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u VU —I1953 a a (e LEYDEN COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL Pran Jtn ParL■ ■■ I■ .—I—. ■—» - Bo O ibeJ tea to e r u i c e i n a r ic a It is with a great deal of pride and gratitude that we dedicate the EAGLE OF 'S3" to the boys in service.These pages are dedicated to your cherished memories of our beloved school principal. J4 e r m a n Vjivi 3 a i; e r Through his efforts Leyden became the outstanding school it is today. Some of his greatest achievements include the Christmas Pageant, the annual summer workshop, the Core program, and the democratic way Leyden is run. To some he was a man of dignity and high ideals; to others he was a man whose face, though usually stern, could brighten the day for a student with a warm, friendly, and radiant smile. What did he mean to you . . . To me Mr. Ylvisaker always seemed the perfect example of a man dedicated to a great cause. He worked with, for, and L ecause of us, the student body. I have always been impressed by his faith in the generations of the young people with whom he came in contact. I will never forget him as a source of inspiration and encouragement and as a sincere friend. The Leyden student body has lost a far-seeing administrator and understanding friend. Never will I forget the way Mr. Ylvisaker smoothed over my embarrassment the day I presented him with a belated invitation to the Junior-Senior Prom. He simply laughed good-naturedly and said he wouldn't miss it this year. At 5:00 one evening Mr. Ylvisaker made a surprise visit to one of our Annual meetings. He asked why we were here so late and we explained. He smiled and said, "I know the Annual will be better than ever." I cannot help thinking of one thing he always said: "As the seniors go, so goes Leyden." I came to Leyden as a sophomore and felt nervous and out of place. At the first assembly Mr. Ylvisaker gave a speech that was so intimate and friendly, I couldn't help but feel at home; I knew I could find a friend in him. After I bought my white buck shoes, Mr. Ylvisaker smiled warmly, and asked me if I were trying to create a new fad. It seemed to me that he rather liked the idea. As he signed the Annual contract. I'll always remember the way he asked me whether or not it was going to be a good yearbook. I showed him the cover design and he seemed very pleased. At the Homecoming gome Mr. Ylvisaker begged me to be careful when twirling my fire baton. He was concerned with my safety and when it was all over he congratulated me and said, "I knew you'd be careful." I cannot accept the fact that he will never again come to the choir room and stand listening, sharing our frustration, our pride in accomplishment, our eagerness to create beauty, our triumphs and failures. He, as a lover of music, realized our problems and limitations, and he seemed to know that his presence there brought encouragement and inspiration. As a sophomore I accidentally set off the fire alarm. I was frightened because I heard that Mr. Ylvisaker threatened to expel the guilty person. However, I decided to confess. When I explained that it was an accident, he was VERY understanding. As a freshman, Mr. Ylvisaker called me into his office and congratulated me on the work I was doing. The following day my parents received a letter complimenting me on my class standing. 7Mr. Steel, who has previously served as assistant superintendent for eight years and is going on his twenty-third year here at Leyden, was appointed superintendent by the Board of Education this year. Our school is fortunate to have a capable man such as he to carry on here at Leyden. To you, Mr. Steel, the faculty and student body give their loyal co-operation and deep respect. 9M mini Idtration Mr. Henry Kennedy: Mr. Kennedy is happy when he is helping others. When he is not hard at work with Student Council, monitors, teaching Social 12, supervising the four-year plan, or lending a helpful hand to a frosh-soph boy, he can be found giving driving lessons to adults. He likes to travel with his family, and enjoys out-of-door life. Singing in the Civic Choir and being quite active in church work takes up much of his spare time. Miss Alice Jones: Listening to girls problems and providing help when she can is the job of our dean of girls. Miss Jones. She looks forward to all the fun she has with her Girls League and is interested in keeping in touch with past graduates. Painting amuses her and she finds concerts and plays relaxing. Her summers are spent in the mountains in Colorado just roughing it. Miss Jones is always happy when she can serve a tasty meal, as she loves to cook. Mr. Jerome Mohrhusen: The three V's—Vim, Vigor and Vitality best describe Mr. Mohrhusen, our junior and senior dean of boys. The "L" Club, Boys' Club, and cross country team seem to keep their sponsor busy. Much of his spare time and interest is donated to the Kiwanis Club and the adult night school here at Leyden. He enjoys tennis, golf, gardening, and most of all his family. Summing up Mr. Mohrhusen, one would say he leads a very active life. Mrs. Nell Will: A friend to all students and parents is Mrs. Will, our specially trained counselor. She spends most of her time helping youngsters, adults, and our community. During her spare time she keeps herself busy with outdoor activities, and doing creative things with her hands, such as sewing. With her wide experience and her intense interest in people we believe Mrs. Will to be an asset to our community. I 8o a r d of d u c a t i o n Our Board of Education is more than a group of five citizens working together, for they represent the progressive, alert school Leyden is today. They are constantly striving to promote better standards and to enhance our educational opportunities. Left to right: Mr. Steel, Mr. Thomas Kirchhoff, Mr. Edward Wanders, Miss Irene BrinkerhofF, Mr. Arthur Kellermann, Mr. Ray Cochran. 11Helen Altman University of Iowa, B. S. Girls' Physical Education; Girls' Tennis Team. A smile for everyone seems to be her motto. Jacqueline Brooks Northern Illinois State Teachers' College, B. S. Girls' Physical Education; Orchesis and Cheer leading Sponsor. Our Miss Brooks—she's the pride and joy of her gym classes. George Bujan University of Illinois, B. S. Boys' Physical Education; Varsity Football Coach, Sophomore Baseball Coach. Leyden's candidate for Mr. America. Ruth Cagle Normal University, B. E. Home Economics, Foods and Clothing. Blue eyes and winning ways describe Miss Cagle to a "tea." Blanche Camden Northeast Missouri State Teachers' College, B. S. Missouri University, M. A.; English. Alumni never seem to forget her English classes and pleasant manner. Mrs. Marie Cangiano Mundelein College, B. A. Secretarial Training; Junior Class Sponsor, Secretary for the Child Study Group. A recent addition to Leyden; she likes Leyden and Leyden likes her. William Corchran Winona State College, B. S. University of Minnesota, M. E. Health and American History; Freshman Softball and Basketball Coach, Varsity Baseball Coach. When he's not teaching history, "Bill" is probably out on the diamond. George Cox Purdue University, B. S., M. S. English III; Frosh-Soph Football. Coach; Varsity Basketball Coach. Coach Cox can display quite a booming voice when he wishes to wake a day-dreamer or push a star forward. Samuel England Northwest Missouri State Teachers' College, B. S. Northwestern University, M. S. Boys' Physical Education; Athletic Director. Mr. Vim, Vigor and Vitality himself. Elizabeth Flood University of Nebraska, B. S. Mathematics; Freshman Class Sponsor. Leyden loves Miss Flood, with her warm smile and pleasant personality, just as she loves Leyden. 12Mrs. Rosemary Formolo University of Michigan, B. A. Columbia University, M. A. English IV; Senior Core; Leyden Eagle Sponsor. When not teaching she would like to be vacationing in the North Woods with her family. Mrs. Edith Foss University of Illinois, B. S. Home Economics; Cafeteria Manager. If in the cafeteria, do as the cafe manager does— smile, smile, smile. Marjorie Gailey Iowa State University, B. A., M. A. Speech; Thespians' Sponsor. This busy Miss has a hand in everything, it seems, including the Christmas Pageant. Louis Granzin Chicago Teachers' College, B. E. Northwestern University, M. A. Mathematics,-Sophomore Basketball and Freshman Football Coach. Mr. Granzin devotes much of his leisure hours to sports at Leyden and we're all glad of it. Fred Hackett North Dakota University, B. S. Wood working and Industrial Arts. Pulling things apart to find out what makes 'em tick uses up many of Mr. Hack-ett's leisure hours. Donald Hanson Stout Institute, B. S. Industrial Arts,- Machine Shop; Junior Class Sponsor. Blue eyes, red-blond hair and married describes Mr. Hanson perfectly. Bertrand Henne Northern Michigan College of Education A. B. Catholic University of America, M. A. Latin and Debate,- interscholastic debating. Mr. Henne likes camping, contract bridge, and good students. Mrs. Mariette lacullo St. Victor College, A. B. Northwestern College, M. A. English; Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor; National Honor Society Sponsor. A bright smile and a helping hand will always remind us of Mrs. lacullo. Jerome Jerome Temple University, B. S., M. A. Freshman Core. Mr. Jerome is noted for his ability to make students and friends laugh—at him or with him. Henry Kennedy Cotner College, A. B. University of Nebraska, M. A. Social 12; Freshman and Sophomore Boys' Counselor,- Student Council Sponsor. Boys! Got a problem? Let Mr. Kennedy solve it—he's a swell person. 13Ralph Klein Elmhurst College, B. A. University of Denver, M. A. Dramatics; Drama Department and School Plays. Study those lines, shift that spot, we'll all be actors if we practice a lot. Theodore Koclanes Northwestern University, B. S., M. A. Freshman Core; Freshman Class Sponsor. Mr. Koclanes can often be found practicing the flute which he plays very well. Earle Kuns Ellsworth Conservatory of Music, B. M. Sioux Falls College, B. A. Art. Mr. Kuns is an outstanding artist, teacher and allround swell person. Henry Lawicki Colgate University, B. A. University of Chicago, M. S. General Science, Biology- When Mr. Lawicki isn't foolin' around with railroading he would like to be hunting or fishing. Mrs. Wilma Levy Southern Illinois University, B. S. Girls' Physical Education; Departmental Head and G.A.A. Sponsor. That busy little bee that's always humming around the school. Edith Maas North Central College, B. A. University of Colorado, M. S. Home Economics. Miss Maas is liked by all students, especially by Home Management girls. Nick Mannos Northern Illinois State Teachers' College, B. S. Northwestern University, M. A. Biology; Advisory Council Sponsor. "Pops" Mannos (the ambitious guy) is working for his Doctorate degree now. David Meade Grinnell College, B. A. State University of Iowa, M. A. English and Journalism; Sponsor of the Hi Lites and Leyden Student News Bureau. The light of the Hi Lites really shines around this school. Leland Meyers University of Illinois, B. S., M. S. Bookkeeping and General Business,- Bookstore Manager. Mr. Meyers does Leyden a big favor by managing the bookstore and Leyden is grateful. Estrid Miller Northwestern University, B. S. University of Wisconsin, M. A. Spanish; Pan American Club Sponsor. Classical recordings, dancing and the theater are her pastimes when not correcting papers. 14Helen Miller University of Illinois A. B. University of Chicago, M. A. Secretarial Training. Miss Miller is very interested in the theater, golf and sewing. We are glad to have her back after a year long absence. Jerome Mohrhusen University of Wisconsin, B. S. Northwestern University, M. A. United States History; Junior, Senior Boys' Counselor; Cross Country Coach; "L" Club and Boys' Club Sponsor. A hustle, a bustle, a streak of lightning-—it's a bird, it's a plane — no — it's Mr. Mohrhusen. Joseph Monk Illinois State Normal, B. E. Northwestern University, M. A. Social 9 and Core; Drivers Training. If he could get a dual-control mouthpiece for all students he would probably be very pleased. Alfred Moser Blutton College, A. B. Ohio State University, M. A. Director of Audio-Visual Education,- Pageant Director. Elmer Mumm University of Iowa, B. A. Oshkosh State, B. E. Northwestern University, M. A. Industrial Education. The mechanical wizard of Leyden is also a teacher well liked by all students. James Murray Normal State Teachers' College, B. S. Northwestern University, M. A. Industrial Arts,- Sponsor of the Wrestling Team. Reading, hunting and fishing take up most of Mr. Murray's spare time. Alan Oppenheim Temple University, M. E. Core. Mr. Oppenheim has just recently come to Leyden to join the Core staff. Ernest Rerucha Marquette University, E. A., B. S. Electricity and Electronics; National Honor Society Sponsor. The National Honor Society would like to express special thanks to one of its sponsors. James Roalson University of Iowa, B. A. Core; Senior Class Sponsor. A sincere, friendly person right to the "Core." Use Rosenhainer Ohio State University, B. S. German; Evening School. Miss Rosenhainer has lost no time in making friends here at Leyden. 15Dale St. John Northwestern Missouri State Teachers' College, B. S. University of Missouri, M. E. World History and American History; Track Coach. For Mr. St. John it's only a dash from the classroom to Dodge Field. Mrs. Helen St. John Northwestern Missouri State Teachers' College, B. S. Library Assistant. Who can forget the sprite-ly little teacher with the bright smile and shining eyes? Edward Saxhaug Stout Institute, B. S., M. S. General Metals and Sheet Metals,- Evening School. We think it's too bad that just boys get to know Mr. Saxhaug. Orville Sayers Illinois State Normal University, B. E. Northwestern University, M. A. Typing and Geography; Camera Club Sponsor. All Leyden is grateful to "Mr. Shutterbug" for his services. Gordon Scholle Northwestern University, B. S. Freshman Core. Mr. Scholle likes to play a gypsy tune on his violin and look at the stars through a telescope of his own making. 