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 School life in East Meadow High School encompasses many things. It is, first of all, a life of scholastic achievement. This we signify by a key—a key which opens our lockers, and thus opens our minds. Our educators agree that all education cannot be found between the covers of a book. Thus our curricular programs are complemented by, and aided by, a full and varied extracurricular program. This program extends from weekly activities to such special events as proms and dances. We signify this by a senior ring—a ring which we. wear proudly for many years to come. Another vital organ in the system of school life is the athletic program, which we symbolize by a football. This program incorporates both interschool and intra- mural competitions, in many sports, for boys and girls alike. The following pages are a resume of all those happenings which make school life so beneficial, and have made the last four years so memorable for the class of '61.k- + A dedication is a thank you and it is in this spirit that we the class of '61 dedicate resume to you, Mr. Barbour. Your fine leadership of our athletic teams is reason enough for this tribute and your understanding nature as an assistant principal makes it even more fitting. When we've needed guidance you've been a source of guidance; When we've needed inspiration you've been a source of inspiration; And when we've needed a friend you've been that friend. In recognition of your efforts in our behalf we dedicate resume. 5BOARD OF EDUCATION Organizing our curriculum to provide the most advantageous education. Left to right: Frederick C. Carver, Pres., Max Margules, Herbert Auerbach, Mrs. Charles Ford, Charles Esposito. Absent: Mrs. Louis Reder, Dr. Anthony Barbaccia.Out of the complexity of school life the light of leadership. Dr. Edward J. McCleary Superintendent of Schools George McVey Ass't Superintendent of Schools Samuel A. Manarel Ass't Superintendent of Schools comes 7Mr. Mortimer Pearlstone ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS Supervision of maintenance, transportation, and business for the smooth functioning of our school Mr. George W. Baird Mr. Frederick ShoreEager to stimulate enthusiasm and achieve- ment, they extend friendship and encourage- ment to all, earning admiration and respect in return. Dr. Alfred J. Sellers Principal of East Meadow High School Mr. John Barbour, Assistant Principal J. 219 124 140 227 136 127 Cafe 225 - Ass’t Princij.3: Mr. Coulter Mr, DeFilippo Mrs. Kuttner Mrs. Sessa Mr. McEnery Miss Laura Polla Mr. Joseph Rossi Mr. Joseph Crucilla Mr. John Scanlon ENGLISH Expression and comprehension —a basis for all learning Mr. Morio Marrone, Chairman Miss Mary Cahill Mrs. Thelma Rubenstein Mr. Frederick SiegerMr. Robert Simonds, Chairman Miss Morgoret Frieling Miss Theresa Pelletier LANGUAGE Through languages comes understanding; on understanding rests the future of the world. Mrs. Edith Kuttner Mr. Joy Tumarkin Mrs. Jo Anne Suarez Mr. Edward Taussig Mrs. Jane CatronART By opening our eyes to the beauty around us, they teach us to create, and to appre- ciate the creation of others. Mrs. Phyllis Nelson, Mr. John Tonjes, Director Chairman Mrs. Mary Jo Riesberg Miss Helene Marcus Mr. Bernard Allen Mr. John O'Neil Mr. John Pangburn 9hf o 0n{ Mr. Paul Levato, Chairman Mr. John Murray Miss Margaret Crowley BUSINESS Teaching the skills necessary for entrance into, and success in the business world Mrs. Alice Currie 14 Mr. WiHiam Strasser Mrs. Lela Grey Mr. Ira LevyMr. Frederick Coulter HISTORY Mr. George Gru Dr. John Hendricks A record of events leading to the present day c' o we Mrs. Angela Fox Mr. Brian Eastman So. 6 ° t 4 'Or- You're going to learn how to write essays! Mr. Benjamin Orr Mr. Dominic Anile Mr. Donald Daly Mrs. Geraldine Decker ✓ Mr. Sanford Brodsky Mr. Gene Rogers v Mr. Robert Barrett Mr. Ralph HendersonMr. Matthew Graham, Director Mr. Robert McClelland Mr. Louis Adler Mr. Gideon Zuta Mrs. Ellen Goldstein VOCATIONAL Training to strengthen the backbone of the nationPHYSICAL EDUCATION Just as the mind must be fit, so must the body. Mr. Gerard Johnson, Director Mr. Michael Kostynick, Chairman Mr. Louis De Filippo Mr. Obed Day Mr. William Katz, Chairman Mr. William Hoffman Jo "’P W' Mrs. Helen Kobza repe,if'ons increase 17Miss Joan Earl Mr. Morton Strassberg Mr. Martin Seifer Mr. Martin Gelobter Mr. Ernest Heyden Mr. Edward Gerordi Miss Lenore Palefski Mr. George Kaye Mr. Andrew Strombelline Mr. Anthony KrirvichMr. W. Okun Mr. L. Siegel Miss L Harder If I l • h{ od rt)y old P ‘e, c© of frt 7n9 Mrs. V. Lawson MATHEMATICS Math Ability Thought Hard work Mr. B. Sweeney Miss C. Lynott Mr. B. Yokel Mr. I. Metviner Mrs. D. Vale yo, V h{ to o e y°(Jr Ph co H SPECIAL SERVICES They extend and enrich the span of our knowledge. Mr. E. Reinert Mr. M. Raphael Mr. J. McCagg Mrs. S. WeberSeated. Miss A Rizzordi, Mr. N. Pollens, Mrs. J. Heoly, Miss M. Sylvester. Standing: Mr. P. Kroiss, Mr. W. Greenberg, Mr. G. Dittersdorf. SECRETARIES Cheerful and efficient performance of various essential duties. B. Carroll, D. Domato, M. Martini, N. Drew, B. Hills, M. LoefRer. Seated: Mrs. Oldendorp. Standing: A. Edgar, H. Gousseff, S. Caiati, M. McKenna, H. Ostrov, E. Kozmo, G. D'Amato, H. Harmer, R. Grimmer, M. Signorelli, E. Schmidt.CAFETERIA STAFF Front: F. Stehr, I. Mannino, D. Marshall, E. Roberts, M. Von Hassel, K. Von Eitzen, D. Grabowsk. Standing: F. Gargano, J. Arcuri, A. Morgan, D. Moncision, M. Scala. A. Jacobio, K. McEllhinney, C. Grammarossa, M. Schiavone, V. Matuza, R. Walsh, I. Culmone. Skillful preparation of nutritious meals CUSTODIAL STAFF Service with efficiency, meeting our daily needs Seated: R. Nuzzo, L. Kerrigan, L. DeGraff, W. Gerula, A. Schlatter. First Row: F. Huelsen, G. Miranda, A. Roy, H. Simaska, M. Brown, R. Chicco, M. Cartabuke. Second Row: W. Zacharia, C. Stringham. 21— Teen Comedy and Nancy Walker, with direction It will, ho a three-act c have its sett lege in a bo the fall food eight female Forward". I All-Night Prom 4eadow Public Schools KStAM East fers mote EYDEN the boys :p the wall The Molly curvaciou gh with lh Ing presec s laugh-a By MR Girls dorm! Bo; nook and In a wild of Jerich about his wood star way over t i go to mal who v Period 1 - 4 HEALT C SCHOOLS YORK icncy. HISTORY (Om Ooti SENIORS Dot PREVENTIVE MEASURES AND TESTS Immuniiottoni Dote Immunizations Tosts Small Pox Diphtheria William Bantz, Bill Lorraine Baum T. ALLEGRA, Varsity Football, Drama Club, National Thespian Society, Hall Patrol. K. ANASTASI, Chorus, Junior Prom Committee, Heraea. R BALBO, Senior Class Vice President, Varsity Football, Varsity Lacrosse. C. BALDWIN, Resume Art Staff. W. BALESTRINE, Transfer Student. W. BANTZ, Lab Assistant, Audio Visual Squad, Resume Business Staff, Library Assistant. L. BAUM, Girls' Intramurals, Heraea. W. BECKER, Varsity Rifle Team, Photo Club, Audio Visual Squad. 