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QC- 'f N: -, . 4' F. 5: 4. H. S . 'N-.E - X K Q .1 Y 'K f??L111: 'fy 2564, ' Q04 . 2, .1 V , Q-1 N s 1 K , nqsajuuux-n .ff-Q -.1 W' AGM rf . f, N x N N X .335 N nt N , X ,I RVN A ' at f ' .. 2 iii 'I an K 1 -1 E 1, I . " f,, tr 1 N. V ' , A . . A . 4 , . 'v , .N Q, ga' Jf nf.wffQ:'-:r- f ' n - -W ' , . . . I 'H' ' ' H 4 A I 5 ' 4 " , 1 J rl . fu 5 1 1 J ' 1 , J 4 I v Q ,a '-nz v-rvv. . ,i jy, K . I 1 'Q I 1 , I xv . ,, . H LJ I r.. ,,, ,WA wx f., L, s 'li A .jg 1,4 '. .ilhj ,gg '- -'lib ll Qui Q55 'xii , , Qu Us ix J' . vi 'S IT , LSU 5 u The 1955 TIE?,CJJ.A.JXl' V V Published by The students of EAST HIGH SCHOOL Waterloo, Iowa "A.11 the 'vvorlcilfs a. stage" observed the Bard of Avon centuries ago. For our record of a year at East High School we focus on one small stage of that world as we present "The Troian Story." This drama has its humor and its tragedy, its rising action and audience applause. We've had fun living our high school roles, we hope our readers, too, will have fun as our actors and scenes pass in review on these pages. In the beginning - pages I-33 With varied talents - pages 34-59 At curtain time - pages 60-96 Editor ........... ........ A nn Wagner Sophomore Editors . . . Vicki Pals, Kay Dobson Sports Editor ....... . . . Paul Willhite Junior Editors . . Joyce Speicher, Jan Rowzee Ad Salesman ...... . . . Bill Quibell Senior Editors .......... Marilyn McRoberts, Business Manager . . . . . . Jack Henry Sharon Musgrove ' ' 1 Y A l i I 1 A 1 f ' f' ' T' ..-M . . 2 in "The Trojan Story" Q Printers not only get training in skills of their trade, but also produce printed material tor the schools. I Construction began this year on an addition to the annex which will include new homemaking and art departments. 0 A Geiger counter and a radioactive rat tascinate the curious following an audi- torium on cancer. I East-West clashes bring a large crowd of loyal fans to the Waterloo Auditorium. I Time out for a snack!! Candy sales at games always draw the hungry. Q "I Want to Be Happy" sang the 'Finale chorus as they concluded another memor- able performance. In the beginning . . . 3 Just as actors experience a few moments of stage fright, so did more than four hundred sophomores on the day school opened this fall. Feeling a bit bewildered by the unfamiliar surround- ings, but still enthusiastic, they faced the year with anticipation. ln the same way the stage crew builds a firm foundation for the more spectacular performance to follow, sophomores need to build a strong background for the years ahead. In this section we present sophomores, faculty and fall ac- tivities. 2 E Q - Z1 5 4 5 Y 5 1 4 3 7 Your Guide to East High, a booklet planned by the orientation committee and printed by the print shop for the sophomores, contains helpful informa- tion about the building, scheduling and activities. A. Holdiman studies her copy to be in-the-know on life at East. In our world history classes, we gain a better understanding of the world today by studying the ancient civilizations. L. Andreassen, M. Venter, J. Wylaorny and A. Baker combine their notes and ideas to present an interesting and informative panel discussion. Neatness and accuracy are the requirements of ci good draftsman. B. Jenney concentrates on trans- ferring a measurement from the book to a plate. Sophomores gain practice in reading, writing, speaking and listening activities in English classes. ihe varied program includes getting acquainted with the facilities of the East High library. One of the most important features was the card catalog. R. Potter, L. Miller, M. Venter and J. Wyborny are shown taking advantage of their newly acquired knowledge. Spanish classes not only learn the language but also receive a knowledge of foreign culture. Ad- miring the Mexican souvenirs and studying the Spanish books are S. Ferch, K. Sheeley, G. Case, A. Baker, J. Tovar and B. Denning. :fn-w..':r w1 irs f ,'f'f"" ' w-uQa...s:.1 'V Classes Broaden Understandlngs The main project of the Caesar class was to write and publish a bulletin for the Iowa Junior Classical League. R. Haughton, J. Bingham and J. Armstrong, officers of East's Latin Club, proofread the first copy. Many sophomores take advantage of geometry, an ancient study, which emphasizes reasoning and logical thinking. D. Artus proves one of the theorems on circles while the remainder of the class follow her explanation. By using Alouysius and his two cousins on the chart, E. Cunningham, J. Cherry, D. Granneman, C. Sheridan, J. Eyestone and Betty Clendennen learn more of the complex structure of the human body. Although the main objective of the bookkeeping classes is to practice keeping business records neatly and accurately, the students also learn the basis for filing income tax returns. Here J. Williamson figures how much tax she has to pay. ,srggvfye aresziikii W - ' ..- 2 '.MS!5M3i.iw3Seer5xzfSi Practice Makes Perfect if One of the first things we learn at East High is how to empty the building quickly and safely in case of fire. Chief Ray Tiller and Lt. D. C. Dobson presented an auditorium emphasizing fire prevention, dur- ing which they staged a fire drill to test our time in getting out of the building. ' Sophomore Chorus The sophomore mixed chorus presented music at the sophomore Open House. First Row: R. Hunt, E. Moten, J. Poeppey, D. Lawson, A. Lindner, S. Schrader, J. Bingham, D. Buzzard, B. Cole, J. Nelson, F. Michaelsen, C. Jossie. Second Row: J. Nicolaus, V. Pals, B. Tooman, S. Guernsey, M. Venter, B. Clendennen, S. Scully. Third Row: R. Thompson, G. Tilson, S. Simbric, T. Sage, J. Bowers, J, Parks, W. Bandfield, B. Willhite. Fourth Row: D. Noble, E. Sheppard, C. Can- field, W. Clough, J. Edsill, R. Potter, A. Baker, D. Granneman, W. Crouse, L. Spragle. Miss Older's Homeroom - 10 Front Row: Gail Porter, Diana Grotegut, Judy Nelson, Larry DeBuhr, Donald Thompson, Gary West, Shirley Simpson, Charles Mitchell. Second Row: Tom Sage, Gaylord Armstrong, Charles Henninger, James Parks, Lloyd Martin, Janice Johnson, James Woolsey, Nancy Anderson, Nancy Rager. Third Row: Joanne Bingham, Joanne Nichols, Wanda Gletty, John Derifield, Tom Friedley, John Tovar, Martha Weisbrocl, Don Kephart, Donna Buzzard. Not Pictured: Wayne Faust, Don Leohr, George Brown, Donna Blessing. We Play Hosts The sophomores and faculty entertain the parents in an Open House designed to acquaint the parents of the sophomores with the teachers, program of studies and the philosophy of education. S. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Miller and Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Dotson enjoy the refreshments served after the program. Mr. Natvig's Homeroom - 10 Front Row: Sharon Pieters, Mary Wolbers, Jean Weiss, Carol Palmer, Lois Neessen, Herman Debner, Martin Fitzpatrick, Mike McKinstry, Janis Adair, Luanne Anderson. Second Row: Janice Rohle, Shirley Fries, Josie McDaniel, Marlene Rue, David Davis, Jerry Bentley, Dick Tharp, Bev- erly Jesse, Eugene Shirley, Calvin Thompson. Thirrl Row: Dorothy Lawson, Sandra Murphy, Arlene Grono- ski, Barbara Walker, Larry Miller, Ronald Kuehl, Keith Jay, Rex Smith, Dick Burk, Ronald Geisler. Not Pictured: Norma Flowers, Leen Ella Hodges. fwfr Miss Black's Homeroom - 10 Front Row: Sandra Miller, Karen Mohs, Suzan Wetzstein, Irvin Venter, Dewey Durnin, Jim Penning, LeRoy Grimstad, Lenard Ayers, Ann Lindner, Juanita Steenbergen, Sharon Schilling. Second Row: Joan Hughes, Dixie Probert, Mike Flaherty, Jay Armstrong, Jim Henninger, .lack Nichols, Bruce Timmer- man, Dick Boies, Carol Jossie, Kay Dobson. Third Row: Jim Bowers, Sharon Niedert, Sharon Ohl, Glenn Manbeck, Howard Allen, Roger F. Schmidt, Jerry Burke, Bill Gibbons, Betty Denning, Beverly Reddick, Sharon Kirch- mann. Not Pictured: Beverly Holbrook. A Miss Laubscher's Homeroom - 'I0 Front Row: Beatrice Ortiz, Barbara Tarkett, Delpha Rice, Judy Winkey, Betty Lynch, Ron Lane, Jane Pieters, Effie Ambrose, JoAnn Meinders, Jack Renner. Second Row: Stanley Damme, Gordan Murray, Earl Neuen- dorf, Shirley Theel, Steve Simbric, Jerry Hartson, Ron Haughton, Judy Buehner, Bonnie Cook, Richard Beard, Katherine Munn. Third Row: Don Kriens, Rick Hastings, Marilyn Fink, Mar- lene Venter, Paul Fuller, Eugene Sheppard, Bob Dyer, Don Bouck, Doneta Fairholm, Arlin Carman, Gary Stern. In Social Whirl Our first social event of the year was a party planned by the social committee to help us get ac- quainted with our fellow students. The object of one of the games during the evening was to 'find the team which could pop the most balloons. Miss Behrens' Homeroom - 10 Front Row: James Black, lris Leonard, Jackie Weitnauer, Jackie Wylaorny, JoAnne Netley, Linda Metcalf, Lois Guh- low, Susan Hopkins, Ellen Lynch, LeRoy Saveraid. Second Row: Cleo Gardner, Vera Sanders, Judith Bruch, Rosemary Drake, Donald Deeds, Bob Weston, Rex Anderson, Allen Trask, Janet Poeppey, Diane Artus, Darlene Green. Third Row: Tom Clark, Harold Patterson, Percy Slattenow, Keith Johnson, Allan Nordbrock, Ralph Potter, Gene Thomp- son, .lack Moeller, Dave Kepple, Gary Case. Not Pictured: Nordean Bodecker. A Facing 0ur Problems So that we might better understand the problems most teen-agers face, sophomores met at six audi- toriums sponsored by the orientation committee. On this panel J. Jackson, G. Norman, D. Black, J. Henry, S. Musgrave and H. Voigt discuss the pros and cons of "going steady." Mr. Perego's Homeroom - 10 Front Row: Doris Campbell, Gary Janes, Patty Pates, Eldon Nolting, Harvey Happel, Paul Morris, Marvin Long, Joel Williams, Brian Willhite, JoAnn Morgan. Second Row: Pat Clough, Jim Eggleston, Judy Fox, Peggy Strohm, Clarice Phillips, Arthur Baker, Anthony Reasby, Carol Roseberry, Gene Walker, Sandra Schrader, Craig Kern. Third Row: Larry Adams, Gloria Brooks, Lillian Dotson, Everett Stoneman, Roger Hostetler, Kenn Koontz, William Crouse, Sharon Scully, Roger Marshall, Daryl Reinertson, Ruth Tyler. Not Pictured: Laura Ginther, Daryel Hamlin. Miss MarIow's Homeroom - 'IO Front Row: Glenda Reed, Helen Welch, Jack Edsill, James Montgomery, Allen Boite, Larry Gillespie, Alex Walker, Roger W. Schmidt, Annette Puhl, Ann Williams. Second Row: Sharlyn Dostal, Mariory Lister, Eva Austreng, Larry Folkers, Darryll Noble, Martin Ackerman, William Hal- terman, Francis Collins, Betty Mollenhauer, Carole Juhl, Edythe Byerly. Third Row: George Loy, Edwin Stone, Lucile Ackerman, Rebekah Whitten, Suzanne Guernsey, Marlene Ives, Shirley Holthaus, Janice Marsh, Marilyn Brewer, Judy Tufts, Dale Straw, Edward Schlachlenhaufen. Not Pictured: Bill Clough, Jack Kirkpatrick, Colleen Azbill. Mrs. CrcmdaIl's Homeroom - 10 Front Row: Karen Nagel, Karla Larson, Betty Saddler, Vicki Pals, Nancy Hurley, Shirley Walsh, Alice Holdiman, Rillo Pettit, Kay Burk. Second Row: Jerry Gilfillan, Roger Bentley, Lois Betts, Ruth Wells, Allen Podhaski, Merrill Siler, Jim Cherry, Donald Spear, Ronald Primrose, Gary Johnson. Third Row: Steve Sage, Larry Andreassen, Harry Neipert, Connie Fauser, Ronald Thompson, Romane Leet, David Hen- nessey, Gail MaKinster, Karen Thill. Not Pictured: Marsha Dierks, Larry Brockway, Fred Fox. Enthusiasm Mounts For the first time sophomores generated such enthusiasm that they had their own cheerleaders. Here the six pep- sters, J. Marsh. C. Palmer, L. Neessen, N. Diehl, G. Brooks and their captain D. Artus, form a T 'For Trojan. Mr. Meyerhoff's Homeroom - I0 Front Row: Bill Rathe, Ed Cunningham, Mary Moeller, Judy Nicolaus, Joan Pencil, Sharon Hagedorn, Ethel Jacoby, Melbo Henry, Diane Ferch, Bill Schiel. Second Row: Betty Clendennen, Ronnie Hastings, Kay Gei- ger, Wayne Bandtielcl, Joe Miller, Jeri Duke, Bob Acker- man, Sharon Ferch, Kenneth Jones, Ramona Aschbrenner, Lucille Lies. Third Row: Jane Wyborny, Darla Schake, Pat Kerr, Eddie Wescom, Jim Grim, Larry Spragle, Ron Power, Thayne Steyer, Jane Burke, Donna Norte, Delbert Brown, Judy Burgess. Not Pictured: Janice Parizek, Gary Tilson, Gary Wilcox. Into the Swing A highlight of the year for sophomores was the TROJAN sales campaign. As this was our first experience with annuals, we did our best to boost the sales as high as possible. D. Hennessey and D. Wilson examine the poster which totaled each day's sales. Mr. Davidson's Homeroom - 10 Front Row: Marie Evanoft, Gary Fleming, Davis Haugen, Mary Jones, Ruth Walgreen, Mary Wingler, Eleanor Cook, Kenneth McDowell, Nora Sloan, Bill Jenney. Second Row: Shirley Daman, Patricia Murphy, Colleen Sheri- dan, Shirley Woock, James Richardson, Floyd Neessen, Jim Bela, Nancy