16 Philip Southworth Grinnell College, A. B. Physics and General Science. We never knew physics could be so nice. Mrs. Marjorie Spiecker Northern Illinois State Teachers' College, B. E. Chicago Teachers' College, M. E. Secretarial Training. If you have ever stepped into the second year typing room, you have probably seen a blond, blue-eyed lady. Well, that's Mrs. Spiecker, ripping with energy. Ruth Stickle University of Illinois State Teachers' College, B. E. Columbia University, M. A. English II and English IV. Her enthusiasm for Shakespeare has made it easy for us to understand him. Sigurd Swanson University of Minnesota, B. S. Northwestern University, M. A. Music (Instrumental); Band. We wonder if Mr. Swanson knows how much Leyden likes him—a lot. Daniel Tkach Westminster College, B. M. Northwestern University, M. M. Music (Choral); A Capella Choir. Certainly music students will never be able to forget "Mr. T", the best choral director ever.Douglas Tompkins State University of Iowa, B. A., M. A. Social 9 and Social 12. Have you ever been to a more fascinating room than Mr. Tompkins' homeroom? Mrs. Muriel Tripp University of Chicago, B. S. Loyola University, M. A. General Mathematics and Algebra; Senior Class Sponsor. The senior class could not have picked a better sponsor. Harry Turnbull Bradley University, B. S. University of Iowa M. A. Chemistry; College Counselor. We feel wc owe Mr. Turn-bull a great deal for helping so many students go on to college. Donald Von Ebers University of Illinois, B. S., M. A. Boys' Physical Education; Tennis and Gymnastics Coach; Pep Club Sponsor; Tumbling Club Sponsor. Wouldn't you like to see all our cheerleaders with the pep and zip that Mr. Von Ebers has? Lynn Watson Illinois State Normal, B. E. Northwestern University, M. S. Mechanical Drawing and Architectural Drawing. Mr. Watson is not only a fine teacher, but a wonderful person as well. Virginia Weston University of Michigan, B. S. Columbia University, M. A. Mathematics. Proposition I—it's impossible to fell such a fine teacher how grateful we are. Georgiana White Cornell University, B. A. University of Iowa, M. A. English. Everyone at Leyden knows what a wonderful person Miss White is. Edith Whitehouse Illinois State Normal University, B. E. Home Economics,- Home Economics Chairman. One of the most understanding, sincere teachers' at Leyden. Mary Ellen Young Ball State Teachers' College, B. S. Librarian. She has made the library a wonderful place which Leyden can be proud of. Robert Heimerdinger Northern Illinois State Teachers' College, B. S. Math and Algebra. A blond crewcut plus an optimistic outlook on life equals one swell guy. Warren Reitzel Illinois State Teachers' College, B. S. Industrial Arts; Assistant Wrestling Coach and Sophomore Football Coach. Mr. Reitzel was the lovable boss in the "What's Up?" show. Besides acting he likes to go hunting and fishing.W ' mm -4 o e r s Mrs. Leona Watson L. to R. Marie Behrns, Marilyn Thompson, Mrs. Myrtle Van Dyke, Mrs. Anita Tiedmann. Mrs. Thelma Schure Mrs. Maxine Fordham Frank Tedei, Elizabeth Rowe, Leah Palkey, Gertrude Lumpp, Gene Bach. 19Seated: Jack Hanna, Vice Pres.,- Ronald Sommerfield, Pres.; Rita Romano, Sec. Standing: Kathleen Grote, Treas. a n i o r 3 Ctaii of 1954Cagle Row 1—K. Grote, R. Reeves, M. DuBois, S. Bauer, P. Kures. Row 2—C. Fetzner, J. Larsen, P. Finn, E. Doornbosch, P. Carmichael, M. Matyga. Row 3—N. Falkenberg, E. Holman, J. Schmidtke. Row A—Miss Cagle, P. Lind, B. Conover, E. Miller, D. Glaud-ell, B. Brauer. Hanson Row 1—M. Pesce, D. James, B. Stramaglio, J. Coleman, T. Jaaniks. Row 2—D. Puttkammer, D. McDonald A. Russell, G. Forin-ger, J. Cook, P. Vogt, M. Mohle. Row 3—L. Kilian, J. Spencer, L. Wendt, D. West, C. Blucker, R. Noesges. Row A—L. Thompson, L. Bed-narz, D. Fulmer, D. Stewart, E. Fandel, D. Kazierod, F. Fielder. 23lacullo Row 1—C. House, N. Smyth, B. Shaw, P. Trippiedi, D. Bricko, B. Erickson. Row 2—R. Romano, G. Schultz, L. McOsker, B. Rickman, P. Heale, P. Blum. Row 3—F. Fanella, J. Haney, T. Dorney, B. LaBee, J. Krupka, C. Katz. Row A—M. Cecala, N. Kasper, S. Spanczak, J. Boris, T. Hoog-land, J. Scardino, J. D'Amato. Kuns Row 1—D. Warnecke, L. Coffman, R. Markese, L. Pellicane, F. Peterson, L. Osolin. Row 2—C. Mortlock, D. Kollman, D. Proper, V. LaRue, A. Piske, J. Nagel. Row 3—T. Pastorella, J. Donnelley, D. Nelson, D. Koch, W. Peck, R. Mueller, J. Miller, B. Null. Row A—L. Innocentini, J. Puccini, L. Masella, R. Colburn, G. Meyer, D. Ring, J. O'Donnell, W. DeLong. 24Levy Row 1—B. Togersen, J. Keller-mann, D. Kenny, B. Kennedy, D. Ferraro, Mrs. Levy. Row 2—V. Lee, M. Kowalski, J. Leeper, B. Parker. Row 3—M. Feigel, G. Hallgren, A. Foley, M. Knackstedt. Row A—D. Kast, H. Ricci, D. Palatine, M. Swill. Row 5—C. Glowienke, J. Hardesty, M. Utz, M. Drummond. Row 6—C. Wieczorek, H. Kelly, R. Elwardt, P. O'Donnell. Row 7—V. Smarto, A. Sfellmach, B. Glass, R. Dimberg, J. McCarthy. Oppenheim Row 1—B. Ironside, L. LaGalbo, E. Sbarboro, G. Klein. Row 2—D. Schwartz, M. Zak, E. Moffatt, R. Greinke. Row 3—C. Hall, J. Ehrardt, E. Scherbarth. Row A—M. Spilotro, R. Ulrich, B. Kolar, M. Carson. Row 5—J. Bocian, D. Novak, J. Malgpanes. Standing—Mr. Oppenheim. 25Southworth Row 1—M. Lee, M. Derengowski, F. Novak, M. Kryczak. Row 2—J. Denier, K. Simpson, D. Padavic, B. Gatz. Row 3—J. Kwasniewski, J. Hav-licek, L. Phillip, W. Sorgatz. Row 4—A. Dunteman, J. Hanna, R. Miller, J. Bruska. Row 5—A. Laskey, R. Brennan, P. Snopko, J. Bonnesen. Row 6—R. Cramer, J. Morrison, T. Magoon, D. Johnsen. Mrs. Spiecker Row 1—C. Mueller, B. Mullinax, B. Abolt, D. Koranda. Row 2—A. Cady, K. Messer, J. Vanarsdall. Row 3—R. Schierhorn, R. Chavez, R. Adamek. Row 4—D. Ogletree, B. Bielik, H. Fair, T. Bartels. 26Weston Row 1—J. Roland, G. Haga, M. Blankenship, L. Hermetet. Row 2—S. Nardiello, M. Strebel, G. Wright, D. Smetana. Row 3—K. Schlegel, M. Buck, S. Hackett, Miss Weston. Row A—B. Sexton, A. Zenker, B. Wick. Row 5—H. Talbot, J. Moore, R. Hanskiewicz, J. Tiedemann. Row 6—R. Sommerfield, R. Welter, P. Pahl, S. Rolfe. 27Left to right Pat Sexton, Treas.; Carol Eisenmann, Sec.; Miss Flood, Mr. Koclanes, Don Lofgren, Pres.; Ted Eves, Vice Pres. Sop ll o mores Class of 1955Granzin Row 1—J. Van Wiele, C. Sylvester, B. Heard, R. Rumzis, J. Assetti, G. Monegato. Row 2—L. Zawislak, P. Sexton, M. Tower, J. Trager, S. Howell, B. Reiss, M. Stewart, A. Meyer. Row 3—R. Melesio, P Ricehioto, B Padlo, D. Skolozynski, F. Stiernberg, S. Danchik, K. Alexandria, V. Lee, Mr. Granzin. Row A—E. Schrack, W. Henne, T. Nardini, M. Schalkowski, P. Fahlgren, J. Pearson, K. Weik, R. Krause, E. Glafczak. lawicki Row 1—Y. Rail, L. Naples, C. Welfing, D. Schmidt, B. Brown, D. Jarvis, C. Green, B. Byrnes. Row 2—A. Arendt, J. Prest, C. Owen, R. Raske, R. Noesges, B. Judge, M. Buerer. Row 3—J. Grushka, L. Murray, D. Peterson, B. Nimietz, R. Starczyk, H. Prehm, S. Weldon, Mr. Lawicki. Row 4—C. Searle, K. Schure, I. Ylvisaker, W. Nichols, S. Heale, B. Rowland, T. Merrill, R. Stackpole. 2930 E. Miller Row I—J. Burnett, L. Bluthardt, R. Palella, M. Hellyer, J. Sturm, A. Conlin. Row 2—N. Richardson, J. Macak, P. Wojnowiak, B. Anderson, J. Armentano, M. Cherry, C. Descourouez, Miss Miller. Row 3—R. Boyd, F. Demann, J. Oetersib, B. Karder, R. Pehoski, B. Witting, R. Fitzpatrick, D. Hansen. Row 4—J. Smalley, P. Peterson, K. Zagorski, D. Hofmeister. Mr. Monk Row 1—D. Bauer, S. Champley, R. Behnke, J. Vasel, G. Rocque. Row 2—D. Jay, J. Kessler, J. Armentano, H. Bussa, A. Schultz, R. Comero, T. O'Connor, J. Klinger. Row 3—C. Stanevich, E. Fodat, D. McVicker, A. Gatz, B. Drury, S. Kocisko, J. Bettini, D. Zaccari, P. Patrick, T. Allen. Row 4—B. Burnette, M. Beavers, A. Anderson, B. Casement, D. Gerz, J. Vollers, J. Crawford.Roalson Row 1—L. Marconi, C. Dressel, M. Andreasen, C. Pellow, S. Bramble. Row 2—M. Hedenberg, K. Brinkman, D. Van Eynde, B. Book, M. Good, R. Machinek, J. Flowers, L. Duda. Row 3—S. Erskine, N. Wright, G. Digiralamor, P. Szwaj-kart, R. Eppolito, J. Seeley. Row 4—Mr. Roalson, B. Miller, B. Swartz, B. Johnson, J. Zapfel, R. Nagl, T. Martinus, D. Drady, B. Vetrovec. Murray Row 1—D. McDowell, L. Ekman, A. Kissane, M. Hennessy. Row 2—B. Kenny, G. Scott, E. Swick, P. Wiley, W. Jankowski, J. Zeumer. Row 3—G. Terpstra, C. Eisenmann, J. Bosserman, S. Mariano, M. McCullough, P. Anksorus. Row 4—Mr. Murray, R. McLean, J. Cechini, J. Ehrenberg, J. Verdone, R. Steele, H. Anderson, T. Martina. 31St. John Row ]—S. Chylewski, F. Brand, D. Castillo, B. Cristante, Y. Barta, D. Mueller, D. Becker. Row 2—B. Pilarski, D. Barloga, H. Deutscher, R. Connors, V. Bystrom, W. Lenz. Row 3—S. Milnes, P. McNally, B. Gornick, C. Foster, G. Ringler, A. Bissell, A. Choin, J. Deddo. Row 4—C. Eaton, B. Hall, C. Fountain, R. Hanna, B. Diduch, R. Amundsen, J. DeMuth, R. Gloudeman, Mr. St. John. Stickle Row 1—L. Dutton, S. Wojtow, G. Indelicato, D. Christiansen, B. Anderjeski. Row 2—A. Fornaciari, K. Pearson, C. Kirk, L. Maturno. Row 3—V. Butler, D. Billings, D. Lueth, T. Caffero, J. Stanfa, B. Sweet, Miss Stickle. Row 4—G. Kelley, P. McGill, J. Loacker, R. Bell, H. Walters, R. Pauwels, W. Reynolds. 32Tompkins Row 1—T. Piraino, P. Probsf, P. Stolfz, J. Fanella, V. Ege-berg, B. Head. Row 2—D. Puttkammer, J. Smith, P. Wilke, K. Ziese, C. Montgomery, P. McClellan. Row 3—-J. Hauger, W. Wilkes, D. Lofgren, D. Tessler, B. Warner, C. Donahue, A. Palade, A. Deuter. Row A—E. Nojek, H. Kerner, C. Anderson, E. Rusch, R. Holmsfrom, B. Sherry, B. Wydra, B. Lemke, Mr. Tompkins. Whitehouse Row 1—P. Doyle, M. Ruutleman, P. Gillespie, J. Hanssen, I. Koziol, J. Limberg. Row 2—M. Low, D. Kirchhoff, T. Spalding, A. Behan, L. Schullo, J. Hoeft, M. Arlich, N. Johnson. Row 3—M. Ruby, J. Smith, B. McKettrick, E. Allen, H. Butler, C. Fanella, C. Miller, B. Heaslett, C. Milnes. Row A—A. Pocevicz, E. Heitz, E. Eves, R. Sievert, D. Toepke, L. Bierman, F. Clemens, R. Ormerod, Miss Whitehouse.Seated left to right: Laurel Brandt, Treasurer; Jim Baron, President; Mary Lynn Trossen, Vice-President; Sylvia Sima, Secretary. 3r e d li m e n . . . CJaii o 1956Altman Row 1—E. Stramaglio, S. Baker, B. Betti, M. Griffin, I. Accettura, D. Anderson, E. Arnott. Row 2—L. Copland, P. Carroll, V. Ayou, G. Barnes, S. Classen, L. Brandt, S. Burger, Miss Altman. Row 3—G. Anderson, J. Baron, B. Bullis, C. Bush, D. Akre, G. Arnold, W. Borgstrom. Row 4—H. Carlson, R. Aagerson, R. Auw, A. Bethell, C. Christensen, T. Boehm, J. Bailey. Brooks Row 1—V. Evensen, N. Schultz, M. Farnham, J. Dutton, J. Jruppa, B. Eulrich. Row 2—D. Farmer, M. CundiFf, S. Deutscher, M. Cross, R. Goebel, N. Dooley, M. Forbes, N. DiVito. Row 3—D. Detert, C. Florczak, A. Durante, N. Flolo, J. Cox, J. Fandel, Miss Brooks. Row A—W. Erker, D. Shay, D. Cristante, D. Drummond, D. Daniels, C. Giroux, D. Deike, W. Dutton, M. Farror.Camden Row 1—M. Goulden, C. Dooley, D. Grulur, A. Lemke. Row 2—P. Beresinski, M. Pizzirulli, K. Heyden, G. Haflinger, D. Holzer, A. Laberta, R. Dahl. Row 3—M. Mueller, R. Howery, R. Hoagland, M. Grigsby, F. Griseto, Miss Camden, T. Frenden. Row 4—D. Lucchesi, V. Santoyo, R. Goettsche, D. Hoppe, D. Haefner, B. Hansen, A. Harris, F. Caflfero. Corchran Row 1—J. Bocik, H. Novak, B. Mohler, B. Finke, S. Gather-coal. Row 2—G. Krakowski, B. Shimkus, O. Roppo, D. Penna, T. Henderson, P. Kennedy, V. Claffy. Row 3—M. Wagner, D. Kish, R. Huth, L. Miessler, J. Harder, F. Andreas, D. Wanders, B. Beall. Row 4—N. Brandies, F. Gersch, G. Graf, R. Storck, O. Koehn, V. Portincasso, A. Barzano, D. Morose.Miss Flood Row 1—J. Thomas, L. Plesnicar, J. Asta, M. Nurczyk, J. Hansen. Row 2—B. Dominski, V. McDowell, C. Richards, M. Bartolini, P. O'Connor, S. Krone, S. Leeper, S. Tobolski. Row 3—C. Hansen, B. Walborn, E. Prommersberger, V. Ba-kalet, L. Wodrich, R. Ulrich, D. Hoff, Miss Flood. Row A—R. Schmalfeld, A. Poczos, R. Gloudeman, K. Kasper, T. Locashio, B. Grabb. Heimerdinger Row 1—J. Hodges, M. Gray, J. Jones, S. Jackson, N. Heas-lett, D. Kelley. Row 2—A. Howlett, J. Korda, A. Korner, B. Krawczyk, E. Krause, J. Jornd, R. Hajostek, Mr. Heimerdinger. Row 3—J. Panknin, C. Hurmence, E. Harris, J. Castillo, C. Kirk, P. Kelly, D. Hanna. Row A—J. Vandermeir, C. Hupert, H. Jezior, C. Koene-mann, J. Kell, J. Jarvis, A. Jahaske, D. Hill, D. Jedlicka. 37Jerome Row 1—L. Luckow, S. Summers, R Ciancio, C. McCool, N, Brickman, B. Bletsch. Row 2—N. Robinson, D. White, B. Strebel, R. Doss, A. Piske, J. Miller, P. Wiley, C. Scudieri. Row 3—D. Cavanaugh, M. Hennessy, K. Wysocki, R. Kwasniewski, G. Pease, E. Neukirch, Mr. Jerome. Row A—J. Farris, L. Jungers, R. Neilsen, S. Vosseller, R. Akerman. 38 Koclanes Row 1—S. Descourouez, R. Carson, J. Novich, J. Brown, W. Bowles. Row 2—E. Higgins, C. Secor, J. Kissner, N. Roth, B. Fanning, B. West, Mr. Koclanes. Row 3—E. Andres, F. Farnham, J. Gschweng, J. Dorn, B. Yager, N. Konczak, C. Ekman. Row A—W. McEvoy, E. Siegler, F. Wenzell, A. Gagne, H. Moeller, J. Marinelli, B. Kells.H. Miller Row 1—C. Lundberg, V. Lemke, B. Lugiai, G. Ippolito, P. Lacy, S. McGuire, A. Juskiewicz, C. Maginnis. Row 2—M. Kuehn, P. Ledenback, P. Martens, C. Laing, N. Mitrovich, J. Larson, D. Maksinski, M, Koss, M. Lehmann, Row 3—F. Kudrna, B. Leeper, W. Lucas, M. Maruska, S. Jones, S. Lubway, Miss Miller. Row 4—R. Mack, J. Mars, R. Lehner, G. Losiowski, R. Lee, W. Myer, J. Lewis. Rosenheimer Row 1—J. Hochmuth, B. Nichol, B. Osser, P. Morris, M. Murray, B. Presti, B. Pawson. Row 2—R. Partyka, B. Pereyma, J. Stewart, B. Padavic, P. Profita, J. Kaminkar, M. Murray, C. Pawson. Row 3—P. Oterlund, F. Pasko, B. Norek, P. Olson, J. Mosher, J. Robson, D. Nimietz, Miss Rosenhainer. Row A—R. Pacioni, J. Pishotta, B. Briscoe, P. Orze, R. Ree-ger, J. Powell, J. Overpeck. 39Sayers Row 1 C. Schierhorn S. Sima S. Sylvester P. Ryan J. Spitek N. Ruhnke J. Thackray Row 2 H. Spikings B. Sibiski Z. Hish J. Sandstrom K. Stemke M. Spilotro R. Schmidt J. Arlich Row 3 J. Terranova R. McCoy T. Stanek D. Hilliard R. Stecker R. Schlegel Mr. Sayers Row 4 T. Schwerin B. Selly H. Tews R. Steele W. Sessions R. Sweet J. Ruffino Scholle Row 1 S. Buch R. Abel L. Howard B. Darst A. Wright J. Runzel A. Kocisko J. Eppolito Row 2 S. Sommerfield J. Price M. Killinger S. Gralow M. Hermann J. Gleitsman M. Trossen D. Ood Row 3 J. Fanella D. Neuman J. Palmere B. Pacioni F. Sass R. Malone Mr. Scholle Row 4 R. Hieber G. Anderson K. Olignoy D. Schutt R. Alderdorf R. Paul White Row 1 J. Wade G. Foley E. Tomasone J. Wilkins E. Vogel J. Jaeger B. Resing Row 2 B. Moran I. Wales L. Koenig J. Boyer G. Widman V. Mlaskac M. White Row 3 J. Horner F. Weber C. Tiedemann T. TiritHlf G. White B. Bohr A. Dapkus Miss White Row 4 B. Wright C. Wilkinson B. Walberg B. Zimmy T. Van Puymbrouck E. Trapa D. Tranchitilla B. Tiber! 