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Text from Pages 1 - 108 of the 1939 volume:

in ,r ,1- ff' 'B ' iylf ir I-ff . R, 3' 547 ,migjqgg ,Q 2-55? 5,3 "' kuv.. , gwk 'QFW :-.E k 334.26 - Q ,. -pig... V-ibm: ' f' ff. , -, 'Q C , fi-1 4- v .-.11:':1-f ' . , ff 55,64 ,L - kg : Q J. f -5 xx Y- ' .Af-Q-3,- "Q, :lg ' :I ', 'C-' rg 5.,. Y, Tr- ' f - ' J fffwyl if-vinyl ,ut - ., Fx. w 1- 4549 'I' A ' M -as , K 1, ,i , - . 5 A -'z ' .-5 - . ,411 r '-iaff- 1-1? ' ' ' K ' . f M' , , -if-H-:ef A M A Y, .fvfifi a,f,9,gg,f,'- q minig 31' vs ,W 5 il. , 3715 -fgfff? Fi ' il- ' f.,f LJ' f5g,?fb5' 1f.wfaA.s2::F,' 1 -- '1fagf3r,.L. ' ' +V- '15 ,Q . r-A ' l A Q--:ap-fi . .:,V A . vi K : Mggiaggf 1 ,wuz f - ' ?.,.a5,y- 3e3l,,,- ' ffl? -V I , ,,' , N' ' if 'ga my 15. A ..:4 Mg, M- . '.,,. n x KE SEQ :Vi J mei 1 we A ,A -- ' Nia ' - ' J?" ip ,, -H ,, Q Q. M 4 , ' w hicw, K 4 7fze jmm 7939 8 ew Jaw Sched Qcuuuyiiawn, Ufnia EHST HIGH IHNUS MIDI' 'IGJXX-'Q rg f Q vm' 'lfnla lX707c1lc1' "There you stand in all your glory, Patient, helpful, kind anol true." Pg Th EHST HIGH IHNUS QAEJII llffhgp onfenis Foreword Dedication Annual Staff I. W. Smith E. E. Fell Advisers Ianuary Graduates Iune Graduates School Activities Boys Sports Girls Sports Advertising sit Page Four I-3+ EHST HIGH IHNUS OVQWOV As the minutes rapidly tick themselves into hours, and the hours into days, the progress of East High School is surely evident to all. True, we have not yet reached the pinnacle, but the presence of initiative and perseverance, those essential traits that lead only to success, can always be found within these portals. The lamp of fate is lighted, needing more fuel to keep it burning. Thus, figuratively, We are that fuel and it is the aim of all of us to keep the rays as sturdy and luminous as possible. -'tif Page Five lil'- X geJzicra,f1o11 To Mr. I. W. Smith, principal ot East High School, whose faith and courage through the years has made East High the modern school of today, we, the class of l939 dedicate this annual as a lasting memory to his high ideals. -eil Page Six lif- EHST HIGH IHNUS 0400 WN ch, ,f Editors in Chief: Gladys Holt, Georgene Hall Literary Editors: Virginia Buzard, Ethel Dworkin Clubs: Sidney Rosenblum, Stanley Stiver Achievements: Iosephine Colangelo, lean Simpson Honors: Fred Altiere, Ioseph M. Ioseph Class Poet: Grace Howley History: Iames Solomon, Sara Harslcovitz Will: Rose Berendt, Sara Harskovitz, Vincent Ian- nazone, Gertrude Hietala, Stanley Stiver, Grace Howley, Georgene Hall Cuplets: Henry Moore, Katherine Christis, Ernest Marian, Grace Howley Business Manager: Caroline Bossert Sales Manager: Asher Pacht Advertising Manager: Ethel Dworkin -tif Page Seven I3- EHST HIGH IQNUS e4IQll IICGBX-a Zin ilinnh iliemnrg of MISS PEARL MERRIMAN and MR. I. G, SHEPERD whose lives Were, and always will be, an inspiration to the many young people who knew and loved them. "To live in hearts we Ieaue behind Is not to die." -if Page Eiqhi FI? REMHNHSTRRTH-UN EQST HIGH IHNUS urea um, l For you, the members of the Senior Classes, secondary school days are almost over. Society has given you your opportunity. By far the great majority of you have profited to the full extent in the program. You have expressed your- selves as being Well satisfied with the program and are grateful for what has been done in your behalf. However, you will readily acknowledge that this does not pay the bill. Society's investment has been too great for you to pay it all in the few short years you have been with us. It expects you to assume a place and demonstrate that the expenditure of time and money in your behalf is a worth-While investment. Worth-While investments pay dividends. What dividends will you pay? lf you will take the testimony of those who have tasted the fruits of life you will surely find that the greatest dividends are those which bring peace, happiness, and security to others. Your work here has made it possible for you to contribute far more generously in securing these blessings for all mankind. We are hoping you will devote your lives to such worthy purposes, and We can assure you that in bringing these bless- ings to others, you will secure them in far greater measure to yourselves. In doing this you will make us all proud that you have been graduated from East High. -l. W. SMITH. -fi-f Page Ten fE+ EHST HIGH IHNUS -vm now America has a firm conviction that children should be educated. The school of today is a wonderful institution corn- pared with the schools our fathers attended and the oppor- tunities that are offered for finding one's interests and abilities are many and varied. To some people who do not understand the aims and objectives of modern education, the school may seem to be teaching things that are not necessary. As graduates of East High School you must be our am- bassadors of good will. You must be ready to interpret the functions of every activity and demonstrate by the lives you live and the service you render that society made a wise expenditure when they gave you a high school education. We believe that your school is the best opportunity in the World-a gift that is without equal. We know you will justify our confidence and be a loyal supporter of East High. HE. E. FELT... 474 Page Eleven ' M130 rf' K anuary ETHEL SMITH ELLA PHELPS RICHARD BARRETT ARTHUR SCHWARTZ EHST HIGH IQNUS ff ass c vzsors Q! 721' Puqe Twelve E+ UQ-D M718 ANNE DICKEY GENEVIEVE CLEMENS WALTER LEYDA IAS. G. SHEPERD SENR-QRS EHST HIGH IHNUS QZGSS fgyoem Greetings, class of thirty-nine, As commencement day draws near, lt's time for everyone of us To think of our career. We've only just begun to trod The road to great success, The miles lie outstretched far ahead, How fast can we progress? Our footsteps may fall on rocky ground, Our journey may be rough, But we will make a brave attempt To fight against rebuff. The cross-roads we pass are many, The direction signs are few, But look! Out in the distance A bright light comes to view. We glance back now, and see, The road that lay behind, We've reached our goal, and all at once We know that life's been kind. We've strived to do the best we could, As loyal sons and daughters, Now we must bid a sad farewell, To our faithful Alma Mater. Time says that we must go now, But thoughts of East remain, We'll see our chums some future time, In Glory's Hall of Fame. Come, you seniors, gather round, Reminisce with us awhile: The things we did at East High School, Will always make us smile. So every time you read this poem, Each and every line, Be proud to say that you were one Of the class of thirty-nine. -GRACE D. HOWLEY. -tif Page Fourteen E+ UQ-v EHST HIGH IPINUS 'ADH WN Qlass Acers K' ff anuary FRED ALTIERE Presideni VINCENT MUCCI Vice-president IOSEPHINE COLANGELO Secretary ETHEL HARSNEY Treasurer COLORS Green and Silver FLOWER Rose MOTTO From a good beqinninq cometh a good end. -if Page Fifteen E+ K' Q' une ALFRED ESPOSITE President ANTHONY PO NZIO Vice-president FANNIE TEKUSHAN Secretary ROBERT KEISER Treasurer COLORS Maroon and White FLOWER Violei MOTTO Our aim: Success. EHST HIGH IHNUS glen 0655-a F . for i . azzzzcziry 7 ZClllIfOllCl,j KJLKPLIOV ocmty , t As a result of their striving tor the highest attainment in Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service, sixteen members were elected to the Ianuary National Honor Society. This membership is the greatest honor that can be bestowed upon any high school senior. The worthiness of those elected is judged by two means, first, students must rank in the upper third ot their class tor scholarship eligibility as nominees: second, candidates must be elected by judgment ot the faculty based upon character, leadership, and service merits. lnstallation services, in keeping with the tine ideals representative of the Society, took place at an assembly in the school auditorium on Ianuary 6. Alumni members presented a further conception ot the four requisites of the Club in their orations. Principal Smith in his address added his views on the society standards. The sixteen scholars chosen are: Fred Altiere, Walter Boyko, Virginia Buzard, Amelia Cepin, Iosephine Conti, lean Frame, Mary Ganotsky, Ger- trude Hietala, Dorothy Hewlitt, Gladys Holt, Lucy Pallotta, Frank Petretich, Carl Ponzio, Sidney Rosenblum, Helen Vrable, and lames Wary. +24 Page Sixteen tk EQ ST H1 GH IQ N again U S Haw ..., .AI P WIC S 9 vemoc U I rf' C :ig map 4qw?13 E221 E, :M EU ESD-. "Ij05'GJ FF E 020 Jigga ov: CD rs m2-C ,Giang H-ww Dcw ,svn . dug ink bw? MF M9 wvgg 322 ,HRH ew? gm . H: Www CDO. gwE Oravclf SN ew 235 asf :Su Z ri I-IJNL4 gig Cxln rs, :su asm UJEE .wiv EEE 9535 Sw amid :Eg :ia H gui wg QQ IN Q! 22-UE awk. 5,4 Ulf-Mg 914: E552 qc: .ligne 20,12 225 SOO 'S I5-2 Q . 302 -Sn Ffgg GJ aff: U., mai GJZ'-4 ECE P634 O 2,935 wg C EEG 41153 EMI wgl 555 U EHST HIGH IHNUS urea cms QGZCVLKJGV JIO1' g,C11fl1fLCl1"y 61fI,1:O'l"S Entrance to East ........ Organization of Class ..... Iunior A Dance ......... Senior B Dance ......... Senior B Weiner Roast ..... Senior A, Senior B Prom .... Halloween Party ........ Senior Play ....... Senior A Dance ..... Senior A Prom .... Baccalaureate ..... Banquet ........ Class Day ........ Commencement ..... -'El Page Eighteen 134- . . . .September 17 .......October, . . . .Ianuary 7, . . . .February 25 ....May 13 ......May 21 .....October 18, . . . .December 1, . . .December 16, .. . . .Ianuary ll . . . . .Ianuary 22, . . . . .Ianuary 24 . . . . .Ianuary 25 . . . . .Ianuary 27 1938 1937 1938 1938 1938 1938 1938 1938 1938 1939 1939 1939 1939 1939 IAMES SOLOMON. EHST HIGH IHNUS 'IGN' M100 C11fl'lflG7f'y OVLOVS GRADUATED IN SW YEARS Gladys Holt COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP Virginia Buzard NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Gladys Holt DEBATE CLUB LETTER Gladys Holt Degree of Merit - Honor - Excellence - 'Distinction 700 POINT LETTER GIRLS Rose Berendt Iean Frame SHORTHAND AWARDS Helen Vrabel Mary Ganofsky Ethel Harsney Amelia Cepin BAND EMBLEM Carl Ponzio IUNIOR-SENIOR LIFE SAVING EMBLEM Rose Berendt GOLF LETTERS Fred Altiere Victor Porcase BASKETBALL LETTER Ioseph Perfetto CHEERLEADING LETTER Walter Boyko FOOTBALL LETTERS Richard Carnevale Iames Wary Edmund Harsney Donald Rylander Paul Kraynik Sam Protopapa Ioe Perfetto Louis Nespeca IANUARY NATIONAL HONOR STUDENTS Gladys Holt Frank Petretich Virginia Buzard Lucy Pallotta Gertrude Hietala Iosephine Conti Carl Ponzio Mary Ganofsky Dorothy Hewlett Walter Boyko Sidney Rosenblu IT1 Fred Altiere Iames Wary Helen Vrable - lean Frame Amelia Cepin 'Distinction is the highest honor awarded by the National Forensic League. if Page Nineteen 13+ 2400 ADRIANO. MARY LOUISE Chairman Ring Committee Electron Club French Club So quiet and sweet, She can not be beat. ALTIERE, FRED I. President of Class National Honor Society Kent State Test Golf Team Senior Play Our President with guiding hand, Captained our ship to Success- land. ARMSTRONG, DONALD Chairman Picture Committee Annual Staff Hi-Y Club For twelve years he has waited, And now he is to be graduated. BERENDT. ROSE Social Committee G. A. A. Electron Club Girl Reserves Glee Club Sport's lass A-No.1 Her honors are athletically won. BOYKO, WALTER Cheerleader Echo Staff Chairman Class Day French Club Senior Play National Honor Society Little Boyko gets around, Truckin' and peckin' right on down. BUTCH. MARGARET LOUISE Italian Club Class Day Committee Absence Monitor She's good in work and at play, An all-around girl in every way, ST HIGH I HNUS lla? 3- n if lg 1 fl' I I' .. N i WNV . .E iii Page Twenty if? AGNESI, ANTHONY Invitation Committee In winter Tony may be found On the ice pond, skating round. ANDERSON, RICHARD T. Advertisement Committee Richard is very unassuming, His voice is low, never boom- mg. BALABAN, ANN MARY The silent member of our crew, Her words are very, very few. BIG, VIOLET Attendant Invitation Committee Here is a girl, a welleknown one, Smiling, pretty, full of fun. BRUNO. IEAN Social Committee Leonardo da Vinci Monitor Gay and fun-loving is her style: Greets her friends with a merry smile. BUZARD. VIRGINIA Literary Editor Echo Staff Girl Reserve Cabinet Ring Committee French Club National Honor Society A budding debutante, this lass, Writes the scoops in Iournalism Class. T HIGH IH WGN 2460 CARNEVALE, RICHARD gootbgllcl b CANGATLH' NANCY ANN Clgxss Dayu Committee om or Absence Committee As peppy as any boy, She sends forth fun and joy. CEPIN. AMELIA National Honor Society Picture Committee Girl Reserves Annual Staff Always lends a helping hand, The class regards her as just grand. COLANTONE, PHYLLIS Italian Club Girl Reserves Tall and dark, so they say, Always going on her way. COMSIA. WILMA BERNICE Girl Reserves Tawasi Campfire Orchestra Social Committee Wilma is so very neat, Wears a smile very sweet. COX. CLARENCE B. Leonardo Da Vinci Monitor Picture Committee Takes an interest in every one, Every joke and every pun. DBLP!-IA, IAMES A. Sales Committee Varsityg Baseball Class asketball Not too short but very strong, Plays football all day long. it Page Twenty-one 13? Baseball Reserve Basketball Richard loves a football game, Here is where he won his fame. COLANGELO, IOSEPHINE I. Secretary Ianuary Class Achievements Committee Assembly Committee Girl Reserves Tardy Monitor Senior Play As accurate as a dictionary, She's our helpful secretary. COLLINS. IANE Girl Reserves Girls Glee Club Campfire Advert sinq Committee lane has great fondness for the males: Bea pardon, but are we telling tales? CONTI, IOSEPHINE M. Personal Committee Librarian Italian Club National Honor Society Our talented Lucinda we have here, For the Senior Play, we give a cheer. A CURRY, IDA Basketball Girl Reserves Glee Club Sports is her natural calling, Never leaving a ball falling. DQIQUADRI. ADELINB ANN Class Day Committee Leonardo Da Vinci She is such a true friend, All the cares she will mend. EHST HIGH IHNUS M160 DQPASCO. MARGARET HELEN Leonardo Da Vinci She went to school for an edu- cation, Not for dreams and hallucina- tion. DESIMONE, NICK Social Committee Chairman Sales Committee Class Basketball Nick is ever willing to assist, His name graces the helpful list. DICSKO, IOHN Tumbling Team Shop Foreman Picture Committee ln shop he plays his part. Making autos start. DONOFRIO, VIRGINIA LOUISE Ring Committee Leonardo Da, Vinci Tardy Monitor Virginia has a masculine 3 weakness, I 1 He's tall and has a certain sleekness. FRAME, EAN National Honor Society Social Committee G. A. A. Annual Staff Whenever seeking our lean, In swimming she may be seen. I FRAZZINI, PATSY ISADORE Sales Committee Monitor Class Baseball Class Basketball Always active with real zest. He ranks among the very best. I sit Page Twenty two lif- 1165-a DESIMONE, FRANK A. Varsity Football Echo Sports Editor Ring Committee Annual Staff The professional tapper of our class, As a dancer, he will more than pass. DEXTRAS, DOLORES Girl Reserves Banquet Chairman Commencement Usher Although easily embarrassed is this lass, She makes many friends in the class, DIDEK, SUSAN Senior Play Apifivenile actress in the Senior Sheuls headed for the Great White Way. FITZGERALD. JOHN DENNIS Class Baseball Class Basketball If fgreater were given for loving un, This lad would stand second to none. FRANK, RUTH LOUISE Social Committee Girl Reserves Tawasi Campfire Swimming Team Ruth never misses the chance, To go to a party or to ioin the dance. FUZER, MICHAEL Invitation Committee Mike is a very likable lad, In fact, girls, he is not so bad. MIDI' GALAIRDE. MARY LOUISE Ring Committee Annual Staff One of many girls so fine, ln typing she spends her time. GAVIN, BERTHA LOUISE Glee Club Ring Committee Bertha has her share of charm, A boy she would disarm. GORDON, ETHEL MAE ' Captain Ball Basketball ' Baseball This young miss is not "Small Fry," For she ranks so very high. HARSNEY, ETHEL E. Girl Reserves Class Treasurer Annual Staff Always has a joke to spare, Never has a worldly care. HENDRICKS, KATHHYN REGINA Advertising Committee Ianus Hockey Y. W. C. A. Swimming Field Ball Kathryn is a highly gal, She is one worthwhile pal. HIETALA, GERTRUDE VIOLET Social Committee Orchestra Latin Club Girl Reserves G. A. A. National Honor Society Gertrude is a beauty. Who never shirks a duty. ST HIGH IHNUS -it Page Twenty-three ll!