Stanley Chess student council rep., et gazette associate and copy eds., math team capt. and club pres., chess team capt. Carol Citarella jet gazette editorial and exchange ed., resume special features and publicity staffs, international club 46Diane Cohen sr. choral , art service club, resumi special features staff, office assist., human rights club Suzanne Cody hall patrol, teacher's assist., heraea Barry Cohen li'l abner, hall patrol, photography club Mark Cohen ski club, drama club, li'l abner Natalie Cohen f.t.a., art service club, office assist., resume special features staff, cadet teacher Steven Cohen varsity track and field, human rights club, fresh, basketball Howard Cohn jet gazette, assist, judo instructor, ski club, perspective Linda Colabella Steven Colby math team v.p., interpreter special features ed., varsity bowling, resume business staff, chess club and team Barry Cohen 47Eileen Collins Marie Consiglio business club, office assist., hall patrol Jack Costello- varsity football, varsity wrestling, varsity baseball Thomas Craft Jacquelynn Cole ski club, sr. prom committee, office assist., heraea, f.t.a. Bob Cosentino Rose Collins leaders club sec., intramurals, heraea, hall patrol Robert Costello transfer student Jana Crescas office assist., teacher's assist., et gazette typist, risumi art staff, hall patrol Robert Coyle Roberta Crescenzo hall patrol, heraea, cheerleader, sr. prom committee 48John Cusack fresh. basketball Marie D'Angelo Alexander Cyhun hall patrol Larry Davis Phyllis DeLeo heraea, jr. prom committee, ‘ef gazette, intramurals Madelyn Cytryn f.t.a., rockettes, teacher's assist., office assist., li'l abner, jet gazette business staff, math tutor, ski club Lorrie Davis Peggy Danisi rockettes, intramurali heraea, sr. prom committee, homerooi pres., hall patrol Delores DeMarco perspictive, business club, office ossist., heraea, intramurals, homeroom trees. Richard DeLuc Mary Czapka f.n.o., office assist., intramuralsTUM JUNL'i The debut of the Senior Class play, Tom Jones on March 5, added to the long list of successful dramatic presentations at East Meadow High. Directed by Mr. Robert Huber, with James Pierce and Barbara Brewster playing Tom Jones and Sophie, the pro- duction will be remembered by the applause still echoing through- out the halls. 50ITS ACADEMIC New York saw East Meadow High on It's Academic on March 13. This weekly televised pro- gram creates a contest based on acquired knowl- edge between three high schools, each repre- sented by three students. Stan Chess, Marta Gut- tenberg, and Diane Pyke, our contestants, placed second. It was a game well played, a job well done. 510- v '■ i' S' T V»- r a A ...“W-C (V v v " jX aW .• .»J .. • -, bV'.SLV v VV S X y v. v fc« A ♦ ■ A A . «■ , T i A - O V A.,D v A °x t ? vA A A? v ,t ■ Vv 5- y X X X ■ o- 7 7 X X y -“• VA a. J? x j y Ax o' fcV' Judy DeMartino Virginia DeRiso office assist. Gene DeMark vorsity and jv soccer, homeroom v.p., treat., and sec., hall patrol Robin Detz national honor society treas., french club pres., french tutor, student council rep., sr. chorale accompanist, perspective Steve Denniston jv football, jv lacrosse, varsity swimming, ski club Frank Devito homeroom pres., parking lot patrol Ralph DiNoia Joseph DiNoto varsity football jv lacrosse X Linda DiBenedetti office assist., business club, bowling club John Dickinson varsity soccer, varsity baseball, varsity basketball, varsity football Gustave Distler fresh, football, hall patrol 52Susan Distler tr. chorale, math and french tutor, teacher'» assist. Carol Donnenfeld rockettes, f.t.a., cadet teacher, ski club, heraea, french club, office assist. Jerry DiTata resume business and literary staffs, jet gazette, student council Christine Doerner teacher's aid, intramurals, heraea Jacqueline Donohoe f.n.a., heraea, intramurals Thomas Donovan transfer student, parking lot patrol capt. Gael Douglas booster club, f.n.a., f.h.a., office assist., lab assist. Gary Drattel lab assist., german club, library assist. Karen Doerr rockettes, f.t.a., heraea, nurse's assist., jet gazette typist, intramurals, senior prom committee Walter Drelick hall patrol, art service club 53Andrew Dusanenko photography club Susan Drescher jet gazette feature ed., leaders club sec., f.t.o., library assist., resumi literary staff, heraea, intramurals Paula Drogen booster club Fred Drucker audio-visual squad capt. key club, jv football, lighting squad Eleanor Druckman human rights club, folk singing club, teacher's assist., international club, heraea, tom ones Daniel Dunphy varsity football, varsity lacrosse, homeroom pres., hall patrol Sharon Efron office assist., school store assist., booster club Carmen Eaderoto Linda Eadie sr. chorale, li'l obner, guys and dolls, booster clubSteve Ehrlich lab assist., hall patrol Arlen Elias Kenneth Erb hall patrol, lab assist. Richard Erdody audio-visual squad fresh, soccer Rita Epstein risumi ed.-in-chief and special features ed., n.h.s., student council, f.t.a., math tutor, lab assist. Judy Ellis office assist., f.n.a. Mary Ellen Etter library assist. 55Susan Falcon f.t.a., boosters club, teacher s assist., hall patrol Jeanine Farrell homeroom pres., library assist., hall patrol Frank Farinacei II varsity and jv soccer, pre-med club, art service club, newman club, ski club Marie Fattizzi business club, office assist., hall patrol Steven Fein perspective, human rights club, art service club hall patrol, ski club Lois Feit f.t.a., library assist., teacher's assist., human rights club Robert Fauser varsity basketball copt., varsity baseball, hall patrol, fresh, track Cheryl Feiler leaders club, rockettes, student council rep., intramurals, heraea, f.t.a., ski club, ritumi special features stoff Mark Feldman band, et gazette business manager and reporter, varsity tennis, radical, perspaefiv, math tutor, library ossist. 56Harriet Fell resume publicity staff, lob assist., office assist., f.t.a., heroeo, sr. prom committee James Fetner Barry Fetter jet gazette sports staff, resume sports staff, varsity basketball, varsity track, hall patrol Edward Ferri parking lot patrol copt., lab assist., hall patrol, audio-visual squad Robert Ferri audio-visual squad, hall patrol Gary Feulner student council pres, and trees., resume art staff, perspective, jet gazette proofreader, radical art ed., chess club Howard Ficken fresh, baseball, photography dub David Finkelstein varsity track, fresh, baseball, audio-visual squad, jet gazette, human rights club, hall patrol Mitchell Finn fresh, basketball, fresh, baseball, fresh, soccer, hall patrol, lab assist. 57Judy Fisher Gail Foster transfer student, f.h.a., band Howard Fishman varsity soccer, varsity trock, physical fitness team, ski club Michelle Florea et gazette reporter, office assist., heraea, ski club, hall patrol, intramurals Judy Frankel et gazette feature ed., perspective prose ed., sr. chorale, risume, interpreter art co-ed, n.h.s. Joan Fox human rights dub, f.t.a. Sue Frank sr. prom committee, booster club, teacher's assist. 58Mark Frascinella Robert Freeman student council v.p. and rep., resume special features ed., li'l abnor, tom jonos, sr. chorale, jot gaiotto reporter Michael Freitag fresh, football, physics club, rocket club, lab assist., ski club Robert Fumagalli hall patrol, Spanish club Ifc ¥ Sandra Funt f.t.a., human rights club, Spanish club, booster club Janet Gallin sr. prom committee, hall patrol Bonnie Gai b. altman jr. board rep., f.h.a. v.p., intramurals, office assist. Steven Galler varsity tennis, jot gaiotto, sr. prom committee, pre-med club Carol Friedel Judy Gallo art service club, heraea, teacher's assist., hall patrol 59Paul Geiss vorsity and jv football, vorsity track, hall patrol capt. Linda Gelshenen heroea, booster club, hall patrol Howard Gelberg lab assist., rifle club, interpreter, pre-med club, biology club John Gentile transfer student, hall patrol Betty Gerber sr. chorale, li'l abner, international club, f.t.a., Spanish club, drama club, intramural» Stephen Gerber varsity football, vorsity wrestling, physical fitness team Geraldine Giacobbe teacher's assist., office assist., nurse's assist., booster club, business club 60Anthony Giacomazio Steve Gitnik Gayle Gilbard jet gazette n wi ed., student council rep., national thespian society, homeroom pres., perspective, sr. chorale Stephen Gilman key club trees., interpreter production ed., perspective, jet gazette, the bard ed.-in-chief, student council rep. Michael Giugliano hall patrol Marc Glastberg David Gluck resume photography ed., varsity rifle capt., perspective, band, orchestra, li'l abner band, guys and dolls band Raymond Gniewek 61 Grace GiommettiAllan Goldman Arnold Goldstein band, orchestra, biology club, hall patrol pre-med club v.p., chess team, interpreter, lab assist., photography club v.p. Nancy Gottlieb jet gazette typist, intramurals, hall patrol Hank Grant varsity and jv basketball, lab assist., hall patrol Martin Goldberg jet gazette business staff, the bard assist. ed„ international club, lab assist., hall patrol, the journalist Joan Goldstein Robert Goldner fresh, football, ski club, hall patrol, lab assist. Amy Graham office assist., f.t.o., hall patrol, heraea, ski club, sr. prom committee Karen Grant Jennifer Grande f.t.a., homeroom pres., teocher's assist., hall patrol, art service club Richard Green varsity football, guys and dolls, li'l abner, sr. chorale, resumi business manager, homeroom v.p. 62Susan Gregory majorette capt., li'l abner, guys and dolls, »r. chorale, heraea, homeroom ec. Karen Groth intramural Linda Grieco national honor society, moth tutor Alan Grodzinsky n.h. . pre ., interpreter ed.-in-chief, resumi business manager, orchestra, key club sec. David Grover lab assist., sr. prom committee, teacher'» assist., math tutor Fred Gruter Mary Gutmann Lois Guterman f.h.a., risume publicity staff, debating club, intramurals, office assist. Lois Haber early admission, jet gazette, lab assist., Spanish club Marta Guttenberg perspective ed.-in-chief and poetry ed., n.h.s. v.p., orchestra, interpreter literary ed. Marsha Gross risumi art and publicity staffs, art service club, crofts club 63Maxine Harary heraea, ski club, hall patrol Ericka Hamburg Jeanette Hammond tom jones, li'l abner, sr. prom committee, sr. chorale, notional thespian society, e.m.h.s. singers Janet Hand Richard Hanft key club, perspective ed., resume business staff, hall patrol, photogrophy dub Diane Hanken f.t.o., cadet teacher, resumi business staff, library assist., f.n.a. french club pres., interpreter special features ed., perspective business ed., human rights club, math and french tutor Ray Hansen varsity trock, varsity cross country, hall patrol Selene Harary tom jones, sr. prom committee, teacher's assist., human rights club, ski club John Harrington band 64 Roger Hartzband fresh, wrestling, ski club, hall patrolOtd Heckler ■ varsity football, varsity lacrosse William Henning Robert Heintz Michael Heffernan parking lot patrol, hall patrol, homeroom v.p. Kevin Herdman hall patrol, office assist. Geraldine Hicks f.n.a., Spanish club, f.t.a., intromurals, hall patrol, ir. chorale Danny Heicklen ski club, hall patrol, parking lot patrol Terry Hillman sr. chorale accompanist, guys and dolls, human rights club, international club, exchange student Gary Hershkin jot gazette business staff, lab assist., hall patrol, ski club Lvl • r.j •t Carol Hoecke intramurals, f.h.o., f.n.a., jet gazette, hall patrol 65Alan Hoffer Judith Holland n.h.s., leaders dub, lab assist., heraea Jeffrey Hollinger band, orchestra, chess club, guys and dolls orchestra, li'l abnar orchestra Walter Honeycutt Hans Hofacker foreign exchange student Patricia Holland office assist., heraea, sr. prom committee, intramurals Ronnie Hoffman varsity swimming capt., jr. and sr. class pres. Marion Hopke f.n.a., intramurals, hall patrol Catherine Hollister Evelyn Holm f.h.o., intramurals, art service club Ira Horn biology club 66Paula Horne ir. chorale, human rights club, f.t.a., international club Mark Horner interpreter, jet gazette photography staff, photogrophy club, ski club Belinda Horowitz rockettes, f.t.o., resumi special features staff, booster club, heraea Linda Hubby hall patrol, intramurals, sr. prom committee Susan Hurst f.t.a., resume art staff, li'l abner Richie Hyde jv football, hall patrol, fresh, football, fresh, lacrosse Margaret Huerstel transfer student, Spanish club, f.n.a., booster club, ski club, sr. prom committee, newman club, office assist. Cathy Huerstel transfer student, f.n.a., homeroom v.p., booster club, Spanish club, ski club, newman club, nurse's assist. Fred lannone varsity bowling Kathy Houghey heraea, intramuralsEric Ingebretsen Susan Jacobs orchestra, audio-visual squad Minda Janow f.t.a. pres, and trees., ski club, international club, homeroom pres. Judy Jones f.t.a., art service club, risumi art staff George Johnson fresh, baseball, jv baseball, audio-visual squad Sandra Johnson