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 SUNRISE 1988 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction............................................................................. 3 Administration and Faculty............................................................... 4 Dedication.............................................................................. 14 Seniors................................................................................. 16 Underclassmen........................................................................... 42 Athletics............................................................................... 62 Activities............................................................................. 100 Patrons................................................................................ 124 Senior Editors: Kelly Carlson, Brenda Vogel Seniors: Amy Potts, Michelle Purzycki, Tina Stasiewski Underclassmen: Dawn August, Danny Fisher, Danette Grove, Garrett Sonnenberg Advisor: Mr. Passarelli East High School 1151 Atkins Street Erie, Pennsylvania 16503 1"EAST HIGH” SCHOOL SONG You may search thru the whole wide country Ev’ry city ev’ry state, From the Northland to the Southland Of our Union strong and great. You will find no school that’s finer Measure by what test you may, And it’s our own school, our dear East High We hail with pride today. Then to East High, our Alma Mater, Do we pledge loyal hearts and true May we e’er keep thy dear name unspotted And thy colors unsullied too. May the scarlet and gray float o’er us, Lead us onward from day to day Then give three cheers for our East High Rah! Rah! Rah! Three cheers for the Scarlet and Gray! 2 INTRODUCTIONbuilding strong foundations for the years to gpJ to be,“Looking Good and Getting Better.” Behind the well known pride of East High opportunity to' express ourselves and gain worl ou jmassmates and team members. With every As the end of anothe: their friends. As we look a brief recollection of taa kj} vtv Through the year , i but in all our experiences. ODUCTION draws near, everyone is anxious to begin the summer, yet reluctant to leave years at East High, the memories prevail. With our theme, we will try to give ?es and of our experiences that we will treasure forever. 1e learned many valuable things here at East High, not just through our school work these things is the pride we have in our school which has been maintained by the ■ ■ --C. •» l „L, I rPU!,. 1.- nrtUnlfj Uir tkn foouliir o lid it non dedication of the students and the integrity taught here at East. This i aheld by the faculty, and it can be said that the facu For thi special mo: The beginning done without t! These are the For the to achieve th of our i Ev Makes East High." and a beginning. and may , reason ing, make the sei n. this is a time of as the seniors. It is |this reason thiat we sir share of ups and downs, includii of our high school years brings to a close the many ving our parents and teachers to fall back on. ation or further our education. This could not be s have learned through our high school years. fulfill the obligations and me the future leaders the programs growing, we consider our athletics ports katti udes of the athletes activities. Through our organizations and clubs, we have the es. also support the efforts of and team members. With everyone making a contribution. "Th ml is gack.” ars, good luck in your behind the memories oft he past or your East He athletes, alvyay display good sportsmanship and rememberTfiStail ofSo much winning you should - tlmgtftheitself. To the faculty, administration, and underclassmen, never lose pride in East 1 ng to make East better than ever! Sunrise Stan 1987-1938 INTRODUCTION 34 FACULTYEAST HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL RUPERT J. STADTMILLER Acting Principal 6 ADMINISTRATIONASSISTANT PRINCIPALS MARY LYNN POPADAK Assistant Principal RICHARD R. HILINSKI Assistant Principal 7GUIDANCE COUNSELORS Leonard Andrzejewski Grade 12 8 FACULTY Frank Haraczy Grade 9Board of Directors Raymond L. Dombrowski, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools Eva Tucker, Jr. Ibvsuient William G. Brabender Claire DeCecco John N. Petrua, D.P.M. John C. Harkins Vice-President Tom Casey Leonard L. LoCastro, Jr. Brenda A. Pundt Edward J. Sparaga FACULTY 9Linda L. Ace Honors Geometry 10 Geometry 10 Algebra i 9 Stephen E. Adams Learning Disabilities 9-12 Sheran Alexander English 9 English 10 Ann M. Bach Citizenship Ed. 9 World Cultures 10 Michelle J. Baughman Librarian Anthony G. Bifulco Literature 9 English 9 English 10 Edward M. Brzezinski Honors English 10 Study Skills Athletic Director Betty A. Buhite Consumer Math 11 Algebra I 9-12 John H. Dahlstrand Phys. Educ. 9-12 Ronald P. DeMarco General Math II 9-12 Marijane E. Dillon Health 11 John M. Drew Social Problems 9-10 Mod. Amer. Hist. 11 Econ. Gov. 12 Sociology 11-12 Mark E. Driscoll Judy M. Emling Math 9-12 Typing I 10-12 English 9-12 Science 9-12 Richard F. Fetzner Environmental Science 11-12 General Science 9 Denise M. Fiorelli Reading 9-12 Social Studies 9-10 Math 10-12 Louis N. Gianatiempo Earth Science 9 Chemistry 11-12 A.P. Chemistry 11-12 James W. Granger Citizenship Ed. 9 U.S. Geo. 9-12 Wld. Geo. 9-12 A.P. Eur. Hist. 12 William C. Grugin A.P. Biology 12 Biology 10 Trudy G. Hall Home Economics I 9-12 Home Economics II 10-12 Francis J. Hart Honors Citizenship Education 9 Citizenship Education 9 Erie History 11-12 Gary G. Heath Wood I 9-12 Wood II 10-12 Wood III 11-12 Wood IV 12 Camille V. James Reading 9-12 Math 9 Social Studies 10-12 English 10-12 Carole A. Kaminski A.P. English 12 English 12 10 FACULTYGeorge E. Kaufman Media L. Kent Hon. World Cultures 10 Poster Art 9-12 Mod. Amer. Hist. 11 Alice A. Kenton Mary Jane Koenig School Nurse English 11-12 Newspaper 10-12 Donald J. Kolakowski Joseph J. Komorek Honors English 11 Math 9 English 11 J. Phillip Koval Pool 9-12 Athletic Director Elizabeth O. Krug Tells Math 9 Math 9 Sandra A. Lubin William A. Maneval Acct. I 11-12 Earth Science 9 Acct. II 12 Office Practice 12 Recordkeeping 10-12 Shorthand 11-12 Thomas J. Matusiak Robert E. McDowell A.P. American History Wood I 9-12 11 Drafting I 9-12 Economics Government Drafting II 10-12 12 Practical Tech. 9-12 Jerome E. Munz Tells Reading 9 Frank C. Necci Spanish I 9 Spanish II 10 D. Kim Olszewski Health 9 Mark J. Pacileo General Math 9 Consumer Math 11 Physics 12 Ronald G. Passarelli Honors English 9 English 9 Sunrise 11-12 Laurel A. Pertsch Biology 10 Earth Science 9 Mary A. Piscitelli Home Econ. I 9-12 Home Econ. II 10-12 Child Care Dev. 11-12 Design for Everyday Living 11-12 Timothy A. Pohl Computer Programming I-IV 9-12 Charles E. Ramsey Honors Alg. I 9 Alg. II 11-12 Alg. II Trig 11-12 Trig Advanced Math Calculus 12 Maria T. Read Spanish I-IV 9-12 James J. Rinderle Ruth A. Scanzillo Art I 9-12 Girls Chorus 9-12 Intro, to Ceramics 9-12 String Orch. 9-12 Stage Band 9-12 Choir 9-12 Band 9-12 FACULTY 11Velia L. Sebald English 10 John J. Sedlock Industrial Arts 9-12 Thomas O. Sheridan English 9 Theater Arts 9-12 Language Skills 9-12 Nancy J. Smit Earth Science 9 Biology 10 Mary C. Theiss Howard R. VanAllsburg Social Studies 9-12 World Cultures 10 Science 9-12 Economica Govemment 12 Theresa R. Verga Honors Biology 10 Concepts of Biology 11-12 Lucille C. Warus French I 9-12 French II 10-12 French III 12 Lat. I 9-12 Lat. II 10-12 Kathy J. Williams Robert N. Wilson, Jr. Intro, to Business 9-12 ISS Business Law 11-12 Typing II 11-12 Recordkeeping 10-12 Picture Not Available: Thomas J. Mangold Speech Therapy BOOSTERS Row 1: Leo Kaminski, John Kaminski, John Buszek, John Satyshur, Joe Peters, Bill Strike; Row 2: Bob Hendricks, Ed Zukowski, Paul Prizinsky, Paul Wilkins, John Wiertel, Jim Herdzik; Absent: Ange Arduini, Attorney Solicitor 12 FACULTYSERVICES Jim Markowicz, Ronnie Grack, Larry Robson, Tom Cahill Library Assistant: Mrs. Lynette Vannucci Row 1: Lois Hammill, Joanne Kalbas, Theresa Steigmeyer, Grace Kalinowski, Ann Burdick; Row 2: Kathy Mulligan, Marcia