East Islip High School - Redmen Yearbook (Islip Terrace, NY)

 - Class of 1979

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East Islip High School - Redmen Yearbook (Islip Terrace, NY) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 272 of the 1979 volume:

ff ,sf 3,445-i.,, PPT Q 1 if , W . ,.w. 1, - .qw -1 k. ,,. ,4 1, '. gi- '31-fi.-A, .f' - VP pgixf 'J Qffy I . JJ! IO! , 2 115 79 2 Pg? ji , vga! N 5 X. is fha X wffq E 1 '55 E DJJ of B , E A ff-1-pg-.L '-E' tiff. 1 ,-f ,.v .--W A -f-an ..-"'f ... -,r,. ' ' 5 R j Mamma. Lilaff, M L , CK WM Wm Mi- Aw.p9f2SQf Aww? Q?-90 5 Z, Sifem M7-As YQQIZ. JJ-L Ada? yjpf A406 , 577 5 Z2 S4453 Fas? "?7x13f AJHQU8 A19 A3149 1709! Q27 QS' iiijgvg ft fa! , Zffvf' 4 Jfhmf Szwwafe few 22 -raw 7.35-7'75QC WLGLJL JM ww Wy MW UM Jwnw ,QLGQ 04w6a,wf' 'z'5 6bLQ QW 'MAL QL uL,xJfzw4JgQ4fw+L , r X Jaw ,f - ef XQQXQXBQ Qlcycfx ww MN LXNQ LXJWY5 Mfg? up Uzvxxwlw 4, A MNC A fx 'QS ,SQ ,PQ 2529 QVWW QQOOCQ, 3 O9 ' 1216 I6 Af X EH f QQ? 1 O q,Q, 75 L "' UMW -E ax X qw 'K' qk O . VV! q , , 'VCR rg C56 3 E of XQX.CfNQ! ' 81, gg Q 6 New XYNQ975 of gxilx-HN ,JKW5 O51 5 QP PG! i 0' F020 Oievgx QQ Qvcjbf Q QKOOCT' C ,SN S NN!! fag ,NN ef Ogg L0 ki PQ 'f Jef X 004, Cp o ci, 0 wx Wm gg 24.15-"vb ,127 .. NOV PV Die! 826 'gee A ,SJ 3291 9 , aff v X X 'Y 3 B f C963 'IV eh! ,QL X! Nw F veg '-W Q,-C-DQQY dx V0 ev Sat' . Q , fbljzl 9 550 7205 Q 9 we f fg F Aw? Agifgggg his K? FRIENDSHIP . . . ABSENCE MAKES IT STRDNGER TIME MELLOWS IT . . . MILES DO NOT DESTROY IT. . . PAIN AND SUFFERING ONLY GIVE IT DEEPER UNDERSTANDING THE LINKS ARE FRIENDS S0 DEAR, AND LIKE A RARE AND PRECIOUS IEWEL, THEY ARE TREASURED MORE EACH I YEAR. I f f THE HAPPIEST TIMES ARE THOSE SHARED WITH FRIENDS E"""'I7 ' A 2.512 , , . :+:g,:n-:fg4.ff'.f'-:e- , , -ffl di' H QATQIGE -' f1s.:L'1yv5g172: x . 1 ff? zaizifw 'iii 55533. Y Q 7 CJ L ui' 197 ff wwf Q 6165? 96 sa' giffs Z5 if M7 217- L , pf? wo, Roh? I ,JL ami LCM A ICMSNWQV SWK mrm'T0H3oOls 5iJL"ux SURE 51 IX C.,Iw:5S, QJJQ, gtnvwv- Nj QVC' 'fbG"'T'iD 1 Qjrobflbly JOU'L7. GA- 1910-QLN q'lKXIg 5o'1YNYYN2Jf', C:-QNKQ L-wok In 'H-1 LAYNLQ Yggu QQ, Lowa. i""T'..,,Nt"x ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL QUALITIES OF I FRIENDSHIP IS TO I UNDERSTAND AND BE UNDER S TO OD. I H If 5 MV IQ Mg I JI F I ,VX IN 4 4 'II ' V fy ' I I I QI Wflw My F 0 fwy W M, N ' ,K ,,3-'s.T'1u. I i I K .Q TT -,,gn34f,t"?'-vfi'f!fS-it ,. . Y Y AL, ?'rI.fI?'5,, M .. Q ap I, 7, . Y'. -,.,, E -- - . f ' 'QLVQH f fw..4Qg"fWl- I--r"'1s...wiqurff"'24!' gi'-iaf BP-uf ,-, ' W H 15011153 E I' , iv? ,WS W U' W . TNQ HJ X if fhwrifs LU-QJJ' fjywk. ff , ' - ,' P O J' N03 Q U UQ 'lmb Digging ', U"! A my 1 JCM! yy Q CW? f5C lCLgyi7 RWLJL' YCQLQJVSCUIQ mmjyuli ,lJ wg- TJ 15x,U5 LJ Af: jf C,-N ', GQ 04 0 W , QJUUQJ' vb wmv fx USM ww Q L ,QWK1-'LNB M ' Q gif: ff X 1 Af! , - XL CIA A A vgbqdgjx ww QQWW 'Jw O7 V A 43 - yyuc?YJ aww? f-yfqf -IL ' A X m W 1,6 , G LVM , JJJD' X-5 Q: f X ' fy m dy' 1, xx, , r I M ,fx Z N639 K 7 AA 1 C X I71 K Ku 2 W K 4 X 1 Q f YQ Y - . 'V N ' . E 24 X ,1 N 4 ,, 5 A Q, ' f "'l' F1 11 Qg!!!!,' I lu- -m5,.m I r. A A.-.-.ii, j,i4,mq'I.v I- V ? . 5 fi, - ' ' , ! . PL . .? TQ- X Q yi if A Q. 1, ' X 'Z 1-eggni--Ml 4' f- ...., 'wif' " --Jun - w f -f .Q V- ggi "" '.f :iv Q., ' e 4 w4 yt: was A hqg 2 5 pf' I :ff W, . , 'A ' f Q ' f--5-,gf - ' A ' 4 'E'1?J .mSK1 f f " .A V aEf' 1, ,, .V 5 ms K' fa x E5 ,J Mesa. ' -. - , 31 . 3? iesf .1 ' f Lf 1, by ii gan 'zaf- ,. 41' ? . V X5 H 1 if ' ' , fa 3iaef55R'L"7'- 1-'vu ffm: H " . l,:w'i?5."5il-Fizz? f' x r1.5 4' 1 ,X 5 'TWV , f. '- ,A -, , Q-n 1-A -,v ' M4 fin x - 31 :V B of ,f'5fJn EV I 5 -' ,ll 1 - - lf' if ' ,L J any 7' , 1 Q . , 'g Ai" Z '31 1: ',, W' L 234. .v If . M., S4f5Ni3Egg . MQ Q Hqiivggygggg W'alf5. --5-Q--Qc X, ,1 .... .... .f WK 'J-11. . .--A 'X A 'I , , .2 New L s ,Q ,151 Fivv ai f GOOD FRIENDS WILL STAY IN YUUR HEART NG MATTER HGW FAR THEY MAYBE. WE WALK ALO E I THE WORLD .xj fx Qi" K, uw! at Lx ' 'ff . 21. fy f -Wx!! P 'V' 4 Y. ,. XJ K ft , 'Q 2 XJ UJJ' fm JEXQJA ffx fi L 1 4 N, 2 JW' , ,, , Jw ff 9 ff! 1 7 ii,y , X 65 X M JW X-f ,X K X j X N A F J 1 . ,y XJ i -5 J 1 Nm x Q ,vt 5, , , A . , My . Em W XJ VW 1pm-Qmlm CT skis' X 5, .MY Mfg .Xa ,f ' '31 'QL L RQ E A! P12-I " ' '..'. X X x AJ .- ,J 2511 I Lfvxff LEX? xH LJ Qu ' VN w .A "7 mia w QQQXNH OMES 'HQ . ' f 1. 030 , u X P. .42 ,,.'- .,. .Y .ff 9 gl, 2 251- f 15 M K Q 'sz :l ' 'W , I X '. K- 5 , 1mf'rrfQg4f1 --... 54 L1-4 I '61 A A ew ' 'N e - f L , ' ' 'f - 5 A 'b ,J ax ,L 6 Y X l iw J 1 ,VJ - J Q , Y 7, sl- - V tl! V, i it Y U, 'X " 1' " E 3 " " 1 " ' ,, ' I fi af , A- f f! - 'T , A 4 T ,gy y. V v ,N fi - Y 1 V P 4 3 b ' , i gi f , - h w.. .J Q Y - jj Q M 1 ' Q 1 'i'A r g al! f . YK,, V T, 'i Q rigid A I i 4 5 4 Ar. - , Q2 1' H uv-,, 4..- ,M ,, 4 r -,.... 39. , .. . ."" -,, y Y. E if use -, " ' E 4 ,Z iv I dedicate this book totyoiii, lm because when I need a friend I think of trading baseball cards, lollipops with you. I think of long millions of heart to heart talks. I think of laughing and joking and crying the yearsaway with you. talking romances" "true you. I think sneaked cigarette and the d I were I8 Teach Your Children You who are on the road, must have a code, that you can live hy. And so, become yourself because the past is just a good-bye. Don't you ever ask them why, if they told you, you would cry, so just look at them and sigh, and know they love you. Teach your children well, their father's hell did slowly go by. And feed them on your dreams the one they pick, the one you'll know hy. And you of tender years, can't know the fears that your elders grew by. And, so, please help them with their youth, they seek the truth, before they can die. UILGQIUMMISS I OGTIUII UNI ff 1 ' . VCL, Uma? M ,N ALJ H, , , XX H 1 K w 1 L I V HQQQQ, E Q MQ YQ' wit pf YQ Q ' oi 1 Qgpm QQ MQ A 3 A QUXQ! KMMMXQZ ,QmfNQfUL.,.QEv'm G' AJYWQ VW mm wbgggmw Um 'USU 76 L is f , i f- ,ff Edward 1. Milliken Superintendent of Schools St. Iohn's: B.A., M.S., Columbia: M.Ed. Dr. Michael F. Griffin Director of Personnel LeMoyne: B.A., Assumption: M.A., Columbia: Ed.D. H :. ht' 'gh . ' 'I fs ' . A , . I U ' 1' 0' pr' .. ' , u . William Zukowski 2 nl ,, ,,-5 .J-.uv 5? Dr. Arthur Ulrich Assistant Superintendent EdD Am... ii l 9: as W: '1 K S 'Q S 2 .1 Q, f ,, ' 3 US Q. t 3 Mx lr Q ii. . i' ,fn -- sf M , , nv X FA R . ,B M. In ef.. R- 5 3 ' I s ' 9., Suse:-1 3 2 X , X A J i 'i O Z 4 2 ' '-' K l 5 i 3 5 . 3 C R :,,, , : A 5 A-...M X45 . i 3 ' . 'Si , sag f Q33 ' Ii J fs,1:5,3gx5,. Qu-1 i - . . ' - -.fl .Ek ifisggk'-regii I tt 1f.'zfiisgjI: - X. ' 1 X P39 .-' -' ' .:f1,1.f2 -3 1 2' 'ff N' .r wave. , ,:. V , 5 I 4:13 i- 4. i, 5 - 5 r -: , ,. - if N V R :jg ti 'x 3 .Q . N4 Q X .ffylr : SIE N 3-:,.,.-'1.:c5N5ff'-T g 7 , .. ,.1- .,. ,X " Q - g , Q1 .1 . x f- f 'E it . f ft Q -- ii " :,,.13f.a5J1fw 1 1 3 1 . L , ,, M56 'f ff 'V?'J'i, ff ' ' 'Q 'ffuL3zLzf,",' 1 -VZ' 'w,'..,, , l"'55fi ,,f'!'ff"45g .Wjfglw 4, ' 1 I 'wwf 4, -.4 , if' ', Q. ' ff", 5' " 'g t , L ' , V sw' , A -3,1 Wx, ' , ' , ' A' , 5,2 : M 1, my ff. 7 ,I 4 5, .7 Ly QQ ,, ,, ,, , ,V ,,V, I , ,yyj ,f, V4 5 .fha 1 ,p:,4,,2, f , fi , , , , wk. , .1, ., '47, JF,"-amz? uk, ,Q ,L Muffy Ja, f f, , ,' , Dr. D. Frank Ursomarsu Director of Business Services N,Y.U.: B.A., M.A., Nova: Ed.D. Q , 5 i spit' y V ,,,, ,, '2 E , .1 G ' . I f 213 , 4 I i 5 ,,V,, , , 551 4 4 4 Board of Education Facilities AdmiHiStfHl0f Mr. Goddard, Mrs. Anzel, Mrs. Tribuno, Mr. Moran, Mr. Watts 20 Hofstra: BS.. C. W. Post: MS. fi' Principal Vice-Principal Anthony I. Durso Neil C. Skidmore St. Ioseph's: B.S. N.Y.U.: B.S., M.A. Columbia: M.A. Dean of Students George P. Gillespie Notre Dame: A.B. Dean of Students Ierry D. Engel Oswego: B.S. Queens: M.S. Thomas Sarcona - Chairman N.Y.U.: B.A. Columbia Univ.: M.A. 35' f Yiifi .,Z::-.1 Sondra Baron Marlene Blumberg Adelphi: B.S., MA. Cornell: B.A. Brooklyn: M.A. rf: IW I George Krebs Robert Overzat Hunter: B.A. Hofstra: B.A., MA. Yeshiva: M.S. 22 pf. Harold Baron N.Y.U.: MA., PhD. Hofstra: M.S. 'X l""U' Ioseph Garofolo New Paltz: B.A. Stony Brook: MA. x 'Www' Carol Page Hofstra: B.A. ,. ,V , Y Kathleen Neill C. W. Post: B.A. Michael Ruggiero St. Michael's: A.B. C. W. POSlZ M.S. George Entwistle Brooklyn: B.A. N.Y.U.: M.A. K Q' , ,Q iffyl I' 2. , 5 , sys. 9 ea . 'A --ff' vi f W S ' i Q f X F Barbara Reilly Saul Rosen St. Iohn's: B.A. Hunter: B.A., M.A. Stony Brook: M.A. EL f Norman Shapiro Charles Tierney N.Y.U., B.S. St, Michael's: B.A. Albany: M.S. 'M William Slade Shirley Neely-Turpin Niagra: B.A. Union: AB. Stony Brook: MA. X., :X ic, Q.. . 5 , .., .Q,.,, . .. in Regina White - Chairman james Bertsch Adelphi: B.A., M.A. Hofstra: BA., M.S. St. Iohn's: PD. Iohn Brennan Richard Corrado Lynn Costello West Chester: B.S. St. Iohn's: B.A. Albany: B.A., M.A. Columbia: M.A. J' J' 4, VX Deborah Gursky lay Holliday Bonnee Lindsey Brockport: BS. Wilkes: BA. Hofstra: B.A. Stony Brook: MA. Stony Brook: MA. A E vii. 'Q Q: x 'fl x w Lf of l David Lindsey Valparaiso: B.A., M.A. X an Gi 5 Z' 1 Q. 1 2' -+ Z. Angelo Loverro Phil Manitta Kenneth May Wilkes: B.A. Albany: B.A. Stony Brook: BA., M.A. Stony Brook: M.A. Adelphi: M.A. 1 M, .Z Fred Moran Spring Field: S.B.S. Gerald Supeau Iona:B.A. Niagra: M.A. ll ,,5Mp 'uf' 'Y fm ...mm Richard Sheldon - Chairman Susan Agruso . W Brooklyn: B.S. Wisconsin: M.S. Syracuse: Ph.D. N.Y. Tech: B.S. S.U.N.Y.: M.A. X' 2, Thomas Barrett Brooklyn: B.S. -'rx fb Q' : l 'rf' :x!"1, V ft-Ex Iudith Callaway Benjamin Carlin N. Iowa: B.A. Boston: B.S,,E1.D.M. Stony Brook: MA. 26 X l Nancy Coggins Oswego: B.S. Stony Brook: M.A. are - lf? 'Q of 7,1111 Salvatore Cordiale Mickey DePaolo St. Iohn's: BS. Conn.: BA. Hofstra: M.S. Hofstra: M.S. N.Y.U.: Ph.D William Iessup Boston: B.S. Union: M.S. Donal Kirwan Catholic U.: B.S. Fordham: M.S. voovonqqqg. ' -' 5 aff Chirakkal Krishnan Eugene McCarthy Ramon Montero U. Madras: B.S. Albany: A.B. Brooklyn B S U. Bombay: M.S., Ph.D. Artzona M S Stephen Weisenberg Pratt Ins.: B.S. M, I, , Z-f , .,V ,QM , ., . Roger Kenny - Chairman Ioseph Carro t .-i, , Q 1 ' .sig Hofstra: B.A., M.S. Gerald Feldman N.Y.S.M.C.: B.A. Hofstra: MA. jf New Paltz: BA. Queens: M.S. u 2 ' V " ,l .49 Url 1' K film' I fi -pl I f ,,, , , f ey uf iq., 1- I, DQR h I MW o 'ffl A 49215 A I .' '. ,' ,,,,, wt J p A 1 t . ""'J' 4 rl , E V fl w ' V ' -. fi t J iq X ., I' ' ' ' lvlk J, i Lf .-pf if' Y I ', I 5 , .1 ' 'r A. Ira Frredman , f ' Brooklyn: B.A.,M.A. i- 359 Sf" A w Ieffrey Goldman Clrfde Igeitlr Ade1phi:B.A.,M.S. Univ. Vermont: B.S. L....4:...n-.av'f2" 9 "www, Dennis Michel Diane Perino Gswego: BA. St. Iohn's: B.A., M.S. Stony Brook: M.A. Xiu . V - " , xi. 3 A-3, If If ' "wif"- -'I :L x E3 fp, , eva, Lf' " 64A:.f.m-' ff' - - i 1- ' ,gfff 'iigi ig-q.,i,g,,,g: --' , m4f,:f,-'-,fy f f 1 f-J-w:-'--f1::g2:,v ,. , ' 11-Vw' "rI?ZA7'f:f'1-.q, : .Z , is-1 f-, 'fx ,:, ":3iviao :aKT 5 :cf 3 wwf f ,V 11, ,. . --ri g, ,4-1,4 V1 -f..:,f, "'131'l?fV"' Q :" '7' A'-. I H1111 Kenneth Vandewater Clifford Woodrick Adelphi: BA., M.S. U.S.M.M.A.: B.S. Hofstra: M.S. Linda Kondzielaski Cornell: A.B., M.A.T. Nancy Uffner Dowling: B.S. Adelphi: M.A. J iiefkilg 1 2 Y ... X f v'x,, 1 X 'P , f ff' 1 , i ,, x f ,,f ' Y lf:-...., ' . . . -,V in 's , , , .. Q , MZ, I .., X , 4, ,ff William Deardorff - Chairman Manchester: B.S. Columbia: MA. f : at A C ' law- N X : if X X 4 xA , if-I xii- J Doris Burns Albany: B.S., M.S. 30 Pauline Attisani Pittsburgh: B.S. I f' 1' . ., fl , A . ' ,gina ,., C , :A aff . x ilk David Collins Stephanie Collins Hofstra: B.B.A., NLS. Rider: B.S. Adelphi: M.S. Theresa Drossos Hofstra: B.S. Stony Brook: M.A. 6 :me ' : I 2 f Louis Ferretti Laurence Lamm Niagra: B.B.A. St. Iohn's: B.B.A. Columbia: MA. ll 1. Iohn DeLuca Tri-State: B.S. ,... ' 4. a1:.:r - emacs fi . imr,a.x Bernard Gerard Brenda Newitter Stacey Wilson Fl. Southern: B.S. Arizona: B.S., MA. Albany: B.S. Hofstra: M.A. N-w Henry Kreutzer - Chairman Cortland: B.S. Columbia: M.A. P H Y I C L 1 V .v Donald Bosswick N.Y.U.: B.S. Hunter: M.A. 7 L e t Salvatore Ciampi Shirley Frederick Howard Gersberg Purdue: B.S. West Chester: B.S. Brooklyn: B.S., M.S. Brooklyn: M.S. Temple: M.Ed. 1 ll -' - :'-- 3 , , , V 32 X ,, Na.-'LM 'Q -35" Q , lf be Barry Goodman Lucille Long Margot Molloy Cortland: B.S. Brockport: B.S. Russell Sage: B.S., M.S Stony Brook: M.S. r l 1 ,dx , 'V S ,f ,'! af-4 ,AQ ' Min rf- fl Fi V, 5 A Ar' Ronald Rouleau lane Sarcona Barry Tice Springfield: B.S., MA. Adelphi: R.N.: B.S., M.A. C. W. Post: B.S. 5 , gun ai 'C':'o -.n H, No.0 '-' o ,,.,f"+' 'Q X,,Q-avmfo' Jo 91-n'b- 0 3 ,-,rf s:o0:o: I a oc -, 6 A5035 into. Ellen Sacerdoti - Chairman Clara Datre Hofstra: BA., MA. St. Iohn's: B.A. 34 i Hofstra: BA. adv Walter Dunn Susan Gordon Noreen Gough LaSalle: Bapfyj C. W. Post: MA. Dorsy Palios Potsdam: B.A. Hofstra: M.A. 'N Serge Stein N.Y.U.: BA., MA. hr Dolores Sohl Robin Solotar Queens: B.A., M.A. Hofstra: BA., M.A Linda Tyson Marist-Madrid: B.A. V-11 -ff' 'Y' - ' 1 f- Peter Bugda - Chairman Edward Page Kutztown: B.S. Hofstra: B.S., MA. Temple: M.Ed. .it ' ' I Qt? . M J, , Y Sl 4 I' wg... M at 1 rt 5 533" - ' A -.elf . V - ..L. N, . Helen Archer Norman Burg Lita Kelmenson Hofstra: B.S., MA. New Paltz: B.A. Buffalo: BA. Adelphi: M.A. Queens: M,A, V n '29 T:X"i s 0 1 if D Constance Schwartz v ' . X Queens: BA. X Q . 4 ,ff Y fri c.w. Post:M,A. 36 or Y B if ' ' 5. 2 E if Salvatore D'Addezio - Chairman james Costello Oswego: B.S. C.C.N.Y.: B.S., M.S. Hofstra: M.S. 1:-:-.V " '- 3212?--X'GS2u':n'T.-f, ,:.-:pa 1 , X ' ' " ,I ' :g m "T f:g2.,,frftfS-g.i- L 4 .. -'..., ig- 4 ,.f,i:i:1, , 3 . ,I+ if X '.'ff!Q, -. ,, B wx P- .eifgw -3 Y?-. , 1 'ffvf' V1 as ,- 1425121 'U--4.4 ' '1:i1zf.- ,m " , ., 1 witf rf .. .f 52431 'JK gif 'Ag 7552 - 35555325Q'Y'?3i'.i. 2 5561 5- , .. - 4' -'.gs.:5:,:i: MQ, 2 :eff 'A 26222 553 A -' Qif gh ,.,. . Q.l: i 6 1 ' Paul Dunaif N.Y.U.: B.S., MA. 3 Daniel Kasten Iames Weiner Buffalo: B.S. Buffalo: B.S. Stony Brook: M,A. ,,. . . .:F-75? ,yn i Pl 1 -H f fE'.-L. 5 niW6 Roy Milligan - Chairman N.Y.U.: B.S., MA. iw 6 f i 5 ' gas: ' -- '4 - ' A "hW'm ,nfvw 1 H u a r i no f f?-' '. HBE, i A 'SQL 4 ' 'Q' ' , . f 1. YF' l"-f is , bv., I ,M '51 " s ' if 4 iii ' I . wx Bruce Gifford Hofstra: B.S., M.A. Thomas Kanas Wilkes: B.S. Boston: M.M. Eugene Castagna Columbia: B.S., MA. 6 ,M ,fx ...I , -1 A Burnhart Rydzeski Hunter: B.S. C.U.N.Y.: M.A. 'Q w- Ioan Murphy - Chairman Howard Dauber N.Y.U.: B.A.. MJ-X. N.Y.U.: BS., MA. ,A Michael Gallagher Saul Leibner Oswego: B.S. Cortland: B.S. C. W. Post: M.S. Hofstra: M.S. Qu ...nw-W AP" ml! 'J E I i is-'A , jx-- f , N . ' rjw - .LY .A X BFIQQIW l-Fl, C 4 I xi n ka. 2:4 .ii 5. 1 f . -. . - i ft M Alf 'A :AN 7 xl IRM.-L L ,rfb Barbara Mahoney Framingham: B.S. Boston: M.Ed. Blair Moger Fredonia: B.S. Hofstra: M.S. Margaret Robinson Boston: BS. Harvard: Ed.M. 1.11:-32-if Christine Brennan School Nurse - Teacher C.l. Psych. Center: R.N. N.Y.U.: B.S., Adelphi: M.A. Marie Bucek . Nurse St. Catherines: R.N. ,f 4, Leonore Kurzer Rhona Leggiere Psychologist Home Economics C.C.N.Y.: ELS. Oneonta: B.S. Queens: M.S. Bruno Newman Ioan Vasata Social Worker Special Education Duke: AB. C. W. Post: BA, Adelphi: M.S.W. Hofstra: MA. AO YJ Marian Luffman Librarian Lincoln Memorial: B.S Queens: M.L.S. -.e..,.....:1',7,- ,wg -e f 2-by imiuvvmli :suv ., JK '1z6lL'1luz,'f " m ' ' . F ' S E E'- 'E be x- ,u h jig of.. --, , w., C R c E I 1 I T l A R I E S Kay Palmese Principal's Sec'y ,Q Grace Bonaventura Ann Paul Elsie Grosskurth Sec'y to Vice Principal Main Office Main Office and Deans 1 . ,,,A, , iv Helgn Taylgr Edith Simpson Charlotte Alabaster Guidance Guidance Guidance 41 5 fl' Lynn Chalmers Irene Fischer W., Angie Alexander Bertha Hess Lillian Hirschhorn Mariam Mackey Mary Mahoney Lillian Tuscan Y N 1 74 X 4 'Q ' -X ' f 'N 1 P . 'I x atb X ' j - "ff 4365 fx KW- FAX W M . Q X tx L x. ff '.2' X xx M64 I I I. . v N Q, 9 -I v. I X HIV. ' W' " hi IW' Q 1 , W fig ' PL x . Q' Q' ' - I, ' si 7 'I ' x4 x 50. 4,6 I nl' 4 'I 1 j J 1 f.'f-ff--54-E"TA-. ' ' ' ,4 - f , H1-L'5x , ' ,, I LI br w I!! ,. ' H k - .Q Gif 03A ' ' w U X g"fiA',' 'JMX .154 ,l f . Ill . v X ' fi? A 7' i - , ' Y N 5 QL, ' V ' ' , ,yf 'nil If 3" I . ' A ' j,-ff Y xii-LZJQEJ .t A 1 X I A 1 Q 1 ' 1 IQ xii, :-- " f I, .A XXV' ' .f'f'l A , 1 V- wp f, ' Cs ' T Q. 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I went on the road - You pursued an education. . . . do you like your life, Can you find release, And will you ever change - Will you ever write your masterpiece. Are you still in school- Living up to expectations . . . You were so relied upon, everybody knows How hard you tried - Hey. . .just look at what a job youlve done, Carrying the weight of family pride. . . . you've been well behaved, You've been working hard But will you always stay - Someone else's dream of who you are. Do what's good for you, or you're not good for anybody . . . I went on the road - You pursued an education . . . How you gonna know for sure - everything was so well organized. Hey . . . now everything is so secure, And everybody else is satisfied, . . . do you like your life, Can you find release And will you ever change, When will you write your masterpiece. Do whatls good for you, or you're not good for anybody . . . V' . -,. ' 2... UQNIUWI fiiwifiifgfg - 'HF' 3 if M ,ff ' M ,QD JST V 91 N, pf 55 KU gf NL ' SED U f Q9 Q it ' REU- f fh ,Slew 'v www +1 by M wg NGN? W NX? J x '55 Ak V 'YAY 'QS 'Aff 47 r GN ,,t Ianet Ahern wif 1 Laurie Alemany Denise Alesi ..., , , , 9 1, 4 , Michael Alexander Cindy Allen YW-, Raymond Allen psf' y ' ' 'f.f4b?ffi2f??524f:iii ,--' ' . ' .f u-' 1if51fl251if1:LL2feb2222i5if5.1f1Z'2221i:Z224262 ,1,':+:4-v gif:---z-:L-:4.g?1gv11:: .415 -' f 'HM',rfi:r,f:-fe:-111119:-2' '--.- 1-M1114 '- , 1 ,. : -wif iwvizirew ,J - -- ' A Q ' ' vi FE3Q?f,fE2?':Q-.' ,"' ' X ' .' .L ' 'f'11.f.if5 K5 - . ' ' ' ., ' 14, ' Q .mfr-,, . 1. E ,, M, ,r,aa ' J .' 3 ,,,. n l 34 -fa . -.,,,.., 4,4 , .:, Q , f ' y"i" V ,,'12:i4 I ' i ma, ,W , A '23 ,, .r,, :J . 1 r , ,xml -L 11 25. :gf I if, x . ,' rl Walter Andersen ,...,,-, ,, fill"- xg' I X . A X 3 , rr 1 fr David Anderson i 'ak 4h Barbara Archer N-O 'V -41' gg 'R'-iyfkrix X , ff' 7, 4, 50 Ioanna Arena ' -'XFTSYIL Y ,K ,W 'im 4. 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Nancy Hughes rr' " 'L 5 V :fy f, , sw, . - ,fmmt Robert Hutchinson Kathleen Hughes 9 if ert Ingarglola Dx, , Qwf-W, 2 , 24 Qi Leroy Iacobson il" X Q-V-'v Gerriann Iaeckel x U XJ 84 Iacqueline I. Iansen Q. A MN! . N1 . ,f X Z: ,Ani TQ . -f 'Lf f' Q . -.. fx Ky! ,x , Ellen-Rita Ioanni 1692 'H-M-ww 1 ' .10 fr: Kim Iohnston V, F TJ" 4 MI M, J Edward Iordan Iohn Iohnston 'bg R Ioseph Keuler :OX J' Christopher King Cynthia Kissel vm ,N-x M Nm xy Maryann Kornely Richard Komulainen " "fTg1'f5" X ' -zrfii-if f r ,Fila cp- 5 ' 'V L" ' 7, 4: , ' 5 1 fgfis 1:5 M M 55,3 ffm M.. "N A f 1 , Av,-J fin. Robert Koncelik rrrar Z? QW rw-di Alex Kozlosky W 'a"'aa 5 ,,........ Maureen Kramer Michael Kramer if? Karen Kreutzer W" "" '71 A Y , i .'. e Eileen Kromm Irene LaBarbara Ar' AJP' 11 , -J 88 Marylillen Lacetera ,di Sandra LaGrassa v'-Mk 'v"'v'ffD""" ,ff 7' af: ,g xlyiuun Robert Lazazzaro Lisa LeFavi x ff Philip Lamb u , 1 'H-.6 Ronald Lomot Ioyce Long ' L ,Q ,Q 'N-.. S. 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R Sherri Matthews i 1--dl Steve Matuska S ' 2 Debbie Maune . va -, - ---v-H -.Tv.w,,-7 "ff"" Michael McGlone E 62 P I 'F' x ,l l I Dennis MeGlynn 'V 1 ,M ' ,g. Llvtik ' ak w x 4 VN , I lr W m Tx 96 Maureen Mcfloldrich . . A fp, ak 'Wx :Avi xx Y' x Brian McGowan fly, EQ gn-v I any wife W -. 1 '7 Q. 1, 2 I M wif? fy WN f Ellen McManus ' "qu"-w., Sean McNeill Q' Robert McKinnon I ,px Qui 0 1 f , -X O w w 5 J nf' , fam .:' Q o X4 w A . 1 . 