art se • ce club, intramurals, hall patrol Sherrie Kahn rockettes, li'l abner, f.t.a., heraea, ski club, risume special features staff 68Eileen Kamhi jet gazttte, pre-med club, teacher's assist., library assist., biology club llene Kanfer jet gazette feature ed., rockettes, f t.a., risumi publicity and art staffs, office assist., heroea, intramurals Susan Kaplan national thespian society, biology club sec., homeroom sec., booster club, teacher's assist., f.t.o., f.h.a. Judith Kaminski cheerleader, heraea copt., intramurals, hall patrol, sr. prom committee, homeroom sec. Steve Kammerman varsity tennis capt., n.h.s., varsity basketball, resume associo’e and sports eds., math tutor Carol Kastner Michael Kaufman fresh, wrestling, varsity golf, lab assist., hall patrol Thomas Katuna fresh, football, varsity track, hall patrol Geraldine Kaufmann intramurals, f.h.a. Janis Kasdan teacher's assist., office assist. Howard Kave lab assist., interprefer, biology club, rifle club, pre-med club 69POPULARITY PULL Tarzan and Jane, they'll never be. But both excel athletically. Bonnie Strayer, John Dickinson Woman of the world, Man about town. These two are most all-around. Linda Bautz, Ron Hoffman Brush 'n Paint 'n Turpentine— Your guess is as good as mine. Scott Passen, Jeanne Panned They cheer it, We hear it. Class SPIRIT! Lucy Mauro, Bob Freeman Friend to all, enemy to none; Through personality, they have won. Ron Hoffman, Linda Bautz 70 Mirror, mirror, on the wall; Who's the fairest of them all? Jack Costello, Jennifer GrandeThese two help most everywhere, Always useful—always there. Bob Freeman, Lucy Mauro Promising thespians of today. We hope they'll be great stars some day. Judy Ott, Jeff Portnoy They're the funny kids Who sell good humor. Bruce Kreisberg, Shari Blachman Roll over Beethoven— Make room for them. Jim Pierce, Gay Rossiter One's a pitcher, one's a catcher— They sure know how to play the fieldl Greg Lamm, Sharon Pepe 71James Kearney Frank Keller Helena Kempner resume seniors ed., sr. chorale librarian, student council rep., international dub, interpreter art ed. Alan Kind hall patrol George Kessler hall patrol capt., lab assist., varsity soccer, fresh, wrestling, office assist., sr. prom committee Lynn Klein sr. prom committee, hall patrol, teacher's assist., office assist., li'l abner backstage crew Ira Kinzler Ellyn Klein resume special features staff, hall patrol, intramurals, sr. prom committee Anita Kessler exchange student, n.h.s., international club sec., orchestra, lab assist., li'l abner orchestra 72Henry Kneuer varsity bowling, fresh, football, hall patrol Virginia Knorr heraea, intramurals, lab assist., sr. prom committee Laraine Kleinman resume special features staff, national thespian society, Spanish club, li'l abner backstage crew, sr. prom committee Ellyn Kolansky ski dub, drama club, hall patrol, folk singing club, f.t.a. Karen Kolbell cheerleader, heraea, f.t.o., li'l obner, national thespian society, intramurals Rhonda Korba majorettes, art service club Jeanne Korn business club, hall patrol, teocher's assist., heraea Stephen Koral human rights club, et gazette, radical associate ed., ski club Billy Kohler jv lacrosse, jv soccer, hall patrol Merry Kornhauter orchestra librarian, student council rep., homeroom pres, and sec., folk singing club 73Bruce Kreisberg Theresa Koster Kenny Kranz varsity swimming, physics club, ski club v.p., hall patrol Matthew Kurshals Carol Kramer Gus Kratsios hall patrol Patricia LaBate heraea, homeroom v.p., hall patrol, business club, intramurals, library assist., office assist. Richard Kudler rosum» sports ed. and special features staff, Spanish club, ski club, lab assist. Jeffrey Kurnit early admission, n.h.s., perspective prose ed., sr. chorale, guys and dolls, risumi literary staff Linda Labbate 74Richard Lach varsity wrestling, varsity baseball, sr. prom committee, hall patrol, physical fitness team Dominick LaGreca Lorraine LaGrega Frank Lachendro hall patrol, lab assist. John Lang Karen Lanzisera heraea, hall patrol, library assist., intramurols, office assist. Gregory Lamm varsity football, jv wrestling, office assist., sr. prom committee 75Maria LaRosa Ronnie Leiterman varsity swimming, hall patrol Miriam Lasky f.h.o., resume special features staff, art service club, heraea, li‘l abner, hall patrol, lab assist. Norma Legon rockettes, heraea, jet gazette, ski club, intramurals Lucille Leath sr. chorale, orchestra, teacher's assist., nurse's assist., holl patrol Judy Leipzig early admission, perspective, international club, orchestra, folk singing club Elisa LeSoir sr. chorale, homeroom sec., f.n.o. sec., hall patrol, pre-med club, nurse's assist. Daniel Lent audio-visual squad, hall patrol Lawrence Lenz varsity swimming, audio-visual squad, li'l abner 76Richard Lewis ef gazette, hall patrol Kenneth Levine band, ski club pres., fresh, baseball, hall patrol Daniel Liguori hall patrol Mitchell Lichtman lob assist., hall patrol Penny Liebman rockettes, f.t.o., lab ossist., french club, heroeo, hall patrol, e.m.h.s. singers, homeroom v.p. Barbara Lever ockettes, human rights :lub, perspective, risumS pecial features staff Elaine Lhuiller teacher's assist., hall patrol, girls' intramurals, jr. chorale Phyllis Linker f.t.a., international club, ski club, hall patrol, office assist., resume literary staff, intromurols 77Barbara List heraeo, girl»' intramural» hall patrol, »r. prom committee Glenn Lipman Harvey Lisgar hall patrol, jet gazette, physic» club, lab assist. Dottie Longueira hall patrol, f.h.a., intramurals Joel Lipkin varsity swimming, biology club v.p., lab assist., library assist., hall patrol Karen Lippman rockettes, f.t.a., ski club, student council rep., heraea, homeroom pres. Peggy Looney photography club sec., f.n.a., language lab assist., perspective, intramurals Martha Lockman et gazette business staff, risumi publicity staff, f.t.a., teacher's assist., hall patrol Dianne Loeffler heraea, intramurals, hall patrol, sr. prom committee Grace LoVerso bowling club, business club, jr. chorale 78Norry Luria office assist., jv bowling, hall patrol, teacher's assist. Patty Lynch hall patrol Arleen Lydtin hall patrol Robert Lydtin parking lot patrol, hall patrol Francis Lyons biology club Joan Lyons majorettes, f.t.a., office ossist., jet gazette, ski dub Lynn Macarin f.t.a., cadet teacher, office assist., hall patrol, ski club Suzanne Madden booster club, homeroom sec., intramural», resume art staff Elizabeth MacMillan booster club 79 Mary Ellen Lynch f.t.a., drama clubRobert Magliola {•♦'lacrosse, hall patrol Richard Malenchek fresh, football, hall patrol Carolyn Manfredi intramurals Elaine Marchan risumi art staff, art service club Doreen Maesen booster club, intramurals, jr. chorale Ray Maltby rifle club, varsity bowling, lab assist. Barbara Magnus li'l obntr backstage crew Josephine Mangano Judy Marchand f.h.a., newman club, intramurals, sr. prom committee, business club Fred Marchese fresh, soccer, homeroom pres., hall patrol, parking lot patrol 80John Marsala sr. prom committe®, hall patrol David Matvay varsity and jv lacrosse, jv and fresh, football Lucy Mauro cheerleader capt., heraea capt., li'l obner, sr. prom committee, jet gazette, hall patrol, office assist., intramurals William McAdam Linda McAllister intramurals, bemea, sr. prom committee Alan Martin jv baseball, Spanish club, hall patrol 81 Tom McCloskey JD W Tom McClenahan varsity football capt., varsity lacrosse, key club, varsity track, student ( council rp JO ' i jvi nai Stephen McGrath jv wrestling yn McCue heraea, intramurals, hall patrol, teacher's assist. . prom committee VY 82 y vwf Tom McDonough ■£1 Winnie McGrath sr. prom committee teacher's assist. Patricia McIntosh f.t.a., office assist., intramurals, homeroom pres., teacher's assist. pros., ivacner assisr. 'A sr. prom committee i, fVuTi. n Joseph McKenna parking Ipf patrol Jo Ann Medigovich homeroom treas., intramurals, sr. prom committee, nurse's assist. Bob McGregor Bernice Mednick pre-med club, pTspmctiv, german club, booster club, italian clubMarilyn Megna f.h.a., leaders club, me calls teen fashion board, heraea, nurse's assist. Susan Michaelis heraea, ski club, f.t.a., sr. prom committee, teacher's assist. Lenore Meltsner jv wrestling intramurals, business club, hall patrol f.t.a., ski club, sr. prom committee, nurse's assist., teacher's assist. Carol Messak rockettes, resume sports ed., national honor society, heraea, hall patrol Stephen Mihalak varsity football capt., varsity baseball Christine Mills Spanish tutor, homeroom pres., office assist., intramurols, heraea Cecelia Mirenda sr. chorale, intramurals, resume typist, hall patrol Cynthia Miranda cheerleader, intramurols, heraea, jr. chorale, office assist., jet gazette, library assist. 83Diane Morace heraea, hall patrol, homeroom sec., intramurals Walter Morgenstern jet gazette sports ed., perspective poetry ed., varsity team, ski club, pre-med club, fresh, football, fresh, baseball Jimmy Most James Murphy Susan Moore school store assist., library assist., intramurals, teacher's assist. Michael Murphy Jeanne Morano Sharon Morrison At. O v Lenny Muggeo jv football, hall patrol 1 If B Tom Murolo parking lot patrol Marc Nagelberg physics club pres., key club, hall patrol capt., parking lot patrol 84Joe Nappi varsity track, jv soccer Roberta Newman resume art staff, rockettes, f.t.a., lob Carole Natale assist., ski club, hall patrol intramurals, hall patrol, homeroom pres., heraea Sema Nichols resumi publicity staff, office assist., homeroom v.p., teacher's assist., booster club, holl patrol Mary Nathanson rockettes copt., heraea, risumi art staff, f.t.a., ski club, guys and dolls, li'l abner, tom jones Carol Nichik office assist., holl patrol, intramurals Janet Neville cheerleaders, heraea, homeroom pres., f.n.o., intramurals Sharon Nikirk library assist., hall patrol, homeroom trees ., teacher's assist. Diane Natko international club, human rights club, jet gazette, folk singing club Marcie Nissenbaum leaders club, intramurals, heraea, ski club, homeroom v.p., f.t.a., art club, teacher's assist. 85Suzanne Nogan heroea, shall we join fhe ladies, national fhespian society, teacher's assist., intramurals, hall patrol v 7 Laura O'Brien jet gazette typist, business club Pat O'Connor leaders club, art service club, intramurals Alina Ortega foreign exchange student Rich Olin varsity football, varsity lacrosse, audio-visual squad, li'l abner John O'Brien varsity wrestling, hall patrol Diane O'Hara rockettes, resume art staff, hall patrol, heroea, intramurals Linda Oppel hall patrol, heroea, business club Sheila Ober perspective, resume art and publicity staffs, heraea, intramurals, office assist., lab assist., f.t.a., ski club 86Brian O'Shaughnessy vanity wrestling, fresh, football, hall patrol, physical fitness team Saundra Other f.n.o., library assist., intramurals Charleen Osborne intramurals, heraea, hall patrol Karen Ott f.n.o., f.h.a., nurse's assist, intramurals, teacher's assist. Elite Padgug international club, risumi literary and special features stoffs, homeroom v.p., math tutor Louis Paduano Charles Pace p npidiv, risumi literary staff, bond, key club, art service club Marcia Ostrow David Paganini 87Elena Panciarello Jeanne Pannell intramural» winter carnival committee chairman, sr. prom committee, perspective, teacher's assist, Spanish club, intramurals Anthony Pane sr. chorale, li'l obner Annmarie Parisi Scott Patten varsity swimming, perspective art staff, li'l obner publicity, ski club Michele Pari i booster club, intramurals, teacher's assist, sr. prom committee Paul Pasternak jet gazette sports writer, the bard assist, ed., li'l obner, the journalist sports ed. 88Dennis Paul Gerard Perito library assist., school store assist., hall patrol, teacher's assist. Evelyn Perlmutter office assist., rtsumi literary and business stoffs, Spanish club Jeffrey Peck ski club, sr. prom committee James Pierce tom jo nos, band, li'l obner orchestra Suzanne Pirkl leaders club, band, heraea co-capt., intramurals, hall patrol Sharon Peppe jr. and sr. class sec. Lorraine Pimento hall patrol, heraea, business club Pamela Pleis Mary Ann Pistani intromurals Diane Phenneger majorettes, italian club pres, and v.p., art service club pres., sr. prom committee 89Pauline Popowitch Arlene Poritsky heraea, art club, hall patrol Stephani Pollins f.h.a., risume, hall patrol, library assist., booster club Richard Porcelli Diane Pyke et gazette ed.