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its 'gi ' ' ' Y :" i - if ' " ' , ,fi ft , if .Si-1 uf J, N A . 1 Vg.. :Ng -,,u. 1. q-qk.,.,.V Q- 1 ua y - , 6? ' A it 45 ,H' ' fr ' .f5'-'il 'f"'grf,- f .. V Y jg, Y. if 1 ggiia ,ry-I C 7 f , ' 4 'Wk 'lk '1 .+ + -ffm I xfgffffi If ,if A ' " Y is M, V.,,,,7M " 1 A I 55? s'i"'A ,F f iii.. lhilf Hg: I-V' I -' 'Qet'l:SV K, I-if J ,' -.f f Q gf E1-A-I . , - . ff f ll-'I 13 tif n f ff- , wg 5 . . Q xi . .'l7ff?fQ, ' f.,r1f , K 4,154 W, H ,ka 1 ' , b X 4147, Ml' ,.,,..... KL pf Q1 UE 9 . , YI vb 1,1 'O cf B ff I W W ' X 1 A I L ik X W fn 'Y 'Y ii 3 N, ' A V 1 UQQ1' L , ELM? q is , , - -? Q- - M M. 7 ' li UL E H ' l X T B 1 ' - V V Juv ,Eff it Nz 1 lwjxms ,ji f Qi X X V, Q . fi X , H I ff Kfx l X an - Q . I ,qkufg FLA in Ni- ' 4,8 if E A 3 f -D 7:7 ' V '.N ' ' A , qv -Zi' '., fr'Lij3.'3 ijsffvj Q f 64 YX 5" LW t 'tx Vi I RJ 3338 ffQijM1gg M" r I yu. 5 A is KJ f-. 'N X xx N: 1-ia .V , 12" X5'U,f -3 X3 ' L3 fx: as 'G , x 12 fs. U in if CL 1:9 22 rw Sli- Wus H? I ,, i...- V ' r K R Hx fx L wif f if ' ..... ' f N0 fi 2 N53 t f ' Q ' ISL A Q 1 1 .H ,Q ' A W . 5 , 1'-. . Q 14 . . -. A A . ' 'JP . s.J - 'Jn .' 50 by AA V1 'AAA A xg, ',- MJ' if wp' 'vw -QQ- 43 QQ- Wx Q., 'Q jf' AAL' J A' , -AJC -- C., Azqf xx A LRF- H 1' C u fk P y l, I if 7 l 'L fl i kr N? Lg-rx A A 'L fa" , u A ,f 'fftgd C f" j 'C Cf Lf f 5, 1,9 J x L if Q F --- k C F .A ii' XX- 3 g-L' Q A :A 'A A 'ar L-A1 'QQ If . G A ' W X h x, A M2 W E I - . Af W ' A CA? - - '- P 5 1 ' A2 .1 Ak v , , A QC - A Q if li A ' A ,Cu I + ff ff W A A A qhlv A A QR ' G N A - 'Q , "'f'7" A ' F ,X 1' 'A 'A A Ai NRM I 4, 0 ax . , D .- Ll ..' l 454.1 A A S . AA f Q M 1 BM NX, f vt -.X ' N W is A Psy Q1 G ,X ,p 05 Q 2""V.,,XQf, 4 A 9 o 2 nh K 1' , ,, f il A xv PSA? wwf . Af! X QF if 4 M fi? M , A v ,X I 1 W 9 ' ZA? A f f WQ' 4 , . f5QfvfZf'3Z5i 'W NNW lm GN , 1 N76 N XM' I 5 3 A nfjxfy wilt 2-ciijxfig-QQ MQ Of Q? JL iff.-T X sz, figs-Q 'Q tn QAM f NX' f . KN - lj' " A 9 If 32 WM ww ,WW' Fefhe M I J wg! fjxllj nfs- T . A :A AU U IN ,, A --.A R NSXZAR -.-.gig Q 5 sq? h J ff' Nfl . 4 Q? 51 ' is W . ' n yy Lt -Qs' .i QT-.ig ,J . ,fr s 'f any PE A 55 BN ffyy Jm' ,K 4,N4 5' 'V , 5' is , D , A liiv I If l ,,L 35,71 H j I Xb .221 ,, M ff A X axxax ,wi b 2 Mjij rv!! ,firm f -A? 'ff 4, "J" 'A I ' 'V ! fi1,r"!aiffq 3,3 'ig E, mf lx 3 Q H0 -I V14 1 1,4 X . K A,-. - ff , Mgffgmq, Se, ' 7 Y ff Q5 cp Kywfj, ff 0 M 2. .ai- Q 'PTP -fbi 'JN 1 's 2- -li iii? Wop 11" an tg: ml- .3"P '9"'.Lb 2- X gf7fQcf. . ? P- XS?" Ta .rl J -g ,J-5F Q T.. u- 1 1 X ' ,Nix Q ,. V A QM, .3414 'Z 1 SQPERWSQ VX f 'Ee' M U I f ' 1 4 f l, , 3,9 I I A If ff, Q N t ,- L. x 04, Xxx X 1, 4 X' A in f., x gi .f- - Qi n M7 I , '. 1, ,I . s-f -4 1 2 Z D L 'F I mt x-:fLfr,W ' , Y . , g, '.g4,V.5 N- X -N . k , . x 4 Pt' la Q4 skis-, .myosin 35 . ,, xg M - M, if .7 f ti is 'Zi ' 4. - fifty IANUS STAFF Editor ........ . .. Tom Syrianoudis Assistant Editor . . . ............ lim Guerrieri Advisor ........... .... Miss Ieannette R. Clarke Business Managers .............. James P. Griffith Iames Conway Artist .... .. . Sal Fossaceca 'EI Page Two 134- K' 3 4 g 4. ' X 4 I X X I 520-04? 1 vw !,,, ,Q xJ " , 7 f ffm J 1 fyivfvgzfrfr 6 away 7' fb dl X ff , jg 1 6.-xx' , , VE,fjf ff...z.Zf- Y ,vS.f1Kf iff , f ,KLAJ gf 'WI : K," f , j K ff' ff- rs-01.1 I Nlma Maimdl 7264 in Alma Mater we adore Thee Love your colors gold and blue There you stand in all your glory Patient, helpful, kind and true ,K In our hearts and in our memories r Linger thoughts so dear of you In .. NN ' 'A1' W ,XX Alma Mater, Alma Mater, 2-h- 6 'M M Our Alma Mater, East High School .",1,, , I' ' ' MA ' 2- 5 S ' - -...E, t""""-v " ' tt. . 1 ' '- ij 1 ,:-, ..., , .'.,i im llvvl lr M F' NN K 5, ' Flir t' if , nfs . 4 ,, , ., W on f f" sex JHNUS ik fr -A 'N-4?-Qs-lwfxihmf W'?"lV'v'i'PHKiv.3. K ,, 255 EAST HIGH SCHOCL YoUNGs'1'owN, oH1o Page Three B'- P 77 pn J 1 in W up 6 f X, qw A if ,iff gf 1 -' 1 JL , A 1 L f' fl , J at M A W PWM U 1 East History In September, 1926, East High School opened its portals to the public. The late I. W. Smith was principal from 1926 to 1948. Upon his retirement he was succeeded by E. E. Fell. To date our present enrollment is 1,437 including grades eight to twelve. Up until 1950 we were known as the Sunrisers, but upon a student vote and recommendation of the coaches the title Golden Bears was adopted. In 1951, "Nuggets," the nickname for our Golden Bears, was brought into being. School colors are Gold and Blue. The class oi 1954 has chosen the red rose class flower, blue and white class colors, and "Tender1y" class song. W 1 X lf it tv GJ Q! CK fmt, X Lf ' IAN . V 1 X X ' f ,, will ,fm O W by r 555 uf if Page Four I-2+ jfis 4 W IZ9, Q ,, . ., ..,., I .... I . , . V if I sy ..,.JiQ' as If ' I Axial H EAST HIGH " :ggi . , " 'sf ,fa I Q:', .,g:E,:,,T" "" . l I H f V L ff m, ' Q Administration . F ,,,,, ,QI , , J M543 I. 1 im ? - ' 'ICU fY ACTIVITIES Music Goveming Body The Press Service ATHLETICS Football Basketball Bowling Baseball Golf ORGANIZATIONS Dramatics Clubs Classes SENIORS Advisors Officers Class In Memoriam -if Page Five ff?- . Fil all J ftfttsgk Stl Wllttiftllf t ,tt W fs gill Foreword This is the Ianus, our East High Annual, in which we record events of the past year written for, about, and by the students. From our schooling we have knowledge that will help us to prepare for our future: we have friends, some of whom we will leave behind, and some who will always be a part of our life. But more than recording the past, Ianus looks to the future and lives for the present. ff 4 .J-' ., V, fuk! L +r'f K7 X K J X I I t t M a D, f f , , , , Q, ' -'lf Page Six ll' I I y 1 , 11:1 1 L' I 4,,f 41 , -iff nl I z , pf. Dedication Because of his eager willingness to help us with our Ianus illustrations, we, the graduating class of 1954, wish to dedicate this Annual to Sal Fossaceca, the sailor-boy who's always seen with drawing pencil and paper in hand. While here at East High School, Sal was liked by everyone, and was known throughout the school for his artistic ability, cooperative spirit, and pleasing personality. After graduating from East in 1947, Sal entered Cleveland Institute of Art, completing his art course in 1951. He then joined the Navy, and has served thirty-five months to date. gf is QW .wily Cu QWWJLD , l EW' ft W, MMM l it N4 if Page Seven B+ E. E. Fell Mr. E. Fell, principal of East High for six years, poses in his new office. A Message from our Principal America offers unlimited opportunities for achievement to the person who is willing to work and devote himself to serving his fellow men, who has the right ideals, character and prepara- tion. Goals are never reached by aimless drifting. Most suc- cessful people have plans to chart their course. We hope East has given you some help in planning your life and some preparation for the realization of those plans. E. E. Fell, Principal -'El Page Eight Br Burton Honey Assistant L,,,,..-.- he-....,. Q Q-Y. k X Qtsix K Mr. Burton Honey, assistant principal, speaks from his new quarters. A Word from our Assistant Principal For the past twelve years you, the graduates of Iune 1954, have been given the opportunity to develop your inherent abili- ties to their highest capacities. This opportunity to develop as one wishes is a guarantee of our free society. You to be graduated, those who have gone before you and those who will follow, hold the key to a con- tinuing free society. Be ever mindful of your responsibilities as a citizen of this great country that its freedoms may be preserved. Burton Honey, Assistant Principal 4 Page Nine H'- I -Jo G0 X? ' 'L 'QS Q? FRONT OFFICE Office Staff This year our office had a new look and also a new secretary. Miss Shirley Boomhower, one of our '53 graduates, succeeded Mrs. Glenna Lou Myers. The complicated task of office manage- ment, which includes compiling school records, typing reports, handling the school's financial matters, and checking on absence, is in the able hands of Miss Boomhower, Miss Eleanor Love, Myron Reese, and Wilbert Lambeth, visiting teacher. Shirley Boomhower Cupper leftb Myron Reese and Eleanor Love flower leftl Wilbert Lambeth flower rightl An.. lim .vw PROBLEM SOLVERS RUTH HIGLEY Dean of Girls gr- I. P. GRIFFITH Decm of Boys The Deans Two popular people with the students, are decm of girls, Miss Ruth Higley, and dean of boys, I. P. Griffith, who helped students solve many difficult problems. They Would Rather Teacl 1' f x 4 A Q Od runs-Q M95 -el "W I-K ,fi 7' VW .J Page Fourteen .li Our Senior Choir Early in the school term our Senior Choir, directed by Richard Campbell, made up a beautiful musical background for National Ed- ucation Week Assembly. They also took part in the Thanksgiving and Christmas Pageants and sang at Baccalaureate and National Honor Induction Ceremonies. After successfully presenting their Operetta "HMS Pinafore" they appeared at other schools and clubs such as the Rotary and Kiwanis. A selected group took part in the Mount Union College Music Festival in May. Nine and eighty songbirds made up our Senior Choir this year. Junior Choir The 31 voices that make up our Iunior Choir sang in many assemblies this year. Under the direction of Richard Campbell they made a beautiful background for the Thanksgiving and Easter services. They also took part in the Christmas Pageant, together with the Freshman and Senior Choirs. Row 1, left to right: B. Hershey, P. Comardo, I. Conroy. E. Wilson, A. Anderson: Row 2, N. Fiore, R. Schmidt, C. Vecchiarelli, M. Harasym, N. D'Alesi0: Row 3, H. Bal- asko, K. Hawks, D. Axel, M. Ellerbe, C. Pecchia: Row 4, I. Mazzella, A. Campanizzi, C. DeWitt, F. Corso: Row 5, L. Iones, R. Thompson, I. DiCarlo, E. Regulag Row 6, H. Wheland, I. Christmas. F. Iordan: Row 7, L. Iordan, I. Kaschak, C. Rose, D. Appulese. its Freshman C hoir Sixty-six voices rang out in harmony whenever the Freshman Choir participated. Under the direction of Miss Ruth Stevenson, the choir sang on the Armistice Day program, the Christmas Pageant, and for Easter services. With the cooperation of Iohn Raz and the orchestra, their Annual Spring Music Festival was a big success. Orchestra Enjoyment and appreciation of good music are experienced by members of the orchestra. Under the leadership of Iohn Baz, the orchestra is an im- portant group in our instrumental department. In addition to school plays and assemblies this group participates in the Annual Spring Concert, bring- ing much credit to our school. These young voices will one day make up our Senior Choir. 'S R T-W,,q ga lst Raw, left to right: B. Lewis, P. Coleman, N. Berry, M. Bevilacqua, N, Pappas, D, Fentules, C. Peck, J. Lyonsf 2nd row, R. Kohut, I. Smith, C. Tyson, F. Guerrieri, M. Navarro, I, Boswell, I, Forqacs, l. Cackmang 3rd row, A. Fiehler, M, Barnes, B. Mulholland, R. Felletti, M. Doxie, A. Pascarelli, C. gurtiienp 4th row, Director I, Baz, B. Lewis, A. Rodrigo, R. Maqm, E. Liqhtner, I. Wal, A. Williams, , rmeni. eil Page Fifteen ld? 2 .. X J, 5 I L f? IQ 'I ' . , , , ' "ff 7 p f, N - :YQ -rl .-f..e-,ff' ,fs - H.M.S. Pinafore As the curtain rises on Act I, we find the crew of the H.M.S. Pinafore interrupted in preparations for the arrival of Sir Ioseph Porter iBob Elia? by "Little Buttercup" CRose Martinol, who says she has a secret that could change the attitude of Captain Corcoran CEd Sneerl, with whom she is secretly in love. A member of the crew, Ralph Rackstraw tLou Contil, loves the cap- tain's daughter, Iosephine CCarol Pachelll, but to his dismay he discovers that the captain wants her to marry Sir Joseph, who arrives on deck with his cousin Hebe CMary Bevilaqual, and many female relatives. Ralph is rejected by the captain because of his low rank when he confesses his love for Iosephine. In despair, he decides to shoot himself. Iosephine stops him by admitting her love for him and the curtain falls as everyone is plotting for Iosephine and Ralph to elope. In the opening scene of Act Il, Dick Deadeye KNick Hydosl, tells the captain of the plan. The captain, overcome with anger, swears. Sir Ioseph overhears this and sends the captain away in disgrace and Ralph to the dungeon. Buttercup tells the secret she has kept for many years, that Ralph and Captain Corcoran were switched when they were babies. This confession solves the problem of the lovers and they are free to marry. The captain can now wed Buttercup and Sir Ioseph has to be content with cousin Hebe. Crew and guests on the H.M.S. Pinafore Gullible Gobs Go Gaga Cver Goodies if Page Sixteen li'- 1 as Q .q ad 35252. 