East Leyden High School - Eagle Yearbook (Franklin Park, IL)

 - Class of 1952

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fmvvfb'-'7 M l Nf?HGP CCHS L hw 1 Ilrc Z'Hm- 5 ' Q Q ' CD ZA. 3Uri H -jS 4, I fe I www , i fi, . .,a.-in .nga-.If ,..u 57... ' 45 1 V1 ii . A ,,,, m -G-, , v g ' ' 1 - , - 4 if11'5ff"2'T A , ,Y ,A 7, A , , 4 , Q, ffgf 'fb' ffgzfg 2. wg.. f i1 .?.I',l2: , L, -'1 -4.125351 g .-f "vg ,,z" 1, U -fl f n T,,. -A ig: J'--,. 1 kj,,,. 4 Q ,A ,S 52.5 . 4-gy, . , 1, 5?b.y3vg.v7,.f',5.3,-msg. , 1 K in 1 1 iffy ' , ww' , 'iEW5f ZZ:g.- ff 1 . A ,Q ff 'W 13f'5"'5i'. ' if -"ff-fy? ' 'uw 'Q " -1 Azirj 2' A ' -- W' . fzf 'ff- " ., .: .1 ' 1. ' 'f 3, y,54'?55g1- '- .45-fy'-fgi1w,,Ngf"A'A'4as f. f .. ' s f'-1' 3? , . xl ii ' Lf Lili' ' 1 ,1L'f152.f::PPg,,f ,g, ' f- ' 152+ 1 Ari.. 5 F .atahxu 1 itigiif ,f-,ju 5, I i Aj ,VVE ,Z F b 4. , ,-- 4,5 , 'iii 4. Q51-1 -H if"":-.- . , sfi, ' im f -1 A 51 Q Z2 13925. Af, ,. A Q 5, , ' 'C A , , .. , ' ' 2?s K H0 yin: h i 9 ' I """."v 10- THE EAGLE STAFF OF 1952 Edrtor rn Chret Assrstant Edrtor Art Edrtor B uszness Managers Advertlsmg Managers Photography Edr tor d Edrtors of Faculty an Edrtor ot Senrors Edrtors ot Classes Edrtor of Act1V1t1es Edrtor ot Events Sponsor Art Advrsor Buszness Adwsor Photography Advrsor Elalne Hams Nancy Luga Dons Kennedy Maur1ne Schacht Ann VV estrnan Shlrley McClelland Robert Bartz Ernest Blgsby Adrnrnrstratron Beverly Dahlgren Marcla Vogel Dorothy LOWTIG Lucy Rohr Ioanne Knopf Arlene Slebold Margaret V1an1 Mrs Rosemary Formolo Mr Earle L Kuns M1ss Kathryn Rapp MISS Marjorle McLeod Mrs Formolo Sponsor Dons Kennedy, A1tEd1to1. Maurme Schcxcht Photography Edrtoz, Nancy Luga. Assistant Editor and Elaxne Harns, Edztor m Chlet Seated. D Lowne, E Segroves, D. Kennedy, E Hams. N Luga. M. Schacht, and L Swanquxst Standmg M Wahl, F. Thomas, M. Schroeder, L Rohr, M. Vogel, R Romano, S. Holman, C Cochran, M. Vmnl. W. Crown. D McDonald, R Bartz, I Hajostek, E. Bxgsby Editor of Music ......... , . ........,...... Mary Ann Wahl me Y Q . ' W x . f K t , 0l'l0l" MR DANIEL TKACH and MR SIGURD SWANSON We proudly dedlcate thls 1952 Leyden Eaale ln deepest appreclatlon to Mr Danlel Tkach and Nr Slgurd Swanson for the1r unselflsh e vce and personal lnterest ln thelr muslc students Due to thel unt Una leadershlp Leyden has had and shall contxnue to have oqtst ndlng rnuslcal actlvltles Our band orchestra and cholrs dave added enloyment to our school and comrnurnty .1 . 4. ST1 .Y i. .I . l . -I , . M . , ., . , A - MR. HERMAN YLVISAKER its CI ttne orenestrd needs '1 deed Cfgnducter, so dees er tgne 5CZ103t need TI :ood pTtI'JCI11SCIt A wdrrri, friendly txdnner pledsdnt srnxle dre typl 'fri of our IITIIWCIQUCJI, Mr Herrndn Ylvzsdker Under tus ledderslnp, Leyden has ddded rrtdny new thinds, such GS the Tedcners Workshop, the Core prodrdm, dnd the Chrtst-f mms Pdczednt He nas C1130 promoted better studentvteddxer relationships, Mr, Ylvisdker, d stnee-re, enthuss critic way, has made Leyden an out Sti'znd1n.r schodl w 1 s gi . A A gy if 1.-'TI-f' V, ,Eff ef' Q 2,?25jiij511Ei2'?.f::-Q gifx it ' OUR f' fm' m ga- -fw1gf-fgfm " ,f 4 Geri" Q ,Q V rs 'Mm .t-:-W -52 1 .,..,t::... f W ' ' ' if t :ffif E. .. PRINCIPAL f FF? ll g Atifjjfii. 1, msggpnqqiwwm ,W I AND OUR GUIDES MR. WADE STEEL Assistant Principal MR. HENRY KENNEDY Freshman-Sophomore Dean oi Boys MH. IEROME MOHRHUSEN lunior-Senior Dean ol Boys MISS ALICE IONES Dean ol Girls MRS. NELL WILL Special Counselor A conductor alone cannot bring forth music. I-ie must have the help of outstanding musicians. Our musicians are: Mr. Wade Steel, Miss Alice Iones, Mr. Ierome Mohrhusen, Mr. Henry Kennedy, and Mrs. Nell Will. Mr Steel is a sympathetic and understandin ' friend It is his dut to - Q - Y arrange the yearly classroom program for the students. Enthusiastic, sincere, and helpful are three adjectives which best describe our busy Dean of Girls, Miss Iones. Under her direction, the Leyden Girls League is becoming one of the most successful clubs at Leyden. This year junior and senior boys have the opportunity to bring their prob- lems to the understanding attention of their counselor, Mr. Mohrhusen. F resh- man and sophomore boys can depend on a friendly smile and a helping hand from their own counselor, Mr. Kennedy. Mrs. Will, a specially trained counselor, is invaluable in helping boys and girls to solve personal problems. "The Association for Family Living," which sponsors happy family and individual life, is one of the many resources she uses in her work. Iaeiieflflflg THE BOARD OF EDUCATION We are proud of our Board of Education which is corn posed of tive citizens ot our school district elected by the people Although We students have little personal Contact with the board We know it has our Welfare in mind They provide special equipment tor rnany departments increase our limited public funds available to them Mr Thomas Kzrchhoff Mr Arthur Kellermann Secretary Mr Herman Ylvisczker Principal Mxss Irene Brmkerhofi President Mr E E Wcxnders Mr Ray Cochran I educational opportunities, and maintain Leyden with the OUR FACULTY MARY ABBOTT Umverstty of Illmots B S Glrls Phys1cal Educatton Orches1s and Cheerlead mg Sponsor HELEN ALTMAN Unlverslty of Iowa B S Glrls Physrcal Educahon G A A Co Sponsor Glrls Tennls Team RUTH CAGLE Normal U1'11VefS1lY B E Home Economlcs Foods cmd Clothmg Adult Eve nlng School WILLIAM CORCHRAN Wmona State College B S Un1VeTS1lY of M1n nesota ME Health and American Hlstory Fresh man Softball and Basket ball Coach Varstty Base ball Coach SAMUEL ENGLAND Northwest MISSOUTT State Teachers College B S Northwestern Umversxty M S Boys Phystcal Educatlon Athletic DITGC or MRS CLAIRE AGGER UH1V9TS1lY of Illlnols B S M S Btology and Gen eral Sc1 GEORGE BUIAN Umverslty of Ill1no1s B S Boys Physlcal Educatlon Freshman Baseball Coach Varslty Football Coach BLANCHE CAMDEN G Northeast MISSOUII State Teachers College B S MISSOUFI Unlverslty M A Engltsh Adult Evenmg Sli IQUJW fi U3 EORGE COX Purdue Untversxty B S M S Engllsh ll Frosh Soph Football Coach Varslty Basketball Coach ELIZABETH FLOOD Umverstty of Nebraska B S Mathematlcs Fresh man Class Sponsor gr 1' MRS ROSEMARY FORMOLO Umversxty of M1ch1gan B A Columb1a Unlver Slty M A Engllsh 12 Leyden Eagle Sponsor LOUIS GRANZIN Chlcago Teachers Col lege B E Northwestern Unlverslty M S Mathe matlcs Sophomore Foot ball and Basketball Coach MRS EDITH FOSS Unlverslty ofIl11no1s B S Home Econorrucs Cafe terla Manager FRED HACKETT North Dakota UDIVGTSILY B S Wood Worklng and Industrlal Arts Arts and Crafts Construction of class plays scenery DONALD HANSON Stout Institute B S I dustrlal Arts 9 Weldlng and Arts and Crafts Sophomore Class Spon sor Freshman Football and Track Coach IEROME IEROME BERTRAND HENNE Northern M1ch1gan Col versity of Amerxca M A Latln Debate Sponsor Sr' ,WA Temple Umverslty B f M E Core 9 RALPH KLEIN Elmhurst College B A UHIVGTSILY f Denve M A Dramatlcs Pla s Department fw Y ru. mverslty o Ne sa M A Soclal 12 F man and Sop ore Boys Counselor Sudent Councll Sponsor ODORE KOCLANES Northwestern UH1VeTSllY y A Core xi? Freshman Class Sponsor ,ff tt me rf ' , . .Un- legef A. B.: Catholic Uni: 4 I' Q pf' D I F O A . ' ' 'S' A . ff! f f NR Y W if . - . I I -I . . O ' ' . . ' - a Cl ' r B, s.. M. . sf 3 'E . W . EARLE KUNS Ellsworth Conservatory o Mustc B A Sxoux Falls College B M Art Leyden Eagle Co Sponsor MRS WILMA LEVY Southern lllmots Umver srty B S Grrls Phystcal Eclucahon G A A Spon sor Sophomore Class Sponsor MARIORIE McLEOD Northern Ill1no1s State Teachers College B E Chlcago Teachers Col lege M E Secretarlal Tralmng Leyden Eagle Photography Advlsor LELAND MEYERS Umverslty ot lllmols B S M S Bookkeeplng and General BUSIDSSS Book store Manager IEROME MOHRHUSEN Unlv of WISCONSIN Northwestern Um GTSIIY M A Untted States History Iumor and Semor Boys Counselor Cross Country Coach L Club Sponsor Boy Club Sponsor ARTHUR LAMBERT Unlverslty of Illmols B S M S B1ology Drrector of School Bus Transporta t1on EDITH MAAS North Central College B A UHIVQTSIIY ot Colo rado M S Home Eco nomlcs Semor Class Sponsor Cut In Program Sponsor DAVID MEADE Grmnell College B A M A Iournaltsm and Engllsh 10 Leyden H1 Lztes Sponsor ESTRID MILLER Northwestern Untverstty B S Unlverslty of WIS cons1n M A Spamsh Pan Amerrcan Sponsor IOSEPH MONK Ill1no1s State Normal B E Northwestern Un1vers1ty M A Soclal 9 and Core Drlver Tramlng f . 1 . .I . , r .1 State University of Iowa, I . I r V: . . . - .. ,, I S, , ALFRED MOSER Blutton College A B Ohxo State Unlverslty M A D1rector of AUdlO Vlsual Educahon Pa eant Dlrector MRS MARIETTE IACULLO St Vlctor College A B Northwestern College M A Core lU and Eng l1Sl'1 ll Trl H1 Y Sponsor Nattonal Honor SOC16lY Sponsor MAE PEARCE Q verslty of Ill1no1s B S Llbrarlan Wardrobe Mis tress for Orchesls ERNEST RERUCHA Marquette Umverslty A B S Electr1c1 and Electronlcs Natzonal Honor Soc1ety Sponsor ORVILLE SAYERS Ill1no1s State Normal Un1 verslty B E Northwest ern Unlverslty M A Typmg and Geography Camera Club Sponsor ELMER MUMM Unlversxty of Iowa B A Oshkosh Sae B E Northwestern UHIV9TS1lY M A lndustnal Educa t1on Sen1or Class Spon sor Golf Coach IAMES MURRAY Normal State Teachers College B S Northwest ern M A Industnal Arts Wrestlmg Coach KATHRYN RAPP Central MISSOUTI State Colleqe B S Northwest ern Unlverslty A Shorthand and Typlng Leyden Eagle Busmess Sponsor IAMES ROALSON Unlverslty of Iowa B A Core 10 Iunlor Class Sponsor Charrman Core Department EDWARD SAXHAUG Stout Instxtute B S General Metals and Sheet Metals Freshman Football Coach 5 . ' 'f '-' . U . I g- it, 12 Grove Colle e, A. B.7 Uni- . V . ,.. 3,1 M' t E. ., , I. --fy ' ' , . .,M.S.p 'ti' DALE ST IOHN Northwest Missouri State Teachers College B S University of Missouri M E World History and American History Track Coach RUTH STICKLE University of Illinois State Teachers College B E Columbia University M A English lU SIGURD SWANSON University of Minnesota B S Northwestern Uni versity M A Music Un strumentalt Band DANIEL P. TKACH Westminster College B. M: Northwestern Uni- versity M. 'vis Music CChoralJ- A Cappella Choir. MRS. MURIEL TRIPP University of Chicago, B. S.: Loyola University, M. A.: General Math and Algebrag Girls' Counse- lor, 8th Hour. MRS HELEN ST IOHN Northwest Missouri State Teachers College B S Social 9 Library Assist an RAYMOND STRAUSS University of Chicago B S M S Mathematics Physics DOROTHY TAYLOR University of Ch1cago A A Core Leaders Group Sponsor DOUGLAS TOMPKINS State University of Iowa, B. A,, M. A. Social 9 and Social l2. HARRY TURNBULL Bradley University, B. S., University of Iowa, M. A.: Chemistry and Senior Science, College Counse- lor. DONALD VON EBERS UHIVGYSIIY of llltnots M S Boys Phystcal Educatton TeI'lI'llS and Gymnasttcs Coach Tum blzng Club Sponsor LYNN WATSON Illlnots State Normal B E Northwestern Um verslty M S Mechamcal Drawmg and Archttec tural Drawmg VIRGINIA WESTON Umverstty of M1ch1gar1 B S Columbta Umver s1ty M A Mathemat1cs GEORGIANA WHITE Cornell Umverstty B A Uruverstty ot Iowa M A Engltsh EDITH WHITEHOUSE lll1no1s State Normal Um versity B E Home Eco nomtcs Home Econorntcs Chatrman NOT PICTURED PAULA CRISWELL F t MacMurray College for Women B A Columbra Stae College Typt Y MARIORIE GAILEY State Untverstty of Iowa A M A Speec Thesptan Sponsor WILLIAM DEMBSKI Untverstty ot Illmots B S M E Btology cmd Ad vanced Blology WARRE RE Il11no1s Stat a rs Co eg B S u tual Arts osh So Q otball and W stlm x ach geizinvl fke cenefs .... Mrs Amta Tledemann Mrs Leona Watson Mrs Vlfglhld Mxie and Mrs Myrtle Van Dyke SCHOOL NURSE Mrs Maxme Fordham Q' 'fiqwar Z ATTENDANCE OFFICE Mrs Thelma Schure CAI-'ETERIA COOKS Gertrude Lumpp Ehzabeih Rowe Frank Tedle Gene Bach Leah Palkey fx 'PY VOCAL DEPARTMENT ACCOMPANIST OFFICE TYPIST Mrs Inez Conrad 15 H D ' ,,i W, , M1 rf ,, af' WL ,W ,, a ZW RUDOLPH ALBRECHT ..RudY., Audio-Visual Operator l, 2, 3, 4: Golf l, 2, 3, 4. Works at lumber yard after school . . . enjoys golfing, fishing, and swimming . . . likes pizza, chicken, Eddie Howard, and Al Benson . . . the most memorable event of all high school years - becoming a senior . . . - ture plans are college FRANK ALLEN and l 4 Cross Country Enioys basketball football baseball and cross country works at Lindis after school favorites are strawberry shortcake Mr Swanson and Vaughn Monroe most memor able event beating Al Drennan at Palatine ELAYNE ANDERSON L GL l 2 34 Pageant4 Tall graceful blonde plays piano in her spare time and is interested in baseball basketball and hockey favorite food is a cheeseburger and a malt like many Leydenites Eddie Hubbards A B C Club hits the spot ERNEST AUGUSTINE Emze Transfer student from Florida Football and tennis are his primary in terests pet peeve girls with too much makeup likes to play accordion in his spare time wants to travel in the future LYDIA AWE Fuzzy L G A l Tri H1 Y 2 3 4 President 4 Leaders Group 4 Pep Club 2 A Cappella Choir 3 Enioys bowling tennis and swimming likes pizza and Tony Martin hates draped pants was on fashion board at Wieboldt s in iunior year 18 BARBARA ALLEN ..Barb.. L. G. L. l, 2, 3, Baton Twirler 4, Works at Walgreens after school . . . enjoys skating, swimming, and tennis . . . goes for hamburgers while listening to Tony Bennett . . . can be found anytime at the 'Candy Box" in Elm- hurst . . . her future is mar- riage BETTY LOU ANDERSON Betty H1 Lites 4 Pep Club 3 Cut ln 4 Monitor 3 Transfer student from Tuley and Morton is irritated by people who make her wait appreciates Tell Me Why by the Four Aces horseback riding is a pleasure desires to travel in the future MARGARET ARNISH Peggy G L 2 3 4 A pella Choir l 2 Pageant 4 Can be found after school working as a secretary at Redmer G Sons is inter ested in roller skating and go plays the piano in her spare time work and marriage in the future LILLIAN AWE AA L Thespians l 2 3 4 Annual l Student Council l P p Club 3 Monitor 3 4 One of our athletic and opinionated girls emoys hockey swimming bowl ing and skating pizza is a welcome snack any time pet peeve catty girls MARILYN AYRES Mar L G L l 2 3 4 Treasurer 3 A Cappella Choir 2 3 Short peppy blonde part time Job at Paraplegic Mfg Co remembers Homecoming in her fresh man year favorite food chicken favorite singer Billy Eckstine plans to work and then walk down that certain aisle fu l B I 2' 3, I ' u u ' ' ' ' ' ' 7 ' L. . . l-, , , 5 Cap- . . lf . . . I ' ' ..L.H.. H ' H G. . . l, 2, 3, 45 . G. L. "L" Club 3, 4: Football. 1, 2, 3, 47 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: '- . . .. ' . I I -I 1 'I 1 e L. G.. .U 1, 2, 3, 4g . U. A. H H ROBER ART l "Bob" S ior ss Vice-Presb , espi 3, 4: A - nu , Le ers' up 4: t-ln , Monit l Ca pell oir l, , 4, Bg r wneey d well l' by ev ne . . . s nds f his spare me at e 'A " or the Owl . . . en' ll sports. ANN BERENZ Annie L The girl with all the animal friends wants to become an animal trainer likes to eat cake and milk before bedtime quiet until you get to know her then look ou favorite hangout w y he Lazy B course VIOLET BESSER L G L l 2 3 4 Thespians 2 3 4 Student Council 4 Band l 2 3 4 Pageant 2 Has a gift for gab haunts Woolworths dime store recalls her first Homecoming stage make up wears a dia mond plans marriage in the near future likes cats dramatics and swim ming GERALD BLACK lerry Club 3 4 Lea ers Group 4 Cut In 4 Monitor 3 4 Pageant 4 Track Cross Country Spent two years at De Paul goes for pizza track and cross country as many fond memories of the Washington trip enioys get togethers with the boys favorite saying Live and learn BERNICE BOGACZ Bernie G L 4 Cafeteria Ca Goe f A t .1 God rey and a 5 lU blue eyed auy li tle Ho e theatre cas'ir 'no'vsdeY Really' f enga e ga s .rf If k fo a year s andvr ri el down nz " " lub 4 MARIE BEHRNS L, G, L, l, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4 Pageant 4. A real regular gal from Elmwood Park . . . enjoys tennis, Iackie Gleason, and American History with Mr. lffohrhusen . , . remembers McLeod's homeroom . . . plans to get a good office job and then let things take care of themselves. LES BERGMANN Ch uck Club 4 Monitor 4 A Ca pella Choir 3 4 Foot Track islilces girls who wear drapes and smoke ive week transfer student from Austin High most re memb d event e r Prom idolizes ebra Paget goes for hamburgers and French ries ERNEST BIGSBY Erme H espians 3 4 President 4 nnual 4 Student Council 4 Leaders Group4 Cut ln 4 A Cappella Choir 2 lun ior P 3 4 Senior Play P eant3 A uy who can talk his y out of anything oads of wit pep and full of .in can be found at the OW GERALDINE BLOCK Gerry L Petite blue eyed bloriae efficient typist calls Homecoming in fresh man year chicken or pizza are her favorite cishes hates to see soppy dressers most LOUIS BORK Lou L Club 3 4 President 4 Lead rs Group 4 Audio Vi ual Ope ator 2 4 Cut ln 4 Pageant 2 4 Cant take girls who tak too nxich ice c eans sat irn remernbe homecoming an l around swell auy oct hal and b ketball 'nan C can always b d en d upon l9 L,G. .1,2,3. , u ' ' ' . D q . . . A . ' ' ' T r . . . ' ' - 'U -' U' h t " of - f ' . uviu .. . .. V . - , . . J ' "lL lub 2, 3, 45 N. . S. 45 i L 'l , , , 4: - I ,'4. ' , I l. ..L,, A . , Q ' , d. L. G, . 