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$1255:an .. $125236? z w w iii??? 33.; Z , , , . aw 1950 Wat Wat Ta East High School Superior, Wisconsin Volume 39 "THE HANDS OF YOUTH SHALL SHAPE THE FUTURE" CONTENTL 1 PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE" l ?LQCLSQ, $0 herb, melig xn a ' m emazg There comes a time for all of us When we must say goodbye But faith and hope and love and trust Can never, never die,- Although the curtain falls at last 13 that a cause to grieve? The futures fairer than the past If only we believe And trust in God's eternal care- So when the master calls Lets say that life is still more fair Although the curtain falls. RAYMOND A. GONEAU l l Born October 9, 1933 Died July 22, 1949 Raymond Goneau, a resident of Wentworth, attended East High school one year, during his sophomore year. He came in daily on the school bus. On July 22, 1949, at Iron River, Wisconsin, he lost his life through a drowning accident. He would have been a member of the junior class this year. It is with regret that his good fellowship has been taken from us. Jesse E. Krenz Qedc'aatc'an With sincere appreciation and friendship the 1950 Wa Wa Ta Staff has set aside these pages to honor their faculty friend. MR. JESSE E. KRENZ, instructor in the manual arts department. Mr. Krenz received his degree from Superior State Teachers' College. He then went on to take additional work at Stout College, Wisconsin, Purdue, and Minne- sota Universities. In 1919, he became the manual arts instructor at the Nelson Dewey High School, and in 1924, with the opening of East High, he continued in the same capacity. During his early teaching career he also served as basketball and football coach. Throughout the years, Mr Krenz has assisted with the construction of the effec- tive backgrounds for many commencement programs. With the construction of play sets, and with many other tasks benefiting East High. Hundreds of boys have spent some of their hap iest school days in shop under his instruction where they have acquired a thorough nowledge of manual art funda- mentals. In every department there are evidences of his service and lasting handi- work His fine workmanship and influence have done much to inspire the youth of East toward a useful career. Seated: President of Board; Miss Bernadette White. Standing: 0. E. Nordness, Supervisor of Buildings an Fletcher, Leslie W. Johnson, Superintendent of Schools; Florence Michalski, Hugo Swanson, John 0. Berg, Mrs. Walter Lindegren, Miss Nona MacQuilkin, A. W. Elmgreen, d Grounds; A. E. Westlund, Vice-President; Harry Ernest B. Nelson, Director of Child Accounting; E. J. Norman, Secretary of Board, absent from picture, H101 ahz'df'mft'on To these men and women comprising the Board of Education is entrusted the weighty community responsibilities of providing the students of this city with the best educational facilities that Superior can afford. Add to this the problem of financial support, maintenance, expansion of the school plant, the improvement of the cur, riculum, and the establishment of policies for the efficiency and growth of the school system, one can readily realize the many hours that these citizens spend in the interest of the students of Superior. In recognition for their services East High student s express their gratitude. MR. LESLIE W. JOHNSON became superin- tendent of Superior Public Schools on July 1, 1949. after serving the schools as Curriculum Director for several years. As the director of curriculum studies, he became well acquainted with the schools, teachers, and students. This city is fortunate to have its educational work under the leadership of such a competent educator, administrator, and friend. At the left you see him viewing a miniature construction of the new school which will be his major project in 1950. i4almim'4bzatz'on East High students are indeed fortunate to have as their leader and counselor MR. MERWIN R. STEFFENS. Mr. Steffens be- came principal of East High school in September, 1947. Previous to this time he served as the principal of the Peter Cooper school, and as dean of boys at Central High school. His youthful viewpoint, patient understanding, and friendly in- terest have gained him many lasting friends among the students and teachers. uEast High School," are the words of MISS MARGARET HUDSON, school secretary, at the left as she receives the scores of messages daily that are vital to all. The innumerable reports on each student, the systematic filing of all this infor- mation, the correspondence related to all students, and the attention of hundreds of details Which are quickly and accurately handled by Miss Hudson keep East High running smoothly. To her right is Mary Helen Novack, senior student assistant Who has been an able helper to Miss Hudson part of each day. MR. IVAR HAGLUND, Dean of Boys. meets all boys indi- vidually Who need advice, guidance. or friendly help, He is the one Who is personally interested in the individual boy. All sophomores meet him as their biology instructor. He has earned his M. A. de- gree from the University of Iowa. MISS ERNESTINE SEYLER, Dean of Girls. meets each girl individually in order to assist her to become a well-adjusted hiqh school student She is the one who is personally interested in the individual girl. She is also the school librarian and the adviser of the Student Council. MISS AMY WOLFORD is in charge of the Home Economics department and the school lunch program. She is the adviser of the Home Economics Club. Every one appreciates Miss Wolford's efforts to provide such good meals during the school year. MR. JOHN IEFFERS teaches seventh, eighth and nine grade general science classes and woodworking shop classes. Outside of his regular classes he assists with the care of all school properties. If flying were part of the curriculum. he could instruct in the pilot- ing of a plane MR. ARTHUR MINGUEY. instructor in the commercial de- partment, teaches bookkeeping. shorthand, typing, and two classes of mathematics. As school accountant, his work involves the re- cording of all receipts and expenditures of school money. In classes of typing and stenography, juniors and seniors learn the importance of accuracy, Clarity, and speed in business training under the instruction of MRS. GUDRUN MCCARTAN. In addi- tion to her commercial classes she has charge of the Activity asso- ciation accounts. As a senior adviser she arranges the Baccalaure- ate program. New to our faculty this year is MRS. NINA CARLSON who teaches sophomore English, and first and second year Latin. In addition to her work at school, she is the proud mother of four chil- dren. She received her M. A. degree from the Chicago University. MISS MARGUERITE WOLFINGER makes mathematics alive and practical to her eighth and ninth grade classes. The ate tivities 0f the Booster Club are under her guidance. She earned her M. A. degree from the University of Wisconsin. Under the very competent leadership of MISS EDNA FOX, the Choir at East has increased in size and has shown marked im- provement in performance. She also teaches seventh and ninth grade music classes and one ninth grade social science class. In a social capacity she acts as Polyphonic Club adviser. Although MR. MERRILL THOMPSON teaches at East only one day a week, he has developed a quality orchestra. He directs the String Ensemble and gives instrumental lessons at East and at other public schools in the city. Everyone at East knows MR. JULIUS IUEL for his sparkling wit and friendly personality. He teaches the boys gym Classes and also directs the noon hour activities in the gym. All students appre- ciate the entertainment program he provides during the noon hour. He also serves as adviser to the Pep Club members. Tumbling, dancing, basketball, volley ball, soccer, andi calis- thenics are all part of the physical education classes taught by tMISS DORIS BRUNNER. The modern dance group is an extragcur- ricular activity. She has charge of the Cheerleaders and is also the adviser of the Girls' Athletic association. The junior and senior bands are under the very able direction of MR. GERALD HAACK. In addition to his band work he has done splendid work in training an outstanding Twirling squad. He also gives individual instrumental lessons. Everyone who has had MISS MARGUERITE GARRITY re- members her as a wonderful friend and understanding teacher. Eighth grade English and music are taught by her in the tower room. She has charge of the junior high transportation record and has act- ed as chairman of the Magazine Campaign for several years. MISS RUTH PERSON hands out and helps to untangle knotty problems in advanced mathematics, algebra, and geometry. She serves as the business adviser of the Wa Wa Ta staff. She holds a M. A. degree from the University of Minnesota. Sophomore students are exposed to the many phases of World History by the stimulating instruction of MISS JANE RITCHAY, who has succeeded Miss Agnes Reinemund. Miss Ritchay has