409raP VASt u d Co e n unci Identification of Officer left to right J. Hardesty, Vice Pres. J. O'Dowd, Pres. A. Reinoso, Treas. J. Azzaro, Sec. t ( Among Leyden's many high ranking organizations, Student Council heads the list. It is made up of student body representatives who want to better the good will of the students and form a basic policy for the school. Identification of H. R. Representatives First row left to right H. Novak S. Burge C. Laing S. Goss P. Carmichael Fifth row J. Hardesty H. Kelly D. Reynolds D. Nona Second row R. Steele M. Bartolini S. Sima J. Chmiel Third row S. Howell F. Peterson B. Cristonte G. Digiralamor Fourth row E. Swick J. Tiedemann G. Mueller D. Green Sixth row J. Scardino R. Miro J. O'Dowd T. Durante Seventh row M. Lee R. Romano Eighth row D. Swanson B. Ironside J. Azzaro Standing A. Reinoso Mr. Kennedy 44 A few of the activities it sponsors are Homecoming festivals, the concession stands at games, and the supporting of community projects like the bond issue. They look for guidance to Mr. Henry Kennedy. fJou This is one of Leyden's up-and-coming clubs organized for the purpose of social and service activities. They help any new boy feel at home when they enter Leyden by showing them the ways and means of Loydenites. They sponsor the gym nights, the Father and Son Banquet, and the Senior Breakfast. They are striving to share leadership and participation under Mr. Jerome Mohr-husen's guidance. Identification for group picture left to right First row B. Ledenbach B. Schwartz R. Milesio M. Yetsky J. Bush R. Sweet D. Toepke J. Fandel Third row G. Murphy J. Hoff B. Haney B. Kolar J. Kells P. Locashio F. Farnham B. Sherry J. Harder M. Miessler A. Stellmach Second row D. Hanson R. Welter J. Horner Identification for Boys' E. Fandel R. Norek left to right A. Dunteman J. Murawska J. Scardino, Pres. B. Pacioni E. Paul, Vice Pres. D. Doss Fourth row E. Holman, Treas. N. Anderson 1. Ylvisaker D. Novak, Sec. Identification of L.G.L. Homeroom representatives Identification of L. bottom up P. Heale, Sec. L. O'Day, Vice Pres. I. Officers M. Zwolanek, Pres. J. Tiedemann, Treas. Miss Alice Jones First row S. Laing V. Claffy R. Rumzis C. Eisenmann D Moksinski J. Asta D. Ferrarro M. Rodriquez Second row M. Cherry B. Shaw S. Gralow D. Becker J. Limberg M. Pizzirulli M. Snyder P. Heale J. Novirh Third row D. Jay S. Sima M. Manley S. Danchik C. Dressell G. Indelicato C. Cites A. Russell Fourth row L. Brandt J. Korda J. Tiedemann P. Galbraith J. Nagel J. Vanarsdall R. Iverson M. Bystrom S. Stevens S. Bueror cjCe a 9 u e One of the most active clubs at Leyden is L. G. L. The only qualifications a girl needs are a broad smile and the will to do a little work and have a little fun. A few of the many activities that the club presented this year with the aid of their new sponsor. Miss Maxine Fordham, were the Cupid's Fling, the annual Christmas party, the Hobo Hop, and a few record dances. Leyden is very proud of these ambitious girls.■■J ” CL Members of the "L" Club can be recognized by their maroon caps and white sweaters. They are a symbol of fair play and team spirit. Any boy earning a major letter in any sport is eligible for membership. Hard work and good sportsmanship are a must. The "L" Club sponsors the annual Basketball Jamboree and the fall and spring banquets under the guidance of Mr. Jerome Mohr-husen. Identification left to right first row V. Roucka D. Reynolds L. Innocentini D. Nona J. Hardesty C. Flick Second row T. Winard J. Greinke J. Strebel A. Nardiello J. Ludviksen J. Murawska B. Haney Third row J. LaTurno K. Spoo E. Paul B. Bradley B. Rubino P. Locashio Fourth row B. Leuth R. Anderson R. Miro R. Kiss G. Williams N. Anderson Fifth row D. Mork M. Moeller K. Winberg L. Hey C. Schiferl C. Ryberg Q. J). Jl. The Girls' Athletic Association is a club for girls who are interested in swimming, bowling, baseball, basketball, and volleyball. During the year the girls work toward earning awards which are presented at the annual spring Mother-and-Daughter banquet. This year G.A.A. sponsored an all girls' Jamboree, cosponsored the all girls' Christmas Party, and participated in play days. The goal of G.A.A. is to arouse more interest in sports among the girls. Identification of Officers left to right S. Champley, Trees. J. Asseti, Pub. Chmn. J. Havlicek, Pros. P. Carmichael, Pt. Chmn. S. Howell, Vice Pres. Identification of members left to right First row B. Heaslett J. Asseti N. Johnson N. Ruhnke D. Warnecke M. Rodriguez M. McCullough P. Carmichael M. Snyder Second row J. Stanfa S. Mariano A. Deuter Y. Barta P. Heale D. McDonald A. Russell B. Bionchi B. Hcarl J. Denier Third row J. Deddo M. Goulden S. Danchik B. Christante M. Cherry G. Indelicato J. Larson S. Howell S. Weldon T. Piraino Fourth row C. Secor P. Carroll J. Prest J. Havlicek L. Dobson S. Champley J. Tiedemann G. Mueller V. LaRue J. Kwasniewski B. Schettle S. BuererThe aim of the annual staff is to put out a bigger and better annual that the students can be proud of. Hard work from the entire staff and it's editor, Arlene Siebold, has helped to bring this 1953 EAGLE to you. Mrs. Rosemary Formolo is the sponsor. THE EAGLE STAFF OF 1953 EDITOR-in CHIEF .......... ........Arlene Siebold SENIOR ASST. EDITOR................Shirley Carlton JUNIOR ASST. EDITOR................Gerry Schultz BUSINESS MANAGERS.................. Jim Novich, Bob Forrest, John Polode, Ed Johnson FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION.........Phyliss Hommargren HOMEROOMS ............................Bunny Erickson ACTIVITIES ...........................Judy Vanarsdall, Maureen Erickson, Jeanne Azzaro, Rita Romano MUSIC .......................-........Marilyn DeSilvio. Phyliss Galbraith BOYS' SPORTS..........................Liz Killinger, Joanne Korda, Sherry Gablin, Arlene Johnson, Pat Roze SENIOR SECTION..........................Thelma Schalkowski, Marilynn Hill, Shirley Kelley. Elaine Wehmer, Dorothy Holly Identification of Annual Officers Mrs. Marjorie Spiecker A. Siebold Mrs. Rosemary Formolo Second row row G. Schultz S. Carlton J n n u u Identification of Group Picture M. DeSilvio T. Schalkowski M. Hill M. Erickson Second row L. Killinger A. Johnson D. Swanson P. Galbraith S. Kelley Identification of Business Staff B. Ledenbach B. Forrest E. Johnson J. Palode J. Novichi o n a M o n o r So c i e t y Identification left to right L. Link J. Stout J. Azzaro K. Hieber A. Reinoso second row left to right L. Hey D. Netzel J. Wadsworth P. locashio P. Galbraith A. Siebold Every year a group of juniors and seniors are chosen by their classmates and the faculty to become members of this honor society. Those chosen symbolize scholarship, leadership, character, and service. With the help of Mrs. Mariette lacullo and Mr. Ernest Rerucha, this society sponsors the Homecoming Dance, the spring banquet for new members, and College Day. JlJ v i s o rv do mmitt i Identification First row J. Gregg S. Heale K. Spoo Second row B. Erickson N. Anderson A. Russell Third row Mr. Mannos M. Hennessey P. Locashio V. Roucko 48 Do you have a problem? Bring it before the Advisory Committee. With Neil Anderson at the head and Mr. Nick Mannos as the sponsor, you will always get an answer. This committee consists of four seniors, three juniors, two sophomores, and one freshman. They talk over problems and settle matters that are out of the reach of Student Council.All activities of the Tri-Hi-Y are carried on for the purpose of helping others. This club sponsors dances and conducts food and clothing drives. Any junior or senior girl who is interested in this type of work is invited to join. Mrs. Mariette lacullo is the sponsor of this organization. D,i.Jh-y Identification First row A. Bissell H. Novak R. Carson J. Runzel J. Brown S. Tobolski E. Vogel Second row S. Burge P. Lacy I. Koziol J. Gleitsman S. Lubway C. Maginnls N. Ruhnke D. Kelley Third row K. Heyden J. Coleman C. Pellow M. Snyder S. Kelley J. Larsen C. Fetzner A. Deuter B. Eulrick Fourth row P. Probst M. DuBois M. Erland M. Hermann M. Trossen K. Schlegel P. Szwajkart M. McGee R. Schmidt J. Limberg Fifth row I. Wales B. McKettrick D. Jay A. Arendt F. Peterson J. Vasel P. Galbraith L. McOsker E. Wehmer A. Howlett C. Lundberg Identification of picture P. Henle A. Fornaciari L. McOsker J. Stout D. Barloga T. Eves J. Welfmg Although the group was small this year, they were very active in inter-league meets. Debate is offered to any student interested in improving his research and speech techniques, entering into competitive meets, and studying current, national and international questions. 49-A u di o - Ji $ u a I Leyden takes hats off to the hard-working fellows of the Audio-Visual department. These boys, under the supervision of Mr. Moser, spend much time learning the ways and means of operating the playbacks, the movie projectors, the strip film machines, and the tape recorders. Their unselfish service has always been a prominent trait of this group. Identification First row M. Stanfa Mr. Moser J. Streu A. Flolo Second row W. Conover P. Wojnowiak S. Priola Identification First row J. Bush B. LaBee B. Strown C. Beyer Second row Mr. Sayers R. Aft B. Ledenbach G. Terpstra Third row F. Farnham B. Karder B. Wydra J. Vollers W. Nichols D. Ring N. Flolo K. Wysocki D. Detert P. Snopko M. Cecola J. Hajostek T. Hoogland M. Bruhns M. Wilkes ywvw The Camera Club consists of an ambitious group C9 Camera of Leydenites who meet under the supervision of Mr. Sayers and experiment with all types of photography. They also take pictures of important affairs at Leyden. This year the club went on several field trips and staged a photo contest. 50Orchesis is a dance organization open to all boys and girls of any class level. Their main goal is the presentation of the annual spring concert. Orchesis is divided into three groups—advanced, intermediate, and beginning. All are under the direction of Miss Jacqueline Brooks. Advanced Group First row V. Lee R. Noesgas P. Bloom N. Johnson A. Johnson Second row A. Reinoso J. Cook A. Siebold S. Mueller L. Hermetet e A i A Identification of Intermediate Group First row B. Erickson D. Zaccari J. Spitek V. Evensen Second row B. Pereymo R. Reeves S. Bauer B. Ironside Third row B. Hayden G. Mueller L. LoGalbo S. Lubway Beginning Group First row A. Deuter P. Ledenbach J. Limberg Second row L. Ekman J. Larson J. Thackray M. CundiffJt Ca I'f The Leyden A Cappella Choir, under the capable direction of Mr. Daniel Tkach, is fast becoming a well-known organization with a reputation for fine singing. The secret of its success is the willingness to work and love of music on the part of its members. The A Cappella Choir's most important events are the Christmas Pageant, in which it supplies the background music, and its annual Spring Concert. Besides these, the choir performs at the Thanksgiving Assembly, Music Assembly, Annual Music Festival, and Graduation. Margaret Andreasen Jeanne Austin Dolores Bauer Barbara Bianchi Judy Bosserman Ranchford Boyd Darlene Carnahan Lois Coffman Richard Connors James Crawford Marion Derengowski Marilyn DeSilvio Gail Digiralamor LaVerne Duda Joan Fonella Phyllis Galbraith Kathleen Grote Shirley Hackett Jim Hardesty Betty Heard Barbara Hearl Mary Hennessey Marilynn Hill Don Hofmeister Joan Horner Beverly Ironside Walter Jankowski Arlene Johnson Edwin Johnson John Karalus Barbara Kennedy Larry King Emily Koehler Irene Koziol Jo Ann Leeper Lois Link Donald Lofgren Marilyn Low James Markese Rosann MarkeseChoir Officers o i r rginia Marszalek ck Moore ti Morrison irol Morflock •aron Mueller ann Nielsen irbara Padlo te Pedersen cille Pellicane lores Proper Ruth Reeves Mary Rodriguez Arthurene Russell Clark Searle Bill Sherry Arlene Siebold Dorothy Skolozynski Roger Steele Roberta Smyth Sherry Stevens Marilynn Hill, Treas. Lois Link, Pres. Joan Stout, Sec. Jim Hardesty, V. Pres. Joan Stout Edward Swick Dave Toepke Judy Vanarsdall Kenneth Weik Donald West Dolores Wisher Jim Zeumer Marilyn Zwolaneka man 8 a n an Leyden's Band, directed by Mr. Sigurd Swanson, is an organization our school can be proud of. This group performs yearly in its big Spring Concert and the Music Festival. The Band is always at the home football games, lending support to our team. It also participates in an exchange assembly with Bensenville's Band, as well as playing for school assemblies and local affairs. Band Roll Clarinets Pot Doyle Jon Grushka Charlene House Jane Ann Prest Arlene Foley Lucille Naples Fred Gable Elizabeth Cristante Dorothy Lueth Yvonne Barta Elvie Doornbosch Ronnie Paul Ann Estelle Cady Ted Eves Kay Schleqel Betty Lou Brown Margaret McCullough Steve Falco Alto Clarinet Denise Ganshirt Flute Diane Farmer Oboes Karl Hieber Kenneth Schure Bn««oons Leonard Hey Jasmine Smith E Saxophones Theodore Hoogland Richard Schierhorn Margaret Carman Tenor Saxophones Eddy Paul Kay Stemke Rex Fitspatrick Baritone Saxophone Richard Ogletree Cornets Joyce Havlicek William Sorgatz Daniel Kirchof? Clyde Pasvogel Kenneth Ziese Susanne Farnham Allan Dunteman Richard Kudrna Dale Tessler James Loacker French Horns Wilson Henne Jeon Tiedemann William Rowland Mark Vogel Linda Ekman Trombones Ernest Holman Robert Amundson Ivar Ylvisaker Charles Hurmence Herbert Prehm Don Donovan Clinton Montgomery Jack Hauger Pat Clark Marlene Strebel Baritones David Detert Donna Billings Sheila Weldon Robert LaBee Irene Allen Basses John Strebel William Lemke Allen Schultz James Boris Percussion Wayne Brodkorb Ronald Ormerod Thomas MagoonBAND OFFICERS Captain Edward Paul 1st Lieutenants Wayno Brodkorb Leonard Hey 2nd Lieutenants Ernest Holman Pat Clark 8a ton Denise Ganshirt Barbara Sexton Sue Buerer Pat Clark Sheila Weldon Marylou Snyder wirier AIdentification Mr. Meade, K. Hieber, C. Urban, B. Strewn, F. Bruhns. E. Boggs. M. Snyder, P Horn, margren, M. DeSilvio, T. Roucka, M. Bruhns, B. Miller oC i t e 6 The light of the Hi Lites really shines around the school. The paper contains the latest gossip items, coming events, and all sports news. Mr. David Meade, Marylou Snyder, and Marilyn DeSilvio, and their efficient staff have done an excellent job in producing this outstanding paper. 