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resume is an account of all the events of your unforgettable and all-important years in East Meadow High School. These events may very well shape the course of the world's history for they have affected you, your ideas and beliefs, and you are the world of tomorrow.The yesterday, the today, the tomorrow, form the pattern of life into which we all must fit. I he freshman, the sophomore, the junior, the senior; we were one, we were all. The mistakes, the joys, the sorrows that we experienced during these four years have smoothed the rofegh adzes’ of our character so that we may harmonize "With bur fellow citizens in efforts to achieve the ideals «wltidi weie set befuiu us— during these formative years.Table of Contents 4 Dedication 6 Faculty 24 Underclassmen 34 Sports 52 Activities 70 Seniors 108 Popularity PollDedication Throughout our high school years we have come to know Mr. Arnold Wallace as teacher, club advisor and assistant principal. His patience with our problems, his ever-present humor and his constant command of all situations have made him more— a friend whom we admire and respect. We will always remember his paddle which helped shape our character, his glasses through which he saw the answers to many of our problems, his bow-tie, the characteristic knot between faculty and students. In sincere appreciation for his inexhaustible efforts to help us in every way and improve our educational opportunities, we the class of 1960 dedicate resume.'IMr. Samuel A. Manarel Assistant Superintendent of Schools Dr. Edward J. McCleary Superintendent of Schools They are the master architects who lay the foundation for our education, using as building blocks the policies of the Board of Education and the views of the faculty.Board of Education Bridging the gap between community and administration, paving our roads to success standing: C. Esposito, M. Morgules, F. Carver, E. McCleary seated: A. Leatherman, A. Barbaccia, J. Collins, F. RederAdministrative Assistants The entrepreneurs of our school system, providing the tools and materials necessary for the establishment of an enduring framework for learning G. Baird, F. Shore, G. McVey, M. Pearlstone 10MB IB Mr. J. Barbour Dr. A. J. Sellers Mr. A. Wallace Assistant Principal Principal Assistant Principal For their administration we commend them. For their sincerity and inspiration we admire them. For their leadership and dedication we respect them. 11seated: T. Rubinstein, M. Facciola, L Polla, M. Reynolds, M. Cahill standing: J. Rossi, M. Taussig, C. Brier, J. Crucilla, M. Olicker, M. Marrone, E. Thornton, L. Kraus, W. Smith, R. Gemson English Reading, writing, realizing the treasures that words hold. History 12 We study the patterns of yesterday so we will be better equipped to meet the problems of tomorrow.Science Searching Continually In order to Explain Nature's Complexities Everlasting seated: G. Browne, P. Carolon, L. Palefski, J. Earl, G. Barrett, J. Wagner standing: E. Heyden, A. Krirvich, M. Boysen, B. Yokel, A. Strombelline, E. Gerardi, M. StrassbergBusiness Hands are taught to move expediently across life's keyboards and ledgers, imprinting pros- perity on the parchment of America's future. Eighth Grade seated: A. Currie, M. Crowley, I. Levy, I. Grey standing: P. Levato, J. Murray, D. Carlin Preparing the junior citizens of our school for their future high school careers standing: B. Sweeney, N. Eastman, J. Scanlon, M. O'Keefe, J. Wilson, seated: A. FoxMathematics Empowering us with the ability to establish firm roots in the mathematical world standing: A. Dowd, M. Wood, D, Vole, I. Motviner, C. Stahl, W, Okun, V. Lawson seated: J. Gorman Special Services They add the grace notes that so greatly augment our education. left to right: M. Raphael, E. Reinert, F. Zimnoch, L. Morse, F. Sieger, J. McCagg 15seated: V. Kneesey, H. Carver, H. Simon, E. Herman standing: P. Novellino, G. Zuta, L. Adler, F. Blasio Vocational Skillful training in useful skills 16 Art They possess an artistic insight: that undefinable quality which enables them to behold, to observe, to discover, and ultimately, to create.Music The staff that offers a measure of music appreciation and participation. left to right: W. Katz, H. Deutsch, W. Hoffman, R. Donges, M. Bisgrove left to right: J. Tonjes, B. Allen, M. J. Riesberg, J. Pangbern, S. Rothman 17Health Safeguarding our most valuable possession Guidance Their beacon of wisdom has lighted our footpaths through the years of in- decision and illumined the approaching high- ways that we must travel with confidence and pur- pose. left to right: S. Weber, P. Carolan, A. Of? re 11 seated: A. Rizzardi, M. Sylvester standing: P. Kraiss, J. Healy, H. Dittersdorf, W. GreenbergPhysical Education Well-developed bodies to go with well-developed minds front row: B. Piezer, L. Mac Intosh, P. Sessa, H. Kobza back row: M. Kostynick, O. Day, A. DeSevo, L. DeFillippo, G. Johnson Language Sounds may differ, but thoughts remain the same. Foreign languages must be studied, the sounds must be deciphered. seated: E. Kuttner, D. Gomez, M. Frieling standing: M. Wynn, R. Simonds, J. Tumarkin.Secretaries left to right: S. Caiati, M. McKenna, H. Gousseff, E. Schmidt, E. Olendorp, R. Grimmer, A. Chisano, E. Vollmer Our girls Friday all week long left to right: D. Domato, A. Loeffter, T. Sommers, N. Drew, B. Carroll.Custodial Staff To do or not to do is not a problem . . . they always do. Cafeteria Staff Always in good taste 21The edifice of knowledge and learning is a strange and awesome place when we first enter. But, meeting us at the threshold and guiding us through its endless corridors is our host, the teacher. The teacher holds the candle high and we begin to see all there is to learn. He offers us the keys to hidden chambers that hold the answers to the puzzles of life. When we are thwarted by stumbling blocks we reach for support and there we find, always near, the teacher. And when we have explored the halls of knowledge enough to be able to understand some of the mysteries of the world, we thank sincerely our guiding host, the teacher. 23FreshmenJunior Varsity standing: D. Wuerfi, R. Willemann, N. Pierce, G. Reinhold, J. Ingber, J. Clark, R. Sloan, D. Talix, G. Reeves kneeling: R. Thornton, N. Nattio, R. Languera, P. Saltzman, W. Brink, B. Scheffer, S. Killen, R. Brucio, S. Ferrais, L. Brink, J. Dandonna sitting: B. Leiderman, L. Revellise, P. Coradi, D. Procido, N. Giraffe, J. Martin, J. Bologna, P. Rogers, D. FrazierFootball On the field of battle the football players are soldiers, planning intricate strategy in an effort to outflank the enemy and carry the colors of EMHS to victory. Varsity standing: D. Primavera, J. Mailer, W. David, A. Blessing, B. Burns, B. Dean, R. Lindley, T. Allegro, J. Mulvehill kneeling: N. Petagno, J. Mingnone, R. Grande, M. Coughlin, B. Hippner, I. Urban, R. Balbo, D. Christie, S. lovino. seated: D. Edgar, M. Natale, L. Sanchez, V. Mancuso, D. Schwartz, B. Miller, F. Constantino, A. Sanchez, E. Inch. 37Vorsity front row: S. Vallari, W. David, A. Sanchez, L. Sanchez, S. Levenberg, T. Barbera, M. Gerych, A. DeSevo. back row: P. Holmes, D. Briel, R. Lindley, B. Morrison, A. Cox, W. Simon front row: R. Auerbach, L. Brink, N. Page, W. Brink, T. Szabo, J. Hershkin. back row: D. Matulock, D. Tomback, R. Kogan, B. Schor, R. Grant, J. Steigman, J. Powers. Junior Varsitystanding: P. Carolon, B. Belvin, J. Sandausky, M. Cohen, B. Burns, F. Garay, B. Koch, D. Oft, M. Greenberg, A. Altman, D. Sandgrund, B. Morton, E. Rogers