Chessar-io, Janice Prince, Agatha Dorick, Ev Marzka, Pat Myers Secretary: Doreen Kirkpatrick Secretary: Robin Pancerev FACULTY 1314 DEDICATIONDEDICATION It is a pleasure this year to dedicate our yearbook to a veteran faculty member who has taught for twenty-four years here at East High School. An East High graduate, himself, this faculty member went on to college and graduated in 1962 from Edinboro University obtaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, majoring in Speech and Social Studies and mi-noring in English. Four years later, he earned His Master of Education Degree in Social Studies from Edinboro University. Professionally, this faculty member has taught at Roosevelt Middle School, Columbus Elementary School, has been a speech therapist, all before being assigned to East High School. For five years he held a supervisory position with the City of Erie, Bureau of Recreation working with young people of all ages throughout our city. When asked what he believed to be his greatest satisfaction and contribution to teaching those many years he responded, “Satisfaction is gained by witnessing the student grasp and understand a new idea. Seeing the student using his ability to think and understand. Teaching in such a manner which brings out the need for self-discipline, goal seeking, honesty, sensitivity and fair play in our society would be considered my greatest contribution.” One of the most experienced and respected basketball coaches in the city, this veteran faculty member has had many competitive teams over the years. One of his East High School teams won the District Ten AA Championship a few years ago. It is because of his long service to East High School and the pride he has developed for our school, that the year book staff dedicates the 1988 edition of the SUNRISE to Mr. Donald J. Kolakowski. DEDICATION 1516 SENIORSA SENIORS 17Senior Class Officers: President-Renee Bertolo, Vice President- Becky EBONY L. ATKINSON ED J. BALIK Maxson, Secretary-Linda Ford, Treasurer-Paige Crispell. AISHA MAULIKIA DAWN J. RENEE CHRISTINE WENDY JEAN BIELAK BARNES BARNES BERTOLO TODD A. BISHOP ERIC LYNWOOD ROBERT A. BLAND LARRY A. BOWERS BLAKELY 18 SENIORSROBERT L. BROWN DIANNE E. BUSH MICHELLE D. CALLAHAN KELLY JEAN CARLSON DANA E. CARR BILLIE JO CARROLL DAVID W. CHASE SUE C. CHISMAR JOHN A. CIECIERSKI ERIC CLAYTON Hey, who said you're on Candid Camera? SENIORS 19BERT E. DAVIS DARIAN E. DAVIS PAM DAVIS KIMBERLY A. DEMCHAK 20 SENIORSPAMELA SUE DeVORE RICHARD DIETRICH ROBIN D. DIETRICH KATHERINE M. DONOHUE BARRY T. DREW TOM EBISCH MICHELLE L. EDINGER LAURA A. EVANS JENNIFER A. FISCHER BRIAN E. FISHER East High s own Mutt and Jeff. SENIORS 21ONSOMME GIBBS SUZANNE BERYL DOROTHY A. GILLESPIE PAMELA R. GONZALEZ GIBSON “Nice and Easy ... That's my style!” PAUL D. FLEMINGS JOHN Q. GASKILL JAY J. FLICKNER JOEL S. GAUSS ALYSSA O. FORD LINDA L. FORD 22 SENIORSCAR! M. GOODWINE JOE GRUBBS AMY L. GRZYWINSKI RICHELLE L. HAKE ELAINE F. HAWLEY SCOTT F. HEETER TIM T. HIMES WENDY M. HUBBARD MARK E. HUFF JENNIFER L. HURLBURT Tina and Dave, showing their Warrior Pride! SENIORS 23“Isn’t that special?' SHEILA M. IRWIN CARLA A. JETHROE KENITA Y. JONES AMY JOSEFOWICZ JAMES G. KIMMY JOHN KRAWIEC mam CHERYL D. KANARR DUSTIN O. KELLER BRYAN KONIECZKI DANIEL L. KUBEJA 24 SENIORSSHERRY L. LAMP ANDREA S. LaROCK BAYTIA LINDSEY JESSEE LOCKETT ROXANNE M. LOMAX AMIEE LYNN MARINO PAUL G. MARNEN LILLIE A. MARSH SENIORS 25I told you — no pictures until I'm done!” LESLEY D. MCBRIDE jim m. McClellan DEANNA L. McCLINTIC GLENDA ANN MILLER MICHELLE D. MOORE ERIKA R. MOORHEAD FELICIA MARIE MORGAN DONNA D. McLAURIN SHERI A. MEYERS JENNIFER A. MIKOLAJCZYK 26 SENIORSALYSSA MORRIS ROVAIR MORROW LORI NAPIERKOWSKI TRACI A. NIEDZIELSKI LISA DIANNE NILES MELISSA L. OLSON DEBORAH FRANCES DURANN PATTERSON PARIS WAYNE E. PATTERSON JEFF L. PETERSON Hey Lisa. » Mr. Ramsey really that interesting? SENIORS 27"Doesn’t this look fun?” MARK A. PICCIRILLO DAWN RENEE PIKE DAVID E. PIOTROWSKI CHRISTIAN POPOFF CYNTHIA L. POTTER AMY ELIZABETH POTTS JASON S. POWELL MARJORIE M. PRESTON MICHELLE MARIE CHARLES D. QUALLS PURZYCKI 28 SENIORSSABRINA C. RAY ANITA L. RICHMOND LINDA R. ROUNDS PAULA J. ROVNAK SENIORS 29 JACKIE A. SHEEHAN LISA A. SHORTS Are we having fun yet?”Is Pam DeVore really camera shy? JOHN R. SIENICKI TINA MARIE DENNIS R. STEELE JOSEPH A. STEWART STASIEWSKI SHAWN STRICKLAND CHRISTOPHER J. SHARANN TATE SZOSZOREK RHONDA LYNN SLUPSKI MORLANDA STOVALL FRANK J. THOMAS 30 SENIORSNICOLE S. THOMPSON KATHI L. TOFLINSKI KATHY TOUMARAS KAREN VALETTA TWILLIE YVETTE VEGA YVONNE VEGA HEIDI A. VIETMEIER BRENDA A. VOGEL HOWARD E. WALLS CARLA WARNER what 8 troublesome trio! SENIORS 31Exercise those finger muscles! SHEILA CHRISTINE WAY TINA MARIE WENZEL MIKE T. WETHERBEE KIMBERLY WINTERS JOE R. WOJTASIK JEFFREY D. WOODARD Other 1988 Graduates Rochelle Brandt Albert Jonet Garry Brown James Carr Spencer Carr Andre Carson Michael Clark Michelle Darnell Travis Duck Leonard Ford Sheila Gore Helen Heidelberg Michael Henderson Dawn Jaycox Cynthia Jon« Jeffrey KamhoL Frances Kaminsk. Lamona Maxwel Robert Metzler Charles Omean Tina Porter Robert Range John Scott Dawn Sheppard Daphine Tate JULIE A. WYKOFF MARCIA L. ZACZYK HEIDI J. ZIMMER 32 SENIORSSENIOR DIRECTORY EBONY L. ATKINSON Choir ED J. BALIK Stage Crew 3,4; A.V.A. 2,3,4. AISHA MAULIKIA BARNES Chorus 1,2; Choir 3,4; Pep Club 4; Co-Ed Club 4; Afro-American Club 3; Softball 4; Student Council I. DAWN J. BARNES Co-Ed Club 4; Spanish Club 4. RENEE C. BERTOLO Spanish Club 4; Travel Club 4; Cheer-leading 2 (Captain), 3 (Co-Captain),4; Student Council 4; Co-Eld Club 2,3,4; Class Play 4; Class Officer 4 (President); Pep Club 4. WENDY JEAN BIELAK Twirlers 1,4; Cheerleading 2; Co-Ed Club 4; Bowling 1. TODD A. BISHOP Model U.N. 3,4; Student Council 1; Bowling 1,2,3,4. ERIC LYNWOOD BLAKELY Track 3,4; Basketball 4. ROBERT A. BLAND Co-Ed Club 4; Cross Country 2; Basketball 1,2,3; Pep Club 4. LARRY A. BOWERS Latin Club 3; Spanish Club 4. ROCHELLE A. BRANDT Student Council 2; Track 1,2,4; Cross Country 1; Basketball 1. GARY M. BROWN Basketball 1,2,4. ROBERT L. BROWN DIANNE E. BUSH Travel Club 4; Color Guard 2; Co-Ed Club 2,3,4; Class Play 4; Track 2,3,4; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Water Polo 2,3,4; Tom-Tom 4; Pep Club 4. MARY BUSH Choir 2,3; Track 2. MICHELLE D. CALLAHAN Class Play 4; Co-Ed Club 4; Basketball 1,2; Pep Club 4. KELLY JEAN CARLSON French Club 1,2; Travel Club 4; Wrestlerette 1; Cheerleading 2,3,4 (Captain); Model U.N. 4; Red Cross 3,4; Color Guard 1; High-Q 4; Sunrise 3,4 (Editor); Student Council 1,2,4 (Secretary); Co-Ed Club 1,2 (Treasurer), 3 (Treasurer), 4 (Treasurer); Class Play 4; Track 2,3; Tennis 2,3,4; Class Officers 3 (President); Athletic Honor Society 2,3,4; Homecoming Court 4; Pep Club 3,4; Cultural Society 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4 (Secretary). DANA E. CARR Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Travel Club 4; Student Council 3,4; Co-Ed Club 3,4; Track 3,4; Drill Team 3; Pep Club 4; Afro-American 3,4. JAMES MAURICE CARR Band 3,4. SPENCER CARR Red Cross 3; Student Council 3; Basketball 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4. BILLIE JO CARROLL DAVID W. CHASE Student Council 1,2,3; Class Play 4; Water Polo 3,4; Wrestling 1,2; Tom Tom 4; Bowling 4; Athletic Honor Society 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4. SUE C. CHISMAR JOHN A. CIECIERSKI Choir 3; Co-Ed Club 4; Clas Play 4; Swimming 3,4; W'ater Polo 4; Athletic Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 4; Stage Crew 3,4. MICHAEL R. CLARK JULIE L. COCHRAN JANICE MARIE COOK Travel Club 4; Wrestlerette 2; Model U.N. 4; High-Q 3,4; Student Council 1,2; Co-Ed Club 3,4; Class Play 4; Class Officers 2 (President); Bowling 4; Pep Club 4; National Honor Society 3,4. PAIGE DEANNE CRISPELL French Club 2; Travel Club 4; Cheer-leading 2,3,4; Red Cross 4; Student Council 1; Co-Ed Club 3,4; Class Play 4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Swimming 2,4; Water Polo 2; Softball 2,3,4; TomTom 