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 - Class of 1948

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Text from Pages 1 - 374 of the 1948 volume:

wwf' 'Eff .q l ,al I K: f!"7f':.f' li C- , I My ' . 70-'Vp Wm 7 Mfifih W fffff ff M M T4 ff We gm kl bf JL M 25552 if 3f"fMfgf,f2-W 'lilfiiflfiiffg fllltlfllllll The year 1948 has been a challenge to the staffs of annuals everywhere. We, here at East, were no exception. Production costs have nearly doubled since the last Sunrise went to press in 1947. Other Eifie schools were forced to change their process of printing in :it effort to meet the new production demands. East cah be proud that, through the strenuous hours of planning by the staff and its advisers, we have succeeded in pro- ducing one of the finest yearbooks in this section, if not the finest. Now and then a staff can and should "pat itself on the back". We feel the 1948 staff has that privilege. With approximately the same budget as in the past, plus the satisfaction that the 1948 Sunrise sold for less than any other year- book in the city, East High School can truly feel that the challenge of 1948 has been met and conquered. It has been the staff's purpose to present an annual portraying the achievements of the year in such a forceful and vivid manner that in the years to come the graduate will re-live the precious moments of his school days. This book is far from being perfect, but we humbly request that our short-comings be overlooked and that you place this annual among the treasures of your youth. On behalflof the Sunrise Staff of 1948, I sincerely wish to 'present this annual to the students of East High School, in the hope that it will serve as an inspiration to each and every graduate, and that it will further spread the fame and glory of your Alma Mater. Qfafdkwz Z1 942109 Technical Adviser Albin EENVUH EASTHI IW SUM EE Maw 4, me E EH ERIE, PENNSYLVANVA LAEE U? EEHUUL lllilll I, W11, ll1K'Sll1ilVIll!5Ol lQc'lSl H1ql1 S1-lwml, 1111c'w1'wly f111cl c11'11lvl11lly clelcllf' 1lH ll11 lfllll Lvlllllll lcv 111 1X1 s lll 11l le111l111 11. H' 4 X'lJ 11111l11 1'm1ll1'1el11cl,lVl1sSl4llOre111ce M.Be1lls, 11ll1-1'l1r111 1l1 ly liIllJWIl l1y lu 1 Sl11cls11lx 1 M1 tx 1'- . l.1 1 11 1 . l11 ll1w lwvlvcl ye-H' " ' are she has l'nee1'1 al dsl, slw lms clonel 11111Cl1 lo ' 1' llw SCl10Ol 11111l lllll FlllLlPlllS as 4111 lI1SlFLlClOIl 111 ll'1e- l11l1l ul l.llClllbll clllll 11 lOIl lc11 ll1c as 'lllll' 41c,lv1Sc11 ' 1- SllIll'lS.tH film-1-1111111 lcv lil'lll l1'cm111 l7rc1111c11 , Ohio 1l Wl1lll'fl 111111 lQ111cql1l lo1'11 1111111lw1' ol yemrs. M1512 liwlls C'cll'll5lCl ll1w B11c1l1e1lcJr' Ol Arls 11111111 l1'c1111 lQcnll111s Cczllslqw, and lllfl MciSllll' ol Arla DQlQI'61ff l1'o111 Cflllllllblci lllllVUI'EillY. 'l'l11-1'vlc11'v, 1l 11: Will1 cgreul 1-1pp1'eJC1a1- l1cu11 ll1f1l ww I'0COQlll!H l1c11' Selrviciws 111 ll11:-1 w11y 111 llw lmlx ll ll l1s , 1 11 s A may rw- 111 1111 l11 If 1 1l l'.11sl H1cql1 SCl100l lor' 1111-my '1 yl-1111: so ll1.1l cull11A1' sl111lc111ls Illc ly 111c1l1l, 11.-1 W4 l11v1 lny ll11 ll 1 so 1 llfbll Wlll l11 , 1 sl: K' 11 1 '13 Ulllllllllll FLQRENCE M. BETTS 41 Administration Seniors . . . . Organizations . Music. . . Athletics. . .V . Underclassmen School Life .... Witt Ui HUF Mr. Leberman is principal by title, but in reality friend and confidant to every student. By his constant loyalty, he has captured the hearts of all East High followers. Being district chairman of the Pennsylvania lnterscholastic Athletic Association, he takes a keen interest in all scholastic sports. Besides his heavy schedule at school, he is very active in community affairs. We students of East l-ligh, shall never forget his encouraging Words and faithful guidance which help to make our high school life so pleasant. ' New I ' ' HAROLD D. LEBERMAN FLORENCE STOLTZ BERNADINE CHESSLEY Miss Stoltz and Miss Chessley cannot be excelled. Miss Stoltz, who has been at East since its beginning, is indispensable to the smooth, efficient operation of the office. The pleasant, cheerful cooperation shown to both students and faculty reflect the office policy of helpfulness at all times. The Sunrise staff extends its heartfelt thanks and appreciation to these depend- able office clerks. The students and faculty owe much to the untiring and careful planning of our assistant principals, Miss Gerboth and Mr. MacDonald. Among their re- sponsibilities are student attendance, discipline and guidance. Every senior will long remember the sound advice and friendly counsel received. AUGUSTA GERBOTH NORMAN MACDCDNALD Every organizationlmust have a de- partment which contro-ls -and directs the rest. Here in school we call this department the administration. It not only directs and controls, it also gives- a helping hand to all fthe studentsllwith their problems. ' A I 'V ' . lllllllllwllllllll WAI ,TER ANDERSON General Shop Fl .URENCE FSFITTS Fmqlish WlI.I.IAM BURGER Ix1::il'11l11m1f.1l Mlltilk' IOSFPH CHRISWDFF Ma1h0maf11':: ROBERT ARROWSMITH Mafhematics ADELINE BLAIR ADELAIDE BACHMAN Mafhemafics MARIE BUYER VVILLTAM BANNTSTER Rnolcvqy ESTHER BRYAN Sfenoqraphy and Typmq Mathematics World Hlstory TERESA BURNS CAE??CN' JEANETTE CAUSGROVE EIIQIISFI L'0ffT?51?'7 ""7U '-fo' Euqlmsh X UATHFRINE CHRISTORH NORD CQFINI DOROTHY DAVTFS Cxvxcts Tumor Trades Hwffwy ARTHUR DETZEI. CNIVICE1 mul HPAIHI RALPH HARBOI I3 Hlsffwy WALTER IORDAN Dmffmq TEKLA LAFFEY Mn Therrmfivs RAYMGND GARDNER Sc'1Qm'e MARY IANE HEBERLY Music' ALICE JOSE Libra rum ROBERT LEEMHUIS Vocal Muslrw GEORGE GRIGNGI. Clvcwcqrwxg why IAMFS HYDE Rllysslual Eri11m1?1wrw GFRTRUDE KING EIIQIISIW CLAIRE LILLISS Art IK Dlllfifi GRN I. Hlzctcwy FRED IAM!-If'C JN IHIJIII-1l'Im1I Arla MINH'I"I'A KUPERMI Clevoqmphy HARRY MAFZSING Charm. try X.ll l MARY MVMAHON Enqllsli HOWARD MISCHIER Genqmpliy KA'I'lll'IRlNE lJll.l.E Gyni BEATRICE SHEVICK C1V1L'Sr1IltlFI'9I1L'll CLYDE MERRILEES Bocilckeepinq fill BERT MUNZ Pliysirs Cfl,AllDlA RIOTRQVVSKI English ISABELLE SQURVNNE History LAURA MILES lnnior Domestic Arls MARGARET PARKER Horne Eftonomicis AVIS PUTNAM Typing SARA SPETZ Biology RUTH MILLOY Lalin FRANK PETTINATO English CECILIA RYBINSKI Hisiory and Spanish WILFRED POMEROY General Science .g , '!'f'f"A f , 6 1 Lg, - 41 fflvlilzff -q,,, k. 0 L n 4, 0-12.43 - fi A lwflf' U24 f LOUIS TULLIO IEAN VALIN VJYNN WARRI Physical Education Girls Swimming Mdlhexriafics GEORGIA WEIBLER ELEANOR YOUNG KATHERINE BAP Home Nursing English M9I'f'Thcif1f'llSlIl4 MARY LOUISE I-IEALY PEARL IONES IOUISE SNYD Home Economics English Ari 1 P P' ! , l'Gn: , 'if , sr 'r LL' 5 215- Q -Q M 1? 2 . 3' . + 2 , .W Q 1 ,,,,g,, Zi . . 4 H ,V,.. W I Qi- 4' 33 A 3 Ma - N. La, K., ,L5 an 5. fr' 5 F 9 "' 5 "' M m EW mx y w mx f A Q V Q EW m --L. J' ,L k v 'K H' vu. ig an we VAT L' - ? :Q 'Q M' Q 'Q ' - 153- uw.. I 'U' , if ' kv K L' K in ' K - ,x f ,Q ii. K -r K 5 4 A 5 3 J ff ilk -": K x F 5 . ,X Q L2 5, iN ,f '5'- U -if 'glkif 55 Q +TZ l ., . ,1 A av Nm,7L,l5bk .1. 'fr A series of events has been the means of leading us through our journey up, ward, helping us: to become the stars of tomorrow! Through the long and glorious years ot grade school and lunior High, we have been striving to attain a goal. This goal caine into :sight upon enter- ing our Freshinan year. lt was in this, our first year of Senior High, that we began to understand the significance of responsibility. We had become Soph- omores. Suddenly we were sophisticated and refined, starting to be interested in Carry- ing out our prctjects as a group. Yes, we had laid the course of our success in the hands of our chosen leaders. We were luniorsf Then one day our stars began to shine, for we were now that group of people whom the rest of the school ad' mired, envied, and looked up to. We had attained our goal we had reached the climax. We were the SENlQRSf Now, as we come to the end ot our high school journey, we are experienc- ing a dual feeling of joy and sadness sadness, because we have come to the time when we will say our last farewell to our Alina Mater. But mingled with this sadness is the joy of looking tor' ward to the future, the opportunities we, as graduates, have of becoming success ful in our chosen fields. Yes, we as Seniors are truly at life's beginning. Effflffli ADVISERS, -Miss Betts, Miss Putnam, Miss Barber, Miss Davies, Mr. Harbold, Mr. Merrilees, Mr. Munz, Mr. Nease. FRANK MANDO President RICHARD ZAMIEROWSI Treasurer RAMONA BECHTOS Secretary LOUIS PENNA Vice President MES UtHEttiS TI-IERESA OSTROWSKI ln the spring of 1947 the senior class lost one of its most friendly members. We will always remember Theresa's Warm smile, her friendly manner, and co-operative attitude. She was a pleasure to have in class and a joy to have as a friend. ill llflwlllllflll Uaz' of uhm! ' ' '4 ABRAMCZYK. AGNEW. FRANCES CAROL GERALD ROBERT Commercial General "M" Club, 4, 3. Hi-Y 3, 25 Wrestlinq 4, 3, 25 Typisl Glee Club 4, 3, 2. Good Business Man ALDER, MARJORIE ANN Academic h "M" Club 4, 35 Choir 3 Student Cabinet 4, Seeretary 4 College Club 4, 35 Cheerleadi inq 2. Elementary Teacher , ALEXANDER, DAVID ARTHUR Academic Physicist ALEXVICZH, GEORGE Academic Football 3, 25 Track: mural Basketball 4, 3, 2. ALOIZ, AMENDOLA, ANDERSON, BABO, BAGINSKI. THERESA MARIE VIRGINIA ANN EDWARD FRANK DOLORES MAE EDWIN Cmmnerczial General Academic Commercial Commercial "M" Club 4, fig Girls Clmrusa "M" Club 4, 3, 2, Cheerlead- Football 4, 2, Track 4, 35 "M" Club 4, fi, Vulleyliall 4, Football Manager 4, 43 Volley Ball 3. mq 4, 3, 2, Senior Girls. Chorus lnlramural Basketball 4, fl, 21 fl. Basketball 2. Prcilesvrmxrml Roller flk-Her 4, 3, 2, Treasurer 43 liafilva- Band. Slenoqrapher Ambulance Driver, Sale grades fl. Traveler Bookkeeper , -'lR. RILEY, BARABAS, BARLOW, BARAN , BARTH, ROBERT BETTY HARRY BLBERT ALFRED STANLEY ROBERT HAMMOND leinvral Mm'r-lianrlissinq ffmmnervml Acadenxu: General Choir L25 Glen Clulw 4, .lg An owner of ei store Cross Country 45 Intramural Swnnrninq 4, IZ, 23 Water Polo Tmwk 4, 13, 2, Intmrnur 'rvstlinq 4, fl, 25 H1-Y .?. Basketball 4, 3, 2, Track 4. 4, 3, 2. Hfiskfetlmll 41 Band fl 2, isinesss Man ' ' Certified Public Acrountant Successful Sportsman To :see the world V XRTNIK, BARWICK. PEARL ANN ROBERT CHARLES inmiercvml Academic "M" Club 4, 35 Secretary 4: Tennis 4, 3, 2: Sunrise 4, 3, m Tom 4, 31 Volleyball 35 Editor 45 Intramural Basketball stcapadas 4. 4, 13, 2g College Club 3. vate Secretary Chemical Enqmeer BEBKO. FLORENCE MARIE Commercial Tom Tom 4 3 2 Editor , , , 4 "M" Club 4, 3, Worship Chair- man 4: Choir 4, 35 Masquers 3 Auxiliary Cabinet 3. Reporter .1'I. BECHTOS, BECK. RAMONA RUTH VIRGINIA Artadeniicf Afradenuv Student Calumet 3, Secretary Sunrise- Statt 4, 3, Ascslstan 35 College Club 4, 3, Mr-isquerrz Editor 4: Student Cabinet 4 4, 3, 25 "M" Clul: 4, 35 Class College Clulz 4, 35 "M" Clu Secretary 4, 3. 4, fi. lournalist Home Evonomiczss Teacher EllllUllE 912 i 704m'7czmZa5e, 7am '. BEGANICS, BELL, BERNATOWICZ, BEVERIDGE, JOHN MICHAEL DOROTHY MAE ROSE JOHN WELLFORD Commercial Merchandising General Academic ll. Marine Corps "M" Club 4, 33 Senior Lile "M" Club 4, 3: Twirling 4, Science Chemist Saving 35 Tumblinq, 3, 25 Easicapades 4, 3, 2. Toy Clerk X-ray Technician BIELEC, PAUL EDWARD General Football 4, 3, 25 Choir Glee Club 3, 23 Track 3, Baseball 4, 3. Mechanic in the Air Force BITZER, BOJARSKI. BOLTON, BORCZON, BORKOWIAK. ELFRIEDA ROBERT MARION BEATRICE ANN ROBERT HOWARD JOSEPHINE HARRH Commercial General Commercial Academic Commercial Toni Tom 4, 35 College Club Senior Band 4, 3, 25 Or- Twirling 3, 2: Easlcapades Choir 41 Glee Club 4, 3. "M" Club 4, 35 Twirlinc 4 3' "M" Club 4 3- Choir 2. chesira 2: Hi-Y 3, Marchinq 3, 2. Business Man 23 College Club 4, Si Cabinet 3: Eastcapades 4 Secretary I 1 Band 4, 3, 2. Secretary Larqesl Shoe Store Owner .13. Medical Secretary BORKOWSKI, BOROWICZ, BOSNAKE, BOWEN, BRUGGER, ANN MARIE STEPHEN SYLVESTER KOULA RICHARD CHARLES TIM Commercial Commercial Commercial General Acradenurv "M" Club 4, 31 Tom Tom Animated Cartoonist UM" Club 4, fl, Hastcapades Swimming 3, 25 Waier Polo 35 Football 3, 23 Swimminq fTypistl 4, 3: Eastcapades 43 4, 3, 27 Twirling 4, 3, 2. Goll 25 Choir 4, 3, 2. Wah-i1'Polo 3, Track fl. Volleyball 3. Radio Singer Architect, Swimminq Coach Morhctian Private becretary BUCKLIN, BUGENHAGEN, BUNDY, CALDWELL, CAMERA, CATHERINE LOUISE JOAN MARIE JOANNE MARJORY KARL GENE MARY ROSE fommercial General General Academic Commercial "M" Club 4, 35 Sunrise Art "M" Club 4, 3. Cheerleading 4, 3, 2: "M" Sr. HifY 4, 3, Wresilmq 3, 25 Sr, Girls Chorus 35 Choir ltall 4, 3, Secretary Club 4, 3: College Club 4, 35 Football 4, 35 Band 4, 3, 2: "M" Cluh 4, 37 Volleyball Iommercial Artist Class Treasurer 3: Eastcapades Orchestra 2. Eastcapades 3. il' Musician Typist urse SlNlllllE wid 64 tie ' ' :Aa dwg, AMO, CARRICK, CHONACKI. CHOJNACKI, COOPER, ANGELINE MARIE ROBERT FRANK CHESTER RICHARD DOLORES ommercinl General General Academic Commercial Girls' Chorus 4, 3, "M" Club Football 4, 3, 2, Captain 45 Band 3, 25 Orchestra 4, 3, 2. Orchestra 4, 3, 2, Concert "M" Club 4,31 Tennis 4, I 3, Treasurer 45 Eastcapades Hi-Y 4, 3, 25 Wrestlinq 37 Track Musician Ma-ster 4. , Volleyball 3. 3, 2. 3,2pIntramuralBasketball4,3,2, Geologist Stenoqrapher areer Woman Machine Shop and Sheet Metal Worker t IURTIN, MARGARET tcademic "M" Club 4, 33 iasketball 3, 2. lurse DAMICO, DAMICO, DARDENNE. GUIDO JEAN - SUZANNE ELIZABETH General Commercial Commercial Twirlinq 3, 2, Eastcapades 23 Band 3, 2: College Club 41 Tom Tom 4, "M" Club 4, 35 Acapella Orchestra 4, 3, 27 Hi-Y 4, 35 35 "M" Club 4, 3. Choir 4, 3. Marching Band 3, 2. Air-hostess Resident of Old Ladies Home Musician .g0. DAVEY, LYDIA ANN Academic College Club 4, 3. Nurse "M" Ch DE ANGELO, DE CARLO, DELO. DEUT C S H, DUNN, VELMA MARY JOSEPHINE RAY GEORGE ELIZABETH CATHERINE SALLY Conuuoruial Conunclrvial General Academic Gene-ml Chorus fl: Clmu- 45 "M" Clulw "M" Club 4, 3, Historian 4, Football 4, 3, 27 Basketball 2g Club 4, 3, Choir 4, 3, Clieerlearlinq 4, 3, 2, T' 4, fl, Volleyball 31 lfastcdpades Twirllnq 4, 3, 23 Eastcapades Trarvk 4, 3, 2: lntramuralBasket- Eastcapades 4, 3, 25 Drum and inq fi, 2, Lilo Saving 4 3. 4, 3, 2, Swimming 4, 3, 25 Aqua ball 4, 3, 2: Spanish Club 3. Bugle 3, 23 Twirlinq 3, 2. Tumlwlinq ft, 21 "M" Clulp 1 Private Secretary Queen 2. Tap Dancinq lnstruvtor Til- A--V Private Secretary LAL . 4 DUNST, DYLEWSKI , EVANS, EVANS. FATICA, SYLVXA JOANNE MARY DOLORES KAY LILLIAN DAWN DOLORES JEANNE Commeruml General General General Commercial "M" Club -4,Tw1rlinq 4, ll, 2: "M" Club 4, 3. "M" Club 4, 3. Club 4, 3. Secretary Sunrise 4, Enstctupndes 4, 3, 27 Nurse Bookkeeper Variety Show 4. Private Secretary HNIUHE K dcpzaudlialdlkaa 44 -- 'ELDT, POOR, FREEMAN, FRIES, FULLERTON, DONNA JOANNE ROY JOSEPH ' VAN LLOYD BILL EDWARD JOHN PHILIP fommercial Academic General General Academic "M" Club 4, 3. Band 4, 3, 25 Orchestra 2. Football 4, 3, 2, Basketball 4: Intramural Basketball 4, 3, 21 Cheerleading 4, 3, 2, M1 tenoqrapher Automobile Dealer Intramural Basketball 3, 2, Track 4, 3. quers 37 Hi-Y 3, lntramul Track 4. 3, 21 Baseball 4. Sport 3, 25 Choir 4. GARLAND, EUGENE PAUL Academic Tom Tom Pl-iotoqraplierg Sun- rise Photographer. Photographer GARRITY, MARIANNIE er handisin M . c cy "M" Club 4, 3. lewelry Buyer GEORGE, GORNALL, HOMER EARL ROBERT DOUGLAS General General Band 4, 3, 2p'Football 4. l'li4Y 4, 35 Choir 4, 3, 2. Gas Station Owner - - GORR. BEATRICE ANN Commercial "M" Club 4, 33 Sunrise Staff 4, 3: College Club Basketball 4, 3: Palacanva 1 Commercial Artist GOWETZKY, GROSZKIEWICZ, HALL, HANES, HANSEN, PAUL THOMAS FRANK GLORIA FRANCES SHIRLEY ANN VERN LEROY General General Merchandising Academic Academic Track 4, 3, Intramural Basket- Cross Country 2, l. "M" Club 4, 33 Sr. Girls "M" Club 4, 31 Cheerleadinq Choir 4, 3, 2, President ball 4, 3, 25 Golf 4. Chorus 3, 2. 4, 3, 2, Glee Club 4, 3, Track 4, 3 Commercial Pilot Proprietor of an infant's wear Nurse Football 3, 2: Cheerleading store Electrical Enqmeer IARWOOD, HENRY, HESKETH, HESSER. HICKMAN, CAROLYN MARY ANNA MAE HOWARD EDWARD GEORGE WERNER ROBERTA LEONE 'ommercial Commercial Academic General Academic "M" Club 4, 37 Palavanva 35 "M" Club 4, 3 Orchestra 4, 3, 25 Track 4, Dentist "M" Club 4, 35 Spanish Clu unrise Art Stall 35 Volleyball Secretary 3, 27 College Club 3. 3, 2: Eastcapades 35 Colteg , 3, Scientist Club 4, 3. 'ommercial Artist Nurse SlNltlllS I I gat' alan 'Z 615 IILLER, HOLDNACK, HUNTER, HUNTER, ISZKULA, JACK JOSEPH IRENE THERESA DAVID LAWRENCE WILMA JEANNE THERESA ROSE Xcademic Commercial General Academic Academic Choir 4, 3, 27 Glee Club 4, "M" Club 4, 3: Choir 4, 31 Hi-Y 4, 3, 23 Masquers 41 "M" Club 41 Acapella Choir "M" Club 4, 37 Twirling K, 25 Football 3, 2: College College Club 4, 3. Glee Club 2. 4, 3, 2. Bowling 35 Volleyball 47 Bask flub 3. ' Stenographer Mechanical Engineer Visiting Nurse gall 4. Barber urse JACKSON, JASKIEWICZ. JAWOROWSKI. JESKA. JONES, JOHN JACOB ROBERT JOHN THERESA ELIZABETH JOSEPHINE MARIE THERESE General General Commercial A General Merchandising Choir 4, 33 B0y'S Glee Club Band 4, 3, 2. "M" Club 4, 3, Twirlinq 2. Twirlinq 4, 3, 27 Sunrise Sialf "M" Club 3. 4, 3, 25 Football 3, 27 Track 3. Musician Typist 4: Volleyball 4, 3, Easicapades Phoioqrapher S Model .Motor Mechanic g, 3. 2: Varieiv Show 4' urse .24. JUSTKA, KACNERSKI, KALIVODA, KARMAZON, KARR, ALICE MADELINE THERESA ANNETTE TEDD MARY ANN MICHAEL BRON Acarleinic Commercial Acadeniic Academiz: Arzadmnirz Cheerleavlinq 4, 3, 2: "M" "M" Club 4, 3. Band 4, 3, 27 Orchesfra 4, Easicapades fl, 25 College Cross Counlry 4, 3, 2, Club 4, 3, College Clulw 35 Typist 3, 2, Senior Hi-Y 3: Track 4, 35 Club 4, 37 "M" Club 4, 33 rvaplain 47 Wresllinq 4, 3 Masquers 3, Intramural Baskeiball 4, 3, 2. Spanish Club 3, Tennis 3. Tennis 45 Track 4. Nurse Musician Nurse KIBLER, KILLMAIER, KNOEBEL, NORMA JEANNE AUDREY MARIE CHARLES JOSEPH Avadeunic Merclmndismq Academic: "M" Club 4, 35 Girls Colle-qe "M" Club 4, 3, 2. Spanish Cluli 3, 2. Club 4, 3: Tom Tom 4, 31 Chou' Telephone Opemlor 4, 3, 27IVolleyball 4, Captain 4. lournalism .,g5- l 1 xosACK. KowALsKI. ' ALEX MARY ANN BARBARI General Commercial Football 4, fl, Typlsl EENIUHE l Q I I I ca W0 . KRAHE. KRYSIAK, KUZMINSK1, LASSMAN, BEATRICE ANN RICHARD CHARLES DOROTHY SALLY SHIRLEY ANN Ccmuuorrtial General Commercial Commercial "M" Club 4, 35 Ctmir 4, ft, 2. Senior Band 3, 25 Orchestra "M" Club 4, 35 College Club "M" Club 4, 35 Cheerleadinq Intcwrinr lluvcvratoi' 45 Choir 4, 35 HLY 25 Track 4, 35 Masquers 4, 35 Choir 4, 35 4, 3, 2, Secretary 4, 35Tenn1s 3. 4, 3, Tennis 3, Public Accountant Musician lutlustrial Artist LAUGHLIN. WILLIAM ALBERT Academic HLY 4, 3, President 45 T Tom 4, 3, Assistant Editor Student Cabinet 25 Spar Club 3, 2. Politician LAVERY, LAWRENCE, LEDWICK, LICHACZ, TOM DONNA MAE PHYLLIS ANNE JOHN Acidclelulv Cfuiiuuevrcial Academic Academic Football Manager 4, L35 Hi-Y Tennis 4, 35 "M" Club 4, 35 Eastcapades 45 College Club Band 4, 3, 25 Orchestra 4, fl, 4, 13, 25 Choir 4, 35 Glee Club 2, College Club 45 Palacanva 35 4, 35 Masquers 4, 35 "M" Club 25 Track 4, 3, 25 Intramural President 25 Basketball 2. Sunrise Art Statl 4, 4, 35 Sunrise 4. Basketball 4, 3, 25 Marching Traveler Commercial Artist Teacher Band 4, 3, 2, Professional Musician - Z6 . LININGER. HOWARD GEORGE Academiv Band 25 Marctunq Band C Intramural Basketball 3, 2. OJEWSKI, LORIGAN, LUBAK. LYNCH, MAC!-IUGA, THERESE ANN ROBERT EUGENE EDWIN MARY FRANCES MARGARET omnwrvial Acadmniu General Commercial Ccvnunservlal Volleyball 45 l'faslc'apades 4. BuS1neS::man Radio 2. Masquers 4, ll, 2: "M" Clulv "M" Clulv 4, fl, Drum ar Bcretary lfnqmeerinq 4, 33 Drum and Buqle' ll, 2, Fast- Bugle- 4, fl, 25 Malomtln 4, CapadPS 21 Colleqo Club l?as1c'ap1:lf-Isa 4, 2, Sucbrelary Mus:ic'nau fACK, ANN MARIE 'munervial Girl's Chorus 2, Easlrapaclos Volleyball 4. airdresser MACOSKO. JOANNE Commervlal "M" Club 4 2, Choir 4, 3. Sienoqraplmer MANDO, FRANK RICHARD Academic ,3gSeruor Chorus Cheerleadmq 4, 3, 2, Pres- ident 4g Senior Class Presldenlg Hi-Y 4, 3, Glee Club 45 Varlely Show 4, Florisl . - MANKOWSKI, MARKS, DOLORES JEAN JACK Commercial Axiadeuuc' "M" Club 4, H3 Drum and Masquers 4, H1fY 4, fl, f Buqle 3, 2, Eastcapades 2. Commercial Arhsl 2. School Teanrlmr Faslrapades 4, fi, 25 Cvlee Clu SENIUHE 22 an ' 0 4 . MASSUCCI, MARKIEWICZ, MAZZONE, MCROSKY, MEHLER. ALICE MARIE FLORENCE CAROL MARY LUCILLE JOHN LAURA MAE Commercial Commercial Academic Academic Commercial "M" Club 4. 35 Home Room "M" Club 45 Volleyball 45 "M" Club 4, 35 College Club Band 4, 3, 25 Orchestra 25 Cheerleading 4, 3, 25 l Council 45 Volleyball 35 Bowlinq Basketball 4. 4, 35 Choir 4, 3, 25 Masquers 4 Hi-Y 3, 2. Club 4, 35 Tom Tom 3, 2, 3. Telephone Operator 35 Eastcapades 3. Musician, Chemical Engineer iness Manager 45 Easicapads Privale Secrelary Nurse Newspaper Reporler MICHALAK, MIELEWSKI, MILLER, MILLER, THERESA ANN WANDA FRANCES AUDREY VIOLA ELLEN AMELIA Acndeinic Commercial Academic Commercial "M" Club 4. "M" Club Sunrise Slafl 45 Colleqe Club "M" Club 4, 3, 2. Nurse Search-:ry 4, 3, 25 Twirlinq 4, 3, 25 Easl- Complomelrisl capades 3, 2. . - I MILLER, PRUDENCE IMOGEN Academic: "M" Club 4, 3, 2. Nurse NIER, MIZAK, MOORE, MOROSKY, MULVILLE ION ANN ELEANOR FRANCIS LOUIS KATHLEEN BETTY JANE 'nm-r'v1.1l flmiclvrxm' Gsmmnl ffmnvrmrvml Afradr-rnxc' I Y fl, .l, 21 W-ilvr llulw fl "M" lllulx 4, fl, ll Cross: Cmlnlry Manaqm' 4, "M" Clul: 4. Clulv I C olloqf- f 1 1 ylmund Bus Ilrlvwr Nurso 3, 2. Hefmlinmn 4, Q33 Drum and Buqlc 4 Bowl Meulfmmcal Enqmevr mq fi, Nurse KPIERKOWSKI, NOAK, NELSON, OLDACH, ORLOFF THERESA FRANCES SHIRLEY ANN ARVIN CHARLES JOYCE Ixunermtml Commercial General Acadermr: General "M" Club fl, fl. Clxmr 4, 3. Football 4, fl, 2g Band 4, 3, 25 Football 4, fl, 25 Basketball Choir 4, leplmne Oppmlor Slebnoqmplmer Qrrheslra 2, Wreslllnq 45 lnlm- 4, 3, 25 Traclc 4, 3, 25 H1fY Banker-r mural Basketball 4, Vlce-Presxdent 4. A Business Success: Play Colleqe Football Oh SllllUllS ummm :de , PAGE, PALMER. PRISCILLA MARGARET PRISCILLA ANN Amtacleniic Merchandising Evening Girls' Reserves 4, 35 "M" Club 4, 3. College Club 43 Masquers 3, Buyer Secrelary 4, Sunrise 45 Calumet 4. Enqlisli Teacher PANCEREV, MARK THEODORE Academic Masquers 4, 3, 25 Orchestra 4, 3, 25 Band 4, 3, 2: Marching Band 4, 3, 27 Intramural Basket- ball 4, 3. Play in the Symphony Orchestra PASTEWKA. PEARL DOLORES Academic Cheerleading 4, 3, 2: "M" Club 4, 33 Sunrise 45 Easl- capades 4. Nurse PEN NA, LEWIS CHARLES Academic Hi-Y 4, 35 Class Presiden Vice Presidenl 43 Football 4 2: Basketball 4, 3, 2. Mechanic PETAK. MARGARET MARY Commercial "M" Club 4, 33 Drum and Buqle 2. Stenoqrapher PINTO. LEONA ANN Merchandising "M" Club 4, 3, Buyer PINTO, PITTAS. PLACE, LUCILLE ANN HELEN FRANK RICHARD Commercial Academic Academic "M" Club 4, 33 Waker Paq- Masquers 4, 3, 2, Vice Press Hi-Y 4, 3, Student Cabin eani. ideni 4: College Club 43 Sun- Spanish Club 3. Secreiary rise Staff 45 Eastcapades 3. Write a Book In il POI-IL, POMMER, POPE, ROBASKY, ROVNAK THERESA JEAN CARL PETER FREDERICK EDWARD RICHARD ROBERT MARGARET ELAINE vforvlmlulxsinq ll--mleuuw Gerwml Auadfarnict MPrr:handlSmq "M" Club 4, 3. Spamsh Club Presxdontg H1-Y Choir 4, 3, Glef- Club 4, fl. Cabinet 4, 3, 2, Presxdonl 41 Hmr Dressflr hlcuerssllxl Buyur 4, fl, Golf'1'edm 4, 35 Calfnnel 27 Dentxsl Swimming 4, 3, 25 Wdler Polo Sunrlse Slafl 4. 4, fl, 2, Class Vw? President Il, Denixsl Doclor IUNG. SCHRECKENGOST, SIMA, SIMA, SIMON, RITA MAE LOIS MAE PAUL PETER SHIRLEY fommercial General General Academic Academic: "M" Club 4, 35 Twxrlinq 4, "M" Club 4, 35 Sr. Girls' Sr, Band fl, 27 Marctlxir1qB-Hnfl Sr. Band fl, 2, Orclmf:lrf1 4, Masque-ers 4, 3, Treasurer , 25 Eastcapades 4, 3, 2. C'horus4, 3, 25 Easfcap-ades4, 3. 3, 2, 3, 2, Marrhinq Band fl, 2. "M" Club 4, 3, Collnqe Club fomptomelrxst Clerk Musician T33 Chmr 4, 3, 2, Sergrelory Sunrlse 4. Nurse SWUHS can ddmwdowdl LIMON, SISCO, STEVE ELAINE AUDREY tcademic Commercial Wrestlinq 31 I. V. Football 2, "M" Club 4, 35 Twirlinq 23 'arsity Football 4, 3. Eastcapades 2. Private Secretary I SHERMAN , HENRY General Sheet Metal Auto Body' Painter SOKOLOFF, SOKOLOFF, EDNA MAE VIOLET Merchandising Commercial "M" Club 45 Senior Lite Oftice Work Saving 3, 2. Swimmer SUMINSKI. SULLIVAN, SZAWCZIK, RICHARD JOSEPH PATRICIA DOROTHY FRANCES Academic Commercial Academic Football 4, 35 Swimminq 4, Cheerleading 3, 2, Masquers Sr. Girl's Chorus 3, 27 Cheer- 3, 25 Water Polo 4, 3, 2. 3, 23 Eastcapndes 21 Choir 4, 3, leading 3, 2, Tom Tom 4, 3: Sunrise 4, 3. "M" Club 4, 3g College Club Marriaqe 4, 3. Laboratory Technician . 32 - SZCZESNY, ROBERT PAUL General ' Glee Club 2. Traveling Salesman SZPARAGA, ISABELLE KATHLEEN Merchandisinq "M" Club 4, 3. Sales Clerk SZPARAGA, TALKISH. THOMAS, - THOMPSON, THORNTON., l ' RICHARD ' EVA MAY EUGENE ANTHONY ' PATRICIA LOUISE ROBERT 'CHARLES ' General' General Academic General General Football 4, 3, 2: Wrestling 3: "M" Club 41 Cheerleading 45 . Hi-Y 4, 35 Intramural Basket- Club 4, .37 Twirling 4,, Radio Technician Hi-Y 4, 3, 2. ' Easicapades 4, 3: Choir 4, 3: ball 4, 3, 25 Tom Tom 4, 3: 3, 23 Easfcapacles 4, 3, 2. 'oin The Marines Life Saving 4, 3. Cabinet 45 Track 4, 3. Traveler ' Model , ' REJCHEL. JOAN LOUISE 'ommercial "M" Club 4, 3. fainting Photographs TROHOSKI. TRUBY, UGLOW, ULBRICH, ROSEMARY LUCILLE DONALD PAUL CHARLES , RICHARD FRANCIS General - General Genera ' Commercial "M" Club 4, 3, Sunrise 3. Track 4, 3. lniramural Baskeilzgall 4, 3, 25 Fooiball 4, 3, 27 Basketball Politician ' Accountant , Tennis 45 Glee Club 4. Manager 2g Intramural Baske . 'ball 4, 3, 2, Easicapades 4, " ' Photographer STNWHS D al a qomaeff lima cmqaae expecte of qua, JRBANIAK, VAMOS, VOLLMER. ' VOSS, VRENNA. THEODORE IRENE DOLORES WILLIAM CAR '1 ELAINE BETTY CHARLES FRANK Evnnml Cnlrnrrxs-ermrifxl Actnderruc Avademic Acadenuc , iutclwr Chorus 4, 35 "M" Club 4, 35 Track 4, 3, 2: Football 4, 35 Masquers 4, 3, "M" Club 4, Cheerleadmq 4, fl, 23 T Easlcapadefs fi, Wresllinq 4. 3, Treasurer fl, College Club 4, Tom 2. Bvemmcimrx Traveler 3, Presldenl 43 Sunrxse 4, Choxr Pharmaclsl 4, 3, 2. ' 'Nurse WAGNER, WAGNER, WASIULEWSKI, JEAN ELLEN RALPH FLORENCE Cornmercldl General Merathandxslnq Orchestra 4, fl, 27 liusl' Hi-Y 4, 13, 2, Wreszllinq 4, 3, Bowlmq 37 "M" C capmfev 4, 3, 25 "M" Clul: 4, Q3 Clnmr 4, fl, GIGS Club 2. Telephone Cperator fl, 25 College' Club 4. Avctruunldrll WHELPLEY, WHITE. DOROTHY MAE GEORGE General Academic' lub 4. ' Orchestra 4, 3, 2: UM" Clulu Masquers 4, 35 Cheerleac 4, 35 laslcapades 4, 3, 2. 