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x ' L ' 1' 4. A X, 1 1 N 5 f' , 43. K XX I -:J l xv I ff . X , fp W' X N 5 I " Q" 1 J - R fx- ,li Q , ffm: X ' f 'V 117' ,fy Ll .Ji 'df 'iff n ' f' 1 f ' - x ' , If ' . Af, H ,1.g"f 4 .+ ri , 1 ' A 'QV ! X "I T Q Q . ' -.-H' ' L , 1' XV Y A ' -11 , in ,V . A yy xiii,-..,f, ff-'T ii , . ,V ,, , W 6 W, , L Jy ,h A -,U -, , 1 pb , f A M .1 , , 1 jjj' J., V l F,-'J I, 'X 1,7 .I Lx f' fw- I I ,il . V A lv mi I . A nj H 110 Q "' v -- I 'm 'R . X.. , 'X . Vx N x N X X ---- i, , y fc 3 I is - Z J. ,Q I . X QV ff' 1:4 T Rfb - - Q R Q 'X Qc,Cc x ls, Q. -X 'C ,ff 'SE N xxx C, , 1,6 5 KCI fb' 7 I' -zxfx Yi f ' A , 1" - ,Q f' . . R .N-R' Xb, Q' :KZ 1 OE 5, 3 wg- . fr' , f ,kd gif' .5 X 5" a X- , .. I C1 K 4 f -3-":7 L Q- 7 - N f SCL- If swf? gi I . XJ 5 ' 5' E ' ' kb.: W 'xt CZ f4 K J - fN x. -E -Q Hx. f ,gf gi Cf !r,,v K-4- '1 iq 5 f fi e .X ,-V, --Sf f' M , W rw 41- x "' v - . f f ' C S ' ' 'Af' 5 f ff, AJ ECHOES OF l95 123 in 'Q' 5 'E I4-wan-Jdaa L Publxshed by the Yearbook Staff May 1957 Wichita Hxgh School East Wichita, Kansas Never a dull moment . .. MINIATURE CHEERLEADER julie Wright helps East cheerleaders lane Robertson, '59, Sally Brown, '51 Sharon .-Xrmstrong, '57, and Xlarcene Fears. 'EFL lend liost sport fans in 'Go East, Go". ,.a-4 iv? MAIL TIME! lfvcrythinig from Contest blanks to lost .mil founil books may be st-cn in thc teachers' nmil hoxt-s in the main office. 'HOW DOES IT FlT?"asks jon Ward, '58, as he helps Dorothy Brown, '59, with the fitting of her band uniform. Bill Winder, '57 waits his turn. for East Aces 4'-K xii "HAVE SOME STRING," says Don Wood, '59, ns he helps CATCHING UP ON HIS HOMEWORK is Larry l.angt0n, '57, Tom Martin, '59, put up n campaign poster. while lack lford. '57, makes n phone call at the phone booth in the 500 building, . , WE WON! Comes the shout as East fans rush on to the floor after East downs Newton in the Basketball Regionals, held in the North High Gym. . -3- Staff EDITOR Kathleen Park ASSISTANT EDITOR Kay Shaffer COPY EDITOR Jon Park SENIOR PICTURE EDITOR Ed Kirch THE BUILDERS lt! IB 1 m m All are architects of Fate, Working in these walls of Time: Some with massive deeds and great, Some with ornaments of rhyme. Nothing useless is, or low: Each thing in its place is best: And what seems but idle show Strengthens and supports the rest. For the structure that we raise, Time is with materials filledg Our todays and yesterdays Are the blocks with which we build. Truly shape and fashion these: Leave no yawning gaps between,' Think not, because no man sees, Such things will remain unseen. Build today, then, strong and sure, With a firm and ample base,' And ascending and secure Shall tomorrow find its place. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow .N I -..1-n-nail-Ag X':"'t'7 1' --all - rf" , -... G :rv ., , T ,, -pf mv '!""'i '2- ,,.. .,--,wwf """ "5" 1 iii 35 lil 553 lil all F!! Ill ll' -ss. , . 53 . ,- 'tn .Hana A .gg- "-.,. Contents Introduction Administration All-School Proiect Lord and Lady Echo journalism junior-Senior Prom Hangar Hangar Board Election Commission Class Officers Student Government FACULTY Cafeteria Study Science Mathematics Social Studies Business Education Speech and Drama English Art Music Industrial Education Household Arts Modern Language atin Girls Gym Boys Gym Health Center Library CLUBS National Thesiians atm Red Cross Science Motion Picture Chess PeD Letrermen Letterwomen Cheerleaders Twirlers Proctors Girls and Boys State Sunshine Committee Hi-Y Future Nurses Future Teachers Rifle Camera Art Business Business Education Music Y-Teen Speech and Drama French German Bible MUSIC Vocal Instrumental SPORTS Wrestling Golf Girls Sports Basketball Intramural Track Cross Country Baseball Swimming Tennis Football Football Sweeiheart DRAMATICS Assemblies junior Dramat ics Senior Dramat ics SENIORS Senior Section Conclusion 1-7 8-11 12-13 14-15 16-17 18-19 20-21 22 23 24-25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48-49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60-61 62 63 64-65 66 67-69 70- 71 72 73 74-75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82-84 85 86 87 88-89 90-91 92 93-119 120 ealccatcaa o Mr Meredith D Cromer journal Fa t H :sm and Fnglzsh znstructor at s :gh School since 1949 Hrs assoczatzon with the students at East Hzgh zs one of kindly zn terest and consideration for thezr problems and poznts o vzew It rs a common sz h g t to see the lzghts ofthe journalism room burn mg early and late THE MFSSENGER the school newspaper has won top awards rn all competztzon since Mr Cromer s arrwal at Fast Former journalism students of his classes have been well qualzfzed or urther yournalxsm work rn college teachzng jobs and other work rn this fzeld We are pleased to dedzcate thrs th C e 1957 ECHOES to Meredith D romer in yU43fvvJ :ff -6 2 . - . 4 . . ,ig1g5E',3"-, " z ' ' V A t r .-2536-fY', .- 'V ' . . . , . f,L.'2f1?'LQ--" ,L ff 3- h ' . " h f f 1 t ffTj3,I'Q,43f".1:Qvl,fV- . " ., ' K 'f 5 . , V ' ' ' 2, A ' :P Q 'f - ' 2 ' ' f.v:1fJ'a,,f r r, H 6 A , Y' - , -, ' 1 W W 7, ' ,- , . ja' , V 1 p ' 1 f, T ,J J " ,:2,., A ,- 'y':l"f' r. . 14 .nl-'-'S '- 'gr-J, t , -' 1'q9',.g'l' gum' ,rw 5 1, -lujmyiffv:,1-.fgfc i.w,,- 1,31 fTQ1f,,5?'fn' - "J .- f ' 4- , we-1 'r'W2f,fExgf7'1,f ,f1'.F,,g-gp -'f3mfi.z.1r ,WM.1:"r, .i-:v.x15s6,1f,4,'- -f ff. . ., xtdacqba I I .rom a casual cbat at a lunch table in the cafeteria to a serious conference in bis office, East students find Mr. Sid F. Moore a sincere and keenly interested friend. Mr. Moore became acting principal in November of 1953, and was appointed principal in tbe spring of 1954. Since tben be bas kept asteadying band and tolerant eye on the workings of our school. Always ready to listen to tbe problems of teacbers and students alike, be maintains an atmosphere of congenial cooperation. db- Q"7 N-If Y' ,ps X if if ,4 I if A MIS Eva M Klefel Nl199c3l'0l lldlSS MISS Iudy Stmson Mrs Maryone Nevltt 4066 0 KX Nlrs Sue Hall Vrs Charlotte Buclcmaster 0ur Cffice Personalitie 111701 STUDENT RECORDS senmr transcrlpts and class ratmgs are handled ably by Mrs Fva Kxefer, regxstrar, and her assistants ...8.. The combmed Gurdance Center and Offlcc staffs are the custodxans of Fast Ilrgh s perman ent and temporary records These women per form the secretarlal and publlc relatlonsfunctnons ofthe hrgh school for the admmrstrators faculty and students Included among thelr dutxes are typxng and dlctatron operatxng the swltch board enrolllng students handlmg records and servmg as recepcxomsts Replacmg Mrs Sue Hall after the flrsc semesr er was M155 D1x1e Gxdeon r rf' I l ,, . d in 'G 9 , 'L 1 ,- X N' A A 1 jf '57, Q g l ' ' A "he lf . , , www., b .. .YZQA A l ' 1 lf V- f l . gg , . . , - . . . , v I A . v - - ' ' G GUIDANCE CENTER AND OFFICE STUDENT HELP Fusl Row Kay Harman Toni Delmoni Lois Hindman Pat McClellan Marilyn Graham Betty Fowler Margaret Shisler and joan Stearman Second Row Jane Tudor Karen Tucker Pamela Postier Judy Vlested Judy Larson Pat Bobier Sandra Stuckey Mary Helmuth Kay Swan Sandra Sanders and Martha Lerkle Tbzrd Row at Sharp ManlYl1 Hensley Pam Bohrer Carolyn Koons Johanna Beyer Sally Johnson Cynthia Medlock Sharon Brown Jane Moberly and Gail Yard Fourth Raw Barbara Dickenson Natalie Romme Carol n ODell Jean Louth Stephanie Reardon Kar y Camahan Peggy Johnson Karen Spurrrer and Barbara Ken: To the Guidance Center eventually ws? 4:25, 1-5- Mrs Imogene Vincent X . ,. , A ' - 5. CLASS SCHEDULES for teachers and students are Miss Katherine Murphy Mrs. Ada Clifton arranged and compiled by Miss Flora Stebbins, assist- ant principal. Is, Q95 A rr HR. FRED G. ADDIS Vice Principal Principal Elect to Southeast High Principal Sid F. Moore's Efficient Assistants Of the eight men and women who work with the ad- ministrative and counseling problems of East High, three men have been promoted to new positions. Next year, Mr. Fred Addis, vice principal, will take over as principal of the new Southeast High, Taking his place at East will be Mr. Vernon Kirby, who at present is attendance counselor. Mr. Sam Parzybok of the business department will take over the responsibilities of Mr. Kirby. Five counselors will remain in their present posi- tions to help the student body with their vocational, personality, and scholastic problems. Pt 'Fig M-' 4 QV' MR. O. J. BUDD Administrative Assistant Vice Principal Elect to Southeast MISS FLORA STEB BINS Assistant Principal l 1 A Ni I X ' MRS. EDITH WORTHINGTON junior Counselor MR. VERNON O. KIRBY Attendance Counselor Vice Principal Elect To East High 56. X Avg 0 , az Our Future, Their Concern MR. VICTOR H JANTZEN Vocational Counselor .Q 1 'yr f. V- 'v f '1 ' Q MR. WARREN R. LEWIS Sophomore Counselor MRS. GLADYS LELAND Senior Counselor J' be ,WN fc-- 5' V53 I 'V f .W Mary McFerson Bob Damels ALL SCHOOL PROJECT COMMIT- TEE First Row: Litor,McConnaughy, Bannon, Fidler, Sears, and Marks. Second Row' Starr, Hardison Vin- cent, West, Manka, Walters and Magnuson Third Row: Whitney, Olson, Raasch, Comstock, and Schweir, Fourzb Row: Clark, Stout, and Cozine, Fifth Row: Miss Louise Nixon, Miss Clara Peterson, Miss Helga junge, Mr. Ermal Linquist, and Mr. joseph DeSpain-sponsors. 'L East High s annual All School Project, Whmg Drng for Wampum took place Saturday night Feb 2 at the Hangar Fourteen hundred and fifty dollars, 3600 dollars more than last year was earned to grve fmancral ard to needy schools both here and abroad Thrs successful project was achreved by three methods the Princess Whmg Ding and Chxef Wampum con test the 35 cents admrssron fee and the varrous booths sponsored by East Hrgh orgamzatrons Mary Helen McFerson and Bob Danrels, both 57 were crowned Princess Whmg Drug and Chref Wampum Then' attendants were yumors, Sally Randle and Stew Rrtchre and sophomores Rita Kay Sutter and Drck Zrnn 1.12.- Girls al-an " img 20:7 fan Zfcwmamn tin-Baumann MIKE ELVIS HILLIARD '57 smgs to azd 1n the collection of funds for chanry at the All School Prolecr Ili., LOCKED IN THE STOCKS at the All School Proyect are semors jack Loveland and Connle Shenk joan Hersh stands along Slde as she helps 1n thxs booth sponsored by the Arr Club RAFFLING OFF THE GRAND PRIZE at the A11 School Proyecr a Zemrh Portable radro are senxors jxm Brooks and anet Clark - fif- 2,2 AN EVENING AT THE THEATER for Lord and Lady Echo, Tom Tierny and Mary Olson. Tom laughs at one of the scenes while watching 'The Big Land," as guests of the Miller theater. 'Y Jud Sch Here is a toast to the hit of the year, Lord and Lady Echo, Tom Tierny and Mary Olson, chosen for this honor by the 1,930 subscribers of Echoes of '57. This couple took their place of honor at East High very graciously, convincing the school that the ruling monarchs were well Chosen. MARY AND TOM, Lord and Lady Echo, are welcomed by Henry Kalini, Manager of Bobby's restaurant. .lady 5640 One of the exciting entertainments awarded them was dinner at Wichita's latest Swank Canto- nese and American restaurant, Bobby'S. Not only do Bobby's serve everything from filet mignon to cherry jubilee, but they also provide a charming atmosphere of hospitality, Following dinner, the two honored guests en- joyed "The Big Land," as guests of the Fox Miller Theater. LORD AND 'LADY ECHO finish their long-to-be- remembereddinner at Bobby's with a piece of coco- nut cream pie. 1 jr fm 5 ENTERING BOBBY'S RESTAURANT for a royal evening of entertainment are Lord and Lady Echo, Tom Tierny and Mary Olson, both seniors. fir 4 is f Journalism 25.- tudffntc' we 5 violet WXCHXTA BE5 O lloZ,,ervS1c::,',h1 vxslTlNG T:-iam fW?Qg5n:'Of L Simi? the Yagi K. our ms the iurxg n whim, , hor, egplaxd Ckqulatxo EY Oiwge . ' X thixfilljh the news? 1? dents L MESSENGER SUBSCRIPTION STUBS are grouped accord ing ro home rooms hy Xlaurine Cantrell, Byron Booth Larrw, lglngton, Barbara l.esher, Don Lyman, and Kay llolgerson, all seniors. 79,31-le D u O Gr Budd! - CL U t C gfOr1es lull ullson inrcll Ugg I g 1JournaI'9fs e f c 5 ll ur1tG for tie Uorrlsof, th Udz 6 New y L 00st ger Publrshrng the Xlessenger and the xeirbook 'are Yeswn structed lax Nlr XlCI'CLl1Il1 Fromer The Messenger strlves to report mitters of lnter est, rungxng from sportlng actlutles to news of out stsndlng, school exents 'ittemptlng 'llYX3X9 to serve the school liesrtles thxs lf sponsors the Open llouse contest, the lmffxc Ssfetx contest, and two 'assemb les Lchoes, the xesrhoolx, summarraes the school xeflr HCUWICICS IH vsortls and pictures to glxe students 1 full story ofthe hxgh school xesr Also, If sponsors the l ord ind l sclx l'cho contest e1ch xesr ourn'al1st1c1llx, the Xlessenger his non the ltan sis LUIYCISICX, Servxce to the School axxird for seven nefirs consecutxvelx the 'N N P ill im 1 can ritlng for four vests and the C 5 P X Nledslxst for four xeirs, all top honors - ,go 4--. ,. , if ' A . 0 l, X , - K gd - ' if U Il U' x o xlr lx ,rt 'St 's l Q - ed L . Nlr l , f A -1, ls b 1'-Lu . P l l1.'A'i" ,Hb , 21113 ' , . ,, V, K k knyj . two of the projects of the 20 journalism students, in- t V . Y cv L I X 1. V I'- , . . ' 'Q,' Q . , - X W - l' .. 1 ,' J ' 4' ,i tl , I , ' , v -V ' V ul A X Q rx , 1' . ' ' pg .'.f. , A er'- n .A ,.,,,, . ,N K ,Q rf - I . is ",. if if ll W' ci" . J' L is Y. 7 gap ,"' ' 'I in s 'C' I .1 A o " Q ,' I 4V TL ' y l ,. A. . I . -'g"' L" Q I- 1 ohh ,ll v . . 9- ' 'am 0 ' FA s. r 5, 1 1 - in x '- A H , . ,- A I N , '- - . A X N , . A wa , , ., A V r lb V ,J 2 ., V. A , Q Q as N' . 1 , 75 4" PROM KING AND QUEEN are awaited by senior class president and student body vice president, Chris Schwier and Donna Nelson. The four couples of junior attendants, Biff Pennypaker and Judy Addis, jim Brooks and Marcene Sears, Sally Randall and Bill Cozine, and Sue Morgan and Stew Ritchie,hold the king's crown, scepter, queen's crown, and the queen's bouquet of carnations. SITTING THIS ONE OUT is this group at the prom -Martha McGlothlin, '59, Ed Daniels, joe Tomlinson, '57, and Mary Stack- ley, '57. DECORATING FOR THE JUNIOR SENIOR PROM, held at the Trig Ballroom, is Sig Schwier. Juniors Bill Cozine and Ralph Cook help steady the ladder. Zqaftq fzecqaed acgmeme 400 I Mary McFerson and Sig Schwier Maryane Gaston and john Moss Mary Uison and Tom Tiemey Sandra Andrews and Bill Noble With a blanket of sleet outdoors plastic foam table deco- rations of silver gold and blue decorated stars the setting was perfect for Stardust, the theme of the junior-Senior Prom held Dec. 7 at the Trig Ballroom im Starkey s band played from 8:00 to 11:30 for this an- nual event Reigning for an evening to remember as King and ueen om was King John Moss and Queen Marjane Gaston both seniors. of the Pr 119. JUKE BOX JIVE at the Hangar is demonstrated by Doug SLAMMING THE BALL across the net is Rodney Biddle, Pruit, '58, and Donna Ogilvie, '58, '58, in the Hangar. at the Hangar All one needs to get into the Hangar is an East High identification card and one Quarter. Members of the Hangar Board numbering 15, five sophomores, five juniors, and five seniors, see that the coke machine is serviced, refreshments arranged for, the juke-box put out, and necessary decorating done. Football Sweetheart Dance, Kickoff Dance, Turkey Trot, and the All-School Project are just a few of the events that have taken place at the Hangar this year. 