24 Wayne BeckerCarolyn Bedell Kathleen Bentivegna, Kathy Carter Beroza C. BEDELL, Majorette, Chorus, Girls' Intramurals. T. BEDFORD, Junior Engineers Technical Society, Ozalid Squad, Mall Patrol. R. BENNETT, Hall Patrol. K. BENTIVEGNA, Leaders Club, Chorus, Girls' Intramurals. Armida Blasi C. BEROZA, Hall Patrol. A. BLASI, Newman Club, Chorus, Girls' Intra- murals, Jet Gazette Circulation Staff. A. BLESSING, Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Lacrosse. P. BLOCK, Girls' Intramurols, Business Club, F.H.A. Albert Blessing, Al Pamela Block 25Judith Boalick, Judy Robert Bodnar, Bob J. BOALICK, Cheerleader, Chorus, Resume Sports C. BOLLHOFER, Leaders Club, Nurse's Assistant, Staff. Girls' Intramurals. R. BODNAR, Key Club Vice President, Library H. BONCZEK, Typist, Resume Senior Staff, Nurse's Gloria Boken Assistant, Varsity Tennis. Assistant, Newman Club. G. BOKEN, Chorus, Girls' Intramurals, Hall Patrol. P. BOLL, J.V. Football, J.V. Wrestling, J.V. Base- S. BONET, Typist, Girls' Intramurals, Business Office Assistant. ball. E. BONTEMPI, Leaders Club, Nurse's Assistant, Girls' Intramurals. Sandra Bonet, SandyVictoria Brand, Vicki Nancy Braverman Margaret Bottone, Marge M. BOTTONE, Chorus, Girls' Intramurals. V. BRAND, Art Service Club, Girls' Intramurals, F. H. A. N. BRAVERMAN, Rockettes, Art Service Club, Booster Club. D. BRIEL, Varsity Basketball, Hall Patrol. R. BUCKLEY, Radio and Electronics, Audio Visual Squad, Photo Club, Hall Patrol. D. BULLMAN, Symphonic Bond, Orchestra, Tennis Team. L. CAPECE, Audio Visual Squad, Chorus, Hall Patrol. D. CAPOBIANCO, Hall Patrol. Daniel Capobianco, DannyEdward Capriotti, Ed Donald Casillo, Donny E. CAPRIOTTI J. CAPUTO, Booster Club, Hall Patrol. D. CARUCCI, Newman Club, Business Law Club, Spanish Club, Office Assistant. D. CASILLO, Teen-Auto Shop, Machine Shop. P. CHRYSCINE, Radio and Electronics. L. COLLINS, Newman Club President, Rockettes, Senior Class Play, Jet Gazette Circulating Man- ager. T. COLLINS, Chess Club, Hall Patrol. M. CONNOLLY, Girls' Intramurals, Booster Club, Newman Club. Thomas Collins, Tom Mary ConnollyJames Cooke, Jimmy Caren Cooper William Coughlin, Bill J. COOKE, Hall Patrol, Audio Visual Squad. C. COOPER, Rockettes, Chorus, Girls' Intramurals, Resume Club Staff. W. COUGHLIN, Soccer Squad, Photo Club, Rifle Club, Newman Club. C. CSOMBOK, Booster Club, Girls' Intramurals. Carol Csombok J. CUTTONE, AFS Exchange Student to Switzer- land, Student Council, National Thespian Society Secretary, South Pacific. M. DANIELLO, Varsity Track, Soccer Squad, junior Engineers Technical Society, Hall Patrol. D. DaSILVA, Cheerleader Captain, G.O. Secre- tary, Heraea Captoin, Resume Sports Staff. P. DASKAUSKAS, Girls' Intramurals, Newman Club, Nurse's Assistant, Hall Patrol. 29 Patricia Daskauskas, PatSENIOR H 0 W C A « ■ Chris Fazio S E Nick Giroffi 30ATHLETICALLY INCLINED FASHIONABLY INCLINED Les Sanchez Ted Allegro CLASS FLIRTS Judy Rink Shelly Drogowitz Millie TacconelliCLASS JOKER 32BOUND FOR SUCCESS Helen Weiss Rosemarie Vives Nick Giroffi MUSICALLY INCLINED Dave BullmanPatrick DiPierri, Pat Davina Dobrinsky W. DAVID, Varsity Football, Junior Class Treas- urer, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball. R. DEGREE, Varsity Rifle Team. M. DeMICCO, Hall Patrol, Varsity Football. S. DESMONIE D. DiBENEDETTO, Varsity Shot-put and Discus, Hall Patrol, Traffic Patrol. P. DiPIERRI D. DOBRINSKY, Leaders Club, Heraea, Girls' Intramurals. A. DONATO, Hall Patrol, Frosh Football. 34 Albert Donato, AlStephen EfFron, Steve Lee Roy Einzig R. EICHINGER, Junior Engineers Technical So- ciety, Varsity Bowling. L. EINZIG, Varsity Lacrosse, Rifle Team, Science Club. F. ESMONDE, Library Assistant, Jet Gazette Fea- ture Staff. D. FANO Russell Eichinger T. DONNELLY, Traffic Patrol, Teen-Auto Shop, Hall Patrol. A. DOYLE, Lab’ Assistant, Junior Engineers Tech- nical Society Secretary, Science Club, Hall Patrol. R. DROGOWITZ, Leaders Club, Lab Assistant, Library Assistant, Girls' Intramurals. S. EFFRON, Varsity Bowling, Hall Patrol, Frosh Football, Lab Assistant. Frances Esmonde Daniel Fano, Danny Thomas Donnelly, Tom Alan Doyle Rochelle Drogowitz, Shelly 35 Michele Farrell Christina Fazio, Chris M. FARRELL, Newman Club, Heroeo. C. FAZIO, National Thespian Society President, Rockettes, Chorus, Senior Class Play. B FERRY, F.H.A., President, Girls' Intramurals, Leaders Club. R. FESSLER, Varsity Track, Hall Patrol. L. FORD, Resume Editor-in-Chief, G.A.A. Presi- dent, Art Service Club. H. FORDE, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, J.V. Track. H. GARVEY, Hall Patrol, Orchestra, Chorus, Girls' Intramurals. P. GEISS, Varsity Track, Lob Assistant, German Club, Hall Patrol. Bonnie Ferry Helen Garvey Maureen Geoghegan Joseph Giglio, Joe Bernard Gilmartin, Rookie M. GEOGHEGAN, Girls' Intramurals, Newman Club. J. GIGLIO, Varsity Track, Frosh Baseball, Frosh Basketball, Hall Patrol. B. GILMARTIN, Frosh Football, Frosh Wrestling, Hall Patrol. N. GIROFFI, Art Service Club President, J.V. Foot- ball, J.V. Baseball. L. GLICKER, Resume Art Staff, Hall Patrol A. GRAMAROSSA, Frosh Football, Varsity Foot- ball, J.V. Baseball. L. GRANT, Chorus, Girls' Intromurols, Teacher's Assistant. S. GRODZINSKY, National Honor Society Presi- dent, Key Club President, Resume Business Staff, Orchestra. Stephen Grodzinsky, SteveRonald Gross, Ronnie R. GROSS, Junior Engineers Technical Society, Frosh Football. E. GROSSGUTH, Office Assistant, Hall Patrol, Girls' Intramurals. B. GUARELLA, Transfer Student. S. GUTERMAN, Junior Class Secretary, Student Council, Resume Club Staff, Girls' Intramurals. J. HAINES, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Football. T. HEAP, Varsity Rifle, Hall Patrol. N. HENRY, Girls' Intramurals. M. HILDUM Nancy Henry Margaret Hildum, PeggyWilliam Hippner, Bill Carol Holmes Paul Holmes W. HIPPNER, Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Lacrosse, Junior Class Vice President. L. HOEFFNER, Majorette, Hall Potrol, Chorus, Office Assistant. C. HOLMES, Girls' Intramurals. P. HOLMES, Captain of Hall Patrol, Jet Gazette. M. HOLZAPFEL, J.V. Baseball, Frosh Basketball, Hall Patrol. R. HOOD, J.V. Soccer, Science Club, Junior Engi- neers Technical Society, Ozalid Squad. S. HORT, Leaders Club, G.A.A. Business Law Club. E. INCH, Senior Class Treasurer, Varsity Wres- tling, Varsity Football, Varsity Lacrosse. Eugene Inch, Gene 39Joan Jaeger Stuart Itzkowitz, Stu Patricia Jaekel, Pat John Jamison Frances Kircher, Fran Richard Kix Martha Kolodkin, Marty Jean Krai, Jeanne S. ITZKOWITZ, Varsity Tennis, Lab Assistant, Hall Patrol Lieutenant. J. JAEGER, Library Assistant, Girls' Intramurals, Heraea. P. JAEKEL, Chorus, Girls' Intramurals. J. JAMISON F. KIRCHER, Cheerleader, Jet Gazette Business Manager. R. KIX, Hall Patrol. M. KOLODKIN, Resume Senior Staff, Assistant Principal's Squad, Library Assistant, Girls' Intfa- murals. J. KRAL, Hall Patrol, Girls' Intramurals, Student Council. 42i » - Stewart Ladd, Stew Phyllis Kulaski Carol Kulbaba Antoinette LaBarbera, Ann Andrew Lebkuecher, Andy Phyllis Lamberg Annette Langella P. KULASKI, Booster Club. C. KULBABA, Student Council President; Junior Class Heraea Captain, Cheerleader, Leaders Club. A. LaBARBERA, Girls' Intramural . P. LAMBERG, Treasurer of F.T.A., Student Council, Office Assistant, Principal's Squad President. A. LANGELLA, Cheerleader, Office Assistant, Resume Sports Staff, Girls' Intramurals. A. LEBKUECHER, Audio Visual Squad, Hall Patrol, Radio Shop. George Lennon S. LADD, Radio Shop. G. LENNON, Hall Patrol, Varsity Lacrosse, Radio Shop. 43Robert Leonard, Bob Leandra Lewis, Lee R. LEONARD, Hall Patrol. L. LEWIS, Girls' Intramurals, Newman Club, Guidance Office Assistant. J. LHUILLIER, Resume Senior Editor, Library As- sistant, Girls' Intramurals, Senior Class Play. S. LICATA, Frosh Football, Frosh Baseball. L. LICHTMAN, Jet Gazette, F.T.A., Assistant Prin- cipal's Squad, Girls' Intramurals. R. LITZ, J.V. Soccer, Hall Patrol. L. LOVITCH, National Honor Society Treasurer, Band President, Jet Stream Column, R6surn6 Busi- ness Staff. M. MANKE, Leaders Club, F.N.A., Girls' Intra- murals. Joan Lhuillier, Joanie