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- CENTRAL — LHC V.l¥i4 e 2 R 3RD FLR 373 iS97 GBE J Jl j East Hisfc Sehofll iCrttn kay- Hit. 3 A raplant LOCAL HISTORY 1 GENEALOGY «ii«Jt 1, ■ " 4W Y“ C T 3 - . ' ' ' fjLter-C , ibdk }b ' , fta wti six- 44l, H i ixrr Y At -, ? Pmfeldkisd] hj Sfe® Sftmdkmft© df Jiij IJJ LJ j fjj tJAi.jj.ij l-J + f J+- ? Table of Contents " ■ u I I ! Faculty - - - 11 2 I Senior - 22 t i Juniors - SO I Sc pliomofes - 59 t 4 In Mimoriam 62 ■ j AchLettca - 63 n Wit and Humor 67 3 " Literary - 69 - Locals - 113 j Organizations 123 1 Community Section - 1 ; ■ ■ ,r ■ ■ r ■ f ..r..r. rr Foreword This, i he nineteen hundred twenty-four copy of the Aeroplane, aims to give so far as the camera and pen van portray, a fairly accurate account of the past school year. The work has been a pleasure to us and we hope that this Aeroplane will not only supply your brain with a hit of food, but will furnish you a few mo- ments of pleasure, and if it finds a per- manent place in your library, we shall feet that our task has been accomplished. Ptifii- Sit Just a harp]- ' mcinorri Always holding iiLsih. tier merit. fJn iiu r bc-hl to give her fame, May Our ntw rrhool hvopire Let ail respect the red, the white,. With pur glad litortl we will raire Uo wills JtrnbitLplVt fire- Her wprhn «f fame, her deeds of right. Glory for her highest pmjsr, Dedication Wh- , t he n-ludenti of 1: -n.it Kish School dedicate thit our nineteen hundred twenty-Tour iKP-Lic □f live- Afroplam.- to Mlii Haxel Gordon and Mr. S. M . Current t and take Areal ple 4iire in har- •HK thill opportunity to t-scpr-fi our m»l liiwer IhuVk . TM ye-of ' i Aeroplane lin been mad pdMhihlc only through the imcearini; efforts. pul forth liy the-ie loy.nl and enthusiastic friend af ouri, At thii time the italf wlihct to x how iti appreciation for their help. Page Sewn ' Vhi V— l.lillll lij | f i 1 f 1 p i L w „ , T [ a jc Kiykt The Staff HARLF.Y WITTir. E-iLil-or HAROLD WE BLR EJ-u ii nraa Trlamiir BETTY FG ELLER AiMftlnlit Li lrr..r IMLtu-r SARAH BA YE CJ«:wU(in-Ti Mwviftf KARL HACEMF.I5TER, ■Liitb.iMl Alhtrbic V-H MARGARET LANG Typtal TILL IE CO-HEM ArUrfLlint M TMIgef RORF-RT CREIUNC Ajtirliinl APvim-I lji n r r INEZ MAriTIlEY AlHftlDnL AtEIbI CLEMENT GEN1ES E PhoL+fraphir ROBERT JONES Afei.iii.il!. ' f ir-i- 11.1 .1 in J1 .St., n dt£„i 1.01 S BELL Loinli b.ililiiir HARVEY SARGENT Wll anil IFumIut Ijddet ALFRED MICHAEL AifeLi ' anl Aiti»rfc.iJ«,t MARION VOI-K Are 1 " I L t r AUSTIN DESTAtHL An-lsCariE Arlip[ ELSA GRIMMER Lltfpjinr Fd lies KFrR W E N I IAGERTY Afc]i I- -1 is Er3i Lux LORRAINE St 1 1 1 3 ' l L ApBipluttL L, " . nip L ' l ilvr DORIS PRUST A -Ui fe-.nl IV U .j rul Ha map F.ilM-nr LILLIAN OLMSTEP Auliimn? Acti ' f rtikinf Minii ' {f r BF-RNICE GOLDMAN Aiiist-ant Arl Lililyr MY RLE PETERS A " " i.fefiu’ Arl i ■! Editorial S " ci r iviii ny year thi educational instit Lilian of oun ha Intn known tltu htAlc aver an Old F. t High. In Mir wittf of Hi word it veil I MvH b no lshown by thi name. When Hit school year starts in the fall of nineteen hundred and twenty-four, the cl a sue will net a enll ' le- an the campiLi of Old East High., but at the new building which will be completed nl that time. With such 1 wonderful new home And such a beautiful idle, it would not be proper or nullable t,v term it a “Old F.a t Hifh’ r . ITr-opy that ±1 ndjn ! n t the name Old Rant High School wiLi have vail iAhtl. 1 Am stir , KflWtMr, Ilia! every student will carry on the spirit of OH East High; fur- thermore let uii hope that every senior who graduates from the new school will have httiitd what ■ ' pep ' " is, and let ' s hope he ha alio learned the meaning of loyally and co-operation. Ingredient of real school spirit. A Few setirvA of year Ftom now when Hi Senior are engaged in the duties of life, they will think hack upon the old East High School a - a place where their happiest dny Were ijtervl- With pride they will recall the football team, the basketbalL team, the debaters, ihc oratory a rad declamatory contests, the carnival and the many good activities which took place in the school at that time. Although seriously handle flipped, some of the best football lea mm of the st.it:.- were placed un (he srirliton field by Old East High School, Nest year the team wilt be able to enjoy Hie clean and well-built training room which will be offered in the new- building. Old East High School had. no gymnasium to offer,, and If a basketball team was to be had a place must he secured c»Ttltr|Ufally permission wa secured to us the Armory. As the Armory is- about a mik from school you can readily see that thi was- a great handicap to the team, Nest yi-ftr we will have a wonderful new gynnraiium which will offer so much better practice ■conditions than before, that even better teams will likely result. The team will be rijjht at home and student will be 1 1n-re to hack them up. They will see them practice and will know what they can , I . When the Auditor! tint, which ha been promised very soon, is added to the iicw building we will Ijr able- to accommodate crowds, and this of course will help our debating teams, orfttory and declamatory contests. In the present building, conditions are not adequate to handle thin type of work advantages Li Jy r Great livings .n-r- e p+et d of Student of the ftcW high idltal. The spirit of live old high com- bined With thi wonderful new building should be. anti Will bo n wipilliig eefrtbltlAtlOP, —HARLEY WITTIGr Editor. P gi A ' fiu LONtftGAN PhY lCJ rrPEWffiuNG CMfmiPY AM. mSTOPY CUf?F?ENT -J— F(T r TVti Faculty Wc introduce our faculty All seated 1 round the council fire With Big Chief Mixon at the lie ad To great heights may we not aapire? [). s, ‘2 i j-:. M. ' 2 t E. N. 24 Page Efcnrji Principal O, F. Nixon A. B. Indiana University A. M. University of Chicago J ' ajr IWw S. M. CURRENT C lii? mi lry III im»ia Ivina . IWlii.il Uirivrr»il,v. E, It. HAZEL R. GORDON Lnij tijh OLifj-t t .i|lci?c MichiEa.il, A. I5 t ' .lipnilm. L- ii iv rriLty henkiiltta m. lev Ert IbBh Colkgt-p O. 0 , Untiwrilly s WdMthtin MAUDE A. MAC MICHAEL Lttbi li nivrni I y tit M rhlf All , A. IS. C-ulumbJii TJjilvr -I L|r Fagt Thirtcrn HABiHY T. Rf r ATR Ma. the malic BvluEt CivlUff, S. II, FLORENCE UOMERGAN French Rnuit Cell , I!. A. Umv ri|q ef ChUiEi JULIA A. SHhA Lihririti Ovhkuih StiiL Narmni llai ivrraily uf WiLcaniJiri ' Lilil. ary Sc lvuo-1 MAttCELLE A. MIX A Commercing Wtlll« ' «a Epr ! " I n 1 r NiirmuB J 1 it £ r.7 Fourteen CHARLES W. BYRNES Mftnysl Trfltnini; Shirt E3 LAN CHF. MORRIS Ensiiih lin.vrPiiiy (if Tr-n», A. 15. A. M. FRANCKS V. TlJIJFr French EtoMtt Cn ' ltrrci A. It, HAKR[[.T Cl. HELBERG Armlic Science llnLVi ril[|, of WlmnilMi S. 0. Fmpr Ftftnn BLAWDFORD JENNIN 0 T I- -rill of L ' Lni;li»h Ueparlmcnl L-ibivrriily at Wi bc-uvi-rI ii| % Dm THERESA LITTLE Kiilar) ' M.lwriukrr iNurrnnl Sdiwl II in i vf rail y t?f Wi»cuniiii| -V !! ■ MARIE II- RON AN MARI E f.KJ ' .CORY H intory Michigan Slnlr tJa-rn ril Cnklff UnLnnftr ■ ! h- B. CvlunhbU U(l5v r«lt)r. A- M ■ English UnEreri-lly nf Wih-n-nLln, A., Sri- ‘iTg.: Siifrm — ■ i AMANDA H. 5CH1JETTE Supe-rviifi r of Buiinr Cpi r WhLtfta t?r SldiEr Nu-rmnl G. W, LEMAN Ohk ' Wi-plrj iin UnLk ' erd.li y L A . It. W 4(L4Tn Rnprv GJnib i-r h y Ollic SlnE-r l]niv MUy CLIFFORD O- D[CF. Commfpcllt 1 rijf .■■! ip jn LTmi hf riiic y, A. |l SJn«u rr il y af lllim.-.L. LI BRIE HANSEN B DO k ki-t | | i lly: C‘ r i-r ( i llnr U-uainvu €!n-llnfr GPTKIT £ ' tln!U-l r OlSciX-fili iilufl-i-nt M Um ivrrrii Lf of Wi faruai«| ■■ PG(f£ Stvcnirzn CHESTER EL WILEY Conch Lndinnn IF nitvrflfcyi A. EF- EEOlEST C, MGORF. I ' j l r L-L t u F of Mut-if In Nai m Bny II i e Ik inihu-t ' lu Lak. Fnrmii Cu ll bit BLANCHE L. M.-KEE VEft ComnntTfiil ‘TVmpI UtnivaraLLy (JnttWFB-Jl p n-f Wii.c-nni.iii , A. U. CLARA M. DITTMER Stcre-tnry to Printip-nl Life’s Challenge to the Graduates by Principal Floyd Nixon Class of 1924, you are the 31 t and last d»u to graduate from the Old E nl Ki ki. Fk.jK-tly SO year ago, accord lug to our record , the first class was graduated r rum tire high school known Ah the Sale School. In that First class of 1ST 5 there were 6 (rsduntn; today there are 143 in the -gradual tint: via . During these SO yean there have been many changes and much progress f . c t srily in the school, hut alao in the life of the community ant! the entire world In which wl ' live, lei f-nvt. »o r.igml has been the transit ion in many instances that we have lost sight of etmr thing that are really bank- and fun-d-Umritt-ft! Id all Htltnih life aed human preuims. However, the fiiridtmtnttl tiling that make for the real America — the things that arc truly worth while — have not passed. Some of there are UNION-, JEJ’STICE. DOMESTIC TRANQUIL- ITY, DEFENSE. GENERAL WELFARE, and LIBERTY, To know and appreciate the heart and soul o-F America one must know much of the above tcahofis given for the adoption of the Con sli tut ion. They will endure as long a humin life, and are as fundamental is TIME, OnCC we were taught that TIME is a Heeling thing, but that teaching wa f al I acinus - Strange as it may seem we arc n w ttvehl that 0-f al] permanent thing Time is the most enduring. Instead wp are the thing that is fleeting, wc pais rapidly in revue (Kr-OA the stage of human activity and Father Time tl»nt romaln stationery, permanent, never ending. I iiA[n’ that we is t-SAChOr have succeeded in instilling in you the ideals thAt have made Artier lea truly great. There ideals were conceived And iinmortAliaed by the blood of our fathers. We owe |f not Only t-O pyiAelv-yi, l ul to- o-ur posterity to keep sacred and inviolate the principles For which they struggled. Without this attitude wl- would be unworthy to fake up and to carry on to- a mor-t- perfect (emplftion the stirring challenge which thoy nobly and willingly Ac- cept e-d — -the challenge of universal Stf ] f-g 9 V fnmtnt, Herv-tofore your sphere of Action h s been limited;, now the entire world i before you. Much remain to be done. Let us hope that Among your number there is a great surgeon, a great engineer, A fcrcAt teAch-cr, A front man o-F letters, or a potential ItAttllHRii- Yet, it is not suffi- cient in a democratic government like our I lltf merely GREAT men necessary a thill may be. In ord r for A government founded on and per pet u« ted by the will o-F the people, as i our government, it is imperative that every citir-en f that government be trained, odUGAtod, loyal, and whal is move, a sane thinking, wholesome minded, well-balanced individual, Vou discover, therefore, that yemrs is rt " Al eballesvge- — a challenge that, will tent the bl l that is in you; one that At times will try your sduIe. It is my prayer Mint you accept life " chal- lenge cheerfully — -that you go forLh cowr-Ti gtously from, the Old School with strong mind and resolute hearts— and finally, with faith in Cod, that you have an unconquerable courage for every cireum»tan-4e And for cV4 ry la l that may come to you before the going down of the iUB- Fapf A’IjhIhti PARADE DOfUSTIt CL 55 LATIN CLU AFTER T ML, IMVASIOli GiRL SCOUTS " OUR JAZZ BAND l Iffi T IFfJlJjf Classes Classes sometimes ace important you ' ve nolited, we have three, Seniors victorious — Jurtiors peaceful. Sophomores, seemingly, up a tree I F--iyr T uxnr jnf. The ero ) ne Senior Class Officers Pts? indent - Vlcir-Prctiidcn l StuttlMy .und Tree™ re r Clans Adviier Clat-i Colarn Cljifia Flower □.im (VEnlto WIU-IAM ENGELS - ELSA GRIMMER RICHARD HUMMEL - MISS LITTLE ■ Laveiultr and Ovid - - — - Sweet Pen ’’Determination WIm the Way " Page T iwttfjr irrj MILDRED ALLEN— ”MLlly " Entind from St- JwepK ' i Academy 3; Krrnvli Club 3; Glee Club 3i Ftp Club 3, 4; Muk tiFid W|f Club 5, 4. ,L 5 iifilk«. ™Jln, ivt .mil.. in radian L HiirP fr ' -ii ulIIhs " ' W1KFUKD ALBERTS Triiarivnlttry Club -It Inter Ne 4; Fro- H,cribn. J Try. t-n 1 ii i ■ hat J til ■! n-ri Hiii fTlnndii, ' ' ROSE ASM AN Trench Club - i P p Club ‘2, 3, 4 l Civic Club A. ■ Hit ' ll I onH witlv. ■ nnilli yet trit» — ThrPr 1 0 -r. no-fc ma ny junt li " kr ySU - " 1 ROSE 13 At EK — ' 1 Spsi h he t ti’ r I ' ft lrrr-it from Si. Jap-upti’ A-4-P-clf my 3; Glee Club 3; Pep Club 3, 4. “l-j-urh lipid KiFilrf e-Apt t U th winri.i- ' ' ' GORDON FS A R BEAUX Frcneli Club 4; Gif Club 4i Inter Noi 3 ‘‘A rcpShI At ii-.li ilL nnd u cwtl IclUC ' - ' ' EARL BARTELS Football 4 . Basket ball 3 5 Civ it Club 4. ' fjQNMl ndl ur , mu-icLc qtwI piE all i rjt 1 1 1 !• ll 1 Ptfjji T Hi K-r ' -iJiTfi- DOROTHY BASCHE, — “Daratb Knltitfl Oo-rti S|, Jns.rpil-i ' j. Academy 3 ; P-op- Club- 3, 4; C-lce Club 3, 4. u Tfl h rvmw hvr La Lb- L-oyp Ilm - . " SARA BA YE Prom Cemirlltit 3; Pep Club 2 , 3, 4j Staff 3, 4; French Club 3. 4; M.-ink und Wig 2 . 3. ' HiijSi flight a ah KhH h nnd wit i.Pr i will And am h + r tongfB l y an-Hi ' riai hi ill , pl LOIS KKLL Pep Club Lb 3 . 4 ; Dwtln Committer 3 , 4 ), Geometry 3 i French Club 2 , 3 . 4 s, Stuff 41 i E’rom Committee 3 ; Inlcr No 2 . ' T ' r 14 lku will, 4ir ta ' lll. ' L 1 hlnjf J-rHiml ' jiiV A »l If h rt n |, t, lt-r Wt ' lk ' i. n-i ' 1 thirc ' t nlk nvl tlk 4 !. " HELEN BLANK Girl Scout 3, 1| Pep Club 2, 3, 4. " S roe time lh » metis declU people r Jurt Ih blewl to lead »i» on a merry ch« , M GERALD BOGART— ” Jr rt-y " Prencli Club 2; Inter Non ' 1 ; Civic Club t : President G con ' ll- try Club 3; Prom Commit- 3; Fo tbidl 4: 2„ " 1 it ' ruk.lt m vetmj-ui Lti i ib[ to lw n toll. n II minT LORRAINE BOUCHARD Manb nnd Wif 3, 4 : C.|t] 3 OUt4 3. 4: French Ctwb 2 3; P p Club 2. 3, 4. " Ill r Mine mra tcvkI naid FnooreiJ h r with lone nnd d nmc " Tli ' i nty-ifr u r ISABEL BRENNER CI M Vln-Ptwldtnl t Pulp Club Z r 3, J ; Ma»k ndl Wig Z. 3, 4; Prcpidcnt ■%- UtcLiini Cory Z, -I; G ccmtlry Cl Lib 3; Inter Noi 2. 3, 4 ; I’rom Committee 1 “I dn-n ' t wanl In br iTim-riut, ] •nnli ' want I n- bp la ilr 11 ALVIN E1KC5KY B-npkrlbell 3. 4c Baicbutl 3. 4 c I-|il oin Club Glee Club Zi Inter No 4. ' Nul 111 nr rml mi»vtr »rhL(-i -.l without Otulhuiim m . " VERNON BURN IK B nd 3. 4t Orchcitra 3, 4. iqiiiri " , i-l? hi frie-nJii GENEVIEVE BURDICK F.ntr 4tl from Shioctan Hj(h School 3; Girl Seoul 3, 4 j Glee Club 3; French Cluls 3 , 4 - " A -quint ni 14 li hiUm on J rr n M-h. r r knra-M ilhAi htr iJiiiir 4Tir wrl]1 khlrk, ' ' A ME] L RURF.SH— “Tubby " ’ I liter Ndi 3; Cbie Club 4r “A ? n+ il l jd frirhJ ituuulJ b . rl EDWARD BURR ALL— " Ed " . nterrrl from St. Thorn - " College 3; Glee Cluh 3, 4; Jnter Nop 3; French C3uh C(im- ntercjial, Club 4; Boopter Committer 3; Grom- ctry Cluh 3, Preridcnl; Football 3. r, t ■ nvj- na nut, nn-, fin( |, BB PUfff 7 ' iri ' irJy-fir-r ORLENE BUTTRICK— ■‘Smile 11 Cl it Club 2 : Cilfl J, 4 ; Muik jir. L Wh: 4 1 CnmmpreiBl Club 4i Pep Club Z, 3. -li IJcda t-vi-n lor 4. " S lir- ' a itltii ' a i audibly thin-. " KAREN CARLSON M.ink and Win 2 , 3, -1 ; Commercial Club 4 Pen Club 2, 3, 4. " Sv F Tri, Site Cd iklK B tilrln — +1 CRLTA CARLSON MftiJt mid WLg 2 r 3, 4;. Pep Club 2, 4 Com mere I ft! Club 4. “Sn much like the uLher hnlF| all q-iwJl wlirul. 1 1 ■ 1 r fni mi fm teIlLHrt. ,,, DOROTHY CENTEN— Inter Mem 3; CummfreJjil Club 4 C. if] Sl 1 u n t :■ 1 ; i’ep Club -I. ■ ' ,4 iqinlnt .ir.il. r. nil - nmidvii, A In it r ha I hi v iinkn V in. " HELEN CENTEN Pep Club 2, 3 1 Mailt and Wi| 2 r 3, 4: Cirl Scouts 3 , 4 i Fwneli Club 2 . " A iflui-T L 3 iik, Ikrrc lire Tew wlie h livw lhr tri-rFftiir? Ihiil in yu« s " HAROLD CHOPIN— “Fuzz " Inter Nox . 3 , 4 . " ‘‘Hi ifc hvcirlrfl hruiwi rval ill nrp-nlril min.” f Vtffr J ' in. nijf-.tij- ALMA COF.L French (Huh 2 r 3 i MjijlIl jirirL Wijj f ( 3, 4, Ctnutr 4, F-teiidtesi l -I; C-um m r rcia I Club 1 j. Stcrrlirf and T iWthlrur [ Girl :outi 3, 4, Yicc-Prcs-idc-nt 4 i Declamatory 2 h 4, ■ " TThff!f " ■ n-r.ni? It hr- hwr, nn-n. . ' " TILLIE CO HEM Gb;1 Club 4;. Cemmtrtial Club 4|, E ' rendri Club 2 f 3-, 4. V i-vp- Pt e riden t 3; M.tsk a rul Win 2, 3 4. Vice -Pre-»adc lit 4; Dr-eta mat pry 2, 3. 4; Stall 4. h lhr li. ' ih-ill nricr md, lor Unpl- ' y folk liparc mnroy I’ricndi. " EVELYN CONMELY— “Ev 1 M-Cuilt and Win 2, 3, 4; Commercial (Hub 4; Pep Club 3, 3, 5. " ( " ■nm inlo h «r rf.t 1 1 1 l. | y,»,t -til A liulr unrrl, Cjieo lc-nc r r.n.H joi h i. ill lit « I lltlr lirtf " MARION CONNELLY— ' YlurV ' Ma k a Pel Win 2 , 3, (; Pep Club 2, 3. 4| (-0 mmicrcial Club 4. " bLiinily tall and mett ■llvtiidgr i- l r.“ F POLOH ES DA NDO I 5— 1 1 Shorty ’ ’ GUo Club 2 , French Club 2, 1, 4j Camnter- cial Club I. ‘‘Full of li-Pr rind vriEvtrhiirr Luo, DoLpl the Ihlriii vhv ih vuldn ' l dci” LUG IS DIE BAUCI4F- T ritmioiiirtry Club 4; Inter 3, -I. " Wlinr Ihnn. mail HMA lliin 4 i E H PiVJr JOSEPH DELW 1 CHE- " Joe H French Hub 2 ; Mathematic Club 4 . " ' Wb 1 1 hr E-u fen ' iw th — e hPiT» oi CUE " eni-|ri [ ( m»Fi I ■E ■ u« fci cijE ln( i Icrtl jv " SYLVESTER DERNBACB CiHsme-try Club 3 i. Civic Club 4 . ’ ‘ f h LibI rc-unrl of llir- Larlrflpr rfiif ltr-rl. Out Ic-ifik — l:h r - ' nnc-tli-rr hi eh r r up.” LOU DEXTER— ‘’Kid " Clcc Club 3 t 4 i Orel amatory 3, 4; ChemLi- try Club 4 s Hillary Club and Wig 4} Pep Club J. 4. W. n.hnl +.l»u4 tl«. -n.rl IhLi r-c p]jr i— " U i ■: ' l 1 I-.it linrE-tp 1 ’ ELEA KORA DIETRICH Cormncrcml Cbtb 4; Inter hiai ii Ptp Club 3. 4. m Ht IthJ u nki hmntcliiiif chirm, null E tMpk b uci 1 1 r r lfle rN y.” WALTER DUC LON— -Duke " Foal hell 1, 4i Ra lirthalL 2, 3 h 4 ; Rnieljlll 4, " h il, (ill ' icunii nlhtrlr.’ ETHEL OlJgUAlNL— " DukV French Cl Lib 2, 3. 4, Vice-Prc Ldent Z , 3; Chairman Prom Decorating Committee 3; Peji CLub Ii 3 h 4i Prcridrnt 4; Mank and Wig 2; Glee Cluh 4 . r,, TI ldrKm ynn find in one iwrc? r5p! jCr-Pkl n i wr IL m Krnuly; Al fniThi B ih pl y» hi r I h«r iwiiil whirl, A1. Ithiml fc p n rl ■. itricEly to- duiy. Pilijt 7 ' lU EtHEL ELMER Hand 4f Orcheilro 4 i Clre Club 3 h 4j M ±k lullI Wis 3, 4t French, Club 3. ' ■’Sill ntn.if fTin th qujl uhmipl. " GEORGE EN DERBY Civic Cktib 4, ul rff»f wnrda nr Lh Iwi-E ol m n. " WILLIAM ENGELS— “Bill” tlar Pnfii-d-ent 3, 4; Athletic Anoeiatioru President J|. Inter No 2, 4, Pmittmt Aeroplane 3; Lipi Ln Club 2. 3, Secretary 3i J Ail Hand 2, 3f Orih« tra 3 4j Boy ’ Glee Club 3, 4 , Secretary 3i HSfh School Rjind 3, 4, Vice-Prr4irfent 3. Preriile bl 4; Debate 2, 3; Oratory 3, 3, 4| Elite m pore S|WaJcani{ 2, 3; Foot ball 4. " (,■» » i| r Ira nlhlrEli . rUtil . cl h ra m-i n vd Winery — nil prrikU rat . ' ' ARDITH FAULKNER Football 4 1 Wr tl|n 3, 4i Inter No 3; French Ctubi Hiit-ory Cluh 3. “A lifted vwkw ■ ml m I - - I leltri — 4n hLm ■ IWWff l n Crwr, ibl» irhiHl. " JOHN FOF-Ll-tR Chemaitry Club 4[ 1 tiler ISo 4. ■ " ■or nil ill iblrfl 1 Ilk lb hr .. i reran, li fliltr to " ft hhI ml ' ' ' CHARLES FRAPJSSENS Inter Nor 2; French Club2, 3,4-, CHonVLitry Club 4- r Glee Club 2, 3. 4, Hi.Eory Club 3j Mixed Choru 4; Prom Corn mi tlee 3; Hockey 4, Ofi -relth I lie daaenl L ( joy b-« IJneeafrardl M |I K] | lilt mem, ‘-btra jraulh hilJ pl+fltur mirt Pitpf TVr lSy-Jimr EDNA, FUELLF -— ’ 1 Ki!c! 1 1 ' " Civic Club 4 i u rid Wig J; Ctrr Club 3; Declamatory 4. ' " 1 ' mpfii.iLh-lii ife ji Vi-i i r-fl I ni h‘f r uh . " LEONA GFIIAKQ French Club 2, 3„ 4; Commercial Club 1; P J Club 2. 3, 4. Tl I ‘ ri r i«-fl I y- tnamlilri -nrul " jM i iiibb 1 ta t taU rd nALUtc- ip nlwnyp birr Ii Lr» i " Hi ' •‘ t RAYMOND GILSON— “Ray " French Club Z. 3; Inter No 2. 3l linfrrhjill 3, l. Clan [iankelbaLI 4= T! M»- | a ■’ Ihuliir Aibili Jk rlghl fn»H i ihr. " ' NOR M A GOELZi 1 N a rm “ French Club 2. 3; Pep Club 2, 3 r 4, w S iw r» hi ii h in nrwi4 Wn4. A Nrarr girl EE wvutd rr lanfili r 1 ’ Suit. " ELSA GRIMMER Frc nc h Club ?, 3. ‘It OrcheilcA 3, 4; Uebate 3 r 4i Clan Vice-Rmidenl 3 K 4i Ma k and W|0 A | Fnn Club 2, 3 P lb “TUn gwdr (ST lhrr hKTt thin (Tljf right Tul. ilnrt. b inching thrr t ri Ul nng . iMwt thin -irt fai r " KFRWIN tlACI ' RT Y— Fresteh Cluh 3, 4; Font bait 2, 3, 4; I’tstn Commil1.ee 3; Si IT 4, ‘‘‘Trainra! F-ur rilUrr tiamjj Off u ui[, SJibIIt-lI in ivory riMinly Ptifft rJn’rtji EV ALINE HANNON Mask and WIe 3, 4 i 3, 4; Pep Club 2 3, 4, ‘ ’fih hnii rvn linn tu- iport awiiy fchr lnjurt .All niii.nl It f trnral in n. iwu-rld lik«r nun. " LO RETT A HA N N O N— ” Retta " ' ■TLihh Secretary and Treasurer 3; French 2. 3. 4. Pr« Edent 3-i Mask and Wjfi 2, 3; Pep Club 3, 3, 4, Viee-Preo-IdeMt 3. " A biflj mniiL anil f ri-c iwl I j 1 Iw. Ilrr irnil ii iwfil ciHiufli fur lwOi H CARRIE HANSEN French Club 4; Pep Club 3. 4. B En t r [ n r-tl In- lh fipiF , you ii mI T « ' m I no .i l.irm, Ai jrawi h fifhipn e li ■ • fvcur , yfiu hffLfhlrn lh charm .’ 1 IRENE HANNON— " Rea” Fep Club 2, 3, 4 : Commercial Club 4. ' ' li ' « niir ii ciirnl. when naturally nice. 1 ' LESTER HANSEN — “Let " Class President 2 Lincoln Club %, 3; Cl re Club 3, 4; Staff 3; Football -I: Enter Nos 4; Tribune 4. , Cfii laiktry in nun. I vim.isli I il Keying things In nn E " fn.tlln nunnif " MARIE HE ARDEN— ’Pat ' 1 Mask find Wi-p 3, I: Chcnii E.ry 4[ Inter No 3; Pep Club 3, 4. ‘■Sfw’s IriiH in nnint, in ntnaner , la wii, 3tn’s ns tins ns ..|d -xh.l ■ brlilil, t-vtif bit, " Page Thitty $nt ' The Aer g-J M I LD Rl- a HER BECK— " M i LI y " French Club 4; Civic Club 4; E’ep Club a, 3 , 4 . 1 ' Shu hnn m kind wvrd fvp rvrr j bcnly. Evarybratliy ■ bind! wniid fu-r lipri " F R ANC 13 H EH M 30 N — “ Fri E i " Civic CH b 4; Lincoln Club Li; Football 4; Hockey 4, j Lh¥b bLu-Ip mt-. ' hii- hrnil ■ 1 r i ■ pi-By. Jutl Liiiiif far m i i i I — sl-rvi ' Er-Vl E ' ■ ! . ' 1 [RENE HLNTZ P-trp Club 2 r 3. 4; Commercial Club 4. " ?lup liltO-r- " ■- 1 1 ■ til »m:il ujjuti llTT He ' [RENE HO KEN SON French Club In Comm crti-Hl Club 4- M A nw rc y h»nrl: r an he- nr b I lolwr miiMl. A i.l tfiidy -e Iliip ic fc r in I hr? L lind ' HAROLD ] [OI.TERMAN— “Mischa " ' HarttL 3. 1 ! Ordbtilm i, 4; (.jive Club J, 1; Gclclte 4 i Miwd Chfltui 4; lloekey i. " Wilt 1 Ihju hn-pr ihuiElT 1 1 nrli I | n r • • Anil Iwrnly i[T d ■ li fl il I n rnlr. d« li " ( " RICHARD HUMMEL— " Dick " On. Secretary and ' I rtiHurcr 2, 4; French Club i ; Glee Club I ; Football 4; Com- mere led CLwb 4. Pfciident. " AI-HSV m. Li nr far eduCl pltllUIt, With IliraJ ninl roke hPid h rt. li-rlphiT nil whpnt r h L nt+4+Ai With nv LlHU«lH ( + II at P 1 . Fayt Thirty-two INEZ HY3K6V Pijp flub 2, 3, 4; Commercial Club 4; Frrn lt Cluli 3; Mute ne! Wig 4. " ILijili tL wilh i d l r p l:-,Hi ' » r rye " ' JAMES JACKSON— ■■ Jim my ' " French Club 2 1 Civic Club 4. ■ Thiii [Lrlfr all fii fn r»irtyrri hf « 1 h jr in him i-niilr. " 1. M l TCHE LL J ACOBS— ' ■ J nek Mon i am c ry’ ' Inter Noe 3, -1 ; Orthcntr.i 2. J- A. k ri ih miLn Li half m ivig u sri rl WALLACE JONET French Club 2, 3, i[ Commercial Club 4 j C homiltry Chris 4. " ■Thuie I ti ccitaHri i-iv h In K|» I hAi. 4 r rt in tchelfrMLkr mwl itudlnua HUTHihinij " EVELYN 40RC.KNSLN CLf] SeoLLt 3; Glee Club 3; Com mere i ill Club if; Pep Club 2, $, 4. " A mniiU-n m fiiir- eu ■iniTli " ' PHILIP JORGENSEN— " Phil " Liter !Sd» 1| French Club -3-i Geometry Club 3% Treasurer Chemistry Club 4. Pt-irAi- 1 ilciit i ; E i.i at 1 1 -i 1 1 4, ' ‘Wna-lb W ilin (fir nidrv-— J Lr I th Iwit 1 hill Li.. " J J ir-yr Thifltf-ikTef inm.oMKrvE kayf. rvtfl.sk rind Wip 2, J r 4, SecretAry And Ticni u ifr t ; French Club ' 2, if Pep Clvlb 2 , 3, H- ' " ■It t Tlinnn r " lw ri vnin E ■ • LrIL " ANNA KLEIN MAN— " Ann " Entered from St. Joitph ' i Acrid c my 3i Glee Club 3, t . Pep Club 3, 4; Civic Club t. " ‘A rri.Tih.l ly h ' -nn itb ■tin nf friend . " IRENE KUSKA— " CuoklB " Mailt And Wijj 3, -t; Pep Club 3, -1. " Tnthini, ihi kxw ur not why, luir ■.■.irc-it n-nt rhji - . " MARGARET LANG— Mart " 1 Mflik and. Wig Hi Flinch Club 2 , 4, Se-e pe- tal y Anri T " " r?A Hirer Hi Com mere in] Club Hr Vice- President Hi Pep Club 3., “ ' WTariiii lull 1 hni .ilfck of liiFnrnlrLf k hlly ILh a ' llvwEira 1 1 LOTUS I.A F RAM 3101 S Civic Club 4; Com mere j ilI Club 4; Pep Club 2 , 3, 4, " lib r r.-ill., T 1 1 r i r ifTihUr mid lriv?id!ly.i FLOYD LA PLAN! Entered from New P ' ranhen High School It tn Ter Nok j . -1 : Geometry Ctub 3. " " It it by prri. nc af nqlnrl Jn MrtAr-l rtY J ii-fTrhi:i n that tli-r natLY - mrfcnl uf 4 nun k Cr itni. " CHARLES l.r.COMTE Inter Nos 3, 4. " A ip ' 10 -r In kr ilnpriMl-rd u-ih; iMO I ■’ 1 L ■ r — hyl jpmu -. " 1 AlRERTtNE LEFEBVRE— " Al " Pc]J Club 2, 3, -If Com mere i-ft.1 Club 4| Prvnch Club 4 . ' Thsit dark i ri — «■ dart nnd til rtwp-, Tim irnrr nud !■:■■■ twiRl t Lra nu(ht in- dir rui-r T!i-r ml H-iil thirAl ' r fchTnu h Ihrni . " 1 KENNETH LECAULT— 1 ' ’Kenny " Football 2, 1, 4 i Civic Club 3i ConvmercLal Club 4. I| prill r caal in manly muEd. jpiiF h.irily ipt rli in cunqufiti ! , ld BRUCE MAC 1NNE3— ‘ " Mm " 1 Tf-r’d I ncklv Ske bicgTnt L li in x ' -1 1 earths A i il - — -drTr-it-rd . d-rt-r -id ■ L Pijr nH Ibr U 1 iv-flrlh 1 M AH JOE I E M AES — ' ‘MarKr -1 Ma k and Wi? Z T 3; Inter No» 2; French Club 3; i’ep dub 2, 3, 4| From Committee 3e tummtrtli! Club 4, " Ski- tout.— but wird wuulil full tk t+l I |1 uh- wknl— Tklnli uh l 4 w.Miisn vhvuld l r. !■ iknl. - " ARTHUR MAY — " Art " AtFjpItric Staff 2, 3; Radio- Club -3- Lin- coln Club 2. “Mr nmwvn iniik I urq i a nnf urllh nrguinrnl ■■ ’’ ELIZABETH MAV Civic Club 4; ChemLitiy Club 4. " ft nuauferh e fair. " quUt. w. kiivf, 1-iKih .i.,rr jiky pity, ■!» Fl t tR y tt CARLTON MAESER HiHflry Club Secretary; inter No 3, 4, Ctrior and Secretary ChiiniiLr Club L Geometry Club 3. ' ’T we -fifth " C pnbi. ability hb ■ ■■l. L ' EDITfd MeFADDEN— ‘-Eddie " Glee Club 3; Girl Scout 3 h -I. “Swcflnfii it hcTii. nr un«3[»cl:fd van, Tilt nnlivo wit 6li.nl wna nc-t lnu[hf Ho plaaiv. 1 ' ALFRED MICKEL— 1H Ar " IfrLrtil r y r ■ . hem iailrllrp.L nmE VriJ 1 . S Ihiiillri wil la n. vCvMjy ■ !■ ia - ALVINA MILLER— " JUT Commercial Club 4; Civic ( ' lull J. Uwily ivJ .‘ ,| CLARENCE N EU fol A N " Ahl Why rlieiitd III nil tabor hit ' fill La ju L hrlllt I c«n ' k hr- " l J apt Thirty -ail GENEVIEVE NEVUE French Club i; Pep Club 2. 3. i- ' ■GLrtrd nillk fl furtHn iriirrlr- Chwrfuli tnltr. P»rl ind y ' J ' U ' i ' ipj . With in unffUrUllnE wrinl to h«F tn-n.[u , ' ' CAROLYN NF.VUE k French Club Ai Pep Club 2 f 3, I. a llnpp Jii’u fc Tixi e ht, winKimv l rl fnf, W dll kffW« !h r in hcl- tiWft may GLADYS NICK EL— ‘ ' Happy " French Club l t 3 4; Pep Club 3, h 4i S,, A Wh ) t i In nil nhs uiMj-c-flwh rfcn, 1 ' hr.Prtlllif I |f i«w »t P n | . ' vrrrlill ’l ppy " ' « ■ ■■ ETHEL NIFJAHK Euler Noe 2. v 3, 4; French Club II, 3i CewrA- etry Club Tiiionoirrlr} Club 4i Chemistry Club 4 " Mini wvrh li bonJItd Im-Ihe iihicH , ' 1 ANTON OLEJNIZAK— " Tony” " ■HEP. »ln a hnppy trill, " U LL I AN OL MST ED— ■ ' dm pie ' ' Pep Club 2, 3, 4s tmter No 2, 3; French Club 3, 4; Geometry Club 3f Glee Club 4; Staff 4. L, W. hilft liT ' jf ' t (J lh Urly. mr£ i« J F»rJi went wiiTi !, r nnn ' D, ' 1, PfIQt r jf7jiTff,-ncri H MARION PAZOURflK Inter N-a 2i {Iconic try Club 3; Civic Club 4: Pep Club 2, 5, i r " U ' rr wliui-r -nj n t p- r 11 n l liirh . l ' U ' l nrvrr pneixrl. " - ELI NOR PLETTNEK " H»r Irtnlci. .i a.pxi-f he y vriknij 1 idJ l.r«r, J4 DORIS FRU3T— Babrr " Entered from- Wfifhbto ' rH High School 3; Pep Club 3, 4 1 French Club 5; Ma lt and Wig 3; Prom CommitUt 3; St .i 1 1 1 : dice Club 4 ll ' ' - X-Ij-Jj- I pi 14 lb? hi. ,| T .||p ■ Ill (■■ .1111.1 .id .;.-.i||llLl.r.,|: i|.-|”k;3rl J Sdbari vNl . H «nibM«» n-i.| i.Jnj-p. An.i n Hame to enbvtn ih? nlsht . " ' HOWARD RE [JUNE " Red " Lincoln Club 2, 3; Comm e-rein l Club 4; {iconic try Club 3. “Hlf nmhilian: Ta n up Ilk.- -a r.x-kp-4, t.m iiu.p igtllt ■ li wn Lkr- a KtorL . ' ' POKALD REFKE— " Don " Dramatic Club 2 1 French Club 2. 3„ tp Com mere i ml Club -I ; Lincoln Club 2; Jiiy.x Lp l i rid -I ; H ockey -1 . “■Fiirniard rind di.iLia t : U.- vti lb?r«p Thn will ta da, Ihi trait ta ilrii-r:, " 1 ROBERT ROY— " Bob " Friotb.il! A-, n-iiwkcl bnl I 2 y 3, -I; BareLall 3i 4f Inlcr Ko 4. “ ' Jhln ' ti Lardy., and p,I rr.-np;, nrnl inhuil. And pljhyn IhiI h bm.lc R bil I .mil fsr.i;iih|.| Pt2y.- 7 ' Ji iVbj-i rj.ji. 1 BETTY ROZELL Pop Club 4i Comm trcifl I Club -1 i Civic Club 4, " Jui-L h r rv ii a hnt 1-SiiriT to del Lnnli n pr - ri ih bright pi ;l-r indicr tlnyn til bln , " Ail LINE RUF Pep Club Z, 3, i. “Slihly niwi Iniu Shp lh " ?u h ih» haLL ' FLOY S AFFORD Pep CLub 2y 3, 4 ; Girl SepLLli 4; Commer- cial Club 4. " EYff-ri itroilf h 1 Wjini bw ■•ml. Suaihfln nrt lou-llnter mu ' k nhr HARVEY SARGENT— “Horvc " BavkelbnU A% Glee Club 3. 4; Si IT 4i Commercial Club 4; G« ry Club 3; Mixed CkurLLit 4 - r Lavt Hiqh Quart el 3. " |l biip i liiln 1 fc Jm bc-rLaun, r»u h 1 " L Jl iliL, Lltepi lo K-im-c ctF bn«l iTl IppI I JOHN SARGENT— " Jatk " Glee CL.jIi 2; Mixed Choruis 2. ' ■Jiff carnv beck to fijilili i-itli ui. " LEONARD SCHFLl-F-R French Club 2; I nice No 2; Debale 3. “H rrnrfli, much r Ha r i m grriife uSih rvrr, and hr Qui1« llbrou Eh Ihn d-cid urf ffltnJ 4 i vgt Tkifttf-j frtr REINHARDT SCHMIDT " ' A hi IniR |hi| a mighty mnn. rl CLEMENS SCHNEIDER Filtered from Ntw Frankcn High School! 3: Geometry Club 3-; Inter Mat 3. 4; Cpvfc Club 4. -■JEn If M- trirn ' i Itrrlin lanifl) H «mi yi w|lN ■tIIHiit hjpulfc.” ALBAN SCHUMACHER Comm etc i n] Club 4; Civic Club 4, " A br M ' l hl-An Fun- IhrbiK ' lir m mtirK " hr art. LAW RF.NC F 3E RVA I S— ■ ' B n-hm " Lincoln Club 3| French Club 3, -I; Track. 3, 3. 4 : Oratory 4, L, Hn ia a man. ai mnny Anri iKvrrii LKi 1 rri-a.il, l% ». t lit di ci [ " . 1 ' . ' h Diin WI-IL” ALVIN SPEVACEK— l AI " ' Baud 3, -1 ; French Club 3; Lincoln Club L S.j tb Ujind 4. " Ill I II |Uk»t lldr ' ‘ MILDRED SPUDE — “Molly " Gle« Club 3; Pep Club 3, 3. 4 f French Club 2 ; Girl Scout i 3, 4, Vice-President I. " ■-H-innui- nr marry Anri Erf Jrn-m III tpliVta. r. Ki li Fori] HARR, V STEFLF " A illi-m mnn La ha, Full iiK bad anil wiL” ROSCOE ST. JOHN— “Bud " ]iil-r.r ' i fhr 2; French Club 3;. Radio Club 3| Civic Club S; Orchertra 3; High School Band Jm ilrtiid 2, 3, 4; E J r un C«mmllt4« 3; Booster Comm itt-CC 4, “Whan th-fli-p it a laily in ihe cue r Yau knnw, oil L h c r Lhin|i Rive planec. " ELINOR TAYLOR Marik and Wig 3, 4; French Club 2, 3; Girl Sceul i- r Pep Club 2, 3, 4, 1 1 T ' . ' Lhv.r whv knew j eii net, n ,n wvidri crin. |jHiiii.L 1 ] I pt ■wlte khfrw jtviji k ■ i r . ' nil t -fT Jt- hIt- ini nt ' CLARENCE, TESS Entered! from Wright itown 3 e Hinlory Club 1; Crxii mere i nl Club 4j Glee Club 4; Octtttt 4; Ptfbfctinfi: T(i m 4. " j f ■■ . 1 1 Uio!rE:h I ■ , l;it dE fcalirhEfe canir Ilf li i in. lake initiniit unawnE i. 1r CLYDE TENNIS French Club 2, 3. ■ ' TUb mu! aF thil n»ri l !■ lili el lilc i ' ip MARY ANN Til ELEN— “(Jolly’ 1 Mfl k lijid Wig 4 [ French Club 2, 3, 4; Com- mere Ini CLub 4; Pep Club 3. ' ' •■‘A “th tain.U in lummti mkIi inf. bar wki wa ■■w-r ! find low. " ' f ' Gjl i Farty-on . MIILbttED TOMLINSON— " Mil” Mri hk and Wip 2, -3, 4; Comrti rci-ltl Club 4. It T Wild WOJ T-rdf « Rif . Rrnl lc uimI IvWi ' 1 F.VF.I . YN V A N C A LSTER— ■ ■ Mol I y ' ’ French Club 4 i to i timer rial Club •? ; Pep Club Z. 3. Club 3; Girl Scout r Secretary and Trert lifer, 4. ' Mri iniLI- it like n mi rebuff tlnilnihR ' Iri ' lii H imarly ■W- " VIOLA V AN DEM BERG— " Vi ' ' I ‘Wiu ' h Club 3. 3; Chemistry C I Mb 4; Pep Club 3. 3, 4i Civic Club I, ‘ " If t bar fll-krf nquf V " ™ " full, Luuk 111 hr! f T. jfnu mil furijdl I hr in ull, " HELOISE VAN DEB GATE French Club 4 i Pep Club 3. 3. 4. till - I ■ ivrrt iind s -r r y iwichJcvL— I wu -ci.( ]lc-ii. |!‘ I | t " - jn a i-.niRn- ' ” HAROLD VAN EGEKEN — " Van " Font Lpifi 1 1 2, I: lia k u t bill I 3, -I; Track Z, 3, ■ ' Ac teat ball ntl ' l fcnikcttisll b ' » quit iimii i-t in ' , Fur u belief HOIli JK ' U ' li lull. i vr-ry far.” GLADYS VAN K ESSE L— 1 ’ K i s F’ Ere neb Club 3; Chemistry Club 4; Girl 3(4Mti 3. 4 j, Ib ' p Club 2, 3 1 4 Civic Club 4. In 1 . 1 , .n-nr ihf, rar iknrt, nor lull. It u I A ril-« -tei-i il .1 m ingling of 1 hum nIL " J ' l-jpy FerJ iit-J ltii i EMILY VAN SICKLE Com nicriij.pl CKlh 4; Civic Club 4; Rep- Club 2, 3, A. ' “Shr- h.ii t wo fjrvft in mil and bivwcij Shr- R9 Ydi) n aide glam-v iiihI Icnjhi r k ' wn ” CENEVIF.VE VAN VEGHEL— " Gen 11 MimV .ii‘n ' 1 Wig 2. 3, 4; CammcrcLai Club ■I; Pep- Clul) 2. 3. 4- " MaLI-ii : A cuod time li w rlli !«rt 1 ; ,l n: by. 1 ' RICHARD VINCENT H Qultt, bill foil rf huiimii, " MARION VOLK— " Car 1 French Club 2, 3; Girl §cou a l 2J-I ; " Sin ET 4. .-■ y ' ii ■;»! i uri In «rl . 1 , . r ; s ri C f ' r y i- ALTERS— ■’Jack’ ' Lin tain t ' Li l» 2; Inter No 3, 4; Event lif, 4, Glob S, 5, 4, Scerct ry and frtmwrtF Itui-il 3, (i Orch extra 4: Geometry Chib 3. Pmidtrt 3; Debate I. " NaLurf nu-.;lit alnnd up anri bay la dill I hi- vihifIiI, -EliSb Li ti iTi an!’ I,B YVQ N NE W ASS 1 11 U RM— 1 W» hi ” Enterotl fFOrri 5twrS4 n lUy High School 3 Ma b intt WIk 3 i Ptp Cltib 3 P 4 1 Ghent hlry Chib 4; Civic Club i. a ‘T»LI hip Vvsnni,, 1-rlK me pl ii.ic r It yciijsr imLI n h.iliLt nr juil m diiuiR. " i ' uge Firftty ' thrtr HAROLD WEBER M .■ t Li- ii l.?i t Lea t ' Uali 4; St-nrt 3. 1 ' IHi-mi-r ' r.i rut, aI liiIiviuh , lhi u fhl Tul r iiii :l nfrpah di by JiiiOwi l r |-MtM-rt«t «Jfi il-fcv h-v day. ' " EDMUND WETHER ILL Haik clb-s 1 1 3 -1 ; Kcoiball 1 ; Bub-c b-nll 3! 4; Hockey 3- 4- " Ac Ea«i I 1 l(h rnt In iTair ie.n limd» r M rft prpl p cd bnirf H.xll ljni. M HARLEY WITTIC PrOrsi CaniTnitLce 3; AerapUne EdibW-lil- Chicf 4; Stuff 3, 4. " To ircL lIltrtB iiy hn»lifuli-.n.i aiiilp.” MARION WORTHING French Club Z r 3, 4 ; Ccom elr jr Club 3t Frosii Corn in i lit 3; Pep Club 2, 3 , 4; InlcT Km 2, Secretary ' £, lltatL M HliHJl look, bu? ■ nrr- 1 -r nd Hyaui rtllUN.’ 1 ROSS WRIGHT Errl ! r i-il Fr-pm Clintonvi He Hitfh Scheol 4; " IloS not w -ryr hi , ycu pro, AihI Wp fWt " • v.‘rr tall; It lit th WHy lip- piny an ij lu-pliunp. Slilr ifci bp+t thiill all. " GILBERT ZILI.LE " H-. mDiu»r !