1, 2, 3, , 7 5 7 - ' - - - I I U re- -' A ' ' ' used expression Qiuslight- , . - .. . ly." e I , , I H . L s r , , -- L. . . Q is - ' sh- I ' A ier l, 2, 3, 4, I 1' 5 ' -- Y A ' gs gf y ht Y 'f - isfies h . . . . rs ' ' I ' , J 1 . .' . . . al - ...cutet - 'l,'A-Af ' .lie s.,x.e .- 5 GS- - -- pression i A ' . . 391 - - - 3 'S' 6' one of Le' de-ns gud I3 '19 ' - .lf,,,'ill'or.r or o . .1 e. s ite u ' , DONA BRAMBLE Shozislep G L l 2 4 Monlto Long brown ha1r cute and small always Wllllflg to converse and have a good t1rne entoys cloth1ng class cant stand pr1nts and pla1ds together goes out wtth a certa1n brown ha1red guy llkes to l1sten to Edd1e Howard and Tony Bennett WILLIAM BUCKERT B1 B1ll wont forget belng a freshman and ITESIIISS that th1nk he st1ll IS dr1ve h1m to d1stract1on lust feed hun fr1ed ch1cken and 'nashed potatoes and hell b happy favor1te ex p e s1on Wlnk e d1nk DAVID BUERER Dave The qu1et outdoor type of man 11sh1ng and hunt Daves l1kes a lh1Ck 1u1cy steak dmner plans to make h1s future 1n the farm1ng world all our best w1shes go Wllh hlm 1n whatever he does NICHOLAS CALABRESE Nzcky Cutln 4 Monltor 4 Pag e nt 3 4 Pan Arner1can Qulet and shy tennls mov1es and M1lton Berle absorb all h1s spare t1me w1ll always remember the Wash1ngton tr1p ln h1s 1un1or year bookkeep mg w1ll also be remem bered good or bad? ROBERT CARLSON Bob Blond fellow that l1kes t loa goes for dark ha1red g1rls works at Russell Barbeque IH h1s spare t1me must l1ke dogs he owns two Bobs future lb uncerta1n a home lov mg boy 20 ROBERT BRISCOE Red l 2 Golf golf golf and more golf descr1bes R cl to a doesnt go for g1rls who talk too much freshmen e1ther emoys Uncle Mlllle and Godfrey Reds future amb1t1on anythmg that mcludes golf naturally HARRIET BUENGER H an G 2 3 Stu e Councll 3 Gut ln 4 Blonde blue eyed Harr 1S one of Leydens best danc ers good sense of hu mor plays baseball 1n spare t1me a member ot the Blue leans l1kes Frank1e La1ne ldeal date IS a Cute guy w1th a nxce sense of humor college bound N B KHARTSMEIER Evze 4 Cutln 4 ag gal w1th the short last narrb ha1ls from Frank llfl P a loyal basket ba and baseball fan never forget her fresh man year EVIG s 1deal date must l1ke to dance a future whrte collar g1rl KATHERINE CAMERON Kay Glass Treasurer l Z 3 L G A 2 Orchesls 2 3 4 nual 2 Leaders Group 3 4 Cheerleader 2 3 4 Gutln 4 Monltor 4 Pageant 4 Qu1et personallty but loads of fun loves basketball cheer1ng and p1zza cheerleadlng capta1n w1ll always remember Prom CARNEY Tom ppella Cho1r l 2 3 4 geant 2 Wrestl1ng B1g broad shoulders and a f1ne wrestler descrlbes T m to a t has an after school Job at Ruben stem Lumber Company Iohnny Ray IS h1s lavorlte smger Toms pet peeve IS conce1ted people future plans are unde c1ded l L. . , , , 5 ' r 3 H H I ' A A Golf , , 3, 4. A ' . ' ' f" 1 1 1 . .. e ,, ,, . ,, l... , L. l, , 5 d t 11 . 4 - H . L, 5 - 7 P - . - - e t 4. ing are favorites of , . - Q ,Q ' L.G..l,2,3,4g'.'.Al 2, 3. , 1, Q ' , , 1 An- , of T . O fp ' : . . . . A A I ,S " O " " " l I I Q! Amertcan ur aded qu1et b 1en burns up e floor snappy' l1kes t play ask all 1n hts spar um loysa ood aghettt esnt QDTGCI r s f ture s 1t n S WILLIAM CHOIN B1 nd l 2 3 Spends most of h1s spare ttme workmg tn a lumber yard and buxldmg a custom car l1kes football and western movles 1s proud owner of a car belongs to the Stock Stackers plans to go into body and fender work after gradua t1on IAMES CIONE rm Pan Amerrcan Baseball the boys at the pool hall a smooth dancer and neat dresser fond of any Italman food and hot Jazz lntends to l1ve fast the rest of h1S llfe ANGELINE COCHIRO Angle G H1 Lzte Student Counctl 2 Pan Amerlcan 2 3 Works after school at Bunte Brothers plzza and rav1 ol favor1te foods er ldeal date should have black hatr and blue eyes wants to be ID bustness for herself a b1g smlle wrll always greet you PATRICIA COLEMAN C H1 L ' 4 Pep Club Z Pageant 4 Roller skattng her favor 1te port football and ba ketball game 1nte est er Mr Sayers ts her favonte teacher W1 start out as a typ1st after graduauon and plan marnage later FRANCES CHERRY Fran A Cappella Chol 3 4 Transfer student from Notre Dare one of the Ners 'mer glTlS gabs w1th he g 1 1nds tn spare time wtll always remember h Chrlstmas Pageant can hear her chuckltng 1n rr class all the ttme UL. undeclded BOBBE CHRISTMAN Bob L. l Z H1 L1tes4 ut n 4 Monttor 4 One of the few qulet glrls at Leyden remembers her f1rst Homecommg nyoys roller skatmg ten nl and bowllng hopes fo a Job ln Cahforma o Flonda after graduat1on N ars sparkler on thlrd f1n ger left hand MIRIAM CLUTE Mu" 2 3 4 Cutn Une d .thje srnfxrtest'l952 long brown h typmg and shorffxan o Chnqrmfas Pa 1 a wfivs be a che shed mem ory headed toward a career the busxness wo ld BARRY COLBERT Okze l-la1s from Oklahoma spends a lot of tlme at the V sw1mm1ng and boxtng ltkes to go out wrth the boy or be any place where fe yone else IS would hae to go back to Okla 'torra after graduatton BEVE Y Bev G L 3 ztes 4 C1 ln MC ella hO1 3 n 4 pys sk game of t n ns f pl ys 1600 IQ he p tune tl g et but d p nd Q a J e l1ttle b o her atu ally future a'r1::1t on 1 Jotn Wales good luck to you Bev 21 ED E I "Ed" .. ,. it 5 ' , .T T , 1 , ' ' ' ' u ' . . . ' - ire-s. K B, all L? , I . . ' - ' - ir1r'e . , er... .' '- QQ G- fe n . . i gv . U qw' f At 're - ' . H 'If' .. ,, BG ' 1 f 4- , L. G. . , 1 ' ' : C - . . . l J ' . . 4 . g! I X , , f , .. . . ,, L. ,Q 1, , , I1 I-1 4: A I I e 4. , , Can always bg found with 7 grqcllkd es . beautiful, . . . . . . ' . .. Q ' t 'll l- A f ' ' A . . . Q ' 'in ' l... . l... 3, 41 U ' ' S 45 N H . H -i- ...hg Nl'S I 3 1 f f. 'f la 5-I ' I If C 'r up I., cg. I D - L. G, L. l, 2, 3, 45 ' i.es 'f . A - ' 5 7 , 7 A I' 4 lf. IA , H - A ' e e lg 'g l . . . f' ' ' ' P , Y pet p e h r ' h - . rut-1, -gr - . ' I- 1 ,H 3. Q . V ' to the . ' on 1' N ' VVILMA CROWN Wzllze G 3 4 Tri 1 2 3 Thesp1ans3 4 Student Council l Cheerleader 3 Cut ln 4 Monitor 3 Iunior Play 3 Pageant 4 Pan American 2 One of the Homecoming beauties remembers Junior class play Iunior Miss a member of the Eight Angels CAROLINE DABERITZ Cane Monitor Emoys roller skating and spends most of her spare time at the roller rink 5 8 dish water blondes fill her bill Come detests gabby girls s e plans to be an airline host GSS happy landingll JOSEPH D AMBROSIO oe Another of our tall curly haired seniors who has a yen for music he also likes to doodle with paints his favorite food is fof all thingsl cabbage rolls . . . Ioe s ambition is to be a musical composer. DONNA DE BRUYNE Babe . G. . . A shy good-looking bru- nette with sparkling ...likes to go k when she's with that tain someone . . . h r t o dogs take up much of spare time . . . Don one of Miss McLeod's - ture White collar girls. IOAN DENIER L. G. L, 4, A cute little number who for some reason idolizes Frenchmen and fresh strawberry sundaes . . . Homecoming will be one of Ioan's most memorable events . . . boys who crack their knuckles seem to be her pet peeve. 22 RUTH CUNDIFF Boots L 4 G A l 2 3 Pep Club2 3 Mom 4 and l 2 3 eant 4 An all around Leydenite a tall blond is her ideal emoys going out with the girls will invade the business world as a comp tometer operator after graduation BEVERLY DAHLGREN O Bev L G A l 2 3 President 3 Secre ar 4 I-l1Y N H S 4 Annual 4 Lead ers Group3 Cut In4 Pag eant 3 Cafeteria Cashier 3 4 Girls Tennis Team 2 3 4 An all around sport who can usually be found on the baseball di ond .1911 gfjoffd B u,,, ageant 3 4 Pan American l 2 Dayhoff will al ways be remembered by his fell W classmates for e Wonderful nces years I e nt think girls shou r drapes . . A heady!! for the Navy and then Follege. SEPH DEEDS oe Monitor. Tall good-looking and oh! that curly hair , . , enjoys driving around in his car . . . spends most of his leis- ure time hanging around with the "boys" . . . is rather quiet lad is unde- cided as to What his future plans may be. L. l, 2, 3j N. H. S. 47 Or- 3, 4, Treasurer 47 Council 3, 47 Cut- 2, 37 Pageant Club l, 2, 3, 4. 1son"Ar" keeps eye on her third finger, hand . . . one of the on the Homecom- . has an allergy plaid skirts with blouses. DEV ALBERT DRENNAN "Irish" "L" Club l, 2, 3, 4g Cross Countryg Track. Give our star runner lots of, L food and a bowling ball and watch him go to town . . . this tall, slim Leydenite is well liked by all . . . "Al's" biggest thrill was winning his letter as a freshman . 4 . another col- lege bound man ROBERT DRUGER Bob G Club l 2 3 Bob goes in for golf foot ball hunting and fishing can be found spending spare time at Landsmans Drug Store barbequed spare ribs hit the spot sheet metal Mr Saxhaug and Groucho Marx are Well liked by Bob future draftsman GERALD DUNNE ferry Ierry 15 a regular hot rod fiend belongs to the Stock Stackers Wild about stock car races and football tolls away his spare time at the National or on his precious car uture DONALD EARL Fishy Club 3 Cut ln 4 Debate 2 3 4 lunior Play 4 H1Y 3 Tennis 3 4 lust mention the Washing ton trip in 51 and watch his face light up transfer student from Mirror Lake High Saint Petersburg Florida is irked by strict teachers ARLENE EGGERT L Cut In 4 Monitor 2 Good looking and heaps of un recalls Mr Mohrhu sen ond American History goe for the leff Chand ler type favorite saying W at d you say spo t9 J st cant take conc ited people a fu corp omeier ope ato RICHARD DHOGEMULLER ..Dick., "L" Club 2, 3, 47 Monitor l, 2, 3, 47 Pageant 4g Camera Club Z, 3, 4. "Dick" enjoys a good heap- ing platter of chop suey . . . manager of our fighting football team . . . spends most of his spare time driv- i around in his car , , . a er graduation "Dick" lans to attend college or ocation school ARDIS DUFFEY 3 4 A pella Choir l 2 Pageant 4 Real musical kid plays piano and sax enioys pizza and Milton Berle likes to listen to E die Howard swimming hockey and home manage ment are favorites plans to go on to business college and then to work GOGE NT Crazylegs Senior Class President L l b 3 4 eaders Group Cut n 3 Footb g Track 1 d ith a pleasan y sonality and a onderful smile likes all sports and plays them we likes dark haired dark eyed gals NORMAN ECCARIUS Norm nia 2 lumor Play 3 Light blue eyes sandy hair and a bright flashy smile that has the opposite sex ertranced transferred from Lafayette California in iunior year dislikes caty girls en1oys pizza Cry by lohnny Ray and girls like Liz Taylor WILLIAM ELZAURDIA B1 Enioys a good steak with French fries cant stand to oe called Junior very' ag eeable likes Just about everything and ev eryoocly satisfied to lis ten to Les Pauls music or lacfci Gleason will re 'rt 'ribe elect onics vvoild like to give college a r 23 OH I I A l., 2, I CCIP- Fi 02 ' E .. .. , :it u I I I f " " ' - M s 1 -I Pag nt , 45 ' . . , - re ' 7 . " " , . . ' QB'g ' t, , . if dl . ' . ' ' . . , ll . . . ' ' , f - 'P ? , "L" Club 45 N. H. S. 4g Pep Class President in Califor- .t .Hu KIA!!! l Y V - LG. ,2,3g A,A,l,2g .' , ,, - it h " O L ref. r ru ' . 4 . . . , u U V I - ly. IANET ENGER GH L 3 4 Cut n Monrtor 4 Pageant 4 Nlce qulet and very blonde collects a pay check from the A G P enloys baseball games also phys 1cal educat1on and Mrs Levy Wlll always re member all the Homecom lngs at Leyden goes for the tall dark and hand some men RICHARD FANELLA Dlck Monltor 2 Basketball Dark ha1r dark eyes and need we say more? spends h1s spare tune wlth the boys enyoyed play 1ng basketball goes for rav1ol1 favonte expres s1on You re a brg manll plans on becom1ng a swabbte after graduat1on RICHARD FERGUSON Pee Wee L Club 4 Annual 3 Band 2 3 4 Lleutenan Wrestllng wrestllng match at Elgm belongs to the Y M C works on hrs car ln spare t1me 1dOl1ZeS Gen eral MacArthur plans to become an Army man llkes steak and potatoes GERALD FIALKA lefty 3 4 T y QL, Iunlor Play 3 ecoml crown bearer k bby glrls gwo hke to become a car pen emoys a good steak d1nner thlnks arts and crafts w1th Mr Reltzel IS tops favortte expres s1on What s your excuse? DORAMARIE FORBES Dolly H1 Lrtes 4 Momtor 3 Pag eant 4 Freshmen runnmg IH the halls get her goat 1oys bowllng spends much of her spare tune makmg clothes and thlngs for her hope chest calls w1th satrsfactlon the Turnabout ln her sopho more year 24 NANCY ENGMANN Nanc L 2 3 4 H1L1te Cut In 4 Monrtor 3 4 Pag eant 4 Another blondle rea smooth dresser spends spare tlme SSWIUQ or golng out for some fun gets a b1g laugh out of seemg grrls holdmg hands Wllh glrls l1kes her men tall and goodlooklng CHARLES FANARO Chuck Student Counc1l 3 4 Lead ers Group 3 4 Iunlor Play 3 Short dark and always ready wrth an answer could argue all day spent h1s earller hlgh school days at Fenwrck Graves 1n the Iumor Play h1s future 1S yet to be revealed FRANK FERRARO IO Golf Llkes woodshop fr1ed pheasant 1ce skat1ng swlmrnlng and a good war p1cture abhors opera s1ng1ng hangs out at V1ctory Plzza enloys small brown halred g1rls plans to make a future of pattern makmg IEANETTE FOLKERTS an G L 3 4 A Cap Chou' 2 3 4 Goes for all sports to roller skate never forget the trlp to Qumcy wzth the cho1r any tall guy w1th a nlce personahty IS okay tn her book headed for the bustness world MARY LOU FORBES Band 1 Loves to talk and loaf remembers Freshman day can be found eatrng pot roast or watchmg telev1s1on prefers tall blondes g1r1s ID 1ev1s annoy her has kept us 1n the dark as to her plans for the future .7 ., 3 U H L. G. . l, 2, , 7 -I 45 , , ' 5 h L. G. . l, , , 5 S 4: . . . I I I V r - I . - 1 ' ' I - If ' . . . Mr. 'I I' ' IIB ll 1, . , ', ' ' 1 4, . - . Will always remember that . . ' f - ' Af... 