Leonard Lovitch, Lenny Mary Ann MankeMarie Mannino Kathleen Martin, Kathy Robert Martin, Bob M. MANNINO, Leaders Club, Girls' Intramurals, Chorus, Hall Patrol. K. MARTIN, Chorus, F.H.A. R. MARTIN, School Store, Moth Tutor, Hall Patrol, Track Team. L. MARTINSON, F.H.A., Booster Club, Hall Patrol, Heraea. C. MATHEWSON, Photo Club, Band, National Thespian Society, Newman Club. P. McCORMACK, Booster Club, Heraea. V. McCULLAM, Rockettes, Resume Feature Staff, Art Service Club, Library Assistant. B. McKINNON, Key Club, Lab Assistant, J.V. Soccer, Frosh Baseball. Bruce McKinnonJanina Michalska, Jane Barbara Moore, Bobbi Barbara McLean B. McLEAN, Leaders Club, Girls' Intramurals, Student Council, Heraea. J. MICHALSKA, Newman Club, Heraea. B. MOORE, Transfer Student. P. MORRIS, Cheerleader, National Thespian So- ciety, F.N.A., Girls' Intramurals. W. MULLER, Audio Visual Squad, Art Service Club, Hall Patrol. D. MULLIN, Vice President of Art Service Club, Chorus, Girls' Intramurals, Resume Art Staff. J. MULVIHILL, Varsity Football Co-Captain, Var- sity Wrestling, Varsity Lacrosse. P. MYERS, Transfer Student. John Mulvihill Patricia Myers, PatMichael Natale, Mike Barbara Newman Elaine Neff M. NATALE, Varsity Football Co-Captain, Varsity Lacrosse, Varsity Basketball, Key Club. E. NEFF, Chorus. G. NEVILLE, Lab Assistant, Hall Patrol Lieutenant. B. NEWMAN, Hall Patrol, Girls' Intramurals. Gerald Neville, Jerry B. C. NEWMAN, Nurse's Assistant, Office Assist- ant, Hall Patrol Captain, Chorus. R. NEWMAN, Hall Patrol, South Pacific, Audio Visual Squad, Library Assistant. P. NIEDZIELSKI, Newman Club, Business Club, Guidance Office Assistant, Heraea. P. NIELSON, Foreign Exchange Student, Jet Gazette News Staff, Varsity Soccer, Key Club. Patricia Niedzielski, Pat 47Gregory Olynyk, Greg Frances Orrio, Frani D. NOLAN, School Store, Literary Magazine Typ- ist, Office Assistant. R. NOTHDURFT, Varsity Soccer, J.V. Baseball, Science Club. S. NOVAK, Chorus, Girls' Intramurals. T. O'DONNELL, Newman Club, School Store, Jet Gazette. B. O'LEARY, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, J.V. Wrestling. G. OLYNYK, J.V. Football, Hall Patrol. F. ORRIO, Junior and Senior Class Secretary, Jet Gazette Chief Typist, Secretary of G.A.A., Busi- ness Club President. G. PALOPOLI, Chorus, Girls' Intramurals, Business Law Club. 48 Grace PalopoliA. PANZICA, Heraea, Assistant Student Council. R. PAPA, National Honor Society Secretary, Leaders Club, G.A.A. R. PASCA, Early Admissions Student, Varsity Bowling. J. PASTOLOVE, Audio Visual Squad Captain, J.V. Baseball, Pops Concert, Chorus. B. PEPPER, Student Council, Resume Club Staff, Library Assistant, Girls' Intramurals. T. PETTERS, Frosh Football. P. PHELPS, Girls' Intramurals, Office Assistant, Heraea. J. PINSKY, Parking Patrol, Track Team. Robert Pasca, Bob Patricia Phelps, Pat Barbara Pepper AA Arlene Panzica Rose Papa Jeffrey Pastolove, Jeff Theodore Petters, Ted 49 Joel Pinsky, JoeV Sandra Portnoy, Sandy S. PORTNOY, Teacher's Assistant, Hall Patrol. D. PRIMAVERA, Varsity Football, Varsity Lacrosse. D. PUGLIESE, Hall Patrol. T. QUINN, South Pacific, Hall Potrol. I. RECH Thomas Quinn, Tom Leonard Rif kin, Lenny Donald Primavera, Don G. REEVS, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Hall Potrol. L. RIFKIN, Lab Assistant, Varsity Track, J.V. Foot- ball, Photo Club President. A. RINALDINI, Junior Engineers Technical So- ciety, Hall Patrol. Laurence Rech, Larry Douglas Pugliese, Doug George Reevs, Buddy Albert Rinaldini, AlJudith Roberson, Judy Eileen Rogers Judith Rink, Judy J. RINK, Leaders Club President, Heraea Captain, Girls' Intramurals. J. ROBERSON, Transfer Student. E. ROGERS, Nurse's Assistant, Chorus, Hall Patrol. R. ROMANO, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Lacrosse, National Thespian Society. J. ROSE, R6sum6 Publicity Manager, Principal's Squad, Student Council, F. T. A. C. ROSS L. ROSSI, Hall Patrol, Parking Patrol. A. RUBINSTEIN, National Thespian Society, Var- sity Bowling Team Captain, Varsity Tennis Team Captain, Resume Literary and Business Staffs. Arthur Rubinstein, ArtieGerald Sadauskas, Jerry G. SADAUSKAS, Varsity Track, Varsity Cross R. SCHLESINGER, Varsity Football, Varsity Base- Country. ball, Frosh Basketball. Lester Sanchez, Les Nancy Sellgren F. SALADINO, Photo Club President, Audio Visual Squad. A. SANCHEZ, Varsity Football, Varsity Basket- ball, Junior and Senior Class President, Junior Prom King. L. SANCHEZ, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Basketball. A. SCLAFANI, Wood Shop. N. SELLGREN, F. H. A., Leaders Club, Girls' Intra- murals. C. SEMMELMANN, Student Council, Junior Prom Gueen, Hall Patrol, Girls' Intramurals. Roger Schlesinger Anthony Sclafani Constance Semmelmann, Connie 52Benedict Serzo, Ben Pamela Seymour, Pam William Simon, Bill Vincent Sinnott B. SERZO, Transfer Student. P. SEYMOUR, Girls' Intramurals, School Store, Business Club. W. SIMON, Varsity Basketball, Soccer. B. SINGER, Business Club, Girls' Intramurals, Heraea. V. SINNOTT W. SKOBLICKI, Chorus. E. SMITH, Girls' Intramurals, Office Assistant, Jet Gazette Typist. J. SMITH, Resume Literary Editor, Math Tutor, Library Assistant, Girls' Intramurals. 53 Janet SmithRichard Smith, Richie Loretta Stacel David Stenrose Chester Stevens, Chet R. SMITH, Varsity Track, Varsity Cross-Country, Junior Engineers Technical Society. R. SMOUNSKY, F. T. A., Jet Gazette Feature Staff, Drama Club, Girls' Intramurals. R. SOLOMON, Frosh Baseball, Lab Assistant, Hall Patrol. L. STACEL J. STEELE, Audio Visuol Squad, Hall Patrol, Frosh Soccer, Rifle Club. D. STENROSE C. STEVENS, J.V. Football, Hall Patrol. M. TACCONELLI, Office Assistant, Girls' Intro- murals, Heraea, Junior Prom Committee. Mildred Tacconelli, Millie 54Peter Trotta Mary Lou Taylor Louis Urban, Lou M. TAYLOR, Hall Patrol. V. TREACY, Varsity Track, Hall Patrol, Junior Engineers Technical Society. D. TRINKAUS, Chorus, Hall Patrol, Heraea, Girls' Intramurals. P. TROTTA, Varsity Rifle Team Captain, Photo Club, Science Club. Vincent Treacy, Vinnie Dorothy Trinkaus, Dotty L. URBAN, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Hall Patrol. J. VICTORY, Guidance Office Assistant, Chorus, Girls' Intramurals, Heraea. R. VIVES, Resume Associate Editor, Orchestra, Leaders Club, Lab Assistant. J. VIZZA, Hall Patrol. Rosemarie Vives Joseph Vizza, Joe Joan Victory, Joni 55Susan Waters George Walker G. WALKER, Key Club, Varsity Basketball. S. WATERS, Heraea, Junior Prom Committee. M. WEHMANN, Leaders Club, Hall Patrol Cap- tain, Audio Visual Squad, Girls' Intramurals. H. WEISS, National Honor Society Vice-President, Cheerleader, Girls Intramurals, Newman Club. L. WEISS, Resume Business Staff, Receptionist, Nurses Assistant, Girls' Intramurals. R. WEISS, Parking Patrol. N. WERTZ, Chorus, Girls' Intramurals. W. WHYNE, J.V. Football, J.V. Baseball, Hall Patrol. Marianne Wehmann Helen Weiss Nancy Wertz Walter WhynePamela Wilkens, Pam Patricia Yanatos, Pat P. WILKENS, Leaders Club, Girls' Intramurals, Heraea. D. WISEMAN B. WITTENBERG, Resume Club Staff, President of Library Club, Nurse's Assistant. P. YANTAOS, Girls' Intramurals, Heraea, Chorus. G. ZABLOCKI • .»