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is I Q . Z K. 'W-. W xx My fi as as ZW 5 " 'S :avg X , 8'-,..4f'.g.. an mg? gf' fi? 1' 'FF W ,of ADMINISTRATION CLASSROOIVIS STUDENTS Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors FEATURES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ADVERTISEMENTS . 4 Y? , x My Q ggi? 'A' N A shi, ... .. kgs: M.rf.b Vg. h+Q li N Q f 3 KK 2 iw Wg ' 1' ij. I Qi i" . vi K 15,0 wi- . 3 "1 f ' ,is X . 'ivy-' - - - T sf.-1 X L A , c, XX, -. , 7? fs- .sc ANY AN' In presenting the fourth edition of The Beacon to the students, alumni patrons, and friends ot East H' h S h l h ig c oo, we, T e National Honor Society, are attempting to show that The Spirit of East High is novv a reality - that our school is novv a mature institution, having earned tor itself on enviable place in the hearts ot those it has served. We sincerely hope that in your hearts "The Spirit ot East High" will continue to dwell for all the years to come, 3 D . . Wcilckuameczfamw To us, the Beacon Staff of 1955, falls the very special honor of dedicating our book to our distinguished and beloved principal, William Ernest Evans, who by reason of chronological age will retire in June after forty-two years of matchless service in two great schools of Knoxville. Along with thousands of others, we deplore his leaving while still at the very pinnacle of his usefulness. Yet we reioice that he can retire with so much youth and vigor 'in mind and body and with a dignity befitting the best of men. Now that he can relax from the heavy responsibilities he has borne so long, we sincerely wish for him the richest rewards of leisure and many more years of health and happiness. ' ' Saud William Ernest Evans was born April 4, 1885 in Ashland, Ohio. The son of a Methodist minister, his youth was punctuated by numerous bishopric orders for his father to move to new pastorates. They lived in Findlay, Basil, Baltimore, Canton, Lorian, and Cleveland - all towns in Ohio. ln 1904 Ernest, as he is called by friends, was graduated from Canton High School, Canton, Ohio, famous as the hometown of former President William McKinley. Four years later he received his A.B. degree from Oberlin College, later to do graduate work at Ohio State, the University of Chicago, and finally at the University of Tennessee, from which he holds an M.S. degree. His profound love for athletics is no doubt partly due to his very active participation in sports throughout his elementary, high school, and college careers, having engaged in swimming, fishing, ice skating, baseball, basketball, track, and football, making the "Varsity" team in basketball and track in both high school and college. After graduating from Oberlin, he entered immediately upon his career as a teacher, taking his first school position in the Todd Academy for Boys, Woodstock, Illinois, where he taught for five years. ln the meantime, he pursued and married Helen Stewart, an exhilarating personality and as lovely a wife as heart could desire. ln due time to them were born four sons, all men now and holding enviable positions in their respective fields. All four served in the Air Force during the Second World War - Stewart and Richard for 5 1X2 years and Tom and John for 3 1X2 years. The older boys have since returned to the service. Colonel Stewart is now in Japan and Colonel Richard is stationed in Newfoundland, soon to return to Omaha. He led the famous squadron from Tampa to England and made a record flight of 17,000 miles in thirty-five hours, proving to Russia our ability to deliver an atomic or hydrogen bomb anywhere in the world. Tom operates the Safety Parking Lots in Knoxville, and John, an electrical engineer, holds an important position with NBC-TV in Rockefeller Center, New York. In 1913 Mr. Evans ioined the faculty of Knoxville High as a chemistry and algebra teacher. Five years later he became principal, in which capacity he served until KHS gave way to the numerous community high schools in 1951. 4 rrf '- ss 'r it aff :www 70e'!Ze'am Smut wwe During the administration of Mr. Evans, Knoxville High grew in size and importance until it was recognized as one of the outstanding high schools in the nation. There were four additions to the building and a vast extension of the curriculum from a strictly academic college preparatory school to a broad, comprehensive high school with all modern offerings on an 8-curriculum basis. Likewise did the extra-curricular work expand from a debating club and basketball team to a multiplicity of activities absorbed into the school day. Among them were the Chorus, Orchestra, Glee Club, Masquers Club, National Thespians, National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, yearbook, iournalism, all types of subiect clubs, Future Teachers of America, physical education for both boys and girls in modern gyms, and four large ROTC companies, along with a IOO-piece military band. So victorious became Knoxville High in inter-school contests that it took a courageous school indeed not to view the prospect of a meet with the gravest apprehension. No doubt Mr. Evans was reluctant to leave KHS, in the development of which he played such an eminent part, but he took it in full stride and came to East with his characteristic eagerness to excel. Here he has had a better chance to assume more personal responsibilities. lt is quite evident that here he has come to feel closer to his patrons, his teachers, and his students. He smiles more and laughs much more. He has worked hard to make East High what it is today. We are all proud of its progress in every area. With all his responsibilities, Mr. Evans has found time to enioy the great out-doors and the richest phases of community life. By rail, by automobile, and by plane he has traveled extensively throughout the United States, always seizing every opportunity to look. over the best schools on the road. For many years he and his family have sought relaxation about their lodge in the Smokies, hiking, picknicking, fishing, and driving according to the inclination. A few years ago the family moved from Magnolia Avenue to their new and spacious home on Holston Drive, where numerous oak trees add magnificence to the well-kept grounds. ln keeping with his training from his childhood, Mr. Evans has always been loyal to his church and active in its work. Here in Knoxville he has divided his time between the First Methodist and the First Presbyterian churches. Professional organizations, civic clubs, and service clubs have all come in for their share of his time and attention. He has served on the Board of Directors for the YMCA, Boy Scouts, Executives Club, and Safety Council. He is a charter member of the Kiwanis Club in which he has received many honors. He has served it as a Director, Vice President, President, and District Governor. Through his contacts as a Kiwanian he has brought to school many of the country's most eminent speakers and entertainers. Mr. Evans has not talked much about his plans for the future. lt is quite certain he will not remain idle. His experience and abilities in education should be and no doubt will be put to good use for other educators. If any man knows what advice to give it is William Ernest Evans, dean of all Knoxville principals. 5 tes it . it S was is .sw Mgr ix sex W. E. Evans, Principal, happily extends the glad hand at welcome to Gale Gardner, Principal Elect. To serve as an Understudy to a retiring principal preparatory to assuming tull responsibility is same' thing good and Unusual in education, serving ta alleviate the shock at change in leadership. The welcome Mr, Gardner has received is a tribute not only to him but also to the "Spirit ot East High." 7 5 S Q l fi .5 if . s F53 r 1 1. it . 5 -42 'Z Q . 5 K ,,. get ' .555 ' 1 Stir. . . ESQ? K s S K ., . .gs -- liii Qale p- sw East High hails Gale Gardner as coming principal to succeed our beloved Mr. Evans. Already he has endeared himself to both students and faculty. His love for people is as evident as it is sincere. His affable nature and his lively sense of humor, along with an enviable personality, will make him a wonderful principal. A native of Rogersville, Mr. Gardner received his high-school training at Baileton High School in Greene County. He received his BA. degree from Carson- Newman College and his MA. degree from the Univer- sity of Tennessee. His professional experience includes a principalship in Jefferson City, two years teaching in Knoxville High School, two years as principal of Fairgarden, and twenty years as principal of Moses. "East High," says Mr. Gardner, "exceeds my fondest dreams. I am thrilled with the excellent faculty, the fine student body, and the wonderful building. I am over- whelmed with the honor of becoming principal." x CURTIS GENTRY Director of Secondary Education Mr. Curtis Gentry as Director of Secondary Education is seen tre- quently in our halls working quietly with the principal and teachers. A specialist in vocational guidance, he does a great deal tor students unknowingly to them. He is res- ponsible, also, for the In-Service' Training program for teachers, as well as the high-school curriculum for the city. WILSON NEW Superintendent of Schools For many years Mr. New has been a leading figure in Knoxville schools. From the way things move along we are sure his decisions are wise. No doubt he had much to do with the bond issue which will put our elementary and iunior high schools on a par with the high schools. is ii 'Ye SV' S i Mrs. Clarice Groh and C. A. Browning discover Esther Ellis at her desk, as usual, overwhelmed with a mountain of papers. Mr. Browning jokingly reminds her that her register must be in the office before she leaves school. The future Blue and Gray is no doubt covered up with other manu- scripts. Mrs. Groh makes the Bible come to life for many students and Mr. Browning lays the foundations for many future scientists. The Honor Society Committee relaxes after some important decisions. I. E. Gillenwater, social science and math teacher, has a variety of other duties, including sales of all tickets for school functions. Mrs, Jessie McSpadden, English teacher, is the schooI's authority on public speaking. W. M. Campbell, business teacher, divides his extra time among the Bankers, The National Honor Society, and the Annual Staff. Guerrant Tatem and Paul Brewer rejoice that the floor lamp works. Mr. Brewer, in addition to teaching various shop courses, is often called upon to do what others can't. Miss Tatem, home economics teacher, will repay him with some delicacy from a successful cooking experiment. No teachers could be more sympathetic to- ward students nor more helpful in teach- ing them how to live. ,ff Miss Ora Dowell, English teacher, Coach Char- les R. Moffett, math teacher, and Miss Jean Naberhuis, business teacher, look over a new kind of notebook for sale in the D. E. Store, over which Miss Naberhuis presides. We shall remember Miss Dowell for her thoroughness, Dr. Moffett for his pep talks, and Miss Naberhuis for her enthusiasm. Mrs. Evelyn C. Seale and Colleen Bennett look over the new Webster's unabridged dictionary iust added to the Library. Mrs. Seale, one of our new teachers, adds both youth and personal charm to the faculty. Miss Bennett cheerfully assists us to find just what we are looking for in books. She makes the Library serve its full purpose. Miss Emily McLaurin, language teacher, Miss Martha Thompson, business teacher, and Miss Gladys Million, math teacher - often seen together - pause at a front door for a friendly chat. Miss McLaurin directs the Spanish Club and the Latin Club, Miss Thompson, the Commercial Club, and Miss Million, the Future Teach- ers of America. Misses Million and Thomp- son like to putter around their many flowers. nl 'PW' Coach Buford Bible welcomes to East High Miss Mary K. Scarlorough, our nevvest addition to the faculty. Miss Scarbrough, formerly at Park Junior, teaches a variety of subiects. Mr. Bible, in addition to counseling the boys, teaching math and patrol- ling the halls, coaches round ball athletics, always being in the race for local and state championship titles. x .2 Here Coach Clayton Hancock points out a pressure point on "Old Torso," while Mrs. Jessie Kelly, health teacher, and Miss Ethel Capps, gym teacher, smilingly agree that he is right. Social science teachers, Misses Jessie Lou Neubert and Ruby Bird, talk some- thing over iust before group. Miss Neubert sponsors the senior class and takes a lively interest in civic affairs, while Miss Bird devotes untold hours to East High dramatics. Miss Edith Horton, Dean of Girls, Mrs. CatherineKelley,Sec- retary, and James Reasonover, Baseball Coach, confer in the Student Council room. From them we look for counsel, as- sistance, and recrea- tion. Mr. Reason- over's smile is in anti- cipation of becoming a father. 'Me Eau' acadtq Much of the East High "Spirit" is due to the faculty, every member of which is enthusiastic about the school. Whatever is best for East, the teachers support, and whatever is bad for East, they reiect. Bound by very few hard and fast rules, they feel free to meet every situation with reason and understanding hearts. At East the individual student feels himself as some- thing special to his teachers, who are always interested in his personal problems and in him as a particular personality. Our faculty seems to believe there is more to a school than iust subiect matter, although they lay great stress on that. Besides mere teaching of classes, each one of them seems to find something special to do to make the school a more valuable institution to the students. Under the guidance of such a faculty a student can live an abundant life and, at the same time, receive a comprehensive education. X M, Band director, Fred DeRobertis, arts and crafts teacher, Miss Virginia Parker, and choir director, Ed- ward Hamilton are shown with Mary Mc- Ever, one of "Pop's" talented vocalists. From them we learn to appreciate the higher forms of culture. A1111 hx 1 1 Hf4 -QW VQX X Q W! I f5.! Z dd 1 Z ,fy 4 M fl 1 Q MZ jd RSV' 1 4-tffi - -+---5,13 , QQ Some of Miss Neuberfs Americon l-lisfory sfudenfs shown in informol discussion. Seofedz Shirley Rowlond, Donno Pollord, Shirley Thomos, Jo Ann Ross, Sollie Correll, Delores Willioms, Bobbie Wilson. Stondingn Corolyn Blockburn, Gory Cooper, Coy Smith, Louise Collins, Johnny Horper. Sponish students like to gother oround Miss McLourin for some quick onswers. Seoled: Miss McLourin. Standing: Alfred Billips, Corolyn Blockburn, Borry Giffin, Allen York, Helen Keough, Fronk Flynn. 16 4 'ted' ate-fy Joe Hamilton, Phillip Weaver, John Lord, W. R, Covvden, Rhea Haun doing good work in Ivir, l2easonover's rnechanical drawing class. John is offering some friendly advice. Standing: Vilalter Moreland, Yvonne Smith, David Lynch, Lloyd Hunley. Seated: Gail Fay, Carolyn Dycus, Nancy Finney, Ann l-luling, Vera Crawley. A little argument going on between Walter and David behind the backs of some studious students in lvliss Neubert's senior history class. -1-gg... 5..