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 - Class of 1951

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. t . ' Q., Agfa. as ,w 2 v 4 1 1' 1 v ,, K L , vs . qs X X X X W s X A Q N I I . I I I Greetings to you, my senior friends I bid you farewell as your last year ends, I've teased you and pleased you as a gremlin should do, I was even named Beegee, especially for you. At your Senior Revue I shook with glee, Especially when the audience laughed with me. I watched as you excitedly prepared for your prom, At commencement I'll stand with each proud dad and mom. I am here in your book as you read of the years, The study, the sports, the laughter, and tears. Come along with me, if you so please, To recall those high school memories. W. few' .ls lu' 341 I' I K , 'J' WNQQ QI! u-1 Wx 'Q in 4? 1 cl f 4- if'-nr ff! f f6 X ff X Q if Of it !fXf vi f ff f ,f ' ' 5 g1zl n lf- X 1: N ln' 1 1 1:57 Z T E 1 - 5 , :'fR.' X7 X X da rr-,S-' ,di -' :L -- ,, x K -, P' M X . S ' ' '7'a?-T f X . .,, K , - ft- 'K ,Y f 4 X f X 1 f ' - -Taxi- yf ff 1 ff I Sn L L 'r V! ? ug, Xyfxx. ,1X. Hu 1 tn .QT 1 - - Bur. 'il I ' n X1 RSX X X' f . - fff 51 - Zff 1 ,: .l X f v' J 'Q' -J 7 .- X , X I X 'if - -' ..--1 ' .Q 7 2 ..4- .:.- . f ,.- -- - Q ,I A ,,- 4 ,- v . ' ffif- :E ,-- - -f N 4 -:S ,,',g ,f ,ul ,,..- ,-,1-4R-4lGx.- A, , .... ,..,--- - ,. F ,--cz. 1 few- ' 1' - - 3 - f': ff u I- - mmf W,-13 - iq' fin.-K f -...-L - + 5- 9 T.,f ,,, . F . B. W- ' 41- 2-'zli , - ,., ,.f Nvnfr I - f , Q i 'XQNXXXYXXX 'MW is t- MV 15' X k 11 N ' ls Q www. om.. This is our world -- The one world we have inherited -- The world to which we come now With hopes -- and plans -- and dreams. After years of indifference to learning, Suddenly we have come aliveg We value education -- We are growing up -- We will graduate in june. Dreams had to be delayed by some, Become nothing for others Who spend their blood and energy in war. Now, we who are left Must validate the things for which they fight We want change -- without warg Change toward the good in man -- Progress in understanding. It shmxld not have to be we and they g But a solid we Hoping, working for the betterment Of man and the world. At this time, with our diplomas, Perhaps we receive a trust From those who fight to realize our dreams To move forward more vigorously In appreciation -- with courage for peace. This is the world to which we come With hopes -- and plans -- and dreams. E4 np-C . ny del We ' ,T Ewfiifilif' Q 957: W' 'A Xa 3'g'. gf, . Can you look beyond immediate pleasures toward the durable satisfactions of life? Have you learned to make de- cisions that will strengthen your character and enrich your later years? Then you are well on your way to becoming a mature person. We hope your experiences at East High School have helped you attain maturity and courage sufficient f or your day. ,5-Mr-Z , .own - , p gftgggww-it rig. . . X l -B ' The people of America and the world look to the younger citizens to develop the kind of leadership that is so urgently needed for the future. Don't fail this challenge. K7 QYWMJGBW i,Y,QQ't.,fgi5ig: . A , x K ee George I. Bilsey W- W- BUSSOHE Joseph E . Middagh Chairman Miss Esther L. Faulhaber Miss Jessie Dee Lackey Miss Anne E. Marek Miss Helen M. Murray sniofz aauffy Miss Marion Sayward Milton 1. Cowan 6 'tea -Pawn Millie Zailac, Co-chairman Dick Kralik, Co-chairman Harold Bianchi Pauline Leal Ed Lewanski Connie McCarthy Ianese Melaragno Tony Minotti Joan Ritz Pat Stealey -Zmelua Carole Waltz, Editor Marion Belle Millie Bilanovich Alan Cooper Corrine Fodore Ray Kieter Courtney Libey Sam McGuire Barbara Miller Mary Lou Morrison Richard Motuza Carol Randall Marilyn Ristau Marilyn Roper Rita Ruolo Glenn Wank 4 I Mich Yamane john Zimmerly Anna Mae Louie, Co-chairman Sam Geralcis, Co-chairman Lillian Hermanson Tom Llewelyn Dolores Lucas Bob Salamant LaVerne Shuster Ioan Sommers - Seniors Reaue Sam McGuire, Chairman Arlene Koporc Alan Krauss Mary Lewis LaVerne Shuster Ada Wolfe M y fy . MW! ZIMMERL Y, JOHN President 1365 East 45 Street KOPORC, ARLENE Mantle Orator Homeroom Ser eant 8 at Arm sg Math Club. 9113 St. Clair Avenue National Honor Society, Vice President, 12B Class President, Student Council, 1 Senior Revueg Blue and Gold, Page Editor, Math Clubg Chemistry Clubg Hall Guard, Intramurals. SALAMAN T, ROBERT Vice President 6514 Metta Avenue Mantle Oratorg National Honor Society, Student Council, Secretary, Annual Play, leadg Community Chest Student Speaker, Senior Revue, Operettasg Girls' Gym Leadersg Laureang Athenaeum. ada WT YAMANE, MICH Treasurer 1576 East 86 Street Operettas, Choral Club, Florence Nightingale Club, Girls' Gym Leaders Club, Majorettes Club, Secretary,President, Laurean, Vice President, President, Athenaeum, President, Camera Club, Senior Revue, Homeroom Treasurer, Secretary, President. KRASOVEC, EDWARD Sargeant at Arms 1896 East 75 Street National Honor Society, President, Secretary, Student Council, Girls' Gym Leaders Club, Vice President, Emmett Smeltz, Secretary, Vice President, Laurean, Secretary, Vice President, Athenaeum, Choral Club. PHILLIPS. DORIS Secretary 1116 East 74 Street Varsity Football, Hall Guard Captain- Honor Study Hall Chairman. ADOMAITIS, GEORGE 7120 Dellenbaugh Hall Guardg Intramurals. ALEXANDER, MARGARET 10201 North Boulevard French Club. ALLEN, RAYMOND 1900 Ansel Road Student Councilg Movie Operator. AMBROSE, MARY ANN 1430 East 51 Street Majorettes Clubg Intramurals. ANDERSON, WAYNE 1856 East 90 Street ARCHACKI, EUGENE 1592 East 27 Street Bowlingg Intramurals. ARGENTIERI, ANGELO 1963 East 120 Street Varsity Footballg I.V. Footballg Decathlon Teamg Trackg Basketballg Qlncinetas, Ca.liiornia.J ARMSTRONG, GEORGENE 7719 Sagamore Avenue Operettasg Senior Revueg Dramatics Clubg Inter Nos C11 Y-Teen Clubg Music Club. ARNOLD, WILLIAM 11611 Castlewood Avenue Varsity Footballg I.V. Footballg Trackg Decathlong Hall Guard Captaing Operettag Homeroom Secretary Treasurer. AULT, GEORGE 5710 Hough Avenue Student Councilg Senior Revueg Came ra Clubg Graphic Arts. BABICH, DORENE 1671 East 117 Street Band, Varsity Cheerleader, Glee Club, fFreeville, New Yorkj BALUTIS, JOHN 6711 Whitney Avenue Intramurals. BARLOW, ANN MARIE 6915 Lexington Avenue Whirlo Club, junior Revue, Commercial Club, Y-Teen Club, Homeroom Treasurer. BARNES, IANET 1551 East 118 Street Student Council, Senior Revue, Y-Teen Club. BEAN, PATRICIA 8215 Linwood Avenue BEELER, IUANITA 2077 East 93 Street Glee Club. BELLE, MARION 6026 Glass Avenue Track, 1.v. Football, 1.v. Basketball, Band. BENU CCI, NORMA 1563 East 47 Street Glee Club, French Club, Homeroom Secretary, Service Club, Girls' Athletic Association, fPhoenix, Arizonal. BIANCHI, HAROLD 1772 Ansel Road Hall Guard, 12B Class Sergeant at Arms Blue and Gold, Decathlon Team, Choral Club, Senior Revue, Stage Scenery, Intramurals. BILANOVICH, MILDRED 1773 East 32 Street National Honor Society, Blue and Gold, Page Editor, Conference Room, Laurean, Athenaeum, French Club, President, Emmett Smeltz, Secretary, Glee Club, Y-Teen Club, Ir. Council on World Affairs. BOBROSKI, JOHN 7906 Star Avenue Trackg Cheer Leaderg Homeroom Sportsg Band, lCathedra1 Latinl. BOWEN, CECILIA 1082 East 74 Street Student Councilg Store Clerkg Senior Revueg Latin Club Treasurerg Intramurals. BOYLE, CONNIE 1626 East 77 Street Whirlo Clubg Inter Nos Clubg Y-Teen Clubg Emmet Smeltz Clubg Commercial Clubg Chemistry Clubg Camera Clubg Homeroom Secretary. BREEDEN, GENE 1865 East 81 Street fAug'ust Graduateh BREHM, IACQUELINE 7709 Superior Avenue Student Councilg School Revueg Senior Revueg Girls' G m Leaders Y . Florence Nightingale Club, Presidentg Inter Nos Clubg Chemistry Clubg Dispensary Assistantg Intramurals. slavf v iv? X Y 'Q---f I:-:ip .f -.5- I-he ,M ,e l ., . sp 'ln PU 'Pr ...n BRUCE, PAUL 1088 East 74 Street Intramurals. BRYS, IEROME 