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Z 5-Q ff 'X fa' .Q . 170 VCQ 7: LL ET Signatures ?f?jjf fC4fji?2j-if 13 Sfflzgk 1, 7 J P5 1 - Q51 J r'R'MQ,O WJ W ' A W i MQW Wydwqjj UWM ? WWWMW ' N X ' xx Q ' fs ' ,q I fix? Wf QQ ,Q ww gs 9 3 ' fy GK wzfsfw L M f f 3M ,gg Rf f' 0'9W5'W1ff1?jW . 1 W fo 1 gi E22 SW? 0 QECCESQQ fm! JU - N if Hg,gM,,?dw ,yxgdq , ,+,YVi ,,,, W www -,.,wm.,,w.,Y , 11 Signatures f Q."'rlXSx5l.V 1 35 AbYS Q3xj Osfff' ff' . OW af fy N N X M .fm 5f!T?L'6-1'-' JS Z, 5 fbaffx-RXNA KEXXQH Q-3-5 X ,U fx 0 '4 S lj 4!f7,f r , Q X .RA 6 'KU 75,6 doc! Cfgf f -xx 'Y,2fxY. 1 ' Uv JC: b x I 'Veg 0 Q95 , 7:4 lx A I Q i .V-Ta 'sogcfxgcxc ,xixkijci H K4 Q CYS C 'U' O ri f W x5x'x x XX gif' ., , 1 20fjQro,,,,. -M-xc cp yi' ,FV E 05 ,,. 0-' ' , if 1 7 QP? - Q -fr cg!! 'aiff-ffffg ' 5 '61 gg, Q34 Q-dvd, 5 , , 'E' , g'C2'J ,f Y 4 fix ,CJ fa! I f x.gL,l : 4 f , lwff- - :' 7 . KA? fllls-,yxlqg Wd- if xxx R F I K A V . S? -XfV9j!,'!Jf 1 05541-6,,,f0 4-EQ? 7M :V 3 'C'-241 422 cf T G ' -6 Q E iii' Q .3 S v is:-QR uw 21,4 2 5 k 'Q QR M ,, 4 MM , .A+ XfC'IDl.....J:E EAST LONGMEADOW HIGH SCHOOL Easi' Longmeadow, Massachusetts FOREWGRD Each one of us will take from East Longmeadow High School different memories of individual experi- ences and memories of one individual's part in class activities. This is Volume II of the AEGIS to shield you from the forgetfulness of time and to give you a changless memory of your years here. The knowledge we have gained will help us to shape our future, and our future memories. On us lies the future, and we make of it what we will, even as we have done in the past. Now, as we separate, we have made a record of our time spent here, to keep in memory, the teachers who helped us, the many clubs and activities here, the games, the proms, the many activities of the high school that we will not always remember, but which we do not wish to forget. We should remember as we graduate from ELHS to do credit always to our instruction with lives which show its value. Sarah Brooks, Editor-in-Chief x s no Gai, 1'6- , , ' nszu " 4 Q 4 Q . pf: if ASSBY' CGNTENTS DEDICATIGN . . ADMINISTRATION and STAFF . . SENIORS . . UNDERCLASSES . . . ACTIVITIES . . SPORTS . . PATRONS and ADVERTISERS . . DEDICATIGN ROBERT J. JARVIS Superintendent of Schools To the man who was seen least in the high school we probably owe the most. The untiring work of our Superintendent of Schools has reflected his interest in each of us and the progress of education in East Longmeadow. Mr. Jarvis was graduated from Technical High School, Springfield, and received his bachelors and masters degrees from Tufts University. He has done further study at Boston University, Harvard, and the University of Massachusetts. He became superintendent in East Longmeadow in August of 1953. He is ailife member of the P.T.A., a member of the National Education Association and the American Association of Superintendents. As a memento of his many years of service to us and our town we the Class of 1963 dedicate this Volume of the AEGIS with grateful appreciation and our sincerest hopes for many years of continued service. SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE The "Remembrance of the Past" is a fitting theme for your issue of the AEGIS because it is an historical record of your senior year at East Longmeadow High School which you will treasure more and more as time goes on. Although eagerness to face the future with courage and deter- mination is a characteristic of American youth which has made our nation great, the importance of the past should not be minimized. The past teaches us that success is often achieved only after repeated failures and hardships. Brief thought leads us to the conclusion that our vast store of present day knowledge is a result of the discoveries and lessons of a prior generation. School is an excellent place in which to learn by first hand experience. It is our hope that you have gained a basic knowledge in several academic fields and that you have learned certain truths which have been proved by generations of men and women. Among these are: to have friends you must be a friend, to be trusted you must be trustworthy, to be true to thyself and it must follow as night the day that you cannot be untrue to any man. Your fine record of achievement, both as a class and individually, makes it worthy of note. We know from the history of the past that you will go forward into the future to bring honor and prestige to yourselves, your family, and your community. ROBERT J. JARVIS Superintendent of Schools SCHOOL COMMITTEE EAST LONGMEADOW SCHOOL COMMITTEE: Seated l to r, Mr. Ray S. Jones, Mr. jarnes B Punderson, Mr. Gerald Osterman. Standing l to r, Mr. James M. Towle, Mr. Donald Bremner Each year, as graduation time approaches, we feel a resurgence of pride in the caliber of you young men and women who are the product of your homes and your school system. In addition to the general knowledge you are taking away with you, you have twelve years of compounded remembrances-of books and of teachers, of building and of playgrounds, of a variety of out-of-class activities and a host of familiar faces. We hope the educational policies we have worked to develop over the years have given you the best possible basis on which to approach the next phase of your lives. We commend your attainments, appreciate the challanges you face, and have confidence You will fulfill your life roles with courage, dignity and humor. James B. Punderson, Chairman Donald Bremner, Secretary Ray S. Jones Gerald Osterman James M. Towle 6 ADMINISTRATION and STAFF The office. What meanings does this phrase hold for students as they pass through the building? What memories do students have of this office? It is a place of welcome to the stranger and the visitor. It is a place of guidance and advice to the student. It is a place of welcome to the faculty. Our oflice has been marked by an "open door policy" since this school was opened. Through this policy everyone has come to live a richer more full school life. Certainly the memories we have of the office will be cherished ones. The morale boosting, the advice, yes, even the aspirins for headaches will be remem- bered as the years go on. Indeed, our office means much to us, and the staff to which it introduces us, means a great deal also. THE PRINCIPAL SPEAKS There are many strange things to be treasured in this life, and one of the most treasured possessions of any person is his store of memories. Memories are many thingshfor each of us. They recall our friends, our youth, our joys, our sorrows. Memories are based upon our past experiences, and from our memo- ries we may draw solutions to present-day problems. Memories provide relaxation, a place "to get away from it all" when the cares of life and work press too close upon us. In an ever-changing world, when life slips away from us all too quickly, memories provide a bit of the un- changeable. Memories also provide us with a bit of the immortal. The most interesting facet of memories is perhaps this dual role. For we remember things as they were, they do not change for us. We remember the Prom as we danced within its dreamy atmosphere, we remember our teachers as we last saw them, we remember our friends as we best knew them. The theme of this issue of the AEGIS centers around your memories of East Longmeadow High School. It is only a partial record of your memories, but it is a record that will in the future evoke an even greater flood of rec- ollection as you look through the pictures and think aloud or silently, to others or to yourself, "Do you remem- ber when . . or "I remember him, he . . From the experiences which nurture your memories of ELI-IS, we hope that you draw solutions for some of the problems which lie ahead of you. From your memories draw on the advice of your teachers and recall those points emphasized inside and outside the classroom which will give you strength to live your life from day to day. I recall part of the message of my principal to the graduating class more than a quarter of a century ago. It is a poem by Robert Whitaker. "Live for something, have a purpose, And that purpose keep in view, Drifting like a helpless vessel, Thou canst ne'er to life be true, Half the wrecks that strew life's ocean, If some star had been their guide, Might have long been riding safely- But they drifted with the tide." Perhaps its meaning will be an inspiration to you also- memories are wonderful things. They work both ways. And your records of accomplishment here will enable us to remember you in the future as you were. Your memo- ries here are your share of the traditions of this school. Best of luck to you in the days ahead. ELWYN J. DOUBLEDAY Principal 9 MR. ARMAND FUSCO Director of Guidance A NOTE OF THANKS The Guidance Department of the East Long- meadow School System offers the students of the high school every opportunity to plan and prepare for the future. Much help has gone to the senior class in providing information about colleges and the availability of scholarships and assistance. In- formation about careers offered in fields other than the academic is also offered to the members of the the senior class. The members of the Class of 1963 wish to thank Mr. Armand Fusco and his staff for all their assistance. Mr. Arthur Hottin Guidance Councelor FACULTY SALUTE Our teachers will have a major part in all our memories. Their lessons will, we hope, stay with us, but more than that, we will remember their willingness to help us, whether in extra help or in our many activities. The memories of our sports, plays, dances, even our graduation are all entwined with the memories-of teachers who gave time and effort to make our high school years memorable. For all these things we say thank you, and we will prove our gratitude by the use of the knowledge you have endeavored to give us. MRS. GLADYS. W. ADAMS MISS BARBARA BRAIGEL MR. MARVIN BRYAN SPaf11Sh English Reading MR. ROBERT D. CAMP MR. CHARLES CAMPBELL MR. JOSEPH CHARRON Chemistry Industrial Arts Instrumental Music .67 MRS. MARGARET MR. ANGELO CORREALE MRS. VIRGINIA B. CORLISS Men's Physical Education CORWIN Vocal Music Home Economics RQQHQHR P A'I,AIL ccl- i.5N'EEQ? -MA. 'Q' 'I": 1 .5 3 AAARRIR A 'if - -jk ? I MISS GAIL FRANZEN English Wyse wa Xi. MR. LLOYD DALE Science MR. LEO DARSIGNY MR. FRANCIS J. DUTILLE Modern Language Mathematics MR. EUGENE H. MR. ROBERT J. GOFF GAUTHIER Industrial Arts English FACULTY MR. ROBERT R. MR. JAMES M. GROCOTT MRS. MARJORIE HALEY GOSENDE Social Studies English Business Education MR. YMANLEY H. Business 'X if cl' 'i MISS MARINA HERSCHUK Business Eliucation MRS. NANCY KIPPERMAN English FACULTY MISS MARY KENNEDY Modern Languages MR. M. THOMAS MANN MR. RICHARD Mathematics MCCORMICK Science 'Qi' MR. DAVID A. NEVIN MR. ALEXANDER Latin and English NICKETT Modern Languages MR. KARL A. OWEN Art MR. JOHN R. ROAN Social Studies MRS. ARLENE TASHLICK Mathematics ff Business Education D 1 Q MRS. ADELINE WILKS MR. ROBERT MISS JAKIE UPSHAW MISS THERESA Mathematics TROUTMAN Girl's Physical Education VEDANY Science History 4,yf,.JmT, 14 FACULTY MRS. LOIS LOPES Librarian LIBRARY The ELHS Library is a source of information for all the students in the school. At term paper time, during book report season, for general reading enjoyment, the library is always Willing to serve the needs of the students. Mrs. Lois Lopes, Librarian, ably assisted by the Library Aides merit thanks for the great service they have done for the members of the senior class in particular and the students in the school in general. LIBRARY AIDES, FIRST ROW, I to r, R. Lombardi, S. Grady, J. Creeger, P. Woods, P. Bressette, C. Lopes, K. Osterman, J. Hassell. SECOND ROW, 1 to r, M. Raci- cot, S. Gilman, P. Kelly, M. Gam- ble, M. Minor, K. Sweeney, C. Allen, S. Waite, M. Zuccalo, E. Haskins, I. Scully. Absent from the picture, B. Man, B. Perrault, I. Reall, K. Partridge, C. Mclntire. ATTENDANCE OFFICER MR. ALFRED DESMOND He gets them here on time. 15 HEALTH AUTHORITIES MRS. NATHALIE FISKE School Nurse MRS. HELEN HAYWARD DR. JOHN QUINN School Nurse SECRETARIES R ., " - I S J M 'X -'rn g I 15? N , ..--.f..: xx K . ' i by Twig. ' ' I MRS. DORIS CRUIKSHANK MRS. AGNES MRS. MARION ZIMMER MRS. RUTH SWANSON LIVINGSTONE OFFICE AIDES, l. to r: S. Roberts, M. Minor, H. Takis, C. Bremner, P. Couri, B. Desmond, K. Rossmeisl, H. Goguen, C. Glassanos, H. Powers, F. Williams, M. Rockwood. Absent from the picture, Carolyn Craig. CAFETERIA STAFF L to r, Mrs. Wolpert, Mrs. Concato, Mrs. Miorandi, Mrs. Butler, Mrs. Emily Mumford Head Supervisor of the lunch program, Mrs. Howe, Mrs. Byrnes. Absent from the picture Mrs. Evelyn Shaw, High School Cafeteria Manager, MAINTENANCE STAFF C. JOSLIN Head Custodian R. RAMEY Outside Man RALPH HERRICK Supr. Buildings and Grounds V. MAHAR Night Crew I. MASON Outside Man m .s,.fws1f -bf- fw if :sm ..... r Qw- kiik ,I 4+ , if I f The Boss I still say it's a radio Left, Are you sure it's a basketball? fi Left, yum, yum Ouch, char smarts! :WW SENIGR CLASS How many of us, as we leave this building, have ever seen the second floor hall in the late afternoon? The sun streaming through the great windows, seems to be the light of the future beckoning the seniors of this class toward promises and delights unknown. As the seniors leave this building, and the comfort ir has offered, it is fitting that they should remember the second floor in the late afternoon. These seniors walk for the last time down ,the halls of the classroom wing that has marked, for them, an educational home for the past three years. What are their thoughts? What are they saying? Where will they go? What memories will they treasure forever? These are questions which are asked as the senior class marches into history. 