'T sJs4 5i3 X .x Q f is , f , . , 1' A D' ii: 'Sm Ii f'0m7! rx National Honor Society - ' if Let's look into the auditorium where re- c 5 01 : l E if K hearsals for National Honor Society ceremonies ' ' f are taking place. Members were elected on the ' 56 basis of leadership, scholarship, character, and service. Frank Cucciarre, president: Mary Bevilac- quia, secretary: Walter Betts, treasurer: lim Kernan, social chairman, and Miss Alice j Weber, advisor. ,g EC lst row, left to right: M. Tyson, G. Hagan, F. Cucciarre, M. Bevilacquia, R. Ossog 2nd row, L. Brown, O. Wydick, I. Wal, C. Furden, A. Dimitriou, I. Hatfield, M. Pauschert, I. Fusillo, E. Lipka, A. Schenqeli, D. De1Fraino, C. Martin, 3rd row, D. Fentules, M. Morrow, P. Shea, D. Fabiriy, D. Gibbs, A. Ceremeli, M. Getz, D. DeCavitch, E. Draghita, C. Stride, 41h row, T. Pizzuto, F. Strollo, I. Moretti, I. Kurjan, M. Brill, I. l-Ioftee, B. Kraysets, G. Summers, N. Felton, C. Pachellp 51h row, L. Williams, G. Strickland, T. Temelkotf, W. Betts, R. Lewis, A. Deramo, C. Corrotto, T. Syianoudis, R. Buccierri, E. Theodore, D. Easton, P. Mahon. 'tif Page Eighteen lil' East's Governing Body Sitting: D. Easton, C. Leshnack, I. Summers, I. D'A1esio, B. Strange, C. Canacci, C. Brown, R. Clark, L. Posey, A, Anderson, B. Clardy, D. Lariccia, R, DeSanto, F. Zyuith, S. Bownas, A. Dando, M. DeSiato, I, LaPresta, Standing: D. Chismar, D. Chefto, V. Salata, L. Cuccurese, C. Grazziano, F. Factor, V Fumi, T. Intante, S. Demidovich, D. Tankovich, B. Fertante, H. Mulholland, K. Payton, I. Marco, N. Marsicola, C. Garone, C. Pinciaro, A. Protapapa, B. Commardo, B. Barone, Mr. Paul Miller, advisor Not pictured-Tom Syrianoudis. Student Council Like our own city ot Youngstown, East High also has a council, composed of representatives from every home room. This year, the group rallied behind council sponsored pep assemblies, polio benefit dance and the tax stamp drive. Council tradition was started with a first annual banquet and the P.A. system of morning services and announcements. Officers were: Donna Easton, president: Ralph Donofrio, vice-president, and Marsha Morrow, secretary-treasurer. it Page Nineteen lil'- efagfky 6657 fff ami, ef' gy 'QC :ig-'gf 5 if f s ,ffffg f ST Q F FS Ianus staff members were: P. Yakotich, M. Bevilacquia, N. I Osso, B- Lewis. l- Gueffierif A- POYIUYZO. T- NiChOlGS. C- Rud- Hydos, A. Davies, S. Dechant, E. Draghita, N. Felton, S. Bez- loff, F. Krprcak, D. Dellfrarno, I, -Wal, Deramo, F. Cuc- zarro, D. Fentules, C. Martin, I. Delllck, P. Yannarellct, R. CICIUS, l- BOSC0. l- NSVCIITO, T- SYIIGYIOXICUS, l- Felde. lst How, left to right: L. Butler, D. DelPlato, 2nd row, M. ZaZa, I, Kurjan, E. Draghitcx. D. Chismarg 3rd row, l. George, C. Plnchmaro, I. Young, I. Hernandez, 4th row, D. Vicarel, B. Demedovich, F. Strollo, I. Moretti, C. Martin, S. Scarazzo, P. Moses, G. Strickland. Janus Staff Copy, pictures, layouts, sketches, choosing a cover, and deadline finally brought the work of the Ianus to a halt. Tom Syrianoudis, editor, and Iim Guerrieri, co-editor, combined their efforts with Miss I. Clarke, advisor, Tula Nicholas, picture execu- tive, and the other 18 members of the staff to compose the annual. With football season in full swing, the staff took charge of Homecoming, which included decorated cars, salute to Dads, queen and court, followed by a very successful dance. Carole Martin was chairman, and Miss I. Clarke and E. R. Smith, advisors. Sales Committee Every morning at 8:15, members of the sales committee were seen scurrying here and there, looking for Ianus subscribers. I. Griffith and I. Conway headed this busy group. lst Row, left to right: M. Bevilaquia, E. Draghita, I. Lapresta, V. Fumi: 2nd row, I. Turner, A. Thomas: 3rd row, I. Mauer- giara, R. Iordan, A. Gay, P. Burke, T. Nicholas, E, Bush, C. tri e. Echo Staff Meeting a deadline spells w-o-r-k for Echo staff members. Reporting, writing copy and heads, typing, laying out pages, making up pages in our print shop, proof reading, counting, circulating - that's the routine for each issue - but our efficient staff always makes it. Carole Martin, editor: Eleanor Draghita, co-editor: Frances Strollo, managing edi- tor: Shirley Scarazzo, first page editor: Iackie Moretti, second-page editor: De- lores Delplato, third-page editor: Dan Vicarel and Bill Demidovich, fourth-page editors: Phyllis Moses, circulation editor: Ioan Kurjan, exchange manager: and Iohn Hernandez, advertising editor. 43 lst row, left to right: D. Easton, B. Mulholland, B. Kelley, R. Donofrio, I. Boscoe, I. Caruso: 2nd row, G. H R. O , C. Pachell, R. Rezek, N. Hydos, I agan, sso Belino: 3rd row, M. Savko, T. King, I. Guerrleri. Advertising Committee The advertising committee, under the leadership of I. P. Griffith, assisted by I. Conway, went scouting high and low for new ads. Were they successful? Iust look in the back of this book, and you'll see. Page Twenty-one E4- I ' ' Fl K or 0 J l3eXMffj 41111091 film X Ticket Takers-lst Row, left to right: R. Smith, C. Whiteside, M. A. Wydick, A. Tavolario, 2nd row, C. Payton, M. Bevilac- quia, I. Rozich, S. Guerrieri, F. Rulli, M. Rulli, N. Schettino, H. Tamburelli, 3rd row, R. M. Osso, L. Payton, H. Wilson, L. Buttler, B. Rotar, Mr. Reese, 4th row, C. Price, A. Anderson, A. Johnson. Noon Movie Ticket Sellers and Takers f x fx Q ,- 1 X XX tifk "Give credit where credit is due" applies to the girls who sold and collected tickets for the noon movies. They relinquished their free time to help make available the noon movies enjoyed by many students. Ticket Sellers-lst Row fstandingl left to right: P. Burke, S. Davis, G. Summers, Mr. Myron Reese: Znd row lseatedl: F. Burke, I. Kurjan, I. Hottie. Football Ticket Sellers These girls deserve special thanks for mak- ing football tickets available to the students of East. The assistance from John Hunter was greatly appreciated. We should give credit to the faculty members who collected these football tickets at Ectst's home games. They were on the job all through the football season. Thanks! l l ! Lett to right: Barbara Mulholland, Dorothea Wyclick, Iohn Hunter. Office Help Under the supervision of Miss Shirley Boomhow- ar, East's new secretary, office workers answered elephones, helped with filing and ran errands. Fhese girls worked side by side in our newly deco- 'ated office, equipped with all modern conveniences, ncluding a new Public Address System and indi- vidual offices for each dean and principal. Left to right: D. O'Nesti, T. Pizzuto, R. Ruppert, C. Payton, C. Olson A. Hallawell, M. Basil, S. Scrazzo, B. Mulholland, M. A. Murar, S. Sarocco, M. Neri, B. Kelley, R. Sassano. Pro iection Booth During lunch periods we are able to see noon movies, if we so desire, under the direction of A. L. Wilson with Don Tankovich as chief operator and Bob Pagley assistant. Librarians Assistant librarians, tutored by Miss Mabel Christy, learn the know-how of library management for which they receiv lst How: A. Dando, P. C-arone, I. A. DePaul, C. Pinciaro P B K C P k W k M T ltt B D ontino, . nGPP. . ea , I. ar man, . ripe , . Back row: P, Yannarella, V. Fumi, B. Barone, I. Yorkunas. 1 ' PA' .. . Q at I e a fourth credit for the year. , C. Gatti, R. Geannotti, M. Cataline, A. eCavitch, I. Simms, V. Salata, I. Philips: Q is QQ - ..i,..1-r W-ww-ww-'mm-W-an-M. -wx M-u-ffm-.--v . , N ss, . ..s,.,,v,,, cas. ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, , uf .. M- - .. ,y 'V ' 1 4" . 1 ' ' tr ' - x -' www -' "- i ' I - A 5,292 . ' . . W 2 ' f Q- ', 1 .ia ffm .S E Q -s.EH-.- .iwfa 5 'gif . , "ffTwI,w4 5 fi L-. is '54 as. Clinic Under the supervision of Miss Viola Simon, a staff of eight girls treated our students for minor injuries, administered first aid and per- formed other medical duties not requiring specialized training. Pictured, left to right: D. Chismar, A. Oliver, D. Riccitelli, C. Pinciaro, I. DePaul, T. Giampetro, P. Rezek. Not pictured: M. Basta, M. Poriilio, and S. Saracco. Things We C ouldn't Debating "Honorable judges and worthy opponents." Many were the times this phrase was heard in room 215 as the debators practiced for tour- naments at Stow, Rayen, Canton and Akron. A two day trip to Student Congress at Akron Buchtel and a weekend trip to Heidelberg high- lighted the year. Officers were: Donna Easton, president: Nick Hydos, vice-president: Gayle Hagan, secretary, and Carol Pachell, social chairman. Mr. L. A. Morris was faculty advisor. lst Row, left to right: Ida Mae Simms, Nancy Marsicolla, Carol Smith, Catherine Zybithg 2nd row, A. Sebastian, N. Hydos, C. Pachell, L, Morris, coach, G. Haganp 3rd row, Marco Zaza, Charlotte Brown, Nellie Berry, Shirley Perline, Loretta Massara, Judy Caruso, Norma Arquillaz 4th row, Robert Snovak, Lou Cannatti, Evelyn Hilderhotf, Eloise Rios, Albert Zarbauqh, William Monroe. Q2 E Q LLEEPR f A f I 1 it 5 ' Q- f V A , I I a 4 A x J ' ' ' x t p as I l. I NZ' Ss ' 52 Do Without . . . Custodians In spite of the many obstacles placed in the path of William Lightbody and his assistants by construction on the new wing of our school, and the rearrangement of many rooms on the first floor, maintenance was kept in A-1 work- ing condition throughout the year. Bottom to top, left to riqht: Mrs. Hlay, Iack Doepping, Mrs. Shearer, Mrs. Campanezzi, Mr. Liqhtbody, Mr. Purnell, Mrs. Popio, Mrs. Gaudio, Mrs. Grzywna. The Picker-uppers Due to the wonderful work of the Picker- uppers, under the supervision of Pete Koma, the school yard has been constantly kept clean. Back row, left to right: Mr. Koma, I. Turner, L. Wylie, R. Calcaqnig Front row, B. Herbert, I, Factor, E. Iohnston, C. Lindsay, D. Burk. Not pictured: D. Requla, E. Johnson, R. Tomocik, I. Pavlacic. if Page Twenty five 'Twas the Week Before Christmas Christmas Decorations Santa's little helpers Warsity "E" membersl canvassed the school for homerooms entering the Annual Christmas Decoration Contest. Miss M. Maneely's homeroom took first prize. The Misses N. Wintzer's and G. Clemens' rooms tied for second, and third place was taken by Miss I. Hudson. is I I Tree Trimmers and 'A' Santa Best Decorated Rooms Smut--f 24" f swf 009 Q sci ence el If ,wif , lvl Legs YWH l MT S X 4 X.-in v N s is rw t iifrf e- f' Science Fair Our scientific genii did it again! On March 12, the Annual Science Fair, sponsored by members of the Electron club, was seen by students of the ninth and tenth grades, many of whom are now eager to take chemistry and physics. Student interest in these subjects was greatly encouraged by such ex- ceptional exhibits as a model of "the Rocket-Ship" that should take us to the Moon within the next ten years, everyday homes heated by sunlight, and sound traveling through solids, such as wood and steel - only a small portion of the grand total oi 15 excellently planned projects. Bussing To Pittsburgh 54 si m- , it' , ,W , x . Shopwork Our wide variety of shopwork give boys cr large selection of skilled trades from which to choose. These shops help prepare them for future work in electricity, auto-mechanics, printing, patternmaking, mechanical drawing, cabinet making, metal shop, and commercial art. lf ' A K' ""' ll N Page Twenty-eight HK- wifi? v 9 5 "...'