-in-chief and page 2 ed., risumt publicity staff, photography club, folk singing club Terry Quartin early admission, pirsptciiv, band, international club, orchestra Michele Potters f.t.a., teacher's assist., booster club, ritumi, library assist. Carol Radziejewski orchestra, booster club 90Carl Raskin library assist., radio club Al Reichelt Ann Reilly newmon club, teacher's assist., intramurals, hall patrol William Raso Jeff Reiner varsity golf, fresh, basketball, jet gazette business staff, chemistry club Laurence Reinhold orchestra Lynn Rayve Judith Reinfeld perspective associate ed., jet gazette reporter, international club, french club, a capella choir, e.m.h.s. singers Rita Resnick math club, booster club, office assist., library assist. Roger Rensch german club, hall patrol Linda Reiman resume publicity staff, jet gazette business staff, ski club, human rights club 91Barry Rhodes key club pres., jet gazette news ed., student council rep., interpreter managing ed., perspective business ed. James Robinson office assist., teacher's assist. Valerie Rink orchestra, li'l abner Annette Rizzo hall patrol, heraea, crafts club, business club, intramurals Mike Rizzo school store assist., guys and dolls, fresh, wrestling, parking lot patrol, fresh, football Gladys Ritter Charles Robertson hall patrol, lab assist., audio-visual squad Laura Ronzetti f.n.a., business club, perspective, heraea, hall patrol, resume Daniel Rome varsity cross country co-capt., varsity track, varsity road-running Don Rome varsity cross country capt., varsity track, varsity road-running 92Leslie Rose risumi art ed., rockettes cocapt, heraea, et gozett , art service club, office ossist., teacher's assist. Ronald Rosen jet gazette, ski club, Spanish club, hall patrol Laurence Rose risum» art and literary staffs, int»rpr»t»r, et gazette, perspective, lab assist., fresh, baseball, rifle team Glynne Rosenblatt sr. prom committee, teacher's assist., office assist. Marsha Rosenfeld sr. prom committee, et gazette typist, heraea, teacher's assist. Gay Rossiter orchestra, heraea, hall patrol Howard Roth varsity track Arthur Rosengarten risumi sports staff, lab assist., sr. prom committee, et gazette business staff Judy Rosenberg risumi publicity staff, sr. prom committee, homeroom trees., nurse's assist. Peter Rothfarb sr. chorale 93Joan Sandgrund office assist., jet gazette, leaders club, heraea JoAnn Russo Carol Saladino Raymond Rydlewski jv basketball Candy Schaffler heraea, teacher's assist., art service club, hall patrol Michael Schamis varsity track, key club, lob assist., hall patrol Diane Samelson sr. prom committee, heraea, f.t.a., Spanish club Rhoda Sandler leaders club, f.t.a., cadet teacher, office assist., intramurals Dolores Santamaria rockettes, heraea, sr. prom committee, business club Jonathan Scharf varsity soccer, varsity track, fresh, wrestling, lab assist. 94Linda Schary nur «'$ assist., teacher's assist., intramurals Karen Scheiner rockettes, leaders club, nurse's assist., homeroom v.p. Arlene Scher band, rockettes, student council rep., li'l obner Norman Schechter jv soccer, varsity baseball, lab assist. Samuel Schlagman key club, mothletes, chess team, int«rpr«t9r, lab assist. Carol Schleider f.h.a., hall patrol Roslyn Scheinberg nurse's assist., office assist., homeroom pres., sr. prom committee, f.t.a. Eileen Schlauch intramurals Margaret Schew orchestra, newman club, booster club, li'l obner, Italian club, f.t.a., photography club Evelyn Schlener sr. chorale, booster club trees., li'l obner, f.t.a., business club, french club 95SENIUH PHUM I! Floor-length formats and orchids, white dinner jackets and 6 A M. curfews, dinner at midnight, breakfast at dawn, crowning of king and queen, pictures. Elation, excitement, exhaustion. The 1964 Senior Prom. 9697Catherine Schott rockettes, f.n.a., hail patrol % David Schneider jet gazette business staff, ski club, tennis, human rights club, premed club, hall patrol U 4 V 6, °W ‘RPt - fc St » jfci sity basluMwII, | 1 - Jr sT J- •W • j A v SWj A A a' Jeanne Schreier Schulte JT. chorale Vickie Schneider rtsumi publicity ed. and art staff, sr. chorale librarian, booster club sec., li'l abner, the old lady shows her medalt Michael Schmidt Allan Schreck varsity cross country, varsity track Karen Schloss office assist., li'l abner, sr. prom committee Eileen Schochet intramurals 98George Schultz rifle club Fred Schutt jv frock Teddy Schwaid booster club, biology club, intramurals, hall patrol, office assist. Kenneth Schwartz human rights club, lab assist., interpreter, resumi, fresh, basketball Steven Schwortz varsity soccer, vorsity track, lab assist., homeroom pres, and v.p. Pat Scognamillo Joel Schwartz interpreter, physics club sec. and treas., junior class business manager, rocket club, mathletes, photography club PaulSeader debating club, language lab assist., human rights club, li'l abner, hall patrol John Scipione varsity football, varsity locrosse, hall patrol Peter Seister fresh, soccer, fresh, wrestling, ski club, hall patrol, office assist. Michael Sena perspective, hall patrol Victoria Serekis Harvey Shapiro chemistry club Diane Secor sr. chorale, li'l abner, winter carnival committee, perspective, hall patrol Elizabeth Shafetz homeroom pres., teacher's assist., hall patrol Ken Shapiro oudio-visual squad, art service dub, biology club, hall patrol 100Steve Shapiro jet gazette, jv baseball, ski dub, sr. prom committee Frank Sidel Penny Shaw ritumi literary and business staffs, library assist, international club, bowling club Robert Sheppard varsity and jv lacrosse, varsity soccer, homeroom pres, and v.p. Elaine Simon sr. prom committee, rimmi sales staff, sr. chorale, heraea, hall patrol Carol Skulnick hall patrol, office assist., sr. prom committee, jr. chorale Sherri Simon rockettes, resume publicity staff, sr. prom committee, nurse's assist., intramurals Thomas Sloan newman club, chess t office assist., hall pa homeroom pres. Lorraine ine Shumelda y . f I I Cheryl Smath intramurals, hall patrol, heraea 101Alice Smith mojorettes, heroeo, ir. choral Eileen Smith Louise Soldner sr. prom committee, booster club, newman club, nurse's ossist. Howard Smith varsity cross country Lawrence Spieth key club, physics club Winifred Soldner) t' Carol Sorrells Barbara Spuller jorettes .captain, ait jfcftfD sec., sc i ee, herae ; oWitroom traps., ski clu, fror th c luhL Mchestra James Spera jv football, varsity wrestling, hall patrol, homeroom pres. Michael Somers varsity bowling Cheryl Spiegel intramurals, heraea, hall patrol, jr. chorale 102Edward Staszewski Renee Stark ritum4 publicity staff, f.t.o., office assist., sr. prom committee, teacher's assist., hall patrol Heather Steele Barbi Stein rockettes, mojorettes, nurse's assist., lab assist. Arlene Stein Edward Stepnowski Suzy Stein Pil obntr, rockettes. majorettes, nurse's ossist. 103Richard Sturm office assist., hall patrol, ski club Vincent Strockis key club, physics club, rifle club, photography club Sharon Sultan f.t.o. sec., the bard ed., the old lady shows her moda s, drama club, library assist., sr. prom committee, ski club 104David Terken varsity wrestling, varsity track, varsity cross-country, key club, jet gazette, physical fitness team Steve Sussman sr. prom committee, lab. assist., hall patrol, moth tutor Emilie Swenson transfer student, student council, Spanish club, f.h.a., library assist., intramurals Mark Tarantino Ronald Thomson hall patrol, parking lot patrol Janet Tiedemann hall patrol Joy Tomchin chess teom v.p., art service club, Spanish club, et gazett9, sr. prom committee Joanne Torre heroea, hall patrol, intramurals Lorraine Topple leaders club v.p., lab. assist., office assist., heraea, intromurals jv lacrosse, jv soccer 105Marie Tricarico hall patrol, school store assist. Michael Trippiedi hall patrol, homeroom v.p. Richard Tracy tronsfer student Joseph Trippiedi homeroom pres., hall patrol Paul Trotta varsity rifle teom, physics club, rocket club, camera club, homeroom v.p. Lawrence Troy lab. assist., varsity soccer manager, homeroom treas., hall patrol Merle Ullman interpreter, Spanish club, orchestra, chess club, jet gazette, international club 106Ken Van Hassel varsity wrestling, physical fitness team, varsity cross-country Barbara Vassalo Ada Vellucci italian club pres., german club, booster club, photo club Ronald Vargo varsity and jv football, varsity and jv wrestling, jv lacrosse, hall patrol, parking lot patrol, homeroom v.p. Stephen Vasco jv football, hall patrol Marilyn Vess majorettes, sr. chorale, art service club, office assist., photography club Raymond Von Lindern Ellen Wagner sr. chorale treas., majorettes, li'l obnor, guys and dolls, heraea Arnie Waiser 107OF ' - VS™ te| feT1 “™ c,v - W 8- JiW x ,0 S- 3 '■VVy w-s jU-nf' - - U vPii j AJLi Carol Walsh Bob Warshow sr. prom committee, lob assist., physics club newman club, business club, hall patrol Edwin Waters varsity baseball capt., vorsity basketball, varsity soccer, sr. prom committee Lois Weiner perspective, f.t.a., hall patrol, sr. prom committee, human rights club Ellen Wallitzer f.t.a., et gazette business staff, language lab assist., office assist., hall patrol, teacher's assist., intramurals Garie Waltzer risumi ort ed., rockettes co-capt., li'l obner, guys and dolls, heraea, art service club Lewis Wasserman fresh, football, fresh, lacrosse, student council rep., key club, hall patrol Madeline Weiner f.h.a., hall patrol, business club Jerry Weinberg Judith Weiner li'l abnar, senior chorale, sr. prom committee, booster club, human rights dub, f.t.a., intramurals Mark Weiner J y. 108Madelon Weiss Elizabeth Werner cheerleaders, ritumi literary staff, sr. prom committee, heraea, homeroom v.p., newmon club Kenneth Weston li'l abner, bond, orchestra, dance band, hall patrol Paul Wermelinger varsity soccer, varsity swimming, varsity baseball, jv lacrosse Barbara Werner nurse's assist., f.t.a., teacher's assist., sr. prom committee Mike Wexelblatt fresh, baseball, fresh, soccer, ski club, physics club Causby White Paul Wilkens hall patrol Sue Wickstrom heraea co-capt., rockettes, sr. prom committee, homeroom sec. Ann Marie Wilson f.n.a., pre-med club, f.h.a., intramurals, heraea, sr. prom committee, lab assist., office assist. Ann Willemann leaders club, heraea, intramurals, teacher's assist. 109 Stephen Wirth vorsity soccer, varsity baseball, homeroom pres., sr. prom committee Terry Wolgang student council rep., resume associate ed. and sports ed., n.h.s. sec., rockettes, et gazette columnist, heraea 4. A Deborah Winfield heraea, leaders club, intramurals, majorettes, sr. prom committee m 3 Donna Wood homeroom pres., hall patrol Arlene Wolf leaders club, jr. and sr. class treas., f.t.a., resume art staff Regina Wurtzel jr. chorale Richie Wool hall patrol, vorsity golf, teacher's assist. James Yanatos varsity bowling, jv lacrosse Paul Yellin varsity soccer, student council rep., ski club, pre-med club f no u ASSf ,yd H Debbie Yokel f.h.a., ski club, hall patrol, jr. chorale 7 'ftoJ VGwen Young f.n.o. pres., lab assist., office assist. Patricia Zemsch f.t.o., art service club, resume special features staff, hall patrol, sr. prom committee, lab assist. Mike Zerillo hall patrol, sr. prom committee Emilia Zacharia orchestra, office sec., teacher's assist. Bob Zillman homeroom sec. Ellen Zimmerman f.t.o., heroea, intramurals, homeroom pres., risumi publicity stoff, hall patrol, sr. prom committee Lewis Zucker hall patrol, debating club, physics club, orchestra 111'■■SvnflnH'fi . . rgu .t- 2»W: Jfj Z VtVW‘1 c t - l. h ln t -..., f 05 —y 1-Jyy . ■LJTr. V’ »« ?snon jS ,-0 fk'Hljyy 0a • SA3»?, uv- 1 anni y ■ i%jw- .. ir Kfe. t lji « r- C v - -:—% X 'JT ''. -5 X 9 % ?'v PA - ± JJQS9 tW -2 "'-V « ««5 ‘ c j-»t ri..- . Pl-‘r U 'JXOp ±g yO‘W .OT riO lJt vr iv "£ . i jprsz Z$£SB p r . U' l PiO ‘ 51 ■j iuji.i'»j T » if I hi o ■ O') Cfc r V - ■ , J r '«'ro IS ! V 5§ £ °4 ■Tr ■ J$?f. 4W X £ 7 f (Vvj 9 . V % 1 i v kl c. x ' V • L « 'C - f v m c o i ■ X t Ji; ?$ - : . O ■ -i . • • CT «» • •SM 4 V- V ? T r$C 4° y T ■' • , iv t -» ' 4.v: - .Q ’ ' £ V +7v. jv 1« Is ff J V "-» ‘ ? . w ff' fV 'yr- 4 0. tk yc± v J “r 6 ■(■!M 'S y »vJv4 v ? lS -««r 'Jv M fr ■ a ■ , • n vr w t V v Vc M P M ., , rt .g' 'J' fC X ",° J S’ A '.'U (f; 1 ••W-V«J 5l,rK :' n t ZLr- t'Si ( V "d !eV 7 J w i. V rO' £ fJvO . 5 i "r $U T- (»,5; j jo I? i'V j? » A C 4 S O 5"$ Vi r’ f Kom THir CLASS or 86 ittnr.v . the dauntless youth of the year.. —Sir William WatsonB-l Bottom row: P. Agoglia, R. Badanes, L. Apostolato, B. Barrett, K. August, S. Barton. Second row: V. Abrams, D. Bannett, D. Albanese, J. Aronowitz, M. Arcuri, K. Amillo, R. Ackerman, T. Balleit, R. Balcewitz, C.Alfano, R. Alesander, L. Barasch, P. Ashen. Fourth row: J. Ashendorf, A. Amandor, K. Alexander, R. Alderisio, R. Ahern, R. Barth. B-2 Bottom row. R. Blenn, F. Bauries, J. Betro, J. Bell, C. Belson, W. Bente. Second row: A. Bloom, R. Beroza, S. Beckett, E. Baxter, S. Beach, B. Beinish. Third row: B. Binnette, K. Berger, K. Bluegreen, C. Battelli, M. Bezmen, P. Baumgartner, S. Bernstein. Fourth row: O. Bloom, C. Bickel, J. Blasi, K. Bertelle, B. Bertelle, D. Bernstein, S. Bence. 