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CENTRAL ' — LHC V.I91B c.3 fc 3RD FLR 373. 1897 CEE MAR 3 1 1995 East Hi ill SehoQt green Biy, Hie, i iiiiiniiiiuii DDDa72Q3E T LOCAL HI9T02Y GENEALOGY r-£g je Afrnplaitp PUBLISHED er SllC Ilf Eaiit ffiutft Srluuil GREEN BA Y, WISCONSIN ]isn 19 f 8 Foreword A compilation of the thoughts, Actions and Sayings, wise and other- wise, of the students of Fast High School, Green Bay, Wisconsin, during the school year of 1917 - 1918 nr SfU 0 : 1 , 1 - ' ! ' I II . |LLL | • 1 II j 3 jjHKV " ; m B| B 1 ODE TO OLD EAST HIGH Our heart le-n p up an wi- h(h«l(l ( hy nrvnw before one cyrK , W think of thee. perhip with smiles and yet pri-tli.in» with light, Between t hy jjrnnd old wall , ivmI shelter have we had. But nQnietime. itnu-htw, I hose dear miimrin l«adi be nad.. Those day a «rv gone into the past , where ’ll ivrcct day a nu t While there we walked with hasten in? feet, through tliyi that seemed sn alow, Yet now thy iifime calls up those memories bo iwctl riti that bid us fo rgft that year are passing fleet, We may lorgpt t hoic days we’ve spent benejith thy halt of fame. In «t her school perhaps «f life that hear ntare noble nAme i We may e ' en yet forget those friertrfx that in thy halls wt ' vt had. In other greater pastimes, in d ys that are more g I ad ; Oui- teacher , friend , oy r class e there, we may Forget ye „ ever. But thy momoriei, oh East High, thy sweet memories never. — Ruth ir.dsted, " IB, M AH Y C. ELACtiL We Most Sincerely Dedicate This Book Tq MISS MARY C BLACK In Appreciation Of Her Helpful Friendship And Kindly Humor W. T. RF.AM OUR PRINCIPAL l well known ed ut-.’i t o r, j nun of pkulr pen tlUy and i ' tr- liitic worth; he Lr rc iponrible ls r the well halo Herd curriculum and the ihorou-phnEj-K with which it 3 lam; hi., All honor o nd due reRptJCl to Mr. W. T, for hii helpful guidance throuKhout OUt high ithMl f- C. W. U RHtS FRANCES CUJAK MWS. BERTHA CALKINS IIEIXK I ■ FITZSIMMONS ELSIE I.K1UII GERTRUDE ClttHUNS FREDECK I ■ K C. M-MCil MIN Nit: II, El LLEIIEB ELSIE EOI ' LIN TfrilFN D MUOMBER CLAKA E. SCHFRP F.THEL r. SCHILLING AMAN A II- St I nun IL rjtGliCE I , THOMAS RUTH E VAN KlttK IKVITiG WEINFIJRTHF.K UVClA OftAUNS I! LSI E MUELLER A SONG OF SPRING Whtrt cOmea tiipplilL ' i !J r lea and hill. By crocuK printing And daffodil. Blow. wirttla-sf the rn minjji. Through c-n rl j 1 gran-; Blow soft and jentlj,-- Winter ’,1ml] pan . When Spring cornea tripping By mead and rtrtim; Ln. green waodi dinging t r youth’ wild dr««r i, 1-tlow, winds the rrl-Qrni ng , Through budding tree- P Ulow Koft and gently. A SoulHern hreeie. When rflmti the Springtime l a(it weeded glen, — IV ht growing How«n, Rdsvtd hy wen. Blow, winds of the morning, Your workV not do net Blow raft and -gently, — Spring Iran begun. ' ' Q u ah an fieaopu we STAFF f 3 a AEROPLANE STAFF wmronn w. creilinc. Ed llfrt ' -in-CKicf MABLE REAM Auiitant Editor JAMES COL8CNON ESusinef. M ;m agcr GWENDOLYN VAN DYCKE SLihflcription AN TO I NETTIE I [{ 1. M ELS SubitHptlen EARL WILSON Subscription CONSTANCE RERG1N Subscript ion GUSTAV KLAUS S u bac ri |il i o n EVfclR ETT BEESON Advert william Grim mer A ulitfint Adva nfclne M r, BERNARD OLFJNICZAK Advertising LAURENCE THURMAN Advert i i irij GENEVA MANN Local Editor M YRTLE KUHAUPT Joke Edit or JOHN MINA HAN A L tjiLnt Jflfor E4lt«r HELEN [.F. CLAtK Art lit LORAINE RF-DLINE, Av»ii L;mt Art Lot SIDNEY M. CRE1L1NC Photographer GEORGE. LE ROUX Athletic Editor MISS MARY BLACK Literary Advisor MIL FREDERICK HAEGH Faculty Man Agee A BACCALAURETE MESSAGE You irf living i-11 the age in- the hiilary of the world jir» age in which the individual ha the lirrttcil op port un i tie for aelf development. and aL the the umc time ha the widest field fur rendering helpful tind (list iii ' jujshrd servlc tp mankind. You will taunt ya ar life a lucctu in la hruyau have ■lent jour tit most to make yaurselF fit to play a worthy part in the life of the new world t h .it In Lo tiUriir from the tit an tic struggle now rAging between the- force of i ra j-t: It I and right. Yen will be luttrnful to the extent that you have actually given ome of your own thought and life to the solution of the many perplexing problem that will ari e in thi new day that L d.i waling. Most fortunate, my young friends, are you to be just beginning your life’s work at such a time a this, the golden age of Democracy.. I 1 1 ay a leading part pi this stage, and play it with credit to your selves and to your Alma Mater. — W. T. REAM SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS RAYMOND LAM REAU Vk -FrTaidTail, LESTER CRANSTON Fnkidtfnl LOR JUNE BURDOU 5 « ' ;r arcJ LIBBY ABRAMS — " Lit " ' ' Generally Ajse.iki tig nhc i»l v; e nera I Ly ■ pfAbinf ' MARY ALLEN “Siller ' ' ' Not whM she daej, but ]t«w he doc ll, ,h E M MEL [ NE A NDRUSKEV [C Z— " Em ' r “A wurbrr nl nyr minding her aw n a iTui rf- Anti doin-g her Level lirnt,” ELVIRA ARVEY ' Vifa " " Her hair in ii | more sunny than her heart ' HENRY ATRlNSON ' HeinLe” “A believer Ln Lh-v t»rutn«LiAn of energy, 1 ' MAY AYLWARD DUN DON " Skinny” ' “Speech in iilvep — trfJenc La L 9 - RAYMOND BAftTH " Ray " " Much do t know but t know nil i» my ambition. " LUNA BAUM “L 1 ' “A fuficy lic-nrt h nn honeil ober noinil, A alurdy character in thee 3 find. 11 ' MARTHA BAUMAN " Mart” " She run her modest ijuirl riser, Her way win friend in every plate. " DOROTHY BECK " Becky " " The liyh t that lie In woman ' s eyes — And liti -nnd lie and lira ' JUNE GOLDEN “Pete " " She har two eyes so soft and brown. Take Care She it i ve a sidy 5 [« nfc and look down, llewnrr Trnrt her not the Ln fooling thee 3 " EDWARD TUF. ' RKE " Eddie " lk Th r COuld he no yreat oue-h were there no Nttle one . " HENRIETTA BLAHNIK - ' ’Hunk 1 ' " ' Ever hupp ' , ejufjiiril, bright, A lLudfnt I ' tiUrh-.vinv; p-jiUir. t i ifln t HARRY BO ERSC HlNCKK. H arry’ ' " Full of fun end miichieF too, Doinf tiling kr should n ' t d . 1 ' OLI% r E BROWN " Sw rtli " " She lobhrd »q mrck and wai not meek at ill. " LORAIN F- IHJ R DON " Rirdir " ■ " A tiny in AjjtIL never me b-o wnl. " ASA BUTTRICK " PetinulB " - " Let the [aw take it ccturiet 1 JAMES COLICLNON " Jimmy " " ' Mu- good die young E3c careful! ' 1. 21 AMELIA COWARD " Mtfto " " ‘Would that t here wtrt ti)or i like Her . " 1 LESTER CRANSTON " Le " " K -work right kcn,Lrn, He sleeps eight h-Ourn; 3 hat Irev-e eiftht hours for love. " LEO DL CIREE.F - " Leo " ' ‘Still Water run deep. ' " MARY DELWtCHF. " Merry 11 with a temper whose u nolo-mded rajr t Can rihjLUp lomorrcw cheerful as today. ' " ANTON DES JARDINS— " Tor y” " A kindly (mint spirit where malice hath no Itome. " IRMA DIETZ " Sliv era 9 ‘■ ' She jyliy aweet tuhi«t -on the type- writer.” 22 . . II MARION FLATLE Y — " Mu r " ■ ' A icout ind a perfect Indy. " 1 JAMES FRANCOIS - " Jim " " The ' world La a dreary pi act Ktivtn La my Imirit-’ " VIOLA GOELZT.R «vr " A diligent student. A friend lived and gracious. F LtJELLA GOTTO— " Short 1 “There is n-iiac liLef in this nmniui. " VIVIAN GREENWOOD " Viv " “Cheerful nes± ii just as natural to her aa. the eolflir to her cheek. " REUBEN GREIMNG " Dot " " Wlaely 1 say, 1 Adi a buelitier. " Ti WIN.FORD W, GREILING ' ‘Win” ' ' A Fellow with itcrliiiK qualitier. 11 WILLIAM GRIMMER “Bill ' ' " “IT ii the wii« htaJ thsil nWk-c l hr »(pll tonf;u«, " WILLIAM HALLOIN " Rill 1 " ■ " Wflrk ishtTt have t lie-aid th-al word b for ?” RUTH H A I.STEd ’■ ' Skinny 1 ' " ll Sll-«r ;■ A fiukt girl al tiniti " A1J ill ' ll. IA HANDLEW ' ' JiuK " - ‘■‘NVloi-vou qui nl M ERNA HAM5EN " Ihid” “A woman with a tuirpocr iHt i . jritl a big hearth 24 mp n GttC DOROTHY HE AGEE ‘■D«r ' " Cfti«r Inl 4 her eye and yH u ' H Lilt tv nr sel, Caze a iiLtle longer and you " ] I nee littLe imp. " a ESTHER HEISE " E. " “Hair ai black UK hre burnt prairie,. Eye that flaih forth glance mtrrv. " ARTHUR JANDRA3N “Foi " “So fair, ta F reih , no youthful and to «y r Like ny Muthiftfl maid p bloe-mine P y.’ ' PEARL JOHNSON " ■Jo]itiniy r ' “The (£rft ia tbprte l« make the Weftry world mare cheerful , 11 WILL I A M KOZLOVS K Y " Bill” ‘ " Every! hui k remti to him who work . ' " FRANKLIN KRUEGER “Squ k " ‘ " He does not need Ihe Artificial liuhl that, ihinen r u m l he mind a of olhcrc. ' 1 " 25 ccWruplanc U VHTI.R KUHAUPT MertiE 1 ' " H(r smil-e are f-aircr Ear Than .unit cf cthtr mi iriem «rr; Who win a unlit (hi fair maid Ij iuraljf for th« fffTert paid.” F.ARL LALUZEKNE " Sam " " Sad of mitn he w i, hut irtitthicf lurk- ad t c nra t Ei. " HAROLD LAL.UZFRNE " Shorly " “A nvepry hr rf (hnt lain: h» al tart. " RAYMOND 1. A MRF.AU " Rn m my 1 r ‘ ' D n ' l muzB mjf pTiirl fellow:, l‘m i;omi; fiit-Mnu. " GWENDOLYN VAN DYCfiE " Cwcn " “A winning w y n win niji p miuEfi. Allnirlhtr a friend worth whiltr " CLARENCE LA U BEN STEEN •‘■Fm " ■‘My MolLo ■IlT,,t lr Make Warn la. " ' 26 eielen le t . la i it " sport” " Ai cvihJiLisfi whtn 9 £0 l« bcd f E think of him J think of himj At rmirninK tvht n I ■: n.T I y rlst, 1 think -and think of him of him, " MAR V AGNES L E SACK ' 1 Good luck good hu h n(l» unit jjaa-d- byi le-you,” ALVINA LIBERT— " Al " J ' ] f i-gnorA nee ii hliii, Jit t think ho rtutch ys-u GENEVA MANN — " Smil-ey " " Winning i htr kray and p] c an an L in her BESSIE MRISTER " Bm " " Mutk hath ckinin and no hath nhe. " MARGARET MILLER " M " Tati Jtnrl ttat-cly i thin maidcrii " 2-7 Aeroplane ARLINGTON MOCAN " Whil’i the of worry Ls-g? " M i LE,J [! t: E? MtJORK, H, Te " 1 " Grieving i± Folly -come ] t f « be jolly. " PAUL McMASTER " Mick” " To hint who will -not h Lrs-g ii isYipoi. ' hi C-” AUSTIN NFJEDLO “0»h ,h ■“For he " ' a folly good fellow. “ BERNARD OLFJNICZAK “Ole " ■ " W hevo- MOilimj; Bsjainil him — Ho 1 . good! little- bDy. l ' “ LUELLA OUTLAND .• " ku " " I ihe smt u rood-rat lody? " ■: Aero plane 1RFNF. PARISH " I” “A of pi tick is worth more th«n 1 Ion of Ilm k. ' ' F.DWARE3 FFn.lh ' SKt 11 Fop " " I Jim ffrP»d i f lh IhiUmI” MABLE REAM ‘ J Milu ,r ‘ ' Itrrt’i to the girl who is jolly and tray You c n hiSv-r M gOutl lime wish her any old d y.” ANK SMITH " P i ih’ r " Fat tried te «en ««|j her By CJtlll tin her ' Smith. " " CATHERINE SCHMITZ “Ktninka " ' ' Shf Apenkr and be h aven just a the ought, " HAZEL SOiUF.TTE " Shooi” " A uriitEf |a«.f and of soad conscience. 3ft LILLIAN SCilUNK - " LiJ " I h ry i a womin nrc of no uit Unltrt l hey -arc Hartwell Senegal — " S kinny " " A nrLri p a Knii.it yoki ecu let ict it mile-r” ALH 1 A ST, LAURENT— " Sainf ' " They nay iltv it quirt . -1 CECIL TAYLOR " Cfrc” " A wommi ijf pile-iitt ia a joy forever.. " LOLA TRAVIS -■J ' erlmMUer’ ' " She- i« fairer than. Unjiue can iril, " LUCILE VAN— t- Lou‘ - J, hrr tin lie ia Like a ta I r li.j w from a rnialy iky. " 30 FLQFtFI ' fCFr WILLIAMS " Zacy " " In C li-n l iwtel d Lenity, .ill who mw admired. " WALTER ZICH “Swede " ' “Much tfln be made- □ i a man If hr be- caught young " CLASS OF 1 9 1 S Of nil East High grad u ati on . This year 1 ' ! will make y rn.fr l iid; For no matter what their foull arc, Thi«, cln«i it fhi? I;til ivt ' ve had; Now there ' Pep and Fat and Rummy HfrW we ' It mite them when they | So lie-re ' to 1911-9-, The clai wa ' vc been find tfr know. ol — Vk C. CLASS HISTORY FIRST YEAR I - re limen vtri wt ah olht ri are row. And m Fruhmfn we tramped IhfAUjih these hall t A banquet We Krlt). with O ' Connor a chief, We joined clubr, and save partiei and dancer a few; We annoyed all our teacher , an t ' reahrnni will do. E3ut we hacked up Eaat High, (uni our spiritr were true, SECOND YEAR Mi Kuliaupt, w3ien sophomore , Our chairman 4 nithci 1 In the football p«|uimI played C avj n and ' ' Ptp, 1 ' And Dojardin and Jandrain, and ilamioii and Lande, Alonf with Ray Lambeau and Francois and more. A banquet we held, and to pay olT that debt , A candy salo brought up the requisite sum. The Thank reiving same brought -cur aevenlh defeat, ho debater had we. but A3ks Sterling dec Li Lmed . And the " in-between . " 1 we ipent jn dreAmn. For $opfromoroa olwayp are dreameFP, it neemr, T H 0 li B YE A li E s at riot ic indeed wan our Junior Pram, Arli t joaHy decked in the red, white and blue,. Frank Krueger wait leader now of the cL,i h, With membership numb-’ ring in all i gb t y-fn e. The t;reote l event wa the nnnunl game, With a Victory breaking the ' J even s-lraisht " fame. FOURTH YEAR Of the eighty-five member ,. jm t seventy-five left. Ter in vacation,, the cal or had. joined. The banquet we -gave wn a not, d Htic.ce , With Gavin, pur captain, ttr muieh honored HUUl, i ltpugh received by the navy, he awaited his cal l, T WO- -Other soon followed him — thirteen in all . " Lee " Cranston ax president w n serving t h lh year. A orator, Krueger a firtl plate did win, I he el.iKh play ' a omitted it ' s war-time, you know, And poon with commencement our history will clos-c . The nun of to-morrow must And other Friend , Much a we loro t3iasr we ' re parti nr from TOW! farewell otir clappmatep and -friend r wn pO dear, Farwell to teacher and thin senior year. 32 A Senior. CLASS ' PROPHECY Curtain. Character : Dordlliy Beck. Guest-- La raine Burden. Sunt; — Veranda of a cotmlfy house in Cdiftirnisi wicker Furniture; plinti. Tvio young wqnnen whn hwd been schoolmate and celkyL- dunsm-Mri, .mil ni s ft re again spending rummer months together. Tliry art. ' dreiAc-rl hi QuEinv clot ho, with tennis rttktli in their hands. They have just ntUrltMl from ci game. Situation: It ij the thirteenth of June. 1928. Loraine suddenly remembers that it i the anniversary of their graduation day from East High School, and tlsat Alvina E. Ebert, who has Followed a llicrary career promised to send Dorothy a clain ht-vset ' .; ut on that day. Would she send it? Suddenly a postman ' s whistle is heard. Tin- hortcra hurries to the gate for the mail. Lora ine eagerly calls from porch. “What i r it? Whom is it for? " Dorothy returns with urn-nil, flat package, which she opem amid esc I led from both girls. ! Dorothy — " Ohf Et ' s a book, entitled: " Tilt data of IM to Dale .’ 1 Isn ' t that great! So Alvina really did keep tier promise-’ 1. The two girls snug-gle clown, and begin to read it eagerly. Just inside t he cover they find the following potec " Ten years ago to-day, the members oF Hie- claw of " ISIS " were made alumni of East Kith, our first Alma Mater. You have no doubt forgotten that E promised to keep in touch with our class, winch i 3 1 ve do no partly through a newspaper clippm-g bureau, and. partly through personal correspondence. The result of my rflertt you will find ill this tittle volume which E am sending you now , certain that you will enjoy it.’ ' Alvina — THE CLASS OF 1918. Libby Abrams and Lina Baum still live in Green Bay. and an now matrOilc of the Bachelor apartments. Marion Klatley is president of the " Halsled " college, for young women, in the south, the aim of which Is to develop a timid and denvure nature. Dorothy " We all know Marion will he a wonderful success,.” Mable Ream is matron of the Marshall Field DejlCAfeSBCTl Shop. This is the largest shop in Chicago. Lorain? " A]n.btii- aJwny was right there when it came to the cats. " Dorothy -‘‘We ' ll remember that when we ' re in Chicago. " Jornn Co lie; non is now a f am pur. veterinary fiUlff-Wn of hh ' W York. Both " How strange!” James France i and Frank Gavin are directors of the railroad route From Oconto !■ Green Bay. Irene Parish is teaching mathematic in Mill Schillins ' i plate, in the beautiful new East High School. Aurelia EJandlen is editor of a little pamphlet on how to gel and keep h nsbnndr. II, r ■ olicStCrs are Amelia Canard and Alary Allen, H len Le Clair is the noted artist new drawing senli ntertlal picture foi the ' " Corma- pplit n " undei the direction of Mr. Frederick Haigh. 3-3 (iWcrplanc Dorot hy " Well. HVlcn , wr didn ' t It now it would conir In linn, and remember Mr, l-Taigh wo .d way reprPYmij her in, school. " William Grimmer ii leading the iat Irtterilntlnnnl Woman’ Sufftt c. Lorainr — “Oh Wiilinm, how could y u do it? " ' Dorothy 1 U-.iy h- 5 a fcli c Fam U nert-ndo writer For the Karl v ky Pnram on t l J, tetLire , Lue-lta Outlnpd ip running; a pre-esam tourit for student who flunk in high school. Alma Si, Laurent ip a f,imoti» vaudeville star. Reuben Creilini: i» now running a mpirin)4ti!nl bureau in Green Hay. Owing to the fact that Raymond Lbmbeau war, so taken with the Cleopatra troop he hap now jomrd lh« Fo« Film Company. Dorothy “Whil part -do you suppose he play ? " Jaj- ' Ay I ward is now leading lady in thy “Slim Prt Lester Cranston, who i not Aocnatnrrird to obeying rules, ha , now iyOrn to abide by a Rtiel For belter or For wtrii, I. or, tine " Wc kitOw, Letter, it will fee for the belter- " Uirdt Golto is teaching Domestic Science in the Duck. Creek High School. Dorothy - " 1 wonder how large that acliO-ol is mw, ’ Catherine Schmitz i leading lady in " li»L ' li Follies ' Some of her chorus girl arc; Emmeline Andrurkerkl, Olive Bey, Martha Bauman, Margaret Milter and AEvirA Arvey, Dorothy " How Catherine ha changed! " 1 l. raine " That is one of the hig tn pri e r " Winford Greiliug U o famous eorihlruction and mechanical engineer, Loraine " i am not • bit sur prised. " Dorothy " Neither am I. " I Criwvs Mann has- become the famous partner of Arthur Kretlow in the Cake Walk. Dorothy " We knew her walk would win fame for her ’ Harold and Karl l n.Eurctnc are the Famous “Cold-Dts Twin " in the Barn urn- Eijiiley CLrcuft. Loralnri “They were the only twin of ur 1 jlh , William Hal loin rose rapidly From the rank until he hu become Bear Admiral of the Navy. Franklin Krueger And Dorothy -“1 can ' t read the name, it ' s blotted ; 1 can -only make out M-y-r-t " have entered partnership for (fee invention of " The PerFect parlor match.” Loraine — " I wonder who it I Don’t you? 1 wish Alvina hadn ' t blotted there, F all places! " The Mi «e Ann Smith and Lola Travis, who are tedtly leader , are entertaining thi Wilting al the Turner Hall. Music will he fviFninhed by the Green Bay Band. Dorothy — " We won’t Lellj wilE we?” Arthur JandraLn is one of the lender in the United Stale Senate in the Prohibition movement- Raymond Barth i a well known automobile engineer in Detroit. Mr- Edwartl Bierke ha patented the itlHl perfect talking machine, guaranteed to record foreign language perfectly. It urprui es Edison 11 . Dorothy " It’ trauge how .i reputation Is the making of some men.’ 1 Irma Dietz and Resale Melnter have entered partnarthip in a millinery e t bllihment on Walnut afreet, Frn.j Hansen is now taking Mis Uftht’l place in the Commercial Department oF the lie w Ea l High School. Hartwell Senegal who wa enticed to the Hawaiian Island ten year ago, is reported as manager of the branch of the Cnivers.nl Film Co, Loraine— " Wonder how Fie like it? " Esther IIum is Athletic instructor at Madl-fon. 34 PauI MtM nt-cr has just patented a new biplane named after himself, And has became i ' p Well known as Ford. Darcth) ' Hl I hey A id tie d be elm popula r as ‘Teddy 11 iu meday, . " ■ Mildred H«»r« lx Superintendent of (he Kindergarten work of the state of Wbumin, Florence Will in me is making French retards For til co-operative Schwalbe and Tick- ler restaurant, Madly n Gran nil anil Edward Peplinski are taking the plat of the Cast Lei. Lillian Schundt n iUHtuor to lkr» Blake in " Forlorn Uvrr», " 1 Lorsi ne 1 ' F lope bIic will give proper advice. " ’ Mary Agnes Le Sage has hitched her wagon to a alar, and has aspired If ■ " Parish, " sleepier Anton Den Jardins in in charge of the WH and Humor in ’ ' Life, 1 ' Dorothy " 3 wa itire he could he funny if he tried, with those twinkling eye , " ' Arlington Mogan has gained leadership oF the Salvation Army. I .oim i ne " Wonder of wonders ! p Bernard Ottjniciak i taking the place of Julian El tinge. Mary Delwiche, Viola GoeIelt and Vivian Greenwood came under " Whoi Who " as Congresswomen who have succeeded in gel ting an appropriation fora new French College. Asa Bui trick is instructor of Pedagogy in the Oshkosh Normal, Jvirte Golden has enlerrd a Convent at Fond du Lac. Dorothy ‘ " Oil June, I hi is too sudden ! ' 1 Clarence Rannsom and Clifford I. ft tie are running a Hilliard Hall in De Fere. In the service of art, Haael Schurlte, Olive Blown, and Lucille Van have opened one of thy larger! fashion shop in New York. Cecil Taylor is sueers ot to Jeanette Rankin in the Senate. Henrietta Blahnik 1 B taking Mis K-.- Heller ' s place in East Hiyh, Loraine “Sht always was par excellent? in history. " Austin NeJ«Ho ii now a Priy t Jit the Cathedral. Dorothy “This i so like him. 1,1 ' Harry Boerschinger Ip the witty debater of the Debating Club of Green Bay. Lorainc " Wo know how fond he wap of American History, " Walter Zioh U keeping an information Bureau for office girls in the BeLlin-Eiuthanan Building. Clarence Laubenstein i j noted Physics teacher. Pearl Johnson i now cooking the " Rice " for Ralph in Chicago, l,oo De G reet hat (Uncovered a Jiew law | n Physic which . named after kimidf. Gwendolyn Van Dyckc, who never wap light, now belongs to a " Ray of Leiclit, " ' Henry Atkinson has invented a device for conserving energy. It i said |p be in great deni and , Dorothy ‘And that ' s the end? Wall, Our class has been making a record for itself. " Lorainc " Yc . though some n F the member have folio wed lines you would never have expected of them, " ’ Curtain, CLASS WILE We. the Senior clan of East High School, City of Green liny. County of Brown, Stale of WUeonsin. realiltinr that the time allotted to us as jtludmta In rapidly drawing lea clo e after having none through fenr years of strenuous mental gymnastics, being of pound mind and memory, do hereby make., publish, and declare this to be uur Inst will and testament. (JW replant First: Wt- wish It estcpd to our principal, Mr. R«Am, And the Faculty our slncer-C appreciation of their kind clforLi in aur behalf wEbch have helped ui to hr wh-nt we are. Second: We stive, will, and bequeath to nil the und erch men our great aptitude, deep capacity, and! constant «pp]|«iti«H And concentration, to ppd for our studies, tjir- neatly hoping that the burden of the faculty may thcrc-hy be materially lightened, Third; To the frivolous and debonair Juniors wn will the mantle of onr Senior dig- nity; And although we are somewhat in doubt As to Iheir ability to stand the strain thus placed upon their nerves and atutelfi, We hope they wilt rise to the -Occasion. We also relinquish to them I hi- hock Met? In the main room, togelligr with a numerous supply of notebooks, lest papers, and Phyiiti laboratory msntllll, which, we are certain will in- crease their perplesi ties in, lime of sorest need, Fourth: To the- Sophomores and Flrshmcn, we jointly (live, will,. and bequeath our most valued possessions, the ability of our Senior foot-hall m n, with the advice to use it, in common with the large amount belonging to the Junior , in developing a ifturel- winning ttsm for East Hiirh next year. Fifth; To that class with whose name the adjective Hl yerdsfit M will always he appropriately applicable as the best word in describing their dominating characteristic, we give, will, anti bequeath a sufficient allowance of class Spirit, S-ixthi As to the following possessions which ud sSiaII no longer need upon our journey, wt dispose of them as follows: Item [. Lillian Sc hu nek ' s " engaging manner " to Mr. M set mber, who, na doubt, will be delighted to use it on the incoming Seniors. Item ' I. Fenn ' kllil Krueger ' s " push " to the Juniors, Item III. Pep and Madlyn ' s case to ljiurctla and Jiggy, together with the corner in the main room al noon Lime, as we l kink Frank and Myrtle w ill have no more uic for it. Item IV. Aj a special act of kindness, we bequeath l hr wad of gum under the back seats to the Fresh men; we hope they will keep them quiet, I Lem V, I. rater Cranston " ioving disposition to La sire nee Thurman. Item VI, Rueb-cn Grei ting ' s efficiency a a Indy-kilter to George I ruehc, Item VII. To Peg DorscheE, wo bequeath YVin Grei ting ' s ncver-foili ng readiness to lip his haLp we are sure it wll] not be misplaced. Item VIII. Henry Atkins-on 1 dashing ways to Frederick Rahr, who we think is n fitting candidate far the position of Last High ' s, “‘village cut-up, " I tetri IK, Vivian Greenwood ' s avoirdupois to Tony Holmes. Item X. Geneva Mann ' s walk to Elsie Wilson; we know the ehool would never get Along without it, lleni XL Alms Si, Laurent ' s dreamy eyes Ip Carol Schunck, lleni XU- M. Miller 1 quiet ways fo Isabel Meyer. We are positively certain that a little would vastly improve her. Item Xtll. We leave Hrh-n Le Clair 1 ' ability to kid the fellows, lo all the Junior girl ; wc know it wit! make 3iFe more pleasant for the stronger sex. Item XIV. As Libby Abram is leaving with opr illustrious class, we appoint Blanch Phillips to take her place a chief official in F,n l High ' Information Bureau, Ittitt XV. Peps neckties to Gustav Kin ui, as they help considerably lo brighten the Atmosphere of the class rocuvi. Item XVL Emmeline ' vanity-case la Alice Cht-eftcy; we think her must be about worn out from, hard usage. Item XVII. We leave Lina Baum ' s naughty eyes to Marion Dressier, Item XVIII, Frank Krueger " fondness for the ladies, to Frederick Smith, hoping h oil he will use it as wt-l I a Frartk has. Item XIX. Abina L ' k helpful hand ip tent , to all lower classmen, to be used in time of need, llem XX. F lore PC Williams ' never-fai ling ppply of candy and gum to M ary Abrohams. 3 llrm XXI, Xr of Claranea Uubtnittin ' i autobiography entitled " Trial and Tribulation; Lindergone During my Quest f r a Diploma. " to th seh-opL library. Hem XX9l. Ann Sni Lilt ' a rtd Lola T " t4i% i-p ‘ mott « hnh u the l rock team. lM.ro XXIM. Myrtle K iiliLi!.t|j1, rc cn iwnnlcr to . i - 1 i r : i t r in.rnt.ri , m it will keep the- colvF «h mr of E «t High cliooL Item XXIV. Lorain e Burden ' bltrtha and to Helen Man they. Item XXV. The Merry Widow 1 push and pep tp tin- Ma k and Wig CHib. with their sincere w ; h that they will succeed a well a the Merry Widow . Item XXVI, Art Jand rain ' nuiLachr to tmmtni Mueller. Item XXV II, Gwen V n Dyeke ' f graft with the Faculty to Babe Rue!. Item XX VEIL Eddie Blcrke " hair-auE tu Dudley Watford. Hem XX I X, l ol Beck ' s nunner of en terin if the maun rOPm tP Matilda A. linn XXX. The order maintain Ed at the Senior dnin meeting to the Senate, ai a model of speedy and quiet leglstatien. Item XXXI. We leave dll the eHl«r and. chloroform Ln the physic lab. to the Devil. to use on Kaiier Bill when he reach-c hip deninirk also I he baatarl and germ " - the ach-oo! hoc sheeted during it thousand year of existence . In w|l nrhQ whrsrsf. we do hereby set our hand and seal, this fourteenth day of June, A. U. ISIS. Witnesses: J. Golden. F. Williams. SENIOR CLASS OF EAST SENIOR SfRAi’ BOOH HIGH SCHOOL, 1918. IVAMF- FAVORITE PASTIME PROM, CHAR ' ISTIC Libby Abram Collecting information He r shape Mary Allan Studying Geometry Her bangs Emmeline AndruskcvlG?: Looking cheerFuE Her smile Elvira Arvey ECaaplng fllant Her ize Henry Atkinson Foiling Rueban C-, Hi speed May Ay [ward Looking Bcriour M i Idnai Raymond Barth Breaking speed limit Studious attitude [.