kneeling: M. Daniello, L. Edwards, H. Ackerman, G. Christenson, D. DiBenedetto, D. Schwartz, E. Busch, D. Smith, E. Sesskin, J. Facina, D. Pennenga, B. Ferry Track Leaping over obstacles, combining strength, grace and speed, they race toward victory.Baseball The impact of bat against ball and ball against glove reflect the importance of baseball on EMHS. kneeling: A. Sanchez, P. Boll, W. St. John, R. Smith, J. Lanzisera, E. Boll standing: B. Martin, W. David, R. Northdurf, G. Reeves, R. Schlessen- ger, R. Lindley, M. Holzapfil Junior Varsity Varsity kneeling: D. Edgar, G. McVey, L. Sanchez, C. Moxim, R. Moxim, B. Greaves, G. Dehler, B. Persche, D. Petz, R. Grande standing: B. Goldweber, D. DelGoudio, G. Alfano, V. Herman, K. Summers, R. Kantin, R. Herman, T. Barbera, B. O'Leary, M. Kostynick 41right to left: J. Facino, J. Green, N. liptman, R. Smith, R. Weber, E. Seskind, W. Schnock, J. Sisok, J. Soudauskis, P. Carolan Cross Country Serving up spirit, aiming toward sportsmanship, returning victorious Tennis standing: A. Chernick, C. Miron, M. Krinsky, B. Greene, J. Cantor, P. Lowenkrone, A. Rubinstein kneeling: R. Keehen, C. Detz, J. Feinstein, R. Bodnar, S. ItzkowitzWrestling kneeling: B. Geier, J. Sara, T. Coblyn, E. Goldberger, M. Jones, J. McGrath, N. Israel Junior Varsity standing; T. Freda, W. Breeland, D. Talix, M. Haggerty, N. Petagno, B. Wolters, J. Grande Sinews strain, bodies twist into grotesque positions; the struggle grows fierce as EM grapplers battle for supremacy. kneeling: W. Strycharz, J. Becker, G. Inch, W. Richardson, J. Monalbano Varsity standing: O. Day, J. Mulvihill, B. Hippner, B. Miller, F. Constantino, R. Smith, D. Procido, P. L.chtman 43Varsity standing: D. Delgaudio, A. Kurzman, B. Lake, N. Page, B. NorondofF, O. Day kneeling: D. DeMasi, G. Bjorkman, H. Ackerman, P. Feilzer, R. Smith, T. Lebate ] , . . sitting: V. Coppola, P. Holmes, G. McVey, D. Petz, I. Cohen, R. Coppola, B. Romano Kicking experts, fighting champions, East Meadow's soccer team comes, sees and conquers. Soccer Junior Varsity front row: J. Levine, H. Fedoryk, S. Friedman, P. Lichtman second row: R. Smith, C. Lonzisera, F. Saclinverry, H. Walker, S. Kosta, M. Jones third row: B. Schepp, J. Pontilio, R. Blachman, D. Carter, T. Walsh, B. Ryan, N. Fells 44 fourth row: J. Vanderwyde, S. Linder, M. Nissenbaum, D. Petersonstanding: G. Inch, V. Coppola, N. Petagno, L. Primavera, H. Lenz, J. Mulvihill, B. Dean, B. Carlstrom, M. Coughlin, B. Miller, M. Natale, V. Mancuso, B. Vita kneeling: B. Lake, D. Christie, E. Goldberger, S. Fine, W. Blanck, L. Balbo, J. Catalona, R. Marks, J. Bottone, F. DeGraw Lacrossefront row: M. Wehmann, J. Mallozzi, M. Gramerosa, H. Gabriel, G. Dunn second row: P. Stevens, J. Rink, R. Pappa, V. Hafner, L. Rink third row: D. Dubinsky, P. Nolan, M. Manke, D. Wilson, M. Sineno, B. Ferry fourth row: B. Nelson, C. Kulbaba, P. DaSilva, A. Bellenkoff, B. Groel, S. Hort Leaders' Club front row: L. Gerlach, R. Pappa, J. Mallozzi, M. Piezer, L Ford, M. Sineno, L. Rink, P. Stevens, M. Gramerosa, V. Mafner second row: B. McLean, B. Nelson, S. Kuvach, C. Kulbaba, C. Bullhoffer, B. Hubby, A. Bellenkoff, B. Ferry, N. Sellgren, C. Falkenberg third row: M. Manke, B. Schonning, P. Nolan, J. Rink, S. Cohen, S. Hort, R. Vives, F. Clarke, G. Dunn, H. Gabrielfront row: L. Ford, B. Hubby back row: I. Blaeser, S. Muller, B. Smith, J. Mallozzi, R. Pappa, B. DeMatteo GAA All the elements of sports are evident, except perhaps the play more vigorous, the pace more active, but that's to be expected when the "weaker sex" participates. Volleyball first row: M. Sineno, B. Smith, J. Rink, R. Pappa, J. Mallozzi, H. Gabriel, B. Hubby, L. Rink second row: B. Nelson, A. BellenkofF, B. Ferry, D. Wilson, V. Hafner, C. Kulbaba, F. Clarke, S. Hort 47kneeling: P. DeGraw, C. Heap, D. Mears standing: L. Hoeffner, L. Petrone, C. Kasper, S. Riley, A. Acerra Arousing the spirit that makes victory meaningful. Twirlers With a high step they set their batons whirling while our spirits soar.Rockettes Strutting proudly out on field to fascinate us with their dazzling agility. kneeling: L. Sharpe. P. Gengler, R. Fox. B. DeMatteo, B. Sandvold, P. Pascale, C. Fazio, E. Consiglio standing: C. Cooper, J. Arcuri, L. Collins, A. Mosher, F. Irving, L Gallin, M. White, E. Scholl, A. Cwik Boosters Their contagious spirit sets off a chain reaction first row: J. Garr, L. Brody, N. Quartin, A. Blachman, L Garnett, M. Gilbert, B. Shari second row: V. Kneesey, J. Ulberg, L Martinson, S. Levine, M. Kroplic, K. Pollack, H. Rosensweig, J. Goldstone, L. Corso, K. Routenberg, F. Olin vA N » third row: M. Margaretten, S. Kimel, M. Rhuk, S. Bowdish, H. Gapinsky, C. Weissman, D. Kerin, v J. Lyon of lively interest 50Heraea The annual class war in which the basic strategy is friendly competition.left to right: D. DaSilva, secretary; G. Peterson, vice president; W. O'Connor, faculty advisor; J. Oliveri, president; J. Fuller, treasurer Student Council The central organ of the school which circulates spirit, leadership and assistance throughout the integral parts and enables them to function as one first row: R. Bucholtz, L. English, R. Bronzino second row: B. Hubby, F. Rizzo, M. Gramerosa, C. Alek third row: K. Waltzer, H. Bucholtz, S. Cohen, D. Hartman, J. Nezer, J. FacinaF. Mazzota, secretary; D. Edgar, treasurer; B. Silver, president; V. Mancuso, vice president Junior Class Officers Elected by the elect Leading their class to the heights of seniority B. Hippner, vice president; A. Sanchez, president; W. David, treasurer; F. Aurrio, secretary; S. Gutterman, corresponding secretary 55standing: J. Siskin, M. Goldstein, L. Gollin, B. Morse, B. Mouceri, E. Heyden, J. Sisok, H. Erlichmon, J. Legg, H. Greenbaum, R. Reizes, M. Skura, S. Wasserman, A. Mindlin, M. Siegal, P. Kammerman seated: L. Pinto, M. Wolman, R. Bennett, C. Detz, H. Kraus left to right: E. Rubell, M. Scheinbach, S. Rosenstock, M. Rubell, L. Reinhold, B. Bloomencranz, A. Blachman, L. Gollin, G. Cohen, M. Skura, S. Gollin, A. KornhauserInterpreter A compact anthology of current scientific achievements, carefully sought, accurately compiled, imaginatively presented sealed: A. Schwimmer, B. Goldstein, E. Fiur, R. Mouceri Standing: J. Murray, J. lieber, C. Detz, S. Giniger, R. Pyke, A. Aronowitz, A. Altman, S. Bowd.sh, S. Wasserman Jet Gazette Out of chaos and confusion there emerges an informative and entertaining ne.wspaper Perspective which effectively summarizes the activities of our school. A student showcase devoted to the display of literary abilitiesfirst row: L. Gornett, L. Reinhold, J. Siskin, J. Lieber second row: N. Quortin, M. Goldstein, S. Levine, B. Caress, B. Grebler third row: M. Seigel, M. Greene, J. Cooper, J. Smith, S. Levine, R. Wasserman fourth row: J. Gorman, L. Tepper, H. Bucholtz, W. Gladstone, M. Krinsky, C. Miron, J. Martin, M. Wolman, S. Vallari, P. Mark, B. Morton, P. Kammerman . Tutorial School Transplanting knowledge so.that others may harvest the benefits of deeper understanding left to right: H. Kraus, S. Tomchin, B. Goldfarb, M. Stalonas, R. Pyke, K. Waltzer, I. Cohen D. Reinfeld 58 Chess Club A meeting of the minds over the sixty-four squares of a wooden board, in which supreme accuracy will determine the victorMath Team seated: W. Gladstone, J. Gorman, H. Kraus standing: B. Goldstein, R. Bennett, C. Detz With logic and insight these students probe for the answers to the puzzling enigmas of mathematics. National Honor Society left to