'kr-Q Q as J fr 1 I , I V K r 9 l w J. ,4 X N 4 u W 5. , .1 4 l 1 .mu ff l26 A x x o 'ig . Y, XS TM .f ov 4 '41 Nl I Friendship, love, and Ionglasting memories fill our hearts forever. We pass this on te you. SENI ORS Class 0101979 President- Lori Sehene i Vice-President - Edward Condon Secretary - MaryElIen La Cetera Treasurer - Nan ey Hugh es Advisor - Terri Dresses Adviser - Linda Kondzielaski Making friends for the world to see. Let the people know you've got what you need. With a friend at hand you will see the lightg lf your friends are there. everythings alright. Becoming freshmen, we were excited and determined to work hard and have a lot of fun. We waited a long time to finally be a part of the high school atmosphere. Gur class president was Larry Favilla and the vice-president was Cathy Turnes. Our secretary was Dorian Crupe and our trea- surer was Ianet Ahern. They started us off to a great year. Our class advisors were Mrs. Czygier and Miss Feldshon, now Mrs. I-Ionig. It was 1976. our country's Bicentennial Yearg therefore, the homecoming theme for all classes had to be related to the Bicen- tennial. We built a giant birthday cake with a football player at Cindy Kissel's house. Even though our football player, nicknamed "Chester," fell into the cake, we pulled through with a big fourth place fthe traditional freshman float outcomel. Our class theme was "Freshmen are lighting their way to victory." After our foot- ball player fell, we walked along with our first float, proudly yell- ing, "Freshmen are EATING their way to victory!,' Even though the rain fell, we had a great day. We picked Rose Woodrick to be our freshman class attendant, and she looked great! We were successful in our fund raising as freshmen. We sold stationery and held dances. One of our dances was the Yearbook Dance. We were victorious over the eighth grade in Sports Night. We all had a lot of fun that night. dressing as colonists for our skit and taking everyone on a historic tour through the Freshman Bicenten- nial Museum. Moving up into the senior high school as sophomores was excit- ing. Now we really were "in" the high school atmosphere. Our basic training as freshmen was over. Our class president was Larry Favilla, vice-president was Rose Woodrick, secretary was Melissa Rose. and our treasurer was Ianet Ahern. We needed strong leaders to get us going again, and our class officers did a great job of it. Our new advisors, Mrs. Drossos and Miss Kondzia- laski, were and still are great supporters. Homecoming that year showed a little more success for us. We placed second with the floats on which we worked long and hard. A big "thanks" goes to Mr. Rumplik for lending us the garage at Rumplik Chevrolet. The school theme was "The 50th Anniversary of East lslip High School." Our class theme was "Here's to the Next 50 Years of E. l. High." We built two figures, an old graduate and a new graduate, toasting the next fifty years. Our class attend- ant was Phyllis Agro, who looked very nice. We sold wrapping paper as a fund raiser, and this proved to be successful for us. We also sold East Islip sweaters. Unfortunately, we ordered more than we were able to sell. As a matter of fact, we still have a few left! We placed second in the bulletin board contest. The theme was "The Crimson Tide." Second place is a pretty good finish for soph- omores. Our first Sports Night in the high school was difficult for us, but we pulled through and placed third and were proud of it. Our skit was "Sophomore Comic Corner." We had a great time showing off our spirit, dressed up as comic characters from Wonder Woman to Casper the Friendly Ghost! Being juniors was the greatest. We were right in the middle and were a part of everything. Our class president was Lori Scheno, vice-president was Rose Woodrick, our secretary was Melissa Rose, and our treasurer was Fran Montes. Homecoming season arrived quickly, and we worked the con- cession stand at the football games, making a lot of money for the class treasury. We built our fantastic float as Eileen Riches' house. Our theme was "Time Keeps on Slipping . . ." It was a half- human, half-robot football player surrounded by mechanical friends. We were so proud of this float. It showed some of the indi- vidual talents some of the members of our class have. Of course, we placed first. Our class attendant was Iune Canavan. Sports Night was a close one for us. We placed second and we were only a few points behind the first place winners. Gur bulletin board placed second. Our theme for our sports night skit was "Noah's Ark." We paraded around the gym dressed as animals, two of each, of course. Now we had our work cut out for us. Gur Iunior Prom wasn't far away and decisions had to be made. Our Iunior Prom was May 13, 1978. We hired the band "Naked Truth" to play for us. We spent a great deal of money, but they were well-worth the expense. Our color was blue, and when we finished decorating the cafe- teria, it looked beautiful. It was hard work, and without the help of Mr. Drossos we never could have done it. Our theme was "Friends," a song by Elton Iohn, which was per- fect forthe atmosphere that night. Our Queen was Patty Davis and the King was Larry Favilla. The attendants were Lori Scheno, Eddie Condon, Cathy Turnes and Iim Beggins. It was a fantastic night and a great way to end a good year as juniors. Here we are seniors, the year that we all anticipated. VVe all realize that now we have to start thinking about OUR graduation and what we will be doing next year. Our next step is the real world. Homecoming weekend was a great success again for us. We worked hard on our very last float. We built it at Rosemary Maisa- no's house. The school theme was "Walt Disney" and we used the character Pinochio as our main Disney character. Our theme was "Bulldogs play puppets to our first string." fThanks, C.P.l What a great feeling to place first again. Our Queen was Karen Kreutzer, and her attendants were Cathy Turnes and Lori Scheno. All three were very lovely and we were proud of them. We held a Square Dance on December 9, 1978. It was different and all who attended enjoyed themselves, We hired a real "caller" and he taught us all how to square dance. It was great fun. At Christmas time we sold beautiful poinsettias. We fairly well. If anything, it helped put us all into the holiday spirit. Now we look forward to our senior class T-shirts, our fashion show, and our Gong show. We especially look forward to our Senior Ball on May 29, 1979, which will be held at the Huntington Town House. Keeping in touch after graduation is a difficult thing to do, but our happy memories will keep the friendships we had in high school in our hearts. Senior Class Officers and Advisors The senior class would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Drossos and Miss Kondzalaski for their outstanding generosity during the past three years. We want you to know your concern held us together. Advisor: Mrs. Drossos, Pres.: Lori Scheno, Vice Pres.: Eddie Condon, Treas.: Nancy Hughes, Sec.: Mary Ellen Lacetera, Advisor: Miss Kondzalaski .M A... a . Eg-Y-15 ' ' w Q. 153. 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'Nnfv 4' 6 . U., . if fn-fl S. Abrecht k L. Alemarry T. Azzara '-cr P. Bernardis E. Bohlmann 9 1 " fi? . mf?- P. Boyle !J'7"'. ,Q -sg, s..' . 'Nur D F. Buckheit .. ' IM v-ff 4 js- ll , N , w-Q.. L S. Ackerman I. Agnello P. Agro I. Ahern . - fu, D. Alesi M. Alexander C. Allen D. Anderson I I ,. ..l W 4 - X A. Baer L. Barnett E. Baron I. Beggins A779 .wud "4 'I x., . ' D. Bernstein F. Bianchini D. Birns C. Black I. Bolettiei 6 ,' .9 K lv 4 I. Bradley Qi ,, I. Bunde I. Bologna S. Brass Hhw I. Burke D. Book T. Boughton E2 w4,,..,.. I 725 - H I I if Wag' I me M. Brockell D. Brown ' B' 164.27 1 :I ' x I T, Buscaglia P, Cafam ml . A T. Calabrese P. Candela A. Caron B. Cassiba D. Carpluk f P' -,K - to ' L, A. Catone 'K e-Q E. Clarke T. Clarke f ' I as '90, ft 192-4. L. Cohen K. Colbert I ov I -'nv' I 1-sw , E g 'T' . I :ll 2 .,,'. . S. Contrata N. Cooley K A s , L. Crawford R- Croce C. Canner K I. Carroll 5 "" 48 is .Sf -.., V 'U' 1 . gli. I. Catone 1. Clifton , ,Z I, , , "xx I C. Concannon ' 'i F59 R. Cooper ,. . 'W 1. f,f.fff-f 1' U 1. x x M.Cruz D. Cannizzaro K. Carroza . A. C. Cavaliere B. Close ' E. Condon D. Corso I. Cubero J 55-jf R. Capitello I fa- 'Q' -' 5 R. Cartusciello M. Cavanaugh F .,.fT..V 5 A I A. Cocuzzo D. Connor I Cll Z' X ' dl . 4 T. Cotru fo P. Cucinello K. Carlsen C. Cassford W. Chapman I. Coffey ,QQQL T. Considine agp.-. L D. Crawford rl ' ev. .i '-K W. D'Amato 137 ,ni .Lx , A. D'Amic0 A . f , K. DeMey 1, J l. .L V. DiGiulio ...J . 1 An-4'k G. Ditrtrich T Q.- -...- l R. Drowne S 4. , , 1-v4 , . i S. Echeandia 6- . 4 D. Fagerland KV . . ' 'O R. D'Angelo 4 .fm L E. Demers ...M 4' , x"'?'s., K. Diaz 4 'Ll N. Domingos 1, 1 ' ' 'fin 4' 1, , ,X X . Lx I C. Drowns . . . 4. -gr D. Egan 6. n 4- L A K. Faracco C. DaGrossa I. DeNigris .f ' ' n S. 5 K. Diaz f,.. .. 'ii Q J H2 'fv- ,..::-1 . -, ,.":,f1'. . , I. Domozych D. Duffy A J' E. Emrick L. Farino P. Davis . .ix 1, F. De-Vault .1 h. .. . P. Diamond 227 -4 ,, Q.. C L . 1 'ina D. DeLouis , O- , f.. nun . 'I M. Dent . Args ' .4 D. Dilks :ev ,fv XM . aqgr M. Dooley B. Dordon I. an .4 . L, A 'de'- D. Dumgainski I. Duryea i fi 'ii ii 3 I LV ' ffm I R. Erickson M. Estrada V , 4-an -vf 4 'oo 2 zu X ' bf 5 EA In n M. Farish L. Favilla S- ' 1. Demata 'I 1- S if B. Dickson' - '1'f iw, 31 'ifv '- X A. Dimeo in-1 ii .,,,- fill., . ff!-. D.Doty D.Dzama 'K . 'tv .f if ,fn N. Esiason 'V 95 A .L 'rf-f L.. D. Ferrere G. Fig X' D. Fontanetta fa ft . .5 'K -- A 'f 'I' wr D.Galliano G. Gems VK F. Gomez i t 'ffiia-.D .- C. Finch I. Frampton I. Garbarino Vw z. 'f"",f. . A , D. Gensch -vf M. Gordon tv S. Greene E. Griffin i ' ' Q. i , , . , V B. Hannan K. Hannan A , ' 4. '- K B. Fisher jg," b no-'1' A Nw' 7 E. Friedland D. Garofolo . an Z . Aa M. Gernler P. Gordon I. Grossman La'- G17 1 L. T. Hannett ,. S. Fitzgibbons K. Fuchs if , A , "Z, am i!" P T. X73 N E. Garraffa Qi t uk, P. Gilleeny ,Q . S. Graham ,Q , ,. W V! f D. Grupe N. Harris As in C F 4 B. Flipse 1 1 9 4... D. Fusco Os ' L- R. Gately 'if 1 ,Gt 6. I . ,M z K. Gobetz D. Graziano P. Guzzo C. Hartman Q I' , k- uv-ff ' P. Flis ,M 1 5 'fp W. , 4 ff If f - an " PZ? 9' ,L 6 4-1 A P. Gagliano .A of .A ,Lf C. Geary I. Gocayne D. Green N. Haas D. Hartman 139 .ml I , i is , - ey, 4 S, Heilberg :"f""wN-- J lf, jf, .ge ' -M-.....,.. , N. Hughes i ,M aj. ALA T- L A I. Hudson I. lmbo 4 L. Iacobsen ii .. Kr I ' c-, Z, E. Iordan , L. I. Kenny 140 . AS, C. Heiss he . 'fm ,few 2 lv , K . . K. Hollowell 'H m-N C5 I. - 5' I . . I. Hudson Q M. Inaba 3 " V 'f L ' "V I 9- ' A 4 rl-:lk 7 G.Iaeckel il ,--S . ,g . F. Karuschakat I. Keuler . ug I. Heller K. Helm ' ' I - g ' I 1 "TQ v , ,.. f K ' '.: - - . fy Qi f . . ' Q wi e! 1: I H 5 ' ,I 1, , , A5 tw J ' , i 4 . , Q l ,r il V I ., L. Hoppe A. Hoviss ji':f"-..1, t ,,, ,. K. Huebner C. Huner L "I '- I ,..- . ' 1 5 C. Ingle . . 'I U I S I L kd ' ii, I. Iansen E. Ioanni . 15511 f I I' . fl Au K. Kazanecki M. Kelly C. Kissel M. Koch A. Hickey R. Howroyd 3 , L. 5...- A R. Hutchinson 'We Q0 9. 1 Q! s I. Ingraffia il? I. Iohnston M. Kelsch HG 1.-iq I if M. Higham ,Qi I 1 if 1,-, ., 1 i I. Hucke ahv- ha... fl D. Iadanza aa, wcllfb C. Irwin ' E. Iohnston M.. . .le S. Kemerson 1' if P. Koch N. Koehler x 1 I. Koenigsdorf 1 if-W' Q e . 1... 5 X R. Kraft W at 5. D. Ilehr V Q Q5 xii.- R. Lomot Q. A- 9 . Q' ii W. Kogel 'S'-'A SS K. Kreutzer R. Lejman A Q C' 45" 4 fx- I. Long C7 T. McEnroe gn '19 'MJ' S 1 .K ., D. McNeice A I. Mallamace 4 D. McGinn T. Mackey 41. . x ' ' Q x'lQ.. 7 , fp . I f f 95 Q fs -3 'is' 1 1 x R. Komulainen ' if -ON I. LaBarbara Q- R 7 .. ,,.- I. L'I-Iommedue D. Lehmann .Q-,, 3. w...-J, A - D.McGlynn f -'H N. Macleod G. Malone N. Mangone 4. R. Koncelik P. Lamb T. Locicero "J ig. E.. ' G.Lown B. McGowan D. Maggi isa .5 ..f .A P. Mangiapanella fin M. Kornely . '5-V . gg. 12Qj'Q-' Wig.. L. LeFavi I 4, . A. Lodge 4' Q S W. McAuliffe I .l Q., psf:- , Q fe! U . R. McKinnon R. Mahoney D. Maresca A. Kozlosky M. LeGrand . I . .g' 5 . 17" , 1 R. Logan fi X I' "" ' P. McClusky E. McManus R. Maisano .5 5- 0 nl. , .9 . f W P. Marino 141 N. Marmo P. Marotta Fl S. Maluska D. Maune . !,' ' ,I V. Menzer L. Messina .- V 4. 0 - J .: f N l I ' I 'S ' - qv Ia., C F. Miller K. Mimnaugh . 4. I ff I 4 . Q I A T. Moxham B. Mueller C. Neubaur R. Nicoletti I. O'Con M. O'Leary U ' 1 - I S. Mascolo P. Mathie I. Mazzullo ,- a 'f D. Meyer X. 'S ' -a...". C. Mirabella Q. 5. -. , D. Munn G. Nobile Tlx ' .11 R. Olsen K. Meier I. Meyer F. Montes ...no S1 W. Murphy Q-f mx A A. Noto 41:1 D. Oleksiak It . X.. Q.. , vi I. Matsko B. Mello If H ff... qi Al 1 A M. Mlchaels L. Mathews if-1' . ' L S. Menechino C. Miller if M. Montuori S. Moran Murra P. Novack I na I. O'Sullivan B. Murtha I. Oberkirch E. Oriiz M. Paetow I. Paolicelli C. Petersen 'ff F, . 4' 6 3,87 - 537. .. ts 6 I' I 'Sm A D. Pollack f I lah I v ' K M. Radicella ...lg . fa, ,Lyn ' 4 , -ff Mis W ' 7 if . R. Rigby I. Rooney T. Painton Sr Nr? wqnqr G. Pardo I. Philbin E. Poloskey 1 Q. ,Ay I yi. I. Ragland if ,Q L., ' z B. Ritchie C. R ose Q D. Paladino ' . 'IeRI Q I'.I S I . at F R. Partridge 41 -' 'Y 9411 K. Pira . ,,., V. . K. . 'Mm , . 1 f I. Posanti C. Randazzo F. Rizzo I f ., I I. Rose B. Palzzolo L. Paterno ,ww iw ' .f,o - 'Ev ' R. Piscitelli 5 . . if f , in . D. Praides 1' ' 'aw ...... .. I. Revello P. Rizzo f". V .k'Nbv,f- I. Rose mf F. Palamaccio V ., . I.,-JA T. Perino 'L ,K 7 ms.. R. Pokallus 1 'nf 1 aww .., 4' VM. " 'mu .N 0 ' , M. Proetta A. Richards F. Rodolico L. Rose ,.:- W . .Q -s, , 1 . , lk L I. Pannullo 'Z 61 f ' Wm! ' ,Q 4. V. J , ' 1 55 ff.. .4 -.3 L. Perretta ..., , I '.,""'Aw B. Polanish , f fl I 1 6-A Aa--.. E.. Punda ,.y. .3.h , V. , iq 4, .. fin 16, . Q . I w E. Riches :JW ' f-7.1 f 1 I. Rohr .12 . . 1 if Ii'i Il Z. M. Rose 143 M. Rnsumzin l. Ross L. Riley M. Saivino R. Smzhwnrting g.. R. Sanger 'J ,--4. M. Snluuclo Q.-A af' 9. R -- f S -C' I. Srzhwurzcr 4 L. Rouleau E. Rubin if s- f - E. Saliani I. Salemi -, -ilsm . A B. Srzharfschwerd I. Sherpich . W' f M D. Scrio S. Seyfried tut- B. Shziw C. Shimkus R. Siepinski Skurnick k....Q.f, all R i C. Smith R. Smith C. Solano T. Soltes .47 ,J . " ' '54 ' Mb, s 1 4 K wsu. W. Spaingmrnhorg A. Spinzi D. Spinks A. Spitzer 144 L -L R. Rumplik C. Sandrow . 2 7' C. Schneider .. AQ. nv li-if 1' . 1. 6 L I. Ryan D. Savarese C. Schoeller M. Shank S. Shapiro B Skurnick S. Sorrentino M. Squicciarini C. Small ' A.. .49-5 M Soto 1 if"A . . A lik. L ' W, Squitieri ll fo . xi it Xi: ...-I , R . V - S R. Stalzer ' .' ' '- "!'.fb7.iPra.-flifg -Qi. ' t - We I - .JT M. Sweeney . " rs., A' ' xi R f A ' - L, vw' A, .L A. Tracy L. '57 M. Valva V. Von Seggern I. 'f - . H, f ws v- KX V' . .1 I A LLV :L gi Iwi ..g Ti!'1Ig.k- .. S. Stasolla P. Stephenson I no . l A -. 3 H. Teich R. Teumer ft M Q45 K. Trainor I. Tschinkel I. Valyo I. Walsh R. Weickart I. Wikso B. Wcinfurt . T. Willemsen ' . xiii ' al 2 L X14 at ? ' Q Q 'Q f Q ! Q, I T. Van Ess P. Walsh B. Weingard M. Williams ' rr. In Q x la t 0 . M X 'cf ' S. Stryie-ifvski K. Tice G. Tyers B. Vastano L. Washington 7. - .Q 44 ff f'fzfi222:YQ 1 ne' I K. Weise 4 1 S. Wolfe . Q 4 J ,W bf 1'- ' I - V. Stulnnlft L. Tipaldo . T. Umland D. Viggiano I. Waslufsky R. Wendel R. Woodrick J faf X 971 I. Suppe R. Tompkins ' I i'l?'ffs L? , Vi' . 5 , gi, elil I L L. Unger . 4. f e Y V, ' -: ,- I R. Volbracht 1 I ' f. V V-. ff-.43 - -jf, .., . 1-. . 'lzzf' P. Weber R. Whitehead T. Wool l45 46 F' A, A . I. Youngman M. Zaccara K. Zwick T. Abrams T. Abrams 32 un, W. Andersen B. Bowen I. Bringmann I. Canavan A E. Doolan . VR . 1 K - qs . Q 5. '-.V -A . Yr' .- 4. B. Fehr T. Fischer 9 . L - .L IK. rx hi P. Garbarino I. Gill V. Gray K. Hughes N. Lem K. Phalen D. Schwartz C. Turnes X' A. Volosevich D , -iw f 1 W, 'Q ' ZW' gh. ,Ma I. ., J h, v D fs, Not UI Us Q0 c of!! , xo ,W . f9i5 took? V YN 0 NCL W uf' I W fbi UB II ,Q XIII Yxcgxf SJ N LDQLQXXXJK Xvpvfi I held out my hand one day in hope of reaching someone. I pulled it hack, and there you were. You never asked for what you knew I wouldn't give, But you kept giving. I was like a book - closed. You were the one who cared enough to lift me open and take a look. I really don't know if I was what you expected. I took a chance and let you see what I really was. I expected nothing but was given much time and patience You were someone I could be me around. You always listened when what I had to say may have disagreed with you. I reached out one day and what I caught hold of was a friend. In you I have faith. In you I've found friendship. A Leah Graybosch i ' .dew- ,gw f, fi 1 s TOP: D. Lathem, V. Cina, K. Snedecor, E. Szchulda, MIDDLE: S. Fuhs, M. Smith, V. Loffredo, M. Mangam, M. McGrath, M. Osborn, N. Sacco,I Barath, BOTTOM L. Maniscalco, M. Kilbourne, M. McGoldrich, M. Cruz, W. Seibel, E. Raymond, I. Anzelone, M. Connor, N. Napolitana 3 ...H z W f 1 R I 4 l .-...I IN 1' f 1 'OP: T.Babbit. A. Garcia. T. Nacarato, I. Corallo, S. Pecorella. R. Siepinski, K. King, D. Gushel. B. Holley. MIDDLE: L. Arnold, M, Heim, C, errer. D. Stewart, E. Swager. BOTTOM: G. Smith. D. Searles. L. Peterson, K. Byrne, D. Starkeson, C. Egan. L. Daniel, K. Kenny. D. Arabito 150 e A sul 4 ,H Q x VS 'GF ' tg I I ' "+ fi! T ' 9321" - f , W. M r . , . J V. . Y' -L, 1 V- - A '. - X, ' ,A .' . 1 ' I .,g.3gQQ1I3:3jgT. . f 's P 1 ' ""Ki41i'ef"'1"lf in-'.f:? 5 - 'T' . . ' " - fi . ' I 'W' I 3' il fifff' 1' A' V I ' . V " ': ' -r if ' ' 1 k:?"fi 1 'i?i-i'l'? , ' 4f?'7"W I I A "B: 'ff B- or W' - .R E A . -.,,,,,.,fff -. I " .' I A . s TOP: P. Burke, G. Ledesma, I. Bond, I. Carino, I. Owen, E. Clark, B. Waslufski. C. Comerford, G. Bodenberg, MIDDLE: Mr. Rosen, I. Garrafa, I Werner, I. Barnicle, L. Petersen, B. Paul, I. Burke, D. Dody, R. Fryer, BOTTOM: L. Rivera, D. Kempner, D. Santoro, S. Bouchard, S. Gallager, R. Drowns, P. Miller, C. Worster M11 f TOP: S. Polis, G. Boettger, W. Dunbar, T. Schaper, I. McGlone, M. Palochelli, D. Hereth, B. Horton, MIDDLE: L. Scorzelli, L. Laudano, C. Sulli- van. P. Zdanis, D. Graybosh, T. Lapada, R. McCarthy, S. Meddis, I-I. Carpluk, L. Pampinella. BOTTOM: I. Loeffleur, P. Voight, B. Slumpf, D Alessi. L. Porgolizzi. P. Slolnick, I. Casliglione. P. Moxham, K. Mc:Gahey, T. Gibson 151 , 1 9'--1 4 A1 if -. J pl .- ' 'fur 'JVNF w 3 A l li' ,r .V A YQ - if 4 , if EX, I' -' ll ,A l 'A n' ffl' ll f", h... - 'h gl V TOP: M. Nemazie, I. Malone, F. Arena, P. Lazzaro, T. McHugh, A. Maragolio, M. Wool, P. O'Brien, R. Brass, S. Waldman. MIDDLE:G. Nobile,I Roche, B. Olsen, M. Walz, S. Breaton, L. Riley, A. Barsky, P. Littledale, R. Zingerman. BOTTOM: M. Evola, S. Aaraas, B. Feliciano, M. Schmitt P. Savers, M. Grimaldi, D. Hickey, S. Mathews. 5 ff' ' el 5 ' ff '1'- f 1 .2 .Ly Z E Ly 1 ' 1 5 f 3 .:- be ' -- 91719 3, r P -- z f. ' '-P19 " .J'2f TOP: M. DeRosa, I. Montalbano. M. Lewandoski, D. Pastore, F. Gugliotta, F. Dankowski, P. Charuk, BOTTOM: M. Stier. L. Boyle, M. Candela, L. Luongo. D. Parpan, A. Ambrosio. l52 I -,,, ..- -1-14, -vw 51. .331-. - 1 f A 195 5. 7' -K ' K A. - Nw, QQ I, 'W'--' TOP: F. Vasiola. B. Braun. I. Proella. V. Curr, P. Eckerl, C. Fricker, M. Swanberg, M. Paiern. I. Beckman. MIDDLE: I. Mc:Auley, D. Maher, D. T M L L t L F rman, K. O'Rourke, L. Gebhardl, B. Hushon, M. Orhz, T. Lucchese, T. Vidal. Longlswy. B.Bartholomew,D.Komposch. BOT O : . een, . o E "N TOP: I. Lauer, S. McKenney, I. Mahoney, A. Napolitano, D. Duerr, M. McEnaney, I. Giacolone, G. Yurcak, I. Buc kheit. BOTTOM: B. Ferraro, M E W ' R. Nicoletti, A. McHugh, S. Weber, D. Schnelder. Denning, P. Hannan, . else, 153 W..-...X .uty,4,ei TOP: D. Meyer, F. Gerace, G. Pappas, D. Kiley, T. Fagerland, A. Lauri, T. Lane, MIDDLE: C. Mangels, A. Amato, E. Brennan, B. Holihan, S. Smallwood, L. Ferrante, K. Panetta. BOTTOM: I. Kubie, K. Hubert, I. Pino, S. Adams, C. Birnbaum, S. Tohill, R. Ferrara, M. Andrulewicz. I " I "2-1 ., wr, K N X I xii If , I R Ek! 2 1 .4-Q X " TOP: C. Lueken, I. Seideta, I. Hannan, T. Rizzo, T. Nezer, I. Tyson, G. Morea, M. Salamone, D. Gentry, L. Wikso. BOTTOM: A. Murphy, E Randall, N. Piaseki, K. Noller, K. Ewart, N. Noto, R. Vona. 154 -. A 1 'I 5 K ' x -N gl ..,, V I I :X . ffl ffl i" pf H K 9?- f'P v .5 -- I 'ff XA , In 1' :Sf if I-:I iw TOP: I. Abate, D. Bergen, I. Alrnieda, D. Bummolo, K. McGrath, D. Beckman, C. Nichols, I. Pappa, G. Lambert, M. Colo, I. Goldstone, BOTTOM: S. Skidmore, D. Dilks, V. Long, C. Dzama, L. Magnis, T. Schreiner, G. Rosario s I 'init .4 bf TOP: D. O'Keefe, I. Devito, K. Wittneben, B. Davies, T. Candina, M. Schultz, I. Levick, I. Laurino, R. Morris, T. Stecher, BOTTOM: S. Faber, L Ross, C. Petry, I. Youngman, D. Beggins, C. Dix, K. Govea, T. Einhardt, L. Miller, E. Ryan, T. Belloti 155 ,,. ,Q lit. V,.. ,I I fi ' 1 :lx ,FXR N4 M , . 5 1 . -vb?-P, 1 fm I 51-vc' TOP.' D. Swenson, B. Silhan, R. Verdi, K. Ernst, I. Gill, M. Fischer, T. Olivia. MIDDLE.' W. Gillam, I. Skully, G. Nudge. I. I-lallaron, D. Gianturco, C. Gernler, L. Goodman, K. Rowlinson, S. Lawrence, BOTTOM: V. Lyons, L. Clarke, R. Vastano, D. Dinota, I. Palomba, P. Angelo, I. Perretta, P. Allen i 2 ii 5 I 2- . I I I I s I I 1 I 1 TOP: E. Gick, I. Garraffa, I. Tierney. A. Spitzer, D. Rusco, K. Auerbach, B. Albers, MIDDLE: I. Nasta, G. Kiessling, G. Smith, I. Santora, R Schaefer, BOTTOM: K. Hutchinson, P. Kenny, L. Steinberg, D. Visek, C. Drakos, P. Randall, K. Diaz 156 l j .zf. ' 23 1 4 , T , S. i. .s ., 4 2. TOP: T. Stigers, S. Overholt, G. Herman, T. Lamb, T. Orgera, D. I-leubner, M. Higgins, R. Robbins. MIDDLE: Mr. Overzat, I. Soukup, I. Tripp, A Kenney, L. Agostinelli, L. Mathews, M. Caroll, I. Roncone, P. Lucchesse. BOTTOM: S. Serio, K. Kanzler, K. Merenda, I. Schneider, M. McClain D. Adler, D. Gagne, C. Conroy. TOP: Mr. Overzat, C. Golisano, K. Kelly, W. Chapman, I. Raso, K. Hrabak, I. Cooley. BOTTOM: C. Gomez, C. Maciezek, R. Curry, T. Coulding, B. Murray. C. Collins, M. Mostachio. 