58Ji P„k- A-£oo of e n m..j pl.jJ4 o m e i3r ew? Jl w o o 3 e and a Shu n hLefo re So m e th in t’i the Aai 66 9 JDl, irty-eiy lit C ents, f- ieciAe Poor Jreshie 1 f t e r a tionA (o, “(1 =7 l M r 11 o iv n p u e n ci a n j WLere Pass? 1 A yourIIIER .rRE«Dl)H kniiA ChoirAssehbly Peri school mmmm March i-t TUESDAY lt Hr fjisHiKTORTRirHErriiic J30 LCL Encunyi Coj« p so «45 lASOTlALL IMMACULATE U ?9 CAA Record Daice 700 PuqtReh LT WEDNESDAY GAABovuic Auir 645 PUOrREH lt 700 ALL SCHOOL DANCE CAFE 6 30 'A Basketball "'AY Group PhotoI Reader Bertrand, J. Henne Mary Pat Clark Joseph John Palade Gabriel (Angel) Kenneth Spoo Isaiah James Murawska Zacharias Edward Boggs John the Baptist Victor Portincasso Elizabeth Margaret Carman Three Kings Robert Book, James Hardesty, James Morrison Shepherds Steve Bain, Dan Nona, Karl Hieber, Allan Lasky, Richard Mork, Charles Schiferl, John Szwajkart Angels Jean Azzaro, Rose Iverson, Marie Pesce, Pat Roze, Marylou Snyder, Diane Swanson Cantor Pete Pedersen Soprano Soloists Arlene Siebold, Lois Link, Marilynn Hill Alto Soloist • Sharon Mueller Tenor Soloist Donald Hofmeister Organist Virginia Jones 75"ft . Columbine Wad o n n a 11 r a m a 2) i cj h 11 i cj h t 3 Soft music filled the Tam O'Shanter as couples swayed dreamily to Johnny Lewis's band. The colorful array of formals and white tuxs were the setting that made the junior-senior prom on May 8 a memorable one. Ok Mo w We eJ ancecl■ Our rip 81 First row Third row left to right B. Heimerdinger G. Williams (Coach) —7 R. Thompson L. Innocentini ■7 v D B. Bradley C. Katz L „ r r J. Murawska E. Fandel W y O O L i z} CL t t B. Rubino D. Novak J. Greinke J. Scardino FOOTBALL SCHEDULE J. Wadsworth E. Holman C. Ryberg K. Spoo Leyden 0 Steinmetz 14 K. Winberg B. Corchran iCoach) T. Winard Leyden 13 Blue Island 0 Fourth row Second row G. Bujan (Coach) ] Leyden 16 Fractional 12 J. Krupka N. Kasper D. Johnson B. Strawn Leyden 20 Belvidere 6 D. Reynolds J. Spencer V. Roucka T. Hoogland Leyden 14 Bloom 33 C. Flick A. Duntemon C. Schiferl D. Nelson Leyden 0 Kankakee 0 E. Nardini H. Kelley, Mgr. D. Netzel J. Hardesty, Mgr. Leyden 0 Thornton 6 B. Sherry Leyden 0 Argo 35 82Varsitu B a 3 hell a LEYDEN VARSITY SCHEDULE Leyden vs Evanston ..................... Leyden vs Niles ........................ Leyden vs Lockport ..................... Leyden vs Elgin ........................ Leyden vs Thornton ..................... Leyden vs Kankakee ..................... DeKALB TOURNAMENT DEC. 26-29 Leyden vs Woodstock ........................................54—50 Leyden vs Riverside-Brookfield .............................80—45 Leyden v Highland Park ..........................59—48 Leyden vs DeKalb ..........................................51—50 Leyden vs Fractional ......................................60—47 Leyden vs Argo .............................................73—55 Leyden vs Blue Island ....................................61—55 Leyden vs Bloom .............................................46—45 Leyden vs Lockport .........................................52—47 Leyden vs Palatine .........................................54—34 Leyden vs Thornton ........................................50—53 Leyden vs Kankakee .........................................59—92 Leyden vs Fractional ..................................... 46—54 Leyden vs Argo ............................................67—45 Leyden vs Blue Island ......................................63—55 Leyden vs Barrington .......................................58—62 Leyden vs Bloom ............................................55—50 59-49 .47-44 .54-46 .51-45 .49-59 .54-77 PROVISO REGIONAL Leyden vs Immaculate Conception Leyden vs Oak Park 67—38 49-53 First row left to right Second row Won 18 - Lost 7 Won DeKalb Tourney Tied for Second in South Suburban League D. Reynolds R. Kiss C. Flick E. Opland E. Miller J. Drupka J. Scardino R. Chavez J. Moore Third row Coach George Cox K. Winberg C. Ryberg B. Bielick D. Proper I. Hey J. Morrison, Mgr. 85tf3a A e I? a (( First row Second row Third row left to right G. Courtney, Mgr. H. Kelley T. Winard R. Miro B. Vetrovac D. Mork B. Lueth D. Johnson D. Novak A. Nardiello M. Moeller E. Fandel C. Flick L. Thompson J. Wadsworth 1. Pontarelli B. Corchron (Coach) BASEBALL SCHEDULE 1953 April 6 Leyden Kankakee There April 9 Leyden Blue Island Here April 13 Leyden Lockport There April 16 Leyden Argo Here April 20 Leyden Fractional Here April 23 Leyden Bloom There April 27 Leyden Thornton There April 30 Leyden Kankakee Here May 4 Leyden Blue Island There May 7 Leyden Lockport Here May 18 Leyden Argo There May 21 Leyden Fractional There May 25 Leyden Bloom Here May 28 Leyden Thornton Here 86Sop lx o more S o o t b a tt S j u a cl First row left to right R. Steele. F. Clemens, T. Nordini, P. Wojnowiok, W. Nichols, H. Deutscher, R. Nogl, D. Toepke Second row B. Wydro, I. Ylvisaker, D. Hanson, D. Hofmeister, N. Richardson, B. Johnson, T. Martinus, D. Pauwels, J. Armentano Third row R. Melesio, M. Vetrovec, T. Allen, J. Baron, B. Schwartz, D. Reynolds, T. Durante, Coach George Cox i SreS h men So otb a First row J. Fandel, B. Schlegel, J. Anderson, D. Neuman, J. Cox, B. Norek, M. Grigsby, B. Pacioni, J. Dobson. Second row Mr. Granzin, B. Lucas, E. Harris, F. Farnham, C. Hurmence, J. Harder, Mr. Southworth (Coach)o m o re d adLetlya ft First row left to right B. Sherry, M. Vetrovec, T. Merrill, B. Swartz, S. Heale Second row J. Zeumer, I. Ylvisaker, D. Petersen, T, Allen Third row H. Butler, R. Steele, J. Baron, D. Toepko, R. Nagl, T. Durante, Mr. Gronzin (Coach) First row left to right W. Borgstrom. R. Doss, R. Hill, J. Jarvis, C. Giroux Second row Mr. Hennessy, P. Kelly, S. Vosseller, R. Ulrich, J. Ruffino, J. Fandel, G. Anderson Third row R. Heimerdinger (Coach', S. Christenson. C. Hurmence, C. Florczak, G. Murphy, R. Leeper, R. Cristante, D. Tronchitella, Mgr. 89c. ro66 CROSS COUNTRY GROUP PICTURE First row left to right B. Honey, R. Kiss, J. Polode, K. Weik, E. Paul, P. Locashio, D. Tessler, E. Johnson Second row R. Omerod, J. Bruske, M. Spilotro, J. Hone , F. Wenzell, B. Sorgatz, J. Gregg Third row Mr. Mohrhusen (Coach), R. Behn-ke,- N. Lenz, J. Crawford, D. West, R. Paul, B. Marinelli, B. Kells, B. West, L. Hey MAJOR LETTER WINNERS Captain Cd Paul, Ron Kiss, Ken Weik, Phil Locashio, Bill Haney, John Palade, Dale Tessler, Ed Johnson LETTER WINNER PICTURE left to right J. Polode, R. Kiss, P. Locashio, E. Paul, B. Haney, K. Weik, E. Johnson, D. Tessler Team Record—Won 7, Lost 2 (dual meets) 5th Place—District Meets 3rd Place—Midwest Meet 1st Place—"B" Squad in Midwest Meet Fresh-Soph Team placed 4th in Leyden Invitational Meet.Va r Ait y lAJred t din g First row left to right B. Byrnes, D. Tessler, N. Richord-son, L Innocentlni, D. Klrchhoff Second row left to right J. Muruwsku, J. Spencer, D. Nelson, E. Johnson, J. Palade, A. Dunteman z} re A li - Sop Ir Wrestliny First row left to right J. Lewis, K. Weik, F. Pasko, . Ziese, V. Portincasso Second row left to right J. Rappoport, J. Castillo, W. Casement, R. Ormerod, C. Tiedemann First row left to right P. Lind, R. Allinder, N. Anderson, R. Conners Second row D. Von Ebers (Coach), B. Diduch, L. Hey, E. Miller, A. Stellmach Golf left to right Mr. Flmer Mumm (Coach), F. Fielder, A. Laske, B. Bielick, V. Smar-to. C. Hall 91(jirti ’ s o rtd (ji r L ’ O en n id First row left to right P. Clark, J. Denier, S. Farnham, M. Curtis Second row J. Prest, J. Havlicek, H. Altman (Coach), S. Carlton, J. Kowalski 92(L li e e r ( e a cl e r 3 LET'S ALL YELL!!! A. Russell D. McVicker T. Piroino S. Mueller D. McDowell A. Johnson N. Johnson D. McDonald R. Noesges Left to right J. Sansonetti R. Boyd D. Van Eynde95TYPICAL CBYDBme 4RLBNE JOHNSON ddd pub ho r?o$ri M6py THELMA SOHALKOHSK! K£N M Ndtm CDt%rt0U AfOST SHY AjAHeAHer McCuuouch CHUCK FUCK i LO S LINK EDmitD PAUL eesr ttAoe MAPIL VN WOLANCK JOHN O'DOWDMOST UKBiV TO SUCCBBO PHYIUS OALVPAITH DAN NST2SL 90S WADIS' f SOS faknham L Z H LUNGSP O CK PEYNOLVS MOST AKT ST C MSRLS OLSON - PON ALUNVSPrest vmm JFAN Alim IZN MOSE rn MNIFIfV MOST ATTRACTIVE MmfiNNE vy$n?OM FRANK ffAUSTFR!MUST STUmUS JOAH . STOUT PHIL LOCASHIO H$T WTTY HimilHH HILL JOE HERMANN CUTEST SMILE VIA VH SMNSON ART NARdttUV MAURIU ERICHSth MOST TALKATIVE VOROTHV HOLLV VAN JARKAFirst row Joann Nielsen, sec.; Ronald Kiss, V. Pres.; Jim Murawska, Pres. Second row Mr. James Roalson, sponsor; Liz Killinger, Treas.; Mrs. Muriel Tripp, sponsor. t a j j We were a new set of freshies and with us we brought the new core program. Our big social event was the Christmas party and many of us saw and participated in our first Homecoming and Pageant. We elected John Wadsworth, Len Hey, Liz Killinger and Loretta Cromwell to head our frosh-soph class as we continued on our way. What has become of all the little freshies green, we said, as we proudly sponsored the—All School Dance—sold hot-dogs at football games, and football pins too, 'till the whole school was "stuck up." "We are the Juniors" was our cry as Rich Miro, Dan Jarka, Joann Nielsen and Liz Killinger helped us through all our headaches of fun. Planning the Turnabout and the Prom at the Medina Country Club gave us new responsibilities. The Washing- of 1953 ton trip and our Junior play, "A Young Man's Fancy," will always be remembered along with our Junior Canteens. Soon we received our class rings and weren't we happy. We helped at graduation hardly realizing that now we were seniors. Three long years we have been waiting, and now we're the seniors. Homecoming came and this year it was our Homecoming with our queen, Arlene Johnson. Jim Murawska, Ron Kiss, Joann Nielsen and Liz Killinger did a fine job sponsoring the all school Bubble Bounce and Senior Snowball. We had fun choosing our announcements and soon we were measured for our caps and gowns. On May 8 the Prom was held at the Tam O'Shanter Country Club. June 11, as we received our diplomas, we took our last look around Leyden and said "We will always remember." 100IRENE ALLEN "Renie" Enjoys a brisk gome of volleyball ... a tall dark guy would be ideal . . . this future WAF already drives a jeep . . . loves eating hot dogs to "High Noon" . . . says "So what else could I do?" G. A. A.; Band. ROBERT ALMOND "Nuts" Comes to us from Campbell High in California ... is a firm believer that cigarettes and girls don't mix . . . goes for pizza and nicely shaped girls . . . driving around is a pleasant pastime . . . works at Chicago Hardware. Monitor. BRUCE ANDERSON "Andy" Tall curly-headed Bruce likes his ideal date to have a beautiful shape and lots of money ... is interested in tho scenery around Evanston ... a supporter of the Blackjacks . . . future is undecided. DONALD ANSON "Red" The red-head with a winning smile,—that could be no one but Don . . . thinks Leyden can't be beat for being the best . . . favors blondes with blue eyes . . . has a strong desire to become a millionaire . . . looking forward to college. Boys' Club; Pageant. JEANNE AUSTIN "Jay" A transfer student from Senn High . . . will always find her lingering around Grand and Harlem with the Nit© Owls . . . likes hot dogs, A Capella and Eddie Hubbard . . . plans for the future head toward the theatrical world. L. G. L.; Hi Lites; A Cappella. RONALD ALLINDER "Ron" This future commercial artist well deserves the title of "Most Artistic" . . . Ron has fond memories of Pan American . . . likes to watch TV or listen to Blue Tango . . . doesn't like the feminine sex in jeans. Hi-Y; Tennis; Pan American. ARLENE ANDERJESKI "Ar" Johnnie Ray's fan club has Ar's support . . . frequently recalls the movie "Knock On Any Door" . her certain someone has to be a nice dresser, and a good dancer . . . will spend her future in the Waves. L. G. L.; Monitor. NEIL ANDERSON Well-liked by the girls . . . never forgot the "L" Club initiation . . . treasurer of WHY . . . plays the harmonica os he loafs . . . college is an important part of his future. Student Council; Monitor; Pageant; Boys' Club; Tennis; "L" Club; Advisory Committee. ELAINE ANSON "Red" This fun-loving maiden would like to be a housewife for some thoughtful guy . . . slow hall walkers trample her temper . . . favors Mr. Meade . . . pizza is at the top of the list. Tri-Hi-Y; Hi Lites; Pep Club; Pageant. JEAN AZZARO "Jeanne" Possesses a cute way of wrinkling her nose . . . dresses os if she just stepped out of Vogue ... is annoyed by gum crackers ... a great letter writer . . . roller skating fiend. L. G. L. sec.; G. A. A.; N. H. S.; Orchesis; Annual; Student Council sec.; Leaders' Group; Pageant. Pan American. 101STEVEN BAIN "Steve" FRANK BALISTERI Anxiously awaiting graduation . . . looking forward to college . . . Steve can be seen at Skippy's in his spare time ... a show downtown, then out for spaghetti is fun, especially when with a gal from Proviso. Asst. Ed. Hi Lites; Student Council; Pageant, Audio Visual. FRANKLIN BEAVERS "Frank" Shy but friendly . . . enjoyed his stay at Leyden . . . member of De Molay . . . another Turnbull fan . . . holds a position at Munton Mfg. Co. . . . looking forward to attending college. Pageant. ROBERT BLUNCK "Bob" A sharp dresser with lots of looks ... a member of the Los Vinos . . . believes the government has his future planned . . . Bob likes his dates short and well dressed . . . dreams of making millions. EDWARD BOGGS "Ed" Hasn't got time for big shots . . . will grab his diploma and run for the college campus . . . never skips steak and potato dinners ... so glad T. V. has been invented. Boys' Club; Hi Lites. JOAN BORKE "Red" Short and cute, that's Leyden's favorite red-head . . . first to be a secretary then a housewife is Joan's idea of an ideal future. . . . Bar-B-Q's and french fries are fine when accompanied with music. Office Help. 102 Blue eyes, brown hair, and a bright smile that has the opposite sex entranced . . . hopes to get married and raise a family . . . would like a red-headed Marilyn Monroe ... is planning on how to spend his money when he becomes a millionaire. JAMES BLACK "Blackie" A likeable member of the King's who has no known peeve . . . relaxes at Farvers . . . hasn't any plans for the future . . . goes out for spaghetti with the boys . . . liked typing with Mrs. Cangiano . . . came to Leyden from Proviso. ROBERT BOCK "Bob" Swimming, mystery programs, and cars, are Bob's favorites . . . hopes to be a mechanic for the Air Force . . . girls that bleach their hair are his pet peeve . . . works for Sinclair Service Station. Cafe Help. NORBERT BOLDA "Norb" Another Leydenite headed for college . . . beats the drums in leisure time . . . hamburger and french fries are great . . . spends time at Bruno's gas station. Hi Lites,- Band; Stage Help; Tennis,- Camera Club. ROBERT BRADLEY "Bob" An all-round sportsman . . . the proud president of our "L" Club . . . remembers going down state with the track team . . . slipped a sparkler on his girl's finger . . . plans to attend college or trade school. Pageant; Pres. "L" Club; Boys' Club; Football; Track; Basketball; Wrestling.WAYNE BRODKORB ELLA BROWN Quiet until you know him . . . main interests center around music, plays the drums and accordion . . . band and Mr. Swanson have his vote for being tops . . . looking forward to college. Thespians; Student Council; Band; Camera Club. HOPE BRUHN "Hopie" A cute blonde that is always ready with a smile . . . likes to listen to records . . . wears a Jade's jacket . . . dreams of spaghetti and tall dark-haired guys . . . headed for the business world. L. G. L. MELVYN BRUHNS "Melv" Well known around Leyden . . . thinks a girl should be considerate of her date . . . going to join the Navy or Coast Guard . . . contributes much time to the Hi Lites . . . transferred from Holy Trinity High. Hi Lites; Annual; Tennis; Band. WAYNE BUSSA Longs to travel before the draft gets him ... a frequent visitor of the Hub Roller Rink . . . swimming and football are Wayne's main interests . . . employed by Sorengs. SHIRLEY CARLTON "Shirl" Big brown eyes, and dark curly hair ore just a couple of "Shlrf's" outstanding traits . . . she's looking forward to college and then a career . . . will long remember the Washington Trip and a guy from Schurz. L. G. L.; Asst. Ed. Annual; Hi Lites: A Cappella; Pageant; Tennis. 