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'wr , 1 -'za-,M-'2 W l An A11 An An DR KE UNIVERSITY- AN OPPURTUNITY FUR DES MOINES X Sometimes- Opportunities are overlooked because they are so close to us. PRES. D. W. MOREHOUSE Nationally known scientist heads Drake University Drake Offers Des Momes Students: 0pp01'tl1I1i'ty to receive an university education without Glliililillg the heavy expenses of living away from home. 0Pp0lfi1l11QillyfO1' instruction from professors who are specialists in their fields. O1J1JOIlllHlty to correlate the cultural advantages of a thriving capital city with the liberal education of a university. O1JpO1'lll11ily to choose from Six Colleges: 1 Liberal Arts 4 Fine Arts 2 Bible 5 Education 3 Law 6 Commerce Write: or call for information to D RAKEDEQEEJXER ITY if W V sg,.s..--I...-Ii-14' l ,fl an C fl fy, ff' X, 1 I '91efff,L,-. ' ,fi-J Af.-Q,-'lftif-'KFT,f I h ix' QV!K,b X, 3 Q L71 'x.Q'X-ckrtzuj D . 4 If X NX ' 'g QLf:x2C KY JA VLA L f 1 if, ' ' iff-5,1 1 J I A J f S uf i , W 4 5 U I . I A f I x 7 ' E 7, N' ,If ,' 'J fix ,- -- ini,--M .1 Cf ', V Lf X-.1 K Q' J Y l . : , lm , ' - I ' C f ' L W: I U fx , N . iff' '. lj A' cg Kywfyvvl, ., , 1. , if if E '- ' ' 'V 1 fbgi- ' X . 1- 'W VTP? ,fi ,f 'lv V A ff- eL.L, ui' C1 ' U' ,, av ,L I X 'izffym-fg2:,.VA -, -f s 'jr j 'yi -L-Q::f51.- . , f ,-.ji ., . 'pi-Af-i'.f5Q.,-f,5?3Qxi A UIYQJQW-:pigs Y, ,. -.w..f,,., I ,Z . ,f ff' I' rj , , m,,, fi, X' Ak!!! V! -1,1 , if e,f:.,p,H,,,j , , jf 2 MW W , , 1- M14 -4,1 K., I I Y I 'fffziffip-5,21 iff lgdfljfflff J 'jig V fl - ' ' -fic., U .F ,lf I f , : JK L-'ff' , , 55,4 , ,D A if F K H - '-fkf-'Half'-,f L41 ,4 X X . , I 7 , ff I .,, A e H L4 X fMfnVf, -47 4.4 AQ'-L af ,jj,!1, Alfygf,-,Q L: A I ff .- ..:1,m., Lt THE QUILL anuary, 193 Des Momes,Iowa V01 YIXVIII No 2 Contents Coxer md Froutxspxece Euvene Lundberg Semors Edxtormls What s Domg Athletlcs Features Publxshed four umcs 1 yL ur bx the students of East Hugh School Des Memes Iowa Subscrlptlon prmce 'pl O0 .1 year Entered 1s second Clans l'I1'lIlCl' January ZS 1915 at the Post Office Dcs Momes Iona under the Act of RITTCI1 3 1879 --s -5, I. V 2 ' . . 1 , . - 1 1 ' - U ..,...,..,............ 4 ' .,.,..,..,.A,..................,.......... , .....e.,... 5 F ' . ..,.. ,.., ..,.4,,......,.,...,A...... . .........,..,.. 3 r 2 ' . ...,............... .......,,. ............. ..., 3 2 3 .,,..,....,.............,......,,,.... , ............, 38 Alumni ..., .,.. . ....... ........ . , ......,........,..,........ . 41 - . , . ......,...... ......,...................,.......... 4 2 , -' A ' ' I ., . 3 . ,, -,. .. 5 1 . A Q V, ah . lhx V . A . - ,. .. .. ..,, ,..,..,,,,..,Q, , , ' . ,, Q, v r, ! 'mr if K A SENICR S PLEA Wndom lays hel hrmd on 1111 ne As I nee! for my zieglee P1 oudly .xoon Ill fall m Zzne Wzzh the wmldly ones to be But Wzsdom gfaspf my hand And zuhzspcls In my em The nozulerlge that she 1r12 pmt: A nozuledge now I gzasp Mole ploblemv then I see A 31.71101 now nm I O the zuolla' I soon zwll he Oh nmdomf In this Zz e Lead thou the way fo: me VELMK GARAION i k , . . I B7'l.71g.f only dread and fear. 1-5. Ii 1 ' a ' .- f ' 7 - .I I I . . .f , 6 A Lvl: Lomsn ADDINGTON She is able because .she thinks she is able. Sodalitals Romana 35 Home Eqouomics qlub 6-7-85 presidentg Student council 45 Monitor 5-75 Office assistant S. ALBERTA M. BAHNER Ifiuhb Man ha,.s his will-but 'L00'I7'llL'fL has her way. G. A. A. 45 Monitor 6. Left AGNES J. ALBERG Moderation, the noblest gift: of Healvenf' Zetagatheanl 4-5-67 G. A. A. 3g Monitor G-'73 Shorthand Speed Society S. A MARJORIE R. BAIRD 16 iuhf Come :tml trip it as ye yo 0-n the light fzmmst'ic toe. G. A. A. 3-45 treasurer 4: Euclidean 4-53 Student council 65 Extravaganza, 5g Queexfs uttendant. Llffb ALFIQED AIiLEN One lzuir of ze wmmm can ilrmu me more than zz. IL-wmlrefl pairs of o:ue'n. E-Epi-Tan 5-6-7-Sy Shakespearean 85 Purple Musk 7-85 High Y 6-7-S5 Quill business staff 8. B1LLY C. BALDWIN Riuhl His humls our the 'ivory keys Strafyezl in lb jitful fwntasyf' Extravaganza 55 H. M. S. Pinnioreg Male quar- tetteg State music contest: The Weathe1'vaxne Elopesng Music festivnlg Christmas pageant, Left FLORENCE ANDERSON P1'u11cnee is the kriofwlezlye of thing.-1 Lo be sought, awful those to be shu'rmerZ. Le Cercle Francais 3-4-5-65 G. A. A. 37 Home Economics club 83 Shortlmncl Speed Society 7: Golf 75 Philutulin 3. ACIIAXINE BATESOLE I-HUM It is gourl lo lcngt7Lc'1i- to the last af sunny 'nworlf' Junior players 3-4-55 secretary 3: president 4: G. A. A. 3-4-59 secretary 53 viccjxresident 3: Euclidean 43 Cap and Dagger 6-7-83 vice president 7g :PllllUll1iLlPl'l6flH G-7-85 president 7: Student council 4-'7-83 secretary 73 Monitor 6. Left EDITH S. ARVENBERG l Virtue is imleefl its own 'l'L Llf'llJl'l1.v Shorthand Speed Society 7-89 Aeolian 6-'7-Sq Junior players 4-5-63 Monitor 8. ARTHUR BEAMAN Right Our little life is 'razmdcll with a sleep. Monitor 6. Left ALBERT BAHNER. Hn knew what 'ix what. Football S. JACK BENNETT Riuhl He pulls down, he pulls up, he clumges squares into circles. Euclidean 75 Forensic 7-83 Hi-Y 5-7-S3 Purple Musk 85 Vignolinn 65 Hallandale lngh school. Quan. Lfvr Vnsmx BLNSON .lhmv as no zlzspzltmg lzew taste Home Econuums Lluh 4.1 txemsmex 5 Student Lounul 4 S ADA BL ASDBLL Iuuhf Nublrmy ur mnpasmble fo mzlustnf Snduhtns Romana 3 4 Aeohnn 0 7 Shmthzmd Speed bouetv 78 G A A 3567 SOIXICE 111 7 Quill and Suoll 1 pxst 8 J Jxfx f -F -5 If 1 SYLVIA BEIINSTEIN Quwt and Izkable Io Cunle Fmnmm f 618 LEA EKU M BLOOMQUIST Rufllf Ilene 15 110710-Sf!! mrmhoozl and qoorlfcllow-211111 m time FHIIIIIIIIIILC te'1m 8 Buothlll tezm 6, Biilef 31 Lvft MLLVN Bmms Ili' lfllHL K up vmzlmq RICHARD F Bom: Juyhr Hrs aye was' not rlzm nm his Lvft EDXVARD T Bmz Om' cwrmnt 717011, e'ue1ytl1mrl Duc Deutsche Gevellwchift 6 trmxlslllcz boot hlll -1 Orchettlu 3 Bind 3 -L 5 G 7 8 JNETTID C BOURLAND Rwhf Gzeat UIOIIIIIIDS vomr' fiom the hrmt Lffc Wm A BISHOP Qlza IIUPSHILII Inst Ln ull sim bus and nathmg has Slunthxnd Speed Society '78 secretwlw S SUSIE D1:LLx BOURLAND 1-wh! 91111 me Hzouqlzts la memory lllur I rft ELNo1m BLADLS Drunty and neat Fzom head to feet JAMES BOWEN L -:JM Blushmg 11, the color of -:mine g,1 X 41167 B'mr134 X11 ae uxuheslm 6 Snclnl 0lLhBSt1i1 5 b 7 8 Student Lonnul 8 Extuu xgunm 5 8 Orchestra QUILL - . ' w -- . nrv . ' fl, 1' V 1 V M .U A I r ' ' '- . . . Q . V f - 1- ' f' , .. . , Y A yn' , , H ,' ' ' ' 7 . X. . H 1 - , ' ' . ' '- . . w -1 ,- 1 , . - l . .,' ., .. A E l n ,I . . . . , ,,' . . ' .- If ' , 5 , , - .45 ' f . -M 1 .J , , - I 1 U. ' 1 I ' H ,' , X ', 'I :J 1 V' J' , Y' uh YJ' 'F' . Y I A . 7 v I 1 Y . ' H, ,. -5 . h ,, .1 V , A, . H '. f' ' f 3 .a N 1 ' .. c , all. 7 1 ' A ' L. ' f.. . . , , , , V' -, H 1, xl A -, , ff - ,, Q , A ,- Y ,. Y , mzturul form: z1,bzLtezZ. . D I .f , .l,5,, . -vly, Z I l . 1 T 7.3. 1 W 'Q ,v .1 -3- ' . . . Y -' r 1 'Y ' ' ,, H '.. V . 1 .. Q. , :J ,' L ' Y. ' A , ,. 1 .. ,J ' ' ' . A' ,nf 1 ,e . I-w .V :I ' ' ' If , ', Q A -.v l , ' ' . 4 , ?' , i nt-fx' l . 4 I ,A ' . lg .lu N .11 i , . ' . ,. H V ' 1' , JI. IV' u , , ,- , 'I '.. n Hi fl ' -'- - 5 . - -5-6-79 J -st t - . - - .' vu 1 , , . ' ' V. 4, , - , K F . . 1 A. . ,A f A . 5 , q,.,. A. ! IQ f I , fy Jr, . 1 V f Aff fp .ti L, xlib l AJ Loft ETTA BRADFORD Nc-ver irlle ri imnnzent, but thrifty and llioughtful of 0illll: l'8.H Philonmthean 43 Shorthand Speed Society. MILDRED CARLSON Riyliz, I p1'ofe.9s not talking. Shorthand Speed Society 'T-8g Monitor 8. Left KATHILYN G. BRADLEY To be merry best becomes thee. Home economics club 75 Mixed chorus 4. LAUREL W. R. GHARTERS Riyht Oh, my life is lost 'in lllIJ07'i0'U-8111 doing 1mth1Zng. Monitor 3-4-5-6-'75 Usher 6-7-S5 1-I. M. S. Pixm.fore. Left ELIZABETH BRAUN Thy modesty's a candle ta thy meritf' G-. A. A. 3-43 Junior players 35 Cup and Dug- ger 5-6-7-8g Shakespearean 'i-83 Die Deutsche Gescllscllaft 85 Mixed chorus 63 Monitor: Kiss for Cinde1'ell:1 g I-I. M. S. Ql?inufore. LOFKENE CHASE Rfuhl I mn. u. part of all that I have met. G. A. A. 3. ' Left HELEN CAPLAN Her LlmLcgl1.t.s' hafue fb high aim. G. A. A. 3-43 Le Cercle- Francais 6-7-8. HELEN ELIZABETH CHILDS Rivlfl True to her work, her 'LUU7'll, her f7'il2'IIdS.U G. A. A. 6-'75 Shorthand Speed Society 73 Aeo- loan Sg Golf 53 Chorus 3-4: Girls glee club 3-4-55 UH. M. S. Pimxforeug Central high school, Sioux City, Iowa. Left ESTIIEH L. CARLSON A quiet conscience 'makes one so sare1w. Home Economics club 5-6-7g Monitor 7. LELAN W. C1-IRISTENSEN Right Of their own m.e1 it.-r horwst -men, a-rv ihumbf' Left FRANCES CARLSON Tire are Cflfl-Villlitl by -nautness of person. Shorthand Speed Society 35 Zetagatlieim 6-7: Monitor '75 Office girl 6. GEORGE L. OILVA Riuhf My dear, my batter half. E Epi Tang Student council 5-7-By Basket Bull 5-6-'T-85 Tennis 6-'73 Football 5-'75 Secre- tary senior class. OUILL If-ff DXVID DALL CLINE Mana ll vfzrmge ummnl U-,hex 1 lfuolb xll 3 MARJORIE RU111 CoT10N Rfvlfl .Shes pretty to 'wall wzth, Am! wmy to fall wah Home Eeonmmcs club 4 5 6 1 8 presxdenl 6 Zetxxgntlleun a 6 7 8 sememly 6 Shallespexu eau 1 8 presldeut 8 Momtor 8 Serum hoard membex Left F1cE1Dx COIIEN A I1Hl1' tmy pnvttu watty, Lhflllllllly dmlmg she Jumm plueu, 34 Cup and D'n1,ge1 5 678 Studvnt 101111611 6 hxtuu xgmm 5 Phxlouu tlxeamu 78 Quxll busmesm stuff 18 Snnncx, bnl 8 RAXXIOND W BOWIE Rlulfl Ilww linux' 611101: lzllle yerus lh1eL llttla :hops of func Student LOIIIILII 3 Repuxiex, Scroll 8 Ie n IMAYIND CONKWRIGHT 11.5 lmw as you 11111 you 'wall mwez Incl fnuula Junmx plums 6 Hmm. Eponmmcs club J Glen Club 3 4 Mxtchellullu lngh school Lx XTOBZNE V CROFT Krall! Nom Imp so 11l.s'1l11 Illlfl 11,011-YCITIHI1 Left NxoM1II COOK In Luau. hou to hlrle 0111 s alnlzly is gl ml skill C' A A 4 nS0d'1llLIS Ronmnx o Ju1uo1pl:n els 3 4, 1lEll.S'I.1191 3 Plxxlomatherm 5 6 7 8 9 l.!Gilbl11C1 8 Cap 'md duggem 0678 anus tux b Shl1.k0SpCl1G'll'1 7 8 Student counul 4 Momtox 6 7 Q11111 stall '4 X Ixxss for Cmdm c :L 'lhc Ronmntxc Soung Lfndw Lxln ny Oxwrs CPMG Rluhl murll lf: fl num Zlllllfll rw Pvlrwuas lnnzxelf L1 f Hxzml A Goqcmovn J uf vntuz has UI H11 vtucqgle, nal thr' pvrzr' IIILJN Q CMWFORD Rlulfl N110 who In 11111111 rw hnppu Le 1 Gnonan COSSON L1t us than br up and domg Hugh X 4 5 0 7 8 pxesxdnnt 8 sec,xetu1y f' F1l1Lllhll 1 6 7 S bBCl6fIll.V S Band J Sxxuu Jmng, 4 'S b 7 8 LILLY M C1mWF01.D luulfl A fuzz mfczzor zs fl silent 7I't0DllHP7lfZllfllHl X 3 Home Ecouomxcs Lluh 3 QUILL x. K ' LE l l ' ' ,,, I v , ff ,, 1 1 . F. 1- 1 N 3 I 11. 1 ' 111 1 ,,, ,, ' X , . ,. . - . - H . , , 1 . - . - 1 - r-- . ' . 1 ' . ' . 1 - . 1 l .A . I ' -1 H ' ' 1 ' - n 1'. .,, . , 4 ,H H ' 1 A v ew -, ' K r Q . . . : n ' v 1- . v. 1 1- . ' '1 A- - 3 2 - Q .- ' 1 '1 - . , , , ml .- ,. .- .-, w 1' - 1 - ,N J1 .1 A . . . f . fl - . 'U .. 1 , . E ' , K., . . , . ' L 1. , .- . -V, ,A , - . ' N Qj 1 - I ,YV .I Y ,, - . l 2 gf fl.-M 1 ' . , - 1 'V , ,' .. , N. .. .. V Ik , Home Ecouonucs club 65 Gu-ls' glee club 3-4. wv ,l,-L-L' 1 fl 1 l. '1,,1,.,J ' 1 1 '. ,.ff'f' 1. rllv , X, , .' ,YA 1 'fly' 1. . . 1' z,'g '- . E.. : I , V. -, - , . F'.' 1 4- 1 ' 1 S ' Y 1 ' . , . ' y r K . ug b, ' ., in ..: .. 1 Y' I I- 1' K Ju: - .. .. 1. 9' . I 1' Su ' , . I , ', . . he -. , -. , H ffl u . ... . 1 1117! , J 1, 1- , 4 Y 1 , 'hi' - 5.9 . V ' . A ' ft- ' , . ' .1 . . -- WA - v - . . - . . .. - ., - T1 ' k . --.- - - , - 1 1 1 1. .L V wl .tg wk.. Q . . 1 2' , G. A. w ' 1 . . 69 for r l To QNQ-. Q.lf5,...i EV Left MARJOME CRANVFORD Hur 'vary frowns tara fni1'a'r far, Thrm. mnilex of other 'maidens ora. Cap and Dngger 3: Euclidean 35 Golf 3-43 Romantic Young Lzidyng The First Dress Suit'ig Extrsivngimzn' 55 Snow Queen's attend- ant. N .. V ' ROSDM, EARL U Rishi ' Heir wayshure ways of fpleusrmimess, lL'llIL'CLllih07' ymtlug are peace. Shorthand 'Spend Society' 7QAvIJllllOllH1tl1BilIl 83 Junior players 85 Monitor 8. ' Left Q DEANDDALBEY Once I 1, rfe.9.sfvz'zl riglrl. mill I gat credit 'by it. Monitor 5. MARY D. IEDVVARDS Riylit 'Of 1nminm'.w: yrfntla, of ujfu-t'i0-11.9 milzlf' Home-AEcouo1nics ulul: .617-8: Shorthand' Speed Society 6. Lf-ft Bmlmicm DAVlS U Gund lmnlth and goml are-use are twu of - A l-ifelv yreutest blas.si'11g.v. l Gu A. A. 35 Zetagutliean 4-5-G-7-83 Shorthand ,Speed Society 85 Monitor. Sg. Orcl1estra.8'g H, M. S. Pinaforef' V U -V I I, ,A Q I A1 IVIERCEDES JANE EDXVARDS Riuhb UI-n auch 'cheek apjlears ll pretty d'i'm.ple. Philomnt-lxenn 3-4-55 treasurer'.4g Home Eco- nomics club 8: G. lx.-A.1'3'1:1Q1iVS4t11fl8llf3,CQlil'lCil 3-45 Office assistant. 6-83 Reporter, Scroll S. Left' DAN DAVIS A BLu.slLes 'muy come and blushgrs may go? I but freclcles hang rm f07'G'I.70l1.u: I . T1-ack 5-7g Cross country 4: Monitor 8. NVILBUR H. ENGSTROM Rishi I run sure no one has tn qzlarrel with me. Luft DICK E. DAXVSON None but himself crm be Iris 2Ill.7'llZll?I.u Hi-YQ Student council 63 Football 6-85 Band 3-4-5.