■no Baum Looking around Her spy glasses Martha Bauman Pbyaic Her hair Dorothy Beck Flirting Her aye June Golden Primping Her i-tyla Edward Eliirrkr Talking fast Hi height ?.. Henrietta Blahnlk Telling her experiences Her goad humor llnrry Boerschinger Not laying m neb His sober expression Olive Brawn Doing B-Pmc thing Her ability Loraine ESurdon Being congenial Her eiggla Asa BuUriflk Typewriting Hi pompadour Jamas Col ig non Joking and giggling His heavy beard Amelia Conard Study! hg Her looks Lester Cra niton Skipping classes 9 Lis lovable disposition? Leo De tirerf Attending to business Hi no IT Mary Dtlwiche Keeping quiet Gentle manner Anton De Jardins Catting the mumps Thoug htf u 1 neas 37 NAME FAVORITE PASTIME PROM. CH ARTISTIC Irmn Dirli Marlon. FI alley •fame Fran cola Viola Goelrer Ludiii Vlyluri Grtenwtrad Reuben Creiling Win ford W. GreklJnj William Grimtrur William Hfllfrhi Ruth H-n tr ted Aurelia Hand ten Erna Hannon Dorothy E It- a girt Father Hel e Arthur J and rain Pearl J ohm on William Kozlovaky Franklin Krueger Myrtle Kuh-nupl E-arl Laluzerne Harold Laluzernc Raymond Lam beau Gwtndelyn Van Dyefec Or ranee Liiubenetrin Helen Le Clair Mary Agne Le Sage Alvina Libert Geneva Mann. Bee sic Mdelet M irKBTCt Miller Arlington Mogan Mildred Moore Paul McMaater Austin Ncjedto Bernard Olejnlczak Luelio Out lend Irene Pariah Edward P«Dliii k M«bla Ream Ann Smith Catherine Schmitz Hazel Schuette Lillian Sehunk Hartwell Seneca I Alma St. Laurent Cecil Taylor Lola Travj Lueile Van Florence Williams Walter Zich Shorthand Dirzniinj Breaking oherrt-ieal ft pp-n ra t u FiMwnlnG Changing her mind Doing nothing Asking fool 1 1 L l I i 1 1 1 1 n Smiling th« filrla Thinking Grumbling Eg plaining things Giggling T re nalat i ng Germ n Chattering Stud yin if Raining a muiUcht Spoo ning Making r »ra credit r Making Bpeeelie Making friend Doing (something Vi . i hi I ng hii time Bluffing Interviewing teachers Looking wiie Joking 4 ' Leading them on” At her book Being kidded Taking notes Heading notea Studying for teat Ertjfryigig herself Malting remarks Creating a disturbance Being buaineaa like Por i rsg pvtjr her I m i ik Thinking Coming tP school late Being serious Wearing moccasin Making Eierai lf useful Making remark? Getting “engaged " Looking over hi h boulder Wh Laperi ng Study ing Sml! i nt Chewing gum Finding out thing Being a preacher ' a -on Her weight Getting away with Ll Hi In Lig h Serioua neia Her walk Weight? Vgp, Hi grin Hi good nature Hi ha hf ulncsa Stately hearing Croaa-enflmirtlrtS! ability Plrarant manner ModeHty Cotiuellihh glance Her brown eye Result of hi efforts Her friend Ponderous Eng. Hi jovilily tier attendant Hi talk HI temper Hi walk Rapid canclutiaea Ilia stalling Her Uuijh Her popularity Her forceful manner Her avairdupola Short and to the point SkyrcrapcF effect Him recitation! Her it ride HLk high forehead Elia a nicker Dignified appearance Her hair I Ei a ra ug hncu Athletic ability Her temper Her style Gntlout manner Her ivveet voice Her ateady talk Elia laugh Her flashing eye Her b H ence Her goggle Touchy feeling Her at lifelines Hie gOrn pi c b ion 3S JWrctilattt .• ! ■ i ■l 0 (iW planc JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS GUSTAV KLAUS Vi-c -Pfipiidtnt JOHN MIN AH AN ProiiSdcnL A I F RE: DA REGARD 4 T r«A«r 11 JUNIOR CURI.3 C [.ASS HISTORY One worm September ?3 ji ■ in 1915 there hurfitd, in ■■ r uii |:iji. jnd i ins ty i to Eail High School the prmfil nirnTlu r- rtf Lite Junior Class, Wt looked as green no nil other frcidimen hairy I poked , if iml n IriHe bit preen er, but we toon learned l lie whurrF A“d whyfors of high school life, and attained n wire ond mtclli-fient AppeF ra n,c e. which we Kt ill possess, Ahem! After our baptism R.i [ht I h t style our career ai " treihin 1 toon ended. Neil year we 0 1 rutted 14 Earl High a proud no pea- cocks, for were we not Sophomore? 1 Wo bosierl the Freshmen arou nd . and in central showed that we were velerAr ' i at the learn I tip pa me. Through the trials and st reiser -of Sophfflmero F.ngliyh we emerged triumphant- ly, but we were never the lc:ui yl d when the t-ntl of the year came. When wl- Ti ; t u t tied a i, Juniors. we found that our rank;! were sadly depleted, rthly 7? re ma ini up From the horde that had entered ub Freshmen. Good iHh ' g (Om« in Mrti.il! packages though,, far have we not an envio-irn record irt at HLtticA, debatinp, oratory, and class spirit, Cur Prom w 3 Ofte of the beat parties ever given — we co- operated heartily with W«1 High, and tnn.de possible a bigger and butler Prom than either t(h(Kil CO-uM have had individually. We may be Frrt U. but we are right there. ■13 CS( W E. J U N I O 14 5 Mary Abrahams — ' ' Far she ' s a jolly gaoil fi ll a w . tli.it no ant will d ny. " Dorothy Bftrber ’’Just a fwn-loyimg elrE- " ' Everett firrean " Hard work ha-i mndi for him success-. " ' Gladys Bond Lit ' " 1 look eoad- nit u red and I am. 1 " t ha rla-Lte Ben tart ' " f ' ltaiinit to talk La and Rood to loak upon. " Canilnncr Rer-g-in ’’Amiable And Agree Ably but try to sli p Any living aver on Iter. ' ’ Altwrl nidhuik " CttiiDtny, vj 1 1 Input comptny Iiai bt«n tho spoil of mt, " Evelyn Bra-nti — " ' Listen dlliurntiy wht rt E tpenk, for not often do l (.punk -. 1 Wes-ley Csrlian — ' " Is- ambition kin watchword ? ' 11 G lady k Caw-c nberg " A smiling fate radiates the goodness within. " A Mae ( " herney " It as! I Itgh’ future hair-dr viser far the elite. " Frtntii Crsbb " Fleosud with ft fftttlo. tickled with « ir w r " Morro- Crowley " ’ A pencil of a fellow if you don ' t believe it. just a sh him. ' 1 Orby Dandoi " It ' s better to have loafed arid flunked!, than never to have Loafed at all Irene Do Creme-r — " A happy am Lie La my passport thru Life. - ' Jennis Dennisen " A pessimist without, hut an optimist within. ' ' Utninv Pen rune n " " Where thriftf’s ft will, there’ ft way. 1 ' Clara Dnrlih — " ' Best she ' liked who in alike to all ' Clarence Dorjchci " ‘Hhi told, calm looks freeze no one but himself. " Marian Premier " A novel and a bos of chocolate , is her idea of Farad ise. " ’ George Dunk " Talk to no girl , r nd view.i life through gleisu ., 1 ' Evelyrti Chnrmc " Her eyes Afe dreamy, but htr apceek si terse and !w the point, 1 ' Alvin Du Pont " On their own merit modest men are dumb. " George Dutton — ' " A diliar. a dollar, a ten o ' clock ackalar. ' 1 Cletus ILchtnci " Not tEiat I love girls less, but that I love solitude better. " Vincent Engel " ' I ' d. rAther -go- R hing than fuss in it. ' " I-yArtoyc Fiedler ' ' The jib! ft n the Trtt-fiiiiUne CftVet, ' 1 Rulh Forrester " ’A hurrying, flurrying bundle of energy.’ 1 Harold Francois — " " The boy with the Celestial Smile. " ’ Milton Cuttt " A girl L a girl, my kingdom for a girl. ' Levi Geniesse " IF n nun blhis.be hi- can’t be entirely a brute- " 1 Ch fitting Geysr " Silence hae be-come her moth ar-longuc . " Charlotte Goldman - " The girl above trifles. ' 1 Henry Goss — ' " He ' s reached the height of his ambition.” S ft. I in. Sidney Gzeiting — ”1 am a man of few wards.” but he acts. Geraldine Griffin " Thera ' a a hit av the blarney in this colleen ' s eye - " ' Lauretta Griffin ’‘Together we 4nd, divided we terrespeivjr " Cornell Heine - " " It i has ever been done. 1 can do it. " Lillian Henklcman — " A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance-. " Antoinette Holmes — " Air . Vernon Castle takes a back seat when she’s around. ' Loren Hume - " The greatest of faults, I should say, it to he conscious of none. " Amend Hyifc " Her way ft re the way of pleasant nee . ' 1 H-lvRel J-ACcimm " A sense of -duly pursues me ever.’ 1 W i ii jf red Johnston " How she studies and recites, and gives the flunkers -11 frights. ' 1 As nes Ki Liner — " Acts Like a tonic on every crowd. " Gustav Klaus.- - " Though small in size. In:’ wondrous wiu,” Gertrud KuHnupt “For if she will, you may depend ftn it; and if she won ' t, she won ' t ftild lluti ' l an end o-n it. 11 Raymond Larson — " ' Just as naughty as the very dickens. 1 ' George Le Roljx — " Don’t know what to call him but he 1 mighty Like a rose. " Aloys nii Lisan— " Coasar was short, Napoleon was short, and I’m fHtly short myself- " ' JUNIOR BOVS cAmolanc Hkbfcl Mtjfer — “Beware nF h«r giggle, Li 1 con la?iou , ' " Helen Mint hy " Shi ' llwtyi smiling. " l red Marquardt " He it- not dead, but ilcepeth, 1 ' Irene Mar t i n- K now ledge Carnes of I ., rn i n£ well retained Coth-erinti Meyer “Her vote was -evor qft. gentle and low an rtevl l-rnt tiling in woman, " Jeltn Minahan " He cam talk, Vc nodal Haw be can Unlit! " ’ Helen McMiutir ’Slhf ha the prudence oF the Scotch 1-ne . but there ' s a bit a.v [ dih ml-l“ chief in her rye, " 1 Lucile No u Feld t " " A solemn cou nltniund, Conceal the humor within, 1 ’ Lecitio Neuman “WL " a twinkle irt her eye and wi ' mischief in her benny face. 1 " Harold O ' Neil ‘ " When fun im-d duty doth, let duly go to rnmnh, " Hattie Petcka 1 ‘Prudently and caution .!} ' the words drop from her lip " - ' 1 Miriam Peterson " There 1 lengungc in her eye.” Blanche Phillip " What did you ay Ah( i ( ijocd l him; and small package ? ' ’ Frederick Rahr " Small, but C b My I " I liora Riiinuutn " Calm an tike Ltrfa?e. but beware of the spark within. " Alfrcdn Renard — ‘ " To know her i to love her, and iht ' i well known.” Robert Hothf " Honest good humor is. Ihfroil and wine of a merry meeting. ' 1 M rill Rucl “She love him " tes " ' and “les, " A r! in e Hchunck ' A j.t i.nImiLp: girl who is very fond of Latin, but, has- been heard to ex- claim, why w rrt ' t Cicero killed hefor he wrote those ora Lions T " Dorothy J. Smith “A pensive voice, blit good natured wit hah " Dorothy L- Smith " I here wip ' t no ure ill all thi lriFe, and h-yrryiik’ pell nidi ail thru Ikfc. " ' Yvonne Smith " Prompt eloquence flows from h«r bps, ' 11 Ethel Sorensoik " ' Tis good to Lengthen to the Inst a sunny mood, " Hazel Stievo “Haint there rto new way that E kin dress my Fkair? " Yvonne Tennis “She ' s combination oF pleasantness and Indutliy, " Tcrp " There is, jws nonius in life like the yyniqs of energy and activity,” Elizabeth Phama " Quietly I wend my way thru life with friends at every turn. " Laurence Thurman " He has. a Laugh I hat brings a person down two flights of stairs,” tin,rl iifidrel: " Sometime [ it and think, and sometime L just sit.” [Jnr«iKe Van Durcn " Our junior Orpheus. " Lcnore Van Relief " Her way are the ways of js-loniftntMiJaii. " 1 Eva Wilquet ’■ " The sweetest little creature |n all the world.’ 1 Earl Wilson " Mutlum in parvo.’ 1 Alice V mreurd “She fell out of a window when she was young and eankS (Sown plump. " I-.rir nrst Vint pens " For Eki heart is in hi work. " T R O U T I N C DAYS At la:.t, at iiwl, the day have come, With roblrt gtiy i and bees that hum : Soon shall E bland, witEk dainty wand. And angle for the finny hand Soon shall I wander to l he creek And catch flu- trout o nlim and sleek; And csd flic lly,. and loaf and dream Obk c more the old, primeval tutt To fish i routed-— find fish E muil, — " Qua hang” 4 G ■17 csvi JWr$j)Janc -It! SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS FREDERICK SMITH Pcttidrnt DOROTHY ST RAD BEL Vicr-Preiside nl WILLIAM KELLY Sc-tirc-tnry CM LORO THURMAN Trpn»urisr 49 SOPHOMORE J ] N g |,ES Majid Adams " Live 4n(l UiPilr " Ren Ait " Great he pep make srent m en. " Dorothy Andenan- -“Conlinutd cheerfulness is the sign af wisdom ' Matilda AtlrifUlkeviez " ' I can ' t I ' m top busy,” Waller Baldwin " ' A sturdy cli asaoll er in him we find, 1 ' Walter Arvey " E»trJ ' 1»dy " » frlcndf nobody ' s enemy. ' 1 Fred ft irtle " MdsiI pood thim;p conic i r i small packages. " ' [ ' helmd Rei ' tly " Ha nest la goodness kids, I almost died ' Ida Sierke " From her cradle she wn a scholar, indt right (Mil One ' Mela. Blank “A merry heart iri.ikrtli a cheerful MUTiUtiartte, " Ros line Rouchc “Don ' t bore people by talking too much. is my advice. " El It i- 1 If-randt " Still waters run deep. 1 ’ 1 Marie Brighton ‘‘Modesty is an ornament oF this girl.” Mas Brill " He tram tlv law and. oh ' -ys them. " Dewey Brown " The ' ires test of all virtues is Common itnu. " Ma rio n Drown " To her ' tw.ii natural to please. " Gilbert liubnik " Good nature and stood sense ever joined. " Fra Fib Rujarnlti " 1 Fish in the ten oF girl , hut never gel a bite, " Kenneth Bullej 1 " ‘Would you l like me f-or a minister ' s ten? Would yon really?’ 1 Leona Burky " Cheerfulness is her never failing characteristic ' Norhert Christensen — “Do I like work? What da you think t ami " Genevieve Clark " Seldom seen, seldom far ' at ten. " ' Jennie Cohen " Always on the joh Grace Connors ‘ ' W( iJOuldn ' t set along without the Irish. " Gladys Dandois “She smile and laughs the livelong day. " Ruth Ue Forest " My Greatest care is lack of care. " Myron Duquaine " W ha deserves well, needs not another ' s praise- 1 Amanda Dmtisly " Short and sortie is 111 is lassie,” Bertha Denison " An all-around likable girt. " Gladys Dcsr ' in — ' J Goodness is beauty in its best estate. " John Echtner " Common sense is an uncommon thing. " Gilbert Erichspn " A right j jl I ' good S mil lui h+.” A Men Evrsct “Thinking is but an idle waste of tho ' t. " Cyril Fontaine " When I ' m President of the LF. S, A., We ' ll have a holiday every day. " Emma Gigler " Oh! YVh.nl ' a in a name? " Clarence f.il; " It’s the little lhin ;s in life that Munt Look at Lauretta mid nit! " Gladys Greenwood — " Sinp away sorrow, cast away rare, I ' m off for a good time -come iF you dare!” David Greiling " TJie secret of success is oonslsncy pf jiuP|joie ' Harp-Id Hanson. " Like angel ' s visits, -shiirt and bright ' Josephine Hart " This lass has some winning charm. " Harold. H-h viler brook " Quiet, iha’tful, good sincere 1 Leonard Hearndon " A steady, s tilirc sort.” Lester Hcarndtm " CsutleSur to all. intimate with few, " Lois Hcnsel “Blessed arc .lie hard workers, for they shall inherit the mnrka " Rijhecca Helgesan — “Character is made up of small duties Faithfully performed. ' 1 Ylargui-ritc Heyncn " YY ' e can ' t worry .md he glad at the same lime, so Lets be glad ' Leslie Horne - " No sinner and no saint perhaps. But then, the very best of chaps ' Harry Holcavey " There is a foolish corner even in the brain of skii . 1 ' Si (AmpJane Noble J a nolle — ' ' El-e who if guided by Ime ' Lawrence Jascph “I mny be email, bu,l I work and ace mplirh more than moit Folks. " Lester Johnson-— ” I never, with important air. In conversation over be if 1 William Kelly " He " inure- nice than wine. " Cyril Klaus " Wise from the top -of bin head, up. " Clara Kn run? ' “Ym Hca! Shi n nay I” Alice Kelli — ' " Her way art the way oF plcaiAlltncsf. " Manuel La Parle — ' H Th frivolity of social life haa for him no glamour. " Fran Larson " LhcIwI with conscientious thoroughness. " Aciu-a Le Cornjitc ' " My life in one continual grind, 1 ' ' Jane l,cc " 3 like fun and I like joke ' BduL ii well a mai t of folk " , 1 Alphonse Le Febrve " P«l praying for! " Harold Lo-ndo " A star in- the athletic field, yet no time fur frive ulou iniuiimmti " Edith Lcwf " Work in my recreat Lon. " Bernice Lytle --“Work ' ? Housework? Where did E hear thal word heFore?” Walter Madden " Think twice before you rpeak, and then don ' t say loo mucin. M Ha-mer Mtn — " Btrt he ' r liked, thal is alike to all. " Kathryn M-p rtde " Hang sorrow, let be merry.” M toddy n May " When in the course of human even In il become necessary to blurt let us blurf.’ Richard Mtiiltr " A little knowledge if a danqerou:, lining; that ' why [ never got a Hills, " NorberL Mohr “Same one lake care of this kid. " Quintan Muldnn — " If I can ' l sleep nile±, l sleep ill via ' Emmons Muller — " The soul of this man j in hip clothes. " Ruth Muller - " A bash f td Orte, ye l vrondrouf wise-. " 1 Henrietta. McCarthy " ‘Happy am I, from care ]’m Free; Why aren ' t they ali contented like me? " Ruby Nejcdlo — " A Friend of the world at large, 1 ' Willi ant Nichol — " Seldom come glory ' I ill a man be dead, " ' Lucille riys " A right jelly good smite ha she. 1 ' Frank 0 1 Connell " Work? What ' , work? 1 ' Irene O ' Cormcll - ' ‘Yea, I ' m Irish. " Irene O ' Neil — " She has many nameless virtue .” Edwin Parish — " Si Feet one of Sure-enough nonsense, ' ’ Gladys E’ajonrek ’‘ Wonting lo work is so rare a merit that it should be encouraged, 1 ' Marlin Felt I jean " Half a man, half a boy. " Jean Pickard - " ' Come what will, I will keep my faith with friend and foe. " Lillian Powell " She has a merry tongue, forsooth. ' ' Harry Prrealo wski " Greeh Bay. like Russia, has more Ilian one " ski " Eleanor Bohr " A firm believer in the power of silence. " Loralne Red tine — " Behold! An artist in our midst- " Elder Rienke -“A grave and thought In! you til OF fine and generous mould, in truth, 1 ' Frank Robin son " ‘For she was just the quiet kind ' Margaret Roamiurek " She speaks not when there is not hi Hi l ray. " Frank Sadoivicz - " A liLent man is he.” Dudley Salford — " I pretend to despise the girl , but oh how I do adore tlie fair Mar km hanker " A human Declaration of Independence, " Frances Seliauer " No thoroughly occupied man. was ev -r yet Very miserable.” Mae Schilling ”A worker, always doing her level best.” Dorothy Schumacher - " I ' m sorry for me, 3 ain ' t so very happy, " 52 SOPHOMORE BOYS .iWrepJanc Carol Seluiiu k “Slig wouldn ' t be good if the could ; She rouldn l be good if he would . ' ' C e-Orge Silver wood — " Not only a icholi r. hut . i ([(rtllrman, 11 f ' ndtrirk Smith — " falhn ' little min- " 1 Catherine St. John " A w-pp r j ng way and a pltannl smile. " Anna S ' tiMn- “-Simple. yet nt lJ 1 F.pnraiii Stmlka — " I ' m rather inaccessabte.” Clifford iStrauhel — " I do know him by hn gull. Hr it a friend. 1,1 Dorothy Straubel — “Two eye- sto jf| and dark Beware! 1 ' Marie St re blow ”1 shill do not him; in malice, " Henry Tt-o " ‘There 1 , a frankness in hit manner that appeals (o every one. ' ' Ldlrctta T helen “She ' s backward, about coming forward, “ Earl Thomas — " A good student, a good and a good fellow.’ ' Chloro Tit ur mail ‘’Constant Qeeu pat roar prevents temptation. " ' Ida Tomhall “Her bcid ahineth from afar ’ W hln Welle " ‘A bluff in time saves a point. ' " Bulk Win man — " A niost obliging girl. " " Elsie Wilson “The Freshmen arc such in interesting little people. " Estelle Wirtz “I ' m too busy t worry. 11 Elm Woodward “She ' d luff at the wagging of a straw. ' ' Al.Lriv ZEch “A maiden meek and mild. ' ' Ethel Putney “There was a maiden wondrous wire. " CLASS HISTORY When the Call of 1916 arrived, there came with It to F.iiJ-t High School a group of Forlorn Looking individuals all manner, size and shape, who were extremely bashful, and were known as Fmlimsil, They soon got over their bashful ness, indeed they became very “fresh, " so :intili so that they required chastisement. They were fairly intelligent human beings at the close of school in June. On their return East September they left behind the name of Fruhmtn and baeamc known as the Sopho- more . THsy are a real live hunch, lots of pep, and plenty i f school spirit. They are well represented in all bran cher of school work, and should make a great success of their high school life. Hats olT to the Sopho- nioresE LADY OF T H F. LAKE Part X, Graeme was the Lover of Ell-op; The daughter of Douglas wan she, r.rntmt Wintctl thit Ellen His beautiful wife should he. Fitis-Jamc wan a good old huntsman. Who- was lost while pursuing Ids game i While wandering on in the forest. To the Douglas home he came. In truth, he was king of Seotlsmd, And a princely king wa» hei When Ellen ' fi i he did see. He wished her husband to be. 5a FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS AUSTtN HOKENSQN I rc a surer F.VA DCETZ HERALY MflDOMAtD President RUTH VAN KESSEL Sttrttity 57 FRESHMAN ClHLS AMONG T II E FRESH MEN Ifa old Vander S nd« “Tkt courageous (apliin of compllinmii, " Bfl i Putney " Ccnlli is the and sjood int nl. ' ' Kathleen McGrath " lit reno and undisturbed. " Gladys Brunette " Couldn ' t be serious, try ,h you would, 11, Earl Qunckenbush " It j» the wise head that m kd the still tongue. " Soph in E3ren« r “A brilliant mind. manner kind. " 1 , Adore Aik " A dreary place would hr this earth were there no little people in it. " tv i Hard Baker “Wise from the lop of hit head tip , 11 Louis Aik “Frequently within my brain [ think a ihoLiEht. " Arnold Bur " Oh, for an ermine to keep hark all clocks. ' 1 Virginia North " A ready tongue, a ready wit, grin, ff»in, grin, she dosn ' t tare a. bit. " 1 Kenneth C Miihiin— “Breathe there a boy with soul o dead that never to himirlf Hath ■Aid " l hone my teacher ' s sick in bed. " Minnie Hallo in " Shy and model l is this maid. " George Klaus " We enn hardly criticize n good worker. " Norris, Murphy “A believer in the (Onremtiun of energy. 1 " Richard Jansen " I am a part of all (hat I h vr met, 11 Evelyn Norman 11 All her pftths are peace. ' ' Catherine Schuni[Kl|«t " I want what ! WArtt. when [ want it, " ■Gertrude Kahinion " Agreeable and happy, 11 Austin Einkrnsi.ui “Gifreiiny reliever monotony. " Arloine Neufcld " A Rood Seoul and a perfect E dy, " Ofltolhy Haikm " .Nothing j more useful than silence. " Regina Pauly " What a whirlwind in her head, " Crortt Pigeon ‘ ' You ns fellows will be young fellow a. " hut It Van K L-wse I " Just a nohlr. all-around girl. " Peter Nr idle " In conversation he is ready and eloquent,’ ' Harry Klaus — " A liLtle learning is a dangemus thing, " Irene Fris-que " W|t t wilt. 1 " Cyril Cilia — " Little - Eut Ol My!” Elsie Mundt " Good nature and good seme mnft ever join, ' " Robert PuChateau " Lpush ;»nd Rrow fat.’ 1 Josephine Browning " The world delights in runny people, " Leonard Dorsehel “He 1 good at a fight, but better at piny. " Raymond Rahr " It ' s a serious tluFtg to be a tall, tall man.’ Helen Rrrendsen— " Like a bye she works alL day, " Bertis McAllister “Pleased with a rattle, tickled with a straw- " Hiohfird Bauman " He 1 a good liltLe boy. " PauI Van. I.;, i 1 1 1; n “What shouEcE 41 mart do but be merry? ' ' 1 Lucy Cohen “Her curls are the envy of all the girls, " Oavid U luzcrne— “Flappy folks have many friends. " Patrick M aloney " Not too small to be repognized, " .Minnie Bourgignon " She is always liked who is alike to | Clement Ntumiti -‘T take the world tvs it conics. " K Ossie Bourgiynon — " She fear no evil, for she knows no wrong, " Esther GenieKsc— " Ambit i UH, but still not a grind, " Cl arc rife- Maloney " Under his calm surface there sparkles wit and humor. " Mildred Ncjedlo |L E don ' t want to be famous—] only want to be good,” Joseph Eionjcan -“With stride SO long, " Clement Haworth— " All things come to him who waits. " Lorenz Heisc " Studious, but full F fun. " Alfa . r planc Alloucr, Hochgreve — " Blessed is the ioaii who, having nothing La say, keep itlll,” Dorothy Hununtl- " A genial d i pOslti,®n brings it a awn reword. 1 ' Rvlfirt Hyaka " V w mny depend on him. 1 Waller Jmcn " 1 Work has not htitmed him y l, " Leona Jacobson. — ' A gentle voice, a very lowdy thing in women 1 ’ George K rew — " 1 Always ready to help with his violin or in any way he eftrt.” Clara Kulin “Whatever th u does! at alt, thou doest wall, ' ’ Raymond Lavfmimi “Man delights me not or woman either, " Esther Lnppan i — " ' Ambition and you are good Friend s. ' 1 Lester Londo — " Play mates are attractive.” Leo Maude — " A temper t mat eh Kir hair. " Walter Mart ell " When in the course of events it become necessary to bluFl, let lii bluff F. lwn Vander Helen “Fond of History?” Alfred Vander Steen — " Ready to stand, hut not to talk. " Russel Van Dunn -‘ " A monocle 1 t he finishing touch. ’ A Lden Van Dyke " Work before ploy.” Fmma Veraghen " ‘A bright and pretty lassie ' Ceorae Ronennowski " ' Rather fond of play.” Irene Colburn — ’ " Pleasant are her way , " Irene Doran " To undertake and do is her motto 1 Gordon RolsrnthaL " " Children should be seen and not heard ’ Orville Millar ' " He ' ll do something yet,” Marion Miller ‘ " Mild of manner,” Reynold Tcbo— " " A dull and dreary gr I te nCo d oes not appeal to me. " Nettie Tilkeits " Ambitious, but rtOl a grind. " ' Clarence, T»mn " Quiet «1 times.” SftrAh Med bike W " Slow and easy wins, they say.” Catherine Van Boxcl " I take the world as it fOnifi. " Catherine Dockrey — ' " She ' s Irish in name, In manner, in wit, She ' s ,« trite an gold, and bright every bit.” Robert Mmahan " Robbie, you run like a Ford.” Rimer Schaefer " Talking, he knows not why, he carer not what.” Ellen l risque " ' Her crowning glory is her hair 1 - ' 1 Arleen Olsen— " Wisely and slow; they Humble that run too fast. " ’ Clyde Surge — ' " True worth need no interpreter. " 1 Elsie Nejedlo ’ ' .Silence ha become her mother tongue 1 Florence C.ifTovd " Modest, demure, and lovetl by all who know her.” Bertha Stonenmn " In disposition, tudlouK and retiring.” Ralph 5oquet " Eig U MO-l dead, but slucpcth " Eva Diets. - " ' Divinely tall and divinely fair.” Hearty MacDonald — " Trained Tor either tamp or court. " Angelina Pi xeslowski — " ' Her talent are of the more silent claf ' Ruth StrehEew " A wee sm-a 1 girl with a wce srr,n.’ voice,” Meyer Cohen " Exceedingly wise and fair spoken,” Zcnnic Hokcnsnn — " " .Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low— an excellent thing in woman. ’’ James Crowley 1 " Never works, and never worries, seldom flunks, and never hurries. " Eu gene V.iii Schyndle " " Life without laughing is a dreary blank,, " Monica Olcjnkiak — " She never lets an idya Interrupt the easy flow of Iter conversation,” Helen Duquaine — " ' Winning is her way, pleasant Is her smile.” Leo Kicbel— " Hang sorrow; care would kill a cat.” Harold Sorenson " It 3 a good thing to bluff LF you can make the blull good 1 Arleen Eiatra " ' No hnr«h thought is ever hers.” All Abrahams " Altho’ ht ' t short in nature. he " lang Ell Credit ’ Ri,tUl LlblH " Chttifulrtl+B in just a natural to her the color in her cheeks ' Virginia LiFcfavn 1 1 There 1 s miichkf in 1 hi girl ' Wi Inner Wainwrltht " A man m true an Alee !. ' 1 (,]j ra lllahnik “A Winiomt loss in she and earnest ’ |id ] Church “She whs would lauyh And make other laugh, 1 Winfred Fender “Wo| ' « the add if s u L n ' appy, tnd E alius in,” Kenneth Barber " True irarLh in in doins, net Albert Beefcer " He in not head so dull hul he can ieiin. " Roland [SrowFi - " A hidden, thought. " M d(l!n( Cannard " A madden with fair brown eye ,” Amelia Carpiau " -Sine has twp h T ,wi ' , eye so soft. " Alet-a thadek " The mutt gifted her with dance 1 ]lelen tlbilla " Eat, drink, and be Eiappy. for temarraw ( may have to diet, 11 William Chappell " A lever of muds, " Vermanda Lefcbvrr " In all things true and ]oyA| ' Robert Canard " A v;ood wa-rkrlfi ' " Regina Dd( " Oh, an quiet, " A nth any Helwich " My. how serious.” Orville h’ys — " A fir], my kindtam for -a sir!, 1 ' Most R hn " A History ichalor 1 Alice Er iaejuij " GenlJe and enlm, but self-possessed 1 Oswald fJpnLeisc " A busy worker ' Martha Goethe Air-haired P with pretty blue eysj. " Michael Gleason " There are many rare abilities tbnl are but slowly brought to li ht 1 Fheodore Goldman " Let ' s, ertioy ourselves while wc tan, " Joseph El Acker " You ' ll never know the goad fellow I ' ve boon ' Ruth I Inciter " Work Where have I hr..irH that word, before ’ Vlrrfnln Ragerty " A maid, light-hearted and con tyut. ' " Warren Haperty " His knowledge is all pigeon Eso led.” Anlhony Nawalt " Why hurry?” John O ' Can nor " haturo has formed ilr«n|e fellow in hor lime, " t arl FVlcr " They a I no nerve who only stand and wa.it,” hlarentinc E ' rzeslQwski " Silence in- golden, and dignity a virtue ' Marlon Reed " Her tone are like- dew drop of erkiUel melody.” Elen trice R-ri " Her tongue lies- seldom still,” h’orbert Rpndou— " All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” Aene Rsimhrtk " floppy am l ; from rare I flee. " J eh n Saryetit " John Srri ur, " Arnold Servo tie " A dark Fellow, hut bright ’ Ei.eLil.irn Skoglitid " He kno-w ; he doe not need to gurE , " Vlila Smitj. " Always ready fur fun, ’ l-ena St TAeliewski -- " SEtr i of tho quiet hind who c nature never varies.” Urban. Thoma — " ■ ' lot a sinner, not a saint . 