157 7 . F L 5 2 fN:W,,w if A n 4 '? 3 f TOP: P. Fitzpatrick, D. Fredricks, B. Shaver, R. Addeo, S. Mills, A. Livingston, R. Kudla, I. Hansen, T. Welton. MIDDLE: M. Zinkiewicz, L. Sczhlosshurg. L. Vincenti, K. Sharp, R. Marcantano, A. Pines, R. LoConte, C. Dipre, C. Bollenback, P. Corrao. BOTTOM: I. Morabito, R. Hills, D. Troccoli. K. Karzlin. D. Pastors, R. Bagnati, A. Voloseviczh, R. Mczfluiness, C. Ollivier. ,ali Lf fa , 4-2 41 skr 'N 'LQ - 55 TOP: E. Fay, B. Kane, C. Macy, P. Marrota, R. Steinberg, S. O'Neil. C. Roode,'E. Acevedo, R. Fampton. BOTTOM: L. Miller, V. Boos, T. DeMay. D. Kramarcik, S. Lombardo, E. Post, Dr. Baron. 158 .-""""'-"M TOP: M. Russell, M. Farino, M. Hoffman, I. Becker, E. Kaplan, G. Nussbaum, R. Given, R. Saladino, I. Lynch. MIDDLE: S. Geoghegan, C. Ippil- ito, A. Engel, I. SanFlippo, D. Ramos, A. McCaffrey, T. Nolan. BOTTOM: T. Bellini, T. Poulos, M. Rogers, L. Russell, K. Ioseph, D. Murtha, P Hever, A. Devoy, M. Mandra. f v 553' li' a 1 A I 'ix My 5172 , . . ' 132 . jx 2 qi .fur J ,,, ,A ., .I .az , 1 lift r. fy-4" . has L. . TOP: M. McGlone, T. Laveroni, I. Scherger, L. Fanni, Dr. Baron, K. Hinch, F. Lippman, P. Lampasona, I. Schneider, BOTTOM: C. Macleod, N. Brown, N. Weiber. C. Mattera. D. Lodato, R. Siringo, K. Bayha, L. Gross. I59 in i ,..f-"Tw TOP: R. Grinsted, M. Ferrin, W. Koenig, L. McCauley, K. Iudd, S. Young, P. Guercio, R. Syska, E. Monaco. MIDDLE: F. Coppola, I. Buckheit, S. Kaplan, O. Costa, C. Kane, V. Stanley, I. Kent, D. Peterson, W. Matalevich. BOTTOM: K. Macejewski, B. Riches, A. Fischetti, P. Davis, S. Tan- sey, I. O'Brien, D. Perez, D. Lee I , 49 I f 4 'mf 1. .4 ' " 1 I , MAN' .K f 'i 1. ,. TOP: N. Merrick, K. Green, I. Giacalone, B. Villano, S. Doolan, S. Suchanek, L. Giambalvo, V. Vogel, M. Barrasso, P. Spangenberg. BOTTOM: E Norton. C. Schaefer, D. Chobuske, S. Chicohcli, P. McCabe, C. Nikodem, C. Stuffer, K. l-layden, L. Martino. l6O 15 D 1 H t 3 f ,Q 4' 7 an way? ff M 4 ' Z . ' nm ' TOP: C. Cecere, I. Howe, K. Cannon, T. Ciforelli, P. Mirabella, G. Lawrence, I. Becker, D. Cross, BOTTOM: T. Goodness, L. Wolser, L. Maca luso, K. Maclachlan, D. Long, V. Faith, D. Lapolla 8' 'milf TOP: F. Ko1onis.I. Maasch, R. Massina, I. Allenberg, M. LoMonac0, Mike Sarrubie, C. Cassiba. Builomz F. Licuri, D. Kern. P. Klolz, L. Hen- drinks. 161 'Q' lk X , ,r", 'V ii f4 if' f C' , ., . A TOP: G. Desgro, M. Snyder, M. Connolly, M. Maresca, E. Maxner, B. Black, K. Kaese, S. Cascio, S. Plunkett. BOTTOM: M. Ronan, M. Inserra, C Coffey, A. Connor, S. Curtis, L. Belz, I. Rico. junior Class Officers and Advisors .-XilvisorzN11-.C,oodnmn.A.Murphy.Sunni-1-tar-y.L.Csubharcll.Truzisurfzr.NBrown.V1rpe:Prs:s1dc:n1,D, l'ulu:-ser. l'JI'f?SlCll?fll l62 Q. 1 new l? by A WK! E 1--ul "" rii U' S1 5 A K Q' LQ, - yr, , , .LK ""'9unu.- , ,ig ,f M ,....., l 5 'wa ? Q at fi -.4 ' , 5,055 X K xc: ,Q X 55" fiifx --,.., 1 gl A Little Help From My Friends What would you think if I sang out of tune, Would you stand up and walk out on me. Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song, And I'll try not to sing out of key. I'll get by with a little help from my friends, I get high with a little help from my friends. Going to try with a little help from friends. What do I do when my love is away. CDoes it worry you to be alonel I-low do I feel by the end of the day fAre you sad because youlre on your ownl No, I get by with a little help from my friends. Do you need anybody, I need somebody. Could it be anybody, I want somebody to love. Would you believe in a love at first sight, Yes, I'm certain that it happens all the time. What do you see when you turn out the light, I oan't tell you, but I know it's mine. Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends, Yes, I get by with a little help from my friends 6SfQlJU.li'U!'ilflf!W'l UE63 F ' Tir".-2'4'.' Q... II to Y J' M P K l I l J X ' r r T I . I IL f I A fi: S ff in i 1 . TOP: B. Rutlen, I. Garbarino, A. Small, H. D'Amico, I. Coleman, R. Prezioso, K. Hayman, D. Berkowitz, E. Plitt. MIDDLE: E. Olofson, I. Kramar- sik, P. Daly, I. Cunningham, F. Quervalu, L. Russell, B. Minn, Z. Averelii, T. Whaelen, E. Boze, I. Sahl, I. Compitello. BOTTOM: M. Vessichio, I Vastsno, A. Sullivan, D. Siegal, A. Polanish, E. McCaffrey, K. Mayer, E. Poehlman. Q , S i X. X 79" gli TOP: I. Driscoll, S. Lazzaro, G. O'Brien, T. Mercadetti. M. Kelly, I. Grugel. MIDDLE: T. Moxham, I. Teisch. B. Grube, S. Gilleeny, R. Bunde, I Mason. P. Martens. BOTTOM: C. Norcia, E. Hutchinson, I. Callagy, T. Stables, M. Dominguez. K. Geyer, M. Classi, M. Danvers. 166 TOP: S. Miata, I. Carroll, D. Winiki, A. Robustelli, E. Plunkett, S. Suppe, P. Kikerpill, G. Rulon. MIDDLE: N. Mostaccio, C. Kolhep, M. Vierengel, R. Caputo, C. Scherpich, M. Corso, P. Garfield, K. Siebel, H. Hoviss, T. Shelby, D. Mandra, Mrs. Blumberg. BOTTOM: L. Wavra, K. Nemazie, E. Bowman, I. Menechino, I. Loeffler, A. Buonincountri, D. Laudano, B. McGlone, I. Lent. fl!-agf' TOP.' M. Holly, I. Sargent, B. McGuinness, S. Organ, B. Beltrami, T. Tripp, G. Harris, C. Carvalmo, S. Burke. MIDDLE: S. Mandra, L. Fasulo, T Adams, C. Unger, I. Albani, T. Castellano, C. Alber. BOTTOM: D. Umland, C. Hopf, K. Komulainen, S. Murphy, B. Wells, K. VanTassel, D Costantino, K. Squiteiri, L. Ruggiero. 167 1 ff .4 ,4 TOP: R. Piccinini, P. Sanz, M. Rielly, M. Palmaccio, I. Maggio, G. Cudler, W. Halpern, M. McNeil, I. Reilly, T. Durso. MIDDLE: O. Murphy, L Schaefer, B. Kelly, T. Downey, L. Kane, C. Russell, L. Reiter, L. Candito, D. O'Keefe, B. Anderson, I. Kondas. BOTTOM: G. Himpler, L. Lorden L. Geynsch, B. Abernake, S. Milana, E. McGrath, L. Mills, K. Brown. 414.221 I lfsffi g TOP: R. Videtto, W. Nurge. T. LaGuardia, I. Cucuzzo, F. Beckman, B. Daniel, D. Hoynacki. BOTTOM: C. Rivera, T. Cassidy, D. Ozvath, B. Fal- ciani, V. Sappia. C. Orlando. l68 v 4 E f 1 TOP: P. Mastranado, K. Bolum, R. Abrecht, S. Hirschfirld, T. Cavalieri, I. Marjoribanks, B. Weinfurt, R. Solferino. MIDDLE: L. Krumholz, I. Muratore, P. Rowlinson, D. McDonough, I. Highes, M. Negron, A. Marchione. BOTTOM: C. Walsh, I. LaPenna, D. Daff, I. Alberto, L. Barath, S. Piccerello, V. Dolan. 1 .4 TOP: C. Nugent, T. Kappenmacher, L. Ragland, I. Lawrence, D. Moshman, I. Cuccio. BOTTOM: P. Aiver, I. Paton, P. Cabales, M. Peterson, I. Linnane, O. Doherty. 169 if is w EL-J ll I E 1 - I K.. TOP: D. Wright, C. McCarthy, M. Smaldone, C. Walser, A. Carew, G. Tashie, T. Howard, A. Maglione. MIDDLE: S. Walsh, K. Beyer, A. Rossetti M. Goldman, K, Filangeri, V. Sharpsthwerd, P. Ventrano, I. Maratea, P. Breaton, S. Comenzo. BOTTOM: L. Abraham, R. Ollovoer, M. Phalen, Ll Connily, C. Reynolds, K. Cunniffe, D. Sotomayer, K. Gobetz. .fi- TOP: M. Russo, I. Saggio, R. Ryan, K. Scmoll, K. Murray, I. Leggio, D. Finch, P. Madonia. BOTTOM: T. Carroll. D. Rizzo, D, Pettit. M. Piciullo, B Katz, S. Parker. 170 "w+QF 'nf TOP: W. Woltje, I. Moynahan, A. Mantell, S. Estrada, C. Ramos, R. Bellini, F. Prost, A. Matz, T. Derosa. MIDDLE: R. Rollman, L. Belz, C. Roulea, P. McGahey, D. Harrington, K. Gruner, C. Rasmussen, L. Kingston, S. Winoker. BOTTOM: A. Sweeney, M. Arena, C. Smith, K. Mills, M. Callies, L. Isabella, C. Maune, W. Krastell, N. Hoppe. ,. I-Qqfffff f 'www I .f I . ' ' , r L' ., fj wn, 75? ,., . 'fff ' V331 61" ' T222 'f . f ' , M. 1 4 I ,. . , 51 Z s 4? 4 1-JE'-, ' TOP: I. Perino, C. Schanz, B. Henneborn, D. Sullivan, I. Mariano, D. Bergen, I. Smith, D. Royce, A. Suchapar. BOTTOM: Mr. Shapiro, A Delesus, I. Skidmore, L. Stagnitta, K. Carlon, N. Anderson, I. Caruana, D. Wilson, M. Vicinanza. 171 'ax 'lij?3fr TOP.' R. Hirschhorn, A. Guerra, K. Cannon, P. Kenney, S. Miller, I. Wilson, P. Kennehan, S. Ferrara, G. Maresca, N. Campbell. MIDDLE: R. Lucas, C. Villano, M. Zinman, R. Farina, M. lewell, E. Smith, T. Lucey, M. McEnroe, C. Liselli, T. Hugo, C. Vollbracht. BOTTOM: D. Rizzo, L. Fox, V. Buscemi, E. Archer, L. Iansen, T. Santora, M. Poelman, L. Leon, B. Byrne. THQBND TOP: R. Aquilla. K. McCe0rge, F. Buckheit, M. Burke, K. Lawrence. T. Caruana. BOTTOM: L. Sammarco. T. Coggin. K. Lamoreaux, I. Tropia, D Redner. 172 vff fin fff TOP: M. Santarpia. S. Coroza, P. Marszycki, S. Walsh, R. Knope, N. Lacetera, D. Kozak, R. Rizzo. MIDDLE: E. Herbert, B. Troeller, S. Paehr, B McManus, M. Hockbrueckner, B. Strunk, M. lnfante, K. Smith, S. Manouso, P. Woods. BOTTOM: C. Milligan, T. Delulio, N. Logan, F. Castro, T Booz, C. Connor, K. Bradley, I. Bubla, L. Bolling. 'lg ,M Wg, fill.: 1 9 fl' QM' 94525 TOP: I. Carney, B. Kalwite, B. Whalen, B. Zullo, I. Teister, W. Chapman, I. Sistarelli, I. Houlihan, I. Costkowski, I. Chebuske. BOTTOM: M Kramer, A. Constantine, C. Black, M. Stier, C. Pannullo, D. Delfrancisco, A. Castagna. 173 ., ,wx if .v fr- ii! M3 TOP: R. Vogel, B. Gugliemo, B. DeAngelo, M. Acardi, E. Lel-lane, T. Nezer, D. Gentry, L. Wikso. MIDDLE: I. Fenley, R. Zinman, D. Wendel, T Curr, L. Crocker, K. Kaplan, T. Ryan, I. Lorefice, Mr. Ruggiero. BOTTOM: C. Buscaglia, B. Beasley, D. Tohill, L. Paterson, K. Philbin, L. Postilio R. Keuler, K. Graham, L. Schmitz, T. Imbo. Qx . 1 .3 , gf' ff. , if 11 Q T A "4 -- -. . A f . ,351 J ,hs f J r . I. .A li 'fi fx " ff' K, ' 'N Q ,F iiilrxlivi. f V A QA, we 5 C - , , ' Q a r i Y f A 3 vi as 9 ,w..1 V. t, ,f Y' Q-V' 3 -,i y 'Lv' qi 3 X391 I S .4 , , f F 1 lf ,pf '51 it 'YX4QY'f..!f,5fc 5? A Y 4 'gg " V 1 f'f!9' 'ff fag ??'Jitu,' ,,' .. , 2 23 'gg rg , V' r1's.iF,. f N511 uw v V5 , . y ' f i' sq"-, uf b Nw 5.1 X .' ez gggjigf-2 -M.,-.iv T . fl T ,li - , aiu-I". ,I , ' as Q , fl. I - I th . 9 , 1 'xnhgdagh . .niggaz A, fwaamuui 'E . ,, 1 G I H s ,li 4. I TOP: M. MCC:-iuliffe, I. Magro, F. Bell, E. Garapolo, Q. Stulzaft, M. Zingerman, MIDDLE: I. Giordano, S. Smith, I. Frati, S. Floriano, A. Schreph P. Pastizzi, A. Biegman. BOTTOM: M. Dwyer, S. Tompkins, S. Cowan, D. Ciammbra, I-I. Peterson. 174 v I - ll. i TOP: S. Konestoff, B. Brown, G. Fasano, B. Kurka, R. Krezki, C. Cangiolosi, R. Volino, C. Vonbarke. MIDDLE: D. Woods, I. Guzzo, D. Sihank, K Condliffe, D. Murray, D. McGee, T. Shandell, I. Ancona, I. Koppel. BOTTOM: L. Wallenquest, I. Delicati, C. Berg, I. Farrish, M. Spangenburg, I Nemazie, D. Neville, F. TOP: I. Faracco, M. Rossman, R. Gough, G. Harris, I. Rodriguez. BOTTOM: K. Burke, D. Kramer, L. Alexander, B. Ceislak, C. Orski. 'I75 L.. 1 I ., , , - 1 1 ,. 4 , , k . I ff. ' wyr gw . - . ,sz ii - ' I ,5 lf.. 'JL' , bl ii' L E I , 4- , . --1 ff QA. ri 'ZA i if .. ' f'f.'l , A .mg -ai .4 if V, 1 f, -fr, 1 f 'Z " I' I' 3' 1 s ' x A - ' ' TOP: S. Perez, M. Iocks, A. Marrota, E. I-lenke, B. Herba, M. Curran, P. Mulligan, F. Kerny. MIDDLE: P. Barnabee, G. Bodenburg, E. Stanley V Bennenotti, D. Maasch, S. Polomba, R. Skrocki, P. Crimi. BOTTOM: D. Taldone, I. Tocci, P. Smith, S. McCormick, D. Slade, D. Detura, M. Klenl nedy, I. Canzoneri, I. Rubin. gp' A 'U TOP: S. McCarthy. A. Hauser. I. Newhoff, T. Keenan, T. Iackel, D. Schultz, A. O'Brien, R. De-noon, T. Costerelli, E. Graybosch, W. Kindberg, R. Smith. BOTTOM: L. Trillo, I. Bear. M. Falvey, E. Pasciak, L. Duerr, C. Ales, D. Slavin, P. Malia. 176 TOP: S. Hambsch, W. Westoff, G. Heusel, B. Feinman, M. Lacetera, D. Noto, L. Rubino, B. Fischer. MIDDLE: T. Stultzaft, M. Haave, B. Greene A. Perrone, B. Fisher. D. Mandra, N. Froelich, B. Siska. BOTTOM: L. Burrowes, P. Sullivan, L. Guzzo, T. Funk, E. Schneller, L. Wolpert, B Layden, F. Carey, N. I-lunar. TOP: N. Stulzaft, T. Kenney, P. Kayatta, M. Rielly, P. Orgera, R. Stedfelt, C. Overbeck, S. Richmo, D. Ingle, R. Hanna. BOTTOM: M. Browning G. Centola, R. I-Iiscock, G. Orne11a,R. Ramaccrato, D. Doty, L. Peterson, K. Ivers, C. DiFillipi, W. Stassola. 177 ANN TOP: D. Bagnatti, G. Ingfzbretsen, R. McKinnon, C. Sharning, Q. Stulzaft, E. Kazzmeki, C. Long. MIDDLE: Mrs. Baron, P. Radtke, G. Fricker, K Glock, O. Cooley, H. Scamcrs. BOTTOM: P, Puzirsall, B. Waters, 1. Iudd, N. Agnello, D. Bollenbarzh, B. Burg, K. Altciri, I. Lauer, K. Maxncr. 'vi' XM 178 ,..,...... HX ,-q.,-.-.pu -49" s -- hang?-4 6 Q 1, . ,sf -,L N 3 r X 5 . A.,-' g Y 'w ,:.r. , ,N ,A -.J Eli-IQ. x -f N "--- ' ' ' 1 V' - ' .b ' ' 1 I YK . ' f 'N .. rf-V ' -3. v H ' '- ' f 1:3 ' " ' V- -1 .. t. Q 12.1-v 1- ., K ' ,I . -' , V ',g ' - 1 , 4 . - , 1, .3 - A :VA .J 15 x .-' J S Q2 - gl xg X 9 I, f V I - ' 2 -1' v 'f 11X , , 1 K. Q fif-i:-J ,f , J I 1 Y 4 ,Ig , Qoxpl Xkgjfll 5 I x H I . 'Q I X QU, A IJ 59 U50 dw p, Ay Ifll iayrorvou Q xl of IQ J wwf tw QQTXX WX 'lionight while the lights are shining and the microphone is on Q90 I'll play for you. So many will be the blessings and so short will be the time, I'll stay with you. But I'll play for you. I love you, yes, I do. You can say that Ilm your friend, You can see my life begin and end, I'll always play for you. I-Iear the band, hear the band, Won't you let the music take you, hear the band. Let this night Go on forever, Don't you ever stop the music, Let your spirit set you free. I-Iear the band, hear the band, You can sing and stomp your feet and clap your hands, These few moments we'Il share together, And I'll play for you. I've practiced many years, And I have come a long way just to play for you. My life is but a song I have written in many ways, lust to say to you, To say I love you, yes, I do, And I'd like for you to be Whatever you would like to be. You'll always be special to me. 180 4' - -7, Zu: " - KSN? L: 1,55 mfgyfz " Q, - x 25 , Q. , 4 3, M, -f' f 11 . , 411, :-,fm--I ff, ' :fF-E??'3- fiifgfi- f , Q' 21 xy 5 wig' 1 -1:--, Mfg. I1 7 ff K- I if 13, .2-:Ll - I 1 w W Q , .N - ,f Q, ,jf ' X f, ' xl' 14:-.,, gi X 1' V 52 . f - ' 4 ' ffk gf ,jf -1 -. . . A'v,Q' ' f' .imf. 'f, Q 5 a t ' V , 4. T. .-'V' .fun ,, K L ,e1g., 'if 4 , -4-. ff,-A K 'nm 9' ,-:fl J, ,, ', , .ff V fm ya 7336 ,f 1 xg , V M I Q s f if oak L X X 1 5 0 f F ,F?"'5'1 it Q Lynx ,- , ,, ,. Z 8 K 'X' 3 s i' ' V X! 'M - - W. 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' , 8, W? 1 ,fa V45 ly 3 , .fi ' ' V ,W ff' :if 5 , Z , . ? ff ' ' ' ' 2 V 'A' 3' , . g 'wr ' 0 jfgig, ' ' ' Q" L W iv . ,f .' ,,,, f, 6 2 21, f I .1 1 F ' ,, .' ft ,.. J fc! ft? of 'ii . 1 P.. If R W am , Q PM .J lx . ,V rx gb? - xl 5 +3 4 V, f E N Z it I it fy N W 'ai 3 Q? i Ny 'f ,if S" S if ei A' -4 fb A AQ N, fx W Z., f ORCHESTRA TOP: E. Demers, I. Maragiolio, B. Bartholomew, I. Becker, T. Bocz, I. Gill, V. Vogel, D. Bergen, R. I-lirschhorn, P. Sanz, P. Marotta. 3rd: D. Smith W. Krastel, P. Smith, I. Bunde, M. Danvers, K. Bertino, I. Falingeri, E. Monaco, K. August, L. Estrada, S. August. Znd: A. Noto, D. Winicki I Costa, D. Ferrara, R. Siegel, P. Fliss, C. Maxwell, K. Oters, A. Imberne, S. Cannata, I. O'Keefe, R. Goercke. BOTTOM: I. Bunde, T. Fisher,lP McClanglin, C. Villano, C. Iohnson, D. Harring. M JAZZ ROCK 4 l l i TOP: C. Ferrer, L. Arnold, E. Radtke, T. Schreiner, A. Catone, S. Sorrentino, M. Squicciarini. MIDDLE: S. Cicchelli, D. Fre- dricks, K. Vargas, K. Panetaa, T. VanEss. BOTTOM: M. Mills, A. Lodge, I. Tompkins. 186 DR UM MA 1012 ,nn ,Y David Anderson n. RIGHT BANNER K. N oller I i. A J N1 :X , 1 , 1, 1 f. M. Salle, M. Corso, B. Layden. A. Rossett , T. Hugo, I. LaPenna fm? Q' Va 1 H, i .NU 'L 5 1 S51 Ffiiv 4+ X ' :XX uw Q. 5 x 'W qi ref? '4 Rag' 4. L " L . .+A Q4 I1 .r 1 1 Od W , iv, 41 Q r M.:l'-i- 9. 9 - fi' if 'L' '- if 9 Q r 5b99i9'v+1g I ' Q QW Q . .. H ,wmv-f Mieim. 19 1 n Tl I T W 9: Q I U mx L... ali' al Wow f 9 9 -r E ,, sa 25 1 1 gc ' ig, ,V 7? gf 55, 1 111, X ff mv' ,515 : 4 wx. 'ia U : 6 , wave:- X ww' 1 f 3 4 5, f ' 4 E f fi fy Z 1 5 F W f 5 1 ' 'Z' ri!! F fwfi. ' 4?gG'3'I, ' 4 wif! , ,ffflilfi - if A ,.,, 'L 'V V ',,' -' X 45" 7L.3fZ,fi 5,25 7:,mE,, ' Y' ','f, ffC,f,. -654, ' ik ?'1'Z 1232 Z 4 V f ' 2 ' , 1 . ae, ..z Z fu! ,- . .yy .f., 4. 'fw ' f av S ' 4 W ogg f 7 .I Zo f If f nf 'ax Xa-so , y , Aw 19 xi ' 'ji " 1 , ,Z 4 , ,.., L ,Z 4,,.,, A ,,-M141 ., ,. 53 ay, wi siifm-.5' A V ,259 -2-ff? f-L fig , V' wkylag 2 'nh ' 'fvfv - 553.4 fm, ff ,E V X :,g':3.1 "ag-,rzgv 1 z , fikriiff V " . . A ',m:,v,q'g--,, :gy .V , 2' 512152195521 22 , ,, ' ' P-:':f?v5:w:11 411241, -ff1-,rgiQai?,F1,5zz.'ya. - - Yr- -' : You've Got a Friend When you're down and troubled And you need some loving eare And nothing, nothing is going right Close your eyes and think of me And soon I will be there To brighten up even your darkest night You just eall out my name And you know wherever I am I'll eome running to see you again Winter, spring, summer or fall All you have to do is eall And I'll be there You've got a friend If the sky above you Grows dark and full of elouds And that old north wind begins to blow Keep your head together And eall my name out loud - Soon you'll hear me knoeking at your door You just eall out my name And you know wherever I am I'll eome running to see you Winter, spring, summer or fall All you have to do is eall And I'll be there Ain't it good to know that you've got a friend When people ean be so eold They'll hurt you, and desert you And take your soul if you let them Oh, but don't you let them You just eall out my name And you know wherever I am I'll eome running to see you again Winter, spring, summer or fall All you have to do is eall And I'll be there You've got a friend. Q f xl"i f " ' '. Q,f4 bilf, , ' ,ig V? fs FP 5 La f r K ' ' SN, - ' v,,.,,: X we - ' ., ,,.,ff . ' 'mm fly, . " , ' fig ' ' ?aifiW? Football The Varsity Football team illustrated its bal- . ws., anced strength on the gridiron again this year. The offensive attack led by quarter- back Boomer Esiason and running backs . . . . . . hilt' s uf rg Frank Bianchini, lim Beggins, Dick Glock and Roger Erickson was one of the most ' 'Q potent in the county and was complemented , 5 by a fine defensive lineup. The East Islip A Football team was not only voted an unprec- so edented 6 All-League Team members, Mike Dooley, Mike Salcedo, Roger Erickson, Boomer Esiason, Frank Bianchini, and Bob McKinnon and 3 All-County Team membersg -N Boomer Esiason, Mike Dooley and Frank Bianchini, but was awarded the Rutger's Trophy in recognition for its excellent sea- son. VARSITY . Fw a 9 'Gage .gs 4, 9 K .tg QJVQJ g?4g6-9 W 'E fx 5 31- mf tw! T exp. . ' h FD X1 fig' ..-. 1 -nf, jg' 2' ,g ll ' F N 5 S 3 J. ,. ji' . L L . gg, 0 , . .,f6. ... My '4 f X 2102 "fini, .ai , - - '.f1wL.'-I M.. Wiatr A 44, fwfr- 1:4 .':,f.'1- . '1 1 " v l 'ri ' 4' 1 1 Q1 '. Am... Ass.. ,. Cano, j. Moana, Asst. ivigr. E. l-1utcl'unson,j. T r1pp,R.lxane,L,.iNudge.D.P9b01'91l0v 1- M9fCHI1d6tt1, D. Centry, H. Larpluk. R. Catone, I. Sullivan, A. Barsky, M. Higgins, F. Arena, G. Morea, Asst. Coach Loverro, Asst. Coach Holliday. MTDDLE: Asst.-Coach Cooley. Asst Coach Riley T McHugh D McGlynn M. Fischer, K. Kaese, I. Roncone, 1. Domozych, E. Condon. R. Hutchinson, A. Lorie, R. Glock, M. Lyons, T. Nolan, T. Costeyrelli, Head Coach Ciampi. BOTTOM: R. McKinnon. F. Bianchini, M. Salcedo, B. Esiason, J. Beggins, M. Dooley. W. McAuliffe, R. Erickson. MISSING: I. Driscoll, M. Wright. ,Z ug., 5, VA "farm-1 nwwsseuzisuzs WWWQWII .. ...,..,4,,.,.. 4, Ma a s i s 1 rv-: ' 1 Q I A , ev f Z V ':W::Z.....-... vlrkt W MTN., .5 Z.. .17..:.5T..,.l.... .... .. , ,.....-...,.,....... N W ry w--vm-wr-q.Q vpw-:Q-'NNN-.aw ywmmfww m....,,,,....W 'I TOP: Coach Cooley, I. O'Brien, M. McAuliffe, I. Ketchum, T. DeRosa, S. Parker, A. Care R. Stedfelt, D. Bagnati, D. Kozak, K. Clock, B. I-lerba, L. Samarco, D. Weight, E. Plitt, C. Durso, O. Cooley. B. Deaney, C. Overbeck, R. Picinnini, I. Cunningham, I. Ancona. junior Varsity : 'J n, B. Zullo, F. Prost, Coach Reilly. MIDDLE: M. lnfante, Linder, R. Strunk, BOTTOM: B. Brown, l-l. Siemers, T. 5 .3 we s,,..-.3 iii!-25, iff? C feffffbn, Football Coaches: H. Cooley, R. Reilly, S. Ciampi, I. Holiday, A. Loverro. 155:53 J a 9' V 1. jg 199 1 7 1- ,-Q .' 5 V .iq I pun fi' Jr ,AQ IL- .. P, E , .f- an qi-f.hA ' Mig' 1:12. a ,ie-i""' A , 5 E " F gm . f gl: V , ,Q ff, ff?" ' Q 'iiigqsve if 5 w fiffvfkz f,- -f..,, 4, .N 1,4 5 " H.: , W N' U lf 1 -an xii' s , A ' wiki' 113 fil -"' '1 ----wr'-.v-1--f1f"r "" "' 1 2 'Y 4 I 5 , ,gg A , A, 2 " lr . fn ' " Lf? I - . 2.1, ' , --niibrfvafmamf 2 '13 ' f"""' fxzwfkii f I - .xii , A . N .. ' A - K .w:gg, W V . -. f-X X- I B . . sim Q. ,R . . x. g- -. n' :K Q of-1- , as-. v 'ffl 1 - ...ia-5.56. "-gfmrff 1 ' is-'df A F52 .i is V If . ff-gfgglg -:gigs-M .,..,f,.. X F - 1- H "f--, .' , .. ith.