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5 E 3 I 5 A L 9 31 3 .- . L i E 5 E E ia Z E 5 R THE EASTYN ' 1940 Published by THE SEN1oR CLASS of East Lynn Township High School, East Lynn, Illinois DEDICATION We, the Senior Class of 1940 Wish to dedicate this Annual to Mr. Von Behren, our Principal and Coach, andthe other meni- bers of the faculty. This An- nual has been made possible only by the good will and en- couragement of Mr. Von Beh- ren, and the cooperation of the entire faculty. 'lE'Ll'?fEfiIXl?L - 1949 E nfl. -3' . . N 'P.'9'D -a I . rf, i q.L:' 'fx - if L , -Q .K ' . ADMIN ILSTRATION BOARD OF EDUCATION Left to right: Q William Stock Lawrence Leigh H. H. Hammerton served 1 year served Il years served 20 years term expires 1941 term expires 1942 term expires 1941 John Ingold Elmer Anderson served 2 years served 8 years term expires 1941 term expires 1942 Absent Members Roy Lee Jesse B. Hayes served 9 years term expires 1943 served 6 years term expires 1943 The East Lynn High School, and Grade School was erected in 1915. In 1925, the gymnasium was added to the main building. In 1939 the farm shop and bus garage was built. The buildings, and the interiors of the buildings are in good condition, due to the excellent janitorial service and the interest 'of the boards in maintaining a well kept school. FACULTY OLIVE MAXINE DOWLER B. Ed.-1939-Eastern Illi- nois State Teachers College Charleston, Illinois English-French LORETTA WEIHMEIR--B. M. 1939-Illinois Weslyan University, Bloomington, lll- inois-Illinois State Normal University, Normal, Illinois Summer term-8 weeks 1939 -Music-Commerce J. ELMER PENTECOST-li. Ed. 1926, Illinois State Nor- mal University, Normal, Illi- nois-Eastern Illinois State Teachers College-12 Weeks 1939-Social Science-Science ALVIN K. RINGE-B. S. 1939 Northern Ill. State Teachers College-University of Illi- nois, Champaign, Illinois Agriculture-Biology ' ALWIN VO-N BEHREN-B. E. 1933 Eastern I.linois State Teachers College, Charleston, Illinois-Univeiu sity of Colorado-Boulder, Colorado-Summers 1937-38-- 39-Principal, Mathematics, History, Athletics ALLYNE BANE-B. Ed. 1939 Illinois State Normal Univer- sity-Normal, Illinois-Home Economics-General Science Page Four HISTORY OF EAST LYNN SCHOOL Q . At the special election on February 22, 1914, the ques- tion of whether or not to have an East Lynn High School -dis-- trict was voted upon, and it was carried by a large majority. On March 25, 1914, the school board, composed of the follow-- ing members, Charles Darrough, Prc sidentg Dr. Raymond Van Doren, Secretary, Elmer S. Leigh, John C. Clements, Charles Hall, William J. Martin and J. N. Harkness conducted their first meeting at 7:30 for the purpose of organizing and discuss- ing a new school building. On April 11, 1914, a second special election was held for the purpose of deciding Whether or not there should be a new school building. The sites considered were the following: The T. G. Luxton site which contained about four acres, and is located approximately where the Harkness house now stands, occupied by Mr. Von Behren and family, The Hall site, which is located in the northwestern part of East Lynn upon which the three Arthur Hall houses now stand, The third and the one chosen was the Leemon site-where the building itself now stands and where the former school house stood. The building Was completed and ready for use in the year 1915. The cost of the building was twenty-nine thousand dollars CS29,000D and the cost of the equipment was nine hun- dred and seventy dollars 139703. In the Summer of 1925 a new gymnasium was erected at the cost of fifteen thousand dollars fSB15,000J. In the fall of 1939 the Farm shops building was completed at a cost of four thousand dollars f34,000J. This consisted of a farm mechanics room a.nd three garages for school buses. The size of the high school district was five and one-half 15925 miles by seven Q71 miles, but it has ex- panded to the extent of fifty-two C525 sections at the present time. The first school term 11915-19165 had an enrollment of 7 boys and 16 girls. There were no graduates the first year. The first janitor was Charles Le Saux who served one year from 1915 to 19 ' 6. Jesse Grove then accepted the position and is still employed as janitor of the school. The average enrollment over five year periods from 1915-1940 . 1915-1920 .................,........ 28 1920-1925 ...... ..... 4 2 1925-1930 ...... ..... 4 6 1930-1935 1935-1940 ...... ..... 7 6 Page Five Seven different men have servcd as principals of the high school. They are as follows: Principal Goernandt ....... ..... Principal Blair ........... Principal Congram Principal Tipton ......... Principal Allen .......... Princi al Tomilson p ........-.......-.... Principal Von Behren - 1915-1921 1921-1923 1923-1926 1926-1929 1929-1937 1937-1938 1933-1940 In 1935 the Board of Education inaugurated a system of transportation. Each student living on a farm is transported to and from school daily by school buses. The courses of study taught in the high school at the present time are as follows: Mathematics Social Sciences Sciences Practical Math. American History Physics Plane Geometry World History Chemistry Algebra I 8z II Economics General Science Solid Geometry Vocations - Biology Civics American Government Languages Commercial Agriculture English I 85 II Typing I Soils Sz Crops III Sz IV Shorthand I Farm Shops French I Sz 11 Bookkeeping I Animal Husbandry Business Training Farm Management Home Management Music Home Ec. I, II, III Glee Clubs, Orchestra l.. MY SYMPHONY live content with small meansg seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashiong be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not richg listen to stars and birds, babes and sages with open heart, study hard, think quietly, act frankly, talk gently, await occasions, hurry never, a word to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up thru the This is my symphony. -William Henry Channing To To To To To To In C0111 111 011- Page Six THE EASTYN 1940 QR, NWS? X X 'Yi.r Qf.mm ' mx . CLASSES EAST LYNN HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT-DONALD MCCONNELL VICE PRESIDENT-BETTY RIPLEY SECRTARY-TREASURER-MARY LOUISE LEE CLASS MOTTO-"NOT AT THE TOP BUT CLIMBING" CLASS FLOWER-"SALMON ROSE" MARIE SEVERINSON-Jan. 23, 19225 Junior Play, Senior Pla M ' 1-2- - y, uslc 3-4, Trio 1 2-3, Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Operetta 1- 2 ' ' - -- , Music Festival l 2 3, A. R. G. 1-2-3-4, Loudspeaker Staff 4. Eastyn 4, Speech Contest 2, Spring Concert 3-4, Class Officer -1. DONALD McCONNELL-Dec. 24, 1922, Basketball 1-2-3- 4, Baseball 2-3-4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Music 1-2-3-4, Operetta 1-2, Music Festival 1-2-3, F. F. A. 1-2-3-4, Class Officer 4, Student Council 2-3, Loudspeaker 3, Speech Contest 1, Spring Concert 3-4. LORRAINE OLSON-Oct. 2, 1922, Junior Play, Sen- ior Play, Music 1-2-3-4, Operetta 1-2, Music Festival 1-2, Eastyn 4, A. R. G. 1-2-3-4, Class Officer 3, Loud- speaker 4, Speech Contest 1-2-3-4, Spring Concert 3. WILLIAM L. BUSHONG-J une 12, 1920, Basketball Mgr. 2- 4, Baseball 2-4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Music 1-2-3-4, Oper- etta 1-2, F. F. A. 1-2-3-4, Loudspeaker 1. ' ANNABEL LEIGH--Dec. 20, 1922, Junior Play, Senior Play, Music 1-2-3-4, Operetta 1-2, Music Festival 1-2, A. R. G. 1-2-3-4, Class Officer 1-2 Student Council 4 L d- , ' y 011 speaker 2-3-4,Eastyn 4, Speech Contest 1-2-3, Spring Concert 3-4. BETTY RIPLEY--Mar. 31, 1922, Senior Play, Music 1-2-3-4, Operetta 1-2, Music Festival 1-2-3, A. R. G. 1, Loudspeaker 4, Eastyn 4, Speech Contest 1, Spring Concert 3-4, Student Council 2, Class Officer 3-4. Commercial Contest 3. Page Eight , I if ,w MARIE SEVERINSON DONALD MECONNELL LQRRAIHE OLSON WILLIAM L. BUSHONG DALE HAMMERTON VIOLA GUDEMAN ' WAYNE ECKERSLEY BERNICE OTTO ANNABEL LEIGH BETTY JOAN RIPLEY MELVIN W. STOCK I MARY JEAN JOHNSON MARY LOUISE LEE ARTHUR JACOB l ,ga . -.v 1 Jr: .lu .' E fl Y 'IE my ! ' -i ,si ljw ,,-, ny . .I ., LA, , :LJ ., -2- un' ni' ,., A. ,xrxr 535. , 41 V, in ,ui ,f Li MELVIN STOCK-Feb. 4, 1922, Senior Play, Music 1-2-3-4 Operetta, 2, Loudspeaker 2, Eastyn 4, S-peech Contest 21 Spring Concert 3-4, F. F. A. 1-2-3-4, Basketball 3. DALE HAMMERTON-March 17, 1922, Basketball 1-2-3- 4, Baseball 1-2-3-4, Junior Play. Senior Play, Music 1-2-3- 4, or-chasm 1-2, operetta 1-2, Music Festival 1-2-3, stu dent Council 3-4, Class Officer 1-2, Spring Concert 3-4, Loudspeaker 2-4, Eastyn 4. ,- JEAN JOHNSON-Jan. 27, 1922, Music 1-2-3-4, Op-- eretta 1-2, Music Festival 1-2-3, Eastyn 4, Spring Concert 3-4. MARY LOUISE LEE-Jan. 6, 1923, Bus. Mgr. Jr. Play, Music 1-2, A. R. G. 1-2-3-4, Class Officer 2-4, Loudspeaker 3-4, Eastyn 4, Senior Play, Operetta 1-2. ARTHUR JACOB--October 11, 1922, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Baseball 3-4, Junior Pla.y, Senior Play, Music 3-4, F. F. A. 1-2-3-4. VIOLA GUDEMAN-March 29, 1923, Junior Play, Senior Play, Music 1-2-3-4, Operetta 1-2, Music Festi- val 3, Student Council 3, Loudspeaker 1-3-4, Eastyn 4, Speech Contest 2-3-4, Spring Concert 3-4, Commer- cial Contest 4. - WAYNE ECKERSLEY-August 2, 1922, Junior Play, Senior Play, Music 1-2-3-4, Operetta 1-2, Music Festival 1-2, F. F.A. 1-2-3-4, Class Cfficer 2. BERNICE OTTO-November 25, 1921, Junior Play, Sen- ior Play, Music 1-2, Student Council 3-4, Loudspeaker 2-4, Eastyn 4, Speech Contest 3-4. Page Nine ,- SENIOR CLASS HISTORY , On August 31, 1936, twenty-four new freight cars in the form of twenty-four Freshmen were added to the E. L. H. S. LINE. Before starting on their long four years journey they picked up another car CLeslie Bushongl in the halls of East Lynn High School, thus making their number twenty-five. They were pulled through the freshman year by an 2 ble engine and advisor, Miss Harriet Lee, their engineer being Dale Hammerton, Fireman, Anne Leigh, Brakeman, Marie Severin- song Representative to the Council of the railroad line, Elea- nor Montross, and railroad news Reporter, Viola Gudeman. Chugging along at a low rate of speed, they tried to get accustomed to the rules and regulations of this new line, but quite frequently jumped the tracks. After two months of this they lostone car fVirginia Marshallb . During Christmas vacation, a box car tEddie Montrossl jumped the tracks and never returned to our Freshman train the rest of the year because of illness. In the first year of rough travel the Freshman line was quite active in several activities, such as baseball, basket ball, and speech. The next fall found 20 improved cars returning to the E. L. H. S. LINE to begin their Sophomore year, Bob McIntyre and Eleanor Montross, and Lawrence Cork having switched to W. T. H. S. and R. T.,H. S. freight lines. During our Sophomore year we travelled along at an increasing rate of speed with Mr. Alwin Von Behren as our engine and advisor, Mary Louise Lee was Engineer this time, Anne Leigh, Firemang Dale Hammerton, Brakeman. Betty Ripley, Representative to the Council of the railroad line, and Bernice Otto railroad news Reporter. When our sophomore journey was half .completed we lost a car, namely Junior Spurling, but replaced him with an- other, Don McConnell, from the A. T. H. S. railroad line. Again several students took an active part in various activities. September, 1938, eighteen jolly passengers purchased tickets for the journey through the Junior year. After the tickets had been collected by our conductor and principal, Mr. Von Behren, we discover-ml Grace Probasco and Steve Perry were not returning and Ellen Marie Allen was transferring to Milford High School. But we picked up a new passenger, Irene Frankum, who came here from Cissna Park High School. At a very fast rate of speed we traveled on with tha counsel and guidance of our advisor and engine, Mrs. Eleanor Page Ten Deal. We elected Lorraine Olson, Engineer, Betty Ripley, Fireman, Wayne Eckersley, Br:-ikemang Bernice Otto and Don McConnell representatives to the council of the railroad, and lola Hawthorne reporter. Dale Hammerton and Viola Gude- man were elected repesentativcs at large of the entire council of the railroad. On November 23, we presented our Junior play "A Ready Made Family" which was a great success. This year more passengers took part in various activities than in previ- ous years. Some of the boys received letters in athletics, name- ly Don McConnell and Dale Hamimerton. We ended our Junior year by giving the Seniors a very successful banquet. At the beginning of the fourth and last lap of our journey to the station of Commencement, 15 of our previous 18 returned to an improved train, the East Lynn Zephyr, for we were anxious to reach our goal. As the tickets were being collected this year another decrease of passengers was perceived. Iola Hawthorne and Irene Frankurn attended Milford High School and Mary Eliza- beth Moore, went to Harvey High at Harvey. Now being supposedly dignified Seniors, we held a meeting with our advisor and engine, Miss Bane to elect our leaders. Don McConnell was chosen Engineer, Betty Ripley, Fireman, Mary Lee, Brakemang Anne Leigh and Wayne Ecker- sley, Representatives to the Council of the Railroad, Lorraine Olson, Reporter, Dale Hammerton and Bernice Otto were chosen as Representatives at large of the entire Council of the Railroad. During this last part of our journey we lost a passenger, Emory Rassmussen, lessening our number to fourteen. Several passengers again took part in various activities and the Senior play "Crashing Society" was presented on March 29, with all passengers participating except Leslie Bushong who acted as stage manager, and Jean Johnson who was business manager. Those who have succeeded in traveling to the end of our journey and will receive diplomas as awards on May 29, are Leslie Bushong, Wayne Eckersley, Viola Gudeman, Dale Ham- merton, Arthur Jacob, Jean Johnson, Mary Louise Lee, Anna- bel Leigh, Donald McConnell, Lorraine Olson, Bernice Otto, Betty Ripley, Marie Severinson and Melvin Stock. On that date these fourteen passengers will bid their last goodbye to dear old E. L. H. S. Line with the satisfaction that no great obstacles ever barred their way and caused their train of Education to crash. n Page Eleven CLASS WILL To whom it may concern: We, the Senior Class of "1940" A. D., of the East Lynn High School, being sound and sane in body and mind Qwe hopel do make and stablish this, our last will and testament. We, the.Senior Class of "1940" do hereby will and be- queath our ability to get along to-gether to the Junior Class. I, Donald Eugene McConnell do hereby will and bequeath my 3rd period nap to Earl Hatfield in hopes it will raise his deportment. I, Gladys Lorraine Olson do hereby will and bequeath my UMPH to Amos Steiner hoping he will get a different and better impression of the lfaircr se:-'. I, Arthur Benjamin Jacob do hereby will and bequeath all of my trips to the office during my four years of High school to Earl Stipp and my ability to get caught for things I didn't do tif anyb to Edwin Montross. I, Betty Joan Ripley do hereby will and bequeath my biggness to Perry Lee Olson. QWhat a man, Perryll 4 , I, Melvin William Stock do hereby will and bequeath my knowledge in Agriculture to Mr, Ringe. I, Viola Ann Gudeman do hereby will and bequeath my dark hair to Alice Peterson in hopes it will satisfy her desire for being a brunette. - I, Lloyd Dale Hammerton do hereby will and bequeath my front seat in English Class and all the English ,books I ever owned to Miss Dowler for future use for some other student if the pages aren't too badly worn. I, Marie Katherine Severinson do hereby will and bequeath my ability to act my age to the entire Freshman class. I, William Leslie Bushong do hereby will and bequeath my willingness to work in school activities and as stage .manager to the Junior boys in hopes that they may be able to manage and care for their OWN stage next year. I, Mary Louise Lee do hereby will and bequeath a few of my excess pounds to Kenny Bauer so he will be able to pro- tect