'El" One of Leyden's roller skating gals . . . always says "What gave you the clue?" ... El considers dancing at the Aragon with a tall blonde a night well spent . . . doesn't favor stuck-up people. L. G. L.; Monitor,- Office Help. FRANK BRUHNS Writes sports columns for the Hi Lites ... an ardent wrestling fan . . . will always remember his freshie days at Holy Trinity . . . Frank likes his dates well shaped. Hi Lites,- Student Council. MERWYN BRUHNS "Junior" An admirer of George Washington .. . plans for the future, the Presidency . . . Casanova with the girls . . . hobbies . . . roller skating, ping pong, and checkers. Hi Lites. MARIANNE BYSTROM "Bip" A cuto, poppy blonde who rated "Most Attractive" . . . crack your gum and out you go . . . relishes an evening of dancing . . . a fella from Lane rates high . . . sports of all sorts enthuse her . . . secretarial ambitions for Bip. L. G. L.; Tri-Hi-Y. MARGARET CARMAN "Marge" Work, then marriage is the future planned for this dark-haired gal who likes to dance . . . thinks Johnny Roy is a drip . . . enjoys tall boys, social 12, turkey, and horseback riding . . . likes to go out to eat with the girls. L. G. L.; Monitor; Band; Office Help; Pageant. 103DARLENE CARNAHAN "Dor" CARYL CARPENTER One of Leyden's few sweet and quiet girls . . .plans marriage in the near future . . . the certain someone is already chosen . . . spends leisure time at the Patio in Schiller Park . . . Dar is always willing to go to a show and then for pizza. L. G. L.; Hi Lites; A Cappella Choir. LENORE CASEMENT "Lee" Barn dancing and working jigsaw puzzles take up most of Lee's spare time . . . transfer student from Chicago . . . ideal date is a movie, then out to dine and dance . . . lives for summer and the beach . . . looking forward to marriage. JOYCE CHMIEL "Joy'' Looks shy, but is always ready for a good time . . . people, with pet peeves, peeve her . . . Austin's loss was Leyden's gain . . . Joy will remember her driving lessons and the fun she had on the Washington Trip . . . plans college. L. G. L.; Student Council; Debate, Pan American,- Pageant. CARYL CITES A gal with a sparkle in her eyes and a sparkler on her finger . . . thinks conceited boys are for the birds . . . likes steak. Miss Gailey, "Because of You" and the thought of a September wedding. CAROLE COCHRAN "The Body" Often referred to as the Body . . . likes to have a good time . . . never stops talking . . . Mr. Southworth and biology are Carol's favorites . . . pet peeve, snobs . . . headed for college. L. G. L.; Thespians; Hi Lites; Leaders' Club; Monitor. Enjoys a good laugh . . . "Caryl's" full of fun and always buzzing with activity . . . dancing rates high . . . this mid-term grad, is a half a year ahead of most of us with h«r future plans L. G. L.; G. A. A.; Monitor; Pageant. ADRIENNE CHALIFOUX "Adi" Smiling Adi scorns conceited boys . . . caters to french fried shrimp . . . happy when on skates . . . seeks the company of a six foot blonde . . . loves to dance to dreamy music . . . has secretarial ambitions. L. G. L.; Pan American; Office Holp. BRADLEY CISSKI "Cisco" This good looking blonde guy is looking forward to being a rich bachelor . . . girls who act tough don't score with him . . . drives around in a green Chevie . . . another Soreng laborer. PATRICIA CLARK "Pat" A peppy blonde . . . enjoyed leading the band in her senior year ... is happy when she can make someone laugh . . . the Pageant and being on the Homecoming Court are her most precious memories. L. G. I..,- Drum Majorette,- Monitor,- Band; Mary, Pageant. EVA CORTEVILLE A member of the quieter set . . . enjoys square dances and horseback riding . . . the guitar is a challenge . . . finds science interesting . . . attended Wawaka and Bowen High before she came to Leyden . . . will miss all her teachers. Library Help. 104GORDON COURTNEY LORETTA CROMWELL "Retta" A friendly guy who has a yen for boseball and boxing . . . believes a rolling stone gathers no moss ... his favorite food is a good looking dish with plenty of dressing . . . has interest in the Navy. Boys' Club; Pan American; Monitor. MARLENE CURTIS A cute little blonde who likes to dance and eat ... a typing job is her future . . . people who spread rumors get under her skin . . . likes her men with a good sense of humor . . . chicken tastes good anytime. RITA DONEGAN "Ree" Short, cute, and sweet . . . has a flair for a dark-haired guy in uniform ... a member of Delta Vetas and Jive Village . . . Rita transferred from Schurz . . . wants to get married and have a career in art. Monitor; L. G. L.,- Office Help. JOYCE EDWIN "Juicyfruit" Can be found roller skating or dancing . . . likes her men tall and blonde . . . future includes marriage . . . steak, french fries, and drama are favorites . . . spends a lot of time with the girls learning to play the ukelele. L. G. L; Tri-Hi-Y; Hi-C. GEORGE ERICKSON This consumer of fried chicken is burning with ambition to occupy a seat in millionaire row . . . would like to be Rip Van Winkle for a week . . . admires well dressed women. Diversified Occupation. A real tiny, talkative, senior . . . as cute as they come ... a roller skating fiend . . . Loretta remembers her first prom . . . her heart belongs to the Air Force . . . a proud member of the Delta Vetas. L. G. L.; Pan American; Library Help,- Sec. frosh, soph class. MARILYN DeSILVIO "Mar" Always ready with a smile . . . Mar keeps everyone laughing . . . will go any place she can get something to eat . . . plays the piano . . . plans to invade the business world. L. G. L.; Annual; Hi Lites ass't Editor; Debate,- A Coppella, N. H. S.; Drama. RONALD DYS "Dice" Ron's favorite hangout is Skippy's . . . has a job with an advertising display company . . . hopes to have one of his own in the future . . . enjoys art, stock car races, and shrimp . . . doesn't like teachers that try to make him work. HAROLD ELWARDT Has eyes for a certain junior . . . the million dollar bracket is his goal . . . this bowling fan will strike out smoking girls . . . homework interferes with his loafing schedule. MAUREEN ERICKSON "Maur" "Maur" will do anything for a joke . . . one of the lucky seven on the court . . . always ready with a smile . . . her ideal date is a guy that's a good dancer . . . she is going to work and let the future take care of itself. Homecoming Court; L. G. L.; G. A. A.; Annual; Pep Club; Monitor; Office Help; N. H. S. 105SUSANNE FARNHAM "Sue'' CHARLES FLICK "Chuck" A good gome of tennis is right up her alley . . . will always remember the Prom . . . enjoys playing the trumpet and violin . . . plans to invade and conquer the business world . . . boasts a sparkler from that certain guy. L. G. L.; G. A. A.; Hi Lites; Band; Tennis; Office Help. ARNE FLOLO "Arn" Has a shy but friendly smile . . . likes hot dogs and onions . . . welding class, football and baseball . . . spends his spore time working on his car ... he will always remember the Prom with a certain someone . . . plans to be an electrician. Audio Visual; Boys' Club. DAYLE FRANZ Don't let her bashful attitude fool you . . . Dayle is really quite a talker ... in her spare time she goes horseback riding, skating, and plays the accordion . . . in the future Doyle will ottond art school . . . will remember the Senior Snowball. L. G. L.; Hi Lites. ROBERT GAAL "Bob" Spent some time at Austin High ... is quiet about future . . . likes his gals to have a nice shape . . . enjoys a brisk game of baseball or a quiet afternoon of fishing .. . spends after school hours at Tillman's. PHYLLIS GALBRAITH "Sis" Leyden's gal most likely to succeed . . . heading for college in the fall . . . like most Leydenites, Phyllis will never forget the Pageant . . . there was nothing as enjoyable as physics with Mr. South worth. L. G. L.; Tri-Hi-Y; N. H. $.; Debate; Annual; Leaders' Group; A Cappella. Mite but mighty would best describe one of our most prominent athletes . . . basketball, baseball, and football rate high . . . loyal member of "L Club" . . . enjoyed the movie "Globe Trotters" . . . stands to reason. Football; Basketball; Baseball; "L" Club. ROBERT FORREST "Bob" Talks with a southern accent . . . likes to sleep in his spare time . . . enjoys football, baseball, and playing the saxophone ... his pet peeve is girl smokers . . . plans to join the Coast Guard. EDWARD FRICOT "Ed" One of Leyden's shy guys . . . enjoys traveling . . . thinks all his teachers are tops . . . likes sports of all sorts . . . can sleep or eat at any time . . . has kept us in the dark about his future plans. SHERRY GABLIN "Sher" One of Leyden's cutest sports fans . . . when she isn't watching a game, she is watching T. V. with her favorite athlete . . . "Sher" is known for her long hair and happy-go-lucky attitude headed towards office work. L. G. L.; Annual; Pep Club; Jr. Play; Pageant. DENISE GANSHIRT "De" A cute Leydenite well liked by all . . . goes for all sports . . . the prom—what a memory . . . wa . kept busy at the football games as head twirler . . . finds Hamburger Willies interesting. Baton Twirling,- Band- L. G. L..-Pep Club. 106VERNA GARTEN Quiet but nice . . . likes boys that are strictly gentlemen . . . the record "Blue Tango" and arts and crafts are favorites . . . laughs at "I Love Lucy" . . . loud and noisy girls don't score with Verna . . . will begin to work after graduation. L. G. L.; Monitor. WILLIAM GERSCH "Bill" A tall dark-haired guy with a witty personality . . . dark-haired gals with lots of pep are Bill's ideal . . . this hard working fella likes to eat and sleep . . . busses are his pet peeve. SANDRA GOSS "Sandy" "Sandy's" left hand boasts a sparkler from Bob . . . fried chicken sets her appetite aglow . . . transfer from Quincy . . . can't tolerate girls smoking in public . . . Christmas Pageant and Mr. Mannos will long be remembered. I G. L.; Student Council; Pep Club; Pageant. BURTON GREENE "Burt" To clasp that lovely diploma is his top ambition . . . prefers nonsmoking girls . . . sets million dollar goal for early age . . . back resting is Burt's favorite pastime. DONALD GRONWALD "Don" First college and then to become rich are Don's future plans . . . believes that radio is gone forever ... a transfer from Lane Tech . . . enjoys pork chops and girls like Liz Taylor . . . likes to loaf in spare time. Monitor; Baseball. BERT GATHERCOAL "Sebastian" The U. S. Navy seems to be Bert's future plans — enjoys physics with Mr. Southworth— works with radio and T. V. in his spare time . . . pizza tastes good anytime . . . freshmen are his pet peeve. A Cappella. PATRICIA GILL "Tesha" Dancing at the Edgewood is her delight . . . plans to work and see the world . . . never tires of Italian food . . . stays clear of giggly girls ... can often be found at O'Hare Field N. C. O. Club . . . likes her men of Latin descent. DOLORES GREEN "Do" Tall and cute . . . personality plus . . . likes clothing class . . . plans to be a seamstress . . . will remember the Washington Trip . . . likes to bowl in spare time . . . cracking of gum is Inexcusable. L. G. L.; Student Council; Pep Club; Monitor. JACK GRIENKE Has a rugged build ... is constantly talking sports ... a hard-hitting football man . . . plans to go to college if the service doesn't get him first . . . Jack dislikes to see girls smoking. Monitor; "L" Club; Football; Basketball; Wrestling; Track. BARBARA HACKEMER "Bobbie" Barb works busily at Wards when she isn't out with that cer tain one . . . planning on marriage and then a family . . . Homecoming in her freshman year brings back memories . . . doesn't relish girls who think they ore "it." 107BETTY HADDEN Betty thinks smiles are worth while . . . cuts late-comers from her list . . . her pizza appetite is no secret . . . admires politeness in guys . . . will give the business world a whirl. L. G. L. SHIRLEY HALABRIN "Shirl" One of our most serious senior gals . . . sells pop-corn at the Rose . . . likes to watch TV with a tall, dark-haired guy . . . orginally from Austin ... is peeved by conceited girls. Monitor; Office Help. PHYLLIS HAMMERGREN "Phyl" Dependable gal with a yen for the tennis court . . . dreams of college . . . has a lot to tell about Washington trip . . . two-faced people are taboo in her book. L. G. L.; G. A. A.; Annual; Hi Lites; Monitor; Debate; A Cappel-la Choir. JACQUELINE HARTSEL "Jackie" Went to Steinmetz; then returned to her old Alma Mater . . . belongs to the roller-skating club at the Hub . . . likes disc jockey programs . . . wears a ring, ready and waiting to take the big step. Pep Club. SHIRLEY HEIDEN "Shirl" Plans to work until she finds the right man . . . detests girls in levis . . . another "I Love Lucy" fan . . . mouth waters at the thought of fried chicken . . . the Patio is Shirl's favorite hangout . . . idolizes Eddie Fisher. L. G. L.; Attendance Office Help. JACK HAJOSTEK "Jackson" A Leydenite with a yen for shrimp cocktail and Jane Russell . . . had a wonderful time at the 1951 snake dance, wonder why? . . . thinks tropical fish make nice pets ... a future college man. Annual; Boys' Club, Audio Visual; Camera Club. GEORGE HALL "Skip" Cars, cars, and more cars are Skip's main interests . . . always ready to flash his big smile . . . plans to go into the garage business . . . likes to sit through a Martin and Lewis movie with a short dark-haired gal . . . enjoys a fast game of baseball. Cheerleading; Band. WILLIAM HANEY "Bill" College is Bill's plan for the future . . . likes to go out with the boys . . . enjoys chicken with best pal Vic . . . originator of the Polar Bear Club . . . dislikes girl smokers. Football; Baseball; Track; Cross Country; "L" Club; Hi-Y; Boys' Club. ROBERT HEALEY "Bob" A hunting and swimming enthusiast . . . likes to fool around when not working at Reproduction Products . . . would like to go out with a 5'4" brunette for a Bar-B-Q . . . likes a lot of guys Bob thinks machine shop with Mr. Murray was tops. ALICE HEINING "Al" Belongs to the Why Association . . . bowling