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 - Class of 1920

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.H-V--. ., .,... . -'l ' 5 1 ,A-P' "fi I 'V V ,, v - -'J 113 lffi f' EARL -'Um-rz, V 4 . .,, , - .V Qi 78 i ' ' . A V' W M ' . V ,.,, , f , ff . 1 1, ' '1' P ,, . I 4, I ,V ' H1 'M' V ' , , A ,1 Q 'A ' -'Tv' -P Urn! Q .E 1 :H V 4. 'J 44 A 7' 7 ' . ix h V '7 K 1 V .V A ' N -I ' H51 . . .. ' 'E -X 1 iff ,' J, ,, .V V 'iivff ' ' v. .1 A ,, H , V . . y, ,V g.. ' V - , ' -- . , - ' V' J If ., ' - F51 ' 1 5+ . V , ' 5 . ' . ij . K ', ' - "J'1-Si'-ff, , " 4 Wy, qi: ' 1 , -11 .V '. ' ' 5, , I - ' ' ' T ' - 'ri 5 "V . L. l ' - .,5J,,,- - ' 1, -' 1i'f, ,- ., . .,-: + ,I - ' A. A P ' F Wx , I N' 'f ,V ' ' ,, Q 'A 1 -',V, 7, , . if ' - fv, VV:-'fff.2g :VV ' - ' " ' , T .1 Y "1 V' V ,".-ff", ' af . . V V f -T 2 19" K -,np - , . . V . "' ' ' fvfrszf in-v - -. , . H- . V ' V -. .. V , 'M "l35':7'Q:m if V . . ' -f . - ,H+ Vw " -5?-:. J 'J' ,"'9'fl- 53" V I, " ' ' V will-Af-fi 'TW I fi" ' fi- ' jx-2"Xf"k? " .ga I I j5T"l.Ig ' A , V' f W. A ' - M 'N . V - , ix 1 r 3 4 99 :W sv- :?3.,9' Qi iii: XJR 3. .LUTV Y An "'- .s:,", . '33-, r P' A 1 H af" A 'K ,-yi , "-'L biz 68 .. V V,-.V,.., . V-.Mun K y , V I - .2 , . F. V f . , -l 1 x in P' 1. ,I . . .4 A. ,Q 'TL V,-QV .M . 'R' 5, Y- ' -ww -.V :H Y Wx ' .G Hi' 'f ,V ,J . ,... mf: , fm, 1-uffi 2" , ap. v . ., '- A N , V 5 f ' . ' ' J I ,yi 'V ., -'if ' - - I, ' I ' V, V. V ,fx ,U A , 533. " -- K -. iq . x - K -' ' .agq ,X V V , I X23 ,iii F, .J r .I I, A , . Lp :fri , ., V 4-V V A I-f:'A"' "' . ' if-gf' V1 45? 3311- '. " , ' V ,, 53" tlyifg' Vit, " Vf "' "six-' . L pie! 3" V " ' f AY"'7. ' l ' , .f ia j 15' V ' ' h , fi, , V -ff' - : ' ah' , 1 ., - h ' A are ' - 1 f .' . .Aff , V . ' ' N ' I ' V -my -:Q . - Q X' 1 N Q V - mv., Hr- 2. -Q-.31 .bi ' V :Q , 'tif' , - ' ' 3, Q. y ,, . , -.. f A , . ' ,,. . ""'V 'LF' .. ' It i " ",fsx.1,- f "- ' 4 ' - ' ' ' - V . 'i .4 'Vt ' - ' ' ' - 751. Q-.' F4 VN . - ,7 A , Vifffekfn .f 1 . i ,X , - , Q1 3 V-5,5 . ' .V L .. ,L ' Q VL' ' " 7 . if ' 7" - . .,ff?'4-Zi-, ' ff" A . 351- ' - ' ww 1 , A , x ' ' ' ., ' ' '.k7.?x"'1 ' 1 I' - - x , 1.1, -r 2 'iff ,gx , ,. V- rh m ig A , ,g,,LfLV . 4.41.51 1 f ' ' VV 4. ng: V ' ',1 'E 1 H' V ' +V- '- V - me ffffff:-f V 1 2' 'Q -- v ' '-,V M . a - gy .. 1 V' V1 ' ' .. Q V ' -. '- - - 'r" '- WASJT-'ff'-' fd-Q'2L?'5Ef "5A'1"4fU" in w ' ' ' '- ' .- '- fV. iv-1' .l b .' ,A 'gyV. .2 R, f V' ' '5 .1 'M - V V-' -V -.1 ,ii ,Q-,W E gy, 5 ,. ,hy , 45 1 ,-,. V.-.--45 - Vzlfm , ,, Mm a- , - jf , 5: , -X ,z V 'f 2 " ' '- l nf A X 1- .gl ,li ,QQJV-Lvgwl . .Lxf1L.ngn':. , 4 v 2 glue 5 f. VV 'VN 4 X77 W 457 :QQ ' ' 4 V S?-'-kbp ' ' , Tl-IE RE-Ecu-lo THE. SENIOR CLASS OF TH 12 5 East Huntingdon Township High School 1 N25 pyf a J 8 4054 me -1-If--ww -,N 9 ig f.rfT'?Qv xy 'v u-'A ' I i. P , I S f E i dx gl F 3 Q93 P ii 'Q Q35 VE! 8 Ai' A 5 Y 3 3 X 4 gr 3 Q5 ?3 1920 .Q f A i, N W1 fm ff , M, x,--X Ho gh K Q if J It191010101616161OIOIQIOIQIQIQIKQIQIQIOIQIQIQIQIQIQIQIOIQTQIQIQTQIQIQIQYQIQI03101015 '9 P 4 s 4 4 0 P4 E 9 A 5' W V Q V P4 3 To A w l ' + M ' P' 9 JOHN C. I-IABERLEN, Q H . 4 0 ' M V4 5 , 9 0 . . . . Q Supclwflsmg Prmcrlmal of Schools S 0 P1 94 A 1 , Q 2 luast l'll11lllllgClOl1 TOXX'1lShl13, x Q Q . . . w w 111 21-pprec1at1o11 of Q P1 9 0 . . . . . M S 1115 11ltCl'CSlC and cfhc1cnt servxce, Q P4 Q 0 . Q thus volume of S 0 M w 0 PQ V 0 M 3 The Re-Echo Q 0 P4 U 6 P4 . . N A IS most respectfully cledmated. Q N V Q D4 g A g A 0 A U 0 P4 V A M KOIOIOI0101010101010101OIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOI010101010I014101010101OIOIOIQIOIOIOZOIOION L ,H l Qlareniiug. J. ITH miriglcd relicf arid rcgrct 'wc offer you thc 1920 Re-Echo. Wc, thc Senior Class of East Huutiiig- do-11 I-ligh School, haw' put forth ewcry cjfort to makc this book a succcss. lt is thc first 'Z'0lZllllt3 of thc kind that has appcarcd ill this school and for im tl1is reosou it has pro1'c11 110 i7'lC'01'lS1-d67'l1l1lC task. l'Vith fcclirigs of hesitation wc offer you our book for perhaps it has fallcu short of your cxpcctatioizs. NCT'L'7'fl1C- loss, wc, the staff, have c11d'ca11o1'cd to show to thc public thc spirit that exists in our school. It is with a dccp sonsc of regrct that wc lcawc our school lifc, its associations and friends, for a more stcru and uusyiu- pathetic world. At thc closc of this our school fl'l'lIl we think it proper to publicly c.1'prcss our thaules to thc peopjc of East Hziutingdoii who haw so gcucrously, so faithfully, and so ad- mirably doue so 1'lllll'l1 for our school. In c'1'cry activity thc resi- dcuts of tl1c tofwizship lll1f'L' supported us a11d wc hopc that tlzis book will bc thc 111011715 of giving our friends fl closcr under- standing of high school iutcrcsts and purposes. From ouc and all wc would ask a kindly ratlzcr than a scferc criticism of this, our first litcrary lH1dL'7'llll?'l1'1g, and we siriccrcly hopc that in spitc of its 111o11y faults it may bc road with apprcciatioiz. x fa? Q inn! High School Building The Faculty MR. JOHN C. HABERLEN, Supervising Principal. MR. CHESTER B. MURRAY, Principal of High School: Science, Higher Mathematics Bookkeeping and Shorthand, Music. MISS EVA M. RITTENHOUSE Latin, English, Typewriting, Dramatics. MR. SIMON H. WAUGAMAN Mathematics, History, Football Coach. MISS CARRIE M. FREY English, French, Basketball Coach. Board of Directors MR. G. BROWN, President. MR. AUSTIN TAYLOR, Secretary. MR. EDWARD L. ROSE, Treasurer. MR. DAVID COWAN MR. GEORGE HIXSON MR. C. C. BAIR MR. HARRY MYERS The Re-Echo Staff The Re-Echo Staff lk 1k 4 lk EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Ivy Rutter ASSISTANT EDITORS Grace Baker Pearl Leighty Leila Williams Jacob Mawhinney ART EDITOR Herbert Medsger BUSINESS MANAGERS Ralph Hough Corinne Houser i E. H. H. S. AST HUNTINGDON High Sch-ool has the honor of being the b b N oldest rural high school in the state of Pennsylvania. lt had its E origin in a one year course, held in the grade building at Alver- ton, two years 'before the erection of the present building. ln 1900 the high school building was completed on the grounds of the old Mennonite Church at Alverton. The course was then lengthened to two years with two instructors. Later the course was extended to three years with three instructors. Still later as the num- ber of pupils increased and the curriculum was extended to meet the re- quirements of a first class high school, the course was extended to its present length of four years with four instructors. More than hve hundred have entered the high school but of this number but approximately two hundred and twenty have been graduated. From the number of graduates a large percentage has continued in higher education and the citizens can look with pride upon some of the graduates of its school. The steady growth of the school in the last few years and the out look for the coming year, point to the fact that the four walls of this old building are no longer large enough to accommodate, in a comfortable and satisfactory manner, the -students. Something must the done to satisfy the needs of the students both in the way of proper housing and in courses to ht them for future citizens of this district. lu' ill If ' ' 'x '- lx 'f' '- f ri qu "gb ,i 'ff '9 , WAS - V 41'-" l 'ffff' !"f f 'ffdf' W fy W X ff? 1 7 'f X f f m fjff! V' , f f 'f X W0 ,,, ffffjhfyy X 2 MW fl if f ff f ' V f My ' I f X X If fy, VIVIV, f I Jaw Qfm Q 5 ,!!Q,f, MW ' X X ff f X f -.K-ZN1 Us vi SENIOR CLASS 1 9 2 0 Notum Reget Gens COLORS ...................... ORANGE and BLACK FLOXYER ......... PINK ROSE Officers PRESIDENT ....... ......... . .. CLIFFORD BEISTEL VICE-PRESIIJENT ......... ....... R GY COXYAN SECRETARY-TREASURER . . GRACE BAKER 'E ' CLHVITORD BlilSTEL .Xlverto-n, Pa. Prcsillcnt of Class 4. llasikctlmnll 3g Football 4. Class lflay 4. "Bike" "Looks clon't count," so they say, but how about , "l3ikn-"? lf he llllillllt ztnythinig hesirlcs his looks, clon't you' think hc would get along puriectly? VVQ zugrcc that ha- ccrtzxinly would. "Bike" is a happy goocl-heurtucl fellow, who likes nothing 'con'ccrning li. ll, ll, S. uxu-pt peroxide 'lmlonds and athletics. llc clocsn't wish to lmccoinc anything in this world, except a good sport and 21 lucly-killcr and wc all know what the results will bc. He will succeed along that linc. L E. . all credit "Bill" with just one 'weak poin.t, that is future, he will be one of F. NV. XVoolworth's GRACE BIZRNICE BAKER Ruffsdale, Pa. . sm Secretary of Class I, 2, 4. D Contest 2, 3. Assistant Editor Re-Echo Staff. I Ifirst Honor Student. 'fSpider" Now"'SA11iflPr's" not wise in her own conceit, She is, m tact, hard to beat, And easy as mice, she can give advice And talking politics 'is her 'tmea.t." Hut why is she seldom gay? t'Spider is also a movie fan, I She goes to lem whene'er she can. VVhen women at the polls have Sway, She the bacon will carry away. She is better at that than any tman, Good luck to you old "spider," To your health we'll all drink cider, You're the smartest girl in the class The rest of us are not worth grass , Your head will ever igrow Jwider. ROY E. COVVAN Tarr, Pa. Vice-President 4. Basketball 3. Football 4. Class Play 3, 4- UBetsy" "Root hog or die," is "Betsy's" favorite, QUOU1' tion, and he made quite a fuss when the Llass Of d t 't as their motto t'Betsy" 11- -iozo didn't a op 1 5 ' - V - 1 though he never breaks any riul-es or is seldom called up to the Pro'fessor's ofhce, is 21 59901111 favorite amontg the Sophomore girls and they would do anything to defend him from the fterrible temper" of Professor Murray. Xes. he is dlllli' proud of h-is pleasing countenance aind does .his best to make himself 'good-looking and attractive. "The Male Flirt," as he is often called, is quite a good athlete and just as good a sport. XYILLIAM HENDERSON Scottdale, Pa. Football 4. Class Play 4. "Bill" lf blushes were Fords, "Bill" might ride. XVe his fear of the feintale sex. VVhen one of said creatures speaks to him he gets fussed, and tints of crimson appear in his cheeks. "Bill" is one of the most quiet boys in our school. lle does not waste his precious words on unueeessary arguments. If we were like