• .X George Zablocki 57 Wn 6f Hold For You? EXiring this annual time of festivity everyone seems to become capture by the joyous spirit of the holidays. New Years, however, usually evoke; a double reaction from most people at first, one of happy anticipati» for that "night of nights", and then one of thoughtful contemplation Have 1 accomplished anything worthwhile during the past year? What 1 accomplish during this new year? What do you WANT to accomplish during the year of 1961? Is it to good marks on your report card, finally receive permission te wear eyi shadow, get that long-awaited senior lieense -- all these and many more But since we're analyzing our past accomplishments, let's also analyzi what we hope will be our future accomplishments. The results may be quite startling, for we can see that many of are mainly concerned with achieving physical satisfaction and nothin} more. Even the good marks which we hope to attain are appreciated for the social status and rewards they reap and not the knowledge which they represent. What is happening to not only the teenagers, but all of modem society' Today people seem to be concerned with two things: having a good ilr» and doing things in a bigger and better way. In doing this they com pletely forget about the superior intellect which man has been gif tec with and only concentrate on satisfying themselves physically. No ca tic fe wi sure devel in a ceiv enjo good ciate 17 sole satlsfac h to make but let's make shuffle. This h takes place when it is try to go to a source of bod • »y cnjoylnj Land and appre- will make Year. Asserr ■ b • - d jvember 22-23 riation Ye views of the •cember 6-8 Meadow High jam a unenci £±18 American Leglc Prom Dat On Saturday. January 28, Prom in the school gymnasiu Bids will go on sale shortly will be $5.00 per couple. Mr. Rogers, the Junior Cl advisor, estimates that appro: mately 200 couples will attei The theme of f.e prom is "Win! Rhapsody". Committees have ready been organized and cha publicity; Susan Rowe,‘ decorati Rosalyn Pincus, entertain me JoAnn Nezer, refreshment; Beverly Crebler, in charge tickets. Members of all these co minee.s will lend a helping hand decorating the gym. The curlLATE-SUP American Field Service Chooses EM Finalist: Of the 19 BMHS Juniors who ] -.plied to die American Field Se vice to participate to tbe Amo leans Abroad Program. Six gtr have been chosen as finalists They are: Beverly Grebler, J Many Quartln, Bnanlr A] gar. Ellen Levendial and Barba: Baruch. All Interested juniors who the basic requirements ing academic record, excelle health, sixteen years of age by n June, and at least two years study In a foreign language—au milted a preliminary applicati interviewed by a local comm to determine how they would r act to their placeman in environment. At this ' 'jb were selecte 9r is Assist of RESUME, t treasurer of t . If chosen. Be to go to Japa the Japan ovlagjapanaa ON BLANK 2 Date. i in«h«l) .19- Mag. the presldi and an edlic the JET GA he science ma math tutor li id accept American FI 0 send her. • the Art Edl participates that the rev are Just as gn that tbe si people 1 can be foi -As the junior magazine drive came to an end, a total of $9400 was llected. Ellen LeventhaU Chief Copy it or of the JET GAZETTE, also President of the Future Ti chers of America, a language assistant and a writer far INTE Ellen w of the Spi ■L ■ e far can good- in chis 13 Grade last attended- 1 ipnrrcs. tt c fngh Id a total of $1039.79. All the students in this homeroom who reached e quota of $20 will enjoy a pizza party. Twenty-two people raised enough money for school rings, for selling 5 worth of magazines. Forty-five people were able to sell the $45 cessary to earn a school key and forty-one juniors will receive a arbook for selling $35 worth of magazines. One hundred and forty- ur citations will be given out for the sale of $25 worth of magazines. Barbara Baruch is the reca Ing secretary of the Future Ti chers of America. She is tbe s at-arms of tbe Booster Club and editorial assistant on the J GAZETTE. She would like tc to Germany If selected. She spa wmmJUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: Joan Fuller— Treas., Doug Christie—Pres., Neil Petogno—V. Pres., Irene Bloeser—Sec. Great promise exemplifies this year's Junior Class. . . . They began their organized activities with a very successful magazine drive. Salesmen were rewarded with numerous prizes, including school rings, keys, and yearbooks. . . . Socially, the class of '62 planned a spectacular prom. January 28 was the date of their Winter Fantasy ' . . . Last spring, as sophomores, they were victorious in Heraea IV. Past achievements assure future success as next year's Senior Class. Mr. Rogers, Junior Class Advisori i m »ip m - -% t»» - (jl; 1 ei nm tmm The inexperience, the struggles, and the searching of the sopho- more year have evolved into confidence, direction, and poise. led by advisor Mr. S. Brodsky, they have created the pattern for future success as next year's Junior Class.:4U ■” ft- Vr " J jllA 7 i f “ ’ ? • (’ •- •• — - ■ ) A: jr iU mi '•■ ■ -tfirr , i» . fliti ric '■} ’ M 1V i. i' m NLL i i tfiaZ.A . :£ fl U-i irjr: »°€- ff jT . . V nt .ft . •v v Pw A t'y Jf.f?+ 'WvF-( TO- spit '' • i»v« f V . ' " ■ ’• ’vltX -,v vM fX'jt'-n Ha ■ rJL rv V •'''" 'St j.J -t ■!«•« A. c tffH1’ » ■ :ii . if •" r-r f.« t . A Pu £ jJr SfS3 .+ am llMOpil pnoj uioj; j Ao p 'sXvjd OM) jpqi i SPORTSLeft to right. Front row: Co-captains M. Natale, L. Sanchez, J. Mulvihill. Second row: S. Sutherland, J. Pane, R. Brusso, G. Bjorkman, E. Reinhold, R. LaForte, H. Forde, L. Brink, D. Procida, W. Hippner, L. Urban, A. Blessing, A. Sanchez, F. Constantino, G. Inch. Third row: Coach M. Kostynick, R. Lieber- man, D. Talix, G. Reeves, W. David, J. Maxey, N. Petagno, W. Brink, T. Allegro, R. Willeman, D. Primavera, D. Wuerful, W. Most, R. Balbo, Mgr. R. Remis. VARSITY E.M. 13 ... 14 E.M. 20 ... 0 E.M. 14 ... 21 E.M. 13 ... 20 E.M. 7 ... 6 E.M. 9 ... 6 E.M. 7 ... 14 E.M. 21 ... 13Our team exhibits the vigor, strategy, and exacting requirements, both mental and physical, necessary in achieving co-ordina- tion and precision. They develop companionship along with skill, each helping the other to attain their mutual goal. We finished as one of the top teams in the South Shore Triple A Conference, the top league on the Island. rtf Fullback Wally David carries for a substantial gain Butch Constantino dodges the opposing tacklers JUNIOR VARSITY Left to right. Front row: A. Torre, A. Gousseff, H. Griffin, L. Reed, J. Pane, W. Bliss K. Duggan. Second row: S. Schuman, J. Bolton, D. Matulock, J. Manke, E. Sommers, S. Bazuly, F. Colonna. Third row: J. Bracconier, A. Latera, R. Brandalise, J. DeLillo, T. Coblyn, J. Martin, G. Gooding. Fourth row: W. Satalino, J. Grande, S. Fava, N. Ward, A. Scheffer, N. Weiss. Fifth row: Mr. Rogers, L. Gasatis, W. Breland, Mr. Freda.Left to right. Seated: R. Chapmen, B. Ryan, H. Fedoryk, G. Holme, R. Coppola, P. Neilson, T. Harvey. Second row: R. Nothdurft, R. Tschupp, M. Niecebalm, C. Lanzisera, B. Walsh, J. Pantelo, P. Lichtman, Mr. Day. Third row: W. Clark, W. Colabella, C. Flesche, R. Smith, J. Jones, S. Costa. SOCCER Kicking, passing, and using their heads, these boys portray the spirit and ability necessary to obtain victory. Left to right. Seated row: Mgr. M. Murphy, R. Reilly, A. Cooper, R. Pordy, I. Schriber, B. Wachtel, J. Glickstein, M. Kaplan. Second row. D. Newman, B. Freese, L. Wechsler, D. Markfield P. Ryan, R. Freedman, M. Kirshner, B. Kaplan. Third row: R. Howland, F. Saglimbeni, J. Keilt, C. Fox, S. Stenzler, M. Silver, R. Stein, B. Terhune, L. Pelter, Mr. Pangburn. 