- 'C' 'i M31 'Ye X' """", ,,,i y swrs ' I Larry Powers, Barry Bolt, David Lynch, Carolyn Lawson, Andy Bryson, Jimmy Shetterly, Carey McWilliams, and Boyd Cox, master the graph ot sin X. This is a hummer, Shirley Anderson takes time out while Louise Col- lins, Nancy Finney, Nancy DuVergy, and Judy Finley are good little girls in Miss l-lorton's senior English. lt's always serious business in Miss Million's algebra. Linda Kierst, Jerry Kiclqman, Don Martin, Thomas Pilant, Martha Walker, Jane Allan, Miss Million, Phil Bettis. W--' z Laurel Kellogg, Bob Loy, and Frank Graham hard ar work at their mechanical drawing boards, Mrs. Kelly'sl1ealTh students Siudy vifamlns and fruils. Rena Ferrell, Barbara King, Joan Skinner, Mrs. Kelly, Ann Valentine, Shirley Skinner, Ann Sanders, Doriha Warren, and Don- na McDonald. Delores Hauiher, Lillian Harris, Carolyn Perrin, Donna Bunch, and Betty Brewer-relaxing in English while Their Teacher, Miss Horton, is away at The Student Council Convention. 1 -.M AKR- "S-Q. Buddy Center, Dicky Cawood, and Rosa Key becoming artists Fred Sherrod, Gary Cooper, Sandy Watkins, Elizabeth Bell studying The Holy Land in Mrs. Groh's Bible class. Chr A group of Mrs. Seolels English students gother for some Zwigkl Mrs, Se-ole, Dicky Vlfinstood, lindo Nisenson supervised study. Pot Julign, Potty Rule, Jock Bornhort, Teddy Fortenberry Verlin Webb, Vyoyne Hunter, Reno Cdrocostis, Borboro Delores Williorns ond Shirley Thomos boning up in the librory. Three of Miss Dowell's front seot junior English stu- dents ogree on some technical point of o theme. Esker Ann Craig, Richord Kelly, lviortho Walker, L. WW Ross Greene, Jean Burkhart, Charles Lobetti, Tommy Lawson, Carol Asquith, Salley Bradley, and Maury Evelyn Mucke ready tor a debate in Mr. Gardner's civics class. Bobby Simerly, Penny Eason, Mark Hammer, Elizabeth Lane, Tommy Snider, Rena Ferrell, Sam Brabson, and Bert Elliot concentrating on sentence analysis in Mrs. McSpadden's English class. 22 4-K f ' fi 7 K ' HN 3 . Q 2 2 Miss Toroms homo cforwomrcs glrrs aro Ivarmmg wr1aT's riglri rm scrvmg and Q-wma a moal. Their faruw- rrasbcmcls had boiror loam Worr rrrarrrunsrs, Some homo economics QMS loam how ro make their ovym CIOTIUGS, They wil! soon appear rm a sryie show in the resulrs. 'ww xy' KX Barbara Nelson, Rosemary Myers, Laroiyrw Hum, Bc1Ty Homer, Ccrrleme Frcels, Mary Yrldc, and Qaroiyrr Arr- dorson. Jane Acufr, Haze! Bust, Jo Arm Ross, Dororao Gillon- vvater, Barbara Moore, Shirley Crabouglr, and Nararie Anderson. I 1 fa If h w Q 0... 1 I mm v.V I-015 Qt Speqimentg Qdd interegf in Miss MCDOUQQIVS Valentine, Sandra Swann, Carol Warren, Frances Brown biology CIQSS, Charles Payne, Arthur Mitchell, Jack Lindsey, Tom Snider Sally Sobolewski, Rena Ferrell, Betty Sue Jennings, Ann Und Phil l5elTiS- Bill Hart, Bill l-lamrick, Jack Williams, Rosita Gray, Nancy Entert are getting a good start in Mr. Gillenvvater's math class, -an-w-smvle-. N... EQ - l 1 i My jp Q uit, Miss Thompson's shorthand students get instruction in Mildred Hinshaw, Carolyn Hunt, Gail Horner, Miss operating "Old Thunder," the second-hand mime-ograph Thompson, Barbara Greenlee, Bobbie Wilson, Ann discarded by Oak Ridge. l-luling, and Phyllis Doane. Miss Naberhuis's driving class studies the complexities Laughlin, Betty Sue Jones, Ralph Bean, Geraldine under the hood. Ramsey, and Miss Naberhuis. -Q Lfljk .. ,M :Hull ffl! K-SIS Y' Juuflat I Melvyn Clapp, TOrn Minnis, Charlotte Kerley, John Q go.: ON , , 'N 7 -as v . 'M 'M A Q- lug ,B ,Y Sgrolw Hensley, Bert Elliott, Betty McGuttin, ond Sollie Correll studying Bible coopera- tively. Experiments going on in Mr. Browning's Chemistry class. wi ,aa Pnyliss Clem, Tom lvlinnis, Borbcxro Gregg, Arg Dil- lord, Diclcy Holt study Mexe icon customs in Miss McLourin's Spanish class. QA, A N I J 44. Mrs. McSpadden's Junior English cromming in The library .leon Burkhart, Judy Edwards, Glenn Greer, and Kenneth Bomar gather around Mrs. SeoIe's desk for a pre-Tardybell session. 27 L'A-MQW 7 ff D EJ 73' iv 3 any 1'1" v . 'V wx... ' f ..- .Q S cv 'Q' cf 'llllx .,.r 15' vw. ---, r 4 ,.... 0 x ill img Miss Capps Group: First Row: Miss Capps, Ethel Asbury, Betty Jean Jean Bright. Third Row: Luther Cash, Jewel Anderson, June Burk- Carper, Kenneth Bomar, Barbara Harris, Delores Atchley. Second hart, Richard Allan, Freida Brown. Row: Patsy Brewer, Eddie Beeler, Carol Asquith, Walker Brooks, First Row: Irene Caracostis, P.T.A, Representative, Norma Callahan, ing. Third Row: Rosemary Buke, Margaret Bayne, Jack BGff1l'1Gfl, Treasurer, Nancy Clark, Program Chairman, Troy Colling, Second Lee Bailey, Secretary. Fourth Row: Ernest Ault, P.T,A. Representative, Raw: LeVeta Craig, Bierly Chambers, Sallie Bradley, Thelma Brown- .limmy Busse. Not pictured: Gordon Brown President. in K-ws lI"x , Y? r , -1 5. 'X r l - Q 3 " 'A' 'wr Iwi' MR. HANCOCK: First Row: Sandra Franse, Secretary, Judy Edwards, Vice-President, Kyle Finley, P.T.A, Representative, Teddy Fortenberry, Blue 81 Gray Representative. Second Row: James Ellis, President, MR, HANCOCK: First Row: Frances Coomer, Jewell England, Elizabeth Collins, Marian Doolin, Rosita Gray, Betty Coleman. Second Row: Charlotte Gossett, Louise Doane, Janice Davenport, Ross Greene, qs Q? 'ev fm? ,ie Q LXR, .fs rx 1 R V Charles Cates, Treasurer, Kenneth Doane, Leslie Clevenger Third Row: Edward Hutchens, Perry Jones, Mac Foster, Bobby Dockery Fourth Row: James Cowden, David Cunningham. Edward Cooper, Nancy Emert. Third Row: Ann Coclcran Janet Goodlin, Bobby Farmer, Mike Finley, Mr, Hancock. Fourth Row Glenn Greene, Raymond Edmonds. Not pictured: Sylvia Cool: 'ZIP ,Q cw? 91' rl 004' 19" 1"? 'gf MISS SCARBROUGH: First Row: Phil Haun, Vice-Presidenf, Sandra Jerry Miller. Third ROW: William Harmon, Gene LONG, David Manley, Wyreck, June King, Pat Julian, Miss Scarbrough. Second Row: Jackie Richard Johnson, DGVJCJ l-0Vell- Lawson, Max Julian, Belly Jean Miller, Gary Lawson, Tommy Lawson, MISS SCARBROUGH: Firsi Row: Maxine Maples, Secretary, Tommy Lawson, President Wayne Hunier, P.T.A. Representafivey Margaret Clara Hunf, Ross Leah Messina, James Hodges. Third Row: Bill Jerrers, Howell, Treasurer. Second Row: Beverly Hawkins, Sharon Griffin, Glenda Hurst, Janice Hines, Lynda Lynch, Kenneth Haynes. km' dvr 'Fil' s l K Q.. X 'H-I Y' 3 -'Q N-af is MRS. KELLY: First Row: Tommy Shetterly, Treasurer, Ann Rose, Vice-President, Joanne Riggins, Secretary, Jimmy Pettiford, Presi- dent Kenneth Mingle, Second Row: Richard Ray, Jerry Roberts, Jack Miller, Richard Myers. Third Row: Nancy Owens, Ann O'Dell, Patti Rule, P. T. A, and Blue and Gray Representative, Margaret Nelson, Michael Oliver, Jean Robbins. Fourth Row: Nancy Phelps, MRS. SEALE: First Row: Tommy Weaver, P.T.A. Representative, Jack Williams, Blue and Gray Representative, James Vittetoe, President, Verlin Webb, Vice-President, Barbara Zwick, Secretary, Mildred Taylor, Treasurer, Mickey Wayland, P.T.A. Representative, James Tarter. Second Row: Linda Wolfenbarger, Sue Stevens, Shirley Sarah, on -ev L L,-el gt M50 VN it X ,,,. es? xr! E1 I ..,.a- Ann Murray, Jimmie Jane Moulton, Jane Palmer, Wanda Charlotte Newberry. Fifth Row: Mrs. Kelly, Eddie Freels, James McBride, Mary Evelyn Mucke, Billy McGhee. Sixth Row: Gene Shockley, David Carroll William Reynolds. Not Pictured: Pate, Tom Pilant, Clara Robbins. Rader, Patsy Carlene-Suddath, Carolyn Workman, Pat Valentine, Donald Whed- bee. Third Row: Felicia Reed, Linda Nisensen, Jamie Powers, Linda Watkins, Tommy Tucker, Joe Sexton, Mrs. J. P. Seale. Fourth Row: Tommy Thomas, Robert Taylor, Bill Weesner, Billy Smith, Billy Smallman. Fifth Row: Dorthy Wilson, Ernistine Stout, Martha Mitchell. ki , 97 fl -Q- .... Q f-fi 1,951.51 v' , ' Qi!" I l .- P! . vb V . If ,K , . MR. BREWER: First Rswz Phyllis Bales, Treasurer, Janet Center, Student Council Representative, Margaret Browning, P,T.A. Represen- tative, Carolyn Adkins, President. Second Row: Phil Bettis, Patsy Carroll, Elizabeth Bell, Shirley Brown, Betty Burnette. Third Row: Glenn Allen, Bobby Atkins, Buddy Brandau, Judy Breeden. Janice S MISS THOMPSON: First Row: Dortha Warren, Red Cross Representa- tive, Eleanor Webber, Vice-President, Tim Warner, President, Vernon Walker, Herman Wayland, Ronni Whitt. Second Row: Judy Wray, Secretary-Treasurer, Gerald Watson, Martha Yarnell, Veda Webb, Carole Warren, Charles Wagner, Red Cross Representative. Third ?' ,. 1-wxir-: sxl! if Bell, Mr. Brewer. Fourth Row: John Bagshaw, Bobby Brewer, Billy Carl. Fifth Row: David Branch, Gordon Alley, Bobby Brown, Frances Brown, June Byous, Louise Bonner. Sixth Row: Hugh Anderson, Ben- nie Bounds, Bill Brewer, Ronnie Brown, Nick Bowles. Row: Wayne Halliburton, Pat Wright, Patsy Weeks, Louise York, Bill Watkins. Fourth Row: Helene Winstead, Martha Waller, Miss Thompson, Ann Valentine, Ronnie Woods. Fifth Row: Glenn Worley, John Brooks, Doug Wilkerson, Bill Wiser. .Qi A 1 ij' if S ! 74 LW i gs X . . y in i ,i...g, Q X X ,S .SXX Xxx gs Q5 X N A E? X X R .fa W K . -1 : ,fx X x V1 xx X ' fmx Q! VE K is X ir X . , Q, r S S 'X X X Xu V S Q. if xii Q F x 4K ,cs ,W- e DR. MOFFETT: First Row: Patsy Newman, P.T.A. Representative, Mary Jane Morgan, Treasurer, Helen Mason, Vice-President, Alice Ann Nowlin, Secretary, Donna McDonald, Eugene Morrell, President. Second Row: Jimmy Presley, Blue and Gray Representative, Charlotte Martin, Eleanor McCarroll, Shirley Meadows, Joyce Moore, Devotions Chairman, Charles Mclemore. Third Row: Mariorie Patty, Charlsey MISS TATEM: First Row: Beverly Stump, Secretary, Zipper Satter- field, Vice-President, Bobby Sherwood, President, Judy Roarlc, Treasurer, Virginia Stonecipher, Student Council Representative, Bobby Simmerly, P.T,A. Representative, Miss Tatem. Second Row: Robert Ruckman, Sandra Swann, PhillipSimpson, Barbara Skinner, ,f .Q-st ,Q-' 1:1 5 Q Qt S. is 1 swim. t.,, s2 '. N., se-,qui gi My ,dm aug n I ll n -Q-,ul Perry, Jeanette Parsons, Arthur Mitchell, Don Martin, Charles Payne, Harold Phillips, Carl Pratt. Fourth Row: Jim Quinton, Jim Sheckles, Bob McNutt, Bill Burkhart. Fifth Row: Tom Minnis, Dr. Moffett, Dale Morgan, Gene Pappas. Not Pictured: Carole Matthews, David Gorghis. Ann Sanders, Yvonne Reed. Third Row: Linda Steele, Jimmy Stegall, Tom Snyder, Shirley Skinner, Terry Smullian, Nita Slovis, David Tilson, Geneva Spitser, Sarah Roach, Betty Slagle. Fourth Row: Fred Rice, Som Ramsey, David Roberts, Joyce Sane, Joyce Reagan. 17 R v wow x L no C? an Y? W T? is nr' MISS MCDOUGALL: First Row: Maxine Collins, Blue and Gray Repre- Cvftlw l-Ynn Cfv1e,JUdY Cfulfllneldf Norma Duke, 'lo Am' C9Wl"'eY- sentative, Carole Clem, Secretary and Treasurer, Diana Dawn, Vice- Tlllfd Row: Patti C0lllnS. ETWlf1C' ClUPPf Barbqrq Voileif DOYEGUU President, Joan Cloninger, President, Patsy Dunsmore, Student Derry, TOMMY C0ffmG'1, MGVVU1 DOIN-!W00d, Powell Dfinnen. Fourth Row: Carolyn Dalton, Jean Dickert, Ronnie Brown, David Cowden. Fifth Row: Herb Bruton, Jim Davis, Mike Donnell, Charles Collins. Council Representative, Minta Cheatham, P.T.A. Representative. Second Row: Ara Dillard, Vivian Chambers, Margie Clotfelter, Sw 24945 The East High students are enthusiastic about everything they do-whether it is studying, playing, cheering, listening, or lust relax- ing. Otticials are agreed that among the students there are very few serious problems among them. On the other hand, many of them meet students of other fine schools in contests and come out unusually well. They always demonstrate an eagerness to win and a reluctance to lose. Win or lose, though, they can take it. 37 1 7 Iralee Akers Jane Acuff Qjfbwd I I B hy W5 Wil my if Q3 Qi, auaofw Sue Bailey Ann Baird 'lf B. Wesley Baird Gaynor Baker Pai Asquith Betty Afch ley Hazel Besa it . Jimmy Ball Ralph Bean J. W. Bailey fu il ,V 'N i if -X mul- Jjffwy f f' -,XA ixf 4' I ik f fe if . , if - Q3 il J I J 38 J Ji4,"yl I, ,f Jimmy Blair Boyd Blackwell funcou Richard Cannon Shirley Clabough Nancy Jo Claiborne Roy Branch Clayton Brantley Wilma Breeclen Wilma Brooks Mary Cavalaris 39 Kay- Coleman Phyllis Clem Wanda Cochran Bob Coleman k Pat Colvin Esker Ann Craig Carole Curtis lylariorie Davis Betty Collins if Dale Dillard 6066044 Bernice Doane Francis Duclcett 40 Sherra Dudley Jeanette Ezell Gail Duggan Evelyn Edwards aim Liam, Gary Eldridge J Don Everence Frank Flynn mf? .Af 'lf fi ,' i , , if 1 J if ijrfll' will If Carlene Frecls if J. L. Ford Shirley Fora ,lf L L? iff , ,4 XII' ,f ,Lf Q A we Frances Flynn -ew' Barbara George dlttdfld Barry Giffin Nancy Glass Barbara Gregg Roy Griffin Dale Grovensfein Doreene Gillenwafer 41 Richard Halliburton Buren HGH 'W WWW ww Charles Hannah .Meir Joe Hamilton Edgar Henry Hal Harrison Helen Harrison John Hawkins J. C. Hefner l J. W. Hicks Ray Hillard Sarah Hensley Charlotte Hodsden Polly Haynes Bill Henry 42 J. B. Hodsden . 47 ' f . , ,P yr., I, ,.',," . -.,.,.LA,4 I , -.f 54416044 Pete Holloway Mary lrick Dick Holt Belly Horner Maureen Holt Sam Horne Bobby Humphrey Ralph Howell Marie Hurst 43 l Helen Keough ' 1 1 I X L N N u J I Frances Julian Evelyn Jones Laurel Kellogg Nancy Kenny 1 Joim Lougiwlim Holborn KITTS Sieve iockori Jolm Lorol 6484044 ii Virginio McPherson Corolyru Miller Froiik Moples Glendo McKenney Eiizobeiri C' Eleorior Meciolor 44 ,UQ Jomes Mifdwell Morsiwo Montgomery Jockio Momrierh ,, Bo rboro Moore Jimmy Murphy Rosenlory Myers Belly Mynolf l ' lp QL' pll' A NL My Q! kj ubrey Needllom Emerson Mounger cauofw Corol Nelson Beverly Ogczn is Roy Ousley Sllelvo Polmer Morslloll Porlcer Ellen Phillips Borboro Nelson Buddy Powell Agnes Nicley 45 6036044 Geraldine Ramsey Ann Lynn Sands Earl Reece Kiki Regas Frank Reynolds .lack Roach Ted Roberts W. A. Sartin Pat Roark Barbara Robertson 4-6 Dorothy Seaman Mary Ann Satterfield Bobbie Seale feauou Margie Simmons Wanda Taylor Wendell Smith Sally Sobolevvslcl David Sumner Phyllis Sutherland Sylvia Svvaggerty Gerald Swann Charles Tarter Martha Wxlke V ax Qyl .,l-,Jil , A 5 XZJJ, P-ruce Teasley Judy Thornton Mark Truan Gay Valentine N.f" V i , 35 ' 'Q A -'Hd I 47 It Ny 1 l L N' ls Sandra Watkins Jim Wall , 'lr lilx f it i 1 'W fi, ., L Q Philip Weaver ,f J . .I yr' 1 I' U5 Q55 ll yllludftd Olene Williams Mary Fra nces Woodson ANU" 1? ia a W I Kenneth Woody Ronald Wyrick d ilkerson Frank Yarnell Janice Williams Gail Willis Max Young Allen York 48 Sauhu 7048 240-Eu! Educ Ours is the first senior class to be l00 per cent East High. Some of us entered East four years ago as freshmen, while others entered a year later as sopho- mores. The three classes preceding us included many who had a foretaste of Knoxville High with its fine traditions and its national prestige. We have a feeling that many of them were plagued with mixed feelings for KHS and EHS. Not so with the class of 1955. After months of anticipation we started out on a new venture in September T951-brand-new students in o brand-new school. Totally without tradition and prestige, we fac- ed the necessity of building our own. Our new building held out an attraction for many visitors, and the new furniture and equipment made us aware of the pains being taken for our education. From the very start we forged far ahead in athletics and began to establish an abiding patriotism and a spirit of good sportsmanship. An early open house brought hundreds of our parents and other visitors to the new school, making our entire community conscious of the presence of East High in our midst. Event followed event in our audi- torium and in the gym to make the school a part of the community. The Student Council became active, attracting some of the finest leadership in school and earning the confidence of us all. The Blue and Gray emerged as an attractive and informative school paper and became self-supporting. Staffed by the National Honor Society, the Beacon was delivered to 585 students and teachers early in May. The Glee Club and the Choir material- ized into excellence, and so did the Band. Many clubs and school service organizations came into being to make East High a going institution. ln April a committee for the Southern Association evaluated our school, call- ing some of us freshmen into confidential conferences .. ...