1,,1e:ff1virii'1 we .,,.. ., HISTORY of the DAVID LALIMA BRYAN PLUMB ROBERT A. NELSON CLASS Of President, 59-60, Vice-President, 59-60, Member, Student Council, Member-At-Large, 61-62. President, 60-61, 59-62. Many times it has been said that the new, low, modern high school of today is quite similar, both in appearance and performance, to a factory. The students seem to enter one end and leave the other, as a class, all packaged and sealed and ready for a business or college career. Yet, unlike the thousands of exact reproductions that pour off the end of an assembly line, the classes that leave a high school are different in many ways, each being unique in its own way. Also unlike the factory which turns out hundreds of articles each day, the high school graduates a class only after 12 long years of study in the elementary, junior high, and high school levels. These are years of study to prepare us for the day when we must face the world on our own with our education serving as the sword with which we will defend ourselves and carve our place in the future. The class of 1962, upon graduating from East Long- meadow High School, boasted of being the first class ever to graduate from our school. The class of 1964, immedi- ately behind us, will be proud of being the first-and probably only-class to graduate having served four suc- cessive years in the high school. We, the second in line of these first three classes to attend the new school, are a unique class also. We are as proud, if not prouder, to be the first class to graduate from ELHS having served the entirety of our 12 years of schooling in the wonderful town of East Longmeadow. Many of our original class- mates have departed for other corners of the country, if not the world, and many more have come to East Long- meadow from neighboring and distant towns and cities. However, the majority of the members of the Class of 1963 have spent their entire school lives in "our town." Most of us started in either Pleasantview or Center School and from there went either to Maple Shade or to Birchland Park. In these last two schools we finished our elementary years of learning the fundamentals of reading, writing, and 'rithmatic. Then in the fall of 1957 came something new: junior high school at Birchland Park. During those f1rst few weeks of junior high school we were all enraptured by the new experience of changing classes and teachers for different subjects. Those three happy and carefree years went by so quickly. Yes, before we knew it we were the "old timers" at Birchland. The school year 1959-60 served to be a significant one for our class. It was our senior year in junior high and we enjoyed every minute of it. Our class officers were elected early in the year: David LaLima, President, Bryan Plumb, Vice Presidentg Michael Prendergast, Treasurer, and Susan Byrne, Secretary. Though we did not do much as a class, our officers proved to be mighty important when grad- uation neared. Our enthusiasm was high and when we weren't studying sciences, math, English or a foreign lan- gauge, we were participating in the many athletic, musi- cal, and social activities during the year. Remember Open Vice-President, 61-62. House 1960, the Student-Varsity Game, the many school dances, I Remember Mama by the Drama Club, and our newspaper, the Birchland Banner? The Student Govern- ment also played an important role in the extra-curricular life at Birchland that year. Yes, we were the joyous seniors, the admired leaders, and we proved it with our fiery spirit at the games. Ninth graders proved to be significant to the varsity athletic squads. Our basketball team, all seniors, was almost un- defeated that year, losing only the first game to Somers by 1 point and sweeping away the other 13 contests, in- cluding the Longmeadow freshmen. The baseball team followed through with another good' record to make it a thrilling year all around. Though'we were spirited, when the time came to "hit the books" we all buckled down to study our basic majors, music, shop and home economics. We were anxious to prepare ourselves for the 3 years of high school life ahead. This anxiety was sparked as we watched that "massive complex of stone and steel," East Longmeadow High School, slowly rising out of the ground on Maple Street. Time passed so quickly and graduation night, June 10, 1960, found many a shaky knee as 152 students marched into the Birchland Park gymnasium to the chords of Pomp and Circumrlance. David LaLima greeted our happy parents and then a score of us had an opportunity to recite before the audience of 800. As we accepted our diplomas each of us felt a sigh of relief as many "wonderful memories and mixed emotions" flashed in our minds. We were sorry to leave the school we loved so much but we were ready and willing to accept the challenge of high school life the following September in the new high school. The summer of 1960 sped by, as they all do, and in September we entered East Longmeadow High School as the sophomore class. We were class number two of the first three classes to attend ELHS in its first and most difiicult year. Our past years in the East Longmeadow School System had prepared us well for this new scholas- tic challenge and our class spirit, carried from our senior year at Birchland, seemed to triple at "the very first whistle of our very first football game." An early event in the year was the election of class officers and Student Government members, following three days of hard campaigning with lively speeches and flashy buttons and posters. Our new Executive Committee con- sisted of Bryan Plumb, Presidentg James Brock, Vice Presi- dentg Angela Rafaele, Secretary: and Bob Lloyd, Treasurer. Our class really began to work as a unit, supervised by Mrs. Adams. We attended regular class meetings, collected dues for the treasuryg sponsored the first sophomore dance, Cupid? Wloirl, which was a whirling success, ordered class rings for our junior year, and wrote an excellent consti- tution to insure smooth operation of the class at all times. Our Student Government representatives were Kathleen 2 Donovan, Secretary, Carole Betterley, Robert A. Nelson, Linda Valade, and Donna Wood.. Sophomores were valu- able in helping to create, or anize, and carry out all the many, new, ELHS activities t at first year. Remember the first edition of Spartan Spirit the first fashion show, the science fair, Music Night '61 the first Longmeadow foot- ball game, the Spotlighters' p esentation of Murder Comes in Tbreeyf and the first bask tball game? The Student Government d'd a lot that year to help put the school on its feet. The "SG" and the Leaders Club sponsored a "sock-hop" on J nuary 6, 1961, attended by over 200 students. Two sop omores, Sue Weferling and Bob Lloyd, won prizes for the funniest socks. The Student- Faculty Game, March 5, included a volleyball game between the girls and women faculty and a basketball game between the varsity squad and the men faculty. The Class of 1965 helped choose the school colors, scarlet and silver, and the name "Spartans" Wherever you heard the word Spartans or saw the letters ELHS that first year, you knew there was a spirited sophomore somewhere. By the end of the year a school emblem, the Spartan head, had been chosen. New activities and organizations seemed to spring up from every corner bf the school and "gung-ho sophs" pitched right in with the juniors and freshmen to lay a -scholastic and extra-curricular foundation for the future ELHS classes. Lack of competitive experience and seniors didn't bother our first Spartan athletic squads, soccer, football, basketball, hockey, baseball, and track, it only toughened them up .for the following year in varsity competition. As. if it wasn't a the activities in a brand new usy enough year organizing igh school, the Class of '63 held its first picnic at Look Pa Ck on June 9 to top off the year with another successful and pleasurable event. A rough and tough first year couldn't dampen our spunky, Spartan spirits as we returned in September of 1961 as junior. We were ready to employ our trial and error experience and apply it towards a more successful second year. We were ready tio continue "building" East Longmeadow High School, and we did. The first activity to greet the student body that fall was a highly successful Bonfire Pep Rally, which drew a crowd of more than 1,000 to cheer the football team into its Hrst varsity victory the following afternoon at our home field. We toppled Minne- chaug 16-O for the first game of the season. The squad finished the 1961 season with a 2-4 record. Remember that big Longmeadow game which ,we so unluckily lost 28-20 in the last few minutes of playj? The soccer Spartans com- piled a good record for their ,first year of competition in the Pioneer Valley Soccer League, finishing 6-5-2. By the end of September m conscientiously back at the boo lastic record for our senior year lege application. Our junior cla the preceding spring and they of things" by re-electing Mrs. , The oliicers were James Brocl- ost of the junior class was ks to compile a good scho- and in preparation for col- ss officers had been elected got right into "the swing Adams as our class advisor. 1, President, Bryan Plumb, Vice President, Charles Bicklery, Treasurer, Beryl Lacey, Secretary, and David LaLima, ll Touchdown Stomp was held Iember-at-Large. The dance, Saturday, October 28, and was sponsored by the junior class, following a splashy Spartan football victory over Tantasqua High. By the time the winter holiday season rolled around, the entire school was "rockin' and rollin' " with activity. In December the music department proudly announced that more than twelve ELHS vocalists and instrumentalists would participate in the All-District Concert. The next class event on our list of many was the skating party, held at the high school's new rink. The weather was cold, but hot chocolate provided a little bit of warmth for those juniors who lacked the comfort of a date's hand. A crystal clear sky dotted with sparkling winter stars added to the enjoyment had by all. On January 20, 1962, there occured a "first" for not only the high school but also for the wonderful town people who supported and witnessed the smashing success, Spar- nmum Spertaculum. Many juniors did an excellent job in their participation in our first talent show, named by classmate Carole Betterley. As in the previous years, a very competent Student Government supplemented ELHS activ- ities. Junior members of the "SG" were Skip Homicz, Treasurer, Donna Wood, Kathleen Donovan, Carole Bet- terley, and Robert A. Nelson. The many Student Govern- ment sponsored activities for the year included the Sadie Hawkins Dance, the Varsity-Faculty-Parent Night, the design and sale of our first school banners, and an informal reception for Frank Ocheing, our African exchange student. The entire winter season proved to be a very active one for East Longmeadow High School in many, many ways. Ted Kennedy spoke for more than an hour to the total student body, telling of the situation in Central America and answering students' questions after a most interesting presentation. Experience from our first year of athletic competition was the key factor as the Spartan Hockey Team took the ice for 15 straight victories to become the Wright Division League Champions. As a result of this perfect season the Spartans faced a tough Archbishop Williams team in the Massachusetts State Schoolboy Tournament in Boston. The action at the tournament was fast and furious but our "go get 'em" team returned to East Longmeadow after a hard fought 3-1 defeat. Our basketball team for the 1961-62 season finished with a 9-10 record and then faced a powerful St. Michael's opponent in the 1962 Small Schools Basketball Tourna- ment at the University of Massachusetts. An audience of devoted Spartans cheered on a conscientious team which buckled under to a 66-42 loss. As the school year '61-62 rounded the far turn into the carefree season of spring, the ELHS activities continued their steady pace right to the finish line in June. The music department presented Music Night '62 and later in the year the band and chorus attended the Western Massa- chusetts Music Festival in Athol. East Longmeadow High School sent four Spartan politicians to the 22nd Annual A.1.C. Model Congress. The 1962 Science Fair was a superb exhibition of technical projects and department facilities. On April 14, the Spotlighters presented a tre- mendously amusing rendition of Our Miss Brooks. Exactly one-half of the cast were energetic juniors. By the end of JAMES BROCK President, 61-62, Vice-President, 60-61. ANGELA RAFFAELE Secretary, 60-61. CHARLES BICKLEY ' Treasurer, 61-62. BERYL LACEY Secretary, 61-62. ROBERT LLOYD Treasurer, 60-61. BEVERLEE LUNDGREN Secretary, 62-63. the winter season our class had designed our own class banner and had presented it to Mr. Doubleday. In the spring a young man's fancy normally turns to love, but this is apparently not so for Spartan athletes. Our boys turned instead to the competition of baseball and track, and in so doing turned out a pair of good athletic records. Spartan track finished 4-1 in single meets, 2nd in a tri-meet with Minnechaug and Longmeadow, and 3rd in the Western Massachusetts Tourney. The base- ball Spartan 9 finished the season 10-5 and pitching class- mate Bob Carlson polished Longmeadow in a 9-2 thriller. Finally, as the end of the school year approached, joyous juniors were looking forward to something bigger and better than the last day of shcool, the Junior Prom 1962. As a class we had reached another plateau, our first prom. Scores of persistent classmates put their noses to the grindstone and worked hard to make Bali Hai a tremendous success, despite a near tragedy when a pipe burst, flooding our decorations. On the evening of May 11, 1962 dreamy-eyed juniors and their dates found them- selves dancing romantically to enchanting music under beautiful, tropical decorations. Pretty Kathy Donovan was crowned Prom Queen by Mary Burgess. Linda Valade and Barbara Paounoff formed an equally lovely court. The end of our junior year also witnessed the induction of 12 classmates in the National Honor Society. These twelve examples of outstanding scholastic achievement were Sarah Brooks, Bob Steele, Elizabeth Haskins, Larry MacDonald, Skip Homicz, Carole Betterley, Jean Kapinos, Judy Leddy, Helen Powers, Charles Bickley, and Michael Casey. The last weeks of school saw fellow juniors battling away with their campaigns for final bids in high school politics. Yes, our class officers were elected: Bryan Plumb, President, James Brock, Vice President, Charles Bickley, Treasurer, Beverlee Lundgren, Secretary, and Robert A. Nelson, Member-at-Large. Our senior Student Govern- ment members would be Skip Homicz, President, Carole Betterley, Vice President, Jean Kapinos, Secretary, Kath- leen Donovan, Treasurer, Bob Steeleg and Donna Wood. Our Executive Committee busily began preparing for the big year ahead by choosing our co-advisors, Mrs. Adams and Mr. Dutille. Mrs. Adams' experience with our class in the past year coupled with Mr. Dutille's experi- ence with a senior class proved to be an unbeatable combination. Yes, it was hard to believe, but in a few short weeks we would actually be the celebrated seniors in East Long- meadow High School, as the Class of 1962 would receive their long awaited diplomas. And, oh how those last few weeks were so busily occupied. Volume One of the Aegis, our own high school yearbook, arrived at 180 Maple Street and for the next few days all that could be seen was the fiashing of red covers as yearbooks were passed here and there to be signed by our classmates and close friends who would soon be leaving "good old" ELHS. We ordered our senior hats, to be handed out early the following year, and chose red as the background color with white lettering. We watched with envy as our upper classmates so scrumptuously enjoyed their last few days of high school life, supplemented with such rapturous senior activities as the senior ball and the class banquet. We laughed with sentimentality in our hearts as the Class of 1962 presented their Class Day Exercises. The Class Prophecy reminded us of the future and the good times to be had next year. The Class Ballot reminded us of the many, many friends we had made in both the upper and lower classes. The Class Will reminded us of the scores of good times we had already had in ELHS. We were sad to see old friends leave but We were anxious to accept the challenge of a bright, crisp,'new senior year ahead. Finally, on June 6, 1962, our ultimate dream came true as tearful seniors became alumni and joyous juniors became the upper-classmen. V This has been a history of our class right till the day when we entered East Longmeadow High School as the official class on September 5, 1962. There is no reason to continue in writing beyond that point. A picture, so it is said, is worth a thousand words and the formal and candid pictures in this Aegix, our yearbook, continues the story of our class through its entire senior year. The three years that the Class of 1963 has spent in ELHS have been tedious at times, but oh, so enjoyable. We are the second in line of the first three classes to attend and graduate from East Longmeadow High School. Creating the repu- tation for a high school in its first couple of years is no easy task. On the shoulders of these first three classes were laid the responsibilities and burdens of "building" our high school. Though we may be the smallest class ever to graduate from ELHS, our contribution is as sig- nificant and as great as any other. All of these first three classes have continued equally in making East Long- meadow High School the wonderful school that it is. No class could have done it alone. It was through a united effort that ELHS was put off on the right foot. These three classes have been so close for two years that it is our fond wish to some day have one reunion of the "best" three classes ever to graduate from our school. These classes are the foundation upon which the future East Longmeadow High School will rest. We are proud, very proud, to be a cornerstone of this foundation. This is a history of our class during the best of its days, days that are gone forever, days that cannot be relived, our high school days. This is a history of trials, errors, tears, smiles, failures, and successes. The History Committee of the Class of 1963 would like to end this history with the following passage as quoted from Volume One of the Aegis, in hopes that it will become tradition in ending all ELHS class histories. "This history, coupled with the pictures and copy in this book, The Aegis, we hope will serve to hold for us always the bright memories of these our 'days of days'." The History Committee of the Class of 1965 Bryan Plumb, Chairman Linda Valade Carole Betterley Caught in the act, Paul. l':5E'5?:,1'?iI,gg IG. 4 X A ., E.: . Q: X, 0 1 is 3. Last Looks! .:. 