Diehl, Frances Michaelsen, Bernice Tooman, Neva Thomas. Third Row: Evyonne Warneka, Dale Beattie, Ronald Krut- singer, Bob Anderson, Duane Granneman, Robert Pownell, Mike Braniger, Terry DeBerg, Jim Carnes, Harlean Heide- mann. Not Pictured: Russell Gardner. Mr. Garlock's Homeroom - 'IO Front Row: Jerry Tharp, Josephine Eyestone, Ruth Hunt, Delores Wilson, Karen Sheeley, Roger Matz, Georgia Swartz, Barbara Buehner, Elizabeth Moten, Naomi Patterson, Roger Walker. Second Row: Joy Jenkins, Karen Kohl, Norville Gleason, Ronald Ross, James Baker, Patty Remetch, Joe Phillips, Beverly Moulds, Donna Cue, Mary Borwig, Janice William- son. Third Row: Bette Fuller, Julie Looney, James Reiser, Tom Budak, Dick Dotson, Jim Van Gorp, Claire Canfield, James Northrup, Vincent Herman, Betty Cole, John Harvey. Not Pictured: Delores Lamb, Richard Allensworth, Roger Bauman, Joe Harris. Interests of Youth Challenge Them Superintendent Jack M. Logan East students appreciate the interest Superin- tendent and Mrs. Jack M. Logan take in school activities for they are regular attendants at sports and stage events. Here we have an opportunity to see them in the relaxation of their home. BOARD OF EDUCATION Seated: Gordon Spry, Charles H. Dalton, Mrs. H. W. Rehder, Phillips Taylor, president, Stewart R. Seidler, Wirt P. Hoxie, Dr. R. S. Gerard. Standing: E. A. Ralston, secretary, .lack M. Logan, superintendent of schools, Ralph A. Austermiller, director of curriculum. Because of their many school responsibilities Princi- pal and Mrs. Charles L. Hoffman have little time left for the pleasure of a leisurely evening at home. Edna lenicek, Student Council Advisor, Co- ordinator of Activities. lawrence Gurlock, Vice- principal, Boys' Ad- visor. Principal Charles L. Hoffman They Promote Student Welfare TIN .mgxrsw Faculty Encourage Creative Talent East faculty pay particular attention to individual counseling. Here D. Black looks over her permanent record as she confers with Mr. Garlock, vice-principal, and Mrs. Saeger, her home- room teacher. KENNETH ANDERSON, English, Speech, Audi- torium Committee, TV, Thespians. FLORENCE BLACK, English, Orientation Com- mittee. MARIE CAMPBELL, English, Latin, Olympiad Club. MARJORIE SAEGER, English. AUSTIN PEREGO, English, Speech, Dramatics. EDNA MAY RITTENHOUSE, English, Ushers. MARILYN E. MARLOW, English, Social Committee, Nativity. MARGUERITE BLOUGH, Journalism, Head of Eng- lish Department, Quill and Scroll, Orange and Black, Wooden Horse, Trojan. Miss Jeanette Orsinger, secretary to Principal Charles L. Hoffman, confers with Miss Lorraine Rose, secretary to Jack M. Logan, superintendent of schools. E. J. GOODVIN, Biology, Physical Education, Sophomore Football Coach, Assistant Wrestling Coach, Trojan Club, Track Coach. ERMA PRIZLER, French, Spanish, Olympiad Club. MARJORIE LAUBSCHER, World History, Citizen- ship Committee. LILLIAN M. ENLOW, Librarian, Library Science, Library Council. DONALD C. RATHE, American History, American Trends. MURRAY WIER, American History, Basketball Coach, Assistant Sophomore Football Coach, Athletic Director. LOUIS BREITBACH, Physical Education, Football Coach. ELVA TUCKER, World History, Orientation Com- mittee. T9 Emphasize Skills, World Understanding Faculty report to the library at the end of the semester to put grades on the cards and per- manent records. 14 W it vs W KW Gultivate Dexterity, MARK J. FLANDERS, American History, Director of Visual Education, Camera Club. RALPH LEMOINE, Clerical Office Practice, High School Business Manager. RICHARD MEYERHOFF, Driver Education. RUSSELL STARR, Drafting. M. F. KEMMERER, Machine Shop. GEORGE LEEBL, General Metals, Vocational Math- ematics, Trade and lndustry Co-op, Construction Activities for Homecoming, Nativity, and Swing Show. WARD M. COWLES, Printing, Vocational Printing, Publicity and Promotion Committee. HUGH S. LOGAN, Woodworking, Vocational Woodworking. Scientific Attitude VELMA OLDER, Biology. WILLIAM J. WATERS, Geometry, Algebra III, Solid Geometry, College Algebra, Trigonometry, Baseball Coach, Troian Club. HELEN M. KNOCHE, Retailing, Sales Co-op, Office Co-op, Nurse Aide Co-op. RICHARD E. BEITZEL, Chemistry, Physics, Science Club. DAVE NATVIG, Bookkeeping, Business Arithme- tic, Consumer Education, Physical Education, Wrestling Coach, Sophomore Baseball Coach. AUGUST J. LUKES, Bookkeeping, Business Law. DONALD DAVIDSON, Shorthand, Secretarial Of- fice Practice, Social Committee. DORIS CRANDALL, Typing. At one of their weekly coffees the faculty fete ex-principal Miller in celebration of his birth- day. In the foreground are Mr. Waters, Mr. Miller, Miss Laubscher, Mrs. Miller, Miss Black and Mrs. Hoffman. ESTHER A. OLESON, Art, Publicity and Pro- motions Committee, Homecoming Committee, Art Club. VIVIAN ARTUS, Attendance Clerk. HAZEL KUEHN, Homemaking. ELIZABETH C. DUNBAR, Homemaking. Stimulate Proficiency JAMES L. GORDON, Band. ROBERT C. REEVES, Orchestra. GLENN WISTEY, Physical Education, Sopho- JANE PALMER, Girls' Physical Education more Basketball Coach. Cheerleaders, Girls' Recreation. RUTH BEHRENS, Vocal Music. KENNETH KETCHAM, Physical Education, Soph omore Basketball Coach. 22 Behind the Scenes Among the "unsung heroes" at East are the custodians, cooks and the nurse, who really have a great deal to do with making our school days pleasant. In addition to their regular duties of efficiently maintaining the school, the custodians are always ready to help open jammed lockers or unlock doors for a student to retrieve a lost book. Mrs. Mamie Larson and Mrs. Freda Manahl keep Eastonians who eat in the cafeteria well nourished with the appetizing menus they offer each noon. Very essential to the comforts of students in time of illness or injury is Mrs. Juanita Lininger, the school nurse. Her prompt attention and cheerful encouragement assure students that their health needs are an important consideration. Here nurse Juanita Lininger bandages the finger of student G. Loy, who came to her office for first aid. Early morning arrivals at East are familiar with the daily flag-raising. Promptly at eight o'clock each morning custodian Elton Bly raises the stars and stripes as a symbol of the democracy which provides our free education. Satisfying the hungry appetites of approximately 450 William Schoof, Virgil Steele, Elton Bly, Howard Sander- Eastonians each noon hour are friendly Mrs. Mamie Larson gard and Ray Cornelius take a breather from the stint of and Mrs. Freda Manahl. winter shoveling. Speaking at the auditorium honoring East graduates was Tom Lind former athletic director On the platform tor the event are B. Bernett, student council vice-president B Baker homecoming co chairman Principal Charles Hoff man, Tom Lind, speaker, B. Booher, homecoming co chair'nan and S Gordish social committee chairman Homecoming Scores Victory Homecoming committee, under the direction of co-chairman Barbara Baker and Bob Booher, combined their ideas to select the theme Victory. The alumni, welcomed by an ap- pointed group, were honored in the special auditorium and cheered the team on to victory. Guest speaker Tom Lind, former athletic director, urged students to live up to East's tradition. Following the auditorium the alumni, seniors and faculty attended a tea in the little theater under the sponsorship ot the social committee. Above: Members of the homecoming committee spent lang hours beautitymg the halls with colorful orange and black streamers tor the annual event. Below: ln keeping with the tradition, the band forms an F honoring our rival Fort Dodge Alumni, faculty and seniors have a chance to renew acquaintances during the homecoming tea 462 Conferences with representatives 'From Iowa State Teachers College answer many questions for students who wish to enroll at Cedar Falls. Juniors get an early start with their college plans through the discussion period set up for them to talk over their problems with the visiting counselors. Vice-principal Garlock and East grads Dorothy Dravis and Dick Johnson answer questions about the adiustment between high school and college at an auditorium for prospective college-goers. 25 In preparation for College Day, J. Strohm, B. Walsh and L. Nield thumb through catalogs to get acquainted with the offerings of various schools. Focus on College The third annual College Day ac- tivities featured discussion groups with representatives trom thirteen Iowa colleges. Juniors and seniors had a chance to ask questions about problems that going to college brings. Interested parents came in the even- ing for discussion groups. ln bright new outfits, the orange girls contributed to the success of half- time shows with clever pantomimes and snappy routines. They include S. Musgrave, C. Breckenfelder, D. Musgrave, C. Reints, A. Baker and R. Gautney. MARCHING BAND ln keeping with "What's My Line?", the East High marching band forms a question mark. Playing "Who?", they pay tribute to Jack M. Logan, superintendent of schools. Led by Janice Adams and Sandra Zegarac, drum majors, the band presented half time shows for the home foot- ball games and also took a band trip to Marshalltown, where they presented a show. CONCERT BAND Front Row: S. Sackett, E. Bercier, V. Summy, M. Brewer, W. Rasmussen, R. Haughton Second Row: M. Stumme, L. Westendorf, J. Wyborny, G. Allee, B. Fernau, A Nordbrock R Boggs Third Row: J. Speicher, I. Leonard, J. Meinders, A. Fink, S. Fabel, C. Sheridan D Schake K Murphy Fourth Row: G. Swartz, B. Gibson, S. Walsh, C. Palmer, R. Primrose, J. Duke S Wetzstein M McKmstry Fifth Row: I.. Anderson, R. Hastings, C. Bingaman, .l. Bela, J. Henninger, M. Long R Boller B Morgan The cheerleaders and orange girls generate enthusiasm in auditoriums as well as at games. From the sidelines the cheerleaders are eagerly awaiting a score. Under the direction of James Gordon the concert band pre- sented o Christmas program and a Pops Concert. On May 6 the East and West bands combined under Robert Lowry, director at Morningside College, to present one of several programs during the Music Festival. CHEERLEADERS Sparkling smiles captivate the crowd as the sextet of cheerleaders encourages our teams on to victory. They include C. Brown, J. Speicher, S. Bothun, N. Bender, J. Vich and C. Kemmerer. Front Row: J. Armstrong, A. Courter, D. Manley, J. Henry, J. Brelsford, D. Laylin. C. Brown, B. Rathe. Second Row: D. Fink, R. Lane, H. Debner, M. Braniger, R. Hostetler, G. Janes, E. Schlachtenhaufen, R. Geisler. Third Row: D. Kelsen, A. Reasby, B. Scully, J. Cox, R. Wells, G. West, J. Eyestone, J. Black. Fourth Row: A. Podhaski, J. Kuehl, A. Bolte, M. Haeflinger, G. Manbeck, D. Boies, J. Harrison, D. Barber. Fifth Row: L. Nield, G. Collins, J. Johannessen, G. Wentl-ie, T. Steyer, B. Wilson, P. Slattenow, K. Koontz. VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD First Row: J. Cook, C. Welch, A. Courter, L. Furgerson, P. Willhite, R. Thompson, R. Gardner, J. Carr, B. Willard, N. DeBerg, R. Andrews. Second Row: B. Smith, G. VanGorp, D. Peppler, L. Ehlers, T. Howery, M. Mishler, J. Letney, D. Westemeier, C. Burke, J. Clifford, D. Anderson, G. Scheel. Third Row: R. Walentiny, S. Kincaid, C. Cutsforth, E. McBride, B. McKee, J. Heyer, K. Kelling, J. Jackson, J. Christoffersen, J. Hutchins, J. Nagle, B. Eastman, B. Wright. Fourth Row: Coach Louis Breitbach, R. Schmidt, N. Melohn, B. Bishop, D. Smith, W. Miller, K. Showers, D. Fagerlind, N. Han- sen, W. Folks, A. Kinzler, D. Franke, B. Flowers, Assistant Coach Glenn Wistey. Gridsters Provide Tough Competition The Troian gridmen opened the season with hopes of retaining the Big Six crown. A siege of oddities started with the Du- buque game, when a last quarter pass gave Dubuque a 14-14 tie with the Troians, who had led throughout the game. ln the final seconds of the last quarter of the East Des Moines game a pass blocked by two East de- FURGERSON WELCH EHLERS BU RKE fenders fell into the arms of a Scarlet player on the goal line. This touchdown and the extra point gave East a 'l3-'l2 defeat and dimmed the hopes of regaining the conference crown. Homecoming also was the scene of an up- set as the Troians, trailing 16-O, rallied to a 'I9-T8 win over Fort Dodge. MCBRIDE FLOWERS BISHOP GARDNER Bar Wing Powerful Head Coach Lou Breitbach brought an innovation to the for- mer football systems when he introduced the bar wing as the Trojan offense. He developed the forma- tion into a powerful offensive weapon and made East a serious threat for state and city honors. WRIGHT DeBERG ig ee.: it , 1 . W .f ,v-- .:.