-6-7-S3 Chorus 6-T-8: Glee elub.6-,7-85 Track 6: - Orchestral 4-5-6-'T-8'g State--music contest 7. ' . AIt'l'IIUIi R. ERICKSON Rirfht ' ' High erevterl fhouylits .seated 'i-n a, heart of courtesy. Le Cercle Francais 8. Left DONALD W. DURHAM Nothing great was ever uclziavezl 'iuitlmut my k7l0'1lJlBll,Ulf.H WIDDA FARMER Riullt Grul'.s prophets of thc Beautiful ' these poets cure. Sorizrlitus Romana 3-4-5: Zetzigathean 4-5-G-'P 8-: treasurer '73 Le Cercle Francais 6-'7-8: Sllnkespearean 'T-BQ AlfVI11'ClF0lJB committee 5-6- 7-89 Service girl Gg Quill staff 7-8. i i QUILL ' xl Y- x CQ i Left THOMAS VAIL FARR The greatest truths are the simplestg mul so are the greatest men. Hi-Y 3-4-5-6-7-85 secretary S5 Track 3-4-5-75 Cross country 45 Usher 5-6-7-8. HUGH L. Fnlxzum Rial.: Uliulufd with sanctity of ammonia. I. E. R. 85 1J1'0R.SU1'61'Q Orchestra 3-45 Hi-Y 7-85 Quill staff 85 Monitor 6-75 Usher 6-75 Orches- fra. Left J OSEPHINE MAY FARRIS And m'i,sL1'4zss of lzerself, though Ohivm full. Monitor 5-6. FRANCES C. FREDR-ICKSON Riuhl- My own, thoughts are my cd'o1,121mzions. G. A. A. 65 Philatalin 45 Junior players 55 Shorthand Speed Society 7-85 president 8g Girls' glee club 55 Chorus 4-55. Library 7: Service girl 8. Left RUTH FELDMAN Auytl1.i'n-y for a- quiet life. Glee club 8-45 Monitor 6. RICHARD M. Fmsx Rishi Deeds, not 'wo1'ds. E Epi Tan B5 Student council 5-6-7-85 presi- dent SQ Senior board memberg Monitor 5-6-75 Tennis 4-5-6-75 Football 6-85 Basket Ball 3-4-5- li-7-S. Left MAliTHA A. Fosrnn 'Tis good will 'makes intelligence. Sodalitns Romano 3-4-55 Zctngntheau 4-5-6-7-85 Le Carole Francais G-7-8: secretary 85 Shake- spearean 7-85 Student council 85 Quill staff 7-85 lVnrd1-obe committee 5-6-7-S5 chairmang Serv- ice girl 6. MARY FRYE Riaht To lm 7'l1U1f67' than to seem. Left VIRGINLA C. FOSTER Mu.vi4: is 'well sairl to be the speech of a-nyzrlsf' Philoinathcnn 6: Sliakespezweml 65 Extrava- ganza 35 Chorus 35 Scroll stall' 85 Student council 4.5 Girls' glee club. ROBERT FULLER Right I envy no 'mam who knows more than myself, but pity him who knows loss. Forensic 5-6-7-B5 I. E. R. 85 Hi-Y 85 Student council 65 Swimming 65 Football 8. Left FRED Fox H'e'Zl jiml zz, way. Purple Mask 5-6-75 Glee club 4-5-6-75 Ohorus 4-5-6-75 I-I. M. S. Pinafore 5 In the Next Roon1 g Music Festival5 Football 45 Reporter, Scroll S. . J on GABHIEL Right Josie-rs do often prove 1J7'0111I0t3.u I-Ii-Y 8-4-5-6-7-85 E Epi Tan 3-4-5-6-7-85 treas- urer 65 secretary 85 Soilalims Romana 55 I. E. R. 6-S5 Football 4-6: Basket Ball 35 Track '75 Quill staff 85 Usher 5. QUILL Left VEIi1lIik L. GARMON HIJ6'l'S,lLflf8'f0'll, tips hm- tongue lwhmi. e'er .she talks. G. A. A. 33 Junior Players 33 Cup and Dagger 4-5-6-73 Zetagntliemi 63 Shakespearean 6-'73 secretary '73 Student council 73 secretary 73 Snow Queen 73 Quill stat? 6-'73 The Forfeitiug Chorus '73 Music festival 7. DONALD L. GREEN 3 Rivflt Mmm false ma-zz., srrzwliwiy, destfruative mlm. Aeolinn 4: Mule qnurtette 3-4-5-6-7-8: Bnnd 3-4-5-G 7-S3 Orchestra -3-4-5-6-7-S3 Glee club 3-4'5'6-7-82 Chorus 3-4-5-6-7-8: Social orches- tra 5-6-7-83 H, M. S. Pir1ufore 3 Extrava- ganza 52 Cardinu.l's uttendantg Truck 5. Left OPAL GrERCM+AN Play 1171, play 1111, mul play the gfmwl' I G. A. A. 8-4-5-S-7-8: vice president 53 secre- tary 63 Junior Players 4-5-63 Cup and Dagger 7-8: Extravaganza 53 Monogram 5: Tennis team 73 Tumbling team 6-7-8. DOROTHY GRESDAL Rivlll ' Th.ere's no yrzfuler delight than to be conscious of Si7lUB'l ifQll.H Zetagutlleuu 5-6-7: Le Cercle Francais 5-63 Stu- dent council '73 Quill business staff 5-6-7-B3 Monitor 8. Left YVINNIFRED E. GILL It's -nice fo be vmtzrrnl 'wl1.e'n.you.'-re naturally 11-ice. Zctngnthenn G: Home Economics club 6. Dome A. GU'rHR.m Rinlff I ,lunve rn hmrl: with room. for eve-ry joy. G. A. A. 43 Sodulitas Romana 3-4-5-63 Short- llaurl Speed Society 7: Glee club 6: Chorus 8. Left MARY GILLE-SPIE A face with ylmlness ovs1'sp1'emZ. Zctzigntlieun 6-7: Le Cercle Francais 5-G3 Golf G-'73 Shakespearean S. HELEN HfNLL Right TVs tllink rm lzfnmly life l!07'!S'f8fS in trrmquility of m'i'ncI. Slmkespezlrenn 73 H. M. S. Pinafore 3 Glee club 6-7. Left GENEVIEVE GOCHENOUER I rlonft cure how you spell my fnlzme! PM clzzrnye it A'nmeti'me rmy'wr1y1. Le Circle Francais 5-6-T3 G. A. A. 3-4-53 Ex- travugrxuzzi 53 Lili1':1ry 3-4-5-6-'73 Chorus 8-4-5-63 Glee club 3-4-5. IIAKRY HAMMER Ritlflf Y For he ways stmliaux--of his ease. Tennis 3-4-5-6. Left IVIATLGARET S. GRAYBEAL They are l1.!4'U0'l' alone that are ll-CCOWT-IJIl'Ilil2Il by 'noble thoughts. Pliiluitnlin 43 Le Cerc-le Francais 5-6-7-83 treas- urer '73 Zetngnthenu 6-7-B3 Chorus 63 Glee club 63 Monitor '7-8. EMIL K. ITANSEN Rirllli MHz: was a. man, take hi-nz. fo-r all in all. El Oireulo Espanol 7-S3 president S. I' .1 3, QUILL i Len Grows H. HENSLE1: Tha worI4L's greatest men have not cnmmmzly been great sr:hoIu'rs. Hi-Y 3-45 Stage -L-5-65 Student council 4-6: Monitor 55 Reporter, Scroll 8. MfNRJOIiIE I'IUGGl,NS Riuhl Tha jon of youth. and health her eyes zli.-zplmyccl. Slml-:espenreain 7-S5 G. A. A. 35 Shorthand Speed Society 7-S: vice president 85 Cup and Dagger 6-7-85 treasurer 85 Junior Players 3-4-55 treasurer 4: president 55 Quill stulf 85 Monitor 4-G5 Student council 3. ,I . ,, . , Lfff 5 RMU Iio1iQoNv'f' tEJIQINDIQllllhl-S,- 1'll7l. zz wool-yaHLc1'i11g. ,R ,- f ,. 1 Y Yrguolian 6-7. G, ,f ', flu MARVIN HUNT Rizlhf A I rlum! -not smile 'uqmn Um clmnsclsg .T,'LUOIlIl1- Iiruak Loo 'rmmy 11011-WTS, Foogbull 4. Left .TEANETTE L. HOCKMUTH Or Iiglll. or drrrln, or short 07' tall, she .s'L'Ls a spring tn .v'n.r1v'c' Hzem all. WILBIA ILLIAN Riiyliz If Irulies be but young and fuwir, They have the gift to knofw it. Pliilolunllluan 5: Glee club 2-3-55 H, M. S. Piu:ifore 55 Chorus 3-4-5-65 G. A. A. 3. Lvft Wnims CLARENCE HOIQANSON Lat us do or die. Vignoliun 7-8: Basket Ball 3-4-5-6-7-S5 Track IJ--1-5-li-'T-S: Monitor 7-S: Foothnll S. Amon: E. JOHNSON Riuhl HSIIIIIDHL rims the 'water' where il1.c brook is deep. Ze1ag:itl1eari 3-4-5-6-7-S5 treasurer 55 Junior Players 5-6-7: Student- council 35 Monitor 85 Service girl 6: Sodulitns Romana 3-4-5. Lfff IQENNETH W. HOLLENQUIST To ha xtrzmy is to be lumpy. Viguolinn 5-li-75 Football G-H5 Stage S, CAR-L A. JOHNSON RWM Gull giveth. speech. Lo ull, Song to the few. Aeolinn 4-5-6-8: Vignolinn 3-4-5-G5 Purple Musk 4-5-6-7-85 treasurer 85 Monitor 8: Usher E4-4-5-6-7-85 Properties 85 Glee club 3-4-5-6-7-85 Chorus 3-4-5-li-75 Orchestra ES-4-5-6-75 State lllll- sic contest 4-G: H, M. S. Pinu.fore 5: Extrav- agnnzu 5: Mole- quartettu 5-65 Romantic Young Lady. . Lfft BIILDRED E. HOWE Her world -is ever joyous. Slmkcspeairoun 4-6: Home Economics club 3-4- 5-G. Mlxlicmnnr C. JOHNSON Riyhk HN air. hm' nlnnilfws, all who saw IlllIIliiI'Rl1.,' QUILL Left FLOYD F. JOHNSON Study is il pasti-meg 'why m:er1lo. Stage work 3-5-83 Monitor 5-6. IRENE ALAJK0 Right 'fl'is often, tha lillle coll 'in the 'wheel that 'makes it yo. Monitor 3. Left JACK KASNER He doth. inrlaerl show some sparkle that are like wit. Football 5-63 Reporter, Scroll 8. DON L. LARSON Riyli-t I only speak right on. North hi gli school. Left J EAN KAVANAUGH Style is the dress of thought. G. A. A. 35 Euclidean 45 Zetngatheau 5-6-7-83 Slmlcespemenn 7-S5 Monitor 5-8. WILMA LATIMER Right A mllirleln -never Izolrl, Of s77i1 it still Mull quiet. Philzitnlin 4-5-65 president 53 vice president 65 Home Economics club 4-5-63 Monitor 8. Left AKRLENE KEPFORD The very jluwzr of youth. Sodulitas Roumna 3: Home Economics club 8. S. REBECCA LEVEY Riuhf Thou least 'rm ln-morrow 'in thy song No 1Ui71.t07 i'IL thy year. Shorthand Speed Society 75 Monitor 7: Rc- porter, Scroll 8. Left MIRIAM EDITH Kmimm Golden hair, like su-nliyht .s'trea1r1'iny7. Junior Players 3-4: Le Cercle Francais 5-6: I. E. R. 7g Cap and Dagger 83 Euclidean 55 Ext-l'3.V2l.g'H1lZll 55 Monitor 5-6-8. CHAR-LES LEWIS Rishi He vnay :lo somcthi-ng sensccvt-iomzl yetf' I-Ii-Y 7-S5 Cross country 6: Basket Bull 5. Left NELDIE N. KLINEIPELDT . Far xhe 'was just the quiet lc-iml whose nntu-res never 'uairyf' G. A. A. il-43 Shorthand Speed Society 79 Home Economics club 8g Plxilutalin 8. CLARENCE LEWIS Rlillfl lily wuvilllrlioom remiml 'me of Quebec- - jnzmclezl upon a. high bluff' QUILL I i l 1 I Left LUTHER M. LIGON My early mul ilwioicible love of 1'eacl'lng, I 'would not ezvchcmgc for the treasures of 1'n.1liu. Euclidean 7-85 Sl1:ikespe:1reun 7-S5 Vignolian 8: Band 3-4-5-6-7-S5 Orchestra 3-+1-5-6-7-S5 Truck team 75 Hi-Y 6-8. MrXRION F. M:EEK Right Sober, steadfast, loyal. I. E. R. 6-7-S: president B5 Monitor 7-S: Ex- travaganza 5: Football 4-6-85 Basket Ball 4-5-85 'l'1'11ck 55 Tumbling 4-5-6-7-85 Tennis 5. Left IQENNETH B. LOGAN All things come 'rouvul to lzim who will but wail. MAnG.xn.E'r B. -BIICHAELSON Riuhb Well-timed silence hath. more eloquence Alum speech. Shortlmnd Speed Society 75 Pliilomal-henn 6-75 Monitor 75 Office assistauit 3. Left EUGENE M. :MCDOUGALL All the great -men. are zleurl, mul I mn feeling sick. Reporter, Scroll 8. RALPH BIILLER. Riyht I nm nothing, if not erilicalff Forensic 3-4-5-6-7-S3 Aeolian 4-5-65 I. E. R. 75 Hi-Y 3-4-5-6-7-85 Band 3-4-5-6-7-B5 Orches- tro 4-5-6-7-85 Senior ultendunt 85 State music contest 7. Left TED C. MCNANEY .i1'e11.'t I the spiek mul .vprm little laid? Glee club 7-8: Track 5g Student. council 45 Usher 4-5-6: Reporter, Scroll 8. MAXINNE C. MUNSON Rizflft The secret of success 'is constancy to 79u1'11ose. Scroll editoriul editor 8. Left MARY Lou BIIAR-TIN Tl1e1'e has never been any 11-real ye-ufius 'without ri spice of mzlcl11ess. Euclidean 35 Junior Players 35 G. A. A. 4-5- 7-S: secretary 45 treasurer Cop und Dagger 4-5-6-7-S5 secretory 75 treasurer 65 vice presi- dent 85 Slmlcespearean '7-85 vice president 85 Tennis 8-4-5-6-7-8: Monitor 65 A Kiss for Cinderelln : E1'nes1: g In the Next Roomng I-I. M. S. Pinafore''-propert.ies5 A Romnnbie Young Ludy -properties: Quill 7-S5 editor- in-chief B5 Queen's attendant. :HAZEL I. Monnow R-iuhc Ease with ll'lll7Tlf1l.H Junior Players 3-4-55 vice president 55 treas- urer 45 Sodnlitns Romnnn 3-4: Slmlcespenreun 6-7-8 3 Cup nndD:1gger 85 Monitor 6-S 5 Chorus 4. Left CLARENCE L. -NEARTINDALE The worlzl delights in fb -num who plays Iris own. part. Monitor 35 Usher 7. GLENN C. NOBLE Right He uma the mfilrlcsl 'nifumerefl mrm-. Glee club G-7-85 El Circulo Espanol 85 Shake- spearean 75 Usher 85 H, M. S. Pinzxforeug Music festival 8. OUILL Lefi MARJORIE E. NUM' Liar 'wrcachefl smiles, mul e11t1'nnci11g 'ways Vmzlislies the gloom. of the slulclest days. Monitor 7. HELMER PETERSON Riuht His h.en.rt is as fm' from, frfzuzl als heafvcvi from earth. Monitor 7. Left GWENDOLYN OGBURN Wlifil, could ri wamaws hem! con.tr'i'ue WIL'LcIL 'it fwrmlrl not know how to excuse. Junior Players 343 Cap and Dagger 63 -Glee club 3-53 Mixed chorus 4-63 Scroll staff 33 H, M. S. Pinaforef' LYLE W. PETERSON Riulrt The re'wnr1l of rp tl1.'i-ny well :Irma 'is to llrwe zlrme fit. Hi-Y 53 Band 43 Orcllestrn 4. Left KATHRYN A. 0 'HARA Ullrmest Iabm' bears IL Imnely face. Home Economics club 63 Philomnthezm 5-6: Slmrthund Speed Society 3. DONALD H. PLUMB Riyllf With a heart for any fate. Football 5. Left BURR-ELL F. OLIVER Every man is e:l:cept3ional. Boys' glee clubg Band 3-4-5-637-83 H, M. S. Pinnforeng Music festival S. RICHARD PRIEBE Riymf A Imrwt fo fresolve, ll' heurl to c0'ntrive, - mul ci- hand to execute. Orchestra 3-4f5-6-7g Music contest 7. Left MARIE E. OLSON Nothing e-nclures but yaersvnal qualities. Monitor 8. DOROTHY C. PUGH Riuhl That load, becomes light 'which 1:8 chzzarfully borne. Home Economics club 4-5-63 Oliice 7. Left J AMES WILLIAKI PAYNE A just fortune muaits the deserving. Cincinnati, Iowa, high schoolg I. E. R. 5-6: Glee club 53 Vignolian 83 Quill stnlf 83 HH. M. Pinxnfo1'e 3 Usher 6'81 Romantic Young L:icly -stage electrician. CORYA E. RACEK Right A light heart lives I01'lU.u' Home Economics club 4453 treasurer 53 Moni- tor 6 3 Ofiic e. JH fl :fa R. bb I J xx' J x., C 'f QUILL l-:Hx ' Xxx nvf 1 ,.,' l A TJ cf' x' Left LUCHJLE W. REED Doi-nty mul quiet- is .shag as -nice as she cfm- be. Home Economics clubg G. A. A. RUTH I. RIEGE11 R-iyhz lIup71y nm If from care I'm free! Why zwen'L they all conteoi-Lezl like me. Philomathenn Home Economics club 4-5-65 Monitor 65 Service girl 8, Left FRANCIS JOHN REYNOLDS He is rfzriet and small mul frievillly to ull. GLEN E. ROBUCK Rirfht JIrmy people feel art, some 'll7llL6'I'Sf1l'llll it, but I bath. feel and uvulerstimrl it. Basket Bull 3-45 Swimming 6-7-83 Student council. Luft . Roimrvrn REYNOLDS fi coqzmtte is rm girl. with. u heart 'who makes: ra fool out of a mlm -without bravi11s. G. A. A. 3-4: Aeolian 6-7-85 treasurer 65 Philo- mntheun 6-7-S3 secretary 65 Glee cluh 5-65 Chorus 83 Extravaganza: H, M. S. Pinaforenq Music festivulg Senior banquet committee. ROY A. Rosisonooorr Right Tell me 'H'I.07'6g are 'l,U0m.!47?. true? Monitor 8. Left Noimn. O. RHEUPORT Depend on me to keep zz secret-going. , I. E. R. 7: Goli '75 Shorthand Speed Society 7. Dmiones Rocm Riaht A maillelz- never bald nf spirit, still and quiet. Home Economics club 63 treasurerg Student council 8. Left LYLE J. R1cK.umUG11 lT'orLl1, nrmragc. hovmr. these indeed. your sustenuncc mul b1Ii'th1'iy7Lt are. Vignolian 3-4g Hi-Y 3: Basket Ball 3-4-5-6-7-Sq Football 3-4-5-6-7-83 Monitor 5-65 Track 3-53 Student council '73 President of senior class. Douomnxf J. SAUNDEIIS Riulft She is always an ease -who laughs. Captain Applejzickn 55 Golf 4-5. Left COR-INNE R-IDER. On with the zlfrnneg let joy be u11confin.'zl. Euclidean 3-4-53 Cap and Dagger 5: Extrava- ganza 5: The Youngest? -Student council Sq Snow Queen's Il.li.Cl!d2lllt-Q Golf 4. Ross SCANLAND Jciuhl Faith, Ll1.cri's as 'well Sllill as if I had Sllfll it myself. Forensic 3-4-5: trezisoirei' 4: Vignolian 6-'75 Le Cercle Francais 5-6-7: vice president 5: Band 3-4-5-6-7: Cheer lender 3-4-5-6-7-8: cap- tains E-8g Monitor 6: Hi-Y 6: Quill business stu . OUILL f,7I.7!y rg hifi f 1 L ri ,Mao f x xl 'I VC iff! , f ,571 1 Left YVONNE ELIZABETH SCI-IEFFER But oh., she dances .such a way. Le Corcle Francais 4-5-6-7-S3 G. A. A. 3-43 Junior players 3: Hi-Y Extrzivugmizuz Student council 75 Reporter, Scroll 8. HOYVARD LEROY SELOVER Rilllrt iiNPll.'l'ZIl killed by fl- tmin of tI1oLLgI1,L.9 passing through. Iris b'm'i-n. Forensic 7-Sp Vignulizin 7-S7 Football '75 Tum- bling 3-4-5-6-7-8. Left CARL WILLIAM SCHMACKER Frnmv the crown. of hir: head to the sole af Ii.-is fool, he -is all mirth. Forensic 4-5-6-7-83 I. E. R. G-7-85 president 6: Hi-Y 6-7-83 Purple Mask 83 Kiss for Cinder- elln 3 The Forfeituz Stage electrician 6-7-SQ Student council 'T-S5 Quill stalf 8. SADIE SHANE Rirllli In crime Sallie, one vast substa-ntial smile. G. A. A. 5-63 I. E. R. 7g Philomnthenn 7-89 Junior players 3-4-5-6-7-S3 secretary 4g vice president 8: Sodalitzxs Romana 3: Student coun- cil 55 Monitor G-8. Left AUDREY SCOTT A well-liked girl who is always unconscious of her clmrmf' Le Cercle Frnncnis 5-li-73 Glee club 4-5-65 Monitor T. MARY M. SUEARER Rfrfht Ali, how good 'it feels! The hmul of an 0111. j'1'ieml. North High: Student Council: Zetngntlieung Monitor. Left HOWARD M. SCOTT Men love to 'Luonrlez' and that is the seed of our science. Forensic 3-at-73 Football 65 Track 7. FRANCIS E. SHERNVOOD Rillhl IIanor Iirfs in honest tail. Monitor 7. Left ROBERT SEE A big noise dune 'up in ll fat package. V. BERNICE SAUTH Riullf To know har is to like her. Euclidean 8: Glee Club 4-5-63 Mixed Chorus 4-5-G: French Club 5-G-7-8g Monitor 8g Club Bulletin Mgr. 8. Lefz AGNES SELLERS Sensible people find -niothing 'useles.s'. Sodalitas Romana 3-4: Zetagntheuu 4-5-6-7-83 G. A. A. 35 Monitor 5-QS: Extrnvagnnzn-prop- ertiesg xVR'l'd1'0bC comilnttee 4-5-6. FRED SMITH Riuht Do you. seek Frell's equal? None is, except lzinzselff' E Epi Tnu 5-6-7-85 Slinliespeuriau 7-85 Moni- ior 7. l OUILL Left HAZEL A. Smmu A good clisposition -is more valuable than gold. Monitor 73 Shox-tlmnd Speed Society 7: Li- brnvy, Typist 4-5-6-85 G-. A. A. 3-4-55 May Festival 5. .ANNA STAIIBUCK Rizlht 'Tm not boslrful-I m just thoz1yhtgful. G. A. A. 3-6-8. Left LOUISE V. SXIITH Now here is ll yozmznstei' of cfccelle-nl with., Faith triad to conceal her by 'namivl-g her ,S'mitlL. LIILDRED ABBIE STEPHENSON Riulfb H.T7'0'llfbl8 is for those lhol let it worry them. Left VVILMA L. SMITH Everyone knows what I know. G. A. A. 3g Junior players 5-65 Sliortllalld Speed Society 7-89 Monitor '75 Quill and Scroll hnsiness stenogrzxplxer 8. JAMES O. STOOKEY Riuht Why so pale and wan, fond lover? Left ROBERT H. SMITHSON A -moral, scnsiblf' mul well-bred man. Aeoliun 3-4-5-6-7-83 Band 3-4l'5'6-7'8: Orches- trn 3-4-5-6-7-S5 Social 0'K'CllGStl'2L 7-8: Glee club 7-By Chorus 7-83 Extra-vuganzm 85 Music con- test 5-75 A Capella 7. CHARLES STRANGE Rivht Quiet, but stlm'zly. I. E. R-. 