4; Class Officers 4 (Treasurer); Bowling 2,3,4; A.V.A. 4; Athletic Honor Society 3,4; Homecoming Court 4; Science Club 4; Orchestra 3; Pep Club 4; Stage Crew 4; Cultural Society 4; Powder Puff Football 4. KATHY JO CURTIS Travel Club 4; Co-Ed Club 2,3,4; Class Play 4; Bowling 3,4. CONNIE LYNN DARNELL Travel Club 1,2,3,4; Wrestlerette 1,2; Model U.N. 2,3,4; Red Cross 3,4; Student Council 1,2; Co-Ed Club 2,3,4; Class Play 4; Tom-Tom 4; Mascots 4; Drill Team 2; Science Club 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Cultural Society 3,4; Powder Puff Football 3,4. MICHELLE M. DARNELL Chorus 4; Afro-American Club 4. ANGELUS E. DAVIS Chorus 1; Basketball 2. BERT E. DAVIS Wrestling 1,2,3,4; A.V.A. 4; Stage Crew 4. DARIAN E. DAVIS Student Council 1,2; Wrestling 2; A.V.A. 4; Stage Crew 3,4. PAM DAVIS Band 1,2; Twirlers 1,2,3,4; Class Play 4; Track 1,3,4; Afro-American Club 3,4. KIMBERLY A. DEMCHAK National Honor Society 3,4. PAMELA SUE DeVORE Spanish Club 4; Class Play 4; Basketball 1,2,3; A.V.A. 4; Athletic Honor Society 2,3,4; Stage Crew 4; National Honor Society 3,4. ROBIN D. DIETRICH Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Gymnastics 1,2; National Honor Society 3,4. KATHERINE M. DONOHUE Band 1; French Club 1,2,3,4; Co-Ed Club 2,3,4; Tennis 3,4. BARRY T. DREW Baseball 4; Intramurals 1; Football 1,2. MICHELLE L. EDINGER Spanish Club 2; Co-Ed Club 1. JENNIFER A. FISCHER Bowling 1; A.V.A. 4. BRIAN E. FISHER Basketball 4. PAUL D. FLEMINGS Student Council 1,2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Tennis 3; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 4; Athletic Honor Society 3,4; Football 1,2,3,4. JAY J. FLICKNER ALYSSA 0. FORD Spanish Club 2,3,4; Travel Club 4; Student Council 1,2; Co-Ed Club 4; Class Play 4; Track 2,3,4; Softball 1; Bowling 4; Athletic Honor Society 2,3,4; Drill Team 2,3; Afro-American Club 3,4; Pep Club 4. LEONARD FORD Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,4; Bas- SENIORS 33SENIOR DIRECTORY ketball 1,2,4; Track 3; Athletic Honor Society 3,4. LINDA L. FORD Choir 1,2,4; Spanish Club 3; Student Council 1,2; Track 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2; Drill Team 1,2. JOHN Q. GASKILL Class Play 4; National Honor Society 3.4. JOEL S. GAUSS Wrestling 4; Tennis 4; Football SUZANNE BERYL GIBSON Band 1,2; Volleyball 1,3; Tennis 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Athletic Honor Society 2,3,4. DOROTHY A. GILLESPIE Spanish Club 3,4; Co-Ed Club 4. PAMELA R. GONZALEZ Travel Club 2,3,4; Co-Ed Club 2,3,4; Class Play 4; Track 3,4; Homecoming Court 4; Pep Club 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4. CARI M. GOODWINE Basketball 2; Student Council 2,3,4; Athletic Honor Society 3,4; Football 2.3.4. SHEILA D. GORE Choir 4; Track 1,4. JOE GRUBBS Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Athletic Honor Society 2,3,4. AMY L. GRZYWINSKI Choir 2,4; Chorus 3. RICHELLE L. HAKE Class Play 4. ELAINE F. HAWLEY Band 1,2,3; Co-Ed Culb 1,2. SCOTT F. HEETER MICHAEL R. HENDERSON Band 3; Orchestra 1,2. TIM T. HIMES Wrestling 1,2,4; Football 1,2; Athletic Honor Society 1,2. WENDY M. HUBBARD Travel Club 4; Model U.N. 4; Co-Ed Club 4; Class Play 4; Intramurals 3,4. MARK E. HUFF Spanish Club 2,3. JENNIFER L. HURLBURT Travel Club 4; Co-Ed Club 3,4; Class Play 4; Track 2,3,4; Swimming 2,3,4; Water Polo 4; Cross Country 2,3,4; Pep Club 4; Athletic Honor Society 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4. SHEILA M. IRWIN Travel Club 3,4; Wrestlerette 1; Cheerleading 2,3,4; Red Cross 3,4; Model U.N. 3,4; Co-Ed Club 2,3,4; Class Play 4; Swimming 2,3,4; Water Polo 3; Athletic Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 3,4; National Honor Society 4. CARLA A. JETHROE Choir 4; Co-Ed Club 4; Softball 3. ALBERT D. JONES Baseball 4; Basketball 2,3; Afro-American Club 3; Football 2. KENITA Y. JONES Chorus 4. AMY JOZEFOWICZ Red Cross 2. FRANCES R. KAMINSKI Tom Tom 4. CHERYL D. KANARR Spanish Club 1,4; Travel Club 3,4; Co-Ed Club 3,4; Class Play 4; Track 1,3,4; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Water Polo 2,3,4; Tennis 1; Mascots 3,4; Athletic Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4. DUSTIN 0. KELLER A.V.A. 4; Stage Crew 4. JAMES G. KIMMY JOHN KRAWIEC Red Cross 3; Class Play 4. DANIEL L. KUBEJA Spanish Culb 2,3,4; Class Play 4; Intramurals 1,2; Tom Tom 4. ANDREA S. LaROCK Band 1,2; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Athletic Honor Society 2,3,4. ROXANNE M. LOMAX French Club 1,4; Travel Club 4; Color Guard 2,3; Drill Team 1; Religious Literature 1; Pep Club 4; Co-Ed Club 3,4; Afro-American Club 3,4. PAUL G. MARNEN Spanish Club 4. LILLIE A. MARSH Choir 1,4; Track 1,4. BECKY A. MAXSON Spanish Club 2; Travel Club 3,4; Cheerleading 2,3,4 (Co-Captain); Student Council 1,2,3,4; Co-Ed Club 4; Class Play 4; Class Officers 2 (Vice President), 3 (Vice President), 4 (Vice President); Homecoming Court 4; Pep Club 4. LAMONA Y. MAXWELL Spanish Culb 2,3; Drill Team 3. jim m. McClellan Model U.N. 4; Student Council 1,2,4 (President); Track 1,2; Swimming 4; Water Polo 4; National Honor Society 4. DONNA D. McLAURIN Chorus 1; Softball 2; Basketball 1,2; Afro-American Club 3. ROBERT J. METZLER Class Play 4. SHERI A. MEYERS Choir 4; Spanish Club 2; Travel Club 4; Co-Ed Club 1,4; Bowling 2,4. JENNIFER A. MIKOLAJCZYK Spanish Club 1; Tom-Tom 4; Bowling 1,2,4; Mascots 2,3; Pep Club 2,3. GLENDA ANN MILLER Band 1; Twirlers 3 (Co-Captain), 4 (Co-Captain); Co-Ed Culb 4. FELICIA MARIE MORGAN Choir 3,4; Co-Ed Club 3,4; Volelyball 4; Drill Team 2,3; Afro-American Club 3,4. ROVAIN MORROW Student Council 1,3,4; Wrestling 2.3.4. TRACI A. NIEDZIELSKI LISA DIANNE NILES Band 1,2; Spanish Cub 2,3; Travel Club 2,3,4; Cheerleading 4; Model U.N. 3; High-Q 3,4 (Captain); Student Council 1,2,3,4 (Vice President); Co-Ed Club 1,2,3,4; Class Play 4; Intramurals 3,4; Bowling 3,4; Athletic Honor Society 2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4 (President); Cultural Society 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4 (President). DEBORAH FRANCES PARIS French Club 3,4; Co-Ed Club 3; Golf 2,3; Athletic Honor Society 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4. WAYNE E. PATERSON Band 2; Basketball 2,3,4; Football 2.3.4. JEFF L. PETERSON Model U.N. 4; Class Play 4; Baseball 1; A.V.A. 4; Ski Club 1,2,3; Pep Club 4; Stage Crew 4. MARK A. PICCIRILLO Band 1,2,3; Choir 2,3; Wrestling 1. DAWN RENEE PIKE Co-Ed Club 2,3,4; Class Play 4; Swim- 34 SENIORSSENIOR DIRECTORY ming 1,2,3,4; Water Polo 3,4; Athletic Honor Society 2,3,4; Pep Club 4; National Honor Society 3,4. CHRISTIAN POPOFF Tennis 1,2,3,4; Basketball 4; Intramurals 4. AMY ELIZABETH POTTS French Club 1,2; Travel Club 3,4; Cheerleading 2,3,4; Red Cross 3; Sunrise 4; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Co-Ed Club 2,3,4; Class Play 4; Softball 2,3,4; Tennis 1,2,4; Basketball 1; Intramurals 1; Athletic Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4. JASON S. POWELL Class Play 4. MARJORIE M. PRESTON Class Play 4; National Honor Society 3.4. MICHELLE M. PURZYCKI French Club 1,2; Travel Club 3,4; Cheerleading 2; Model U.N. 3; Red Cross 4; Sunrise 4; Student Council 1,2,3; Co-Ed Club 2,3,4; Class Play 4; Swimming 2 (Manager), 3 (Manager), 4 (Manager); Water Polo 2 (Manager), 3 (Manager); Intramurals 1; Class Officer 3 (Treasurer); A.V.A. 4; Homecoming Court 4; Pep Club 3 (Vice President), 4 (Vice President); Powder Puff Football 4. CHARLES D. QUALLS Track 3,4; Basketball 1,2,4; Football 1.2.4. SABRINA C. RAY Class Play 4; Track 3,4; Intramurals 1; Afro-American Club 3,4; Powder Puff Football 3,4. ANITA L. RICHMOND Drill Team 3; Afro-American Club . PAULA J. ROVNAK French Club 1; Class Play 4; Swimming 1,2,4; National Honor Society 3.4. LISA M. SALOW Travel Club 4; Co-Ed Club 4; Swimming 4; Water Polo 4; Pep Club 4. JACQUELYN LEE SEDZIAK Softball 3,4; Bowling 2,3,4; Powder Puff Football 3,4; Class Play 4. SANDRA LYNN SEIDLER Twirlers 1,2; Tom-Tom 4. AMY P. SHARP JACKIE A. SHEEHAN Class Play 4. LISA A. SHORTS A.V.A. 4; Co-Ed Club 3,4. JOHN R. SIENICKI