-?,' J W - .-lim'-'1""h.'--:',-' "D .he x ,.v.'f':'Q 1 H T' ig,-4 .. g . ' ' i ,Q ,'g5B:f,ft-.,-,iff w -. ff 1. -6 -'.xg.xi1f,'si-R 51- .- . -.1 1 yi- l gt' -,..-.1-f.5s-C. s- 'H . --f '11 ' iff . 4' -5. 1" M ,f 3-si "A" 1'..4s'5 f . 'VA 41.395 if '3 iff -' 2: f .. ' . 3 'Q- '.f.j" 'f"s5 5 . . gh' ' -.g.fQ53:Q32g.yQ:52' .- gt: 4g.i1.fff. H r- REQ sp.:-.:4,Z,.. - i ' Q ' 4- r f ' fx fi5g.Qf'f'?g ' v -,V -1. an' G. . W- ' ff 'H ., 1-'Y gf K1-2. ,N 32343: - ,-,gz-fv.1.- .. ,.,- .y .Q ,,. Q MN, L, + .5 -fm. -H . ,..,m,.,, . H23 51 A .Za ,, A-4 , 5, .,27irEq-355215. 5 S, ,,g5f:5r+7Ya:ia1 W.. . :.,. cf V ., .. .glwffn ray, 1, ,- V-g 173-, 53.5-if ,. . qs-f QI fl3'5", . f'?fff?fE'Y. -gf .:5'f,,"'25f -' - V ' V -Y-f' '52 ' - w r-pc.. -1. 4-ry, gk zfx.. ,,, -: 15.5 ' X an f ,V 1...,g,. .5 - V 4 a , ig:jj:.4,4,j',.. X, A ,ig P5 0 4- --N ,.y!. M' .. -. , 1. -. fn 177' gff-+ N K ' L -. .r.sa.t.Q,i 'fL:.+,..' -- . J X- - 4-My wa ' W- A.. " -' 1,.. ' N?" - -- are-f - -g - - Tennis The Girls' Tennis Team continued its winning ways this year under Coach Werner. The girls again ranked sec- ond in their league even though they met many strong opponents. They sent two doubles and two singles of this outstanding team to the playoffsg these including Tracy Van Ess, Donna Murtha, Nina Brown, Chris Egan, Lorraine Tipaldo and Sue O'Brien. Lg ..., ... Q. ,,, . mf. ea "'t.w.f' - TOP: S. Whittaker, O. Costa, L. Clarke. D. Beggins, M. Maclaine, L. Tipaldo, C. Connor, A. Devoy, P. Hever. BOTTOM: A. Polanish, T. VanEss, D. Murtha. C. Egan, B. Hushon, N. Brown, S. O'Brien. G3 ,f 201 Soccer The Soccer team competed in a very difficult league this year. Bob Cooper and Dave Bernstein, the two All- County selections from East Islip, led the team to a second place finish in this tough league. Une of the high- lights of the season was beating a highly favored North Babylon team and another was reaching the second round of the County playoffs. The team hopes to continue this winning tradition next year. Varsity W TOP: T. Wool. S. Meddis, D. Gensch, W. Spangenberg, L. Rose, I. Agnello, T. McEnroe, S. Schales, D. Stewart. L. Favilla, Coach Mamtta BOT TOM: M. locks. P Spangenberg, M. Hoffman, R. Cooper. D. Bernstein, N. I. Shoda, I. Falci. 202 junior Varsity TOP: T. Kenny, I. Tyson, S. Doolan, B. Fienman, S. O'Neal, P. Rowlinson, I. Goldstein, P. Mertens, B. Chiccetti, Coach Montero. BOTTOM: B Green, T. Tripp, N. Lacetera, K. Cannon, E. Hienke, P. Moxham, D. Berkowitz, M. Lacetera. 203 714 '23 Field Hockey The Girls' Field Hockey team enjoyed its most successful season ever this year and finished first in League II. The team also advanced to the quar- ter-finals of the County playoffs and made an impressive showing. Lead- ing the team to their victories were All-County selective Deanna Dinota and Mary Cavanaugh and All-League choices Melissa Rose, Donna Telese, Deanna Dinota and Mary Cava- naugh. Varsity g. as Q TOP: D. Dinota. D. Telese, N. Weber. M. Cavanaugh, B. Shaw P Kenney P Brown Coach Molloy BOTTOM L Washington I Loettler A Bove. D. Canyea, M. Rose. 204 M , ,,,, , ,,,,, ,yn L- ' ,gf 5 fm, f: wx 4:.ff..,. .' .9141 ,A '15 .lf " ', ,v . ,, ,, . A, . 7.7 . . Vw , . , Q2 . . , ,iz 4 if 1 , ,I my I , .V , , ., V, V 1 K A , .4 I , Y . L I V ! f Q, I I V' .f " . ' I, 3 'ff-2 Q, .. ' V ' N VM' T-f 1, ' ,Mi f"f'f'7f ,T v ff A Mm. f . junior Varsity TOP: S. McCormick, T. Stagnitta, D. Taldone, A. Fischelti, N. Kanzler, R. Capulo, M. Nazjaski. BOTTOM: K. Maier, E. Mishkin, L. Daniel, L Russel, P. Sullivan, I. Loeffler. 205 1 -- ...Ns- J .. Q.. 'G i , -0-n.,,. Boys' Gymnastics With almost all of its top scorers returning, the Boys' Gymnastics team had visions of many victories. They had virtually all their gymnasts returning and were led by Dan Delaouise, who placed last year in the County Individual Meet, and Bill Squitieri. The team, however, did not have as good a season as it had hoped 'E , 'V' '1 v H iq but did win many important meets. f i M it 7 i A,, 4 a 4, 2. l FHA , . ,mug ......h.- ...i TOP: Greg Bodenberg. Kevin Hannan, Kevin Iudd, Bill Squitieri, Dave Anderson. Mel Gonzalez, Tim Nezer, Neal Stolzaft, Robt. Whitney Coach, BOTTOM:Tom Perino, Dan Delouise, Rick Mancuso, Mike Pantori, Iames Milton, Bruce Kurka, Pat O'Brien, Tim Abrams. 206 Girls' Gymnastics With some of its top veterans returning this year, the Girls' Varsity Gymnastics team expected to have a very good season. A newcomer to the team hut certainly not to the sport of gymnastics, Iolaine Mighton proved to accent the talents of the team and along with Co-Captain Karen Kreutzer led the team to many victories. They completed an impressive undefeated season and captured the League II and County Champion- ships. 5 Ui.. mm., Q A V, f. ,,,, L. Q . . 1. . "-'Y-...,,Ja. .5 , Z 1 sa: f, 'e f7"Sf4fne4:1 ,-1.0 , , z' W"' 5U45U"1.:3 .'fV2:5jfY',5fZf'.':E".l'I'.i1'1.'5fj3 ' f .df 1, ..W.:.:,u1,.,,, , M . , ., f "HH fd f2,2:y ' ' 1 ' 4 .41-1'-390 W-,,,...,..- , f - - A I ., . ' f A . . A 5:4423 47 ,555 ,..i.,.fkf,,Q4gy,g,,,,,',7,,,.. .. . ,. ., I ng . " v.f,s:.iqfiw., .i affair.- K,x.Qz-M41 A T-f i.-.1--..,,. ,, .. .""""""-'-+-- .. , .f,f5,-'-,i,,f,,,,,", gi,Qf4gff,: igymfm.v.,ifff-. V y .- v -5.5.3ftpM,,1,Awff,.,wg2-ff?',,.,v,,a. ,. .ima 4 - ' 'vw-':4z1"zf4 ' W ' 1 1zw'lZf f"ff't':1'f'igz2'f:f1"21?2.:z'5'QiQ-,ftff " 'exp 1 -ae. wi . 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'45-ae-s+lqL-+4 ' 435'-1 TFT?fV1f7fL'fb5iCK"z1T'2279n"' vjfiiff 47'r75'ff4-Jififliff? i',pll.f5m'2'Q'3Elfgf L QQ? 15,f1i!'l1'kJ'1'5"ffl'f7fil'7kf1filiaif"Elf 'ff :ZiiQ:45-f i""4i"fWiv5?i'5'1v4fQifg.-fz:z?'-14 , P'1tfLif.'-'J1,322-if? inf:ff.fiLf:'if:irif1f'Lf1if-,'4':r4'-.-gifs'2-arise. gwff ,' wif 7529 iMfH2i1z::vi:f:rC?'ffsfi.'v'1eyr:f'r'tf:fL" , A .. ff-yewQu1-s:v,w.sr-M120 .49-.i .'.,g5'5y2,3Z!f3f.fif-'Q IfF',f7.?j-'.' 2"'f,ff f'fZ"9f4f-'ilf J- 73. f zfzfg-f:iy-gffg' '??'l"f:L fJL1'f2wff1se fa," qi::ff,,,1 , f-if fa 'A vfzizyygf- :'1,'2-,,fp2.- ' ' V 1,21 Y ff -Q V11 f"..ig. ic. J 'If ff-2' if . aiff.-ffp.'f ,Lv f' 'rd "f,.f"'r-1'- - . V , , , y ,,,,,,, ,.,, V-...., . 3 1 , . V 4 . g ,L+v,f.,- g 444 :Y - -a-ff 1 """' ' ' ""9i"""M.a , 374- "QW 'fr"'--'11"'f?'Q2off!4f.1K"'i -gg' . . wx f: ,f ,,,,,,,..f..,i.J.4,t.-.'.f. -f--2' '33'l"4'l5'A' LJIIXLM. .-mu, m.,.as.-uc., , ...nz v I Q an , Z . ,X . ,. Q. f n f -M f " A -W'-ft,-,-.. Ig, . ..,Z..,.,..,., ' 5 L..- ,.,.,.., TOP: E. Kromm, L. Lent, C. Walsh. BOTTOM: I. Bubbla, T. Imbo, I. Mighton, S. Anderson, K. Kreutzer. L. Rogers, A. D'Ambrosio. 207 Af- 4--.hgh V.,,,..f7.. fo 12 "Q- v "L YQ' 4.1 41, ' i v Y V V H5 I, ' r 2 if 6, ' . 4 is A fy f, , I ' 1, . H 1' ' Q , I I . AV . A M u W., M ?fil.,vi i up A .,.' ff v W Q V W 4 ' at 1" .g txt' rv 3 A a f , , A f -, A fx. .- V 'I f iff H 1 I -if I - L Ll , :Vr ' f, I gay, U 1 ' W ' 'Q-0 'X ch 5 V4.3 , .2 A I gf.. - ' H 4 1,L'gS , N34 i 5553 1'-, H 5: I ki fi ,'f:'-'z 9 7 Boys Cross Country The Boys' Cross Country Team had one of its best seasons in over a decade with an unde- feated dual meet of 5-0. The team placed sec- ond in the Nassau Coaches' Meet with co-cap- tains Scott Fitzgibbons and Tom Abrams and Sophomore Bryan McCuinness placing in the top ten. The team finished fourth in the meet. The all-league members were Scott Fitzgib- bons, Tom Abrams, Bryan McCuiness, and Mike Wool. 1 L.....A..- ' Girls Cross Country The Girls' Cross Country Team has done well this season by finishing within the top ten in every invitational meet they ran in. The team this year is composed of five veterans and only two new members. 1' . 1 r Basketball Although hit hard by graduation, the Boys' Basketball Team had still hoped to be very Competitive in their league. They have had some good showings such as beating highly- rated North Babylon. The team is led by Roger Erickson, Boomer Esiason and Steve Schales and they hope to finish the rest of the season by win- ning their remaining games. Varsity 255 Q TOP: Coach Montero. Mgr. Hartman, D. Stewart, W. Bradley. B. Murtha, D. Gentry. MIDDLE: D Spmks B Gugileamo G Nudg C Ruiz I Agncllo. BOTTOM: R. Erickson. I. Driscoll, W. Andersen. B. Esiason, S. Schales. 210 b .W vu K 1 1 4 1 R . . ,.., .'., , Ii V, M Q lx: V, 1: - ' J H 1 QT?-fish -Q , F12f' E n'5f ' 'L xi ,. w if- A, f ' af, .,. iw, 3 1,3 N , 1 4 5 k. 3 . I .n " 4 f 1. -ze W, . ,. . , -1 5 5-1fwf,,:,:+,1,,',Qi . Q ,Q , QQ 3 - 4? -an: V ,V .." If, ' 'V f " fvwafff z -2- .,, J , l l.',M:,f.l-M 5 .5 N,.,..,., ,,-- I: ,,,,,,.-,,.... .,..h V 'aiu "Q,-1" 0 . . e- ,Q-1 1, 212:11 af' ' -'bfi' 52. , 1 ., fi.. - ff 21513,-11-2 . -f - gr., p.,., .Y ... L, J ,l , , ,,. f f ' Kg: f ' Q, V 4 W1 , ' . 4? I -V 1 0 ' 7 LL V K ' v . I I SQ 'lb 65 an ff- 3 ,as rw mg 1 W ' wg V V Vx 44, 1 ,X ' ' ' ly?" , f-sq., my-Q-. Girls i Basketball Y-1-L ., EDQT-I ,y C" W W . Bw f . Q .. TOP: Coach Seal, N. Lemp, C. Connor, K. Burrowes. MlDDLE:N. Weber, D. Grupe, D. Dinota, M. White. BOTTOM:T. Imbo, M. Cavanaugh, E. Mishkin, A. Volbracht. junior Varsity With hopes of a possible Championship team, the Girls' Basketball team relied on returning start- ers center Nancy Lemp and Deanna Dinota to lead the team to victory. Other starters this year were Mary Cavanaugh, Dori Grupe, Chris Connor and Mary Io White. These hopes of victory seemed to vanish when Deanna 9-1 if broke her foot but the team still finished its league competition with 6 ' TOP: M. Dooley, T. Smith, B. McMasters, C. Condon, D. Pearce, S. Feruzzo, Coach Bertsch. BOT- lvlns and 4 losses and TOM: K. Maher, I... Dominici, D. O'Lear, D. Rizzo C. LaSusa. made the County playoffs. 212 ff? x- fy' zffffi -' A V , 'ji -, ,.,:5Q- - 1 XM ,,. , -X .V M Q . 1 ,N ii w.,,, . -. , .. . X Xa "1 . R . . WX' , V+ -.gs ' V. X195 5 Qi -Rx Jimxcflxi . Y '- . , , K xfwfvw-' V - 4+ . .,r.-Ng Q .wi V .gfigiff - , iw, 5, v 91.4 , K X vs . R X gg ae x 5- Q.. ,K ,,, yn v 'Y' '1' I H --., .fl 2, QM s Bowling The Bowling Team had a very suc- cessful season under the guidance of Coach Supeau. The team had many returning members this year which was a definite advantage. Midway into the season the team had won six of its challenges, four of them shut- outs. i ,X TOP: Coach Supeau, P. Spangenberg. G. Kiessling. M. Barrasso, I. Maragiolio, T. Naccarrato, Coach Cooley, BOTTOM: G. Tyers, C. Finch, L Perrvtta, I, Levick, O. Cooley. 214 Win ter Track The Winter Track Team had a suc- cessful season this year. Under the guidance of Coach Goodman they went to various invitational meets and for the first time the county meet was held in the Nassau Coliseum. TOP: M. Santarpia, H. Damico, E. Lehane, M. Iocks, B. Herba, K. Iudd, K. Shedecor, T. Lane, I. Garbarino, B. Mahoney, B. McGuinness, Coach Goodman, M. Salle. MIDDLE: R. Dwyer, B. Salle, M. Wool, D. Wright, D. Mahoney, E. Swagger, T. O'Cerra, P. O'Brien, M. I..aRock. S. Fitzgib- bons, T. Abrams, G. Lamb. BOTTOM: C. Dwyer, C. Walsh, I. Iudd, I. Milillo, F. Montes, F. McCuinness, D. Adler, D. Poisanti, L. Harrington, D. Osvath, S. Smallwood, M. Dwyer. 215 Girls I Leaders Tv KJ CJ . X,-fi L..-Y., W ,.S. '.Y,.r'ls '. TOP: M. Rose, D. Murtha, L. Lent. P. Kenney, D. Crupe, C. Egan, K. Hayden, B. Hushon, N. Brown, T. Balog, Miss Molloy. MIDDLE: P. Brown, S. Moran, I. Loefflnr. E. Ryan, N. Mangone. M. Cavanaugh, A. Bove, I. Hudson. BOTTOM: L. Washington, K. Kreutzer, B. Bowen, I. Ahern, L. Sczheno, D. Dinola. ys ' Lea ders cz TOP: K. Hannan. K. Iudd, M. Conzales. P. Cuercio, I. Keuler. MIDDLE: B. Squitieri, B. Spagenberg, L. Rose. I. Imbo, I. Domozych, C. Luken HOTTOMJC. King. M. Monluorn. B. Cooper, I. Tyson. N. I. Shoda. 216 O 5 is -srslty Cheerleaders Q 4. .-, Ag., TOP: K. O'Rouke, I. Palomba, K. Hayden, S. Tansey, E. Doolan, L. Gebhardt, P. Agro, R. Woodrick, Miss I. Perlian, L. DeFazio, T. Schreiner, L. Reilly. junior Varsity Cheerleaders LLf if ...., . 1 2 'E L Z-, TOP: C. DiFillippi, T. Lucey, E. Berg, I. Farrish, L. Agro, K. Komalaine, C. Albers, Miss Tyson. BOTTOM Castro, R. Ollivier. X ' My XX Y ..... X " NN -L X x -PLL Y,Q f 4f .X l ,.1 +MA -'Y M HA Vdlff' ., ,. ' N N 'A f gb ' sm , ' 5 2 fi W' 525 9' , gs It N sz , Jai , X4 f 1 I Q r E X4 WW x gf ' f R IA :rf m . ,J 1, ' ' svif ' 41 f so Q X' Cr" Q i Q I f 'Jw f 'if xv-P --N-ig , I-img fm 'iaxlxkb 1 ' 'yi-. 1' 'En 14 IJ R E I i "ii ff! " in .tax " , ng R" - lf- Q -- X' 1 ' 1 V 5 I I , K A JW X ,,,, , , ,, Y, , ' fe C 42452 f . , f f, '4.44m,1af, f - 'fef,:10, lf 'M6,fZi.' Y f 21' fr 'f7!r'ff ' , Q ' , 4 A ' Al- Q1 xl -X4 .. if " V1 N I 1 ' f ' ai' 4' , x 'Y X I b W Y N xxx fi K f v Nt WRX X fig 1 f fy Z wie, :Q N- '-' 4. '- A ' Q x Xe xx Q f' y f-.Vx KN' X X 3 Q xx QR X , t X NM :P+ ' 4 -:wi , . V My fs M" X 3 X N .-M-.wwf-f I 1. .-,,.. Q. m.wmf11.-1-fjf'f5"' ' gg H111 www . 31, gg, ' 'Q' M Q-H,- wi' ri . 2 un. x 3 , Lgvsif' fy, ,gh ' 7 , , JV fw- 'Q--ff tp,f"' fillxC,,gfJfDllfNl J fs vcmet dCWVfJ 432 ldfixth TQSGCXCLS fi w gi, MTC TNQ, ffE'wt""'tf.Z1l Qt. Tajik It xf Clcmf 'l' tf'Qt"ic,t,o L,J"fNQMi 'to IN, f7V'i Wild QU Cf-the Ciqiyciii Q1 tneg 2 Jgtwetw c?tQ9eQq QJQQ gd,,'H5, lqNc,tgfl QQ? f5CleQi C SPIN Yvgueer CMU JUS ftixbfx ANQ lfimtduf lQ mfg Cfimd GMT? lk Wav! A30 WV ulfgmqglflbtilwf meet it laws as as rsfiiff yew' CUWCAZS Qghgsfg 7 fbcwfwe-ki M Neg if t'l5'XQi Ph VN CfLlfClX 'gli' vttfxflli Yfcyub klftcrfi cmtsfriends tonic czwffi MGM '-fag! Yyy -at NN EQ? KMA gh Cdgrr I hope the day will be a lighter highway Qeiigtydrlf gcimtlq gl ,QjyNQwFor friends who found the way to go qg C GO C H OGC I A Who can ever think of any better way 3 , 'W nfl a f 5' CD6F?K 13 of MA X C We ff For the lost and weary traveler to go Q 3 Xl fffgrf-'9"""' I Making friends for the world to see ""Wi"M'M 'A" "Mx ' Let the people know you've got what you need NJOLQ if pig V-V3 With a friend at hand you will see the light C-L lcgtf CDC- ,,,' g ' If yourfriends are there, everything's alright 55535 Kpulww Gfs Qui Cl UQ QP G35 '4N'6?:is XD fm QS? W t , 5 , C It seems to me a Crime that we should age -- D - CUWM ACB Xl Haag 0 These fragile times should never slip us by -L WX Cfllgkesl Ylfjtfk Ot Yi all C W CVMEA time we never can or shall erase gyda' Q, ffufgol As friends together watch the1r childhood fly jdffl SN OJOGXCB VQ5 ci, tWkLC, cigvxl G YXQJDQ f Making friends for the wor d to see X W G t P Let the people know you've got what you need A ikxfxb With a friend at hand you will see the light If your friends are there, everythings alright. Cao 'ft xvccft Lea tx fauxef, Qgwfavqfaaff gwfoes L,kfbQ?x tl V1CjOQE',.e C4 QDBTTQQX., jj? .T 3115 O, if NNQCJN5 gmt gmt well KW WU if EQ O til 5' tl 5 xiii t 9 e Lowe liffg t est unit 5 v A Uiftfflfbl sf Telugu, UNlMlZ!.Mi1fi lNQI?E 'hr-.A -fifg,afgyY,f.. . , , , , ,. " Vf?w,Tf' , F'-Siifiif :fAw1 5W L -M , M , gif' 1 QM' f, '. NV , 'Hmm-iaixe-.,H mamwua.-1.am-M " -B, Ak' W mvw-1 . um-sv S' ""' F "-' ww fb.guase-,1nwm- 1' 1 1 1 v H , . xnjlvrg.- 53 YEARB QOK '09 . I l .qt 1 la .i, . TPI . V: :K-'A X F.. . .' fa TOP: Tim Wool - Photographer, Gene Demers - Photographer, Mrs. Sarcona - Advisor, Karen Merenda - Ir. Editor, Lester Cohen - Pho- tographer. BOTTOM: Patti Davis -- Ir. Editor, Ellen Rubin - Asst. Editor Ianet Ahern - Editor in-Chief, Iudi Hudson Senio Ed't S l' BRO DCAS TER 1 ur: 1. uocayne, L. Wasnlngton. N. Brown. L. Wolpert, C. LaSusa, L. Russell, A. Buocontri. MIDDLE: S. Faber, M. Loayza, S. O'Brien, R. Woo- drick - Editor, L. Freund, I. Iudd. BOTTOM: M. Salle, B. Vastano, L. Mills, M. Iewell. 222 III FOREIGN EXCHANGE TOP: S. O'Brien, F. Arena, C. Hartman, E. Saliani, D. Hartman. 3rd: K. Diaz, R. Robbins, I. SanFi1lipo, A. Buonconti, L. Wolpert, K. LaSusa. B. Layden, I. Roche. Znd: I. Gocayne, R. Croce, M. Loayza, R. Woodrick, I. Blank, M. Walz, D. Lee. BOTTOM B. Vastano, M. Salle, L. Fruend, I. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCA TION CL UB OF AMERICA Mallamace. M. Gertessen. I TOP: D. Hartman, B. Layden, I. Barnickle, S. Curtis, Mr. Lamm - Advisor, T. Goulding. BOTTOM: G. Pardo, D. Lee, C. Hartman. I. Rico. M. Walz. 223 MA TH LEA G UE TOP: Advisor, Mrs. Uffner, F. Arena. S. Stasolla, R. Grinsted, S. Montgomery, T. Candina, E. Olafson, Advisor, Miss Kondzielaski. BOTTOM: L Giambalvo, D. Noto, M. Gauland, E. Kaplan, D. Oleksik, L. Washington. COMPUTER CLUB '-w.,.,, um... - ...t K I ,ua-A-4,:,, TOP: E. Plitt. BOTTOM: D. Fredericks, E. Olafson, S. Hirchfield, B. Black, I. Cunningham. 225 wg 4 gun. f P X Az-K STUDE T CUUNCIL ,V -vm-ik-y-5 fr.-k . I I K I Av xiii I , . - ., . K i,.qk, - . "-- f . ,. ,. ..,,. . ., ,. if I7 ff' T. Imbo - Secretary, L. Forman - Treasurer, Dr. Krishnan - Advisor, I. Smith - Vice Pres., N. Mangone - Pres, f' . .gf tif' 'fm q ., QW 3 www' if ,ffm S 'fi . nr. x D I2 ? .A ,Ng 'Qian ,QA .W kL.g f. Yi ai A - , I X ?V'fYX Vx R it Zhu .Hx 1 ,ff ' A .,14b1 : ' 51 ' K. ,V ,ff --,k. .-V, , WD 4 'Q ' A 'sf i f . ,T A . , ,,, 1, 5 .5 , , '5 ,f W , fiy r 1' .if 1' i ' W' Q" f"'-J i 1, 1, M 1. I ' 'z z ' 4' 'f V! H 1, "1 ' ff-A'. ,,, i ,g"f C I 4,4 , 'ff ,ff" .', . i f 1 v- ' ,, M' , Q., 'J-123 x 7 ai, A J MA , 4 'V ' ' V 4 1 L jf' I, ffl, -WL QA ,f fx, 4 ' , ff' f ,,,f, J I X, 'Kell ,, ,A , High: 1. 'I' ,!',y' ' V M. ,V ' A Q a. 'f N' "A k f + x f I fw rf 7, N f 7 - f 1 ' W' 2 'f,, ,n V , 'AL-2 V. lu if My :A r .17 '1 ,V ' . V V , ' ' xv . ,fqgfgd-Q4 55, A . 'Aff 5 ' af ,A v r . 4,,p,W V , Wi I . X V, V, . rw iliy J H X, v ls," v f , I ' I ? ' K - 7 p X , t' , V I " Q fw f S ,,- 1 V - Y mi U A ,Ng ZZ Q A. I 1i1 ,, I wr, ,. .L .X Ve W Jil ,rt 156 4 ., 'gzgifiify 1:31 HOMECOMI G -as 1 ' ffzfbffgwfqx, V , F' fi., Jw Q 7 A fu-A' 1 4 -. N, '.-'5 V -, 5 sf ? ,Q . 1 1 , . . 1 y 1 .'-.'ifj.A1 .KJQQ K ., 5 wif ff? M ..- mn, 7? 'WE Tn- A SECO D - SOPHOMORES wa. A, if , . N' ff' -rj,2fff of iff 1'4r A Kim fi, ,N I :gf , .f .gk v w , 15' . f ,ak 'sf . 14 ' 'Av 3,,7jg., ,.mfjha,g'A '.'. J- fllff ?'7' AV1 ' gf-9.3, . V K 1112 L' "Vw if-1 wevzff 1,4 if Q4-,nik -SZ.:-8 ' ,fy r. ZS X W Tj. Qu, 1,4 .JJ fgz 10,4 'lf' ws ' - 1 ' - 52 ,, "',g,.,,4:3' 4:5 - , - -2,-ffzvffw, A. THIRD - JU IO S Wag FOUR TH - FRESHMEN -lv, W ' 4122! 2 3 I P A X, K' ,L,,,,. , - , . 1',,qe ---.,.-... -T-' 4 Q N W -7' 351 "Tig ,.' '1 w .-1'7" ' ... - 4-A Y. ,gk r l,...rlQ 14113 las L9 I I - , L- L S L W.. V. .. A,-.. ,.,.. , .M L. 31? zf A , ,"E.u., -T M.. faq . r sy .QJ qu , ' , lr- - , Ni: X -.W- if ii fy Ag C G ' . - 4. ' ' Q 0 x YW o , , . "f t 1 Q1-' . l J. 1 1 . ., i ' 'gh gp :Q L gm- 'f A 1 , .. ' "6-ff., A' fn' R ' M 'x 'Q . 1 , ...vg.,, ,.,-, g,,.,.r,5.g.A,y, ., .,.f,m:V V.: .w ' 4- - ' v ' ' ' .1 U , 1' F. as 4 -s + , Q YQ, Ji"':y',' ,T-,' Tm' "'!"?!'f.. 'sv "i , U. 'e if 'I Q , Q . J., - fn-L,'t -Z ,un .. ',v1' I-'Iii 1-Pi '- H ?-. Y-,E L -P r Zh - fi, ,- .1 -- 1. ,' H , N ,V . . " ,s.. ,,, .Y V, ,lv L, 1 .. M -V 3 ' " arp . -f lg n : -.f-4 1 . V - 1' " f "x ' ' ' 7 """"'f"1 ' H...-iw U- W 'L 1.?'!ff1,w-,'.wn,1'J.M...x'..f-' . . 44' vue 0. if K ' 4'- " ' :-- ,f-f Nm- , - s. N 4 .E Q , ?"ii ' 'V "-"ffm ,- -' -- -we-w-nuns ---as-n..,.-..,.----1 ,, ,,,, A , ,, , , , , W , 'U' ' V 3 Q. . 1 Q .Q . .Q ft - Zskwfv' 4 iv,V,v,,.L:.9: A y- . . ,yu v.,..f,. 14 P fQ1f..5.:- Q' ' -,, . V hi 9 , - , , .' .' I I I, I 1 :Q 1-1 -'..v,p,,g 41.430 "'-fi 6-'ghff' S+! 1 ,Q,5.p . . 'W , . J .I LL - X --if 1 Ve ' U. 'W ' -.EV M :fl xx, ' j w- rr, 'W J 'Af . 'VI er ,F-J Ig, . I' U .- 236 H . ""' , V ' , , ' J! A 1- Q in Q 1 9' f A ' 5- gf V- : . , de' Q-1 - . 5' . I , . Q, t - .J K'-.1-' , A, ,1 4. ,, ' - a- 11' N l' ' u .. v - h, - . -:fx .,-'.'.:?..,y:e- -. vw - ai v'5.JQ1 ' Q sl ,, .. ' 9 Q 1 ' , 'E 7 1 ' L. .l .I lim ---1-If-, .-1, 4 uf.ff2,2 3' .f 1- , ' ' 2' - 5 if Q4 ' X - sc X . 1 In My Life There are places I remember All My Life, Though some have changed, Some forever, not for better, Some have gone and some remain. All these places had their moments With loves and friends I still can recall. Some are dead and some are living. In my life I've loved them all. But of all these friends and lovers, There is no one compares with you, And these mem'ries lose their meaning When I think of love as something new. Though I know I'll never lose affection For people and things that went before, I know I'll often stop and think about the In My Life I'll love you more. IT1 4. g -gg.. -,,. . Z M 1 ff wif r' fv yf.9r,.f Typ? Mud.. v .N ' 4 Kd MH YW! 