■ iiuict. IjhiI ' li il " i ,iu4p(P lllm ky i.1 " flJW farty-fam ANGELA BURNS " ' A iramllt ' l F‘ n J » I 1 .cr linMIll ¥■ ' " JOHN SCE Jli EVENS M nit hrm it i C Cllub 4: Krench Club Chemistry Club- 4, " ‘Hu Itmihi triiaE Jin b n Mid wh t h -fl-ann ' i Un.vi w, hr ' ll aoim l-rsm. " “Just Be 9l ain ' t the gold what glitter N r (Jw tUvtr« " thlnin; ihten, It .ain ' t the jewel wlsal iparkle N«r the cappers. brilliant felcftm. It Ain ' t the clothes ye ' re wearlnU Nor your inil Lion dollar ways. But If l ju t (lie kindly little things That milter far happy day . Yourself f It ain ' t J-diJr ridiil fAr riji £e P Nor yaur glifterting team o ' S a u r . it ain ' t your page nor Footman,. Nor the dufE that hold the door. It ain’t yoiir wealth er riekiei, Nor with what party you may tnnd, It " jwpl the little thing you do That marks you far the man. And to, ray hearty comrade Don’t put on haughty aim, Jutl ht yflUMtlf. a happy clmi, And let the rent b+ L ' f ir " ’ p Just never mind oil " ’Ehi And that 1- " . And he just vvha.1 you are, Aihd you will have the peace of God, The greeteit wealth, by far. — H. twig. Class Will Wt. the last dA s of Senior- that will vtf graer the- ha tin -of Old f ' .» t ] Ugh, hr inf: of sound mind and body, do liere-by draw up. publUh Ami decl are this to be o-ur Inst will arid tcstm-ncp ' it. Firsts - To the Seniors who Micceed tin, wt will Lt-.iv our f. u pr rictr attitude, our ■ , |ni]r ' with the fltillLy, And oil (he privilege we have enjoyed during OWIf sojourn In this, our Imim- of learning. S-i-coticL :■ — To the whole school., including the pupils, (he faculty, the janitor , and the Main Roira rrtiiT, el we Lusqm-ath our auuMry to he taken and forever held sac red in the new hail High. Third; — ‘Jo all next year ' s students wt bcquenlh the privilege of callini; a holiday whenever there ere two inches, or more of snow on the g round, this amount to he accurately deter ni» lied hy Pot I loll aiid. Harvey Jorgensen , and Nor best t Jabot . Fourth ; — The Senior girts bequeath Lhrir ihintlri to the Auditorium if we have one of (he new Ka l High jso that the roof won ' t leak. The foil owioif possessions which we IsaII no longer need upon OUr journey, we dispose of as follows, vis: I. Sara Uoye ' e and Marjorie Mats ' all -round ednes to Cieorge Kalcik. Z. Howard R d line ' s pOpuBari-ly with Miss Morris to Austin Dcttnche, 3. Jimmy Jackson ' a former hash Fulness to anyone who can find it, -I. Irene Ha Fin On " nisi I sly to ehorFit I he 5t A combe S-hrih to Jeanette Davis, 5. Harold Weber ' s reserve to Dick Hermsen. Miss Little will be much obliged if you use it in her s.ludy period. Dick. 6. Viola Vandenbcry’s ability (0- faint At the psychological moment to Almen Ivps. 7. The infect iouii giggles belonging to Lloyd La Plant and Urltnt Hut trick we leave to Abe Aik. b, The sisterly love Kiithig between the Carlson sisters we 1 leave to the Goldman twin . The midnight oil yet unused by Joseph Delwiche, Alar ion t ' aza-Lirck and Alary aret Lang, We leave to Joe Cohen whom wi- feel can uit it oil. ID, Loretta Hannon ' s and Lillian Olmsted ' s collection of sweaters we bequeath to nog t year ' eleven, II. Charles Frnrviuni ' Staromb jwrfutntd variety -wt- bequeath to Mr. Ionian. 32. Gerald Hok art ' and I ' Icy Halford ' height we leave to Peter Evans and Alary Snpitn. 33, Evelyn Vail CAlAlev " , Genevieve Duttrick ' ii, Dosotiiy EiAschc ' and Albert iiw- Lefeh-vre ' s loyalty to lopiig hair is left to Messrs. Wiley and J on n tufts, Id. Marie liearden ' s interest in football heroes to Hern Lee Jansen, la. To the Glee Chib we U-Avo Harold HoUtrmtn ' and Harvey Sargent " Accomplishment of imitating a chicken. Prog rams may be put On at the OrFihcum at ■$£■5-5 ' a Fid costs. 16, Dolores Da ndo is " choice collection of detention slips received from Air, Dice we Leave to Geraldine Carpi AUJt to add to her ever increasing compilation. 17. I he adorable side- curls, of Doris Prutt which she loves to pal, to Robert Greiling. IK, Carr 1 1 Hansen ' s and Clarence Tens ' dignity we leave to the Hopiiomorei who in we feel sadly need it, 12. Jack Waiter ' s profuse exuberant vocnbuln ry to the person who- writes the sequel to Web- ster’ Dictionary, ZD. Irene HintSf ' trip to New Franken to anyone who Applie . 21. Lou Dexter ' s and Mildred Her beck ' s distance to come to school to Hazel Dewis h and France Fogarty, 2Z, The " He Haw " that Lester Hanscpi borrowed from Mr, Jennings wr wish (o again re- store- to its former owner who seems to have lost par! of his jovial disposition without it, 2.3, Marian Worthing ' s and Lois IL-ll ' s bar wrapping that they hacs collected in the third period to Bemad ine Mayer. Fa cv Fw r -rir - • 24. Volume X entitled " Bnehelof Tiibnlili(nn " written by Vewen Elulmick w» leave lo Kiwi ilnfinnriild. 25. Bill bequeaths to Mi. Ni on the job of running the school again. 5$, FrEti Hcrmi-cn ' i latest bofij; hit " M love lUit One at Tsmt- " ’ to Clarendon Sargent., 27, Phil Jorgensen ' s title n the Barnyard Sheik to Jack Houston. W£ HEREBY appoint Mis Julia A, 5-hea a eseeutrix of this will, .m wr fool she will fiith- fiill)- and conscientiously carry out the . our lint wisher. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF,, we have signed and Healed 111 lh document, and In the prenen.ee of witntiirt, miblkhtd U anti declared it to be the Just will And testament of (Mir IllustrataOU Senior Class of East H i icTi School , Gfccm Ray, Wj if o n n. on I3 Hi day of Jimc, 192-1. SENIOR CLASS Or FAST HIGH SCHOOL, 19H, WITNESSES: Isabel VI [Sitrtner, Atm it Cool, Class Prophecy The k pr | rail of 19-1 1 Co-Mil cl me settled, after muck wandering, in a little Texan town of about HOD inhabitant . That spring hu lifting and city -beautify ing drive wu launched. As a citi- nn t contributed the modest sum of 42S and wa givrri a ftMipl which would serve ft a ticket lo the town hall where a motion picture- " ’The Model Town ' was beiflK shown. imstinr my surprise to find It to be none other than my old home town Green Bay. The vari-- colored pic- ture-,. nr. invention Cif Arthur May, showed the city of Green Bay in detail. I leaned forward and studied closely and oQil familiar faces And mmtt caught my eye. Il W« some tines before 1 receiniaed Main Street, where Mildred ALIen was doling duty a police matron, with Dolores Dandoi -it her heels ns s Si l ntr first 1 its j br-sutlf ul wooden building with a great electric sum over It reading " Joe Albert ' Bowlin ' .; Alleys ' . Sitting in n drug stare window displaying her auburn curl under the sign " Danderine Did It ' 4 was Rase As man. Rose li-ilee and Dorothy Base lie were displaying various dresses, at the Fashion Show. Alvin Brushy I seen vigorously working under « sign " Come one, come all,— get yoor shine here ' ' . Among pedestrian t recognised Sara 8aye, who was sliowhi}; to Betty Ro (telle her world ' s championship typist medal, Miss Baye ha typed 3,000 word per minute, followed close ly by Mint Kozalle with 2,999 lit Whitney Park, Alfred Michel ' s Circus was in progress. Among his employ ces were Gerald Bogart as a ten! pale, Donald Heeke as Hercules the Strong Map, while Wallace J-onet and John Fogarty were lion tamers, No l, the interior of the various Grggp Bay biltintu places WCri- displayed. In the office of thg ‘■ " People’ Voice’ ' sal Lois Bell doing her luff in the ' " Advice to the Lovelorn " column. In the ame paper in blazing licad lines, announcement was made that Earl Bartels had wan t he Nobel prize for chemical research. Helen Blank was doing court reporting 1 . Her firs t case is a complaint against Dorothy and Helen Centen and Gen v Lwo Burdick for disturbing peaee- LawrcnCe Servais is Council for the Defense, Philomcne Kayo is Prosc-Ciiting Attorney, and Raseoe St. John is sitting on the cans. — sleeping-, Lorraine Bouchard is premiere danseuse in thr Zicg field Follies, now shov, ini; at Sylvester Dernback ' s Grand ' [ ' heater, where Marion and Evelyn C-o atari ly sell tickets— pile price to all — IQ cents. Isabel Brenner and Alma Co-el are breaking records making record for the Harry SUtlt Nort-Bgfl kabl Record Co. At Hadfidd ' s Strand, a picture ' " Which? " ' is starring Edward Burrall. Orlenr Rut trick take the lending part in Gordon Bar beaux ' Latest play " Lost Letters " . The villain, who finds the letters L played by Clarence Tecs who really isn’t a villain at all. Greta and Karen Carlson are taking the plate of tin- famous Duncan Sisters in Orpheum Vaudeville. Harold Chopin, following Lhe fool slept, of hi Illustrious namesake, I a great musician and inventor oF the J r.zophomr. At the day nursery, sit Tillie Cohen, doligllting the children with h$l- juvenile ge dirt£s. Pajc Forilr-tCKR Tlir scene t-0 Hay View 11-eacli Pavilion where If ham Jone Orchestra waft playtsig. And uiuni ill) niiMiibrri) I »imr miln-.i Alberts, corne t is t, and Vernon tfubnich and Mitch-rl Jacobs, vE |niil L NoL far From the Beach. I was surprised 1 c, uinn- ii]M,n Cl me 11 Sch n cider ' Rabbit Hda ' i-cK where Am(i! lluresh, Lout Dc-bauch-e, and Hay mond Cil 4h are employed ns licrdnnien §■ i ftUlirMl colored slide informed me of the wlitHnhuuU of some -of the lawn notables Loj P ester and Eleanor Diet riels nrr active mrnibftrt of the " Help the Starving Armenian ' 1 Club. Ethel Ctuquain-c, Dor " PrUSt and Viol™ Vindtnbirt have formed the " Anti-Man " Club. The whole dull breaks- itii- pled ,jea svith due regularity, Ethel Elmer hoi. taken, Mr. Moer-e ' place a " director of music and flutist. Loretta ] Camion has accepted a Life posit ion — re nn Lng a hospital for Angora kittens, The plot of the play for there wn a plot then Led hack to 1 ha- heart of the fit y where I found Howard FtedUne demorbil rating the- Old Line Hot A,r Furnace Ifi o downtown window. In the next window. 0 - book store, war, a bulletin of the latest book . Among them were “The Demag- nitization of Map net lam ' John Sargent, M, D, " French as it Should be Spoke n ' Margaret Long, “Why K.id the Children — There Ain’t no banly ClauN " by John FoelUr. " The pleasures ■of School Life " fiction Cy Meyer , Further down the sti-L-ct wa Alvina Miller 1 rnui-ic shop. It featured those snugs: " Why? " written by El amid Holt Orman and now being nieces Fu »V uri|i by Edna FucRe, rioted prlma dfrltnt, " Sparkling Eye in Ireland ' ' by Edith Mch ' adden. ' " Sweet Cookie " by Irene Kuska. Among the car coming down the Street was o very attractive and much advertised Witlig Special driven by none other than the manager of the National Packard Cals Line, our Harley Himself. Clyde Tennis, well- known ace. waft trying out llenry Ford ' latest. and Gilbert Zoeller acted ns hi ski Lied mechanic. Rob Roy. now list feet tail, was traffic officer and at this minute had warned Elizabeth May agab‘i l ipeeding LlS her mode! 1U If Ford. Leona Gerard wai running the " " Man in the Moon Book Sho p ' Our hero entered it in ciueit of something light with which to delight the maid of his choice. Among the hook which he considered were. " Laugh And Grow Tilin ' " hy Alban ehnmacher, " Salesmanship a L Find ||” by I hi rl-ru LaReau, " The Co red Care of th-e Hair- " Charles. Frsmteni, 11- A. T. Bachelor of TohBOrinl Art, The scene Fte-w turned ko the Lill beautiful, the SO-ye r old East High. Walter Dudon, a brawny policeman sleep on his beat m frenl of the rchool daily rave pi when it rains. Ardith Faulkner i coach iris; the marble team and expects hi men to make the Mote loLirnoissent. Harold Van Fgeren in ha kelball coach, Emily Van Sickle teaches American History while Marion Volk ecpciLLisdx art to innocent scholars, A porter in the hall announce the following lectures to Lre given, Ln the gym Lis forthcoming assemblies. The poor people cannot alford to have an auditorium, “ ' When a Mln ' i 1 Man hy James Jackson ' ' hard guy of the town. " When, Where and How to Wear Earrings " by Genevieve Van Veghelj “The Secret of My Succe i " by Ethel Niejalsr. prominent buiinrui woman of Green Bay. " ' The keipisisiilsilily of o Sister " hy Carrie Hansen- F-nterp-rising 1 1 so Grimmer i owner oF the Rrjuveno Beauty Parlor. Next door to her Jack Watlcr has a harbor shop. Odd as l see them now they Are Still quarrelling, Ksrwin Hager ty, arrayed in a beoorning nit of blue union overall is managing the Style Shop, in w hit ' ll on Arrow Collar ad model greatly resemble Richard Hummel, though the- icena changed id quickly that I cannot be certain. Eveline Hannon i just returning frosss CEsicngo where lsc haft reviewed the new style for the Hannon Millinery Store, Garolyss and CtnivisM Neveu are running the I ' erpaioisose Dancing School- Among their latest pupil Are Richard ViiKeut, lawyer, otvd Anton Qlejnioiak, painter, who have at Iasi d-e -tided to learn dancing. Clarence Neumann its in A window cutting caper for hi cartoonist partner who signs, his name “Doc " Weber. Irene Hannon ic society reporter on the DeFere- Democrat, and Norm a Goelzer appears writing the Household Hint for Thrifty Einuseki.-i-prra. I si the Irish district oF the town known a “Cork County the Second ' , 1 In-ILeuc- I nw Marie Hoarder d reused be- comingly f r the occasion, coaching thr Shamrock Football team with Lloyd LaFlanl a mana- ger -of bet Li th-e team ftrtd l he coacli. Mildred Herbeck and Irene Hints nrr selling bond for the ALIduoe Home for Indignant Cann-r- iei. Fran-ti HermsCn ha undertaken the charge of mi-ftchieveou ohildren due to hie trying Pdf)- ForlD-F i ' j l ciperiences with Dick. 0 n a street corntr wm tner Hotkey preaching on Ike ' ‘Reform of ike Bowery” » in the next black wii the new library, trent Hstnnitn Is libmUn, and William Engels ii curator nf the valuable rauHum. At llse mflmtnt In- wjit convincing Prof, Leonard Schrller, arthoolofcist of (h« Nantnlty of the Inirniterol, In another part of the town Ike Ifor-voy -Sargent Undertaking Parlor appeared to he doing a brink business. At ike Gem I heater. Phil Joriienaerv. hailed ns the new Lionel Horry more, wif r.L.ilid to appear in the “LlcrnaL Woman " . Opposite him it tarn Minn flirty n Jo rstc men they or not related winner of a beauty contest in Mothball, New York. Reinhardt Selnnidt is in charge at the Wr | her Bureau, and John S-chreven mean me the iun‘i velocity, AlbertillO Lrfekvrr t i n :■ .( ronom i st anti hnirns her friends appear Lotus La Pram hois, Eleanor Piet trier and Marion Paxourek famous women scientist and star gayer , Lillian Olmsted. eouririlw uni an for the ninth word. is arguing strongly with Mildred 5|imte and flay Ballard, assemblywomen, while x id S 11 tc in. a street car whose conducl r n little A r line Ruf. The ad in the car announce the Kale of Lester f-lanten’s “□iettennry of Meaningless Words. and of Carlton Maeset’s " Easy Translation of Virgil via Horseback " in one volume. A car whitlc by with Chief of Police on il . Its driver is none other than Charles Letomte. A man strolls hatters down the street. It Is Bruce Mclnni . He was always a keen student of Judge Giaass whose place he haK taken. 1 Le hows to a lady entering her car. Marjorie Maes, and learn that she is American distributor for thr Roll .- BoyCC ears, Gladys Nickel runs a not rlly shop, a smile with every purchase, while it appear that Anna Klltifltn ha An ito etenm smrlor. Alvin Spevacek is leader of the orchestra of the Northland Hotel Among the quests at L h i a hotel are hi can or Toy lor. .Mary Ann Thelen and Mildred Tomlinson, all member of the American Literary Society. Evelyn Van Calster and Heloise Van Der Gate are seen entering their casket manufacturing factory. Oh! what a contrast. A 3 nr ye sign announces that Yv ftno Washburn and Gladys Van Kassel ape cond net) ns a matrimonial bureau for lonely hearts. Ross Wright is seen, no, not at this plate, but he Is leading the Cemetery Hill Dance Hall orchestra. Edward Putney per- rorms in this ochcstra cm the juw ' s-harp, while Edmund WitherilL plays the tambo urine. Angela Burn and Marion Worthing are running for the office of superintendent of city kinder- gartens, left v acanl by Norbcrt Ifoersehinger. At 3ii t I saw a mart striding down tire nl reel sing- ing joyfully. It was Clyde Bunker and hr had just got hi diploma. The picture ended here, but ] sat entranced nnl.il tht j nil4t A ke l Fite t depart. Til is was the best motion picture 1 CVOr SOw, evert if Mfte Tiriec did not recommend it. and I resolved then and there to return to Gad ' s country and my old home town and former classmates. — L. HANSEN, ' 2 . Pagt Faitjf-nint Junior Class Officers Freitrie-nt Vicc ' l’rcj-Ldent Sc-trelsiry arid Trem-urer Oak Advliiir - - Cla hi Colon - 01-n fp Flower - - Clao Motto thayeh suavely BET TY FOELLER FLORENCE REYNOLDS MISS CREGORY Silvery ray and Rim- - Lily of line Valley ’ ' I.jit.fc 0 r tmivift virieit 1 ' " Past FiftV AnihilT ' onu Snnve ' ly Foetlcr Kc-ynoldri B-nke-r ESlirljc m tii.’i ' , e r Ball Be r ■: ij nil Bctc nd rdii E5- --c-r»cJ aen Her mi i; Uicme-rtl lii iih Eilande Giir-rickin-ffe-r Quidi C dy CaiiQn Conlcn. C ok I nr(3t PavIi D vU P $t Fifty-ant . ' l - r f 7 PpwiMi Ppr ' w.fl.r PtiftOlrll Pps-tacl ' ie Dp Witt Din Pupftnt Eihintr F 1 avia n F ox CcniriK Giitt Good in e Goji Green ■GrcitiriK Greilmi; Ctdijif G raise H-n.ee nteister Hiisht Hamert |{Biklni 1 lth»] Hinlz Ik J4in en JimiPTn Jaiimcii Joseph. J orccniiort Kalcih K Hat rr Kolb Komi nr Ln 1 ' I.ant Larson LnwiWitt l.tCjiplain Lefehvri Uftbvr Lenz. Levi ns Lifltwi-L I-O K M ftluney 7hl ,t r Lin McdrtikflW - . ■ : Miller M c- j l h J 1 rj Ncufcld Ol QJl Ultjnictiih O’Neil Oidinii Pat Ian Peter Peter Pettrt-on Peti riittl Pel i Hint Pii kow(ihi Pinthard Prevot Pru t Prutt Pulmun RadJelf LLeiik j R.«y maker Kiymakti Elaymakcr Pam F t.i ' -l Rollcy Schneider Si r il l 1 1 : r ! Stwrt . Tcrp Riynffn Schn rn Strati be L SULUcke THoma Scan Ian SE f 6 Sle lwl SupiLfi ‘I ' wyfprd Sehcfe Schilllnf Slpdd ! SLpIe Sire low Stievo I k-oiv »J i Sthe«T Van d.en Hcuwl V-mridi-r l-eeat Pag? Fifty-fin Van Fee Van Thullennr Vincent Wienke Wit tig Zc lziu; Zifnn V e-lher Windhauscr Schl a- Juniors In 1 hr curly pari of (hip year the cl ns of Rtitli, dtCidrd that (hr f-ell-evrpn-g O-fFieerf s-ho-uld hr chosen: I ' hayer bnavvly. presiduni ; Hetty Foeller, vice-president ; Florence Reynold " , secretary and treasurer. M iit M a r i l- acted a the cl a pi .nils i per Tlsy Hi r t buainepp matter to tail front the flnn imi the " -election of -s el ring- if the jwi-fM.il , r- i t y of it " choice Lb to be determined by the number of orders- placed for rings-, one may pfcly say that tin; final selection w.i ,n-l ] made. Nrver before h-0 (he Junior Clu " -r had so many candidates and actual players on athletic t cum p iip has the Junior Clasp of this year. O Brien, Mmim.inn, Huge meis ter and H-inciudi wrw regulars on the football team. With the exception of O ' Brien all will he buck nest year, and Coach Wiley and t ' .a t High can reaspnahEy ex-poet big things from them. On the debating teams, Kendall Cady and Robert Gredin it were the junior htemltort -of the ulfir motive, and both will be regulars on next year n team, we hope. There also were a large number of Juniors who tried out for the Declamatory and Oratorical Content. IjiM, but ft U redly not least, and ending a very ■ucccaaful year for (he claps, came the Junior Prom which war held at the Allouer Community House on Friday evening of May IS, from eight to twelve o ' clock. The Royal Garden Ordirt .1 t.i of iJslikcnh furnished the muiic for the evening, Tlie following students have successfully handled preparations for the Front (Utd much credit i-h due them for devoting their time, DECORATION ' S — Jean Bell, Chairman; Florence Reynolds-. Florence Str-nubcl, Lucille YftU Thullenar, Austin llrilsc ht , Walter N-epfeLd. L.loyd E’atton, and bar! O ' Brien. GENERAL ARRANGEMENTS;— Kendall Cady, Chairman-, Robert CrciHnff. REFS ESHM F NTS— Bet t y Baker, Chairman; Alice hlolz. ORCHESTRA?— -Frances Richardson, Chairman. Pag Fifty-fix CAPTAIN SUNWEB OUT AF SECOND LEAVING flQTU — ? JiC PROPERTY MANAGER JTJ j L Jw. 3 b ■■ f arfCv -y ]■ • . ujj jppP 1 " 1 ' ' wjf mH 9f i sMf -X - •- J j I, -®2 jp 3 Sf ' Jfl , ' W i Kai JP tVv J ..: y. 1 f , L T i’ v J ' djp-T f TVE JOrHonQEE.5 N 0 f?B£f?T TnE ffifitir fl ACK WWWtJjtLL E l CL YUt ' S ? JM HS KkKEATEE? Faw Fifty-fight Sophomores Sophomore Class Officers Vicc-Rrc-Mdcjit Scq.Tct-a.rj " and Trcuurcr Clair Ad vipcrji - - ‘Clair Colon - - Cldwp MaSlo KKED BUR BALE. BERNICE LEE JOHN EN DERBY MISS LON ERG AN MISS MAC MICHAEL Royal BHtr srtd Gold No LxtfLIcnL ' H- WiLhtrirl TqIL” Pn rft ' F fa e Pag . Sii y i jB FOOTBALL EAST- WEST GAME. SOME STRETCH SIGNAL JRI ' lL TIL LLTTERMEN L- ■9 WILlt ON si DC LLNtS. n 1 ' ' f ' 5 . , e ra . j I GAME SnEBflTGAN 6LEAChf f?S i AST 1 ' ii Piipf 3n iflwmortam JuaE nv Y W A 4 Wh»n lb A -r.-vplnn wvnl M ptrMmof fcllr ntfMTt mintbpra u-f tfur ■tSir. ' ul wh John Z-nh rLh (fcf ih dui u-f 19 23 1 lr vrni -ft ■!« " r H dl kfi fMrliunl n.ftBr honing frt«d n ■: fTi.ll tftM nwrd riur- inq hlli high CfiUfM-. lit win vary Inippy. IIP ypunl. ft nd Wfn hu«.}f tfPlbinif r-rarty tor KiiP fi ri in I hi Hfllor clara iH-uiJuciiiLiii " Th Gnrdt-n if fch 5 Hah " % AM rr tomnM-rMT+rvU-nit hf- Jwfr.r i-n liny kil pin ii n fat mirh«iM K ih 5 t«t Univoralijr i ll ihff fail itiflthtF ' ■ ' IS hi hl.i hrafch-rr Frank, 11814 h mrnshtr 0 -f th - fln-ai fit " 1 $. Thr Iwjrii llw vaaiftk-n tn«pih r. Whllr th«r W l iwfcnvtnknf «1 n MiLwnukaa bauch. Juhn, ¥r« d)r 4 WTMd |lbp lif which Si ail pronri- j « T .J fi riLiLrh w.ia cut fi-lT. Thai u-ntimrly r { f . ! 1 hi wnv in« urn d by th onlirr- ctnntnun.il y 4 -a wxlt pi« Ihp I ' ll ■ I anch rt nnii fpll-i-w itudunlii Thrj I ' m 1 lik i- i n think cif lii m nr n boy and it i Tbi-y call l-n nniinifl Eli.fi lini-r. iaIli-ii lit ri mi ntl f r if th Juni-ur Hifh Sdivul t|ft 1 VZO h fit 1 a n ipcrrh nl llir dr J icaLiun inf nn i-lin 1 r«? in msmiwy ni ihr fallen wdl " di«ra. Jnlin wm llirn luch a Lillie rdl ' «« Ikial hr had In ■ I ii n :l fin 11 bes in VmiF 14 br- pr-rn. In Ilia third mid to-uMh yen ■ i«i F«ial Hiqlii Ii -r rmidr thtr bnak-cL ball t HVIl n nd war jilncnl c n thv ult-l-iiuirnn irivail ! c ' « Ln 192 . 1 . TIl-t sy irijiii I hy of llir 1 eh I 4 i irnrird Era hip parrnli 11 11 -el IV 111 ' liffilbrr Frank. Hi trnchcrr mid Fallirw had p-rnphnei-rd n luccvaifuL Career f 4 P hi PI In hi ■ fulurc lif-Pi Cl-ftudo H. Greenwood af the Clam of 193? di-ed Septe mber 23, |ft2£jil the age oF twenty- four. He, loo, wins refld ‘ to ■ filer Id chosen career when death took him. After leaving Ii i ft It school lie i pc ill two year at Carroll College. arid two yearn at the University af Wiiconrin nr a law st mii-n t . At th little oF his death he war pie nil ini to take (hr har ttaininatiani in order la become 9i prai ' lici IttQrniy of 111 t State of Wiiconin. tlaal Hiifh romtntbor CIlaLtde C ' .reeai wood an one who helped lo farther the work of delia Imp in whi-ch the school now cuceln. Hits teacher and fellow clan mates tell the prenen.1 school t: rj ' i i- r , l L i n n of the pleasant agreeable Jitpoih lion of Cloudo Cttetimod anti bf their pleas- ant association with him. East Hi-fill tends it sympathy to his parent mul friends at their great Loss. Page j’txrH 1 Athletics An athlete, says Daniel Webster, Is one who indulges in manly sport. Mow wouldn ' t you think that definition A fitt in(f One for East High ' s sort? n. s, ' J4 E. M. 24 E. M. ’24 PlT0f The Aero lAne COACH WILEY A great part of the credit uf line Aucceahftkl jtt-.ia.on at Ea t liigh |eoi?i to Mr. Wiley, (tur tdwll. Hr kr wi his. work a athlotlf- hefid lip well e« knowing the boy and thoir ctuelit i i. " f . Although alter a victory the people ofteFi ay, “ ' What a wonderful team and what fine player ,” the feLlow a] way remember that It was £ realty due to Mr. Wiley’ iuptrrfbr effort lb at helped wjp tin? duy. During the football gen Non Mr,, Dice’ time war well pent in teaching the oppexing team ’ play to our ‘ ‘All ■ Am l- r ico 1 i ' ’ and he deserve . m uch credit :i rid thank for hist efforts. CAPTAIN CLYDE BUNKER— K. H. ti. Flic prefix. captain before a man ' s name carries great honor, erpecially when it is captain of an E.aul High football team. Bunlker wo. the leader chosen hy hi tea maty who fttptcUtl him at ell time or a follow jii.iyrr end ttplalni “Bunk ' ' wa a real player taking in 31 1 1 the ploy of the pmt, He i a line plunger, an open Held runner, pa e with deadly accuracy, while hi kicking i far u per Lor to that of the average high chool player. Clyd li a tri.lt apart lip well ti nil athlete. Wr hop? that pome collect? will cleim him hero e they h Ve done with other E»l High player . Paft DAV 3D ZU I D MU L DK R— ' " Drive”— 1 1 a If hltcfc Dave r;c»rnj)1 t«H hi fCOrtfl of hi fsHiF year? -of football very iLicre-ufulLy. He played the ha lf- back position in on excellent mnrntr. He war probably the hardest tackier on the leant, atOpp- ipv-; Ih i p- apponenli dead every time. Being able La ruts, pan rind kick he wjil nlwrayh on his loer in every game. He ought to be n great player thy nwt two y r he put in at Eaat High ROBERT HOY— L -E!ob " — Quarter Hack Roy eiirely ihp wed Ik. at hr had iPrnt brain? when -on the gridiron. " Bob " war not handicapped by I si nmnll Ctatwr-e, and he certainly nailed opposing back . He backed up the litav to p F- feetLoft. Hi? ahitity to- call the right play at the right time led to many or Ena t High ' reorep. CAPTAIN-ELECT RAYMOND N AU M AN.N— ' " ft ay ' -Fu Llback Although Hay wn ite( a I way in the Limelight he it very con tietent, a good ground gainer, a lure tackier nod a good receiver of the forward pars, all that gaei to make a goad hackfielder. He often thrilled the crowd when in returning n punt he paiied Lip many tackier . 13 e ha been eho en t« lead the nest year ' football team, and there in no doubt that ho -ton All the job nicely. WILLIAM ENGELS— “Bill”— Left Half Back ' ' BiLl " wu a great ground gainer for F.ait. No matter how imall an opening he had he alwaya made yard on th-9 other hand very few pane were completed in hii dominion. He w.a a turn tackle, none ever clipping away from him, " Bill " " liked to accept pa e from Bunker and make some nice long gain . PQQC tc EAKL O UKIEN— " Cake ' ' — Kill ht End Obrien wjtA .1 n r ece 1 1 e nl rtctktr rtf the forward pi ' ix and tn.im of East liigh ' ifalnt were made via Runkcr-O ' Bricnr Earl n fine defensive end, ond few (tain were mil do Artytmd hll end, ' , Cnkt L ‘ is (.a rrrttw more parses next year for East Hiiyh, STANLEY ill NISH — “Buck " — Right TduMe Biniih was a powerful tackle both on offense and defem e. On offense he opened largo holes for tfie backliefccl : his man neldom got the tackle. He was an excellent tackle and smashed up many otherwise good plays. Buck specialized in intercepting passes and then rumtEnf for fcuchdewp . Uinish w«i a g n d player last year, a stdr thin year; we don ' t know whet to ex- pert next year, KARL HACEMEISTEft Kej " — Htflit Guard ■ " Keg " wat d real hard-working foot hall mdn With the Enst Hitch fighting spirit. He sped all Fed in making holes for the bnckftrltl and in covering fumbles. tie it only a. Junior, and there is no reason why he shouldn ' t star next year. K EKW I N H AGE P T V— " Eg i " C n ter Although not a very bi.se man “ Err Le " ” a Lire ripped up his DppDiicntv Hl 1 shot the ball from center accurately not making a bad. pa si all reason, tie wan a sure tackier and a demon on defense. " Etjirie " wai shifty nmit and good at dlag-noaing the opponent ' a plays. When hard pressed he was used to back up the tine. Tha fastest man On the Sctmad. 1. ESTER HANSEN— “L«”— Right Gvtnrd “Lei " wn a luird fig Kter a nd. he sure could h ii ndle hit oppenenti He was a hard ticklre, and. always broke u.; play raver 3b I territory. fc ’Les” i t-mernliered a. Jaciii " keep y«Ur eye Open” and! lined il 14 l»d JtflvanU-ffc, lvA t lose neMMl rnArt in Hi nsen r KORBERT BQ-ERSCHINCEFt— " Lefty " — Left Guard Nos her I DotritHIn ger— modern pimt for Eiureniei— " ' Lefty” being a powerful big brute. Opponent had very little how again ! Kim. wEicn tic opt-ned hol-e big enough lo pn r (he whole Ii ng through. ' ' Norb - ' specialized in blocking kicks. ent which saved the day in l he Eost-Weit ■flame. EiAHQLO EWLG— ■CDV.-dy’ " — LeFt Tackle E-wlg war the tamest and hardest fighter un the squad. He never ji» ' T up. always fig Ii C i n k to the In s| ditch. Harold ivai a stone wall on defense, and the hardest tackier on the squad; many opponents know it. Ewig acted captain in times of need thui showing his worth. EARL ESAEiTELS— G»T k ’— Left End kartell was one of the most valuable men on the team. He had a gift of ability ta receive Bunker ' forward passes. Earl was an excellent tackle and good on breaking up passes. He was firat down cm. nil kicks " nailing” the opponents before they could think. He was good at isos- i n i; out taeklez- KEMKETM LE CAUI-T— " K«nnr ' a — Uft Tackk- Whitt twig was injured the hnt of the t«H«n “Kenny " for him to perfection, and it was hard to leil which wuh thr bttttN “Kertn-j. " vrns always in the play doing someth] n[. Very few Cf iha- Wen; made Over Le C»ull became he had a Forceful charge -an defense which m a n y pkyrrr ha ve n " t . HAROLD VAN ECKTIEh ' — “Vnn " “End Ctatis uat ninf wanting for UP ' Kl chd, lL Vum ' “ wa always ready nnd he wo. an excel lent a fie nt is v end ni wd | rsx ir exceptional receiver of the forward past. He had the “stud " " that risok . a real ftt-Ptball player. When ever " ' Van 1 ' played he starred. WALTER DUCLO N— “ Du ke ' ’—£ nd " Duke’ was a win man. a position he did in «h pe. Although not play iny in all the E amu, he was always ready and could turn in good brand; of football He has the distinction F making Lise senses ' first tdUflhdewu, Pvw ftirtv-tighl Ftepi iS ' ijrry-?ii " ! IN ACTION EA,vr-WE 3 T tArit £ POSGD FOR , OFFICIAL. LINE. UP LKtf -1 OCONTO-O EAiT-OCONEO GAME Ill I i J iR " r. r 1 ■» 1 I t ' .r- K tt - CROWD AT E-W GAME . i WARrliriC Vr Po(h- .Sir ii r p, ' SCHEDULE Kiipt Urccii 7 Alumni 3 E««t Green Buy 7 Gconto 0 tmt Ocerr Buy 34 Qthhoah 6 Ri»t Crttn Buy 0 Alar incite n Eiil Green Bay 20 Sh«w«nu . 6 E l C»efii Bny 26 Sheboygan 0 East Green Day 7 We t Green Bay 6 Hut Orson Bny Appleton u tmt Green Day, 140 Opponent 4-1 Letter Men HALF BACKS— ltu itkfr— Cii| ta i n F.H0S] ZuicImuLdcr FULL BACK— N-iUirl.irbii QUARTER BACK— Roy ENDS— R.LI t L-lh Duets O ' Brien Vnn Ekctcci TACKLES — BinniiK Lc Gault GUARDS— tSocTKthinftr Hjwnttn CENTER— HiiRcrty Second Team HALF RACKS— Hermpen Sirdcfi McOuiit HVb r 1 « FULL RACK— B mnctte QUARTER BACK— Withsrm ENDS — Sn airly beiU hc Allhjiui TACKLF5 Lefcbirc Faulkner Mac trine . GUARDS— Grtri li n it T h oma KeLcih CENTER— CallnhiM i ' tliiL .SVrihfj-tflt East 7 - A,hirmii 3 The E»l High gridder started ill c season with a victory, biaiinn the Alumni 7-3 ji l Bellevue Bark. A fairly good -si xed crowd witnessed the qanvc which was a preparation for I he invasion of QtonlD. F,? hitk d o(T to the Alumni who brought the ball down to their thirty yard line with a series □ f line buck). At this point bkog-g scared for the Alumni when he drop-kicked over the goal 1 a ts. In the second quarter Due Ion scored for blast when he completed a forward pass from Bunker, and ran for a tqu hdqwpi, Bunk er added opy mor-e pe|nt with i placfi kick. The haEf .