'A , I Il 'I IX, ll s s 1, 2, , 5 hes- L Q peu, pi ' ' g ' .' ' ' ' ,49 ' . . . uk C ' e ' . . . ' ' Z Wh' . ' . ULU.. . . . en- - . , . re- f A 1 PATRICIA FOX npatn L. G. L. l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3: Student Council 4, Sec- retary 4, Leaders' Group 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 35 Cut-ln 4g Monitor, Pageant 4. One of the dime store clan . . . neat dresser . . . plays piano . . . remembers being on the Homecoming Court . . . enjoys being anywhere with the gang. GLORIA FULPONI G 0 A A 4 Cut ln 4 Can be found after school working in a neighborhood dairy store remembers Homecoming small but full of pep and loads of fun to be with future plans include college and then into the business world MARGARET GARDNER Maggie L G L 4 Monitor 3 Transfer student from Trin 1 enjoys horseback riding piano and swim ming likes Italian spa ghetti Frankie Lane and Miss Abbott remembers first Prom typing and reception work are included in her future ARNOLD GHILARDI Amie L Club 4 Audio Visual Operator 2 4 Football Track Interested in baseball rifle shooting and playing foot ba ideal date would be a girl 5 2 with eyes of blue will always re member Homecoming hates to see girls smoking future work and then marriage HIENRY GLAZEK Works at golf course afte school and takes care of his hot rod in his spare time favorite sports rough and tough football and speedy baseball liked machine shop and Mr Mur ray ideal date would be 5 4 blonde RONALD FREDRIKSEN "Fred" Monitor 1, 2. Quiet, shy, deep thinker . . , plays the accordion . . . apple pie hits the spot . . . pet peeve - having his hornework done and the teacher not collecting it . . . takes part in out of school activities , . . plans on col- lege, RONALD GABLIN Gabby A real doll Gabbys iob with Debus Hardware Stcre takes up his time af ter school enjoys foot ball and tumbling ideal dae go to a show and then out to eat a chicken dinner and listen to Al Ben sort future Work SAMUEL GASSMAN Sam Monitor 3 4 A Cappella Choir 2 Blonde hair blue eyes and personality describe Sam works at Chicago Hard ware likes baseball Stan Kenton and pork fwith these high pr1ces'?l plays in a dance band and spends most of his spare time practicing his piano MARGARET GLIDDON Peggy A l 4 Annual 4 Pageant 4 Plays accordion in her snare time interested in football baseball and tennis likes stuffed green peppers and Eddy I-lo ward remembers Washington trip can al ways be found with Io Ann future office worker LORRAINE GLEITSMAN L G L 3 4 Monitor3 4 'T an fer student from Stein rre z interested in bowl irg favorite food is soare ribs and favorite snger is Eddie Fisher r members her first Home c ming at Leyden er f r will take the busi world by storm SYLVIA GLOWIENKE usyl., L. G. L. l, 2, 3, 4g Leaders' Group 35 Monitor 3g Office Help 4. Neat figure and friendly smile describe "Syl" . . . re- members Turnabout with that special guy . . . future is in stenography . . . en- joyed English class with Mrs Formolo spends spare time having a lot of un MARY ANN GOETTSCHE Mar G 4 e Club 2 Nice blonde Job emoys a good laugh remem bers Leydens Homecoming and Pageant also the fun on the Washlngton trip in 51 would like to be come a Navy nurse but plans on business college and steno work CHARLOTTE GRAFF Char L 2 3 4 Cut n Goes in a big way for Ger man style potato salad with baked ham short hand demon would like to become a court reporter can never forget Home comlng or the Pageant puts a brake on levis and dyed hair CATHERINE GREELY Katie G A w around and un o call er eciated eepi and yers enc ,I ree im uture a ing O EARL GROTE ' Club 2 3 4 Stud nt Council 2 4 M Band, l 2 1oV ua O er Tennis ly 3 Dra cti 1 kes s e mashed p t toe a rts as bt for he fu ur suc ser d g an for . St.. SHIRLEY GOEDTKE "Shir1" L. G. L. 3, 4. Transfer student from Stein- metz , , . interested in swim- ming and skating . . . in her spare time she only wants to eat and loaf . . . likes pizza and Stan Ken- ton's "September Song" . . . future - a job and then marriage DUANE GOOD Pageant 4 Give him basketball and spaghetti and hell be sat isfied member of H1 C s remembers Mr Lam berts biology class transfer student from West Aurora Htgh School idolizes George Mikan pet peeve girls who smoke plans to delve into the held of science ZQQJZO My oy base tba and his olo y class spaghetti iz and nny Rays app P him Sams Navy has taken care of his future plans RBE GE Bob Football Baseball Quiet and nice easy to sa isfy d t along with d t lnk much of fresh act like they o shall never forget playmg 1n his first football game thlnks steaks are tops most used expression W1se QUY lol-:N G ILFOIL Quiet but opinionated tel ow has kept us IH the dark about all h1S ambi t1ons pet peeves 1ver sion hobbies ia rit x pre ons h e 1 e secr g ss he want e us g essing ves writ on the oard in homeroom f . L. . L, l, 2, 3, 5 P p . , - . ' , , . - 1 f 07 7 L.G...1,,,p -14. G 1- DG H ,, - E ll,' 1' ' - f la ke fibgf - ,AQ . L lo ' bi- o 5 'i f .. . ,. - . " A 2: L. .L. l, Z. - ' - ' 1 o .fo 1- - -1' L f . . ' 'es ' nl - p 1 h .h,, ... - ---ew -- on kn is ,libli .W d-2 . . . 1. :f ,ff --:L nd ' I l ,ri 7. 1' -: - 'I' .xx - I if 4.. V i' HL., I I IT N- .pg ' . 213' . . . G3 : r , , f f 4, A '- 1 p .. N , U 4: ea - K' . 7 1 I D ' P 4. , , A ' i '-C'S , , ' t I - H l h . . I 1 X ...is I I' ' i lv b t e S U ' l l li 'n , l an et e t ' h , -, E b rf, . 2 A ff Y LU KARLEEN ALICE HANNAN OCD L l 2 3 4 Tr1H1 Cut ln 4 Attendance Offxce Help 2 Maxn Offtce Help 4 Sweet and smart a Red Skelton Marty Hogan fan th1nks scalloped pota toes would top off any meal has a hate for levls favonte expressmon You Jerk 1dol1zes a curly headed guy wxth brow eyes DONALD HANSEN Don Pageant 4 Enyoys any movxe but pre fers Red Skelton on telev1 slon advanced btology and Mr Lambert are favor 1l9S wont forget bemg ln the Pageant future plans are hazy steak always tastes good to hlm ELAINE HARRIS Lamxe L l G A 2 3 N H S 3 4 Secretary 4 Thesplans 3 4 Annual 2 3 4 Asststant Ed1tor 3 Ed1tor4 H1L1tes4 Leaders Group 3 4 Pep Club 3 Cut In 4 A Cappella Cho1r 2 3 4 Glrls Tennls Team 3 By far Leyden s bus1est gal but can always flnd t1me to laugh and yoke goes for blonde ha1red guys Fwy 541,-. 1-a.,4:-.-44,4-fiv-4 13-1-J Club GTS Kay L l 2 3 4 Pep 3 Mon1tor3 4 W1ll always remember Homecom1ng of Sl con stders an 1deal date about medtum hetght blonde hatr and 'tazel eyes favor1te food chlcken transfer student from Ben senv1lle l-hgh plans for a future of homemakmg MARTIN HANSEN Marty Monitor 3 4 Pageant 3 4 Baseball Football Mad about Red Skelton w1ll remember th Pageant and h1s weldmg class French fries and barbeques agree w1th hlrn xl you want to be Martys frlend dont spell hls name Han son ROBERT HARDER Bob 4 Thesplans 3 4 4 Mon1tor 4 Pag 4 Wrestllng to see babes smok hkes spends tune monkeymg fun lov1ng blue eyed to go out ARLENE HARSTAD Mrckey G 2 H1 Lztes Managlng Edltor 4 Spends spare tlme Jerkmg sodas at Grand Castle an Al Benson lover can never forget 51 Homecom mg football game and the Prom llkes her men tall dark and great lovers of Bop and muslc would ltke to do newspaper work IO ANN HAUBNERf Z A A L a 4 A Capp la Choxr 2 3 4 Treasur entor Pla 4 as the u nny ab ma any wlau h any m ent ackxe eason fan favor1te ex presslon -llHmrnmm boy' s kept sy on the In to 4 r1p trontng e bcgjyc othes sr mtv HEDPLESON S tach H Y l hesplans 4 Stu dent COl.yf1Cll 3 Cut In 4 Band l 2' 3 4 Sen1or Play 4 Pageant4 Golf Football Blue eyes blonde ha1r and a member of the Rod Berders the kmd of guy most gals would lllce to see more of plays the trombone can make short work of steak or ptzza 27 , Bud gf Q om Lane e oyed seeing work M3 e Gas Sta Ill' tion It es Uncle Miltie ore Mr Klein and plans for the f e include IUSTINE HILDEBRANDT Teenie L 2 3 4 H1L1te Leaders Group 4 Cut ln 4 Monitor 3 4 Pageant 4 Long brown hair and lots of fun describes Iustine to a her time after school is spent working at Als Snack Shop ideal date would be a sports event and pizza afterwards and of course that certain fella future secretary PATRICIA HOLL U L 2 3 4 Tri H1 Hi Lztes 4 Cut In 4 Monitor 3 4 Pageant 4 An employee of Spiegels ice cream hits the spot with her detests girls in lev1s remembers Pag eant freshman year monitor captain fifth hour a sweet smile always greets you plans on a domestic future HELEN HRUNEK G 234Mon1 Spends most of her spare time writing letters can usually be found at Rain bow Palace remembers the Prom in her freshman year . , , favorite song H- "Too Young" , . . intends to work for a while and then marry. DANIEL IA GIELSKI UY Dark haired guy who likes red heads and South State Street . . . says his pet peeve is cars? . . , a mem- ber of the "Big Seven" . . . a gas station attendant , . . would like to enter college after receiving his diploma. 28 ftfix. BARBARA HEYDEN Barb l 2 3 4 Orche H L s C n 4 Cappella Choir 2 3 4 Iun 1or Play 3 Senior Play 4 True member of the Eight Angels baseball and roller skating are tops with er small but full of pep spends spare time playing piano pe peeve girls who put on false pretenses LAWRE H ub Coun Track ro s ountry a d a ci easy go X25 Ley en1oys aske baseball st m orable event co ing den? Pet D smoke colleg b SHIRLEY HOLMAN S I ? iff Presl ent 4 hesp s Group 4 Pep Club 3 Cut onitor 3 Bandl 2 3 4 en1or Play 4 Pageant 4 of Leydens prettiest a oyal band mem a ertain dark cute male is her ideal members Homecoming RICHARD ISENHART e Freshman and Sophomore class President L Club 2 3 4 Secretary 4 Hi Y l 2 Stu ent Council l 2 3 Vice President 3 Leaders Goup 3 4 A Cappella C oir Z 3' Basket all' Trackg Football. Known by everyone . . . a around sportsman . . . headed for college. KAREN IAHNKE Where ever there's Karen, there's Mickey . . . nice blonde job with a terrific sense of humor. . . a Kukla, Fran, and Ollie fan, also Al Benson's , . . Iunior Prom is a well remembered event . . . future plans are unde- Cided. TERRY I AY "L" Club 3, 4, Annual 3, Student Council 4, Cut-In 4, Wrestling. Tall and blonde with a nice personality . . . holds major letter in wrestling , , , fav- orite food - chop suey . . . an ardent television fan . . . g.eatest thrill - winning a major lette plans to work after graduation DARLENE IOHNSON Toots G A A l 2 3 Treasurer 3 L. 2 3 Tri H1 Y Girls Tennis Team 3 4 Ask Toots her pet peeve and she ll quickly answer A curfew by parents she likes all sports and Italian spaghetti ideal date blonde blue eyes handsome fun to be with Leydens loss will be Normal s gain DONALD KAMINSKI Don Audio Visual Operator 2 3 Don a regular guy is al ways ready with a helping hand in the A V room enioys Watching the band and ma1orettes marching ambition to get a three hundred game in bowling owns a slick convertible LOIS KANWISCHER Has a weakness for a man in uniform handy with a needle and thread will always remember rid ing on a float during Home coming likes any popu lar music especlally by Vaughn Monroe intends to work two or three years and then mar rage DANIEL KELLER Dan Dan is one of our outdoor men who enioys hunting and fishing very much hangs around Hamburger 1 ies when hes no bowling doe nt care to be anyth na les than a m llionaire in the futu e I NE IOHN N G. , 2, 3, 45 Hi Lifes P Club 3. e of, Leyden's most cheerful seniors . ys r 'th ndly tile . ik s aghetti, blue eye brown hair . . . any y 5' 8" with a won- d,rtul personality would til e ticket future U'1dGC ded now SARA IOHNSON Sane G 3 4 Tri 4 Monitor 3 4 Saras a biscuit eater at Guhls Bakery after school idolizes her mom and thinks Mr Mohrhusen 1S p etty swell bown eyed brown haired giy fills her book plans to work a while and then marriage KENNETH KANWISCHER Ken Monitor 3 Football A big brawny hunk of man wth wavy hair describes K n t a T enyoys telling people theyd be dangerous if they had a b atn the Marines are taking care of his future th man with the car PATRICIA KASMER G A newcomer to Leyden r m lxotre Dame drools o e chicken French fries ard a certain Frenchman plans on being married uv'1en she stops going t ady plays the piano will remember the Pom SHIRLEY KELLERMAN Kelly A A 3 4 pep Club 3 A ap pella Choir 3 4 Blond blue eyed Kelly dc snt talk very rnuch lr too busy laughing aooe good looking men ard corned beef definite ideas about girl M o wear le-vis to chool ry d y wan's to mar y a millionaire 29 r at r . , . h 'l h r ' . . . - L-Gt -If f 3 .b .h 2 32 L. . L, 1, 2, , , '-Hi-Y f . . f '...Q5'.11", 4. ' 1 1 -. I I HLOH up ,,, L. G. L. 1, 2, 3, 4, Cut-In 4. L, G. L. 45 PGQGGUT 4- G . .l,2: Loi. 1,2, j , z . : C - .. .. -' ' I .. ., A A I D A V . . . has Wir' A 1 T" ' A 'J JS eve cr . . 3. ' D.. DORIS KENNEDY Dxm ples Freshman and Sophomore Class Secretary G A A 3 4 PISSIGGHI 4 Tr1 H1Y Z 3 V1ce Pres1dent3 N H S 3 4 Treasurer4 Thesp1ans4 Annual l 2 3 4 Leades Group 3 4 Pep Club 2 3 Cu In 4 Band l Semor Play 4 Pageant 4 Beautlful bramy blonde and an art1st BARBARA KETCHUM B cub Works t Petrles after school enloys foot ball games and llkes ham burgers a swell dresser and real cute favortte tune September Song and Edd1e F1scher IS her favonte slnger remem bers Homecom1ng ture IS marrlage MARIE KOENEMANN L G L l 2 Off1ce Help 4 Works at Nelsner s after school eruoys Perry Como records favor1te food pork chop qulet ber Freshman MIXSF and HISIOTY Wlth Mr St Iohn plans to be a Navy nurse IH the future IOSEPH KRAMER 06 L Club 3 4 Treasurer 4 H1 Y l 2 Student Counc1l l 2 3 Leaders Group 4 Pep Club 2 3 A Cappella C OIF l 2 3 4 Pageant 4 Football Can always be found work 1ng 1ndustr1ously at the I 51 I Grocery Store enloys football and sw1mm1ng p1zza h1ts the spot GERALD KUEHN Ierxy' Cub 2 4 Cut ln Sen1or Play 4 Pageant 3 4 Tenn1s After school he can b found workmg at Ctucago Hardware the sports Ierry Qmoys tenn1s basketball h1S ivavonte food 1s steak 1dol1zeS Ierry Lew1s plans for the future 1nclude college 30 IO ANN KERR L 3 4 Ban 3 4 L1eutenant 4 ag eant 4 A sm1l1ng member of the Woolworth crew has a love for the great outdoors and hamburgers w1th French fr1es headed for more braln work but unde cldecl what college shell attend remembers Mr Lambert and b1ology IOANNE KNOPF A A 2 3 4 Publ1c Cha1rman4 L G L l 2 3 r1 H1 Y 2 3 N 4 Annual 3 4 Leaders Group 3 4 Cut ln 4 Glrls Tenn1s team 4 Can be found ar1yt1me par t1c1pat1ng 1n sports l1kes fr1ed clncken and French frtes future college to become phys1cal educat1on teacher VIRGINIA KOZLOWSKI Gmger L G L 2 H1L1tes4 Plays plano and dances 1n her spare IIITIS enloys 1ce Skdllng In a Wlnter on ch1cken wh1le l1sten1ng to Tony Bennett W1 f1nd her future IH secretarzal work DANIEL KUCZON ,aff Dan L f JNL H 3 4 Student Coun c1l 4 eaclers Group3 Pep Club P eant 4 Cross Countr I rack Comb nes bra fw1th o les of o has all X? A2531 11 ker1n w1th s car takes p l t of l'11s spare t1me loves baseball basket ball football and steak GLORIA LAING f Go LGLl234A,nnual3 L1kes to dance km or watch T V 1n spare tlrne tennrs and football her favor1te sports hamburgers and Edd1e FIS chers Sm are always Just r1ght pet peeve g1rls who smoke ha1ls from Franklm Park " 1 L.G,.l,2,.: d1,2, 1 1 ' : P - 2, L, G. L. 1, 2,' fvicei ti 1: 1 I ,. 1 . '- H H .7011 . l G, . , , , , ' ity G ' 1 . . . 1 1 1 - - - 'I ' 47 T '- '- , , 45 . H. S. 'l - 4. . . fu- - . 1 - .. and gyeef D - . wif Q-gmem- Wonderland" , . . could live - - h I . . . '11 .. .. I J 13 3, 4g H1-Y 1, 2, Sp . I I I ' if ' - 1 1 I 2 ' h ' , ,I g Arpg ' . '. f 1 1 if 1 .TI - - - - t e ls , ' g . . ,ti - -. . .' D u 1 . UL". 1 I 5 . '45 - .. I 11 - 1 1 2 5 1 XX x Q 1 I - - 1 1 1 1 I 1 A 9 . . 