- 009 GANOPSKY, MARY LOUISE National Honor Society An up and coming blonde, Of whom we are most fond. GENTILCORE, MARY Latin Club Glee Club When a sweet young voice you hear, Mary is probably near. I-IARSNEY, EDMUND Hi-Y Club Baseball Football Class Basketball A shining light of any class, He's a catch for any lass. HAYNES. IEWELL VERTICE Class Leader Volley Ball Baseball G. A. A. In sports, Jewell can't be beat, Holds her own in every meet. HEWLETT, DOROTHY MAE Glee Club National Honor Society A quiet girl she aims to be. Never disturbing you or me. HOLT. GLADYS MAE Debate Club National Forensic League Co-editor-in-chief Ianus Electron Club Echo Staff National Honor Society In debating. Gladys is a queen, Holds a place on the varsity eam. MEI! HOSEY. HURTIS Acappella Chorus Class Day Committee Class Basketball Class Baseball Courteous in manner, neat in dress. A handsome Clark Gable, more or less. IANNAZONE, VINCENT W. Annual Staff Class Basketball Glee Club Property Man Shop Foreman Graduation is his aim: Education is his gain. IOHNSON. ROBERT F. Annual Staff Ah! But Bob's a handsome lad, Waaer he'll make some girl glad. KRAYNIK, PAUL I. Class Basketball Football Football was his game: ln it he worked hard to win his fame. LGCIVITA, IDA MARIE Ida never has much to say, But when she does, it's in a pleasant way. LAHICCIA. CONCETTA MARY LOUISE Tardy Monitor Advertising Committee Commercial Club We know her by those sparkling eyes: In our heart memory lies. ST HIGH IHNUS +21 Page Twenty-four jg:- IIGBN-1 IANNAZONE, ELVIRA THEHESA Senior Orchestra Italian Club Senior Play As leading lady of the play. She Won her fame that day. IOHNSON. NEIL E. Hi-Y Electron Club Social Committee Photography Club Very quiet, all the while, Never too tired to give a smile. IONES, CLARA MARIE Basketball Girl Reserve Clara is a girl of worth, Bubbling over with fun and mirth. LaCIVITA, ANNA MARIE Annual Sales Committee Glee Club French Club Debating Senior Play She has a quiet way, But gets her work everyday. LARICCIA, ANTOINETTE M. Commercial Club Senior Attendant Class Day Committee She has a smile everydayg In our heart she will stay. LEONE. MARY E. Leonardo Da Vinci Glee Club Librarian As a secretary she excels And does her work very well. M1690 MAINERO. LENA Picture Committee She is always full of fun, Harm to no one has she done. MANDOLINE, VINCENZA Tarcly Duty Assembly Committee Annual Committee Stranae to say, "Vin" has never been An artist on the mandolin. MARKOVITZ. MARY BARBARA Glee Club Ticket Committee Basketball Senior Play Mary is a tiny lass: We all love to have her in our class. MAZZOCCO, SAMUEL Band Orchestra Italian Club We know Sam by his gum: With everyone he has fun. MIELY. FELIX A. Business Manager Property Man Glee Club Felix is full of vim and vigor: To learn he is always eager. MIXON, KENNETH D. Glee Club Class Basketball Earnest when he is at work: In a job he never shirks, 009 MANDOLINE. IULIUS ANTHONY Advertising Committee Football Shop Foreman Property Man Class Basketball Senior Play At the game he plays so hard, To everyone he is a "pard." MANSER, FEHRIS IOHN Class Basketball Class Baseball Ferris has a cheerful way: When he is joking, he is gay. MAZZOCCO, LEVIA P. Annual Sales Committee Glee Club Levia is a pleasant maid: Many friends has she made, MELTON, WESTINE LOUISE Girl Reserves Glee Club She always tells something funny. To keep our smiles ever sunny. MINOTTI. NELLIE ANNE Leonardo Da Vinci Invitation Committee Glee Club Nellie is a stunning lass: By her dress she shows class. MONROE, IOHN Football Field Engineer Football Fence Engineer Ring Committee Iohn is such a hel ful lad, Always smiling and-,never mad. ST HIGH IHN een- ulmv MORTELLARO. ROSE MARIE Attendance Collector Always happy, always gay, Either in work or in play. NESPECA, LOUIS Football Class Basketball Class Baseball If you are CI friend in need, Louis is a friend indeed. ORLANDO, ALICE IOSEPHINE Advertising Committee Assembly Committee Girl Reserves Tardy Monitor Alice is a sturdy girl, And is qenuine as a pearl. PALUMBO, FRANK I. Class Basketball Advertising Committee Tumbling A brilliant lad is he, And what a success he will be PEDALINE, DOMINIC Ring Committee Class Basketball Glee Club Dom is such a uiet lad fl , That he'll make very few sad. PESA, SANDHINA LUCILLE Italian Club Girl Reserves Always greeted with a smile Which can be seen for a mile. -tif Page Twenty-six Es MUCCI, VINCENT I.. Vice President of Class Band Orchestra Electron Club Class Basketball Senior Play This fine lad has wavy hairy His place no one will ever share. NICALEK, HELEN LOIS Assembly Committee Personnel Glee Club Girl Reserves Tardy Monitor A ticket here and a ticket there, And our Helen will always be there. PALLOTTA, LUCY IOSEPHINE Treasurer Monitor Absence Committee Senior Play National Honor Society Lucy is a studious lass, And has aained a hiqh place in our class. PANNO, CLARA MARIE Attendance Collector Assistant Business Manager For her dress, she is neatness, For her way, she is sweetness. PERFETTO. IOE Social Chairman Football Basketball Baseball Class Basketball Ioe is a very tall boy. And is always full of joy. PETRETIC, ROSE Electron Club French Club Class Day Committee Kind, helpful, and alert, Very sweet and very pert. EHST HIGH IHNUS 'ADI ll PETRETICH, FRANK Social Committee Electron Club Photography Club Laboratory Assistant National Honor Society When a radio needs repair Frank will be right there. PONZIO. CARI. K. Band Senior Orchestra Italian Club Senior Play National Honor Society Tall and thin, yet full of pep. And for dramatics he has a urepnf PRICE, EILEEN Girl Reserves A true friend she will be Wherever you or I may be. ROSENBLUM, SIDNEY National Honor Society Senior Orchestra Trio Club Editor Glee Club Play Cast Quite a musician is he Another Rubinoff he will be. HYLANDER, DONALD K. Football Annual Staff Hi-Y Club Personnel Committee Always interested in the game. May he win his football fame. SCHAEFFER, PAUL R. Class basketball Class Day Committee Property Man You will see him late at night, For girls and books are his delight. C99 PIZZOLA, IOHN A. Auto-Shop Crew-leader Advertising Committee Interesting as a friend, Stays with you until the end. PORCASE, VICTOR Social Committee Italian Club Class Basketball Handsome Victor has a lass, But she isn't in our class. PROTOPAPA, SAM F. Football Class Basketball Class Baseball Always something funny to say All during the long school day. RUBBO, ELEANOR M. Italian Club Glee Club Very quiet, but very gay, In her own pleasant way. SALVATORE, AMELIA Advertising Committee Girl Reserves Tennis Senior Play Happy, carefree, full of Jun, But not until her work is one. SOLOMON. JAMES L. Glee Club Annual Staff Always wanting to stud 7 Never bothering anybody. emit SOLTIS EVELYN' Class Day Committee Girl Reserves Usher for Commencement Very small is this lass, A friend of all our class, TEDDE. JULIA CLARA Librarian Girl Reserves Italian Club Who is this slim and tall Who smiles to one and to all? THOMAS, MARY AGNES Girl Reserves Usher for Commencement With her sister she competes We don't know who beats. TURNER, KATIE B. Library Assistant Girl Reserves Basketball Beinq a Girl Reserve, Her health and wealth she will preserve. VRABEL, HELEN M. National Honor Society Senior B Attendant Annual Staff Invitation Committee Latin Club Senior Play Friendly and gay In her own pleasant way. WOODS. EUGENE Glee Club Band Orchestra Although a quiet lad. He is a friend to be had. EHST HIGH IHNUS Page Twenty-eight IIS!! STEVENS. VEDA A. Italian Club Senior B Attendant Annual Staff Such a handsome lad is he: None like him could ever be. THOMAS, LUCILE THERESA Girl Reserves For her friends she has a smile And not for just a little while. TRONZO. CATHERINE E. Girl Reserves Italian Club Friendly with me, friendly with you: l think she's nice. Now don't you? TYSON. ELEANOR M. Personnel Committee Debating Glee Club Library Assistant Girl Reserves A qirl everyone knows Making friends everywhere she goes. WARY. IAMES Football French Club National Honor Society Electron Club Good in work, good in play, An all around boy in every way. EHST HIGH IHNUS Q60 WN Cl'lfL1fLCl1f'y QZCISS We, the members of the Ianuary graduating class of 1939, hereby leave to you, the faculty and students of East High, our last will and testimonal. Knowing that this is our last document, we truthfully believe that it is of everlasting importance. MARY L. ADRIANO leaves behind her wide knowledge of American History to Lois Thompson. G The headaches of ANN BALABAN are willingly bestowed upon Eve entile. Mabel Haustovich gladly accepts ROSE BERENDT'S swimming ability. VIOLET BIG wishes Katherine Chianese to take over her intricate dance steps. IEAN BRUNO wills those funny jokes and knit witty ways to Mary Wary. MARGARET BUTCH donates her virtue of patience to Iennie Strollo. VIRGINIA BUZARD leaves her sophistication to all unsophisticated fresh- men who will play the role of senior in the future. NANCY CANNATI gives Adele Emrich her plentiful supply of rouge. AMELIA CEPIN leaves her secretarial seat to Ann Miely. IOSEPHINE COLANGELO wills her notebook of neatly kept minutes and accounts to the junior A secretary coming up. PHYLLIS COLANTONE leaves her coal black hair to Iune E. Thompson. IANE COLLINS gives her tall and stately figure to Dorothy Donnan. WILMA COMSIA leaves her sewing ability along with a few thimbles to Iohn Schuller who wishes to be a bachelor. IOSEPHINE CONTI wills her library assistance to Molly Glasburg. IDA CURRY leaves her basketball talent with Cynthia Graham. ADELINE DEL OUADRI donates her books, pencils, and erasers to all who may need them. MARGARET DE PASCO leaves an empty locker along with a hundred other Senior A's. DOLORES DEXTRAS wills her neat and mild ways in home room to Elsie Hendricks. , SUSAN DIDEK leaves her future as a great stage and screen star to Alice Simpson. VIRGINIA DONOFRIO gives her baby ways to Vera Nespeca. D IEAN FRAME bequeaths her athletic ability and physique to "Honey" ibble. HELEN NICALEK leaves her dancing specialties to Betty Goldberg. h ALICE ORLANDO abandons her ticket selling job to Victoria Eossacceca. LUCY PALLOTTA, better known as Annie, leaves her dramatic ability to her sister. FRANK POLUMBO bestows upon Ioseph Baal his Winsome humor and smiling eyes. CLARA PANNO, small and petite, leaves to East High her host of friends. DOMINIC PEDALINE bequeaths his polite manners to Mike Palchelfsky. IOE PERFETTO relinquishes his football honors to the forthcoming grid- iron guards. SANDRINA PESA gives her- genial disposition to Ruth Iohnson who is capable of possessing such an honor. ROSE PETRETIC wills her idea of a six-foot-one escort to Virginia Rock. -if Page Twenty-nine fit' EHST HIGH IHNUS MGI: Ilolp FRANK PETRETICH wills his fondness for girls to Mike Esposito. P kIOHN PIZZOLA gives his shyness to a certain lad, by name, Iohnnie us as. Z CARLO PONZIO wills his growing personality to his intimate friend, foe arcom. VICTOR PORCASE sorrowfully donates his locker to his sister, Mary. EILEEN PRICE, whose name incidentally rhymes with nice, bestows upon Angela Agnesi her Winsome smile. SAM PROTOPAPA leaves his vigorous Hollywood strut to Mike Depta. SIDNEY ROSENBLUM gives his Stradivarius to a future Rubinoff of East High's Orchestra. ELEANOR RUBBO leaves an empty chair in the sewing room for her sister to occupy. DONALD RYLANDER wills his football togs to Coach Barrett. AMELIA SALVATORE bequeaths her funny expression- to Rose Mary Yannerella. G RUTH FRANK leaves her fondness for parties and gay times for Ann rady. MARY L. GALAIRDE radiates her sweetness and charm to Clare Ferguson. BERTHA GAVIN makes the gift of a home run to all the girls who are unable to make one. MARY GENTILCORE leaves Miss Phelp's brown folder to her secretary who may need it. ETHEL GORDAN abandons her wardrobe to any one who wishes to use it. MARY L. GANOFSKY casts away her unneeded height to Florence Iones. ETHEL HARSNEY gives her million dollar smile to Rose Altiere. IEWEL H.AYNES leaves her blue and gold gym outfit to the gym de- partment. KATHRYN HENDRICKS bequeaths her ability to cook doughnuts to George McClain who is searching for a recipe. D 1The dimples of DOROTHY HEWLETT are generously donated to Ruth ur ey. GERTRUDE HIETALA yields her shyness and resulting blushes to Beatrice Toby who has a real purpose for them. ROBERT IOHNSON leaves all the girls wondering Why he never fell in love. GLADYS HOLT bestows those argumentative tendencies of hers to sweet, young Mary Ann Kane. ELVIRA IANNAZONE donates a collection of neatly compiled history units to Peggy Williams to save future time. CLARA JONES leaves a choice seat in the library near the window. TONI AGNESI gives his curls and ringlets to girls who wish they had them. RICHARD ANDERSON wills his quietness to all bashful boys. DON ARMSTRONG passes to Ted Rose his good looks. WALTER BOYKO, our little man, leaves his cheer leading ability to young Daley. RICHARD CARNEVALE bequeaths his end position to Pete Fuzer. CLARENCE COX gives his unexcelled philosophy to Carl "Bainege" Bain. The basketball talent of IAMES DELPHA is entrusted to Frank Farnell. FRANK DESIMONE, our second