hint. Mr. Murray would have no reason to speak of pandemonium reigning in our school. XVe hear that "Hill" is working in a live and ten cent store. XVe all hope that in the near partners. .V RALPH LIEUTILLAS HOUGH Scottdale, Pa. Football 4. Vice President of Class 2. Class President 3. Business Manager of Re-Efchio Stall. Contest 2. Class Play 3, 4. "Beans', "Every one inc-lines to his own side or party." "Beans" is one ot those good natured fellows who is always ready to lend a helping hand to every one, especially to those who viant information about politics. He is noted for his debating and quite frequently he has a chance to show his skill on the subject ol Religion, especially when some other members of the Senior, Class are rnterested. "Beans" has a temper but he is able to curb it very CORINNE HOUSER Ruffsdale, Pa. Assistant Business Manager, Re-Echo Stall. Class Play 3, 4. "Fremiei' "Come live 'with me and be my love?" cries "Freimie" from her eyes, lips, and every other part of her beautiful face, to every laddie who comes her away. "l am handsome, intelligent, sweet, and attractive aind l can dance, flirt, and bake lemon custards too. lf you don't believe me ask my "daddy," U yes, and I can play the violin almost as good as-as any one, although the little thing is rather dusty now and some strings are brokenf' No, "Fremie" is not at all wicked just come around and she'll show you how good she can be. She will help you out in all your troubles and always well. He has only one good eye but 'it is sufficient to see all the pretty igirls and flirt with them. "Beans" is a good old scout and is highly esteemed by all his fellow classmates. stand u p for what she thinks is right, EVA PEARL LEIGHTY Ruffsdale, Pa. Assistant Editor, Re-Echo StaH. Contest 4. 'fCutie" "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." 'l'hat's what we'll say, in a'fter years, when we look back and see this angelic face of "Cutie's" looking u-p at us from the faded leaves of this book. She is just like her looks, full of pureness and sweetness, and loving every one who comes her way. She is a true friend, forgetting her own troubles by losing herself in other people's sorrows. She would rath- er work with her hands than tire her brain by studying. "Cutie" thinks she would lose her beauty by working at her studies late at night so she retires early and the quiet repose brings beauty while she sleeps. L.. . JOHN McNALLY Scottdale, Pa. ' ' Basketball 3. i Class Play 3, 4. l "Tubby" "Nobody loves a tat man." XVe have all heard , this saying, and most of us believe it. But this is not true about "'l'ubby" for in spite of his excess of avoirdupois, all the girls ot' ti. ll. ll, S. cast adnriring glances in his direction when he is near. He is a favorite among his class-mates-.Xnd jolly! He must have grown itat front laughing. llc can pull oft some of tlhe cleverest jokes you would want to hear. "'l'ubbyy' was one of our star loot- ball players this year. Wlhon he hit the line he always left a clear trail for the fellow carrying the ball to follow in. XYhatever "'l'ubby's" ambition may be, we all wish hin1 success. JACOB B. M.-XXVI-HNNEY Tarr, Pa. Athletic Reporter X Joke liditor of Re-Echo. Class Play 3, 4. "jake" "Pretty is as pretty does." Our handsome curly haired jake ls the brightest ,boy in school. He is very fond of candy and cake, And loves to act the fool. But he is always brave and gallant, ,-Xnd a lavorite with the girlsg Can it be his musical talent Or his captivating curls? athletic and when a football game or basketball game is in session he can always be found talking . to a crowd of liast I'luntingdon's best looking girls and really pretending to be interested in the game-But we know better! :XLTON THEOIJORE lXlllD'StilfR Scottdale, Pa. Football 4. Contest 3, 4. Class Play 3, 4. "Deacon" "Straight, Upright, and Grand," that's our "Dea- con" through and through. Of course one can tell that to look at his handsome lace. He is very fond of drawing and especially the proliles ot' our lady faculty. XVhen he sits down at the piano he causes several of the E, H. H. S. expert musicians to take on a wondering look as much as to say. "I didn't know he could play better than I." "Deacon" doesn't play "jazz," although he could handle it very well. Classical 'music appeals to him the same as every thing else containing that so called "class" ' Although "jake" comes from Tarr he has sort ol a tendency to stick with the "Scottdale Bunch." He is very agreeable, except when it comes to vot- ing in some of our class meetings. But 'lor all i this, he is liked by every one in school, and especially, by the "lair sex." "jake" is not very 1 HERBERT GLENN MED-SGER Scottdale, Pa. Basketball 3. Football 4. Contest 3, 4. Class Play 3, 4. Class President 1, 2. Art Editor Sz Assistant Business Manager, Re-Echo Staff "Herbie" "Some have greatness thrust upon them, some achieve greatness, but I was born 'greatf' is written all over this intelligent face which "Herbie" pos- sesses. He certainly is artistic, imusieal, and poetic, and can down any one in an argument. Humor- ous? I should say not. Intelligent? Yes, very, and the only thing lacking is that he abhors the ladies, who all adore him. He wins for himself personal favor by his love of nature, his great ambition, and his high ideals. ln talking to others "Herbie's" main topic is "Myself,' or UI." r x KATllERlNE IRENE NULL Ruffsdale, Pa. ' Kass" "Laugh and the world laughs with you." "Kass" is a very dear little girl and is well supplied with a cute little musical :giggle which every member of the 1920 Class envies. The joke of the laugh is that f'Kass" thinks that we are tryizng to mock her, but no, we are just tryinlg to copy. 'fKass" just loves every member of the faculty and is a 'pet favorite among thelm. As one can see she is one of those little, fluffy, airy creatures who loves to dress up to date, to flirt, and to play the piano. MINTA DALE PRIT'1 S Scottdale, Pa. Class Play 3, 4 Kfslinlli t'Nobody loves a fat girl," but how strange! everybody loves "Slim," Yes, she is q-uite pleasant just as she looks. She has a kind heart and is very g-ood to those she loves, but pity her poor enemies, they must suffer. She loves chocolates and bon- hons and is quite liberal :with them when any of the opposite sex happen near. It is great then to see her pass out the sweet meats. She does it in such an enchanting mannter and the other girls look on and wonder just how it is done land think Pcflwps there must be a trick iwn that little game. IVY PEARL RUTTER Hunker, Pa. liditior in Chief, Re-Echo Staff. Second Honor Student. -tzlcckn "All school hooks are to be chewed and digest- ed," says "Zeek." Oh, yes! Of course she can smile,- what made you think she couldnlt? It is as easy tor her to smile as it is for her not to know her lessons. "Zeeik" has great expectations of 'be- coming a successful school teacher and later a great Historian. She is a girl who has a head and lurain worth owning, a tgirl who never gives up what she has set out to accomplish and one who is never discouraged no matter what disappoint- ments imight confront her. l'I.XZEl. FICRXIC Sl'llVELY Scottdale, Pa. Class Secretary 3. Class Play 4. "Farmer" "Lead me out Charlie." Yes this is "Farmerf' one ot our good Seniors. who tends to her own husiness, and who 11ever says much hut thinks a great deal. Ui'ILl'lllC1'l' talks a0'lllC'VVllllt in her 5-.Lv..2.. Y. slr p ut nt told and dream. ot littlt ind cub hunch-hacks, men, Fords. etc. This accounts 'lol' her not talking' much when she is awake. She has a good hold on common sen ' Hut with all this "Farmer" is a man's lady and knows how to "kid," tlirt, and love. Nevertheless Q - '- - nines. se and makes use of it. l llazel is a hard worker and we are sure that she ' - will be a snccicss in lite. - l.lClL.X MATILDA XVILLIAMS Rutfsdale, Pa. f Class Reporter of Re-Echo. Contest 3. Class Play 3. 4. "Till" "Silently one hy one they leave me." Take a look at this elongated piece of evaporated human- ity lor a dreamy and sentimental expression. Her main purpose in life seems to he getting a husband hut as yet she has failed in the attempt. Don't worry "Till" some little hooh with a thig heart will fall for that sentimental stuff and 'it will eind in: imatrimony. Then you will find that married life is not what you paint it. XVith all this craze, Matilda is a hard t?J worker and has helped to make this hook possihle. Her ability as a. "reader" was recognized in the Sumner-VVehster Contest and junior Class Play of IQ-IQ. Go to it "Till" We wish you success. Senior Class Song QTi1ne 2 "Sai1ing"j I-Old Orange and Black leaves school this year, And with it goes this Class so dear. This is the Class of 1920, Of knowledge iwe have -got a plenty. So dear schoolmates, this year we separate. Our Future's left to Fortune and to Fate. Chorus:- Farewell to our schoolmates, and to old E. H. H. S. We are sorry to leave you we must confess. We'll :gwo sailinig over the sea of life, For many a day we'll -go astray, . Before we have reached Success. We'll 'go sailing over the sea of life, For many a day we'll go astray, Before we've reached Success. 2-W6 say -goodibye to History, to Latin, French, and Botany. But these studies with all the rest, W'il1 help us to stand the great test. Schoolmates, we work 'to gain the goal of -life. VVe'll think of you, through all our toil and strife. 