1156-3 B-5 Bottom row: M. Brown, P. Brown, M. Broun, C. Bucholz, T. Budzinski, S. Bolin, K. Bolton, N. Braun, C. Braunstein, J. Brumberg. Second row: R. Brandt, M. Borton, R. Brennen, R. Brandoff, J. Brand, A. Bon- ini. S. Joslin, K. Bresnehan, T. Bossone, C. Bryant, M. Burd- man. Third row: P. Bubser, F. Bores, M. Braid, M. Brown, R. Bovich, E. Boland, C. Boyatzis, D. Breitner, P. Boesen, J. Bun- ten, R. Brown. B-4 Bottom row: M. Castro, C. Cervo, B. Concilia, G. Butterfuco. Second row: D. Ciccariello, H. Carey, C. Chamedes, S. Cantor. Third row: P. Chepurko, V. Chous, C. Cala- deria, G. Casey. Fourth row: C. Chernak, J. Carlson, L. Choate, I. Cestaro. Fifth row: J. Castelli, K. Burns, H. Chess, B. Caress. Sixth row: B. Burkhardt, D. Catherine, O. Chelkonas, S. Cerviellria. Bottom row: C. Cohen, B. Daly, P. Cloak, P. Consiglio, C. Czapka. Second row: M. Daly, B. Cohen, L. Cuneo, M. D'Antone, D. Cook, I. Cook. Third row: S. Contri, R. Crudo, P. Cohen, A. D'Amore, L. Cirnigliaro, R. Clausen. Fourth row: L. Coleman, R. Coe, L. Cuneo, L. Dalon, E. Clark. Fifth row: J. Cohen, J. Creagon, C. Cotsonas, S. Cohen, M. Cohen. B-6 Bottom row: J. Delerenzo, S. Deutch, K. Dubin, J. Dansi, L. Dunn, B. Elliot, D. Dzumanow- ski. Second row: E. Elkins, G. Director, B. Dixon, P. Delegatti, J. Digiovonni, P. Davis, K. Dietrickt. Third row: I. Dietrickt, R. Dexiral, K. Doane, l. Deltwa, B. Drescher, J. Den- ning, P. Delany. Fourth row: J. Daum, G. Eadie, B. Debronsky, S. Dupkin, R. Echlord, N. Devonzo, B. Dedruef. B-7 B-8 Bottom row: A. Eng, A. Eskanasi, R. Feingold, S. Evers, l. Emmert, J. Farrell, M. Fishman, J. Felshmen. Second row: C. Espolito, H. Fetter, R. Figer, C. Fevish, J. Fiske, C. Erk, J. English, C. Fers. Third row: K. Ervolina, K. Fitzgerald, A. Epstein, L. Formon, T. Fondulas, S. Felder, M. Farber, R. Reinzig. Bottom row: S. Goynor, K. Garr, C. Gelfer, L. Gansky, N. Gardner. Second row; M. Garber, M. Gleason, P. Glassey, J. Garcia, A. Gensler. Third row: J. Furlan, S. Goldberg, P. Getz, J. Fry, S. Fradkin. Fourth row: R. Gerardin, J. Geist, E. Galley, L. Gold. Fifth row: S. Frost, K. Gloizer, B. Gleisch, M. Go- gonte. Sixth row: P. Garrison, D. Gilman, M. Gargano, U. Gelshenen. Sev- enth row.- L. Gershun, K. Freeman, J. Glime, J. Garfinkel. 116B-10 B-9 Bottom row: E. Hurwith, g.] ] K. Jewett, B. Holzman, P. Dorio, D. Hudson, R. Jatko, T. Horowitz. Sec- ond row.- C. Hort, S. Im- hof, K. Jewett, P. lovino, C. Rasadis, S. Jalkell. Third row: G. Johnson, C. Johnson, L. Jahrsov- erfer, B. Howe, P. Hopke, Bottom row: J. Goldstein, R. Greenfield, C. Gonder, N. Gordon, J. Gribben. Second row: P. Greenhut, J. Gordon, M. Golden, I. Giaquinto, A. Greenfield, C. Grishcivich, N. Goren, R. Greenberg, A. Greenberg, I. Grochi. Third row: L. Grimmer, R. Goodstein, S. Gottnberg, S. Goldberg, N. Gottleib, B. Gre- gorio. Fourth row: B. Greene, K. Gorman, N. Grimando, S. Goldman, S. Green- baum, P. Greenberg. Bottom row- J. Hauswald, B. Hoffman, K. Har- vey, E. Grosberg, M. Giugliano, E. Hoffman, C. Horgurader, E. Hoffman. Second row. M. Hoeff- ner, Y. Guidice, R. Haysthour, L. Hochler, M. Harak, E. Hamiel, W. Hauley, R. Gruter, B. Hale. Third row: J. Hecht, C. Hannan, D. Hau- sen, J. Hoffman, L. Horiton, G. Hoffman, B. Gross, J. Honn. Fourth row: J. Hoine, D. Hag- gerty, S. Gussak, F. Hirsch, A. Hecht, W. Groel, R. Groeber. - I. Howie, C. Janow, T. B-12 Holub. Bottom row: S. Koenig, F. Kass, J. Klien, B. Kolodkin. Second row: A. Kontos, I. Kontos, J. Kazochawitz, S. Kaplan. Third row: J. Kagel, L. Kemperman, C. Kolachi, L. Kaple- chuck. Fourth row: D. Keeler, P. Karen, K. Katzman, G. Kelsky. Fifth row: R. Kelly, K. Kelly, A. Kotkl, F. Kessler. Sixth row: H. Kornhaber, S. Josephson, R. Korol, P. Kelsky, R. Kelly. Seventh row: K. Kestenbaum, S. Kornbluh, B. Knapke, D. Kircher, G. Kontos. B-13 Bottom row: N. Lori, G. Lilly, F. Lindi, M. Loverso, B. Levine, N. Loerton, R. Levine, J. Linker. Second row: L. London, E. Linker, M. Luckman, I. Levine, B. Lieberman, H. Lukas, P. Libhoul, M. Luxner. Third row: S. Levy, G. Lopez, M. Lobner, G. McDonald, B. Lyons, N. Meggregor, J. Lynch, M. Lightfoot. Fourth row: R. Levy, D. Lieberman, R. Levy, V. Lu- pinacee, M. Madison, D. Macaluso, M. Lichtenstein. B-14 Bottom row: N. Kropp, J. Langella, I. Landgarten, J. Lau, E. Ladd. Second row: P. Leamy, P. Kruter, C. Levenberg, P. Lent, E. Koziel, S. Lerring. Third row: S. Krutys, C. Kurkowski, H. Lachowich, L. Levinson, C. Lauterborn, J. Lettera. Fourth row: D. Kroplick, C. Lesser, K. Kurzweil, D. Lenchner, G. Kupcs, A. Lee. Fifth row-. R. Kurnit, J. Krobatach, D. Lee, G. Lemp, M. Leamy, H. Kropf. 117B-15 Bottom row: P. Mangino. B. Martin, S. Manasse, E. Marks, T. Marzulo, T. McGorty, R. Mazzie, J. Marsala, G. Mag- giscomo, R. Massi. Second row: J. Martin, D. Massen, K. Margolies, J. Maggio, S. McGraime, C. Mart, C. Mag- mussen, S. Martin, B. Mailer. Third row: J. Marshall, J. Mayer, I. Marcus, F. Martin, J. Massimo, M. McElroy, K. Matvay, R. Mazzie, G. McGraime. Bottom row: J. Postrion, B. Rifkin, I. Quigley, B. Rennet, T. Rasaheillo, C. Primavera, I. Poore, J. Rautenberg, M. Posner. Second row: D. Proc- B-l 9 ter, S. Powers, S. Riley, E. Reinhold, P. Quinn, C. Rechelt, J. Rickard, M. Quinlivan, S. Raia. Third row-. C. Riley, G. Pryor, G. Ried, M. Rapp, R. Reilly, J. Ringler, D. Press, T. Quigley, A. Rinaldi. Bottom row: S. Santoro, E. Rothfarb, J. Rosenfeld. Second row: L. Sandvold, M. Saraceni, L. Ross. Third row: L Saytos, P. Sandstrom, A. Scasteo. Fourth row: B. Sacco, B. Santinga, M. Rosenbaum. Fifth row: J. Romano, K. Rosa, J. Rosen. Sixth row: F. Rooney, D. Rosenberg, J. Sammons. Seventh row: J. Ruskin, R. Ryen, R. Rhode, F. Rotondo. Bottom row: M. Morrison, L. Morano, J. Modansky, C. Moore. Second row: B. Meyer, S. McQuillan, L. Miller, K. Mitchell. Third row: C. Medwid, J. McMalton, M. Mitchell, J. Morrelli. Fourth row: J. Meshelany, T. Mc- Quade, J. Meola, K. McLean. Fifth row-. D. Moran, L. Mongello, L. Moni- anaro, M. Mooney. Sixth row: S. Siro, T. Mongello, Q. Milach, F. Morady, Seventh row: M. Morrison, S. Miller, H. Miller, M. Modansky. B-16 B-17 Bottom row: M. Parsloe, R. Parker, A. Pantony, N. Palmer, A. Pascale, D. Owen, V. Pallingay- an, G. Pollowitz. Sec- ond row.- B. Ott, N. Poli- tis, J. Paolucce, M. Pan- tony, R. Pickering, M. O'Rourke, L. Polner, M. Petran. Third row: L. Pi- sano, V. Pietruszkie- wicz, N. Pollock, S. Poi- domani, G. Passoni, D. Parrenlla, B. Parry, D. Perlstein. Fourth row: J. Pitts, D. O'Rourke, D. Osipouich, C. Poole, F. Parente, S. Parisi, M. Pansius, G. Pasachetta. B-l 8 Bottom row: J. Napolatano, T. Nagel- berg, J. Nagler, A. Muddierman. Second row: D. Nestor, M. Murdock, H. Mosher, J. Nadel, E. Mott. Third row: P. Murrel, B. Nappi, S. Neilsen, E. Nillson, L. Ness. Fourth row: V. Nicotra, W. Morton, S. Muraca, B. Nevins, S. Oliveri. Fifth row: D. Neal, E. Mullen, H. Oliveri, E. Morse. B-20 118B-21 Bottom row: E. Scheer, B. Seligson, B. Scheer, R. Schnablock. Second row: L. Senfeld, L. Schneider, M. Scheck, S. Schon- ning, J. Schecter. Third row: R. Schnurr, H. Selman, M. Schreck, S. Shaffer, L. Serge. Fourth row: R. Shorban, B. Schuster, G. Schaller, C. Schmitt, C. Shaeffer. Fifth row: C. Schultz, M. Schultz, H. Seminger, D. Schlagman, H. Seich. B-22 B-23 Bottom row- I. Smith, B. Scheor, D. Slavin, B. Siskind, M. Slo- nim, C. Slattery, M. Sisak. Second row: C. Shapiro, B. Silver- man, W. Simpson, S. Shapiro, B. Sergio, K. Shaureas, S. Sil- verman, A. Shenk. Third row: K. Shanley, S. Sigrist, C. Shof- ron, D. Shapiro, M. Singer, E. Sobel, A. Singer, P. Smith. Fourth row: P. Smaligo, M. Shor, J. Siegel, B. Smath, J. Sis- kind, D. Silver, M. Smith, K. Silver. Bottom row: S. Sperka, L. Spera, A. Solomon, L. Stoll, D. Stankiewicz, M. Spano, B. Stenzler, B. Spera, R. Stahl. Second row: H. Strassler, K. St. John, R. Strauss, R. Steifel, P. Stein, D. Strousberg, J. Streich, B. Stawitz, J. Somek. Third row: H. Stepnowski, J. Spellman, B. Stoll, C. Steers, M. Spellman, S. Stormo, E. Storin, P. Sterling. Bottom row: D. Tint, B. Tubito, K. Stuckey. Second row: A. Todesco, M. Tori, S. Thompson. Third row: J. Taibe, E. Swenson, J. Tamburo. Fourth row: B. Toder, E. Tracy, C. Sturm, B. Tau. Fifth row: D. Thilson, P. Todesco, G. Turkel, W. Susse. Sixth row: B. Tollen, J. Sushka, T. Sweet, C. Tanzola. Seventh row: J. Valenti, l. Sutten, G. Tietjen, J. Turken. Bottom row: J. Weiner, L. Wagner, 1. Viola, G. Vanderheyden, K. Wald, D. Wiggs, M. Weiner. Second row: J. Wightman, K. Walsh, R. Walker, N. Von Wicklen, P. Wills, D. Wads- worth. Third row: C. Wermerlinger, P. Werner, J. Weinstein, J. Warrick, P. Wiener, B. Weinstein. Fourth row: R. Weinblatt, B. Vollano, D. Vorasek, K. Walsh, K. Warman, C. Verga. B-26 Bottom row: J. Wittenberg, R. Wittlin, I. Winick, G. Zerilli. Second row: S. Wolk, M. Yellin, M. Zucker, N. Woodward, K. Wreden. 119P M Bottom row; N. Alexander, M. Aaronson, R. Albi- tieze, K. Aro, B. Apgar. Second row: S, Abraham, K. Allen, J. Armstrong, S. Auster, J. Amoroso, S. Alpert. Third row: J. Acoro, J. Auerbach, P. Atickes, R. Areskog, T. Aldrich. Fourth row: R. Aufforth, B. Albala, D. Armstrong, L. Altmon, B. Aranow, K. Armstrong. Fifth row: M. Amshier, G. Abrams, M. Abresch, J. Abdale, U. Alia, C. Ambrosio. C-2 Bottom row. I. Baron, W. Belmon, S. Bernstein, D. Baldwon, C. Bertelle, J. Bianco, P. Bernor, M. Barto- szek, A. Belmonte. Second row: A. Basil, A. Berford, L. Bencivenga, J. Bascino, T. Benvenuto, R. Ber- telle, R. Basile, R. Baldwin, J. Bernstein. Third row: R. Bickerman, K. Belvin, W. Baff, N. Bass, H. Berman, D. Bannon, B. Barille, F. Berger, R. Balsamo. Fourth row: A. Berlin, G. Banhazl, S. Bard, L. Berman, P. Bannon, M. Barredo, R. Berger, S. Balcewicz. C-3 Bottom row: L. Blunk, B. Brennan, C. Bleck, J. Brechtlein, M. Bonomo, H. Blumencranz, T. Briody, R. Brickman, J. Brancaccio, K. Bogseth. Second row: C. Bloom, M. Bottone, D. Blair, C. Brawer, A. Bob- row, R. Blasio, J. Booton, K. Bocek, C. Bollhofer, A. Brilli. Third row.- K. Blomgren, K. Bostwick, N. Bor- setti, T. Brady, C. Brand, S. Braverman, M. Bree, C. Bonacher, N. Botie, R. Bierman. 120C-4 Bottom row: S. Deutsch, D. Degiralomo, B. DeBernardo, C. D Areo, P. D Achilli,.G. Demski, L. Dani- ello, B. DiBenedetto. Second row: D. Deutsch, R. Demasil, T. D'Ambrochio, B. Desoma, S. Daniels, L DeBenedette, G. Dudek, L. Diuto. Third row: R. Dietz, J. Dietz, B Delvecchio, E. Dubinsky, J. Desi- ena, B. Dillin, M. Daniels, E. Dascher. Fourth row: J. Doridy, T. DeFillipo, R. Dawm, M. Davis, Z. Deutsch, R. Dobb, M. Douglas, S. DeLuccia. Bottom row: H. Brown, T. Cassino, N. Castelli, D. Cambria, M. Caputo. Second row: C. Buckman, I. Cachia, R. Calandra, T. Burns, W. Brown. Third row: P. Camhe, C. Contwell, G. Brooks, T. Cassano, N. Carnes. Fourth row: I. Calli, R. Carl, L. Calien- do, G. Cassandra, C. Brodell. Fifth row: B. Corley, M. Caggiano, A. Castora, I. Calkins, A. Catz. Sixth row: K. Carl, J. Bronheim, H. Bromberg, B. Caruso, W. Brown. Seventh row.- M. Carus, C. Carano, D. Campbell, C. Burgess, F. Cappolione. Bottom row: E. Collins, S. Chin, C. Cavin, M. Chancellor, P. Clisham, N. Cohen, P. Cohen, J. Cortese. Second row.- N. Dabsky, T. Cieslak, B. Culmone, J. Cymrot, S. Cooper, L. Chidachimo, D. Chiorelli. Third row: G. Cusenza, J. Coppola, M. Cohen, C. Collins, J. Coleman, F. Chi, P. Christman. Fourth row: H. Connolly, R. Cavanagh, S. Cohen, E. Clemons, T. Crawford, M. Costuma. Fifth row: R. Collucci, M. Charles, T. Corley, M. Corsonas, D. Coombs, P. Clarke, P. Cohen. 121C-7 Bottom row.- B. Dezurio, J. Ferrante, R. Dunphy, M. Farber, C. Feuerman, S. Fertel, M. Farone, R. Farri- ello, M. Evans, C. Dunn, S. Feckett. Second row: M. Enes, B. Ferricane, L. Espisoto, S. Eingorn, S. Estein, L. Epstein, P. Farrell, M. Espitia, C. Edgerton, V. Falco. Third row: G. Falcon, J. Dunne, E. Eddy, M. Elins, D. Fessler, M. Fairchild, B. Edelstein, P. Finn- erty, B. Dunlop, T. Ferraris, J. Ferrari. C-8 Bottom row: J. Fitzgerald, K. Frame, M. Fry, J. Faran. Second row: J. Frame, W. Fleax, D. Flood, J. Friendlander, C. For- tuna. Third row: S. Frankel, J. Franzese, J. Flannery, S. Fuller. Fourth row: N. Fisher, M. Frey, M. Freedman, G. Ford, J. Foster. Fifth row: $. Frumkin, A. Franzman, L. Florio, B. Fish- bone, S. Fiordimalva. Sixth row: D. Ford, M. Fowler, K. Flem- ing, D. Fox. Seventh row: W. Frend, D. Foley, S. Futterman, L. Frank, D. Frost. C-9 Bottom row: C. Green, G. Gould, P. Giometti, A. Gluckert, J. Givirtz, B. Goldberg. Second row: M. Goldstein, B. Gilles- pie, P. Griffin, N. German, L. Goldfarb, R. Goldstein, J. Gold. Third row: J. Goldstein, P. Gigante, J. Garvin, A. Ginsberg, T. Graziano, L. Gallo, S. Goldberg. Fourth row: W. Grasso, T. Giaquinto, J. Geist, J. Gerber, F. Glosser, B. Gordon, D. Goldman. Fifth row: Garvey, R. Gallers, W. Grabin, B. Glick- stein, S. Gerula, H. Gold, L. Glickstein. 