been very active in assisting with the play productions for two years. Her special work has been the supervision of the crew committees. Physics, chemistry, and general science Classes are all tau ht b MR. JAMES BRADSHAW. Many students are indeed forgtlunat:I to have hadlllBig Jim" as their science instructor. He is the director of the Visual Aid program and acts as the adviser of the Visual Aid Club. As junior class adviser he works with juniors on the Junior- Senior Prom preparations. MR. FRANK CIRILLI meets all seniors in his Problems of American Democracy classes. He also teaches one class of ninth grade social science. His extra-curricular duty includes the work of assistant coach. Many know him as the adviser of the 3:45 Club. Since MR. VINCENT SEGUIN has ioined East High faculty, dramatics has received new life. In addition to his ninth grade English classes he teaches one Class in Speech to seniors. He is the adviser of the very popular Speech Club. American literature, the fundamentals of English, and journalis- tic Writing are the chief elements of study for the junior English classes taught by MISS IRENE THOMPSON. She directs the activities of the Wayzgoose staff and acts as adviser of the Wa Wa Ta. Senior English, French Classes, Chapel Assembly and Com- mencement are all associated with MISS HELEN PESARK. Eng- lish literature. the fundamentals of English structure. the technique of creative writing recall to many her stimulating instruction. As the adviser of the French Club she assists With their social events. She holds a M. A. degree from the University of Wisconsin. Since COACH WILLIAM FINN has joined the East High faculty, both the football and basketball records have shown a steady improvement. All juniors become well acquainted with the history of their country in Mr. Finn's American history classes. Junior high students are very fortunate to begin their social science studies under the excellent instruction of MISS BESSIE ORVALD. She has served as the general chairman for American Education Week for several years. MISS MABEL HARD is the art instructor for all grades. The advanced art class provides opportunity for students with special ability to express their talent. In addition to her art classes she teaches one class of seventh grade English. fa atodz'an Mrs. Mabel Maddock ianitress Arthur Ohvall janitor Mrs. Cathrine Straika Cook Walfrcd Erickson janitor Clarence Nelson engineer When the snow is the deepest, there is always a path through the drifts to the door. When the temperature is the lowest, the building is comfortable and Warm. In the morning washed halls, swept rooms, and general orderliness greets one. At noon the warm meal is ready and tempting. All these things are done for the com- fort and convenience of East students by our efficient custodians. h Amys. IeraldinehIerry Home Economics Club, Prom Committee, Wa Wa Ta A lovely girl and very sweet, Surely a pleojasant none to meet, .4 A Lg h Anderson, Joyce-Iucie I h G. A Ag Home Econsmics Clu'b , She Cdoked and sew'ed up tofthis a date, , ' But nbw she plans to 940 to State. 1: Anderson, Ramona--Geek French Club. Prom Commitme Always happy, always fair, Always ready to do her share. Anderson, RobertiBob French Club, Prom Comminec, Visual Aid His Clothes are wonderful to see, Attractive-like his personality. Bennett, IohniFuzzy ! Speech Clubh Student Council President A regular fellow it is true, Full of fun and knowledge too. Benson, RobertiBob Iunior Class President. French Club, From Committee, Speech Club, Thespian Herehs a boy with a wonderful voice, When we turn the dial hehs our choice. Blorkman, JoanneiBone Band, Gh Ah A., Major Keys, Orchestra, g. Polyphonics, Prom Commxtleev Siting Ensemble. Twirlers The students of East will never forget, The art displayed by our major- cite. Brannan, Sharon-Cherrie Boostcrx. Lan'n Club, From Commltrec Here 5 a girl both sweet and wise, With beautiful hair and smiling eyes. '5 6;.th f1"! ; n; Cgflsijgllkglggpi agfpat 02; erg all, h Xrgfismall, 3! 7; Ly? K !h'ked by all. .42, y; .n b I! h x' a I h t P !;C;j'.1fxn fix; I if, 1M J? K, I A. ,fj' y ,'i' f y Carlsgaard, RobertirBob French Club. From Commincc. Servxce Club Not too loud. not too shy, Just the nicest sort of guy. 0 . yellling what he'll do after Jschool. f' a f I Vy , .f 9a. w . aegfog '- verse, Alfreadairjeanmne G. Ah AM Home Economics Club. Polyphonic, Prom Committee, Spccch Club. llhhcspians, Visual Aid. W3 W3 Ta Clever, jolly, and practical too Her Charms are many, her faults are few. f1 Dodge. Donald-Don S Club. Prom Committee. Wa Wu Ta Don doesn't worry about his vo- cation. Someday he'll own his own gas station. she has a part, er best with all her DeBr k, Fannye ebbie French Club, Speech Club Fanny is always ready for fun, Fitzgibbons, EdnaeLoree But shelll wait until her work is Bandv Boosmsv G. A- An - Prom Committee. Speech Club done. Life's a fest, all things show it. I thought so once and now I know it. Hy Doege, DoloreseAnnabel G. A. A., Home Economics Club Besides a good locker. She s a sewer and cooker. xxfi i fw " ,y Flaten. Donald eDon ' 1' Prom King. Prom Committee, Sitilubl KEE- Visual Aid, Wa Wa Ta it! 1' Not many of his kind are 90 be; had, Not many equals to this fine lad. Dzikonski, Rosemary-eRosey Senior Class Secretary W... W L Dark hair and pretty eyes, Flemming, Corrine!Corku ' ' Bandi Prom Committee, Speech Club, Q Not so quiet, but oh so wise. Visual Aid, Wa W3 Ta, G A. A. x l A very cute girl, and oh so small, This is Corky who is liked by all. mg Nukes m Eaton. Ph111p--Phtl Band4 Latin Club, Orchestra, Royal Easterners. Speech Club. Thespians. Wa Wa Ta We know a fellow who's not a hobo. He's really great at playing the , Froubadours, oboe ma ' t' n, and musical, Erdman, Iean-aHank Frisbie. ThomaseFrizz French Club French Club, Speech Club, ' - ' tcountr lass, Student Council, From Committee. She S IuSt a qule y Wayzgoose. Thespians, Wa VVa Ta Acredzt to our scmor Class. An explosive personality has Thom. He can be compared with the atom bomb. Fennessy. Ieanepeanie Polyphonic If strong ambition paves the way, Gallagher, William-Bill lean Will FeaCh great heights some Band, Latin Club. 5. Club. Orcheskra. Prom Committee. Royal Easterners, ay. Speech Club, Visual Aid Always praise, never scorn. He will winrwith his mellow horn. Goneau, Doloryce-Qee'l French Club Polyphonic. Short andrswea III say: And a nice little wife, some dad. a i Greely. ElaineAGinger Band. Major Keys, Orchestra. Polyphonic She chPls in all her commercial work, Her office duties she will not Shirk. Gustafson, DorothyaGus String Enscmblc, Band, Boomers, G. A. Al, Orchestra, Prom Committee, Speech Club. Wayzgoose Bright blue eyes, and pretty blondc hair, This is Dorothy so lovely and fair. Hammer, AnnaAPeanuts Lvadersi Polyphonic. Pmm Committee At East shels quiet, as a rule, But we're not so sure outside of school. Harrison. DeloresiDody G. A, An Latin Club, Major Keys, Polyphonic, Speech Club. Prom Committee If ever you need a Iark for your sky, Delores Harrison will qualify. Hemingway, Lloynginky Latin Club, 5. Club, Prom Committee It's sometimes a handicap to be small, But it doesnll matter if you care to play baseball. Helm. Doris-Lulubelle Here's a gal whols really swell, A fine athlete is Lulubelle. ,.Holt IaCkAIackie Band Polyphonic Prom Committee, Troubadours. Way: goose Quiet, reserved, and studious is he. Sure to succeed wherever he may be. Jacobs, Cathryn-Cathy Band. Boostzrs, French Clubi Maior Keys, Polyphonic. Orchestra. String Ensemblc. Visual Aid. VVay:goose A perfect woman. nobly planned, To warm. to comfort, and to com- man Jappe, Louisip Polyphonic Prom Co mittee Troubadours Wayzgoose Strength and support lzc will al- ways lend, Pete is a dependable tzustwortlzy friend Johnson, JanetANano Home Economics Club, Polyphonic, Prom Committee. Twirlers Our candidate for the Queen, A very wise Choice, it can be seen. Frolic Johnson, JoanneAIo IVIajor KeyS, Polyphonic There s a smile on her lips, And music at her fingertips. a Johnson LaneiBorz?P French Club Polyphoniq r m ommittee, Troubadours Way: goosfll'. f 9 Tall dark and ha c135; tonIIMarllynglohnny HZ ?FrJ Ch Cl afyphodlc W3 W3 Ta gaind Sweet as a girl can be, $329 has her moments of glee. Klug, DorisV-Dorie Prom Committee. Speech Club, Twirlers Cute, clever, and full of fun, Known and liked by everyone. Lally, Williathee Wiile French Club. Polyphonic. Prom Committee, Speech Club He's busy every day, Work to him is merely play. Lambert, David-Bert Prom Committee, Student Council, VVayzgouse School will still be there when I arrive, But nobodyis there cause ifs quare ter to five. Larson, DonnaeDon Boosters, French Club Charming, lovely, full of wit, Donna's bound to make a hit. Larson. Lynne-Lindy Polyphonic. Prom Committee, Service Club Troubadours His voice is music's own, He thrills all by his rich baritone. Larson, JameseSunshine Here's a boy with hair so fine, It can be compared with golden sunshine. Miller, MarilyniYiYa