3-'Bllf we do not expect to stop, our education at this spot We will twork hard to enter College. And there add more to our knowledge. But as we near -the object of our -fight, Thoughts of school days will put worries to flight. THE BALLAD OF THE "BARK OF 1920" As Freshmen- The wind was calm, ithe ocean smooth, Our ship put out to seag We -were so fgreen, we were 'not seen, No 'contrast don't you see. It was the ship of NIO plus IOU Forty lubibiers 'were our icrefwg We shoved her off with all our "pe-p" To sail the High School "'blue." For quite a while ,we sailed fast And everything went wellg We didn"t think of ways or means The raging sea to quell. But soon the waves came dashing high And iwashed some over board, The rest of us hadn't time to cry But daily thanked the Lord. And then examinations caime "How easy" -some would oft exclaim But some were not possessed of head They had to work or Hunk instead. But throuigh all this we "'gaubies" came We braved the isquabble well Proud "Sophies" then we all became- Our heads began to swell! As bophomores- We scratched our heads beyond -its bounds Our old hats wouldn't fit, We thought we could read Caesar When we cou1dn't read a bit. We thought 'we 'were old gauibs and tarsg We thought we could man a shipg We weren't afraid of sand-bars Or any fresh-ie's "lip," But soon the swelling passed away And found ourselves, we did. We were not what -we thought we were VVe donned o-ur first old "lid." I-t was a tough old year, you bet, The sea again came Wild- We took the waves Qand they were wetb VVe seldom ever smiled. But soon the stormy storm was o'er, The sea again was tame, We tinished up another year And Juniors we becamei is Juniors- "Let's heave the hook and let he-r buzz, Since we are juniors now, Letls make old Neptune sera-tch his fuzz, And wonder why the row." With this new maxim in our "beans," We churned the little pools, We tramped the deck and swore "by heck" And vengeance to the rules. For p-irates all of us were lmeant, Our -fame spread through four zonesg And everywhere -that our raft went, She How the skull and bones. So many battles we did gain, So much did we disturb- That even our old "cap" himself Called us, "Les Plus Superbelsf' As Seniors- - But now we're seasoned, aged and cured, We're old birds at the game, And though the sea is wild and rough We -pour oil on the same. There are but sixteen of us now Twenty-four have left our crew- Bu-t those who stayed have got the .grit To try if not to do. VVe're ready now to sail the sea Of life, and scrap with mother earthg - To live, as is 1-ike man and wife, Or fatten fist or purse. Sometimes we didn't give a darn And all were mutineers VVe'd slap each other on the jalw And 'pull each other's ears. So if Fight wins a man success fFor fight we always couldj Upon this stormy sea of life There's hope' we'll all make g-ood. I 1 i V 1 PROPHECY OF THE CLASS OF 1920 Hark! I am the "Ouija.', My mystic realm is not known to my read- ers for I am not a chronicler of a mortal's future environment, but of his possible destiny Qnuf cedj. ' A massive half hnished structure looms up before me and amidst a number of workmen can be seen the city's most eminent architect-Mr. Ralph L. Hough, watching the progress of the work. Two well-dressed gentlemen appear on the scene. Mr. Hough, informed of their presence, turns abruptly from his work and greets them. 'llhe three gentlemen are engaged now in conversation concerning the progress of the distant building. Mr. Clifford Beistel has succeeded in business and with his future partner, Mr. NVilliam Henderson, will occupy the new building, These two worthies are in the publishing business and the company is to be known by the name of "Beistiel SL Hendersonf' Miss Grace Baker, now -a famous novelist and magazine writer, will 'be one of the most extensive contributors. 'lihe three men now separate-Mr. llougih going lback to his work and the two pub- lishers to a small but charming building just opposite their own. An electric sign hanging above the main entrance, informs those who pass by that this edifice is the studio of the Medsger Brothers, Commercial Illustrators and Designers. Messrs. Beistel and Henderson, upon entering the office are greeted with the If-amiliar smile of Miss Pearl Leighty, stenographer, bookkeeper and sometimes model of tfhe concern. At request, Miss Leighty presses an electric button and a bell in the adjoining room summons the elder brother. After learning the purpose of the visit, Mr. Medsger calls his brother, and a contract is drawn up, to the effect that the artists should handle the com- mercial advertisements for the publishers. VVe leave this scene and are borne to another locality. Miss Corinne I-Iouser and Katherine Null, two musicians of note, and prominent society belles of the city, are exchanging a few remarks upon the city's theatrical activities. "I saw a very fine picture on the screen, entitled "A Fool's Money," Miss I-Iouser is saying, "and our old acquaintance, Leila XVilliams, was the star," "I saw a comedy in three acts at the Grand, a few evenings ago," is the reply. "As a farce, it made a big hit. Mr. John McNally played the leading part and he 'was a scream. I can see him yet. By the way, have you heard Mr. Mawihinneyls latest.popular song?" "Yes, and I also have one -of his new pianologues. It is a great success." . wk 11: a: Pk si: Oh! Fate and Fortune would you hear the story of the remaining four of that illustrious class? Be it s-ol A limited' pulls up to a local station and the brakeman, who is recog- nized with some difficulty as Roy Cowan, assists the passengers to the plat-- form. Among the first to step from the coach is a weighty party, whom one would easily recognize as Minta Dale Pritts. Slhe has about her gr business- like air as of old, and wfalks directly from the station to a near-by millinery store. This thriving millinery establishment is under the supervision of a certain Miss Shively. Imagine the surprise when she sees her 'old friend before' her. Miss Pritts has come to the store in the interests of a certain large dry-goods firm. ,She straightway shows lher ability aras sales lady by selling to the milliner a large supply of materials. A few minutes after the departure of the sales-woman, Miss Shively, in turn, makes manifest her reasons for success in her business, by selling to a new customer Cwho, by the way happens to be Miss Ivy Rutter-now a successful and experienced school teacherj a gaudy spring bonnet. I, the Ouija, have exhausted imy powers-such is the future of 1920. J is 'figfxxx Z fsfff Q , X XXX ' JW ? ff L , vxwi X 1 K X, W ,YYY V, X, V r!,f' -X , ff xg J ff f X f ff f X XX X , - . , j TE' ,D K ! 4--.J X p ' Z X 1. . 1 ' , N . A -Q- 9 M f fy ! v , , ' f Y ' wi If- 1 WB?-WUUI1 ' 7422 ' 'V""""""'T'1'NY'+ fggg-1, X ffl 1 ' .1 1" " x ' M " ' ff -iu :':- ff4 X' ' ,, f N iq 2 ' "i f iylfw, st: le l.fyl,r1!flf XT-,K f, W M' 'fx 4" if ix fffdjffff' 'laff 1 w uf.-' 4 'XX W all' Xi' 'Il luv! f . ,' W is 'H f I I 'l 'N' I' 7,6 , QL, ft Ngfqfvfe f , 1 he-' ff f 'ZQQ L ,jlvflif ' J - i x fl I' I I M ' ZZ,, yfc f,f,yfff, , , MQ f 'T,1L?,,W 74 Qk vfg il ' ,g. ,gm"2f:1 .5 4 ' f ' 'Eff ' f . ,iffgg 6 21--. ,. Mm - N h 'P .HJWUI-'fi JUNIOR CLASS 1 9 2 1 We lead, others follow COLORS .. ....................... BROVVN and 'VVHITE FLOXVER ...... .. PINK CARNATION Officers . RRESIDENT ....... ... MABEL ROSENSTEELE VICE-PRESIDENT .......... ............ N EEL BERG SECRETARY-TREASURER . . . . . RUTH WlLLlA'MS Junior Class Song CTune: "Love's Old Sweet Song"j ' Once in the dear dead days beyond recall, 'Twas then all our troubles began 'to fall, Ont of our dreams that rise so very clear, Swiftly we glide tio the closeof -our 'careerg And then at last when life's dim shadows fall, Our class will be found the 'best 'class of all. Chorus. Here's to the Class of Classes, To 'the Class of ,2I Here's to the many good things That we all 'have seen, Here's to our dear companions And our Teachers too, Here's to E. H. H. S. Good luck to You- Good Luck to You All. Class Yell lsky-Visky, fresh and frisky Sons of egnns from Junior Class Wild and Wooly and full of Heas Never Curried above the knees Haltered once but never rode LOOK OUT FOR US-WE'RE BAD., Junior Class Berg, Leona Berg, Neel Beistel, Pauline Carlson, Esther Christner, Pearle Fretts, Carl Hensel, Elfa Hixson, Kenneth Love, Myrtle Martalhus, Helen Miller, Grace Minster, Frank Moon, Anna Bell Rosensteele, Mabel Rose, Mary Shirer, Burnetta H N Junior Class Roll Favorite Song "They're always picking on me." CA Please go away and let me sleep." Beautiful Eyes." ' "VV'hat do you want to make those eyesat me for?" Al" , 3? lhey all look good when they re far away. "Ohl Mary call the cattle home." Lonesome--that s all. I know what it means to be lonesome." 1 know that I got more than me share." 'KAll tlhe world will be jealous of mef' I wonder why they call him Mfop ? "You can never lbe too sure about the ladies." "Boy of Mine." Oh where have you been Billie Boy?" This is the life !" Oh! promise mef, 1. Stoner, Vernon Give me the moonlight, give me the girl, leave the rest to me." "I try to be good but my eyes won't let me." "No wedding bells for me." 'fl want t-o make sure you love me for I've been fooled before." A Tedrow, Earl Weitzel, Edna VVilliams, Ruth JUNIOR CLASS HISTGRY "Freshies -green and Fre-shies fair, Freshies, Freshies everywhere." Tfhat first 'day in high! NVill anyone ever forget it? As soon as the upper classmen arrived, we heard mysterious whispers of initiation, which struck terror to our hearts, and made us afraid to venture from our chosen places. On our first morning, Chapel exercises were led by Mr. I-Iaberlen, wh-o later introduced to us that kind and august body known as the faculty, which at that time was composed of Mr. Limber, Miss Rittenhouse, Miss Mc'Curdy, Miss Stewart and Mr. Fuller. Cn our second day, we found, to our infinite relief, that initiation., meant nothing more than to be dubbed Hgreenug and we were also' told tostay off the grass. as two shades of green did not harmonize. The fall days passed rather uneventfully, but when winter came, and we were obliged to spend our noon hours indoors, trouble began. Our first sad discovery was that Freshies got blamed for everything that transpired, regardless of whether tihey were innocent or guilty. XVe were finally released from this terrible punishment, and were left in peace long enough to organize our class. We took for our motto, "Decimus, alii sequunturn Qbrush up your Latin Gram- marj, our colors, Coral and Grey, and for our flowers, Pink Carnations. The only important happening after this was our class party. NVe found, on returning at the beginning of our 1918-'19 term, that only about twenrty-six of our origiinial nuimber eh-ad returned. NVe also discovered, 'to 'our great sorrow, that we had lost our beloved Miss McCurdy, and that Miss