right: $. Baruch, M. DeNigris, M. Wolman, B. Goldstein, D. Hartman, E. Fiur, A. Aronowitz seated: M. Marrone Let its torch guide all those who seek the truth.left to right: V. Coppola, F. Aurrio, D. Buccola, J. Brenner, M. Mannino, S. Hort, P. Holmes, P. Corletti Business Law Club Schooling themselves in the rudiments of the business world to maintain a strong economic foundation for an ever-expanding nation Business Club left lo right: C. Salerno, P. Nigelsky, F. Aurrio, J. Carney, B. Singer, L. Grey 60Stage Craft Club left to right: S. Tomchin, M. Stalonas, S. Rice, I. Halzman, C. Roberts, B. Brumberg, A. Blanck, S. Rothman Behind the scenes of every major production, these students design the sets that transport us into the realm of the theater. Junior Engineering Technical Society left to right: C. Meskin, B. Allen, J. Tonjes, I. Greene, J. Martin, M. Strauss, B. Multon, C. Flesche, J. Blankestanding: A. Offrell, C. Griese, G. Battino, M. Rhuk, H. Silver, B. Schneidman, L. Corso, K. Pollack, F. Irving seated: J. Bienco, C. Hirsch, L. Martinson, L. Gelberg Future Nurses of America In these hands rests the care of future generations. Future Homemakers of America They prepare the recipe for a happy household. left to right: C. Kaufman, B. Ferry, B. Groel, C. Hirsch, C. Lessman, G. Hines, G. Sheller, S. Robinson, B. Cohn, E. Hermanfront row: S. Rowe, E. Leventhal, A. Aronowitz, A. Mosher, L. Margolis, P. Lamberg second row: A. Gendell, R. Pineus, V. Lindemann, M. Scalese, R. Jensen, E. Becker, R. Rogovin third row: J. Rose, L. Silver, P. Lichtmon, M. Rubell, B. Bloomencranz fourth row: C. Luria, M. Goldstein, R. Greene, L. Sussman, A. Blachman, B. Birner, N. Engel fifth row: N. Selegmann, J. Siegel, P. Schoenfeld, C. Weissmann, E. Spielman, A. Stiefel sixth row: L. Lichtman, F. Olin, S. Portnoy, R. Sterenstein, P. Clarke, T. Meyer, A. Gelburd standing, left to right: H. Garber, R. Lerner, R. Smolinsky, B. Shindler, J. Gelberg, S. Chandler, S. Glassberg, S. Nathanson, B. Weiss, J. McEnery, S. Lowy, B. Hollis, I. KlebanofF, S. Foote, S. Roberts, S. Waxman, B. Baruch, L. Kinzler, F. Wunderlich, F. Drucker Future Teachers of America Knowledge sought, wisdom gained, people taught, results obtained 63Audio Visual Squad They broaden our educational scope by projecting light on the achievements of mankind. front row: M. Matviner, H. Bucholtz, J. Pastalove, A. Chernick second row: R. Weise, D. Curtis, R. Greene, J. DeStefano, A. Ross third row: W. McKimion, R. Clausin, C. Bondoroner, A. Milledy, E. Scheinberg, S. Silberlicht fourth row: E. Rubell, L Reinhold, F. Saladino, R. Wasserman, R. Haefele, D. Baker 64 By exploring the social and historical aspects of the German people, they foster an interest in Germany, its language and its culture. German Club cock row: S. Chandler, M. Goldstein, I. Cohen, R Bennett, D. Papp middle row: A. Lettera, R. Greene, T. Albarello, M. Frieling, C. Detz front row: M. Bennett, P. MarkLibrary Assistants back row: S. Wasserman, B. Newman, A. Aronowitz, A. Mosher, S. Felshman front row left to right: A. Murrell, F. Esmonde, R. Aliano, J. Leon, P. Mark, E. Spielman, J. Brenner, B. Zimmerman, L. Lichtman, S. Kimel, T. Faranacci, R. Rogovin, H. Schreiber, E. Shari, J. Newman, S. Portnoy, B. Multon Thespian Club Imagination and expression share top billing. Conscientious, alert students, seeking to create a greater interest in learning and working to encourage a careful use of the library's facilities front: B. Grebler, R. Smolinsky, S. Kimel, C. Fazio, R. Bimstein, R. Pineus, L. Lichtman, R. Sturenstein, D. Arnold, J. Crucilla second row: C. Lerner, G. Lerner, H. Garber, M. Goldstein, S. Chandler, S. Karty, S. Bowdish, K. Goodman, P. DaSilva, K. Pollack, N. Quartin third row: S. Ogintz, S. Bloom, E. Rose, C. Roberts, J. Blair, H. Reiter, M. Stalonas, G. DuPriest, N. Israel, J. Mauceri, R. Reizes, A. Warshaw, R. Post 65Lab Assistants Receiving valuable knowledge while providing capable assistance front row: E. Gerardi, S. Kerin, C. Loud, M. Greene, B. Baruch, M. Payne, J. Leiber, L. Garnett, B. Grebler, M. Krinsky, J. Oiiveri back row: L. Kurtz, R. Bennett, C. Detz, J. Remis, B. Goldstein, C. Miron, B. Mauceri, S. Shapiro, W. Gladstone, J. Horne Photography Club One click of a shutter today captures memories for tomorrow. left to right: G. Jombory, I. Goldberg, R. Steckler, A. Strombelline, E. Scheinberg, P. Trotto, H. Deitel, D. Smolenstanding: M. Stewart, J. Jones, R. Aliano, R. DeRiso, F. Knoff, L. Collins, K. DeNigris, C. Dimeo, J. Frazese seated: R. Effano, R. Weber, M. DeNigris, E. Baldwin, C. Loud Newman Club A firm understanding of the basic tenets of Catholicism leads them to the discovery of newer and more profound phases of their religion. Student leaders keyed to assist the school left to right: A. Chernick, J. Martin, V. Mancuso, A. Schwimmer, J. Oliveri, B. Miller, E. Inch, R. Smith, B. Orr, B. Hippner, A. KurzmanBand Rousing marches, pop tunes, classical music playing up the sounds of school life OrchestraAndrea Acerra Peter Abosida Harold Ackerman Al Adler Licia Alberti George Alfano Rosemary Aliano Jerry Alpert Alan Altman Howard Appelbaum Elaine Arlan Margaret AllbackAnne Aronowicz Jill Axelrod Adrienne Aronowitz Louis Auricchio Abosida, P. Acerra, A. twirling, chorus, hall patrol Ackerman, H. varsity track, varsity cross- country, varsity soccer, student council, Jet Gazette Adler, A. Alberti, L. audio-visual, student council, girls athletics, hall patrol, chorus Alfano, G. jv football, jv baseball Aliano, R. drama club, newman club, pops concert, chorus, sec. treas. library club Allback, M. vice-pres. business club, student council, rockettes, office aid, chorus Alpert, J. bowling Altman, A. Jet Gazette editorial staff, var- sity track, literary magazine Appelbaum, H. varsity golf, hall patrol Arlan, E. dramatics, chorus, Spanish club, guidance office assistant Aronowicz, A. band, girls athletics, school store Aronowitz, A. National Honor Society, Jet Gazette editorial staff, FTA president, Span- ish club, library assistant Auricchio, L. Axelrod, J. cheerleader, executive council of the GO, r6sum6 publicity manager, Span- ish club, FTA Carol Ann Baker Keith Bantz Baker, C. FHA Bantz, K. chess club, Spanish club, FTA 73Tony Barbera Sylvia Baruch Ted Basile Robert Bennett Phyllis Bellucci Bruce Belvin Allen Beck Jeff Bennett Jack Bierman Roberta Bimstein Barbara BirnerBarbera, A. varsity baseball, varsity basket- ball Baruch, S. associate editor of r6sum6, sec- retary of GO, National Honor Society, hand- book editor Basile, T. track Beck, A. biology lab assistant Bellucci, P. hall patrol, intramurals Belvin, B. cross country, varsity track, band, orchestra, Jet Gazette, cut squad Bennett, J. clubs editor resume, dramatics, co-feature editor Jet Gazette, chorus, South Pacific Bennett, R. literary editor science magazine, Jet Gazette, lab assistant, varsity golf, chem- istry club Bierman, J. business manager literary mag- azine, history workshop, rifle club Bimstein, R. resum6 special features staff, literary magazine, senior play, drama club president Birner, B. FTA, Jet Gazette, Spanish club Blachman, A. Spanish club treasurer, literary magazine, Jet Gazette, booster club presi- dent, FTA Blair, J. Bockus, L. hall patrol Boll, E. varsity wrestling, jv football, jv base- ball, hall patrol. Boone, J. girls athletics, hall patrol, chorus Bottone, J. hall patrol Anita Blachman Jerry Blair Jane Boone Linda Bockus John BottoneBowdish, S. Jet Gazette editorial staff, booster