1 " 1 Dorol hy Ti pier " Tall a nd g rac 4 f ul. ' ' Clifford tan Eu-ck — " An all-round chap " Oh. how I hate scli-pol days in May, W hen t must sit jn school and think; Much ret her would I be out ido A, witihhiiir»E in the brink. til — hVe h . rroplanc (TW F El E 5 li M ]£ N A Frcahman ■ a Freshman ntl-d v-fir bt re OgrtiFtd » easily a n green apple con be- dipt intuit bed fioin a ripe li nr. These innocent little irndividualr vt he artier hlfch l E b l’i •a 1 L-i. L fy year with a shamefaced. bashful I DMnlt, ivhieh gradually Him " to a lo sk nf eatcreding fresh- rifiM, Aden occur torn (henv:c3ve to their sUNroundinfit and become an wise In appearance ok any upper cl ara - rt n. The Frei-hman Glass F 191ft ii art exceptional dnii. The mtmWf f thi fllft - Hava a plentiful abundance of c ho d 1 spirit. ha intr rdpmrrtbitl ' rti in nlhleti-ti.. oratory, and all other school aclivilits. The dam i u r K.a rt i led and net , a k a unit., unlike many fmhman lid Fee In ye Fit past. Great thing may ha expected of this claaF before It leftve East Hlflt SehooL- D I It G E OF A F n E S H M A N Ai hex to -ashes And dual Lo dust; If English doesn ' t kill me Tlltl Alfjebra mu»l! M. 11. THE COMING OF SPRING Did you notice. litis morning The S u pi God adornlni The top o ’ 1 the hills wit h bin gold Ctrl light. And bathing the stream Wit 1 1 lii i, flitter ing beams. Cheer ins the world with hi rays so bright? Ob. s-pring Li smiling 1 Irr laughter beguiling, Dw-I’i in the cool of the forest shade; List liOw she 1 .! iig Ing Till the woods ere ri ngir ' i ' g, Ai we wander through the budding glade, — " Quajrang. " ' 63 EStri 64 - LOCALS - ZJ2 JUNIOR PROM. A joint Pfom. given in iioahoi cf l lie .Scnion, by thr Junmri of the East and West High School . Friday turtrning, April isjngteenlh, in the Armory, proved a mail delightful gather- ing. Hie (I ci ivion lo have I Ini a joint entertainment was mn.de btcamt of wjr eoibdi- liarm, to economize expense. The Armory presented an attractive appearance, with it tires rid -jon of rchooL color mud national emblem . The red and white of Kail Eligh wor combined with the purple and white of Wert High- FPtl these formed very efFc-Ctive decoration . Feitoom of crepe paper rlbbo n p were draprdi between the pillar . over the window , and front the various corner oF the room. The was decorated in school color .,, anil w r bp.il ket! with palm and fern . On the front of the stage were the num r l ISU3 in red. white and pwrplt. Vanilewberg ' i?k«tn furnLlhod music for the dancing, which continued, from 8:30 to ti o ' clock, 1 he following committee were in charge: Music and Program, Dorothy iimtii chairman, Kva Smith. Antoinette Mo I me andCheiter Lolly.; decoration, Gertrude Kuhnupt chairman. Irene M.iKonr, More Crowley, Clarion Toulc. Ldren Hume, ba Smith, f. Lar nee Dorschel. Chester Ln.ll y . Alfinh Reward, Burr Bedell. Charlotte Ben- lop. Andrew Surf mam executive, C. Cb Brower, Jr,p -general arrangement, Harold Anderson, chairman. Constance Bergin, Harriet Wilson, Vincent Enjel . Mabel Han ten, and Mary Abraham . The patron and patronesses were member of the facul- ties of the two schools. SENIOR BANQUET On the fourteenth of February, the Senior Clap gave their aminal hancittgl . Si Kly- fivc i! ueet , inc I tiding member of the faculty, rat down to dinner. The decoration were purple and gold, the class colors. The dinner was followed by a grand march and all sorts of game . It proved to lye one of (be mS ( UOCrrfuL banquets ever given In East High School. Even Mr, Ream raid he had never enjoyed himself so much at a r.shior hantpiel, although he felt rather stiff in the knee the next morning from hopping e round, I, ester Cranston, class president , acted a toast ms ttr, and Pri n-cipnl W. T, Ream. Mr. Ma com her, Mr. Appel, Mr. Halgh, and Min 3 ; i t z j m tuPM responded to toast . The toa l of M " S Fituimmon V(U very Appropriate to this war lime. She choose a war Pirdley, (he main division of which were food and ammunition. SKIPPING TO WEST HtGII rive Monday morning following the ' Thanksgiving garble, West High was fin-ling too good to- go to work, o they came to pay us, Hast Hi gib, a visit. The vipitor ami up t thp assembly room, and cheers were given for both iciltols, if l he ftflfltWfth the itutlcrlii of taut Eiigh thought they should have a vacntlon; two-thirds of the school wtnl tp W r t High, A very good time w reported by nil, for dancing wn enjoyed in Ibc nymriasruri. The it u dim I thought 1 h-n t (Iqry would not be punished because of the targe number involved. But an. the obi story igocr, " He who laughs last !aU£ h beit. ,F A week before eismi Mr. Re Am dtlMUnteilt " AIL those whose Average it seventy-five need not Ink the e Amr f ' tcpl those who went lo West High. " A| the first few word every one held his breath hut when the Lost esmt, ther was a great. deal of sichinj. Talk E! v CANADIAN OFFICER In connection with the V. M. C- A. drive, Lieut. Cockrell, of CAiiadfl talked to the whole school. He rava a very vivid picture of the trenches, for lw himself had spent some time these, lie film toEd of the work [he V. M. C. A-d fw fy r the men at the lirin-p-line. The Clee CTEubs f both East And West High. Rave a very successful dancing party of the Woman 1 Building, on Thanksgiving night. The hall was decorated in the colors of the two- schools. On December twenty- first, flic principals of the two hiyh schools consented to let ue have a hAlf -holiday, so that the students could m-r-rt oricx more to have a Rood timri lORelhrr- Tliere was an entertainment held in the auditorium of West High. Later all went down to the gymnasium, wlu-re- darning was enjoyed until ssv o ' clock, East High student were treated very cordially by their Weal E 3 i eh host . Had we a place in which to entertain our Wr»L High friends, we should be jtlrMnl to return thcLr courtesy. JUNIOR RED CROSS Orcen Bay lias its own Red CrOs chapter to which many of 0o.r students belonR. They have Helped by going ' down to the " workshop” and making surgical dresiin-gs, and h ve helped hi other way . It was thought that if the school had (heir own organi ration they could do better workia-othe president oF the Uni fed Stales asked that the school be Organ i red into what is now known as the Junior Rod Cross Society. Our school met and elected the following officer ! Chairman, Franklin Kru«:ficF: secret Ary, Myrtle Kuhaupt ; treasurer, Mitils Ream, In order to make the membership " 9Ae hundred per cent ' " of the school, each class had to raise Enough money to pay twenty- five cents for each member of the cl An , This money was raised by subscription. The Senior class was the first class to reach the on e-hundred p)i tcnl. The amount which the class raised was nearly twice as much as wa needed, I h« studs Pi body of Last High School subscribed money For the adoption of a war O rphan, And hAve adopted a little French girl. Among the prominent speakers who gave addresses to the Assembly of students dur- ing this past year were the following; Mr, then MinallAll, Mr. T. P. Hilverwood, Mr. Joseph Mortui, Mr. John- Kittel, Judge tiraa . Governor Phillip and { ' .overnor Ham- burger of Utah. LINCOLN CLUB DANCES The Lincoln Club gave two dnee during the year, one in December and one in April. They were both given At Elk ' s Ebdl, snd both were very pleasant occasions. es Tb« past vt-ftr, F.aat Hi nil School ha maintained three musical organ ir-ftti-onst Boys ' Glee Club, Cirle ' Glee Club and a Mixed, Chorus, Ortfe a. week and cm day of special program, the entire ichaol Ian la ' kcn part in chorus singing. The chorus M,:nirw: wan inaugurated tibia, year by -the new musical director Mr . Bertha Calkin . Song of all type , ranging from the old folksong of the past to the popular airs of tin- present, are aunt; by th-c ji ' -rembled ituilrnti. This addition to the musical eurrieulum of East High was most welcome to the itv4entt, for it seiwtid a a break in the steady routine of class work. Those students who wished to study music more thoroughly had jui opportunity to do eo by ja ini ns either of the glee club or Live mixed, chorus, wlic re t hey received detailed persona I instruction. Several programs were given by thfl Glee Clubs during the year in the assembly room. What n pity ll in that we can die but once to nerve our country! —Addison. Our country t in her intercourse with foreign notion m y he always be in the right; but our country, right or wron®. -Stephen Decatur. A t;uc.m| citizen owes his life to his country, Thy hand is never the worse for d»lnf Ihy Oyrt WOr!k. W cannot all be noblemen; there niuct he some to do the work. The word impaulbta, nflt in my dictionary, Napoleon, A good word for a bad one is worth much and cost little. Better Ihrrc hours loo »OOrt than a. mi mite too late, Confine your tongue, lest it coniine you. A good book is the best of friends — The unit today a fid forever. 67 LINCOLN CLUB l ] n t; o l. N " t: l u a The Lincoln (. " tub, an organization for the promotion of public x p.- a k , n g and dehn.1- iiv.; in lli- b, ha-- 1 1 ; ■ c I a verj successful year. The Club did noL begin hhiIi ibis year until Mvtrnl months. after school started. This was because Me, Horn;? did not know whether he would be ob!e to stay throughout the yrtit. In- mmuth a j- hr -did not wont to Atari the Club and then leave il, the date of o rga ni zai ion wn postponed indefinitely. The Club was very unfortunate in Sosi ne the services of Mr. Kariie. In him, the Chi I? possessed ,i man who wa., untiring in hi , efforts to better the Ouh. He w patient with us all, ru-ll when h - would have been yustiherf in giving ur up hi despair. All the boy liked him brtflUit he re merit birred that hr hod been a boy once himself, and alio because he could be icrioui when need be. He won our admiration and respect from the start, and we are sorry indeed to have lout hi helping hand. After Mr, Horn leff. the Cluh met under the advisor hip of Mr, Apptill, the new agriculture lc,iyher. The of f i V-S rP for ttie first Uni4lttt Wtfi elected as follow ; President, Everett Bceaont Vice-President, Morre Crowley; Sec.-Trea ., Vincent Engels. Tor the second semester the following officers were elected r President. Vincent Engela; Vice ' i 1 r r hide lit, Sydney (ireiling; Sec.-Trea«. r Robert 1-Lot lie. Because nf (1 slight deficit incurred from the debate , an Oj»h meeting of the Club wns planned for and given On Ih ni(|lit of March 30, This mrrlin; war a hugh success, and netted more than enough to coyer the delicti. The try-out for the oratorical con- test. were incorporated into this meeting. The program consisted also of variety ncm- tierx by the m cm be r s, such a recitations, musical number , and comedy. The Advisors?) ip of the club changed hands a -gain when Mr. Appel left the faculty. This time the Cluh lelected Mr, tVei Ft flirt her, Mr- Appel ' oecc rnor on the faculty. The new advi or has been with lie for only a short time, hut already hi snappy character is telling on thr Oub. and its meeting are increasing in interest. On April 3th n dance was given hy the dub at Elk ' flail. Thi was a greal tuttlH. Many tickets were sold and everybody had .■ good lime. Mr. Welnfurlhtr was the only in cm her of the faculty present, and hit fine d ndnj edited a good deal of favorable com- ment especially among the girls, DEBATIN G— ‘ 1 S The past debating season war far from satisfying In the line of yiclorles, However, Our teams put up a good fight, and did exceptionally well considering their preparation. Our opponents admitted that our delivery was excellent. Unfortunately, at the opening of the debating season, the school lost the valuable ■services of Mr. Horne n debating couch. Mr Horne had been with the school for the past two year , an hi undivided attention la the CHClllltt ef the team i certain I, y worthy of Our heartiest appreciation. After Mr. Horne left the faculty, the services of Mr. A|i|»-1 Wi re secured. Under hi guidance the teams were selected and the work begun. L | year Ea l High entered the State Debating League, organised under the Auspices f Lawrence College. Eiil High remained In thi league this year, end vo matched against Appleton and Marinette. The question- itltelsd rends a follows; RESOLVED : THAT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OP THE UNITED STATES SHOULD OWN AND OPERATE THE RAILROADS. The negative- team was composed of John Mlnshtlt, Lawrence Thurman, and Elmer Schaefer, VinOriit Engels, Loren Hume and A! Li son were selected for the affirmative team. St T .rfri « r . HP " i fcaskv.. . . . DEBATING TEAMS 7D opiatic EAST HIGH .NEC. VS, APPLETON EAST HIGH AFP. VS. MARINETTE. 0 1 the night of Fcbuttiy nth dir negatlv icam JturntyKl ( Appl+tors I avenge the dffrnl of I ns-t year. The affirmative team remained at home, and vmi apposed by Marinette. Herd luck was with kas-L high again, and bath debate were iort. The affir- mative team latt b y 2-1, and. the negative by a I-D cou nl. Them- clrf r at a eliminated East High from any further chance far the state champion " s-hip. Lrit year 1 , in order that the pre r a l ion of the leant ihould net to l naught, several debater with Other schools were arranged. The membero of the team were eager t □ follow the tame plan this year, but it seemed impossible to arrange with other ■x hool : so the proposition was dropped. CRITIQUE Altho our teams were not victorious this- year, they are to be praised for their efforts La put East High on the debating map, A debate is more or lei a gamble, anyway. Even though they didn ' t win, not one of the member of the teams i sorry that lie went out. They eonsidyr tin- experience and. practice gained a worth far more than the time end rffort ri pended. The Only thing to do I tfr h Opti mietic JJtrtd Wail for next year lO Come around, when we may be mare fortunate. ORATORY Our I my h eap iiuiUi a gnorl showing , not only in Athletic sport , but also in cantrilH which test their Intellectual Ability. This year, for the second time in East High School ' s history, the boy enlisted in oratorical WOrk- The elimination contest was held on the night of March twenty-seventh, during the open meeting of the Lincoln Club. Franklin Krueger, Vincent Engels and A I ay si us LLson were tlie contestant . Frank Lin Krueger won Ant place, and on April fifth went to Mena ha a a representative In the League con teat. The con tesla tit wore Kouk.-u.in , Mgnasha and Creen Bay. Franklin Krueger won first place, apd wn» therefore the league repre- sentative at Oshkosh. The contest was held on April twelfth, Mr. Krueger went to Oshkosh, hut when he reached the place, be found that the contest had been held in the -if ternoriri, and lie had not been notified of the change in time. However. East High School ' s r« pry sent a tivy was invited tu enter an oratorical contest, held Linder Live auapi- cies of Lawrence College an May tenth, in which he won third placy. LAWRENCE COLLEGE CONTEST IN ORATORY AND EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAK I NO On Friday, May lit. w held, one of the largest and best contests ever conducted among the high schools of the stale. About twenty high school entered with oratorical speakers. And about 14 out of the 24 schools entered, with extemporaneous speaker . These extc mpa ran cou speakers were given, a list of 3!» uhjrcl on which they could taLkf for example. “What are the opportunities of the American oil I AS n to-day? 1 ' After 71 AmpJane rec eiving this list, rich waa lent into i mom by himself diuL ' t|ivr:i am hour tM pl.-iri nnd think out h» talk, vhkh w t b»i fiv ml nut . FrunkJin w, Krueger represented East Green Bay in I he OrnLoric L Contest, and was the only representative sent by this school, llis oration win Fran k lin K. I. nis- ' n “Why we Ath: At Wil.” At I -30 the preliminaries h t . l r L ■ J far the Oratorical Contest , in the Chapel of Lawrence College. Each speaker wn limited to live min- uter in the preliminary; and sis out of the twenty were to be selected for the final e-ant e t la he held in the evening, Mr, Franklin Krueger was many the ih to be chosen for the oratorical final Lonlrril for Ihe evening, Following ' the Oratory ' preLintinary com- lest the extemporaneous sp :-a kcr s r preliminary was held, in which the tin bc.il evtein pore neo m 3 cpeakejj, were chosen, a Luo. In the eve Milt " , promptly at 7 : 3- S . tin- estem- poraneous ipeikeri ' contcit wat StArtcd in “Peahody Hall. " ’ AFter thin « few musical ■election - were fivers by some of the College students, and then the final contest for the orators started- Krueger was the fourth one le speak Ln this contest, Arid when the judges gave out their decisio-n, h« wfvs awarded third place in the contest, thereby winning a scholar hip tfl the eollece. Only three places were awarded. The Anal contest was very’ clone. Each of the ii speakers was a " good ottv. " 1 end eh tried bin hardest. Every speaker wag carefully judged and criticised from every point of view. Immediately after the contest a reception wan given to contestants and friends, in the Dsan ' s Studio, and it was carried out in a very fine mmstt- Each speaker had been invited to have lunch and dip tier with some Fraternity, end was shown every courtesy possible. Our hats off to Lawrence! bast High thanks the college sincerely — first, because our speaker won reees pit ion for the scHoolf and secondly, for the courtesy shown the speaker and the interest the college shewed in the .high school epcakers oF the state, Fast High Will lorn; remember this contest and the p!«ee hr has received. For this contest io worth while. Here ' hoping that Lawrence College again holds this contest and invites East High to join " Eat! High appreciates the school Spirit shown by Franklin KnttEtr In acting as its representative Ln this contest. He deserves much credLt for the hard work he put into the preparation, and F r the creditable performance which won a place For East High among the Larger Mhflots of the Hate. Again w r j fl y " " hats off, " but tliis time to Fr nlftln W. Krueger, senior class president, and leader in school activities. 72 MMK AND WIG CLUB MASK AND W3C CLUB h oop year 4| a a number of girla eathered together and under the leadership nf Mlki M iy Miss Carolyn liandt Anil Mia Gertrude Glbbfim formed the Hr t dram at ic club jn Eaut H i i: h. The club hmr made rwift proved md hai preempted nevera! very tf ver pi ay . Tlrij yeah the Mmli and Wig Club rutmbcrg met early in September, and rc-ory (mixed y r’ work. Meeting hivr been held Iwi ce a month- Duri m the fir t pari oF ' hn year. Miss Fitzihmmon awE M(as Brown were the d Lreeti i‘» of the club; but ]e,ter Miii fitliLimneni reigned, and MIb Cujsk wu elected to trike her piece. The officer af the club (Are e follow ! PreAidmt . Miihlr Peftm Vic«-F« L(tent t’b h-dt-fmee Bergin -Secretary and Trea«urer Cecil Taylor 1 he general line of the w rh ha been practically tire aAme as in Former yt-flrt, The ■ urk i .iliing ileclariqattiry and dramatic litre . On Saturday, December eighteenth, the Mask and Wig Club gave a patty to «|| the %ir i of the «huol. A small dit» icn fee wa eharsed, A delightful time wa reported ll .v a||, Dancing wn eii joyed in the lower corridor. Rrfre hmenl» were ierygd M the clo e of the oftflrnoon. 73 A play was presented, entitled " Putt In B-oots, " with the fallowing cast of (hiratlcm Pus Catheri. nt Dack r} Pat Hazel 3fhutir Kttis Alibi m. Libert Queen Ci-dl Tflylci Princess Liurctla CiiiTun Guards and touflitfi Ruth Wig-man, Ftulh De Forest, FiegJna Fs-ul, I retie O’Conntll, Ami Dorothy Tippler. DECLAMATORY CONTEST The girls of our school showed much tnfhutlntin in declamatory w rk, Seventeen took- pn.ft in the elimination «nt • , Of these, seven were chosen to contest in the pre» limif ' ittry cort-leist, Eva Wjl-i uel was given first place, Cat heri me Docker} ' second, and Alvina Libert third, Eva Wilquct was unable to go to Menaslui because she was ineligible to Ihe hniiur contest since the rules required full work, or four studies, while she takes only three, There’ Fore, Catherine Dockery and Alvina Libert went to Menasha as pti r representatives in the League contest. Contest on! fro-m Kotik a u no, Menasha find Green Bay took part. Here Alvina Libert won second place. A LETTER FROM MR. C O ONEN Highland Park, ILL. April E, ISIS. Local Editor — Aeroplane, East Hugh School. Green Boy. Wi . Dear Miss Manm I appreciate the Invitation to contribute something for the Hl Aeroplane,” F-ven though I have outwardly severed relations with " Old East High, " 1 slii: feel that it 1 " our” paper, and am anxious to sey the IttlH edition surpass all previous issues in magni- tude and 3 i tvr-n r y ittrdtid. My work at Deerfield SlihliU High School is some whs t different From that at East High, 1 still have the work in Piiyiici and Chemistry and in addition Home work in supervision, o-nrf full charge- of the military training. [ have a lecture room, twp large laboratories, two store rooms, a -dark room, and a fairly good equipment at my disposal for the science work, so I can olEer quite an estc nsiv . course i but the enrollment in these courses is far below the corresponding courses at F-iist High, Much if the work, of supervision is done by the individual teachers. The student body is divided into groups from Lwenly- fwe to thirty-five, these pupils going directly to the teacher who has them in charge when school calls. Those sessions last fifteen minutst, !■ enable the teacher tc g | the attendance record, receive absence and tardiness excuses, issue permits, end paHse , advise and dis- cipline when necessary, and in general, look after the Welfare of the pupil. For general 74 assemblies. when necessary, the pupils march lib a body from the session in charge of Llbt session teacher. who is itittd with l hem durirt the assembly. [ have vli of haLf pf Lli-e- first year boy , I Ka Iwd com paniei at Cadet , who drill twice «ac|| Week. the last period a f (he day, allowi 11 if I ' a to run overtime iF we care to do p, They have the regulation army rides furnithcd by the fovermibent. and complete uniform! Furniihtd by the school. Each com puny ha the regill Ati m army officers, instructed at special meetings, who have charge- of and carry out (he instructions and directions given them. ] act in the capacity of Msjtr. Our work consist! of close and extended c«| t r maneuvers, in both company and Bat fl] Lion drill, manual of arm , imiAjbltorr and wig wap signalling, bayonet drill, target practice AU-d wall -seal li fig. The day l i work begins at 3--15 and ends at 3 -j 35. enabling both pupils and teachers to make U e of our splendid (ymnniunu, All l A hel ba II and other Inter-scholastic ♦ports are e ndu-cted after 3:15. The ten men teOcher play basketball, hand -ball, tennis, and swim to their hearts ' content, thus keepi n g them physically ft( r We have luncheon half-hour served in the liigh School cafateria, which 4 1 . over five hundred. The corridor , all through the day. arc patrolled by student (councilors o t tionvd thcit no pupil can pas through them during classes, or leave (he building without a pars From A tCACher, Alt Cases of disorder arc tried by (he councilor , and suitable punishment imposed, I hope East High will soon have as exce-Llent hulLdtngs and equipment a we have here. No on knows hotter than E how busily Creep, Bay need a new High School. Sincerely, a friend oF East High, J. E. COQNEN. MEW FACULTY ME M II t ' . It S During the past year, Ea t Hivh has had many changes in iU leaching force. Some of the old members have left to take other positions; others h,iyo -enlisted in the country 11 scfvkc Among the newer members of the Faculty ar r Mr. Heigh, Mr. Maconibcr. and Mr. Weinf urther. Mr. Heigh is a graduet-4 0-F Oshkcsh Normal School. At the time he was engaged t-0 teach, bp war In Duluth, Minnesota, where he held the position of chemist for a large hardware, concern, inspecting paint and oil . Here he worked with come ol thr best chemist ■ of the country, Mr, Haigh I a " clean cut” young man, and is very much Inked by the student , He know his business And I a very conscientious worker. This Is what he say of us; " My first impression of the student of Eait High were very favorable, and t am glad to be able to say that those first impression were correct . L believe that I have never known a Finer, more willing and sociable group of student in my life. My work with the l!HS l " i Aeroplane " staff bears Out every compliment that might be given about student co-(speraL,on, Students of East High, you have among you those whose ability, talent. Anti leadership stand Cut plainly to an onlooker 1 Mr. Mmn m her ii a graduate of the Milwaukee Normal. Ho is An experienced Foot- ball and basketball player. BcFore coming to u he was thy county superintendent of ac-hool nt Florence, Wisconsin. I hi is his opinion of us: " ] have never seen a tchool where the spirit qf good fellow- ship was mqre noticeable than It is in E l Green Bay High School. -5 7S Mr. Wcinfurthcr, who Mmt to Inks Mr. Appel ' s pi ncr. I t a graduate -of (.he- River Falls Normal School Although we have known him for only ;■ »hort time, we alt like hint. Hr j.ald r “1 Feel l wn exceed i it it I y fortunate when E accepted the Agriculture position at East Greert R y High. Tiny spirit of d emo-c racy among lw |h facytly and student has made my change from a student to a teacher a pleasant one. Hl ] consider myself fortunate, too, in hold-in g my fi rat high school position under a n c-apahLe- a principal as our Mr. Ream. 1 DEPARTURE OF FACULTY MEMBERS In November Mr. Horne left East High to enter the service of the United Staler interior Depart me nt. lie is .now located at 1-igomer, Indiana, where he is supervisor of school children ' form tluU, Later he I to he sen-l West In the reclamation service- Mr. Ceonen Is at tile head of the Physics and Chemistry Department of the High- land Park, Illinois, Hush School. He is also director of military training. Mr. Wicscr has joined the aviation section of the navy. Mr. Appel, who came here in November to take Mr. Horne ' s place as instructor of Agriculture, left In February to traeh this same lubjid in- a Chicago High School. Ml a Fit Jt irn in-on left May 3 Oil a leave of absence, to assume government duties in Washington, Air. Weinfurlher and Mr, Macombcr were drafted and. left for Camp Grant May 23. IN MEMORIAM TO PAUL BOGDON C-tass of L91G Died, February, 1918 A STUDENT, ATHLETE AND GENTLEMAN Tfi SERVICE FLAG GfI February twenty-first, a Service Flag of 124 Mars, re present lug the students. alumni and ■faculty of East High School engaged in war w raised in the school auditorium. A presram of talk and nm k wai carried out hi honor of the men who have joined the colon. Of the 124 E»l Mi Eh men now ifrving in 111 if«y tnd navy, fourteen were tudents, i were teacher , and the rest are alumni of the school. ■1 l : c li ; i ■ Henry Cranp was the principal speaker. El opened hi speech by recalling intereitiiiK incident that happened to him wh n he Uhndld high school. After bring- ing the student into a cheerful mopd. he turned the subject of hi talk to the live of the great American , pa t and present. He outlined the incident of importance in Linpoln ' l ftnfl Washliigton " lives and defined patriotism and it duties. Applause war loud and frequent, rhowinij that the students were real patriot , and loe P of freedom and the nation. Patriotic i-ang Were smug after the speech, During tke itnginj of “ ' The Star Spangled Binner, " Irene O ' Neil and Robert D uchatea li raided th = , elice Has ; each ' if whom ha? two brothers in the service over in Franc . Clarence Moeller Wilfred Moore Walter Mueller [) . Wm. Mulligan Donald Murphy R y Nicholson Andrew Nelson George Kit r. Clare ne Nulil-t- Harold Noble Harold O ' Conner Harry O ' Neil Howard O’Neil Clyde Out la Fid Lloyd Outland Douglas Par men tier Jules Parmentier Vincent pL-Legriii Corvus Pickard if a raid Quigley Earl Redline Earnest lienard Royal Kohillard E ' hillip Robinson Abr Rosenthal Waller 5c her f NDtrifl Schilling Marvin Steph-enann Floyd Stevens C I aren eg Strati hcl Edward St relow Richard Strcckenhnch George Sleinfeldt Leonard S ullivan t ' .vcrga Thel en Reil- Thumpron Edward Turk. Ed. Valentin Earnest Vail Ermen Louis Van F.rmeu Vance V n Lssnrn Arthur Wilson Carl IVcndets Eugene William william Wittig Nel On W f hite Henry 2,0 ne Carl VounE Nick Ada irbM Ed mu tit! Ai-vey Frank Brniih Paul Berg in Stephen tJergin Ifarnid ISLckford C’.rprg E d rt Henry Brett Norris Brett Wm. Brill Hebert Ikseki Ai ton Brunette Ha ro Id Bur Carlton Chase Donald Cha e Wm. C ffren Abe, Cohan Clifford Conrad Wm, Couvillion Harold Davidson Arthur D Mey r l.aeii lliirtiwr ChrrnCr Duohnteau Leslie Duchalcau Hugh Ducker Arc hi Duncan Arthur Ouquain Ed . Duquainc Oswald Eckhardl Wm. Elmore Leon li utami nger J alibi Martin Chester Marshall Clarence .May Henry Meister Clark Fi her [. Forshteiih Lee Foray the Frank Gavin John Genicue Ralph Genie Calvin Diroulx Herbert Goethe Fabian Cstiil Dr, Wm. Gru telle Wm. It all oin Robert Holland Gera Irl Hoeffc-L Kenneth Hoeffel Douglaa Horne Arthur Jacobson 77 Noble JaneHe Lei and Jcann« Raymond Jordan Hw-oU f - ' l nitdi " . ' Edward Lrnilc 1 Percy Larj-en Paul LeClair E ' red Kr tidal I Andrew Lrnl Harvey LHo t Cnacy Loemi Edward M-ad.dc n Robert Madden M ■ li t Maloney Edwin Manthey Art !i ui S-ih w.