7-S5 Hi-Y 6-7-85 Track 6-7-8: Crass count-ry 6. Left FLORENCE SNONV A, still, small voice-when 71eorcl. MAR-CEL' SUTTON Rioht 1 o'r the more zo lHIl7l- I.:11o'1os, the more 'worthy he is. I. E. R. G3 Monitor 7: State academic meet 7. Leia :HELEN A. SPENCER No, imloozl, you will l'll llPl' be lL'l1f olrl 1nl1irl. Le Carole Frzmczxis 6: Golf 65 Extravugzxnznq Office girlg Quill and Scroll typist S. THEIJMA SUTTON Right 'fllorleqllf is io merit 'IUIIIIL sluzrle 'is to Jlllures nz. rc pnotureg it gives 'I slr'v1.gtl1 mul makes it stmzrl out. Home Economics cluh 6-73 Monitor S. Left EVA H. SWIM Thr: virtue nf her livnly looks, Efvcels the precious stone. G-. A. A. 39 Glee club 3-5-6-'7-S3 Monitor 5: I-I. M. S. Pinaforeng Music festival. CLIFFORD W. THORNE Riffll-t Ha hath ca lean and himgry look. Vignolinn 4: Scroll stuff 8. Left Dems E. TASSIN A good reputation is more valuable than money. - Home Economics club 7-8. MAX TUINSTIIA Riuht He 1'l7'LL8l4Il, tuvrnerl rv page, mul fell, asleep. Football 3-5. Luft FRED E. THIEL Ay, every 'inch ra 7ci'ng. E Epi Tun: Cardinal in Winter Festivnlg Monj- tor 75 Basket Ball 3-4-5-6-73 Student council S: Scroll sports editor S. HELEN TULLIS Riullb Notl:.'i'n.y has ever been Qnrocluced better them all youd 'LU07WlL'7'l., Philomathenn 5-G-7-85 Shorthnilcl Speed So- ciety 7-SQ Monitor 8. Left MlLLAliD D. THOMAS Acc-rn'rling as the 'Ill-IZYI, is, so 77l,lt8f you lzumuur mmf' Hi-Y 45 Monitor 7. FELDC E. VIGGERS Rink! Tho force of his own merit -makes li-is -way. I. E. R. 6-75 Student council 8. Left ANN LOUISE THoMPsoN It is good to br' zeulnwsly :affected always in n, yoorl thing. G. A. A. 33 Phiinmuthean 73 Junior players 37 Tennis 3-4-5-6-7-8: Extravaganza 5. HAZEL VINCENT Right Nothing great ways over ucliievczl 'without l!7llfL'ltSfll8771'. G. A. A. 3,4-546-7-8: Junior players 3-4-5-6: sec1'etn1'y 5g Cap and Dagger 83 Library 3-4: Monogram 4g Tumbling 5-6-7-8g Extraivagzxnza 5g Monitor 6. Luft MYITVTLE THOIVIPSON '1Tlrought 'wnrks 'in xilence, so does Myrtle. Monitor 8. EVELYN WVAKEFIELD M0716 The only 'way to luwe zz gfrienzl is to be one. Home Economics club 3: Monitor l l OUILL Left CLART' VBRGEL WESl0L S0 much one mem um flu Fmeusxr, 6 7 J udxdefm 6, Band 0 Donomv VEIENON XVII.-SON Rwht Aml hm sunny Iocls llang on hm temples hle II ynlzlan. fleece A 3 Shmthuud Speed 8 Pulytechmc hxgh Los Anaeles Lvlt Ton W WHEATON Oh IIYIIQIJ ,Should lxja all labm 114 H1 Y S FLOYD A WILSON RWM Jhme must br some haul walk wi, hmm fm nom cum cumu out ' L0 A JOIIN W -WHEATON ,Sec the cnnquw my 11.070 Lomas HIY 567 8 Folenslc 7 Footblll G Swlm mmg 5 6 7 8 Baud 3 Tuck 7 Nlomus E WOOD RWM What should zz mem. flu but be 'many H1 Y 6 7 8 Lv L LENNART WID In nulzue wmth, and honoo cl Z loothnll 4 la Bwket, B'1l1 4 za .Flfuk 7 MAIXGARET HAPRIFT WORI-. RWM A merry llecub mczhzrtlr w nhecvful 1 ozmtenlmce G X A 4 Phxlomutheuu 4 5 6 7 Momtux 6 Guls glee club 5 7 Repoltm, Sc1ol1 8 Le c 'NIERLE WILDBY .Phe chultcilun: may she gwr' 119 u, cw bnllwnt jilwhes of szlenca I Y Romana, 45 Lucluluxn 5 6 Cap and D-mggex I-5 L1b1mv 3 4 5 6 8 Student Louncxl 6 D19 Deutsche Lxesellsnhnft 8 flllllbllllg team 68 Repmtu Suoll 8 LUCIAN PXLMDR WYANT Ilwhf Plmf the ynuw of Ixfl as squarely as you play Hu' wmze of football H11 7 Bxslxet, Bull 4 Trmk 'S Football 8 I 1-fL MAXIND FRANCES WILLEY Let uv oeyowe ulnle we an you Soduht 1S Rolmmm 4 Orchestm 4 KLNNETH YOUNG Rryhl lhc Hola of my lzfe as to make busmeas a plwsmf mul plemsulve my bu.yme.vs I uvensnc 3 4 5 6 7 8 secretmy 0 presxdent 8 'Sh nke.s11en1'reu.l 7 8 I-I1 Y 4 5 6 1 8 YIGAWIITOI an pnesxdent 6 uw presxdenb 8 Aeolmn 4 5 6 I Ii. R 4 State musu, contest: 5 7 EAU wx gnnm 'S 8 Quxll shit 7 8 Momtor 8 Student CULIYICII a 8 B md 5 -L 5 6 7 8 Olchestm 3 4 5678 Scrum vxce president Stage elec-tru cxnn 6 7 Swuummg teun 6 7 8 Socml orches tru 2 4.3 G 7 S Nusxc festnnl S M1 cxty 01 Lhestra. QUILL 0-fL,64.l7 W 2274.5 VAL .5 , .1 1 ' . -1 , , u 'V ' ,H 1 1 . H, , 3 3 .' K '. -l 5:44 f I . if - yr . ,, . . , 1- '. f 7' GL. . A. 9 ' ' 1 ' ff , . f , I ' I H A -4 v ,Hx A I . ,n . . Nfl . . 1 . 1 1 ,Un ' ' . , . , , , , Q.. .- . . ,U - ,, ., . I- - - - 1 ' 1 5 : g - ' ' N 9 3 'L - n 1 7' .1 , . . , .. Z., H ,V my .- , . . at H ' Vg z.. . -'g ' uf . 'A L.. 4, .' . H ,l .,- v V v -'f ,, X H '. :. . ' ' F --- ' ' ' -. '. 1 ' , . . ,. '. , , 7 - I . 4 ur . .- I, ' 1 V' 4 fy g ' If f G-. A. A. 3-4-6-89 Junior 11:1 ers 3-45 Sodalitus ' - 5 ' .- - 3 - A . r ' . 'H , 3 . r - , ' I . L A , , ' ' i . '1 , I , H ' 1 .. . . ' f . . .. f . ' , - , .. 1, 1 A , ' . Q, ' ' ' I . ,, .. v' ,.-ff n. '- 1 P . . H . . . , . . . wx Y f' ltr! .. V . ' ' ' , ,I - . . , ,- .1 3 . .' h ,'- - - . I . -. - . , , . , ' . A . , Lax. : jg -. ,' , ' 1 : .- - : V F- - 'I - . . - -. 1 ' . ,.-F, 14 - , . , I .- , 3 I ,,,, 5 . . , , . 3 1 . . 5 -. - ,FA - A . r ' .', . 4 . . , , . Y A . SYLVIA D. ZEILINGER G1'ef1.t is journalimn. Is 'not every able editor a 'ruler of the world, ba- ing the persuader of lt? Die Deutsche Gesell- schaft 85 Sodrxlitas Ro- mana 7g Scroll editor- KATIIILYN LENIG Silence is galzlenf' Shulrespezweiiu SQ El Circulo Espanol B. RUTH RIDER Who is it can 'IIIIZIZFSLIIYHL a -woman? G. A, A. 3-43 Junior players By Euclidean 45 Tennis team 4g Golf team: Student council. Jnssm D. Seaman A maiden 'never bold, in-chief 8. Of spirit still and quiet. G. A. A. 3-4. WILIJIAM TEHRELL 'iJIu1'1'irzye is rt desperate living. Hi-Y 3-47 Student council 5. l 1I?O SENIOR ACTIVITIES Senior Pioneer Party, October 9th, Senior Parent Faculty Party, Novem- ber 6th. Senior Winter Festival, December 11th. Serman to Graduates, January 24th. Senior Class Night, January 25th. Senior Matinee Dance, January 26th. Senior Banquet, January 27th. Mid-Year Graduation Exercises, jan- uary 28th. ACH semester the Seniors are honored with various parties, entertainments, and assem- blies. The first party is always the Senior Mixer. The purpose of this one is to give the Seniors an opportunity to become better acquainted with one another. This year, at the Mixer held in the gym, the Seniors were attired as pioneers. The clothes worn dated from 1776, personified by Frcida Cohen, to 1925. This year was rep- resented by Ioe Gabriel dressed as a H1925 Flap- perf' After several games, the group Went to the cafeteria, by way of the tunnel, where they had sandwiches, pumpkin pie, and cider. Prizes were awarded Marjorie Cotton, lean Kavanaugh, and Max Tuinstra for the best costumes. After this they returned to the gym where the last half-hour was spent in dancing. The second party of the semester, the Senior Parent Faculty Party, as its name shows, honors thc'Seniors, their parents, and the faculty. This year the main feature was a Senior Picture Contest. Each Senior brought his or her baby picture and they were placed on the two bulletin boards in the front corridor. Prizes were awarded to those having the most natural and the best looking snap-shot and photo. An interesting program consisted of a musical trio, Ralph Mil- ler, Kenneth Young, and Don Green, a dance by Yvonne Schefferg a dialogue-Freida Cohen and Miriam Kiefer, a chalk talk by Velma Garmong and music by Seniors selected from the mixed chorus. After refreshments, those who cared to, danced in the front corridor. The party in which the Seniors take the most 22 QUILL rnterest, probably because of the electron of the Snow Queen and Cardrnal and therr attendants, rs the XUIHICI' Festrvrl The Snow Queen and Cardrnal rewn supreme over thrs party Thrs year the Queen was Velma Garmon, and her attendants Marv Lou Martrn, Maryorre Barrd Maryorre Crawford Ieanette Hockmuth, and Corrnne Rrder The Cardrnal was Fred Threl, and hrs attendants Brll Terrell Brll Baldwrn, Fred Smrth, Don Green, and Ralph Mrller After the crownrng of the Snow ueen and a pro gram presented rn her honor, a treasure hunt took place, Maryrn Hunt wrnnrng as the treas ure, a box of candy Xll were surprrsed when a dance bv Trerda Cohen brought Santa Claus out ol the krtchen wrth hrs bag of presents, whrcla he drstrrbuted Wrth the help of hrs assrst ants As usurl the party ended wrth a half hour s dancrnff One assembly rs usually held for the Scnrors, called the Educatronal Assembly The Senrors thrs semester were lucky rn havrnfr two Educa tronal Assemblres The first was held October 14th, rn two parts The hrst part was for grrls alone at thrs trme Maxrne Batesole, Naomr Cook, Marv Lou Martrn, and Maryorre Cotton gave short talks on 'lrue Frrendshrp Bernrce Brophy gaye a readrng, and Vrrgrnra Foster sang Wartrnff tor You All grrls were rnvrted to thrs assembly The second part consrsted of a program ol musrc by Rollrn Chrnn, and the boys quartet All boys were rnvrted to thrs assembly The second Educatronal Assembly was held rn the audrtorrurn, November 3d Brshop Iones, college pastor of Antroch College, Yellow Sprmgs, Ohro, tall ed to both the Senror A s and Senror B s about the college He told what one must do to become a student rn Antroch, how the collewe rs run, and of the aetrvrtres Last year 650 students were enrolled rn Antroch College, but thrs year only 384 are attendrng Two East Hrgh Uraduates, Ieanne Sweeney rnd Dan Campbell attend Antroch Colleae At present, the Senrors strll look forward to the Sermon to Graduates, Senror Class Nrffht, at whrch trme the Senrors exhrbrt any of the work they haxe done durrng therr hrgh school career, and present the Senror one act play the Senror Matrnee Dance, the Senror Banquet and the very last and most rmportant, the Graduatron Exercrses held at the Shrrne Temple At the begrnnrng of the semester eaeh Senror has the opportunrty of statrng hrs chorce of commrttees on whrch he would lrke to work The eyrecutrve board appornts charrmen and members of these commrttees, takrng rnto con srderatron as much as possrble the preference of each person Some of the eommrttee charrmen are Senror Proneer Party, Naomr Cook Senror Parent Fac ulty Party, Mary Lou Martrn Wrnter Eestrval, Vlaryorre Huggrns, Senror Class Nrght Wrlda Farmer and Martha Foster Senror Matrnee Dlnce, XA71l1T121 lllran Publrcrty Carl Schmacker, Calendar, Fred Threl, Educ rtron, Alrce Iohnson, Cap and Gown, Bernrce Smrth, Invrtatrons, Ber nrce Davrs, Banquet, Velma Garmon and Mar yorre Crawford The olhcers of the Ianuary, 1931, class are Lyle Rrckabaugh presrdent Kenneth Younv, vrce presrdent, George Crlva, secretary Maxrne Batesole, treasurer, Maryorre Cotton mel Rrchard Frrsk, board members C5l .Ell?O Seen Your WIII7 E the clrss of Ianuary 1931 bernv of sound mrnd and body do hereby bequeath to the oncomrng senrors and other underclass men, the followrng talent, to wrt Musrc, schol arshrp, athletre abrlrty, wrse cracks loye .rffarrs and varrous other pr17e possessrons I Brlly Baldwrn and Don Green leave therr musrcal abrlrty to comrng quartet members 2 Marcel Sutton leaves hrs natural wave to Rollrn Chrnn 3 Mary Lou Martrn leaves her rnches to Dor othey Conley 4 Helen Spencer and Ada Blasdell grve therr typrng aehrevements to Zora Strart and Elrza beth Sheldon 5 Melvrn Bettrs passes hrs Napoleonrc stature to Irmmy Myers 6 George Cossorr, Glen Robuck Kenny Younfv, and lack Wheaton bequeath therr aquatrc suprenaacy to Bob VVheaton, Ernre Porter and Denny Lrttlewood Tssk OUILL 23 ' 7' 4 ' ' ' 1 ' ' e 4 ' 1 L C l 1. A2 K - ' 1 . , t e ' r C 1 . - I K. ' - t . J , r 4 C A 5 1 A i C. P ' . C L -K 46 A, t t e I , c . ' ' . -1 . . . 14 1. e . - f , - 1 Q . . . e , - , , I - . . . 1 . . . L . . , . v - Q y L l ' ' r . 1 , C 3 c 4 1 L '. ' , ' . 1. , , e 4 . , , . . . - . ' 2 . 1 C - , . .. e L C . C L - 7 ' . u 5' 1 . ' ' ' - ' Q I 1 e . . f - - . . . C K 5 ' U ' 1: ' . 4 Q ' e ' 2 . 4 -v ' . 1 L S ' 1 f - e ' 1 rs 1 . - sv ' II Il ' r , I V K Y C T C 4 N 1 l . 4 r - ss - - ' sr - ' - 1: c c , .., D C D . , . . , r . 4 . . . , , , , - . , , . A . i . . Q , 1 . e . . . r . - I , 1 I. C V 'I 4 . . r . , ' .1 . x ' a , . ' . I - , K , Q ' ' . as . . . . - 3: C 4 . t T 1. ' . 1 I L 5 1 s 1 e 4- ' s 1 D . , ' ' . ' e c - ' .. ' . ' ' 1 e e D . - ' s . ' 1 -:J f c -1 , ' , K ' ' 1. . . YW YYY' 7. Lyle Rickabaugh, Richard Frisk, and Marion Meek leave their football ability to Vic- tor DeBakey, Loren Upchurch and Freddie Evans. 8. Roy Rosborough, Iames Stookey and Don Green leave their steadies to take care of them- selves. 9. Mary Lou Martin, Martha Foster, Wilda Farmer, Velma Garmon and Kenneth Young leave their Quill experience to Maxine Athey, Denny Littlewood, Ruth Davidson, Cecil Atkin- son, and Frances Parsons. 10. Wilbtir Engstrom bequeaths his laziness to Alvin Carlson. 11. Carl Schmacker and Marcel Sutton will their Chemistry ability to Richard Anderson and Marian White. 12. Albert Bahner, Robert Fuller and George I-Iensler leave their laboratory troubles to anyone who Wants to pick them up. 13. Velma Garmon bequeaths her secretarial ability to Marcene I-Iauge. 14. Marjorie Huggins gives her unusual vocal strength to Cecil Atkinson. 15. Marjorie Crawford leaves her English cor- rectness to Maxine Athey. 16. Bernice Davis and Helen Caplan bestow their red hair on any underclassman providing they get it in nature's way and not through the help of peroxide. 17. Rose Earl leaves her good naturedness to her sister, Edna. It all runs in the family. 18. I guess Frieda Cohen and her little brother, Ice Cream, will melt away unmolested. 