'lT'S MY GAME,"says John Haran, '57, as he and Gayle Bryant, '57, enjoy a game of Gin Rummy at the Hangar. 52 Hangar Board AR BOARD dents wir l7iOlfxl members under tic sponsorslup ot Xlrs N.l1I'1OI1 'Vloroxxo meet uncc 1 xuelx for thc purpose ot llllllllgx vfcclxcnd fun nr ISL s N1XR'X N1cllRbO'N Hantxr lioxrd Presrtlen me IH ar ioartl ls mme uw o IUCINLWCIS rue fum exch clxss 'Next Xclr s llllgjlf No 1rd xxlll bc chosen by thls yclr s mem ers xt lioxrri plans progrfnns dxnccs mtl ch IIICY bcneflts They also Irourlc food xnri scrvlce for the sn xclt bxr and colxe ma clunes 1 well is Qqlllflllilll' tor I7l1X11125 pzng, pong and a nunton HANGAR BOARD Izrst Rou Nfary Nicl erson Mrs Marlon Niorozzo sponsor and Sharon Rxchardson Serorza' Rom Mary I-ldler Mary Olson and Qally Brown Ilfzrd Aon Xiary I ynn Sandberg Susre Warren Gayla Vagnon md Sally Ann Holt fourth Ron N111-ce Cory Tom frerney Ierry Wells jrm Brooks Stew Rxzchle and Steve Rutledge Electron Commlssuon ,QQ S6 KATHERIINI' KIISQII DINI' Electron Commrssroner R6g1SIl'3K1Ol"l, petrrxons, votmg arrangements, and electron assemblxes for both the sophomore electron xn the fall and the jumor semor elec tlon IH the sprmg keep the 14 to 15 member Electlon Comm1ss1on busy Katherme M1ss1ld1ne, '57, Chaxrman, is as srsted by Mxss juha Emery and Mr. Ermal Lmd qurst, sponsors, L- ELECTION COMMISSION Izrsz Row Barbara Pfaff, Susxe Warren, Llnda Martrn, lxaren Marks, Fd Tucker. Second Row Judy Raasch, Judy YHWSCY, and KHY Thomas. Tbzrd Row Martha Garnson, Donna Nelson, Mary McFerson, Tom Holler, and john Moss. 22- CONFIDENT AND CAPABLE STUDENT BODY OFFICERS include, Slr1fm'ing.' john 'Buzz' Moss, '57, President. Seated: Donna Nelsun, '57, Vice- Presidentg Woody Thompson, '58, Treasurer. SMILING SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS include, Bark Row, lef! to rilbt: Sig Schwier, Sergeant-at-Arms, Chris Schwier, Thresidentg and Tom Tierney, Boys' Vice-President. Sealed, left to figbl: Shirley Sears, Treasurer, Deanna Nelson, Girls' Vice-President, and Becky West, Secretary. MM Student Leaders SERVING THE JUNIOR CLASS are Standing let to fight Susie Warren, Treasurer, Bill Cozine Presi dent and Sally Randall Girls Vice I resident Seat ed lvl lo rzgbt are Jerry Wells Sergeant at Arms Peggy Anderson, Secretary and Bxff Pennypacker Boys Viee I resident 23- S O PH OMO R E CLASS OFFICERS ARE READY WILL N AND ABLE to serve their class and school Standxng left to rxgbl are Tim Steele, Boys Vice President, and Dick Zinn, President Seated left to rzgbt are Kay Harmon, Secretary Kit Reed, Treasur er, Bob Adams, Sergeant at Arms, and Barbara Mc Dowell Girls Vice President rw J, . '. ' r X . I ' i, in' gn rf", J. ., I , ig, fp I ,ff li f", , " 'Amp' I , . J, f, Q X 1 fn 1,1 " ' in J ' "1 V I Y, :2 , I -' ,n ut D I 1 .' 1'-.rx', "1 L' '. ff' - I 4 Q r ,, L U ..,.. -1 . 'axe I. .N 1-1 ' . Q ,. 4? ' xx X .4 . , Q X' A 4, , 1 ,- mf A 1 f I f ft ,, A A N , .. -1 ' I -A, , ' I I f , - 1 . . . . .- , . - - . . , . -f w , . ' 1 ' -H ' ' ' . ' ' ' - , . , . - , . . .f 'f : , - - 3 ' . ,. I T L v 1 ' 1 ' 1 ', ,J ' . , , . , . , . - . , . Ck: ,Aa-Q ,R 5 1- r .XT v A.. or fa: 5 ,A - " 'vi' 9-3 W. il- Mary McFerson Tom Tierney P arllamentanan Sergeant at BNHS All 6? C-r I7' 75 Sally Brown Richard Cassidy Bill Cozme Ray Hance Betty jean King Nelson Logan Slgmud Schwier Nlarcene Sears joe Stout Q. Donna Nelson Jim Allen C 'fe . 2- :, Chairman Peggy Anderson .EAW ' 'ls jack Ashmore W , Vice Chairman Q, 5 fix 'Ay Sally Ann Holt . in l A 4- Recording Secretary Janice Bannon vw- I. ,, ' H P Deanna Nelson h , B Q ' Attendance Secretary JO anna eyer A East High sStudent Congress is not a governing body designed to formulate school policy but it is a service organization dedicated to making East a better community The organization is designed to give students experience in training for citizenship It follows the pattern of the Congress of the United States and is composed of two houses the Student Council and the Representative Assembly Student Council i RQ F, fir, ,ga l 22 P' QU! 1. .cf x.- 'Wo- Peg Davis Robert Greenburg Gretchen johnson Patricia Harmon Betty McClure Richard Nlullms jon Park Christian Schwlef Woody Thompson Don Walker Judy Yawger DICR 71011 24- 5 X ,E I, :L . , . . . 'Q Q' Y A lx , Q - - . . Q . - 'il qi ' '. " .kggv . f I . . . O e Q, -s 3 Q e W p A v 5 N g A .0 . :ivy ' f - A I - M in sk 4.-A , A t' Q -sz' ' ' 1 f , ' 1 3 1 N , T, Y 1: . e-fc r. ' e C , 1 ,W " . 'A W 1. - . - b .,-' 'Q fy S 5 -- Q wtf' 'Q V rr .fe ' I . V Q I R' 'YS vm fu ' ' - ' .f Q L- I ' W g A ' A SQ ,- fb C X' ' ' Z A , , 1' it If 2+ we .,- R N Q ., av., Q : Fgzlvew s i C K ' . . b V A ' . A . is Representative-At Large as A L. vi-" 4' 4.1 ' 1" f My gt.- ! fy .1 Bill Noble Speaker of the House Linda Martin Vice Speaker of the House Karen Mark s Attendance Secretary ackie Thei s l Recording Secretary Donald Gragg Sergeant-at-arms Larry Witherspoon P arliamentarian Mary Lynn L Beech Bob . Cadwell Katherine Kitch , N .A K janet Overholt - Bill Stone as wa Ernestine K Williams ' I ,, .. --4 we , N- 4- , . , Q 'H F- ax. , . a..,-' I , -TT gl .. X ,, 2 ' ,. L fn-- C' 'cf' . Representative Assembly -1. ' 1 UR 'E 2-,I N- 1 is 5 fa, .. n -K 5 ts- V, - V 'N ' its E Y ' " ' CN 'Rai , " or w ' Q i ' Q., ,-qliiiffff 'NF ff? 4 mf--"'i:1"?' X I A 'ar-V mr 1 v 'QQ I Q V. A . W vp. 4 1 0. gl gg ,U W 10 A 5 Q- is I rl ,Z - :Qs ' 1 C i, '-K", -f C - 'i 5 K i ' We ix i f I I ' ,fi I, Fl ' ri I K F 1' I 35 3 ,Q ml ,,, 1-,fx 1' - - - ,i in wig., !,- ,ei-I 4:-1 . K D -1 ' S mi b A L , I 15 f f 7 f If Q' - A ba-' 5... ' plil or 1 if ' . ., -3- X , is ,- . A 'ff' 1 ' 'C ' . C7 -- '-' 'l Q -' r r v -dl' l Sonja Kathie Richard Sandie Nelson Nancy lddis Baker Barnard Bradford Bruce Butz Castor Fan Carol Marjane Sharon joan Ruth Pat oster Franklin Gaston Groeneveld Greer Hanson Harrison ul - Katherine Sue Sue jonnie Mary Nina lcKn1ght Missildine Morgan Morrison Muszrove Olson Pepper Mary Ann Ray Susie john Becky Bob itchie Smith Tucker Warren Warnhoff West Williams I . T if cf 'f ff' bn, I .1 ii , is Donna Carole Dorothy Cox Carter Ellis Judy Alice Patsy Hotsapillar Kaaz Kahrs Shirley Sharon Betty Reed Richardson Richter Roger judy Wilson Wolff 1,111-'X ACULTY Molders of Men How many times have you vzszoned the futures of the eager youngsters who rush from your classroom at the sound of the last hell -john, a doctor, Mary, a nurse, George, a skilled machinist, and on down each row of empty seats. Then suddenbf you realize that right there in your classroom you are helbing mold the minds of tomorrow's citizens. The great work of teaching school is truhf a serious and worthy profession. Bernice Taylor Mr. Bissel ment Head Summers dents do daily. ' Class assignments. 1 Mrs. Aimee Samuel f .19 ,,.V.pL ,,,,Vi f,m,i,.mm, lalivl p Cafeteria Af ..... l 1 - la 1 if . gi XL at 1 ' ,Ad I SOMETHING BREWING! and being prepared by Mrs. Elanor Spangler, and Mrs. Doris Rhodes, in East's cafeteria kitchen. STUDY! This is what the 2500 study hall stu The purpose of a study hall is to create and maintain a quiet and orderly atmosphere so that students will be able to concentrate on their Stud Hall QUSILY WORKING on ,studies is Rose Myers, '58, in a studv hall "session', Serving 3300 students a day is one of the jobs tackeled by Miss Louise McCormick and a staff of 40 ladies, 3 men, and 59 student helpers. Each day this staff prepares and serves from 300 to 400 pounds of potatoes, 122K gallons of milk, 41M gallons of chocolate drink, 135 to 160 pies, 18 to 20 gallons of ice cream, and 15 to 20 gallons of sherbet. Because hot dogs and hamburgers are the favorite lunches of East students, 275 pounds of hot dogs, or 240 pounds of hamburger, and 210 dozen buns are consumed in one lunch period. The cafeteria also serves dinners for Open House and ban- quets for the clubs at East. nk ohn Nlichener Bobula Forbes W 2' Nlr john Mr. Victor R. 'WEIGHT X DISTANCE MOMENT is the ex periment Bruce Billingsley and David Wall both Q' '57, are being tatiht by physics teacher Mr S K' 'Stanley Franklin. .. ,ww ,Aff Q 1 I an 5 if t., eff K we J is - gs fi J I 1 fy i rf L' 1 1 T if e f LL, 'A ii ef a 3? t L Science Physics, chemistry, basic science, astronomy, geology, biology, botany, and physiology make up the science fields taught at East. Each year the science department helps students to realize the applications of science to everyday living, Twelve teachers instruct one or more of these subjects. is one of the many phases of biology studied by Dick Mc Mr. Stanley Mr W H Y Naught 59 Hunt Peters 8... Anfon S, Richert Miss Marjorie Miss Esther Department llead McMahn Benedict To meet the mathematical needs of students who are planning to continue their technical training for a specialized profession as well as the East lligh Mathematics Department offers Bohannon eight courses for interested students. Because of the growing demand for engineers, this year's enrollment in mathematics is 1, 584. Mrs. Lydia Allen Mathematics SOLVING SIMULTANEOUS EQUATIONS is one of the jobs of Miss Wanona McFall's Algebra II the everyday needs of the consumer and citizen, class. Students are, left to right, jim House, Bob lluff, Kent llall, Hall Blazier, and Gerald Fx Miss Patricia Gillenwater fx 9' . - A 1 Q Mrs. Norine Hamilton Q . ic' , ax I . Mt. Charles Dohner LEARNING THAT THE SHORTEST DISTANCE BE- TWEEN TWO POINTS IS A STRAIGHT LINE is Ronnie Potts, '58, working a problem in one of Miss Notene Hamilton's geometry classes. Q, Rf -29- ,Xa x Miss Clara Mrs. Alma ' Miss Laura Miss Winona Peterson Hass Neville MCFBII pf 4 5- 3 x il l Miss julia Emery Mr. Floyd Mr. Kenneth Mg, Beryl Mr, W, A, Department llead Nyquist Moody Hamilton Laughlin Q l Richard Social Studies Department Elving ww Vj, Cassler To help students adjust better to the complex world of today, the social science department offers seven courses: American ,fm History, Government, World Geography, International Relations, Latin American History, Psychology, and Sociology. Political discussions, movies, text- books, and informative literature aid stu- dents in becoming better citizens. Mr. Ermal Lindquist Miss Eleanor Davis GOVERNMENT lSN'T ALL WORK dramatizes Mr. W. H. McCaffery to seniors Sandra Powell and Clarence Tay- lor in one of his classes. .30- nt Head McAllister , -. ht' ,5,J,.. Aff' Li. cott allcer , aw P5131 ,Uhr s ,V -ac 3 ass'-.firstly ,gf ' vi A f' div.. .as Miss Fanny Thompson 'x.N MAKING POTHOOKS OR HEN- SCRATCHING .... as short- hand is commonly referred to, presents no problem for Vicci Thompson, '58, as she speed- ily takes dictation from her instructor. W? J, i tw if M 'Qld v- ,, N . .,,-afxfff 4 Wwwfvzifedetwrvffef ' 1 'Wi-f f E- A- Beffega Mrs- Belva Miss Nelle S. Mr. Leonard Miss Annabel West Mcliimmey Phillippe ,xy EYES GLUED T0 THE COPY .... Delores Lieurance, jane Dun- lap, and Sandra Ensign 'lpractice what their teacher preaches" by keeping their eyes on their work in typing class. Business Education Department Primary objectives of the business department are to prepare students for a place in the business world and to encour- age them to continue the study of business subjects in colleges and universities. Thirteen teachers combined their ta- lents this year to instruct the 1720 stu- dents enrolled in business courses. Typing remains the most popular sub- ject, with shorthand and bookkeeping tak- ing second and third places, respectively. ig- , 'FEA Mr. Gordon Prieb .P 2' Beaver Girls greatly outnumber boys in all of the parzybok classes. ,, , I. : Q ,Q if 1 ' A -9 5 1 4 in , ' ' A Miss Ggage Miss Nelle H. Mr. Marion Dennis Beals Morozzo .31- Mr Wrllram Mrs Vlrgmla Foster Edgett A, 1- u SEVEN KEYS TO BALDPATE was the play presented by the yunxor dra mdIlCS class last fall jlm Brooks carrxes Anne Dedrlck whlle Dan Crego holds out hrs hands to stop them .nu-me REHEARSING FOR THE PLAY, "joan of Lorraine," are four members of the senior dramatxcs class Standing are Charles McLwa1ne, and Tom Lutz Ixnda York, holdlng Tom's hand, and Sonja Baker, with back to the camera, kneelxng on the floor ..32.- Speech and Drama Department Better educatxonal theater and pre paratron rn speech are goals strrved for rn the speech and dramatxcs classes A branch of the Englrsh department, the speech and dramatrcs classes attract nearly 300 students and are instructed by two teachers Grvxng plays, readmgs, oratrons, and learnmg to apprecrate the arts are the var1ous act1v1t1es 1D whlch speech and drama students partrcrpate . A X M , sv ll I iii, , ..s, lyterrt r ,Q ,Q Wir Meredith ,fax " 1? i ll fv f 5 l 5?-' Miss Mr. Donald R. l ucile llildinger Aley Department llead Mr. Marvin Miss Nell Westacott York East High's English department, in- cluding speech and dramatics, under the supervision of 25 teachers, totals 3116 students from sophomore, junior, and sen- ior classes. Competency in language through writ- ing and speaking, broadened range of in- terests, effective work habits, and aids in gaining mental and emotional stability are goals the English department strives to attain. I 'WHT i V Cromer 9 'KA I' 3 ,, fe' Q: . New A Miss Beverly Ann Babb fi 4 gp X aff" -xx Mr Charle s Wilkerson Miss N ae Miss Faye I1 lilosstr Oen 'Q' aw 5' Q . 