-i rfc j Ceoriic Bchwarli: Milton Smith Walter Speernc ' hnrider Farfulty winder dolor ; A. E. Gnrcy S. 3J. .Vhfoniljn Carroll h E, N el ion MiLlOlb NrlnOJI Irving Weinfurthyr Albert Weiner Do we know tHI» National Song ? AMERICA (First Ver t ). ‘■My country r tii oF llice, sweet land oE liberty. CM- thee I sLltf. ljLnd of thy noble Free. Land where mj father die . Land of the Pilgrim ' s- Pride. [ Love thy lock and rilli. Thy wood and templed lulls,” STAR SPANGLED BANNER (Find Ver e ) “Oh, ay r tin y-oyi ee, by the diwn ' i early Light When e proudly we haded at the twilight - la it gleaming? tVlitn our ctiuic it ii just. iintl thii be our motto. - Im Cod it our (rust. ' Oh, tsy, does th L Star-Spangled Danner alii I wave— tte ' r the land of the free and the borne of tip- Brivt? " TV ESA5KET BALL AT EAST HIGH During; the pfti-t yeAt Earl High. Sc knot was rc-prescn ted by ,v b»ktl ball team, which JicC|hiMnl itself very creditably cons id e-ring the disidvmtaitt under which the team work- erfi Mr, Wiiwr and Mr, Ma comber deserve tEie credit for bringing Fust Hififk Sehoel out of the state of Lethargy which ha evicted foe the p-p si few years in regard to all athletic with the [UPiililr rierplisn of football. Football har been the only form of athletic par- ticipated Jn, ftrtd basket ball and track have become almost unknown. Elasket hall came I iJn ' k Inst winter, but on account of the great number of hoy leading school for the work- in reserve this spring, it win decided to abandon track. The basket ball team, rrtftde up mostly of -green material, plrtycd n hard schedule against schools which have had team every year For a r o mbor of years. The team made a good record, and could have made a much Ext ter One it if had a suitable place for practice. A properly heated gym and good basket ball equipment could have been in-cured hud the F,n .t High Sul mol Athletic Association given its financial support, as It «h«uld have done. It is the purpose of that organization to support every .ind all athletic enterprises and there is no reason why it should not support basket ball. As it wan, blast High has to thank Mr. Macomber for guarantee | ng all the finances of the team, although at the clone (if the leaso-n the Athletic Association showed good spirit and paid a deficit iiqeurred by tli-ft team. We hope that nenl year tEie Alh Letic Association wilt fulfill its duty to the school, and [sup- port basket hall a wholeheartedly as- football. THE BOVS PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION One oF the most notable organ I nt lo n r at East Kish during the pant year war the Boy’ 1 Protective, Association,. It was- organized to patrol the halls and catch the petty thieves who frequently stole article from the cloak rooms, such as rubbers, {Loves, neck scarfs mill book . Franklin Krueger brought the proposition before the boy i f tkeichool- TJicy voted to organize the association and elected him president of it. A patrol committee was formed oF two members front! each clap . Result have been marked. For immediate- ly the stealing be-cartl-e kst, end now is practically nil. East High Srliool needs such an association every year, hc-cau h« tlier Arc Always some omftnjj u who have no regard nor respect for other people 1 property. The association will tcuch them the error oF their way , es-twcaally if someone can be caught in the act of stealing, and made an CKAnlpIc- of. Shortly after Ihi; organisation by the hoys, the girls also formed, a pro tee live issocia- tion vvEbieh lie been equally successful. S-0 -cWroplanc 31 FOOT BALL OFFICERS Frank Gavin . . Captain Raymond Limbtau . . Manager Albert Weiser J. M. HoeEfcl XV. J. tick hart Dr. E. R. DeHeth CQACHEB Drake tin i ver . i 1 y WiiconaiJi (, : nLvrrji.ly Witcaniin Unlv« iiy Chicane University SCHEDULE October 6 Flail. High 3Q Pesht l fc-G q J Oetoh.tr 13. En t High ...... 35 Alsoma . D Octobir 20 . . East Hiu h ,,,,,, 0 .Marinette f A October 27 East Hi-nh ...... ■G ’M enoniLnec 12 November 3, East llieh . . . L 1S 12 O hkoah 6 November IQ Fast IILvIi 6 Applrton 0 November 17 , . , Ea.lt High . . P . . . 13 Appleton 7 Nownt he r 26 East Hi ;h . 0 West Hi i ' li M Total . 1(19 Opponent . . m THE SEASON Th-c (TA on oF 1917 wnn a -fairly successful ye r“ on the gridiron For East Hiitli. All ho ng h without the M.|i .tanco of a coach, the Ereatcr port of Iho !»•«■ , the team performed won- der . under the leAd+rthip of Copt. Gavin. The firnt oil for football win to-u tided im mediately after the rtfirt ! ng of the school year. A iquadl of about thirty .■‘i-vn answered the call, and prospect , for A ticce sful 34 ■fa an were bright. Such men aft Cftpt- Gav n, Rocs on, Hcplinskl, Lftnbh u, and Kelly were again an duty, and the new material looked pramuiiiK. The lack pf a coagjb did not lake any of the pep or confidence Obit of She team. After two wrrb of strenuous workouts, iind icriniitiA n, Including a practice game with 5l. Korbrrt ' i CdlifT) the teini was in fair ilii[e fpr the first pmt, On October 6. Lart High took on EVshlijS for the first game of the It wos a an.e-i.Lded affair, and the final o rc 1 ootl 33 to 7. The weak spot ili wn in this game were easily remedied in the week of practice that followed, o that when Algoma came here tin ' following Saturday, it wa a repetition oF the victory of the WHck pnvioui, with the addition of five more point for blast High, and a gPOFC egg for Algoma, East High ' 7- new coach. Mr. Weiser. f Trpv r rl the Monday following the ALgom game, and Lm med La Lely took charge of the team. After a hard week ' s pracl lee Under Coach Weiifr, the team j timryetl to Marinette, and went dawn to defeat by the onc-ridcd score of dH to 0. The team fought gamely From the first to the last whittle! but the apposing team, which wai the best aggregation that ever represented Marinette, was too strong. The Learn, disappointed at the autoo-mo of thi some, got down to real practice the following week; and when Saturday arrived, the team was Lead La make up lost honors. Menominee Arrived, c-On Indent of victory and a one-sided scare. Rut East High was not tp he easily defeated. After one of the hardest Fought fstnti of the season. East High ' s defeat was only the short end of a 12 to £ count, Menominee banning on a fluke in t User second quarter. It was a great igm bltk foe East High, and every member of the team deserve . credit. The result of this game renewed the old fighting spirit in. East Edigh, When Orhkosh came to Green Bay on the next Saturday, East High was ready after a strenunouft week of practice;, and cheered up with tEic previous week ' s success, span broke up Oshkosh’s attach. Ry brilliant team-work and goad steady playing East pul Oshkosh an the dlef-ensly for (he rest of the game. East High ' s gridiron machine had finally hit its rt r«de, mid expectations increased among the HLI] topper , Enthusiasm rap rampant among students and players. ■With three of the hardest gam of l he season Out of the way. the team was pointed toward the contest with Applet on. The scrimmages during the next week wot full of pep; ipd on the tenth -of Nov, the team journeyed to Appleton, confident of victory, and yet not over-con Fide nti The Paper-makers showed sliffer opposition than wan expected. Had it not been for the head work of Capt. flavin and of Bell in the last Few minute of play I he game would probably have been WOfel tie; but as it was, the E 3 apermakers were on the small end of a ta to l score, Appleton not being satisfied with this outcome, a return gome was played a week later. This game was a repetition of the week before; and when the final whistle blew. F«(l again had another victory under he bolt. This was the last scheduled game of the season for Eor.1 High, and all eyes were turned to the Annual Turkey Hay argument. Again the squad bvas down to its annual grind for its battle against West High. From thi time on, the team , which was exempted from studies at 1;iQ each afternoon, could he seen going through the toughest n(l hardest 4 rim mages of the year. Vi hen the final day Came, every man was eligible and in good condition with the ex- cept ion of Belt, who wax still nursing a sore shoulder. Although, the outcome of this game was not so close as expected, it was clean, hard fought, and exciting, Every mem- ber of the team Fought From the first to the last whistle. At the close of the reason many criticized Coach Weiser, for the poor showing of East High iib the Thanksgiving Day game. Owing to his late arrival, Air. Weiser faced n hard problem when coaching at East High. East High Echoal may he ur he gave all he had. Too much credit cannot be given him. When the season opens next Fall, the team will probably be under the direction of A lynch MAcOmbur, who succeeded Mr. Weiser when he joined the Colors. 83 PE-SHT1GG. I Ft the firit Kimt of the rmon. East Hijh easily Pashtigo to s li c- lime ai 35 lo 7. Des pit e the fact that Eon High we without n (tuch, the tenqi played a great game. Much credit must be given to CapL. Civiit In rftundin; the ten in into shape For this game, Peshtigo chcue to defatMl the went eod. The visitors received; and after n few umuc oessful line pJungg . E«it gained possession i f the pig-skin. imd «l«Hed a steady drive dawn the field. Umbteu, Bell and Pr-pli n k worked the ball to our own 10 yard ||ni, and on Ike Fiesl play Capt. Gavin crossed the tail chalk n rk far East ' s first count of the game, Feahtigo came hack ntronK after the next kick-off, and after making firit down thtOE or four Vandas, the visitor ' big tackle, intercepted a forward pat . and ran iti y rdi for a touchdown. Thi the lirnl of Ferhtlgoh scaring far the ,J y, The score hi (he end of the first half Mood 7 to J. Fr m the opening to the end of the Inst half, East High ' s hack practically played t ho Visitor off their ft-tt. Open football war used in the likt period by East High. Capt. Gavin end Poplin kl 8 Qt iv y with some pretty paisas which paved the way for two touchdown . Rtmien nd Hume, on ends. played a, treat defensive gasnr. Kelly, borscheE, apd JandraEn, in the line, held the visitor at will. Dorschel ihowsrd hiv ability ov a kicker by hooting five cut of a Ltt ny goal . algoma Oil playing a splendid brand of football. E l High easily defeated AlffOma in a loosely played gatno, by the score of JO to 0. Kat once during the Entire jinic did the visitor have a chance to scoi-s, after the first five minutes of play. East had things it Own way. The s me opened with East kicking to the vi liters. Algoma a ho wed a flash of pep durinjj the first quarter, and held East to a i to 0 seq 0, East atarted ofF with a rush at the beginning of lh Htird quarter; and before Alnoma realized what had happened, Bell, Eo t High ' s t ir half-back, had carried the oval over the goal foe two touchdown . Goal vn kicked both timec, and the score stood 14 to 0 in East ' s favor. After the next kick-off, Ea t again rushed the visitor off their feet; end before the fir t half ended. Capt, Ctvlh ihol through taekl for the third score. Coni wac misled, and the score stood 2D to 0. The second half was a repetition of the first. East Hi gh 1 line opened hole for the back field, at will. After working the ball to Algoma ' 10 yard, Peplinski raced around end for the fourth seen? of the day, Kant again punted Algoma. who lost tbe ball on the fourth down. With a succession of ends run and forward pass , Lnmbeau soon follow- ed with another scare. The quarter ended with the ball in Earl High ' " possession. on ho Own 35 yard line. At tl’ig begin Fung of the fourth quarter, Capt. Gavin sent in some of hi second string men. This did not halt the seorlFiK for East High. The entire backficld war composed of second string men; and after but five minute af play, Capt. Gavin crossed the la it chalk mark for East 1 sixth and last touchdown of the game. Goal was kicked, and thr final score stood East 40; Algoma Q. Bell, Gavin and Peplinski played a itcllar game for Eant High; while FcIIdwj and Mouthy played a strop game for the loser . 84 MARINETTE Ear the first time In the history of East High School, the fled and White failed to livo up La it reputation a always being contenders for state honor , when it Vent down to defeat on the North crncn ' home ground by the score of 6$ to A. Bpimf without a eon oh up to a week previa ilk to thin game, and handicapped by in- juries were the main causes of this Overwhelming defeat, Ei.ul East High token on the State Champion in midseason, a much closer score would have resulted. Marinette gat off to a good start, and Immediately started a drive down the held for si touchdown, li orc the first quarter ended, the Champion had piled up m „ of 2 to ft. I« the second quarter Fast High braced up and held the Home team to three touch- downs, the half ending with the hall In East High ' s possession. The i«rs t Iheend of the first half stood J2 toft. After a spirited laEk between halves by Coach Reiser, East High braced up and held the home Wain to three touchdowns in the final half. The second half opened up by East receiving. East High immediately started down the field, Hell, Peptinski, and Llmbnu carrying the ball for yard gains; but all chances lor o touchdown were killed when East was forced to punt in midfield, Capt. Gavin got away with a -16 yard kick, but Marinette ' s slar-quarker returned 25 yards. Again Marinette began a drive down the field for a touchdown. Before the half was over. Wagner, Click, and MedJy. Marinette ' s star trio, carried the hall over for three more touchdowns; and when the whistle blew at the end of the second half, the final score stood 511 to 0. On return home of the team every member of East High tram bore marks of the battle. Etcll, Ramson, and Csipt, Gavin played a star game for East High. MENOMINEE East High sprang the biggest Surprise of the season by holding the husky Menominw Oggregatiin to the close scare of 12 to 6. With three pf the regulars out of the line-up, and the odds 3 to j n favor of the North- erners, East High pulled together, and were not to be outdone. Had it not been for a fluke In the seOond quarter, the score would probably have been 5 to 6 tie. E st started off with a jump. The visitors at once began to play a defensive game; but dispitc the fact the Northerners were displaying East soon bad the halt in midfield. Toward th end of the first quarter, Peplinald, East ' s Highly little half-back, raced 2ft yards in a brilliant open-field run. After a series of line plunges and end runs which brought the oval to our own 5 yard line, Capt. Gavin went over, for East High 1 only count of the game. East again kicked to Menominee, and on the first down, Hansen, the visitors crack Half-hack, raced W yards for a touchdown through East ' s entire defense. Goat was miss- e “i and | he score ito-pd € 5, Soon after the open in of the second half, Menominee went pver for the winning score. oF the game. Although East fought gamely. Iqck wos against them; ond when the dust hac cleared away and the final whistle hie w. the Red and White had lost on of the hardest and closest fought games of the season, Crowley. Jandrain, and Ueosen played a stellar same for East High; while Hamen easily the individual star for the visltoes. S5 OSHKOSH On November 3 Odikssh invaded Green Boy with a train- La ad of root cm over con ft. danl oF victor y, and ready Ip bet their La a cent On t heir favori ten. It was an ideal day for football, and a I ftrge crowd was present. Oehh sh won the toss, and ch»r« to defend the weal goal. East was Forced to punt an the fourth down. Dilikatli immediately opened U]j with spread formation , and I hoy worked like a charm. Then followed a succession of end runs, which brought the ball to her awn ten-yard line, On the nest play. Barber went over far the first count of the game. Tills wn the kail of Oshkosh ' s scoring- far the day, Ra | received again; and affor the first play, UelE. the Veteran half-back, was ub li- IVled for Crowley. From this time Bell was the leading attack. On the p« | ploy, n v || got away for 2ft yard around- end. Time we e titled for the first quarter, On the third down of the second quuHtt, Bell shat through tackle for Host’s first scare. The SCOrc now stood 6 ta -6, hath East and Oshkosh nriis-sing the goal kick. This ended the scoring till the last quarter, From, the opening of the second half until the aiding of the third quarter, It vrou anybody’ game- Oshkosh was playing » d fen=av. game. The fourth quarter opened with the ball On the Sawdust city ' s- Own IS yard Line, On the first play Oshkosh fumbled, and Ihc ball was- recovered by Hast, blast rushed the hall to midfield, on tackle plays and forward passes. Bell made ten through tackle, fol- lowed by Tr 3S yard run by Pcplinski, on a pretty forward pas , This brought the ball to our own 3S yard line. Then Lam beau killed all Oshkosh’s chances for slate honors by skirting around right end for a touchdown. With but IB minutes to- play, the sawdust city warriors Opened up an forward passes • nd end runs; but the visitors lacked the final punch, and the game was won, the score standing 12 to ft. Bell was easily the individual star of the day, Lombeau. also distinguished himself by his brilliant 3ft yard run for a touchdown. AE ' PLF.TQN Accompanied by a large crowd of rooters, Earl High journeyed lo Appleton and 4«nik Coach Roll ' s t-cam into camp by the Count of ft to ft. An easy same was expected by Earti hut the paper makers showed surprising strength and had it not been for a sudden brace by East High In the last quarter, would have held the Bed and Whit to a scoreless tic. But the rushing attacks a-f East’s backfttld. and the stone wall defense of East E!igh r s line, were, too much for the home team. Aftar a few minutes of play Fast began to realiie that a foil eh game was ahead, and at (i rvCe buckled down to real fool -ball. The gridiron was field of mud, which made fast game impossible. Fumble on both sides frequently marred the game. AIL chanet of East High ' s scoring in the first half were killed when Lambeau slipped on a wide end-run, with a clear field, The half closed with the hall in East ' s possession, in midfield. On the opening of the second half. East received, and at once started a steady drive down the field. Bell corded the ball around end for ft yards. l.ombeam then made it first down on a tackle Smash play. Long passes by Landc to l e pi inski and Romsen brought the hall to the 24 yard line, lime was called for the third quarter. In the first play of the last quarter, East fumbled, and the oval was recovered by Ap- pleton. East a line now held like a stone wall r and the papermaker wgfe forced to punt (iWrojsJanc st iWtrpJ anc the fcniTth down. J and rain, East Vrltrun lineman, broke through, and blocked th« nunt. This paved the way far East ' s wirninn score, With the ball on the ten yard l|nt, Bell, headed by |irr(rr| interference, shot past the last chalk mark with the winning tmithd»inh r With but five minute to play, Appleton opened up with paises : but E«4 ' end easily smothered these attempted play , and (he same ended with the hall in midhrld, and Ea±t had another victory to her credit, by the count of 6 to Q. APPLETON Earl. High easily took. Appleton nili, camp for this second time, dueim; the Reason, by the count of 13 to 7. A week prcviPuK to thin game, flaat ili li Journeyed to Appleton and defeated -Coach Kflrl’i Irjim by the score of 6 to ft. Not satisfied with result and and not being contented with one defeat, they iimt back for more. The visitor put up a jame fiflht, but the onslaug liter of Eml High ' s back line were loo much for the visitor , Appleton chose to defend the west goal. Bait kicked to tho visitors, who were forced to punt, hast at once hegon a rush -down the field. Atkinson shot over for l he first touch- down. after but fifteen minute of pi-ay ; goal was kicked. East again kicked to the visitors, who had just beyiwn to wake up to tin fact that they were in fc-r another trimming. The Paper ma kcra got away for some good gains, but would novor have scored had it not been for a costly fumble by Fast on the visitors’ 20 yard linn. On the fourth down, Ingold plunged through tackle for a touchdown. lie also kicked goat, and the score stood 7 to 7, As th« second half opened, East High started oil with a rush, and Appleton was on thy defense, East High was soon on its way for another touchdown, Pv pi in ski got o round end fora big gain; ljnnbenu followed with another; Land shot through tackle for first down, placing tin oval On East High ' s own 1ft yard line, The ne .l play, a trick formation, caught the visitor alseep. and Hum soiled through tackle for thy winning touchdown. Coal was missed, and score stood 13 to 7 in East’s favor. For the remainder of the game bath, teams fought hard. Appleton still playing a de- fen Five game. East High’ line w. s holding like a wall of rock while Gavin and Itomson were getting in and hreakinff up play after play. The h |[ wns in the visitors’ territory for the remainder of the game. lluiue. Kelly, nd Donschel starred for East High, while Calvin thy Paper makers ' lil Lit- e» d was carily the individual star for (he losers. ANNUAL THANKSGIVING Cl A M E Pt(»n«l: Edward Peplinski ' IB Full Back Raymond Lambcau He Ri-ght Half Donald Hell . M9 Left Half Clifford 1. a tide " 19 Quarter H-m-k l‘ rank Gavin Capt, ’id . Rif! lit End Arthur Jumdrain ' IB Right Tackle Harold Londo ' 20 Right Guard Lea ter Cranston 1A .Center Everett Beeson ' 1ft Left Guard William Kelly ■so Left Ta-ekle 1. ruri-ii Hume 1 1ft i Left End H James Crowley Gcorsit Lc Ron x Henry Atkinson Cl are n e e IlcMdiel 4 il mrs FfAihC !! ' 21 1 ' 14 Left Half Right End L t- Ft Guild ' 14 Right Guard ' 14 Center ANNUAL THANKSGIVING CAME Kail I ligh uir unable to make Lt two itriifht. The lo i of Ctfl- Lmib-tiau of last year " wi ih niivg t am was FullIEv felt. With HO O-nr t-0 fill the slider of the famed Cnptn.au. Bant High went down to deFeat at [he hand? of the Purple end Wr ' hile, by the (core of 34 to 0. Cn.pt. Lcapcr of Wed Hiv;h wai easily the Lndiv id uni itnr oF the {a me. lie w .n to the tin- Purple and White, what Capt. Lainheau was. to Bait the year previous. Be IE, Prjbfihtsiki and II. Larnbeau, brother of L t yoar’ itlr, played ■ great defensive garni 1 for Ei it Hid h ; Roma-Ort md Copt- Gavin. as ends, broke up play after piny and the tackling by Romrcm was brilliant. It wax an ideal day for football, arid every lent hu filled half ait hour before either teAbbb appeared on the held. When the whist I r- blew for the start hbD ' of the jimt, the largest crowd was iunret that ever wltntHbd annual lilt between East and W»t L Capt. Lenpcr wpn the tUI, and yhoi-c to defend the west Real. End kicked oFT over the goat line, and the ball wax put into play -on the SO yard line. Du h ' rcsne yarned Eli- yards on a tackle play. Gallagher and Du Presne made first down. E.eajber punted to Hell. Eo t High wjb forced to punt on the fourth down, but recovered Lt in midfield. BelL made 2 yardrf Lambenu followed with two moFe. Schneider intercepted one of East ' s parrel, and returned € yard . tlast was now playing a great defensive game. The playing of Ronospn and Gavin At this at age of the game in worthy of praise. P-O t hold ip the shadow of their gool p l for 111 Fee downs; but on the fourth down, I reaper went Over for the first SOO-Fe, Capt. Leapcr of Weal High wn the leading attack from this time. The quarter clos- ed with the ball in Went High ' s possession. Score 7 to East G. On the opening of the second quarter, East High ' s. lin-i- went to plcOt ; and! before the eloso of l bo flijcni ' id period, West bftd carried the boll pa t the last chalk mark, for two more aOorei-. The score at the end of the first half stood West Si-bast 0. The soeotid half ojvened, Gallftghor kicked off to Pcplinski, who returned l yard ; Hume Added 3 more. Kelly ' s pass wan intercepted by De Frcsnc. but on the next pl Ay Wert fumbled, and East recovered. Lambeau, Pc pi inski and Sell made first down. On the next play Kelly ' s pass, went wild; and after two unsuccessful end runs, Lande Punted to Dwyer, who was downed in his track . W t again taH d another del ye for a touchdown. Leapcr, Gallagher and Du Frwn made fit ! dowri, Enil High ' s line pulled together, and West wfts forced to punt, Jandrain made 3 yard through tackle; Loribbeau added 4 yards more. Pcplirtnki failed on the nest play and East again punted to Dwyer, who wn downed in his tracks by Gavin, East ' s Peppery Captain. Then a sue cession of ends run; and on the next play, Gallagher raced around end for a score. The quarter ended before the ball was put into play, and the iur« stood 29 to G Ip favor of (he purjbluj. West kicked to East, on the opening of the lest quarter. East failed to gain and waa forced to punl. On the next play Leaper intercepted a forward pais from GalLagher, ■running lH yard for a touchdown; but the goal was missed, and the score .stood 34 to Q. 93 VQ t a ' 7: ; VA mpJanc G H«fher [hen kicked t Leftoux, returned 10 yard . Belt, Peplinski and Landc iYUi.de (lift down. An attempted Forward pm went wjld, Bell and Peplinski failed la Knin. Landc punted la CollagHer, For the rest of the nme the bail cc- awed in mid- field, Despite the effort!, of We l High to run up a record score, East held ; and the jarntr ended with the bnll in mlJArld, the final store standing 3-4 to Or BASKET BALL For the first lime iJi Mrcral yean East High School! ha Eiad a banket ball team. Coach Wej per organiied the le-im, and one game wai played with [ e Perc High School before he left. Couch Ma.Com.ber took up the work where Mr. Weiner had [eft off arid undaunted by the Jack of a nynirmiuni and proper equipment and the comparatively green material out of which to form a team, he soon had a fart bunch of ha k l hall player out an the door. The team had to support itself financially, Mr. Member often guaranteeing It finance i, heeautr the Athletic A so iation would not support basket ball- For that reaton most of the games played were at points nearby, thus involving little expenae. The team practiced at. the old Y, M, C. A. building on the Writ Side. The h uilding was not heated and it wa dlffcult for the fellow to do their he t in rero weather. F«ie- tLce v fF held in the W«t Hit;h Gym several time In |- repnrot ion for the Kiel game and all Of the home gamer were played at the unit place. W rP t hi S h’a cordial eo-opcration wa deeply appreciated. i ' he nekt game of the soaiOlY war with the IVol High Second Team, am! was lost by quite a large score, due largely to our team’ J ek of skill in th rowing banket . Practice unproved thii part of the team ' s ofF«p B irc, but in the next game the crack West High bir t Team was too much for u and East went down to inglorious defeat. The Wcs-t High Faintly was nes.IL taken on, and East High almost won this gome, The hard con lant practice pul in by (be team wa beginning to how. Tlic nest week the team journeyed to Kiel, hut returned defeated by a large score, httiuife East wa unfamiliar w 3 th the unusual - ' rough " lactic employed by Kiel. A week of practice oon brought proficiency in ibis lino, also; o when Kiel came to Green Bay the following wcok for a re- turn ga mo, Fast Green Bay won by a large margin. This wa the last game of the basket ball season and was a most encouraging cIo c to n difficult and hftrd-fought schedule. Ba l High should count on an exceptionally -good team next year, a only one of the regular will be I o l by graduation, True the services of Coach MlCOmber will be lacking, md it will be hard Indeed to find anyone to fill the position as capably as he ha done it, Those who got Put for basket ball, with their positions, are as fallows: For ward . George Le Roux (Captain, Edward E eplinskS Centerj Cl are net? Dorse he! Guard ; Everett Beeson James Crowley Substitutes: Le ter Cranston Elaroid Franco: Clifford Landc Earl ■Quackenbush Arthur J and rain Loren Hu me Arlington Ajogan 91 THE TRAGEDY Where, cli, wIi«h la she? Vainly he rrarchcd. Ah l He-re s-he it. E i seized her, Struck her -cruelly, But sin- hriBwrr-ed rt tr Savagely, with horrible Lit tcrsnjtJ , He threw her cm the sidewalk- Still n« answer. She 1-fcy rntplionlcr . In despair, he walked on, Suddenly he thou-pht, Where could he get n.jnnr 1 1 r Like her? It wai to late. He must |[a back again. Stumbling around, he found her. Horrors] Her heed WAS moist ' Had h« killed her? Hr picked her up. What should he do-7 She would not answer hint- He struck her gently ; This tim« her face lit up. “Thank Heavens ! " He cried, n he held her La His manly chin. Suddenly he cast her ssid-ti , And went merflly o-n his way. Brut 111 He had forgotten all about, her. Why worry? ' I van only a match. 