19. Opal German and Hazel Vincent, bestow their gymnastic abilities to Mary Vincent and Marjorie Nichols. zo. Beryl Carlan sends his facial expressions down the line for someone to pick off for a play. 21. In conclusion, each senior leaves his peace and good fellowship to all underclassmen. fFor special information see party of first part., 91'ElElL?O April 5, 1940 Dear Nellie: While traveling around the world, I have met many of our old schoolmates. Really, I'm surprised at the number I remembered. On my visit to Alaska I saw Richard Bone. He is manufacturing Dog Bone Food in Dogville, Alaska. I saw Helen Crawford While I was there, too. She is teaching Home Economics to the Eskimo women. In Paris I met Maxine Munson, who has now become Mademoiselle Moonsin. She is the most noted artist in France. I visited her shop and saw Margaret Michaelson, Merle Wildey and Frances Carlson, all of whom are working with Mlle. Moonsin. Max Tuinstra, as you know by the papers, is taking Musso1ini's place as Premier of Italy. I felt quite honored to think that I knew him when he played Santa Claus at our Wixiter Fes- tival. He told me that Mahatmi Kasner visited him in Italy not long ago and brought with him his secretary, Ada Blasdell. Of course, we all knew she would get a job like that because of the way she use to type for the Scroll. Arthur Erickson, Wilda Farmer, Martha Foster are missionaries on the South Sea Isles. One of the noted scientists, working on a great experiment on these islands is Don Larson. He is assisted by Iames Bowen. It 'is said that Professor Larson may become as great as the late Professor Einstein. Marie Olson is posing for the Chesterfield Company's advertisements. Remember the day she won the picture contest in Miss Zimmerli's home room by having the most natural looking graduation picture? Of course, Iive seen Genevieve Gouchenouer, Dorothy Sanders, Corinne Rider and Marjorie Baird who are all dancing in Ziegfield's Follies' of 1940. One day I went to pay my dinner check in New York and who should be the cashier but Etta Bradford. She told me that Hazel Cosgrove and Florence Anderson had been in the day before and she had talked to them for some time. She also told me that Ralph Miller and Richard Frisk are running against each other for the presidency of the United States, Ross Scanland is mayor of New York, George Cilva runs a ferry between New York and Ellis Island and Lyle Rickabaugh has a job shining the torch of the Statue of Liberty. I went to visit Doris Guthrie-she had been in an accident and was at the hospital. Her 24 QUILL nurse was Naomr Cook and Marjorxe Cotton Mlldred Howe Dorothy Puvh and Evelyn Wakefield are nurses IH the same hosprtal Wllma Smrth 15 the head d1et1c1an and her as srstant 1S Ann Thompson She told rne there was a crrcus 1D town rn the afternoon On my way I stopped rnto a drug store just as the ree m ln arrrved It was Kenneth Logan and the clerk was Edward Betz I purchased my tlcket from a booth 1n whrch stood Laurel Charters Lenert Bloomqurst and Floyd Iohnston Inslde the tent I saw a clown who at srght I knew to be oe Gabr1el I also saw W1ld B1ll Robert See the famous cowpuncher Raymond Cowxe the l1on tamer and Wrllrs I-Iokanson and Kenneth Hollenqurst the trght rope walkers Dovxn at the other end of the tent I saw the Bahner twrns Albert and Alberta of the Zlegheld Follres The owners of the famous Green and Braun CIICUS were Don Green and Ehzabeth Braun An old friend of m1ne Roy Rosborough who IS a suc cessful farmer told me the shovxs came 1n on When I stepped outsrde the tent I vrewecl an 'urplane rn the sky Thrs plane was domg loops and tarlspms When xt landed Morrrs Wood the Amerxcan Ace stepped out He took me for 1 rlde to ames Stookeys farm Between the corn rows I notrced Clare Weston and Melv1n Bettls shuckrng corn I stayed wxth Iames for a fevx weeks before Morrrs called on me The unusual great arrplane was made by Crarg and Hunt Mfgs Olney Craxg presldent and Mar vm Hunt vrce presrdent S1nce Mr Wood was in '1 hurry to get to an automobrle race I dropped over my home 10 a patented Dawson parachute and thence rnsrde to revxew my meetings Whxle thus bI'lI'lglHg back the Il'1ClT1Ol'lCS the doorbell rang and a salesman Howard Scott trred to sell me some Fuller brushes Soon after wards the charwoman Mary Lou Mart1n came ln Wlth the laundry She made a complarnt about her wages not bem hrgh enough But I soon got rrd of her because I had an appomtment at three oclock to s1t for my portraxt and my portra1t1st Glen Robuck msxsts that I be prompt at all tlmes At two o clock LOUISC Addlngton a representatlxe of Burroughs Addlng Machrne Company was comrng to demonstrate an addrng IT121Cl11DC At fare oclocl I had an appolntment W1Ill'1 my dentist Dr V Farr That evenmg I attended the Gresdal theatre on the corner of Bourland and Bourland Streets I was lnterested rn watchrng the crowd as rt gath ered to see the reat moxre star Kathryn Bradley and her chorus cons1st1ng of Lorene Chase La Vonne Croft Esther Carlson Frances Carl son Neva Blshop and Mercedes Edwards who was co starrmg w1th Emrl Hansen and hrs chorus of Floyd Iohnston Marvrn Hunt Wllbur Engstrom LeRoy Selover and 1'ranc1s Sher wood In the crowd I was surprlsed to see a company of men who are members of the New York Stock Exchange There were Francxs Reynolds Donald Plumb Dale Clxne Charles Leu IS and Glenn Noble Il-'OllOW111g these men was a group of New Yorks socrety women Lucrlle Reed and Cora Racek were amonsf them Margaret Iohnson who 15 runnmg for the Democratrc Senatorshxp of Calrforma then came 1n wrth Hazel Murrow the operator of a beauty parlor rn Long Beach Hazel has been campargnxng very extensrv ely for Margaret because of the latter s pohtrcal vreu s Well I finally had to stop watchrng the crowd 1nd watch the stage The Erst thxng I saw was the TassrnTull1s news reel Thls showed an aggregatlon of hunters on the Isle of Borneo Among these I recognrzed Floyd Wrlson stand mg above a huge hon wluch he had evxdently just krlled Mrllard Thomas Marcel Sutton Bob Smlthson and our d1st1ngu1shed economics teacher Mr GQDIICISOD Next I saw a group of Red Cross workers sewrng drhgently to provlde clothes for the nl trves of the l1ttle town of Starbuck Hazel V1n cent was sewmg overalls and Sylx 1a Zerlmger was makrng a dress wlnle Agnes Alberg was fcedmg oatmeal to the children She was as srsted by Vesta Benson The Red Cross orgam zatron was berng supervxsed by Rrcharcl Prrebe The rest of the show was very rnterestlng but afterward my chauffeur Lenert W1d was YV2l1t mg for me so I left as I had a very busy day ahead of me Yours truly WILLIA QUILL 25 , . . , A. , . . . . V , , - , 5 1 X L g . ' , . . 4. . I K. ' ' t C ' 1- - I 1. . L ' Y . . . 1 4 e 4 g 6 ' , , ' '. T I ' . t . r , 3 r , 4 ' I 'N c . K , C , . - - 7 ' 7 N , . . . . C , L 4 T Q . g c , ' -4 3 - 7 ' , ' -4 - -4 ' , s 1 s I ' 9 1 ' K Sl ' ' ,Y 7 3 I 4 s ' , 1 J ' ' 4 K ' s , ' t . 7 4 . , I . T. 9 s 2 7 c 7 . , C ' ' 1 ' . Q A - , . . 1 a ' ' 4 5 . ' 7 , I - . . . . the Vrggers-Terrell Rallroad. ' V ', , ' ' C , . 2 . . . . . . . . , . , . . . I . , , , . . , I . , 1 . . It . . . . . . - . . r ' , ' , - 4. C L C Y L 7 T T: ' a K 5 s 9 ' ' 7 1 9 I c 7 r , , . 1. . I , I , C I 7 ' . 17 a ' I- ' . . , . , t I I ' K , I 9 D ' - . . . - . U . I .... I , U - ' , r . . - . . 2 7 ' 9 s 1 I - 1 . , . . . . , . , . Y u . . flu GENERAL STORE MANAGERS Agnes Sellers Margaret Work CHILDREN'S DEPARTMENT JUNIOR DEPARTMENT Helen Childs Iames H. Bowen, Ir. Kenneth Young George Cosson, Ir. Ralph Miller, Ir. HARDWARE DEPARTMENT PaiI'1'CS Lumber Don Green Morris Wood EliZ?1l3Cfl1 BIHUI1 Marjorie CottonfWoodQ M G 1 b l argaret myq ea, Kitchen Counter Hammers Yvonne Scheffer I-Iarry Hammer Naomi Cook CANDY AND NUT COUNTER Arlene Kepford Alice Iohnson Marjorie Nutt PAWN COUNTER BARBER SHOP Ieanette Hockfmuthj Nlary Shearer PET DEPARTMENT Glen CRojbuck Fred Fox Mary Lou Martin Ray Cowfiej A MISCELLANEOUS DEPARTMENT Ke11ogg's Wheaties Ioe Wheaton lack Wheaton Tobacco Don CBullj Durham Lipstick Norma Rheuport Edith Arenberg Helen Spencer Art Supplies Beryl Carlan Maxinne Munson Apple Wagon Bill Baldwin NOTIONS COUNTER Powder Puffs Deloris Roth Kathryn O'I-Iara Vesta Benson Socks Laurel Charters Millard Thomas Alfred Allen OUILL F11-st Ch01CC SHLVIX BERNSTEI GEOIGT CILVX 'XLDREX SCOTT FR D SRIITII FREIDI COIIEN BIIELVIN BETTIS X'IARX LOU MARTIN IRIE5 PIINE GWERDOLIR OPDIJRN RXLPII IVIILLER ANN TIIOLIPSON CXRL SCHISINCRER MARTORIE I'IUGGINS OE GXBRIEL NAOMT COOR HELBIEIQ PETERSON MIRJORIE CRAWFORD RAI CJOXVIE FIORLNCE SNOW ROBERT SEE XI XXINE CONRXVRIGI-IT IAOK BENNETT ,.,.. NIAXINE BATESOLE ....,...,.,... . VIARION MEEIQ .........,,.. .4,. ELNORA BLADES ............ ,... FELIX XIIGGERS .....,....... , , . dm cor g dm eat 1703 czztmz' gill calm: boy Izmzllest gui .vrmzllcxat 0 mllmzf 11 tallest 0 ben Huge: beat bluffel boy zwzlzent gill wzitzcut boy most ml azwe gn! moat tal atzzfc boy bcuz 77lIlM7C'd gn! best nntzued boy newest gn! Izcvztest bov quzetegt gzfl quzelwt boy peppzcfz gn! peppiest boy ..... riendliexl girl . . . l'Z.L'71!171l.C'5l boy . . . curficst-!1aired ir curlic sl-h aired 0' Second cho1ce IQLTII FELDMAN ROBERT SMITI-HON KVIARX SIIEARER 1' RED TLIFIL IRENE LAIRD IAMES STOOREY FRANCES FRLDRICR WILLIS HOINANSON BILLIE ILLIAN NIORRIS WOOD DORIS GUTIIIKIE DEAN DALBEY ADEIE SIEVENSON GEORGE IIENSLER IIA SXVIMT GEORCE COSSON JEAN CAVINAUGII RICHARD FRISIR LILX CRAXYVTORD I-IUCII IDRAZIER GPAL GERIVIAN ALFRED ALLEN RUTH RIEGER Ross SCANLAND BERNICE DAVIS LILL TERRELL SON QUILL CURIO SHCDP I , In 'N ........,. .... ' ir! ...,........,..,.. ' A .f .I .......I..... .... - IQ- I ....,...,,...,,. .. . I .'f11QiffQififfQ .bylffliiiflffj I I ' . .,........ .... ' 'g'f'Z ..,......... ...... . -. If D' I, - ..,..,,..,....,...., -by ,I4.........III. ' , I I ,II,, fQQQQQff . -fQiQQQQQ1QfQfl D A fQ1QffQQf1 I- 'D Z.'Df1fjQ11fi I If, .I,....,....,....... - if ..,.......,. f I f , gl . , by 1 wg... RUMMAGE COUNTER MARCEL SUTTON,S .. SYLVIA ZEILINGER'S .. CARL SCI-IIVIACKERIS .. MARIORIE CRAWFORDIS RAY HoBsoN's .. WILMA SINIITHIS . . . IACK WHEATON,S . . . NIARY EDWARD'S . . . FRED Fox's .... VELMA GARMONIS .. CARL IOHNSON'S . . . ANN Tr-roMPsoN's ,. GEORGE CossoN's . . . NIARIORIE I'IUGGIN,S . Ross SCANLANDIS .. Doius GUTHRIEIS , . . RALPH MILLEIIIS . . . OPAL GERINIANIS . , , lon GABRIEL,S ...... NIARIORIE COTTONIS . MORRIS WooD's . . . ALBERTA BAHNERIS .. IQENNY YOUNGJS . . . BILLIE BALDWINIS .. Marcel Literary ability Wir Neatness Height Smallpox Swimming medals Reducing salts Blond curls 1,5 Musical voice Harry Musical gearshift Gift 0' gab Dance steps Giggles Importance Nimbleness Laziness Popularity Airplane drawings Twin Trumpet Piano music QUILL MUSIC CCUNTER CARL SLHMACIXEIQ MARIORIE BAIIID GEORGE CILVA RALPH MILLEII BOBDIE RLXNOLDS ALTIIED ALLEN RUTII P RIDER BILL TEIIRELL ADA BLASDELL DAN Dm IS GLEN ROBUCL IQENNETH YOUNG AUDRFX SCOTT ART BEAMEN GEOIIOE Cosso I LUCIAN XVYANT BILLX BALDWIN WIAIIIOL MEEE FRED ATI-IIEL Mxxxuxr CONILVVRIGHT FRED I ox WILMA SMITI-I WILDA I-IARIVILR AND ARTPIUR EIIICIXSON Bye Bye Blues Happy Feet Thls Is the M1ssus Llfe Is Iust a Bowl of Chemes Sleepy Tune G11 Im Iust Ll Vlgwbond Lover Wedclmg of the Pamted Doll Ten Lrttle Fmfrers 'Ind Ten Lrttle Toes lust 1 Blue Lyed Blond Red Hot Henry Brown Ten 310 Llttle Mxles from Town Mood Indrgo Sweet and Lovely When It s Sleepy TIme Down South I Cant Wrlte the Words Qlinglrsh Trgaer Rfng Everybody s Sweetheart Somebody Stole My Gal M1nn1e Freddle the Moocher You Rascal You What Is It? I Ie Got to Get Myself Somebody to Love It s Great to Be 1n Love QUILL li .73 ' V I ' . ' ' ...-.4...-....,..v......-..-- C 4 I V . - Y . . . . . . 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 - 4 -I D 4- LYLE RICKABAUGH ,...... ................... I Don't Know Why I T , . , . . I .............. . .....,... . . . . D . I Y C 7 1 , I '- ' ............................. ' ,' Ig ' ....................... , ' 3 .....,..-.-----n--.-.....4. , ,.-.,. ' I I , . 7 - ' ........ ' . STAFF Editor-in-Chief . .. .... MARY LOU .NIARTIN Associate Editor . .... MARTHA FOSTER Senior SZZIZ7 ' WILDA FARMER NAOMI COOK MARIORIE PIUGGINS IQENNEIH YOUNG IAIVIES PAYNE HUGH FRAZIER A f CARL SCI-IIXIACKER RUTH DAVISON W'l1at's Doing CEOILE ATKINSON DENNY LITTLEWOOD FRANCES PARSONS Fcrztures, Athletics, Alumni VELMA GARMON MAXINE ATI'IEY ICE GABRIEL Art .....,.......,..,. .....,................... E UGENE LUNDBEIKG Typistx. ., ....,.,.,,....., ADA BLASDELL, I-11-ELEN SPENCER BUSINESS STAFF Bztsiness .Manager . . ....,............,, .......... D OYLE TAYLOR ficlvertzking Stal? ..., L ........................ . . . .DON HAPTONSTAHL, LEONARD SCI-IAPPAUGH, Ross SCANLAND, ALFRED ALLEN, BOB CIXRLSON Circulation Manager .............,..................,..... VIOLIK BRICKER Stal? .... MARY TEIi'RELL, MARCENE HAUGE, DOROTHY GRESDAL, FREIDA CO1-TEN Bookkeeper' ..T.........,.......................... CLIFFORD RETHEIKFORD. Stenogmpher ...... .,...... W TLMA SMITH Advisor.:-Editovial . . . . .IQENNETH STRATTON Art ,... ..... H ARRIET MACY Business .. .... LESLIE OLSEN QUILL WEDITCRIALSN College I-IE senxor, ln choosmg h1s career, has two courses ope11 to l'l1lT1, Hrst, to go to work 1n Whuever capac1ty hlgh school has trfuned h1m for, or to vo to college and enlarge h1s Held If one starts work 1m1ned1atelv after ffraduauon, prov1d1nv employment can be found, he IS more than l1kely to cut off any source of 111 crease 1n knowledge except that IH relat1on to h1s work The new fr1endsh1ps he forms are apt to be XV1tl1 people who have no great 1nterest ID progressmv mtellectually and culturally On the other hand the preva1l1ng atmosphere of colleffe IS the deslre for th1s progress The assoc1at1ons formed the var1ous mterests of the student, and the socxal hte of a college, tend to broaden h1s outlook on hfe There 15 no questton as to the mtellectual ad vantwes that colleffe can Uwe one It IS some varded ID the search for soc1al enjoyment Th1S IS true to the extent that those whose purposes were not ser1ous at the start are those who devote themselves to hav1ng a good t1me When one goes to college VV1tl1 a defimte goal, he IS not hkely to dev1ate from h1s path However, these soc1al advantages must not be rgnored They tend to develop a Splflt of 1nd1v1duahty and self rel1ance There 1S a feel1ng of Every man for h1I'1'1SClf There are many who go to extremes 1n the1r means of enloyment, but 1t 1S usually only the eXcept1on that does thts There are often mfluences rece1ved away from the college that cause these students to act as they do It 15 an accepted fact that monetary returns of the average college graduate are greater than those of the untramed man The student who graduates from colleffe takes w1th h1m a sp1r1t of fratermty of knowledge, and of self conH dence Th1s att1tude toward hfc 1S the food for progress WISC bus1ness men know thls, and mve the pos1t1ons of rmportance and re sponsxbthty to those who are fitted to take them The 0u1.st'1nd1ng dllhculty fl'11S fall 15 111 hndmg a pos1t1on W1th bustness COI1d1t1011S at a stand st1ll, 1f, as some say, they are st1ll dechnmg, very few COHIPIHICS are tak1ng on help espec1ally 1n expenenced help Rather than spend l11s 'EIITIC do1ng noth1ng, or lookmg for a pos1t1on that probably cannot be found, tl1e XVISC Graduate vv1ll, some way or other, manage to go to college and 1ncrease h1s xntellectual ab1l1t1es Cilih?