-gt J V' fs 3 ,, f" ,..,.,, ,.,. if it 'R 1:9 1 f -I:-f 15" 1 1 ' 5 2 ,... " ' ,V Q , M f'-' jg' , " W6 tt if :ix-1' " f f-er' - J -' i"::":, f' +1 2' M v si- J - 1 ...,. V : . - . 1. COOK CARR ANDREWS ANDERSON CLIFFORD "OURTER McKEE EVERDING CUTSFORTH HOWERY WILLHITE THOMPSON Sophs Begin A varsity-reserve back rounds end with his blockers spearing ahead, while the sophs close in. Sidelined soph, D. Dotson, helps ofticiate. Sophomore gridsters began their high school careers in a somewhat discouraging manner with defeats by the Ackley varsity, 19-0, and by West, 33-6 and T4-13. Games with Tama and Marshalltown were scheduled, but cancelled. The sophs scrimmaged East's varsity-reserves and according to Coach Elvin Goodvin, "We came out on top three times to their one." Assisting Coach Goodvin throughout the season was Murray Wier. The efforts of these two men helped some forty East sophomores prepare for their varsity careers. SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL SQUAD VARSITY RECORD WE McKinley, Cedar Rapids. . . . 39 Wilson, Cedar Rapids. .. . 38 Dubuque ......... . T4 East Des Moines. . . . 12 Fort Dodge ..... . 19 Mason City . . . 'I3 Marshalltown . .. . 20 North Des Moines. . . . 19 West Waterloo . . . . O Grid Career THEY 7 O 14 13 18 7 28 0 40 First Row: D. Beard, J. Montgomery, D. Boies, R. Hastings, T. Sage, E. Schlachtenhaufen, A. Baker, J. Phillips, C. Mitchell, S Sage, J. Fencl, J. Williams, M. Fitzpatrick. Second Row: J. Grim, T. Budak, T. DeBerg, J. Armstrong, D. Bouck, L. Miller, E. Wescom, J. Burke, R. Hostetler, R. Matz, R Kuehl, J. Hartson. Third Row: Assistant Coach Murray Wier, H. Patterson, F. Neessen, A. Bolte, W. Bandfield, J. Cherry, P. Morris, M. Siler, A Podhaski, J. Penning, R. Power, D. Thompson, L. DeBuhr, D. Dotson, B. Dyer, Coach Elvin Goodvin. Not pictured: J. Edsill, W. Faust, T. Friedley, R. Lane, R. Potter, B. Willhite. Letter Winners Rate Honors East gridsters get ready for another play in the East-West city cham- pionship game. J. Carr, third team all-starter, ancl first team Big-Six, and J. Cook, second conference team, receive their captains' stars in the football letter award auditorium. TROJAN CLUB Front Row: N. DeBerg, B. Wright, B. McKee, D. Criswell, J. Cook, A. Courter, B. Bishop, R. Andrews. Second Row: J. Hibben, C. Cutsforth, G. Finders, L. Ehlers, J. Clifford, C. Welch, P. Willhite. Third Row: S. Everding, R. Mingus, D. Fagerlind, J. Budak, K. Keliing, M. McBride, K. Doland. Fourth Row: B. Willard, L. Furgerson, J. Christoffersen, W. Coffin, R. Thompson, C. Patten, L. Bergmann. B ,,,.f,,,, ska M 3f,,. ,. J. Looney, playing the role of Judy Graves, reaches a high point in the play as she opens a long-sought Christmas gift. "Junior Miss" Charms Crowds "Junior Miss," East's 1954 production of the annual fall play, was staged November ll and 12 to the enjoyment of the two near-capacity crowds. A cast of 19, under the direction of Austin O. Perego, realistically portrayed the comedy focusing on ci humorous family situation. THE CAST poses for a curtain call. Seated: D. Kelsen, C. Reints, E. Collins, J. Morris, J. Looney, S. Mower. Standing: W. Wilson, J. Edsill, P. Willhite, R. Anderson, C. Canfield, J. Foggy, W. Coffin, J. Anders, N. Diehl, K. Jones, L. Ohl, M. LaPole, K. Larrabee. CREW-Seated: C. Meyers, J. Andrews, M. Evanoff, D. Wilson, K. Showers, D. Straw, D. Leslie, D. Brown. Standing: R. Boggs, G. Dunkelberg, M. McKinstry, W. Fernau, V. Walters, C. DeHart, E. Collins, R. Anderson, R. Schmidt. 32 The Thespians present the holiday play, Dickens' "Christmas Carol." Kneeling: K. Larrabee, C. Mitchell. Front' Row: K. Murphy, B. Smith, L. Gramenz, P. Willhite, C. Meyers, S. Hopkins, M. Brewer, M. Wilson, S. Spear, D. Wilson, C. Reints, P. Potratz, G. Porter, J. Foggy. Second Row: B. Wilson, J. Anders, B. Anderson, R. Thompson, J. Henry, B. Coffin, J. Edsill, J. Sims, M. McKinstry, K. Jones, F. Neessen, J. Burke, F. Allen, C. DeHart, W. Bandfield, G. Herbsleb, L. Metcalf. Thespians Before Spotlights, Cameras D. Kelsen and J. Eclsill dram- atize a misinformecl attitude on the "Warning Signal" TV pro- gram. L. Nield, operator of the warning signal device, and di- rector K. Anderson stand by to switch the program to the panel for discussion. East casts appeared on 17 "School of the Air" programs. 33 Thespians find crew activity as important as footlight appearances. Here L. Nield, L. Furger- son and J. Andrews operate the sound equip- ment for Swing Show. VVi'b11 Varied talents NI Nl Whatever our interests are-music, sports, dramatics or books4 we learn that the drama of our high school days is a success only if we develop our individual talents and learn to appreciate the talents of others. Just as a successful show combines the in- genuity of artists, dancers and musicians working together, so does our cooperation with others in school affairs create memor- able accomplishments. ln this section, we record the events of the iuniors and winter activities. a V1 S ff 2? Q i A a 5 E 5 3 4 The dictionary is a familiar reference for these nine top ranking students in the iunior class. Front Row: C. Stone, C. Brown, C. Kemmerer, D. Miller. Second Row: B. Shelton, J. Sims, R. Boyles, J. Adams, J. Speicher. In the junior year students have an op- portunity to broaden interests by making a selection of courses from a wider variety of offerings. With future vocations in mind they continue studies for college preparatory work unions' Discover or practice skills in the business and industrial fields. Juniors have taken leadership responsibil- ities in many activities and have bolstered the morale in publications, music and sports. Working to get their portion of the eight-page paper completed are C. Brown, J. Patterson, D. Miller, D. Ruff- 1 corn from the iournalism class. Proving that the culture of America is the result of contributions of many races and nationalities, these American literature students find the locale of the novels they are reading. Students in chemistry class produce hydrogen sul- fide gas and wonder what their results will be. Qs l 1 , l Interesting Classes Cutting boards which will be used in bases for wood- working benches in one of the new schools are M. Payton, M. Scheel and J. Smiley. D. Albright points out o vital spot in the growth of the West to the other members of Murray Wier's American history class. A solid geometry class ponders a figure which in- structor William Waters has created from string and wire to illustrate a problem. S. Nelson writes dictation on the blackboard to show her skill in shorthand. The aim of the 160 students enrolled in typing classes is accuracy and speed. ,4 L. Muir and J. Vich study pamphlets and bulletin board displays to get ideas for designing a kitchen. This is one of their projects in homemaking. hammer ........ ...--1 T Junior Council Front Row: C. Meyer, S. Newlon, R. Walentiny, D. Kelsen, C. Kemmerer, N. Bender. Second Row: B. Sweet, J. Morris, R. Phillips, D. Franke, G. Ohrt, D. Grove, A. Baker, C. Brown. Not Pictured: G. Marx, J. Patterson, J. Vich. We Make Decisions With meeting dates scheduled for the sec- ond and 'Fourth Thursdays, junior council served as a co-ordinating group for activities of the junior class. Two members represented each homeroom. Mr. Anderson's Homeroom - 1'l The major work of the junior council was to plan the junior-senior prom. With junior council members as chairmen and other junior students as assistants, seven committees car- ried out all the duties necessary to make the prom on May 27 a social success. ' Front Row: Rita Gautney, Sylvia Janes, Eldina Bercier, Frances Fuller, Janet Norman, Billie Woolums, Joyce Speicher, Marlys Stumme, Marilyn Burkes. Second Row: Jim Patterson, Kent Harper, Dick Kohlscheen, Jim Zerifis, -l0l'1f1 Mf1V5l'h l-UFVY Kvestner, VlCl0l' WC1ll9f5f WUITQV Miller, Jim Wood. Third Row: Richard Lclylin, James Heyer, Kenneth Boone, Myron Robbins, Charles DeHart, Gretchen Marx, Marilyn Wilson, Marlys Meyne. Not Pictured: Thomas Carr. Insignia Arrive Anxious to receive their class rings, juniors search for their homeroom representative. Mr. LeebI's Homeroom - 'II Front Row: Barbara Anderson, Carolyn Dickinson, Richard Boller, Jim Jackson, Norman Hanson, Laurence Nanke, Dar' lene Austin. Second Row: Barbara Self, Ruth Miller, Chuck Patten, Aub- ery Willingham, Douglas Gaudes, Don Marsh, Norma Lane, Belle Streblow. Third Row: Edna Manson, Ramona Burk, Raymond Snyder, Howard Koger, Louis Lies, Ivan Hare, John Wold, Sharon Newlon. Not Pictured: Mary Jo Dalryample, Gregg Jossie, Carl Schulz, Pat Mitchell. ls Miss Rittenhouse's Homeroom - 11 Front Row' Faye Johnson, Donna Musgrove, Joan Black Gene Scheel, La Rue Westendort, Rosemary Christopherson Donna Kohlmeyer. Second Row: Doris Wagner, Jack Weston, Charles Thies Gary Halleck, Bill Fernau, Gary Donaldson, Judy Wetzstein Carolyn Reints. Third Row: Cheryl Brown, Joy Guernsey, Merrilee Kephart Duane Franke, Jerry Smiley, Rosemary Beasley, Merle Col- lins, Dorathy Miller. Not Pictured: George Remington. Miss Compbell's Homeroom - 11 Front Row: Sandra Sackett, Margie Ostlie, Doris Taylor, David Follett, Bill Coffin, Nancy Flieder, George Stinson, Dorothy Baker, Sandra Bothun. Second Row: Beverly Jochumsen, Sandra Mower, .lodeen Ranarcl, Wayne Rasmussen, Clyde Sherk, Pat Brown, Bill S. Eastman, Nancy Bender. Third Row: Mary Morehouse, Donna Dodd, George Wenthe, Dave Kelsen, Jim Christoffersen, Alfred Ackerman, Dick Cobb, Carole Meyers, Darlys Grimm. Not Pictured: Jerry Letney, Dennis Ruffcorn, Don Westemeier. We Elect 0 livers Junior Officers V. Summy, treasurer, B. Willard, presidentp D. Musgrove, vice president, J. Adams, secretary. Miss Enlow's Homeroom - 11 Front Row: Celia Guy, Richard Fink, Rex Schmitt, John Budak, Tom Thompson, .lim Kingsley, Donald Schuler, Mary Fellenzer, Patricia Lourie. Second Row: Joan Drilling, Barbara Wilder, Barbara Beck, Jerry Nagel, Terry Lichty, Douglas Rowling, Sam Kincaid, Sharon Thein, Lora Hollingsworth, Bernice Mundt. Third Row: William Smith, Arlan French, Charles Cross, Barbara Robinson, Marjorie Manson, Jerry Morris, Karen Krutsinger, Ruthie Sallis, Mary Anne Stevenson, Dorothy Bobo. Not Pictured: Beverly Wichert. Q. To Ward Per action Junior girls practicing their opener tap for the Swing Show are C. Meyer, J. Speicher, N. Ben- der, S. Bothun, J. Rowzee, G. Marx, M. Rose, J. Ortiz, A. Baker, B. Woolums and S. Wilkinson. Mr. Beitzel's Homeroom - 'I1 Front Row: Danny Carey, Donna Lamborn, Marilu Rose, Richard Christensen, Bonnie Shelton, Lois Simmons, Gary Ohrt, Donald McCready. Second Row: Barbara Geisler, Sonia Wilkinson, Bonnie Kin- ney, Patricia Christensen, George Domer, Annette Baker, Mariorie Van Winkle, Marcella Augustson. Third Row: Dick Shea, Ted Lauzon, Bill L. Eastman, Kerry Kelling, Herbert Mesch, Paul Hansen, Wayne Folks, larry Hickman, Francis Wagner. Not Pictured: Barbara Walker. Miss Tucker's Homeroom - 11 Front Row: Corene Meyer, David Linstrom, James Hutchins, Bill Willard, Jon DeSmidt, Roger Walentiny, Ronald Schuler, Robert Ehlers, Suzan Dimmitt. Second Row: Gloria Schultz, Lee Muir, Lady Ford, Roland Abbott, Milton McCoy, Kay Murphy, Shirley Kupka, Sylvia Nelson, Robert Johnston, Melva Miller. Third Row: Jacie Richards, Janet Smock, Lauren Nanlce, Rex Boggs, Randy Paterson, Joan Andrews, Barbara Beebe. Not Pictured: Ethel Curry, Yordonna Koeff, James Jirak, Jerry Anders. Will: Precision Boys interested in metals get experience on the lathes in metal shop. Mrs. Kuehn's Homeroom - 11 Front Row: Golda Larson, Collene Bingaman, Joyce Mathews, George Dunkelberg, David Albright, Janice Rowzee, Myrlea LaPole, Pat Casper. Second Row: William Anderson, William Gardner, Norman Melohn, Harold Warm, Paul Timmerman, Duane Kellogg, Jim Jensen, Darold Bush, Gary Norcott. Third Row: Cheryl Stone, Jeneane Vich, Gloria Derfield, Carol Breckenfelder, Carol Peter, Carol Seaton, Juanita Ortiz, Barbara Mckosak, Betty Leith. Mr. Rathe's Homeroom - 11 Front Row: Carol Kemrnerer, Larry Maass, Janet Griefnow, Stanley Morris, Leroy Sadler, Jerry Johannessen, Janice Adams, Julie Sims, Helen Reed. Second Row: Nadene Lowcock, Dwan Waddell, Dick Grove, Beverly Fouts, Bob Boyles, Jack Hurd, Melva Knight, Donald Leslie, Geneva Hoskins. Third Row: Janet Buck, Shirley Schweertman, Fred Wittstock, Eugene Collins, Bill Brinker, Jack Eldridge, Linda Munson, Fred Allen, Barbara Otterman. Not Pictured: Virginia Dolash, Allan Kinzler. Mr. Breitbach's Homeroom - 11 Front Row: Carole Delapp, Pat Penticoft, Joy Campbell, Leonard Bergmann, Robert Dotson, Dick Fulton, Jerry Har- rison, Juanita Howard. Second Row: Janice Lee, Bill Krueger, Tom Hummel, Jim Jaquith, Patty Long, Kenneth Martin, Bob North, Jacqueline Nielsen, Mervin Mishler. Third Row: lda Belle Powell, Betty Schutte, Jackie Shinn, Dick Smith, Mike Stigler, Ed Renner, Carol Venter, Helen Winning, Verle Summy. 