122C-10 Bottom row: M. Heeg, E. Grover, R. Greene, J. Hagner, E. Hebscher, J. Gutekunst, C. Haap, D. Hiller, M. Greene, S. Greenblatt. Second row: C. Guiles, S. Greenberg, L. Hanley, H. Grossman, D. Grundt, R. Hardy, J. Harper, C. Harghy, H. Gross- C-ll man. Third row: J. Greene, J. Handelman, M. Her- man, S. Hannigan, S. Greenwold, M. Greene, A. Haber, D. Gronert. Fourth row: C. Hall, J. Hanson, S. Guttenberg, W. Hayes, R. Guzzino, G. Green- wood, P. Herbst, J. Hannon. Bottom row: S. Klein, L. Kimelstein, S. Kern, M. Klein, J. Kirshner. Second row: M. Kavanau, K. Johnson, K. Kenny, D. Klein, M. Klein. Third row: L. Karl, N. Kess- ler, L. Kiesil, S. Klee. Fourth row: J. Jerome, S. Kenneweg, M. Kinnari, P. Kova- naugh. Fifth row: D. Kahane, S. Johnson, S. Kichen, B. Katef. Sixth row: J. Kaz- low, D. Keefe, W. Joseph, R. Kigel. Seventh row: I. Kaplan, V. Kern, P. Kelly, I. Jorgenson. C-12 Bottom row.- C. Hillman, E. Jehle, J. Howard, G. Hoeffn Hillinger, M. Ingber, M. Jackson. Second row: M. H Hollis, J. Huerstel, E. Higney, R. fcierzbacb, F. Joffe, Jacobson, R. Holmes, P. HershkoAitz, M. HerMftj, D bchbaum, G. Hoffman, N. Jatko. C. Q. ynhoff, R. Hludzinski, A. Inch, R. tjjl. Third row: J. Hirsch, D. Jaffe, R. B. loos, R. Huhn, V. Housom. 123C-13 Bottom row: J. Kraus, R. Kostynick, S. Landau, B. Laubacker, J. Kohut, K. Lederer, C. Koch. Second row: M. Kligerman, P. Klingengofer, S. Kohany, S. Korotkin, F. Krein, T. Laverock, L. Lehmann. Third row: G. Ladd, t. Grecka, B. Laks, L. Laub, P. Kurnit, J. Kreiger, S. Kocienda. Fourth row: E. Loskowski, M. Kotowski, D. Kurtz, K. Lane, J. Koenig, G. Korbel. Fifth row: R. Lambert, A. Kurnik, W. Lawlor, R. Koch, P. Korn- haber, D. Klein. C-14 Bottom row: D. Levy, K. Levine, D. Lippman, A. Lister, D. Lindgrem, B. Lipson, L. Lombino, L. Liffler, L. Lerman. Second row.- K. Lesser, A. Ortega, L. Listing, J. Levenson, D. Levine, R. Liss, R. Levatino, K. Lippman, N. Loeb. Third row: J. Lesch, J. Leonhardt, A. Leventhal, J. Lering, J. Leslie, J. Leonite, 1 S. Lieber, T. Leyhane. Fourth row: R. Litz, B. Lerner P. Liss, A. Levine, G. Levine, R. Levenson, B. Lieb, R. Lipyncky. C-l 5 Bottom row-. D. Lyons, P. McCartney, Susan Martin, L. Marrcini, G. McCollough, M. Mavroidis, M. Marra, J. Mangini, L. Mausser, M. McKenna, R. Marino, K. Lusby. Second row: B. McCarthy, K. Mackenzie, C. Lyons, M. Lustig, P. Manino, B. MacMillan, M. Mar- tinis, N. Mastroianni, J. Levig, C. Martin, L. Mata- lock, L. Luberto, E. Marion. Third row: P. Maniscalco, J. Magnus, H. Lovig, S. Mattia, J. Mandell, C. Lopez, N. Mackin, J. Martin, P. Martino, P. McGuinness, K. Mandella. 124C-16 Bottom row: P. Moore, R. Molinari, J. Mean, P. Montimaro, B. Miller. Second row: R. Mollenilli, J. Mehlrose, E. Meehanc, C. Moore, H. Mihalak. Third row: L. Mikuasovich, M. Missano, R. Miller, M. McMahon, A. Meyer. Fourth row: B. Mednick, J. McKeon, J. Migone, M. Meyerowitz. Fifth row: L. Millard, K. Moriarity, L. Monroe, E. Messmer. Sixth row: J. Moran, J. Medroff, L. Medford, L. McQuade. Seventh row: G. Minor, P. Melfi, M. Meyer, B. Morris. C-17 Bottom row: S. Nothdorft, D. Nowokowski, M. Olshinsky, S. Morrison, V. Morrison, K. Mulligan, C. Ortiz. Second row: A. Mosca, L. Ottaiano, E. Ogintz, B. O'Brien, J. O'Con- nor, H. Oman, I. Morris. Third row: S. Nix, J. Orenzow, P. O'Donnel, L. Nadel, R. Ol- sen, K. Osborne, V. Norwood. Fourth row: R. Olsen, J. Noiman, R. Morris, M. Olin, J. Olson, S. Nelson, M. Musiliono. Fifth row: G. O'Brien, D. Olsen, B. Morrison, C. Nied- zelsk, J. Newnom, T. Nounsey. C-18 Bottom row: A. Polinice, A. Poirier, J. Pezzuto, R. Pinzler, J. Port, D. Pa- ganini, M. Pinto, L. Pollina, P. Paga- no. Second row: L. Packer, M. Philips, G. Price, C. Peuplie, D. Pearson, G. Pendley, A. Piscop, L. Parks. Third row: L. Pauluski, J. Pitrowski, S. Poh- mer, C. Post, S. Polan, C. Pfloem, E. Porzia, M. Parsons, D. Pollina. Fourth row: J. Perrotta, R. Paquette, H. Pei- zer, R. Pearlm, I. Pawlenki, M. Pur- vin, W. Pidkameny, J. Piccarillo. 125C-19 Bottom row: H. Rosen, D. Roe, D. Rosenthal, J. Ritter- man, T. Ribowsky, D. Rosetti, L. Romanotto, N. Ron- kin, J. Robinson, M. Rorke, D. Roswick. Second row: L. Rizzo, D. Rose, D. Rothschild, P. Restofo, D. Rep- pert, A. Rosenbaum, E. Reilly, A. Rallis, S. Rosen- berg, J. Racozy. Third row: S. Rosa, J. Roffer, M. Raese, J. Randazzo, R. Roddy, K. Rahn, J. Quinn, F. Rabsen, I. Rensch, D. Rosenberg. C-20 Bottom row: L. Solaturi, B. Scalese, J. Schneider, S. Schneweiss, M. Schneider. Second row-. M. Rigerio, P. Ryan, P. Scalese, D. Scelsa. Third row: M. Salomone, J. Rubinstein, I. Schreir, M. Schectman. Fourth row: A. Russo, S. Ruderman, V. Scarangella, P. Sadler. Fifth row: D. Rotundi, M. Ryan, R. Savrin, M. Sirvlo. Sixth row: G. Schoenberger, R. Scheffer, M. Schneider, J. Schnei- der. Seventh row: W. Sanden, E. Sackman, J. Schmidt, S. Rubin. C-21 Bottom row: A. Senizatimore, J. Shavelson, M. Schumaker, K. Seymore, L. Seddio, B. Schwartz, A. Siskind. Second row: D. Sill, E. Skoch, G. Semindinger, J. Siegel, J. Skou- reas, S. Silver, R. Silberger. Third row: R. Serzo, R. Singer, R. Shulman, N. Singer, A. Shore, B. Smith, V. Serekis. Fourth row: T. Shea, B. Samesko, A. Schwartz, J. Simon, B. Schwind, E. Schwartz, J. Scott. Fifth row: R. Skoblicki, K. Singer, K. Schutt, G. Semial- men, J. Silverman, M. Schutt, T. Skoblow. 126I v Ks lsi i V " v 77 j - Z C-22 Tl Bottom row: B. Strump, R. Steuer, D. Solomon, K. Smith, V. Steers, M. Steinberg, V. Soiowoy, J. Star-' oce, R. Stuart. Second row: M. So- bel, E. Sprung, R. Sotilli, S. Strock is, R. Sopenoff, S. Smolinsky, H. Stahl, J. Smith. Third row-. G. Spe- lina, A. Spizz, L. Stanton, J. Snedi- ker, L. Stong, D. Steigerwold, J. Stehr, J. Sorells. Fourth row: P. Stearn, M. Staiger, S. Steinman, A. Stevens, J. Steele, E. Stone, A. Stutman, M. Steigman. 7 ti 9 1 jt Bottom row: J. Terhune, M. Toscani, P. Van Wogenen, V. Tagle, C. Vermitsky, N. Valerio, C. Tarran- tino, S. Turowsky, A. Sussman, J. Tese. Second row: L. Szabo, S. Tool, D. Taylor, C. Van De Water, T. Vaillant, D. Valeri, T. Vernagiia, R. Sumholz, H. Thompson, C. Thilesen. Third row: B. Sweeney, E. Vichinsky, F. Torres, S. Templar, J. Vesclitzo, J. Vercrysse, R. Tepper, J. Vassalo, J. Sztabwik, R. Sullivan. C-23 'U(A 7 A IC Jt, fAj, r? sM 1j rn x ILL LA '4, Ai Yy s' 'it C, UsL (Si r a J i ry ? ' C-25 Bottom row: H. Wittenberg, M. Woesner, L. Zetah, B. Winkler, S. Zimmerman, K. Woodfill. Second row: W. Wyatt, C. Wuss, G. Woodward, B. Zeiff, M. Winters, T. Young, J. Wojcik. C-24 Bottom row: R. Wold, E. Weiss, R. Weiss, P. White. Second row-. R. Waldner, K. Walsh, M. Weise, J. Weber, C. Weiss. Third row: K. Weintroub, M. Wel- don, M. Vives, P. Von Eitzen, H. Weintroub. Fourth row: B. Werner, P. Williams, H. Williams, C. Walk- er, S. Wills. Fifth row: M. Weinstein, R. Weinreb, L. Weinberger, J. Vita, H. Weiss. Sixth row: J. Weiss, G. Wertz, R. Wenz, R. Volpe, R. Weimer. Seventh row: D. Wassermon, N. Weintroub, C. Wilbert, A. White, P. Vizcarrando. 127REFLECTIONS OF A DECADE 1955—and it all began. The doors were opened as the sound of footsteps could be heard throughout the hallowed halls of East Meadow High School. Two years had passed since the first brick was laid and now we were ready to begin. 128A decode has brought the gradual formation of our football dynasty Graduation—a culmination of four years of hard work Queen Heraea reigns every May A most formidable weapon against lack of preparation A highlight of each Styles may change, but year—a chance to the sentiment remains get even Years and people come and go, but some things never change—firm as the marble walls in our domain 129SPORTS$v y- "... He marks—not that you won or ! lost—but how you played the game." —Grantland Rice131Bottom row: S. Muzio, R. Scheffer, R. Colucci, R. Vorgo, ). Di- noto, C. Puplie, V. Manna, S. Lieber, S. Gerber, R. Green, D. Keefe, E. Sachman, B. Del Vecchio, R. Serzo. Second row: T. Brady, E. Heckler, J. Costello, T. Defilippo, F. Gramarosa, R. Bence, T. Ferraris, J. Dickinson, S. Mihalak, R. O'Leary, D. Corle- ton, J. Leonti, T. Bruno, T. McClenahan, R. Olin, G. Pindley. Third row: B. Sweeney, R. Kostynick, C. Niedjelski, C. Ambrogio, E. Feret, G. Lamm, M. Kotowsky, T. Mounsey, R. lovino, J. New- nom, B. Kelly, J. Scipione, A. Bittker, G. Banhazl. ,sjJ p v 0' affam 1 pr IWf .0 .0? : : V ■8 'D 964 Jet Football Team captured the coveted Rutger's Cup, symbolic of the best high school football team in Nassau County. Coach De Filippo, named "Coach of the Year ' led our team to a first place tie in the tough SSAL II. Compiling a 7 win, 1 loss, record, while shutting out six out of eight opponents, the Jets were rated number six in the Metropolitan area. The team was headed by tri-captains O'Leary, Mihalak, and McClenahan, and all-county choices Scipione and Dickinson. Mihalak pulls one in against Hempstead. Mihalak bursts through Hempstead line. 132 .v Ferraris spearheads protection for Kelly. Dickinson prepares to let one loose. Fingertip interception is one of five by Mihalak. E.M. 26 Clarke 0 EM. 6 Massapequa 0 E.M. 31 Freeport 0 E.M. 36 Mepham 0 E.M. 6 Hempstead 13 E.M. 27 Baldwin 0 E.M. 33 V- . . Lawrence 12 E.M. 21 . . Uniondale 0 L 133 Bence rounds right end against Freeport.Bottom row: B. Parry, J. Spuller, S. Dupkin, A. Garcia, S. Poido- mani, J. Valenti, D. Matvay, S. Muzio, M. Pantony, G. Spuller. Second row: D. Ocampo, M. Ward, R. Irving, J. Bannon, V. Win- field, G. Rhode, R. Coll, M. Braid, D. Press, T. Fondulas, T. Bud- J.V. FOOTBALL zinski, K. Kelly, K. Gorman, J. Leskody, B. Oobransky. Third row: J. Chelkonas, J. Martino, F. Bliss, J. Logan, M. McElroy, G. Reid, S. Goldman, D. Haggerty, S. Del Vecchio, V. Dantone, F. Ro- tondo, E. Eddington. 134NETMEN SERVE UP PERFECT SEASON Garnett swings into action. Kammermon strikes back. E.M. 4 . . . . Uniondale... 1 E.M. 4. . . Calhoun....... 1 E.M. 5 . .. Mepham........ 0 E.M. 3... Oceanside..... 2 E.M. 4. . . Massapequa.... 1 E.M. 3Vi . Baldwin....... 1% E.M. 4. . . Lawrence 1 E.M. 4. . . Uniondale..... 1 E.M. 3. . . Calhoun........ 2 E.M. 5. . . Mepham .......... 0 E.M. 4 .. Oceanside ....... 1 E.M. 4 . . . Massapequa.... 1 E.M. 5. . . Baldwin....... 0 E.M. 3. .. Lawrence...... 2 The 1964 Jet Tenni Team captured the SSAL I crown with it first perfect season of 14 win and no lo se . Coach Beaudoin s netmen, led by Captain Steve Kammerman and the fir.t doubles team of Caller and Garnett advanced to the second round of the Nassau County Tennis Tournament. Outstanding players Norris and the second doubles team of Bernstein and Auster recorded undefeated seasons. Kneeling: J. Garnett, S. Kammerman, captain; R. Norris, W. Morgenstern. Standing: K. Bernstein, S. Galler, S. Auster, Coach Beaudoin, 135RUNNERS RACE TO THIRD PLACE Bottom row: G. Semmelman, W. Morton, R. Holmes, D. Rome, co- captain; D. Rome, co-coptoin; J. Hertz, R. Hanson, B. Avolese, H. Smith, C. Spunk, R. Fincke. Second row: S. Felder, R. Craw- ford, F. Torres, S. Garvey, B. Davidson, E. Sprung, J. Blaugh, D. Terken, L. Stewart, B. Rosenblatt, W. Thompson, C. Bonnaker, T. Shea, J. Beddia. Third row: K. Belvin, G. Karlitz, E. Clemmons, A. Schreck, J. Siskind, R. Levi, K. Lane, D. Breitner, R. Linder, A. Monahan, J. Gorelick, A. Poeper, W. Fleux, D. Grunt. SOCCER TEAM FINISHES HARD FOUGHT SEASON Bottom row: M. Kurshals, D. Jaffe, J. Sesnowicz, E. Waters, B. Second rowB. Glickstein, H. Fishman, F. Farinacei, R. Singer, Shepard, J. Scharf, S. Wirth, E. Demark, G. Kessler, M. Tweed. G. Cannava, K. Schoenemann, J. Pierce, A. Inch, M. Marcstein, P. Wermlinger, R. Wiemer. 136JETS PIN CLARKE Bottom row: J. Gorelick, P. Bolton, W Brown, E. Miller, F. St. John, H. Putter, S. Lieber. Second row: S. Gerber, R. Loch, D. Stiegerwald, J. Siskind, D. Haggerty, C. Nied- jielski, D. Terken. SWIMMERS DROWN HEWLETT Ron Hoffman—All-American Diver Bottom row: G. Hoffmon, M. levenson, N. Smith. Second row: M. Smith, T. Jones, P. Bannon, N. Rosenblatt, L. Lenz. Third row: L. Epstein, J. Kazlow, S. Passen, J. Levenson, R. Hoffmon, C. Brand. Fourth row: R. Parquette, R. Wor- shaw, J. Lipkin, S. Denniston, A. Berlin, P. Wermilinger. 137JETS BEAT HIGH RANKED BALDWIN Kneeling: R. Fauser. Second row: E. Waters, D. Keefe, J. Steele, M. Abresch, T. DeFilippo, B. Fetter, B, Mor- A tower of strength! Jets have the ball well in hand I rison, S. Kammerman, B. Skoblicki, R. Lambert, R. Zeiff, B. Kelly, K. Barna. E.M. 55 Clarke............61 E.M. 65 . Levittown Mem. . . 50 E.M. 50 Syracuse......... 63 E.M. 48 . Oneonta........ 40 E.M. 55.. Massapequa....... 63 E.M. 70. . . Mepham.......... 41 E.M. 53. . Uniondale ....... 66 E.M. 58. . Freeport......... 65 E.M. 61 . . Baldwin.......... 59 E.M. 47. . . Hempstead....... 49 E.M. 60 . . Lawrence ....... 70 E.M. 81 . . . Massapequa..... 67 E.M. 76. Mepham........... 47 E.M. 54. . . Uniondale.......64 E.M. 67 . . . Freeport....... 54 E.M. 62 . Baldwin...........70 E.M. 55 .... Hempstead ...... 52 E.M. 71 . . . Lawrence....... 78 138Bottom row: R. Under, R. Rossetti, W. Fox, S. Dupkin, M. Braid. Second row: M. Berkowitz, I. Nichol, R. Norris, D. Schuster, C. Caputo, A. Gitlin, S. Silverstein. J.V. BASKETBALL The 1965 Varsity Cagers, after a shaky start, zoomed to a 6 win, 6 loss league record and a fine fifth place finish. Coach Zabeck's men, led by captain and All-County choice Bob Fauser, broke numerous school records. Fauser set three records, including most points scored in three seasons. Bob Zeiff set two, and Steve Kammerman established a school foul- shooting percentage of .759. Highlights of the season were upset victories over top-ranked Baldwin and our first victory over arch-rival Hempstead. 