70CROSS COUNTRY Running distances— building up endurance and speed. Left to right: R. Halstead, M. Heend, E. Havekost, P. Halstead, Cap't J. Green, Coach P. Carolan. TENNIS Agility, practice and superb playing were demon- strated by this season's tennis team which consisted mainly of underclassmen. The experience gained and the abilities shown foretell future seasons of success. Left to right. Front row: S. Rice, S. Marks, S. Wilschek. Second row: F. Szabo, H. Miller, N. Sapin, Mr. Daly, S. Itzkowitz, A. Rubenstein, Captain, M. Stolonas. 71VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY • First row. B. Kaplan, B. Geier, D. Inch, J. Montalbana, B. David, J. Becker, G. Inch, E. Goldberger. Second row: R. Frozer, D. Procido, J. Delillo, M. Jones, A. Torre, J. Pone, B. Hippner, J. Mulvihill, Mr. Day-adviser. WRESTLING The buzzer sounds The match begins The grapplers wrestle hard For decisions ... all pins! Front row: J. Greenhut, J. Grande, B. Carlos, D. Peterson, G. Holm, N. Petagno, H. Ford, D. Talix. Standing: Mr. Frieda, P. Urban, M. Klampbert, R. Smith, J. Colonna, D. Laieta, R. Brozinsky, L. Goldstein, W. Blees, R. Frazer. 72RIFLERY Purpose with an aim. Left to right. Kneeling: R. Lohman, S. Stentzler, B. Boden. Standing: H. Deitel, R. Rehrig, J. Vander- weyde, L. Einzig, W. Becker, Mr. Strombelline. BOWLING 73VARSITY Left to right: T. Harvey, W. Brink, A. Sanchez, K. Blochmen, D. Dupkin, D. Tomback, L. Sanchez, J. Sanchez, J. Hershkin, W. David, B. Schor, D. Briel, Coach—A. DeSavo. BASKETBALL This is the fast-moving, challenging sport enjoyed as much by the spectators as by the players. Bruce Schor doesn't need a license in order to shoot!JUNIOR VARSITY Coach: R. Barrett, C. Failla, G. Fox, J. Geraci, A. Lettera, W. Breland, S. Lapin, R. Cistehr, H. Giffin, R. Chapman, H. Rudich, B. Glickman. 75LACROSSE Left to right. Third row: W. Vito, V. Coppola, W. Miller, S. Pone, E. Inch, N. Petogno, M. Coughlin, F. Constantino, B. Romano, A. Rizzo, E. Collins. Second row: R. Balbo, H. Giflfin, W. Hippner, J. Mulvihill, D. Murphy, M. Natale, E. Goldberger, M. Hagerty, A. Blessing, R. Burns. First row: R. Van Hassel, D. Procida, M. Jones, S. Buzuly, A. Viola, C. Gerlach, J. Pane. Our Lacrosse team finished a hard-fought season with a record of 4-9. Bill Miller led the team in scoring with 19 goals. A bright outlook for the future is that two thirds of the team were Sophomores and Juniors. Action at the gool. 76 Well, men, the problem is . . . With a hop, step and a jump, these boys participate in various track events. Potential that will develop within the next season TRACK was displayed by members of this team. Left to right, Sitting: J. Mazzota, J. Klagges, C. Lonzisera, R. Smith, E. Hovekost, J. Kaplan. B Martin, D. DeBenedetto. Second row: H. Miller, H. Conroy, E. Sesskin, D. Barravecch.a, J. Sadaus- kas, I. Urban, D. Sandgrund, A. Altman. Third row. Mr. Wilson, Coach, H. Fiero, J. Greene, B. Haas, J. Pinsky, H. Ackerman, B. Gatto, B. Walsh, V. Treacy, B. Fiano, Mr. G. Rogers, Coach.Left to right. First row: R. Smith, J. Hershkin, G. McVey, P. Cunnif, G. Reeves, A. Borbera, W. St. John, S. Sutherland. Second row: B. Persche, D. Petz, W. David, L. Sanchez, A. Sanchez, P. Feilzer, R. Lindley, R. Schlessinger, D. Edgar, V. Nunes. E.M. 3 Mepham 1 E.M. 6 3 E.M. 3 4 E.M. 4 0 E.M. 5 Calhoun 3 E.M. 7 3 E.M. 3 Massapequa 2 BASEBALL E.M. 1 3 E.M. 1 0 E.M. 8 1 E.M. 3 10 E.M. 10 1 VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY 14-6 Left to right: R. Smith, L Revilice, N. Page, R. Kogan, D. Demorest, V. Zankie, D. Weurful, G. Bjorkman, I. Brink, W. Brink, R. Brusso, B. Pierce.Speed and skill accompanied by smoothness of movement are the requirements for America's favorite pastime. The Jets zoomed to an- other tremendous year in the Section IV baseball league. Les Sanchez was in the number one pitching spot. The team came in second in the SSAL Section IV playoffs with a record of 1-1. 79 Left to right, Front row: C. Cusono, S. Shoenfeld, J. Boolick, M. Devine, D. Brescia, D. Sandvold. Second row: P. Stone, J. De Grow, I. Blaeser, D. Caputo, K. Dickmon. Third row. P. Morris, D. DaSilva, C. Kulbaba, P. DaSilva. CHEERLEADERS Leading the spectators, our cheerleaders promote school spirit and sportsmanship throughout the football and basketball seasons. ROCKETTES Kicking up a storm of entertainment at half time. Left to right. Kneeling: I. Sharpe, A. Kupferberg, F. Nicosia, P. Pleis, N. Braverman, L. Tamborini, D. Sullivan, J. Arcuri. Standing: P. Gengler, E. Rabinowitz, C. Cooper, C. Santini, C. Lerner, V. McCullam, L. Collins, S. Gentile, B. Kless, J. Siegal.Left to right, First row: N. Sellgren, R. Reizes, R. Papa, VP., J. Rink, Pres., Mrs. B. Peizer, Advisor, B Ferry, Treas., M. Manke, Sec., J. Konz, G. Baier, M. Wenmann. Second row. K. Rosenkrantz, P Yanatos, B. McLean, D. Wilson, G. Dunn, H. Gabriel, G. Lerner, D. Fumogalli, D. Wolf, M. Bennett, A. Gantt, D. Dobrinsky. Third row: M. Gass, N. Young, B. Nelson, A. Bellinkoff, S. Foote, B. Groel, P. Katuna, P. Wilkins. Fourth row: L. Knoedler, L. Messina, M. Gramarossa, D. Kaye, A. Groziosa, R. Geoly, K. Wolfarth, K. Bannon, S. Bradley, J. Allback, P. Martinez. LEADERS TWIRLERS The blue and gold is proudly displayed by these high-stepping, baton-twirling girls. Assist, guide, and direct girls in gym classes—developing initiative, character, and leadership. Left to right. Seated: L. Hoeffner, D. Mears. Second row: L. Pettrone, J. Potocki, L. DeVito, C. Bedell, D. Pickering, M. Stasi.HERAEA IV An opportunity for girls to participate rather than spectate—competing and co-operating, these girls demonstrate their will to win. Records made in previous years were broken by the Sophomores who shone through and came in first in Heraea 1960. 82 Held on the night of June ninth— The speaker was Dr. Carolan. The evening was set off by a very impressive poem by Judy Rink. Intramural, cheerleading, and Rockette awards were presented. GIRLS' SPORTS BANQUET 83Visually communicating ideas, thoughts, images . . . Developing techniques through new media. 86 ARTVisitors are always welcome in the art department . . . EOi r 1M Two people, two thoughts, one object 87Front row: A. Gousseff, G. Sadauskos, I. Rivellese, N. Petagno, D. Lip piner, H. Wiese, P. Strassltfr, K. Levin, R. Berger, J. Mauceri, W. Breland, F. Colonna, C. Doyle, P. Holmes, L. Capece, R. Solomon, J. Pinsky, R Zimmerman, E. Snevily, K. Carlson, R. Alexander. Second row: J. Hill, A Reder, K. Anastasi, S. Maier, D. Amendolara, D. Sandvold, K. Martin, P. Yanatos, S. Munro, P. Martinson, G. Gleason, J. Williams, R. DeFilippo, J. Caputo, C. Bedell, S. loos, S. Ackerman, D. Hutson, S. Schwarzmon, A. Boos, E. Ward, N. Dineen, J. Ulberg, E. Torres. Third row: R. Rome, C. Montross, I. Dobrinsky, B. Cavanaugh, M. Ross, C. McCormack, R. Morris, D. Sullivan, K. Rautenberg, G. Pollack, M. Deredita, C. Salerno, K. Marlin, P. Hildum, J. Jaeger, J. Wehman, R. Baldwin, S. Mann, J. Besswanger, L. Collins, C. Cooper, J. Catz, J. Boalick, M. Mannino, F. Aronowitz, W. Pineler, E. Torer, Mr. P. Rosen. Fourth row: F. Orrio, A. Kornhauser, P. Martinez, C. Dougherty, N. Dougherty, M. Bucci, J. Gold- Keynotes in harmony . . . ORCHESTRA Noteworthy accomplishments in the "uni- versal language of mankind." Front row-. S. Grodzinsky, M. Strauss, M. Goldstein, S. Ogintz, J. Fabre- gos, K. Goldstein, R. Rapp, R. Folokey, S. Costa, R. Vives. Second row: E. Hollis, D. Sepe, I. Bogartz, S. Levine, D. Pletnycky, B. Caress, S. Linker, R. Zitter, W. Terhune, J. Caress, B. Eckstein, J. Williams. Third row: R. Steckler, J. Siskind, L. Schwaid, D. Cole, R. Campo, C. Thorne, N. Carasco, B. Bernstein. Standing: Mr. R. Donges, K. Weston, E. Butterly, M. Marks, S. Tese, D. Bullman, C. Naftal, L. Mausner, D. Bunten, H. Pierce, J. Maxey, J. Liepzig, J. Balcewicz, D. Freitog. 