0ne-Two- Three-Four For the first time in years, senior and iunior girls have participated in gym classes together while sophs are in classes by themselves. These girls are doing lim- bering-up exercises for modern dance. Miss Oleson's Homeroom - 'I'I Front Row: Patricia Larrabee, Glennyce Shafer, Betty Sweet, Sally Dimmitt, Sherilyn LeMoine, Janet Foggy, Pat Rolls, Nancy Nelson, Bonnie Bebee. Second Row: Mary Metcalf, Roland Goings, Connie Clem- ents, Ruth Beatty, Darlene Boese, LaVerne Brown, Bill Rugger, Carol Boemecke, Roy Phillips, Carole Dunn. Third Row: Bill Kammeyer, Jerry Chapman, Jim Waters, Kenneth Showers, Philip Bailey, Michael Melick, Larry Ohl, Gordon VanGorp, Dave Peppler, Gordon Herbsleb. Not Pictured: Joan Wagner, Denny Lynch. President L. Furgerson presides at a council meeting while representatives take notes to report to members of their homerooms. Seated to the right of Furgerson is Miss Edna Lenicelc, ' student council advisor. We Practice Democracy As the democratic governing body of East High School, which creates morale and co- ordinates school activities, the council has scored a successful year. Lee Furgerson was president, Bill Bernett, vice-president, Carol Lewis, secretary and Sandra Zegarac, treas- urer. The council, which meets every first and third Monday mornings before school and STUDENT COUNCIL once a month for a two hour session, has com- pleted such proiects as stressing cafeteria con- cluct, working on sophomore auditoriums which emphasized study habits, promoting at- tendance at school social events and sponsor- ing welfare drives. Mrs. Evelyn Duvall, youth counselor from Chicago, spent one day at East, under the auspices of the council, conferring with students about their problems. Front Row: K. Dobson, J. Henry, L. Ford, M. Dalrymple, B. Baker, B. Bernett, S. Zegarac, C. Brown, S. Gordish, D. Artus, R, Haughton. Second Row: S. Musgrave, B. Moulds, F. Michaelson, D. Austin, J. Kramer, H. Patterson, B. Eastman, J. Cherry, J. Wyborny J. Shinn, M. Strohm, R. Wilkin. Promoting Wal are G. Finders, P. Willhite and G. Van Gorp check homeroom placements in the scholarship race sponsored by the citizenship committee. S. Dimmitt, who has since died from cancer, and Finn Eriksen, director of health and physi- cal education, study the poster promoting the Unus Rogans drive. A unified drive as an innovation in fund collection for welfare agencies grew out ot council discussion. Christened Unus Rogans, meaning one asking, the drive was so suc- cessful that it is to be continued in succeed- ing years. Included in this drive were the local United Appeal, TB and Heart Fund, Cancer Drive and the March of Dimes. East students contributed S'I43.65. Front Row: E. Schlachtenhaufen, D. Buzzard, I. Wilder, S. Bothun, H. Voigt, L. Furgerson, C. Lewis, P. Willhite, B. Booher, J. Patterson. Second Row: J. Zeran, D. Grove, Y. Tann, J. Halterman, G. Van Gorp, J. Kuehl, B. Wright, L. Miller, A. Kinzler, C. Breck- enfelder. Dancing classes held in the little theater were u proiect of The orieniaiion committee. Directing these classes were C. Kemmerer and S. Sacketf. Committees ORIENTATION COMMITTEE Froni Row: M. Simpson, C. Kemmerer, Y. Tann, J. Henry, S. Fobel, M. Dalrymple. Second Row: S. Conger, J. Burke, A. Lindner, M Kephart, B. Wilder, D. Grove. HOMECOMING COMMITTEE Front Row: S. Fabel, M. Jones, D. Musgrave, A. Fink, B. Baker, B. Booher, I.. Munson, C. Kemmerer, B. Moulds, M. Strohm. Second Row: L. Neessen, C. Palmer, G. Jossie, M. McKinsTry, J. Halierman, J. Kramer, G. Finders, S. Foster, I. Mollenhauer, J. Sims, D. Buzzard. Third Row: S. Gordish, A. Wagner, S. Musgrove, S. Perch, C. Breckenfelczler, D. Grove, J. Adams, E. Sage, S. Ohl, J. Bruch, D. Artus, C. Brown. X ix Glenn Cunningham world famous track star discusses sports with E J Goodvin, B. Bernett and R Andrews Speaking on what It takes to be a champion, Cunningham was one of the most popular auditorium guests of the year. Create lla-operative Spirit i C PUBLICITY AND PROMO- TIONS COMMITTEE Fjont Row: B. Deeds, G. Norman, G. West, H. Voigt, J. Patterson, S. Guernsey. Second Row: R. Hunt, I. Wilder, J Shinn, B. Wilson, F. Michoelsen, -A. Holdiman. Third Row: D. Buzzard, J. Wy borny, V. Walters, H. Patterson, J. Wyborny, R. Laylin. 47 AUDITORIUM COMMITTEE Front Row: C. Brown, D. Artus, B. Bernett M Strohm B Rathe Second Row: C. Jossie, E, Collins, D Kelsen L Munson J Adams Third Row: B. Moulds, J. Kramer, J Kuehl M McKmstry R Houghton J. Vich and B. Bernett proudly display they won at the Sock Hop sponsored SOCIAL COMMITTEE the pink and blue prizes by the social committee. C 5 Social, Civic Holes Front Row: J. Speicher, D. Taylor, B. Schutte, L. Ford, S. Gordish, A. Wagner, C. Dunn, S. Bothun. Second Row: C. Breckenfelder, J. Buehner, F. Webster, J. Foggy, I. Mollenhauer, B. Clough, J. Sims, J. Norman, M McRober'rs. Third Row: V. Droste, J. Edsili, D. Noble, R. Potter, A. Bolte, J. Waters, J. Hultermcm, S. LeMoine, C. Meyer. CITIZENSHIP COMMITTEE Front Row: J Bingham, E. Schlachtenhaufen, D. Musgrove, P. Willhite, L. Neessen, R. Wilkin. Second Row: M. Augustson, B. Shelton, M. Venter, C. Palmer, K. Dobson, J. Marsh, D. Miller. Third Row: G, Van Gorp, B. Eastman, B. Willard, B. Wright, R. Walentiny, L. Miller, J. Cherry, D. Ruffcorn. 48 A mood of solemnlty prevails as East students present the annual Nativity in music and pantomime This year marked a quarter century of the pro duction which still proves to be one of the most popular spectacles on East s stage In Sacred Mood I "NATlVlTY" SOLOISTS Front Row: M. Reasby, C. Breckenfelder, H. Voigt, D. Musgrave, D. Miller. Second Row: R. Phillips, G. Tilson, R. Jamieson, S. Simbric, J. Waters, D. Fulton, E. Sage. Not Pictured: B. Wilder. To the strains of "O Come All Ye Faithful" the proces- sion of waits moves slowly to the stage, where they bow in adoration before the Christ Child in the manger. Portraying roles in the tab- leaux are S. Fabel, angel, B. Wilson, Joseph, E. Nolting, Mary. B. Coffin was nar- rotor. The Shepherds gaze in wonder at the heavenly hosts who appear from the ethereal blue in one of the scenes of the "Nativity". 49 MADRIGAL Front Row: C. Kemmerer, E. Moten, G. Norman, L. Ford, B. Wilder, R. Beatty, J. Sims, D. Musgrove, C. Breckentelder, B. Baker, B. Shelton, J. Norman, D. Miller. Second Row: R. Phillips, I. Wilder, W. Bandfield, G. Tilson, J. Waters, R. Potter, R. Meythaler, D. Granneman, H. Voigt, L. Ehlers, B. Ehlers, A. Baker, D. Noble, A. Kinzler, E. Sage. Vocalists Develop Virluosil y More than two hundred East High stu- dents participated in vocal groups under the direction ot Miss Ruth Behrens. Meeting dit- terent periods of the day were a capella choir, male chorus, girls' choir, girls' chorus and sophomore mixed chorus. A cappella choir presented the music tor the "Nativity" and combined with the band for a Pops Concert on February 8. They ioined the West High choir for the Spring Festival on May 2 and 3. Choir received Commendation A CAPELLA CHOIR tor their appearance at the Rotary Club with a program of sacred music. Several small groups were formed, and they have appeared at social events through- out the year. They include madrigal, double- mixed quartet, girls' trios and girls' quintet. Representing East at the Dorian Festival in Decorah were Howard Voigt, Barbara Wilder, Carol Breckentelder, Carol Kemmerer and Donna Musgrave. Front Row: M. Simpson, H. Reed, J. Tufts, J. Pencil, N. Bender, D. Artus, E. Moten, M. LaPole, S. Bothun, S. Guernsey, S. Gordish. Second Row: J. Bower, M. Reasby, B. Shelton, L. Yearling, M. Burlces, A. Holdiman, G. Shafer, E. Sage, R. Phillips, D. Ander- son, D. Grove. Third Row: J. Rodger, R. Niedert, G. Tilson, B. Ehlers, L. Brown, C. Jossie, G. Norman, B. Willhite, D. Musgrave, C. Brecken- felder, J. Chapman, S. Miller, S. LeMoine. Fourth Row: L. Munson, R. Beatty, C. Dickinson, L. Spragle, G. Finders, L. Ehlers, J. DeSmidt, D. Granneman, D. Fulton, R. Jamieson, C. Seaton, M. Venter, L. Neessen. GIRLS' CHOIR Front Row: D. Blessing, M. Miller, A. Gronoski, J. Ortiz, B. Clendennen, E. Lynch, J. Lee, D. Wilson, G. Brooks, J. Robson, P. Casper. Second Row: S. Schilling, B. Mollenhauer, D. Hollingsworth, J. Bruch, M. Morehouse, K. Erikson, D. Buzzard, L. Muir, E. Austreng, J. Marsh, S. Kirchmann, R. Christopherson, C. Gardner. Third Row: D. Baker, N. Patterson, C. Dunn, L. Hollingsworth, J. Fox, K. Sheeley, J. Wyborny, D. Gronoski, B. Tooman, D. Austin, F. Webster, S. Fabel, P. Potratz. Fourth Row: J. Morgan, S. Ohl, R. Fagerlind, J. Guernsey, B. Fouts, G. Reed, J. Netley, M. Knight, J. Foggy, A. Lindner, V. Pals, S. Scully, D. Probert, J. Looney, M. Metcalf, K. Krutsinger. Mastering Notes and Rhythm Among the busiest choir members are these five girls, who have appeared at many social events throughout the year. This quintet entertained Waterloo civic groups and sang at East's iunior-senior prom. Rehearsing with their accompanist, A. Fink, are D. Musgrove, B. Cole, C. Kemmerer, D. Miller and B. Wilder. Front Row: T. Sage, B. Smith, R. Gautney, C. Kemmerer, D. Miller, J. Poeppey, C. Meyer, P. Kammerman, R. Hunt, C. Lewis, B. Anderson. Second Row: M. McCoy, B. Eastman, J. Norman, F. Michaelsen, S. Zegarac, N. Diehl, P. Brown, B. Schutte, L. Ford, S. Schrader, J, Nelson, M. Jones. Third Row: l. Wilder, W. Crouse, B. Cole, R. Potter, J. Sims, A. Wagner, D. Black, J. Adams, C. Venter, D. Noble, A. Baker, B. McDonald. Fourth Row: C. Peter, A. Kinzler, W. Bandfield, K. Harper, J. Anders, C. Canfield, H. Voigt, J. Jackson, S. Simbric, R. Meythaler, J. Waters, B. Wilder, B. Baker. Hoopslers Scare Surprising Season Shots like this kept spectators on the edge of their seats during the East-West game. After a rather slow start, the Troian cage- sters turned in a remarkable 14-7 record. With only one returning letterman, they were not regarded as much of a threat to regain the conference title, which they lost two years ago, or defend the district and substate titles, which they had held for two consecutive years. Varsity Basketball Squad Front Row: D. Dotson, A. Willingham, B. Rugger, M. Miller Third Row: Manager G. Jossie, J. Jackson, M. Siler, J. Chr Not Pictured: B. Willard. Although they did not win the Big Six crown, it took two heartbreakers to stop them. By scoring 34 points against Waverly, sophomore Merrill Siler broke the school in- dividual scoring record of 32 points held by "Whitey" Guild. , J. Budak, D. Fagerlincl. Second Row: J. Cook, N. Kalianov, L. Nanke, B. Eastman, J. Hutchins, R. Walentiny. istoffersen, N. Hanson, Coach Murray Wier. 52 Sophomore Basketball Squad Front Row: J. Van Gorp, A. Walker, J. Montgomery, D. Thompson, R. Power, D. Granneman, J. Grim. Standing: Student Manager R. Hastings, J. Eggleston, D. Straw, J. Hartson, P. Morris, L. Miller, A. Baker, T. Budak D. Hennessey, Coach Kenneth Ketcham. Not Pictured: E. Schlachtenhaufen. Determination, Will lo Win Pu ...fig f ,Ji N. Hansen tries for another goal as the Troian hoop- sters down Roosevelt of Cedar Rapids 57-53 in the Dis- trict Basketball Tournament. The Dubuque Rams, who took fourth place in the state tournament, defeated the Troians 67-57 in the substate tournament. SENIOR LETTER WINNERS Nick Kalianov: Second team Big Six forward and co-captain. Dean Fagerlind: Proverbial spark plug and co-captain. 53 The sophomore hoopsters zipped through a ten game season with only two defeats. The Little Trojans were piloted by Coach Glenn Wistey the first of the season, but as he retired to private business, Kenneth Ketcham took over to see the sophs through their successful season. West and Dubuque were the only conquerers of East's "Mighty Mites." The sophs scored a triumph when they defeated West at their second meeting in a 43-42 thriller. D. Carey puts the "Claw" on N. DeBerg during the annual winter sports kickfoff. WRESTLING RECORD Charles City .... . . . North Des Moines. . . . . Cedar Falls .... ... Mason City . . . .. Newton .... . . . Cresco . . . . . West . . . . . . Osage ........ . . . East Des Moines... ... Fort Dodge .... . .. New Hampton ... ... Davenport .................. Won 10 Lost 0 Tied 2 East Opponents 31 6 33 6 37 5 30 8 25 12 29 11 17 17 24 15 32 5 33 4 26 11 19 19 011 Record BASKETBALL SCORES We They New Hampton . .. ... 