8303 Medina Avenue Intramurals. BUCCILLI, AUDREY 1525 East 123 Street Glee Clubg Choral Clu Homeroom President, Vice President, Treasurer. BUCHER, VIRGINIA 1306 East 120 Street Y-Teen Club. BUSCH, DOROTHY 6104 Quimby Avenue b BUSHMAN, JOHN 8211 Wade Park Avenue Student Council, Camera Club, Intramurals. CAMPANA, HENRIETTA 1448 East 115 Street Operettag School Bookkeeper, Bank Teller, Honor Study Hall Chairman, Choral Clubg Whirlo Club, President, Secretary, Vice President, Cleveland Whirlo Club, Treasurer, Commercial Club, Intramurals. CARAFFI, DONNA CARAFFI, DONNA 7705 Superior Avenue Majorettes Club, Laureang Choral Club, Operetta. fAugust Graduatel. CARLSON, JOAN 8515 Superior Avenue Majorettes Club, Commercial Club, Homeroom Vice President, Intramurals. CATALANO, AUGUST 1938 East 120 Street F' ..,. A-,A-. - . I 1 ., A, i t 1b: : - Intramurals. ., f f CETINSKY, CHARLES 1002 East 63 Street Junior Council on World Affairs, Intramurals. CHEFFEY, HELEN 1454 East 90 Street Glee Club, Whirlo Club. ZAILAC, MILLIE 13702 Belleshire Avenue National Honor Society, Student Council, Vice President, Football Queen Attendant, Bank Teller, Choral Clubg Operettasg Athenaeum, Laureang Emmett Smeltz Club, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Senior Revue CHESONIS, FLORENCE 1412 East 93 Street Commercial Clubg Intramurals. W CONNER, RUTH 13042 Addison Road French Club, Y-Teen Club, Dramatic Club. COOPER, ALAN 1349 East 110 Street Varsity Basketball, J.V. Basketball, Student Council, Honor Study Hall Chairman, Hall Guard, 12A Nominating Committee, Math Club, Chemistry Club, Home room President COURTNEY, MARIAN 1734 East 90 Street Athenaeum, Choral Club, Glee Club, Chemistry Club, French Club, Whirlo Club. COWLES, JANE 7601 Star Avenue Athletic Association, Sodality, fNotre Damel, Glee Club, Commercial Club, Treasurer. COYNE, DAVE 1211 East 81 Street Senior Revue, Football, Wrestling, Decathlon, Hi-Y, Uohn Haylg Scarabean Hi-Y, iEast Techl. CROCE, THOMAS 6200 Lexington Avenue Senior Revue, Junior Council on World Affairs, Homeroom Sports, LV. Swimming Team, Homeroom President, QEast Techj. WINOWIECKI, MAGDALEN 1641 East 85 Street Girls Safety Squad, Secretary, Treasurer QSt. Francis High, Michiganl. CURLE, WILLI.AM 1185 Addison Road I.V. Football, Hall Guard, Intramurals. D'AMICO, WILLIAM 10507 Frank Avenue DEBESIS, DORIS 7603 Decker Avenue Laurean, Athenaeum- Senior Revue, Girls' Gym Leaders, Store Clerk, Commercial C Sergeant at Arms, Intramurals. DELANEY, MILDRED 12415 Lancelot Avenue Choral Club, Glee Club, Whirlo Club, German Club. DEMORE, ALICE 8714 Birchdale Avenue Store Clerkg Homeroom Vice President, Treasurer. DHJIBERTO, IOE 7308 Linwood Avenue DISSAUER, ROBERT 1551 East 32 Street Movie Crewg Senior Revueg Whirlo Clubg Intramurals. DOBRAY, TOM 712 East 96 Street Hall Guardg Bandg Senior Revueg Intramurals. DORNBERGER, JOAN 1359 Addison Road Play, leadg Senior Revue. DUDEK, losmpn 1407 East 27 street Var sity Basketballg LV. Basketballg Intramural s. EVANS, MARY LOU 2077 East 77 Street Senior Revueg Florence Nightingale Clubg Dispensary Assistant. FACAROS, STELLA 1413 East 94 Street Student Councilg Senior Revueg Athenaeumg Inter Nos Clubg Boostersg Florence Nightingale Clubg Glee Club. FARRELL, BILL 1095 East 74 Street Intramural s . FLAISMAN, IACK 6400 St. Clair Avenue Band, Student Conductor, Orchestrag junior Council on World Affair s. FODORE, CORINNE 942 Wheelock Road Blue and Gold, Senior Revue, Whirlo Club, Athenaeum, Emmett Smeltz Clubg Boosters, Dramaticsg Chemistry Club. GEORGE, RICHARD 8311 Sowinski Avenue Hall Guard Captalng Senior Revue, Intramurals. GERAKIS, SAM 1689 East 84 Street Movie Operator, Inter Nos Clubg Iunior Council on World Affairs, Treasurer, Homeroom Treasurer. GIBSON, JACQUELINE 8915 Blaine Avenue Senior Revue, Band, Glee Club, Y-Teen Club, Lenore Parker 5 Boosters- French Clubg Homeroom Vice President. GITTELSOHN, LOIS 1576 Ansel Road Senior Revue, Athenaeum 3 Laureang Emmett Smeltzg Club, Y-Teen Club, Whlrlo Club. ,wk uri' 11 A ...ui b .N , agrms K .. GLAVIC, ROBERT 1075 East 64 Street GRANER, RALPH 1809 East 101 Street National Honor Society, Senior Revue, Junior Council on World Affairs, Vice President, President, Inter Nos Clu German Clubg Chemistry Club. GREEK, PATRICIA 5819 Superior Avenue Glee Clubg Dispensary Assistant, Florence Nightingale Club. GREEN, DONALD 1220 East 87 Street Intramurals. GRUBBS, WALTER 8119 Linwood Avenue Play, Stage Crew, French Clubg junior Council on World Affairs. b HALLOWAY, ELAINE 1139 Ansel Road Student Councilg Store Clerkg Senior Revueg Emmett Smeltz Clubg Athenaeumg Laureang German Club. HARTH, JOHN 1807 East 31 Street ZANKEL, ISRALEA 1397 East 94 Street Blue and Gold, Page Editorg Honor Study Hall Chairmang Operettag Athenaeumg Y-Teen Club, Treasurerg Franch Club, Secretary. HERMANSON, LILLIAN 7501 Melrose Avenue Bankg Y-Teen Clubg Commercial Club. HEROUVIS, TONY 5710 Lexington Avenue Intramurals. HOFFMAN, IACQUELINE 863 East 147 Street Store Clerkg Y-Teen Clubg Whirlo Clubg Intramurals. HOWE, WILLIAM 7819 Linwood Avenue Student Councilg Operettag Ensembleg Senior Revueg Choral Clubg Hall Guard. HULL, IOANNE 7709 Melrose Avenue Operettasg Band, Secretaryg Senior Revueg Orchestrag Majorettes Clubg Intramural sg Homeroom Treasurer. HULSEBUS, ANN 1216 East 61 Street Dispensary Assistantg Florence Nightingaleg Dramatics Clubg Homeroom Secretary, HULT, ROGER 1420 Ansel Road Operettag Bandg Orchestra. IAKSA, IIM 7706 Lockyear Avenue Intramurals. IERALA, RAYMOND 6309 Whittier Avenue Hall Guard. DI-INSON, GERALDINE 6109 Luther Avenue Commercial Club. JOHNSON, JIM 1682 Crawford Road J.V. Football, Intramurals. JONES, WILMA 8409 Hough Avenue Operettas, Choral Club' Ensemble, Music Club, President, Homeroom President, Vice President.k 'TK HUM .a--L, A KALEAL, RUTH 1590 East 41 Street Store Clerk, Homeroom President, Intramurals. KEAVENEY, MARGARET 7537 Star Avenue School Revue, Commercial Club, Vice President, Florence Nightingale Club, Treasurer, Glee Club. KEEFER, LAURETTE 955 East 69 Street Senior Revue, Whirlo Club, Homeroom President, Vice President. KEITER, RAYMOND 1527 East 84 Street Decathlon, Hall Guard, Senior Revue, Camera Club, President, Graphic Arts Club. KELLEY, MYRNA 1119 East 76 Street Commercial Club, Homeroom Treasurer, Intramurals. KELLY, BERTHA 1378 East 53 Street Senior Revue, Choral Club, Glee Club, Girls' Gym Leaders, Majorettes Club, President, Treasurer, Dramatics Club, Homeroom President. KELLUMS, TOM 1651 Crawford Road Hall Guard, Choral Club, Graphic Arts Club, Intramurals. KENNON, YVONNE 9906 Ostend Avenue Conference Room, Choral Club, Orchestra, Senior Revue, Athenaeum, Laurean, Music Club, Treasurer, Dramatics Club, Secretary, German Club, Emmett Smeltz Club. KINICKI, HARRIET 1341 East 93 Street Student Council, Commercial Club, President, Homeroom President, Intramurals. KIRSCHNER, BILL 1643 East 86 Street Senior Revue. KOKUBUN, LILY 3223 Perkins Avenue Intramurals. KOVACH, MARY 1266 East 82 Street Commercial Club. KOZAK, MARLENE 1233 East 81 Street Student Council, Senior Revue, Athenaeum, Inter Nos Club, Commercial Club, Florence Nightingale Club, Booster Club, Camera Club, Glee Club KRALIC, RICHARD 7700 Donald Avenue Student Council, Hall Guard, Honor Study Hall Chairman, Math Club, Intramurals. KRAUSS, ALAN 6703 Superior Avenue Vice President 12B Class, Student Council, Choral Club, Decathlon, Hall Guard. KRCAL, ROBERT 2355 East 83 Street Hall Guard. KROMAR RICHARD 1207 East 60 Street 7 Student Councilg Varsity its '2 Footballg 1.v. Basketballg 1 , S Y' 'E iw M. 3 I I is .ffiggii 1 H966 Baseball- Hall Guard Homeroom President, Vice President Treasurer KRUITHOF, ANNE 2562 East 83 Street Gym Leadersg Whlrlo Club, Uane Adamsl. KULURIS, JAMES 7202 Hough Avenue KURTH, BRUCE 7039 Lexington Avenue Operettas, leadg Senior