Hickernell would reign in her stead, 'thalt Mr. Fuller had gone to do war work, and instead of him we were to have Miss Attwood. Our Sophomore term was not very eventful, and if the truth were confessed, the term was not enjoyed nearly so much as the first year had been. just the exact reason for this would be rather hard to find, but it seemed as though nothing We could do was satisfactory, no matter who we did it for. Then, just about the middle of the year, Miss Stewart left us and Miss flattman came to rule in Room 3, Miss Stewart's former domain. We had a Christmas Bazaar, which was very successful, about one hundred dollars being realized after the bills were paid. So much for our second year in High. "There is no time like the present." Thus it comes that I have re- served the last part of this interesting t?Aj epistle for the best part of our school career, the present junior year. To 'begin with, we found that only one member of the former faculty had come back, and that was Miss Ritten- house. Our new principal, Mr. Murray, to whom we are now most devoted, took Mr. Lim'ber's place, and we were informed that he would also be our instructor in Music. Then downstairs we found two new members on the staff, Miss 'Frey and Mr. Watigaxnan. One of our first discoveries this term was that our report teacher, Mr. Murray, loved all the boys, and that he thinks his juniors are just about the best things ever invented. XVe have instituted some new customs in our class, and we have set a new example for our successors, in that we are wearing our class rings this year, instead of waiting until next year when there will be so much more expense, so you see we juniors know 'how to practice economy, too. Say, do you believe it pays to advertise? lf you don't, it is plain to be seen that you did not see the Hfarcical fact" as presentedqby the juniors on March 31st, "It Pays To Advertise." But I know that most of my readers did see that play, and that they have already passed their favorable or un- favorable opinions on the subject, so we'll let you rest in peace, and not embarrass you by asking you to state publicly your private views. As this last mentioned affair was our last move towards keeping up the standards of our class, you will just have to possess your souls in patience to see what we do next, and tfhen maybe another year you will have some- one to write you a history of this noble band, that won't be as wearisome as itlhis one is. Auld may I take this opportunity 'to than'k you for having read this, for I know it must have just about exhausted your supjvly of patience. T.. vi l i 1 i 1 1 l l 1 i l .f REST - WELL CLUB "Not to stu-dy lessons but to lessen studies." Requirements for Membership: To retire early and sleep late. To spend three study periods a day, doing nothing. To sleep during at least two classes a day. Never to allow work to interfere with pleasure. ' Place of meeting-Anywhere that a sufficient numiber of chairs can be found to seat all club members. Officers President of the Council First Lord of the Treasury . . . .................. . . . . Secretary for War ......... Corresponding Secretaries . . . Speaker of the House ...................................... Class Representatives Herbert Medsger, '20 Vernon Stoner, '21 "The Dirty Six" In previous years the Junior room was a loafing pl the "Dirty Sixi' has kept it well rid of loafers. THE DIRTY SIX Job .... Squeeler . . . Tight .. Hix . . . Bipps . Teddy . M Otto ames Sidehammer james Brooks Clifford Beistel Manion Null, Earl Stuntz, Loluis Graham Roy Cowan Curtis Mathias, '22 James Newell, '23 I ace, but this year . Vernon Stoner .... . Neel Berg . Frank Minster Kenneth Hixson Carl Fretts . . . Earl Tedrow The bigger they are, the harder they fall. The Dirty Six are claimed to be the most extravagant chemistry class that ever entered this High School, They found that exploded gunpowder, or hydrogen sulphide made the teadher leave the room. This was a fashion for a while, especially when Miss Frey was present. X S MQQHILHOFQS AJ v I is . I l .g ag I :X- ,XX : Mr? : 'V 1 XX f l X ffirkffffff fi! 1 'Tw ."'f,,, I, ff ff X'r"!'L M X XX X' RX' 54" Q1 'Tlx if 7 Sx 'S ' gf- Q .Q- K f M4 . Ng ,e 1 ,a f ,, L., Q' "Mig ig, R , 3 ' . ,, X, , .N xx xsvix- J. F x X .K gx 1 1 ff! I fi? N X ix X lb xx XX x x x ' 'tm , y,DA"'W' . y - M, XM A W M fl ff, 7 f .757 X 11 jr ,f My 4 . ag' g I 25.5.5 mfiz l f - I, fx X. if f ' N X if 51 ae,X , ,, ,. -X: gif fiw 1, Q HCM. .MJ . pp- WQQ 1 l E 1 1 1 1 1 ,144 ,. -gm Mx, . SOPHOMORE CLASS 1 9 2 2 Know thyself COLORS .... ... ................. BLUE md I OLD FLOVVER .... LILY OF THL MAI LEY Officers PRESIDENT ....... ............ I SDXYARD IIONSBLIXIIEI VICE-PRESIDENT .. ........ AUSTIY I XI RON SECRETARY ..... .. . FLORIQNL I Q1I'l IIXI TREASURER .... .... X YENDLI L XUI I Rig-a- Rig-af I Class Song CTIune: "Rig-a-jig-jig"j Have you heard of the Slophomores Heilgho, 'hei-gho, heigho, heigho A happier hunch you'd never meet, Heigho, heivgho, heigho. ' Cho ru s jig-jig, and away we go, away wc go, away we go Roughneck Sophomores, that's our name But nevertheless welll win our fame Heigho, heigho, heigho. VVe have the "rep" as the life of the school Heigho, heigho, heigho, heigho. we get our lessons before we fool. Hcigho, heirgho, heigho. But Class Yell Ricketyl Racke-fy! Russ! 'I'here's nothing the matter with us! VVho are we! Ca11't you guess! Sophomores! Sophomoresl E. II. H. S. jifg-jig, and away we -go, Heifgho, heighlo, heigho The Parable of the Class of 1922 There is a certain class that doth number itself among the occupants of the East Huntingdon High School. Now it came to pass on a day in the pink September dawn of the year of our Lord 1918, that they presented themselves at the door of the High School where they were warmly greeted and welcomed to the fold by the head of that institution. They were soon beset on all sides by enemies, who did endeavor to subdue them by various means of torture, i. e., "dutch rubbing," monthly exams, daily recitations, and 'tbawlings out." However, they did triumph over their foes when the boys of the class won a victory over the Sophomores in a game of basket- ball. NVhcreupon, their sister class, the illustrious juniors, bestowed upon them their merited honors. As a result thereof, there was given onto them the privilege of organizing. After 'due deliberation and forethought NVendell Null was chosen as the most .able leader for this brilliant class. In the midst of their many duties they took time off to honor the Juniors 'wit'h a "chivarari." Sometime there after, out of the goodness of their hearts they devoted their talents to raising funds for the Red Cross and therein did surpass all other classes in the High School. So they rested upon their oars, and so endeth the account of the Year none." Having fed off the fat of the land for three months, they did once more take up the burden of acquiring unto themselves an education. Now there is a Person in that school who hateth all forms of hilarity which ascendeth the scale to high "g", Howbeit, certain members of this same class were unable to restrain their feelings and their voices. And it came to pass that on certain occasions they did forget the hatred which the Man bore to suc'h boisterousness and thereupon their voices did rise and they did rend the skies with shrieks and screams. And the Man did descend upon them in wrafth, and there issued forth from this mouftlh, like tlhe 'sound of a mi-ghty wind, words fraught with great force and meaning. And the Sophomores stood courteously with ibowed heads and interposed not one word. There- fore, he considered not their feelings but rushed on and did pronounce them a "Defunct Organization." In time, however, the class regained a part of their former vivacity and did revivify their drooping spirits by a masquerade. After which the bolder members of the "Organization" did enter into ia literary contest. Wlierein, two of the members did win great glory and distinction for themselves and fellow classmates by carrying off part of the spoils of battle. Yet, in spite of all this the class has never regained its pristine freshness and life. VVherefore, consider these things. and think twice before thou utterest once the feelings that are surging within thee. Raise not thy voice above a whisper, lest haply thou also mightest be branded as aa "Defunct Organiza- tionf' . 'A -if , y, fx N -. 4 VIL? i 6 12 , it f f' l g '1 .ff2Q"'-X .. i i rr' V Y T a 1-in Q . --- 5 X Sophomore Class Grace Albright Janet Bair Helen Balcerak Austin Barron Irene Beistel Pearl Buttermore Florence Grimm Maude Hiee S Sophomore Class Roll 'K-lust like new" "57 Varieties" "Seat" "There,s a reason" "Hotpoint" "Brings beauty w'hile you sleep" "Never say 'dye "Have you a little fairy in your home?,' 'H Edward Honsberger "VVear-ever" Charles Hostetler "Hoosier" Frances Houser "Preserve the Pictures of your heroes" Edith Hout Dortha Leighty Rebecca' Leighty Ruth Leighty Hazel Lynch Veronica McMahon Curtis Mathias Mary Miller Helen Meyers Christina. Null NVendell Null Peter Gubala Gladys Ruth Raymond Shannon Kathryn Shirer Josephine Steele Grace Taylor "Blue ribbon" "1000 ways to please a husband" skin you love to touch" "Safety First" "Wanted-'Ideas" "99'Zp pure" "Rest-well" "Bread VVinuer" "Whdleproof" "None such" 'Fast and Fadelessn Never scratched yet" "Day dreams" "Rough on rats" "Wl1y stay thin?" "Shinolai' "Gold medali' Mt. Pleasant Ruffsdale Mt. Pleasant , Tarr Alverton Scottdale Scottdale 'lfarr Ruffsdale Hawkeye Ruffsdale Ruisdale Tarr Ruifsdale Alverton Hunker Tarr Mt. Pleasant Alverton Scorttdale Rulfsdale Ruffsdale Mt. Pleasant Scottdale Ruffsdale Alverton Ruffsdale Scottdale Senior Alphabet A--is for the Auditorium, which we ain't got. B-is for Boneheadfs, of which welve a lot. C--is for 'fChester'l with many a love spell. D-is for "Deacon" who preaches the gos-pel. E-is for English where we all raise -'l. ll-is for French which we all love very well. G-is for Grace, who has a big heart. ll-is for Hazel, who thinks herself smart. I--is for ldleness of which we're so fond. J-is for Jakie our strawberry blond. K-is for Kass with her musical giggles. L-is for Leila with artificial wiggles. M-is for N-is for Mintawand Medsger boys too. nerve which they've got thru and thru. O-is for O'ts Cnaughtsj-Seniors get quite a few. P---is for Perts-from 'the Sophs 'there's a slew. Q--is for quizzes which come quite often. R-is for Rittenhouse whose heart we canlt soften. S-is for Squallers of the female sex. T-is for Tommy-rots-our dear teachers they vex. U-is for US, we are the whole smear. V-is for Yirtue, which we 'hold so dear. W-is for XfVaugaman with his blush .and stare. X-is for Xanthoprotein used on his hair. Y-is for Yaup which is often heard here. Z-is for "Zeek" who Hbeaucoupl' interferes. - Things That Will Never Happen "Wonders never cease," is a saying old, '4And that is very true," so we've been told. But there are things in the High School which will never come true. A few of them we here reveal to you. You never have heard, nor never will hear of: l. Grace Baker missing a chance to bavvl someone out. 2. Mr. NVaugaman singing. A 3. Mr. Murray curling the hair on the top of his head. 4. Alton Medsger refusing a piece of candy. -, 5. Herbert Medsger going dippy over a Talcum powdered baby-doll. 6. Mabel Rosensteele refraining from talking. 