RHONDA LYNN SLUPSKI Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1; Class Play 4; Softball 4; Intramurals 1; A.V.A. 4; Afro-American Club 3,4; Stage Crew 4. JAMES SPAIN Football 1. TINA MARIE STASIEWSKI French Club 2,3,4; Travel Club 2,3,4; Model U.N. 3; Red Cross 3,4; High-Q 3 (Captain), 4; Sunrise 4; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Co-Ed flub 2 (Secretary), 3 (President), 4 (President); Class Play 4; Golf 2,3; Class Officers 2 (Secretary); Athletic Honor Society 2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4 (Treasurer); Cultural Society 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4 (Vice President); Powder Puff Football 4. DENNIS R. STEELE Model U.N. 4; Bowling 2,3,4. JOSEPH A. STEWART Class Play 4; Tom-Tom 4. CHRISTOPHER J. SZOSZO-REK Spanish Club 2; Model U.N. 3,4; Class Play 4; Wrestling 2; Intramurals 3,4; Bowling 3,4; A.V.A. 3,4; Ski Club 4; Pep Club 4; Stage Crew 3,4; Football 1. DAPHNE L. TATE Spanish Cub 1; Afro-American Club 3,4. SHARANN TATE Track 1,2; Drill Team 1,2,3; Co-Ed Club 4; Afro-American Club 3. FRANK J. THOMAS Student Council 1; Baseball 1,2,4; Soccer 3. NICOLE S. THOMPSON Track 1,2,4; Drill Team 3; Afro-American Club 3,4. KATHI L. TOFLINSKI Spanish Club 1,2,3; Co-Ed Club 1,2,3; National Honor Society 3,4; Class Play 4. KATHY TOUMARAS French Club 2,3,4; Travel Club 4; Student Council 3; Co-Ed Club 3,4; Class Play 4; Pep Club 4. KAREN VALETTA TWILLIE Spanish Club 2; Track 1; Drill Team 3; Afro-American Club 3,4. YVETTE VEGA Chorus 2; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Student Council 2; Co-Ed Club 4. YVONNE VEGA Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Co-Ed Club 4; Class Play 4. HEIDI A. VIETMEIER Spanish Club 1; Travel Club 4; Student Council 2; Co-Ed Club 1,2,3,4; Class Play 4; National Honor Society 3,4. BRENDA A. VOGEL French Club 2; Travel Club 4; Wrest-lerettes 1; Cheerleading 2,3,4; Color Guard 1; Sunrise 3,4 (Editor); Co-Ed Club 4; Class Play 4; Track 1; Tennis 2 (Co-Captain), 3 (Co-Captain), 4 (Co-Captain); Athletic Honor Society 2,3,4; Pep Club 4; National Honor Society 3,4. HOWARD E. WALLS Model U.N. 3; Student Council 1,2,3; Baseball 2,3,4; A.V.A. 4; Pep Club 1. SHEILA CHRISTINE WAY Travel Club 4; Co-Ed Club 3,4; Class Play 4; National Honor Society 3,4. TINA MARIE WENZEL French Club 3,4; Travel Club 3,4; Co-Ed Club 2,3,4; Class Play 4; Golf 2,3; Athletic Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 3,4; Cultural Society 3,4. MIKE T. WETHERBEE Baseball 4; Wrestling 4; Football 1,2. JOE R. WOJTASIK A.V.A. 4. JEFFREY D. WOODARD Choir 1,3; Spanish Club 2,3; Model U.N. 1,2,3,4; Co-Ed Club 2,3,4; Cross Country 2,3; A.V.A. 4; Afro-American Club 3; Religious Literature 1,2,3; Stage Crew 4. JULIE A. WYKOFF French Club 2,3,4; Travel Club 4; Co-Ed Club 3,4; Class Play 4; Pep Club 4. MARCIA L. ZACZYK Travel Club 4; Class Play 4; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Water Polo 2. HEIDI J. ZIMMER Spanish Club 2; National Honor Society 3,4. SENIORS 35SENIOR HANDSOME AND PRETTY: L. Ford and D. Chase SHY AND BASHFUL: A. Richmond and E. Blakely BIGGEST FLIRTS: A. Carson and R. Slupski GREATEST SCHOOL CONTRIBUTORS: P. Flemings and K. Carlson SWEET AND LOVEABLE: M. Purzycki and E. Clayton CLASS CLOWNS: C. Jethroe asnd B. Metzler 36 SENIORSPERSONALITIES CUTEST SMILE: L. Maxwell and S. Strickland MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: L. Niles and C. Goodwine MOST INTELLECTUAL: D. Pike and R. Range FIGURE AND BUILD: A. Marino and J. Grubbs BEST DRESSED: E. Atkinson and W. Patterson MOST TALKATIVE: C. Qualls and M. Stovall SENIORS 37JUNIORS R. Adams K. Ambrose D. August J. Babo S. Bachmaier B. Barbara Junior Class Officers: President - C. Jones, Vice-President - K. Morgan, Secretary - E. Callahan, Treasurer - J. Velez 44 UNDERCLASSMEN K. Baumann T. Baxter T. Beason M. Bednaro F. Belczyk T. Bertolo S. Boarts D. Briggs K. Burkett R. Bush E. Callahan L. Campbell D. Carpenter B. Cotrell P. Culver R. Dawson P. DeBoe L. DeVore K. Dinh C. DuckCLASS OF 1989 J. Durst C. Ellis J. Ellman T. Everett L. Farris S. Feiock Just goes to show, love isn’t a handicap A. Fetzner G. Fickenworth D. Fisher B. Frampton D. Fredrychowski R. Fuller M. Gambill V. Gardner M. Gauss T. Ginnery L. Glance M. Golab W. Goodwine T. Gorney A. Grady M. Griebel L. Grimball D. Grove T. Gunn M. Guzowski UNDERCLASSMEN 45JUNIORS M. Habursky S. Harris L. Healey D. Hellmann G. Hendricks S. Hoderny B. Holden R. Hubbart A. Jefferson K. Jerioski R. Jethroe S. Johnson A. Jones C. Jones S. Jones M.Jude D. Keller R. Kitchen P. Klan R. Krysiak G. Krystek T. Krystek K. Kowalski E. Kozikowski C. Lamp J. Lang 46 UNDERCLASSMENCLASS OF 1989 T. Langer T. Lewis Y. Lingenfelter K. Lofton D. Long R. Lubin K. Lucas K. Lunger K. Masterson K. McIntyre J. Miller T. Mims K. Morgan T. Morgan B. Narusewicz K. Nickson C. Niedzielski A. Nieves J. Odom F. Orsini D. Pacuraw D. Page P. Parker B. Perkins R. Pierson K. Pochatko UNDERCLASSMEN 47JUNIORS K. Polk S. Pope R. Poston T. Powell N. Pullium A. Reed 48 UNDERCLASSMEN M. Renshaw M. Richmond A. Rodrigues J. Rovnak M. San Felice P. Sanford S. Schmitt K. Schroeck D. Shafer T. Schouchkoff R. Shick R. Shirley K. Shreve K. Sienicki G. Silay E. Smith G. Sonnenberg C. Spadaccio C. Steward T. StoraCLASS OF 1989 C. Strickland D. Strickland T. Stubbs S. Sutter S. Szocki M. Szymanski W. Szvplik D. Tanner C. Taraski J. Tarasovitch M. Tate A. Thomas D. Thompson T. Tyes M. Thompson L. Vazquez D. Thomson J. Velez D. Towns R. Walls J. Way S. Way J. Weatherholtz C. W'heeler “1 M. White C. Williams S. Wilson K. Woodard R. Yakoweloff B. Zelgowski UNDERCLASSMEN 49CLASS OF 1990 50 UNDERCLASSMEN R. Adams N. Albaugh S. Alex J. Anderson R. Ardillo F. Beason L. Beason S. Bekitt J. Bernat J. Bishop H. Black D. Botello L. Bowersox E. Brabender T. Bray M. Brown R. Bryant M. Buchner A. Bumpers M. Burroughs L. Carr T. Carr S. Cash T. Chadman C. Chessario B. Chismar M. Christopherson M. Christopherson J. Chupp D. Chrzanowski J. Ciecierski C. Clontz J. CoffmanSOPHOMORES M. Conner E. Crockett K. Daub C. Davis W. Davis M. DeForce D. Demosi A. Didion L. Diver D. Draszkiewicz W. Duck J. Durst W. Dykes E. Dylewski S. Ebisch V. Eichelle K. Findlay D. Fiolek A. Fischer M. Fischer S. Flemings T. Flowers M. Frazzini M. Fritz S. Garrity S. Gaskill M. Gebadlo R. Giles J. Gonzalez W. Gonzalez C. Goshay A. Grandalski B. Gregory UNDERCLASSMEN 51CLASS OF 1990 C. Gregory L. Grove C. Gunn F. Hampton V. Hartman L. Hawkins M. Hawkins D. Hawley J. Heinemann T. Heinemann W. Henry G. Hill D. Himes M. Hollingsworth M. Hollingsworth A. Horton J. Jefferson C. Johnson C. Johnson C.Jones M. Jones S. Jones M. Juchter B. Kauffman A. Keys K. Klan B. Krizanik L. Krysiak J. Lackovic C. Lamp A. Lindsey M. Lohse J. Loll 52 UNDERCLASSMENSOPHOMORES T. Long G. Majersky S. Masterson T. Maduraki J. Mateen R. Mazzocco M. McCall A. McGregor C. McGregor F. McLaurin C. Miller M. Miller S. Miller S. Minnis C. Moffatt H. Moffatt J. Moniot M. Moore T. Moore E. Morrow J. Narby J. Nesselhauf S. Nguyen J. Nick C. Nielson D. Nieves B. Oosterkamp W. Oliver W. Ollie F. O’Rourke J. Ortiz S. Pacileo M. Palombi UNDERCLASSMEN 53S. Pamula S. Parks P. Pascarella CLASS OF 1990 B. Piotrowski N. Plaza B. Plyler M. Porter B. Post T. Poston G. Pursell L. Pytlarz D. Quinn S. Quinn M. Renwick D. Rickard J. Roward A. Sarnowski D. Sauers E. Schultz E. Shacklock S. Shaffer D. Sheldon R. Shorts G. Silay E. Sims S. Snyder J. Sobucki K. Spencer B. Stanback J. Stewart T. Stovall T. Stubbs R. Sutton 54 UNDERCLASSMENSOPHOMORES T. Tate L. Teodorski C. Thomas J. Thorp T. Toumaras L. Tracy R. Tregaskis J. Vasquez S. Villanueva S. Walters L. Warner J. W'eckerly R. Weismiller W. Wellman K. White M. White L. Wierbinski C. Williams G. Williams C. Woodard J. Woodard L. Wykoff W. Yankowsky L. Zack UNDERCLASSMEN 55L. Akers Y. Albrew M. Allen CLASS OF 1991 M. Bendig D. Bounds M. Brewer J. Britton C. Brown J. Brown B. Brunner M. Burke R. Burke H. Burkett T. Butler M. Butts A. Carr C. Carr II 56 UNDERCLASSMENFRESHMEN D. Confer M. Conner D. Coughlin