Revueg Choral Clubg Ensembleg Chemistry Clubg German Clubg Music Club. KURTH, DONALD 7039 Lexington Avenue Operettas, leadg Play, leadg Senior Revueg Choral Clubg Trackg Band. LACOURSE, DORIS 1348 East 88 Street Commercial Clubg Whirlo Club. LANESE, JAMES 2037 Murray Hill LANGLEY, IEANNE 1221 Superior Avenue Operettasg Senior Revueg Choral Clubg Glee Clubg Ensembleg Movie Crew. LA PLACE, BARBARA 1365 East 86 Street junior Council on World Affairs, President Student Councilg Sodality, Athletic Associationg Speech Clubg QNotre Dame! LARABEE, PAULINE 7316 Wade Park Avenue LEAL, PAULINE 4821 Payne Avenue Choral Clubg Glee Clubg Commercial Club. WOLFE, ADA 9109 Edmunds Avenue 12B Class Secretaryg Laureang Athenaeum. LEE, NANCY 8911 Meridian Glee Clubg Latin Clubg Intramurals. LEHET, CAROL 1481 East 123 Street Student Councilg Senior Revueg Athenaeumg Majorettes Clubg Y-Teen Clubg Whirlo Clubg Camera Clubg 12B Nominating Committeeg Homeroom President. LEINDECKER ALICE Homeroom Treasurer. .t ,., 7 ...1' M I . f: 8117 Danbury Avenue . .,,. LEMERISE, ELAINE 1526 East 49 Street Y-Teen Club. LEWANSKI, EDMUND 1036 Ansel Road LV. Footballg Senior Revueg Intramurals. LEWIS, MARY 7902 Wade Park Avenue Senior Revueg Laurean Athenaeum 3 Student Council, Secretaryg Emmett Smeltz Clubg Girls' Gym Leaders. LIBEY, COURTNEY 11709 Ashbury Avenue Operettag Bandg Orchestrag Hall Guardg Choral Clubg Senior Revueg School Revueg Intramurals. Q ! LISIECKA, ANN 948 East '79 Street Commercial Clubg Intramurals. LLEWELLYN, TOM 11420 Hessler Decathlong German Clubg 12B Nominating Committeeg Homeroom Treasurer. LOMBARDO, ANN 2107 Murray Hill Operettag Senior Revueg Choral Club fAccompanistJg Bandg . Orchestrag Glee Clubg Homeroom President. LOUIE, ANNA MAY 2166 Rockwell Avenue National Honor Societyg Conference Roomg Laureang Athenaeum, Vice Presidentg Emmett Smeltz, Secretary, Treasurerg Math Club, Secretary, Treasurerg Y-Teen Clubg Travel Clubg I-lomeroom Secretary. LUBINA, ALLAN 7610 Linwood Avenue National Honor Societyg Trackg Cross-Countryg Treasurer, 12B Class. 'A .:- ' :nf .- 'Sg.. ' 0' ', il. ' - W.. .4 .L A yt bl ,,,. ff wgfggfafy' ia, ii -t .ay qu, wx. H, 405 LUCAS, DOLORES 1079 East 79 Street Senior Revueg Commercial Clubg Booster Clubg Store Clerkg Bookroom. LYDIC, BERYL 1538 East 38 Street National Honor Society Blue and Gold, Bookkeeperg Conference Roomg Student Councilg Laureang Athenaeumg Homeroom Treasurer. MAESTA, JOHNNY 2109 Random Road Varsity Footballg Student Councilg Intramurals. MALLIS, GEORGE 5104 Harlem Avenue Varsity Baseballg LV. Basketballg Hall Guardg Senior Revue. MALONE, RAY 8420 Pulaski Avenue Trackg Cross Countryg Intramurals. MALOOF, JOSEPH 6915 Hough Avenue Movie Operatorg Chemistry Clubg Math Clubg Camera Club. MANLY, MARY RUTH 1870 East 90 Street Emmett Smeltzg Beta Clubg Newspaper Staff, fTennesseeD. MANNION, ANN 1749 East 45 Street MARGRAFF, ELSIE 1710 Hamilton Avenue Homeroom President, Secretary. 'MARTENS, IOHANNA 7010 Lawnview Avenue Student Council . MARTIN, GERALD 2214 Rockwell Avenue National Honor Societyg Student Council, Vice Presidentg Hall Guardg Choral Clubg Cross- Countryg Math Clubg Chemistry Clubg French Club. MARTIN, THERESE 1392 East 45 Street Senior Revueg Whirlo Clubg Dramatics Club. MASCIARELLI, TOM 11712 Moulton Ave. MAYNARD, MARLENE 6114 Lexington Avenue Student Council, Sodality, CNotre Dame! MCCARTHY, CONSTANCE 1626 East 77 Street Senior Revueg Laureang Athenaeumg Honor Study Hall Chairmang Whirlo Clubg Y-Teen Clubg Homeroom Treasurer McCLINTOCK, LOIS 7211 Duluth Avenue Glee Club, Homeroom Tax Stamp Chairman. McGUlRE, SAM 7717 Superior Avenue National Honor Society, Student Council, Senior Revue, Play, Lead, Latin Club, Math Club, German Club, Chemistry Club, Homeroom President. MCKIRNAN, JOHN 1451 East 116 Street Chairman, Nominating Committee, Intramurals. MEAKIN, TERRENCE 1480 East 115 Street Band, Mariners, Secretary, Treasurer, QEast Techl. MELARAGNO, IAN ESE 1876 Ansel Road Atheneaum, Laurean, WBOE, Operetta.Leads, Play, Leads, Senior Revue, Girls Gym Leaders, Y-Teen Club. fl -ii lv. 'ww W 'TW- sw E' JIT? MERCADANTE, MIKE 10709 Cedar Avenue LV. Football, Hall Guard, Intramurals. MEROS, VORIS 6407 Quimby Avenue Hall Guard, Intramurals. MEZNARSIC, LEONA 6409 St. Clair Avenue Choral Club, Glee Club, Senior Revue, Commercial Club, Girls' Gym Leaders Club, Treasurer, Homeroom President. MICKELBART, THERESA 1418 East 61 Street Store Clerk, Commercial Club, Glee Club, Boosters Club. MILLER, BARBARA 1616 East 39 Street Blue and Gold, Page Editor, Senior Revue, Conference Room, Emmett Smeltz Club, Operetta, Choral Club, Athenaeum, Treasurer Laurean. MILLER, GERALDINE 1215 Addison Road Whirlo Club, Y-Teen Club, Dramatics Club, Camera Club. MINADEO, 10HN 12304 Moulton Avenue Senior Revue, Whirlo Club, Homeroom Vice Pre sident, Intramural s. MINADEO, THERESA 2088 Cornell Road Commercial Club. MINOGUE, BILL 1259 East 113 Street Intramurals. MINOTTI, TONY 12010 Paul Avenue Senior Revue, German Club, Treasurer, Homeroom Treasurer, Intramurals. MOCARSKI, AL 8314 Medina Avenue MORRISON, MARY LOU 1744 East 90 Street Blue and Gold, Page Editor, Copy-Editor, Senior Revue, Glee Club, Laurean, Treasurer, Athenaeum, French Club, Emmett Smeltz Club, Homeroom Secretary. MORRISON, PAUL 1489 East 107 Street Football, Band, Orchestra, lEdgewood, Ashtabulal. MOTUZA, RICHARD 6406 Dibble Avenue Blue and Gold, Co-Editor, Band, Hall Guard, Senior Revue, Homeroom President, Intramurals. NAGORSKI, JOSEPH 6006 Dibble Avenue Varsity Football, LV. Football, LV. Basketball, Hall Guard, Senior Revue, Homeroom President. NASTAL, EILEEN 1586 Addison Road Student Council, Athenaeum, Florence Nightingale Club, Chemistry Clubg Inter Nos Club, Laureang Dispensary Assistant. NOFFSINGER, DORIS 1106 East 66 Street Whirlo Clubg Commercial Club. O'CONNELL, WILBUR 1350 East 88 Street Student Council. PENNY, ODELL 1889 East 59 Street Decathlon, Junior Council on World Affairs, Intramurals. OKICKI, DOREEN 1106 East 64 Street Senior Revue, Dispensary Assistantg Laureang Athenaeumg Florence Nightingale Club' Commercial Clubg Recdrding Secretary. . ff js J . 1 'NN as sa. O'NEILL, PAT 1360 East 88 Street Senior Revue, Choral Clubg Homeroom President, ONISHI, FLORENCE 9500 Edmunds Avenue Student Council, Senior Revueg Operettag Girls' Gym Leadersg Club Cleveland, President, French Club, Florence Nightingale Club, Treasurer, Camera Club, Secretary, Treasurer, Dispensary Assistant, Homeroom Vice President. OTT, ALFRED 850 East 73 Street Student Council. PACKARD, CHARLES 1924 East 93 Street Hall Guard, Camera Club. PASTVA, DELORES 1434 East 61 Street PERRYMAN, KEN 1443 East 90 Street PETERS, BERTHA 1785 East 33 Street Student Council, Store Clerk, Commercial Club. PHILLIPS, AUDREY 7924 Simon Commercial Club, Cam era Club, Booster Club, Intramurals. PIASCIK, RAY 1234 East 85 Street Hall Guard. PLOSTNIZEKS, IANIS 1725 East 90 Street German Club, President, Beta Club, Library Club School Paper Staff- fBe1'ry Hill High, North Carolinal. tt 2 4 W tt at a s -. 3ESi?KL?fH.?5t ' Wetag ,,,,,,l. kgs Y ff 1 tr- S35 WW 1 . , K2 4 t X it A 1 i QE Q of Y Z W Q-at it f fi PODOLSKI, AUDREY 1384 East 86 Street Commercial Club, Homeroom Treasurer 3 L, '111: t:-t 2 If Popovrc, BEVERLY ' -,'-. N 5802 St, Clair Avenue Student Council, Senior Revue, Operetta Majorettes Club, French Club, Dramatics Club, Glee Club, Homeroom Secretary, Treasurer RAINEY, RUTH 7710 Star Avenue Senior Revue. RANDALL, CAROL 11805 Ashbury Avenue Blue and Gold, Copy- Editor, Laurean, Athenaeum, Emmett Smeltz Club, junior Council on World Affairs, French Club zUcAL1, ALVINA 1553 East 33 street Glee Club. REECE, IEAN 1404 East 110 Street REYNOLDS, JUNE 7122 Wade Park Avenue Homeroom Secretary. RICE, NANCY 1907 East 66 Street Commercial Club. RINI, CONNIE 1549 East 30 Street Commercial Club, Whirlo Club. RISTAU, MARILYN 7534 Star Avenue Blue and Gold, Co-Editor, Copy-Editor, Miss Martin's Secretary, Spelling Contest Representative, Athenaeum, Corresponding Secretary, Commercial Club, Florence Nightingale Club, 12B-12A Nominating Committee, Laurean, Dispensary Assistant, Senior Revue. 