is right up her alley . . . misses Mr. Lambert . . . plans include traveling and finding a tall, handsome man . . . gum crackers peeve her and Eddie Fisher sends her. L. G. L.; Pep Club; Monitor,-Lib. Help. 108 LEONARD HEY "Un" JOSEPH HERMAN "Joe" A guy with the ability to talk his way out of anything . . . loaded with wit and full of fun . . . favors a red-headed gal . . . doesn't like to be bothered with details ... is undecided about the future. Student Council; Monitor; Football; Basketball; Cross Country. KARL HIEBER "Gabby" Cupid hit him on Valentine's Day . . . gave his one and only a diamond . . . plans to enter a school of Pharmacy . . . National Honor Society initiation was a very memorable event. N. H. S.; Hi Lites, Editor; Student Council; Leaders' Group; Monitor; Band; Pageant; Hi-Y; Camera Club; Cross County-Track. DOROTHY HOLLY "Dot" Don't be fooled by this gal's size, she's a bundle of energy that likes to giggle . . . Dot is a sharp dresser, a fast talker and has a way with teachers . . . a future stenographer. L. G. L.; Annual; Hi Lites,- Pep Club,- Office Help. JAMES HOWERY "Jim" A lover of greenbacks but not of work . . . prefers happy-go-lucky people . . . hopes to land in college . . . never tires of roast beef . . . appreciates his women with model qualifications. ROSEMARY IVERSON "Rose" This sharp blonde can be found at Grand Castle . . . queen of the Turnabout . . . transfer student from Tuley . . . pizza and the movie, "Knock On Any Door" are tops with Rose ... a member of Delta Vetas. L. G. L.,- Pageant. Tall, sharp, and athletic describes Len, otherwise known as Big Nel . . . well liked by everyone for his friendly personality . . . headed for college. N. H. S.; Trees. Leaders' Group,-Lieutenant Band; Pagoant; "L" Club; Boys' Club; Basketball; Cross Country; Vice Pres. Soph. Class,- Tennis,- Golf. MARILYNN HILL "Mar" A cute blond with a sparkle in her eye . . . she laughs so hard she cries . . . enjoys dancing. Perry Como, Mr. Mannos, and a guy with a nice personality . . . Leyden's loss is De Kalb's gain. L. G. L.,- G. A. A.,- Annual; Hi Lites,- Student Council; Leaders' Group; Pep Club,- Treas. A Cap-pella,- Pageant. JoANNE HORNER "Josie" A tall, dark-haired gal who hails from West Virginia . . . possesses a cute way of talking . . . home management was her favorite class ... in the future Josie will don a white cap and then get married . . . holds Betty Hutton as her ideal. L. G. L. CAROL ITTER "If" A short gal with pretty blonde hair ... a member of "Phi Kappa Gamma" . . . enjoys football, basketball and Les Paul records . . . will remember the Washington Trip . . . plans for the future are uncertain. L. G. L.; Pep Club. DANIEL JARKA "Dan" Always ready with an answer and a smile . . . gets along well with the girls ... his ideal date is a girl that's lots of fun . . . bums around when he isn't working ... a future painter and decorator. Jr. Class Vice Pres.; Student Council; Leaders' Group; Pep Club,- Monitor.- Football; Track. 109"Ar" MAIJA JEKABSON This sweet little gal anxiously awaits college . . . doesn't believe smoking becomes girls . . . her spare time is taken up with a good book or the piano . . . Latin and Mr. Henne are tops . . . success will not be difficult for Maija. EDWIN JOHNSON "Ed" Big Ed is tops with all the guys . . . another member of the Polar Bear Club . . . girl smokers get him down . . . looking forward to college doys . . . enjoys watching the fights and a juicy steak afterwards. A Cappello; "L" Club; Boys' Club. HELEN KAMINSKI "Len" Has the traveling bug . . . prizes considerate boy friends . . .wants nothing to do with showoffs . . . horseback riding and roller skating take up much of her spare time ... a future receptionist. L. G. L. SHIRLEY KELLEY "Kelly" Bubbling with pep, has a cheery "Hi" for all . . . she enjoys baseball, Italian spaghetti, reading and drawing . . . considers Mr. Lambert and Mr. Mannos her favorite teachers . . . will head for college in September. L. G. L.; V. P. Tri-Hi-Y; Annual; Pres. Hi-C. ELIZABETH KILLINGER "Liz" Friendliness is Liz's trademark . . . looked beautiful on the court . . . handled class money for four years . . . goes out with the girls . . . can be found at Tillman's . . . plans to include college. L. G. L.; G. A. A.,- Annual; Pep Club; Monitor; Tennis,- Class Treas. Four Yeo'S; Homecoming Court. ARLENE JOHNSON A pint size sharpy just loaded with energy . . . Homecoming Queen and Typical Leydenite of class . . . loves to dance, eat and cheer ... a future white collar girl. L. G. L.; G. A. A.; Thespians; V. P. and Sec. Orchesis,- Hi Lites. Student Council; Cheerleading Capt.; A Cappella,- N. H. S. MARION JOHNSON "Mouse" Short peppy brunette . . . dreams of a tall fellow with blue eyes . . . enjoys n brisk swim . . . works at the Owl Drive Inn. part-time . . . favorites include home management. Miss Maas, pizza, "Near You", and Doris Day. L. G. L.,- Attendance Office Help. JOHN KARALUS This tall good looking guy goes in for a fast game of tennis . . . remembers Choir with Mr. "T". . . . he's college bound . . . has an artistic touch with a brush . . . John needs no appetite pills. Student Council; A Cappella. ROBERT KELLS "Bob" Active in Northlake Teenage Club and Athletic Club . . . likes to bowl or play football when not working at Northlake Service Station . . . finds baseball interesting because of Andy Pafko . . . intends to get a good job until he hears from Uncle Sam. WAYNE KING Wayne paints himself the luxurious life of a millionaire . . . favors friendly people who are not conceited . . . would travel far for good food . . . thinks smoking girls loose their femininity. noJEANNE KIRK RONALD KISS "Mousey" Gal with a yen for chorus and Mr. Tkach . . . will remember freshmen initiation at St. Augustine High School . . . pet peeve —girls who smoke . . . has kept us in dark about future . . has fun saying, "You can be replaced." RODERICK KOBESKO "Rody" Spends his spare time building aircraft models, playing the accordion, baseball and basketball . . . mum is the word on the girl situation . . . people like Mr. Murray make a big hit . . . plans to enlist in the Air Force. JOANNE KONCZAK "Jo" Has fond memories of biology with Mrs. Agger ... a Stewart Granger fan ... a future Florence Nightingale . . . her mouth waters at the thought of pizza . . . doesn't like white shoes on boys . . . favorite expression, "You Boob." L. G. L.,- Office Help. RICHARD KUDRNA "Rich" Quiet and nice . . . it's all hush-hush about future, pet peeve, and favorite food . . . considers a 5'4" sophomore an ideal date . . . draws a pay-check from Delta Star . . . enjoys doing nothing in spare time. GORDON LAING Quiet but nice . . . this swell guy enjoys watching the Comedy Hour on T. V. or going to a comedy movie . . . likes his dates to be a lot of fun . . . thinks chili can't be beat . . . Gordon's looking forward to college. N. H. S.; Student Council; Boys' Club; Track; Cross Country. Another all-around sportsman . . . the State Cross Country Championship will always be his most memorable event . . . would like to invont a short cut for shaving . . . strings along with a darkhaired gal. "L" Club; Sr. Class V. P., Football; Basketball; Track; Cross Country. EMILY KOEHLER Inherited a low dreamy voice . . . the Washington Trip has a place in her treasure-chest of memories . . . likes to bowl, dance, and play the piano . . . munches food at Pinocchios. L. G. L.,- A Cappella. JOANNE KORDA "Jo" Noted for her happy-go-lucky personality . . . jealous people are on her black list ... a lively gal in any crowd ... a future white collar girl . . . has a strong attraction for athletes. L. G. L.; Annual; G. A. A.; Pep Club; Monitor,- Office Help; Pageant. CHARLES LAFIN "Chuck" Chuck, the printer, inks out all women drivers . . . howls at homework, but enjoys being out with the boys ... a personality babe gets a nod . . . car tinkering fills his idle moments. Diversified Occupation. SHIRLEY LAING "Shirl" Shirl has a cheerful smile and a sweet personality . . . thinks the Washington Trip was spectacular . . . will make someone a very good stenographer . . . can be seen cheering loudly at the games . . . has a flair for sewing. L. G. L. IllJAMES LAILY CLAUDINE LARS "Deenie" A whiz at American history . . . can make short work of almost any food . . . roading takes up much of his spare time . . . evenings with the guys are fun . . . doesn't appreciate sloppy girls. SUSANNE LARSEN "Susie" A cute gal with a friendly smile . . . would like to roast the ones that boast . . . has eyes peeled for college men . . . hopes winning personalities will cross her future paths. L. G. L.; Pep Club; Switchboard (Office). JAMES LaTURNO "Jim" Possesses looks and a physique that makes any girl glance twice . . . has been holding hands with the same girl for two years . . . soul owner of a wit and humor to keep the dullest audience laughing. Student Council; Monitor; "L" Club; Track. BERNARD LEDENBACH "Brian" This happy-go-lucky guy is the senior class joker . . . picks humorous gals . . . can make a meal on any kind of food . . . homework isn't a pleasant pastime for him. Audio Visual; Boys' Club. BARBARA LEWIN "Barb" Barb is headed toward the business world . . . bans loud, noisy people . . . it's common talk that she loves to eat but hates conceited people . . . likes her men tall and handsome. L. G. L. Tall, blond, and friendly makes Claudine a real sharp Leydenite . . . gels dreamy when dancing with a tall, curly haired guy . . . squirms at freshman color combinations . . . has a large collection of records . . . future —work. L. G. L.; Annual Stoff. MARION LARSON Blonde lovely . . . fried chicken tops off an evening out . . . cracking of gum is her pet peeve . . . transfer student from Evanston . . . clerical practice will be remembered . . . future includes work and marriage. L. G. L.; Hi-C. KATHLEEN LAUDERBACK "Kitty" First a good job and then marriage are Kitty's future plans . . . has a great dislike for cliques and snobbish girls . . . the thought of the junior play always brings a smile to her face . . . frequents the Slop Shop. PHYLLIS LEMKE "Phil" A faithful fixture of Job's Daughters . . . two-faced people are shunned by this ice-skating enthusiast ... if you are sociable this future secretary will take your dictation . . . cherished memories of the Washington Trip. L. G. L.; Tri-Hi-Y; Pageant. LOIS LINK "Lo" One of the lucky seven on the Homecoming Court . . . catty people will be avoided . . . lucky is the college that lands her . . . admires all teachers. L. G. L. Treas.,- N. H. S. Pres.; Hi Lites Ed.,- A Cappella Pres.; Pageant. 112PHILIP LOCASHIO "Phil" PAUL LUCCHESI Speedy Phil has a great interest in cross country . . . would run a mile for a piece of fried chicken . . . math and physics rate high but not when compared to T. V. sport programs. N. H. S., V. P.; "L" Club; Boys' Club; Wrestling,- Cross Country. JACK LUDVIKSEN If you want to see a sparkle in Jack's eye, just mention baseball, or that certain 5'2" freshman . . . laughs at Red Skeleton . . . collects a check from Chicago Hardware . . . isn't looking forward to work after graduation. "L" Club; Boys' Club; Baseball. DONALD LYNN "Don'' Eats anything that isn't alive . . . plans to open the college doors . . . quiet type but can sneak on a fast, warm smile . . . he's quiet on the girl question. Monitor; Plays; Pageant. VIRGINIA MARSZALEK "Virgee" Belongs to the Hawks . . . can find her loafing at Rickey's Pizza Place . . . always ready to laugh . appreciates good fried chicken, Vic Damone, and Red Skelton. L. G. L.; G. A. A.; Hi Lites; A Coppella,- Tennis. MAUREEN McGEE "Mo" College life appeals to Mo . . . this senior smoothie can always find time for dancing or bowling . . . gum crackers are her annoyance . . . lobster tastes good when with a dark blue eyed someone ... a former Alvernia High gal. Pep Club; Monitor; Tri-Hi-Y; L. G. L. Quiet until you know him . . . roller skates and loafs when there isn't anything better to do . . . will long remember this year's Pageant . . . likes to listen to Jane Froman records while dancing with a brunette . . . will start office work in June. Pageant. ROBERT LUETH "Bob" Bob, a future baseball hero, strikes out girls who wear too much make-up . . . has his blue eyes on college life . . . fried chicken is tops . . . has great times going out with the boys . . . will miss all his teachers. Pageant; "L" Club; Baseball. JAMES MARKESE "J|m" Jim likes anything that's musical . . . hopes college plans will hatch . . . goes for chicken and the Har-monicats "Peg of My Heart" . . . admires Mr. Southworth . . . enjoys baseball and basketball. Student Council; A Cappella; Football. MARGARET McCULLOUGH "Margie" Voted as Leyden's "Most Shy" . . . soft spot in her heart for the band . . . finds tennis enjoyable . . . making first band was a big thrill . . . dislikes girl's smok-ing. L. G. L.; Band. JOHN McGILL John, a transfer student from St. Pot's, is the outdoor kind whose main interest is hunting ... he has part-time job at Zenith . . . sloppy girls peeve him . . . future is undecided. 