1 1,4 .. .1 I ' 'V LN- . K f . ' ' - RONALD LARSON "Lefty" "L" Club l, 2, 3, 45 N. H, S. 45 Thespians 3, 45 A Cap- pella Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 3, 45 FOOUDGUJ Wrestlina5 Track. Tall, blonde athlete . . . real musical, plays piano and sings . . . his idol is Lincoln . , . crazy about ham and Rubenstein . . . football and Mr. Tkach are also tops with him, IANET LEMKE UD G 3 4 Tri 4 A Cappella Choir l 2 Works at the Rose Theater and plays piano and cordion in her spare time thinks Perry Como salads mysteries and must cals are tops holds her own at the typewriter cant take girls who smoke IAMES LOIBEL lm An Arnlings employee three of his favorites are baseball basketball and Rosemary Clooney girls are his pet peeves or so he says plans on a future with the Army favorite expression Drop dead appreciated wood shop and Mr Hackett DOROTHY LOWRIE Do L N 4 Annual 4 Student Coun c1l 4 Mayorette 4 Band l 2 3 4 Pageant 4 Tall dakhaired lass l ways on the run says INo no baby to people who dont like to have fun in class mad about fried chicken u pledged member of the H1 NANCY LUG Nan GA n 4 '1 a 3 tant Edit r ea ou Cut ln geant 3 4 Sweet and petite av orit exprqsq a wttn Mr Lan Paaeant and colleg in future FV o" IJ- STUART I. WRENCE "Stu" C'it-IMPA gaappella Choir 3, 4: Iunior Play 45 Pageant 45 Pan American 2. Transfer student from Kel- vyn Park . . . one of Ley- den's friendliest and good natxired boys . . . haunts Williams Pharmacy after school . , . p ys accordion dflgs spare time s" future - col- BARBARA LESLIE Les G L Shrimp and French fries hit the spot likes to swim and play tennis doesnt appreciate levis spends her spare time with the gang would like to say Number please in the fu tu e works at 5 and 10 stor in Oak Park FRANCIS LO VECCHIO F ran lntends to be a working gal and after a bit settle clown goes for the tall dark and handsome type also pizza and ravioli people who brag annoy her Joys a good game of bowl ing or swimming con tu es Dean Martin and le ry Lewis PHYLLIS LUDERS Phyl L G L 4 Monitor 4 ag cnt 4 Lines to swim or dance always looks like some hrg out of Vogue 'ri mbers her first clay at Leyden transfer stu cl nt fom Kelvin plans o he future include work ard then likes a g y who swarms v ith per cnality FRANK Q Z1 r st 'fr rn Lane ec't. em s Weste n d buraer ends h p e tim t Ir: lans o go to col gt Nxfen he le es Dear wdfn as a bi LEO MARION HD Tall dark Elmwood Parker works at Russells 1n h1s spare ttme 1 Parade and speech are favorttes attracted to the baseball d1amond hrs future IS unknown at the present t1me ROGER MATZ Dale Strtctly a mach1ne shop boy h1s l1k1ng for Mr Murray may have some thlng to do wlth that has a yen for football and g1rls works at Herberts Bakery wants to be a mach1n1st IH the future LILLIAN - 1 3 a thls ambxtt s work1 ar t Lire cy Exch g Grand ,Harl actlve 1n IC a fr1 d ch1cken w1ll always remember Homecomlng loads of fun to be Wlth ELAINE MILANO Larnle A A l Orchesls Z 3 4 H1 L1tes 4 Student Counc1l l Baton Twlrler 2 Cheerleader 3 4 Cut ln 4 Mon1tor 2 3 Pag eant 4 Pan Amerlcan 2 3 Thts peppy ball of f1re can be found cheerlng the loudest basketball games Homecomtng Queen and typlcal Leyden 1te of Semor class RONALD MILNE Ron W1ll always remember the Washmgton trtp of 1951 enjoys golf basketball or a good movte rn h1s spare tlme pet peeve study hall teachers Ron plans to attend college and become an archltect 3 RALPH MARKESE Dago ldolrzes Ierry Lew1s very handy w1th the arttst s pa1nt brush w1ll do any thtng for a laugh lrkes ltalxan food espectally ptzza goes for blue eyed tall brunette gals one of Leyden s hot rod en thustasts PHILLIP MEYER Bugs N H S 4 Aud1oV1sual Operator 3 4 Iuruor Play 3 Model atrplane man who w1ll probably bulld space sh1ps IH the future IS 1d6GlS are Hopalong Cas Sldy and Mtss Weston emoys playmg h1s guttar and swlmmmg 1n h1S spare tlme w1ll remember passlng h1s Latln test DONALD MIELKE Don Football swtmmlng and bowl1ng take up Dons spare tlme works at Chicago Hardware after school enloys a IUICY steak and a good mystery program future? Mxght 1o1n the boys 1n blue DOROTHY MILLER Do A A l G 2 3 4 Orchesls 2 Pep Club 2 3 Cut In 4 Pageant 4 A basketball baseball and football fan w1ll always remember the Prom of 1951 Dots dream man IS Iohn Derek favor1te meal lncludes p1zza shrxmp emoys 11sten1ng to Tony Bennet records ln spare ttme IANET MOLEN an G l 4 Momto Band l 2 Future plans as a wrfe completed graduated IH lanuary spends her spare tlme at the stock car races pet peeve con ce1ted people llked arts and crafts w1ll remem ber the Prom l r l I ' ' . . . ' - . . f ' ' . . . h' t.L.u., . . 47 or , 45 -- " n . A - - Yo ' ' . ' .1 , .. se ' t ur- . a . . . ' ' l - . - 's . . ves hillbilly ' ' ' .. tr. U ' ' H G. . . ,2, 3, 4: L. . L. 1, G. . .gL.G.L.l,2,3,4g ,,: ' : f ' . ' ' ' . or Ut l . Q v t , . . . . L- . L. , 1 ' r 3: 2 DELORES MONAHAN G A A 4 Tri I-Ii Y 4 Pep Club 3 Cut In 4 Pageant 4 Small brown haired lass likes to tumble or Jump on the trampoline puts the mx on boys who need a haircut or shave cheeseburgers please her and so does a tall blond fellow future includes college ARLENE MOON G A A l Monitor 4 A red head with a sense of humor enyoys basket ball baseball and swim ming spaghetti and meatballs hit the spot plans to work a while and then settle down Joys playing her accordion WAYNE MCCORMACK Student Council 1 2 3 Leaders Group 3 Monitor A 38 Buick is his pet listens to Les Paul s records favorite subject lunch ideal date he s not particular rust so she s 5 2 and cute will go into the Army and then be come a big game hunter or forester GERALD MCGILL ferry A newcomer to Leyden transfer from St Patricks High School favorite sport football spends his spare time working at the Coca Cola Company Uncle Sam will prob ably decide his future for him. BEVERLY McKEE Bev . A. A. - . . . 4g Orchesis 35 Cut-In 4g lun- ior Play 2: Pan American 3. A dynamo of energy . . , dancing takes up all her spare time , . . an Eddie Ar- nold fan . . . the Prom will always hold fond memories for her . . . detests girls who smoke . . . her future - un- decided now. N.-of LORRAINE MONEGATO Lorr L G L 3 Monitor 3 an Americanl 2 3 A transfer student liked arts and crafts while at Leyden Lorr Joys playing volleyball and eating fried chicken in 'ter spare time s e plans to be a beauty op- erator in the future SHIRLEY MCCLELLAND Shxrl G L I 2 3 4 Orche l 2 3 Annual 4 Cut In 4 A Cappella Choir 2 3 4 Secretary 4 A quiet but busy girl musically inclined plays piano and collects records remembers the i950 Pageant nimble looted dancer her fu ture hopes to make good in career then get married LOIS MCELMEEL Mac A 2 L G Tri I-IiY 2 Pep Club 2 3 Monitor 3 4 Pageant 4 Pan American 3 An all around Leydemte works in Franklin Park Lumber office will al ways remember the Prom pizza and fried chicken are Just right for her plans to work and then 'narry later PATRICIA MCEVOY O I 2 3 Monitor Pageant 4 I-Iails from Kelly High works in drug store 'Nlorthlake enyoys watch ing and playing baseball favorite pet collie og . , Homecoming will always be a cherished memory . . . plans on mar- riage after graduation. SEPH NAPLES O6 Hi-Y 2' Student Council 4- Pe Club 2- Cut-In 4- A Cappella Choir 2 3 4. A loyal member of the os Vines" club . . . goes in a big way for spaghetti and beautiful Italian gals . . . wise females get on his nerves . . , his second home is Hamburger Willie's . . . plans to be a l'swabby" in his Uncle's Navy. 33 RICHARD NARDINI "Dick" Cut-In 4. A newcomer from Crane Tech High School . . . works for Chicago Sun-Times newspaper . . . is annoyed by women drivers . . . goes for football and wrestling . . . plans to be a teacher or newspaper man after college. 9: Has lv s why D METH Dzc e ho cant 4 Homecoming mac n shop da wi ob ly be us h a 1 MARIE OKONIEWSKI Mar L G L 2 3 4 Pageant4 One of our future white collar gals dislikes teachers pets remem bers Christmas Pageant loves to dance and read you can find her watching a basketball or football game whenever she has a chance RONALD ORE Ronnie Thespians 4 Student Coun l l Monitor 3 A ap Play 3 4 Senior Play 4 Drama Play 4 Basketball Wild about singing and acting doesnt appreci ate sloppy girls belongs to Los Vinos headed for college hangs ou at Williams Drug Store BARBARA PATZKE Barb L G L l 2 3 4 Thespians 4 H1 Lites 4 Pep Club 2 3 Cut ln 4 Monitor 4 Pag eant 4 Camera Club 3 4 A smiling angel in the Pag eant gets sentimental over South Pacific and ham with baked potatoes people with pet peeves peeve her being on the Homecoming Court is her most precious memory 34 NORBERT NASUTA ..NoIb., Hi-Y 2g Student Council 25 Monitor 2, 3. One of our mid-term stu- dents . . . likes tennis and baseball . . . favorite re- cording artist - Guy Lom- bardo . . . chop suey hits the spot . . . works at Red- mer's . . . plans for the fu- ture include marriage and medical school ROBERT NIELSEN Bob Quiet fellow works at Indiana Harbor Belt or on his car in his spare time any good sports pro gram on television is en ioyable not liable to for get graduation would like to travel in the future GRACE OLSON Gracie L G L 4 Pageant 4 Graduated in Ianuary 52 wears a ring on that certain finger went to Morton for two years works at Marschs Barbe cue loves to sew future may include school enioys swimming LAWRENCE PARTYKA Larry H1Y l Z Student Council l Pageant 4 A fast moving member of the Hot Rod Club lends a helping hand at Herbert s Bakery would like to be able to eat his favorite food pizza at his favorite hangout W1 hams will Join the Navy and see the world DELBERT PENTON De Likes to fool around with machines works on cars when hes not on his iob in Maywood a and quiet likes Tex Rit ters recording of Rye Whiskey en1oys swim ming and baseball ture undecided IC , O jd e - ' ' A ' s? . . . ' ' ' ' ' or ' . l - - an ' ' ' - . . 'll ' , , , ' - fha w- 's Ii f ' , , , e . t ' er, A ' . , , U ci 5 ' 7 C - 'C ' 7 h pella Choir 2, 3, 4g Iunior ' , ' . . ,A l l t . ,C . T ll' - I I I I- It Ill ' ' ' I . . . t ll ' . ' . . . fu- LORRAINE PETERSON "Bubbles" L. G. L, l, 3, 45 Pep Club 25 Monitor 3, Putters around pee wee golf courses . . . detests girls that wear levis, per- oxide their hair, and wear too much make-up , . . goes for chicken-in-the-basket with French fries . . . an- other invader of the busi- ness world. EUGENE PIRAINO Eng Club 3 4 Lea ers Group 4 Cut ln 4 A Cap pella 3 4 Football Always ready with an an swer and Well liked by ev eryone spends his spare time eating and sleeping listens to Eddie Hub bard hates to see girls smoking wants to be a second Rockefeller DANIEL PLIER Danny Club 2 3 4 H Y Cappella 2 3 Football Basketball Pulled Leyden out of some tough spots on the basket ball court is fascinated by stock car races wi remember the lunior Prom likes to eat especially pizza future plans are one big mystery SHIRLEY POKORNEY Shzrl L Will always remember winning tne spelling bee in her sophomore year as definite plans to get a ring on that certain finger hangs around the Elmwood Park police station when she has nothing better to BARBARA POSTON Barb G L 4 H1 Li 4 Monitor 3 Pageant 4 Of fice Help 4 One of tne Eight Angels also a Vloolworth girl daboles n he scrap book and 'eauents Vic t ry s in ner spare time will al Nays remember the 1.inior Prom dislikes two faced boy futu e comptomete operator ELOISE PIPKORN L, G. L. 45 Pep Club 3. Can't make up her mind between Maine and Ley- den . . . has a huge record collection and plays an ac- cordion . . . will remember the Washington trip as be- ing lots of fun and rather noisy . . . plans on marriage after school. IAMES PITZAFERRO P11 Audio Visual o 1 3 4 ag Bats a thous girls a ou 4 hair eats p zz w no h oun e mont an Central uite cindecide th' his ans for the fu one hard worki e op tors MARY ELLEN POGACH Poggze A pre Bensenville pre Stemmetz student member of Psy Delphia works in an Elm hurst office as a telephone operator calls everyone and everything she doesnt like a Rummy headed for college and beauty culture school IACQUELINE POPE lczckxe A A G A Chicago gal from Farra gut High likes to go out with a fellow who likes what she does and eat pizza career minded wants to get a high paying office iob after graduation dark and cute IOHN REKUS lack Senior Class Treasurer L Club 4 Annual 3 Stu d nt Council 4 Leaders Group 4 Cut ln 4 Monitor l-landles the greenbacks o the senio class and Mart n and Lewis fol lou r likes chemistry? 1 against girls smok ing headed fo law scho l 35 ULU , d I ' - ' ero?r , , . '- ' . , 5 Q P . ' , ' i ' ' - ' , ' . . . 'o t k t - - 5' " on 1 lo ' - . . . ' h 's . . t B-1- -' " -D l ur ' . PC "L" , , 5 i- 25 A . - , 7 I . A .h G - Pi" . . ,E ' - L, G. ,l, 2. G. . . 3, 4: L. . L. 3. do' . . . . L. . -. l, 2, 3, 5 ' 'tes he ' H- l A . i hz yr 1 - 3' 44 l H L ', fir . 'r .,.an HELEN RENDE Lame L 3 4 Cut n Annual 3 Curly headed brunette wtth peaches and cream com plex1on makes all her money at Zebra Sales lnc has a pet parakeet IS always ready for a laugh but beefs when people are crabby or stuck up drools over Larry Parks HELMUTH REUTER Mon1tor l 2 Pageant 4 Star shepard ln the Pag eant spends h1s spare t1me playlng h1s accordro for h1s g1rl fr1end com plarns of too much work and no tlrne for pleasure wants to squeeze tn col lege before the A1r Force nabs h1m PATRICIA RIDGE Pa G L G A 2 3 N H S 4 Pageant4 OlI1C9 Help 4 A cute ltttle gal w1th loads of humor lrkes to go places where she can have much money goes for boys who are neat funny and n1ce future 1n cludes workrng her way to the top of secretar1al world SHIRLEY ROMAN O Shzrl L G A 2 3 N H S 4 OfChES1S2 3 4 Student Councll 3 Cheerleader 2 3 4 Cut ln 4 A Cappella Cholr 2 Pan Amerlcan Z Offrce Help 4 Emoyed Amerrcan Hlstory Wllh Mr Mohrhusen can never forget the Prom Homecomlng or cheerrng prefers danc1ng przza tall men future work DONNA RUPPERT Don L Heres a gal whos always havmg fun remembers Homecomrng lrke so many other Leydenttes she consrders DIZZG tops football home management and Mlss Maas are among her favorrtes after graduatlon her plans clude becommg a WAF or telephone operator 'i THELMA REN N The! G Oft n heard say1ng Holy Cow lrkes sports and ralses dogs and a cat IS a wh1z at g1rls bas ketball thmks blonde ha1r and green eyes IS a good comb1nat1on av Oflle teacher Mr Kuns w1ll Work at lll1no1s Bell Company CHARLES RICE Chuck Pep Club 3 Monrtor 4 B nd l 2 3 4 Plays a clarlnet llke Benny Goodman thlnks rad1o IS gone for good enyoys hunt1ng and f1sh1ng and eat1ng roast pork says baller1na shoes should be worn strlctly by baller1nas future plans are foggy LUCILLE ROHR Lucy G A A l 2 3 4 Secretary l Z 3 4 Tn Secretary 2 3 VICE ent 3 4 N H S he p ns 4 Annual 3 4 5 Group 3 4 Cut ln nde blue eyed SWISS w1ld about frled h1cken d p1ZZQ as c1nate lLove Lucy on u e college IOSEPH ROSO E oe Student Councrl 2 Cut In 4 Band l Monltor 3 4 Pageant 4 Brown eyes black ha1r and loads of personallty e g1rls all melt when Ioe flashes that smlle goes 1n a b1g way for spaghett1 western movles and base ba plays the clartnet pet peeve the word stupld PHYLLIS RUPPERT Phyl L 2 3 4 A pella Cho1r 3 4 One of the E1ght Angels works at the Rose Thea re recalls Freshmen Mlxer Homecomrng Amerr can Hlstory and Mr Mohr husen cant take people who th1nk they re better than the next person headed for the telephone company L. G. . l, 2, , 5 -I 4g L- t L, 1, 2, 3, H Z , . . . . , , Q . ' f - ..A1,, H U , . - G I I 1 , - t , rx It til 'K 'I L. . . l, 2, 3, 45 , . A. - - - I I I I h I , , g I , , 3: . .L. , , , : '-H1-Y ' , 2, , . . ' - ' ' esid , 5 . . . 45 fun without spending too 'PICIY 32 PUQSCIHTI4- . . . I I l - S I I 1 A A A T.V . r - . L.G, .1, 2,3,4: , .A. 1, - , - 1 y l I' 'J 1 I ' ' ...th ' U I' I ll . . . ' - L. G. . 1, U U ' U . . . t L. G. . 1, , , : Cap- ' I H l in- l . . . ' ' - 36 ' ELEANOR RURIK L. G. L. l, 2, 3, 4: N. H, S. 4, Orchestra 4, Pan Ameri- can 2. One of Leyden's really quiet and dependable gals . . . plays the violin . . . transferred to Leyden from Czechoslavakia . . . liked Mr. Mohrhusen's American history class and Home- coming Assemblies . . . plans on college and travel IOHN RUZECKI Duke L Club 2 3 4 Vice PISSI dnt4H1Y3NHS34 Vice President 4 Thespians 3 4 Student Council 4 Leaders Group 4 Vice Chairman Treasurer 4 A Cappella Cholr 2 3 4 President 4 Senior Play 4 D ama Play 4 Pageant 4 Tall lad often seen running laps in the halls of L C H future sales engineer RICHARD SANTOYO Rich Likes to 1ust bum around employee of Mid West Store thinks baseball and chicken cant be beat has many fond mem ories of Homecoming favorite expression Winky Dink plays the cello recalls Mr Murrays machine shop class LOUIS SCARMARDO Louze Goes for good looking or pizza uses his spare time for relaxation girls who smoke ln public get his goat his future plans are as yet undecided Al Bensen and lohnny Ray head his list of likables WILLIAM SCHAUER I A real outdoor man loves to hike plans to be a wildlif manager or lorn the Air Force yoys watching a good trav elogue movie is wild about steak mashed pota t es and lots of gravy ERWIN RUUTELMANN "German" Quiet guy who idolizes hot dogs and Rudolph Valen- tino . . . transfer student from Hickory Grove, South Carolina . . . recalls his first day at school and al- gebra classes . . , Works at Amlings . . , likes basket- ball and reading , . . co- l-ge bound. MARGARET SANGER Peggy L 4 Tri 2 3 Cut ln 4 Blonde cute and always ready to laugh snob bish peop get under her skin appreciated Mr QC nd his English class engifher spare time rolle ji ing swimming ing T V or havtng a gab session with the girls futyfe secretary EUGENE SAVINO Eug A future drafter who loves to loaf can be found working at Comet Indus tries or playing pool goes in a big way for pizza and good disc Jockey shows remembers his summer vacations MAURINE SCHACHT Maur LGLl234 Annual3 4 Pep Club 2 Cut In 4 Pageant 4 Office Help 4 can think of no better way to spend a Halloween than drenching people with selt ze water plans on col lege and settling down will never forget the Wash ington trip and all the fun mth Maine Township IOYCE SCHEIDLER Sally L GA 'Treasurer 4 Pep Club 3 Pageant 4 Tennis Team 4 Red headed gal full of pep and aluay buzzing with ac ivity lik s tall light d guy hows pizza 'tc' dogs and c earn 'io t us d aying Fudg works at Schl sse s 3ak ry 37 l H U A D f L. G. . l, 2, 3, : '-Hi-Y e 5 '-I If I. . . , , ' L , - i A , . I ow ' ' D s .... " ' f ' ' ' I blonde gals . , , also steak Enjoys' a 'good laugh . L, G. . 