'Y' , . 'Q' 'id . .. 'EF' 'ie gt uw gb ' ...fs r'l. W N'-me S RITZ IOAN 658 East 115 Street Girlsj Gym Leaders, Senior Revue, Commercial Club, Florence Nightingale Club, Secretary, Vice President, Homeroom Secretary, Dispensary Assistant. ROBINSON, BETTY 9914 South Boulevard Y-Teen Club, Secretary, Senior Revue, Music Club, Glee Club, Homeroom Vice President, Intramurals. ROBINSON, LESLIE 1417 East 82 Street Intramurals. ROBISON, CARL 9303 Lakeshore Boulevard Varsity Football, I.V. Football, Track, Hall Guard, Whirlo Club, Math Club. ROBITAILLE, BOB 1400 East 80 Street Operettas, Lead, Annual Play, Choral Club, Student Director, Senior Revue, Music Club, Treasurer, Ensemble. ROCHIE, RUDY 6615 Wade Park Avenue Intra.murals. ROPER, BOB 1898 East 82 Street Hall Guard. ROPER, MARILYN 11814 Wade Park Avenue National Honor Society, Blue and Gold, Page Editor, Athenaeum, Recording Secretary, Laurean, Y-Teen Club, Vice President, Operettas, Choral Club, Senior Revue, Ensemble, Homeroom Vice President. ROSS, ELAINE 6210 Hough Avenue School Revue, Senior Revue, Choral Club, Ensemble, Glee Club, Latin Club. RUOLO, RITA 1544 East 120 Street Blue and Gold, Exchange Editor, Senior Revue, Athenaeum Vice President, Laurean, Y-Teen Club, President, Corresponding Secretary, Whirlo Club, President, Vice President, Secretary, Junior Council on World Affairs, Homeroom President. -in Emi, SABETTA, LOUIS 1982 East 123 Street SALMEY, THOMAS 7042 Lexington Avenue Intramurals. sALvA'roRE, coNcEL1A 11815 Moulton Avemme Y-Teen Club, Intramurals. SANDERS, CARL 6810 Bayliss Avenue Student Council, Track, LV. Football, Intramurals, Homeroom President, Vice President. SAUTO, JOHN 1657 Crawford Road Intramurals. SAWAYA, CHARLES 2602 Cedar Avenue SCHAAB, IOSEPH 1445 East 91 Street SCHAAB, MARIORIE 1316 East 80 Street Intramurals. SCHAEFER, CAROL 1365 East 90 Street Store Clerk, German Club, Secretary, Athenaeum, Laureang Homeroom Treasurer. SCHEFFEL, IOANNE 9234 Birchdale Avenue I-x ap , SCHMITZ, JANE 1255 East 81 Street Homeroom President, Intramurals. SCHUBACH, ROBERT 1524 East 82 Street Senior Revue, Track, Cross Country, Math Club, Chemistry Club, German Club. SCRUGGS, GRANT 2178 East '78 Street. Student Council, Track, Orchestra, Inter Nos Club, Math Club, Chemistry Clubg Ir. Council on World Affairs. SERCELY, PHYLLIS Blue and Gold, Exchange Editor, Operettag Student Council, Choral Club, Music Club, Florence Nightingale Club, Athenaeum. SHAW, ROLLIN 7620 Star Avenue Drum Major, Senior Revue, Band, Orchestra, Choral Club, Stage Crew, Camera Club, Presidentg Movie Crew. SHUSTER, LaVERNE 1086 East 71 Street National Honor Society, Laurean, Athenaeum, Honor Study Hall Chairman, Conference Room, Girls' Gym Leaders Club, President, Emmett Smeltz Club, Inter Nos Club, Vice President, Homeroom Secretary, Intramurals. SIDERS, DON 1209 East 83 Street Operettas, Lead, Choral Club, Music Club, Secretary, Treasurer, Ensemble. SIMON, IOE 1544 East 38 Street Track. SINTIC, MARTY 1561 East 45 Street Homeroom Vice President, Intramurals. SITTINGER, MARTHA 1303 East 55 Street Store Clerk, Travel Club, Y-Teen Clubg Intramurals. 3 5 SKROCKI, PATRICIA 8311 Sowinski Avenue Commercial Club. SLAPNIK, DONALD 6102 St. Clair Avenue Track, Football, QLatinJ. SLATER, APRIL 7705 Linwood Avenue Homeroom Presidentg Intramurals. SLOSZESKI, DON 997 East 79 Street Little Chefs Club. SMARGIASSI, CLARA 1859 Lakeview Road Inter Nos Club, Homeroom Treasurer, Intramurals. SMERRITT, RAYMOND 1180 East 58 Street Varsity Footballg Trackg Varsity Basketballg Ir. Council on World Affairsg Intramurals. SMITH, HARLEY 1422 East 66 Street SOBOCI-IAN, MARTHA 1157 Addison Road Store Clerkg Commercial Clubg Whirlo Club. SOMMERS, JOAN 1533 East 122 Street Senior Revueg Laureang Athenaeumg Y-Teen Clubg Emmett Smeltz Clubg Conference Roomg Homeroom Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer. SPANN, BETTY 1437 East 82 Street Senior Revueg German Clubg Bridge Club, Secretaryg Y-Teen Clubg Camera Clubg Commercial Clubg Boosters Clubg Intramurals. ,nd- '95 Milk M591 'Q AVS SRAY, JOSEPH 1121 East 63 Street LV. Footballg Trackg Bowlingg Ixmior Council on World Affairsg Intramurals. STANOVIC, ANN 1363 East 45 Street Store Clerkg Bank Tellerg Commercial Clubg Homeroom President, Secretary STAPUS, LUCILLE 1124 East 71 Street Bank Teller. STARK, GEORGE 1299 East 17 Street STEALEY, PAT 7905 Cory Avenue Blue and Goldg Athenaeumg Laurean Senior Revueg Inter Nos Club. STEVENS, ROBERT 1542 East 33 Street Choral Club. STOMSKI, EDWARD 966 Ida Avenue Bowling, Intramurals. STRAH, DOLORES 5040 Glazier Avenue Glee Clubg Student Councilg Inter Nos Clubg Homeroom Secretary. STROHMEYER, IANE 8015 Euclid Avenue SWIECICKI, MILDRED 8208 Bellevue Avenue Commercial Clubg Intramurals. li THOMPSON, MARY 1951 East 66 Street Senior Revueg Dispensary Assistantg Florence Nightingale Clubg Dramatics Clubg Glee Club. TOMCZAK, LUCILLE 7920 St. Clair Avenue Glee Clubg Commercial Clubg Boosters Clubg Music Club. TRIANTOS, PATRICIA 1440 East 61 Street Student Councilg Operetta Choral Clubg Ensembleg Homeroom President. TRIVISON, GEORGE 2217 Murray Hill Road Bandg Intramurals. TRUBISKY, SHIRLEY 7819 Redell Avenue Senior Revueg Operettag Laureang Athenaeumg Music Clubg Choral Clubg Ensemhleg Inter Nos Clubg Boosters Clubg Florence Nightingale Club. TSIROS, GUST 1488 Sheffield I.V. Football, LV. Basketball. UNDERWOOD, THERESA 7712 Star Avenue UYESUGI, IEANETTE 1545 East 55 Street Girls' Gym Leaders, Treasurer, Camera Clubg Intramurals. VIDRICK, LILLIAN 558 East 107 Street Choral Clubg Homeroom Vice President. voux, KEN 1213 East 87 street w '- 41 - an 'S .ui ff-vw ii ? .QS WAISURE, JOAN 1349 Russell Road WALGUS, MARIAN 1245 East 80 Street National Honor Society Honor Study Hall Chairmang Conference Roomg Senior Revueg Girls' Gym Leadersg Laureang Athenaeum, Emmett Smeltz Clubg Inter Nos Clubg Home room President. WALKER, DICK 1838 East 101 Street Varsity Football, I.V. Basketballg Intramurals. WALLACE, GLORIA 6901 Superior Avenue Store Clerk. WALTZ, CAROLE 1357 East 110 Street a 9 Blue and Gold, Copy- Editor, Page Editorg Operettas, leadg Laureang Treasurerg Athenaeum, Commercial Clubg Choral Club, Whirlo Clubg Ensembleg Homeroom President, Vice President, Senior Revue. WANK, GLENN 1484 East 116 Street I.V. Football, Varsity Football, Assistant Honor Study Hall Chairman. WHEELER, BARBARA 1847 East 87 Street Blue and Gold, Page Editor, Movie Crew, Y-Teen Clubg Emmett Smeltz Club, Senior Revueg Student Council, Camera Club, Travel Club. WILSON, CLETE 1865 East 101 Street Hall Guard Captain, Cross-Country Team, I. V. Football, Inter Nos Club, President, junior Council on World Affairs. Q-'HP WYBOWINSKI, ELEANORE 8216 Bellevue Avenue Glee Club, Intramurals. ZADRAVEC, JOSEPH 1455 East 88 Street Intramurals. CHERNAY, MARIANN 10749 I-lull Avenue French Clubg Whirlo Club, Gym Club Uane Addams! HARWELL, AUDREY 2060 East 81 Street Athenaeum, Laureang French Club, Homeroom, Secretary. KOSTREK, JOSEPH 4826 St. Clair Avenue fAugust Graduatej. MARKIEWICZ, ANDREW 1031 Ansel Road I. V. Football, Varsity Footballg Track, Home Homeroom Sergeant at Arms, Intramurals. NESTER, ANN 7509 St. Clair Ave. fAugust Graduatej. RAY, EUGENIE 5911 Olive Court ZELLNER, ALFRED 1657 East 40 Street fAugust Graduatel. GRADUATES OF NIGHT William Coleman Daniel Coppers Alexander Doago Mark Fravel Peter Messina jerry Misch Howard Clay Morris Ellen Frances Nicoll Robert Schaefer SCHOOL AND THE ARMED FORCES 7820 Hough Avenue 7118 Wade Park Avemxe 10083 Kee Mar Court 1204 