-0 l Dlclnt l'lave Time If teachers were less WISE, they mwht really bel1eve that the averave htvh school student IS so pressed for tnne IH wh1ch to perform h1s many and great dut1es, that he could favorably be compared to a Captam of Fmance, or even to the P1'CSlClC11f Indeed, thxs IS the IITIPYCSSIOD that one g1ves tence ra1ses var1ous emot1ons 1n the hearts of various teachers who hear If As far as that goes, there probably doesnt CXISK a teacher who has never heard those fatal words We have known teachers who upon l1sten1ng to tll15 worn excuse, have lI1llHCdl2llILly frozen up, marked down a Eve, and thererfter maxntarned a cool att1tude toward that 1ll fated person, others who have d1sregarded the fr1g1da1re process and have marked down a Hve and let 1t vo at that, and stlll others who have passed on to the next per son, usually the 1ntellectual 11 ht of the class, and hav1ng got an answer, th1nk no more about the matter The student takes a two to one chance on Uettmg the last teacher 1n fact, more than 1 two to one chance, because teachers of the last class are very rare We have known o11ly two 111 our whole ex1stence Therefore, we adv1se you to play safe and get your lessons, because no matter what excuse you g1VC It always amounts to, I d1dnt have tune, whether you put It 1n those Words or not OUILL 31 ' T l I 1 ' l T . - .I C . - 1 . - 1 L L ' , ' 2 ' 1 4 ' 1 ' 1. ' I A D ' , I , , ca l ' ' ' , - c ' , f. D ' 1. ' C 1, - D . . . . . . ' K C ' l i I . . . u I U . v I 1 c , ' 1 ' . D l 'za n ' 1 - es 2: I . , 1. . . Za l zz ' an T ' ' ' . . . . ,, . txmes argued that these advantages are drsre- when he says, I d1dn't have tnne. Th1s sen- - I. ' t h s ' . 1 , I. - ' ' . ' 1 .' ' . . . . . . C I 4 . . 1 C i . ,, I w , . 1 I. K. - L C 5 C . Q . 1 . .U 1 1 1 U 1 z , . . ' I' I- C - C C I 1 g ' . 3 4 1 L U . . . . K L C 1 L ' . .. . . . ,, . , an 1 ' WHAT'S DOING MELFORD BOYD PLACES THIRD IN ORATORY TEST Kathryn Pearlman of North High won first place in the city high school extemporancous speaking contest which was held at Roosevelt High School, Friday, December 11th. Ioseph Silver of Roosevelt High won second, Melford Boyd of East High third and Courtney Smith of Roosevelt fourth. Final computation of points gave Roosevelt first, North second, East third, and Lincoln fourth. Each school had two contestants who spoke for Hve minutes on a subject on current events drawn one hour before the meeting. The two contestants from East were Melford Boyd and Iohn McGruder. Ioseph Silver's subject was the 'KGerman Situ- ation, Melford Boydis Subject was Trouble in lVlanchuria,,' Kathryn Pearlman's was the 'LBritish Situation, and Courtney Smith spoke on The Farm Situation in Our Country. A i- PHILATALIN CLUB The Philatalin 'club has become more and more popular in the last few semesters. This semester they have had many interesting speak- ers. They were Miss Kelly, from Phillips School, who spoke on Iapang Miss Merrill, from East, who discussed China, and Miss Wickware, from East, who talked on Germany. After these talks, members of the club made interesting travel books concerning the countries that they had studied. At the first of the semester a Treasure Hunt was held at McRae Park. In December, they had their International Christmas Party. At this party each member wore a costume of some foreign country. There were several guests at this party. 0 ' THE SHAKESPEAREAN CLUB To begin the semester, the Shakespeareans had an initiation picnic at Grand View Park. At other meetings, they have had reports on plays and they also presented three scenes from Mac- bethf, On December 8th, the seniors in the club gave a program which included talks on The Club Situation in East High, East High in Retrospect, English Essays and Poetry. C1iEl f NORTH HIGH WINS SCHOLASTIC CONTEST With an average of 2.997 per cent, North High won over East High, whose average was 3.088 per cent, in the scholarship contest. This contest grew out of a challenge received by East High from North at the beginning of the semester. ' Miss Iordan's room won Hrst place with an average 2.284 per cent. Other rooms receiving high places were: Second place ...... H. R. 304 ...,,. 2.400rk Third place. ..., H. R. 203 ....., 2.54372 Fourth place .,.... H. R. II8 ...,.. 2.643tZ7 Fifth place ,....... H. R. I22 ...... 2.64696 Melford Boyd, IZB student, led the school by receiving five ones. There were sixteen students who received four ones and 123 who received all ones and twos. 1:1-EHEIIZ-'v-0 BRAVO! VIVE LE CERCLE FRANCAIS! lf you think that French is just an uninterest- ing, dry language, then take a stroll about the corridors of East High some first or third Tues- day of the month and get an ear-full of some delightfully, pleasing French phrases which are Hoating forth from a French Club program and We'll wager that you'll wish you took French and could understand what those mysterious, melo- dious words are which seem to be so highly en- tertaining to these youthful devotees! If you think that club work is just a dull neces- sity, then take a peep into a French Club meeting and Watch the enthusiastic members as they call out Bravol Encorel in applause at the program, or watch them as they participate in a game or indulge in refreshments and then decide if the members look as though they were having a dull time! Le Cercle Francais is one of the most active 32 OUILL of the East I-hgh Clubs Th1s club adds more zest to the subject of French and herghtens the mtercst 1n thxs forexgn lanvuafre Le Cercle Franezus has enjoyed a successful year under these oflacers Presldent, Marcene Ilauge, v1ce presxdent, L,ec1le Atktnson secretary Martha Foster treasurer, De Lorxs Hefrgen PEEEEO PURPLE MASK AND CAP AND DAGGER The Purple Mask rs the onlv club of 1ts kmd at East Not the only boys club but the only boys dramatrc club My how they work at therr club meetmffs Even those who are not dramatrcally mchned would enjoy and be mter ested rn the programs put on by the Purple Mask Some of the programs deal wrth the art of make up on the st age Programs of th1s 1-.md are always mterestmg and mstructrve, especxally to those who are lnterested rn dramatrcs Every semester the members of the Purple Mask, together w1th those of the Cap and Dag ger, a curls club have a jolnt banquet at wh1ch new members are 1n1t1ated and rntroduced to the ways and customs ot the1r respect1ve club The Cap and Dagger IS the same rn every way as the Purple Mask except for the fact that 1t lb made up cntxrely of glrls Both clubs have the same able advlsor, that person bemg Mlss VVoodman The clubs at pres ent are workmg together on a play wluch they hope to present to the student body 1n the near future Most of the members of both clubs haxe had parts at one tune or another rn East Hlgh productxons Each semester they are glad to greet new members who are lnterested 111 the welfare of the club The club does not requrre that you are always worltmg however, they try to brmg out the talent ot every member some UIUC clurmg the semester f 'lllEll?9 AEOLIAN CLUB The Aeohan Club has been havmff a very en joyable semester The Hrst rnterestrng project carrled out by the club was a eh1l1 supper Wrtla Mrss Helmrerch as therr frucst, they enjoyed an evenmg tofrether wlth a muslcal program Robert McC1rew, vrolrmst and d1rector of the Hotel Fort Des Momes Orchestra, furnrshed the Aeohan and Euehdean Clubs a very excellent program, Deeember 9th At one of the club s meetmgs, Mr Tallman, sponsor of the club, played a Brunsw1ck Record of the Beethoven Frith Symphony, and told the club a l1ttle of Beethovens hfe story The club IS plannmv a very mterestmg pro gram for next semester lElT'5 Forensrc actrvrtxes th1s semester have, as usull, been two ID number extemporaneous speakrng Ind deb ttrng Mr Gabrrelson has been the coach of these projects Extemporaneous speakmg candrdates reported for try outs 1n Oetobcr Of the students try mg lor the team, about ten people contmued 1ntens1ve work well mto November Then Mr Gabrxelson gradually reduced the squad untrl lt eonsrsted of three men Melford Boyd Iohn Mc Gruder, and Stdney Levme Among others, George Yabsley Harrret Fulton, and Merle W1l dey are to be commended on thexr work and efforts on extemporaneous speakmg On December 11th, at Roosevelt Ilrgh School the crty contest was held Our speakers, ohn VIcGruder and Melford Boyd entered th1s con test prepared to speak on approxrmately twenty live toprcs One hour before they were to speak the competrtors drew therr toprc and order of speaklng East Hlgh placed th11'd 111 tlus contest In mdrvxdual rankxng Melford placed thrrd speakrng on Trouble IH Manchurxa, whlle Iohn placed slxth, speakmg on The Pres ent DCPFCSSIOH Both Iohn MeGruder and S1dney Levme w1ll be ellgrble to represent East next year, so our future looks rosy 1n th1s Held Our second forensrc actrvlty debate IS now 1n progress The acttve cand1dates for our team are Iohn McGruder, Srdney Levme, Herman Schwetker, Huffh M19SCldlDC, Velma DRV1dSOH, Ishmael Brown, Ol1ver Garland, Norman Iones, and Melford Boyd Of these poss1b1l1t1es, a team of four men w1ll be chosen to represent us ln the crty contest, and three members of thrs team w1ll represent us rn the annual Macahlll debate con test at Drake Umverslty QUILL 33 1 N . .. . .T K L . - L A ' o'n' C at - - L l , . . , . s - . N . V. 8 ' 3 , C 3? . IC ' 4. I Q t C - ' . , .g . . I , . I be L , , 1 Q t 2 ' , ' . ' 1 . I . . . . 4 2 Z., C. . . 4 ' ' ' .' . . x ' - sz as' Q l . G u L ' 1 - . - 1 s - ' y' ' - r . D e . . 1 . . .- ' J - 6 r ' ' C C ' C 1 . , .. . . - ,D , 1 L , 1 .g I I . f vc 1, Y v 4 L u L L L - L I. , L , .S. ,L D L I ' 1 ' ' . 1 - ' 1 ' C 2 e e ' p. . A - . - e . . 4 ' 1 c , 1 . . . . A a .. ' V - 1 4 . , . . ,, . . ,, e c L , I - s . -Q - ll v C C. ' ' 7 -c,- A 4 .X , . L . . . 1 . g- l . EE 57 ' ' 1 1 , , . . 1 , ,. . . . e 'T ' 4 c C . e e U - g . Y. Y 15 L T 1 - ' ' 'K ' 4. - ' a cf 1. be Q 5 ' i THREE CNE ACT PLAYS Three plays were presented in the East High auditorium, Friday, October 16th. The Forfeit by T. B. Rogers, the first play which was presented, was a serious play with a strong plot. The characters were: Velma Gar- mon, Don Haptonstahl, Marcene Hauge, Bob Swan and Carl Schmaeker. The second play was a fantastic comedy en- titled, The Weathervane Elopesf' The char- acters vvere: Isabelle Conkling, Barbara Hard- ing, Billy Baldwin and Hugh Missildine. The First Dress Suit, the third play pre- sented, was a comedy of American family life. The characters were: Denny Littlewood, Lucile Hextell, Marjorie Crawford and Eugene Lund- berg. Between the plays the music department un- der the direction of Mr. Tallman furnished the entertainment. The A Cappela Choir sang Send Forth Thy Spirit and A Sweet Rose in Iunef' The quartette, chorus, Iulian Lutz and Sarah Caplan also helped complete the program. The elaborate setting for The Weathervane Elopesn made a suitable background for the unusual play presented. The First Dress Suit, which may be termed as the big hit of the evening, brought forth many a laugh. The Forfeitf' a play of a more serious nature, may have taught some of the audience a moral lesson. VVe think that our dramatic department is to be complimented on the outstanding success of the three one-act plays. 34 QUILL MATINEE DANCES As spectators we have decided that everybody is taking up dancing. Attendance has increased over 50 per cent. Whether that proves our point or not we leave it for you to decide. Even the faculty attendance has increased. Most of the credit for the success of the dances of this semester goes to the Matinee Dance Com- mittee, the rest being attributed to the Matinee Dance Orchestra itself. The dance committee, made up of Helen Aschim, chairman, and aided by Corinne Rider and Iimmie Bowen, have been working with but one idea in mind, that being to please their public. At the last matinee dance, that of Tues- day, December zzd, punch was served through- out the dance. Another feature of this dance was the fact that it was held in the gymnasium. The students, however, seem to favor the third floor dances. There have been about live matinee dances held this semester. The Senior Matinee dance makes six, however that is planned and worked out entirely by the seniors and it is their privi- lege to ask their friends. A few words should be said about the orches- tra, who strive so hard to make their part, which is, of course, the most important part, a success. The orchestra this year is made up of Kenny Young, Iulian Lutz, Don Green, Iimmie Bowen, Ralph Broad, Ellis Day, and sometimes Mr. Tallman, who plays almost any instrument. We have one thing to say about the boys in the orchestra, however, and that is the fact that some of them have taken up dancing and get rather impatient at times looking for an op- portunity to leave the orchestra, however, we just canit hold this against them. O JUNIOR PLAYERS The Iunior Players Club this year has changed its plan. Instead of having a play every meeting there have just been general business meetings with outside talent providing the program. They have had Cap and Dagger girls talk to them about the advanced dramatic club. Their last meeting was in the form of a ban- quet. A play and some readings were given and then there was a banquet with the Latin club in the Cafeteria. Next semester, more time will be devoted to actors and play writers. C1EEEl UHOORAY! HOORAY! ASSEMBLY TODAY ! Assembly time has some at lrzstg N ow it'.v time to leave our class- Come on, hurry! Lefs get there fast! That seems to be the spirit of East High re- garding assemblies. Iust watch the lads and lassies as they trip gaily, eagerly and expectantly toward the assembly room! lust watch them as they 'Lgrab a seat and settle themselves comfort- ably for a period of enjoyment! And do they enjoy themselves? Oh, my, yes! They