4, 3, 23 Glee Club 4, 25 Cho Afcounlanl Soctxal Service WIDOMSKI, WIEDERLE, WILL, CASIMER THEODORE IRENE DOLORES KATHLEEN Am-lclelxmf Clmulneruxal Merchand1s1nc'1 Tmvk 4, lntr.uuur.xl Basket Twlrlmcr 4, fi, 2, "M" Clulw Club 4, Bowlmq 3. lmll -1, rl 4, fl, Vme Prvuxdv-rut 4, liafstf Beautxvlan vapaderl 4, 3, 2. C'ox:1ptorrneIx'n:t WLODARCZYK. WOOD, YURKOVICH, STANLEY VIRGINIA MAE DOLORES ANN C'mlmm-rvml General Commercial lnlruununml P-asks flnall "M" Clulu 4, fl, Faslcaparles fl "M" Club 4, 3gCheerlead1nq Seurelary 2. Stenographer WILLIAMS. DOLORES MARY General Cheerleading 4, 3, 2, Vwe Presidenl 43 "M" Club 4, 'Y Culleqe Club 4, 3, l'fasYc'aparle: 1 Prlvafe S0c:r'el.1ry ZALESKI. LEO CHESTER General WISNIEWSKI. JOSEPH JOHN General Tennis 4, 3, 25 Bafzketbal 2, lnlramuml Basketball B-iss-lxall Malmqer'-1, fi, Bowl I3 2. ZAMIEROWSKI. RICHARD ROBERT llcaclernic Orchestra 4: Foolball 4, Track 4, 3, 2, Class Treasure Muslclan ZATKOFF, ZIELONKA, ZIELONKA, SHAY, FRANCES FLORENCE BERNICE MARY JOSEPH RAYMOND NANCY C'.muxwl'm.1I llvavlenxu- Avadenuc Academic! "M" Vlulxg R'luur', Sf-yum Lulu Masque:-as 2, 22, "M" f"lulx 4, 'Z. Water Polo 4, fi, 2: Swimmmg "M" Club 4, 3, 2,Pros1dent-1, Suvlrm Nur'-:n-1 4, 3, 25 Glee Club 2. College Club 4, 3, 2, Fasten- flmqf 1 Great Lakes Seaman pades 2. Teacher ah. xi .. ..,: , , is -. :M 1, gig. E Us ff W' -K z . f. 1 X am, Q N. 4 x 1 pr I V we M sill: I . A A .A ,,W,.,,.y,, ,... vs .K ,Yi 'HQQQQKHWL' hm ,ww-' ' ' Q :Malin-:qu1r"""' ff' We feel that organizations play an important part in school life, for our participation in school clubs was an important factor in developing our minds and characters as well aslpromoting service to our school and community. All organizations need leaders who are willing to help train others to lead. Members who .are dependable and active in attending club meets ings and club activities are most important to conduct the business effectively. Whether one is a leader or a follower, he must try always to give his best efforts to spread interest in club meetings and activities. We found. that all organizations need members with these char- acteristics whether it be an activity group like the Cheerleaders or a scholastic group like the Honor Society. The Torn Tom gave some of us the opportunity to explore and develop our writing abilities. Membership in organizations like the Cabinet, Home Room Council, and Twirlers gave others the ch-ance to render service to the school and our fellow classmates. Yet in joining these groups we realized that our scholastic standing should not belowered, for then we would be defeating our purpose. Therefore we have come to realize that a 'com- bination of character, leadershipg scholarship and service are necessary to make any or- ganization strong and effective. A HllElNIllllUNS The Cabinet is the student governing body of the school rnade up of elected representatives from the several grades. There are also rep' resentatives of the Tom Tom, l-lonor Society, and Sunrise. This group plans the paid programs presented in the auditorium. They also sponsor the noon-day dances with their colorful coke bar, the Eastcapades with its variety acts and the various drives for local and national organizations. First Row: l. Matlak, D. Stronienger, D. Regan, W. Cooper, R. Robasky, M. Alder, M. Hoffman. Second Row: E. Pelinsky, I. Feldt, R. Beck, D. Reed, I. Rudd. Third Row: M. Palkovic, T. Gorbatoff, E. Thomas, R. Place, P. Page. Fourth Row: R. Hagland, W. Oatrnan. Absent from picture: G. Evanoff, C. Flengas, R. Bechtos. The selection and adoption of an official pin was an innovation for the cabinet this year. Their efforts and activities were beneficial to the school and to the whole student body. President ....... . . .R. Robasky Vice President ..... . . .W. Cooper Secretary ...... . . .M. Alder Treasurer. . . . . .D. Regan Sllltlll llallltl 5, K First Row: l. A. Ennis, F. Cvorantlo, l. Millcs, B. Clarke, R. Glance, M. l. Herrington, C. Hall, T. Romanski, D, Morrison. Second Row: D. Mankowski, K. Sullivan, M. ' ' l, Powell, A. Baran, D. Crishock, N. lensen, T, ra, S. Robison Leuhnei, h' d Row: R. Stazer, H. Caqa , . P awdzik, M Mando. T xr L. Rectenwald, l. lackson, l. Macoslco, A r Kunes, M. l. Svhreokenqost. Fourth Row: R. Zielonlci, P. Peterson, E, Alu, l. DiBuono, l. Clark, N. Foor, l. Mahon, W. Lee. C neil consists ot representatives from The ou , each home room. Their purpose is to help the cabinet by informing their home rooms ot the k n during the various drives that are underta e ditorium dues, and Y lllllt Hllll Ellllllt l ivcs in 'addition to sellinq donations tor other Q r 2. C tickets tor the annual Eastcapades. Their work is ot great importance, tor without it, the ' t Ction as smoothly as it Cabinet could not un does. 311103. -.1 "ic, ll 12TH GRADE M CLUB llTH GRADE M CLUB This year the East High girls decided upon having three groups to accommodate the girls of the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. Each group elects its own officers and committee headsg their cabinets hold separate meetings. All the girls are eligible to attend the Tri if they complete their reguired services. Membership in the organization entitles the girls to Y.W.C.A. priviledges and provides them with wholesome recreation with people their own age. IOTH GRADE "M" CLUB W' 12TH GRADE CABINET President ........4., Vice President ...... Secretary .,.., . . Treasurer. , . . . Service ,... Social ,,.. . Program. . . Worship .... . Music ...,. Historian .,.....,... IITI-I GRADE President ....,...,.. Vice President ...,.... Secretary .4....,... . Treasurer ...,, . . Service .... . Social .,... Program .,.., . , Worship ..... ..,, Music ...., . . . . . . .Nancy Shay , .Irene Weiderle . . . .Pearl Bartnik ,Angeline Camo . . . . .Elaine Voss , . .Marge Alder ......Rita Rung . . .Elossie Bebko . . . , .Betty Traut ,.,...Io DeCarlo CABINET . , . . .Donna Reed . .Colleen Simon .Mary Iane Kelley . . . .Irene Leshko . . . . .Sally Robison . . . .Marge Sueta .Lois Rectenwald .Lois Anne Robins . .Ingelie Carlson Historian ....,........... Sophie Moski IOTI-I GRADE CABINET President .....,. ...,... E leanor Buszek Vice President. .Margaret Ann Coughlin Secretary ............ Constance Kimet Treasurer. . . ........ Louise Page Service ....... ........ R uth Konieczna tlftllllli Ellll lltitlllli The Evening Girl Reserves is an organization formed tor the working girls at East, Academy, and Vincent who cannot participate in the meetings of the M Club after school. They meet together at the Y. W. C. A. and enjoy the same privileges allowed the Y Teens from school. Their programs consist ot parties, dances, tureen suppers, and the like. In addition to these social attairs they have speakers who talk on points ot importance and interest to the mem- bers ot the club. ljI'PSlClC'?lil .... Vice President Secretary .... T1'easurer ..,, a First Row: F. Bebko, Mr. Leberman, M. Federotf, M. Brown D Crishock l Zawod 'k 9 , . , . 111 , .. Simon, M. Mazzone, H. Pittas. Second Row: E. Voss, M. Sueta, R. Bechtos, P. Page, V. Somerville, P. Cochran, M. Davis, D. Kuzminski. Third Row: T. Edmonds, E. Pasiewka, l. Bindeman, D. Johnson, l. Barber, L. Freeman, M, Lynch. Fourth Row: P Ledwick R P t . , , . e 9FS9I1,l.MdTkS, M.Pa11r'erev, P.K11oh11e1', G. Wliile, I. Bells. The Masguers this year were under the adviso h' t ' A rs ip o Mr. Leberman. Miss King also gave her time and The cl a slow start got unde t energy to aid the club. ub had a large membership and, atter , rway or a successful year. The plays given by the club in auditorium pro- vide entertainment t th , 1 ' or e whole student body and give the players experience in drama, make-up, setting, and the other intricacies ot llllElllltllE li S White K Sullivan, O. Eliirnctt, E. Voss, M d R W l Hold First Row: N. Bee er, . , . D. S' wczik, lrl, Pittas, Secon o : . . ' , Sh , l. Davis, Miss lose, S Simon, Ld B d l. Leshko, l..Daniels, N ay naclc, l. Wagner, Williams, l. un y, Powell, M. Alder, D. Reed, S. Robison, M. l. Kelly. Thlrd Row. l. Carlsen, l.. Robins, M, l.. Koscielnialc, L, Page, D. Lawrence, B. Traiit, B. Gorr, B. Miilville. Fourth Row: l. Stearns, P. Beck, l.. Davey, D. Kimninski, l'. Cllovlimii, li. Constalwle, V. Somerville, l. Betts. Fifth Row: M. Sue-iii, R. Guelvlier, C. Thoiniisoii, A. Miller, ll. lseclwivk, N. Kililor, R. l3ec'lilo:1. lt. Page, R, lliclcrnfin, lvl. Kai'rna7ioii. Absent from picture' l. Borkowifik, l. Driinico, M. Lynch, M. Mazzone. No matter what your vocation may be, no At almost every meeting this year, fi speaker matter what college you wish to attend, most was present to talk to the girls about different ot your problems and questions about college occupations. The club therefore spent ti very d 'n the active and enjoyable year. can be discussed and answered uri g sessions ot the college club. MR lose, the adviser, is very willing to help iss l them with informa- the members and to supp y , ' ersities tion concerning ditterent colleges, univ and the scholarships they otter. W fiftf VD- i President ..... .... t' llaine Voss Vice President. ,,,. . . Qlga tllcinioll Secretary-Treasurer. . . .Ma rcella Davis Will .ltttiit MHA , it President. A A Vice President Secretary. A . Treasurer. A A W Gee A A .lrlfdllli Mando Dolores Williams Shirley Lassman Lois Rectenwald icq First Row: L. Mehler, Mrs. Shevick, S. Dunn. Second Row' F Mando S Hanes l B cl . . , . ' , . un y, C. Vrenna. Third Row: V. Kimmy, S. White, D. Williams, S. Lassman, A. liistka, P. Pastewka, l. Fullerton. Fourth Row: W. Lee, V. Amendola, M. Krahnke, P. Casey, M. Lechner, l, Stearns, D. Crishock, M. Federoit, G. White. Fifth Row' Y. Ciotoli, AA Lewis, S. Mehler, L. Pectenwald, M, Popotl Sixth Row: M. S ' meta, A. Falun, R. Bilecvki, M. Bukowski, E. Tfilliifzli. You see them at rallies, football games, and basketball games, in tact they're all over. They never let our team down, win, lose, or draw. They cheered at every game regardless ot rain, d mu or snow. They were in charge ot every rally and they did a splendid job. But, those aren't the only things they did. They put on the Ulamboree in the U. S. A", they held dances at noon time and after basketball games with the twirlers. They did their share in making East High the school that it is, with the spirit that it has. This group, which de- serves all the praise it is given, is the cheer- leaders under the direction of Mrs. Beatrice Sheviclc. lllllllllllllll First Row: l. Borkowialc, F. Trabert, S. Dunst, K. Gomolekott, B. Swanson, M. A. Osiecki, A. Canto, l. Prather, K. Bosnake, R. Rung, l. Powell, P. Ray, l. leslca, I. Ring, l. Wiederle. Second Row: R. Krainski, R. Penna, l. Robins, N. Shaner, P. Thompson, C. Kimet, D. Falcone, E. Blewett, D. Milewski, D. Kubeya, R. Bernatowicz. Third ' ' st, R. Fay, N. Hornung, M. Simon ,h ison Row: M. l. Schiec kengo Cv. Marsh, B. Clarke, A. lc i , ' T 'ow- C. Crabtree, P. Sawdey, M. Colley. Fourth Row: A. Miller, l. DeCarlo, R. ur ski, E. Nernergut. t twirling class Girls interested in joining the at East are given an opportunity to learn baton twirling at classes held after school when the senior twirlers instruct and help them. Every year the best from this group are allowed to join the regular twirling class. The girls are busiest during the tootball season working up routines to use at the halves llllllltlll on the alert lor new The twirlers are always ideas and routines. This year they pooled their talents with the cheerleaders to present Nlamboree in the U. S. A." Much credit is due to Miss Katherine Pille, the director, who devotes much ot her outside time to the group by making costumes and hold- ' sals. ing early morning rehear The liinior Hi-Y is also atliliated with the Y. M. C. A. and they hold their meetings there. The director, Mr. E. Dutlin, is the Secretary ot the ln addition to their social programs, the boys have a basketball team which com petes with other lunior Hi-Y teams in the city First Row: R. Deckert, P. Savilla, E. Duftin, adviser W. Van Cise, R. Cochran. Second Row: P. Decker l Cochran, W. Kres, C. Decker, L. R. S immons, P. Vysocke. ltlllttl till First Row: P. Mcskalczyk, D, Sexauer, M. Brown, C. Oldach, B. Laughlin, D. Paterniti, L. Penna, R. Wagner. Second Row: P. Leighton, T. Lavery, M. Pommer, E. Pastewka, W. Rosinski, G. Kidder, l. Leto, G. Eck. Third Row: D, Regan, R. Gustafson, C. Pommer, F. Mando, T Edmonds, R. Petersen, R. Bowen. Fourth Row: R Gornall, W. Cooper, E. Thomas, R. Place, D. Hunter, E Westerling, P. Williams. Fifth Row: R. Ragen, l, Marks, R. Tronowski. The Senior Hi-Y is an organization tor senior boys affiliated with the Y. M. C. A. lts meetings are held at school and occassionally at the Y. M. C. A. The varied activities of the club include educational and entertaining movies, vocational speakers, dances and hayrides. Mr. Bannister, the adviser, is well known tor his ability as chaperone. ll l el' 'ir ted P liiirliiik, I.. Mahler, N. Kibler, E. Bi'zQr B bk Standing: Sea : . l, lliriiiucw, A. M. liwrlcowski, F. Q o. Tlioirirw, D. SZiiVVVZll'l, Miss Yoiinq, l.. PiffTIITl6-H, E. Garlanil, ' 'X W. laillljllllll, M, Fc-'dl-zicfl. Alisenl frcin ' X C. Rmlqers, K. Cwciiiivlvlull, piifuw K Qullivin C. Miller, C, Sinicn, E. lfullur. The Toin Toni stall learns through dilioont FKllfOI'iHCl119f4 - - - - V l"lUI'W1f'PBPlPk1i QHOH tha theory and practice of publishing a AssislantEdilor,i. ,... , , . VNl1lllriII1l,i1l1Ql'llll1 Feature Wi'il9i's. ., . Norina Kilulei, Mililrell lwacleroll school paper. They learn to set up copy, to Sporty Emory EHQPHPTMHW select lieiacllines, and to write in true journalistic' V H A V 5 b Repoiloiial Stull . PFSCN?illl19S liairy Saniple, lean Duinicfo, Kay Goiiicilelcrwll, Kulhleen Dorothy Szawwzik, Cullieaiiiw Millvr, Colleen style. They intorvieiw interestmq p ' la l wrilinfy arliClcs:': ot and aoqi Current interest, Sullivan, Simon, Carol Rogers, Eclilis Fuller iiro the linac' o Business Manager . . . . . , Exchange Editor ,, . . We see, Consequently, that initiative and Typist imagination plus a willingness to work are Staff photoqmphelg H E I ,E,,qe,W Gt ' ' ,tive journalists. Faculty Adviser. .. . . .,. expedient qualities lor prosper-C . . . l..iiiiuiMelile2i' l,6?r1I'l liurlnik Ann Marie Borkowski irlanil, Mlfwiiie Brown . Miss Rlefiiior Younq lllll WW Seated: S. Simon, N. Shay, E. Garland, R. Beck, R. Barwick, S. Borowicz, Mr. Gardner, H, Pitas. Standing: E. Voss, A. Miller, O. Ekimott, P. Sullivan, P. Ledwick, R. Bowen, l. leska, C. Pcmmer, S. Dunst, M. Davis, S. Robison, P. Page, l. Leshko, P. Pastewka. Absent from picturei M, Brown. There were many technical intricacies which had to be mastered by the new, ine experienced members ot this year's statt. A rough sketch ot the whole book had to be planned on paper before tinal layouts could be used. Pictures had to be takeng names had to be copiedg write-ups had to be written and correctedg dead-lines had to be met. Yet the satisfaction ot the tinished product was Administration ,.,...,..... Olga Ekimotf, lrene Leshko Seniors .,..... Marcella Davis, Helen Pittas, Elaine Voss Organizations ........... Priscilla Page, Audrey Miller Music ..............,... Audrey Miller, Priscilla Page Athletics. . .Robert Bowen, Carl Pornmer, Shirley Simon Underclassmen Sally Robison, Nancy Shay, Phyllis Ledwick School Lite ......,...,... Pearl Pastewka, Pat Sullivan Typists ,............. . .losephine leska, Sylvia Dunst Photographers ........ Eugene Garland, Micgue Brown Financial Adviser ....,......,,.,...,... Miss Putnam Well Worth the effort- Technical Adviser ..,. . . ..,. ,.., W illiam Bendig 1 ewiwdl Q' QQSNN -. 69' xii' at 0 awww Qt 'Neil 'aww X ga- 04 swam it N qw QS' X, x X Z 2 X . 4 Q' X "'...,. t 5 9 X 5 vu oi 5 Q., vmvw- g Q ,Xx- X ,xiii rye, XX llllllllllll llllllll Eliltll l ri sident , . . ,... Richard Place qecretarysTreasurer .,.. ,... F lorence Beblio Adviser . . .Mrs Ruth Milloy The National Honor Society is guite different from any other organization in high school. it was tounded in 1921 primarily to recognize the outstanding students and to stimulate the scholarship, leadership, service, and character ot the students in the high schools ol the nation. The members ot this Eff' club are chosen by the faculty on the basis ot their dependability, initiative, courtesy, service, cooperation, etc. The formal in- duction into this group is one ot the loveliest events ot the year and one greatly anticipated by the student body. First Row: S. Noak, N. Shay, D. Szawczilc, H. Pittas, l. DeCarlo, l. Borkowiak, N. Kibler. Second Row: S. Robison, L. Robins, F. Bebko, P. Page, R. Beck, l. Bundy, V. DeAngelo, A. Miller. Third Row: R, Suminski, E. Voss, M. Alder, V. Somerville, C. Simon, R. Bechtos, L. Davey, C. Harwood, S. Lassman, O. Ekimott, R. Robasky. Fourth Row: H. Heslieth, R. Barwiclc, W. Cooper, E. Thomas, C. Pommer, W. Laughlin, R. Place, R. Zarnierowslci, G. While, W. Rosinslxi, D. Regan, M. Pommer, R. Choinacki. Absent from picture: E. McNeill. fx. ,,, When we entered high school we found that there were many opportunities to express our- selves in the field of music. ln lunior l-ligh we attended classes in music. Those of us who enjoyed the group singing in those classes found that upon entering Senior High we had a wide variety of vocal organi- zations to join. Many of us who would never have had a chance to learn to play a musical instrument have been given this privilege in high school. We learned that there were several musical training organizations at East in which students with no previous musical education could learn to play upon instruments owned by the school. The ultimate goal of these groups was member- ship in either the Senior Band or the Qrchestra. Music gives enjoyment to everyone! Each year our instrumental and vocal groups pre- sented concerts which were open to the public. In addition to this, they presented assembly programs at our school and at other schools throughout the city. Football season would have lost much of its color without the Band and the Drum and Bugle Corps. Their performances between halves were always entertaining and spectac- ular, The enjoyment derived from playing in the school band or orchestra encouraged some of our fellow students to join dance bands or even to form their own little dance combina- tions. ln this way, the training received in school provided some of us with the means of earning a livelihood. We look back upon the music of our school years with many fond memories. Thus we see that Music will always be- Life Itself! MHSIE First Row: M. Pommer, A. Simon, G. Garn, T. Droast, R. Norman, N. Cristea, M. Pancerev, N. Pancerev. Second Row: M. Watral, A. Bierzonski, E. Kormos, D. lohnson, T. Edmonds. Third Row: P. Walizer, l. Bosnake, M. Smith, H. George, K. Reed, K. Caldwell, T. Kalivoda, M. lohnson, C. Cassano, D. Nolan, E. Fuller, R. laskiewicz, l. Witkowski Fourth Row: R. Bojarski, W. Schuler, W. Perkins, W. Bennett, G. Hahn, H. Davey, M. Brown, F. Dustin, M. Dench, B. Herrington, R. Foor, I. McRoskey, l. Lichacz. Standing: Mr. Burger, T. Habursky, E. Bassham, P. Moskalczyk, l. Ragen, l. Eggleston, l. Bixby, R. Kibler, A. Klins, G. Kubeja. The East High School Band is made up of members of the concert band and the march- ing band. The marching band spends many hours on the field practicing for the football programs. Their appearance at football games was greatly improved by the new uniforms. The band felt honored when Mark Pancerev was chosen to lead the All Star Band at the l'Save An Eye" football game. Many other East boys played in the combined band. -RQ- The concert band, consisting of the senior band only, took part in the lnstrumental Con- certs. The twirlers were featured with the band at the Winter Concert and their rendi- tion of the "One O'Clock lump" proved to be very popular. The whole student body looks forward to an assembly or rally at which the band plays. Mr. William Burger is their able director. lllllll UHEHtEllll The orchestra, consisting of about thirty- two members, is also under the direction of Mr. BUI'g6x". They practice diligently every fourth period to prepare numbers to be played at concerts or for auditorium pro- grams. During the year, the members of this organization gain valuable experience in group playing, and learn much about the individual instruments. Their appearances at concerts are always very enjoyable. Serious selections and novelty numbers are both presented. At commencement exercises, the orchestra is present to add to the inspiring program. VIOLINS: D. Bindeman, R. Chojnacki, H. Hesketh, M. l. Kelly, D. Reed, M. Scott, R. Sturtevant, M. Ulrich, I. Wagner. VIOLAS: M. Coatney, K. Hovis, L. Post. BASS VIOLS: C. l. Thompson, D. Whelpley. PIANO: M. L. Gardner, A. Simon. BASSOON: M. Pancerev. OBOE: N. Pancerev. CLARINET: G. Garn. FLUTE: R. Norman SAXOPHONES: R. Krysiak, P. Sima, E. Kormos. TRUMPETS: R. Zamierowski, T. Kalivoda, H. Lininger, K. Reed TROMBONES: l. Lichacz, R. Foot. TYMPANI: C. Chcnacki. DRUMS: G. Damico, P. Moskalczyk. First Row: C. Griesbaum, R. Airgood, B. l-luegel, A. Tomilin, S. Draheim, l. Carlscn, W. Hunter, l. Terry, U. Savage, H. Cagara, E. Voss, E. Tallcish, S. Leplcowslci, M. Popoff, l. Qrloff, L. Rectenwald. Second Row: L. Robins, S. Robison, S. Noalc, S. Mehler, A. Lewis, L Holdnack, V. DeAngelo, M. Camera, O. Elcimcff, A. Camera, l. Macosko, F. Bebko, S. Dardenne, R. Sullivan, S. Simon, D. Kuzminski. Third Row: l. Fullerton, l. laclcson, W. Rosinski, R. Koscielniak, M. Mazzone, F. Zatkoff, R. Guelcher, N. Kibler, P. Cochran, A. May, B. Krahe, E. Westerling, R. Gornall, T. Lavery, R. Wagrier. Fourth Row: l. Bindeman, V. Kimmy, R. Krysiak, F. Pope, R. Tronoslci, l. Steinbaugh, E. Bielec, R. Szparaga, G. Pantiloff, V. Hansen, R. Bowen, l. Hiller, R. Borczon. Under the able direction ol Mr. Leernhuis, a newcomer to East, the A' Cappella Choir began another eventful season. ln December the Choir took part in a concert with the Erie Philharmonic Qrchestra in which two other high school choirs par- ticipated. Notices appeared in the local papers praising the work of the choirs. Most iniportant ol the school activities ol the group are the annual Christmas and Spring concerts. These concerts are pre- sented by the combined choral groups ot East. ln addition to numerous other events the Choir presented a radio program over WERC for the Tuberculosis Society. Qther ap- pearances tor the year were in various school assemblies. ll El-llllllttll Ellllll -54- BUYS! Ettt HHH The members of the Boy's Glee Club spent a full, active year under the fine direction of Mr. Leemhuis. They sang at several con- certs including the annual Christmas and Spring concerts presented here at school. Any boy interested in singing would find it well worth his time to sign up with the Glee Club. He would not only learn to read and appreciate good music, but he would enjoy himself as well. First Row: H. Billmau, R. Miller, R. Loader, l. Fullerton, A. Romanski, T. lohnson. Second Row: Mr. Leemhuis, l. Iackson, R. Gustafson, F. Mando, R. Bailey, I. Wells, R. Borczon, R. Trott. Third Row: G. White, R. Krysiak, F. Pope, C. Evanoff, I. Steinbaugh, R. Mankowski, B. Agnew, V. Hansen. First Row: C. O'Brien, A. Camo, V. Amendola, L. Schreckengost, P. Markopoulcs, H. Lewis, P. Mcliane, D. Krahnl-ze, H. l-lolfman, K. Sullivan. Second Row: T. Cassano, l. Feldt, E. Barczyk, C. Smith, C. Miller, l. Lafferty, M. Kunes, T. lzbiclci, I. Vamos, E. Shepard. Third Row: M. Curry, M, Massengill, l. Diffenbaclcer, K. l-less, D. Szewczylc, F. lvan, D. Wfilker, Y. Filippo, T. Aloiz. Any tenth, eleventh or twellth grade girl who wants to enjoy group singing may do so as a member ot the Senior Girls' Chorus. Girls otten receive their basic instruction in the Tunior Girls' Chorus. The Chorus contributes much to the annual choral concerts, Their wide variety ot selections made their part ol every pro- gram very enjoyable. The Senior Chorus has also entertained the student body in many assemblies. Mr. Robert Leehmius is the director ol this group. Stllllll Ellllg EHUHUS -5f3- JUNIUH Elllllf EHUHUE Under the direction ot Mr. Leemhuis, the lunior Girls' Chorus achieved much this year. Their singing was enjoyed at the Christmas and Spring Concerts, and at a meeting ot the Parent-Teachers Association when they presented a Christmas prograni. The Chorus welcomes junior high girls who like to participate in group singing anal paves the way tor singing in other choral groups in senior high. First Row: N. Ring, M. l. Herrington, K. Cooper, R. Stayncfi, A. Kudlock, D. Rtnsiedler, M. l. lill, V. Davis, C. Flengas, C. Griesbaum, M. Christos, D. Brown, A. Schaack. Second Row: R. Balsco, T. Mando, C. Dietz, M, Horak, D. Killrnaier, M. Szyrneclci, B. Kunes, C. Turco, M. Lindsey, P. Noyer, L. Lizek, S. Meran, M. Hoffman, l. Flowers, Third Row: R. Carney, H. Morris, G. Evanotf, D. Krauchen, D. Zawisiowski, R. Cagara, A. Wvfiiii, D. Pcrrianfski, V. Mclniyre, B. Critchfield R Nover l. Farver. Fourth Row: S. Myers, E. Evans, D. Dqniels, l. Myers, L. Qlsrn, R. M. Nelson, B. Carrick, P. Droniield, R. larrnoski, l. Sisco, l. Bishcp, C. Pintea. r I f ,i X . Outside Row: A. Angelotti, B. Mulville, R. M. Borkowski, C. Lada, D. Homicz, E. Russel, E. Hartleb, E. Kleckner, P. Zdrojewski, V. Stefan, D. Nowak, R. Szczesny, S. Neckel, C. Harrington, l. Domowicz, V. A. Zieniewicz. Middle Row: M. Beck, R. Pretz, L. Hoffman, B. Krysialc, S. Raica, B. Traut, M. A. Palkovic, E. Buszek, M. Scott, S. Moski, D. Spillet, W. Kimet. Twirlers: K. Bosnacki, R. Rung, I. DeCarlo, S. Dunst, l. leska, I. Weiderle, l, Borkowiak, A. Camo. Majorette: M. Machuga. Instructor: W. N. Burger. East High's Drum Sz Bugle Corps provides a means of expression for musically inclined girls. During the football season, they spent many hours practicing for the football games. The twirlers are always featured with this snappy marching unit. Their other public appearances for the year were in the spring parades. UHUM llll llllltt EWS -5S- Seated: K. Haglund, E. Zielinski, W. Van Cise, P. Deokert, G. Spronatti, S. Irwin. Standing: R. Chojnacki, l. Liohaoz, M. Panoerev, C. Chonaoki. The string class, although small in size, serves as an important training group for students interested in playing these instruments. Une of the aims of this class is to prepare its members for participation in other musical groups. The class is under the leadership of Mr. Paul Cleveland, a noted violinist of Erie. mlllll Etlig lUNlUH itll The lunior Band is one of two training bands in the school. The funior Training Band is the group in which pupils with no previous musical training first begin their study of music. After a year in this group, the students who show the most promise become members of the funior Band. They are given an opportunity to perform before an audience at lnstrumental Concerts. This offers them valuable practice and ex- perienoe. The members of this organization practice diligently on next year's football music so that when they join the marching band they are ready to do their part. Standing: S. Matteson, f. fohnson, l. Matlak, L. Harring- ton. Seated: G. Finster, M. Butler, G. Halupczynski, l. Klasch, N. Towner, l. Szyrnczak, S. Speros, R. MoNaughton, S. Raica, G. Hopkins, L. Cabelcf, N. Poor, L. Muse. f .er we fest it W aff sw: A I NQM -M ,. FX : ni 1 A' 1 2 K A r ' 3 X, R 1 51 'Fa ei? lf bf 5 .e 8, Q. fwwwfmnw , A f The athletic opportunities offered to the boys are many and varied. They range from the rough and tumble game of football to a concentrated game of golf. Although the enrollment of boys at East High is comparatively small to that of other schools, most of the boys participate in some phase of the athletic program. The junior high boys have an excellent opportunity to prepare for varsity competition. All may participate in games to test their skill against that of others. V This year, for the first time, a trophy will be given to the champion team in each sport. Also a trophy of trophies will be awarded the school with the highest number of points which are derived from all the athletic activities. lllllttllii QTFTTE' QTTMFWTXT FOOTBALL The East High football team made a wobbly start by losing their first four games. After Tim Hyde revamped his line-up by shifting Zamierowski and Penna to ends, the Warriors came back to defeat highly favored Tech twelve to six. They finished the season with four wins and six defeats. Via graduation Hyde will lose the fol- lowing lettermen: Penna, Oldach, Simon, Carrick, Bielec, Delo, Zamierowski, Szpa- raga, Ulbrich, and a great manager Edwin "Pistols" Baginski. East High's Tom Stanton was picked "All Scholastic" and was also elected to captain next years team. lll lllll... East East East East East East East East East East Beaver Falls lchnstown, , Bradford. . . Academy . . Tech .,.... Washington New Castle. Ashtalgula. . Vincent .... Prep .... , Right: Oldach, Stanton, Michol First Row: W. Demyanovich, R. Zamierowski Ulhrich, R. Carrick, M. Wisnewslci, E. Bielec, Kidder, l... Penna. Second Row: R. Szparaqa Stanton, T. Michol, C. Oldach, S. Simon, E. Borgia Leighton, T. Grabinski. Third Row: R. Delo Suminski, W. Vollmer, A. Nelson, l. Bixby, V. Freem E. Anderson, R. Sulecki. Fourth Row: Coach Detzel Mgr. T. Lavery, Mgr. E. Baqinski, Coach l. Hyde, has 93, First Row: R. Minier, C. Harrington, l. Rung, R. DeLuca, R. Szorek, R. Skonieszka, l. Mauver, l. Domowicz, I. Kilis- zewski. Second Row: A. Bierzonski, D. Bartos, F. Wodars ski, H. Davey, W. Kelly, W. Ulbrich, R. Morrison, R. Overe moyer, A. Bradish, R. Halt. Third Row: F. Szparaga, W. Rees, R. Patterniti, l. Mahon, I. Kujan, F. Slurkanich, W. Oatman, R. Wlodarczyk, C. Mielewski. Fourth Row: Coach l. Christotf, I. DeLuca, A. Klins, W. Lee, R. Etter G. Sachrison, R. Pohl, R. Slowikoski C The East High lunior Varsity ended the 194 7 season with a total ot four victories and tive defeats. Although the record may appear un- impressive, every game was a well played and hard fou ht g contest. The last Academy game wasn't decided until the final quarter when East got a bad lore k a on a tumble behind their goal line. East .,.. . . East East East . East . East . East . East . , oach R. Arrowsmitht SCHEDULE . 13 Tech .,.,. , , , 6 Vincent .... .... l 9 O Prep ....,.. .,.. l 3 O Academy .... .... 3 9 7 Tech ,....,... . . , . . O 14 Lawrence Park. . . . . 6 ...l3 Vincent... 0 Prep ...... . . . 