East Oklahoma Street Enid, Oklahoma 2071 East 125 Street 8920 Empire Avenue Hq. Co., Army Finance School 4300 Goodfellow Boulevard St. Louis, Mo. -.X -I 1445 Wyandotte Avenue X 1409 Nichols Road W J 81 ' Q 3' 54 WH,:ik QQ. RWE gf ff! ' we Nga - , ' 1 9. gf ,Q 1 gi ff QW i mf: if .Jlqh 71:13:41.741 Three hundred individual streams, each aware only of itself and clinging to its own protecting banks, met in a mighty junction and as one wide, smooth river combined their forces toward an anticipated goal. We were the streams, three hundred individual 10Bs, aware only of our own interests and dependent upon our parents and teachers for guidance and advice. We linked together,like the mighty river,at East High where the advisers were near at hand when needed and yet wnere we were encouraged to be independent and to seek our own best course. Soon after the abrupt change to high school, we were caught up by the infectious spirit of East High. Our first all-school Shaw Rally inspired an unusual eagerness to support East on the field Blue Bombers, and were unwilling -. to miss a game. Like real Eastites, we worked hard for activities tickets, tax stamp drives and the Community Fund. and in the classroom. We became enthusiastic rooters for the Memo to Mr. Stillinger: For the hundreds of times Dramatic talent in our class you've lent a helping hand, For the hundreds of encour- aging words, For the hundreds of times you've offered patient advice, For the hundreds of friendly smiles, For this, hundreds of seniors thank you. As hard-working underclass- men, we realized that we had been accepted as a part of the East High family when, at the 10B Recognition Assembly, many of us were honored for our achieve- ments. Thus we were spurred on to even greater accomplishments. We were seeking our course, setting our pace. was uncovered in our 10A semester when the school play, Death Takes a Holiday , was given. Ianese Melaragno and Arlene Koporc starred as Duchess Stephanie and Rhoda during the two night performances in the East High auditorium. We quickly eased ourselves into the social life at East, too. We began to participate in numerous clubs and activities and entered contests to bring recognition to our class. In the annual Horizons' competition, we were proud to be represented by Audry Harwell, who won first prize in the poetry division, and Carol Randall, who won third place in the essay group. Sam McGuire distinguished himself and brought honor to the class by placing first in the American Legion Essay contest. Further eminence was brought by our best speller, Marilyn Ristau, who was the East High representative to the Press Spelling Contest. Marilyn continued in this capacity for three years. To add to the pride and dignity of our class, Arlene Koporc was elected secretary of Student Council in our 11B semester. The first miles of the river had brought us the riches of education and experience. Now, a little older, wiser and less dependent upon our supporting banks, we look back on our first year at East and realize that the football games, assemblies, election campaigns and club activities had given us a feeling of belonging. A river broadens and deepens its bed, so we, as juniors, looked forward to new adventures in education, extended more friendships, school dances, sports, competitions, club activities and services to our school. Around this second bend in the river, we find Ianese Melaragno, Don Sfders, Phyllis Sercely, promenadlng the stage in Oriental array for the operetta, The Mikado. other class members helped to make the operetta a success. Other honors were brought to East through our class in this junior year. Re-elected secretary of the Student Council Arlene Koporc also placed second in the Rotary Club Speech Contest. First place in the Halle Book Contest went to Anna May Louie for her review of Shake Hands with the Dragon. Don Kurth, assuming an authoritative voice and manner, portrayed Papa , in the annual play, Papa is All. Others in the cast were Ianese Melaragno, Arlene Koporc and Bob Robitallle. t 5, A was , - 4 t- . u are , i l:L LL,, ,, x 5 so it f , 'X fi 'N' 2 ei , , 'v an Q , X X 5332, L 5 33,6 f A xi N tilt a, ,-'n irin m der Yhltgszhibl W ilxlAf,c1ass members were KW' ,ct tl-5 M 9 , Q Kppgf 1 Jay-riqouie, Sam McGW Nfi2PYmqane,..,igToQ3ew 'ir-iff ess sp ol stic nor ,rn ldftiacjiievementg to all othei-sf, at rdw tofi-.,,,,,,, gp st eg N glfto he leadfthe sgiiqenrkceuneu for the coming semester were ailacbf ce xy 'Y i ,and Mary Le is, secretagiiyrrmf paramount interest in the eleventh ' r de L he Golidenpjf Wslubge' tlie,East h',sfF 1ftiethdBirthday Party. B. U. Rannells, beloved fast princiii f ofEa,st va .uw spoke ini th ushfof the school auditorium and an attentive audienceftis filled with?.,1ieR,,,,j--qi , ffe' reverence and admdjfation for the man and the school that he loved. His memoryi ' l live forever. , a 5' JK - , E eTwo-thirctsfof our entire course has been traveled now, and we have gained an unquenohed zeal to drive full speed ahead toward our goal which waits at the mouth of the river. h Aheadlof us, but still hidden from our view, lifes our graduation day. Withjust one year in v which to polish off our education, we have a fervent desire to learn all that is within our reach and fig to round out our school life with an enlarging circle of friendships and acquaintances. X1 ohri Zimmerly, presidentg Alan Krauss, vice presidentg Ada Wolfe, secretary, Allan Lubina, I trea rerg and Harold Bianchi, sergeant at arms, were chosen to lead the 12B class. i he foremost literary composition of our high school careers came during this semester. , 1, 1 Our English source themes brought hours of work on bibliographies, outlines. We ran back and Ig' forthto the' library, wrote and rewrote until the finished product was ready. Our friend in need jg ' was the timely Big Snow which gave us an extraffweek in which to work on our theme tand to join . the block plan to shovel snow from the streetsj This event furnished a welcome break in the i ttunglt 'oigour final year, F p M l i 3, Q 3 The cast of Haydn L. Mathews' production, Erminie'i was senior-laden, with 24 members P y rlclass participating. eWhile Don Siders, Courtney Libey and Bob Robitaillepwon principal r s, gsi iof minor leads were xgained by other l2Bs. Personality and alppefarance were two K u icagnns ich aided Millie Zailac in her election as Football Queen,Attenda,nt. t I tl 4 , H 1 4 1 so E A 1 Two 'inspirational assemblies brought closer to our hearts the spirit and tradition of our alma ?1 ter. Atfour second National Honor Society induction, nine Senior Bs were accepted. Those r gniaed were Mildred Bilanovich, Allan Lubina, Beryl Lydic, Gerald Martin, Marilyn Roper, :QL ernesiluster, Marian Walgus, Millie Zailac and john Zimmerly. ' f , X 3 i ,,.,, M , , e 'T At the height of our glowing achievementlsgthe lasting tradition of thejolne and gold mantlefwas i Q , 'fs ERN 4: wb , , 1, N. is NK N, ct Qin to Arlene Koporc, who was chosen from a group of twenty-five highly qualified girls to , ,S , 3 fre ,eseht our class as Mantle Crater., Electedcto the vice presidency of the Student Council for Q if A5 semester was Gerald Martin. to Q i 5 i 1-17' Nm KAXK 2 - f ,. J A ' St' f fght before us at the 'mouth of the river we catch a glimpse of our graduation da and the f g . t n , Y Q t exp - seaof ocean beyond where we must chart our own course or drift endlessly. , t - f Eifen houxkh our senior year has found us 267 in number, we have added a few new classmates W ond r p thus ,strengthening the remaining to set a swifter current sweeping toward q Ego stag af k -tim gday of graduation, f T50 . 1 9 1951 class through our last year, we re -elected John Zimmerly as presidexifl j Q ,of our gra atingircl s, Selected to aid him were Bob Salamantpyice president, Doris Philligg' yi secretaryg ch 4 ani e, treasurer, and Ed Krasovec, sergeant at Qarms. , :image 6 . . 