5 4 im. ' W, 'I K, A ' ' 'fr' 5. .LL QA apf -, f' -A X X 4, it if ,, Miss Alfrieda Shellenberger ,V Y. , X 'ki ' , ,. i , - - Mr. William Harrison Mrs. Louise Mrs. Elizabeth , Nixon jones English Department INTERESTED STUDENTS Lois Bish erry uigley Nancy Xoung jay Chapple 'Nlancy Cheek jene lmbrey and Dick White all yuniors diligently read Pssrzys Old and New in an lfnglish III class. A iss Mary Mrs. Myrtle Miss Harriett Shular Yarnell Buntin 8 -.33.. iam Y 1 I 1,5 VV V ,- i ' 5, . Q.. Miss jane Miss Joanna Miss Mae Rawlings jones Keller l Q- , v 6 'X I ' I Mr. Watson Mr, Rex I-Q, Bidwell H311 Department Head rt Department Miss Dorothy lf ber hardt Expressing ideas creatively, working with their hands in order to build their talents, and preparing themselves for col- lege or work in the industrial field is the object of the Art Department and the oppor- tunity of the 350 students in the East High Art Department. There are three teachers who instruct the four fields of art - drawing and paint- ing, crafts and silversmithing, commercial design, and ceramics. 8 fi . fm . 'Z' 'ragyw , ,,A,,, 4 31 flffifi, We W ,L J ff-"ff w'fWf'4fuMa:s1-em? gfyrf' if ..34-. MODELING STATUES is one of the many projects of students taking ceramics. Susan Sandifer, '57, adds the finishing touches to her "latest cre- ation." DILIGENTLY WORKING ON A POSTER in Mr. Watson Bidwell's free hand drawing class is sen- ior Johanna Beyer, while Mary Convis, in the dark sweater, adds the finishing touches to her drawing. SINGING in Mr. Vernon Nicholson's sophomore Boys' Glee Club are Bud Dabler, Robert Scruggs, Gary Andrews, jeff Craghead, and joel Brener. Music Department Three vocal teachers and one instru- mental teacher instruct the 832 students enrolled in music courses at East. The major objectives of the music department are to teach music skills and music appreciation through such subjects as choir, glee club, harmony, music his- tory, bancl, and orchestra. -35- Miss Gratia B0ylC Thompson Department Head x - ,X v Miss Mary 7 tt "THlEF!" cries Woody Thompson, '57, as Nancy Forbes, '57, steals the king's jewels during the presentation of Amahal and the Night Visitors for the Christmas assembly. The three kings are seniors Gary Hatfield, Rusty Crawford, and Dave pribOtl'l. Judy Yaw- 'S7 who plays the part of Amahal cracks er, goody Thompson on the shin with her crutch. fx .1 Y" Elf- Mr H W Mr Ceor e N. - n Q . . 1 g Mcliimmey Duerksen Department Head Mr. Marvin ll. Seplem Wene Q J, N A Mr. l.. V. Mr. Roy lf. I-Ogan Nlathews 'R N. V r Mr. O. N. Nlr. Charles l- Bennett V31-ner Mr. james A. 5. ' Mr. John D. Mr. Marvin l-fdmiston Berry U' 45 A x -V L- -. 1 i i ll Mr. George W. Mr. john li. Cougher Turner vb ii Mr. joe li. Mr. W. ll, DeSpain johnson , QP " x . 'J 5 . Mr. james R. Mr. Don Ruberson Gooden Industrial Education DEMONSTRATING THE CHANDLER AND PRICE Auromnuc PRESS dui- 7 ing the morning printing fi.-7' period are juniors Carrol Allen and Tommy Ander- son. vr - Basically the voca- tional department con- sists of 16 subjects, taught by 21 instructors to 1254 boys and 3 girls. The department has two divisions - indus- trial arts and vocational Department courses. Industrial arts provides a general education and college preparatory course for engineering, while in the vocational classes students are preparing directly for employment after graduation from high school. To make the vocational courses more practical, students go on co-op. Some of the better students are permitted to work at their trade in some outside shop during half of the school day. ldv .Sz Mr. Carl G. Mr. R. L. Mr. l.. C. Mr. Roy L. Mr. Gilbert Mr. Paul W Bruner Grandle Bork Curtis Butts Bridges .36... flwurky 1 1 'lug Ei .z""" ' Mrss Pearl A Cross Department Head Mrs Mary l- Hopkrns Nlrs Marla Symrngton SEWING A SEAM on the sleeve of her dress IS Nancy Bog Shaw 57 rn Mxss Nelle Holders clothrng class The bulletrn board rn the background shows types of materials and dress desrgns that may be made and worn durmg the fall and wrnter season Household Arts J Department hast s srx Household Arts teachers grve rnformatron and try to develope at trtudes and skrlls whrch wrll help to cre ate permanent, satrsfactory famrly llfe Classes, whrch are all electrves, are taken by approxrmately 600 grrls and 100 boys each semester These electrves rn clude home and socrety foods, clothrn personal lrvmg boys home economrcs and home management """ar is .A-tix Mrss Nelle Holder LEARNING HOW TO COOK are four members of Mrs Mary Hopkrns s advanced foods class Trudy Marks 59 IS pre Paflflg a pan of cocoa Ann Owens 57, rs checklng two Pans of hot rolls rn the oven whrle Sharon Wrllrams, 57 IS workmg wrth the electric mrxer Karen Calnm 57 IS learnmg the technrque of correctly settlng a table Mlsahliilen Mrlsiosglizna 37 'Lv , Lev, V . - -Q iv ' In ' - of - H A 41- - 2' ' A , ,L 0 1 l Y A . ,n I, ' , 1 X 1 :Q ' ' .E K ' YA ' ,- ....,r, W , M, JI' Q. J - - , - - I. Y - u V ,Mzawwi 'fzaawgfevarm 91, I in we 'f "ffm'rwfaf"l??Zl4 -'fam a, g,r,,,. K X ,,,V x -35? 96 2 ' 0 MLQQQIQQQ , ZQIQ l A 1 - gl 1 . . . - fr 0 1 gi V, ', . . , . ' ! - 1 ' C6 M 5' -..M ' - K '-' . - A ,. ' gfq-,.,3 X --. 'li 3 H' ' 12?- ' 1 9 -' - . ' ' 7 D , - I ' ' - , . , V- . , . . r 1 . . . . , . , ' ' . 1 x ' . Nhss Nllss Helga l 1ll1an Wall unge Department Head ima? mf X? afwlgll 5' at Hi JK www Nhss Funxce if Stormont W ew M READINV the French Niagazme l'lla CShe are semors Sally Randall and Judy Rasch both French students CCPYING GERMAN ASSIGNMENT IS Bud Coddrngton, '57, as Sherlla Anderson, '58, holds hls book -.381 Language Department Thxs year 587 students are enrolled rn forergn languages Spanxsh French, German, and Latm Students enrolled rn forergn languages learn to understand and to speak the lan guage of therr chorce and to apprecrate the culture of those who use or have used the language Meetmg college entrance requrrements and developmg mterest rn the freld ex plam the popularlty of languages The use of other languages 1n bus mess and commerce, and the mcreasmg number of G.l 's bemg sent overseas are other reasons why students w1sh to learn to speak forergn languages. ,, . lla? .gm '- - A A. .V .I J I if! 7 15 , ig 5 .trygvidti fig I 5 -i'41'l"l' g .1 - at -A vs' wa 1. N L., is A N lr. -A W 'P -tif!" ssllufaf 45' '3r:f""' af 4 2 if 3? 1:1 ,, rv, Y -L Y ggi 1 A A "" ' '- 4:3 - at-, Vgt- -A ' 1 L e ,f X, I V P .lt , . . " Q . V ' , 3 , , . -X N V V .... , Mrss Inez O Mrss Blanche Neville Lohrenze W mt 'mg feifvwrxfv 1 wax 04,35 'SV ggi, rgyse Wsmmw any 9? 55' '67 X Q3395'-nas. eww M2 wwfqw Sfftlfgwfifi? ifmkw va are WE: n-we 'sg K' JP -gf lx RPA f W 03? ,Kimi Q wi? M M 1, ,we WW W fswpwf iifme Zfzvf ,Ziggy wwq Q HUMAN BONES HAVE LATIN NAMES lllustrates Mary Wells 58 as she explarns her latm project to B111 Brld son, 7 -,..-- Howard and Gale Eberhart, second year Latm students, descrxbe an ancrent Roman battle SOPHOMORES Cleve ground .-39... Latin Prevrously Latm was Cons1derecl separate from the modern languages offer- ed at East Spamsh, French, and German Now, the modern languages and Latm are consxdered one department and are referred to as the forergn language department Although more students at East Hxgh take Spamsh than any other forexgn lan guage, Latm ranks a close second xn pop ulanty Latm IS the forexgn languages which may attrrbute to basrs for many other 1ts popularrty. ... O ,, L ' digg ,arf A 428' 'iifh V-NW' M f . ' er Vwgggxfzkmvr 4353: tie., ,.v-wif' 7' fir. ' A, Qi- . f A Mu-I-v1.,?1fffrwf M! , J .,,,wM,,.., i A af it J M ga 3' L af ,ff-5 L6 Ax fag 63 Qx I P2 Qi 4 ff if ei fr ' fe V 'L 1: -' 'gf fa 1,2 in ' 'f f- js J- N, 92 .it 'W 2 fe. ML, W j , :zz 5 'J if V 5 fgigr , re 4' s' ,I 5: T. 1, 'ff f- iw, fl in ' ' as l fm fe tm, , AA be fa, a,.m-Vw ,Mx V, f - ,V 'gf if? ,vwfHX'L1f"fwwiffwagwxwfwfweci' A A M, CNW'-f":'! ' . rf ,z,-Q, M, HN V . fix Nfl,-' A W W ,, A W. f W ' fm Zin, - - I ' ' ' ' ' - ,S ! ' l . 1 h .. , . 4. ' ,, . B ' 11 ' is Tl 5, - W " f' 'tif' . 1 Y,-r' Aj l li, 4 -- J f "Jw .4 ,l 1 t Niiss Helen Miss Rosella Miss Leola Mrs. Marilyn Miss june Miss Beverl lxennedy Towson Mull Morris Morell Pepper Department Head Girls Physical Education Department Favorite activities of the 1200 girls enrolled in physical education this year are hockey, tennis, swimming, softball, and modern dance. An all-sports program is offered after school to girls who are interested in earning a school letter. Among some of X5-t.. .-.11 4, . IS SHE DROWNING? No, just Lucy Buzzi, '58, improving her swimming technique in East's swimming pool. the sports offered after school are basket- ball, golf, and bowling. East's girls' physical education de- partment seeks to stimulate health and recreational activities that will not only help girls now, but also in later life. f V new .W ' Mvrfifgf. lf 5 , N 4..,. V I -1- if fe .ev '2 if Q sig? u"'!. JT Wm, Q, seas. w- A, 6' ' ww W- .,,f,.i53 'Q . , tw vp, obfffw , "er.'r4,!.P-Aw, "ew, ,O rl 2:5 A My 0' 3, lift, -f if if "M, , ,gf . 'f "Wan" V 'Q fs NZ ,. ff ' r WATCHING THE BADMINTON BIRDIE is julie johns, '59 during a girls physical education class. -40- Mr. Prank l.. Mr. Donald Mr. Clifford M B A Mr Bob llenlcel Wright Sickles Taylor Timmons Department Head Boys Physical Education Departme Developing students physically is the principal responsibility of the Boys' Physical Education Department. The course, which is compulsory for sophomores and juniors and optional for WALKING TOWARD THE LOCKER ROOM after a hard workout are members of a boys' gym class. t X HEALTH ROOM PROCTORS are Fzrsl Row june Denver kay Swafford karen Hatfreld and Carole Carter Second Row Rose lsom and Lerene lxeeble Tbzrd Row Nlarxlvn Stephens Drane Bush and Bettre Egbert Fourth Rom Nancy Garretson Sarah Smrth judy Mawdsley and Mary Wrntz Promotrng health and helprng stu dents wrth specral health problems to have a happy and more profrtable school year rs he purpose of the Health Center, stated Nlrs Donna Travrs, Health Center nurse Approxrmately 500 students are grven health gurdance each month rn the Health Center lourteen grrls ard Mrs Travrs wrth the detarled work of the Health Cen ter each day hach year the Health Center sponsors a vrsron, hearrng, and dental exammatron program for all students The Center also works wrth the Tuberculosrs Assocratxon to offer free Y ray examrnatrons to students 1 Q t "COVER ONE EYE AND READ THIS CHART,' says Karen Harfreld, "S", a health room proctor Health Center X X Xxx, 'T 'xklwxh lax' SAY AH" Says Mrs Donna Travrs, Health Center nurse I0 Roger Laylord, '57 -42 1: 8 p - 5 - 5 , Q . ' 3 'F ff N' 7 7 I 1 . : , Y I , V ' ' . , N ' . , . . 1: Y K , , ' fl ' ' 1 - ' - ' t ,Y ' I O . . . . . I i rf- ' c ka- A ? ' ' rr N L Miss Carolyn Mlss Frances Benson Strrckland Carry Sus an are Fzrsl Row Carol Van Arsdale jean Mc Sondra ljEiVlS Karen Davrs V1rg1n1a CUIIIS Helen Dohn and ane Welsh Second Row jerry Wrell essre Par sons ,lackre Bevrs Laurre Von Feldt jo Humeston Barbara a thexmer Kay Kenyon Judy Murray and Sue Trrmmell Tlzurd Row Kent Lash Karen Shrpman Nancy McFarland Margaret Thrasher Ann Mournmg Sally Salter Carolyn Brandenburg Ganet Von Wrnkle Judy Northcurt jonnxe Musgrove and Tommy McDavrtt Approxrmately 900 students darly take advantage of the facrlrtres of the East Hrgh Lrbrary located rn the north east corner of the second floor There are 16 SOO books on the shelves for student use, wrth 1300 of these books berng new Informatron for research themes and other class projects may be found rn the well equrpped reference room The lrbrary rs managed by four lrbrar rans and 30 student assrstants who help clurrng therr free trme Library OVER 1,000 BOOKS pass over the mam desk of the East llbrary each day Karen Shrpman, '58, Jean McCarty, '58, Norma Peterson, '59, and Mardonna Dunkrn, '58, are checkmg rn and checking out lxbrary books ..43.. 1- AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS" could be the book jrm Nrtcher, '57, studres rn East's lrbrary 'S ' 1 Wg' V ' 1 4 ' I LI , ' t 3 , - 1 1 1 1- I I , .' . ' " 1 J ' D I 1 1 ' 1 b J X' v 9 . ' 1 - : .7 7 L 1 . 1 I I 1 1 l 1 1 1 - . . . y . , . . 0 a ai' 1 71' 'T 1 l "2f'hf i8 9 las. R gl- "Tbe road to bap 131655, he mmf Wby. 1'f's zwfy cvzgf to 1.11611 1 1 a You get 'our cet fouzzrcz' the start 0 it ,I uUl6C'll'jf0I1 do ll :feed tbzzfs kifzrf . . . uVbC'l1V1'0ll stretch out your band To ll fellou'-mmf. . . Or M140 az neeafy frfeni You 're fzmrizzg the roar! to bfzppifzess, lik rzgbt fzrozzmf fbe 1101111 . . . Betty Stuart .-- , 'a f N V Ill! Larry Witherspoon National Thespian President 'To further high standards ot theater work, and to give students an oppor- tunity to try their hand at acting are the purposes of National Thespiansf' stated Mrs. Virginia Edgett, sponsor, The only way a drama student can become a member is to Work 100 hours on a play. National Thespians meet once a month. "Because of the work that has to be done to become a member, only 25 belong at the present time," added Mrs. Edgett. Greek Drama and . ,,tt rt j fi,fQ A . J Bart Lindsey Latin Club President Latin lovers have formed a Latin club this year to promote their inter- est in that language. The club has drawn up a new constitution and given their annual Roman Banquet, The club, numbering nearly 100 members, meets on the second Monday of each month under the ioint sponsor- ship of Miss Inez Neville and Mrs. Blanche Lohrenze. 4 F NIATIONAL THESPIANS. First Row: Mrs. Virginia Edgett, Sponsor, Larry Witherspoon, Den- nis Hunt Sharon Armstron Barbara l esher blanc Castor Barbara Farris and Son a Baker. i 8, - v A Y i i l Second Row: Bill Kentling Mike Barton, Mary Thies, Sherry Maule, Becky West, Ruth Hanson and J. C. Emerson. Tbi1JRow.' Ra Tyson, John Stewart, Diane Brooker, Judy Long, Mike Alexander, and Tim Brazill. Fourlg Rows Don Gregg, Bryon Boothe, Anne Dedrick, Linda Marshall, Brenda Belote, David Mosbacher, and Dave Preiboth. Language of the Romans LATIN CLUB. First Row: Mae Plenert, Tom Darrah, Mike Beckord, John Warnhaff, Cleve Howard, Tom Buxton, Mike McCaffery, George Tiller, Dick Fisher, Tom Fairfield, Larry Hyde, Larry Spline, Lin Lamme, Skip Brasted, Warren Kourr, and Marty Limbird. Second Row: Miss Blanche E. Lohrenz, Sponsor, Ronnie Smith Bob Greenberg, Bart Lindsley, Officersg Karen Prowant, Judy Midgley, Betty Fowler, Barbara McDowell, Carol Carter, Rita Sutter, Anita Davis, Virginia Walters, David Schneider, Bob Cathers, and John Brown. Third Row: Lynn Haupt, Cathie Evans, Rail Ebergardt, Dorthy Goodpasture, Greer Jsell, Bob Holgerson, Mary Wells, Joan Watkins, Linda Mattingly, Kaylyn Briggs, Joyce Gwalney, Leanne Pearce, Nila Su.mpter, Bob Bullock, Jackie Wadin, and Mike Woodall. Fou-rib Row: Inez Neville, Spon- sor, Jackie Corey, Jeanne Lentz, Susan Palmer, Sally Wanmer, Carol n Stephens, Karen Ship- man, Marcia Spencer, Kathe Kruske, Gay Schinabaner, Sarah Smith, Marcia Lazar, Dianne Kennedy, Carol Kerbs, Gail Ruffin, Linna Franklin, Phil A ers and William Bridson. Filtb Row: Myron Hultgren, Linda Martin, Sara Harrell, Sara Hill, Klathe Decker, Judy Plested, Marilyn Malone, Karen Engelman, Barbara Kemp, Carol Chambers, Martha Limbird, Mary Deuly, Meredith Davis, Patty Morrison, Marion Liandenburg, Merwin Mitchell, Linda Campbell, and Bill McKnight. 