T. Cousins E. Crockett M. Crockett J. Dabrowski L. Dunlap D. Durst R. Dyleski U. Eiswerth A. Fassett B. Fenton D. Ferguson A. Coleman A. Coleman E. Coleman M. Fetzner M. Fickenworth B. Fisher T. Flemings C. Fog L. Fohner M. Ford UNDERCLASSMEN 57CLASS OF 1991 S. Kornetz J. Kubeja C. Langdon I. Latorre B. Layton N. Leach V. Lindsey A. Kahler D. Kaminski T. Kimmy M. King P. King R. Knight T. Knight 58 UNDERCLASSMENFRESHMEN J. Malanecki K. Maniscarco D. Martin J. Martin T. Martin A. Massing B. Mateen K. Matlock J. Me Calebb J. McClellan T. McCullum S. McDowell J. Mellin M. Meyers B. Nichols L. Nixson K. Nunemaker E. Ocasio C. O’Hara S. Olson S. O’Malley UNDERCLASSMEN 59F. Osiecki C. Pagan S. Parmenter CLASS OF 1991 60 UNDERCLASSMENS. Sornberger S. Spencer J. Spenik FRESHMEN C. Thomas J. Thomas J. Thomas J. Tobin T. Torrance T. Torres V. Toumaras H. Tran J. Tuszynski T. Twillie M. Visalle J. Volgyes S. Vollmer A. Wade J. White R. Wickles G. Witherow W. Woodard J. Wygant K. Wynn M. Wysocki L. Young C. Zeigler D. Zimmer UNDERCLASSMEN 61WSHHHtU 0 DOOOBOYS’ VARSITY BASEBALL Top Row: Coach D. Lewis, C. Darby, J. Kuna, R. Mazzocco, Mgr. S. Miller, E. Smith, R. Walls, Coach D. Owens. Middle Row: G. Hendricks, B. Konieczki, S. Feiock, J. Babo, B. Perkins, D. Fisher. Bottom Row: B. Piotrowski, T. Perry, R. Baughman, J. Sobucki, P. Culver. “The man behind the mask” B. Konieczki 64 ATHLETICS R. EHS Mazzoccc 12 warming up the bullpen. VC 1 EHS 11 VC 1 EHS 8 Harborcreek 14 EHS 0 Academy 3 EHS 8 Mercyhurst 10 EHS 0 Prep 5 EHS 2 McDowell 12 EHS 10 Tech 0 EHS 5 Vincent 4 EHS 0 Ash. Harb 16 EHS 8 Ash. Harb 10 EHS 4 Academy 3 EHS 2 Prep 12 EHS 12 Kenton 10 EHS 2 McDowell 3 EHS 7 Tech 3 EHS 5 Vincent 2 EHS 11 Mercyhurst 1ALL-METRO So. E. Smith IB 1st Team So. D. Fisher 2B 2nd Team Sr. T. Perry OF 2nd Team Sr. R. Baughman HM Sr. J. Kuna P HM So. B. Perkins 3B HM The 1987 Warrior baseball squad put together the best Metro or City League record East High has had since the late ’60’s. Following an 0-4 Metro start, % they won six of their last eight games to finish with a 6-6 league record and a 9-9 overall mark. The Warriors ended third in the standings and qualified for the District 10 Class AA Playoffs. The team was led by the senior trio of Randy Baughman, Jim Kuna and Tom Perry. Perry earned second team All-Metro honors while hitting .300. Perry also hit two homeruns in league play, one being a grand slam that knocked Vincent out of first place late in the season. Baughman and Kuna both garnered honorable mention laurels. The two combined to win all six Metro games on the mound. A group of sophomores held together the infield. Eric Smith was voted to the First team All-Metro squad while hitting .306. Dan Fisher (second team, second base) led the team in hitting with a lofty .417 average, while Brian Perkins (honorable mention, third base) finished at .308. Junior Bryan Konieczki (.278) handled all of the catching duties. A group of spirited underclassmen gained valuable experience in various positions. Chuck Darby, Pete Culver, Ryan Mazzocco, Joe Sobucki, Jim Babo and Greg Hendricks are all ticketed for plenty of action in the “88” season. ATHLETICS 65 DIAMOND MAGICGIRLS’ VARSITY Row 1: Paige Crispell, Linda DeVore, Laura Stalmach, Beverly Piotrowski Row 2: Dea Thompson, Sandy Lovely, Ella Schultz, Mary Palombi, Tiffany Bray, Jeanette Chupp, Evelyn Marzullo. Row 3: Mr. Berarducci, Andrea LaRock, Jackie Sedziak, Robyn Williams. Teresa Murawski, Melinda Hamm, Amy Potts, Coach Mangold. 66 ATHLETICSSOFTBALL L. Stalmach guarding third base. The 1987 Warrior softball team came in fifth place with a 5-9 record in League play, but had a 5-13 record including independent games. The leading offensive players of the 1987 season were Seniors Sandy Lovely and Teresa Murawski with batting averages Coach Mangold hopes for a victory. L. DeVore runs back for the pop fly. of .351 and .341 respectively. Murawski also earned a First Team AU City Selection at the first base position while Lovely was and Honorable Mention outfielder. We hope that our 1988 season will be just as great or even greater with our returning Lady Warriors! EHS 12 v.c. 31 EHS 7 v.c. 24 EHS 11 Titusville 35 EHS 2 Iroquois 15 EHS 13 St. Benedicts 11 EHS 18 Academy 17 EHS 3 Villa 13 EHS 0 Mercyhurst 15 EHS 0 Vincent 7 EHS 16 Tech 24 EHS 1 McDowell 11 EHS 3 Villa 12 EHS 5 Mercyhurst 12 EHS 0 Vincent 14 EHS 21 Tech 15 EHS 3 McDowell 12 EHS 7 St. Benedicts 0 EHS 13 Academy 7 ATHLETICS 67BOYS’ VARSITY TRACK Going for the record! S. Morgan taking the baton from D. McLauren EHS 82 Strong Vincent 56 EHS 92 Mercyhurst 46 EHS 88 Tech 57 EHS 87 Academy 49 J. Corder goes for the gold The 1987 Boys’ Track Team finished with a record of 3-2. Leading the way was undefeated state champion shot-putter Andre McCloud, who also won the Metro, Sectional, McDowell Invitational and District Ten Meets. He set the school and Metro record with a toss of 57'2". Other outstanding track participants: Ken and Dave Bauman, Charles Qualls, Bobby Bryant, Grover Lyons, Dave McLauren, Sheldon Morgan and James Corder. 68 ATHLETICS C. Quails gets the win1987 STATE CHAMPION Andre McCloud PIAA record shot-putt of 57'2" ATHLETICS 69BOYS’ VARSITY Robert Fuller showing his forehand swing. Sophomores Brian Narusiewicz and Garrett Sonnenberg warm-up before the match. Top Row: Assistant Coach Tony Bifulco, Christian Popoff, Garrett Sonnenberg, Brian Narusiewicz, John Giles, Coach Christ Lambros. Kneeling: Wes Gonzalez, Robert Fuller. SCOREBOARD EHS 2 Perry, OH 5 EHS 5 Vincent 2 EHS 3 Girard 4 EHS 6 Tech 1 EHS 6 Tech 1 EHS 2 Mercyhurst 5 EHS 7 Vincent 0 EHS 0 Ashtabula Harbor 5 EHS 0 McDowell 7 EHS 4 Brocton, NY 1 EHS 4 Mercyhurst 3 EHS 3 Fredonia, NY 2 EHS 0 Prep 4 EHS 3 Kenston, OH 4 EHS 3 Academy 4 EHS 7 Girard 0 70 ATHLETICSTENNIS Left: Wes Gonzalez dives for the ball. Right: John Giles performing like a Warrior. The Boys’ Varsity Tennis team of the spring of ’87 was a very young team and had a difficult schedule, but still finished with a 8-8 record. The Warriors lost the city championship to Academy 4-3 in a close contest. A great future is there as four out of five first stringers return. John Giles, number one, was the only senior and set a new school four year career record with 62 wins, breaking John Frazzinie’s career school record of 44. Wes Gonzalez, the Freshman sensation, broke all school records for ninth graders with 19 wins in one season at the number three spot. He should set a school record by his graduating year by overcoming Giles’ 62 wins. Also this year, Robert Fuller had 12 victories at number two and Garrett Sonnenberg had 14 wins at the number four position. For the 1988 season we have a large team and it promises to be a great year. So watch out in ’88. A Christian Popoff buries the volley at the net. ATHLETICS 71GIRLS’ TRACK S. Pope heading for the finish line. D. Bush pacing herself for victory. Middle Row: Diane Bush, Myhia Moore, Linda Ford, Caroline Miller, Carla Warner, Pam Gonzalez. Top Row: Jenny Hurlburt, Jauntel Tate, Melissa Hollingsworth, Stacey Pope, Michelle Bush. 72 ATHLETICS East 78 Strong Vincent 38 East 58 Mercyhurst 69 East 85 Tech 50 East 39 Villa 101 East 44 McDowell 99 East 26 Academy 117BOYS’ J.V. BASEBALL Mercyhurst 2 Tech 12 Prep 9 McDowell 12 Mercyhurst 5 Prep 13 McDowell 13 EHS EHS EHS EHS EHS EHS EHS 4 15 10 0 4 3 7 B. Perkins begins to trot off the field as D. Fisher makes the play. Top Row: Coach C. Lewis, M. Lohse, S. Feiock, D. Fisher, E. Smith, J. Babo, Coach D. Owens; Middle Row: T. Sarnowski, C. Darby, R. Kitchen, B. Perkins, R. Mazzocco, P. Culver, S. Johnson; Bottom Row: Mgr. H. Walls, T. Moore, T. Schouchkoff, R. Walls, J. Sobucki, G. Hendricks, C. Moffat. J. Babo throws another strike. The East High J.V. Baseball Team showed much improvement this past season under the guidance of Coaches D. Owens, C. Lewis and T. Hubirsky. Led by a group of super sophomores, including: D. Fisher, B. Perkins, C. Darby, E. Smith, J. Babo and P. Culver, the Warriors posted a 3-4 win-loss record. Scoring wins over Tech, Mercyhurst and Prep, East managed their most successful campaign in recent years. The highlight of the season was East’s thrilling 10-9 victory over the Ramblers. This was East’s first J.V. win over Prep in many years. Also contributing were a host of freshmen including: J. Sobucki, R. Mazzocco, C. Johnson and T. Moore With the wealth of young talent, the Warriors can look forward to an even better season next year. P. Culver hollers words of encouragement. ATHLETICS 73BOYS’ VARSITY FOOTBALL The Warriors charge onto the field. Kickoffi Left: The Warrior defense lining up to hold the opponents back. Right: A Warrior awaiting the snap of the ball. Row 3: S. Carr, B. Bland, R. Ma-zacco, C. Darby, A. Lofton, L. Ford, J. White, C. Qualls, R. Giles, A. Nieves, E. Ocasio; Row 4: E. Beason, J. Ciec-ierski, E. Clayton, A. Johnson, D. Page, B. Payton, D. Kaminski, G. Gilay, R. Weis-miller, D. Nieves. Row 1: M. House, J. Gauss, C. Williams, J. Grubbs, J. Ciecierski, K. Lucas, C. Carr, S. Alex; Row 2: G. Lyons, M. Szymanski, P. Flemings, C. Goodwine, A. Jones, J. Woodard, J. Babo, C. Johnson, B. Holden. 