113RICHARD MEYER LUCILLE MIETUS "Rich" Quiet but friendl must be his motto . . . working on his car in his spare time later developed into his ambition of being a car mechanic . . . Mr. Southworth rates his friendship . . . doesn't have any trouble eating spaghetti. A Cappella; Pageant. LOIS MILNES "Midget" A cute gal with a sweet disposition . . . her plans for the future center around matrimony and she wears a ring to prove it . . . enjoys roller skating especially when at the Hub . . . still remembers seeing her first Homecoming. L. G. L.; Monitor. MARVIN MOELLER "Marv" Baseball—that's Marv's main interest . . . remembers back to his first Varsity game ... is shy but not when he's with that browneyed sophomore . . . likes to feast on chicken while listening to Les Paul's records. ... is puzzled over future plans. "I" Club; Baseball. RICHARD MORK "Dick" Dick's love is diamond activity . . . yearns to become an outstanding player . . . when it comes to sharp dressers this guy's a knock-out . . . he's been walking Leyden's halls with the same gal for two and a half years. "L" Club; Baseball; Pageant; Plays. SHARON MUELLER "Sherry" A four year member of our cheerleading squad . . . plans to be a gym teacher after attending De Kalb . . . dances like a professional . . . sang a solo in our Christmas Pageant. L. G. L.; Orchesis Trees.; Leaders' Group; Cheerleuding; A Cappella. "Bibsy" Every ounce energy . . . gathers audiences with her be-bop style . . . likes her fans to be able to take a joke . . . has her eyes peeled for dark, brown-eyed fellows . . . likes the freshmen to look up to the seniors. L. G. L. RICHARD MIRO "Rich" Blonde hair, a shy smile, and lots of personality describes Rich . . . a short blonde and baseball rank high with him . . . will remember the Junior Prom . . . wants to be a petroleum geologist. Leaders' Group; Jr. Play; Pageant; "L" Club; Boys' Club; Baseball Mgr.; Basketball; Wrestling; Jr. Class Pres. JOHN MONEGATO "Big John" Thinks peroxide blondes are washouts . . . another fellow Soreng's worker ... a short gal who is lots of fun can help eat his fried chicken and pizza . . . plans to be a future clothing salesman. Cheerleading; Monitor; "What's Up"; Pageant; Boys' Club. LEONARD MOTYKIEWICZ "Zeke" Bowling strikes his fancy . . . Len likes his girls laughing and sharply dressed . . . fried chicken and fries disappear fast . . . ignores smoking girls . . . another future serviceman. Monitor; Pageant; Hi-Y; Boys' Club. JAMES MURAWSKA "Moose" Plays a mean game of football, is a sharp dresser and a dependable leader . . . plans to become a biology teacher ... ignores a smoking girl. Leaders' Group; Monitor; Pageant; "L" Club; Boys' Club Treasurer,- Football; Capt. Wrestling,-Track; Student Council; Senior Class Pres. 114ARTHUR NARDIELLO DANIEL NETZEL "Don" "Art" A transfer from West Rockford whom Leyden seemed to take to . . . plans to be a printer . . . respects a modest girl with good intentions . . . thinks that girls who smoke ore "boneheads" . . . participates in sports. Baseball. ROBERT NETZEL "Bob" A friendly guy with a knack for playing the drums . . . spent senior year working as a D. O. tool and die maker ... a fan of Red Skelton . . . thinks baseball and football are great sports . . . will long remember his machine shop class. Band. GERALD NEUZIL Spare time is bowling time . . . can't take girls who talk too much . . . enjoys being with the fellas . . . has fond memories of the junior play . . . the kind of guy girls would like to see more of. Tennis; Jr. Play, Baseball. DANIEL NONA "Danny" Hopes he has the right prescription for success when he enters the pharmacy field . . . dreams of meeting friendly girls on the college campus ... his sense of humor wows all. N. H. S.; "L" Club Sec.; Boys Club; Mgr. Football; Basketball; Pageant; Monitor; Student Council; Hi-Y. LORRAINE O'DAY "Lor" One of the few people who smile all the time . . . possesses a friendly personality ... a transfer from Foreman High proved an osset to Leyden . . . Vice President of L. G. L. V P , I G. I.; Hi Lites; Jr. Play. Future top notch scientist . , . Dan doesn't admire feminine smokers or levls at any time . . . headed toward college where he will study to be a nuclear chemist . . . has a taste for chicken. N. H. S.; "L" Club; Football; Track. HELENE NEU "Stinkie" A cute little blonde who likes bookkeeping and Mr. Mohrhusen . . . plays croquet, tennis, and baseboll . . . remembers the pageant . . . plans for the future —business college and weddinq bells. L. G. L.; Office Help. JOANNE NIELSEN "j0" Her shy personality, pleasing smile, and red-hair leave a lasting impression on you . . . has kept the senior class notes for two years . . . Joanne plans to go into the business world and then marry her certain someone N. H. S.; L. G. L.; G. A. A.; A Capella. JAMES NOVICH "jim" Hard-working fellow headed for the Coast Guard Intelligence if not at the "Y" or Skipp s, can usually be found tinkering with his car . . . unsociable girls peeve him . . . has pet elephant mice to play with. Annual; Student Council; Monitor,- Band; Boys' Club; Wrestling. MARY O'DONNELL "Cookie" Never tires of dancing, traveling or eating steak . . . can't tolerate insincere people . . . awaits to display her typing skills in an office . . . hails from Lake View High . . . likes her men toll with sandy hair. Hi Lites; Office Help,- Pageant; Tri-Hi-Y; Monitor,- G. A. A. 115JOHN O'DOWD "Senator" Future president—yes, that's John . . . lives and breathes Student Council . . . college bound . . . top notch leader . . . relaxes while swimming. Thespians; Student Council Pres.; Leaders Group; Monitor; Pageant; Hi-Y; Boys' Club; Audio Visual Aid; N. H. S. ARLENE OKTAWINSKI "Ar" Ar's pizza menu keeps her well fed . . . has no time for girls who hang on street corners and smoke ... a good job and later marriage is hor goal . . . being queen of the turnabout was a memorable event. MERLE OLSON Demon with a paint brush . . . enjoys toll talkative blondes . . . self-centered boys annoyed her . . . plans to be a receptionist . . . spends spare time knitting . . . likes her shrimp . . . will never forget Mr. Kuns. L. G. L.; Chairman Scrap Book Comm.; Monitor; Office Help. ALAN OSMUNDSON "Ozzie" An ardent fan of Jack Gleason . . . works at Master Die Molds after school . . . undecided about future . . . but might go to college . . . goes for a 5'2" blonde with blue eyes . . . has a talont for the piano. NANCY PANEK "None" A strictly fun-loving member of the Jades . . . doesn't appreciate unco-operative people . . . always seen with Dot . . . will long remember the Washington Trip . . . notices guys with loads of muscles .. . looking ahead to stay in the Waves. 116 RENEE OHLHABER Look for a gal with a winning smile and you'll find Renee . . . seeks friendly people, not pretenders . . . finds eating a pleasure, especially when with the girls . . . plans to marry a millionaire. L. G. L. WALTER OLSEN "Wally" A real huntsman ... a date with a 5'2" brunette would be fun but to top off the evening fried chicken would be splendid . . . works at Reproduction Products . . . far away places are beckoning .. . can't stand stuck-up people. MARTHA ORLANDO "Marty" Considers going down to the corner store with the kids a spare time sport . . . adores Glen Ford . . . Miss Brooks, pizza, and typing are tops . . . would like to relive Freshman Day . . . dislikes waiting for someone who is late. L. G. L. JOHN PALADE Would droft all women smokers . . . always looks to the sunny side of life . . . his smile is reolly a credit to any toothpaste ad . . . outstanding mat man. Annual; Monitor; Plays,- Pageant; "L" Club; Hi-Y; Wrestling; Baseball; Cross Country. DOLORES PARDI Don't try gum cracking stunts when De is around . . . she'll bowl you over . . . she's a consumer of tasty food . . . dances away from late appointment keepers. L. G. L.EDWARD PASKO "Ed" CLYDE PASVOGEL "Red" Feel at home on the stage . . . enjoys making people laugh . . . mom's cooking is unsurpassed . . . a cute blonde rotes high . . . idle talk bores him. "What's Up"; Ploys; Boys' Club. A tall blonde with a liking for pizza ond blond girls that are a lot of fun . . . recoils the Prom his sophomore year . . . Bill can be seen ot Farver's with the boys . . . another Leydenite planning on the service in the near future. MARY POSS Mar' Pert blonde with a sweet smile . . . will never forget the Christmas Pageant . . . one of Leyden's future secretaries . . . likes a person with a personality . . . goes for hamburgers and french fries in a big way . . . throws a mean bowling ball. I. G. I. SAM PRIOLA A future cabinet maker . . . another Leydenite who will never forget his senior year . . . goes crazy over pizza . . . spends quite a bit of time at the Hub . . . enjoys a good game of football or basketball. Audio Visual. EDWARD PAUL "Ed" A real fast guy especially when running for Cross Country . . . will remember going down state with the team . . . captain of the bund who proved his ability by playing the accordion, sax and clarinet . . . future college. Copt. Band; "I" Club; V. P. Boys' Club; Capt. Cross Country. WILLIAM PHILLIPS "Bill" Hot with the trumpet . . . Red's looking forward to college days . . . can live without homework but not without steaks . . . closes the door to tough girls ... a cute dark-haired freshman is appealing. Band; Cross Country; Wrestling,- Golf; Pageant; Hi Y. BETTY PETERMAN "Pete" Cute Leydenite formerly from Wisconsin . . . nothing quite as good as chocolate cake . . . people who are always late peeve her . . . thinks English and Miss Brooks are tops . . . one of Mrs. Spiecker's future secretaries. KAY PORTER Girl with a smile . . . spends spare time writing letters . . . transferred from Amundsen and Calumet . . . "You make me so mad" is her favorite expression . . . ideal date—brown curly hair, brown-eyes, and personality plus ... a future receptionist. L. G. L.; Hi-C. WILLIAM POWELL "Bill" This friendly guy thinks girls can he active nnd still refrain from being rowdies . . . sleeping is one of his accomplishments . . . has no patience waiting for people . . . his ambition is to qraduote. Boys' Club. DAVID PROPER "Goose" An important member of Leyden's mighty basketball team . . . shy around girls, but idolizes Esther Williams . . . when Dave isn't playing basketball he likes to go fishing . . . ambition to be a tool and die maker. "L" Club; Basketball; Cross Country; Track. 117CAROLE REDER ANITA REINOSO Pee Wee golf fiend . . . still remembers freshmon year . . . likes the idea of being a private secretary . . . fried chicken and cheeseburgers are tops with her . . . likes her men tall with dark hair . . . says "Come on" to any doubtful friend. L. G. L.; Switchboard. RICHARD REYNOLDS "Big Dick" A cool member of the Polar Bear Club . . . contributes his style to football, basketball, and track . . . been whistling at the same girl for four years ... a soul member of the friendlier set. Monitor; Pageant; "L" Club: Boys' Club; Track; Football; Basketball. VICTOR ROUCKA "Vic" Aiwa vs ready with a witty remark . . . one-holf of the team of Roucka and Haney . . . likes to travel . . . will remember the good times he had on the Washington Trip . . . hasn't decided on his future. Student Council; Pep Club; Monitor; Football. ROBERT RUBINO "Bob" A winning smile adds to his personality plus . . . one of the rugged eleven on our football team . . . remembers being captain of the Blue Island game . . . his heart belongs to the Irish. Student Council; Monitor; "L" Club; Football; Basketball; Track; Pageant. MARVELL RYBRANDT "Marv" A cute blonde home management fan . . . simply adores Bar-B-Q's and french fries . . . considers playing records a favorite pastime . . dislikes cracking of knuckles . . . enjoys a good foot-boll gome. L. G. L.,- Office Help; Cafe Help. 118 A mighty busy gal . . . thoroughly enjoys dancing . . . one of Leyden's future career girls. L. G. L.; N. H. S.; Thespians, Treas.,- Orchesis Pres.,- Hi Lites, Student Council Treas.; Leaders Group; Pageant; Pan American Advisory Committee. THELMA ROUCKA "Poodle" Possesses the shortest haircut in school . . . Washington Trip will always bring on a happy smile ... an ardent fan of Leyden's sport games . . . always has a lot to say . . . ono of Tillman crowd. L. G. L.; Hi Lites; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Orchestra,- Jr. Play. PATRICIA ROZE "Pot" College is the next step upward for this sharp dressed senior . . . an angel in the Pageant . . . likes to talk of the good times in Washington . . . Pat enjoys telling jokes while sipping cokes at Tillmans. L. G. L.; G. A. A.; Annual; Hi Lites; Pep Club; Pageant; Office Help. RONALD RUCHALSKI "Ron" Hails from Lane Tech . . . future plans are college and then the Navy . . . plays golf or goes out with the girls in spare time . . . a real sports enthusiast. Basketball; Football. CONRAD RYBERG "Conkie" Thinks Marilyn Monroe would fulfill anyone's dreams ... his sports obility was a great credit to Leyden . . . this T. V. addict confesses he's a slave to his Ford . . . .welcomes the company of an easy-going crowd. Student Council; Monitor; "L" Club; Hi-Y; Basketball; Football; Track.RAYMOND RYERSON "Roy'' RICHARD SANTOYO "Rich On© of our tumbling experts . . . likes Mr. Von Eber's style . . . Lone Tech's loss was Leyden's gain . . . has o way with the women . . . would like to be a second Rockefeller. THELMA SCHALKOWSKI "Thelm" A gal with lots of looks ... a sharp dresser . . . loves to eat especially if it's pizza Washington Trip and her first prom ore tops for memories . . . future includes a career in nursing. L. G. L.; Annual; Hi Lites,- Pop Club; Monitor; Jr. Play; Pageant; Office Help. CHARLES SCHIFERL "Chuck" Brunettes brighten Chuck's life . . . smoking girls make it gloomy . . . favorite food is chicken . . . Mrs. Tripp and basketball are tops . . . has fond memories of Washington. Monitor Capt.; Pageant; Student Council; "L" Club; Boys' Club. HERBERT SCHNEIDERWIND "Herb" This college bound fellow enjoys working around the house . . . short auburn-haired gals fit the bill ... a former Lane Tech guy . . . architectural drafting is his pattern for relaxation . . . thrives on fried chicken. ELAINE SCHULZE "E" The Rose Theater candy girl . . . will work for a few years and then? ... "I Went to Your Wedding" is a favorite tune . . .curfews ond conceited people annoy her ... an ideal date must have a pleasing personality. Office Help; Cafe Help; L. G. L. Next to devouring chicken. Rich prefers baseball . . .has a fancy for machine shop and Mr. Murray . . . thinks women drivers should be deported . . . easy-going blondes and easy-marking teach er$ get his undivided attention. BARBARA SCHETTLE "Barb" Spent earlier days at Oak Park High . . . quiet about future . . . happiest when eating fried chicken .. . finds pleasure in saying "George" . . . will think of core and smile . . . quite a horseback rider. G A A; I G. L.; Hi-C. AGNES SCHILTKAMP ' Aggie" Aggie donates spare time to bowling . . . roller skating and pizza consumption seem to occupy much of this dancing fan's time . . . gum crackers shall go else where . . . boys with dork hair and blue eyes interest her. L. G. L.; Monitor. LOUIS SCHNEIDERWIND "Lou" A short brown-eyed gal catches Lou's eye . . . food triumphs over all . . . plans to own a hardware store in the near future . . . enjoys playing his trumpet and most sports ... T. V. is his favorite pastime . . . transfer from Schurz. ARLENE SELVIK "Ar" Beautiful long hair . . . spends spare time doing nothing . . . all men are her ideals . . .loves to splash around in a swimming pool . . . dreams of shrimp . , . formerly from Kelvyn Park High . . . people who don't answer when spoken to annoy her. L. G. L.; Orchesis; Pep Club; Monitor; Debate,- Office Help. 119BARBARA SHANKS "Barb" A future Wave with a knack for the piano . . . thinks of pizza after an evening of fun . . . teaches piano in spare time . . .cliques are her pet peeve . . . plays a good hard game of basketball. L. G. L; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; A Cappella. ROBERTA SMYTH "Bobbie" An under-classman at Lake View High School . . . plans on office work then a trip down that certain aisle . . . can be found at Skippy's anytime . . . gets a thrill from school games. A Cappella. ELEANOR SOCHA "El" El turns thumbs down on hoody girls . . . Proviso transfer ... a career comes first . . . will share her hamburger and fries with a tall blonde . . . enjoys cutting figure eights, and Miss Maas' food classes. Monitor; Office Help. JOYCE SOMMER "Joy" Joy says pizza can't be beat . . . awaits college doys . . . ignores conceited boys . . . swimming club gets lots of attention . . . roller skating is her fad . . . this sport fan admires tall athletes. L. G. L.; Monitor Copt. RICHARD STEINEKE "Rich" Happy-go-lucky Rich likes quiet blonde gals who refrain from wearing levis . . . feasts on pizza and Italian spaghetti . . . loafing is a popular spare time habit ... a smoothie when it comes to dancing . . . enjoys sports and girls like Corrine Co I vet. Baseball; Drama. ARLENE SIEBOLD "Ar" A sweet gal who overflows with pep . . . this senior lovely likes her guys tall and talkative . . . "Ar" idolizes her Mom and Dad . . has fond memories of Washington and California . . . plans —college L. G. L.; G. A. A.; N. H. S.; Sec. Orchesis; Ed. Annual; Hi Lites.