88SENIOR CHORALE farb, M. Bennett, J. Blair, C. Chennells, C. Lindley, S. Bloom, M. Hills, J. Sauer, E. Rogers, J. Victory, D. Mears, S. Novak, B. Gartell, C. Carl son. Fifth row: H. Garvey, G. Boken, I. Grant, C. Cardoza, M. Ruth, D. Gabriel, J. Keyes, M. Whitworth, E. Buxbaum, C. Murphy, C. DeMotteo, V. Oliveri, M. Murphy, J. Ivler, K. Alexander, P. DaSilva, G. Larson, M. McGinn, I. Blaeser, L. Petron, J. Allback. BAND Front row: B. Caress, L. Linker, R. Foloky, K. Goldstein, J. Fabregos, R. Rapp. Second row.- J. Cantor, C. A. Bensen, R. Simon, L. Lovitch, S. Cohen, S. Frey, R. Reilly, S. McMahon, E. Schoenfeld, B. Kaplan, R. Zitter, W. Terhune. Third row: M. E. Politis, C. Harris, R. Brilli, C. Naftal, L. Mausner, S. Barrett, J. Maxey, H. Schaffer, W. Moxim, G. Crimi, J. Leipzig. Standing: P. Miron, K. Weston, E. Butterly, M. Marks, S. Tese, D. Bullman, J. Greenberg, F. Hepscher, D. Bunten, H. Pierce, J. Greene, M. Silver, R. Reid, J. Signorelli, G. Balbo, C. Mathewson, J. Belcewicz, Mr. W. Katz. 89SENIOR CLASS PLAY Gene Inch and Chris FazioJoan Lhullier, Bill Hippner, Judy Boalick, Bob Romano, Fran Orrio 9192SHOPS Front row: R. Kleiman, D. Talix, D. Rheel, W. McKinnon, J. Dotzler. Standing: D. McKinney, K. Harrigan, J. Doyle, Mr. I. Adler, R. Lorello, J. Sara. Oiling the gears of industrial progress Cabinet Making First the man, then the mechanic . . .to five groqps idvanced resea rourses are de individual for h n tneir imation d mini rpreter S ’rint-Dec The interpreter. East Mea 11 tgb Sc bool “a science maga zinc, publish its first Issue of lix- rent school year on or about c ember 1. The staff of this pub! tion ha as its editor-in-chief, Li Kraus Sad Bob lVwnrttt spa features editor, Joe Ullma Sit editor, Martha Wolman. B is Cliff Dec ! 3y, . H Buchoitz, who second In last year's elec as taken over the office isurer. We of the Student attend our aild like to ions to him. s for Nigeria have been our last meeting to Carol Roberts to g costs. An extreri her of books tj nd we wish to thank] or their faculty advisor is Mr. Hey den. The magazine contains artfc puzzles, editorials, book rep and other,thkaga of sefeodfle ceres t. Tills year, an ture is photographs the v nation 1 States an ication is Al 3 indicate that. JIM hr otudent council r.'-.l to finance the jl Th by paying for the Ls h month, and will further Race their membership to lous press organ l?a flora . it has been brought before council's attention that tea Is the | | ■ meeting. This year the Student Council undertaken another project. —G.O. REPRESENTATIVES Front row: Mr. Scanlon, C. Kulbaba, D. Peterson, C. Lerner, R. Bucholtz, R. Pincus. Second row: P. Donohoe, M. Grommarossa, A. Grazioso, J. Cuttone, D. Greenspan, S. Ackerman, S. Kass. Third row: C. Miron, S. Tomchin, B. Geismar, R. Baris, S. Levine, V. Oliveri, L. Sandler, B. Pepper. Fourth row: H. Faver, R. Novick, R. Elson, S. Marcus, B. Schneider, J. Pantiel. The nucleus around which all student activities revolve The Class of '61 wishes to extend their warmest thanks to Mr. Ernest Heyden. He has put his "Best Foot Forward" as advisor, helping to make these last two years more memorable for everyone. i. Mr. Ernest Heyden, Senior Class Advisor 96G.O. OFFICERS I SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Guiding their colleagues to the ultimate in class performance Left to right: D. Peterson, vice-president; C. Kul- baba, president; C. Lerner, secretary; R. Bucholtz, treasurer. Left to right: R. Balbo, vice-president; F. Orrio, secretary; G. Inch, treasurer; A. Sanchez, president. 97Distinguished Winners of Scholastic Honors Left to right: L Lovitch, treasurer; H. Weiss, vice-president; Mr. M. Marrone; R. Papa, secretary; S. Grodzinsky, president. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY NEWMAN CLUB Spiritual and intellectual develop- ment for Catholic students Front row: K. DeNigris, R. Baldwin, C. DeMeo, J. Frazese, L. Collins, Miss C. Stahl, E. Gennari. Second row. E. Jambory, C. Jewel, D. Morace, L. Trupiano, D. Carucci, J. Michal- ska. Third row: B. Pearce, P. Bedingfield, L. Otters, M. Connolly, P. Chavez, C. Keeler. Fourth row: T. O'Donnell, A. Burkhart, M. Cass, J. Young, H. Bonczek, I. Weiner. Fifth row: R. Otters, R. Giordano, B. Moulton, A. Gra- ziosa, M. Zeccola, C. Alfano. 98Workshop for .hose who won. ,o 9e, in NATI0NAL THlSPIAN SOCIETY front of or behind the theater curtain KEY CLUB Front row: D. Lippiner, K. Levin, L. Vale, C. Harris, R. Rapp, N. Bien, E. Yoskowitz, L. Tepper, Mr. J. Crucilla. Second row: J. Tedesco, A. Rubinstein, C. Fazio, A. Gendell, B. Grebler, J. Cuttone, G. Pollack, M. D'Adolf. Third row. B. Elson, M. Grommarossa, S. Acker- man, S. Kass, R. Novick, S. Schoenfeld, M. Meyer, B. Copperman, M. Murphy, V. Oliveri. Fourth row: N. Israel, J. Mauceri, A. Dahle, C. Cordoza, H. Feinburg, P. Rapp, D. Stillman, J. Saver, T. Farinacei, C. Mathew- son. Fifth row: L. Granger, G. DiGiovanni, R. Hammond, S. Berger, J. Blair, R. Reizes, E. Goldberg, P. Myron, B. Weiss. A chosen few serving the needs of many Front row: L. Lovitch, S. Grodzinsky, R. Bodnar, J. Martin, G. Walker, S. Frey. Second row: W. Gladstone, J. Maxey, N. Weiss, P. Nielson, G. Bjorkman, J. Berman, J. Balcewicz. Third row: F. Constantino, D. Peterson, M. Stalonas, S. Stenzler, A. Bilello.Oct. 10-11—N.Y.S. Regents Scholarship Exams Sept. 24—Scholarship Football Game Sept. 23—Football Kick-Off Dance and Pep Rally Sept. 16—J.V. and Varsity Soccer vs Clarke Sept. 13-15—G.O. Installation Assembly Sept. 12—G.O. Drive begins Oct. 22—Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test Nov. 4—G.O. Dance Nov. 9-10—All-State Music Sectionals Nov. 23—Pep Rally and Dance Sept. 7—School opens 60-’61 resume of events May 13—G.O. Elections May 12—G.O. Spring Dance May 13-14—District Music Festival May 30—Jun. 1—Awards Assembly Jun. 1—Boys' Sports Banquet Jun. 3—Senior PromJan. 24-26—Mid-Year Exams and Regents Dec. 20—Scholarship Basketball Game Dec. 17—Holiday Concert Dec. 6—Honor Dinner Dec. 5—Winter Carnival Dec. 3—College Boards Jan. 28—Junior Prom Mar. 4—'Tops" Concert Mar. 11—National Merit Scholarship Test and NEDT Nov. 24—Thanksgiving Football Game Mar. 16—National Honor Society Inductions Apr. 14—Foreign Exchange Students Dance Apr. 17—Leaders Club Installations Apr. 28—Heraea May 9-11—G.O. Assembly—Candidates Speeches Jun. 8—Girls' Sports Banquet Jun. 13-15—Final Exams Jun. 25—Graduation Jun. 26—School closesPERSPECTIVE Review of our students' literary talents INTERPRETER Front row: F. Cohen, M. Berman, M. Skura, H. Beol, E. Rose, R. Ritterman, R. Sterenstein. Second row: Mr. L. Kraus, S. Zolan, J. Goldstone, C. Roberts, S. Rosenstock, A. Bickman, S. Gallin, A. Mindlin, J. Ivler, B. Schneider, T. Meyer, J. Silverman, A. Stone, M. Krinsky. Third row: G. Cohen, Z. Ozolins, B. Caress, E. Collins, M. Hall, A. Murrell, C. Greis, R. Halstead, W. Needleman. Anthology of past and present scientific events, theories, advances . . . 102 Front row: N. Quartin, B Caress, R. Reizes, M. Skura, E. Leventhal. Second row: R. Sterenstein, J. Goldstone, M. Bennett,-M. Goldstein, B. Schneider, M. Siegel, B. Apgar, J. Siskind, A. Mindlin, Mr. E. Heyden, P. Kammerman. Third row: M. Strauss, H. Greenbaum, L. Tepper, H. Miller.JET GAZETTE Pages in the history of our school Front row: J. Mauceri , M. Krinsky, J. lieber, M. Siegel, S. Marks. Second row: E. Leventhal, D. Smolen, Mr. J. Rossi, F. Orrio, R. McDowell, M. Berman. 