- During our sophomore year we learned to take de- feat in athletics with a smile and to support our teams, win or lose. News got around that we students were developing a school spirit and were rapidly discarding our foibles. Our iunior year was marked by that same kind of progress. Discipline ceased to be much of a problem for our teachers, and we could sense a feeling of suc- cess throughout the school. We formed several new clubs and made them successful. Students and patrons poured almost 540,000 into our various organizations and activities. East was growing up, and we were grow- ing up with it. This year brought an unexpected enrollment of 763, calling for an additional teacher. Ours is much the largest class yet to graduate, numbering l75 at the time we go to press. Of the l75 seniors, 35 are in the choir, I7 serve on the Student Council, 20 engage in the various sports, 4 work in the D.E. Store, 9 are in the Band, 3 work in the Bank, 4 work in the office, 90 par- ticipate in dramatics, 25 are National Thespians, 22 staff the Blue and Gray, 25 are on the Beacon staff, 76 take the school paper, and T73 subscribed for the annual. Many have demonstrated superior talents in music, art, dramatics, and public speaking. Our class has received its full share of awards and honors. We hear favorable comments on East from all sides, and we have every right to feel a keen sense of pride in our school. ln four years we have helped to establish en- viable traditions and in many ways to build a better school. The "Spirit of East High" holds sway in every senior's heart, and we shall pass it on to those who follow in the years to come. ' Corolyn Anderson Shirley Anderson L. lila- Vffaldfvj -J Xue Corroll Allslne 'C0S6r u +9'7JZiff,. Joy Alclwley Anne Arnold Alfred Billips 50 Len Belew Fronces Berry 'WG Carolyn Blanc Barry Boll Carolyn Blackburn Berry Brewer Ni Robert Bolton ull ,U Q3 T49 Xlyx X7 Mollie Bowling l ' x na XBUQIW W j X BSN:-lr Elmer Brock Andy Bryson Bill Cosieel Shirley Cole Seacaw Jerry Sue Campbell H Peggy CIC: pq Ji Buddy Cenier Louise Collins f ZW Dickey Covvoocl i L 'fl Coffell Gory Cooper! ff' J 1 J , 5 levy J fl 1 X A Boyd Cox U Senwfw W. R. Cowden Ben Drllord an Q George Dolton Lluorfomo Drimwcn 53 yj, QW MM Phyllis Doonc M33 f Nancy du Vergey Carolyn Dycus Seneca Joanne Dunkin Ted Evans Jacqueline Edwards Nancy Finney Mickey Ellenburg Gail Fay Judy Ann Finley Samniye Fritz Seachfw Sliirley Frifis Dixie Hannah X Zvgf, ily, ,J i la if XZEWJJL Bill Gillerf Barbara Greenlee Johnny Harper Carlos Harris Frank Graham Lillian Harris 55 Earlene Hatcher Rhea Ham Semen Nancy Haskins Joy Hays Gloria Hayes an-L fix Ddaris Haurhcr Frances Homderlight Q A Vw , fl fi' 'A M 4 PU 56 He-len Heap I . gf I nf , fy 1 g v- Y .:, f ! I wi' ' 'UW X 1 I J' Beatrice Hcllard Mildred Hinshaw Shirley Holbe-rf ,,, 1' ,, A A M14 W M ' ' A i I 5 "NQff1tyfHopper lk Lloyd Hunley f 4 , 4 I 1 J" fl if 1' ' " ' - 'fl f' A ' . , i i A" .Q Q .J U , Seacbfw l3c1T Hines, Ann Huling Q , N Gail Horner y . , , 4 f, , 5,4 , J 57 K .f X 'f,f. Marjorie Humphrey Morllmo Jock dial! l fyfrlfffffwl, www W! , Li M l y7W"'5e4-zckvw F' ' ,KL I1 U ,V Lp J j 1 0' wig' -'CQ 'f O C racyyn H nl L Davey Julien L I , F""x Mildred Jones L31 Normal Deen Keel Alvin Jacobs Mo' 954- .-2' X 'X Belly Sue s YL X Rbso Evelyn Key 5,1 ,fy uf Q I wx rf .rf ry' ' 0 -y 58 fr' Clworlolfe Ke-rley Leon Kirloy Palsy Kirby Q' if! Seacou JL Carolyn King Carolyn Lawson David Lackey Margaret Koelwn Beverly Le oulrr QJMAM L ijylmy' Rachel Lawson - 1 , l 1 I Gene Leamon Seam-M Pat Liner Ann Malcomb Ann Lofris Nina Loy C. 010. Jbuci wwqnfgaqn Nancy Manley QQAQLGJGILUAL w1hn if iw 4 David Lynch ,fi 5,-f A -R , A J Q- 4 A-4 . . ' ' Q 5 '- . ' 1 . , I Chad-es'Lavefl Nancy Maskall u 60 ,4,4fC6'fl Ann Marlow 0.11.4 Lorry MCCIQEYQ x X swf' Wt Judy McDaniel Seachfuz Ot I M1 Wayne McCarty Hillis McKomey 4,-1 W zu WM Betty McGuftin ww- vw F Kms' Corey McWilliams Betty Jo Meadows Walter Moreland Sylvia Moulton Senwfw Dale Monflefh Nancy Nash :gif 'OW - l Sara Murphy .lane Murphy Beverly Newman 'Q Nancy Needham Dick Neubert 'Uh- Janice Parsons Fannie Passiakos Seann Doyle Nicley Carolyn Perrin Vik Ronald Porters n , , Donna Pollard I jx f G X 4 I X , ' -- dia f- ef- l '11 A jf I ' fl ,f Michael Perkins Robert Pickle Bradley Pinkston June Puckett Martha Ragsdale Sencind James Proffnt Bob Rice Pafsy Ressler Patsy Reagan Jo Ann Ross Biil Riggins Joe Rockwell George Russell Marlene Russell 1 Nfifllwf 1 U,f lblllf AJ fp jji5j',ll1 lf lf if ff X l r K r ll gif WX Ap'VShi 'l ' Fred Sherrod gf-W. 'Bw Jo Ann Shamblin mlfUl2lIGl3QQ!lllvLLg w ills? Andrew Smrth l.. l L , .'-1 ' Jimmy Shetterly Kenneth Shores 'KK Yvonne Smith Helen Stevens f iii X . Sendvw Coy Smith Cynthia Thornton W Shirley Thomos Terry Bill Vclughn fi fl Jomes Tipps Pcul Tipton Jerry Wormoth Sencau Glenn Vesser Sondra Willioms Bob Wotkins .frx 3 Delores Willioms Bill Williford K' Som White 67 Mr ll ill fly Betty Sue Wilson Peggy Winsteod .Y ,Af ,, 5016044 ,gig X K 14 1"-IKJTZ Fred Winstead Dowell Wolfenbcirger Phyllis Wise Louis York 68 FJ Wanda Wright Senckvz D Bill Riggins, Treasurer, Mildred Jones, Secretary Earlene Hatcher Vice President Phylli Wise, Social Chairman, Larry McClain, President The Senior Directors have ci big lab this year, Qrdering invitations, measuring tor caps and gowns, sponsoring contests tor honors, plan- ning for commencement, organizing a Waslt- ington-New York trip, and making financial ends meet are iust a few ot the things to keep them busy. To sponsor a senior class is nothing new tor Miss Neubert. She had many years of it at Knoxville High, It seems that whenever' the occasion demands, Miss Neubert can rise to it. She has demonstrated over the years that she is a wise counselor and willing leader. Ailshie, Carroll 4-4965 129 Elmwood Street Engineering, Band, 9-12, Football Manager, 10, Letter Club, 11-12. Anderson, Carolyn Ramona 5-4423 3231 Selma Avenue Spanish Club, 10, Masquers, 11, Square Dance Club, 11-12, Skating Club, 12, D. E. Club, 12. Anderson, Shirley Onilee 2-1598 3315 Midway Street U. T., Journalism, Square Dance Club 11, Literary Club, 12, Blue and Gray Staff, 12. Arnold, Anne 4-5225 920 Chipman Street Telephone Operator, D. E. Club, 11-12. Atchley, Joy D. 3-9911 Bella Vista Lane Liberal Arts, Latin Club, 9-10, Masquers, 11, Forensic League, 9-12, Y-Teens, 9-12, Swim- ming Club, 10, Group Officer, 9-12, Honor Scciety, 11-12, F.T.A. Officer, 10-12. Ballou, Gordon 4-3908 5307 Sunset Road Physician, Forensic League, 10-12, Masquers, 11, Square Dance Club, Officer, 10-11, Stu- dent Council, 10-12, President, 12, Thespions, Officer, 12, Band, 10-12, Drum Maior, 12, Latin Club, 10-11, President, 11, National Honor Society, 11-12, Key Clubl 11-12, Choir, I1-12, Voted Most Talented Boy. Belew, Len 2-5475 2630 Magnolia Avenue Pharmacy, Masquers. Berry, Frances 4-4306 1432 Mitchell Street D. E. Club, President of Girls' Letter Club, 11. Billips, Alfred 3-7004 3314 Lansing Avenue Physician, Spanish Club, 10-12, Choir, 12, Band, 9-12, Officer, 12, Forensic League, 11-12, Science Club, 11-12, Key Club, 12, Basketball, 9-11. Blackburn, Carolyn 4-2277 2352 E. Fifth Avenue Nursing, Masquers, 11-12, Literary Club, 12, Y-Teens, 12, Officer, 12, Student Council, 12, Officer, 12, Office Assistant, 11-12, Latin Club, 9-10, Won Oratory Medal. Blanc, Carolyn 4-2277 2352 E. Fifth Avenue Nursing, Masquers, 11-12, Literary Club, 12, Y-Teens, 12, Officer, 12, Student Council, 12, , rx' 1 I O Officer, 12, Office Assistant, 11-12, Latin Club, 9-12, Won Oratory Medal. Bolt, Barry James 4-3431 3114 E. Fifth Avenue Lawyer, Spanish Club, 10-11, Officer, 11, Dance Club, 9-10, Science Club, 12, Masquers, 11, National Thespian Society, 11-12. Bolton, Robert Edward 3-7574 1621 Jefferson Avenue Commercial Art- Sketch Club Officer, 11-12, Spanish Club, 11, Rod and Reel Club, Bowling Team, National Art Honor Society, 11-12, Officer, Group Officer, 10. Bowling, Mollie Yvonne 5-3800 230 Fuller Avenue Airline Hostess, Senior D.E., Secretary of Girls' Letter Club, 11, Dance Club, 11. Brewer, Betty Jean 2-7004 2700 Tarleton Avenue Business, Masquers, 11, Glee Club, 10, F.H.A., 12, Band, 9-10-12, Maiorette, 12, Group Officer, 9-10. Brock, Elmer Hughes 2-6050 3847 Speedway Circle Photography, Officer Auto Mechanics Club, 11, Shop Foreman, 11, Group Officer, 10-12, Group Basketball Captain, 10. Bryson, Andy 2-5439 2029 Saxton Street Engineering, Science Club Officer, 11-12, Track. Bunch, Donna 3-5568 2644 E. Fifth Avenue Banking, Swimming Club, 11, Y-Teens, 10, Dance Club, 11-12, D. E. Club, Officer, 12, State Secretary of D. E. Clubs, 12, Delegate to State D. E. Convention, 12, Delegate to National D. E. Convention, 12, Homecoming Queen Candidate, 12. Butcher, Buddy 5-6126 614 Walnut Street Wildlife Management, Square Dance Club, 11-12, Band, 11-12, Track, Library Club, 11. Campbell, Jerry Sue 3-B625 2361 Woodbine Avenue Glee Club, 10-11, Choir Officer, 12, Forensic League, 10, Spanish Club, 10, Masquers, lt, Thespions, 12, Y-Teens, 10-11, Cheerleader, 11-12. Casteel, William Hayes 2-5507 606 North Central Street Dentistry, Officer Science Club, 12, Letter 70 Club, 11, Football, 10-12, Wrestling, 10-12, Chair, 12, Track, 9-11, Latin Club, 10-11. Cate, Shirley Wilde 3-4647 512 West Fifth Avenue Modeling, Transferred from Newport, 10, Latin Club, 10, Glee Club, 10, Dance Club, 11-12, Spanish Club, 12. Cawood, Richard Caughran 3-6374 2321 Magnolia Avenue U. T., Business, Forensic League, 11-12, Offi- cer, 12, Track, 11, Science Club, 11-12, Bowl- ing Team, 11, Co-Chairman, 11, Junior P. T. A Center, James Carl 3-7907 2736 louise Avenue Sales, Forensic League, 11-12, President, 11, Science Club, 11-12, Thespions, 11-12, Offi- cer, i2, Latin Club, 10-11, Officer, 11, Student Council, 10-11, Group Officer, 11-12, Co- Chairman of Bowling Team, 12. Clapp, Peggy 2-7007 2542 East Fifth Avenue Dancing, Square Dance Club, 10-11, Literary Club, 11-12, Officer, 11-12, Y-Teens, 9-12, Masquers, 11-12, French Club, 12, Officer, 12, Junior P. T. A. Vice President, 12. Collins, Helen Louise 2-7485 601 South Castle Street U. T., Medicine, Square Dance Club, 11, French Club, 10, Thespiaris, 11-12, Forensic League, 12, Literary Club Officer, 12, F. H. A., 10. Cooper, Gary Lee 5-4796 3104 McCalla Avenue U. T., Engineering, Auto Mechanics Club, 10-11, Golf Club, 11-12. Cooper, Mitchell 2-0269 614 Abilene Place Baseball, 11, D. E. Club, 11-12. Correll, Sara Evelyn 3-2484 3221 Woodbine Avenue Teaching, Choir, 11-12, Glee Club, 10, Group Officer, 10-11, Maiorette, 12, Key Club Sweet- heart, 12. Cowden, Walter R. 2-8611 3339 Clearview U. T., Mechanical Engineering. cox, Boyd 2-1738 2736 Magnolia Avenue U. T., Mechanical Engineering, Spanish Club, 10-11, Masquers, 10-11, Key Club, 12, Science Club, Track, 11, Student Council, 11-12, 7,51 ',zr?1'iT Fi 1 Q H - ,, -,Z 1-.uf w ,-,...V, 'fx 5,1-5-Q.-.-e,,9g'rfy1"H: by s,,,:r.en-,:,g's-341, my. ij. '- Thespians, 12, Choir, 11-12, interscholastic Spanish Medal, 11. Cox, Ray Edward 4-2610 146 Park Street Drafting, T. 8- I. Club, D. E. Club, Stage Crew, Transferred from Fulton. Crawley, Vera Mae 2-6726 2103 Jefferson Avenue Business, Literary Club, 11-12, Square Dance Club, 10, Group Officer, 11, Glee Club, 10. Dalton, George A. 4-8554 1632 Mabrey Street Woodworker, Movie Operator, 11-12, Stage Manager, 11-12, Masquers, 11-12. De Robertis, Rosa Maria 2-2868 1302 Luttrell Street University of Tennessee, Home Group Officer, 10, Choir, 10, Band, 11-12, F. H. A. 12, Y-Teens, 10-12, Forensic League, 10-12, Mas- quers, 10-11, Thespians, 12, Latin Club Offi- cer, 10-11, Junior P. T. A. Officer, 10-11, Blue 8- Gray Staff, 12, National Honor Society, 12, Beacon Staff. Dillard, Benjamin Hall 2-8042 2520 E. Fifth Avenue Civil Engineering, Officer Latin Club, 10, Baseball, 10-12, Basketball, 11, Auto Mechan- ics Club, 11, Letter Club, 10-12, Forensic League, 10, Co-captain of Baseball Team, 12, Key Club Member, 12, Group Officer, ll. Dixon, Wilma Sue 4-3615 2219 McCaIla Avenue Medicine, Latin Club, 10-11, Forensic League, 10, Literary Club, 11-12, Masquers, 11, Blue and Gray Staff, 12, Y-Teens, 11-12, Group Officer, 12, Literary Club, Officer, Latin Club Officer, 11. Doane, Eddie Lee 2-4798 2710 Jefferson Avenue Doane, Phyllis Marcene 3-4720 3831 Lilac Avenue Stenographer, Latin Club, 9-10, Forensic League, 10-12, Masquers, 11-12, Student Council, 10, Officer, Y-Teens, 10, Office Train- ing Club, 11, Choir, 10-12, Allied Youth, 11, Debating Team, 11, East-Tennessee Literary League Contest, 3rd Place-Oratory, Girl's Sex- tette, 12. Drinnen, Charlene 3-3271 2112 Washington Avenue X-Ray Technician, Latin Club Officer, 10-11, Allied Youth, Literary Club 11-12, Band, 11- 12, Forensic League, 10, Science Medal, 9. Dunkin, Joanne Frances 4-8191 2310 E. Glenwood Avenue Nurse, Latin Club, 10, Masquers, 11-12, Forensic League, 10-11, National Honor Society, 12, Beacon Staff. duVergey, Nancy Jane 5-5954 3933 Porter Avenue Secretary, Latin Club, 10, Library Club Officer, 9, Beta Club, 10, Forensic Club, 10, Forensic League Officer, 10, French ll Club, 12, French Club Officer, 12, Office Worker, 9-10, Chemis- try Club, 11, Commercial Club Officer, 12, Library Typist, 12, Beta Club, 11, National Honor Society, Beacon Staff. Dycus, Carolyn Elaine 4-5705 Route 6, Riverview Road Stenographer, Spanish Club, 10-11, Mas- quers, 11. Edwards, Jacqueline Carter 3-4635 1124 Montview Drive Home Economics, Glee Club, 9-10, Y-Teens, 10, Masquers, 9-11, Literary Club, 11-12, Blue 81 Gray Staff, Group Officer, 9-12, Glee Club Officer, 10, Literary Club Officer, 11, Advertising Manager-Blue 81 Gray, 12, Home- coming Queen Candidate, 12, President Jr. P. T. A., 12, National Honor Society, Beacon Staff. Ellenburg, James Simpson, Jr. 3-2292 3737 Speedway Drive Engineering, Letter Club, 11-12, Football, 9-12, Basketball, 9-12, Baseball, 9-12, Track 10-12, Key Club Officer, 11-12, Co-captain Football Team, 12, Captain of All-city Football Team, News Sentinel, Member of Knoxville Journal All-city Team, Football, Voted Best All Around Boy, National Honor Society 12, Beacon Staff. Evans, James T. 4-3739 3738 Lilac Avenue Television, Radio Announcer Club, 12, Movie Operator, 11-12, Key Club, 11-12, Student Council, 11, President of Radio Club, 12, President of Movie Operators, 11-12, Movie Operators, 10-12. Fay, Gail Diane 3-3592 3223 E. Fifth Avenue Business, F.T.A., 9, Spanish Club, 10-11, F. T. A. Secretary, 9. Finley, Judy Ann 4.1504 Rutledge Pike, Route 5 Nursing, Masquers. 