Fred Astaire, leaves his tap dancing to Iack Mills. -'Sf Page Thirty YS'- EHST HIGH IHNUS 1400 'Ihr NICK DESIMONE, a famed sportswriter, bequeaths a sport column idea to be developed by Carl Briggs who has been patiently waiting for the job. Here's your opportunity, Carl. IOHN DICSKA leaves saying good-bye to his many friends in auto-shop. h IOHN FITZGERALD gives his freckles to Red O'Haro who really needs t em. MIKE FUZER bequeaths his notebook in printing shop to an up and coming student, Ioe DeMain. ED HARSNEY, a real baseball catcher, donates his catching mitt to Ralph Campbell. CURTIS HOSEY, a second Adolphe Menjou, leaves his latest styles of clothes to all good boys. VINCENT IANNAZONE with the heavy beard leaves it to a less fortunate fellow, Anthony Perry. NEIL IOHNSON, our Romeo and great scholar, wills these abilities to Bernard Fergus. PAUL KRAYNIK generously bestows his physical strength and Victor McLaughlin profile on his brother, Pete. ANNA M. LACIVITA gives her bright smile which won so many friends to her sister, Mary. ANTOINETTE LARICCIA leaves her place as an attendant to that beauty, Kate Heffron. IDA LACIVITA wills her quietness to Louis Chudakoff who doesn't need it particularly. MARY LEONE whispers her secret for attracting boys on the dance floor to Alicia Simpson. CONCETTA LARICCIA leaves her untidy locker to her brother Benny and hopes he will make it tidy. LENA MAINERO bequeaths that big wad of gum to Agnes "Pat" O'Dea. IULIUS MANDOLINE, property man of the cabinet shop, gives his draw- ings to Albert Tomary. VINCENZA MANDOLINE donates her amazing coiffures to her sister, Susie. PAUL SHAEFFER says that a certain lad who acts as chauffeur is wel- come to his streamlined car. IAMES SOLOMON wishes that Ruth Durley accepts his history book in Mr. Scl'1wartz's class. The many styles in clothes of EVELYN SOLTIS go to Mary Ann DeLuco. VEDA STEVENS leaves his modern technique with the girls to Carl Mariana. IULIA TEDDE departs giving sister Mary those Daisy Mae eyes. LUCILLE and MARY THOMAS, known as the "never-quarreling sisters," leave their host of friends to East High School. CATHERINE TRONZO bestows her musical talent upon Dora Mariana. KATIE TURNER leaves East High but says good-bye first. HELEN VRABEL bequeaths her come-hither winks upon Betty Welsh. ELEANOR TYSON gives her secretarial ideas to any one who is in need of them. EUGENE WOODS wills his trumpet and string bass to some future East High swingster. SAM MAZZOCCO sacrifices his bachelor ideas to Thomas Welsh. FRED ALTIERE, finest of presidents, bestows upon the future Iunior A presidents his presidential duties. Continued on Page 96 +25 Page Thirty-one R+ EQST HIGH IBN MGH 'IGTXQ Page Thirty-two EHST HIGH IHNUS ,mu ICA' 421 Page Thirty-three 134- ST IHN EH HIGH US MIODF llfoisv Vincent Corroto Alfred Esposite Harold Hoover Iohn Iackson Eugene Kaluczky Robert Keiser Ernest Mariani Frank McClain Henry Moore lane Higgins Degrees Asher Pacht Degrees: Beatrice Speirs Degrees Stanley Stiver Degrees Alfred Esposite lane Higgins Iohn Iackson Ioe Ioseph Theresa Bell Elizabeth Bond Cecelia Borovetz Matilda Chiody Iohn Iackson, Captain Anthony Asemka Karl Bain Ralph Campbell George Chops MMG OVLOVS NHTIONHL HONOR SOCIETY Asher Pacht Nick Palchefsky Paul Savarino Stanley Stiver Theresa Bell Elizabeth Bond Caroline Bossert Matilda Chiody Georgene Hall Sara Harskovitz lean Hay lane Higgins Kathryn Kacenga Alice Keiser Dorothy Nusser Pauline Opritza lean Simpson Fannie Tekushan . NHTIONHL FORENSIC LEHGUE KENT HWHRDS : Merit: Honor: Excellenceg Distinction Meritp Honorg Excellencey Distinction : Merit: I-Ionorg Excellence 1 Merit: Honor Margaret Keasey Asher Pacht Aurel Kozrna Ernest Mariani Henry Moore Nick Palchefsky Fannie Tekushan SHORTHHND EFFICIENCY HWHRDS Rachel DiI.allo Kathryn Kacenga Margaret Foltinsky Florence Paull Georgene Hall Sara Harskovitz FOOTBI-ILL LETTERMEN Mario Chianese Vincent Corroto Mary Pavone Iohn Haplea Angelo Mosco Edward Fennessey John Vanasky Ioe Ferranti BHSKETBHLL LETTERMEN Vincent Fergus Angelo Mosco if Page Thirty-four li? Arthur Malfaire Mike Perfetto EQST HIGH IHNUS MIDI' 06N fl it ef' K 11110 'Clfl,O11Cl!- ' JIUIIOI' 0014431 Students elected into the National Honor Society excel in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. They are bestowed with the greatest honor that any school may confer upon them. The Iune, l939, members elected to this society are: Fannie Tekushan, lane Higgins, Iohn Iackson, Georgene Hall, Nick Palchefsky, Asher Pacht, Ernest Mariani, Alfred Esposite, Theresa Bell, lean Simpson, Elizabeth Bond, Vincent Corroto, Harold Hoover, Caroline Bossert, Eugene Kaluczky, Matilda Chiody, Robert Keiser, Sara Harslcovitz, Frank McClain, lean Hay, Henry Moore, Kathryn Kacenga, Stanley Stiver, Alice Keiser, Paul Savarino, Dorothy Nusser, and Pauline Opritza. Page Thirty-five ll? EHST HIGH IHNUS 04160 06p K' une 0 eniov' Qfczy east Above is a picture of the Iune Class cast of "The Gay Co-Edsf' The play, Written by Marie Doran, was directed by Miss Dickey and presented to the public on May l7-l8. This play is a deliqhtful comedy in three acts depictinq school life. The characters were as follows: Cecelia Borovetz, Miss Louisa Gay: Pauline Opritza, Fairy Alleng Matilda Chiody, Nancy Potter: Caroline Bossert, Linda Batesp Fannie Tekushan, Ernestine Rossg Iane Hiqqins, Molly Kane: Ethel Dworkin, Amy Gill: lean Simpson, Bertha Moore: Ernest Mariani, Robert Mason: Asher Pacht, Skippy Tucker: Alfred Esposite, Benjamin Sternp Eugene Kaluczky, Clifford Iordanp and loseph Ferranti, Samuel. Other members of the class presented a miniature circus as a grand finale. stf Page Thirty-six fi? EQST HIGH IQNUS MEI' ABBAS, STELLA Girl Reserves Tennis French Club A very, very sensible lass, Is Stella, who would brighten any class. AMON. DORIS A. Girl Reserves Commercial Club Glee Club Always gracious, kind, and sweet, Her charming ways are hard to beat. BELFAST. ANGELO S. Italian Club French Club He rides through the air with the greatest of ease, In his Ford V-8, all the qirls he does please. BELL. ROMIE One, two, three, four, All the girls about his door. BELLINO. LENA French Club Girl Reserve Glee Club Can you blame us if we say, She will brighten every day? BODNAR, TED A sociable lad is Ted Need any more be said? -it Page Thirty-seven 06130 AMATORE, DAN Let's give a cheer for this swell lad, Whom every class doth wish they had. BAIN, KARL E. Football So very quiet is this chap, Another athlete from our class. BELL, DOMINIC Very quiet is he, But everything he does see. BELL, THERESA M. National Honor Society Electron Club Girl Reserves Here's one who's always cheer- ful and gay, She can brighten even the dreariest day. BLAKE, MILTON Pin Club Annual Advertising Com- mittee Come on everybody, smile, "Chili" does so all the while. BODNOVICH, MARY A. Girl Reserve Commercial Club Glee Club With auburn hair and eyes of brownf' A color scheme not often found. 01630 BOND, ELIZABETH M. National Honor Society Girl Reserves Program Chairman, Com- mercial Club A more pleasant person is rarely found, In the air or on the ground. BOSSERT, CAROLINE E. National Honor Society Senior Play Trio Senior Orchestra Electron Club We know that Carrie will reach the top, She'll keep climbing higher and never stop. BREEZE, JACK A dashing lad, whom the girls admire. And of him, they never tire. BHUMERT. HELEN T. Girl Reserves She never had a gloomy day. For Helen has a pleasing way. BRYANT, MAMIE French Club Basketball She'll chase away all your blues, By telling you all the news. CANN, JACK S. Italian Club Senior Orchestra Iunior Orchestra Class Basketball Class Baseball He has friends galore, And none does he bore. ST HIGH IHN fit Page Thirty-eight its 06339 BOROVETZ, CECELIA Senior Play Orchestra Sales Committee Latin Club Chorus If she is your friend, you may be proud, She's an asset to any crowd. BOWMAN, BEVERLY E. French Club Girl Reserves Glee Club Live, laugh, and sing, She does, and is happy about everything. BROWN, OPAL Girl Reserves Commercial Club Her presence is known every- where, By her personality so rare. BRUNO, TACK Italian Club Band Orchestra Tall, dark, and handsome is our Iack, He never talks behind one's back. CAMPBELL. RALPH Varsity Basketball Reserve Basketball Varsity Baseball lunior Basketball Social Committee On the basketball floor his accuracy never failed, On the street, his neatness can't be curtailed. CARANO. LUCY E. Commercial Club A very, very, charming lass, Who captures the heart of all who pass. CAE!! CARBONARO, MIKE A. Hi-Y Band Senior Orchestra Italian Club Quite a versatile musician. Mike will get far in that posi- tion. CHIANESE, MARIO I. Football President Italian Club Auto Shop Foreman Class Basketball Social Committee This lad can do anythinq, Dance, compete in athletics. even mna. CHOP. GEORGE Varsity Basketball Baseball I-Ie's as handsome as can be. This usher of such courtesy. CHRISTIS, KATHERINE Echo Staff Program Chairman, Com' mercial Club Secretary of Chorus Annual Staff You'll see her name in liaht for years, Her voice will be heard by many ears. COURY. ELIZABETH Class Basketball Commercial Club Class Volley Ball Never at a loss as to what to say. This young Miss will never stray. CULLINAN. WILLIAM A. Football A football player destined to qo far We're sure no one, his record will mar. EHST HIGH IHNUS 055-P CHAMBERS, EDWARD Italian Club Although small, you know he's there Because of his noticeable blond hair. CHIODY, MATLIDA R. National Honor Society Senior Play Social Committee Girl Reserves French Club Attractive, charminq, always neat. Her coiffure and styles can't be beat. CHOP, VERNA Commercial Club A small and friendly lass, We're surely qlad she's in our class. CORROTO. VINCENT IOSEPH National Honor Society Football Electron Club Pin Club Class Basketball When on the gridiron, an ath- lete superb, His Drowess and versatility no one will curb. COYNE. MARY CATHERINE Glee Club Girl Reserves So quiet and shy, We all wonder why. DALEY. IAMB F. Senior A Basketball Italian Club l-le never seems to have a care, Always in mischief everywhere. ST HIGH IHNUS qwll 7, DAVIS. MARY LOUISE Girl Reserves Always, always on the ao, H She will never answer "No. DAVOLIO. LAURA D. French Club Librarian Girl Reserves This lass you know is rather meek. Though not a word will she speak. DQLALLO. CARL With the maidens, he's a hit. At any task, he-'ll never quit. DQMARTINO. CARMEL Girl Reserves Italian Club Through our class she will shine. , , Because she dresses so divine. DQVITO, CHARLES I.. Italian Club Class Basketball Class Baseball He's a boy so very small, Whiz brings contentment to us a 1. DIORIO. CHRISTINA E. Commercial Club Ring and Pin Committee Glee Club If you hear a qiqqle that's up to date, You'll know its our beloved classmate. -if Page Forty 06559 DAVIS. ROBERT I. A chap whom we all know And proud of doinq so. DEASTER. THELMA P. Italian Club Basketball Glee Club We love to see Thelma qrin, To 'make her mad would be a Sln. DeLUCO. MARY ANN Commercial Club Basketball She's very sweet and what a Pal. She's always helpful when you fail. DePAUL. ANDREW A. Senior Basketball We all like to see him smile. All our hearts he does beauile. DiLALLO. RACHEL M. Commercial Club Glee Club Why does our class think she's swell, Because she does all thinqs so well. DITATA. ROSE M. Commercial Club Chorus Glee Club Curls, curls, everywhere, That's why her coiffure is so rare. ST HIGH IHNUS 065199 qfoll DURLEY. RUTH DURLEY. HUBEHT W. Latin Club Football Senior Orchestra Annual Staff Always full of conversation. He'll fill you with inspiration, DWORKIN, ETHEL Senior Play Annual Staff Echo Staff Girl Reserves French Club She's got vigor, sl-ie's aot virn. She's got somethina that will never grow dim. EVANOFF. ANNE Girl Reserves An industrious student is our Anne. Who goes to school on the half- day plan. FENNESSEY. EDWARD C. Football letterman Class Basketball Commercial Club A football player is this boy, The opposition he does annoy. FERRANTI. IOE T. Football Letterman Basketball Letterman Italian Club Class Basketball Coach Ori, all the girls who pass him Y. Joe Ferranti casts a wistful eye. FOLTINSKY. MARGARET A. Girl Reserves Latin Club Annual Picture Chairman She is happy all the while. That's the reason for her smile. -if Page Forty-one F? Girl Reserves A fine speaker is this lass, A member of the '39 class. ESPOSITE. ALFRED A. Class President National Honor Society President of Hi-Y Representative to Buckeye lBoy's State First place in Geometry at Kent Known to all is President Al, A very fine fellow and the best of a pal. FABHIZIO, PATSY Italian Club Class Basketball Annual Advertisinq Com- mittee Auto Shop Crewleader Patsy can tell many a joke So funny that you almost choke. FERCANA. ANNA MAE Class Basketball Class Volleyball Commercial Club A lovely dark-haired maiden. At a piano she outplays them. FIORE. ANTHONY W. Band Pin Club Senior Orchestra Iunior Orchestra Drum Major He's the fellow who leads the band, Twirls the baton with a twist of his hand. FORD. EDNA I. Social Chairman of Girl Reserves French Club Senior Orchestra Social Committee A very qay qirl is Edna Ford, With her you never will be bored. 1400 click. ST HIGH IHN MGM' GONDEL. RAYMOND It I' Cl b rossAc:cA. vlcronm Fgglggll U French Club Class Basketball Gtee Club Cheerleader Girl Reserves In leading the cheers, he never d tt ' l ' "V' ." rests, Xpllilllog ixrhilgnihcll Clfvilllsalwsys He cheers the football team to success. GUGLIEM. ANN GRAHAM. MORRIS gomptmercial Club ' Q h 1 . . A. gg?