7. Mr. Murray leaving a day go by without giving one of the classes lecture. 3 8. Austin Barron 'goin-g home on lthe -l olclock car when Frances Slaughter - is at school. 0 josephine Steele refusing to display her wonderful talent in all things. 4 A . . . kr., 6, ., ,' " ' ' ,' 2... ' Q. kr 10. Frances Ilouscr, lxdbecca Lcighty, and Lhristina Null escaping tl squirrels. ll. Leila Vlfilliams missing an opportunity to Hatter 'some one. 12. Williain Henderson failing to blush when Corinne talks to him. 13. Roy Cowan missing a chance to talk to a girl. .1 ff ' x ff! I if if X Qs , , 'X O OS fi Q jg ' J XJ X f N iwfilfg flw 5i?f , fi f MYrffJffJV1wf5 Z .1 I...-.fn -- , MV F RESHMAN CLASS 1 9 2 3 Facta non verba COLORS .. ................... YELLONV and WHITE FLONVER . .. ........ ................. D AISY Officers PRESIDENT ...... ........ . .. JAMES BROOKS VICE-PRESIDENT .. .... ANDY ORAVETZ SECRETARY .... .. NIILDRED KOOSER TREASURER .. ., SARAH WERKMAN Freshman Class Song CTune: "Yankee Doodle", I. Oh come now 'folks and hear a song, Afb-ou-t a 'bunch of Freshmen, Who entered old E. H. H. S. As good stuff rthere's no question. Chorus- Freshmen, Freshmen they're alright, Freshmen they are dandy, Mind 'their teachers all 'the while, And make themselves right handy. 2. They call us green but we don':t Care, For t-hat's a lovely color, And true it 'is we much prefer, The green than something duller. Freshman Yell Hiifety, Heffety, Huss! The point we'll not discuss, But nevertheless, we'll just suggest There's nothing t-he matter with us. Freshmen, Rah! Freshmen, Rfah! Freshmen! Freshmen! Rah! Rah! Rah! F RESHMAN HISTORY On September 2, 1919, we, the Freshman Class, entered the doors of the East Huntingdon Township High School for the first time, and by our bright and shining presence lightened the gloom of that ancient structure. The first day was spent in viewing the building and grounds and getting acquainted with teachers and pupils. According to all the laws of etiquette, newcomers should be treated eourteously. But this was not the case with us, we were called names, such as "Greenies," "Freshies,', "Bone'heads"g and some of the boys were even ducked. High School is not such a heaven- ly place as we expected. Freshman Latin has awed us and Quadratic Equla- tions have struck us dumb. " Late in September with weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, we we were made members of the two Literary Societies, the Sumner and the XVebster. F Soon after, the class proved to the rest of the high school that the title of "Greenies" was no longer appropriate, by placing three of its members on the football varsity team. In fact, the "Star" player James Sidehammer, known as "Sidie," was a member of oiir illustrious class. Having won a reputation for ourselves we organized and under the leadership of James Brooks, our worthy president, we have won additional honors. In October the Freshmen took part in an out-door festival given by the High School, and by our extraordinary "pep" and untiring zeal earned the largest sum of money for the benefit of the Athletic Ass-ociation. Although the Junior and Senior class plays have proven successful, we bid fair to outshine them in our junior and Senior playsg for already we have proven our dramatic ability in the production of the "Merch1a:nt of Venice," and several members of the class give promise of great talent and will no doubt become "Stars," Yet in spite of our progress, and in spite of our opinion that we have been model Freshmen, we have been troubled by the thought of Ourselves as Others see us. tXVith apologies to josh. Billingsj 1. The Freshman is a resident at East Huntingdon High School. 2. VVe immigrated to this institution in September, with no family tree back of us and nothing but our brains to win us a reputation. X 3. Our possessions consist of ink bottles and pen knives. 4. A Freshman's days are devoted to mindingeverybody else's busi- ness. - 5. The Freshman's life is as free as a new penny, and, if it wasn't for studying and keeping the Freshman room in order, the Freshman would find what everybody else has lost-a heaven on earth. 6. Anybody who has ever looked a Freshman square in the eye can tell how much he thinks he knows. 7. A Freshman has one fault that the smartest preacher on earth can't remedy and that is bragging. 8. A Freshman is the greenest thing that grows Qcabbage not ex- eeptedj. 9. A Freshman has more brass than the biggest kettle you ever saw at an old-fashioned apple butter boiling. 10. But the teachers quiz us and examinations petrify us, and what there is left of us ain't worth a row of blue beans. lil. Freshmen are Freshmen one year only, if they avoid movies enuffg otherwise they are a back number. 1 l l l l -ui Freshman Class lEl.H2W3F"h 'Ham' Park Rzrc-14,3 Jsmfoi OSA '30 T71 '45 morton lbowman .. james brooks .... catherine butler viola christncr rohert lelgar .. clara fretts ...... horacc fullerton . .. louis graham .... hilda hensel .. smith hixson ... laura hodgkiss .. robert hough . . . charles kelly .. Cradle Roll mildred kooser .... . . .. madeline longanecker evclyn longanecker , .. ross mcmahon .... alma mosch ' .... james ncwell . hilda null ... marion null . . . andy oravetz .... etta may ramsey .. lulu reagen ....... james siclehammer .. pearle sillaman frances slaughter .. . hazel smith ....... earl Sturtz .. anna tarr . .. clara tarr . .. harry vancc .... nnldrecl Vance . .. laura weitzel .. sarah werkman .... pauline whitefogle .. anna zolclack .... t. t. Nl t Rullsdale Pleasant 'l'arr, Scottdale, Scottdale, Scottdale Scottdale . . . . 'Farr Rnffsdale, Scottdale . . . . 'Farr Pleasant, Scottdale Scottdale Scottdale, Scottdale, . . . 'Farr 'llarr Scottdale 'Rutlsdale Ruflslclale H unker, . . . . 'lfarr Scottdale Pleasant, Rutlfsdalc, Scottdale Ruttsdalc Scr rttclalc Rutfsdale Rultsdale, Scottdale Scottdale, Rultsdalc, Scottdale . . . . Tarr Alverton v 1 1 Q 1 v ! 3 v Who NVittiest ....... Biggest Bluffer .. Biggest Fusiser . . . VVorst Grind Laziest ....... Best Actress .... Best Natured .... Best Girl Athlete Best Boy Athlete Best Looking Girl Most Popular .... Most Bashful ........ M-ost Most Sarcastic . .. Most ' ' Most Best Male Flirt .. Favorite Teacher . Musical Gigg Successful Vamp 's Who in E. H. AftlSt1C ...... . . ler H. Mmm S. Annabelle Moon Mabel Rosensteele . . . . Leila Wfilliams Ivy Rutter Clifford Beistel .. . . . Ro-y Cowan . . . . Myrtle Love . Rebecca Leighty . . . john McNally Ruth XVillia1ns James Siflehammer XYilliam Henderson . Minta Dale Pritts .. . . . Grace Baker .. UMe and Herb." .. .. Kathryn Null .. . .. Roy Cowan Mr. XVaugaman f 3 I W ETMQTEQS N Y I ' X E , - 'Vi EI' '1- lfpflyf l ,"' ' PM Q, 'XXfXx1Vgf fi,l!,! X MV'fl I xx "3 Up 2 ! ww' X I f r mf ' V gm f l: fa X 1 f 1 X , H.G.M. p ATHLETICS NTERPQST in .Nthletics was again aroused this year 'among the 7 Q bo: s.and girls ol E. H. H. S. lint, on account of the conditions Q ,bl existingin our school, we were only able to have a football team and a g1rl's basketball team. I . ' Mr. XX augaman, our football coach, had a hard time getting enough boys for his team. This, however, was not due to the attitude the boys had towards the game, ibut because of the small number of boys in our school, and the inability of the majority of them to play. Miss Frey, the girls' coach, was more successful in organizing her team. Roth teams worked hard and made a good showing in each game they played. The boys of course were more skillful in their playing than the girls. This was because the boys had one advantage over the girls. They could practice every evening on the school campus, while the girls practiced only once a week at the gwmuasium in the Scottdale Y. M. C. A. ln considering the conditions under which the teams had to play. we can truthfully say that our Athletics, this year, were a success. Owing to the small amount of space reserved for this article, the games pfayed by both teams and the results of those games will not be published. Football Team R. E. Herbert Medsger Q. B. Clifford Reistel R. T. John McNally CmCapt.j Roy Cowan ' R. G. Andy Oravetz R. H. Alton Medsger C. Chas. l-lostetter L. H. Austin Barron L. G. Ralph Hough F. B. James Sidehammer L. T. James Brooks 'A Subs.