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 - Class of 1947

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1 4 I 1 a 4 . 3 o 4 1 Q 1 , 4 ,Q ' Y 1 ll! Q xr. MKG -ymf M- if ww k 4? u ,rx v NX Q. uw K r A I 1 A A 9 E if . , c af x . , Ac' J ,QU 536835147 W . Qf WSW WWW f Q23 WWW W W, 6 yfmffffym gm , ,M X 51 WW 0 if WM W X fp SQQTEX Uffffjiiijii if is QOQEEYJO. WW Q , N 5 wi My ww C N N rf X-Q f E3 DX 1 W if ' X SN 0 J f mp xx.. ,gifs 'fi 3 O1 5 fx X Q wif 3 xi ,HJ xg xi N NR P' Of ii Q Y'+9 Q15 gig? . NQJEJ'i-5 5. QW? iigi, 3316 L5 95 M 55 rv 53 M , Q Wwfiffwm ww MP My . f f ESQ? Yg5! ww Q5 Qi X,g4fWwQWffM ff ,J fffff-525251 Q WVMW M is fqisiffffff wQ U5Qf ' Q if , ww - m . X M gi W HV J1PQf?iWM fy.. N3 X gu"J?i?'X05i?vb'v Q ' fW yfW1a?f ,P 5 pf ,K Q Wy M HwQS4S5gYjf,14 3 fp MT? fi 550 Q2 E MM M ww ,L S9 Qi mwwvjgfgya Kg WMMJX Efikyw is X 23 liigfwwswf J 'fgkdfjw M ff 'M ff ,JQJA . 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' 'Ml -' ' 1 f F, W .,. fix . , ' .- ' 2 W ia Q rx.-.v9b'M Kean Qw JH Qwgil 1 ww"9c 'X W qstlgsgggm A ' If Rx 55NoQ7"g blby, A Maggiwwy pwfx, f RQQ ' .f I . 17,411 V M 1 'Q ff X ff 6 1 I ,, jg Z, " kg 'vw ji L: K I fi ZZ- Nz! , A , 1 0' A is as , ' ' 1 , I 4 ' .f ,ji ,ml Ng . QF U , I. Cy Q. Q., X M XR , 0.66 ww, 95-o ff? fd? Citi, Af? 60 ,W M j,',,,ffjz7 jg, f WMW+ WMWH ffwddwk C' TK. If 4 I J xA PM UfLf'L'f7 u,1,ffrC"'0f ' K ' - I .. 4 X '- 4- -KI, .1 2 X k,"'-Aff", 1 -mi. ff s, x X Q Q , wx? M V5 X. X A f gL ' , iffy Ctfwlffyf W We CWQ WMI ' DWQYLIDX I 0,H'9f?JA' Q 03'W,f"f' wav U M15 950. A 00" My Kr, fix WWE? fi N 2' fx 5,12 My Qf J mwfbiff gf 55 HQ W' A wf ' QW my GMM W fu wwf Xxw- 5 Q f jj: 7525 Q Xjrilns Oliiii ,fins K .Q Wgzfw 5456? . M W Avi- , W, N, 1,1 .,-. ,W ,4 3 .-A-:L V -wfwg, f,..,,, 'un . , . 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A - - ,- ' fix .S ,L CKWQ ' A' -' , -4'-,' 3? T. Sw ,Nf i i if ff' ' . f f fi . I QW! 4. 5 5 , L w, -' ' A -Q, ii . vc, ,qv L: ' 3 -'H '1 . N Q N 1 , -A My K., xsx- if - i5'ff353,9f5L -Y L' g ,W "N-f--My ,Q- . 1 Q-fn P, ' AQ, W.: , . f, A-'L' ' N f x f MH , , .. K , is l,- -W., 14 .. 'sm -+ - mg 4 , 'F g mr- H1 1 "wfM'i" '2 ' , ,, f f"'W'w H ll f. if ls' fvmf W M. Q , Ig if ,ffl ,f , .V W wi mgl SLN aww.. 1, II, , Z E ,?r,:EZ:1i M . .421 ' .W -. fi- ' . ff - 7' . X " 3'9" M " v .4 I 3 1 if Q. ,FV x ,, x -s 1313, K ' f-f r. '2 '1f,Q"' 3 5 15 5 ' - ' ' H in . - L11 'Y F' ff: .a,,5'.1f':':. Qi ' -6- 4 Q2 Q X ' ,L A t 1,5 ig, -K Y V. Q, Q - S. K, :. A, ,Q , QAQVQ'-A ' f 4' 1 - -. .r -. +1-154, .,h:.S: '. . fa.: ff- ug 1 ' -.42 1 I-gf g V' K . , 1, ff-1 9V Q , 2 A, 'I' - f " , zu ,ig 'V 1 Q H. vl.. W1 A- i .v . Q.-in 5 J N ' ' 4, 3 , Q ' ,: Y L 'Q W 1- 1,47 , H, ,. . , v fe-xm,Z4,,gg,-f41'?vf fvg3,,',, .g-j.,Q yi W Zum ,V ' ' 1. K .,,. Xu A K Q s l x 'i' ' R W X Editors BEVERLY BRIDGES RONNIE-ZALL ROGER RICHTER Business .Manager Faculty Sponsor fhiei Photographer GEORGE A. CAVENDER ROBERT HERZSTEIN Ml fits WW M wfjjiggfjmw 1 fn M, , . 4 la' QQ? HW?" if? I 'W , , ,f1"w'f4'V ' 'uh 5, w f ,,,..,...,,, 'ESV' -1-Q-.-- . ,. .Q ..--Av ""' " 'x' v 31 ik AFM' 4+ 5 A "5 'MQ ,Aww yi., , '!,.' .amy 4 ,. 4 yr f Y 7,94 fm., A ,,...,.NW,:,- 'F , M ,..-W ,.1,,,.v .,..,,,, W MMM A "WEP :fr 'Wm k ' M"""--w..., . . ., M-...,M4...,,,,M0 , k cf fn f , '4, N31 li ML, I I I QA. ., A: x 'N 1, WMgg?gbf3?'f4M M ,X '-wmi, . . x .- STAIRWAY TO LEARNING ., . qwwmwih' A, ' ---,1 , :Q 1 1 'M w ,wx Wg Yvvms "-' - 'A 'mm 9 5 Fr -V ,f I' X M f NATURE'S AREH ff J' I 1 1 5' 145, 0" x N Nil Louis H. Braun, Principal A9.LaJ-4. YJ E , W ,' 1 ,112 cg Y K ' ct-J ' ' QQ ,Zigi ' of 51 ZLCIQI 522 5 Ju. Www f14.44,r gugiruis H. Braun, QXVM' Our new principal and friend, ln grateful recognition Of his kindly help and counsel To hundreds of Angels, This book is dedicated. . Q . 46? 1'."3'f1, Q "J Y . , , TQ , 'mfg . ,Wi ' 3.11, VM. ,,1-GHS" ' , :Q 'r a ' n " ,ll -1 . . 1 1 1 I .ov A Angel Lamnus is Z1 iou forever ,Q . - 3.1.2 fm' ,.-7. . f.-3.5, 5 iw. f T5'YT5.W.5-f 141. 'T'-'M ji. ..- 1,..',. .-.. vw 'u . -. v , ' 1 'f if N ' . ,f A-I, M -mr '-swf . .k I, .44 . f..1jd.' ., ' H., . . ...J . ,,f,. f YEL "ei Q" 5,3 3-, . ...J ,,,, , f 111 fri' , .A . , , . ,. 1 s. . .f 1 , . . .v. ,. V .J-' f' '.Q.."' -.1-I ,W ' up ' ' A ,VL:g.u..- ,I ff rf w ' hw- . -V ' 1. f. ' M1 H " ij-,, .7 A , M .4 . , . X. L,-f F' .wi ,I ,. In V ,, H ,Q I ,l. W , ,, ., nh t - - X 6 5-M fm M, 4 1 .K 1' ya, ,L 'A lx 5: X 'Y ww .Qs N ,TW NE? f I ff W ,X 7 4,7 4 ,-,rf gf W gggz, ,M , ,,f M ,. T, ' f ' X' ,, ..f X "4 ,f, , ,xg Av I I .4.,,,. '- ' - V ,,,,. M ,V ug I highm ,V f y vf Z wi iff ff, . f,f,,g,yfI , at ' - 13 44 ,,:2.,v A .ff v ' ,Ji V V " 'NV' ".. ' f,, fa ,, ,W XR f f f f f f Q f 4 WW I W I Q 1 ,ff 1 f f W , , Qi f M , ff f 1 .4 V' f ! M f Q , if A O fy f X54 1 N-. 1 " ' may , W , ff 3 , ' ff ff 1 W, f 1 , f 1 1 , f f f f I f f " , if - V Q, f , f 6 1? f '- A f f I, 1 2 f 1- ' , , , ,f f Z ,f f if f , ,L Z ! I i ' f f 7 V, I ,' - 3' y y-, I ' H ' ff' A Y fi A :ff um 5: N fu, X I W 7 fr V Mfg 'V lr ,. " M, A 70 1 X " ws. 'gf f ' H ' , , V y X I aw-fi 'inf-fa, W , f, ll8I Howdy Day The annual "Howdy Day" ceremonies were held once more on Septennber 27 after an un- avoidable delay in the opening of school caused by the polio epidernic, The day's actiyities were highlighted by the traditional assernbly, Under supervision of the Student Council, the new Sophs participated in a "truth or consequences" progranni Then the exchanging ot signatures on the Howdy Day Cards helped tarniliarize the newcomers with school traditions This oppsrf tunity tor rnalaing friends is one ot East's most successful events and cherished custorns, l YZ., Z A Y, Z :M vi? E Ni v- pam ,A 4 .gy pm 6Ww067 M 'N f ,,, , . xv K 1 Q, , . ,f V frm 1 f' 'lvidvupr 0' ' f,,. .D li " zliyfw-M ,www s I' I NRE Q: X. ki? Q ,rg.