club, thespian club Brenner, J. library club president, Newman club, Jet Gazette typist, girls intramurals Bridgens, F. hall patrol, lacrosse Briskman, B. student council, head of traffic patrol, r6sum£ business chairman, chorus, hall patrol, prom committee Brody, N. r6sum6, FHA, booster club, li- brary assistant, guidance office assistant, prom committee Brown, D. Brown, R. freshman basketball, hall patrol, chorus Brook, L. Buccola, D. wrestling, hall patrol, business law club Bucholtz, H. captain of audio visual squad, student council, Jet Gazette editorial staff Burns, R. varsity football, varsity track Butler, A. hall patrol, girls athletics, art service club Carey, S. girls athletics, heraea Carlson, J. rockettes, chorus Cerenzio, M. literary magazine, heraea Chapman, D. hall patrol. Chernick, A. varsity tennis, Key club, audio visual squad, Jet Gazette, resume business staff Sandra Bowdish Fred Bridgens Nettie Brody Joan Brenner Barry Briskman Chirdo, R. girls intramurals, nurse's assistant, Newman club 76 David Brown Robert BrownLaurel Brook Dominick Buccola Harvey Bucholtz Robert Burns Audrey Butler Susan Carey Jean Carlson Marie Cerenzio Diane Chapman Alan Chernick Rose Ann ChirdoWilliam Christine Diane Christoffersen Irving Cohen Barbara Cicerone Frances Clarice Phyllis Cohen Sue Cohen Elvira Consiglio James Cook Eileen Copillo Victor Coppola Michael CorenzaPatricia Corlett Paul Cunniff Diane Curtis Michael Coughlin Alan Cox Annette Cwik Christine, W. Christoffersen, D. chorus Cicerone, B. Clarke, F. leaders club, student council, girls intramurals, audio visual Cohen, I. varsity soccer, varsity golf, Jet Gazette, chemistry club, German club treas- urer, chess team Cohen, P. booster club, girls intramurals, hall patrol Cohen, S. leaders club, student council, resume, FTA, Spanish club, girls intramurals Consiglio, E. rockettes, girls intramurals Cook, J. lab assistant, hall patrol Copillo, E. resume senior staff, Jet Gazette, Spanish club secretary. FTA, library assistant Coppola, V. varsity soccer, varsity wrestling, varsity lacrosse, business law club Corenza, M. Corlett, P. chorus, booster club, girls intra- murals Coughlin, M. varsity football, varsity la- crosse, Key club Cox, A. hall patrol, rifle club, varsity bas- ketball Cunniff, P. Curtis, D. rockettes, office aid, CAP, New- man club, business club Cwik, A. rockettes, hall patrol, business of- fice assistant, girls athletics 79Carole D'Andrea Frank Danisi Sandra Darrah Carol Decker Sherri Demar Robert Dean Dom DeMasi Marie DeNigris Brunette DeMatteo Paul D’Eredita Lynda Demorest Vivian DeRisoD'Andrea, C. chorus, girls athletics, New- man Club Danisi, F. varsity baseball, jv soccer, hall patrol Darrah, S. chorus, girls athletics, Newman club Dean, R. varsity football, varsity lacrosse, chorus, pops concert, Brigadoon, South Pacific Decker, C. girls athletics Demar, S. hall patrol, office assistant DeMasi, D. varsity soccer, jv wrestling DeMatteo, B. rockettes, twirlers, band, chorus, orchestra, Jet Gazette, resum6, liter- ary magazine, student council Demorest, L. DeNigris, M. Newman club president, Na- tional Honor Society treasurer, guidance office assistant D'Eredita, P. varsity soccer DeRiso, V. girls athletics, office assistant, Newman club Detz, C. business editor of science maga- zine, resumi, Jet Gazette, tennis team, lab assistant, audio visual squad, math team, German club Dietz, T. hall patrol, golf team, audio visual squad, German club Dineen, M. girls athletics, audio visual squad, FHA DiStefano, J. Dockswell, E. girls intramurals, hall patrol, student council, guidance assistant Clifford Detz Hugh Thomas Dietz Marilyn Dineen Joe DiStefano Dowd, W. lab assistant, hall patrol Eileen Dockswell William DowdDubina, S. Dunayer, S. FHA recording secretary and treasurer, Jet Gazette, library assistant, Span- ish club, rockettes Sandra Dubina Dunne, E. soccer, hall patrol DuPriest, G. Hamlet, senior play, Macbeth, drama club Dupuis, J. chorus, heraea Edgar, D. senior class treasurer, Key club, varsity football, wrestling team, biology lab assistant Edwards, M. biology assistant, volleyball, hall patrol Elson, R. executive cabinet of the GO, resume sports staff, Hamlet, traffic court, senior class play, student council, biology lab assistant Engel, N. FTA, booster club, art club, girls intramurals Entler, L. student council, FHA, school store, hall patrol Erickson, F. Falkenberg, C. leaders club, girls intra- murals Faver, M. library assistant, chorus, girls ath- letics Fedoryk, A. FNA, hall patrol Feierstein, L. band, varsity bowling Feilzer, P. varsity soccer, varsity baseball, Key club, jr. prom king Feintuck, B. resume art staff, Perspective copy editor, jr. prom committee Felshman, S. resume business staff, rifle club, library assistant Joyce Dupuis Gary DuPriest 84 Douglas Edgar Margaret EdwardsRoger Elson Francine Erickson Naomi Engel Caryl Falkenberg Lorraine Entler Martha Faver Ann FedorykBrad Flanders Hank Fichtner Robert Ferry Ellen Fiur Trudy Fiterstein Norma Foti Stephen FriedmanLenore Gallin Barry Gehrman Alma Gelburd William Gardella Lynne Gerlach Ferry, R. co-captain varsity track, freshman football Fichtner, H. Fiterstein, T. GAA. guidance office assist- ant, nurse's office assistant Fiur, E. editor-in-chief of Jet Gazette, Na- tional Honor Society, band, orchestra, Span- ish club Flanders, B. Reischman, G. FTA, resume business staff, Spanish club, girls intramurals florio, M. Foti, N. CAP, audio visual squad, GAA, school store Fox, R. resume special features editor, as- sistant principal squad captain, rockettes secretary, student council, pops concert, heraea, South Pacific Freedman, R. pops concert, FTA, chorus, literary magazine Friedman, R. guidance office assistant, nurse's office assistant, library assistant, FTA, resume, booster club Friedman, S. varsity golf, hall patrol, cafe- teria officer Gallin, L. editor-in-chief of literary maga- zine, Jet Gazette editorial staff, rockettes, guidance office assistant, Spanish club, girls intramurals Gallo, M. girls intramurals, hall patrol, New- man club, FTA, booster club Gardella, W. hall patrol Gehrman, B. photo club, hall patrol Gelburd, A. FTA, dramatics Gerlach, L. leaders club, girls intramurals 87Michael Gerych Robert Goldfarb Shelly Goldstein Emily Giacobbe Susan Giniger Howard Ginsburg Joan Goddard Barry Goldstein Brian Goldweber Ira Goldberg Martin GoodsteinGerych, M. varsity basketball, junior class president, band, orchestra Nancy Gordon Giacobbe, E. roclcettes, hall patrol, office assistant, student council, dental hygienist assistant Giniger, S. Jet Gazette editorial staff, liter- ary club, girls intramurals, pops concert Ginsburg, H. Goddard, J. resume, lab assistant, booster club publicity manager, science magazine, Jet Gazette typist, Spanish tutor, heraea Goldberg, I. library club, afidio visual squad Goldfarb, R. orchestra, chess club, varsity tennis, Jet Gazette Goldstein, B. president of National Honor Society, head lab assistant, Jet Gazette news editor, math team, math tutor, German club Goldstein, S. leaders club, FTA, hall patrol, girls intramurals Goldweber, B. varsity baseball Goodstein, M. varsity basketball Gordon, N. resume editor-in-chief, band, orchestra, Jet Gazette staff Grande, R. varsity baseball, varsity football, varsity soccer, jv basketball Greene, R. tennis team Grob, D. FTA, guidance office assistant, r6sum6 business staff Gropper, B. hall patrol, teachers assistant Hafner, V. leaders club, GAA vice-presi- dent, girls intramurals, art