555' wgivfigiciekiiswziq, " ,ig fQSimfiQzi22ff2g1f,f ' Y -I ,W z,geeiff:ig,f,,f1,, 1 sW'1ze,,'xf12,,wf',1::,- 1 fo ,-fn,-wwe, L, i ' - 12 ' ?'WEQUef 1 -1 " :SYN ' si? i 'T 'Tf' '45 gf lx Qmikgivs ' g- 7::,sais:'if,fz 2 y aa V!- E :x71fr'x iff ' F dw: 4. 2 fx , 1 V25 'KY-xi '3 K New ,fig-iggfffzgwf W fl 5 Q' in f -- -sfsxfwf . ",. -I asimzwv 1 wx xr he I lfezsszf 7 ,wg fw- f, gm 2? M : qieeifksw !3"'..5i,3, ,KWWL . :1 5525 :-- - :J M--A I ,wa fliiik.-mil' i:?:"'A:-1? 7::::55:s:iiQ: 1'9" W-A-X 1 g - X M- -V WL--,W wi.: 5- :45i"iR""'H W E - s 9 K M 3: Nav ' , "5r'PH,?4'. 1 QJ""' " . 1 G A S' L 1 , , if ,gm To N.. ,Wyre-'7.f L' ,u -- .zflls fvg new 7254. 1 A ,iiggxg y Wi.- f vnf,,ff51ff-Qgf , 'izgvix ag, si e' ' -ogg 5,5-:S.,m,f U sg , Y, 2 F fzjgasgxzf - ' v M g-i 219, U 'f -71,115-.,,. , ,L K XLAV, 2152124 1'f:"v.-g- w g, ki , if -'W I 'X ' 'sk 6 Q, . .V sam ,, Lf, ,sim 3 X lm 1 , , . , , 5 1 ,. it , . . :iesgmzwi , f. Y, 2 f ee . Y 1- . fi 12: .Wadi l - S: .. ,,.,.,.,.. ghL,, . 'Z 2 Liz? 'T I' 1:-HEI:-I' 2 : ' 4923, -5 "E-"Z,-1i':J25fg1:-ill 5 ' :Kiki ,Lip 5 V x ' S' :Q is L ,. 1 if-am. X ,QQ B1 t ::5,,,:-5 WEE? . ,.:.55,:, k S , X -gf: ., 1 Q 2253 1:4222 K f X 5 'K fi x S 5252 4 u " is , - 2 U Q X El , :afar K :?55mm?gwf K M L.v,, L. fmiffeiffiif K SSSGQF, fe,'sf?251?if V,,. .L ,s fe, f.,,1 . , SENIORS I FORMAL K K .mfg x ,,,f A 7, Mr. Goff says feed those mice. 24 Tsk, tsk. I love English 1 CLASS ADVISORS' MESSAGE At a time when the future holds so much for us all, it is heartening to note that the Class of 1963 will take its place among those groups which are remembered for what they have con- tributed to the life of this school. Best Wishes to you always. Mrs. Gladys Adams Mr. Francis J. Dutille Class Advisors: Mrs. Gladys Adams and Mr. Frank Dutille SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS BRYAN PLUMB Class President JAMES BROCK Vice President BEVERLEE LUNDGREN CHARLES BICKLEY SecretafY Treasurer ROBERT A. NELSON Member-At-Large CYNTHIA ASHLEY 22 Brook Street AEGIS 125 Spanish Club 123 Drama Club 10, 11, 12g Library Aides 10. My road leads me forward. Maseheld l l KENNETH BARRETT 7 Shaw Street Strike if you will but bear me! Thernisrocles PAUL BAHLIN 11 Westernview Drive Red Cross Club 12. None but himself can be his parallel. Theobald JON BEACH 116 Meadowbrook Road Chess Club 125 Track 10, 12. Nobody could call me a furry man. Milne CYNTHIA ALLEN 326 Elm Street Chorus 10, 11g Drama Club 113 Red Cross Club 103 Homernaking Club 10g Leaders Club 10g LibraryAides 12g OHice Aides 10, 119 Track 10g Gymnastics 105 Basketball 10. A good heart is better than all the beads in the world. Lytton JEANNE M. BECKER 7 Dewey Avenue Chorus 10. Nothing is so .rtrong ar gentlenem. Francis de Sales nn1luewmm+-an-1x wilm1 RUTH BECKER 111 Day Avenue Doing good is the only certainly happy action of life. Sidney CHARLES BICKLEY 15 Rogers Road AEGIS 125 Corridor Patrol 125 Drama Club 11, 125 Honor Society 125 Class Treasurer 11, 125 Soccer 10, 11, 125 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Golf 11, 12. Wit and wisdom are horn with a man. Sheldon J. HERBERT BELDEN 16 Hanward Hill Baseball 125 Hockey 12. My memory ir the thing I forget with. Anonymous PETER BENSLEY 106 Dearborn Street A-V Club ll, 12. To he occayionally quoted is the only fame I care for. Smith BARBARA BENDTSON 46 Glendale Road Chorus 105 Leaders Club 125 Gymnas- tics 11, 125 Dance Club 10. Say little and do much. Shammar CAROLE BETTERLEY 9 Hanward Hill Chorus 10, 11, 125 Glee Club 11, 125 German Club 11, 125 Student Govern- ment 10, 11, 12, Vice President 125 Drama Club 10, 11, 12, Vice President 115 Honor Society 125 Bowling Club 10, Secretary-Treasurer 10. Here dwellr ,rimple trnthg plain inno- cense. Thomson THOMAS BONNEVILLE 278 Porter Road Chorus 105 Football 105 Track 10. JEFFREY H. BRAINERD 43 Knollwood Drive Track 10, 11, 12. It if always good when 4 man has two I make the mort of all that comes. irons in the fire. Beaumont Preston FRANCIS BROCK 61 Westernview Circle AEGIS 11, 125 Chorus 105 Student Govl ernment 115 Corridor Patrol 125 Dram Club 125 Class Vice President 10, 125 Class President 11. God help! those who help SARAH BROOKS 38 Hazelhurst Avenue AEGIS 10, 11, 12, Editor-in-Chief 125 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Glee Club 10, 115 Honor Society 12, President 125 Field Hockey 10, 11, 12. I have immortal longing: ln me. Shakespeare PATRICIA ANN BRESSETTE 31 Donald Avenue Chorus 10, 115 Glee Club 10, 115 Red Cross Club 105 Leaders Club 105 Library Aides 125 Gymnastics 10, 11, 125 Field Hockey 10, 11, 12. I haze a heart with room for every joy. Bailey PAUL BRIDEAU 45 Rankin Avenue A grain of Manhood. Milton SUSAN BYRNE 7 Hanwood Hill Chorus 11, 12g Glee Club 11, 12, Ger- man Club 10, 11, 12, Drama Club 10, 11, 123 Leaders Club 123 Library Aides l0. Reproof on her lip but a smile in her eye. Lover THOMAS CAREY 23 Virginia Lane Bowling Club 105 Science Club 10. I have laid aside business, and gone a- fishing. Walton JOHN BUCHANAN 74 Hampden Road When you call me that, smile! Wister ROBERT CARLSON 86 Mapleshade Avenue Baseball 10, 11, 12. Everything hows to success, even gram- mar. Hugo ie CAROL BURR 22 Parker Street Office Aides 115 Homemaking Club 12. 0 how can beauty master the most strong. Spenser WILLIAM CARVELL 20 Melwood Avenue Soccer 10, 11, 12, Co-captain 12, Bas- ketball l0, ll, 12, Golf 10, 11, 12, Corridor Patrol 12. His smile is sweetened hy his gravity. Eliot JACQUELINE CON CATO 58 Melwood Avenue Homemaking Club 10, 11. Do not delay, the golden moments fly. Anonyxnolis RAYMA COTE 25 Rankin Ave. Don't throw 4 monheywrench into they machinery. Jonson MARK COSMAN 392 Porter Road Chorus 10, 115 Glee Club 105 Gay Blades 105 Football 10, 125 Baseball 10, ll, 12. Oh, give us the man who .rings at his work. Carlyle l PAMELA COURI 338 Westwood Avenue AEGIS 125 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Gym- nastics 10, 11, 125 Dance Club 10, 125 Tennis 105 Field Hockey 105 Volleyball 10, 11, 125 Soccer 105 Cheerleaders 105 Leaders Club 10, 11, 125 Majorettes 11, 12. Her way: are ways of pleasantners. Proverbs MICHAEL CASEY 50 Grove Avenue French Club 10, 125 Soccer 125 Math League 125 Red Cross Club 105 Honor Society 125 Boys' State Award. Gentle to otherr, to himself severe. Rogers CAROLYN CRAIG 6 Greenacre Lane Chorus 10, 125 Field Hockey 11, 125 Basketball 10, 125 Homernaking Club 10, 125 Leaders Club 105 Oiice Aides 10, 11, 12. By worle you get money, hy talk you get knowledge. Haliburton JOEL B. CREEGER 244 Shaker Road Ye are rich who have true friendr. Anonymous DANIEL DU BOUR 84 Cooley Avenue Chorus 10. I have a single track mind, Wilson RUTHANNE DESHAY 15 Lester Street Chorus 125 Spanish Club 10, 12. With malice toward none, with charity for all. Lincoln l 1 KATHLEEN DONOVAN 250 Chestnut Street AEGIS 125 Chorus 125 Latin Club 11, 125 Student Government 10, 11, 12, Secretary 10, Treasurer 125 Drama Club 125 Bowling Club 11, 12. Virtue like a rich stone-bert plain Jet. Bacon SANDRA LEE DICKINSON 23 Lee Street Chorus 105 French Club 105 Softball 105 Drama Club 125 Bowling Club 10, 11, 125 Red Cross Club 115 Library Aides 10. Blushing ix the color of virtue. Henry RICHARD DONOVAN 14 Westernview Drive Spanish Club 10, 11, 125 Bowling Club 10, 125 Biology Lab Assistant 11. No Jenrihle perxon ever made an apol- ogy. Emerson JOYCE ELLSWORTH 30 Donald Avenue Chorus 12g Glee Club 12g Spanish Club 10g Red Cross Club 10g Homemaking Club 10, 11, 12. Be a friend to tlayrelf and others will be so too. Fuller GERALDINE FOX 87 Shaker Road Band 10g Chorus 10g Drama Club 113 Bowling Club 11. There ir no language like the Irirh for soothing. Millington DAVID FACEY 14 Lester Street Spanish Club 123 Science Club 12. The greater! man may ask a foolixb queftion now and then. Wolcott THOMAS EARL GAGNON 220 Elm Street AEGIS 10, 11, 125 SPARTAN SPIRIT 10, 11g A4-V Club 10, 11, 12 In all carer think for yourrelf. Lessing FREDERICK FARRELL 56 Millbrook Drive Basketball 10g Golf 10, 11, 125 Science Club 11. An easy-minded foul, and always was, Aristophanes PHYLLIS FOUNTAIN 285 Prospect Street Chorus 105 Bowling Club 10g Red Cross Club 10. Not to know me argues yourxelvex unknown. Milton GORDON GOURLEY 599 Prospect Street Track 10, 11, 125 Bowling Club 10. He is ax quiet are a lamb. Langland r w 5 SUSAN GRADY 345 Kibbe Road Chorus 10, 11, 12g Bowling Club 10g Library Aides 11, 12g Basketball 125 Field Hockey 12. Though :he he hut little, .the is jierce. Shakespeare STEVEN GARNER 173 Hampden Road Latin Club 10, 11, 12, President 10, 11, 125 Red Cross Club 11, 12. He'.v tough mffum, tough as I. B. Tough and de-vilirh Jly. Dickens JUDITH GRAHAM 301 North Main Street AEGIS 10, 11, 12, Business Manager 12g Track 105 SPARTAN SPIRIT 115 Drama Club 10, 11, 12, Secretary 11g Oflice Aides 10, 11. When I give, I give mytelf. Whitman RUTH ANN GEROW 22 Young Avenue Chorus 10, 11, 125 Glee Club 10, 11, 12g Field Hockey 10, 11, 12g Basketball 10g Volleyball 10. Nothing endures hut personal qualities. Whitman 0 Xu J. SANDRA GREEN Point O'View - 156 Pleasant Street AEGIS 10, 11, 12, Advertising Editor 125 French Club 10, 115 Latin Club 11g Spanish Club 115 Drama Club 125 SPARTAN SPIRIT 10, 119 Chess Club 115 Science Club 10, 11, Secretary 105 Dance Club 10, President 10. A friend is a person with whom I may he xincere. Emerson AMY HANSON 15 Marshall Street Track 105 Field Hockey 105 Basketball 10. The wire and good reels to know them- selver. Shakespeare PATRICIA HASTINGS 40 South Bend Lane Chorus 125 German Club 11, 125 La in Club ll, 12, Secretary 11, 125 Lead rs Club 125 Honor Society 125 Field Ho k- ey 11, 125 Gymnastics 11, 125 Tr k 10, 125 Tennis 10. Laugh and the world laugh.: with yon. Wilc' x ELIZABETH HASKINS 330 Elm Street Chorus 10, 11, 125 Glee Club 10, 11, 125 Charmers 125 Red Cross Club 125 Honor Society 12, Secretary 125 Library Aides 11, 125 AEGIS, 12. To he what we are and to hecome what we are capahle of becoming. R. L. Stevenson NANCY HEATHCOTE 54 Rankin Avenue Chorus 125 Spanish Club 125 Drama Club 125 Bowling Club 10. Life it Jweet to everyone. Petrie JOHN K. GURNEY 130 Elm Street Chorus 125 Hockey 10, 11, 12. 'Tis hex! to give him wayg he lead: hlmrelf. Shakespeare PHILIP HOAG, JR. 55 Westernview Circle AEGIS 125 Chorus 125 Gayblades 125 Hockey 105 Golf 11, 12. Steady of hear! and :tout of hand. Scott 4 A. JOSEPH HOMICZ 84 Meadow Road AEGIS 125 German Club 11, 125 Stu- dent Government 11, 12, Treasurer 11, President 125 Honor Society 125 Corri- dor Patrol 125 Football 10, 11, 12, Co- Captain 125 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Base- ball 105 Track 11, 125 Dartmouth Book Award. The world knows only two, that? Rome and l. Jonson JEAN KAPINOS 40 Redin Drive German Club 11, 125 Latin Club 115 Student Government 12, Secretary 125 Honor Society 125 Girls' Athletics 10, ll. Only a life lived for otherx is 4 life worth-while Einstein RICHARD HULETTE 55 Western Drive - Longmeadow Latin Club 10, 11, 125 Red Cross Club 11, 125 Math League 11, 125 Football Statistician 10, 11, 12. Genius must he horn, and never can he taught. Dryden FAITH JOHNSON 16 Meadowbrook Road AEGIS 10, 11, 125 Chorus 125 Drama Club 10, 125 Red Cross Club 125 Home- making Club 125 Leaders Club 105 Office Aides 11, 12. Strength through joy. Ley CHARLES INGALLS 3 Redin Drive Football 10, 11, 12. Though he if rough, he is kindly. Longfellow PHILIP JOHNSON 41 Carvill Avenue Football 10, 11, 125 Track 10, 11, 12. I wanlx lo go somewhere. Hughes R. JUDITH KELLY 55 Thompson Street AEGIS 10, 11, 12, Senior Editor Latin Club 10, 12, Math League Science Club 10, 11, 12. Imiurtry ir the soul of buriners and 12g 12g 1 the ,lzeyrtone of prorperity. Dickens DAVID LA LIMA AEGIS 12' Drama Club 11 12' Co 87 Millbrook Drive , , , rri- 0 ra dot Patrol 12g Football 10, 11, 12, C - Captain 125 Basketball 10, 11, 123 T 10, 11, 12. Kurt of inaction is a stranger to la Massin ck lim. ge: ROBERT KILLAM 285 Pease Road Give me today and take tomorrow, Anonymous ANDREA LA PLANTE 15 Greenacre Lane Chorus 10, 11, 12, Glee Club 10, 11, 12. Her heart bangelh on a jolly pin. Anonymous MARGARET KITES 41 Gates Avenue Bowling Club 105 Red Cross Club 10, Homemaking Club 115 Library Aides 10, Oflice Aides 10, 11. My mind is gay but my .foul is melan- choly. Lang BERYL LACEY 165 Prospect Street Chorus 11, 12, Leaders Club 125 Field Hockey 10, 12, Soccer 103 Volleyball 103 Class Secretary 11. Gently to bear, kindly to judge. Shakespeare RONALD C. LINDGREN 29 Parker Street A nite unpartieular man. Hardy ROBERT LLOYD 287 Allen Street Class Treasurer 10. Who .rtriuer hir utmort, him can we mue. Goethe JANET LE BLANC 314 Kibbe Road Drama Club 12g Red Cross Club 12. Love truth, hut pardon error. Voltaire FREDERICK LOGAN 66 Hanward Hill French Club 12g Track 11, 12g Basket- ball Manager 10, 11, 125 Science Club 12. The expiration: of men of good will perrirt. Bush JUDITH LEDDY 131 Somers Road Chorus 105 Honor Society 12g Red Cross Club 10. With the gift of laughter hles.r'd .... Sabatini MARY LOU LOGAN 66 Hanward Hill AEGIS 123 Science