71 Finney, Nancy Georgette 2-5628 2358 E. Fifth Avenue Secretarial Work, Band 9, Latln Club, 10, Square Dance Club, 10, P. T. A. Representa- tive. Fritts, Shirley Jean 2-5433 2101 Mitchell Street Spanish Club, 10-11, Y-Teens, 10, Sketch Club, 11, Literary Club, 12, Blue and Gray Staff, 12, National Art Honor Society, 11-12. Fritz, Sammye 4-2658 2309 Washington Avenue Literary Club, 11-12, Literary Club Officer, 12, Group Officer, 10, National Honor Society, 12, Beacon Staff. Gillett, William Allen 3-7522 3850 Speedway Circle U. of F., Lettermen's Club, 11-12, Officer of Lettermen's Club, 12, Key Club, 11-12, Foot- ball, 9-12, Co-Captain, 12, Basketball, 9-12, Track, 10-12, Baseball, 10-12, Group Officer, 11. Graham, Carl Frank 2449 Parkview Avenue Football, 9-12, Wrestling, 11-12, Letter Club, 11-12, Auto Mechanics Club, 12. Greenlee, Barbara Jean 2-0229 500 West Fifth Avenue Secretary, Commercial Club, 12. Hannah, Dixie Louise 2-6609 Crestwood Drive Business, Spanish Club, 10-11, Officer, 11, Allied Youth, 10-11, President, 11, Student Council, 9-12, Officer, 10-12, Literary Club, 12, Masquers, 12, May Queen Court, 10, Homecoming Queen Candidate, 12, National Honor Society, 11-12, Blue and Gray Staff, 12, Swimming Team, 10. Harper, Johnny 4-1250 3230 Ashland Avenue Engineering, Group Officer, 12, Spanish Club, Il-12. Harris, Carlos 3-1820 809 North Fifth Avenue Telephone Company, Football, 10-12, Base- ball, 10-11, Basketball, 10-11, Student Council, 10, Co-President, 10, Choir, 12, Letter Club, 11-12, Key Club, 11-12, Blue and Gray Staff, 12, Wrestling, 11-12. Harris, Lillian 1711 Jefferson Avenue Telephone Operator, Latin Club, 10, Dance Club, 11, D. E. Club, 12, Y-Teens, 10. Haskins, Nancy Lynn 3-8429 201 Ault Street Nursing, Y-Teens, 10-12, Officer, 11, Forensic League, 10, Spanish Club, 10, Literary Club, 12, Biology Club, 12, Officer 12. Hatcher, Earlene Alyce 6-3950 607 Victor Road Secretary, Choir Accomponist, 10-11, Spanish Club, 10-11, President, 11, Forensic League Officer, 11-12, Group Officer, 9-12, President, 11-12, Beacon Staff, Co-Editor, 12, National Honor Society, 11-12, Forensic League Medal, 11, Delegate to Girls' State, 11, Debating Team, 11, Senior Director, Voted Girl Most Likely To Succeed. Haun, Vernon Rhea 2816 Tarleton Avenue Transferred from Everette, 12, Football, 10-11, Basketball, 10-11. Hauther, Deloris 2320 Dodson Avenue Airline Hostess, Dance Club, 11, D. E. Club, 12. Hayes, Gloria Anne 2-7548 2401 Parkview Avenue Secretarial Work, Dance Club, 11-12, Camera Club, 12, Y-Teens, 10, Blue and Gray Staff, 12. Hays, Joy 4-5780 2748 Woodbine Avenue Dental Hygienist, Masquers, 11-12, Girls' Glee Club, 12. Heap, Helen Elizabeth 2-2082 2808 Tarleton Avenue Business, Y-Teens, 9-10, Masquers, 11-12, Offi- cer, 12, Office Assistant, 12, National Honor Society, 12, Beacon Staff. Hellard, Beatrice Maxine 3-8215 3805 Skyline Drive U.T., Nursing, Y-Teens, 10-12, Officer, 11-12, Latin Club, 11-12, Skating Club, 12, Office Training Club, 11. Henderlight, Frances Carolyn 1330 Oldam Avenue Business College, Secretary, Spanish Club, 10, Glee Club, 10-11, Blue and Gray Represen- tative, 12, Forensic League, 10, Group Officer, 10. Hines, Patricia Jane 2-8238 2913 Woodbine Avenue Stenographer, Busniess College, Y-Teens, 9, Spanish Club, 10, Editor Blue and Gray, 12. i 0 0 Hinshaw, Mildred 2-4974 2022 McCalla Avenue Business College, Secretary, Office Training Club, 12, Officer, 12, Y-Teens, 10. Holbert, Shirley 2-8712 3711 Skyline Drive Nurse, D.E. Club, 11-12, Y-Teens, 10-12. Hopper, Nancy Pearl 5-3774 2507 East Glenwood Avenue Nurse, Girl Scouts, 10-12, Spanish Club, 11-12, Library Club, 12, Allied Youth, 10-11, Officer, 12, Group Officer, 12. Horner, Gail Millicent 3-5774 2313 East Fifth Avenue U.T., Business, Glee Club, 11, Choir, 12, Mas- quers, 11, Y-Teens, 10-12, Office Training Club, 11-12, Officer, 12, National Honor Society, 12, Beacon Staff. Huling, Eleanor Ann 2-3475 139 South Cruze Street Carson-Newman, Business, Debating Team, 11, Spanish Club, 10-11, Office Training Club, 12, President, 12, Forensic League, 10, Color Guard, 12, National Honor Society, 12, Beacon Staff. Humbard, Kenneth Frank 2-4708 518 Castle Street Engineer, Football, 10-12, Square Dance Club, 11-12. Humphrey, Mariorie Jean 5-7421 3425 Wilson Avenue Carson Newman, Religious Education, Spanish Club, 10-11, Choir, 12, Blue and Gray Staff, 12, Y-Teens, 10, Square Dance Club, 10, Mas- quers, 11-12, D.E. Store, 11-12, Forensic League, 10. Hunley, Jimmy Loyd 4-8592 181 East Glenwood Avenue Industrial Arts, Football, 10, Choir, 10-12, Auto Mechanics Club, 11, Square Dance Club, 12, Student Council, 10, Group Officer, 11. Hunt, Carolyn Earlene Rt.8 Busines College, Secretary, Office Training Club 12. Jack, Martha Jean 4-0183 2207 McCal1a Avenue Business College, Secretary, F. F. A., 11. Jacobs, Alvin 4-1629 2458 East Fifth Avenue Optometrist, Dance Club, 11, Hobby Club, Officer 11. 72 Jones, Betty Sue 3-6492 2507 Jefferson Avenue Telephone Operator, Literary Club, 11-12, Spanish Club, 11, Skating Club, 12, Blue and Gray Staff, 12, Officer, 11-12. Jones, Mildred Frances 2-6295 3814 Catalpa Avenue Business, F. H. A., Officer, 11-12, Beacon Staff, Group Officer, 9-12, D. E. Store, 10, Bank, 11-12, National Honor Society, Vice. Pres. 12, Homecoming Queen, 12, Senior Director, Voted Friendliest Girl. Julian, Davey Allen 3-7095 2936 Wilson Avenue Policeman, Football, 10, Manager, 11, Wres- tling, 11, Hi-Y Officer, 11. Keel, Norma Dean 2-8820 939 Tyson Street U. T., Home Economics, Glee Club, 10, Foren- sic League, 10, Y-Teens, 10-12, Officer, 11-12, Girl Scout Officer, 12, Square Dance Club, 11, Spanish Club, 11-12, Band, 11-12, Student Council, 11-12, 'Skating Club, 12, Literary Club, 12, Officer, 11-12, Blue and Gray Staff. Kerley, Charlotte Ann 5-8153 2654 Magnolia Avenue Modeling School, Dance Club 11. Key, Rosa Evelyn 3-3251 2503 Jefferson Avenue Music, Choir, 10-12, Dance Club, 12, Swim- ming Club, 12, Allied Youth, 10, Y-Teens, 10, Latin Club Officer, 10-11, P. T. A. Represen- tative, 10, Group Officer, 10-11, Masquers, 10-11. King, Carolyn 5-9238 1420 Iroquois Street Psychologist, Spanish Club, 10-11, Literary Club, 11-12, Officer, 11, P. T. A. Representa- tive, 10-12. Kirby, Leon Hodges 2-4931 4576 Holston Drive Football, 10-12, Baseball, 9-12, Student Coun- cil, 11, Football, Second String All-City. Kirby, Patsy Lee 3-5350 509 Fern Street Religious Education, Spanish Club, 11, Liter- ary Club, 11-12, Y-Teens, 12, Swimming Club, 12, F. H. A., 12, Literary Club Officer, Secre- tary, 12. Koehn, Margaret 5-2666 4555 Holston Drive Government Work, D. E. Club, 12, Library Assistant, 10, Y-Teens, 10. Lackey, David Maxwell 3-8558 2031 Harold Street U. T., Labor Lawyer, Ushers Club, 10, Hi-Y President, 12, Thespians, 12. Lawson, Carolyn Ann 4-1941 4125 Alma Avenue Home Economics Teacher, Literary Club Presi- dent, 11-12, F.T.A., 11-12, F. H. A., 12, Latin Club, 11-12, Officer, Masquers, 11, F. T. A., President, 12. Lawson, Mary Rachel 2935 Hillside Avenue Square Dance Club, 12, Latin Club, 10, Future Homemakers Club, 12, Transferred from Car- ter in 12th Grade. Leamon, Eugene Howard 3-7847 3922 Ivy Street Carson Newman, Minister, Football, 10, Ushers Club, 11, Forensic League, 12, Choir, 12, Stu- dent Council, 10, Key Club, 12, Masquers Officer, 12. Le Coultre, Beverly Ann 2-8971 2838 Wilson Avenue Spanish Club, 11, Literary Club, 11-12, Y- Teens, 10, Swimming Club, 12, F.H.A., 12, Group Officer, 12, Candidate Home-Coming Queen, 12. Liner, Patricia Louise 1708 Iroquis Street Navy, Transferred from Paducah, Kentucky, F. H. A., 10-ll, Choir, 11, D. E. Club, 12, Skating Club, 12. Loftis, Ann 2-8696 2533 Parkview Avenue Writer, Northwestern, Literary Club, 11, Girl Scouts, 10-12, President, 11, Camera Club, 11-12. Lovell, Charles Henry 4-0057 2725 Tarleton Avenue U. T., Electrical Engineer, Basketball, 9-12, Baseball, 9-12, P. T. A., 10-12, Letter Club, 11-12, Square Dance Club, 11-12, Officer, 11, Voted Friendliest Boy. Loy, Nina Mae 3-7235 4176 Holston Drive U. T., Business, Transferred from Jefferson High, 10, Y-Teens, 10-12, Choir, 12, Literary Club, 11-12, Pep Club President, 12, Cheer- leader, 12. Lynch, Phillip David 3-5883 3848 Speedway Circle De Forrest Electronics, Radio and T. V. En- , 1 O O gineer, Football, 9-12, Baseball Manager, 9-12, Letter Club, 11-12, Masquers, 12, Movie Operator, 10. Malcomb, Rebecca Ann 7-7824 100 West Lake Forest Drive U. T., Business, Latin Club, 10, Officer, 10, Masquers, 10-11, President, 11, Debating Team, 11, Forensic League, 10-12, Officer, 10-12, Office Assistant, 10-11, Thespians, 11- 12, Officer, 12, Blue and Gray Staff, 12, Beacon Staff, 12, Jr. P.T.A., Officer, 12, Honor Society, 11-12, Homecoming Queen Candidate, 12, Voted Most Courteous Girl. Manley, Nancy Jane 4-4743 1116 Luttrell Street U. T., Teaching, Latin Club, 10-11, Officer, 10, Forensic League, 10-12, Officer, 10-12, Choir Officer, 12, Masquers, 10-11, Student Council, 10-12, Co-President, 10, Y-Teens, 10-12, Pres- ident, 11-12, National Honor Society, Officer, 11-12, Beacon Staff, 12. Marlow, Ann 5-1171 2533 Washington Avenue Nurse, Transferred from Fulton, 11. Maskall, Nancy Carolyn 5-6974 3000 Wilson Avenue Telephone Operator, Y-Teens, 10-11, Camera Club, 11, D. E. Club, 12, Swimming Club, 12, Square Dance Club, 10-11. McCarty, Stuart Wayne 5-7319 2428 Jefferson Avenue U. T., Chemical Engineering, Forensic League, 10, Key Club, 11-12, Science Club, 11, Music Club, 12, National Honor Society, 11-12, President, 11-12, Beacon Staff, 12, Jr. P. T. A., 12, Officer, 12. McClain, Larry French 2-7516 2547 McCalla Avenue Law, U. T., Band, 10-12, Officer, 12, Student Council, 10-12, Co-President, 10, Forensic League, 10, Biue and Gray Staff, 12, Key Club, 11-12, Latin Club, Officer, 11, serisof Director, Voted Most Courteous Boy, 12, Na- tional Honor Society, 12, Beacon Staff. McDaniel, Judith Irene 2-3731 3616 McCalla Avenue Nursing, Transferred from Horace Maynard, 11, Y-Teens, 11, Officer, Sketch Club, 11, Officer, Group Officer, 11-12, Literary Club, 12, Square Dance Club, 11-12. McEver, Mary Haydn 7-7924 Hilltop Road U. T., Music, Choir, 10-12, Y-Teens, 12, French Club, 12, Masquers, 10-11, Thespians, 11-12, 73 National Honor Society, 11-12, Treasurer, Beacon Staff, 12, Voted Most Talented Girl. McGuffin, Betty Sue 2-4933 31 161 Linden Avenue Social Work, Forensic League, 10, Masquers, Spanish Club, 10, Junior P.T.A. Representa- tive, 10-11, Student Council, 11-12, Cosmo- politan Club, 12, Officer F.T.A., 12, Secretary, Thespians, 12, National Honor Society, 12, Beacon Staff. McKamey, Hillis Knox 3-5029 3944 Alma Avenue Office Management, Choir, 11-12, Forensic League, 11-12, Spanish Club, 10-11, Y-Teens, 11-12, Home Group Officer, 12, Vice-President Y-Teens, 11, Secretary, Spanish Club, 11. McWilliams, Carey 5-9136 2111 Riverside Drive Engineer, Cheerleader, 11, Head Cheerleader, 12, Football, 10, Track, 10-12, Wrestling, 11, Science Club, 10-11, Masquers, 10-11, Officer, 10, Thespians, 12. Meadows, Betty Jo 2-9329 2546 Magnolia Avenue Business, Masquers, Spanish Club, Blue 8- Groy Staff, 12. Mingle, Patsy Virginia 2-0075 3430 Lansing Avenue Religious Education, Latin l, 10, Spanish, 11- 12, Y-Teens, 10, Masquers, 11-12, Square Dance Club, 9-10. Montieth, Emery Dale 3-3071 Prosser Road Rt. No. 6 Construction Work, Manager of Track Team, 10. Moreland, Harry Walter 3-5826 2045 Washington Avenue U. T., Accounting, Latin Club, 10, Forensic League, 10-12, Jr. P. T. A., 10, Ushers Club, 11, Glee Club, 11, Student Council, 11-12, Choir, 12, Masquers, 12, National Honor So- ciety, 12, Beacon Staff, 12, Officer, Chair, 12. Moulton, Sylvia Anne 2-8935 3236 Selma Avenue U. T., Librarian, Officer Glee Club, 11, Choir, 12, Treasurer of National 1-ionor Society, 12, Blue and Gray Staff, President of Forensic League, 10-12, Beacon Staff, Debating Team, 11, National Thespians, 12, Officer, Latin Club, 10, Officer in Student Council, 12, Voted Most Intelligent Girl, 12. Murphy, Jane 717 Morgan Street Business, Skating Club, 12, P. T. A. Represen- tative, 12, Jr. Y-Teens, 11, Forensic League, 10, Officer Skating Club, 12, Square Dance and Social Dance Club. Murphy, Sara Sue 2-8164 2611 Jefferson Avenue Nurse, Latin Club, 9-10, Masquers, 10-11, Swimming Club, 9-10, Literary Club, 12, Biol- ogy Club, 12, Forensic League, 10, Library Club, 10, Dance Club, 9-10. Nash, Nancy Evelyn 5-7439 2707 Woodbine Avenue Journalist or Social Worker, Latin Club, 9, Masquers, 10-12, Spanish Club, 10-11, Y-Teens, 10, Future Teachers, 10, Blue and Gray Editor, 12, Blue and Gray Staff, 11-12, Dance Club, 9-10. Needham, Nancy 4-0106 2623 McCalla Avenue Air Line Stewardess, Y-Teens, 9-10, Dance Club, 12, Swimming Club, 11, Camera Club, D. E. Club. Neubert, James Richard 5-6096 3400 Wilson Avenue U. T., Football, 10, President, Golf Club, 12, Science Club. Newman, Beverly Anne 3-0988 4031 McCalla Avenue Nursing, French Club, 11, Dramatic Club, 11, Student Council, 11, Transferred to East From Aiken, South Carolina. Nicley, Doyle Henry 4-4935 1062 Grover Drive College, Football, 10, Science Club, 11-12, Golf Club, 12. Parsons, Janice Rosalee 5-0918 2331 Riverside Drive Business College, Square Dance Club, 11-12, Group Officer, 11. Passiakos, Fannie 5-1201 2767 Linden Avenue Business College, Banker, 12, F. H. A., 11-12, Group Officer, 9-10, Beacon Staff, National Honor Society, 12, Office Assistant, 9. Patterson, Ronny 2-4276 1200 McCalla Avenue Medicine, Science Club, 11-12, Officer, ll, Golf Club, 12, Latin Club, 11, Sketch Club, l I 11, Honorable Mention in 1954 Science Fair, 11, Latin Club, 10. Payne, John Harvey 3-0261 2413 Jefferson Avenue U. T., Choir, 12, Hillbilly Band, 11-12. Perkins, Michael 2-6677 2422 East Fifth Avenue Science Club, 11, Voted Most Intelligent Boy. Perrin, Carolyn 2-7040 1844 Dandridge Avenue Secretary, Y-Teens, 10, Swimming Club Officer, 11, Dance Club, 11-12, D. E. Club Officer, 12. Pickle, Robert Douglas 3-3550 2404 East Fifth Avenue Journalism, U. T., Latin Club, 10, Key Club, ll-12, Officer, 12, National Honor Society, 11-12, President, 12, Masquers, 12, Forensic League, 12, French Club, President, 12, Beacon Staff, 12, Blue and Gray Staff, 12, Group President, 10-12, Cheerleader, 12, Voted Boy Most Likely to Succeed, 12. Pinkston, Bradley 3-3161 Route5 U. T., Football, 10-12, Track, 10-12, Co- Captain, 12, Letter Club, 11-12, Basketball, 10-11. Pollard, Donna 3-8939 2003 Washington Avenue Business, F.H.A., 12, Group Officer, 10-ll, Band Sponsor, 12. Powers, Larry 2-7778 2906 East Fifth Avenue Mechanical Engineer, Band, 9:12, Officer, 12. Proffitt, James Austin 3-5245 2715 East Fifth Avenue Mechanical Drafting 4, Band, 10-11, Rod and Reel Club, 12, Hobby Club, 12. Puckett, Mattie Virginia Uunel 3723 Ivy Street Nurse, Transferred from Kingsport, 12, Mas- quers, 12, Y-Teens, 12. Ragsdale, Martha Anne 4-4836 Crestwood Drive U. T., Music Education, Transferred from Cen- tral, 11, Masquers, 11, Square Dance Club, ll, Choir Accompanist, 11-12, Y-Teens, 12, Thespians, 12, Candidate for Homecoming Queen, 12, Student Council, 12, Group Officer, 11-12. 