service club Ronnie Grande Barbara Gropper Robert Greene Deborah GrobThe class of '60 cheered the class of '58 on to victory at Heraea I. Our girls upheld tradition by winning as juniors in '59. As freshmen we watched with awe as the class of '57 be- came the first graduating class. "Well, sir, here we are again." But this time we're not watching! November of our sophomore year brought the goal posts down as the Jets defeated the Uniondale Knights at the first Thanksgiving Day game. Broadway came to East Meadow High with the production "Brigadoon," our first musical ccThe first squad of Rockettes kicked off the football season of our junior year at the first annual scholarship football classic. At last we're seniors! Our final year at EMHS 1 si has brought A even more additions. ver We were the first class to use the new senior cafeteria. We welcomed our first foreign exchange student, Monika Wikman, from Sweden. Another feature of '59-'60 is the new student activities office where the Student Council, resume, the Jet Gazette and other school publications can share ideas and work together to make this year the best ever.Hagenberger, J. freshman baseball, cafe- teria helper Hartman, D. resume literary editor, student council, National Honor Society vice-presi- dent Healion, M. hall patrol Heap, C. majorette, audio-visual squad, li- brary assistant, senior prom committee Helfand, S. Jet Gazette, resume, guidance assistant, junior prom committee, girls intra- murals Heymann, D. junior class vice-president, band, resume sports editor Hilbig, E. audio visual squad, hall patrol Hoffman, K. dramatics, booster club, audio visual, hall patrol Horn, E. girls athletics, hall patrol Horne, J. lab assistant Horowitz, C. library assistant, Spanish club, senior play, junior prom committee Howard, M. rifle club Hubby, M. girls athletics, Newman club, nurse assistant lovino, S. varsity football, Key club, basket- ball Irving, F. rockettes, Jet Gazette, FNA presi- dent Jacobs, M. girls athletics, junior p.om com- mittee Jensen, R. Spanish club, booster club, FTA, girls intramurals 92 Michael Healion Sherri Helfand David Heymann Diane Hartman Claire Heap Eric HilbigKrystal Hoffman Carol Horowitz Melvin Howard Steve lovino Fran Irving Marilyn Hubby Marion JacobsMarianne Kaehler Peter Kaniewski Michael Kerschenbaum -Vk Edward Kogan Carol Kasper Marilyn Kaplan Phyllis Kaplan Stephen Kassan Louise Kinzler Sandra Kerin Carol Klein Elizabeth KochKaehler, M. business club, heraea William Korbel Barbara Kranz Nancy Korn Elena Koster Kaniewski, P. senior play, school dance band Kaplan, M. literary magazine, intramurals, heraea Kaplan, P. guidance office assistant, senior play, FTA, teachers assistant Kasper, C. majorette, intramurals, chorus Kassan, S. CAP, audio visual, hall patrol Kerin, S. resume business staff, booster club, hall patrol, lab assistant Kerschenbaum, M. student council cabinet, lab assistant, resume literary staff, editor I960 student handbook Kinder, L. FTA, booster club, Spanish dub, office assistant Klein, C. resume business staff, guidance office assistant Koch, E. business club Kogan, E. hall patrol, CAP, school store Korbel, W. Korn, N. library club, guidance office as- sistant Koster, E. Kranz, B. booster club, dramatics, student council Kraus, H. chess club, science magazine, math team, Jet Gazette Kropp, K. hall patrol, audio visual squad, girls athletics Howard Kraus Karen Kropp 95William Lake Leonard Lanzisera Marilyn Larney Mary Jane Lau Barbara LaVacca Mary Ann Lazzari Julianne Leilich John LeonKurtz, L. varsity track, student council, Jet Gazette, resume business chairman Kurzman, A. varsity soccer, Jet Gazette, Key club treasurer Kuvach, S. student council, leaders club, art service club Lake, W. varsity soccer, varsity wrestling, varsity lacrosse Lanzisera, L. hall patrol, lunch room captain Larney, M. resume secretary, FHA, girls intramurals, school store treasurer Fredde Sue Lesner Carol Lessman Lau, M. girls intramurals, heraea, hall patrol, chorus LaVacca, B. girls intramurals, heraea Lazzari, M. hall patrol, guidance office as- sistant, girls intramurals Leilich, J. CAP Leon, J. library club, Jet Gazette, hall patrol Stewart Levenberg Lesner, F. rockettes, dramatics, intramurals Victoria Lindemann Lessman, C. student council, FFHA vice- president, library assistant Levenberg, S. varsity basketball, hall patrol Lindemann, V. FTA Lindley, R. varsity football, varsity baseball, varsity basketball Livings, E. theater guild vice-president, science magazine Ralph Lindley Eileen LivingsLoeffler, K. audio visual squad Loud, C. Newman club corres. secretary, lab assistant, Jet Gazette business staff Lough, B. business office assistant Loverso, F. dramatics club, senior play, jv soccer Lowen, S. audio visual squad, library as- sistant, dramatics Lowy, R. library club, audio visual squad, bowling team, hall patrol, photography club, cafeteria officer Madonia, R. girls intramurals, hall patrol Maggiore, V. Maguire, F. hall patrol, boys intramurals, history work shop Maier, D. FNA Mailer, J. varsity football, resume business staff, senior play, South Pacific, traffic patrol Mallozzi, J. leaders club president, GAA secretary, art service club, junior prom queen, girls intramurals Mancuso, V. varsity football captain, varsity lacrosse, Key club vice-president, senior class vice-president Mangano, L. hall patrol Marchese, R. FTA, girls intramurals, art service club Marcus, E. girls intramurals, chorus, boosters Marcus, S. student council, forensic society, art service club, chess club, hall patrol, jv tennis, lab assistant, math tutor Margolis, L. cheerleader, resume, FTA sec- retary, student council, tutorial school Mark, P. library club vice-president, student council, hall patrol, tutor, rifle club Kenneth Loeffler Betty Ann Lough Richard Lowy Carol Loud Frank Loverso Rose Ann MadoniaVincent Maggiore Leonard Mangano Frank Maguire Diana Maier Jonathan Mailer Judith Mallozzi Vincent Mancuso Ellen Marcus Linda Margolis Philip Mark Rose Mary Marchese Stanley Marcus Carol Martin William Martin Holly Maryon Robert Mauceri Florence Mazzota Katherine McGowan Robert McLaren Marian McCollough John Mercurio George McVey Barbara Meade John MignoneRichard Miller Marie Mohrmann Jacqueline Molyneux William Miller Dorothy Mita Roselle Monteleone Martin, C. school store Martin, W. jv football, jv baseball, Newman club, rifle club Maryon, H. pops concert, dramatics, hall patrol Mauceri, R. Jet Gazette feature editor, science magazine, lab assistant, band, orches- tra Mazzota, F. senior class secretary, cheer- leader, student council representative, FTA McCollough, M. Jet Gazette editorial staff. Spanish club, girls athletics McGowan, K. school store McLaren, R. hall patrol McVey, G. varsity baseball, varsity soccer, Key club secretary, wrestling Meade, B. business club Mercurio, J. resume art editor, literary magazine, art service club, senior prom deco- rating committee Mignone, J. jv football, jv baseball Miller, R. hall patrol Miller, W. varsity football, varsity lacrosse, wrestling, Key club Mita, D. chorus, library assistant, girls ath- letics Mohrmann, M. booster club, chorus, FNA, girls intramurals Molyneux, J. hall patrol, girls athletics Monteleone, R. business club, Newman club, Perspective 103Robert Morse Jacqueline Morano Robert Morrison Alice Mosher Jean Muller Robert Morton Danny Nash Barry Neilinger Joan Newman Anita Nicosia Patricia NolanMorano, J. cheerleader, majorette, chorus Robert Nolan