himself against Billy Felix next year in basketball. I, Mary Jean Johnson do hereby will and bequeath my eager- ness to study before, after school and at noons to Eugene Neathery. Continued on Page 29 Page Twelve SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY May 1, 1960 The other day I acquired some pretty interesting infor- mation about the members of the class of 1940. It happened this way: Upon hearing that the world's most famous tap dancer, Mary Louise Lee, was to be at the Chicago Theatre starting her tenth week of personal appearances, I thought it worth while, since she was my old school mate to journey to Chicago to see her. As I started out I noticed the gas tank of my car was almost empty, so I stopped at the nearest Standard Service Station which was attended by ano-ther school mate, Marie Severinson, who helped her husband, Bill Johnson, run this station. Having enjoyed a great show the night before, I awoke in a childish mood the next morning and decided to visit Jolly Joe on his morning program. While I was visiting this pro- gram, Jolly Joe gave me the opportunity to look through his magic telescope. My first thought was to turn it toward home, anal un- used to this instrument I happened to focus it on Riley, and there saw Lorraine Olson preparing breakfast for her hus- ba.nd, Richard Wilson, and her three children. Her husband is now a very prosperous man being Mayor of Riley. I next turned the instument to Hollywood where I saw Leslie Bushong as a cop on a motorcycle arresting Baby San-diy for speeding. I turned my glance a little and I saw Wayne Eckersley, who was Hollywood's best known Play Boiy, sitting in his SE-2050 a week apartment reading a home town magazine. I looked over his shoulder and saw another familiar face, but in a rather unfamiliar situation. It was a. picture of no other than Dale Hammerton preaching upon his favorite subject, "Tem- perancef' To my amazement when my telescope passed over Louis- ville, Kentucky I saw Art Jacobs acting as janitor 'in a "Distillery", Suddenly he rushed out the door with a pink discharge slip in his hand. We decided that the liquor had be- come so strong that it swept the place out, and they had no further use for a janitor. Turning the telescope slightly I next saw a little town whose only store bore the name of "Duck Town, Tennessee". Here I saw Annabel Leigh, a.n old maid seamstress who went from house to house gathering gossip as well as business. Deciding to change the View to a larger city I turned it Continued on Page 29 Page Thirteen CONFERENCE Problems facing students of a high school are numerous. Conferences with faculty members and advisors are frequent. Faculty and students see proble-ms from a common viewpoint and attempt to Work out solutions together. ' Irma Hayes is in conference with Mr. Von Behren. GENERAL SCIENCE CLASS "Miss Bane performs experiment before the class." Left to Right, First Row: Melvin Potter, Earl Stipp, Richard McConnell, Patricia Neathery. Second Row: Ruth Neathery, Robert Wright, Miss Bane, Aurial Keitzmann, Florence Severinson, Margaret Stock, June Mit- chell. Edith Otto, Eileen Knapp. Third Row: Calvin Potter, Elaine Anderson, Earl Horton, Junior Hofer, Eugene Neathery, Jennie Wilson, Rosella Schupbach, Verna Mae Boehme. AMERICAN GOVERNMENT CLASS - "The class attempts to solve a population problem." Left to Right: First Row: Edith Hoerr, Frieda Schupbach, Kenneth Bauer. Second Row: Jane Haley, Edith Knapp, Anna Mae Nelson, Jean Law- rence, Bernice Otto, Earl Hatfield, Donald McConnell, Dale Hammerton, Mr. Pentecost. Page Fourteen I 4 E 1 I THE SENIOR PLAY v ' On March 29, l940 twelve of the fourteen Seniors par- ticipated in the presentation of their class play, "Crashing Society". The cast of characters is as follows: Adam Dunnigan CThe husbandg and loyal subjectj Dale Ham- merton. Elsie Dunnigan fThe wifeg and ruler of the Dunnigan homej Bernice Otto. Marguerite CTheir oldest daughterj Viola Gudeman George QTheir sonl Arthur Jacob Christabel Cllheir youngest daughterl Lorraine Olson Scruples-Scruples Cllheir butlerl Wayne Eckersley Miss Gadgett CTutorJ Marie Severinson Mr. Van Witherspoon fLeader in New York societyl Melvin Stock. Mrs. Van Witherspoon CHis wifej Mary L. Lee Cyril Van Witherspoon CTheir sonj Donald McConnell Agatha Mulrooney fVirtuosoJ Annabel Leigh Miss Louise Miller QReporter5 Betty Ripley Elsie Dunnigan with her one great ambitiotn to "Crash Society" has moved from a small town, Jerkwater, to New York City. Everyone disapproves of this "high falutin"' life with the exception of the youngest daughter Christabel, who makes drastic attempts at writing futuristic poetry. Adam Dunnigan, pretending to be a very illerate man, shows he's boss by planning a scheme against his wife, Elsie. When Elsie learns that Adam has deceived her, she is very angry and refuses to go back to Jerkwater, and disap- proves of Marguerite marrying Cyril Van Witherspoon, Adam immediately takes things in his hands and consents to the marriage and also convinces Elsie to return to their home town. Scruples-Scruples plays a very humorous part in the play. Page Fifteen TYPING CLASS "Prospering commercial students at Work." Left to Right: First Row: Ruth LeSauX, Alice Peterson. Second Row: Jean Lawrence, Frederick Stock, Jane Haley, Miss Weih- meir. Third Row: Kenneth Bauer, Dale Hammerton, Lee Eisenmann, Merle Grove. GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS "Gym class is playtime for the girls" Left to Right: Patricia Neathery, Eileen Knapp, Florence Severinson Nina Fulks, Jean Lawrence, Alice Peterson, Edith Knapp, Jane Haley, Eleanor Moore, Irene Funk, Betty Jennett, Miss Bane, Maxine Lee, Doris Davis, Louise Chew, Elaine Ander- son, Frieda Schupbach, Miss Dowler, Edythe Hoerr, Aurial Keitzman, Jennie Wilson, Rosella Schupbach, Ruth Neathery, Verna Mae Boehme. 7 BOYS PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS "Boxing champs in the making" Left to Right: Lee Eisenmann, Melvin Potter, Mr. Pentecost, Earl Stipp, Calvin Potter, Eugene Neathery, Kenneth Brassfield. ENGLISH III "Juniors feign act in pantomineu Left to Right: First Row: Edith Knapp, Carl Robertson, Edthye Hoerr, Alice Peterson, Ruth LeSaux, Jean Lawrence, Earl Hatfield, Jane Haley. Second Row: Anna Mae Nelson, Frieda Schupbach, Frederick Stock, Edwin Montross, Merle Gro-ve, Kenneth Bauer, George Keitz- man, Lee Eisenmann, Miss Dowler. Page Sixteen THE JUNIOR PLAY One of the greatest thrills of the Junior year was the presentation of the Junior Play. The Juniors of '39-40 selected and presented, on Novem- ber the 21, "And Mary Did". The cast of characters for this play was as follows: Mary Sterling QA modern "Joan of Arc"J Ruth LeSaux Edith Smith CMary's chumj Jean Lawrence Willie Sterling fMary's brotherj Kenny Bauer Betty Sterling fMary's sisterj Edith Knapp Mrs. Sterling fAn old-fashioned motherj Alice Peterson Lawrence Grey fA modern Launcelotl Edwin Montross Mr. Grey CFather of Lawrencel - Carl Robertson Matilda fHel'ps Mrs. Sterling with the ho-useworkj Edythe Haerr. Henry CSupnosed to he a gardenerj Lee Eisenmann Miss Whittaker CA masculine monument to feminine free- doml Frieda Schupbach. Dressa Rand fThe girl that men forgetj Jane Haley Stage Managers Earl Hatfield a.nd Merle Grove Mrs. Sterling, an old-fashioned mother, can't grasp the modern mode of living which her three children understand to perfection. Mary the oldest daughter has fallen in love with Lawrence Grey, but Mr. Grey does not appove of Mary as a daughter. He favors a marriage between his son and Dressa Rand, who has come in company with a million dollars. Dressa and Mr. Grey plan a campaign ,hoping Larry will be impressed by Dressa. Mary starts her political speeches for Larry who is running for Mayor and she wins Larry and also wins Mr. Grey's consent to their marriage. The play was a great success and the audience received as much pleasure out of the acts, as the Juniors enjoyed show- ingtheir good acting a.bility. Page Seventeen STUDY HALL Left to Right: First Row: ' Edith