'VVFAQ4' KVUVW V l ag ,v,A?2,,i4.,,ilfjJmkAAwf ' ZQ?lfzj5.19aa4'a,ff6yAi'm.wJff25Af I 'J z fue ,damn .v.fAmr1m'ur ,pgbaoud AO ABRAMS, TIM Gymnastics, Intramurals - Softball, European Handball, "Honorary Mem- ber" ofG.L.A. "What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind!" ABRAMS, TOM Cross Country 10 - 12, Winter Track 9 - 12, Spring Track 9 - 12, Student Council 12, Vice-President of GLA 10 - 12 "May friendship, like wine, improve as time advances: and may we always have old wine, old friends, and young cares." ABRECHT, DAWN Tennis, Bobos Anonymous, Aspen '79 "Crashing waves, I love that sound. Barefeet kicking sand around, The beautiful sun not afraid to preach. lt's life everlasing, upon the beach." ABRECHT, SCOTT ACKERMAN, SUZANNE "Life is too short to be small." AGNELLO, IOE Soccer 8 - 12, Basketball 8 - 12, Lacrosse 9 -12, M.B.S. I2 "l learned a lot and had a great time - IT WAS A RIP!" AGRO, PHYLIS Cheerleading 9 - 12, Gymnastics 10,11, Homecoming Attendant 10 "lf we weren't all crazy, we'd all go insane." "The best is yet to come." AHERN, IANET M. Yearbook - Editor in Chief, Nat'l Honor Society, Who's Who Among American High School Students, NY State Regents Scholarship Winner. Girls Leaders, Student Council, Lacrosse Stat, Bernard Gerard Fan Club "lt is of human life, as certain grav- ity: To live fully we must learn to use things and love people . . . not love things and use people." "Don't be dismayed at good-bye's. A farewell is necessary before we can meet again. And meeting again after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends." "l knew from the beginning , . "I wish each member from the class of '79 the best of luck and happiness throughout their entire life." AIUTO, VINCENT "Don't worry about it." ALEMAN Y, LAURIE ALESI, DENISE Art Club "Life is like a flower: Blossom today, dead tomorrow. Enjoy life while you can. ALEXANDER, MICHAEL Surfing?, Skateboarding 9 - 12, Hockey 9 "Getting psyched all the time" "This is outrageous! I'll tell you on the level. ln the end it's so contagious. must be the work of THE DEVIL." ALLEN, CYNTHIA - ALLEN, RAYMOND ANDERSEN, WALTER Varsity Basketball t4 yrsl, Varsity Base- ball t1 yrl "l still have my strive to survive!" ANDERSON, DAVID Baseball 9, 10, Gymnastics 9 - 12, Drum Major 12, Intramurals, Leaders Club. Marching Band, Honor Roll, MVP Gymnastics 10,11 "I listened hard, but could not see, life's tempo changes out and inside me," ARENA, IOANNA "South Pacific" Props, "How to Suc- ceed in Business" costumes, Leo Club, Secretarial Club "There are two ways of spreading light: To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it." ATTANASIO, DOREEN Intramurals 9 - 12, IV Softball 10, Var- sity Softball 11, Sports Night 9 - 12, Float Committee A "lf you love him, that loves you not, you lose your love." Meti - memories are only for the past. but bring us into the future. , "Love makes low things high," AUGUST, KEN Marching Band 10 - 12, Wind Ensemble 10 -12, Foreign Exchange 10 - 12 tPres. - 121, Photo Editor -- The Broadcaster t12J, County Intern -- Dept. of inter- governmental Relations 12 "One only gets out of something what he puts into it." AZZARA, THOMAS BAER, ALLISON Spring Track Stat 10 - 12, Pres. IBTC School Play 9 Bye, Ray Bye Maryanne, my bestie "There are places I remember, There are dreams I won't forget, There are people that I love, And my life is filled with love." BALOG, TERRI Spanish Club 9, Foreign Exchange 10, Chorus 9, Creative Writing 11, Girls Leaders 11 - 12, Winter Track 9, Basket- ball 10 - 11, Spring Track 10, Field Hockey 11, Intramurals 9 - 12 "These are the things I prize and hold of dearest worthg light of the sapphire skies, peace of the silent hills, shelter of the forests, comfort of the grass, music of birds, murmur of little hills, shadows of clouds that swiftly pass and after- showers the smell of flowers and of good brown earth and best of all along the way friendship and mirth." "P.S.T.K. forever." "I wish all my fellow classmen the best of love, happiness, and success in the future." BARICIAN O, BARBARA A. Intramurals9 "Never be afraid to share yourself or feelings with another person: for expe- riencing and caring is what makes memories, and memories are something you never lose." "Thanks Mrs. S. for taking time to understand." BARNETT, LINDA BARNETT, MICHAEL BARON, ELLEN "All that you know and all that you fear and everything under the sun is impor- tant, but remember the sun is eclipsed by the moon." BECKMANN, IOANNE BEGGINS, IAMES , Varsity Football 10 - 12, Co-Captain 12. Lacrosse 10 - 12 I "He does not believe, that does not live according to his belief. KOOL." BELLUCCI, GREGG BELTRAMI, FRED Intramurals - European Handball 12, Intramurals - Softball 11 - 12 "Almost Anything Goes" BERGEN, BRADFORD BERMEL, SHEILA IV Softball, Art Service Club "We have all the time in the world to do whatever our hearts desire. So don't blow it." BERNARDIS, PATRICK BERNSTEIN, DAVID Soccer 8 - 12, Lacrosse 11 - 12, Bud- weiser Monday 11 - 12, Power Booting 11 - 12, Tennis 10, Track 8 - 9, Boys Leaders, Peer Counseling "I have really enjoyed going to East Islip. I would like to give special thanks to those teachers and friends who have taught me hard work, dedication, and howto have a good time." BERTINO, ROCHELLE BIANCHINI, FRANK Football 9 - 12, Lacrosse 10 -12, Rutgers Cup '78, Zoo Crew 11 - 12, Intramurals 9 - 12, Demolition Squad 10 - 12, Golden Peanut Award given by Nancy and Soraya "From little nuts grow mighty oaks." BIEN, DANIEL BIRNS, DAVID I ' "Mine is the quest for immortality. I don't want to be just another forgotten name on a curved stone in sixty or sev- enty years. I want to be remembered. I've just taken my first steps on this dirt road called Life. lt's going to be a Long Rocky Road. But I won't stop 'Till Iget to that paved highway. And then I'll go even further." BLACK, CAROLYN Dedicated to Mr. Entwistle - "Unfor- tunately, you will never pass the same way again, Nothing is ever the same, Therefore, unfortunately, we'll never pass this way again." "Thanks, Mom, for the New House. . . You're great!" BLANK, INGRID Foreign Exchange Club, Girls night. Float, Modern Dance Group "l've had a great year in the U.S.A. Thanks everyone." BOGAR, VICTORIA Volleyball 10, Softball 11 - 12, Tennis 9, 11, France '77, Caribbean '78, Aspen '79, Arizona '79, Bobo's Anonymous, Zoo Ladies "Friends have all things in common so that one of you can be no richer than the other if you say truly that you are friends." BOHLMANN, ELIZABETH "As for me, l would rather be able to love things l cannot have than to have things l am not able to love," t BOLETTIERI, IEFFREY BOLOGNA, IAOSEPH ' Photography, oodsman, Partying, Nature Freak, Mountain Man 'AHEEEEAHEEEAHIN You gotta keep on keeping on." BOOK, DAVID Town of Islip Republican Campaign "Walk with the sun to your face and shadows shall forever fall behind you." BOUGHTON, THOMAS I. "It's not time to make a change. lust relax, take it easy, You're still young, that's your fault, there's so much you have to go through Take your time, think a lot, think of everything you've got. For you will still be here tomorrow, But your dreams may not." - Cat Stevens BOVE, ANNMARIE Intramurals 9 - 12, Field Hockey 10 - 12. Volleyball 9 - 12, Badminton 10, Sports Night 9 - 10, Girls Leaders 9,11 - 12 "Remember: Quitters never win, and winners never quit." BOWEN, BARBARA A. Nat'l Honor Society, Who's Who Among American High School Stu- dents, Girls .Leaders tPres. 121, Regents Scholarship Winner, Student Council 12, Varsity Tennis 11, Intramurals 10 - 12, Basketball Manager 11, Field' Hockey Manager 12, Sports.Night 11 - 12, G.irls.Night 123 Bulletin Board,11, Float 12, Foreign Exchange 11, ,Math League-.11, Band 9, Future FARREEIJS Member, Mr. Bill Fan Club, Senior A. Good luck to the junior one'sF .1 especially tanice toh, my 'neck hurts -e 1. ,y , but, tha,t's okay for mel , V t I ' To Mr.gjCiampi for giving mleusomeone to res,peetb.a.nd ,to Doc for teaching me that knowledgefis basedon-fthe facts you knowgxnot the opinions you have. Algebrafthis is noplace forlyoug' 'The t:h.i,ng.ZJt,h!at goes the farthest in makingitizfe,Worthwhile isdiust a pleas- ant'smi.lIeLf'5 "-' i ' , V I i,1, f Karategit-1t'i,l1Zt.,lSkateboarding, 10 - -12, Promot'ing,jfreefthought and use of rec- reational drugs 11. 1 12, ' , "The height-iof ,cultivation runslto sim- plicitygg h'aI'fw.ayt'cult,ivation leads to !ornament.atiotn.. GO' FOR lTl"' I , BRADLEY, WILLIAM A Basketball 10 - 12,fBaseball'10,'Surfing Team, Skateboard Team I , 'ttf you donft standup, you won't stand achancef' I , BRADY, STEPHEN I BRASS, SUSAN Float 10, 12. Newspaper 9 - 11, Varsity Soccer,Sta.t 12, Bo-Bo Club, Muppet Fan Club, Liz, Les, Luc Club V "What lies behind you and what' lies before you are tiny matters to what lies within you. N ' A ' f . Go for it. ' ' Craig - "three" for ever and ever. I'll always be there,,Banana. . Luc and Liz' "Thanks for making' my high school years as great as they were." V Dor -- "I'm so glad we met and hope' our friendship will last." t Pupa - "Thank you for being my friend. We'll always be together." BRINGMANN,gEAN M. Intramurals 9 - 10, adminton Team 11, Float 10 - 11, Student Council 12, Year- book 12, Ye Olde Corker Club "To be capable of steady friendship and lasting love are the two greatest proofs, not only of goodness of heart, but of strength of mind." BROCKELL, MARK BROWN, DAVID BROWN, PAULA Field Hockey 11 - 12, Spring Track 9 - 10, Volleyball 11, Cheerleading 9 - 10, Intramurals 9 - 12, Girls Leaders 12, Sports Night 9 - 11, Float Committee 9 - 12 P.K.S.T. forever BRUNO, LOUIS - BUCHER, IANET I Flag Corps 11 - 12, Nat'l Honor Society, Nat'l lr. Honor Society, French Club 10 - 12, School Plays 11 - 12 "The greatest gift you can give someone is not to share with him your riches but to reveal to him his own." BUCKHEAIT, FRANCIS BUNDE, IANET g Flo,att9 - 11, Tennis 9, Intramurals 9 - 12, Band 9' - 12 tPres. 9 - 121, Marching Band, Musicals '11 - 12, Honor Society 711'-'12 ' . "fMy.s'oul'Can find no staircase to Heaven except through earth's loneli- ness. " I YBURKE, IAMES BUSCAGLIA, TOSCA Rifle Club, French Club., Photography, Track, Cross Country, Orchestra, AAU Swimming, Horse Shows, Archery 1 gin every living thingis the .spirit-to be ree." 1 I . 1 1 cAFARo, PATRICIA , I . Marching Band - Twirler CAIREQTSCOTTY 1 - ,,,, ' I E CALABRESE, THOMAS . CALLI1-is, KATHLEEN q "May we all shine on , Like the moon and tthelstars and the sun. , . May we all shine' on Q . On and on andont. , ." CAMPBELL, BRIAN Y . . "Beware the Evil One" Tolkien Peace-N-Prosperity, M CANAVAN, IUNE' I BoBo's Anonymous, Zoo Babe ' "To dream of the personyou could be is to waste the person you are!" CANDELA, PAULA I I "Life is all about love and laughter." CANNER, CRAIG , "No Comment!" 1 I I CANNIZZARO, DOMINICK ','O,ff'on my horse and -into the wilder- ness. CANZONERI, SAL , I I Cheering people up, making them laugh, keeping the Deans busy. - "If something is in your way, don't fight it, go around it. lt's better in the long run." CAPITELLO, RALPH CAPPIELLO, MICHAEL CAREY, IAMES "God bless you all." "Father" Carey CARLSEN, KAREN CARNEY, MAUREEN CARON, ALBERT l'No problem, Thank God." CARPLUK, DAWN CARROL, CLIFFORD Tennis 10 - 12, Soccer 10 - 11, Table Tennis 10 - 12, 2nd Place Suffolk County Tournament '78, Nat'l Honor Society, Business Manager forfBroad- caster, Gerry Gerard Fan Club, Bo-Bofs admirer anonymous, Lust Club, Math League 10, 12 . .a man destined for high things can dip into the lowest depths of the bloody, drunkard chaos of life, and soil himself with much dust and blood, without becoming small and common, without killing the dim spark within himself, that he can err through the thickest darkness without distinguish- ing the divine light and the creative force that lies within the shine of his soul." ' ' l CARROLL, IOSEPH 1 E I cARRozA, KAREN, g . BoBo's anonymous ' ' "Don't let it bring you down. it's only castles burning. lust find ,someone who's turning and you will come around," ' . f CARTUSCIELLO, I 0 YIROSEMARIE, I I I Leaders 9g i'The Pitlf in South Pacific, "Remember the Tremolou 10,rForeign Exchange 93,-.12, School Newspaper 9 - 12, Orchestra 9 - 10, 12, Flag Corps 11 - 12, Candy Striper at Southside Hospital I1 - 12 1 ' 1 ' "To all my ,beautiful friends, new and old, who made me 'laugh and smile. how could I have made it withoutfyou . . .Yodi, Waddles, the 'M' crewylyfom, Dad, and EVERYBODY! l LOVE YA ALL," , , ' ' . , , Rosemarie CASSFORD, CAROLYNE CASSIBBA, BLAISE I CASSONE, KENNETHJ "'Bet with your head, not over it." cAToNE, ANTHONY cAToNE,t IOSEPH I cATALDo, IUNE CAVALIERE, CATHY CAVANAUGH, MARY' Field Hockey 104- 12 -- All-League 11, All-County 12,'Basketball.t 10 - 12,' Soft- ball 10 - 12, Sports Night 9 -,12,,Volley- ball9t-10,Leaders9,11-12 E X cERvoNE, KIMBERELY CHAPMAN, WILLIAM1 . I cH1Lus, BARBARA 1. 4 CIAMBRA, ANDREW CLARK, PATRICIA "For sure, I met a lot of excellent people this year, and I'll miss all of you. All I can say for my high school years is: What a long, strange trip it's been!" CLARKE, ED "Party Hardy and enjoy life." CLARKE, THERESA CLIFTON, AMES "Good-bye sc ool - forever." CLOSE, BARBARA Volleyball 9 - 11, Intramurals 8 - 12. Yearbook 9, Float 9 - 11 "The secret of life is enjoying the pas- sage of time," CUCUZZO, ANN "Be still and know - for every stormy wind, a calm of peace will come." coFFEY, joHN coHEN, LESTER Yearbook Photographer "Here's cheers to the Smith Bros., the Doobie Bros., the Beer Bros." and the never here Bros." "Rejoice, rejoice, we have no choice but to carry on." COLBERT, KELLY "Live life to the fullest because you onlylive once." To Bob - "Thank you for sticking with me through all the bad times and always remember, 'I love you.' " CONCANNON, CHRISTOPHER CONDON, EDWARD IV Lacrosse 9 - 10, Varsity Lacrosse 11 - 12, IV Football 10, Varsity Football 11 - 12. Student Council 9 - 12, Ir. Prom Attendant, Vice-Pres. of Sr, Class, Bud- weiser Monday Club, Power Booting Club and Official Ladle Champ "OH-BABY, it's been the greatest time of my life, made many a good friend. I hope to hell that everyone will always remember Crazy Eddie so in twenty years we will see each other again and well get ladled out in "Big C" and talk about the good old days. But the best thing I could say is CO FOR IT! We're just a bunch of wild and crazy guys. Have a good one folks and see ya in Collins. And don't forget I'm gonna go crazy in an everlasting kiss." - Crazy Eddie "Life is a bowl of cherries!" CONNOR, DAVID CONROY, PATRICIA Field Hockey, Volleyball, Softball. Cheerleading, Band, Nat'l Honor Soci- ety "The hardest thing to do in life is to let something you love go free." -Anonymous CONSIDINE, TROY "To err is human: to blame it on the other guy is even more human." CONTRATA, SUSAN COOLEY, NINA Girls Leaders 9, IV Softball 10, Soccer Stat 11. Intramurals 9 - 12. Varsity Soft- ball 11 - 12. Sports Night 9 - 12. Float 9 - 12. Secretarial Club 12 "Though we drifted apart in distance I always think of you as being right here. Though we have different interests, our experiences are still the same. And though we have many new friends, it is our old and continuous friendship that means the most to me." "I'll remember my friends, I always will, and remember I'll always love you, Bill." COOPER, ROBERT Intramurals Softball 11 - 12, Gymnas- tics 9, Basketball 10, Baseball 9 - 10, Soccer 9 - 12 - All-League 11, All-Suf- folk County 12, Leaders 9,11 - 12 "Yesterday is a memory and tomorrow is a dream, but today well-lived makes every yesterday good to remember and every tomorrow a dream come true." BoBo's Admirer anonymous, Lust Club CORSO, DONNA COTRUFO, THERESA CRAWFORD, DORENE "Why is it that when I'm sad I can never be sadder, but when I'm happy I can always be just a little happier?" CRAWFORD, LINDA CROCE, ROSA Honor Roll 9 - 12, Foreign Exchange 11 - 12, YDC 12, Leo Club 12, Intramurals 10, Business Honor Roll 10 -11, Float 12 "A splendid rose stood all alone, surrounded by a wall of stone: Around the wall were roses, too, But still neither knew the other grew. So often we, like flowers dwell, Too deep within our human shell and pass through life - 'Not under- stood' - nor making all the friends we should," CRONK, ROBERT CRUZ, MIGDALIA CUBERO, IEANETTE I BoBo's Anonymous ' "You got to get in to get out." CUCINELLO, PHYLLIS Badminton 10 - 12 "Yesterdays gone - forget it. ' Tomorrow hasn't come - don't worry. Today is here - use it!" D'ALLESSANDRO, DONNA D'AMATO, WILLIAM EI Hockey Team, VD Softball, LIRHL 10, BT Weightlifting Club "A man should never give up on him- self." . ' "What the mind can conceive, the body I can achieve. In life you have to keep pounding away. Everyone has ups and downs, but you really show what you are made of when you bounce back from defeat. You may slip and fall once in a whileg but if you get up and keep walking, you will get to where you want to go." D'AMICO, ANN Flag Corps, Intramurals. Badminton. Honor Society, Honor Roll "The wish that you must long for, the dream you had most dear, believe it true. and it will come to you within the future years." D'ANGELO, RICHARD Photography 9 - 12 DAGROASA, CHRISTOPHER Intramurals, Student Council 4 "It is not doing the thing we like to do but liking the thing we have to do that makes life blessed." DAVIS, PATRICIA Leaders 9, Band 9. Feature Twirler 10 - 12, Varsity Cheerleading 12, Float 9 -12, Ir. Prom Queen, Intramurals 9 - 10 "All the days I thought could never end are gone. All the days that seemed so far away are here. So many happy moments are now happy memories. But . . . I still have tomorrow, filled with the hope of things to come: and although I watch the sun set now, I know it will rise again." Dedicated to Steve Loeffler - "Live for today- the hell with tomorrow." DEHN, RAYMOND DELOUISE, DANIEL Yearbook Artist 12, Gymnastics 9 - 12, Band 9 -12,Iazz Rock10, CLA "Live each day as if tomorrow were never to come." DEMATA, IEAN Honor Roll 9 - 12, Fundraising 9 - 11, Float 9 - 10, 12, Liz, Les, Luc Club, Soft- ball 9, Soccer 9, Overeaters anonymous, Art Service Club 10 - 12, Pit Stop 12, Muppets Fan Club 10 - 12, Scuba Diving Club 9 - 12 "All my love to mazer, pupa, and pisha. I dedicate this passage to the class of '79 and especially Les and Luc: Live each day to the fullest. Get the most from each hour, each day, and each age of your life. Then you can look forward with confidence, and look back without regrets." DEMAY, KENNETH DENIGRIS, OSEPH EI Hockey, usicals, Sports Night. Marching Band, Stage Band, Chorus, Intramurals, IV Tennis DEPAOLA, PATRICIA DEVAULT, FRANCIS Waterskiing, Skateboarding, Surfing, Bar Hopping, Student Participation Day . "He who is consistent will get along with the working world. Do what you wantto do, and doit well." i DEMERS, EUGENE DENT, MARK DERVISS, CHERYL I DESIDERIO, LOUIS DICKSON, BARBARA DIGIULIO, VINCENT Wonton vandalism DIMEO, ALBERT . DIAMOND, PHILIP DIAZ, KENNETH DIAZ, KEVIN DILKS, DANA DIPRE, SUZANNE "May all the dreams and memories of these years stay in your touch for the rest of your life." DITTRICH, GAIL Leaders 9. Band 9 -12, Marching Band 9 - 12, Foreign Exchange 10, Secretarial Club 12, Candy Striper 9 - 12, Ping-Pong and Softball Intramurals, Chorus 9'- 11. Modern Dance 10 "To have a friend is to be a friend." DOMINGOS, NANCY Volleyball 10, BOCES, Chorus DOMOZYCH, IAMES Football 9 - 12, Baseball 9 - 10, Basket- ball 9, Ski Trips 9 - 12-, Zoo Crew. Soft- ball Team Member 11 - 12, Honorable Member of Zoo Crew "Hoy. Hoy" Steak Loft Team "We, the unwilling of East Islip, led by the unknowing. have done the impossi- ble. for the ungrateful. We have done so much for so long with so little that we are now qualified to do anything with nothing." "DIME!" DOOLAN, EILEEN Cheerleading 9 - 12 tCapt. IV and Var- sity1. Intramurals 9 - 12. Track 9 - 12, Float 9 - 12, Student Council, Gimbo Gang 11 - 12. IV Field Hockey 10, Ski Team. BoBo Club, Art Club, Presiden- tia s "Though we may drift apart in dis- tance, I will always think of you as being right here. Though we may have many new interests, our experiences are still the same, though we may meet new friends, it is our old and continu- ousnfriendship that means the most to me. "For all of the times remembered and allof the times to be, Thank you!" DOOLEY, MICHAEL Football 9 - 12, Wrestling 9, Lacrosse 9 - 12. Student Council 11 - 12, Boys Lead- ers 9.12. Zoo Crew Member, Grundy's Gimlet Gang "Climbthigh: Climb far: Your aim, the sky: Your goal, the stars." noRnoN,tBRENDA ,ffLove Greg I. . YUOTYQDEAN L DOWNEY, ,WILLIAM DRISCULL, ROBERTA Sports Night ,.7'Faces of old and faces of new, 'peoplewe know and people we knew, growingftogether and drifting apart, ,always anending and now a new start." .DROWNE,i ROBERT l"l.t,7s'great to be 'graduating with the class of '79,'nott.iust for getting out of fscI7iool,!Iitit to know there is no one bet- terlthanxxthe-people I graduated with." To'Kellyiftf'We've gone through a lot and ijt's worth ,it because we're going great. I Iovedyoufi DRUWNS, CHARLIE DUFFY, DAN GolfTeam 11 - 12, Volunteer Work "Winners never quit, and quitters never win." DUMBAINSKI, DAN "One man gathers what another man spills." DURYEA, IANE Flag Corps 11, Honor Roll 9 - 12 "For one human being to love another is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks . . . the work for which all other work is but preparation." DWYER, RICHARD Cross Country 10 - 12. Winter Track 10 - 12, Spring Track 10 - 12 "Do what you want. Give it your best shot and WIN!" DZAMA, DEBBIE Track 9 - 10, Nat'l Ir. Honor Society 9, Softball 10, Volleyball 11 "I have learned that to be with those I like is enough." ECHEANDIA, SORAYA Student Council 12, Float 9 - 12, Intra- murals 9 - 12. Badminton. Girls Night - Zoo Race 12, Sports Night 9 - 12, Senior, 's. good luck to the junior ones. especially Iennifer "As if four years were a minute, it went by that fast: but there were times when a day was a year, the good times were good. I wish they could last. As for the bad times. I never shed a tear. my friends are friends 'till I die, I'll think of all the great times and I'll laugh 'till I gry, and I'll think of all those days gone y- ECKES, DANNY "Here are we on magical movement from Kether to Malkuthf' EGAN, DOUG Lacrosse. Good Times "There's more in the middle of an Egg McMuffin than an egg in the middle of a muffin." EMRICK, EILEEN StudentfCouncil tTreas. 