-Pep Club, A Cappella; Jr. Play; Pageant. MARYLOU SNYDER "Babe" One of our high-stepping majorettes . . . our representative to Girl's State . . . can mix with ony crowd . . . always loads of fun to be with. Ed. Hi Lites; G. A. A.; Tri-Hi-Y; Thespians; Pep Club; Baton Twirl-er; Pan American. ROY SOLLER Movie talkers can never share Roy's fried chickon . . . happiest when fixing his car . . . has no trouble sleeping or eating steaks . . . transfer from Lane Tech . . . football and basketball rate high . . . plans for the future are undecided. KENNETH SPOO "Ken" We will always remember his portrayal of Gabriel in the Pageant . . . Ken can truthfully say Loydon gave him four memorable years . . . has a distaste for women shoppers . . . one of our ribbon winning track men. Leaders' Group; Pageant; "I" Club; Track; Football. SHERRY STEVENS "Jeep" A Leydenite who stops talking only long enough to eat . . . transfer from Unity High ... a future white cap girl . . member of Delta Tern Tee . . . likes to keep her men on a string. L. G. L.; Thespians; Orchesis. 120JOAN STOUT ATHALEA STOVER "Joan" "Jo" Music and Mr. Tkach rate high . . . a gal who will be a big success in anything she tackles . . . dislikes wishy-washy people . . . likes her men tall, quiet, and interesting. L. G. L.; N. H. S.; Thespians; Orchesis; Debate; A Cappella; Pageant. JOHN STREBEL This hard working fella seems to run out of spare time . . . food in general tastes good ... a swell guy with an easy going personality . . . hates to see girls smoking . . . will continue working after graudation. DONALD STURM "Don" This friendly chap would liko to invent a leaning post for tired people . . . Lane Tech's loss, Leyden's gain . . . never tires of sleeping and food . . . always enjoys a good football game . . . future plans include work, and more work. FRANCES SWAILES "Fran" Happy-go-lucky is Fran's motto . . . the competent secretary who lavishes money on fried chicken . . . Freshman mixer brings back fond memories . . . Dale Robertson and softball are tops . . . admires athletic boys. L. G. L. DIANE SWANSON "Di" Diane has won many friends with her winning smile . . . always willing to go out with the girls for pizza . . . added her charms to the Homecoming Court . . . can usually be found munching fries at Tillmans. L. G. L.; G. A. A.; Annual; Student Council; Soph. Cheerleader; Monitor; Pageant; Office Help; Homecoming Court. Writing letters takes up much of Jody's spare time . . . Southern blondes with crew cuts make a hit with her . . . gals who shun the peroxide bottle can be friends . . . transfer from Johnston High . . . future includes marriage and work. JEANNINE STREU Jeannine is one of Leyden's shy beauties . . . donates all her time to a certain blonde . . . ono of Mrs. Spiecker.'s shorthand demons . . . remembers the Junior Prom . . . looking forward to entering the business world. L. G. L.; Hi Lites; Pep Club; Pageant; Audio Visual Sec.; Office Help. DOROTHY SUMMERS "Dee" Thinks the Washington Trip was quite an adventure . . . never separates from Nancy . . . appreciates Ford convertibles as her taxi . . . relaxes at the Grand Castle with the rest of the Jades. JUNE SWAILES June will take a whirl at commercial art . . . finds splashing in a pool and roller skating cool . . . fun loving folks, who avoid conceit, can share her fried chicken . . u tall someone, who's a good dancer, rates high. L. G. L.; Monitor. JOHN SZWAJKART It's a college degree for John . . . enjoys photography and Bar-B-Que spare ribs . . . will remember physics and Mr. South-worth . . . model railroads attract him . . . admires poople who make good use of their abilities. Debate,- Audio Visual. 121ALICE TERPSTRA "Al" THOMAS TERRANOVA "Tom' Queen of the L. G. L. Christmas party in sophomore year . . . going to invade the business world as a private secretary . . . o roller skating whiz at the Hub . . . can't take stuck-up people . . . a member of the Diablos. L. G. L. RICHARD THOMPSON "Rich" Turkey brightens Rich's life; girls in levis make it gloomy . . . goes for football, basketball and Jackie Gleason . . . will work at Peterson Oven as a draftsman after graduation. CATHERINE URBAN "Cathy" A plain old hot dog will satisfy her tummy ... a transfer from Proviso . . . reigned as our Snowball queen . . . never a harsh word for her Leydenite friends. Hi Lites; Student Council; Office Help. MARK VOGEL "Varsity" Varsity's feed is hamburgers . . . a quiet girl may share his fortunes . . . football is tops for memories . . . holds Lou Thez as his ideol . . . arts and crafts with Mr. Hanson is tops . . . spends spare time in his favorite hangout, the Pal. SNOBIA WARD "Sno" Hails from blue grass country, Wallins High School . . . "Number Please" will soon be her most used expression . . . has fond memories of her junior prom . . . dreams of a 5'9" blonde . . . her typing class was most interesting. Heading for California oftor graduation . . . can never forget seeing his first football game . . . goes for Red Skelton and Martin and Lewis in a big way . . . took a liking to Mr. Turnbull and his chemistry class. Monitor. LORRAINE TRIPOLI "Lorry" Another lucky senior that's heading toward the altar . . . planning an October wedding . . . long brown hair is one of her greatest assets . . . dislikes selfish people . . . talented with the accordion and saxophone. L. G. L.; Student Council; Monitor,- Band. GLADYS VESELY "Glady" Came to us from York High; left us for Wisconsin . . . drapes and gabby girls peeve her . . . going to follow Florence Nightingale's footsteps . . . thinks Skippy's a good hangout . . . found English easy with Miss Stickle. JOHN WADSWORTH "Nhoj" One of our fighting football players . . . looks back on his freshman year and smiles . . . cliques don't click with John . . . is going to apply his talents to college. Pres, of Frosh-Soph Class,- N. H. S.; Hi Lites,- Leaders' Group; Monitor; Debate; "L" Club; Football; Track; Baseball. ELAINE WEHMER A gal with a bright future . . . personality plus . . .is dreaming of being a co-ed . . . thinks Miss Stickle is tops ... as president of Tri-Hi-Y she was kept hopping . . . plays the piano like a master. L. G. L.; Tri-Hi-Y Pres.,- Annual; Debate,- Hi-C. 122BETTY WEISENBORN Considers o night out with the girls exciting . . . plans to walk down that certain aisle . . . hamburgers, french fries, and home management are favorite . . . goes for baseball and basketball . . . the Turnabout is in her treasure chest of memories. RONALD WERNER "Ron" Ron is a smooth shooter when it comes to pool ... he is interested in locating a wealthy widow whose money he can spend . . . food in general goes down easy . . . finds sleeping a pleasant pastime. Audio Visual. GARY WILLIAMS A toll follow with n winning cmiln . . . gets along well with both the gu s and gals ... is shy but not when on the football field . . . can eat fried chicken for hours . . . future is undecided. Monitor,- Pageant; "L" Club; Hi-Y; Boys' Club; Football; Track; Basketball. THOMAS WINARD "Tom" A real rugged guy who was outstanding in football and baseball . . . shoots pool in leisure time . . . plans to don the navy blues . . . admires Mr. Murray . . . Tom says Homecoming will never be forgotten. Baseball, Track; Football; Monitor; Pageant; "L" Club; Boys' Club. DOLORES WISHER "Wish" This cute dark-haired gal is happy when she is dancing . . is pledged to Phi Kamma Gamma .. . Dolores doesn't like to be interrupted when she's talking . . . has a liking for pizza and Irish stew. L. G. L.; G. A. A.; Tri-Hi-Y; Orchesis; Hi Lites; Pep Club; Tumbling,- Cafe Help. JOSEPH WELFING "Joe" A «waII guy that has n knack for talking ... a bowling fiend . . . college and then the Air Force are Joe's present plans for the future . . . con think of nothing better than eating steak . . . will remember Mr. Henne and the Debate club. Student Council; Monitor; Debate. KENNETH WILKIN "Ken" Ken picks old age as his motto . . . has a horror of Sunday drivers . . . sees chicken even in his sleep . . . likes to gaze at pretty faces . . . smoking girls are out. GEORGE WILLIAMS Will make a quick exit from school ... his heart goes out to a gal with whom it's hard to pick an argument . . . big wheels can't share his favorite food. KENNETH WINBERG "Ken" Ken is the senior guy with thot extro something thdt really goes . . . possesses a huge appetite . . . calls everyone Sam . . . handles the ball well in any sport . . . likes to see his steady give him her special smile. "L" Club; Boys' Club; Monitors; Football; Basketball; Baseball. LAWRENCE WISNIEWSKI "Larry" Thinks women drivers are hazards . . . humorous girls are a good brand . . . Larry's ambitions ore too many to mention . . . money disappears when pizza appears 123LOUIS WOJNOWIAK "Lou" Comes to us from Schurz in Chicago . . . enjoys roller skating at the Hub . . . has taken a liking to red-heads . . . having someone mess his hair annoys Lou . . . thinks being a cabinet maker will be an interesting trade. MARVN YETSKY "Morv" Faithful follower of Jane Russell ... is aggravated by girls who think they'll look better as blondes . . . college shines through the crystal ... a born cor mechanic . . . Marv's an easygoing Leydenite who goes for chicken in a big way. Boys' Club. LAWRENCE WYSOCKI "Larry" A future draftsman who left us in January . . . this good-looking member of the Los Vinos keeps the name of his ideal date a secret . . . earned a salary at Chicago Hardware . . . came to Leyden from Lane Tech. MARLYN ZWOLANEK "Mar" Partial to redheads . . . plans to don a white cap . . . two-faced people upset her . . . one of the honored seven on the Homecoming Court ... a true member of the friendly set. L. G. L., Pres.; Student Council-Leaders' Group; A Cappella; Pageant; Orchesis; Play; N. H. S. Not Pictured BARRY COLBERT "Okie" Is forever talking about Oklahoma ... his quick smile and agreeable personality make him a lad everyone likes . . . will never forget his baseball days . . . plans to go into the car business. Boys' Club; "L" Club; Monitor; Plays; Hi-Y; Baseball. PAUL SPATA "Spagett" Likes his gals plain and beautiful with lots of personality . . . came to us from Austin High . . . girls who smoke and swear will never share his spaghetti and pizza . . . rides motorcycle in spare time. Football; Hi-C Club; Boys' Club. 124On June 11, 1953 the maroon and white-gowned seniors filed onto Dodge Field to the strains of "Pomp and Circumstance." Speeches and the acceptance of the class gift took place before a background of red and white peonies. The climax of the evening came when Mr. Steel presented the diplomas which completed their high school years. The seniors are now fully prepared to face the future and whatever it holds for each one of them. We wish every graduate the best of luck. r a cl u u t i o n'Nothing now is left, but a majestic memory. LongfellowFRANKLIN PARK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ILLINOIS BRICK CO. 10376 Franklin Avenue FRANKLIN PARK PUBLISHING COMPANY TILLMANS GRILL 9620 Franklin Avenue KILLINGER'S HARDWARE 9620 W. Grand Avenue DAVIS McCLURE ENGSTROMS BAKERY 9657 Franklin Avenue COMET INDUSTRIES 9865 Franklin Avenue DEBUS HARDWARE STORE 9654 Franklin Avenue FRANKLIN PARK SHOE STORE 9651 Franklin Avenue GRISWOLD JEWELERS 9659 Franklin Avenue FRANKLIN FLORIST 9718 Franklin Avenue KLAUCK'S 5(f 10 9709 Franklin Avenue DR. CHAPMAN 9541 Addison DR. MENOCHOF 9541 Addison GRAY'S DRUG STORE 61 E. North Avenue NORTHLAKE FOOD STORE 25 E. North Avenue NORTHLAKE DEPT. STORE 27 S. Wolf Road DING FUZZ TAVERN 121 E. North Avenue SPOT-LITE FOOD STORE 205 E. North Avenue CLUB HOLLYWOOD 9000 Belmont Avenue ct t r o n A PITZ'S BARBER SHOP 3543 Rose Street KELLY'S RESTAURANT "Just across the street" PALMERE'S LIQUOR DELICATESSEN 9604 Franklin Avenue FRANKLIN PARK CLEANERS 9608 Franklin Avenue J S WORK AND SPORT CENTER 9626 Franklin Avenue AL'S SHOE SERVICE 9658 Franklin Avenue JOHNNY-ON-THE-SPOT CLEANERS 9666 Franklin Avenue MUDGETT'S FRANKLIN PARK DRY GOODS 9652 Franklin Avenue FRANCIS'S PASTRY SHOP 9660 Franklin Avenue FARVER'S REXALL DRUG STORE 9700 Franklin Avenue FRANKLIN PARK RADIO AND APPLIANCES 9704 Franklin Avenue FRANKLIN PARK PAINTS 9669 Franklin Avenue MARV'S BIKE SHOP 9661 Franklin Avenue ROZZI'S PLACE Belmont Avenue KAY'S WAYSIDE INN 9954 Belmont Avenue LAING'S SERVICE STATION 9800 Belmont Avenue FRANKLIN PARK LUMBER FUEL 9800 Belmont Avenue GRAND-HAWTHORN GROCERY 9952 Grand Avenue GARBERSON'S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 9809 Grand Avenue BILL'S BARBER SHOP 9806 W. Grand Avenue STEPHANIE GIFT SHOP 9804 Grand Avenue NOVAK'S BARBER SHOP 231 E. North Avenue LARRY'S SERVICE STATION 300 E. North Avenue REYMANN'S PASTRY SHOP 2317 Mannheim Road CLARA FOOD MART 2359 Mannheim Road FLOLO ELECTRICAL SUPPLY REPAIR 2354 Mannheim Road ROLAND'S DEPT. STORE 2352 Mannheim Road NORTHLAKE BEST HARDWARE 45 E. North Avenue DANKELEFSINS BAKERY 47 E. North Avenue SKIPPY'S DRIVE-IN 101 E. North Avenue DANIEL LUTZ JEWELER 9602 Franklin Avenue PINOCCHIO'S SNACK SHOP 9701 Franklin Avenue THE GOOD MUSIC HOUSE 9158 W. Grand Avenue MARZULLO REXALL DRUGS 8935 Grand Avenue GRAND CLEANERS 8907 W. Grand Avenue EXCLUSIVE CLEANERS DYERS 8209 W. Grand Avenue NICK'S PIZZERIA 8135 W. Grand Avenue 127Pt ease i 

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