.fJ Girls Make Ready Too .... Our girls at East, in preparing for future careers as homemakers, are supervised in cooking by Miss Edna Lowmiller, and in sewing by the Misses Margaret Davis and Mary lane Booth. nw L X M v-Z .9 an - -. , 'Q it X K, Q, ' X x Visual Aiders Movie Schedulers Appearing for the first time in our Annual, these are the girls, who under the supervision of Paul Miller, did the unseen work behind our class movies - the registering, cataloguing, and scheduling. 'T Pictured, left to right: Ioanne Bonace, Priscilla Hissem, Mary Haines, Gina Bevilacqua, Eleanor Hnatt, Paula Benavides, Yvonne Schrieber, and advisor, Paul Miller. Too Anxious Everybody Must Eat . . . Cafeteria The women and student employees are constantly on the job servi students with hot, nourishing lunches. They plan, prepare and serve the meals to students and members of the faculty. E'-' f 1 f 7 6 XX mf A E S Q53 F Some Do . . . Some Don'1 an 0 N . pa www' f ,,..--"Xl . Jw' 1 lst Row, left to right: C. Furden, I, Wal, M. Baumstark, M. Bevilacqua, P. Mahon, 2nd row. R. Osso, M. Tribble, C. Howie, D. Fentules, D. Crenshaw, B. Butler, D. Oliver, 3rd row, I. Navarro, G. Lane, S. Dechant, D. DelFrano, I. Freeman, M. Tyson: 4th row, R. Buccierri, M. Savko, F. Anzelmo, J. Felde, S. Bezzaro, I. Kemang Sth row, R. Stine, R. Bartlomain, R. Lewis, L. Williams, G. Strickland, A. Deramo. Varsity 64 Electron Club "Snap, crackle, pop," go the chemicals as the Electrons perform experiments and explore the secrets of science each Friday morning at 8:00. Peering through the lab window, we're sure to see Roy Stine, able advisor, and his staff, Mike Savko, president: lim Kernan, vice presi- dent: and Pat Mahon, secretary-treasurer. IIEII Shakeroos in one hand, confetti in the other, and all-set to cheer their team to victory, were the hep, and full of pep Varsity "E" members. Not only were they active in sports events, but also in service to the school, such as hall decorating and caroling during the Yuletide season. Officers are: Tula Nicholas, President: Sylvia Uqolini, Vice-President: Sue Dietz, Secretary-Treasurer: James Guerrieri, Chairman. ...mf Q . r Z i m .Q y ldgl ..s..,,,.m 0 sm, ,.u,. ,. Sw' 1955.116 1fT'f lst Row: C. Stride, T. Giampetro, M. Portilxa, A. Pontrno, P. Yannarella, P. Garone, A, Dando, I. DePaul, N. Morucci, B. Kelly, I. Lapresta, M. Devito, A. Thomas, 2nd row, T. Nicholas, C. Pachell, A. Landy, D. Dellfraxno, P. Macola, R. Cole, U. Ranqa, S. Uqolinr, D. Easton, V. DeMarco, D. O'Nest1, G. Haqang 3rd row, D. Wydrck, T. Casey, M. Bevilacqua, R. Osso, N. Felton, R. Martino, I. Fusillo, M. Pauschert, M. Tyson, A. Gay, M. Barone, 4th row, S. Dechant, V. Fuxni, P. Rezek, E. Draqhitn, P. Burk, B. Mulholland, H. Iordan, C. Olson, B. Kraysetts, B. Drabxtski. Tri-Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y is a service club sponsored by the Y.M.C.A. Among its many honors and services this year were: Red Cross Work, Carol Pachell as Civic Day Mayor, and selection of Donna Easton and Carol Pachell, two delegates to attend the Hi-Y Mock Congress in Columbus, Ohio. 'R t lst Row: M. Savko, I. Kernan, F. Quatre, I. Bosco, I. Bellmo, I. Caruso, T. Clarke, B. Ferrante, I Dellick, I. Hunter tAdvisorJg Znd row, B. Camardo, T. DrGiacama, I. Hernandez, B. Fond, P. Rinalda R. Wilkes, D. Vicarelg 3rd row, A. DeRamo, E. Theodore, G. Santoro, M. Turko, T. Wlseman, R. Hannisl G. Shook, L. Cuccarese, I, Kane, 4th row, D. Tankovich, F. Krpicak, R. Maqni, F. Cuccmrre, S. Bez, zarro, E. Snier, B. Russ, T. Donofrro, E. Lvaniuk, R. Galias. Hi-Y Forty members of Hi-Y, headed by Tom Clark: president, actively par- ticipated in Homecoming and Civic Days. Social events included weiner roasts, dances, picnic, and hayrides. Other officers were: I. Dellick, vice- president, I. Caruso, secretary-treasurer, and Iohn Hunter, advisor. -SEI Page Thirty-five lif- Key Club Key Club is affiliated with Kiwanis Interna- tional, and is basically a service organization. Our East Key Club has received both state and national recognition for its outstanding service projects to our school and community. lst Row, left to right: I. Bellino, N. Hydos, R. Felletti, B. Martin, G, Shook, 2nd row, B. Fond, I.. Conti, I. Eckman, D. Vicarel, Ft. Hanms, M. Ferranti, F. Jordan: 3rd row, E. Snier, F. Anzelmay 4th row, T. Wiseman, I. Marco, Sth row, F, Rinaldo, I, Kernan, R. Galias, I. Dellick, E. Iack, B. Santor, Gth row, Mr. I. Conway, advisor, H. Strommer, F. Krpicak, A. Davies, R. Luce. Inter Nos "Veni, Vidi, Vici." The Inter Nos Club, comprised of students interested in the background of the Romans, held monthly meetings in 313 with Miss Norma Wintzer as advisor. Officers were: Donna Easton, president: Mary Tyson, vice president: Carol Pachell, secretary, and Irene Wal, treasurer. Dguriglfzlkybfgngoiigiv, ll!-lcgglilsgsl EgfrlllraccfuaPCglOli:urlderg,orglurD'ecIl,ianEl?Sfl?'gl rEw,OIi'iO'Zcia,Pgl:hlsdhlirlNgl P. Camardo, B. Hershey, E, Draghita, L. Massaro, M. Tyson, D. Fentules, G. Kidd, C. Martin, I. Wal, N. Fiore: 4th row, V. Curry, N. Arquilla, D. DelFraino, L. Brown, I. Lucarell. i Jigga 1 X il, ,P " X,-. - it Q , 556 625 ,f f, f Y- Teens Sending delegates to the United Nations in New York was one of the main projects undertaken by the Y-Teens' organization this year. Our rep- resentatives were Diane Fentules, Caroline Furden, and Irene Wal who were chosen for their winning essays on "Why I Would Like To Go To The United Nations." The Touch-down Toddle started Y-Teens social activities with a bang, followed by the Sweetheart and All-City Proms. Officers were: Ursula Rango, president: Elaine Lipka, vice-president: Arlene Landy, secretary, and Mary Tyson, treasurer. Advisors were: Misses M. Christy, F. Sampson, and M. I. Booth. X ws. human: .nie-dew it 2,1 .W . ' ,W ,,.wwmwanwa..wem,mw.mmen: M, mr: ff' z ,M w ,QM H :www w ff -: M www-snmmmvnw, Page Thirty-eight 12+ Vx M . " ag? 'K ' . This ls Why We Need More Room Page Thirty f ' 'nf x 4 9 5, A-R I ,WA JQBWKX 'N qw f, V xmr-Hy V. -'W ' ,M six z 3 2 .Xi Q . 'xtuyn 1 Q XJ! U3 wg . ,Q x w-QNX: ' , 61' 'fir Q-'O N ii ink 'J ,Ji xx ,Cac -h ' "' ' 9-. .viva ,X welll ' S M, ,.. ?""f 4 hi 5 .AN sie Q. yu! W'-......u .,, , c R, w 'vs X O . y s X EZ , 1 THE 1955 EHST HIGH fb K 1 O I ' sv X FCDCDTBFtLLfSQLJF1Dl-NX 1' X- . . 'ffm ,ff it x -Q 1 f fx! Xxzfffu' Q 1 .1 7 I y 4 AQ'rf!'4: -ijt ' " '77 ,,.' il by f ' d X .gf If f ' 47 ff QT f , ,. Coaches , 1 ' ,gg 21 5 X' ' I Pete Lanzi, head mentor of the big 4 f four, did a splendid job of coaching for J , 'i I. ' , his second consecutive year. fp ff, 5 f ,O-. Pete Koma, assistant coach, has a ' V rough time spotting the on-coming cg iyf! ft games and seeing that all players get ' at 7 their proper equipment. tyffzfz ' -o- Mike Lyden, for his first year at East 4 1 I' , '-A X A, f has done a wonderful job coaching the y. . ' line. He graduated from East in 1942 ZZ' where he received letters in football 5, 5 u 'ff' is 1 L+' xi ll I A- 5 Bachelor's and Master's degrees in 1950 ' and 1951. From the time he left Notre C? Dame until coming to East, he did sub- stitute teaching throughout the area. -ol Arthur Flauto, head backfield coach, sees that the team is kept in perfect 1 shape throughout the season. and basketball. Later he entered the University of Notre Dame where he , . . starred in football, and received his Varsity Football East 13 -Woodrow Wilson 13 Our Golden Bears opened their season by gaining a tie with Woodrow Wilson after being completely outclassed in the first half East 36 - Ambridge 13 From what seemed to be a completely new and inspired team East rambled over Ambridge, with scoring honors going to Danny Davanzo East 34 - South 7 By walloping South, East High's powerful machine seemed invincible The Bears were at their best in the 34-7 massacre. East 20 - North 6 The Blue and Gold, going after their sixth straight city championship tamed a spirited North High eleven. East 31- Chaney 7 Completely dominating the play, Lanzi's powerful eleven thumped Chaney, another City Series foe. if Page Forty-two 19'- East 6-Ursuline 20 An inspired Ursuline team came through with twenty quick points in the first half and went on to giving the Golden Bears their initial loss. East 7 -Rayen 0 In a game that caused a great amount of controversy in the following weeks, the East siders turned back a stubborn Rayen team for their fourth City Series win. East 0-Memorial 10 With the help of a good place kicking specialist, Memoria1's Red Devils upset the Bears in another thriller. East 12 - Barberton 34 An underrated team from Barberton rolled over the East eleven with a vicious barrage of passes. East 2 - Warren Harding 0 Due to the ineligibility of a Warren Harding player, the Golden Bears were awarded a forfeit victory, changing the 54-0 defeat to a 2-0 win, but Coach Pete Lanzi would not accept the victory. Varsity lst Row, left to right: J. Stoops, I. Moraghan, A. Traylor, W. Betts, D. Davanzo, M. Santor, F. Rinaldo, T. Clark, F. Alleqretto, B. Santorg 2nd row, B. Crawford, D. Williams, R. Gamble, A. Oascarelli, I. Kernan, G. Saadey, B. Drummond, F. Ouatro, I. Dellick. L. Cuccareseg 3rd row, Coaches P. Koma and P. Lanzi, B. Lundeen, P. Colanqelo, B. Comardo, D. DiPasqua, I. Marco, D. Sundin, G. Stevens, M. Perfume. I. Beene, D- Bcwnus. B. Sziffkle, Couch Flautop las: row, M. Giambatista, A. Cafaro, I. Cox, D. Chefto, T. DiGiacomo, R. Lewis, T. Welcsh, C. Burton, R. Marstellar, R. Armeni. 'El P696 Forty-three 19'- Inman Sunni Bownas Moraqhan Rincldo Dellick Eighteen Golden Bears Leave Alma Mater Page For ,- -'. ..f' 7 Pig FI' Davanzo apr- Ll, Hu rf. . L '. . f. ,F xW!" U " 'Y pug .mf JY w Baits vlrawuws. .mn-w..y,v an-7.4 M. Cuccarese Qmiwg-5 sU5d9Y Gamble Trqylor Clark ,aw wa William: Cusccnlli Drummond Quan-9 Aman if Page Forty-five Q A Student Managers Working side by side with the football team, the student managers were on the job taking care ot toctballs, uniforms, and the first aid kit. Lett to right: F. Bellino, I. Pignatelli, B. Morucci, I. Morucci, Coach Lanzi Cstandingl, A. Popio, S. Nuzzo, B. Lipka. Everywhere the team goes . Winning Plays Golden Bear Reserves -- Cubs lst Row: M. Parise, F. Iordan, I. Congemi, C. Lentine, F. Corso, E. White: 2nd row, N. Filuta, T. Fisher L. Iones, I. Fortune, P. Swaney, G, Amicone, I. Isabella, I. Skakote, Reserves East 6 - Ursuline 7 Due to the failure of an extra point, a determined East platoon lost a close contest to a hard charging Irish eleven. East 13-Chaney 0 . A completely outclassed Cowboy eleven was stomped by the Bears in another thriller. Cubs Cubs 0-Ursuline 7 As the result of a thirty yard run by an Ursuline gridder, our future Bears were downed by the Irish in a tightly fought defensive battle. Cubs 6 - North 7 A stubborn East eleven was edged out by the Bulldogs when a 25 yard pass clicked for a touchdown and the extra point was added to give them a one point advantage. lst Row, left tc right: E. Butler, R. Gibson, E. White, F. Charity, C. Nelson, C. Nocera, I. Pinciaro, F. Walden, I. Yannarella, A. Chicche, E. Duikin. E. Patterson, 2nd row, Wm. Foster, M. Anderson, I. Vrabec, I. Cervello, T. Scheckeloif, R. Welding, M. Stetko, E. Leshnack, I. DePietro, I. DeFrank, I. Strollo, R. Armeni, S, Barber, B. Tyleag 3rd row, C. Amicone, R. Harris, P. Clacko, C. Testa, W. Betts, L. Arquilla, I. Protapapa, M. l-Iasley, G. Hripko, I. Lattanzio, R. Guerrieri, I. Conqemi, L. Galantef last row, K. Williams, I. Pavtacic, E. Varey, B. Welding, A. Crapple, G. Clow, I. McGee, F. Swierz, B. Greer, E. Whitehead. Coach lohn Rurerick. v if P ff! , L, 4 Qi. ,, fr! NZ, , ry 'X lgx ,.t it "ff , tv fl tt,5,f1,+ if tfl?xAgm Qf?3f Q-J l'2."9lt -, l f l l l : ' of X 'df if -lyk Z 12 if V '-'iff ' yff +' ' fjfl l j it it ' ll,l'l x I The Band Three broken drumsticks! a worn out drumheadl What individual effort the members of our band, such as Iohn Cockman, our bass drummer, must put out. It's no wonder that our band is rapidly becom- ing one of the largest and best playing in the city. Without this, could the band play at football games and assemblies, give an annual concert, and pro- mote small combos from within itself, such as dance and basketball bands. Because of such individual effort, our director, Iohn Raz is becoming known as one of the better directors in the city. mmwQ:emmmesmkswsvmwwwmwvmm-w,v--wmmw Maiorettes The command of "shoulders back, heads up" given by our drurn-major- ette, Mary Ann Santangelo, to her two lines of majorettes every day through- out the summer, and before and after school during football season, surely paid off as these girls added color and sparkle to half-time festivities at each game: Left to right kneeling are: A. Pontino, C. Pinciaro, M. A. Wydick, R. A. Walley. P. Yannarella, I. DePaul. Drum-majorette, M. A. Santangelo, standing. Left to right standing are: I. M. Rescineto, A. Cervello, I. Beck, P. Fossa- ceca, F. Zangara, I. Tavalario. Cadettes Out on that football field every morning at 8:00 sharp were our six cadets and their leader, Donna Riccitelli. Their colorful uniforms and smart little dances added gay variety to our half-time performances. Left to right are: F. Luce, P. Camardo, S. Dietz, Leader: D. Riccitelli, F. Bell, P. Zangara, E. Rozich, not pictured-C. Flesh. 