74 ATHLETICSJ.V. FOOTBALL Kneeling: M. Szymanski, E. Ocasio, R. Giles, E. Beason, A. Jones, C. Carr, C. Williams, D. Kaminski; Row 2: Coach Sestak, R. Ardelo, B. Laden, J. Ciecier-ski, L. Vazquez, D. Page, K. Way, S. Johnson, D. Nieves, J. Woodard, Coach Alex. A. Jones looks to break one big! Warrior defense stops him in his tracks! C. Carr avoids the tackle. E. Beason, running away from the defense. ATHLETICS 75HOMECOMING 1987 Jim Kuna and Kelly Carlson, Pat Wilczinski and Becky Maxson, Al Bucheral and Michelle Purzycki, Chris Johnson and Paige Crisped. Pam Gonzalez and Brian Johnson, Amy Marino and Corporal Dennis Goodwin. The 1987 East High Homecoming was held on September 25 at the Veteran’s Memorial Stadium. Paige Crispell was crowned as the 1987 Homecoming Queen. The Queen and her court were treated to dinner at Ricardo’s Restaurant after the game. The court also consisted of: Kelly Carlson, Pam Gonzalez, Amy Marino, Becky Maxson and Michelle Purzycki. The runners-up were: Ebony Atkinson, Linda Ford, Wendy Hubbard and Brenda Vogel. Despite the 17-10 loss to the McDowell Trojans, the Warrior football team should be commended for putting forth a tremendous effort in hopes of winning the game. A dance was held on November 13th at Sunset Inn in honor of our Homecoming. Homecoming Queen Paige Crispell with escort Chris Johnson. 76 HOMECOMINGALMOST PARADISE Kelly Carlson escorted by Jim Kuna Queen Paige Crispell escorted by Chris Johnson Pam Gonzalez escorted by Brian John son. Amy Marino escorted by Corporal Dennis Goodwin. Becky Maxson escorted by Pat Wilczin- Michelle Purzycki escorted by A1 Buch- eral. HOMECOMING 771987 CITY CHAMPIONS GIRLS’ TENNIS Top: Brenda Vogel and Sue Gibson, playing doubles, readying for the serve. Left: Kelly Dinh shows her form rallying at the net. Right: Number 2 Brenda Vogel changing sides, while looking for the win. Bottom: Kelly Carlson displays her natural swing. SCOREBOX EHS l Fairview 6 EHS 0 McDowell 7 EHS 4 Academy 2 EHS 0 Mercyhurst 4 EHS 7 Geneva, OH 0 EHS 2 Villa Maria 5 EHS 6 St. Benedict Academy 1 EHS 6 Tech 0 EHS 5 Vincent 2 EHS 7 Vincent 0 Top: Shelly Dinh and Gen-ienne Krystek warming up on the Frontier Courts. 78 ATHLETICSThe Girls’ Varsity Tennis team set a record by winning three straight city titles - 1984, 1985 and 1986. Now in 1987 they took an unprecedented fourth straight city title. Returning at the number one and two spots were co-captains Sue Gibson and Brenda Vogel. Senior Kelly Carlson held the number three spot while Junior Kelly Dinh as number four. Seniors Amy Potts and Kathy Donohue alternated between the fifth and sixth positions to round out the 1987 Girls’ Varsity Tennis team. In the District 10 competition, Senior Sue Gibson lost in first round action 8-3 to Villa’s number one girl while Brenda Vogel defeated her Academy opponent 8-1 but dropped in the second round losing 8-0 to Slippery Rock. While in District 10 Doubles the team of Gibson-Vogel advanced to the third round and would eventually lose to the number one doubles team of McDowell. Our number two doubles team, composed of Carlson and Dinh lost to McDowell’s second doubles team. In all this has been a great year for girls’ tennis and we have hopes for our 1988 girls’ team! Top: Assistant Tony Biful-oo, Sue Gibson, Kelly Carlson, Brenda Vogel, Kathy Donohue, Gretchen Silay, Amy Potts. Bottom: Coach Christ Lam bros, Kelly Dinh, Diana Hawley, Shelly Dinh. ATHLETICS 79VARSITY M. McCall swims past H. Walls. Far Right: H. Moffatt and C. Kanarr. 80 ATHLETICSWATERPOLO First Row: B. Frew, J. La-chovic, N. Albaugh, R. Shepard, M. Bendig, K. Maniscanlo, D. Demosi; Sitting: J. Ciecierski, C. Mof-fatt, D. Bush, D. Chase, C. Kanarr, H. Moffatt, D. Pike, J. Weatherholtz, R. Mazzocco; Standing: Coach Wilson, M. McCall, S. Bachmier, S. Sohrweid, H. Walls, S. Miller. L. Salow, C. Niedzielski, J. Hurlburt, M. Lysochi. W. -Janhe. Lower Right: N. Albaugh and S. Sohrweid having fun during practice. Our Warrior Water Polo team enjoyed another fun and exciting season. Henry Moffatt and Dawn Pike were selected to the Honorable Mention All-Metro team. We had a tandem of three senior ladies as guards for much of the season - Cheryl Kanarr, Dianne Bush, and Dawn Pike. Our goal tending duties were shared by seniors Dave Chase, Howard Walls, Jeff Peterson, and sophomore Ryan Mazzocco who set a metro record — scoring four goals from the goalie position! Forward, senior John Ciecierski and Guard, junior Jerry Weatherholtz were our playmakers, swimming both ends of the pool. The highlight of the season came in our final game against Academy. We went into double overtime to preserve a 16-15 win. The tying and winning goals were scored by team stars Mazzocco and H. Moffatt. We are losing a fine group of seniors, but our bench has had a lot of experience giving Coach Wilson an optimistic look for the future!! Left: D. Bush keeps J. Ciecierski away fromt he goal. Right: D. Chase looks to steal the ball from J. Weatherholtz. ATHLETICS 81GIRLS’ VARSITY CROSS-COUNTRY Coach Grugin giving the strategy of the meet. K. Findlay shows her Warrior spirit. T. Bray is in the lead. SCORES KHS 27 Mercy hurst 28 EHS 39 Villa 20 EHS Tech (forfeit) EHS Vincent (forfe it) EHS 28 Girard 29 EHS 21 Academy 40 EHS 38 McDowell 21 Row 1: Diana Shafer, Sen Nguyen, Michelle Johnson Row 2: Amy Fisher, Coach Grugin, Missy Hamm Row 3: Kellie Findlay, Tiffany Bray (not pictured: Karen Bauman) These young Warriorettes all improved personal times during the season to help lead the Girls’ Cross-Country Team to a 5-2 winning record. According to Coach Grugin, these girls always did more than what was required and if there was a chance for them to win, they accepted the challenge and won. This is a young team so look out for these ladies for the next two years! There are big things coming! D. Shafer strutting her stuff M. Johnson running for the win. 82 ATHLETICSGIRLS’ VARSITY VOLLEYBALL P. Crispell goes up for the spike P. Crispell sets the ball up It was a great year for the ’87 girls’ volleyball team. With seniors Andrea LaRock and Paige Crispell returning to lead the team to a season of 4-10, juniors Stacey Pope, Linda DeVore, Danette Grove, Michelle Gauss and Lisa Grim-ball stepped in to fill the starting positions. DeVore gave an outstanding performance and was voted to 2nd team All Metro with LaRock and Crispell given Honorable Mention. New players show great promise for next year. EAST HIGH WARRIORS - GREAT IN ’88! Upper left; Kneeling: Andrea LaRock, Paige Crispell Second Row: Linda DeVore, Michelle Gauss, Keri Kowalski Third Row: Ass't Cindy Kalinowski, Danette Grove, Meagan Burke, Lisa Grimball, Stacey Pope L. DeVore sets the ball up for the spike ATHLETICS 83BOYS’ GOLF D. Fisher, B. Perkins, B. Konieczki, P. Culver, R. Kitchen, T. Sarnowski 84 ATHLETICSCOED SOCCER Top Row: Goalie Sean Pamula, Sean McDowell, Brian Chaffee, Bill Dykes, Greg Maturski; Middle Row: Chris