103AUDIO VISUAL AIDS Front row: B. Goldstein, J. Siskind, F. Haefele, J. Pastalove, B. McKinnon, E. Jambory. Second row: B. Wasserman, B. Wachtel, M. Siegel, P. Kammermon, J. Baker, S. Welcheck, A. Silberlicht. Third row: P. Jacoby, E. Born, J. Steele, F. Saladino, G. Logos, W. Becker, Fourth row: A. Rubin- stein, P. Bonnon, C. Bondoroneck, R. Bucholtz, M. Stalonas, W. Needleman, P. Lichtman. Sight. Sound . . Projection . . . Illumination . . . . CHESS CLUB Strategy on a mental battlefield . . . 104 Left to right: I. Holzman, S. Rice, S. Tomchin, J. Kaplan, Mr. J. Tumarkin.PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Camera clique! JUNIOR ENGINEERS TECHNICAL SOCIETY Front row: J. Dunoyer, R. Steckler, L. Rifkin, E. Jombory, P. Nielson. Second row: G. Loud. P. Trotter, W. Becker, Mr. A. Strombelline, D. Smolen, H. Green bourn. Building tomorrow's builders . . . Front row: R. Kix, K. Colpits, R. Eichinger, T. Bedford, A. Doyle, L. Bionchi. Second row: Mr. B. Allen, G. Wieber, V. Treocy, L. Copece, M. Klompert, K. Greene, R. Gross, B. Wossermon. Third row: G. Logos, M. Donio, A. Gunther, A. Rinaldi, R. Smith, J. Mortin. 105FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Seated: B. Ferry. Standing.- G. Heins, B. Cohn, G. Lenktis, Mrs. E. Goldstein, C. Sorak, P. Katuna, B. Groel, L Metzger, J. Strang, J Salvaggio, E. Berry, R. Goely, P. Block. For Household Achievements 106FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA Front row: D. Wolf, B. Gerhom, G. Silver, G. Pandolfi, R. Campo, D. Stillwell. Second row: K. Wilde, L. Erath, R. Green, J. Woknick, R. Baldwin, P. Chavez, J. Young. Third row: J. Gelburg, R. Lieber- man, C. Greis, L. Corso, M. Ruck, C. Eddington, M. Hall. Furnishing Nature's Assistants Furthering Teaching Ambitions FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Front row: J. King, R. Pineus, E. Hollis, S. Portnoy, E. Leventhal, P. Lam- M. Rudolph. Third row: P. Bartl, B. London, B. Baum, L. Zolkind, berg, B. Baruch, S. Rosen. Second row: I. Gleit, B. Goldstein, S. Sands, J. Gelberg, T. Meyer, P. Morgan, D. Cole, L. Cohen, M Peck. Fourth E. Kotick, S. Lowy, R. Siegel, E. Peck, L. Silver, S. Levy, J. Mint, row: Mr. J. McEnery, M. Fede man, J. Caress, I. KlebanofF, M. Gilbert, C. Weissman, F. Olin, B. Levine, S. Strousberg, D. Zaslow.Multiple problems reduced to mere fractions! Front row: A. Bickman, I. Garnett, M. Goldstein, W. Gladstone, L. Tepper. Second row: Mr. J. Gorman, M. Skura, J. Balcewicz, L. Lovitch, W. Bantz, S. Grodzinsky. MATH TUTORS MATH TEAM Mathletically inclined to the world of numbers . . .LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Navigators in a sea of knowledge Front row: I. Gleit, J. Perper, A. Bickman, M. Gilbert, E. Hollis, E. Schory, S. Sacks, B. Bodnar, S. Rosen, P. Morgan, A. Freedmon. Second row: T. Fiore, L. Corso, S. Levine, Mr. M. Raphael, N. Sapin, S. Frey, W. Moulton. 109BOOSTERS Injecting school spirit . . . Front row: Mr. J. O'Neil, R. Cohen, A. Schecter, R. Pineus, L. Corso, H. Kolinsky, N. Quartin, R. Levenson. Second row: P. Martinson, L. Moskowitz, K. Esmonde, D. Feingold, N. Heil, N. Kennedy, H. Roth- baum, C. Ward, T. Lieb. Third row: H. Bauman, B. Bernstein, B. London, C. Thorn, H. Schecter, L. Staslewski, B. Graham, J. Mint, J. Bressler. Fourth row: C. Capece, D. Egan, M. Ruck, H. Schneidman, S. Kosloff, L. Berkowitz, C. Reis, C. Chennells, A. Bickman. Standing: R. DeFillippo, G. DeFillippo, G. Stecker, C. Greis, A. Seeman, M. Hennigon, E. Yos- kowitz, C. Volter, I. Bogartz, S. Heim, I. Gleit, M. Chernick, B. Hersch, E. Camhi, J. Hammond, S. Harris, S. Rome, J. Perlstein, A. Murrell, G. McMullen. Supplying the basic needs of school work and recreation. SCHOOL STORE 110ART SERVICE CLUB Setting the scenes for one of East Meadow High's skillfully executed productions . . . Front row: J. Owen, A. Warshaw, D. Mullin, M. Shenk, V. McCullam, M. Peck, C. Luria, R. Denoia. Second row: S. Wachtel, E. Darrah, R. Siegel, C. Madsen, E. Peck, P. O'Donnell, B. Schneider, J. Cohen, F. Nicosia, M. Bennett, B. Kind, R. Green, P. Mulvey, E. Shapiro, M. Strauss. Third row: Mr. J. Tonjes, C. Sarran, S. Berger, V. Brand, T. Farinacei, S. Koslozz, B. Glance, A. Wolman, A. Steele, M. Musolino. IllLANGUAGE TUTORS J Making known the spoken wordGERMAN CLUB ''Arbeit macht das Leben suss.": an axiom of all German students-work adds zest to life. Front row: $. Foote, M. Bennett, I. Weiner, J. Berman, D. Wilson. Second row: J. Abdale, J. Manke, C. Rolli, P. Jette, I. Holzman, B. Baruch, M. Manke, P. Ritterman, H. Faver, M. Strauss, J. Ivler, L. Biancchi. Third row: H. Greenbaum, G. Baier, G. Bjorkman, E. Pierzchala, J. Silverman, A. Kornhauser, J. Montuori. FRENCH CLUB "Parlez-vous francais?" Non? Welcome anyway! Front row: R. Sterenstein, S. Pace, A. Mindlin, C. Roberts, J. Sauer. Second row: D. Stillwell, J. Goldstone, J. Cooper, S. Ogintz, Z. Ozolins, P. Clark, M. Hansen, K. Esmonde. Mrs. Riesberg ... to whom we owe our deepest gratitude. For the past three years Resume has laid its foundation on her wise and creative guidance. She has been a constant source of understanding and inspiration as our advisor and friend.RESUME STAFF Janet Smith, Literary Editor M. Berman, E. Rose, A. Rubinstein, A. Gendell, F. Cohen, J. Kaplan, R. Brumberg. Sue Rowe, Sports Editor R. Bodnar, D. DaSilva, N. Ford, A. langella, J. Boalick. Bonnie Apgar, Art Editor L. dicker, P. Sandgrund, L. Parker, E. Levy, H. Faver. 'O’ Martha Greene, Special Features Editor F. Olin, C. Weissman, V. McCullam, E. Becker, H. Reiter, R. Baris, S. Portnoy. Phyllis Kammerman, Activities Editor P. Donohoe, I. Weiner, S. Guter- man, R. Guterman, C. Cooper, B. Pepper, B. Wittenberg. Joan Lhullier, Seniors Editor R. Pineus, F. Rizzo, H. Bonczek, M. Kolodkin Rushing Everywhere Sheila Levine, Business Manager Seeing Jeri Rose, Publicity Manager Urubitinga—Sorry, we couldn't think of another word! Material Evolve To Mr. Murray, our Business Advisor— A special thanks for your advice and aid to Resume's Business Staff. Photographer—Wayne Becker.cX3 In composing this year s story of East Meadow High School, we have received invaluable assistance front many people. It has been a privilege to work with them and we would like to express our sincerest thanks at this time. Mr. Robert Greener of The Comet Press, Inc. Mr. Jarrett and Mr. Friedman of Carol Studios Mr. Pangburn's photography class Mr. Strombelline Mr. Primavera of the East Meadow High School Dad's Club 116ADSBEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS To the Class of 1961 EAST MEADOW HIGH SCHOOL DAD'S CLUBTHE JET GAZETTE EAST MEADOW HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION CONGRATULATES The Graduating Class of 1961 119 COMPLIMENTS OF THE CLASS OF 1962 Cx ©-The CLASS of ’61 123BOOSTERS MR. MRS. FRANK J. VIVES MR. MRS. C. W. FORD DR. IRVING R. SAPIN DR. MRS. GILMORE HYMAN SAMUEL SCHLIFKA, M.D. JOSEPH GORKLICK. D.D.S. BERNARD HAIR STYLIST EMPRESS DINER VINCENT AND FRANK EAST MEADOW WOMAN'S CLUB AVON PRESS MEADOWLAWN GARDEN CENTER FLORIST INC. FABRIC TOWN B. CZAPKA LUMBER YARD LEO’S TOY STATIONERY AND LUNCHEONETTE PELL BAKE SHOP ALL COLOR OFFSET PRINTERS BLUEBIRD LUNCHEONETTE DAVID’S FURNITURE CO. INC. 124May Strength Determination and Faith Guide You to Success Rosemarie Vives—President Joni Victory—Vice-President Helen Weiss—Treasurer Carol Arpia Kathleen Bentivegna Irene Blaeser Linda Caprio Nancy Ford Joan Fuller Linda Geier Janet Giffin Carol Alek—Corresponding Sec. Jane Hughes—Recording Sec. Linda Ford—Chaplain Josephine Macaluso Valerie McCullam