1, 2, 3, 4: . . A. l, 2, 3, 4, Tri-I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 4, ..B.u,. 4 1 I 5 . . 8 ' ' ' t, . Y- b .S . 9 I . L- 1 4 V - - - en' haire s, s. , ' , i I ' Q . , ice r . . . . ' . - . I 4 .. s e s " " ' e" O I V . A - r I , . THOMAS SCHIFERL Red Iun1or Class Pres1dent L Club 2 3 4 Thesp1ans 3 4 Leaders Group 3 4 Cut ln 4 Football Basketball Track The red head that everyone knows letterman 1n track football and basket ba Mr Saxhaug and sheet metal are h1s favor 1tes along w1th cake and ICG cream CONSTANCE SCHULTZ Conme G 3 4 O 1 Help Homecomxng leaves a last mg memory l1keS to l1sten to Guy M1tchell s My Heart Cr1es for You best llked food steaks and French fT19S uses all spare tlme to the best advantage flrfmmml loy 1n an Olf1Ce as secretary l1es ahead ERWIN SCHULZE Loyal member of the Stock Stackers can be found work1ng at Russells or on h1s car Uncle Sam has taken care of h1s plans for the future any sport and brunette g1r1s are O K 1n h1S book RANDALL SCOTT Transfer student from Fore man emoyecl lunch hour here at school plans to buy a new car 1n the future has a 1ob at D1versey and Central eat1ng sleepmg and watch1ng stock car races f1ll h1s l1Ckel ELISE SEGROVES Dolly L G A 2 3 4 VICG Presldent 3 es1dent 4 N H S 3 Thesp1ans 4 Annual 3 4 Leaders Group 3 4 Pep Club 2 3 Cut ln 4 Band l 3 4 Capta1n 4 eant 4 One of the bus1est gals at Leyden works hard not only here at school but al so at Guhls Bakery 38 MARY SCHROEDER Mar 4 H1Y 2 3 Thesplans 2 3 4 An nual 4 Student Counc1l 1 2 Pep Club 2 Cut ln 4 B nd l 2 3 4 Blond ha1r blue eyed can b seen applylng make up l1ke mad on open 1ng n1ghts plays the clarmet cla1ms lunch and Mr Hansen are favor 1te subJect and teacher ROBERTA SCHULZ Bridle L Cafeterla Helpl 2 3 4 Remembers Way back t t e good ol rammar school days belongs to the PGTIICIG Stevens Model 1ng Club plays the p1 ano goes 1n for SIX foot ers w1th brown ha1r and blue eyes after gradua t1on she would llke to at tend college ANITA SCOMA Nm: A A 2 3 Orches1s 2 4 Annual 3 Cheerleader 2 3 4 Cut In 4 MOH1lOI 3 Pan Amen can 2 Neat and full of energy adores the Harmon1cats and Peg O My Heart also a 5 10 blonde puts masks on actors for school plays may be a lady 1n wh1te ROBERT SEARLE Bob H1 Y 3 A Cappella Cho1r 2 Can be found eat1ng shrlrnp or 1ndulg1ng ln h1s favorlte sports football and tenn1s another Stock Stack h1s plans for the future lnclude agncultural college Superman IS h1s ldeal remembers Home com1ng IUANITA SHOEMAKER Waits L Remembers her frrst Home commg enJoys Dean Martzn and Ierry LSWIS mystenes sports and Amer1can h1story w1th Mr St ohn you can f1nd her watchmg a baseball game or eat1ng spaghettt 1n her spare t1me av Oflle expresslon George' ' " 2 U " L. G. L. l, -2, 3, 5 Tri- '- f I 1 1 1 ,G I A' I ., ' , . . . l e Al - l ll f . . . ' ' -1 , , , ' L- - L- 11 2' 1 1 ffce L, G. I 1, 2, G. A. A. 1, 2, . ' .' ' , ,, h ' g . . . D I . G A . . I I ' ,, ,, G. . . 1, 2, 3, L. G. L. 1, Erv , - , I , , - - ' ern.. .'. ' - L. G. . 1, 2, 3, 4, .I .A. 1, r PY '. it A - '45 Le, .1,2,3,4., 2, , I , I - ' I 5 PCIQ: I - l ' . I I H 1 E n , I . . . ' I - f - ' H ' - "oh, IAMES SHERMAN num.. Hi-Y l, 25 Cut-In 45 Pageant 3, 45 Pan American 2, 3. Dislikes girls with dyed hair . . . the boy with the beautiful eyes . , . Wash- ington trip brings back fond memories , . . enjoyed knowing Miss E. Miller . . . can be found working at Woolworths in Oak Park college service or work will be his future THEODORE SIEVERT Ted Camera Club 2 3 4 Our shutter happy camera man works in Montclare Camera Company loys animals baseball football and spaghetti everyone will remember Ted for his pleasing per sonality his willingness to work future holds portrait photography ROSALIE SMITH L G L 4 Annual 4 Pag eant 4 A quiet transfer student from Steinmetz a hard Worker one of our shorthand speed demons likes to bowl and roller skate We know that her career the business World will be a huge suc cess ERNEST STADLER E me An avid M sics fa smart and spends s e time rking Lurnb chick potatoes sat isfy him Leydens loss will be some college s gain LEO STIEBER Wrestling Another Red Skelton ian remembers Homecom ing enjoyed weldin class and Mr Hanson spends spare time working at the North Hose Body Shop like many boys he likes choice steak future lithographer RONALD SHERRIFFS "Ronnie" Cut-In 4. "Ronnie" is wild about playing pool and baseball . . . girls in levis annoy him . , . can be found working at the American Can Com- pany or at Grand Castle, his favorite hangout . . . - ture plans are to relax a wmle GEORGE SKIBA Student Council 3 Monitor 2 Baseball A boy you dont hear much about but who is Well liked by all who know him he eats sleeps works and dreams his car plans to get rich quick in the fu ture plays the piano and harmonica CAROLINE SORENSON C arne G L 1 2 3 4 Pagea 4 Camera Club 1 A real tiny senior neat dresser en1oys mys teries hamburgers French fries and tennis con ceited boys dont rate with er but a boy who is a good talker is tops thought English with Mrs Formolo was fine IOANN STAYTON G 4 Dark hair small a Willing smile and plenty of pep number six of the Eight Angels has a Weakness for roller skating pzza and tall dark and handsome males would like to get married some time in the future plans a ter graduation work THEODORE STRANDT Ted H Y 2 Pep Club 3 Loyal member of Sabers loathes girls who N ar levis favorites in clide steak basketball foo Dall and baseball Pon is numb r one in his m no y book looking fc fvard to work afte that dpoma is in hi hand fu ...en- - - - - -I I ' L. . . , , ,J nt in ' ' ll Ill NIO" L. .L. l, 2, 3, gPag- N. H, 5.4 eant 4. - .r - Al I ll I .. l ' f ll: . H... , . , ,W A.G."... ' I I' 'e ' '- g - I I A 39 IAMES STRAWN IRI Annual 4 H1 Lztes 4 Pep Club 2 3 Cut ln 4 A Cap pella Chorr l 2 3 4 ag eant 2 Ftrst class sports wnter works for Montclare Leyden Herald cantor ln 5 Pageant belongs to Los Vrnos craves PIZZG rs exasperated by people who read over hls shoulder IOYCE STRECKER G L l H1 Lltes Loves to bowl and sleep d1sl1kes people who read over her shoulder en1oyed Mrss Murphy s Engllsh class says George a lot remem bers Homecommg dance wntes to boy frrend rn her spare trme wrll be a receptlonlst for a whlle and then marry BETTY SUMMERS Teedles G 4 eant 4 A loyal member of the Elght Angels favorlte expressron Oh my heart' goes for 6 foot good lookmg blondes wth a good sense of humor en1oys basketball and foot ball games had many good tlmes durlng h1gh school career IRENE SYLVESTER G L 2 4 Pep Clu Cut In 4 Transfer student from Lucy Flower Hlgh loves to ltsten to popular rnusrc and attend school events pet peeve concerted boys and g1rls take heed g1rls she rnlght be your beaut1c1an some day IAMES TAUBMAN Tubby L Club 3 Pep Club 2 Band l 2 3 4 Football Our b1g bass horn player plans to be a physrcal educatlon teacher loves steak musxc and swun mlng remembers Home corrnng and band can be found at the Oak Park Y or watchmg Caval cade of Bands 40 DOROTHY STREBEL Dotlxe L G A Z 3 4 Annual 3 Club 2 3 Cut In 4 Morutor d 3 eant 4 Dott1es always out wtth the g1rls or else wrth her O A O remembers 51 Prom plays French horn and prano gal w1th the poodle cut l1keS 1 Caesar and Pattt Page GLORIA SULLIVAN Go G L 4 Pep Clu Baton Tw1rler 4 You can flnd Glo strut t1ng on the football held or else eatmg fned ch1cken transfer student from Stemmetz plays plano remembers 5U Prom l1kes t g sw1mm1ng horseback r1dmg and play tenms ambltlon IS to travel aso people late for get on her future comp perator PASQUALE SYLVESTER Pa B ndl Z 3 4 Slaves away at the A 6: P on Harlem h1s car as crnates h1m and hes ways trytng to lmprove 1t prefers brunettes wrth blue eyes race between the Army and Navy to see whrch gets h1m frrst THEADORE TAYLOR Ted Works at Hahn Mfg Co af ter school lrkes to read or l1sten to Hear It Now Les Paul and Mary Fords vers1on f ow Hrgh The Moon IS tops on h1s book Sayers and geography too DONALD THILGES 1-Donff Uncle Sam holds this man's future in hand . . . he wants to be an aviation cadet in the Air Force , . . is mad about swimming and work- ing on his car . . . remem- bers the teaching of Mr. Watson . . . hates to see a girl smoke. MARILYN THOMPSON Lyn lunior Class Secretary L G A N H S 3 4 Annu 3 Student Council 4 Treas urer 4 Leaders Group 3 4 Cut In 4 Pageant 4 A roller skating and swim ming fiend enioys good fried chicken or pizza a dependable leader Homecoming beauty calls her first Prom ELLEN TIEDEMANN Digger G L 3 4 Ban 3 A loyal clarinet player in the band haunts Nels ner s dime store a crav ing for fried eggs ldeal date tall red head with brown eyes pet peeve rude people has a pet piggy bank her fu ture 1S marriage WILLIAM TORTORICH I Monitor 2 4 Golf l One of Leydens rare quiet boys enioys baseball and bowling favorites spaghetti arts and crafts Crusade in the Pacific goes for the Lone Ranger plans for the future are either trade school or the Air Corps PATRICIA TWYMAN C1 L l 2 4 Pagean A hot M rio Lanza fan Pat en,oy g ing swim ming or watching televi on in her spar time members Homecoming ir' her freshman year er fav ite dish is ba be-cue sandwiches a tfpin Job is he future MONICA THOMAS "Faith" Senior Class Secretary: L. G L. l, 2, 3, 4: N. H. S. 4: Annual 3, 4: Leaders' Group 47 Cut-ln 45 Monitor 3, 4: A Cappella Choir l, 2, 35 lunior Play 3: Senior Play 4: Pageant 4. A sweet lass who always wears a smile . . .a whiz on roller skates . . . hopes to land a position in the busi- ness world. CHARLES TIBERI Chuck Mon tor 3 Wai s on tables in his fatders restaurant after s lsool plays accordion in his spa e time enioys football favorite record ing artist is Louis Arm strong remembers his first Homecoming future undecided GERALD TODD I erry Student Council 3 4 Vice Pres1dent4 Leaders Group 3 4 Cut n 4 Sp nds most of his free time working at Williams Pharmacy roller skat ing baseball and Eddy Howard are his favorites fried chicken is lust right most used expres sion Hotter than a nickel pistol' NANCY TUKA Nan L G L l 2 3 4 Pres1dent4 N H S 4 Student Council 2 3 4 Leaders Group 3 4 Cut ln 4 A Cappella Choir 3 4 Pan American 2 A quiet but fun loving gal plays piano In spare im inte ested in ten nis basketball and foot a ltl'es music particu lar y Hot Canary IUDITH TYBON ludY 2 3 lfont :nerds h eisu e time in Ernl' st ither working at s c lust enioyina ple Vv D ad mos get un r wont fo get F man ay will con 'inie fforlina after gradua tion 4l IO SEPH UVELLI oe Basketball Lrves and breathes basket ba can always b found at the pool hall or play1ng basketball good hot mus1cal program IS h1s drsh favor1te rec or Too Young loe s future IS undec1ded at the moment IAMES VANDERMEIR Shorty Can b found workmg after school 1n the bowl1ng alley mterested playmg basketball and football loves to watch Red Skelton on telev1s1on ch1cken 1S rust rrght wrth h1m future unde crded MARGARET VIANI Cluclne L G L l 2 3 4 Thesplans 3 4 Annual 4 A Cappella Cho1r l 2 3 4 lun1or Play 3 Pan Amerlcan 3 4 The gal who loves to srng and dance remembers Mr Mohrhusen and the as has an opportumty to dance 1n Europe w1th her slster full of v1m vlgor and V1lGl1lY KENNETH VOLKMAN Ken N H S 3 4 Annual3 Pep Club 3 Baseball What s a guy gonna do? IS what you ll hear rt you re around Ken very long a swell guy wrth an easy QOIHQ personahty keep h1m happy QIVG htm m1nce p1e and September Song some lucky col lege w1ll garn a very de pendable fellow ELIZABETH WEBER Betty A A L1kes to go out w1th the gang and have frled chrcken and French fr1es stock car races fascm ate her can be found at e op Shop Kresge s ID Oak Park where she works Wlll be a telephone operator and later 1o1n the Waves 42 CAROLE VAHLIN Cane L N 4 Pageant 4 One of the lucky seven on the Homecommg court works part t1me at Guhls Bakery llkes to go roller skatmg sw1mm1ng and horseback r1d1ng Perry Como and przza cant be beat after graduat1on Carole w1ll work 1n an of rce IOSEPHINE VASSALLO L Another ardent Perry Como an l1kes mov1es star nng Alan Ladd lavonte food chlcken en1oys watch1ng a good baseball game detests grrls who smoke after graduat1on she plans to settle down to work MARCIA VOGEL M axcle A A 2 L G L H1 Y 3 4 N H Prestdent 3 4 Thesp1ans 3 4 Secretary 4 Orches1s 4 Annual 4 Student Cour1c1l l 2 4 Leaders Group 4 Pep Club 2 Cut In 4 De 4 Iunlor Pla Pageant 2 4 A cute carefree carrot top who IS 1n everythmg MARY ANN WAHL Mar GAA234Publ1cy Cha1rman 3 L G L l 2 3 4 TIIHIYZ 3 4 Se re tary4 N H S 4 Thesp1ans 3 4 Orches1s 2 3 4 ub l1c1ty Cha1rman 3 Presrclent 4 Annual 4 Lea ers roup 3 4 C tln 4 Cappella ChOlI 3 4 Drama Play 4 You should see her dancell sang a solo 1n Pageant ANN WESTMAN Annie A A N H S 4 Annual4 Cut In 4 A Cappella Cho1r l 4 Semor Play 4 Spends spare t1me dancmg readlng and playmg the PIGHO w1ll always re member cormng back to dear old Leyden doesnt apprec1ate 1ns1n cere people future nurs1ng and then marr1age -'I " L, G. . l, Z, 3, 4: . H. S. ll . . , fl ui 1 4 . - - .. ,, "lo" e A F L. G. . l, 2, 3, 4. A . . . ' in f. ' ' ' L L - - . . . , , , 5 ' G. . . : . . . 1, 2, 3, 4: , 5 : Tri- .'- , : . - 3, 4, semblies in which she sang bflfe 1, Z, 3,'47 OfCl'19Sl1'Cl l, . . . ' 2, 3, : ' Y 3: . . . , : 1 . Q- - , , , ' ii ' ' . , . to 5 :I d ' ' ' ' G , : I u - 5 A G. . , 3: L. G, L. l. " ' " ' ' - G. . . ly L. G, L. l, 4: th Sl- I' . or at ' I ' ' GALE WHITE Babe H1 Y 2 Wrestlmg LIVES IH h1s car play accord1on plans for the future rema1n a my tery spends hxs spare tlme wrestlmg or workmg at Chlcago Hardware and FIX ture Company h1s pet peeve 1S g1rls but he can seem to get along w1thout them DELORES WIECZOREK Dee L G L 4 Tr1 H1 Y 4 g eant 4 Pan Amer1can 3 One of our transfer student from St Patrlck s H1gh School Dees favor1te sports are f1sh1ng sw1m mmg and playlng tenn1s loves to eat shrlmps and ch1cken plans to go to bus1ness college after grad uatlon HOWARD WILKINSON Howze lub 3 4 N H Thesp1ans 3 4 Vlce Pres1 dent 4 Student Counctl 3 4 Leaders Group 4 Pep Cub 2 3 Pres1dent 3 Aud1o VISUGI Operator 2 3 Cut In 4 Debate 2 3 Foot ball Track Plans to be a chemzcal or electrlcal eng1neer toyed electronlcs and Mr Rerucka YARSLAV ZASADNEY Yar N HS 4 Debatel 3 Or estra l 2 4 lun Play 4 A boy everyone w1ll re member wonderful sense of humor and g1ft of gab loves chem1stry and mus1c future IH cludes college recalls the fun he had playmg the part of the wolf IH the Lattn assembly CAROL WIECZOREK A Cappella Chou' Hctl from St Pat 1cks H1gh Sch ol IS always say1ng O oyl a tall dark curl1ha1red guy f1lls her boon Too Young by B1lly Eckstlne IS lust r1ght Wlll cont1nue her edu catlon and then get mar ned LU ANNE WIEL Luey Loves to lce skate and eat PIZZG haunts a beauty parlor after school transferred from Sull1van Hlgh School has b1g plans for the future beauty school marr1age and travel Tony Arden IS tops 1n her book IESSICA YORK ess 3 4 Trl H S 4 Cut n Futt.re mcludes OIIICS or 11 brary work may be Seen workmg 1n the Elm wood Park L1brary goes for tenn1s basketball b ology and French fr1ed shrlmp remembers the she played 1n the Sen Mother Daughter Tea AL I ZELKE H1Y l Momtor 3 Could go for French fr1ed shlmp and a good d1SC Jo k 1 program any t1me mtends to get marrled ID the near future and dodge the draft works at the post OIIICS l1kes ba cetball baseball and M Jon Ebers 43 CLASS OF 1952 Row 1 George Durante Presxdent Faxth Thomas Secretary Robert Bartz VxcePres1den! Iohn Rekus Treasurer Row 2 Miss Maas and Ml Mumm Co Sponsors We re Here Because We re Here was our war cry as we stalked upon the halls of Leyden 1n September 1948 We reahzed how green we were when we presented ourselves on Freshman Day Our Chnstmas party 1D the old muslc room and the elect1on of our Frosh Soph ofhcers B1chard lsenhart Oden Farls Dons Kennedy and Kay Cameron gave us a good start The class of 52 was on 1ts way' Here We came Marchlng Along Together as We planned our hrst dance the Shamrock Shuffle Our olhcers contmued to rule ard We hnally found our Way through the maze ot blology nets and geometry trlangles Now we were almost upper classmen' Sm1hn Through was our theme song as Tom Schlferl Tom Hart Marllyn Washmgton tr1p We proved our capablhty by plann1ng a terrrhc Turnabout and puttlng over the Iumor Sen1or Prom at the Med1nah Country Club Belng measured lor rmgs and worklng on the class play Iunlor Mlss hnlshed our th1rd year So Long It s Been Good To Know You was the song we sang w1th mmgled emonons as we beamed at the photographer stood for measurements on our caps and gowns and doled out our money tor announcements We chalked up some more polnts when we maugurated the Cut ln program and staged the Senlor Snowball Our class play The Cunous Savage and our Homecommg wlth our deservmg queen Elame Mllano made the year even brlghter George Durante Robert Bartz Falth Thomas and Iohn Bekus our ofhcers along Wlfh Mlss Edxth Maas and Mr Elmer Mumm our sponsors and the rest of the class turned out for the Prom Fmally we sa1d Farewell To Thee on that fateful day m Iune V - . I I I ' I , . 