4. A - . j-'- it ga 4' - X " ' if A , f 3' L-ff if-gy ,h ' 7 I 5' !l , I, 1 .. Cheerleaders Through both victory and defeat, our cheerleaders, led by Shirley O'Neil, captain, appeared at every game leading the crowd in bouyant cheering. Front center, mascot, Donna I. Biondillo. Second row kneeling left to right are: Maria Conti, Delores Chismar, Dorothea Wydick, Back row standing left to right are: Dorothy Orlando, Shirley O'Neil, captain, and Mary A. Iacobs. Page Forty-nine ll' ,tag Home :ilu F gif X . D ' ll Homecoming Cries and shouts rang out when our Golden Bears defeated Rayen 7-0 to bring us a victorious and successful Third Annual Homecoming on Octo- ber 31. All hail the queen! For the first time, a queen cmd court were chosen. Shirley O'Nei1, who reigned, and her attendants Carole Martin, Donna Easton, and Mary Bevilacqua, were presented with flowers at halftime by Ioe Bellino, president of the senior class. Also adding color to halftime festivities were majorettes, cadets, and band members who used Hallowe'en as their theme. A salute to Dads was sung by Nick Hydos, Ioe Bellino, and Douglas Bownas. IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE!! Eight beautifully decorated cars of all sizes, shapes, colors, and ideas, entries of various clubs, circled the field, led by the queen's car. Then, at the end of the game, with a toot-toot and a beep-beep, all cars and fans proceeded to the East High Gym for a rip-roaring time at the Annual Home- coming Dance, where first and second place winners of the decorated cars were announced by Coach Lanzi. Student Council took first and Tri Hi-Y, second. Both prizes were gavels made by Iohn MacDougall, cabinet-making. Shirley O'Neil, homecoming queen, Queen and Court: D. Easton, C. Martin, I. Navarro S ONe1l receiving bouquet. queen, I. Bellino, class president, and M Bevrlacqua mtl Parse Fifty E' Coming No. Three and Dads' Night I , 1 . 1 'f K l 1 f ' ' "-wr f IX! ,I f If ,- . X 1 .-:J 4 7 f fm IM, .--is ,C T I 1 g.t'f,.g,.:,-5,gfiZ:Ei:r A is L " x ttif f x A Lx 2, Fw -'I 'N , s X 'fm - 54 1-A gfy 'Iv' Coaches Pete Koma - City crown for the third .year in a row: best won-loss record in the city: individual and school records broken: sparkling leadership of the Bears by lead mentor, Pete Koma has brought the student body many thrills and ct team of which it may be proud. Jess Williman - Under the pre- cision leadership of Coach Iess Wil- liman the future Bears piled up a masterful record. Arthur Flauto - Assistant coach, Arthur Flauto's shrewd advice help- ed pave the way to a successful season for the Bears. Varsity Basketball East 54 - Sharon 62 In the opener for East High, a classy Sharon five ousted the Bears in a hard fought game. Giambattista was high with 19. East 74 -Canton Central Catholic 56 Canton Central bowed down to the Bears, paced by lim Dellick with 36 markers when the latter won their first game of the year. East 51 - Steubenville 55 Scoring heavily in the first quarter, the Bears from East couldn't hold off a powerful big Red Rally in the final minute of play. East 59 -- Hubbard 35 lim Dellick and Tom Clark featured as the Bears gained their second victory of the year by overpowering the Hubbard Eagles. East 53 - Toronto 67 A strong Toronto squad handed East its third loss of the season with a decisive victory over the Bears, 67 to 53. High for East with 29 points was Jim Dellick. East 65 - Struthers 51 Sparked by Iim Dellick and Tom Clark with 24 and 20 points respectively, the Bears gained their third victory of the season by downing the Struthers Wildcats. East 60 - Alumni 43 East High was offered little resistance from the Alurrmi as the Bears showed superiority throughout the game. East 43 - Niles 62 Niles Red Dragons copped their seventh tilt in a row when they added the Bears to their string of victims. sf Page Fifty-two B+ East 47 - Rayen 46 The entire screaming and shouting crowd was brought to their feet when Tom Clark knotted the score with one second remaining to send the thriller into overtime. Iim Dellick's foul shots provided the margin in the extra canto as East won its city series debut. East 68 -Ursuline 49 tNon-Leaguel In what proved to be an excellent preview of the forthcoming city series fray with the Irish, the Golden Bears pomped to a 68-49 victory at East's gym. East 52 - Chaney 59 Holding a 47-40 lead after three quarters of play, the Bears were over- taken by a spirited Chaney rally. Tom Clark led the East scoring attack with 19 markers as the Bears suffered their first defeat of the city series. East 59 - Memorial 44 Coach Korna cleared the bench in a game that proved an easy victory after Memorial jumped off to an early 8-0 lead. Iim Dellick, with 25 points, was high. East 59 - South 57 lim Dellick had the nets on fire as he hooped 33 points to lead East to a thrilling city series victory over a stubborn South five. East 47-East Liverpool 46 Highly praised East Liverpool, who defeated top-ranking Ashland, was upset by a spirited band of East Basketeers in a thrilling contest. East 68 - Wilson 47 Paced by Iim Dellick, who hit the meshers for 38 points, the Komamen moved a notch closer to another possible city championship by overpowering a Wilson five. East 78-Brookfield 52 Playing on even terms for the first half, the Golden Bear's big guns opened up with a terrific scoring spree in the third period that clinched an easy victory. Dellick and Giambattista meshed in 24 and 21 points respec- tively. East 40 - Ursuline 28 Ursuline's semi-freeze failed in the second half and the Bears rolled on to their sixth straight victory with Dellick scoring 21 markers. East 68 - Rayen 61 Holding a 45-36 half-time lead the Bears slowed down in the second half to defeat the Rayen Tigers for the second time this season. East 63 - North 39 East High ended their regular season with an easy victory over North and the share of the City Championship. Iim Dellick led the way with 30 points followed by Magni with 18. Toumament East 48 - Girard 53 After winning their last eight games and 13 out of 18 in the entire season the "seeded" East quintet was ousted from Tournament play in the first game by a mediocre Indian squad. Seated on Floor, left to right: Managers S. Nuzzo, I. Boncikg seated on chairs. A. Traylor, W. Betts, T. Clark, M. Giambatlsta, I. Dellick, R. Magni, P. Swaney, R. Sikora, R, Lewis: back row, Asst. Coach Flauto, Manager, W. Lipka, L. Cannatti, G. Howell, W. Santor, M. Santor, D. Chelfo, Principal E. E. Fell, Head Coach Pete Kama. if Page Fifty-three 134- ..- ,':" I4 ' Steve emi' XM Num XX Y 5 - Mcrncxger W B2 Yu 9 Nl E1 2 wi 'xx- 'N f H X X . X ,,. , Senior Hoopsters Anthony Trcxylor SF N. Walter Betts Fabian Rinaldo 1953 -- 1954 Champs lt lim Dellick A 'f' t Richard Magni Tom Clark. Captain Reserve Hoopsters t Row, left to right: P. Varey, D. Chetfo, D. Maqni, R. Swaney, R. Sikora, R. Lewis, l-lo Strollo: last row, Coach A. Flauto, B. Santor, M. Santor, L. Cannatti, Asst. Principal B Ho Reserve Basketball East High's Reserves ended their season with a successful record Alto- gether the Flauto men had a total ot six wins and tive losses beating many worthy foes. Also included in their record is a 80-15 romp over the all powerful Seniors. East .......... 26 Sharon ............. East .... ..... 5 6 Canton C. Catholic .. East .... ..... 4 8 Hubbard ........... East .... ..... 4 2 Chaney ........... East .... ..... 3 7 Brookfield . . . East.. ...38 Niles East .... ..... 3 0 Struthers .... East .... ..... 6 1 Ursuline ....... East .... ..... 2 5 East Liverpool East .... ..... 4 2 Rayen ....... East .......... 47 Memorial .... East .... ..... 8 0 Seniors 4C-I Page Fifty-six li'- .lr. High Basketball Although the Cubs ended their season with six losses and only five wins they showed that they had the will to win. Many of their defeats came in close battles against strong opponents. East .......... 41 Wilson .... . . East .... .... 2 5 Chaney . . . East .... .... 3 2 North ..... East .... .... 2 5 Princeton . . . East .... .... 2 O Ursuline ...... East .... .... 5 5 North Iackson . . . East .... .... 4 3 Wilson ..... East .... .... 4 2 Chaney . . . East .... .... 2 8 Princeton . . . East ..... .... 3 6 North . . . East ..... .... 2 9 Hayes . . . Cubs On the Way Up . . . I Front Row, sitting, left to right: L. Wylie, R. Guerrieri, B B tt B Ca D Lyn K W ci S'eelgigf'i, E. Patterson: standing, Coach Williman. 1. Conge C B o I y E White G R 9 r. 9 . 44 Page Fifty-seven Br Q ' 0 I Bowling Although they completed the season in third place, the Huntermen estab- lished an impressive record in the Mahoning Valley League. The Golden Bears won 38 and lost 25. Only Wilson and Struthers slipped in ahead of them with 46-17 and 39-24 averages respectively. Ronnie Hannis, the sparkplug of the team took top honors with a 170 average. In the Doubles Tournament, East's Iim Del-Xngelo shared second place honors with Iohn Horvath of Memorial. Struthers High took first place with an impressive 1193 to Horvath's and DeAngelo's 1158. In the Singles Tournament, East took second and third place honors with Bob Mulholland and Ronnie Hannis posting 605 and 591 respectively. Iohn Mayitech of Hayen edqed them out with 620. Kneeling: R. Mulholland, R. 1-lannisg back row, R. Luce, I. DeAnqelo, I. Kernan, Iohn Hunter, coach, and M. Minnie. -251 Page Fifty-eight IES- FRIDAY BOWLERS Bang! Strike! Spare! Down went the pins as fourteen sports-minded "femmes" bowled each Friday after school. Under Miss Frances Sctmpson's direction, averages were brought up and wood was knocked down. lst Row, left to right: I. LaPresta, M. Bevxlacquag 2nd row, E. Draqhita, U. Rango, Miss Sampson, B. Mulholland, T. Giam- petro, 3rd row, B. Kelley, P. Mahon, D. Easton, R. Jordan, C. Pachell, R. Ossog not pictured-P. Rezek. SATURDAY GIRLS' BOWLING TEAM "Set 'em up!" was a familiar cry at the the girls, under Archibald, prac- it more competi- champion team, into four groups, Champion Bowling Alley as the supervision of Mrs. Alice ticed with the pins. To make tive, and in order to pick the feminine keglers were divided Golden Bears, Pinetts, Bowlerettes, and T-Teens. uiiih pl-Ill. .Qt lst Row, left to right: D. O'Nesti, A. Cerimele, I. Poqhan: 2nd row, T, Casey, N. Felton, P. DeCavltch, Mrs. Alice Archibald, A. Ebyg 3rd row, N, Marsxcola, J. Caruso, S. Perline, D. Mur- dich, F. Luce, 4th row, B. Laporous, F. Bataqlia, M. Elchuck, D. Withlewicz, R. Martino. +31 Page Fifty-nine kv -:X f L A. A K .f W l ' my X vi.,- ....