Joanne Nezer Grace Palopoli Carol Sotak Joan Stacy Marylou Stacy Lenora W'eiss 125BEST WISHES From WHITE and RED Bunny Hollis (corr. sec.) Susan Kass Barbara Baruch Bonnie Blumencranz Lynne Brody Joan Catz Sharon Feld Maggie Gilbert Judy Goldfarb Bevi Grehler Martha Green Risa Green Carolyn Grodman Corv Harris Martha Kolodkin I jires. I Cheryl Kruter Arlene Kupferberg Phyllis Lamhcrg Joan Lieher Cathy Lerner Gail Lerner Shelly Levine Susan Levine Elaine Levy Linda Lichtman Sheila Lowy Linda Moskowitz Robin Novick Leslie Parker Mareia Peek Carol Pineus Roz Pineus Sharon Portnoy (rec. sec.) Gail Press Susan Pullman Jeri Rose (v. pres.) Pat Sandgrund Linda Sandler Eileen Sehary (eorr. sec. I Terry Scheier Paula Sehoenfeld Sherri Sehoenfeld Laura Silver Alice Wolman President .... Treasurer .... A1 Annunziata Riek Auerbach Ken Berkowitz Larry Bimstein Gordon Bjorkntan Richie Blachman Warren Breland Jerry Cantor Pete Corad i BEST OF LUCK front the BLACK and WHITE ...Joel Hershkin Vice President .....Jesse Sofer Secretary ... Jeff Crawford Barry Glickntan Ed Gohlherger Bill Green Charlie Green Ken Grover Jeff Ingber Neil Israel Steve Marks ...Herb SopenofT ....Norm Weiss Neil Miller Joe Pinskv Steve Sachs Richie Schecter Bill SchefTer A1 Scheffer Bruce Schor Joe Steigman Fred Szabo 126BEST WISHES from the GOLD and WHITE .....Gale Rcder ..Sharon Paschke Secretary . Treasurer President ...... Vice-President ... Chris Baldwin Ellen Baldwin Jtidi Blair Iris Catalfoino Phyllis Chitel Lillian Collins Caren Cooper Elisa Dini Roseanne Dinoia Babette Engasser Chris Fazio Pearl Ferdinan Arlene Fi liman Helena Hairier Merrill Hennigan Judy Ivler Cathleen Jewell Andrea Kornhauser Marey Lepanto Marjorie MacKenzie Sharon McMahon Tina Meyer ....Edie Genthner ....Alene Mazzota Vita Oliveri Maggie Papp Donna Paschke Pat Pleis Anne Reder Rosemary Reder Beverly Singer Elaine Spilka Judy Spilka Sandy Stroushcrg Fran Sorrentino BLACK and GOLD Tony Alharello Chris Anselmi Bill Blees Bill Bruce Ralph Caggiano Joe Caine Eugene Cinquemani Eddie Collins John Daskauskas Louis Deluecio Mike Fauitta Harry Fedoryk Joe Geraci Tom Grady Joe Grande Eddia Hauekost Bill Heil Dann Kelly Bill Kelly' Tony Lahate Dan Laieta Boh McDowell Dennis McKinney Jerry Montalhano Dan Papp Ken Potocki Boh Prato Vincent Radwinsky Boh Reilly Brendan Ryan John Sara Wally Satalino Joe Scarnato Warner Schmitt Ken Scott Joe Scnzatimore Frank Sisak Ed Sisak Tony Strycharz Niel Surdoval Sal Tese Andy Torre Pete I rhan Carl LTrhaniak 127CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF ‘61 from tile GREY and GREEN President Ruth Burghardt Treasurer■—Kathy Devine Pice President—Cathy Schery Sergeanl-at-Arm —Lauren Klaxton Secretary Lois Nincsling SENIORS April Bahnoen Chris Barkofski Barbara Beasley Joy Bergdahl Klena Billitteri Marion Billitteri Sue Bruce Ruth Burghardt Kathy Devine Diana Lewis Janet Meilan Phyllis Morris Lois Ninesling Cathy Schery UNDERCLASSMEN V. Adams B. Armbruster R. Bennett S. Bevine H. Brunner II. Caputo C. Cusano M. Devine L. DeVitto D. DiRusso M. Fallon N. Fieldson V. Fitzgerald A. Freeman J. Giriat P. Grunimer S. louss L. Klaxton B. Kless L. Knoedler N. Lamm M. McCoy I). Mears B. Ortitay L. Pettrone K. Poole I). Staples L. Stuart P. Triolo I. Wilhelmson K. Wolfarth I). Wollard Alfano, Carol Angona. Mary Bianco. Jo-Ann Burkart, Adele Chauniont, Laurie Curran, Kathy Dirneo, Copeetta English, Laura Franzese. Jeanne Gardella, Beth Gentile, Susan Lindenherger, Carol Maneision. Pat Martin. Jo-Del Maniaeh, Jo-Antic Mazzella. Claire Meyer, Dianne Munro, Karen Munro, Bec ky Roark. Margaret Schafer, Alice Van Cott. Joyce Vonholt, Barbara Vi eixler. Barbara eldon, Dianne W elhani. Christine Vi iintnel. Eileen Zeccola. Maria 128COMPLIMENTS BLUE and GOLD Vice-Presidcnt Roger Ball Secretary—Bill Hippncr Gary Balbo Steve Bazuly Rocky Bronzino Roger Brusso Doug Christie Frank Colona Butch Constantino Bob David Walt David Hal Forde President—Mike Natale Treasurer—Gel Chaplain—Job Tony Grainarossa George Holm Dennis Ineh Mike Jones Steve Killeen Ray Lafortc Al LeTeara Richie Mancuso Jim Mazzota Jerry McGrath Woody Most r Inch M ii K ill i 11 Paul Nielson Bruce O’Leary Neil Petagno Dennis Peterson Don Procida Jerry Sadauskas AI Sanchez Les Sanchez Joe Selinieder Tom White The PURPLE and WHITE wish the Best of luck to the SENIORS of 6! W. Wolf A. Perlmuttcr C. Luria 1). Fumagalli A. Epstein M. Rahinow R. BodonofT D. Issison J. Gelberg I. Wolhcrg S. Berger M. Silverman C. Sarran G. Silver A. Warshaw J. Cohen B. Hartzhand S. Mitchell L. Lencli M. eher R. Balsamo A. Gaunt P. Martinez I . McAllister C. Madson S. Nallienson J. Ouinn 129130COMPLIMENTS of your GENERAL ORGANIZATION Officers - President Carol Kulbaba Vice-President Dennis Peterson Treasurer Hoy Bucbolz Secretary Cathy Lerner SENIORS — Joanne Cuttone Barbara Pepper JUNIORS — Beth Schneider Randy Sue Baris Charles Miron Rosalyn Pincus Margie Graniarossa Sue Levine SOPHOMORES — Rocky Bronzino Laura English Stan Gomcliin Vita Oliveri Andrea Kornhauser Ann Graziosa Pat Donshoe FRESHMEN — Sue Kass Sue Ackerman Judy Pantiel Steven Marcus Robert Elson Bruce Geismar Lorraine Raspallo 131Future Teachers of America COMPLIMENTS of the East Meadow Hijgli School PARENTS’ TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION' IV 9-2422 EAST MEADOW HARDWARE COMPANY 230 NEWBRIDGE AVENUE Kibt Meadow. L. I. New York DUDLEY W. FIELD I hank Y on East Meadow FOR MAKING OUR I960 WELFARE FUND DRIVE THE BIGGEST EVER!!! 132 John J. Fenton Chief The Men of the East Meadow Fire DepartmentSI nset ." -9263 KEN JAEGGPS GULF STATION SERI ICE Always newbridge road marlboro st. Has! Meadow. A. Y. COMPLIMENTS of .MURRAY SINGER MUSIC STUDIOS If here quality and education count Piano • Arcorilion • Sax - Guitar • Clarinet Sales and Rentals A FRIEND 726 MERRICK AVENUE Ea t Mrailnw, N. Y. IV 1-8605 IV 6-6295 Faculty Advisor — Mrs. Peizer Allhack, Joanne Bcllcnkoff. Arlene Bennett. Marge Bradley, Sue Bannon. Kathy Foote. Susan Ford, Nancy Funiigalli, Diane Gabriel, Helen Gannt, Ann Baier, Gertrude Dohrinsky, Davina Dunn, Gail Ferry, Bonnie, Tnuts. Gramorossa. Marge Geoly. Robin Gass. Maureen Graziossa. Ann Groel, Barbara Hort, Samira Katuna. Pat Kaye. Diane Knoedler, Lynn Konz. Janet Manke. Maryanne,Sec. McLean, Barbara Martinez, Pat Messina. Laura Nelson, Barbara Papa. Rose. Fire Pros. Reizes, Ronnie Rink. Judy. Pres. Rosenkrantz. Karen Sellgren. Nancy Wehmann. Marian Wilkins, Pam W ilson. Darleen W olf, Diane Wolfarth. Karen anatos. Pat Young, Nancy 133COMPLIMENTS OF The East Meadow High School Chapter OF THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Stephen Grodzinsky, President Helen Weiss, Vice-President Leonard Lovitch, Treasurer Rose Papa, Secretary Mario R. Marrone, Faculty Sponsor COMPLIMENTS OF THE SECOND NATIONAL BANK TRUST CO. OF HEMPSTEAD. N. Y. 134 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CO.COMPLIMENTS OF EAST MEADOW BOWL CAslle 1-2046 John Schust, Prop. ❖ SCHUST AUTO SERVICE THE EDITORS STAFF OF General Repairs, Washing Expert Lubrication INTERPRETER Starling, Lighting, Ignition JERUSALEM NEWBRIDGE ROADS EXTEND THEIR BEST WISHES North Bcllmore, N. Y. TO SUnset 5 0290 The Graduating Class EAST MEADOW SUPER MARKET of 1961 Quality Always Groceries • Fruits • Vegetables Choice Meats, Poultry and Provisions ❖ 2464 JERUSALEM ROAD Hempstead, L. I. North Bcllmore, N. Y.Your General Organization Contributed This for Autographs 136 TMC COMET PRESS. INC NEW YORK 14

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