2 O Academy ..., , . . l3 tllllltllllt Top Row: Coach Ray Gardner, P. Miiehner, R. Heibel, R. Kibler, R. Tracy, H. Barlow, Manager F. Moore. Bottom Row: T, Bugenhagen, T. Laslcowski, l. Kightlinger, Our cross country team led by their coach, Mr. Gardner, turned in the most impressive season in its history. They recorded seven wins and two losses. The team shared the crown with Academy. Four East runners, Barlow, Grabowski, Tracy, and Kightlinger went to State College and competed among the best in the state. Barlow placed eleventh, which was third among those who competed from Erie. Coach Gardner is banking on another cham- pionship next year when all will return except, Barlow, who leaves via graduation. 'T H l SCHEDULE 'East .....,.. 30 Meadville . . , .27 East ......., 26 Vincent ..,. . . .29 East ,.....,. l7 Prep ..,. . . . BB East. ., ...... 27 Academy .,., . . .30 East. .. ..... 19 Tech ..... . ...37 East. . . T .... 22 Vincent ,... . , .34 East ........ 2l Prep ......, . . .34 East ........ 29 Academy ,.,. . . .28 East ........ l8 Tech ..,..... . . . .,.,. 39 East sent H. Barlow, R Grahoski, R. Tracy and T. Kightlinger to the state championship Where Barlow took tlth and Graboski l9th to help District lO take 3rd place in the State meet. WEE Ulllllll Tom First Row: H. Martin, E. Westerling, R. Tronowski, W. Demyanovich, C. Bernatowicz, T. Stanton, I. Demchak. Second Row: Coach Arrowsmith, E. Alo, G. Kubeja, G. Sachrison, l. Buczynski, R. Tracy, W. Post, L. Sample, A. Amendola. Stanton Bill Dernyanovich The East High basketball team led by Captain Bill Demyanovich, the only returning letterman, ran into a tough schedule, and emerged in a deadlock tor fourth place. Through the entire season there were no tine standout pertormersp in tact Bernatowicz and Freeman were the only two who towered over six teet. Coach Bob Arrowsmith has high hopes for a championship team next season as he is losing only Van Freeman via graduation. SCHEDULE East Conneaut East Corry .,.. East Tech ..... East Conneaut East Vincent. . East Prep ,.... East Academy. East ....,,.. Tech ...., East Titusville. East Corry .... East Prep ..... East Ashtabula East Academy, East Vincent. . East Titusville. East Sharon. . . East Warren, . Qlltlltllllltt J. V. tllllltlllllll The junior varsity basketball team had a poor season, winning but one city series game at the expense of Tech. In independent competition they were much more fortunate as they Won six of the seven games having lost only to the Erie Boys Club. The following boys are the letter- men: Richard Skonieczka, Richard Hatt, George Sachrison, Fil Biletnikotf, Toe Kiliszewski, Fred Morris, Bernard Kozi- lcowski, George Ciszkowski, Richard Graboski. George Sachrison Richard Skonieczlca First Row: R. Halt, l. Kilizewski, G. Sachrison, R. Skonieczka F Biletnikoff Second Row R Grabowski, R. Oleski, B. Kozikowski, G. Ciszkowski, F. Morris, Coach G Munz Thxrd Row Mgr M. Legenzoff, T. Domowicz, H. Davy, W. Stuart, C. Harrington, R. Loader Mgr A Amendola mi . ,Nxisf-'slrrf ' al1lA The East High Swimming team finished in second place in the city series competition with tive wins and three losses. They placed second in District Ten with eight boys qualifying tor Western Regionals. Dick Roloasky broke the Western Regional breaststroke record with the excellent time ot one minute six and nine-tenth seconds. l-le also represented East at State College where he continued to reign as state champion tor the second straight year. The team loses Robasky and Baran but the chances tor the championship next year are very good. SWIMMING First Row: T. Edmonds, C. Mielewslci, A. Barlekoff K. Schultz. Second Row: Coach F. Pettinato, B. Bowen D. Peterson, R. Robasky, D. Bugenhagen, C. Evanoff, T Cvorbatoff. D. Petersen, R. Robasky A Baran .68. D. Petersen D. Robasky D Buqenhaqen East East East East East East East East 40 37VQ 19 48 35 29 23 40 SCHEDULE Academy. . ,....,4 34 ff Prep. .... X. X .,.... QSM X Vincent .... . .47 Tech ........ . 17 Academy ..... .gh I Prep ...... ...,.. , 7 Vincent .... .... 4 3 Tech ..... .... 3 5 C. Evanott D. Buqenhaqen, R. Bowen, C. Milewski, A. Barlekoff First Row: R. Hatch, A. Baran, R. Robasky, D. Petersen, B. Bowen, R. Zielonka. Second Row: Mgr. N. Cristea, A. Barlekott, T. Edmonds, R. Etter, l. Miller, D. Buqenhaqen, M. Pommer, Coach F. Pettinato. The East water polo team, atter winning six- teen consecutive matches in a two year period went down to defeat tour times during the past season. Each of these losses was by one point and was not decided until the tinal whistle. Via graduation the team loses but two ot its members, Rich Robasky and Al Baran, both being on the All-Scholastic team. Coach Pettinato has a tine nucleus tor next year in Dick Peterson, Bob Bowen, Tom Gorbatott, Ralph Hatch, Matt Pommer, and Al Barlekoft, all lettermen. SCHEDULE East .... .... 6 Academy .... . East .... .... 6 Vincent .... , East .... .... 4 Prep .... . East .... .... 5 Tech ..... . East .... .... 9 Academy .... . East .... .... 4 Vincent .... . East .... .... 4 Prep .... . East .,.. .... 9 Tech .... . Wllltll PM V ,K t 5.4-af llllltEltlNE The East High wrestling team finished in third place in city series competition with a record of four wins and five defeats. ln the city meet, Harry Romanski won the championship in his weight while lim DeLuca tied in his. Under their new coach, Mr. Detzel, the team has shown great improvement and we have hopes for the championship in the future. SCHEDULE East ....,... l6 Oil City .,.. .,.. 2 6 East ,...,... l 4 Academy .... .,.. 2 2 East .,...... 24 Tech ...i.., .... l 6 East ,..4.... 34 Prep .,...,. .... 8 East ..,, . . 9 Vincent ..., ,,.. 2 8 East ,....... l 8 Academy ,,.. ,... 2 2 East ,....,.. 32 Tech ....,,. . , 9 Ea st .4.i..,, 16 Vincent .,..,.......... 22 First Row: I. Looney, W. Nagorski, H. Romanski, l. DeLuca, T. Bugenhagen, T. lohnson, P. Dyleski. Second Row: N. Pancerev, D. Regan, W. Hall, R. Rees, S. Patterson, R. Patterniti, D. Kohler, A. Wright. Third Row: R. Bailey, R. Carrick, R. Agnew, D. Passeroti, G. Hesser, W. Vollmer, A. Nelson, R. Wagner, Mr. Detzel, Coach. l ll ll l ll The East High track team had a disastrous season in city series competition. Coach "Whitey" Geisler had very little material to rely on. Most of the boys were newcomers with little or no track experience. Since Mr. Geisler's appointment to Academy, Howard Mischler, a newcomer to athletics at East will guide this years track team aided by veteran lim Hyde. First Row: R. Heibel, L. Baranowski, D. Triitny, R. Moskalczyk, E. Anderson, P. Leighton, T. Kalivoda. Second Row: M. Wisniewski, T. Michol, G. Eck, R. Regalla, l. Hoffman, V. Hansen, T. Stanton, G. Kidder, R. Tracy. Third Row: R. Mankowski, W. Vollmer, C. Torak, F. Groskiewicz, P. Gowetzky, R. Delo, V. Freeman, H, Hesketh, G. Panfiloff. -k Al .1 f ' iL:fDY" .2 is .i fi Above Front Row: B. Post, M. Pommer, Coach Christoff, M. Brown, D. Bugenhagen. Back Row: C. Pommer, E. Westerling, B. Bowen. East l-liqh's swinqsters and turt diggers ended the l947 season with a record ot two wins, one tie, and nine losses. Coach loe Christoff will lose Dale Nelsen and Ed Sueta via graduation. Nevertheless he is looking forward to a more impressive season next year. East O East HUM East O East 4 East 6 East 35 East O East 12 East O East 5 East 5 East 35 SCHEDULE Prep ........, Edinboro ...... Academy ..... Lawrence Park Tech .... ...,. Vincent ...,... Prep ....., Edinboro ...... Academy ...,. Lawrence Park ...... Tech ......... Vincent ..... Matt Pommer Carl Pommer 12 1V2 12 8 6 SV2 12 O 12 7 7 35 P9 N1-si ' A TLD- 6W1f-gxq. Uglow. - K is Botto .,?qffzjV, I L fwick. K JD 'lf - The East High racket swingers lcd by Demchak and Wisniewski won one game and 1ost three during the 1947 season. Coach Iohn Nease is 1ooking tor- ward to a victorious season next year as a strong, experienced team is re- turning for action. East East East East 1 1 4V2 QM Academy , . Prep ..... Tech .,.., Vincent .... F5CHED111,E Below: L.. Sarrip1e, 13. Barw Nease, C. Uglow, 1. Wisiiiewski. 6 H6 -- QV2 .. W2 ick, Coach Joh ii HNNIE i fl' 'N' i vmeMQgg55eif ,ax 4 m:iQxi4-sgw' Q VN Sa m wa- X. X, ff Q if ?SQ Q H I5 ll i Wi? V.' P... l xsg ffm.: 3:9 a 4 N: M Xa at x , 6 , l 1.3 ,, ' , My ,,, ,, I W -if 'fl 5-it " in 'I ix! Q32 Q, X x lg, - ,. X'?.Q,y,5,-xr? Mfg X vv Q M eww + gl 5' u . 'S TUMBLING First Row: W. Ncirlhvross, l. Mnlleii, ll. Drew, M, A. Dcilali, D. Bincleman. M. SlaTer, A. lehnsen, C. Moreland, W. Flciyll. Second Row: E. Kleclcner, I. Borlmwiali, l. Powell, E. BleweTT, I. Rinq, S,XA. Cenley, Kilmrer, I. Roliins, M.7Xf'OsieUlci. Third Row: R. Tnrowslu, D. Ciokili, K. Gomolekoff, C. SmiTh, M. Snehi, C. Rogers, N. Shanner. Fourth Row: I. Praiher, E, OBrien, S. Manrlo, C, Crablree, M. Ifvannff, N. PaTTerscin, P. Orlfiff, I Tl A GIRL FOR EVERY SPGRT Wilh Spring. Twines The Track proqrain. Tracik qoes en liniili iiirlcinirs and OUT, weaiher pernnssahle. Girls cle various Tlimqs such as lirciacl iump, hiqh inmp, and The ISO ycl. clash. The five ITTITTOT' and five Senior high qirls wilh The hiqhesl svcires aT The ennl Of The season are henered wiTli rrlilicins, F-wininiinci is ancilher an Tiviiy in The varied prcrqrani aT Easl. IT Tleveluiies rhyThrn and l'ldI'ITlC7ITTOllS CO Crdinalien of arms and leqs. A series of praeiices and meeTs decide rililiciii winners. One OT The rncisT valuable acquahc activnies is life savmq, The mermainls are tauqhl To handle any emerqency That may arise in er near waier. AT The Ccmplelicn ef The Q20 hr. liimcir and Senior Americran Red Cross Life Saving Course, They reweive emhlems and pins from The Red Cross. Girls' spcirTs are under The Papahle Clireffficn Cf Miss llille and Miss Valin. WiThO11T Their help many of The Teams would never have been organized, We owe Them a voTe OT Thanks Ter The eTTcirTs They pin forlh To insTrL1CT The qirls in The way ef sperisman like play. VQLLEYBA LI. I. lhelamn, F. Ivan, R. Szynivxak. F. Ivan, I. Nelli. ll. Cbrlulf. 5 E 'T TRACK First Row: K, Gciriiolekcifl, N. Miiflie, F. lllil-min, M. SneTa. Second Row: E. Tallcisli, IT Melicswslii. IR. AND SR. SWIMMING irst Row: K. Sullivan, A. Urlwff, rll. Mizllell, A. Goufhier. Second Row: V. Siincin, M. SmiTh, ID, BTTITTQY man, E. BleweTT. Third Row: Ii. Green, M. A. BTIQEJIIA haqen. ., , 'Q Ny 1, "Qin 1 ,L L- X vm: A- -xgifsiiz Y- k J 5 J N L 'wifi L..-Q L if 5 ,Y 1 LJ i Li gfhifka A .fr-', S Y S ff 5131 X QM, L , V YA-wi L-15751 f'F' .', :: iff - :LET1 L, . ,.. L .A,. LQ M -'neg,LL,LLg12 LM, -L :-.is: r ,-zfzzw:-2'-:'. -f L ,L 5 - , :gL LL ,Lm,ILZ,,LL,AL L ,.,. L LLL, LL , LVLA m LA.m,L,iLLLZ W, L L X m , L'LL 1- '1 1' 355' X 'Q-L. ss' ,liek f -Nw-f , ,jf L, -W1 , Yi' - Q Q V' L L f u LA R 13 r wma 4 xx 5:11 w11a L ,,: .- 5 wLfJQm- 1 - .. if r As seventh graders, we enteredriastyflill'fofzl enthusiasm, anticipation, and i".' foil the many things we would accofriplisH.,Q10ur', first year acquainted us with classes, clever assemblies, a well 'ltnz if l,infiQiafweteriaf and a surprisingly big school. ' ",- I n 55 ,lil 'ffl' The next year we began to seeg many opportunities that awaited'f+us.Q9QihtraQ.- mural athletic programs, playsf' lunior Chorus, Glee Club, OrchestrG,,1fOi.,meI1f.' tion only a few. i. 7 In the ninth grade the doors'lto,fbig','things began to open. We heard tally--fof:bcreditSQ3, sequences, and graduation. A neW.fw0rldViwas,N,' before us. K, .'.,,lgi l A The following year we becarnefq senior high students with visions,Qf'.'neW7il'ffeldsi' to conquer, there were athleticsaiiri, .toll star, organizations to lead, activitieS,','b0th'l'curf. ricular and extra-curricular, in lA'. be... come key members, and new CO1Q1I'SSSQQf'gSlL1dY 'A to follow. f uli, in f As our eleventh year of end, we look forward to being senioifsfarjiiiyeach-' ing the ultimate goal, graduation. I 3,4 ,iii f Ulltll E ll S Slltll 5 3 . x f ggi... . ,fi ' " W I , U ar M I I I.. ' ...- '-,' . 5 ' .,. . :,, I , it ,-. Q 4 vltl: ,K lv' .II 0 2-Q t I A I f f . . "iff: ' I f ' . .. 7 . f ' I 'I :Q. .I I : 21 . I I' I ,. ,,:, AE. . I Q 5 ' I ' at 3 .,-. L I I It - 5- I' 'St i 4' I . , T ' ' 4... ' ' Q : . tf.,. 1 ... - . - .- 2 8' Y H F -f nw 2' A 'I , , a YH' Alvfx.1mI1'ownv.f, V. IS.1ke-m, C', Ii.ar'.mow:1k:, I.. BarIokoII, A. Balcinaro, M. Iiwlew-km, R, Iloils, I Ill:-Innm, I". Horqm, IQ. Bowen, I3 Borkowskl, R. Brown, M. Buuzynszkl, I. IiufAHnm', M Hxlnqz-nlmqvxm, IV. Hula, T, fifiqara, H. Clarlszon, I Casey, C. Casfrano, T. Covhran, P. Ccmlvy, M. C'nr1::I.xIaIv, I, Pumps-r', W Cwrbiru, H, ffr1::I1m-K, D. Curry, M, Damels, I. Davufv, M. Dvmc-Imk, I IJmny.mfvvn'Ix, W. I7lIimmr1u, I, Ilrumwwwy, I. Ilunmell, C, Dmlxiern, S. Dunsfcm, I.. Dushn, I". Fvk, CI, Ifnilxxumisl, 'I'. I'Ik1mwII, CU. I"Ivmx4nII, CN. I"11b1n, M, Falla-ry, M. Fahionvr, I. I"m1IImIwvl', R. Ifuydk, A. I"mIvr'wII, M. Ifwklvrs, M. Iflqmlrsakl, I. lflvmzasz, M. Freerxmn, I.. Godmalre, I.. Cormalrfkoff, K. Gm-If-Iwr, R C1l1::I.aI::cm, IC. II.1In1rsky, T Hahn, M. Hulwy, 'I'. Hatch, R. Hmbel, R. Hoffman, I. Hculfnmn, R 1 ,-f s 'll M .. 5 Q I V . fl If ff I ggi J, Q PM-III-I, II IMI. I I.Iw.IIII:-I., IH IIIIMIIIII II I IIII I Ic.III.-I II I4,.I..I,-I II I' I1I.I,1I-I, If K1e'IIIII:1PxIII A Kwllus-' A Kugvm, A KIIIPIIIRL-, M KI-IIIII IQI, K Kr.III'yII, k., II KIIII--III fl KII-kIII'l1I,l? IQ...-IIIIU., I' IQIII.-f,.., I-i I,...I.., 4' I,.IItvI1y,I. I,..fIIy I7 I,,,II.,,.I II I,., Im-III. 5: I.,UI,I,,,I lwhv, I, Imwvr A 1.1-wI::, R l.IIvvv:2kI R I.IIHwI-I:1,M l,I5IIII:fkI, M Iukfxzw-w RI If M.II I.Ik,I M-IIIVIIII-, I' M.II:'I: H M.1I!III, H M.IItI:', ll MIIIIIIIIVNII lx M-Iy A Mf-Imlffv I3 MI'NI-Ill, li M1-fkulfl' MII...-I M MIIIIII.-,wyk I' MINI. :L MIIIII.-II Ie MIII.',III',', 'I' NIIIII, M N.-.Im-I-IIIII, I-1 Nvih, I Nami In-Mlkz R N11-4i.'wI--vkn If NIefIlwII-wk: R NUWIIIII1 K cIIf1k1:Ik,I-F IJIIIIII II IDI-'11-wfzlpl, K KIIWHI, M I'.IIkwxI,-, M Pdluhszz, V I' IIIIIIIIH, C1 l'I:'If'wkII, If Prwy I' I'-WI:-If I. IH-II-In-II, K X f 1 I K . 5 1 I I: :V 3 " 5 X,-5 . -I , , . I 5 sy- Q jx fy I I 5 - gkyy f x Q- .... ii , ' ' . Vi i z -' ' I I - 2 -I 1: ' N 1 N, gf I igr 5" , I I S' FSF X T 'fl f S 1- T I I- f f - . .Nsf- f S A K' . i ' Iggix I I I I I I . X I ' .W 1 - I LKLL I ji ,. N . , ' I' X . ' W I X X X. fl 3 KI ,Ek ,F 7 - Q K ' I J ' Q T ' -A... - i A I 2 If f ' IQ" K' - 'N 1 A if is' V' 4 If-I I H , kb. R f It W, MMMM I ' +P- I 1' 521 isjii gg- x g .. '45 If ' g -+ I - ' ,, - Q .1 If I E Lxks " if we 'Q ii: . 1 . Q ,ga ,- I .. ,,.. fe: -- ' . -. .1 'Yi . ' -,,- .f:,.' I 'K I-Hwluvlxwr, M. I'wpv, I' I'rmg'rwI', M. IRM, W. Prefz, I? Ilaqeln, I? Re-artenwalfi, I.. Rc-gan, D Rlvef, S. I'JuIwzm1, I. Rulusnm, S I?uf1s-rs, Cf Ros, B. Pcmslnskl, W Ross, I. Sarnplv, L. I3av.1qn-, Il S-vI1r1w-, M. SvIxrw:kvnqw::I, M. SI-huliz I7 Shay, N. Shepard, E. Sherman, I. Sxsztkowski, I' hxmm, if fimxrm, fi Sle rns':l, 'I'. Sums-rvlllrv, V. Sp1IIet, D. Stanton, T. Slawmak, R. Sfvarnsz, I, II:-unlmmyh I. flue-1.1, M Sumlny, M. Sw-,'vf:v1y, IJ. Szynmfak, I2 Tam-one, I. Te-rry, I. TImrnp:-mm, I I'ur':vk, V. 'I'r.1Iwm'1, I" Traul, B. Trmwskx, R. Turowskl, R. Varqo, S. Vollanf, V. Warqu, G Wm-kvlly, If Ww::IP1'In1rr1, I3 Wwsierhnq, I'f. W1IcaVr'vyk, IJ Williams, P. Wismewskl, M. Wodavkl, C. Y-aplv, R. Amin-1-:Unk limvu-y, A Iiwlo-Imkfmif liv11'k1'W,M C'.n::f-y, P fUm1hIm,M 1w...k.-, I5 142.-imply, I ,nf W' l 1 W: vii ,J 5 .. ' . EJ , ,,2, E Q - 1 f l M- M M - Q f l -Q 1 . , if .,....4 .Mas.f -.f .M' l l ' ll l 5 i ,,,,, ff? l. l . M l ---, .l J , 1 l L Q... . -1 -f - V Y "E , . S 5 .K Q. .'A' 23 "' I E ... J A .P t 1 x ,'L-- . N- . ' L . 'w"fy? , 'I : t A M X A K gs me 5' " Q " W, Q x ,Pg W 43 Ai tw L Y is af! K .J 'H 3-fi ..,, . - ly. is Q : . jf. Fig: fm 4 l'f:a::nq1um11n, I Vllvl, R, lixlmnrx, A. FQ-lmll, l. Filzqffralni, R. Flynn, R. Fmnn, fl l"mn1', R. lfn-::vlx, M lfullvr, li CI.ntlwr', Cl. C5-nn, G. Gorlmloll, 'l'. Gcvrny, fl. fhnsfrumzkn, M. Clowvlzky, li 4Imlun::kn 'l' ilmlmfckv, R llmlauwsskl, R. 41ml-llu:1k1, M Green, B. Green, N. Grlewalm, Cf. Clrutkowslu, l", Gutlx, li H.1H,R. Hull, W. lflfimvovk, I., Hassefl, l. Helleldi, R. Hess, K, Hnrsulm, l. llf:-iq:-::, IJ llullmfm, H. llnflnmn, l. Hullumn, M. Horton, D. Horlon, l. lzlvlvkl, I., llblvkl, T l.n:ku-wlv,', A lwlmfum, Cf Irvlmfuux, D lolxnsfm, 1. Iuhnson, M Kelley, M. Kennedy, l.. Kezsszler, W Knlmll-r, fl Klql1Il1m1vl', I Kxmmy, V Kumi, CT. Klins, A. Koenlq, l. Krunmfvny, li. Kmm-uvny, R. Kusvu-Irnxuk, M Kuhtm, M Kuvalr, C Kuvdv, M Kowalczyk R. Kralxnl-ce, D. Krusze-wn-7, Cf, Kru::7nw::k1, P. ru. ...w I'iry::mIg, Ii Kx1IIm1 I' Kumu, I Kum-r, M I..-1-, W I,vvqIIIwv1 I' I.:-wuz, H I.wIwf-I, IQ I..u.'.1rmw I I,uIwI::Lv I I.ut::c'I1, K I,yon:1, H Mu1'kpm1I.s::, I' M.1::::vuc11II M. May, I7 Mr'Knr1f-', I' M1114-r, I Mum-1 IC Mormnq::I.ar, IC Mmosky, I. C5'Iil'1vn 4' I7IvI:.11k I, CUIUHIU, fi C5Im:::, V Iium-, I, Ifurkvl I I'fn'Iu-r 'I' IMIvr'n1I1, IC. l'ur1uwx'::k1 I5 I'svwe'II I I'r'yIm:2I-m, I7. Ir,'yIvy1:1kv, CY , . ,, . X J, wx I fu -. . H ,, K if , I -f ,I I S I , f S f, , - Kumk, I" I,,1nlnqPr, Ii Mar'Kfm:11P. II. MI1Lm1qIxIm, I7 Nr-v:7ke2I, S Or1rIn, Cl Pfifimwsruvm. w Rmymx, I. 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Rvws, VV yummy I' FSIMII, M Srxxmwly II L kwnvvevkfs IJ Slcwwxkvsws-Lu, IQ F-Iu1Ic41vwI1, I vI.xrs:I41, I5 Sfwrk fl Suls-'LtIc1, R If1r'krJw::kI, ID Turmvfik, If Tmmllm, A IIVIJ-mmk, I VUIIQ, A WaIIcer, D. Wlnlv, S Wu-rmvmfsku, If Wlldess, IJ wrulnlk I XrIv1l1vxyI4 W Z1swI1n::Ic1,I an I I ' vi I' fir Q" N. ,,.,.,W W ., FIVMIIUI, II r:1.f-,Im-1, M SHIIII1, I5 SuIIIv.ar1,I Tczpruruwsdu, D Wf1sS1II, M , -' 5 if f? V ' 11 Kvlvl-ft, IQ R-nn.ml1:,I.1, II fQIu1Ife V Fivwmv I SHLIIII C' f'vvIlII1 I' SHIIIVAU, K Swmucrm, IQ 'l'mcky R Tupxtm, R W.1wr'7ym-uk, I5 We-In-I, C' WIIMWIQIU I m'l.,I11m-f-yw VVmmrwfyk I ZwoI1111:I-qv R fnvruxvwlm' V Lk A lwksandrnwn I'mv'1u4:, D Wwxw-QT, Ia Vvrru.1k,V Vwwyvl, K IV:-Rmxlvu I7 I5v1l1:I, M Hf-lupxgg 4' Ulu IN Uni Kim 4 Clmffwf C1111 C CHHMQN fhlkli 4 hrm I C mwl 17: lm vu I' IMI I IN 1? 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MMI1-g.111, IC M11,'c11111 N M1-1'1Ic1 IC, 11.111, ss, Mf11.11.1,1, 11' Mfwf- If N-1:1I1, M, II11.1I11111I IC II1111'11111I1111 I 1"H'1,Jl, 11 IIfY'1"'5 I IIvv1111,1I-11 I II11111k M II11v11:, K. If'I411I 51 II11111- , I Kf1111111:I1 I K.11'p111:1IL1, II KIHI I' KIf11'k111-1 In K111'I1111',IQ I'l1111r111I4-1,55 K11w11I1'.'vk 55 KH, W I,.1111111f' I Irv, M I41111-11,'11'I M I,4-y,:11, 4' I.1g111f1' If I,11I111c', N I.11111I, M Iv1.11k111w11 ', M.1111-1-, I M1'Iff11I:I1f11, I M'1l'f'Y'VIXI1II M1-11I11-.1 II M11y1-1, Ii M11II1r1, N. Nvlg-1111 IC ,Ar 1 ' I 2 arm- 9' ,ff G 1. II1'1111111I1111 I1'111111l1, I K1111l..I11y, I K11.'1Im1w::Ic1 I 1-'1 f1'Ix, I. M11I11111w1:I41 M1II111, If. Nf1y111, I-'. .V , IIv::: Ix. kI:vw'M, IVI I'-1Ix1vM, IQ I'.1m1-rr-V, N we-:uw-, V. I'wI1I IQ I'mII1m, I. IC.n'IwwIc1, If wnml1::k1,II. IQMAI 'mq,Lw, IQ IQx1rw"IvcIIv-r, II IC,'r-ywwku, I, Ivlvy, ll. fit Im-vlw.-r I f3vImI',', K Ile-nIvIrm'yvy, I mpvlzv, II, f5lxy1Ie-V If SI-1cIIx-I T. 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Shampne, I. Siitinqer, L. Wagner, A. Mason, W. Rudd, I. Wedzik, F. Copen, F, Dudenhoclfcr, E. lfreilus, ll Slanlon, P. Sfrellow, K Tliolnpson, Wm.. 'x 1 , .. M Q - ,ww llllllll UUlltSllE llllll B. Hahn, P. lefts. lil lllt UNUtllEllEElltNf Bill Laughlin leaves his smile to Perry Melnitsky. Richard Robasky leaves his swimming ability to Dick Peterson. Fred Pope leaves his foolish antics to Ronald Loader. Pearl Bartnik leaves her pretty clothes to Audrey May. Steve Simon leaves his physique to Tom Michol. Laura Mehler leaves her giggles to Dot Crishock. Bob Carrick leaves his gridiron captainship to Tom Stanton. lo Borkowiak leaves her pretty hair to Frances Trabert. Bea Krahe leaves her slenderness to loanne Constable. loan Bundy leaves her sweetness to Pat Casey. Frank Mando leaves his troubles behind. Romona Bechtos leaves her brilliance to Virginia Somerville. Eva Talkish leaves to find Dave. I I I Guido Damico leaves Dee Spillet to carry on jitterbugging. Dolores Yurkovich leaves her peaches and cream complexion to Patti Cochran. Richard Ulbrich leaves his wit to Millie F ederott. Bob Gornall leaves his voice to Rich Tronoski. Rita Rung leaves her bashtulness to Ralph Hatch. Vern Hansen leaves to give Vaughn Monroe competition. Dee Williams leaves her typing ability to Audrey Lewis. Kathleen Will leaves to become a beautician. Frances Zatkott leaves her voice to lngelie Carlson. Dorothy Whelpley leaves her Bass viol to Carol lean Thompson. lack Fullerton leaves his cheerleading ability to Lois Rectenwald. I ack Marks leaves! Helen Pittas leaves her sewing ability to Mary Flengas. 4, M457 Seated: V. Krivonak, S. Miller L Snyder, M. Hassett, B. Snyder, l Klick Standing: D. Boone, G. Adamczyk wezdwzzde ' agzdepllwmg. tddegeezlzfoakaaoceafalfaotiaaefeeaczccecceea, PRINTER ENERAVER McCarty Printi C y, Inc. Erie Engraving C ADMINISTRATIUN Mr. Harold Leberman Mr. Norman Mac Donald M A G b h BUUK CUVERS PHOTOGRAPHY Mueller Art Cover Cl l cl Oh Robert Parsons, Pars St d Eu ene Garland M B BUSINESS AUVISUR Miss Avis Putnam AUVISURS ART WURK Mr. Raymond Gard Miss Lillis Mr. William B d' Steve Borow' S S + 9 'f mm: Qf8 mw llllNllVVllUElMllllQ Q 9 .NX School isn't just six periods of studying: lt is also the fun you have between classes, during lunch, after school, and in the evening. ' l U The things you have done during "this time of your life will be long remembered like: homeroom sessions with guidance lessonsj lu,n'c'h' periods spent at the cafeteria, the -Hep, or Harry's, friends you have rnet, and conversa- tions you've had. These and many other things are everyday occurances. , t Activities in school play an important roley They are many in number as well as in variety. In the fall, football, one of the outstanding sports, begins its season. Many things are connected with it, such as rallies held before, and parties held after the games. Football season is followed by basketball, 'water polo, swimming, wrestling, track, and baseball. In addition to sports many other activities beckon the active East High student. The in- strumental and the choral groupsprovide for us one of the finer things in life-music. The masquers, cheerleaders, and twirlers give 'us entertainment in another field. Hi4Y, Y-Teens, and College Club are some of the active clubs in our school. These organizations eliminate the monotony of a school day. They' also provide knowledge for us that may, well be used in future years. 4 Social life for the average, high L school student is very extensive. Dances are sponsored by organizations and classes. Y-Astec-at the Y. M. C. A. not only provides dancing facilities, but also ping pong and checkers. Then there are parties, sleighrides, hayrides, hikes, and picnics. This extensive program is followed throughout the year. These are the things that you will .never forget. This is the time of your life, you 'can never re-live. These are the things that you will be telling your children and qlater your grandchildren. So, make this thehappiest and the finest time of your life. A' V ' Silllllll lift THE CLOTHES Irene Wiederle THE ATHLETE Lou Perma THE PRETTIEST Eva Talkish THE WITTIEST Fred Pope THE TIMID Rita Rlmq THE HAIR THE ACTIVE THE BODY Guido Darnico Ramona Bechtos Bob Carrick THE HAIR THE CLOTHES THE FIGURE Io Borkowmk Karl Caldwell Bed Krdhe THE PERSONALITY Frank Mando THE WITTIEST Sally Dunn P-.-4 WHUEE WMU THE HANDSOMES Curl Pommer THE PERSONALIT' Immune Bundy THE TIMID Bob Barfh lts tunny when you stop to think Of all the things you've done To try and outsmart teachers And you haven't fooled a one. They know when you are passing notes Or cheating in a test Gr skipping school because you thought You needed a little rest. In spite ot all our little faults They've helped us to the end We really owe them quite a lot They're truly a tellow's friend. W mv W , ?? i 'ik ' gf N. M Q F, w .N A 'M "-"'u, . aff xx. T .-uf " ' T 5' 1. .K A l 4 4 A . it Q X KOX . aw, K 'P J U 1 K K it S - A3 kv fmh g LQ . X A S 5, .lg k! I kb q 6 f f , 1 f 11 .KA, - A i fi ,aigl S S . , wig , :J , K! 3 A I x gms , l w A 5 A T 55 S E Q R , W. LA., x Q .i ,XSJ H lj I Q ,Q Q' Q Q . 1 A 1 A mfr? 1' 53 " Q, .nn EES H E L . ,K X 'SS AL. k 1 w93 f f 5gi'59a?,, . 5 'mabwl mint' V' 1' f W' Y Wy wwf . 'asv A V. Q mf'-If W' , me ,wi - L if 'H' N 5 -5. ,Q X2 fe gf a Q Z,. gg W L 9 t , if W .. :M-1 . ik - f--- .Mm iw S N, 7 35: 'mu knew-lkflr' . , fi hi' Q ml mpxxygx. X Q N 40" 4 if X QA as if ff E 'B- mw Q I nl-A l A , q lublu 3' , is Q r-L-af in A A A O. 5 Nui fm '05 l 1-f ., . I Q wil. if K Q 33 2 f Q , NX H Hu, "' i 2, Ta:-g-AK i+lw '?gE'2f g .L Q 5 L 2 W A A f g, . W5 - . m ESQSQ5. , . ' 1 xffis ,eww W -5+ S ,Aw x, fi- . 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L J gl. l N.: lf G 5 1 'mm' 'ia W' .ffm Aw 2' . ffl' J J.,4 lf. aw M M -n u s W Autographs, Please! L ol u s U nn ml Innp xx nn nnnnnns nn -mud lungs s"ccix'-'M' uf ' I, 4975 ' crwnc. s pmbwbv nnnc spcn lor thu spnnns. To 1 nmkc il spccinl. thc seniors nrc givcn lhcir nnnunls thc night Minn, . Y vu Inn nn swn Y lllllklgfllphx. Thcn thc ncsl nnvrning un Xnnrcis lilly pmgraxn IIS llklldlllidIIICLHIHLILXIdCdiCLXliHITiSDFCNCIIICGLillI'iI1gll1iNlilNC. In nddilinn lo this prcsclngnion. thc s1z1Ix1'is nlso rccognifcd for its lrclncndnns cHln'1s. Xflcr thc nsscxnbly Inc nnnunls nrc passed nut lnlhu llnduglnsslncn. und the I'Csl x1lNll1c11i'1cI'11om1 is spcnl signing lhcln. .Nnnnni lilly isL1lNXLlysL1I1Xi0llsl5 zmnilud cv KII cry lXL'VXXKhCI'kQ HHH lwlllx Nll1kiLIHls1lVC N1UIUIlEilHHlllilS. vn ' . -1 V g V .nnn A . W0 r di Ill Y What S Going On? 55. f, 5 .. Nll X11 rl -M 'I E ltltlllx umm Illulr .mlx wuml gwmul I llmll "Ulm lluwlx llrmx 1Iu'luK mx lslll llwlw wlmwl 5 as wwullll-.lrl lglllilhll X!lll.lllX. Nulll lm-llx .mul I A wx I w mmm 5M.lx'lll1g'Ulll llwll l'rm'mlv1x l.lllk'k ' xlxll lm ilu' Nmrlm-vlx Xwrmlvlx ,gf Klllmvlmxl vllllslllwli,1ll1,1u llwlw llulliul xxrlll A llw mmll ll llwp lu vm-rl lw lluv l1m'llv.sllmx fx ,un ii Nw Illllllli' I mlm N lX'fJl1pw1ml-1 II.lNL'lk'l N limi .,,1 A - 2 Qi, 2522 ""- . A ' ,k.k fr ,,. lllx' Mlm x xv l . , N l W? -an- - f 18" :fd M-"1 'xr' MN.-M .4 .Q M K Z 1 Hope F or Tommorrow ., . K..L1L E. me QQ? f. 'X Summer vaeation had barely gotten olil' to a good start when several rising seniors were ehosen to represent Fasley at Boys and Girls State. Boys State. sponsored by the Ameriean legion. was held at the Cita- del in Charleston. whereas Girls State. sponsored by The American Legion Auxil- lary. was held at the University oli South Carolina. As representatives arrived. they were divided into eities and held moek elee- tions. ln laet. Andrea Daeus was appointed llead Clerk ol the Senate. ln addition, the representatives to Boys State eompeted in spirit. eleetions. and athleties. .lames liarle. at Boys State representative said that he lelt it was an honor to represent liasley on the state level, This attitude was eommon among the representatives. Gio , we QQ it , . Q fi W, W ..v...........,,,.,. l Seott Sheriff. Robbie Albertson. .lim Stevens. Mark Tvlitelium. Mase Garrett. Marty Owens Wil iai i I-an. Scott Brvant. .lames Monroe. Bobby Hampton. and .lames ltarle were the represent ttivt s to Foys State. Girls State Representatives were Carla l.ester. Andrea Daeus. and Sharon Arder: on l0 Boys and Girls State Academic Achievements Sify F Le iwil I -L 0 , v , A J 4 nn il I1 I S -Y - V ' ll -38 -....... W .ig-Me if 1 .JTATI Q' 5UYs yn if IW Iulhvxu NIIUXXII 4 mx ' . I' 3' N - I NIU. IPQXX .IXHC XIx'L"'.. .. ' :F v, . . XP f ' 46 3 M I Q Ihllx Iluzmhm, XI.uIx XIIIIIIIIIII. X.1mX . -9 N .Y nun . .X I, I SuIwIg1rw, Ihy I ukum Skhw. Iiurg 'I I ,M 4, if In Ihu Ii.lpIIxI NuI1IwI.11N lm'IllIIuI hm NIVXCIIX. Num 4 'a " if " SIICIIIQI. Iwmmx Ihwlc. .IIIII XI.IrIx XIIIMIIIIIII Q, Q":'gW ' QW 1' ' ' Thu Pi' I'uIImu ,'XXXIlI'iIN1II'C pl'cwI1IcLI In INCIII I'mm thu NQIIIIUII :.'-4:3152 , . - - . .T .,-lg Q, V : , I Ixm XUIIIIQ I.1II1w .md lu um young mm QI Ihel rxklmILIImuImg1.11h1xIIu1gmII ,5'Q.mf X 25' '- 5 thc ILIIIIUI' claw. Ihuxc young people Imvc lulwwgrwifulgmlchludi1111mIx.I1I1um.IIu41mI , A 5 , ' 'T M the highcxl cumuI11liw gmvcrgxgus Ihr Ihch' one INCIIILIIC. 'Ihcw IIUIIIIIIZIIIUII guidclihu 'f . ' If - 'I ' I fr' 71 pl'cXioL1xlxm-ami-41-IILIII'XcglrxuILg1cg1cIc1hic .u'clI14II1I1u NIIIKICIIIN mlm hc ILIIxIIIy uwllcgg ,Q ,J - I J by xmrlx. 'Ihcy muxl mlm hc 1'cw1h111cmIcLI by IWI'CP1II'IIIUI'X CUllI'5-CN. thc NIIIRIUIIIN muxl ' Af" 'Y H Lhu prihcipgml, Immun IUILII III' 10130011 the PS XI nr S XI " - ' 'Ihc Iur'mg1h wImIg1r'sI1ip IICCUQIIIIIUII is .IIIKI students IIIIINI lmvccIu1mwm11111cnI qua . 