---lgh' Left to right: Iohn Hernandez, Bill Be ly Santor, Nick Altiere, Lou Cannotti, and Iim L a ell th n fon Golf Roseanne Walley, a sophomore, has established herself as the first East "femme" to vie for a golf position. She is eligible to take part in city competition, but Ohio state scholastic laws forbid a woman to play in state tourneys. After a tough job of rebuilding last year, all the bag-totters of 1953 re- turned to better their record of five wins and five losses. As runners-up to Rayen last season in city competition, the boys again set their goal for the city title and hoped to regain the state crown, won by the 1952 linksmen. The Bears opened their schedule with New Castle at Stambaugh on April 21 and closed with the same team on May 12 at Castle Hills Country Club. April 21 ...... New Castle .............. at Stambaugh April 22 ...... Warren ..... .. .... at Stambaugh April 26 ...... Ursuline .... .... a t Stambaugh April 28 ...... Rayen .... .... a t Stambaugh April 29 ...... Memorial .... at Stambaugh April 30 ...... Chaney . .. .... at Stambaugh May 3 ...... Ursuline .... .... a t Stambaugh May 5 ...... Chaney . .. ...... at Stambaugh May 6 ...... Warren .... at Trumbull C. C. May 7 ...... Rayen ...... .......... a t Stambaugh May ll ...... Memorial ............. at Hubbard C. C.. May 12 ...... New Castle ......... at Castle Hills C. C. May 14 ...... District Tournament ......... at Ravenna -'21 Page Sixty 13'- E L.: X X f ..f'-sl -x '- -- f.. , W I 9 5 +7 sq"5l-.g 'T iff:-gf: 1.-?7- ' 1116. il?-x X' e- -- Coach Iohn Hunter's veteran baseballers added the City crown and the N.E.O. district tournament championships to their laurel packed trophy case. Backed by the superb pitching of Bill Drummond and Don Cheffo: the Golden Bears lost only two of eight outings before entering tournament play. In the league opener, the Bears downed Wilson, 4-1, as Bill Drummond flung a no-hitter and tanned 13 President batters. At Howland, Drummond re- lieved Turko in the third inning and hurled no-hit ??'f 2. llh?X"'w' L .LN .sp W x,e-. ball to gain the victory. Once again it was Bill Drummond in the spotlight when he hurled a one-hitter to down Niles, 3-2 in tournament play. Struthers' tournament hopes were spoiled as East clubbed the Wildcats, 8-3, to gain the N.E.O. district championship. 'S X11 1. Left to right: I. Palermo D. WllllGHlS, 2. L. Iordan, R Hannis: 3. S. Nuzzo, I. Hunter coach, 4. Kneeling, N. Flluta W. Betts, R. Maqm, Standing E. White, F. Anzelmo, I. Con 'I 6. Kneeling, R. Hessman, C Gaineyg Standinq, R. Lewis, R Snovak, T. O'Ne-ill, 7. Kneeling D. Chello, G. Howell, D. Turkog ' Standing, A. Diana, I. Isabella Marciano, W. Hupp. .1 V tv, Q qemlg 5. I. Katula, G. Harvey, I B. Drummond, R. Calcaqni, M. full X I rl my 534' 1:. V! V, f 4 ' ' Q 4 f" X X Elected By Us We wish to congratulate our class officers, Ioe Bellino, president: Ursula Rango vice-president' Carol Pachell secretary: and Mike Savko, treasurer: on their successful efforts in guiding the class through the senior activities, and making this year a pleasant and enjoyable one for us. 7 f . 'L' , 7 f, I X ' fl f Q- ln" if 'A W ,X 17 frf,l,, A I Z if if e-O5 K . 9 v . -f - Jil X X MXN ' ' ' X . 96 Class Officers Lett to right: Carol Pachell, secre- tary: Ioe Bellmo, president: Ursula Rcmqo, vice-president, and Mike Sctvko, treasurer. Social Committee lst Row, left to right: C. Pochell, I. Bellino, U. Ranqo, M. Savko, V. Fumi, N. Morucci, N. Hydos, D. Easton: 2nd row, M. Tyson, E. Draqhitcr, P. Burke, S. Uqolmi, C. Datino, I. Bosco, A. Dando, T. Nicholas, I. DePaul, P. Rezek, S. O'Neilg 3rd row, F. Rmaldo, E. Evanulk, G. Hagan, V. DeMc1rC0, R. Hessmon, I. Kane, A. Yurcism, W. Betts, I. Caruso. MQ, Top - A. Archibald, M. Lyden Bottom - I. Hunter, I. Hogan Advisors 194 To Mrs. Alice Archibald, Mrs. Ieanette Hogan, and Messrs. Mike Lyden and Iohn Hunter go the sincere thanks of the senior class for the time and energy they gave to make this final year a successful one. elif Page Sixty-three fi ' ' . u .-', .,.,5,L,, J, V N.. rg.. 3. ' 5.1. ' ,QQ 'J ..1 ' -QUT.:-. ,. ., .fr , r ' .- 13:5-' 1 :PV If '- -.gg , , as . , 0, r X1 X I A: I 1155 at , 1-fx? fab 1165! :xg 1, 1' 'Q -Q19 ' . . '- . 9.112- ' Qt ' fm -r .i, 535-31. .- 1 .iff . '1 QA - "-'Lvl' X H". .fic A 1 "fi-' , , ,,f 5, ' 'l 1 ' , ' 3 5: 1 4. 'ff: " T9 gf 1. 1 y cf,--' 11 f, -if' W 'r ff. . :Q 'Qi xA ,. ', ff' 'ff ,:f nfs. rim, ,g.i:f. I 'v "f'- ' --.'.,- ' N I J' -:.-r::, , ' -yiea, 11-. V, '.3 l 'If .' --'-'.... f I ., ,.j1f.5Q' sf'-,ill-,Q , 'z'L'::rj,, 5.,,fJ:' ' " gif' . '-L1 ' f.'f-lr'v:-.""- f '. 1 ' ' -". -- . ' -1 'V I., ,A,'.,w. jf, A I. y ,- ,-. - If . ,gy . ' -. , ",:':".1' -'fv -3' ' 1- f.::,.- .-- . . 5 . , V, .ing - ' -1 1--.',:'., . . ' . 1 ' ,, 55.419 4k.1f1L: n ' ' f - :r3:-713fy:4r1t2i- ' .nf .4:f:f-si:-. - ' '- gr 4-3-:zpfw-'1-flffffo.. ' . f 1 ' ' -. r if-'J A t' L4 I1 f '- , I 'ij .f'f': f'..'51.z A. - 1-its '1er,','....-.1 1 I -'- ' , '.:.qjf sew.-1.34351 - 1 1-jf!-:tf5 A-,-.134'. I '- '43 ' I-" 4 "I Y"--c-.' - . ' -:.'31"'!". 72 ,'5,?'4' 131 L? f, ' . '11',2-iffy 4-1"" fH':5'imZ3i's'fS:'z A Intermission Get To-gether Left to right: Nick Hyclos, Ursula Ranqo, Fabian Rin Ioanne Lapresta, Ioe Bellino, Norma Morucci, Tom Wise Phyllis Yannarella, Guy Stevens, Eleanor Bush, Pete Vi Shirley O'Neil, Ioe Caruso, Eleanor Draghita, Dick Lyons, Marie Thomas, Ralph Hessman, Merceda Porfilio, Mike S4 ' ane Ca Carol Pachell, Ray Galias, Marsha Morrow, lim K , .I. Senior Prom For the third consecutive year the identity of the king and queen of the class oi "54" was kept secret until the night of the Annual Spring Prom, at the Nu Elms Ballroom on May 28, with music furnished by Shy Lockson and his or- chestra. Twenty-four Prom attendants, members of the senior class, and many spectators waited anxiously for the main event of the evening, the Coronation of the king and queen, which took place at 10 P. M. Fabian Rinaldo was crowned class king and Eleanor Bush class queen. Then, to the sentimental music of "Tender1y" the royal couple waltz-stepped through a bower of beautiful red roses and white carnations, joined by the Prom attend- ants and members of the senior class. Thus ended the royal ceremony for the class of "54" Prom Attendants Stride, Iirn Dellick, Carole Martin. -all Page Sixty-four -1:1 I 'I m I IAAI .11 3 fit? , Qi ,, - Cinderella Rose Co-ed Get Together After the Game Hero Worship Startling News - Notice of Inheritance A rib-tickling, red-hot, three-act comedy en- titled "Cinderella Rose," the finished product of Miss Alice Weber's Senior Dramatics Class, was presented in the auditorium on March 31, 1954. Miss Weber's expert casting put Donna Eas- ton in the feminine lead as "Cinderella Rose," a wretched household slave who later became a princess. Supporting cast included: E. Draghita, Rose's beautiful but selfish cousin, Alayne: I. Malley, iii Page Sixty-five Rose's henpecked Uncle Hiram: and R. Osso, tyrannical Aunt Cassie: R. Galias as Ted Shan- non, Cameron Co1lege's big football hero, who sponges from his brother, Bob, an amateur song writer played by Doug Bownas. Other members were: S. DeChant, G. Hagan, P. Ma- hon, I. Navarro, T. Wiseman, M. Savko, B. Snyder, A. Dimitriou, D. O'Nesti, E. Lipka, I. Hatfield, M. Pauschert, B. Mulholland, C. Pa- chell, M. Bevilacqua, E. Bush, M. Morrow, I. Fusillo, D. Fabiny, R. Iordan and I. Kernan. lie SN xx' Q N 4 ' wa-X N Y M xxx s HW! v w X dw E-TFF F 5? L ' x3 .pvl.,'x Infivfwh f mafuw' ffm. ...- f 'F N D X 31 xi I. x Abraham Armeni Auld Banks Barnes, Anna Barnes, Arthur Barone Bartlomain Bedncrr Belfast Bellino Bennett Berger Bernard Betts Bevilacquia Bezzarro Bianco Bick Bistranslry Bolen Bonner Bosco Bott Bownas I ABRAHAM, STEVE ARMENI, RICHARD Color Com.. Announcement Com. AULD, IAMES Color Com. BANKS, TOMMIE Y-Teens, Gift Com. BARNES, ANNA M. Y-Teens, Varsity Giit Com. BARNES, ARTHUR Service Com., Chairman. BARONE, MARY V. Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Varsity Ir. Dramatics, Civic Day, Prom Corn. BARTLOMAIN, ROBERT Latin Club, Electron Club, Lab Assistant, Color Com., Scholarship Com. BEDNAR. ROBERT M. Announcement Com. BELFAST, ANTHONY Football, Baseball, Cap and Gown Com. BELLINO. IOSEPH Key Club, President, Class President, Hi-Y, Golf, Capt., Prom Com., Choir, Student Council, Name Card Com., Class Day Com., Advertising Com.. Social Com., Varsity Civic Day, Prom At- tendcmt BENNETT, CARRIE LEOLA Color Com. BERGER, BILL Reserve Football, Varsity Goli, Gift Com. BERNARD, THERESA A. Banquet Com. 'Dil Page Sixty-seven 131' Seniors BETTS, WALTER L. Tumbler, Ir. Hi Football, Varsity Football, Ir. Hi Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Latin Club, Na- tional Honor Society, Treas. BEVILACQUA, MARY Scholarship Com., Typing Award, Ianus Stall, Senior Choir, Operetta, Dramatics, Orchestra, Band, Sales Com., Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Electrons, V.-Pres.. Latin, National Honor Society. Sec'y., Movie Ticket Taker, Homecoming Attendent, Varsity "E," Home- coming Com., Bowling, Civic Day, Sr. Play, Class Day Com. BEZZARRO. SAMUEL l. Hi-Y, Ianus Staif, Goli, Latin Club, Civic Day, Announcement Com. BIANCO, MADELINE M. Sr. Choir, Cap and Gown Com. BICK. ROBERT Prom Com. BISTRANSKY, ELISABETH A. Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Varsity "E," Latin Club. Bowling. Sr. Choir, Civic Day, Gilt Com. BOLEN, ARNOLD Color Com., Announcement Com. BONNER. LOUISE Y-Teens, Service Com. BOSCO. TOE Hi-Y, Key Club, Varsity "E," Social Com., Student Council, Advertising Com., Baseball, Civic Day, Banquet Com., Class Day Com. BOTT. WALTER P. A. Operator, Movie Operator, Color Com., Class Day Com. , BOWNAS, DOUGLAS Ir. Football, Varsity Football, Key Club. Hi-Y. Latin Club, Monitor, Choir, Dramatics, Sr. Play, Class Day Com. wifi' Braunstein B:own Bruno Buccieri Bugno Burl: Bush Butler Caruso Cascarelli Casey Cerimele Chaban Clai-dy Clark, M. Clark, T. Claypoole Cole Corroto Craig Crenshaw Cuccarese Cucciarre Curry Dando BRAUNSTEIN, HELEN BROWN, LILLIAN Sr. Choir. Latin Club, Varsity Y-Teens, Tri- Hi-Y, Name Card Com., Civic Day. National Honor Society. BRUNO, MARY A. Choir, Typing Award, Student Council, Color Com.. Class Day Com. BUCCIERI, ROBERT A. Band, Electron Club, National Honor Society, Pub- licity Com. BUGNO, DELORES M. Publicity Com., Tri-Hi-Y, Bowling, Varsity "E," Latin Club, Choir, Civic Day. BURK, PHYLLIS Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y. Social Com.. Sales Com.. Typing Award, Office Duty. Noon Movies, Civic Day. BUSH, ELEANOR Prom Attendant, Sr. Play, Flower Com. BUTLER, GERALD D. Freshman Choir, Service Com. CARUSO, l OE Key Club. Hi-Y, Treas.. Baseball, Ir. Basketball, Civic Day, Prom Attendant, Social Com. CASCARELLI, ALFON SO Ir. Football, Reserve Football, Varsity Football. Service Com. CASEY, MARY T. Tri-Hi-Y, Bowling, Civic Day, Announcement Com. CERIMELE, LARRY E. Ir. Choir, Gift Com. CHABAN, IOHN R. Ir. Choir, Ir. High Basketball, Gilt Com. -'Sf Page Sixty-nine Seniors CLARDY, DELANEY Choir, Tumbler. Octette, Student Council. Cate. Monitor, Latin Club. Announcement Com.,Operetta, Ensemble. CLARK. MATTIE Varsity "E," Choir, Typing Award. Y-Teens, Serv- ice Com. CLARK. TOM Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hi-Y, Civic Day, Cap and Gown Com., Chairman. CLAYPOOLE, RALPH E. Reserve Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Decorat- ing Com. COLE, RAE Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Varsity Sr. Choir, Typing Awards, Ir. Dramatics, Student Council, Civic Day, Decorating Com. CORROTO, CHARLES A. Electron Club, Band. Baseball. Social Com., Na- tional Honor Society. CRAIG, THOMAS Announcement Com. CRENSHAW, WALTER Football. Sr. Choir, Cate. Monitor. Octette, Song Com. CUCCARESE, LEONARD CUCCIARRE, FRANK National Honor Society. President, Hi-Y, Ianus Staff, Latin Club. Civic Day, Prom Com., Class Day Com. CURRY, VERNA Y-Teens, Latin Club, Varsity Sr. Choir, Deco- rating Com. DANDO, ANN MARIE Sr. Choir, Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens. Varsity "E," Social Com., Student Souncil, Civic Day. agus , . . ' Q is Siffhim. Q W gg la g SN kx Ex xr va 2 XX K 'N 56 I Qs? Q. x - K SSN A E :Q wg-zzxri ' 'fs L-A , Datlno Davanso Davidson Davies DoCavitch Dechant Del Fraino Dellick DeMarco DeNiro Dont DePaul, loan!! DePaul, Ioloph Deramo DeVito Dimitriou Dimperio Donolrio, R. Donofrio, T. Douglas Drabitskl Draqhlta Drummond Dukes Easton DATINO, CARL Key Club, Varsity "E," Social Com. DAVANZO, CARMEN Announcement Com., Flower Com. DAVIDSON, CORA I. Sr. Choir, Electron Club, Y-Teens, Decorating Com. DAVIES, ARTHUR Hi-Y, Key Club, Band and Orchestra, Choir. Ir. Basketball, Reserve Basketball, Decorating Com., Banquet Com. DeCAVITCH, PATRICIA I. Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Bowling, Varsity "E," Choir, Operetta, Typing Awards, Debating, National Honor Society, Publicity Com., Chairman, Civic Day. DECHANT, SYLVIA A. Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens, Ianus Stall, Electron Club, Latin Club, Typing Award, Civic Day, Color Com., Sr. Play, Dramatics, DEL FRAINO, DELORES L. Band, Freshman Choir, Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Electron Club, Latin Club, Student Council, Lab Assistant, Ianus Stait, Dramatics, National Honor Society, Civic Day, Decorating Com., Scholarship Com. DELLICK. I IM Football, Basketball. Baseball. Band, Hi-Y, Vice- Pres., Key Club, National Honor Society, Civic Day, Prom Attendant, Cap and Gown Com. DeMARCO, VELETIA R. Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens, Social Com., Sr. Choir, Band and Orchestra, Varsity "E," Operetta, Typing Awards, Civic Day. DeNlRO, WILLIAM Ir. High Football, Reserve Football, Hi-Y, Class Basketball, Football Manager, Service Com. DENT, ALBERTA Y-Teens, Choir, Typing Awards, Varsity "E," Tri- Hi-Y, Service Com. DePAUL, IOANN Majorette, Social Com., Advertising Com., Varsity "E." Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Clinic Duty, Choir, At- tendance Reporter, Civic Day. DePAUL, IOSEPH Movie Operator, Cap and Gown Com. Seniors DERAMO, ANTHONY T. Hi-Y, Electron Club, Ianus Stall, Latin Club, Choir, Civic Day, National Honor Society, Prom Com. DeVITO, MARIE A. Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary, Y-Teens, Varsity "E." Movie Ticket Taker, Typing Awards, Civic Day, Banquet Com. DIMITRIOU, ANN Y-Teens. Tri-Hi-Y, Freshman Choir, Ir. Dramatics, Varsity "E," Movie Ticket Seller, Shorthand Awards, Civic Day, Sr. Play, National Honor So- ciety, Song Com. DIMPERIO, IOSEPH DONOFRIO, RALPH E. Student Council, Class Day Com. DONOFRIO, THOMAS A. Hi-Y, Civic Day, Service Com. DOUGLAS, HENRY Baseball, Gilt Com. DRABITSKI, BARBARA M. Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens, Civic Day. Publicity Com. DRAGHITA, ELEANOR Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens, Latin Club. Student Council, Varsity "E," Freshman Choir, Bowling, Social Com., Ianus Stall, Echo, Co-editor, Sales Com., Dramatics, Attendance Collector, Homecoming Com., National Honor Society. Civic Day, Sr. Play, Prom Attendant. DRUMMOND, WILLIAM A. Football, Baseball, Service Com. DUKES, ROLAND Varsity Football, Song Com. EASTON, DONNA National Forensic League, Pres., National Honor Society, Social Com.. Co-chairman, Varsity "E," Advertising Com., Chairman, Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Homecoming Attendent. Ianus Staff, Varsity De- bate Team, Latin Club, Sec'y. and Pres., Student Council, Sec'y. and Pres., Electron Club, Speech Awards, Echo. Dramatics, Homecoming Com., Bowling, Civic Day, Sr. Play, Prom Com., Class Day Com. -it Page Seventy-one Fl'- xk N Q Elegy 5 X Elchuck Ellis Evaniuk Pabiny Fallat Farinelli Felde Felix Felton Ferguson Ferrante Fond Freeman Fumi Furden Fusillo Galial Gallo Gamble Garone GGY Giampetro Giannotti Gocdwyn Grace ELCHUCK, MARTHA Office Worker, Color Com. ELLIS. I AMES Publicity Com. EVANIUK, EDWARD Debating, Social Com., Hi-Y, Civic Day. FABINY, DOROTHY Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Varsity "E," Choir, Dramatics, Typing Awards, Stenography Awards, National Honor Society, Civic Day, Sr. Play, Song Com. FALLAT, WILLIAM A. Publicity Com. FARINELLI, ELIZABETH Sr Choir, Typing Award, Banquet Com. FELDE, IOHN I. Tumbler, Choir, Dramatics, Ianus Stafi, Electron Club, Varsity "E," Publicity Com. FELIX, SHARLENE Y-Teens, Color Com. FELTON, NANCY I. Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Bowling, Ianus Staff, Varsity Operetta, Choir, Debating, Typing Awards, National Honor Society, Homecoming Com., Civic Day, Publicity Com. FERGUSON, DONNA Dramatics, Typing Awards, Color Com., Banquet Com. FERRAN TE, BENNY L. Band, Hi.Y, Student Council, Civic Day, Publicity Com. POND, BENNY Key Club, Hi-Y, Choir, Basketball, Social Com., Varsity "E," Civic Day. FREEMAN, IAMES M. Latin Club, Sr. Choir, Boys' Octette, Operetta, Electron Club, Name Card Com., Class Day Com. Seniors FUMI, VIRGINIA Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens, Sales Com., Social Com.. Sr. Choir, Noon Movies, Office Duty, Clinic Duty, Dramatics, Student Council, Civic Day. FURDEN, THOMAS Publicity Com. FUSILLO, IOANNE Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens, Dramatic Club, Choir, Typing Awards, Shorthand Awards, National Honor So- ciety, Sr. Play, Civic Day, Prom Com. GALIAS, RAY Key Club, Pres., Hi-Y, Latin Club, Sr. Dramatics, Program Seller, Civic Day, Sr. Play, Prom Atten- dant, Prom Com. GALLO, MARY ANN Choir, Announcement Com. GAMBLE, RALPH Varsity Football, Reserve Football, Iunior Football, Band. Student Council, Service Com. GARONE, PATRICIA A. Sr. Choir, Varsity "E," Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Civic Day, Banquet Com. GAY. AMELIA A. Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Varsity "E," Senior Choir, Typ- ing Awards, Service Com., Sales Com. GIAMPETRO, TILLIE Tri-Hi-Y, Varsity "E," Sr. Choir, Band, Clinic Duty, Typing Award, Name Card Com., Civic Day. GIANNOTTI, RUTH Sr. Choir, Operetta, Librarian, Student Council, Typing Award, Cap and Gown Com. GOODWYN. DOROTHY GRACE, WILLIAM E. Varsity Football, Reserve Football, Iunior Foot- ball, Baseball, Iunior Basketball, Service Com. 'O -if Page Seventy-three 1'3" , iss- 5: - wx xi- avsgfgr: , . N, Q. ,, by s J .aa 'MQ ., w FSF! X x . " A f 1 I.: ' , f. 'Q X .,,. E 4 aww' W Q qs.-"1 N A S 5 Y I Grouman Guerrieri Hagan Hallowell Harvey Hatfield Hessman Hnutt Hoehnle l-Iorvath Hydol lanazone lniante Iohnlon, Annabelle Iohnson, Annie lordan Kane Kelly Keman Kimla King Knlqht Xraynak Kraysets Krpicak GROSSMAN, PAUL GUERRIERI, JAMES Janus Staii, Co-editor, Varsity "E," Advertising Com.. Name Card Com., Chairman, Iunior Foot- ball, Reserve Football, Varsity Football. Cap and Gown Com. HAGAN, GAYLE Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain, Y-Teens, National Honor So- ciety, National Forensic League, Varsity Forensic League, Varsity Debate Team, Debate Club, Sec'y., Social Com., Varsity "E," Dramatics, Civic Day, Sr. Play. Class Day Corn. HALLEWELL, ALBERTA Sr. Choir, Publicity Com. HARVEY, EUGENE Baseball, Banquet Com. HATFIELD, JOAN L. Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Varsity "E," Dramatics, Li- brarian, Typing Award, Civic Day, National Honor Society, Prom. Com., Sr. Play. HESSMAN, RALPH D. Social Com., Band, Orchestra, Prom Attendant. HNATT, JULIE Class Day Com., Y-Teens, Choir. HOEHNLE, GLADYS F. Publicity Com. HORVATH, JOE Flower Com. I-IYDOS, NICK Social Com., Chairman, Key Club, President, Ad- vertising Com., Co-Chairman, Echo Staff, National Forensic League, Sr. Choir, Boys' Octette, Spring Operetta, Dramatics, Prom Attendant, Class Day Com. IANAZONE. JIM Dramatics, Choir, Tumbler, Decorating Com. -if Page Seventy-five Seniors INFANTE, MARY LOU Publicity Com. IOHNSON, ANNABELLE Movie Ticket Taker, Cale. Monitor, Y-Teens, Choir. Service Com.. Song Com. IOHNSON, ANNIE I. Service Com. JORDAN. ROSEMARIE Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens, Varsity "E," Sales Com., Chair- man, Latin Club, Student Council, Bowling, Ir. Choir, Echo Staff, Dramatics, Sr. Play, Civic Day. Advertising Com. KANE, JAMES Hi-Y, Social Com., Varsity "E," Civic Day, Prom Attendant. KELLY. BARBARA J. Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Varsity "E," Sr. Choir, Bowling Team. Oiiice Duty. Advertising Com., Civic Day, Flower Com. KERNAN, JAMES I. Key Club, Treasurer, Hi-Y, National Honor So- ciety, Football, Captain, Bowling. Captain, Elec- tron Club, V.-Pres., Student Council, Sr. High Football, Sr. Play, Scholarship Com. KIMLA. JOHN P. Ir. Choir, Service Com. KING, THOMAS Varsity "E," Advertising Com.. Flower Com. KNIGHT, BEVERLY I. Y-Teens, Sr. Choir. Decorating Com. KRAYNAK, MARGARET Color Com. KRAYSETS, BETTY A. Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens, Civic Day, National Honor So- ciety, Banquet Com. KRPICAK, FRANK I. Janus Staff, Baseball, Key Club, Hi-Y, Choir, Elec- tron Club, Civic Day. Flower Com. 12+ rw Kuhn Lalno Lambert Lundy Lane Laprnta Lazar Loo Luhnacl: Lewin Lipka Lloyd Longo Lyon: Macala Maqni Mahon Malloy Marafloto Martin Martino Mascarella Mashilka Mauorman McClulkoy KUHN. IOHN F. Flower Com. LAINE, IUDY Sr. Choir, Announcement Com. LAMBERT, MARY L. Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Decorating Com, LANDY, ARLENE Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teen, Secretary, Varsity Civic Day, Decorating Com. LANE, GWENDOLYN Electrons, Sr. Choir, Flower Corn. LAPRESTA, IOANN Tri-Hi-Y. Y-Teens, Bowling Team, Varsity Ir. Dramatics, Student Council, Typing Award, Sales Com., Ir. Choir, Civic Day, Prom Attendant. Ban- quet Com. LAZAH, ROSEMARIE Gift Com. LEE, EDDIE LESHNACK, CATHERINE A. Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Senior Choir, Varsity Stu- dent Council. Civic Day, Color Com. LEWIS, BOB National Honor Society. Band, Orchestra. Latin Club. Electron Club, Ianus Staff, Scholarship Com. LIPKA, ELAINE F. Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens, Varsity National Honor So- ciety. Librarian, Dramatics, Shorthand Awards, Civic Day. Sr. Play, Banquet Com. LLOYD, PAUL M. Publicity Com. LONGO, I OE Page Seventy-seven Seniors LYONS, DICK Sr. Choir, Varsity Ir. High Football, Prom At- tendant, Cap and Gown Com. MACALA, PAT Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Civic Day, Gitt Com. MAGNI, RICHARD Baseball, Varsity Basketball, Hi-Y, Orchestra, Civic Day, Color Com. MAHON. PATRICIA H. Y-Teens, Dramatics, Latin Club, Senior Play, Bowl- ing Team, Sec.-Treas. Electron Club, National Honor Society, Announcement Com.. Class Day Com. MALLEY, I OHN Sr. Play. MARAFIOTE, ANTOINETTE Typing Award, Shorthand Award, Cap and Gown Com. MARTIN, CAROLE Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, National Honor Society, Ianus Statt, Echo Stott, Editor in Chief, Homecoming At- tendant, Ir, Choir, Ir. Dramatics, Varsity "E." Latin Club. Homecoming Com., Chairman. Prom Com., Prom Attendant. MARTINO, ROSE MARIE Student Council, Latin Club, Bowling Team, Tri- Hi-Y, Varsity "E," Sr. Choir, Civic Day, Gilt Com. MASCARELLA, IOANN M. Y-Teens, Color Com. MASHISKA. ROBERT W. Band. Service Com. MAUERMAN, I OANNE Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Sales Com., Ir. Choir, Ir. Dra- matics, Typing Award. Varsity "E," Office Duty, Flower Com., Student Council. MCCLUSKEY, ROBERT Band. Gilt Com. lt' 'EW i gif, wi' .... 5. . x :sw A W Sas, was .X wigs , , EY ' 8 - f 5 X if - ..,.., rf i.. H -"'- A,A. :.E. . , we f " Q " - z..'::G:' 1-.ff 1 i E 39? . 1-' cv jc X .