Latin Club, Polyphonic. Prom Committee Always ready to speed joy, Shall be ideal for any boy. Lent, EhzabethaBetty Bandv Cheerleaders. French Club, G, A. A., Orchestra. Pep Clubi Prom Committee. Speech Club, Student Council, VVayzgoose. Thespians Thereis a girl we all call Betty, When you need her help she is al- ways ready. Loomis, Joycewloy Boosters, G. A. An Polyphonic, Prom Committee Speech Club, Student Council, Wa VVa Ta We find in once a beauty so rate, When the light shines soft on her lovely hair. Lindell, Chad-Quincy Polyphonic Over the room there comes a hush, Everyone is looking at Chad's blush. MCCutcheon, AnnaeAnne Lenders Club, Polyphonic Shy, reserved, but with a smile, Annie's friendship is most worth while. Maas, Naudean-Naud Band. C. A. A., Orchestral. Prom Committee, Speech Club, Visual Aid. W'ayzgoosc At practicing she was not lax, That's why sheis great at playing the sax. Mackle, Ruth;Mac Cheerleaders. G. A. A., Maior Keys, pep Club, Polyphonic, prom Committem Twirlers. Way2qoose Editor All the poetry and joys of youth, Are graciously combined in Ruth. "3.; ; jut, W K, Jib ' 1 Molitor, Leo Troubadours. Polyphonic, S. Club, Senior Class Vice President Soul of this man is in his Clothes, fiRainbow of colors from his head to his toes. Nelson, BenjamineBen He's new to the Class, but what a ivy, 15 Ben. known as the girl shy boy. Nelson, Gerald-Squeak Speech Club It's known to all that Squeakis a twin, But even alone, he's bound to win. I Nelson, Geraldineelean , G. A. A.. Home-Economlcs Club. P111111 Committee. Speech Club A warning to leane"Don't plan your life. You ll probably end up as a mill:- man 5 wife , Parenteau, RobertiBob Prom Commuter, V1511al Aid Here are a few words Bob often spoke, "Gather round fellas, I've got a joke." Parenteau. ThomasiTom French Club, Spcrrh Club Brains and personality has he, Torais tops, you must agree. V30 Petite Shirlie Potteripo ts Band Latin Club Orchestra Polyphonic, Prom Committee Wa Wa Ta ditor Shirlie was our editor- -in-Cl1ief, A most capable one, is our belief. Riedasch. MaryWMe too Latin Club Major Keys, Orchestra. Polypimmc Prom Committee, Speech Club, String Fnsemble Way: goose W3 W3 Ta One look at Mary youll go off humming, For the harmony of her Clothes are most becoming. Rivard Waltere-Walt If pleasantness were money and our heart a vault We'd all be indebted to our frien Walt. Rohrer, Richard-Bud French Club. Speevh Club. Polyphonic, Prom Committee Froubadours Would you be true to eyes of blue, If eyes of brown should smile at you? a Roth. Ruthe-Von Latin Club. Speech Club, From Committee. Wayzgonsc, Wa VVa Ta Happy, smiling, laughing gay, Von will always be that way. Rotsaert, IameSeN1ppy French Club. Football co-captain, Prom Committee. S. Club Semor Class Presidem Student Council If athletics and scholazships go hand in hand A successful career will be at his command. PauleGabby Polyphonic SPEECH Club. Troubadours, Thespians Prom Committee Many a woman 5 heart he smashes, By batting those long, black beau- tiful lashes. Rozowski, Rozowski, Peterepete S. Club These words were valued by our ., friend Pete, Go out with a girl? lid rather cat." St. George, BernardiBez-nie I've got traveling in my heart, Timbuclctu--loolcs like a pretty good start. l i i7; 2 j. , J, $ 1 9 f C J i if - NWQLHS yafgaret: Reggy 1 I i H M Econe ics Pol h ic g yp Jahd a7? oiher rid V a WiigayL go to gives .. u. ,9 - ldet never u?! I?wqjmd moze beau Ntifu Vhari .-1 ' M y J L. :J iel I Wiskerchen, Dale Speech Club Mystery man hidden romances, You ll always find Dale at the Youth Center dances. 930V OWkg0L 4 hOPQJ ho Wold, LeRoy-Bud A diller, a dollar, a ten o'clock scholar, Is blushing LeRoy with his turned up collar. Zielinski, Stanleyisto What care has he for studies and books, Hell get by on his good looks. Turbett Ardistiss Happiness y for- tune or YouWaltTt' 0;; n the Me you 9f ' Brittan, William-gBill To make a million is my plan, All by myself, I think I can. 1 Novack Marye-Tena A little nonsense now and them Is relished by the wisest men. fjgoderlund hears, LouiseCouke S, Club, French Clubi Prom Committee Happy go lucky, is Shears so tall, Success was his at basketball, Smith. JoanneeBabe Speech Club, Home Economics. Polyphonic, Visual Aid. Wayzgoose, Prom Committee As a movie star, there ll be no one reater, ot her start at the Superior heater W! Ge whole, A She ' X 3'! lie" I a , ah . ,L I Mean:Beans ,' Latin CV1: 8101' Keys. olyphonic , Her. 'words am kind, and never i I mean. If petsonality,dielrje royal, sherid be , a queen -. JV AKA, '9' I. ' I ' I I j , VI Stromko Iames-Iim French Club S. Club Prom Committee He's always neat, always trim, Everyone is a fliend of Tarzan Iim. Thiele, RaymondeRay Latin Club, Polyphonic, Troubadours. Prom Committee The radiant sunshine through the day. But here at East we have our own Wheaming Ray? WWW 710 4742 w CM W cm 175420 MVUZJ gw fyldw M Wallgren,1ack Thoughtful and serious he knows his place. But room for fun, theres always space. Lepage, BernardeDeacon French Club. Prom Committee. S. Club In sports, in school or on a date, I'VE re forced to admit that he is great. Peanuts Hammer Dissy Turbett iYa Miller Petite but not discreet Dody Harrisom Sen 2m: 5m: ; Watch those Waistlines Pardon my sarong Happy Travelers ? The mail must go through Our gang All pooped out Pat Fitzgerald Naud Maas . Causa DeBruyne Jun Rotsaert Semazd B111 Gallagher Debby DeBrock Geek Anderson JOY Loomis Annie McCutcheon J ucie Anderson Annabel Doege Hank Erdman Squeak and Jean Nelson Bone Bjorkman Fuzzy Bennett Sunshine Larson Don Larson Gerry Amys Regnof Fong Bert Lambert Dorie Klug n? eetch Beetcher Betty Lent Mac Mackie 9 von ROth Wanny Walgren Nanu Johnson Gus Gustafson Lloyd Hemingway Pat Carlsga ouke Shears ROW i: S. Stolzman, L. Leland, Y. Burgner, N. Kornstad, E. Johnson, B. Hess, A. Amitage, G. Wisker- c en. 7 i w V ROWJ 2: B. Greely, J. Doege, M. Hendrickson A. Cox C. Bergman B. Erickson. I. Ritsche, M. Erickson," ., Harmon. ROWJ 3. P. Glonek, D. Nessman G. Johnson, J. Arco, D. Zachau, C. Kessler E. Hedenblad, E; Thoreson, C. Heydon F. Conner, D Tomzak Samba 0; ,57 6 ROWNIIKB.ILaWin, L. Plachta, M. Pasternak, S. Wohlwend, J. Reynolds, M. Pierce, E. White, . ess er. ROW 2: R. Maves, L. Puhakka, M. Waldum, D. Potter, S. Moniak, M. LaVoy, F. Ledin, N. Salmi. J. De- Mars. S.Pa1m. ROW 3. W. Anderson, J. Mather J. Baker R Ostazeski S. Peterson, J. Carlson, J. Pettingill, W. Peter- son, R. Palumbo,R RWOlson R. Renquist D. Preston, ROW 1: B. Fitzgerald, C. Thompson, J. Gunski, N. Amys, D, Ronchak, D. Lowney. J. Smith, J. Witzig. ROW 2: G Soderlund, L. Moore, J Kubalak, F. Winek, F. Wiegert, R. Zielinski, B, Gervais, B. Clausen, B. Lyons, M. Boyer ROW 3: D Chandler, T. Sertich, W. Rutherford, D. Peterson, W. Trianoski. R. Foote, T. Johnson, K. Hoffman, D. Jostad, L. Peterson, M Griffin ROW 1: D. Coaty, F. Gucinski, L. Godfrey, M. Anderson. . ROW 2: G. Gerzic, M. Gonia, J. Geske, D. Holden, H. Dodge, Y. Cloutler, J. Kubalak. ROW 3: H. Koenen, J. Leuthner. D. Hart, R. Shears, J. Heinen, G. LaValley, D Christiansen, G. Johnson. ROW 1: M. Polaski, T. Correll, P. VanWagenen, M Nelson. F. Culliton, E. Wehkala. L. Wallgren, J, Wiskerchen, A. Qua m. ROW 2: A. LePage, D Klindt, A. Zielinski, M. Nelson, D. Newberg, B. Larson, 1. Ghyselinck, B. Berg-. strom, J. Kunert, M. Ha D ROW 3: J. Dhols, J. Ruthgeerts, E. Retzer, J. Gylland, F. Peterson, R. Janicki. J. Benson. G Gustafson, D. Hodsdon, W. Mizinski, L. Gerzic, D. Topel, R. Belford. Sem'o'zxa g '52 ROW 1: M. Brittan, L Dzikonski, M. Ames. J. Branzell, P. Rotsaert, Y. Byholm, P LePage, L. Cloutier, B. Pasternak. ROW 2: W. Krawza, R. Brant, N. Hagan, M. Hawkins, M. Carlsgaard, D. Hanson, M Kolek, N. Nelson, B Brannan, L. Lundgren, C. Laib, D. Bersell. ROW 3: G. Dickenson, D. Suber, W. Wright, R. Wahto. T Anderson. J Buytaert. J. Barrans, D Molitor, J. DeBrock. L. LaValley. T Jensen, W. Dens 5w, . a m , . v a . 