145- Red Cross, the world over, and Scienc for world advancement. . . To help people who are in need is the purpose of the Red Cross Club. The club is composed of a representative from each home room and meets the first and third Mon- days of each month. Each year the club participates in the annual Red Cross Fund Drive, the Red Cross assembly, filling gift chests to send overseas, and the All-School project. These students also participated in a talent show to entertain at the Veterans Hospital, The club is sponsored by Mrs. Patricia Gillenwater. 5- R Eve Ann Nelson Red Cross President Tours through such places as Beech Aircraft, the Midwest Medical Research Foundation, listening to speeches, and watching demonstra- tions such as the one given by Eldon Means, research chemist, on glass blowing, encourage the 84 Science Club members to continue their study of science. Sponsors Mr. Gerald Tague, Mr, Dennis Hunt, Mr. Martin Panlcratz, and Mr. John Bobula help interested students develop their knowledge by encouraging them to work on projects to be presented at the Junior Academy of Science and the Science Fair held in the spring, has L L. "?" QS., Bill Bridson Science Club President RED CROSS. First Row: Eve Ann Nelson, Jean Clay, Caroline Preddy, Joan Lyttle, Of- ficers, Marica Johnston, Bonnie Campbell, John Rodda, Ann Mourning, Helga Liedthe, Kathy Jackson, Carol Manka, Johanna Beyer, Martha Stout, and Phil Hayes. Second Row: Kay Swan, Shirley Hardison, Lois Hindman, Lerrie Brodbeck, Patty Copeland, Jeanne Esaw, Judy Esaw, Martha Dose, Page Kirk, Kay Barrington, Loretta Lurner, Barbara Pier- point, Judy Curtis, Janet Scott, Eva Jean Vachal, Betty llau ham, Lee Orti, Ramona Hightowon, Donna Preddy, Jean Heirington, and Henry Backer. gfbird Row: Sandra Tuttle, Donna Weigand, Judy Stratton, Marva Coleman, Ed Hill, David Mosbacher, Joyce Coberly, Clarissa Munson, Karen Prowant, Margaret Drews Sandy Storrei, Carol Chapel, Lenda Jess, Janet George, Joy-ce Hollingsworth, Dorothy Oandrum, Jean Stevens, Synda Wilson, and Margaret Vavghn. bird Row: Elaise York, Nulene Wilson, Carol Heinicke, Carolyn Hall Dixie White, Nancy McFarland, Judy Mitchell, Karen Kay Murphy, Ray Slavghter, Linda Cox, Ethel Swydan, Donna Clifner, Sherry Bupp, Shirley Fain, Conne Henderson, Pat Waters, Chloe Peterson, Mary Ann Smith, and Joyce Dauwe, SC' EIVFE SCIENCE CLUB. Holdirz poster: Thad Greb, Bill McMillan, and Russell Michaelsen. First Row: Mr. Gerald Tggue, Sponsor, William Bridson, Winston Salser, Maurine Can- trell, Club Officers: Perry Barker, Natalie Romine, Mary Jane McAleavey, Clarissa Mun- son, and Karen Kay Murphy. Second Roux' Carlton Cruir, Phil Almes, Gillard Cohen, Charles Dallas, Myra Tillis, Jane Cowgill, Kaylyn Briggs, Randi Johnson Roger Brown, Gerald Kepner, Jimmy Van Keuren, Paul Krehbiel, and Walt Chappel. Third Row: Joe Brown, Tony Wheeler, Bob Goldschmidt, Dale Unruh, Norman Strahm, Ralph Palmer, Linda Gump, Ruby Dyas, Robby Kraft, Kay Peters, David Aguilera, Jim Hesser, Jom Ehrsam, and Larry Richardson. Fourth Row: Phil Ottinger, Craig Hull, Allen Boge, Robert Reid, Daniel Skaggs, Dave Moore, Wesley Sowers, Ron Smith, Bart Lindsley, Rilard Mullins, Larry Odom, Richard Meyers, John Blair, Darryl Roberts, Don Wise, and Jerry Potts. -46. "Flicker" operator and skill with I6 Chessmen qs... E. MOTION PICTURE OPERATORS CLUB. First Row.' Mr, L. McKinney, sponsor, Bert Walters, Kent Duncan, Fred Brewster, club officersg Evelyn Reiff, Sharon McConnaugh , Amy Pennebaher, Floyd Smith, Thad Greb, Jerry Boardman, and Charles Dalfla. Second Row: Tim Mosteller, Ronnie Presley, Charles Burt, Diane Milles, David Hudson, George Mercer, Ronnie Norton, Larry Courter, Larry Richardson, and jerry Potts. Third Row: jim Mosteller, Tony Wheeler, Kenneth Agee, Richard Sparks, Charles Rumsey, Daryl Anderson, Dennis Lunshard, Gary Anderson, and Herman Buckley, Ai, i Vi CHESS CLUB F rst Row Tony Wheeler and Jim Howard. Second Row: Mr. Chuck Dohner sponsor Gayle Hershey Denny Hurst, and Ray Tyson. Tblfd Rvwi Gary Peyton Larry Flanders Bob Huff and Ben Whitney. ,471 Approximately 40 students at- tend the Motion Picture Operators Club every second and fourth Friday each month, The club, sponsored by Mr. H. W. McKimmey, promotes better understanding and training in operating East's motion picture machines. is x f ' lm Motion ator's Club East's Chess Club has 13 mem- bers and 3 sponsors-Mr. Charles Dohner, Mr. Beryl Hamilton, and Mr. Francis Yeoman. The group meets once a Week after school at East or at a member's home. Every spring the Chess Clubs hold a tournament at each high school. Winners of each school then play to determine the cirychampionship. Q T' 'fi . ,Y Gayle Hershey Chess Club President Stand up and cheer! 99 f' "a L g a an V' H 0 0 fn C151 PEP CLUB: Addis,Alexander,Allen, M. Allen, Amsden, Anderson, Andrews, Arp, Auchterlonie, Babineau, Bachus, Bailey, Bamwick, Bannon, Barnett, Bartlett, 1. Bartlett, Baum, Bean, Beardmore, Betton, Bevers, Baker, Hahren, Braddy, Bradley, Bramel, Brandenburg, Brannon, Brinnon, Broadbeck, Brack, Bradie, Brooker, Brooks, N. Brown,S. Brown, Bu1la,Bunhead, Burton, Campbell, C. Campbell, Carnahan, Castle, Carter, Chambers, Chester, Christain, Clanin, Clark, M. Clark, Clemen- son, Cline, Cockrell, Coffman, Colliate, Condon, Cook, B, Cook, Copper, Copeland, Cox,Cranston, Cussen,CIurtis, Dahlow, Daugherty, J. Daugherty, Davis, P. Davis, M. Davis, Dedrick, Delmonico, Denver, DeWitt, Dixon, V. Dixon, Dohn, Drews, Dunlap, Eagle, Eberhart, Edwards, M. Edwards, Egbert, Elliott, Iillis, lindsley, lingleman, Ifngstrand, Ifsaw, J. Esaw, Farrell, Farrin, Farris, Fehring, Ferrier, Ficke Fitch Foster Ganitson Gaston Gardner Garrison Glantz Goeller Good- Dasture, Graves, Gray, Gray, Green, Greer, Grump, Gunter, and Hadeni P 1 , i i y PEP CLUB: Hale,Halmark,Hansen,Harris Hawks Ha s Heaston Hein Helmuth Hensle Hersh Hesh l'l S - Y Y Y 1 I 7 1 1 yi Y ey, Q ' Haldale, Holmes, P. Holmes, Holt, Hopper, Honer, Hotsaprller, Huff, Hughes, Hunt, Huston, Hymdman, Isom, jackson, janzen, johns, johnson, Justus, Kahrs, Kamp, Knifley, Kingsbary, Kolhn, Krehbiel, Krungler, Krushe, Lamkin, Lassen, Latinis, Lee, J. Lee, Leroux, Lesher, Lafferty, Long, Lovette, Lumsdun, Lyster, Maas, Mackey, Magnuson, Mann, Marks, T. Marks, Marshall, Martin, M. Martin, Maule, McClellan, McClelland, McCluggage, McClure, McConnell, McDavid, Mt' Farland, McFerson, McGrew, McKinney, McKnab, McLeod, McVicar, Midgley, Missildine, Moore, Morgan, Morris,Morrison, S. Morrison, Moyer, Mullikin, Murphy, Musgrove, Myer, Myers, Nath, Nelson, K. Nelson, Northcott, Norton, Offenstein, Olson, Overholt, Palmer, Pearce, Rupert, Petris, Pennypacker, Peterson, K. Peterson, Phaff, Phipps, Piekrell, and Plested. mn Q QRQSSWS Qwgfsigato Aces' Aces' Aces' 5,8 P6259 png W- f- fi passengers JM PEP CLUB Posner Pottoff Preddy Pnce Prophet Pruner Pusey Raasch Rockwell Radford Rakes Ralston Ran dall Reece Reed Rhoads Rxchardson S Rxchardson Rrley Robertson Rose Rushton Ruth Sandburg Sanders Sandi frer Scholl Schoff Scart Seabaugh Seany Searle Shaffer Sharp Shay Sheaks Shenk Shxpman Short Srmmon Skelton Qmrth D Smrth C Smrth Nl Smrth S Smrth Spencer Spurner Stubbs Stuckey Stoner Sumpter Surters Sutter Swafford Swan Swenson 'lhres Thompson Thrasher Towner Townsend Tucker S Tucker Unruh Vachal Van Arsdale Vanden burg Varkes Wadsack Wall Wa.1ters,Wammer,Ward Warren, Wasswerller Watklns Weff Weber Wexgand 'lest Westbrook Khckham Vuley Wxlllams WllllS Wrng Woosley Wnght K Wrrght Wulz Yawger Krrb Swander, Salter Perkuhn Gore Preddy Moberly Byrd Reed Beech Calkrns Van Feldt Plott Stevens Shannon Harmon Beaver Cheek Gunther Phrlxp llarrrson and Casedle No matter what the score 450 Peppy Prlots E under the sponsorshxp of Mrss Beverly Pepper are always on hand to back therr team wrth '-5' h c eers Pep Club meetmgs are held on the second and fourth Frrday of each month The purpose of the Pep Club rs to promote -I9 4, will better school spurt and to rncrease mtetest rn sports Rebecca Cook fri. PEP CLUB CABINET. Frm Rm- Linda Martin, sec- ond .Roux Linda Beaver, jane Moberly, and Katherine Mxssnldine. Third Row: Becca Cook and Karen Marks, Fflurth Row: Betty McClure and Patty Bulla. .-49.. Pep Club Presx dent Know t 2 ie.: f ,,,, . 555-' tp, JIM COX l..ettermen's Club President Lettermen's Club is open to any boy at East who achieves the re- quirements designated by the athlet- ic department. These requirements can be games won, minimum playing time, points gained, or coaches recommendation, depending on the sport. Seventy-three members of the club meet the second and fourth Fridays each month in room 320. Under the guidance of sponsors Miss Eleanor Davis and Mr. Frank Henkel, the club financed the track and swimming display record boards in the gym on which are placed the school records of these two sports. CAROLE PIERCE Letterwomen's Club President Any girl at East High can be a member of the Letterwomen's Club after she has earned 500 points for an all-sports letter or passed cer- tain required swimming tests, for a swimming letter. Under the sponsorship of Miss June Morell, these girls strive for good sportsmanship and improved physical ability. During the school year, these girls plan playdays, picnics, and dances. hem b their letters LETTERMEN'5 CLUB. Krleeli in fron!! Norman Downing, Bill Stone, Pa e Nauglf, Tom' my Wheaton, Kent Hall. First Frank Henkel, Sponsor, Jim Cox, Paul Rearick, Terry Grabham, Richard Casidy, John Dooley, Club Officers, Ronnie Bigler, Jim Dunlavy, Tom Holler, Gordon Davis, Dennis Williams, Larry Prather, and Keith Parker. Second Row: Gary Gibbs, Roger Pyle, Bob Daniels, Bill Noble, Bob Blackwill, Dick Peel, Bill Hull, Jim Havens, Don Hill, Ed Wilson, Joe Clalk, and Gayle Bryant. Third Row: Roger Whitten, Jack Loveland, Archie SanRomani, Loren Green. Glen Chambers, Scotty Sudduth. Bob Crum- packer, Ted Johnston, Pat McMahon, Dqavid Bertholf, Ron Butts, John Rader, Jerry Gard- ner, and Dale Hurry. Fourth Rau! Jim Foster, Bill Williams, Denny Ingrim, Dubby Taylor, Ray Townley, Carl Hessels, Max Cole, Phil Snodgrass, Larry Lewis, John Moss, Herman Buckley, Jim Thompson, DeVoe Treadwell, Jack Rauh, Lowell Charlton, and Jim Yongker. LETTERWOMEN'S CLUB. First Row.' Miss June Morell, Sponsor, Bannon, Marilyn Thomas, Judy Kitchen, Sue alters, Judy Newcomb, Stoneback, joan Dunkin, Jeannine Jones, Carol Chvpel. and MGUIYD Jackie Wedin, Linda Gump, Eva Jean Vachal, Rose Hennessey, Sandy ton, Ruby Dyas, Pat Guy, Prisci la Hartman, and .Jean McCarfY. Tbzrd ton, Barbara Dickenson, Par VanVoorhis, Caroline Eberhardt, Donna Clark, Betty McClure, Karen Spurrier, Sidney WAUOUS, and Clalldrflc Loretta Adams, Judy Jones, Sally Randall, NHDCY Qarrerson, Cal'0lYl1 Farrell, Dorcas Hays, Margaret Thrasher, and Sue Morrison. L ee ...50- "Blue White Team fight" Sally Brown Head Cheerleader Six seniors, four juniors, and tour sophomores make up East High's cheerleaders, sponsored by Mrs. Marilyn Morris. This group meets in room 403 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to plan cheers and routines for future games and pep assemblies. Cheerleaders this year have ac- complished flips and other stunts that help to get more pep from East High rooters. Betty Richter Head Twirler Each of the five East twirlers has about eight year's experience in twirling the baton. Two seniors and three juniors make up this group which practices 12 hours weekly. They perform at all football and basketball games, twirling their batons, pom-poms, hoops, and flags. The affairs of school and state Controlling the flow of student traffic during fourth hour, is the job of the 27 proctors. These students are selected on the basis of scho- lastic grades and personal conduct. Under the direction of Mr. William H. McCaffery, these proctors strive to keep the halls clear and quiet so that students in classes will be undisturbed during the noon lunch period. Boys and Girls State, an annual event sponsored by local civic Clubs, was attended by 14 East High boys and girls this past sum- mer. The purpose of these annual meetings is to teach teen-agers more about good government. FOURTH HOUR PROCTORS. First Row: Bruce Brooker, Bob Snodgrass, jim Nitcher, Anne Dedrick, Carol Franklin, julana johnson, Carol Chapel, Janice Stevenson, and Phil Liberty. Second Row: Larry Anderson, jerry Origley,Marcene Sears, Barbara Bartlett, janet Lyttle, ,loan Lyttle, Mary Lee Engstrand, Linna Franklin, and Alan Griffith. Third Row: Roger Whitten, Russell Ketteman, Bill Nichols, Mike Carson, Mike Martin, Tom Barrah, Dick Black, and james jantz. 1 ff? if if rl 'YT 'T C7 BOY AND GIRL STATERS are, First Row: Sigmund Schwier, Larry Witherspoon, Janice Bannon, Chris Schwier, and Bill Noble. Second Row: Clifford Pappas, Nelson Logan, Ed Kitch, John Moss, joe Brown, and Charles Mcllwaine. Third Row: Tom Holler, Tom Tierney, Gordon Davis, and Dave Priboth. -52- Hi-Y for better Christians and Sunshine Committee to spread Cheer , -Y 4 EX X - . , A' " V ,f gf. A L SUNSHINE COMMITTEE. First Row-' Glenda Baltzley, Gretchen johnson, and Maryane Gaston. Second Rowf Mary Ann Smith, Karen Spurrier, and Nancy Ferrier. P if Hl'Y CLUB. First Row: Mr. W.H. Peters and Mr. Clinton Kaufman, sponsors, Bill Winter, Richard Mullins, Jon Huffman, Dave Priboth, john Stephens and Clifford Pappas, Club Officers, jack Loveland, David Cory, Connie Mack McLoy, Bill Lindert and George Mer- cer. Second Row: Roger Whitten, Neil Wilderom, Joe Brown, Mac Plenert, Charles McIl- Waine, David Fretz, Larry Witherspoon, Charles Sutton, Don Wise, Bruce Friesen, Rex Mc- Leak, Karl Kreutziger and Darrell Walters, Tbird Row! Gordon Pendergraft, Ralph Palmer, Lloyd Hall, Bob Lewis, George Cowen, David Mosbacher, Otto Lestwitch, Fred Bonner, Mike Nix, Batt Lindsley, Ben Whitney, Tim Mosteller and Mike Alexander. Fouvtb Row: Gene Lee, Bill Davis, Roger Wilson, Mike Cory, David McFaddin, Marty Limbird, Phil Neff, Richard Slaby, Ronnie Smith, Dick Zinn, Larry Armstrong, Carl Arbogast, Walt Chap- Pell, lack Moore, Tom Whitaker and Carl Alexander. 