- ' ,E . k ,av ,.:.,..' -.,, ., but .W .. I f 55. K 5 ws Q X 115, N W2 1 Z., .. : gp wi .LAM F Q if , X x Nw K V+ E 5 i s 2 df McCraa McGarvey McGinnis. E. McGinnis, M. McGuire McRae Mullin. Minnie Mitchell Moraqhan Morrow Morucei Mrosko Mulholland Murar Navarro Nicholas North Nuno Oliver Olson O'Neil O'Nesti Orlando Ono MCCRAE, ROSETTA Freshman Choir, Giit Com. MCGARVEY, CLIFF Decorating Com. MCGINNIS, ELEANOR McGINNIS, MARY ALICE Sr. Choir, Y-Teens, Publicity Com. MCGUIRE, YVONNE Y-Teens, Gift Com. MCRAE, ROBERT Class Basketball, Class Football, Gitt Com. MELLIS, IAMES Latin Club, Service Com. MINNIE, MICHAEL I. Bowling Team, Service Com. MITCHELL. LeROY Basketball, Service Com. MORAGHAN, IOHN Varsity Football, Reserve Football, Banquet Com. MORROW. MARSHA L. Y-Teens, Varsity Student Council, Sec.-Treas., National Honor Society. Social Com.. Sr. Dramatics, Prom Attendant, Sr. Play. MORUCCI, NORMA Y-Teens, Varsity "E," Advertising Com., Sr. Choir, Latin Club, Social Com., Office Duty, Prom At- tendant. MROSKO, MILDRED M. Y-Teens, Cosmo. Club, Announcement Com., Flower Com. MULHOLLAND, BARBARA Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Varsity "E," Typing Awards. Office Duty, Advertising Com., Flower Com., Ir. Choir, Library Duty, Bowling, Student Council. Civic Day, Sr. Play, Decorating Com., Chairman. Seniors IVIURAR, MARY ANN R. Y-Teens, Office Duty, Announcement Com., Flower Com. NAVARRO, IOSEPH P. Dramatics, Electrons, Varsity "E," National For- ensic Leaque, Ianus Staii, Program Seller, Ad- vertising Com., Latin Club, Ianus Photographer, Sr. Play, Prom Com., Class Day Com., Chairman. NICHOLAS, TULA I. Iournalism Award, Choir, Debating, Echo Staii, Ianus Staff, National Forensic League, Varsity "E," President, Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Service Chairman, Social Com.. Sales Com., Student Council, Class Night Com., Homecoming Com., Bowling, Civic Day. NORTH, ALBERTA Sr. Choir, Student Council, Color Com. NUZZO, STEVE Ir. Hi Football, Reserve Football, Baseball, Foot- ball Manager, Baseball Manager, Basketball Man- ager, Service Com. OLIVER, AUGUSTINE Y-Teens, Clinic Duty, Cap and Gown Com. OLSON, CAROL A. Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Oiiice Worker, Varsity "E," Civic Day, Banquet Com. O'NEIL, SHIRLEY F. Sr. Choir, Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Social Com., Cheer- leader, Captain, Varsity Homecoming Queen, Civic Day, Prom Attendant. O'NESTI, DOLORES ANN Y-Teens. Tri-Hi-Y, Sr. Choir, Dramatics, Oiiice Worker, Varsity "E," Civic Day, Banquet Com. ORLANDO, MARY E. Y-Teens, Sr. Choir, Color Com. OSSO. ROSEMARIE Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens, World Fellowship. Chairman, Latin Club, Vice President, National Honor Society. Sr. Choir, Dramatics, Varsity "E," Noon Movie Ticket Taker, Bowling, Captain, Ianus Stall, Ad- vertising Com., Typing Awards, Homecoming Com., Scholarship Com., Chairman, Civic Day, Sr. Play, Electrons, President, Class Day Corn. -if Page Seventy-nine F24- 46? 'Cha Q MV il , B... vm . Q'- Www. ff xi! 5 I 54. Pacholl Pangio Pannunzio Pasquale Paunchert Payne Payton Peake Phillips Pincham Pizzuto Pontino Portilio Porrazzo Quatre Ranqo Rexel: Rinaldo Robinson Hou Rudloli Rulli Runs Saadey Sahli PACHELL, CAROL I. National Honor Society, National Forensic League. Sr. Class Secretary, Tri-Hi-Y, President, Y-Teens, Varsity Sr. Choir, Latin Club, Sec'y., Electron Club. Operetta, Advertising Com., Debate Club. Program Seller, Bowling, Dramatics, Sr. Play, Civic Day, Prom Attendant, Prom Com. PANGIO, MARY LOUISE Y-Teens, Sr. Choir, Song Com. PANNUNZIO, IOHN Song Com. PASQUALE, DICK Cap and Gown Com. PAUSCHERT, MARGARET Choir, Dramatics, Tri-Hi'Y, National Forensic League, Varsity Y-Teens Typing Awards. Civic Day, Sr. Play, National Honor Society. Prom Com. PAYNE, GRACE L. Y-Teens, Librarian, Varsity "E," Service Com. PAYTON, CATHERINE Office Duty, Movie Ticket Taker, Student Council, Sr. Choir, Publicity Com. PEAKE, CLAUDIA C. Office Duty, Librarian, Y-Teens, Operetta, Sr. Choir, Prom Com. PHILLIPS, IOAN Song Com., Librarian. PINCHAM. RUTH Electron Club, Y-Teens, Varsity Choir, Gift Com. PIZZUTO, THERESA Choir. Attendance Collector, Shorthand Award, Na- tional Honor Society, Decorating Com., Class Day Com. PONTINO, ANNA M. Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Majorette, Typing Award. Movie Ticket Seller, Library Assistant, Dramatics, Cadet. Attendance Reporter, Choir, Varsity Ianus Staff, Class Color Com., Chairman, Civic Day. -if Page Eightyeone Seniors PORFILIO, MERCEDA M. Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Sr. Choir, Varsity Social Com., Library Assistant. Typing Award, Shorthand Award, Cadet, Civic Day, Prom Attendant. PORRAZZO, ANTHONY Publicity Com. QUATRO. FRED Hi-Y, Ir. High Football, Varsity Football, Ir. High Basketball, Civic Day, Cap and Gown Com. RAN GO, URSULA Y-Teens, Pres, Tri-Hi-Y, Varsity Social Com., Sr. Class, Vice Pres., Choir, Bowling, Latin Club, Advertising Com., Civic Day, Prom Attendant. REZEK, PATRICIA Social Com., Advertising Com., St. Choir, Varsity Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Bowling, Civic Day. RINALDO, FABIAN Key Club. Social Com., Ir. High Football, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Hi-Y, Civic Day, Prom Attendant. ROBINSON, ELIIAH Flower Com. ROSS. DANNY Ir. Choir, Gift Corn. RUDLOFF, CARL IOSEPH Ianus Staff, Photographer, Pictures, Banquet Com. RULLI, MARY Y4Teens. Librarian, Ticket Taker, Cadet, Decorat- ing Com. RUSS, ROBERT Hi-Y, Civic Day, Cap and Gown Com. SAADEY, GEORGE Hi-Y, Student Council, Varsity Football, Civic Day, Flower Com. SAHLI, SANDRA Hall Monitor, Y-Teens, Electron Club, Latin Club. Flower Com. i 'X 5 R, N5 Z Sf, fY . 3g?f! ' w ..:. ,...V D I g ' . V Q Kew X z x-S :iw 5,2 '--,., QS , x Santoro Sauano Savko Scarnlla Scheckelhoti Schonqeli Scott Scrocco Smith Snyder Stevens Stride Summers Syrianoudis Tankovich Testa Theodore Thomas, A. Thomas, G. Thorpe Tlmpson Traylor, A. Traylor, I . Turko Turner SANTORO. GENE Hi-Y, Varsity "E," Namecard Com., Civic Day. SASSANO, ROSE Ir. Choir. Office Duty. Song Com. SAVKO. MICHAEL I. Hi-Y, Electron Club, Pres., Sr. Class, Treas., Latin Club, Dramatics. Social Com., Civic Day, Prom At- tendant, Prom Com. SCARSELLA, VICTORIA Sr. Choir, Y-Teens, Color Com. SCHECKELHOFF, CAROLINE Choir, Ir. Dramatics, Y-Teens, Gilt Com. SCHENGELI, AGNES M. Ticket Seller, Office Worker. National Honor So- ciety. Flower Com. SCOTT. LUCILLE Civic Day, Tri-Hi-Y, Gift Com. SCROCCO, SARA Choir, Y-Teens, Operetta. Clinic Duty, Office Duty. Typing Award. Cap and Gown Com. SMITH, TOM Latin Club, Band, Cap and Gown Com. SNYDER, BETH Y-Teens, Electron Club. Dramatics,-Sr. Play, An- nouncement Com. STEVENS, GUY V. Varsity Football, Reserve Football. Prom Attendant, Cap and Gown Com. STRIDE, CAROLYN Sales Com., Banquet Com., Chairman, Varsity "E," Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Vice Pres., Latin Club. De- bating, Sr. Choir, Civic Day. Prom Attendant. Na- tional Honor Society. -if Page Eighty-three Seniors SUMMERS, GAIL Movie Tickets, Office Duty, National Honor Society, Flower Com. SYRIANOUDIS. THOMAS National Honor Society, Student Council, Ianus Staff, Editor, Baseball, Band, Orchestra, Latin Club, Key Club. Prom Com., Class Day Com. TANKOVICH, DONALD Hi-Y, Movie Operator, Prom Com. TESTA, RICHARD C. Baseball, Service Com. THEODORE, EUGENE A. Hi-Y, Latin Club. Electron Club, Civic Day, Na- tional Honor Society, Decorating Com. THOMAS, ANNA MARIE Debate Club. Sr. Prom Com., Chairman. Choir. Latin Club, Varsity "E," Tri-Hi-Y, Treas., Y-Teens, Sales Com., Civic Day. Prom Attendant. THOMAS, GEORGE Flower Com. THORPE, IAMES N. Band, Ir. High Basketball, Service Com. TIMPSON, L. I. TRAYLOH, ANTHONY H. Varsity Basketball. Reserve Basketball, Ir. Basket- ball, Varsity Football, Reserve Football, Ir. Foot- ball, Choir Service Com., Song Com. TRAYLOR, IEANETTE TURKO. MICHAEL Hi-Y, Baseball, Basketball. Civic Day. Song Com. TURNER. IOSEPHINE Y-Teens, Sales Com., Varsity "E," Typing Awards, Y-Teen Basketball. Service Com., Song Com. R+ wc M r- ia 3' fm Q X SX 3 e x xr , , uuuz 1 b g 2 5 f5:?wZ,5???,h ey his WW. 'A f www W . mf ' X - nw mtg, .3 1n,..g.,,-,,f. 1 . V ' f, ! ' , . ' ww , gy . f: - is-:X -. Y A4 ' Page Eiqhiyffour 1 J. ...J ' 2 Tyson Uqolini Vitucci Viona Walker Wes: White, B. White, T. Wilkes Williams Wiseman Wydiclr Yakotich Yannarella Yurclun DiPerli Zauner Zuzan TYSON, MARY R. Y-Teens, Treas., Latin Club. V. Pres., National For- ensic League, Tri-Hi-Y, Senior Choir. Electrons, Social Com., Debating. National Honor Society. Civic Day. Sales Com. UGOLINI, SYLVIA Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Bowling. Varsity "E," V. Pres., Social Com., Class Day Com. VITUCCI, PETE Reserve Football, Prom Attendant, Gilt Com.. Chairman. VIONA, WILMA ANN Song Com. WALKER, CHARLES I. Ir. High Basketball, Service Com. WESS, MARTY Y-Teens. Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club. Senior Choir, Flower Com., Program Seller, Varsity WHITE, BETTY IEAN WHITE, THEODORE W. Publicity Com. WILKES, RALPH R. Hi-Y, Ir. Football, Ir. Basketball, Key Club, Flower Com. WILLIAMS, DONALD E. Varsity Football, Reserve Football, Ir. Football, Choir, Baseball. Service Com. WISEMAN, THOMAS L. Picture Com., Chairman, Key Club, Sec'y., Key Club, Lt. Governor, 14th Div., Hi-Y, Ir. High Bas- ketball, Freshman Choir, Ir. Choir, Boys' Octette. Varsity Dramatics, Sr. Play. Prom Attendant. Prom Com., Class Day Com. +2-1 Page Eighty-five F11- Seniors WYDICK, DOROTHEA Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y. Varsity "E," Football Ticket Seller, Office Worker, Cheerleader. Bowling. Name Card Com., Co-chairman, National Honor Society. Absence Slip Collector, Choir, Noon Movie Ticket Seller, Typing Awards. Librarian, Civic Day. YAKOTICH. PATRICIA A. Y-Teens, Varsity "E," Typing Award, Shorthand Award, Ianus Staff, Social Com.. Advertising Com., Decorating Com.. Class Song Com.. Chairman. YANNARELLA, PHYLLIS C. Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Varsity Majorette, Typing Awards. Choir. Dramatics, Ianus Stait, Announce- ment Com., Chairman. Movie Ticket Seller, At- tendance Rep., Library Assistant, Class Day Com., Civic Day. Prom Attendant. YURCISEN, AL Social Com. DiPERSl, GARY ZAUNER, ROSEMARIE Y-Teens. Clinic Duty, Service Com. ZUZAN, GUNNAR I. Latin Club. Electron Club. Class Day Com. NOT PICTURED CARNER, DONALD CRISSMAN, IOE HERMAN, RAYMOND PIGNATELLI, IOSEPH WHITE. IAMES ESQ. xf 'Y' U XI' l if it 1 2wa ,: f xx K W1 ,I 6 + F a f ' 5 it lsr U'l"'X D fl: t ' ' f, + ., 'fy x ,. ,' 7' 'l V5, 5- .m g ' Q ' "-'HP 01 41:4 Rx rr? si, N , t N tx Mt, 1 ,' H wx S + X f lv, , 5'Pf43g9v'9s lf-TE Q I . I , . 