74 Reagon, Patsy 3-9619 3324 Ashland Avenue University of Georgia, Choir, 12, Literary Club, 12, Transferred from Richmond Acade- my, 12, D. E. Club, 12. Ressler, Patricia Ann 5-2590 3609 Ashland Avenue U. T., Education, Choir, 11-12, Accompanist, 12, Forensic League, 10, Student Council, 9-12, Secretary, 10-12, Group Officer, 9-12- Presi- dent, 11, Thespians, 10-12, President, 12, Latin Club, 10, President, 10, Delegate to S.A.S.C., ll, Cheerleader, 11-12, National Honor Society, 11-12, Secretary, 12, Co-Edi- tor Beacon, 12, Y-Teens, 9-12, President, 10, Delegate to S.l.P.A., 11, Square Dance Club, 10-11, Secretary, 11, Voted Best All-Around Girl, 12. Rhegness, William Earl 2-8858 3034 East Fifth Avenue Mechanical Engineer, Hobby Club, 12, Square Dance Club, 11-12, Choir, 11-12, Officer, 12, Auto Mechanic Club Officer, 12. Rice, Bob 5-3967 2718 Louise Avenue U. T., Engineering, Masquers, 10-12, President, 12, Football, 12, Baseball, 12, Grqup Officer, 9-12, Auto Mechanics Club, 11-12. Riggins, William Newell 3-2384 1109 Montview Drive Doctor, Student Council, 10-12, Basketball, 10-12, Captain, 12, Key Club, 11-12, Officer, 12, Science Club, 11-12, President, 12, Foren- sic League, 10-ll, Latin Club, 10-11, National Honor Society, 11-12, Group Officer, 10-12, Senior Class Director. Roach, Roger 912 Walnut Street Army, Transferred from Rutledge, ll. Rockwell, Joseph Earl 3-0254 2939 Selma Avenue Air Conditioning Engineer, Transferred from Greensboro, N. C., Football, 10-12, Letter Club, 10-12, Wrestling, 10-11, Track, 11. Ross, Jo Ann 4-7359 4317 Holston Drive Bookkeeper, F. H. A., 12, P. T. A. Represen- tative, 12. Rowland, Shirley Jeanette 104 Magnolia Avenue Housewife, Transferred from Fall Branch, 10. ,sg fa Ili" fl, Russell, George 4-7154 3909 Selma Avenue lndustry, Hi-Y, 11. Russell, Marlene Forrestt 3-5968 3768 Speedway Circle U. T., Latin Club, 10, Officer, 10, Forensic League, 10-12, Student Council, 9-12, Officer, 10, Y-Teens,,10, National Honor Society, 11- 12, Officer, 12, Beacon Staff, 12, Masquers, 10-11, Thespians, 12, Science Club, 12, Square Dance Club, 10. . Scott, Amelia 4-4290 1014 Andes Street Receptionist, Choir, 12, Camera Club, 11, Y-Teens, 10. shemblih, JoAnn 4-3050 4111 McColla Avenue Secretary, Transferred from Central, 11, Choir, 9-12, Swimming Club, 12, Girl's Sextet, 12. Sherrod, George Frederick 2-2002 2460 Washington Avenue Shetterly, Jimmy Ott 3-5059 2808 Magnolia Avenue U. T., Engineering, Hi-Y, 11, Key Club, 12, Masquers, 12, Officer, 12, Letter Club, 12, Football, 11-12, Track, 11-12. Shores, Kenneth Mayburn 5-3743 1815 Natchez Street U. T., Law, Audio-visual Squad, 12. Smith, Andrew Williams 2-6290 5001 Shady Dell Trail Lawyer, Hi-Y, 12, Football, 10-11. Smith, Coy, Jr. 2-5795 2723 Louise Avenue Business, Hi-Y, 12, Group President, 11. Smith, Ina Yvonne 231 Oklahoma Avenue Telephone Operator, Choir, 11-12, Spanish Club, 10, Glee Club, 10. 3-9908 Stevens, Helen Annette 4-4767 2724 Magnolia Avenue Air Line Hostess, Masquers, 12, Camera Club, 11, Pep Club, 11. Terry, Bill Ralph 2-7646 2733 Woodbine Avenue Commercial Artist, Football, 11, Sketch Club, 11-12, President, 11-12, Science Club, 12, Group Officer, 11. Thomas, Shirley Ann 2-3862 2843 Nichols Avenue Doctor's Assistant, F. H. A., 11-12, Banker, 11-12, Group Officer, 9-12. Thornton, Cynthia 5-5288 2331 Brooks Road Business, Glee Club, 10, Usher Club, 11, Mas- quers, 12, Officer, 12, Office Assistant, 10-12, Color Guard, 12, Group Officer, I0-12. Tipps, James Roy 5-8864 3121 Wilson Avenue Accountant, Band, 10-12, Officer, 12, Science Club, 12, Golf Club, 12, Square Dance Club, 12, Spanish Club, 11-12, Officer, 12. Tipton, Marvin Paul 5-3938 710 Wilder Place U. T., Business, Football, 10, Masquers, 10-11, Thespians, 12, Officer of D. E. Class, 12. Vaughn, William Warren, Jr. 2-0523 2561 Woodbine Avenue U. T., Civil Engineer, Letter Club, 11-12, President, 12, Key Club, 11-12, Football, 10- 12, Track, 10-12, Co-Captain, 12. Vesser, Glen 3-8282 304 Elmwood Street Dental Technician, D. E. Club, 12, Officer of D. E. Class, 12. Warmath, Jerry 2-1665 Crestwood Drive Choir, 12, Science Club, 12, Officer, 12, Golf Club, 12, Officer, 12, Latin Club Officer, 10. Watkins, Robert Lee 2-5364 202 Michael Street U. T., Engineering, latin Club, 10, Forensic League, 10-12, Rod and Reel Club, 11, Science Club, 12, Student Council, 10-12, Tennessee lnterscholastic Literary League, 11. White, Sam Ruggles 3-0058 1612 East Glenwood U. T., Mechanical Engineering, Forensic League, 10, Student Council, 11. Williams, Dolores Murph 3-0471 . 2602 linden Avenue Business, Square Dance Club, 12, Folk Dance Club, 12, Group Officer, 11. 75 Williams, Sandra 3-6869 2511 East Fifth Avenue U. T., Business, Student Council, 12, Masquers, ll, Swimming Club, 11, Cosmopolitan Club. 12, Group Officer, 10-12. Williford, Bill Nelson 4-5652 914 Henderson Street U. T., Geology, Track, 10-12, Science Club, 12, Forensic League, 10, Group Officer, 11, Key Club, 12, Delegate to Boys' State, 11. Wilson, Betty Sue 3-1445 1921 Brooks Road Business College, Secretary, D. E. Club, 12, Girls' Letter Club, 11. Wilson, Bobbie Lynn 2-7664 3115 Ashland Avenue Housewife, Office Training Club, 11, Choir, 12, Officer, Office Training Club. Winstead, Fred 2-9674 1911 Flagg Avenue U. T., Square Dance Club, 11-12, D. E. Club, 12, Officer, 12. Winstead, Peggy Ann 2-9674 1911 Flagg Avenue Telephone Operator, Office Training Club, 11, Square Dance Club, 11-12, D. E. Club, 12. Wise, Phyllis Lynn 3-8548 3904 Porter Avenue U. T., Science, Latin Club Officer, sic League, Officer, 10, Student 12., Allied Youth, 10-11, Square 10, Masquers, 11-12, Y-Teens, 10, Maiorette, 11-12, National Honor Society, 11-12, Beacon Staff, 12, Group Officer, 9-12, Candidate for 9-10, Foren- Council, 10- Dance Club, May Queen, 10, Senior Director, 12. Wolfenbarger, Elvin Dowell 3-0977 2823 Magnolia Avenue Electrical Work, Baseball, 10-11, Letter Club, 11-12, D. E. Class President, 12, Delegate to D. E. State Convention. Wright, Wanda Rhea 5-3374 2507 Washington Avenue Nurse, P. T. A. Representative, 10-11, D. E. Club, 12. York, Louis 4-0860 2730 Wilson Avenue Engineering, Transferred from North Augusta, 12, Football, 11, Baseball, 11, Golf Team, 11, French Club, 11-12, Manager, 12. 'va g ! -1 Y Z! 7 W-I 5 K 1 T ' , ww, Ig X Q, I ff ff ' QQ ' ffl 'K 5? ffii, R3 li b' -i x- 1 fi !!f M0 A 1 ' Q, 2, 2 ff 1 ,JM Wh J fin-gig 'Y-....,,, vu W J-'. U4-xg ii JElf'4'4ll Y A - NA "Hal 1 Yiwu XX -mv YP iii: 1 7' . - 75 K 5 if I l . 4. ' E2 ,Q gr il Warne- ' aeenk ff Any of these girls could very well be Queens. As attend- ants To Queen Mildred, they were escorted To The coro- naiion by handsome young men, receiving prolonged applause. The announcerneni of The Queen and her escort brought on overwhelming ovation as on mark of universal approval. The coronation dance served to assuage The pain ol defeat by Fulton. Sealed: Jackie Edwards, Ann Malcomb. Second Row: Ivlariha Ragsdale, Beverly LeCoulire, Hillis McKarney, Donna Bunch. M, .1 A x.,.Qr1Lf A 1 if .!iN.fx4.wi -'ffkvp N N i! ....... , if , x T' , Wgx. , 5 ,L X,R,,.,QrwfM ,WJQ5a3X""""X' 4 X X S X W 333' 'Q A Qin . ww, - Q- W v Q! Nw WWA-fx'f2x:'g, yff w w if mf' A Q K FEMS W r W ,fn i In J n- . gif :.2fX , 1. dh if N' 'NLR xg 'f -.A Q - "2f7Js a' ' . ' - ff? 1 Qt QS- -sw .., . .J , if F ...gm X lm., N x - ' ' "Nf,ff 3. ' ff Q xx' ' ' M 1.. "' f, X 6 5 1 I 'Q 'fffy .Am - ,J L if I -1 ' 1 - A ' 'mf .LX 4? "' . "ii'?g x R.. R """"-- 'NS -ll"Q'5 ., "' f ff5' R R ig C 'X b x 15, kd H A f R Q I fm ' . A.: 'v Q . Si, 5 Q' Judy Tliornton, Helen Keougli, Cyntlwio Thornton, Jeonette Ezell, Ann l-luling. J- .L. L H-f. ...- ., , f",-F Flutes: Bill Jeffers, Bass Clarinet: David Sumner, Edward Cooper, Basses: Max Julian, Tommy Snyder. Baritone: Ted Roberts. Comets Saxophones. Trombones: James Tipps, First Lieutenant: Barry Griffin, and Trumpets: Frank Flynn, Alfred Billips, Sergeant: Tommy Farmer, Jimmy Mitchell. Glockenspiel Section: Carol Asquith, Eleanor Meadar. David Manley, Allen York, 81 AA ijjl lr, I 4 I ,ff Fred DeRobertis Band Director gmac! .leads-ze Gordon Ballou, Drum Major, and Donna Pollard, Band Sponsor are shown just before leaving tor the Inaugural Parade Much ofthe credit tor the success ot the haltetime performances should go to Gordon. Our Band continues to grow in size and importance. Of the ten football games, it gave halt-time perform- ances at seven of them, including the out-of-town games at Elizabethton and Oak Ridge. Evening programs and down-town parades were Well done. The most exciting was the invitational parade in Nashville forthe Governor's inauguration. Snowbound on the Cum- berland Plateau on their return, they spent the night there on the buses, earning considerable publicity by their adventures. Part at the money for the trip was made on their "Soc Hop" conducted in the gym. Another im- portant event, of course, was the Spring Concert. Y Sponsored by the National Thespians and directed by Miss Ruby Bird the play was one ot' the best performances ofthe year 'Medea Father Gordon Ballou Mother , Patsy Ressler Clarence , , Boyd Cox John , David Lackey Whitney Bobby Simerly Harlan Verlin Webb Cora Betty McGuttin Mary ,, , , Ann Malcomb Dr. Lloyd , Barry Bolt Margaret Louise Collins Annie Martha Ragsdale Maggie Peggy Ciapp Nora Marlene Russell Dr. Humphries Buddy Center Dr. Sanders Jimmy Blair Delia Phyllis Doane Nr ' f 3 - l ui 2 1 ,, if la.: 1. . 5 . Pictured above are: First Row: June Byous, Phyllis Doane, Jo Ann Sltamblin, Bobbie Wilson, Judy Wray, Amelia Scott, Sallie Correll, Pltyllis Wise, Judy Roarlc, Martha Walker, Yvonne Smith. Second Row: Martlta Ragsdale, Margie Humpltrey, Jimmy Presley, Pat Wrigltt, Sylvia Moulton, Jerry Warmatlw, Bobbie Seagle, Maureen Holt, David Curley, Nina Loy, Zpiper Satterfield, Morslia Mont- gomery, Hillis Mcliamey, Louise Bonner. Tlwird ROW: Pbyllis Bales, 6440: Ugfczaw Jerry Sue Campbell, Secretary, Walter Moreland, Treasurer, Bill Riggins, President, Nancy Manley, Vice- President. Gene Leamon, Pat Reagan, David Brancn, Mary McEver, Clayton Brantley, Jerry Sue Campbell, Robert Fralix, Ted Roberts, Boyd Cox, Janice Williams, Hal Harrison, Wayne McCarty, Lloyd Hunley. Fourtlt Row: Bill Casteel, Patsy Ressler, Carlos Harris, Allred Billips, Walter Moreland, Nancy Manley, Bill Riggins, Rltea Haun, Gail Horner Ronnie Brown, Donald Helm, Rosa Evelyn Key, Gordon Ballon, Emerson Mounger, Len Belew, Margaret Kcitlt, John Payne. JJ . MA... . 0 an ' 4-gl' 5:9 . , r ' - 5 1 K o , W 'R f M 8 ,M M ff ' ' V, j Q I 1 , i ry, 1 5 , rn , , Ex Y r 'Q' ' 3 5 I r L3 .A . ,J 44 dufez -'Qlee Frrsr Row joyw Luvxmrr, Barbara Vorrcs, Margaret Browning, Lindo Lyrrfrr, Prrxlrrf, Crvrrr, Jrrrrrw Dcrvcrrporr, Ccrrol Clcm, Clara LOU Hum Patsy Dnrrrsrrrorr-, Bvxwrry Srurrrp, Jurw Krug, Mary Jorrc Morgurr, Ururrvrn Brovxrrrrrgr, Srrvrry Grrfforw. Scforrd Row: Evelyn Edwords Norrrrru Cfrrlurrrrrr, Cororyrr Workmorr, Mary Crczrk, Joan Drckcnrd Ccrroryrr Afkrrrs, Lrr V:-rrr Omg, Berry Jmro Slogrc, Srrfry Sobolevvskr ,Y r r 1 I Y 1 I 1 2 xr if sf indo VVorferrbC1r'gcr, Mrckrry Vrfcryrcrrrd, Jurrrf Hursr, Mrrxrrrr- Qorrrrrr, Carr Brrgrrr, Tlrird Row Surrr Rcrudr, Crrrle-rw Surrwrr, Jo-,rw Rr-orrrrrr Cfrurlortcz Nniwburry, Parry RUM-, Edwrlru Crrrpp, Arm Drlrrrrd, Dur- Drlrclrd, Judy Edwards, Frerdo Browrr, Brlrre Hcmrrwrn-r', Hrcrrror Mr Carroll, Porsy Currol, Nurruy Clurk, Mrldrcd Trryror, Por Julrurr I 4 1 Phyrlrs Clem, Scmcmry, Marion Woylorrd, Prmr- derrrg Mary Juno Mor' gon, Treasurer, Ccrror Clem, Vice Prcsrdcnf 77Z4Ze2cmfaZet Wayne McCarty, Bass, Gordon Ballou, Baritone, Jimmy Presley, Second Tenor, and Ted Roberts, First Tenor at the mike coming dovvn on Star Dust. The quartet has been one ot the most popu- lar groups at East, having ape peared on TV, at churches, and all service clubs. Wi 99 'T"e'f-rr fit' Patsy Ressler, Martha Rags- dale, and Evelyn Edvvards, accompariists, are shovvn framed prettily at the Stein' vvay Grand iust after the con- cert. Their smiles are indica- tive ot the success of the per- formance. Q73 . Q ' E 71.741 As the years go on, it seems that "Pop" gets better and better Knoxville, vvill always be indebted to him for his great contribution to music. East is particularly proud ot Mr. Hamilton. I , , ,I -. x 1.1.7 ..4 , Ark xl-x'v' 1 to-'f-14' ' v N fx Q- ff fl HL A fffgvll G !,c,J'yL,...:- L- f X 70442: 7044 Most Intelligent Michael Perkins ond Sylvia Moulton fklizzxf . f fjvkf H Ziff' Yr! ,llffff Most Courteous Larry McClain cmd Ann Molcomb l X, ,, pa rn Frienclliest Clwclrlos Lovell cmd Mildred Jones S V , 1 YVKXX XX 1 rx V A X54 XEQF, Mfzfnfffzff is If ffm, fg2l5Qf,',g' b l N . 'S nib N 1 , I ef ,.f vt. . i K X wc. S Most Likely to Succeed Bolo Pickle ond Earlene l-lotclwer 88 1 X K?'fLL'! . ff ff 1, Best All-Round f Mickey Ellemburg ond Patsy Rosster 49 fy fs V- If 11 43,52 t Kf JKASJJX f f f 1 I 20444 7064 Most Talented Mary MCEyer and Gordon Bclllou Q ff I J, E X t XX 9 E 22 X .NSN Q KA' agf 91 .dazafdud-?76ede4 The Latin Club adds tun to the intellectual exercises Ann Nowlin, Phil Bettis, Nancy Phelps, Bobby Simerly, in mastery ol this classic language. First Row: Gail Dug- Fourth Row: Penny Eason, Vice-President, Jean Burkhart, gan, Treasurer, Dale Grovenstein, Rena Ferrell, Joyce Betty Jennings, Sandra Swann, Charles Wagner, Miss Moore, Ann Valentine, Carol Warren, Douglas Wilker- McLaurin. Filth Row: Carolyn Dalton, Janice Davenport, son, Jerry Graham. Third Row: Bill Carl, President, Alice Marie Hurst. f 1- . ' gl, ,filfgp Ji ilgiltx 940 W JIUA if YV l N 2 W W it rm ii L lilly V if The stories of Caesar's escapades intrigue these schol- Daniel, Sarah Hensley, Mark Truan, Jimmy Seale. Fourth ars. First Pow: Wilma Breeden, Carolyn Lawson, Roy Row: Beatrice l-lellard, Wendell Smith, Miss McLaurin, Grittin, George Cradic. Second Row: Nancy Jo Clai- Gerald Swann, Jerry Threlkeld, Marshall Parker, borne, Carol Bowden, l-lelen Bowden, Virginia McPher- Richard Wilkerson. son, Carolyn Miller. Third Row: Joe Kelly, Judy Mc- QC- 'Sy 01. -"""". ,Pug 91. we 92 Spwfwddladl- The early lessons in Spanish stimulates these active minds. First Rovv, Dick Holt, Vice President, Judy Bree- den, Virginia Stonecipher, Gail Jessee, Clara Robbins. Second Rovv, Sarah Roach, Secretary, Ara Dillard, Barf Spmaaddadll- There is something romantic about the Spanish people and equally romantic about their language. First Rovv, Charles Hannah, Vice President, Wanda Taylor, Helen Keough, President, Martha Ragsclale, Secretary, Frank Flynn, Treasurer. Second Row: Jim Copeland, Rebecca Christian, Beverly Ogan, Janice Williams, Patsy Mingle, Zapmml bara Gregg, Barbara King, Miss McLaurin. Third Rovv Frances Brovvn, President, Mariorie Simmons, Mary Gott Billie Hammer, Phyllis Clem. Fourth Rovvz John Jacobs Treasurer, Frances Hendren, Jane Allen, Jim Byous. 705fdf6d Zafecwad Mildred Wagner, Third Row: Eleanor Meador, Shirley Cate, Olene Williams, Nancy Hopper, Clayton Brantley, Allen York. Fourth Rovv, Dean Keel, Carolyn Blackburn, Judy Thornton, Rebecca Smith, Alfred Billips, Miss Mc- laurin. Fifth Row, Jim Wall, Max Young, Barry Gittin, Frances Duckett, David Sumner. 'ai Af R Ny qs. 