153.- By sending cards to students and teachers unable to attend school because of illness or of a death in the immediate family, the 'Sunshine Committee" ofEast High helps raise the moral of both students and teachers. Sponsored by Mr. Richard Elving, the committee of six girls meet every Tuesday in the front of the Health Center. kw- 'Y :x ve, john Stephens Hi-Y Club President 'To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and commun- ity high standards of christian character,' is the purpose of the Hi-Y. This group meets bi-monthly to furnish wholesome recreation and Christian education for its 67 mem bers. Each year the Hi-Y receives ex- perience in law making at Topeka in the 'Model Legislature". The sponsors of the East Hi-Y are Mr. W. H. Peters, Mr. Ellis Beals, Mr. Victor Forbes, and Mr. Clinton Kaufman. Janet Lyttle Future Medical Careers President Future Medical Careers Club en- deavors to acquaint members with community and personal health and to encourage and to help them in selecting a medical career, The club numbers 82 students, sponsored by Mrs. Ben Buck, Mrs. Ernest Carreau, Mrs. Edith Worth- ington, and Mrs. Donna Travis. The club's projects include supplying materials for the County Hospital, making tray favors for the children's wards, and taking field trips. FUTURE MEDICAL CAREERS. Firs! Row! Janet Lyrrle, Joan Lyrtle, Sidney Watrous, Janey McDowell, Judy Brammer, Glenda Ballzley, Diann Watkins, Officers, Karen Hatfield, Shirley Hardison, Carolyn Mackey, Judy Curtis, Meredith Good, Mary McFerson, and Judy Kitchen. Second Row: Mrs. Don Travis, Mrs. Milton Worthington, Sponsors, Marcia Spencer, Carolyn Stephens, Donna Bender, Barbara Hatch, Gay Schwabauer, Edna Christensen, Sandy Dye, Ruby Dyas, Karen Clanin, Mary Pasttewait, Anita Pandratz, Barbara Bartlett, Sherry Pri mm, Alice Kaaz, and Janet Sruder. Third Row: Dorothy Brown, Sherinay Trammell, Betty Koughan, Mary Shuler, Jane Couch, Elaine Dorris, Susie Warren, Janet McKinneV. Judy Fiscus, Myrna Smith, Sara Harrell, Eva Jean Vachal, Edie Low Graves, Cynthia Marriey, Maurine Willeinson, and Corinne Molzen. Fourth Row: Judie Scholl, Sherry Maule, Brenda Endsley, Sue Reagan, Sharleen Nath, Dorothy Landrum, Lillian Hockett, Sondra Dodd, Charlene Sparks, Judy Newcombe, Mary Ann Smith, Mary Wells, Pat Terry, Jaylyle Fahlin, Sibye Crane, and Sheilla Anderson. They are learning today, a career for tomorrow Virginia Allen Future Teachers Club President Purpose-wise the Future Teachers Club, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Alma Hass, is for students inter- ested in exploring teaching as a career. Its 35 members meet every other Friday to learn more about this field of work. Trips to grade-schools, high schools, and colleges are among the projects of the club. FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB. First Row: Virginia Allen, John Stephens, Judy Marcia Alexander, Bette Starr, and Bod Lewis, Club Officers.Second Row: Dene Judy Cluff, Pat Kni ht, Sharon Davis, and Penny Co ne, Par Bulla. Tbird Row: Johnson, Shirley Colleasure, Marilou Belt, Virginia Curtis, Twilah Hood, Beryl Klorz, Fae Pruitt, and Sharon Brown. Fourth Row: Pat Sharp, Emily Pennington, Donna Walter, Nancy McFarland, Dixie White, Sherry Smith, and Bryson -54.- CAMERA CLUB. First Row: Richard Henthorn, Hugh Auchterlonie, Club Officers, Ann Heide, Kathy Higley Sylvia Hickman, Diana jeram, Carol McCoy, Judith Owens, and Sue Ann Bowling. Second Row: Mr. L. McKinney, Sponsor, George Mosteller, Mike Mansfield, Thad Greb, Larry Mehl, Bryan Quiggle, Gary Purcell, and Charles Clark. Tbira' Row! Gor- don Pendergraft, Walter Fisher, john Chtistman, Dick Hamilton, Dennis Lunsford, jim Florence, jon Ehrsam, Herman Bu ckley, and Tony Wheeler. as A ., ' N ?"' I fl' ' fiizser-ft t if Hugh Auchterlonie Ill Camera Club President To develop interest in cameras and give students the opportunity to show what they can do in photo- graphy are the purposes of the East High Camera Club. Twenty-eight students, spon sored by Mr. Leonard McKinney, meet bi-monthly to exchange ideas in photography. By aiding each other, Camera Club members learn better Ways of photographing subjects and ac- tivities, developing, printing, and enlarging the finished product. Snapshot or Rifleshot . . . a hit every time RIFLE CLUB. First Row: Bryan Siebert and Bill Dixon, Club Officers. Second Row: Dick Prather Garland Powell, Bruce Holmes and jim Breit. Tbrrd Row: joe Brown, Bob Ander- Sfm, Bill Davis, and Larry Sharp. ...S5-. "rf Bryan Siebert Rifle Club President Mr. Charles Tegeler and Mr. Mar'- tin Pankratz, both science teachers, are the sponsors of the Rifle Club this year. Thirty-five boys make up the total membership of the club. The club meets once a week on Thursdays at 4:00 until 5:30 at the 89th Infantry Army Reserve Building. "We are trying to increase inter- est,pr0ficiency, and safety in the use of rifles," stated Mr. Tegeler. At this time the boys have to fur nish their own rifles and ammuni- tion, but nextyear the sponsors hope that the school will have atleast six Winchester 75's or 52's. Creative imagination Carol Manka Art Club President Eighty-six students are members of the Art Club, which meets the first and third Friday of every month. The sponsors include Mr. Watson Bidwell, Miss Dorothy Eberhardt, and Mr Rex Hall East art instructors The object of the Art Club is to encourage art appreciation Interested and talented stu dents can earn a scholarship to the Wichita Art Association March marks the time for the Art Club s annual Kansas University Kansas Cit trip -fi SELLING CORSAGES for football games was one of the protects of the East High Art Club this year Claressa Munson 57 handsa mum to Nancy Stubbs S9 as Shari ldmonds 59 looks on ART CLUB Ftrs! Row Carol Manka Kay Shaffer Connie Sherik C lub Officers Johanna Beyer Sue Stoner joan Hersh Alice Kaaz Diana jeram Candy Harley Sharon Pro het Janne Bailey Bonnie Campbell jay McConnell janet Overholt etrie Brodbeck val Marsters Carole Pierce Nancy Wxnter ue Sandifer Barbara Farris louise Dolbou and Paula Woods Seca ow Eleanor Etserl ber Jayco Nash Louis Mason Nancy Brungoeber Ann Duckworth Corinne Molzen Sue Long MaryAnne Cla ton jackie Sell Sal y johnson Sonja Baker Clarissa Munson Mary Phtpps Margie Martin I inda Cox o ce Dauwe Marilyn Mul xkm Pat Harman Lynda Alexander Carol Chapel Kathy Park Phyllis Baum and Rosalyn Bullts Tblf ow Miss Doroth Eberhardt Mr Watson Bidwell Mr Rex Hall Sponsors anet Bramel Donna Barrie Barbara Pfaff Cherie Dixon Patsy Pride ay Tyson Fred Bonner Charlotte Brown and Kay Brown ourtb Row Marilyn Hensley Dee Showalter jon Gterltch Linda Myer Sande HHVCYIS Sandy En stgnm Susie Bender Kay Ferris jim Howard Denny Hurst Melvin 'ylopigg Roger Dale Bob Mickleson Gordon Pendergraft Pa! Carnahan Roberta Bachus Sandra Creason Mary Dunlap Patsy Younkin Darlene Smith Sharon Smith and Karen Wright 56- . , . I . . ,C . . , ' 1 1 - - - 1 ' 3 1 . t 1 1 ' '1 1 ' , . . Y 1 - 1 1 1 1 f 1 1s -- 1 1 1 1 I 1 I 5 1 I 1 I 1 1 I A 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 . t 1' ' - 7111 - ' f1 1I 1I 1 I I 1 -I I4 1 1- I I 1 ' 1 1 1 A 1 ' 1 1. I ,JE I . 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 - ' 'I K 1 ' - 1 - 1 11: 1 I 1 1 1 I 1 1 ' , . ' .' . ' ' . . ' ' . ' ' ' I 1 1 1 1 1 I' 1 I 1 iI 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' The busy world of busmess BUSINESS CLUB Fzrsl Rou Mr Marlon Nlorozzo sponsor Elgin Wrckham Gaston club offrcers Chrlds Hutchrson Avrla Lederhos lsox, Ilunter Longsraff Smrtz Kebert, Mourmng, Llneback Crook Prerpomt, and Regrer Second Rou Gragg, Schwrer, Cook Westenhaver, Wrllyard Hanson, Rrchards Sowell Nelson, Clrngerman, Turtle, Mazwell, Carver Clayton, Hrebert Bork Ellrs Betton Kimble and Bryant Thzrd Rou Recob Chaff1n,Norr1s Houser Fxdler, Hotsaplllar C1ore,Rakes, Moody,Bl1ss MeGrew Holmes Delhtt Swander Wasson, McConnell, Phxpps and Mr E, A Bettega sponsor fourth Rom Ullrem Burch 'VlcGarghey, Hawk Ralston, Peterson Carnahan,Pennypaclcer Howland Hall Morr1s,McInt1re Wulz Gordon Akens, Pepper Cobal Stout and Stone To encourage soclal and personal growth de velop leadershlp and to provrde contacts be , tween busmess employers and students IS the GX purpose of the Busmess Club Nlr Marron Morozzo, Mrs. Belva McAll1srer and Mlss Annabel Plulllppe, sponsors, gurde the 90 members m then' two meetmgs a month durmg home room m room 320 Shrrley Sears Busmess Club Presxdent ..51.. Careers ln the making S BUSINESS EDUCATION CLUB Fzrsr Row Byron Porter Anderson,Dale Pace Sonya Lxght Joyce Jones Chloe Peterson, Sally Salter club offrcers Dorothy Dalton Ida Belle Schxwenbeck Jan Lambert Jean Goodrn, an Laflrn Sue Kaufman, Sharon Clark and Barbara Tompkrns Secona Row Mary Scarbrough Carolyn Grbson, Clydean Jenkms Patrrcra Lea Barton, Am- Thompson Judy Jones Delores Ross Sue Hansen Sara Fuchre, Myron Woodward George Goodwm, Carl Wessels Lyman Strong Madge Rapp, and Carol Alexander Tbzrd Row Sondra Sandmrre Joyce MacNaughton,Jan1ce Boland Joretta Berry Marrlyn Bowlby Hope Kroenlern Leone Barley Phyllrs Cockerrel Pat Alexander Dorothy Follett, Darlene League, Karen Hayder Carolyn Cherry Gere ene Nrchols, Marilyn McCoy Myrna Turnxpseed Sue Ferguson and E A Bettega, sponsor Fourth Row Harlan Claw om Lutz Blll Graham Max Cole B111 Denny DeWayne McNabb Larry Carson Krer Cline Randall Hays Dannxe Graves and Roy McCoskey In order to encourage the use of hrgh ethrcal standards rn busmess the 70 members of Bus1 ness Educarron Club meet on the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month under the gurdance of Mrs Eula Walker and Mxss Nelle West Offrce Practrce and Retarl Sellrng studentS make up the membershxp of rhrs organrzarron Porter Anderson Buslness EduCat.lOn Presrdent ...5g.. There s music In the alr MUSIC CLUB Miss Gratia Boyle,Miss Mary Reese Mr Kenneth Thompson Mr Vernon Nicholson sponsors Koons Yaw ger Lake lub officers Alseck Andrews Austin Aycock Baltzley Barnet Bartlet Bartlett Barton Beardmore Bean Beaver L Beaver Bently Binkley Bish L Bish Bowman Bowyer Bradley Briggs Bruce Burton Clark Clay Cole Coffman Comstock Coombs Cory Covington Cox Craft M Craft M Craft Crawford Crego Crumrine Davey Davis Dawkins Decker, Dove Duncan,M Duncan Englan Evans, Fairbanks Forbes Gallegos Garner Garrison Goeller Gordon Grabham Graves Grim Hamilton Harrell, Harvey, Haupt Hawkins, Hawks, Hexde Hein Helmuth Hlebert, Hill Hopper, Huges,Humphrey,Iohnson,j johnson L johnson M Johnson,R johnson, jones ustice, Kaaz Kasha Kennedy, Kent Kenyon Kerbs King Knifley Larson, Leftwich Longstaff Maline Marsters, Martin Marvel,Mawdsley Millard Mollnow Moore Morrison, Mosteller, Myers McClafl1n, McConnell McCormick McCurdy McFerr1n, McKinney McCarter McCollum McDowell, McFarland Newcombe, Northcutt Pankratz Pearson, Peddie Pendergraft Pennington, Perkuhn, Peterson, Pfaff Pierce Poper, Plagens, Powell Power, Prxboth, Pruner, Raash Radford Rades Randall Ray, Regret Richter, Robinson Ruffin, San Romani Sawyer Shorter, Shwabauer Sxmans Small Smith Snodgrass Springstead Stephens Stuck ley, Swafford, Swenson Templin Terry, Thompson, K Thompson, Townsend Trapp Troutman, Trovillo Turner Van Hinkle,Veazey,Vrncent Wadsack Walters,S Walters,V Walters Warren,S Warren Webb, Weber, Wentz Westfall Whitker, Wilson Woods Wright, Wulz Zerbe, Gardner, and Lake Approximately 150 East High music enthusiasts meet during home room periods on the first and third Mondays of each month for Music Club. The club's purpose is to encourage student participation in music performances. Music Club members have been given opportunities to meet and hear musical personalities from Wichita and the surrounding area,' stated Miss Gratia Boyle, club sponsor. Jud Yawger Music Cllub President ....59.. Always looking toward . . . l Y-TEEN CLUB: Allen, R. Allen, Alseike, Baehr, Bachus, Balduff, Baltzley, Barwick, Bates, Baum, Bean, Beaver, Belt, Bender, Beyer, Born, Brammer, Brandenburg, M. Brandenburg, Briggs, Brodbeck, Brooker, Brown, D. Brown, T. Brown, Bruce, Burright, Campbell, Campbell, Carnahan, Caywood, Cheek, Childress, Christensen, Clay, Coberly, Coldiron, Comstock, Cook, Cooper, Cory, Cowgill, Coyne, P. Coyne, Curtis, V. Curtis, Daugherty, Davey, Davis, S, Davis, Sondra Davis, Decker, Dedrick, Dove, Dunkin, Dunlap, Dyas, Dye, Eastridge, Epps, Evans, Fahlin, J. Fahlin, Fitch, Forbes, Foster, Franklin, Gardner, Garner, Garlin, Gordon, Granger, Graves, Gummow, Guthridge, Guy, Gwaltney, Hamilton, Hamp- ton, Hanson, llarrell, llaupt llawks, llays, llein, Henderson, lletrick, lliebert, llickman, Hill, lloidale, Huff, Jayne, james, johnson, R. johnson, Keeble, Kemp, King, Kisner, Kitchen, Knight, Kilde, Krehbiel, Kroenlein, and Lake. Betty jean King Y-Teen President Y-TEEN CABINET. First Row: Alison Comstock, Betty Jean King, and Marina Petroff. Second Row: Ruthie llanson, jeanenne Porter, Mary Stackley, and Hope Kroenlein. Third Row: judy Laurie, Margaret Thrasher, Marcia Lake, julana johnson, and judy Newcombe. .-60. the Chrlstuan way of llfe YTEEN CLUB Lamkrn Laurre Layton Lexchardt Lentz Longstaff Lyttle oan Lyttle Maas McCorm1ck McCune McDonald McFarland Mclntyre Nladdox V Maddox Magnuson Malone Mattrngly Mayfreld Medlock Meyer Nhller Nhllron Mrtchell Moore Nlorrrs Nlosteller Mull Newcombe Norton Parsons Pecldre Peery Penrnger Peters Petroff Petty Prerce Prckrell Platt Porter Powell Power Preddy Prewrtt Prophet Prurtt Reardon Reeves Regret Rempel Rlchter Roesallls Ruth Sandberg Sanders chwabaner Sebaugh, Shaffer Shorter Srngleton Smrth K Smrth M Smrth M Smrth P Smrth Srmth Snyder Stackley tephens Stoner Stuckey Swa ford Taylor Thomas Thompson Thrasher owner S Towner Trammell Trapp Trenary Trrmmell Trovrllo Turner L Turner Tuttle Ukena Vackal Van Wrnkle Vaughn Walk Washrngton Wasswerler Watkrns Watrous Watson Wayfer Wergand Werss Westfal Westwood Whrte Wrllrams K Wrllrams N Wrllrams Wrndholz Woods Wulz Wyman York Young N Young Zerkle and Gump Over 200 grrls rn East s Y Teen club go to the meetmgs every second and fourth Wednes day of each month The Club trres to create and marntarn Chrrstran rdeals among rts mem bers Betty Krng 57 presrdes as pres1dent of Y Teens Thrs year the club not only adopted tvso European Chrldren but also furnrshed erght famrlres wrth grfts and food for a merrrer Chrrstmas Mrss Laura K Nevxlle sponsors thrs group vu, MEMBERS OF THE Y-TEEN CLUB sell East students school sup plies, cough drops, and other necessities at their book store karen Marks, '5', purchases Kleenex from fourth hour workers Brenda Kisner, 585 jane Cowgill, STQ and Sidney Vatrous .