Otto, Edwin Montross, Melvin Stock, Aurial Keitz- man. Second Row: June Mitchel, Ruth Neathery, Jane Haley, Lee Eisen- man, Leslie Bushong, Merle Grove. Third Row: Jennie Wilson, Patricia Neathery, Ruth LeSaux, Edythe Haerr, Mary L. Lee, Dale Hammerton. Fourth Row: Jean Lawrence, Rosella. Schupbach, Florence Severin? son, Verna Mae Boehme, Marie Severinson, Bernice Otto, Viola Gudeman. Fifth Row: Edith Knapp, Anna Mae Nelson, Betty Ripley, Frieda Schupbach, Jean Johnson, Donald McConnell, Arthur Jacob. Sixth Row: Earl Hatfield. HOME ECONOMICS II Front Row: Marjorie Frederickson, Louise Chew, Doris Davis, Nina Fulks, Miss Bane, Irene Funk. Back Row: Zelma Hofer, Marguer- ite Boehme fhidden behind Nina Fulks,J Irma Mae Hayes, Maxine Lee, Chidden behind Miss Banei Ruth Mc- Connell, Eleanor Moore. AGRICULTURE CLASS Left to- Right: Front Row: Calvin Potter, Earl Horton, Junior Hofer, Earl Stipp, Robert Wright, Victor Smock. Wayne Denman. Back Row: Melvin Potter, Ray Stipp, Kenneth Brassfielfl, Amos Steiner, Eugene Neath- ery, Richard McConnell, Mr. Ringe, Instructor. HOME ECONOMICS III Left to Right: Viola Gudeman, Edith Haerr, Annabel Leigh, Jean Johnson, Miss Bane, Lois Wilson, Betty Ripley, Edith lxnapp, Marie Severinson. FARM MECHANICS Left to Right: Carl Robertson, Mr. R i n g e, Lee Eisenmann, Wayne Eckersley, Melvin. Stock. Page Eighteen ,-1 ,fg.f.-my ,Lg-,,-,,-3:vpf'i,x,' w THE EASTYN - Q-194Q W 5 ti? . . ACTIVITIES STUDENT COUNCIL Dale Hammerton-President Wayne Denman-Secretary and Treasury Left to Right: Jean Lawrence, Junior Hofer, Wayne Denman, Anna- bel Leigh, Mr. Von Behren, Wayne Eckersley, Dale Hammer- ton, Kenneth Bauer, Bernice Otto. THE PURPOSES OF THE STUDENT ICOUNCIL ARE: 1. To provide unity and cooperation of the pupils and faculty in all the extra-curricular activities to the school. 2. To de- velop the spirit, ideals, and practice of good citizenship in the school 3. To provide a means of adequate government and man- agement of all extra-curricular activites. 4. to promote the general welfare of East Lynn High School, its good name and reputation, and its possibilities for the achievement of its purposes. 5. To bring about eouality and justice to all pupils, in the benefits and responsibilities of school life. 6. To provide a satisfactory means of carrying on relations with other school and business relations of the pupils organization. ANNUAL STAFF M Dale Hammerton-Editor-in-Chief Annabel Leigh-Assistant Editor Seated Left to Right: Donald McConnell-Sports Editor, Dale Hammerton, Annabel Leigh, Marv L. Lee-Business Manager. Standing Left to Right: Jean Johnson-Galen-dar Reporter, Marie Severinson- Historian. Mr. Von Behren-Advisor, Bernice Otto-Proof Reader, Viola Gudeman-Snapshot Editor, Melvin Stock-- Alumni Reporter, Betty Ripley and Lorraine Olson fabsentb- Assistant Business Managers. LOUDSPEAKER STAFF Bernice Otto-Editor-in-Chief Viola Gudeman-Assistant Editor Seated Left to Right: Annabel Leigh-Typist. Mary L. Lee-Typist, Bernice Otto, Viola Gudeman, Lois Wilson-Business Manager. Standing Left to Right: Alice Peterson-A. R. G. Reporter and Artist, Jean Law- rence-Society Reporter, Anna M. Nelson-Exchange Reporter, Marie Severinson-Typist, Miss Dowler-Advisor, Betty Ripley- Typist, Maxine Lee-Sophomore Reporter, Dale Hammerton- Sports Reporter. Leslie Bushong-F. F. A. Reporter, Senior Reporter-Lorraine Olson. Page Twenty 1 F. F. A. The F. F. A. is a boys agricultural club which stands for Future Farmers of America. The club has monthly meetings to discuss general plans. The highlight of the year is the Father-Son Banquet. Specific purposes of the club are as follows: ' 1. To develop competent, aggressive, rural and agricul- tural leadership. 2. To create and nurture a love of country life. 3. To strengthen the confidence of farm boys and young men in themselves and their work. 4. To create more interest in the intelligent choice of farming occupations. 5. To encour- age members in the development of individual farming pro- grams and establishment in farming. 6. To encourage mem- bers to improve the fa.rm ho-me and its surroundings. 7. To participate in worthy undertakings for the improvement of agriculture. 8. To develop character, train for useful citizen- ship and foster patriotism. 9. To participate in cooperative effort. 10. To encourage and practice thrift. 11. To encourage improvement in scholarship. 12. To provide and encourage the development of organized rural recreational activities. A. R. G. There has been a Home Economics C-lub at Ea.st Lynn High School since Home Economics was first introduced in the high school as a course of study. It was in 1933 the club was given the name A. R. G., which stands for "All Round Girls", The club holds a monthly meeting with 5c monthly dues anid l0c yearly dues. The girls of the club serve a Mother and Daughter Banquet annually as a tribute to their mothers as well as helping send delegates to the Home Economics conven- tion each year. The objects of the A. R. G. are: 1. The objects of this organization shall be to form a connect- ing link between the school and the home. 2. To develop active and efficient leaders among high school students for home and community liife. 3. To stimulate interest in hofmemaking. 4. To develop a professional spirit among the homemaking students. o. To bring closer relationships between local, state and national organizations dealing with homemaking. 6. To furnish opportunity through organization for social, philanthropic, educational and recreational activities. Page Twenty-one F. F. A. President-Donald McConnell Vice President-Melvin Stock Secretary-Treasurer--Kenneth Bauer Left to right, First rofvv-Earl Stipp, Leslie Bushong, Melvin Stock, Donald McConnell, Kenneth Bauer, Victor Smock, Mr. Ringe. Second Row-Frederick Stock, Earl Hor- ton, Lee Eisenmann, Earl Hatfield, Amos Steiner, Kenneth Brassfield, Merle Grove, Arthur Jacob, Robert Wright. Third Row-Junior Hofer, Richard McConnell, George Keitzmann. Wayne Eckersley, Calvin Potter, Eugene Neathery, Ray Stipp, Melvin Potter, Carl Robertson. A. R. G. President-Marie Severinson Vice President-Lois Jean Lawrence Secretary-Lois Jane Haley Treasurer-Irma Mae Hayes Left to Right, First Row-Maxine Lee, Annabel Leigh, Alice Peterson, Marguerite Boehme, Nina Fulks. Second Row-Miss Dowler, Miss Bane, Lois Jean Lawrence, Jennie Wilson, Marjorie Frederickson, Florence Severinson, Miss Weihnieir. Third Row-Eleanor Moore, Lois Jane Haley, Mary Louise Lee, Irma Mae Hayes, Lois Wilson, Pat Neathery. Fourth Row-Verna Mae Boehme, Ruth McConnell, Marie Severinson, June Mitchell, Zelma Hofer, Elaine Anderson, Ruth LeSaux, Ruth Neathery, Lorraine Olson fAbsentl . MIXED CHORUS Director-Miss Loretta Weihmeir Left to Right, First Row-Jane Haley, Viola Gudeman, Ruth Le Saux, Irma Mae Hayes, Alice Peterson, Marguerite Boehme, Second Row-Wayne Eckersley, Junior Hofer, Mel- vin Stock, Kenneth Bauer, Victor Smock, Carl Robertson, Miss Weihmeir. Third Ro-W-Jean Johnson, June Mitchell, Zelma Hofer, Betty Ripley, Marie Severinson, Elaine Anderson. Fourth Row-Kenneth Brassfield, Lee Eisenmann, Dale Hain- merton, Wayne Denman, Frederick Stock, Donald McConnell. Fifth Row-Pat Neathery, Florence Severinson, Marjorie Freclerickson, Annabel Leigh, Jean Lawrence, Louise Chew. Page Twenty-two 1 N15 ATM-9 Xa 'f iii? W - gn, 1 5 Wit? 2 I4 35,9 sk migy K ff f5f 51l'1i'5iW?RWm'N 'F ' - ' N if' 6 ' JIT! ,A 9 . ..., A. Q, Y . -u ' . ' 'HX ,xx Q-X -R X, zv. F .5 Y ' ' 1"x"'f.. -W 5 s QM 'v..,4 , , ,- .4 ', . If 4 ff - 3 ,, f.,,'lf fn , Ni 5 Q 1 AL? FX lf ggg can ' ' 'ir . vmx - B Dig if 5 f If 3, ' 55' 'VK4' 1 A SF- '- E? 2 ' 55 M 11 H N I iilnhq T5 -i ff 7 exp A an l 1 3, an ' H MUSIC "Music for every student and every student for Music." Every stu-dent needs an emotional outlet, and music is the most natural and undoubtedly the most beneficial. The various music groups of East Lynn High School have been very active throughout the year 1939-1940. The first public appearance of the year was made on October 17th when the