-iini-rct with East having scored 7 pOiPtr and the Alumni It. 1 ' he second halF was a procession up and down the field with no scoring for either side, al- though Bast carried the hall into it territory several iintn, East 7 - Oconto 0 East traveled to Oconto and won its first scholastic FootbalL game of the season.. The UiLI- lopp-crs went with a determination to win — and came home with victory. The team had a good following, there being a I most as ninny East High rollers there as OyQptp had Al I he pint. East ' s defense held tliair much heavier »p| ane t« to little yardage, and the offense smashed through for runny long gains, The fid me featured Captain Bunker ' s fifty-yard run in the third quarter. Bunker kicked off to Oconto who started n smashing attack, V tithing the ball front Iholr own (want y -yard line to SUf- tMrly-yird line when East held and Bunker punted out of danger, Neumann soon intercepted it forward pass and put the ball in position for a field goal which Bunker kicked a little wide. In the second quarter (Jeon to got within East ' s thirty-yard mark which is the only time they were dangerous. When the half ended tin- Imll was on Oconto 1 ten-yard line. Score F.ai( ft— f)conl 0, Oconto received the hall and was soon forced to punt, AFter a pass Failed, Bunker skirted the left end for his fifty-yard run which netted six point . I li- added a point hy a kick From place- ment. In the last quarter Oconto opened up with j « which wuf khttkttl down after another. The game ended with Green Bay in poss-up-sion of tlae hall on Oconto ' fifteen-yard line. East T— Oconto fb East 34 - Oshkosh 6 East won its first Valley (..’on fere nee carnr- by trimming Oshkosh Id to li. The HiLltoppc-rs with a combined attack of passe and line drives proved l o j:rebt fur their UppfrPCnt . Time after time Oshkosh ' hacks were slopped behind their scrimmage line. Oshkosh’s only score in (lie last quarter when one of her linemen picked up a fumble and ran eighty yards fur a touchdown. Neumann, Bunker, and Zuidmulder did the scoring for Hast High. There was a good crowd attending the gams, and there WftH pli-iity qf ' ' pep 1 ’. Captain Bunker kicked Plf to- Oshkosh who punted after several vain attempts to pierce the f rarrtSOI line, l‘rom here East marched down the field, and Naumann smashed over the center of the line for the last four yards of the field. Bunker kicked the goal. Lit the second period East opened an aerial attack, paste being completed with regularity. Zuidmuld-es ran twenty yards fo-r the second touchdown, after receiving a pass from Blinker. The goal was Iti-eketl by Bunker. The half ended,, score Ennt H — Oshkosh 0. Oslikosh came bock strong in the second period anti East was forced to punt several times, hast did no scoring thi period, and Oshkosh gained Little ground, in the fourth quarter Osh- kosh fumbled in mid-field and East recovered. After a few off tackle plays the ball was placed Pfcjrr St zrni ji-tuei an the orrc-yard line where li id niulricr wedged his way ever the goal lin-e. At thin point Osli- koih applied up with Ll aerial alt nek. Bunker inter c pted a p.iji tmd made |hr fourth score, Tib kick went wide. A fumU« by Rail W«l picked Up by an Oshkosh tackle who ran unhindered for A tcuehd wn. The kick vm blocked, A ihort time after Bunker plunged over for the Anal scare. He kicked the goal. The name ended with Emit in possession af l lie ball an Oihkoih ' i twenty ' ■yard tine. Score East 14 — Oshkosh 4. East 0 - Marinette 23 East traveled to Marinette and played them in their own backyard, getting the short end of ft £3-b score. There wn a a mail following there, but the hand, that mn.de E.t l High famous furnished a Lat of “■pep " . The game wa± Marinctl ’ , i vrrthtku the Red men were fighting every minute. The northern filly hftd a fleet bnehficld and a hcftvy line whi-fih they nitd ■ e good advantage, Emi kicked off to Marinette, who, an the first play af the game from a kick formation, sent Lund, their captain, around left end (fit e ev(r n ty-y ard rurt And ft touchdown. Lund kicked the goal,. East kicked jff o-gain and downed the purple man an the farly yard line. After an exchange of punts the northerner with line smasher brought the ball into position and kicked a field goal from placement. East however did not give ups, they were fighting harder than ever. There were several punts exchanged, Bunker having the edge, Nftumjmn war making same pretty return , while Bart til hit the purple safety the minute he caught the hall, F-Ait re- covered a Mari nett fumble and a pair, Bunker to Bartels, netted about fifteen yards, The half ended with Marinette in possession of the ball, Score East fr— Marinette ID. Marinette started the second half by kicking to East. The boys were loOrt forced Ip punt. Marinette fumbled acid East recovered, hut an attempted pass was intercepted by the Marinette fullback, who r M half the length of the Field for a touchdown, Hagerty blocked the kick. Last then worked the hull to Marinette ' s five yard line, hut couldn ' t push it over the goal line, Mari- nette punted out of danger, in the last period Marinette millt a drive from mid-fu-Ld which ended in a touchdown. The gArne elided shortly after. Final score, Eaal 0— Marinette S3, East 20 - Shawano 6 Shawano went down to defeat to East High— 20 to 6 In a (mtit of many thrill . Several time Shiwinv passes were threatening only l» be Stopped al the right time. I he game war- not very well attended, but flwtr whs Were there made a lat of noise. East kicked off. After an exchange of punts Hagemelstcr recovered j 5hftWSno fumble whieh led to the Aral score of the game. Bunker croucd ihr goat- Crcen Bay again kicked off, A Shawano punt was blocked, but they soon got poji sess ion of the ball when they intercepted a forward pais. After Miuitunn returned a punt about thirty yards which put East In a position to score. After severs! line pUys Bunker m de the second touchdown. He also, kicked the goal. As the half ended the ball was in. mid-Acld with the scare in Last ' s favpr 13-0. Shawano received the ball and opened up. Several long pusses put the boil 111 RrslV territory. Naum an n intercepted a pass, and Binnixh punted out of danger, Again Shawano showed their ability to pass and soon mn.de a touchdown , East was beginning to see light, and soon Engels made the 3ast touchdown of the game. Shawano making n last desperate effort to score, brought the ball ih Fuud ' h territory where the game ended. East fd — .Shawano 6. Pti ' jt Si n iify-jjir,. East 26 - Sheboygan 0 Shfb«y(Ai4 f A n i r to Green Bay with great confidence,, Ond full of boasts wich ma-dr F-oat High determined Lo be snlisticd wi th nolhins but victory. Sheboygan had a great ninny followers. And K as t High ' s rooter were bitting at top a peed. It wan a well -played game. but Ea it wan n little- ton much for Sheboygan whn hti fighting every inlnult. Ft ■ ■ palter kicked to She boyqnn. who was unable to gain and noon punted. By rrcavrrlny a Sheboygan fumble, Hast wan in position for a try At the goal but it failed, " 1 lie quarter ended without either nide scoring. SboHly After (he second quarter -opened tip. Zui-dmulder tressed the goal line after A serif " -of lino smashes. After punting hack and forth several timer the ball wap brought into She- boygan ' s territory by panning. The half ended with the score, bant 7 — Sheboygan fl . bait Again kicked off Arid Sli cboyaOrt t«n punted. East Uttlfd lh ball do-Wh th field, And l.n gel made a touchdown. The goal wan missed but East (till led 13-0- Iri the ftml quarter. After a sesic of pomes , Hunker counted another store by smashing ofF tackle- He Also kicked the goal, Shortly afur (h« kick-off Binnlth IntfrerpUd a pass and ran fifty yards for the last touchdown . The final store wan Eanl 2S— Shtbtyft li th East played a remarkable game con nid eriiig that their line averaged not more than one hund- red. fifty pounds, and that Sheboygan averaged on hundred eighty pound from tackle to tackle, East 7 - West 6 The eighteenth annual battle he tween the two high schools was one of the most thrilling up to date, from whistle to whistle the spectators were on their toes every minute shouting en- thusiasticAlly. The victory for Rant marked the tenth win. making aix in a row, The team fought hard from the Opening kickoff to the fin ! whistle- East was first to score making the counter in the second quarter when Captain Bunker crossed the lihO. The game opened when Bunker kicked off to a West man who was downed in his trucks. An exchange of punts put West on hep twenty ■.yard line, kicking after failure to gain. East on their first play mode ton yards, but were penollr.ed and set hack. West ' s neat attempt to punt was blocked and E-ant was on Wttl ' p twenty-yard line, Bunker wont OfOPnd end for eighteen yards, hut again penalty brought the ball hack, At the end of the quarter West had poas-es-sion of the hall on their own ten-yard line, Receiving the hall on a punt, Rast worked it up to first down, goal to go when she lost fifteen yard Oh a penally, A pass was thrown over the goal line giving the ball to West on their twenty yard line, After West made no progress and punted. Ea l with several lino (ffllthti and two passes. Bunker to O ' Brien, the ball was within the ten-yard line. Bunker with a good smash off tackle crossed the goal. The half near ended with West in possession of the ball, the score. East 7 — West 9. In the third quarter West opened Up with ill he bad. They tried passe , hut made few gains. Roy intercepted a pass, but East could not gain. Neither team scorrd in thi period; East stilt leading. East got the hall on downs and Bunker punted to West. West punted and a red jersey fumbled giving West the ball on the i t ftp-yard lino- Wf-St made first down by inches. At this point West made her touchdown. On the attempted pi 000 klok Ea l’ forwards dashed through, Baeischinger blocking the kick.. East received the kick-off making first down when the game ended. East victorious . All of Rant High ' tram were playing real football- Bartels and O ' Brien played a mighty cl ssy g«me at end. Bluish find F.wlg played excellently at tackle, while Bcerachinger and Hagc- metster did a fine job at qua rdf Haferty tlsrrtd at Hitter. In the haokfield Bunker. Engels, Naimmnii, Boy and ZuLdmuldcr were on their toes every minute pi ay In:-; brilliant foot hall all tkfc ftmt- Pfiyc SfmtlV-jWr East 39 - Appleton O Valley Conference horor ill s take ! East Hi h went deivtt tc A| pli-tun i ticitlirr trnn had lad a Valley Leisuf Conference pmi. Tlw same was t» be hotly conttilcd and it nvii only right foe ElnL High t« close lh« Football acnSon with « big fat score, as well as winning the c ha in pionshi p , The Bayitc were without the service of Bunker, and Ewig acted art captain: Boers chinger did -a good job of punlinx. Kwt received, but Don punted, Two of Appleton ' s punt Were bl«ktd, one by Ewig and tht Other hy Binish. lioersehi nger recovered the second end made the first touchdown for Eartr The ■‘‘try for goal 1 " Failed, East again received the ball and after an exchange of punts Engels, on off l reels I e smashes-, carried the ball near the goal. Nnumenn made a touchdown,, the second attempt at the goal failed, AFter the nest kick off Engels and 7,uidmt( Ider made some pretty runsi Engels went oil tackle for another touchdown. The half soon ended with the score 1 3-0, wind in East ' s favor. Bunker l rted the third -quarter by kicking off. Appleton mode a little ground and punted. Bunker soon went around end for twenty-five yards and Roy squeezed through for A fourth touchdown. Bunker kicked the goal. At this point of tire game competition opened up. Appleton working the hall to the ten-yard line, hut losing It on down. East started its overhead attack, and pass after pass were received by O ' Rrlen. Bartels and Roy. Bunker ran thirty-five yards for a touchdown and then kicked the goat. A few minutes after the hall was put ip play. Binis-h Intercepted n pass arid ran for the Last touchdown of the season. Bunker (An the end for the last point. At the East of the game the East High Itcendt were playing and the score stood East If) and Appleton 0. The Season Review I he foot hal I nca oh « » not h(ng less than successful, Air, Wiley had only five men of last year s team to vise in building up a team for this season s two being: taken out in tike early sea- » " ■ T.wig because af injuries and Morgan was declared ineligible. The " outsiders " paid little attention to the ' ' greenhorns ' " From whom they were going to try to make a team at East High. But this " raw material " ended their resron by losing only one game and that to Marinette, (It imants for State Championship] by winning city championship from West High, and winn- ing the pennant of the Valley Conference League. East High got off on a good start hy defeating Oconto 7-0, Oconto had a team which she thought capable of winning stale championship, and no doubt they were big enough to do id, The following week F,a(t played its first home game with Oshkosh. It was the first k-ague game and iF East intended getting anywhere in the league they must win ; they did, 34-tj, East nrsl went tp Marinette and — Waterloo! Last had a good team, but the opposition was a little loo strong and they were beaten, 4 3 -If. Fast again played at home having very little trouble heating Shawano, 20-6. The nest Saturday East gave Sheboygan their first Conference trimming to the tune of 26-0, Just one week later came the day that decider whether the town will be " “red or purple " . East showed its superiority by a 7-6 victory. Then C me the lath |tnit of the sea- son. Appleton at Appleton, The two team ware the only two in the league unbeaten. East won a most glorious 19-0 victory, thus closing her season with a true red blaze of glory, Fnjji: bVn ntM-fire Major Indoor Baseball League m m m m ■ a Fjiat Hifh wa rtqutiitil by the Major League official to enter the Major Indoor Raacbtdl Lra-icuc. The ide w-P approved by Prindptl INison ontl Co-nth Wale y, who tunned the manate- mrnL over to Clyde Bunker, of football fame. The team. with the exception of the playing manager woi made up of all undergraduate . So far the tea in hoi nlway managed to at ay with the leaderi and at picunt they are tied for third place with the trong Preay-C’.ar.ette t-C-P-mr The reililt of the ten ga-nic that have beep ployed BO far ore ns follow ; Hi Li top peri 11 Battery B IS Hilltopper 19 Brc -Gazette s Hill top per 19 ] [inky 13 inks 4 HLllLcpperx 3 Booi Leri G Hill topper 7 Barker 12 Hilltopper 22 Bod art ' Toad G Hill topper 7 Bud’ Colt G ] lilttoppera 23 Battery IJ 9 Hi 1 (topper 6 rVcn -Garettf IS ] li 111 topper 13 El inky Dink 16 The following made up the HI ill topper’ team :— Blinker e; NAumlrtti p; Brtket, i Hyi-kffi. »; Jo lie , lb; Sthroulci, 2b; Kayo, 3b; Kalcik. rf : Sir i Ike, If; Rudolph, if ; San be r. c. Class Basketball Tournament Thia it the aocond yrw that Emut High bn kItom the different clnMc ji chance to how their kil I and we hope at become in annual affair. The Seniors won making two neasort of wine for the cUi r of ' 2 , The tttndihlt Ami 1, Senlsr - 2-3. SufiEm-more:! and Junior:! tied, •1. Fieihibien. .SVrcrffp ' Ex Basketball Review tin it HikIi hftd ft kjiAv- ' k-Q t IjaI I l im that any cl tool could well br proud of, PrjKttoftlly all (he game played were wilb larger B iho»l . ru-MUlhiltu our fellow won over half of their tinmen. We look fifth place in the Valle? League. being two place above Wul which alone ii a big booit. At the {Hitric t tnurnaiuent we were deprived the privilege of tiding lo Modi ion by a little 111 luck In One of tile game " . At the tournament the boy were at their bent, tubing third [ Li cc- There will be only three member of the team leaving by gradualism I hi year, Due Ion, Roy, and Van E Keren, all of whom played -pood hall and we don ' t like to lose them. Captain O ' Brien Captain-elect Allhaui, Burke. McGuire and Siumaiin will all be back on the iqund and we are locking forward to a cucceiiful future. We wouldn ' t be nl 11 urpr L ed if we would be it ate champion . Tou rnament F.itf Green Bay 15 Emt Green Bay 7 Fait Green Bay 20 E-nat Green Bay 3D En.it Green Bay 377 Letter Men FORWARDS— O’ESrlen, Captain Burke McGuire Roy CENTER— Duelon GUARDS— D. Alt ha li r I ' itumifln Van Egercn Shawano . 14 Oconto IQ East DcPere 8 Crlvitz S Opponent 2.13 Second Team FORWARDS— H. Alihan Kaye CENTER— Sargent GUARDS— Heberl-e Schroeder Bricky f ' dpr 5frrnEj)-?rpftt P.cipT ' iTaty NirJj-rfffl H-‘: Writ Yiaritiwac Li D n T fl MiTrWTtF Fdiw oj Lac yun.rtovx »»J n r.jh Sfalu tTl Di ? T Vei [ Ah ™w L.a 4. wine Ocnitt De F crt Crrfi L2 12 □ 9 u $ 5 n fl M 11 K If It id if l! 9 rri’! EARL O’BRIEN— ' ' •Sheik - ' — Forward Cap Lain (VBrirn v 1 t the haekWnr oF the ten.iyL which he Led. H( ]i a hnrd ' .w-orkLntr. con- n if. lent roan and was worthy of the npUlnuy. He ip n fine Ll-eor worker and a ssooil baa-ket ph, t r„ lea din v (he lr-i rn in c rbt(f- M any critics placed. Earl on the conference ftft, while he wai of- ficially chosen Forward on the (Ljurnnniint team— -which phot 1 hi abilil i« . An-Other fin thiriK i» that It will he with ui attain next year. DAVID EJL ' HKE ' — “Davt " — Forward ■‘■Pavij’ ” position wai forward, but at timer be played tenter yrbitJl It did well, ES ip a Kard worker end very coMilitent, When coniLderjng the point he counted he appear to he quite a phot. In several Bimei he wai h in K pcore mm, A ■’ " Ptufe” i only a Junior ft will be with ua ai-ain next year, wlrieh ought tci reault in a ureal many victories. Pirvi Ft A YM o n D N AU M A NN— ' " Roy ' u — Guard " Ray 41 Uci " h.i t-eid at the running: suss ' d pnltlcn with Althoui. " Ray 11 wa an aggressive wrt of player. This wax ' ' Ka •• ' »“ firnt year at biihliclbatl, but he played like a veteran. INau- mmn wilt .ftgabs lie hsek and we si L expect a great deal from hi ns. EARL MeCU 3 R E— " [ ri. h’ Farsva rd When ft fitiknsin has enough 1,4 pep” Ip com» from Jiinlpr High to nrt k Enel High team he ii L is be toninlulrlrd. Such i» McGuire ' s situation and he li el star at that.. " ’Erieh " 1 vary fe t on hii feet ELrsd has Little trouble pLacing the hall |n the basket- " Irilh " has three yean more in which he -ten add t-Q hit- reputation hi a basket ball player. HAROLD VAN EGEREM— “Vain " — Cuard As e guard " Van ' s 44 ability innnol be disputed, he ' s right there. Although the standing guard has little chance to score and step into the li naelight r everyone know that he in as essential to a team as wheels to a Cur. He stopped many 4 good intention. He was always ms his toes, " nd had the East High spirit of light. East Li Losing a man as well as an A(lilr|r when it grad- uates Harold. Fttflt S« nill-31tR« IV A LTF.U D UCl-0 N— ' Du k ' — Cente r “Duke ' 1 pi ay n I (lit- center position and although lie was not ceninf ional, lie i» very comiateni: Anti ifpftld nlwaya be counted ois, He l UOt 0 vei ty hi , but be had a good .tump mid often ruled over kill opponent - When Whiter graduate thi» spring K;lh t High will Inm another good nun, ROBERT ROY— ' ‘Bob ' ' —Forward " Dob " wu a. huh- handicapped by hii it», but. ncicrthrleii he wn fart, hard-working -and proved to be a valuable mcl to tbo leant. ' ‘Bob ' i " Aonneii, determined to make him n li.ird kg liter. He bad a. keen eye For the basket and hi floor work wti fine. DANIEL ALTHAUS— " Dan " — Guard “D’an " it to be our next year ' a captain.,, and ir very deserving of ihut honor, In this rrrr ' i team he Formed one of the main kpofee» in the wheel. He ii a dribbler, a ooJ pivot c-r, an accur- ate shot, and wot Chen the goal dourly. In short, hfr l an «EI-Jtround roan. A gfin-rral tloKt yaar we all hope he will h V aucceiaFul leiioa. Pupe E{{fhl)j ’’V L East 14 - Reformatory 12 Hull o-p-n Her wutH by ikLiylng lh« B fopm t ry in A, practice game. Mr. Wiley used fifteen men in this joint l-o ort hgw llity ASTed urdfr Are. The liimt was, fair iqunrt and clean with Ertl Hiijh winning. Ea s t- Wes t Ba s k e tba i 1 G a m e East 15 - West 9 EAit High opened ill basket ball iraicn by defeating Wei t High at the Armory, It wn wit- ntiitd by a large, nthuilA tlic crowd which received thrill After thrill in the double overtime game. The same WAS vloi-c nt each- team wa well g u ard cd . West wri the first to score hy getting a free throw, but Hast soon headed the game wlu-n O ' El ri.cn nrstled three free throws. In the second quarter West attain took, the lead and the half ended Eitt 3 Add West J- In the third period both tram scored A basket. Writ g citing the first. In the Final quarter West held the lead until the last minute when Alt haul pul a ringer tying the score T-7, In the first overtime period hast was the first to score, but West evened it Lip with l»n fre» throw . The last overtime period Hast did ail of the scoring; O’Rrlyp getting two field goals, and McGuire and Roy each counting with «, free throw. The guarding was well done hy Van Egercn, Alt ha us and Brusky, while Due I on played a fine game at center. O ' Brien, Elay, and McGuire took care of the forward positions in first- class shape. A I the end of the game the score w s Hast 15 «nd Wy t S, East 8 - Manitowoc 10 Jn a fast and Furious game Manitowoc High nosed out Host High by a two-point margin. Thy ‘ ' Reds” wycy work in llArd cvyry minute, but didn ' t scum to ho Able to locate the basket on many OF their triei, The game was lent tired by close guarding by both teams, East made the first score, but soon were headed, Manitowoc holding the lead through the rest of the game. A E airly good ired crowd of rooters were at hand to see a wyll-playyd gamr- East 16 - Oconto 8 Hast High started her first list of invasions by defeating Oconto, The fellows seemed to show quite an improvement over the previous week ' s game, playing Oconto a IT her feet a LI through the game. At thy half wy wety leading H-2 and during the rut try gomr were never headed. The Few rooters that followed the team down were nol disappointed. East 17 - Marinette 5 East High traveled, to Marinette to meet the fart Marinette Ittm. In this game our fellows didn ' t give Marinette a show. They out- classed the northerners in every phase of the game, East ' s defense wa air-tight, only allowing one held goal to slip by, O liriv 11 led the attack, while. Van TgcrcU played A gOO-d defensive game. This was the first time an Hast High team had beatm Marinette On their Own court, Pjjffp ffig ify-oaf East 2 - Fond du Lac 17 AittJ East h«d won [vo df her nut -of-low i i pm« , shr vi ± put to defeat by Fond 4 m Lae, “Fondy " with ono of the slrongtat ii-omi in- the conference was goim! strong, while cut boys were unable l-o locale the 1j,-iHkcC . The .:iinie was not an I op- tidied » the scon would indicate for the boys were playing tine, but didn ' t ice in to be able to find the hoop. After many vain attempts, East Finally scored, in the- La At period making the score U -2. East 14 - Oshkosh 13 East lligli thoroughly recovered from lost week ' s upset, traveled La Oshkosh and nosed out their team by n. one -paint margin. It was a fiercely fought game, a both irAnu were bent on victory. East got off on the lead and were never beaded, Although QlKkoih fol lowill Very dour- ly, McGuire- and Duclcm performed brilliantly irt this |ami, East IS - Manitowoc 20 East invaded Manitowoc in a return some in whicy they were a little off fornix The fellows seemed unable to find the hoop, bl awing many easy shots. Manitowoc was by no means on the easy street for there was the Lost High 1 ‘FIGHT " in the game OVfry minify, O ' RrirM did m»l of the see T in for Fast, East 12 - Appleton 23 East played Appleton at the Armory after several week on the road, Appleton displayed a banner brand of barhet bull, get tint; a Hying start and a flashing finish, in the second Arid third quarter East was up to form and held the invaders to [wq points, but tile last period Ap- pleton staged a rally and took a hi; lead, U ' Bfieo and Burke starred far us. East 28 - Sheboygan 14 East High displayed an entirely different brand hf ball over the last pirn, beat the heavy Sheboygan team 28 14, The game WAS f l And well -played, the red and white seemed ’ " Yarln ' t-0 go " , Although East hod the teed during the entire game, the Sheboygan fellows were fight in till the Itll sho-t. There was a big turnout and all seemed to have a lot of " Pep " , Burke, making seven field goals, led the offense while Van Egercn played a whale of a gome on the dr fa nun. East IS- De Pere 1 5 East High took a trip to DeFere and played an exciting Iwe-evrrlirtir period game which ended in a tie. The game was last, both teams anxious to win. After the Second overtime period had been played the coaches deeded that it had better be called a draw, as both teams were rather tired. There were quite a few red and whito rooters at the game. Fa ft EifJify-ftro East 14- West 1 7 When EarI meeti West it i» a I, way bound to be A game, nn-d IhiR particular one war no-t jin ex.ee pt ion . Although It wn a mighty tough game to lost- , iht ten in wai forced to bow to de- feat. .iTti-r a hard fiyht. The game war fo light in the We t Hi-gh Gym, where anxioua people were In Fluid nwty from the door . £aii Soak, the lud in th firit niiarler which mede the g ine look very prom i ling. The second pei Lad Wtil nmt f ra-m behind and took I he lead. This they held until the I net minute of play when O ' Brien tied the iconi. All ho ugh Lul war a little u peri or in the I ait ha IF. they Failed to tllive o Lit ahead in Lhe overtime period. Even though loiiiu; this game we til I think mu fwr» make up a pretty neat machine- Tlser- were no him in t hi same t every fellow ploy««l well, East 35 - A-tumni 1 0 Ea L had little trouble in beating the atari of yesterday, East rather bnffled the alumni, ai they played circle around them. At the end of the hr it ha IF Eail had enough point to win hut they kept Adding them in Llie final period. T a urnamen t East 15 - Shawano 14 The hope of Shawano, I ait year ' district champion , were i battered when they were beaten by Rust High in a leniAlipnitl overtime same- Th(i ganiD w« fait and fpriou , hying neck to nyc-k Ail through. At tile end of the game the t-Core war tie 12-13. In the -overtime period East went ahead with a baikrt and a Free throw made by O ' Brien, Burke and O ' Brien were the itara in thii -game, East 7 - Oconto 10 In the acml-fmal F.mL wn beaten hy OcorUe IU-7, The game wit fa t n«d Featured cloae guarding by both tea m I. -O ' Brien- WO pretty well COveml! and war Pliable to make any field g-oa I r, Oconto led in the fir it half 6-3, Eait came back strong in the ircond half, but were unable to overcome the lead which had overtaken them. There wai a large crowd at the -game Anti they were not at alt dii appointed. Burke played a good olTemive game white Althnu And Van F-ftltn pafFormed very we]] on the deFerue. East 20 - De Pere 8 Eait High put DePere out of the medal winning place hy defeating her 20-8- The game- w a bit Lo-p-iJtled. both In the core and in the playing. Ea t High took an early lead And w-m never in danger. The fellow ihowcd a. marked improvement over the lait night ' r game. Their eye wa on the banket and their teamwork war fine. Hoy and Ducion did good work in thia game. East 30 - Crivitz 8 ha it High took third place at the Marinette dialrict tournament by defeating Crivitz: 30-3. Although Captain O’iieien wa oil the Sideline the leans had little trouble beating Crivitz under tile leadership of Van Efieren, acting captain. Enit High thewed teat teamwork in thi game giving CrivitE few chance to eare. Bait lead throughout the entire s-n-mu, at the halF the OGfe wai IS— I, The second period wai much falter which thrilled the large Audience, Member of the team were awarded bronze medili For taking third place. jPapf Eiphiy-ihrc? o ' ePit’N VAN EGftLN Ai rh.0 U5r. rnt gang 1 - aOiLYG AGING AFJtJ? PffAClMCt. EWCLON UtfKt FQrji Eiphlp-fauf Ip! I EljJll ' jl-. fp VILUESSE JtALClK ATHLETICS IN BOOR BASE BALL l V K HR in JR- R HOCKEY TEAM — F?GEWT NAUM ANN MC GUIRL I QB€ E gto}f- ix Jokes Our jok«$. are funny, wc ' it admit, And wi art sure you ' ll kike ' eirt- Al any r te it is but fit To warn you not to sii ht Vrtu D, 5. 24. E. M. ’24, E. N. ' 24. Pin;. ' ETijn. 1 Ji-.L n h The Sneezeville Snoozer THL WEATHER PUBLISHf-D BY LAST EDITION ' Spring bi» came. Summer near East High Students of 1924 EilabUi’hed LlJft TUESDAY, MAY 20 , 1324 PflBr " — Pfico 1145 EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! Cfrt-sv i-evic Vin V uHcL ■cnme lo bc h 00 1 Eodfly wllhoul her r-urrinE . NOT f‘- 5 -hfc wj! wnt rtil t j 11 her tarn. We P [Ik |Hip«la c-T ELa.il High, nlin-r (rial delihei AtUin n ml rSpbntf, hai xliiimiltcJ Ji ir your appravnl Eli 1 Ta— Tii-rd method ul! marking. A— Awf ul. B— Bail. ■C— Correct- D DaLni line. L txcrllmL Ke-J E ILiiccllflnl iiLui. ouk bell Hark! Hear I hr cl.me I " th-M hflL nprafi Then the tramping and aklfipiliti many Fret. Up Elir stiiiri n rid rlaiaji ih hall, Or 1 u any pi ace where duly rnfil . REr-ir+d b th Mt th»t bind , My ®Hnr In my hLrtl F nx und rn nrh 1 lun ill ken band. There tif an Inch 1 dirt. Ve . Mr have ns auditorium,, have no auditorium Indiiy . WrVi Liiiskrli and pi-neili, And booh and ilencili,, Anri M kmdr u( liudmii they any, Wi it gc an ulil -Fa ahi-oned a ■ at- in HI y PHmi Whir nil ti ml ■ of iHiLKi h-jrfixn. Rut, yi , wr have n aud itanium. We hpit 1)0 auditorium fco-rloy. ™J. bnuhr-r, ' 2$. IMPROVED THE EPITAPH Thl epitaph wni Qft a Lu-nibato na In a New Yuek Ce-nfietaryi " Rfrrtfcrmbcr, man, as yoni fja.it fiiy Ai you lire rnDW P an ij. ' Kc wji I ( Ai I urn now. mm you iniill bej Prepare lur drill h nnd fcfilotr (tw. M Snm Tr , 1 - L - wr ' ilr undf rne-ftlhl " To- f riLl.jw y.j-u I’m not contents LTnlvu I Mri W which way you wtril. - ' — R. GIh«. Certain people- My that Creenlaaf la to dead that y li can hrm this asiEle wfrini rrawlarne In the ground dlle-r at rain i r nnd the Only time that It wnkfi up Li w|irn Duria cornu h ' piBie to f-o to- a rinaic , J lTI llie navy nnd Inc- on to ' FiC+T,, w the wop Id through a. port hn-J . A SMART STUDENT l ' ¥r gul n hud habiti ll ' i chewing liini. ll ' i- yOl to that 1 haie to chaw a frclll -lick every Eimr I think. In f £l ll ' c rfCIt Mi had that I chaw nl- iiiOM n who la I ' nckrifr In n weak. ALL MICE— ATTENTION! [ 1 1 ' ll think thftVU nirtr be ■« ■ hke A iurbnn-l a a chit with hom-ef For ink SllrC - whm nr .u hr«r n m«i cf yoriv Who run nil up hiid down lllr fl or a Rcirmi. nr mmi-g % min Mh« ihlnk mnrt ihnn iwkr , Rut nothing cp " - «ompir« with Ai-huol far mLf . sAp 9 «g?f¥- tfl! Kllms-T - Vi ' htPi th gl-rll Hire wmiinc; Glia »? ■ -LUlf.r ' i iprSiis n intrriali we iuPe- 1y la il l i hi ilk W n r In prisun. MOVIES Diiddy- Luny -Ler i— C ' j r.il :l fk-igarl . Covrrcni Wnian—Mr. Curranl ' ii Feurd . Knciinf I irn rta=-M Ann n. Wnrthinc, Chari, ' ci Frnnnipna. Hie Three Muikrt« ri-Hi| I nrntri I In I — Irniinn, Harvey Snripnl, Cltnipnl UcTiiauii. The SJlirik— Enrl Q-’R-rlem. Whj Be;i Leave lientr — F.lhid. J’Jli - muninEi Ti|litNii| BIikkI— M r. Wiley. The Elernnl Fem in in-r— Ooriit Pruit. ?kEliii|; uri llie Wa-rl ' d“f ' .rar|p Kalciik. Viidui— ' Ed IS- u r r ill I on Wrdnii- day nl g-li t Riamiux Yuul h " Ea rl Bnrtaliu CAni ' l. OirnKt Y-uu r 1 1 tji li.i .ml Franm Kkhariliu-n. Mr.. Niv on.: — [ linrl l-n work tali r-n I war young. ADVICE If yuu wiiiiL n li nppiex life. Iii fill thir wurld uf rare and jEriTr. L-tatih Eh aelKuol. you inuiL nal Coke, ft hiiikei- you wurry half iho ni hl, Until yuu fee l yuu ' rv nut just ri ihl . it linker yiiUT heail aii|h half n ton, Arid yet yuu can ' t linva any fun. If yuur LaLln Ki nut dune. —Mildred Nation. NOTICE Ow-r ftodi-y Evp rti-iant i k-cated au thi Hi ! !- fk r- IjpcindcAktin itatlutt OFNr Dlr+ct h t4 the office WHO, I P DCe knew .« firv i iy ymar.f -cl rt. Who couldni ' t mftka her hair eurl, S i ikr kft |1; go idralffht. And iqu«c p t® nlit . She vimptd JiflMnt f |lnw vuntrd Durrall. SAD I- ATE OF A RIDE A FORD FriLx had a II LI la Kurd. Which wiin ' l lianl Cr? rum Every time ill ey got the ch ftC . Pete and Babe had l ti t ' f fun P They Luok tha Lhirie dppkhg ac hnol MM d-a Fri Which win- aialmt [file fub. They knu ketl a ptit-ICeiilAii rVfht - -1 ® hi p headi. Turned ary land— and kicked fit — clhpI. They rUtle nround Tul A hlllfi Till tltry dnided t€ gu f«,1cV. Alter Fele had hil a¥ePy li ipi!p. Fuor ftl-abe wnP frad|p Icr -k h rTk- Sllenlly they r tupped the Fnrd, Arad de (Luirlly walkiCiJl fn a»chnt l. Irtt the u FTka they ' -ff ■- |uiatly Eakari | And wers ItiUtli pul 11 PI t tifi- Pelc IcKjkrd at B bei And Babe at Fate. And Iw-lh ret up n v ‘ ‘“We’Ll never, neraf. do It E l i II yifUi ' ll Cirily leE U hy. " Nuw r e rybudy f 1k-W [fill ad-sica, If ytral wniil IU ba C«Pil dr»d -good And nut pit on llie trali Whcra Pcla and EJ-nbr W4f« atond. — D.H.P. EXTRA [—PLAYERS SHAVE Till afttdc In th Pr .- CiuiUti HlfU p-W«.r« liflrl a 4ltW Jny 3un4h nr« ' .’t.lni .-.nil ahnTrat ihrlr unplyi lyt KLr.nb ndnxnmpn, ■ flic (fliifiri, follnwini 1,hr llcfrtt by fij-Luidpr, n irrt-h ntn. twV n tnl mni 1 QW Lhat .llcj « 5 mlit |H . .l-.J-kr- un.il [hr, haiil n.rpbinjr Shnmn " 1 14 lh+y »hn¥ d. ’Tis Jn.pj ,h WW lj|tU doftimci! in np,- (•r r r, -r nf i.ini. ikT Ihp jubl’TijI Ci-ippi nnJ Wnl( r ErknuMi. A arSionl bay uxi ailcad who MilCU-M .it. Hr ii nna T d : ' " Milton hai in K.riigLiiihnLnn. an F.nglLih. poet, -p li taTiiir ‘ Pvhiarl.il. p Lx iC Ilia wifa diad and h wr-isti ' Parad ia Hagai nrd • ' ' ' Pnpe K-itfhljf-fipht THE SNEEZE V 1 L L E SX DOZER Il f iU H IH - Hil fcB I B iill fc hfo ! DxOLY PACE FOR WOMEN I x 1 .% 4 j i. ■ ■ MiniiiMi-M rii iirgiii’riiriTM rii Y [Kiri ii T 1 ilr !jf-iMlie P •no. nEiu-n u-f 1423 XI i pp GPeftfry VII wrn iei cWAnl rcinvrr phbEL: " ! " " fcfcfci -ft pevd C J l-rt TronB nf Rhc |PMl:4rik4- 9 It I b -w| |L .fur p T .J ihftl ■tic dill PI or ■i»ip far ftFi nrfcvr i A ' l hi rh- wnj " . GOOD EXCUSES ' “I wai lair (wj.iiipc I brute my uukt inJ lin ' l t ' wdl Bill 91 - 17 - c ll r e EDolnli ' ' APRIL ] t APRIL lit— NOT A JOKE EITHER El-rlty I £ iiVcr ind Alice Sl-oLt:, r.i-rh fQvr n |i radical demmn it r.rl i-:-r. si How ‘Lu " fd in L pj ikrir ItKlcari. " Thny ■ hut-ril ClhiflE iE was WHY, Why ia a mciuu-? I dn-n ' E knn-w. Because the kisjkr r the fewe-p. MYSTERIOUS TllB ' av ' l A I-Rlle ‘L-hACe hI|(i a ai led Eltr Iwfan. Vau fan, run «l f. ft U-! grab ll willii ' ui ■p wk n. -In I If fua( rxiM ' f Fldt llhEF , Vs ' u ' lL JxaifA In. b»wnre, Add liaap pi,ht U»t 4 lockin ' .. D.F. STUDENT SOPHISTRY ' ' A lE-m: fieri Y w.k ib from inn lei mn- I ■ ' 1 J c 4 | " U H ' • WL ik i never idinie. 1 Saep, popll Ml Eairi ML, So- Ijip — H-MJreiJ .llied. No one- r ' t !ii " n — lire dead. Miua I Uir-iee i. iliould Tw fined for breaking . |ir- £|i-kir in Eli-r main room Ndvr m be r tl. 1 1 i K 1 l SvrTlCill Ceidenl pnnin, a “■I " which Tt4ij " Vr KttOVtiH (Jm- hrrlln»’ , »=- ' l |: WHvdef if llirv ' d grE Cline hark ilknl -- ■ l-JH el ahu-w: ,r ■ma of cur iluifrliEr ore rr lazy ’lh»C the rail fF-.fw ALlll juef breiiaur nr e rnckr-ifei Ml, Nunn (lullini on hi- hat ami ■ lnv U “I ' m fudnf ,0 Oe-UkCF-li. Clara, t wnjl ' L be hark. " ' TJl jr !,ay that aOC ' l lotiki iJoii ' il Pill “llh Hrni.ni., and (M (jellltll of rirlii 4Fe Ikr b jE Jn,vkEn f Lrtp I ri ' rr UH. “mi, Ilf the im-iibk ptflcrt FArtirt ' OOm hey a ora awfully m+4Pl- Tha nilier day ear w.ilYr-ii u;p Ia ' ' Ulrii r ' ! ■ ' ' " 9 ri -he him up jriiiE Iwaui It war " ‘hi for biinn E-n ,c t ■ :■ clam. Ii irrna toe bad. ONE ACT PLAY Shirr-iai " ' CerLnin errnrr of hall nl t-nri-L J-|l T h. ' - Timei A- Mi itfundny iria-rn- i.ig™ - ,lu ri re, Msnli " t- ' h-i riiiteri-i ‘ " A g i uu | of -irl ar iH lei JEur, " Ob y c -r . n in I laEeT " ' 5d UdCI " I yum riOt -biit did you bnck Iri ' in O l it aiialiE. and ■lid OIA etrr have that ■lateT " ' 3fd Dull " How Id ™ r 1 1 1 dlij you ever fi tUte with himT 11, flh DUR4 ' " Heegi -1 111 YiK- ' ul Uit hlrha — 1111, hm you ,eb 4 combT " lit Dux i " TIm-f " , my tomb — Irl pe taky your ycnip t- Say. yuee m h,e Illy h.,-r r|d|iylr l — do yeu lika nr ' id Rnra r, tb would be toe hrtf4 tc krwp cm r led a ml i Ur- yooriii mrl U | her don ' t Mkt It.’ " li| Run h Cofu { whjc ' I hue R drm — IF ll ' a hard, to kr-rp copied. IHaa anyana Ebair hirlnry for Ihl, nirHrnLriif Mr. NiiiMA .nEd-Fa-.H .irwd hi Udu-f r-rikjiLr-H mprimp. Xlisb , [nms : In. F.ik||]Uh flaii illuhfcrneinpf Ek-p wnril il c ri d " im npr1Lin c t il. » ‘ " Thi- baby cri rl Du th« m an-” Vaki in back -aF thf roam: " Tliiii ■ uirr ii £Ln cnrly ilarl. ,r Th-r fvHu-Hine r c c i | -r ii cij-rnl ,i h color Jhclirm-r only: “ ' Mis 1 -aficlkrr dihb yvllaw l-nn- uii wiLh Jnrk brown lujhLc. n block ipy B ii red noir, a ifray coni-t icn r. n yill-nw future, and you will h r. rL you b.Ta ike blue . " ' PROPOSED QUESTIONS FOR AN ] NTILLLir.RNf F. TEST FOk THE FACULTY 1. Hn-H hiih in up? E. When d-seit 1 hr ligkfc k-.i when iE H° a eiut? 3. IT you buy a tickr-t fur n rflril I in p anil a quorEcr, wham ar« you 4. Why du-th ' l, cjilhsk havik khliH-OA? Why don’t dufliih knv puppIfA? 5. W Kb killad the U .id ! n? • ' W1ii ' . ' h way iin cprlnhn di r .rt in (i. ' T 7. EE Elircc iivsna ia twf nf 1 1 ■:,« w much ia a taE uf i i i l ■ a ? B. IT Yu-ii. link at n Kouatv and c-i il 1 1 kt It- -ntiv uwni It? 5, IT you [i to a ball e-aitli- on Sai ib il My 1 1 f 1 c r n : n . and iE rairaa, .■ it ii ihc pnrk linl quaEc fmi ahed and ionif ic-llofe III I he rsiind alnnd i.a xm-nki ii g ■m Cl c-iPe-Llcj a nd » player bite ji gc«CKrl bfiilli, ■ layingT IVi W Util nri ihr Jutiaiol a pTanch.- Jn n hiiilie-iiT 31, S-Vlhfil if Id N " apur«in aay to HiypT !?■ -If nldr men nalh uinr milra Lp nLnil! d ficrea ' i ' L diccClions, t ii.it lima- Lp. |.t7 MEN’S JDLAS OF F " ASH [QMS x L " y 1ry r lo Norli Quiclity: ■Jc» v u lake 1 hr Licit p .i |t-r r keipcuC tLhrS mid IZfaruB h ivf! ' BRECHT REMARKS BY E.SLS. STUDENTS 1. I wnridrr if Mr. Niaan hi br-vi a in ' n Tkr- 1 i iguf -nf Ni.iliona 11 . 2 . I auTifKiikr Miao Liftl tp will hav bar hair bcihbc-d. n«il. 3. W-anrfler itky n certain f rc-up uf [irta .il-rr.iya eifc in n certain uro-up uf flfati in □. certain, part of mein rwm, 1. He wrule- daily pueme every little wkile. 