-61... SPEECH AND DRAMA CLUB lxneelzng zn from Mr B111 Foster sponsor Jim Wyman Mike Jones B1l1Kendmg Fred Bonner Dave Priboth Price Fairbanks Van Chappell David Mosbacker Denny Hurst Frank Lygrisse Richard McClafl1n im Howard Tom Whitaker Byron Allen Mike Alexander and Tim Brazill Fzrst Row Byron Boothe Carolyn Magnuson Marilyn Mullxkin club officers ohanna Beyer Carol Manka Bonnie Campbell Jackie Dack Faye Boy e Part Gibbs Betty Dixon Margaret Mull Carole Pierce Jaylyle Fahlin Randi Johnson Diana Jeram Carolyn Branderburg Barbara arris Connie Shenk Sharon Armstrong Linda Beaver John Stewart Don Kasha and Col ins Kilgore Second Row David Frerz Arlene Harris Phyllis Happer Pamela Postier Julie Gray Karen Elliott Kim Farrin Carole Coldiron Revae Hughes Carolyn Beardmore Dorothea Goodpasture Glenda Baltzley Jean Fahein Joan Hersh Sandra Powell Barbara Lesher Diana Rempel acquie Westbrook oy Henry Marabeth Cheatum Linda Plott Joyce Coberly Judy Hrentxce Martha Rose Martha Craft and Carolyn Craft Thzrd Row Ray Tyson Larry Witherspoon Barbara Pfaff Karol Barnett Lu Ann Brinnon Virginia Langston Dee Showalter Phyllis Barnun Mary johnson Judy Lee Jo Veta Ruth Linda York Kay Coffman Margie Lunsdon Mary Thies Sally Randall Judy Lyster Judy Pruner Linda Marshall Ethel Swydan Donna Preddy Martha Stout Sharon Prophet and Sally Speer Fourth Row: J C Emerson Rick Fairbanks Judy Thompson Cherie Dixon Nancy Garretson Sally Latinis Louis Mason Nancy Brunharber Linda Myer on Gierlich Anne Dedrick Jan Krehbiel LaNita Wulz Edie Lou Graves Karen Murphy Roberta Bachus Margaret Tay or ean Stevens Pat Carnahan Linda wander Betsey Smith Mary Phipps Margie Martin Joy McConnell Judy Betton Peg Wright Sandra Arp and Ju ' Searle Speech and Drama Club s 130 members be- 1 come familiar with every phase of the dramatic arts -from variety shows to one-act plays Under the sponsorship of Mr William Foster members have an opportunity to express themselves in stage plays, and to speak before groups. Byron Boothe Speech and Drama Club President 1621 Q o Its what you say . .. and how you say ll .s : I' ' 14 A y l 1 J' , , . W., ., :. ,i . 'I ry. . 7 JIS. ,: 7 . 7, . ., l'. .., . ,DJ , . U, . l y . , 1, . ii In piration and fellowship . . . 9:32 nl' X BIBLE CLUB: Miss Marian Shuh, sponsorg Hance, Haines, Foster, Johnston, McDowell, club officersg Adams, Anderson, Andrews, Armstrong, Aycock, Baker, Barkley, Barton, Becbe, Bentley Birch, Bish, L, Bish, Bishop, Bobo, Bohannan, Bowlby, Bowman, Boyd, Brown, Brewster, Chichester, Clark, Clutter, Cole, Coleman, Cook, Coombs, Cooper, Coplin, Cox, Corey, Criser, Dabler, Davis, P. Davis, Dawson, Dill, Douglas, Dove, Drury, Dunlap, Dyas, V. Dyasv Elder, Faucetter, Faucette, Fields, Floyd, S. Floyd, Foclctow, Forte, Fountaine, Fowler, Franklin, Frieson, W, Frieson, Garrett, Gates, Gibbons, Gibson, Gibson, Gilliland, Glantz, Gleason, Goeller, Good, Guthridge Guy, Hall, D, Hall, Hardison, Harris, Hartman, Helmuth, Herrmann, Hickman, Hiebert, Hockett, L. Hockette, Holt, Howland, Huey, Huston, jackson, Jacobs, jenkins, james, jenkins, Johnson, Jones, I. jones, Kebert, Kenyon,Kepner, Kitchen,Koehn, Laible, Lancaster, Laughlin, Linsted, Lineback, Loveland, Ludwig, Maddox, V. Maddox, Marler, and Martin. "Building better Christians through fellow- ship, higher Christian living, and Bible study is the purpose of Bible Club," stated Miss Marian Schuh, the club's head sponsor. Miss Elfrieda Shellenberger and Miss Annabelle Costain are the other two sponsors. Bible Club's 238 members meet every other Friday for an inspirational service. Every Tues- day and Thursday between 8 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., the club sponsors a quiet devotional service, open to all students. Sending Bibles to underpriviledged, having 21 booth at the All-School Project, and furnishing R2 Havre baskets for the needy at Christmas are a few of the accomplishments of the 80 different church groups that make up Bible Club this year. Y Bible Club President ...64.... through Bible Stud 1 ' - A ' .a BIBLE CLUB Nlathrs Nlason McClurg McCune McCurdy Mcflaflm McDowell Nlcbteal McPh I M hl N1 31 e enms Mrller Miller bfl1lllOl'l Mltchell Montgomery Moore P Moore Moreland Morrxson A Nlornson Morrxson Mosteller J Mos ll M N l d te er ournmg ew an Nlrchols Odle Owens Pankratz Peery Pennebacker Pettrt Peterson Phxlllps C Phllllps Porter Porterfreld Postlewaxt Power Pratt Prewxtt Pusey Ralston Ramsey Ray P Ray Regrer Rempel Rlchards Roberts Rlchards Rodgers Rocsallres Rowe Russey Sax ors Saltzman Sanders Santee Scarbrou h Self Sha g nnon Shorter Shuler Slmms Smith S Smrth Slngleton Solomon Sowell Snyder Sprague Stevens R Stevens Stewart Stubbs Stumblm bear Stur eon S S S S S g g turgeon tone utton tepps Swan aylor Thomas Thompson Trenary Troutman Tumer l'uttle Vaughn Vrncent Wagnor Wagnon Walk Ward Watters Ware Ware Wayfer Wergand Westwood Wheaton Whitaker Vqlckhffe Wrllrams B wllll3mS Wilson M Wrlson S Wrlllams Woods and Yarbrough rv Wax wk R N,,41b"f lx we' ,ff K 'Ve sf' ,,J"' www. Xe 'K 'Q fx it we - A 'gk , ef- f 5' . fs we 'w tf 3 USIC The man that bath no musk in laimsea Nor is not moved uvllo concord of sweet sounds, Is fi! for treasons, stmtezgems am! spoils. William Shakespeare The Merchant of Veniff 1 Music Makers BOYS QUARTET. Nelson Logan, Dave Priboth, john Reiff, Richard Bradford, and Judith McCurdy, accom- pamst. s . ' iii I n 2' if 2. SOPHOMORE GIRLS ENSEMBLE. Fzrsr Rou: Sharon Richardson, Judy Whistler, Kathleen Kruske, Judy Plested, Mary Lynn Sandburg, and Marilyn Hensley. Ser-ond Rom: Marla Malone, Linda Trovillo, Kathe Decker, Clara Power, and Sherri Smith. T2 1 4,04 2 GIRLS ENSEMBLE. Marge Lumsdon, Mary Helmuth, Barbara Bartlett, Mary Stewart Hawks, Ethel Swydan, Sandra Bruce, Marybeth Cheatum, Kay Moore, Jody Dawson, accompanist, and Darlene Alseike, not pictured. 71- zcrggg, '51 . 1,2 1 CMJ -I5 rise? 83,11 x x Yi , V, . , ' 11.53. ,..11N. L. A T of -J? i' ,, 's -vw "q, -.2 31,6 J!" get BAND: Allen, V. Allen, Ames, Anderson, S. Anderson, Black, Blackwill, Boardman, Bork, Bowling, Brewer, Brigg, Brown, Carter, Chambers, Chappell, Cole, Coombs, Cowman, Crouch, Cruit, Crumley, Dobbins, Dolce, Dove, Driscoll, Duerksen, Dunlap, Dunlavy, Dunning, Dyas, Elliott, Emerson, Farhner, G. Farhner, Fechter, Fleeman, Gleason,Good, Gordon, Grubbs, Haigh, llall, Hamilton, llanson, Harris, lliebert, llultgren, Jensen, johnson, Jones, Kice, D. Kice, Kitchen, Klotz,Knight, Kuhlmann, Kyle, Limbird, Linn, Lister, Listor, Lygrisse, Lyman, McFerrin, Mcllwaine, Mawdsley, Mellick, Mendenhall, Meyers, Miller, Morris,Odom,Ottinger,Owens, Palmer, R. Palmer, Patterson, Peyton, Pierpoint, Pike, Poole, Porter, Ray, Reardon, Recob, Regier, Rempel, Richardson, Richter, SanRomani, Santee, Schneider, Shannon, Sidener, Siedhoff, Smith, Songer, Spann, R. Spann, Spoonamore, Stevens, Stilwell Strout, Stukey, Suit, Thompson, Walters, Ward, R. Ward, Ward, Webber, Walters, Whitaker, T. Whitaker,, Wiles, Winsor, Winter, Wolff, and Young. Band Performing at half time of the East home foot- ball games is one of the projects of Mr. Kenneth Thompson's "Marching Band". After the football season, this organization is converted into a smaller concert band. Concerts for intermediate schools, two public concerts, and an East as- sembly each school year are annual activities of these musicians. DRUM MAJOR AT THE FOOTBALL GAME is junior, Gary Farhner. Virginia Allen, '57, and Linda Lyman, '59, stand in attendance. 70- 4, 2' Consisting of 80 members, the East High Orchestra not only gives two public concerts Q' each year, but also entertains at various inter- mediate Schools. This year the orchestra traveled " to Raymond and McPherson, Kans., to give con- fl ' K' certs for students of these schools. ' 7' A . - iaiiri. K ' W - - in ., , -, V' '-3. .VF , 1, .- , -4 . Y ,- ' C", ' Nljgi 'nv A V W, , ' - ,Q ,A - Q x A 3 L X ,. Mr. Kenneth Thompson Director Crchestra ORCHESTRA. Mr. Kenneth Thompson, directory Adams, Allen, Barton, Berghley, Born, Bradley, Burton, Calkins, Castor Caywood, Christensen, Cole, Condon, Comstock, Covington, Cowman, Crow, Cruit, Crumrine, Decker, Eaton, Edmonds England, Evans, Parhner, Fields, Goldschmidt, Gordon, Grim, Hancock, Hanson, Ilaupt,Hershey, lliebert, Hoidale, Holler Hyndman, Ianzen, Jones, M. jones, Johnson, Kerbs, Kuhlmann, Lake, Lamme,LeVelle, Malone, Mattingly, Mellick,Peters Pete N P ' ' ' rson, . eterson, Petroff, Porter, Regier, Richter, Roberts, Robertson, Ruffin, Rupert, Saunders, Shaffer, Sharp Shields, Schweiter, Stephens, Templin, Theis, Thomas, Thompson, Townsend, Turner, Unruh, VanMeter, Veazey, Walk Walters, V. Walters, Watrous, Williams, and Yawger. . 'X , uf N. SPCDRT Helo me to he a sport zn thzs lzttle game o lz e I don t ask or any easy place zn the lzneup Play me anywhere You need me. I onbf ask for the stuff to give You one hundred per cent of what I 've got. Helly me to always play on the square. No matter what the other players do, heya me to come clean. Unknown Hand to hand combat E-I:-I -riiiii PIP! ,M warm 1 2- - F' Nh A1 I miie?-Q1 v 3 3-.3 WRESTLING TEAM Fzfst Row G Krnkard B Stone V Tracy T Pack G Knox R Townley G Armstrong P Liber- ty B Barger D Tredwell and D Goodpasture Second Row B Wxllrams Dooley R Brgler Dooley R Duty Dunnaway R Pyle Cox K Jones B Hall S Sudduth G Bryant and Howe Tb1rdRow I Brewer D Smrth D Hughs J Drxscol R Mrtchell J Colter G WY3flt1 D Peal D Morley L Conley L Srefert and Mr rm Barger Coach Fourth Row D Smrth M McKay K Meyers N Lancaster Pratt A Hollmger Dunlavy AlBe1ghley R Pegg I antz T Kovacs N Clay and R Cox F1 tb Row S Buckley S Anderson J Barber B Thomas B Gexst B McClary L Addrson L Anderson R Brown L Perry andR Stlnson Sparked by erght returnrng lettermen under Coach 11m Barger East s matmen Ll d P went undefeated rn seven dual meets thrs n e r a r year The grapplers won the West Invxta tronal Tournament took the Regronal Tournament and went on to take second I I place rn the Ark Valley Fourteen boys earned thetr letters rn a better than average season however the squad fmrshed a somewhat drsapporntmg slxth place rn the state tournament held at Hoxxe Three lettermen sparked Don Wll'1gl1f,S golf team throughout rts schedule, begm nrng wrth a dual match wrth Tulsa and endmg wrth the state tournament rn May. In between these two events the golfers partrcrpated rn the North mvltatronal, sxx dual matches, and the rmportant regronal tourney. GOLF TEAM Fxrst Row G Hull, R Cook, M Consolver, D Honeyman,M Cole, andl Harfxeld Second Row S Anderson, B McKn1ght, R llrlson D Peterson, W Wallace, V Tracy, and D Nxghswonger, Tbzrd Row l Allen, D Hoffman, B Anderson, B Adams, B Johnson and M Huffman 73- i - -F. A ' .L an . ga -- .... .,- .,, 1 ' ' 'Y ' 'f H, -W a-'V -M . HW - - .- X ' B' J . f-4 Q- . --1 -. u as . , ...qv ,-- ., f ln: L-: 'I 'M - 1 'I r 'vt f,-.M s , A 'I . , -f . , no - Q. ' 1 ' ' ' . ,u A. " '. at -Q Q- S . 1 - ,Q 'Q :J 5' W-.. - fi, ...A Al , , , r , ag ,Q , , Aw . ' ,,.A --- -f.. . 4- ' .1 - 45 l gig ' '-" . , . qv - ,- " . " . ,,. :.- .V , , Y , n I I .V 95,2 ""' , V . ,, . . -. , V r, . - , -. 1 s. I H3 3 Q .,li 'Vft, '. . r X ' ' , , . A I l l 'll K I 'Q - 4, - -za 1:3 -- f fl 'E , . "rf " vi if -- Q Y , 4 C i 4, . - I ,Vw :W Q A , x' "v- I' ' F -W , h L 4 . ' : . ' ', . , . , .t . , . , . I , . , . ' 1 ' 2 ' ' ' : ' 1 J' 1 ' l 2 J' 1 ' 3 J' , . U , 1. -, . , . , . , . , J. . : . . . , . : . , . , . 3 . , J. , . , J. , , , , . I , . . , . , . . f : . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . - 1 7 Y ,. . ' 1 Y X 't-.1 U . 'C N 7 1, r W. ' I Ladies Flrst wg. rat. 'RF ., ..I W Q ' fs 5.3 fi QW? 'Gp 1953? g,, it l HOPE IT S A BULLS EYE says Marrlyn BATTER UP' Yelfa Gleason 59 rs all set t Thomas 57 as she pulls back the bow 'Wham the frrst prtch as Lmda McV1car 58 stung takes her place lh the catcher s box Gxrls Phys1cal Educatron Department offers an after school sports program to all grrls wrshlng to earn a school letter or for enyoyment All g1rls are elxgxble to eam an all sports letter or swrmmmg letter Fnve hundred pornts are requrred for an all sports letter and requrred swrmmmg tests are necessary for a swrmmmg letter Some of the major after school sports offered are swrmmmg tennls bowlmg golf archery and soft ba 74- MODERN DANCE routxne rs demonstrated by Judy Krtchen, '57, Sandy Bruce, '58, Bild ,lean Clay, '57 0 0 O O O O -,-.,- g -. '- 'o -' "Q 5 E ': e ' ' 5 Q' 'V .-' f, r ... 'I .- 5 ' If l If - A J' " ' .. 4' ' v 5 -. ,,,. v , , - ' I' , . t , . 3 rg, M , K -Q Y -Q' :gl S, wh - . ' 'f -ff -X j - . I .., . ff" 'f' 'v."e"'- . ' . ' 1 . . , I , . , . ' ' s. Q' - N .. .. .. V :fain AEKQ 6 ay I Z K 1, . ' . , -, -f--- '. ' ""'X- 4 X A f " , ,. el' we ' , ' ., , iffy? . ! b 1 Y ' N' Z'-la.. V" 'L L " 'ir if Y , - .. :ef ' 2-,Ag ' I' . , V A.. l .,- ,, t .. . ,vin fwfr , J 'L' 5 'Zee ' . ,. -' 1' .... P' 1 fi . ' .cr , X4 -- I ' I ' ' - ' 1 v , - , . . . . , . 9 7 . Y , 1 - 1. - . . . . . . . . .... , 0 . . . 7 1 2 7 7 7 - in not tl" w Pu 'mr . '.t'l?'-'WH-w . , - L ,A-1. at .- , .. ' ,, '1s"v, 2 ' 4139 .. 'fu 5 "':' - .JM- 'gp I hr . eva- , be L , V, 4 A ty- . ' -2- V, A L, . ufnflb "Ah X1 5 ' - Qwa., r"'f , 5,5 4 1-,t5...Z 1.4 4,4 4' -- 9-S. fil- , ay. wr 9 !6 za .Ia Q.. u ' . 'fx ' " N. ,' '. '1 , .2 .1 f. A' A 18, ' ,.r:,.n-f, -".'w B. X " ' iv . 3. iw... . TEEING OFF is Donna Cox, '59, as she participates 10. One of the many after-school sports offered to East High girls. 4f,65'9' 1,, if 53,55 f ff? Diffs, 4 sf," V, fz+'9'i'f , ff V f"'9',.,,Qi-7 I I 11. ff 4 ff' Q 'siafgzei Q ,JY if 1 f 345, I :All ii 5 Q?" 5725 , N, ,V ONE-TWO-THREE is the beat for Miss Mor- rell's rhythm swimming class. Rhythm swim- mers include, left to right, Patsy Kahrs, '58, Barbara Kent, '59, Kit Reed, '59, Marina Pet- roff, '57, and Carole Pierce, '57, - tr... 44 lT'S 'IS-LOVE as Deanna Lassen, '59, scores against her opponent. -75. An eye for the basket The Score East East Fast East East East East East East East East East East East East East East East East East East East West Wellrngton North Wmfreld Newton DODGE CITYITOURNAMENT nman Coffeyvrlle Kingman Ark Cnty Hutchrnson Fl Dorado West Wellxngton North Wmfreld Newton Ark Crt Hutchxnson El Dorado REFIONALS Kapaun Newton STATE Topeka Pxctured at rxght IS Mr Cllfford Sxckles East basketball coach as he gxves Dale Hurry 58 an en couragmg pat on the back Durmg the past season the basketball team ftmshed rn a three way t1e wlth West and Newton for frrst place m Ark Valley Play East proved 1ts supremacy over these two teams by defeatmg West twlce m regular season play and defeatmg bewton 1n the Reg1onal fmals East also won the crty champlonshlp by drvrdmg vrctotres wlth North and stopprng Kapaun yflr ilu I' X XX! y xy s 11.31 X' "J:-QNJ, JR ,I MKQA .,, T.. 