1 Fetter is the center of attraction!J.V. WRESTLING Bottom row: L. Medford, B. Flerx, T. Donovan, D. Press, R. Worth, T. Inch, T. Fondulas. Second row: B. Davidson, S. Bantz, M Charles, H. Miller, B. Avolese, J. Meshelany. RIFLE Bottom row: J. Greenwood, captain; D. Gluck, captain; R. Crudo. Second row: B. Hayes, J. Ishendorf, C. Bo- nacker, M. Cossonas, T. Bradby, G. Semindinger. BOWLING 3ottom row: N. Luria, F. Piscop, J. Johnson. Second row: F. lannone, T. Laverock, J. Yanatos, M. Somers, H. Kneuer. Bang, bang! 140LACROSSE SCORES DOUBLE VICTORY OVER UNIONDALE Bottom row: G. Brown, J. Denniston, J. Bursinski, P. row: J. Scipione, K. Tschupp, R. Sheppard, R. Bence, Forde, A. Gousseff, R. David, L. Reid, T. Matvay, R. T. Cavanaugh, R. Simmonds, D. Carleton, D. Matvoy, O'Leary, L. Delvecchio, J., Braun, A. Bittker. Second F. Colonna, T. McClenahan, R. Magliola. By the flip of a coin, our 1964 Varsity Lacrosse Team finished a hard fought fourth place in the tough SSAL II. Un- der the strong leadership of Coach Vita, our team compiled a season's record of 10 wins and 5 losses, with a double vic- tory overarch rival Uniondale. Headlining our all-star team was Gouseff, a unanimous all- county team choice. J.V. LACROSSE Bottom row: S. Mugeo, R. Kostynick, T. Aldrich, M. Stiegman, ond row. K. Hollywood, T. Brady, R. Colucci, C. Pueplie, T. Fera- G. Banhasil, T. De Filippo, F. Gramorosso, B. Balsamo, J. Leonte, ris, M. Kotowski, C. Ambrogio, K. Blumgren, R. McMasters, R. S. Lieber, R. Scheffer, R. Olin, C. Medgelski, R. Delvecchio. Sec- Olson, T. Inch, R. Seryo, D. Preison. 141JETS' NINE PLACE SECOND Bottom row: W. Sweeney, C. Tamburo, J. Newnom, S. Mihalak, Second row: N. Schecter, G. Cannava, I. Weschesler, P. Wer- J. Dickinson, J. Preshlock, K. Schoeneman, R. Fauser, E. Waters. melinger, M. Kostynick, R. Rydlewski, S. Wirth, D. Cappozi. Tamburo fires one in. EM. 0 E.M. 2 E.M. 4 E.M. 4 E.M. 3 E.M. 0 E.M. 6 E.M. 1 E.M. 1 E.M. 2 E.M. 6 E.M. 3 E.M. 1 E.M. 7. E.M. 6 E.M. 1 E.M. 6 E.M. 3 E.M. 11 Lawrence . Lawrence Lawrence . . . Massapequa . Massapequa Freeport Freeport ... Freeport Uniondale Uniondale Baldwin ... Baldwin . . . . Baldwin . Mepham .... Mepham . . . Mepham .... Hempstead Hempstead .. Hempstead .. 4 3 7 1 0 2 3 2 10 5 3 2 0 0 5 0 1 2 0 Our Varsity Baseball Team provided the school with another fine winning season. Coach Kostynick's nine finished the season with a 12 win and 8 loss rec- ord, and a tie for second place in the SSAL II. East Meadow placed three men, Fauser, Waters, and New- nom, on the All-County team, and another two, Schoe- neman and Tamburo, on the All SSAL II team. 12J.V. BASEBALL Bottom row-. T. Budzinski, J. Bianco, J. Franzese, D. Sill, J. Martin, Castelli, R. Moran, W. Kelly, T. Freda, B. Dunlop, M. Ryan, D. G. Sztabnik, S. Landau. Second row: J. Torres, R. Gniewek, A. Foley, D. Steigerwald, R. Loch. 143BEST TRACK TEAM IN HISTORY Jumping Joe Nappi. Under the guidance of our new track coach, Mr. Dinkelmeyer, and with an all out effort by the members of the squad, the Var- sity Track Team recorded its first winning season in East Meadow history. Leading our team to a fine 6 win, 5 loss, 1 tie record and a fifth place finish in the tough SSAL II, were co-captains McGrath and Gagen, plus high point men Fetter and Roth. 144 Fetter winds up.GIRLS' SPORTS BANQUET The Annual Girls' Sports Banquet was held on May 26, 1964. The evening was highlighted by an informative speech given by Mr. Robert Gersten, Dean of Students at Nassau Com- munity College. The trophy for outstanding achievement was awarded to Janice Prince. Mr 145MAJORETTES 9 Bottom row: B. Spuller, S. Gregory. Second row: E. Wagner, C. Haap, R. Korba, L. Cambria, D. Phenneger, B. O'Brien, L. Levine, C. Buckman, J. Lyons. They usher at plays and football games; They assist the girls in gym; The Leaders Club is on the ball To keep us fit and trim. With spinning batons And marching feet, The Majorettes are a group That can't be beat! LEADERS CLUB Bottom row: S. Pirkl, D. Winfield, A. Willemann, L. Topple, vice president; B. Strayer, president; Mrs. Peizer, advisor; S. Dresch- er, secretary; B. Posch, treasurer; J. Cameron, J. Goldstein, C. Babkh. Second row: B. Brewster, H. Williams, J. Bolton, S. Blackman, M. Nissenbaum, A. Wolf, V. Tagle, J. Mears, J. Picci- rillo. Third row: P. Clarke, M. Parsons, M. Salomone, J. Gold, T. Ribowsky, R. Brownman, J. Sandgrund, S. Polan, D. Lippman. Fourth row: M. Bohana, K. Bocek, R. Molinari, B. Scalese, S. Turowski, R. Sandler, J. Kirshner, C. Feuerman, K. Aro. 146ROCKETTES Bottom row: G. Waltzer, L. Rose, M. Nathanson. Second row: K. lippman, J. Robinson, A. Scher, A. Hochboum, K. Scheiner, M. Cytryn, H. Blumencranz, D. Santamario, C. Donnenfeld, B. Horowitz, A. Glazer, P. Cohen, M. Schneider. Third row: G. Schapps, B. McKinnon, J. Rubenstein, M. Phillips, P. Danisi, D. Capobianco, C. Chitel, C. Feiler, C. Messak, R. Newman, E. Scheinback, N. Ronkin, S. Deutsch. Fourth row. B. Lever, A. Gladstone, F. Jaffe, A. Haber, F. Glosser, W. Alpern, S. Wick- strom, K. Doerr, B. Stein, S. Stein, N. Legon, I. Konfer, T. Wol gang, S. Fuller. Fifth row: S. Kohn, J. Alexander, L. Rensch, S. Nelson, M. Herman, V. Rink, D. O'Hara, S. Simon, P. Leibman, K. Lederer, D. Rose, K. Schott, J. Bronheim. With toes and spirits Soaring high, The Rockettes aim To reach the sky. Every breath, Every scream, The Cheerleaders use CHEERLEADERS To cheer our team. Left, top to bottom: J. Kohut, N. Arpaia, L. DeBennedette, K. Kolbell, C. Brescia, J. Morano, J. Scott. Right, top to bottom: J. Terhune, C. Miranda, B. Werner, K. Armstrong, R. Farrell, J. Kaminsky, R. Crescenzo. Center: L. Mauro, captain; L. Bautz, captain. 147148Heraea VIII was held on Friday, May 1, 1964, and if was a memorable evening. The ♦heme was "Fairytales." The Sophomore class stepped over the rainbow to the "Land of Oz," while the Junior class followed the white rabbit to "Wonderland." The Seniors flew to "Never- Never Land" led by Peter Pan. The play-off games in volleyball and basketball were exciting to watch, but the most important and thrilling part of the program was the presentation of the plaque to the winning Juniors, the Class of '65. 149ACTIVITIESConstant labor of one . . . kind destroys the intensity...of a man's...spirits, which . . . delight in mere change of activity." —Karl MarxRESUME: "And only the Master shall praise us, and only the Master shall blame; And no one shall work for money, and no one shall work for fame; But each for the joy of working, and each, in his separate star, Shall draw the Thing as he sees It, for the God of Things as They Are!" The Seven Seas: L'Envoi —Rudyard Kipling Steven Kammerman, Terry Wolgang; Associate Editors. Rita Epstein, Editor-in-Chief; Mr. Bernard Allen, Faculty Advisor. 151Though the members of the ART STAFF may be forgotten, their work will always remain. Leslie Rose, Gorie Waltzer; Art Editors. Bottom row: G. lieger, M. Kavanau, A. Gladstone, E. Marchand, R. Bell, J. Kirshner. Second row: A. Shaw, S. Daniels, F. Jaffe, J. Frankel, J. Jones, M. Gross, P. Kurnit, L. Rose. Taking candids, classes, and close-ups, the PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF helps to create our pic- turesque yearbook. David Gluck, Ray Gniewek; Photography Editors. nf nn Bottom row. P. Giffin, L. Levine, A. Arbeit, F. Berger, R. Wald, A. Haber, E. Perlmutter, K. Moriarty, E. Ogintz. Second row: R. Hyman, M. Woesner, J. Goldstein, B. Winkler, M. Kavanau, V. Nicotra, P. Herbst, M. Greene, L. Hanley, E. Padgug, P. Shaw, S. Deutsch, V. Norwood. Scheduling pictures and writing cap- tions, the LITERARY STAFF coordinates the faculty and activities of the school. 152 Harriet Blumencranz, Cindi Weiss; Literary Editors.The pop poll and SPECIAL FEATURES are created by this staff. Bottom row: C. Dietrick, M. Bohanna, S. Blachman, G. Levine, J. Bronheim, G. Schaps, J. Gold, L. Seddio. Second row: N. Cohen, M. Rayve, D. Lenchner, K. Freeman, D. Frost, $. Frost, V. Nicotra, L. Cohen. Speaking of SPORTS...and this staff always does. Bottom row: A. Haber, M. Herman, F. Glasser. Second row: A. Rosengarten, R. Norris, S. Bard. Richard Kudler, Carol Messak; Sports Editors. Robert Freeman, Maxine Greene Special Features Editors Through signs and showcase exhibits, the PUBLICITY STAFF boasts about Resume. Bottom row: S. Madden, R. Newman, H. Brown, E. Brumberg, A. Arbeit, B. Brewster, S. Nichols, B. Gerber, I. Kanfer, S. Simon. Second row: K. Lesser, N. MacGregor, J. Rosenberg, A. Epstein. A. Burfond, S. Braverman, L. Laub, S. Kaplan, R. Stork, R. Brownman. Vickie Schneider, Gloria Drossman; Publicity Editors. 153While helping others to boast about their products, the BUSINESS STAFF supplements Resume finances. Bottom row: P. Shaw, E. Perlmutter, M. Greene, A. Kessler, J. Foster, V. Housman. Second row: V. Nicotra, J. Ditata, M. Bernstein, R. Hanft, K. Schwdrtz, K. Bocek. Alan Grodzinsky, Richard Green; Business Editors Bonnie Strayer, Douglas Frost; Sales Editors. Selling books and counting money, the SALES STAFF keeps us out of the red. Ricki Bell, Helena Kempner; Senior Editors. 154 Every SENIOR'S picture is scheduled and correctly identified by these editors155Adopt-a-family plan initiated by STUDENT COUNCIL for Christmas, 1964. Gary Feulner, President Robert Azzarello, Vice-President Robert Hollis, Treasurer Carol Theodor, Secretary Bottom row.- T. Wolgang, L. Wagner, K. Lippman, M. Greene, K. Wald, C. Weiss, G. Feulner, B. Azzarello, B. Hollis, F. Ash, D. Slavin, J. Linker. Second row: K. Mitchell, H. Blumencranz, A. Baker, R. Tepper, R. Detz, G. Gilbard, M. Herman, J. Alex- ander, A. Haber, J. O'Connor, M. Kornhauser, F. Glasser, H. Kempner. Third row. J. Ritterman, S. Swerdlow, H. Bloom, D. Breitner, R. Norris, D. Frost, B. Rhodes, P. Stearn, S. Chess, K. Freeman, J. Portnoy, R. Freeman, D. Gilman, K. Silver. 156Between the magazine drive and the senior prom, these CLASS OFFICERS are always on the go. Senior Class Officers: S. Peppe, Sec- retory; L Bautz, Vice-President; R. Hoffman, President; A. Wolf, Treos- Mr. John McEnery, Junior Class Advisor. Junior Class Officers: C. Buckman, Vice-President; G. Hoffman, President; M. Herman, Secretary; J. Scott, Treasurer. 157Nassau County's NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY students hold conclave at East Meadow High. Bottom row: T. Wolgang, A. Grodzinsky, President; Mrs. Decker, Faculty Advisor; R. Detz, S. Kammerman. Second row: L. Grieco, C. Messak, J. Frankel, B. Strayer, R. Epstein, A. Kessler, J. Holland. Wishing well built by KEY CLUB for Kennedy Memorial Library. Bottom row.- $. Schlagmon, M. Friedman, D. Frost, Mr. McNally, Faculty Advisor; B. Rhodes, President; D. Zoffer, S. Ashenov, B. Azzarello. Second row: R. Gniewek, J. Quinn, C. Pace, R. Hanft, D. Terkin, D. Carlton, M. Nagelberg, W. Grabin, V. Stro- kis, G. Schoenberger, B. Fishbone, A. Grodzinsky. Third row: D. Taylor, R. Hollis, L. Parks, L. Spief, E. Alterman, R. Freeman, E. Clemons, R. Kattef, F. Drucker, R. Bickerman. 158Nassau County foreign exchange students attend tea held by INTERNATIONAL CLUB on January 29, 1965. Bottom row: J. Gold, H. Brown, M. Kavanau, K. Rosa, E. Druck- man, T. Hillman, H. Grossman, N. Loeb, D. Roswick. Second row: S. Deutsch, K. Bogseth, E. Aiko, A. Ortega, J. O'Connor, A. Kessler, M. Baris, President; D. Imhof, A. Stepnes, L. lehrman, V. Norwood, M. Greene. Third row: S. Goldberg, I. Szabo, N. Kessler, M. Kinnari, M. Greene, L Hanley, E. Padgug, A. Gladstone, E. Ogintz, A. Haber, A. Levine, N. McGregor, K. Lesser. Fourth row: B. Apgar, L. Millard, K. Bernstein, S. Belth, M. Hofstein, P. Kurni», A. Castelli, M. Winters, B. Fishbone, A. Epstein, H. Blumencranz. Members of this club are BOOSTERS of our spirit. Bottom row: M. Burdman, K. Bogseth, J. Rosenfeld, A. Velucci, C. Koch, R. Feingold, J. Linker, R. Parker, S. Kaplan. Second row: B. Sheer, N. Braun, C. Shapiro, P. Mangino, B. Winkler, L. Miller, I. Quioley, J. Horo- witz, A. Greenfield, J. Gordon, E. Hoffman. Third row: K. Mandella, J. Havard, S. Nordoff, R. Dietz, B. Ap- gar, A. Rosenbaum, H. Wittenberg, B. Mednick, K. Berger, P. Greenhut, C. Gelfer, F. Kass, D. Roswick. Bottom row: D. Slabin, P. Giffin, B. Mednick, G. Al- libone. President; E. Schlener, Miss Galonek, Fac- ulty Advisor; J. Brand. M. Castro, M. Chancellor, M. Citarella. Second row.- P. Chancellor, S. Sper- ka, S. Bernstein, J. Fiske, A. Greenberg, J. Denning, D. Rosenberg, S. Gottenberg, D. Imhof, L. Monte- marro, M. Forber, D. Wadsworth, P. Pagano, S. Gaynor, G. Lemp. Third row: F. Krein, J. Fried- lander, E. Sobel, C. Sturn, D. Eruelino, D. Glotzer, S. Goldberg, S. Reilly, N. MacGregor, L. Poore, E. Koziel. 