5. AtEen.Li.an I Nauni.nn™ ' H5ierr " B- Sarah .. CLASSIFIED ADS UXST— W.EH.N. One! Kiur. Finelri please return Ea Myrle Pe-tera. FOUNLe — A fcoiwterful elxl Id Truvr Cliir. Afklv. — a njr»4. »E fknl. — Pnt HoUbikI- ijOST wOnr Fallo-w, Lhe nL,hE T Cnrniial in Ebe Leauly I ' lirler, I ' lrnoe ralurn EO Jeon BelE. LOST- OniE i«Ul rliarj " FrmlhaU e- AOd. FIllHee Minn lei Soroh flay .. LCJS IT rAhi! il y for ErelLini " " Ail el mhuu-l. Plrnr-r re-Lurn Eo C. O ' COU- nur. LOST — A ewid graft -itk Mr a.. " Rey- lie.ld . return t-j Jahm Itny- d l- LQST—A ilul Leil aliirL. blue . l“lr »e ralurn lu Ml Quiiby, LOST. STffAYf.O OR hTOLLN— Mx rn-lti - ! Pl aa r iurn imme- ■I ... i ,-U I .r -.I-.. ... I’.riin h n-rliid. FOR SALE— 15 yards of nkr Icny ailken Im-ara. Ueli at ri» v. B-uaimraa Enp Kuarai it Lk ' ii ' icitii Science- Orjaarl nicrtE ■ WaXTI ' .IT — A Ii . r Vi . - r who Icnciwo haw to cut a rf-apr-r table ahi.nRl LOST- A feieat-l i«u r l ic , ? " lle Tc Ciri l lnWh Sl-rrrL. Relulib l« h ' t-ily NefFi ' iM’ ih WANTED — ‘The reaeavnl ien n-f the k.ick Bi-taL in thr mnin room. To be ace upoarli at 11:00 A. XL, L :0d P. XL, and iriO P. M. every day. Far furlhrr infarmntian apenk In K. Ilrrmif n nr F. Ri.eknr-ilaara WAJHTtO— A fttm whkh -iil 1 wmwl r PI+ 44- bring ll ta th - -M | ba earli hi l|ma p,i aa.ilil! - hfCauog | muit pr.a.a th epf-ll ing t it. Walter 3ii.ii.-lnn . WANT K l — 1 ‘d jflu u Amfe Afn oi EliOte CbtlivB Ireca-i I need a rarw aeJ ll. LOST — A pr.tr .yf ei a U I.,, .kerh-j |L ilir.fi . Relurn Id D«1d l iirkt- Pinnae- r.-tsim at aa i hey hfli ■apecLel ly marl r- ahi.E-a. WANTED™ nice iguirL pLnca Yali-r rr- t can ge Lu- aliap and nat hear I hr ivhwl bulk. Aildrcpi Kentudcy. PfltT ft ' FffJ|. ' 6 l -)l EHl JOKES Jake and chaff Mai e everyone lau h. Rdt our wit And you ' ll Iftugh " til you spiit. Sonie joke make you tai vsk h 4 Some make you meer; Read our chaff And you ' ll s rin Ooni to eaf- There are jokes that make you ■■mile, There are joke that make- you rorir. That ' what you ' ll do.. When you reftd Our wjt of ’-■‘l- Jake For the fat. Joke for tile thin; Joke for ytHm-p and old You ' ll find h nln. Kvtlyn BiimriEt, ' ?5. Bill i - . n k cl ; " Sn y Le , Imvr you got e-tU 1 hat in done yet: Lei : — “No, Bilk it " your turn.” Mir Horn toil in boekkecpirtlt s— " What are draft used fw.“ Student just waking from n nap " To Cflleh a acid. E piny a »hor horn in a hat ham], How war the debate laat night- Oh, it wit great, ike clapping wo wpndrrful- Mnry had a little limb, she fed It very well. One day ike fed it dynamite and blew it nil to Utile pltttl- " Whal ' that 1 hear? ' " " Dae it round like- Rome lort note lied together and shaken ' ? ' ' -, Ye l " ' “Well, that ' Dari playing the piano,” They approached each other ON the green- They neared each other, one blushing fiery red. the other pale a a ghast, They meet! They hi ! Cutied A little mare English on the cue ball mid 1 would hnve had a billiard. l- ' ritE, our worthy janitor on heft ring that. iomc of our football players would not be able to play bccauic of low at and Inga raid; ' ' “Till I a. heck " f a chooL, (hey want a man to piny Foot- ball and they don ' t -give him any marks, " He=— " Don ' t you like Harold?’ 1 She;— “ ' " No E don ' t, ' " He:— " Why, I thought all the girl liked to go out with him. They say he just burn hi money-” She; - " Well, 1 never suffered From the heat while I win with him, ' ' Pag " snd}) IF If a ihip of i la »ra, ha it eye ? If an ocea n ha a had, has it ipringi? If a river h.ii a head, doe it ever |»it it? tr a window Jinn a pal ' tif. OOP Id you giv it relief 7 If the break of -day Cornea!, could you mend it? If you go to " SinK ' iei-sj " ’ when do you ni hr? tf a maid hang a line Let a tree, would ilhr leaver fa El? If a man threw hi pipe into the furnace, would the chimney atiioke? ’ ' What did you get ■ n hiitory? 1 " " L ’ " That’ nothing ' ' " Needn’t fub it in ’ Mr, Moore in Glee Club 11 “ " Now +omeone in the accord tenor aection is ii ns in FT thir port wrong. “ He Looked at Ed Bur rail and Ed tacked ictf -caiiflciou . " No, Ed , when 9 look at you it doein ' t nrenn anything. " Ride and the girl ride with you ,. Walk and you walk alone. For the tapper these day n. Are set in their WAy . And like men who have ears of their own, Mr. Blair ‘in atgebrn, ?— " Walter, how high is the top of the tree ? ' Walter N, ; — don’t know, I didn ' t -get that far.’ 1 Sophomore:— " What li« pg: nin uU?“ Senior:— " ft " o ii«k of dirt,” Sophomore?— - " Oh 1 So that ' why you wear a. high collar.’ " B rokc! B roke! Bro k e ! (With Apologies In Tf mi vs cm ) FF.NN |. LESS Broke, Broke. Broke, N ' o-t a rhirt Lett to my back! And 3 would that my luck could gather What 1 " rolled jiwjiy " in jack ! O well, for the plumber ' laddie That hi dad knows how to ,L ro3L ' em’ 1 ! O well for the teem an ’e lady That I’m lucky only at bowlin’ 3 Anri the sad, rad days so on W ' ilh them no Luck or corn Fort bringing. But O h for the touch of theme gambled clothe . And the sound of that silver ringing! Broke. Broke, Broke, Luck, why dost thou trifle with me? The winter " coming, and. my (He the ] need, PltlH bring them back with theel L. H. Hansen, Page Ninety-an D-ori : — " Let ' s keep our A. Cr C. n s-ecrut. " France : — " Vn, l " m ashamed cr f it too. 1 ' E. to U; — " tan you keep a. secret? " D. to E.i— " I ' ll Let! the world! " Ballad of a Bum I con ' l see lhr i»r of tlmielinf to the top. E can ' t see the use ot sweating with the climb. Why keep plugging up the ladder ' 1 rung When it’ easy I .u: ft i ng behind? Why keep p] ugsing gainst the odds? Wh jr keep toiling morn, night and day? I can ' t see the use o ' fighting like ciod, In ueh dull and morbid, Noodleai fray, 1 can ' t pee the use oF toil and dirt and grime,. Factory wheels and liummint noise and Rteani, Dreary talk an wages, hpur and time, I say, take It all and leave me te my dream , —El- F.wij. Mi Lorn e rga n =— " Da niel , y tiiat eitietsce in French and leek at me. " Dinirh— " Nothing doing, I can ' t Pay that sentence and look at yon. " Mias Reman in main boys, wr’II have this dklutbtnct lopprd or I’ll have to take your Li her tie away Irom you.” Voice in the back oF the room: — " Give me liberty or -give me death, " Teacher in commanding voice;— " Who Raid that? " V«k meckEy = — " Patrick Henry, ma ' am. " Gups— " Veu ara wheesing dreadfully (Ed morning. U It a cold? " Drb:— ‘ " hops ! I ' m all out of breath trying to Catch up with my sleep. " Can you tel-a-phorte from a alreet car? Did you ever see a sardine bos ? Did you ever see a horse hide in a barrel? □ id you ever ice a cow slip? Did you ever see a hoi-ee fly? Dae Harry ere r Steele i lcal:? Wan Arthur born in May? Ha Til tie get a Cohen cone ? Ita . Alma any Cool coal - 7 I Rom ever Wright risluti? Does Licberl Dam dance ? Letter Hansen gave Lawrence Servai a pieee of paper In F.tigllth c|a» ; Mr. Jenninp — " Lr - ter it i against the rule to lend paper to anybody in class, " Lei-:- — " Oh, but Mr, Jennings, I owed the paper to him. " Pttjjr jVtwcf hrci The flefojjlftre Student e — “P op, E g ill kicked out of school lad-ay. 1 ' " P qtf! -”WkM for? " Students— “You rfitwnikir la t week wktn I askrtl you Hew mufh million wntT Will, a helluva lot ain ' t l he right nniirEr . 11 The i. on i; refill ion of a tmnll cliurek t»u ]|]r donAttd fruit " . ve otAEjIvi, etc., at i nttrvifi dur- Inf Ilia month. At the end of a icrmon one Sunday, the m mm tor said; “Nest Sunday we w|l| rn-eive donations of epfES. Everyone will please lay their etfi! in the vestibule lirfai-i- COmint info church-. 1 " Can You Imagine? Bunker without tit At cv fk linB mi]e? F. Htrmitn without F. Richardson? Mr. Dice wit haul ionic joke on someone in class V S. iiaye wit haul a new ‘ ' joke’ ' ’ ' ? D. Fruat mad aL anyone? Mr Peters And C, FrariAiCfl without a permanent ™c? Mr, Kixon without hie is-avel? E. Duquaine without anythin 14 to say? D. Hermsen ceflaus? Wrst Wiffh heating East? H. Rerfline without A ready Argument? G. Kalcik posing as Adonis? Miss Hon an itl humored? Miss Gordon unable to answer t|ueilioiu? CaI " r t irr j A without, AfrUp? Miss Little at Oak F-srk? TVnehcr in Public Speaking: — “Has anyone a watch with a second hand?’ ' Pupil: — “I haven ' t, but ] have a second ' hand watch. ' " Mr. Mooro:—” Everybody hrrp still while [ clean up OH the baritone , " MLss H ethers and Miss Shea is pea king af bobbed hair. Miss M. — “1 find that a permanent wave makes the hair frow. lr Miss S. " Then they ought to give them to bald-headed man, " " ' [see” w as a snowball, M dy hurt! and round, ' " litre “ didn’t know where he was going. As he couldn’t make a sound. He went swiftly to his destination. From a small hand he came, lie WAs Aimed At A bite boy ' s back. Crack l He hit the same. “I see” heard some strong bnfiii({r F Saw the Utt|a boy mn, Saw the big hoy run after him,. Arid then he law so me fun! F. D. " 26 . Pi Itff jVinffyfiirf E. O ' Brien coming home from the ,V 1 nr i net t e g me became interested in an Oconto girl, She hut on his hip from Marinette to Oconto because aF the overcrowded car. Just a all were gi-Lting rwily to Lear , some one shouted, “Too bad O ' Brien, you have to give up your ' Bunion ' . ' " 231 Apple Avenue, Punk In, OelAr, February £ 2 . 1354 , Dear ln response to your recent letter, L will, with a great -deal of modesty , endeavor to relate to you ion c of my frporitncei while knocking about the g lobe sever L year a ago. We :.l,|Lrlril i j-i a (lit king smack front New York during a riling wind. Before we cleared Sanely Hook, it had riseb l the val-ocity -of a hunkint which at time attained a velocity of t v nty- five mile an hour-, A we lore aldi ' iff. the Fil-fml hint irtAiipetl off At the fcoji. Climbin-g aloft. E held the heavy mainsail in place until the gale died down and we reached port for repair . The boat headed into the north where we »oOn were f rOarn in for She winter. A I had la did the hunting For the crew, E started out one morning to get freih meat. I had been gone about ail bc iLT wliri) 1 was chased hy a pack of hungry wolves. I climbed a tree, thinking 1 wa» safe, After prowling Abopt Tor a lim«, the pack went away Leaving one wolf on (uard. The ra«t soon returned, bringing a beaver to chew the tree down, While the htAVer WA . thu engaged, ] felt 5re.1t drop of sweat, no doubt caused by my hard climb, fall from my brow. In the cold air they ‘froze into solid ball oE ice. These I threw at the waive , stunning them and escaping. Another time L was out hunting hear when a great big brute reared up in front of me, 1 had an old rriUAile loading ride with me and drops of iweat fell into the muntl. When 1 fired, a stream of water allot out. Speeding towards the hear it froze. The icicle entered the bear’ " head where it melted, Arid the Lcut died with water On the WAitl- Tp add tn our discomfort, the weather wa very eflld, In fit! one morning the took brought a pan of ■ raiding hot water on deck And it frbfcv » ? fast that when he touched the ice it burned h| hand severely. Another time a deck hand threw a pan of water out a port hole and slid down thy Icicle to the floe of ice twenty feet below, 1 rtCjd! having to keep a fire kindled under the ship’s cow to keep it from giving ice cream, On Sunday the Are was allowed to go out and the crew got pie a la mode for a dinner dessert. Your truly, J, W. RUDOLF. “Gimme” It 1 easy to fight when everything ' right And all is praise and glory. It ' easy to play in a brilliant way When thing go along like a story £ But si ramie the chap with a cheer and a U|i When things look dark «nd dreary, Gimmie the guy who can do and die When thing go good or bleary [ Gimmie the kind that won’t pull a whine And ask hut an even break, Gimmie the type that ' ll stick nd fight And won’t eve hi kln At your k i Gimmie the man who ' ll Anar I and stand And won ' t say i “can ' t " ' and J, 1 don ' t, 1 ’ Gimmie the kind you can hit till they ' re blind But that can ' t be beat because they won ' t, — H, Ewig- Pflfff .Virtcly- ® 1 ' 3 " ls,t Student " On« I Was stealing ohiflkejn for a ittw and a man C»ttH 4Ut of th+ Il4Use nn l uliot Jit me and E heard (.lie- bullet whittle pant my head twice! " Jd Student!-— ' " Twice t Hdw ' i that? " " lit Student t— , ' 1 Wei 1 I heard it when it wcnl pail me and again when 1 went pant the hulLet ' Mr. Milton in Aiscmhly: — ' You students- go to school for six hour -. Whal do you da- in the other eighteen ho-nri?” H. H,i— 1 1 ‘Sleep. " Mr. Ninoni— m«il of y«U students Eeep twenty- Four hours " H. in- Glee Club: — 4, H.i» Face in- crisp and black and long, 1 " Mr. Moore in taleu Club — " ' Boy , try ray method end expand yfiur chest when you sinK-,’ ' J. RudpLph:— M Uke thi ?’’ Mr. Moer+ 1— " Tht l " right Jack, expand your ehc l to it will look as though y-ou have one.” Office Girl to Book Agent:— ‘ " No, Mr. Mixon if, not at liberty at present ' Book Agent!— " G«, When did he get pinched?” Mr. Mixon We have never had a perfect annual and I think we will never see a perfect annual while we are mi thin side oF a-er-a-our destination. ' " Til lie C. after being interrupted while reading a letter in shorthand r— - " Should I start where l left off?” Miss Ml — " No, fini.ii it. " The English teacher told a student that if he would attend- the debate he would receive credit amounting to- one good recitation. The student asked, " bow much is that? " ' Replied the teoehfrr. " you give a good one once and find out. ' " CERTAINLY NOT FROM THE COUNTRY f Teacher: — “ ' Whal does coming thru the rye refer to? " Loretta — ‘ " Mean something about wheat AeLds doesn ' t it?” I- H.i— " ' Mr. L. have you a punch?” Mr, L.i — “Mo, t haven ' t the right kind, " Mil M, wm explaining that Art introductory sentence is not nec i ary when ordering g ods. Mils M. 2 — “The introduction isn’t necessary in ihLt letter.” 15- A.; — " If you were writing a lave letter you would need the introduction, " 1st Student ”Why Is it that on ■ street ear, a lady pushes the button with her thumb and a gentle m n pushes it with his irtdek finger?’’ 2d Student;— “ " I don ' t know — ‘please tell me why,’ " 1 1 Students— “To top the street car, of course, John H,i— " I ' ve got a hoi In my S-lockingl” Carl Hr s— " That’ nothing, turn it in id -out ’ Mr, Mixon i engaging a new teacher " Are you experienced with school children?’ " Yes. " replied th new one, " J was a school child ante myself.” She didn’t til the j b. 1st Student!— 1 " Do wo play Sheboygan Saturday? ' ' 2d Student:— " Shaw— no, " Patjt Sint-iip-fif Lament of a Bobbed Haired Lassie Why did I cut my hair? Why, oh why,. oh why! Why did t cut my hair? 0 could almost cry! I ' m hWVdllt, tp ne rvous., I ' m worried and, blue, bill, now L ha t it ii done What Rood v. i ! I crying do? M.i sa yi. tluii ] " iri jl wreck, I ' ll admit she ' right: Pa says he ' ll break my neck He can ' t deep at Hite. They ' re upset, and nil because [ ain ' t like- E Ltn-rd to W.ih. Why did 1 cut my hair??? Why! Oh why!! Oh why Ell — Mann Snflord, Favorite Haying of Fast Hlfh ' l basketball player :— 11a b ilay!-‘“l ' ll hang a chip an romfbedy ' r jaw, " Karl O ' tSrLen: — " Lo sheik. " Dan Altltau.s:- 1 " ' Fo.r heavens sake, m us Imta u th 1 Irish ' H 5 y big boy, do you like pi ? " Harold Van Egeren:— " What shall T say of Joan of Are, etg. " Waller Duclon - — " Don ' t forget E am going to dance after the nest name- " Dave liurkei — - " Yea, Casco!!! 1 " Ray Ml.illjVi a nn ’ 1 Wou Id st preFcrrelh a si a p pet It on the wrist, or a clippcth on the ja wet h 7 " Brushy: — ' ' 3 thi k th l Battling -Sikl could lick Jack Dempsey. " H. Sargent (roing to pull you apart to see what nli ' ike you tun fr funny. " Mr, Jennings; — " I would recommend that the ntudenla rliould see " The Covered Wagon. " John l r OL-llep:- L ‘WliD’ driving it la-night? ' 1 1st D I .:— " What is. a vacuum.? " 2d nix:— " I don ' t know. I ' ve g t It in my head, but I can’t say It. " Why did William Tell! For Hie same reason that Cordon lle-nt. Student; — " What Wa the qutltion again? " Miss Mil — " Let me see. 1 donT know myself whnt We wore talking about, " Thi It some of That " free verse " You read about, It ' s free because Ko one would pay For It anyway. It doesn ' t mean anything, But it save a lot of space. — Anonymous - Question • — " Why doer Mr. Moore take so itiuch, interest lit BtrUris Lee? " Answer :■ — " To keep out of the reformatory. " f ' j y r .V i a £ J |i ■ sit REVtNGt 13 3 WELT :. ' v- ‘ ' ■V V Sf TAKING ORDERS p- TO L DANCING — ij- UUnnr SCBIMimt MKT w[ COT fUMf W ' f- LW 0. •u. . r Ptipf i OLOGr UBflAKr physics bookkeeping fiGLJS N i,l ENCUSt-f li French r. P«JJf . ' fTWfHTflJU Literary Our literary Lights shine out, Dost thou sec them, kindly Mend? ' Tis wel I n For thdM wouid’st cl it have missed. The magic touch none else could tend. □. S. " 24. E- M. ' 24. F, N, ’24. Green Bay Fair G City Fair, he ride the Bay, A I on ir the Fox ' winding way, Thtouth alt one day ; |rt foreign land, or nearer heme, Wherever we may chance to roam, Well sing thy praiie I We know tiint thou irl not 0 large. By many hwndrfd IhAUrlnd marge. So Other Are; But titt and wealth and enterprise. And mort aT it one that tow ' ring rite Our lay would mar. W ' e lfive your quaint old-ifaihi-oncd way. . Remind iny 11 1 of bygone day , Your vine 111 at cling; We love your river nitd your buy, Your ancient elnl th-ftt droop and away. Of there we pins. We love La mutt on Joliet. On Allouez and brave Mtftitlte, Your hertw aid. Who fir l explored your fa relit way , And vailed your itreann In other day When braveit were hold. While other shout y Ur enterprise, 1 u politic And mere hand ite. In rhrewdneu rare; W ' e ' ll chant abroad your hosttety way , That mind u of departed day , Q, Cornell Bay 1 Fa irl — The Reverend John ChrlvlophervolV That Something There ' a wee Liny ■omething, that cal I it in my breast It hnawp end it urge , till It givei me no resit. So I giiep some util I night when there ' a star hi the vky I ' ll bid the old. town a Fond, lilent ' " ' food -bye " . There " a wee tiny tomethlng, jy t a veed that win ■awn. But it beckon and whisper and hndev me be stein " , bo I think, maybe toon , that ] ' Jt take the oLd pack And flip off Oh the road that leadi toward an unbeaten IrAok. Ay, that Ifrmdhint, It plead 1 just to tsk« the old lane, Thai Wee tiny comething calli again and ftfam, So t sum, maybe now, while al| ' | quid and, it ill , 1 ' ll hit the old. trail that lead hack o " er the hill, ■ — H . fclwip. Pdfc Out Hundred Dim Memories of Our Storied Post This afternoon 1 wa wfc hderi Pg ift the r ' VltMm when, An Indian lAdy with a bright red cloak cadgh ' l my nit Bnlion. Somehow the figure enchanted me, and when Mr. Neville 1 ( I me the sic. rj nf her family, l could think of nothing el re, In viewing l he figure from another angle f discovered a mat] iron door near it. Curiosity, thy name is hvLirim ah ! [rniiie-di.itcly after E had discovered that door, I fell an un»ntrellt lf -imp-pl to o pe ft U, T ctutloutly the knob which turned, with a rurty IrPn -ireak. and finding the door stuck, I threw myself again at it with to great a force that for a moment my memory left me. A flickering light n my eyelid wa» niy first jensatp n of i u- nciDusnes . 1 slowly opened my eye to find myself in a large low-eeilinged room., dimly lighted, by the immense fireplace 1 o mny right. Dull metallic gleam from the thick shadow in the far end of the room n«un»d the [Vftiriwt flf pewter ware. A queer looking, sin-legged piano occupied the corner at my left. ] moved my hand and encountered something warm , soft, thick, and silky. I raised my elf on an elbow and found that 1 was lying against a large heap of fur . A oFt creak drew my attention to the ddor opposite the fireplace fl-perting " lowly to admit a slim, graceful woman of about forty. She was clad in Indian costume and her moccaslncd feet glided along with Ciithke softness. A sweet, tchrant, contralto voice addressed me, “Mon Dieul Polly, would you sleep all the day? Make haste. Major Whistler and the company will soon he here to see your new piano. " L started to remonstrate that I ktt not Po-Uy l.iwt. tile daughter oF Theresa Kankin, the Indian lady i had Been in the case, but the word died on my lip . 1 WA not at all ure t hat 1 was not 1 ' olly Lawe, whose piano stood In the corner. 1 hurried away to dress while Theresa Rankin, or N i c k-kich-ka -ko-n a the Indians called her, slung a huge haunch of venison onto ihe crane hi the fi replace, Nick-kick-lta-kona was wearing the gorgeous Indian wedding Jreps that the VflUIII gu wi had made for her with their primitive needles in 1606, After nineteen years the dress still re- tained It splendor and « .■ worn only on state occasion . An hour later , jovial- Looking John Lawe entered the cabin with hi guest . Major Whistler, with his beautiful daughter and several young oflicer of Fort Howard. They nil escl i 11 cd mer my piano which my father, John Law , had bought for me from John Jacob Aslor. It was the first piano brought west so it naturally WA reoeivfd with th r greatest enthusiasm. They marveled over it lonij journey from the Arlor Piano Company in Cornhill, London, to the stale , and transported to La Uaye Vertc in a birch bark canoe. We all gathered around the piano to sing some .quaint old French love song end stirring martial ones. The young uiherr. as i ted with abith alacrity. 1 hwevn. when we tired of the singing, the large fireplace with the oven on each side drew u to it in a half eirclc. We F t d (htUnuts and our toes, while l be older people told hair-raising yarns about their thrilling escape from the Indian or some old romantic legends. Major Whistler being newly appointed to Fort- Howard asked. Nick-kick-ka-kona to tell us ■ ' bout her grandparent ' romance. She graciously complied and wo all settled ourselves com. lortably to mi no part of her story. " Many, many years ago there lived a grand old Indian chief, called A h-ke-nA- po-way, or Standing Forth. He wA very firmer old warrior and all the tribes feared and respected him. Ah-ke -nn-po-woy had a daughter named IViu-tmtl-HHJ , 0-r Morning Star, and indeed she far esmelled even the Morning Star in grace and beauty. Oil 3 n ill-fated day a brave of the tribe of the ChippEwa ' s stole- Morning Star and took her ■way to his v LI Inge, fjld Chief A k-kt-na - po-wiy rose in great wrath and summoned 111 war- rior to make ready to attack the Chippewa ' . Little Crow, a brave, handsome, yoiirtu OttAWA thief, had loved the beautiful Wau-btin-O-quA. In the chief council he volunteered to bring [ ' iipi Qru- ii imdft ' d Our her buck without blH dth(d, Ali-kf-mt-po-wi} 1 contented and itiU him to tht village at the head of a few braVM. The Camp bid him farewell Arid rt-HfW tKjtlCling to see him again, but ike all fat her Manit-ou ■ mi Led on- Little Crow and Look ike Chippewa braves owdy tin -a hunting It ip. When tilt- reicuen reached the camp it wait deierted hut for the women and a few akl men. Undaunted by the sidelong looks of hpitr find hale the wemtn nave him, he entered ever) w i gwam unlit ha found Wau-huH ' D-ciut, Ah-ke-np-po-way wu i« pleased thal Isa gladly con- sented that Vi ' pu-bun-o-qua he the bride of Little Crow ns hi reward. When he f(date:l hi adventure to the council they named him Ash-a-wii-be-may or ' l he who has received ike cv i I looks. ' Asls-.i-wa-ke-rn-iy and WaLi-buis-a-H.| Lia were issarried sonic time lat-cr with great pomp anil fleremony and, a in -all (food lorle . they lived happily ever after. The girls drew a lone happy sight and each you ns; ofTiCer Sirin id lo ay its hi tender eye that he would be as brave a.rsd gallant for her, I moved lo ike piano And begAn to play ’’Love t. Old Sweet Sanf” very softEy, hut 11 I played the piano grew older and older; the room began to fade and the vekr recede Urttil 1 fOMbd myself in Ihf museum sitting heside Ihe piano ihal Polly La we had played upon eo many years Ago. -■ , - “Edit Is McFaddcn. Ow aka A tribe of Menominee Indians once inhabited the spot where ike Bay Vert-c Auto Coni pans now stands. The chief of this village was called Cha-ma rsag or king, tie had a very beautiful dnu-Ehter called Owakn the beautiful one . She WAS never allowed to leave her wigwam, lot her father had been told thal the Great Spirit would destroy all his people if aha ahowed her facr. It was the custom of the French traders across ihe river to marry lhe Indian m aide ns from this tribe. Tls hero of thin story is a Esandsosssy young French mars called Pierre, lie had heard stories of I hi beautiful princess and was curioo to ec her. One moonligkl night, when all were sleeping, he stole into the village Mid approached Iht wigwam. At that moment someone came out of the wigwa m and passed on toward the waler- Pierre Followed aisd Is id in the bushes nearby. Fierre knew that it must be Owaka, for ilse sal in Ihe moors light and ehantod 0 SOOf In whirls she ht wailed tier sn.d fate. Dazzled by her charm- ing beauty. Pierre felt a longing lo aid her and alcpped forward. Oil ± 40 Inf hints. he turned to flee but he caught her and compelled her to stay. He told her to Come with him to a dilffef- " ent land where she could show her face arid be happy. He asked her lo be his wife and enjoy the fruits of happiness. While she was heiitaLing lo reply, they heard an uproar From the village. The old king having mii d hi d U|ht«r K had aommonod the wlsoEe village to search (or her- Qwaka. knowing what punishment war in store for her. now begged Pierre to take her away, Pierre placed her in his canoe and started to row Lo the other side, Jual a he reAChed the shore, a band of Indians came to the opposite shore and began to shoot arrows at (hern. A Pierre liFted Qwaka fr rrt th tMIDt, arrow from her fMhcr’ how pierced her heart. When Eherr lifted hi V w lo s-hoot her father, he nodded and breathed her IpS-l- Chm.ma-nag kHoI hi Arrow at the aame time Pierre did, and both went down si mu Lta neon sly. The other warriors burled Ihe old king and covered Pierre and Owaka with the sand near the shore. Here they have lain from 184-0 until 1923:, when their hones were found and brought to the museum where they Are kept a relies, —Anna Berman, ‘2d. PEiyr fJjle J mtdVrd Tutj The Ballad of Marie Brevoort The you n if pccrlr ci the day have many more ckcu»i tlinn bad weather far an untimely ho rur-c timing at ter a ball. Thin in. something which ii often heard: ■ ' Well, we couldn ' t help it r we misled the Inst car an.cE had to walk all the way, " or. ' ' Our E r ord had engine trouble and there wai a blow ul, so w« Huldn ' l Eseip bring lMe,“ r, “JACk Add I juit Stepped mle Kflftp-’ for A kite to eat. " Numerous other such excuses are olTered, but this ii the way it happened way buck in 1432. Where the land was washed On the F t River shore. Lived a pretty young n»l Like you never saw before. A levins sweetheart had Meric, As loving; u could he. He hunted Injun , he hunted fame. Ghl very bray wat he. There wai a ball jn the garrison. And Kirby took the gat. They sneaked away from old Col. Brecvoort, He and hi pretty pal. I hey danced the square dance, they danced the reel And the minuet stately. Marie did w etly imilt At Idm And lift her skirts sedately. They da need and dA need, till late At night The wind began to blow. I be rain came down in teething sheets — All this they didn ' t know. Marie Brevoort, the maiden fair Then to her lbutenint said: “Our fine clothes will be drenched With CAin, That ' s what I sorely dread. 11 They left the ball And hurried down To old Fax Stiver Strand, They got aboard their little boat And forwsfd hol front land. The waves splashed high And half filled the boat with water green. But on they sped At iait through darkness ■ ha re was seen. Kirby proposed on that awful night, Arid Marie accepted that So forth they sallied front the boAt And there “Pa Brevoort " ’ vat. Sonte words ensued. But what of that? “Old Brevoort finally said, “Marie is you r« , If you give me a good pig. Ijlg and fat.’ Then old Judge Re.au mr was summoned The next Juru of the year, Marie and Kirby were wedded. And no one shed a tear. — L. Dexter, " St. Fuyr Onr jJiiJicfr, ii Thf t The East and West Game From the Sidelines Far a wt -lc before this Lireat annual athletic event in Green llay wai , l-l ,-ry visitor w»i told of I lie (a it tho-l tin: big game, THE- BAST-WEST CAME, wros tv be played on Mwcmhft (lie tenth, at the Bellevue Park. It rcemed thill the very air about up wop dhorqvd with those magic wonb, I Elk KAST-Yl KHT I.IAMK. It was or the tongue oF every person in l he city and its surround ills; territory. The weath er-ma n bit in Accordance with lire general ficlinj and • ruMiunced that the dnjr would 1«- el Ar and of t tortiEKfttur jutl right for uoh a game to be pUytd, At otic ' thirty, the grounds were beginning to be overcrowded. The bleacher were already Ailed to AvrribwiiiK And the grandstand wh beginning lo till at an alarming rate. At two-thirty th® Aval I able eatk were token Olid standing room wa 11 I hat wai to be had, Ely the t i rtlc the game hod begun, id moot every inch of rpnee had been occupied. A roar brake out from the bast side of the gridiron, and turning in the general direction of tin- looks of the others, there could hr seen stream hit: through the east, gale man y youths In football clot Ilf ' S, The first term was dcck-td ' Jut in briMI hint ttlntun sweaters I hint fmnd to incrcose their piste. About three teams ran ignalp and then walked otf to the apace Assigned to the East High School I ' cam, A roar, equal in volume lo that oE the Bast High students, broke out from the other sid. of the held and onto the field (rotted the wearer of the purple sweaters. They also ran signals ami then at down an Chair plaice near the West side of the field. At three o ' clock IteFeree Baring blew his whistle warning the rival teams lo he ready to play in a short time. After the usual toss-up and other Formalities, Captain Hunker prepared to kick-of! Lo tlie anxious pgrplt-jtittytd team- Then I he fireworks began. West made a first down which f c| we sctlsimcd by the noise rnM.de by the West High School students, Bui their joy Wap rhorl-lived for Eapt took the ball and began hammering away at the rival line with such vigor that only several succeeding penalties saved tlie West High team from being scared on right after the gam® had started. The hall sa-e- sawed heck and forth throughout the quarter with Hast having n lion ' s share of the gain ,. The second period war a reproduction of the First until East began that driving Line attack and shoved West under tin- shadow of their goal posts. Fullback Nauinann and right halfback Bunker kept a deadly drive at 111 Venter of the purple line and as a result Rgiikw scored aver our great tackle Bliiisli, Weal looked glum and East was jubilant. Our never-failing captain proceeded to change the si into a seven by a pretty place-kick. Between the halves the West hide band began to strike up its battle song and the ever- prescrlt East High Jazz I Sami waj, right there to sn it the oHnllcptfTe of tile rival band. Eietwccn selec- tion the adherents of both kHsoIb yelled their loudest in effort to drown (lie Other Oul- Again the whistle of the referee announced that the game vm to be resumed and Ewxt hfgan the hostilities, by again kicking-ofT. The Ltsu.il monotony oF line plunging was broken by several Hcruiational runs and Forward pilhxi-k by both side .. Faat was clearly outplayed during this quar- ter, and it seemed (hat the West Sidcr had benefit ted by the tongue-lashing (Hey had received from tEieir- epach during the halve. . Ft seemed that the East attack had hurried Llxclf out during the firat half. Then came the terrible Fourth quarter. You nmy j-.fn.