Girls' Glee Clubl Cccmposed of 18 voicesj presented a program over Radio Station WDAN, Danville, Illinois. Several numbers by the noted composer, Brahms, were rendered, along with the well known "When Day Is Done" by Katscher. At the Fall Festival, November 16 and 17, our music department gave several numbers. The Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Boys' Glee Club and Orchestra presented programs at each of the four sessions respectively. One of the highlights of the year's musical activity was the Vesper Service of Christmas Carols on Sunday afternoon, December 17th. By candlelight a choir of 29 selected voices sang to a capacity filled church. Such old familiar carols as Palestrina's "Gloria Patri", Silent Night", The First Noel", lent much to the sacred atmosphere of the Christmas season. The complete program was repeated over Radio Station WDAN the week following. On May first a Spring Musicale was presented by the entire Musical Department. A theme of 'fMusic From Foreign Lands" was carried throughout the program-a special part being devoted to the rendition of the loved Negro Spirituals. An interesting arrangement for Chorus and Orchestra of the Italian, Denza's "Funiculi, Funiculi", was of especial interest on this concert. Various parts of this program were broadcast over Station WDAN. Aside from the larger musical organizations we have several ensemble groups which have presented programs at church, banquets and club meetings in East Lynn and nearby communities. Within our school we have a Girls' Trio, a Mixed Quartet, and an Instrumental Trio composed of piano, flute, clarinet. As worthwhile participants in the field of music, we per- sistently seek the crowning aim of musical activity-beauty of tone and expression. Music reaches and awakens the sense of beauty and provides the most ready and natural means for its free expression. "Music for everyone and everyone for Music." Page Twenty-three L, HU-A-M - GIRLS GLEE CLUB Left to Right: First Row: Louise Chew, Elinor Moore, Rosella Schupbach, Annabel Leigh, Edith Knapp, Anna Mae Nelson, Marjorie Frederick- son. Second Row: Doris Davis, Jean Lawrence, Patricia Neathery, Frieda Schupbach, Margaret Stock, Nina Fulks, Edith Otto, Florence Severinson, Miss Weihmeir. Third Row: Jennie Wilson, Ruth Neathery, Eileen Knapp, Jane Haley, Jean Johnson, Viola Gudeman, Irma Hayes, Alice Peterson, Marguerite Boehme, Ruth McConnell. Fourth Row: Aurial Keitzmann, Mary Elaine Anderson, Irene Funk, Zelma Hofer, Betty Ripley, Marie Severinson, Ruth LeSaux, June Mitchell, Edith Hoerr, Verna Mae Boehme. BOYS GLEE CLUB Left to Right: First Row: Victor Sinock, Junior Hofer, Kenneth Brassfield, Ken- neth Bauer, Carl Robertson, Earl Stipp. Second Row: Melvin Stock. Eugene Neathery, Richard McConnell, Frederick Stock, Miss Weihmeir. Third Row: Leslie Bushong, Lee Eiseniann, Donald McConnell, Earl Hatfield, George Keitzmann. Fourth Row: Wayne Eckersley, Merle Grove, Dale Hammerton, Ar- thur Jacob, Amos Steiner, Wayne Denman. ORCHESTRA Left to Right: Elinor Moore, Irina Hayes, Marie Severinson, Florence Severinson, Zelma Hofer, Margaret Stock, June Mitchell, Mary Elaine Anderson, Jane Haley, Miss Weilimei1', Junior Hofer, Jean Lawrence, Ruth LeSauX, Kenneth Brassfield, Victor Smock. Page Twenty-four - -' '- QA Q T LA ' '2 ' ' 3 . , 'V' Q "rpg V 5-y 524 I FF . I ' ' 'T JP. ' :iff -- T, W1 -25 'Q 3' .Eg ' ? iff -'git . . 'v 1 'A ' , AF. ,- .g,-,- , . ,- q 55,2 KJ, fffj gf lip '71 I I J L Xi 7 , -.3 V .I X ? f s W B ' . f,,. in 'qi P n' Mx 1 Q E. I 'VN fan L ':. L ff g1jql'F5f . M 74 allay H ix fix I 3 :I af f x , Q L 3 f , .9 ksiwyavfj 2 an V y Qwf 'fx' Q 1 fx BASKETBALL Under the superb coaching of Mr. Von Behren the 1939- 40 basketball team proved fairly successful with drawbacks due to the fact that several inexperienced boys were out for the squad and also several were hindered in height. We believe that many fans of the 1939-40 team were not primarily a group of fans that came to watch the games and went away down hearted because of a defeat. East Lynn basketball boys have always been noted for their scrappy playing to the last seconds of the game and never giving up. The regular team consisted of, Arthur Jacob, center, Kenneth Bauer, forwardg Wayne Denman, forwardg Donald McConnell, guard, and Dale Hammerton, guard. 'Art' Jacob proved very successful at the ,position. He carried out his job in getting rebounds. Art had the spirit to fight hard to the finish. 'Kenny' Bauer, although hindered in size and weight carried on very successfully. He was fast and very clever in handling the ball. "Soc" was also a good shot from almost any- where on the floor. Wayne Denman fulfilled his duties playing the other forward position. "Nickle Plate" was a very hard rebounder and a good shot from the side of the floor and in the pivot position. Rex will show up greatly next year. . Dale Hammerton showed his ability as a very successful guard. He was a very heady player and clever ball handler. Hammerton acted as Captain of the H39-40" team and we are firm in our belief that he was liked by all players and fans. Donald McConnell took charge of the other guard posi- tion. Although not a heavy-scorer Don justified himself as one of the steadiest players on the team. He was the main spark in the defensive position. An invitational tourney was held at Potomac. Teams competing were: Armstrong, East Lynn, Henning and Poto- mac. Drawings were made just before the game with Armstrong playing Potomac and East Lynn drawing Henning. The first game was won by Potomac. The second game of the evening was a thrilling upset, with Henning winning over East Lynn by a mere three points. The second evening came up with Henning playing Potomac and East Lynn playing Armstrong. East Lynn came back the second night to defeat the Armstrong five and win the third place trophy. Potomac won the second game of the evening seizing the first place trophy and the second place was awarded to the scrappy Henning boys, Page Twenty-f ive BASKETBALL SQUAD Left to Right: First Row: Victor Sinock, Kenneth Bauer, Richard McConnell, Robert Wright, Junior Hofer. Second Row: Leslie Bushong, Earl Stipp, Earl Hatfield, Kenneth Brassfield, Coach Von Behren. Third Row: Wayne Denman, Dewin Montross, Arthur Jacob, Dale Hammerton, Donald McConnell. ABSENT: LeRoy Martin, Perry Lee Olson. BASKETBALL SQUAD IN ACTION Donald McConnell Robert Wright Richard McConnell Kenneth Bauer Wayne Denman Edwin Montross Dale Hammerton Junior Hofer Victor Smock Arthur Jacob BASEBALL Left to Right: First Row: Richard McConnell, Wayne Denman, Kenneth Bauer, Robert Wright, Dale Hammerton, Victor Smock, Arthur Jacob, Kenneth Brassfield. Second Row: Leslie Bushong, Donald McConnell, Coach Von Behren. Absent: LeRoy Martin and Perry Lee Olson. Page Twenty-six THE COUNTY TOURNAMENT The county Tournament was played at Hoopeston with East Lynn playing the Rankin five. Within the last two sec- onds to play, East Lynn was leading one point but with only one second to play, Rankin's sparing forward Shepard dropped a beautiful left handed shot to take the game from East Lynn. The finals of the county Tournament -were held at West- ville with Indianola shaking' off all opponents and winning the 1940 County Championship. The scrappy north end Ross- ville five took second, Armstrong defeated Oakwood for third leaving Oakwood in fourth place. Schedule for 1939-1940 Nov. 14 Henning 24 East Lynn Dec. 1 Rankin 16 East Lynn Dec. 5 Stockland 32 East Lynn Dec. 8-9 Potomac Tourney Henning 27 East Lynn Dec. 8-9 Potomac Tourney Armstrong 33 East Lynn Dec. 15 Alvin 17 East Lynn Dec. 22 Hoopeston 40 East Lynn Jan. 5 Wellington 35 East Lynn Jan. 16 Rossville 26 East Lynn Jan. 19 Potomac 34 East Lynn Jan. 22 Co, Tourney Rankin 25 East Lynn Feb. 2 Alvin 13 East Lynn Feb. 9 Rankin 32 East Lynn Feb. 10 Cissna Park 31 East Lynn Feb. 13 Wellington 30 East Lynn Feb. 16 Henning 26 East Lynn Feb. 23 Dist. Tourney Woodland 26 East Lynn Feb. 24 Dist. Tourney Potomac 31 East Lynn Baseball Schedule-1939 Sept. 15 Henning 