47 62 East Des Moines. .. . .. 64 39 North Des Moines .... . . . 55 54 West ............ . . . 49 55 Oelwein .. . .. 70 49 Waverly . .. . .. 75 68 Fort Dodge .... . . . . 67 57 West .............. . . . 54 56 Wilson, Cedar Rapids ..... 54 44 Mason City ............. 78 80 Teachers High, Cedar Falls. 82 56 East Des Moines ......... 71 51 Fort Dodge .... . . . 60 56 Mason City ... ... 60 72 Dubuque ...l .... ... 51 61 North Des Moines ........ 61 31 Franklin, Cedar Rapids. .. 63 41 Cedar Falls ............. 70 59 Roosevelt, Cedar Rapids . . 64 51 District, Roosevelt, C. R. . . 57 53 Sub-State, Dubuque ...... 57 67 K. Kelling works to get out of a hold executed by West's G. Geinger. Another Wahawk hits the mat as B. Wright scores a near tall over West's D. Rossberg. 54 Forty-Iwo Meets Without De eat R. Andrews scores a predicament as he defeats L. Anderson of Clarion 5-1 for the 120-pound state championship. East grapplers completed their third straight undefeated season as they compiled a 10-0-2 record. Romping through a twelve meet season, they amassed a total of 336 points to 109 by opponents. The only blem- ishes on the record were ties with West, 17-17, and Davenport, 19-19. The tie with West tied the two schools for the Big Six Championship. Both meets turned out to be crowd killers as the outcome of each depended on the final match of the night. Under the guidance of Coach Dave Natvig, the Troians took second place in the district WRESTLING SQUAD tournament behind city rival West. In doing so they set a new record by qualifying nine East grapplers for the state tourney. The state tournament provided many thrills as East placed five men and finished third behind state champion West and runner- up Davenport. Two matmen, Danny Carey at 95 pounds and Ronnie Andrews at 120 pounds, won state championships. Other grapplers who placed were Charles Patten, fourth at 127, Dic Manley, fourth at 138, and Bill Wright, third at 165. Front Row: D. Carey, J. Hibben, J. Weston, R. Andrews, D. Mingus, S. Everding, G. Crowe, G. McDonald, K. Kelling, B. Wright, N. DeBerg. Second Row: T. Sage, D. Hamlin, B. Dotson, B. Gardner, L. DeBuhr, D. Manley, R, Schmidt, M. Melick, D. Peppler, D. Franke, G. Wenthe. Third Row: Coach Dave Natvig, L. Hickman, B. Rathe, G. Donaldson, M. Flaherty, R. Potter, R. Matz, R. Hostetler, B. Willhite, E. Wescom, C. Burke, M. Mishler, J. Chapman, A. Kinzler, Assistant Coach Elvin Goodvin, E. Sage. Fourth Row: D. Lynch, S. Kincaid, R. Parnell, R. Lane, S. Sage, J. Duke, A. Bolte, J. Penning, J. Kuehl, M. Robbins, J. Woolsey, J. Burke, R. Snyder, R. Kuehl, T. DeBerg, M. Fitzpatrick, A. Timmerman. DeBERG MANLEY ANDREWS T Ire y Bale Lellers The graduation of seven senior letter winners marks an important date in East wrestling annals. Each of these seniors has completed a high school career as a member of teams that have never been defeated. Two East seniors finished their seasons undefeated. They are Noel DeBerg, heavyweight, and Bill Wright, 165. Jim Hibben, 103, Ron Andrews, 120 and Sherwin Everding, 133 suffered one defeat. By scoring 48 points Noel DeBerg broke the individual scoring record of 42 points which Ken Salyer set in 1953. Above: EVERDING WRIGHT HIBBEN CROWE 56 We Keep Plz ysicall y Fil Following a carefully construc- tive physical education program, boys and girls get regular exer- cise in scheduled gym classes. Girls' classes meet on Monday and Wednesday and boys' classes meet on Tuesday, Thurs- day and Friday. Boys also go swimming Monday and Wednes- day while swimming is an elec- tive for girls. Girls' swimming classes aim to train swimmers for endurance. "Three Blind Mice" proves a popular tune for inducing girls to create their own interpretive dances. While East girls clon't yearn to be Amazons, they do practice exercises in gym to lfmber those unused muscles. One-two, one-two! Members of the boys' gvm class warm up with some vig- orous calisthenics. Then they encounter their opponents on the mat during a reg- ular phase of gym work. L. Furgerson, council president, P. Willhite, Olympiad Club presi- dent and Finn Eriksen, speaker, appraise the new members as Principal Charles Hoffman introduces them. Honor Groups Recognize Hobie vemenl QUILL AND SCROLL The members ot the Quill and Scroll Club discuss ideas for the Wooden Horse with its editor, Ruby Wilkin. Sponsored by their club, the anthology is published annually. Standing: B. Quibell, S. Gor- dish. Seated: A. Wagner, R. Wilkin. OLYMPIAD CLUB Top Picture - New Members Front Row: H. Reed, B. Reddick, J. Bingham, D, Artus, J. Bfuch, V. Puls, S. Scully, J. Wyborny, S. Guernsey, R. White nauer, E. Schlachtenhauten. Second Row: S. Simpson, K. Dobson, M. Wingler, B. Tooman, B. Moulds, K. Kohl, C. Jossie, M. Venter, L. Neessen S. Hale, J. Eyestone, J. Tufts. Third Row: J. Strohm, L. Snodgrass, D. Ruffcorn, S. Sage, G. Case, A. Bolte, R. Kuehl, D. Noble, G. Wilcox, J. Weiss J. Poeppey. Fourth Row: B. Cole, R. Anderson, R. Thompson, D. Hennessey, J. Armstrong, J. Cherry, A. Baker, R. Houghton, K. John san, C. Palmer, B. Cook, M. Strohm, J. Nelson. Lower Picture - Old Members Front Row: D. Miller, A. Wagner, R. Moehlis, L. Furgerson, P. Wilihite, J. Halterman, A. Courter, S. Gordish, C. Kemmerer Second Row: C. Stone, M. Augustson, B. Shelton, R. Boyles, J. Kuehl, S. Morris, S. Nelson, J. Norman, E. Dolly. Third Row: C. Brown, B. Wolf, W. Folks, D. Kelsen, V. Walters, J. Adams, C. Reints, A. Baker, Y. Tann. Fourth Row: M. Burkes, M. Kies, M. Abben, D. Grove, D. Weiss, R. Burk, J. Smock, J. Drilling, M. Simpson. Gaining Skills J. Henry, C. Kemmerer, G. Finders, J. Halterman and D. Musgrave try out experimental Drivo- trainers under the direction of Bert Wcodcock, director of safety education at l.S.T.C. This year 'forty East High students participated in the experimental driver training course. The Drivotrainer is a mock-up car which gives the pupils realistic experiences through movies shown while they "drive" the cars. CAMERA CLUB Among the students who enjoyed the prize-winning photographs in the Eighth Annual National High School Photographic Awards display are G. Hemsath, R. Hastings and J. Christof- tersen. East High's Camera Club sponsored the exhibit. At one of their bi-monthly meetings Camera Club members show their skill by tinting some of the pictures they have taken. .At curtain tirne 25 Varied careers unfold before the graduating seniors when the curtain goes up on a new stage after commencement. ln the same way that our show cast prepared for opening night, the seniors, through long hours of study and practice, have attempted to perfect many of the skills necessary for successful living. In this section we record the activities of the seniors and present additional clubs, organizations and spring sports. SL .M f' -1 ' 35+ Seniors Assume gf Leadership fs 3' Senior class officers select the announcements for grad uation. Elected by their classmates, the officers are: A Courter, president, N. Kalianov, vice-president, J. Halter mon, treasurer. Senior Council First Row: J. Day, J. Halterman, A. Courter, M. McRoberts, S. Fabel, C. Lewis. M. Tovar. Second Row: P. Foote, H. Patterson, B. Bernett, N. Kalianov, I. Mollenhauer, V. Droste, R. Moehlis. The democratic activity of the council stems from the eight homerooms whose representatives comprise the group. Here M. Kies presents the report of a senior council meeting to her homeroom. One of S. Zegorac's many duties as secretary ot the senior class is writing and duplicating the minutes ofthe meetings. When the time arrives that we are exchanging our senior pictures we realize that our high school days are 'Fleeting One of the first hints of graduation comes when the committee measures seniors for their caps and gowns The com mittee consists of M. Kies, l. Mollenhauer, C. Lewis, S. Fabel, M. McRoberts. Being measured are M. Reasby J Kuehl and A. Fink. Cherish Memories As one of the 'Features of the health program, all seniors receive the patch test. They also receive individual physical examinations. ls there anything we will treasure more than the autographs on our an- nuals? B. Booher, J. Miller and J. Strohm autograph their classmates' annuals. These signatures will bring back pleasant memories many times in the years ahead. The winners of the '55 Troian subscription campaign proudly display their reward. J. Henry and D. Fagerlind, of Mr Lukes homeroom, decorate the tree for their classmates ABBEN ADAMS AHLHELM ALBEE ALLEE ANDERSON MARJORIE ELAINE ABBEN, Olympiad Club, IOB Chorus, Girls' Chorus, Citizenship Com- mittee. GLADYS ADAMS, Orchestra, Girls' Choir, Li- brary Council, Troicm, 0 8g B, IOB Chorus, Swing Show Costume Crew, Radio. ROBERT AHLHELM DONNELL CLELL ALBEE, Stage Crew, Football. GRANT KOSNAR ALLEE, Concert Band, March- ing Band, Orchestra, Swing Band, Swing Show, Dixieland Band, Tennis, Sophomore Basketball, Social Committee, Swing Show Planning Committee, Science Club, O 8. B Ad- vertising Manager. DON ANDERSON, Football, Track, Wrestling, Choir, Swing Show. JANICE HELENE ANDERSON, Orchestra, Prom Committee, Usher. Problem Solving Demands RONALD VERNON ANDREWS, Wrestling, Foot- ball, Track, Orientation Committee, Sophomore Council, Trojan Club President, O 81 B, Swing Show, Prom Committee, Pep Club. JENNY ELAINE APPEL CFOOTED, IOB Chorus, Student Council, Publicity and Promotions Committee, Homecoming Committee, Swing Show Sewing Crew. ALICE MARIE BACK CAROLEE ALICE BAILEY, Pep Club, Usher, Or- chestra President, String Quartet, Library Council, Nativity, Swing Show, Homecoming Committee, Social Committee. BARBARA A. BAKER, Student Council, Sopho- more Council, Homeroom Secretary, Home- coming Co-Chairman, Pep Club, O 8. B, Troian, Choir, Sophomore Sextet, IOB Chorus, Girls' Trio, Double Mixed Quartet, Madrigal, Cos- ANDERSON ANDREWS APPEL BACK BAILEY BAKER BAKER BARBER BECK BELL Application These college algebra students find there is always a right answer if you know how to work the problem. tume Committee, Prom Committee, Auditorium J. ROBERT BISHOP, Football, Stage Crew, Tro- Committee, Social Committee, Swing Chorus Swing Show, Usher, Nativity. BARBARA ANN BAKER DAVID E. BARBER, Camera Club, Wrestling Archery Club, Pep Club, Band. HARVEY ANDREW BECK, Track. REX BELL, Basketball, Swing Show. WILLIAM ARTHUR BERNETT, Baseball, Basket ball, Science Club, Stage Crew, Swing Show Hawkeye Boys' State, Student Council Vice President, Auditorium Chairman, Social Com mittee, Senior Council, "Warning SignaI" School Winner Voice of Democracy Contest. BARBARA BETTLE CCONDITD, Nativity, Usher, Prom Committee, TOB Chorus, Girls' Chorus Girls' Choir, Student Council, Pep Club, Soph- omore Open House. GERALDINE J. BISHOP, Girls' Chorus. ian Club. DOROTHEY JEAN BLACK, IOB Chorus Vice- President, Girls' Choir President, Choir, Pep Club, Swing Show, Homeroom Officer, Student Council Alternate, Prom Committee. DONNA JEAN BLACKSMITH, 'IOB Chorus, Girls' Choir, Usher, Pep Club, Nativity. BOBBY DON BOOHER, Olympiad Club, Arch- ery Club, Science Club, Track, Junior Council, Prom Committee, Homecoming Co-Chairman, Citizenship Committee. JANICE L. BRELSFORD, Band, Art Club, Swing Show Costume Crew, Usher, Camera Club, Nativity, Pep Club. EDITH MARIE BREWER, Library Council, Nativ- ity, Latin Club. CHARLIE JAMES BURKE, Football, Wrestling, Track, Swing Show, Troian Club. BERNETT BETTLE BISHOP BISHOP BLACK BLACKSMITH BOOHER BRELSFORD BREWER BURKE BURNS BUSEY BUTTOLPH CAMPBELL CARR CLARK CHARLOTTE ANN BURNS, IOB Ch0ruS: Soph- omore Open House, Swing Show Costume Committee, Prom Committee. MARION LOUISE BUSEY, IOB Chorus, Nativity, Swing Show, Social Committee, Pep Club, Art Club, Swing Show Costume Committee. MARILYN JOANNE BUTTOLPH, Band: Usher. EDWARD HAROLD CAMPBELL, Choir, Male Chorus, Swing Show, Nativity, "Warning Sig- nal", Golf. JOHN DEWITT CARR, Football, Track. CHARLES KENT CLARK DONALD CLIFFORD CLARK JACK CLIFFORD, Football, Basketball, Base- ball, Choir, Male Chorus, Troian Club, Junior Council, Swing Show. SANDRA KAY CONGER, IOB Chorus, Girls' Choir, Pep Club, Nativity, Prom Committee, Orientation Committee, Swing Show. JAMES WESLEY COOK, Football, Basketball, Track, Swing Show, Choir, Male Chorus, Citi- zenship Committee, Troian Club. ARLO JOHN COURTER, Football, Baseball, Track, Wrestling, Swing Band, Swing Show, Band, Orchestra, Troian Club, Olympiad Club, Junior Council President, Senior Council Presi- dent, Prom Committee, Northeast Iowa Science Fair. JAMES LEROY COX, Band, Orchestra, Pep Club, Pep Band, Swing Show. DONALD ROBERT