'H 4 my A THE VARSITY TEAM Fzrst Row T Holler B Noble G Davls D Hurry D Emery I Gardner B Qulck and R C3S1dy Second Row B Pennypacker L Welburn S Rutledge T Black D Massey ensen and L Lamme Tbzrd Row B Adams L Axlme D Zmn W Seals T Sawyer B Lehman andj Hood 76- ---59 ---.--- 40 . . T T ---ss ' ---42 - . ---46 ------ 49 ' , , ---76 ' ' ----- 65 . , , ---51 ----- 59 b , . -V' P' ---50 -T .... ' , Tidy ---53 --- . . . 1, - - -54 ' ---- 53 A A - ---as ' ---- Z1 f ---44 ' 7 ' ' T , K ---63 . ----57 T X ---69 , ------- 53 1 N ---59 ---S8 ' ' T ---sv ------ 62 . T ---as " -----sa -U56 ---.. 62 . T T . ---56 'y ---- 37 . . - ---vo ' --56 - -U66 -U48 . . . . T . T ---74 ' ----- 63 ' ---51 ---- -48 ---71 ---- -72 T , T, 5 K.- Aw... 1-1 , TL N -J x T , kg KJ -J L' L F5 . 5? 1, . fisifffl 'WY .azz T' ' 7 '73 SY.: ft 'jf 'F fl' . - WG. TLA' e lf 4 ,4 2' 4 El 'ts' it 8.1.1 gulfa' v :df . . I M 4 , f, m f I 5 X .V V fi T . T y' El T 3 Q-. ,J E-bij? 7 L T l Q A 'll li: ilu l"fjiT,:? 1 " kms J I W' ef "" 1 - A in 'T I' 1.5 - Q. I :' 3 ' Wifi 1, LEM if Y . 5 'fl T Eefew' ,Twig of 1 A T T jim T -15 T I 5 ' 34 'W' TT - 23 7 V f t ? : -' , Y ' 1 'y 1, ' :Y ' Yr .I'.I Y 7 ' , ' , I : ' i 1 ' y - , . , . , . , . . Best among the lass s ?HOOTlNG A JUMP SHOT ls East's Dale Hurry, 58 at the Fast North ame Final score East , . - g . ' . 87, North 62. f-5 4 V4 ffl' f 'P M f' xi'Lfe4'! ,f-N 1 ,yr L! " L X . HAULING DOWN HONORS as intramural basketball champions are the Green-Boo- gers, a senior team, composed of, left to right: Bucky Walters, John Haran, Bob Greenberg, Terry Grabham, Nelson Logan, Tom Tierney, Bob Daniels, Ed Tucher, Buzz Moss, and Phil Snodgrass. 'lT'S IN' shouts East rootets as Gordon Davis, 57, center, scores a set-up at the East-North game xn the East gym. as, u5rZlUl5f , ,JUST Q .I Q P, ,, wp, ,t t . . ,,, gist? 'UST U, nm, tier gist U57 U57 tm' N151 U51 . A V iew f if - CROSS COUNTRY. First Row: L. Anderson, P. Rearick, P. Snodgrass, and K. Duncan. Second Raw: I. Clark L. Charlton, T. Storey, J. Lorts, M, Pritchard T. Eaton, T. Richardson, J. Stallwitz, M. Caldwell, B. Statham, and B. Schumaker. Tbird Row: Mr. B. Timmons, coach, J. Brasted, L. Green, J. Iantz, H. Roglef, I. Gardner, P. Naugle, G. Chambers, B. Stone, M. McKay, and P McMahon Fourth Row: J Limper H. Hill D. Hoak, S. Andell, M. Burton, A. San Romani, B. Adams, T. Sawer, D. Myers,.L. Hyde, Holgerson, T. .Stadler, lacobshager, and V. Tracy. Thin Clad Ace TRACK TEAM. L. Addison, L. Anderson, L. Armstrong, j, Ashmore, L, Axline, B. Barger, I. Barrier, D. Black, 1. Bogue, I. Brewer, I. Brewer, E. Brooks, R. 1. Brown, J. Bucher, H. Buckley, S. Buckley, M. Burton, M. Calwell, G. Chambers, L. Chareton, B. Clark, N. Clay, P, C1oud,j, Coulter, I. Creghead, B. Crumpacker, T. Darrah, G. Davis, G. Davis, D. Douglas, K. Duncan, L. Elliott, D. Emery, K. Finkenbinder, D. Frank, J. Gardner, B. Geist, D. Gilbert, T. Gire, T. Grabham, I.. Green, L. Hall. A. Harrison, 1. Havens, D. Hill, H. Hill, D. Hoak, B. Holgerson, I. Howe, B, Hull, D. Hurry, l-. Hyde, K. jacobshagen, 1. Jensen, G. Knox, L. Lamme, E. Lee, I. Limper, L. Loomis, J. Lorts, T. Mallissee, H. Marcus, D. Maynard, B. McCleary, M. McKay, McMahon, D. McNaught, E. Miller, R. Mitchell, D. Mitts, R. Morris, l. Maurer, D. Myers, M. Nix, B. Noble, B. Ordwein, T. Pack, R. Pegg, F. Peterson, T. Pilens, D. Porterfield, J. Pratt, M. Pritchard, R. Pyle, B. Quiggle, R. Rakestraw, P. Rearick, S. Reece, L. Reynolds, P. Richenburg, J. Rodda, H. Roglet, L. Rogers, D. Sanders, A. SanRomani, L. Shryock, P. Snodgrass, J. Stallwitz, B. Statham, T. Steele, G. Stinson, M. G L Sullivan, D. Swartz, R. Taylor, A. Teague, A. Thomas, J. Thompson, . Tiller, D. Treadwill, M. Tutt, R. Unrau, R. Waddill, B. Ward, T. White, . Wilburn, and D. Zinn. nl . .-S-4 1' -X .,- -,,.g.e4,,,,.-f Q- - pf: ,,-,S 1, my , rpm .fMw,sE fg..::fg.:.. :.-' ' ' fm .v A it X I 4 'vis '15 4.1, V 4 'Wi - -fs .XJ s East High's cross country team, coached by Bob Timmons, began the season by boasting a 57-member team, which was 31 more than last year. Five seniors, four juniors, and 26 sophomores made up this total. The 'thinclads' won the East, North, and West Triangularg the College Hill Invita- tional, the Maize Dual, tne East Invita- tional, the West Invitational, and the Re- gionals. The Aces, also, placed second in the North Invitational, third in the Emporia Invitational, and third in the State Meet. East's track team, with 14 returning lettermen, began the season by participating in a ciuadrangular meet with North, West, and Derby, March 22. Bob Timmons was coach for a team of 120 boys. The team ended this year's season, which included triangular and quadrangular meets, the Wichita University and Kansas Uni- versity relays, the East Invitational, and the State Meet at Wichita University, May 17-18. Last year the Aces lost the State title t0 Topeka by one-point. From 1944 to 1956, East won the title eight times and placed second four times. Wlth the bases loaded BASEBALL TEAM F1fstRow L Lewis B Daniels K ones Snyder Haran N Downing G Bryant T Holler andB Walters Second Row R Casidy Rader B Brooker B Martin R Graber D Weiskirch and F Chappell Tbzrd Row McNemey Coach D Goodvasture Dunlevy G Wyant D Rader K Wilson B Stone and T Storey WARNING-UP for that first game is pitcher Gayle Bryant, '57, Six returning lettermen from the 1956 State Cham pionship Team strengthened the Blue Ace diamondmen, under coach Jim McNerney as they faced their open- ing opponent in the 1957 season. Their schedule this season includes nine games plus the regional tourna ment and State Championship play offs. Finishing the 1956 season with seven wins and two losses to their credit the bat-crackers took second place in the Ark Valley and went on to take the State Championship. 179.- UL ff' A SWIMMING TEAM Fzrst Row I Stallwrtz L Prather P Snodgrass Loveland and P McMahon Second Row Llnaey G Gsell M Caldwell J Ashmore T Darrah Clark P Naugle H Nann andM Prltchard Tbzrd Row S Reece B Holgerson E Lee Barrxer D Porterheld L Rogers G Trller T Steele L Hyde D Sanders P M1111 ken D ackson R Morrxs andD Tuttle Aquatlcs at East JUST BEFORE THE SPLASH Larry Prather, '57, gets set on the edge of the dxvrng board ...gg- East's "tankmen", undefeated ln dual meets thrs season, placed second rn the State Sw1m Meet under the coachmg of Bob T1mmOHS West's Proneers won therr se- cond strarght trtle defeatmg the Aces by three pornts Thrs season East took West, 45 to 32, North, 60 to 17 and 55 to 22, Wyandotte, 41 to 36, Coffeyvllle, 43 to 34, also Topeka, 53 to 24 In the trrangular meet West won frrst wlth 50 pomts whxle East "splashed" past Wyandotte for second place, 44 to 36 l ,,,t,,5:e:' '-,' E ff A , S L S, M A , 1 5 f 3 K K. ' i A' lv 5 ' H ? ki - -.r ' , P . - at 'll ll r 4 Q 153 E, h l t I ffl, I .2 ig, ' Rig I! X -. ' X , K. J I N t 1 . H, Q ,, l V' w--- O It's a racket Q ,ii TENNIS TEAM. First Row! S. Tracy, K. Hall, Stewart, D. Coulter, P. Milliken, B. Blackwill, and R. Whitten. Second Row: Gardner, S. Rutledge, T. Richardson, M. Darter, N. Ellet, W. Sowers, and D. Ford. Half time entertainers GYMNASTIC TEAM. First Row: M. Wolf, and M. Miller. Second Row: G. Hershy, L. Smith, P. Story, J. Springborn, J. Carter, and J. Turkel. Tbird Row: I. Emig, Coachg Frank Henkel, J. Moon, J. Beck, S. Warren, j. Mosteller, L. Terpening, and J. Miller. Fourth Row: S. VanMeter, J. Springborn, D. Anderson, l- Rauh, C. Phillips, and G. Chambers. . -8l- Among the 35 netmen who answered Coach Cy Sickles' call for tennis this year were four letter- men. Beginning their season with a dual match with Winfield, the East team competed in 7 dual matches during the schedule and then went on to compete in the regional and state tournaments in mid-May. East's gymnastic team, composed of 21 boys, is sponsored by Coach Frank Henkel. This group of boys perform between halves at the home basketball games. Football Coach "Bernie" Taylor, right and Assistant Coach jim Barger coached the East football team to the Ark Valley and City championships, with 8 wins, 1 loss, East 13 ' and 1 tie. Starting the season with a 13-6 win East 21 over Wellington and ending with an 18-6 East 7 ' win over West, the team came within 45 East 13 J seconds of an undefeated season. That A ' was the time left when Topeka broke into East 14 X the end zone and defeated the Aces 7-3. East 7 T A Next year "Bemie" Taylor will be Eastzl Assistant Football Coach at Wichita Uni- M A versity while jim Barger will direct foot- Easf 73 ball operations at East. East 18 Scores Wellington El Dorado Topeka Newton H urchin son Arkansas City North Winfield West MAINSTAYS QF THE EAST SQUAD this year were, in the line, Terry Grabham, right endg Jim Cox, ri ht tackle, Ken neth jones, right qauardg Bob Daniels, center, jim Foster, left guard, John Moss, left tackleg and Denny Emery, left end In the backfield, ill Noble, right halfbackg Gordon Davis, quarterbackg Nelson Logan, fullbackg and john Rader, left halfback, carried the ball for the Aces. All of this group are seniors except John Rader who is a junior. qu 1 l A h K x 1 I 4' Pklnfq Wah. , ' , SKULL PRACTICE or talking over football problems is routine work for coach Bernie Taylor's Big Blue squad. ,gp s?m?0.335M RUN EAST RUN! Bill Noble, '57, halfback streaks for an East touchdown against North 2 ff 5-O 'D n mx 4 31' -' v ' ww 'W , 'I' I if f 5 -I :Flo fl- O 4' in-ive.. Q. QS I- s' i 'T 5 " 'frfr ru '-l 25111 M 'Q ",:":,-?Q::'3l... 1? I. -JF, P' H ... , :a U51 Q. o 2 :a as E ,-. :a PN ... fb ,.. Q. 5 rv :a Q75 'im Jaw! xgh ,I-' - Nelson Logan 57 who was by Coach Berme Taylor to the football team presents Ark Valley football trophy to Srd F Moore who accepts rt of the school ITS A TOUCHDOWN as Nelson Logan 57 crosses the goal line in the East- Eldorado game gkwfvb . ,K 1 t - 56 A I ' ton game . ,QW ,Q .sa ff, 535333,,.wl.KNAl?Ci appomted represent the 1956 Prmcrpal on behalf Thrs rs the last Ark Valley trophy East grldders wlll be able to wrn smce East North and West have wrthdrawn from the Ark Valley to form a cxty league wxth Southeast next year RACING FOR A FIRST DOWN is quarter- back Gordon Davis, '57, in the East-Welling' :XS Senior, Sharon Armstrong, reigned as 1957 Football Sv over the East-Ark City game Oct. 25. Senior right tackle, jim Cox, escorted the queen and gave her the traditional kiss, Her atten- dants, Marjane Gaston and Sandra Andrews were escorted by gridsters john "Buzz" Moss and jim Foster, all seniors. Cllimaxing the reign of her Royal Highness was the Sweetheart Dance, Nov. 27, in the East Hangar, RECEIVING A KISS from jim Cox, '57, elected by the team for this honor, is Sharon Armstrong, 1957 Football Sweetheart, while Connie Shenk, jim Foster, Sandra Andrews, and john Moss, all seniors, look on. fl:-T fuk 415 few DR MATICS Alt the u'0rla"s a stage, And all the merz ana' women merety players. They have their exits ana' their entrances, And one man in his time plays marry parts, William Shakespeare As You Like It ainment HOLDING BALLOONS and singing 'Coney Island Baby' in the Sophomore Assembly are, left to right, Gail Eberhardt, Mary Clark, Diane Filton, Judy Hunt, Peg Davis, and Judy Medgley. TRANSPORTATION PROBLEM is solved by Mike Caldwell in the Junior Assembly as he climbs back into the trunk to be carried out, after finishing his reading on 'Jury Duty". I lv L' 11. .'-fftfilffr' lik? ILIXLVE ., , , of Him'-If ff,-gl Cdcpiijg-,tiff C-1 .755 t QAI' j11 - I 1 CALYPSO RHYTHM for the Senior Assembly fills the air as, left to right, Bob Daniels, Ed Tucker, Phil Snodgrass, Tom Tierney, and Bucky Walters practice their number. .37- 4 K car,-' , t r N.. -fi 4 ' i 1 fi '9 1 If "1 ' Q1 . ' f' -v J' if -fi i fy . 'l ' Eff' 3' 1 p X z g 1 4 .1 Q ' l l 1 4 1 1 r 1 , , 1 . , XJ 'J ' 1 in I il -E 3 .fills s l 'L 4 'WHEN THE SUN RlSES," Phyllis Baum and Mike Alexander play Q i accident victims while Iudi Scholl portrays a nurse during the series of one-act plays presented by the Junior Dramatics Class on january f 3 30-31. E 3 l l rx ll r r 'SEVEN KEYS TO BALDPATE', Left to right, Dan Crego, Frank l.eGrisse, and Sherry Maule have P3115 in the first Junior Dramatics class play presented October 18-19. 'BETWEEN TRAlNS', Left to right, Leotta Otti,Brenda Belote, Sherry Maule, Revae Hughes, and Judy Lee are among the stu- dents who played parts in the one-act plays presented by the Junior Dramatics classes on March 5-6. I'-Q ff ,--,- . :g,f:::,13g-rwzlqf A ti-14:-1 :U--41.-gerrtve 1,::i.,r.,aA-pw. ,-:,-Q.- ,- I' , .Q If for -.-fl Ymxw iv. .,-HP'-rf.+,,. ,-,. Q. ,' 1, k.1Ah ,sr ,.1,,L , .tum .Af, ,. 'THE TRYSTING PLAcE', Members of the "Seven Keys to Baldpate" and 16 one-act plays were presented this year by the junior dramatics classes under the direction of Mrs. Virginia Edgett at Curtis Intermediate and in the East High auditorium. A mystery drama, 'Seven Keys to Baldpatef' was presented on October 18 and 19, at Curtis Inter- mediate with Linda Marshall and Dan Crego having the leads. Of the 16 one-act plays, eight were presented January 50 and 31, while on March 5 and 6 eight more plays were given. McKinney, Dan Crego, Susie Warren, Mike Barton, Jim Basham, Marthaigiftlfin, and Jack Lortz, play the final scene of this one-act play. 'RECOGNITION SCENE FROM ANASTASlA', Margaret Mull, and Ann Dedrick, both Juniors, present a dramatic moment in one of the one-act plays given January 30-31. 'LOST VICTORY", A tense moment is dramatizedby, left to right, Jaylyle Fahlin, Marilyn Gunther, and Judy Pruner in a one-act play presented by the Junior Dramatics classes, January 30-31. r as I ,A-.f IQ, 1 in 93" 1 Ht . ,' 5,5 131 'Q' P 4 41 , -.Nl . -1' ai' Q Y Y F Tragedy, romantic comedy, and human problems have been dramatized this year by the Fast High Senior Dramatics classes under the direction of Mr. William Foster. EFFECTIVE LIGHTING for stage production is handled by Ed . . Kitch and jim Stewart, both seniors, at the new lighting con- 'Joan of Lorfameiia Presented Oct' 2O'25' m trol board. 