1 Thompson, and Kay Cameron helped us lay our many plans for the fun-packed , , , . , , , , 1 oue iefif Wigh of fAe ear x H ysgaergg nf -Ay' x 1 K 52,3 X534 i av-MR SEN OR SNOWBALL Tae Serrar Class a lQ52 mll probably DG ma t rerrlefrbered 'cr hav spans red the hrst N n ter farrnal at Leyden appra mately narned The Semar Snaffb ll December l5 Nas the da'e and at aap ayrmat if 8 P lfl the can le ede kea rr lreshlf pressed sums and cr1sa b llaf na 'ormals be a ther ra ln the Q rn Falla Nrar everal Hours a dreamy danfma tothe rrusr al Al N e s orchestra rm the belutlfullf ae araled fm me ca p es p a eeded ta me Cafeterra fhere a del era s ur-:ey d nner was se ved At t e s r ke af twelve ther f anderlul r ht of lun ended but as Ile sal A l a ad M '1 s 'nu tcarne tc fn end ,W-Wt w Q, W. a ,, ,4 - 1 475' 3 , ,G A an as r Q 1 -4 1 U rv 4 'FY A .ff 3 A H0 1? 4 W any ww? if 4 W, mg if ,way F3 X 'sf-T235 I 5 ' Z A 1 -1 fn ew wink ,' I'-v N95-. 1 fn 1, 5243 1 Au fo J W urn gacg f!Le anclfn of jime JM., 'QL UQ fx ii W, ,wif ou urif ,Have een a eaufifufg Q 'ii- -4. --Q.. -an-nuiinn-v il.,..-, ,........,- S a. l- X4 FQQWW ff? al 1 W' "'l1' Row Row Row Row I Rosone R Ore S Lawrence B Crawford E Segroves I Scheldler P Fox L Rohr N Luga C Vahhn I Vassallo R Cundxif S Kellerman I Knopf A Cochxro M Sanger K Cameron I Rekus TN J, 3 1 "' , ll Q'-.Q 'WM T fqfj-, 436 w CLASS OF 1953 Hail' hail' you Sophomore-S Now no m1sde-meanors For We are the Semors Hall' hall' you Sophomores You can take our places now' Richard Muo President Ioanne Nielsen Secretary Elrzabeth Kzllmger Treasurer Dan Iurkcx Vrce Presrdent Mrs Tnpp and Mr Roalson Co Sponsors 1 1 1 1 . 1 ' 1 . - , ' . . Abbolf Mlfgaleu 1- R wl I Konzak A Remoso B Scheftle L ODay A Oldawmslu Wexssnborn K Lauderbczclc D Warneclce How 2 C Urbon B Hczclcemer 1 Allen S Stevens M Curtzs I Borlce Sylvesfer How 3 S Bcnn G Wlllxczms B Gczczl H Bys R Kramer I Lczlly M Yetsky onegczto Row 4 I Rende R Rubmo R Soller R Werner R Healey I Hcxyoskelc Miss Abbott Rowl A Peck D Zawxslczlc A Sherry E Anson M Zwolanek A Sze bold A Terpstra L Trlpolz Row2 M Poss A Schzlflcam D Douglas D Summers I Sommer Franz I Hartsel Howl? P Locashxo F Verstczt V Houchcr T Wmczrd T Terrcmovcz R Hybandt P Sylvester Mzss Altman Altman Mxsi-V-101 Mr La M 101 mhert wif Row 1 Cochran M Carman H Bruhn M Henderson A Xohnson P Ckxrk S Carlton Row 'Z I Edwxn S Goss E. Brown R Ohlhaber S Ke1XY B Darn I Azzaro Row 3 L Schnexderwrnd C BcxrteH N Anderson ow 4 I Novmch E. Pcxsko K WrXk1n R Ryerson F Bahsien R Bhlnck D Mrro M Henne Row 1 S Hexden D Hohy M HM I Kordo E Krlhnger M Enckson M Gunderson Row 2 M ODonneH S amham B Hadden M Hcxese A Hernxng D Green P Gray P GM P Hcrnrnurgren Row 3 G HGH C Fhck D Lynn ow 4 Mr Lambert E. Scxvxno A FXo1o X Hermann D GronwoXd 1 MCGM A Ncxrdrerlo D Icxrkcx E Fncok I' ,ar vim pw Mr Henne M 102 - RGPP Mliaien Row 1: C. Reder, M. Orlando, M. Snyder, D. Wisher, I. Stout, M. McGee Rybczndt G Vesely ow 2 I Streu T Schalkowsln S Gablm R Donegcm S Opels I Austm orman N Panek How 3: S. Priola, B. Cisslri, D. Nona Row 4: I. Homer, W. Phillips, D. Proper, 1.. Hey, I. O'Dowd, W. Bussa edenbach H Kammskx M1ssRapp Howl I Nxelsen T Rouckcz M Olson F Swcules I Swaxles R SUIYUI Row2 R Kuemmel W Powell G Leung I Welhng B Gathercoal Rllmder R Kobes o Row 3 D llvlork R Kzss A Osmundsen R Mzro I Gremke E Johnson C am Row 4 C Ryberg K Wmberg C Schxferl I Markese I Myers H Stem eke M Moeller G Neuzll Mxss Taylor TQY M152 Q fe., lo! Mr Turnb 1 S 205 u l S-H 5 Row Grrseto L Crornweil V Garten K Porter A Chchioux E Koerner D Moser Row 2 I Ludvxksen I Sirebel G Courtney L Mmetus I Puhxde E Boggs ow A Brodkorb E. Paul H Meyer R Thompson L Wysockx L Wrsnxewskr H Elwardt Murawska Mrs Tnpp Row 1 Roze D Swanson S MueX1er G Moolz N Kuyawc V Mars zcdek M DeS1v1o Row 2 D Carnahan L Lmk P Gcdbrmlh K Krrk P Lernke C hier Row 3 B VogeX K Hxeber Row 4 N Nemeth T Scndvoss N Bolda B Gersch B Green B Forrest B Haney Mr TurnbulX Mrs Trl P w 103 P . i r 529 I 'ui V 'J D ' 1 3.5, g 4 V '- ' 1: A. ' , . . . . . . . ' . Row 3: B. Lueth. K. Spoo. R. KeHs. D. Anson, D. Reynokis. B. BrcxdXey. R : W. . . . - . . . . ', 1 P. I , I . ll I l , . , . , . ' . . - 1 Mr. Watson w we Howl S Halabnn I Chmzel A Selvxk H DuB Wehrner M Iohnson Row 2 ozs M Mc Cullough B Lewin C Carpenter A Anderjesk C Lars 1 E Schulze H Ne Row 3 M Bruh u L Mxlnes ns W Olsen R B k ruh oc R Denms F B ns L Womowzak Row 4 ruhns R Netzl Luc-chesz L M 6 otykzevncz D Netzel F Beavers R Meyer D St rm I Wadsworth R Kudrna I La Turno M I Kazmer I r Watson 2 Y li E. , . . M. B , . ' ' . . U 1 - , . , - , . 1 . -V ' I V MWWMI A' I 4 VYW.. 1 2,55 V, " 4. . I H lj I 2 1 ',. I fl I ,,,f. , 1 fp ,A I irq 7W'7fvj,"w-V I A' ,EQ CLASS GF 1 954 CLASS SONG- We were the Sophornores of old Leyden High Now were the Iuniors, we'11 be Seniors by ond by So 1et's stand together ond forever We'11 tight Stcrnd up, cmd cheer for deczr old Leyden And our dork Maroon ond White! UNDECIDED hm Hardesty President Gerda Muel Secretary Kathleen Grote Treasurer Mrs Levy and Mr Hanson C Sponsors , : - ler, Vice-Presidenl: Barbara Sexton. : . : . . . o- Mrs. LevY ..Cqfe" Row 1 G Hallgren B Kennedy V Lee D Ferraro I Donahue D Kenny redrzckson M Erland Row2 V Glass R Egger! D Pulahne G Erickson F Muntwyler Iowmenke K Elwardt I Magnan How 3 e11y C Wzeczorek, M Kowalsln B Togersen D Carpenter addxno A Foley M Knackstedt M Swrll D Kas! S Johnson e1ge1 Mrs Levy Row 4 V Smarfo G Nelson G Ieske D Donovan A Stellrnach I Hardesty Row 1 I Larsen C Fefzner E Doarnhasch M Zak P Kures M DuBozs Vaughn S Bauer Row 2 P Lrnd R LaBee I Bons I Suneczkawskx I Ehardf I Magom Falkenberg I Versfaf W Sargatz Row 3 Mss Cagle B arper B Barnes I Brosfron I Crxspeels R eeves P Carnuchael -55" 'fa s S C09 M1?202 le Mrs. Fmmolo M-206 'K Wm ow 1 M Derengowskx I Dwasmewskm V Prxola M Lee I Kztowskl I Szwankows 1 Row 2 D Wdson A Lasky I Bonnesen I Hanna H Mxller A Dunternan E Vanderneu R Cramer Row 3 K Sxmpson I Demer D Padovxc L Phxlhps I Havhcek B Bxanchx Mxss Cr1sweII Row 4 R Brennan I Mornson P Snopko I Bruska D Iohnsen E Nardmx Row I. D.Koranda A. Cody R Grxenke D. Mower M.SaIahno K Messer L LoGa1bo ow 2. I. Haney M. Carson P. Bisiry E. Moiiati I. Norton E La Turno R. Schierhorn T. Hooghxnd N. Kasper Row 3: H.Fair R. Spanzcak R Kotecki F. Fanella. Row 4: I. oheroya L. rnory B. Bielick I. Malapanes L. Roberts A Hartman D. Carlson Ice Akre R. Chavez. arf FQ wfff uh ,WN-3 M1ss Cnsweu S 104 on Mr Hans MUSIC Room Rowl C Morgan V Formger R Olson L Coffman M Mohle D Mc Donald A Russell I Isenhart P Vogt Row 2 W Miller D Stewart E Conlm E Fandel F' Fxelder W Kazlerod ompson D West C Blucker Row 3 P Blum T Iaamks I Coo D Iames M Pesce B " Bystrelc D uttkammer C oleman Mr H li' R Romano Fulmer P Nelson R Strawn I Pokorney I Dannelley olburn I Spencer D Novak Rowl F Peterson D Koll man C Merrill R roper L Osolm A Row 2 Patrone L Pellxcane Pxslre mslcem I Nagel R Mark Row 3 S Pal ese co I Gostmg I ODonnel L ln chnexderwmd Row 4 M Kuns T .mf-If-2 VM? Kuns MJ., 1cs I P ' 'x 'fl . - S x I ff, , 2 , it z ' f Q 4 , 3 ' ' . W 1' .- If I A 1 Ol 'K 1 . 3 'Lrh '1. 11 " " ' : . , . ' , . lc, . , . , ..,tramaglio, D. , . P , . Harris, C. Mortloclc, . , LC . . anson. ow 4: L. Kilicm, D. , . , . , . , . . R. C , . , . . : F. K ' , . , . . : . . . ' , . ' l. . .P-"':"' A 'lo, H. S ' ' . : rl . " ' xi, ,rip ,ei '- i Mr Roal M lugson L.. vi Row 1 BIohrn G Bumekl B Show P HeaIe K Grote I.. Rodnguez KIem Row 2 I D Amuto C House N Buduck I Leper B Ironsrde G Augus hrxe L McOsker B Sxttler Row 3 I Gregg R Bruuer Row 4 M1IIer W Conover I Sccrdmo E HoImcm I Schrmdike R Anderson Mmss Murphy Row I ch P Tnppxedx G Mueher P Erxckson B MuIIu:xux N Smyth G Schuhz I Vcmarsdall Row 'L K Angle S Kapruhs Y Rxckmon I Keklermcmn E Bauer R Sbarboro D Schwartz C Beyer B Aboh A Wexss Row 3 R Gukxn C HGH C Buckert M Ceccdcx Row 4 r Roalson I Krupkc R Adcrnek R Oglelree pxlotro R Ulrxch D Puukcxmmer I Phxlhps F OCaIIcrgharx T Mall res sen T BcxrteIs I Bocxan I. , . cff r QW! 'ki ,I ' WMP, . P fi 1 E IJ. ,r 7,441 fr A :D. .. .. .. .. .- ' - G. '. :.' ,. ,. ,. .. '.. - ,. ,. . :. ,. . BE. I I - .. -1- 1- I . ,. . :. ,. ,. .. . 7- 1- ,. 1. . :NL .. .. .. ,M.S' . . .- .. .. h- .. ,. . 7 i Y, I , , ,X V ir x 4 PM S ' - Ir. A .4-"' la D, I I ,, A Mxss Murphy M 202 West! M52 100 "THQ 1 J Roland e B Sexton M Buck I Txedemann M Many eger S Stetkus S Rolfe G Haga S Hackett Row 3 A Wehmer A Zenker D Taylor D Smetana Row4 R Sommerheld E Wnght H Talbot '1' Clohesy R Wel er D Lange R Swzder W Ades E Scherbarth I Gunderson Yetsky Miss Weston 4 X "'5.,5f3W f Al- f 4 -fix 6 19" x V TOO YOUNG 66 CLASS OF 1 955 Carol Ezsenmann Secretary Donald Loigren Presxdent Theodore Eaves CLASS SONG What has become of all the httle Freshles Green Who came to Leyden to get some knowledge so lt seems? They tr1ed lt a day Then declded to stay And all because they heard you say They d thr111 to leave these seats some day' l ' , : , ' : Treasurer: Bernard Hirt, Vice-President. , I , . . Cam M1SSM.204 den 'Fr Ou. Row 1 R Rxzzo L LaP1erre B Anderjeslu B Commzso T Caflero B Sweet Row 2 C Kirk M Morell1 L Dobson I. Maturno Row 3 K Pearson I Lzclco F Hanssen D Reynolds L Kmg P McG1ll rss Camden Row 4 R Brook H Selvzclc H Walters I Ehrenberg Howl L Naples I Seeley D Luefh D Bxllmgs I Bosserrnan Stana Row 2 Zaccan D McDowel M Buerer C Dressel M Nardzm erpstra Mzss Flood Howl? Palahne L Dutton I Clandor F Brand M Hedenberg Chnshansen S Weldon Row4 H Butler Fl Wxfhng R Pehoslu W Nrclzols A Anderson C Searle I Ylvzsalcer . Flood mime Mr W 102 Ierome Row 1 D Skolozynskr V Lee F Shernberg S Danchxk P Sexton X Van Wxele C Sylvester M Tower Row 2 B Heard B Pcxdlo M Murray C Seh D Hexberger S HoweH S Kohvoda R Burrms L Zcxwxshxk I Loacker I Pearson G Keliey R Krause Row 4 B Rexss T Ncudmm W Henne K Wexk Mr Grcxnzm Row 1 G ocque C Pellow M Hennessy M Andreusen L Duda P Szwcxykuri B Atkms G Dxgxrchxrnor R Rus e Row 2 D Bauer D :mE-ynde Scmsoneth R Brhel P Wmkey W Sturm X Grushku E. Schoo R Drcxdy T Hogan B Noesges Row 3 Bumette T Mcxrhnus K Scyure R Xohnson S Hatlcz R ag! R Raynxak C Thompson W Rowkxnd I Cechmx Mr Ierome M r G Unzm Library I W -I 6: , I A kno I. . ., Y A M 4335 I , . f 1 + 1 I - Row 3: L Trcxier, R. Melesio, M. Schdkowski, P. Ghxtczcxk, P. Palghren. 1 . R , . , . , . . . , . ' , . ' . . ' ' , . k . : . , . V , L '. . ' . . ' . . , S N f ,L , x ' 3 K? M . Kolilanes rLibrGfY .A Row 1 B Drury L Mczrconz E Fodat D McV1cker C Exsenmann D Icy nksorus N Wnglzt Row 2 Y Rall S Champley L Ekrncm A Gcxtz R Schremer I Vasel S ocxslco A Schultz H Busscr Row!! R Machxnek A Anderson N Lenz E Swxck M Beavers H Behnke I Crawford S Heole I Vollers Mr Koclanes Howl C Green D Iczrvzs N Nelson D Schmxdt I Paoella C Owen Marxcmo C Welfzng Row2 A K1ssa I Sturm T Mczrhna K Zagorsln N Hzchardson Mzller I Smalley P McManus D Gard I Pres! Row 3 E Smzth D Peterson G Scott I Verdone I Zeumer R Fxtzpatrzck Row 4 E Ades R Boyd L Murray I Knslcy B Kenny Mr Monk Mr Monk W-107 Q , :f 'xx . -x I s ' I ' - , Wi ,, -nfl '71 A ,.. '15 . E, ' v I ' I If I V . 1 I I 4 Am, I-cf' .an ' P.A , . ' . S. , . . : . ' ne.. , . ' , . ', . ' , Q 4' , 'wi -' 5 IAHI4 Ar , . X - ,l ,, Ll", - Q --- Y ' X , 4 , J 9 - 8 ?"i , 4 ' v Q 3 ' L - N 1 , Mr Sa M 201 Yers Row l S xlnes M Regula A Brssell G Rmgler S Chylewskx P Mc Nally D Vogelsung E Cnslante ow Z D Cashllo 1-X Arendt D Becker W Lenz B Hall Pr Chom Row 3 De Muth H Deutscher C Eaton B Arnundsen H Lustro W Dxduch R Hanna B Conners D Barloga Mr Murray Row l rmih C Mxlnes N lohnson B Mclieilrxck C Muller C Fanella B Heaslell l Kozrol P Doy e Row 7. Low M Ruby I ansserx E Mueller E Lamg P Gxllespxe A Pocewxcz 1 Hoeh L Schullo M Buulelrnann Row 3 D Kuchhoil T Spaldmg F Clemens T Eves C Devxence D Toeplce L Bxerman R Sxeverl R Ormerod E Hertz R Kaufman Mr Sayers Mr Mur T D any K .Pk 1 K I - M, v ' A 5 1 1, Q 4 ' ' '. I 5 ,f 4 f , ' QS . . Vx Q l R 1 . ' , . . . . . . . , . ', l. Deddo. Y. Barts. :L I . . , . , . , . . :LS ' . . ' . . , . ' . . ' . . . Y , , ' lx - E - 'fffft . F E s . sfruuss MIS-203 Row I M Cherry R Eppolxto B Brown M Hellyer I Burneff S Bramble I Ierman Row 2 B Anderson L Bluthardt C Descaurouez M McCullough A Conlxn V A 1 o ho F D1Ranna Row 3 B Byrnes W ankowsln G Croznbze I Flowers P Pedersen acak H Prehm K Brmkmann Mr Strauss Row 4 Woynowlak D Gerz M Vetrovec B Swartz D Hansen ad eld F Demann W Nxmzetz Row C Donahue A Deuter B Gormck M Rodriguez B W rner B Hear! C Foster Fanella A Palade Row Mzller V Egeberg P Sol S Woyfow I Srmfh D Putfkammer P cC1e1Ian T P1ra1no Miss W zte Row Wil es I Hauger K Zxese D Tessler C Montgomery D ofgren P W11 e W Lemke E Nojek How Sherry R Wydra E Busch R Holmstrom I Schopp H Kerner aDe1!a B Hlff I Heike f"'4 'wg White Mlfizoa fl, -1 fi Q , 5 i r l o r L E B v C I I P 9 T J I i E ,fin iz X Ax . x 5 4 1 v E, E M f ,A Ni 4 ig 3 Q 5 1 ' 4 E ip Q, 3 2 2 5 Af ,www 1 . sr ff -If , Y , H, i .sms . ft W1-1? , L K' R , 5, , A 2' ' ' :if ' ' , V022 V L gg' f ' V .ff sf ALM' 3 'wfw 2 w f 2 sf ff? M , A ,M . -- -if 36 X Z i gig? W Q X Qi :1 Af' f y. 4, , -53? 4 a Q I I x 3' f we LY I X . Zf:?55...f:.',., -4 fgigfifm I '.,:,,,:,,, .,... f ,mr .r WW Ia, F2 s .. fig, " 2 5, 3 1: Rf: ff'-? 3 .. - . .. -, rv. - ?'Ef'1f1: Q 1 5 ' z --VQ V A 1-l':iQ?i5?35V.:?',w 'Q ,. V ff' ' :' wwg. -ag4Q,w,' -, " Q' ' 5 U , yu .,. EA 5' 5 z 2 J ,wb I .14 , Y .1 . X 1 rw '5 , L ' 2 aff if Z 5 . V if 2 E , M47 f , Z 5 2 1 4 . 3, E 1 . 11 g 'fi Q' if 2 52 5 f fi 4 ,,b 4 . 1 gi if ' E2 ,F ,X V1 I if ' 3, 3 E? f , f , - , ' 2 155 V L A ggi' fi 3 " " 5' li 2 r f M A Z ,,, 5 V if A ? ix 0 i" ".xv. 1 xiii. fffz 1 , 2 . 'V A 1 .lg 'S Shirley McClelland, Secretary: lohn Ru- zecki, President: Ronald Larson, Vice- President: Io Ann Haubner, Treasurer, not pictured. 'lflhftouf C. on Since Mr. Daniel Tkach, director of the vocal depart- rnent, has been at Leyden, he is responsible for the de- velopment of the finest choir our community has ever heard. The A Cappella choir, composed of fine, hard- working students, has put Leyden Community l-ligh School on the map, singing their way into the peoples hearts with their inspirational sacred and secular music. Love for music is the secret of the members' vitality and perfection. The A Cappella choir is more than willing to sing for any community organization or church, Pro- viding background music for the Christmas Pageant and performing a two hour Spring Concert are the two largest concerts the choir prepares. But, they also perform for the Thanksgiving Assembly, Music Assembly, Annual Music Festival and Graduation Exercises. BARITONES lames l-lardesty Tom Carney loe Naples Ralph Markese Edwin Iohnson larries Morrison SECOND SOPRANOS Dorothy Zawislak Virginia Marszalek Shirley Kellerman Kathleen Grote Marilyn Zwolanek loan Stout Sandra Bauer Lois Link Shirley Carlton Shirley McClelland Dolores Proper Nancy luka FIRST SOPRANOS lanet Lernke lanet lsenhart Phillis Ruppert Phyllis Bistry Rosann Markese Mary Ann Wahl Marilyn De Silvio Marilyn Hill lo Ann Leper Barbara Togersen leanne Austin Phyllis Galbraith Lydia Awe Arlene Sie-bold Marilyn Gunderson BASSES Ioseph Kramer lim Strawn lered Botheroyd Charles Bergmann Robert Bartz Donald Wood lohn Ruzecki lohn Karalus SECOND CHOIR TENORS Ronald Ore larnes Gunderson Stewart Lawrence Ronald Larson Eugene Piraino Charles Latin SECOND ALTOS Elaine Harris Sharon Mueller Barbara Kennedy Lucille Pellicane Ieanette Folkerts loyce Norton Frances Cherry lo Ann Nielsen FlRST ALTOS Carol Mortlock Arlene Iohnson Arthurene Russell Lois Coffman Emily Koehler Carol Wieczorek Ann Westman Beverly lronsides Barbara Heyden NOT PICTURED Barbara Shanks lo Ann Haubner Margaret Viani Wayne King 76 . . . fA8 a oufci Welle? 