-,ligi Qgghgiflfg President Italian Club Band Basketball lunior High Basketball BGS6-bdll Always cheerful throuqh the dev. I wonder how he got that way. HALADAY. NICK Class Basketball Class Baseball Shop Foreman Golf comes easily to Nick. When he's in the rough, he'll never kick. HAPLEA. IOHN E. Football Basketball Shop Foreman A husky lad is "Wranqler. In football he cannot be de- terred. HAY. IEAN Girl Reserves National Honor Society Motto and Color Committee Annual Sales Committee Commercial Club An interesting person is lean Huy. Brings joy to all who come her way. HNAT. STEPHEN N. Football Baseball Steve has labored long and hard, To get a diploma, not just a card. eil Page Fortysiwo lif- A ballroom dancer is this belle. In this, we know, she does excel. HALL. GEORGENE M. National Honor Society Annual Staff, Editor Echo stuff. Co-editor Commercial Club Vice Pres- ident , Banquet Committee, Chair- man There are not many problems that she can't explain, In life, success, she is sure to attain. HAHSKOVITZ. SARA National Honor Society Echo Staff Annual Staff Commercial Club Role in Operetta, "Sun- bonnet Sue" Sara is so friendly and nice, Many friends by her are en- ticed. HIGGINS. JANE National Honor Society National Forensic League Girl Reserves Social Chairman, Electron Club President of Debating Club A masterful debater is this lass. Ranks among the highest in this class. HOLMAN. HARLEY EDWARD Football Class Basketball Glee Club Harley is a man about town. Since he got a car, he's all around. AKG!! HOOVER. HAROLD National Honor Society President of I-li-Y Electron Club Chairman Rinq and Pin Committee Pin Club Fair, handsome and tall. Its no wonder the qirls all fall. HOWLEY. GRACE D. Echo Club Publicity Chairman, Coin- mercial Club Annual Staff Class Poem Advertisina Committee A worker on the Echo Staff, Is this member of our class. HUNTER, MARY IANE Commercial Club Full of fun and mischief. Is this Senior Miss. JACKSON, IOHN S. National Honor Society Kent Scholarship Tests Football Electron Club Class Basketball "Stonewall" is our football ace, In scholarship too, he sets the pace. IAY. MARIE Girl Reserves Commercial Club Always friendly is this qtrl, An active part of our school whirl. JOLLY. GRACE M. Italian Club Commercial Club She does always live up to her name, For she's a shy and quiet dame. ST HIGH IHN sit Page Forty-three U09 HOVANEC, WILLIAM IOSEPH Vice President of Hi-Y Commercial Club Pin Club Orchestra Color and Motto Committee He is known to all as "Red," Easily known when his hat he does shed. HUNTER. BETTY Commercial Club Glee Club Girl Reserves Chorus Role in Operetta, "Sun- bonnet Sue" You can tell by one look at her face, In Scotland she would be in the right place. HYDUCK, SOPHIA R. Baseball Basketball Glee Club She's a qtrl with cr beautiful face. In a beauty contest, she'd take first place. IANKOVIC. IOE B. Shop Foreman Ioe is such a funny fellow, You laugh at mirth that is so mellow. IENKINS, LOYAL Shop Foreman In his car he rides to and fro, Loyal never walks wherever he qoes. IONES. ROBERT I. Hi-Y Secretary Commercial Club Bob's always prepared with a broad smile, For a friend, he'd walk a mile. emi' JOSEPH. IOE Kent Award Annual Staff Social Committee Banquet Committee Social Chairman, Commer- cial Club Tall, handsome, and intelligent, He fills every requirement. KALUCZKY. EUGENE C. Drum Major Band Orchestra Pin Club Echo Club Eugene is so lanky and tall, He scrapes his head when passing thru the hall. KEEPER. DONALD Band Commercial Club Social Committee Here's a lad who doesn't annoy, I He brings to his friends so very much joy. KEISER, ROBERT E. Class Treasurer Hi-Y National Honor Society Electron Club Pin Club A tennis player of whom to be proud, One of the smartest in our crowd. KOZMA, AUREL Kent Scholarship Test Aurel always likes to study, When he leaves, East, he'11 be somebody. KUNA. SOPHIE Librarian Charming and shy as can be She'll go placeswwait and see. ST HIGH IQN elf Page Forty-four 13+ 'IGM' KACENGA. KATHRYN A. National Honor Society Commercial Club Annual Staff Italian Club A giggle that's winning, Always happy, ever grinning. KEASEY. MARGARET French Club Librarian She is such a very rare sort, Friendly and a very good sport. KEISER. ALICE LOUISE National Honor Society Echo Staff Girl Reserves Commercial Club Secretary of Quill and Scroll If you do not know her, you think she is serious But really she's liable to drive you hilarious. KOSTOW, PETER l-Iere's a lad who's full of fun, One of these days for mayor he'll run. KROMAS, IRENE Commercial Club Irene is sweet as sweet can be, We all think so, so does "he," LACIVITA. MARGARET Girl Reserves Debating Club Who's this lovely little girl To all a smile she'll unfurl. GAIOII LACKEY, BESSIE Electron Club Latin Club Glee Club Librarian One of the jolltest Of our class, Shle rates hiqhest, does this ass. LEGOSH, PEARL A. Service and Social Chair- man of Girl Reserves Latin Club Drum Major Glee Club A pearl indeed is she. Lovely and popular as can be. LIGHTBODY, SELMA M. Treasurer of Girl Reserves Treasurer of Electron Club Latin Club A friendly lossy, From our "classy." LUKA. VI.-IRNA French Club Annual Committee President of French Club A blond so quiet and charm- inq, Verna is bound to be disarm- inq. MANCINI, HILDA Italian Club Commercial Club Look at that cute smile. For it the boys will walk a mile. MANTINI, SAM Commercial Club Can he help it if he's shy, And that the girls all pass him by? EEST HIGH IHNUS Page Forty-five 'IQ' LASKOVICS, FRED S. Senior Orchestra French Club Football Hididle, Fred and his fiddle, He lcaln play it and not just a " itt e." LICKNER, VIRGINIA Drum Major President of Girl Glee Club Vice President of G. A. A. Treasurer of Commercial Club Annual Staff We all love "Ginny" for her humorous ways, For if you're sad, sho'll drive your blues away. LIPPA, STEVE Kent Award His curly hair is a deliaht, To all the girls and boys in sight. MALONE, WILLIAM Wonder why he likes ice cream. And why in lsulys he's always seen. MANION, VIRGINIA M. French Club Girl Reserves She's bound to be successful, This lass whom we all care for. MARIANI. CARL M. Print Shop Secretary ln his classes he's so timid. In the halls, he is the limit. 400' MARIANI, ERNEST National Honor Society Kent Scholarship Test Pin Club Social Chairman Electron Club We know that his piano play- ing, Will make him famous far and wide. MARKOVICH, BERNADINE Commercial Club Annual Sales Committee A very charming miss, Were sure you'll all agree. MARSCH. LEONARD Italian Club Shop Secretary You always know when he's about, Because he whistles, sings, and shouts. MCCLAIN. FRANK E. National Honor Society Ring and Pin Committee Hi-Y Club Tennis Team Manager Class Basketball Quite a young man is this McClain, Of driving a car, he'll never complain. McINTYRE, ROBERT I. Hi-Y Pin Club Social Committee Football Hi-Y Basketball Tall and handsome is this lad, Who's very seldom ever sad. MILLS. IACK Pin Club Hi-Y Annual Sales Committee You know him by his dancing feet. Watching him tap is one great treat. ST HIGH IHN +35 Page Forty-six lif- B639 MARION, FRANCES M. Commercial Club Glee Club Delovely, dl' ht l, A beautiful iiigsfu MARRIE. KATHLEEN Girl Reserves French Club D9 you know this lass, 'lnats so prominent in our class? MASTERS, EARL Basketball Hi-Y Football He will surely bring you joy, For he is one jolly nice boy. MCELROY, CHRISTINE Girl Reserves Glee Club If YOU give her cr candy bar, You will be her guiding star. MILLER. MICHAEL Italian Club Mike will never, never speak, Oh, so quiet, and oh, so meek. MOORE. HENRY National Honor Society Kent Scholarship Test Pin Club Electron Club Annual Staff He ranks high in all his studies, With the teachers and his buddies. EHST HIGH IHNUS IM' Q-4100 MOSCO, ANGELO A. Eooifmig ii l BZZQEQ1? unison. wu.uAM We'll all miss him when he's Of ,the CTODI h9'S 14119 -Cream, gone' We ll always hold him in hiah Of this boy we're all so fond. NESPECA, ANTHONY I. Hi-Y Vice-President Italian Club His styles are always up to date, He's one popular classmate, NUSSER. ROSE Wits her lauah she attracts us U 1 Then seniors like her-one and a . 0'NEIL, MARGARET M. Girl Reserves Commercial Club Full of life and pep is she, That, 'm sure you all can see. ORLANDO. NICK P. Ten years hence what will he be? Guess we better wait and see. PALCHEFSKY, NICK National Honor Society Kent Scholarship Test Annual Sales Committee Pin Club I-le'll break into the headlines with a splash, This very acquatic member of our class. get Page Forty-seven 9SlE6m. NUSSEH. DOROTHY I.. National Honor Society Girl Reserves Girls Athletic Association Commercial Club Her curls aplenty attract the eye, We all know sho'll qualify. OLIVER. WILLIAM He makes friends wherever he goes, 'l'his popular chap whom every- one knows. OPRITZA, PAULINE National Honor Society Girl Reserves Electron Club Secretary of French Club President of Chorus A sweet and lovely voice has she, A Metropolitan star she's bound to be. PACHT, ASHER National Honor Society National Forensic Leaaue Kent Scholarship Tests Annual Sales Manager Pin Club One of these days you'll hear his name, When he's a lawyer and achieves great fame. PALLOTTA. IULIA L. Commercial Club Italian Club Lovely and charming, Quiet but disarming. urea: PARKER, EUNICE Girl Reserves French Club Spreadinq sunshine here cmd there, Doings things with utmost care. PAULL. FLORENCE Girl Reserves A grand friend in case of need, You'll find her quite a friend indeed., PECHALK, IOE A. What will we do when loe departs, For he's the beat of many hearts. PERKINS, ARTHUR Arthur Perkins is not a chump, When a pretty qirl passes he's sure to jump. PLEVNIAK, GEORGE A. George is such a quiet lad, He never gets anyone "mad." PONZIO, ANTHONY T. ViceAPresident of Class Band Orchestra Commercial Club Business Manaqer of Senior Orchestra Tony never minds the cold or heat, In school he always looks fresh and neat. liek, PASCARELLA, GENEVIEVE R. Commercial Club Glee Club Girl Reserves She's a popular Senior Miss, There's always fun wherever she is. PAVONE, MARY Girl Reserves Ring and Pin Committee Electron Club Look about you and you'l1 see few Who equals Mary, a qirl that's true. PERFETTO, MIKE Reserve Basketball French Club He's pretty swell, we all agree, He's one good friend you all can see. PETRUZZI, FRANK D. Always smiling, never sad, This swell boy who makes everyone glad. POLITO, MARY Mary is a quiet qirl, Big brown eyes, and darkish curls. PRITCHARD, WILLIAM D. Class Basketball Always running to and fro, But he never seems to want to grow. 1-460 PUGLIESE. FRANK F. Iunior and Senior Orchestra Italian Club A happy person all the while, He will surely make you smile. REDA. MARIO E. Pin Club We'd like to keep him by our side. By his honorable record he'll abide. RONDINELLI. ISABELL M. Commercial Club She is just a tiny lass, One of the smallest in our class. SAROCKA. ANNE Senior Orchestra Secretary Commercial Club What would we do without our Anne, Who helps us all when ever she can. SAVARINO. PAUL National Honor Society Secretary of Pin Club Commercial Club Italian Club Hi-Y Club A perfect bookkeeper he shall be, He knows transactions from A to Z. SHULICK. MARGARET M. Band Commercial Club Glee Club She always has a certain air, That makes people stop and stare. ST HIGH IHN elf Page Forty-nine lie 'IGN PUSKAH. MICHAEL S. First to attract the eye is his hair, While all the girls siqh in despair. HENALDI, FANNIE A. Commercial Club NWGYS worrying about that test, Isnxhgeger grades are among HUGO, LOUIS Treasurer of French Club SO quiet, you rarely know he's about. A student who is one good scout." SAULINO, MADELYN M. Girl Reserves French Club Italian Club Chorus Girls Glee Club With' a voice that's ultra-sweet, Here s a girl you ought to meet. SCAHILI., AGNES Girl Reserves Commercial Club History is the joy of her life, She oets through without much strife. SIEMBIDA. CHARLOTTE T. Commercial Club Her clothes and hair are al- ways neat, She's charming with all whom she may meet. 0460 SIEMBIDA. WANDA Commercial Club Here's one girl who dresses neat. Her taste in clothes can't be beat. SMITH. ROBERT I. Auto Shop Foreman Football Basketball Oh so quiet and oh so shy, Whenever Bob is passing by. SPURIO, IOE A. Football Commercial Club Basketball There's something about him. That makes everyone like him. STOLLO. EULO Commercial Club Crewleader Did you ever hear him say a word, Always seen, but never heard. TAUHO. MARIE G. Italian Club Commercial Club A shining light amid our class, A character as clear as glass. THOMAS, SADIE S. French Club Commercial Club Chorus Girl's Glee Club Librarian If your book is overdue, She will always look for you ST HIGH IHNUS SEI Page Fifty agp SIMPSON, IEAN E. Editor of Echo National Honor Society Drum Major Annual Staff Senior Play Look deep into her eyes of blue, And you'll see a friend that's true. SPIERS. BEATHICE M. Girl Reserves Debating Club Latin Club Always time for a joke or two, She can always entertain you. STIVER, STANLEY I.. National Honor Society National Forensic League President of Ouill and Scroll President of Commercial Club Hi-Y Club We'll remember Stan for his winning ways, And the perfect student he portrays. SUMMERS, MARY LOUISE French Club Italian Club Girl Reserves Echo Staff Glee Club Her kingdom for a stick of gum. If you have any, give her some. TEKUSHAN, FANNIE Class Secretary Secretary of Electron Club Treasurer of Girl Reserves Kent Scholastic Test National Honor Society She'll succeed in life's hard game. 'Cause she tries hard to reach her aim. TRINGHESE. ANTHONY D. Italian Club Basketball Stringy is a friend to all. Whoualways hears his duty's ca . MIDI' vmwxsxnv. roi-m Football Wonder why he's so tall. ls it because he plays foot- ball? VEHGALITTE, MARY Commercial Club This quiet Miss is quite petite, Knowing her is one big treat. WALSH, CATHERINE E. When you see a fluff of red hair, You'll know Kitty is here or there. ZITTO. CONCENTINE Commercial Club She and Iolly make a cute pair, To separate them would be quite unfair. ST HIGH IHN if Page Fifty-one E+ 'IQ' VARIE, CLARA A. Commercial Club Glee Club Picture Committee Gir1's Athletic Association Whoever she's with, wherever she goes, We'll always be proud of her artful pose. VICAREL. IOE loe's at home on the basket' ball floor, Whenever he plays, he'll al- ways score. YARASCHAK, MARGARET Librarian This lovely lady who's not so tall Has very nice ways that win us all. EH ST HIGH IHNUS 0453 IIGBN' isifory ojfgmfle Qlass Entered East High School ..... Organization of Class. . . First Dance. . Weiner Roast ..... Private Party .... Senior Dance. . . . . Senior Party. . . . Senior Dance ..... Senior Play .... Senior Prom ..... Baccalaureate ..... Banquet ....... Class Day ...... Commencement ..... . . . . .Ianuary, 1935 ..................Pebruary16, 1938 . . . . . . . . .April 22, 1938-Youngstown College .. . . .Iune 2, 1938-Slippery Rock, Mill Creek Park . . .November 15, 1938-Ward's Hall ................February25, 1939 . . . .March 24, 1939-East High School . . . .April 28, 1939-Nu-Elms Ballroom . . . .May 17, 1939-East High School . . . . . .Iune 2, 1939-Nu-Elms Balllroom . . . . .lune 11, 1939-East High Auditorium .. . . . . . . . . . . . .Iune 13, 1939-Mansion ...........Iune14, 1939 . . . . .lune 15, 1939 +3 Page Fifty-two 111+ EHST HIGH IHNUS 'KW lm T S GS l GRACE HOWLEY GEORGENE HALL ABBAS, STELLA Nickname-Stell Hobby-Eating apples Career-Radio commentator Bequest-One of her shoe- strings AMATORE, DANIH, N ickname--Danny Hobby-Silence? Career-Accountant Bequest-Bookkeeping ability AMON, DORIS Nickname-"Dotty" Hobby-Chewing gum Career-Dress designer Bequest-Wad of gum ASEMKA, ANTHONY Nickname-Tony Hobby-Football Career-Proofreader Bequest-Suits of armors to the team BAIN, KARL Nickname-"Barky" Hobby-Football Career-Wrestler Bequest-His position on the team BELFAST, ANGELO Nickname-"Ang" Hobby-Gathering shoe- strings Career-Sweeper