CRISWELL, Football, Basket- ball, Track, Trojan Club, "Warning Signal." GERALD CROWE, Wrestling, Swing Show. CHARLES DUANE CUTSFORTH, Football, Wres- tling, Trojan Club. EVELYN JUNE DALLY, Nativity, Olympiad Club, O 81 B, Publicity and Promotions Com- mittee, Costume Committee, "School of the Air", Quill and Scroll, Pep Club. CLARK CLIFFORD CONGER COOK COURTER COX CRISWELL CROWE CUTSFORTH DALLY New Doors 0pen for Seniors We 55? Following the 'famous lines in their textbooks, the college prep class members recreate the dramatic scenes from Macbeth as they listen to recordings M. McRoberts is playing. JOHN A. DAY, Senior Councilp Stage Crew. NOEL KENYON DEBERG, Football: Wrestlingp Trackg Junior Councilp Trojan Clubp Swing Show. JUDITH JOY DECKER, Library Council. BETTY LOU DEEDS, Publicity and Promotions Committee: Usherp Latin Club. JACK DIETZ, Basketballp Baseball. VERLA JUNE DROSTE, Friendship Cluby Prom Committeey Homecoming Committee: Senior Councilp Usherp Social Committeep Pep Club CARLENE JUNE DUFNER, Swing Show: Soph- omore Councilp Pep Clubg Prom Committee Costume Committee. KAY ETTA EDGERTON, Pep Clubg Nativity. LEON EDWARD EHLERS, Footballg Nativity Swing Showp Trojan Clubp Wrestlingp Madri- galp Male Chorus. KAE AUDREA ERICKSON, TOB Chorus: Girls Chorusp Girls' Choiry Usherp Prom Committee DAY DeBERG DECKER DEEDS DIETZ DROSTE DUFNER EDGERTON EHLERS ERICKSON V EVERDING FABEL FAGERLIND FAGERLIND FAGERLIND FANNING SHERWIN ROBERT EVERDING, Wrestling: Foot- ball: Golf: Swing Show: Track: Troian Club. SANDRA G. FABEL, Band: Pep Club: Nativity: Friendship Club: Orientation Committee: Cos- tume Committee: Homecoming Committee: Swing Show: IOB Chorus: Girls' Choir Presi- dent: Senior Council: Homeroom Secretary: Swing Show Tap Instructor. DEAN ALLEN FAGERLIND, Football: Basketball: Golf: Baseball: Swing Show Stage Crew: Homecoming Committee: IOB Chorus: Senior Council: Homeroom Officer: Pep Club: Prom Committee: Troian Club. ROBERTA MAE FAGERLIND, 'IOB Chorus: Cam- era Club: Art Club Treasurer: Prom Committee: Paint Crew: Construction Crew: Costume Crew: Swing Show: Pep Club: Girls' Choir: Library Council: Swing Show Tap Instructor. VIRGINIA LEE FAGERLIND, Usher: Friendship Club: Pep Club: Girls' Choir: Prom Committee: Art Club. EDNA FANNING, Band: Library Council: Swing Show Crew. WILMA JEAN FERCH, Prom Committee: Usher: Swing Show Costume Crew: Pep Club: Home- coming Committee: Publicity and Promotions Committee: Transfer, Rockford, Illinois, I953. JANICE BEENER FERGUSON, Orange Girl: Art Club: Sophomore Council: Junior Council: Cos- tume Crew: Nativity: Pep Club: 'IOB Chorus: Senior Council Alternate: August Graduate. JANICE MARIE FETTKETHER, Pep Club: Swing Show Crew: Prom Committee: Library Council. GLENN FRANK FINDERS, IOB Chorus: Male Chorus: Choir: O 8g B: Troian: Homecoming Committee: Swing Chorus: Swing Show: Nativ- ity: Golf: Student Council Alternate: Trojan Club. FERCH FERGUSON FETTKETHER FINDERS FINK FISCHER FOOTE FOSTER FOUTS FRAN KE Preparing to Meet Opportunities The clerical office practice students work to acquire the skills essential to the office iobs they hope to till after graduation. Experience with the variety of machines in the business office gives them the background essential to future success. AUDREY DIANE FINK, Sophomore Council President: Citizenship Committee: Auditorium Committee: Homecoming Committee: Band: Orchestra: Swing Band: Dixieland Band: Swing Show: Nativity: Choir: O 8. B: Troian: Pep Club Secretary-Treasurer: Make-up Crew: "Warning SignaI": Prom Committee: Accom- panist: Christmas Carol. JUDITH KAY FISCHER, Cheerleader: Pep Club: Art Club: Costume Crew. PAUL E. FOOTE, Swing Show: Senior Council: Homeroom President. SHARON RAE FOSTER, Nativity: Usher: Library Council: Prom Committee: Homecoming Com- mittee: Latin Club: Pep Club: Friendship Club. YVONNE MARIE FOUTS, 'IOB Chorus: Nativity: Camera Club Treasurer: Girls' Chorus: Library Council: Costume Crew: Girls' Choir: Prom Committee. CHARLES DEAN FRANKE, Band. LEE BURTON FURGERSON, Olympiad Club: Science Club: Masquers Club: Troian Club: Pep Club: Archery Club: "Warning Signal": Soph- omore Council: Junior Council: Student Coun- cil President: Prom Committee: Auditorium Committee: Football: Wrestling: Track: Stage Crew: Light Crew: Sound Crew. RONALD DEAN GARDNER, Football: Track: Golf: Student Council: Citizenship Committee: Homeroom President: Troian Club: Nativity: Swing Show: Sophomore Council: Swing Show Crew: Prom Committee: Designer of 'I954 Prom Program: Art Club: Hi-Y: Pep Club. LARRY DAVID GARLAND, Basketball: Base- ball: Male Chorus. CContinued on page 96l FURGERSON GARDNER GARLAND GERSTENBERGER GIFFEN GORDISH GRAMENZ GRITTMANN GRONOSKI GROSS Training Provides HAEFLINGER HAGE HALTERMAN HANSEN HAPPEL HARVEY MAE LOUISE HAEFLINGER, Band: Trombone Quintet: Orchestra: Swing Band: Pep Band: Swing Show: Conservation Club: Prom Com- mittee: Nativity. ROY ALAN HAGE JOYCE ANN HALTERMAN, Latin Club: Library Council: Friendship Club: Homeroom Vice- President: Nativity: Swing Show: Prom Com- mittee: Homeroom Secretary: Student Council: Homecoming Committee: Social Committee: Senior Class Treasurer: Senior Council: Usher: Swing Show Crew: Olympiad Secretary: Pep Club. JANICE MAE HANSEN, Pep Club: Prom Com- mittee: Nativity: Friendship Club. ELDEN LEROY HAPPEL, Swing Show Crew. MERLE DAVID HARVEY, August Graduate. BETTY LOU HAYES ARLEN JOANN HEIN, Art Club: Olympiad Club: Stage Crew: Nativity: Citizenship Com- mittee: Girls' Choir: Pep Club. GLADYS ELAINE HEMSATH, Art Club: Pep Club: IOB Chorus: Nativity: Scenery Crew. JACK WILLIAM HENRY, Baseball: Wrestling: Football: Band Vice-President: Boys' State: Stage Crew: Christmas Carol: Swing Show: Pep Club: Swing Band Leader: Nativity: Band: Student Council: Orientation Committee Chair- man: Sophomore Council: Junior Class Vice- President: Prom Committee: Trojan Business Manager. DAVE G. HENSHAW, Olympiad Club: Camera Club: Troian: Transfer, Council Bluffs, Iowa, I954. HAYES HEIN HEMSATH HENRY HENSHAW . HEWITT HIBBEN HILLMAN HOLLINGSWORTH HOSKINS Experience G. Schley, one of the seniors enrolled in the co-op program, gains office experience by working afternoons as secretary to Mr. Flanders. In the part-time work program are 3'I students under the supervision of Miss Knoche and 27 under the direction of Mr. Leebl. BEVERLY ANN HEWITT, Art Club. JAMES HIBBEN, Wrestling, Baseball, Trojan Club Secretary, Swing Show, Junior Council, Student Council, Track, Science Club, Audi- torium Committee, Prom Committee, Student Council Nominating Committee. LYLE HILLMAN, Basketball, Football, Sopho- more Council. DORA L. HOLLINGSWORTH, 'IOB Chorus, Girls' Choir, August Graduate. PATRICIA ANN HOWARD, Transfer, West High, 1954, August Graduate. TED L. HOWERY, Student Council, Football, Track, Basketball. GARY CHARLES HUGHES, Orientation Com- mittee, Student Council, Junior Council, Hawk- eye Boys' State, 0 8g B Feature Editor. RUSSELL EDGAR HUISMAN, August Graduate. JAMES KEITH IVERSON, Band, Track, Swing Show, ChurIie's Aunt, Homeroom President, Pep Club. DOLORES ANN JACOBSON, Swing Show Cos- tume Crew, Pep Club. JOHN D. JAMIESON PHILIP JAMIESON, Conservation Club, August Graduate. ROGER FAY JAMIESON, Male Chorus, Choir, Nativity. PATRICIA JEAN JOHNSON, Pep Club, Prom Committee. HOWARD HOWERY HUGHES HUISMAN IVERSON JACOBSON JAMIESON JAMIESON JAMIESON JOHNSON JORGENSEN KALIANOV KAMMEYER KARNS KIES KIRCHMANN JUDITH MARLENE JORGENSEN, IOB Chorus: Nativity: Usher: Costume Crew: Swing Show Properties Crew: Pep Club: Library Science: Prom Committee: Homecoming Committee. NICK KALIANOV, Basketball: Baseball: Senior Council: Senior Class Vice-President: Trojan Club: Social Committee. SHARON KAY KAMMEYER, Friendship Club: Pep Club. BARBARA JEAN KARNS, Friendship Club: Swing Show Crew: Swing Show: Library Coun- cil. MARY ANN KIES, Swing Show: Nativity: Na- tional Thespians: Double Door: Play Crew: Friendship Club: Golf: Pep Club: Olympiad Club: Trojan: O 8. B: IOB Chorus: Girls' Chorus: Cap and Gown Committee: Senior Council: Junior Council: Student Council Alternate. WILLIAM W. KIRCHMANN, IOB Chorus: Male Chorus: Choir: Conservation Club: August Graduate. SHERIDAN KNAPP JERRY KRAMER, Basketball: Track: O 8g B Sports Editor: Student Council: IOB Boys' Chorus: Homecoming Committee: Auditorium Committee. JAMES LEE KUEHL, Sophomore Football: Wres- tling: Track: Student Council: Auditorium Com- mittee: Homecoming Committee: Olympiad Club: Band: Trombone Quartet: Brass Sextet: Pep Band: Swing Band: Orchestra: Radio Show: Prom Committee. KENNY GENE LARRABEE, Double Door: Char- lie's Aunt: Swing Show: It Pays to Advertise: Junior Miss: Christmas Carol: Masquers Club: Nativity: Student Council: Orientation Com- mittee: Social Committee: August Graduate. DARWIN B. LARSON, Transfer, Hudson, Iowa, I954: Basketball. KNAPP KRAMER KUEHL LARRABEE LARSON LARSON LAWSON LEWIS I LEWIS LIES We Gain Skills for Success "Don't they look delicious?" That's what everyone said when the aroma of baking cookies lured the inquisitive to the homemaking room. Foools, however, is iust one of the many units in which 'Future homemakers experiment. LEO RAY LARSON, Orchestra. RHETA RAE LAWSON, Library Council, Swing Show, Chorus. CAROL ANN LEWIS, l0B Chorus, Sophomore Sextet, Swing Show Planning Committee, Orientation Committee, Swing Show, Nativity, Homecoming Committee, Junior Class Secre- tary, Senior Council, Choir,.Pep Club, Prom Committee, Cap and Gown Committee, Stu- dent Council Secretary, Homeroom Officer, Latin Club. ROBERT E. LEWIS, Choir, Swing Show, Male Chorus, Swing Chorus, Nativity, Football, Football Student Manager. LOUIS P. LIES, August Graduate. PATTY LEA LINES, 'IOB Chorus, Art Club, Nativity, Swing Show, Costume Crew. MARY JEAN LINSTROM, Nativity, Camera Club, Science Club, Library Council, Swing Show Crew, Prom Committee, Pep Club. JAMES EDWARD LYONS, Basketball, Stage Crew. ERNEST J. MCBRIDE, Football, Wrestling, Golf, Baseball, Swing Show, Troian Club, Student Council, Social Committee. JOYCE NADINE McCREA, Nativity, IOB Chorus, Girls' Choir, Prom Committee, Home- room Secretary, Library Council, Pep Club, Usher. BARBARA MERELINE MCDONALD, Pep Club, Choir, Girls' Trio, Madrigal, Nativity, Swing Show, 'IOB Chorus, Girls' Choir, Homecoming Committee, Homeroom Secretary. SHIRLEY JEAN McDOWELL, Stage Crew, Art Club Treasurer, Art Club President, Library Science, Nativity, Pep Club, Prom Committee, Usher, Make-up Crew. fContinued on page 961 LINES LINSTROM LYONS McBRIDE McCREA McDONALD McDOWELL MCEN ROE McKEE McLEAN We Honor Academic McMILLIN MCROBERTS MANLEY MENNEN MEYTHALER MILLER KAYE FRANCES MCMILLIN, O 8. B: Pep Club: Friendship Club: Costume Crew: Troian Typist. MARILYN SUE MCROBERTS, IOB Chorus: Soph- omore Sextet: Citizenship Committee: Swing Show Planning Committee: Nativity: Swing Show: Swing Chorus: Choir: Troian Junior Co- Editor: Troian Senior Co-Editor: O 8. B Typist: Homecoming Committee: Social Committee: Junior Council: Prom Committee: Senior Coun- cil: Olympiad Club: Pep Club: Cap and Gown Committee: Properties Crew: Latin Club: Stu- dent Council Alternate. RICHARD J. MANLEY, Wrestling: Olympiad Club: Band: Orchestra: Swing Band: Brass Sextet: "Warning Signal": Football: Dixieland Band. ROSALIND FAYE MENNEN, Nativity: Audi- torium Committee: IOB Chorus: Girls' Chorus: Pep Club. ROGER A. MEYTHALER, Swing Show: Choir: Male Chorus: Nativity: Football: Madrigal: Camera Club. JAMES ARNOLD MILLER, Basketball: Baseball: Senior Council: Basketball Student Manager: Student Council Alternate: Swing Show. RICHARD DEAN MINGUS, Wrestling: Baseball: Trojan Club. RONALD DEAN MOEHLIS, Student Council: Senior Council: Social Committee: Orientation Committee: Camera Club: Science Club: Olym- piad Club: Pep Club: Swing Show: Homeroom President. IVA DALE MOLLENHAUER, IOB Chorus: Pep Club: Nativity: Prom Committee: Swing Show: Publicity and Promotions Committee: Social Committee: Senior Council: Library Council President: O K B Ad Solicitor: Homecoming Committee. ROBERT EUGENE MORGAN, Sophomore Coun- cil: Swing Show: Wrestling: Pep Club: Band: MINGUS MOEHLIS MOLLENHAUER MORGAN MORITZ MORKAL MOSS MUSGROVE NICHOLS' NicHoLs These upperclassmen set the academic standards for the T955 seniors. Front Row: A. Wagner, S. Gordish, A. Courier, M. Kies, E. Dally. Second Row: P. Willhite, G. Allee, D. Hen- shaw, J. Kuehl, R. Moehlis. Achievement Not Pictured: Ruby Wilkin. Orchestra- Pep Band- Golf- Swing Band. I 1 1 DEANNA DEE MORITZ, August Graduate. JANET VERNEITA MORKAL, Pep Club, Nativity, Costume