'Q 1'- ,Id ilu Sdezeddad The Sketch Club is small, but it is enthusiastic. Here are Billy Weisner, Janice Bell, Bill Terry, Allen York, June Byous, and Robert Bolton in a typical group learning and doing. Sgacvaecmd?oZa6 Dance 6045 A popular diversion ot large numbers of students is square dancing and folk dancing. Miss Capps, despite her year in England, is still interested in directing this good old pioneer activity. ?ca!wze 7e4c4efw af 140805624 The Future Teachers ot America iThe Evans Clubl, under the sponsorship of Miss Million, are learn- ing much about their chosen profession and hav- ing a good time doing it. One ot their protects is that ot selling Savings Stamps. First Row: Carolyn Lawson, President, Carolyn Blackburn, Rena Pere rell, Veda Webb. Second Row: Patsy Newman, Treasurer, Martha Keith, Penny Eason, Esker Ann Craig. Third Row: Miss Million, Phyllis Alder, Vice President, Sarah Hensley, Secretary, Ronnie Brown. Not Pictured: Mary McEver, Joy Atchley, Carol Asquith. .. These excellent singers were chosen to concen- li trote on singing the old Modrigcils. Wioucz 0,64-zatou It you vvont o movie for your closs, chopel, or club, you hove but to see one ot these boys, vvho vvill see thot you hove it on the minute. They love their vvork. First Row: Kenneth Mingle, Leslie Clevenger, Alton McKissick, Gory Lovvson, Second Row: John Loughlin, Kenneth Doone, Cloyton Brontley, Teddy Evons. Third Row: Miss Virginio Porlcer, Melvin Clopp, George Dolton, Kenneth Shores. -1--y...........-M ' t . fi 'Delegdftckw These tour delegates, olong with their odviser, Miss Edith Horton, ottended the South, ern Association ot Student Councils convention in Jock' son, Mississippi, November ll-T3. The tive dey trip vvos exciting ond informative from beginning to end. Pictured left to right ore Dole Dillord, Lorry McCloin, Miss Horton, Ted Roberts, ond Dixie Hcinnoh. 'WMP Nw - -A W E Editorial Stott: Pat Hines, Co-Editor, Miss Esther Ellis, Advisor, Nancy Nash, Co-Editor. ?ZaeaadQmq Front Row, Betty Mynatt, Margie Humphrey, Alumni Editor. Second Row, Norma Dean Keel, Co-Exchange Editor, Betty Sue Jones, Co-Exchange Editor, Sarah Hensley, CofFeature Editor, Ann Lottis, Co-Feature Editor, Jerry Sue Campbell, Co-Club Editor, Ann Mal comb, Co-Club Editor, Beverly Ogan. Third Row Shirley Anderson, Beverly Newman, Gail Duggan Maureen Holt, Janice Williams. Q! .ASL E . Q C ,QQ gcaukeda Staff First Row: Larry Mc- Clain, Circulation Man- ager, Dixie Hannah, Business Managerg Jackie Edwards, Adver- tising Manager, Gay- nor Baker, Circulation Assistant. Second Row: Wilma Dixon, Feature Writer, Edgar Henry, Circulation Assistant, Bob Pickle, Advertising Assistant, Sylvia Moulf ton, Copy Reader, Betty Jo Meadows, Fashions Editor. t55'Y H165 -W Spam Stagg Johnny Deck, Richard Halliburton, Mickey Ellen, burg, Sports Editor, Buren Hall, Carlos Harris. 7Zaa4St4ff Ellen Phillips, Jo Ann Murphy, Sherra Dudley, Rosa Del2obertis, , News Editor, Gloria Hayes, Barbara Gregg, Phyllis Clem. .lamwuf glad Ojfckew Seated: Sammye Fritz, Program Chairman, Caro lyn Lawson, President, Pat sy Kirby, Secretary. Stand- ing: Betty Sue Jones, Pub- licity Chairman, Wilma Dixon, Treasurer, Char- lene Drinnen, Social Chairman, Peggy Clapp, Social Chairman. First Row: Carolyn King, Nina Loy, Peggy Clapp. Second Row: Betty Sue Jones, Beverly LeCoul- tre, Carolyn Lawson, Dean Keel Third Row: Jackie Edwards, Dix- ie Hannah, Frances Flynn, Shir- ley Fritz, Carolyn Blackburn. A man with a taste tor good lit- erature need never be alone. The wisest men of all ages are his companions. First Row: Patsy Kirby, Nancy Haskins, Judy Mc- Daniel. Second Row: Esker Ann Craig, Beverly Newman, Saro Murphy, Shirley Anderson. Third Row: Carolyn Blanc, Wilma Cix- on, Sammye Fritz, Vera Craw- ley, Charlene Drinnen. Fourth Row: Miss Dowell, 5 3. ,...-sql! --um- Qafzenuz .leaqae These nine members, along with their advisers, Mrs. McSpadden, represent both brains and talent, First Row: Buddy Center, Bob Wat- kins, Rosa Dekobertis. Second Rovv: John Jacobs, Gordon Ballou, Mrs. McSpadden, Third Row: Barry Git- fin, Walter Moreland, Alfred Billips. ang Q9 "' Ne I sis Q 'F 3 ' I Q A vn- fx- 'fafzenaeb .league Offdzefw Officers of the Forenf sic League are shown planning for a future speaking engagement, Nancy Manley, Treas- urer, Earlene l-latcher, Secretary, Buddy Cen, ter, Program Chairman, Ann Malcomb, Vice President, Sylvia Moulf ton, President. ?0'Z6K46Z .league Debates, extempor- aneous speeches, and interscholastic contests are the ac- tivities which make for Forensic Lea- guers. First Row: Bobby Pickle, Louise Collins, Dicky Ca- wood, Joy Atchley. Second Row: Ara Dillard, Bobby Sim- erly, Marlene Rus- sell. Third Rovv: Hal Harrison, Gene Lea- mon. 06061 " 6604 ' . iDO,e ol ilu, Y-lun i lo develop in lcunurie griirlg 5of.iol poise, sizirilirxl ronqwn find pliysicol olxiliw. Fms' Row' Carolyn Vlfofkrnnn, Jimmy Moul- ton, Program Cliolinrnn, Joonwi liirigins, Sofiol Climrrnong Ann Row, Pulglicily Clirxiinirxn Sw- ond Qow: Linclzii Nisenznn, Gln so Sullon, lC1lX'lOfC1 Craig, Clmi loin! Gossc,-ll, Bally Cor pw Tliiid Plow: Miilwy Vfnlnnd Slviiliy Soioli, Jonxiv Powi,-ia Louie Dnnno, Jonico Dovonpnrl Fourlli Row: Sue Slewvns, Mrf, J. P. Sieqlr-, Coilcno Suddrmlli POT Brewer Morv Evelyn Murlw. Uolfcbeu Ann l?ow-, liilwiisiy, L ' iinnon, Elizobelli Bell, Secretory, Clolfclier, lnfer-Club Council Represenrolive, Billie Hom- Joonnf.: lQig'ggii1is, Spfiilil Clioirmon, Jo Ann Cloninger, nier, Service Clwoirrnon, Jimmie Moulton, Progrom Clwoir Proficient, Vivion Cliuinbers, lnrer-Club Council Repref mon, Mrs. Sodle, Adviser. ai-nlotivo, Diono Down, Devoiionol Clioirnion, Morgie Firsi Row: Elizobefn Bell, Jo Ann Cloninger, Morgie Cloffelfer, Vivion Cnornbers. Second Row: ty Slogle, Mrs. Seole. Corolyn Dolfon, Patsy Nevvrndn, Billie l-lommer, Diane Down, Borboro Voiles. Third Row: Cor- olyn Adkins, Sordli Roach, Bef- 33, 1: Z9 l Z- '7eea4 These junior Y-Teens are a live group, l-lere they are Solyolovvski, Doreene Gillenvvaier, Gail Willis, Nancy shown making candy just lor their own enioynwenr. leh Glass, Wilma Breeden, Par Asquilh, Evelyn Jones, Presi- fo righfg Nancy Claiborne, Dorothy Seaman, Shirley denl, Frances Julian. Clalarough, Carol Bowden, Mary Ann Salrerlield, Sally l 7 i ll l ri i 'l l Here The senior YfTeens are planning a project To help idenr, l-lillis Mcliamey, Vice President, Peggy Clapp, The under-priyiledged children in our community. This Secre-Tory, Joy Alchley. Standing: Norma Keel, Carolyn group always Takes an active part in The annual baslcef- Blanc, Wilnwa Dixon, Judy McDaniel, Nancy Haskins, ball Tournament sponsored by The Y.W.C.A. Sealed: Beatrice l-lellard, Patsy Ressler, Mary McEyc-1, f"w June Puckett, Nina Loy, Treasurer, Nancy Manley, Pres- l-lannah. 101 East l-ligh's Aqua Maids surface for a moment to pose for our photographer, The swimming team practices each Thursday at the Y.W.C.A. to prepare for the meets in which they take an ac- tive part. First Rovv: Carol Clem, Secretary, Sally Sobolevvski, President, Gail Willis, Karolee Gallop. Second Row: Marge Stone, Coach, Jane Allan, Phyl' lis Clem, Ann Murray, Rena Ferrell, Nancy Phelps. Karolee Gallop practices a graceful dive. lt is an example of the diving vvhich vvon for her a first place in diving for the City-vvide Meet, ,.. An interesting arrangement of uniformed beauties iust be- fore diving from the springboard. The successful team had six first place winners in the recent contest. Rena Ferrell, Nancy Phelps, Phyllis Clem, Carol Clemrn, Gail Willis, Karolee Gallop. 102 Offabac Sandra Watkins, Carol Warren. 564104966546 First Row: Carolyn Anderson, Myra Levine, Elizabeth Lane, Norma Dulce, Second Row: Tomrny Shipley, Norma Keel, Beth Harrison, Jo Ann Murphy, Jane Murphy, Mary Jane Morgan, Sandy Wyrick, Don Everance. First Row: Gail Jessee, Frances Hendren, Barbara Moore, Pat Liner. Second Row: Shirley Brown, Vir- ginia Stonecipher, Frances Flynn, Bill Hart, Glenn Allen. Third Row: Betty Sue Jones, Beatrice Hellard, Troy Collins, Nancy Emert. F cz 744: 194 def! This group of shouting students in indicative ot the enthusiasm which pervades all East High activities. The Spirit ot East High is one of hearty participation. First Row: Senior Cheerleaders: Bob Pickle, Nina Loy, Jerry Sue Campbell, Carey McWilliams, Second Row: Charlotte Newberry, Carlene Sudduth, Evelyn Edwards, Judy Edwards, Ann Haynes, Margaret Howell, Jo Ann Riggins, Donna McDonald, Ernestine Stout. Third Row: Gloria Sutten, Freda Brown, Barbara Harris, Sherry Griffin, Ann Rose, Barbara Zwick, Joy Eleanor Gregory, Delores Atchley, Ethel Asbury, Miss Jessie Neubert. Fourth Row: Martha Mitchell, Doreen Gillenwater, Gail Willis, Margaret Hall, Carolyn Workman, Pat Julian, Mildred Taylor, June King. Fitth Row: Linda Woltenbar- ger, Nancy Clark, Pat Valentine, Sallie Sobelewski, Dor- othy Seaman, Joyce Duckett, Carol Matthews, Eleanor McCarol. Sixth Row: Carolyn Keith, Nita Slovis, Terry Smullian, Jack Williams, Tommy Weaver. 104 aww? - is kc- S ca T if? The Fuiuie lnlomeniakers are responsible for The blue and gray shakers so much in evidence aT The foofball games. The c-venrs looked forward To are The four de- grees vvhich aiu isnferrecl on nevv members. The one big evenf, of cczcwicy lor each one is To be carried over her ovvn Tlwesilialiil. riisr Row: lviary Frances Golf, Pafsy Saknce Kirby, ivlildred Jones, PresidenT, Dale Grovensfein, Vice Presidcnt, Seccncl Tovv: Carlene Freels, Shelva Palmer, Beverly Lelfouiire, Rosa Del?oberTis, Carolyn Lavvson, Fannie Pcissiiiikcis, Geraldine Ramsey, Treasurer, Evelyn Jones, Secrelary. Third Row: Frances Julian, Mary Ca' alan., ldsss Tcirem, Sponsor, Jo Ann Ross. Some of The mosr inreresring shapel programs This year have been The General lVloTors and Wesfinglwouse pro- grams sponsored by The Science Club. The club is affilif ared wiTh The National Science Clubs of America. Their Obiecfives are To prornoTe The individual's inTeresT in science and To sTiniulaTe iniTiaTive in preparing for The 105 Soufhern Appalachian Science Fair, Seared: Mr. Brovvn- ing, Boyd Cox, Bob Wofkins, Ronnie PaTTerson, Bill Terry, J. C. l-lefner, Buddy Cenfer, Dickie Cavvood, Bill Williford, James Tipps, Alfred Billips. Sfondingz Bill Casfeel, Andy Bryson, Bill Riggins, Michael Perkins, Jerry Warmaih. wr, .7 First Row Margaret Browningg Patsy Newmang Patty Ruie, President CGVOCOSTIS Vlce President Ca aiyn Keith Bobby Srmerly Tnlrd Row Mickey Wayland, Veda Webb. Second Raw: Wfylyia Cook, Rena Tornmy Weaver Secretary Jo Harnriton Wayne Hunter Treasurer A. offers opportunity tar many student leaders to rs in serving the school. The success of the member- rnay be attributed to their enthusiasm. First Row: Peggy Ciapp, Vice-Presidentp Jacaueiine Edwards, Malcomb, Treasurerg Janice Williamsg Caroiyn King, L 1 E 5 E 1 :M WI r. 2.5.6045 The D. E. Club has brought tame to East more than Woltenbarger, Carolyn Perrin, Pat Reagan, Nancy once. lts convention delegates usually come back with Needham, Lillian Harris, Pat Liner, Margaret Koehn, their share ot honors. The members working in town Donna Bunch. Standing: Miss Naberhuis, Mitchell Coop- earn a lot ot dough tor themselves, Seated: Paul Tipton, er, Fred Winstead, Ray Cox, Kenneth Frye, Charles Alli- Wanda Wright, Ann Arnold, Peggy Winstead, Carolyn son, Robert King, Frank Reynolds. Anderson, Betty Sue Wilson, Mollie Bowling, Dowell Q gg MW D. Z, Stow The store is an interesting place to shop for school sup- Louis York, Nancy Maskall, Bob Brown, Margie Hum- plies. The earnings pay bills tor several non revenue oc- phrey, Marie Hurst. tivities. Miss Naberhuis, Ann Lottis, Betty Jo Meadows, 107 'wmsww Kay Coleman, Head Cash- t ier, and Evelyn Jones, H Assistant Cashier, are making up the daily de- posit. They are as depend- able as they are attrac- tive. The Bank receives and dis- burses approximately 540,000 annually, keep- ing accurate records of the finances tor all school- sponsored activities. It's lots or run .nd valuable experience. W. M. Campbell Auditor mwneswmsmf -me - -v -V . - Mildred Jones, Head Bookkeeper, and Fannie Passiakos, Assistant Bookkeeper, are checking their posting - a precaution which they have tound to be quite necessary. Any ottice would be improved by getting these courteous beauties. Shirley Thomas and Martha Walker, Disbursing Clerks, are writing checks to pay the East High bills. Here beauty and brains combine to reflect the Spirit of East High in untiring and invaluable service. Veda Webb, Don lviartin, Billy letters, Stevens, Shirley Sarah, Nancy Phelps, The thousanols ot books and relerence aids are all eager to pop up at the beck and call of these trained librarians. Lett to right: Libby Collins, Patti Collins, Sue Stevens, Charlotte lvlartin, Shir' loy Sarah, Nancy Phelps. The Library Assistants render invaluable services to all the school. In giving an hour a day to help people in their search for knowledge each member helps his fellow students and grows in usefulness. dad Pilant, Charlotte Ivlartin, Jimmie Moulton, Patti Collins Barbara Williams, Pay Henderson. 1 James Ellis, Sue Nancy Hopper M B PM PM :beam The first step on the long road to National Thespion honors is to join the Peter Pan Players. One of the foremost members is Verlin Webb, who starred in "Lite With Father." Pat Wright, Verlin Webb, David Gurley, Myra Levine, Bob Adkins, Alice Ann Nowlin, Benny Bounds, Elizabeth Lane, Cartha Lynn Cruze, Raymond Edmonds, Phyllis Bales. br' Still another ot youngsters with acting blood in their veins are shown on the stage. First Row: Mildred Mann, Patsy Dunsmore, Tim Warner, Judy Wray. Sec- ond Row: Patsy Carroll, Janet Center, Shirley Meadows, Beverly Stump. Third Row: Nita Slovis, Bob Sherwood, Terry Smullian Ann Haynes, Perry Byars. Miss Bird has her hands full with the Peter Pans ers,Masquers,and Thespians. Here is an- oth e r group of the younger set. First Row: C a r o l y n Keith, Helen Bowden, Libby Collins, Second Row: Patti Col- lins, Anne O'Dell, Veta Webb, Barbara Zwick. Third Row: Linda Lynch, Miss Bird, Eleanor Mc- Carroll, Helen Mason. NG On their second step toward the Thespians, the Masquers vie with each other to demonstrate individual talent and amuse us all. First Row: Jimmy Blair, Bill Vaughn, Carey McWilliams, Laurel Kellogg, Steve Lockett, Second Row: Gary Eldridge, John Lord, Carlos Harris, Len Belew, Third Row: J. W. Bailey, Jimmy Shetterly, J. W. Hicks, Eddie Doane. Fourth Row: Wal, ter Moreland, Johnny Harper, Louis York, Bob Pickle, Bradley Pinkston, 51' H10 First Row: Barbara Robertson, Jo Ann Dunkin, Carolyn Blanc, Mariorie Humphreys, Dixie Han- nah. Second Row: Marsha Montgomery, Mariorie Davis, Carolyn Miller, Carol Bowden Third Row: Wanda Cochran, Peggy Clapp, Martha Walker, Wilma Dixon. Fourth: Miss Bird, June Puckett, Phyllis Alder, Jackie Edwards. 