surely do when there's any assembly like the ones which have been witnessed during the past semester. Pep assemblies, such as the one before the North game, with visitors, spicy talks and Upeppyi' yells-music assemblies such as the one which was put on by Kryl's band-dramatic as- semblies as that one in which Iudge Bull in- terested us with his portrayal of Abraham Lin- coln-special occasion assemblies like the Ar- mistice Day program with the tap-tap-tap of the drum, and the vivid little sketch showing the horror of war! The noon assemblies have been successful this year. Community singing was introduced and various interesting programs were presented. What a variety of interests the assemblies have contained, and what a wealth of entertain- ment and instruction they have produced! CIEIEILT-0 EL CIRCULO ESPANOL The El Circulo Espanol has only eighteen members but each is doing his bit to make the club a success. They have had a number of interesting programs this semester which have taken them to South America, Mexico, and Spain. A splendid history of Colombia in South America, a fascinating tale of a lost city in Peru, and other articles have furthered their knowledge. A very interesting joint meeting of Le Cercle Francais and El Circulo Espanol was held December Ist, in room 311. At this meeting both clubs gave short plays, and re- freshments were served. QUILL 35 YEP, IT'S CHICKEN! t'Yep, lt's chicken! Or at least that's what Cecile Atkinson said concerning some delight- fully crisp, burned bones which she beguiled the members of the Wardrobe Committee into eating at their exciting picnic. Speaking of picnics, the Wardrobe Committee surely knows how to have them in a ubig way as evidenced by the menu of their last picnic:-chicken, Spanish rice, es- calloped potatoes, macaroni and cheese, fruit salad garnished with nuts, angel food cake, olives, pickles, all-day suckers and pop!! The work of the Wardrobe Committee is not very well known. This committee is a con- scientious group of girls who regularly serve the school by taking care of the school's costumes and properties. Under the direction of Miss Ior- don they perform the duty of storing away the properties of the school, looking after the va- rious lockers and the loaning of the costumes to those in need of certain material. They are especially busy working for clubs, parties and plays. Students, if you see a busy looking person come dashing down the hall with cares upon her brow and a big bunch of keys in her hands, let her pass!!-She's on the Wardrobe Committee. Monitors, if you see a girl come laboring down the hall piled high with coats and vests of various cuts and shapes and sundry other bun- dles, let her pass!-Shels on the Wardrobe Committee. The illustrious chairman of this committee is Martha Foster. Wilda Farmer, Cecile Atkin- son, Eleanor Selindh, Vivian Marquis and Frances Parsons are the laboring assistants. Ci llE.ll.?0 I. E. R. The I. E. R. Club is one of the most indus- trious clubs, at work, in the school. All of their time is spent in the furtherance of the study of science. During the past year, they have had some very interesting programs. Included in these programs were various speakers representing scientihc laboratories and businesses conducted in the city of Des Moines. At other times, pro- grams by members of the club, under the direc- tion of Miss Church and lylr. Goodell, were given. O HHUNKY STEW -SOUNDS INTERESTING Forty-tliree girls eating spaghetti! Yo! Ho! Ho! And ll bottle of chili! The Zetagathean surprise Hunky Stew sup- per was a great success. This entertainment turned out to be a big show -and a show because it was most interesting to see our dig- nified brethren crane their necks in an attempt to twine the slippery slivers of spaghetti around their forks and transport them to their mouths. Some of the girls indulged heartily in this pleas- ing food and when the party broke up, three of the club's most respectable members were seen in the kitchen, still partaking of this delightful concoction. Some folks expressed fears concerning the advisability of these maidens eating spaghetti so freely, but we are told that these girls suffered no ill effects and were all able to attend school the next day. Before the Hunley Stew supper, an inter- esting program was presented. Songs were sung by the girls, a story was read by Marcene Hauge and two solos were sung by Helen Shaw. The formal initiation of the club this semes- ter was held in the third floor corridor. Another event of the year was an exciting Weenie roast which took place at Grand View Park. The Zetagathean Literary Society is one of the most friendly clubs in East High. Cl-1152 E-EPI-TAN The E-Epi-Tan Club has had a very successful year from the standpoint of memberships and projects accomplished. Being a debating club, they are fortunate in having most of the debate team among them. There are such debaters as Hugh Missildine, Iohn McGruder, Herman Schwieker and Sidney Levine. They are having a joint party with the For- ensic Club the eighteenth of this month. These parties have been accepted by those who have attended them as the biggest club party success of the year. 36 OUILL WHIZ BANG' WHAT NEXT? Wh1z Bang' From whence cometh all th1s commot1onP from whence cometh all these yyh1spers shouts and echoes th1s bew1lder1ng ratthng bangmg, and clanglngp Oh I spy' T1s only Home Room 117 gettmg nn act1on for the1r next avh1evement and vs hat a l1st of honors they do boast' They won first place IH the Scholarslup Contest haung ten people on the1r honor roll a11d wo11 second place ID the t1cket selhng contest tor tl1e three one 1ct plays They cla1m four members on the Qu1ll Stall and hve members on the Wardrobe Commxttee There are also three club presldents and three v1ce pres1dents 111 tl'l1S room Among other celebrrtxes are lf.lo1se Hodges prom1nent s1nger at last Hlgh Ross Scanlan captam of the yell leaders George Shane member ofthe quartet and lI'red Smlth Cardmal s attendant C'1IlE?'5 CHEERIO' LET S GO' Cheer1o' What have we here? None other than tl11S peppy h1gh steppmg bunch of boost ers cllled Home Room 104' Th1s gay group of good fellows haye succeeded 111 br1ng1ng honor H1 h They vxon Hrst place 1n tl1e P T A contest They conduct all the1r contests by teams Each tlme the teams haye dxfferent leaders Th1s home room feels that the exper1ence 111 leader shlp gflllled by the members durmg these con tests 1S worth more than the glory of w1nn1ng 0251170 F ORENSIC The I' orens1c Club 19 more or less a brother of the E Ep1 Tan Both clubs mayor1ng 1n de batlng There also has been much ru alry be tween the two clubs W1th Mr W1lson as ad v1sor and such ofhcers as Kenneth Young pres1 dent Iuhan Lutz XICC presldent George Cos son secretary and MQFIOH Noah treasurer they furmsh keen compet1t1on for the E Ep1Ta11 C'1IllE?0 THESE DIGNIFIED GENTLEMEN Harls' What IS th1S we see before us? Who are these creatures clad 1n c1v1l garb vs 1th badges br1ght pmned upon then' chesty chests? Oh Ho' Lool agun Dont be fooled They are just our worthy ushers Yes yust our worthy ushers the preservers of conduct peace and pleasure and the destroyers of H0156 r1ot and bo1sterous laughter There are some th1rty of these Cl1g1l1lIiCCl gentlemen who are allantly serung the school They ushered at all the football games and sold coples of the hrst ed1t1on of the Scroll at the East Lmcoln game Durmg the Teachers Conyent1on these boys were on duty and they are always busy durmg I11gl1fS of school entertalnments The ch1ef usher th1s semester 15 Meltord Boyd HIS ass1stants are Fred Balzer and Vaxl Farr X HALT' WHO TRIPS THERE? Come and tr1p lt as you o on the hght tan tasttc toe And my' How Home Room 203 does tr1p It alon W1th the school s act1y1t1es' In fact lt tr1ps along at such a rap1d gart w1th flymg heels md twualthng toes that tl1e remam mg home rooms 111 East I-hgh haye to step on It to keep from tra1l1ng 1n the dust' Th1s act1ve home room was Hrst ln the t1cls.et sell1ng con test for tl1e three one act plays was second 1n the contest lor tl1e Mus1cal Festlval second 1n xrshrp Contest Now 1snt that a record thats h 1rd to beat? e-:1lE.ll?.o SODALITAS ROMANA The Sodahtas Romana started off th1s fall by bemv the Hrst club 111 Tast I-l1gh School to meet At the1r hrst meetmg NVl11Cl1 was held the second Fnday of school they were enter ta1ned by a vocal solo by V1r TIDII Skrnner and a group of read1ngs 1ven by BCbSlC Oppenh1em At sex eral ot the1r meetlngs they haye studned parllamentary law and are trymg now to make tl1e1r meet1n s as parhamentary as poss1ble O11 Monday December ,th the1r club was the guest of the ILIHIOI' Players at a banquet An 1nterest1ng play was presented that explamed the twelye muses and the1r work At tl1e1r meet1ng Fr1day December 18th they celebrated the Saturnaha a Roman hohclay 111 Decembel 511111 lar to our Chrlstmas by a party ID XVl1ICl1 the Roman customs were earned out All 1n all the Sodahtls Romana has had a most successful ear OUILL 37 . . V . . . , ' I 'N s in , - , C ' . 4 a ' ' 1 l 1 -' s ' ' , . , , 1. g , . - . Y. . y Y. ' 1 . . , I K . M L I - I ' ' . ' 1 ' ' . . . , - V ' ' , . . , 1 1 I I ' 4 C Q I I --1 . - I II 'I I C ' L I . c V L K n ' . L . .. 1 . . . - If 7, ' , r . - : 4 . 5 . g . 4 4 ,, ,l . . K g .T n . . . ' . ,, , , . , . . . . . - . . . 9 - ' ' ' , 5 . f g 4 f . 5 ' Q I 7 A- -Av . I . V. , L 4 I , . I I I I C I II I . ,, y . . . . . . K n I f ra ' - as A I I ' . I - 4 - ' - Q . ' r It ' 2 L: 9: - - - s ' ' - I I - Y 3 to that room in the northeast corner of East the P- T- A' Campa-'gn and fhlfd 'H the Schol' E y I . . , g A . . 'I I I w 1 v I v I I I I I L 1 C Ti . C I . 1 . I I I ' L ' L I K ' C I I . 4 . D 1 . it . I . . , ' A- I I 5 r - L. K . S. .1 7. 4 4 - x t I. g. X . . u , - 4 C ' L. - I . -. . ty K . ' I . . - I 'C - I c V K VI . . I . ' - I ' cr I I , 1 1 b , ' 7 I ' 7 I 'I' 3 , , , . . . , . .s , L L , . Z I ' ' 0. S - , ' - , . , - K ' ,D ' ' T- 7 9 lf 7, I I . I . I I K, , , . 1 yu ll u K , I K . . . L 7. L . 1 ,A . ' - ' cr 'sv ' M y 1 y E - y - Klyy 5- . z . . ' in I -.. 1' ' - , yr , Footbal OUR WARRIORS HEREIN we have endeavored to set forth some of the good points of the boys who fought so gloriously for the Red and Black. Meek: End. In Marion is vested the power of being one of the ITIOSI deadly tacklers on the team. He was always full of Hght from start to finish. Lindblom: Tackle. Here is the big man of the team, not alone in body, but also in the way in which he played. He is the only man from East to make either the first or second all state teams, he was placed at tackle on the second team. Snow: Guard. Here was a little man holding down a big position. He was good all season and always fought hard. He will be in there next year fighting as hard or harder. Frisk: Center. Frisk was undoubtedly the best center in the city this year. His passing was flawless and his blocking was perfect. He showed that he was good elsewhere, too, for when Rickabaugh was hurt, he moved to quar- terback and was a fine general. Moorehead: Guard. Here again we find a small man holding down a big position. He was a deadly tackler, and we are sure he will repeat his fine work next year. Schlenker: Tackle. In Ted we find the type of football player that made East High famous. He plays a clean game, is a good sport, and a hard fighter. Hokanson: End. Willis is one of a few who go out for football in their senior year and make a letter, he fought hard in every game and played fine football. Rickabaugh: Quarterback and Captain. Lyle was the backbone of the team this year, and besides being a good kicker, he could run, pass, block, receive a pass, or do any of the hard work to be done. He was out part of the year due to an injury received in the Lincoln game. ATHLETICS I . . In Review Herrold: Half. Sommerfield Herrold was undoubtedly the best passer in the city this year, and showed this especially well in the Roose- velt game. He could also pack the ball, if needed, he was an excellent blocker and played clean football at all times. Copper: Half. Ernie was the fast man of the team this year and was always good for Hve or more yards. lf he once got started, it was tough for the opposition. P. Miller: Full. Last, but by no means least, comes this hard driving fair-haired boy. When he carried the ball there was a hole in the line afterwards whether it was there previously or not. , Of course there were other men who worked hard and made their letters and should not be slighted. At end was Phillips who also played guard. Cue-Bally was always full of Hght. At guard, Thomas, at center, Fred Evans. In the backlield other men who made their letters are, Ervin Miller, Leslie Perry and Brick Straight. Also the numerous substitutes should be men- tioned who rubbed the ground with their noses to make the team better. villa!