- 5,,:.M. wvwkwar SW 1.3 'gig Six. ,ff WW 4 wld!! ,.-nf if .we fr 1590 0525 L? Z ,WMW45 El IIEHFZLB if ,f by . X N KW-M f , ,"' 0 7 14 hh! ny, w,mM WW WM MQWM if ff f Vx fwj X jf! W!! 1 f, f ,fn , f f if f V HQ ff 1 f , ff f fl f W 1 fff Wy? 1 pw :H Y , ff f 5 KW 1. 4. Q: NG, ?' ,X ,. -W-wav ,-.x ,,,.n---,MMMM 2 x 0 , -e Q' 45' 'I if' v r ' ' Y? 555:55 ' 1 , A my 5 S Z . If- ' M " ff 6 Hwy -2' x !, ' x 1 www. A W S ix f A - L wi.-ff, Q ' ' -gm ' J 4 1 , -mf :'+.:.- A I, L ,,. K 4 M x K V, I , 1 4 I .521 w 4 1 ,v s f 2,3 ffl f . A' "fy . V V I .X AQ V fx ' ,A - " , . asf , f . . w, .4 , f ' Hg- 2, . , . ,, ., 2 ' f if' , ' N H .A , ....., fp R 4 y - - - .L ,,, ' , 5? zz' -4, S, Y ,,,,,, .VI Z, 5 fir ' X. ' T S" A ' , f H X L mmm' and 072 Zfie mg 1 N F: X 2: .35 A we ,Q Q 6 ffwrywfw "'XQ.,, Wm ,, ' , f ' ' MV A-msg ff-.2 xi lk iw rin' frm 2 Vw ,pf vii Xxx 1 Faculty and Classes East High School's large taculty ot eighty-two classroom teachers, assisted by three admin- istrators, two librarians, eight clerks and sec- retaries and a busy crew of custodians, has as its job the task of helping twenty-tour hundred Angels reach the goals established by the school curriculum. East, which recently has received recognition in two large national mag- azines, has a somewhat traditional high school program, with subject matter highly depart- mentalized, with college entrance require- ments the deciding factor tor most pupils, with a guidance program evolving out of a sophomore general education class and provid- ing a round of extracurricular activities, ri 1 WYMOND J, EHRENKROOK ELIZABETH SPARHAWK Assistant Principal Dean of Girls The Office Counseling, making programs, adjusting schedules, planning assemblies, controlling attend- ance, recording grades, making transcripts of credits, printing the bulletins and answering countless questions are just a tew ot the numerous daily events in the constant bum ot East's well run busy office, OFFICE STAFF Marie Nelson, Edith Bruce, Beth Fienud, Regina Olander, Rita Putnam, Olixe Edwards, 1 l ' T r 'Www Q1 - 'X :A x - .si if i. " 14.1 YTEIET " f .. .....,,...-.fa-. ,.. - .x !5g.'t17.X 'K Seated, left to right: Charles Croley, Agnes Young, Ada McGetrick, Ophelia Wolter, Ruth Eggleston Edgar Olander. Commercial Special commercial certificates are presented those students interested in business careers and who have met the requirements set up by the department, Well equipped with typewriters, mimeographs and other office machines, the commercial department is able to graduate students capable of becoming superior stenographers, bookkeepers and other office workers. Typing, stenography, bookkeeping, commercial arithmetic and office training are the subjects offered. The Steinbeck award, given to pupils ex- celling in the commercial field, is highly sought after by commercial students. Sims t 3 C2511 V , f r i Standing, left to right: Helen Hunter, Mary Ardrey, Cenevieve Kreiner, Alice Koons, Helen Wade, Lyda Varney, Katherine Hoffman. Seated: Eugene Schaefer, Sarah Philpott, Margaret Beynon, Vera Thompson, Gladys Bona, Justin Brierly. EF 0 Reading, IOA Composition, Junior Composition, College Preparatory English ng English Literature, American Literature, Contemporary Literature, Shake spearian Drama, Journalism, and speech have as their objective the develop ment of oral and written expression and the enjoyment ot literary art, ' wi ,swf " i an -wb Xi " X ITKNWN EEK N 1 7 """"' 777' f N' '!""' 'L' ff Z, , " ' wif f f 'J f ' ia' 1 ' 'iff V, fi 'I X ' ' ,lg ,A al ,, nfgifawik l btw. W' s S X 5 M5 ,ia ix 2 "Nu Zan.. if J X Standing, left to right: Robert McComas, Robert Ozanne, George Cavender. Seated: George Jensen, Florence Harper, Mildred Jeffrey, Alice O'Sullivan, Virginia Stearns, Melvin Payne. An awareness of social forces and a knowledge of the social problems facing the peoples of the nation and the world are the end objectives of the many courses offered in this department, American history, modern world history, ancient history, history of the West, sociology, atomic energy, and psychology may be taken by civic-minded Angels, Social Studies :.,. -Q N L 1 1 5, 'QI 'A ' 9' 'gg s. X, N v- - lx ix: iswx X- 8 Qi S NGNM M NNY N N Q xx A es NX X 1 t . . . ix X X he ' s X X w ww XX X Q BX r ,X r , -,W Q x XNIXW K X - X WW i M Fw,,c.. ,MJWXM , ' i .SX ttoo c ' up S -1,0-A , X , :we lf' 1 ll, K ia Seated, left to right. Roland Roberts, Esther Wickham, , l-lero Conesny, Fareda Moorhead, Regina DesJardins, Violet McCarthy. Music AND ART Home ECONOMICS , and INDUSTRIAL ARTS g Standing, left fo ngm Reiiff wright, Adolph Panek Art, Music, Industrial Arts, Home Economics, Fine Arts, Industrial and Home Arts are of- fered through four different departments at East, Vocal and instrumental music groups, harmony and music appreciation, creative and commercial art, art and industrial crafts, metal and woodworking classes provide a wide range of selection. l Seated: Isabel St, John, Mary Moore, Waldo Miller, Hester T l-loladay, Harvey Meyer, Mary Livesey ff " ,X Aj Q' XX ik-1 A 'fi' My , .. .,.,. .,.,. y - KA , f.?' I kkh, 3 ,T if N 3 ,W XS ! fx x Q 2 1 Q N M 4 Q A I . , x J f u", vi ,, -if-7,40 -7'3" ' VY ' Q," ,ff f W 7' , ,, ff -, . Qyy l, A,.f,cf ,, W7 fw f if if 'f'if7i ' f iiii fi f ,M L, f I , X , hunk, ffwf fy!! ff W7 ZW WW 'W ZW Aww fapfinw ff, , 5 ',',..4, .. . M, ' Q, ,x - y , a dn .5 ,, , , ,,z'f"4, 4 ff ,,,, , ' r 417 I Z fi 1. Q , 13 - - , 23,53 , f-'my' ,, V7 V W1 " iii: ' , 7' , z f f , y 0 X 1 W- - l:'.0-1 14 f y f ' ,Z 'Q , A" f rf ff 5 'ft 1 ff' 4 f9 f I ,, :wiv 55. , 'f' ' 1, ZW " 4 .2517 :ME .rf f , W QW ' V by M .gfffwdf 1 ? ' is fi My W We A rilrl hM i 7 pf Standmg, left to rigdt, Sam Blanc, Lily Shultz, Dominic Zarlengo. Seated Morris l-lottman, Jack Mclntosn, Willis Lamson, J, Howard Williamson, Carl Pease. Scienc Recent development ot atomic energy and rocket propulsion has stimulated added interest in science subjects. East students, particularly boys, enroll in larga numbers tor pnysics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, geology and radio , 1 x f A ff, i :QI '1 vi. W, 'L X W. ,,, , ia if ff Standing, left to right: Harry Charlesworth, Oscar Marinoff, George Wagner. .X Seated: Bruce Ewer, Margaret Ayla d, Cphelia Wolter, Nano Mahoney, Myrtle Snider, Kenneth Qorsline. lnterest in mathematics, always a popular choice at East, has been given added stimulus the past few years by the war. Boys bent on engineering, scientific or military careers flock into the popular classes in algebra, geometry, solid, trig, and math anal. General math is provided for stu- dents needing fundamentals in arithmetics. a.,.-ff: 1- f . . 1 if Mathematics " i I it , xfufms s M M , - G55-:wa ,szvi ' ' ' 4' N tx -, NM! 'f'lwiW xm l Z X - Standing, left to righti Tilly Lash, John Mattie-s, Doris Vinyard. Seated: Mildred Jeffrey, Lyle I-lolley, Elizabeth Craven, Rosalie Edmiston, Selina Taub, Amanda Knecht. Foreign French, Spanish, German and Latin afford ambitious linguists opportuni- ties to acquaint themselves with four languages. As a means of becoming better acquainted with the peoples of other lands, and as an aid to the L better understanding of English, many students find the foreign lan- a e S guages interesting and beneficial. J My f 1 x iff , 4 ., ' f fn, , ff J Z S , xc, Q, , " i, r A f - , ,,.,,N, . ,, , , , ,. ,,. Z3 ,' If 1 ' ' " i 'J ,424-:T i ' 'W 'ff' ,,, L i ' , Hz 2 f . '-1-ff it" "f.:m,.6-2? . i . ff , 1 ' . I i . '14 . Yi ' " X' .1-V 4 i ii, f 5 i. - 1. p ffl , wggbfr-7 ,, -1wia1'I9YW44i ,,f, Z Z ' . ix ' uf'- i .iff ,,,4g,h,, bu , f Z .4 V-1 . V -5,-g,i,, 7.2 " ' - '.f ' H 215 , ' Z.'ffM"' ' "Wi-" . 'af-Jitvlfin ' ""f"' 4 A f i ' mf- 4 www- .Q . ,. ,A L- 4 ,mg a,Q...,,,,,,,Qf , . , ' ' 4 - ' 4, i . '. 'UK . Q wa! It I V ,Wx 4 ,xt 5 . .V ., X pal- Q- ., 5 ,M X ii ' 1 s . ,, Hg, , , , ,c W ...W Z Q t. ,iffy . 2 if ,Ivy Ml it 1 ' ii. Standing, lett to right, Clarence Whipple, Elbert Chapman. Seated: Sergeant McKinley, Regina Deslardins, Juanita Loeptien, Elaine McWilliams, Carl Pease. o o Health in the tenth grade and physical education in the I -Il tenth and eleventh grades are required courses tor all who do not enroll in R4 G, T4 C. Physical education and military training are two other tields ot the school otter- H d R 9 -I-I 4 ing stimulated by demands ot the war, e a a n 0 0 0 V 'W N KYB? Q ll L Standing, lett to right: Sam Blanc, Me'vin Payne, Lawrence Marshall, Seated: Ollie Schlosser, Isabel St, John, Edgar Olander, Florence Briber, Margaret Beynon f f 'LW W ,, 1,2 ff' 4 'f if ' A fx 3 4 I ' 210 1 , f , a f 9 9 I M ff, f:,,gf'V W fm Z i fi jill 2 all 1 Za: " Special Services Aiding the work of students and classroom teachers are many special services and departments. Among them are East's fine library, the joy ot all serious students and the envy ot most visitors to the build- ing, the Visual Education department providing films and slides in classrooms and the auditorium, the occupational adjustment service which provides vocational advice and assistance, the clinic, look- ing atter health needs. E S x E ,. xr l 5 Classroom Miscellany 4 , 1. f 1 Sl J. ii ,QW 4..., Z ip ' .5 8 V f if QW 9 .Q,, , i Y ,y ,7, ' Wm ,ftjjj V, "f--.: A ' '-'jg .'- f fiviwfff-M .,., . W W, , 5 A M WNW, I ,f M ,K MQW' W ks. A if ,W f I Q if - This year, the East l-ligh Seraphs played excellent football although hampered throughout the season by extremely unfavorable weather. lt finally became necessary to forego a second round of ames because of this. ln all onl five lea ue ames were la ed b each school Q I Q D Y Y At the end of the season two of the Angels' stalwart linemen were chosen to the honored ranks i of the all-city team. Dick Snider, for his outstanding performances at the tackle position, and Justin in Lana, for his equally good worlc at the guard spot. i , 1 , ,f tif. ff , in A-f i L , . 3 , 'vu i , A l If V ,, ---' f Z 2 Vy'i ilvly i Lclt lu iight i A coAcH PAT PANEK, MANAGER ART MILMAN l A i'l' COACH CHUCK Malone, 7 if f is OR RN P660 DON Go EXW FEEL Top: JERRY i.osEY, ART WOLLENWEBER Bottom: FRED MATTSON A pre-season game with Boulder ended in a O-O tie with East having won a significant moral victory against a very strong and heavy team. Now the underdog East team met with a highly touted North aggregation in the first high school night game in over ten years. The Angels fought every minute on a slushy field for a 6-O victory. The single score was the climax of a sixty-yard drive starting with Dick Snider's recovery of a fumble in mid-field and ending with Bruce Carson making the tally from the seven-yard line. DAVE NAIMAN EASTON JUSN Wfblfmdiiwyfai ONOL N Lflfv -.. in sw' QD. my , Q X J Z ,ff ff A V ZAAW f y . M, ,wtri '-Sfv zlllll --,., Q, V' W fy' 'f f f , A fi , ff W W "af rf f 15,2 . W- ,ws-sf Left to right: ALTON CASTELLA, DICK SNYDER, WOODY SHELTON. A week later East bowed to a hard-fighting South eleven lf?