'SABRINA FAIR' Linus, portrayed by Dave Laing, practices on his golf game during a Scene in the Senior Dramarics classes' pro- duction, jan. 21-22. 'theatre-in-the-round' was a play within a play that told the tragedy of joan of Arc, the French girl who gave her life for God and her country. A romantic comedy, "Sabrina Fair' was presented Feb. 21-22. After a trip to Paris, Sabrina Fair- child, the daughter of the Larrabee's chauffer re- turned to her home on Long Island Sound and fell in love with both of the Larrabee boys. "The Barretts of Wimpole Street", the love Story of two great poets, was presented in May. 'SABRINA FAIR' Nancy Castor as Sabrina receives some advice from Linus, played by Dave Laing, in the second semester Senior Dramatics classes' production. r., I f" 1 3 ,im 4 I ' -Y . . ,.. U zlx' fv- , . E 1 i 3 . 2 . I, 3 ...Z E CRS The Past Is Gone The past is gone Today is mine to a'o with as I will A resh neu book o li e zn uhzch to urzte The past is dead Nor shall it rise to haunt me With bitter thoughts of sad mistakes 1,126 made. They'll not be stumbling blocks to halt my footsteps, But stepping-stones to better things ahead. Mable S. Gattz 1 G Mary Allen Darleen Alseilce Porter Anderson Gene Anderson Larry Anderson Robert Anderson Charles Andrews Sandra Andrews Phil Anschurz Roland Appleton Gary Armstrong Sharon Armstrong n g P l F5 K QI A F 55 f. Hx' 1 5 Q ef I' r E rf 'F ' r A r 'A .4 I A ' .r ', ' rl x ff, 6' "F" 'S aw W' A wr r ,lr . I. ' Geneva Adams Kay Adams Robert Adams David Ainsworth Marlene Ak:-rs llanlim- Alcorn Carol Alexander Lynda Alexander Parricia Alexander Alvin Allen Don Allen Virginia Allen Maurice Ashbaugh Hugh AUClllI'Il0f1lC Victoria Avila Richard Aycock judy Iiabim-au Roberta llachus llc-nry liackes Locne' liailc-y Adraine- linker Sonia liakvr Phil Mallard Larry Hanks janice Bannon Gary Banwart Perry Barker David Barnes Judith Barrow Barbara Bartlett Patricia Lee Barton Ronald Baugher jean Beach Alton Beaver Gary Behrens Linda Beaver jerry Behrens Robert Bennett joretta Berry Lonnie Berry Peggy Best Beverly Bevers Johanna Beyer Ronnie Bigler Bruce Billingsley Gerold Bjork Bob Blackwill john Blalock -aff' S- " , . g! 3 3 ,X . if al 'att Q- hd 'Tiff 'f. - Barbara Blunt S' ..94... C, 9-o.. -,f s l - Trf' ' -8' it R x Z 0 sf , , - . 3 R, YQ- 5? - V. , Marla Bracken Richard Bradford Leon Bradley William Ernest Bridson Diane Brooker Leon Broomfield Joe Brown Nancy Brown Russell Brown Sally Brown Sharon Brown Anne Brownell Glen Kerby Bryan Dennis Baldwin Bill Bryant Gayle Bryant Sandra Bryant Marjorie Buckley Herman Buckley Don Bukacek Allen Boge Gerald Bohannan Janice Boland Fred Bonner john Bonne Leland Bonnetr Byron Boothe Sharon Bork jim Bosworth Lee Francis Bourke Marilyn Bowlby Sylvia Bowan Carol Boyd jim Boylan janet Boyle Q L' 2. 4-- -f nn., gt I , ,VCX I ?' , lf , ,v i B 1 1 il ' g ' al?" Y 1 2 Pat Bulla Phil Bump Norma Burch Wayne Burnett Terry Burns Richard Bush Ronald Butts Lila Byers jane Byrd Merle Brewer john Caldwell Bonnie Campbell David Cannady Maureen Cantrell james Carlisle Kathryn Carnahan Patricia Carnahan Mike Carson Betty jo Carver jim Case Richard Cassidy Nancy Castor Bob Cathers Tom Cathey Nadine Chaffin Kay Chandler Van Chappell Carolyn Cherry Mary Chichester Marcedene Childs Sue Ann Christian Karen Clanin janet Clark john Robert Clark Sharon Clark Mary Ann Clayton Kiel' Cline Faye Clingerman llarlan Vaughn Clonts Dan Close Phillip Cloud Bob Cohal Phyllis Cockerill Clinton Coddington Kay Coffman Gillard Cohen Max Cole Richard Cole Marva Coleman Paula Colliatie Lzugene Collins Donald Compton Alison Comstock Larry Consolver Mike Consolver in QM. xy, fi W, 2,4 5, an n nz' , Lg, 5 45 , 1 7 'L Qi' '- ' f -"' key s gx TL Q 1 -. A we-1 X. . W -i ' " :- C 2 Q V N f , be r ' 1 4 I'-1 df- ' 5. i 'Q-4 A' 5 Q S X wr X Sf . I V n . Mary Convis Annette Cook Rebecca Cook Ralph Cook Jeanne Coplin f if off 4 xg? , :fa , ,C tw ,,,. 'li 1-qw .I NA. - 1- g-v ' X f? " 4 5- t , , 51, tl!-f-, J, . -v fl., 'S 4' T Y, Q1 h N. , . r. it f "wh cam' A tscifl' is .X Ylil,l.." llchd chez-rleifilcr, Sally Brown, '57, in the igenter and M-hr cenc' Sears, '53, coffh a grougf' of sophomore -' girls planning to Qtry out for sophomore Cheeflgmlers. ' .-., jackie Lea Corey Larry Corson David Cory Richard Coulter Nancy Covington George Cowen Robert Cowman jim Cox joseph Cox Larry Cox Stanley Cox Penny Coyne Bob Daniels Charles Daug herty Paul Dauster Mervin Darter Barbara Davis Bill Davis Gordon Davis Hermene Davis Sheron Davis Pat Dawkins Peggy Day Sandra Day vw- -5 . q--.. "'7'G4Sri0' john Dooly john Dorris Norman Downing Ann Duckworth Don Duerksen Ronald Dunbar Herbert Duncan Kent Duncan joan Dunkin Morris Dunlap Judy Dunning Deanna Durham 5555: V N M ' -K.:-' -'el?:A?+. 1' 'aw J sz, RJ L' 9.3 47" ' 1 M ' ,I WA 'A E' I ,J ' - 1-eQ"e 44 ll' gf.-ff 'Qi Ps 1 few' ef' M M "Zh 'sw qu-5 Ffh' - Q37 'K ,, I R e R if ix Anna Degner lzelia DeGrafenread Farris DeGraff jerry Dennison William Denny Richard DeVore Theron De Wine Carol DeWitt Judith Dill Vernon Dillon Don Divinia Bill Dixon Wa, VER! 'no-4' 'Y 41:-'P 1...-4" Robert Durnil Caroline Eberhard: Sandra Eberso e Angela Edwards Arthur Filerts Diane Elgin Richard Elliott Robert Elliott C Lmerson Denny Pmery im Fmig Mary Engstrand Ken Ermey Eunice Ewell Sherry Ewing Eugene Fagyal Richard Fairbank Kim Fanklouser Barbara Farris jeanerte Felkins Beverly Fenimore Barbara Ferguson Mary Fidler Virginia Faye Fiel judy Fiscus Dorothy Follett Roger Foos Terry Foosher Nancy Forbes jack Ford Charles Forsblom Jim Foster Patricia Foster Betty Fox Robert Francis Bill Franklin David Fretz -:ai-D xqxji., 16'-T"" '1- -rv Xxx Q' 1'--r , fsuf 'S FJ ks-. Yr.1.IJ kh STRIKI UP lfast leader group hal the -100- Q J ig is-i . . 5 t , I Z M l gfuix xidf K Carl Good jerry Good Meredith Good Billie jean Goodin George Goodwin Jacqueline Gordon Nancy Ruth Gore Terry Grabham Donald Gragg Allen Graham William Graham jay Grandon Dannie Graves Thaddeus Greb Lloyd Green Robert Greenburg Sharron Groeneveld Patricia Groom Don Guilliams Jimmie Gunther lg., Bruce Friesen ,A fl Sara Frisbie john Fry Earlene Fulmer Ronald Gant her jim Garrett Lester Garrett E V K N Martha Garrison s , Marjane Gaston . Larry Gates Gary German Charles Gerteis Gary Gibbs Carolyn Gibson Connie Marie Glaze W" 2 S 4" 5 w A wr. Q ' lv , 3.4. . ,,.,r Q y , G X , 5 V F il A f " i b I.. p 1- W K SLA l ii 'B' j ' X 5 A , 'T-7' - 5 4 95 K a zz S- r Q 'Fas-' i ,f'f',,. -.R 'ill' 15" V Qf f , C., Sharon Guthridge Bill Guy Barbara Haden Judy Haines David Hall Carrolee Hamker Dick Hamlin Jack Hammer Ray Hance Ross Hanks Beth Hanson Ruth Hanson john Haran William Hardgrave Shirley Hardison Candace Harley Jerry Margaret Harlow Patricia Harmon Phillis Harper Saundra Harper Arlene Harris Priscilla Hartman Fred Hatcher james Hatcher Gary Hatfield Jerry Hatfield Karen Hatfield Barbara Hawk Karen Hayden Dorcas Hays Kay Hays Randall Hays Judy Heaston Karen Heaton Mary Helmuth Constance Henderson Harold Hendricks Richard Hemhorn Charlene Heppell Dorothy Herr man joan Hersh jimmy Hess Dave Hewlett Dianne Hiebert Don Hill 1 W gh-al' . .QTL P , . L ' 471 fqfe h. :fx 'S rg' r4...f Q- e. 9 ,qc W Y E X' . I m '?' -4' i Y james A. Hill jim Hill Mike Hillyard Lillian Hockett Charlotte Hodgson Kay Holgerson Tom Holler Sue Hollow janice Holmes Dick Honeyman Roy Eugene Hood Twilah Hood Merle Horner Bob Horrocks judy Hotsapillar Q 'CN YW L mx A35 M9-'SXYY was CRUD , TN FOK Td 'Iucker anges grad n Nlarks finishin o com ment. john Houghton Carolyn Houser Sue House: Earl Howard Glenda Howard Ann Hully Vicki Huff Barbara Huffman jon M. Huffman jon William Huffman Craig Hull, Jr. Leilani Hulse jo Elesa Humeston Dennie Hunt Billie Hunter Ken Hutchinson Kay Hutton Denny Ingrim Larry Inman jerry Ireland Kathryn Jackson Sandra james Dorothy Jayne Clydean jendins Thelma jenkins LQ' Q' he -' 4. .. if liXlfJiRT: ADVICE 19 g En by? election Fdommigsysyionef 'lgtllellfbg Mistildine, '57,"a'S' she help? the sophomores with the ciinpain bariguers. F ,, Wax. 5 104- 424, EW 23,931 ii R Q ga. e v if ' " 1 'L ' , ' Lf? X . gf in I L W , N .xi Joyce Jones Judy Jones Kenneth Jones Saul Jones Sue Jones Jan Jorgensen Sue Kaufman Robert Kearney Carolyn Kebert Jene Keller Gwenda Keller Parry Kemper Jerry Kenner Larry Kent Bill Kentling Russell Ketteman Richard Kice Larry Kincheloe Merle Kindred Betty Jean King 'GZ Ronald Jenson Linda Lou Jess Lee Etta John Cecily Johns Joan John Arlene Johnson Edgar Leroy Johnson James Johnson John Johnson Julana Johnson Dwight Johnson Randi Johnson Sally Johnson Marcia Sue Johnston Ted Johnston QN Q3 Q X Jeri :- 1 3 5:0 Vi 1 . it , mf'-Iwi' i 'J is g Ed Kitch Katherine Kitch Judy Kitchen Scott Kitterman Berryl Klotz Mac Knighton Larry Koch Carolyn Koons Glen Koons Hope Kroenlein Jim Kuhlman Carol Laffer David Laing Marcia Lake Janet Lambert Max Lambky Jane Lancaster Teddy Landon Darrel Laney Larry Langton Pat Laughlin Judith Laurie Larry Lawless Roger Layland Darlene League Donna Lederhos Judith Ann Lee Robert Lee Barbara Leftwick Jeanne Lentz Judy Leppke Barbara Lesher Larry Lewis Bob Lewis Helga Liedtke Delores Lieurance Sonya Light Bill Lindert Carol Lineback Robert Bruce Lister jan Loflen Nelson Logan Judith Long Kenneth Long Sue Long Karolyn Longstaff Barbara Lough Pembrook Love john Loveland 'Ioan Lovett Rex Ludwig Margie Lumsdon Tom Lutz Donald Lynam john Lynch Barbara Lyons janet Lyttle Joan Lyttle Carolyn Mackey Joyce MacNaughton -5' '-x . K-35141, fi . 'gi 1 --.'f'.v A , A "YNY xir3?1'Siprea1ji5 511' uotxn lkiliff' is ak- be-gg 5.715-tg ssnirrgg syn-.rt :ggs:rs,gi in ll rx lem-v"-.Ke ls CNSN Ci-NRE Q 111' ff fn ,. 5 'l, 'ff 'iq 9 'li 'lf 3 .,: , K.: ,sf 'wcwnew JB -at gt, - L if 1: 9 3 Ji if . it , K My Allen Maddox Carolyn Magnuson Roy Bruce Malcolm Carolynne Manka Barbara Mann Dave Manning Nick Mardis Karen Marks Roger Marr Harry Marshall Robert Martin Loren Martindale 'U- ' X 1. X we 5 " X tl: i I -5 Connie McCoy Marilyn McCoy Edward McDaniel john Mc Ferrin Mary McFerson Judy MCGaughey Rodney McGonagle Barbara McGrew Charles Mcllwaine Geneva McKay Laura McKnab Patrick McMahon l N 'wi Sf in ' 6501 ,Q , J" 'Law eff i' x I N f to et ,i a:,r 5,5 4 'i iz, " AQ xg -, w , P ,155 ' L 6 . rf.. I 3,,- Sill' Wy--,. , 3 'E ' 4... lg? , -7 ,L A ,Ld Y 1 ad' , as gp. YZ? .V 51 ka tif, I. Ei' K, Gewen Mason jack Mattingly Donna Maxwell jane Maxwell Steve Mayes Mary jane McAleavey Hubert McCain Kenny McClintock Kenneth McCartney Betty McClure Virginia McClurg Roy McCoskey 90a 4' . 1' Sherrell Miller Helen Million jo Ann Minnis Katherine Missildine Darrell Mix jane Moberly Virgil Moeder Max Moellinger Dennis Moldenhauer Suzanne Mollnow Corrine Molzen Ralph Molzen fx I fa Neg. ' lx 2 Q3 S of -J , I. SM 'X-, 'fe Y 0 4- J' 'Q M- 545552 , - ' " -rua. ' 'af -at 3 W 5 ,Q 4 ,. 3 M w '- 1 I ff , AX 4 eff 15' 0 iw- .6 f fi' 5 William McMillan Beth McMillian De-wayne McNabb l.a Donna Meedis Marlene Mehl George Mercer Carol Merriman Russell Michaelsen Charla Miller Dennis Miller john Miller Max Miller 41 X f fx F, A A WK sq Af Q Dolland Moody Gary Moore john W. Moore Kay Moore Mary Moore Patricia Moore Eddie Morley Ronnie Morris Sue Morrison David Mosbacher john Moss Ann Mourning Marilyn Mullikin Clarissa Munson lerrina Murphy Monty Murphy Deanna Nelson Donna Nelson Darlene Nelson Eve-Ann Nelson Walter Nelson .ludy Ann Newcombe Bob Newman Gere jene Nichols Bill Nichols, Ir. jim Nitcher Bill Noble Betty Norris Ronald Norton Duane Nulik Gladwin Ochs Judith O'dell lzcfflg i h jean Odle Sonya Offenstein Everett Olsen Mary Olson Oak Osborn .ge rg: ,L Q, ,Q .gi W ,Q 'f 'W 3:2 hi 'fa Bio fI3LUE'S Bob Sioesu through the 4, 13025 Be, Wwestl' postggiz Lpqeh6QingE the st- 'est argi: is .Qg.:1L?1"gLg Q Qin- Q, fs ,tip 'Iv 5, 'rg-, g'3l'lf3g:M., . aria? is n ,Mizz l piggy: ,MW 110- EQ'- - 'isis' r . - ' W , vi., 15, 5 . Fr-.af W. '5 1 -V IK 2 Nina Pepper Edward Perry Chloe Peterson Judy Peterson Steve Peterson Marine Petroff Rosemarie Pezeyos jacquiline Philps Ray Phillips Carole Pierce Barbara Pierponl Adele Pierpont Kathleen Pitts Gary Poole jerry Porterfield Karen Pottorff Sandra Powell Bill Powers Donald Prackt Larry Prather Phil Ottinger Larry Owen Booker T. Owens Thomas Owens Dale Pace jo Ann Palmer David Panton Clifford Pappas Jon Park Kathleen Park W 1f. ', I' "4 ,. . 1 N J 1'-W1 'Si' Wvvf ., Y Keith Parker jack Parry Amy Pennebaker De Anna Pennington Shirley Pennypacker 'Q . L-f mv- , 1 5 af' .,, F. R., 'Q 4' 'B' ,- 4 'U jerry Pratt David Priboth Mary Puckett Dennis Pyle Roger Pyle Judy Raasch Linda Radford Leah Delle Rakes Larry Rakestraw Walter Ramsey Madge Rapp jack Rauh Steve Rawdon Paul Rearick Dora Recob Don Redington Marilyn Regier john Reiff Richard Reno jerry Resser Don Rhoads Flora Richards Robert Richardson Betty Richter Bobby Rickman Judy Riley Mike Rippey Rosiland Ritchey Darryl Roberts Terry Robinson Monty Robson Sharon Rodgers Sandra Roesallies Dallas Rogers Belva Ross Delores Ross john Ross Marie Ross Glen Rucker Duama Rucklc Gail Ruffin Gordon Rumsey Winston Salser Sally Salter Fredrekia Sanders Susan Sandifer ,Q My V o . ff- s EZ kr- , , -fy-. fgjlfv C, f. ,X W z .3 I 5 in g y - ,gx ' It 'qi Richard Settergren wi K is 'x f. L,-' it X Sondra Kay Sandmire 2. Q: We S 1- ' ' K' Rosalie Santee EQ' , ,W ' Patricia Saunders tux . "., u T Mary Scatbrough ' Q ' -ff A .- S I Ida sehiefenbeek , gf i R Robert Schlegel .fr N ki . ' if K A G Eric Richard Schweiter my 3' 'Qfqlw J n, in ' l R 5. Christain Schwier ' Z V 4 1712 Sigmund Schwier , I Je, , -M, E' 1 Shirley Sears ,K 4. john Seifort N 'K in . wb, , l . 8' 1,-. ' - P i - jacquelyn Sell fmm " ,J ' ' I ' L3 A Don Setser 5 " gf ' I f 'iv A i sa - ,hw , M y Wt Mg, liY-O01 'I jerry Springborn an .1 lag: Rauh, both seniors, demon strgte their acrobatic ability tl1eQRecl Cross Assembly. KYm1fe4'sxv22-fe.:w 'Kiki " N52 gg 3 S K g ' as-sewage -ll3- Kay Shaffer Robert Shaw Connie Shenlc Robert Shephard james Shepherd Margaret Shisler jim Short Betty Shorter Dee Showalter Mary Shuler Stanley Shutts Stephen Sickel Larry Sidener jean Simms Marvin Sims Roger Sk aer Janice Skelton Kenneth Slaughter Carl Smith Chester Smith ill- K , . x N. 'c Donna Smith Nancy Lee Smith Phyllis Smith Sherry Smith Wayne Smith .1 X Y' ,Jil ,' ,ig ,, " l. 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