-:T-4 EAST DEMOLISHES ROOSEVELT A nicely cooperating Lee Township team de- molished Roosevelt in their annual game, Satur- day night, November zrst, to the count of 18 to o. This victory gave East second place in the city series, having only lost one game to North. Out of eight games played this year, East won four and lost four, beating Lincoln, Roosevelt, Oskaloosa, and YVashington High, Cedar Rapids. They lost to Waterloo, Davenport, Sioux City, and North. Throughout the whole season the brilliant passing of Sommerfield Herrold has stood out. Rickabaugh, Lindblom, the Millers, and Frisk have all played f'heads'inp 'fiaotlsutll-.also. 38 OUILL THE TEAM There are, of course, other subst1tutes who Tllli team 15 not on the gf1dlI'Ol1 but on the gymnas1um Hoor Some people may der1ve the 1dea that basket ball 15 a very s1mple game O the other hmd, most coaches vull say that w1th all ot 1ts tw1sts and turns basket bxll 15 much more CO1TlPlIC lted than any other sport We are represented th1s year by a good team, hard but clean flghters they defeated the hard Hghtmfr Ottumwa team, were beaten by New ton, and held Boone, last year s state champ1ons to a one score vrctory As regular forwards we have R1ckabaugh Debakey and Evans We all know who R1ck abaugh 15 As a three r1ng man he plays a heady game and IS a very cons1stent Guarder He IS a sen1or md w1ll not be here after Ianuary Debakey played well last year, but for some unknown reason he cant seem to get Uomg th1s year He IS small but m1ghty Evans 1S a new man conung from out ot town He seems to be a sure steady forvsard The one thrng that 19 good 15 that he w1ll be here for two other semesters At center we have a tall lankey blonde Last semester some sport wr1ter referred to h1I1'1 as Blond1e Hokanson, and IDIS name seemed to h1gl1 point man 1n every game East has played He lS also a SCI'1101' and wlll also graduate 111 Ianuary At guards we have iour Hood men, all ex perrenced and all hard faghters They are RIVHS McCullough Snow, and last but not least T'r1sk, the only semor Guard Th1s IS the first year for RIVHS as a vars1ty Guard but he holds down the pos1t1on w1th a good deal ot regular1ty and perserverance McCullough 15 another small man but plays a whale of a game at guard We all know Snow as a guard on the football team He IS as versatlle on the basket ball floor COH11Hg last but by no means least IS Fnsk the mamstav of tl1e guards He IS sure of h1s long shots and few baskets are scored by any one oxer whom he IS guardmv He IS a senror and w1ll graduate Ill anuary, much to the coach s regret work hard and make the team better, but re ce1ve no glory 111 the end 4f'fZIIE Boone 27 East 26 One po1nt seemed to prove a b1g obstacle for the East H1gh qumtet Tuesday, December 29th, as th1s was the Hnal result of the Boone game At the beg1nn1ng of the second half East fought hard but to no avaxl IS they came w1th1n one po1nt of tymff and two po1nts of wmmng Hokanson seems to possess the lucky score of thlrteen as fl'l1S was h1s total once more CIZIEET5 East 26 Ottumwa 9 F1rst blood' East has tasted VICIOIY, may they long contrnucl Frrday n1ght December 11th, Fast defeated Ottumwa to the tune of 26 to 9, a very 1111 PFCSSIVC v1ctory and 1t means a lot 1f scores count much Hokanson was the mam cog around wh1ch the team revolved They played Hne basketball and ranv the old score bell more than once C'1lElI Newton 26 East 19 our turn th1s week The boys fought hard, but to no ava1l Hokanson was 'lgalll l'11Ul1 pomt man for East The second team also lost C RED AND BLACK PUDDLERS WORK HARD East H1ghs hopes rest largely upon the en thus1ast1c work of the new swmamers as there are only a few veterans back Scotty has only four letterrnen back th1s semester They are George Cosson, a two r1ng man, who lb a breast stroker B111 RlCl'1HI'dSOD, free styler, and back stroker, ETHIC Porter free styler and Glen Robuck, d1ver Some of the prospects who are workmg hard are Denny L1ttIewood Kenneth Young, Bob and lack Wheaton, and Frank Norgor We have one of the toughest schedules 111 years, to quote Scotty, but true to East Ilwh trad1t1ons, the boys w111 work hard QUILL . . . . . , 1 , . I t U . . U n - 1 . - ' . . . . . 7 . . . 1 ' ' 1 1 Q . - ' ' 1 1 Y . g S . . an ' ' - Y , . N n . . . . , . z . , . D , 1 .' ' 5 4 , l 7- C v L . . - . Q -Av C C' 1. - Z 1 . Q . ' , K ' . 7 t ' -. y 9 ' ., ' ' r 4. 1 C 5 J I t . l K . 1 ' 1 7 . ' C bu C K C - D ' . . . cc - , as ' 4 L C 7 stick for quite some time. So far he has been A5 OHS team must lose, If must have been ' T . l C K. e r' - C I L Q 1. ' C ' ' C . ' ' 1' L D za ' E ' ' a ' A 'C L s C , , c at ' ' 4 ' ' f - 5 g . - . . - . c 1 C . . . 1 , U 4 , ' L ' . 1. H C L l L A 7 ' I ' r h ' 4 , ' 4 I 1 1 ' t c 4: 7: , ' ' 1. 4 -c 4 . , C . ' .' . ' ' '- , 3 . a . C . n . D . C C Q Q . 3 C V . :J ' 4 . l ' ' c I , 1 ' I ' r L L I . . . . H . Y K be D A . . ,, . t 1 g L ' t - g THERE'S LIFE IN THE OLD GIRL YET I-IAT in the World would the boys and men of the school do if they could only see their flames or big moments warming up in the gym? What a thrill it would be to see these ultra-sophisticated pieces of femininity participating in the very undignifled sport of tumbling, hand-Walking, and standing on their heads, exposing generous portions of their goodly understanding! A new impression of the girl friend would certainly be obtained, and the following exclamations could probably be heard: Gee whizz!!-Who'd a thunk it? I thought Mary was kinda dead-but gosh!! Therels plenty of life in her now!!', It is something of a thrill for us girls to lit- erally slip oif our robes of mortality and enter the Golden Gatesi' of gymland, and really be ourselves. I-Iere in the land of rollicking fun, even the teachers fstrange but truely look on the bright side of life and are ready for fun and lots of it!! There seems to be a rather contagious disease prevalent among some of our students, that of balkitis or ubalkinessn at taking gym. They evidently dislike even the idea of it, and are reluctant about taking it. Some say it's the undressing and redressing, but, girls, is there really so much to take off? Nay, not in this day and age! What kind of girls are these anyway? My idea of an ideal girl is one who can wield a golf club or tennis racket as well as a can opener. If one understands the different sports: golf, tennis, football, basket ball, volley ball, etc., it is only proper that he should be the one to best enjoy these sports. Instead of refusing a tennis, swimming or golf date and be termed as a wet blanket or a poor sport, it would be much wiser to accept the date and be recognized as a good sport and a keen kidf' If the girls could only realize what joys await them at the gym, they would be only delighted to take this subject, learn to enjoy themselves with good, clean fun, play the game, andaeg quite a good physique' and a gracefukcarriage. So one might truthfully say: Ah!! Every inch a queen!! GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION This club, as some people think, is dry-fas I. G. would say, As dry as eating crackers on the desertvj-but get that idea out of your head. The following activities show some of the functions of this club: The. club olliciates all intramural games. The G. A. A. Week: Monday-Intramural games. Tuesday-Beginners' swimming and first aid. Wednesday-Intramural games. Thursday-Tumbling. Friday-Advanced swimming flife savingy. CIEIELE-9 Yes, Surnpthin's Gotta Be Done Yes, sumpthin's gotta be done, Max, you're just about three hundred words short of having enough for a page, and the dummy fno member of the Quill Staffj has to be ready tomorrowlv This is Mr. Stratton's theme song and he exer- cises it to the best of his ability. Well, he's right-sumpthin' has gotta happen and I very graciously submit to the terrible task of writing a space filler' containing something referring to girls' athletics. Iris especially hard to get an idea the last day of school before the Christmas vacation, but by exercising my Well- worn brain and plunging into the sea of my lim- ited knowledge, I finally emerge with a space filler showing a faint glimmer of human in- telligence. Why is it that so many girls from other high schools in the city are wearing monograms and numerals while less than a dozen of our own girls are displaying such? These schools are certainly no better than ours and they oder no better opportunities-so what is it? Do our girls lack initiative and liveliness?-it can't- yet it might be that-for our monograms express as much honor and hard work as the others. CBorrowing Mr. Stratton's pet phrasej- Sump thin's gotta be donell' We're outstanding in football and other sports so it looks as though the girls would be proud to represent our school. We shouldn't upbraid them-that would be -use!-ess-butryou girls who have monograms- show them off, and if necessary, plant that little demon, envy, in some hearts-and then sump- thin' will happen. 40 OUILL ALUMNI Delmar Moon a graduate of the Iune I93I class lb attendrng the Southern Callforma B1ble School at Pasadena As usual he IS loadrng up wrth stud1es he 15 talunwr the small amount of ten at present To earn money he urges every one to get a Moon sh1ne at the Delmar Moon shoe shrmng parlor if 7 Y Frances Mollenholl a graduate of the Iune 1928 class was named ueen ot the Dolphm vtater CI1I'111V3l at Iowa C1ty The water carn1val 15 a SWl1Tl1Hl11g exh1b1t held by the male CII thus1asts of the un1xers1ty1 M1ss Mollenhofl was selected out of a hst of 26 cand1dates Y if Y WV1ll1s Barnes a former basket ball star who graduated Ianuary 1930 15 ya 1th the Marlnes rn Pelxm Chma Cn Ins yyay to Chlna h V1S1tCd Panama Honolulu and the Phllrpplne Islands He enyoyed an cvenlng 1n the Santa Anna the larvest cabaret ID the world located rn Manda Y Y f Harold Hollman a graduate of the Ianuary IQ 8 class has acqulred success 111 danclng He has become a vaudevdle dancer 1n Ed Wynns showy and plans to tour tl1rou h Europe w1th hrs company 7 f f Charles Young a graduate of the Iune 1931 class has CDl1SfBd w1th the navy IIC v11ll leaye for San Dre o Ctllforma ID February Y Y P' Ke1th Kernahan 28 a former East H1gh football captarn IS attendlnff Central College at Pella Iovya Kelth played on the East Hrgh team for four years an achrevement Wl'11Cl1 very few haye attalned and whrch 110 one else wt 111 be able to duplrcate I-le was chosen all state backfaeld 111 1927 lxernahan IS c0nt1nu1ng hrs football playmg at Central College Y Y 7 Iames Parker a11 East H1 h graduate of Ian uary IQ3I IS manager of the Reglsfca and Tub unc' at Cedar Falls lowa P' V Y Dan Campbell a student at Antroch College lb home for a month s vacat1o11 Ile 1ntends to cont1nue l'llS studies at AHf1OCh early next year BRIEN BERNSTEIN The former L1ll1an Brren a graduate of the anuary 1931 class was marrred to Max Bern ste1n on December 2 , 1931 The weddmg ceremony was attended by rela t1ves a11d frlends of the brrde and groom The brlde vyore a whxte chxffon velvet own wh1ch had yards of velyet trammg the Hoot as she walked The brrdes attendants wore velvet gowns of pastel shades After the ceremony all of the 1nv1ted guests attended a weddm banquet gxven by the brrde s father The banquet vyas followed by a dance at the Iewxsh Communrty dance hall c:-3131120 STUMBAUGH ATKINSON On September T2 1931 Lela Stumbaugh 29 and Leshe Atkmson 28 were un1ted rn marrrafre w1th Rev Dawson ofhcratrng They are now It home at 2915 Southvy est Twelfth Street V V Y Helen Hansen 31 19 attendmg the St Olaf College at Northfield Mrnnesota V V Y Genev1eve Whrte 31 IS attendrng the Un1 versrty of Mmnesota where sl1e 15 takrng a nurse s tramrng X X 2' Lloyd Lansrud 6 Walter Thompson 9 and Walter Iones 30 are naembers of Drake s football team Recently they had the pleasure of gorng to Hawan on a three weeks tr1p to play football w1th the Hawanan team A game was played 111 Calrfornla before COHI1IlUll'lg tl1C1I' yourney to Hawau Y 7 V Betty Smlth a graduate of the une 1929 class has been rew1rded for her years of d1l1gent study 1n East Hrgh She was recently gwen the pos1t1on of edltor of a newspaper at Radcllfle College V Y Y Howard Hurd IS studylng electrlcal e11g1neer ing at Ames Iowa Y Y Y DEATHS Donald Ellls Harold Thayer and Delorrs Frsher d1ed durmg the year 1931 QUILL 41 1 3 ' 1 7 ' 2 4 ' 1 . .. ' I. . , , , - . . . V. . ,- Q 1 D . . , . 3 , 1 J. , - - 7 4 ' in . 3 . K L l . I t . . g X . A . . .Xl 'S ,S I C c , Q A I , . ,Q Q 3 . . . 4 2 1 7 1 . . . 1 . VL I A L . . . . . . . , 1 ' . . . , . . . . - 1 g t 1 s A 1 L lc Y 1 4 . . . X , - A A A c , L f t . f , ' . V. . 1 9 a -' . r. . . 7 . C , 1 ' f s 7 , 1 9 9 . . , . . . . . ,, 7 . . H 7 3 in ,. , L . . . L sv . 1 v ' 'f C: K ' P C 2 1 V . n- A KA A K 1 t 1 - - . 1 A A A , , . Q . I A I , 3 4 4 I 2 , 1 1 ' - 1 - TA A A N J , Q , ,i . . , . . .- 4 t 1 , A , , , . . . . , V, 1 . 1 g 1 . ' . s s A A A A 3 7 ' A a 1 a s 1 , 2 , 1 , 2 , . . -1 . , - , 1 9 K ' l ' n 1. , , ' ' 4 g , 2 1, 4 . K , X X . 1- ' . A A A . ' . , - . , ,b , , , 7 1 . .. ' ' ' K. C 1 yt K 4 ' , t D 1 . .- . . . . . . c t, It. ' , ,, - . . 1 . 1 1 , t 1 t . , , , A A A , . I y , C 9 '- 1 I . . 1 9 9 t 4 . c c - 1: I . , ' ' . , t V . , . . . . . C - . t 1 1. ' . ' ' ' V ' f 4 4 N s A A A L ' 1 ' 3 ' ' ' A it ,. ,U 1, I , L 1 , - , f- . 1 c 't , L. r 4, . X X A A A 'N A A A 5 li , ' 3 -3 - , . - . . , 1 4 L . 1 , 4 , i l 1 s T v FEATURES FEATURE DEPARTMENT fWith sincerest apologies to the dough boys who knew these somewhat differentlyj He was just a dumb East High school lad From out in the country where men are had, To him things were as clear as water that's muddy, - I And he lgept getting dumher the more he'd study. But he was as determined as he was dumb When North issued the challenge, he stood his gun, ' Brushed up on ,his Math and put learning away And soon his family heard him say: Good-hye dumlmess! Good-bye play! Good-hye foolishness that did not pay! I may not know what the challenge is about, But I het, by gosh, I'll soon find out, And, oh, my family, don't you fear M y card will he at for a souvenir, I'll get a onei in History, Math, English, too, And that's about all one feller can do. ' C:ElE FRITZIE BOY! Keep your grades up, Fritzie Boy! Keep your grades up, Fritzie Boy! Last night in a big arm-chair we saw youg You were copying History . From a girl upon your lqnee, So if you wanta- keep your secrets from your teachers coy, Keep your grades up, Fritzie Boy! ceuauao , A STUDENT'S PROBLEM If an S and an I and an O and a U Iflfith an X at the end spell Suj And an E and a Y and an E spell I i Pray what is a speller to do? ' Then if also an S and an I and a G And H E D spell side There's nothing much left for a speller to do But go and commit Siouxeyesighed. A A DUCK In Miss Cummings' English class, each student was asked to submit an essay, written in his own style. A husky football player stalked up to the front of the room to read this little mas- terpiece to the class. It read as follows: The duck is a low heavy-set bird, composed mostly of meat and feathers. I-Ie is a mighty poor singer, having a hoarse voice, caused by getting so many frogs in his throat. I-Ie likes the water and carries a toy balloon in his stomach to keep him from sinking. The duck has only two legs, and they are set so far back on his running gear by nature, that they come pretty near missing his body. Some ducks when they get big, have curls on their tails and are called drakes. Drakes don't have to set and hatch, but just loaf and go swimming and eat everything in sight. If I was to be a duck, I would rather be a drakef' WORTHY ADVICE Our honored student council president is de- termined that firmness is the only way to wield influence over his fellow school mates. In a note written by lack Wheaton to Richard Frisk, we receive the presidents plan, and because it might be valuable information to you students who wish to become a famous athlete or honored president, we pass this news on to you. The note reads as