Club 11g Drama Club 10, 11g Field Hockey 10. Virtue if the truert nobility. Cervantes BEVERLEE LUN DGREN 210 Pleasant Street Drama Club 10, 11, 123 Science Club 11. Gentle of .fpeecbj benejicient of mind. Horner LAWRENCE MAC DONALD 5 Lull Street AEGIS 125 Latin Club 11, 12g Soccer 10, 115 Baseball 10g Math League 125 Chess Club 11, 12g Honor Society 12, Treasurer 12g Science Club 10, 11, 12. Here: iz heart for any fate. Byron CAROLYN LYMAN 52 Maplehurst Avenue AEGIS 1.25 Field Hockey 123 Tennis 12g Drama Club 11. Her talentf are of the more Jilent clam. Byron BRUCE MASON 24 Callendar Avenue French Club 105 Science Club 11. I'll :peak in a monxtronr little voice. Shakespeare MICHAEL LOPARDO 7 Speight Arden French Club 12g Science Club 11, 12. Whore nature i.r .fo far from wrong that be rnrpect: none. Shakespeare ROBERT MATTHEW 49 Edmund Street Bowling Club 10g Track 11, 12g Hockey 12. I cannot afford to waxte my time making money. Agassiz JAMES MC KEARIN 42 White Avenue Drama Club 10, 11, 125 Science Club 10, 11, 12g American Legion Oratorical Award. Speak the .fpeecla I pray you, trippingly on the tongue. Shakespeare ROBERT A. NELSON 35 Fernwood Drive French Club 10, 123 Student Govern- ment 10, 115 Class Member-at-Large 12g Track Team ll, 12. We cannot be juxt unlerx we are kind- bearted. Vauvenargues ROBERT MC KENZIE 201 Porter Road Look not thou flown, but up! Browning PAUL MOTTLE 17 Melwood Avenue Prexent, he is a force respected. Santayana LORRAINE MOORE 198 Somers Road Spanish Club 10, 12g Drama Club 10g Red Cross Club 11, 125 Homemaking Club 12. A little work, a little joy, a little fretting, .rome Jmiler, rome team. Mason CONSTANCE NELMES 90 Meadow Road AEGIS 12g Band 10, 11, 123 Chorus 105 Glee Club 10g French Club 10, 11, 12g Library Aides 11. With the sweet milk of human kindnen ble.fJ'd. Churchill l .1 ROBERT G. NELSON 547 Somers Road Chorus 10, 11g SPARTAN SPIRIT 10, llg Football 10, 11, 12g Hockey 11, 12. Patience if the an of hoping. Vanvenargues BARBARA PAOUNOFF 43 Fernwood Drive AEGIS 10, 11, 12g Band 10, 11, 123 Spanish Club 12g Field Hockey 10, 11, 12g Tennis 105 Cheerleaders 10g Co- Chairman Junior Prom 11. Goxla! I feel like a real good cry! Adams N l ANN NEWKIRK 2 Lull Street Chorus 10, 11, 125 Glee Club 11, 12g Red Cross Club 10, Secretary 10. She could laugband cry both in a wind. Fuller QIOANNE PECOY 23 North Main Street Laugh if you are wise. Martiel DIANA NICHOLAEV 140 Maple Street Chorus IO, 11, 123 Drama Club 10, 11g Field Hockey 10, 11, 125 Soccer 10, 12g Volleyball 10, 11, 12. A fore wills all ber .vweetert leiwer yet folded. Byron CATHERINE O'CONNELL 121 Parker Street I pardon everybodyir mimzker except my own. Cato wk 51 All - VLX 3, BRYAN Wi. PLUMB 799 Parker Street AEGIS 125 Band 10, 11, 125 French Club 105 Student Government 10, 125 Basketball Manager 105 SPARTAN SPIRIT 115 Science Club 11, Vice Pres- ident 115 Class President 10, 125 Class Vice President 11. I am the very model of a modern Major- General. Gilbert PAUL FREDERICK POIRIER 26 Greenacre Lane I would help otberr, out of zz fellow- feeling. Burton LOLA PEPPER 54 Lombard Avenue Chorus 125 Majorettes 10, 11. A wave worked my liner away. Gould .i .. .1 -' 1 ' 'L' A ' 5' -5 gf:- '1 l HELEN POWERS 339 Parker Street AEGIS 125 French Club 10, 11, 12, Treasurer 115 Spanish Club 125 SPAR- TAN SPIRIT 10, 115 Honor Society 125 Office Aides 12. Your goal the rky, your aim the mzfr. Anonymous JOHN D. PLUMADORE 135 Allen Street AEGIS 10, 11, 12, Photography Editor ll, 125 SPARTAN SPIRIT 11, Camera Club 10, 11, 12, President 10, 11, 12. One picture ir worth len Zhourrmd wordr. Chinese proverb MICHAEL PRENDERGAST 19 Day Avenue AEGIS 105 Chorus 105 Spanish Club 10, 125 A-V Club 125 Baseball 10, 11, 125 Hockey 105 Soccer 105 Football 12. He that ir of a merry heart bath a coulinunl fearz. Proverbs GARY REGNIER 69 Helen Circle Chorus 115 Football 10, 115 Baseball 105 Hockey Manager 11. It ir hard to he good! Pittacus MIRIAM RICHARDS 12 Pleasant Place Spanish Club 10, 11, 125 Drama Club 105 Red Cross Club 105 Leaders Club 105 Science Club 12. The world helongr to the enthasiart who keep: cool. McFee BRUCE RICHARDS 169 Elm Street AEGIS 125 Latin Club 11, 125 Hockey 105 Math League 125 Chess Club 125 A-V Club 125 Camera Club 10, 11, 12. Although he ha: much wit, he is .thy of ming it. Butler SUSAN ROBERTS 177 Somers Road Chorus 10, 11, 125 Drama Club 10, 11, 125 Bowling Club 105 Library Aides 105 Office Aides 10, 115 Track 105 Soc- cer 10, 125 Field Hockey 10, 11, 12. A gentle heart is tied with an eary thread. Herbert ANGELA RAFFAELE 41 Melwood Avenue AEGIS 125 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Field Hockey 10, 11, 125 Tennis 105 Soccer 105 Volleyball 10, 11, 125 Class Secre- tary 10. The lowly heart doth win the love of all. Turberville ROBERT ROLLINS 309 Parker Street Football 10, ll, 125 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Track 10, 11, 12. He that har patience may compars any- thing. Rabelais KAREN L. ROSSMEISL 17 Pleasant Street AEGIS 12g German Club 12g Basketball 10g Science Club 12g Gflice Aides 10, 12. Quiemen if hen. Holland ROBERT SHAW 7 Day Avenue AEGIS 10, 11, 12, Latin Club 11g Hock- ey 10, 12g Math League 125 A-V Club 10, 11, 12g Camera Club 10, 11, 12g Science Club 10, 12. Those who can command lhemrelzfer, command others. Hazlitt SONIA ANN SANDIN 356 Somers Road Chorus 10, 11, 123 Glee Club 11, 12, SPARTAN SPIRIT 10g Leaders Club 12g Field Hockey 10, 11, 12. She does little himineyrer which mort leave undone. Lowell ROBERT SCAGNI 35 Day Avenue AEGIS 12g Tennis 103 Soccer 10, 11, 12, A-V Club 12g Camera Club 10, 12. He if .ro fall of pleafant anecdote, Baillie PAULA SANTANELLO 194 Vineland Avenue AEGIS 12, Bowling Club 10, 11, 12. She is not difficult to pleare. Kleiser ELAINE SCHIFFER 15 Millbrook Drive AEGIS 10, 11, 12g Band 10, 11, 12, German Club 11, 12g Basketball 10, Volleyball 10g Science Club 10, 11, 12. Kimi hearts are more than coronelr. Tennyson KRISTINE SHONAK ROGER SPENCE 257 Mapleshade Avenue 248 Kibbe Road AEGIS 125 Field Hockey 105 Cheer- I have ever confined myxelf to the factr. leaders 11, 12. RHSPG Hvwies from joy to joy. Thomson RICHARD TAYLOR KAREN TREMBLEY 24 Pease Road 27 Rogers Road Chorus 10, 115 Gayblades 11. Basketball 10, 115 Volleyball 10, 115 My theory 55 fo enjoy life, Lamb Chess Club 115 Red Cross Club 10, 11, 125 Science Club 105 Oflice Aides 105 Chairman Junior Prom. Deedx, not wordr. Fletcher ROBERT STEELE 5 Fairview Street AEGIS 10, 11, 125 Latin Club 11, 125 Student Government 125 Soccer 10, 11, 12, Co-Captain 125 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Baseball 10, 11, 125 Math League 125 Honor Society 12, Vice President 125 Corridor Patrol 125 Williams Book Award. My bean? it at true at Jteel. Shakespeare BRENT L. TARR 154 Smith Avenue Fl! turn over 4 new leaf. Cervantes LINDA VALADE 269 Elm Street Chorus 125 Student Government 105 Corridor Patrol 125 Cheerleaders 10, Co- Captain 105 Leaders Club 11, 125 Gym- nastics 10, 11, 12, Co-captain 105 Field Hockey 11, 12. Grace ortlerr her action: and follow: her movementr. Tibullus l SONYA WARNER 549 Prospect Street Band 10, 11, 125 German Club 11, 12' a Gymnastics 10, 115 Cheerleaders 105 Science Club 10, 11, 12, Secretary 11. A merry heart maketh a cheerful eozm- tenance. Proverbs DAVID N. TURNBERG 257 Hampden Road Bowling Club 10, 11. Hit hark ir worre than hir hite. Herbert SUSAN WEFERLING 91 Prospect Street AEGIS 125 German Club 11, 125 Cor- ridor Patrol 125 Leaders Club 11, 12. Dramatics Club, Treasurer 12. Paradire lr open to all hind heartr. Beranger PATRICIA TWOHIG 246 Elm Street Drama Club 125 Science Club 11, 12' Western Mass. Small Schools Basketi ball Tournament Poster Award. In her tongue ir the law of himlrzerr. Proverbs BARRY WHITE 125 Fernwood Drive Band 11, 125 Spanish Club 11, 125 Hockey 11, 125 Track 11, 12. An archangel a little damaged. Lamb BRIAN WILKINS 21 Kibbe Road AEGIS 11, 12g Band 10g Chorus 11, 12g Gayblades 11, 125 Student Government 105 Drama Club 11, 12g Football 10, 11, 125 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Track 113 Baseball 10, 12. If you don? think about the future, you can? have one. Galsworthy DONNA WOOD 234 Elm Street Chorus 11g Student Government 10, 11, 125 Library Aides 10g Drama Club 10, 115 Cheerleaders 12, Captain 12. Witlaouz have but witlvou! rert. Goethe EILEEN F . WILLIAMS 382 Chestnut Street Math League 11, 125 OHice Aides 10, 11, 125 Cheerleaders 10, 11, 125 Co- Captain 11. Honey! labor bear: a lovely face. Dekker PAMELA WILLIAMS 257 Allen Street Chorus 12. Tkere are .rome Jileni people who are more interesting than the bert talken. Disraeli THOMAS ALLEN 154 Elm Street I am the matter of my fate. Henley LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OE THE CLASS OF 1965 We tbe member: of tbe Clam of 1965 being of round mind and body do bereby devire and bequeath tbere lem? favors' to rucceeding genemtiom. Bob Killam leaves Jumbo Market to John Schroeder. Ricky Logan leaves his track shoes to Nick Stevens. Dave Facey leaves his homeroom stunts to his brother. Ruth Anne Gerow leaves her turtle to next year's stenography class. Jean Becker leaves her gym excuses to Margo Merrigan. Jacki Concato and Joyce Ellsworth leave their companionship to Pam Hartwell and Sue Joslin. A Geraldine Fox leaves her sister Lila for the unknown. Paul Bahlin doesn't want to leave, he would rather stay here with Pat. J. Belden leaves high school with a sigh of relief. John Buchanan leaves East Longmeadow in hopes that another town will bring him better health. Mike Casey'leaves his French ability to Steve Brega. Jon Beach leaves his shyness to Jack Lightcap. Bob Carlson leaves the pitcher's mound to Bill Donovan. Tom Carey leaves the nurse's office to Pauline Chatel. Jeff Brainerd leaves his track record to John Waterman. Carol Burr leaves her Hgure to Gail Sakakeeny. Mike Lopardo leaves Cheryl Geolfrion tearfully. Lola Pepper leaves her eye make-up to Vicki Miller. Paula Santanello leaves her weekends to anyone who can figure them out. Pat Twohig leaves her forgetfulness to anyone who wants it. Elizabeth Haskins leaves everything except: her memories, her friendship, and her little bit of knowledge. Joanne Pecoy leaves her school spirit to Diddy Rockwood. Gary Regnier has left, and June Shattuck has come. Larry MacDonald leaves his place in the math league to an up and coming Junior. Sonia Sandin leaves her sun lamp and sun burns to Lois Cruikshank. Skip Taylor leaves his true friend Brian Johnson to anyone who will take him. Pam Williams leaves her natural curly hair to Sue Sassi. Sarah Brooks leaves, "As Schools Match Wits" to Glenn and Carolyn. Bryan Plumb leaves his "honk" to Robert Sullivan and Phil Keith. Phil Hoag leaves his watermelon rind to Timmy Moore. Mike Prendergast leaves his relations with Minnachague to anyone who can take them. Mark Cosman leaves his voice to Cheryl Zacher. Peter Bensley leaves his hair tonic to Paul DeMauro. John Plumadore leaves his photography to John Williams. Linda Valade leaves her gymnastics ability to Joyce Gale. Carole Betterley leaves Ricky. Barbara Paounoif leaves her hair to Pat Erickson. Judy Graham and Jimmy McKearin leave their leading roles to "Our Miss Brooks." Bob Shaw leaves Teddy Pieczarka to the Cafeteria. Sandy Dickinson leaves her lab partner, Martin Bowen, to any unfortunate girl. Skip Homicz leaves his mirror to Phil Keith. Chubby Ingalls leaves his key to Bob Zeiler. Dick Hulette leaves his Hillman to anyone who can fix it. Pat Hastings leaves her crash helmet to her sister Barbara. Bob Scagni leaves the warm seat 'on the hockey bench to the next unfortunate Senior. Kathy Donovan leaves her personality to her brother Billy. Tex McKenzie leaves his estates to any deserving underclassman. Cynthia Ashley leaves her teary eyes and handkerchief to Ruth Riga. Nancy Heathcote leaves her ability to attract boys to her sister, Dale. Jean Kapinos leaves Rainbow to her sister, Lorraine. Mary Lou Logan leaves her ulcers to next year's Activity Committee Chairman. Diana Nicholaev leaves the Home Fc. Room in one piece. Kathy O'Conne1l leaves 'lSnowflake" to the children's librarian. Dan DuBour leaves his dancing ability to Ken Petito. Fearless Fred Farrell leaves his crossword puzzles in his room because they're finished. Chuck Bickley leaves the mixed-up treasury to next year's treasurer. jim Brock leaves his motor scooter to Dick Bennett. Steve Garner leaves the Red Cross to Clara Barton. Pam Couri leaves her baton to Pat Pratt. Sandy Green leaves her make-up tests to jane McMahon. Faith Johnson leaves her 4 mile hikes to anyone who needs the exercise. Carolyn Lyman leaves her place on the yearbook staff to an ambitious worker. Connie Nelmes leaves her scholastic ability to Timmy Moran. Karen Rossmeisl leaves her trip to Spain to Mrs. Adams. Elaine Schiffer and Kris Shonak leave their bean plants to Mr. Troutman. Sue Weferling leaves Friendly's to Fran Cox and Margo Merrigan. janet LaBlanc and Tom Gagnon leave together. Miriam Richards leaves the Mexicans, alone. Sonny Warner leaves to catch up with Bob johnson. Fran Williams leaves her cheerleading to Gretchen Bozenhard. Paul Poirier leaves his deep voice to Butch Accorsi. Paul Mottle leaves the girls behind. Karen Trembley leaves her knitting needles to Karen Wilson. Dave Turnberg leaves the Chem. lab to Mr. Dale. Anglea Ralfaele leaves her good Spanish marks to Tom Sawyer. Bob Rollins leaves his turkey farm for next year's zoology class. Brent Tarr leaves his driving ability to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles. Barry White leaves his sarcastic "Why is the sky bluel' to next year's astronomers. Phyllis Fountain leaves her promptness to Jean Zampiceni. Sue Grady leaves her height to Judy Phillips. Judy Leddy leaves her A in Stenography to Bev Feathler. Bruce Mason leaves his baby blue eyes to john Dion. Tom Bonneville leaves his 4th period naps to Alison Rudkin. Sue Byrne leaves her beret to Don Bjorklund. Ruth Becker leaves her short skirts to Marilyn Minor. Helen Powers leaves Kenny Blaisdale to Chris Bremner. Brian Wilkins leaves his silver paint to Richard Gorman. Bob Matthews leaves his outside education to Glen Gamche. Dave LaLima leaves his high scoring to the Nut League. Bill Carvell leaves his basketball skill to Stephen Roy. Dick Donovan and Beryl Lacey leave their position as Class Couple to Archie and Droopy. Bob Steele leaves the student store to Verna, Diddy and the rest. Bev Lundgren leaves her lucky position as class ofiicer to the next girl with four boys. Bruce Richards leaves the Latin Club to Nancy Maciolek. Bob A. Nelson leaves Popular Market to Tom Atkinson. Judy Graham leaves her typing hands to Mr. Hart, who will need them after she leaves. Peggy Kites leaves the boys "down on the farm." Ann Newkirk leaves her quietness to Wendy Westberg. Lorraine Moore leaves her cigarettes to Sue Joslin. Andrea LaPlante leaves her hair style to Pam Hartwell. Judy Kelly leaves her sarcasm to Ellen Whitaker. Cynthia Allen leaves her walk to Mary Racicot. Pat Bressette leaves her skill on the unevens to Elizabeth Schubert. Carolyn Craig leaves her "information pleasei' to Kitty Pease. Ruthanne DeShay leaves high school for the hospital. Tom Allen leaves "The Sinner" to Nancy Fredrecks. Storrs Barrett leaves, much to the regret of the faculty. Paul Brideau leaves the Square Dance Club to his sister, Marie. Rayma Cote leaves her wild stories to anyone who will believe them. Bob Lloyd leaves his ties to Ron Burton. Phil Johnson leaves his weight to Tim Casey. John Gurney leaves his blades to Jackie Brock. Gordon Gourley leaves his weights to Carl Rydell. Donna Wood leaves her position as captain of the cheerleading squad to the next one with better luck. Ron Lindgren leaves.his disposition to anyone who's crazy enough to want it. Joel Creeger leaves the European History course to any brave person who Wishes to take it. Amy Hanson leaves her softball ability to Ken Petito. Five Senior girls leave their "suggestive" can-can outfits to Miss Vedany. Sue Roberts leaves her empty peroxide bottle to her sister, Una. Roger Spence leaves his peanuts, candy, and bubble gum to anyone who can't finish the day without them. Robert G. Nelson leaves his motorscooter to Buddy Swager so he won't have to use his thumb any more. The Senior Class leaves Mr. Grocott a red pen guaranteed to write every three weeks. The Senior Class leaves Mr. Dutille our advisor, behind. Home Room 207 leaves Mr. Goff a new typewriting ribbon, in case this one runs out. Home Room 209 leaves Miss Vedany a bottle of aspirin, in case next year's home room is worse. Home Room 210 leaves Mr. Roan in hopes that next year's home room is more prompt than they were. Bonnie Bendtson leaves her artistic ability to someone who needs it. The basketball team leaves Mr. Troutman, regretfully. George Washington, Chairman Abe Lincoln Dwight Eisenhower Jack Kennedy and two unknowns . .asf ...aff " 3hf32EfilWl2,?5WefFf .,,. , V wr ,awlfff . m QI- ,, . Y. -ef..s,m.ew5f - .EN 9' . , .J - ...Aww , Na- - .fllehzf -, f -.re M9 -. : ,J5z.'v"Tr.,, . . .1 : ' wi' ' " -Z"n: " ' IV -. ..Mya .1-ami, w e: as .. . a:x'5z"i9:f.f1Qg 'ff,-.ffsfsfff-sw 5. ai af.: sg at as 'R .' aaa- 5 v, riff? Qawis 2 --sua: -.sm1,2112f.fa..1z21rw-A w if-isWA..