Crew, Swing Show, Play Crew, Audi- torium Committee, IOB Chorus. MARTHA ANN MOSS, IOB Chorus, Swing Show. SHARON KAY MUSGROVE, Orange Girl, Na- tivity, 'IOB Chorus, Pep Club, Sophomore Coun- cil, Student Council, O 8. B, Trojan Senior Co- Editor, Swing Show Costume Crew, Swing Show, Auditorium Committee, Homecoming Committee, Social Committee, Pep Club Vice- President, Swing Show Tap Instructor. GERALD LEROY NICHOLS, Stage Crew, Base- ball. MARLIN REID NICHOLS, Wrestling, Baseball, Stage Crew. REX LEE NIEDERT, IOB Chorus, Male Chorus, Choir, Nativity, Football, Track, Wrestling, Homecoming Committee, Art Club, Pep Club, Swing Show, Homeroom President, Prom Com- mittee. LEE ALLEN NIELD, Tennis, O 8. B, "Warning Signal", Stage Crew, Sound Crew, Camera Club, Light Crew, Property Crew, Science Club, Conservation Club, Archery Club, Band, Prom Committee, National Thespian Society, North- east Iowa Science Fair. EUNICE NOLTING, Pep Club, Friendship Club, IOB Chorus, Usher. GAIL JEAN NORMAN, 0 8. B, Nativity, Public- ity and Promotions Committee, Social Com- mittee, Citizenship Committee, Swing Show, Sextet, Trio, Friendship Club, Choir, IOB Chorus, Junior Council, Swing Show Planning Committee, Latin Club, Madrigal. GERALD DALE OHRT, Homeroom Secretary, Basketball, Band, Orchestra, Baseball, Swing Show, Prom Committee. DOLORES ANN OLIPHANT, Library Science, Costume Crew. VIVIAN ANNETTE OLIVER, Swing Show, Girls' Choir, IOB Chorus. fContinued on page 965 NIEDERT NIELD NOLTING NORMAN OHRT OLIPHANT OLIVER PATTERSON PATTERSON PENCIL PEYTON PIETAN POTRATZ PRIES QUIBELL REASBY WILLIAM M. PEYTON, Track, Football, Archery Club. JANICE ANN PIETAN, Student Council, Social Committee, Pep Club, Make-up Crew, Swing Show. PAULA RUTH POTRATZ, You Can't Take It With You, Sophomore Sextet, IOB Chorus, Girls' Choir, Stage Crew, Usher, Christmas Carol. ELIZABETH MARJORIE PRIES, Citizenship Com- mittee, Pep Club. WILLIAM ROSS QUIBELL, Troian, O 8. B, Swing Show, Nativity, Double Mixed Quartet, Choir, Male Chorus, 'IOB Chorus, Stage Crew, Wres- tling, Basketball, Golf, Prom Committee, Homecoming Committee, Quill and Scroll. MARY F. REASBY, Pep Club, Nativity, IOB Chorus, Girls' Choir, Choir, Swing Show, Li- brary Council. ANNA MAE REINERTSON, Pep Club, Prom Committee. Social Events RONALD LAVERNE RIDER, Conservation Club. JANICE J. ROBSON, Girls' Choir, Camera Club, Student Council, Costume Crew. JOSEPHINE ANN ROLFES, Pep Club, IOB Chorus, Camera Club, Science Club, Make-up Crew, Usher. FLORENCE ANN ROOKAIRD, Swing Show Cos- tume Crew, Usher. RONALD RICHARD ROTH, Male Chorus, Choir, IOB Chorus, Tennis, Hi-Y, Nativity. JAN MARSHAL RUNGE, Baseball, Stage Crew, Light Crew, 'IOB Chorus, Pep Club, Homecom- ing Committee, Prom Committee, Transfer, Sioux Rapids, Iowa, 1952. ERNEST ALLEN SAGE, Wrestling Manager, Track, Choir, Male Chorus, Madrigal, Swing Show, Nativity, O 8. B Advertising Manager, Homecoming Committee, Student Council AI-I ternate, Pep Club, Prom Committee, Swing Chorus. REINERTSON RIDER ROBSON ROLFES ROOKAIRD ROTH RUNGE SAGE SCHEEL SCHLEY ' 'T' T' T' I Add Gala Note MICHAEL L. SCHEEL, Band: Camera Club: Archery Club: Stage Crew: Light Crew: Wres- tling: Track: August Graduate. GEORGIANNA SCHLEY, Girls' Choir: IOB Chorus: Sophomore Sextet: Nativity: Usher: Pep Club: Camera Club: Orientation Commit- tee: Costume Crew. JANET EILEEN SCHROEDER, Usher: Pep Club: Girls' Chorus: Citizenship Committee. WILLIAM G. SCULLY, JR., Band: Orchestra: Swing Band: Swing Show: Pep Band: Junior Council: Prom Committee. BARBARA J. SHINN, Orchestra: Citizenship Committee: Student Council: IOB Chorus: Na- tivity: Trojan. DARWIN L. SIMMONS, August Graduate. MARLYS ANN SIMPSON, 'IOB Chorus: Girls' C. Cutsforth and R. Andrews look hope- fully at the Junior-Senior Prom program with their dates C. Bailey and C. Lewis. Held May 27, this event rates top place on the spring social calendar. Chorus: Choir: Nativity: Library Council: Orien- tation Committee: Olympiad Club: Latin Club. SANDRA LEE SLOAN, Social Committee: Pep Club: Orchestra: Nativity: Usher: Librarian: Library Council: Prom Committee. DARRELL CLARENCE SMITH, Football: Swing Show. PAMELA SMITH, Camera Club: Pep Club: Girls' Choir: Stage Crew: Girls' Chorus: Costume Crew. LINDA SUE SNODGRASS, Swing Show: Cos- tume Crew: Citizenship Committee: O 81 B: Science Club: Latin Club: Prom Committee: Olympiad Club. SUE AUDREY SPEAR, Usher: Nativity: Christmas Carol: Friendship Club. SCHROEDER SCULLY SHINN SIMMONS SIMPSON SLOAN SMITH SMITH SNODGRASS SPEAR Competition Demands SPRY STINSON STONEMAN STROHM STROHM TANN DOUGLAS O. SPRY, Wrestling, Tennis, Track, Conservation Club, Archery Club, Science Club. GEORGIA GWENDOLYN STlNSON,1OB Chorus, Girls' Choir, Swing Show, Nativity, Trojan, Friendship Club, Pep Club, Make-up Crew. JOHN EARL STONEMAN SYLVIA JOYCE STROHM, 10B Girls' Chorus, Olympiad Club, Transfer, LaPorte City, Iowa, 1953. LARRY E. STROHM, Track, Football, Transfer, LaPorte City, Iowa, 1953. YVONNE W. TANN, Student Council, Olympiad Club, Friendship Club, 10B Chorus, Girls' Choir, Pep Club, Nativity, Prom Committee, Costume Crew, Usher, Orientation Committee, Latin Club. JOAN CLARA TAYLOR, Costume Committee. BARBARA THOMAS, August Graduate. BARBARA ANN THOMPSON, 10B Chorus, Pep Club, Girls' Chorus, Costume Crew. RHONDA LEA THOMPSON, 10B Chorus, Girls' Choir, Pep Club, Stage Crew, Costume Crew, Nativity, Usher. RONALD DEAN THOMPSON, Baseball, Foot- ball, Wrestling, Pep Club, Trojan Club, Swing Show, Hi-Y, Nativity. KENNETH THORP, Baseball, Swing Show Crew. MARY L. TOVAR, Student Council, Junior Coun- cil, Senior Council, Prom Committee, Audi- torium Committee, Citizenship Committee, Usher, Pep Club. GREGORY W. TRUE, Transfer, Miltonvale, Kan- sas, 1955. PATRICIA ANN VENTER, 10B Girls' Chorus, Girls' Choir, Junior Council, Prom Committee. TAYLOR THOMAS THOMPSON THOMPSON THOMPSON THORP TOVAR TRUE VENTER VOIGT as Perseverance if X51 .gg 53 1 qu The class ring, diploma, cap and tassel signify the approach of grad- uation day for the seniors. HOWARD WINFIELD VOIGT, Choir, Male Chorus, O 8. B Editor, "Warning Signal", Pep Club, It Pays to Advertise, Swing Show, Stu- dent Council, Publicity and Promotions Com- mittee Chairman, Olympiad Club, Basketball, Nativity, Choir President, Junior Council, Mad- rigal, Double Mixed Quartette, Homeroom President, Latin Club, Prom Committee, Stu- dent Council Convention, Dorian Festival, S. U. I. Journalism Workshop, Iowa High School Press Association Convention. THOMAS JAMES WADE ANN MARILYN WAGNER, Swing Show, Olym- piad Club Treasurer, Social Committee, Girls' Choir, IOB Chorus, Usher, Latin Club, Student Council, Swing Show Costume Crew, Choir, O 8. B, Friendship Club, "School of the Air", Iowa High School Press Association Conven- tion, Orientation Committee, Trojan Editor, Property Crew, Quill and Scroll, Prom Com- mittee, Homecoming Committee, Nativity, Pep Club. GEORGIA MARIE WAGNER, Art Club. MARCELLA MAE WAGNER, IOB Chorus, Girls' Choir, Pep Club, Prom Committee, Swing Show, Usher. ALAN K. WALKER, Baseball, Wrestling. WILLIAM JOSEPH WALSH, Science Club, Con- servation Club, Archery Club, Northeast Iowa Science Fair, Prom Committee. NEAL GAYLORD WEATHERMAN, Baseball. FREDINE WEBSTER, IOB Chorus, Girls' Choir, Nativity, Social Committee, Friendship Club. DOROTHY ANN WEISS, Orchestra, Student Council, Olympiad, Usher. CLYDE GEORGE WELCH, JR., Swing Show, Wrestling, Track, Football, Troian Club. WADE WAGNER WAGNER WAGNER WALKER WALSH WEATHERMAN WEBSTER WEISS WELCH WELCH WILDER WILKES WILKIN GLEN PAUL WILLHITE, Football: Wrestling: Track: Troian Club: Olympiad Club President: Conservation Club: Science Club Vice-Presi- dent: Light Crew: Sound Crew: Stage Crew: Light Crew Manager: Property Crew: Hawkeye Boys' State: It Pays to Advertise: Christmas Carol: Double Door: Junior Miss: O 81 B Sports Editor: Troian Sports Editor: Citizenship Com- mittee Chairman: National Thespian Society: Quill and Scroll: Latin Club: Pep Club: Band: Prom Committee. EDDIE WILLINGHAM WILLIAM P. WILSON, Junior Miss: Christmas Carol: Properties Crew: Band: Orchestra: Tro- ian: Masquers Club: Camera Club: Brass Sex- tet: Nativity: Publicity and Promotions Com- mittee: Library Council: Pep Band: Prom Com- mittee: Swing Show. Seniors Accept Responsibility RICHARD ORVILLE WELCH, August Graduate. IAN K. WILDER, Choir: Male Chorus: Nativity: Swing Show: Junior Council: Student Council: Madrigal: Basketball: Baseball: Track. CHARLES WILKES, Baseball. RUBY ANN WILKIN, Olympiad Club: O 8. B: Student Council: Publicity and Promotions Committee: Citizenship Committee: Prom Com- mittee: Quill and Scroll: Choir: Nativity: Swing Show: Friendship Club: Pep Club: Homecoming Committee: Latin Club: Wooden Horse Editor. BOYD WOLF, Basketball: Baseball: Swing Show: Swing Chorus: Choir: Male Chorus: Olympiad Club: Science Club: Junior Council: Prom Committee: Nativity. DOUGLAS GERALD WOOLSEY, Homeroom Sec- retary: Transfer, North Tonawanda, New York, I952. WILLIAM ROBERT WRIGHT, Football: Track: Wrestling: Student Council: Hi-Y: Troian Club: Citizenship Committee: Swing Show. LOIS JEAN YEARLING, Choir: IOB Chorus: Na- tivity: Student Council: Prom Committee: Pep Club: Girls' Choir. SANDRA MAYE ZEGARAC, 'IOB Chorus: Social Committee: Citizenship Committee: Nativity: Swing Show: Choir: Junior Council: Band: Drum Maiorette: Student Council Treasurer: fContinued on page 96: WILLHITE WILLINGHAM WILSON WOLF WOOLSEY WRIGHT YEARLING ZEGARAC ZERAN FOX ff si 55? E. Sage, advertising manager, and H. Voigt, editor, conduct a post-mortem on an issue of the Orange and Black. Publishing the News Standing: A. Wagner, M. McRoberts, S. Gordish. 'L t' Lower Left: G. Jossil, C.Frown, G. Hughes promoZO7EB campai . x ,CZQ MCS, . with 'M - , 5 ,Q 1 1 , . MM QTL... Gif Upper Left- Seated: S. Morris, G. Dunkelberg, D. Kelsen. CL 4, - 7 , Standing: J. Nicoluus, P. Kerr, S, Guernsey, B. Cole. - 7 - Lower Left-Seated: G. Finders, L. Nield, L. Snodgrass. rj V-Q 79M ' Standing: A. Fink, J. Norman, P. Willhite, R. Andrews, B. Baker, R. Wilk , G. Norman, K. McMillin. 4 ' l f" Upper Right-Seated: D. Miller, M. Burkes, B. L. Eastman, B. Shelton, . Kemmerer. ' If Standing: S. Bothun, D. Grove, J. Speicher, C. Brown, C. Meyer. I Lower Right- Seated: J. Adams, D. Musgrave, C. Breckenfelder, J. Sims. Standing: N. Bender, J. Smock, C. DeHart, D. Baker, R. Burk. "Scapers" Under the direction of J. Henry, the swing band set the pace for the 19th annual Swing Show. The 20-girl tap line established a happy mood for the remainder of the show in the opener, "It's a Good Day." "The Woodchuck Song" recreated popular tongue twisters. Accompanied by harmonica soloist Clyde Welch, the iumblers proved their agility. Eight couples waltzecl gracefully to "Melody of love." As the messengers fulfilled their wishes, D. Miller and D. Musgrove sang about "One Dozen Roses." Wearing his sparkling smile, Billy Anderson captivated the audience with three organ specialties. Takes Stage Swing chorus opened with "It's o Good Day." Ventriloquists brought smiles with their dancing dolls. Male chorus sang "I Believe" while G. Stinson conveyed the spirit in a solo dance. ln modern dance eight girls interpreted "Will O' the Wisp." With J. Jackson as prophet the Ezekiel chorus evoked a spiritual mood as the finale of the first act. C. Kemmerer ond C. Breckenfelder took us on a "Grand Tour de l'Amour" with the swing chorus as background. Swing chorus gave their version of "Mambo Italiano." A. Fink and J. Kuehl pleased the audience with their solos, "Cumana" and "Trom- bonologyf' z- ::'3'?:5f5f5P?T'Z13E,S'q2.'s5i4.'5if?f if? TSW 'Er' i ,fs f it RM Colorful Costumes lldd Variety I The cast listens to Principal Hoffman's pre-curtain talk. O P. Willhite and B. Anderson man the lights. I With their Little Lulu top this line brought smiles from the audiences. O M. Reasby accompanied by a male sextet charmed with "Tweedle Dee." I ln convincing lyrics D. Musgrove and D. Granneman persuaded their hearers that "Gone Fishin" was the sign to hang on the door. Q Dressed in Dutch costumes D. Miller and D. Noble sang "Zing a Little Zeng." O As "Sisters" H. Voigt and D. Gronneman provided humor. I Tap duo R. Laylin and R. Lawson won the audiences in "When My Sugar Walks Down the Street." I R, Christopherson amazed the crowds with her acro- batics. I G. Stinson, B. Flowers and T. Carr interpreted the Aztec Sun Dance while D. Anderson played the tom-tom. 2 W NWI Awww Creative Ideas Take Form ff a These twelve art students are looking at the awards they received in the