'W , .IXXLIHIQLI lu thu lxm xmhlch :md lxw IIICII IilicxuI.Ic41cIcrxI1IpandIwxpumilwililiux.'I'hL 7 14 who I'LIIIIx gxuuicrlwicglllg high in thc junior' claw und Imac II wore ul' Lxppmximhlcly IIIIIJm'Iucllcu'w11g1lcx1xI1cI1L1x1I1cPS XI. II1uw4IxmmIx111'c Iwmwgalwlc. l'IlSI Ihu IIL Ilw r'uquircII In hguc gm cIuIIuxu- w11gr'11lL1I:11iumlwlhu IICCIPICIIIN. D'-ml "1- N'ImI.ux II Iigmplixl Clullcgc .IlIIIIUI'5 nIclhm1xlx'4Ilc IIlgII pulumizll and IICLIKICIIIIL' gnhililicx. XII wi XIICIN Ilx The Makzng 0fMr E H OnTl1ursduy..'Xpril 21. the Nlr. li.ll.S. Pugeunt wus the beginning ol' 'Summer Nights" lor muny mule students ut li.ll.S. 'llie pzigeunt ntts sponsored by the l'reneli Club. lieuded by Miss l.eslie Jordun. :ind the Spunisli Club. heuded by M rs. Susunnu Tttylor. Young ludies lirom Clemson lini- versity were seleeted to ,judge eueli contes- tamt on stuge personality. llteiul uppeztr- unee. physique. und uttire. While the votes nere being tztllied. tlie bund "Intruder" en- tertziined the uudienee. Klso performing were ,Nndreu I-'orrest singing "Eye ol tlte Tiger" und Rosu Collins duneing to "Hove," lfinully. the big moment urrived. The ninners iueluded: .Xntxxon Hendrix. Runner-up to Nlr, Sophomorez Dule llur- vey. Nlr. Sophomore: Tim llolliduy. Mr. .luniorg Nlieliuel lleelx. Runner-up to Wr. Senior: Dun Preston. Nlr. Senior. und Tub Bettis us Mt, l:.ll.5. Representing tlte sophomore elziss. Steve Brgtfil. Brian Nici oy, Chris Xlbertson. .md llilliurd Broun model their eztsuttl ueur, ll Nlr. l"llS ew Leaders E leelea' As the end ol' each school year approaches. the student body assembles and elects new ol'l'icers to the Student Council Associ- ation lor the upcoming year. The ollicers that were elected lor the l983-8-1 sehool year yy ere .lulie Lesley President, Sharon Ander- son Vice President. Terry Reese Corresponding Secretary. lilifabeth Chrismer Recording Secretary. David Hampton Treasurer. Robert Gettys Reporter. At the beginning ol' the N983-X4 school year the sophomores elected Pat Grambling as Second Vice-President. -S fiend s lsela Garrett assists .lulie lcsley in her speech. Tony Brock participates in .lulie l.esley's campaign. 'fl' it ,fm ..,. . e A Qi ,ez if fr :Las I . ly 5 Q it rlll l ! ng sseis g in -. , if 1 ' - f . V .1 X a Q. ,. . , y xt .LAX u.xSQ:ls1,,' an ,.v -if mf . S s Q Xb t M tp, 9 W? , v I - r,y I ' , 1 xx 5 Q H fx - TN lx' A I 6 l R X , T if ,TP 'Q A ,MIK Qhfdbl ay A " ' - , ' 1 0 I , X K .. T ..,,-v- '- 1 T B ' s 'I A 5 .' A , , I K t ,M gs . . f- t.. . K vs-. 1, -QQ. , T 1 ' U a ' W U ' 3 TN A ti V ' . f 'N N :fs s "' -5 ' , y R4 , VVVZ, C -,A f -2 :Q Standing before the student body. lilifabetli Chri mei gites her vpcrclt, X l-1 lilections qi, "' Y Inv' si 1, 1,15 9 4. 1 Q5 .C Y"' ,as 4 "-'..:s: 25" 73 J Wldfnlan ix.: Thug 'ix Aside from the most familiar meaning of the word class as being a group ol' people, Easley High School has associated class with high grade. excellence. and quality. The halls ol EHS. produce people and events that add tltis "class" to the school. For example, each spring Mr. Christopherson produces from "a bunch ol' rowdy kids" a professional play that exhibits the qual- ity of talent found at E.H.S. Also in the spring, both males and females are chosen, on the basis of their high achievements and reputations to attend Boys and Girls States and to receive honors such as Erskine Fellows. Newberry Summer Scholars. and Baptist College Scholars. Academically. a select group of stu- dents from Easley High is able to earn college credit by participating in the AP. math and English programs. At the end ol' the year. most ol' these students succeed in passing the A.P. test which reveals their excellence in achievement. Furthermore. Easley High also devel- ops students musical abilities. From the Touring Cho- rus. members ofthe All-State and Honors All-State Choruses are chosen. ln all athletics at E.H.S., stu- dents are chosen for various awards ranging from Most Valuable to All-County team member. And. what could be more classy than the Easley Green Wave being 'tl'Iarnerthrowersm? Whether students rec- ogni7e these and other events to be classy. in reality they are. The Green and White Staff has attempted to bring out the "class" at Easley High School. Without the exceptional administration, teachers. and students this goal could not have been achieved for in his own way. everybody adds special qualities to give Easley High School "a Touch of Class." Captains ol' thc Easley Green Wave football team. James Earle and Chris Davis. patiently watch the flip ofthe coin with Captains ol' the Pickens Blue Flame. Lead by Mrs. Leslie Owens. the AP. English class seems to be having one of their enthusiastic discussions. I8 Theme , s of' u gl: 1 ' 1 s. ., A' ,ffgx . . DS LO' 'B"' in an-me-I 25" 71 J 32155 312. Gone But ol For often 'lhc Senior Year ol a person's high school edu- cation is usually a special year, Throughout the WSI-83 school year the seniors anxiously await- ed the linal cvcnt ol' the season . . , Ciraduation. .Nlthough graduation actually took place on the last day ol' school. many ol' the preparations began much earlier. Nlrs. .ludy Nolan. gradu- ation coordinator. began in September ol l982 to acquire an accurate list ol the senior class. Then Uctoher rolled around and it was time lor the graduates to order their caps. gowns. and invita- tions. The nest step was to elect lour speakers lrom the top lO"2 ol' the senior class to speak on character. academics. rellections. and the luture. ,Ns the end ol' the vear got closer and closer. Nlrs. Nolan got busier and the seniors got more excited. lfinally. alter hard work and anticipa- tion. the moment arrived and the graduates marched onto the field to the tune ol "Pomp and Circumstancef' One could see both smiles and tears on the seniors' laces lor it was a time ol' remembering. yet a time ol' moving on, Xll Hdcclvcd out'i lor graduation, Danny C llllg and .lames lutrle anxiously wait lor the ceremony to begin. Standing hclore the crowd. Greer Galloway gives her speech hoping that it will he long remembered Y 4 I l inallv making it through school. seniors proudlv iccc t p on mmt,11cLl11U1l N1 its 1 il s v lo tiraduatton Achievements Recognized -,ffl . ' v .. . 1' ' . .Xi , 1 I , X 'lixnm in. iw . f I 5 u Nt, ' ' ' ,J wh: 1 iv m. 1 ,H ,E l X lzusley lligh s zixvurds progriiins. orgzi- nized by Mrs. lrunces Smith, were held on the 10th und ll1hol'Miiy. Angirmls Night. held on the evening ol' the llltli.gz1vereeog- nition to students who hud high uendemie ziehievement. The top ten percent ol ench eluss nits recognized. und individuiil uwurds such its loreign language. science. imd math uwurds. lfurmzm Scliolitrs. :md Baptist College Seholzirs. among iniiny oth- ers. xx ere presented. llugh Nlaiezitilevai lor- mer Clemson economics tezicher, was the guest speaker. lintertuinment mis provided by li.ll.S.'s members ol' the All-State amd llonors All-State Choruses. The following morning. uwiirds such its driimgi. senior su- perlutives. ollice workers. amd inamy others were given to deserving students. -Xt the conclusion ol the Xxxurtls Drip progrztin. 'Xlr fiettys congrixtuliites ezieh gixmird recipient l'oi'mer Clemson professor, llugh Nlitcxmley. delivers his speech. listher Nlnrtm iiccepts l1ei'iinitrtl lor her pertor'in1mee1ts editor ol the lSl N-XXII lrom Nlrs Corinne Willizmis. Xugirtls I7 Aside from the most familiar meaning of the word class as being a group of people. Easley High School has associated class with high grade. excellence. and quality. The halls of EHS. produce people and events that add this "class" to the school. For example, each spring Mr. Christopherson produces from "a bunch of rowdy kids" a professional play that exhibits the qual- ity of talent found at E.ll.S. Also in the spring. both males and females are chosen. on the basis of their high achievements and reputations to attend Boys and Girls States and to receive honors such as Erskine lfellows. Newberry Summer Scholars. and Baptist College Scholars. Academically, a select group of stu- dents from Easley High is able to earn college credit by participating in the A.P, math and English programs. At the end of the year. most of these students succeed in passing the AP. LCSI which reveals their excellence in achievement. Furthermore. Easley High also devel- ops students musical abilities, From the Touring Cho- rus, members of the All-State and Honors All-State Choruses are chosen. In all athletics at E.H.S.. stu' dents are chosen for various awards ranging from Most Valuable to All-County team member, And, what could be more classy than the Easley Green Wave being "flame-throwers"'? Whether students rec- ogni7e these and other events to be classy. in reality they are. The Green and White Staff has attempted to bring out the "class" at Easley lligh School. Without the exceptional administration. teachers. and students this goal could not have been achieved for in his own way. everybody adds special qualities to give Easley High School "a Touch of Class." Captains ofthe Easley Green Wave football team. James Earle and Chris Davis. patiently watch the flip of the coin with Captains ofthe Pickens Blue Flame. l.ead by Mrs. l.eslie Owens. the A.P. English class seems to be having one of their enthusiastic discussions. I8 Theme A TOUCH OF CLASS L",: CQ'-1 vs.: CT Dllflllfl thc clzxxsy production uf' "I i'l .'Xbl1CI'.U Pulc lxrunuk lficncrnl Bullmousci lx put iHlU1l lrnncc. N1cn1l1crxni'1l1c lhnmrs ,XIlASln1c Vhurux include Krisx Niuhr, Lynn Ray. Dcnccn Stephens, x1.iFIj fJVNCIl5,1lI .lun fiuxncll. lhlhlaun L, ,S V, Vg 1 , 1 I Q K, " k Q + , lag New ZW . f 4 is 1. ,V k,' Cy ' ' I'hc 'Ncnbcrry Schul.11's inclndc Mnrk Mllchum, Ilwnync Vcccc. Beth llcrndon, Krixy Nhmhr. nnd 'Nnncx llnnlillun. 'I hclnc I9 ld QQ A 'o i Q'i.fl'ir-,irax :Q ,ylf -0? to bat lor the Waye. I Eff . - 1. L E me X vi A422-'Y 15? i 1 id'-if 1' V T s 6,556 T T1 H cgi r s- - Ms. 33 in as ik X' A' 9 .sigf j ': 5 fwx Q 5 ga li.H.S. A Toueh Ol' Class Sports is an important part ol li.ll.S, Power. speed. form. and good eoaehing go together to make llasley' sueeesslul. l'rom promoting spirit to playing in the game. everyone plays a part. Sports is not only made ol players, but also ol' eheerleaders and the entire student body. They' work together to make the Green Wave the very best. lfrom the llootball team. to the yolleyball team. and everyone in between. the athletes give their all. They put in long hours praetieing in the rain and exercising with broken bones or aehing museles. ln every sport. the players know they played their best. The eoaehes know they' gave their best. The eheerleaders know they eheered their hearts out. Whether winning or losing. elass is always shown by the Green Waves. Y r .1 1. . - 7 A l During an liasley baseba l gt mt N n e Xrelerson oes v,-17 lb -f ' R iQ .J mfg ,L . Members ol' the ' girls' basketball JL: team wait their turn to play' in the game. 20 Sports Zi' Q 5 Lili while cwhibiling lhcnr pride in thc EHS -sporty pmgr: lm. -I-A x S PORT ml lx Baseball Team C elebrales Success The l983 baseball team celebrated a winning season. The coaches for the team were Mike Barnes and Eddie Barbary Be- ginning the season against Spartanburg, Easley went on to maintain a winning re- cord. Many of the players said the wins were "a learn effort." Many players ex- tended their season when they tried out for the American Legion team. These players included Greg Collins, Jeff Holcombe, Vince Anderson, Scott Jones, and Shane Hester. The '83 Legion team finished sec- ond in the State Championship partly be- cause ol' the fine effort of these five individ- uals. Jell' Holcombe winds up to pitch. The Wave reacts well to a bunt by a Spartanburg player. in ,.,,. ., lrt H L, .- ma f-uw. t.,,..., Zn-5Y'..f,,... W CQ. ' X 1- rg '5 A Fir QMGA' ffrbklf . IW ,Ai- 1, txt? AMW- XM.. 4+ i i f Q. Mlm. ,MX ef A N ff . . U v qv i y g , ' vm. ,ct Kevin Martin. Lamone Anderson, .lohn Floyd. Chris Mote. Shane Hester. and Scotty Mahalfey watch the play on :he lielu, 12 Baseball Q 'AW' lu nu-n ,...t MH Hu awp Q 6. ,il 423' . N W.. ' fd I? Coaches Barnca and Barbary watch thc action on thc ticld. While on dock. Greg Collim pmcs tor thc canicra. Swinging away. Richard Cnlhna drives thc bali into thc iicid. Circg Martin, catcher. awaits thc pitch for a Spartanburg batter. 1. - ww -if-. SJ 1 gm. fr .r , iii, 1. , 1 -ss. ' ff i.. un.- Scott y f ,ty f W Y ., I ,,,.v, My - plate. Bruthcrttmn warnix up bcllmrc xtupping up to thc Iiaschall Young Team Learns From Season The 1983 Greenwave Softball learn sul- lered through a losing season with a reeord ol' 4 wins and IO losses, Three seniors re- turned to play lor the '83 squad which made lor a young team. Coach Ross stated "The team was young. and they learned from their mistakes." She eoneluded with her hopes lor a better season next year. ,, fix up ' get at W 'K em. Xfv E'-he id , 17 no Fa' R I I '10 lt , , 3 -fd' , 1, J' ffdbi " QWMA., V5 it 'Uk , Z 4 Q iq r ,ws V ,, , , ' iffy-ffQ479,f'5?lL" X i 'f' X - ---,.. . - ,4 , . f f G 5 3? Kiki? ,' N3 s fig' Vi s l ' Salt 'sf ' V, .t Q. . . . 5245.3 Q M at M i A . , at 4f,?S,,:,,?igeyiif?:fg . 1 , my f W issgkfgf","f so , ,- 4 . f f . . fy fjwl is 1 n Q?5?f'?5df5lfl?,R'7r5f ' s i'MQz'Q" ry 'Q' -'-,, +5 " ,Iuhe Lesley eatehes pitehes belore a game lilifabeth Chrisnier takes praetiee swings to warm up. .lunelle lathem and Andrea Booty clown around before a game. we Y ,,, :ws.3s,if: At,,,,,,..iQ?'w. . fi W -a QM' ii' ,af ,,,,:C 0 -. Nlargaret Brookshire listens and watches for her Staey Miller eoneentrates on watching the ball turn to bat. if .ts she prepares for a ga Ill C ii 3 V5 ,ea-W x Still iris' Track Team M ft fs A in . t r r HJ? T N flttrr CQ YJ wf 1nnc -,-dig., . f GLM L lf .gl r we f'?3,Ev' ,, ,. 1 U 0-'Q . il Sets Records 'lihe girls' lrztek tezitn hztd 11 71? seztmon tind xi tw-2 region reeord. Along xx ith Netting xix new nehool reeordx. they linished third in the Region Lind third in the Piekenx County Nleet. ln the Statte Nleel. two ment- hers. Yondgi Todd :ind ,lnlie l5ldridge. plateed liourth in their rtiees. The girl! tenth liinished in good lornt. Ciirls' ilrziek Nlelttberx lronl row l mi linrlwdgile. .lulie lzldrtdge. C CClll1lilI'.lll.lI'Llll, N ondn Todd. l ynn Roberts, Wuxi Wilxon. ,lertttiler Rohinxon, Ciogteh liettxley. Nltddle ron: lintt lilqiwngnnte, .lengt Xnderxon. Sheryl llill. Nlorrgi Bouenn. lxelly Neely. Xnty Maison. Dtinn Nlorrixon. Michelle: Rolwittmon. ligiek ron. Cotieh Burdette, I tingi Nlttyltew, liehrzi Ciilnlrnp. Kelly SCUll.SllllIlI1Oll Cizirrte, Donna Xnderxon. Punt liowenx, Dernetrtti Boyd, l mx littukltnigltt. liziren 'Xlexgtnder .Ien.i Xnderson .ittentpts to heat ttnother runner lo the ttntsh line. P t '. gf 'lg at lftlx U D , was ' wtf. , 'Gm A Good Season The boys traelx team limsheti xexemh in the mate JAX Meet. the highest in reeem rears. Kim. the team mm the Piekem at -L :- f-Q Q Q Q K x Cminty Chaiiipitrmhip Ihr the third year, Vhis rear tire wehtrtrl reetmrtis were set. One member. Tim Rohihstm. who had a great eareer in traek at liaxiey High Sehtwtrl. re- 'iiiddtu-at eeiveti a traek seholarxhip to the l mxersity tat. Temiessee. With all the aehievemeiitw ul' the team. iast year eaii he eimxidered tme tri .,,-. the best in the lawt several years, 4 D -as ' , ft 2' 'S E p it gn 3, if ,, t. ..tt 6,.1f'f:f ' nil: at xv 4- 'vt 'iii .isp - ,. ,5 ' it Q f 'H N' idx. i K I + I Xxx: Q ii V ,bg Q.. L . XX , x if diet? I Q iw Brent L'-rehixtii gxixex hix all m the hmg itiimr len .laekaori xtretehex tu rump .t hurdle if full! ir! iraek .Mx -sm 4 , . L4 . A 7 'I 'N ' ' 'Vg IQ J 1 ' 4 , ,. hi' V f 1 aj I , I fi-M ,ff ' I V54 TWA-Q - ' r-.xv'75kk 5' if vel I IQ x I ' If I I II v f V f . ,U A, , N121 ' wk-va W W' -If I I ' -New M 'ff .I Mfr, lim X Ir'.IpIx XII-rrlivru Iwi! mu Iiwmimw I'I1uII. .Immwx lI1.1pm.eze, NIIM' Iiwiurxwra. .IcI'! 1. l1l'L'IUII IJ. 'cn xulxe, Sgwuywrx Iuxw. ,IUIHI XX Iwcicr. Xx.II'I'k'II Su.1r'ImrII1IgI1, IIIIII Hg-.X Inn lzlcluumg ScmnLI mu C MII f11Ix11'.1p. Imw XIII-I1.IJ.1x1II XII-imuu11N,fiwr'guISuuuI1:1m,.I.Im1 lun. -XnlxwmIlcmimukx,H1'cn1lkwI1r'.1n, INQII5 4 IpIpm.m, I :II Ilwklx.-11. Iimni NIIIIU, Rumi fl.1mIvIr. I'I1mI mm I1115111III.I'ruuI3c:1wu.Sw11Scz1ruIx..lwnm Xlwrmlx. XIwI1.I,'I IwImwl1. IJ.v,IIISzu1z1I1..luNw Ii.Il11wx. I cum Iimwm.!i.1r'x Ixullyifrqnlgli41r'ImI.1IIy X IQIUI' IIIt'IIX.I'Pl1EIII"WK lwm IQIIIIIINIII. I'.ilII Ixccrnm. N1.Irlx RIN, XI.IllImI.lx-,wII.IM11I'rcxIm1,I'IIxc Iurpmurx. I IQWIIIX Iimxuirx-. IQIIIWVI Iiurv. 41r,IsIx XX IIIMIIIIN. lim XKXIIRU N 4 w I all c x.1II1Icllu.IIwIlIx l11lI1L'lwnLIl11I11 A Rebuzldzng Year The H983 goll' team had a somewhat un- successful year. although it was improved lrom past years. Team members, coached by Bob Gordan. were Craig Gardner, Jeff Rogers, Stan Painter. Barry Lankford, .lohn Pitts. Chuck Garrett, Frankie Craw- Iord. Eric Houston, Todd Atkins. Robert Nlurrell, Tommy Wiles. Brian Tollison, and Kenny Morris. The golfteam practices and holds home matches at the Pickens Country Club. Barry l..1nkl'ord.C'raigCiardner.Stan Painter, and .lull Rogers are four of our more serious golfers. According to Coach Aubrey Parker. H983 was a rebuilding year for the boys' tennis team. with only two returning letter- men: .lon Gosnell llvlost Valuable Playerl and Tommy llendrieks. First year mem- bers were William Fan, Scott Ross, Sam Patterson. Alan Smith, Michael Holder, Robbie lillis, David Despeaux. John Al- bertson, and Alex Dye. All home games are played at Pope Field. Q.-oy Sm, J45, . 3 A A. ' S gre Wd M 'W , .7 ,Q ., " ' ' """ L' W-if 44' '- 1 NJ . K X X gf, .Qu 1 'bf F ,fs n ' 'fm' f 0. I . an Ny. H in C . 1. ' . QW .1 ' 1+ 4 'fff -Q ..f,,,y. l f .. 3 5 . , I V I . .4 'li ' e 'EVE ' " lt ' W ' R' nh. s ' rf ,, g, K 1 ' i. ' 'M' Nmltmugiw of ' ' f 1 f ' aymfwlfumvuqmm W , , . ' - Q I H rr' at A M a fm eye.. , S. gy y A -e gyms I . . , W ' gent + if s . N 'fe' W' 1 ,A , ,P k f ' Vik,V ll? I W -f s . fr K A K I Vrfrdrgn' 1 f I ik.. V? 5 i Q it V' is is f , , , y I 4, if ' , . hd. gk, ef 44 2 . ' ,. , f f ' ' ' . , Y I 1' 'H . ., , . f a 111: f 1 ", ' ' ' .V N ,' V 'V .l" 'L .'. 3- W f . .. - ,t K 1 I l wmmy llendricks looks eonltdent that he s going to ' V - .. A F it ew. Q, 1 x in the match. :'- f'W' 1 H ii , Nt l , "ri is will 1' if Q' sf . ,,..... .,.,, . M , . . ,..J',f,m:f to at . I I V U 4 .., .....,, I y ,.,. .,.,. ...., . my . . y y H g y .,. F , lon iiosnell displays his tennis intensity. ... H W V- A 'H eff .... ' ' t a t at ASQ' , "' ' ' i"' 'wif ff I - - , A ' . , ' ' - .,k, ,Cy Y -f Mi. 1 LY -as V I A V ,h ., g 145, TN Cioll' and Tennis The Wave Sparkles I llh 9 4 Season SLIIKIIII IIIN I1uI111I lI11 111x111 11I II11 1I11111 111111141111 m.1a1111s11I lIl1.f1IIx.1I11IL.1lIy ,Il N l11r111n11L.11x.I11111I1.1Il.11I.1wl11 II1gI1 X 11I111lI1 111 sp.1rI1I1 1111s 1xp111111111I 1I11 1.11 111 1I'11 111111 11llil111Ics 111K II1u WN? A2 an LI 1c11111. 5 L. 1 1 3. 1 I1111111 L.11111 111111 IILIXLIIN 1x1111I1I l11r11 III1 61 1 A NI1IlLIIIUII IIITIIIIILI. II1'.11I K11.11'I1 I.1I'If Il.1g1x1'II, II11' I111'1'1'I11'I11111I lI1L' 1111111NN4111'.11.11uI1c1I11xlc4111111111'111I1. M 1? t g.1111m vue 111.11111 .111.1x I111111 I111111c. .IIILI LI 'c I1 lI11Il s1111411I. 'I'I1c lc11111 ' 'fs I111I11 L.11Ix 11.111 111 IIIC xc11x1111. the NN 1111 If + f s11IIc1'c1I I1Clll'IbIxCLII4lIl!lILMSCN.IIINI 111C III-II' IlII1l .1111I lI1u11 111 I,11111c11a. I3111I1 111 lhcsc L27 .. be H 1 V-L, V --1 ,V Y, ,, .11 V-I .. - , ' X I H-rj-1 ,U-1-L, 4 Q 1 Q ' Nd qi, fi ik 'ni .. 1 I 1 V 1 , . A .X . ' SJ 149' 4 'li A, 55155 3f'4""H',zC'n"m' "' ' ai U ,Am - yd , . 1 I I-Y ,JPY . Q U--15.1 . V! ' I V 4. i f I 1' lp 7' I "4-5. ef ' A-A 511 5' an I 1 'S' ' I-' '.,,J""g 'L1:J"gw-j'1L,M, CK 334' ' ' fi- K i M W' "- 75 I IL - g. 1' ggi 4' 1 , 'L .N -I ' 1 .2114 V Iv- 3 , fu! ' , ' , "W, ,A , , ' -- 'F 1 5 iq rg ia --.I V335 V 1"1 '1 " I'-J '- 'L'-w3i..f I --ral, Q 5'-'wi . J 3 h :Y 'H 5-.. '-if -.-. -f 4' 3 ii .1 Z L:"IA:i IM 111 ' I3 j 11 1 1. 1: A -M' A,,,g -V 'iw Arg ej- ,' RJ if 'Mg I LI 'I 1 QI' 1E""'IItcg5,N w'fw::Is' 9 1 m 3 1 - 1 QL' -,-' ,. X , 1. K an 'n'+ I J g , ,kk 5 ,K Af-s 'S x .L I '1 -1-I --'1 -A Lg - ' if . if 4 , 'ix ,115 ' f I E1 V , . N1 en -,V .ti ,,1 fi, e ' I 1 ' 51, 1 '1 1 11 I H I ' in 1 1' 1-21 I111111IZ111x Nl1'11I11111NI.11I111 NI.111.1g1'1,.I.1111c1I111'Ic,I1-11.I.11IM1111,IW.1IcI'1'lI1'1'1,i IIIIN XII1c1'1x1111, IJ11111111- l1'11I1111N.,I111'1l11311N4LI11'1xID1111x, I1111 Ii1111I, X11l1w11 II1'111I1'11' Im, I!1'.:1I NI:II1'1 XI.111.1g'1'1' N1-1'11111I R1111 Ii1'1'11.11'1I X111Ic1w1111 I r:1'C1.11111. R111I111'1 I'ugI1. I11111 ILIIICN, B111'1IcS' Ii11r11111, I .111111111- X111Iurx1111. IIIII II11lI11I411. IIIILIII N111 111, fi.11'x F , . , IxcII1'1, X111I1 H1111-Iv II111'1I H1111 Il.1111I II.111111l1111. I1I1I11' NN I111u11. Iwm-1'll11u11N. IXCII R11I1111N1111.l1ru11IJ11I11'1x1111.Ixc11I1C1:1II111u11.lI111'c11-,'1'l11'1 51'-1I1NI11'1'1I! I111111111 1 .1.. 1 1 1 1 1 -L 11. . 1 181. 11.-11511. 1 ',. '.1 ' 'lx R1111' I71111:' XIULIIIII. I11111 C1:111I1I1' R11I1111 R11uc1w CI11'1x XI1111' M1111 P11101 lrrw' NI 111111 I11111 H1'111'I1 M1111 XXIIIIN '1111'k If'lN'III I'clu1'f11II111x 92 il N i APXz'Lf?ri- 1 r is-.'-.4 Q, rv X , 5 . I 'gf ,NL LLX Q 511 X . 5 K - K ix f 6 . 5 1 x ig 13, D J .ll X , ,gig s 1 3 Simi, Qin f , . Q s A A 's. , ,0 Isa X Q Q-Q. A V ' , , , .....,.. 4 l my W 4. F' . XV 7 , Q15 F. 4, 'ew I 1' , . o K Q 'YQ-f . M M? r T M, 2 Y it f 34' I VQK4 vi 33" an 4 3 0 X 0 ZQ if 1' 113145 MQ! HW 1":3,S33b Q in :N n hw. . I '+ 'nw g, .I , Q 4 f ag ' 1 W, my 5 Y 1532 'V 2 z Wi'-T:l"1,. 9vze,7 'N 'Q 11 X, 1: W r 'N J m 9 243 n Eh J Pix Q' 7? '-if. L . ,,. f 2 Q- X -s 4 U , . 0 , Q f fir 1, 1 , N I ,Y M Y in A True Victory Durmg ilu l..ll1I'k.I1N ploy oil g. ,,. llollldny. Doug Mullin Llmrw .1 p.l1l1 lor l .lmom .Xnduson xx l1o ns runnmg thy b.1ll. ,Xllur .1 dI'.llIl.lllk, mason. llm slllklull body honors ilu UFLLII VN .lu loollmll lmm, 1 Q "ZF" .ld l, , 3, .f,.A1! I 1 fw- 1' .459 3- 5 1 u al N " ' 1 5 , y -0 I, . V l " 'A A f . L 'A Mr. Gully is proud ol' thc lriumphgml sucgux ol llu I IN Circcn Wave, , ,., .,.,ri. wo., ...K--Awszflr Aywwflf , Q f , 1 ,I lf ,fm V,.,, hm V. ,VH fro ' ,lu my V, A, ,Aff pop, ff ,wh llurlng thc honorary zuscnmbly. C ouch l :mx li lgx xpu ' V H" 'l""kl"l' "" "" " l .Af f- - 2 M'-'f'f'f' l1iSI1ridcl'orIl1c l9X3'S-1 Wave, ,.,,., no. ,W ff f ff - ,AW i I zl,u'1 qu. un' M 4 R R . W W,?,,1,, lhc Sluclcnt Bodv ol l'llB sms ll111r1lw,11rLu VN , , , . . ,J .,f.lfl lf-'.'.-'yi' 1'- ,,.,.,. ,,f-. H, ,. ,f,.wv ww 'fy 'A 1f"f' ' - wwf.: iw mv 1 . , A -V f 1 x " . fe-qw 'W mm? olv Greenwave BaSke'I.ball: wks Nw' i QWNW Unusual . 3 its . ff! I se- - . c c Back ron: Vince Anderson. Bo Keever. Scott Brotherton. James Earle, Scott DuPre. Tommy Burgess. Todd Sanders. lfront rovii Antonio Sitton. Craig Rudolph. Nathan Smith. Tim Boyd. Brad Miller. Manager. The Greenwave Basketball season start- ed with a bang. The team was lead by the elliorts ol' Todd Sanders. Tim Boyd. Scott Dupree. and the ever versatile James Earle. The Wave laced conference opponents llillcrest. Eastside. Traveler's Rest. Green- wood. Laurens. and Pickens. Easley had impressive victories over Traveler's Rest and Pickens to name two. Team hustle. en- thusiasm. and attitude impressed the Greenwave fans. lotld Samleis 'ntl xi Wade llampton player yo to the ball. t , t 'f'.tsQ3 as.. vt' "" Showing that practice pays off. Todd Sanders shoots a foul shot. ,lo Basketball A ' Wrgw, , If 'lk uid Saunders xlwxw dribbling skill wlulc clrilvblmg lowgxrd thu basket. wmwn I' ""'5"'F".f1?5" I vhs'-V4 ' Q audi R Y A l ?:jF:y' , 145 nf 's 3' ., 4-M aw Qj-7 1 4,,l4, ."'lt, '17,-,A ,M , Ar"Q',a. . , f .yew W fr' . :Nw A V, 3?e1f.J -' . W: lunch Run lllclw "imlrucls" thc lczlm lrmn thc sideline. Wl11Icum-lm unc. Sunil lgl'Ulllk'I'lUII palwcx llla' lmll lm Ll Iuzlmmzxlc ,Z . nt X 1 . - ..,,,.... T' Sunil lluprcc slmnls .1-llllllp shot lrlmm thu llwul lim: lxllHliCll7ll Tiny, but Talented The girls Basketball team showed great talent despite its size. The season began with eight girls trying out but several more were recruited by the first year coach. Brenda Burdette. She moved up from the junior high and experienced her first year as a coach on a high school level. The team members commented on her dedication to the team and the time she spent helping them. .lunior Kelli Garrett held two re- cords: most points per game and most re- bounds per game. Rene Robinson lead the team in steals with three a game, and Julie l.eslcy lead with three assists per game. The team utilized this talent and defeated Boil- ing Springs twice. Hillcrest. Traveler's Rest. and Greenwood. The small but talent- ed team provided some classy action for E.H.S. fans. g M4-A 'L' - PO I4yr Y. . . Y S s 4 S -' -'Q -.4 K -10 Basltclball " Diana Womack and Julie Lesley await the rebound. Rene Robinson completes a bank-shot. Front row: Kelli Garrett and .lulie Lesley Back Row: Sherry Adcox. Amy Mason. Jeniffer Rob- inson. Mia Bauer, Diana Womack. Carla Lester, Rene Robinson, Rosalind Holcombe Kelli Garrett shoots for another two points against Pickens. .lulrc lcslcx drlvcs thc lunc zlgnmsl PlCliCIl5, Kelli Garrett jumps lor thc bull ugzunsl Pnckcns. Kelli Gurrclt drivcs thc rebound upcourl. x glblll TOO, TOO COOL "Hey Easley '... Yea. Anybody Hot. . . No. You Know Why . . . Why? Because We're Too, Too Cool" could be heard from the mouths ofthe Varsity Cheerleaders at every football and basketball game during the season. This chant symbolized the cheer- leaders' and fans' undying spirit and dedication to all of the Green Wave Teams. The cheerleaders attended the NCA Cheerlead- ing Camp held at Furman University where they earned one excellent ribbon, three superior ribbons, and two spirit sticks, which they brought home. Un- 5 1 -' Y A 1 .-Xbove are the stunts per- formed by the Varsity and new male cheerleaders. ,ff The male cheerleading squad includes Dale Harvey, Tariq Hamid, David Turner, and Paul Keenan. Not Shown: Craig Gardner and Mark Ashby. The cheerleaders are proud to have as their advisor Mrs. Carol Davis. She is also the advisor of the .l.V. cheerleaders. lisa Mclilhannong Carla Lesterg Shannon Foster, eo-head cheerleader, Stacy Miller: Sabrina Wright 42 Cheerleaders der the leadership of Carol Davis, their advisor, oth- er activities included having a Little League Cheer- leader Clinic, a drop-in party for the football team. selling "I Love the Wave" buttons and bumper stickers, and entering the WANS Cheerwine Cheer- off. The Cheerleaders also set a new precedent by adding male members to the traditionally all-female squad. The male cheerleaders performed during the basketball season. 312 1 ' 'Nt Vw M L LNN, K L L IAUNW .,'-.,w', - Q-a wg. wwf A if -JW, -' ln-l "al Klllckf '33 1 M .r 4 v.4'i1:4'w' f M., n 1 1 jjf Q 1 2 ' Q.. ,- l v Y I' 5 ' "P bw 17 --.QM 3 "'l . pl nr! -"f . 1 z ,M gi Aff 1' V . Sllllgllllxstx dum thc spam of thu uhccrlcxmdcrx during ll pep rally. Kim Adcux. head chccrlcaxdcr 4 I 'I he ,IN .md Ygxrxily chccrlcguiclx lcud thc Alma xllllkff, ,ug Ihc WNY ION-1 lfnxlcy tirccn XVJYL' f.hCCl'lC1ldCI'h L' f ' I ,Lx Mmdrcn llwrrcsl, Momquu , . , S ,Q W . , Q L W L. "'jgi,i-fi ft , g f 4. Hcndcrsung Ashley Admins xx c 4 ' ' ' 'X 9 X Q ,E i4,.mxK, gif, ,, - I 3' TW: 5f 'Q Z 1 fig ' , K,hUCI'lC1lK1LII'S 43 R1 ppl es Break Even The Easley .lunior Varsity Ripples ended up with a 5-5 season for the year. The Rip- ples. having an even win-loss season. still gained knowledge in experience and skill. They found out early that they had to be dedicated to improve as individuals and to better their skills for the Varsity team. A weight program was set up in order to make stronger players. The members worked out several times a week to improve their foot- ball abilities. All of the efforts and hard work put into the team this season will bring a proud Varsity team to Easley High next year. .loey Holloway looks for spaee to run as Darren llook. Lrie Houston and Todd Suddeth bloek delensne play ers. Q45 paw .A 4 if Mr. . J rv . 'ww 1 . 5 W ., . 1 .,. ' ...t . .M a Front Row: Grant Galloway. Dale Jenkins. Darren Hook. Cfhueh Hagood. Ervin Bra7il. Michael Bowens. Vietor Bigby. Kevin Martin. Sect nd liow: C hris Ba nes. David Renfro, Danny Golden. .leff Wood. Alan Poston, Craig Barksdale. Erie Houston, Timmy Tumlin. Bruce Burgess, Joey Holloway. Thirc Row: Gr: g Bteelium. Ksith Batson. Brian Singleton. Brian Ormsby. Tommy Wiles. Lewis Clarkston. Chad Young. Jeffery Stewart. Pat Lolis. Fourth Row: Todd Suddetlt. finernt Davis. Pat Williams. Pat Gramblin, Bernard Austin, Mark Diffenderfer, Nflike Moir, Russel Dickard, David Hopkins. 