demon- trator Bequest-His car de-luxe BHJ., DOMINIC Nickname-Dom Hobby-Collecting snowflakes Career-Philanthropist Bequest-His last name to the school BELL, ROMIE Nickname-"Gates" Hobby-Shutting doors Career-A doorman Bequest-History book BELL. THER A Nickname-Therese Hobby-Collecting dolls Career-Putting faces on baby dolls Bequest-Pretty face BELLINO, LENA Nickname-Len Hobby-Setting hair Career-Registered nurse Bequest-Friendliness BLAKE, MILTON Nickname-Chill Hobby--Printing Career-Editor Bequest-Quietness BODNAR, TED Nickname-"Katz" Hobby-Eating peanuts Career-Chemist Bequest-An ash tray to the study halls BODNOVICH, MARY Nickname-"Red" Hobby-Selecting collars Career-Floor-walker Bequest-Beautiful eyes BOND, ELIZABETH Nickname-Betsy Hobby-Swimming Career-Dean of Vassar Bequest-Charm and per- sonality BOROVETZ, CECELIA Nickname-Cel Hobby-Acting Career-Movie actress Bequest-Pretty clothes BOSSERT, CAROLINE Nickname-"Carrie" Hobby-Playing piano Career-Teacher Bequest-Pretty smile BOWMAN, BEV LY Nickname-"Bev" Hobby-Giggling Career-Cook Bequest-Attractive ash blond hair BR E. IACK Nickname-"Windy" Hobby-Girls Career-Actor Bequest-Tact BROWN, OPAL Nickname-"Ops" Hobby-Collecting spoons Career-Southern "Belle" Bequest-Drawl BRUMERT, HELEN Nickname-"Cuddles" Hobby-Dancing Career-Shoe designer Bequest-Her latest skull cap BRYANT, MAMIE Nickname-"Yancy" Hobby-Playing with rub- ber bands Career-Hotel matron Bequest-Knowledge in English CAMPBELL, RALPH Nickname-Handsome Hobby-Walking pretty girls home Career-Traveling sales- man Bequest-Slow walking if-f Page Fifty-three li' ZL1, VVL8 SARAH HARSKOVITZ STANLEY STIVER CANN, IAC! Nickname-"Flops" Hobby-Catching fishing worms Career-Submarine pilot Bequest-Those handsome looks CARANO, LUCILLE Nickname-"Lucy" Hobby-Analyzing fossils Career-Naturalist Bequest-Peaches and cream complexion CARBONARO, MIKE Nickname-Maestro Hobby-Playing violin Career-Prominent violinist Bequest-Handsomeness CHIANBE, MARIO Nickname-Rio Hobby-Dancing Career-"Fred Astaire" Bequest-His style of Lambeth Walk CHAMBERS, EDWARD Nickname-"Ed" Hobby-Wearing bright sweaters Career-W. P. A. foreman Bequest--Ability as an economist CHIODY, MATILDA Nickname-Leila Hobby--Dancing Career-Steno. in insur- ance ofgce Belguest- bility to speak rench CHOP, GEORGE Nickname-"Chops" Hobby-Ushering Career--Second Clark Gable Bequest-Flashlight CHOP, VERNA Nickname-"Chop-sie" Hobby-Collecting people's pens Career-Professional ball player Bequest-Her white hair ribbon CHRISTIS, KATHERINE Nickname-Kay Hobby-Singing Career-Metropolitan star Bequest-Perfect coiffure CORROTO, VINCENT Nickname-Vince Hobby-Football Career-Professional foot- ball pla er Bequest-guarterback posi- tion on team E131 ST HIGH IHNUS MIDI' uma JIS COURY, ELIZABETH Nickname-Libby Hobby-Sewing Career-Seamstress Bequest-Talking ability COYNE, MARY CATHERINE Nickname-Penny Hobby-History Career-History teacher Bequest-Little lamb CULLINAN, WILLIAM Nickname--Bill Hobby-Monitor Career-Insurance man Bequest-Smile DALEY, IAMES Nickname-I im Hobby-Singing Career-"Ice enner" Bequest-Devilishness DAVIS, MARY LOUISE Nickname-"Peanuts" Hobby-Candid camera shots Career-Nursemaid Bequest-lacks and ball to the gym DAVIS. ROBERT Nickname-' 'Bob' ' Hobby-Reading "Hamlet" Career-Second Shake- spears Bequest-Acting ability DAVOLIO, LAURA Nickname-Lorry Hobby-Roller skating Career-Second Sonia l-lenie Bequest-Skates DEASTER. THELMA Nickname-Pam Hobby-Working in cafe- teria Career-Dish washer Bequest-Dishpan DELALLO. CARL Nickname-"Tipps" Hobby-Shining silver Career-Jeweler Begluest-A swing band to ei homerooms in the au . DEUCO. MARY ANN Nickname-Mary Hobby-Collects patterns Career-Dress designer Bequest-Sewing machine DEMARTINO, CARMEL Nickname-"Muggs" Hobby-Iibing people Career-Authority on etiquette Begluest-Her first :name to t e cafeteria 'LS 8 'LVVLS DEPAUL. ANDREW Nickname-"Andy" Hobb -Testing various per?umes Career-Bass singer Bequest--A fountain in front of the school DE VITO. CHARLES Nickname-"Chuck" Hobby-Studying chemis- try terms Career-Iudge of the Court of Domestic Relations Bequest-His quietness DI LALLO, RACHEL Nickname-Ray Hobby-Studying Career-PerI-:ect secretary Bequest-Sc olastic ability DIORIO, CHRISTINE Nickname-Tina Hobby-Baking cakes Career-Housewife Bequest-The object of her affections DITATA, ROSE Nickname-Rose Marie Hobby-Screaming Career-Professional screamer in movies Bequest-Pretty black hair DURLEY. HUBERT Nickname-"Bert" Hobby-Collecting buttons Career-inventive genius Bequest-A ballroom to East High School DURLEY, RUTH Nickname-Ruthie Hobby-Getting A's Career-Radio news com- mentator Bequest-Pleasant voice to any needy student DWORKIN. ETHEL Nickname-"Dworky" Hobby-Iournalism Careers-Advertising Manager Bequest-Ads in Echo ESPOSITE, ALFRED Nickname-' 'Al" Hobby-Dancing Career-Poet Bequest-Class President EVANOFF, ANNE Nickname-' 'Snooks" Hobby-Skating Career-Beautician Bequest-Hair dress FABRIZIO, PATSY Nickname--Buck Hobby-Roller skating Career-Auto mechanic Bequest-English -IQ Page Fifty-four fill- FENNESSEY, EDWARD Nickname-"Scotty" Hobby-Football Career-Cartoonist Bequest-Popularity with the girls FERCANA. ANNA MAE Nickname-lust Anna Mae Hobby-Drawing pictures Career-Cartoonist Bequest-Pageboy bob FERRANTI. IOE Nickname-"Girl" Hobby-Singing Career--Crooning Bscgiest-Salesmanship a ility FIORE, ANTHONY Nickname-"Tony" Hobby-Drum major Career-Test-pilot Bequest-His baton FOLTINSKY, MARGARET Nickname-Peggy Hobby-Driving Career-Chauffeuse Bequest-Position of help- ing Mr. Leyda in home- room FORD. EDNA Nickname-' 'Eddie" Hobby-Talking Career-Manager of Escort Business Bequest-Convincing attitude FOSSACECA, VICTORIA Nickname-Vicky Hobby-Monitor Career-Policewoman Bequest-Popularity GONDEL. RAYMOND Nickname--Ray Hobby-Cheerleading Career-Principal Bequest-Intellect GRAHAM. MORRIS Nickname-Zette Hobby-Leading a swing band Career-Second Cab Callo- way Beauest-His height to ike Deptha GUGLIEM. ANNA Nickname--"Gug" Hobby-Winding clocks Career-I-lat designer Bequest-Her small feet HALADAY, NICK Nickname-"Curly" Hobby-Reading the works of Milton Career-Contractor Bequest-Curly hair EHST HIGH IHNUS -ml 'W 13ZZS..e HALL. GEORGENE MAE Nickname-Gene Hobby-Working cross- word puzzles Career-Welfare worker' Beguest-Seat in Iournalzsm lass HAPLEA. IOHN Nickname-Wrangler Hobby-Football Career-"Maxwell" manu- facturer Bequest-Vocal esteem HARSKOVITZ. SARA IRENE Nickname-Sari Hobby-Tennis Career-Iournalist Bequest-Willingness to participate HAY. IRAN Nickname-Ieanie Hobby-sports Career- xpist Bequest- ctivity HIGGINS. IANE Nickname--Idnie I-IobbY-Debating Career-Tap dancer Bequest-Brilliancy HNAT. STEPHEN Nickname-"Steve" Hobby-Playing marbles Career-Winning cham- pionships I Bequest-His lunch period to some hungry Iunior B HOLMAN. HARLEY Nickname-"Maps" I-lobby-Preparing English assignments I Career-Leader of a Swing Band Bequest-His left shoe and sock I-IOOVER, HAROLD Nickname-"Hal" Hobby-Tennis Career-Future Bill Tllden Beggtest-I-Iis chemistry illty HOVANEC. WILLIAM Nickname-Dukie Hobby--Sleeping Career-Mission work Bequest-Red hair to Wil- liam Shaffer I-IOWLEY. GRACE DOLOR Nickname-Gracious Hobby-Chewing gum Career-Margaret Mit- chell II Bequest-Ability to write poems and stories HUNTER, BETTY Nickname-Babs Hobby-Dancing Career-Housewife Bequest-Secretiveness 'LS 88 -- Hurrrm, MARY JANE Nickname-"Toots" Hobby-Talking Career-Future Walter Win- che11 Bequest-Seat in homeroom HYDUCK, SOPHIE Nickname-"Ducky" Hobby-Dancing Career-Manicurist Bequest-Perfect hair dress IACKSON. IOHN Nickname-"Stonewall" Hobby-Making A's Career-Football coach Bequest-Place in high honor roll IANKOVICH, IOE Nickname-"Yank" Hobby-Book reports Career-Hotel manager Bequest-A thermometer to the boiler room IAY. MARIE Nickname-"Beans" Hobby-Eating hot-dogs Career-Housewife Beguest-All her green resse IENKINS, LOYAI. Nickname-"Old Faithful" Hobby-Skipping Career-Nightwatchman in cemeteni Bequest- oyal name IOLLY, GRACE MARIE Nickname-lay Hobby-Waitress Career-Model Bequest-Demure ways ION . ROBERT Nickname-"Bob" Hobby-Cutting out paper dolls Career-Tobacco auctioneer Beguest-Vacancy in the i-Y Club IOSEPI-L IOSEPH M. Nickname-"Doc" Hobby-Defining words Career-Historian Bequest-Vocabulary IULIUS. ANTHONY Nickname-"Lightning" Hobby-Cutting hair Career-Barber Bequest-His sociology book KACENGA. KATHRYN Nickname-"Kult" Hobby-Roller s ating Career-Telephone operator Bequest-Her comb and mirror KALUCZKY, EUGENE Nickname-Gene Hobby-Growing Career-Ceiling washer Bequest-Baton -'Sf Page Fifty-five 130- ima KEASEY, MARGARET Nickname-Margie Hobby-Having fun in homeroom Career-Author of books on "How to Make Your Party a Success" Bequest-Monocle KEEPER, DONAID Nickname-Donald Duck Hobby-Singing Career-An Enrico Caruso Bequest-Contagious laugh KEISER, ALICE Nickname-Lady Alice Hobby-Keeiing u ood name of eiser famay Career-Kindergarten teacher Bequest-Iollity KEISER, ROBERT Nickname-Bob Hobby-Tennis Career-Organizer of pin clubs throughout United States Becgaest-Tennis Champion- s ip KLASE, KENNETH Nickname-Kenny Hobby-Dancing Career-Screen ancer Bequest-An elevator to the third floor KOSTOW. PETER Nickname-Pete Hobby-Telling jokes Career-Comedian . KOZMA. AUREI. Nickname-lust plain Aurel Hobby-Studying diligently to achieve success Career-President of United States Bequest-Books KROMAS. IRENE Nickname-Rene Hobby-Reading dictionary Career-Secretary Informa- tion Bureau Bequest-Pretty voice KUNA, SOPHIE Nickname-"Soph" Hobby-Reciting poetry Career-Homemaker Beqluest-A lock of her bond hair LACKEY. BBSIE Nickname-"Bess" LA Hobby-Translatin Latin Career-Teacher o? ethics Belgulest-Her seat in study a CIVITA. MARGARET Nickname-"Peggy" Hobby-Calesthenics Career-Professional golfer Bequest-A needle to te sewing class E111 Mill ,Zis- LASKOVICS, FRED Nickname--"Blondie" Hobby-Auto mechanics Career-Six day bicycle rider Bequest--His car pushing ability LEGOSH, PEARL Nickname-Blondie Hobby-Gabbing Career-Stag? star Bequeaths- er popularity LICKNER. VIRGINIA Nickname-Ginny Hobby-Drum majoring Career-To be a career girl Bequeaths-Her fighting ability LIGHTBODY, SELMA Nickname-' 'Sa" ' Hobby-Chemistry experi- ments Career-Nurse Bequeaths-Quietness LIPPA, STEVE Nickname-"Pa" Hobby-Winning arguments hau eur Career-C ff Bequest-One sheet of paper LUKA, VERNA Nickname-"Lady" Hobby-Working Algebra pro lems Career-Elevator girl Bequest-Her ability in mathematics MALONE, WILLIAM Nickname-"Bill" Hobby-Playing solitaire Career-Interior decorator Bequest-A stop-light for the hall during class change MANCINI, HILDA Nickname-"Bonny" Hobby-Deciphering shorthand Career-Gym teacher Bequeaths-Gym locker MANION, VIRGINIA Nickname-"Gin" Hobby-Roller skating Career-Nurse Bequeaths-Her charming bracelets MANTINI. SAM Nickname-"Doc" Hobby-String tricks Career--Bookkeeper Bequeaths-Sense of humor MARIANI, ERNEST Nickname-Ernie Hobby-Lambeth Walk Career-Orchestra Leader Bequeaths-His social chair- man position ST HIGH IHNUS MARIANI, CARL Nickname-"Gunga Din" Hobby-Catching June bugs Career-Printer Bequest-A calendar to the history class MARION, FRANCES Nickname-"Fran" I-lobby--Walking around blocks Career-Miss Ohio Bequest-Pleasing ways MARKOVICH. BERNADINE Nickname-Bernie Hobby-BOYS , Career-A home fJ11'1 Bequest-Her time between two boy friends MARRIE. KATHLEEN Nickname-"KaihY" Hobby-Fryinq flsh Career-Chapefon Bequest-Her permanent seat in assembly MARSCH, LEONARD Nickname-Lermtl Hobby-Sinqmq Career-Printer Bequest-Aloofness MASTERS, EARL Nickname-Sonny Hobby-Football Career-Ballet dancer I Bequest-His cultured voice McCLAIN, I-'RANK Nickname-"Frankie" Hobby-Selling radios Career-Movie Romeo Bequest-Handsomeness McELROY, CHRISTINE Nickname-"Chri Hobby-Coming late to 1 su cass Career-Window disP1CY manager Bequest-All her school books MCINTYRE, ROBERT Nickname-Mac Hobby-Flying Career-Aviator . Bequest-Locker on third floor MILLER, MICHAEL Nickname-"Mike" Hobby-Walking Her home Career-Perfect bachelor Bequest-His polka-dot socks MILLS, IACK Nickname-"Ducky" Hobby-Dancing Career-Second Fred Astaire Bequest-Nice name MOORE, HENRY Nickname-"Heppy" Hobby-His sense of humor Career-Harry Ritz Bequest-Freckles +24 Page Fifty-six Rf 'IOM' 18 CS -- X l1flfLS Mosco. Amana Nickname-"Scow" Hobby-Walking in the rain Career-Song writer Bequest-A love bug to the biology class NELSON, WILLIAM Nickname-"Bill" Hobby-Recitmg in class Career-Theater manager Bequest-Grand personality NESPECA, ANTHONY Nickname-"Tony" Hobby-Striped neckties Career-Scientific agricul- turist Bequest-Flashy clothes NUSSER. DOROTHY Nickname-Dottie Hobby-Tennis Career-Gym instructor Bequest-Her place on the honor roll NUSSER, ROSE Nickname-Nussie Hobby-Giggling Career-Beautician Bequest-Her clever hair styles OLIVE. WILLIE Nickname-Ollie Hobby-Studying English Career-Professional actor Bequest-Height to a needy freshman O'NEIL, MARGARET Nickname--Peggy Hobby-Singing in the dark Career-Expert cook and baker Bequest-Her song knowl- edge OPRITZA, PAULINE Nickname-Pretzel Hobby-Opera singer Career-Carnegie Hall Bequest-Pretty eyes ORLANDO, NICK Nickname-"Ducky" Hobby-Washing windows Career-Tobacco auctioneer Bequest-A rocking chair to the Library PACHT. ASHER N ickname-Roger Career-Senator Hobby-Debating Bequest- Smile PALCHEFSKY, NICK Nickname--"Uncle" Hobby-Swimming Career-Life Guard Bequest-Everything to brother Mike EH ST HIGH Il-IN US 100 U0-P Wilt PALLOTTA. IULIA Nickname-"Jul" Hobby-Studying that Italian lesson Caeiaer-Helping Santa s au Bequest-Her smallness PANTLONI. MARIO Nickname--"Mose" l-Iobbyf-Sleeping Career-Screen censor Beguest-Swimming pool to dst PAPAGAGNA. WILLIAM Nickname-"Pap" Hobby-Boxing Career-Fireman Bequest--A clock to every room in the building PARKER. EUNICE Nickname-"Uny" Hobby-Studying history Career-Nurse Bequest--Her responses PASCARELLA. GENEVIEVE Nickname-"Jenny" Hobby-Reciting poetry Career-First lady president Bequest-Her lock combina- tion PAUI-L FLORENCE Nickname-Flo Hobby-Guessing middle names Career-Head dietitian Bequest-Her petite ways PAVONE. MARY Nickname-Twinkle toes Hobby-Acting cute Career-Head of a personal escort bureau Bequest--Demureness PECHALK. IOE Nickname-"Peck" Hobb -Collecting belt buclcles Career-Progrietor of an antique s oppe Bequest-Five additional minutes to each class change PERFEITO. MIKE Nickname-"Pro" Hobby-Wearing attractive sweaters Career-Florist Bequest-An alarm clock to room 212 PERKINS. ARTHUR Nickname-"Arty" Hobby--Drinking pop Career-Dentist Bequest-His charming per- sonality PETRUZZI. FRANK Nickname-"Buzz" Hobby--Eating hamburgers Career-Butcher Bequest-One hinae to the door of the library 'LS 88- PHILIBIN. EDWARD Nickname-"Ed" Hobby-Reading fan mail Career-Sociologist Bequest-An extra light bulb to the cafeteria PLEVNIAK. GEORGE