159"Soaring by Exploring", the JET GAZETTE speeds us the news. Bottom row: J. Frankel, B Rhodes, D. Pyke, Editor-in-Chief; Mrs. M. Bernzott, S. Greenberg, G. Gilbard, L. O'Brien, M. Feldman, Gettler, Faculty Advisor; S. Drescher, E. Clemons, E. Rothschild. W. Morgenstern, K. Bernstein. Second row: J. Rosenstock, R. Gneiwek, D. Terkin, I. Kanfer, Managing ads and sales, the JET GAZETTE BUSINESS STAFF finances our newspaper. 160 Bottom row: B. Apgar, J. Howard, C. Hillinger. Second row.- A. Rosengarten, M. Feldman, W. Morgenstern. Third row: B. Friedman, G. McCul- lough, R. Berger, D. Finklestein, D. Schneider, L. Monroe, C. Foyerman.There's a new PERSPECTIVE in our literary magazine. Bottom row: B. Gerber, M. Aaronson, M. Grossman, L. Lerman, K. Dooley, N. Jatko, L. Cirnigliaro, S. Goldberg, B. Lever, A. Gladstone, J. Panned, D. Secor. Second row: K. Wald, M. Woesner, S. Skura, M. Greene, W. Morgenstern, R. Bell, R. Hanft, M. Gottenberg, L. Reinhold, B. Mednick, J. Frankel, J. Reinfeld, A. Kessler. Third row: R. Brownman, B. Slear, R. Goldstein, S. Abraham, R. Detz, C. Hoeke, M. Steinberg, E. Rothschild, M. Fowler, S. Nix, S. Bernstein, G. Gilbard, J. Alex- ander, E. Hamburg, E. Ogintz, T. Wolgang, M. Bohana. Fourth row: S. Ober, R. Wald, D. Rosenthal, K. Silver, S. Greenbaum, Steven Fein, S. Passen, C. Pace, P. Herbst, J. Mandell, D. Finke, S. Frankel, J. Hand, J. Kirshner. Science magazine acts as INTERPRETER for '64 presidential election. Bottom row: M. Guttenberg, H. Kempner, J. Frankel, M. Hof stein, D. Frost, co-Editor-in-Chief; Mr. Strassberg, Faculty Ad- visor; A. Grodzinsky, co-Editor-in-Chief; J. Hond, A. Kessler, E. Bosco. Second row: S. Schlagman, S. Colby, E. Clemons, L. Rose, L. Arbeit, S. Rice, A. Goldman, J. Schwartz, H. Cave, A. Gins- berg. Third row: L. Reinhold, I. Laub, K. Schwartz, S. Wachs, J. Ditata, D. Jaffe, W. Pidkomeny, R. Pinzler. 161Bowing and bowing, the ORCHESTRA performs wonderfully at all of its concerts. Left to Right: R. Houroney, R. Azzarello, E. Ogintz, J. Castelli, M. Schew, B. Siskind, K. Weston, P. Carrasco, M. Parsloe, R. Bobulinski, J. Schwartz, C. Radziejewski, R. Goldstein, D. Slavin, B. Meyer, D. Finke, M. Luxner, S. Smolinsky, Mr. Donges, Director; C. Pace, L. Reinhold, M. Abresch, S. Eckstein, E. Zacharia, J. Bolton, D. Gluck, N. Jatko, K. Lusby, J. Pierce, D. Rosenthal, A. Goldman, J. Goldstein, S. Greenwald, M. Kavanau, A. Grod- zinsky, M. Kornhauser, P. Bannon, C. Cavin, M. Guttenberg, G. Rossiter, F. Morady, B. McKinnon, F. Rees, D. Flood, F. Robson, A. Sigman, S. Klee, M. Hofstein, F. Sidel. Blowing in the wind, the WOODWIND ENSEMBLE reeds their music. 162Eastern Music Conference hosts concert BAND in Buffalo, February, '65. Bottom row: J. Pierce, B. Kriesberg, D. Rosenthal, M. Kavanau, L. Parks, K. August, R. Strauss, K. Dietrick, L Wagner, A. Scher, N. Jatko. Second row: T. Cav- anaugh, D. Gluck, G. Schoenberger, A. Leventhal, K. Levine, J. Ashendorf, C. Wuss, S. Pirkle, B. Mes- mer, B. Lax, R. Greene, J. Aronowicz, B. Sacco, B. Mailer, B. Bell, M. Meyer, R. Schaubin. Third row: G. Foster, J. Linker, L. Sutter, N. Loeb, E. Mott, S. Zitter, A. Goldman, K. Lusby, J. Bolton, J. Goldstein, G. Banhazl, R. Balcewicz, N. Knopp, L. Weinberger, B. Forrey, L. Glickstein, B. Hollis, W. Kiersch, A. Cas telli, S. Gree wald. Fourth row: M. Santoro, S. Auster S. Muzio, G. Abrams. Fifth row: R. Houraney, R. Az zarello, R. Dahlberg, K. Weston, R. Bobulinski, B Meyer, B. Dedrenx, N. Rosenblatt, F. Morady, J Cohen, P. Bannon, B. Fishbone, F. Robson, J. Hoi linger, J. Ringler, M. Gargano, K. Freeman, J. Mig none, F. Rees, F. Sidel. Sixth row: C. Pace, D. Foley M. Feldman, R. Serzo, J. Gerwitz, M. Abresch, M Luxner, S. Frost, P. Ashen, I. Marcus. 163Bottom row: N. Strauss, K. Berger, K. Mitchell, J. Brand, J. Fiske, A. Greenberg, M. Beredo, S. Bernstein, P. Lent, D. Hudson, R. Mazzie, A. Greenfield. Second row: S. Kornbluh, E. Koziel, K. Rosa, M. Hefner, C. Erk, M. Leice, G. Lemp, M. Cohen, A. Epstein, D. Glotzer, L. Chase, D. Baldwin, L. Dallon. Third row: L. Mon- gello, K. Ennello, E. Sobel, P. Weiner, B. Lipson, R. Whittlin, K. Wreden, S. Imhof, S. Hort, P. Leamy, N. MacGregor. Fourth row: B. Binette, C. Anderson, B. Tau, S. Evers, M. Castro, J. Cortese, B. Barrett, L. Stuckey, E. Hoffman, S. Silverman, J. Modansky. Harmonious, euphonious, but not cacophonious, the JUNIOR CHORALE performs with quality not often equaled. 164Performance booked at Town Hall by SENIOR CHORALE for June 4, 1965. Bottom row: N. LoPresti, H. Brown, J. Gold, C. Buckman, L. Romanotto, E. Scheinbach, T. Wolgang, E. Higney, A. Fyhr, B. Gerber, E. Wagner, R. Stuart, E. LeSoir, S. Gregory, J. Weiber, J. Frankel, C. Schlesinger, $. Skura. Second row: J. Rubeinstein, T. Ribowski, L. Eadie, I. Levine, D. Cohen, G. Levine, H. Seich, M. Gottlieb, D. Solomon, J. Flannery, M. Abresch, H. Kempner, V. Schneider, L. Seddio, T. Hillman, J. Margini, R. Brickman, J. Blatt, P. Clisham, S. Lite. Third row: M. Bonomo, A. Wilson, M. Vess, J. Weiner, B. Brewster, J. O'Connor, A. Pane, R. Levine, P. Rothfarb, L. Laub, S. Guttenberg, D. Fenning, M. Borell, E. Schlener, J. Ott, D. Secor, S. Korotkin, S. Fuller, P. Horne, C. Vermitski. Fourth row: E. Simon, J. Olson, R. Tepper, D. Lap- newski, P. Marino, M. Kligerman, R. Pinzler, R. Levin, R. Green, L. Muggeo, K. Lawn, C. Keyes, R. Freeman, M. Meyer, C. Bloom, J. Hammond, M. Brier, L. Rizo, L. Leath, A. Smith, B. Aronow, S. Northdurft, J. Dietz. 165“L’lL ABNER” Dogpatch comes to East Meadow High when L'il Abner is presented as the school play on De- cember 4 and 5. Produced and directed by Mr. Robert Huber, with Martin Freedman and Judy Ott in the leads, the production received curtain calls long after the curtain fell. 166La Voz features SPANISH CLUB news. £ i Bottom row: $. Deutsch, A. Ortega, G. Drossman, A. Arbeit, Mrs. Gomez, Faculty Advisor; D. Imhof, President; M. Essano, A. Levine, A. Haber. Second row: L. Lehrman, M. Greene, W. Baff, M. Baris, R. Miller, R. Werboff, K. Leibowitz, E. Swenson, L. Cawkins, G. Cassandra, S. Strokis. Native of France speaks at FRENCH CLUB meeting. Bottom row: J. Veracruse, L. Lehrman, J. Bronheim, S. Korotkin, R. Wald, Mr. Beaudoin, Faculty Advisor; J. Hand, President; F. Berger, J. Kirshner, C. Weiss. Second row: K. Wald, H. Brown, J. Frankel, M. Guttenberg, S. Nixs, C. Brewster, A. Gladstone, J. Ferrante, H. Kempner. Third row: T. Leyhane, H. Stahl, D. Rosenberg, L. Loub, D. Frost, R. Hollis, M. Hofstein, S. Daniels. 168Trip to opera planned by GERMAN CLUB for spring of '65. Bottom row: B. Mednick, J. Bronheim, L. Parks, Miss Freiling, Faculty Advisor; J. Alexander, W. Pidkameny, R. Azzarello, A. Vellucci. Second row.- R. Strauss, J. Weiss, F. Rees, G. McCollough, E. Rothschild, B. Apgar, C. Weiss, R. Pinzler, P. Sterling. Pizza sold by ITALIAN CLUB at basketball games. Bottom row: P. Griffin, M. O'Rourke, A. Vellucci, President; D. Phennegar, Mr. Colletti, Faculty Advisor; B. Mednick, M. Bonomo, V. Norwood, S. Lite. Second row: L. Lombimo, J. Coleman, J. Horenstein, G. Levine, J. Koenig, A. Leventhal, M. Bottone, M. Goldstein, R. Caliendo, F. Berger, B. Winkler. 169Brains X speed equals MATHLETES victory. Bottom row: R. Resnick, C. Vermitski, M. Hofstein, Mr. Gorman, Faculty Advisor; S. Chess, President; J. Auerbach, E. Clemons, E. Ogintz, R. Brownman. Second row: S. Frost, M. Smith, M. Lenchner, J. Weiss, R. Weinreb, D. Frost, J. Schwartz, J. Quinn, S. Schlagman, J. Cymrot, M. Umen. Obtaining specimens from the watery depths, the MARINE BIOLOGY CLUB studies the underworld. •t . Bottom row: M. Ronce, S. Beech, J. Quinn, Mr. Raffman, Faculty Advisor; P. Davis, J. Martin. Second row: G. Woodward, J. Weiss, R. Kigel, G. Drattel, C. Bloom, C. Wuss, D. Schlagman, R. Feinzig. Dynes are collected by the PHYSICS CLUB to put in their newton-meter. Bottom row: J. Schwartz, A. Goldman, Mr. Krirvich, Faculty Advisor; M. Nagelberg, D. Frost. Second row: S. Ashinoff, S. Anish, B. Fishbone, B. Laks, K. Kranz, M. Fracinella. 170With test tubes and imagination, the CHEMISTRY CLUB proves that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Bottom row: J. Garnet, C. Granat, L. Fernandez, M. Umen, D. Kibler, M. Sherrin, H. Shapiro. Second row: E. Brody, E. Padgug, M. Ullman, P. Yellin, A. Goldman, J. Reiner, B. Strayer, D. Pyke, J. Ulan, J. Portnoy, L Troy, Mr. Gerardi, Faculty Advisor. Members of the CHESS CLUB deserve to be knighted. Picturing its views, the PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB communicates its interests to all. Bottom row-. W. Joseph, S. Chess, President; J. Tomchin. Second row: J. Cymrot, S. Rosa, A. Goldman, S. Schlagmon. Bottom row: P. Weiner, Mr. Strombelline, Faculty Advisor; R. Gniewek. Second row: H. Chezar, R. Hanft, H. Gelberg, M. Horner. The boys in the RADIO CLUB really hammed it up this year. 171 L. Berman, E. Alterman, S. Cooper.Extended efforts of ART SERVICE CLUB create magnificent scenery for L'il Abner. Bottom row: B. Spuller, B Magnus, S. Kenneweg. Second row: M. Olshinsky, M. Vess, R. Korba, N. Cohen, D. Cohen, I. Doniello, V. Scarringelii, K. lee. Third row: P. Popowitch, S. Daniels, J. Jones, M. Gross, I. loub. Bottom row: L. lenz, S. Conlri, J. Scott, F. Drucker, S. Frumpkin, Captain; S. Toll, E. Alterman. Second row: D. Finkelstein, T. Burns, J. Kozlow, T. Capello, R. Seimosko, C. Keyes, M. Meyer, R. Olin, J. Weiner, B. Smith. Third row: K. Walsh, C. lesser, C. Vergo, H. Weiss, S. Rosenberg S. Daniels. By projecting light on the subject, the AUDIO VISUAL SQUAD aids both teacher and student. Our JUNIOR ENGINEERS AND TECHNICAL SOCIETY provides a background for dramatic presentations. Mr. Tonges, Faculty Advisor; S. Broverman, R. Kottef, J. Shevelson, S. Doniels, K. Sha- piro, R. Green. Bottom row: R. Deitz, I. Altman, S. Chin. Second row: B. Brewster, M. Douglas, P. Kelly. Members of the ART CLUB reap personal satisfaction through the achievement of beauty. 172Pursuing the beauty of automation, students of INDUSTRIAL ARTS learn the value of a vocational education.Lincoln Lynch, head of Long Island C.O.R.E., speaks to HUMAN RIGHTS CLUB in December. Bottom row: Mrs. Rubinstein, Faculty Advisor; S. Epstein, K. Silver, D. Schneider, L. Weinberger, S. Rosa, B. Grabin, A. leventhal, R. Hollis, S. Kichen, C. Buckman. Second row. N. Loeb, E. Weiss, B. Barrett, S. Zitter, S. Deutsch, J. Gold, T. Ribowski, M. Messano, S. Lite, C. Vermitsky, L. Sedeo, P. Zimmerman, B. Miller, J. Hand. Third row.- S. Abraham, L. London, B. Lever, G. McCollough, J. Foster, P. O'Donald, M. Kligerman, R. Detz, D. Glotzer, G. Levine, S. Korotkin, K. Rosa, M. Mussolino. Bottom row: M. Ingber, M. Kavanau, A. Steele, A. Gladstone, M. Greene, A. Glazer, T. Hillman, E. Druck- man. Second row: A. Kessler, L. Szabo, E. Ogintz, J. Robinson, P. Kurnit, S. Belth, President; A. Levine, C. Weiss, G. Schaps, R. Wald, M. Greene, J. Kirshner. Third row: J. O'Connor, J. Goldstein, L. Levine, A. Haber, B. Apgar, J. Bronheim, J. Alexander, D. Berkoff, S. Goldberg, E. Padgug, L. Blunk, H. Blumen- cranz, B. DeBenedetto, Fourth row: D. Finklestein, M. Hofstein, M. Winters, A. Rosengarten, S. Cohen, M. Baris, S. Greenwald, S. Fine, S. Koral, H. Bregstein, M. Greene, R. Kudler, L. Laub. Girls in FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA learn the recipes for a happy household. 174 Bottom row: J. Marchand, N. Brady, A. Wilson, B. Gai, Mrs. Mack, Faculty Advisor; J. Cameron, President; M. Megna, L. Kimelstein, K. Robinson. Second row: L. Daniello, L. Gutterman, H. Bores, E. Holm, G. Foster, D. Lapnewski, V. Kern, P. Kelly, R. Berger, S. Kaplan, D. Yokel, A. Glazer.Cadet teaching by FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA provides useful experience. Bottom row: R. Stark, M. Green, L. Mackarin, A. Barbour, G. Chelkonas, Mr. Dwyer, Faculty Advisor; M. Janow, President; J. Burris, S. Sultan, J. Schneider, Second row: S. Deutsch, S. Power, J. Meors, P. Griffin, C. Donnenfeld, D. Hanke, T. Ribowsky, J. Brownman, K. Mulligan, I. Lehrman, A. Hochbaum, K. Levine. Third row: S. Abraham, L. Salituri, J. Eisdoffer, H. Fells, R. Sandler, A. Arbeit, C. Hillinger, M. Bartozek, M. Ingber. Bottom row: J. Jones, N. Cohen, J. Weiner, M. Bernzott, F. Glosser, L. Seddio, S. Pollen, F. Jaffe, V. Tagle. Second row: D. Capabianco, F. Klein, K. Allen, S. Zimmerman, B. Winkler, S. Korotkin, H. Bromberg, R. Tepper, C. Phflomm, B. Mednick. Third row. S. Drescher, M. Brownley, S. Balcewicz, K. Door, J. Veselitza, W. Baff, L. Monroe, R. Hyman, D. Kosky, E. Zimmerman.New York University hosts PRE-MED CLUB at "Careers Day" in medicine. Bottom row: R. Wald, B. Mednick, A. Steele, A. Goldman, Mr. Browne, Faculty Advisor; H. Blumencranz, President; G. Schaps, J. Kirshner, C. Vermitsky, V. Norwood, L. Hanley. Second row: S. Wachs, D. Silver, L. Laub, S. Belth, P. Werner, H. Kave, S. Kichen, W. Morgenstern, A. Leventhal, B Fishbone, R. Savarin, W. Joseph, G. Abrams, M. Baris, H. Gelberg, M. Feldman, G. Schoenberger, A. Schwartz, D. Schneider, S. Alpert. Because of their stimulating sessions, the FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA often become wrapped up in their work. Bottom row: J. Donohoe, V. Demski, L. Debenedette, B. Caruso, D. Flood, J. Gudekunst, S. Zimmerman, C. Buckman, A. Steele. Second row: J. Neville, C. Hopp, A. Wilson, J. Piccirillo, G. Young, President; L. Chase, E. LeSoir, A. Poritsky, R. Calandra, B. Miller, E. Clishom, S. Osher, M. Hopke. Third row: S. Noth- durft, S. Kocienda, B. Claxton, M. Flesche, L. Pauliski, C. Martin, K. Moriarty, B. Werner, J. Ellis, L. Calkins, M. Czapka, P. Far- rell, E. Reily, L. Chidichimo. Fourth row: H. Wittenberg, D. Rose, P. Liss, C. Hurstel, P. Camhe, P. Hurstel, D. Zimmerman, J. Rondazzo, M. Barado, M. Raese, D. Armstrong, C. Schott, R. Levenson. 