-ak of your crucial battles and critical moments of a person 1 , Ilf , but if the twelve minuter of this last quarter bring on more anxiety and joy in wav«,.s than any other time I would like lo be told of an Incident that could heat l(- I’or lb fir .! half of the quarter bath teams went at it hammer and tongs. Then came the turn- ing point of line game. East had the I ml I in midfield. llagerty, Elast Ifi-gEs center, made ;i jiosp lo Naumann, the Fulllback. NaumUnn picked it up. but hi back was towards the West goal and did not sec- the charging Wert side man who tackled him and enured him lo fumble, l " he man who fiad look led Naumann jumped up and with the hall tucked in hi arm pped towards the F.rtftt Goal. Within twenty-five y arsis .if his object ive O ' Eirteii, an Hast End, brought him down frOm behind. West smashed 1 the Edit line for " -eye-rid s y eeyssivn gain . Then came a mix-up on the southwest carrier of the field. A red-jerreyed figure wax Utretohed 0-Ut on the groni ' d- A great mpan went up from the East n-i.de of the field when it waa announced that it W C p- f ' uffr f)nr llutuir d Foil r Min Bunker who was hurt, A yavc out llml he had sustained a broken rto-j-e., Bunker W dazed and hloody. til face looked like n piece of raw meat. Then to the surprise of alt he insist rd on. going buck Into 1 lie einii. Bui hi a heroic effort wan in vain, for on I he next play the purple-jcrSeyed men sent, ihe Weatsiders into hya-terSc hy .ooelng on their riv l , For the first time during the game wu the Ea.it shir of the field q.uiit. The atmosphere around Ihe bleachers seemed to lie filled with disfittky, Tilt team lined up for the Lry-for- point after a touchdown.. !Ni-v-$r w.i.v tine entire crowd so still and quiet. The tenseness scented to lie radial- im; from every person on the field. A short harking signal and the hall wap. shot to the eay r-r fingers of the Weil High quarterback. The kicker quickly swung hi leg. a thud, and ANOTHER I HUD! E he maddened East High linesman hod torts through the West side line an if that wa» merely a small effort for them Oml the oul-st retched fingers of left guard Bq richinger stopped the bnll on its way (o-.fi perfect goal, The joy of the West siders seemed to by transmitted to the East High students two-fold, for the volume of noise- that was rmllt-ed teemed to rent the very heavens. East again kteked-off and promptly took the ball away from the discouraged. Purple and While players and ripped thy eppailnt line into shreds and began a rapid march down the field towards the Purple ami While goal line. When they were twenty yards of the goal the referee blew hj whistle and the seventh annual foothall game passed hits history rtd chalked lip ortc more victory for ihe Ited and White. — -George Kalciki ' 25. Impressions! Turmoil — A growing crowd, red blotched — Yell — More yells — The rumbling purple mob — Expectant victory in t hr air — Still more yells — Red and while cheer leaders — Pur- ple and white cheer leaders — The white -marked field — Tossing pigskins. A staggering outburst of sound! — I he re-d men an the field — More -C Kerrs — The AtlVeUt of the purple — Practice — A consultation — The whistle! The kickoff — A rapidly closing mob — Shrickn — OUR ball — Signals — The ball snapped — Crashing, mud -streaked boy — Battered helmets — Dirty faces — But our ball! These are the preliminary impressions of the most important game of the sens ■cun- Tkr (wu teams hurling thcmselrri at each other, between thr- howling -Crowds, are inspiring, to Sy the very Irani. Everything hinges itself on tills victory. Then a red-jerseyed man break , away from the throng of fighters — -hurls himself down the fii’kl, ten yards, twenty yard I. He is downed. The referee calls him back, and llicr crowd shrieks their disappointment. He breaks ftwny again. Again he is returned, and again we show our disapproval. Some- thing in wrong. There is a parley in the field; some unnecessary man- hn ndli ng . The touchdown! Battering, crashing. Our men crowd over the tine and we kick goal. Seven to nothing] So far, so good. They can never win. bearing the end, now, A broken string — necessary! Their touchdown. They prep re to kick goal. The ball hurls through the air. A tujMrb block! The game will be our . Ihe game IS pure. We have won. A silent, disappointed purple Crowd — a cheering, exuberant red mob — exultant, joyful faces. We have won,, J. M, W., ’24- A Tribute I’ve seen fighters, men of iron, men who liked to fight and win. Men of nerve and grit and sinew, men who " ’took it 1 " 1 with a grin. Men with guts who loved the battle, loved the taste of bio nd and grime. Great men, small men, black and white men; aye, Uvr known ’em in my time. Ru( I’ve yet to meet a fighter round ilIuilu this tough old world, With the never-dying spirit that our Bunker boy unfurled, Him 1 toast with lusty homage, him 1 cheer “Vive Se Capital lie”. Bunker— fi-ghtcr— hero— “warrior i Bunker better still— a mail. “H, Ewii, Fust.? Om-jj ' ii wdfL-rj ' Fin Fan have been used by women Lnce [.lie pi im is he days, but by far the moot interesting ere lho c of Ihc ixtocnth, tOVOnttiOflth, and eighteenth centuries, During the eighteenth century the fans were universally in ulr. pretty w«fli» y ed it, knowing he added to her charm : the clumsy woman u cd it in order lo occupy her h ndt; the Utljf woman used it. a whereby he rctii; hi at least obtain credit for elegance. " Font have had n« n y uerg, at the opera, at thr funcrsl. At cbiirt-Sn, at the marriage, and the coquette ha always used them. Fan tell u something about th£ maimer and way of the period in which they were used. The Lorgnette Kan was used 1 uriiigr the time when " afF-e-ctritieii’i wa Ih-e correct llunf. " ]t looked like an ordinary irmlk pan (fled fan decorated a Lo ng tire top with medallions, If you • itirninrd it el-QSOly you could ce that some of the oval had been cut open and were transparent, Ths e opera-work circles, or peephole were used by the owner when the should be shielding her eye From some sight that ought to have ofTcPdtfd her, but ryally ipt(«ited her. There was another kind that had magnify ins kI»i in the oval , and were UBed by the S-hOTl-tlg hied people at the opera. The Church Fill wo. printed with Scriptural ubjecti, and wan used by the more aeriou ” minded ladies of the eighteenth century, who haled to forego. the u e of their fan . For those in mourning, fans with leave decorated in bleak we f ir ed. They were usually u nee lored print s and etching , So met i me the subject mi sad but other had Biblical scene ■ French bride of the rdf hteenth century always included a large number of fan in their Lrounj.cn.uif, They gave their brid S-m id fans US- iowvenlr of the great eventi, Chinese fan were very popular. P(I they were of vivid color painted on ivory. There i a very intereiling eollectiun. of fan at pur own Muicum. There are Creek. Italian Swii , French, arid English fan . There l one that i thought t have belonged to a Grecian woman of tong ago. There is a Biblical went in the c: Filer with trivial ocnesi painted on either gde, Th family monogram i engraved on the hand-carvcd mot he r-of-pe-url liok - there ia a fan painted by Angelic Kauffman, a court pointer of reiiin of Loui XIV, and is niasl cX- quiiilcly carved in mother-of-pearl, On the fan proper are painted court ccn n. They have several ivory nuptial fan that were obtained from a New Qrlearw antlqiit collector. Oil the Stick are carved cupids and llowem, They have a SwIb fan that h -Swiss ag-ent painted on cn ;h Stick- There I an Italian feather Fan that haa deep, rich color of maroon and green. There are several fans of earv-ed moth er-of- pearl sticks with sceneH, country and court, painted on the fan. The popular maid of I on g ago Head the illok of Iter fait to write the names of her heaua on. Tlie Fan ha a I way been used by the coquette, Ju l by certain lh.it I er of her Fan she can esnrry to her lover a meaning that will bring hint to her. Fast One Hundred Six Addison in the " Spectator " ' Rave Ln»lTuctiom in the- mt of the fan. For “ft omcri are armed with (ana-, a with iwftrdi " , There I an infinite ' variety of motion to be made use of in the flutter ef 0 Fnn, There i the angry flutter, the modest flutter, the timorous lint tee, live confused flutter, the merry flutter, the lltierout flutter, I have seen 41 fan o very angry that it would have " been dan- gerous for the a brent lover who provoked it to come within the wind of it. And at other tinner aa very languishing l hat I have been g tad far the lady ' s sake her lover wai at a sufficient dialantt from it. I need not add that the fan is either a prude or a coquette accord inf t l, tire stature of the person who bears ft. " —M. Worth ini;. ’24. Of Faculties With apologies L-o Sir France Bacon Fteulliu serve For knowledge, for ornament. and for ability, Their chief Use, (or know I edge, is an ea-cusc and a poor one; for ornament, i ■■ in the Uitinbly on Wcdnc d Ay ; and for ability. ■ in the art of wield ins the -gavel. For the mediocre mars may per h ape judge of the general type, not individual; hut the real truths and m anovuvre of this class come best front 1 hose who have suffered end been forced to observe through experience, To •pend too much time in dis- cussing f.i-cul I ies is a waste of lime; to use them loo much for OrrtAmcril is apt to fAiff IhOnl l( the superlative degree of vanity; to conform wholly to their rules is antagonistic, ' i They deteriorate nature, and are ruined by experience; far students are at limes like men ' s chins, that need pruning by faculties, but faculties, in performing the pruning, prune away the chin ■taelf, and irt destroying the good of the- pupil with the bod, have nothing left. Illiterate men condemn faculties; cultured men admire them; and students use them i for tire illiterate k now no heller, the cultured forever seek the arrogant and frivolous, and student are given no -choice but to ohey. Seek not to epntradiet and And fault with them; nor to lake what they say for granted; nor to And gossip or notoriety in- which they may Fetlurt; hut to weigh and consider the unsugartoaled truth, Some teachings are lo be lasted, others to be i-wal lowed, Arid some few to be chewed, and digested; that Is, some teachings are to be tasted by means of being in class in body but not in spirit; other to be swallowed by letting them go Ln one ear and out the other; and nOuU- few mud Iru-vll-nhly and unquestionably he chewed and digested to save a pupil’s skin ju t a A child takelh CastoriA, Some t cachings may be listened to by student JO that extracts may be taken a evidence for crimes committed; but most teachings are like common distilled water , flashy things. Instruction maketh a fool w ise sometimes ; conference. ms it with a gif! of gab; a net writing an cxeekleit t scri b-h I ■■ r. And therefore, if a man write little, be had no need to denude ' ■ his pert ms mb ip; If he confer 111 tic. he had no need to cultivate Fagt Qm J ' lpdr-rd $rrrn Ih i k v u l ' -.’i I Laic nli t-n loo Kish .1 decree; anil if he hearken So instruction tit lie h-e iltld have no fi-.kt nf Iwi lie a wise fool. Histories miiki- students sleepy ; literature, seasick; mat lie mill ici, clnll; chemistry, (aint-lifnrted ; public speaking, mule; Trench, And Latin, able to to visit the infirmiry. " DOCENDQ 1 ISCTTUR.’V K y p (!■!«. is Fabrication. tml nmy be corrected in coni inn gcinT.vliunr. lake an diiNMi of the bodjr may linve appropriate eiicrtaSc ; diet ht ' E i fc-oail for those who lip the scale past 3-Mfs sleepin-K far the nicht -hawks; dancim; far the Inmc; rine- i eii: For flit rnonotones, and the- like. So if a student ' s mind, he wandering let Slim take chloro- form. for in skepidft he ifiiy Cut « wood pllf pd effkkntly too! if Ins mind Inhere th too much. Lei him cat wiener ; for they arc CANES CAL1D1. " 1 If Jiib mirtl! he POt Bpl to improv (f, (cl him seek the famous 4th period class; so every defect of the mind may have a special receipt . 1 — Uitltu. ■ j — “W lea rn by t«« ehina ' Smre ■ ■ T SppiL 1 1 — Latin for " hoi dons " . “I. Brenner. ' If. Difficulties of Geometry Dear Mr. Blair, U think it much COmpl-fiter To voice tonight my sentiments in metre. This little thine. ] ask your blessim; on it. Is whhi. wt ttihni«lly e-nlt a son nr t. A sonnet did I say? Nay. I confess It is- an epic neither more nor I ebb. I 1 roofs and theorems do I aintj for 1 run yearning To sound the praise of -geometric learning. Tli«n let the s« lent 1st piirsu«’ his toil And urease hi machine- with lubricating ■■]. Build a bridge, or dig a mine. Or make electric lights to shine; Let. him answer, dare lo tell. Why I can ' t learn geometry welt. Lai Cicamctry hidden front our view Eh- hind its figures though it see ms so true. Thr upper part nf it so wrapped in darkness, Thai nulhirttf phrlrl it, hut oUr j}iefc 4«r’ b rigEilness, The very gad of science may ny It was made for 1 lie professor anyway. He never lectures or never talks — AH Sis.. mo-iIh i a bltckbfrsril nnd chalk. Some awful problem given a a lest. Then down he sits — we poar kid da the real! Forgive Mr if ] fall in -ccslatics Would tlia-l I -could t th i: blame mathematics!! YenJ taught me mat hem at I VB. let id pass How could you know it war a hopeles 111 err? You tried in vain my intellect to hem. Ins id m harsh triangle (Eteorrnl- I tried my best, no one can y T wuuLdn ' t Learn wha l t could and copied what l flultbVt- I his too was while it lasted very rotten hut now, thank Clod, Forgiven and forgotten, — L. Dexter-, ' 21. A friend Is one who Her forever, A friend you have for worse or belter. Belter hooks, be tier friends that never conic to an end. — E. A. NLejUhr, ' 24. Po$( 0} rHnwir«i ATjflf Mi n d ■ .v M ys teries Hnvp yon ever hid the feclint; that nomcthtni; you did happem-d heF«n, at the very place 6 time and with i he same -people-? It i an indescribable Ftelin-g whi h mitip 41 nil occ in the llittinif of a moment. At lime it to rnf Ihol [ met oner before an- utter itraniier to whom 1 have Hull been iiytroduttd. Agpift |t m (tnbkbly iieh an Iniifnificinl thine as passing the blit- ter a l tho dinntr table, or i.t (i r.yrnc remark the teacher made in school However, tri-viat l]ic incident may semi it puzclcs and my a- Li lies im-. Fr-obii lily- syi me will ray thnt we art juit enacting a hit. of liFe which occurred before the present one. There are the believer Ln reincarnation, wbo nay that tin- iim I lived before , in some era previous to our No mjiltcr how foolish tjw belief may be, it La interesting and enchaining to think about Perliap one wiil imagine that ±h r wa ClrejyHrr paltinK the poisoned fruit to one of her stoves, when the fee I mu Vomer to her that she has parsed the fruit at the name [dace and time H-iFUT before, S-n, next time you have that odd Fee I mg. try and imagine who you may have been before i in the same position tong, lent; ai£o. — ESernice Goldman, 26 . Pro 1 1 d Worn a tVs Vo ft i ty or " THE TALE OF ONE MONKEY " Dedicated to Mb Tulle on the occsedah uf the tir t appearance of her fur-triumied d jra . The re was n happy monkee, From sunny Africee, Who played alt day in Ik forest. And |rj|i( fr-S m tree to tree. His heart was full, his life wili sweet, He ell altered gler-f uLIre: ’Till one sail day a hunter dime, And shot him from the tree. Hi nice soft coat of velvet F’-j r, War out up Into bits; Hi rtio to PE tdil by which he iwuni, War thrown In the forest pit . The monkey died but not in vain. Hi life ho ]|vtd— D gue .; For now he i an Ornament Upon a lady ' s drrs . Thus do happy harmless creatures die, Who wouldn ' t burl a flam Be they manor monltey, they MUST vrve Proud WomanV Vanltee. — L. H, U. Pa$t One H ubdrirtf „V i ' i« The March of Progress It had hrrn n Hot day, And thr night was still mare unendurable. The interior oF 1 1n- cottage where we fellow »t " ' g-B-iMpln-g at Rrd Bank wa in undeiinble place la put up sleeping quar- ter . Fifty fellow mater tries.! it-— hilt for mi, 1 wn no tired front Olllf loftft trip it tietl the bay that L decided 1 mutt have sleep. According to my decision T took a blanket and pillow from niy l i ' jI ami sought a place out doors under the airy canopy of heaven. It was stilling and t could not decide where l wished to make up my bed, Up on the hanks loo many tourists loitered, so I picked my way down the " isle of the drop rsvlnt and sought a place along the xhorc- At last I found an ideak spot. It was in a little cOve of evergreen, where the ground was- covered with muss and only a short distance from the quiet glass -Like wafers of the hay. It was just -getting tli.isle, hut I too tired to care what the Lime was and that it was much earlier than my usual retiring hour - So I spread out my blanket and fluffed up the pillow— a thing about which 1 am very particular— ' and, lay ■down, What an effect sweet repose hat Upon A man lit vl ch OUrrotltVtMnia! The trees around me formed my Four-poster such as we had in our -old colonial home in the city. There were no v nr tni iv m around my hed. as -grandmother used, to have except the whole universe, No mat- tresses. Save the SOOl soft moat- With such surrounding and possessed with the fc-rling of being out in Cod ' own count ry, 1 wnt certain that E would haw a good nig tit ' s rp t. The last few purple and gold rays of the sun were fading from the sky, and as. ] saw them disappear, 1 recalled a remark passed by some tourists concerning the beauty of our Wisconsin s u uni- 1 s , Yes. I Ivey could not be surpassed, it was growing duskier every minute and one after another the stars began to twinkle. I dosod off Into tho land of dream . Suddenly 1 began to See light), shining through the trees and from a distance 1 heard a deep pom-pom as if an old Indian war t uric were bring played- I ildiilii— why there wo Ottrt before me slouching his way through the woods! I lay as still as death, and after E thought. 1 had given him plenty of time to greatly increase the distance between us, t again breathed with a greater sense -of safety. But the monotonous tom-tom of the Indian was song seemed La t e growing louder and Louder, At last I looked Up towards the bank. All the OOttifjes •■Trrtr-d to have dis- appeared and all that greeted my eyes was a huge roaring tire with hundreds of fantastic figures dancing about if, while the eternal tom-tonv continued, 1 looked closer at the forms around 1 lie Fire. They Weft ' Indian brave . whose bodies were painted and sni eared with bright red col or which gave them d very Fearful aspect, The fire wa pot mu Hu bright enough to illuminate their features, but by their silhouettes E could see feather sticking in their hair. Where did they come from? But I had no lime to consider this ciUeetion for my Attention was drawn to the beach- Distinctly I heard the muffled sounds of canoes and I could almost di tin- guisb inorr of the redskin coming with silent tread up from the shore and hastening to the meeting plage high tip on the banks, E ; ..i h brave carried a torch, and a the light darted in and out among the trees and underbrush. E silently watched their bourse. And then 1 became conscious of noise around me and 1 remembered the atorLe of snake that grand Father used to tell about and how the woods in this section used lb be fit ' ll of them. [ cEt laddered and pulled my blanket about me as I thought of there brush prowlers. I again turned my gaze up towards the fire On the hill. The brftVeS were (till (Lancing; figuri. ' - wrrt EilL gliding through the trees; and above all, the everlasting tom-tom of the war drum wa heard, Etui suddenly the tom tarn was drowned out by a greater noise, and I felt a co-id. niOist. tll- describablc o.iVi.elhLnp pas over my face. Now I sat up, thoroughly awake, and s-trang F e to oy a II the sight that l had ju t been witnessing a few minute ago had completely disappeared. Up on the bank the Lights of the pavilion were hurtling Instead of the blaring ben-fire. and sver I dancers were still tripping the light fantastic, I he band was playing one of the latest " ’EJLucs of the day, and 1 smiled as I compared the sound to the monotonous tom-tom I had just heard, lli.it where w.ift the Endian that had stood in front of me? Then I laughed a I saw a crooked tree decayed and oovrred with unde rbi-osh growing in the place where rny nocturnal vi sisor had stood and had 0- frightened mo. Pdsft OtisHkndnd TV a GaxLflS around 1 taw the wood full of fife-ftie =t he torches of the Indian . ccrLainly. Dawn qn the bench A few night r(iw rl -wpfp thawing Up ihr r canoe , not Indian braves, hijt twentieth ri-ntury people, I noised « 1ml the wave began la lap 1 he tliorr at silently but surely as the wave of tilYia- The snakes l ho l 1 had imagined were nothing but ihr gentlr- rustle of the leave . 8 -ml what win the indescribable da top. thing that had awakened me? I suddenly felt l|i« r me t hinvj tettch my blind, and a. ] turned around l h-u - Prince, the faithful camp dog, licking my hand. And what WA that noise that hud signaled the Indian away and had even drowned out I he round of their t-om-lom? Ah, yes, now 1 heard it again. ' Twa (he d rep tow growl of thunder growing louder and louder. The La t straggler on the pavilion left, the band cemr«d playing, the light were es Lin gu Lulled, and [ wan left in complete darkness, Drops of rain began to fall, first »lowly BUd then faster »tvd faster- Prince be an to whine and wag hi£ (nit, and with my mind filled with Indian dancer and pavilion stra-gglcrs, l gathered up my improvised bed and hastened up to the cottage with Prince at my heel , both of lit glad that the thunder and rain lirOUiised a much desired drop in tempera tim ' . —Isabel Brenner, ‘114. Indian Paint Brushes In the lime when this country was inhabited largely by the Indians, a few oF o certain tribe livi-d i si .1 little Ll riiri:Ti; in 1 hr -p ii.|cfr F .1 (hick wwnJi. Thii spot wbk their hiding pl-ntc, anti having el ysrrted the tribe because they were dissatisfied, they were now preparing for war against the people- they had left. It was the task of one old squaw to prepare the war paint to- be used by the warrior . This -squaw had chosen one of the young Indian maifid-e ns an her assistant, who wit to do the old squaw ' bidding. HP matter what if was, Now that these Indians were preparing For war, the old squaw began her task. One day while dttinj; on the ground just outside her wigwam performing her task, she ordered her young helper to hunt for a certain specie of herb, Tim 611 immediately went about her task, and came hack and gave the old squaw the plant she had leathered, not thinking that they might be tkr wi-on-g kind, The cruel old (|iid,w, without stopping to explain thy error, slowly rose From hi- r [bos it ion and grasped a club to beat the girl. As shr drew the club from the ground, which he did only by puttin-g forth a great effort, a sht was very feeble, she lipped the minturp shp hid been preparing. She blamed the girl for the spilling of the mixture, and gave tier a harder beht- lasf than Hr had hr t Intended, It i said thill the nest spring an odd species oF flower sprang Up in this spot where the war paint mixture had. been spilled, and it is believed that this, soaked into the ground, and hav ing been a mixture of herb , produced a flower known as the “Indian Paint Brush,” A few of these- Bower , perhaps diangtii somewhat, by lime, but bearing 1 the same name Can still be found in the little -clear iris in the woods, though now not thick, where this is said to hove taken place. This is just a short distance ou tside the city limit , —Melon Dickey. A Legend of Mari be t Caves While we were picnicking one day 1 1 JUrclm-er out at Maribel Caves, a lady in -our party told u the following tory,s I ' Li ring the time that the Indian inhabited that place, a plague Spread among them, Many of the Indians were xlickcn with the disease and a great number of them died, I hair medicine man claimed that lie wa able t Cure them, but demanded a poqd priw. He Agreed to help them IT in return he tould marry Chief Og ornobe nize ' s daughter, Agatha, the prettiest m,iid«P of all the tribe-s. But Agatha was very deeply in |$ve with an Indian youth. However, her father was very eager that she should marry the medicine-man. By hi influence be gave up her lover For the medicine man, hut aid she never would really he hi wife, So immediately Following the ceremony. he jumped off a cliff, down into what L qqw known n I be ' ' Wishing Well”. A , tm a shr touched the waters, they were 4 lid -Owed with a power to beat, and thus it was that t he Indian were cured of the dreadful plague , F urt her more, by drink mg a ;elilri of these water , you can obtain any wish that yon may happen to make. —Madge C riff in, ' 21- Ptyt One Wuadr d The Graduate Behind liinl 1 ji ' tht yun of hi: hoot. Eh-hmii the doo r of Old tla t H i pin ; Ilf Fore him not ihe s;ho i of fa roc, (If for - him only cloudy ky , The tttch ' aid r 1,1 Now mu»l i‘ u uQ, For La! the tufloLi jridet are won. " ■‘Clood teacher peak. what shall I do? " " ’Why do. what you find h = t to do.” — Mildred ?J«Hoir. The “Aeroplane” i mi annual like it It’ nice to kecp-iind rrmrirtb f [ Like it. Ten ye r from now I ' ll lake it mil And look il over Ihr n tlouht . While other l h in kb w tH make in »3iout K I like ill — L. Pftfrwm. " 25. Ptifji On Hundred TikIk Locals In, days of old when braves were bold. With chisel and atone their tales they told. Today we have a different ruse To propagate our daily 1 news. D. S. ' 24. E. M. ' 2-1. E. W. ■‘24, Pupr OntHui dr !,i Thirteen Miss Cherry Blossom Swinging Itnttrni, swart-smelling cherry blossoms, iw table . and mald-an in bright cal- orcd kimonos, [ripping lightly to and fro weak! make one really fee! ns if he were in Japan, ill c l n ritl ct Cherry BloEB-oms. Such ip the mar of the musical C medy, Mira Cherry Bla o:ii, which Lhc itnior d«u is to pro pent lomtlimi [.he latter part of lay. The story » [hat of a young American irirh Mips Evelyn fhmtr, barn in Japan, whole parent, die there of Lhc fever, and no she is brought up as a young Japanese maiden. Her father ' 4Cr«- inry use ln-r property For hit own ends, When Evelyn, who it known aa Cherry Blossom, j i bout cischleeii, Worth Jn-gton, the s-ecr-etni ' y. returns to Japan on hie yacht with a party of younj American friends, One of them, John Henry ' Smith, fall in love with Cherry and withes to marry her, but Kokomo, who her brought her up an hi own daughter want her to marry T og p, a rich politician. The notion oF the remedy center around Jack’s effort to outwit To-po a ml Ko- k«iti4, Eventually Cherry learns her true identity, comes into her own property, hrttrrlri Jack and 11 end happily. Th« part of Mina Cherry Dlouem i played by Elsa Grimmer, and that of John Henry Smith by Edward Burra II, Kokomo, her Japanese father, in Harvey Sargent and Togo, her Japanese suitor, Clarence Ten. The part of the secretary , Mr. Worthington, is taken by FiilLJ Eng-els. James Young, Harry Foster Jones, and Jessica Yander pool, some young Americans of the yacht- ing parly, j,re played by Jack Walter , Harold lloltcrmann and Ethel P utpiainv , respectively. Tin musical com cd y is sura to be a success a Miss Ley and Mr. Moore are the director , and 1 heir phi] | ties along this line are well known. Alias Gregory is doing one of the hardest task , the taking ear-e of Iho fintntitl ond of the production- The Senior Gloss wishes to espr their sppre-4 lot i ii of the time and effort that these three faculty member are giving in order that the musicaL canidey may be an a su red success, Ca mi vat Once inert, on February 1st and 2d, East High was the scene of it annual carnival. The door were OIMthtd at 7 1 1- 5- and a noisy, happy Crowd surged forward!. “Lc ” Hansen was soon heard announcing Tillic’ Jam Theater and the crowd wa soon jammed into Mr. Je lining ' s room, What was the matter with Tab Sturtr’ nose anyway?! The neat hig attraction was the ‘’Folllr of ‘24”, EtI Btirrall and HLr chorus in " Last Nile dp the Back Porch” wa the -sleverert number and It made a big hit, Gkjixle Itl’i and Howdy’s Soft Drink Parlor fur nishetl the drink for the crowd. Keg, Bud and Bill were the birttndtrt and were mo l ellicianl. The TcacherH 1 Back was one of the most popular booth during the Carnival again thi year. Wonder why? Dick Hummel could be heard advertising hi a hooting gallery aobve the d in and many tried thyir luck there, Those curious to look into the future had all myslerip unravelled at the fortune telling bootb- Madnme Jouc Cerise Beauty Parlor was no popular with the masculine port of thy crowd a with the girls, Is it a wonder? Look at all the pretty girls applying sideburns. niunUti he and manicuring. " For Men Only " is still a mystery to the girl , but it proved most popular with thy follows. " Twilight Gardens” managed by K. Hagerty and J. S-awhar offered dancing for the crowd. ) loiter man ' s Band Furnished music the- first night, Snit Duguninr Co. the second night. This wn tho first time a hoys ' Follle w-n ever held at East High and they made [heir appearance the second evening, Here Yvonne War h bur n and Bill E ngel were announced as being voted the best all-around girl and most popular Fellow. So ended East High ' s fifth and mast successful Carnival. Futfr 0»i H kntlttd FoicrtiiH Football Banquet The- annual bnnq.uel f(T the fw ' ball boy was iiwn this tar by the Girls " Prp Club irt the Sewn; lia-onir The girl - had a special motive 1 hii ve-».r to givr theif iuihjiir .iiion fra they were fivirtg the banquet not only in appreciation of the liatd worlc ukJ ■■.hiljty of the bays, but in hornii- o 1 the team, wlio won Hie Foil Hive Valley Ch-bmpiO-fkihEp. Thi room was prettily decorated in the school eqloi . thr him (rime Its? hi were covered with red uitiI white crepe paper. Tim eeilinj; w.i«. (riven a low effect, by red and white twisted festoon and one side iff line room wen partitioned off with the same colored drapes. These deco alio pm ' {live the room a more homelike and oozy appearance. The table were placed in the form of a T and the speakers were seated zlratt the er««» of the T. Bright red candles burned cheerily at the three ends of the tabLe and place cards decorated wills football, helped each fellow to find bis e p«ctlv place- In the middle of the table was a e-amplet m in i at Lire football fir! !, there were kwiI posts and ten-yard lines and eleven tiny dolts drrsHed n,s football men, each bearing the number of the player he was representing. Ry mean of this little football field and players the boys were able to play over their many victories and especially rhe East-West victory. They lined up the little fuotb.ili fellow In many various formations in -order to illustrate their points. bis pretty girl wearing lacey caps and aprons acted as waitresses. The football idea was con- sistently carried out LhrwiiyliOa.it the enter,- hantitlsL, even to the serving of tiny chocolate ice eresm footballs for the last course. After dinner toasts and musical numbers were enjoyed. Mr. Current acted as toast mister, and the foi lowing program was given; Toast master Informal Songs R«htiniKtnt4t of Stiteti Why We Have Athletics Sliding Through Co ch ' s Point of View Why 9 Like Toot ball How Athletics Affect Our High School Life Some Snappy Ones Mr, Current The Boys Clyde Bunker Ms. Di ( Mr. Engels Mr. WiLey CapC-F-kct Naumann Mr, Ninon Al] of Us Fire Prevention Week 1 ire Prevention Week was recognized at East High this, year during the week October K-I.li. 1 uesday morning, October 9. an assembly was called at which Fire Chief Faulkner sjuikr to the student body on ’ ' The importance o-F Fire Prevention. " After return i.iiy to elassc a firs ' drill was held mid while e¥-S ry tie w.i outside Mr. Faulkner explained and s ho wed the students how to send iri a fire alarm, the opening o-f Ws and sending of signal. Wednesday at the regulftl weekly Assembly, A Fire Prevent I on Program wa given, Richard I lummel told about " The Origin of Fire Prevent i-or ' i Week " — Gerald Bogart spoke concerning i be " Economic PhasE of File Prevention " 1 - — Mr, Current explained " The Chemical Importance of Fire Prevention 11 and during his talk he demonstrated the use of the fire extiaiyui slier- — - □ nd Miss Ley’s Public Spukini el a g VF a one-act play in the Form of a Mock Trl ! at which Cnrclessnes wnS tanvlcttd for life since he wst eetid(l«rtil the juutcc, pf All fires f’iiy. ' Oaf ZfuJiJrrJ Fiftttti Declamatory and Oratorical Contests So much an,ter k w lhnw 11 in f arena ic work this year that in I ho declamatory l here vtrt eighteen conlrst-tai ' il , Lkt- E.-irgest number evs-r to tryout, in the history oE East II i if In School. It w.i s decided to hold a private 1 ryout afti-r ichwl end membert of the faculty judged and oil as- the Ijfit right for the regular tryout. On March 2b- the local tryout we held in the Main K m find Til Lie Cohen wap given first place, Loi Tcrp. eOond P And Fl ore no Hjinttn, third. The fj rnt and s-c-Soild place winner entered the carilcrt held at West High. April 11. The hoy ' oratorical ruulrst w» held April 1 1 la . It was also l private- tryout fiEter school. Anthony Daley wan it Sven first place. LflWfenee S rvai second, and Joseph Sa Liber third. The ftrd and second place winner of ill is tryout »l»o entered the contest April lj. t at Writ Hi (4 El. Green Spy wm vt-Fy fortunate in having the- content here. The (ItchniAlttrV and oratorical Contests were held Ihi aniiu.- evening. There were eleven contestants altogether, three from Oconto, four from We l Hilh arid four from East i I L ; 1 1 . The declamatory context was futrcme. ly clone. Each girl had the personality and sol F- U ranee of a finished reader. Naturally, we picked Tillie for first place, for her poise anti charm were WSltdcrFul, but thr judges decreed ■otherwise Anri pin- Tilly second and Abbie Jane Hall, from Oconto, first. The oratorical contest wjia cLn -e iind In-ry. Oconto had one orator, while East find Wert each had Ivro, East placed twice in the contest, Anthony getting; second and Lawrence third; e West High orator won first. TliOIC winning first and second places will enter the suh-dislrhJt C Mtc tr Here ' ll luck to Tillie and Teny, Our First Debate Assembly On Monday, March 34, wr had OH .’issem-bly to cflrhr.Ur our victory over the first triangle debate thin year. The negative team hail -defeated M-ftnltOWOC in their new auditorium by 2 to 1 decision. The- affirmative defeated Appleton at Green Bay 3 to 0. Miss 1-ton an was in chars of ail impromptu program. The first speaker. Willi-H-Mt Engles, gave hi L I repression of the Applct-on -GrCCrl Elay Qe- bale,’ 1 the- negative team then took up the story oF their experience in Manitowoc. Clarence Tens told of the negative team ' s reception- in MemtOVnjC, John Walter gave us an in- teresting talk entitled L Introducing Vaudeville in the New Mmlilawot Auditorium’ ' . John is nn expert at mimicking anything from a frightened girl to a caged lion. F.lsft Gri turner (obi ui her emotions during the “Moment of Awful Suspense” when the judges were o drC-H-dfullj ' slow, and then the decision was finally changed giving us I hr victory. Mr . Clisby told u her impTcssion of the Ma nitOwOt-GrCOii B-Cijf (1(1)11 and printed the Mini lowoc auditorium, regretting that we were not to have such an essential |il)rt of a school build inn in tile l ' (w Ea±( High. Junior From The Oat of ' IS- have invited the fieri lor to be their guest at the annual Junior Promenade at the AlUmc-x Community Houtc, May Hi. The music for the evening will ho Furnished by the Royal Garden Five oF Oshkosh. The di-cor- aling committee have planned that the Kikes ' ) c ill think thornsolvos In China a Mah Jo-ngc dec-orations are to be used. The COrnmiltee appointed by the class president. Thayer Suavely, are a followed Dccor-fiL- inpj Commilti ' c ! Jean Bell, Chairman j. Florence Reynolds, Florence StraubeL, Lucille Van Thvillt , -‘ nat, Earl O’Brien, Auilirt Peslftcbe, Lloyd Patton and Walter Neufeldt, Refreshment Committee Betty Baker,. Clitirntsu, and .Alice Stoli. Music Committee — Frnnce-i Richards-Or). General Arrangement Committee-; — Kendall Cady Chairman, and Robert Greiling. Faculty Adviser : — MLsa Greg ary. page One ffujidjed Jixfi. A Competetive Stunt Show (Jn | In- avpning of December 14, oL the Whitney School. the second mnu il 1 imt nIuji . of Fast Hi h wO " (Ivon, Qn cilt r-inil the auditorium eat it person wai presented with ,i pruurnm of the cvrnin i performances. After reading them the t udhtt«t was consumed with curiosity. Far the titles of the net were mettitivi and orivinil. Every suit h d heeit kept .in absolute secret and the audience anxiously awaited the rising of the curtain, The curtain rose, every- body lei nr- 1 1 forward ilihI listened closely i o ,u not to miss a single word. From the Chemistry f’luh ' old joke , but funny, to the r.lte f ' hch ' ?. d heard on " T wish ] were -a Lillie Rock ' end SOrtlC wished they rrtrr the audience we i ' held spellbound . either shaking with laut;bter or . I ■. i ■,- 1 L y wiping away tears. Each -act war so well presented that the judge found it very hard, to decide which duh was the winner of tlie cup, Howci’cr, everyone agreed f bat the cin.1 Cl ri b Wms much the best- The faculty advisers of this club, Mis Hansen end Mi " SchucHr are to be congratulated on this artistic ttt, It show that the stunt can be beautiful na well ss clever and funny. The program w» aS follows! THE D-QCTOR ' 5 OFFICE " A onc-SCt play in which all the diseases were extracted Eroni student , nl hast High, f " In- irk 1st t y Club — baculty Adviser, Mr. Current, II— ’ VENUS ' REVENGE " A clevt-r play ha which the Girl Seoul ' came to the rescue -of a victim of Venus ' jealousy. Cl. - t I Sccmli—I ' at Lilly Advi ser, Miss McKee ver. 1 E I — 1 " F AMOIJ 5 PICTURES ' ■ A urmip of such fnmilUir pictures »i |L The Angel us " , “The Strawberry CitI ’, and ’■Mother " . Members of the -club represented the original models. Commercial Club — Facility Adviser, Miss Hansen IV— “A VAUDEVILLE ACT " Featuring Barney Gwtl( and Spark I 1 lug, Mask and Wig Club — Faculty Advisee. M s Ley V— " THE CO CRT ROYAL OF KING WILL V AND HIS WILLIES " A hobo hand from, Ninon 1 hollow. lo-wa. fiOt Mr. Nixon k goal, Hoys ' Glee Club — Director Mr, Moor , East High Parade Fist High faculty and student body combined. worked hard and faithfully to sloge parade which the business men of thi city have proclaimed the best that they have seen put out by it school. Floats of all sixes and descriptions, red and while ribbon ' g yly lloaliug in the wind truly represented the Wonderful spirit of the a-chonl and their eagerness for the ce.mlnr foot- ball dash between East and West High Schools.. On every side, everyone noticed the remark ahle skill of their display. It was said by several business men of til vi ty that it did their heart " ' •’uod to its " those ypungsters hliow up " the way they did, One of the hest features of the parade WAS the " Triumphal March " planned by the Latin Club. Reviewing the army was Caesar Augustus regally arrayed in Imperial colors even to the laurel crown, Thi well-known arbitrary ruler was none other than Alvin Jim iky, a member ef the I .it ip Club, a true monarch Indeed. Other member dressed in Wc t High purple repre- sented captives of war. The victors, atlirrd ip red and white and wearing the heavy armor F Homan warriors of old, marched with haughty mien and disdainful countenance as they proudly b. ' d their enplhrs through the afreet . Vatfi CJ14 Uutulri rf .Sir- Alin 1 Another float bit-nut if u I ty ftrt-d streaming with red and while carried “The Spirit -if East Hi-gh " , WtUtl mndcr a canopy with attentive body guards betide her. Thi wn one of the prdlirpt tablcat.iv of thin Haunting, spectacular display. The ' ' Spirit of East High ' 1 ohoica and appropriately personifying this f|Uiiiity was port rayed by Ethel Pu4UtltV«, One of the many tilling which East I ] it; l i troaslrd! at t hr Li .me w.n i D 0 . in E»,mkmg, Thu- the Commercial Club was justified wh n lh«y tdtcUd a booth of red and white bearing ICO hanking in lnrg« letter . 