6116! As We enter the musrc room We hear comments from Mr Tkach such as S t up strarghtl Relax' Dont forcell Freshmen mterested rn slngmg are dlvrded rnto tfvo choruses the boys chorus and the glrls chorus There IS also a second cholr wlnlcd IS a rrore advanced group of mrxed vorces Thrs year a new group has been added to the ever growrng muslc department It IS called the Vocal Instrumental class consrstrng of freshman grrls selected by musrc tests Durrna the Week they spend halt of the1r tlme playlng the vroltn and the other half slnglng The v1ol1n ards them 1n developrng sklll rn srght readlng muslc and lTG1l'111"1Q thetr sense ot prtch . tt - . 1 I - 1 1 L - 1 H . . . , . . , Y A 1. , - f . . . . . 1 - ,, - , , . 9u.,x fc ' "'3f'9Qa V4 L..,JN-AS awk 1 I 9 af Lvl yas YO I 1 fx NM aQf f5flf5'f 942 4 'X' 'F'-V .X X ,RQ A3 .J A K 1 Q .4 ,,,, L 1 35 ig i I 4 fx. bmi gl O4'f . 'gg J I! 4 bw X LV 5 M Y, K r 5, I-nl A 'Q W y QQ , 'X ' 'Q ,. .Q ' A A f ' f' , M, , ' ' 5, f . ': " if - y -fs, 5 X lf-. V . K im , - 1 ' . if 3 414,99 rxsf .f A K in 9 4 ' .A ,WM . QW , evgm 8 ii Qf:-gffi' if, W? if 1233 " 3?-RL 56y3'fY'.6Qx Q ff .ff if .a'- ff- 1-M , , , ,Uh ,v 4,,, W 9 gyfiv df W if V yi '.- Xxx if '63 ' imp if f M f M 2 4 w .el J if f if ? as "3" Q? 'Tl' 9' ' ng , Q E A. I 1 agua- h J T f ,.' jgff -9,-1 fucy Y u 'SL 'I K 1 an .S-l A,': :Z ,J A-I I Y' 1 X., wi ,'f,LN, E 5 NK.: AJ' Og!!! ans! .SJtl'0I'lg Io!-hm Kerr, 2nd Lieutenant: Lenny Hey, 2nd Lieutenant: Richard Ferguson, lst Lieutenant: Tom Hart, lst Lieutenant: Elise Segroves. Captain TUBAS Elise Segroves Irene Allen Frank Allen Iames Taubman lack Strebel Iames Boris SAXOPHONES Ted Hooglund Edward Paul Dick Ogeltree Iohn Wadsworth Leonard Hey Margaret Carmen Lorraine Tripoli TRUMPETS Bruce Anderson Shirley Holman Clyde Pasvogel Bill Sorgatz Robert Harder Ioyce Havlicek Harold Talbot Dick Kudrna 80 Tim Sandvoss Allen Duntemann Violet Besser Sue Farnham Ken Ziese CLARINETS Charles Rice IoAnn Kerr Pat Doyle Ion Grushka Lorraine Nielsen Ellen Tiedemann Lucille Naples Charlene House Mary Schroeder Iames Norich Bill Haney Estelle Ann Cady Arlene Foley Elizabeth Cristante lane Ann Prest Kay Schlegel Ianet Kellerman WOODWINDS Ann Griseto Leonard Hey Karl Hieber PERCUSSION Earl Grote Sally Warneke Tom Magoon Norman Bolda Wayne Brodkorb Torn Hart Bob Netzel Margaret McCullough Ianet Petro Row 1: Denise Ganshirt, Gloria Sullivan, Captain: and May Lou Snyder. Row 2: Barbara Sexton. Barbara Allen, and Sue Buerer. TROMBONES William Choin lvar Ylvisaker Ernest Holman Stanley Heddleson Melvyn Bruhns Dan Donovan Marlene Strebel Pat Clark FRENCH HORNS Mark Vogel lean Tiedemann Richard Ferguson Dorothy Lowrie Leyden's Band has had an active year under the direction of Mr. Sigurd Swan- son. Due to his capable leadership and his friendli- ness, the band willingly followed his direction for the annual Spring Band Concert and the l952 Music Festival. The morale of athletes and students was given a boost at football games by their music. The band adds considerably to the success of the Exchange Assembly with Bensenville as well as many other general assem- bly meetings and community affairs. ,Nfl sg! U 1 .il-ufure ana! memL0r5 aaa.-I Our freshman band is a splendid start towards future successful Leyden bands. The Orchestra, also under Mr. Swanson's direction, played for the Iunior and Senior Plays, the Music Festival, and are very willing to co-operate whenever they are called on lor other school projects. The Brass Sextet is heard at various assemblies and pep rallies, .9 ,Near fAe Orckedfra aging Sl 5 jjiggffi -1 'Y f 1 L N .Af .9 CHQGI' C9 .gjtlftdelflf OMFLCL Row I D Maser L Lo Gcxlbo I Tledemcmn Todd P Fox Thompson T Hart N Tuka A Dent Row 2 M Vogel R Ro mano P Carmxchcxel L Kxllmger I Kordu A Iohnson B Sexton Row 3 T Icy H 11 kmson I Rekus I Ruzeckx C Ryberg Rw4I LuTumo I o Hardesty C Fcmaro b Bxgsby C Hle er A Lasky D Mork ow 1 T ar Thompson P Fox I Todd Row 2 Mr Kennedy d t Councd ranks hlghest on the Of all the clubs at Leyden Stu en t t dents who stnve for a better more demo hst It 1S made up o s u crat1c Leyden S me ot the act1v1t1es that they sponsor are mtportant events of ord dances, and the o the year, such as the Homeconnng f9St1V1I1SS, rec d t our home football and basketball all lmportant concesslon stan s a games 84 f 4 C ' 1 y 1. . , M1 . X' ' I I . 1. - ' f I ' I " - 4 ,I . . 3 y. . ' . . . I , , 1 n I I I 2 O'DovJd, Kuczon, I: I . , . . I - 4 ' E. - '. 1 - 1 R : . H t, M. S ,CJ-0!!0l,U fAQ QGJQI' Vogel, R. Fox, D. Kennedy. A. Russell, R. Romano, I E. Harris. G. Durante, T. Hart, B Sexton. Row 4: I. Knopf, E. Segroves H. Wilkinson. I. Ruzecki, I N. Tuka. L. Rohr. f "'--,, The Leaders' club is Composed primarily of the officers ot the various clubs at Leyden. The main purpose ot the Leaders' organization is to unite all the classes and solve different school problems that arise throughout the year. lt has promoted the cut-in program and sponsors the fun-night. Miss Taylor was chosen as counselor for this group. TALKING OVER PROBLEMS 85 Row 1: I. Azzaro, K. Grote, B. Dahlgren, M. Wahl, M. Row 2: I. Nielsen, S. Holman. Tiedemann, M. Thompson, Row 3: L. Killinger, N. Lugo, I. Hardesty, R. Miro, I. Todd, O'Dowd, B. Bartz, I. Rekus. jkeg oue jkeir li F19 'aol I g Maroon caps and white sweaters are found on only one type ot fellows, the hardest working and most out- standing athletes. Any boy earning a maior letter in his favorite sport is eligible tor member- ship. They stand for sportsmanship and team work. The Club sponsors the annual Basketball Iamboree, a dance, and the spring and fall "ly Club Banquet. Mr. Ierome Mohrhusen is their sponsor 1. L. The Girls Athletic Association is a club for girls who are interested in sports, The girls come after school and at night to participate in various sports. This year something new has been added - swimming. During the year the girls earn awards which are presented at the annual Spring Mother and Daughter Banquet Besides sponsoring the different sports, G A. A, takes part in playdays, all girls Christmas party, HL" Club playnight, initiation and a dance. Uh E. Segroves, S. Holman, B. Row l: I. Knopf, B. Dahlgren, E. Segroves. I. Tiedemann S. Holman, R. Romano. Row 2: Mrs. Levy, B. Dahl, G. Vesely, B. Shanks, I. Havlicek I. Scheidler. Row 3: L. Rohr, D. Warnecke, S. Farnham, N. Luga. 4: M. Wahl, S. Warnecke, I. Isenhart. I. Kellerman A. Russell, M. Vogel. I. Allen. Dahlgren, I. Tiedemann, R. Ro- mano, I. Knopf, Mrs. Levy. Row Row 1: I. Ruzecki, I. Kramer. Row 2: L. Bork. R. Isenhart. . S '14 X' y 'ax , , Q maj . 'tr' f-fb A ' it ' I 1 xl.l Aft ' . 1: B. Bradley, E. Bigsby, I. Kramer, L. Bork, I. Ruzecki, R. Isenhart, E. Grote, A. Ghilardi. Row 2: R. Ferguson, I. Black, A. Drenncm, D. Earl. D. Drogemueller, L. Hey, T. Iay, T. Schilerl. Row 3: I. Strebel, B. Green, C. Bergmann, I. Rende, I. Kuehn. R. Kiss, R. Larson, I. La Turno, I. Murawska. 4: D. Reynolds, T. Winard, E. Piraino, K. Spoo, D. Kuczon, G. Durante, H. Wilkinson. D. Plier, D. Mork. 4. .T . Row Row 1 R .14 very err MnLirfAv!ay fo -ou Row 1: L. Link N. Tuka D. Kenned , . Y, I. Azzaro. Row 2: L. Schullo, S. Glowienke P. Pahl, M. Hennessy, D. Franz L. Awe, B. Kennedy. Row 3: C. Reder, B. Stramaglio, P Heale, P. Trippiedi, L. Milnes, Row 4: L. Osolin, B. Brown, I. Korda M. Henderson, B. Summers, P Ridge, D. Miller, L. Kanwischer, I. Denier, The Leyden Girls' Leagues sloaan this year is ilUnited We Stand", which helps to make every girl feel as though she belongs to Miss Iones' big happy family of girls. The L. G. L.'s most important event this year was the mem- bership 'lunhirthday party," lt also sponsors and participates in the all girls' assembly, Choc- olate Chats, Christmas party, Senior Mother and Daughter Tea and the Freshman Mixer. Miss lones, N. Tuka. L. Link, D. Kennedy, I. Azzaro. fX Unbirthday Party Maureen Schacht. Peggy Gliddon, Nancy Eng- mann, Faith Thomas, Io Ann Haubner. Yliakofoling fke orcfz of onor -Q-umm 5134 ng.. M, or W ...m A'.a,,.w:" 4,m.m27".::g, Q Row Row Row Row 88 if ,. Wllkmson M Thompson K Volkman I Ruzeckx M Vogel E Segroves D Kuczon Bartz T Hart Thomas P Rldge C Vahlm A Den! D Kennedy E Harns I Knopi B Dahlgren Lowne L Rohr Frednckson E Stalder D Earl P Meyer E Bunk N Luga R Larson N Tuka Wahl Zasadney E Bxgsby S Romano A Weslmcm I York A group of outstanclrng rumors and senlors are chosen each year to become members of the Natronal Honor Socrety by the-1r classmates and teachers They symbohze scholarshrp leadershrp character and servrce The N H S sponsors the Homecomrng Dance the sprrng banquet for new members and College Day along wrth the help of Mrss Marrette Murphy and Mr Ernest Rerucha fs lf! 0.6 7- I Ruzeclu D Kennedy M Vogel E Horns 1:H.",. ,. ,. .. ,. , B. , . . 2:F. ,.'.. ',. ,. ,. ',. ,. . D. ' . . . 3:R. ' ,. ,. ,. , M. . 4: Y. , . ' . . , . , . . 1 , - i . 12 Wy if C? 'Qi rf .fff ff H 5 fag, V. cfgyws X ,. Q r .E-,fi . 3 X -: i -A 1 fi , A ,W R 'W ..w.1,x X . 1. ,Lit S ff! I llllnq hi l'Il,,y1yF mlurzmg 'H-.xIm,.5 N X"--'rrmonzqs fzxzlgjlxrjyb ffm-bk Mak H im v :Huy 4 mov' SS Gm not H MY wav K f iv 1- x f Nvvmx Xiu wwf U 4 Taj l,g-ydewg 195 vxownul this a mfr Ymxnemmin um, .,,, me 1 arnl Vthlin K John Rekusl tin' ' Flaine Mi' ,MM pr 1 uma X , ,. 14, .f LEYD EN HI LITES ,ani 1 TM: L "V Qu fOr tp Ifien Eggle W U6 Ari, . Pres 0 Ifljyp ' L Tlfvle GHLS U .CMSII1 Glas- ivfo Mupervision Ofseiil undef wg r M ' ' elidrl Il 01' 1' 'W ffivit URM ' mumph Team w Tasse H. ' H 1-rm. n Ya ffflnzin ,, X ggvent nz., 'I'-xxx Nxvr, Huh x , Huh 50x71-Llkkuck Nm-ra Ney-r, hen Vvinhfrxl. R1-ku-. kirm-xx Auzustirw, , . Hrrxnke, Koh Utxrw, Bob Nardvf. ,Huh Kuhhw, 'Yum NN inard. Joe Kru- Kmer, .hmm Nlunxv-aka. Mm 'Yank- 'man .md .xrnmd Ghihrdi. tlmrad Ryhn-rg, Georste Dunmte, Jnhn Kondo. Huh Vrfildlvy. TO!!! ,-lrruhrk, Ron Lar-un, Tum Hurt M-fry Jug, mm nn-.1xfmg:vw Bob Krern, Lnluf- Burk, Dan N-una and Hu--h Umm-nmuXh-v, V ' xg-xxx m-u.'v--Xe xv , X , , f . ' 'XX--n Xi Uwmw.-.x. ' mmm . N 1 0 K m1Yvw. .Kuhn Ru- V1 " ME. ' 1 I K X xx . i 1.-f' - 1' ,- 31,-ami X 1 f I F X . xx-,. YA Juhns-mx. FA Vauk j7'1lI?'t' if! am, Prxce loc v , lrr pntest We 11 ty - 91 S Grove .- Bffl J.Ll Cljfff. 1-Y., Dues, Q Qijfvff md Qffde up O. A-A Gly pwxdv 'V-A4013 ,l-T ' l'1lL1-fel Af JUG Th I Jie: , 'S 'f-'ruff 6 Levde Jtffff "L CQVQQW ' N A "K-"wi, ' I JIS Gverx' 3 ?3f.Q1f3f nr 1 I "r IQC. ,fy Ifulle LCG- A -'A 1fJpEf 'i-",l.fVAi' wljrgf.. "'-- jlff X AF' Lrg, 'f2'f1f. .AX 1951 Gffmwzn. Gmrrge, llvorp, f khrxi 15,59--,',,, . Wilmg frown lWih1-A fm ' XM, lv- - iw-2-tv-fw. Tv.: "Qu-R XRN21 Hui lrrlrhn ryw- Shvl Lx xx.--rn!-.Ar vi 'Yr wp .uv-. x V nm .km .-xl-mid--x ' Q u mm, v- .1 .nat .D J"-" Xrhna' Hem 1 K 4 N 1 v-.uf 1 4 '11-mx, x AUT' -H: Y Y, n an .ur I u i mud m Q ,I .x "rude Z -.1 v L 1 lllses m uns ,V f,f I ,ff 'WS Nlhak Xhe , sn! 'amply'- 'hwy Bn A ,h" H ouiuaw -'ak n Y d hour Ehgdlr . 5 ear Il 552110 who is lm ln debtxxd v-'18 Tm n co11fQ,-,mc fffming 9 Thxg ln if ,F ,axles will may E acne Iso team omy Row 1: E. Harris, M. Vogel, A. Reinoso, H. Wilkinson. Row 2: Miss Gailey, M. Viani, F. Thomas, L. Awe, I. Stout, V. Besser, M. Wahl. Row 3: T. Hart, R. Harder, R. Larson, I. Ruzecki, P. Meyer. Row 4: Mr. Klein, C. Fa- naro, R. Bartz, T. Schiterl, E. Grote. Ernest Bigsby, President. THESPIAN SOCIETY interested in acting, rnakee up, setting up props, or stage lighting? Well then, the Thes- pian Society is the club for you. Ten points worth one hundred hours ot participation in any of the above activities will qualify you for membership. The spon- sors ot Thespians are Miss Marjorie Gailey and Mr. Ralph Klein. Top to Bottom: Howard Wilkinson, Vice-President: Ernest Bigsby, President: Marcia Vogel, Secretary: Anita Reinoso, Treasurer. jAere,5 0 gudinedd cfige ,Slow udinefid Qs DRAMA DEPARTMENT Phys pznterxiries r:3..,Qegges ZILCIYQ '.'.'Lth peed tiries Cer: ple cf Leydeh S drixrizni deggzrtfierii Uider the dlreeti Klein any interested Lehdereteb hifiden tfzlerit Cir. he devel Sli pliys, 'Joie efzenery Gci'1ert.:3: 1 rrckegf, Utd ripe ref: :QQCEL Of their tgrxe Drury: ccntxbqtes i:,'-1'gE1 te fgekgeol ZCTLVL Semhges, Pezrents C5412 Cid eptrgue C453 YK bf P V O f J I. .ete me siieue If ef Mr Ralph ped Vfcrkin: tinge tlke up ee, such is ss- CL lCLI'lg lil CLI' ORCI-lESlS Ea lv n the school year Mrss Marx Hobart 'lOldS tryouts for all alrls lnler e ed rn modern dance to be rn Or llfre rls who suc esslully pas M lrxo is are placed 1n ertner the ne mnr raup or a aeneral ramp l e be n ers learn the fundamentals a rnodern dance and the aeneral aroup rn erlarets the rrlusrc to dance steps Tlne a rcers no do a are-at deal rn Rowl A Selvxk M W hl E M1 lano Row 2 A Scoma A Dent S Ro mano A Slebold A Dent A Iohnson A Rexnoso plann ra me annual sprrna Concert put bv all the members are Mar, A lNanl Preslaent Sharon Mueller VICE Preslaenf Arlene lohnson Secretary Arlene Dent Treasurer Rowl N Iohnson C Mxller M McCullough Row 2 M Manley T PIICIIIXO D Bloom Row 3 R Noesges QPULCQ One LJ YW? TRI HI Y The Tn H1 Y ms an orgamzatxon whxch serves as a help mg hand for others Thls club sponsors dances and conducts food and clothing dnves Any tumor or sen tor gzrl who as mterested ln thls type of achvzty xs lnvlted to 1o1n Thxs club IS under the leadersh1p of Mrs Margante Iacullo Row Row Row I Schexdler Treasurer L Rohr V1cePres1den! Awe Preszdent M Wahl Secretary Holl B Dahlgren N Luga Hannan L Awe D Iohnson M Behrens AUDIO VISUAL Some of the hardest worklng boys at Leyden are our Audto Vtsual operators Under the superv1s1on of Mr Alfred Moser they learn to operate all equtprnent 1n the Audlo Vtsual department Wlnch tncludes movte protectors tape recorders play backs and strlp hlrn protector ln tl'1e1r OlllC9 at the end of the mam lou1ld1ng on the second floor repa1rs for all ma clmnes are made These boys are dotng excellent work Rowl R Sponczak L Wxs nxewskx A Werner A Flolo I Halostek Mr Moser Row Z Smallheld R Wxdra N Stanla B Ledenbach L Bork S Pxrola P Meyer Row 3 S Bam D Kammskx I Bruslce A Ghllardl E Grote I Pttzaferro Q . ll ' QS I ., I 1 4. if - - 1: . ' . : . , ' - ' ' .- .A . . . . - L- I - : l I ' ' . ' 2: P. , . , . . . . . . . . . Row 4: I. Knopf, S. Iohnson, D. Wieczorek. 1 ? Q W2 f X I 3 ,,,,,,. .Ii A I z IX ET"'-..-r-""""-"3 'fb -K MA! .Hoa fkaf line. W N 'YPA' Row Row Row Row Row l: Coach Bujan. D. Pliers, D. Netzel, R. Reynolds, l. Wadsworth, T. Winard, E. Bigsby, R. Kiss, R. Isenhart. Coach Cox. 2: R. Larson, A. Ghilardi, I. Grienke, R. Bradley, R. Rubino, E. Grote, I. Kramer, C. Bergmann. 3: I. Rende, K. Winberg, T. Hart, E. Piraino, T. Iay, T. Schiferl, R. Harder. R. Steineke, D. Nona, Mgr. 4: R. Grienke, C. Schiferl, R. Mork, A. Thompson, G. Williams, I. Myers, I. Taubman. I. Murowska, C. Ryberg. 5: R. Nardini, E. Augustine, I. Rekus, R. Bartz, G. Duranie, V. Roucka, D. Iarka, E. Pascal, R. Drogremueller, Mgr Now that the final gun has sounded and the final cheer has bellowed from the crowd, the 1951 football season has come to a close leaving the Eagles with a record of three victories and tive defeats. On the surface one might think this a poor season, but George Bujan had only five letterrnen back from the previous year and the line averaged 165 pounds, which gives a different picture. Only one team, Thornton Fractional, beat Leyden by more than one touchdown, that being an 18-7 victory. VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES Leyden vs. Bensenville ......, 34-U Leyden vs. Blue lsland .,...... 