-VVilliam Henderson L. E. Kenneth l-lixson Earl Tedrow Kenneth Eicher Basketball Team Forwards-Janet Bair Subs- Iosephine Steele Pauline Beistel Center-Kathryn Shirer Helen Martahus Guards-Rebecca Leighty- Frances Houser Chiristina Null QCapt.j Team Football i Girls' Basketball Team The History of the Twin Literary Societies activities. AST HUNTINGDON Township High School has two Literary Societies-the Sumner and the VVebster-which were founded in 1911. They have been the means of introducing a spirit of friendly rivalry which has led to an increased interest in literary The purpose of these societies is to foster a literary spirit in the school, to develop in it's memlbers the power to speak in public, and to create an interest in public questions. At the bi-weekly meetings, the members, in turn, are given an opportunity to take part in the H PV a pI'OgfH.lTl1'1'1C. The Scottdale 'Trust Company has made it possible for the two societies to hold an annual contest, at which fifty dollars in gold is distributed among the five winners. Ten dollars is given for each of the following: Essvay, Reading, Declamation, and Debate. Since 1912, the year in which the first contest was held, the two societies have participated in nine contests, of which the Sumners have gained four victories and the X'Vebsters five, The following are the winners of the last contest: Essay Reading Declamation Debate President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Pianist Chorister Sergeant Critic President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Pianist Sergeant Ch-orister Critic Mable Rosensteele Sumner. Josephine Steele Webster. Alton Medsger Sumner. Janet Bair Webster. Frank Minster Webster. Sumner Officers Herbert Medsger Edward Honsberger Motto-Excelsior Katherine Null Jacob Mawhinney Flower-Marguirete Frances Slaughter James Brooks Colors-Lavender K Gold Leila Williams Myrtle Love Webster Qfficers Neel Berg James Sidehammer Motto-Carpe Diem Minta Dale Pritts Earl Tedrow Flower-Red Rose Hilda Null james Newell Colors-Maroon 81 VVhite Dorothy Leighty Hazel Shively :anal Sumner Literary Society Webster Literary Society CALENDAR . EPT 2-BACK AGAIN! Everything looks the same with the exception of Freshmen. 5-Two Freshmen lost in the 'lAUDITORlUM"! Rescued by 522111 Austin Barron. 9-Sophomores unsuccessful in their attempt to initiate Fresh- T men. 10-Sophomores seek aid of upper clvassmen to help initiate Freshmen. Sept. 18-New Faculty on their ear for First time. Cct. Nov. Dec. Jan. 22-Football practice fbegins with a lecture from Coach Wlaugaman. 1-Mr. Murray begins his daily lectures in Chapel. 64Celebration of the birthday of one of the Seniors. lO-Lecture in chapel by "BEANS" fManager of football teamj. 14-School goes to M. P. T. H. S. for first foot ball game. 16-First Social activity of the H. S. 17-2'l-Things look bluearound E. H. H. S.-due to exams. 24-Freshies green from fright of approaching HaliloWe'en. 27-Everyone preparing for the Halilowe'en party. 29-I-Iallowe'e11 party held by school. 1-"Till" and "Herbie" have la scrap about politics, of course "Till" ' WOI1. 2-Schubert Sextette, first number of Lyceum Course. 4-Foot ball game with M. P. H. S. 5-Everybody quiet, 'due to :the results of the game. 10-Seniors have a battle royal -over class rings. 15-Foot ball game with Y. H. S. 16-Football men not in very good condition over game at Youngvvood. 24wS. Platt jones, second number of Lyceum Course. 25-Mr. Murray threatens to kick Sonhomores out of school and brands them "A DEFUNCT ORGANIZATION." 26- Good order in the Sophomore room, "I VVCNDER WHY." 27-Hurrah! Ten day Vacation. 8-Blue Monday, vacation over. lO-"Spider" Baker threatens to clean up Senior Class. 15-Mr. Murray gives plan for a new High School building. l6-"Bike" goes to 'sleep in first period. 17-Lecture by Fred Cr. Bale. 18-4Classes today. No rest for the weary. 19-Xmas vacation begins. 2-Population of Alverton began to swell when 'VVes1t Penn carries "I-IOQDLUMSU back to old E. H. H. S. 10-Senior sledding party. 15--Mr. Mlurnay bawls "Jim" Brooks oult in chapel. 16-Interpretation of "Strong Heart," by Margaret Stahl. 21-Senior class meeting instead of Physics class. 1 1 hee. Mar. Apr. 22-Editor has the grippe. 31-THREE CHEERS! 'Mid year exams over. l-Senior class decides to publish year book, 'JRE-ECHO." 5-Faculty goes to sewing room for lunch. ' HPANDEMONIUM REIGNEDV 7-Medsger B'rothers entertain the school with mu-sic at noon. 10-Leicture by Burnell R. Fond, the electrical wizard. ll-The day before Lineoln'si Birthday. l'2-LincOln's Birthday. V 13-The day after Lincoln's birthday. 22-joint meeting of the Sumner and XVebster Literary Societies. 29-It rained all day that night. 3-CONTEST. 4-BTG SCRAP IN ROQM ONE. Minta Dale Pritts vs. 'KTill', Vkfilliams. Referee-Frances Houser. H Preliminary bout "Null Sistersf, 8--"A SUDDEN DRQPU CRoom Zj 9-Minta Dale feels stiff and sore. 10-Editor fell asleep. 19-Editor wakes up. Q 20-Seniors scrap about invitations. 26--Miss Frey bawls Seniors out in English class. 31-junior Class play. 1-"APRIL FOUL." SENlOR'S PSALM OF LIFE QWith Apologies to Longfellowj Tell me not in mournful numbers French is but an empty dreamg But to those who soon shall know its horrors, Success, we offer in this theme. It is real, It is awful! And to make us Work is but i't's igoalg "E thou 'gettest-F tho-u, earnest," Teachers say who like to scold. And -our English is our sorrow, For our teacher scolds us every dayg But we work, so that tomorrow, She might surprise us with an A. Disappointlments keep a-coming, Yet our hearts are stout and braveg Let us just keep on a-working, Till at last We reach a peaceful grave. Lives of great men all remind us, Success might reach us bye and byeg And departing leave behind us, Memories which shall never die. Let us then be up and working, VVith a-heart for any fateg Still a-hoping, still a-wishing, For an A, ere it's too late. f sa. JA. f A 2 X N W W ,gg K nbfwfg? 1155 x: QT' D ,ll Q xl f Y ,f V fff7 , f my ff Y . w , ,QP ag if 5 X Y M M X f z W f XX " W ff R ,jg X ,,-X522 -W f .kb V I ' I , X 7 fi ly f HW ff E ff!lWf L .W W 2 F KZ W xr Q W 'Q 5 X 1 Lf! my f M Q 4 f X f 1' A f 5 24 E, Q X fy? X '7. X X ff 'lg f E Z Q XQX UZXQ-ilxb Qglf f X " W mm., JOKES +X'i"X"X"X"X"Z"Z' "lf in these there are some old jokes Decked out in modern guise That you have often seen before, just laugh! Don't be too wise!" A Suggestion Those jokes which you cannot appreciate write on tissue paper, and tl'lC11 probably you can see through them, If you want to see something swell put a sponge in water! Miss Frey in English class-Ralph, what kind of poetry did Milton Write? ' Ralph-Epidemic, wasn't it? Mabel Rosensteele-The man I marry must be bold and fearless. Myrtle Love-Yes, Mabel, he must. "Ed"-Why are you scratching your head? Wendell-Becatise I'm the only one who knows where it itches. O Professor Murray is a good old scout, A good old scout is he. He can give us demerits, and balwl us out. And so can his helpers three. Miss Frey fto Senior French Classj-VV'hat are the disjunetive personal pronouns P t Class-Nous Cnuj, Vous fvuj, - . Bright Senior-Moo-oo-o. Miss Frey fquicklyj-This is not a barn yard. Mr. Murray Cafter hearing an Eighth Grader take her Reading examina- tionj-Now will you please tell me what you read about. Eighth Grader Csurprisedj-VVhy, I don't believe it said. Roy-Gee! I feel like a shrimp. Herb-Well, maybe you don't feel wrong. Anna Belle-VVho is Jennie Saypaw? Mabel-I never heard of her. Anna Belle-Miss Frey is always talking about her in French Class. Janet Bair Cin Latin Classj-Haec in Gallia est importata,-Hike into Gaul. Itls important. 'I"!'+X'+X"X''!"!"X"X"!+'!"X"X0X"!"!'+!'+!+'I"!+'!"Z"X+'I"X"X"X+'!"Z"Z"!"X"X'40?'Z0! +14 +14 +14 +14 14 4 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 '4 'Z 3. A +14 +14 +14 +14 'If +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +3 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +I' +14 Q4 is 'Z' 'B 'B +14 +9 'I' 'X' +14 +14 +14 'K+ '44 'A +14 +14 'i' IS 24 +14 Q4 +14 Q4 +14 '51 32+ 'X' 51 +14 54 31 A 'PB 'F 'F 'B' +14 'B' +14 +14 'F +14 'X' +14 +14 +14 v Iii +I' r14+14+14+14+14 +2 +1014+14+14+14+14+14Q014+14+14Q4+14+14+14+14+14+14J4 +14 THAT DRESSY FEELING N'Varm weath- er is coming. Soon you will want 21 11 e W light Weight suit. VVl1at more stylish, -beauti- fully tailored clothes can you get than those individually tailored for you? D r o p into my shop. Pick out the goods and style which you fancy. Let me measure you. T h c 11 you will li a V e a s uit built ilividually you. You be p r o u d w e a r it 'be- cause ot its Complete sat- isfac-tion. U4 4? 4 4' 5 474 4 5 I RELIABLE GIFTS IN Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, and Silverware Exclusivve Agency for Famous W-W-W Birthstone Rings in which the stones do stay Commencement Gifts a Specialty R. B. TEDROW' jeweler and Optometrist SCOTTDALE, PA. 2. +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 'I' If 5+ +I' +I' 1? +14 'I' +14 151 3. 3 Iii +14 +14 +14 'X' if -I+ +I' +V4 +24 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +19 'Z' +14 'if 'X' +'4 vvvvvvvvovovvvvvvvvvvvfo ' A w+g 1454 10014 14 1 14 1 14 14 14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14 14 14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14q4+14+14+14 14 14 14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+f+14+14+14+14+3Q4q4Q: A NAMES A NAME Fon ALL THAT RUTH and MATHTAS were in LOVE. They were wrapped up in the beauty of the MOON, ALBRTGHT in its Summer glory, as they strolled through the NENVQELLJ park of the BERTG. They listened to the rippling of the BROOKS. Sweet VVTLLTAMS were blooming everywhere. She plucked a ROSE and pinned it on his coat. "For that," he said "T will give you a ROSE-N-STEELE a kiss." And he did. Thrilled by the event, she sang to him of the two lovers who sailed down the river SHANNON in a boat with a broken RUTTER qqrudderj. Then for the tenth time he went -on his knees and asked her to go before a MTNUJSTER with him. This GRTTVIM situation was disturbed by the QadjVANCE of a shaggy o-bject with a LONLHAJNECKTERD. "Tt's a BATR," cried MATHTAS. He got up, grabbed RUTH ,by the hand and they both ran to the RTT- TENHOUSE, on TEDROXV. There they found the SMTTT-lfyj of the BERTG, the TAYLOR, t-he BAKER, the MTLLER, and a VVERKMAN. RUTH and MATHTAS told them of what they had seen. "Let,s STONERX' cried several of the men. "No, let's SLAUGT-TTER her," cried the others. They all agreed to SLAUGHTER the BATR. They called a BUTLER and sent him for the BOXYMAN who lived in an old BARRON tbarnj at the end of TEDROXV. After five minutes, the BOVVMAN arrived. "Arm yourselves with STDEHAMMERS," he said. The men obeyed. "Now let's STEELE silently to the park and LYNCH and SLAUGH- TER the BATR." ' This they did, and in the morning they all had MOSCH fmushj and a good FREY of BATR meat for breakfast. By their words ye shall know them "For the love of Petei' .................................. Pearl Leighty K'You'll never survive this day" .. .... Grace Baker "Ts my powder on straight?" .. .... Leila NVilliams "Can you imagine that?" Corinne Houser "Carry me out" ....... Katherine Null "But at the same time" .. ....... Miss Frey k'Now quit that Charley" . Hazel Shively "Hot dog" ............ .... R alph Hough "You'd be surprisedn .. ........ Mr. Murray "You Peoplel' ....... .. Miss Rittenhouse "Great Cats!" ..... ........ T anet Bair Be he Betsy or Chester. Roy or T-Tenny, XYhere ever you see him, there are chickens a plenty. Miss Rittenhouse-XYhere were slippers first worn? Myrtle-On the feet. Kenneth-Tf you have any money, l'll bet you a quarter that you are crazy and don't know it. Earl-Aw go on, do you think T want to loose the bet? 7 f2+14+14+14+14+14 +14+14+14 +14 +14 +14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14 +14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14 +14 +14 +14+14+2 +14 +14+14 +1014 +14+14+14Q4+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+Q+g4+14+p+14+14+14 '4' 44 4 if +14 +!+ +i+ 'X' 4+ 2 .7 ..,Y f N. . ,B '+ ,.1 N, Many reaso11a'lmle people 4+ 4+ ' +14 5+ who would not labor beyond +3 Ii: I their strength -in any other 2 121 .B ' mann-cr continue' to test to 1+ W - g over-ca-pac1ty thelr eyes. Af- 3+ 91' , . . i+ ter then' eyeslgfht beglus to ,QI 2 fail they continue to strain . , - 4 Z lt. Here you w1ll hurl com- +1+ plete smeutrfic exammahon, ff, ,V ' . . . v ,iz correct '1JI'CS-C1'11Dt1OIl and v1- 4 5: s-1011 restorauon at such a 'S+ 4 Q 94' 5+ modrerate lhfgure that you +f+ + - '+ ,Q must not longer contmue the ft, 'Q' dangerous delay. '21 'QQ ' ,A 'Q 3 'I+ +x+ .S 0 o"'0Q. 4+ 7 G 'E +14 , .i 8 up gg 'Q' 3375! - 'Q 5' 132 OPTOMETRIST GLOPTICIAN 'O-.M M25 ,, +51 SCQTTDALE. PA. 5' 1. ' + V +14 '4l+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+1444+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14q4+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14Q4+14+14+14Q4+14+14+14v,2 4 QA s. :fi +14 V 3. 21 +14 gg +14 +14 'X' if +14 44 +14 +14 2 +14 ,V 4. H. J. SPRINGER .32 +14 +14 +24 +14 A +9 Photographer 33 +2 +14 +14 +14 V EAI Scottdale, Pa. V4 +14 .f+ 3+ -+'4 4 . , Ia ,z. If you have beauty, we take 1t. 4. 'K+ +11 . 'A is If you have none, we make 1t! 4+ +1 +14 1+ 'X' +4 +B- + +14 14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 V 'QE 3+ .i+ +14 +14 +2 +14 +14 +14 '14 1 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 Q4 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 Q4 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +5 +14 QQ +14 +14 +14 +1 +14 +14 +14 l l Jokes-Continued The Ten Commandments Given unto the Faithful from the Platform of the Auditorium lly Chester ll. Murray I. Thou shalt study thy books at regular intervals. ll. Talk thou in whispers and with modulated voice, for verily loud talking hath no weight witl1 me. Ill. Look thou upon thine own work and keep thine eye from thy neighbor's it thou would'st earn thy grade. IV. Thou shalt not use the hall for a loahng place nor the office for a place of merriment, lest thou be cast out into the open. V. Peruse not the magazines from the library when thou should'st be perusing thy text-books. , VI. Thou shalt behave seemly on the trolley, for verily thou hast been called "hoodlums." Vll. Thou shalt enter no other room but thine own except for recita- tions. Vlll. Thou shalt talk long and often upon the needs of the high school that we may obtain a new building. IX. Thou shalt return all pens and ink bottles to their proper places. X. Thou shalt learn and be exact in all thy ways, attending well to thy examinations that thy days may be long in the land whereto thy fathers have sent thee. . Rebecca-This ice cream has whiskers in it. Christina-VVell, the ice was shaved. Barbarism James Brooks tholding a class meetingj-Now welre going to divide all the boys into three parts. Frances Slaughter Cdescribing lchabod Cranel-His arms hung loosely from his shoulders, and -so did his legs. X Y l Grace Qhelping "l3etsyl' to decide which proof is the bestj-Now I like this one. "Betsy"--But my mouth is open! - Grace Qenthusiasticallyj-Oh, but itls so natural! Mr. XVaugaman-Are there any questions? james Newell-Please, what's the lesson? Austin-I have an ideal Raymond-,lt must be lonesome. Mr. Murray-VVhat effect does the moon have on the tide? Mildred-None-it affects only the untied. Plan for more than you can do Then do it. Bite off more than you can chew Then chew it. Hitch your wagon to a star Keep your seat, and there you are! fXv:4X4Q44X4Q44:442424:44X44X44:44X44z44I44X44X44z44:44:44X44:44244X44X44z44X44X44z44I44X44X44X44Z44z44Z44X44X44Z44I44X44X44:44X44z44:44X4g44X44z44X44I44:44I4Q44X44X44I44I4:gl +4 'v v .5 rg 44 444 +I' 4+ +I' 6+ 4- HALLMARK JEWELRY STORE a+ V V Iii 21 +I' +X' u 4 n I V ff: We not only offer exclus1ve des1gns m Jewelry but better jg ' . . . . 4'4- :if goods for the prlce. Our dxrect buyxng enables us to do th1S. Si. 414 l ,4 +'+ d f th 'c Ou direct bu 1n +I' iq gOO S OI' C pfl C. I' y g if 4 .4 fi: enables us tor do this. 121 V Tr our Hallmark bracelet Watch 322.50 to 360.00 +A' 4? f4'4 A 444 Y 4'4 'B E t D'amo d S ttin ' Welr e airin and en ravin 'E' 5, xper 1 n e g, Je y r p g g g 5. Iii . . ISI qv: Our prlees are r1ght 5+ +4 A +.+ 'X' +I' +X+ 5' E ' +X+ +14- . HARRY C. WRIGHT, Jeweler +I' Z 124 PITTSBURG ST., SCOTTDALE, PA. 34 n +I' +I' +X+ +I' 5 X' E.g4g..g..g.4..1..g.4..g..g..g..g..g..g.,g..g.4..g..g..g..g..g..g.4.44.14.g..g..1.,g,q..1..g..g.q..g..g..1..1..1.g+3: 2 'I' q4 414 v 2 NEW METHOD GAS RANGES +54 4,4 4, Z . .. . -..M 414- 4, 'X' " 'X' ' 'X' gg ' 'W Sohmer Planos . , A 'X' 1 v""'Q, I 'I' +X' Q2 1 A l - - 1 1,45 Vlctor Vlctrolas 8: 4. ' , 4 fdfff, QQ A lf1'ef g F9 I? 3 ' 151 V' t R d 12 'W' . -f--- Y '- 1. .k A 4+ :fAf 2,lN..,4eie aara .1 ,V IC or ecor s +3 ' .....+-af "' H+ +X+ , Q f N 'I' 'Qi 6+ jx: 3, EXCLUSIVELY 53 -xg ' rf' 2- EN 'X' 41 +A l lx 'ii id ill' 454- 3, +3 H Z 5.14:-T --,J 3' +A 42- It-fig ' J 5' 424 f lg A 122 -M :sz -1+ r 4 -- +4 4+ U H+ +x- ft: They have more GX-ClllSlVC patentcclzg ' 'V 1' l convenience features + ' ,ggas sawng anc . 1 .4 ,Q Ethan any gas range ever xnafde. f,Olll-'g' 3+ :Quatre tfhe New M elthod with any other :iglas raenge at any price zmduyou will be 41+ l ,QI ZCOl'l'X'lIlCCd O'f1'Eh1S nlore forelbly than we 220 Pittsburgh Street 4? can eolnvey in 25 'pl'l1lI'lfC1d Sl'2ltC'lll0l'lf. Call 3, 'Q' :for dClllOll1StI'3.'tlO'1l. Sold CXC1llSlVCly by? OVERHOLT BUILDING +4 ++ J Ig: H. A. JACKSON 333 if :S 131 North Broadway, Scottdale, Pa. +2 Q. 44 ,Q E 'Q' 34 42444 4:4 4:4 4:4 414 4:4 4:4 4:4 4:4 414 4:4 4X4 414 4:4 4:4 4:4 414 4:4 4:4 43 4:4 414 4:4 4:4 414 424 414 4:4 4:4 4:4 4:4 4:4 4x4 4:4 4:4 4:4 4:4 4:4 414 4:4 414 4:4 4:4 4:4 4:4 4:4 4:4 Q4 4:4 4:4 4:4 4:4 4x4Q4 4:4 Q4 2+14+14+14+14+14+1014+14+1014+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+X4+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+h +3 4, +14 ,!, A 'I+ IVAN HERNLEY C. R. HERNLEY +14 4. Bell Phone 66W Bell Phone 3881 1, 14 3. L L ' A 'Z' A +14 ,P +14 + +14 ,V +14 +14 +14 +14 , +9 +14 +14 +4 +14 , +14 +14 4, +14 e 'I' 'f +14 +4 4. +14 +14 +14 +14 'I' 151 +13 +14 'X' v ffl +14 iff 4, +14 ,P +'4 4 +14 +14 4, 'S+ H 4 4 'X' 1 s + 4, au mg ovmg torage 1 +14 ,Q +14 +14 ,F +2 ,F +14 4, +14 ,V 4' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'I' 4+ 'X' +14 +14 +14 +14 4' 'X' +14 +2 +14 +2 +14 +V. +x- if 151 151 3 3 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +2 +14 +14 +14 +2 +14 +2 +14 +2 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 31 I? : " +14 5: +4 + 4. can P. R. R. Co.-Ben 225 Scottdale. Pa. 4. +14 514 4 4 +14 +14 014 +14 +14 vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvfv vv 44 v 4 v vv Q4 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +2 +14 +14 +14 +14 +2 +14 +2 +2 +2 , +I' I +I' +I' 'E' +4 3+ +14 +14 3? +14 +I' +V 4' +I' Iii +14 +I' +I' 151 +14 +I' +I' +14 +I' +I' 4' +I' +3 +I' I +14 +14 +14 +I' +14 +14 -I+ +14 +14 +14 +I +I' +14 +I' +I' +I' +I' -Q4 +I' +I' +I' +I' +I' +I' if 34 .24 +I' 4' +14 +14- Iii +14 +3 +14 +I' +14 +14 +14 +I +14 +14 +I' +14 +14 +I' +I' +I' +I' +I' +I' +I' +3 +14 +14 +I' +I' +14+14+14+14+14+14+14+B+14+14+14+14 +14+14 Q4 +14 +14+14+14 +14 +14 +14 +14+14+14 +14 +14+14+14+14 +14+14+14 +14 +14 +14+14 q4+14+14 +14 +14 +14+14 +14 +14 +14 +141 +14+14 +141+14+14Q4j ,14+2+2 +14 +14 Wm. Ferguson Geo. M. Ferguson Telephone night-163 Telephone-27-J day-155-J' FERGUSON'S Quality Furniture Scottdale, Pa. Funeral Directors Auto Equipment +4 4 4 +444 +4 +4 ++++4+4++44++444+4 .Then Only Thing to Do 'l'here's only one thing to do if you ever suspect battery trouble. That is to take your battery right straight to a plaee Where they know how to hanclle it. W'e're equipped to repair or recharge your battery, and We have llonejllry VVillarcl Batteries with Threaflecl Rubber lnsulation right here in stock, XYe'll be glad to tell you more about the Bone-Dry principle and the Threarlecl Rubber Insulation that made it possible. GEO. W. CARROLL Tire 8: Battery Service Bell 80 N. SCOTTDALE, PA. +I'+I'+I'+I'4'+I'+I'+I'+I'+I'+I'+I'+I'+I'+I'+I'+I'+I+I'+I'+I'+I'+I'+I'+I' +14-+142 +I' B 14 -+14 14 +14 14 +14 +14 14 14 14 I' +14 +14 -+14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 14 14 +14 +14 14 14 +14 +14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 I' I' I'+I'+I'+I'+I'+I'+I'+I'I+I'+I' 4 + +'I'44 +14 31 +I' +14- 'E' +14 +14 +I' +14 If 3. +3- +I' 4' +14- +I' +I' +I' +I' +I' +I' +I' +I' +I' +I' +I' +14 +14 +14- +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +I' +I' +I' +I' +I' +14 +I' +I' +14 lq4 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 G14 44 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 Q4 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +2 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +2 +14 +14 +14 44 +3 +24 +2 2 ' +24 '4 +24 2 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +'4 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +'4 +24 +24 +'4 +24 +24 +'4 +'4 +24 +'4 +'4 +'4 +24 +'4 +24 +24 +24 +'4 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 :,4"+"+'+'44'+'++4+44++++++4+4++4+++++++4++4++4++ fe' +24 4' ii, iii 'X' +14 :Zz 'SX womz1n's :Lppezlranee falls NV1thll1 the censure ot everyone ji 4 A +24 , +24 'X' that sees heri' 'X' 2' 1+ .4 +14 If Our apparel is for women jj +24 +29 :ij who sense the beautiful, those who have a keen appreciation jf: V - . + 4 2 fi: for the im uortanee of 'food st 'le will End that their ideals 31 'Q b J e 2' . . 