92 MY BOOM-HATE PAPT I, ‘ " Oil. Peg,’ r [ hefted Billie call from her room, “have you seen her? 11 “-Seen wh-Gm. my dear?” 9 queried, " Do tell me!” “Why, the new girl, " a he mtiwtrrtl, coming inlfr my wm and HStint htrulT on it bos of picture . " ' Haven ' t you hrAfd nbdut Tier? All our Jormitory i wild to pee her, She ' i come from Test a And MnrjAry oayi hc can break broncho , nope steers, and do -nil tort of e tailing things, T o think she ' ll be your room miLe! Then wt cm hear all her Adventurer when we come in Ea see you 1 “ ' She surlily must he Ihrilliny ,’ 1 | said. “What thi wild and wooly Wcptcrner ' p ninid Patricia, Mari I la, Jo, or whnl? 1 ' Why, neither, ' ■ ' Billie replied, her eyes- twinkling, and her dimple showing. “That’ the joke- You’d naturally expect same dashing, bald name, but it " a little quiet one — Bath Smith. Isn ' t it funny?’ ' " ' Priscilla said Beth wanted a roam tt) herrelf, bccauic pTie hated to be both end with some meek, quiet girt. Won ' t he be surprised when she see you. Peg? 1,1 " Vii. and ] wish (he had been t iven a room La herslf, then, " I an two red, rather cross- Ly, for I |u l jm| ham me red m y thumb instead of a tack. I was trying to hang picture Arid pennant , bull muit admit that [ »m AO expert when it to udrif A hAlrbrush. Maria ry had borrowed my ha mm or- ■ “Well, E must bo going back, Pris will have my d res ser- drawer all filled up with her belonging if I d-On ' l, 1 ' And with these ward ihe strolled off. " I uppo e you ' re conning to Anne 1 ?- fudge party to-night. " she eaLled back. “Bring your new friend with you. ' 1 Perhaps 1 had belter put in a few wordn of explanation. It war the beginning of the Hcccnd term at liaLan Ho.ll. New had come that a new pupil would arrive, and it war no wonder we were excited for a new pupil doe not usually come after the Christmas vacation, Benide it seemed a Lf Betli hen it h mtvre not an qrdSttftry girl. , I had finished hanging pictures ,iud (let! tig all the numerous jobs that One hat to do “lie n furnishing her room. ] s «t on the bed, gazing around to view my purroundingo for the new Lernb. [ must CSnfc p that Beth Smith win uppermost in my mind, l ' o think she didn’t want A meek little mouse for a room-mate 1 I’d show her that 1 wasn ' t as insignificant a she wan expecting me to be. The girl in our dorm Said they Always eame to me when tSicy wanted excitement. too, I had a very clear meutaE picture of her. She ' d have brown eyes, curly black hair, and, oF course, would be dashingly pretty. Her clothes, most likely, would be cut ac- cording to the I At-i l fashion, and would have to be brightly colored- There was not a doubt that ahe would be very haughty, to crown all- As 1 »al there musing, l heard a rap at my door. Now, we girl at school have learned to dirtinguish sound excellently. If it is one of the buIa, nhe raps quickly, a if in a great hurry. A teacher pp the principal knocks in a commanding way, as if snyingi “Please Open the door I rcvmcd ialcly.“ However, this rap puzzled me completely. It vs neither quick nPr aharp. Instead there tame a quiet, suhdued, e t-n Apolflyetie Gne. Evidently the guest was very humble. I opened the door. There PtGOd a small girl with frightened blue eye and soft, light hair. “PleAPr, Mir Hyland, I ' m Beth Smith.” And then, nqljpg thy Anlftaed Ipqk in my eyes, |ia added, “Miss Janes say you art- to- be my rOPm-m nie, I hope I have nGl dis- turbed yp Li. " “] am very gEa,? to see you, " ' I murmured. “Come in and make yourself at home, 11 No one Will ever know how astonished 1 was to think this was our western rough- rider. That moment I decided never again to judge A perron before I raw liar, »3 PART It Several weelen Irttec, on a rainy aFternoon. l}ro Kirin a am dorm were assembled in my room. " Uni you ever see inch a horrid Huy? " remarked Marjory, ,L [ wish there wa some- thing to do. 1 Feel re hlue ' " Lein tell stories! " ti. ££riitr 3 Pris. L, Oh, let ' s! " we echoed. " Beth, you Iwgin, " lj " i htjtn 1 1 y , id I of ur began to , i r r o n g oi.irre Ivc in coavifort able positions, For we wc-re delighted when Beth told stories. " One lime when- " Bttls started. but w» interrupted by Anne, who exclaimed, " Oh, Beth, tell us about the time you went on such a long ridel " “That ' csjselly the one 1 intended to toll, 1 ' returned Beth. " Weil, one morning when it was very early, t storied out for m walk , The view of the mountain is wonderful at that time of day, and I always loved to do tins. I bad barely started when I heard a horto neighing behind m«. I looked around, and there wen a forlorn-looking pray creature, Hi coat was roufh and shaggy, and btr looked id hungry that 3 could not help fcelins sorry lor him. tlpedtlly since he put his no e into my hand a IF he ex peeled that I would do something for him. " J led him back to the stable , and told one of the gow-boys to comb hi mane, and 1 1 rush and feed him. Father and- aH the boy thought E wan foolish to keep such a home when there were plenty of fine ones on the ranch. However, t had taken a fancy to Jack, as l afterward called him, so they allowed him to stay, to humor- me. ■‘Mn two weeks you would not hare known him, Hi sides were shiny from constant care, and his mane was salt and silky. Jack held his head SO high you would have thought him the most important horse On the place. " One warm afternoon when a] I the ranchmen were out branding Cattle and round- ing them Up, lot her decided to break Lit a new horse, Spitfire, who was especially stubborn, T besged him not to try. for the iton« was really dangerous but be was determined to Conquer the horse. Together we took Spitfire and started far the enclosure, There E sat on the fence watching the performance. H ' After repeated attempt , father finally succeeded in mounting him, and in a few moment both he and the horse were- racing around the corral. I was sure he would be thrown, and I was not mistaken, ' ' Before I could realise what had happened, father Lay on th« ground, white and at; III while that horrid hor e rushed f snorting and stamping, out through the gate. I shut the gate so that he could not come in a K »in, and, terribly frightened, attempted to place father in one corner of the C rral, half dragging, half currying him. " Then « thought suddenly occurred to me- I must ride For a doctor. " Hurrying back to the stab! , I was disappointed in finding no horse there except Jack. and. 3 bad never ridden him. " Nevertheless, there was no time to waste, so I climbed on his back, whispering in his ear, " Jack, you must run fast, for if we do not get to Pector Clark’s soan r Father wilt did’ He seemed to understand, for, without further urging, he started off at full speed, ‘■We had gone only a few rods when who should appear but Spitfircf Now I trembled With fear, fur if he should frighten Jack, I would be in trouble, But, in spite of the sud- dencss of Spitfire ' s appearance. Jack remained calm, and 1 breathed more freely, " I finally found the doctor, and when I told him what had happened, we returned a swiftly A we had come, E feared that Jack would he exhausted, I tried to stow up; hut he evidently thought we should hurry, for he would run, " ’Father hod been, hurt rather badly, and had not the doctor come when he did. E dread to think what might have happened. " Sever ! works afterward. FoUior said to me, J Eeth, my girl. Jack has proved himself l the very beat horse on the ranch: we could not jet nion; without him. 1 [mow | owe my life to him and to mj brave little daughter , 1 " BiJt of couri.f. the credit is all due to Jack.” finished Seth. When t lie story w» ended, we all sigh+di for we had been to absorbed in htF tale that ■ml one of Vi v had stirred during ll recital. — Chlo-t Thurman, ’20, HOW P E T £ It SERVED lh l’ m orry r air.” told the inspecting army doctor, ,L but we can ' t take you your left arm is just an Inch and a half shorter than your right. ' " Peter had expected this imun; but somehow, and Ln some way, he had chins to th hope of Piuing, although he had once before tried enlisting in a different place with the same result. He felt that be mint serve his country, and the only way he knew was by enlisting as a soldier. He worked in a large ol|Or factory which manufactured it popular brand tiftr, and although he had a good position, he was not astir bed at hnrl, Peter was one of those men who worked for all he got; his was no grafter ' s job; in fact. He had worked since ho was sixteen years of age. Peter had straight black hair, and his face had no dialing tilth able characteristic . In fact, he wa the type of person who attracts little net i Or easily forgotten, and hard to retnsmblt. The factory in which he worked was situated at the end of one of the main business Streets of Wilmington, North Carolina, The city was in a campaign lo recruit ]0,D(H men for the army, and for thi FC Ort, perhaps, E“eter wa doubly anxious to enlist. One evening as he was Walking home From hi daily work, he noticed a thin, nervous- looking man earning toward him and turning down the same street on which he lived, I’etor noticed the decidedly foreign look and air of the man. ond the decidedly foreign cut of hi i clothes. He had heard much La Ik of pies In the city, who were trying to geL information con- cerning government patrol hosts being built at Wilmington. Several arrests had been made of suspicioUS-looking characters, one proving really to bt n Orman spy; And the whole town was stirred up. Peter followed the man, Eio thought him a spy, Did he hot have a suspicious and nervous air about him? Did not the cut of his clothes signify n foreigner? Did he not act as if he were amtious to void notice? A week passed, and Peter still met his " spy” evory nijjht about thli) or EhlS. All this time he hod boon sifting and weighing his evidence against the man. He had eaob nij;hl noticed different points and he had added these to his men! I list. Finally Peter thought he hatE sufficient evidence to prove the guilt of the man; so Oflrly one morning, on his w y to work, he stopped at a jwlice station and told his story. The chief, delighted with the thought of distinguishing himself Ely the capture of a spy, went himself ft plain -clothes man to the corner, that night, to catch the spy, and to verify Peter 1 statements. The whistle blew six, and Peter. boGftUIO he had been waiting eagerly for it, was all ready to leave. He arrived a littlg earlier than usual, and (glnt the chLeF WAiting on the ■corner, loitered near him to watch the proceedings. At lost l Here came his ‘’spy.’ ' Swinging along wit h a somewhat military stride. As the supposed spy neared the corner, his lips parted in a broad tmile, and he « id to thy police thief, ' “Good evening, monsieur.’ ' ■‘Good evening. Captain, " said the chi of, a the " spy " swung by. 95 Aeroplane T Prlrr will® stood watching, 1 1 1 i n wm incredible —to Kte hi " spy ' " the very panan hi» had claimed wji (tiling ship k»c»i ' ii. spoken to no palittly by l h. ■ hicf. ‘I ' bc chief wir U ' i« l up to Petti, and in a tone of diatuit, said to him, " Your spy in n Mlt fll her than Capt, Si. Clare, a diilingmished sca-fishlcr of the h ' rcntlt lifti-y. and win- nti of llic Cron of the Legion of Honor 1 Pelcr turnod and walked home ip n dar -. ' ' After all.’ 1 ho mu noth “I am onty .. grip- ple r unnblt to erve my country; and jml when [ on mr ml u fa t ed myself upon rlixgnvcring a spy. E diitovereJ in lead! oF a spy, a distinguished French naval officer. 11 " Who in thg fflati ! have seen every night foe the pa f two weeks? Perhap you know him, ,r said Capl. St. Clare to one of I he archit-Kt of the shipyards and he |»KOrdrd to describe Peter, " No. ' aad the nrthilril, ,L t don ' t know whom you mean; hut suppose t walk ho me with you to- night i and you can iliow the map to me. " A little past s-L . an St. Clare thd the architect walked homeward down the accustom- ed dreel, St. Clare said, 1 ' John Eton, t h av’e iiatjcrd tfciiA. mu bi f-or over .1 week; and mn 1 expect to meet him each night. 1 try to frame a picture of him in my mind: hut somehow I cannot. Although I am considered n mnn who can remember faces, thin men ' s face, " went an St, Clare “is not easily rente rnbered, and this i a quality grttlly to be desired in a man whs act in the ttcrtl-irniti of a country. If thin man h s an education, 1 m going to Kcontmtnd him to Major Crawford a » mart suitable in outward charac- teristics for a position on his staff of secret agents. " Pater, who had tried hard to forget the Incident of the spy, and lip was heartily da - S unted with himself a -ola-ced that, a he neared the earner, St« Clare and another man Vrtre watching him closely. He pretended not to rlmticc it. ' No doubt they want to have n good look at the person who war po foolish as to sus- pect St, Clare af being a spy.” thought Peter, and he dismissed the subject from his mind. the next morning, during Poter’s. office hour , a large, portly man, dressed in an officer uniform, stepped up to hi desk and said. “Report immediately at the Armory, " ond he Tore Peter realised what was said, the man wa gone. On the way ( the Armory. Peter was thinking of posit Mile reasons why hr should he called theraj. Perhaps he was to lji- censured by the Major in charge bee i; e of his blunder in eliargjpK St. Clare with being a spy, or perhaps they had r M rtSidored his application For service in the army he hoped it was the latter, because he never wished to bens the word ' ‘■spy " again. As be entered the Armory be found St. Clare, .Major Crawford, and a number of other men. their insignia certifying them a officer of high rank, " Welt, sir, " said a smalt, insignificant- looking man. sitting at the table although hi shoulder straps and the insignia on his col tar Indicated higher rank than the Major himself as Peter walked in, " Yon have been suggested and have bflen chosen to act ax a secret service man for 1 1 1 , a United Stales, ' ' Peter wo dumbfounded, hut an a paged to murmur some reply, althuii!:h he didn ' t know what he said. The man who was seated went pit! " Your record has been locked up and we find you an honn t ■ bus i ness -like man and best of all, anxious, to servo your country. You will report at Washington avyrt Monday, at which liras you r new duties will hegin. That is all. iig,’ 1 and the small man turned in hi chair and Started to converse with an officer na r him. Peter 1 heart was content. After alt h« could serve hi country. ■ 9 L. E3, Thurman, r lfL (Aeroplane THE HAUNTED MONASTERY “Ami do you meir to y that (hr momiltiy i« really HAimlrd? " I quuCiontd oF thf innk»ptr " Well. folk ay that -every nisht at twelve, two, and fo ur o ' clock Llsey hear music coming frOru (he old bu i I d Eng. " The trumbliiii) old monastery of which vre tpoke occupied sever ] acres at l he edge of the village, J ust ;!antin| St it m I packed hy r I decided that it war- juit the place far a ghost story la have it origin- ej when the innkeeper mentioned it ai haunted, [ felt that at last Providence had put a mystery within -my grasp. Nsw. [ admit (hat E have a weakiwu for mystery, and have been te cd about it by rny friends. As my curiosity £«intd on me, I continued:. " Ha «ny one ever been there to investigate?’ 11 ■ ' Welt, yen anil no. Jim Tompkins, the rnughrst hey in town, tried it one night, but wa scared swsy. At twelve o’clock he heard knocking . and feet pattering down the menttUry halt, and the ghastly muilc. He became so Frightened that he ran home, " Doer one have difficulty in entering the place? " ' I inquired. " ' Oh ro! Just walk in. There arc no halts, " answered the innkeeper. Wei L, 1 inland sleeping there to-night, " 1 flung hack at him, watching his astonish- ment. and secretly thinking of the pleasure I should have in telling my exp-sri-cnce to my Friend when 1 returned home. " Sleep there! Why man alive, it ' s haunted! Don ' t you understand? 1 1 And he I Poked is scared that I ecu Id not help laughing. t)h pah aw ! I be t il’ (he boy s imagination, or the village folk only want something lo talk about. I’ll show you that I ' m not afraid, " 1 Im innkeeper, seeing that it wa no u e to argue, j-upplicd me with candle . matches, ond bedding, and with my call and flashlight I started out on my adventure,, aba Lit nine o’clock. As ] have said before, the monastery is on the ou I skirt of the village; and a I iw-aryii U, the asp+ct was anything but cheering, a it w pilch dark and there wore- no stars, Betide , (he pine tree about the tuhiding moaned continually, and the broken panes in the windows seemed like eye . 3 followed the path, overgrown wilh weeds, which led to (he main entrance. hen i reached the door I Found no difficulty in open I ms it, tho it was heavy and long unused. But when I entered and it swung behind me, 3 was left in utter blackness, made more impressive by the overpowering silence. I took a step forward, aprl my footsteps rounded like thunder in my ear a (he echoes resounded down the cm p( y corridors. I Hashed on my light, but it seemed swallowed up in the gloom- Feeling my way down the narrow corridor, l came to what seemed a hall lined on both sides by monks ' cells. All were uniform in sire, There must have been about thirty on each side, with wooden barred doors, I opened the door of One in about the center, and dashing my lighl about the place, found nothing in it different from ordinary cells just a narrow, dusty col and the re- mains of a broken bench, I unrolled, the bedding on the cot, stuck Up (lie Candle on the bench, put matches, iny revolver, and flashlight beside it. and t,3ien flung myself upon the cot in the darkness, to await result . It wa ii(?w near to Icn-thirly, and l Fell into- a light dear. 1 Ht U P Aiuleklyj What was it I heard? Oh yc±! My ghost Was going through hi nightly performance, evidently, I looked, at my watch by the light of a match. Sure enough, just twelve. I almost laughed aloud, True to my expectations, the potter, patter, knock, knook eamo down the hall, indefinitely, it seemed. Hut hy the time I JW ,e « h d Mtl d® " - Auni open and p«r«i down the hull, nothing w -. to he mn. Then, far off. cam the Swuntint, rwundJlti ilmini oF the |L Miserere s " 1 then a few slow lotlo of n bell that re-echoed down the corridor. Then nil war. ■ till ; and I knew that now I must w.ijt vlntil two o’clock for further development . Nnvr, by themielvei there thing may not seem weird ' hyt why -hould there be pat- terlrtr of feet, knocking , and strangest of all, music in n old, long uny cl monastery? [ war puti.ted. ] dozed off and fell into a deeper Leep than before suddebily | awoke with a Jerk, t looked «t my watch again. It was now two o ' clock, and I had net awakened yndil the knocking came at my door- J Ft uni bird toil, threw it open, end a I did ia, that imearlh- ly murk and then the tolling of tho e brlln filled the empty hall . 1 ran forward Ln the dark, -tumbling a I went. But 1 had not gone far before the clamor ceased, leaving me iwimptd In silence and utLer darkness except for my fla hig ht , as in my hurry had neglected to light the candle. Ne-w I war surprised Ft my own tack of self-control, and time seemrd unending hefore foyr o ' clock arrived. Twice 1 had been too late to follow the music. T could not Afford to f-jl agem. 3 could not and did not want to (1-eop. I sal down, jumped up, walked back And forth in the too narrow cell until X could not keep my self- possession, My watch ticked minute IhAt termed hours, Then came that patter, patter, knock, knock. Ai J hastened to the door end flung it open, my candle blew out, 1 reached hack to get my revpher and flashlight. A I Hepped into the hall and flashed the light down it, I jumped] Well, there wit Omelhlng after all! Gliding bE wn the farther end of the hall wit a little bent form in brown, harrly distinguish able in the gloom. So abounded w 1 that my finger pr red the button on my flashlight Out. Alt ho it only took a moment t preFi it. the hall wai empty when [ looked again, Thnn enme that haunting, re-echoing " Miserere. " Follow it? Noth ins could keep swe beck. 1 muit find the explanation for all this strange perForbihAnce. t haitened down the long corridor, and at 1-,-t stopped in front of a pair oF double door . I h«flt t- ed only a moment, aince the music war now Louder, thinking, -What am 1 going to find? " [hen [ flyng open the dope end entered. It war an old chapel. but strangely unlike the re t of the huildinf. Candle were burning; alt was in order. Nothing w« to he heard OXtCpi that almost Overpowering mn k. All, prepare tS ni -eerned to have been made f O f wonhip. Turn|„ Kl t raw a winding stair leading up to the organ loft. That had escaped my not bee when I tint entered, From there 1 Could set no one playing the organ. Who or what War it? Suddenly, juat ah E neared the top. the mu ic -tapped. There, seated on the organ bench, the fir t shafts of morning light falling on hi white head, was a smell, wjxened old man elad in a brown monk ' - rohe. The found of my steps had bean drowned out hy the muiic; to when he looked up -bid aw me, ha showed fear a wall a astonishment, With dexterity wonderful in one Of h if -ge, he tried to slip past me and down |hc -tain, I cayghl him by the i leave- 1 wbh surprised at my own emotion. In a voice ] hardly reea t n| E ed ar my own, 1 managed to -ay, " Well, for heavert’ sake will ypy please tell mo if you alone are the couse of this racket and spook-7 ' " A- he looked at me. C suddenly felt that I had hcen too forward in addressing him in ko Free and mrolcnt a mariner. Then he answered, And with such gentleness that X could not think of him a the ' L haunt ' r of the monastery: " If you will be kind enough to come with me into the old t tOry, we can breakfast and have explanations. 1 ' Me led me out of the chapel, down the hall of all my experience , into a long, narrow room. The only furniture wa a long table lined on both side by bene he . At one end a candle S putt e red. 38 (JWtmianc T MU I d not eat. so anxious w,u 1 tu hfif hit •lory. ' o, after 1 had gi - en Him my rraurmi for being m the- bu i tdin g, hr he- an hie at cry; -, l know that nothing trw . tbsm curiosity brought you h-er. twilight.. You are the first and no ■. L ■.■ l = 1 ■ I the last th-n.1 -vwil I ever spend a night hi-re, Rut to gel on to mystery 41 About thirty ycm« ago, t came to this i»9n«tt«ry. [t was then occupied hy ibotJt fifty Tionkf, who, like mystlE, sought t cl Uli«ii . An the Village grew up about here, one by one left,, until only a handful nrntinad, 1 wap one of those- few. Finally alt luft, I imion; them. But my love fop the old place drew me back. My happiest moments had been spent here, and I holed th-c chant; e; bo 1 ret u riled to live here alone, ns the properly wo not suited tm other unci. 1 thought that some dm sOOn 1 would go Into the world ng min; bul SOmehow the attachment -grew •trapper, until 1 became in truth n rtduw, I grew Accustomed to going through the routine of our old monastery lift, and 1 Imre fo-lto wed it without o mission «y ry day since. ou rEaiihl Wndcas-land that I, have nothing else to keep mr busy. bo 1 on jay the night- ly cull to the pci. the music, and the tolling of the bells. You see, at twelve, two, and four o ' clock Ll war the custom to go to the chapel for prayer, One of our nurttbQr would ¥o down the hall, knocking jt rSi-ch cell door, calling th e i n mates to prayer, I became so accurate and f[U i ek at knocking, as I went down the hall, Ihftt it only look me a short lime to do ap, No doubt those knock caused you tu fear. ' ' How near he came La the truth in hi gprse! He continued: H ' t aLways hove taken the srentcit pleasure in keeping thy thtpd in Order. As to my daily needs., there is an old lady near by who used Ip supply the monas- tery, and she supplies me now. No one has ever bothered niO or token enough interest la inveitiitU, nerpt you. The boy of the village a eg oil too superstitious. My only hope ! that 1 may spend the rest of my life hrfe- " 1 I tried to persuade him to come iftlP the world with me. but he refused. " No. life hws hern so peaceful here that I do no-t misr the world, nor the world my, ' " I he sun was rising as we walked down the corridor toward the main door, after I had rolled up my belongings. I felt a certain respect and pity for (hip old m.m who was so tied by memories that he could not break the bond ft- He walked to the crumbling doorway with mti and as 1 stepped out into the world and sunlight, hr said. lr God Liens you l 11 And when the door closed on him As I walked away, t knew that I was nsuedt th? wixe-r Concerning hnryiap riAlurr. Antoinette- Holmes, ' IS A SECRET CHANNEL 1 he notipci had just plunged into the Cireal European War. The tounlry was full of enemy spier, and the authorities knew Ll. It wa on Attempt to root out these spins, that led young Philip Stevens of the Secret Service to n small dock in art obscure part of the harbor of New Haven. Philip had Lem vijilehinj; the movement of vessels along- the Connecticut And Rhode Island coast for two weeks, and at last he had found something that looked auspicious. He wee half hidden behind a barrel at the earner of the warcl-iows-e on the dock, He had been crouch ins there for mare than eft hour now, and during that time he had seen enough to make his heart heat rapidly with the thought of what it might mean. A small Ashing smack iissrt landed at the dock, and had put on a cargo pf canned goods and oil take ft from the warehouse, " Whil can an innocent--laoking Ashing h easel Le doiftg with s-uch a cart; a? " thought Philip. With a hopeful £Ur»s as to where the cargo was- destined, Philip decided to follp-w the vessel, hajypeft what would. 