Chessario, Gene Horne, Mike Healey; Bottom Row: Jeannette Chupp, Tiffany Bray, Bev Piotrowski. B. Dykes shows his form. A host of Warriors gather around the ball. ATHLETICS 85Standing: B. Konieczki, M. House, C. Darby, B. Fisher, W. Patterson, A. Johnson, P. Flemings, B. Gregory; Kneeling: L. Ford, K. Nickson, P. Culver, B. Perkins, C. Qualls, D. Towns A. Johnson 86 ATHLETICS Seniors C. DarbySHOOTING FOR VICTORY P. Flemings B. Perkins C. Qualls K. Nickson Coach D. Kolakowski D. Towns W. Patterson M. House B. Fisher ATHLETICS 87GIRLS’ VARSITY BASKETBALL T. Bray D. Thompson E. Callahan Row 1: D. Thompson, K. Findlay, L. Glance, E. Callahan, T. Bray; Row 2: S. Ray (Manager), T. S Pope Madurski. M. Hamm, S. Pope, A. LaRock, S. Gibson, J. Tate 88 ATHLETICSREACHING FOR GLORY Row 1: K. Findlay, T. Bray; Row 2: T. Madurski, M. M. Hamm E. Callahan, D. Thompson, S. Pope, L. Glance Hamm, J. Tate T. Madurski S. Gibson L. Glance J. Tate A. LaRock K. Findlay ATHLETICS 89VARSITY WRESTLING Standing: Coach Stover, Mgr. B. Davis. M. Szymanski, L. Renshaw, S. Alex, J. Babo, E. Brabender, A. Grady, Coach Tohoney; Kneeling: J. Wygant, S. Morrow, J. Grubbs, M. Richmond, M. Deforce, B. Chismar, G. Pursell M. Richmond J. Wygant 90 ATHLETICSRISING TO THE OCCASION S. Davis and A. Grady S. Morrow E. Brabender J. Grubbs ATHLETICS 91BOYS’ SWIMMING J. Weatherholtz 92 ATHLETICS H. Moffatt S. Bachmeir Top Row: R. Range, J. McClellan, S. Feiock, S. Miller, J. Peterson, G. Sonnenberg, J. Ciecierski; Middle Row: D. Demosi, J. Ciecierski, H. Moffatt, Coach Wilson, J. Weatherholtz, C. Moffatt, S. Bachmeir; Bottom Row: M. McCall, D. Chase, B. Wellman M. McCall D. Demosi •A: GIRLS’ SWIMMING Top Row: N. Albaugh, S. Parks, C. Niedzielski, T. Madurski, J. Lackovic, L. Farris, M. Johnson; Middle Row: P. Crispell, D. Pike, P. Rovnak, M. Zaczyk, Coach Wilson, J. Hurlburt, D. Bush, B. Bishop, L. Salow; Bottom Row: M. Ben-dick, C. Brown, M. Fetzner, B. Fredrickson, M. Hamm, W. Janke, S. Sheehan, R. Shepard, A. Taylor, M. Wysocki S. Sheehan D. Bush M. Hamm ATHLETICS 93BOYS’ JV BASKETBALL G. Ford and G. Witherow Kneeling: R. Bryant, M. Cheesebrough, M. Healy; Standing: Coach Adams, T. Sarnowski, E. Crockett, G. Ford, G. Witherow, S. Shaffer Coach Adams 94 ATHLETICSGIRLS’ J. Spenik JV BASKETBALL T. Tate J. Shaffer M. Johnson L. Wierbinski S. Arberry Row 1: L. Wierbinski, M. Johnson, T. Tate, J. Spenik, L. Lucas; Row 2: J. Chupp, C. Jones, V. Hartman, J. Shaffer, S. Arberry; Missing: S. Mast-erson ATHLETICS 95BOWLING Above: Miss Buhite leads her bowling crew to victory Kneeling: R. Adams, R. Adams, F. Thomas, M. Henneberry Row 2: T. Toumaras, C. Thomas, W. Hubbard, C. Szoszorek, G. Hendricks, P. Crispell, J. Sedziak, L. Warner, Advisor Miss Buhite; Row 3: J. Ciecierski, T. Bishop, J. Ciec-ierski, L. Niles, K. Curtis, M. Miller, D. SteeleBOWLING Senior D. Steele rolling a strike F. Thomas shows style W. Hubbard picking up the spare ATHLETICS 97SPORTS CANDIDSSPORTS CANDIDS100 ACTIVITIES Music an d GIRLS' GVM 1® 102 ACTIVITIES Alyssa Ford with homeroom teacher, Miss Buhite EAST HIGH REPRESENTATIVES D.A.R. AWARD C. Szoszorek, Mr. Stadtmiller, M. Preston, R. RangeATHLETIC HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: A. Potto, T. Stasiewski, L. Niles, G. Silay; Row 2: K. Carlson, B. Vogel, D. Chase, D. Pike, P. Crispell, D. Grove, J. Hurlburt, Row 3: A. Ford, D. Strickland, K. Morgan, L. Glance, S. Gibson. S. Irwin, L. DeVore; Row 4: L. Ford, C. Goodwine, A. LaRock, P. Gonzalez, J. Weatherholtz NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: H. Vietmeier (Treasurer), L. Niles (President), T. Stasiewski (Vice-President), K. Carlson (Secretary); Row 2: B. Vogel, D. Chase, D. Pike, J. Gaskill, R. Dietrich, A. LaRock; Row 3: J. McClellan. J. Cook. M. Preston, P. Gonzalez. J. Hurlburt, H. Zimmer; Last Row: Advisor, Mr. Gianatiempo ACTIVITIES 103VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Row 1: R. Bertolo, A. Potts, B. Maxson, K. Carlson, B. Vogel, P. Crispell Row 2: K. Lunger, S. Irwin, L. Grimball, D. Shafer, L. Niles, G. Krystek 104 ACTIVITIESJ.V. CHEERLEADERS Row 1: L. Tarasovitch, L. Warner, T. Bray; Row 2: M. Falombi, J. Vazquez ACTIVITIES 105MARCHING BAND Row 1: D. Ratz, D. Hawley, S. Nguyen, A. Coleman; Row 2: S. Smith, C. Thomas, T. Nielson, J. Jefferson, J. Donohue, M. Wysoki, S. Miller, Miss Scanzillo (Advisor); Row 3: M. McCall, D. Demosi, M. Fickenworth, R. Fuller, B. Kauffman, W. Woodard; Row 4: G. Witherow, M. Miller, M. Renwick, H. Moffatt, J. Odom; absent: B. Jeeter, R. Chapman OFFICERS Sitting: J. Jefferson (President): Standing: S. Nguyen (Social-Chairperson), S. Smith (Vice-President), D. Hawley (Secretary) DRUM MAJORS 106 ACTIVITIES S. Smith, S. MillerSTAGE BAND Row 1: R. Fuller, D. Demosi, Miss Scanzillo; Row 2: S. Parmenter, J. Harvis, S. Carr; absent: B. Bryant STRING ENSEMBLE Row 1: L. Krysiak, D. Bounds, S. Holden, M. Henneberry. F. O’Rourke, S. Sornberger, S. Heeter, Miss Scanzillo; absent: J. Thayer ACTIVITIES 107CHOIR Row 1: T. Porter, M. Miller, K. Lofton, T. Morgan, Miss Scanzillo (Advisor); Row 2: C. Jones, P. Parker, S. Meyers, S. Gore, A. Grzywinski, A. Barnes; Row 3: L. Marsh. D. Strickland, A. Morris. D. Roberts, D. Draszkiewicz, C. Jethroe, F. Morgan. M. Moore, H. Black CHORUS Row 1: M. Hollingsworth. 0. Gibbs, C. Tate, M. Darnell. Miss Scanzillo (Advisor); Row 2: A. Qualls, D. McLaurin, F. McLaurin, T Carr; Row 3: N. Leach, L. Ford; absent; K. Jones, D. Fiolek, M. Allen 108 ACTIVITIESCOLOR GUARD Kneeling: C. Mitch, B, Fenton; Standing: T. Long, T. Krystek, J. Holden, A. Jefferson, S. Sornberger TWIRLERS Row 1: J. Miller, P. Davis (Captain), G. Miller (Co-Captain) Row 2: Mrs, Williams (Advisor) ACTIVITIES 109SENIOR CO-ED CLUB Row 1: T. Stasiewski (President), L. Niles (Vice-President), S. Irwin (Secretary), K. Carlson (Treasurer); Row 2: J. Hurlburt. C. Darnell, R. Bertolo, P. Gonzalez, B. Maxson, P. Crispell, A. Potts, L. McBride, Y. Vega, D. McBride, A. Ford, D. Carr, F. Morgan-Row 3: H. Zimmer, J. Wykoff, D. Bush. B. Vogel, J. Cook, T. Wenzel, D. Pike, J. Gaskill, D. Steele, S. Tate, C. Jethroe; Row 4: S. Carr. C. Goodwine, J. Peterson, J. Ciecierski, T. Bishop, C. Szoszorek, W. Hubbard, K. Donohue, K. Toumaras; absent: L. Salow, M. Purzycki JUNIOR CO-ED CLUB Row 1: M. Gauss (President), C. Jones (Vice-President), E. Callahan (Treasurer), K. Lunger (Secretary); Row 2: F. Orsini R Krysiak, G. Krystek; Row 3: R. Kitchen, D. Pacuraw, G. Silay, J. Weatherholtz, J. Velez. K. Dinh, T. Tyes 110 ACTIVITIESSOPHOMORE CO-ED CLUB How 1: D. Hawley (President), S. Nguyen (Vice-President), J. Chupp (Secretary), K. Findlay (Treasurer); Row 2: T. Nielson, M. White, A. Fischer. W Gonzalez, D. Demosi, M. Ren wick, M. Frazzini, L. Bowersox; Row 3: M. Miller, T. Bray, G. Pursell, C. Chessario, G. Silay, L. Warner; Row 4: S. Alex, J. Woodard, R. Weismiller, S. Miller, J. Lackovic PEP CLUB Row 1: L. Niles (President), P. Crispell (Secretary), T. Stasiewski (Treasurer), absent. M. Purzycki (Vice-President); Row 2: A. Potts, K. Carlson, B. Vogel, J. W'eatherholtz, L. Bowersox, C. Darnell, D. Demosi; Row 3: J. Hurlburt, B. Maxson. T. Bray, M. Johnson, D. Bush, D. Pike, K. Toumaras, M. Szoszorek, J. Wykoff; Row 4: T. Wenzel, J. Lackovic, S. Miller, J. Chupp, V. Toumaras. K. Miller, J. Velez; Row 5: S. Irwin, R. Bertolo, P. Gonzalez. J. Cook, J. Wykoff ACTIVITIES 111SUNRISE STAFF Row 1: A. Potts, T. Stasiewski, K. Carlson, B. Vogel, D. Grove, D. August; Row 2: D. Fisher, Mr. Passarelli (Advisor), G. Sonnen-herg; absent: M. Purzycki % TOM-TOM STAFF Row 1: R. Kitchen, D. Chase, P. Crispell, C. Darnell; Row 2: D. Bush, T. Torres, W. Gonzalez, R. Kaminski, L. Napierkowski, W. Bielak; Row 3: J. Stewart, D. Kubeja, J. Mikolajczyk, Mrs. Koenig (Advisor), S. Seidler; absent: S. Feiock, S. Lamp, S. Minnis 112 ACTIVITIESFRENCH CLUB Row 1: T. Wenzel. T. Stasiewski. K. Toumaras, J. Velez, M. Juchter, Row 2: D. Paris, J. Wykoff, C. Steward, M. White, Miss Warns (Advisor) SPANISH CLUB Row 1: J. Donohue, R. Bertolo, A. Ford, D. Carr, B. Carroll, D. Barnes. J. Velez; Row 