8 East Lynn Sept 22 Potomac 11 East Lynn Sept. 26 Alvin 7 East Lynn Sept. 29 Rankin 14 East Lynn Oct. 6 Bismarck 11 East Lynn Oct. 12 Armstrong 8 East Lynn BASEBALL Due to the fact that practically two-thirds of the team was inexperienced, the baseball season can be considered a success. Undoubtedly next season will be more successful, even though, Hammerton, Jacob, and McConnell will be lost by graduaton. Page Twenty-seven The "39" team consisted as followsg Dale Hammerton, Pitcherg Don McConnell, Catcherg Art Jacob, first baseg LeRoy Martin, second base, Wayne Denman, Short Stopg Victor Smock, Third base, Kenneth Brassfield, Left field, Richard McConnell, Center fieldg Robert Wright, Right field. Dale Hammerton proved to be very good on the hill, doing his part pitching and in batting he also showed up greatly. Donald McConnell aided by his stalky build was one of the best back stops in the league. Usually batted in cleanup position and led the team in batting. Art Jacob, favored with his height and lankness, served his time well at the first base position. LeRoy Martin held down the second base position and substantiated his activeness as an infielder. Wayne Denman, the experienced short stop from last year, handled batting and fielding with a great deal of tact- fullness. Wayne has good prospects for a pitcher for his next two years. Victor Smock, the small but mighty third baseman did a very good job playing his position. "Vic" also did his part at batting. Kenneth Brassfield proved to be a very good left fielder and will be heard of greatly in his next two years. Richard McConnell, a freshman did very well in center field considering that he was practically unknown to baseball. y Robert Wright had right field under his command. Bob was also a good batter and will help bring in the scores in the next three years for East Lynn. , JOKES vie: "what'did zeima say af- ter you kissed her?" Nic: "She told me to call on Friday hereafter be- cause that was amatur's night." "Dick," asked Miss Bane, "Did you throw those paper wads sticking on the black- board?" "No," replied Dick, "Mine didn't Stick." Mr. Von Behren: "My wife would make a good congress- man." Mr .Ringer "Why?" Mr. Von Behren: "She is al- ways introducing bills into the house." ' Lorraine: "What do you think of the raising genera- tion?" ' Mr.. Pentecost: "They ought to be sat on." . Page Twenty-eight Kcnm:tABaver r.,w.f4 Dale Hammerfohv ' Victor Smack 7 Rn-ard Ulpfdin - Uvurl ofcr Wayne Denma n Fo r-orgy-J dwlh dnvfer G-mr! to New York. Here I recognized Jean Johnson, who was a great opera. singer at the Metropolitan and was married to Paul Robinson. I looked a little further in New York, and who should l see but Bernice Otto sitting at the Editor's Desk of the "New York Times". I moved the telescope until I saw Washington, D. C., where I spied Mr. Don McConnell carrying mail. Just then I remembered seeing in the newspaper that he had received his fifth divorce. Being disappointed in females he had decided to become a ma.ilman. Next I focused my telescope across the water to Switzer- land. Here I saw Viola Gudeman running a large school for skiing. Helping her was a French Marquis who, I calculated, was her husband. After this interesting experience Iwas just ready to return the telescope to Jolly Joe when my eye caught China, and here I saw Melvin Stock and Betty Ripley who were happily married. Looking closer I saw that Betty was doing Missionary work in China, she was teaching little Chinese children how to"Jitterbug". Out in the street I saw Melvin drawing a Rickshaw. "It is now time for me to check up on the old dressing race," I heard Jolly Joe say, so my adventure was over. I left the studio and got into my car and headed for home. On the way home I thought of all those I had seen through the magic telescope and decided I had seen the whole senior class of 1940. CLASS WILL ICONTIUED , Bernice Edna. Otto do hereby will and bequeath my poetic a.bility to Mr. Von Behren so that he can teach poetry instead of History to his succeeding Senior Classes. I, Annabel Leigh do hereby will and bequeath my ability in leadership to George Keitzmann. I, Eldon Wayne Eckersly do hereby will and bequeath my shyness to Wayne Denman, which I am sure he can use quite appropriately in Music Class. In witness whereof, we are here unto set our hand and seal this twenty third day of May in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and forty. fSignedJ The SENIOR CLASS OF '40. Page Twenty-nine ALUMNI I believe in the United States of America as a govern- ment of the people, by the people, for the people, whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed, a demo- cracy in a republic, a sovereign nation of many sovereign states, perfect union, one and inseparable, established upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to love it: to support its constitution, to obey its laws, to respect its flag' and to defend it against all enemies. CLASS OF 1917 Lawrence Anderson, Chicago, Ill., Auditor, Esther Er- ickson, Rankin, Ill., Teaching school, Edith Luxton McConnell East Lynn, Ill., Housewife. CLASS OF 1918. Geraldine Dorrough, Kankakee, Ill., Housewife, Esther Gustafson Martin, East Lynn, Ill., Housewife, Bessie Harris Hayes, East Lynn, Ill., Housewife, Dorothy Humbert Howell, Lafayette, Ind., Housewife, Daniel Martin, Rankin, Ill., farm- ing fMarriedJ. Q CLASS OF 1919 Glenn Brown, Gary, Ind., Steel Mill, Bernice Clements Uhle, Chicago, Ill., Housewife, Anna Gustafson, Danville, Ill., Noble Motor Co., Faye Hanson Hayes, East Lynn, Ill., House- wife. CLASS OF 1920. Marie Clements, East Lynn, Ill., Teaching, Harry Dor- ren, Armstrong, Ill., Farming, Kenneth Haley, Chicago, Ill. Packard Motor Car Co., El-ma Hays, Gays, Ill. Housewife' Harry Martin, Paxton, Ill., Farming. CLASS OF 1921. Mildred Doren Creighton, Armstrong, Ill., Oil Station, Mamie Gunnerson, CDeceasedJ, Anna Jennett Foehrer, Dan- ville, Ill., Housewife, Francis Jennett Stirriup, Hoopeston, Ill., Housewife, Clifford Lawrence, St. Louis, Mo., Auto Sales- man, Donald Lee, Sandoval, Ill., Teaching. CLASS OF 1922. Beatrice Clements McConnell, East Lynn, Ill., House- wife, Vera Hammerton Lawrence, East Lynn, Ill., Housewife, Bernice Hays Lawrence, East Lynn, Ill., Housewife, Glenn Long, Fountain Creek, Ill., Elevator Operating Business. CLASS OF 1923. Reva. Luxton Leigh, East Lynn, Ill., Housewife, Ernest u 7 l 7 7 . Page Thirty Martin, Hoopeston, Ill., Teaching, Dwight Leigh, East Lynn, Ill., Farming, Hazel Anderson Goodwine, Pence, Ind., House- wife, Harold Edward Gustafson, Washington, D. C., Govern- ment Employee, Ed W. Jennett, Hoopeston, Ill., Sells Lime- stone, Verial Seacrist Phillips, Hoopeston, Ill., Housewife' Delmer Searl, Danville, Ill., Outdoor Advertising Co., Gerald- 1ne Smith Baier, St. Louis, Mo., Housewife. CLASS OF 1924. Kenneth Hammerton, Hoopeston, Ill., Farming, Irvin Lawrence, Danville, Ill., Baum Packing Co., Ray Hanson, East Lynn, Ill., Teaching, Dorothy,Busch Westfall, Stockland, Ill., Housewife, Mildred Humbert Minns, Fowler, Ind., Housewife, Walter Strayer, Danville, Ill., Office Work in Garage. CLASS OF 1925. Thelma Utterback Glass, Ambia, Ind., Housewife, Ethel Jennett, Hoopston, Ill., At Home, Leo McDonald, Rankin, Ill., Teaching, Nola. Storm Beckman, Milford, Ill., Teaching, Louise Anderson, East Lynn, Housekeeping, Bessie Searl, Danville, Ill., Nurse, Ethel Clements Strom, East Lynn, Ill., Housewife, Geraldine Smock Prillman, Rossville, Ill. Housewife, Eldon Haley, East Lynn, Ill., Home. CLASS OF 1926. Francis Moore, East Lynn, Ill., Home, Arthur McCord, East Lynn, Ill., Married, Gertrude McCord Hamilton, Hedrick, Ind., House-wife, Walter Martin, Ra.nkin, Ill., Farming, Lloyd Moore, East Lynn, Ill., Railroad Worker, Edna McConnell Jen- kins, Danville, Ill., Housewife, Scott Simpson, Hoopeston, Ill., Works at Sprague: Marlin Seacrist, Hoopeston, Ill., Mechanic, Genevieve Daxey Campbell, New Castle, Ind., Nurse, Grace Lawrence Smith, Plainfield, Ill., Housewife, Thelma Storm