follows: I Frisk, are we going to be tough guys from now on? Yes I am, fwrites Frisk,D I wonlt act par- ticularly tough but I will be quick and hardf, How shall I be? Slow to anger but if angry, like a buzz saw? Yes, HO. K., You. This information brief, but to the point. If you want further knowledge on how to be a leader, see President Frisk. . Roberta Baridon: What have you there? Dale Daniels: A package of insect powder. Roberta: Good heavens, Dale! You aren't going to commit suicide, are you? 42 I oulu. ma A1 OUILL SHAKE HANDS Reach me your hand my friend, I say, It is a custom of the days So 1nany types of hands I'oe found, From day to day as I go round. I met a chnm, a happy lad, IVith high spirits and smiles galoreg Iflfhen he gripped my duke I had To kneel right down npon the floor. A preacher dined at home one eve, To help devour the evening meal, A soft plump hand slipped from his sleeve, So warm and welcome it did feel. llify workman friend whose hands I shook Plfere all channeled and scarred with t0il,' Yet came from him a pleasant look So true, no task could eoer fail. A gay young lass one day I met, As she reached forth her hand so kind, Yea such a chance I rarely get, fTo shake a hand of bacon rind.j I met one day a neighbor boy, Iflfhose smile I shall never forget Perhaps his heart was full of joy, Bat his hands were all wet with sweat. One day I met a real He man, Whose whiskered hands were both so large, As I reached forth to grip his hand, I had to make a double charge. Y ou'll find them cold and wringing wet, Iflfith fingers wrinkled, long and leanj Or rough and dry, or wet with sweat, And some are kept so white and clean. V Day in, day ont, I seek to find The searching hand of some friend true So soft, so smooth, so warm, so kind, Iflfho knows but that it may he you? -IAMBS PAYNE Did you take a bath? No, is there one missing? STUDENT'S SOLILOQUY I am a nut. My teacher thinks I am cracked, A cracked nut is useful, The other kind isn't. I'm glad I am a cracked nut. Dorothy Anchor: What kind of shoes would look best with these hose? Gwen Ogburn: Hip bootsf' sz lx. x Original Roses are red, Violets are blue, Dandelions are yellow, And carnations are of different colors. Corrine Rider: c'Where did Minnie I-Ia Ha live? Dorothy Saunders: 'lln her little tee hee. Don Greene: What are you doing tonight?'l Virginia Foster: Studying Don Green: 'Tm not doing anything either. Let's go to a dancef' Ike fin midst of a stormy: 'lLet's do some- thing religious to save ourselvesf, Mike: Can ou ra V? Y P I Ike: l'Well-er-no. Mike: Can you preach? Ike: UNO. Mike: Well then, let's take up a collection. Rastus: Deacon, I'se got a problem. NVell, sah, when I get to heaven, how am I goin' to get my shirt ovah my wings?', Negro Parson: Dat's nothinl. Your prob- lem is how youlse goin' to wear a hat ovah your horns. Little girl: My father is a doctor. I can be sick for nothin'. Little boy: That's nothin'. My dadls a preacher and I can be good for nothinlf' Ardis Olson: What is the peculiar odor in this study hall?,' Marcine Hauge: It's only the dead silencef' X X X Before you're executed tell us your name so we can tell your mother. My mother knows my name. 4-4 QUILL DCC LAWSON and Hrs Younlcer Tea Room Orchestra Play for COLLEGE CLUB EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT 9 30 12 T tyl f Y Also Late Evenmg Dancing Every Saturday Night 9 30 to 12 YouN KE OUILL I I I I , if ll ' ll K 1 : ' SNZHA a grand time , young folk 11 a v e Q here . . . and what Q27 grand music he war. - HDoc is the li e of any - 1I1l1SiCZl1 party. Enjoy this special treat any B Frida night .... Tea Room, i t L 001' SA 'lSF,ACT'It.N. AL s Giits lor the Graduate -and sparkling new things lor l-ligh Sehaal Men and Women are here in great array. Youll be surprised at the many Fine new things THE UTICA L8LA.FRIEDLlC'H co. Iowan Gfeaig:Appan! San Mrs. Ellis: Roy, why are your marks so much lower in january than in November? Roy Ellis: Everything is marked down after the holidaysf' X X X Margaret Green: Where do the jelly Fish get their jelly? Genevieve M.: I don't know, where? Margaret: From the currents of the oceanf, sc ' va X - X . . I This pen 1eaks,' said the convict, as the ra1n came trickling into his cell .... X X X Employer: Not afraid of early hours, are you? Graduate: UNO, sir. You can't close too early for mef, X X X Mr. Lyman: What is a poisonous sub- stance? Student: Aviation Mr. Lyman: Please be seriousf Student: One drop will l-:illlu X X X Eugene Lundberg: Ever read Carlyle,s 'Essay on Burns? H lulian Lutz: I've never been in a medical school. X X X Edna Shetterly: 'KDid you ever take chloro- form ? Beulah G.: No, who teaches it? X X X Melford Boyd: My heart flames like a blaz- ing fire. Marjorie Brothers: Don't be a fuelf' X X X And then the engine died and the plane started on a tailspin for earthf, Didn't you lose your head?', No, when I saw the plane falling, I ran for the nearest housef' Gypsy: I tella your fortune, mister. Don Durham: HI-Iow much? Gypsy: Twenty-Hvercentsf' Don D.: 'gCorrect. I-IoW'd ja guess? X X X George Cilva: These are good strawberries you raise in your garden. Do you use fertilizer on them? Maxine Batesole: No, sugar and cream. X X X Teacher: How many make a million? Iohnny: i'Not many. OUILL Follow the NQVV CU.StOm Come to the studio and deal directly with the r photogra pher. Do not wait ior the personal letter. Special prices to June graduates are now ready. TI-IE I-IARPEI. STUDICD Phone 3-3925 ' 518 East Locust Ruth Rider: Your eggs are all very small today. Grocery Clerk: Yes,m, they are, but I am sure I don't know the reason. Ruth Rider: Oh, I expect you took them out of the nests too soon. V X X X Teacher: Hlohnny, how much is four and five? H Iohnny: I'd like very much to tell you, but I think it will do you more good to look it up yourself. Queal Lumber Company Two Big Yards West 7th Sr Keosauqua Naomi Cook: 'KI just had ox-tail soup and In feel bullyf, Marjorie Huggins: I ate hash for dinner and I feel like everythingf' X X X Mr. Rowe: What,s the technical word for snoring? Dick Dawson: Sheet musicf' X X X Sadie Shane: 'KI want a book to put photo- graphs of my relatives in. I guess this one Will dof' Shop Man: But that isn't a family album, madamg that is a scrapbook. Sadie: Oh, that's all right: all of my relation are scrappersf' EXPERT-PICTURE FRAMING 34133 CARLSOIVS SHOE REPAIR SERVICE EHSt 4411 81' Grand AVC- Goods of quality with a real 3.4137 guarantee 1 1300 Lyon St. Phone 6-3942 QUILL 4i p -,H-2, f ,Z ' N-fs-90 XQTACCREBITEDQG I- conmsncuu. .4 E scnooms Q sri F Sxhwl X . i Q. IT PAYS To Attend an Accredited SCHOOL OF BUSINESS For nearly fifty years the C. C. C. C. has been an outstanding busi- ness school. Thousands of the leading citizens of Iowa are its graduates. FIRST, NEXT, THEN Finish high school, next take a thor- ough business course, then attend college or university, if possible. This is the best advice of our best thinkers. Capital City Commercial College Tenth and Grand DES MOINES When I get to Heaven, said George Cosson, I am going to ask Shakespeare if he wrote those plays. Maybe he won't be there, said Ross Scan- land. 'gThen you ask him,', George replied. XXX Teacher: fFirst day of schoolj What is- your name, my boy?', First Boy: Sam. Teacher: K'Oh, no, it must be Samuel. And yours? Second boy: Dan Teacher: You should say Daniel. And your name? CTO third eggj Third boy: Please, ma'am, it's Tomualf' XXX Little Girl: Your breath smells like smoke: you shou1dn't smoke because when you die they Miss Cummings: Will you tell the main idea of this verse, George?l' George Cilva: It is about a boy who swal- lowed a piece of ribbon and it made him sick at the stornachf' Miss Cummings looked mystihed: K'What do you mean? Read the lines to the class. George: Well it says: 'K 'He ran to the window as quick as a flash, Flung open the shutters and threw up the sash.' D X X X First Tramp: After all, it pays to be perlite, pardnerf' Second Tramp: i'Not always. The other day I was actin' deaf and dumb when a man gave me Sixpence. I says, 'Thank you, sir,' and he had me arrested. XXX A newly captured horse thief dangled from a tree, ln whispers hoarse he muttered: This suspense is killing me. Gut Heartiest Congratulations to The Glass of January, IQ32 wonit let you into heaven. Herman Kucharo Big Brother: Well, when I die I expect to I h, leave my breath behind me. C at ter 48 QUILL I , f O I ,i I O STUDIU We thank the January class of 1932 for the very valuable patronage with which We have been favored. J une Graduates Your High School Graduation comes but once. Preserve those memories With good photo- graphs made in IoWa's most modern studio. 420 Ninth Street Phone 4-7923 Ralph Miller freading in classj: '6She threw herself into the river. I-Ier husband, horror stricken, rushed to the bank- Miss Cummings: Now, tell me why the hus- band rushed to the bank? Ralph Miller: K'Why, he probably went to get the insurance money. Evelyn Marten: Is there any soup on the bill of fare? , Waiter: There was, ma'am, but I wiped it off Martha Viers Qat the national galleryj: Why, thenfs the very same pictures I saw here the day before yesterday. Attendant Qdrylyj: Quite likely? Martha Viers: Then the landlord Where I'm staying is wrong. I-Ie told me that the pictures were changed daily in all the leading picture houses. X X X OUILL . 49 -.-, for Graduation or for the Semester Dance there's nothing smarter than an ALL AMERICAN HIGH SUIT 16.95 We endorse for either occasion our favored Blue Cheviot with full Celenese lining and Two Trousers One with regular waistband the other with high waistband both 21 inch bottom Stand with the best in the class. Teacher: How do you suppose Shakespeare would have said, 'Here comes a bowlegged maui? Stude: Behold! What do I discern approach? ing me in parentheses? -!fVhisp. K K X Billy: Miss Cornell, what kind ot meat is this? 1 Miss C.: 'EWhy, that's spring chicken. Billy: Well, I think I've been chewing on one of the springs for the past half hourf, A dog sitting on a railroad track Looking very sad and lonelyg Train comes alongg Toot! Toot! Dog-gone! Bologna! ' At a large Fire on Walnut Street, a Scotchman was burned trying to light his cigarette. Teacher: 'tWhat's the definition of nothing? Willis I-Iokanson fhalf asleepj: I don't know, but I got it in my headf, ' CCPALS99 You and your bank book should be inseparable pals. The mere fact that you have an account is not enough if you desire to get the best out of life. Get better acquainted with you r bank book by depositing a portion of your weekly income consistently. We Pay 32? o n SAVINGS xl ' START SAVING Capital City Service That HERE NOW . State Bank Satisfies Bank Bldg. East 5th and Locust St. h DES MOINES, IOWA QUILL IT and ERCOATS in price ranges to fit every demand 14.95-19.50-21.50 up to 29.50 They meet higher priced suits in every detail. A try on is C0llV1llCll'lb M Seniors ask about our graduation gift certificate before buying. It will save you 5.00. MORGAN COMPANY VVHEN KNIGI-ITS WERE BOLD King Arthur: Pray, what is that horrible clanlting? Page: Please, Sire, it's only Launcelot and the queen on the parlor sofa. Things have come to a terrible pass, be- moaned the end as he bungled the throw from quarterback. STUDY I-IALLS Chemistry class is to study ing In English we study some more, But the thing that has puzzled me all my life Is what are study halls for? -The Balance Sheet. Do you File your finger nails? No, I throw them away as I cut them off. L. W. Holley Sz Sons Co. Fountain Pens . Mechanical Pencils Office Supplies PHONE 3-5251 100-102 E. Grand Des Moines, Iowa Compare at ANDERS ONS .lust Big Enough to Serve You Right East 6th and Grand Before You Buy Your Furniture It takes twenty thousand nuts to make an automobile, but it only takes one nut to scatter it all over the ground.-The Red and Gray. Montour Studio Room 201 Cooper Building 820 Locust Street DISTINCTIVE PORTRAITURE PHONE -L-4302 DES MOINES, IOWA QUILL I-low did you Hnd your uncle, Iohn? In apple-pie order. I-low is that? Crusty. -The Red cmd Gray. as u as Theatrical a11d Fancy Dress Costumes for A11 Occasions College and High School Caps and Gowns East High students are always welcome Wingate Costume Co. 200 Walilut Street Phone 4-2512 51 P, Ady, 9 M K Autograph 5, f , 1 4 4:4 j ' 5 , , V K-4 . y Q! xLV,4,c.,2fffff.f J3 J. 7,f4ux,V4-Wu ,Wav A7211 if L' Aff ,elm Z X f ' 728 1 U . if f 7 ' ,f' fl V60 Q54 Qwz, fQ3f5,+'1M-Pdfffkx 1.-' . ' ,f - f' f fb-J X ' ' J ' A ' - ' - V- - , of In .. ' T, . .4 ,ff 5 1 , , W ,V,,X ,. ., 1, 1 V' . HJ.. , , ufk . ' .,-fi 'L'-1-1 Q I A rf aug, !yvi.51ffbL'P-RJLLICJZV Q41 1 ,' . .VG 7. x.ff,,fU g,, C L5 J 3 3 AK 7 J J L' 1: x - - - . JJ! E W , , cofgnf Q, 43,-Lxjh J: ,2- ' -g f azz 3 77 Q C- 221 Saad 21, 79 A 1 , . ' , .H -5121 fmgfzf-'QQP f? -GL-fzfwf' f n -H- lf, -f X I .4,,fi'! .U a 'J ' f .f . jo Z, Jzgw w,,,,. WT! 1 -'A - ,- L , L, lf,-.,V.1 1'-2431,-,- ,121 Af ' V .I .4 f' IT ,M.,.. ,jLf?,,Jf 175: LC' JiAA,JLZTfb ,rVAQZ.Lf6'f'-'v,'Q1'-' .Qfyf..,.g. 'f rg .fgfftfl K 191,-,Q 'ff .Z,f-V-sf' - ' ,fy ,. - , ff ' vffifqf 7, w ,f ZA ' fy fTfi.Z,,v-67-,vp--4 .f 'K l fp'-mfg--,-x .. - -9 'Af1 - V 5 1 6 I , 3 C3 fL1,Q- ff f -'Mir ...J f '-4 c2f61p4...g.Qi,f1 fr- , JM ,A - , In A. 6. f +eff,,,M ,J Jia! -4,v,i,,4,9i,.vVy A . Q! ' . -.f pf -f'?t.3,.. Qfffills-. 5 , 5 4- . 59,7 - -'Lv-cr AJLGEM. f ,il ' 1 - Y- l J 5 2 1 V :W ... ' ,gf Y ,Nl--l -' .Q -H 1 1 r 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 , 11' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , p 1 1 11 1 ,A , N . 1 1 1 '. 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 E 1 1: . 1 11: 1, 1 '-111 1 1 1 T 1' ' 1 1 Y .,,, A N . 1 1 X 1 1 1 '- 1 1 ' 1 1 1 V 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1'1 1 1' 1, 1 '1. 1 1 1, 1 1 1 1 1 ' 11 W . 1 4' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 , 11 1 1 , 1 I A ' , 1 1 A A 1 . 1 Q ' 1, 1 1 1 1 V W 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 7 adn 1 ' 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 1 1 1 W 1 . 1 1 , W fr W W W W W W W W W. W ' W W W W W W W W W 1' W W W W 1 W -W W . W WK W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W , W W W W W W W W W . 1 ' W x W a W '- Y W W W W W W W W , W W ., - W W W . W W W W WW , . W W . W W. W W W, W W W W . W W W W W J W W W W W W W W W W W W W W - , .- . ,

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