-O. The Rebels began to march across the sunny field early in the second quarter when an East punt was blocked and recovered over the end zone by South to make the score 6-O. Scoring once in each of the remaining two periods, South completed their victory over the hard-fighting Angels. A clipping penalty nullified a truly brilliant pass interception and runback executed by the co-operating East backfield late in the first half. Left: RONALD HUSKY. Left to right: BILL BUCK, JACK JACOBY, BOB BLACHELEY, if 'dl w f..1 l 1 da, ,fm ,f M Z, Lett to right: DICK STEVENS, BILL FAUCETT, FRANK TRAYLOR. Right: GENE SMITI-I. A weak but definitely aggressive Manual eleven came from behind in the last quarter of the game to score two touchdowns and two conver- sions, quenching, with a one-point lead, any championship hopes which the Angels may have had. During the first half a powerful Seraph line powered the pigslcin up and down the field, scoring once, Another tally was added in the third period when Woody Shelton went over the goal standing up after racing thirty yards before a high school crowd of four thousand. Now overconfidence played its way into East's ranks and caused a disastrous Ietup. The Masons came alive in the final period and scored two long drives to take the game, I4-I3. Lett to right: JIM BAKER, HOWARD PARKS, BRUCE CARSON. WH' f V V W, yf if . I ,W ' f , 'K 1 in ' ".. w m a' N fix f ,,, 1,3 . we ,,-I, , ,. ,, ' lf- o f - f ' ' I U, ' fsiff- .Sf iii sw X f QW, . ff, 6 . , My s f i 2 f ny., Qi? 2 ia 1, f Ae- 1 fwwnyfwi 22 'vw is ' tn, V fy 5 7 l BOB LINGER DICK BERESFORD VERNON NELSON Scoring a touchdown in each period, a greatly improved East eleven swarmed over the hard- fighting but light and inexperienced West High Cowboys by a score of 24-6. With the opening kickoff, the Seraphs clearly showed their superiority by marching eighty yards for the first tally. Our team gathered a little sweet revenge together with some glory to hold over till next year when the Seraph juggernaut rolled over Manual in a return match on Thanksgiving Day by a score of 33-O. This clinched us in a tie with North for second place and ended a short but eventful season. DICK GRAY fiai i'ri ,,i. it ft ' it rr 'Q' 'Qc , 31 ,Vf, f, I 'ffl , I Q K X, N X , ll , ll l ii i if ' Q K T2 Xqssiksr Bti' 9 ,Wg ' Z , If, fy ,V fa, H K X ' 9 i . Y ,sf g, z g Q 2 iw it .:i',,L-Qifgf, A 1' g'.'i' i M fi A : fog X i Q .i , A " 1, ""'n"'m l 5 3 aim.. , Q wfxwa """ WM g .',..., ..f Q 5 ,.,,m m' " i X t ,rt ' ss. . ,f,,......m-4144!-'BYWWKM f ' ' , rl tk" M CS. - - -' , ax M STUART SILVERBERG T K Scores: East ......,A..., 6-O .,., ., ,. N orth East ...,wA...,., O-I 9 ,,A,,,,,,s,, South East ......,w,A 13-I 4 ,.,,,,.... Manoa! East ..,.... M24-6 ,wA.,., ,..,., W est East ......wvw. 33-O V,...,....,, Manual RONALD HAMER Q ,ff W ,, T South EAST North West ., Manual 43 32 'I I .. ff ,wg 6 ff Q, 402 A Q ' - 1. 1 .E M QM., ap, sqfiw :V f, :mw- V N ,. Q., Lost Tned Pct. I O BOO 2 O .600 2 O .600 3 I .300 3 T .300 Q I1 ,,f , w , XJ' ,,1,w X- Q- - 'F 'vt,:j, X54 ,T Q ff if - ,Va-.VH V ' 5 . , W i ., i if-5 ' if ' f -if if if-'ff if ' X V V - we -ff, -- r as it '. A ,f XX + we sw v, Ay: V.,V 1, .Vsf 1..., fs.-I dm, , . VVWMVVVWN ,,,g In . , Y , V s L V " rf'-12 ,5 4g,94f1fr"f'f,Wg,., S Q ., . , ,, . , f ' t ., - , I ' Q' . AAA.., V L , sl, .9 T o , ,if 1 -in 'V A- al ,, Q fi!! WV 1 1 ,Q wifi ,af ,jg -X A , s ,, I' A w 7 , 'V ' wig" , v- rig, ' A . .cw g i -fr ,QQ i i -:gg-, 'V 1 L W., , V -r X 'f ,, " . L N S , ' v- .wi 4 ch .. ,- ,Q ki' V S. 'f 34 ' " . ifwfvf, ' "J ' 54? . 'i ' ' f " r E 5? 5 V -r f V . A ' ' Wf ' i 3 Xi.. fi fi 1- . 1. . . 1 V,IE?f.V GW ' tl 'V X yi AN , c, my , 1 V, , , . t 0 ,, V' V, V .,. .,,, , , Q g f if V t -is.. M r af . ,gf 'Y To ' 4 '-'- A i 4 r we V. f X V '1 , si.- -' -.,,y,A,,,,gj, K ,gm h .V Y E,aw.w, ' Q VV , ff f' I i 7 V, v, f ' - r A . f r if V 4: ' V ' U T 2 f A , -M "" X' ' A 3-P V ' ..sfV'L '- f it" ftSWffV4 ,V , ,V V' f , - Vf ' L' " , . V 'f 'E f V V 4 W t ' .V V fs 'P 'riiwfix VNAVJ1 30" "' , - . 1 C V . - . ttf' ' ,Vs 'Y -f 'E 1 , V"',,,'. swf' V 'c ff ' .V -V. I-r A 'iv .Wiz eff "' - i'-.1,ffVz1 V xv. .. .gfz,.afz2-sig-2 .1 ,.:-gi-Qyi f Q27 ' M an .V VQJW fs' V ?'?2F3!C??vVf fs- ff T35-,ff Q-1 'T V - .-, .av WS J A 'lg f- A aff' , .V ' Z',1fv' As1-,y1' -. .Q X-q:...i. ' ww 2 .V . Vf I -V -- . it V., , VV -M wfgsvs -f f. -f 1 N Vaswrs . fs! r 'AMW' ' N V wi..-5 , ,,- az -.252 A 21" , .V i , -il V ., W ,, f " T , V. V ! . Vi! ,f V 4. r 2' fha l ' -- 'V Vs 2.7 , V VH, i ti, ,W Vi fn . " V., 6- f ,V ,...., ..,, E 42 F 3 QV 'E Ama 4- A f? rf V' ff ' ,ix f 7 we 7' 7 f 4 as , f A f X Top row, left to right: JACK TURNER, BOB MAUL, HOWARD BISSELL, GORDON SEWELL, JERRY MILLER, BOB HACKSTAFF, Bottom row: BOB MACHAMER, CLARENCE PELTZ, LARRY WOODS, FRANK VAN METER. GOLF The golf team for the second consecutive year took the city championship by trouncing all other high schools soundly. This year's team, ably coached by Willis Lamson, had little difficulty in over- coming all opposition. Returning lettermen Howard Bissell, Frank Van Meter, Jack Turner, and Bob Hackstaff provided the power and strength the team needed with some extra push coming from Ciordon Sewell, Clarence Pelts, Jerry Miller, Larry