2' Z have been anticipated here to a degree they never thought iv: 'A ff: possible. Lome in and see our new Spring and Summer :ij +24 . . . ' 3. fashions and never 1n1nd how modest your requirements are. 3: 321 4' . . 'I' :iz In this store service 33 V 1 ff: is not regulated by 4, 44- I4 +3 the amount you spend 'I' Y + 9 E BENDINER s , +24 :EI Scottda1e's FASHION Store IZ: . . +24 +24 +'4 +'4 +24 MILLINERY, CLOAKS 8: DRESSES Q. vp . +24 02- +24 +'4 ' 121:24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24q4+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24? , +24 ,V V rf: vp +24 iz +24 9 +24 +24 44 53 SUMMER NORMAL SCHOOL Q. Q 920 Y fx- 33 ' EAST HUNTINGDON TOWNSHIP .4 gf '4 33+ HIGH SCHOOL 3. f 4' 52 Iii U .il ALVERTON, PENNA. Ii: +24- 414 +24 ' .2 Beginning May 31, IQ20, and Closing With County Super-1ntendent's 5. ' 90 E Examination july 2. 5' ,. '4 424 ' :24 3: For Further Information Address 'Q '+ Iii CHESTER B. MURRAY, JOHN C. HABERLEN, 5' A 4' +24 ' +24 High School Principal, or Supervising Principal, if +24 V fi: Scottdale, Pa. Scottdale, Pa. 'x- fx. 5: +24 Q 3+ 4 l+24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +22 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +2 +2 +3 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 F 514. 4. 4. 4.4.4. 4. 4. 4.4. 4. 4. 4. 4.4.4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4.4 A 014 014 v. 3. 'Z' A , 4 014 'X' 01+ 0' +V 4- 4' 1 1:1 014 'I+ 1? 014 5: 'f N CANDY KITCHE 'X' o 0 014 if 4' .IAS B HURST 'f' 014 1:1 ,B Z 4. THE LEADING STORE '? A V1 014 Q1 3' 4. In town for ICE CREAM, +4 014 1:1 , ,IQ 014 O ,IQ as '+' T 1 4. SUNDAES, HOME - MADE 'I+ 4 al Ol' 4, 4, 1: ,B 014 3: 44 CANDIES, also FRESH CUT 'Q' A 0 4 Hatter 121 z 'I' FLOWERS Dally. 'v Ii 'I' 4 F ' h fi if 4. Ul'I'llS er 3+ vi, 'E 5, 014 -P 1 4 34 014 014 34 14. v, -Q . 3 'Q .44 0 4 'aj +x+ 'E ji, . 5+ Bell Phone 40-J 1 . 0 4 5 5+ 107 Pxttsburgh Street 3, 4. fr 4. 4. 'Z' 4. Scottdale, Pa. 4+ 'gi 4. +14 Ig- 12: rf: 13 +14 024 za -1. -5. Q 014 54 a+ ,f. 4. 19. A 4 014114 014014 014 014 014 014 014014 014 014 014 02 014014 014 014 014 014 014 014 014 014014014 014 014 014 014:14 014 014014014 014 014 014 014 014014 014 014 014 014 014 014 414 014014 014014014 014 014 014 014 014 014 V 4- 9 , 01 3 14" '44 014 14" 1? 014 +Z+ 'A' iq 014 4. Mrs. . . Byars 014 924 014 014 014014 014 014 014 014 014 014 014 014014 014 014 014 014 44 014 44 014 0141 3, 4 1' ,Q . A .. Dealer m 4. IS, V 'X' 3. 1 'X' 014 -' ' D G d 'I' fa Gfocefles, TY 00 S, +I' A BRILHART , Q 0 0 A 014 5 014 . . 'X' ,A 4. Clothmg, Not1ons, 4. 4, N H .1 ar ware jg 41+ Boots, Shoes, +I- 4. 014 014 P l Q 1:1 4- umblng 4. 014 014 ,IQ +5 Queensware 8: Hardware 3+ . 4. . . 1:1 ,:, Heatlng fx. A 0 014 0'4 +14 ,Q 13" 15: ' 014 , ...- N 'A Scottdale - - Pa. +!+ 1 1? 014 0 +14 1' 4 014 014 3, , v 4 , . - 'C' +I' I? Bl' LL PHONE corp R 44' 'Q' 014 V fi: :ff ++ ALVERTON PA. 'X' ' +i+ ' +10 014 'I+ 4 014 014 944 9:4 434 014 54 ,Q 'X' 'X' 014 4. 5. -1+ -af 014014014 14 14 14014014014014014014014014014014014014014014014014014014014014014014014014014014014014014014014 14 14 1 1 14 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' V V f A 4 4 0'4'4'4 4 4 0 4 0 4 4 4 4 4 A A 4 0 4 4 0 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 0 0 4 0 4 A'A'4100000'0"4":"0"0''01'+"4"4"4'10'10"4'h"!"40I+ .g..g.,g..g.,g.,g..g.,g..g..g..1.,g..g..g..g.4..g..g..g..g..g..g.4..g..g..g..g..3.g..g.5.4..g..p,g..g..g.,g..g.q.,g..g..g..g..g.,g.,g..g..g.,g..g..g..g..g..g..1..g..g..g.g CRW 644 954 +14 +14 +44 up +I: +54 +14 +14 30 lo +14 Q .4 if . -xf Columbla Grafonolas 0:- +1- Boston Shoe Shlne 'I+ . 'I+ +'4 ' +'+ 0' and Columbla Records V V Ig: ARE SUPREME Z 'I+ SHOE REPAIRING 'I+ 'I+ +2 +14 +14 5: and Z We are always ready to play 54: 5. HAT CLEANING any reecord at any time. Zi: +44 Q , V J . V ff: ,fi We have the largest hbrary 'Z' of records in the country. 3. The Most Up-to-date :ij 3, 4 -5' place in Town 'E+ New records the Ioth and 'Q' mf uf -.f .Q v. zoth of every month. A vi - D b E if +24 ,:, Our Work IS one y xperts 4, A G , ,X, it ' I 5, .uarantee goes w1th every 5, Ig: Satlsfactlon Guaranteed machme or record. 12: +34 +34 1 N ri 4 Q V 4+ GIVE Us A TRIAL .E+ mem. 1h1,aPHoxE 103-J 5? 'X' 'I' 4' lo +X4 014 fi- Bell Phone 363 'I+ l- 4. a? 54 ,B of 44 ,P +V '4 v ,QI 8 South Broadway fi. Chas. A. Lewellyn 31 'X' 'X' vin V 5: SCOTTDALE, PA. Scottdale, Pa. 4 A +14 +14 'xf as 15,2 :Xa +14 4, 'Q v 54++2+X4+X4+I4+14+f0B0X4024444v:4vz4vI4v?fBiX4PX4fX10I1qX4q4bI4+X4+I4+!4+2Sg+Xq+:Q+zQ+!4+x4+14+!4+X4+!4+I4+X4+z4+z4+z4+I4+I4+X4+1464+!4+X4+XQ+X4+Io+Io+z4+z4+I1::: 'X' 'A OXO 'I+ +X+ fx. 5:4 o'4 +54 +14 2 PETERSON 'X' -X- :Q 'X' and ALLEN If -x+4++:++zf+z--z-fz--:wx--:+fx+-x+-10:-'x-sz-'x-M-xf-:Q-:ff 4. 9 0 u .v 3. fe Iii E YQ 1 ' v :if ClOth1CrS ,iz R Hp 2 4. .g. ll 8 a.l'I1'laCy 4, s .44 Q . Furnlshers 5+ 4. ,xg i 131 Ruffsdale, Pa. 2 gi Merchant THIIOTS 3 33 Y 4 "4 'X' 4. v. +44 4 X4 'I' +2 +Xo 'I' Q4 I? 5: -p.g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.. 5. A' A +5 +I+ zz South Broadway 'X' +I- -x- 'I' -1+ +14 'X' +14 V +'o v fi: Scottdale, Pa. .S +'4- 'X' +'4 'S +I' if 'X' 'Zz +I' +I4- 8 +14 +20 4:4 Q +14 'Z' +14 .3409.g.,g.,g..g..g..g..34.g.g..g.,g.g..g..g..g..g.4.4.4..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..34.,g..g.,g.g..g..g..g..g.,g..g..g..g..g..g..g.,g.4.4..g..g..g..g..g..g.q..g..g..g. v vvvvf +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +2 +14 +2 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +2 +14 34 34 34 +14 34 34 34 3 14 34 +14 34 34 34 34 34 +14 +1 '4 34 34 +14 +14 3 1 34 '4 '4 4SA+++AA4"++444+++++0++4++A"+'4'+:A 'gf' +14 +2 34 +14 +14 'gf +14 +14 +14 g, +14 +34 5, ,K+ 'A' +4 +14- 'I+ +5 +2 'S' +14 +14 'tf +14 +14 '4' +14 +14 'I' +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +2 +14+14+14+2+14+14 Q02 +14 +14 +14-g++14+14+2+14+141 +14 +14 'X' FRE LE A " +14 4, .1 2' 'Z' 'Z' 'Q' +A hr 'A' +14 'I+ +14 Q, 44 +14 ,xg +14 51 General Mdse. 4 +14 +4 4. Marks 8: Goldenson 4. 4. +'4 4, +14 ,,, u c r op 'Z' B t he Sh 'X' Q 4. Scottdale, Pa. 4, +2 ,B +14 'S' 'I+ P 1 R K' +4 v '4- 3 +,4 OO OOl'l'1 v +14 ,B 'gf +14 +14 ,B +14 ,F 'A' +14 '54 'Q4+2+14+14+14+14+14+14 34+14 +14 +14 +14 +14+14+14+14+14 Q4 +14+14+14- +14 9 Pa ' 24' +14 ,I, +14 'X' +14 4' 'I' +14 ' +14 6, +14 +14 ,Q 4 +14 v, + 'X' 34 +14 5, +1 'A' +4 +V A K 914 J, +'4 , 4 W4 ,V +14 Q A' 3:44 +14 +2 +14 +14 +14 Q4 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +2 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +2 +2 +2 +14 +14 +2 +2 +14 +14 +14 +2 +2 +14 +2 +14 +14 +14 +14 +2 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +2 +14 +14 +14 Q4 Q4 +14 +2+14 as 34 +14 +14 +14 +14 ,v 'ii +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 'X' 'F +14 'X' +14 +14 +14 'X' 'I+ 'X' +14 'F +14 +14 +14 GEORGE GRAHAM Groceries, Dry Goods, Fruit, and Confections TARR, PENNA. 0 '4 ii' Q4 +14 +14 +14 +14 534' iz? +14 +14 'Z' +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 'F 'X' 'X' 'X' +14 -Q4 +14 +14 +14 54 +14 ,v 4' +14 X4 4 ++++vvv4vvv+vvvvvvvv44+fo++4v+vvv4vv+4vvv4+vvv44v44v4vvvv 54+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+2+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+1454+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14-+14+2+14q4+14+14+14+14+2+14+14+1454+14+14q4+14+14 A v v A v v v v ,g+,g.q..g..1..g..1..g..g..g..g..1..g.4..g..1..1..g..g.,g..g..g..1..g.,g..g.4.4..g..g.:,g..g.q.g.g.q..g.,g.q.g..p +14 'B +14 +14 'I' +14 'F jf, '54 'X' +14 W H' +14 +14 .15-'1 'E' +14 +10 N 2' 4+ +14 GU +14 +4 4 ,1 1 ' ,f +4 +14 ' , 4-7' Z fy lgx '5' +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +2 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 Q4- +14 4- Sai , ,A if 5 xi f t of -5 4. +'4 fills' - - f .cw - ' 1 5' 'A' +'4 4 'u-JSYH Y- .. , fmm , ,ff v 4 +14 Xl 'g X ,lg ,fflssp '44 +14- 1 - ww vw, -,-.1.gl- :Q x fu 4 +14 1 - yn- ll! Hgfgln I ,X : +14 v y. , -. ' , . X +4 v 'H rm. I !!.ll1,iQ'- X 2 'A' 'I+ why-' X 1 'I hill - -if - 'C' +I+ fa wnamll . 1 xx Xl 2, -I+ +14 " '-j' N , R X-'X '41 +'4 ty tv 4. OUR Morro +'4- 'V ' 'fl X ' 'I' +'4 4 1, f- 1 , 4 +'4 X 'Q' +'4 +14 Q' 66 I ,, +14 Y 04' V 3' 3, We Alm T0 Please All gf M ' ' Cl h ,,, orrls ot es -1. , +4 v 4' B 0 W L 'I' l+or MEN and BOYS 3, S U G A R +5 O44 : 6.4 ':' - Ii O4 A 3. F or Style -1+ . +14 I 'f +14 4. F 1 t +.+ +I. ,B OI' lla 1 y .14 4, v +'4 ' ff: For Value Q. 4.,g..g..g..g..g..94.4..g.4.4..g..g.4..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g., IX: 4, +14 3. if '24 +14 MORRIS' 'f 4. ii: 'Z' Scottdale, Pa. 4. 3: 'I+ J. +2 'X' ' Q44+14+1o+14+14+2+14+14Q4+14+14+14+14-+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14-+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+1440142 +14 - +x+ I 't'on Tro ble? 4, Are the batteries in your car weak? Z ff: Are you sure that your magneto furnishes a +54 fi, "fat blue" spark that insures perfect com- tg: .9 bustlon P ,ig Y ' ' Let us charge your batternes correctly. Our ft: +14 charge will be easonable. .QQ 94 I I V ff. Meanwhxle do not forget Correct Lubncatlon. ' v If: Do y0ll remerrrber. the grade of Gargoyle 4+ Mobnlonls spccnfxed m the Chart of Recom- 4. mendations for your car? -5- , H. +14 +'4 . ' . v 3. Ford Author1zed Sales Sz SCIVICC :ij +14 , . v 02+ H111 81 MacM1l1ar1, Inc., Scottdale, Pa. ffl 'X' +11 Ig: A +14 +'4- +14 +14 +14 fit! Ov. 'X' +10 'Q' - 'f f +14- 34 l-ll . 4, 04+ ' +14 'X' O I +14- 'X' +14- +14- ,x, va q. +'4- 1 Q. A grade for each typf of momr '? +14 ,g..1..g..p.g..g..1.,g.4.4.,1..g..g..g..g..1..g..g..14.1.q..g..g.,g..g..g.,g.q..g..g..g..g..1..g.4..g..g..g.

Suggestions in the East Huntingdon High School - Mirror Yearbook (Alverton, PA) collection:

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