99 he mu made hit heaH ixmnd with ticiUm«nt. He had at I ait attained his ambition. Looking through the parting in the underbrunh, he uv th v ' end of [he arti- fitiflt channel he had followed. Ct connected with an inland Lake iwo hundred bj p one h Lind red f-rct. Bui this wai not all be sow. In the fo rcgcOu nd were two mtn converting in Ctritiar. They wore the Uniform of the Emp rial German Navy. In the background, glistening in the unllght and resting in the water like a huge whale, he »aw one of the frnwui V- MU. Even this wa not alt he raw. Moored about a hundred feel from the |uL. mA rinr h Philip saw the schooner he had followed. HI suspicion had been correct, The schooner had taken on a supply of food and oil foe a submarine bait. Philip, realizing what would brfn.ll him iF he were discovered, decided, to tUrt hack for civilization at once. A« he retraced Eti step a cautiously a partible, he laid hli plans for getting back to hfew Haven. TEie first thins he had to do was to look at the gasoline supply in the boat. Hr hoped there was an emergency tank on board. The next thing he decided to do war Ip deter- mine hi exact whereabout . He judged that he w on one of the many am all Island off the Khode [aland eeast, He had secured hlr sense of direction from the iun.| so, by uiinK hi knowledge of geography, he decided lhal he could trik-e for the mainland, and then follow the shore line until he carri e to a city. By this time, Philip had. reached his boat. He got in and examined the Caroline supply. The result o-F hi examination wa gratifying. He found the lanlt Ira If full yet, and he alio discovered n five- gallon emergency tank. He imagined the predicament he would have hrrn In without gasoline. Philip now decided to determine whether this land wa n part of the mainland, or just An idnid. He floated hi boat and started to Follow- the shore line. Two hour later he arrived again at the same spot. It wa Indeed an irloud, He now set hi course for the mainland and home. When Philip reached New l-taven, late that night, he immediately wirjd hi discovery in code to Washington, The next day the base wa surprised: by a force of soldier and «Mt service men. The schooner and all the Germans connected with the bare were captured, but not bcfc-ro they had destroyed the submarine. They had cleverly hidden mine in case of « surprise; and the minute the warnin ' : w “ given, the submarine was blown up. It was loo big a secret to deliver into the hand of any enemy. However, Philip had accomplished hi purpo e. He had rid the country of 0 sub- marine base. He had dono his " hat. " Furthermore, he was congratulated by the Prcsi- de-nt, and. put in line for speedy promotion. Sidney Greillng, ’’IS, A STORV ALMOST " I hi look all fight. They always get off at lonesome looking places. Suppose I may n,w well do it, 1 ' A gentleman stepped from the train. He gazed about hint acquisitively. ■ ' Well, wonder where the cowboy can he who always meets the easterner. lb pr the author sends one in a hurry, 1 ' A chap in slightly dilapidated clothes slid from under the train and sauntered toward the gentleman. ,L Are yon . de guy cl at tome waiter sent me to look for? ' ' i in Wh-at hr mw made hi htmt pound with ascii Lament, He had at 3 ant aitiilntil his ambition. Looking through. the parting in the underbrush, he law the end of the arti- ficial channel he had followed., It connected with an inland lake about two hundred hy one hundred feet. But this was not all he saw. In the foreground were two men converting in German, They wore the uniform of the ImpeeSol German Navy. In the background, glistening in the unlight and resting in the Water like a huge whale, he ■aw one of the famous U-Ho L , Even this war not a II he raw, floored about a hundred feel from the submarine, Philip saw l ho idiOOner he had folEowed. Eli suspicions had been correct, The ichoantr had taken on a supply of food and oil for a submarine bit . Philip, realizing what would befall him if ho were discovered, decided to larl hack for civilization at once. Ai he retraced hie atop as coutiously as possible, he laid his plant for getting back to New Haven, Tike first thins he had to do was to look at the gasoline supply in the boat. Etc hoped there was an emergency tank on hoard. The next thing he decided to do wai to deter- mine his exact whereabout I, He judged that he was on one oF the many mill Itlinds off the Ei Eiod v Island coast. He had secured Ills sense of direction front the sunt so, by using Id knowledge of Ke-pgrophy, lie decided that he could strike for the mainland, and then follow t he shore line until hr, C-Pmc to a city, By this time, Philip had tfo-iehed his boat. He got in and examined the gasoline supply ' . The result of hi e a min ot i d n was gratifying. He found the Lank half full yet, end he also discovered a five-gallon emergency lank. He imagined the predicament he would have been In without gasoline. Philip now decided to determine whether this land wa a part of the mainland, or just an island. He floated hi boat and started to Follow the shore line. Two hour Later he Arrived again at the same spot. It was indeed an inland, He now set his. court for the mainland and home , When Philip reached New Haven, lute that night, he immediately wired his discovery in code to VV -an Kington. The itc t day the base wa surprised by a force of eoldiur £Fld M nl service- men. The schooner and a LI the Germans Connected with the bate were captured, hut not before they had destroyed Lhc suh marine. They had cleverly hidden mines in case of n surprise: and the minute lbs warninT was given, the submarine was blown up, [t w RB too big a secret to deliver into the hand oF any enemy. However, Philip had accomplished hi purpose. He had rid the country oF o sub- marine ba e. He had done his ‘ " ■bit . " 1 Furthermore, ha was congratulated by the Presi- dent, and put in I foe for speedy promotion. Sidney Gniling, ' 15, A STORY- ALMOST ' " ] his look all right. They always (Ot off at lonesome looking places, Suppojc I may a well do it,” A gentleman stepped From thy triln. He gazed about him Inquisitively, " Well, wonder where the cowboy can he who always meet the easterner. Elope the author sends one in a hurry,” A chap in slightly dilapidated clothes slid front under the train and sauntered toward the gentleman. ”Ar - yousr de guy dot some waiter- tent me to look forl“ inn J, T Tn, " loftily responded the- H«h, Mr, Rockland l Van Sundl . Na|« AH tmttrnfn Who mriw wij,L are- ViTi «m«thin| or other. The two eyed each rthrr for a while. 1 1 WVI I, ain ' t ye-U suin ' to fire away? " The Hbtt, looked pensively at the | rAiind. " Vo 1.1 ire it was thip way. 1 w.-m ang-hurd lo a girl hack east. W - were to he married ill a month. Last week she Inferitied me that she couldn ' t marry me. and wouldn ' t tell me why. She laid that the stories she had heard 1 concepiiint me did not make niedcsire- ahlc company. ' T don ' t smoke, drink, chew, or iwtar. Only betted on the horses, once; only sma til- ed one cer: never nw a burlesque, I ' m Very modest, retiring, and almost Mnifird. " What could a fellow da? She nave me a Fare- well- Forever look and left the room, " 1 took the nett train West, Aty Father ha a ranch somewhere. They always da in stories. you knm and [ came out here to try Jind rirOwpi my ureal sorrow. " " C-rc. " the I re m p said, " how did you loam del spiel by heart? ' Did do author what we ' re working far write it out for you? Jiminy Crickets, you ' re a crackyr-fieki end if I didn ' t know you was de- guy, I ' d link you war dc original sulb-.nl u(I. " 11 And to-day,’ ' resumed the- Hon. R, V. fcj.. " is Ckrlitmu, Never in all my youny lift- did [ think I should ro spend December 2fplh. Wot is me. 1,1 " ■Say, what ' s de matter with you? " the tramp Said. ‘ " ‘How about yousc asking me to have a good nieal at de ranch? You forgot dat part, and I ' m starved, " J, 0h my itoo L man. hijw ih-gugh-llca-F of mel Do com-- witti tn-iy. ] don ' t know iF this is the right ilitigpi; the authors said anv deserted ala Lion wquUI d-0, hut well find tome one to drive u, OVer, And If there are any fire-work to he had, we’ll eclehrnte the 4th of July sn I ecemher 25lh. " Another Christmas arrived. About nine o ' clock hi the evening a man and a girl entered a well-known restaurant in New York. You know, dear reader, in stories, all restaurants are in New York. Perhaps you n. r-Oa: rsrer the man an our old friend Ikr tr m| ? You arc correct. The i;tri well, (he ;iiri will soon be the Mrs. It. V. 5., hut that ' s getting ahead o-F our . lory- To ppstttd: the nun and the girl were seated at -ft table far down the hail. About nine-thirty the Hon. Rocky Van Sandt entered the hall. The girt turned to her escort csici Icdly r " Hat, that ' s Rocky 3 " Rocky advanced toward the coMp-h, “You! " he hissed, in true malo-rfra malic style, ’ " After t sheltered, clothed, and fed you, you steal the afFections gf h r- " ■ " Let mg explain. She is my sister, " was the answer. " Thu author dieidsd that It would be better For ht r to he my sister than for llq two to go fighting nil over the place. " i " I ' m the black sheep oF the family, I was pretty seedy when ] met you. You were kind to me, 1 saw my sister ' s picture 9n your dresser, When I came home they Wei C4m- cd me into the fold. Now make up with sis. It’s high time thy author slopped this story anyway, i Sfr-hns, " Rgclty turned to the sir], ' This story is long enough. I think, " he said. " ' Wc mtv a well make up. " Curtain. Charlotte Goldman.. ’19. Those who brins sunshine to the lives of other t«mnol keep it from themselves. — J . At . Ida me. 1Q£ THE S fS 1 r I R 1 5 UNDOING Th« 23 t regiment of Ghurka wii passing thru Naux-lei-Minei, on it way to the tranche , Ttimicd by the nun nf India, and of jLlm»t uniform height, they preen ted appearance ai they swung along, their sharp, crooked kukfie ilttmim at their ■idee. It wan dunk wkrH ih-ey passed the last htUf t in the village anti entered into the final ■t retch l hjir Lead to the tranche . It wai pitch dark wh-tp (hey came to the sectmel line of tranches dark, and no light e ecpl that of an ocefttiorml star- shell Ln, thy (finance, nd the flaihei nf the big guns ewer on the left. A he awoke the next morning, Nanak Sinh felt a certain sen of Ion el in css, Lying in the mud of thy first line trencher, hit army porta- around him, he war an entirely diff- erent Ghurk From the one oF a year ago who came at the tall of hit priett to enter (he aervica of England, Different, hut for one thing the fighting spirit of hit artfeatorfl, whieh could not he changed. Hi wa the apirit that had defied the English troop for many a year, until they were cruahed in the battle at Kutipur. He felt more dutiful, however, when, an hour later, he had consumed hit tin of bully-beef and won detailed by the ergeant to bring water. Here at I ait war tymethlnf to do, end the little Ghurka delighted in it, He reached the well safely; but on hi way hAtk, a diligent sniper spotted him. One shot scratched Nanak ' s left anti, and hi second one hit the water pa!L Plunging the hole up -with hia -finger, Nanek ran quickly to hia trench first. however, having located the position oF the niper. At he was being bandaged by an Engliah comrade, he told the itory of hia trip after wat-tr, find added, “That sniper 1 find him. Tomorrow, " Tomorrow came. Nan fib again crept out into No Man ' Land, and relumed with hit arm toaked with blood. “hack once more?” RHkcd hia English friend, “Nearly got you that time— oh, Nanak?” ”Elut 1 find " im! " hi tied Nanak, “and to-night I go again. I get him— t hia lime I " “Oh, no, my brown friend, net with an arm like that. " ' laid Tommy emphatically. The little Ghurka grinned, " Nanak never forget hit wounds never!’ 1 he replied. " Tonight when the mwn is up, Sahib, when he i but haLf awake, Over there among the dead I find him ' The rest of the afternoon he squatted Ln a corner of the dug-out. with a handker- chief around his arm. sharpening and polishing hi beloved Kukri e. The men all watch- ed him. 1 fought against them In India, said Tommy, “and believe me, they ' re a bully projrQsition. There ' a little tune of IKuddy Kipling’ we used to ‘uni about ' em. " 4 11 Let ' s ' a r It, " cried several. “When, it ' liinL.l: high overhead. When the moon hn gone to bed. That " the time for midnight WOrk i Leave it to the ghostly tread.. When the moon, hat gone “to bed — Leave it to the gen lie- Gurkl Werfe- 1 , Work-a, Creeping Ghurka; W ' hen tomorrow morning COmes, When you hear the hre-skfasl drum — Whist! — the Little Ghurka come Crpuchtt, lurker. Creeping Ghurka, With his knapaack packed, with thumbs! " S03 The- men ihivtitd. NftHak looked up from hi cornr. 1 and grinned at them. " Yah ing little ChUFki Ong, " he Raid. “Sinit it again ! ' 1 And Tommy rang, and the men again shivered. The tittle Churka mi id nothing, but kept -on pali hing hi hlukrie, now and then stepping ai tho’ tul in reverie and ■ mil- in e to fiimull) and l lien resuming hi work with renewed energy. Nifht WAR tmn u[H.n them, and Nanak crept out Into the wilderness of dead Lodiy that lira iMlWItn the two hnhlire trenches. liy crawled quietly and Eteothily, with all the •kill of hi ancestor more tike a 1 1 aw- mOv i ng imiltwarm than ji mini. An hour or ru later he vii near the i hell- hole in which he knew the nipcr lay. An.! now his Health war redoubled. To all rpptArrt t, he was a dead man; and when he did move, it wa done id slowly and carefully ft to be imperceptible. At IfLHt he wft it the opposite aide of the crater. Peering carefully in. ]n- Raw the i i per, with hir head turned the other way. toward the Allied trenchea. T ho 1 None k had done thin many time before, tie wnn trembling now. and hit heart bent rapidly. A alor-ahell rcte back of him and illumined the whole field. But. Nftnftk lay or if dead, and the sniper never moved. The situation wok becoming teilMir Non ok felt it. Now, tt.OL.ght, w k Iho time to actf and gathering Inn 3lthe m UHcle for o spring, hy prepared for It, The an i pc r turned his hcod half-way round. With a leap, Nanak w., upon him, ond at the i,imc lime the KukrLe fell with a hir . In the dim light oF early dft-w.., Nanak crawled hack amidst the tuiiis, to the British trench. Tommy, ju t awftks, greeted him. " Any luck, Nanak?” he asked. Instead of replying. Nonak handed him hi k Mr prick, Tommy looked within, And ft he go-red, the hair rote stiffly upon 111 head. Vincent Engel i, ' 19, Mil. SWEENEY ' S CAT Robert Orm by Sweeney i a druggnt of Si, Paul i and the ugh a recent record reveal the fhel that he fb o direct deKcenda.it of a Hurc-enaugh king, and though there Le royal purple blood in his vein that dale back to where king used I c hove Something to do to earn their salary. he goes right On with hi regular busines . Eel liny druifK at the great sacrifice which druggist will make sometime in order to place their good within the reach of mar,. A iodr as I learned that Mr. Sweeney had bare- ly e reaped being a crow nod heftd I got acquainted with him and tried lev cheer him up, and t told him that people wouldn ' t hold him re pan Lhle. and that, an it hadn ' t shown itself in hi family for year , hr might perhaps overcame it. He is a mighty pleasant mftP to meet, anyhow, kmd yovi can have just a much fun with him a you could with a man who didn’t have royal blood in hi veins. You could ho with him for day on fi hlng trip attd never notice it at a!h But 1 wa Jioing to speak more in particular a haul Mr. Sweeney ' s cat, Mf, Sweeney hod a large cal named Mary Walker, of which he wa very fond. Mary Walker remained at the drug store all the tune, and was known all over St. Paul as a quid and re- served Cllt. If Mary Walker took in the town attar office hour , nobody seemed to knew anything about it. She would be ft round bright and cheerful the nett morning and attend to her duties at the story ju l ■• though nothing whatever had happened. KM ft One day tail summer Mr Sweeney left a laife plalf of %-paprr, covered with water, in the window, hoping to lather . few quart of flir-r i n fl deceased state, Mary Wi I kc r used to 90 to this window during the ,nftrrrnrtn and look □ Lit on the L pty street while she Mlleil tip |ilrtmnt m-om-Gries of her past life. That after noon she t fieu; ht she would call up romr more memories t so she went aver an the counter, and from there jumped down on the wind dw sill, landing with all four feel in the plate of fly-paper . At first she regarded it as a jokt and treated the matter very lightly, hut later she ■observi-d that the fly-paper aluek te her feet -with great tenacity ai ppi-puBCi Those who hove never Seen the look of surprise ond -deep sorrow that a cal wr.-irw when she finds her- ■self glued to a whole sheet of fly-paper,, cannot fully appreciate the present predicament of Mary Walker. She did not dash wildly through « hund red-and -fif l y— dollar plate- glass window as some cat would have done. She Controlled herself and acted in th+ coolest manner, though you could liArc seen that mentally she suffered intensely. She sst down - " moment, the more fully to outline a plan for the future, In doing 0, she made a great mistake. The nlurr resulted Ln -gluing the fly- paper to her person in such a way that the edge turned up behind in the most abrupt manner, and caused her great inconvenience. Some -any at that in tar | laughed in a coarse and hearties way, and I wish you could have seen the look of pain that Mary gave him. Then she went away. She did, not go- around the prescription case as the rest of us did, tut strolled through the middle- of It, and on, out through the glass door At the rear of the store. Wr did not ee h f through the glass door, but we found pieces OF fly-paper end fur on the ragged edges of a large aperture in (he glass, and we jumped to the conclusion that Mary Walker had taken that direction in retiring from the room, Mary Walker never returned to St. Paul, and her eSAcl whereabout ore not known, though every effort was made to find her. Fragments of flypaper and fur were found as far west as the Yellowstone National Park, and as far north a the British lino; but Mary herself w(« not found. My theory is that if she turned her haw to Ihe west so At to- catch the strong easterly gale, with the nail she had sel and her tall pointing directly toward the sky, the chancer for Mary Walker ' s immediate return tire extremely slim. Miriam E 1 eler on, " 19, " SIXTY CENTS, PLEASE ■ ' Aw, came an. Yu h ain ' t afraid of a skirt, are yuh? " Oswald Randall dug hii toe into- the ground and seemed intent on finding someth! rig, Neither he nor Gud Jane knew exactly what, but anyway. Oswald had to cover tip his discomfiture 111 some way, And the harder he dug. the further his mind wandered from the elusive and convincing c scute he must give to- Gud And Skinny so be would not have to join their little " Sody water " party. Oswald of Rusty as he was more commonly called had dug for almost two whole minutes, and Bud and Skinny were getting ready to leave when — l was it a miracle? Oswald thought so — a bright, shiny silver disk peek- ed opt of the earth whkh Hwsty had just excavated. Oswald Randall caught hi breath. c nld it be a T No, he would not think of it for fear he would be disappointed. If he could only stoop down and see without attracting their attention! Then a bright idea popped into his red head, " I ' ll le-teha know in ' bout fifteen minMte , Meet me on the corner by ol man Echmit ' s store. I gotta go cm ’ne. frond For my ml, and then mebby slvy ' ll lemme have a diine,” ■ " Aw, d-pn ' t bother ’bout nS money 1 I got a whole dollar from my uncle yell ' d Ay when he went home. Smy treat, anyway. " Bud Jonas WAS scornfully patronizing. He Would have been called a typical “succesiFul broket who had mode a haul, " by a novelist. 105 . " A 1 right. Dnii r l f rs:ii. " r Skinny took Bud by t he arm and uu nt«.red a IT. Rutty wa ntCriiH why Bad h d utlUdfl- Rvll then, who wouldn ' t frd ItJfiikblt with n wli U dollar one hundred vent " in hi pocket? Rusty waited till Bud and Skinny were halfway down the alley. Then he stooped and due out the ihiny round iphere. for fully five minute Runty conteihiphtrd hi Hidden riches. He dug down Lm hi pocket and produced three Hnlt, two button , A pl » of red string. and a poor specimen 0-f A knife. Thirteen Cent ! Ten Cent for a Boris, and t lb re cent! for candy, Bui of cd urn he would »ave the candy money for another day. [ LH l]ijtLLin wdi not one of Rusty ' s had trail . In fact, he had none. Op-wjiLd Frederick Randall wti twelve year old and a very striking fig ure. fie wn tall, lean, and lanky ■ Ho Rad red hair. Abundant freckle , a pny note and eye uf a fHCU- lait green- blue. He was particularly fond of cat and ice cream soda , and haled girl and hue to an equal extent. Girl ho detected, and would to black ant of hii way to avoid mt-Cling erne that he knew. For five minute mo-re ha considered hi jioi.ilion. llud had naked hint to go to Schneider ' s D ' elicHte cn Store ’“Fruit, Ice CreAm. Cigar " , CAhdy and Soft Drink 1«M Shoe Shined Here 1 and in the company of three skirl ; namely Jane Perkin , Emma. Mary Hopkins, and Lizzie Smith. Should he be o daring? Gould be endure the strain of not one. but three gii b for at least twenty minute ? Should he spend a whale dime — ten cent for tec-OVc m ? And the im.lt of it all was that 0 w td Frederick Randall nut the t,tnir in front of Schmit 1 5(0 re, promptly t thirteen minute past two. S-H-i-pl S- -ip " bur rjlr,! Cur-rgle! i-s-ip " S-i-ip! R o ty ' del idea chocolate soda slowly sank in the glass. Equally alow I y vu it drawn up through the straw artd into Ru ty’ mouth, ta which hi puekered-up Up formed « funny entrance. 4 ' Conch a hurry. Take yer time. We yolta whole af ' ernoon to " njoy ourself in. DopsUa hurry, ' r admartiahed Skinny. “ ' V ilh . get yer nn-n-M- y ' worth out a it. Take- yer time, " Bud laid, languidly ripping his soda. ' ' For pity ' s sake. Os-wild, don ' t mnhc fr much po-isoE " ’ piped Oilt, Jonef 1 ' 5 C-rn ' t stand It. He be a gentleman like Bud, " Fveryone giggled except Oswald. He couldn ' t tee the joke, and choked with silent rage white hi ear flamed red. In fact, he chaked o hard that Lizzie and Emma Mary were showered with ehecplaty. " You low pin? " snapped Lixx-le. " I gotta wear this dress all the real of this week, 0 you better behave. " This, from Emm Mary. H Av, I didn ' t mean it. ' San at ksident. " Rusty again grew red. S-s-ip! Cltsr-rglel Gur-rgLet " Oh ny I I forgPtlA go to the meat-shop For sausage for lynaE " Bud puthfd hack hi empty ijla s and turned to Skinny, " Cfrme Ort along, YVe ' ll be b ok In nO time, girl . Vuh stay here with them, Ru ty, " Oswald stay alone with THREE girls? Meverl Rather death than that. But how we he going to get out of it, since Bud and Skinny had already gotten out of the store? Well, he would have to make the heat of it. They ' d be back in n few minute . A few minuter? Ten minute passed. All had finished thole « ! •, the girl ignor- ing Oswald completely. Fifteen minute hn.il iOCi-S by. And now Rusty was yetting un- easy. Where had they gone? Was this a ? No, they couldn ' t possibly be so mean so brutal. Twenty minutes: Emma Mary had suggested they go. Rusty urged them IP wail- Twenty- five minutes, The clerk had now handed Rusty the slip with the words “Si sly Cent pleASe, 31 scrawled upon it, Wisely cents! ALL Rusty owned w . thirteen. 105 r§!kK8r A«wjtianf Should h( flik iht Kiri ■ if they hud any money? Of bourse not, Couldn ' t he find ome way l; Eft at Bud and Skinny? But of f»un; lhry d be back in a Why should they want to leave hint in uch ■ pickle. when they knew that he pe tiv ' ly hated girl ? Thirty minute gone- CfruU (hat be Bud he jaw peeking Ert the -window? Bud free, and he. Owralrl Frederick Randall, amateur woman-hater, fitting here in 5chn ide F V Store with three ikirla on hi hand , and only thirteen cent in hi pocket . Skty cent ! How under the tun vii he to jet sixty cent in tide of a few minute ? Should he leave him knife in part payment? Maybe old man Sehrtcider would demand hi hoe . or mftybe maybe the ring that liy got in (he grab-bag at (he itociaL. Should ike quit the girls, too? Oh gee if he only wni rich! He wait boiling J Where could h . get is(y cent ? Sh —an idea! Kit Course i now et. He rate with what clegap-ui he COuld command, and laid, ‘ " Ladie , we’ll not wait for Matter find and Matter Skinny, They may be detained Well, (hey niebby gotta hunch that they w«,r i lm leave ui in i pickle, but whofcta matter with our go in’ willujul ' em I gotta lot la. coin,” Taking the lip r he followed thy maiden to the door, and theah quietly went back to the clerk, and handing him the dip, said, " ' Charge thi to Mr . William Algernon Jone . ' " Quickly they va.kkir.hed. Mr , WiHi am Algernon Jones never knew how her young non ipenl the dollars but the clerk at Schneider ' atore knew that a am all hill of uxty cent wa paid by Mailer Bud. Nor did any one except Rusty know how it happened that hot Ik Mauler Bud and Master Skinny FEinn appeared At echool next day wearing the badge of iihame — a black eye. Nor did any on-4 rlw understand why it wii that Oswald Frederick Randall wa e n On Mein Street with three fair young maid and three click nf gunk and tWO hag ■ f popcorn and four milei — co L. thirteen, cent ., Rr F,. Larson, ’19. MV COUNTRY Man. through all age of revolving time, CW hanging tilth, lit every varying clime, Orem hi Own land of every land the pride. Beloved by Heaven o ' er the world beside; Hi home the pot of earth jupteimcly bleit, A dearer, » wee ter pqt thorn all the real. -Jame Montgomery. 107 .JWrapJanc IQS «Amplane WAS IT THE SWEATER? F. Kruifn at Red CFO EkctiSn; — l ‘Hty l you, hack there with the red rweiitcr on you have had Lwa hands usp all the tiimcl What are you trying I pull -off 7 Stflid Geometry Student " I wonder where I can And ' pie ' ■ 3. 1 4 1 ; 77 ' r Freshman ' — " In the pantry. " AIN ' T IT A GRAND ' AN GLORIOUS FEELING? When you wake up at 9:0G n Saturday and realize that you will ftst he late ifor school. When yon term hie in cl a and wait to he called on in alp h abet i cal order and. are skipped? W ' hrn you haven ' t a doggone study and Mr, Ream announce! ' " Speakers ' ' first Fk(t second period ? When yQii find that lervg leal nickel in your old coat? When Fit , talk in accents rather loud and you dllCttV ? he didn ' t mean YOU? Whets you kip a period and meet Mr. R, nt the lop of the stair and he ' ‘never said A WOFit. " When you’re absent FHdAy And then find an old excuse from Another Friday which isn’t dated ? When you find that little old i ' hyiit notebook of your brother ' with moat all the ex perlrnonta you have in it? ML Brown - ' ■Tell about the follower of Roger William , 1 ' R. B. " Mr . Hutchinson followed him. " Mildred M., — " Why ye , June i go-mg to graduate thii year mado Lt In. three yrsrtr " Second party ' ’She is naturally bright, isn ' t she? " Mildred " Well, she ought to be; he went to a BQARPIMG-HGUSE. ' 1 WV are wo-rulering whether it wa the college inn. Mis L, to shorthand class “I om going to dictate an arlicLe. Put A ting Around the word you CAN’T write. " Senior ’’Where have I Been your face bofotoT 1 ' Freshmen " Right where you e4 it now. 11 SOME JOB Mis Brown to American Hintory Class — ‘’Trace lh president with their dale . 