Wood, Bob Maul, and other members of last year's squad, This year's team is one of the finest East has ever had. The Angel golfers showed booming drives, accurate putting and, above all, great sportsmanship, which is the finest trait a team can have. Besides taking the city championship the team displayed equal talent and skill in overpowering other competition by winning the Medal Play Tournament at the City Park Ciolf Links. Those receiving All-City awards were Howard Bissell, Frank Van Meter, Bob Hackstaff, Freece Reither, Jack Turner, Bob Van Duesan, Bob Maul, Jerry Miller, and C-ordon Sewell, Final standings found the Seraphs in first place, South in second, North was third, with West fourth, and Manual in the cellar. Seeing that most of the teemen will be back next year, we are again looking forward to another championship. 5112! SQ luv W' QM' Back row, left to right: COACH LAMSON, EARL SEALANDER, JIM WHITE, RAY POWELL. Front row: ROGER BEASLEY, BILL KLINE, DEAN OLSEN, TOM LOGGINS, PHIL FINEGOLD, NATHAN CLIFFORD, STAN FINEFOLD. TENNIS With but one tilt yet to be played, the Angel netmen have virtually cinched the prep tennis crown, needing only to cop one of six matches against Manual, to be staged in early spring. The racketeers had little trouble in disposing of all school competition, in the playing of a prep double round-robin schedule, The most thrilling matches of the season, in which East displayed its stamina and championship mettle, was with second-place South. The first matches were lost, 6-3, 6-I, and the doubles teams were in trouble, but the net-pounding Seraphs came through in a story book finish to win the tilt. Coach Willis Lamson named Tom Loggins, singles, and Raymond Powell, Nathan Clifford, Phil Finegold, Earl Sealander, doubles, undefeated in match play. League Standings CTO Datel Won Lost EAST ,..t YYL.a.. 2 8 2 South .... ,,,. 2 4 6 North ,,,, ,,.,, I I I3 Manual ,,V, , 7 23 West .t.. s.... 2 28 I43 A-1 Serapli Swing -l-wo popular dances given in the tall were the Seraph Swing and the Senior Bam Dance. The Seraph Swing, given by the Seraph Sisters, was the tirst dance ot the year and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, The couples danced in the boys' gym to the music of Chuck Ben- net's orchestra. The decorations, large paper angels hanging from the ceiling, were very attractive. Senior Barn Dance Dressed in loud western garb, with a slight touch ot bobble sox, the Angels Spent a big evening dancing to the tune ot Al -l-omlin's orchestra and sitting one out among the bales of hay and rail fences which decorated l the gym. The Barn Dance was ably spon- sored by the senior class and attracted one of the largest crowds ot the tall season l A 7? 0 '71 ff? ,.b,.,7.x , I 2,8 ,izf 1 E 'w-Www W N 4! ff-Hx 'Fl ,,, '? 1?fQf Q '-W -Qi ff fx ra ' 1 4 1 4 V A :ff 5 g ,, gm Q f4ffyafVfWM .Mn , I I , " V' gh ' f 5 4. Y: r-2 rj , avi fu f ,fn 1 xy- Q99 1' ,Il I lg I 1 5 ff: 4' Q Wg? "K 'z . fy if I 1 f, f ' g 15? '-ff.. " , , K 4 Vf jr? ' in it I Ag. AQ Za' Aufumn Recap Q! M ,n , Wil W, yr? Lv., , ,f f ' , Mg, , .I H 'A i M as' ,, L' ! ...QL lfglgp, -J 'WT , Ri' S, "J f ' ff. en " ' , T7 "v, 44 , , I Q, 1 1 'ig nf Q AJY4 12, X? . - U, 71" ' 1' 1 - 1. ,. ax ' . 1-fx R' M1 Ji ' W. I X 5 - iff, ' Y L '- n T! . xp, A J . . 22 , Il i ' ywyf ,LW ,I M 02.4, fi 4 f 4 ff 4, uf, yy H. X ,XQQ fir.. hy l 1, I l ,3 ' , if 0-5' F f ff. Q fr 2 .f ,g f ,4 , , fr -- ,Qu x , h ww ww .v LU rm , ,x f ff-'-'A fzxf. . ' 5 5-W f V qamfvf-: , fl w ww- r w ' 'V ' 5 f b A 4 f 2? ' 2 f. NW' 'L ff" fb' 9 , " ,f f 'F' ff' , y 5.1 ,, 1 , , Q-'0 1, .ff 1 Q ,':,Lf y-:q , - 1' gy, f ,v , , -WW, , f 4 1 7 ,J F , nw, ' f , 481 Sai was RUTH WIERMAN MICKY TRAYLOR Head Girl Head Boy Student Government Head Boy, Micky Traylor, and Head Cirl, Ruth Wierman, presided over Council activities during the past year. Due to their fine leadership and the excellent advice of Mrs, Mc- Carthy, faculty advisor, the Student Council had a very successful year. Meetings were held during the first hour, at which time plans were laid, and committees met to direct the many school activities. Ruth Edwards, Putter Left to right: Henry Lichenstein, Violet McCarthy, sponsor, Morty Miller, Charlotte Trego, Phil Fox, Harvey, Virginia Cunningham, Dick Stevens, Margie Mulligan, Ronnie Zall, Ruthie Wierman, Gordon Goebel, l i f Ella. E , sew 5 53 S 9 'Gy I ' 4 Q me-, WJ , N- VY .eg of X: f ,E i-,M ,wp ,Ma ' 6 X 5' 5 , -K 3 -.-if Sims 2123 fi' 5 mg ' My KWMW . -,,,,,,,,s,,,,,,A., .,,N,.,,,WW ,,,. , WWW..-..t.m...-. 5 A if 2 Ni Left to right: Ray Humble, Ginger La Shell, Bob Frye, Bette Powell, Francis Pillsbury, Buzz Urling, Pat Ewer, Howard Parks Jeanne Lucas, Bob Linger, Beverly Batchelet, Chuck Knudson. Student Government Among the many successful activities carried on this year under Council sponsorship were: Howdy Day, Sweetheart Dance, Christmas Program, etc, In addition to the afore- mentioned programs, it was also their duty to supervise the Fall and Spring elections, a successful paper drive, and all National and Local charity campaigns. ln the spring months the Council once more held the very popular Recreation Night, and last but not least, Red and White Day. Many long hours were devoted by the hard working Council members toward the continual betterment of the school. The fine cooperation displayed this year helped to make it one of the most eventful ones in its history. Student Council members trim the traditional Christmas tree, 1 