4 a . s ROW 1: E. Lemieux, B. Bolos, J. Repensky, C. Plant, A. Larson, J. Rackliff, M. Johnson, J. Kolstad, ROW 2: M. David, L. Guitard, K. Rutherford, Y. Engebretson, M. Cole, M. Hill, D. Munnings, L. Berg- man, M. Heinen, G. LaValley. ROW 3: C. Brown, J. Hedenblad, E. Sanders, R. Foltz, R. Peterson, M Liebaert, W. Ekholm, W. Hard, G. Conner, R. Gucinski, D. Olson, A. Dolsen, R. Wahto. ROW 1: D. Onnestad. B. Mikloczak. J. Ritsche, P. Woodwick, B. Sablatura. J. Ramstad, F. Stone ROW 2: '1'. Plant, L. Peterson, L. Pettingill, S. Miller, F. Stromberg, M. Vandenbergh, J. Wohlwend, P4 Smith. . , ROW 3: D. Porter, D. Westerback, D. Walberg, T. Yadon, P. Tlerney. R. Swanstrom, L. Smxth, D. W11- liams, T. Schultz. Senior; 0; 53 ROW 1: B. Griffin, J. LaValley, M. McKone, P. Asbury, B. Nelson, W. Byholm, L. Jacobson, J. Goneau. ROW 2: D. Chapman. P. Fitzgerald, D. Sutherland, M. Foote. E. Amys, E. Flaten, M Batten, B. Gamble. E Sertich, A. Ofstad, N. Guitard. ROW 3: J. Kimball, Q. Elmgreen, R, Lier, J. Ormston, R. Olson, J. Goettle, G. Elmgren, C. Nelson, E. Braman, M. Bell, R. Lally, H. Byrnes, D. Newman. ROW 1: C. Jacobson. C. Johnson, A. Liebaert, J. McCauley, S Johnson, B. Juntti, D. McCauley. ROW 2: R, Lier, D. Horyza. D. Hunter, E. Maunu, H. Lepley, C Nelson, T Johnstone. M Hodgis. ROW 3: D. Milroy, R. Lawin, L. Peterson. J. Olson, H. Hagen, E. Rozowski, J Nolan, G Nelson, W. Johnson. D. Nelson, A Leuthner. ROW 1: J. Hoffman. C. Bailey N. Holmes P Holmstrom D Clark G B t ' ROW 2: W, D 1 V. . ., . . . . , . un , S. Hendrlckson. Wfrgey, D. C0335? Grandahl, J. Flowers, B. Brown, P. Gustafson, M. Brannan, W. Bennett, T. God- RO : G. Bourassa, R. Coleman, R. Greel , F Gehrke J ' ' ' Fair. A. Donley. W. Borgh. y , , Branstrom, J, Clesllckl, A. Abrahamson, P. ROW 1: E. Johnson, C. Erickson, B. Mackie, S. Hill, C. Drinkwine, A. Elmgreen, C. Haglund. J Gran- fors, J. Zawin, N. Swanson, N. Witzig, A, Hinman, ROW 2: W. Ormston, R. Leland, S. Engebretson, V. VanVynckt, J. Hooker, L. Hart, G. Flaten. P. Platz, Y. Thiele, J. Miller, M Lenroot, H. Phillips. ROW 3: D. Suber, A Trifilette, V. Byholm, N. Sparby. T. Peterson, L. Peterson, L, Smith, G Fitzgerald, J. Lien, D. Johnson, R. Bishop, L. Lepage, W, Nordley, J Nelson. ' ' 8575M Q1402 ROW 1: G Bourdage, B, Thoreson, N Cloutier, G, Wittkopf, D. Palm, G. Culliton, M. Tuttle, J. Mac- Kenue, C. LaVine, P. Conner. ROW .2: E. Branstrom, M, Bradley, B, Dohl, K. Dingwall. L. Aronson, N. Swanson, 0 Nelson, S. Wil- hams, F. Munnings, M. Sorenson. A. Hinman, P. Letty, D. Haack. ROW 3: J. Coaty. E. Androsky. G. Lindstrom, D. Dobberman, J. Hoganson, R. Nordeen, J. Cole. L Wheaten, K. Brandt, C. Swanson, B. Johnson, D. Elmgreen. J. Clarke. ROW 1: J. Anderson, M. Ames, J. Gunski, A. Leffard. B. Anderson, L. Hagen, J. Molner, J. Albright, E. Drinkwine, S. Holmstrom, J Johnson. ROW 2: G. LaVine, C Letty, E. Retzer, B. Cole, M. Eddy, P. Amys, J. Johnson, S. Erickson, C Johnson, W. Tuttle, C. Androsky, G. Johnson. ROW 3: J Bailey. R. Williams, R. Anderson, R. Bjorkman, B. Martineau, G. Bunt, A. Dampman, G. Carlson, G. Erlandson. T. Beggs, J. Custard, W. Asbury, W. Nelson, C. Callaway G. Kornstad. geaean gawk ROW 1: B. Klindt, E. Jacobson, J. Loomis. J. Sequin, G. Pettingill, M. Siekkinen, M. Walberg, M. Sorenson, J. Klindt, J. Johnson, B. Nordeen. ROW 2: R. Hartshorn, C. Larsen, B. Remus, G. Matelski, F. Hertsgaard. M. Hoven, J. Swanson, L. How- enstine, S. Munnings, A. Greene, D. Johnson, J. Grantors. ROW 3: J. Summers, D. Wiskerchen, M. Johnston, R. Pankow. R. Siekkinen, A. Nessman, C. Thomas, W. Lerand, D. Dhols, L. Wheaton, T. Nelson, H. Jacobson, J. Fair, D. Thomas. Wet feet juniors Wrestling match Buddies High up in the world Fnends forever Studious . .. Pretty kitty Our gang Wash it clean Hi there Oh! that face winner Cute smiles Our country girls Nice Weather A11 pooped out Relaxing Ain't they sweet lds C. Callaway. ' . n, J. Nelson, J. Ramstad, C Thompson, J.'Bennett. L. LaValley, J. Reyno , S835 $2 8. gggn, H. Leply, Lt Aronson. B. Lent, A. Armltage, A. LaPage, W. Borgh. ROW3: J. LaValley, Jt Rotsaert, D. Molitor, L. Peterson, Jt Elmgreen. The Student Council is probably the most active group in the school. Its mem- bers consist of one representative from each homeroom whose duty it is to report weekly on the activities of the Council and in turn bring back to the Council any suggestions or criticisms offered. The aims of the Council are to promote school activities and to work for school improvements. The following projects have been successfully carried out by this year's Council: the organization of the annual Red and White Day festivities, the sponsoring of two delegates to the state Student Council Convention, the arrangements of the Christ, mas decorations outside the building as well as inside, the publishing of a student directory, the production of a talent show, the sponsoring of a dance and a pep assembly program. The Council has also contributed money from their treasury for the support of several school purchases. This year's Council has endeavored to promote projects Which benefit both the students and the school. President John Bennett Student 606M655 .4 aiin gene The Latin Club opened its activities this year with a pep assembly which gave the student's conception of a typical faculty meeting. At a Roman banquet all first year Latin students were initiated. Following this initiation these students are entitled to membership in the club the following year. The new Club adviser is Mrs. Nina Carlson who succeeded Miss Agnes Reine- mund. The club has thirty members consisting of second year students and alumni. Phillip Eaton gave an interesting talk on the uses of Latin for the American Education Week program in the school auditorium. Officers for the year are as follows: Prima Praesidens Secundus Praesidens Scriptor ...................... Aeraria Praefecta ............... Leslie Wallgren ......... Germaine LaValleV ROW 1: ST Wohlwend. M. Hawkins, B. LaVine, F. Culliton, R. Chapman, E. Wekkala, L. Wallgren, G. L Valle , P. Rotsaert. . ROW; Ftbgiaton, C. DeBruyne, L. Bergman, D. Potter, B. Larson, L. Lundgren. M. Hemen. J. Heden- b1 d. . . . ROW 3? W. Rutherford, J. Mather. J. Barrans. L. Fonger, R. Foltz, W, Mlzmskl, J. Gulland, W. Gal- lagher. ROW 1: P. Carlsgaard, M. Johnson. R. Anderson, D. Goneau, D. Larson. . . . ' . ROW 2: R. Carlsgaard, J. Stromko, F. DeBrock, C. Jacobs, J. Erdman, Th Fnsbxe, S. Zlelmskl: ROW 3: J. Rotsaert, L. Johnson. L. Shears, R. Benson, R. Anderson, R. Rohrer. ?aencl 67a; Bonjour mesdames et messieurs. Nous avons pours vous un petit renseignement de notre Cercle Francais. We have twenty members in our club. The officers are: President ...... Louis Shears Vice President . Robert Anderson Secretaire ..................................................................... Fanny DeBrock Tresorier .......................................................................... James Stranko President du Comite Social .......................................... Richard 'Rohrer President du Comite des Programmes .................. Robert Carlsgaard During the year we hold meetings of our club. Our President Louis Shears prev sides over the class using the French language to conduct all routines to faire l-appel et toutes autres affaires en Francais. Proceeds from our sales of candy and Christ mas cards is being used to buy French records. A spring party at Miss Pesark's cabin terminates our activities for the year. Aur revoir, jusqua nous rencontrons encore. 1244mm 7!: end Eat, drink, and be merry The newly organized Junior French Club, Le Vingt Neuf, ended a successful 1950 under the supervision of Mlle. Helen Pesark, At the second meeting les membres de notre bureau were elected. They are: Le president ...................................................................... Richard Foote Le vice president . .Patrick Glonek Le secretaire ........... ..Donna Lowney Le tresorier .................................................................... Eugene Johnson The social events of the year opened With a glorious cabin party. Nous nous sommes amuses. The first big undertaking was the task of selling Christmas cards to meet the current expenses. The club used part of their funds for the purchase of French records to improve their French diction. uThe Television Show" was the title of the successful pep assembly presented by the club. The club activities concluded with another fun-filled cabin party. ROW 1: P. Glonek, R. Olson, S. Wohlwend, D. Jostad, J. Pettingill, N. Kornstad, J. Heinen, F. Conner. ROW 2: D4 Lowney, E. Johnson, C. Bergman, D. Potter, M. Erickson, B. Erickson, Y. Cloutier, J. Har- mon. ROW 3: D. Hart, K. Hoffman, D. Zachau, J. Carlson, R. Foote, J. Arco, D. Peterson, T. Sertich. ROW 1: M. David, T. Correll, J. Doege, J. Gunski, Y. Byholm, B. tPasternakr . . ROW2: F. Gucinski. J. Johnson, D. Doege. J. Nelson, R. Zielinskx, J. Amys, J. Anderson, M. Wllllams. M. Pasternak. ?OME The Home Economics Club had a very active and successful year. The first social event was held at the home of Team Nelson in the form of a pajama party at which time initiation plans were made for the six new members Later the new members were honored at an initiation tea in a colored candlelight ceremony. The club girls worked together on a variety of novelties which they sold for Red and White Day celebration. The glow of the fireplace and the gaily decorated Christmas tree made a homey atmosphere for the annual Christmas Tea held in December for the faculty. Snowman Serenade was an appropriate theme for the annual mid-Winter dance. Snowflakes and snowmen created the winter setting. The outstanding event of the year was the annual Style Show held in May at which time their attractive costumes were modeled for parents and guests. At the close of the year a farewell party for the seniors was held at the sum- mer home of the club adviser, Miss Amy Wolford. President Joyce Anderson gwateze 666$ The Booster Club is a social organization, but its main objective is to promote a healthy enthusiastic school spirit and a high standard of scholarship among its mem- bers. Each fall a group of eight junior girls is invited into the club. Initiation Day followed with its fun and unusual attire. The annual Lettermen Banquet was held in the spring to honor the team. This was the club's most important event. The events of the past year were: The Club officers are: President ..................... Vice President ............. Secretary Treasurer Historian ................ Iunior Historian Club Adviser .............. Initiation Tea Initiation Day Christmas Party Mother-Daughter Tea Spring Dance Lettermen's Banquet Pot Luck Supper ............................................... Patricia Fitzgerald ...Sharon Brannan ....... Joyce Loomis .................. Carol DeBruyne ..Loree Fitzgibbons .. .......... Helen Dodge Miss Marguerite Wolfinger ROW 1: S. Brannan, C. DeBruyne, De Gustafson, L. Fitzgibbons. C. Jacobs. L. Loomis, P. Fitzgerald. ROW 2: B. Fitzgerald, L. Godfrey, J. Reynolds, L. Leland, H. Dodge, F. Wiegert, C. Bergman, J. Witzig. . t a T' ROW 1: R. Mackie. E. Lent, C. Ber man. D. Lowney. I a u . ROW 2: J. DeMarspN. Salini, M. R1 dasch, y. Cloutxer, R. Maves. a t ROW 3: W. Anderson. J. LaValley, T. Frisble, M. Griffin, J. Holt. s 'w h w v n. A ' o b r o t Q; 004 syoow y w KS The chief aim of the Wayzgoose Staff is to report to the student body the news 7 and views pertaining to East High school. The staff is composed of students who 3 t meet daily duringa the fifth hour on an eXtra-curricular basis. Five copies are circue lated annually to each student under the Activity Association plan. This paper has "t four pages under the management of four page editors. The reporters, in reality. ; T consist of everyone on the staff. In 1$ecognition for their interest, effort, and service the seniors who have served two years on the staff are given a pin which is representative of their work. EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-chief .............................................. Ruth Mackie Associate Editor ...Betty Lent First Page Editor ...Betty Lent Second Page Editor ..... Nancy Salmi Third Page Editor ...... .Mary Riedasch Fourth Page Editor . .......... Jack Holt Feature Editor ......... ..Thomas Frisbie Editorial Adviser . ....................... MISS Irene Thompson Reporters ............. ..Marvin Griffin, Gerald LaValley, Yvonne Cloutier, Ralph Maves, Mary Ann LaVoy, Jack DeMars. BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ..................... Donna Lowney Advertising Manager . ....... Carol Bergman Circulation Manager ..... ..William Anderson 20;: 20a 75: EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-chief .................................. Shirlie Potter Petite Associate editor . ...... Joan Geske Senior editor .t .Carol DeBruyne Assistants ............ Lee Fonger and Thomas Frisbie Club editor . Class editor .A Picture editor .. Art editor ......... Faculty editor Music editor ..... Copy editor ...... Sport editor ..... Editorial adviser ........ Yvonne Roth Corrine Flemming ........ Phillip Eaton ....... Lee Fonger ,.Donald Flaten MISS Irene Thompson BUSINESS STAFF Co-Business managers .............................. Mary Riedasch Marilyn Johnston Faculty business adviser .................... Miss Ruth Person Fellow students, We, the members of the 1950 Wa Wa Ta Staff, have prepared for you the thirty-ninth edition of your school annual. We have tried to show you that willing hearts and hands are the forces needed for the accomplishment of any worthewhile achievement. High school days are happy days. In years to come may this book keep vivid Ehe ncliemories of your many happy school activities, interesting classes, and cherished men 5. WA WA TA STAFF M J. Converse, Lt Fonger, D. Flaten, P. Eaton, J. Geske M C Flemming, C. DeBruyne, M. Riedasch, S. Potter, Y: Roth. J. Amys, M. Johnson. m; r , ROW 1: P. Fitzgerald, J. Converse. D. Harrison. N. Maas, M. Pierce, J. Reynolds. E. Lent, B. Fitzgerald, L. Fitzgibbons, D. Klug, D. Wiskerchen, L. Godfrey. ROW 2: J. DeMars, R. Maves, F. Conner, G. Johnson, T. Johnson, C. Kessler, J. Pettingill, D. Jostad, J. Mather, G Johnson, B. Rohter. ROW 3: C. Flemming, D. Lowney, S. Wohlwend, L. Leland, C. DeBruyne, D. Gustafson, Y. Roth, M. Rie- dasch, J. Smith, J. Beetcher, J. Witzig, R. Zielinski, L. Moore, M. Erickson, ROW 4: J. Holt, M. Griffin, L. Fonger, T. Frisbie, J, Nelson, B. Benson, W. Lally, Mr. Sequin, T. Paren- teau, P. Eaton, W, Trianoski, P. Rozowski, J. Bennett. sw865 66m! ROWBlfPagiegggg'mgnbghfnl.ant, P. Gustafson, H. Lepley, T. Godfrey. D. Topel, B Gamble, F. Culliton, WW LaVangy, J. 'B'ranzeu, T. c'orr'en, M. Iiott'en. ' ' ' ' ' - ' Sgaard' M' Ames' G' ROWE?HXQk?g:o;T'11:?ageefg2rgigbgiNeWberg' N Hagen, M. Liebert, W Ekholm, W. Hard, M. Heinen. ,w , The star gets made-up November lOthETHTh 1949 I I I Butterw0nh Lucy Seward Count Dracula m Painting an effective set 7' VTT The seasoned members of the East High Speech Club had an unexpected surprise at their first meeting last fall when ninety-one students appeared to enroll as mem- bers. The problem of keeping ninety-one members busy enough to remain interested in dramatics and speaking activities Was the first major task. The solution to this problem was met in three ways. As their first major pro- duction, the Club did DRACULA, a three act mystery-chiller which required not only excellent actors, but many good technicians for special lighting effects, carpenters for the trick and weird set, and many people for properties, costumes, and publicity. Secondl , the senior speech class presented twenty one-act plays as a way of learning to cfiIrect plays by actually directing a play for an audience. These seniors were able to use many speech Club members for acting and for crew work who could not have had the experience otherwise. Those students who preferred work in public speaking to dramatics were given their opportunity to participate in the spring speech contest affiliated with the Wis- consin Forensic association. There are now over one hundred members in this club. Mr. Vincent Seguin, the speech instructor and adviser of this club has done a remarkable piece of work in stimulating interest and affording the students an oppor- tunity in this field of expression, ROW 1: L. Wallgren, P. Fitzgerald, B. Fitzgerald, B. Lent, J. Reynolds, F. Culliton, 0.. Plant ROW 2: T. Frisbie, J. Converse, G. LaValley, M, Hawkins, Ji Smith, N. Nelson, G. Wlskerchen, T. Par- enteau. ROW 3: J. DeMars. L. Fonger, L. Peterson, J. Pettingill, R. Benson, C. Kessler, W. Trianoski, P. Rozow- ski, P. Eaton. ' , 7, , e ; W l edfza'aha '- ,, -I ,1 , . ' , N I W .ysj W t ,. t1 , - ' t7, ,. , - , a - . .' East Highs most active dramatic enthusiasts are this year,-'getting a special geW iward for their many after-school hours of work 0;: thersch'ool play produvctiens. v' . r 11g. . ..w t Theyfjtafgibging; initiated.immmiwationallTQespian Society? vi Nationally, the hespian Society is organized to establish and advance standards," of excellemie in dr Iriatic artsand to create an active and intelligegt interest in Cdggmatig zirts 735119.139. thigand '9"? 49 hi scthL Rules governinguehgilgjhly for7 m membership aire'senfwf'ro he na anal EEad arters in Cinciniiati in oider to create a uniform high standard for its "troupers" throug out the United States. . Eachemea'hbemof Thesgfians shEEid take 3 eep prjde in his belonging, becausehe haswmgdhis wayrintoxthetsocie 43y hi? 11 work ih acting agd his w'ork on the production crews. Any Speech C ub member may eventually become a Thespian by remaining an active member. In this way he can accumulate enough points to bed come' eligible for the next Thespian initiation. 'Dramatics at East has entered into the national scene With this new group. By continued enthusiasm and work on the part of the troupers and their sponsor, drama participation and enjoyment will eventually take a much larger part of the free time activities of Superiorites. The high school Thespian of today will be the Communi- ty Player of tomorrow. e, W, t ,. ,.,X.4i-... V. w I 1,7 W WV! X, ,4 'i' 7W x 9 "xi" C 'Q ,, I :3; t w" , , ROW 1: M. Sorenson, T. Correll, A. Quam, D. Palm, M. Hawkins. ROW 2: C. Flemming. P. Gustafson, C. Jacobs, A. Cox, N. Salmi, J. Converse. ROW 3: N. Maas, Y. Engebretson, M. Erickson, J. Geske, J. Smith, B. Erickson. thaai 4:2! The Visual Aid Club is the largest service organization at East this year with a membership of thirty-nine students. Under the instruction of Mr. Bradshaw, the club adviser, they have all mastered the operating and care of the two Bell-Howell projectors. A total of about 385 films have been shown during the school year to students in all classes. As the average film costs from $1.75 to $225 per week for rental, in- surance, and transportation, these pictures are obviously a great expense. The Board of Education allows $1,400 of its annual budget for high school films alone. Films are shown in the following subject fields: physics, chemistry, biology, gen; eral science, social science, physical education, art, music, English, mathematics, in- dustrial arts, and commercial work. Although it is not a social club. the V. A, Club has one social gathering each year. They also put on one rousing pep assembly annually. - ROW 1: M. Lenroot, R. Porter, W. Johnson. D. Topel, D. Dobberman. ROW2: K. Brandt. A. Abrahamson, R. Chapman, M. Liebert, E. Retzer, E. Thoreson, R. Olson. ROW 3: L Peterson, W. Gallagher, J. Nelson. W. Ekholm, G. Anderson, W. Hard, G. Gustafson. ROW 1: R. Brandt, P. Jappe, L. Larson, D. Jostad, K. Hoffman, R. Thiele, R. Maves. ROW 2: M. Griffin, P. Rozowski, J. Conners, L ROW 3: J. Baker, L. Johnson, W. Ekholm, W. Trianoski, L. Fonger, R. Foltz. ?vougadawzd , , , , ,1, q 2x , - ax ; , . 