Morrison, R. varsity basketball, hall patrol Morse, R. Spanish club, service club, boys intramurals Morton, R. Jet Gazette, varsity cross coun- try, science magazine, math team, lab assist- ant, cut squad Mosher, A. FTA vice-president, Spanish club, rockettes, library assistant, tutorial staff Muller, J. Victor Nunes Nash, D. hall patrol, traffic court Neilinger, B. varsity tennis, library assistant, senior play, lunchroom aide, traffic patrol Newman, J. girls athletics, Newman club, hall patrol Nicosia, A. girls athletics, booster club Nolan, P. FTA, leaders club, intramurals Nolan, R. freshman baseball Nunes, V. intramural sports Obergfell, J. rockettes, girls intramurals, Jet Gazette, Newman club, booster club O'Brien, G. machine shop Oesau, C. student council, junior prom com- mittee Carol Oesau Oliveri, J. president of GO., president of Key club, cross country, lab assistant Judith Obergfell Gordon O'Brien Joseph OliveriPasahow, M. Perspective, intramurals Pascale, P. rockettes, business club, heraea Passman, A. Payne, M. booster club, resume business staff, lab assistant Penney, D. business club, rifle club, chorus Pepe, S. varsity soccer, student council, var- sity lacrosse Perdue, J. machine shop Perlstein, L. senior play Persche, R. varsity baseball, basketball Peterson, S. GO vice-president, soccer, wrestling Petrone, L. majorettes, heraea. chorus, in- tramurals Petz, D. chorus, wrestling, varsity baseball, soccer Pimenta, L. Pinto, L. band president, drum major, editor- in-chief science magazine, Newman club, Jet Gazette, lab assistant Pitts, C. business club secretary, guidance office assistant Pitts, K. rifle club, hall patrol, service club Poley, C. hall patrol 106 Diane Penney Merrick Pasahow Alan Passman Stephen PepeJames Perdue Ludwik Perlstein Robert Persche Dennis Petz Larry Pimenta Larry Pinto Carol Pitts Kenneth Pitts Cliff PoleyPaul Stecker Carol Klein Fran Clarke Florence Mazzota Bill Miller Vinnie Mancuso Best Dressed Paul Stecker Carol Klein Most Athletic Fran Clarke Bill Miller Most Popular Florence Mazzota Vinnie Mancuso Helped the School Most Sylvia Baruch Joseph Oliveri School Pep Florence Mazzota Tony Barbera Class Wit Hal Ackerman Sherri DeMar Best All-Around Steve lovino Judy Malozzi Most Talented Elaine Arlan Bob Dean Most Likely to Succeed Ellen Fiur Barry Goldstein Sylvia Baruch Joseph OliveriFlorence Mazzota Tony Barbera Hal Ackerman Sherri DeMar Steve lovino Judy Molozzi I I I Elaine Arlan Bob Dean ml Ellen Fiur Barry GoldsteinKaaren Pollack Carolann Price Carol Primavera Carolynn Punger Robert Rafferty Don Reinfeld Richard Pylce Vivian Realmuto Deanna Reich Jerry Pollard Carol Raspaole Lynne ReinholdMarlene Reiter Jean Rennert John Remis Jane Rennert Pollack, K. Jet Gazette, booster club, girls intramurals, drama club, forensic society, FNA, heraea, prom committee Pollard, J. band Price, C. band, girls intramurals, dental office assistant Primavera, C. Punger, C. heraea, hall patrol, chorus Pyke, R. Jet Stream column, Jet Gazette edi- torial staff, president of chess club, rifle club Rafferty, R. Raspaole, C. junior prom decorating com- mittee, girls intramurals Realmuto, V. rockettes, girls intramurals, busi- ness club Suzanne Riley Reich, D. boosters, hall patrol, resume, nurse's assistant, dental hygienist assistant Reinfeld, D. National Honor Society, orches- tra, chess club Reinhold, L. associate editor of literary mag- azine, Jet Gazette news staff, math tutor, junior prom committee, pops concert Reiter, M. hall patrol, library assistant Remis, J. resume business staff, chemistry lab assistant, jv football, hall patrol, rifle club Rennert, J. teachers assistant, chorus Rennert, J. teachers assistant, chorus Rickard, R. girls intramurals, hall patrol, audio visual squad Riley, S. majorettes, FHA secretary, girls intramuralsLinda Rink Alice Risberg Susan Roberts Suzanne Robinson Carole Rosen Francine Rosen Jeffrey Rosenblum Gloria Rosenzweig Steven Ross Robert RothRink, L. leaders club, GAA, art service club, art poster club, girls intramurals, heraea Risberg, A. business law club, nurse's assists ant, dental hygienist assistant Roberts, S. chorus, FTA, boosters, girls intra- murals Robinson, S. FNA secretary, thespians club, girls intramurals Rosen, C. Spanish club, boosters, hall patrol Rosen, F. Jet Gazette business staff, girls intramurals, hall patrol, nurse's aid, hygienist aid Rosenblum, J. jv soccer, resume business staff, band, library assistant, traffic patrol Rosenthal, G. booster club, hall patrol, library assistant, Spanish club Rosenzweig, G. Jet Gazette business staff Ross, S. jv football, history workshop, la- crosse, track, biology club Roth, R. hall patrol Rousseau, A. chorus, girls intramurals, hall patrol Rubell, E. Jet Gazette exchange editor, Jet Gazette news staff, library assistant, audio visual sauad Ruland, P. Ryan, J. photography club, service squad, hall patrol Ryan, M. r6sum6 art staff, art editor literary magazine, art service club vice president, biol- ogy lab assistant, hall patrol Sacco, A. Alta Rousseau Ela ine Rubell Mathew Ryan Patricia Ruland Joseph Ryan Anthony SaccoSacks, S. Spanish club, booster club, library assistant Sadler, T. Salamone, J. vice-president art club, resume art staff Saltzman, S. track team, hall patrol, biology lab assistant Sandgrund, D. resum6 business staff, lab as- sidant, varsity track varsity cross country Sandvold, E. secretary of rockettes, secretary of FHA, library assistant, business staff Satalino, C. typist, modern dance, faculty secretary Scalese, M. FTA, girls intramurals, teachers assistant Schechter, B. Jet Gazette business staff, var- sity wrestling, student council Schecter, R. science magazine, track, rifle club, resume Scheinbach, M. art editor literary magazine, guidance office assistant, Jet Gazette staff Scheinberg, E. audio visual squad, hall pa- trol, traffic patrol, lab assistant Schepp, J. hall patrol Scher, S. booster club, heraea, nurse's as- sistant, hall patrol, guidance office assistant Schliessman, M. girls intramurals, business office, audio visual squad Schneidman, R. resume business staff, senior play, hall patrol Scholl, E. rockettes, girls intramurals, business club, heraea Schonning, B. leaders club, girls intramurals, FHA 114 Susan Sacks JoAnne Salamone David Sandgrund Elizabeth Sandvold Thomas Sadler Steve Saltzman Caroline SatalinoMarie Scalese Bernard Schechter Robert Schecter Myrna Scheinbach Eugene Scheinberg Ellen Scholl Mary Schliessman Barbara SchonningtmrDavid Schwartz Lawrence Scully Ellen Shapiro Alan Schwimmer Susan Schwortz George Seiferth Frank SeniaHelene Shevinsky Barry Siegel Alan Siegman Kenneth Siegal Richard Siegel Jay Silberlicht Schrager, L. guidance office assistant, hall patrol Schwaid, C. booster club, hall patrol Schwartz, D. varsity football, varsity track, student council Schwimmer, A. Key club, Jet Gazette sports editor, band, r6sum6, biology lab assistant Schwortz, S. junior prom committee, hall pa- trol, senior play, art club Scully, L. Seiferth, G. hall patrol Senia, F. rifle club, hall patrol Shapiro, E. business club, girls sports, Jet Gazette Shapiro, S. lab assistant, hall patrol, cafeteria officer Shectman, R. theater guild, Jet Gazette staff Sheller, G. president of FHA, girls intra- murals Shevinsky, H. Siegal, K. cross country, hall patrol Siegel, R. band, lab assistant, CAP Siegel, B. hall patrol, track, varsity bowling Siegman, A. freshman football, hall patrol Silberlicht, J. audio visual squad, lab assist- ant, library assistant 119r