1 ' Mips Leith! " How many columns of copy work have you? 1 ' Jennie Denison — " I’m two loo short. 1 ' Miss Hood ' " I c-An ' l be all over this room At nt , 1F A. P. surprised " Oh 3 Can’t you? " Florence " What kind of Poetry is instructive? " Helen L. (Pointing; to her watch " Did dat tick?’’ ' didactic. i The Aeroplane ' a queer invention, Our High School get the fjimr. The Printer get thr. m-Ortey , And the Staff grl h all the bl ame. 109 iWr i)Jane She aal on tins Ale pi at (wentid , Enjoying the halmy »it; He ciirif and .ultrJ, “Mnj 1 U by your aide? " Am! he gave him a vacant iliir utare. A. CALL FOR volunteers. FhyiLe Prof. " Who will volu nicer to atraighlen Lin out?” Pupil " Othello pre ed hi tuit with Drtdrmsnn. " Heard in the CLaiu Room; ' ' Why wof you late to (hi,i; " aH MI a Brown held me. " Helen pinching Florence delicately I — " My dear,, yaui ' re ju t like bread.” E — " In. other word , you need knead me. ' 1 ' Here ' to the footba.ll team,. And here ' la Wciier; He joined the army To get that d Kaiaer. M- C, Notice! Anybody her een Kelly? H. McCarthy Ifeard In Mira Cujnlt , » room! On the Board " He olved ■ that la.very wun justifiable. " D. Tipler — " We di cu od that lart year in Min Vermeyen ' rnom. " C. EJaokrey " Our ts-gtlon die cun Red it in Mias Jacobi ' room during Ihe Civil Wlf, " " HAR. HARP SAID THE COMPANY (Up Em Sleeve, i ' [ ' he Hit cry bad ju l drafted out of a canton me hi. It k4i mipectio-n hour. The com- pany wtiilrnwr up and atandLny at aLtonlj-Qri, each man at the end af hi cot. Tlie major halted in fronl of one cot, and. Looking (he equipment over carefully, found no fault, But he Looked at the lotdier, " Ha, ha!” laid the major. " No h VO. " ‘ " He, he! " replied tht soldier, " No dough.” " Ho, EloE” n i fl the Oourt mertial judge. " Ten day . ' When the donkey irw the Zebra, He began to switch hi tail; " Well. I never l " wtt hi comment: " There ' . « mule that ' been in jail. " Bernard in Shorthand " Ho-w many m intake ahould we allow? " Mia L. — " Well, Bernard, if you had a girl meaning office girl) how mdny rniatnlce would you allow h r? " M. K. ' — ' ' Do you know Leonard Herds m? " Ed. P. — " I haven ' t ' heard um " ' iHerdarn . Ed. P. Enfli h 2:QS— " Every time 1 flome ini thi room I have fits Fitxl. HO DON ' T USE BILL WORDS. In pr-en ignling your exoteric E«fiti[]«nt, or articulating your superficial xemtimcn- E a Lit I r arid y ur amicable, pliilonphiejiL. and psychological ph rvntl ni, beware of platL- ludinoux ponderosity. Let your ctrvmilionrl cammutii llani poll oki a clarified epn- cisenexs, a compact eo rn | ire h eligibleness, coaleicent eona-istenoy, and a cauoitrnMril cogency. Eschew all flatulent garrulity, jojunt babblement, and axinim: can- glomeratipn , Let your (stem parih Kmi din can tingi and unprem- editated expat tat ion have Li’itrlLijji- bl lily and veiacioui veracity, without rhadomantade or thrasonical bom- ba.At . Sedulously avoid all polyxy I La- bia profundity , ponipoux prolixity, pirittaceoui vacuity, vent i iLcm| nil verhoiity, and vanllotutnt vapidity. Shun double-cute ndrei, prierient jocoiity, ihd peat iferous profanity, oblth rent or apparent. tn other word , tall plainly, brief- ly, naturally, xeiixibly, truthfully, purely. Keep from " ilangi, " don ' t pul on airs; xay wh at you me n ; mean what you lay and don ' t lire big words. OOtXieee t’tS ‘v ' atffs Mr. Mae ■ 4 Every lime I lead you from the topje you set mixed up . ' 1 Mr C. K. " Well lead me to it then. " junior Boy ncarted a frexhMArt girl home one wet night. Here ' i their conversation j S he - 1 ' E.r it ' s rather Wet to-nite . 41 He " Y P(TU»e — She -“It ' s getting welter all the time, iirt ' l it? " He - 41 Ye -ex. " Another pause She " it will he Awf-yHy wet out to-- morrow, wpn ' l it ? ' 4 Ha 11 Ve Eva, relating dream in English It. I— 1 ' T jumped up, tearing the chair behind me. 11 Notice on board. Loxl — A CASE with (iMrrt, Please return to L. SchmKh, If « body icrx a body Thinking in a quiz If a body help body, lx it leaeher ' s biz? In Cry man d Class., reciting on the n Lilia tit Liter for the Paxsivc Voice Min Bra uni — " Well, people thi if a day of rubitLtuLex — you ought net to find the:e difficult . 1 1 JWopJ aitc 112 ciWoplnnc GEOGRAPHY OF A WOMAN ' S LIFE Cape ol Good 1 lopv Sweet Slxin-n, Cape Flattery Twenty, Cape Uiik dt T tnty-oni, C p$ Fe h Thirty. Cape Far well — Forty, THE TBF ' E TOADS A trey lond loved a ilhe toad Thai lived up in a tree; She wan a three toed Iyer load. But a two toed t«td wn» he. The two tord tree load tried to win The she load ' s, friendly nod For the two toed tree toad loved the ground That the three tord tree toad trod; ESllI vainly the two toed tree load trirtl He MMldrt ' t plea re her whim; In her tree toad bower With her three toed power The iht toad vetoed him. Mr. Eiai-gh “Where’ M dljfm I his morning?’ 1 An war “She is moving. " Mr- H-ciy h “That ' s funny: I saw he r last nigh!. 11 F. P. " Four score and seven ye re n%v our father brought forth upon this nation a new continent ” Mr. Mac. — ' " WliETe , B Mogan? Has hr enlisted? " D. Brown ' “Ye : he ' s on a boat. He’ a skipper. " Mir Kelleher " What does A. 13. mean? 1 ' A. C.— " After IJjrfe.’’ M. M. " Doe E-lsio ploy anythini;?’ 1 13. S- 11 Yes, the viotrola. " WHICH PERIOD? " Say, did you know that the East High main room and a Ford car are alike?” jL No why ? ' 1 " Becau. e the sent if bolted down, and there is a erArtk Ifi the front. " Why do nio t of the crtior {iris wear their hair pompadour? I ' li-dirtiSM Annrrr " A wide forehead denotes intelligence. " J- G. " I wn shocked in geometry ye terdlay, " Freshman— " Why. " June — H 1 They di CU et! improper f ractionr. " 113 a ' %Ar cA«flj)ktTe " Here, RjulIup, wliiif ' i the can of Lard I Laid van to bring 7 ' r “Lords.-, runs lit w i 0 S»r y H ilipped my iMlnd. " A kilt Li a peculiar propaj.it ion af no utr laant set abiotu Lely bli K to two. The pm 1 1 boy jffli it for nothing. The old mil n his to buy U- The young men ha to dcrl it. The- baby ' right Tkr hypocrite ' maik To the yo-ung sirl Faith To the married- ■woman, Isope And to the oLd- maid charity. Hr killed her an the cheek — It eensed a barnsieii frolic; Hr ' t l id up for week They any it " painter 1 ' ! voile.. Always put off till to-morio-w the thing you don ' t want La wear over slight. LATIN All ore dead who wrote it. All are dead who spoke it. All will die who team It. Rlv-ppcd ilrath they g-Alfrt it Geneva At. made an incorrect itatement in Phyiica, and Air, H, aik cd " Who can ■Lrnitihtrn her OMt?” An old couple from the country wandered into a moving picture !how in the eily- A they entered, a cowboy picture wan being run. ' ' Hiram, let ' s not go too Far down In front; the dust them thar Hone air kickin ' up it purty thick. " H, E .— " I have been eating -onion- - What ih H I do? " G. V, — " Go la ee that film at the Grand- It will lakeyour breath kwnyr " Yau can lead a hone to water. But you cannot make him drinks You can lead a boy to Physic , But you eats not make hi ns think. Min Schilling — " Reuben, l wii-h you would hire a ntenographer, and compile a li t of fU your advice la teach eti 1 L. S. in Literature " 3 thought epithet were jiLway on tonsh tone . " Alii B. — " Compare iambi And trochaic metre , ” Irma D. — " ‘They both have twa feet. " Air, Brawn and hip family were atanding in front of the lion cage. ' ' John, " id Mr . Brown, " if Ihoie animal were La eicape, whom would you ave hr t. me or the child- ren? " ■ ' Me, " an wered John, without hoiitatlipp. 114 (JWoplant A they boarded a crowded car, Ike pretty girl turned to the you us fellow, looked up til to hit eye and laid: " T think m fin sCincrae in here, don ' t ytm? " He flushed with pleasure and gave her arm a gentle pineh, " Belter wait till we get home, don ' t you think, ' " he whispered. Mr. Mac, in Physiology " Haw da cells in the body multiply V " S. A. M. — |, ‘tell« multiply by dividing. " Why did those ? senior girls rate for Rum- my Lambriu, running for Junior Red Cross treasurer? " 1IF.ARD IN CFOMETFtY Miss Schilling " IF anybody secs the other yard stick which belongs in here, please send it back. " Crncr Mr. In German f " Miss- B- why did Arnold call Gertrude ' dear " one time, and ' wild thing " another? " Miss D " Sonit people nay ’dear " and don ' t mean, Anything by it;, 1 liI don ' t misunderstand me 1 might call someone " dear 1 sometime add mean it. " Eddie II. showing Mr. 1 latch SO C. calorimeter " Shalt I put more then 50 C, C. of water in this? " Mr. H. — " Koi don ' t put in any more than it will hold, " Mis Burnside " Lornlns, stmt th min- eral resources of Australia.” Lorraine R, - " They raise a great many threpL 11 ENGLISH HISTORY Freshman reciting — " ' ' They sailed in golden ships. " Teacher " 1 don ' t find that statement in the hook- " F, " Yc . my book said " ' they had votscl of gold and silver. " " The first time 1 ever asm my wife, 1 ' saitl Iho youthful husband, " she was in her mother ' s kitchen making bread. " " ' Quite romantic, " observed the old bachelor. " But many n girl 1 marriage can be traced to the fact that she k needed dough. " L. V. r in CrpiUit " Vivid is. something so clear that you can. see it. " Mr. Ream - " Were you at the drntiit’ ?” Wnltc-r Mi ‘ ' NsB, that gig ' s getting t Oil llalfn” AN EXPENSIVE DATE Date have R-one up To twenty cent a pound f Cvitd my friend, the fruit -dealer. Aiid ] replied. " That ' nothing! E had one with a g i r l 1 n p t it i gh t Tli.it coat me twenty dollar 1 " Word in themielve arc hltitlltlf; Hi uttering them that ia dangeroua, and writ " ns? them that i foolhardy. Albert B-. — “What 1 all the noiae in the neat room? 1 James F. — ' “Mi i Sthklllnr jw t dropped a perpendicular. " Firat Senior — ' ' ] prefer Dickon t to Thackeray,” Second Senior " Die hen appeal to the more common people, bcCpyi 1 It take man brain to rend Thackeray. 11 Mill Black — " Evrrjr biography rmli with what?” L- flume — " With a period, 1 " 1 Mi r P ' » Ancient t:imi-l:20i Mi S. — " Whal territory w added to the Nljicedonian Empire? " M. L. — ' ‘I ' hcci and all the other place - h CApt ured - ' 1 Mii F! ' ' What point oF humor did you notice in the ' L ' t- Coverlcy F»|Jtr ' ? " Harold L. " I didn ' t read the le on. ' ' Miu B, — ■ ' Then it didn ' t am« C yon particularly. " Judge tlriiii . relating one of hi experimental experience with on Irt-rtrUCtor and A Leydon jar -“Heaaw apart , and id did we. He gpt the hock then, and we pot it after i-ehool, " illS SHRINE Minint er — " Yuuns man, h y« yoii attended a place of WtOMhlpT’ Clarence ab ent-mindedlyi — " Ye ; I ' m going to pee her now, 1 ' Ml Black — " Of what kind ihauld the jenten.ee be? " L. Hurrtc " They ahoutd. he brief, lengthy ienteneei. " WOE TO HIM WHO RUN ' S A FORD Sid — “Confound itl Ilow that — t C — engine L milling! " Lady Friend " Why Sid. we had Ll when we topprd at the la t place fo-r -gaioline. " THEY LAUGHED AGAIN " Are you boy laughing at me? " iternly demanded Mr. Apell of hi Agriculture Cl« . “Oh no, irl " came Ihc reply ih choru . " Well i " a»kcd Mr, A pell h “what el e ii there in the room to laugh at?” 116 rapJane TH ] M C THAT NtVEK. HAPPEN ■ Mi i Braun . “Very good recita- tion, Ye 1.1 a e p-c r ' f more than a ten. ' 1 ' Mr. Miconibcr — " Take the hji li ' i r |ei- ■ tHi over again. 1 ' Board of Education Member " ' Our at u d ent do not get ni 011 gh racat i on " Student - " The ' Aeroplane ' ii mre (omt pjiper.’’ Mr. Mo coni her - " WhJjfpor all of you. I admirp your Ipirit in clap . 1 Mill Mittiilt Speaker " We hove a wrnli team and will get beaten, and there ' s no uie for any of you f cl Iowa to- ipend your money to l» the [imt. " PUT HABITS AT EAST htltiEI Bsing rc«ttk Mr. Heigh Bring lake .. M. Kuhaup Leading ' em an Ii. Bt-i.lt Smiling Miss n,ro WI1 Laughing ot hit own jokes A. Lefebvre Liking hlmaelf Hurt of oil S. Gr riling Scattering gossip G, Conner Talking Iota and Raying nothing ].. (Griffin Yawning H- Kelly Being late foe evejythlttt C. Dorichrl Giving her opiai ion m to how it ihould fear dune J. Golden TELEPHONING O iterator " Numher, pi cate,” Sid — “S 7 , pEe«» tr ” Party “Hallo.” Sid ‘“Hello. [ thi. Locate?” Party- " Who T” Sid — “I Bay, Mn. . |i Lutilc the ref " Party— " Thim ii thy Folic- Station. " Emit Sid r tn Phyaica Lab. Senior “What it that thing over there?” Preihle " That ' an electric plant. " Senior ' " What grow on that bind of plant?” Frephle — " Curranti " currenti , Senior - ' ' Haw are they gathered?” Freihie — ' “In ihadn. ' r Cashier 1 ' .Madam, E cannot honor thim check. You have already overdrawn your huaband r i account.” Mti. Wrdiwerk " -Don ' t he mltly. There are twenty-eight chccki in thii check -book that | haven ' t used at alt.’ ' 117 I WANTF-D to know Why Myrl lr S Frank? Why June li Always Gapen? Whil Helen did with her Sthlllinr? If Arnold Will Wink? Why Dorothy a] way Beck ens = Whftl Kind of a Bey is Olive? Whal Kind of a Fiedler ii Ltnory? t( C I ara will a I way be a SditdT If Ruth wilt alwiyi have a Hood 7 What make Fiery nee Cy-Le Lately? When Murilte will Ruel? When FrV Wkltjuel? W ' het hint! of a Ream is Me Me? If Gwendolyn will a Lways have a ray oF Lcicht? Why Walter ' Zich? Why Lauretta ' s m JiKny? Why Ler ifie in «uch a Burden? Why Luclla 1 ! Golto? Tf Martin cart Pet it jr. in? If Franklin and Myrtle arc engaged? If Ruth it a gpod Foersler? [f William h Ha I loin the upper nt-orv? H iw Thelma tient-ley? Who put the Come in MaCOmber? Who put the A I eh in Haigh7 What D Crcef hnn Leo? Who- ar-e the 5 iris who thought t he Senior Cl ai.» co utdn ' t have aba nquet wit ho ul (hr ,n? CO TO THE FRONT OF THE CLASS Teacher 1 ‘Fa pi m n why thi war i a trurd dfferie. " Art. J. Hesitating " Well— er they MSC sort of a barb wire fertCe in front of the trendies " . ESPECIALLY MONKEYS i eacher " Nsmc pome product of South America 1, Peanuts F, “Coilcc, rubber and monkey . " ' Mips Cujak Name the different plant fajYnli gu Specie — what eenver rteat? 1 " 1 Walter M. — H Tha baggage. " WITH THE MAGIC WORD M ' W Schueltc " Draw the red line over live blue line, and the- blue line i no more " MAGAZINE RACK Puck . . . . .... Ladle ’ Home Companion Coed Housekeeping Snappy Stories Youth’ Companion Modern Pricilla Synteprt J utiv r Frank Krue-gar . . Ed. ParL h A nn 5m i th Si Larson Geneva Mann . . C. Sc hm.it a . . . Mr. Haigh Mis Kflltehcr L LB Loral 0-0 B-, reading in Lit. J, from " The Deierted Village,”- — Auburn] Love- liest village of (he plain. where health and plenty chared the libctlflf swine.’ 1 Should read ■ wain. Min Black — " How would you lUfficriL that the itoiy be rbinjcd? " FrriL M. " ] lev r t lie villain killed instead a F nmidered 1 ' “Now, Art, if anyone kid , yen about your mustache, don ' t take a fence oilencei; take a ruAr.’ APPARENT He — " llow long den-i it take you to dren in the morning? 1 ' ’ She - " OK, about twenty minutci , ' 1 He (proudly) ' Ml only take me ten,’ r She Jdilto.l —“I wash.” 19 IZQ Hr whd 1 nu ]n. last L-n.ii eke hi time ib«ut it, and. thorouehLy enjoy (imt , " " Well , Haitui, what did that chap my when you kicked him out of the house? " asked the colonel. " Nothin’, colonel.” replied the old darkey; ' " he wn jess put out, dat " s 11. " A reel in a crowded car ii a conundrum that a gallant mftrt always give-i up -If the girl ii pretty. Knew thjirLr bu.it den 1 1 tell anybody. How we all envy Prof. Bahler, who wit sensible enough to lay in a good supply af twa- cent ilimpu before poita r went up. On itui-riiy day in Miss 1C 1 ■. Caesar Class., when Henry and l.oren were absent; ‘it ' s funny that the bluteit boys always have to stay home for a snowstorm. " M. A. La 5Ld. ' in Journals ini " Sidney, whose story do you think is best? " " Sid. i absent mindrdly " ' Why mine, of course. " C. G,- ,t l suppose lots of idiots butt In and ask Foal ftnestioni while you are working. " Mr, Mscomber — " You bet you ' re net Lite fleet. 1 ' In tiny fish |. reading ’ " Lady of the Laker 1 ' Mis Cujak " Walter what had just happened to Norman bitfore MVIlrc arrives with the Firey Cross? " Walter M — " " He had just been married hy a ehurc-h yard gale. " ONLY A WONDER 1 wander. Oh E wonder, What make Fa t High 0 sound i If it ' the student body, Or the faculty renowned. Mis Brauns, correcting a German translation for Geneva " How is your Henry? " After noticing Geneva ' s blushe . the asked. " Did that strike home? " Helen L- . looking at Mr. H. ' s picture in the Oshkosh " " Quiver. ' ' " Crr. but he ' s cute there J” Mr, April in Elementary Science! " Give an ill ultra Lion oF a lever . " 1 No answer from class. Mr. Appel I " “YeUf mothers use them in the house, especially in doing- Red Cross work. 1 ' Voice in the back of room — " A rocking chair. ' 1 H. L., beginning to reeLt in Am, Hist,, sitting down, Mr. Mao, “Stand Up; I Oan ' l hear yon sitting down. " ii. L. " I don ' t know enough to stand up " Mr. H- In Physics, in speaking of expansion tanks for hot water furnaces — 1 " Wher is the expansion tank in your system, William? " 1 21 Mm. Calkim- ' Now boy I Winn I Held my hand up like tbit. I want it held, bill please let g-0 wlwn 1 bring it d we again. " MEW SPORT INTRODUCED BY MISS FITZSIMMONS " Running through a hook. " Whflt would happen if. Mill Cujnk lei ui aland in the H.-ilL. Miss Brawn didn ' t ■ mile. The Bays ' Glee Club wo aid sing, Jitgy didn ' t talk to L. C. Frank and Myrtle stayed " peeved " ' a l«nf lime, Pep collected enough nerve to be sensible, F t-c pot to school on time. F ' .Lnir W. wn bashful. Babe forget her powder puff. H Mueller (oriel to put lard on his heir. The Sen oir girls didn ' t Hirt with the Junior boys . Gertrude KuTtaupt didn ' t want ti dunce, Bill Kelly didn ' t Flirt. John Mitt-khan didn ' t talk t-e G. K, We could keep Order a l a mail, meeting. h ' Krueger didn ' t Hive bis opinion, A. Winegerd didn ' t study. ON A PHYSICS TEST FAPF.R " A Lift pump is a convenient thing to carry around, " Rtubtli O- in Physics " A meridian Ip a straight li ne. hut it in curved.” Noticeable Trails El. Mueller G. Mann G ■ Dr nrke B. Kelly L, Crnnot-Gn El. O ' Neil . J. Mina ha n E. Parish ... The Aeroplane Mr. Ream ] . Kuhaupt . . Mias Brown This Annual F, Krueger Mr. Hfugh Libbie Abram r E, And ruske-v j c z D, Heagle L. Griffin His Neckwear. .Her walk. His Blush, Ell | Hot air. His f us sin Ki- ll i n grin. His rapid gun-firo speech. His laugh. It jokes. Pkkin up his paper. Her smile. Her themes. You ' re Mkinl it now. His Strok . Hi voice. Her questions. Her name. Ability to learn, Hrr poSh-li. A popular introduction used by East High Orators: " Ladies and Gentlemen, and member of the Faculty. " Li! 2 (iWeplane CLASS IN SHORT-STORY A3 Li Black — " Hew do they always picture an Irishman? " L. G riffin — " ‘With a. red noie. ,h JAN ARDAN MISSING SEARCH INSTITUTED East High Euminrr — Nov, 1, — Since early last tvt nin , nothing- has been leen or heard of Mr. Jjm Ardtrt, n prominent elliierL of this community Grave (ran ara entertained by Itj friend ns to hi fate, for w»Kr« last seen, he wm pprWhvll by m d ri£erOur-to kim g va Ilian, armed with a. ||r- rhoo t er„ It La not known that the mining nun had enemies intent upon doing him bodily injury), but Aldan ' s propensity to practical jokes may have brought him the ill-will of MHI property owner devoid of humor. Me- Ardan la a gentleman of q,uiet habits, fami- liarly known or " Slim, " ' A search ha been ini Hinted, and it i hoped that in i C ■ next issue the " Evsmlntr 1 ' may have good news for the anxious fritndi. JAN ARDAN IS SAFE: CASE CLOUDED IN MYSTERY Nov. 3 .— Mr. Jan Ardan i saf . hut the ease U clouded in my tory, The representative of the " E-s-n miner ' " i baffled In hi invent l t ion. Ard rt fefurei to talk for publication. All he will ray is " CCS. 11 The reporter was referred to Metier , Lume. CorsheL, F.epLinski, Del! and O ' Hero! a possible sources of information. They) however, would i y nothing but " 665. " It i known that Mr. Ardan and his friend are engaged in some mysterious conit ruc- tion work on Jstlusn Slr-eot. !t hfr 1 0 boon ascertained that Mr. Ardan has Found it necessary to borrow Certain u mr of money. The press is of the opinion that a black-hand gang has been at work, with 665 a ransom or hush-money, and that there wilt be sensational developments sooji. Llvw Ih+r a man with soul o-de d Who never to himself has raid. When he stubbed his toe against the bed, " Oh. dear TRUE, VERY TRUE Hall-— " Did yOu see the Inst football same? 1 ' " " Bus " ' — ‘ " No j I took a girl la il. " I g — " Have you seen May T“ Nytr -“M y wh ? " It “Msyoitniisr. " Nuta — “N dh she was dressing and wouldn’t lettuce. “ HE’D GET A RAISE Officer " ' If bomb were to drop on the puwdor miftllfl , what -would you do? " Sentry " Go up with (ho report, “ " I tike a reserved, girl, don ' t you? " " Yes, if she ' s reserved for me. " First Fresh “My father is a rtitrsn and hickory log, " Second ditto -‘‘“S nothing. My sister has a Cedar chest. " 12 $ A SEW ONE? Reuben Greiling, the genius Df the ten lor class, CelfBrdLeii of the Fa«( that he wear pink shirt and stiff cal Lars learned of a n-GW instrument when he asked Henry Atkinson far his kind advice, a it ■ nfl kn t ed by Ihe J " a 1 1 o-wi n.K conversation; Reuben “Hank. with what did you measure the expansion of brass 7“ Hank Snickering “With a Cyclometer. " And Reuben believed it. A few minute later Reuben returns fee more sdvite, Reuben “ ' Hank, does bras Gt Juld or Contract when heated? 1 ' Hank - ' ' CMUCACUr Moral When in need of help, go to- one who know . Mr. Ptarmigan in Cicero —“When did w« I hut hear of Pompey?’ Samuels " In the l t day of Pompeii. 11 ' LAURETTA ' S NKW YEAR RESOLUTION " New Year ' Eve When the Clock Struck Twelve E biased Jiggy And Jigay kissed me And: I promised E ' d never Ris another fellow. 1 I Its oil off navid.) Teacher — “I ' he people from Cornwall are called Cornishivien, and the people from Wale re c Ailed Welshmen. Row does anyone knew whet th people are called who live on the island of Man?” Bright Pupil — “Mm.” OVERHEARD AT A CLASS MEETING John Minahan, speaking about party dress; — " Well, that wllL be up to the individual girl — if she care to wear a party dress she can; otherwise, she don ' t have to wear any! 1 ' la-i WKE.i. known expressions Mia Bjflwii " No ihEiikitij aloud, " Mian Schilling " Do you get it? ' ’ Mil Blatk- " I| that necesaary? " Slid Burn ride " Thi tUiiti up the it Mo- tion.” Slid iifltJ " I want all talking in ihii room itajijurl immediately, " M| l Leicht — " Keep your pencil ihArpeil cd.” Mi Schuette " I ' m talking to you.” Mi Cujnk — " The Eld I have rang.” Mid ISp im — " Did you get me? " Mr, MacomE r “Kid , coawe to order! Clan called! ' Mr, Haig h " I Ultra you didn ' t put much time on the I men to-djiy, " Mil V n Shlc — " ISo whimpering, 1,1 Mine Fit Iffi mon — ’ 11 E heard bell ring, did you? " , ' Hl ' the nii. ' .n Ti TWtti Miss L, ' S I NSTflUCTIONS TO STtNOC’5, Don ' t have contlrtUau performance of the jaw . If you Line gum for indention, chew it privately. Heard in Ancient " Ml B. — " Ben. whit is an omen?” Ben - " ' The word at the end of a prayer, " Heard in Commercial Geo. — Ml B.- ' Glady . of what uie wia th cot lon-g in 7 " ' G. D.— " Why, It taken the jin out of the cotton, " Mini E3 . — " Thom , what in a tllblidy? " T. M„ " A little place juit outride a large city. " ' Jazz — " What ' Madly n going owoy for?” Pep " Jurt to break my heart, E gueai, ” Ja r: " It ' s a good thing the ip, or a he would break aomething e5 e -your pocket honk. " leaeticc Name the fathor. mother and ofT prins of the ahetp, " Boy " Ham the daddy, dam the numm nnd lam the kid, " I ' eacher to Little Boy " Why ore you aero telling your head?’ 1 Little Boy " l am the only fellow who know where the itch Ip, " I2S J i . ' .M MUSICAL SELECTIONS Thtj - Go Wild Simply Wild 0 -gf Me .... Reuben Clr-f ! Lin g: You ' ll Alwiyi 13-r Jhv 5 me Sweet Baby Ethfcs Rmet Jhjd.lt a V-cige T Call Me Dearie Art J and rain Somewhere in France id My Sweetheart Helen Le Clair l h an A Twelve O ' clock Fellow In a Nine O ' tleck Town Emmon Mueller Some Sunday Morning ... Myrtle And E- ' rJirik Y ou ' re In Lev? Letter Crknitort All the WerW Wilt be Jealoui of Me Henry Con You ' re a Dangerou Ctrl Tony Holmes Not Becauie Your Hair Ed Curly, Hoi R-e-cau e Your Lyei Are Blue Loralne ESurdon I ' d Oo It All Over Again March TliPIP who did, Dec, 2 On A (la il Old-Fa rhioned Sleigh- Elide Geneva Mnnn Ohl How She Could YackL, Hacki. Wicki. Wrick I, Woo Lola Travii 0.1 rk Town Strut ten ' 1 Ball Ed. PeplinakL I ' m All RiffhtjthE World ' Cf y Peg Dorachrl A Nice Girl Could Do Wonderi For Me Clifford Laude Throwing The Bull Edw. Parish FrivolOhtr Moment Junior Knitting Club Chatt erboii Dorothy Heagle My Little Feidian Rfiie- .. Lillian Schunk Long Boy Henry Atklnaon I Know I Cot More Than My Share Florence- William r Comedy Tom Tom Mulligan You Csn ' t Get Away Gwen Van Dycke Keep Your Eye (In The Chile You " Love Ji-ggy GILI Bed Pepper .. , Si Linden What Dp Y u Want to Make Thoxe Eyed at Mr Fo ? Dot Beck After Vfjpcri . Lawrence Thurman Slippery Hank Atkinnon What Will I Say? . Carol Sehunfc Father Wa» Right Mable Ream Dari in Josephine Browning Give Mo the Moonlight,. Give Me tht Girt . . . James Colignon Mighty Lak 1, A Kelt George Crueke HtHnany Blued . Mr . Calkin Notoriety El ie WiUpn Ohl Johnnie. Ohl Johnnie, How You Can Love Gertrude KuhmJpl My Skating Girl M Lb Fitzsimmons Hello. I ' ve Been Looking For You . The Girl to Mr. Macomber Mild Black Mir Schilling Good Scout March Mil Schuette M i k Kop-pl in M isi Br own Tilt Princes of My Heart Mild Sc her! Mli Ukht He ' A Devil In Hi Own Home Town Mp r Hiith Meet Mr. Ja , Himself . . . . Sid. CrrSling Wan t Ypu Say A Prayer far Lh Bey OuS There Boy ' Glee Club Wh r Do We Go From Htrt?. Senior Cheer,. Cheer. The Garig ' i All Here . Lincoln Club ize Teacher — 1 ’ ' Decline Lover. Sh " I wnnot and would n«| either decline that or marriage. 1 ' MONEY Make nil Ihr money you can, but don ' t " can " ' alL you make, 5 V( all ypM “can. -1 and (M alL you “can. " ' Never buy what you do not. want; it i not c hefrp. Mo»t Popular C-uteit Beat Matured Tallfit Th-inneit B-e+t Kidder Moat Heckle r-H Moat Conceited W illicit Beit Dancer Beit Lady-Killer Beit Man- Killer M yet tc K uh au pt Mr. Keem L, IBur-don W Madden Gwendolyn Van Dyekr Edw- PepUnikL M. Miller Ray Rehr Edwin I ' lriih Irma Diets HeEen Le Clair Mr, M acam her Ruth H-kli-ted Jazz. ColigriDn Dorot hy Frnik Florence Arl Inn ton R. Miller Ray Lambenu Reuben Llbble Mill Schilling " What ii a rect until? " A. B. “Any figure that ii longer than it ii wide. Mr, Ream? ' 1 Mill. Black — “Thor , what 1 another name for ILion? " After lome hnitition “Germany " answered Thora. Heard from a Freihman “Say. Earl, where Li South America? Ii it In Ihe Unite-d State ? 1 ' IN PRIMER SPELLING i Min B, — ’’The word WOMAN cauiea trouble, daei it nut ? 