i W! Sixth row, left to right: Martha Leu, Nancy Cornforth, Janice Sutton, Roberta Rixford, Joanne Rockhill, Phylis Samson, Dorothy Ann Thomas, Beryl Ann Barr, Doris Horst, Mildred Bennett, Harriet Gauss, Barbara Huntington. row: Joan Orloff, Jean Fogarty, Louanne Francis, Beverly Bridges, Carolyn Sraatz, Bette Powell, Beverly Verner, Doris Roberts, Jean Lucas, Joanne Vanderwilt, Betty Pease, Cora Van Schaak, Barbara Cook, Joy Heild. Fourth row: Joan Silverman, Margaret Winter, Marjilee Ewer, Sophie Boss, Diane Miller, Marian Eliason, Eileen Kamm, Phyllis Melnick, Barbara Pritz, Betty Leach, Mary Evans, Hazel Sod. Third row: Delores Klarich, Beverly Scribner, Ann Perriman, Betty Harmon, Marilyn Awer, Margaret Sherlock, Barbara Bartlett, Helen Zorichak, Ursula Ronnebeck, Delores Cozett, Second row: Shirley Martin, Opal Johnson, Greta Lee Ferris, Joann Timpte, Louann Moore, Martha Buerger, Janet Stein, Wanda King, Constancee Corrithers. First row: Joan Barry, Shizuco Ushijirna, Faylene Viders, Harriet Sobenheirner, Betty Jean Girardot, Helen Cenkovich, Ellen Gray, Bernice Friedenthal, Marie Marrs, Claire Grace, Pat Tague, Jean Rotroff, Fifth Seraph Sisters The Seraph Sisters, under the sponsorship of Miss Elizabeth Sparhawk, Dean ot Girls, perform outstanding services tor the school. To obtain membership in the club, a girl must be a senior and in the upper one-fifth ot the class. Annual social activities ot the club include a tea tor incoming students and the faculty. time each day in helpful service. Each girl gives one period of her h W ..:: .:,v, taxa: g V - X , ,mc v 1" . X m- 1 , .wx ., X sd , osx xr f V 3 2 S X N , t , " .L ,call X 4 , .x. OFFICERS AND SPONSOR J ' Lett to right: Dorothy Helmkamp, secretary, Ruth Wierman, f V president, Miss Sparhawk, sponsor, Annie Campbell, treas- urer, Phyllis Durbin, vice-president. w-flags f' 4 W it A , 924, Qi' L ft, ' N I ,T fi r at rr N 5 9? Q KW , 2 , , , I 4 ' Z 9 , ff f I y B J J V, t f Fifimqe , J T, s ,,,, , , K Q mf , :Leif X I X, 4, 2 , , g in an 3 1 Z, my H , M y, K? .4 ,Q 2 1 f ' "' ' Q' f r r sw, ,L J 4, , pf i . ,, X Q-rss' , I f if NW . ' E 2' Back row, left to right: Dolores Conzett, Ursula Ronnebeck, Roberta Rixford, Margilee Evser, JoAnn Rockhill, Kathryn Axell, Anne Campbell, Betty Pease, JoAnn Campbell, Elizabeth Miester. Fourth row: Jean Fouse, Caroline Drabing, Shirley Martin, Shirlee Wills, Martha Leu, Joanne Healey, Nancy Chauney, Virg.nia Lowe, Jean Davis, Joan Davis. Third row: Anne Stailey, Marcille Grossman, Jeanne Ely, Elaine lacoponelli, Barbara Yates. Second row: Fayline Viders, Sally Ann Zelinger, Peggy Prey, Doris Strauss, Joann Timpte, Barbara Huntington, Helen Zorichak, Anita Franklin, Jean Holmes, Ginger La Shell. First row: Greta Lee Ferris, Betty Harmon, Marian Eliason, Ellen Gray, vice-president, Dorothy Ann Thomas, president, Miss Loeptien, sponsor, Margaret Forth, secretary, Eleanor Minnig, treasurer, Diane Shelnutt, Virginia Stapp, Marilyn Sweet. White Jackets The White Jackets carry the brilliant red and white colors, synonomous of East High, onto the football field, to rallies, and to civic affairs such as parades. Their colorful cos- tumes, consisting of white jackets, recl berets, ancl recl pleated skirts, make an inspiring sight, whether flashing in and out in precise drill formations at the football games, or in the more informal activities of the school. f , 'f , 'TWV Y C Il r 4fM"?Z""uvi 1 , ' ' QQWW, K' ,, , , ' ,MW 2 ,gt x ' ggfw ,V ,f , , , r Q ,i , ,mg Q' 442wfmM?,,!YK1Q5f4,G4 bi: qq6e,k!nfyH?,,y, aM k'5vivxw3'Yz2"dhLi'aqx'5 .1 V X fy, ,W ,J ,Mau f W ,V , L , , M 7- f wk, , ,- 'rf , I WF' X' mf ' f 'rf 'inf-V m,Ww..r,,-af ,,g,.f W ff' ,,f ' " " , ' - 'E If , ' X Rf J J Z H 7 'mf , , 'K V 1 1 X5 1,3 Jr Mgxmf .,, ,-,, ,A l- 0. w'.1 X ' M ,,,fffy 7,,!'v , , 3 V,,,,iyf,17 ,g ry 4, li-V' ,V U., . fy ' ' V X M2117 w fwfr I ur x" igjffa fjifwfi 4, . 'NN' , fr4f,,gwfff',Wfj' Wg ,M 4 V m'?'f,f"'ff' , W" 'V ,M",Pg'f' ,la-ff' ,ey , i f ,J ri -if ,ali ,-mx. .rf J. W ,ar .. 7 I vf H ,Wm ,M aw' nwwfu .4 jp, ,aw v ' J ,W M ,,,, V ,V M, if V ' ' ,J 4 , 1 2, , M A Q 'TCM . ,gm :i f Q bg M 5 V' f n M " if f! ff ' "M" " 'NA ' "MuaWmmMfmm""N 'M ' ' A ,,,,,,,,., , 2' f 1 Af M J J ', .se 1 l,,,. aww , ,g tg .Y .K ir, ,i., Q1 by-. '. 'W.x,,vy, ."', I-gk 7,7 ,V . V ,. r N wars ji, ur , A A ,I x :,,,.. N M YW? Z 0 A , . ,ifxgsy , -his 7 1 ,J f , Yi! '58-igiqih NIR'-, i-ty, we ,be 4,41 W Q it - X t: - 315, ' W Tk' : fngli " ' " J" In fx ' ,J .1 f ' 'f 1' 1-, '. ff, 1 ,Q 1 , , ' ' "Q , w . if r Z' ,Q 6 t V' 13,2 3. kiiudl' nfwg any el' " E L 'I H it V "bf .-"Ez, ' ' 2- -' Q 'f sf' ' ki! 'f ,Z .'-- 'Y 4 A 7 v ' W if :wif ' '- - '2 +2 N' , , J, SEM? .Milk s?tAia.fiiilfQ1if',ii,:i-i Back row, left to right: Evelyn Jost, Barbara Prechtel, Leona Schmitz, Lois Herman, Dotty McMillan, Beryl Ann Barr, Chloe Schultz, Janet Prouty, Harriet Cohen. Fourth row: Betty Speier, Leslie Lockhart, Dorothy Rosnik, Helen McFarland, Joann Hopkins, Shirley Hays, Virginia Corzine, Virginia Klein, Connie Corithers. Third row: Ruth Wierman, Shirley Hansen, Janet Fay, Sue Schlessman, Laura Mae Berger, Ann Haueter, Nancy Clark, Harriet Gausse, Barbara Cook. Second row: Joanne Carson, Anne Youmans, Babette Grimes, Dorothy Helmcamp, Mary Louise Milano, Mary Dalbey, Jean Rotroft, Phyllis Durbin, Joy Heild. First row: Sylvia Lazarov, Suzanne Garretson, Mary Lou Isaacson, Joyce Colburn, Alida Anismar, Janice Eridson, Paula Davis. Harriet Sobenheimer, Betty Jean Girardo, Ann Perriman, Janis Fine. White Jackets The school may well be proud of this representative organization ot energetic and enthu- siastic girls, under the capable sponsorship ot Miss Juanita Loeptien. lt is the largest service organization in the school, membership being by application, and confined to junior and senior girls ot B average. This year's special drill was one honoring Mr. Braun, the new principal, and Mrs. Braun. 