Scholastic Art competition. Seniors S. McDowell and l.. Giffen won gold keys. Seated: S. McDowell, L. Giffen, J. Andrews, M. Meyne, N. Pat- terson. Standing: K. Joy, D. Manley, J. Moeller, J. Grim, B. Kirchmann, R. Rider, B. Clough, Miss Esther Oleson, art instructor. B. Tarkett sketches program covers for the art banquet. Barbara's ink drawings appear in the 1955 ss Wooden Horse. it ' ,,.,... J f ..,,. , The Art Club held its annual tall pot- luck after the demonstration by their guest, Mrs. Thelma Willson, crafts instruc- tor at Logan Junior High School. Mrs. Willson shows the girls the steps in creating copper iewelry. Making and wearing copper jewelry is a popular re- vival of on ancient art. 85 Programs Feature Instrumental Groups Members of the string quartet are J. Sims, first violin, N. Flieder, second violin, L. Ford, cello, C. Bailey, viola. They have been able to add their talents to the Nativity and to social events ot civic groups. Under the direction of Robert C. Reeves, the orchestra rehearses twice o week. To increase their musical skill they hold sectionals once a week. This year the orchestra made its debut at the tall dra- matic event in which it interpeted introduction music and also added mood music between acts. The group played selections in the Pops Concert. lt will participate in the annual music festival and commencement exercises. East is proud to be one of the few schools in Iowa which has a student, K. Dobson, taking harp lessons and playing that instrument in the orchestra. ORCHESTRA Front Row: J. Sims, N. Flieder, C. Bailey, P. Clough, N. Sloan, M. Jones, S. Bothun. Second Row: G. Adams, C. Boemecke, C. Palmer, M. McKinstry, R. Primrose, W. Rasmussen, l.. Westendorf, V. Summy, J. Duke, R. Fink, J. Pencil, S. Hopkins. Third Row: D. Manley, E. Collins, C. Brown, S. Sackett, C. Bingaman, R. Morgan, W, Wilson, M. Haetlinger, A. Podaski, J. Kuehl, L. Ford. Fourth Row: J. Cox, W, Scully, G. West, J. Johannessen, C. Jones, D. Kelsen, A. Fink, K. Dobson. Director: Robert C. Reeves. V. Walters and G. Wilcox look over their proiects in preparation for the Cedar Falls and Davenport Science Fairs. They were part of a group of twenty prospective scientists who attended the Junior Academy of Science Fair at Davenport. L. Furgerson took first place in the Northeast Iowa Science Fair, winning a trip to the National Science Fair. Clubs Stimulate Initiative LIBRARY COUNCIL Upper Picture Front Row: M. Simpson, D. Probert, B. Cole, B. Cook, B. Beck, B. Rathe. Second Row: J. Marsh, M. Reasby, E. Lynch, B. Shelton, B. Hewitt, M. Van Winkle, M. Augustson. Lower Picture Front Row: B. Otterman, C. Bailey, C. Boemecke, M. Siler, l. Mollenhauer, M. Rue. Second Row: S. McDowell, S. Simpson, R. Gerstenberger, M. Linstrom, S. Scully, R. Burke, K. Mohs. 87 Tense contestants work at fever heat to solve their problems in the first slide rule derby which the Science Club sponsored. Spring-" Young Man's GOLF TEAM Front Row: P. Slattenow, A. Carman, F. Allen, A. Koch, L. DeBuhr, J. Black. Second Row: C. Patten, N. Hanson, G. Finders, D. Fagerlind, B. Coffin, G. Dunkelberg, L. Spragle, J. Cherry. TRACK SQUAD Upper Picture Front Row: J. Phillips, D. Gaudes, D. Thompson, E. Sage, D. Franke, E. Wescom, D- Bovfk. K- 5l'I0WeI'S- Second Row: J. Grim, K. Kelling, D. Peppler, R. Lane, F. Wittstock, D. Leslie, J. Montgomery, S. KirlCC1id, W. Bandfield, Stu- dent Manager J. Hibben. Third Row: N. DeBerg, J. Hutchins, C. Welch, D. Spry, A. Walker, D. Dotson, R. Power, L. Gillespie, J. Kramer, D. Smith, R. Boyles. Lower Picture Front Row: T. Sage, R. Hostetler, R. Haughtcn, B. Dyer, R. Andrews, A. Trask, J. Baker, H. Patterson. Second Row: J. Waters, J. Woolsey, J. Burke, S. Sage, A. Baker, T. DeBerg, R. Hastings, B. Clough, R. Hastings, J. Williams, J. DeSmidt. Third Row: T. Steyer, A. Kinzler, V. Herman, R. Potter, P. Morris, B. Wright, M. Siler, J. Jackson, J. Penning, D. Davis, D. Durin R. Schmidt. 1 Fancy Turns to" . . . Sports TENNIS TEAM Front Row: D. Kelsen, J. Eclsill, G. Janes, G. West, G. Johnson, G. Herbsleb, D. Hennessey. Second Row: Coach George Diestelmeier, L. Bergman, J. Budak, K. Doland, B. Eastman, L. Miller, T. Budak, K. Nelson. Spring sports started on the winning side for the Trojan track team as they won their first dual meet in six years by defeating Oelwein. Later they downed West by a one- point margin. Although the diamondmen lost seven of BASEBALL TEAM the first nine games by one or two-run mar- gins, they advanced to the district finals, where they were eliminated by St. Mary's. Strength in the tennis and golf teams led them to a good season as they proved to be spirited contenders for sports honors. Front Row: R. Walentiny, N. Kalianov, L. Nanke, J. Letney, R. Thompson, B. Willard. Second Row: B. Wolf, R. Kuehl, G, Ohrt, B. Rugger, A. Willingham, J. Miller, Coach Bill Waters. Third Row: E. Schlachtenhaufen, R. Schmidt, B. Dotson, G. McDonald, D. Bush, D. Grove, Student Manager G. Jossie. A. Wagner, editor, and J. Henry, business manager, check subscription total for the '55 annual. Picturing the Year Upper Right: M. Wilson mounts the pictures to be sent fo the ETIQFGVET. lower Right: M. McRoberts and S. Musgrave, senior editors, check the senior pictures for continuity in the final section of the book. Upper left- Seated: S. Bothun, S. LeMoine, B. Baker J. Wyborny. Standing: C. Brown, C. Breckenfelder, J. Sims, M Venter, J. Rowzee, J. Speicher. lower Left-Seated: D. Taylor, K. Dobson, B. Shelton V. Pols. Standing: C. Meyer, J. Bingham, B. Wilson, M Augustson, C. Stone. lower Right-Seated: P. Willhite, G. Finders, R Matz. Standing: G. Porter, G. Reed, K. Sheeley, S. Ferch 1 1 I 431 Bill Wood, East graduate, sells athlete Bob Bishop on the quality of the new sports equipment. Jim Kuehl, Band, Donna Musgrove, Choir, Dave Kelsen, Orchestra CONGRATULATIONS TO THE EAST HIGH MUSIC STAFF AND STUDENTS Goods Company Gwdwiu mm Jw. 307 West Fourth Street Phone AD 3-0243 228 E. 4,h SL Telephone AD 36103 5210122 flouwxy The National Bank of Waterloo The Coca-Eula Bottling Eu. of Waterloo Federal Insurance Deposit Corp. 120 Washington Phone AD 4-5549 Member Federal Reserve Bank 'V BLACK IIAWK SPORT SI'IOP 416-418 E. 4th St. Waterloo, Iowa A. Sporting Goods, Ceramics, Gift Items, Binoculars, Photo- graphic Department. B. Self-serve Hardware Department. C. Gun Repair and Rifle Range. D. Annex. Open Evenings and Sundays 'xx E. Locksmith. Keys Duplicated. -4 ' F. Self-serve Live Bait Tank. 5 C24 hour servicel G. Casting Pool. ju H. Golf Driving Range. wx' gil . q I. Outboard Motor Test Tank. 'H-,stil .T we mi.. xl .. 'X . ' 'l,,,,1g' f - - . Ziff, A fit, . y, I I rl, ., I. - -.-4, I. c..iEo..aM.i.',4'f" . ' J. ,T..iT..i. s 1 V -' - .V o. A.....o,..s,...:f.,....a:....4.,.f' F ' rf ' " ' 'h ,' .I 4 E. t...u...:in. K., o..,l:..i.a. ' ' , . s -' L ' , 2 LL- ' V Q I Qmgbvfi ,N BASEMENT DEPARTMENTS 1. Boats and Motors. 2. Power Tools for the Home Workshop. I. 3. Hobbies. 4. Toys. 5. Barbecue Supplies and equipment. 6 The "Huddle." CWhere good sports meetl awfzfkfs FOR gdfy paihaffule gldilflldlbfl Pdafas 9277116 QM! mldhg aghacfdhffs FINE PORTRAITS National Studio 514-526 Lafayette Bldg., Waterloo, Iowa Phone: AD 4-4617 INSON O SEAT COVERS O CUSHIONS O CAMERA GADGET BAGS I HUNTING COATS Q GOLF BAGS A See Them at Your Hinson Dealer , f Q e ' I .I ' v A- lv D I N Q REDDY KILOWATT Your Electric Servunl Reddy . . . FOR PLENTY OF POWER FOR BETTER LIVING Iowa Public Service Co. fefizf AFTER EVERY GAME P0 WITH Ps 5 PAT off WU WE ffwczs You THE 7-UP BOTTLING COMPANY also BOTTLERS OF THE DODGER FLAVORS Make The WATERLOO SAVINGS BAN K Your Banking Headquarters if IT'S SMALL -Enough to Know You! IT'S LARGE -Enough to Serve You! IT'S STRONG -Enough to Protect You! MAIN LOBBY - 533 Commercial Street MOTOR BANKING - 533 Memorial Court Member-Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation cfgo Studento and Cgrcwluateo . . you have learned the necessity of keeping informed . . .and as good citizens, the importance of honest and fair reporting of the news. We hope you will continue to read the . .. mmm gg Qmgmmrirfc I 'k g i' LOCAL HAPPENINGS STATE NEWS NATIONAL EVENTS INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENTS FULL SPORTS COVERAGE I H f f f' Ungl H M H 10149 xiii? FROM THE KT HHH Pg UHI H ng Tho' you won't return to high school - we 1 D U N hope you will still continue to stop in for all and your records, record players, radios and some day even a television set. Nl V iz Qotlu jewel:-:ro Specialists In Fine Timepieces JE n n E U En m p a n U 227 EAST FIFTH STREET Phone AD 3-4228 219 West Fourth Dale Straw selects a suit at Larry's Clothes. AFl0 Courier shows l'1iS friends the new Cad- Helping Dale is Bob Stevens, one of Larry's illClC Eldorado. expert clothes counselors. v l furry! elotheo Shop 3l0E"5'4'l' Sl' Shriver eadillac-Qldo eo. MEN BOYS 308 East Fifth St. Phone: AD 4-7509 PQUI willhife mqkeg use gf the new drive--in Jack Henry and Arlo Courter receive expert advice from A h L V I t Service offered by Peoples Bank and Trust Co. rc 'ie e ine in se eo ing an suit from one of WaterIoo's for hurried banking leading stores In mens fashions. f Dress like the stars wk Peoples Bank and Trust Company RICITHSICI Clothes 528 Commercial Street "For the man who cares" MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Eqgf Fqurth GIIZJZWQZQLYYIX fkzsr af795'5 48? PERSONAL HOUSEHOLD JANITOR SUPPLIES 3 Q U I I S U p p I y Ron Thompson and Carolee Bailey take time i out from studies for PEPSI-COLA. WILLIAM H. QUIBELL P9P5l'fUI3 Buttlmg fvmnanu Brushes of All Kinds AD 4-6343 320 East 7th St., Waterloo, Iowa 1424 Burton Avenue Phone AD 4-5622 Senior Activities-continued lContinued from page 691 ROSE MARIE GERSTENBERGER, Camera Club Secretary: Prom Committee: Art Club: Library Council. LINDA LOU GIFFEN, Art Club: Pep Club: Prom Committee: Costume Crew: Scholastic Art Award Winner: Homecoming Committee. SANDRA KAY GORDISH, O 8. B Ad Solicitor: O 8. B Managing Editor: O 81 B Exchange Ed- itor: Troian: Social Committee Chairman: Stu- dent Council: 'IOB Chorus: Girls' Choir: Choir: Nativity: Swing Show: Swing Show Sewing Crew: Quill and Scroll: Property Crew: Latin Club Secretary: Olympiad Club Vice-President: Usher: Friendship Club Vice-President: Pep Club: Homecoming Committee: Publicity and Promotions Committee: Prom Committee: "Warning SignaI": Iowa High School Press mittee: Publicity and Promotions Committee: Science Club. LAVERNE H. PATTERSON, Football. BONITA MAE PENCIL, Nativity: Art Club: Prom Committee: Costume Crew. lContinued from page SOD Senior Council Secretary: High Society Re- porter: Pep Club: Olympiad Club: Prom Com- mittee: "Warning Signal." JOAN MARIE ZERAN, Girls' Choir: IOB Chorus: Sophomore Council: Junior Council: Nativity: Prom Committee: Usher: Pep Club: Student Council: Swing Show. LEE A. FOX, Transfer, Hazleton, Iowa, I955. AUDREY COOK, Swing Show: Chorus: Pep Club: August Graduate. Association Convention: Iowa Driver Training Convention. LYLE GRAMENZ, Not Graduating. WILLIAM ARTHUR GRITTMANN, Football. DORIS JEANETTE GRONOSKI, Art Club: Cam- era Club: Girls' Choir: Costume Committee. lip, 1 :TM BETTY DEE GROSS V " IContinued from page 73D ORLENE KAY MCENROE, An Club: 10B chorus. ARMED FORCES BERNARD McKEE, Football: Wrestling: Troian MELVIN H. BARTELS Club: Swing Show: Band: Hi-Y: Sophomore JERRY A' CLOUSE Councn, ROBERT R. FAIRBANKS BARBARA ANN MCI-EAN BILLY ARNOLD HOWARD ROBERT F. JACKSON lContinued from page 751 RONALD DEAN MAGEE HUGH w. PATTERSON, Olympiad Club: sw- DONALD WAYNE PARKS dent Council: Senior Council: Auditorium Com- CARL F. SCHULDT ACKNOWLEDGMENTS MARK FLANDERS, photography GWYNNE WESTON, Waterloo Engraving and Service Company JOSEPH P. SCHUY, Stewart-Simmons Company I I ' . " '1..,w'-'I'--, 4, , , , ... M 1 I J . . , . , .A .l ,W J, , , V V r , V ,, :NF 1 i 14 1 ll ww mia? Q A MQW' J WW? W fob' M W Y u , - ' ' I 1 Sw 'KL x f 41.9 ,s JI- 'V . v ff gy B A lg , 6 X . l v 1 1 3 .--1 .M n nj' :- ..x 3 . ,F , M MM W? M yn by ,yjwfjej ,E A WM UM lM4ffZu"' ,D ww' J ' jikgwwyyfw , WW 1, A N k 5,3 M0 ,Mi f ' f , ,,pf,,4AfLfvlApffj 169 gb CW ' fgcfygwf 'ibvllbkjl 'A AV'. A ia A WX Q lkffaw of M JW ,iliffgziyj I A ' f Z, ,Lowf MU! ' A! W1 ' Zz-J fqlyf ff fKiM1'fnd X ' . , ff' 'V V A A Vw , Z?fjE5QZ ,, fwfg ffgw M .S ffm' V4 ' !WL"jfKMf1fW ffffff 'Ii Eh w ' 6' ' i Y.. M 3 'E MV 'Rf 'W , v I V: ji M1 A0 Mfof' n fl D l. -, ,fi ,jj f' A , , f - . -x .' ' -x - Q - " H E,-. '+ft'.. ' A'- ' E A. . L ,. " a., -

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