Nickname-' 'Lean' ' Hobby-Sharpening pencils Career-Explorer Bequest-Roller skates for all students of E. H. S. for class exchange. POLITO. MARY Nickname-"Sunny" Hobby-Collecting ear-rings Career-Stewardess Bequest-An extra step up to the last flight of stairs PONZIO, ANTHONY Nickname--"Tee" Hobby-Playing a mean Clarinet Career-Manager of Escort Bureau Bequest--Role of Hamlet PRITCHARD, WILLIAM Nickname-"Cupie" Hobby-Collecting grass- hoppers Career--Bus driver Bequest-His vest buttons PUGLI E. FRANK Nickname-"Butch" Hobby-Intense study of English Career-Author and poet Bequest-Catchy laugh PUSKAR. MIKE Nickname-"Lefty" Hobby-Making X-rays Career-lnterne Bequest-His last name to the auto shop REDA. MARIO Nickname-"Cuts" Hobby-Following Tissie Lish's recipes Career-Dietitian Bequest-Traffic laws for the halls. RENALDI, FANNIE Nickname-Fay Hobby--Day-dreaming Career-Bookkeeper Bequest-A sheet of paper to the bookstore RONDINELLI, ISABEL Nickname-"Izzie" Hobby-Public speaking Career-Typist Bequest-Humorous com- ments ROYSTER, FANNIE LOU Nickname-"Ray" Hobby-Making snow balls Career-Window trimmer Bequest-Waitresses for ev- ery table in the cafeteria -'Et Page Fifty-seven law 1: 1f1flS RUGO. LOUIS gitilcknamg-"Louie" dl o y- ein ren Career-Modgl lol magazine cover Bequest-Blond hair and blue eyes SAROCKA. ANN Nickname-"Budclie" Hobby-Reading comics Career-Hair style model Bequest-Golden locks SAULINO. MADALINE Nickname-"Lina" Hobby-Singing Career-Blues Singer Bequest-Page-boy bob SAVARINO. PAUL Nickname-Handsome Hobby-Making the honor roll Career-Public auditor Bequest-Outstanding abil- ity in bookkeeping SCAHILI., AGNB Nickname-Aggie Hobby-Collecting teachers' pictures Career-Manager of dog show Bequest-Fondness for studying SEDZMAK, ANDREW Nickname-Andy Hobby-Collecting teachers' baby pictures Career-Radio announcer Bequest-Valets for the students SHULICK. MARGARET Nickname-"Peg" Hobby-Playing a drum Coaeer-Playing with Rita o Bequest-Unusual popularity SIEMBIDA. CHARLOTTE Nickname-Charlie Hobby-Following sister, Wanda Career-Detective Bequest-Pretty clothes SIEMBIDA. WANDA Nickname-Wan Hobby-Taking care of sis- ter Charlotte Career-Companion for wealthy dowager Bequest-Love for Charlotte SIMPSON, IEAN Nickname-"Ieannie" HobbY-lournaltsm Career-Model Beauest-Editorship of the Echo SMITH, ROBERT Nickname-"Smitty" Hobby-Saving pennies Career-C. P. A. Beauest-Hts five-dollar ford EHST HIGH IHN JL SPIERS. BI-ZATRICE Nickname-"Scotty" Hobby-Telling jokes Career-Humorist Bequest--Brilliant personal- ity SPURIO. ICE Nickname--"Dimaq" Hobby-Collecting phone numbers Career-Contortionist Bequest-Radio for every room in the school STROLLO. EUI-O Nickname--"Lolo" Hobby-Delivering orders Career-Groceryman Bequest-Standing in his- tory class SUMMERS, MARY LOUISE Nickname-"Lou" Hobby-Dancing Career-A Nursemaid Bequest--Her many com- pacts SWEENEY, RICHARD Nickname-"Casey" Hobby:--Looking through boo s Career-To be a mechanic Bequest-Broad shoulders STIVER. STANLEY Nickname-"Stan" Hobby-Gathering scoops Career-Journalist Bequest-His ability as a master of ceremonies TAURO. MARIE Nickname-"Maggie" Hobby--Studying shorthand Career-Sales lady Bequest-Winsome smile WHS QS.. TEKUSHAN, mum: Nickname-"Babe" Hobby-Hockey Career-Teacher Beciuest-The position of cass secretary THOMAS. SADIE Nickname--' 'Timmy' ' Hobby-Selecting attractive buttons Career-Librarian Bequest-Job of collecting overdue books TRINGHENBE, ANTHONY Nickname-"Stringy" Hobby-Pulling cats' tails Career-Bank cashier Bequest-Confection stand in room 214 TURNER. IOHNSIE LEE Nickname-"Lee" Hobby--Sewing doll clothes Career-Raising turnips Bequest-Upholstery for the seats in the school VANASKY, IOHN Nickname-"Shrimp" Hobby-Playing football Career-Sociologist Bequest-His blonde hair VARIE, CLARA Nickname--"Rarie" Hobby-Asking questions Career-Beauty operator Bequest--A fraternity house to East High School VERGALITTE. MARY Nickname-"May" Hobby-Playing hide and seek Career-Stenographer Bequest--Quiet way -if Page Fifty-eight li'- 06519 7:1flfl S VASSOS, IAMI3 Nickname-"Ozzie" Hobby-Saving lobster legs Career-Baker Bequest-A robot to the science classes VICAREI., IOE Nickname-"Vacky" Hobby-Collecting menus Career-Cartoonist Bequest-One eye tooth to the boys' hygiene classes WALSH, CATHERINE Nickname-"Kay" Hobby-Home economics Career-Dietitian Bequest-Pleasing ways WARREN. ROBERT Nickname-"Bob" Hobby-Collecting white mice Career--Pilot Bequest-His height YARASCHAK. MARGARET Nicknamee"Gags" Hobby-Reading the comics Career-Tennis player Bequest-A bouquet to the office ZITTO. CONCENTINE Nickname-"Connie" Hobby-Wearing pretty dresses Career-Worker at candy counter Bequest-Shyness EHST HIGH IQNUS 04160 Ugg, x pefzfeffcz, Cn March 29, the Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs together with the Chorus, presented their annual Spring operetta, "Sunbonnet Sue." The cast included Pauline Opritza, Ioe Groh, Rachel Libert, Iohn Masters, Betty Hunter, Angelo Mavrigian, Sara Harskovitz, Ptobert Harding, Madeline Saulino, Angeline Vagnozzi, William Haggerty, Mary Ella Sheppard, Peter Zarconi, Minnie Manna, Charlotte Zapotocky, Katharine Christis. Miss Mildred Snyder and Mr. A. I. Whitaker were the directors. iii Page Sixty 1539 EHST HIGH IPLNUS 0400 nem- feclro lf? Q!! I A The East High Electron Club is known as Chapter number l2 in Ohio, affiliated with the Student Science Clubs of America. lts aim is, first, to carry on in an organized manner the study of chemistry: and second, to create and develop an interest in science. Only those chemistry students who are above average are eligible for membership. New members must undergo the har- rowing initiation which is traditional with the science organization. Meetings are held biweekly on Wednesdays in the physics laboratory, with Mr. R. B. Stine, instructor of chemistry and physics, as the capable adviser of the club. ln October, the following officers were elected: president, Asher Pachtg vice president, Betty Homer: secretary, Fannie Tekushanp and treasurer, Selma Mae Lightbody. During each school year the Electron Club sponsors a Science Fair, which has proved to be very interesting as well as educational to the great number of people who attend it. The club motto is: "Abandon Superstitionp Ascertain the Truth." Members can be identified by the official pin of the Student Science Clubs of America. if Page Sixty-one li? EHST HIGH IHNUS MEI' Ugg, Q1 on The East Hi-Y is an organization affiliated with the Y. M. C. A. The pur- pose of the club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. The standards are clean speech, clean athletics, and clean thoughts. Mr. Myron Reese and Mr. Walter Leyda are the two advisers of the East Hi-Y. Al Esposite is the president, with William Hovanec as vice president, Bob Mclntyre as secretary, Frank McClain, treasurer, and Iohn Eizonas and Bob Harding, social chairmen. The club consists of thirty members. Every Tuesday night they hold their regular meeting at the During the course of the year, many social functions are planned. The members are Robert lones, Donald Rylander, Ioseph Ioseph, Alfred Esposite, Robert Keiser, Frank McClain, Peter DeFiore, Neil Iohnson, Anthony Nespeca, Harold Hoover, Ralph Campbell, Kenneth Davis, Theodore Rose, Robert Harding, Arthur Morley, Earl Masters, George McClain, Robert Mcln- tyre, Iohn Eizonas, Mike Carbonaro, Samuel Ferreri, Mike Esposite, joseph Purfey, Stanley Stiver, Robert Smedley, lohn Yanko, Iack Mills, Joseph Groh, Iohn Seefred, and Edward Harsney. eEf Page Sixty-two EQST HIGH IHNUS qlalu UGA, F ehaie The Debate Club ranks among the outstanding clubs at East High. Students entering the club are given an opportunity to earn enough points which entitle them to election into the National Forensic League, an honorary high school society. The highest degree to be earned in the league is the Degree of Distinction. During the past year lane Higgins, Gladys Holt, and Asher Pacht were the only students in the club to earn this advanced degree. During the past year the debaters not only participated in over eighty contest debates but were greatly honored by being invited as guest speakers to a number of social and civic clubs in Youngstown. Under the capable direction of Coach L. A. Morris, the debate team stood third in the state at the finals held at Kent State University. I Officers for the year l938-l939 are: president, Iane Higgins, vice president, Peqqy Williams: secretary, Lenore Craveng and social chairman, Beatrice Spiers. 43 Page Sixty-three E1- EHST HIGH IHNUS -4101: -me Cuff! KLRQSCVVQS ESERLO President ....... .......... . . .PGCJQY Williams Vice President... .... Theresa Gonda Secretary ...... .... C lare Ferguson Treasurer .......... ..................... F annie Tekushan Membership to Eserlo Girl Reserves is open to girls from tenth to twelfth grades. The underlying purpose of the club is a common desire of its mem- bers to find and give the best. Miss Hala Rymer and Miss Alice Weber provided inspiring leadership for the first semester. Assisting leaders were Miss Nancy Fitore and Miss Dorothy Keiser. The second semester Miss Norma Wintzer and Miss Dorothy lones carried the advising responsibilities. The club sponsored an extensive service program, making favors and sending cards to Rotary Home children. Activity groups for members al- lowed club members to indulge in photography, dramatics, dancing, and homemaking and styling activities. Social affairs played their part in com- pleting the calendar of events for the year. eil Page Sixty-four li? EHST HIGH IHNUS 0460 'IGN' Q1fc!z,esf1fa East High School's successful Iunior and Senior Orchestras have showed a definite increase in membership total during the past few years. The or- ganization now can boast of seventy-five enthusiastic, musical students. The many entertainments sponsored at East make it expedient that the orchestras be prepared to furnish the musical background. The orchestra has an excellent trio, which has been lauded by many listeners. The talented members are Caroline Bossert, pianistp Sidney Rosenblum, violinist: and Peter Scapp, cello. The music course is extended to all interested students. Free instructions are given weekly by Mr. Carson until the student is able to play his instru- ment. When he becomes efficient, he may gain membership in either the band or the orchestra. East High prides itself on its many musical accomplishments and the willing response of both the faculty and the student body which certainly is essential to all desired success. -if Page Sixty-five till' EHST HIGH IHNUS MGI' 'IGN Cl1flCj The East High Band is another of the outstanding organizations provided in our curriculum. Under the direction of Mr. Terry Carson, the band of sixty members meets everyday the second period. Their training extends from the seventh throughout the twelfth grade. Dressed in their military blue and gold uniform, the band is an asset at every football game. Their spectacular field formations have warranted praise from an enthusiastic public. It also provides the music for all the assemblies, plays, minstrels, and rallies, leading the entire student body in stirring songs for their Alma Mater. The band plays a definite part in boosting and en- couraging school spirit. There are few limitations denying membership in this musical organ- ization. Both girls and boys can become members. A student who has sufficient knowledge of his instrument and has talent is always invited to join. Prospective members are given individual instruction by Mr. Carson. 'iff Page Sixty-six fif- EQST HIGH IHNUS mu UCAS 211 QZULZ7 The Pin Club of East High School was organized in September, 1938, for promoting good fellowship among seniors. It was organized by five mem- bers of the Iune, l93Q, graduating class. These boys are: Alfred Esposite, Ernest Mariani, Henry Moore, Asher Pacht, and Nick Palchefsky. The five charter members then elected into the club fifteen other members, thus limiting membership to twenty boys. Mr. Higgs was chosen as an adviser. The emblem of the club is a huge "safety pin," thus the name Pin Club. The colors chosen for the group are blue and White and each boy has a blue skull cap with a White tassel. Business meetings are held on every other Monday and on the odd weeks current events and present day problems are discussed. A chairman is selected from the charter members to preside over meetings. A plan has been incorporated in the club's constitution for the selection of members after the present ones have graduated. The members of the club in addition to the charter members are: Milton Blake, Anthony Fiore, Harold Hoover, Bob Keiser, Eugene Kalucsky, William Hovanec, Vince Corroto, lack Mills, Mario Redo, Ioe Ioseph, Frank McClain, Bob McIntyre, Paul Savarino, Ioe Vicarel, and Andrew Sedzmak. Adviser, Mr. Higgs. -PH Page Sixty-seven E4- EHST HIGH IHNUS MEI: QZLOVMS The Chorus, under the capable direction of Miss Mildred Snyder rapidly progressing. Last autumn they presented a free concert and par ticipated in the Armistice Day program, the Bond Issue program the Christ mas assembly, and for the Ianuary Baccalaureate Services they sang Acapella for the tirst time. Membership includes: Maryann Avrett Ioseph Barolak Carl Briggs, Librarian Katharine Christis, Secretary Wilma Davis Rose DiTata Betty Frazier, Accompanist Dolores Goss Cynthia Graham Ioseph Groh, President Helen Guarino William Haggerty Robert Harding Sara Harskovitz, Echo Reporter Betty Hunter Elma Kessler Mildred Krayac Elmer LaFlerne Rachel Libert Minnie Manna Iohn Masters Angelo Havrigian, Social Chairman Victor Molinaro, Librarian Ann Noga Rose Novak Leroy O'Hara Pauline Opritza Theodora Pollice Harold Rothwell Marvin Ruth Madeline Saulino Alfred Scali Florence Scarano Doris Schauble Eileen Shaffer William Spotts Angeline Vagnozzi Dorothy Wright Rose Yannerella Charlotte Zapotocky Peter Zarconi -if Page Sixty-eight E+ EHST HIGH IHNUS caan -my 55511.42 f1U30ys, ee QZMZQ Music lovers, listen here, If good music you revere, Then you should hear our Glee Club sing, For Nathaniel Barnes reigns as king. Our club is something ultra-smart, Our music will play on the strings of your heart. On Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday We meet, To think of some new and interesting feat. ln spite of the time, in spite of the Weather, There's never a dull moment when we get together. Victor Como arranges all social events, And all of our club members are regular gents. Alfred Scali is our capable scribe, ln his ability, we take great pride. Entertainment deluxe is the general rule, When putting on shows at East High School. Our Spring operetta is an annual affair, Folks of distinction all gather there. One grand time from beginning to end That's what members all tell their friends. So Where activity is the hub, Come on, boys, and join our club. if Page Sixty-nine filt- EHST HIGH IHNUS qmll- 116559 fate grit glee 61,4 All girls, from the 9th to the 12th grades who enjoy singing, are Welcome to the Girls' Glee Club. This past year, the club has taken part in various entertainments. The more important of these were the East High Broadcast, the Baccalaureate Service, and the operetta, "Sunbonnet Sue." Officers of the Girls' Glee Club are: President ........ .. .... Mary Sheppard Vice President .... .... M ildred Krayac Secretary ....... . . . . . . ..... Iean Greninger Echo Reporter ................................ Ruby Stone Librarians. . .Alice Habuda, Mildred Stevens, Mary Kauffman Accompanist ........................... Angeline Vagnozzi -if Page Seventy Ef- EHST HIGH IHNUS 0400 IICSMD zzzletr Os MLS The Inter Nos Clubs were organized in 1938 by the eighth and ninth grades under the supervision of Miss Wintzer. The members are students having a common interest in Latin, who work to influence future students to enter the course in Latin, to create new interests in their work, to bring a closer relationship of other classes to the Latin language and early Roman civiliza- tion, and to show the derivation of English words from Latin. Pupils work to increase their knowledge of Roman life and mythology: they read and report on classical books. Some are interested in word studies, enlarging their vocabularies and choice of English words. Others enjoy com- paring Roman life to modern life. The clubs foster a spirit of friendship among the members by having interesting meetings, at which plays pertaining to Latin are given so that members may get an idea of how the Romans lived and believed. Latin songs are sung, Roman stories are told, games played, and seasonal parties are enjoyed. -wif Page Seventy-one lk- EHST HIGH IHNUS 91100 new fgffcz IICLTL Lfzaiare ln 1937 the Italian Square Club was organized with Miss Mary Ann D'Ovidio and Mr. Anthony Marino as advisers. The name, "Italian Square," Was suggested by Thelma Deaster and Sam Martone. Honesty, Perseverance, Cooperation, and Leadership represent the four corners of the Square. The first president, Mario Chianese, was followed by Anne Guqliem with associate officers as follows: Angelo Belfast, vice presidentg Lena Caldron, secretary: Amelia Pannunzio, treasurer, Annette Galiarde, reporter. The social com- mittee consists of Bose Yanerella, Anthony Nespeca, Thelma Deaster, Angelo Belfast, and Hilda Manccini. On May 28, l938, the club presented a play, "Telemaco ll Disordinatof' at East High School. The play was directed by Miss D'Ovidio. The cast included Thelma Deaster, Amelia Pannunzio, Iack Bruno The play concluded a lonq list of successful activities. fif Page Seventy-two fi? EHST HIGH IHNUS GEN 'ISV F 'VG VL C I, Qflfl, L LE CERCLE FRANCAIS "Le Cercle Francais," the French Club of East, is composed of students who have successfully completed at least one semester of French. Their motto, a most appropriate one, is "Vouloir, C'est Pouvoir," adopted in 1938, along with the constitution which was redrawn at that time. The aims provided in the constitution are: to promote a better understanding and deeper knowledge of the French language: and to gain a more complete conception of the French people and their customs. Club colors are blue and silver. Meetings are held monthly, serving not only to create increased interest for club members but also for future students of French. The club has been in existence since September, 1935, under the very efficient adviser and French teacher, Miss Mary Ackworth. Present officers are: president, Iames Waryp vice president, Walter Boykop secretary, Rose Petreticp treasurer, Louis Hugo, program chairman, Pauline Opritza: and Echo reporters, Ethel Dworkin and Virginia Buzard. -tif Page Seventy-three +31- EHST HIGH IHNUS MGI' IIQQ ESCJIO The members of the journalism class meet every day for the purpose of writing copy for the school paper, The Echo. The Echo is published bi-monthly and its subscribers have totaled over thirteen hundred the past semesters. ln order to be eligible for the course, a student must be in the higher grades of high school and possess honor grades in English as the primary prerequisites. The chief motive of the class is to create a critical attitude in the minds of the students toward magazines and newspapers, which they read and to manifest an interest in writing as a vocation. The Echo publication staff for 1938-l939 has as its editors, lean Simpson, Georgene Hall: Virginia Buzard, make-up editor: Ethel Dworkin, school editor: Sarah Harskovitz, headline editor: Katherine Christis, copy reader: Frank Desimone, boys sports: Agnes Koleda, girls sports: Grace Howley and Joseph Ioseph, shop editors: Grace Dixon, club editor: Stanley Stiver, feature editor: Ethel Dworkin, advertising: and Gladys Holt, circulation manager. The faculty advisers are Miss Dorothy Iones, Mr. Stewart Seidel, and Mr. lohn MacDougall. Miss Pearl Merriman had been adviser until the second semester. if Page Seventy-four fif- EHST HIGH IHNUS qmlu llffixv Agzzoflzczfl FOOTBALL LETTERMEN 1938 Talmadge Iackson Donald Rylander, Capt. William Gardner Iohn Iackson, Capt. Iarnes Wary Arthur Malfaire Edward Fennessey Sam Protopapa Iohn Vanasky Ioseph Ferranti Iohn Puskas Leo Battiste Paul Kraynik Iohn Haplea Vincent Corroto Vincent Fergus Mario Chianese Richard Carnevale Ioseph Perfetto Karl Bain Edmund Harsney Louis Nespeca Angelo Mosco Anthony Asernka Ray Gondel, Cheer Leader East 2, Akron North 6 East opened the season under the supervision of Coach Barret with a 6-2 loss. Akron defeated East by King's bombardment of passes. "Ed" Fen- nessy, East's end, blocked King's kick for the blue and gold's only score. East 7. New Castle 8 East, after losing one game to New Castle and then winning the next, went across the state line again expecting a harder fight. When the final whistle blew, the knocktowners were the victors by one point. The teams used entirely different styles of play, East taking to the air and New Castle sticking to the ground. Wary tossed a pass to Carnevale for the East marker. East 7. Struthers 6 East made a thrilling come back when "lim" Wary carried the ball over for a touchdown and Eerranti made the extra point. Struthers had East 6-0 until the blue and gold qridders made their thrilling corne back. It was also a battle of brother mentors, Coach "Dick" Barrett of East High and Coach "Ben" Barrett of Struthers. +fEf Page Seventy-five Ef- EHST HIGH IHNUS MEI' :JC-Bw: East 2. Rayen 0 The East crew again beat Rayen by a margin of 2-O. East has topped the Bayenites ever since Coach Barrett came to East. The blue and gold boys caught Rayen behind their own goal to give East two points. East 0. Memorial 13 Campbell Memorial's gridders came back to avenge East for breaking their 25 game winning streak last year, by handing East a l3-0 drubbing. East 7. Ursuline 13 East after a bitter fight bowed to Ursuline to the tune of 13-7. Cestary of Ursuline made both touchdowns and extra point. Iohn Iackson, East fleet- footed wingback, ran around left end for a touchdown. Carl Bain made the extra point. East 0. South 7 East let lack Cramb of South break away for a 28 yard run to give South their only score. This dash determined the winner of the game. East 12. Erie Tech 38 A small crowd turned out to see Erie Tech defeat the blue and gold war- riors to the tune of 38-12. Carl Bain of East ran 69 yards for one of the touch- downs and lohn Iackson made the other. East 6, Bellaire 7 East players went down the river to beat Bellaire but were defeated by a small margin, 7-6. The game was a very hard-fought one and at times it looked as though it would go to East. Cerille blocked a kick and then fell on it behind Bellaire's goal. East 0. Chaney 17 The last game of the season came, which determined whether Chaney would win the championship alone or share it. Chaney's tricky halfback, Sinkwich, made two long runs for touchdowns. Chaney made two safeties, and Tony Gaglion made the extra point. Kraynik, Rylander, Bain, Wary looked good for the losers. The East gridders Wound up another football season under the supervision of Coach Dick Barrett after having a tough year. When Coach Barrett came to East in 1935, he found East was very much in debt. He has put out three excellent teams, thus bringing East out of debt. This season he dealt with boys who tried their hardest, but through no fault of their own, they produced no results in terms of wins. Coach Barrett brought to East a spirit which will never die. He has emphasized clean sports- manship and he has shown that one should never give up no matter how great the task may be. Coach Barrett if Page Seventy-six fl'- EHST HIGH IHNUS MEI' 'lm' l H Qi fy ea m The honor of being on the all-city first team goes to Donald Rylander, who played brilliant football throughout the 1938 football season and was the only member of the East squad to be chosen on this team. Iohn Iackson, tricky Wingback, Paul Kray- nik, who has done fine work at end, and Iohn Haplea, who threw his opponents for many losses, were named for positions on the all-city second team. Ass't. Coach Hunter MR. E. R. SMITH Under the capable management of Mr. E. R. Smith, Faculty Manager of Athletics of East High School, East has been able to suc- cessfully participate in almost all branches of athletics with well-equipped teams. We feel very grateful towards Mr. Smith for his un- tiring efforts to keep East High Athletics in its present high standard of efficiency. sif Page Seventy-seven K2- Ei R. Smith EHST HIGH IFINUS 'ASI' 0613.9 fggasleigalf As head basketball coach of East High School, Mr. Littler has demonstrated an un- usual ability to produce winning teams. During recent years he has developed several cham- pionship teams and his 1938 squad participated in a tournament for the state title. Since 1934 he has directed the Northeastern Ohio Basket- ball Tournament. This tournament is consid- ered one of the best in the state from a finan- cial viewpoint. Fair play and good sportsmanship are characteristic of all his basketball aspirants. They are also marked by their leadership, aggressiveness, and friendship which are most Harley Litfler commendable qualities. I. East Loses Initial Tilt On Ianuary 7, 1939, East received a 36-27 reverse at the hands of Camp- bell Memorial on the latter's court. Modak and Turosy led the victors, while Chop and Dellick featured for the vanquished. II. Ursuline Upsets East Cestary hit the hoop for 21 points as 'Ursuline drubbed East 36-28. Chop and Fergus stood out for East. IH. East Trips Newton Falls East edged Newton Falls, 28-26, in a thrilling game for their first Win. Fergus and Dellick led the Blue and Gold warriors While Plekaurski featured for the losers. IV. Struthers Wallops East The down-the-river boys handed East a 52-26 setback at the former's gym. Anderson and McDonald hit the hoop consistently for Struthers, while Chop Was the leading point-getter for East. V. East Tops Salem East regained their winning form as they toppled Salem 28-22 in a fast game at Salem. Malfaire and Fergus did nice floorwork for the Blue and Gold. VI. Alumni Checks Varsity With Lawman and Congemi starring, the ex-stars defeated the varsity 35-30 in a breath-taking game. Chop and Fergus featured for the under- graduates. VII. East Defeated Chaney East encountered Chaney in their initial city series game and emerged victorious by a score of 30-23. A last quarter plurge featuring Chop, Dellick, and Fergus provided the Winning margin. Sinkwich and Wellington starred for Chaney. . 'tif Page Seventy-eight E+ EHST HIGH IHNUS 1460 CCN g3Cl8g9ZLClZZ I VIII. East Stops Hubbard Hubbard met defeat at the hands of an alert East quintet by a score of 41-32. Malfaire and Dellick led the Winners with Evans starring for the losers. IX. South Halts East A snappy South High five handed East their first defeat in the city series race to the tune of 39-20. Wakeford, Crama, and Manning led the Red and Blue quintet, Chop and Dellick were the leading scorers for East. X. Scienceville Edges East Scienceville downed a scrappy Blue and Gold five by the score 32-31, at the Scienceville gym. Mogus and Edwards led Scienceville while Dellick featured for East. XI. East Stops Niles East swung back into winning stride by checking Niles, 32-22. Chop and Dellick led the East five. XII. East Checks Woodrow Wilson East defeated Woodrow Wilson, 37-32, to gain an even percentage in the city series race. Dellick lead the East attack and Haus led for Woodrow Wilson. XIII. Rayen Upsets East With Armstrong and Floyd starring, Rayen drubbed East, 50-39, in the final game of the city series. Lanzi and Chop starred for East. XIV. East Trounces Fitch In their initial game of the N. E. O. tourney, East stopped a fast Austin- town Fitch team by a score of 41-35. Continued on Page 97 -SH Page Seventy-nine Ef- EHST HIGH IHNUS 0400 nc-is i HOCKEY Hockey, the game of games, is played in the cold, crisp air, and takes vitality and en- durance, but the girls at East like it. The games were played at Victory Field. Two teams bat- tled for high honors, The Cleveland Dodgers and Canadian Aces. The winning team was the Canadian Aces under the leadership of Dorothy Nusser. Edna Dent was high point girl in the tour- nament. Rose Yanerella scored the only tally for the losing team. The following girls were on the winning team: Lucille Bish, Mildred Craft, Katherine Hendricks, Elsie Laskovics, Theresa Mike, Helen Lapucino, Edna Dent, Helen McCabe, Iewell Haynes, Mary Griffin, and Rose Berendt. Members of the Cleveland Dodgers' team were: Mary Wary, Virginia Dibble, Martha Sloan, Bose Yannerella, Elizabeth Patterson, Dorothy Queener, Olga Bodnar, Mildred Drayac, Theresa Kerchofer, Mabel Haustovich, Mildred Durley, Florence Cole, and Ruby Coleman. Olive Iones SWIMMING The swimmers of the 1938-39 season are divided into two teams, the Blue and the Gold. Girls on the Blue team are: Captain Kathryn Chianese, Anna Mae Keffer, Lavina Stride, Phyllis Petite, Betty Bitteneaur, Iosephine Santangelo, Martha Sebastian, Matilda Chiody, Elizabeth Mike, Rose Yan- nerella, Theresa Mike, Helen Muntean. The Gold Team: Captain Iuanita Wining, Mary Sekula, Virginia Lickner, Marjorie Knuth, Louise Stark, Lila Wright, Betty Goldberg, Virginia Dibble, Beatrice Brown, Mary Lapadus, Gena Leone, Mary Abraham. Games and competition are held during the season. The girls swim at the Y. W. C. A. every Monday night. Two girls achieved the honor of receiving their Iunior Life Saving em- blems, passing tests reauired by Red Cross. They were Iuanita Wining and Kathryn Chianese. Rose Berendt received a higher honor by passing the Senior Life Saving test, a still more difficult test set up by the Red Cross. if Page Eighty Ee EQST HIGH lHNUS t-4191: lIQp BASEBALL Baseball is the favorite pastime of all America, as it is a favorite with the girls at East. This has been proved by the over- whelming number of girls that turn out every year to play in the baseball tournament. In 1938 the girls came swinging through to make their season a great success. The games were played after school. The Giants, captained by lewell Haynes, was the win- ning team. The girls on the team all received awards in assembly. They were Olga Bodnar, Florence Cole, Phyllis Easton, Anna Noga, Margaret Bango, Iohnnie Turner, Elsie Las- kovics, Annabella Burke, and Dorothy Nusser. Eleanor McFarland L ARCHERY Archery, a new activity, was started in the spring of 1938 and continued while the weather was good. The tournament was held in the spring at the Mill Creek Archery Course. Anna Noga won the honors of this tournament, receiving a little bronze medal in assembly. Some of the other girls that participated Were: Stella Abbas, Iosephine Abbas, Theresa Mike, Virginia Lickner, Rose Varie, Mary Wary, Hose Yan- nerella, Levina Stride, Lois Byers, Annette Parlink, Madeline Delvic, Lila Wright, Helen Demidovich, Agnes Koleda, Nancy McCoy, Darle McCoy, and Elizabeth Mike. PING PONG Ping Pong is another favorite sport at East. This year ping pong was played under the triangular tournament. Finals were played November 5. Some of the girls who competed in the finals were: Theresa Mike, Ann Sam- sonchick, Agnes Koleday Agnes Koleda taking honors with stiff competition from Ann Samsonchick. ' TENNIS Tennis has proved to be a popular sport among the girls. This popularity was shown by the number of entrants in last season's tournament. The matches were played at Victory Field under the "winner-loser" elimination. The winners of the tournament were lane Higgins, Angeline Amodio, Stella Abbas, and Fannie Tekushan. They received their awards in assembly. 