TN Joseph Sisak Marvin Smith Barbara Silverman Arthur Silverman Barbara Simon Ted Sill Margaret Sineno Barbara Smith Francis SmithSill, T. Silver, R. senior class president, junior class treasurer, Key club, varsity soccer, r6sum6 business editor, traffic patrol, Jet Gazette Silverman, A. varsity lacrosse, jv soccer Silverman, B. lab assistant, guidance office assistant, booster club Simon, B. Jet Gazette business staff, business club, girls intramurals Simon, C. drama club Sineno, M. leaders club, chorus, girls athletics Richard Smith Sisak, J. band, orchestra, student council, varsity cross country Smith, B. cheerleader, leaders club, GAA representative, girls intramurals Smith, F. Smith, M. intramurals, hall patrol Smith, R. Key club, varsity soccer, baseball, varsity wrestling Sokoloff, R. bowling, hall patrol, traffic patrol Solomon, S. Jet Gazette, guidance office as- sistant Spielman, E. r6sume art staff, library assistant, Spanish club, art club Stecker, P. Steele, P. varsity cross country, football man- ager Paul Stecker Sharon Solomon Ellen Spielman Peter SteeleSteinke, E. girls intramurals Stepnowski, R. hall patrol Sterrantino, C. literary magazine, business club Stevens, P. leaders club, girls intramurals, library assistant Stiefel, A. FTA, chorus Stiles, L. hall patrol, service squad Stone, J. Suskawicz, W. Sussman, L. FTA, girls intramurals, chorus Sweeny, J. Termine, C. Thompson, V. girls intramurals, chorus Thorsen, P. hall patrol Thur, R., wrestling, hall patrol Tobin, H. orchestra concert mistress, cheer- leader, leaders club, hall patrol, heraea, girls intramurals Tregnaghi, C. girls athletics Ullman, J. math team, tutorial school, chem- istry club, editor of science magazine, Spanish club, lab assistant Vallari, S. CAP, lab assistant, math tutor, hall patrol captain, library assistant Van Cott, W. Elaine Steinke Caroline Sterrantino Andrea Stiefel Lynn Stiles Robert Stepnowski Patricia Stevens James Stone 122William Suskawicz Linda Sussman Joan Sweeny Carole Termine Virginia Thompson Cariotta Tregnaghi Peter Thorsen Ronald Thur Helaine Tobin Joseph Ullman William Van Cott Stephen VallariRobert Vassallo Janet Vermilyea Marie Vita John Vitkowski Lois von Lindern Steven Wasserman Sheila Waxman Randolph Weber Robert WeinsteinMichael Weisbarth Martin Weiss Marilyn White Rene Weise John Weiss Vassallo, R. hall patrol Vermilyea, J. girls intramurals, heraea, senior prom committee Vita, M. girls intramurals Vitkowski, J. von Lindern, L. business club Waiser, G. booster club, hall patrol Wallace, W. Waltzer, K. varsity soccer co-captain, varsity golf, student council, Jet Gazette Wasserman, S. Jet Gazette editorial staff, varsity tennis, varsity bowling, science maga- zine, library assistant Waxman, S. booster club, FTA, Spanish club, theater club Weber, R. varsity cross country, Newman club treasurer, band, orchestra Monika Wikman Weinstein, R. Weisbarth, M. senior class play, Jet Gazette, dramatics, resume staff, hall patrol Weise, R. CAP, audio visual aid Weiss, J. Weiss, M. varsity soccer, president of jr. engineer club, Key club, jv basketball White, M. rockettes Wikman, M. foreign exchange student, re- sum6, FHA 127Wilson, R. Wittenberg, S. hall patrol, audio visual, lab assistant, varsity tennis Wolman, M. secretary of National Honor Society, art editor of science magazine, art service club vice-president, math tutoring president, parliamentarian of GO Wool, J. hall patrol, boosters, heraea, Span- ish club, lab assistant senior play Wunderlich, F. FTA, booster club, Jet Ga- zette, Lab assistant, library assistant Wurtzel, K. hall patrol, biology club Zimmerman, B. resume, Spanish club, junior prom committee, library assistant Robert Wilson Martha Wolman Stanley Wittenberg Joni Wool Florence WunderlichWe, the staff of '60 would like to extend to the following our deepest thanks. Their unselfish assistance has made the formation of this book a joyous task. Mr. and Mrs. M. Gordon Mr. Robert Greener of The Comet Press, Inc. Mr. Jarett and Mr. Friedman of Carol Studios Mr. Pangbern's photography class Mr. Strombelline Our special thanks to the administration, faculty and office staff for their cooperation.resume staff Faculty Advisor Mrs. M. Riesberg Editor -in- Chief Nancy Gordon Associate Editor Sylvia Baruch Art Editor John Mercurio Literary Editor Diane Hartman Clubs Editor Jeff Bennett Business Editor Bob Silver Special Features Editor Rosalie Fox Sports Editor Dave Heymann Art Staff Barbara Feintuck Mat Ryan JoAnne Salamone Ellen Spielman Mrs. Riesberg In sincere appreciation for your encouragement and guidance during the past years we, the staff of resume extend our thanks. Literary Staffs Senior Staff Sue Cohen Eileen Copillo Barbara Baruch Roberta Bimstein Pat Donahoe Lynn Ehrdman Roberta Friedman Special Services Joan Goddard Nettie Brody Martha Greene Roger Elson Sherri Helfand Jonathan Mailer Mike Kerschenbaum Linda Margolis Carol Lessman Barry Neilinger Betty Sandvold Mike Weisbarth Monika Wikman 130 Linda Margolis Barry Neilinger Marsha Payne John Remis Business Staff Jeff Rosenblum Jill Axelrod—Publicity Manager Steve Ross Barry Briskman Elaine Rubell Nettie Brody Sue Sacks Alan Chernick Dave Sandgrund Sue Cohen Robert Schecter Roger Elson Linda Schrager Lorraine Entler Ronnie Schneidman Stan Felshman Sherri Schoenfeld Greta Fleischman Ann Seeman Debbie Grob Laura Silver Marian Jacobs Barbara Silverman Sandy Kerin Michael Weisbarth Lewis Kurtz Victoria Lindemann Jonathan Mailer Barrie ZimmermanBEST OF LUCK FROM THE BLACK AND WHITE President .............. HAL ACKERMAN Vice President .......DAVE SANGRUND Secretary ................... IRV COHEN Treasurer ................. KEN WALTZER Al Altman Al Annunziata Ken Berkowitz Larry Bimstein Richie Blackman Gordon Bjorkman Jerry Cantor Pete Coradi Joel Hershkin Dave Heymanr, Jeff Ingber Steve Katz Mike Kerschenbaum Dick Lowy Bob Mauceri Bob Morse Danny Nash Bernie Schechter Richie Schechter Alan Scheffer Bill Scheffer Bruce Schor Al Schwimmer Bob Silver Herb Sopenoff Joel Steigman Fred Szabo Hugy Walker Marty Weiss Norman Weiss NASSAU PLUMBING HEATING CO. INC. CONGRATULATIONS 323 WILLIS AVENUE CLASS OF '60 Mineola, New York PI 6-7116 EAST MEADOW BOWL FRONT ST. and NEWBRIDGE AVE. GEORGE P. BUSCH REAL ESTATE 6 INSURANCE 126 JACKSON STREET Hempstead, New York STARDUST DINER ULTRA MODERN Open 24 Hours a Day ALL BAKING DONE ON PREMISES 2019 HEMPSTEAD TPKE. IV 6-8300 IV 3-5835 East Meadow, N. Y.BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1960 EAST MEADOW HIGH SCHOOL DAD'S CLUB 133AUTO INSURANCE Specializing in TEENAGE DRIVERS Compliments of FS-1 in 24 Hours Time Payments - Any Car BLUE WHITE M D M Insurance Agency A. Aronowitz L. Reinhold B. Birner E. Rubell E. Copillo E. Sanvold 356 MERRICK AVENUE S. Dunayer M. Scheinbach East Meadow E. Fuir E. Shapiro R. Freedman B. Simon "Any Type Insurance L. Gallin S. Solomon for Home, Business, Industry" D. Hartman E. Speilman A. Mosher F. Wunderluch Telephone IVanhoe 9-3453 EDNA and MARK WEINER HARWYN SHOES announce the opening of KEDS - FLORSHEIM SHOES RED CROSS SHOES LES DAMES HAIR STYLIST, LTD. HEMPSTEAD ROOSEVELT FIELD 32 MAIN STREET SHOPPING CENTER FREEPORT 301 NEWBRIDGE AVENUE East Meadow, N. Y. For Appt. call Estelle Young TERMINAL MUSIC SUPPLY INC. IV 5-1331 MUSIC - MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - REPAIRS Temple Member - Donor Credit Serving the Musician Since 1934 10% G.O. Members-Faculty—Tues. Wed. 113 WEST 48th STREET New York 36, N. Y. (Bet. 6 7 Avenues) 134mr meadowbrook sends best wishes for success to the class of 1960 member federal deposit insurance corporation"NOTHING GREAT WAS EVER ACHIEVED WITHOUT ENTHUSIASM"—EMERSON BOOSTER CLUB THE PAPERBACK BOOKSELLER If it's bound in paper — we're bound to have it. 147 FRONT ST.