0 it chief Attraction. Another L-nlry was t|rw Dam r l iv Sdrlltt float. This exhibition was character bite of the de- partment, Cirl ■ mm ncu lately garbed in white imifarmR, carried huge rolling pins, arid mndr very Capable appearing house ,-wivci.. In the midst of tills group stood two girl who held large baskets Ailed with candy kisses which they threw to (he crowds. Madly dashing up and down eager to show his remarkable ability one perceived tin- race- track marvel " ■Spsrk-.Plug " , who is famed the world Over. The Senior fellows upheld the dignity of the etfhcol by ppc rid g with high black lints, null canes, the ' ' dandies " of the time an they swaggered nonchalantly down the street, but — what hilarious syncopn.ler.sf Hast High ' s Jsit Hand, hnheked in every imaylimblv costume and using to tile at most their musical ability, furnished some lively " ateppy " -and peppy i ii 1,1 ml- fpr the benefit of the apcctalorK. The Sophomore hoys celled hack to memory the days of the Revolution by their Indgnlf ' Thu Spirit of TS. " Ho! Hoi What merry-maker ftre the«« irt their red point Arid clown d llg uiMr ? The Mask and Wig Club by dress mg their member as jesters, a tided up ice and laughter to the parade- Not only ere American poster flltd litnntP found here, hut French ones a well. A large body of pupil , nrterFibcr of the school ' s largest organisation " Le Corel e Fran ear? " proud I •. displayed the tri-colors of France in the form of caps which they wore jauntily upon their hepd ' ■ Now, every exhibit .ion of this kind must have a marshall and an assistant to keep things, to gelhrr, Bill Reilly was appointed marshall of the day and Harold fclwig his aide to ace that the parAtle was rightly conducted on its march. These two rode prancing horses and made very imposing olTicers. A large wooden ' L E " ' was decorated with red and white and was carried in the parado by the Chemistry Club. Their members formed around |l thu making it a Living “E ' " . Nyst ttmr the football heroes seated an trucks. The enthusiasm of yells, indicated the stud- ent ' s. feeling toward the football sfguarf. S passe? into history the best planned, most remarkable student parade that East Hi " ' has ever staged!, Band Concerts The first of a series uf concert presented by the Cil-l-ii Elay High Schools ' Band was playe ' i at Whitney ScEioqI, October Sikh, and was At We l Hiflili auditorium two days lo-ler. It was difficult to-.ee in the band the same organization of last spring, so accurate jmd easy their presentation of tEse difficult number on tEic program. “Annie Laurie " grand f-jmtasLa. i comer solo by Miss Bernice Ln-, champion soloist of Wisconsin in Class ,L W Bands, feJitnr,.- l hi concert. About five hundred people heard the Whitney School concert, while almost pine hundred packed WvSl High ' s auditorium on the second night. The proceed enabled the band to purchase instruments of which they were much in need. Mr. Moore, jls bin In be expected, wax more critical of the perfOFm.HltCe lltMlt wfli, the public and he started the brand men through a series of stiff ' workouts, in preparation for the rtexl coO ' cert. Immediately after Christmas vacation, examinations were held for all bandsmen, nivd JVflf 0 ff Hiidird fitfgAimu the band, -wan reorganized. The r juv rtlft-Mi or-g • i ' laa l io-rr of thirty pieces, outfitted In new uniform played before capacity hou se» at Went High auditorium, Mnrch 22 anr| 23 in the Spring Concert, The crowd i were the lei; tit that have ever heard a concert of n local band. Many w t re In mad u-wuy oil tin- refill arty scheduled niglU and an over How concert wai played March 29 for these patron I. SomO id«» of th« t r m»ndflus prsgrtu made by the hand can he pained From the fact that the firut number on the program " ' Symbol of 3-Eon.Qi- ' 1 ' , an overture hy V. I.. k-i.;|iH, which Li a number to be played by all bands of Clare " " B " at the State rournamcni: .it Lake Geneva, m rendered in an artistic and almost flaw I ess manner, although the contest was more than three month away. Last Spring many extra rehearsal! were necessary during the Last Few week to prepare the Hfttllt number, even though it was an -easier overture. The final number, dokctiOh from Gustave l.uders ' successful musical comedy “The Prince of Pils-cn " ’ wound up a program tht would do credit to any -semi -professional organisation. A we go to pres the band is preparing to go to Appleton to play a concert «n 1-n.wronoe Memorial Chapel, for the benefit of an Appleton High School Band, They will lake in the state con (eel nt Madison. May will present a patriotic concert on two successive nights before Decoration Hap, and finish a strenuous year with m four-day trip to the Wisconsin Band Association Tourna- ment at Lake Geneva in June, Girls’ Pep Club What an interesting name l Who arc the members? W ha t does Lt do? Whit il it aim? These questiona and ninny more are asked by outsiders and it |s a pleasure to answer them. An Interesting name? Well, E should say so. There is so- much ILFa in £»t High’ girls that the club just couldn ' t help being called “ ' Pep Club ' " -, The members? livery girl In F.ntst Eiigh- Wii.it s I ei i - - it du? Suw-r it is impossible to tell everything we do, we will just tell a little about tile work oF this club during the school year I If 33-21. Last fall a meeting was Called Ond officer elected follows--; Ethel Pv-ciuai.no, president.; Alice btolz, a junior, vice-president; Lois Schilling, a sophomore, i eerelary-trca urcr; Marguer- ite Uurdoi-, and Evelyn Lampereur cheerleaders. With these officers in charge and Sires Ran-.iri as out adviser. we began M once to prepare for the East-West game and annual parade. Every sir I in the club was- busy. Some pluyed " “Betsy R6 (“, but Instead of making U- S. flags, made red and white pennants; instead of white stars, pasted white E ' s r« red pennants, autE vice- versa and then nail 3d them to sticks about three feet long, East High was a busier pl-nvc Ih.irt Santa ' s workshop at Christmii time. [ " asset shy, hearing the hammering and pounding, won- dered if the school ym being remodeled- Thus« pennants were used Ln the parade and at the East-West game were so distributed a? to form n block E On the bleftClKrs. Soiiir turned decor- ators and trimmed the Main Hoorn more beautiful than ever before, Csr(, lOO. wery deeorptod in red ami while,- Sin nr of tlie girls turned guides. Their duty was to nee that the football fellows were taken out to RclI-wUr Park for practice- hiofcolbaLI man remained long on the street or in the main room after 3:30 o ' clock if -ftny member of the Pfp Cluh were around. After the football season closed, the team was given a banquet. Members of the P p Ouh transformed : i ' li " old sawing room into a beautif ul banquet hall Naming with red ami white. Its a Lo , 7 To arouse school spirit and to hack everything in which this s-chool pOrlifllpftlOS- The Girls ' Pop Club is proud to be able to say that East High appreciates its work. fkijv f sv ffh Fid-ri it ' A ' rnrfrf n East High Chronicle SEPTEMBER — School againl Mr. Nikon agrees willi U thflt It’ pretty hot- Thirty minute period . 5 — Everyone trying to get settled, Sophomore have herd lime i tfcgc e! roem . 7— Senior first to have i: ln.su meeting. Bill Bridle elected prcsitlent. Bill K, inlerinc wed all tea-cHer for hi . article in Presa-Gasette. New teachers entertained by old teachers at a eollngc At Lake sidy, IT — Cafeteria reopened. 16 — C ir la’ Fep Club reorg an Isced . Ethel Duquninr preside (it , 19— -Junior have cl a . meeting. Thayer Snavely elected president. 2+— Snilk in main room. 3rd period- Jack W. hero. 26 — - Assembly. Cheer leaders elected- Bisk Htrm«V and Pat Holland, 27 — Booster Committee appointed. 2S — First tip mui meet inn- Everyone ’’pepped " up for (he ([(mf SttUldty, 29— East High 7, vm. Alumni 3. OCTOBER 1— -Mr . Jennings tried to atop a truck, at a consequence is In the hospital. Mrs. Jennings taking eare of his daises. 2— Junior and Senior Girls entertain Sophomore girls M wtlnar roast at Kellogg Woods, 3 — Two class meetings today. Juniors decide on class rings. Seniors detide (P have pictures taken at Garrett ' s, [—Mr. Leman got a piece of glass in his eye, L. Hannon took charge of his Biology cla t. 5— Pep meeting for Otoidd- Why are » many boy going there? -First genie won 5 East 7 OcafitP 0. El — Season tickets on sale. 9 — Song books are here. Everyone bring srven cent and get yours in assembly tomorrow. ID— Assembly. Mr. Moore sell song book . L. Hansen buys first one, IE— Sot ' lil problems otnss had 0 speaker 1 , Mr, LI of Chine, ■ 2 — Pep for Oshkosh, 13 — ' " Did we lick ' em, well I guess. " East 34 Oshkosh 6. 15— - Fep assembly at ITS fnr Oshkosh victory, 16— Lot of worried .prop! . Report card out tomorrow! 17— A«»cm bly. Girls ' Glee Club made first appearance, 19 — Maas meeting for Marinette game. 20 — Are we downhearted? Not in the least, even though Marinette did heat us. 22— Charlie Franuen fainted in lower hell today. Trying to take Vi ' s place? 24— Boy ' Glee Club made their first appearance in assembly today, 2 5— -Queer noises heard in French room. " Oui, Je n ru pas dc haiirlf ,’ 1 26 — E, H. girls hoping for victory tomorrow so that football fellows will visit a bar bar shop. 29 — We won. East 20, Shawano 6. Bill E. lost hi cave man appearance. 30— I00 f , in banking, W will wlrt the Cup y t. 31— Hdllow ' een, What will happen to night? NOVEMBER 1 — No special damage done to seling. La l night. Was, (he water cold Kendall? 2— Pep assembly for our parade and the Sheboygan game. Fred Bmrrall elected cheer fead.CS- 3— We won, 26-0. 6— Assembly for arrangement of rough neck and color day, 0 — Rough neck and color day. Where some of them found the combinations is a inystw- 7 ' — Big East parade— you knew why! 6-9— Tro’jh r ' Convention in Milwaukee meant a happy vacation for us. f ' Qgt Our Hundred TtrriHV ID — ' East And W? [ g-jimc! Enil T, Rasing 5. 1 2,— Pow ' I ' d w ' ■ , It wnt om-ic blaze-. 1- 1—- Mis Unmca ' t chair broke down in 5-th period-. 1 3— Fji c li 1 1 v had. belter stiirt reduciivg. Mr. Leman chair broke t u-:i.’i y. l E-verylwdy par in’ t-P g , We surely f el orry for Ap tUn. 17 — They needed Our sympathy oil r i g h 1 . We beat ’em. IDr paolbnlL -fell own kin ini; around mo in roam Lonight. " Kaanisnn, where ' i Sara? " Jd-— Ei alter ty entertained sixteen Lellermen at a chicken dinner at. fjlangleville.. 21— Fellow reported tEsril the ■wLulihflne were mixing. 2- 4— ' T-P-e Day, Money needed In order to jive football fellow a b nqud, — Football I) j n q,«ot. Bunker 1ar l to ‘ " ■give him-Bclf " away. Other refused to pari with “thomielvei ' 1 . JJ " -Awful sleepy day today. Mr. Dice fed a leep in the library thin afternoon. 19-39— Thanksgiving vacation, Many thank ! DECEMBER 3 — -How many went home for report card ? a — Don ' t forget your dime i □ that you will be able to hear Mi Neil on tom or raw. fr- -Mill Neilson -pave Drinkwater’ Abraham Lincoln " ’- It hAi certainly Appreciated. 7— First basketball gam-e at Reformatory. JD— Ticket given- to StafT member Co tell for Stunt Show. 1 I—Clulu practicing hard for their stunt . 13 — Assembly. Each club told ur how sure they were that they would win the cup-. Some of them will be dU appointed. WV wonder which ones? 13 — Wa Marion’ candy food. Edgar? It i too bird that. Miss- Shea found it. nttttury for you both to leave the library. 14— Stunt Show tonight. It w ain’t a big aurpri e that the Canti-nrrcial Club won the cup. after we aw their ilunt. 17 — Baseband fpjit.e honored. A ke4 to btetdtul At Waupaca thi evening, t-S — Mr- h ' iiCQ-n and Mr. Current ere gone. Chemiitry chiKi enjoy a little vMnlioit. I ' 9— Many old students arc coming hack. They can ’t stay away. Kenny Shaw visit u today! Jlk-Mr. Nison back, No more cfccilcmen E ■ - - — ■ — ■ — - 31 — Many vacant acuta thin afternoon, but how about the Grand ' ? v " ! to Jan ?—Ch ris-lm as vocation. JANUARY 7— School once more after many free, happy days. Senior credit posted. How many seniors intend to graduate? 9“-Leading mert a hd choruses picked for the " Follies " , IQ“— hio school this afternoon. Why? 2 inches of mow felll 1-3 — East goes to Oconto IS-i ■ Oconto’ luck. H Debate tryout. Te mi were picked. 1 : r— Bi 1 1 thinks It’ rOUgh-neck day every day. Isn ' t that right. Bill? I C— Assembly— Mil Hail talked to u concerning the needs of the Armenians, l “-ho school — -visiting day for the faculty. 21 — Who spilled the water on the floor? Sara slipped and fell. 2J — Ehimi going strong. End of Pmci-ttr. doitdlA know, ? No assembly today, too marry esams being given. ’ ' I ' - Folli t eem to be rushing work — stayed till S:3D today, 2 5— ' Weak for falls — Lorraine Schoen fell during the 4th E’er iod today, ! !i- — E.nd of semester I Everybody working hard on Carnival Stunts, •• ' Mr. Jennlttgs explained all about the new ruling system today. They go into effect At 1:00 P, M. ' 1 ““ Al I school need now are bolt and bar . I ugt tint i ifjid i i ' J’rrrjdy-PHi FEBRUARY ]— night al East High — An mini i Carnival — lot of cxcilemcriL — lot . of fun. 2 — Rii; attraction tonight at Carnival is " IfoyV Rallies " . •3 — Every Stall member at tfhotl Sti ml ,iy m a niiift— hu ildi n iy a LI upb and span by 12.00 oVtodk ■I — tS J-p " iloTin— Fs(y Ity and CD p-upil prOMnl, 5— Still bigger storm, No faculty and no pupil prtltnln IF— A|[ hoping for another blizzard, J— French Club parly tonight in " gypi ' 1 Dancing, refresh ment a, n ' every I hi ns; . i — East goes lo M an I low 00 — Me- p rn ke the most basket again. 11 — Eloy all dying of curloiity. A new g!rta‘ club organ i Bed. Two thtpUtt the A- C. C, " and K, 5. S.V (S ' - " til period French class lead pood laugh — Ed Burrell fell off hi chair. H“-Mr. Nixon received a comic valentine— Who known from whom? la — ' [ ' he orchestra vm fin e e verybody had a i.;cn d lime— hut by the way Appleton heat us. 24 -12. 14 — Mi Mix first to brave the " lion " -— came with her hair bobbed today, 19- The " lion ' e |?ren ed himself a " hating loin; -haired men and short-haired women " 21 — Assembly — Lincoln and Washington program. 22— Washington ' birthday n school, 25 — Mr. Nixon to ha gMriti entire week, 2? — 4th period study hall was- naughty. Mr. Jcnnina-r be pi them ID mlitutvr afSer c:I»Cm: I - 2fi— Mr. Slilea from Lawrence College iu.ni; in the amenably today. 29— -Earl ami West basketball game at the ' ‘Cracker Box”. MARCH 4 ' — A aynior hart to go home and bring hr " daddy " ’ back with him- Tom bad Frill. Norhert had lo ring his smiles ko Mr. Moore asked him lo give uu a solo, and Nifbcrl did. £■ — Honor roll polled on bulletin board. 7 — Some nap , ho I a were polled in lower liu.ll this morning, some i liter citing one too. 10 — Mix Shed b I lie second bnc lo beartl the " li M ' (Itn " and shy ha her shingled too. H — Loot! A went high class ring. Fleanc return lo Mike Peter , 12— - A(»cmhJy — Did you ask iF Mr. Nixon belic-vex in League of Nation . 13 — — -New heilc installed — It ■ enough to iviahr anyone want lo “pm oul " . 14 — What Is the faculty com lnj| to? Mill Gregory and Alia I. oner g an have l heir hair bobbed- Ih — Did someone n k if Marie El. were Irish? 18— Only one more that ' s- all — Min Heiberg has her hair b btrtd— pcrmin-CHt wan- tool 1 9— Saxoband played in amenably. 2(1 — Aeroplane tubfCTiplioiti taken today. They didn ' t come (tying through. 21 — Feler Ev«m save n Ed opinion OA the ptlft of admittance lo the debate. 2d— Assembly for debate victories. 25— Bunker plea e rclurn to the library at once the hook entitled,. ' ‘Girls Who Httftrrtf Famous ' - -M — Declamatory contest. A senior, T ' i I lie- Cohen, took first p1o.ee, of course, 41. — Spring in lurt— ihr little hoys had iheis nutrbl l- out and were playing in, l he main roam af tor g!»oo!. APR 1 1, 1 - “April fool!1 2 — Mack debate given in assembly — a dictionary was necessary lo unders-t.-md Betty and " Judge " lo Lind erst and Tab. I-— Al. and Cl-n-Atrr were given detention slip by Mix I .it Lie, for wrestling in lower ludl- 4. — Cart for clou play petted— EUn and F, 3 are our leading lady and man. 7— Mr. Cartier anil Mr. Merrill a poke in assembly con cC rm ng the ideteries 0-F eur debating team . May he we aren ' t proud. 8 — A no I Iter sign I hat the school year is nearing close — a thunderstorm. 9— Mr. Moore developing a misplaced eyebrow. I Ft— -So be 11— lid we meet Again. fVjr;. I n j IJ m rtifri d If ' wirirXg.fBriu Organizations The mainstay of out social world And indeed, our civilization 3s whnl vvt ' hero present to you. Harmonious orgaiiizatiunb, 13. S. ' 24, F . H r ' 24 . E. N. ' 24. Pjrji ' Omi. ftiJIfif i ' T - m nljf-ihm laisGtKtti The Green Hay High Schools Hand The Green Bay High School Band wa organiEtd by Ernest C. Mooro. Director, mi February, 1 23. Since that time Ll ha advanced by lotip A ml Iwmid until at the prevent time it i» one cl the best amateur build in the state, Shortly after the band w a organized, it played the conecrL i;i,ven in June by I he combined choru eG and ore heal raa of the ooli-uol -, f-nd perform ! in n. very creditable manner. On JurtC 15 the band, traveled to the state content, ut Two liivcr:-., Anti w(l Awarded third place, i t n soloist. Mi !? JlcrripOO bet. talc ins; first prize in that claf - I h band war nOtuolly awarded 2d place, hut wa forced into third beenuet- of a technicality. The bit ild OlT ' with it fiyin-g lart the fol lowing September, and in Pio-ve m her E-ivo their fimt two concerts , both of them immenet suiicc ses. Thin wu followed by Another duo of con- cert in March, which were, if tlwil could In; possible, even more Bticceiaful than the first. Their second concert were given in the bandV new uniform , which arrived juil in lime for the Per- formance, A- Week later the band -crave a very luccrnful ccinml far the hay of the WUcormii Slate Reformatory-. fe-llo-wiitfg till with an exhibition for the Y. W. C. A- On Wednesday. April IG, they will play at Appleton for the Lion ' ( " IllIs of that city, and in May and Juno, trips to th ' - contests nt Madison and Lake Genova arc pi mined. Only a few members of the hand will kaic at llio eml of thii year. And they confiilt ' P tly Imp- ' to continue improving Hiemwliw next year. J. M, W, 2i- Ptijr Orii: II icpdrrd ' . ' u -i r» f[ l fmir Green Bay High School Saxoband The C.ri ' H. ' ii F!;iy SlI-behiI S.i so ha 1 1 p I wit successfully rtf ■■ : rm i i.c ri in October under the k-ad- ■rnhLj« of Mr. C, W. Leman, After nuni croup e n nil (f emeu tP in and olMSiJt Cr«« Ebiy, they played jiIL Applet on mider the nuipEce oE the Lions Club of this city. They alao broad nested frrtm Radifr Station WPAH at W.iu- PJ-lji, Vjscoii sail. As ji result of their .splendid showing they received many comp] i me nl-nry I.elrK rains and Letters Fro in thirty-two stales a F the Union and front four provinces of Canada. Tine succrRM of the organization was largely due to the talent and effort n of Mr. Leman. The P+honni-l rtf the argon I tut Ifllt is as follows Bass — Harley Picrner Baritone — Clinrlen Sipple Tenor— Grfal Bast Tenor— Lout Msuti, A3 to— Alvin Sp V4tek A3 to— Walter Nyufeld AltO— Nfjt it 1 .lit l Lh1.ii 1 1 L- Soprarm Mr. Leman. Pvsr OracWiiJidrcd Twwntv-f tt jV 1 J y , ' jL, f . W ■ » L % 1 m ’Wjrw2K " £ k. ' ? The East High Orchestra .Although the t.a H 1 1 i ■; 3t orchestra ha» been urga i-kircd far several it iit snfe to j-ay (hot in Hit mfiUt of jyuttbnt npUil iirt it w rk. tht»( i wt another echool yrginjiaiion that out- strips it. Several public .ippciranctR lire btin planned For it, aa well ur a trip to lint State Con- test in Median In May., where w« confidently t’ls s »c-e-t it 1« to its traup of laurel . Ear I ier in the year, the V. A. gave- a Sunday aFternoon program. and tin? numbers liven by (hr C r ybi-s t r. ' i cont tlbv till i n m Lc-ihSi,ly In the ilkcmh «f l hi- afternoon. When the- an uu al Green Bay High Schoo In Musical I’rcsram in given in June, the orchestra ' s part of the program wilt, ax uxli:iI. In- v, hjt L in tin- price of itipiiitian. Too much credit cannot he given, to Mr. Moore in training thi - -active orga nidation ,. and the Orchestra leeks fm-ward t c e highly year In 1925-, J. M. VV. ’24- J j 4ipr OrtliiiiUd ' yed Tuiffll aljt The Boys r Glee Club In the fall oF ' 22 a boy ’ fllee np3 Lifes was organized at East High through |h« unllrlni c fork of Mr, MbOr-e. Immediately It (Ab5i hAtl itself . 1 -. one of Elio 1 i w l bt nitaLiOnt in the- school, and ex pc ricncvd a very h ticcer-sf 1 il lencon. Whim l he tryouts were announced last September the riipmiiir wn ko hearty that a waiting I Lit had Id be formed. Around, the nucleus remaining from I rihl. year ' s ohorui Mr. Moore ha Formed a tie club which promise to lurtum it worthy pr 4ittM»r. Tho fllhb bf fbflpt Iwtnty-tifht vok s, adhd r«h-oar «U dre held for two pr r 1 1 jeIh each wcclk, one period being d v ted 16 miicd choriip work. The hoy studied hard and earnestly and ns a result are able to render HitTIcuU ddrclieit- with apparent teafidtjite and cnic. ' Tim far they have appeared he Tore lire assembly. In- fore the Woman ' Club, before the Y. W. C. A., and at West Ellgh witli the hand at U ‘■prins concert. Tltoir audirnert have been del ■ it Med. for ln t end of htnrlltf us-ual attempt of boyii to harmonize on rinrple songs, they have heard songi of college caliber executed with college precision and! in college style. For the Aeroplane Stunt Show the club worked up a clever sketch, " Kln| Willi am! hlr Wear= its " . The roc ne represented Niron ' s Hollow ip Iowa, St w« everting After A heavy rain and aitiny knights of the road lay about near the lire drying themseUep, Over them ruled that cunning find eloquent tyrant, li-ing Willie, Stolen plan — spook — and buried treasure were involved. Fhroughout 1 III- sketch were interspersed appropriate song and musical selection . !lrnnihi of th subdued light Or their fear «l spook , or the villas no lib looks of the g:ang, the judder could not the club for dwwl. The hoys .ire- now eagerly looking forward to the big May Concert and also to a trip to Madi- son its the cut I y part of May to compete with choruses from other parts of the state, Token as a whole, the reason hah b on entirely lUttHtful, and much credit must be given to Mr. Moore For the sacrifices he tsar made to improve the club-, ami to our ever-faithf ul accmst- I ' .isusts, the Misses Syhia Levine and Lorraine Schefe. CbwWwridrnf 7 , » , fiUV-wtfn East High G iris ' Chorus TV »Cjmr have net yet, Md the opptrtUflity to Sl ar till tn-j nS«ti Fii thl Jill me mean i little, nevertheless it it a lively anti progressive dub. Ea-th Monday morning we assemble ill the Athfj n k room To rehearse. “Illue Monday " may iccm o pear Lime to hold a rehearsal. Ini I wr can anurt you tht Inn; before it Ls ended w« have chased the ' L hlue " ' away, There are thirty of lit, nil wilhiig and determined tQ do our best. We do not always carry out our resol Lilian , but a few wordi or a look of warning from Mr, Metre OOn bring W - to time, To belong to the chorus dott not meen ell work or a|| play, w rttu±k obey orders, learn the songs, sometimes memorize the wfinlt, learn lo stand, brttlhe, and hold odr book .correctly, hut if we didn ' t have to do this there would be no occasion for our fun nor would this work be of eny value- Mr. Moore may seem very dignified when he steps upon a pi at Form, but you might be surprised if yon could hr down In the tewj ng room at ft: I H on Monday mornings. He always ha a new joke and n pleasant imile. Every girl in the chorus wisht for patience like Mr. Moore ' s and wonder how he can pour out so much of hi jovial Sarcasm without making enemies- We owe ulii hULLi ' ii to his skillful and careful instruction. Up to this time all Green Bay school choruses have sun ' ,; in three-part harmony, but Ibis year Wr. hove attempted to ling Four-part songs and have been successful. This shows that we hftVc been progress! ng . We hove appeared before the public several times i In January we sang at the V, W, C, Aw on Marcli ?B ill the assembly halt at the Declamatory Content, and once before the assembly- The East High Girls ' Chorus will |.ika part in the Miy Concert combined with, the Junior and West High, choruses making a total of about one hundred voices, —Caroline Kan tier, ' 2fi- Pttft Ok? liundrai TlL ' rdljl-tffflftl Le Ccrcle Fran cats Lc fi-r«fe Francois, with approx imalcly hundred n twenty-five itn-mbirs, is the largest and laii r of the most active clubs in the s-chaol,, The prusrSm «jirn Hi ■ t 1 ee under the supervision of 1[h Lows ft i ■ ntvd Alis Tutte arranged a study of the French pr vui-Cc» with mony interest- ing sidelight r on Custom which the club finds unusual, and imuiin£. There life ocopsionp.! French stories, rcadLnys which arc typically French in dialect and local color, m us! Cal num- bers, and Lrn.niLati.onx oF popular soil (is into French which the more talented members sing For the neophytes. ■Vlcelings are held fortnightly. After adjournment, the member seinelimti rer fit to indulge in a social hour. These soirees arc very popular and ten o’clock OOiTtes all too soon. The retiring officers, Lore III Hannon, president; Ethel Duqusine, vice -pres ide ml ; and Mfti- garet Lin;, secretory arc succeeded respectively by A-iituliny Daley, lie tty I ' oellcr and Ken- dall Cfttly, FiTpc Out Hu ndred TtW ' JlJjMtfrlf Be Prepared (i!rl Scouts arc a national or mkiiLian. I he hrsi club in Green Bay wjii Formed last year at F.,i=ifc I licit School, The purpose oF Lite club in to unify the hOl ' I.iI act I vltift of the girl wit Si Aff- vi ge to Shi min i t y , Proi; rarw of educational value are given at the meetings. The gills are working as rapidly its possible to pais their Lents,, This- year the Girl Seoul a aln won second place in the Stunt Show. They presented «n Mints ual stunt, “Vsnili ' Revenge ' " , The finale was. a tableau showing the activities of the girl " and the profess ions open to women. Enthroned was Motherhood, the greatest of all professions, with the American Flay for her background. W | tli MjA«MeK «vr as our adviser, we Teel oertoin that th is etflii imlisn will continue to grow. The ofFieers for the fir l semester were ms follow ; President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer For the second semester the o-ffieer are; President Orlene Butt rich Vice-President Mildred Sppdc- StcrtUry and TreSSUfer Evelyn Van, Cnlster OUR PROMISE On My Honor, E will try To do nty duty to God and my Country To help Other people at all times To obey the Scout Laws. Thelma Libert . .Alma Coe I Marguerite Gerard f J CDf Om Hu-ntirid J ' J| irJy Mask and Wig Bant; ! BanStl! The malting will please unu to order. Roll Clll F,v rybpdy present. I their any old business? Diteusaitm- I there any new buti neir? D‘L £u tion, Are tberiS any vol- unteers to give entrance rtldinei? Silence. IF not, we wilL so on to the program whltlt will be epri tl with a long and immediately- followed by a one -act play which Did yenl a k what (hi it all ahout? Why a Ma rk anti Wij mtttlng, of course. There’s the President and her faithful Secretary up at the desk; the room il Crowded with girls no boy allowed ; and one of the august ad v i ora edately preside in a rear Beat- The Ma fc a fid Wig, the oldest club in the school, meets tvrry other T uesday. Every year the girl ipom r declamatory work, and have entered many successful contest- ants in the various contest . At present, the club is working on their henchl play which i given each year to raise money for the French Orphan that the club adopted in lMft. Theplfty t l)« presented this year is “The Charm Scho l " which it expected to he a huge succcsh, And now if inyone desires more information runvurmny this Illustrious club, please con- sult any of the member , dr come and visit us next year. Officer for Firtt S m H Tt President . YEce-Pre-sident . Secretary and Treasurer Ccmor Officers for .Second Semester: President , Aim Cd l Vice-President Till it Cehtn Secretary and Treasurer Philomene Kaye Censor. ..... . Isabel Bren Per Advisers! Mitsri Cordon, Ley, Little, She.v. Isabel Brenner Eva line Harmon Philomene Kaye Alma Coel PagtQtu Hundred J7firf -0n East High Chemical Society Amony the eighty S-tvI-d-ent enrolled in chc mi try, and l he- seventy itudcnti who had studied i hmiihlry I n m t year, there were many who felt the need of .1 club. To moot 1 lii lrni.md for n place and D«Mim to ' ‘humaiure 1 ’ chemklfy, th F | Hifch Chemical Society i»« formed, No attempt was made to i mliier tludfnU to Iw-tonm member , 11 it war believed that volun- teer would tiiJiky ii more active nucleuR for real growth during the first year, hence the mem- bership -w i much smaller than In other clubs. Boon a fter at formation the club entered into the competition for the Aeroplane stunt show. Tlir Sjlvc Brothers, freak from Kuscke Collasye nirtd ttudenU of such di r n crS m BUdTs, f ' Eap- IMtSHius, and Mall and Stair I 3 a ease-, tic Id c nta lly , ours was ruck wholesome and original fun that we won higher place Ihbn two older, more experienced, clubs. Next year we plan to orjtin hr early and benefit hy the host of chemist and scientists in iriid around Green ESay, whom we will incite to meet with u far round table disctJAsionA. Officers for this yr«r were; E ' residanl Vlce-Preridc nt Secretary Adviser Philip Jareoiurii Stanton Haight Alice Blolz Mr. Current f-Vigr Of t H u dt ti Th fri yduv Co m m e rcki l Cl u b Obi October 25„ 1923, the eomuncrciui] Student of EjiI High met in the OBsentbly had for the purpose of ergeniaing a Commercial Cluhi whore purpose w , to- promote Friendship in scliot ' -l life to become converse nt with modern pros; rc reive business method . end to Further the spirit af mutual helpful nm . All itudtntl Aibd teacher in the Commercial PcpMrtph-eFl-t of East High ary eligible for ibiemherj-hipi At prenurht there r fiFty-eight active nicmcri. The officer oE the club arc: Ff evident Richard Hummel Viee-Pr Jitd nt Margaret Lang Secretary and Treasurer • Aim t-pel Club A civile r Mi Hansen iJ-Liemeaft mectin;i are held after nihwl and one a month an evening; meeting i I ' -tld. UKually contisli ng of a program arid social hour. A Joint meeting d F the Ea t and Wert High CoitllW-er- el-hl Clubs was held n April 9 r 1921 at the West High Auditorium, lleverend Parr and Mr, C- 1, Smith gave very interest it ' ll; And Instructive talk!, The East High rrt-nle ([uartette pave a few selection , and a reading demons! rating iposturc w ac given by the Weal High at M dent . A typ- ing content between two girls from East and two from Weal High waa won. by Irene Hinti oF E-a-t High, The club in- the first month of it exist ence- t entered the A-Or-Opl ne Competitive Stunt Show ■ nd wan unanimously given ftrst pl ce A silver loving cup wan awarded the print. This priiic stunt consisted of living reproductions of the following famoui paintings; The Aiigetu — Millet Strawberry Girl— R-cjmoLd Mountain Court hip — James Hopkins In Old Virginia — Taylor Two Boy — Hertlgr My Mother — Whiitler Priscilla and John ALd n— - V . L. laylar and concluded with a Gypsy PahcJe by Aibita IClau . Thii stunt was so well liked that it is still being diteusred in a praiseworthy manner by those who witnessed, it. J J irpr (hit If-vrt-rfrtd TAiarfEHUni r ■P . + t « - - ; f M J y ‘ 1 t j |r N o s Salvct-e. e nidj c iptili !, Inter So:i, better known nn the L ill in elub h-nd it birth in organ- ised. by nome i-ltldLouii I-ntin atudent of the Virgil cI.m and Ll lid had o healthy growth everiince. Th.ii year teller Nor. thr«Ufll tin? pgge ti«n of Min MacMlchaeL, aur adviier, decided torear- grinlze in such a way nr to bItov every ' L-nlin itiiilrrtl ill the aehpol that Latin jli Uir mnl intef- eiting fli any other itudy, Thii wa dene by fflrmi nfi: legiOM wliieh t 3 1 heftrl the name of Inter Mo-. Thi legion ii divided i nto cohortr which ere the Latin, claBBer. five in number, In this, wdy all (tudentu taking Latin belong to Inter Nor. The cohorts meet every two weekr in their reipeCtive darBC , i-.n-li li.iviiig jaeogsiinih in keeping with their work; in addition to more lerioui topic , programs including gained. «nt4tl4, jnd joke are given. The Virgil students use putt- ing out splendid note book for ' ‘ ' Inb ' " work, while the Caeiftr arid fir l ynr 1 urlc-iitH nn- retak- ing [ iiN t r r ' n , ina p . co ii 1.1 ruction work, el cetera. In the Ermt par-nde Inter Nor Carried out chi- ld ea of co nil heat rtf Welt by typical Etonian triumphal procenaibn with an arch, purple el -id captive and eitllciH in tORd - Thi pring we j,r,- planning to hctld a banquet and a few oul- rif-doo r meetings, Officer! oE the legidfi fdr 1923-24 Empeialttr E " ir t Lego tu Second Legatu Quiictldr. . Seri ha Adviier. . . WUIlim Engrii Ittbtl M, BrCrttter John Walter Her nice (laid man Carl Son Mflaccr Mini MacMichael The chftrler r«e pihnr bequeath all privilege and dutiei of Inter Nor to lucceeding genr-so- tiani in the new Ittl High. VjiLelr. condi cipule. Fcfl Ojlf Hh Titfncd Thitt -foiif The flerojbtane : ‘ ' Mathtmatiti in (.lit 1 ylory of the human mind Le ibmilz. Trig Club A YOUNG LADY TO HER LOYIlK L ’ I auk veil, lir, to plant a grave Tp show that I ' m your lady love, Th is grove though small rnwil be wm pared Of twenty- five trees in twelve straight rowt In each raw five trees you must place Or you ih kl never see my face. ' " In t Kc fail of 1923 a rumor iwrpt Into Kid High lliat An advanced mathematic dub wft la be formed - M l»y student were rnthtiiiM|i over (lie project n l A n reeull a Triy Club was formed. Only those student who hrtd d vAutcd rdyebra could become member . This club ■i unlike any other nr it i nat a racial or ;; an i nation , but is purely ic ho I antic. The work to k - n u|) by tin- club, .is the name lu rili, is the fundamentals of lilysnu ipelry, namely. ycFierol formula , functions of th triangle, projections. logarithm , and Ih solution of right and oblique triauy les. The t e t Used i« this Oub«r i- I . Krrtjun ' i " Element of Plane EYiiianometry 11 . The dub meetings are held every Monday from 3:30 to 4:30 under the supervision of Air. Blair, who has willingly given his lime to help those who with to advance themselves along the mathe- matics line. We, the members, greatly appreciate hi interest and effort that made the dub succeed. Arthur May Kendall Cady Robert Jones Everett ho Louis BrJJauche Kor| ! ta-gcmei ler Walter Neufdd John Schreven Ethel Niejahr Joseph Ueiwiche Robert Greillng Stanley Binish Winfred Albert Austin Ciese Gordon Borbeau flarold W r ehcr " There Is nothing ■ in Utilities a al Str tf[on», " — Fartkdoy, East High Civic Club Reader of the Aeroplane; — ■ We, the members of the East High Civic Club, submit the Community Section for your ;:p» PtOvaL We trust that after its perusal, you will have o more appreciative attitude than you have ever had before toward the advantage of living In |he City of Green Bay. it it our pur- pose as a dub to further the interest f any group of which we chance to be members, whether it by that of school, the city, the stale or the nation. It is also our purpose to oonneot the intcr- eits of our school with those of the Local community, the state, and the nation. With these purposes in view all during the past year under the presidency of Gerald Bogart and as part oF oar dais work in social problems, we have undertaken the following civic activities: I ““The compilation of th " Green Ray— Homo Fl»r You " section of the Aeroplane by mean of interview , ueitleni-ire , investigation , etc, 2- The carrying of Americsn E-duealio-n Week to the workers by our noon -day program At the Northern Paper Mill . 