'Sf Page Eightyvone lib '46 EHST HIGH IHNUS ll UQ, Q. effigy QMS Letter girls receive their awards by earning 700 points in sports, among which are baseball, tennis, hockey, basketball, swimming, volley ball, golf. and archery. This year's letter girls are Ann Novak, Hose Berenclt, lean Frame, Virginia Dibble, Iewel Haynes, and Mary Tedde. -121 Page Eighty-two P31- EHST HIGH IHNUS MEI' 'IGN' A The Spratt Studio Extend Congratulations to the January and June Classes of 1939 and Wish continued success for all its members. 2619 MARKET STREET Telephone 24811 V P q Eqhty th E H utr? nc-nv ST HIGH IHNUS R . . The goal of happiness lies within the heart and rnind of each individual and therefore must be obtained by the in- dividual himself . . . surround- ing yourself with true and loyal friends and applying a Code of Ethics based on honor, success and happiness is yours ever- lasiinq. neg-, E Your Code of Ethics : Honor Common Sense : Loyalty Self Control E Iustice Ambiiion G Pride E Confidence E Courage Responsibility Energy -49 6?- 7fze ea. SEVEN-EIGHT-SEVEN WICK AVENUE Younssrowu, or-no if Page Eighty-four fir EH 'ASI' ST HIGH IHN BRAND NEW HOLLYWOOD STYLED STUDENT SUITS 5 16 Zion Trousers THE PRINTZ CO. Schaefer Music Shoppe 411 Keiih-Albee Bldg. Musical Instruments Accessories Sheet Music and Supplies Phone 3-4505-Res. 7-7687 -49- G I d Instrument Rep q if:-as 'fif P Compliments Ot A FRIEND l'-4 SHOES FOI' Men-Boys New Styles-New Leather Complete Line of SPORT SHOES SS, S4, S5, 36.50 to 5512.00 I. W. SMITH :S SONS COMPANY 9 Market Street Tod House .-QT Smart Shoes for 72 Years cxqe Eighty-five i31- US 'IGN' EHST HIGH IHNUS QJIZDU' fr Ugg, Success To You! Fifty-five years of experience have taught us that each rising generation, taking the torch of civilization and progress from its forebears, helps to make this a better old World in which to live. And so we say "Success to You," knowing you have the training and background to carry on. 1883 MCKEL Evs 1939 ACME t BARBER SI-IGP 946 OAK STREET BROWN'S DRUG STGRE George W. Brown. Ph. G. 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Our Gift and Sporting Goods Departments are teeming with gifts that are especially appreciated by young men and women. Equal or Greater Values .461 The Stambaugh- Thompson Co. 114 West Federal St. Quality Merchandise Low Prices if Page Eighty-seven P24- EHST HIGH IHNUS IIGNP Compliments of IRONIM SIRBU Please Patronize lronim Sirbu's Meat Market and Grocery -49- 132 S. Watt Street Phone 6-6834 Youngstown. Ohio Thank You! Phone 4-0235 Joseph G. Vasohak FUNERAL Home 40 LINCOLN AVENUE Youngstown, Ohio Compliments of J. F. Drummond Filling Station Oak St. and Early Road Congratulations . . . Class of '39 Boyd's Linoleum, Rug 81 Carpet Co. 359 E. Federal St. Youngstown. Ohio -wil Page Eighty-eight lik '40 EQST HIGH IHNUS ll 06159 Compliments of Youngstown Handy Service Stores R O G E R ' S YounqstoWn's Most Beauti- ful Studio SPECIAL PRICES T0 STUDENTS Warner Theatre Bldg. Phone 3-77 13 DE MAINS' ROYAL OAKS STARK FLORISTS Flowers for all Occasions -O- Greenhouses 1502 Parker Street Telephone 3-3412 Youngstown. Ohio East Side Service GAS--OILS ACCESSORIES "Blackie" DelFraino Cor. Oak and Albert Sts. Youngstown. Ohio Phone 4-0845 Compliments of Malkoffs Food Market East Side's Best Foods 1366 OAK STREET Phones 3-4159-3-4150 Phone 2-2591 Phone 3-B211 Compliments of Dinow Motor Sales 1010 Market St.. Youngstown. Ohio An East Hi Graduate +31 Page Eighty-nine ii'- EHST MEI' HIGH IHNUS llffkv Known by Service Fabrizio Funeral Home 631 OAK STREET Phone 7-3277 mcnorns 1-Annrzro, sn. Registered Embalmer and Funeral Director L O W P R I C E S Courteous Service If You Like Real Good SHOE REPAIRING Remember to Go to KLINE'S 124 E. Fed. St., Youngstown. Ohio Compliments of Bill 6 Iohn Cafaro RITZ BAR 750 Wilson Ave. STAR OYSTER HOUSE Everything New But The Name and Location Famous for Sea Foods Also Steaks and Chops The Oldest Sea Food Grill in the City Phone 4-0543 26-28 Boardman St.. Youngstown Retail Depart.. 30 W. Boardman St. Phone 4-0448 Stiveson Bros. Coal l Compliments of Featuring CHAMPION BLOCK Best in the World Youngstown Prompt Delivery Ser ice Save 31.00 per ton on ollir trailer A CO' 747 AVE- West FIOTII Sl. Phone 4-3313 MAZZOCCO HARDWARE CO. Paints and Varnishes Plumbing Supplies Pipe Cutting and Threading Window Glass Installed 622 Himrod Ave. Phone 6-4146 Compliments from MAZZOCCO'S FOOD MARKET 705 Oak Street Phone 4-0837 SEQ Page Ninety 13- EHST HIGH IHNUS 'IQNQ Oak St. Shoe Repairing We do qood work and use best of material. All Work Guaranteed 1312 Oak St. Mike Preqi, Prop. Phone 4-0813 MOROSKY 6. MALICE Sinclair Service Station Washing, Greasing and Tire Repairing Polishing Iobs Our Specialty Call For and Delivery Service 1361 Oak St. Youngstown. Ohio l Best Wishes tofthe Class of 1939 DINNERS Mahoning Motors, Inc. At Distributor R A V E R 9 S Mahoning Bank Bldg. CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH 1201 Wick Avenue all Page Ninety-one i EHST HIGH IHNUS 1-460 ilgy WERE STILL LEARNING! After 64 years, We are still searching for and finding out better ways to serve our customers. Perhaps it's our open-minded attitude that keeps us young. Anyway-we do pick young fashions exceedingly Well. You'l1 have fun discovering them in our Young-towners' Shop, Boys' Shop, and Mens Shop. STROUSS-HIRSHBERG'S Youngstownfs Dependable Store for Over 64- Years WELCOME TO ISALY'S! "East Highersn- That we have and enjoy the friendship and patronage of many East High young men and young women is a matter of pride with IsaIy's. Young people get around . . . know the modern trend . . . com- pare . . . and are very apt to make wise discrimination in their buying habits. We appreciate such friend- ships, therefore, and treasure them highly. We invite you to make Isaiy Stores your stores because you are a part of them, contributing your full measure to their continued success. Thank you! ISALY STORES -if Page Ninety-two 13? MEI! EHST HIGH IHNUS UGS' EVERY GRADUATE DESERVES A BRENNER WATCH "v.l"51.r ,gy M1 ,- . 'F -- 4 : -'I X Z'35iH!""P' . 1' - ... - 44 - -f22:'ZEt?,1.'- -mxf,,ff .- , msgwar- ,ffrsfzg-ggflff' 4 , . . rv--54:-s - f' -' - 4-1391151 2 ' A' 7's5.,,5'i7Wf' x 'r C f -. :sf ,fi X fi",f 1 '3 -' 5 milf? X' IX f 5? Q I , I, X5-:ai ff. 1 -gp, AI I 1 , ggfdg .. 71 , , in , ,I 0? Q 2 -4 E fw?eQfff"1"- .w t XA ' 112153: "f- 1' ,dia 'H gg? ' ,lx ..,.55?4.?53Ml'f ,,-1251.551 xx Q 1' ' X X 5,15 -1-NQQQ I Xx , V .4-Z25ae:fsEEa-225543 , ,. 1,:',,y,.-s- : -g - .Jew 43--9-.11 .4--7: -,,. N ysilbb-1-'.,'p:vf. xx ' ' " ' .' .G'54dli' f N ':ZE:n65"e:3'-Ju' X133 453: .f ,V ,www S J alt 5, X gis?J.a:x1' X KL 'lm .t Choose your graduation Watch from Brenner's assortment of six World famous makes including Hamilton, Movado, Gruen, Elgin, Brenner and Gotham. Priced from S10 upwards RAYMOND BRENNER IEWELER FEDERAL AT HAZEL I LUSTIG'S Catering to the YOUNGER SET with a SEVEN FLOORS- ' of Good Furniture ' at Right Prices Q on Riqht Terms Complete Selection of the Newest Fashions in Shoes H U M E 9 S 53.98 to 55.95 252 W. Federal St. Next to Warner Theatre L U S T I G' 9 S -if Page Ninety-three iii' EHST HIGH IHNUS M00 'IGN Compliments Of Glasgow Tailors Clothes of Character SPECIAL Graduation Suits S21.75 312 W. Federal Street In Youngstown Since 1911 BEST WISI-IES From Ohio Auto Body and Paint Shop 45 West Madison Phone 30116 Compliments Compliments of of Savarinds 1VIcC1ain Auto and Food Market 1306 MCG-uffey Road Phone 3-5986 FREE DELIVERY Radio Service 1928 Mahoning Avenue Telephone 36811 "Authorized United Motor Service" eil Page Ninety-four +31- EQST HIGH IHNUS WOM . I 316444 Compliments Responsible Cleaners cmd Furriers Offers of STYLE CONTROL AND TEXTURIZING For Your Fine Garments W. T. Grant CO. Phone 4-4227 Merchandise lc to 51.00 Beautiful Clothes Deserve 201 W. Federal St. the Best of Care! Compliments from Himrod Auto Body and Radiator Works CONGRATULATIONS STUDENTS SUCCESS . . . Reward for Your Efforts May They Continue NU-ELM BALLROOM THE MANSION 529 Elm St. Logan Road L. A. CAVALIER, IR., Manager -if Page Ninety-five i31- U10 Compliments of The I. Vagnozzi Insurance Agency Compliments of J. Borovetz Food Market Quality Meats and Groceries FREE DELIVERY Phone 33857 EFIST HIGH IFINUS ll 06N IANUARY CLASS WILL Continued from Page 31 IAMES WARY leaves, leaving his sister Mary. FERRIS MANSER donates his front seat in the library to Eddie lanna- zone. MARY MARKOVITZ gives her shortness and "Little Mary" man- nerisms to Anna Ramson. LEVIA MAZZOCCO expresses her memory work to Laura Mazzocco. WESTINE MELTON leaves her ability to memorize titles of books to the seniors coming up. FELIX MIELY bequeaths that Well- known phrase, "Mr. Chairman," to Leanore Craven. NELLIE MINOTTI leaves her good taste in the selection of hose to lose- phine Santangelo who may need them for public appearances. KENNETH MIXON donates his cleverness in basketball to future stars on the team. IOHN MONROE gives his sleek black hair and stiff starched collars to Nathan Laskin. ROSE MONTELLARO lends her faithful friendship to her pals. VINCENT MUCCI Wishes that Ken- neth Davis would accept his role of doctor in the senior play. LOUIS NESPECA wills his shoes, jersey, socks, together with his foot- ball ability to East football team. Dutifully signed: ROSE BERENDT GERTRUDE HIETALA VINCENT IANNAZONE asf Page Ninety-six fl? EHST HIGH IHNUS 'ADI' Ihr Compliments G Of G A FRIEND BASKETBALL Continued from Page 79 XV. Hubbard Stops East Hubbard gained revenge for a de- feat earlier in the season by elimi- nating East from the N. E. O. tourna- ment, 44-31 Was the score. Evans accounted for 21 of Hubbard's points while Chop was the leading point- getter for East. XVI. Girard Topples East Girard topped East by a slim mar- gin of 27-25 at the Girard gym. It was a nip-and-tuck battle throughout. Lanzi scored 10 points for the East quintet. -IOHN IACKSON, l2A. Globe Custom Tailors Bench or Shop Work From 522.50 up All Clothes are fitted by C. W. Crouch 22 years of tailoring experience 330 W. Federal Street Compliments of The Sporting Goods Co. cnt. csmcmesn Pm: Mcsmm: FISCHER'S FLOWERS Finer 3660 Market Street Telephone 21148 Youngstown, Ohio MR. L. F. DONNELL Exents his congratu- lations to the l939 Graduating Class of East High School. -'El Page Ninety-seven I EEST HIGH IHNUS we-Ju so ees A nas,-. CALL 4-4311 For Better Foods RIGBY FOOD MARKET Compliments from Geo. Rock's Barber Shop Compliments from SHAW'S SPORTING GOODS SCARSELLA BROS. WESTINGHOUSE REFRIGERATORS MAYTAG WASHERS "Your Neighborhood Dealers" Phone 3-5623 934 Oak St. Congratulations, Graduates! PUGH BROS. IEWELRY 207 West Federal Street Oak Street Medicine Store School Supplies Soda Fountain Service Philip Amicorelli, Prop. Corner Oak and Garland Compliments of BELINKY'S GROCERY High Quality at Low Price 1515 Shehy Street Compliments of STAR SHOE REPAIRING 1339 OAK STREET loseph DiPasqua, Prop. Compliments of Haselton Confectionery 1804 Wilson Avenue Compliments of Compliments of ACRI'S CAFE Corner Oak and Bruce C. F. compumenls of Compliments from o. K. SHOE REPAIRING Lee leY 447 E. Federal St. Ubaldo Davani. Prop. 1024 state 51,-ee! IOHN GILKES WATCH REPAIRING 834 Oak Street Compliments from SCARSELA BROS. Compliments of ROSENBLUM COMPANY Compliments of HOME MADE BAKERY 1807 Wilson Avenue 431 Paqe Nin ety-eight life EHST HIGH IHN P4390 U S 'ISYS' l Co nqnatufatlo nA To The Class of 939 Best wishes for success through the years. We gratefully acknowl- edge the confidence expressed by the January class in selecting this studio as its Photographers. 3 3 3 3 Phone 33638 SCI-IWEEN - WAGNER North Phelps Street - Number 17 I P N y I EHST HIGH IHNUS ezicbll Compliments Compliments of of THE WILKOFF co. Star Bflttlillg Youngstown Wim-ks -T ' I For Dependable Quality Cleaning t 914' H' S T O L L 6. Bergman 25 S. Phelps Street onvasmsnsmo ovens Ph 21121 Youngstown's Finest Store for Men ' E 9 H A R T Z E L L S Congratulations! STORE FOR MEN G BOYS Extends its Rigby Service IQQ Burns and 1235 Rigby Street BEST WISHES Phone 40438 to the LA '39 C SS Ol The most modernly 0 Established 1848 141 W. FEDERAL STREET equipped luberdrome on the East Side Q35 Page One Hundred lit- H ,VA ff Q. , P55 X 'J 'F .4 .3 f Q,--P f' 'L '13 T... 13. 4. A! . ,I ' ay. ,Q ,. 212 wi - if ' . F5 .-zen , J" 'i - --ws: ., ,, -A , I , ji ,qi V , -.viggzg-35:7 'liz ' 'yi . . ' - 'TP '--'f f-.m2if - . 5-1.2 .- . A ii-'. -. ' , my 'sg f- 5 Q V, -" -- 4' y ' 2 'gp '-,V -, - sv , 1-- -4 V - 7 A ' V- f..,.a ,-pm - - 1 f Ah .. -4- 7 :--in Q: 4 M Q? , -1 .. - -.gg , ., '-, , V, - . ' ,..:w- , Y A . . ,dm-

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