4-1 lootball The .l.V. basketball team. coached by Steve Beasley. did not always win, but they did play to the end. The team came a long way from last year when their record in- eluded only one win to this year when they won several games. Team member Bo Ke- ever said. "We have a coach who knows the game and who really cares." This year may have not been a great season, but they are certainly on their way up. Leon Bowens attempts to make a tree throw Dale Rosemond shows great skill in shooting the shot. 5,2 ' v .W .aff , M : " t I H , .V Action my . ' -. ' vi-ta,-i3Si:b9 " f': 'V ws, ,. n. . meter" ' fwgzfm...1. t 4 .f,,,h . n 3 . Z,Q."t'Q"l'lZQ:2' 1' .LQ , A I I may ttgzfs-gg, B .K :,,., ale -N .aaillm t.., . 'awww ' . wwe- v I. iy. L - . f :iii -swear: skewers Kneelingf' Todd Atkins. Dale Rosemondg Standing: Ervin Brezeal. Leon Bowens, Pat Williams, Bo Keever. Bobbie lillis, David Smith, Tt dd ituddeth. Bt rnard Aurtine Coach Steve Beasley. -16 Basketball .I Lum Bowgm mm up lhp Okk..lhlUI1 tor thu jump bull. ... af inn- mw ,,., MQQ., Leon Bowcns brcclcs bx his dcfcndcrs to Attempt thc shot. Todd buddclh shows conccntmlmn as hc shots ll frcc throw. JV, X X Loon Bowcns drlbblcs lcnscly us hc lrlca to fund thu right shot. Iodd Alkms Lxmulm thy 1.151 bn..1k. B.1skLlb.1ll 47 ,aww ff" uf " J.A.M.- .V Vridtiy. September 2. wtis ti speeiqtl day lor time girls, On this day the lirst pep rally gtiid the tryouts lor the new l9X3-198-1 .lu- iiior Yttrsity Cheerleaders took plttee. The girls ii ere required to do zi group eheer. un individutil cheer. two jumps. ztrid it split. The sophomores then voted lor the cheer- leaders. The girls elected were Sherry Sum- iiiergtl. hettd eheerlettderg .lumi Jordon. eo- hegidg ,-Xliiizt -Xlexttiider: Pomdzi Black: Stephanie Derrisog Soynat l'lLlyI1CS1 Angie llotistoiii April O'shields: amd .lill Wood- lllllll, Q , Qi' , Xre ioti reitdy tor , .5Iephtiii:e. Xpril, 5tlIlX.t. .lilI. I -V Xiigiu. .Xliiitr Sherri, lgtiiii. .ititt loiidti ' X es ite :xref 1, .J L 21 if lile we ii iiii i I .1 ,K E f 3 , V . Z af ,f L 'r,f:fS't ,, I ' ' V , WI .,, W' f L K' A aww ,, - , -"iV I 1 - t,,. M i t ettiiis tjmwi-Ai migtwe giwfft 5Hm,uCrmi- HCM mmf, I.iiiii .lord.iii. eo-heztd, stops lor the etimerzi to show her Stephanie lieriiso sm es: s sh:i it ls to wgiii .i gheer. letder. iii the middle ol' .i cheer. Nllllll' heerldtdt f 4 x 52124921 ' " F' s lf W . She . 'ERS 5 4 . ,., -mmm -1-MK. M?S52rw- ,ffvnll Wm sw Practice Paid ff l nder the guidance of Coach Aubrey Parker. the Girls Tennis Team worked hard to acliieve a successful season. They practiced Monday through Thursday from 3:45 to 5:45 at Pope lfield. All of this practice paid off. for the team finished with a 4-3 record and placed second in the region. ln addition to the team effort. some individuals made some outstanding achievements. At the State Tournament, Stacy Miller qualified for singles, and she also qualified for doubles along with Amy Mason. Laura Weaver qualified for the Xll-Region tournament. is 735 .T an M.. ,,.. """ llttt ,,kgiE?lk 2,5 3 I-,i ion .lulie I cslcy, Bettx lolinson, Nancy llaniilton, laura Weaver, 'vlaric Spearman Ind rim' Stacy Nlillcr. llcde Graham. 'Knit Nlason. .lulie Peot. .lennifer .lcancs, Coach Parker. Not Pictured Nancy Joltnson. Tia Nloorc. nf it 35 F Z 3 t t l A . Swinging strongly, .Iatlie her opponent. Anti Nlason puts N .t s LKNK KSESQQSY Se. N ,i - ass.. K x tu ns the ba l to I esl-:U rt elttirt it tt' he ' game st! tiirls lennts 13? 4 Y I Q ,, 'A 4 , 7' 5 1 4 "" -W"-. J if-W: . I A li," W' Sn H I . .. . ,Q v , -1, " w ,H x,-jniwivf " " .w. lu' ' -.ax 'Ykgff M t x W? ' S . Tv in A1 1 . VW- -. .', ' . , ' 'gm v. Z1 , . 'FY' pu in 1- .-N., ' ' N-- s..-s.. , Ak W. 1 . 1-o 5' . u ' - .Je -A ,,,,,,.1 I V5L:,, , 1 ,gm if, j 1.11. 'QL f f X, ,g' if WM, 4 mf Lamp, Set, Spike lhe girls' volley bull Lenin hnd un oiernll seiison reeord ol 4-lo iilong ixilh ii -l-ll eonlerenee reeord. The leum was inride up ol' on perecni rookies. und the leiini rind eoaieh thought ol' the your us ii rebuilding year. .lnnelle l gilheni prepares io hil the hull. lsr roxig .lennilei Robinson. Bexerly Sloiin, ,lunelle l .nhein Ind roxx3Ciherrlel'1lle. kim Jennings. l inn Ray. Xnii Sehonh.n'. Renzi Robinson. Daisy Reed, lrd rim Nlizi Biiner. l'iil!LlbClll lhrisiner. Arinai Rih.1 lo lnlsley. Ll good serie is iinporlnnl. .lnlie I ldridge sniiles lor the enniergi iihile wiirining llp .pw ,suv-' ,W N W N olley lmll ti ...'ar-1 t Mt, at V. 'Vi 36 1 4'- , J Q--J -.JM . Y .1 .,, the Distance Q S., ' 4,,e . A16 Q' 't .19 P5 ., Wi Y I V es, W" R Y X : t" r A I Donna Anderson. .lulie lfldridge. Christy Neeley. .laekie Seaborn. Kelli Ciarrett. Kelli Nleeley, Shannon Ciarriek. and .lan Anderson are the female members ol' the Cross-country team. Todd Brooks. Keith Rampey. Nathan Smith. Sam Patterson. 'vlarty Owens. Tim lless. .lames Ormand David Wooten. and Sammy Owens .ire the male members ol' the Cross-eotiittrx team. The boy's team tries hard in the Piekens County Nleet. Tim lless strides lor a better time. The '83-X-1 Cross-eountry team praetieed hard everyday to develop a sueeessliul season. The IX runners and Coach Burdette began the year with hope and dedication. This year. the girl's team was led by returning runner .lulie lildridge who made the All-State team while both she and Kelli Neeley made the All-Region team. The girls linished third in their eonlerenee. Tim Hess led the boy's team which linished eighth in the eonlerenee because ol' being a new, young team. The team's ellorts were rewarded greatly with their vietories. K t'oss'Cttllttlt'y , in 'um with class il! is aw lmfzw i Z 1 twig' Victims of a poor season, the Grcenwave wrestling team suffered from disappointing losses. The only highlight ol' the season was a stunning victory over Pickens. A reason for the record was lorlciting some of the weight classes. In the Pickens-Oconee County Christmas Wrestling Tournament. Scott Gillespie won second place. Members ol' the 183-X-1 Green Wave Wrestling team are Scott SherilT. Bryan Ormsby. Craig Barksdale. Paul Keenan. Kert Greer. David llampton. Timmy Tumlin. Scott Gillespie. Coach Mike Nlexander. Terry Keenan. Brian Albertson. Robert Spittka. Terry Hooper. Tony Brock. Tommy Parker. Bobby Hampton. Ritchie llenson. and Matt Bloomer Fasley member nrestles one ol' the Pickens players. 54 Wrestling - . - ' . . - , ' Sharon Anderson Merritt Mtfoy and liet s Hcrnion wel 1 l ana. nu zu k W . f' . . ,Z come N.ll.S. members lr-tm other schools. 'GJ Science Club members "get ba 'k to n tturn " v hile 1ttt.nd1nL 1 party. :s2T"5' gt:-.arf V,::.l lb ff' . WA!! aa. -ii! 'a sia EA SLEY ,l li.H.S. :N Touch Oli Class V l'rom thc lfBl.A tothe llonor Society. all the students at E.H.S. have a place. There are clubs and organizations to suit the needs ol' almost all students. The clubs and organizations join together to make Ii.ll.S. a school students can be proud ol. Various clubs and organizations clean-up the stadium alter a game: others plan pagcants and assemblies. The advisors ol' these clubs and organizations should be commended because they also put in much time with the various clubs and organizations. The students appreciate everything these teachers do. The advisors and the students work together to make organizations at li.ll.S, classy. is K , '1' iss: i , --an--A-...-. 5 .....,,f-sim' -gu r "0 'Who-uf do Organwations 43- 5 4'5" 'X 9' ,Q I 9 R. -. 4 L' 'xI1Hl1.li Slqaihi' xmrkx llllfli lu prudllcc 11 grczll 11 H5 Q v, nnuxxl f ' M f 1 Q K" +L' ,:-1b ' - 1 'I A 'Sw-sua . my 'vw i .QL ,, 1 ORGAN ZA TIONS Org.mi1.xl1unN 5 Students In Action X-7 V 2 i -Mn 'K ..., M 3 The Student Couneil Assoeiution worked extremely hurd this yeur to unite the stu- dents :md the Administration in order to mttlte liztslet lligh at better sehool. Mrs. Robinson und Miss Welborn, the itdvisors. worked with the representntives to help them curry out their ideus, The Couneil sponsored mttny ttetivities throughout the your sueh as the sules ol' liootbnll programs. Open llouse. Sopho- more Orienttttion. Tetteher Appreeitttion Week. amd The lfootbull Appreciation As- sembly. Also. the eouneil ttdded ornaments ttlong with the truditionatl ornnments to the Christmtts tree this yettr. With its muny netivities the Student Vouneil worked nlong with the rest ol' the student body to mttke liztsley lligh School at elztssier plttee. SCA oliliieers tire Shttron Anderson Viee President. Duvid llumpton Trensurfr. 1 erry lleest ieeording Seeretatry. Mrs. Robinson Advisor. Miss Welborn Advisor. .lulie Lesley Prt sidtnt. Rt bert Cltttys Reporter. lililubeth Chrismer Corresponding Secretary, Wh Student iouneil wk. I Soplnmmorc l1m11cmmn prur-idcnlx: I rcddic llolcombc Chrix 'v1u1c luckiu Brcxxcr ludx Pinion Slqnccy Alkklll. Much C huppull. Mlchcllc 5lI1Ilh. Iiurrx Cmwc. Ruii Wurd..fXn1x Ifinlcx. Kcllx .lcnmngy . mr holmroonw PFLSIGLIII5. lmm mu. l L. .xhuy Mm SNku,Drl1ulll.l . . Q 'N Nw l ll . Nl.llI1.,XI1U SLIIOILXT. Il.lLy limndl. .ldl I .11 . Rubin lflclchcr lxnn Rau Keith Ilugsud so ,Z ,.-X -an Senior h0lllCI'UUI11 prcxidculx: l'mnl nm: Susan Ozllcs. SIILIHHUII lfmlcr. Bulls Ilcrndnn. .lunnifur Rnbinwn. Buck nm: licidic Whilcn. Tina Jones, Beth Tull, Paige Iiynrx. 'lf- rcsal Nhmrgaln. Iklhcr x11H'liIl. .lucy Dgmvis. Vince Amicrsmm. V, , Sllldtlll luuncxl 50 Xlr Nlndmcl Cnugh dI5Lll55C5 hu dzxughlcr s Spunlxh M gl lv mth X1rx hxlnr Irwldkm .lllllk Lulq opgm ilu .lmunbly hwr thu wphunum Ll MN Llulmm , 2 ' ' 1 .- ' fu, t' fi " flag . 'U ' ii' pix . K ,1 41 T ' Z ' ww Lilfilt W W .. ., A fi? -"il ,Q --f. ,5 A , ff. Q1 f 31 3 K H . ii? , J J ,gi , ff L ,xy 4 , , , 169 H 'X 23 I it f f A V4 ' M: f 4 2 ' 2 A , M Z fi 6 Q . f 22 1? Q Sqn., P if g 'V x 4 aa rw I, 'W-nf wywwfr 9 7 mg' i .,V,,.., f . Q: 15 Q Xl lhc lumbnll Xpprcciulion Mscmbly. Turcm Niwrgun apcukx on whuul npiril. lo Nhms thu Iuolball playcrx and chccrlcudcra .npprccinliun Ihr thc good foolbglll season. am .umlxmbly mu hdd In lhur hmmm. Xl Opum Iluum. Nlrs, Smdu mlullilm AUINL, NlSllIV1gp.llLHlN, ull Student fklllllCll utslcmding Scholarship members 1 7-T 7 Z C 7 E F .m :' . V -1 c , .- X , gc ,W fk it 1.1, 4. K An invitation to be a National Honor Society member is one ol' tltc greatest honors bestowed by liasley High School upon any student. The qualities a studettt must possess lor metnbership are leadership service. character. scholarship. and a GPR ol' 5.5. On December 7. thirty new members. one junior and twenty nine sophomores. were given this honor. They joined the other twenty-seven seniors and thirty-two juniors. The Honor Society sponsored tnany projects throughout tlte year including singing Valentines in lfebruary. Teacher-student switch day. an NHS. scholarship. and Ed-Op. lfor the lirst year. Educational Opportunity Day was held in the new gym. NHS President Nancy Hamilton said. "lt was a challenge. but l think it went well. We received many compliments from the college representatives." Nancy also stated that being president ol' such an organization was exciting. challenging. time-consuming. and a memorable experience. 'MW wt 'rf Nt the reception lor new members. N1 rs, ,lattice l imbattglt visits with parents. Annette Rogers scrycs as NHS District l Chairman, 'WHS ollicers are lront row Betts Herndon. YP.. Nancy Hamilton. Pres.. and lynn Sauls. Sec.: back row: Nlrs. .lanice l.imbattgh. Mlvtsor. lracy Brandt. Treats.. Gina Woodham. Reporter. and lfltlabetlt Chrismer. Sec. Senior members are lront ron: Nltssy .Iordan. Betts Herndon. Sheila Reece. Nancy llatnilton. -Xnnette Rogers. and Angie Hester: second roxy: Sharon -Xnderson. l isa Alexander. .-Xngie Mcfionnell. karen Brown. Kay Sanders. and l ytm Sattlsg third row: ,loey Davis. .lttlie l esley. lzsther Martin. Nflichelle Broun. Malissa Albertson. krisy N1ohr.and Merritt Mcfoyg lottrth roxy. Mark Nlitchttm. Robbie Albertson. lJeWayne Nleece. William lian. Dawn lewis. and Karen Childress. llottot' NNICU .lunior members zirc: front row: Tuintirn Rellis. Vondii Nlzissingill. Michelle Black. Ptitricizi Brown, Nlelissii Bouens, Lind Lorrie lltiyesg second row: Kelli Chirrett. Tracy Brzindt. Mini Iindsziy. Tammy Dicke. Ann Quirk. und Angie Waiters: third row: .lelt llolcombe. Scott Brotherton. Gina Woodhtim, Robin l'letcher. fvlindy Sidden. :ind lililubeth Chrismerg fourth row Kim Durhum. Beth Parton. Susiin Nix. Stiicy Miller. Keith llogsed. und Robert Gettysi liilith row: Ben Slierifl, Russ Holliday, Tziriq llzimid. Tommy Mcfiuinn. Ntithun Smith, und Alun Smith Betore the District Riilly begins, students from xzirious schools tiilk with eiich other. The Director ol' Admissions from Clemson llniversity spciiks to District l NHS members tit the District Riilly. fin llonor Society . A A' ' M , 2 - axe- geese gf- :gf it S an Q --'g Q .Qg' A ,X reprexentative from l"urman lxl11NCI'SIlf talkx to W . rv -P ' -1 fs NH 'wi 5 ,.,xQ.,ae, it f ? 1 3 f- H M54 Sgm W. -eg, W-'- gif Pt I wr f 3- il t Q 5 a J 2 TS. A . .- . ' A .. W Sophomore memberx are: from "3" "Z: 'I row: Daxid Chrismer. Niark lDit't'endert'er. Curt Chambers. .limmy Morton. Pat I ollix, kexm Ntartin. and lio Keaver1 seeond row: I isa livatl, Tim Tumlin. Brad Bowie. Andy Berg, Hamel Quark. Hike Allen. Wayne Chastain: third row: l.aura Weaver. Lyn Walmh. Karri Roper. Tracy llulxey, and Ntarre Spearmang fourth ron: Donna Parrott. Paige Cioad. .liil Woodham, Megan l"erree. Stephame Derriso, karen Sargent. Aniea lltllllkflldttfmh. and lflaine lfaulkner. CS V ' S memberx about the advantagex ot a ltberal arts xchool. ff tg L- K Rf Q15 5 'NHS N .I'. Bettx llerndon gixes neo member Niarte Spearman lter letter ot' tnernbershm. :M ,L i The reeeptton gtvex parents and Ntttdentx an opportttnitx lUCt1I1gfLllllllllC the neu members on then' aehrexement. lwnn Sauls. Seeretarx, partretpatex tn the lnduelton ceremony. fnnwrlv' Ketth Ilogxed exeorts xmtrng NHS memberw to the 'tuditorium o o oe ety r "Service" is our M0110 The Interact Club. sponsored by the Eas- ley Rotary Club. is in its llth year of ser- vice with membership that includes ll Sophomores. l9 Juniors. and ll Seniors. Coach Eddie Barbary' supervises the club each year. When asked what the Interact Club represents Barbary proudly replies. TX service organization whose role is to serve our community and our school." These services include projects such as cleaning up the football stadium after each lbiigfkf x A 'F N N lv X s C sig s. -ff - ss C axis .E 5: .. C - - :dye .. -Xs YM- six X A s Y 5 5 s X Y N S' ssfs : as game. raising the flag in the courtyard, tak- ing up money in the lunch line. and selling refreshments during the basketball games. Christmas and Easter projects enhance the club's personality as they make Christmas boxes for needy families and visit the Cen- ter for Exceptional Children during the spring. ln the past. the Interact Club has been involved in numerous monetary projects. The club has given 53.000 in Senior Schol- J, ...5 .... S .....,. .,. arships. designed me purvhar in the school. boug ht 1 nev ea for the EHS libriry ane pu Brice lfield sign for the 'eatbx Cul wide clean-up proiee in liasl chased a new. larger trophy Also the club participa gym lobby. These services art this y'car's officers Todd Sai dent: Robert Gcttj s. Vice Pre: Herndon. Secretary-'l reasnrer :d the llags id catalogue rc iased the ll stadium in the nity -y' and our far e for the l' eadec b dt rs. Piesi id :ntl Betts ss-Su' " Q. 9' w.f.-t..s.1.- .af""" I4,, l i l Pleased with the services they lead. the officers pose with their superxisor. Coach liddie Barbary. l'ert'orining an important sertice to EHS. Charles Chastain and Robert Ciettys raise the flag in the courtyard. llelping to serve l-llS and the community are ' Stiiiois. Back Ron, l,sthtr Nlaitin. Merritt Mel oy. lsrisx Nlohr -Xnnette Rogers Nlissy lordan Betts Ilerndon. .lunelle l.Llll1Cl1l..lUllC Lesley. Nliehelle Ilionn, Nlaltssa Xlbtilson. lina .lonts. Sharon Xiidtisoii. Kaila Lestet. Xngtla lsing. liont Royy, lony Brock len lackson Todd Sanders lames l arle. N inee ,-Xntlerson. and Scott Bryant. s - - -- S. .sgiagsf --. 5 V C if-'if' as-A-vs s. lnttr et P t , 1 4 , ' , Q, nl' ,.' .gb 4 0 . I 4 I 9 The ,liimtur iiteiuberx. smiling g.tyly. iiteltidei tliatck 9 t! Rim li Alain Smith. Ngitlttin Smith. Setwtt limtltertoit. 5 Rubert Ciettyx. ,loey Crewnt Chitrles Clittstziiit. Briitn Nlefoy Nliddle Rota: 'Windy Siddeii. Beth Childress. Sttiey Nliller. Trttey Brtindt. Nndreti 'Xlexititdeix Robin lleteher. Ginn Wltwdllltllll lront Rtm: .lulie llldridge. Kelli Cinirrett. lililitbeth Cltrixiuer. Lind Aim Sehtmhiir. Settled in the sttidium thitt they keep eletiit. the members xhtm their proud mmilex, 'V i 0 if 1-tml 'iz ,, '91 Q' :Lua-.. 'FLY N 1 .JL r fro- 7 ..-qv!! , : :M i "t king iii the ltiiieltrtwtiiti. Smit lirtvtherttait .intl lhe Stwplttnitture iiteittherx .ireg laibtwel lltitid C'lirtnmer. lxevirt Nlitrtiit. lbelmwl .lill Wtmtlltaiitt. .lztitti Jurtlxiii. N Lin Smith prtiiiile xi rieeewirx Nerxiee, N11irie Spetirmiiii. Pztt lhllis. Nlegttit lerree, liriitl Btwuie. .lesxiezt lttthem, lltmiiii l'iirmt,1iml l yn Vkiilxh. litteixiei hi Students interested in the field ofjour- nalism often choose to work on the school newspaper. At EHS, THE TSUNAMI NEWS WAVE, previously entitled THE TSLINAMI. expresses viewpoints, enter- tains readers, and informs the public. The production of the newspaper involves ob- taining story ideas, interviewing, and writ- ing the articles. For the first time at EHS, the computer has been used for typing the edited copy which is then sent to Martin Printing for publication. The pressure and hours of hard work put into The TSU- NAMI NEWS WAVE is well worth the effort because of the satisfaction the staff receives after the paper is distributed to about 1100 EHS students. ln the spring of '83, the newspaper staff attended the SCSPA Convention and was awarded the All-State Award for general excellence which students agree was well-deserved. Members of the Newspaper Staff are Keith Carlisle. Melissa Miller. Eva Murray. Mrs. Williams, advisor, Vonda Massingill, Jackie Brewer, Gina Woodham. Lee Ann Duncan, Kim Black, Valerie Blaekston, Ta- mara Rellis, Esther Martin, Mike Stephens, .lackie Seaborn, and Raji Ward. f' .t... i.- ,... ,. , .. ...... .. . i.Wf"" A -X " Ov Reading intently, Chris Blake admires his work. By using the computers, Chris Blake. Vonda Massingill, and Tamara Rcllis type in copy faster and easier, 66 Newspaper Read All About IZ! f I uf ' Working together on it ltiyout :ire Vondti Nlgissingill. Mike Stephenx, Ciintt Wootlh ini and Keith Carlisle. lhe Nexmptiper Stull' lftlitors tnelude: Ltopl l.eeAnn Dtineun. Sports lidlltlfl .lnekie Setiborn. Businem Nlztnuger gind lleztd ol' Advcrtisirtgg Ginn Woodlntni. News editor Keith Carlisle. Asmiyttint Business lV121l1llgCFQTLlI1ll1l'1l Rellis. Cillfllllllltbll N111UllgCVl lxtni Blziek. lfetiture Editor: tintl lfyther Xlttrting lfditor-in-Chief, Ni" wr'-at X I' X 4F"' .li - 1 fl K t' 1 ritglt' , " '1'4f?- " I' sy' 1 A +4 ,f A , 2 5 Ygfyf, N i ' , " ' 5 ' 5 . " " A ' x L ,-v- l. . ,Q A, f K ,- ' I Q P ig lb. 'fi 4 A . ,wif t + a jvt v 't A 4, 1' s ',i4.': I lg ,f I' 4531- - A ' - ' .iv-A - 3 Nffif. 55' tri V P' gg., f . , . xg.- -, f f K D S, A l.ee.-Xnn lltinezin dinetines the xportx seetion with Nlry. Willitinis. the tidvixor. While reminiscing. the newxptiper 5ttil't'rel1txes tus ltile, ewnpqkl 'Hunan if . 1, f. , - "ff 'n K Q 'Sgr' 1 , ,M . I -'xkv' N, Rf' I X - I Q ff . 1 .5 L,X+"r.fv, ,V f9,"'m,Y :I A s. Y s Q .L Ad.. gp., - " ,A if Y 'Tier Copy editor, Krisy Mohr, goes over some assignments for the junior class section with Andrea Dacus, Michelle Tally and Beth Parton. Judy Diekard types copy, captions. and headlines everyday during 4th period. chance to work on the yearbook stafl. L3 su Q- 3 Nj li- A A Q ti' ,e --ff 4' z -M ,tv F A' f t f 4 Showing her concern lor the yearbook. l.eslie Owens gives advice to a rookie stall' member. l.orri Ormand. Annual Stall' is not all fun and games as Alice Britt and Rosa Collins prove there is hard work involved while eating pina at Capris. This year the stall' celebrated two things at a party: they made their first deadline and they went over their 55,000 goal in selling ads. They celebrated with good pina as Missy Jordan shows here. l-ourth period and lunch gives Lisa Melzlhannon a "And the Beat Goes n" The Easley Senior High Band is a yearly tradition, directed by Mr. Loy Wagner. The band works hard throughout the year to better their performances. Mr. Wagner used this school year as a rebuilding year for his students. For the first time in three years, the group participated in the State Marching Contest. They were involved in various parades and festivals including the Belton, Pumpkin Town, Easley, and Six Mile Parades and the Veterans Day Festivities. The band worked at half time shows for high school and Kid Bowl games, The group gives great support to fans and football players. Truly the band is earning a reputation for class. 5' ii uu- Y? V 1, Band students pause before their halftime show During practice. students march around the school playing and practicing their songs. Drum Nflajor, Andy Rt-ss, eads thc grotp durirg a performance. Band students enjoy pl. yin: for rep r tlli:s. .V '?m'a 'S qliwvwa- xzuuht Xi ,B ' N 'Wx I f whim'-u1x,f I id-' Q4-'Q F Xa W Tiff, x 1 Q 4 E if 1 ,......,,-W , , N1 ,,.,,,,,,,, ,-,ff ,Q - 'f A , ,nw 1 4 "ew: ,,, K 6 I B 4 mn ,qmmki "' vm K-'L M. am b4r5f2.f'm,4,l"M :xfquw 'M wa' dl V ma Wt' 'xv K A V ,L U HLI1 L 4' 4 Q ge M 4 Is it bedtime? No, the Treble Chorus is just J! , 4 ? we 'tiff'- practicing their Christmas skit, "Twas the Night Before Christmas." In their quintet, John Albertson, Brad Miller, Merritt McCoy, Donna Parrott, and Robin Fletcher rehearse for All-State chorus auditions. The Touring Chorus proudly sings the Easley Alma Mater before a football game. Q 0-hw? 1' 32 i in . '1?'Kk ?f'5lf44i' e f' 1 ' to +4225-:ff it ,qi .. T sg. rr 3, ., Gathered around the piano, the Treble Chorus practtoes the All-State music. Chorus 73 S panlsh, Anyone? To Mrs. Susana Taylor. teacher ofSpan- ish l. ll. lll. the Spanish Club should be a useful tool for communicating the Spanish culture to the rest of the student body and community. Through the many activities planned by the Spanish Club that is being accomplished. At the start of the 1983-84 school year the election and installation of officers were held at GARClA'S. a Mexi- can restaurant in Greenville. In December the annual Christmas party was held. lt followed the traditional celebration of Christmas in the Hispanic world. The Fa- ther-Daughter banquet. the first of its kind sponsored by the Spanish Club. was held in January. Since it was a success. others will follow. ln February. the Mr. E.H.S. pag- eant was held to raise money. The money was used to pay for the bus to go to the Foreign Language Festival held in Colum- bia. ln April. the Spanish Club held the annual softball game and picnic with thc French Club. Ever tlougl mmf events were planned. the Spanish Club "should not only be a social ablishment. but an outlet to express vha has bexn learred about Hispanic cultu"e." :xpains Mrs. Taylor. Mrs. Taylor alto explait s that peo- ple finally realize the importance af a for- eign language. lt has helped tie Span sh Club expand into the a:tive .nrganwatior it has become. Row l: Darlene Kinney. Donna Thomas. Stephanie Hunter. Sherry Gillespie. Row Z: Sonya Haynes. Donna Garrick, Mim Lindsay. Jeff Scruggs. Don Nlassingill. David llampton. Angie Baity. Stacey Aiken, Kelli Garrett. Annette Rogers. Melissa Hattaway: Rovy 3: Sheila Derrick. Carla Watkins. Amy McClellan, .iody Pinion. Angela McConnell. Beth Childress. Stacey Miller. lracey' Brandt. Mindy' Siddcn. Row 4: Dosia Couch. Bobby Sherriff. Rita Christopher. Gina Benjamin. Paula Alexander. Tammy' Dicke. Paula l.ollis. Paige Goad. Elaine Faulkner. Row 5: Gary Kelley. Pat Gramblin. Andre Tucker. Curt Chambers. Jeff Holcombe. Malissa Albertson. Tim Tumlin, Tammy Stephens. Anica Holtzendorff, Sandra Lyda. Roxy bi Freddie Holcombe, Bo Keever. Scotty' l.ce. Alan Smith. Bobby' Dillard, Mike Stephens. Russ Holliday. Row 71 Andrew Huff, Teresa Bishop. .lohn Albertson. Keith Hogsed. Fric Marin. Ben Sherriff. The Spanish Club officers are Stacey Miller. vice-president: Beth Childress. secretary: Tracey Brandt, treasurer: Alan Smith. president: and David Hampton. historian. 74 Spanish Club if e IL.-in -ei ..--ff' . Y ...Nwumdgg fs l a i ' lr .Q,.,. Nfliss l.eslie Jordan. the lireneh teaelier. is the advisor ollthe lireneh Club. consisting ol' lfreneh ll students. .lulie l.eslie is the president. Anne Quirk the viee-president. and Andrea Alexander the secretary. Xliss .lordan has many plans lor the elub this year. The members will be attended the Language lfestivul in Columbia and par- ticipated in various language competitions including drama. art. music. international loods. and word games. Also planned were a visit to the l'reneh restaurant. Rue Nlad- eline, l'i'eneh movies at Lf.S.Cl. and Christ- mas earoling in l'reneli. Olilieers ol' the lfreneh Club are .Nndregt Nlexander. .lulie l esley. Anne Quirk. and the advisor. Nliss l eslie Jordan. lront Ron: Cienia Masters. .lulie lfldridge. l isa 'Nallev lxtm l esley. lxtm Ruud. Taniara Rellis. Nontla Nlassingill. 'Vliddle Rovs: Nlantly Jameson. Rosa Collins. .lUSlUc1LllL'l1lll. Donnn Xassar. lamniy flUlNll.lXN.fill1.l Woodliani. Nancy llanulton, .Iulte l esley. Robert lite. N1.1setial'I'elt. llaels Ron Nliss Jordan. 'liililltny llill. Scott Dupre. Rhonda llarrison. l.eali Nlaylievv..lel'l'N1elnlyi'e lllllll 'B 4' C QF? .Mg ' v fW1!U!Ml .............n-.4 l ieneli K lub N I 1 ? I 4 Teens for Christ is an organization that gives christian youth a chance to get together and talk. These members meet at 8:15 to 8:20 in the morning for prayer and devotion. y "Teens for Christ helps create an inner strength to carry on through the day," comments 1 Gina Woodham. a Teen lor Christ member. ' This year with the help of Mrs. Holder and Coach Ross, the advisors. Teens for Christ plan to attend local revivals, have a hot dog roast. and a Christmas party. Together these activities make the club stronger. and help the members succeed in all aspects oftheir life. Members ol' Teens for Christ: Left to right are Malissa Albertson. Mellissa llattaway. Gina Woodham, Becky Chapell. Susan Alexander. Dar- cey Marvel. Shiela Reece. .lohn Albertson. Elila- beth Chrismer. Junclle Lathem, Sam Patterson. LeAnn Duncun. Dawn Baker. Annette Rogers, Keith Hogsed. Nancy Hamilton, Julie Eldridge. Michelle Aiken. Jim Stephens. Jessica Lathem, Sherry Adcox. Kim Jones. Bo Keever. Darren ,la- mieson. Chris Holder. Russell Diekered. Todd Brooks. Scott Rogers, Terry Lovell. Mark Chas- tain. Mrs. Holder. Coach Ross. and James Mon- roe. -in -n. T mar- , 4, i It 'ff ' I A 5? 4 a.t t 1 14-,Tr f 9' QL. t . In 5 T 'L T f ,"?'f?'. M-,,,,..-f-- A C h czrczcter fviii Glyn ,g 6 mire-W -mia me 4, , , W' 455 wg' f mfs ' , g,.m-, 1 m mm Mlm n , ff f '-fi W Jig' K " 3 I W' W if V it " f J V',' , ,E-tgatm V f.,, z. in , , W. k,,a , , ,wg if-4 , A , ,gag W t I it ,, ,,,V4 M--M-W M-Hmmm'-M 4 K S,-if' Q 7h Teens lor C hrist 'fs-.., Leaders in Buszness lfuture Business Leaders ol' America. otherwise known as FBLA, is a elub work- ing to better understand and promote a pro- llessional attitude in the minds of young adults. The FBLA and advisor. Mrs. Linda Phelps. give young people preparation to pursue a career in the business community. . 14, Club members wait patiently as Teresa Morgan makes a eontaet with .1 loeal business firm, Officers ot' FBLA are Dana Albertson. llistorianl Nlissi Black, Vice-President. Teresa Morgan. President: Lynn Sauls. Secretary. Kay Sanders. Treasurer: and Esther Martin. Reporter 35 5 be-we . l-BIA members include Karen Bishop. C hris I-laugher. Katie Sutton. 'vlissi Blaek. lxa bans ers. -st ier M. rtin. Teresa Morgan. Lynn Sauls. .lo Ann Hayes. Dana Albertson. Sherry Adeox. Pennj Di rem. Vlie tell: Patteson. Nlelissa Baker. and Charlene Brown. F Blznded With Science Under the leadership ol' Mr. Johnson. Mrs. l'i1llltJllC. Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Maddox. and Mrs, Chang. the Science Club works to enhance and promote students' interest in science-related activities. Members were iltieially inducted on November 3 at a din- ter at Quincy's. Club meetings were held Science Club otticers .Klan Smith. Znd Vice Presidentg Merritt McCoy. President: William lfan. Vice Presi- every other Tuesday alter school to make plans for projects while other meetings were attended by speakers in sciencerrelat- ed tlields. Science oriented trips were taken to the mountains and caves and trips lor enjoyment including skiing and hiking xx ere also taken, At the end ol' the year. the Sci- dent. and l.isa ,-Xlexander. Secretary-Treasurer. "op- erate" on club member Betts Herndon. it I X .. ' ana? rf' 4 5 ii, 1 ii'- ii X x YS S if 31 .:- , -was ' . :Q '- 1" in . 