5 First Row: Beverly Ogan, Pub- licity Chairman, Helen Heap, Program Chairman, Bob Rice, President, Cynthia Thornton, Vice President, Beverly New- man, Secretary. Second Raw: Jimmy Shetterly, Margaret Kelly, Joy Hays, Judy Finley, Jeanette Ezell, Gene Leamon. Third Row: Janice Williams, Nancy Nash, Nancy Maskall, Emerson Moun, ger, Richard Kelly. Fourth Row: Johnny Harper, Boyd Blackwell, David Lynch. L ., f 7 Nu, .5 A These officers put in many hours plan- Another group ot Thespians combining beauty with talent are Sallie Correll, Phyllis Doane, Sylvia Moul- ton, and Rosa Marie DeRobertis. ning programs and performing for our enjoyment. Patsy Ressler, President, Cvordon Ballou, Vice-President, Miss Ruby Bird, Adviser, Betty McGuttin, Secretary, Buddy Center, Treasurer, David Lackey, Stage Manager. 7 The National Thespians, unlike members ot other organizations, must vvin their way to the honor by performance. By hard work and long hours Miss Bird, given the talent, can achieve wonders. Pictured here are Martha Rags- dale, Jerry Sue Campbell, Ann Malcomb, Mary McEver, Boyd Cox, Louise Collins, Barry Bolt. ws' Zeqgfal Sponsored by tne Kiwanians, the Key Clubers represent both scholarship and leadership on the road to civic service in the future. First Row: Bobby Sher- wood, Tim Warner, Roy Griffin, George Cradic. Second Row, Bill Willitord, Wayne McCarty, Ted Roberts, Boyd Cox. Key dial Offcbew sv- First Row: Mickey Ellen- burg, President, S a l l ie Correll, Sweetheart, Bill Riggins, Treasurer. Second Row: Mr, Gardner, Spon- sor, Bob Pickle, Secretory, Steve Lockett, Vice-Presi- dent, Mr. Cartwright, Ki- wanis Sponsor. 9,g1' ltqo if Nvkfuqfgu First Row: Carlos Harris, Gene Le a m o n, Bill Vaughn, Sallie Correll, JirnShetterly,Tony Carper, Richie Hooper. S e c o n d Row: Bruce . ., rs P . In i' Q. Teasley, Alfred Billips, Marshall Parker, Pat Roark, Larry McClain, E r n e st Watkins. Not pictu red, Gordon Ballou. ?'zem:46ZuE Lett to right: Beverly Newman and Nancy duVergey, Pzo- gram C h a ir m a n, Karolee Gallop, Vice-President, Miss Esther Ellis, Advisor, Bob Pickle, President, 'iony Carper Social Chairman, Mary McEver, Secretary, Peggy Clapp, Treasurer. A speaking knowledge of French make fellow- ship easy and enioyalole tor these language sharks. Standing: Bob Pickle, Miss Esther Ellis. First Row: Shirley Ford, Don Langston. Second Row: Mary McEver, Nancy duVergey, Martha The Cosmopolitan Club studies about foreign lands and their inhabitants. All relevant current periodicals come in tor perusal. First Row: Linda Lynch, Secretary, Wendell Smith, President, LaVeta Craig, Vice Presi- Jack, Earl Reece. Third Row: Halburn Kitts, Beverly Newman, Jimmy Murphy, Esker Ann Craig. Fourth Row: Buren Hall, Karolee Gallop, Peggy Clapp, Tony Corper. Glad dent, Louise Bonner, Treasurer, Miss Scar- brough, Sponsor. Second Row. Penny Eason, Clara l-lunt, Faye Humphrey, Joan Allen, Betty McGuthn, Janice Davenport, Mickey Wayland, Martha Keith. Third Row: Davio Sumner. All? FRANCE a These VIPs are looking over the Little Beacon, the invaluable East High handbook first published last year, which they are revising for next year. Seated: Nancy Manley, Boyd Cox, and Sylvia Moulton. Standing: Mar- lene R u s s ell, Carolyn Blanc, Walter Moreland, Betty lVIcGuttin, Phyllis Wise, Bob Watkins, and Larry McClain. Offcbeu The sleeping beauty is Patsy R e s s I e r, Secretary, taking minutes, Miss Horton, Adviser, is giving instructions os Gor- don Ballou, President, comes down with the gavel, Dixie Hannah, Vice President, holds the otticial magazine, Stu- dent Life, and Bill Riggins, Treasurer, as usual, holds a fist full ot money. Strada: COUNCII -'Digg Zz y Other members are seen studying the otticial activity magazine with a view to re, vising our program. The Council is always ready to sponsor any special event tor our pleasure and profit. First Rowi Norma Dean Keel, C a r o I y n Miller, Wanda Taylor, Sandra VV i I I i a rn S, Dale Dillard, Patsy Dunsmore. Second Row: Hal Harrison, Maureen Holt, Janet Center, and Ted Roberts. Endnote! Qemyal These Boys demonstrote the necessity ot keep- ing C1 gun cleon. Won- der how it ever gets bock in shooting shope? Willord Shock- ley, Robert Bolton, Hos- kell Horbin. Bill T o n k i n, Tommy Shetterly, ond Verlin Webb go fishing in on interesting pool. Won- der vvhot Verlin hos hooked? Albert Finley ond Gene Shock- ley ore shown with Mr. Brewer who gives wise Counsel in mcik- ing lures ond other fishing essentiols. Mr. Brewer con moke onything from o tiny hook to o commodious boot. 24002114 Teddy at the mike makes a tape recording to play during home group. Teddy Evans, Ted Roy, Clayton Brantley, Gary Lawson. 0g,4fzef-if' Mrs. Kelley checks a register while Carolyn cuts a stencil and Cynthia and Helen stand in readiness to talce oft with interesting messages. Cynthia Thornton, Carolyn Blanc, Helen Heap, Mrs. Kelley. The morning bulletin, special announce- ments, and many a summons to report to the ottice are delivered with dispatch by these girls so eager to serve the school. East could hardly do without them. Jane Allen, Helen Keough, Maureen Holt, Carole Matthews, Eleanor Webber, Sarah Hensley. Aa.. '49, Q5 4' ' Qfamvas ' ' 'Meg ll Eoirlene Hatcher, CoAEditor, W. M. Cornpbell, Sponsor, cznd Potsy Ressler, Spring Secre- tory ond Co'Editor, ore shown in their "privote" oflqce in 0 moment of rcxre reloixcxtion. Ecxrlene ond Potsy, like their predecessors, discovered quite eorly tliot the honor of editorsltip is equoled by tlie necessity of nord work. Noncy Monley, Advertising lvlonoger ond Foll Vice President, exploins the od controct to Foll President Woyne lVlcCorty, while Sylyioi Moulton, Foll Treosurer, left, und Jocqueline Edwords, right, look on with smiles ot confidence. 118 Heod Typist ond Spring Vice President of the Honor Society, Mildred Jones, center, mokes her fingers fly os the third deodline drows neor, while her ossistdnts, Noncy duVergy ond Fonnie Possiokos, chime in with equol enthusiosm. The ever-populor Bill Riggins, from the Honor Society Hondbook, instructed the newly inducted members, Joonne Dunkin, IVlcGuttin, ond Roso Morio DeRobertis, in the mysteries ot the Society. In its fourth edition ot the Beocon, the Notionol Honor Society tries to excel olll the rest. This yecir, tor the first time, the Stott, except tor portroits, hos done oll its own photog- rophy trom clicking the shutter to drying the prints, The wonder is how o stoFl con get olong ony other woy. Besides, holt the tun of moking the book is in moking the pictures. 119 Marlene Russell, Fall Secretary, and Joy Atchley try out the new Lott Professional dryer. Once one masters the squeegees, the Hnal step in photography be- comes fascinating. N, y 1 X K1" X 5' K Phyllis Wise and Larry McClain get a preview ot the '55 Beacon by looking over the reiected prints. The Co-Editors keep the accepted prints in various secret places under lock and key, is ix Gordon Ballou shovvs Mary McEver, Sammye Fritz, and Ann Malcomb how to improve over the '54 Beacon. Evident- ly they think he has a good idea. Ann Huling stops Walter Moreland and Gail Horner to shovv them an interesting picture. Many will remember Walter tor his work with the exten- sion flash and the tiny mysterious flash light. QF .elvis , ff' Q.. Mickey Ellenburg gets his hrst lesson on the Omega No. 2 enlarger from Bolt Pickle, Head Photographer and President, who developed all the negatives and put the prints through their Dixie Hannah and Helen Heap patriotically bring their money to the Bank before due date to pay for their Beacons. Omni- present Cashier, Kay Colemen, writes their receipts, -........, various processes. His generosity in driving his car saved the day on many occasions. 81.1 Earl Stroup, above, a representative ot General Electric, gave a most entertain- ing program, demonstrating recent dis- coveries in the scientihc world. Here he is shovvn playing a tune. with rapid-fire electronic flash. iwwddq? Claude ivicCammon, representative ot the Fisher Body Crattsrnan's Guild, Decem- ber 6, announced available competition awards of 390,000 tor students to design model cars. Here Mr. McCammon shows a picture of the car ot the future, already experimentally demonstrated as prac- tical. l Bill Harvey, an old KHS grad enter- tains East students in time style with his musical talents. The East Tennessee State Col- lege Choir brought to East one ot its best programs ot the year. Here 24 voices unite in singing a favorite spiritual. tu... A noted Irishman, Ian Stuart, in o stirring address December 6, challenged us to a fuller appreciation ot our American heritage. Jack Martin, above, ot General Motors in numerous startling scientific demon' strations, "Previews of Progress," kept us vvell entertained with his humerous com- ments. Here he is shown trying an egg in perfectly clean motor oil on oi per' fectly cold stove. Youth Counselor, Mrs. Grace Sloane Overton, in a tvvo-hour program, vvas most humerous and instructive. Mrs. Ellenberg, seated, assisted her with stu- dent questions. "At your age and mine," said Mrs. Overton, "the only good excuse tor parking is to get out of the car." Superintendent Wilson Nevv, cen- ter, otliciates at the presentation ot trophies awarded by the Fisher Body Crattsman's Guild to Gerald Swann and Ernest VVatkins, vvin- ners in model-car designing. This is the second such distinction ac- corded Ernest. g. Bun Fulton working hord cleon- DeOssie Lewis enioys o well-eorned re- Floro Dixon tclking time off ing the front doors os port of loxotion following on 18-hour stretch in for lunch. She keeps the his iob of keeping the first floor the building. office cleon ond sporkling spic ond spon, ond looks ofter oll rooms designoted for girls only. pl? jk. Zaaaiwy Jomes Speors, shovel in hond, is pictured tending the two giont furnaces which keep our building thermostoticolly perfect for our comfort. 124 A If x fn s sas' '70ofu60w Mrs. Gertrude Pickering and Mrs. Sadie M. Pinkston, cashiers, make ready the daily deposit, While Miss Katherine Elmore, center, Cafeteria Manager, looks on with a benign mana- gerial smile. Lucile Roddy, Ruby Card, and Lois Harper ready at the big stove to serve up good hot food tor the H130 rush Lydia Helen which pared Porter, Susie Thompson, and White at the counter to we rush for our vveIl-pre- lunch. ks I I ll gi, TXX i .,..,. , . vvw U f lx 429495 7 7 fJ?5 2f QVQQ W WX X 021900 K QL I X 6f5,QX W ,X X 2 7 -7 Q I 2:f 1955 74055466 S First Row: Frank Graham, Leon Kirby, Bill Casteel, Bill Vaughn, Bill Gillett. Second Row: Jimmy Shetterly, Bob Rice, George Draper, Kenneth Humbard. Third Row: Ralph Howell, Jackie Montieth, George Cradic, Frank Yarnell. Fourth Row: Earl Reece, Bill Henry, Frank Maples. Fifth Row: Jerry Hickman, Albert Finley, Elvin Henry, Phillip Weaver, Tommy Lawson. 55 feackw A spirited South team, led by speedy half-back Jerry King, who scored all twenty points, downed ct young, unsuspecting East team at Evans-Collins Stadium in the opener of the year for the Knox Prep League. With one game under their belts and an upset in mind, the East Knoxvillians headed for the Atomic City only to be disappointed and humbled by the machine- like Red and Gray aggregation. All-State back .lim Grubb led the TD parade with four, but the sturdy Mountaineers never gave up. The next game was the initial win of the year for the fast-improving East eleven with Bearden the victim on their own gridiron. The East defense showed great improvement, while on oFfense, Co-Captain Mickey Ellenburg and halfback David Walls scored the touch- downs. The undaunted spirit of a football team, a great defensive show, and the wettest, muddiest conditions possible in a football game, enabled the Mountaineers to tie the powerful Bobcats. Led by end Leon Kirby, who blocked two punts, and Co-Captain Bill Gillett, who also blocked one, the East line gave the heavier Red and Black chargers a fit all night. A championship team with a well-trained line and a precisioned back-field took the Mountaineers despite a mighty aerial attack. Denied on three different occasions at pay dirt, the Eastsiders' spirit never waned, but the boys from the West were too much. On enemy territory the valiant Easterners came to tie the boys from South Knoxville. David Walls capti- vated two scoring drives with TD's, but the much needed extra point couldn't be obtained as Co-Captain Ellen- burg had one blocked and missed one. Thrill of the night was Charley Tarter's seventy-five yard iaunt with a kickoff to set the Mountaineers' second touchdown. Plagued by injuries to four starters, the never-say- die Mountaineers hit Rule for a quick two touchdown lead and then staved off a last half rally to knock oft the favored Golden Bears. 128 1955 74055452 S ooper, Bruce Teasley, Doug Candler, Fifth Row: David Gurley, FirsT Row: Mackey Ellenburg, Bradley Pinksfon, Carlos Harris, Joe David Walls, Jerry Graham. Fourfh Row: Tony Carper, Richard Rockwell. Second Row: Charles TarTer, Roy Griffin, Sfeve Lockeff, H Ray Hillaid, Johnny Deck. Third Row: Don Everance, Max Young, Tim Warner, Eugene Morrell, ' I I 55 Z7 Peaceea Affer a slow sTarT, The firsf sTringers builr up a sub- sTanTial lead and Then everybody goT inTo The acT as The subs poured iT To The oufemanned Green Hornefs. In a cold, drizzling rain and on a field ThaT a re- specfable hog wouldn'T even sfick his nose in, The Blue and Gray fell before The onslaughT of The powerful Orange and Black Cyclones. AfTer a sTrong first half, which ended wiTh Easf only one Touchdown behind, The roof caved in and Turned loose The swifT BeTsy backs To snaTch all hope away. ln The season's finale, The lVlounTaineers held The powerful FulTon offense To a ToTal of less Than o hundred yards gained during The game, buf The Falcon defense was The Turning poinT of The conTesT. The aggressive enemy defenders caughf almosT as many EasT passes as The EasT boys did and Turned one of The inTercepTions info a Touchdown, wiTh a backfield bobble accounfing for The oTher marker. 129 So ended The T954 season, wiTh a final record of 3 wins, 5 losses, and 2 Ties. Hardly a sTarTer escaped being handicapped by an iniury aT some Time during The season, freauenfly leaving viTal posiTions To be filled by less experienced Teammafes. However, The abiliTy of The younger boys To play Their besT when called upon and a greaf number of The boys being capable of playing Two or Three differenT posiTions gave The Team added sTrengTh and encouragemenf when iT was needed mosT. An example of such versaTiliTy was Co-CapTain GilleTT, who was elecTed cenfer on one newspaper's All- CiTy selecfion and end on The oTher paper's dream-Team. Co-Capfain Ellenburg was also selecTed To each paper's Team, giving EasT a fine represenTaTion on The All-STar picking. Ofher MounTaineers menTioned on The selecfions were Linemen: Leon Kirby, Roy Griffin, Earl Reece, George Draper, and Carlos Harris. Backs: David Walls, Charley TarTer, Bill Vaughn, and Johnny Deck, Yr-6 Roy Griffin Right End Mickey Ellenburg Quarterback i Q -ff? iq' YHA rg BillGilie1'r Le n Kirby Right tnd-Holfbock Lef E d ,,,,, Bradley Pinksfon Right Guard Max Young Left Tackle Dr. Moffett puts into practice the rules of good sportsman- sltip. His personality and spirit inspires our boys to do their best. Seaman fecofzd East Opponent O South 20 O Oa k Ridge 40 12 Bea rden 61 12 Central 12 O West 13 12 Young 12 20 Rule 13 35 Carter 7 14 Eliza betlwton 45 O Fulton 13 This page sponsored by CLARK BROTHERS PIANO COMPANY 132 7954-7955 Cloclcwise: Ann Baird, Nina Loy, Patsy Ressler, Bob Pickle, Evelyn Jones, Corey McWilliams, Head Clneerleaderg Jerry Sue Campbell, and Frank Flynn. Da. Winged ffitdfeteb Dfhddfdfb Kama? Wzwdnc First Row: Charles lvlcLamore, George Cradic, Buddy Powell, Jerry Graham, Robert Fralix, Johnny Deck. Second Raw: George Draper, Earl Reece, Max Young, Perry Byars, Bill Cas- teel, Frank Maples. Third Row: Gene Morrell, Davey Julian, Ralph Howell, Don Everence, John Lord, Ronnie Brown, Jim Sheckles. Fourth Row: Richie Hooper, Dickey Winstead, Ray Hillarcl, David Graham, John Brooks, Jerry Roberts. Wrestling, under the coaching at James Reasonover, came into its own this year at East. We took on all contenders to win hand- some victories. Our only trouble was in getting teams willing to meet us. iq- ,sf Earl Reece giving David Julian the aeroplane ride for sorne sort of slam to the mat. lil!! 2.14, Eddie Coach Buford A Bible's many years ot successful experience in coach- ing round ball inspires confidence in his team and our fans. ' Eecofwl East Opponent 59 Maynardsyille 55 81 Bearden 42 91 Carter 56 86 Bearden 51 55 LaFollette 69 96 Carter 50 68 Powell 74 83 South 61 75 Catholic 43 50 Clinton 47 70 Lenoir City 60 79 Powell 85 71 Oak Ridge 52 75 Catholic 41 64 West 61 66 South 58 23 Central 14 56 Young 48 53 Rule 45 73 Fulton 71 71 Oak Ridge 61 89 Rule 56 55 West 63 75 Central 48 53 Young 56 57 Fulton 44 134 Swarm? 