2: A. Coleman (President), J. Woodard (Vice-President), G. Pursell (Treasurer), L. Ford (Secretary), A. URock, D. Gillespie, W. Gonzalez. Mr. Need (Advisor); Row 3: P. Pascarella, T. Bray, T. Bertolo, R. Dietrich, R. Slupski, P. DeVore, Y. Vega, S. Williams; Row 4: K. Woodard, J. Miller. M. Gauss, K. Findlay. A. Fischer. L. Vazquez. R. Kitchen, B. Barbara, M. Jones, Y. Vega; Row 5: P. Flemings. K. Lucas, C. Qualls, R. Brown, E. Kozekowski, J. Tarasovitch, R. Walls ACTIVITIES 113AFRO-AMERICAN CLUB Row 1: K. Winters, A. Ford, D. Carr; Row 2: A. Richmond, P. Davis, S. Ray, J. Velez; Row 3: D. Tate, F. Morgan. A. Carson, Mrs. Alexander (Advisor) AVA CREW Row 1: E. Clayton, P. Crispell, C. Szoszorek, D. Piotrowski,J. Peterson, E. Balik; Row 2: J. Woodard. P. DeVore, J. Fischer, L. Shorts, H. Walls. R. Slupski; Row 3: Mr. Maneval (Advisor), B. Davis. J. Powell. J. Wojtasik, J. Wozniak, D. Keller 114 ACTIVITIESTRAVEL CLUB Row 1: S. Meyers, H. Vietmeier, T. Stasiewski, L. Niles, A. Potts, P. Crispell, J. Hurlburt; Row 2: B. Maxson, D. Carr, S. Irwin, B. Vogel, K. Carlson, J. Cook, T. Wenzel, C. Darnell; Row 3: J. Peterson, S. Miller, C. Szoszorek, W. Hubbard, T. Bishop, J. Ciecierski, D. Bush, J. Weatherholtz, P. Gonzalez STUDENT COUNCIL Row 1: Mrs. Dillon (Advisor), A. Qualls, C. Tate, S. Dinh, D. Ratz, J. McClellan (President), L. Niles (Vice-President). K. Carlson (Secretary), T. Bray (Treasurer), S. Nguyen, L. Vazquez. C. Fog, M. Davis; Row 2: P. Pascarella, M. Hal lings worth. T. Stasiewski. D. Chase, R. Bertolo. S. Morrow, D. Carr, J. Vazquez. D. Botelko, C. Thomas, S. Parks. K. Findlay, C. Piccirillo; Row 3: M Burke. J. Mateen. B. Maxson, C. Niedzielski, A. Potts, K. Lucas. D. Fisher, R. Weismiller, B. Dykes. G. Silay, A. Fischer. R. Walls; Row 4: P. Flemings, C. Goodwine, E. Blakely, G. Pursell, A. Marino, R. Kitchen, M. Jude, S. Miller, T. Long. M. Lucas. C. Jones, M. Renwick, G. Williams, T. Tate ACTIVITIES 115MODEL U.N. Row 1: J. Cook, J. McClellan, S. Miller; Row 2: B. Bland, K. Carlson, C. O’Meara, C. Darnell (Vice-President), J. Woodard; Row 3: J. Woodard (President), J. Ciecierski, T. Bishop, W. Hubbard, C. Szoszorek, R. Kitchen (Secretary), B. Zelgowski, E. Dylewski Sitting: L. Niles (Captain); Row 1: T. Stasiewski, D. Pike, J. Cook, K. Carlson; Row 2: Mr. Gianatiempo (Advisor), J. McClellan G. Pursell, M. White HIGH-Q 116 ACTIVITIESMASCOTS fc'iw.l) JS Row 1: L. Bowersox, M. Johnson; Row 2: S. Cash, K. Kowalski, J. Chupp, C. Darnell CULTURAL SOCIETY Row 1: L. Niles. R. Bertolo. P. Crispell, T. Stasiewski; Row 2: T. Wenzel, J. Cook, D. Pike. S. Irwin. D. Bush. C. Darnell; Row 3: B. Maxson, J. Weatherholtz, K. Carlson, B. Vogel. P. Gonzalez. K. Toumaras, A. Potts ACTIVITIES 117SENIOR CLASS PLAY Row 1: C. Szoszorek, W. Hubbard, B. Metzler, K. Carlson. B. Vogel, L. Niles. J. Ciecierski, J. Peterson. Row 2: K. Toumaras. A. Potts, J. Gaskill, L. McBride, A. Ford, D. Carr, J. Cook, R. Bertolo, D. Chase, P. Gonzalez, C. Kanarr. Row 3: D. Kubeja, C. Darnell, J. Stewart, D Bush, R. Slupski, J. Hurlburt, H. Vietmeier, T. Stasiewski, P. DeVore, P. Crispell, J. Wykoff. CREW Fifties rock and roll star Curtis Jackson pays a surprise visit to the town of Victor where he encounters a host of hilarious characters and madcap happenings: Alex Fenton, the All-State football hero who is kidnapped before the big game; Tillie Thompson, the empty-headed waitress of the local malt shop; Wilbur and Bertha, the charmingly clumsy couple who find love in the stars; and a trio of cheerleaders who break into a cheer at every opportunity. Row 1: B. Davis. T. Wenzel. A. Marino. P. Rovnak, L. Salow, D. Piotrowski. Row 2: T. Bishop, J. Weatherholtz, S. Miller, D. Davis, J. Woodard, J. Powell. STUDENT DIRECTORS 118 ACTIVITIES L. Niles, J. Gaskill, P. Crispell, J. Cook, T. Stasiewski, B Vogel.RED CROSS Row 1: T. Reynolds, T. Tate, N. Leach, C. Thomas. S. Sheehan; Row 2: C. Jones, E. Hawley, J. Sheehan, J. Gonzalez; Row 3: T. Martin, N. Botts, R. Hamilton STUDENT COUNCIL -RED CROSS FOOD DRIVE Row 1: E. Hawley, J. Sheehan; Row 2: Food Drive Representative, J. McClellan. Mrs. Olszewski, T. Reynolds. C. Jones ACTIVITIES 119CHRISTIAN CO-ED Row 1: M. Ginnery, D. Paris, D. Hawley; Row 2: Mrs. Hall (Advisor), K. Woodard, T. Ginnery, J. Velez, G. Miller; Row 3: R. Walls, R. Kitchen, C. Steward, Mr. Pacileo (Advisor) NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP QUALIFYING TEST COMMENDED STUDENTS Mr. Stadtmiller, Acting Principal; M. Preston, R. Range 120 ACTIVITIESCANDIDS 121122 CANDIDSCANDIDS 123 PATRONS We encourage the East High alumni, students, and faculty to patronize those listed below, whose generosity has contributed to the success of this annual. Ace Auctioneers; Mark Tanenbaum, Foresters Beneficial Association Trombetta’s Fine Furniture, Inc. Auctioneer Fulton Athletic Club Triangle Tool Co. Alliance Home of Erie (P.N.A.) Club Gannon University Trost and Steinfurth Florist Drs. Amacher, Roos, and Mozdy Greater Erie Community Action Dr. Jack D. Utlev and Staff Anderson Vacuum and Service Center Committee Donald S. Wilson D.D.S., P.C. Gertrude A. Barber, Ed. D. Greengarden Lanes WJET TV Bavview Auto Supply Gillespie Machine and Tool Co. WJET Radio-FM 102 Bello’s Shur-Fine Supermarket Grise Audio Visual Center Weber Electronics Supply, Inc. Dr. P. Alan Benson and A. Jeffrey Holland Metro, Inc., Realtors Welders Supply Co. Benson, D.D.S. Jerilu Fruit Center West Pen Optical, Inc. BiFulco, VVaidley, and Scarpitti K and L Refractory Service Warren W. Wood Son Funeral Samuel P. Black and Assoc., Inc. Kentucky Fried Chicken — 12th St. Home R. C. Bloomstine Agency, Inc. Keystone Electric Construction Co. Blossey’s Tuxedo Rental Knobloch Oldsmobile Toyota Park Atty. and Mrs. Robert C. Brabender James P. Lay Broz Travel ‘n’ Trips Lincoln Foundry, Inc. Brugger F'uneral Home Loesel-Schaaf Insurance Agency, Inc. Burger King Restaurants of Erie Loyal Christian Benefit Association Burhenn’s Pharmacy Miller Bros. Garden Center, Inc. Carpetowne, Inc. Gary Miller Dodge, Inc. Church and Murdock Electric, Inc. Mighty Fine Donuts Coca-Cola Bottling Erie Charles E. Merrill Pub Co. Conway and O’Malley, Inc. Mellon Bank Les Crago Jewelers, Inc. Mister Pizza Credit Bureau of Erie, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Forrest Mischler Mrs. and Mrs. Fred F. Curtze McClure, Miller, and White Dr. and Mrs. George J. D’Angelo V. T. Narus, M. D. Donald R. DeNardo Northwest Mutual Savings Association Department of Urology - Erie Clinic, Ohmer True Value Hardware PA. Orthopedic Surgeons, Inc. Dermatology Associates of Erie Quick Photo — One Hour Photo Rep. Ben Dombrowski Paul Bunyan Fresh Food Markets Dominick’s Restaurant Podiatry Associates of Erie, Inc. E. and A. Doubet Jewelers Pulakos “926” Candies Dusckas Funeral Home, Inc. Potraz Floral Shop and Greenhouse East Erie Turners Presque Isle Boiler Repair Eastland Bowl, Inc. Rapid Transit Company, Inc. East High P.T.A. Ready Mixed Concrete Co. of Erie R. H. Enterline, Orthodontist Rectal and Colon Surgery, Inc. E. P. M. Corporation Rectenwald Blueprint and Supply Co. Erie A. F. L. C. 1. O. Community Dr. J. F. Roberts and Dr. D. J. Roberts Service Committee Robinson-Conner, Inc. The Erie Book Store Ross and Copus Tires, Inc. Pepsi Cola, 7 Up, and Dr. Pepper Tony Scalise IDS American Express Bottlers — Erie Bottling Corp. Schroeck Optical Fashions, Inc. Erie Eye Clinic, Inc. — Dr. A. I). Sala Sears, Roebuck and Co. Erie Industrial Supply Co. Siebenbuerger Club Erie Mantel and Tile Company, Inc. R. Anthony Snow, M.D. Erie School Employees Federal Credit South Gate Hardware Union Stanley Bros. Furniture Co. Eriez Construction, Inc. Leo J. Swantek Jr., D.O. Fergie’s Restaurant Thrifty Clean, Inc. Foht Realtors Better Homes and Times Publishing Company Gardens Atty. Jim Toohey WE GRATEFULLY ACKNOWLEDGE THE ASSISTANCE OF THE FOLLOWING: Arfax Studio Walsworth Publishing Company Printing mWA LS WORTH PUBLISHING COMPANYmWALS WORTH PUBLISHING COM PA N Y MAIK KLINr MIAHOl II HIM

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