1- H Zrsfsua - ' I 1 'iissiiff f i -S. ence Club participated in a special project lor the community dealing with its science- related skills. All club members were ac- tively involved and were able to benelit llroin their projects by gaining scientitic knowledge. On their trip to Table Rock. Science Club members rest alter hiking tothe top ot' the mountain. ' ff W V -I i152-fx? stt M t i ' A 2 ' if .. ,Q ' , 4 L V I f 'i fu' , es. 1 -2 Members otitlie Science Club include' Mrs l'l'1ll0TlC 'tdvisor Mrs Smith 'tdvisor Alan Smith SeottSherril'l' Dewavne Meece Annette Rogers Kirri R ver lotnmy Poole. Scott Bryant. Merritt McCoy. lirie Marin, William l'an. David Chrismer. Krisy Mohr. Lisa Alexander. Pat I.ollis. .lim Stevens. Wayne Chastain. Nathan Smith Robert Berg. Robert Ciettys. Mrs. Maddox. advisor. Gina Woodham. and Mr. Johnson, advisor, Science Club Nl Zh M3 W2 KMA 1 au If Q ff, . l. Aim iiUl .z 1. H 4 My . Q, 31 w 2:1 , fe. Z' u m-M. m.Le.r, "" " " " ' '45 EESLEY ?9fi'i52Z?fCf Sf isww 4 f iff :gp Q ' f 14 L--.- n W, ww ..,. ., 'x ,s 11... wgyrf .. of 'wi-af. xx. n ,,,, Q , A Q .V Assistants --xx fx ii. , ...xx Under the direction ol C oach llicks, the AV workers ol l..ll.S. hayc tl big responsibility They are in charge ol all ,A ,. W 4. maintenance. lilm distribution, machinery pickup and delivery. and running Q projectors. AV is not a club. The students give up their study hall time to work 0 which is a great help to the school s smooth functioning. Pat Williams perfects his Audio Visual Skills lfxperimentmg with the AX. equipment is Craig liarksdale. Bottom Row: C ratg Barkstlale, Todd Sanders. Pat L .l Williams. Back Roux Coach Hicks. .lohn Alexander, Tim Mansell. l.en Jackson. Painting E.H.S. with Class This year. the Art Club appointed an Art Club Committee. Many projects were pre- pared to raise money. one involved making ealenders like those made last year. This time they were larger. Most ol the calen- ders were sold to the faculty. Students also participated in making T-shirts for them- selves using silkscreens. Mrs. Debra Lim- baugh, the Art Club Advisor, also taught her Art students crafts such as pottery and sketching. The .Xrt Committee olilicers are Kathryn Shelton. Mrs. Debra l.imbaugh -advisor. Mike Stephens. and .lulie Chapman, 3322 I .t .M wh ,UN f-ww lhe Art Committee includes tlirst rout l-'onda Black. Sandra Cooper l en liekson Second row Divtn I ewis 'vlelissi llunt .Iulie Chi m ii lx it irxn brclton Innes. Third row: Xlike Stephens. Scott Wilson. Robert Berg. Bobby Dillird Andre Tueker Vlillt im Stokes Todd Brooks Dale Q xrvu T nmx l ll Y-1 .-Xrt Club 's nf 4- I4 N 5"iC:fi:5f u 3 4'-'MN Work Work Workf The secretaries. counselors, and assistant principals depend upon their office workers tor many things. Answering telephones, running errands, and dismissing students are just a few ol' their duties that help keep the school in order. Nlr. llous!on's olliee workers are Cindy League. Nlelissa Drawdy, Ashley Adams. Melanie Garrett. and Stephen Martin lsittingl. Mr, Williams office workers are Barbara Tucker, Pal Ciramblin. Ricky Clark. Roderick Bowens, .lohn George. Angela King. Tammy Ciotshaw. Second row: 'Vlelissa Smith. Lisa Masters. Mr. Williams. Rita Christoplier. Guidance workers are Leigh Murrel. Beth Teal. Pam Bracken. Michelle Brown. 'Windy Sidden. Lynn Ray. Stephanie Derriso. Paula Alexander. Scott Bryant. ii Nlain otliee workers are .lami Jordan. .lennifer Crowe. l.ois llarloix. l-'raneis Nabors. Kim Black. Chris llaugher. l.isa Smith. Mark Mitehum. laiiinlx Starkex, Robbie 'XlllCIlSOIl,SllLZllIS1lllkll'I'S. Paige Stone. so Olliee Workers Partners in Education So you want to be a bus driver? There are eertain uualifiea- tions that you must meet. You must be sixteen-years old and own a South Carolina driver's lieense and be recommended by a teaeher. Then you attend three days ol' classes. take a written test. and pass a road test behind the wheel. Onee you become a bus driver. your lieense is good l'or three years. During the time that you are driving. you will have forms to fill out on your route. There are many dillerent types ol' routes. There is a regular route. a supplementary route. or a kindergarten route. These are llllltlltg the most eommon. no 'fu ,. ., 4 .Jr 1' Vw. fit 1 4. A Senior drivers .ire tlront rowl Steve Bright. Candi l.ee, Dee Gambrell. Rita t'hristopher. Ricky Clark. Seeond ron: ,lohn Alexander. l.eon lam. Rodney Roseniond. ldllllllk fit1lNllltVl.citlIllllC Nlelton. Third row: Doug Vledlin. Geoff Nexvsonie. .Iohn tieorge. Robin Rogers. David Turner and Robbie Albertson. At Easley High School there are twenty-six buses. When one ol' the bus drivers eannot drive. he ean get one ol' the l'il'teen student- student substitute drivers to take his route. liaeh bus transports ap- proximately l200 students a month. Asa bus driver you will make anywhere from S l 30.00 to 5225.00 a month. Also il' you drive a bus for l20 days. yo11 will earn a Bloek li. During the award ceremony. a bus driver ol' the year trophy is given. One ofthe newest items is the jacket designed by the drivers. Mr. Williams is the bus advisor and has held this position lor live years. He has a lieense so that if needed he ean drive a bus, Ile feels that on the bus his drivers have as much authority as any teaeher. The drivers are proud of their aeeomplishments and l'eel an awesome responsibility toward their task. Regular bus driver are tfront rowl Mr. Williams advisor. .lohn Alexander. .lames Sheriff, Dee Gambrell. Cindy Ladd. Tammy' Gotshaw. Denise Stevens. Connie Melton. Andy Addington. Second rovti Robbie Albertson. Rieky Clark. David Turner. I eon lfant. Doug Medlin. Rodney' Rosemond. Steve Bright. Mike Mote. Mr. Burdette. Third row: Robin Rogers. Candi Lee. Monique Henderson. Rita Christopher. .Iolm George. and Geoff Nlewsome. Substitute drivers are lliront rowl JoAnn Hayes, Van West, Seeond row: Greg Dieker- son. Paul Keenan. Tammy' Edwards and Dwayne Brannoek, Third row: .lainie Riehard- son. Billy Looper. Hilliard Brown. and Barry' Marcus. Fourth row: Rodney Hendrix, Danny Craig. l.ola Williams and Mark Marcus. sl' ,W-Mi. Si- ,-4,,,, l lius Drivers N7 Images of Class IMAGES, the literary magazine of Eas- ley High School, is full of various literary works including poetry, short stories, and essays. ln addition, the magazine holds an- swers to the problems and questions ofteen- agers through the brilliant mind of Dr. Maggie Litt. lt also contains articles ofath- Ietic and academic interest. The emphasis ol' this magazine is to recognize and display the literary and artistic talents contributed by the students at Easley High. Mrs. McCall, advisor smiles with confidence knowing that the literary magazine will be a success As editor you have to accept many responsibilities but Gretchen Nmestem doesn t seem to mmd t g s r, t X8 Images , .na E' 5u.. Stuff members enjoy discusxing whirl lu include in the mugzwine, Lynn Childress gels caught by surprise. n'vX---e-sf-rwyqw-,f--..,.M,cc-an 5 x -vw... Jonathan Brock and lxuren Kurpowrcz work hard on thenr usslgnmenls tor lnmges. Images X9 J ww li,ll.S. A Touch ol' Class Senior Decle Graham work- to finish her iss gnmen . .l.V. football players clown .tro ind .it a pzrty The Juniors show their spirit a the Home coming pep rally. ,,..vvM"' ln l906. Easley High School had its first graduating class of about fifty students. ln the former school, Ole Bell Tower Building. all twelve grades were housed. The student gf:-S body enrollment was around IOO. Today. 78 years later. our graduating class has greatly increased. Our student enrollment includes about 345 seniors. 325 juniors, and 350 sophomores. Students are proud to call Easley High their Alma Mater. tc.: :Q wi f V' WI.. t -M f Lwxif Q 1 ,endif 90 Classes H4-" H35 IMF mm 5 mm 55? flil S55355 ug, QM M "' -,,:':.f- 'Kwik' nw, , ,xgjgm 3 E T 2225. 2583! . f N' WAQKQ lllll Q W,,,,......, Eli!! Q5 n.-qi ., 4 4 E 'IIT YM Q-9 K x CLASSES Sophomores Brzng Class The sophomores have come a long way since August 25 when they first walked through the doors of Easley High School. In the beginning they were thought of as the "little" sophomores, but now they've shown there true colors. The class of '86 has ar- rived. A 'M Ylh Jessica Lathem is sophomore class vice-president. Melissa Miller is sophomore class secretary. Fonda Black is sophomore class president. Fonda Black gives her speech for president of sophomore class. 92 Sophomores .9 50+ ff, ,L f fi ' I , ,. sift N "' r , . ,,,i Curt Chambers is sophomore class treasurer. Pat Gramblin is the SCA second vice-president. L- Q R YM? 9. Gov' "-up , ur..--f 5-06' 'QW s..- Sf.. ,4-vs 4' Du- Mla Bauer Chad Bettis Frank Black Tina Blassingame Lisa Bowens Lisa Bauknight Victor Bigby Phil Black Matt Bloomer Leon liowezis Greg Beaehem Carlene Black Tracy Black Joey Boggs Menici Bowen: Cindy Bell Diane Black Valerie Blackston Melissa Boone Pam Bowers Andy Berg Fonda Black Marissa Blair Larry Booty Brad Bowie 94 bophomort pf , 'UQ 5 N Sophomores Show School Spzrzl it vpyv new llns war llwrcc 5OPllUlllLll'C5I Cum plans Rl1IlIllllglJLlClx Ilm will mlm lk licllcy. l.cmonc Xmlcrwn. Llmli llI'lN cclxul gm Lllllllll lor play mg llm pom- Nlolc. purliclpnlcnl in mrxiry lwollnaxll. lion. Best lklulxlxc l ml was llllillll ,lnllC!sC pluycrs were on lllc A'l3rc:1l4c1"A cal In Chris Nlolc. :md xxilll playing tcxlm lLlNljCL1l'LlllClCOllll'll5lllL'll mills llliw position lllix yum llc lun also lirculxcr winning xcuwn. l..1xl yczxr, plgxycd Ol'l'cnsix'c lfml, Tllcsc lllrcu llmm pllxyus mm supm L . l .k . lllkllf oL1lnl.1mlmg lklkllljllll llblllll. lklulllj L Curl lxcllcx muuul an .m.ud lm lllk.llllL7lL. llnm 5ll1Llk,lllN lun um H B Bust lllmcbglclwl. ullmll lms wnlrlb llllllllkll lu l,.1wlq 5 Xlllllllllg Nk,LlNUll. .lr 1 m n I, B K l ulcd lu lux succcw LIN Ll l ullbgeklx l mc- lllmgpl.1yLIs.1dLl.1spwml lklllull ol 'rm rmn xxx . X -- K K K bziclwl' llm war on lllu XMINAIY lout- slum lu thc soplmrllmxw mul to llmu ,fa Q lb ' N-'-.. Y' ' "' f ,. ' 'rw if 'Ml - ,, ... W Z " "H-vu., .. . .,., -. s......,., --T ..-yy - ,, . 5. Wi, 1 V 4 .1 My llcmclriam llnycl f l l'Ylll llrcglfcgll l I lClxlC liruxxcr Xllcu lirill I MW, mid llrlmlw 2 bull lC1llll. lcmonc .Xudumm who wlwul, 'Q ti! ...- 'wlf ' was s vt. ,...,, vu l 5 Q rx l, 1- .3---n "WMM, fs. wg:-Q 1 ,, ' H 172- ' - , ..gf'0'Ql"g3if,.' ' K vL"Y'1 ' ' K iq.-Lili ng.-i-I Suplmnlurc x W5 Qs X There is no doubt n Q w that spnnt on Camoufiage Day wtf .mgfjg Q sm is vw r 'Q f 05 , M - 3 .. , 'h'f'-11 . kj? P' J 1 ft' 'mit Q u aw O 1, P' cggai i 'slr 4' 1 A X Q. m, . iigi , ,Q w fvx ,rr M ' 1 v I Q. 1 Mytwwzw ly? 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'W R if o ig ,lug is fi QQFQ, X X H , x if Dzirrcn Hook David Hopkins Angie Houston liric Houston i X 'Q 9' R 13.4- sax., Mk , ,f X YP" Mike llouiiril 7-lclmgi lliini Kelvin llowiird llillj Hu turf ,-Xndrcw llull' liliitndii nf-lm Tracy Hulscy Suri-ly lr ix ii ,YQ ,gm gl x in 9 M R 1 15' 4 'V ow w V 'V x I 'AW' i :1 in., 8- 'Nb' P ,v vs '-ls fi' iff' ., K gn J rm 5 ag 3 iff v H, QM js Av- Y' 1 ,LEE N .gk Q 492 Q Rig A f 'gi i lqjsffki, , ,F -A f ' fs. 4 A s ,, 5 A M w " fx 'ff swf .2 2? A, iw AEN iq' 4 wx f I',:m I ,lk-wc. .IMKUN xlxliwrm ' Y ifvr M Ium1w,1w.x XII -- PIL I -Max -,QW ,, X " ff us. 4 vi' V XA ,. ' .r " , Q, , 2 gs L, 'Y JV. . W 'V' sm 's ' f -"' ' . A mgifng M1 A , , 5 " .l 1- 5 ...f 1' V 'M W' 1' . N ' X' 5 - 5, se' X I ma -' 1 " 41 1 X x I A' 'W mill: -L ' - x ,, W' . N W K f , , V. Rini. K .4,. Y ,.: V Ya 1, V4 M J. V 4 ,kifw 1 r 2 Q, . ,,.. , + 1 .,. 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Ke t ..-'X' Scott Rogers Jlnl: Ronent anti Kztrri Roper .Post ph R ose nttnd s Q t t 5 . t 2+ V1 A 'Qt I me s N- 1 'K Els 'BE X X we 'C S. nk 11" .m.."- , 77155, , fr U. eooeee oeoe i f t rf 1 Q , so ss ' no ee: e - V .Q x t N.. A 5 Sophomores show interest during elttss elections assembly. I trst period rettlh ttred Hrs. 'I'hon1pson's homeroom out. " , -1 tttt J '- 'tw-to f I ,m'T'4+'.-.t3'74 fi" figifii -5"'ii.E , ms.- an 'L 1 9 1 . ' if a .,,. kv :X Vs s X L34 YK 1 : in ' ,, 3 8 'K Qt ., it 1 W, : E4 t J 4 Af , , N K ,534 eip: -,, , -La w? f' Stephnnie Derrtso shows 'ter tct nt s nrit during the Ilontceotning fittnte. 100 Sophontores xg .. .env rv 'SQ Jeffrey Stiwinter Todd Suddeth Sherry Summerull Kim Swett Amy Tullent we Kenny Taylor Tummy Taylor Jeff Thompson Hope Tinsley Gloria Tobon '4Ux UW' Katherine Turner Roger Turner Coy Vttlertine Tracie Vurihook Eric Tolley Scott Trotter Brain Tollison Theresa Trotter Mark Trammell Timmy Tumlin Jeff Trotter Dawn Turner E Here Jill Reese are putting many hours of work into making the sophomore "t-- - 5 . ,.,s.12Ji..w, sm- s tt.i N ,.t.t.t,..tttt.t, Q .tr,. E T. we . ' T ..,, 108 bophoniores . 4 , mw!1n5':'W, X fm' . ', , A .K , K, 'x y-2. '. 5.25151 -me ,, m i ,f?1E" f ' ' M,-A M ' , .iff :X ,- V 'M' K I Q i if Av Quay Q' . Mix 1' 'Q' WX IN " N. fsxx, 5 X , . 1 X' ASX? J' X,"X W' v x.X! it A 1 '53 N, QW X Q STX, , 5., 1 nf' "' la . - V uw PX ' 1 X1 ' XWH V . 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Mrs. Linda Turner advises the planning of the prom. 9 x l 0 'Q The Junior class officers ure Rosa Collins, Prcsidentg Jeff Melntyre, Vice-President: Andrea Alexander. Secretary: and Carla Watkins. Treasurer. l i Juniors display their camouflage outfits during Spirit Week, l 10 Juniors 'YQ 5 C K. ,. t ,. , ff ,f I A 4, Wi :QHEP YY 'H Xxhlcy Xnizlms. .1 xglrvly c!1ucrIu41dcx'. ulxccrx Ihr ? iirccrmguc lczmm vm dummy .1 I ruin mghl g.1mc lxcllh Ilwywd Nlmxu hun lmxx,1y'L- mkuig 'mu 1 pk-r11Iumuu.:l l HS. I s fu. 1. I 'Q' . Y B W sl 15 ff 'H - V, Q I X 8. , R gf 1 W WC A QS f X " 1 k ,K 1 w i ,' 9 A Y -. A we 5 K Q -. f--h x. 1- mi I A .1 ,e 5- 4 ', Y- .v .2 " f ,F 1 , ' f -K ff. in-v s V, 7. fy K my if 'Q 9 4 m W 4X -W Q W 5,- k y ,, 5 . ' hwy., Y taxi, 'AV r wi L, W' ibm RL-cw Nlmnu her hul1uI'Lh.1l Iyxxlcy lNI1LlINbL'l'UVlC, XI Pup R.VHICN..IlH1llH'NPI'UNL'IhL'j P1.1u'xpH1l t 4 V sr "N r 'Vi 'Z ., 98, Robert Gettys has been interested in computers now for five years. He be- came interested when his friends got computers. Robert feels that the com- puter is a great machine that can be adapted to many different uses. He be- lieves that everyone will own one in the future. lle thinks that the big computer companies such as IBM, NCR. and Digital will survive this "personal com- puter age" that we are now in. Although the smaller computers will not be in de- mand much longer, the larger hardware will be. At home, Robert has an Apple lI+ computer system. This includes a lan- guage card, two disk drives. a printer, and a color monitor. llc recommends that everyone have a basic knowledge ol computer operation and programming. 4? wi...- cbf' kan. '75 , . Y Keith Carlisle David Cassell Terri Chambers Daniel Chapman Toni Chapman J' It bs. 'tr l Charles Chastain ROSL1llf1d Clark Beth Childress Frankie Coker l,ili7abeth Chrismer Rosa Collins W., 'Illin- 46 f E , 1 Melissa Connick Pam Cooper Dosia Couch IRWIN w TTA ds Iliriq Hiimid .ICH Hiirbiii Rhimiidgi Harrison Dade Hairvcy Diivid llzimpluii E. ,yi all X .lo Ami I Iuycs lnri Hiiycs Michael Hczird Aritwori Hendrix Rodney Hendricks QD vw M. i X Keith Hogscd Jciil' llolcombc Lim Holder Ami Holliday Mzirdy Holliday 'K' 6- uk- '-uv-fl' 11" 'KI' H02 ff! Sn '5f"""' Mim Lindsay .loey Malek liric Marin Sherry Long Terri Manness Jackie Martinez Billy Looper Barry Marcus Scott Mahalfey Charles Maready Donald Massingill Vonda Massingill Chris Durham practices his piano. Chris Durham has been playing the piano for ten years. His interest was en- hanced by his mother and his love lor music. Hc enjoys Blues and Rock 'n Roll. His favorite pianists are Freddie Mercury and Rick Wakeman. Chris has performed at Central Wesleyan College, Converse College, and at the Miss EHS Pageant. .luniors I' Mike Mote .I immy Moyer l.isa Nalley Missy Nalley Donna Nasser nv 'ISIYJ lirnest Nebling Debra Newton Alan Nix Rodney Nix Susan Nix Greg O'Donald Lorri Ormand Amy Olson Roger Gwens V? 'iffl Q IQ if 2 -5 sa ,Q is ' f Q L i i hi 'Y sw f w , K i it edgy. V' , f Lv EJ . M ,lv m Q25 6' r ,J N . s N df , 5 Q, M W 3, Yr. at ' fr 'al H -its V tl 5, 35.5 . - S T3 gi , ., rx- Q Gina Woodham is truly a busy person. Even with school and the responsibilities as News editor of the Tsunami stall. Gina is an active member of the 4-H Club. Being a member for five years, she says that it enriches her life and helps her to discover talents and interests that she never realized she had. Her areas of interest are public speaking, health, and safety that help her to express herself more thoroughly. Q , iw x in -N' 3 v iw , w . 1 L, , V, mp V. .5 qi ak, , H, iors IW v i e .. ' . rn. 3 ,gf I I5 ttf Tim Sitton Q-1' Yiilcric Sloqin .-Xltm Smith 'Q ,u '4 5, ,. , '- 1' G I , ,v mt Wf - ff - , ' r - . 'Ll Dnricnc Smith Nathan Smith Brian Solcsbcc Mclimu Smith Richard Smith Randall Sons Niichcllc Smith PLIIN Snyder Robcrt Spittku 5 5 : ? 1' Ptiulgi Alcxniiiticin. gi Ciuidqincc hclpcr, taikcs time out to amilc tor ai Circcn and While photographer. IOFN W The Class with Class Even at the beginning ol' the school year, the seniors began to feel the effect of their last year at Easley High School. The real- ization became most clear when seniors or- dered graduation invitations and other items needed for graduation. The Home- coming activities along with the Junior- Senior Prom highlighted the last year of a senior. The last pep rally, the last football game, and the last time a senior sang the Alma Mater as an EHS student held a spe- cial value that only the seniors could under- stand. Through it all, they made it. They came to realize that the senior year was much more than a year for lun. llead Cheerleader. Kim Adcox. expresses her Green Wave pride with Green Wave sun glasses. The Senior class officers. left to right: l.ori Peot-Treasurer: Jonathon Brock Viee-President: Scott Kelly Presidentg and Sheri Ruud--Secrfr tary. A . .lay Bishop and Nflark Ashby enjoy posing in their x lll Brian VN alker gossip during class. X, H 5 " l.ltl Seniors 2 nv "uv ' ui' , 'ya in J 4-A-5 v 7 K . fn. k Q' 5 K A Kg -1 - I In N . 1 .. N " . . A Jr" Y gg -, " W ml . I 1-15:12, .,, if .. 0 V 1. . if "hy: , ,I U 1 ' ll' , J 4 1 3 ' , 1 V '1 K , 4? 7 - , A 1 ILL I , L" I px ,-f- vs. I - -. ww W 9 -, Q . 11 M c A 9 Jcflssv .' lk Am cm 'cu 'ix 'Qu U15 Xniwx Rublm 'Xllmlwu ID.1xui Xmircxu lml lingu- clmcllu Xikcn .lulm Xluxgsmicr Rlml1d.1 XIUITUID Cindy Hnkur ga wr' N . X uxgm C' 4 'k QX. ' 1 x B11 ' " 'CV Wggwy ' ., B tx: W , " 'ma ., kkk: - V 'f ' Q ' -L frwmwya te EL, t , K ffkzf ffil 1 it if at X, igfx Ex, N x X x Q 2 i X B b gsiw B 5. .saw X fr i e it - ' - B Stk f- -. 1.-42: - Q i t , Wig 1 if .lemetriee Baker Brian Burner Bobby Bell Debbie Bell ,.ggj,?iIQfl f" f " 'T -s .3 ja! Q 'ZS k ' x ' ' Y" WW N 'I' wr: 3 X Q ,Q Pxq K x gsm X X N, ss N Y Q ik: 3 Y ' 5 E Ng, X X Xi kx 'ixil X 5 X X5 xi ' Q L.h . .'h-k it xx W X X e x lf 1 L f 1 is . F 22 2 X i ' , i . W P 1 Q lg xr V Q Q X li Ri i ,5 i, . fs it g- 5 V ' is 3 if g 'H af 1 fr B 2 it , A :jp t fw,z 'X52g l nag , -W . QR .V -. x-., i -jf -levi N -, ,Q f-1. B t - Si tiie vs 1- 'Q ww '."' 2 - Q . . ' , ff? "2 - 2 B X, X I ii QQ il 1 Wilfr ed Bight' Jay liislop Robert Berg Tub Bettis Loretta Bellwood Brenda Benson Dresxed in Camouflage, Michelle Talley. .lziekie Seziborn. :ind Tina .loncs s low their Scni fr Spirit 3- Seniors H 4 1 M , M , My 1,1 'M' " QL 'K .fu?" ?33 J W K A U w w w ff'-wr P n A 1 f x' ,M 4.54r'M 3 W 1' 2 S 4 f f., -f -1 , . A-, 'K 1 1 ..,..s " j l -'NA W' M' 5 Q mA..zuu.,:,q Y .mwxwm WMM... X A , :ummm w wauawmw 'QQ yr' wmnmw ,X 64 ummm . 6 '. 133 gk J wrammw. as --ww., VE ' ,W awww., V ,rd uwvwwsv 'www K 1 M' ,e--suwwivm ' ' ,wamnw u 15 "N wwfmnmw , W 9 'EW ax 2 , , M S x ., IW A .J ' T' 1 af' ' 4 JS ' 1 x uv en. , 1 13 - . ,Q , M 'M ' I .f-wr, 5 , x ,J-fi . 'M - .' fi X ' f""" V V x 'X , . ' mv. W i., 5 , X ' ,. , ma ' Q, i-1 af 1, -xg. f' s. 1 1 1 ,5 5' , Q M ' i A ' 5' - , ,N ,A . , M-.X A Q Q 4.1 A 1 , -., ' A "in: ' . 1 ff- , . T' Q 'H J ww an 6 :X JW vw 'Fa , ,ah 9' .K , I x , .KA L F' Q Q A Ji' sh W: .1 -4I- q, ' wc, 1 'f x r N ' Ts' 1 ! adn 3' 5 . .gv ' 4, J L4 A vim ?"l'i'Z I ,.'i If! "' Ernf"f" IPM W ., L' ,,,, ,Q ...k, h Q K J dj ' W i 5 K Q .wr , -. 'x YL? 2 . 1,5 'fry I K 1 J? , " A' ' . 'V - 5 V A is X L X i 5 M QM - M.- f' m 5 X A ,,. K , , 4. Y hit - ,f., K I f -:nv q, ,,,,y:,w , S5- 'UQ fi X A, . UE ju 4 V., f.h..,N-,,,,..-. ,.M.,,-,,,, , I, A M 57? , "-'s. .,. ,1 M. 1 'Cf i P luliu K lmpmgm lum C lulnircw I g1NUu Ckmilim lucy im sky 4 Imppull l4lL.1LI1r'1mwpIm' IiI1.1fulI1l1w Xlmk K- uru 1 lmppcll lun C Mrcy IJ1.1'1r Ckwkv Xmirm Ihulx lx.1'cl1 4 Iulnilus Irullm K wllmx Sqmdx Lwpvr Cimml lPur?1.1m 1 1 5' ,,. l e. W, W- x Qi 1 .W 2 1 p ,Q 4- M 5' 'V+ -' 'E , J f '44 3 .5 - 7 . Mi. ,J x K wi 5' . is K1 ii ,X fn S 9+ X Q W X , 5. i E QQ 3 X 'R M Q, ak Chris Davis OCX ll7U,x'2:x '-... '. ,,. p' XIlx1l...t f.1kf.1L,.is1I1,, umki lu. Mmm., nw .1-., Mud A 5 I I ff ,'-' - f 1 .4 ds J L ,,, 'I , 4. x if ' :fjgs ww xg me "5 '-2" Q 6' ,K ,, s gf 5 w 5 3 Eddy' Uickzxrd -. 3 Q? 513'-vw fjgfl Dwayne Duma i 1 3 d d Z, 4 e ,g. 5 A Q? Q 4 J' ?"f'Ef1a 2 " " 13'-A A we V 2 , dw E 3 J 4 3 I Y 9, 1 U., ,. wif 2 diff K l Chazrlcnc Dodgens Donald Dolson David Downs Todd Dunlap K : sy g, is . . M vw.-f,-w.w0W"' . .4-.., . 1' --,-1-N-.......-...-nm-.1,w.M-m,.,-. MW , 'Wx fn-fx M' uf , 'Q 5 ww " 4 Q. nf 1 Q 2 1 yr :.f S2 lf 'ltfyggx 1 ' N 'I 995' 2 0 , -L .a , , p.. 3 4 . Q A, . 15 X f ,' 'ix' 'ty m "' if ,. ' if .-RQ, G1 I 4 1 'QR '9' r , , , .ff 4' x fi 4' 1 +L M Q 1 qt n ,4 1 .. f .A f , 1 1 Q E3 ws Graduation-'-11 time which fm barium' miss wiiils lor in anticipation. 4 'dl ,,-.--dr' mvwvdzw ..L 9,7 M57 ' '..AA .0 if-df T ' 4' X... p. . 6 r via 9 ' N A U' X..-I 1 , , 1 --fvn:-ff-sf-w--1--1-:.:,:w. -......-.-,.-:....::-Y-H -Y - -, , - - H -Y -- - ii II i 1 ' 1 1 'I ,il i Ii ,Ei i ii 5. i 5 i B in E , ii .a i 443 51.1 '39 'Lib 'U ' V 1 N, N N . K 'J'7 Hy 'X I, .wa-n.,.... -ww 1 ,.,......,.. ,...-,.. ......,.: , , , --- - -- nic Huyw Melissa Helms Wanda Hendricks Phila: F 5 iyflif' Jeff Hendricks Jackie Hendrix Bcils Elf +1 iii i fxngic Elmer Mutt ilulci' 140 Seniors ,,..1 - 3 as -JK Egufnf urn " P' 'X x x gk. 9. ,,g,fiI'i. 'U n ,db .H mf- Y 1' ' -me 1 -rf .1 , ,E 1 A-Ni QL as' Nl' 2? ix ww wk .-W' 5' ws N1 als Nil Xlbrrh H' Iv 8 ? 4 'Q U3 'L' W ,K Q 1 H , f .UV .. ,M , - ,gm 4+ , 4' " Rfk! f ,w ff F 9 ' I if K 4- K 1 'Z 1 ay' , wg . . J' Q, f .W Q'::"'1v 1 an . ww. 'QV' ah ,fm I R ,Mn fu. M -N.-1-W -,WK-nnnmffm 4 X1 1 f ' F' ,xs-A NHT m Q-ngwy time Uuuwign classes. .m..m:.Q,.-mf.,.w1mg..-::- 'A - -W - - , M n wa-.v,.::' Y mr , s . E W' '- , - , 'xv f ., V, ffvs. Q ve waz- - 5-are ,,..,,., Dcwuync Mcfzce Debbie Misner Cfunrmic Melton Mark Mitchum Krisy Mohr .lalncs Mon me X if .Qi 1- . ,gf Q Q . , S . X . 4 x N ' 1 Y Gm rl . 1 .,, , JS' 2 ,iff 1" K 1 M as , f a, 1 lxg , 1. ,, 1 Q lm 'V AD 'lfx ,k , 4 f N -. 1 I A Q, d'N QQ .., 5 31 . VM, Q. 4 gg ' 5 fa.. Ox 6 we-. V-- '3 Ox L. . . 1 . Q V .rf 'FR' WY Ol Q--r 17'-Q. 2 XVI N111'I1111 Ci14c1ul1c11 Nincslinc Sulcllc Olivcr Sum Oxscm X111l111111 N.1li1111s IJ11111111 Nublill .l11111cx 01111111111 51111111 Uxwnx iwikl' 'Ng11w111g XX gmiy N11bli11 C'l111'c11cc Orr Suxic Oxwm R11lvc1'I N11111111111x S11w1111 Oulcw Xiurxy Oxxcm x11lI'Cf Pnigc '1 N 'UV 51' 5. - x Y ' 1 ,X L 1 'X E-r ff r "W if-v ' , 1 f 9 L+' .Q al' v " ,. to 0. l -Q-an PM .05 I 'Wm We 4 Q x ' Q A' 'QI 1 t ,. 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The size ol' izasley lligh School has ehanged lrom the few volunteers when the high sehool was llirst opened to the seventy-live paid laeulty members today, These adults are proud to say they work at h.ll,S. beeause they find satisfaction lrom helping the students learn. Q f A- -A if .Q -A - gr .. X Q Ak f "4 I 5 -I 7 ' ' i . 'Q T 'vi ti' Q, 'Q 94 il While grading papers. Nlrs Nolan is surprised A lwy:1CiRl5l5N.-XND NN llllil' Pliotograplier. 4, - we emma etlsl e lol laeultx fu-. f , ,M ummm-mm, 'W' 'MMM J E , . 4. . I, +R, . 110253, fl "Li - QW "N -. LC N . gl 'L f"llL'XPCl'IC FACULTY A Faculty Martha Alter: Secretary 1 'Qi ,vw-v.. R iw .. Couch Larry Bagwell Couch Eddi: Bnrbzn y. llr wer's Eduez tion: llistnrv lx. . f Conch Mike Barnes: History Merle Bzttsong Secretary Cheryl Bradley: l.ilJr1r nn ' 3 Doris Brandon: History. Home and Margaret Broekg Math I'nmily Living Couch Brenda Btirdtttez lltu th Physienl li lueitien up With C I ass , 4 fs, f ui 2... X, f 1 ' 1 , , Piilricigi Clmngg Sqiuiicc. Ninth Mkmhll Childrcm: SCCTCMH Chris Cliristopligrmiil Spccch. Dmmxl ' Uh. llislory ' 1 f - X X P fm- 'W' .lam fmxwg Ifiiglisli Carol Davis: Iinglish Mindy Durhaimg Math ? '76 l we Y'-urn' Kim i"Llf!UHCISCiCI1CC Susan Finley: Rcsourcc Bcity Cizirrisong Home lfcummiics is J fi'-f 'xt In Wd' 4 . w , W l f, X i l X it i ii w 3 VL R Richard Gcttys: Principal Couch Earl Gilstrupg Government Gwen C ilstrupg Fjqpangi YHUU ,. 'Q 1777 Couch Robert Gordon: Physical Education Anne Hullg Guiduncc Alicc Hcndricksl Psyclioltgy, G mvcrnincnt , X Af- l Zun- .Linc Hcrndon. Busincsu Coach Ron Hickb, Audio Visual Co Linda Hiildi 1. Rt sourc- ordinutor lcicultx' WA K Nh..:.S - A 'pMbJ"'Ax AA .Iury Hkllllddf. Nigllh Bull Houston. Asslstllnt Prlmlpkxl C .xrolyn Hum. 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X.- h i X ,if 1 O ff ' Corinne W illinnisg fieonoinies, Hisloq .lumen Williumsg Assistant Principal Murxin Wi lliz,nis1 AIS' ,X ii tm.. ,deb .mei Y 'mir wh? M45 V I I ,Q ,,,,e:i Z 4 ' w , JV, 1 V, S 2 if 'Iv ilu f . J.. 'w Loyalty, Dedication, Service K A," Xi x 7 ..,, L ,- 4- WmkNMmN. We present this page to Mrs. Dorothy Maddox for her loyalty and dedication to the students ol Easley lligh School. We thank her lor the memories she has given to US. The GREEN 84 WHITE Stall ..-L . JA , V I ' V A ffMs,1,.,, .nn 1 ...l laeuhy l7l Language Students Play K , ws- 11 .W M Nm 'f1fas1:1, a-4 , ,ii 1' , ,A x 1-ifih u 31- Y' if' 9 .Mm l iT'f.'iF?k FQ ,- .11 wg. 1 rx--.Q W K 2 4. fr - N ., , .551 s 0,1 1 fi ' Q Y Mcrrill N1cC'11y :md Bella llcrndon learn 111111 taking lrcnch has llllllly rcxmrds. cxpcciully xxhyn ll 1nx11lxLs.1 lrrp 111 Ihr I rgmh rwl.111r.1111 l ll Rue Mudclcinc. Mrs. ,lkifdilll amd Mark N11Ichum cniny Ll dance 1111 thc TCSILHITLIIIIQN cafe sclling. N1 rx. Tilflkll' und wvcrul 1ul'1l1u Spanish Klub mcnrbcrs enjoy .1 YWLIXICLXII lLc11s1 All Ci11rci11R. l'oll1mir1g11r1 old Spzulixh cux111n1. thc 5111111191 ll xludcnlx CCICIWFLIIC Cxhrislnrzu by brcuking thu Pllllllil l'11c Krisy Nlnhr :ind Missy .I irdnn shoh ihm ir pirit fi r L, WVSIVC. I A 10J1t01..'0glK-:ir- W 'fffef 525' ti I Class nl' 'X-1 is dl with this Wnvc lover. .Ionic Cutchin. Cindy Brookcy, und Curlu wntkins clown around ni thc beach during the summer, Thcmc guys arc waiting for ihc punch line ol thc joke William Stokes is lclling. -rf? W-i r7l, fi ii 'if 'f S . 395 W JA ' '1 ' A i J! hh, S ri, l u uuin 'F .5 X34 X V Wu Q r 'deff' . Q' up l lg il. , 'X i '?"' A H M i ,f ' i if if: E x ..'iii ff. -A 45 .w b X w If 5 'H 'Q if X ' fiflii? f ' 5 X l7-1 School Life ,Q 'J-. . V D: r, , h h , . Q . '- . W 3' " ' 4 Hg' A Ja.. ' 9 all A - '- far- . A 4 1 x Aw, 'WW I' L kr Q W , In " ' I MM 1 -- Q! ,V 'Q H0 , 5 D . n ,V f uw-Cw n , ' ' ff ' A . . K . 0 Y ' I A 'hfx F " . V - . Q. Q 5 b. X"' ' 'V' A ' 'W 9 'Q 5 'ff , ! ci Q 3 5 C xg ' ,i f I. " if N I ""'4UW W 1, W , A W. J V 1, H- K ' Q? ' , 4 , Nw 0 . 1 ,1-K2 , - YW 'P ' Q ii 9 i I r x 5? , .8 3 r ' 4, ' J M13 ,R l K ' ' J 1 I A IA kv! ' Q W. ,bl ' f . K s A "Af ' . ' 4 'xl K? ,nf Q' 125 C 'iv . ,wifi S 3' h ' sr . 0 , 1 X v f I K A " is i a Y . . ' nf ' L x J" 3 1 . . 1 Y 'fy 1-3' Q A 'h,.7,.w1Qf,W hy ,,,.. I . W' u ' A, . s , TP' a , 'P xl 4 'LI' ,E R' "fl ' 'Qi ' flu X . ' . ' ' W 5 , xg., xr ,1 4 I if fb f A Q F -' ' f . S SQ 6 , V ws' 'W L 'Ai I J,,Q:?i' 4 Ag ,n .. P' . . XX I ixlh, , , ,, 1. Sl W ,,ff 9.x K ' ' ' ' ?' my 1 K ' 5, M" 1 P' A k fr 'gh , 4 D f 1: ,- K- m ' W J aka 4 Q. H.g:,,f1iE 5, ,EW Q 1 1,223 , , k x . .. X ff' ,if I . A A 24 ff' , vig, A Z A A O i. g' ' I 52' ,gf fi I A X l Ml? ' . 1 ,A :X 1, , f 3 3" M kip ,a nie, 'P ' . 'kdm'-' 'Q-031 '-""' ' Q' , D , X A 3 bafyig Y 4 Xia! I ,V .M ' ai Y 7, f his Q A - ' fm I 1- w f ,ff A ' f' wif, k 1 Ka miyfx . . , 4, if . K ,! 29,4 W K '. V, :.f f I 7,59 , .iailvmzii I ' K' gr , ' I , 1" ". ,Y "VW Q 1 . '-GSA' .. 'w L1ltsfmm...,......... "'!f"?4fF.v Xl.1lINii.1r'wg'11V.xlgwpl'.1Hwcx,1rh1T1'v'l1.1Wlg.1N1w1wlMr'1NlhElL if A Q. UG A. - 9,3 6, M 1 W f- ,Rx Y 1 :gf 4 . 