—BACK OF A S Hempstead, N. Y. IV 1 6733 COMPLIMENTS - of - EAST MEADOW FIRE DEPARTMENT ♦ VA 5-0302 CO 2-1677 BEST WISHES from YOUR P.T.A. TRANSIT GLASS LOCKSMITH ONE-STOP SERVICE 264 W. MERRICK ROAD Valley Stream, N. Y.J. O'Connor C. Price I. Soucci B. Schonning P. Stone C. Strignono S. Swedberg M. Tocconelli I. Victory M. Walsh D. Wansor S. Waters L. Alberti C. Apostolato J. Arruri C. Bollhofer E. Bontempi C. Caprio M. J. Carlstrom K. Cartebuke J. Chapter F. Clarke C. Chuyun C. D'Angelo COMPLIMENTS - of - BROWN AND WHITE P. Daskauskas K. Garay M.Larney M. De Lillo A. Geddes M.Leyden C. De Pierri L. Gerlach S. Leyden F. Duggan M. Gramarossa D. Lone M. Dineen B. Guarella B. A. Lough N. Dreyer C. Heap D. McCormack G. Dunn B. Hubby M. McGeehan M. Edgar M. Hubby D. Mckenney C. Falkenburg C. Koletnik D. McPortland A. Fedoryk B.'Keenan B. Miller N. Flanders P. Kulaski M. Mohrmann H. Gabriel S. Kurshals D. Nolan Vice-President ... Secretary ........ George Alfano Roger Balbo John Bottone Roge Brusso Bob Burns Frank Constantino Doug Christie ....... BILL LAKE ....PAUL FIELZER Don Procida Dennis Petz Dennis Rogers Al Sanchez Les Sanchez Richard Smith Mike Coughlin Walter David Tony Gramarosa Ronny Gross Bill Hipner Gene Inch Vinny Mancuso George McVey Bill Miller John Mulvihill Mike Natale Bruce O'Leary Neil Petagno Greg Peterson COMPLIMENTS - of • BLUE AND GOLD President ............. BOB FERRY ... DOUG EDGAR Treasurer ........ . STEVE IOVINO Chaplain.........BEST WISHES FROM WHITE AND RED Jill Axelrod (V.P.) Barbara Baruch Sylvia Baruch (Pres.) Lynne Brody Nettie Brody Sharon Brody Sue Cohen (Treas.) Sharon Feld Greta Fleischman Roberta Freidman Alma Gelburd Maggie Gilbert Beverly Grebler Martha Greene Debbie Grob Carolyn Grodman Ellen Hollis Carol Horowitz Martha Kolodkin Phyllis Lamberg Cathy Lerner Gail Lerner Ellen Leventhal Shelly Levine Susan Levine Joan Lieber Sheila Lowey Linda Margolis Roslyn Pincus Sharon Portnoy Sue Pullman Geri Rose Sus Sacks (Sec.) Linda Sandler Eileen Schary Terry Schier Ronni Schneidman Paula Schoenfeld Sherry Schoenfeld Linda Schrager Laura Silver Monika Wikman Martha Wolman WHERE EDUCATION QUALITY COUNT For the Finest of INTERIOR FURNISHINGS MURRAY SINGER MUSIC STUDIOS PIANO GUITAR ACCORDION CLARINET SALES - RENTALS SALISBURY DECORATORS OF EAST MEADOW 726 MERRICK AVENUE East Meadow, N. Y. IV 1-8605 IV 6-6295 CATERING TO PEOPLE with Discriminating Tastesa home town bank with two offices in westbury bank of westbury trust company established 1910 3% on savings accounts main office branch office post and maple ave westbury I i old country rd and linden ave westbury I i a complete banking service edgewood 4 1600 member federal deposit insurance corpGerri Bogrquin Carole Ann D'Andrea Sandy Darrah Bette Green Lorraine Hoeffner Jane Hughes Carol Ann Klein BEST WISHES FROM GRAY Judy Mallozi Rose Marchese Flo Mazzota Dotty Mita Sandy Morton Joan Newman Suzie Novak AND WHITE Carol Ann Sotak Joan Stasi Helen Weiss Carol Kulbaba Rosemarie Vives Joan Victory Carole Arpaia Kathleen Bentivegna Josephine Macauluso Carol Ann Alek Andrea Acerra Linda Ford Lenora Weiss Mary Lou Stasi COMPLIMENTS - of - THE SECOND NATIONAL BANK TRUST CO. OF HEMPSTEAD HEMPSTEAD, NEW YORK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation YOUR STUDENT COUNCIL JOE OLIVERI—President GREG PETERSON—Vice-President DONNA DaSILVA—Secretary JOAN FULLER—Treasurer Seniors Barry Briskman Harvey Bucholtz Sue Cohen Diane Hartman Ken Waltzer Alternates Bernie Schechter Stephanie Kuvach REPRESENTATIVES Juniors Carol Kulbaba Connie Semmelmann Alternate Phyllis Lamberg Sophomores Carol Alek John Fiscina Marjorie Grammarosa Bonita Hubby Joanne Nezer Alternates Carol Cusana Fran Rizzo Freshmen Alternates Pat Donohoe Ann Grazziosa Standing Committees Rocky Bronzino Roy Bucholtz Laura English Heidie Faver Fran Flattery Diana Greenspan Charter Comm. Liaison Comm. Absentee Comm. Inspection Comm. 143BROWN'S m COMPLIMENTS ELECTRIC SERVICE Div. BROWN'S HEAT SERVICE INC. - of - Est. 1916 • BLUE AND WHITE LICENSED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR A. Aronowitz L. Gallin M. Scheinbach B. Birner D. Hartman E. Shapiro Wiring for Residential - Industrial E. Copillo A. Mosher B. Simon Plant Maintenance and Emergency Service S. Dunayer L. Reinhold B. Solomon E. Fiur E. Rubell E. Spielman • R. Freedman E. Sandvoid F. Wunderlich "All Work Guaranteed" m Terminal Music Supply Inc. Music—Musical Instruments—Repairs Serving the Musician Since 1934 113 West 48th Street COMPLIMENTS New York 36, N. Y. Between 6th and 7th Avenues - of - THE JET GAZETTE Harwyn Shoes Red Cross Shoes Keds Florsheim Shoes Hempstead Roosevelt Field 32 Main Street Shopping Center Freeport 144 THE CLASS OF '61 EXTENDS THEIR BEST WISHES AND GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '60 MAY ALL THEIR ENDEAVORS BE SUCCESSFUL THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OF THE EAST MEADOW CLASSROOM TEACHERS ASSOCIATION WISHES TO EXTEND TO THE CLASS OF 1960 ITS MOST SINCERE WISHES FOR A WONDERFULLY BRIGHT FUTURE MAY DETERMINATION, FAITH, AND STRENGTH GUIDE YOU TO SUCCESS COMMITTEE FOR BETTER SCHOOLSBOOSTERS MR. MRS. J. BARUCH MR. MRS. M. GORDON MR. MRS. S. SILVER MR. MRS. L. WITT MR. MRS. W. L. BRODY MR. MRS. J. M. DOWNEY, JR. MR. MRS. J. G. LEON MR. MRS. H. PAYNE MR. MRS. W. T. DARRAH MAXWELL WERBOFF, D.D.S. SIEGMUND SPIEGEL, A.I.A. PARK BARBER SHOP SYON PACKING COMPANY JOSEPH GORELICK, D.D.S. ALPS RESTAURANT MOBILGAS SERVICE STATION S. L. PARKER, M.D. SAMUEL SCHLIFKA, M.D. FABRE TOWN EAST MEADOW PUBLIC LIBRARY I. SAPIN, D.D.S.Your General Organization Contributed This Page for Autographs Your General Organization Contributed This Page for Autographs Ji n § h $$£$) ssam® ou sboB - ... “5?) "7" yA A j w , p» y P 'S b V 0 f rw x -ttltM , cT V J v f r £ T n V P ' Ar .Uy ' . L o.vAt ™Wu tu uj f?1 'ir y , ' S + H y f { h. • Jr S § yS 3 Y , '4! ) « V £ :President ........ Vice-President ... Howie Applebaum Jeff Bennett Don Burris Roger Elson Mike Feldberg Norm Fells Jonny Mailer JEFF ROSENBIUM BARRY BRISKMAN Al Freeman Steve Friedman Joel Gayner Chuck Gerber Stu Levenberg Steve Linden Johnny Mailer Secretary ..... Treasurer ..... Mike Mandel Mike Mendelson Barry Neilinger Dave Otner Jeff Pastolove Don Picker Lenny Rifkin ...... LEW KURTZ HOWIE MARGULIES Larry Schaefer Bob Schecter Bob Siconolfi Richie Stanley Jeff Tancliff Don Tomback United in a Bond of Brotherhood The Place to Go—for the Brands You Know m CONGRATULATIONS NEWMARK LEWIS Established 1924 IVanhoe 1-6890 Hi-Fi - Radios - Televisions Gas Ranges - Refrigerators Washing Machines - Appliances Air Conditioners SPORTSWEAR 43 MAIN STREET Hempstead, N. Y. m - from - SYLDART Special Discounts to Students Their Family COMPLIMENTS OF THE CLASS OF '60 151SENIOR AUTOGRAPHS TMI COMET FREES. INC. NEW YORK 14High school is part of the frame of a great loom on which we weave the patterns of our lives. During the past years we have interwoven the everlasting fibers of education that strengthen and enhance the material with which we clothe our characters. As the shuttle joins together the threads of daily learning, yesterday is made part of tomorrow, the patterns intertwine.

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