'ig sz-,g 5 , 13 --Qi-, 1213, ' 515552 Siflf--' -, '2. 1 ., " ' ,. .... ' 1 . -- I A , .. -' x N I .,.2- V' mm, , , . V. ' ' ,J f""" -i',EN.' Y .1 . ag es: X ,M H-, W A g A A 4 , . , ,' iiirili :MTS ii ' , sf f A fi " Q5 X f, ' was -rp X , X 7' A ' 4 - - X , tx X v f r S News wrwf ffwvf ww -:-s.s.s.. ..- -Zawya 5- f , t i -s ii. " S s ff 'ts 'Q i- . ,F A T2 1 f ,,SlK'ZEx?f it -' . 4 , 1 . tfwsss .gd Y' s J is 1 - . sais X W ,gigs--, ,.:1,.g:sef 1 of f Ss Q X as f. f I3 X H nfs' si ,fi ' ' it ' f V- ,s,L. k! ,R N Q l a sik. I : 1.-s,-..,.h,M i qwgmkivf' mgghfl -V37 5i,'igi?:7e!3c , --'- f we f fp f . P we C 1 ..f we fs'-,, 7 tsfskff V, .sw'4fvv:,'X-its" :J 'Y 1- 1 mm ,st -2,1 sw- 1 J ,.-V -fm. Wx, 'X ' 5' q ""' ' X' Jcs?'!f-T hiv. SWK' Wiz, 'i E ,-ffif,- A Ji 0' ,f - 1?Zff'1s-Pffwffwfsifsf :wfswfisgef , J,-vfifvcf-4 WWW I f.,.,..wf-J. . ts- 4 ff. ,kssesawsefc New-:ip t 4, -s s,s.w,f S QS A-rs Ml M-N ffmvmg' QW, ,M Q W , u sf Q ' W ' - fs I Fa? :VW A N f G 7 ', .T 'lyk f'3JfXY'h 5 A . ii it . - .. m fg -4, . f H ,N N , I ,X K f Nm Wi, Y ,,,, ,.,. Q 4 I ., I , Q ,,.,. . , kwa, ,.,. ,.,. qgc, , J , i Q Q X I in , i ' f ,swin e fi Q - , Q - ' ' s i . .,, . ' 1' -assi- : J V X , NW " ' . M , "' ,.,, " .,.. , f' i L. X X , L if - , eg 'S K ' if ' he V - . f .. .,., .. ,, . , ,., My--JM, ,- - ' I i IW "2 f S s' f ""f:."'Q - 'f -- vf . ' s 5 -J W ,, W . , - , dr - lb . . s f , M g, at f its . , A Xp - . r . ,. Q - A fe. , . - , V xv., ..., ff ' ri so L, .5 - Hs- s , ' -' 'wx w .s an " -1.-4 Mum! - f Z wma Hal Kepner, Lex Lindsey, Buzz Urling, Back row, left To right: Henry Lichtenstein, Bill Kline, Bob Herzstein. Third row: Chuck White, Warren Allen, Bruce Wallace, Howard Bissell, Bill Reno. Second rowi Gordon Rixford, Tom Best, Jim White, Paul Rous, Jim Coleman, Chuck Knudson. First row: Dick Wright, Fred Mattson, Roy Spore, Warren Pulls, Tom Barney, Jim Davis, Richard Dick, absent was Phil Fox. Red Jackets Directing and participating in Pep Rallies, creating enthusiasm for football and basketball games and performing numerous services for the school, comprise part of the active schedule of one of East's best known and worthiest clubs. This year under the able leader- ship of Mr. Charles Croley, the redcoats took charge of the lost and found room, ancl built up a well run service. The Red Jackets co-sponsored a dance with the White Jackets and secured some good assembly programs. OFFICERS AND SPONSOR Front row: Bill Hinf-r, vice-president, Charles Croley, sponsor, Bob Swcrcr, secretary. ljnclf. row, Jim Filhmn, treasurer, Bill Robinson, president. W.. l i t , L.xX,,,, 5 Y 3 I T 2 - 1 1 , - - ff N. or 12-if X s " ' M X ' N l. ' H9-Qf kf 'W gi 2 ' - X V A y ss v P , " ' 9' ., ,. r- i-.A X ,XN I s. x 61 x si .VM V, . x , 1 Q ,xo x ax Back row: Fullerton, Fithian, Traylor, Patten, Lana, Bissell, Ricksford, Speak, Lake, Powell, Chambers, Stevens, Easton. Fourth row: Gailbreth, Parks, Maul, Waller, Van Meter, Boyd, Armatas, Hamer, Colema J H I t n, ., am e . Third row: Coburn, Peitz, Joffey, Linger, Matson, Richardson, Loggins, Goebbles, Blachl B f d ey, eres or . Second row: Jankowsky, Covein-gton, Milman, Coleman, B., Hicks, Wolenweber, hom W b . A pson, e er First row: Nash, Losey, Beattie, Hackstaff, Gray, Shelton, Barnes, Kenny, Davis. "D" Club The "D" Club ot East was organized' to further the cause of clean athletics and true sports- manship. The club admits only boys who have been awarded an athletic or a manager's let- ter. The Denver prep sports program from which boys may win a letter include football, basketball, baseball, track, wrestling, swimming, golf and tennis. The club is sponsored by the six coaches ot East, Clarence Whipple, Pat Panek, Willis Lamson, Charles MCC-lone, Elbert Chapman and Jack Mclntosh. Meetings are devoted to talks by athletes, coaches and doctors. OFFICERS Lett to right: Dick Snyder, Bruce Carson, .lim Baker, president, Alton Costello, Bill Fawcett. . 5. ii f ,nf li 'imdii 3 . af 1 ., 75, , X new - Mwwmsw 1 X 'uni ua lx 'i-S Nxvl 1 Q AE. ?-"M . . ., 1 3 s 4, H ug , I. 32' A f if Back row, left to right Mr Brierly, Howard Parks, Wilson Urling, Robert Fullerton, Jack Jacobey, William Robinson, Charles Knudson, Robert Coburn. First row: Walter Seifert, Robert Linger, Jack Carry, Bruce Wallace, Richard Dick, Frank Traylor, Robert Hackstaff, William Benight, William Seifert. Pre-Law C ub Eight years ago a small group of boys gathered to form a Pre-Law Club so that those boys who wished to enter the field of law could better prepare themselves while in high school. Under the able sponsorship of Mr, Justin W, Brierly, the club presented an assembly at which John Carter of the Metropolitan Opera Company sang, As a climax to the year, the annual spring banquet was held, OFFICERS AND SPONSOR Lett to right: J. W, Brierly, sponsor, Robert Langer, secretary, Richard Dick, vice-president, Robert I-lackstaft, president, age ' Q 1 ,.. an V X fl :V Ars X.