3,3 H' -X 4:..i.1 f,-gp , W Aiwa, , ,. New 1923 ' -' '.'fz3f,2,'L-"wwf 1'-9 ' M-pw, 'iii-'-'N va- ., N 4 wwg Q0 ' f-W SCHUOL LIFE There was a change of scenery at Easley lligh School this year, Mrs. .lanice Lim- baugh decided to give her l0th grade stu- dents an audience. She accomplished this with the help of Mrs. .lulia llunnieutt's third grade classes from West End Elemen- tary. These students exchanged writings with the ltlth grade Honors linglish students. Nlrs. l.imbaugh's other classes received paragraphs from the third graders telling them what they were thankful for and the ltlth graders responded with letters. The curiosity mounted.culminatingina visit by the third graders to the lligh School in December, This was the first time many ,of these children had been to our school. Meeting their pen pals left them very excited. Sever- al students read and sang to the younger students. ln addition to all this. the sopho- more linglish class held a party for these children. After the party. the third graders were taken on a tour ofthe school. They left knowing they had made many new friends. 'xlrs .Ianicc l imbaughk honor students proudly dis- play their illustrated stories, lhis group of giggling 3rd graders enjoy their first Story Tzme of Y' N.. x, V, i ,af experience at lfllS, K new X... 5 s ee S .1 T G yj ,Qs .ssl lhe ,lrd graders as well as thc ltlth graders seem to lr.. e s scsi? is.. 5' enjoy the stories that are being told. .fit5s L --I .. l'ti Story Time Speech, Art, Chorus. Creczlzvzly ,Uv 31 5 1 E v 6 qv J -4 Pcri'ur'minu in thc Urcxxl 'XIHUI'ix'1lH SHlUlxL'f,lIl. Nlzuk Mhlwx s C Q 10 1 ll -,XII fill- 1 .RW he ff" is SuwllW1lsuI1.1 ' ' '. 4 Nl11UlxII1y ' ClAQClIL'ilI1d CI'UilliVC H1lHI'UUHCCl'l Kilim. I-so hu-.,.., 0 Nagel -':'5w in v 'Y is. 'XII K lxr'lNmpI1ur'w11N Spcccll il IHk'lllLiCL1. " 1 ' 4, ,lr iwgnr- .us pI'CNCHlNll1Ccil'C1ll 'XIUCVICLII1 SIIIORCQMII Much l7l1r'l11y,'XVt K Lux. lxcn Rxlblllxxlll .md NN 1H1.1m Slwkcx L'I'L'.lIL' vvIllL'llHHg1 xprrl. lN!UIHbkI plllx i'm'lI11'ml114lN, ll Christmas Festivities , I ssg ,fu 5' fs' ...A - M M' -uw., f:1 in--is-ami., www: """"'NvrnN. lin Inblu C horus Ads .ml Txms thy Night Bunn Ciiristiiim during thu C hrislmiis gonzui. Pcriormiiia the Q ilFlSllI1Aih concert, ilic I-iuririg K horns cnturliiins thc studcm body Taking time out oi' h s busy sciicdu e. Siintzi Claus. Mr. Vhris. visits ligislsx' High S:hoo. 1 ThcChr1S1mi1Slrccin'hc obbv 4 dde o1'ic C hristmas xplrll AI EHS Ji? , ' ' ' . Af. , 355 . .. y B 5. 5 Z , NN up ' , .www ...-. . , , 54 "ff . f x 4.1rl.rluxlu1 T. Q M3 T3 'Z' 'E 5 I5 N- Q 'X 10' .D F 4 -i 1' 53' J' 1 Q 'Q 1 N A r 6 2. ff' in A V v 11 N f M L? '- F s mv f LH www. iq il ' J! Q. . ri , was 3 H A we 4 fd' JT. f 4 . , ,ik , 1 Li 3 .YM 4 fi' i 5 Q , -M 1'-241 ,luv f '- -l-L-'AM 55, .X wha' " TZ' 4 wt' . if? :. , 3 .1 . N - 4 -ff' . QT -W f Ji Q , E :Pk '- suv! s M... Q., x 1 f 'N 4' V-,gy--. mn- .1 w,,,,,, ,. 4 4 2 i 5 x .Q f ,M QM. :wif '- P- 4, .R 34' 1- , L EC ' ' Q 5 ' lrm X1ul"lh.1nmm m. ai' M Iss M err y Ch rzslmas ibmxram 1 I Aw Good Mcvrning, E.H. S. 9 it Y Y , . I , ' Q 1 Y V 5 f 'Q J-if in 1 , , 1 I , ,, U I, A 3 L.. liaeh year the Easley Ministerial Assoei- ation sets aside a week of the sehool year to present Character Building Week at liasley High Sehool. This year. Reverend l.ewis lidwards. Viee-President of the liasley Vlinisterial Association. presented two speakers at li.H.S. On Thursday. Mr. Cole- man from the Highway Department spoke on the simple importanee ofa simple "Good Morning" and the perils of drinking and driving. The E.H.S. Touring Chorus per- formed three selections whieh ineluded "Lean On "Thou Art Jesus." and "The Ameriean Round." On Friday the Collegians from Central Wesleyan College performed. The speaker, Zeb Osborne. spoke of his life as a eonviet and as a follower of God. Each day the students learned how to build and expand their own eharaeters. Vlr. Coleman from the Highway Department says "Good Morning. li.H.S." The li.H.S. student body listens intently to the speaker, t l 5 -wan-um A former eonyiet. Zeb Osborne. impresses the students with his eharaeter building speech. The Central Wesleyan singers entertained l1.ll.S. with their spiritual songs. The li.ll.S. Touring Chorus uplifted the entire assembly to begin the day. Cliaraeter NN eek llyl , I "Til Victory I Won" "Til Victory ls Won." directed and de- veloped by Dwight Woods. was the presen- tation honoring Black History Week. lt covered Black American History from slav- ery and reconstruction through the Civil Rights Era of the l960's. With music. dance. oratorieal narrations, and drama, the story was told. lt explored the question ol' lost "humanity" in light of present day social.political.technological progress.and liberation. Two performances were given: one lor the student body, and one for the general public. Miss Bradley. committee chairper- son, felt that student participation was great, With the help ol' Mrs. Phelps. Mrs. lfaflone. Mrs. D. Limbaugh. and Mr. Wil- liams. all supervisors. and many dedicated students. the presentation came together with success. llie students graceliully walk on stage to begin their prograni. George Beachum escorts Donna llagood onto the scene at the restaurant. uv gt-we A l5l1"lIt! ll1C Bllltils lllSlUfF llmgfillll- Tim' lhe Bl ick llistorx progr im is cnlncned with song ind d inet lilassingaiiie sings to proclaim Black freedom. INZ Black llistory was L' A gy Wg 2' 2' zfgfg' TW X Ei A 2 53 K W. 5 as, 9513 54 3 f -gf? 1 P4 f M ,MMM M n W wk Y Q 'f 3 J 4 psi .- f .. "HJ liwg 4 I l 5 g,,1 v 5, ' V ' A4 ,- g'f -gr! ef' . Y -- 1 fu.-...- 5 'Yun 1411.-rv' 41 '46, gl., .f ml J Q4 gG'Rr'..azf A . , rw ' Yi F, My x 1 z 3 NSI M W .ii UR? yi rf Q EQ 5 5 A Y E 2 , ' 5 , is 5 r 1 5 2 3 X 2 is, ' X if L A WJY5-" 1 H' 2 an 2 N , S 2 1 ff ' ,QL 9 I V fi 3 Q a j -4 s. A a F' ,QQ 2 3 f Q m . ffm, x1 , lmxf 11 'K l'UMlR IN' L " fa ww in M,-on mnunmf I MM N4 23385 1 Wrgh, 1- x ,AM X - 511 ' X a N X P .QW ' Qi effffz- ' 1-L 31 .sf yi , ,gf ws '-g'y1..,5..f E 'ws fi, 0 V .mu . 1 t D fl Q ..,.-"3i.... ..,...w.Jz 4' wwf-1' 4 'map I5 17 On November 10, Easley High School held a beauty pageant. The pageant was sponsored bythe Junior Class and directed by Miss Leslie Jordan. the Junior Class sponsor and French teacher. The juniors chose the theme. "Vive Les Jolies," which is French for "Celebrate Pretty Girls." The French theme was quite appropriate and was exhibited throughout the entire even- ing, The show began with the contestants posing as French mannequins while Hil- liard Brown danced to "Puttin On the Ritz." The contestants then came out by classes and modeled their sportswear. While the contestants were changing clothes. some ofthe French ll students en- tertained the audience with the Can-Can. The senior talent winners held the next spot in the program. Lori Peot. 3rd place. per- formed a gymnastics routine to "Chariots of Fire." 2nd Place winner, Susan Oates, sang "He's Ever lntercedingf' and Andrea Forrest. talent winner, sang "You Took My Heart By Surprise." The girls then came back out forthe evening gown competition. While the judges tallied their votes, enter- tainment was provided by Art Morton. .lonathan Brock and Chris Durham. Then the moment linally arrived as Master of Ceremonies. Rick Woodell. was handed the envelope. He then announced the class win- ners. Melissa Hunt was named Miss Sopho- more, and Fonda Black was her runner-up. Miss .lunior was Leah Mayhew with Rosa Collins as runner-up. Lori Peot was runner- up to Miss Senior. Lisa McElhannon. As thc tension increased. the new Miss Easley High School was announced: Miss Andrea Forrest. lhe senior girls proudly model their evening gowns for tlic judges, lrom WCKN. Mr. Rick Woodell is enicee lor the CVCIIIIIQL Smiling toward the audience. Rosa Collins models her sportswear. Vive Les Jolzes at 4 llllllll As the contestants act as French Mannequins. Hilliard Brown dances to t'Puttin On The Rit7". 188 Nliss FHS -.., llllll Avi xx l' HS.. Xnclrcal lwmrrcsl pcrllvrrm llcr cc lqllcm Ihr Ihc gxudicncu. The lkwllowing CUI1lCSl1lDlSlxULlIlLl the cvcning truly cxcilingi lori Pc xxllllfdl lforrcsl. Rosa Collins, Nlclissu Hum. und Hindu Black. ol. l.ls4x Mclfllmnnon, l.c:1l1 Mayhew. IJispIzxying their SQOTl5WCLlI'. thc soplmnwmx xmllc lor thc uudicncu. M1xsI"lIS ISL Xndrcn lforrcxl smiles proudly after being urovwncd. turing n bcnulilxul owning gown. Shannon Foster Jcginw her wx 'ff 5' L92 V vf 421 5 Z n 4, ,A Q2 Q., ,A y , A ' 5 Y 4 Q, g, if ,r , A .1 H n z , W' S i 21 M I in if Es if l Q . s S f..- k I 9 . mh.. Q., o f .. . m , 5 X4 t f 1 E 1 I 0 1 A ,ji lunnor C hm Durh.un u1url.11r1s thy .ll1dlLHL,l, mth Lunonx from nyc .md K hopln. lunlor k,Ul'1IC5l.lI1INllI1C up lor thc tlnnl ludgmg of lhk ucmng gow n Lompcrnnon. Xxx """1 fi ., nf 1 xfffr ff 5131 G 1 4 u A 5 u , '35 , 5 5 , 4 , n 7: - E "ie 'W 4 3 A e f i f 5 who fx A L f u QI wg X 2. 'V 4 b K int. T 5? x Y 4' 'K i 1- 3 Q J Q- J LP' 544 15? Ai 4 llomcconnng queen. ,lulie Lesley eongmlulules 1 dren l'orresl. Miss HIS. , -ur- Krl Morton und .lonulhun Brock perform ll xkil if X-...P ,ul ,-o mmf u 'N -09' fu Nil Naxllcy Run I esley. k.llfL'SllIUI1,llI1li.'Xll1ySChUl'!llI' perform the K 1n-K .Ill . 2 , if '4 1 V 9 lj . Q A i f E3 f ? , u . R msd b i X H-nik?" -.Jem L Q? A nf while the judges count the votes. Sophomore Donnu Ciurrick posen lor the gmuniiencc 'J Q 7V ,,,s,.. 4, .. ...,,e t ,- - 4 . 144, .Q gg, H an-ii' ' . Second PIZICCIIIICYIIVKif1l1CF,SllS1lI1c,LllLfS,SiI!g5uHC.S liver Inlereedingf' N1isxlfllS Parenls G0 Back T0 School ln October. the Student Council mem- gram was turned over to the department bers at lfasley lligh School sponsored Open llouse. Members ol Student Council heads. The teachers commented about their fields. stressed the importance of these worked with their advisors. Miss Welborn and Mrs. Robinson. to make this ycar's fields. and talked about upcoming events. After the program. parents obtained a Open llouse a success. copy of their ehild's schedule. The parents Open llouse was changed from years past. lt started with a program in the audi- then followed the schedule of classes and met the teachers. After visiting the classes. torium. To begin .lulie lcsley welcomed parents to the school. fkfterwards. Nlr. Ciet- parents were urged tojoin the faculty in the gym for refreshments. tys made opening comments. Then the pro- - .' .19 inch l arry Bagwell and Nlr. Nlarvin VK illiains thscnss the local issues while waiting for parents VII' Nubrex l'arker talks with a parent while Sharon Xnderson's mother waits for her turn. l stltcr Nlartin. leresa Nlorgan. and londa Black lown around before parents come to the gym t lfarl tiilstrap looks relaxed before parents come toach liob tiordon explains the tuntlanientals ol lll to an interested parent. l 92 Open llonsc 14.4, air . I . , sw- Buy or 01 To Buy L 1Lll 1b 1L11 11111111 1L1111C1C111Cl1Cl1fCL11A.,'X g1111L 1111111111111111 11 1N LII1 1111111 111 111c1'cl111'Lr. 111c1111111111l s111I1 NPLII1 1 1111 111 11111L 11111 1.11111 1111111111 ll 1111111 SLl11111l111 1 1111'111c1' 11115161 1111111 SLl111 N11 1111111111111 L L 111111 ILLI N 1 L 11111 L , 1 .5 . 1 1 kN 11LwL1 1111 1 11L1.1l1 11161 11c1'c 111111 1l1c5 1111 11111111 LII 11111 ILI1 1 LN l1L .1111111.1ls l1LlpL11 1l1L111 1U1'L111L111 L L 11111 1 1 11111 SL1111 lxLllL1 pL1111r111LL1 18 11 111 511111K 11111 1 111 1 111 L 11111 NN 11 111L1L111L11, S11111L 111 1l1L xl111Ls 11L1L1 111LLl1111111 rll 11111Ls 11111 111k 111l1L1 sl111Ls 11L1L L.111L1111 5111115 111 S11lllL111S 11 1 18 LN 111111 SL1 L1 1 1 0111.11 111LLc11111111 11111s1111 111c s11111L1 1 .1111 1L11L1s111111-'111 fl K H ,M 1111111 5Ll11111l1.11 .lllkl 1lll1'l111l 1l1c .1wc111l1l1 X111111.1lx l1L'l11111111'1111. 111Ll1 111 I11L 1 SL1111 11111111 11l1I'1I1g 11 SL1111 Kelly Ll.1I1CCN11Y1l1L11111111111 X111111L A Tradition With Class W0 Q5 1 'Q ow- 'F'-z. PAF! 5. H -. : - xm 1 45' '.V A 'E Wv On the morning ol' Oetober 3rd. repre- senttttives l't'om 40 universities. junior eol- leges. teehniettl eolleges. ztnd the ztrnied liorees ttrrived ut lil IS lor at yearly tratdition known :ts lid-Op. .luniors und Seniors re' eeived information thttt helped their ehoiee lor future eduezttionul opportunities. Mrs. .lztniee limbttuglt :ind the olillieers ol the 'Wtttionztl llonor SOClClj'tJI'g1lIlllCQl the pro- gram that wats held I'or the lirst time in the new gyntnttsium. Nztney llaunilton. presi- dent ol the NHS. llelt thttt lid-Op wus very well-organized. She thought thztt lid-Op wus inllormgttive beettuse the representat- tives guve out brochures that the students eould tttke honte. I ff, llo ttnx ol these broehures interest xou'Y leon ltllll. Cttndt lee. .lttson Sttrgettnt. lts.t 'Xlev gntdei. ttnd Scott Sherill' diseuss the eolleges ol' their ehoiee, W.. 2 I , fv xr S I, ,J vu f A Waves Are F I ame- Thmwers! Circen XX aye Bandit. Scott Kelly. reveals his enthusi- .tsni and spirit for the Fasley tireen Wave 'lille sllttltiltls .tl l:.ll.S. Slttttt Nut only lggtm sptrjl but also class pride. l.il'e at E.ll.S. is energetic and enthusias- tic. especially during lootball season. Per- haps even more exciting than the Home- coming game is the Easley-Pickens game. lfrom the morning ol' the big day to the linale that night. E.ll.S. spirit is at a high. Each class has its own special and unique way ol exhibiting spirit on "Pickens Day." To begin the day. students decorate their cars with green and white streamers. pom- poms. and signs. The drive to school is a parade. with horns blowing and students yelling. At school. the classrooms are lilled with excitement as the students await the tj: " ff- -t in .3 Vg: ' f' , 2 , g , y. 4 ga Y 1 " H , ,tux C 1 V l ' gg? , , --ti. K N V . f . A 4 s ,. l , 1 4 4 , X , 1 0 gn 'riff ill A3 Q, . x 1 SQ" Tw 'rr ' . I ? . t 5 if 2.1 yr , 'mm W 'Tv' we . PN 1 t... . Q .if . ,,1s.v 4 i it . N V. A f E , A 1. 5 we "' Q-I Xt the l-asley-Piclxens pep rally. the seniors exhibit their support tor the tireen NN axe. i xi N A I If X Q ' pep rally. Finally. tt the ptp rt llj . the toot- ball lield is wall-p tpered v ith banners and llags representing .zach claws arid. ofcourse. the Green Wave te tm tselt. Howtver. when the cheering dit s eltywrt, :vt ryonc be- comes nervous at the hong h' tltuinning or losing to the Blue Flames lfortunately. th: Greer VX aye plavers performed not onl. ct ttragzcu ,ly hut hsro- ically. using their strength and tl eir ni nds lor a triumphant tuccess. Easieys vic ory over its biggest iival. th: Picl cns lilue I'lames. was well- -ar ted 1' ... '1 Kms? V Mk W5 ' f . . .'3,.'g .- X if is -,,,,,.. . Q. F .5 . , ' .. . Cnptains Chris Davis :nd .anits lfi rl ' ti ge the stu' dents to support the Vyave by coming to the game. an-v-nu -lllun"5l51 ' Aww-v -any -8 1L"'Y:", 1-V30 1-H M, lnmnrv' L YA xx cQlI.1!lkI'b.l4.k. ,l.1111u I .11lL. my P.llILllTlf .1x H111 dcrwn .111d H1'111i Nilllcr lnpu h1N,111kIc .1 Im-1 R1111z1I11 lJ111'l1.1111 .lllki Nllllll Iltxlcl' .11'c 1111c11Ilx 1111 gk 'Xl thc I'.1sIuyI'1ukc11x pup1'.1Ilx lhc cI1uc1'lc.11ic1x 1111xl1.11L 111111 xklll by hlllldllly .1 11514111111 LI . AY 1 A m . ' ' l111x 111111 fircu x1.lI'I1Il cxplusiu 111111 PI'lliL' ,IM qi X5 '5 im 93 vi, it ' Cf' Y 1 . lg .ffl - P. BUCl1llNL'11IklhC g1x'11l 111.1115 lwI1wc11 I mlm .1111i Pnl. cm. 1111: xl11dc11IN .111 cspa:c1.1lIx L'XL'Ilk'ki Ihup11x1u1w1i1x11l.1yc1i.11 1I1u pc111.1Hx 1'cw.1l IIIL' N kiCl11N'kiL'N1l'L' 111 lw11u1111'11111N Ru. ' Q fx u -v. K .Wil I ,al is f' 1' Q:- 51 ww., 'QP' .'. A! , 4. 1 f, -A N 56 QT' s Af""'?' 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I W 4' X 2 .'9 ' f,aw, w. if P , 4.3, ? fijijlfx wi ,, 1 W, - f , Jw fi 1, wfwgf 2- , ,if'!'1."' 1 4 .f we . , , , Q 'J' it lj' 1 ming, , A 1 n Mgggf ff' .ff . 5 A f wif we V' 5-K J.: A4 ls . A 3 in - 5 C ' ,. " fi ,.. U X 0 , if TC . K9 'nv 3. , -T V8 a 1 .1 1 ,V 7' I " - 4? ,M . 'v sz '56 ,,. - A 4 ilk. IWW f. -p 'f NVQ gnu , .y - 4. pi V. - .35 Z.: . I .r"' 5' f 0 1 W ,F A5 . f ,,' :s..,,, ,wt .Qf 3 .4 rm - , .Wm 1' P O, I . Q ' t 'ze , , .v fx Eff'-4 .r'x N .Lu-1' 7x f 'Axe , 1 'Y . ! v SW. . +L. CQ? Q34 'WRU u. -W, . I nv As the Week Goes '11 4 P' "9 wax hu ,gwg '35 if USL? 1: 4, e Q 'N e QL 1 Q " Q v 9, mx ' .. .F rw ,.. Collcuc ILM bmwxuul C Icn1wr1.mn1 L LH'UNlIl.1 Mlm xuch ,xx .lucy lJ,u1x,X11vy Bl.:kk..1mi I mi XIcx.xmlcr, llurmg the pep fully. I mlm' C1vr'I.1ch uc.11x hu green .mai uI1ulcurc.x11u-lx llmc YQHNI pcrmd phxxzu ulmx wx Clllhllxhlxlu -su 'um xrdXK1m x A I IN I v F-4 F434 Spin! NX cck era 5 f.. I J 'T 7, XA W , li ., wif W , -N A H yu qi! Y YM! A WA . 'fwf'Km+'3' ' ' Wm H W1 J 4' - " A' ' f ""x " .. A, ,. J , ' Q , .J-A -ww' " ' "Ma" ' A 'T 'T .K .-fvmw - - . mm ,r . ..p,f'f' ' V H' Y.s1,..'s'Qr!: K 5 F ,.,. . up an " R W wx M W if w "X W '.. ,.. ' ' " ' ,-L' ,, 'V ' -.gn - .,- w"-wdq-W., Y W W Af ' , ' , 'W' nf'- ' wwf, Pi 'Ffa fm 'W' VM, '."'7'f' , , ,' 'Wx V ,. 1 W, ww-N' ' " JIU'--W H., . 1 L' U .HMV Y , 1 r4f'W .Y ,. wi Ab. -Q x - . I w XX H Umm,X1.llliki!H'XMIMqH.lIlL'IlV.lL'kIXbL'Hl" xmmmi XI M' llvvlncmxwm' warns, lieth K hlldrcxx ulwuurx XK1I'1UVL',lI CIICVUN .Hhi NVNTH lo mm Um: 1VHL'NI'lINl. Il1L'Nk'I1lUI'NICIC.lNCg'!UCH mnulmvlmH.mm,11xhupcpmllx IJ vx.Nu1, H111 Um lflCUI1L'..l.1H1L'x hulk LM I' 'T1L'1L'.1HNlxw.1xf'. xggx had 8p1r1lXKuk ,Ili sf 'J We 1 English Teacher After nine months of teaching school, Nliss Kim Welborn. an English teacher at E.H.S. left for Europe: definitely a classy way to spend a summer! She visited France. Germany, Spain. England. Switzerland. Monaco. ltaly. Hol- land. and Austria. Nliss Welborn found Sw itferland. her favorite. a beautiful coun- try with warm and friendly people. The landmarks she saw while in Europe includ- ed the house of Anne Frank, Windsor Cas- S -. .. 93 if 'Dil' be ,if t ati QW, ...M-V.-....k., . M' Q- ' -af .. ... 5' V 'v l fl it l Visits Europe tle, the Eiffel Tower. and her favorite. the Canterbury Cathedral. Nfliss Welborn commented that she en- joyed her trip very much and said that ev- eryone should visit Europe. Seeing the dif- ferent cultures and meeting the European people were an enjoyable way for a person to gain a "touch ofelassf' Because she liked it so much. she is looking forward to going again next summer. A - 4 gs 4' 'K Ps ffl ll 33. . . V --Wmgf 'iv V 'f A bl' mf' ltr! 'S :H A S 'Q NNN: Nliss Welborn stands in front of the lziffel fower in Paris. Nliss Welhorn poses with her new friend in front of ll store in a fierman town. ,X liuckingliam Palace guard takes time out to pose with Nliss VN elborn in front of the castle I' 5-H ,- Fagan Q V I 3 :ITM , 6. 3 Q un s W.. I E . .,, . . "' " ' il I t ." 4 xl A T 5 4 O rl Nliss Welborn stands in front of St. Paulis Cathedral in london. -. 'R ' nv "" 1F""5v4. 208 Nliss Welhorn J- A s mentation for Sophomores "l"T .-- 95 " i Av 1 ' A 4 5 Fla iii 3.4: X-,Nagy 'l J . 1 I ' X f I ... liarly' in September. the Student Council sponsored Sophomore Orientation, de- signed to show sophomores and new stu- dents the clubs offered at liasley' lligh. liach club prepared a display and had two representatives answer students' questions. A favorite display was by the Science Club. The members performed an experiment. The cheerleaders also had a good display. They' listed the cost oftheir uniforms. show- ing that being a cheerleader isn't all fun and excitement. Because the response to the ori- entation was positive. Student Council ad- visors, Mrs. Robinson and Miss Welborn. plan to sponsor the activity' again next year. an. 'M . K.. ,W 9 Q I -ws: + Q . , 2 fr 1 Q Mtn s 4.5 -li! -,J s 9' W vw wjfg .VT A J A ..:f' + 1 L 1 f' .-'L Q I ,Jw Lg ' s - I- 1' 'Q M .-.-....,., Assistant Principal. Mr. .lames Williams. goes oyer the school rules with the sophomores, Dwayne Dunaen and Beth Childress work at the Spanish Clubs booth. Bryan Williams and Brad Bowie look interested in the Science C'lub's experiment. Shelia Reese and .lim Stevens work at the Science C'lub's booth. ie' l fd' Y. Orientation IIN .fn S! In Memoriam l "In the dream of life is man who finds his truths and loses them, on death's earth, in order to return . . . toward the peaceful land where death itself is a happy silence." Albert Camus John Henry LaBrash April 3, 1968-September 15, 1983 4 8 Yearbook staff members st: nd ,IQ contributors. Barnes Real fetal 7 I 1.0-' -s iii Nl .GQ 'ii It T E.H.S. 'HA Touch ol' Class People throughout Easley High School appreciate businesses in the area. They show their appreciation through buying records at the Poco shop or purchasing a new carat Toyota of Easley. These businesses and others have become a part olnour community as well as our lives. The area businesses appreciate the GREIQN AN D WHITE staff. .lust as we support them by going into their stores and buying items. in return they buy ads to help make our annual one ol' the best. Futhermore, this support helps the GREEN AND WHITE staff produce a great annual with a "Touch ol' Class!" beside a sig n - l ad if? Q .Q Y. KX -S After a long day of work. 'rea a break at the Huddle. rbook ttaft' rncrnbers 'akc AD Zl I -Xds Fmanclal Wizards Fmd A Way At A fc -' T H E THE HAIRCUTTING ESTABLISHMENT -QS PR!! PHONE 855 2555 L MARTIN PRINTING CO INC HARLOW PAINT ING B COMPANY 29640 859 1780 PHONE 964 18033859 4032 Ill MCDA vu 1 IMPLEMENI COMPANY Hlghway 93 BV Pa s Easley South Carolma C8035 859 26'3 f - N C M C'ONCiR,'X'1'l l..fX'1'1ONSY BRUSHY CREEK FUUD C'ONCiR,Nl'l,l1.'X'1'lONS SVNIORSY 1111 Crcxlvicu Roald kg lxmlcy SUl1111cyLlI'U11l1L1 296-111 1'11ONIi3N5F--105-1 X Q Q 'M f 5 C A .IUIIN 14' "" ll.l.l.11fWS li,11NYL1!1I c'111fr HA GOOD x"1'1'1'1"N"' 1ml1r'41r1cc.Sil1cc 1937 81111115 Ilngood. 1961 Ilnvid xY111CI11U1'C, 19711 'Q Nl U-- SKCRIQTARIAI, '1'1iM1'ORARY WORD PROC1iSS1NCi ASSIGN M1iN'1 TURNER H ASSOCIATES 716 L L lst M un Strut Sww 1w4S M lrx Mm Turmr YW 3-WW ' Easley. Sf. 29640 P' '- ' 7 l , . . , l 1 SJ! N f N X kg INCORPORATED QUALITY CLOTHES POR THE ENTIRE FAMIL " 123 -PQ " :IH - By xss Emu 859 9898 E I SBYPNS F M.-'.:3-2 ".'-1 usey . on Fm 8 O 6 30 SM 800 1200 Clemson Clcn1sonShQpp11gCcn1c'r Anderson 905 Flirf elfi Drixc JK N f QOMPLIMENTB FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH QQ DO YOU KNOW WAL-MART WON'T BE UNDERSOLD BY ANYONE? XO Q Mon Sat 9 O0 cl m t1ll 9 UC p m THE HUDDLE l24 C reenvllle Ro td Easley SL. 29640 One Houn BE WISE MARTINIZE lllll,0l'llll lll6 ONE HOUR CLEANING Suedeb Leather Draperlea Formals Complete Alterations Box Storage Moth Proofing Fresh as a Flower in just One Hour Town 8L Country Plaza Mon.-Sat. 7 a.m.-7 p.m. 859-7781 Best W1ShCS F rom INC Easley S C Servlng Plekens County SIHCC l923 Wlth FIVS Modern Textlle Plants Alice Plant Elljean Plant Arial Plant Foster Plant Ellison Plant ALICE MANUFACTURING of Ads ROBIN TON FUNERAL HOME Congmlulfxlions to the Clflss ol' '84 Altud B. Robmmn .md bmli "1-"'1"'f"' N, ff' ..a U'1"' N f C4mnplin1cl1Iso!x S PICKENSVILLE SUPERMARKET South illl Sllcul N59-4485 Iflowcrs WLN'1W'il csl N r.N1'1ybc1hH'1rris IN B , M ' ' A . I SL.. . . . . -. x- fmscx. Plckcnsvlllc s Oldest Buslncss - J -' 855-2911 X55'29l2 jk NC ,J pn -'OHNf00DN' S Wli'Rli PROUDOl"IiASl,liX Karan School mc ll sc IIOOI GRADUATI s' X 1 g ml I1 ll HIIHL 1 1 l x umm z HON 4191 1811.5 u D ISIOHS I ASI I Y ll XTII I S SL MODI I S C XI U6 -10 jk f ' X TEXACO TEXACO Hamburgers, Sundaes Beverages, Gas, Ice MICHAEL S Carry out and COHVGHIGHCC Mrchael s Carry out and Convemenee 1710 East Rlver Street Anderson S C Congratulatlons to the 1983 84 Easley Football Team TEXACO 'I EXAC O f - 9 I . , . . G6 ' - aa 1 1 X J S CONCiRATUl.ATlONS SENIORSY SANGAMO CAPACITOR Q 1 a, lib Af E f n A SOUP , SALADS , IU2 Brz1dIcySlrccl SANDWICHES Ifuslcy. DESSERTS in Q Q J DIXIE LUMBER COMPANY muy sc 79640 For Your Lumber And Hardware Neuds Compllments Of. . . EASLEI ICE CREA W PAR! OI? W THE MEETINIG PLACE FOR OVER 50 YEARS GREENTREE I SPA-cQ FITNESS CENTER FOR MEN AND WOMEN WE OFFER FACILITIES FOR BOTH YOUR NI EDS NAUTILUS AEROBICS DYNO CAM IAZ7 FI I YIBILITY UNIVERSAL DA NCERCISE CALORIE BURIN OFF MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES Modern Excrusc Equlp Profosslondl Insrru tlon Sopxratn I'dClIlllCS For Sauna SL Whlrl Pool Mcn md Woman Slum Blood Probsurc Tostlng Inhdlxtlon Room Nutrluondl Counseling Bodv Fu Xnllysls Xwi 3757 Chlld Clre Lookor and Showel E xsley Mall 3 By AEROBIC DANCE CLASSES BARNP S REAL P SIAII. R CARL BYARS AGENCYINC Insurance Rell Estate 129 East lfirsl Avenue ".. .ixfy THE liasley se. 24 no FOUR 855-2340 RIQIJKISN Precision llaireutting lfor The lintire lfamily No appointment Necessary Featuring Our Own Tanning Sun llut 900 SB. Street Behind Pli'l'liS go x QQ K 3 5 EAST QUICK MAIQT 500 EAST Fl HST AVENUE 3 9 1599 GLENWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH 20I lynn Drive Phone' 859-7764 ALEXANDER Drug C omptny 178 Pendleton Street l isley S C Phone 899 7170 Diy or Night lleetwood DR I tsley bi Phone X59 7l ll Powdersville Center Greenville S C Phone 769 6941 74 Hours lilly Depend ible Preseription Center Toyota of Easley, Inc Your Authorized Dealer For Sales "New se Used" Service, Cars 8: Trucks Parts, and Body Shop WE RE BE TTER Eoze You PARTS 84 SERVICE SALES B dy Sh p d C1 TOLL FRI E 855 2233 I S53 SA5,i1Ll8?'23f 21566 Easley 5 N '1 1 Y 1 1 w 1 K J 1 J 'Y I . Xl IUIOXNS I' I XNS Iio 4. . N L Nilljlfio H59-X628 f N lomplimtnts ol Y , , 1 'X Q PICKPNSVIIIL FINANCI4 COMPNVYIN C MA TADOR f V "R50NfX I 'Ui I V l,ADlliS'.1XNIDMlfN'SllAlRS'l'Yl ixca izifxi ifsiyxii-Q X Ill lfltrzi Modern Salon Willi Ill slxlisls I 'rl 5- 5-I 4 Iforest Acres Sliominu Center 851-0531 ' ' jk NF -" .i fi' K Holli s Hallmark f' '-gm' ' D , neg iscmsvss and Cmsstiich QM - J K f C CiN Wgiteli Cloek und II4 Main Street .lexxelry Repair Easley, S.C. 29640 THE BEST PRICES IN CLASS RINGS Watches, Seiko, Citizen, Bulova Diamond Engagements Direct Diamond Distributors Munutlieturing Gold Smiths X J Xtls ll C J I I .islex SC f ,ml I " egg' - 01,3 658 ,xv lliR lllRl A-VJ N02 Cireenville Rd. ' D lnslex Sl 'tm ' v: PIII I tl II I 1,4-IIT K H1 --- 1 ---7 f T gf at myygn of Easley .9 ' A , . A P9 fox- 7 -',' J' , - ku 5 7 3- ji VA.,-'ll' jf ' 7, fx '12 33,-s.- '- .4 .--- 'f-1-f ii y ISQLQQQ I 5, , Q: R 'ag i ,fs ii'--"' Q-8 3 Full Line Department Store For All Your Family Needs Phone: 859-877l Hours 10-9:30tMON DAY-SATURDAYJ K -ia: J 5 4 -ii-511.-LQ 8- ' s HAIR TIME Sheriff S ' "1 Applzanct? Lwzter Steven Allison Chris Massingill Sheila Anthony Sales, Service 84 Parts Myra Parrot Carolina Patterson, Owner Authorized Appliance Dealer Specializing in hair cutting, Whirlpool, Ama ia. permanents, wave, and eolor Frigidare, KitehenA d TV Sc Stereo Creative llairstyling Phileo, Quasar, RCA Snarre lor Men and Women 859-0221 or 859-9823 lfoothills Mall Easley, 859-9937 l200 S. 5th Street Easley 7 Y -iii: t -Xtls COMBINED UTILITY SYSTEM GF EASLEY SGUTH CARQLINA UTILITY SYSTEM WlSh6S to Extend Its Congrdtuldtlons To The CLASS OF 84 7 Q 4m ,sq 1 y I 'wana I , f , :gp - ' j ' ' , . . A , - - - - , A M, 1 V , , . ,, .W 1. lm ,w 1 B f ' Wa , -mn' .z -V 'JW V W W 4, .- . V ,.. ,f N. 1 , WW ,A SIR I f Q , K A N Mgxrbk V' 1 .52 -2 I 1 ,W I .f . N f EL Serving, Since AM Gospel 95 ' Country EASLEY J! - NC cl S 'V 4 ,MQW S Nc 'I i SHADYSIDE FLORIS1 IS 121 Fleetwood Dr. P O. Bu 704 Easley. S.C. 29640 859-7101 J K ---- Your Diamond Store 887 5414 E59 4991 205 Malin Street 118 Pendleton Street Seneca, S.C 29687 Easley, SC. 29640 J N f P4Ul HUNT S C Ulf SFRVICP CITY OF EASLEY H. if-HJ .X 3 5. ml omg Bm -mf, AND MARBLE C 0 liwslu. sc. 21 y J EASLEY GRANITF 121335359-N913 .. ,.'XlC."lI1LC'. Uxxncr if 1 Mano om. B59 wi QQ The Best In outh Carolma' we ss.a1aWil W wfifw KW X N f , 3 'he Eztzfleiflgrnursw. GILSTRAP KS GROC bRY I1l1jf1ilSlA1U Q " Q ' if X313-SQ yncf . " ' - ' f Smulh .' M Riga I ., in - L Jr 1 ,Wav .5 E56 f .. irli f V-f XSD- 5 QQ m7"'F"Y'r'7"r-rrr a K l i X A1 Y ,N , ,, i '-'W' '," y y - .4 ' jf"' Lgry V' ' WH rggk 5 '-'l "" " '4" K "' ' 59 55 " V - ,.,, ,, , , f,,,. rn ,I AWA, W VV nth a I , Q1 V, L H 5 y ,. ,, .,,,. W , A Il - , ?,, W I V , , , ff ---f ' ' V ' - JZ HW .W gy M y ps I, 0 ,LV Mfr ,.f' Q3 I if 5 X A ., ,. .,., f , , X ,f f A -..f,,. , a K 1 dwg f A 4.50547 . H ,I I it Q-44, M . 'sa w "LL V "'L' " ':1, - 4? 1 'Q , , X , ar " j 'Q NXJy 95? iM, , r u Q JW TQ 'Tr' P I ny. I' 4' ,, ,, M5-FHL F ' .5 N L,,, 5 4.111 ' , K A K gi be I Lug 2 h i:Jf , 'K . 