5 - Most Polite - Tom Wiseman, Anna Marie Thomas Most Intelligent - Gayle Hagan, Iim Kernan Most Popular - Ursula Rango, Iim Guerrieri Most Attractive - Eleanor Bush, Guy Stevens Best Dressed - Ray Galias, Ioann Lapresta Most Talented-Delaney Clardy, Carol Pachell Most Dramatic - Tom Wiseman, Donna Eas- ton, Ioe Navarro I I' 4 x f lt: Ql,l' f1,t3f v + -r ff If 5,191 Most Versatile- Carole Martin, Nick Hydos Most Witty - Dick Lyons. Sylvia Ugolini Nicest Personality - Ursula Rango, Ioe Caruso Most Poised - Mike Savko, Tula Nicholas, Ray Galias Best Dancers - Steve Abraham, Virginia Fumi Most Athletic - Iim Dellick, Dot Wydick Knot picturedl if Paqe Eighty-six lar SNWW Af tv in 2 - 'J . gtiifwdj if K ' Qmmf Q X X J x x f i?f?' , -, F Q1 ' ww' 4 MQW' '41-v-43".':1w ... .xv ,. -' f-p '--an -.. New , K 4:5 A Hi! QI-Tll'-Q23 In Memoriam I. W. Smith was known to many East Siders as a true friend and great man. Mr. Smith came to East High from Lin- coln Elementary in 1926. Under his lead- ership, East became known throughout our city and state for excellence in scholarship and athletics. About I. W. Smith, it can truly be said. "Gladly would he learn, and gladly teach." our tribute to a great man. xi , - fa MHMQQMQZ aff fm W n ez.. ff Q. M, W 61? I Page Eighty-eight P Missing From Faculty 1953 - '54 Miss Sarah Lewis, well known history teacher, retired at the end of the Iune 1953 term. Miss Lewis came to East in 1940 from Hayes Iunior High School. Miss Mildred Ioslyn retired from the faculty in Iune 1953. She had been a senior sewing teacher for 26 years. Miss Ioslyn came to East from Movessen. Miss Ann Lavine, who had been a member of the faculty since 1928, left East to teach English at Youngstown College. Miss Lavine came to East from Todd Elementary School. Miss Sarah Leonard, sewing teacher and member of the faculty since 1941, resigned at the close of the second semester. She was married to Mr. I. H. Huntt in September and is living in Columbiana. I Page Eighty-nine P Congratulations! oH1o AUTO BODY MALLOY AND NESPECA, INC 45 Madison Ave. Phone RI-3-0116 -if Page Ninety cold ankles? IF SO . . . you're sure to warm up to the greatest furnace invention in 29 years- Regulairef. It regulates the flow of warm air from the Perfection Superfex Furnace so accurately that cold ankles, cold floors, are eliminated, even in homes without basements. Regulaired' plus Perfection's variable 3-stage fire automati- cally delivers continuous com- fort, stops wasted heat at the ceiling, cuts fuel bills by many dollars. Phone now for more information about Superff-:X Furnaces with ' W M 81 M SHEET METAL CO. Roofing. Spouting. Furnaces Sheet Metal Work 634 Oork RI 4 3722 -if Page Ninety-one CLASS OF 1954 Congratulations! O my! how you've grown! here you are, ready to shoulder tomorrow GATSCHENE STUDIO Rayon and Fifth Youngstown 3, Ohio if Page Ninety-two Er Compliments of HAGAN BRGTHERS 40 Hubbard Rd. C -if Pcrqe N iy-three fif- Compliments of ADOLPH JOHNSON 81 SON CO. General Contractors 661 Wick Ave. Youngstown, Ohio Member of Associated General Contractors of America Skill Integrity Responsibility -if Page Ninety-four E4- . l Tlme to 34 fy, lf' ,fs ,oo -AQ, l 1 wo' Q, Mark Your 112.5 2 9, Q-el, .: iz f.: ,A sy 6 fgve. 2 1 0 9 "fl 7155" X Success my I y . I 22? .' X!-X - x - and wish every happiness to the Class of '54 RAYMOND BRENNER Iewelers Since 1877 Federal at Hazel FOR THE NEW JOB HOLDER there's nothing like a look at the Prudential Dollar Guide. It will help you see your present life insur- ance needsg help you see why it is smart to begin your life insurance program early-taking care of needs as they arise. To see how our Dollar Guide can help you, call Iohn W. McConnell KE-4-3212 William H. Crosbie ST-8-9787 Iohn Passella RI-6-1830 The Prudential Insurance Company of America if i A , M4 A mutual life insurance company GD Incorporated by the State of New Jersey fx 9' Page Ninety-five fif- We've come so far from the Little Red School. . . the place Grandpa left to go out into the world. The simple training that he acquired in that oneroom building of long ago was SO vastly different from yours! Education has leaped right along with the hurried advance of science and industry. . . and youth has discovered complexities early . . . so early that some of the most startling finds in the world of invention today have come from the minds of the very young. Take the vast store of wisdom that these years of study have given you. Take it right on to new fields of knowledge . . . to college, to business, to the career you choose. Remember that most knowledge has been recorded in books . . . so continue to study, continue to work towards GREATER heights of perfection. Our best wishes go with you all of the Wayl MCKELVEYS the store that Youngstown built . . . still building with Youngstown Compliments of STAR BOTTLING WORKS -A' Squirt Dad's Root Beer 122 N. Lane Ave. Phone Rl-3-8419 -if Page Ninety-six H+ Z Best Wishes Class of 1954 The future is in your hands. Guard it Cherish it Guarantee it Make sure! GATSCHENE STUDIO Fifth and Rayen Avenue Youngstown 3, Ohio -if Page N tyeseven F21- Congratulations, Graduates. for a Successful Future! JAMES J. YANNARELLA General Contractor 91 N. Truesdale Ave. Phone RI-3-1941 Compliments of DERAMO FLORIST Flowers For All Occasions Phone RI-3-3826 -'El Page N ty eight Compliments and Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of Iune 1954 from PESCE'S BAKERY Bakers of Tasty Italian Breads Phone RI-3-2293 Congratulations Class of '54! So neigh is grandeur to our dust, So near is God to man, When duty Whispers low, "Thou must!" The youth replies, "I can." -Ralph Waldo Emerson STROUSS - HIRSHBERUS Youngstown's Dependable Store Since 1875 -if Page N ty-nine 12+ BROWN'S DRUG STORES For Reliable Prescription Service Now at Three Locations: 1841 Oak Street 2000 Canfield Road Phone Rl-4-54l8 Phone ST-2-6716 and 5106 Southern Blvd. Phone ST-2-7lll YOUR FUN AND YOUR SUCCESS Depend Principally Upon Your Health MILK Is the Greatest of All Body Building Foods 4 galyy Dairy Specialists Best Wishes to Class of '54 from Windsor Tailors 209 W. Boardman St. lack Zizzo Rl-4-2474 .gl One Hundred E+ The Hughes Stores, Inc. 118 East Federal St. 118 Youngstown's Finest Sanitary Food Market Open for Inspection at All Times Charles G. Burrows Realtor 208 W. Front St. Younqstown, Ohio City and Suburban Properties Phone R1-4-5627 Congratulations, Graduates! Phone Rlverside 3-3286 Compliments of Moore Sl Moore Lumber Co. Phone ST-2-1125 100 E. F1orida Ugolini Painting Company Professional Painters and Decorators Alex Ugolini. Sr. We Want You To Call Us More and More Alex Ugolini, Ir. 121 E. Royen Avenue Youngstown, Ohio -if One Hundred Orme 13+ Reduced Prices for High School Students Ro11di11e11i's Tuxedo Rental 1504 Stewart Ave. Youngstown, Ohio Phone: RI-6-5847 Fittings 3 Weeks Prior to Date of Rental Pennsylvania Gas Furnaces Roofing and Spouting Sheet Metal Work Ferrara Heating Co. 1530 Oak Street Phones: RI-4-0708 H R1-3-2869 Your Planning is Over Your Future Shall Begin! Congratulations! Congratulations. Seniors! BI'Ol1SOl1,S Patent Med. 815 Albert Street Open on Week Days- 8 to ll o'clock Open on Sunday- 8 to 10 o'clock Phone R1-6-9782 Holt Hardware Oak St. at Lansdowne Blvd. RI-6-6241 -aff One Hundred Two I-2+ Glasgow Tailors, Inc. 312 W. Federal St. Heartiest Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1954 Get S 6. H Green Stamps Best of Luck to the Class of 1954 Champion Recreation 31 N. Champion St. Try the Delicious Sandwiches and Dinners Served at CHAMPION 20 Bus Arcade LUNCHEQNETTB Since 1911 N. Champion St. The Club Riviera CForrnerly Ritz Barl Dancing Friday and Saturday Polka Night Wednesday See A1 or Andy on Your Next Party or Banquet 750 Wilson Ave. Youngstown, Ohio Congratulations. Graduates! The Elms Ballroom 529 Elm Street L. A. Cavalier, Ir.. Manager "Cf One Hundred Three E1- WHEELER'S Crispy Potato Chips "The Only Chip Made in Youngstown, Ohio" 107 N. Hine St. Phone Rl-4-2121 Congratulations from VIC and SYL'S Curb Service and Sandwich Shop Corner Rt. 422 and Iacobs Rd. Next to Bernard Airport Youngstown, Ohio Open 7:30 a.rn. to 1:00 a.m. Congratulations. Class of '54l I ACKSON GARAGE General Auto Repairs Battery and Electric Service 1503 Albert St. Phone Rlverside 7-8063 COLLINS COFFEE CUP 1029 Albert Street Riverside 6-9647 Open 6:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.rn. Closed Sundays Best Wishes from FRED ASTAIRE SCHOOL OF DANCING Youngstown's Most Modem Da:nce Studio Learn All the Latest Steps at Rates YOU Can Afford! 19 Wick Ave. Rl-4-5079 ZIDIAN 'S MARKET Quality Groceries and Meats 1266 Wilson Ave. Phone Rlverside 3-8613 Schaefer Music Shoppe Musical Instruments Accessories Sheet Music, Instruction, Books, Supplies Guaranteed Instrument Repairing 409-10-ll-12 Keith-Albee Bldg. Phone Rl-3-4605 Res. RI-3-2803 MUSIC - The Universal Language Est. 1900 Rl-3-0200 RENDANO'S I ewelers Diamonds, Watches Musical Instruments 221 E. Federal St. Youngstown, Ohio +3 One I-lun drecl Four ffif' Congratulations and Good Luck to the Class of '54 Members of the HUB ATHLETIC CLUB "Best Wishes" DeMai11's Royal Oaks 924 Oak St. Youngstown 1904 Oak St. John F. D1'Ullll11011d Service Station Gas and Oil Batteries Tires - Tubes - Accessories Corner Oak and Early Rd. Phone RI-6-9752 To the Class of 1954- Congratulations on Your Past Achievements! Success to You in the Future! The Paz Bah Ioe Paz. Proprietor -if One Hundred Five Ef- Compliments and Best Wishes MIKE SKEHILL'S BAR Compliments of THE CHATTERBOX Gloria and Iohn 1024 Wilson Ave. Television Nightly Music Friday cmd Sat. Nites Meet Your Friends at the OAK BAR Corner Oak ond Garland Philip Aniicorelli, Prop. Compliments of NESPECA'S FOOD MARKET 1236 Eofst High Ave. STARK FLORISTS Greenhouse 1502 Parker St. Phone RI-3-3412 Youngstown, Ohio PAT'S SHOE REPAIRING 1359 Rigby Street Scarseffa If for the NEWEST, the BEST. the UNUSUAL in Living Room Furniture and Carpeting AMOCO Gas and Oils Lubrication and Car Washing Phone RI-6-9292 RI-LAND SERVICE 1203 Rigby Street Youngstown 8, Ohio -'Cf One Hundred Six H4- Compliments of WILSON MARKET 1019 W'i1son Ave. ACME BARBER SHOP 946 Oak st. Get Clipped or Trimmed by Dick or lim Richard I.oSasso lim Cuccarono Compliments of Compliments of SLAVIN F1 , ,t B DRY CLEANING 0161106 b HP 1836 Oak SL 1341 Oak St. Phone Rlverside 3-4797 "1"'e"Ce Subu Am' PNP' Compliments of GEORGE DURSE'S SERVICE STATION Compliments of Gas and Oil Batteries RIP TIDE BAR Tires - Tubes - Accessories Corner Albert and McGuffey Rd. 700 Albert St. Phone RI-6-9738 Compliments of HELEN'S FOOD MARKET Open Evenings and Sundays 1831 McGuffey Rd. RI-3-3347 ESQUIRE CLEANERS 1029 Wilson Ave. One Day Service Expert Tailor +21 One Hundred Seven Fe Compliments of BLUE MOON CAFE Try Our Famous Hot Dogs Compliments of Toni and Lee's ITALIAN FOOD SHOP Specializing in Pizza 1407 Oak St. 151.7 Ri b St Phone Rl-4-2320 Phone Lenora Chepglcgplggiinjtte Colabria Good Luck to the Class of "54" BUCCI'S SUPER MARKET 335 N. Walnut Compliments of BLUE JAY CAFE 1049 Rigby sf. Phones: Riverside 4-1438 - 3-5555 Free Delivery FRANK DeGEORGE UOE BLOWl Wholesale and Retail Grocers Imported Cheese - Olive Oil Domestic Fruits and Vegetables Flour and Macaroni 330-332 Summit Ave., Youngstown, Ohio LORETTA I. FITCH FLORIST Weddings - Funeral Flowers Corsages - Potted Plants Prompt Delivery Service LEhiqh 6-6062 on Rt. 422 past SKYHI Drive-in Youngstown-New Castle Road BUCCILLI MARKET l7 Adams St. Campbell, Ohio Beautify Your Home with Original Hand-Sculptured FORMSTONE GUS C. IOHNSON, IR. 704 Glacier Heights Road Youngstown, Ohio Phone SWeetbriar 9-6424 One Hundred Eight E+ Compliments of SANDY BROS. SUNOCO Service Station Corner of Rigby ond Wilson PARKWAY GOLDEN DAWN 1804 Oak St. Quality Meats. Groceries cmd Produce Iohn Sevi Paul Smcldino Orlando Guerrieri Store Hours 9 to 9 Daily Compliments of MORGAN DRUG 1024 Himrod Phone RI-4-3076 TOM REED SERVICE STATION Mobilgas cmd Oil 1405 Rigby St. WII.SON AVE. PHARMACY 1216 Wilson Ave. cxt Gorlornd Phone RI-4-1246 Prescription Specialists RAY WELLS, Registered Pharmacist Compliments of MAMONIS BROS. 1361 oak st. RITZ AUTO BODY I. R. Burns. Proprietor PAINT SHOP THE RIGBY SERVICE STATION Iohn Ritz Phone R1-7-2665 Comer Ook and Euclid Youngstown, Ohio 1235 Rigby Street Youngstown, Ohio Phone Riverside 4-0438 One Hundre d Nine lil? 1- QLQJVQ if 0 A MW ffl Af jl l vff , ,N f l f JV :AB U J Best Wishes from Congrcrhxlations My WHITE OWL CAFE to all Graduates from ,MX 1760 Wilson AV SCHWEBEL BAKING co. Y fl I W YO OWU' Ohm 965 E.Mid1othicm h ST-8-6508 STOP and SHOP C pumems of s Q of Bene: Eats A FRIEND 1216 M k St. RI-4-5391 Free Delivery ' Autographs Wfflflllfw l Mr lk WV 0 ff l 2 l ell e WW wg ,J Q W l X2 y :M jg, X gllfw be 5 57 e Q vWS in ff3g,Q W+f W W QWKHQQMEQ W? ff' 75iUM5?ww9'N gi FW W fA66f,Q,,U,Z4f4LffM4 ' Q 4 lag 2544 wigg if f aff, Q 'if JM Q 4352 , H JP JW' 1 . 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