11 Clifford L, “l never thought P, M i Another George Wattling ton k.) 127 Lost ! One- boy -wi t Jn blonde hair mrd blur eye . Artn-WOf to the rtm-rtr of Kehfl-eth. Return to Lnuretlfl Griffin. Mi B. ;T lkLr.j of AlBacr-Lorraine " Welt. you know wkrfr Lorraine if, don ' t you? " E, W, Yaa’m — manly ” WHO BAYS WEBSTER CAN ' T BE BE ATT Teacher " W hi t d o ej e-no! if t ic-n I mean? " James F. 11 ' Stuck up. " HOW THE FRESH tE’S MIND RECEIVES LATIN A Patm LnapLrod liy Iimi mucli l.iitin in MUi Koppliti ' Latin 1. Clai i.: B-oy ' abu kiHnbOif weetu, lirlptilm; Girlabu likeobus niku.ni formorum, I’appibut TiEn.rn.bu bi;;a smeckoruni, ICichabus bioyahu outa 1 1 m: k rl or u an , HayiiJibu LI way he mil nil Swenrebu b i mn bun eirii no morum. — -Exchange. Wanted For Our Day So pitatir to wnf rrty sweater Dewey lirawn. MYSTERY Who own Myrtle ' s green ivaatcr? For Site- My MmUthr Art Jpiiririiin. IN PHYSIOLOGY— II i(HL VY. B. - " That ain’t ri E ht. " C. F- " Ain ' t? Where did you Went to trhtrtl? " HEAKD IN THE MAIN ROOM AT 3:45 Mini. Braun — ' ' Take you fret out of the jij.tr. How do you aupposE Mr. Ream could pnm if bio cnanr in hrer now?” C- Undt " ‘Aw my feet aren ' t that big, " Mis Sl — " Why Lan ' t tbi line included in tke triangle? " Van Dcuren — " Stciuit it i off it base. " Fr t ihniAii tp .Srlli4r “Bid you take hollow geometry before you took solid? " A mo n is like an egg — you never know if hr Lb good or bad until he ' d broke. F. W. on Iky w y Home " Get, I hate to go home. Everybody ' gone. 5 r po±e | can tit on the front porch and watch tke aide-walk. " Helen L. C. " Why not Bit on the back porch and watch the wathinx come down in sheets. r ' Q. - ' " What do mOths eat? " A, - " Hole . " He - " What h ]j J e Id .? " She " Pon ' l know -What shape if it? " Ho - ' ' Give me one, and wt will call Lt if|UAm. ' ' lsa a t l- ,yrv Am|jJa«t Mri. K - " You itiyed it the door too long to- nig hi., " Ml — " ' ' I only itayed For a i«cond. " Mra. K- — ' " B«t 1 d lit tartly heifd the 3rd and 4lh, " H- Ltluternt, while wailing at A’uerrvtiLle.r ' a itiidio " fleet If | don ' t yet called it pretty loan to get my picture Liken, I ' ll hive tn xhlYe giiin. " If you win! in inveit merit that will pay you 3D’ . , buy lilt car ticket far i quieter. The Hilt ban kin it trine action wit when Phiroih received i check on the bank oF the Red Sea. Jf you rave money you ire grouch [ If you p n«l it you B rr n loaFen If you get it you are a -grafter : If you don ' t get it you ire a hum. Morning “ I don ' t -get up early because I want thr world nircdl out before I get up.. 1 " INFORMATION - DESIRED Whore F-. Wilisn got her walk? Where J. y-Gt 75 ■flenti to buy G. C. thoie flower ? Where Walter Midden got hi tint pair of riiisbrn? When C, L.V will ■have? How A. Jandrain got rid of ifi.25 right after Hallowe ' en night? Flow long before L- Crintttn will Own the Standard Oil tip.? Con you picture them in 1920 Art. JindriLn as a human ikeleton in a cireui, Ei. Will on I eading n niffrage pandp. H. Atkinion running a Monroe 1 ?mp- John Klnthin bachelor. A kItTp heirt ii like an omnibu . there - ilwayi room for one more. DUAL PERSONALITIES Happy Hooligan Newly wtdi Bobby Mike Bclic-i-e Mttnt ' i Angel Child Old Doc Yak . Londo Letter and Babe .Franklin K. Grace Connor ”Dc« " G, KaLzenjammer Kid Lady Bountiful Jimmy Man (tie And Jiggi Htt rh hnwi the Detective Shorty and Earl . Dorothy Heagle Janie Colignon Geneva and Honk R. E. Vm Kirk " ■Fat” Connor i Art.. Jandriin ' f IU((U»r to the title of Elat High 1 heavyweight. 139 130 A Little bt y carrying iftmt iffi home from. the hcp, dropped them, " DW you blc-ik any? " Baked hi mother when he told her -of it. “No.’ 1 said the little fellow, “but the shell conic -off ionic of ' em. " A rotly " My mother nent me A bathrobe for X nwj, arid I just took my first hath in it. " He — " Wise men hen] Late; fool are certain. " .She — " Are you jure? " Hr ' ■lam certain - ' 1 Cohen and hi son Bennie always; Lt up-ilolri in the live cent seat At the movie . On the main lEaor ten cent i charged. One fVrJi i n c; a they ascended the 1.1 irx to the balcony, nwkwjicd Elen me nt nodded, lout In balance, and fell over to the fir t floor. Hi follicr iwhell t the railing, indicant, “See wai you done, Bonnie, you fool! " he tried. “New It will c-ont you anodcr nickel! " Two Irishmen were wot chi ns a movie dealing with ' ‘Vote for Women. " " Oi «ay, Pat, do yei think tliot women should jet tSir vote? " .ahIh-iI oPc- " Feilh, " W4i the answer, " cl wl h they would, sure thin they ' d know how hftfd it ll I h-npc ifller On election day, " THE “EST " FAMILY Babicjil . G. fJruekt Wittieit Cutest ,,,,,,, E. WLI on Cciyletl , t , , , , E, Mueller Lo ud e t . A, Nejedlo Quietest F. Hahr Politest ■ ■ r r r r i K, Smith Shprteit Ta3lr i H. LofiiEp Fattest . A, Jnndrain Lov Leit . Friend “Seme pup you have there. Where do you keep him? " Sophomore Bill — " In my room, of toune. 1 ' Friend - ' ’But it ain ' t healthy to keep a cloy in your morn. " Sophomore EJLEI " Well, he " a strong dog and rem to Aland it very well.” In qu+Ationlng Bnutiu, thy recruiting off I err learned that he hod been chouffrr nd mechanic for Mr, J 0 h ei. the Owner of several can . " ' Well, fiaBtu . ' 1 he said, “E think we ' ll put you down for the Aviation Carpi, and try you there. 1 ' 1 " Oh, no ilk! 9 don ' t want to join no Aviation Corps, nohow! " “Why, Raaturf Why net? Just think of flying Around in the air like a bird -ju t think how grand il il, " “WeLI, ye — It lure i ■ grand. But jcA 1 think ob vetting up fifteen hundred frrtl " " Well, what about it? Fifteen hundred feet isn ' t o high. " 4 ‘ " No, " aid Ka Lu ; " but jc ' think ob that enyine stopping when you ' re up fifteen hundred feet, and the driver asking me to get ollI and crank it,” " " Well, then, I ' ll put you Sn the Ambulance Corp , " 131 Help the Man Who Advertises — He Helps Us jut, % mmuiqcmntt ;mb members nf tin ' East Siah iiTisli hi thunk tbe business nmi ctf this city fur the support they l|nbe lybrtt ins. Ulitiiout ilji ' it rn- tip mitten mu- ifl.18 iWopliiitr wutb not hatu ' bmt sit q i rtiit :i success. :: “ :: Tbit took you have enjoyed, And ii so, we at slid ; ISuf hwk a. li”” I l ' I ii rl1:er yiease., And see wJmt now we " Aid.” l htr£ WJS j Mfrdnj.nl in our town, And lie w,u « 1 «f tba.li wiir; Mf b.id j dandy hant jciiiuiil. Just because he ' d ' ' idvertbe. " The «Adj H which be did UJE Bf ought buibieta iiiwe .m C more, And T-iviiiK e-uf-HWUlftt Were added ty Lh c 5 core. When f el tow mere h an Is questioned him. Why their tin 3 tit SS teemed Ld shrink, ’Tis ihii-- and nothing else, be said Tjs our t.iek of printer ' s List. DR. JOSEPH BELLI N IMi v.-ncsau mid Surtfemi for tb EYE, GAR, NOSE and THROAT M ■ ' ! n h n n Build in-g Phone $5 Glasses, Fitle-tt Green Bay, WIs. f o r 9 3 5 i r v I " i ? r t j DR. F, L. CRIKELAI1? Phy Bieiin and Surgeon ZC4 Sheridan Bldg. Phdhe 177 Residence I 1 ZB SD. JotLxan Phone 177, ring 2 M. Z. VERM El REN, M. O. Green Bay, WIs. Oil: I- 1— Du Chateau Bldg. Phone 5 -1 liOA 615 Chicago St. Phone 66 -£ Oltk-e Eloiirr— 941 and 2-4 Reg, No, 1 16 OR, Fa W, OLDS Osteopath IJuum: H lo 12 A. M. S in S P, M. 367 Mina ha n Btdg. DRS. FAIRFIELD, BARTRAN COM PAM V CLINIC BUILDING — GREEN BAT, WIS. Dfl. w- E. FAIRFIELD DR, J, J. flOSO Surgery tAf Si Eye, Ear, Nose and Threat DR. W. E . LGAFER JS. . Oh st Si If?,, Diseases of Women, DR. W, H, BART RAN Heart and Lungs isfijl- Disease of the S+omncIi and Intdillrt DR, R, L. COWLES iLs-l Disease® oT Children y-ffi- £. WH IT£ Shin, KldhCy and Bladder " A-Ray dm3 Chemical Lafraralories CLINIC PHARMACY - PURE DRUGS DR. F. R, HOUSTON DENTIST IltStlTHi S;3ft to 11:46 A. M, 1:16 lo 6:00 l J . TiJ, 607 Min:ih.nn t-: !.;l m DR. G ftALO J. MCnRTfeLL D E N TI ST Cl Sr Me L 1 ' CL jYlEn hai] J ' ltuno 142 Bldg. Grcpn 6fly r Wds., Dr. W. B. COFFEEN SpKljlIIlt Ehectro Tn erap if tics, Chronic Oit«ic) GAUGERS IiHIOHTfl DISEASE RHEUMATISM DIABETES NERVOUS DISEASES ECZEMA PARALYSIS GOITERS BLOOD POISON TUDEROUIA5SIS so per ™ iL " I all cages Tmborcu- toiH in :ilL |i;s topjain can be eunsfl tij ' Dig " CrcoHQteJ Sr,™ TreaUKHMU " jin piyen by Uni [nhalfltortimt. auk- merited by e h - " Ray TmLinionr of a L ' lHiO fjiqillc Power ThNipeutic Lamp. 0«i- sreateHi Oormlcldo known, OfUet houre— 9 to II ti. jn„ 2 to- 4 ji. la. EvonEnau by nftnlntmanL OflbiRf Tctapbcmw Rwlticnefl Telepkono !r:r Office 2d Fle-sr. Mi-nrvhnn Bldg. Green Bay. WIb. Plume 11 £ PR. J, J. SILLING DEN TI-ST Stdtu (5lH, Min a hun Rldg, I loan: S Ef 12, ItiiCJ R 5 EMalttSi by Appolnttinijji GFeen Bay. - | Br OB. L. F, O ' CONNOR dr, j. a. o ' hora DENTIST Denttat a o SOS Minolta it nidg, Phnne 176 Hatira: 6 uj 12 a. t, 1 to a am] 1 to S P. M. Green Sfly, WIb, Tel. 1668 Gray Young College Men’s Clothes Correct io the Most ' Pleasing Degree and Distinctive in Every Detail - - - MANY NEW EXCLUSIVE “CONTINENTAL” MODELS FOR SUMMER Y OUR new Summer Suit to be abso lutely corrrect in style and fabric should come from Continental They have a distinclion in every line. The mo- dels not only represent artistic merit but enjoy a degree of exclusive quality which a young man cannot expect lo find in clothes, except fit Continental Buy wisely acid well from a genuinly reliable establishment which extends ex- cellent clothes and pleasant interested service !0 the Young Fellow. Practice economy by selecting from one of these reasonable prices $1.1.00 - $20.00 - $25.00 - S20.00 - $25.00 SMART CAPS Correct to the most pleasing degree and distinction in every detail. Speedwell and [Finland are the smart idea in caps tor the young fellow this summer. Sold exclusively here » $1 50 ami 2 SWELL SHIRTS - We present lor your approval some exclusive desigus and tasteful novelties in Shirts of class. 1 he ext rerne new 1 nove I l ies of cou rse aire silks, ours have silk callurs to match. Novelty Shins at $1.50 to S7.00 Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. P ROTECT YOUR INCOME EARLE MURRAY, District Manager MIN A HAN BUILDING F. C. GRIMMER DRUGS SCHOOL SUPPLIES ICECREAM SODA I23fi MAIN STREET F. L BUCKLEY ' Oaricly Store CIGARS, TOBACCO, PIPES, NOTIONS Repairing of All Kinds Main St. Green Bay, Wk. Green Bay Motor Car Company BUICK AND MAXWELL PASSENGER CARS — and — ONEIDA TRUCKS W, H. ST. JOHN " . Proprietor ;I1C-318 N. JRFFERSON ST. SAGER -BRUNNER JULEY SHOE CO. SHOES FOR YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN m :: 314 NORTH WASHINGTON STREET Thos. E. Hewlett NOTARY " PUBLIC JUSTICE OF THE l E ACE 314 Mltlnhlti ESLiIst. Green Ray Geo Stenger Son CHOKE MEATS 321 N. WASH [XGTQN ST. Do You Want q Position? The QUICKEST, CHEAPEST and SUREST way to obtain one is to attend Green Bay Business College MORE FOB I T JONS T II AX G R A D [ ' AT ICS [ SCHOOL OPEN ALL SUMMER :: - TELEPHONE 1194 E, P. QUINTAL, Proprietor 319 PINE STREET MEYER’S DRUG STORE 5-1 0 SOOTH MONROE AVENUE TOILET ARTICLES, CIGARS, CANDIES and STATIONERY BULK AND BRICK ICE CREAM State Senator 2nd District i TIMOTHY BURKE AnornCy at Law TELEPHONE 124 DuBois -Haevers Co. OARAGE Chevrolet -• E)orl Automobile □ TELEPHONE 2751 Suit 206 M iti:il::Ln Rltlj;, Green nay 428 - 42 $ Pin St, Green Bay, Wo, HiONK r-l l J. H. GOLDEN -ALMA SAfrl ' KLSON Ol H .ACC 1 T FQ : Servict ar.-J Cteanllnca Royal Barber Shop Frank WlltU, FroiKrietor CHILD HEN ' S H.Mtl CUTTING A SPECIALTY RAZORS HONED 105 S. Washington St. G-raes Vi5. We don ' t know how many High School Students wear OVERALLS, but those that do must not forget to ask for the Harvester Brand MADE re’s THE GREEN BAY SPECIALTY CO. GREEN ' BAY, WJS, Henry Muller Co Fine Tailored Clothes Furnishers, H miens. Shines TELEPHONE 51 5£ CORNER. MAIN AND AiMAtS STS. GREEN It AY , WIS. “AETNAIZE” When You Cot an Aetna Policy, whether it be Life ol Accident and Health You Know you have the RIGHT Thltij 1 t [ L S Pi HOEFFEL District Manager 307 M IN A ] I AN BUILDING NORTHERN AWNING TENT CO, ] . A. CK.MIAU, [ ' Pup. Canvas (woods of all kinds, Auto Tops and Stal Coner-s TELEPHONE 202 5E-I Main Street Giwn Bay, Wi . KODAKS Supplies and Furnishings Are n SPECIALTY With Ua o QTTT I PP J U Kw v O 11 J-jI-ji-JlA O sp. ialwt5 M. A. ONSTAD COMPANY Grocers That Satisfy PHONE (STB- IS 79 WEST WALNUT BATTERIES REPAIRED. RECHARGED it STORED - VESTA STORAGE BATTERIES LIBERTY TIRE BATTERY COMPANY PHONE ISO IX h. SLAL ' CiliTUtl Prapclrtor 130 S. WuKliin tqin LIBERTY AUTO TIRES - - - VULCANIZING FLATLET BROTHERS COMPANY COAL, SEWER PIPE, HARD WALL PIASTER, CEMENT, LIME, BRICK, ETC. Both Phones EAST SIDE OFFICE: 216 Cherry St. 227-2 S5i S. Pearl Street C. A. STRAUBEL CO. Wholesale CHEESE Ow n and Operate Ammonia Cold Storage Plant firanchtai Amigo, WJa. .Munun. AVI . CLlmonvnie. Wis. Shuvrimo, WIs. Gllieit, WJ», Dflmaur ' h, Wla, Lena. Wla, J .il. ' ir ' j! i l:.i | rL 1 ;, Wtfi J. E. FORD Harrison Hannon real estate, loams and DRUGGIST INSURANCE Phone 12 Wt ' Deliver E CAMERA SUPPLIES Utlephanc 232 TOILET ARTICLES Lvicks Ice Cream Oflbr-; Sheridan RLdg. Grwn Buy, Wit, Main 3in,ij Webstar Grten Day, Wis. L. C SNAVELY HIGH SCHOOL BOOKS, SUPPLIES AND STATIONERY COLUMBIA GRAFGNOliAS AND RECORDS Students Fountain Pens 51.00 and $ l SO -lit) MAIN STREET NEAR THE KlU ELM For Brick Ice Cream Call ZADEN’S Corner Washington Walnut Streets CADY Si, STREHLOW j lforntys jll Law nt)7 BELLIN- BUCHAN AES BUILDING ' ‘SUN-KIST " " MORNING ‘BA WN " CANNED AND DRIED FRUITS CANNED VEGETABLES GREILING-INNES CO. H4-H6 South Washington WHOLESALE GROCERS mi, H i, j iiii ' ir iTrTi iV n iiii jii fftf ■ — • " PARAMOUNT " ‘UEAS “BEAUMONT " COFFEE FOR THE REST GRADE OF COAL Phone 1 6 or 496 P. McCORMICK, Estate J. B. GILL Up -To- Date Clothier and . Furnisher..,, 1211 MAJN STREET Green Bay Auto Repair Co. Independent Rbf.uk Shop L. H1ECK CWirr Pim? and ftfferiGn Street Phone 7Sli GiWtt Bay., Wts. KAAP TEA ROOM AND CANDY SHOP 212 N. WASHINGTON STREET Sol. P. Huntington LAWYER empire y lock GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN INSURANCE Xo« r is the Time to Protect Your Home by Insurance Automobile Insurance is very Important We give lull Coverage i " he Security Loan and I n surance Agen cy ' Phone ■ ' 100 121 X. Washington Emporium Dry Goods Co. Green Bay, Wisconsin -Hr. fr ffj {■’ f i ffft r tf Where Service, Price Quality Join Hands H e sfer ' x Definition of the word SERVICE: The act of nerving; Tr exert one ' s self continuously or statedly for Ltie fciendU of. TK) live up to the true meaning of the X word in serving the public, it behooves us to buy at the right price; to sell at the right price, and to serve you with the best quality for the price. VISIT om STORE AND WE WILL ENDEAVOR TO SERVE YOU WITH THE [JEST IN THE PC )1 J ,OW E NG D El 3 A RT I ENTS : Wiiin FI Obi " Silks DrirKti fi K!iLs Wstfih fabric KliLt T 3 n |i L rwH‘nr Hcnliir OJDVh s Neck went Sfcbna Flanr Sullfl ( ‘«|L| k I Waists Skins Petticoats Third Floor C’ClhsCibi Lingerie i IchllM l L | J r i - CIiIUIb Dres i ' » I ill: m ' :: Vi ■ -itr M Llllr.Br 1 228 E Wnltnn 7 hp ComCT f AtnC.h 5 S WWiingn BUSINESS MENS ' LUNCHES Shutl Order s f ' r Home ‘Pastry Our Specialty Tennis, llyan Teams, Proprietor? Bicycles and Repairs — GUS CONRADSEN 315 N. ADAMS STREET :: :: “ ;; TELEPHONE 517 Barber Shop Open at 4 a, ni; Close at S p. m. There is Principle in Accomodating People, Hair i ' titling 25c. Children, 20c except Saturday Massage 25c, 21S FINE STREET PHYL JANELLE, Proprietor BAUM’S DEPARTMENT STORE Saties You JftTortcjj On Every Purchase! DEALERS IN ™ §m EVERYTHING ® A. NEUMAN bailor IMPORTER OF FORELUX WOOLENS I 121 S. Wj hmiyrton Phone SOS OtVirt! PImhsi- J, | Ek$. Phone 3481 JOS. T. KUSKA Insurance I 209 MINA HAN BUILDING WEDGEWAY” Stands for HIGHEST QUALITY WORKMANSHIP in TOOLS CUTLERY MORLEY- MURPHY HARDWARE CO. [we auk ALWAYS PLEASED TO CONSIDER APPLICATIONS " ! I FOR EMPLOYMENT OF HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES :: ; - [ MEI R - SCHROEDER COMPANY Wholesale FLORISTS and CUT FLOWERS OF ALL KINDS PHONE 327 Designs for Funerals,, VVttddingii and Parties Made to Order “ Jnrnm Dn It” Royal Hat Shop and Shoe Shining JQtTtCS LJO it Parlor For Ladies and Gents SOli E, WALNUT STREET GRAND THEATER BUILDING Leicht Transfer and Storage Company 120-124 NORTH E3 ROADWAY GREKN BAY. WISCONSIN PHONE I 30 Quality Motor Cars Accessories and It res l’ELE RHONE 211 LUCIA BROS. MOTOR COMPANY C. F. KELLY Suits Made To Your Measure fTl Ip 226 E. WALNUT ST TELEPHONE 2640 Phone 3CKI11 C. J. BENDER. Mgf. Northern Industrial Agency GENERAL INSURANCE LOB BetUn B(tL ' li:ittufi Rlilg., Gr«n Ray G. BONG INSURANCE - LOANS AND NOTARY PUBLIC • r 300 SHERIDAN BUILDING GREEN BAY h WISCONSIN When Buying Chocolates Insist on GAZE I T S! ALWAYS FRESH and WHOLESOME GAZETT CANDY COMPANY Service — ' Phone 735 Badger Printing Co. JOE PRINT! TO BOOK BINDING, RULING and loose Leap devices 200-202 Wl Walnut St., I rnM , n Bay, Wib, ARCTIC ICE CREAM COMPANY Suit S. ADA MS TEL E P HO ME 11 ati Fancy Ice G{am Ql J A I . [TV C R E A M ER Y E UTTE H COTTAGE CHEESE, BUTTERMILK WHOLE MILK r ; : SKIM MILK M. E. DAVIS, S02 Mtnalian Building LAWYER Green Bay, Wistoitam HAASE’S Green Bay ' s Largest. Shoe Store SMART SHOES 11 he Graduation Gift TS lii-n fluHK-iii- vt nr pift fwP L III- f rjidllUlt 1 -. hriti in I, 1 ' ml wL:l| ii niciiittraljli: otv ioii adualinn in fur llirm inil Mwiieshlrap : i Inc;, hill t ' hcrLJL lor y ar |g rtWur, J. YANDER ZANDER l» MJR 1 M V. 19 H tNCTl .S aTWKLT G ' Printers of Chis Issue of Uhe Aeroplane s F STUEBE BINDING PRINTING COMPANY 0 KEEN li l V. WISCONSIN i ro iri.rn-: » ; .■ oi thiteus P li I X T K I? S 1 i O O K n i X D E R S S ' 1 ' A T I 0 X E R S COHEN’S DEPARTMENT STORE The Home of BARGAIN’S « VPIW COR. main aku jKrt ' KltsuN »ts. Green Bag Candy Kitchen J. E. SEROOGY Prop, SI TELEPHONE 2m 412 Main Street Green Bay Ylis. ‘ROOFING -- CANKS - SHEET METAL ' P|p FOX RIVER CORNICE WORKS 230-234 South Washington Sneer Go to BERT WALL’S BOOT SHOP FOR THE SOLUTION; OF THE SUMMER FOOTWEAR PROBLEM TT 4 4 ST Y LES and I K l V ES At ’ 1 Ctt l M 0 1 AT E EVERY TASTE AND KM K FT BOOK 211 EAST WALNUT STREET OPPOSITE ORPHEUM THEATER FOSHA AUTOMOBILE COMPANY AUTOMOBILE REPAIRS AND ACCESSORIES Telephone ISIS 228 N. Ji-fforson Street Rex L McCreery LAWYER 0 Eugene Frisque (■loanins. Preying anti Repairing Dry Ck ' LLiiinif Clath Covered Rut Luil-i Mink to Order ,, Bell Phone 37-1 H2 S. W ashinEtom St- RtstlHinm 402 MINA IE AN BLILDJNC THE G LOG E IN DEM N ] TY CO, THE FRUDENTJA I, I NS- CO. 0 F A Ifl E RICA New York, N. V. Newirie, N, J. (AttUnt nil if (Li f) WILLIAM WILSON DISTRICT MANAGER TELEPHONES: Rukiiwss ij5 ;; Residence 442$ 310 MIN AH AN BUILDING CREEK BAY, WISCONSIN W. J + BLANEY BARBER SHOP 203 S- Wanhinfflan Slrcct ■■ ” — Telephone 5-13 - PALACE OF SWEETS - - FEME H O M E M A D E C A N D I E S A M D 1C E CREA M Silver wood Fontaine ATTORNEYS AT LAW P Green Bay, Wjf, HOTEL FRE1MANN .1. 1 KR8IMANN, Prep, Strictly tTsCodcrri Opjicdte St. J h :iul Depot Grwn B y Minahan Building MURPHY- GROSS COMPANY i as north Washington street Clothiers Importers Haberdashers i : WE SPECIALIZE IN YOUNG MEN ' S CLOTHING : : D U BO IS , HA E V BRS CO. . cm E K ' [ 43 jc J Kp ™ « ■ | ' h(tlNh; 1BT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Huniww, Cutlery, Pa! no. Light and Heavy Haeti?™, BuggiM. Wagon and CiitwiK, AuUrniQldtiifl iLhd U rsiw P. M. NADON, garber 120 X. WASHINGTON STREET GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN Eat Purity Ice Cream— the better kind (You Will Notice the Difference) ORDER SOME TODAY made in any style to suit THE TASTE Green Bay Ice Cream Dairy Company All Our Products Are Pasteurised TELEP I ION E 2H7 -2m 1 56 - 1 58 NORTH £t RO a D WAY SiS SPRING MODELS In Suits For Young Men Undoubtedly the widest assortment you ' ll find in town. Styles that will prove notably Interesting to younjt fellows. The New f ireeris. Browns and Blues in a lavish variety of fabrics.. $15.00 TO $25.00 The Herrick Clothing Store SURPLICE COOK Lawyers £fl V- ES. SURPLICE Wm COdK Carl Man they Sons MONUMENTS HAJiTlIKV IIMLMIS A. HSICTI Ill ' s CIUK, E. MjOfniEY 4-J-wMT South ii.]tirij£ri i|i ScrueC Tdcpboac 561 GREEN RAY. i-t WISCONSIN GRAND UNION TEA CO. Tea, Coffee, Baling Powder and Light Groceries 119 South Washington St. Green Bay, Wis, Auermiller STUDIO E Sd I i n - Sine han an Bui Idi it) Portraits Made In the Home hv A anointment Donner’s Studio Singer 66 Oscillating: Hook Singer 1 15 Rotary Hook X h lger 127 Vibrating Seh utile- L -tV " Pvymznfs S I nger Sew in g II ach i n e Company £ 0 4 N, AdsmsSL W. L SaRonl, M. ij„ The Oriental Baths JAKE A ft EG! i Proprietor TELEPHONE ■SIE Sets nil FIeot Minahnn Suite) I ng, Green Biiy. WiB. GENTLEMEN 1 F. M.. 12 F. M . daily except TVsf- d.iys anfl ■Suntfays LADIES 9 A- M, to L p, H. Tuesdays. A. M. t a 10 P. M, H. A. BARKHAUSEN HARD , SOFT COAL BUILDING MATERIAL PIANOS AND PLAYER PIANOS! VTCTROLAS AND RECORDS What is Home and Family without n Plana ar Victrola? VANDENBERG MUSIC COMPANY ONE PRICE PIANO STORK IIS WASHINGTON STREET Minahan Minahan, Lawyers M;lJ. VICTOR 1. MINA HAM, IHlh F A, N. A. IkuL RU WARD M, DLQUAEPIH, :W h R. A. N A. Kltl ' JX II. M 1 N A 1 1 A N HUGH A. MINAHAN WILLARD J. LANKY 202 MINAHAN BUILDING GREEN HAY, WISCONSIN JEFFERSON BILLIARD HALL CIGARS, TOBACCO, awl CANDY 219 CHERRY STREET II, VAN SCHYNPLB, M. A, Onstad Company “Grocers that Satisfy” PHONE 578-579 :: :: :: :: W. WALNUT STREET -Zhc MEN AND YOUNG MEN ' S CLOTHING STORE “THE LATEST ALWAYS FIRST” Always a Good Show At The Co See It A nd Km 7 Recommend It MODERN Perfectly Pasteurized DAIRY CREAM ' Phone 853 MILK, ICE CREAM Yiiijr I’iUJinuiw Svlii ilud anil Grealh Appreciated KERSTEN DRUG STORE WE DELIVER Phone mi 2I(i Cherry Si reel We Serve “Shallot Brand " F(K ri Products Direct Ffom our Fiirni SCHWALBE’S RESTAURANT OpiKKiiw Mmnnan Bldsr- A COOD PLACE TO EAT ' Phone 1107 Graduating Gifts We have a full ant] Complete Lino of Pennants, Pillows, Fountain Pens f Etc , Suitable for Gifts. G. H. SAGERMAN’S ”ews depot FERDINAND J. COLIGNON Attonnejf anti Counselor at Law Eellm-RuriHiiiiLn IIIcIk, Bay, Wis. HOEFFEI S BOOT SHOP 2 U 4 IS U K T II W A S II I N G T O N S T l{ E E T WILLIAM P. ENGLES, Tailor SUITS - MADE - TO - ORDER 1 M M. ADAMS STREET GREEN RAY, WISCONSIN Gflk PbMw 630 Rddenffi Phone S30-M2 THE TRAVELERS INSURANCE CO. II A RT FORD, CON N ET 1 C 1 3T Life - Accident - Health 0. F. BRANDT, G7 n rirrj j 1 iSl ir nqcf Life Department 4(l?i. PoHta- ' Hurimnan Btdp. Gir$@n Bay, Wisconsin Peoples Cash Meat Market No. 2 W. C. 5CHILKE, Manner DiMms in FRESH, SAJTEI) and SMOKED MEATS 1100 Walnut Street TERMS Cash Telephone 399 Buy Your Coal Early I ! o not be satisfied until it is in your bin; then lock the bin and throwaway the key. Place Your Order Cow! F. Hurlbut Company telephone 23 ARE YOU HUNGR Y- LETS GO TTo fQUR ’S EVERY NOON OUR. WEBSTER AVENUE STORE IS THE MECC’A FOR THE GIRLS AND FELLOWS WHO EN- JOY ' RCR ' S ' HOMEMADE PIES, CAKES, ETC,, HOT FROM OUR OVENS. BUR GROCERY COMPANY " Should AULD Acquaintance Be Forgot ?? 9 member: We have taken care of all classes from 1911 to 1919 inclusive i : : ASK ANY OF THEM HOW THEY LIKED THEIR PINS RINGS AND INVITATIONS The D. L. Auld Company COLUMBUS, OHIO A Department Store For Service: DRY GOODS RUGS LINOLEUMS CLOTHING SHOES FURNISHINGS ltC Uhe 3e.sf Place Vo Shop Jfter JU " Why is it that there is More Sold in Green Bay, Than Any Other Brand of Coffee ? Simply “Quality ” — That’s All Joannes Brothers Company GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN ENGELS SHOE STORE HALF THE FUN OF HAVING FEET IS THAT YOU GAN WEAR ENGELS SHOES Rest Quality — — Belter Prices Inviting Price 218 N O R T H W A S H l N G T 0 X S T R E E T N, SKOGG SON, Qualify Plumber Service LET US FIGURE WITH YOU Telephone on your work Kmd ice Phone 2212 Wilson Walter Company 1IJ7-I13 ft. tt ' ahiui Hiji.ll Of,m lc HUnlioir . ' ;i ra- 1 PniuE Ttile(iluvttC Jlltlli Wholesale; I Jcpartnienr : FA I N VARNISHES AN 13 MURESCO Graduation Flowers — Chas De Clerc I FLORIST STOPti of QUALITY rn :V, WASHINGTON Chase ' s Fine Chocolate Creams (We Manufacture Them) LOOK FOR THE NAME ON THE BOTTOM “Service” This word is upon every ones lips, C] Its meaning is demonstrated in human and mechanical accomplish- ment of satisfactory requisitions. A GAS RANGE Necessity and should be selected with the utmost care and investigation! Our G aranltt Service Is Yciurs Wc cordially incite your inspection of our entire line of Estate Gas Ranges. Wisconsin Public Service Co. IV II. MARTIN JOHN r. MARTIN JOSEPH MARTI X MARTIN, MARTIN MARTIN l.AWYKHS rs K M,l N -E UC E IAN A SI YiV IUIN(i THE Warren Insurance Agency Phone " SC |j! I BrHI in -Bn din nan BUi . C-nrn 1 1 : t v Abdallah Jehamey Confectionery K. Broadway Grifii 1%, Wu, SNAVELY’S GARAGE AGENCY STUDE BAKER AND BRISCOE CARS Opm Day and Nigktt Taxi Line In C cm net Li on Telephone 110 If lisa White- Ilsjlhighi The While Sewing Machine is the most up-to-ckte machine (in lju- market . Hoth Cine n Ifoy Hit ' ll Sctuiyls use them exclusively. 121 Moin Sfreet Green Bay Kalian ami Reynolds LAWYERS H ■W 1-305 Ml MAHAN BUILDING a KEEN BA V. WISCONSIN It Pays To Trade At— Christman- Cross Co. TjEm? Store Vhot Satisfies ! Sincerity Clothes PHE Favorite Gullies for men who appreciate quali- ty. They keep their high-class looks as long as they last, yet they ' cost no more. (otmard JNj ville " The Home of IIhhkL E’LATTKN IH ' n.lHNG WKST tHIliKN H A V A. C. Me COMB, Lawyer Telephone 705 209 Minahan Building RAB ' S BARBER SHOP 206 E, Walnut Street it :: :: :: Green Bay, Wisconsin (DONATION) THE REX ALL STORE POPP RATHER Eastman Kodab and Supplies. Drugs, Candies. Prescription Exports, MOTOR INN — he Handiest Place in Town Dealers Em Passenger Cars, Trucks and Accessories Repairing and Storage 445 SOUTH JACKSON TELEPHONE 834 Orpheum Theatre for Superior Entertainment! Paramount — Pictures — L trkrafl EXCEL] ,l’ T V A U 1 E V ILLE Road Shows and Feature Photoplays Telephone 384 McDonald’s drug store appreciates your patronage Ml YAH AX BUILDING 1 F Y 0 U C A N 1 T C O M E T ELEFHONE GIFTS What can be more acceptable than ft Picture? A picture is never used up, never put aside, but always a pleasant memory. We carry a large assortment of mostly in] ported prints of [fie old masters ranging in price from 5 Qc to $50 . Vo u a re al w ays w elco m e to visit our shop in the Masonic D, M. Groulx Tem P ' e Music Si. Art Sheffer on Your Photographs means the same as Sterling on your silver — a® W. Walmil SHEFFER STUDIO F otophone 237 1 l Q Stairs la Climb ! F 15 Jahn $ Ollier t ENG RAVING COMPANY V j wtgt f ' T amf Ik mP f-f - . of Mofieff f ' ANNUALS 1 ' :,x : ' ' r iL.Y - “ ■ ' ' ' a£?nr of- ' Illurfrationff. Desicrit photafeviphs 01 foW-TOftes. Line HfT. Q:iiJ ' Zinc Etchings Ttnw » Four CWor 1 Psiocesre ' PLateS- yfctd Qfasi - ?+ P ;r £Sr y chiCag O % M L Gotfredwn II. J, BtilLrruici A. J. Kwiter AMERICAN HARDWARE CO. ■ SurHH ' .--.-x:,r to U . D. Cooke Hairilwarr Co.i Hardware and Implement Telephone 84 201-208 N. Washington GADY LAND COMPANY REAL T 0 It S ALLO IJ E r A Pronourccd Alio way A Saft. Light, Pure, Sparkling Alkaline W-Pter. pf Delicious Flavour and Crystal Purity. INVALUABLE As, u jiitniulaml to tin ' lu ' HTl. At ft tonic to the digest I ve tract. As ft f lusher of thu liver enul hldneya,. IL l ' ii i .i I iL 3 m! IlLi- dally hRvurajgu n! C hi 1,-1 ■ t nuiliti ' d with V kccskIvc fti ' bt wh h ' lt Is (hi.: einiHc of must neve re ailment . " lll(Mt under the most suilury eoniUtionH. Every EiciiMe wterlLixcd- From ii;:iLitre [? you dial hlk 1li - il. ir, A A t Hi K M It it v I : It At ; Kh Mnde with ALLQUEZ Water.. Fruit Julies. Aromatic , Extracts. Cant Syr jp 0 landed by Expert!;. Grape Nectar, Orange Afle r Ratpberry Ginger Ale. Orange Julip. SftrBftpriMa Cherry, s?«m, Birch, Cream and Iron Deer:;. (Ail 0 li sia L:sly Gnnd;. A LLOUKK vfttcT and gwoot drink arc enough better to JiiHtafy. f n Inn Lhtl they be served you. ] u [life — order un iinsnrted (-jissv Quarts and [linta. Alt (UAldTb, Alloucz Mineral Spring Co } CrccnRa Wisconsin J. M. HOEFFEL Mgr.

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