4 , mf f H k jmk4' '1s. 4 tg Q 3, Q eip .. , fi 5' i 4 Q ,t E va M' N Q . S' QI: W ,A K iwicakf. k N - x'J1'1ifW 'f-fx K Q k ya M H .I .-.,, - A ., .. yfzx is ,NW M vs, N: ,.,- 'Z 5 wx ,W if ,L 'L ,rms li,i lg D7ff ' X it use c, df I i t X r-k4 'iw , A ., -. kXkN,MmEM! it ,X A yW'W4i my N Wm'.Wj,!y: w E N A . G MM' me ugh. . i NNW' i H -W-N I . . A f N if- t,,., W' 2 ' . Miami it or '--a,,,:,,.. ,M Y M , ' if Wg, M, ' ,L.WA ' V 1 ff 'i i'ii it 'i ,K gtg, W A, MLM W fwv-Mjfasfant. hs, , xl 2 . Q , 4 we . 1 1 ,, ..., 5 .X xx K se , 1 ' , WW, .pg .xxx bi K L wwf ,g v r v l . Rushing ong into our senior activities, we began immediate preparation for our Seniorgx gf: Revue, fqackpot g A. ,Mt tmp only two weeks for rehearsal, we put on a very successful pro- Q duction which sent each 'YM ' g s of laughter. Leaving no time for full recovery' from nights' i ofplanxiing, rehearsal and prose' i ihQe OSU test was upon us. After hours of deep concentra- sr y tion, we emerged feeling as though wi hadn't slept for weeks. Placing first was Mary Ruth Manlys with a score of 141, but the whole sEMw ,,buzzim weeks before all the official results were given- f is is y Ann Lombardo, Student conductor of Band, and BobAR .i1le, director of Choral Club, led tgb uslcal organizations through a successful year. 0 A e be , . X . , X ,,,. R ,E sb sg, in ish. ,Sex P ESV, .,s Xtra sl. Anlmusual number of the 12A's displayed journalistic abilities and offered their services tow the Blui ,W a Gem. co-editors Marilyn Ristau and nick Moms, under the guidance of Miss 1. Marion nderson, gave generously of their time and effort to uphold the high standard of the P3P91'- 1 ,, A. .Eli-'M x g .V 1 ...ff 'lm Copifi editors, Mary Lou Morrison, Carol Randall and Carole Walzg page one editor, Marilyn, fsoperg page two editors, Millie Bilanovlch and Barbara Wheeler, page three editors, Barbara Miller and Isralea Zankelg sports editor, ejohn Zimmerlyg exchange editor, Rita Ruolog artist Corlne Fodore and Reporter, Pat1iBtealey also helped to publishk the All-American paper. 3 , ,t .- Xe r. X With the excitement of senior activities still prevailing, rehearsals forwiii af' play, Rebecca , began. , kr- starring in Mrs. Goldring's product ,M were Joan Dernberger 8nd,Sam Mew- 43.1 e l ...el r P D, The memory of the Natlbqal Bonnrgsqciety scroll bearers slowly reading the names, Doris Dehesls, Yvonne Kennon,Rlcha.l'd Krall6,Malt,y Lewis, Anna Lombardo, janise Melaragno, Richard otuxa, Doris Phillips, Carol. Randall, Marilyn Ristau, Robert Snlamant, Ioan Summers, Patricia ,Q aley and Carole yyalz, the final inducttbcn cereggny is an unforgettable one,e...-,g 8 A atb, N 'W Q fi ,Ex 1 M X g ,Nec 3 The s gramting ar was the Senior Prom. Preparation for this gala e nt broUKht'vMh it eidttement and tht . r f of albembrable evening. As a final tribute to the s, servic and aiemplishmentlf it , oufaclass came Recognition Day, aclimax to our high X school lifeg ' the bejgclted senlo Xecelvedlieir awards, a feeling of well-deserved satisfaction ,g and glory l d eaeliilieart. 3 2 MAN? ,. gg A . ffl ,' Now w y havejifoached tmminatiogn of three-year career as East High Students. are, og the threhhold of the future. Many will be going to college, others will be starting on the ' X 4 osendccupations, and still jthers will be answering the call to serve our country. ,i,f w.-.aapfvfrv U V ,A 9 . lx!! ,... Eachiof genesis heenawpart ,this splendid river, but now wwe swept into the wide oceanlf No protecting banks will guide-vigil Overhead shine the bright stars of our ideals which we must chart afcotlrse and pllottriirselv to some sort of achievement. Perhaps, some, lilne drift- wood, will be washed ashore,,lothers ni A be tossed about on stormy uncharted, courses. others may purposefully drive through tot lr goals. g 44- ' u use A Q- . However,with continued effortspniay we ALL reach our desired goals, by endeavoring to accept the duties and responsibilities laid before us by our homes, our communities and our country. 'M 4, N The banks of our: tiny Qreams and ever-widening river have led and held us true up till now. H r wr r r 9. sa , 5 ,as e af' , E sg .- NWQSSFES so . . ,E X rs., r From here on God and, our stars of destiny must be our guides. viii Q 1 fww xxx Q My sw, o g a Ng, .Q 'Q ei k,,,,.. gff E. is E rt' UQW575 all , , eees - X Quzfde adam ' ,. . Our crystal ball is focusing, but the wires are crossed somewhere, 9' X, For we see our Chuck Sawaya who is reigning now as mayor. ' ' ' And next, in a newspaper city room, we meet a fellow who's a A' Brilliant observer of world affairs, Editor Dick Motuza. And in the paper we note with pride the city's foremost writer Praising the work of little Tom Salmey, the country's toughest fighter. Here on page one, a picture we see of two mean looking thugs, . I , Snapped by Ray Keiter, photo-flash chief of Cleveland's camera bugs. ' Now here's a story to fill the hearts with ever-growing pride, V Iohn Bushman has solved a most difficult case, he's chief of homocide. . JN 1- J 5,1 0 r. A - fra'-2 f'N And here beneath the big top, John Minadeo his chest lnflates, N As with a smile upon his lips, he lifts the two-ton weights. And another star performer whose act is on TV Is dreamy Bill Howe, the crooner, though I've heard he sings off key. Our gaze is focused now on a gal in a bright sarong. It's Mary Lou Evans who's singing The Hawaiian Pineapple Song. Lois Gittelsohn now appears, the next big star we see, As she moves her nimble feet in time to a spirited melody. Now what is this that makes us shudder, groan and wail? None other than George Adomaitis who is making a super sale. gig - -4 tenrietta Campana, a skater whose style is really great, - Yorks with higher math when she cuts a figure eight. ' Y 'N ,. Q ow, if you think that's strange, my friend, the next will make ou stop, W Q,-3 5.49 'or whom do we see but Elsie Margraff dressed as a lady cop. 7 Q L. .nd as she writes the ticket, she has a lot to say A J 0 I 'o Kenneth Vouk, the speedster, in his hopped-up Model A , ' he reason for his driving, which inspired so much woe, . - las Tony Minottl, the trapeze star, in the famous Grotto show Lt a corner soda bar we see Jean Langley mixing malts, - ug .s April Slater,with the jolly set, swings to the tune of a waltz. Q 'gf N g A B 1 N G L Rh . nun :mum ummm 'X nxna , 'XXX' 1 In K - In I r l n ' - .- -1 ,. 1 L L. L A Q A, , -A F ,. S' Although our trip to the future is drawing to a close, T bg S Bob Schubach's here to tell us all the theories science knows. 'J N We also see joe Maloof.the chemist of world renown, ' S xg 'lu -if I Under whose supervision seven elements were found. r Despite the work and hours, his task is gay and merry. Q Q Q li. Ivzfhy not :vhen Elaine l-Ialloway'sthis private secretary. ,--J we go o see a mov e, we' ge our money's worth , By watching the nation's heart throb, the dashing one, Bruce Kurth. What's this we see approaching? A rainbow on the loose? Oh, no. Dick George with leopard drape pants and coat of bright chartreuse. l E -f7vf 'mb 'I t in our return to reality we have a stroke of luck, - , ' A. , A r whom do we see but sharp Bob Krcal zip by in his shiny truck. in splaying a dollar he warns us,with a sly and knowing wink, Kellums still makes money with a printing press and ink. nd by the way if youh-e looking for some handiwork that's good ' W p in and see Glen Wank who works miracles with wood. tch your speed while driving, that the limit you don't exceed, the words of Iudge Eileen Nastal for 30 days you'l1 heed. fore we leave we take a look into East High's main hall N ere Connie Boyle is teaching -- That's all! T Q3 I . fl .fy ii.. X W Xxx I2 Elma!! M by 4 1 ' Knit one, purl one, knit one, pur ...... What's that dirty old ' Q S 0 book you're reading, Pa? And turn up that atomic light, you know Y X ,x your eyes aren't so good as they used to be. g ff Nothin's so good as it used to be. Q ' ' ,f 'fEhn? speak up! j, Vg, :' D , ,Qs I was looking at our old yearbook, Ma.. Those shore were the T ' x W ' days! Here it is 2019, but it seems onl yesterda that we were , H, K , f Y Y ,, Q ll Q!! biting our nails over the success of our Senior Revue. ' I K George! That was the best Revue ever. I'll never forget Dave Coyne all made up like a girl, he really fooled the wolves. Talking about girls, how about those Hula girls. Let me see, there was Stella Facaros, Doreen Okicki and--Oh, yes--joan Ritz. I remember it took Ed-bring-em-back-alive-Lewanski and Tom-drag-along-Dobray to keep you off the stage with that lawn mower. Gee! I'd like to visit Coney Island, Pa, just to see if Rollin Shaw ever made use of his Senior Revue experience. He certainly was a good barker. He ..... A barker eh? Yes, he certainly led a dog's life! Heh, heh, heh. Pretty good, eh Ma? Oh, Pa, you still have those Hydrogen Sulfide jokes! But, we almost 'Broke the Bank' QEast High's Bank, that is.l I'll bet Ann Stanovic, Lillian Hermanson, and Lucille Stapus had nightmares after a day of juggling those figures. Yep.---Say here's Patty Greek's autograph. I remember the day she bandaged my sore thumb while Ann Hulsebus, Peggy Keaveney and Jackie Brehm amdously awaited their turns for treatment. One patient they never had to wait for was Les Robinson. He was only too willing to leave Chem class to nurse his wounds. Remember the time he left Chuck Packard, Andy Markiewicz and Dick Kralic to their own devices?--And what devices! They opened the door after their 'rotten egg' experiment. No wonder Clete Wilson and Walter Grubbs were willing to volunteer to represent Russia at the Mock UN meeting. Their chlorine experiment taught them to say 'Oh, No-o-o-of I wonder how Janis Plostnieks, from Latvia and Irene Silinis, from Germany are getting along? just their being with us made the world seem smaller and closer together, didn't it? I loved to hear them talk in their own languages. It was just as odd to hear: Digid yougou segee thagat negew teageacheger? Hege's aga dreageam! Oh, yes! Professor Bunny Onishi teaching the girls her 'G' language. Poor Terry Meakin was so bewildered by their lingo. He was comparatively new to the U.S., from England, I believe! Elaine Ross wasn't from across the sea, but certainly had been around. Why, if I remember rightly, she went to fifteen different schools. Instead of singing 'She's Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage, --Hah! Hah!--She should have sung 'One of the Roving Kind'. While we're back to the Revue, what about Yvonne Kem1on's Basin Street, Basin Street. . . . Ma, I didn't lmow you had it in you. Why yore a-clicking your heels just like a young un! May I have this dance? I wish we could dance as we did at our Senior Prom. There were soft lights, and. . . . ':The girls with their gowns--Barb Wheeler, Connie McCarthy, Pat Triantos, Norma Benucci-- WOW. The Laurean-Athenaeum formals were wonderful too. They always had such swoony bands. But not so good as East High's Band. lack Flaisman beat a smooth Tom-Tom. And Roger Hult's 'licorice stick' was second only to Ted Lewis. Well--to me, commencement was the most thrilling part of the three years. I wouldn't admit it then, of course, but I swallowed hard when that sheepskin was handed to me. Yep, Pa, those were the days, but it's getting late, better put the memory book away while I finish this last row ...... knit one, purl one, knit one, pur. . . . . . MR Bill Curle - His plaid shirts. Joan Waisure - Sport - minded. Elaine Lemerise - Silence is golden. Gene Archacki - Master of the 88 Ivories. Leona Meznarsic - Jaunty walk. Don Slapnik - Work is for horses and women. Donna Caraffi - Model miss. Nancy Lee - Fiend of the wheel. Joe Simon - Bashful blush. Jane Cowles - Light as a feather. Bob Roper - Typing demon. Connie Salvatore - Hur-Ray! Florence Chesonis - Versatile coiffures. Marty Sintic - Squeeze-box artiste. Millie Delany - Mickey. Sam Gerakis - Flicker flasher. Georgene Armstrong - Mikado's little umbrella girl. Bob Glavic - His debating mania. June Reynolds - Cute and snappy. Alvina Zucali - Her effervescence. Jerome Brys - Baby face. Shirley Trubisky - Met-bound. Theresa Mickelbart - Tall and willowy. Ray Malone - Rabbit out of a hat artist. Joanne Scheffel - Natural curls. Jeanette Uyesugi - Tales from Japan. Bill Minogue - The Good-humor Man . Carol Schaefer - Yeh? And, then what happened? John McKirnan - Even temperament. Dorothy Busch - Jolly Dolly. Margaret Alexander - Nimble feet. Eleanore Wybowinski - Snappy answers. Bernard Cuilli - Dreamboat. Martha Sobochan - Her friends' adviser. Johanna Martens - Contagious smile. Jim Lanese - Quick on the trigger. Marlene Maynard - Roller Novice. Pat Bean - Beautiful, Beautiful Brown Eyes. Joe Schaab - Hot Rod. Gloria Wallace - Her cute walk. Nancy Rice - Helpfulness. Dolores Pastva - Class comedienne. D0riS LaCourse - Quiet-spoken. Odell Penny - Step 'n fetch it. Ruth Rainey - Hubba Hubba! Theresa Underwood - Peaches and cream complexion A1 Mocarski - Dry wit. Pauline Larabee - Unusual handwriting. John Bobroski - Casanova. Theresa Minadeo - --- And here's me, Paul Bruce - Perfumed showers. Theresa Martin - Quiet-mannered. Ken Perryman - Golden locks. Lois McClintock - Rosy Future, Doris Noffsinger - Vim, Vigor, Vitality. Chuck Cetinsky - The Silent, dangerous type. Pat Skrocki - Ever-ready grin. Lucille Tomczak - Her Friendly HI, Clara Smargiassi - Vivacious Eyes. Harriet Kinicki - Personality Plus. TRADEMARKS KContinuedJ Auggie Catalano - I'm a no gonna' say! Ioan Carlson - She's engaged, she's lovely, Does she use Pond's? Jim Iaksa -His ear-to-ear grin. Barbara LaPlaca - Orations on women's rights. Rudolph Rochie - Rugged Rudy. Jane Schmitz - Slim 'n trim. Ray Allen - Broad Shoulders. Pat O'Neil1 - Irish shenanigans. John Sauto - Happy-go-lucky. Bertha Peters - Petey Ken Vouk - Aeronautical ability. Audrey Buccilli - That be-oo-ti-ful wristwatch. Ed Stomski - Keen kegler. Magdalen Winowiecki - flowing Ring-a-lets. Johnnie Balutis - Sparkling blue eyes. Audrey Phillips - A real pal. Joe Zadravec - His modern problem -- sleeping. Bill D'Amico - sly chuckles. Harley Smith - Bell-bottom blue jeans. Ann-Marie Barlow - Dagmar LeRoy Anderson - Gasoline Alley Dolores Strah - Famous notes inscribed, Dodo. Ray Piascik - Plinking on the gee-tar. Betty Spann - And, it's a 140-acre farm. Joe DiLiberto - Scholastic keys for art work. Juanita Beeler - Her fancy specs. Don Sloszeskl - Volcanic voice. Anne Kruithof - Hawaiian key chain. John Harth - East's little-genius. Commie Rini - Dark-haired beauty. Paul Morrison - Calling Doctor Morrison. Lillian Vidrick - Perfectly arched eyebrows. Ray Jerala - Tall, dark, and silent. Millie Swiecicki - Gregg Curly-cue expert. Louis Sabetta - Sabetine Luke. Tom Croce - That brush haircut. Jean Reece - Hjearmie With the Light Brown Hair. Wilbur O'Connell - Lawnmowed tresses. Ruth Conner - Cool, calm and collected. George Stark - Whistleless wolf. Audrey Podolski - Elongated finger nails. Mike Mercadante - Don't you penetrate? Dolores Lucas - Her 'fpicture-album wallet Robert Stevens - Permanent waves. Marlene Kozak - Goofy giggle. Don Green - Unruly locks. Marian Courtney - Blondie. George Trivison - Get outa here! Tony Herouvis - Mopealong. Tom Masciarelli - Mash potato. Martha Sittinger - Velvety voice. Alice DeMore - Her Oriental treasures. Gust Tsiros - Plastic perfector. Mariann Chernay - Mettie Jim Kuluris - Historical sketches Ruth Kaleal - Her loquaciousness. Alice Leindecker - Short and sweet. joe Sray - What a blocking machine! Lily Kokubun - Ardent movie fan. y . As we hesitatingly swung open the big doors and entered Easts Main Hall in September 1948, we were immediately swept into the buzz of activities traditionally connected with the beginning of the fall sports season. Posters in bold letters announced the all-important Shaw game and campaigned for a 100 per cent sale of activities tickets. Even though it was the first day, the fairer of Eastites were already whispering about who would run for football queen yes, right from the beginning we knew that sports would play a feature role in high school life, so we purchased our activities tickets and trotted along with the gang to root like mad for the Bombers. In spite of excellent student support, however, the '48 Football squad, under new Coach Tom Corbo, dropped a 12-0 decision to the East Clevelanders in a game that was closer than the score suggests. Then, the Bombers had to wait until the sixth game of the season with Central to dent the win column. Following their victory over the Trojans the Corbomen ran over Glenville and East Tech only to flounder in the mud at Patrick Henry field and drop the season finale to Collinwood. A never-to-be-forgotten sight at the Collinwood fray was the spectacle of the many loyal supporters who braved the driving rain to cheer the Bombers on. As 10Bs we cheered a little louder for our classmates, Dick Walker and Ray Smerritt who were already members of the squad. The '48 - '49 BASKETBALL season had itsupside-downs with the cagers posting a record of six wins against nine setbacks. This squad, playing under Coach Bill Fleishman for the last time, provided a season of spine tingling games, seven of which were decided by two buckets or less. Under another new coach, George G. Dales, and Blue and Gold TRACKMEN came through with several memorable performances. Tops among these was the record- breaking win by the 880-yard lightweight relay team at the Arena Senate Meet. Two members of this team, Grant Scruggs and Bill Arnold, were building a winning reputa- tion for our 10A class along with Al Semple, Ken Buckley, Don Kurth and Ray Smerritt. The Bomber BASEBALLers carried on the successful spring season by repeating as East Senate runners-up. They avenged early season one-run losses to Adams, Benedictine and Tech by shutting out the Rebels and Bengals and edging Tech 2-1 later in the season. In all, East tacked up ten wins against these three losses. Our members of the squad were Dick Kromar, George Mallis and Jim Kuluris. N , KM. A thrilling 7-6 victory over Shaw High brought the '49 FOOTBALL season to a bright opening. This proved to be the Bombers' only win over our archrivals during our tenure at East. At their next outing, our fighting eleven were over-powered and outmanned by a strong Mansfield team. But despite this 33-15 setback, the Deckerites came back fighting and defeated the Benedictine, Adams and Glenville elevens. The Bombers lengthened their winning streak with a decisive 51-0 victory over the Heights High Hilltoppers. Our hopes for a Senate Championship rose with every triumph,but were bitterly crushed after the Bombers were defeated 19-7 by Tech. East also found themselves the prey of the Central Trojans, but came back strong and ended the season with a 22-13 victory over Collinwood. Special interest was centered around Glenn Wank, Andy Markiewitz and Carl Robison, members of the class who had recently made the team. The '49 - '50 BASKETBALL season turned out to be one of hardships and bad luck for the Courtiers. A third new coach, Mentor Gene Kradowiak manned an inexperienced five that was able to bring home only two victories- -these as a result of forfeits. Despite the losing record, Coach K accomplished more than meets the eye--he was building for the future. Leaving only one senior on the starting five, he gave the junior and sophomore members of the quintet opportunity to gain valuable experience for the next season. The athletic scene perked up a bit with the coming of spring sports. At the Arena Indoor TRACK Meet, East finished a close third. The lightweight relay team with Bill Arnold, Ken Buckley and Grant Scruggs carrying the baton again won the city title, this time at the Senate Golden Iubilee Meet. Now developing into a top-notch miler, Al Lubina represented East at the State Meet in Columbus. The Golden Anniversary year at East was brought to a brilliant climax as the East High BASEBALL nine rolled over all opposition and brought homea city championship. After pounding john Marshall 9-0 for the district title, the high-flying Ockerman lost a 1-0 thriller to a powerful Akron Garfield in a bid for State honors. The season record shows eleven games won while dropping two during the regular season. The Bombers then dropped St. Ignatius 13 -5 for the crowning touch, the city championship. Dick Kromar, fixture in left field during the championship campaign, fashioned a .391 batting average. Cass set a new school record for RBI's by driving 26 runners across the plate. His fine showing was rewarded by a berth on the All-East Senate team. 3+ 'va 'Q ...- -- 1? s...-l-. Z- L. 1 A hard-fought 19-19 tie between the Cardinals and the '50 Bomber FOOTBALL gqtuad ended our three-year-rivalry with Shaw. Despite optomistic reports, the Corbo- yyen dropped a downstate battle to the Mansfield Tygers but bounced back to trounce ihe Rebels from John Adams, 45- 12. X This note of cheer was short lived, however, for all the battling Bombers could 5 vage from the remaining six games was a 12-12 tie with Latin. Dick Walker, Three- Lme letterman, Ray Smears Smerritt, with two grid monograms, Ed Krasovec, Dick fromar and Joe Nagorski carried much of the load throughout this, their last season mder the Blue and Gold banner. L Showing that excitement was to be synonomous with East High cage games, the ecker HARDWOCDERS dropped a 62-61 season opener to Bedford. At the start of the Aeason Coach Gene T. Krakowiak announced that Al Cooper wasubeing counted on heavily utr the coming months. The season became more fruitful as the K men dropped Holy Ifkme 44-32, John Hay 61-48 and East Tech, 55-48 and won their first tournament con- est at the expense of Shaker Heights, 42-33. Ioe Dudek out-shot all East High opposi- Lion and represented the Decker Dwelling at the annual foul shooting contest. Q The advent of spring threw the sport light on a cinder squad that was destined for a L1lCC6SSf11l season. At the first big athletic event the Senate Indoor Meet, Al Lubina and Pick Korkan bagged first and second in the mile. Grant Scruggs and Bill Arnold ran on he wimming lightweight relay team. , In Decathlon competition, Tom Llewelyn, Alan Krauss, Hal Bianchi, Angelo Lrgentieri, Dave Coyne and Bob Dissauer unwound the springs in their muscles to help hast High's standing. Krauss, Bianchi and Llewelyn performed for the third year on als unheralded team. In an effort to keep the Deckerites' solid Baseball reputation of the past three ears, Coach Earl I. Ocker fielded a team that, while not as strong as its predecessor, ad all the spirit and fight characteristic of Blue and Gold squads. Dick Krause was a rst base candidate as the season opened and Cass Kromar was patroling left field. lromar's big bat was being counted on heavily for the championship season. On the itching staff, another June Graduate, john Lee, was contributing to the Ockermen's uccess. With the exception of a city baseball crown, our days at East were not filled ith victories, but we can be proud of our East High athletes for every season had its right spots. We can always look back with pride on our spirited and sports-manlike squads, and emember those days when rain or shine, we cheered for the Bombers. VTX? ILXIXXX XXXIKLIXN XIXXKXXX KKXKXKIY l is 1' x I Q I I ' Q ' 9 I -11

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