Martin, Paxton, Ill., Housewife, Mildred Atha Steen, Detroit, Mich., Housewife, Elma Reid Workins, Phophetstown, Ill., Housewife. CLASS OF 1927. Aaron Bauer, Goodwine, Ill., Bank, Irma Anderson Mar- tin, Rankin, Ill., Housewife, John Miller, Chicago, Ill., Iron Fireman, Alice Mutton Herman, Hoopeston, Ill., Housewife, Glenn Moore, Normal, Ill., Teaching, Ernest Bell, Brazil, Ind., Continental Chemical Co., Zola Collins Schaffer, Rankin, Ill., Housewife, Paul Johnson, Clarence, Ill., Farming, Lawrence Harris, Rankin, Ill., Farming, Edna Mutton Anderson, Hoopes- ton, Ill., Housewife. CLASS OF 1928. Elmer Anderson, Champaign, Ill., Employed at Dairy, Leona Hickman McCord, East Lynn, Ill., Housewife, Spencer 7 Page Thirty-one Collins, East Lynn, Ill., W. P. A., Daniel Smith, Hoopeston, Ill., Lawyer, George Anderson, East Lynn, Ill., At Home, Paul Jennett, Hoopeston, Ill., Farming, Doris Denman, Mont- gomery, Taylorville, Ill., Housewife, William Carpenter, Akron, Ohio, Chemist in Tire Co. CLASS OF 1929. Walter Carpenter, Potomac, Ill., Farming, Zola McCord, East Lynn, Ill., Teaching, Guy Moore, Champaign, Ill., Inspec-- tor fCaterpillerJ, Walter Schupbach, Peoria, Ill., Employed in cream station, Mildred Lynch May, Decateur, Ill., House- wife, Wilma Storm McDonald, Rankin, Ill., Teaching, Max Sea- crest, Fithian, Teaching. CLASS OF 1930. Mable Waggoner, Fisher, Ill., Housewife, Franklin Mc- Cord, East Lynn, Ill., Driving Oil Supply Truck, Francis Betka Hurtiman, Urbana, Ill., Teaching, Clara Schupbach Hauffman, Rankin, Ill., Housewife, Max Anderson, Hoopeston, Ill., Farm- ing, Ralph Moore, Danville, Ill., Baum Packing Co., Katherine Mercer Gray, Berkley, Calif., Housewife, Vera Allison, Ross- ville, Ill., At Home. CLASS OF 1931. Beulah Alt, Rankin,Ill., Teaching, Loren Anderson, East Lynn, Ill., Trucking, Donald Anderson, Hoopeston, Ill., Farm- ing, Kenneth Bell, Hoopeston, Ill., Sprague Sells Co., Earl Carpenter, fDeceasedJ , Lyle Hall, Mich., Sewing Machine Co., Arthur Johnson, Clarence, Ill., Farming, Wendall Hall, J am- aica, Ill., Teaching. CLASS OF 1932. Dale Eckersley, Farmers City, Ill., Employed in garage, Henry Jacob, Paxton, Ill., Employed in Middlecod Hotel: Es- ther Marie Olson Houmes, East Lynn, Ill., Housewife, Charles Lee, Bismarck, Ill., Farming, Helen Leigh Davis, East Lynn, lll., Housewife, Mary Esther Mercer Hall, Jamaica, Ill., House- wife, Eugene Smock, fDeceasedl , Raymond Eisenmann, Cissna Park, Ill., Farming, George Bauer, Hoopeston, Ill., Em- ployed in Bank at Goodwine, Warren Putnam, Winona, Ill., Teaching, Elsie Queen, Rossville, Ill., Housewife, Forest Mc- neely, Danville, Ill., Baum Packing Co., Frank Carpenter, Chicago, Ill., Factory Work, Leo Carpenter, Chicago, ll-l.. Ice Cream Co. CLASS OF 1933. Lilian Alt Lee, Bismarck, Ill., Housewife, Robert Houmes, California, Marin-es, Irma Lee McNeely, Danville, Ill., Beauty Culturi-st, Robert Holden, Hoopeston, Ill., Farm- ing, Carl Anderson, Rankin, Ill., Farming, Harold Anderson, Page Thirty-two 'HIS Baoffdecpfiy fl! F8111 p ' eslunm Again ff Bashful'lB2H" Dnncfny Solifvde 1 fvxfiii- ag ' . 1-HMHS 'avg if .1 v . . U5 f. M5 I JNVT 4 ,A , . .UE 1 . N r qv ' 3 52. , YY I ' . A A ,' " ,JL an M -u 11. M - ,- ,Q ,xg-51:11 , Qi g,'4,l,i l1'f'v5"'f""'4T 61':.'I 0 Qfif.:'i--' "V 'LM-L. .tv 'fire . PQ'wfr2fX. '--1 ff '?fU'1",-s 'N 1 AWA buck Wbe ll ' 7' " ' - Twins 1 snhrs F"-5f"5.! must' Pfif lx.. ' x :XX , f X. 5 . X ,Q -. I Ag xx ., F Amt DM? Wanna bvya 1 c3?10K Don .IX ,sf Sbffllsflcaff.-affff C1-fic. Coa5,,,s 5 - . fl!! Yum! y""'.,y'-'l'H.l Gfrls Ti-,B Same Kovtfne Hoopeston, Ill., Farming, Robert Anderson, San Diego, Cal. D. S. Navy Hospital, Raymond Bauer, Hoopeston, Ill., Farm- ing, Floyd Hickman, Milford, Ill., Farming, Helen Hinton Frankfort, Ind., Housewife, Edwin Kerrick, Rossville, Ill. Farming, Hylma Whiteman McNeely, Hoopeston, Ill., House- wife. CLASS OF 1934. Wilma Clements Taylor, Potomac, Ill., Housewife' George Edward Putnam, East Lynn, Ill., Farming, Sue Ober- lander Atha, Detroit, Mich., Housewife, John Mitchel, East Lynn, Ill., Farming, Ross Cheneworth, East Lynn, Ill., On Bread Truck, Glenn Umbanhower, Hoopeston, Ill., Farming, Virginia Ripley, Peoria, Ill., Waitress in Hotel, Edward Atha, Detroit, Mich., Mechanic, Chester McNeely, Hazel Crest, Ill. Gear Factory, Mildred March, Danville, Ill., Waitress in Hotel' Harold Robertson, Rankin, Ill., Farming, Ella Jacob, Rankin Ill., At Home. CLASS OF 1935. Lawrence Herman, Hoopeston, Ill., Oil Station, June Nelson Custer, Rankin, Ill., Housewife, Katherine Kerr Ivie, Decatur, Ill., Housewife, Agnes Swanson Unbanhower, Hoopeston, Ill., Housewife, Wilmur Johnson, East Lynn, Ill., Oil Station, Elvina Anderson, Chicago, Ill., Nurse, Alva Haw-A thorne, Goodwine, Ill., At Home, Florine Allen Breeding, Shel- don, Ill., Housewife, Louise Smith Niece, Rankin, Ill., House- wife, Harold Smith, Rankin, Ill.. Farming, Sarah Mercer, Washington, D. C., Stenographer, Pauline Putnam, East Lynn, Ill., At Home: Chester Berg, Cissna Park, Ill., Farming, Laverne Landis, Watseka, Ill., Housewife, George Luxton Jr., East Lynn, Ill., Fa.rming. CLASS OF 1936. Georgianna Leigh, Normal. lll.. Student, Henry March, Hoopeston, Ill., Grocery Store: Clair Eckersley, Rossville, Ill., Farming, Russell Alt, Hoopeston, Ill.. Farming, Carl Smock Jr., East Lynn, Ill.. At Home, Marie Oberlander Samet, East Lynn, Ill., Housewife, Merlyn Hall. Lafayette. Ind., Taxi Cab Driver, Clara Montross Gudgel, Milford, Ill., Housewife, June Thomas McNeely, Hazel Crest, Ill., Housewife, Marvin Swing. Kankakee, Ill., Student, Wayne Marshall, Rankin, Ill., At Home, Virgil Peterson, Hoopeston, Ill., Farming, Elizabeth Robertson King, Cissna Park, Ill., Housewife: Harlan Irvin, Rankin, Ill., Farming, Richard Johnson, East Lynn, Ill., Busi- ness. CLASS OF 1937 Wilbert Gudeman, Hoopeslon, Ill., Farming, Ann Sclaup- 7 7 7 S 7 Thirty-three bach, Normal, Ill., Student, Margaret Putnam, Chicago, Ill., Stenographer, Eunice Jacob Feller, Cissna Park, Ill., House- wife, Eugene Orr, Rossville, Ill., Farming, Carl Grove, East Lynn, Ill., Business, Ronald Ripley, Hoopeston, Ill., Farming, John Seymour, Woodstock, Ill., Testing Cattle, Helen Haw- thorne, Goodwine, Ill., At Home, Harlan Hatfield, Rankin, Ill., Farming, Helen Hambleton, Rossville, Ill., At Home, Mar- garet Harper, fDeceasedJ, Donald Harper, East Lynn, Ill., At Home. CLASS OF 1938 Mildred Carpenter McGrew, Richmond, Va., Housewife, Eileen Smock, Danville, Ill., Student, Jack M.cQuigg, East Lynn, Ill., Farming, Leland Martin, Urbana, Ill., Student, Helen Berg, Watseka, Ill., Stenographer, Leland Storm, Charleston, Ill., Student, Laurine Grove, Champaign, Ill., Housework, Mabel Mercer, East Lynn, Ill., Student, Mary Lou Peterson Alt, Hoopeston, Ill., Housewife, Grace Eisenmann, Chicago, Ill., Student, Mildred Irvin, Rankin, Ill., Housework, Robert LeSaux, fDeceasedJ, Clifford Boehme, Danville, Ill., Baum Packing Co. CLASS OF 1939 Robert Hatfield, Rankin, Ill., Farming, Esther Ingold, Kankakee, Ill., Student, Eileen Anderson, Champaign, Ill., Student, Charles McCord, Charleston, Ill., Student, Eileen Irvin, Rankin, Ill., At Home, Vivian Martin, University of Ill., Student, 'Glenn McNeely, East Lynn, Illinois, At Home, Elinor Leigh, Normal, Illinois, Student, Ronald Hatfield Rankin, Ill., Farming, Mary E. Lawrence, Champaign Ill., Student, Elizabeth McConnell, East Lynn, Ill., At Home, Lois Wilson, Rankin, Ill., Post Graduate, Andy Bauer, Hoopes- ton, Ill., Farming, Lucille Schupbach, Peoria, Ill., Student, Willis Eisenmann, Cissna Park, Ill., Farming, Helen McCon- nell, Cheneyville, Ill., Housework, Earl Swanson, Urbana, Ill., Student, Margaret Betka, Champaign, Ill., Student' Haven Montross Jr., Charleston, Ill., Student. 7 7 'JOKES Customer: "That was the dri- Smooth will the motor jour- est sandwich I ever tried to ney go, eat," If chaufferedby young LOVE Waiter. awhy here is ,mm The sparkers work well down .' ' ' . '- b l V jf',Q2Q'3?h' you ate your Andedijttro up above! Page Thirty-four CALENDAR AUGUST 31-Registration SEPTEMBER 4-School Officially began 15--Baseball at Henning-Lost. 22---Potomac at East Lynn--Won. 26-Alvin at Alvin--Won. 29--Rankin at Rankin--Lost. OCTOBER 2-Home Ec. II go to Potomac. 