91, Intramurals 9 - 12, Girls Leaders 9, Band 9, Spanish Club 9, Nat'l1r. Honor Society 9. Tennis 9, Track 11, Flag Corps 11, Badminton 11 ENGELHARDT, MICHAEL Basketball 9, 1V Basketball "One who goes for it is more likely to make it than one who doesnt." ERICKSON, ROGER Football 8 - 9 Warsity 10 - 121, Basket- ball 8 - 12, Baseball 8 - 12, Pres. Physical Fitness, Nat'l Honor Society 11 - 12, Kelly Movers 12, Sansui Owner 12, "Quasar" "The sands of time were eroded by the river ofconstant change." - Genesis tnot the Bible1 ESTRADA, MICHAEL "I've been reprieved?" ESIASON, BOOMER Boys Leaders 9, Baseball 9 Warsity 10 - 121, All-League 11, Basketball 9, fVarsity 10 - 121, All-League 11, Football 9 War- sity 10 - 121, All League 11 - 12, All- County, All-Long Island 12, '78 Rutgers Cup Team, EI Outstanding Athlete "A person who cannot achieve per- sonal confidence - is a person who lacks selfindulgence. , EI-"Thanks forthe Memories. , ." FAGERLAND, DAVID F AHN ER, STEVEN "There are many ways of seeking my fortune. I don't really have to lose my mind on that highway. MY thoughts are always racing." FALCI, 1osEPH Soccer 9 - 12 FARACCO, KIM "He who laughs last laughs the best." FARINO, LORETTA "I'd like to wish all my good friends Robin, Bonnie, Sue. Theresa, janet, and Mary lane good luck in the future always. And I would like to wish a very special friend all the luck in the world -CHRISSYV' FARRISH, MARY KAY FAVILLA, LAWRENCE Class Pres. 9 - 10, Student Liason 9 - 10. Soccer 9 - 12. Student Council 12, Nat'l Ir. Honor Society 9. Nat'l Honor Society 11 - 12 FEHR, BARRY FERRERE, DENISE "We shall not cease from exploring. and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." FIG, GABRIELLE FINCH, CHARLIE IV Football 10. Varsity Bowling 11 - 12 "If you can decipher this mess IHS. Years1- Power to ya!" FINN, IERRY FINN, RANDALL G. FISCELLA, LIBBY Band Majorette 12. VVho's Who Among American High School Students 12, BoBo Club 12 gThere's something to love in every ay. "Taking time for a little fun, is good advice for everyone." "Follow your dreams!" FISCHER, TAD Orchestra f1st violin1. Math League, Math Fair. Nat'l1r. Honor Society, Nat'l Honor Society. NYSSMA Solo Con- tests. LI String Festivals FISCHETTI, ENRICO FISHER, BRIAN Skiing, Skateboarding, Adventurer, Handball "Get in the way as the tons of water racing with you crash thru the rudder once at the start can you gamble that you really surely mean to finish after seeing all your sense of fear diminish as you treat danger a pure collection as you throw away misconceptions. Going for the one." FITZGIBBONS, SCOTT Cross Country 10 - 12, Winter Track 9 - 12, Spring Track 9 - 12, Soccer 9. Boys Leaders 9, 12, Treas. of GLA 10 - 12, "Run for Fun" Marathon 9 - 10 "Reach for the heavens and hope for the future, life is what you make ofitf' F LIPSE, BARBARA 0 FLIS, PATRICIA Drama Club 9, Spring Track 10, Bowl- ing 10. Cross Country 11, Musical "How to Succeed" 11, Broadcaster 12, Flag Corps 12, Chorus 10 - 12, Foreign Exchange 11 - 12, Student Council 12 "Do not follow where the path leads. Rather, go where there is no path and leave a trail." FONTANETTA, DEBBIE "When you dance your way through life, be sure to keep in step to the music." 24 44 Fox, joHN c. Nat'l jr. Honor Society 8 - 9, Rifle Club 9, Honor Roll 9 - 12 "l'll get by with a little help from my friends." FRAMPTON, LENNY Band 9 - 12, Nat'l onor Society 11 - 12, Stage Crew 10 - 11, Musicals tpitj 11 - 12, Foreign Exchange Club 11 - 12 CVP - 111, Broadcaster Staff 12, Nat'l Ir. Honor Society, Math Team 9 - 12, NYSSMA "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it is yours. If it doesn't, it never was." FREDRICKS, ANNEMARIE Spring Track 9 - 10, Band 11, Sports Night 9 - 12, Float Committee 9 - 12 "Far away there in the sunshine are my highest asj .'i. ions. I may not reach them, but I cgi look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to fol- low where they lead." FREUND, ELIZABETH Gymnastics Intramurals 10, Sports Night 10, 12, Chorus 10 - 12, Run for Fun 10, Spring Track 10 - 12, Winter Track 11, Cross Country 11, Float 11 - 12, For- eign Exchange 11, tSec - 121, Broad- caster 11 tFeature Ed - 121, How to Succeed 11, Hello Dolly 12, Pom-Poms 12, Honor Roll 9 - 12, Vice-Pres. of IBTC "Make new friends . . . Keep the old . . .One is silver. . .The other's gold." FRIEDLAND, ERIC M. Wrestling 10 - 11, Soccer 10 - 11, Orator- ical Contest 12, Student Council 12, Ber- nard Gerard Fan Club tPres. -121, BoBo's anonymous, Table Tennis Club I2 "Sometimes it's hard to know what your heart is feelin' and harder still to put it into words. Love is simple - you can't define it. lt's not the words, but the thought behind it that counts." - Eric Carmen "Do what's good for you - or you're not good for anybody." - Billy Ioel "The treasures that I seek are waiting -- on the other side. . -Kansas FUCHS, KEITH Tennis Team FUSCO, DEBORAH YDC Lifeline Project to reach out to the Elderly of the Community, Christmas Caroling at Hospitals, Guitar Work- shops "I've only just begun to live. I started out walking and I'm learning to grow! Yep - there's a lot of life ahead -- Thank God!" GAGLIANO, PAUL GALLIANO, DIANNE Spring Track 9 - 12, Winter Track 11, Cross Country 11, IBTC Donating Mem- ber "There are many things I wanted, Some of which I got, But those of which I didn't, I never needed anyway." PS. "Bye, Mar, miss ya!" GARBARINO, IOSEPH GARBARINO, PAUL Honor Roll 9 - 11 "Life is a preparation for the future and the best preparation for the future is to live as if there was none." GAROFALO, DIANE "May your hands always be busy, may your feet always be swift, may you have a strong foundation when the winds are changing shift, May your heart always be joyful, may your song always be sung, and may you stay for- ever young." -B. Dylan GARRAFFA, ELIZABETH GATELY, ROBERT I. GEARY, CHARLES GEMS, GARY GENSCH, DAVID Soccer 10 - 12, Basketball Announcer GEOGHEGAN, IAMES GERNLER, MARY-jo GERTSSON, MONICA Foreign Exchange, Girls Night, Float, Modern Dance Group "Let love keep the world together and let the sun shine forever." GILL, IEAN N E "When you're lonely, I wish you love: when you're down, I wish you joy: when you're troubled, I wish you peace: when things are complicated, I wish you simple beauty: when things are chaotic, I wish you inner silence: when things look empty, I wish you hope." GILLEENY, PETER GLOCK, RICHARD Football 9 - 12, Rutgers Cup '78 "To all my friends I say good'bye. It was fun while it lasted." "Will Dooley ever get?" "It's not the size of the vessel, it's the motion in the ocean." GOBETZ, KATHY P. Band 9 - 11 "Wake up! It's a Monday morning. No time left to say goodbye. Can't breathe and the lights are changing. You can live your own life, making it happen. Working on your own time, laying back and laughing. P.S. Good luck in life to the Marilyn guys from Z." GOCAYNE, IEANNINE Badminton Intramurals 10, Sports Night 10 - 11, Broadcaster 12 "Keep your face always toward the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you." GOLDMAN, MARTIN Stage Band, Musicals "Forum, How to Succeed, South Pacific, Godspell, Dolly", Broadcaster Photographer "I'm heading south - I'll see you on the Dark Side of the moon." GOMEZ, FRANK Boys Leaders "VVhen things are tough and life has got you down, dig further: for it's darker on the outside of the cloud." GONZALEZ, MEL Soccer 9, Wrestling 9, Gymnastics 9 - 12, Baseball 10, BB's Softball, Leaders 9. 12, "WWA" "Molsens Mob '78", Ski Trip '78-'79, Sports Night 9 - 12 "Today's dreams can be realities of tomorrow. But tomorrows realities could end up dreams." GORDON, MICHELE GORDON, PETER "All things bright and beautiful. all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all." - Alexander GOULDING, THERESA M. GRAHAM, SCOTT Sailing Team "Success is being able to walk barefoot along a deserted tropical beach with someone you really love and to see your yacht anchored offshore." GRAY, VALERIE LYNN Concert Band 9 - 12, Marching Band 9 - 12, Chorus 11 - 12, Carnival - Clown, South Pacific - Props, Forum - Props, How to Succeed - Props Mistress, Godspell - Production, Hello Dolly - Painting "A real friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out." "All that you could possibly want out of life is out there, all you have to do is reach out and take it!" GRAYBOSCH, LEAH "When that ray of sunshine's overdue, when the thunder rolls though the storm is through, you've got to keep on trying. When your mind is willing but your heart is weak and the sun is shin- ing on the far side of the hill, you've got to keep on trying. If you feel lilf rying, don't give up keep on trying, tor what appears to be the end, may really be a new beginning. So you have got to keep on trying." "Don't forget Elmo, C.W. Boom, Boom, Boom, on the hill." GRAZIANO, DONNA Flag Corps 11 - 12, Girls Volleyball 9 GREEN, DONNA , "It is now how much we had, but how much we enjoyed in life, that brings back good memories." GREENE, GEORGE "School is a party and nobody cares what we do in there." GREENE, STEVE Wrestling 9 -.11, Soccer 8, GLA Pres. 10 - 12, GLA Co-Founder, Uffner's Army 11, Mrs. Uffman Fan Club 10 - 12, Led Zeppelinologist fMaster of Led Zeppeli- nologyl "GLA all the way." GRIFFIN, EILEENE "Life is hard by the yard. But, by the inch, life's a cinch." GRIFFIN, ELIZABETH GROSSMAN, IEFFREY Football 8 GRUBE, ALAYNA GRUPE, DORIAN Class Sec. 9, Yearbook 9, JV Basketball 9, Varsity Basketball 10 - 12, Softball 9 - 10, Varsity Softball 11 - 12, Float 9 - 12, Girls Leaders 11 - 12 "Today's wonderful moments are tomorrow's beautiful memories to be cherished forever." GUZZO, PAUL HAAS, NANCY Chorus, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Stage Band, Marching Band. NYSSMA, Majorette, Art Service Club, "South Pacific", "Forum" - Art Direc- tor, "How to Succeed" - Art Director, "Godspell", "Hello Dolly!" - Chorus. South Shore Mall Art Display, Islip Town Art G-allery Display, Suffolk County Poster Contest - 1st Place "There are many places I'll remember all my life. though some have changed, I still remember them all. All these places had their moments, with friends and lovers I will always recall. Though I know I'll never lose the affection for people and things that went before, it makes me love them that much more." HALL, DIANE HALTER, DONNA Track 9, Volleyball Intramurals 10, IV Volleyball 10. IV Softball 10, Varsity Softball ll - I2 "Although life will go on after our school years, we will never erase these years from our minds." HANNAN, BRIAN Gymnastics 9, 10, "Hutley's forever" "Cease to inquire what the future has in store, and take as a gift whatever the day brings forth." HANNAN, KEVIN Wrestling 8 - 12. Gymnastics 9 - 12, Football 8 - 9, Track 8 - 9, Molsen Mob 11 - 12, GLA 12, Leaders9 - 12 "We drank a lot of wine in '79, but that wasthe year for beer!!!" HANNETT, THOMAS "Don't be denied." HANRAHAN, DAVID HARDY, KEVIN Cross Country 8 - 9, Winter Track 9 - 10, Gymnastics 8 - 10, Stage Crew 11 - 12 "You've got to see the show . . . it's rock and roll." ' HARRIS, NANCY HARTMAN, CHRISTOPHER G. IV Soccer Manager 10 - 11, Basketball Manager 11 - 12, IV Tennis 11, Foreign Exchange 12, DECA 10 - 12. "Hello Dol- ly" Stage Crew, Sports Night 10 - 12, Varsity Tennis 12 "He who has many friends, will never find himself alone." HARTMAN, DEAN DECA 10 - 12, Foreign Exchange 11 - 12, Art Club 9. "Hello Dolly".- Stage Crew, Long Island Friends of the Earth I"LIFEl"I. SCienCe'Club 12 '- "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." X it , HEIGES, DENISE I HEILSBERG, SUSAN Art Service Club 10, Art all the Way 11 "There are no strangers in the world. Iust people we haven't met," HEISS, CAROL "As you slide down the bannister of life, watch out for splinters." HEISS, TINA HELLER, IOYCE Student Council, Intramurals, Float 9 - 12, Tennis 11, Sports Night 9 - 12, Girls Night 12, Senior 's, Good luck to the Ir. ones, especially Lori, Bernard Gerard Fan Club, Mr. Bill Fan Club "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." HEWITT, KIM HELM, KIM Intramurals10. Marching Band 11, Sec- retarial Club 11 - 12, Softball 11 "You are a free person. I am so happy because in your freedom you chose me to be your friend." HENNEN, IACQUELINE HENNEN, IO ANN "If some people would open their minds to new and different things instead of putting everything they don't know down, they would be more knowledgeable. Life is only what you makeitf' HICKEY, ARTHUR HIGHAM, MICHAEL HNIsDo, IAMES 'The only thing wealth does for some people is to make them worry about losing it." HOFFMAN, HENRY M. "Truckers make better lovers." HOLLEY, ROBERT HOLLOWELL, KIM Band 9 - 10, Leo Club 12, Advertising Club 11, Chorus 10, Intramurals 9 -'10, Orchestra9 v "This is the way to the freedom l've only dreamed of. These are the wings I was never allowed to try. Come closer and hear me -- there's a world out there to see." 1 HOPPE, LISA Secretarial Club 11 - 12 "Life is itxt the most precious gift of all. Enjoyitlf' ' . HOVISS, APRILQSUE Rollerskating Championships' in RI, NY, NI, NMA, DE 9 - 12,' 9 times NI Gold Med- alist, 5 times NI, DE Silver Medalist, 3 times MA, NI Bronze Medalist, .1-time Regional Silver Medalist,iCandy Striper 12, Big Sister 11, Prom CotnrnitteeY12 "Love isn't a hill to look 'overlbut a mountain to betclimbedt Friends'aren't glued in their amount but in their ff' worth." X i To Murf: "To the guy whose love and care means so much. I love you. 4-29- 77,, . HOWROYD, RICK Baseball 8 - 9, Varsity Baseball 10 - 12, Basketball 8 - 10, Varsity Basketball 11. Football 8, Boys Leaders 9 "lt was the worst three years of my life except for baseball season, vacations and summer time." HUCKE, IOHN Football 8 - 10, Track 8 - 12 "Do it while you can." HUDSON, JIM Hockey 10 - 12 "You gotta get in, to get out." HUDSON, IUDI Yearbook Sr. Editor. Cheerleading 10, Band 9 - 12, Intramurals, IV Softball 11, Girls Leaders 9, 12, Float 9 - 12, The Ber- nard Gerard Fan Club, Sports Night 9 - 12, Gong Show "The seasons are changing and so am I. so now it's time to tell my childhood . . .GOOD-BYE!" HUEBNER, KATHY BOCES, Logic and Philosophy "Our mind is one big resource. Reach in and grab the thoughts that it creates and the knowledge that it has learned. Our hearts are full of love. peace and true friendship. Open up and let free the gifts that our hearts are full of, for we will never run out. Our world is full of hate and not enough love, let us turn the table for our generation and for those to come, for they will be our chil- dren. Life is too short. Let's enjoy it to the highest. lt's OURS." HUGHES, KATHLEEN "P.S.T.K. forever" "If ever loneliness shadows your heart, I'll help you find the sun." HUGHES, NANCY Senior Class Treasurer, Student Coun- cil, Intramurals 9 - 12, Float 9 - 12, Bad- minton 11 - 12. Sports Night 9 - 12, Girls Night 12 - Zoo Race, Senior 's. Good luck to the Iunior ones, especially Kathleen, Bernard Gerard Fan Club. Mr. Bill Fan Club "Laugh when you can: cry when you have to: be who you must: that's part of the plan. Await your arrival with sim- ple survival. and one day we'll all understand!" HUNER, CYNTHIA HUTCHINSON, ROBERT Football 9 - 12, Wrestling 9, Lacrosse 9 - 12, Zoo Crew Member. Grundy's Gimlet Gang, Collins 9 - 12, Power Booting I and ll. Advanced Guzzling, Boys Lead- ers 9, Zoo Crew Consumer of the Year Award Winner '78, Steak Loft Brawl. True Blue Hats "Do what everyou want in life, don't worry what others will think as long as you enjoy yourself." IADANZA, DON f I Failing,Cetting into trouble 1. I "So many tangles in life are ultimately hopeless that we have no appropriate sword other than laughter." 1MBo, IOSEPH I Baseball 9 - 10, IV Basketball 10, Boys Leaders 9 - 12 tVice-Pres. 9, Sec. 113. Annual Ski Trip - "A Rookie" "Hoi Hoi", Zoo Crew Softball 11 - 12, Zoo Crew European Handball 12 "Life is to enjoy. so live each day to its fullest." INABA, MARK Soccer 8 - 11, Surfing 8 - 12, Partying 7 - 12 "Be Casual and Calm" INGARGIOLA, ROBERT M. INGLE, CHRISTOPHER INGRAFFIA, IOSEPH IRWIN, CAROLYN M. Gymnastics 9. C - 11,12 "A box of rain will ease the pain and love will see you through" ' , I -GratefulDead "I'll never forget the good times and good friends from East Islip High." ACOBSON, LEROY R. restling 9 - 10 46 AECKEL, GERRIANN adminton 11, Float 11, Ye Olde Corker Club "The hardest habit of all to break is the terrible habit of HAPPINESS!" IANSEN, IACQUELINE Chorus 9 "Live, Love, 8: Party!l!" IEFFREY, IASON LIOANNI, ELLEN arching Band 10 - 12, Wind Ensemble 12 "If you find something you love, let it go. If it comes back to you, you know you will have it forever. If it doesn'-t, youhknow it was never yours to begin wit ." 1.oHNsToN, IIOHN A friend wit weed is a friend indeed." IOHNSTON, KIM ORDAN, EDWARD restling 10 - 12 "Nothing ever changes upon the face of the universe - save the expression of its content." IOSEPH, IOHN KARUSCHKAT, FREDERICK P. KASPER, IOSEPH "Life - you can only do it once, so enjoy it while you can." KAZANECKI, KATHERINE KEELAN, TROY Surfing and Skating 7 - eternity "Beach ladies all over the world are a healthy and beautiful slice of the human condition." KELLY, MICHAEL KELSCH, MATHEW KEMERSON, STEPHEN KENNEDY, EDWARD KENNEDY, IOSEPH Float 9, 11 - 12, Varsity Wrestling 9, 11 - 12, Varsity Club 9 - 10, SAHS, Irish Club 9 - 10 SAHS, GLA 12, Executive in Charge of Handling "That was then: this is now." - S. E. Hinton KENNY, IAMES Hockey. Softball Intramurals, Sports Night, Boys Night, GLA member "As I walk through the shadows of the valley of death, I shall fear no evil, because I'm the bi est SON OF A B- 88 in the valley." KEULER, IOSEPH Baseball 8 - 9, Varsity Baseball 10 - 12, Football 8 - 9, IV Football 10 t1 dayl, Boys Leaders Club 9,11 - 12 "You can do things once and twice if you lived it." For Greg. Kerry. Terry and Arnie - "Save a few for me 'till I get back." KING, CHRISTOPHER Soccer 9, Ice Hockey 10 - 12, LI Roller Hockey Association 9 - 12, Float 10 - 12, Sports Night 10 - 12, Boys Night 10 - 12, Boys Leaders 9 - 12, Intramurals 9 - 12, GLA "Winners never quit. and quitters never win." KISSEL, CINDY Float 9 - 12, Sports Night 10 - 12, Cheer- leading 9 - 10 "VVhat is a friend? He understands. You can weep with him, sin with him, laugh with him, and pray with him. Through it all - and underneath - he sees, knows, and loves you. A friend? What is a friend? tIt's a mushroom.J" KOCH, MICHAEL Go on Field Trips with Ms. Sarcona, BOCES "You don't have to be crazy to come here, but it helps." "To die is ignorant, to live is divine, to give is of priorityg and to appreciate is to love." KOCH, POPPY ANNE "The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand but in what direction we are moving." KOEHLER, NANCY KOENIGSDORF, IOHN "A farewell to school, it's time to get lit!" KOGEL, WILLIAM KOMULAINEN, RICHARD KONCELIK, ROBERT G. BOCES 11 - 12 KORNELY, MARYAN N Volleyball 9 - 12 "Peace of heart is at the heart of peace. Take Care, Sue. Hey, Close-pin! Runa- way, Frankenstein. A tired Federal employee. Susan, what happened to your shorts? You are a real pain, I.S.! Keep swinging, Lorraine. Who's crazy? Hey, Barbara, let's watch Frosty fall down the bridge! Who played in the crib together? 