97' fvff 5 I"- JOHN FOSTER FORD Congratulations T0 The Class Of '84 X -- J ACE ELECTRIC C0. INC "If lI,S electuc we connect lt" X J XX FIRST BANK NATIONAL OF PICKINSCOL NIY Illli HOMIQTUW N B XNIQ xslcy Lilmrlx lm L s ZLMVBUVER,UWf WOODSIDE DIVISION South Fifth Street Easley, S.C. 29640 l0l Guest Rooms King Leisures And Apartments PEQHWWMWWQEV 4114 ,,,.L,.l,,L,, ...al I I J... TRAVELEZE Motor Inn Of Easley l23 By-Pass Easley, S.C. 29640 Telephone 8039 859-7520 McCall S GMU and Wrecker Servzce RAINBOW BILLIARDS w 859-5697 5 -2195 ll9 Wgsl M'1in Slreut Rwrrution for thc Entire Fumilv Pool Rules by the Hour Short orders Soildrmks X59-9l-14 103 liust Isl Avcnuc hxmlry. SL Office: 855-0734 Wt: gm. may B YCIIS -1 40 P001 S HOME di AUTO 'rv- X Rmuh ln Wxlk IH rrpuprs Coolmrs ILL M rkurs PASLPY REFRIGERAIION HBAYING Pl UMBING di PIFC TRIC P O Box U78 74 Hour Sprvxm Lulu 5 C X55 7140 Xiw 4951 jk 7 N GEER MEMORIAL BAPTISI CHURCH . . . AND CHILD DEVELOPMENT CEN TF R 9ll South Fifth Street Easley, SCH 29640 Telephone: 63035859-9823 L.M. Price, Pastor We Wish To Extend Our Congratulations To The Class of ,84! A in .y 74 4 ' :ri 1 N A ,.L 4 4 - fl E55 If z ' ' s ., yi A 'P-'-Fff 5913 Tfffl .A X- f ..... - C Q -.Q-..gq.gasf W is , g,f"Az','.xi1 ,i l I' l -'M Q., nat.- 1 ET: Q Q TWWEZTF "A " -s -TP' '-Elf, . i -, .1 ,J ifgiifil-lvklvvi . 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I O' J- LW IN L C CAROLINA INVE STO R 9 VILLAGE PARK INC HARD WARE Your Exerything Store In Eisley" O. B x 123 By-Pass Eisley SC. 29640 18031859-5044 FOREST AC RES SHOPPINC CEJTT R EASLEY SC. 296411 Celebrating our 20th x 'ir ot' service to Pickens Co mtv. Telephone NV EST MFNTS I8031859-8967 L DANS MC JH R EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATES . ',,i.-It-111 , .. JL 'L Platt Saco CORPORATION 1 T .J RUGER S AUTO PARTS INC ot' EASLEY 5 4' 859-7134 Forest Acres Shopping Center QDLUE If X atm Alfa Easley, S.C. 29640 "iw E Brett Clendening Hon e 27? -3586- A 1 C , , 4 . J , .. U Y - L 0 in . 1 f, ' We ' 1. . 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Ilstute Jewelry, Comp1ete lcxelry - Design and repo r W"'361 Phone: 235-16911 18 South Main St 'ect Greenville, SC. 2960 Q Q :ii-"-'-'j 5 5 iii: 5 Wiilleovering Custom Draperies Custom And 1f1oor Coverings THE HOME PLACE 101 Dtvid Street Pete's Drive-In No. 6 One ol the Most P wpul ii P1 tees in I 1s1ex Fresh Food Home ootted Orders To Cro md lnsice erwite N 01 1 tsley SC 79640 859 9508 Bw P s ..! jk '-"5 Compliments of . TOWN A D COUNTRY PLAZA EASLEY, SOUTH CAROLINA TELEPHONE. 859-7781 C OINDIIINLIIIS ol FO?-U01 I l0WES EASLEY BUCKS Drum IH Rui lur ml 'C lslu Drum IH Wmdoxx C ummm: Bmquu I lLlllilLS Tplpphom W9 9 I 98 THOMAS di SONS TUXEDO SHOP Formal Wear Formerly Tux Formal Wear Open: Mon.-Fri:-10:00-6:00 Sat. 10:00-5:00 859-8658 After Hours 855-2066 705 l23 By-pass Easley One door below Garretts Evening clothes by Bill Blass K5 BN Rental and Sales STEWAR T S JEWELERS Fme Jew: lry Cl iss RlIlgS Watch Repin 123 By pass Easley S1 79640 Phone C803 859 I St 4 CQOINPIIINLINS ol mwfs f EASlEY 65540011 BUCK S Dum H1 hut lUI'll1l V' 'TZ ISILW my H1 XNlI1dOVN L luring B mquu l lu 1 lu T Lluplhom Q59 0198 A m 42- A Phone 859-9-131 PO. Box lfnfs From Time To Time There X Are lligh School Students Wrapped Tight Enough To Consider N Chiropratie As A CNW - . . Why NUI YOU - -- Ready Mixed Cena rete Pickens llislliwav J.D. Youn D. C. PH. C. ' ' g, ' Easley, South Carolina 296-lt! 7 Q :I-ii- -J , RUSHMURE' . HAROLD S TIRE AND PLASTICS ,Na RE CAPPING pp p ,g tProtective Packaging Materialsl Custom Exhaust Front End PD- BOX 1002 Alignmgnt and Bfgkg Work PlCk8I1S, Telepho 19 l-803-87 3- Highway 93 Rt. 6 Easley S.C. .l. Harold Medlin 18035859-3741 Disposable Plastic Can l.iners A Q , IEEILEN REYNOLDS MEA TS 309 W. Main Street Easley JERRY ROBERTSON GIFTS AND FLOWERS Phone: 859-2404 211 Sou F RST EAS F SC 29640 BS 2 29 "Food ln The Freezer Makes Life So Nlueh Easier" Q Q -iaeiiizy A 6 'T-iii: CRANE C hex rolet Oldsmobile Greemille Hwy Etslex S C X59 3756 Office 337 West Main Street Xw9 NOI3 jk -f ll -l 5 L ' 'A' ' R at ,r., lfikllft-it ,. f , ' '3 , sg we a t i X . r 9, -9 9 ef? 'Alfa f 1 it AX 3 "'?.?'E- -X',2'-'ut-' 'V ii i if 1 7,0 ' A ---er ---er EE:'f17r: 2 In Q s- at f 9 'tw s fellsasfelfie -f-"" fl f int " r' .1 A 'X ' AN. 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A Going Church for the Coming King" BRUSHY CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH l00 Clay Street Easley S.C. 29640 Telephone: 859-3307 Mike Cothran, Pastor Congratulations is extended to The Class of 1984 R J f N THOMAS di SONS TUXEDO SHOP Formal Wear Rental and Sales Formerly Tux Formal Wear Open: Mon.-Frifel0:00-6:00 Sat. 10:00-5:00 859-8658 After Hours 855-2066 705 123 By-pass, Easley One door below Garretts Evening clothes by Bill Blass STEWART S JEWELERS Flne J welry Class Rings W itch Rl p nr 123 Bv pass Easley SC 29640 Phone C8033 859 l36l 36 THE PANCAKE HOUSE OpLn 74 Hours BIL llxl Isl SLVNLG XIINIIINL I nm KL S IUN ILL BlsLu1ls lLLs u md SL1lood Shrimp Xmi ML xl SIL 1lL S llNiXNlLhLS rLxh C llLLs md PILS L FL llLrL WhLn N u FL HUHLIX C mx Out SLYX LL KW 9420 1LlL LSL SIILHUX SlI1dLl'N Mgrs ix XL1osx from PlLlLLns Counlx l'roduLL ompIimLms ol' THE SINGER COMPANY Motor ProduLls Dlv ILRLIIS SQ 79671 ommumlw Bank o I ILopIL HL 3, L I LU w L N1LII1bLF I DIC HONDA YAMAHA S 1lLx SLVXILL irlx KL NLLL SUYILN 1k HL ms LN N 77 -1 PA TRONS PAGE A speczal frtena' Banker s Trust of Pzckens Bennte s Texaco Pzckens Mr And Mrs James Dacus Danze! Hunt Dr Dove Reea' Room Restaurant Ozze Garrett Grow Mor Nursery Dr Gordon Graham Medical Center Pzckens County Produce Dr ana' Mrs E W Rabon Smzth Shealy Welborn Trzpp s Shell Statzon R Davza' ana' Mary Ann Tucker ! Mac's Sales y J -.1 AA"i"--Y --L. ' Iv , C 5 . . ,4 , ' ,L K 1? '-'J' Y' xA ,.J.. ,f , L" Q nw 1 'I ,,. ' ,,..1 -UIFURU I, I 2 sw :!,.:f' R., ...J :.4g XxIlIII. Illdd 'II XII.lIIlx. XNIIIUX XII. III Xd.lll1x. II.lxld 'II Xdllvx. IXIIII 'In I III. III. I II IIII XIIQIIX. SIICIIX VI, PIII I II XIIIIIIIQIIIII. Xlldx 'II XIIICII. NIL'u'IIx'IIc IN. III XIIxUII.NI1lL'L'X "I. IMI, "II, 'II 'III XIIwllwIl. IIrI.lII III. 'II XIIIcllwlI,CI1llw II.I'I. III, I,. II . XIIwcl'lwl1. II.lIl.l "I-, XII. III XIIwr'lwll, .IIIIIII II. I-I, IN. II XIIWIIMIII. IILlIlxx.l III. Iv-I. "4 'III II, IIN, III XIIIL'I'IxlIII 1 I I 1 . RIIIIIIIL' I, III, ,,'I, III, 'I, Nh, Nfl I II. III? XIIIL'I'IxIIII. NIUIII 'II N I XIUMIIIIICII, XI1ll.l 4'I, III, 'II IIII IICLIIIIICV. XIIIIVCII 04. 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Greg 29.87. 116 DiDonato. .lamie Dillenderler. Mark 44. 45. 63. 97. Dill. Tracy 76. X2. 136 Dillard. Bobby 74.84. 116 Dixie lumber 221 Dodgens. Charlene 136 Dotson. Donald 136 Dotson. lidward Dove. Brenda 1 16 Downing. Chip 97 Downs. David 136 Drayydy. Melissa 76. 77. 246. 117 nuke. flu, iiv Du1ac..li in my Dumas. Annette 97 Duncan. Angela 76.97 Duncan. Dwayne 12. 209 Dtincan. l.eAnn 66. 67. 724. 117 Duncan. Penny 240. 97 Duncan. Tami 97 Dunlap. lodd 136 Dunn Weisner Buick 235 Dul're. Scott 75.79. 117. 40 Durham. Chris 117. 190 Durham. Durham. Durham. Durham. Grant 135 .lerry 29. 117 Kim 62.76.117 Mindy 162. 165 Ronald 29. 136. 19" 1924 Durham. Durham. Tina 97 Durham. Wade 97 Dye. Robert 75. 117 Ee llades. Tonnny 136 liarle,Apri198 liarle. .lames 8. 10. 15. 16. 124. 29. 30. 31. 32. 35. 64.79. 136. 196. 197. 199. 205. 206. 157. 40 liarle. Tracy' 924 liasley' Granite and 'vlarble 229 lfaslev le e Cream Parlor 222 wt lasley Progress -29 ra-op 194 lfddins. 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Kelly I-ll .l011es, KIIII 78, l0l .lyIllL'N. I.lSg1 70. N-I. I42 .lyIIICN. Iy1111 l0I .l1111eQ. ReIyeee.1 70. I42. IST .lUlIL'5. Seuil 79. I42. 202 .l1111es.'li11a1 59. 04. 70. 77. I-I2 .I11rd:1n. .l:1i11i 48, 05, 80, l0l .l0r1l1111, I eslie 75. I07. l7.l .lylFlI1lIl. 'Nliwy 7. X. 0l. 04, 08. I7-1 lllllllll. Ka11'ei1 l0l .l.Y.C'I1ee1'le11de1s -IN Kk K.1I11 N 22l K11r.1Ie Sel1110I 2l9 lXlIl'l11llKlCl. IKLIFCII l0l, XX K11y.'l'11111111i I0l lKC.llllIIll. XILIIQLITCI Ke111'11x 240 Ke11yler. Biidgel l0l Kee11:111.l'1111l.l.27.70.N7. I-I Kee111111, 'I'e1'ry I0l Keeyer. 130111, 74, 714. l0I. 411 Keller. l,a11lcl Kelley. l'I111'1y Kelley. livlnby I20 Kelley. Ci111'y 27. 29, 74. l0l lKUllCf.Sl1Ill I-I2 .1 ' as -ll If X , is 1 . 0 19.5-I l4l I w .2113 09 70. 77. 85, I42 Kelly. Seoll 7. IXO. I42. l93. I90. I57 KelleyK 223 Ke1111e1Iy. Peggy IOI King. .1X11gel.1 04. 80. I-I2 King. Kelly l0l Kl11g,Se011 I20 K111g.'l':1111111y I42 Kinney. IJ111'le11e 74. 70. I0l K11'ksey,VieI1i IXIIIQIII. Nlelissu l0I K1111x. C 11111li lY0l Kreriek, Pele 5, I9 Ll I .1l31'11yl1. .I11l111 lnelyey. IJIIIII llll I .11I1l. C'i111ly 70. 87. I20. I99 U If 240. IKLX 1 ayyson, Marion 17 I .tnk1'ord. Barry 114, 110 1 .1them,.1essica 65. 76, 77, 78, 91, 101 lathem, ,lunelle 14. 51, 64. 76. 77, 714, 141.1 157 1 eague. Cindy 146, 110 lee. Candi 147, 141.195 lee. Seotty 74, 110 lelield, Michelle 110 1 emmons, Mike 101 1 esley. Carol .lo 106 le4ley', Dana esley. Deana 110 .es1ev,.lulie 11, 13, 1 1 lesley, Kim 75, 110. 16. 14, 50. 514. 60, 61, 64. 75. 76. 77, 141, 191. 199, 106. 154 191 Iester. Carla 10. 64, 141, 141, 179,101 l eyi, Spurgeon 17 leyyis, Dayyn 61, 145, 141 l eyyis, Donnie 1 ibrary Club S1 1 il 'Xbner 4. 5 l imhaugh, Debra 144, 167, 171 1 imbaugh, .laniee 61, 167 lindsay, Mim 61.74. 76, 111 lollis, Pat 44, 63, 65, 76, 141. 101, 109 lollis, Paula 74, 76, 101 long, Richard 141 long. Sherry 111 looper, Billy 147, 111 loyell. linda 101 loyell, Terry 714. 143 loyyes 139 1 unsliord, Tonya 1 yda. Sandra 74. 101 lynch, Ninette F 4 1 ' .... , Q .Q Q. in - 4 x.. .-X4 es- 513 sc i A . Mm Me-Xlister, Bobby Mcfklister. 1 ueius 101 Me Xlister, Mike 111 Melklister. Robert Metktee Barbara Mefall. Derriek 111 Meiall, Gyyen 1614.148 Mettall Gull' 133 Mcl'lellan. -Xmy 74, 76. 101 '1 'N1cC'ollum,,1e1'l:101 Mel1ollum,'X.tte 101 Mceonnell. Xngie 61. 7 4,143 Mcio, 'Q 1, 19, 64 171 4 71.76, 141. 143, 1,3 ty Bit tn 1 Mefoy, Merritt 9, 56. 61. 6 . 1 Mefrary, Seott 101 McDaniel Implement 11 MeD.intel. Xngit' 111 McDonald, Angel 111 MeDoyyell,,1aekie 4 03. Mareus. Mark 147, 143 Maready. Charles 111 Maready. Stephen 101 Marin, Marion Erie 74, 76, 141, 111 Davis Inc. 137 Nalley. ,lennilier Martin Printing 114 Martin, Dean 167, 171 Martin.1isther 17. 61. 64, 59, 66. 67. 76, 140, 143, 191 Martin. Greg 13, 19. 79, 143, 197, 199 Martin, Kevin 11, 44. 63, 65. 76, 101, 109 Martin, Stephen 19,76,77,146, 101 Martin. Tony' 101 Martine7,.1aekie 111 Marvel, Darei 76. 714, 143 Masker. Roddy 101 Mason, Amy 15, 50. 101 Mason. liddie 101 Mason, .loey 101 Mason, Tami 143 Massey, Nancy 101 Massingill, Donald 74, 111 Massingill, Marie 76. 143 Massingill, Vonda 61, 66. 75. 76, 77, 111 Masters, Genia 75, 111 Masters, 1.arry Master, l.isa 146, 143 Masters, Michelle 76, 101. 1914 Mattress. .ludy Mayyhinney. l.y'nne 101 Mayer, 1,isa 101 Mayhevy.1.ana 15 Mayheyy, I.eah 59. 75. 76, 111. 1149 Medlin, Doug 19.35,79,147. 144.103 Medlin. Randy 103 Medlin, Sandy 103 Medlin, Tammy 111 Meeee, Dale 144 Meeee, Dewayne 1 1, 19, 61, 141, 144 Meir..1e11' 103 Melton, Connie 147, 144 Melton. Donna 103 Walley, l.isa 5. 75. 71, 113, 1-91 Nalley. Missy 113 Nalley, Penny 104 Nalley. Todd 104 Nasser. Donna 59. 73, 113 Nations, Anthony 149 Nebling. Iirnest 113 Neeley, Christy 53 Neeley. Kelli 15.53, 104 Nesbitt. Tracy Newsome, Geol'1' 147, 145 Nlewton, Debra 113 NHS 61 Nimmons. Robert 145 Ninestein, Gretehen 145. N1- Niix. Alan 113 Nix. Rodney 113 Nix. Susan 61, 113 Noblitt, Donna 145 Noblitt. Wendy 145 Nolan. .ludy 163. 166 O0 Oates, Susan 59, 76. 145, 191, 103 O'Donald, Greg 113 O1'1ice Supplies, l.Tl1. 1' O1l'ice Workers 146 Oglesby, .lody 104 Oliver, Kathy 76, 104 O1iver.Sufette 76, 115 Olson, Amy 113 One llour Martinili tg 117 Open llouse 191 Ormand,.1ames 53. 145 Ormand, I.orri 614, 611, 1 . Ormsby, Bryan 44, 04 Orr,C'1arenee 19. 14 5. 1914 O'Shields. April 49. 104 O1Sullivan. Karen 104 Q 'Z Miehael's 110 Middleton. lynn 103 Miller. Brad 17.19. 71, 76, 111, 40 Miller. Carmella 103 Miller. Ingrid 76, 103. 199 Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Melissa 66. 91. 103 Randy 111 Stacey 14. 50, 61, 64, 74, 76. 111 Valina 111 Misner. Debbie 76, 77, 144 Miss HHS 11414 Mitehum, Mark 10. 11, 19. 61, 145, 146, 144, 173 155 Mile. Brian 111 Mobley, Kim 111 Mohr lidueational Associates 136 Mohr, Krisy 19.61, 64, 614, 69, 76, 77, 141, 144, 174 Moir, Mike 44. 103 Monroe. .lames 10, 714, 144 Monroe. .lelif 103 Moon, Demetrice Me15lhannon.l.isa 13, 614. 16. 143, 179. 1141, 1149. 101. 154 MeGoyyens, thris Mciioyyens. Dayid 17, 1 71 X1eGuinn. Tommy 61. 111 Mclntyre,,Ie1'1'75, 1 Meliittriek. lammy 77 McKinney. lxeyin 101 143 X1cQueen.Susan 101 X1eReyno1ds, Pat yieyymftef, uma 14.2 McWhorter, Danny Maddox, Dorothy N Mahal'1ey. Seott 11. Malek. .loey 111 N1.111CNh,VI'Cfl41 111 Manos, George 31. Mansell, Tim 101 McWhorter, Pam 103 1. 167. 171 '71, 171 143 Marehbanks. Beeky 143 111 Mareus. Barry 87, Marcus, lxeyin 101 Moore Moore Moore, Moore Moore . Arlene 76. 111 David 111 David 103 Dereek 103 :Jimmy 144. 1146 Moore, .limmy 103 Moore, Pat 144 Moore, Rick 111 Moore Tia 76, 101 Moorehead. Danny 103 Morgan, .limmy 17 Morgan. Patti 103 Morgan, Randy 144 Morgan. Teresa 59, 60, 76.140, 144, 191 Morris. Kenny 104 Morrison, Dana 15 Owens. Bill 104 Oyyens, 1,eslie 114. 61, 69, 164 Oyyens, I.ori 104, 1146 Oyyens Owens .Marty 10, 1 1, 51, 145 144 . Roger 19. 79. 1, 3 Owens. Sammy 53 Oyyens. Scott 145 Owens. Seott 104 Oyyens. Stanley 145 Owens. Susie 145 Oyend ine, Tom 34. 1614 gy 1, i t 25 .ar ,f 717' gy " .. "X, e x X 1 4 -- Pp Pace. Amanda Pace. Carl Paee lileetire 131 Paige. p Marcy 145 ainter. Mike 5 Painter. Stan 114, 146 ,B Morton, Art 145, 177, 191. l54,1414,149 Morton, .limmy 63. 104 Mote, Chris 11, 19. 33. 59, 79, 104 Mote. Mike 147, 113 Moyer, .limmy 113 Mr. FHS 11 Murray. lfva 66. 76, 104 Murrell, leigh 146, 104 Mutual llome Store 136 I1 Nabors. l"ranees 146 Walley, Brad Nalley, Georgette 104 Palmer, Traete 114 Pancake House 143 Parker. .Aubrey 50. 168. 191 Parker. Tommy 19, 146 1146, 101 Paris, Debbie 114 Parmer. .limmy Parrish. Mary .lean 1614 Parrott, Donna 63,1-5. '1. 76. 104 Parton, Beth 61. 614 69, 114 Pate. Cherrie 51. 114 Patrick, Vickie 114 Patterson, April 11- Patterson. Miehelle 76. 40. 11 Patterson. Sam 53, '14, 05 Patil llunt'sGul11Q9 Paul, .limmy Payne, .1e1'1' 146 'Iii 148 lndex I'I IeII1Itu II I'e.11xo11. Irgixix I0i I'eII'1'e1. Ilitle l'I. 7II. Ill I'eot. IIIIIC 80. il. 7II. I0i I'eot.Io1'1l.III. IIO. I-III. I80. IIJI. IIII. IiII IILIII IuI1 II I'e1'II111x. Il1'.1d I0i IIUTINIIIS. IX1III'III.l IIJS I'e1ry. Ilriain . . . I'ete I No, II MIN I'I1eIpN. I IIILI.l III8 I'I11II1px. Ruddy I-III I'I11II11II. Ixe1tI1 I'1eIIeI. RoIIerl 'II. II4 I'1eIIer1xI'o1111tI CIUIICICIC I-I0 I'1eIIe11sI1IIeIinginee lIi I'1eIIer1xx1IIeStipertiiurlxet lI'I I'1n1on.,lodx W. 7-I. I0S I,I1III'5.ICOII1XlCII IIII I'Ii1xoII I-I. Ii I'oII.1rd. NI.tl'Ix II' I'1I1IIe.'Io111111I i. II. II8, XI. I-III I'tIIIIek IIo111e.111d Xuto IN I'1Irter. IXINIII I05 I,tII'IL'I'.IX1lIIII IIIR I'tI1'ter. NI.1rII IIi I'1I1'ter. Riekx Poxex. R1eI1.1rII I-III I'oxe1. St.i11 III. IIi II11Itott. 'XII.lII -I-1. 7I1. IIJS I'tINto11. Iielindu I-III I'oIstIet'pt1I't IMI I'1IIIeII.RI1otI41 I0i I'tI1IeII. IIIII Ptewley. I1111 I li I,IkINItIII. IXIII Ii. I. Prtee. Stephen IIS I'1on18.'9 I'ueIIett. Iiryqin IIJF Pugh. Rodney 17.19. ll. 70. IJII. IIN PIIIIIJIII. Iony Ili' Iju1nn.NoeI I0i i 5 Ijuirk. Xnne IL7. IIN. 75. 'In Ili I.Ju1rII.IJ.1n1eIIII. IIIi Rr R.tIIo11. NIeIod1 IIN. 7II 77 I-III I R.i1nIIoII IIIIII.II'IIx I II R.11nex. Seott IJII R.11neI. iI7tlI'lIIIL'II.I I0i RJIIICI. III'I.lII Ili R.1n11:I. I'IIII1II I-III R.1n1ey.NI1teI1eII RJIIICI. XN'.1Ite1' Ili R.lIIII1CX. Ixe1tI1 W R.i111Iey.,lewe l7. Itli Rn 111 NI irk 'I Ili . . Q I R.11. Ileztn IIQ R.1x. I xnn III. il. W. 8II. Ili RCLIIIIUIIII. IJon11.1 I-III Rt'eee.SI11eI.1III.7f1.78. I-1I1. l0'J . ' 11 ' Reed. I7.i1x1 il. 8... Ili Ieiri W 7II Ili IQCCNU. 'V I . . ... Reese. Iony 7. IIN. 7I1. 105. IIIN Reexex. SI.lII IIi V Regtxtetl Ixen I ..i Reid. XI.II'Ix Rellix. I.1n1.11'.iIIl.IIII.II7.7i.7II.77. Ili Rengtud. Rtulu I-III Rentro. IIIINIII -1-I. I0i ReIIIe1', SI1.1II n Ili Re1eIx. R.1nd.iII Ili Rexix. I .IIIIXI IW Re1n1IIdx.I Itrix I-III RI1o111e..l.1eII1e I47 RI1on1e.S.111tIr.1 I0i Riee. Ruxtx R1eI141rdI1Ii1. IJCLIIIILI R1I.'I1.1rdxo11. ,I.t1111e 87. IIII R1eI1ey.IDa1xuI IlII RICIICI. I.1rr1I11 Rixerxi. IJLIITCII I7 IQIILI. XIIILI il. IIII Ro.ieI1.IxeIIeI I-I7 RII.1eI1. SIIIJIIIIIII RoI1ertx.,l111111tl .Xnn I47. 88, W 7 RtIIIertx.Ix11n li Robertxo R1II1111Io11 II. IXIIII IIJS. IIJI Iuner.1I IIo111e IN? RoI11nxo11. Ilitxid I0i R1III111xo11. IJCLIIIIILI I0II RtII11nxo11. Denise Robinxon. .Ien RoII111xo11. .IIILIIIIIII IIIII RoI1111xon. .V Robinxon. NIteI1eIIe li RoI11r1Ior1. Ntike I7 Rotwinxon. Rebeeeu 58. III8 RobIi15or1. Renu il. I0I1. W8 Robinyon, Illll Ii. l7 RoI11l.11IIe.Iier1e.111 IIIII Rogerx. .-XIIe11 I-I7 Rogeix. .-Xnnette III. II-1. T-I. 7II. 77. PII I-I Rogerx Xuto Pzirtx IIII Rogeiw, I Jurlene 78. IIJII Rogerx, Irie Rogers. .leII Ii. I-lk IiII IoIt I7I1 Rogerx. . II - Ken IW. 79. IIII. I77 Rogerx. Kellie Rogerx. Robin l'7. 87. I47. IIN Rogerx. Seott 78. I0II Rogcrx. IIIIIIIIII Roper. Ixzirri III. NI. 7II. IIIII Roper. Ii e1xI1:1 Roper. Nielimszi Roxe. NIurII IIII Ronenion Roxenion Rosenion d. I7.iIe I0II d. .loneph IIJII d. Rodney 87. I-1' Row. XIILII 70. I07 Rim. ISFCIIIIJ 78. IIIII Rnw. Ken Rosx. NIQIFII I7 Riixx. SCI III III7 R1It1xe.fLtFI.t I-17 Ro1sIg1nd. Iynne I07 R udoIpI1. R uII1n1or I Vltlg -III e Pltistie Ii.1I1x 34I1 Ruud. IXIIII 7i. IIII 7 Ruud. SIICFI 7II. 77. IIO. I-IX n1Ier 8. li. il. NJ. I-1 '. I0.? if I , I SLIIIIIUII. Suiiderx SLIIILIUIW. S.inderN. S.111derN. SLI nd I I 11. SAIIIIIIII. Ss XY.ide XIIIIIUIII IP. I-I8 Ixuy III. 80. I48 Sherry XII. IIII Iodd I1-1. I-18. 40 I mi I07 IIIIIIIRI I-I8 II Si111g11111o -,I Sargent. .IIISIIII I-18. Wi Siiulx. I XIlIIf1I.I1.I.NII. I48 sc' I 14f Se.1rI1o1'o i8 ugh. Wgirren I7 SeI11I11I111r. 'XIIII QI. 50. II-I. SCIIIIIIIILIT. Iodd IW Seienee IIILIIJ 8I Serugg. Se.1I1orn, SCLIFCII. Seott - Sergent. Scott. Kelly Ii I leII7-I 7I III1 ,' I'.',- .ILtcIIiei.I.I1I1.II7. W7 Ixi1re11II,I.7I1. I07 SexIeII.IDe:111 III7 Sextoni 'y11tI1i.1 I07 SI1.1d1xide Iflorist ll8 SI111rp. VI ex Shelton. SIICPAFII. ISLIIIIFIII 8-I. IIII NIeIodj. I07. IIN SI1er1II Xppli1111eeI'e11ter IIII SI1eriII'. Ben III. 7-I. IIII SI1eriI'I. .luniex 87. I07 SI1er1II.Seott I0. II. I9. 7-I. 7II. 70 I98. l0I SIICFIIIQIII. Ytetor SIIIPIIIIIII IICIIIIIII Short. Iirud III7 II IIII. IIJI IIN. I-18. I8I IIN 11. I I .8I. I-III. IIPS SI1uIiII. Iireg III7 Sidden. Niindx III. II-1. 7-I. 7II. 7 Sides. SIILIIUII I07 SIIIIIIIII 11I. SI1irIe5 7II. IIII S1n1pNon.I'ind1 IIII S1n1pIo11.I'orneI1us Sims. Sonygi 8. I48 Si11ger Singlet Suk. S Sitton. Sitton. I-I3 on. I'Ii'I1t11 -I-3. I07 coll I07 INIIIIC 7II. 70. I-18. IRI Keith Sitton.'I'i111 I I7 Skute' Skeltoi SIII1111. Sloiin. Sloim. Slogin. SIo.111. SIIIIIII. SITIIIII. SIIIIIII. SIIIIIII. SIIIIIII. SIIIIIII. SIIIIIII. S111itI1. SIIIIIII. SIIIIIII. SIIIIIII. SIIIIIII. SIIIIIII. SIIIIIII. fX'Round IIII 1. 'I71111 I07 I3e1erIy il, I-II? QIIIFISII IIJ7 SI1e1Iu I-I9 IIIIIIIIH I07 Yailerie I I7 .XI1lIIII.l.I1-I.7-I.III. II7 Crxiig I07 Diirlene II7 Ilatxtd I7. I07 Ilrie I-II? I'ri111eex 8I. IIIID .lztekie I.III I7 I tszt XII. I-10 NIeIiss11 8I.8I1. I-I9 NIeIiwau Il7 NI11:I1eIIe 59. I07 N1ieI1eIIe II7 N:1tI111t1 III.I1-1.05. iI. 8 SIIIIIII. I'I11I I-II? Sn1itI1.RieII5 II7 Sn1itI1.Ste1'e Sn1itI1.'I'in1 S111itI1. Irevor 7II. I07 SIIIIIII. Iroy Snider. Pattrieizi II0. IIII7 SIIIIXN. XIIIFIIILI I-III Snyder. IR1111 II7 Sol'tI1uII I-1 Solesbee. Bruin I I7 I Snnx. RLIIIIIAIII I I7 SopI1o1 Spit nix 11ore IITICIIILIIIUII I00 I1 f'IlIIH 7-1 Sparks. Iliindi IW Spe1i1'n1.111. NIL11'1e 90. 5 Spirit Committee 77 Spirit Week I00. l0I Spittkzi, Rob II7 Spooner. Denise II8 St11neeII.I3iII SIllIIII7L't'. IIIIIII I-10 Stunsell. Angie IIJ7 7 Sturke 5. IJIIIIIII XII. 1-8 Stegatil. Nf1ieI111eI I I8 Stephe Stephe SICIHIIC StepI1e SICICII ns. Deneen I0. 87 tts. N1iIIeIIII. 7-I. 8-I. IW I. III. Iii. ' IIII. I lII I II7 -10 II III ns. Sonyu IIS. ILIIIIIIU 7-1. 7II. I07 s..Ii1tt I0. II. 7II. 78. 8I. IIO. I-1IJ.I0'? Ste1'eR'Iiex:1eo I38 Stexxurt. .-Xnitu 7tI, II8 Ste1I:1rt..-XntI1o11y I-III y 1 SILIINLlI'I.I,1lXlII I-IU Stexuirt. I7o111111 II8 Ste1I11rt. .IeI'I' -I-I. -Ii. I07 Stexxiirt .lexselers I-II Ste1utrt.SI1eree II8 SteI1iirt.SteI'e I08 Ste1I111't.'I7eIetI1:1 149 Stewgirt. IIIIII Stnxin ter. Rusty SIIIIKLN. SILICON Stokex. X teki StoIIex.VIiIItut118-I, I-10. I7-I. I Stone. Ilztigc 76. 8I1. Il8 Stuekey. Ilzirhurai IIIU S1'ddetI1. ,IeI'I' I-IO Suddu tI1. Iodd -I-1. -15. I08 SIIIIIIIICIXIII. Sherry 48. III8 S11eet. Iiairen I50 Sweet. ISIIII 108 Sx1irI III? Sykex. -X1115 i'I. 7II. II8. IOI. I0 Tz I:1IIei1t. 'XIIU 7II. I08 IiiIIe1.IJruIs1IIi1 79. 7II, II8. l0I 'IX1IIe1. NfI1eI1eIIe II8. II'7. 7II. 77. N0 Index I-II '1'a11cy.'1'iinniy N-1. 12X lalley. lony 29. 198 lanncr. Kim 150 lant. Lisa 12N '1.ixlor. Diane 128 laxlor. Kenny 108 axloi. Susanna 60. Tailor. tammy 10N 1'eat. Xndrea 150 lcatt. Built 39. oh. 146. 150. 156 Leens lior Christ 78 lennis 214 109. 17.3 lhe llaircutting listablishment 21-1 lhomas and Sons 2-12 7 liliomas. Donna 7-1. 126 lilioma 1'homp son. Beckx son. .lell 108 son. 1 ucy 169. 172 liillotson. David lihomp linsley linslcy lolson. liobon. llope 108 Mtg. .lexxelcrs 23S Di ini 1 W Gloria lox l'odtl. Yonda 25 lollcv. 15ric 1024 lollisor 1. Brian 108 liouring Chorus 72 lou ind Cot 11. intrv Plaza 236 lioyota ol' lfasley 22-1 1'r.igardh.C'cci1ia 25 lrammell. Mark 108 lraiclcfc 232 lircble Chorus 72 lrmp. Patsx 169 lripp. Robin 150 Irot tct' 1 rotter Lrottei' 1iI'oI1t:t' ISI N . lrankic . .lell 106 . Scott 108 . Lheresa 10N 7 X Ml 66. 6. liucker. 'Xndre 74. S-1. luckcr. liuinliu lurner lttrner. Iurncr. ltirucr. lurncr. lxurncr lurncr. urner. lurner. urner. l'urnct'. lurncr. lurncr. lutt. -X I. I. 128 I . I 63 -I 10s and Associates 215 Barbara 86. 150 . Limmy 4-1. .. Bill Crxstal 128 David 87. 150 Dawn 1011 .lcvsclcrs 2223 .lon 150. 200 lxathcrinc 76. 106 1 con 1 tnda 169 Nlike 150 Roger 108 Steve 150 nthony 150. 201 Walker. Scott 1214 Walker. Tim 27 Walsh. Lyn 63. 65. 109 Ward. Raji 59. 66. 76. 109 Wardlavv. Michael Warren. Susan 76. 150 Waters. Angie 62. 68. 128 Watkins. Carla 109 Watkins. C'arla 7-1. 129. 174 Watson. Brad Weathers. William 129 Weaver, laura 50. 63 Webb. Faye 170. 200 Wclborn. Kim 58. 170. 172. 2014 W1i1.P 228 West. Denise 151 West. Van 68. 87. 151. 200 West. Vaughn 109 Whee1cr..1ohn 27 Whisnant. Angie 109 Whisnant. Brad 151 White. Allen 109 White. Millette 129 Whiten.1iddie 4. 29. 59. 85. 15 . X w. Whitlock. Susan 151 Whitman. Dalc 109 Whitman, Nlelissa 129 Whittcmorc. .lody 109 Whitten. Ragan 129 Whitten. Stan 109 Wilkinson. Mattie 151 Wi1es.Tommx -1-1. 109 Williams. Williams. Williams. Williams. Williams, Williams. Williams. Williams. Williams. Williams. Williams. Williams. 1 1 f 203.156 Brian 109. 209 Charles Corrine 17. 66. 67. 170. 172 Grady 27 .lames 86. 247. 170. 209 .luanita 129 Keith 151 Leon 109 Lola P47 Marvin 170. 192 Pat 44. 109 Troy Wil1is,Scott 29. 79. 129 Wilson. Kim 129 Wilson. Lamont 109 Wilson. 'Wissy 25 Wilson. Robin 151 Wilson. Scott X-1. 177 Winchester. Diannah 109 Wingard .lewelcrs 225 Wohn. .ludy 109 Womack. Dianna 109 Womack. Steve 129 Womack. Tim 129 Wood. ,le1'1i4-1. 109 Woodard. Danny 5 Woodcll. Rick 1148 Woodham. Gina 61. 62. 6-1. 66 67. 75. 76. 77. 79 Y I si.i29 '-"lily ss.. vv.1adii.tm..liii 49. 1.1. tvs. os. los. too v Es' 'if Wloodring. Lisa 129 . 3 Wooten, David 53 A 2- ' 2 ,AA Wright. Michael 1 V 6 g Wright. Sabrina 129 I . Wyatt. Ronald is IQ G , Q ... .J K Q5 -Q in-r is L s S' 'XV K U I N alcntinc. Yoy 108 X al's 219 X.1nkook.'1'r.icic 10N X arsitt Chcerleatlers 42 X ickery. Beverly 169 5 -f h1C1xt1l15.xhl1X1U11 109 Ytnson Sandra 150 W axle. N tlliuc Parkillardxsare 236 WW Vi W agncr. 1 ox 170 Wal-Klart 216 W altlrop. Xlichclc W alker. Brian 130. 150 Walker. lxarcn 150 Yothcr. M llic 76. 129 Young. Chad -1-1. 109 Young. Denise Young oung .Jay 129 Y . Tina 100 Young s 235 Youngblood. Angie Youngblood. Laurie 129 Youngblood. Stacey 151 iso it idcx In Memoriam l fri' 1- ,f we-tn, ag 12 . , A ,kv W.H. Burdette 9-9-I3 to l-I9-84 On January 19, E.H.S. experienced a tragic event through the loss of Mr. W.H. Burdette. He had been a part of Easley High School for more than I2 years as the Assistant Bus Supervisor. He even drove buses until his age would no longer allow it. People in the community considered him to be a kind and beloved person. Mr. Burdette's death was a great loss for the bus drivers as well as for others at Easley High School. L - A iRonaId Howard 8-I8-66 to 2-3-84 . M ' 251 We mourn the death of our EHS senior. emonum As February' l3. our last deadline, approached. memories ol' the stall' and its work rushed to mind. We began with a workshop before school opened where all members ta majority of them newj learned the steps necessary in producing a yearbook. Erom that point we had to ehoose a theme. design a cover. write copy. take photographs at all events, and draw layouts. among other things. Despite the lew problems, this year was a record- breaking one in terms ofthe amount of money from ad sales and the number of yearbooks sold. Once the staff learned the tricks of the trade. every member worked together to produce a polished book. They are to be We Dia' It! commended. Besides the staff' members, others who deserve thanks and credit are Mrs. Leslie Owens, for the devotion of innumerable hours to the organization of the staff and guidance along the wayg Mr. Gettys, for his enthusiastic support and cooperation, particularly in scheduling days for photographs to be madeg Mrs. Childress, for her service as our personal secretary concerning money matters: Harold Waters, our yearbook book. Oli course, every s udert at d teacher has contributed to tlc prclduttit n of this book. By supportzng activitief. cooperating in the taking ol' I ht togranhs and purchasing year uookr, vc u iave created the "clasf" cepieted rn he H284 GREEN 84 WHITE. lt i1.ou" lopetiat our attempts to capture EHS ha ve truly been accomplishel bv portriyinx it as it isffwith touch ol' class " representative, for his guidance Si icerely, throughout the production, and tothe X U ' I Y! . , ,- , ' . - "exist-ffj , t w T many advertisers lor their help in paying L-H B p XX Abu g 6 2 for the book. A special thanks also goes to -1 Mike Stephens who was willing to design the artwork that appears throughout the l.eslie Owens ..... Betts Herndon .. .losie Cutchin .... Andrea Dacus... .lohn Alexander Brad Bowie ....... Tammy Bowen.. l.isa Clary '....... Rosa Collins ...... Sheila Derrick .. .ludy Dickard .... Shannon Foster. Angie Grey ...... . Duane Harlow.. Advisor ................Assistant Editor Business Manager, Sales Photographer ............Sports. School Life, Index .......Clubs. School Life, Div. Pages Photographer ......School Life. Senior Directory Editor .................Typist, Photographer Directory, Faculty, School Lilac Karen Horten .......................... Clubs. School Life, Div. Pages Angie Houston .......,.................,........................................... Ads, Missy .lordan .......... Clubs, Student Lile, Headline Specialist, lisa Mclflhanon Sports, Superlatives ............................ Clubs Krisy Mohr ............ .................... C opy Editor l.orri Ormond ........ ...............,........ S ehool Life Alice Britt ........ ...... A ds, School Life. Clubs Beth Parton ........ ........... I uniors, School Lille Thomas Poole .........................,.........,................... Photographer Anne Quirk ...............................,................,........... Copy Writer Melody Rabon ...... Donna Redmond ..., Tony Reese ......... Tylike Stephens ....... Michelle Talley '...... Beth Teat ..........,. Angie Waters .... N an W est .........,.. .lill Woodham ........ Assistant Business Manager. Sophomores. Clubs, School Life ....................................... Typist .......Sophomores. Sports, Clubs Juniors, Sports Faculty, School Life, Clubs Writer ...............Sports Editor Sophomores. Clubs Betts Herndoi Editor 4 ,X xy - n 51 liditor's Page ,,, 'EfLQfV1fi l!JU, r X 'x 'ff A NR' W. 'Qi'053fwY CXLQOK Jim MQ-Qi K UXQQ OL. jtlcfyvxi, t,MfLl.YK -'LXVXQ' k,Q ,-QJQC OxfV'N fgx JL f'C,QAQK Li I C5'xY1,5L QQ, ,X Q fvyx OMQJQ LO!Q6Aj'L, kA,VAW' UkA!k, - kacmm capri! GMI 0712 .Domi Wotoxfgzjp QM,3t,OdW LQJQUJQK KS M JJSQ JtLJf4LI,fYLQ4Ljl 46,Q0uZ,f, Ha HCM SOJUQ DDWWQ Kyiv UNL, j.Y"X uj,7j 4,l,, CS-CJC55 gig, Aj' , , Jfxgsviiva . Q9Hp5 pmClfM9ofmf9 lk Qifd E301 UwC3fw fffc1J my L3 cf Qgfgvmw C QV H f.CV'1 1065 ff f 'wx Q XXL h!Qhj.Q-'QjY'L GL VYVVG- fQ-J l L1 M K JAHLUVCKNV .Aft Q. C6065 M 6541, Wyujr SOUXQ! gfafl Bm X L

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