6-7 Leyden vs. Thornton Fractional 7-18 Leyden vs. Belvidere ......... 7-6 Leyden vs. Downers Grove . . .20-19 Leyden vs. Kankakee ,....... 14-19 Leyden vs. Thornton Harvey . .21-29 Leyden VS. Steinrnetz ....,,... U-6 ve-Q-,.., --4, Ev B , 4+ f X ,Q 'PQ I f Q A , -01.7 3 jr.. ., N'-.f - ' XL IAQ w :Q 14 ix " Q v A 1 .Mfg .A fm 'F 'W , Q , ,mv-""' T Yi . .ry "' f , 1 , ' ', . - ff f,,. ' I 4 . - Hx x'CQif-fain' 1 " ' -ff , ,315 3, , by MQ45 1 A K ' 6 ' "fr," Y :WCM f , " ' f 1 10, ' v av 'kr' ,!5'J?Z- V v' ' ' QV' 1 0149 on fke gridiron nm. mm --.......l Y' SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL TEAM A Duntemann L Innocentmz D Wxlson W De Long R Koteclu E Fandell B Glass I Hanna I Haney T Hooglund M Vetrovxc R Shlerhorn I Scardmo D Novak R Welter I Mxller I Hardesty Mgr T Clohesy I Krupka E Holman C Blucker L Emory I Spencer V Smarto E Nardlm R Chavls H Swyder D Iohnson D Gerg A Harman I Mornson L Roberts Coach Granzm and Coach Reltzel Row Row Row Row Row 4' 98 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM Howl R Melxseo W Rexse H Deuther D Hatfmexster I Hanger W Nlemetz Coach Corchran Row 2 R Wydra I Ylvxsaker T Eves W Nxchols W Swartz I Shelton W Muller Row 3 T Matxna T Allen S Henle D Toepke B Sherry L Murray E Smxth R Steele filunmu K 1 7 Q I u r v 1 n v ,- , , 4: . ' , . . . , . , . , . ' , . . ft I if 'U V L 'M I It . 1 7 7 L , . ic, 1 V W - 1 . . fm Y P We f' 'Qt , tw XX : . ' , . , . , . , . , . , . ' , . . pee g Wiferfi Row 1: R. Gulun, R. Or- merod, I. Pcxlade, I. Black, P. Locashio. Row 2: F. Allen, S. Domontay, E. Paul, D. Kuczon, M. Spilotro, I. Bochian, Coach Mohrhusen. Row3:E. Conlin, I. Herman, D. Proper, L. Hey, A. Drenncm, I. Ruzecki, E. Iohnson. MAIOR LETTER WINNERS Captam Iolm Ruzeckl Al Drennan Eddle Raul Ed Conlm Frank Allen Larry Htll Eddle Iohnson Terry Black TEAM RECORD Wan 6 Lost l Cdual meetsl Wan State D1str1ct Meet Placed 4th tn State Emals Erosh Saph Team placed 2nd m Leyden Invttattonal Meet CROSS COUNTRY TEAM OF 1951 '44 fp' t I 4 . ,vw 4 V,-lf I Q ...M . , - , .,.,. l .2 14:5 'U' Forward Gary Wil11ams Forward Ken Wmberg Forward Lenny Hey Guard Rich Nardiello Guard Iack Gremke Center Dave Proper Forward Conrad Ryberg Fo ward Tom SChlfEl'1 Guard Dick Reynolds ff 'yu 6 'Af 7 14,1 , t it All VIL! ,M j -'I 7 1 il 1 , 1' ' . I MQ A ,mw- - W WV., V, 1 1 Manager Bob Rubino 102 Leyden Leyden Leyden Leyden Leyden Leyden Leyden Leyden Leyden Leyden Leyden Leyden Leyden Leyden Leyden Leyden Leyden Leyden Leyden Leyden Leyden Leyden Leyden Leyden Leyden Couch George Cox vs. York .........., vs. Ioliet Cotholic .... Vs. Elgin ...,........ vs. Lockport ...,., 1 , , vs. Polotine ,.......,..... vs. Thornton Township ..,,.. vs. Konkokee .......,...... DE KALB TOURNAMENT vs. Genoa ........ .,....... vs. Sycomore .............. vs. Belvidere ...,........ vs. Thornton Froctionol . . . vs. Argo .......,...... vs. Blue Islcmd .,.,.., vs. Bloom i..... vs. Lockport ..,. vs. Belvidere .... vs. Thornton Vs. Kornkokee ..,.. vs. Frolctionol .... vs, Argo ,...... vs. East Auroro . .. vs. Blue lslond vs. Bloom ..,....,..... ,.,, REGIONAL TOURNAMENT vs. Orlond Pork .,...,..... vs. Proviso ......, 25-39 46-51 53-61 64-51 62-49 43-58 50-56 52-31 49-47 39-43 50-45 57-39 37-46 59-84 36-59 63-49 21-33 39-52 35-33 47-42 53-36 42-38 34-63 51-41 24-51 Manager Dan Nona 0,9 WOUA Cagerd lamb K SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL TEAM Row 1 D Fulmer I Krupka E Mxller D Wxlson D Novak I Scurdmo Row 2 I HGfCl9SLY Mgr R Chavez I Mornson L Roberts I Malapanes I Mlller Coach Grcmzm ...K FHESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM Row 1 H Butler. Mgr, W Maller, D Reynolds,l Ylvlscxker I Zvemer, S Henle M Veterovel Row 2 R Sieele, T Allen, R Holmstrom, D Toepke, D Gerz B Sherry, Coach Corchran I if 1 A 4 :F-'z A P s I ' X W 5 E2 23 so ' if 19 56 V ? -A .sw 3 5 A 9, EB f X 549 ffm I ,jk Z4 I In - cralalaing ralalo ard VARSITY TEAM Row 1: T. Scmdvoss. I Palcxde, L. Innocenti E. Bigsby, P. Loccxshio R. Ferguson. Row 2: Couch Murray, G. White. T. Icry. R Larson, E. Nardini, L Stieber, I. Novich. Le der Lewden Le den Le de Le den L en Lexden Le de Leyde le den Leyden New Tner Blue lsldnd Provlso Thornton Mome Wdukeodn Molne l-l nsdole Nlles Eloln Blue lslond FROSH SOPH TEAM W1 I Novlch Haney M Cecclcz P Carhno N Richard son I Gostmg Row2 F Clemens T Clohesy D Iohnson T Ncxrdlm T Hoog land Vfl3lESlLlNG TEAM SCORES 1624 4 6 "1 You en Thornton en E J Pston n Nlles en Hlverslde CONFERENCE MEET F st Pl e Tnornlon 40 polnte Second H CI e Ley den 34 polnts ST ATE MEET L. Sleoer ploced tnnd 1U l33-lb, Gloss. OUQ alll? 51,5 Eff? TENNIS TEAM Row 1: F. Bruhns C. Dayhofi. N. Boldcx N. Anderson. son. L. Hey, D. Earl M. Hcmsen. , ,V xvvufxx Xu: ' 'I 4 f 1 'IN' . ,fl I JQMQQ , g f 5 a Omer. A yi'Uqx'r bql.,-:QQ ,N , ak YI , Q, ,--. 1 PM - use 1 M we QE .A VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM Row 1: S. Domontcxy, R. Miro. A. Nurdiello, T. Winard, E. Lueth, C. Flick, B. Colbert, I. Lud- vicksen, I. Wadsworth, I. Pcxlade, F. Mack. Row 2: Coach Corchrcm, T. Terrcmova, R. Steineke, G. Courtney, D. Iohnson. K. Winberg, D. Mork, G. Hennum, B. Greene, B. Netzel. Row 2: E. Grote, H. Lar- J ffl' 110 ,,,..- m-..,,,M Bram. Rowl V Roucha G Wxllnams D West C Kirk R Halsheld I Kaufman T Hooglund I Sansonettx T Naxdml 'l' Allen R Holmslrom D Hansen R Ramak D Reynolds Row I Ylvxscxlrer 'I' Clohesy D Gertz L Innocentnu R Ormerod D Tessler E Fnecko R Boyd R Ulnch G Wxllmms C Anderson E Opland R Steele Row Coach Sl lolm B Haney I Luturno D Reynolds B Rubmo C Bergmann D Netzel I Murowska R Kiss B Bradley F Allen K Spoo K Hxeber H Wxllunson H Schnezderwmd L Roberts I Ruzeckl A Drenncm Coach Rextzel I Hardesty Row Coach Hanson C Schlferl D Proper C Ryberg E Iohnson L H111 A Ghxlardx Aprll Apnl Apnl May Moy Moy Moy Moy 106 TRACK SCHEDULE 1 Bensenvllle Nlles Palcltme Hmsdolle Relays Thornton D1SlT1Ct Meet 16 and 17 State Meet 23 Conference Meet ef wed Q 6 8 0 G00 'gli' ' 5 ' H ' 18 ' T '22 ' T 3 . 6 T 9 . , TRACK 'YH- MTV aI'00l'l and Lt2 J VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Row 1 Kay Cameron Sharon Mueller Amta Scoma Row 2 Arlene Iohnson Shlrley Romano Elame Mxlano I IUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Arlhurene Russell, Darlene McVxckers, Rua Romano. FTELD HOCKEY SOCCER SPEEDBALL A BASKETBALL VOLLEYBALL SOCIAL DANCING TENNIS TEAM How 1: Shelly Danchek Sue Fcrn ham, Darlene Iohnson. Row 2: Beverley Dahlgren, Ioyce Sheidler, Iocmne Knopf Liz Kil- lmger. SOFTBALL ll Q YW 'QW wx wil OJ, ,,, fam . X QIIITIY Il AIN! I PFI Cfll IYMIPIIYIY TIIGMPIDN INPIII PATEICII F01 X Q Fl ll JPIIIIY PINT PPIIYFHI CAPDII YAIIIIIY PPl0'l'f!f BIFBIIPA PATZKf PIPINCIII Wll MII URDIVII X 5 ' A .as U' ,- 4 l I mf, M f f jfyjacwf fi, 14. ' f f"'f Ji If ,,fJdlA ' 5 -12:1 y . f 5 g".f.4L- 6 -4 , '53 if 4, K X ff gf ,,1m,A 1 Q fi N 'V s A ?s3R3,.,f KY:-. C OUJN2 H213 ,H 5 NR oven Tun H 5 B ,Juris " QE! 4 '-"' I ,,,- '1Zf"" ngjfarafuaf On Fridoy, November 9, the treot Wos on the girls ds they escorted their current heroes to the Turndbout. The music Wors sott and sweet ond We flooted gcross the floor to the strolins of Ed l-lilko and his Melody Styl- ists. The big moment of the evening Wds the crowning of Queen Arlene Octowinski and King Melvin Bruhns. King Melvin Bruhns and Queen Arlene Octowinski A f C 0 ll I1 g d l'l if a I1 cy IUNlOR PLAY CAST Harold Greenley . Ronald Ore Buddy . . . Stewart Lawrence Sylvia Wilson , Marilyn Zwolanek Helen Greenley , . . A Lorraine O'Day Lucille Arlene Sieloold Dickie Crandall , . . ., Ernest Bigsby Dr, Spee . , Kathleen Lauderloack Oliver Crandall .,..... . .. , Donald .Earl Dorothy Bennett . . A , A Sharon Galolin Mrs, Mary Crandall .r..., A Thelma Roucka Duvie . . . Gerald Neuzil Faith , A , A . , . Thelma Schallcowski Grilly , . . . . Richard Miro Miss Weatherhead , ..... Frances Swailes lolcey Stephen r.,, , ,.,. Richard Mork loe , A ,.... ,. Conrad Ryberg 125,17 wiv WM, PAGEANT CAST Reader A ...,. Bertrand I. l-lenne Mary . , . A . . Nancy Luga loseph ,.., . , . . . Earl Grote Gabriel . . . .,... Doris Kennedy lsaiah , ,, ..... , Ernest Bigsby Stanley l-leddleson Elayne Anderson lohn the Baptist . . . .. William Byrnes Three Kings . .......,, Stuart Lawrence, loseph Kramer, Iames Morrison Shepherds ...,.r..... l-lelmuth Beuter, Kenneth Spoo, Bichard lsenhart, Richard Mork, Norman Eccarius, Thomas Schiterl, Daniel Kuczon Zacharias . ..., . . . Elizabeth ,..,.... . . I O ho Mi- lllllvfj.. Chri- , . ..... . . Anita Beinoso, Wilma Crown, Arlene Dent, Shirley Holman, Barbara Patzke, Marilyn Thompson Angels Iames Strawn Soprano Soloists ........ Arlene Siebold Shirley McClelland, Mary Ann Wahl Tenor Soloist ,.,....,..,. Bonald Larson Oraanist . . . ,.i... lnez Palkey Conrad Cantor .,..,...........,. x i C i . M, its are or is f E .Bu .1 TFT 4 MB. J .E shin - ing, It is the night of the dear Sav-ioufsbirthg y the nel - le Uulfkmfme-Dzbu des-een-dit jus-guii nous, fa- X L , A n in 'fy A ,,, V: , 'T it 1 -.nun 311111111130 '. "-it ' Iii C Q it 3 U-r'-Uhhnrhuuq li - f' tn 11111 1li1Y'1i-I'S:P"1O-0'1!lv bg V f 1 15 0 1 l Y TQ A -0' B 0 , xi gr J-2, i ap-pearltlyaxzci tiw mu? felt its wort' can 4: son pbre arf M fri' it by mum-ou , ' 'E ,J.l..QlQ,'.N l 'l itg,.Ego:7f..t5+ 5,4 Q1 fjgvvgs if? ,' 1 K., f. 1 ,s, for yon-dvr breaks a nvw and glo-nous morn nz re A ref- ie nuff qui luidfnme un sau- reur. Fa1l...,,.,. onyour kne-es!.....,.,,,- Peu p!e,age - n0u.r!.....w.,,, iii? M' Lf 011 fl! - ' WIVSC. H J - A+ f--X XC- iii? 1 5 l1f':1rm,,,,-,X c:e'sY In . l'6'.' telzds A-, 'ig is: ,niiiiai +if 3? i 21? S-if t fy. X., ,-xxx Ab - El.'--M,?,,M, ru -1 7 mi wif,-Q' 1? 1... dl-v1nf'!-kwa w 0 3 5156 I 2 The gym was gaily decked with red hearts and arrows on February 23 tor the Cupids Fling. Bill Spencers Band kept the dancers whirling, while Cupid kept them busy dodging arrows, Miss Marjorie McLeod and Mr. Kenneth Spieker reigned over the affair as king and gueen. King Kenneth Spieker and Queen Mcxriorie McLeod Zack .itlifn wn lflI"l0M,5 6lU6l 2 wil ggfff 491 JW 5 A Q ww X'-N..., if SENIOR PLAY CAST The Guests Came Nay ljloren e Mrs Paddy l-larrubal e The Famllf Mrs Ethel Sa Ja Lllf Belle 'lltus Samuel The Staff Dr Emmett Mlss W1lhe'n1'1a Barbara He Iden Dons Kennedy IoAnn Haubner Emes B asby Ronald Ore Falth Thomas Shlrlej Holrfor Staale l-leddlesofn Gerald Kuehn lolfm Ruzeclc APY1 l es mad S fl UI, ' X ' ' ,1 " ' f 1 f ,J ' ' x M .zpi V- 23 .. 'T - f V ' .wif 4' V. - .A 4 3 L A 1- s ,f ' x vu . 5. fn. . f 2 3: ' Q ,Q A..- .' '44 'Ji ITM., I NIJ? I' S 'il li 4 ' ni 4 f I Z - Q. ,Q ' , , 'V ., 2 31? is , 3. V aj? 7 ,, Q 1 lf 'nfl E 3 4 it 1155 Q mem? y, , 4,3 I: ,155 f In C ww H 2,2 1 3 Y y '.- , 5.. ,.,VV . f N , x Y V ,, H? ,, "5 , 1 ly , AM, j c A 494 Q W 3 . "' 5 lf f Q WM , x W- . C , " ' 2 A - - ' . 1 i X 5 ff ' " l ll . A , A W ' " V ' Q9 ' - - . In A V .11 A - 1 A , A M W -I . . . . - 'YY 1 F., , fig A , , ., fl. 1, , 3 f M? Z Z' 4 fl ou ana! fAe udinefid or al Moderator Marilyn Thompson, Adam Nosal, Dr. Francis R. Geigle, Seymour Hershman, and Mrs. Katherine Miller. LEYDEN BUSINESS STUDENTS' CONFERENCE On March 21, the business students attended a conference in the Little Theater, There were a number of valu- able talks, including a panel of recent graduates with office jobs. Several business rrien and Women gave us worthewhile advice and help on finding the right job, Franklin Park job oppor- tunities, applying for a job, our first pay check, and what business expects of beginners. One of the most enjoy- able parts of the day was a style show with our own senior girls as models of appropriate business apparel. Carole Vahlin, Betty Summers, and Barbara Patzke. Barbara Poston, Arlene Denl, Kay Cameron, and Shirley Romano. Awww o V , f M1 Zffii ia i M., , ,4 M .f 5, ,A 5255, ZW , Q, ff f +f2f,52g?Ef ,Y Rm V .ow 'L W -riff- fifdxl ' fi , A 41 4214. 5 fy ,251 sw, MA my ff K, ome gnc anfec! guenin Swoymg rnoothly to D104 Carlton omd hrs seven prece bond everyone Spent on enchc med everurlg oft the Medmorh who look book on oll therr four yeors agree thot thrs rught frlled wrth rustlmg ormols Whrte rocket tuxedos tongy crromo of flowers cmd perfume wos the most emoyoble event of oll . 0 . , . . Courrlry Club on Moy 9 ozl the Iunior-Senior Prom. Seniors Oll! xgrf fbe Olftl' On lune 5 l952 the well known stralns of Pomp cmd Czr cumstance lrlled the azr The boys adorned IH maroon gowns and the g1rls ln whrte gowns were ready to lrve one ot the ance ol the class grtt took place agamst a background of red and wh1te mums At the peak ot the excltement came the pres entatzon ol the drplomas whzch marked the completlon of the hzgh school daze The Senzor Class IS now prepared and capable to lace the tuture wrth whatever tt holds tor them May success come to each and every one most memorable events ot their lives. Speeches and accept- PATRONS FRANKLIN PARK CHAMBER O COMMERCE LISJZZO GROCERY 955317 erkhn Avenue FRANKLIN PARK PAINT STORE 96w9FrenkI1n Avenue FRANKLIN PARK TAVERN 9555 Frcrnklln Avenue L GIRBS COAL CO 9574 Frenkhn Avenue ROZZI S PLACE Belrnoni Avenue KAY S WAYSIDE 9954 Belmont Avenue MUDIETT S FRANKLIN PARK DRY GOODS 9652 Frenkhn Avenue IOHN DEBUS HARDWARE 9654 Frcrnkhn Avenue ALS SHOE SERVICE 9658 Frenkhn Avenue FRANCES PASTRY SHOP 9666 Frenkhn Avenue SKIPPYS DRIVE INN IUI E North Avenue DIING QS FUZZ TAVERN 121 E Nertn Avenue LEYDEN LAUNDROMAT 9765 Frcrnkhn Avenue IAIN S SERVICE STATION 9669 BeIment Avenue f 763 ITTGYFII1 Avenue PIT OCCHIO S SNACK SHOP 9761 Frcnklm Avenue FRANKLIN PARK AUTO SUPPLY 95I4 W Grand Avenue MARVS BIKE SHOP 96'wI Frc1nkI n Avenue GRISVVOLD IEWELERS 659 Frcnkhn Avenue ROS LYN S SPECIAL TY SHOP 9663 Frcinkhn Avenue KILLINGER S HARDWARE 9620 Grand Avenue GRAND QS HAWTHORNE FOODS 9952 Grand Avenue IACK S SERVICE STATION LOI E North Avenue IACK S FUEL OILS ZUI E Norih Avenue FEWER ci WI-IITTING SPOTLITE FOOD MART Ra 3 QUALITY MEATS PATRONS JIIwff IA ZITI Uv XLR FIST f JCI ICI 'x L er v AIIIY rOCA V1 f form INORII-I AK IAR ETY GIFT SHQR 27Q OI Roco NOVAKS BARBER DHCP 231 E No th Avenue A DURANTE SONS CONFRACTORQ 569 WoI4Roc1d THE INCRIHLAKE LIFE NCRIH Af CIEFNERS ICvDcddfAxe11e KEN In GSB! INSURANCE ACENCf 40 CCI r CI IJ rv I V N or ve rm IJLAA CLEHNIRS GI d IO e 5 3UJO F RRERRO I PREUFI' RTIQN RII FHVACY Off 4 V' and KICIIII SIEEHANIE G FI m ICI QSU4 Grvmd HIGDU J BI VON CIUR HOILY' GCI CO SIRUCN G F If FCC 5 D O I f'LRA.Ff'I' 'L If fl ' 1-.FICE .RI4fIf'I 'V ' If :riQi.171 f-Ivor. I3 TIFETK fi 'I III 994 Er7ikQ1T1I-A xiii- ICHIfff'. CTI THE SPOE fQ.Ef.f'xffPf9fS W' ' E?'1rEItl1i1 f-I 2 ISR.-'-.I7I,Il'r' LI'IIOf.33'I'III'L5I. f C!" +IIr":rikQi:1f1' 1 I"F,R Er KARIIS RCGTSE 9724 Erf1hkQgf1f-.V 215 RICCI E QU .-"' E ,IPR f37E5EEri:rkQg, .41 'mf 7 " y 'J Y X I - ' ' A.fA la X L ,X A x A 'Ax' 1 I n gf 'lf . . . I . ' I., Y A . 1. ILE .,+. X . ' in AY - , 1 K I .- . 1 . . J . 7 xiii Q' all Di if AL bl IOS EKIIER.. IQI W If II, A' 3 mg- . ,, . , f. -. 3' fl - F ,JA U . .f',Lf. . .I.f'I.gIf 'V' "' r . , 1 Q, AJ.. I " fi A X E- ERANKLIN PARK LUMBER AND FUEL CO WRU efrricit , ,Qc ,N ,, . v WIT! EGIIIICLT A'fff:'1 ,Inf E 'V ff Q ,TQ ff ,QC ff? Eriziktni .l.'JCI'Q'x? 2 "lf I Viifii ff" ff Piizj IfQRTEfL.l.?QE Q, ff.51rIf' ff FQ ffirig. Avi-ri'1e IL TQ ?"IfER UIIL'-fy L15 I ff',:':IA','-'ml-1 IffQE'1'IPfI.AEQE I1Ef5'I' 4? E ff:rt:.A'Jerg1e IL'-.ff3fEI.EEEIIf'f' I:.3Q'fEf":' '17 If ffirtf. !3.'JQ:i'1ff GP.-'ff fi f.ff17JG f"I' Iliff I j gj jyfq ,Q-,,,,l.. IfCR'IHLf7.3fE fER'.'f'E fff Qfflff 'Al Ff ffiffg. :'.'JfAf'. ff llf L J Llllf DI FW V 0 FL Zhi lrnwrmm In ll W N O N vu N W X I dl XNII I tl II .Z4l'!?ll0 f't!l'IlI ? . flf-.Hi",lfQ piLPfIfH'f Pnl' HQQDCDT YSTQITGOFQB Pf2fw1f:f'f'ugvEf::' WIYI fl V7.7-.f.f1fE35. ,fl JFS 2'pfr11.'c I f7i:yiAJf: I .X'l9IQIf I'U'f9PI ff if ,iii fl E1 Lziuiy ,vlfll .'.f11: Nfwm ,V ' 'f1f.,..' Q If ' ' x - 1,1 1 I1 on KAIAS' ol I 3- ywwl .xx 'ny or1,XUil S lk 5:

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