411 mem- ber ofthe I.S. Fan Club." KOZLOSKY, ALEX "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing." KRAFT, RICHARD Drinking in parking lot space "The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." KRAMER, MAUREEN "The people in one's life are like the pil- lars on one's porch you see life through. Sometimes they lean on you or some- times you lean on them, and sometimes it's just enough to know they're stand- ing by." KRAU SE, BARBARA ANN KREISLER, CURT Cross Country 9 KREUTZER, KAREN Varsity Gymnastics 10 - 12, Intramurals 10 - 12, Concessions 11, Float 11, Sports Night 10 - 12, Nat'l Honor Society 11 - 12, Foreign Exchange 10, French Club '10 - 12 "So many men seem destined to settle for something small, but I won't rest until I know I'll have it all so don't ask where I'm going, but listen when I'm gone and far away you'll hear me sing- ing softly to the dawn: Rivers belong where they can ramble. Eagles belong where they can fly, I've got to be where my spirit can run free, got to find my corner of the sky." KROMM, EILEEN Gymnastics 10 - 12. Softball 11 - 12, Yearbook 9 - 10, Volleyball Intramurals 10 - 12. Float 10 - 12 "If you let something go that you love and it comes back, you know it's yours. If it doesn't, you know you never had it " LABARBARA, IRENE "There are two ways of spreading light: To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. I will be the candle." LAFEMINA, GARY "Tomorrow is the waking of life." LAGRASSA, SANDRA Chorus 10, Secretarial Club 11 - 12 "Laugh once a day, because a day with- out sunshine is like. . .night." - Steve Martin LACETERA, MARYELLEN Freshman Play, Flag Corps, IV and Var- sity Cheerleading, Sr. Class Sec. LAMB, GREG LAZAZZARO, ROBERT Skateboarding 8 - 12 "Sometimes the lights are shining on me. Other times I can barely see. Lately it occurs to me what a long strange trip it's been." LEFAVI, LISA French Club 10, Crew - "South Pacific", Costumes - "How to Succeed . . Leo Club 11, VOlunteer at Little Flower, Secretarial Club 12, Float 12 "A friend is a push when you've stop- ped, a word when you're lonely, a guide when you're searching, a smile when you're sad, and a song when you're glad." LEGGIO, MARIA Yearbook, Business Honor Roll, Intra- murals, Honor Roll LEGRAND, MARK LEHANE, DANIEL I. Wrestling 10, Math League 11 - 12, Ber- nard Gerard Fan Club - Vice Pres. 12, Table Tennis Club 11 - 12 LEHMANN, DAWN Marine Science Club, LI Friends of the Earth CLIFEJ Club, YDC "The greatest love of all is learning to love yourself." LEHR, DARRYL Soccer 9, Skateboarding, Hockey 10 - 12, Music Everywhere, Driving Crazy, Mental Mop, Dubies, Tart Cart "And don't forget, beware of Lehr." LEIMAN, ROBERT LEMP, NANCY LESSA, GINA L'HOMMEDIEU, IOHN LICARI, FRANCINE ' EI District Office Switchboard Opera- tor "Love is the sun sending the sparkle in your eyes. . . Love, Fran," LOAYZA, MIRTHA . Orchestra 12, Exchange C ub 12 LOCICERO, THOMAS Belushi Burger Brother 12, Big Brother to Tony 12. Boobie Brother 12, Boot Hill 48 "Don't let a day pass you by - life is for living." MCCLUSKEY, PATRICIA L. "One should not criticize unless he is perfect, and if one is perfect, one would not criticize." MCENROE, TOM Soccer 8 - 12, Lacrosse 10 - 12, Ice Hockey 10 - 12, Tower Hour Clubs IOB and Hecksherl11 - 12, Boobies 10-12, Zoo Crew 11 - 12, Steak Loft Crew. Steak Loft Brawler, Beach Whale, Mari- ner Svvimmer, Budweiser Monday, bet- ter known as Doobies. "Youth is not enough, love is not enough, success is not enough, and if we could achieve it, enough would not be enough." MCGINN, DEBBIE "Without my love, I'd be nowhere, for he is my strength and guidance, and, most of all, my love forever." MCGLONE, MICHAEL MCGLONE, VINCENT MCGLYNN, DENNIS Football 9 - 12, Student Council, Zoo Crew Softball and Drinking Team. "All that you touch and all that you see is all your life will ever be." MCGOLDRICK, MAUREEN A. MCGOWAN, BRIAN Wrestling, High Honor Roll "I woke up this morning and got myself a beer. The future looks bright, but the end is always near." MCKINNON, ROBERT Football 10 - 12, Rutgers Cup '78 "Be happy! Enjoy!" MCMANUS, ELLEN Mexico '76, Virgin Islands '77, Arizona '79 "Smile! It's all over - finally!" "Do not follow where the path leads. Rather go where there is no path and leave a trail." MCNEICE, DANNY F. "It's time to go." MCNEILL, SEAN MEIER, KATHLEEN A. MELLO, BRUCE MENECHINO, STACIE MENZER, VALERY "Look out, world, 'cause here I come!" MESSINA, LYNN MEYER, DAVID MEYER, IAMES Basketball "When people go for it, they are more likely to make it than when they are holding back." MICHAELS, MAUREEN Honor Society 11 - 12, Dance Corps 10 - 12, Foreign Exchange 10 - 11, Modern Dance 10, Secretarial Club 12 "For yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision but today well lived makes yesterday a dream of happiness and tomorrow a vision of hope." MIGHTON, IOLAINE MILLER, CAROL ANNE Honor Roll, Softball Intramurals 10, IV Softball 11, Flag Corps 11 "One of the real joys of our life is hav- ing friends and keeping in touch with them." MILLER, FRANK Football, Hockey, and Softball fweek- endsl "The one person who started off on a bad foot, but now hopes to work at a happy future. Hope to become a diesel mechanic." MILLIGAN, VICTOR MILLS, MARGARET ANNE Drama Club 9, Chorus 9 - 12, Iazz Rock 10 - 12, Flag Corps 11 - 12, Lead "Outra- geous Fortune" 9. "Funny Thing Hap- pened To Me On The Way To The Forum" 11, "How To Succeed in Busi- ness" 11, "Godspell" tSonial 12, "Hello Dolly" tDollyl 12 "There are so many hopes our dreams have yet to hail - so many streams and rivers my little boat has to sail -- yet I have passed this way so many times before, and now my heart has knowl- edge and my mind wants some more." MILTON, NANCY "She won't tell me!" "PARTY!" MIMNAUGH, KATHY "The laws of nature are to heal the wounds of man. Use them right and they will help you if they can. Wrongly wed and you'll only harm yourselves." - NEKTAR "High Ioyce, Iackie and Laura. It's time welive it up." MIRABELLA, CHRIS Wrestling 8 - 12 "If you want to get to heaven, you've got to raise a little hell." MONTES, FRAN Intramurals 9, G.O. Rep. 9, Cross Coun- try 9 - 12, Winter Track 10 - 12, Spring Track 8 - 12, Student Council 11 - 12. Sports Night 9, 10, 12, 24 Hour Track Marathon, 12 Hour Track Marathon, Ir. Class Treas,, Girls Leaders 12, Float 9, 11 - 12, Pres. USAST, Marching Band. Cirls Tennis 10, Band 11 - 12. World's Best Eater, Donating Member IBTC, Hair Combing Team, French Club 12, CLA Sergeant at Arms "HiIoey!" "I may grow old, but I'll never grow up. MONTUORI, MIKE 1. Zoo Crew Member, Zoo Crew Softball 11 - 12, Zoo Crew Drinking Team 10 - 12, Pres. of Boys Leaders 11 - 12, Steak Loft Brawl Better known as Sweet Lou, Barney, Montos and Bitch. "Many a man has fallen in love with a girl in a light so dim he would not have chosen a suit by it." MORAN, SUE Spanish Club 9, Winter, Spring Track 9 - 10, Basketball, Volleyball Intramurals 9 - 12, IV Basketball 10 - 11, IV Volley- ball and Field Hockey 11, Sports Night 9 - 12, Girls Night 12, Girls Leaders. Nat'l Ir. Honor Society "P.S.K.T. Forever!" "Make a wish and dream a dream no matter how unreal they seem. Tomor- row's beautiful and new and filled with dreams that really do come true. MOXHAM, TIMOTHY Golf Team 12, Ski Team, Bernie Gerard Fan Club tVice-Pres.l "It's a strange aberration, this brain- storm of youth. Though it's lost in translation from fancy to truth, It's hopelessly human both inside and out. A joyous occasion, no reason to doubt, It's easy somehow, what once was elu- sive is calling me now." MUELLER, BRUCE MULVEY, DEBORAH A. MUNN, DANIEL G. "A woman is just a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke!" MURPHY, WILLIAM IV Soccer, IV Football "See you on the dark side of the moon." "I love you, Ioannef' MURRAY, ROBERT I. MURTHA, BRIAN Basketball 9 - 12, Baseball 9 - 10, Foot- ball 9, Zoo Crew NAPOLI, RICHARD Cartoon Writer for "Megaphone" 9 "So if you think your life is complete confusion, 'cause you never win the game tcause your neighbors got it madel. Iust remember that it's a Grand Illusion and deep inside we're all the same." NAPPI, MICHELE NEUBAUER, CARLA NEWTON, RAYMOND H. NICOLETTI, RENEE NOBILE, GINA T. NOTO, ANTHONY Nat'l Ir. Honor Society 8 - 9, Wrestling Team 9 - 11, Marching and Symphonic Band 9 - 11, Mechanical Drawing Awards, A Wild and Crazy Guy, The Italian Stallion "All we are is dust in the wind." "It was great while it lasted, so good luck to all!" NOVACK, PAUL g OBERKIRCH, IEANNE "Whatever my secrets are, remember. when I entrust them to you, they are a part of me." O'BRIEN, EDWARD O'BRIEN, SUSANNE Intramurals 10 - 12, Sports Night 10 - 12. Varsity Tennis 11 - 12, Varsity Softball 11 - 12, Varsity Basketball 11, Tennis Conference Finalist 11 - 12, Girls Night 12, EI Latoral Soc., Foreign Exchange 11, Math League 11, Computer Club 11. Italian Club 11, Creative Writing Club 11, Sports Editor - Broadcaster, Mod- ern Dance Club 12 "Bus 'tis a common proof that lowliness is young ambition's ladder." -tSpoken by Brutusl O'CON, IOSEPH O'LEARY, MICHAEL IOHN OLSEN, Rov POSS Night, Boys Leaders Do what you think is best in life." OLEKSIAK, DEBRA Math Team. Honor Society, French Club. Foreign Exchange "Time goes so fast, life asks so much, no wonder friends get out of touch, but in our hearts, deep, true, unseen, friend- ship stays forever green." O'NEILL, KATHLEEN O'SULLlVAN, IOHN Band 9 - 10 "If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me?" ORGERA, IAMES V. ORSKI, MICHAEL F. - Lacrosse 9, Wrestling 10 - 11, Molsen Men "Life is like a keg of beer. Before you know it, it's gone." ORTIZ, EVA PAETOW, MARGU ERITE PAINTON, THERESE Band 9, Stage Band 9, School Play 9, Intramurals 9, Float 9, Marching Band 10 - 12, Symphonic Band 10 - 11, Wind Ensemble 12, "Hello Dolly" cast, South- side Volunteer 10 - 12, Badminton 10, Make-Up "South Pacific", "How to Succeed. . .","Godspell","Forum" "The more we love, the better we are: and the greater our friendships are, the dearer we are to God." PALADINO, DIANE Marching Band 10 - 12, Dance Corps 10 - 12, Candy Striper 9 - 12, Honor Roll 9 - 10, '12 "Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to fol- low where they lead." PALAZZOLO, BETTY- O 'Flag Corps 12, Arizona '79, and Trip '79 'I 'TTo knowwmxe islone thing. . .to under- stand meilfisf another. Good luck to the cla.ss"of'f9.f' I , PALMACCIO!,t'FELICIA Wres'il'ing"Statf:'9,,Secretarial Club 12, LI Stud-ent Council 12, .,Fl9l3Fl.9'l1Z if A "'l'A'ft'eff"so many miles and so many sfiiiles, I'll. always remember you." PANNULLO, IEANINE PAOLICELLI, IOHN fFi'isbee!10 - 12, Intramurals "And the meek shall inherit the earth."- PARDO, GEORGINA I PARISH, CHARLES 'iWho cares what others tell you to do or think? You're the only one who knows what you want to do. Be happy with yourself and what you do, and problems will be easier to face." PARTRIDGE, RONALD "I know what I like." PATERNO, LISA Dance Corps "I'll miss you M. Keep smiling, Harpof' "Troubles gonna lose ine. Worry leave me behind, and I'll stand up proudly, in true peace of mind." PELKOWSKI, GLENN "Where can you run to? What more can you do? No more tomorrow . . . Life is killing you. Dreams turn to nightmares, heaven turns to hellg burned out confu- siong nothing more to tell." PERINO, TOM Gymnastics 11 - 12, Wrestling 11 - 12. CLA Club, Boys Night, Sports Night, Marching Band, Symphonic Band "Nothing is impossible unless you have to do it yourself." PERRETTA, LAURA I. Tennis 9, Float 9, Intramurals 9, School Play 9, Orchestra 9, Chorus 9, Hang Out Club 10. Varsity Bowling 11 - 12, Volun- teer Southside Hospital 12 "There's nothing on earth that's more worthwhile than the look and the joy of a beautiful smile." Ieff-N-Laura PETERSEN, CHRIS "School is just like a vacuum cleaner, they both. . PHALEN, KATHLEEN Nat'l Ir. Honor Society 9, G.O. 9, Pres. Physical Fitness Award 9 - 12, Flag Corps 10, Dance Corps 11 - 12, Costume Crew - "South Pacific", "Forum", "How to Succeed", "Hello Dolly", Sports Night 11, Float 12, Chorus 12, High Honor Roll 9 - 12, Nat'l Honor Society 11 - 12, Student Council 10, Gregg Shorthand Awards, Southside Candy Striper, EIFD Band Member 5 - 12, Ass't Director 11 - 12, Music Letter 11 - 12, Who's Who Among American High School Students 11 - 12, Nat'l Merit Scholarship Corp. Commended Student12 "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change - my past, courage to change those I can - my future, and wisdom to know the differ- ence-now." X PHELAN,.jDIAN1eL "Hat .,l, PHILBIN, ti.i IOHN IQQ.Hl0Qkf:.tttl . PICIULLOQANTHONY PIRA, KAREN Softball "Iii got by with a little help from my friends ., . . lgot high with a little help from my friends. . IPISCITELLI, RICHARD Handball 10 - 11, VICA POKALLUS, RICHARD POLANISH, BRIAN IV Soccer 10, IV Baseball 10, Varsity Soccer 11, Varsity Baseball 11 - 12 "The present interests me more than the past and the future more than the present." POLIS, STEVEN POLLOCK, DONNA Art Crew -- "Carnival", "South Pacific" Art Director - "Forum", "How to Succeed . . "Godspell", "Hello Dolly", Marching and Concert Band, Art Service Club, Chorus "La quiesta, la quastala, maduma, moya, speggi, sncd stcmem, masuma, lyy-nnn, yeotree and mis t are forever." POLOSKEY, ELEANOR L. POSANTI, IOSEPH S. PRAIDES, DIANE Sports Night, Intramurals 9, Honor Roll "You are what you choose to be. It's whatever it is you see, that life will become." - Iackson Browne PROETTA, MARY IO PROTT, LAURA "We learn too late as the nite comes down how close we were to the golden crown, Success is failure turned inside out. So stick to your guns when you're hardest hit. It's when things go wrong that you must not quit!" "Set your goals high in life, and then succeed them." PRUDEN, TERESA Southside Hospital Volunteer '74 - '78, National Partying Association "l'm sailing away, set an open course for the virgin sea. l've got to be free to carry on. I want to be high, so high, I want to be free to do the things I do all night I want to be free . . .just me," PUNDA, ELIZABETH Chorus 10 - 11. Musicals 10 -12, Ballet and Iazz, Intense Dance Classes "lf you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it." QUERVALU, ALBERT CQUINONES, YOLANDA " f all the gifts that time and earth bestow, of all the blessings that from heaven descend, there is none half so precious that I know as one true friend." RADICELLA, MARY Gymnastics 10 - 11, Volleyball 10, Intra- murals, Honor Roll, Sports Night, Float "The only way to have a friend is to be one. RADTKE, EDDIE "Outrageous Fortune" 9, "Carnival" 10, "South Pacific" 10, "Forum" 11, "How to Succeed. . 11, "Godspell" 12. "Hello Dolly" 12, Chorus 10 - 12, Iazz Rock 10 - 12, Band 11, Marching Band 11, Stage Band Soloist 12 RAGLAND, IAMES RANDAZZO, CHARLES "I say, 'When there are spats, kiss and make up before the day is done and live to fight another day.' " READ, KATHY "To believe is the first step to making our dreams come true: thanks for the memories." REINHARDT, TERESE REVELLO, IEFFERY Cross Country 10, Winter Track 9, 12, Spring Track 9,11 - 12, IV El Hockey 9, Varsity EI Hockey 10 - 12, GLA Ser- geant-at-Arms ' "A rolling puck shall gather no net," REYNOLDS, DOUGLAS RICHARDS, ANGELA RICCO, MARY 5 RICHES, EILEEN RIGBY, ROSE RILEY, LINDA Girls Leaders, Cheerleading 10 - 12. Softball 9 - 12. CO. 9, Student Council 10 -12, Newspaper 12, Yearbook 9 - 12. Intramurals 9 - 12 "To all my friends in the Iunior class - especially Ianef- I want you to know that I love you and you'll always be close in my heart. We've had so many good memories thatlll always treasure, like Peekskill!! Well, only the way you! feel can separate people -- not milesdiff time - Best of friends never partf' -"' ' RINALDI, VANESSA If "-i I I Q L it Secretarial Club 11 7 I RITCHIE, BRAD A The Best Team in the World MP., I.R., I.S., L.C., E.O., MZ.. GL., BR., What a Zoo we had ' "Keep as cool as you can. Face piles of trials with smiles it rifles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave, And keep on thinking free." RIZZO, FRANCINE Twirling 9, Foreign Exchange 10 - 11, Art Service Club 11 - 12 V "The difficult takes a whileg the impos- sible takes a little longer." RIZZO, PATTY Chorus 9 - 11, Marching Band 9 - 12, Candystriper 10 -' 11. Foreign Exchange 11, Secretarial,Club'11 - 12. Ping Pong Intramurals. Modern Dance 10 "The greatest kindness we can offer each other is the truth. Always be just you!" JV,. fix ROBERTS, VRGSALIE MARIA Syinpihonic Band 10 - 11, Wind Ensem- blefl2, Marching ,Band 10 - 12, "Hello Dolly", "Codspell", "How to Succeed" Make Up Crew "Take life as-it happens but make it happen the way you want to take it!" "lf it feels good, do it!" RODOLICO, FRANK IV Baseball 10 - 11 E ' "I would just like to say goodbye to all my friends in school and good luck to everyone who is coming into EI Sr. High School." RoHR, JEFF Football 10, Varsity Golf9 - 12 "l'll see you on the Dark side of the moon." RONAN, MARGARET M. ROONEY, JAMES Wrestling Team ' ROSE, CHARLES Rose, IAMES "The chords struck at birth grow more distant: yet, we strike them again and again. And we plead and we pray for a glimmer of day, and the night folds its wiggs and descends, exposing the loose en s. ROSE, JANET Float 9 - 10, Sports Night 10 - 11, Color Guard 12 "I would like to wish best of luck to Terri Clarke. we have known each other since we were kids. Also to Gail. Bonnie. Robin. Sue, and Loretta. We all have very special goals in life and each and every person should try their hard- est. Take life in stride, be careful, not too hasty. l'd like to say good bye to Super Iox and Chicken Legs!" ROSE, LARRY Soccer 8 - 12, Baseball 9 - 10, Basketball 9. Boys Leaders 11 - 12, Zoo Crew Soft- ballg11 - 12. Track 8, Student Council "lift was a duck and the pond was beer, I would dive to the bottom and never coniieiback up." z - I - ,,..., R MELISSA Class Sec. 10 11 Student Council 10 - ,V12,i'Varsity Track and Fieldl Hockey, Forei n Exchan e 10 11 Pres Nat'l g g ' v - Honor Society,11 - 12. Band Treasurer-. 10 - 12, Leaders 11 - 12, Sports Ni,ghtj10,- 12, Cheerleading 10, 12, BoBo's,Anony- mous and Zoo Ladies ' ' 5' J "All the fantasies that I have been keep- ing will make any empty hours easier to stand - forl have many dreams . . IIROSEMAN, MICHAEL ROSS, JAMES ROULEAU, LISA "Though the years give way to uncer- tainty and the fear of living for nothing strangles the will. there's,a part of me, though sometimes it's hard. to see it's never far from me. Alive with eternity, that nothing can kill." , ROWLINSON, KEVIN "To which I onlyfbelieve in - Sex, drugs and Rock and Roll." RUBIN, ELLEN Dance Corps 12, Yearbook 12, March- ing Band 10 - 12, Float 10 - 12, Sports Night 10 - 12. Lacrosse Stat 11 - 12, Musical 12, Bernard Gerard Fan Club -Sec. Q ' "We only pass through once." -R.A. RUBINO, MARK RUIZ, CRAIG Basketball 9 - 12 , "Revelation can only be through an awareness 'of one' RUMPLIK, RANDEE- RUSSELL, Tennis Team, Council, Girls Society, Track "Lighten up while you even try to understand, jus to make your stand, and take RUSSO, AGNES g t Chorus 10, Softball it ' " -, RYAN, JAMES- I, , RYAN, WILLIAML A "What a long strange trip it'sjbeen.'7 . SAAGER, RONALD J, j SAAGER,TAMRE - I SALIANLEDWARDI I I Art Service Club, Foreign Exchange Club. Volunteer for the Art Scholarship Program "Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympa- thetic with the striving and tolerant with the weak and the wrong. Some-1 ,' time in life you will have been all of, , these." A- SALLE, MARISSA I Flag Corps Director 12. Flag Corps 11, Stage Crew for "Forum", "Business", "Codspell". "Dolly", Yearbook 9 - 10, French Club 11 - 12, Spanish Club 9, Foreign Exchange Nice-Pres. 121, Act- ing Sec. 11, Leo Club 11, Nat'l Honor Society 11 - 12, Nat'l Ir. Honor Society 9. Winter Track 12, Newspaper Staff 12, Float 12, Class Fund Raiser 10, Volun- teered at El Library and Congressman Downey. "Still round the corner there may wait a new road or a secret gate, and though we pass them by today, tomorrow we may come this way and take the hidden paths that run towards the moon or to the sun." - L. R. R. Tolkien SALLEMI, IOHN SANDROW, CAROLINE SAPPIA, ROXAN NE "May the road rise to meet you, may the wind always beat at your back, may the sun shine upon your face, may the rain fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm ofHis hand." SAVARESE, DONNA Spring Track 10, Track Marathon 10. Secretarial Club 11, Honor Roll 9 - 12. Writing and Essay Contest 11 "For Yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision, but today well-lived makes yesterday, a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope." I "Good luck to all ofyou!" SAVINO, MARGARET I. 