7m Buren Hall, Guard: Charles Lovell, Guardg Bill Riggins, Captain, Centorg Bill Oillett, Forward, Mickey Ellenburg, For- ward. Not pictured: Sammy Horne, Guard. .i dw First Row: Buren Hall, Bill Gillett, Mickey Ellenburg, Bill Riggins. Second Row: David Walls, Elvin Henry, Wesley Baird, Bruce Teasley, Charles Lovell. Third Row: Gay Valentine, Roy Griffin, Doug Candler, David Branch. Fourth Row: Charles Tarter, Johnny Deck, Eugene Morrell, Tim Warner, Bobby Sherwood. A CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON With seven lettermen back and an experienced starting five, the Mountaineers had their eyes on the city cham- pionship honors from the very start. The timely scoring of Captain Riggins in critical games and the otherwise fine performances of East against their strongest oppo- nents brought 21 wins to 5 losses and captured the City Championship from Fulton February l8. All through the season the unerring accuracy of the guards, Hall and Horne, enabled the forwards, Ellen- burg and Gillett, to stay among the leaders in the city. Gillett with better than a 22-point average was among The tops in the state. Gillett, Horne, and Ellenburg were picked for the Sentinel's All-City Squad, and Gillett and Horne for the Journal's AA First Team. fl 24445433 Buren Hall, Benny Dillard, Charles Lovell, Carlos Harris, Mickey Ellen- burg, Bill Gillett. Carlos demonstrates the right way to bunt, and the other boys seem to take his word for it. ,A Mickey Ellenburg tries a few long drives, while Buren Hall waits his turn. Coach Clayton Hancock since come ing to East has stimulated a lot of interest in baseball. Whatever he does, he does well. Elvin Henry, Buren Half, Steve Lockett, and George Cradic in position to scoop up some grounders. -glam Wolfeq Em ' Clwcnlolte Korley, Evelyn Fdvxmds, Carolyn Honvnwond, Row DQRolnwtls, Nancy Hoskins, Slwerro Dudley, Kilml Rcgos, Plmyllls Clem, 152413 eam70 Flrst Row: Buddy Powell, Jim Slweclcles, Robert Frczllx, Charles McLczmore, Davey Julion. Second Row: George Crcadlc, Perry Byars, Ralph Howell, Bill Costeel, Max Young. lawn- Woffeq 3455 Dc-lows Avclwloy, Reno Corocostlts, Ann Coclwron, Nancy Clark, Slwerry Griffin, Ethel Aslwry, Sondra Frome, X X ,449 if' "AND HERE YO ii lwfefs Q Q .REM Y may Y 1 v 12 Q - 1 X Q 'lo QQZQZWWW Many of your friends of earlier classes are now members of the telephone family We join with them in wishing you every success and good fortune for the future i+s"i"a SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY its ,-.air,,f "Te, ' or . o JEWELERS Robinson's Plumbing and Supply Co 703 COOPER STREET Wholesale Distributors of Plumbing Supplies- DIAL 2-9607 520 Market Street KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE Building .Materials- Electrical Supplies- Bell Avenue Baptist Church 1900 McCalla Avenue REV. E. L. WILLIAMS, Pastor MR. ED HOWARD, Music Director SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:30 a.m. MORNING WORSHIP 10:45 a.m. TRAINING UNION 6:15 p.m. EVENING WORSHIP 7:30 p.m, C 81 S LAUNDRY 3403 MAGNOLIS AVENUE Moore-Handley Hardware Company "Your Motorola Distributor" Park City Baptist Church 2519 Selma Avenue REV. HASKELL BOLDING, Pastor SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:30 o.m. MORNING WORSHIP 10:45 a.m. TRAINING UNION 6:30 p.m. EVENING WORSHIP 7:30 p.m. A Special Welcome To All Young People DRlNNEN'S BARBER SHOP BE 2132 East Magnolia Avenue ST WISHES FOR CONTINUED SUCCESS A Friend EIS Compliments of 3932 McCoIIa Avenue MR- W- C- CBilIl SINCI-AIR In Burlington SMITHWOOD CLEANERS OPEN 6:30 A.M. - 'I0:00 P.M. - MON. - SAT. PHONE 6-3716 J. S. HORNE, Owner PHONE 2-9829 MORCEIQHMENSJEF CO STUDIO FLOWER SHOP ' MRS. E. E. CALDWELL 1600 Wclsltington Avenue 3815 Mccaua Ave. TELEPHONE 5-7264 CONGRATULATIONS! CLASS OF '55 For a Career Offering the Aussurance of Good Pay Compliments of -Steady Work - Excellent Opportunity. Choose the A Booming Beauty Field. A "Tennessee" Diploma is your key to success. Visit Our School or Write for Our Free Catalog. Tennessee School of Beauty Culture 300-202 S. Gay St. Knoxville, Tenn. COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF MAY'S FURNITURE SHOP TENNESSEE OPTICAL CO. 805 West Cumberland EMPIRE BLDG. PHONE 2-6197 Knoxville, Tenn. HARRISON STREET GROCERY 501 Harrison Street PHONE 5-2544 Fresh Meats and Groceries at Fair Prices OSBORNE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Front 81 Market Street Knoxville, Tennessee PHONE 5-1177 1129 Fort Street Chattanooga, Tennessee PHONE 7-6501 VASEY FURNITURE COMPANY FURNITURE AND HOME OUTFITTERS 308-310 South Gay Street Knoxville, Tennessee PHONE 3-0707 "The Friendly Store With a Smile - Come in - We'll Trade" BURLINGTON ESSO STATION Mayford Mitchell 3840 Magnolia Avenue Knoxville, Tennessee 24 HOUR SERVICE HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS . . Prepare tot B Ca- reer instead of a E- C- WY'-ew i?S1'TE2L'I "LE " Epii Says: 2r1?NAL . ,i whege . u ures are orme . TODAY 11' " :1151.-5' For o 0 ACCOUNTING Q CAREER o SECRETARIAL . ' TOMORROW 'A' Vlsif Anytime Your Sgllggl Register Anytlmi Frlgnd Start Anytime CAREER CLASSES NOW FORMING NATIONAL BUSINESS COLLEGE 'Tho Progressive Business School" Knoxville 12, Tenn. STERLING HOUSE TAPP OPTICAL DISPENSARY PRESCRIPTION OPTICIANS 415 West Church Avenue Knoxville, Tennessee PHONE 2-0620 A. F4 LOCKETT GROCERY PHONE 3-1525 2500 Washington Avenue GROCERIES and FRESH MEATS FROZEN FOOD and VEGETABLES POWER EQUIPMENT CO. CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT Knoxville - Chattanooga - Kingsport Compliments of GREENWOOD CEMETERY COMPLIMENTS OF COSSON'S SPORT CENTER 702 S. Gay Street Knoxville Tropical Fish and Pet Supply 1926 E. Magnolia Avenue TROPICAL FISH, PARRAKEETS, PETS - Open 1:00 p m. to 8:00 p.m. -- ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY 3916 McCalla Avenue - In Burlington ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS PHONE 2-6173 WEAVER'S CAFETERIA 3912 Magnolia Avenue Compliments of RIGG'S GROCERY GROCERIES 8. FRESH MEATS 108 Houston Street PHONE 3-2446 BEST wlsi-iss TO THE cLAss or '55 KNOXVILLE PARKRITE INC. Regas Restaurant PLENTY FREE PARKING SPACE "Home of Sizzling Steaks" GAY AT MAGNOLIA Clapp Sales Company RACK OPERATORS HEALTH and BEAUTY AIDS 2509 N. Central Ave. Phone 3-0715 Office Supply 81 Equipment Company "EVERYTHING FOR THE OFFICE" 310-312 wesi church Compliments of TENNESSEE CONCRETE CO. COMPLIMENTS OF OLIVER WRIGHT COMPANY, INC. ComP'l"fe"'s of Corner Patton and Willow Sts. A Frlend Knoxville, Tennessee Phone 4-3019 I TURNER BROTHERS COMPANY Exclusively Wholesale FRUITS and VEGETABLES Knoxville, Tennessee 2213-15 WE SELL TO MERCHANTS ONLY Phone 5-9521 We Deliver Forest Avenue COX AND WRIGHT F O O D B A S K E T "In the Heart of Burlington" FREE SERVICE TIRE CORP. - Distributor of - GOODYEAR TIRES 81 BATTERIES-G.E. APPLIANCES VULCANIZING and RECAPPING 300 Magnolia Avenue, N. E. PHONE 3-1147 Knoxville, Tennessee Compliments of J. E. Willard 8. Sons GENERAL CONTRACTORS 614 Atlantic Avenue PHONE 5-0318 EARL'S MARKET HELM'S and WADE'S 3821 E. Magnolia Avenue C FRESH VEGETABLES - GROCERIES - MEATS Shop With Us EARL SATTERFIELD, Manager ORNER GAY CORNER MARKET and and CLINCH CLINCH DRUGS - CANDIES - NEWS STANDS COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE Compliments of R. E. NORTON, Mgr. A 81 P MAGNOLIA AVENUE Burlington Flower Shop AGATI-IA SMITH, Owner 3436 Magnolia Avenue Telephone 4 7819 Knoxville, Tennessee YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD FLORIST Bank of Knoxville R. A. NEWMAN BETTER FOODS 3907 McCalla Avenue Dial 3-2139 Knoxville, Tennessee "THAT FRIENDLY BANK" Member: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation SELMA AVENUE GROCERY "IN THE HEART OF PARK CITY" GROCERIES - FRESH MEATS Corner Selma and Chestnut St. R. L. SWAGGERTY, Owner Phone 4-4177 3I4 WINONA at MAGNOLIA - KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE W l HIM W " f, Cl 'll , I Tl cum-m,coI.suw4 CNW" ,,., ','ll!l'll l ii-it X ,and 'ld I I 'I IN,'u.,IiIIq, In-III WIIIIIWL I E2 X... ST --X -S A I PASTEURIZED MILK - ICF - " 5.- "TWO FINE FOODS" P H I L ' S SHOES FOR THE FAMILY See us for your REAL ESTATE PROBLEMS ond Jessee Miller, Bill Broome or Ed. C. Schmid, Realtor CHILDRENS CLOTHING 727 MARKET sr. Pr-ioNE 3-8171 Magnolia at McCollcz In Burlington PHONE 3-5789 OLIVER OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. Compliments of 819-27 N. Central Avenue Knoxville, Tennessee GALO ICE CREAM PHONE 5-2135 STEEL DESKS-FIRE PROOF SAFES FILES-STORAGE CABINETS OFFICE SUPPLIES-ACCESSORIES Phone 5-2135 Fifth Avenue Baptist Church 2500 E. FIIIII Ave. on. WAITER WARMAIH, Pastor S d Sh I --------- 9:30 A.M. LTL., Cvflhip . . . . . . 10,50 A.M. STQFFELIQS DAIRY Tfdlnlhg UnIon - - - - - 6:15 P.M. Evening Worship -------- 7:30 P.M. AMPLE PARKING AREA AIR CONDITIONED AUDITORIUM for QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS "TASTE the DIFFERENCE" PHONE 6-2863 GENTRY APOTHECARY KNOXVILLE DISTRICT OFFICE 314-18 MERCANTILE BUILDING - GAY,8. CHURCH STREET G. Clyde Edwards, Manager 60 Field Representatives in Knoxville to serve your Life Insurance needs. Compliments of VOLUNTEER PORTLAND CEMENT CO. Compliments of Troutman Esso Station W. D. Troutman and G. W. Parker 1420 E. Magnolia Aven 24-HOUR SERVICE BROWN'S DRUG STORE No. 'I - Five Points No. 2 - Burlington H andW MARKET QUALITY MEATS and-GROCERIES at Fair Prices 2901 MCCALLA AVENUE NOW! "Let The Ride Decide" YUU Furnish Ihe GIVI See and Drive The 1955 Packard and Packard Clipper CO. America's Only Automobiles To Offer Packard's RevoIuIionary TORSION-LEVEL SUSPENSION and Compleie Home Furnishers VETYPE, OVER-HEAD VALVE ENGINES Ranging 225 I1.p. Io 275 h.p. DIAL 5-1115 208-10 S. GAY STREET B R IT T O N M O T O R S 521-523 NORTH GAY STREET Broadway Baptist Church "THE FRIENDLY CHURCH" DR. RAMSEY POLLARD, Pastor 815 N. 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McCarty's Mortuary M O R T I C I A N AMBULANCE SERVICE 4004 McColIa Avenue Compliments of L 81 H RADIO-ELECTRIC CO. Quality Work Only PHONE 5-0305 The Ranch House "JUST GOOD FOOD" 3211 E. Magnolia Avenue CALLOWAY-FARMER CO. -INCORPORATED - HARDWOOD - FURNITURE CEMENT - ROOFING - PAINTS - FERTILIZER 3814 McCallc1 Avenue Burlington J. W. "Bill" SIMMS ESSO SERVICENTER 2135 Magnolia N. E. PHONE 4-5151 Knoxville, Tennessee MAJOR COCKRUM 81 COMPANY HARDWARE and BUILDING MATERIALS TELEVISION 2266 McCalla Avenue PHONES 5-5144 - 5-5145 Com liments of CLYDE RAINWATER GROCERY 4500 Holston Drive Phone 2-3814 WE DELIVER MEDICAL ARTS DRUG CO. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS PHONES--3-7175, 4-3341 Corner Main and Locust Streets Knoxville, Tennessee Visit "The Gift Corner" while waiting to hove your prescription filled. HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION INSURED 32 SAVINGS 509 Market Street 1409 Magnolia Ave. RAYMON D HOLBERT'S GROCERY 720 Fern Street QUALITY MEATS ond GROCERIES PHONE 2-9858 GREENLEE DRUG STORE MODERN DRUG STORE WITH COMPLETE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE 39II McCcllla Avenue Knoxville, Tennessee PHONES 4-3035-4-3036 LYNN SH EELEY CO. EVERETT and CABLE - NELSON PIANOS 2358 Magnolia Avenue Knoxville, Tenn. 105 E. Main St. 412 S. Roan St. Morristown Johnson City MANN'S LEON BAYLESS SERVICE STATION McCaIIa - Ben Hur Avenue Knoxville, Tennessee PHONE 2-9 447 Complimenfs of C. R. MILLER GROCERY 515 OLIVE STREET YOU'RE ALWAYS WELCOME AT The Tennessee Valley Bank 414 West Clinch-2706 Broadway N. E. 48I5 Kingston Pike N.W. 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TW one Of OU' Delicious "OLDEST DEALERS IN THE sourHLAND" H'GHgf0Y5 CADILLAC PONTIAC West Main at Henley g 1932 Magnolia Avenue Oran e Julius Headquarters for I-IELTON - MARTIN - BUESCHER BAND INSTRUCTORS WTI ' PREMER DRUMS KNOXVILLE MOTOR COMPANY A-I REPAIR WORK ON ALL BAND INSTRUMENTS - WORLDIS OLDEST NASH DEALER 413 N th G MILES Music STORE 4.55, GY Home of Baldwin 8x Baldwin Built Pianos SALES SERVICE And Baldwin Electric Organs "SERVING EAST TENNESSEE SINCE 1909" 121-23 S. Gay Street Phone 4-1419 Z f IWW ROBERTS MORTUARY Ground and Airplane Ambulance 21 12 Maanolia Avenue qw, w ., ' -5, Q if EK Q at , 5 x v Exits S353 7 X 2 kr I in k -1.68 A ' ,R -,. 5 7 W 'xx . A .- 'AXQPW4 x. X5 kki'r?,-s.Kwv A' W A 'y ' Nga v x xx, g A. Xwxm -x Nxw I wh ,N Q .. .Q 'W L . Qqid' A 1 ' lx hi 4-Mg. 1, 4 my ww A X.: "' e QV! Q . V oc M x P 1 Hi sr X ,xxx -. . 2, xxfx , . X 5 ', f Q RE' sf- 1 ' x if X . H vm Q x 1. ,Xi S it ' Y M Q ,N X .lm K N X K . af, A, , V b X 9 A K M X . Q , Q Y 'Q , were .a 'Wfx ,Q , L Q , N L Q ff ' xi Y -4 J ' iw v . . 1 fk ' is f X5 '35 , my-Qt' . 1 .F 4 'Y Ah Q 1, K lk li C9 S Top, Robert Pickle cmd Mildred Jomes. Foregrouncl, Plwyllis Doane, Alfermcife. The Spirit of East Higlw, Complememled by lccwclersliip, scliolmrslwip, service, clworocter, ability, mid iriduslry, leads unerringly To SUCCESS, iii' W. SL, ,.,i Deor Spirit of Eost High: Your enthusiosm, your onimotion, your energy, your ideols, your loyolty, ond your foith-oll these hove enobled us to ochieve this end. Moy you continue to dwell in the heorts of all who come to Ecnst High. gagfaglldifov- Co-Eddifglrzgl o QW MW My ghfwifgw 5353533390595 MM WW, wQfVQ!Q'WfMWg Q fYW9,5w!it9W,,qf f VMWWMWQMWQMQWM WMMMMWWM Zfyff 5. JWVZZQKQWMMJCQ Jwft 'MJ MV Q-1 1 1 xx T7 Egg: 4, ' ' "'g7, 551, V 0 ' , 'W' ' ' '- f- 5-1,-.-i1:':'t-rf, 5:52411 ..1 I E, 1 , 5, ii: W: ff 5. , if :FEI ff? fi I 1 ,.., E .N ,.. -- M.- I: Lag: V 'f Ufffz' i pfi 15 5: F? P4 -E I-4 3' .5175 gf 1. L 1 -fiff, 'ifx ..,, ...,., , Y ,Vv. ...., , - ..,,.,, M., .... ,Y.. ,,,, .,., ..,,.. A -..gif gg

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East High School - Beacon Yearbook (Knoxville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 160

1955, pg 160

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