-JJ:-gyzze-gs A - , astsgggqtf, as 13 N, 51512292 -.-.ae .,-,gasses ,,-k -v,.,,. ,,,. N as .. , rnffisiziffiw ..,,..W:L .. ,, . . . . . . .M 'Bylaw , s 6 ' 2 ,. . ,.... ..,, , A.. , , " '. '-if' 1 3 i MamanWwwmsawfatwaAf!ivseag waam2tssrfsfkeie "Bali Ha'i', Long before the eventful night, May 11, 1962, the Class of 1963 had been eagerly anticipating their junior prom. Under the chairmanship of Karen Trembley, with the able assistance of her'aides, Barbara PaounoH and Elizabeth Haskins, "Bali Ha'i" was a huge success. This success also resulted from the concentrated efforts of the many participating students and the committee chairmen who were as follows: Susan Byrne, decorations, Susan Weferling, tickets, Mary Lou Logan, publicity, and Robert Scagni, refreshments. When the long awaited evening finally arrived, all students' expectations were fulfilled including the crowning of the elected prom queen, Kathy Donovan, and her court members, Barbara Paounoff and Linda Valade. "Bali Ha'i" was a notable triumph for the Class of 1963 as the entire evening demonstrated from its beginning at 8 o'clock with the receiving line to the final note of "Bali Ha'i" at midnight, all of which shall long be re- membered. Some of us marched! Some of us even danced for a little while. 50 af x Talking the hours away. The Queen and Her Court with Escorts. Seated, Queen of the Prom, Kathy Donovan. Standing, l to r Pierce Hayward, Barbara Paounoff F. James Brock. Some handsome hostesses, l to r, Susan Weferling, Beverley Phillips, Rosemary Roberts, Ellen Whitaker. r r William McCarthy, Linda Valade, CLASS BALLOT Girl mort liheiy to Jucceed Boy mort likely to Jucceed Sarah Brooks Mort popular girl Kathy Donovan Bert girl athlete Linda Valade Prettieft girl Donna Wood Beit tlreyied girl Pat Hastings Smartest girl Sarah Brooks C omeilienne Carole Betterley Shyertn girl Connie Nelmes C la.f.r flirt Susan Byrne Teacher? pert Tom Bonneville C lam philofopher Judy Kelly Clay: worrier Mary Lou Logan Nite owl Ruth Becker C lan couple Steve Garner Mort popular boy Chuck Bickley Best boy athlete Bill Carvell Handromext boy Bill Carvell Beit dretreal boy Chuck Bickley Smartest boy Steve Garner Comedian Mark Cosman Shyest boy Mike Casey Clam' 'wolf Robert Matthew Teacher? pet Robert Lloyd C lax: worker Elizabeth Haskins C lam' musician Bryan Plumb C last chatterbox Paula Santanello C lair chumr Beryl Lacey 8: Richard Donovan Jackie Concato 8z Joyce Ellsworth Clan rendezvous Senior who hay done mort for ELHS Friendly's Bryan Plumb Favorite male teacher Favorite female teacher Mr. Grocott Miss Vedany Clary Song Wild Weekend SEN I ORS INFORMAL AGAIN I'rn only passirr through East Longmeadow, rough and tough Caught in the act! You are getting sleepy Look ma . . . no cavities! ELHS PARTICIPATES IN STATE DEPARTMENT PROGRAM As a part of the current Department of Health Edu- cation and Welfare program Teacher Development Pro- gram, East Longmeadow High School warmly welcomed Sr. Romolu Oswaldo Comacho Quequezana, an English teacher from Peru. During his three Week stay in East Longmeadow, Sr. Comacho was given the opportunity to Visit with and to observe our school system at all levels. Sr. Comacho spent most of his time in the high school visiting classes, observing pupils at work and play, and teaching classes in Spanish. As a part of his program here, Sr. Comacho addressed the entire student body and told them of his country, Peru. At the end of the assembly, Sr. Comacho answered questions from the students, deal- ing with education, teen-age life, climate, geography of Peru. He was tendered a farewell reception by the faculty of the high school before his departure. The senior class of ELHS feels privileged that Sr. Comacho was able to visit the school and be a part of its life for even a short time, and wishes him "mucho suertef' L to r, Mr. Robert Jarvis, Superintendent of Schools, Nancy Maciolek, student representative who spoke on behalf of the students wishing Sr. Comacho well, Sr. Comacho, Mr. Elwyn J. Doubleday, Principal of the high school. Mr. Marvin Bryan of the high school faculty wishes Sr. Comacho good luck in the future as Mr. Doubleday, Principal, looks on. , . 1 . 4 sci We XXX National Seal of Peru Mr. Doubleday and Mr. Comacho at the student assembly where Sr. Comacho answered student questions about Peru. UNDERCLASSES The late bus after school leaves the building empty and alone and another day ends at ELHS. This is cer- tainly one of the most powerful memories we shall always recall after we leave this building. School busses are a way of life with the majority of students in East Longmeadow. They provide a place of relaxation and a place for forming new friendships. Those of us who have ever ridden on the busses know that they are in- despensable to a way of life we are leaving for a time. May they continue to do their work willingly and well. JUNIOR CLASS HOMEROOM 109. First Row, l to r, B. Bisi, A. Gray, D. Salford, D. Lombardi, C. Hart, M. Berard, j. Gale, B. Man, K. Wilson, C. Waite, J. Smith. Second Row, l to r, W. VanValkenburg, A. Ziemba, R. Accorsi, D. Congdon, J. Phillips, T. Moore, R. Burton, E. johnson, D. Lesure. Third Row, l to r, R. Worthington, K. Cranson, J. Wheeler, R. Paige, W. Hess, P. Manning, Absent. Inset A: Mr. Joseph St. Germain, teacher. HOMEROOM 206. First Row, l to r, M. Berard, J. Aiken, L. Cruikshank, B. Desmond, C. Bremmer, M. Bell, S. Brodrick, P. Brenton, . Amos. Second Row, l to r, K. Berard, P. Couri, F. Cox, W. Accorsi, R. Brown, P. D'Amour, P. ean, R. Benway, J., Andersen, C. Brumn. Third Row, l to r, R. Bisi, T. Benton, M. Bowen, K. Blaisdell, T. Atkinson, G. Bono, T. Casey. Inset B: Mrs. Arlene Tashlick, teacher. JUNIOR CLASS S 5 k HOMEROOM 211. First Row, l to r, B. Feathler, C. Glassanos, D. Gorman, S. Baseltine, R Goodrich, D. DiAugustino, J. Hassell, H. Harris, P. Hartwell. Second Row, l to r, B. Gourley P. Demetrion, M. Gamble, C. Hamlin, C. Eddy, N. Fredericks, G. Greenwood, S. Gould, S. Gil- man, D. Herzog, L. Helwig. Third Row, l to r, D. Anderson, J. Goodlatte, G. Curtis, C. Griflin, B. Garrett, E. Croken, R. Grundstrom, B. Griese, T. Dalessio. Absent: B. Hastings and W. Dono- van. Inset: Mr. James Grocott, teacher. -sa HOMEROOM 212. First Row, l to r, R. Lombardi, N. Laurier, J. Meakin, S. Joslin, L. Janik D. Heathcote, D. MacNeil, J. McMahon, P. Kelly. Second Row, l to r, R. Mosedale, M. Merrigan S. McNamara, N. Jarvis, J. Mathews, M. Manitsas, M. L. Wilkins, C. Mclntire, K. Lernoine D. Mosedale, A. Miller. Third Row, l to r, R. Mclntire, B. Nichols, K. Mosedale, P. Keith D. May, L. Maurer, W. Manning, R. Hodge, B. johnson. Absent: D. Bjorklund, N. Maciolelc Inset: Mr. Robert Gosende, teacher. JUNIOR CLASS HOMEROOM 213. Front Row, l to r, S. Noceti, C. Noceti, L. Johnson, M. Racicot, K. Pease, R. Riga, M. Mulcahy, P. Rinaldi, P. Perusse. Second Row, l to r, K. Partridge, M. Minor, B. Phillips, D. Peavey, D. Ouellette, K. Petitto, J. Osborn, G. Smith, E. Prendergast, S. Rising, J. Reall, V. Monson. Third Row, l to r, J. Schrade, R. Foote, D. Rosati, J. Schroeder, T: Sawyer, C. Pixley, J. Savaria, J. Raschi. Inset: Mr. Alexander Nicket, teacher. 1 HOMEROOM 214. Front Row, l to r, M. Zuccalo, R. Tranghese, P. Wolpert, C. Zacher, J. Scully, R. Roberts, W. Westberg, E. Whitaker, P. Woods. Second Row, 1 to r, S. Yeaton, D. Buckley, D. Shuart, J. Waterman, R. Spaulding, D. Zuccalo, H. Wallengren, J. Williams, M. Wolpert, K. Sweeney, H. Takis, A. Rudkin. Third Row, 1, to r, R. Swayger, A. Spence, N. Stevens, J. Strandberg, R. Wilson, D. Woodard, G. Underhill, F. Ochieng. Absent: W. Thomas, R. Sullivan. Inset: Miss Mary Kennedy, teacher. FRESHMAN CLASS I- Warren, S.'Sovis. Inser: Mr. Dawiid Nevin, tencher. I V I HOMEROOM 113. First Row, 1 to r, M. Herrick, H. Goguen, C. Beaulieu, S. Legree, N. Nelson D. Carlson, M. Strandberg, R. Yosko, S. McCarthy, V. Rainey, M. Brideau, R, Campion Second Row, l to r, P. Basile, R. Snow, T. Donovan, L. Cranson, C. Rourke, J. Smith, C Pedersen, B. Truitt, T. Taylor, P. Schenck, T. Johnson. Third Row, l to r, R. Gorman, P. Fredette, G. Lindwall, R. McQuillan, B. Ramey, E. Noel, R. Senecal. Inset: Miss Gail Franzen. eacher. F RESHMAN CLASS HOMEROOM 114. Front Row, l to r, P. Chatel, C. Becker, R. St. Hill, N. Niemczylc, K. Merrigan, D. Reed, R. Lemanski, D. Young, C. Serafino. Second Row, l to r, S. Clarke, W. Frast, A. Fiore, C. Goodenough, J. Carlson, L. Kapinos, C. Craven, L. Wade, .C. Strong, P. Rarney, R. Warner. 'Third Row, l to r, M. Soplop, G. Nolan. R. Wood, R. Mertz, R. Duffy, R. Gragio, W. LaBroad, W. Hick, R. Kenyon, J. Whiteside, J. Bell. Absent: P. Pellegrino, A. Livingstone. Inset: Mr. Marvin Bryan, teacher. HOMEROOM 204. First Row, l to r, M. Santaniello, L. Fox, K. Silverman, J. Picano, J. Takis, S. Robbins, V. Hagopian, K. Osterman, S. Kidd, S. Lipp, L. Wallengren, P. Cauley. Second Row, l to r, J. Dole, V. Miller, B. Bennett, L. Burr, R. Brodeur, L. Anderson, D. DeFlorio, R. Coates, G. Bennett, D. Rose, W. Haley. Third Row, l to r, G. Minnette, J. Hodge, B. Knight, P. Dewards, M. Maher, W. Amos, G. Garner, R. Ostrander, S. Stawiarz. Inset: Mr. Leo Darsigny, teacher. FRESHMAN CLASS HOMEROOM 205. First Row, l to r, M. Cabana, B. Benway, C. Lopes, B. Houghton, K. Collins, A. Sleith, M. Grifiin, E. Erickson, U. Roberts, M. Scharmer, J. Kjollier, D. Pariseau. Second Row, l to r, M. Whitaker, R. Malinari, P. Thibodeau, T. Pieczarka, M. Fox, A. Nolan, P. Anderson, K. Krasnovsky, T. Moran, P. Ouelette, J. Bosworth, W. Mailler. Third Row, l to r, B. Stephens, J. Lightcap, W. Harrington, S. Boy, B. Barden, J. Hogan, B. Facey. Inset: Mrs. Gladys Adams, teacher. 11 HOMEROOM 215. First Row, l to r, G. Powers, D. Campanella, C. Arbour, C. Rydell, J. Bickley, S. Ives, E. Erickson, L. Lalfert. Second Row, l to r, R. Thomas, D. Maxwell, L. Pawlowicz, G. Smith, M. Cooley, M. Garrett, J. Schmidt, B. Robinson, S. Sassi. Third Row, l to r, G. Howe, S. Brega, K. Farrell, C. Powell, E. Haskins, A. Murphy, R. Gellock, R. Dominic. Inset: Miss Barbara Bragiel, teacher. FRESHMAN CLASS HOMEROOM 216. First Row, l to r, S. Pease, J. Campbell, L. johnson, M. Rockwood, A. Stock- well, M. Arlotta, K. McCarthy, C. Geoffrion, P. Pratt, G. Bozenhard, C. Coto. P. Ericson. Second Row, l to r, J. Brock, W. Barry, J. Hayes, H. Gold, M. Wright, M. Tice, P. Laiferty, I. Senecal, R. Moran, R. Newberry, C. Williams, S. Raiche, F. Fois. Third Row, l to r, T. Donovan, R. Larson, J. Shechan, D. Hulette, G. Yarnell, K. W'halen, S. Szurek, H. McGill. Inset: Mr. M. Thomas Mann, teacher. SCHOOLS MATCH WITS TEAM VICTORIOUS IN T.V. FINALS As the AEGIS goes to press the "Brain- trustersl' of ELHS have scored a major tri- umph in the finals for the contest "Schools Match-fWits." The local TV show, aired on Channel 2? features groups of high school students in academic competition with each other. ELHS has won the final competition and the cup. In order to win the prelim- inaries, the team had to post four consecu- tive victories. These victories were against: Holyoke Catholicg St. Michael's Northamp- ton, Sacred Heart High School, Springfield, Mount Hermon School, Northfield. The team members were: Glenn Curtis, Carolyn McIntyre, Dudley Anderson, Sarah Brooks and Ron Lindgren as alternate. Schools Match Wits Team. Standing, l to r, G. Curtis, R. Lindgren C. Mclntire, D. Anderson, S. Brooks, C. Nelrnes, H. Powers, S. Bro- derick, E. Haskins. Seated, Mrs. Arlene Tashlick, Adviser. ART CLUB Around the table from the left toward the rear of the room, N. Laurier, B. Fethler, C. Brome, R. Maclntier, S. Taylor, C. Ingalls, D. Reed, L. Burr, M. Sanranello,.J. Picano, N. Nelson, D. Orsini. Across the back of the room, l to r, S. Joslin, P. Hartwell, S. Brega, R. Duffy, C. Bickley R. Duncan. Around the table from the left toward the rear of the room, G. Regnier, J. Zampicini, P. Lafferty, Roberts, K. Merrigan, M. Rockwood, R. Zeller, G. Fox, P. Fountain, L. Fox, M. Wright, D. Saf- ford, V. Rainey, N. Wade, C. Peterson, M. Cooley, II. Bickley. ACTIVITIES It is hard to picture activities for they bring back so many memories to us that it is impossible to pin- point them all. Yet what better place to remember ac- tivities than the auditorium and its stage where so many wonderful events in the life of our school have been held. The talent shows with their wit and humor. The school plays with their serious and happy mo- ments. The music nights where we heard songs that would make the angels jealous. The pep rallies and the assemblies which were uplifting and enjoyable and so much a part of our education. The place where we were introduced three short years ago to the life of our school and our teachers and our fellow students. This is the capsule of thought that captures our mind as we see the auditorium and its stage from this angle. We remember so many things. We forget so much also. Let's hope that the images captured forever on these pages help us to keep in mind the life of our school as we lived it. And may these same pages carry to the students of the future the inspiration to build tradition for the future. EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT HEADS Have their Pictures Taken: Seated, l to r, Skip Homicz, Sportsg F. Johnson, Typingg J. Graham, Business Managerg S. Brooks, Editor-in-Chiefg