176Monthly meetings of the NEWMAN CLUB are open to all. Bottom row: C. Walsh, B. Brewster, N. Brady, M. Philips, R. Mollinelli, Mr. Connolly, Faculty Advisor; D. Brown, A. Rizzo, M. Schew, J. Marchand, K. Bogseth. Second row: J. Braun, J. Snap, crackle, and pop, the SKI CLUB members pour into the bowl. Bottom row: V. Soloway, C. Garr, B. Siskind, M. Schneider, A. Hochbaum, N. Ronkin, J. O'Connor, K. Levine, President; A. Steele, L. Millard, M. Bohana, A. Wolf, H. Weintraub, M. Florea. Second row: E. Hoffman, J. Schneider, A. Scher, L. Wagner, D. Imhof, S. Sperka, C. Sturn, J. Bronheim, G. Lemp, S. Gottenberg, J. Foster, E. Sobel, F. Glasser, M. Farber, L. Goldfarb, S. Blach- mon. Third row: K. Silver, B.'Fishbone, S. Fein, H. Breckstein, S. Bard, J. Kazlow, A. Bittker, M. Feldman, A. Rosengarten, S. Anish, S. Korol, D. Schneider, J. Peck, R. Kudler, S. Frost, M. Peizer. 177"Distillation and fermentation"—-the topic of LABORATORY ASSISTANTS' rewarding research Bottom row.- R. Neuman, G. Drossman, M. Farber, J. Hor- enstein, A. Haber, R. Epstein, P. Liebman, S. Strockis, S. Beech, P. Davis, P. Zemsch. Second row: H. Blumencranz, G. Piccarello, P. O'Rourke, N. Cohen, S. Ober, M. Potter, A. Pascal, Mr. Boysen, Faculty Advisor; A. Rosenbaum, L. Stanton, F. Ash, C. Green, K. Wald, J. Holland. Third row: B. Barrett, A. Wilson, D. Grover, D. Silver, S. Green baum, J. Greenwood, M. Finn, S. Cooper, J. Quinn, A. Rosengarten, R. Kudler, S. Schlagman, K. Schwartz, L. Arbeit, S. Schwartz, S. Abraham. Fourth row: A. Grod- zinsky, R. Bickerman, J. Weiss, G. Herskin, L. Rose, P. Herbst, H. Gelberg, C. Wus, M. Frascinella, A. Ginsberg, H. Kave, J. Ritterman. Bottom row S. Osher, A. Glozer, R. Mozzie, D. Tint, Mrs. sky, D. Rothschild, V. Soloway, B. Drescher. Third row Nobel, Faculty Adv,sor; Mr. Raphael, Faculty Advisor; S. Rosenberg, D. Deutsch. B. Fishbone, S. Belth, G. Drattel D. Roswick, A. Berb.ar. Second row: R. Carl, S. Dressier, M. Bernstein, A. Hecht, D. Kigel, M. Douglas, D. Schlagman. M. Green, A. Epstein, M. Bernzott, B. Knapke, E. Dubin Stamping, the LIBRARY ASSISTANTS file on to efficiency. 178In volunteering their work, the MAIN OFFICE AIDS assist in the running of the school. Bottom row: I. DiBenedetti, A. Kontos, B. Holz- Third row: M. Bernstein, M. Gargano, W. Drelick, monn, M. Faraone, R. Farriella, M. Spellman, G. M. Herman, S. Nelson, G. Douglas, J. Bronhe.m, Schaps, M. Greene, L. Morris. Second row: F. Jaffe, M. Davis, 1. Hanley, A. Muddiman G. Allibone, J. Pitts, R. Dunphy, C. Skulnick, C. Jorgensen, L. C. Mills, S. Efron, I. Bantz, A. Rosenbaum. Levine, F. Berger, M. Philipp, A. Caroll, J. Morano. Assisting with the clerical work, the GUIDANCE OFFICE AIDS make advice more available. Bottom row: D. Noakowski, J. Coleman, S. Abraham, B. Apgar, N. Jatko, R Jatko, J. Kazakowitz. Second row: C. Schmitt, B. Gerger, E. Vichinsky, M. Pei- zer, F. Glosser, S. Wolk, C. Febesh. These BUSINESS AIDS help us mind our business. ottom row: S. Sekonnig, P. Wills, J. Mangano, S. .perka, R. Hyman, H. Weintroub, L. Grimmell. econd row: M. Aar«nson. K. Robinson, D. Wads- worth, L. Montenaro, I. Kontos, B Friedman, J. Friedlander, D. Klein, S. Greenblott. Third row: D. Burns, M. Consiglia, S. Nix, M. Huerstel, G. Holstein, M. Fowler, B. Gai, M. Herman, D. Glotzer, I. Kanfer, F. Jaffe. 179Serving as AIDS FOR MR. CASTELLI AND MR. JOHNSON, they help enforce school policy. Bottom row: M. Musolino, B. Cariella, L Scheer, B. Shear, M. Yellan, M. Romeskie, D. Lippman, E. Druckman, D. Bertelle, N. Lurie. Second row: M. Fattizzi, M. Bonomo, B. Martin, C. Hillinger, A. Baruch, P. VonEitzen, B. Brewster, C. Buck- man, H. Bores, A. Wilson. Third row: M. Philip, S. Colon, K. Beldegren, L. Monroe, L. Monjello, T. Nagelberg, D. Glotzer, B. Schwind, V. Hou- sum, K. Doore. Concerned with our health, the NURSES' AIDS have an ever growing amount of patience. Bottom row: D. Armstrong, L. Daniello, H. Felds, Miss Morris, Faculty Advisor; Mrs. Offrel, Fac- ulty Advisor; Mrs. Ferraro, Faculty Advisor; A. Steele, D. DiGeralomo, K. Scheiner. Second row: S. Hurst, L. Shary, D. Montacalo, S. Nichols, J. Rosenberg, S. Stein, J. Ellis, J. Foster, L. Bjorkman, R. Scheinberg, M. Flesche, L. Meltz- ner. Third row: B. Stein, G. Ritter, J. Alexander, B. Werner, B. Shephard, S. Simon, P. Herstel, K. Grant, M. Megna. 180The HALL PATROL helps provide orderly hall passage. Bottom row: L. Deltura, A. Wasser, L. Weiner, P. Linker, E. Kalansky, L. B. Carmo, G. Wolgang, J. Klein, B. Gregorio, J. Blosy. Second row: M. Braid, C. Hoeke, C. Poole, C. Sters, C. Bickle, D. Rosenthal, S. Johnson, K. letterer, K. Margolies, R. Gruber. Third row: E. Bart, J. Marshall, N. Kap- lan, D. O'hara, A. Schwartz, P. Seoder, M. Leamy, S. Fein, R. Zageln, M. Prow, $. Mozio. Fourth row: R. Hansen, P. Catherine, T. Catona, R. Galles, B. Debranski, L. Fisher, C. Cotssonas, W. Sweeney, M. Nagelberg, E. Stazciewsky. Directing cars and guiding pedestrians, the PARKING LOT PATROL helps keep order on school grounds. Bottom row: J. Lovino, B. Beroza, F. Barnardo, F. Bauries, E. Ferri, Mr. Kass, Faculty Advisor; C. Carano, G. Price, J. Gorelick, J. McKenna. Second row: L. Coteman, R. Lach, B. Smath, M. Berkowitz, S. Deluccia, T. Katuna, J. Seeker, F. Carroll, R. Thompson, B. Greene, C. Pepulie, J. DiLorenzo, T. Donovan, R. Mazzi, R. Vargo. What Macy's won't tell Gimbels, the SCHOOL STORE already knows. 181 Left to Right: J. Priore, M. Carey, L. Strang, V. Steers, E. Dubinsky, M. Tricarico, M. Stevens, J. Scimeca, S. Lody, S. M. Rizzo, A. Goldstein, J. Perito, Mrs. Lambert, Mrs. Persche." 'Tis but a little faded flower, But oh, how fondly dear! 'Twill bring me back one golden hour, Through many a weary year." —Ellen C. Howorth quieterAnd now a word from our sponsorTO ALL FROM THE CLASS OF Compliments of THE GARDEN CITY HOTEL GARDEN CITY, L. L, N. Y. L. W. OSTERSTOCK Manager Mr. “Meadow Brook” Sends BEST WISHES FOB SUCCESS To the Class of 1965 MEADOW BROOK III B NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationGENERAL ORGANIZATION OFFICERS GARY FEULNER President RORERT AZZARELLO Vice-President CAROL THEODOR Secretary ROBERT HOLLIS Representatives Treasurer Seniors Arlene Baker Merry Kornhauser Stanley Chess Jeffrey Portnoy Robin Detz Terry Wolfgang Robert Freeman Gayle Gilbard Juniors Jane Alexander Jackie O’Conner Harris Blume Jeffrey Ritterman Fran Glasser Randy Tepper Andrea Haber Marsha Herman Felice Ash Sophomores Dennis Breitner Ronald Norris Kenneth Freeman Deborah Slavin Judy Gordon Steven Swerdlow Jackie Linker Karen Mitchell Laurie WagnerCONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1965 WE SALUTE YOUR RECORD OF ACHIEVEMENT EVERY GOOD WISH FOR SUCCESS IN THE FUTURE EAST MEADOW HIGH SCHOOL DADS’ CLUBCompliments -of- THE EAST MEADOW TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATIONEast Meadow Chapter President—ALAN GRODZINSKY Vice-President—MARTA GUTTENBURG Seniors National Honor Society Treasurer—ROBIN DETZ Secretary—TERRY WOLGANG Robert Azarello Mitchell Baris Kenneth Barna Kenneth Bernstein Mark Bernstein Mary Bernzott Linda Bjorkman Ronnie Brownman Harriet Chameides Stanley Chess Carol Citarella Steve Colby Jerry Ditata Fred Drucker Rita Epstein Mark Feldman Barry Fetter Gary Feulner Judy Frankel Howard Gelberg David Gluck Allen Goldman Linda Grieco Judy Holland Steve Kammerman llene Kanfer Helena Kempner Anita Kessler Stephen Koral Richard Kudler Adrienne Liebman Elaine Marchan Marilyn Megna Carol Messak Jeanne Morano Mary Nathanson Marcie Nissenbaum James Pierce Linda Reiman Judith Reinfeld Laurence Rose Judy Rosenberg Evelyn Rothchild Joan Sandgrund Arlene Scher Samuel Schlagman Kenneth Schwartz Aura Steele Bonnie Straver Lorraine Topple Michael Umen Marilyn Vess Ellen Wallitzer Garie Waltzer Paul Yellin Joshua Auerbach Bruce Fishbane Zaneta Deutsch Stephen Frankel Barbara Di Benedetto Douglas Frost Juniors Margo Greene Andrea Haber Michael Mavroidis Daniel Rosenthal Gail Schaps Robert Weinreb Long Island’s growth provides the most favorable opportunities for a career in banking. Franklin National is the largest bank in New York State outside New York City. It is larger than the largest banks in 40 states. And right here on Long Island. For career opportunities in banking see Andrew Beveridge, Personnel Officer. A Good Bank to Grotc With FRANKLIN NATIONAL BANK Franklin Square, Long Island, N. Y.BEST WISHES BEST WISHES from FOR SUCCESS ROTARY CLUB KIWANIS CLUB of East Meadow of East Meadow, Inc. Sl nset 5-9263 RAYMOND FINCKEN, Mgr. NEWBRIDGE RD. MARLBORO ST. “WE BUILD” East Meadow, N. Y. BEST WISHES KEN JAEGGI GULF STATION TO THE CLASS OF ’65 SERVICE ALWAYS KEY CLUB IV 6-8378 of East Meadow Hijdi School HEMPSTEAD TPK. THIRD ST. East Meadow, N. Y.IVanhoe 5-0954 CORET MUSIC CO. INC. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS and REPAIRS FRANK GAMBE MURRAY SUNSHINE JACK RINALDO 2122 HEMPSTEAD TPK. East Meadow, L I. COMPLIMENTS of EAST MEADOW BOWL SU 5-9317 GENE RICHARDS BELMEDE SERVICE STATION, Inc. COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE “Service Is Our Business” 2789 NO. JERUSALEM ROAD East Meadow, N. Y. TOP HAT FORMALS, Inc. iv 39420 for Rent and Sale CRUISEWEAR FUR RENTAL 416 FULTON AVENUE SAUL STEINGER Hempstead, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS VM GOING TO DINE AT • of • MR. and MRS. LOU EPSTEIN STARDUST DINER 2019 HEMPSTEAD TURNPIKE East Meadow, New York IVanhoe 3-5835 American Express • Diner’s • Carte Blanche BAMBI BAKE SHOP t li A A V 1 "CAKES FOR ALL OCCASIONS” 621 MERRICK AVENUE w " " Y East Meadow, New York 588 OLD COUNTRY ROAD IVanhoe 9-3333 Westbury, L I. EDgewood 3-6161 CARRY OUT SERVICEIVanhoe 1-7575 V. J. FARINOLA UNITED RENT-ALLS The Nations Neighbor WE RENT MOST ANYTHING From High Chairs to House Jacks We Also Rent Mink Stoles , 392 NEWBRIDGE AVENUE Corner Prospect Avenue East Meadow, L. I., N. Y. BEST WISHES COMPLIMENTS • of • OBERLE’S FLORIST MEADOW SUNOCO SERVICE to THE CLASS OF 65 2474 HEMPSTEAD TPKE. NEWBRIDGE ROAD East Meadow PE 1 9772 CHAS. W. CARNIN CO. INC. COMPLIMENTS - of • BIG STEER CHAR-BROILEI) BURGERS, INC. BUENA SUERTE BONNE CHANCE VIEL GLUCK TO THE CLASS OF 65 from ORDERS TO TAKE OUT THE INTERNATIONAL CLUB PE 1-9040 EAST MEADOW MEADOW BRIDGE PRIME MEATS COMPLIMENTS MEAT POULTRY PROVISIONS - of • SUnset 5-2646 EMPRESS DINER 355 NEWBRIDGE ROAD East Meadow, L. L, N. Y. East MeadowPhone GE 3-2236 JAY DEE TRANSPORTATION INC. SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION 34 CHARLOTTE AVENUE Hicksville, N. Y. BOOSTERS MEADOW CLEANERS JET CARPET MEADOW DAIRY INC. MR. MRS. LAWRENCE PERLMUTTER BRUNO'S SHOE REPAIR EAGLE CLEANERS INC. DAVID'S SHELL SERVICE STATION SOUTH SHORE FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSN. MRS. MARY HAVENS MR. MRS. SAMUEL GRODZINSKY HOUSE OF DON INC.BOOSTERS Mr. Mrs. Larry Rosenblum Mr. Mrs. M. Perlmutter Kornova Delicatessen Mr. Mrs. Richard Erdody Mar-Jay Luncheonette Cottage Pastry Shop Mr. Mrs. Rhodes Irene Scharff Louis Piccinto Arlene Rita Epstein Lakeville Luncheonette Margaret M. Crowley Arthur W. Castelli Edmund Cosgrove Gerard J. Johnson Mr. 8. Mrs. Joseph Milstein Mr. Bernard Sopenoff Mr. G. Browne Mr. Mrs. William Fells Mrs. Helen Mack Mr. Mrs. Ernest F. Sutter The Zimmerman Family Mr. Mrs. H. H. Housum The Rosenberg Family The Five Nichols Mr. Mrs. George Messak Mr. 8. Mrs. H. W. Carl Mr. 8. Mrs. Joel Greene Miss Fran Glosser Mr. 8. Mrs. Arnold J. Glasser Miss Amy Glasser Alan GrodzinskyThe editors hope that the preceding pages of Resume 1965 express their sincere gratitude to those people who have cooperated and assisted in the production of this yearbook: Mr. Bernard Allen, faculty advisor Mr. John Tonjes, business advisor and chairman of the Art Department Dr. Sellers, Mr. Castelli, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Kraith, and the entire faculty The General Organization and Mr. George Gru, faculty advisor Mr. Stanley Seligson, whose photographs contributed to the L'il Abner spread The photographers and staff at Carol Studios Mr. Charles Clegg of Comet Press, Inc.

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