1' I . ', Al 'I x r, , g ,4',r' , ,r xJJ ,1 'XI. 1R , ,z I l 1,. u , I ' , , ; y , I , , 1,41 , .1 . , a , , I ,- - r ,x w . , l . ,- ., Ala , J ; . - ,. AL ' 1 J H; I -7' t t ,6 s d 1 d l, I , '- ' TmY, R. Mackie.'D. Harrison, D. Pres on, .. 0 er u . R0 ! J.,B$tche;, W88 C. DeBruyne, E. Greely, Y. Cloutxer. r3 J'. Soderlund, J. Bjorkman, : C. Jacobs. M. Riedasch, M. Waldum, D. Ronchak. Molitor, D. Peterson. W. Rutherford, J. DeMars. ROW 1: M. David, L. Cloutier, J. Converse, M. Ames, L. LaValley, J. DeMars, G. LaValley, P. Jappe. Miss Fox. ROW 2: M. Pierce, J. Beetcher, J. Repenski, N. Nelson, D. Preston, S. Wohlwend, L. Godfrey, J. Bran- zell, D. Lowney. ROW 3: K. Rutherford, R. Mackie, M. Miller, J. Bjorkman, L. Leland, N. Salmi, G. Soderlund, M. Pas- ternak, M. Gonia. ROW 4: J. Soderlund. Y. Cloutier, C. Bergman, J. Smith, Mi Waldum. D. Munnings, M. Riedasch, S. Potter, M. LaVoy. ROW 5: W. Rutherford, L. Larson, L. Johnson, M. Liebert, D. Peterson, J. Buytaert, R. Foltz, J. Baker, W. Ekholm. acafafaeggd The East High A Capella Choir of 1950 has shown very evident growth in mem- bership since 1938, when it was first organized under the direction of Miss Edna Fox. The enrollment at that time was only twenty-five but it has steadily increased to the present total of ninetyrsix members. Of this number fourteen are seniors. These graduating students who have maintained a MB" average for two years and an HA" average in their senior year receive a gold choir pin as a reward. This year the Choir added three fine concerts to its previous record of successful performances. On December 11, the Choir presented its annual Christmas Concert to the public, centering around the theme HIesu, Joy of Man's Desiring." In Febru- ary the Vocal department combined its talents with that of the Band and Orchestra, and presented a very successful Mid-Winter Concert. The year was Climaxed by another delightful Spring Concert in which the Choir skilfully displayed its talents through a varied program of music. The Keys, which is only one group this year, the Troubadours, and several excellent soloists participated at all concerts. A11 social activities of the year Were organized by the Polyphonic Club. The officers of the club, elected by the students, Were: President ....................... Lynn Larson Vice President ...... ........ Lee Fonger Secretary ........................................................................ Mary Riedasch Treasurers .................................... Laurence LaValley and Jim Hienen The aims and standards of the Choir this year, as in previous years, have been to promote better citizenship and co-operation through individual effort. and to en- large the students musical interests, both as listeners and performers, To the Choir good citizenship still ranks ahead of actual performance. Due to the excellent training and artistic conducting of Miss Edna Fox, the Choir of 1950 can most assuredly be classed as one of East High's finest choral groups. ROW 1: D.kJostad, J. Heinen, F. Conner, R. Brandt, R Maves, F. Culliton, C. Plant, D. Harrison, J. Kubala . ROW 2: D. Klindt, M. Hapy, J. Wiskerchen, A. LaPage, J. Reynolds, A. Quam, M. Johnson, A. Larson, J. Harmon ROW 3: D. Ronchak, L. Bergman, N. Kornstad, Y. Engebretson, M. Heinen, N. Hagen, B. Bolos, N. Nel- son, N. Kessler. ROW 4: D Potter, S. Monack, M. Hill, C. DeBruyne, C. Jacobs, I. Ritsche, J. Geske, E. Greely, J. John- son. ROW 5: D. Molitor, L. Molitor, J. Arco, W Trianoski, L. Fonger, P. Rozowski, G Conners, R. Thiele, K. Hoffman. g4ati VIOLIN I N. Salmi J . Bjorkman D. Gustafson S. Wohlwend M. Johnson D Munnings C. Bergman W. Rutherford VIOLIN I Y. Engelbretson M. David M. Tuttle S Williams J . Summers C. Nelson B Thoreson B. Johnson J Swanson M. Hoven S. Munnings CELLO L. Fonger M. Sorenson L. Wheaten W. Tuttle BASS VIOLIN M. Riedasch C. DeBruyne A. Larson Ozciea 1924 l FRENCH HORNS C. Jacobs P. Fitzgerald J . Reynolds CORNETS W. Gallagher B. Erickson M. Hodgis B. Hess BARITONES D. Topel G. Gustafson TROMBONES L. Peterson BASS W. Hard FLUTES L. Aronson J . MacKenzie OBOE P. Eaton CLARINETS D. Hodsdon J. Beetcher D. Jostad E. Johnson BASSOON D. Palm ALTO SAXAPHONE N. Maas TENOR SAXAPHONE F. Peterson PERCUSSION D. Zachau J. Pettingill C Swanson TYMPANI R. Foltz DIRECTOR Mr. M. Thompson Under the able direction of Mr. Merrill Thompson, the orchestra of 1949-1950 has again proved a worthwhile and capable organization. Although there is no assigned period for orchestra, it meets once a week at 8:30 a. m. This group is composed of the violins, cellos, and bass Viols. However, on performances the brass, woodwinds and percussion sections are added. The string orchestra appeared on the Mid-Winter Concert along with the band and choir. They were also present at the Spring Concert. The full orchestra gave its first performance at the Annual Christmas Concert. Their part of the program consisted of a tricky number called 'iSIeigh Ride," played by the complete orchestra. Overture in D Minor by the string group, and of course, the old Christmas favorites played by the full orchestra, It rounded off the year of activities at Commencement which would never be complete without that traditional piece by Edward Elger, uPomp and Circumstance." We are sorry to see that so many of the orchestra members are graduating this year, but to take their places are other young people who will carry on the job as well as in the years before. They will make the orchestra an organization of which East High can be proud. enio'z game! Good music has become traditional at East High school, and one of the fore- most reasons for this high rating is the contribution of the Senior Band under the capable direction of Mr. Gerald Haack. Although the band presented a fine concert this year, its activities are not solely confined to the concert stage, but also to march- ing in parades, performing at pep rallies and games, and participating in various musical contests. Competing in last year's district music contest, the band carried home a first division rating in both its concert and marching work. Although these ratings show hard work and individual achievement, it is not entirely true that the band's only objective is musical improvement, for the band also teaches its members health, coordination, Character, and teamwork. Although the band is not a club, it has been necessary to elect officers each year to aid in the various social functions which the band carries on. This year's officers are as follows: President .................................................. Bill Gallagher Vice President .......................................................... .Ioan Bjorkman Secretary ................................................................... L...Pat Fitzgerald Treasurer .......................................................... . . . Janet Reynolds PICCOLO L. Aronson FLUTES L. Aronson J. MacKenzie CLARINETS J. Bjorkman D. Hodsdon J. Beetcher D. Jostad E. Johnson P. Letty G. Bourdage P. Holmstrom D. Dobberman F, Munnings G. Nelson C. Lavina M. Anderson D. Newman BASS CLARINET D. Gustafson OBOE P. Eaton BASSOON D. Palm Ez ALTO SAXAPHONES N. Maas B. Nelson Bb TENOR SAXAPHONE F. Peterson Eb BARITONE SAXAPHONE P. Eaton FRENCH HORNS L. Fonger C. Jacobs P. Fitzgerald J . Reynolds Bb CORNETS W. Gallagher M. Hodgis B. Erickson R. Janicki B. Hess W. Johnson G. Branstrom K. Brandt BARITONES D. Topel G. Gustafson TROMBONES A. Larson L. Peterson C. Nelson BASSES W. Hard L. Wheaten W. Moffett SNARE DRUM J. Pettingill B. Lent R. Lier C. Swanson T. Godfrey BASS DRUM D. Zachau TYMPANI R. Foltz BELLS R. Foltz D. Palm TWIRLERS D. Klug J. Johnson A. Armitage N. Salmi D. Preston DIRECTOR Mr. Gerald Haack 3' J. Reynolds L. Fonger. C Jacobs, R Fitzgerald ROW 1: R. Bjorkman, J. Johnson, G. Lindstrom. C. Johnson, EA Drinkwine, M Ames, W Tuttle, G. Kornstad, C. Callaway. ROW 2: S. Holmstrom, G. LaVine, G Johnson, C. Letty, W. Hard, J. Custard, R. Williams, N. Nelson. T. Beggs, W. Bennett, J. Clarke, J. Bailey. ROW 3: R. Nordeen, J. Johnson, Mr. Jack Allen. W. Asbury, L. Pettingill. Jim Rotsaert Co-captains Jim Mather ' - ' '. . V ' . . , Cal Kessler Jack Holt SigPetemn . ' ' V . . ' . BillGallagher Bernie LePage Buzzy Eckholm -, m Roger Swanstrom Jack Benson Ken Hoffman , Jim Stromko Harold Koenen Lee Molitor ix Don Olson Bill Mizinski L ' ' ' L Ted Borg Louie Gerzic Jim Baker Jack DeMars Dave Molitor Bob Olson Joe Arco Roger Lowney Lloyd Hemingway L..