E. Haskins, Assistant Editorg S. Green, Advertising Editorg B. Wilkins, Sports. Standing, l to r: B. Paounoff, Informalsg B. Plumb, Historyg'P. Couri, Girls' Sports. Edit or-in-Chief Sarah Brooks Art arid Layoat Robert Shaw Advertising Sandra Green E. Francis Williams Janet LeBlanc Business Manager Judith Graham Q 1963 AEGIS STAFF Assistant Editor Elizabeth Haskins Photography John D. Plumadore Sports Skip Homicz Brian Wilkins Jim Brock Robert Steele David La Lima Charles Bickley Mos! worthy assistants to the advisor Bryan Plumb Phil Hoag Janet LeBlanc Thomas Gagnon Fran Williams Pan Couri Jim Brock Senior Editor R. Judith Kelly History Brian Plumb Helen Powers Constance Nelmes Typing Faith Johnson Carolyn Lyman Karen Rossmeisl Kristine Shonak Most N ohle Advisor Mr, Robert J. Goff MUSIC CLUBS Chorus: First Row, l to r: S. Pease, R. Roberts, C. Zacher, P. Woods, J. Creeger, S. Brooks, accompanist, P. Pelligrino, N. Niemczyk, K. Donovan, D. McNeil, K. Berard. Second Row, 1 to r: K. Osterman, R. Brodeur, B. Houghton, K. Sul- livan, D. Young, V. Monson, D. Linden, M. Bruce, R. Le- manski, S. Robbins. Third Row, l to r: P. Anderson, L. Johnson, M. Zuccalo, B. Amos, E. Prendergast, P. Ramey, B. Stephens, E. Haskins, C. Bremner, J. Meakin, J. LeBlanc, N. Heathcote. Fourth Row, l to r: K. Silverman, L. Ander- son, R. Grundstrom, G. Smith, P. Hoag, P. Keith, B. Wil- kins, J. Sheehan, S. Byrnes, S. Sandin, C. Glassanos, L Valade. Fifth Row, 1 to r: C. Abour, A. Stockwell, M. Tice S. Lipp, B. Bennett, J. Kjoller, L. Palowicz, J. Schmidt, C Lopes, S. Dickinson. C. Lopes, accompanist, First Row, 1 to r: V. Monson, H Takis, S. Pease, C. Zacher, P. Woods, R. Kibbe, J. Dole, J. Creeger, K. Osterman, S. Robbins, E. Whitaker, C. Brem- ner, A. Rudkin. Second Row, l to r: E. Haskins, K. Sulli- van, K. Silverman, S. Sandin, C. Glassanos, D. Salford, R 68 Gerow, A. LaPlante, S. Lipp, A. Newkirk, B. Feathler, P Williams, N. Laurier, D. Linden. Third Row, l to r: M Wilkins, R. Brodeur, J. Mathews, S. Byrnes, M. Berard B. Amos, B. Bennett, J. Kjoller, J. Schmidt, W. Westberg MUSIC CLUBS Chorus First Row, l to r: M. Wilkins, V. Rainey, R. St. Hill, K. Merrigan, J. Dole, C. Geolfrion, W. Westberg, E. Whit- aker. Second Row, 1 to rz E. Haskins, R. Kibbe, F. Johnson, P. Williams, B. Feathler, N. Laurier, C. Betterley. Third Row, l to r: A. LaPlante, R. Gerow, A. Newkirk, H. Takis, S. Grady, D. Gorman, J. Mathews, L. Cruikshank, B. Lacey, M. Berard, L. Kapinos, P. Bean. Fourth Row, 1 to r: J. Gur- ney, R. Wilson, T. Moore. CRESCENDO CHOIR: Front Row, 1 to r K. Osterman, A. Stockwell, K. Silverman, K. Sullivan, J. Creeger, C. Lopes, S. Lipp, S. Robbins. Second Row, l to r: R. Brodeur, J. Schmidt, J. Kjoller, B. Bennett, P. An derson, D. Linden. ll,1.1 22,5- . l1.l l1la.1 again Il: I lil 1 ll 1.11 in THE GAYBLADES, l to r: P. Hoag, P. Keith, B. Plumb, T. Moore, G. Smith, B. Wilkins. MUSIC CLUBS ELHS SPARTAN BAND, "The Best Band in the Land." A. Rudkin, S. Warner, B. Ramey, S. Stawiarz, L. Maurer Front Row, 1 to r: P. Keith, B. Plumb, W. Thomas, M. E. Noel, E. Packard. Back Row,'l to r: Mr. joseph Charton Wolpert, B. Paounoif, R. Wilson, D. Rosati, E. Schiifer, Director, R. Snow, S. Zurak, W. Frost, 1. Whiteside, R T. Moore. Middle Row, 1 to r: R. Grundstrom, C. Nelmes, Senecal, D. Lesure, R. Warner. THE CHARMERS: 1 to r: E. Haskins, C. Zacher, C. Glassanos, M. L. Wil- kins, E. Whitaker, W. Westberg. THE CORRIDOR PATROL: 1 to r: C. Bickley, D. LaLima, B. Carvell, S. Homicz, Mr. John Roan, Adviser, R. Steele, 1. Brock, L. Vaiade, S. Weferling. ELHS CHAPTER OF THE NATIONAL HONOR SO- CIETY: Seated, 1 to r: S. Homicz, L. MacDonald, E. Haskins, S. Brooks, President, Mrs. Arlene Tashlick, Ad- viser, R. Steele. Standing, 1 to r: C. Bickley, C. Nelmes, J. Leddy, J. Kapinos, P. Has- tings, H. Powers, M. Casey. ELHS STUDENT GOV- ERNMENTZ Seated, 1 to r: M. Rockwood, N. Ferguson, R. Maron, S. Homicz, C. Bet- terley, J. Kapinos, K. Dono- van, T. Benton, Miss Theresa Vedany, ' Adviser. Back Row, standing, 1 to r: R. Steele, B. johnson, C. Glassanos, C. Hamlin, W. Westberg, R. Bennett, H. Maguill. 5, f- N57 ls, X THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB: Rear, 1 to r: P. Fountain, K. Lemoin, F. Johnson, R. Lombardi. Middle, l to r: M. Racicot, P. Bean, L. Cruikshank, M. Gamble. Front: P. Kites. THE MATH LEAGUE: Front Row, l to r: Advisor Mr. F. Dutille, F. Wil- liams, M. Casey, L. MacDonald, R Hulette, Advisor Mrs. A. Tashlick Back, l to r: G. Curtis, W. Freeze, K Lemoine, S. Broderick, C. Eddy, N Maciolek, A. Rudkin, T. Casey, D Rosati. RED CROSS CLUB: G Smith, L. Cruikshank, L. Ka- pinos, N. Jarvis, M. Cabana P. Woods, P. Anderson, M Berard, L. janik, J. Dole, S Garner, D. Campanella, R Kibbe, D. Heathcote, C. No- ceti, D. Gorman, S. Gould, President, E. Haskins, P. Bean, S. Robbins, R. Thom- ais, M. Racicot, B. Man, S Noceti. THE CAMERA CLUB, 1 ro r: J. Plum- adore, President, B. Richards, B. Scag- ni, B. Shaw. THE AUDIO-VISUAL AIDES, Front Row, l to rz B. Shaw, P. Bensley, Pres- ident, B. Nichols. Back Row, l to r: M. Prendergast, B. Scagni, T. Gagnon, J., Williams, J. Schroder, B, Richards. THE CHESS CLUB, Front Row, l to rg C. Strong, J. Creeger, L. Herrick, L. MacDonald, N. Maciolek, S. Ives, D. Linden. Back Row, l to r: Mr. David Nevin, Advisorg S. McCarthy, L. Paw- lowicz, R. Dominic, R. Gellock, J. Maciaga, S. Stawiarz, K. Whalen, B. Richards, R. Rosati, C. Mclntire, D. Fisher. THE SPANISH CLUB, Front Row, seated, l to r: R. Cote, L. Moore, N. Heathcote, President, M. Richards, Vice-president, H. Powers, Secretary, T. Dalessio. Second Row, 1 to r: C. Ashley, G. Greenwood, C. Eddy, N. Maci- olek, M. Garrett, N. Jarvis, J. Sen- ecal, E. Erickson, S. Sassi, E. Rob- inson. Third Row, l to r: S. Rob- bins, J. Meakin, T. Casey, J. Wil- liams, W. Friese, W. Donovan, J. Lightcap, B. White, N. Ferguson, A. Nolan. ELHS THE GERMAN CLUB, Front Row, seated, l to r: A. Rudkin, M. Wolpert, S. Warner, S. Wefer- ling, C. Betterley, M. L. Wilkins. Second Row, l to r: S. Ives, L. Kapinos, E. Schiffer, S. Byrne, S. Sandin, K. Glassanos, Mr, Alex- ander Kickett, Adviser. Third Row, l to r: R. Rosati, W. Frost, D. Rosati, R. Wilson, E. Packard, R. Grundstrom. THE LATIN CLUB, Front Row, seated, l to r: C. Lopes, J. Kojler, B. Richards, K. Donovan, N. Ma- ciolek, C. McIntyre. Second Row, l to r: C. Greenwood, P. Ander- son, L. MacDonald, R. Hulette, S. Garner, R. Steele, M. Mulcahy, Mr. David Nevin, Adviser, Third Row, 1 to r: R. Kibbe, J. Schmidt, R. Dominic, B. Barden, K. Oster- man, S. Ives, J. Creeger. LANGUAGE CLUBS THE FRENCH CLUB: Front Row, seated, 1 to r: P. Woods, G. Smith, G. Curtis, President, Miss Mary Kennedy, Adviser, C. Bremner, Treasurer, M. Manitsas, Secretary, C. Zacher. Second Row, standing, l to r: D. Buckley, C. Nelmes, H. Powers, H. Wallengren, D. Zuccalo, J. Waterman, P. Keith, P. Couri, R. Riga, K. Lemoine, A. Rudkin, M. Racicot. MORE OF THE FRENCH CLUB, Front Row, l to r: R. Lemanski, V. Miller, C. Rourke, A. Fiore, M. Arlotta, R. Yosko, D. Carlson, R. St. Hill. Second Row, 1 to r: C. Goodenough, M. Rock- wood, I. Millard, C. Pederson, M. Bemis, J. Takis, G. Regnier. Third Row, 1 to r: C. Gelirion A. Sleith, L. Wade, B. Bennett, M. Strandberg, J. Dole, W. Hick, E. Haskins, B. Stephens L. Burr, V. Rainey, C. Strong, S. McCarthy, P. Pellegrino, C. Beaulieu. 1 1 GIRLS' SPORTS The girls of East Longmeadow High have been very active in sports during the years 1962-1963. On the sports scene is Field Hockey, Basketball and Gymnastics. Our hard-working Field Hockey team held a record of 2 ties, 1 loss for the fall season. The Basketball team held a record of 2 wins and 1 loss. The Gymnastics team had only one meet this year but they plan more for future years. One of the specialities of the high school is' the Leaders' Club. Besides helping out in the gym classes, these girls set examples for the student body. The teams are instructed by Miss Jakie Upshaw, girls physical education teacher. Of course, we cannot forget the Majorettes and Cheerleaders. The Ma- jorettes are getting into shape for the Music Festival held each spring. We must also remember the girls who have led cheers for our teams. They have worked as hard as the boys, but seemed to be overlooked when the team reaches victory. The cheerleaders are under the direction of Miss Marina Herschuk and the majorettes are under the direction of Mrs. Robert Haley. We hope that there will be a con- tinued interest in these sports. Keep up the good records girls! LEADERS CLUB, Front Row, l to r: L. Valade, P. Couri, S. Yeaton, S. Sandin, C. Noceti. Back Row, l to r: B. Lacey, S. Weferling, B. Bendtson, C. Craig, Miss Jakie Upshaw, Coach, P. Perusse, B. Mann, P. Hastings. GIRLS' FIELD HOCKEY TEAM, First Row, l to r: J. Hassel, R. Gerow, M. Bemis, A. Raffaele, B. Truitt, J. Bickley, L. Valade, R. Yosko, K. Berard, L. Laffert. Second Row, l to r: B. Bendtson, C. Pederson, R. St. Hill, A. Ferguson, T. Pieczarka, D. Nicholaev, S. Sandin, C. Goodenough, S. Brooks, B. Paounoff. GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM, Front Row, l to r: K. Berard, M. Fox, D. Gorman, J. Takis, M. Benis, P. Couri, J. Bickley. Second Row, 1 to r: B. Bisi, J.. Millard, B. Truitt, G. Smith, D. Pariseau, V. Miller, C. Pederson, M. Mer- rigan. CHEERLEADERS and MAJORETTES Majorettes: J. Scully, P. Couri, P. Pratt, J. Zampicini, P. Lafferty. LVB CHEERLEADERS: l to r: FV. Rainey, N. Waide, M. Rockwood L. urr. Left: Majorette Captain Patricia Pratt CHEERLEADERS: Front Row, 1 to r: N. Waide, J. Meakin, P. Pelligrino, D. Wood, Captain, F. Williams, B. Desmond, M. Rockwood. Second Row,l to r: V. Rainey, M. Bell, C. Hamlin, P. Couri, K. Shonak, N. Niemczyk, L. Burr. 77 SPARTANUM The leaders, Brian johnson and Carole Betterley In the Mississippi Mud And I want a big red fire engine. SPARTANUM SPECTACULUM II December 15 saw the second edition of Spazrtanum Specmculum, the annual student talent show. Master of Ceremonies was Brian johnson, and the Student Director was Carole Betrerley, a member of the Class of 196-3. Several acts were represented in the show, among the more notable were the Silvermen making a return appear- ance, the faculty presenting a rendition of "Soldier, soldier, will you marry me?,' A visit from -Santa Claus, and the cheerleaders in "Mississippi Mud," were other enjoyable highlights. Some of the highlights are recorded for posterity with, it is hoped, appropriate comments. Tastes better than the seventy-cent spread. 19 SPECTACULUM "...4,5,2,1,..:' 'Wap So mce to come home to High Stepping Srrutrers Anyone for a swim? Le r, Mrs. K. Directs. The Spotlighters of East Longmeadow High School present lVlr Crane of Sleepy Hollow Directed by Mrs. Nancy Kipperman Vocal Music by Mrs. Margaret Corliss Choreography by Miss Jakie Upshaw Instrumental Music by Mr. Joseph Charron Produced by special arrangement with Lancer Productions Cast of Characters Ike Crane . . . Kathy van Tassell Tom Bones. . . Dean Roberts . Dean Alston . Dottie . . Mimi Gladys . Jimmy . Hugh . . Tom .... Village Boy. . . Four Small Boys . Beverly Bennett Christine Bremner Cathy Hamlin Denise Linden Stephen Clarke Glenn Curtis . . Susan Broderick Katherine Sullivan GIRL STUD ENTS Judith Meakin Katherine Osterman Susan Robbins Carol Rourke BOY STUDENTS Paul Rainey John Sheehan George Smith . . . Philip Keith . Mary Lou Wilkins Brian Wilkins . . Verna Rainey . .James McKearin . Rosemary Roberts Sandra Yeaton Penny Brenton William Thomas Charles Bickley . Richard Bisi Edward Haskins Patricia Woods Cheryl Zacher Ann Stockwell Wendy Westberg Ellen Whitaker Ricky Yosko Barry Stephens Richard Wilson Finale SPGRTS Not many of us often wonder what a gymnasium would say if it could talk. But think of the memories there are within those walls. Memories of dances and games come flooding back as we stand at the door and watch a class at practice. But it is the games that we remember the most. The tight squeak with Minne- chaug, the time that the Lancers trounced us on our own court. The thrilling layups and the roar of the crowd all press in and brighten the picture for us. And as we watch the mental pictures of the stars per- form within our thoughts, we remember how they looked when they were giving their all for ELHS. And as we look about us today, we see the new material coming up through the grades. And we know that ELHS will continue to have scrappy teams in the years to come and that the Spartan will continue to march on to victory. 1962 ELHS SPARTAN FOOTBALL TEAM FRONT ROW, 1 to r: G. Regnier, B. johnson C. Ingalls, C. Sawyer, R. Mosedale, S. Hornicz, D. LaLima, J. Brock, D. Mosedale, R. Rollins, B Wilkins, R. Bennett, M. Prendergast. SECOND ROW, l to r: Waterman, T. Bates, J Antaya, C. Williams, G. Gamache, M. Cosman, J. Sheehan, G. Minnette, K. Farrell, R. Sullivan, J Goodlatte, D. Woodard, B. Barry, Manager. THIRD ROW, 1 to r: R. Gorman, W. Accorsi, W Amos, D. Bjorklund, K. Pettito, D. Ouellette, R Accorsi, S. Sovis, D. Anderson, S. Clark, H. McGuill P. Ramey. Brian Wilkins Charles Ingalls Mark Cosman SPARTAN FOOTBALL The East Longmeadow Spartans, playing their second season of Suburban League ball, complied a 3-4 record, bettering last year's record by a single game. Although the Spartans started off the season with three straight victories, they faltered going in the last part of the season to account for their 3-4 showing. PALMER 6 SPARTANS 12 There were- some anxious moments before the Spartans chalked up a six-pointer late in the final period to put the finishing touches on the hard-hitting Palmer gridmen. MINNECHAUG 6 SPARTANS 18 The Spartans scored the first time they got their hands on the ball, and using a sustained drive of 55 yards and a blocked punt for another score, ran up three successive touchdowns for the margin of victory. CLASSICAL 8 SPARTANS 14 Classical started off as if it meant to upset the Spartans, moving down to the E.L. 12 before the defense came to life and stopped the threat. Dave LaLima, team scoring leader, then came to life and cracked over for two touchdowns and the winning margin, as Classical scored in the third period. SOUTH HADLEY 12 SPARTANS 0 The Spartans were handed their first loss and held scoreless for the first and only time all season by a determined South Hadley team. We just couldn't get our offense working. Skip Homicz David LaLima Gary Regnier Robert Nelson SPARTAN FOOTBALL LUDLOW 24 SPARTANS 6 Ludlow racked up the biggest score of the year against the Spartans and handed them their second league set-back. ENFIELD 14 SPARTANS 8 E.L. went into this game as heavy underdogs, but played the best game of the year. After the Raiders had converted a fumble for a 6-0 score, the Spartans came pounding back to tie and go ahead 8-6. This was not the end, unfortunately, as the Raiders intercepted a Homicz aerial and scored with just under two minutes remaining. LONGMEADOW 20 SPARTANS 6 In the biggest game of the year, the Spartans met Longmeadow, unbeaten in six league games. It was an even game mid-way through the second session, 14-6 Lancers. But, Longmeadow exploded for one more touchdown to insure victory despite the failure of a Homicz to Wilkins desperation pass in the closing minutes. Seniors who will be leaving at graduation are: ENDS: Robert Nelson, Mike