3. The ftnli-wnsle-ptiper campaign at East High. d -The bringing to the school of the Following speakern an matter of civic Interest,; Mr. Li — A Chinese student of the Boston Institute of Technology interested in tbe paper industry. Mr- G- N- Dan i el ie n— N at ur a I izat ioil examines 1 . Mr. Richard M Li«— Association of Commerce. — The interviewing of Mr, T nrrril of the Wisconsin Industrial Commission in order to ob- tain better insight into the workings of the Wisconsin Compensation Act. — -The sending of committees to attend the naturalization hearings. J— The subscription far seven copies of the " Gut Look " for the Ee t High Library. Jkijjf Ortf Hundred East High School Jazz Hand t he East hi School J sue Bsmd va org-nnir-ed again Chip year at T In c be fi in n i ng of the Fuot- b.ill sc ason, While not adiunciiii; the reputation of the band any, the member certainly 1 Ite l it up. The band we riot as su L-ct-s f u 1 a it mat; hi have been because of the lack of coed leader- ship. and l o because- «f il..- l ek of mud-e- However-. tlneji learned mu« ivieci-a including; " On E-net High SthottV ' end rvmt of I he -other old fiwilee, rMtl [Hit In an nppcAr-MIte at nil of the home ifimii. They alia appeared at inotl of the out-of-town |i me , lie I pi ni; the few rooter that were able to make the trip, to put " ' pep ' 1 into the team that represented East Irl i K h. Some- time the hand was as few a is .fi ve in number and iornetiiyici as many a fourteen. This w n he«:-uise it Wn net pOllLblo for nil of the member to Attend all of the fames. Beside ptaying at some of the " pep” meet inn in the amenably hall, the band look pnrt in the tirmu-ftl p-irade before the East- West same and were Riven a plate at the head of the lines. I he members of the band vrere: ' ’i rof” Haeir. Bud Warren. " Xy lo " Wrifht, Art Andre, ’ 1, f at ' M Andre. " Bud " ' -St- J hn, " Pat” Hellpnd, " ‘Dkby’ 1 Ihtmttp. Clrefce Stw, Harold Haltermann, Waller Neu- fcld, Norman Pealnt-lhe. Bob Brunei t and T onnld Reeke. Musi of the member will still bo in School the cu-milig year, Add it i hoped they will he able to- have a larger and butter band next year. Deb a te On January l 1. Lryout for the debating team were held. After much deliberation the judder ehtHs WiHI m Ertyct . Lr-ormrd Sthtlltr, Robert C roiling, Clarence Te? . John Walters and tl a Grimmer, with Keneiall Cady and Law re nice Servair as alternates- Williin E-t ' Sels, Leonard Helve I lor and Robert Grciiing were placed on the affirmative Loam and John Watters. Elsa Grim- mer and Clarence ' Less on the negative. Four week a ter the tryout William Engel found bi- work SO h» vy m to neoess-llatr lii vfltlititiwil fro pi the team and Kendall was chosen to fill hit place. A feeling of fildtun sett Leri over the remain inn rfitiribcrt of the art inn Utile class when they learned that William Engel , the veteran debater had to withdraw, but when Kvtidnll started to work, the cloud of depression lifted and the team went Lo work with a will. On March £1 the affirmative- of East High School met the Appleton trio at Eaut High, and won the debate with a three 1 a n-etlting score. )ii the same evening the negative Learn travel i ' d to Manitowoc to meet the Manitowoc affirmative. After A Ilford fought battle the Hast High came out victorious with a score ot £-1. There results made East High the champ-ion L)f thr second triangle. On April 4 the hast negative team met the Oshkosh affirmative team in t he East High School and won a unanimous decision cvF the judges. On this same evening the affirmative team uf the hast Eiigh School lrh«rM t» Qsithpsli to mrtt Ihi- 0 1 ■ In, h negative trio. The East High Sch fol f-ovight gamely but failed lo draw a favorable decision. Tine S-CAre was 2-1 in favor of Oshkosh. The East High School won- the -chnmpis-FiS hip of the second iiiawgte in the league and 0 h " hash was the clmntpian of the first triangle, but when the two champion rPct, Ej)P-t Grc-rst bay came out the winner ‘ " copped " four points out of the possible ri points , thus giv I iv g ITast I fig li School tin- championship flf the Fox LUver Valley Debating League, and the tup, which is lo tie come the ]Wr m pent property of the school winning three victories. Till I? E l High’s second yr.v - in tlie Foif River V.,!Ley league, wtiich is made up of two tri- angle?. The first trio- consist of Oslikoidi . Fpftll dti Lae, k-rtd She boyjj foi ' high schools, The second trio cornust of Eant Green Bay, Manitowoc and Appleton high school . The coaches, M.i r Ronun, Mi»r Little and Mr. Niton are to be complimented on their escel- lent coaching of the debaters. After the tryouts, four inexperienced boys, who were frtic of ac- knowledge -of debating, were turned over to these coaches. This untrained material had to be f a ir-yr One fimdVrd T irljfssfx whipped int-rn winning ni si wrrk« time. This meant hours and hour of rvtra lime to be v pc nl in concentrated work. The iO che , how«VM. knowing what had la be dame in order lo make winnen. oF these five boys and one -:i-rl, rand they «fltln]y dad not shirk their duty. Most of the schools East had to compete with in the league Ore larger than out school and a number of I hem oiler epnrs-Cf. In debating. This was another handicap EdXl ITtgh had to over come. If Ea t High remain in the U kfU4 another year, a course Ln debating, carrying Credit should he otle red the students. Then (his concentrated work of the eoaehes could he extended to a larger group oF student . Instead of turning out sis debaters. 1 Vu.it of whom are sen Lars, twenty Or thirty could be trained. This would give East High School a better chance for victory and the valuable result ■ uf debut im; would he Felt by the school and by the comrrtUrtlly. JOHN WALTERS John Walters-, I he harhdsomE-, firry, debonair first speaker of the ne fiat be team co-itceded the fact that he was not a yctrrfm debater very cleverly front his opponents by bin forceful manner cn the platform. John always courteous, to bis opponents, his conduct still right wit b thi argument wrong, opened the debate with a dash- HU closing argument were so forceful a to have not only live audience give him a deafening Applause. but his opponents- joined in voluntarily. John played the part of the entertainer from live opening of the debating season I lls ue- truful dose. The day the Oshkosh. nffirmAllve team orrived, John met them at the i-lAtion, Hr introduced himself as a representative of the school, gave them the hearty welcome ex- tended thtnt by East high School and then proceeded to inform Ibr viaitors as to the kind of a negative team they wrrn to meet Ln the evening. He said that the trn.ni consisted of three members, namely ; “A girl why is A " rapid fire ' " debnler, n well as a veteran and whe (Jin knock dawti na arjunient with but a word, a debitor to be feared far her forceful rebuttals. The next member af the team, he said was very serious minded fellow. He Raid, " he hath a head to J €gi- Out Hundred Thirty-wm untcivtt a toni ut 1. persuade, And hand to execute " . A hard man tnj beat i-n a debate. Bui fellow , the third niomhtr of lh ‘ negative ii ■ " ' dub ' ' , I havE known him sixteen yean and 4 uhidr of {cutting l wo let of teeth, 1 have never known him to do anything worth while ' Thiir wtTC the Owhkoah tram introduced In the nrga live- of East Klfh School by John Walters. CLARENCE TEES Clarence To». upheld the dignity of the negative team at alt times. lie nm mbond, " that there ii a proper dignity end proportion to hn ob«fvO(l in t tin porfetn ' itntt ■( every not in life. 1 ' When he stepped before h» audience the team thought of Milton ' s two lines, ‘■With SF ve aspect Ho rotr. and in rising seemed A pill nr of it le. " Any doubt of winning vanished from the minds of the team when Clara ft " tnrled to de- fend hit side of the ytlHlioil, Clarence ' s, speech showed! constructive thinking, His facts were based on sound reasoning therefore they were Invulnerable to the shot and shell fired at them by his opponents. Clarence is an erprrl on sewage di pOS I, If mty ttuesliPn of such a nature should arise in v gr home just call Clarence by telephone and he will give you a plan which is bound to pray? " not only efficient, but a cheaper one than your present method of disposal.” Clarence ' s attitude at all time was vary serious, lie opened the debating sea pops by appear- ing Ln the classrooms. hall and library with a Urge number of book " , pamphlet , and clipp- ing tucked under his arm. A the debate progre sued he collected mare and more material so his l-ia.nl became very heavy. One day he surprised and amused not only the team, but everj one he met. by carrying a large brief case. This added more dignity to the cause in which be was absorbed both h-rart mid soul, Clarence showed his ability or a real debater in his rebuttals. He cauld think and express his thoughts without hesitation, He was able to refute the argument of his opponents without having t consult his reference cards which showed he had given the question much study and I ha light. We have one regret when wt think of Clarence as a debater. Lie it a senior, His high school debating career has clop-ed far d anil for him, Clarche-c, we cannot keep youi we- do nat want to keep you, but Oh, if you were only a junior. ELSA GRIMMER Elsa Grimmer, known through out the Fos River Valley as “Eapt High ' s whirlwind girl debater’ wa tin- only veteran member of the team, Elsa lived Up to her feminine privilege by being able to talk rapidly and to the point. Hrr delivery was volcanic- tier speech showed the work of n keen analytical mind. Slit- showed that Chicago war a pCiOr hcu i--k reiver, because she ikiuHi! her front yard r d dumped the gar- bage in her back yard. Elsa, a true daughter of Eve knew that (he back yard must be cleaned . 1 well as t he front yard! in order to be sanitary. She not only stated this fact, but she proved it. W hen Elsa stood heFore her audience breaking the arguments of her opponents with her rapid volley of worth , everyone ay reed that ‘‘when she will pLay with reason ami discourse, she can persuade, 1 ’ Now. what shall we do? Is the East High (I PS® raced? Elsa, hap bobbed hair. Old thl fact hinder the progres in debate ' ; No. indeed it didn ' t. Debaters of the gentler nev have- been known who b-nl hair a yard long, but they could not come up to Elsa. She is a living recommenda- tion for the hpbbedi hair. She has proved that the length of a woman ' s crowning glory is no indication as to the 0 mount of hr in she bos. Elia is feared in rebuttal, Some of the boy debitors Pay phe is Sarcastic. Rut we all know this is ,j li :■ t a little bit of jealousy or their part as Elsu can find loopholes in their argument that they never knew were there. When Lina in her rebuttal stepped to the front of the platform and answered n question which It ad been asked by the affirmative team like a UltLe soldier, every bild knew that Elsa was fighting For a victory For East High., and she won it, tooi. Elra ip a winner, but Fast High will have to let pome other cbo L have her nekl year. She is a senior. We hale to lose you Elsa, but we shall always remember “Our whirlwind firl de- bater, who could frighten the men with her rebuttals ' 1 . f J ir yrOvif Hiimirtil K-tiliI.JL Cady, Lhottn m one of the- alternate lit. the tryouti, entered Ihr deba t r j U il four week l tr. ThGdhE not dlxeouragr k..,- ■ ■ i I n.] I any, H t w it to w«rk -it oner, a nd when hr stepped before hip Audi elite the rv (li ng of April -I, it wap not npin alternate, who wax four week Late in getting started, but an a veteran debater. E 3 i k manner and speech were convincing. He bad the fact at hi tongue ' end hut he did not leave them there. He showed hi opponent where they were weak, in fact in- wax i|uitr an riptrl in re peel. In hLn rebuttal he ihowid the number of thing admitted by the Opposing team to he no f seat ax to leave no quextign in the mind of the jtidfe a I their decision, He proved absolutely that the negative team admitted they were wiont. It mi -i jjdrftH urr to liaton tq Kendall debate- He no vr at any time qviotcd from the Literary Digest. which h owed lie had rend (rOm materiel that belong to realm of the more lerjoux- minded . Eo.il High School, you are certainly fortunate, for Kendall i a junior. He will be a seasoned debater for 1525. E»t High ' hope. Good Luck to you Kendal, we are juit waiting to see you pet Oshkosh next year. ROBERT G RE I LING Robert Grcilinp a junior and another hope for Bait High School, ihowed hint elf to be .quite an expert on drnu and weirx- If you have any question concerning t emediai problem . juxt a k Rqbert. Robert delivery wax fiery, Hi audience a it Eiitenecl to him proved fact after fact. " Why Chieaso ahould be allowed an adequate amount of water for utnltnry purpoM " , eould not help but thing, " ' persuasion tip hi tongue whene ' er he talk ' " , P chert wa an ardent worker. H believed in work fmt and then rr t, iSVvrr for one min- ute did he stop looking for material o-n the question, He wa never idle. beat year. Robert, you w ill he a Veteran debater. You have had all the raw edge worn off this- year and Oxhkoxh will have to go rome to get you in 1925, LEONARD SCHELLF-R [.rOihiirti Sl hrl I ,- r wax a very strong link in the affirmative team- A Leonard ltepped on the platform the even in of April 4, and ilalivarcd hi spaoeh, hi hearer thought l " a Ds most hone , Cicero " , Leonard persuaded hi judge that the lake level are rising, even though it wa ■SOntrary to Warren, an authority on thii subject. But Leonard knew that " the object o£ oratory alone I not truth, but pernuaiion " , Leonard was the optimistic member of tbe affirmative team. Even during the darkest hour, when victory seemed way beyond their reach, he held xtill to General Merry ' x word , " Don ' t give up tin- ship”. I la firmly believed tia.it the way tq excape tins uphill grade wax by never In mi ng back. “Kir-cp mlling and forge ahead ' " wa Leonard ' motto. Leonard, Fast High -School i sorry that you are a senior, Kendall and Robert will mi x you next year when they whip Oshkosh three to nothing, “Julia 5-hcn, Librari-art.. Jkijw Orar flmidTnl Thirt nhie when ‘or is rtftjrtiiT f lNT lr MtMOKUS contented SHHiL SfN IOK5 Pafff ' Orti ' }i ii rudrtcf FckH r + ' I Community Section Respectfully dedicated to the ad- vertisers and reading public of the Aeroplane without whose assist- ance our publication would not be possible. Dear Readers: — We invite you to give the offerings of our advertisers your careful consideration and to read the discussions of the many reasons why Green Bay should at- tract those seeking a permanent home. This department owes its original quality and completeness to Miss Little’s fine spirit of interest and co-operation. The Aeroplane staff wishes to express its grateful appre- ciation to her for the thought and energy given to this work. 1 + I I I + I 1 l + I 1 I I + I I I Here our gallant Charles DeLanglade With skins and furs in 1745 I he foundation for a city laid Which we uphold in 1924, ii 4— I i i i I + I I i l 4 I ' I i j i Green Bay A II o m e For Yo if ! 1745 - 1924 DeLangiade r the pioneer, saw the vision of the Greater Green Bay and bequeathed it to the generations which followed him. If he in the long ago could see the advantages of locating at the mouth of the Fox River, how much easier must it be for the present generation to visual- ize a Greater Green Bay, —4 I I I j I i i + i 4 I | I I t r ! — + All Forms of Transportation bV Transportation - Our First Industry Friends of Green Say; — Hr addre this article especially to you. Of co u rsu, wc believe that, you will want to apeak in favor of ■out city. Therefore, you will be interested in knowing what wo eonsider aur first industry and how it niiih " , Green Bay ' first industry It transportation, Moreover, believe that Green Bay ha a more efEicLe-nt and adequate system of transportation than any Oily of it »hr in W i sco ntd P, Unlike many other cities it ii not dependent upon one form of transportation. Our oily Lr located at tin- mouth uf a navigable river, on ail important arm oF the Great Lakes, the busiest inland waterway in Lh« world, in the center of a net work, flf the nation’ best highway traversed by bus and transfer lines at the heart of an in t eru rh.i n trolley service for both passengers and freight, and at the point of inter section of four busy railroad. , Must Iffl- poriant of .-ill is the Fact that around our city lies a productive territory » hie h can supply product to be carried through Green Elay or which, needs those products which, we can dis- tribute by our efficient system of transportation. We would like to call the attention of our readers to the Following vital questions; Dq» You Know— 1. I low many people in Green Bay are engaged in the work of transportation in emr form Or Other? 2 . That the four railroads serving the city employ Over S.ifWD- Giwn Bay people? 5. That tliiir eurtubjiu-fl local payroll amount to nearly $4,ODD,DOQ annually? 4. That Green Bay is one of the few lake port having east and wtil rati lines as well as those running north and south? Si, That Grri-ii Bay iu:Vri suffers Front car horlage even when other communities report such difficulties? 6. That Green Bay ha a wonderful harbor? 7. That Great T.itkes to Devon traffic i a reality — not a dream? Last year sixteen Norwegian boat plied the lakn. from Duluth to Montreal and carried cargoes to Europt at the season 1 !! close. That by mean of the Fox River, water shipment can he made between Green Bay and Fond du Liu ; - 9. That the Wisconsin Public Service Co. maintain freight service on it Kfcukapna line? 10. That the Northern Transportation Go. conduct a ‘ " Ship by Truck ' system between Green Bay and Milwaukee? 31. That Green Bay will be the northern terminus of the touring bu ie 0-F the Chicago. North Shore and Milwaukee Railroad, 12, That transportation ■ the key to all Industries? Have you studied the print on the opposite page? They represent the many form of transportation of which Green Bay can boast, — Material Gathered by Gordon Barbeanx, ' 2-1, Engels Good Shoes ENGELS SHOE STORE 218 X. Washington St McDonald’s Drug Store APPRECIATES YOUR PATRONAGE Vow Cant Come r Telephone MlNAEiAN EIGELDING A GIGN ON A GOOD BUILDING VI Fairmont’s Better Butter “MADE RIGHT IN GREEN BAY” “In Going Through Life Our Greater Aswf w Honesty” When W WKSHliEpd iniT j.i- -- III j -jLr.s. ago. UP cU- jd«M3 uri iht Jn-aR- ■ iinlc- or Honnily, :lei 4 wv h:ivi- ki-|it u r.h i lurindptv during o-ir lone ]HTifl l ri busily- ’- A uyl-hinv Thai yu-a. Iiuiy with Hair mont ' s riusru- appear in II upon it. you can ht-l usmjtkL ■.■‘ill In- £ ihe l si ijuality, :l J] 1 you will TPWlvr (In 1 rnOsE VaillU: [Or yOUr trtOaiOy. The Fairmont Creamery Company GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN The Sturtz Studio Photographs VII GOOD CLOTHES MADE BY HART t SHAFFNER MARX Washington at Walnut Green Bay Shoe Repairing Co. Telephone 534 1H4 Cherry St, Paulus Jewelry Company EYE SIGHT SPECIALISTS .T. Win. hulm, 0. D. 413 W, Walnut Street Telephone 3562 Green Bay, Wisconsin WILLIAM 1 ENGELS, Tailor SUITS MADE TO ORDER c«en Eji]r r Wiiconiin Roofing China Ware Green Bay Hardware Co. HfiilidMunrtcrB for Bcnju Moore Co. PAINTS — VARNISHES — MURESCO 107-1 3 1 W. Walnut St. Phone $180 F umaces Corbin VJ II Enos Colburn Lumber Co, WHOLESALE LUMBER Geriernl Dflictli McCartney bank building GREEN RAY, WIS, Phone U30 Compliments of East River Planing Mill Co, Dealer in LUMBER AND MILL WORK Phones 214, 1253 Chas. J. Williams OfTii; ! 3 16 N. W« h. ling ton -Street Telephone 3G37 REAL ESTATE OF ALL KINDS Special Agent for the Penn. Mutual Life Insurance Company LIVE WIRE. REAL ESTATE BROKERS List Your Property With Me and Get Quick Action — The Store That Serves You Better — At Lower Prices — - C. W. Hail Dry Goods Company 22fr-2Jl N. Wab hinct-ort St. Gre-c-n Eaj r , WSb. To be satisfied with i es s f w h c n complete s a tis facti o n is k n o i v n . seems illogical, Tiic Automatic fils X Index Co. Factory ami Gent-ral Circc-n Bay, Wlftgndn FuLl-ury Hr.iinolu ■ — L ' liic.ii-n- .in (3 Mulw.iU rr- Salik Arm-iita Thifnueliflu | l I hr Wnr|il r THE HOME OF SINCERITY CLOTHES— FOR YOUNG MEN Style - Quality - Service Counard Neville " The Home of Good Clothes " FLATTEN BUILDING CREEK BAV, WISCONSIN Power - rite Keynote X ! INDUSTRIAL GREEN BAY POWER— THE. KEYNOTE Dnn ' L work mi til you ' re tired and hoi. Leave it t j Mr, Kilowatt. He ' ll W« h your d 5thf Jir sweep your iloor . Cook your munis and do your chore He never complain and never sleeps, lie tloi-Aii ' l even Atop to eat. For just three sent Be doe a lot. Perfect servant. Kilowatt, — The [lluminalor. Courtesy of " Together 1 ’ ] Future Citizen pf Green Bay!- — We invite you to make Green Bay your future home because our city ha possibilities At rtt FI«f elurlnj center. At present we manufacture pa.per. mae hnU ' ry . uqar and office equipment in lars-c qua till lies.. We also produce in limited quantities ice cream, autumn— lii I c Batteries, showcases, roofint;, jewe Iry. overall , stockings, •Hut future of Green Bay as an industrial, center i» assured because wf have a tf,- and mrr H.LE]i]ilv of d«trlt«l power with urhi-ch to turn the wheel t F nttnj pUnt«; Our city has he- come the center oE a network of inlerrcctinq power lines cominif from differ riit source , At no time are cut industrial, trolley lines and lighting system dependent upon a single power plant. If the hydro-elleclric plants al Hiv;h Falls. Johnson Falls, Peshtiqo and Caldron Fall on the P-eiistigo River and at Ingalls on the Menominee River sbosil I fail fcn produce to their mulitium capacity because of tow wist-Sr. tlser-e af-y AtCftm plants ava liable for d ji use at Ohli- koah and Manitowoc, because of the 36a miles of transmission lines double .ipd Hirv.jlc now owned and op ra1«d liy th Wisconsin Public .Service Co- «rtd conn v c t i n a Green Bay with practically all points of importance in eastern Wisconsin. The present plant plus im- provement . now under way wilL limn; to Green Bay in tkr v.-ry n:. ir future a total of 63, ODD IiQtbc power for her own ii e or for ilistnhwliion It) the sixty different towns and eft if rrvctl by the W isconsin Public Service Co, We hear a groat deal about vl per 1 - power these days and of pOVvr pla Hi wh i eh co-Ueel .md distribute all tvtilsblc power of a wide area, and which are subject to no emergencies, The Wi.sco.ns in Public Service Co. propose to enlarge its Steam plant and 1 pew xti-nding it transmission line with the super- power idea in mind. Study the il lustrations on the opposite page. Trace the multiple Iq-apimilsion tines which keep the wheels of tSMf industries I U FPi PS i 0 ‘itr streets Slid homes I iq hied, our trolley car tunning, We fear neither weather nor accident for if one tine should fall, smother it avail- able. Note the Improved machinery, the turbine and generator from the various plants Supply inq Green Bay, M«n Power t Them, w ayl - Material Gathered by Earl tS.fi riel . 1 Mil Industrial Green Bay KIV IF IT ' S I JFK INSURANCE Think 1 JIM QUIGLEY OistTict MinHLjrcr NEW ENGLAND MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF BOSTON, MASS, Organ bin! in L IS. The (.H Li‘r:T. Lift 1 lriHur.Tiw-0 Co. in. the U. S, ASK ABOUT THE, PERFECTION POLICY AID Miltthin Bldlf- Phone ; — H3T- Re». 1458 E, H. REGAL CONSTRUCTION CO, General Contractors L3-1 S, Adams Si, Phone !SST Green Bay, Wii, It Pays- to Trade at — CHRISTMAN-CROSS CO, T h t- Stare That Satisfies FOR YOUR GRAD SUIT— See the hi h riLiu 1 , snappy. S2S.IW mad to ibhuuk, guaranteed as to 111 , workmanship and wear, alt, wool, silk and linen, THE A, NASH CO. 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JONES SIGNS ZZ DeClerc s F lower Shop " Say Is With Flowers ' SEE LIS FOR GRADUATION FIjQWERS 213 North ■WncJiLn-pton Phon-c KVIII ■:r r Compliments of the Green Bay Banks Clearing House Association 3y 2 Per Cent Interest XX] Fort Howard Paper Co. GREEN BAY, WlS, Manufacturers of CREAM OF THE FOREST PAPER RODUCT5 TOWELS — TOILET PAPER — NAPKINS — COLORED CREF ' ES — LUNCH SETS ■Serve F,n:h I n 1 1 i vjrli i :t] Purpdie- — An Each Individual Would he Served. Solicit Jobbing Connections Only Established 1910 SCHUMACHER MARKET CHOICE MEATS Phone 1-17 WE DELIVER GEO. STENGER SON CHOICE MEATS i2] Nil ih WllhliiKtan S t reel 542 Smith Mi lrcr Air, E. A. NEUFELD REAL ESTATE Hon:n 113 M i n.iha n EJM: r . Phen 413 Harrison Hannon DRUGGIST ph one- 12 W-fr GNl | p v t p Camera Supplies Toilet Articles Luick ? s I -q Cream Alain ind W-cbiter Qrc n Bfiy, Vi«. A Portrait by Sh offer THE KIND YOU LIKE TO SEE SHEFFER STUDIO Ground I ' I dot, 2QG W. Walnut St. Royal News Stand When the rtil haven ' t got it, vhjij can pet it Jit the " ROYAL " Cigars - Cigarettes - Candies Novelties A- pi.-htwiiMTip, 3 ' iijji, 2 XW E, Walnut Si. Phone 5375 XX HOMES AND STREETS XXII Home Sweet Home Readers u! tlir Airogih nc s“ We urge you to make Green Buy your future home, Wo pun prove So you thut Our pity ofTem (tonii.biliE.ion for mo hill " this- statement true — " There ' s no place like kerne — in Green Bay 1 Our investigation hum shown ill at Green Bay pan proviso you w i ill all of the factors for il 2 ' i ideal home for the average family.. " I ho majority of residences are small or medium-iiz.cd, T l«-y have been well con sir Licted at .1 moderate cost and are located on uiet, shady r we II- pnvotl iilrwu. The building lot are suffjdflhlly large to permit the mMtnli to have gar- dens which provide (hem with oil the flowers and fre«h vegeTnblos they may want an well no an opportunity to Ret a breath of cool refreshing; air after a long;, hard day in the office or factory, Theic ideal homes of our city have conveniences about which Payne was not think- ing when he eulogized |ho rustic cottage for they are rC|iup|wd with a pure water upply. h r ai and electricity, During Slip year 1923 there wan- 183 iu(li Itomtt const ttitStd in the city st an average cost of 55.E30D. The farePSiti for l!f24 indicate that it will lye un improvement even upon 1923. the banner year fer home construction.. I.f prospective reside n ta in Green Bay feel that their ideal of Home, Sweet Home can be best realized in an apartment house, they may rest a - U red that the city ' s building’ program will provide for their needs. The future resident need never fear that lie wilL be hemmed in by buildings because the oily ha ample room for growth.— to the wcdl and southeast. In these directions wide open. h pa ccs, free from the srriclkc und dirt of industry, unite the prospective home builder, par- ticularly if He has come from a city where less favorable conditions prevail. Therefore, dear read ere, even though Far avray pastures may look green, we warn you against forsaking ‘ " The bay " ’ ns a future home, —MARION PAZOUREIC, ' 2-1. Safety and Service Did you know that every person in the city hus ft ride on the street Cftr OUCO every three days? Most of the transportation of people within the city of Green Bay in taken care of by the Wineorij-Iri Public Service Company. 