3-Safety Lecture. 5-A. R. G. Party. 6-Bismark at East Lynn-Lost. 12-A. R. G. Ca.ke Walk-Armstrong at Eas lst six weeks exams. 13-Teachers Meeting 18-19-Home Ec. Conference at Chicago. 20---F. F. A. Meeting. 26-A. R. G. Party. NOVEMBER 3---High School Conference. 9-Senior Pictures were taken. 10-Visiting Day. ' JG-17-Farmer's Institute and Fall Festival. 21-Junior Play. 24-Thanksgiving Vacation. 28--Armstrong Here--Lost. 30--A. R. G. Party at East Lynn. DECEMBER 1--Rankin Here-Won. 5-Stockland Here-Lost. S-9-Potomac tourney-Lost-Won. --P. T. A. Meeting. . ---Alvin There-Won. 20--A. R. G. Party. 21-Board Banquet 2nd six Weeks exams. 22-Hoopeston There-Lost. 20--January 2-Christmas Vacation. JANUARY 5-Wellington There-Lost. 16---Rossville Here-Lost. 12 15 v Lynn-Lost 18-19-Semester Exams. Potomac Here-Lost. 22-23--County Tourney at Hoopeston-Lost. 30-Senior Dinner Party Cragg Cunningham Hotel. FEBRUARY 1-A. R. G. Party. 2--Alvin Here-Won. 6-V-Hoopeston Here-Lost. 7---Sophomore Party. 9-Rankin Here-Lost. 10--Cissna. Park-Lost. 13--Wellington Here--Won. Page Thirty-f ive 16-Henning Here-Won. 22-23-24-District Tourney at Potomac-Won-Lost. MARCH 1-4th six weeks test. 6-Father and Sons Banquet. 8-Junior Class Amateur Show. 12-P. T. A. Jitney Supper. 18-Local Speech Contest. 21-County Institute at Danville. 21-25-Easter Vacation. 29-Senior Play. 30--Sub. District Speech Contest at Fisher. APRIL 9-P. T. A. Meeting-T. B. Discussion and Film, 12---Baseball Rankin Here. 5th Six weeks Exams. , --District Speech Contest-Commercial Contest. --Medical Examination. 19-School Dance Sponsored by Sophomores. 26---Bismark There. MAY 3-Armstrong--There. 4-County Speech Contest at Oakwood. 10--Henning-Here. 18-Junior Senior Banquet. 26-Baccalaureate. 27-28-Semester Exams. 29--Commencement. 31--School Picnic. 13 15 EASTYN The Eastyn received its name as a result of a contest which was open to the entire student body. The name was one out of a group of twenty which was submitted. The name was chosen by the vote of the Annual Staff and the Faculty. It was selected by eliminating the names which were submited down to a group of three. Out of these three we selected the name of Eastyn. This name was submitted by Marguerite Boehme. The reason for submitting this name is as follows: Education-Effort -Athletics-Activities -School-Studies-Students YT? T--Thoughtful-Tidy Y-Young-Youth N -Neat-New-'News Page Thirty-six Vermilion Countv Production Credit Association Danville. Illinois LOANS UP TO 12 MONTHS Fon FARMERS, FEEDERS AND STOCKMEN ON A SOUND BUSINESS BASIS 1. OONVENIENT 2 . PERMANENT 3. ADAPTABLE 4. REASONABLE COST 5. COOPERATIVE H. H. HAMMERTON, President EAST LYNN, ILLINOIS BAUM PACKING GO. Beef Pork Veal Lamb A Good Market For Your Livestock Phones-5500 Danville, Illinois "It Pays To Play" I Team Outfitters WE SPECIALIZE IN HONOR SWEATERS CLEVE ALEXANDER . Sporting Goods 111 N. Ver. St. Danville, Ill. PRATHER. GARAGE New Chevrolets Used Cars Phones 30-300 Rossville, Illinois JU'HNSON'S - Standard Service Station Hi li ualit Gasoline - S' Q 'y ' -, East Lynn, - Illinois FUNIPS WELDING SH-OP General Repair East Lynn, Illinois MAUDITS BEAUTY SHOP Maude Pentecost, Operator Machine and Machineless Permanents East Lynn, Ill. Phone 31 PARKER SL SCOTI' FUNERAL DIRECTORS HOME FURNISHERS HOOPESTON, ILLINOIS May We Congratulate And Wish Success To The Class Of 1 9 4 0 I H0'1'T-llIILLERLUllIBEll f AND COALCO. s HOOPESTON, ILLINOIS FRED C. LEACH K- SON S Grain and Seeds Elevator at Reilly on C.8zE.I. Rankin, Illinois y THE LESTER DRUG STORIC W. S. CARLSON, Owner I 220 East Main St. Hoopeston, Illinois l Paints - Wallpaper 4- Glass ' - , ' . ARTIST may CLEANERS Dgvls Rm in Blue Stole 5 Artist Cleans Clothes Best rocerles and Meats Phone 373 Fruits and Vegetables 111 E Main St Phone 4 East Lynn, Ill. 5 Hoopeston, Illinois Groves F:u1nBeaurer Sz Oils Rf!GlfR'R LUNCH POP, Candy, Ice Cream 8: Si CONFEUTIONERY Tobacco Home Made Chili Sz Bar-B-Q East Lynn, Illinois Hoopeston, Illinois ILLINOIS LUMBER, GRAIN 8 COAL CO. HOOPESTON, ILLINOIS WURTHENS Building Industry HOOPESTGN Headquarters . KLIGllIAN,S Photo Finishing Clothing 8a Shoes anfi I Our Prices Are Always The Photographic Supplies Lowest WEBER'S DRUG STORE 219 W. Main St. Hoopeston, A Illinois Hoopeston, Illinois DR. LICO F. RANK SPURGEOIVS Dentist and Xray Phone No. 145 Res. 634 Hoopeston, Illinois Compliments of NU-GRAPE BOTTLING CO. Phone 792 Hoopeston, Illinois CRAG G-I 'UN N IN GHAM HOTEL Coffee Shop Parties and Banquets Hoopeston, Illinois IIR. L. P. DUNN Dentist and Xray Phone 162 301-302 Willdon Bldg. Hoopeston, Illinois Thrift Store Dry Goods 8z Notions Hosiery :YL Millinery Ready-to-wear Hoopeston, Illinois I it I CREAMERY Cash For Cream 8a Eggs Phone for your order of Ice Cream . Hoopeston, Illinois Insurance -:- Real Estate Farm Loans TOM MERRITT Sz CO. Hoopeston -Phone 60- Ill. REFRESH YooRsRL1f' FURD CARS, TRUCKS Drink NEW FORD FERGUSON 1 TRACTORS R.. W. WOOD In Phone-53 BOTTLES Rossville, Illinois GOMPLIMENTS OF THEOS. ANDERSON SIN GELTON tb ,MERRITT Grain - Coal - Seeds - Feeds Agent for Funk Bros. Hybrid Seed Corn East Lynn, Illinois CROW'S Twelve Dependable Hybrids Fit Every Need .I . B. HAYES, Local Salesman JAMES CORNELL X SIINS Gas Phone 128R2 Oil Farm Implements 105 W. Attica St. Rossville, Illinois 19 HUOPESTON SALES anal PRUHII S . SERVICE 00. Standard -Service Station 316 E. Main St. Phone 600 Rossville, Illinois Hoopeston, Illinoib JOHN 0. MASON GUY HAYES Medical 32 Surgical General Hardware Rossville, Illinois East Lynn, Illinois EGKERSLEYS GARAGE J- 0- FULKS General Repairing East Lynn, Illinois General Hardware Staple Groceries East Lynn, Illinois POTOMAC TIRE AND SERVICE STATION ALVA MONTGOMERY FORDS TIRES -2- BATTERIES PATOMAC, ILLINOIS PAXTON TYPEWRITER CO. BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS OFFICE EQUIPMENT SCHOOL FURNITURE ROYAL TYPEWRITERS JAKE MGUORD A, H, HOFER CAFE EAST LYNN, ILLINOIS Soft Drinks Sz Ice Cream Cigarettes Sz Tobacco PENN BOND BLUE SEAL Groceries 8: Candy I Phone 45 East Lynn, Illinois VERMILION SERVICE CU. DUNCAN BROS. A. B. MOCOLLUM'S Hardware 8x Implements LORRAINE Pgtomgg, Illinoig Theatre Hoopeston, Ill. W ALTER HARI Purina Chews Custom Grinding, See The Difference Purina Anytime-Anyplace Makes - A SHIELDS E SON Phone-Cissna Park 73R63 Hoopeston, Illinois PIER FLOOR F INISI-IES Quality is Our Standards. MILFORD, ILLINOIS GRADUATION NEEDS At Moderate Prices Suits Hats 319.50 up 32.95 up OXFORDS 84.00 up Frank F. DOI'll'IIPIII X Co. I-Ioopeston, Illinois SKELGAS , For Cooking-Water Heating COPPER - CLAD - RANGES Kelvinator - Refrigerators Tri-County Nil-IIIl'ilI Gas Co. Westville, Illinois District R. E. RIGGLE, Local Dealer Hoopeston, Illinois THE RITZ Cafe and Confectionery Always Welcomes You THRASHEWS Brown Bilt Shoe Store Hoopeston, Illinois Hoopeston, Illinois Compliments of LAY'l'0N,S DR.. F. B. WILLIAMS Fountain Service Qpt-Ometrist Home Made Ice Cream Hoopeston, Illinois Rossville, Illinois THIS PHOTO ANNUAL IS A PRODUCT OF THE SMITH STUDIO WE SPECIALIZE IN COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHY If Satisfaction and Security Is What You Want Try BILLY BEEIFS SERVICE Representing State Farm Insurance Co. Skelly Petroleum Products With Skelly's Famous Money Back Guarantee Cissna Park, Illinois Res. 124- Phone -Station 33 T- EASTYN E-Education Eifort A-Athletics Activities School Studies Students Thoughtful Tidy -Young Youth N-Neat New News 1 i J I , ' A . 1 ,1 -1 IE . J 3 1 l i 1 i A2 3 1 i 'L . I 'w W l 3 1 4 I , Q A! ,. Z 1 1 ,

Suggestions in the East Lynn High School - Eastyn Yearbook (East Lynn, IL) collection:

East Lynn High School - Eastyn Yearbook (East Lynn, IL) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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1940, pg 6

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