- 4 Jim Hienen Allen Donley Under the expert guidance of head Coach Bill Finn and his able assistant, Frank Cirilli, the Orientals built up another winning record on the gridiron this fall. Despite injuries and hard luck, the Old Towners outscored four of their seven opponents. From the opening game. the Orientals were jinxed by injuries. Iim Mather. first string tackle, and Lee Molitor, regular end, were lost early to the team for the remainder of the season. The students of East High wish to congratulate the team for their excellent work , and good sportsmanship throughout the season. Football Score, 1949 East ............................................................ 21- 0 .......................................................... Proctor East ............................................................ 6-27 ...................................................... Park Falls East ............................................................ 27- 6 ........................................................ Cloquet Ray Lier East ...................... 7- 0 ...................................................... Cathedral Jerry Elmgren East. V 0-33 .. Central East. ..................... 0-20.. ...... Ashland East ............................................................ 28- 0 ........................... Jim Carlson Rudy Wahto Gene Starkey Johnny Gylland Bi Lent. R.Zie1inski R Mackie. N. Salmi J. Kubalak B Fitzgerald. Once again the school year brin s to an end another sticcessful season for the 3 W Tria oski L Fonger K Hoffman, East High Cheerleading Squad Hi lighting the pep assemblies and leading in the 1 ,support of the basketball and foo all teams they made a striking appearance in heir new uniforms. These Were purchased on the Cheerleaders own initiative. 4 Betty Lent captain of the 4950 squad, Ruth Mackie and Lee Fonger are the senior members who will leave this year The group sponsored a dance. the annual Stocking Stomp Their pep! aindy zeal kept the school spirit at a high pitch until the Close of the seaaqn miarkid vbry the Tournament. 15f N. Salmi, J qualak, W Trianoski. R. Mackie. I; : elin'sk1 K ifoffman u itzgerald, B. Lent L. Fongei'. anager R. Rohrer, Jim Rotsaert Calvin Kessler Dick Foot:- 1 4 Louis Shears The middle of the 20th century marked another suc- cessful season for coach Bill Finn and his basketeers as they wound up 1950 with a neat 10 wine6 loss record. Leading Oriental scorer this year was Louis Shears as he dropped in 101 field goals and 52 free throws for a tremendous total of 254 points and an average of 16 points per game. Shears will lon be remembered at East for his great shooting and reboun ing. Filling in the guard spots this year were the diminutive "two Iims" bein Iim Rotsaert and 11111 Stromko. The Iims showed mighty ine shooting and ballhandling this year, and will be missed deeply. Last but not least, we come to Cal Kessler and Lee Molitor, two stellar forwards who, despite a definite height disadvantage were always in there fighting. Without these two boys a successful season would have been much in doubt. We of East sincerely thank coach Finn and the team for an excellent display of teamwork and ability. Without the thrills provided for us on the basketball court it would have been a very dull year. Jim Carlson Manager Louie Gerzi: J im Stromko Lee Molitor Joe Arco Doug Peterson Dick Guzinski Bill Borgh Jim Heinen 34 Metga 6! BASKETBALL SCORES East. .51-23 Bessemer East. 35-46 Ashland East .................. , ....................... 44-45 .................................. Park Falls East .......................................... 41-37 ...................................... Denfeld East. Sup. Cathedral East. Sup. Central East. ....... Cloquet East .......................................... 53-38 ...................................... Proctor East .......................................... 50-45 .................................. Park Falls East. .24-42 ....... Ashland East. .26-28 Sup. Central End ....... 41-42 Denfeld East .......................................... 33-31 .......................... Sup. Cathedral East. Proctor East. Duluth Central East. ............. Hurley East. ...665 pts.-42 pt. average Opponents.. ..621 pts.339 pt. average Pete Tierney Ted J ohnson J ack Benson in J ack Pettingill Don Hodsdon W. Bennett. L. Hemingway, J. DeMars, R. Jones, D. Hodsdon, L. LaValley. J. Holt, J. Stromko, L. Gerzic, JA Mather, J. Rotsaert, W. Gallagher, P. Rozowski, J. Baker, J. Carlson, Jt Arco, Lt Molitor, J. LaVaIley. T. Anderson, W. Ekholm, D. Dodge, L. Shears, Rt Foote, C. Kessler, G. Starkey. , 5-! 6!th The HS" Club is composed of boys Who have earned football or basketball let- ters between the ninth and twelfth grades. The lettermen, under the supervision of Mr. Finn, elected Iack DeMars and Calvin Kessles co-Captains for the 1950 season. The two boys Will take over the duties of quarterback Iim Rotsaert and tackle Don Flaten, co-captains during the 1949 season. Members graduating this year along with Rotsaert and Flaten are: Don Dodge, end; Bernie Lepage, end; Iack Holt, quarterback; Iim Stromko, halfback; Pete RO' zowski,kguard; Lloyd Hemingway, halfback; Lee Molitor, end; and Bill Gallagher, halfbac t Eastts basketball squad will decidedly feel the graduation this year; four of the Varsity five are seniors. The cagers are: Louis Shears, center; Jim Stromko, guard; Lee Molitor, forward; and Jim Rotsaert, guard. The lettermen were honored at a football banquet sponsored by the Superior Junior Chamber of Commerce and at the annual East High Booster banquet. ROW 1: J. Kubalak, D. Harrison, B. Fitzgerald, B. Lyons, B. Hess, A. Armitage. M. Pierce, G. Wisker- Chen, M. Anderson, M. Pasternak ROW 2: B. Enckson, D. Ronchak, F. Ledin, N. Maas. F. Winek, M. Gonia, L Moore, Y. Cloutier, Y. Burg- ner. man. ROW 3: L LeJand, J. Anderson, J. Nelson, D. Doege, A. Cox, D Gustafson, H. Dodge, C. DeBruyne, B. Lent, J. Bjorkman, P. Fitzgerald, D. Chapman, P. Fitzgerald, 0 Plant, B. Pasternak, L. Jacobson, W. Byholm, H. Leply, J. La- Valley, B Griffin, C. Johnson, K. Armitage. ROW 1: ROW 2: J. Branzell, T. Correll, N. Hagen, M Heinen, J. Wiskerchen, N. Holmes, H. Fair, D. Sutherland, M McKone. C. Bailey, L. Wallgren, A. PaPage. ROW-3: M. Polaski, M. Hawkins, D. Newberg, J. Repenski, D. Munnings, B. Klindt, E. Flaten, M. Hill. M. Ames Y. Engebretson, J. Kunert, M. Carlsgaard, J, Rackliif. ROW 4: J Kolsfad, E. Wakkala, M. Foote. P. Gustafson, P, Holmstrom, R. Zielinski, F Culliton. E. Amys, N. Nelson, M. Nelson. A Quam, G, LaVaIley Dry Bones Pantomime-Kneeling: Lillian Leland, Marilyn Gonia. Standing: Joan Bjorkman, Janet Reynolds. The aims of the Girls Athletic Association is to promote interest in the girls' physical education, games, health, and good sportsmanship. With this in mind, the club has been very active in helping its members to enjoy this year just a little more. The Board is the backbone of the club and plans the projects for the members. The Board consists of Joan Bjorkman and lean Nelson, representing the senior;s Janet Reynolds and Helen Dodge, juniors; Alice LePage and udy Rackliff, sopho- mores; Mary Foote and Peggy Fitzgerald, freshmen. Miss oris Brunner is the W adviser of the cILb. Among the activities enjoyed this year were: swimming party, Christmas party, basketball games, and a modern dance program. The Modern Dance Program was made up of original movements interpreted from different types of music. Music varied from the gay HTea for Two" to the inspirational i'Ave Maria." King Robert Ostazeski Queen Barbara Fitzgerald Zoqaltg 6; 750 amecamzhf Kama", L Pelezscm 79mm? Zeaolez Joan BIO zimmu D. Hodsdon, D. Dobberman. F. Peterson, P. Eaton. D. Jostad. W. Gallagher, M. Hodgis, G. Gustafson, D. Topel, L. Peterson. R. Olson, J. Petiingill, L. Fonger. ROW' 1 ROW' ROW ogai Eaatemeu I 7me Take a lot of hard work, add a dash of batons, a touch of bright colored uniforms and a group of about twenty girls and you have the essentials that make up the Twirl- ing squad. The history of the squad dates back to 1940 when Mr. Haack formed the first group of its kind in Superior. The Twirling Club is open to member- ship by tryout on a competitive basis. Girls who participate in this activity not only have the satisfaction of contributing entertainment for many occasions, but they also gain individually by developing poise, body coordination, and a sense of rhythm. The squad this year, as in the past, has contributed a great deal to the school ac- tivities. President .............. ....Ianet Reynolds Vice President ....Mari1yn Gonia Secretary ................ Delores Preston Adviser .............. Mr. Gerald Haack $3M J. Reynolds, J. Bjorkman, J. Beetcher. J. Johnson, D. Preston. C. Plant, C. Johnson, A. Armitage. L. Leland, N. Cloutier, NT Salmi, D. Chapman. M. Gonia, Y. Cloutier, M. Cole, D. Klug, Y. Engelbretson. N. Cloutier. J. Reynolds. J. Bjorkman, J. Beetcher. D. Chapman. C. Plant, N. Salmi. J. Johnson, A. Amitage, D. Klug, C. Johnson. M. Gonia, L. Leland, M. Cole, Y. Cloutier, Y. Engebretson, D. Preston. . ?dtfwwe'fe gar ?afzom Easf High . . . WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR LIBERAL PATRONAGE PORTRAITS, FRAMES Dial 8523 I408 Tower Avenue Ewmie- PW 3W ALLOUEZ MARINE SUPPLY Groceries and Meats 3815 East Itasca St. Phone 5567 BACKUS Eyes Examined, Glasses Fitted 1320 Tower Avenue Phone 4751 ARROW CAFE Finest Food and Service 2216 East 5th Street Dial 241422 BERTHIAUME'S. Inc. Groceries, Meats and Baked Goods 1417 Tower Avenue Dial 5551 ARROWHEAD CUT RATE FURNITURE The Working Marfs Store Tower and Broadway BERGER HARDWARE Hardware and Sporting Goods 527 Tower Ave. Dial 3873 AS H B YS ' Flowers For Graduation Gifts 1428 Tower Avenue Dial 2-2512 BUILDERS SUPPLY Everything for the Builder At a Savings! 619 Tower Ave. Phone 3444 Graduation Portraits of the Finest Quality ii'ir Millard Berg Studio I ' Rookey Transfer Compliments of co mpany BRIDGEMAN'S 1106 Belknap Street i "Jusf fhe Besf Ice Cream in Town" H For Your Dreamboat Duds Wear a Cinderella dress of swishy taffeta, fluid crepe or billowing mar- quisette. You,ll find styles and colors to match your gay mood! All these formals . . . aglow with glamour, are priced happily within school-bound budgets. BINGHAM HARDWARE Paint and Sporting Goods 1011 Tower Avenue CEDAR JEWELRY Elgin and Hamilton Watches Thitane Jewelry 1213 Tower Avenue CONNOLLY'S STORE Meats, Groceries and Baked Goods 1202-04 Belknap Street Phone 4461 or 9153 Compliments of CHRISTIANSON BARBER SHOP 2224 East 5th Street CRONSTROM'S CASH FOOD, Inc. Best Quality Groceries 1316 Belknap Street Phone 5539 C H EFS Finer Foods 1410 Tower Avenue Dial 6402 LYDIA DARRAH CANDY SHOP Specialty Candies and Home Made Delicacies 1 1 18 Tower Ave. CLEMENS AGENCY Insurance and Real Estate 1717 Winter St. Dial 6637 DOWNS Superior F uneral Driectors 1708 Ogden Ave. Phone 5433 Compliments of COMMUNITY SAVINGS BANK DUNBAR'S Equipment and Supplies for the Restaurant and Janitor 706 Tower Ave. Dial 5255 518A20 Tower Avenue X , VX', , 4115 45 :57" z 55141JX A. : 5 ea 19, 4 7 7 Z, , ,1 - 5 1" ' , V V . V w , ' - kaxCVXKAzAVW ' ngvnyj MW Qz5 LQMT 5477 Q0, Vy VZQQZVVML 21.340 V5-1 569M f" 'K 5Vsz ,5 KM' '"eVVJV 5 V , KK'ZK 71.? 5 UV755 5 ,- '9 594,4 4:4 V05 p.45; a m 2Z4z 4 24W M 5A ' V5 x 5; L v5 A: I 5 '70. aw 5 V E d EK5 j? 5 M QVMJ at an njoy ,A7VVX Mafhews Russe471?5'7?$7 4+ Vm Ice Cream WhOIeSOIe "Smooth Frozen" At Home or at Your Favorite Fountain Candy CO. Russell's Chocolate Milk wk Homogenized Milk Buttermilk . Cotta e Cheese Candy - CigareHes Ice Crgeam Cigars Butter Salad Sour Cream 5k 0 phone 4614 Russell Creamery 241 1 John Avenue Ask for Russelrs Fresh Dairy Foods At Your DoorVAt Your Home Superior, Wisconsin I 1621-27 Broadway Dial 5522 Around The Corner F rom Anywhere WE gf$ 55 REG. US PAT OFF Lurye F urniture ' , . Company HOWARD and SELL, Inc. - i l Qualify Furnifure Cosfs Oldsmobile Rockefs Ahead Less Of Lurye 5 1418 Belknap St. 1208 Tower AVG. Phone 6641 Dial 4040 y I I 114,4 W T uh, JaggST y 2310EastF1 th jtaLJ. WM WWW END GROCERYVg WM thWM W M W ijiMCImerocerigg-cjw f Vef Owned and Operafed Mkijw 6W: w ouse 0f Flowerswa WM 1307 Tower Ave. Dial 6581 W??? mefw REPAIRING Class Rings 5 ES FITTED V3 Dial 6131 u erior, Wisconsin EAST END DRUG STORE A. C. Hagen4j. A. Grimsrud A 2131 East 5th Street Dial 3171 or 9893 EAST END HARDWARE Finest Hardware 2207 East 5th Street Dial 2-1462 H. E. GIRZI, SR. H. E. GIRZI, JR. Optometrists 1313 Tower Avenue EAST END SHOE SHOP Shoe Repairs 2210 East 5th Street Dia18441 GUSTAFSON - CHRISTIE STATION Bumper to Bumper Service 2101 East 5th Street Dial 2-2152 EAST END TIRE AND AUTO SUPPLY Greasing, Auto Accessories 2130 East 5th Street Phone 2-1341 HAWKINS LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS "They Satisfy" 1310 Ogden Ave. Dial 5565 EAST END TYDOL SERVICE Lubrication, Tires, Washing 2203 East 5th Street Dial 3100 Head of fine Lakes Co-op Elecfrical Associafion 5908 Tower Avenue Dial 4252 EKSTROMS Quality Clothes for Men and Boys Seventh and Tower ELLIS PLUMBING AND HEATING COMPANY Plumbing Shop on Wheels 1414 Belknap Street Phone 8643 HOLDEN TIRE AND BATTERY. Inc. Goodyear Tires, DumTherm Heaters, Exide Batteries 1702 North 12th Street Dial 4403 HOTEL SUPERIOR COFFEE SHOP Best Food Served in Twin Ports Tower and Belknap FEDERAL BAKERY Bakers of Fine Pastry 1 116 Tower Avenue Phone 5883 LOUIS G. HOWATT JEWELER Diamonds and Watches 1425 Tower Avenue FIRST NATIONAL BANK Oldest Bank in City 822 Tower Ave. IDZIOREK'S Magazines, Films, Cosmetics 3805 East 2nd Street Phone 9682 Compliments of FORD HOPKINS Superior, Wisconsin JOHNSON SHELL SERVICE STATION Prompt and Courteous Service 2032 East 5th Street Dial 9812 SAM KAB- STORE Men, Women and Children's Clothing 2125 East 5th Street Phone 8608 MATHER PHARMACY Prescription Experts 1505 Tower Avenue Phones 321 1-3240 KELLY FURNITURE Complete Home Furnishers 1202 Tower Avenue Phone 9232 MATHISON TIRE C0. General Tires Recapping and Vulcanizing 1711 Broadway Dial 3402 LANG'S MUSIC STORE Home of Buecher Band Instruments 1310 Belknap Street Phone 8070 MAY FURNITURE Home of Fine Furniture 1713 Belknap Street Phone 4133 LARSON'S HY-WAY SERVICE Gas and Oil Groceries and Ice Cream On Highways 2953 M. D. MCLEAN STORE -A Variety of Merchandise4 2208 East 5th Street Dial 241672 LEBO'S JEWELRY Expert Watch Repairing 1124 Tower Avenue Dial 7293 J. S. NELSON STAR GROCERY Phone Us Your Order 504 22nd Ave. East Phone 2-1522 THE LEADER Superiofs Fastest Growing Department Store 1 109 Tower Ave. GEORGE PESARK Grocer, Butcher, Baker 2123 East 5th Street Phone 7765 LEDERMAN'S SHOE co. ' Shoes, Hosiery and Men1s Furnishings 2121 East 5th Street Phone 22102 PALMER'S BARBER SHOP HIt Pays to Look Well!" 2119 East 5th Street LIGHTBODY'S Finest Women's Wear 1402 Tower Avenue PEOPLES FOOD MARKET Groceries, Meats and Provisions 1 1 19 Tower Ave. Dial 555025559 LIGNELL DRUG Superiofs Busiest Drug Store 1022 Tower Ave. Dial 8553 MARCUS CO. Expert Watch and jewelry Repairing 728 Tower Ave. PETERS GROCERY Groceries and Meats 2229 East 5th Street Dial 7734 PETERS JEWELRY Jeweler and Watchmaker 1 126 Tower Avenue PIDGEON'S GROCERY Complete Line of Groceries 3731 East 4th Street Phone 5218 CHARLES H. SNELL School Supplies 1731 East 5th St. Phone 7086 RACKCLIFF RADIO AND APPLIANCE CO. Service Calls 1216 Belknap Street Phone 7549 THOMPSON GROCERY Meats, Groceries, Fruits 1422 Tower Avenue Dial 7718 RANDALL'S Groceries and Confections 2108 East 5th Street Dial 2e1085 . MAURICE VAN VYNCKT Wholesale House 814 Tower Ave. Phone 2y1654 REED MERRELL Ford Sales and Service 1202 Ogden Ave. Dial 5588 VOGUE BOOTERY You Pick the Style, We Do the Fitting! 1218 Tower Avenue Phone 7493 R UDOLPH '5 Home of Lane Hope Chests Compliments of WALLIN'S SERVICE Itasca SAFFORD'S Office and School Supplies 1312 Tower Avenue Dial 291721 WDSM For the Best in Radio Lisltening Affiliated With A. B. C. SASNER'S EMPORIUM Clothing and Shoes For The Entire Family! 1017 Tower Avenue Phone 4602 Compliments of WESTLUND HARDWARE 1020 Tower Avenue SELDEN'S GROCERY AND HARDWARE Groceries and Fine Hardware 5833 Tower Avenue Phone 5518 WHEATON HEATING CO. "Call Wheaten for Heating" 506 22nd Ave. East Phone 5936 7 SINGER SEWING MACHINE co. All Your Sewing Needs! Phone 6851 121 6 Tower Avenue WISCONSIN TYPEWRITER CO. Corona, Royal, Remington and Underwood Typewriters 1306 Tower Avenue Dial 6901 ITASCA CAFE Home Baking and Dinners 5225 East 3rd Street Dial 2-3490 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES OF l950! , aw? eade yaw M and 4W4 cthwW Arid Remember . . . EYES ARE PRICELESSI Protect Them With Plenty of Light! if? r 4- THE 5.7 V J; . asf;r . ' . SWEATERS BEST IN . a . w . Worn By ""' u. A 2 EAST HIGH CLOTHES A A m . ATHLETES . ' '75., - . Complimen+s of Made By NELSON'S $ELE9ELL$ 1 120 Tower Ave. Dial 7252 KNITTING MILLS Duluth, Minnesota SHPBI'IOI' N atlanal "J z A 3, . ' f , V , . m; 'i m rf EAST END l 7 L 4 m f AI! :11 , ; J'Srw . " . LY ;;;' V , A $.SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN : - 'f i XX" R: g sz'1 1 . , $1- 1' fwd ; , i1 w . A , , .. I x For All Your Summer Vaca+ion Needs H's +he Modern S+ore gm Benson 1 Lundgf'en , Studio'" Fine 'Cgrdduatim vPlhorfosv y g x. ; M ' , , , V" 1:1" , . V 4 , ; L ,g ., A ;, 3.1; 9,9sz g? - w ' Aw I ., . L. $393 'w z ' 1? '09 Belknapgsti : :. ,, ' ' vw , b X ' ' a A y av, 3 ;'J , , Dian $5321ng k' ' , r; U! A , v bl f The Evening Telegram Iypgpper' WI'scOnsin' s Largesf tlome Daily" MW 1 The Telegram Job Prinfing Shop "Largesf and Mosf Modern Job Prinfing Shop in Upper Wisconsin" . PHONE 4411 TOWER at 13th MAJ uv-H j.gsswwf ? .1? . h .... .. Va w? ha! W yr wee. max . U' 3 v a NY: ah ' , ? . x

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