4 ' Safety and Service " is the motto of the company which aim " to fcivu rapid otl-cl sure service with the maximum amount of ufety. To make its service safe for it patron the Company lift inftAllfd lafety car and has inaugurated a “Safety First” campaign of more than ordinary importance, A director of safety has been employed and operators are rewarded for every accident averted. Prior to the birth of the ■■ afeLy ,-.i rai | ,:i Li; tl the com puny paid out annurlly about five thousand dollarH in order to nettle damage claims against them due to street ear accident . In 1923 the hill for compensation mounted to only three hundred and forty-lhfer dollar " , Til noticeable decrease- is due to two definite causes; I- ' i net — the safety campaign: Second — the city " ' now Bystem of irterial highways. However, no safety campaign can be 100 . successful! unkrs Ll has the co-opera- tion pf the public whioh iviclud s the boy and girls who ride their bicycles on the car track , the men who “cut in " with their automobile ahead of the street cars, and imiinroui other who th ink the operator should do all the watch Irlg. A company of this type cannot grow unless the -city U MrMI grow . The com pl-etion of the ru constr u clion of Lhe Walnut Street bridge gives us a good example of this fact- Ti-a-ck w(r - immediately Labi Oil Walnut Stfc-rl as Far a the city limits. In the recent lax nsroBsmc nt reports for this section of the -oily, the valuation wo found to have increased two hundred thousand dollars. Thus, a traction company cannot grow mile a city grow , and a city cannot grow unless it Has ad equate transportation facilities, MX II —GERALD BOGART, H 2J. G a z e 1 1 ' s C a n d i e $ are t h e li s t Always Fresh and Wholesome Don ' t Forget the Dinky Dink Made by the Gazette C a n d y G o m p a n y Minahan, Minahan t Minahan Duquaine LAWYERS V, I- MINAHAN H. A. MTNAI-iAN E. R, MINAHAN. - Hi h 99 E. M DUQUAINE, Ejiut HS h L 0U A. A, THIELE. - - En (. Eligh -Q9 J. V- McCOIlMltK. V. Ar WILLIAMS BETHE PHOTO SERVICE Cameras — Commercial Photography — Films Expert Kodak Finishers One Day Service Special Attention to Mail Orders 214 N, Wn)Hiiietor Si. F O. E5r?s 111 (Ircen Uny, Win. DeLairs Green Buy’s Best Known Restaurant GET YOUR RADIO SUPPLIES AT HohbiiVs Electric 117 E„ Walnut Phone 841 XXIV HANSEN PLUMBING COMPANY An Established Reputation to Maintain I4t ROOSEVELT ST. PHONE 533 Ei i f ms tes Cheer J idlyCi fv « RESIDENCE 466 DAVIS MALOUF BARBER SHOP 2 tMi Walnut Street Telephone 984 ORDERS FOR Dry Mixed Wood DELIVERED PROMPTLY DIAMOND LUMBER COMPANY Phone S3 Saxe ' s Strand The Theater Beautiful WHERE THE PICK O 1 THE PICTURES PLAY Strand Entertainments Spell COMFORT— COZ1NESS— AND COURTESY LET STATESMEN MAKE THE NATION ' S LAWS W E Only S e e k t i Entertain CADY, STREHLOW KAFTAN ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW 3(J7 Beilin Build inn A. McCOMB, Lawyer Telephone 705 Kh. ' h , Profit 2421 209 Min all an Building Compliments of Be aumont Hotel Haever’s FOR MILLINERY AND HEMSTITCHING ■124 Aria in Street Phone 1717 Ilea Car Rea Spaed Wa;am Tire and Acceniajic-A W1DRIG MOTOR CAR CO. ADAMS ST. GARAGE 123 S. Ad Pm SI. Green SJay r Wit. Storage Day or Month. II u pair ini; - Wa«hing - Polishing M. E. DAVIS Attonwy-aCLaw COLE Minukn.il BuiEdjir ' vg J. A REG I COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHER TELEPHONE 249$ XXVI Wm. j. HOOD QUALITY PLUMBING 311 Cherry St., Phono 1038 Green Bay, Wis. PfclOHC 3 3 6) ZENO PAQUE t " ■ r tn WALL PAPER AND PAINTS StD MAIN STREET Grucn Bay, WiKonxm CHAS. FLOG GROCERIES CONFECTIONERY SCHOOL SUPPLIES soo s. JEFFERSON 5 T, phone 3303 Dependable and Courteous Deuster Dry Cleaning SIMPLY PHONE 5064 xsvii M e m o r i a l s Carl Manthey Sons 44? SOUTH WASHINGTON ST. GREEN BAY, WI3, The North Side Dept Store I237-I23J MAIN STREET THE HOME OF CO-ED DRESSES TELEPHONE 1543 GREEN BAY, WI3, TATE AVE MAR RKETING A ss’n I WAYS The Place to Buif Your Groceries liO-1 N. Acta mu Sired Inc. Phone -E-K3C DR, EUGENE S. KNOX, M. D. Physician and Surgeon 314 Beilin Bldg, Phone 562 S. Vim Ond r W. Van Oiw Rea. Phone L 1 89 Re . Phono a la-t VAN OSS BROS. sanitary plumbing, gas fitting, repair work AND SEWER WORK 1(12| M lnStpeel Phone 2973 Green E3ny, Wi -, KXV1I] Dubois motor company OLDSMOBILE AND DORT Service on nil M tithe of Cara 423425 Pine St, Phone 279 Northeastern Co-Operative Milk Exchange Manufacture » of DAIRY PRODUCTS Milk Booth Throughout the City SlS-ira 1 !) Cedar Street. Green Buy, Wll. XXEX Phone 1520 Urban A . Schumacher FURNITURE - UNDERTAKING 1240 Main Street Green Bay, Wis. OSCAR MAES GROCERY 220 S. Webster Ave. Phone 730 CHOCOLATES Kay - Si? - Co Know Ian Candy Company GREEN BAY, WIS. MEIER-SCHROEDER CO. Fforifts 110 N. Washington St, - phone 327 CAR PAINTING, SIGNS AN 13 DECORATING Wm, J- VVigman P mtmg Contractor 445 S. J„i c k p-c n St. Pttrpnc A3 i Green B y, Win. Meyer ' s Drug Store Geo. H - M$yer t Prop, Sr Av . Gi-rrn Wit, HXK BOHEMIAN BAKING COMPANY M ilk-trs ut the Fuieicius BETSY ROSS BREAD Also BOHEMIAN TWINS BUTTER KRUST HARVEST BREAD BOHEMIAN RYE A- NORGAARD LADIES 1 TAILOR AND FURRIER CEO. A. DENIS BICYCLES AND GENERAL REPAIRING 922 M in Street Telephone t£30 Yes We Paint Signs La rscheid The Elite Gilt Shop 215 B«Hip BuUtUnr IVs t he thought behind the gift That makes it worth the {firing I’h-one G022 Green Ej , iy , W ' i . XVXI Do Green Bay People Get-together? [Ja Green Bay pimple net- tore t her? tridc-cd, they da. Wc may wan t Green Bay Id bp a fiC ' Hajii ' J city, but we da itat w imt the- pccplt af mu city to L t- n» ilIimi! s tlio. ' c af C hicago- I h.m- bec p (old 111 n.t Chicago p en.ro not bins? for thi se wK(t (lo slot bu-lnm; to their immcdifllC circle of friend a. El is true, 1 suppose,. th-ftl A l-arger city ir of -ft more linpinans! character than the rmaller city .niw! iGmmunity. In 21 Inr c city the inti Lienee of the neighborhood ii acldcm felt. In ■» city of mo-derate size Lt i.h possible through the church, ic hoot, and club organization existing in a nei!;hlmi» hood to bring every family into tome form of community gathering- What Families and neifh- barhaodl da in (he W y of acthilici irt iLtittltrdl lor the community- THfPoFfli . the neigh- borhood parties .md i; a t he r i n ga are the most common forms o£ (it- ' lcttlhtr. in Cfttn Bny- Takc- the E’rcui-G.iz.ctlc and look oil the page devot ed to Society, there yon will find neepunts r i T birthday ,. anniversaries, ihowori, card parties, etc. Other opUKhunltki of got-togothor an- provided by the vaHou Community Clubs. The Green B y or North Side Co-mrnvlmly Club.. Allowed Community Honxe. the Young Men’ Christian Association, the Young Women 1 Christian Association, the Columbus Club, jind the Green hay Women ' s Club. Nat pa any cities can hnasl of :;o many welbequi pped and well -manage:! community build ingn. Some people probably ciurstio-n I he £ yod dono by th c PretmliAlipu. i, hut they do pro- vide two very good end essential things for the betterment of l Tie Orrnn U n i ty : namely, fl gathering place far the mem ben, and facilities for recreation through the bowLiltfC alley t.- XXXII donee li-u-ll and card rooms — (hui milking provisions for wolesame pleawicp, open to al]— men, women and children, The pir t -of lhe e tommiiniij 1 organ I ration is bolt mnimnriirdl in the creed of the Clreen Bay Community Club, an they «ipn ' K it in thrir publication. “Keeping Step With I’jojffsj. " OUR CREED " ' The- advancement of Community Sphnt, By this, we mean «ll bonders of data, creed, or + -i Oir We meet in social Intercourse On n wm moil foothold. Wealth, poverty, and position are checked at the door, “hi aur deliberations, we bus no subject for line common gOO(t P MV religion and politic , " Community spirit p re -suppose pride — pride in your homo, your fa.mity, your m O taI . your bu tin e «, and your comntunity. " Community spirit breeds tolerance — tolerance of your views and mine, and by tolerance blooding them into a whole For the common good. " Community spirit pecojt n-ifceS the necessity of constituted authority, but aims to be- come, part of it, " The community club can teach the Appreciation of oleart entertainment by mellolsi con- cert . am! " gd-lfljfltlitr ' ’ 8 therinj{ — -but they must have co-operation. Therefore, it is your duty, Olid my duty to join hand and assist at Least one of these Club , in carrying on its aim , and to make Green Bay a place where stranger a well as ha metol k can meet on common ground. X.VK1I1 —EDNA F.. FUEIXE, m 2i. Frat ernity. College and Cla ss Jewelry COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS AND INVITATIONS JEWELER TO THE JUNIOR CLASS OF EAST HIGH SCHOOL L. G. BALFOUR CO. Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers ATTLEBORO, MASS, Ask Any College Greek XXXIV PACKARD 0 f LS AND SPECIALISTS ACCESSORIES Bradtke Bros, Co. EVERYTHING IN AUTO REPAIRS AND SERVICE l!£bB Main St re?! Phone 17M WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR GOOD, AND DEPENDABLE HTGH SCHOOL GRADUATES WHO WANT A PERMANENT POSITION, Morley-Murphy Hdw, Co. G. R. KINNEY CO„ Inc. SHOES FOR THE FAMILY Corner Pine and Adams XXXV WHEN YOU WANT— COLUMBIA OR VICTOR RECORDS— MUSIC ROLLS. OR UP-TO-THE-MINUTE SHEET MUSIC- CALL 946 It is Our Greatest Pleasure to Serve Students of East High CABLE — CONOVER — KURTZ MANN — I VERS POND — r.HAND — UPRIGHT — ELECTRIC EXPRESSION AND FOOT PLAYERS AND PIANOS We Also Carry the World’s Finest Phonographs SONORA AND SO NO RADIO-— The Fin t Muiicul Co mbi na Lion o n Earth. CHENEY PHONOGRAPHS— Th Me lrr of Th m AIL Woodford Bill Piano Co. MS N. WathingLan. Si. COHEN ' S DEPT. STORE WE CLOTHE THE FAMILY FROM HEAD TO FOOT Main Al J((T r 4n Green Bay Awning and Tent Co, SEE US FOR CAMPING OUTFITS 520 Main Street Ph-OiK 1 G20 Ji K3i.V | NELSON MACHINERY CO. Mmrlunr Shop Equipment Wood work] ng Equi pmen t Electrical Equipment Boilers and Engines Vocational School Equipment 123 to 131 K. Kearl St. Green Bay, Wii. THE BEST PLACE FOR FOOTWEAR FIND RISEN G REISER CO. FURNITURE AND UNDERTAKING Snavely Stationery Shop Maintains an Efficient and Courteous Service in School and Student ' s Specialties L. C. Suavely Thujtet Suavely Everything in Job Work Phone 314 ARROW PRINTING CO. 21 1 PC WfMhlnsUm Sl. Green Bay, WLk. THE SECURITY LOAN AND INSURANCE AGENCY A, W, Joannes, Manager Fire - Accident - Casualty 121 N. Wna-hinUlonni Si, Telephone 100 KXKVC3 BAUM S DEPT. STORE GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN Young Mens ' Section When you buy a suit of clothes from us r you get something else besides your purchase you get it feeling of confidence in our val- ues a fee! lug that you have bought “right’ 1 arid a sense of satis- faction in our service that stays with you year after year. North Eastern Cooperative Store 1 001 Main St. Phones 5230-5231 “Good Things To Eat ’ ' BUR GROCERY CO. ESTABLISHED 1 77 Wuahington Street Store Wttteter Avenue Sumr ] h i»;mii.n Stn.n ' l Sinn 1 17-1 It! N, Waflhington St. 1500 S. WVIjtb ' r Aw. IIT-JMi 1 St, I £9 W .? NlNGTOh - ■ - Gbecm Bav Green Bay Paint and Wall Paper Co. Faints, Varnishes, Enamels, Etc. Wall Paper Pictures and Picture Framing Lei Us Frame Your Diploma OPPOSITE BAUM ' S 5Z0 Mm In Strrrl Phe-nt 329 XXXVIII TSd© (Saanrafift SSondln© The excellency of our por- traiture, the promptness of our service and our determ- ination to please every cus- tomer, combine to make this the leading studio of Green Bay t The Congenial spirit that permeates this studio is re- flected in the portraits of our patrons. The Garrett Studio On the Ground Floor at ’22-1 Cherry Street XXXIJl Hotels and Highways KL See Green Bay First! Tourists of the United States! J. J ACTION You. are planning your trip anil [artiKnLl-.li.- re filin ' by now, after □ per u sol of road guide , and m p . wKit rr r»y of ' . " " .if own [nr .-ip:. I r i| n not. that Green Bay tail] I ' lv- the M COCO for fall tourists dctiriny to visit the Door and |ioi lit of inlrrctl north f Xt ■ I w aulcoe . Your rnapi will have shown fou that our city in, the ccnttr of a network of hishw-tiys, If you thamti: to travel along anyone ft the Following W||f«niln highways. yon will eventually reach Green Bay— 57, 7J, ??. IS, 7JS-, 54, 15 and 3J, Nearly oil highways entering Green Bay are wide con erett- roads, or in fl few canes b ravel. At any rate, they iire the- best to he found, and wll] he a pleasure to the tourist who has just Finished crawling through a i run- clay road iff. snethtrf sect La n. Gr(-ch Bey is situated in a fraction of the United States which has gained nation-wide repu- tation for Lis beau lifut ic-eneryl NorlheastErn Wisconsin has always been noted For Its nntur.nl beauty, and as Green Bay is the one city north of Mil , utikc-r having tin- favilitii ' H a tourist demands, it makes her unanimously a tomtit’ ohfrlo Os a, place to stay or quarter for his va out Lon- All (whit F interest for which r i r-t comes north may be reached in a half- day ' s time at the most, Our city will treat you kindly, for Lt lias the most and truest lodging and dinimr facilities in the slate of Wisconsin, barring only Milwaukee. The l-lolel North- land,. recently completed, is one oF the finest hostel fics. in the state. Boosuse she is one df the oldest cities lit the Slate, the site □ f Old Fort Howard, Green Bay should be an incentive to people who are interested, in historical places. In Fact, nnr yiiy once a trading post of the French, during the reign of Lout XIV, | none of the points of great- est historical interest in the northwest. Much e r» he done to pass awo,y one ' s time in the evening, due- to the many theatres, dance favjl ions, and parks situated in and about Green Bay. humming up nil inf or mat Ion. it seems to point to Green Bay as the only logical center for teurElt waiting thy northern parts of the state this year. Our merchant and all other who will necessarily be benefited by this advent of the tourist, should stop and congratulate themselves on having a city so ideally planned and located. —JAMES JACKSON, ' 2 . QUAYLE QUALITY QUAYLE SON, Inc. STEEL ENGRAVERS TO AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES Albany N. Y. SAMPLES OF WEDDING STATIONERY UPON REQUEST Correct Forms Moderate Costs " SUN-KIST " CANNED AND DRIED FRUITS " MORNING DAWN " CANNED VEGETABLES GREILING-IMNES CO. 114-116 S. Washington St. WHOLESALE GROCERS “Paramount ' ’ Teas “Beaumont” Coffee CowpllHlCltlX of American Hardware Co. HARDWARE AND IMPLEMENTS ZOt-SQi North WnvhinvLon Street M. LEWIS THE EXCLUSIVE FUR SHOP El] c:E3 GRADE FUR WORK or EVERY DEISCIRIPTION 13!1 CEtiPj ' Si.. Crttr Bay, Wi . XU I There Is No Mystery In Success IT IS DOING WHAT YOU KNOW MUST HE DONE AND IN KEEPING EVERLASTINGLY AT IT AlwttQS Order Your Coat From The C. Reiss Coal Company Phones 315 or Hid Neijahr Grocery Company FOR QUALITY AND SERVICE Cor. Webster and Stuart Phone 4SS0 Will it Wash in Four Minute ■? ■ ■ J. H. MANDE EECTR1CAL DEALER AND CONTRACTOR Agent for Zenith Electrical Washers tti.ii i Brenner Candy Company Makers of NORTHLAND SANDWICH — MALTED MILK — AND OH, ] PONO BARS DODGE BROTHERS MOTOR VEHICLES A Long Time Investment CARL JONES MOTOR CAR CO, Phone 120 r I£7S. tPasbip gtoff $ f DR, A, H. WOLFE Osicopa th k i hys ic ia n 5H ] 1 1 L-h’a i l;1c IluildLnp KtIV PrafeBsumal 0trrrtury DR. W. B. COFFEEN Etectro-ThempiUw Specialist Chronic Diceases Office: 207 Mi nation 13-li j | d iiitt Office PHehC 239 Residence Phene 105 WHAT ts AUTO-HEMIC TE3ERATHY TrcatirtH ehi- patient with few drops of his or her owa blood, udnduLu-mf derailing to ;i rr- i ' hm ' iJ inti pOflMu-d I ' li-hnii u?, An tii- H e m ic Thfraphy is in i riect Smmiony with the very latent rh , VL-lnj5nu , ;i i ml Hiysira. Physiological und pathological: ilu ' itiiscry. Properly julmini - t ped, e hi- !n ;Ltnu ' eii U utaMutcly without risk, Auto-Hemic Tberaphy, the now " Life Serum " ban .to rival in ohrjirik- lli:-. . ' The Kinir -i f Thuraphijefl " In Anemia , Ncrvoun Trouble, Eire- n«i r DhbriM, Bright ; SJisL ' LKi-, nisiun-nNm, High Blood Pressure, Insanity, CajuTi, Etc. DR, C. J. CHLOUPF-K Physician and Surgeon ■ 252 Main 5t. Reg, No- 2145 DR. J. S. COHN Dentist Phone Office 5640 Residence 242? Jt ff Ilrl] j n Bldg, Green IJay. Wi . DR. J. F. HE1NTZ Dentist 101 North Washington Street Green Buy, Wi . DR, HOUSTON Dentist -I ] ] Mi na ha n ESI d p. Phene 123 The Radium Institute of Green Bay AUSTIN 0 - OLMSTED, M. P.. Director RADIUM AND X-RAY THERAPY OFFICE AND X-RAY DEPARTMENT— 404 Mina ha n Bldg, RADIUM DEPARTMENT— St. Vincent ' . Hospital XLV THE CLINIC DR. V. R. PA1I1FIELD DR. W. H BART RAN DR, W. E. LEA PE 11 DR. J. J. ROBE DR. R. W.. KISPERT X-RAY AND CLINICAL LABORATORY CLINIC DRUG STORE Enok E3lefard Proin. 1Q7 K. Walnut Slicct Telephone IfSil DR, E. A. STEMGER RALPH M, CARTER, M. D. Dmlixt Fellow of the Amsrkdn Suit? 0ft Htpri.ek Ttlrfv- College of Surgeons Teleiil ' i-Oil ' O W ' S? Ill ' ll, pl Bldg, Cptfn liny, Wi . DR. E. S. SCHMIDT DR, A. J. SVlc CAREY Specialist For diseases of the Eye, Ear, Physician and Surgeon Nose and Throat PliOrtC 7«a 208 Beilin Hide. Glasses Fitted HO ft ]1 l-! 1 i ci Elldg. Grffn any, Wii. DR. J. J. GILLING DR, I, E, LEVITAS DR. L. B, GILLING Physic ian and Surgeon Dentists Phant .170 20S Beilin Bldg. DENTAL X-RAY straightening and extracting Green Bay, Wii. OF TEETH CO-1 Min aha n Bld-p. Phone 112 SAMUEL LA VIOLETTE Attormy-Qt-Dnc DR, W, T, SMITH Phone- 101D- 60-3 MLn-nh-an BUlg. Dentist Green ilay r Wis, ]200 VteLn St, Ph-one t H-t DR. E. S. McNEVINS DR, W, C, ERDMANN Physician amt Surgeon Dentist 22a N. Wu, hing-ton St. Offie Over Corner l mu Store I2J2 Main St. Phone 1CMS Green Bay , Wit. W. A. STEWART FRANK 5, POTTS Chiropractor Dentist 221 N. Wn Kington Street Empire Block Green Buy, Wi - r W. H. GRL ' KERT, F resident A C. ENGELS, St c ' y W. H. Grunert Co. WATCHMAKERS, JEWELERS and OPTICIANS Sign of the TlTtite Street Clock GREEK BAY, WISCONSIN SLVI F. HurTbut Co. Clean Coal Telephone 23 Will You be Ready FOR A POSITION WHEN YOU GRADUATE FROM HIGH? IF NOT A COURSE IN GREEN BAY BUSINESS COLLEGE Will Qualify You FOR ONE WHITE E. F. QUINTAL FOR FREE BOOKLET I 1 HONE 1194 XLVJSI MIX fear Anumit u R e c r e a ti o n i n Green Ba y All the Year Around Weft the thinklfiC «r Gr «h Ray? [t was- Ja mti VV bit comb Riley who w rate ! " Wind of t he Sen, »wrrp over the bay. And bear me away ' — away! Sailing is one of the phone of Green Bay ' s piOKruin for all the Year Around rccicnlion. A trip to the tight hou» in an ideal way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The jame poet san-c; -of " lit r-old twlmmin ' hole " ., The hoy and girls and men and wo meat of CTree it 93. r v frctiucnt Bay Bnnth In grrAt number durEng the iummti month whnrn thoy find nil of the advan- tages and none of (tie disadvAPf A®? F Riley ' -i " eld Awinlmirii’ hole " which war pleasant hut dangerous. ' There the bu Brushes rowed, and the cattail!) □ tall, And the sunshine and sh adder fell over it all j 1 Cr-fen Ray i A city of many smalt parks located within easy reach of thy ruldyntt ce- t!or , Here the Erfy And fSrl lilty to congregate especially, " In the long lazy days When thy hum-drum of aehool Made so many runaway I,” The favorite tree In our city i the tall, sturdy elm with long graceful branches, “A tree that look-- at God all day And lift her leafy arms to pray. 1 " 1 —JC.il mot 1 Do you abate, ski or play hockey? Green Bay afford excellent opportunity for there sport d siring the reason of the year when, " Around the glir-ieninyi wonder bent The blue walls of the firmament. No cloud above, no earth below — A universe of sky and snow. " —Whit liar. Do you like to hUHt and have you been thrilled by McCI.ifley’ " Mark " ? " Mark right’ Afar and faint outlined A flock of mallard fly, VV e crouch within the reed y b I i nd Instantly at the cry. " Then come (O Green Ray for the vicinity offer you a real iial ion of the picture described a hove. At time one may s-eek his recreation indoors. The Various community building all have the most shiny of dance doors. Our North Side Community- House i said to have the best bowling Alley In the State. In fact Green Bay is a city of bowlers, and a year ago enter- tained the State Howling To u e n anten t . Green Bay pe plo hr snaking the .n(nl of their recreational advantage and invite other to share them. 1,1 —LiiTlJ.fi LA FRAMROIS, ZA. — EMILY VAN 53 CHILE, ’ 24 . STYLE WITHOUT EXTRAVAGANCE 104 R WasKiiiRi on APPAREL FOR WOMEN AND MISSES — MODERATELY PRICED London Hat and Shoe Shops SHOES, HATS AND GLOVES CLEANED AND DYED lift Walnut Street tlxAn:] Tlldlcr Ph ne 505 E ' houe 1120 GREEN BAY, V|S, G ra d u a ti ng Gi f ts We b ave a full and complete line of pennants, pillows, Fountain etc +! suitable for gifts. Try Us G. H. Sa german’s News Depot 222 east walnut street OUR SERVICE AT YOUR SERVICE GREEN BAY AUTO REPAIR CO. LAWRENCE fiLO GETT. Prop. Corner Pine and Jefferson Streets Phone 7GQ Green Bay, Wfe. Hotel Northland Sleep ]n Safety FL re Proof 300 Rooms SOL With Rath J, X, Hoff man. Manager Purity Quality Ice Cream It ' s Htatiriz i A JOY TO THE PALATE— EAT SOME TODAY ALL PURITY DAIRY PRODUCTS ARE PASTEURIZED Green Bay Ice Cream Dairy Co. Phones 287-288 I5G-158 X, Broadway LI I LABORATORY FiPRNLTUR,£ rf LA- r[ ' ■ r., {lin A . U 4 - nTy. ' --fj l-- -- j --— ■ - " " : t J ' — Vt ' " — sfcknowledging the honor of equipp 2 j inHb I boratori oL the East Side Hj EXPERTS - ■ ' ■The Cores of Chemistry 4 U j We Iru-duc olf Id Chemistry jt ' Our prickets ' futl of note " j Mn Current takes the r-ol I rnlr etrt nTjsentecs he deles. Our.lesSem ter t-rnljiy. Frank, w i 13 br o-ri HM ..■■ ' . .-i . „. f JNu-w y u muy tell h-Ow it is made And r hy it ■ A K-QrwJ, We r-tqll have tv»-t mi rnrt c h-ft r John, y ?n m y irl] u It ■» ti very fatal to drink a glA of lye. nbjU ( ' mH ' plhftTfti-S of Langstadt and Meyer LIV EiUtratum in (Srtm iatj Prosper t l vrr Citium of Green B yt— ]f you AFC pldnnint; to make Green Bay your future- home, you will wart! t-iS kb ' S-w ■ fexp ttl tin-, city’ edp cat ional plan. of which e «ed St ,000.000. These building have been carefully planned and equipped and rank with the beat in the state, The city also ha ever l modern and attractive tirade building . The Howe and Whitney h uilriings have many artistic 0 well as practical features. Plans are underway to remodel at once the old East High in order to bouiC Ehe Junior Elitsh in .■ building by LisclF r and to relieve Hit congestion in the Howe Building A modem junior liish school for the West Side is to be erected on the site oF the McCartney building at a coal of This project is to be completed in 3926. according to present plan . However. 13 education is not acquired in dchoc-l l)uildjn;i. We rank among the education, ' ' I Features of our city the Kellogg Public Library Arid tbr Green ELvy Museum. These two insti- tutions are said by authorities to re present one of the btif combinations, of library and museum to be found in the entire country. History is not a difficult subject wEien it can be read from the clu.al retie of the past J they are to be found in our city. Although she is not n cl-ssemOom teacher, our city librarian. Mi Deborah Marlin, herself a writer of note on matters of local history, assisted by Misses SchucttC. Dacidson and Sharpe, docs a real educational work,. The 3ibr ri P are never too busy to render o istance to boys and sir Is seeking in For mat ion. Curator A, C- Neville welcomes entire cl e =f pupils witlh their teacher to listen to bis interestin ' : description of the contents of the mUWJm, Ehh Green Bay people do pot appreciate how rare acme «f lhe e articLes are and the many rtoric con- nected with them. Green Bay i also the sent of many institution f learning not maintained by the public. The Green Bay and Badger rtuaSiiess Colleges have bcill up a wide reputation in this rer- tion. St. Joseph ' 1 Academy for girl is recommended particularly {■ !- it course in iwur-it and art. Our city is fortunate in bring tit tinted cEo eto two small college of excellent re pula- lion, St. IVofbtFl ' t at DePere and Lawrence al Appleton. ' l ' he all-prevading influence of tEte University of Wisconsin C7 n be taken advantage of very easily Ln Green Bay. The many men and women of the city doing University Extension work, arc visited frequently by Mr. Edgar Cevrew Of AppEeton, field-worker 0-f the de-par me- nt . — Material Compiled hy ROSE ASM AN, " St. LV E. A. SONNENBERG COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE i Mi t. WAI.MJTST. PHONE 430 General Agency THE TRAVELER ' S INSURANCE COMPANY HARTKO lil r CON N E( 3TI CUT The Big Barber Shop 12 CHAIRS - 12 BARBERS The strongest evidence of public confidence anti the joy of it, the difference is only in the price. Bo why pay more for no more, PHYL JANELLE Z13 Pine St+ Phgne 831 LVI Green Bay as a Distributing Point lion’ Large is Green Bay? Rtftdcr find Adrtrtiitm of the Aeroplane I.™- Ihi you realise that commercial Cjccii Hay cover a territory hounded on the east and north by the Great Lake , on the we ( by ft Idle drawn north and south through Wiic niin Rapids and on the south by ft line drawn ca t and west through Fond du LuC? Do net think that the Limit of trade Ln thin territory ha been reached. Th e upper pen in mi Lt of Michigan and the northern Wisconsin territory are demanding a new and nearer ' “blit city " 1 . There Arcfit have previously depended oil Duluth, St. Paul and M Jw.iuhirr. but are now sending their order to Green. Elay an t rlmwn by the increased jobbing burinen done Ideally, especi- ally along the line flf hardware and groceries. Some of there concern are able to uLI(i- their patrons good of the quality obtainable in the larger center . Green Hay it the I eg left] point for the location oF jobbing concern . A specific curripk of this fact Ik lo bo found in the relation of Door County to our eity. To quote from a recent Association of Commerce report, the peniniulii hc naturally turn to Green Hay fo- s-up- plicB that other point are practically out of consideration. If you tout out City ft " to the requirement necessary for a jobbing center, you will find that Ll has- everyone.. Some of the: great international manufacturing companies have fully analyzed the situation and have established distributing center at Green Elay. Aptong th nl .ire the Enter national Harvester Co., the A rmour Ca. . the SI o line Pli w Stork " , tile Simon Mfg, Co., ftiiil other . These csm panic report that their Ln f) pence hit spread south a well an north of Green Bay And ha even penetrated, front thil City to the southeastern part of the state. Furthermore, do you realize thrtt Green Bay ' inFlitence i+ felt the world over, both in ei- port and import . In fact, some of the manufacturer have uch a foreign trade that they find jt advisable to have foreign branche . The Green Bay Automatic I ' iLe Index Co. ha supplied the office of the King of Spain with riling rquipitit ft l, One of |he largest creim, crie in the state, the E ' ‘airme nt, send e g to the European continent and butter to Cuba. Our jog barkers, paper rrdtebinc " and crawler crane are ent alt over the world lo help people do more And belter work, quickly and easily. A great many other article arc shipped, from litre nil. over l hi continent and to other part of the world. A real jabbing center p-bould have an import a welL as an export trade. Green Bay qualifier in ft much An hc import many foreign article for use and distribution. Among them □ re fish nwdee from Japan, h h hooks from Shetland and Norway, mttthsl for the manufac- ture of rennet, an essential product in the cheese and butler busmen. , food products from SoutEb America, etc, of Our own people do not realize the extent oF Green Bay ' s COm- rrtCrCO. They do not know that the only cheese shipper in the country marketing cheese in five- pound package i right here in Eittle old Green El.iy . the C- A. btr.iulul Co., nor do they know that part of the broke equipment used CM Oakland, Rltkcri bather, Old . Chevrolet and Dert car is made in Ct«fl Bay by the Green Bay Drive Calk Co, Thu , wherever the " ' ’ ears go, there WO find a little part of our own Green Bay. ftOSCOE ST. JOHN " , ' IM. LYLl JL T)Vt Aeropl intended in the c , tr, t individuals and [ii This is indeed h ' id in ' , for it was made possjibte thjrouglnTlie ef £eajfher representing ' fee school, Hut wo Ifarmpdy wifh Lh hspe e? ' 9 — • — - — 1 JF 4 -- 4nany c urj unity section pu pi I i per The Stiller Co, Mr. J. Aregi f Professional Photographer, Mr- C, R, Phtnicic, Wisconsin Public Service Co. Mr, J, B, Kendall, Wisconsin Public Service Co. Green Bay Real Estate Board, Mr. Martin DeCaster. Mr, A C, Neville of the Green Bay Museum, ' City of Green Bay 1 Book. Mr. Horace Baker, Mr. F. G. Haigh, Green Bay Association of Commerce, Mrs. Wm. Luckenhach. LVill THE SCHOOL ANNUAL IN THE MAKING can be n success or Eailure accord inn to- i he quality of the illustrations employed. If you want a successful annual something snappy and full of life r Hhj lugh qtl ' llicy Ol ' art i£Qri( anti cn ra injf of the MandctEryravhi Co and Art Studios will aid you to this end. We art a reliable bouse, specialty of school arxl college ill ustratsons. Eiaeh department is under a capable Ilcud. which insures clts6c inspection and prevents the various defects so common to the produc t of many concerns. r Jjx Sp An early start is necessary Drop us a line an-i one of our representatives will call on you prepared to show vou the HOW and Wl IY of i.ix Index to Advertisers A Alpha Sweets X VII American Hardware Co. XLI1 i. Aregi XXVI Antnv Printing Co, X X XVII Automatic Pile Irmkx Co. XI a Bellour, L. □,. . XXXIV B unix Departure m Stare X X X V 111 Gordon Bunt, , X Ifc-ammont Hotel. XXVI Beihf Bros. Pholo Soma? . XXIV Bohemian. B ltdj XXXI irMtkoBnt. XXXV Bur Grocery Co. XXXVIII Brenner Candy Co, XLIV C Cady. Strelilow and Kaftan XXV ' Dr. Carter. - XLVI Dr, Chloujnk. , . . , X LV Christman -Cross Co XV Colu-n ' s Department Stoiv XXXVI Dr. J. S. Coins XLV Dr, Coflfcrn XLV Enm Colburn IX Colonial Theater XVI Ceunard £ Net-ilk XI D Davis and Maiouf XXV Mr E, Davis .. XXV I DeClr-re ' s Flower Shop .... XVIII Dti-Lair ' s Cafe. XXIV Doubt Bicycle Co. XXI DflunU r Cttaninn CO- XXVII Diamond Dumber Co, . . XXV ' DuBois Motor Co, . . XXIX E East River Flaninjj Mill Co. IX KJeetrle Store LVI E3ib GIF Shop XXXI Wm, Eiffieb, Tailor V ' lll EnRelg Slice Store . VI Dr. Erdmann XLV II F The Clink- XLVI L-’niimuint Creamery Co. . . . VII Findeiaen-Greiaer Co, XXX V r H Fort Howard Paper Co XX C, Garrett Studio XXXIX l-Iil Caret XIX Guatte Candy Co, XXIV J. H. Golden Co. xvu GreLlitis-lrirea Co, XLH t C- Grimmer. XXIX Green 1 E;lv Awning ifi. Tent Co. XXXVI Gwen Buy Auto E -jiQiir Co, LI 1 Green Bay Business Colkec XLV 111 Green Bay Banks ' Clearing Huusi- Ajuoeintion X XI Grotti Bay Hardware Co- VIII Green Bay I. C. Dairy Co. un Green Bay Shoe Repiiiri.ie Co,. VIII Green Bay Specialty Co. XVII Cri-tn Bay E iiat u|ir| Wall Piper Co- XXXV II ] Dra. GElline XLVI VV ' . IE. Cpniiiert Co. X LVI 1 H C- VV. Hall Dry Goods Co. XI EtwrtrV ......... XXVI IIuBcineisdiT Kood Products Co XV! Harmon Hnnuun XX Hansen Plumbing Co, XXV Dr. J. F. He XLV ' Herri k Clothing Co. XIX Hillside Cartes MXXl Holiliina Electric Co , XXIV Dr. Houston XLV Huribut, , XL VIII Wm. J, Hood XXVII J r:i ili-LIh- Eiarlu ' i Shop LVI A. T. Joiws S-Iktijs XVI ll Carl -Jones Motor Co,. XLIV K Kcw Hums: M Ty. Co. LEV G, U, Kimwy ' ft XXXV Know land Candv Co, XXX Dr. I-, i l i h i fe i ■ S. Knox XXVIII Lun tHdt-Meyrr LIV Liirscheid XXXI Samuel LaVioletle . . . XLVII Linde " ! XXXVII Dr, 1 , K. L vitftS XLVI M. Lewis XLI1 London Hat and Sltee Shop . . . LI l Index to Advertisers— Continued M Mats ' Gronty XXX Homer Maes. VIII J. H. Maude , XLIII Mandcl Engraving Co.. LIX Cart Miuiihi-y Sons XXVIII MasaopuBt XV Dr. A. J. McCary XLVI A. Mt-Comb. Lawyer XXV .M c Do ha Ill ' s Drug Store VI Dr, K, S- MhjMwipx XLVI I .Meyer ' s Drug Store XXX The A, Nash Co. XV Minaban, Minahnn, Minahan aiul Ijinquanw XXIV Morgan ' s IHHier Shop XVII, [ Xforfey-M urphy 1 Ida, ' . Co. . XXXV Mejfer-Sehroed r ■ ■ XXX N Newman ' s Lll Ni-lswon Machinery Co. XXXVII K. A. Meufi-hi XX Neijalir Grocery Cu- XI.LE1 Northeastern Co-Operative If ilk Exchange. . XXIX Nurthrustetri Ccr-Operative Store XXXVIII North Side Department Siun-. XX VIII Norganrd ' s- Tailor XXXI Northland Hotel. LI 11 O Oldenburg- Krippnrr tx Orpheum Theater XV P rsinluB Jewelry Co. VIII Echo Finnic XXVII Georg ion Feeard XXXVIII Charles Plog xxvi t Dr. F. S. Point. . XLYII Q QuJiyk Son. Inr. XLII Jim Quigley XV K Ebulr.rm Institute XLV Dr. D. CL Rather . . . XIX Go . F. Reeh XLIV C, HU ' ws CoilL Co. XI.I11 E. II, Hcirn] Construction Co,. . XV Royal Nona Stand XX S G. IE. Sagerraan’s News Stand 1.11 Security Loan i Ins.. Agency XXXVII H. J. Stlmer Co VI Sohau-r and Schuinuchi-r XXlX Dr. E. S. Schmidt XLVI Urbaa A , SdninudKr XXX SeheJIer ' s Studio XX KrhuniiU ' iiiiT ' K Mitfeet XX Xnavi ly St ttdnc ry Shop X X X V 1 1 Dr, M. T, Smith. XLVI l E , A , Soniwitljcrg . LV I State Marketing Assn,, Inc.. XXVIII l r. R. A. SiH ' jipcr XLVI G ». Stcngrr Son X X Dr. W. A. Stewart XLVII Stiefelfl.. , X Stiller - . XXXVI San- SlTarid XXV Sturts Studio VI 3 Stueho Bdff. Frttr. Co. XLtX T Tinsley. XVIII V Vsnt Gss Btotlhir XXVI II W The White Store- .XVI Widrig Motor Car Co, XX VS Wm, J. Wigman, XXX Chutes J. Hum . . . . . . X WLlIaert ' s Quaker Bakery XEX Dr. A. H. Wolfe . . . XLIV Woodford and Blit Piano Co. XXX VI I 4 H - LM!I AN EARLY REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION WABISl PIN E Le Tabac Noir First Realtors OFFICE AT Green Bay. Wis. GREEN BAY ALWAYS A BUSINESS CENTER In the year 1793 occurred in C. rCcfi Bay GM« r the fir l rtCOnltll ' bT.iPincSa trans- actions. It invoked the »ale of land Oteupiiid by the City of To- day t hi Irani act ion would involve thoMsMid. e-f -dollars; in 1793 it iMhtd only a few gallon! of ruin:. Today the P»H 0 ua e ftf the ildcumciM would he F-r» li hi; in 1793 it wa Trench. The buyer was an fi r ly FrtneH Mllltr, OTic of whw descend Culls, Irwin Due ha r me, wa graduated recently from List High-. An ? UL copy of the e-rijj- i nr I of this deed may be cen in the Ilrs-Wtl M t y C4Mf EfflUtt, a f-sded,. lorn parchment. For cent uric men have trance ted butintir at Ihc mouth ftf the Fox, There Li no reason for thinking that there will he any h H lo Creert Bjty’ bu sine mi progress in the future. Cut for these page were obtained through the courtesy of the Green Bay Real Estate E3e,af-d. LXIV COPY OF WISCONSIN’S FIRST DEED ENGLISH TRANSLATION I m Ont Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety-Three, were present W ihiiipinf and Le raliii c Noir, wlis have of their ren free will yielded and ceded to Monsieur Domi- nique Dutharmi ' the land from (.he rumniLl of the portage, a( Cic all nr to the end of the Meadow below it. with a depth of forty arpenli; and upon the other side, facing the mid portage. a tract four arpentt wide by thirty deep. The aforesaid vendors ore content and satisfied with two hiirrelh of Kvm, in testimony of which, (hey have inscribed (heir mark . the old WahiiJpinc he i erg blind, the Witnesses hare made his mark for him. S . 1 3 ,i.r e i H! ti ] . ,i m be r .M.ieaLujt WLlru-s M.i rk oF W abi-sl ■ with the lien pi ne Of the RojLr Mark of Tahoe Noir The undcr is;ned having reclaimed the right that they too had bn tin- Pci tl£t, llhve likewise sold their claims and gtiarantee from alt disturbance. They hove accepted for their aha nr five Gal to or of Rum. with which they are content and satis- fied. In testimony of which, they have inscribed their marks. The Eagle -S-, Harrison Witness Dc La Mu Ills Son In the presence of Mm the flag to Ratified at the Portage oF Car aline, the year of Our Lord One Thau sand Seven Hundred Ninly-nix,. the 31st day of July in One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety- Seven for a share of the Portage one Barrel of Ram. “August S — to One Thousand Seven Hundred Ninety-Eight one Barrel of Hu nv to satisfy the undersigned “July 16 — and in Ninety-Nine one Barrel of Rum to rnn with an illegible word to settle the qufrrrel between them. The some are content and «Ali figd. D. DUCHARME Le Tabac Noir WaohUtf Wabisipine of the Eagle Signature illegible ' ! pf l Itp Re ye r Endorsed: Recorded on Thuttdiy the b-ft December A. D. 1SZS at ID o ' clock A. VI, i Brown Co. Deeds, U. lid. 111. ROBERT IRWIN, Jr., Register. utv Se ' - ' ' " - L ? r - Cone is the pioneer J r With his pack and gun As he turned his face to the setting sun He left us his task to fitii h here. , J . j. LSVI ©uutarii 4 4 4 t The frontier and the frontiersmen 4 have passed. We, the generation of today, remain to carry on the work. t We must not abandon the structure + For which they laid the foundations, i a Greater Green Bay, Dm ,- Xe-ndk$f Jt jtitCU $4 $- 4 }. djiLlS ? j b y )$As$y MJt job Tuk tu - a p . r ■r W p , . w.jj i.i; — ' - ,4 ' 1 ‘ ■ ' a i I ' -S ' , g . ■ h . r.- ; 1 .J 14 - Jl r K T ' .;; V ’ •. % yh : ■ . ' L t: s£y 4 vj V- - rfagf :• ■ J =• -- ' Li ' S- ■ - • .1 •••• - -r ’ . ; K-SWr eft ...... . v-‘ 1 : ... ■ f - fifev;- . . -V J f . r . +d • I 1 n

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