'k'Love is: 'Mark and Irene'." SALCEDO, MICHAEL SCI-IAEF ER, CYNTHIA A. Student 9 - 12 live, to love, to find who you are: look ahead, and reach for a star." --ra Baseball Night Soccer 10 - 12 IOHN WILLIAM X kCC Ci.k l C QKCNC KC NS X iff f ' ' fi 'iff ?fRClCRi5'g s, f i CCRR R ill' lBaseballgMusicfl '.'Li m'1'm"fT1 VMCHCY your lwiies CaiidgdloreemfsiieotxiiierR C ' and SucceedCin?CievCeryRthoine1Csyou1 O: C5 K R R ..s- 1 - RC jr A,kL K sci Cx 'R if RRCC: R' Ri' RR -C "lf 51 in f C l 'R RCSCHWQRTZQDAVICD CCCR Cgliaorosseali L - 512, Tennils 510. 9. jiXraokC9.gBuclweiserMonclay:QnRb Q f Syefiotidadvvfishofiiistfiiis Rdewii Qfrom f1bOvf3!RCQQ8oISRre?ilIy Sffsout Btii1tthsifsiiif5aheC uses sees Cshekmsws eisriiiffiia otat niiiinvreur true inferior: Csgpgf oCneC,dayl our fplatiiswlligl eross.faCnd .not below but ab0ve3'anRdf lffwiltl be like the CCwhoC turned into Ra swagfhiityinsteadlyllehallibeoadove-Q'f l 'i i ff, 1 SMALL4-CATHYCRQ RtClo Cl FlagCRCorpsRT0, DanceCorps 11 Q 12, StageCrewg SCriDi1Girl and Spotlight 10 12S amshclubq i R R o 'llsoolq to thethorizon, fortomorrow holds theantswer to todays dreanuslf' yy SMIT HC, CYNTHIA RRtl C R Candystriper, Foreign Exchange Club ,C'lR1QiMarchRi11g Band'9 - 12, Feature Fire R C RC jlTwir1er 'IOC-'12gfFl0atl11 - 12, Pep Rally Skit. lnRtramuraRlRsl9 f,1o,RSpantsh Clubj9, HonoCr,Roll 9 a12, f"CLavelrne'and Shir- ley"f, 'R'Fig Newton", "Kinney1Shoes" 'flhtave the power and will to-live and reach my desired goals. and lean do this iflhave the power to be myseifoso thatlinrylfantalsylbecomes reality and I becorneiwhatflrnust beand face tomor- rowfl R . C R R Homecoming Dance 12, lr. Prom, Sr, Ball, Party's ll - forever, Good friends -- Good times forever, Molsczns 11 -12, Molson Men, Ski Trips '78 - '79,"Polish friends 5 - whenever. WWA Drinking Team 12 - forever, tKov, heres toCMikeC and Polandl C g gl ' 'C'Life and friends are like a bottle of' MOLSENS, they're both Goldenf' ' ,'l' - Squit tMolseCn Nlan tlflj ySTAFFlE RI, ROBERT ' l rr Ry RSTALZER,RCRUSS1 C ' CFootbalRll8l',g' ' R R R C g V C fflsifeis full'ofRnpsand'do,wns.l"C ,rmA mC STASOLLA, STEPHEN F. Rifle Club 9 - 10. Math League-11+ 12. Nat'l lr, Honor Society 9, Band 9, Corn- puter Club 1llPI'eSg12JC ' CC CC 1 'C l "At sixty miles an hour,Rthe1l0UCdest CR if i.li CRR Cl It noise in the new Rolls yRoyceQCome'sR mmxAk I l 1 y rr.. 1 mmr. Ci l Cg1at?CCH0nO?1Rgciengnfyigg-P13eg,fygSto?C l fIfVOII1'll196lGClIflC clookyg V N y C1 RV Stiftibi-i l 104 'I' t C 'l 10 -12, lfgll- QURHUXCC 1lC9irCCCf0S-' C 9044. C33 RC l 5 f C f' J C CC i C t t - gporg iioltli?-32 C L1-wrt CheefsteadttevQ11eibat1C renC be R"NQ matteffllgew fiarkf the besiH,?itff24 make Y 'R Tr?'R9k'1 RClf1R'oRff1Rff? ulRal5RiR 'Fl fkafnata Rtto,1CRgatrRe.RCjLeav5at,,abutylCCalmjtCCyfC1etas2CeR one who strives can reach the sun. ' C giQ:UPggYXIR1ff99. 3p01ftSCN1Shi. Sen'xQ!R:r,fjfCRgC 196-R ,amRunRdRC -CCh0C0CgECyGu,r:C,6WnC R i, e C. C C r'l'R -1' 't-r CC C ' RC ig r-"- C' Cf C CRL SCRIO, REGINA V "The world isiuch that.. . .Rwhat may it Spfmg Track 10- Track Mafathfm 10- apnea? 'Q be Mend lsfmly anew AllYQuCCt5tiChCal1td gttyoriSeCeCClgs11RyoCuEf Honor Roll ll - 12, Secretarial Practice '12 "Life is just a temporary drealrn, like the besmnmel liti CC l issl C yi SMITHQRROBERT C C osol C slss lifewilCllevle'rCCCbe.l"tC MC CC M f ist,.sr aitslas fC tr'tt i:+CPiH'k F1924 H rushing water in alstream. To catch and 3694, M3?ChlU.gRRf,ll3-?lnCd?iC107' ttr, 'lr' :ffl hold at is ima to dag it'3CCthRefe Rm your ssos Cgfz- 1 1 R'vhCQmQ2C.BHndgi1Q4C,Ytt3CrrofiCQgREf3S?1Ub91s?CRg1Cl1fR:RR1C2f- R hand.butCCSoOIritsiipsRthroueh," C aasal l'la Sl93f?iRfB5I?d53R9lR:fi5:3t4CiiiC1iilQi1o??i18C20i!CS'RRRFOPR 'R 'R 'uG,O0d luck toxtheclass of"79.f" r,f- RR R C 71 C C M C ttl,s,o ,1?fRSOu,ihtBa:g11gBiooR:CaCfgfgAsstCe1Sfiaaeq,MaCnCaeerC SERIOQ DONNA! i fi 'tsta RU -satt ol.t 7'The times spent logethernow-'are taste 'lll Q Q ,'-',l passingmornents . which in'tini'efZ ,',,l, Rll.,.tt, ' CtC1 KWlllibEC0H1EQ laRsRtirigRCrnemoriesffCC C- ffjj' CC C C C Sperxdg-s-11213 forCCsCQsn1etCh1CnCgl 1htaRtifwR11I2 Cutlass R. f,,,f,.- C t fig V,:V i VECRCCVERQ1 '-,v RVRC1 ,k'l C,lgiCQVC21Ci:. A,,.- I I nj I R, 'RK or I ,C ,kl,,, ,,., ,.,,'.VV . C. .,..., C HCC, to 10W roaet RCRRf iatae ltialill C YQ9CP3?59f3R92l1LmY.lPlc'Cum'R l' 'H C R R l rttt astt 1 iolirirt R o,tsl aatsl CCRMCQ rQCCti9nClfMCanaoser11f2+1eYeHRrb0C0kCR4Pi2Q1eCgR1319' RR C CC CC CC R R CC alum? 3 C R t liy C RRlC'C, laCRtRR 1 tRtlf RR'TodaysCitiei1fHt1ifi1lt11ir1CQmrms are C Ci ZCRR CltlC I lt'C if CRCA1 fifij tttt1 CCRC toR,l C C L C C C, CC., CCI-C, C H t Rltetllfbf 3 loaf IHOP? Ctt.CRR 5 Fffif ii .CCRC C SPQWSCC N12lf1M0,t Cl1GM:s-Nts ht C jfke fnaaile 11 varsitt'r'e1atHaCkeRt1' ACCC if CCCMR tRCt i 3 CfB1LLL tClR RRCR f RCot C :Cy C43 C VIVV VIVVVCQI 5 -v:VVVV VVVQC VIVVCC CVAV CVV, fC,' C C C, C RC C C ' . fC1olWeYCSRRSiiovQforfRRCthCiRHSSf-Ct-1H:tClCCif2fi:CWeCi1 'RtC SUflSLIVAtN4?CMCARC'RRE3TS RRCRCRRR :Let me tive inC'thagQuntrygf1inCthiefsntgjg SRl1Rift?5H?1Fl Crll CL ff tC'C 9 +C RRCC 5U??3+I'ACM5C31 CRCRR'C R'RtRt f E RRRR f at RCRRRRR fl f R , C, ,C CC CCCC CC CC CCCC CC CCCC C C.CCCCC. CCCC C C CCCCCC , CCCCC CC,C C :'SOCQfira1'lBQiSebRa1l rRlCtCt N 8tttfI5itH0no?rff'SOCifityil1?Rls'CR'CC5tCtifRC r9111l?Cr' CRttt1 I E CC C Q-KF?f f in flfiffa?CfCCii'Ri1ffCif Ce Y IC W t'tC f 'ff KCTQIRHRGR153CUieRR1CiNhG11?iiffihtQC ' V'C, CVLIVC RVVWCC Vkyyy iff ttRR 1 fi RRCC CRtRC RCCRCRR tt50t5Cf?1'ilillQt3iiCdl995?CfPlli3tE'PUUQT Rll'llR1 fi3f1iTf? C ithClregre1s1C forfCttheQlpCrt?71ltClC1 CC'CCCt' CR kur, VVQRQR vC,VV' C CCVV C VCC, C'k, ?BCaskQetb,atlC'10C?121-15CQ 'C'R 1C ,'C . C QC z5?lThCoutgh lyOurfSih1fp Rbesiurdy. not mercy C1135 the RVC, 3gga,51Wiltl lRt' you i sotriiiveC on the 5WEENEYg CCMARY P , " 'fl R'eXijeCl tRo:Rpass'tIhrotxgth It hisworrlltdffgbiii R 3on'ce,CAnyCgroo'dC,RtliereforletRtliaft,tloCoan'Cdo' QF53UYtkiUldU93Slll3iiIClQ55UC:RiSCl5QWCRCllQ1iffT1YC' fellow creatuRre5let",nier'dRoi3n0w'QRCgCr. Cforl' shallfniotipassthis wayfag3i1i57i'R Cf 'CCC 1, LQCC 'l"l C t t CC tR gf t C ' t 2 t evenOfwmg-C'fR l t M flt ff CClClC CCCCCC j fi tttt SQUICCCIARINLQAMICHCELEC R TtFwaCtlR9CffWCCElCes'f3ornS'R1D1CSQQrfCSfCRN1Sl1t' t CBtfindClCCt9'211241Chorus HRC-CZ12, CMHFCMHQ ' Ct.CR CC't Ct CCR1 fi tCttt 1 fill tCCRtC RCCR M Bank! 10 lHZZ1R0Gk 11- 12!"Cf1ff1i1 'CRIk5lRQdfxiQCam.fCtoCs5,ITI CClC'C' QCCCC1fyal7',C C'fSR0uth RCRC PaCCiRfio'J',C VA Funny Thing R'Rt 1 "' ' lgtltilciidttln f all?f'l?CtRf"'if.f4: CtCC 'Ct'C R ti 'CRCt C Spec R R eg 9 R tC :is i11fr1ERR1tCCw1CLmAM t C M CfmwafrdCf2ltR0vftlwfimknQwmtfnCtt11reS'fbuf R051 the Glymhastlos 8 C 12 'Gymnastios Confer "fliert'm9mDPV?"W1H'CRil35i5'f91fCfY?TC?ft1 "C" fQ'5l00l'+'RC "Y .CRRC fi C Y C t f R R 'Rtttt ttRtRtRt R R1fRR ttRR tRt' R ttt' tRtt'tRt t t to R tCenCeglC-MeetC19R7a tvaCu1tmgJC Sfwcer 9, ' 'A1' ' 'l.ia'Crosse'12l BB's Softball' Molsen Mob CC"VC , CCCV Q C'Rf if Czft 'CfCC CEI' ygy V'C1ClC'l CC 'RCCV 1 RTEICCHR4tCH1ONEYR2EgRIN CCtlCC-CR'RCC TEUMER4 RRFCCHARDCM lCR 3 'rHoMPs0NCtIQSEPH C l t CR THUCRMANR,RWILLIAMJQQ ' f kr I VCKCV i C' CC TIGHEVQKEVIN in TIPARLDO5 Ig CCRV l ll' It Tennis. Volleyball j 'R R TOMPKINSC IUDITH LYNN "Forum" tGRemt'nael,f'How to C C .'f tliedy LaRuejl, "Godspeli" tloannelg ifvQ11C5e1wf4RyCSRetr1i'eR Rl' 515 if C5 TRi'ffsf 1 if R "Hello Dolly" tlrene Molloyj, Chorus. lazz Rock, All-State, All-Eastern, Flag Corps, Dance Corps . .The musician may sing to you of the rhythII1 which is in all space. but he cannot give you the ear which arrests the rhythm nor the voice that echoes it . . . Dream on . . , Dream until your dream comestrue. . ." TOMPKINS, ROBERT TRACY, ANNE Band 10 - 12. Chorus 10, Foreign Exchange 12, Civil Air Patrol 10 - 12 "YESTERDAY is already a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision: but today. well-lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomor- row a vision of hope." TRAINOR, KATHLEEN "Life is worth sharing. Share it with someone you love. I love you. Wayne." TRILLO, MICHAEL TSCHINKEL, IOHN Chorus "We're tomorrow's future: be careful." TUORTO, ANDREW TURNES, CATHERINE Class Vice-Pres. 9. Nat'l Ir. Honor Soci- ety 9, Girls Leaders 9, Float 9 - 12, Year- book 9. Intramurals 9, High Honor Roll 9 - 12. Dance Corps 10 - 11 tI,eader 121. Student Council 10 - 12, Nat'l Honor Society 11 - 12, Ir. Prom Committee. lr. Prom Attendant. Sr. Ball Committee, Homecoming Attendant "To have a friend. be one." TYERS, GEORGE Football 9 - 10, Bowling, DEADicated Fan "Los Endosf' UMLAND, TOM Gun Club 8. Rifle Team 8 "Give me the outdoors and fresh air of nature." UNGER, LORRAINE ANN BOCES I 81 II11 - 12 tl-Iorticulturel, Bas- ketball9 "There is always a long swim to free- dom. alone. in the water in the dark- ness. The shore a fading memory and the direction to gain. - PARTY!" VALVA, MARK VALYO, IENNIFER E. Float 9 - 10, "Outrageous Fortune" fLeadl 9. Candystriper 9 - 10, Newspa- per 9, Sports Night 9 -10, Chorus 9 -12, Nat'l lr. Honor Society 9. Master of Cer- emonies for Fashion Show 9, Aide to Mentally Handicapped Class 9. NYSSMA Medal 9, Drama Club 9, Bul- letin Board 10. Field Hockey and Bas- ketball Intramurals 10. Student Council 10, "How To Succeed . . Flag Corps 11, Bahamas 11 "My vessel is not full: my cup is not dry. My blessings are abundant: yet my covet is strong." VAN ESS, TRACY Varsity Tennis 10 - 12 tCapt. 123. Nat'l lr. Honor Society tTreas. 93, Nat'l Honor Society 11 - 12. 'South Pacific". "How to Succeed". "Hello Dolly", jazz Rock 12. French Club 11 - 12, Broadcaster 12. France '77, Aspen '78, BoBo's Anony- mous. Zoo Ladies tQueenl "Like Columbus in the olden days. we must gather all our courage. sail our ships out on the open sea, cast away our fears and all the years will come and go and take us up - always up." VASTAN O, BARBARA Foreign Exchange tPres. 12, Treas. 11l. Ass't Director Flag Corps 12, Chorus 9. 11 - 12. School Newspaper 9.12. Nat'lIr. Honor Society 9. Nat'l Honor Society 12. Leo Club tPres.12. Vice-Pres. 111 "Be glad . . . of what you are. of what you are. . .that you are." VELASCO, CAROL "Life has plenty of ups and downs. but don't let that bother you because when you think about it. there are many IDOTG 'ups' than 'downs'." "Although life may take you to differ- ent places. always remember you've got yourself to depend on." VIGGIANO, DIANE Orchestra 9. Intramurals 9 - 10 "What you do. what you say. what you are may help others in ways you never knew. Your influence. like your shadow.. extends where you may never be." VOLLBRACHT, REGINA "Live simply, so that others may simply live." VOLOSEVICH, AMY "Goodbye to all my friends in the class of1980." VONSEGGERN, VANESSA LYNN Chorus 9 - 12. Foreign Exchange 9, Intramurals 9, Marching Band 11, CPR Course 11, Stage Crew 11 - 12, BOCES "lf a man does not keep pace with his companions. perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears. however meas- ured or far away." VULCANO, CHARLES WALSH, IOHN wALsH, PAUL Wrestling. Handball "Live each day like there is no tomor- row and never, never say die." WALZ, KURT Handball 10 - 12, Rifle Club 9, AV Squad 9 'Once a king, always a king. but once a night is enough." WASHINGTON, LAURA Field Hockey 10 - 12, Badminton 10 - 12. Girls Leaders 11 -12, Intramurals 9 - 12, Broadcaster News Editor 11 - 12, Nat'l Honor Society tSec.J 11 - 12, Nat'l Ir. Honor Society 9, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Math League 9 - 12, French Club 10 - 12, For- eign Exchange 10 -11, Yearbook 9, Hing Honor Roll 9 - 12. Spotlight "South Pacific", "Outrageous Fortune". Girls Night 12 "Life offers what we are willing to give. Always have the will to do Elizabeth." WASLUFSKY, IRENE "Whatever my secrets are, remember. when I entrust thain to you. you becomeapartofmef' ' WATTERSON, NANCY A. WEBER, PAUL WEICKART, RONALD WEINFURY, BRUCE WEINGARD, BONNIE Volleyball 9 - 10. Softball 9. Intramural: 9 - 10, Honor Roll 9, 12, Chorus 9- 10 Orchestra 9. Float 9 - 12, Sports Night I - 12. Broadcaster 12, Yearbook 12. Girl: Night 12 "Don't let life fool youg when you thinl it's all over. it's only just begun." "I'll always remember my friends anc value my experiences. I'll always lovt you, Rich." WEISE, KURT "Give me liberty or give me death." WENDEL, ROBERT WHITEHEAD, ROSEMARIE M. "Make a wish and dream a dream . . . no matter how unreal they seem, toInorrow's beautiful and new and filled with dreams that will come true." WIKSO, IIM Band 4 - 11, Track 8 - 9, Gymnastics 9. Surfing B -12,Claming 9 - 12 "Your life is a reflection of everything you've knovim, recycled together. uni- quely your own. Do it with style, or any way you choose. Life is too short: if you snooze, you lose!" WILLEMSEN, TOM . "This high school is really a 'high' school." WILLIAMS, MICHELE WILLIAMS, RONALD WINICKI, CAROLYN WOLFE, STEPHANIE Varsity Tennis 10 - 12 "True greatness, like a river, the deeper it is, the less noise it makes." WOODRICK, ROSEMARIE Cheerleading. Nat'l Honor Society. Broadcaster Editor-in-Chief. Float. BoBo's Anonymous "God asks no man whether he will accept life. That is not the choice. You must take it. The only choice is how." "May your heart's desires be with you." WOOL, TIM ' Soccer 9 - 12, Lacrosse 9 - 12, Basketball 9 - 10. Yearbook Photographer 11 - 12 WORSTER, CORINNE WRIGHT, MICHAEL YONDA, MICHELE -YOUNGMAN, IOAN ZACCARA, MICHAEL ZEGEL, RICHARD Handball European Handball Intra- murals 12, Jeometry Whiz, joke Team '1 - 12 "When things always seem to go wrong and when you cannot find time to rest, always believe that in the long. things will happen for the best." ZINICOLA, ALEXANDER Spring Track 11 - 12 "l'm too old to rock and roll and too young to die." ZWICK, KEN "To give someone a memory keeps you close when you're apart." A VERYSPECIAL THANKS TO: Mrs. lane Sarcona, for all your time, patience and your confidence in us. Most of all for holding back from your nervous breakdown till after the yearbook was done. We never would have done it without you. 1 Mr. Thomas Sarcona and the English Dept. for their help with our senior quotes and underclassmen pictures. A T Mr. Dan Gleason, our Taylor Representative, for always coming to our rescue. TT Mr. Norman Burg, for always having his camera ready. f Ty Our Photographers: Lester Cohen, Eugene Demers 1andTi1nWool. There have been no yearbook without you. T ,T yp 3 , .tl ypiy MaryAnn Kornely, Mike McGahey, Ioe DiNigris and Phil photosraphywork. p t.p. l ny jj Ieanne Bringinan, Gerriann Iaeckeland their UPS- , 1 T n .. T iti. ..tit .... . i.i. ilit .tt.i M1511 ttit.l l03f1B3fI1lCkl9TffjlfauTl1 i3f1.55ldfCl.fQSSif1S1 tiyili ttll llll llll TT DeLouise for all T . p MaryEllen Lacetera fortheSenior Class History. TT Music HPF-fefalltheifcespefatien ti.1 thtevghouf the Giii mf frhe f11ff111pi1111111eSH11MH1-- TT1 i l t t TM1-1Ski m feaHdMf.- MSOf1111f1111111f11111f11111f11T111111i1011a11dw111112ff1111011- ,.i,.,,,,,,,,1.1, M1, at., JM-,1, n11t1,11,,w,1.1111,q, .1,1,1,1,11m 1 ji,1y1,1.1j111.11,111,1:,T T1 1,.,v ,.1,,,1, 1 1 ,1 1. 11 .1 1. 1, 1 , .M 11,1.J,1,,,1v,1 1,13 t . , ., 1,i, 1 1 11 ., 11 15' 1J5'i 1 T 'I :11TM' 11 .T TTTl,111T111LT51f"'TTT1f 11f1.t1q,1f1lf,'11f1.Q1,xb?..T?1511151'11T 51 1111 1 h9lTWf151T1lT111E1 t..11 T 1111l1t af? 1 ii.t 1t1t ..it THaijriet Hudson and having the patienceiand understanding neededit most. Q 1 I y T T . 11 V All those who helped to.makeT1thTeTyearbook a success Thank You. We couldn't have made 11t1 itgwitTh.outyou. 1. T , 12 f 1 1 .p 1pltT .Ty T T T T T Q 11 T 1 Ianet Ahern--Editor-in-Chief T T 1 1 TT 1 Iudi Hudson- Senior Editor T Ellen Rubin - Assistant Editor Patti Davis e- Iunior Editor Karen Merenda -- Iunior Editor Selina Murphy - Sophomore Editor 'Q 4 N V v v 4 f-' V ,K X f S' as f Kawai vvunnf If 1 ,wif , , .f , ' ii ,Vi ix W . W, X, MV, .5 L . ,,4q,,., IGP Ei ,- VY fw- ., M...-ff' vw W gg-ff .Z f i A 1 , .,-, - ,. Zffffffffff' ' 4,1 5 X , , ,,, .M fr i ? Q4 f V i K 3591. a ff 5 49,30 ff ff, 2 , ...-,-N.,..,, ,,,,-..,f-M ,....-,rT,Tf,,.-.-fpffw-W-.:f-vo-:nf . vw-'f::vfwff':v f . ' 'QQ " ,V ',f,,,v L'ff:1?'5 ,. ".ff"9 ,mf 7, ,W Q,11 55,,,v, Ag,,,,,'1:f-,,.A3,j' 3 5591: 'f W ' ""' W' -f" K ' -av",a::.f1-me.rfqf-:'fnfy,,:, X , ,W , , ,V 1, , ,,,, f, fn : ' ,vane-,:,:,,,,. ' ' , . , . , AA,4-.+-4-,- " ,f,jWqg',f,,,9f , -Vffffyf, , , p-3144cf'-arfffw-r-1 f, f, ,, , . U, 1, 2 -7 W -Q Q-'fy 6 pi f ,404 " ,JW 522314 I f 7 CAROL STUDIOS OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR TH S GREAT YEARBOOK I 80 +I I A k LY9II5O Ives Kepf A an ic: ve. F Ie for FuI'ure Lynbroo , N.Y. rs. - FREE SHIRTS T0 ALL I I 58 I -4355 1 R8fR SHELLFISH I 58 I -9526 I I8 REAR EAST MAIN EAST ISLIP N.Y. I I73 , 41,4 ,4 , r, 1l!qau.. . I I I I -- -M-"' 2 I H Music . . . mus+ never offend +he ear: if mus+ please +he hearer, in o+her words Pr mus+ never cease +0 be music." R Moza r+ BEST WISHES BAND, CHORUS, ORCHESTRA S Bes+Wlsl1es+o 1'l1e Class of I979 EAST ISLIP ASSGCIATION SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS r+J S+ Il l' Cly Py Besl Wishes +0 +l1e Graduales of 979 EAST ISLIP TEACHERS ASSCDCIATION 4050S Okdl NY I 69 , Robe . e ing - Presidenf Roger Kenney - Firsf Vice-Presidenl' Vincenf Sulpezio - Second Vice-Presidenl' William Fay - Secre+ary Chris ian Lavoie - Treasurer de a ne - Pasl' Presidenf l ' H' h I7 To 'rhe Class of '79 - Phyllis Agro PaHie Davis Eileen Doolan Linda Fanni Laura Gebhardl Kelly Hayden Karen Kanzler Mary Ellen Lacelera Here s +o a Happy Life Good Luck Always 78-79 REDMEN CHEERLEADERS VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY Kelly O Rourke JeanneI"I'e Palomba Linda Reilly Melissa Rose Lori Scheno Tracy Schreiner Sharon Tansey Sue Weber Rose Woodriclc Lori Agro Elaine Berg Linda Bolling Kafhy Bradley Francine Cas+ro Dawn Cons+anI'ino Chris DiFiIIlppl Jennifer Farrish Kara Ivers Karen Koumalainen Terry Lucey Rhonda Ollivier Donna Rizzo Cindy Rouleau I - I Laurie DeFazio Janef Perlian Chris Albers Barbara Kelly If We Only Grasp I+ and II's Significance Bes+ Wishes 'ro 'rhe Graduales of 979 Nancy A Mangone Presidenl Jaquelyn Smilh Vice Presideni Terri Imbo - Secrelary Leslie Forman -- Treasurer Dr. Krishnan - Advisor And Everyihing Is WorI'h Hs While The Easl' Islip Chapler of +he Na'I'Ional Honor SocIe+y Wishes +he I979 Graduahng Class lhe Besl' of Luck In All Far a ay rhere in fhe sunshine are your highesl asplrafions. You may noi' reach fhem bui' you can lookup and see Their beaufy believe in fhem and fry +o follow here +hey lead ' I , C CI 7+ Their Endeavors. can rem' -You ' W . OF W ' ' I To+heSemor Cass- lf you can imagine H' you can achieve if l'F you ca n Become I+. Love THE CLASS 980 Good Luclci Congra+ula+ions 'n H19 Years +0 +o Come - Pa+ Chris From 'rhe Class Laurie of 'l'O D.O.D.-June, I979 -I-he Class of C l979 f 1334 , I I 'ff K 1 f in N f f L "'g . A ' f ,. ,,,, f M we ' V, 'fzff f V Q YQ. x , - ,, ' , ff 7, U ' ,, - A ff A fp? , ' ' 'E L. ' ' ' -'7' "'A A 7 as , ' M A A ' 'ffaifaa V+ -'-' :if ' A Y: '-me ' 25 4-2 ' if 04' A f V H zzz' f fm 'PLTWZM , y Ve, Af 57: 'V kgs'-, ' A - 12-1 , " 5- -Es. I -ff fa - 1 41 fy aw' f f Q, +17 ' 77 ,V K 'zfifm' 21' KW? ' 3, . -4 W 4 f-5 k'..,, 44 4411. H:-fr" , I . 4- , 1 f. 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Suggestions in the East Islip High School - Redmen Yearbook (Islip Terrace, NY) collection:

East Islip High School - Redmen Yearbook (Islip Terrace, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


East Islip High School - Redmen Yearbook (Islip Terrace, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


East Islip High School - Redmen Yearbook (Islip Terrace, NY) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 34

1979, pg 34

East Islip High School - Redmen Yearbook (Islip Terrace, NY) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 10

1979, pg 10

East Islip High School - Redmen Yearbook (Islip Terrace, NY) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 130

1979, pg 130

East Islip High School - Redmen Yearbook (Islip Terrace, NY) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 269

1979, pg 269

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