Predergast, and Robert Rollins GUARDS: James Brock, Mark Cosman, and Gary Regnier TACKLE: Charles Ingalls QUARTER-BACK: Co-captain Skip Homicz FULLBACK: Brian Wilkins HALFBACK: Co-captain Dave I.aLima fl James Brock COACHING STAFF, 1 to r: Mr. Robert Troutmang Mr. Angelo Correale, Head Coach, Mr. John Wallace, Assistant Coach. Robert Rollins Michael Prendergast GRID SCENES 1962 Ingalls and Homicz move in Bennett moves to the outside Brock stops Longmeadow EL carries th 1962 SOCCER TEAM ang' 4 'wa li Front Row, l to r: J. Brock, W. Friese, J. Savaria, T. Moran, G. Bennett, J. Schrade. Middle Row, 1 to r: R. Steele, M. Casey, W. Hick, B. Swayger, W. Van Valkenberg, F. Farrell, J. Wheeler, R. Scagni, W. Carvell, Bock Row, l to r: J. Bosworth, G. Smith, P. Belleveau, T. Benton, G. Howe, S. Griffin, K. Blaisdell, W. Donovan, C. Bickley. SOCCER SEASON SERIES OF SETBACKS-MUCH HOPE FOR NEXT YEAR The East Longmeadow High School soccer team, competing in its second season in the Pioneer Valley Soccer League, experienced a dissappointing year. Led by co- captains Bill Carvell and Bob Steele, we finished with a 1-9-2 record, but this record doesn't tell the whole story. The team played fairly well but just didn't seem to be able to get the necessary goals at the right time. Most of the games were hard fought and fairly close, and many could have been won with a few breaks. This season could be termed a building season. The starting lineup, as well as the reserves, were mainly underclassmen who will be returning next year. This exper- ience and depth will be a great asset to next year's team. Underclassmen who had a good year include Buddy Swayger, Skip Griffin, Jon Schrade, Bill Donovan, Ken Blaisdell, Bill Freise, and Bob Zeiler. We were proud to have one member of the team, co-captain Bob Steele, on the First Team of the Pioneer Valley All Star Team. Furthermore, Ken Blaisdell and Bill Freise both made honorable mention on the same team. Only five seniors will be lost at graduation: Bill Carvell, Bob Steele, Chuck Bick- ley, Bob Scagni, and Mike Casey. To be sure, Coach Campbell will have some good material from which to mold a team that should go a long way in the Pioneer Valley League next year. Fred Farrell Mike Casey Charles Bickley THE CO-CAPTAINS AND THEIR COACH. LEFT ro RIGHT, Bill Carvell, co-captaing Mr. Charles Camp- bell, coachg Bob Steele, co- captain. SOCCER SCORES East Longmeadow 5 ,.l. 2 0 0 3 0 1 1 2 2 1 0 West Springfield Longmeadow Minnechaug Chicopee West Springfield Ludlow Longmeadow Minnechaug Chicopee Longmeadow Ludlow Monson Bob Scagni Bill Carvell Bob Steele HOCKEY SQUAD Front Row, l to r: P. Hoag, J. Gurney, J. Brock, T. Benton, B. White, R. Scagni, P. Fredette. Inset: James Brock, Captain What happened? Better luck next year. These seem to be the sentiments reflected by the series of defeats which was enough to demoralize any team. One look at the scoring results tells the story. The team really needs to work so that it will have better luck next year. It is hoped that the defeats of this season will provide the necessary push to make them work harder for victory. Back Row, l to r, P. Ouellette, R. Paige, J. Wheeler, W. Donovan, K. Mosedale, C. Sawyer, T. Taylor, J. Bosworth, R. Bennett, J. An- taya, D. Mosedale, D. Woodard. HOCKEY SCHEDULE 1962-1963 Date Opponent Dec. 10 Tech 1 12 W. Spfd. 4 19 Cathedral 2 26 N Longmeadow 1 Jan. 2 W. Spfd. 3 7 Chicopee 1 9 Cathedral 6 21 Longmeadow 4 23 Chicopee 5 30 Tech 1 Feb. 4 Tech 3 6 W. Spfd. 2 13 Cathedral 2 18 Longmeadow 4 March 4 Chicopee 4 Won Lost Tied Goals For 1 10 4 23 Spartans 4 1 1 1 2 1 O 2 2 1 1 O 0 4 3 Goals Against 43 ff' 'vm ,' P ii-E., Phil Hoag Barry White Jim Brock john Gurney Bob Scagni Fight Spartans Whos got the action? Puckchasers-goal or no? BASKETBALL 1963 CAGERS FINISH SEASON The varsity basketball team, under the direction of Mr. Robert Troutman, undertook a full 18 game schedule. The varsity team found the going rough, with victories being hard to come by. The sharp shooting of Bill Carvell and Skip Homicz enabled the team to get its first victory against Ware on the Spartan Court. During the Christmas Holidays, the team was invited to participate in the Springfield College Invitation Tournament. A good team effort produced a surprising victory over a tall and heavily favored Minnechaug Team. The team took the runner-up spot in that event. In a game with Technical of Springfield, EL held the lead through most of the first half, but the team could not keep it when its two top rebounders Dave LaLima and Skip Homicz got into trouble with fouls. Chuck Bickley, Bob Steele, Bill Carvell and Skip Homicz graduate in June, leaving Ken Blaisdell the only returning letterman. With some good material coming up' from the JV ranks, next year's team may be able to compile a good record. 1965 VARSITY Front Row, l to r: B. Johnson, B. Car- vell, C. Bickley. Second Row: G. Howe, micz K Blaisdell C. R. Steele, S. Ho , . , Rydell, Mr. R. Troutrnan, Coach. Bill Carvell EL 43 37 31 65 37 43 25 38 38 36 42 49 32 51 41 47 41 44 Bob Steele Charles Bickley Skip Homicz SCORING OPPONENTS Ludlow 60 South Hadley 57 Palmer 36 INDIVIDUAL SCORING Ware 52 Name Tgfal Pts. Mlnnfdfug 53 Bill cafve11 279 u OW 7 Skip Homicz 158 mnechaug 51 Classical 76 Bob Steele 100 , 4... ,......... ....... L o ngmeadow 46 Kell B1a1SC1C11 ----- - 88 , .... ..,.., T echnical Sprinlield 55 Dave LaI.ima ..... . 66 Stafford Sprmgs 58 Charles Bjckley . 17 Bill Friese , 7 ....ffff..., soufhwiglf 32 Brian Wilkins - 7 70 Longmeadow Classrcal 77 Monson 52 70 . ,. South Hadley 1963 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Front Row, 1 to r: C. Rydell, R. Warner, S. O'Hearn, P. Belliveau, T. Moore, W. Friese, K. Far tell Second Row lto r' G Howe S Sovis N Stevens J Osborn S Roy G Yarnell J M2613 a .i , .. ,. ,. ,. ,.,. ,. g R.Gf1mH. :W ..,,,w,,,N ,g,,,,,dQ. .. A v...,..-5.1.',..l:-:L-2, .111 Q - ,...., lk,. ,, , ..., k,,., . ,,.., -ff.,,k ..., ..,, V , ,,,l-.1 V- 1:--,.,,w. ---. fwfr.-N --fy vf-- f vm..w-A-wf211w TRACK 1963 SENIOR TRACK TEAM MEMBERS Front Row, l to r: S. Clark, Manager, J. Beach, R. Rollins, F. Loga, J. Brainerd. Back Row l to r: Mr. M. Bryan, Ass't. Coachg G. Gourley, A. Homicz, D. Lal..ima, B. White Mr F Dutille, Head Coach. Taking part actively in dual meets, the ELHS Spartans won their last three successive track meets to finish the season with a record of 4 wins and 4 losses. The Spartans showed line form against schools with long histories of track achievement. One of the highlights of the season was the victory over the Long- meadow Lancers. The Spartans placed third in their class in the Western Massachusetts Track Tournament behind Minne- chaug and Amherst. Glenn Curtis, Richard Bennett, and David LaLima were chosen to compete in the state meet in Boston, where they all gave fine performances. Dave LaLima, who was the spark of the team all season, was elected captain of the team. At the conclusion of the season, the team sponsored an intramural track meet in which the Senior class won, followed by the Freshman class and last but not least the Junior class. In all, the third season of the track team was a successful one. FRESHMEN TRACK TEAM MEMBERS Front Row, l to r: W. Amos, P. Ouellette, R. Snow, P. Ramey, R. Warner, R. Gorman, G. Gamache. Back Row, l to r: A. Murphy, R. Kenyon, E. Milroy, S. Sovis, W. Hick, j. Whiteside, A. Livingstone, J. Hogan. JUNIOR TRACK TEAM MEMBERS Front Row, l to r: R. Bisi, J. Schrade, G. Curtis, J. Waterman, T. Bates. Back Row, 1 to r J. Williams, R. Hodge, D. Ouellette, R. Bennett, C. Griffin, R. Mosedale. wan EVENT 100 yardldash 220 yard dash 440 yard dash 880 yard run mile run 120 high hurdles 180 low hurdles high jump broad jump pole vault javelin throw discus shot put rf! he? he OI WO ' SCORING RESULTS It's a strain. TIME OR DISTANCE HOLDER 10.2 seconds 22.4 seconds 52.8 seconds 2:08.5 4:50.2 16.4 seconds 22.7 seconds 5' 6" 20' 7" 10' 147' 2" 121' 10" 46' lb" David LaLima David LaLima Glenn Curtis Glenn Curtis Jeffrey Brainard Richard Bennett Robert Rollins Jon Beach David LaLima john Waterman Barry White Robert Hodge Richard Bennett A. joseph Homicz B y 3 Chin. The Great Road Race "Gotcha! " Where'd it go? BASEBALL, 1965 The Spartan baseball team started and ended its season in fine fashion, posting identical 5-3 wins over Minnechaug and Agawam. Inibetween, however, was a horse of a different color as the Spartans won 3 and lost l2 for a final record of 5 and 12. This record does not indicate the true potential of the team as they were not really out of any game. Included in their five wins were impressive victories over league leading South Had- ley, Ludlow, and Agawam. Next yearls team will be greatly handicapped by the loss of four valuable seniors, Bob Carlson, the team's top pitcher, Mike Prendergast, the top hitter for three years, and Bob Steele and Brian Wilkins, who play steady defensive games and came through with many clutch hits. One of the bright spots of the year was the play of Fresh- men Bud McGuill and Ken Farrell. Farrell, who turned in a couple of fine mound jobs, will be relied upon heavily next year to carry the major part of the pitching assignments. 1963 VARSITY BASEBALL SQUAD Front Row l to r: G. Minnette, C. Sawyer, R. Brown, C. Powell, T. Casey, K. Farrell, K. Krasnovsky, G. Bono, H. McGill. Back Row, l to r: A. Miller, E. Croken, W. Freise, R. Steele, R. Carlson, R. Lloyd, R. Gellock, M. Cosman, K. Blaisdell, M. Prendergast, J. Osborne. l S i Q Mark Cosman Brian Wilkins Bob Steele Bob Lloyd SCORING RESULTS Opponent East Longmeadow Minnechaug 5 5 Easthampton 2 .....,. ,.,.... O Ludlow l ..l,ll. ...,,.. 2 y Enfield 9 ...,... ....... s l Palmer 4 ....... ....... 2 l Ware 7 ,..l... .....,. 1 South Hadley l ....... ..l..l. 3 Agawam 9 ..,..,l ....W.. 4 I Minnechaug 5 ....... ,.,.... 1 I Easthampton 5 ......, .,..,.. O Palmer 7 ,.,...l ,...... 3 I Ludlow 12 .,..,.. .,...., 2 Enfield 4 ,...... ,l,.... 2 Mike Prendergast Longmeadow 13 .,..... ..l.... 2 Ware 3 ..,..,. .,l,,.. 5 South Hadley 3 ....... ....... 0 Agawam 3 .,.,,.. .l..... 5 Bob Carlson 1 C355 1 We we QW' OQSXQSQ A New Twist We are Rough and Tough, Sometimes Ready? Throw it here Wif-f-f-f-f-f! Gotcha, Again! I Missed? Phil Hoag xx C12 em owe uck Bluff EAST LONGMEADOW GOLF TEAM Opponent Spartans West Springfield 7 W 10 M Holyoke 1 0 M 7 W West Springfield 3 1 5 A gawam 1 4 M 3 M Laffy Helwig Holyoke 7 W 10 M Ludlow 3 M 14 M2 Minnechaug 6 M 1 1 M Minnechaug 4 1 4 Ludlow 6 1 2 Team record 7 wins 2 losses Nick Stevens Steve O,Hearn Leroy Maurer f ey Jerry Savaria Glenn Yarnell SCIENCE FAIR, 1965 Projects Analysis of Flame Test Sine Spectra of Different Gases Refraction of Light Repulsion Coil Spectroscope Simplification of Color Separation Mechanics of Sound Waves Mutations The Eye: Structure and Function The Heart Showing Phosphorus Uptake by Autoradiography A Bog Terrarium Tooth Decay Contact Process for Sulfuric Acid Chromatography The Circulatory System Mutations of Coli-phage Use of Gram's Stain Graham's Law of Diffusion Judith Kelly Constance Nelmes William Friese and Philip Hoag David Rosati Brent Gourley 'l' John Plumadore if Richard Donovan 'K Richard Mertz 'F Jeffrey Bosworth Carl Rydell Willard Hick X Susan Robbins Beryl Lacey and Susan Weferling Robert Lloyd "' Robert Steele Rosemary Kibbe Sonya Warner 'K Jean Kapinos 1' Richard Hulette Polarity of Halogens Paul Bahlin Extraction of Thorium from Monazite Ore Lawrence Mac Donald if P-22 Balistics P-23 Hydrophone P-24 Recording lmpulses of the Brain P-25 Determination of Melting Points P-26 Young's Modulus and the Effect of Thermal Conditions P-27 Determining the Acceleration Due to Gravity Add 3 Drops of Vanilla There Must Be Something You Can Say John Strandberg Steven Garner Frances Williams David Turnberg Richard Bennett X Robert A. Nelson A Raid? Where? CLASS BANQUET The Class of 1963 held its Senior Ban- quet at Betty's Town House on June 12th. This event marked the first of a series of events which were characteris- tic of Senior Week at East Long- meadow High School. The Toastmas- ter for the evening was Brian Wilkins, the guest speaker was Mr. Edward Steitz of Springfield College. The sumptuous meal was a fitting climax to the hours of preparation which the Banquet Committee devoted to its preparation. 5 Hooray, We Eat Souvenirs One Of Our Serious Moments H ?' 3k . Q ' 4-.'-.:.51: - 592. WA.. W- 6 . . V V . ' U ? " - tk I i Q. 1 -wx. v' 'X in I 1 fu Head Table guests: Mrs. Charles Adams, Class Advisor, Mr. Edward Steitz, Main Speak- er, Brian Wilkins, Toastmaster, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Durille, james Brock, Mr. Elwyn Doubleday, Mrs. Doubleday, Bev Lundgren and Robert Nel- son. 19' Ha, Ha, Phil Johnson Is The Only One Facing The Camera. More Head Table Guests: Mr. Robert J. Goff, Charles Bickley 7 Mrs. Robert Jarvis, Superinten- dent of Schools,'Robert Jarvis Bryan Plumb, Class president Mr. Charles Adams. Right-"Manhattan,' Below- Did Somebody Mention Food? Below Right- We Play Snappy Tunes "MANHATTAN" The night of june 14, 1963 will be one that is long remembered by the Class of '65. Roof-top gar- dens, soft music, exotic lights, and jazz-this is l'Manhattan,'. The excitement of upper and lower Manhattan was brought into being by the hard, tedious work of many participating students under the supervision of the executive chairman Barbara Paounoffg Decor- ations, Linda Valadeg Refreshments, Susan Roberts and Patricia Hastings, Tickets, Sandra Greenp and Publicity, Elizabeth Haskins. The cosmopolitan music of Manhattan was brought to life by Tony Ravosa and his orchestra. In the moonlight atmos- phere the Seniors danced 'til midnight. l 1 A l f w l And Then The Fun Began Right And Serve CYum, Yumb Right- Receiving Line, Right To Left-Mr. 'and Mrs. Elwyn Double- dayg Mrs. Charles Adams, Class Advisorg Mr. and Mrs. Francis Dutille, Class Advisorg Mr. and Mrs. George Plumbg Miss Penny Hollis and Bryan Plumb, President of the Class of 1963. The Beginning COMMENCEMENT The second commencement of East Longmeadow High School was held June l7 in the high school auditorium. The invocation was delivered by Rev. Charles P. Armour, C.P.S., of St. jo- seph's Church. Following the Address of Welcome by Class President, Bryan Plumb, Dr. Howard L. jones, guest speaker, was introduced by Mr. Jarvis. The class gift, a school banner and flag, was presented to Mr. Doubleday by Francis J. Brock, Jr., Vice-President of the class. f:'W"t?r'Y"'1'!" We Are Seated Bryan Plumb Welcomes Everyone Left Dr. Howard jones Right- Jim Brock pre- sents the class gift to Mr. Doubleday. 0 Q A1 'UZ ' Right, The big moment Left- Mr. Doubleday pre sents the class to Mr. Os terman Gul' "Win" ' ' V 'Y SSH M N 1 1 s i in A 3133 A iw ,V v--.5 fx. gms? Q f U Hfwg. , ,A ,. W' A .4 wg W xi U E " f:' ' ' 1, ww: ' zum. 1963 wwf H- f " 'W 'M Aw-var: re-2 mmmsvli QQ, f , Q 1s 4 , mm 'ms BURT ONS MARRIAGE PATRON S and ERTI ERS PATRONS' LIST The Stall of The Aegis would like to thank all our patrons and Advertisers for their help in making this book a reality. A Friend Mr and Mrs. Charles Adams Mr and Mrs. Charles H. Anderson Mr and Mrs. Charles Antaya Mr and Mrs. Donald Ashley Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bahlin Miss Dorothy C. Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bassett Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Bauss Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Beck Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bendtson Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Bendtson Mr and Mrs. Laurence L. Bennett Mr and Mrs. Edward Betterley Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bilton Mr and Mrs. Clayton E. Bliss, Jr. Mr and Mrs. Briggs Bonneville Mrs. Robert Branchini Mr and Mrs. Harvey Bressette Mr and Mrs. Frank J. Brock Mr. Robert Brodbine Mr. and Mrs. Byron A. Brooks Mr Marvin Bryan Dr. and Mrs. Howard Burr Louis A. Calabrese Mr. and Mrs. Leroy W. Carvell Mr. and Mrs. Stanley P. Chizan, Jr. Clearside Farm Mr Mr Mr Sgt. Mr Mr Mr Mr and Mrs. E. R. Cote and Mrs. Paul Coto and Mrs. Peter Couri and Mrs. Earl Craig and Mrs. James L. Cunningham and Mrs. Francis Dalton and Mrs. Wallace E. Dibble and Mrs. E. D. Donovan Mary Louise and Patricia Ann Donovan Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miss Leanna Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Donovan Lewis Dunbar Paul Dzirek Eldridge Fay Engley Vincent Ferrero Richard R. Filley Robert S. Foster Elmer Fox Everett Fox Francis A. Frazier Armand Fusco A. F. Gagnon Henry C. Gagnon Arthur Gerow Francis L. Gerow Francis P. Gerow Daniel B. Gingras Mrs. A. Richardson Goodlatte Mr. and Mrs. Gordon M. Grady Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Green Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Gregory Charles Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hartwell Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Hartwick Mr. and Mrs. Peter Haserlat Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Haskins Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Hickey, jr Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Hoag, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. AJ. Homicz Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Hottin Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Howard Mr. and Mrs. F . Edgar Hubbard Mr. and Mrs. Albert Iannuzzi Mrs. Lillian P. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. F. Alan Kieth Mr. and Mrs. Radcliffe F. Kenison Mr. and Mrs. Alan Kidd Mrs. Fred L. Kimball Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Rossmeisl Miss Ruth B. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs . John R. LaLima Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Kimball . Henry E. LaBranche M. Daniel Lacedonia Edward Lacey Ernest A. Laffert Vincent LaPlante Albert P. Laro Mrs. Hilda Larson Chief Marshal Laviolette Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. . Bernard LeBlanc David Lloyd Frederick P. Logan Michael Lopardo Everett G. Lovering . John R. Lundgren Walter E. Lyman Mr. Melvin S. MacDonald Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S. MacDonald The Rev. Reuben Martin Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. James McKearin Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Lowell G. McRea E. R. Millard Mrs. Nellie Monette Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Clarence Mottle Edmund J. Murphy, jr. . Ivan P. Munaert Mr. and Mrs. Edwin S. Nelmes Charles Newkirk Edwin Nichols Sanford Nooney Victor W. Paounolf George Plumb Mr. and Mrs. George E. Plumb Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Edward Poirier Joseph Poirier . John F. Powers Clinton Richards Peter and Dick Rouette Mr. and Mrs. Aren Roy Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. W. Harley Rudkin Dean W. Salford Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Sandin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Santanello Joseph and Lucy Santaniello Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. S. Sovis Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Eleanor Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. joseph C. Santaniello Ernest A. Scagni Horace W. Shaw V. Shonak Robert J. Smith Russell Snow Royal K. Southwick Richard G. Spaulding Holman H. Spence Charles H. Steele David Stevenson Lester R. Streeter Harry Swanson Howard A. Sweet Frank Tacy Herbert Teden Raymond Thibodeau Kurt W. Thomas Carl F. Trembly Turnberg Edward Wade Donald H. Washburn William O. Weferling George W. Wegman Raymond Weiner Gerald M. Westberg Ernest Wilkins, Jr. Mrs. Evelyn Williams Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Wright Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Zacher Emilio J. Zucco To the Graduating Class of T963 Your education in the schools of East Long- meadow has been financially endowed by the people in the community in which you live. Yet this community asks no direct return on its invest- ment of thousands of dollars in your education. Why? Because under our American way of life, free education is but a part of our cherished freedoms. Equally important to your education is the development of your character. But no cost can ever be established for character as it is a heritage developed within yourself and family. It is a priceless ingredient which can direct your education into channels that can be both profitable for your future income and for peaceful living within yourself. May you achieve your goals and ambitions in both your future education and in your chosen field of work. PACKAGE MACHINERY COMPANY EAST LONGMEADOW, MASSACHUSETTS 0W1WY0f7'0' JK -0040? 1016"-0' 020461 -0X0lf7' 540' X92 EAST LONGMEADOW MUSIC 8 CENTER SQUARE Tel. LA 5-6062 or LA 5-7739 EAST LONGMEADOW, MASS. Instruments: Rental and Sales Instruction: 9 Teachers Radios, Phonographs, Tape Recorders, Music, Records, The Kinsman Organ 4 IT PAYS TO LOOK NFAT VINCENT'S BARBER SHOP 8A.M. - 5:45 P.M. AT 52 PROSPECT EAST LONGMEADOW Tel: LA 5-7301 Air Conditioned Ample Parking Try Us We Appreciate Your Patronage Vincent Graziano, Prop. FAIRBANKS AUTO SCHOOL Est. 1909 Insurance Reduction to all Driver Education Graduates and Limited Participation Students. 20 DWIGHT ST. SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Tel: RE 3-0458 4 I II I Il I P Compliments of LONGUEIL- TRANSPORTATION, INC. 4:II:II:b -0K0'K0Y-0"-0K-0' ADC 040' 17104 X "KEEP ACQUAINTEDH FRIENDLY ICE CREAM EAST LONGMEADOW, MASS. Raymond Falvo, Mgr. Tel: RE 9-8675 Tune-ups Brake Service, Nighf Lubricafion Muffler 81 Tail Pipe Service Cars Called for and Delivered BOB 81 WALLY'S X 9 Compliments of BUCKLEY'S PHARMACY 2 No. MAIN STREET GU'-F SERVICE STATION ARTESIAN wsu. COMPANY Tires - Accessories - Bafferies Tel: LA 5-8314 20 NORTH MAIN STREET EAST LONGMEADOW. MASS. EAST LONGMEADOW, MASS. 5 Tel: LA 5-3357 CONGRATULATIONS fo THE CLASS OF '63 CONNECTICUT VALLEY 138,.SHAKER,.ROAD EAST LONGMEADOW, MASS. Tel: LA 5-7656 G 02010-f0w0w0' if Custom Service STACY'S Town and Country Cleaners Complete Laundry Service One Hour Service Pick Up and Delivery Service 55 WHITE AVENUE EAST LONGMEADOW, MASS. Tel: LA 5-3980 FOREST PRODUCTS CO. OF EAST LONGMEADOW, INC. Lumber - Paints - Hardware Millwork - Free Estimating 95 SHAKER ROAD East Longmeadow, Massachusetts Telephone ST 8-7095 - LA 5-3337 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Dietrich COMPLIMENTS OF B.J. HARLAND ELECTRICAL COMPANY, INC. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR East Longmeadow Massachusetts Tel: LA 5-7655 ouowovofwwaf CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO YOU THE T963 GRADUATING CLASS OF EAST LONGMEADOW HIGH SCHOOL Your parents and this community have helped to place you in a position to make something of your lives. What you accomplish, from here on, is pretty much up to you. Courage, Faith and Honesty will help immeasurably. COMMUNITY FEED STORES Archie T. Rintoul, Prop. EAST LONGMEADOW and EAST HAMPTON, MASS. .I 0 S T E N ' S FINE CLASS RINGS AWARDS ANNOUNCEMENTS DIPLOMAS YEARBOOKS Edward J. Cullen, Representative 79 PERKINS STREET SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone RE 4-7848 0u0w0Y-0K0K0Y JK i0'6N0f'-01' II?" 01' D 102010- Compliments of MASSACHUSETTS ELECTRIC COMPANY 30 SHAKER ROAD EAST LONGMEADOW, MASSACHUSETTS Complienfs of R. E. PI'IEI.ON COMPANY, INC. 70 MAPLE STREET EAST LONGMEADOW, 1 MASSACHUSETTS Worlcl's Largesf Exclusive Manufacfurer of Flywheel Mcignefos Complimenfs of NEW METHOD FINANCE CORPORATION 1562 MAIN STREET SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS WM A "Big 11" Store Foonrown SM fzwzff. 483 BELMONT AVE. Springfield 60 SHAKER RD. East Longmeadow '0"0N?'-0N040' JK 0101' 2761 X M C0'C0'6 Our Besf Wishes Go Our' To You from THE EAST LONGMEADOW TEEN CANTEEN COUNCIL and OUR D. J., JOHN YOUNG 0'54'7'0N0'19" 020562 2761f02f0Y -0K04'0v' -01101 x9'410w0v Besf of Luck m fhe Fufure from THE BIRCHLAND PARK SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL and THE STUDENT BODY 0'905'0V0"0x0" -0H0"45C x9"0"0'f0K0K01'0'0w0' 4'-0'K0N0' EIIST L0l'lGIIIEIIII0lU PHARMACY TELEPHONE LA. 5-3664 Q EAST LuNr3MEADUw,MAss. EDMUND L. MAYNARD, B. S. REG. PHARM. 1963 GRA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE DUATING CLASS OF EAST LONGMEADOW HIGH MAC FINANCE PLAN INCORPORATED SCHOOL TYLER EQUIPMENT CORPORATION TEEN TOURS STUDENT TOURS Af home or abroad: For Travel, Land Sea, Air, CALL RE 6-3454 PENN TRAVEL AGENCY 265 STATE STREET SPRINGFIELD 3, MASSACHUSETTS 0"0f01'0G910' JH 10N0Y 1761 '0f0K0'1 G :sc PRINT CRAFT, INC. Peter M. Couri LETTERPRESS AND OFFSET PRINTERS Qualify cmd Service RE 6-6919 852-862 MAIN ST. SPRINGFIELD, MASS. CONGRATULATIONS From Your friends af the G TRY BUUTERY "Like fhe moon, Ief us show only our brightest side Io the world" sfsr wrsi-:Es FROM THE CLASS OF '65 WEST SPRINGFIELD MOTORS, INC. 400 MEMORIAL AVENUE WEST SPRINGFIELD MASSACHUSETTS Telephone: RE 6-5269 Joseph C. Pefiffo 0u0x0'040N0f CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS FOUNTAIN PLATING COMPANY 71 WESTERN AVENUE CHICOPEE FALLS MASSACHUSETTS CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1963 From PLUMB PAINT AND WALLPAPER Home of Disiincfive Inferior Decor 6 NORTH MAIN STREET EAST LONGMEADOW LA 5-3024 0:0-war-0'W'f-0' JH 6220? 64 v-747 ll?" T05- A N Q ANDR FF Regular use of new Breck Banish frees hair and scalp of dandruff and MPS . si U s HHH ' LTT73 iv '- 'ii' """"' -1 's f .sw Although there is no absolute cure for dandruff regular use of Breck Banish assures you of constant dandruff control Banish works equally well for both men and women to relieve and control around ZZT41' the exclusive Breck compound that works between shampoos to prevent new dandruii' from forming Even dark clothes can be worn confidently. Regular use of Breck Banish Dandruff Treatment Shampoo will free you of annoying dandruff. weauiyclfgfazr B RE C K BANI leaves your hair clean, soft and shining. For both meniand women. - . Y . ,.,..,,.. N ..,. , . t - 9, 5 K mm dry, Itchy dandruii. Bamsh IS a new kmd of shampoo formulated 2 ggtb j gfuw, , x J . 45.1, -E35 y ' ill iii : ' fa E i r P , gill ' Q i ,A K ' ' W ii b X t it XX 1l1Patent applied for DANDRUFF TREATMENT SHAMPOO"' T2,2' Thiobis Q4 Chlorophenolj Copyright 1961 by John H. Breck, Inc. :0v 01'-0N0"040N0' 2 2 63 105' 101' 10" 10210v-0r'04'0"06'110'0N0'4 1011? 171' 54' 10" KW' BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1963 FROM FRANK J. BROCK COMPANY WILLOW GLEN HOUSE 232 NORTH MAIN ST. EAST LONGMEADOW LUNCHEONS DINNERS COCKTAILS 525-2167 Hamilfon Electric Wcfch . . . The Watch of Tomorrow is Here Today! ALBERT J. FACEY Opficion 81 Jeweler A1 The "X" 539 SUMMER AVE. SPRINGFIELD, MASS. RE 2-6500 Your Hamilfon Wcufch Dealer 7594070805407 JBC '021-0' 205101 IC M1f"Z,,,J1Q EWWW Vwfifffcgmww ww Wing? Qdwfngiw K, sesf wishes Qfpu J 0 azywigzuw.. F f Qibfgahcq B of Wwwjjmjn is is ,.,.,, WWAQWCQQZQ ?"'?D4"f of vw KM STUDENT Govfnnmem Qu K fdxg Nofhing greof er achieved wifhouf enfhuslasm - Emerson Q-Q3 ,km 3 -awowa Our Compliments and Best Wishes T . V . P A I G E INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE IO Pleasant Street EAST LONGMEADOW MASSACHUSETTS Real Estate Land Developing LEO M. SPEIGHT HOME BUILDER Telephone 47 Pleasant Street LAurel 5-3537 EAST LONGMEADOW, MASS. THE EAST LONGMEADOW REMINDER Published Weekly by Carl Buendo Office 59 Prospect Street East Longmeadow, Mass. Telephone 736-7747 525-7922 i The Reminder consists of social and commercial news, also classified and display advertising. Mailed weekly to all town residents every Wednesday. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '63 Compliments of SPRINGFIELD FIVE CENTS SAVINGS BANK EAST LONGMEADOW OFFICE :emo-wwf-of 0-0-0-.9-of-av -0'5"-0"-0"0V'0" HOUSE OF T.V. 2082 MAIN STREET SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Biggest Volume TV Dealer in Western Mass. Largest Display of Color and Black 81 White TV Also Stereo Hi-Fi Sales - Service - Rentals Latest Models - Lowest Prices 40N0l02 B 81 B MARKET 19 NORTH MAIN STREET EAST LONGMEADOW Choice Meats, Fruits, Vegetables 8: Groceries Free Delivery Tel: LA 5-2657 - LA 5-2911 RE 9-2567 GUILD CARBIDE Pnooucts, CTRQIS BARBER SHQP INC. East Longmeadow, Mass LA 5-3954 ' l Prompt 8' courteous Service "Sales through Service" A T CARBIDE 8. HIGH SPEED STEEL f I It Pays To Look Well Standard and special single point tools, dovetails, blades, knives, split dies, ' 46 SHAKER ROAD platen plates and sanding carns. , ELECTRODE5 EAST LONGMEADOW fElectrical Discharge Machiningj ' Tungsten, Copper Tungsten, Graphite and Brass Compliments AUTO PARTS f o Phone RE 6-6623 650 NORTH MATT, STREET THE SHERMAN-WILLIAMS co. EAST LONGMEADOW, MASS. AT THE ,,X,, Congratulations and Good Luck CLASS or '63 BROOSLIN SHOES INC. "The Trusted Name For Quality and Fitting" COUNTRYSIDE STORE Under New Management Groceries - Cold Cuts Fresh Fish - Produce 334 SOMERS ROAD Doug Ward, Prop. 0'040Y0"07'0V JK 102' 1706519 92' f01' X . . h Congratulations and Our Best Wis es Best Wishes To Each Member of the Graduating Class from A AUTH FUELS INC. F R I E N D 507 North Main East Longmeadow, Mass. Be Not Careless in Deeds, Nor Confused in Words, Nor Rambling in Thought Congratulations and Best Wishes from your SENIOR CLASS 'OFFICERS ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The 1963 AEGIS wishes to thank all those who helped this issue become a reality. To MR. RALPH FREEMAN and BROWN STUDIOS for their wonderful pho- tography and long-lasting patience. To MR. JACK BROWN of the O'TOOLE COMPANY, our printers for their understanding. . To OUR ADVERTISERS AND PATRONS for their support. To the ADMINISTRATION AND STAFF for their help. To MR. ROBERT GOFF, our advisor tor the countless hours he has put into this Ebook. To OUR FELLOW CLASSMATES without whose help the AEGIS and the memories found therein would not exist. 0x0n0v010N0' 4 w .' 1 4 . nu 1 0 , ,P y ' lf ' Ar . 4 A , 1 W- I :J W 1 1 ' L - Y W' 4 , V 'f i S V h Y. , M X - ' 3 223 fyrfa-ax 5, , f mf 5QgNiiifQff'p9?bxgWiW Magik api? Sy3M fvy5g,5g M wwf wfff Y ff A fwm3mqwijWi6G'W4 V QQ FU IV, MQ Swim ffm p TTM K l V X '. W' qw W Qi L 'XJ ffm A M4 M CMA W UN fd A 4 -.: J - 9 W ,1 A 4 pf - , .11 .. v. W .. 3345! X' 4 V. .-"I N, 'T 1-ff 'I Y. " ' .- N gsg'g??I!3t"'5f 'H' F ' - ' I 5,4 'Hx .X . 1W - +1,,w f' 1-.,, , ' ' " ' 'f' ' ' "- ' ' ' "1 ' xnif'.1'..I-Q..- ul. '.. . anim. ' -..4.-4... .-.....,.1..u . HOA rgfm 13 M N 155LEHWSZ-grill!"3a'fii',2iwim J C .1 .,1., m ,, , 3 -.Q X , Qi.,-w.,,,, 'gr-5. M '- x vi' M I -ff -wr'-Q -.a.-.ff-0 --on v Q-1

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