-" ssl F 1 1 1 2 s Fourth row, left to rightt Bob Snow, Bill Robinson, Bob Briber, Art Daman, Milford Pepper, Third row: Gary Willoughby, Bill Beattie, Bob l-lackstafl, Dick Dick, Phil Fox, Mr. Zarlengo. Second row: Braxton Ross, Jack Clow, Henry Lichtenstein, Bob Frye, Jack Wilcox, Hal Wepner, Dick Wendell, Bill Benight. First row: Steve Cowperthwaite, Lloyd Steinmann, Bob Fullerton, Jim Liggett, Howard Bissell, Chuck Allison, Joe Dobos. Congress Club The oldest and most distinguished club at East is the Congress Club, co-sponsored by Mr, Dominic Zarlengo and Mr. Lawrence Marshall. The club is composed ot two groups, Congressmen and Senators. The Congressmen are those students who have been in the club less than one year, and the Senators are those who have been members over one year. Any boy interested in public speaking, debating, current problems and discussions and having a C average may apply for membership. At the annual banquet this Year Dr. Robert Starks was the guest speaker. OFFICERS AND SPONSOR Mr, Zarlengo, sponsor, Lloyd Steinmann, president, Bill Robinson, treasurer, Jack Wilcox, Secretary, Henry Lichtenstein, vice-president, 'Q f y' 6 ' 1. mf M r ' ,L ' ff 1 7' f Lg. ' ' M I57 ' as Back row, left to right: Pauline Stebbins, Marjorie Sherrill, Eloise Bartholemew, Miss Conesny, sponsor. Second row: Joan Timpte, Elise Brady, Rita Burley, Dorothy Ann lacoponelli, Sue McMillin, Sherry McClain. First row: Phyllis Samson, Kay Arnstadt, Donna Smolenske, Beth Knowles. Art Club The purpose of the Art Club is to further an interest in art as well as to otter greater opportunities to those already interested. The activities ot the club vary. Some members are interested in creative art as a personal experience, while others are more interested in the art ot others. Visits to the art museum and other art centers, talks and demonstra- tions by local artists and trades people, the study of various forms of art have been part ofthe program for the past three years. Last semester the Art Club took the responsibility ot advertising for the school and community. V f president oFPicERs AND SPONSOR Lctl Io right: Phyllis Samson, treasurer, Kay Arnstadt, secre fi tary, Both Knowles, president: Donna Smolenske, vice i' A. ?KfG Margaret M. Smith, sponsor, Fredella Tananbaum, president, Beverly Verner, vice-president, Leslie Lockhart, secretary, . ,mf First row, lett to right: Polly Schmitt, Nancy Dare Woodard, Joyce Caraway. Second row: Joan Hiestand, Claire Strachan, Marilyn Herscoirtz, Mary Kelso, Barbara Prechtel, Bobbye Covey, Mary Lou Madonna, Marilyn Brewer, Beverly Hill. Third row: Jack Wallace, Ted Wilkins, Bob Keim, Shirley I-lonnen, Bob Frye. Drama Club The purpose of the Drama Club, sponsored by Miss Smith, is to provide entertainment. This year the club presented tor the school, two plays, entitled "Farewell, Cruel World" and "A Bargain's a Bargain." The main projects for last semester were to entertain the patients at Fitzsimons General Hospital and to draw up a constitution for the club. To become a member a student must make application and tryout before the officers ot the club. OFFICERS AND SPONSOR WM-N John Singleton, treasurer. 'SNP NN 4 YB S4 .ws 'Hx f warm via QRS? ayimfx , w' ,Duran-sq p,-IMMANNWQQ! 1' V Q ' N N t ,, MP Y. f' . .,,, V A v ,vw . . , at Vs, at amen, VW-3 U gi 1 N X I' - 3: . x V E? - V ,,,,, x 4 fi.. -Q, , 'vs sq, fx L! gf .. -M y " W? ,Wi 455 at fy QI 7 ' was ""' Y I First row, left to right' Alice C'Sullivan, sponsor, Annette Rowe, treasurer,-Carolyn Shatz, vice-president, Diane Van Ausdale, secretary, Richard Judkins, president. Second row: Richard Rutleglge, Joanne Gray, Anne Allen, Iris Corriher, Cathryn Watts, Mary Beth Tipton, Francis Pillsbury, Dick Reese, absent were Dent Hand, Kern Brown, Suzanne Peterson. Music Club The Music Club's history began two years ago through a petition started by two graduating seniors of that year. Under the able sponsorship of Mrs. Alice O'Sullivan the programs consist of guest speakers, noted artists, and the playing of records. The main activity for this year was to bring different kinds of music to its members and guests. As an outlet for student talent an assembly was presented by the members of the club for the student body. Script Club The Script Club, under the able guidance of Mrs. Katherine Hoffman, held a series of informal meetings, with the members reading original manuscripts. A. R. Siedentopf, Denver author and former African hunter, visited a meeting of the club and spoke about writing short stories. Due to the existing conditions, the club was unable to publish the annual Script Book, but it is hoped that this can be done next year. Back row, left to right. Janet Stein, president, Diane Gilmore, vice-presldentp Dick Doering, secretary, Rosemary Davis, treasurer, Betty Lou Ogle. First row Barbara Marugg, Mrs Hoffman, sponsor, Norma Penny, Sue Peterson, Eldora Hamilton, Ardis Bradley. l6Ol film' Back row, left to right: Eloine McWilliams, sponsor, June Ohlson, Norma Jean Higgins, secretary, Kathryn Axell, Jo Ann Campbell, llse Lutzens, Eleanor Erikson, Juanita Loeptien, sponsor. Front row: Jean Rotrott, Anne Burton, presidentgVJlemvell-ryllen, sergeant at arms, Betty Leach, vice-presidentg i a ae. Honorary Athletic Club The Honorary Athletic Club was organized in September of l946. This club was to be a step up from the Sports Club, and its requirements are much harder. Girls having seven hundred points or more, organized and set up skill tests along with the number of points required. Jewell Allen designed and had made the first emblem of the H. A. C., which was voted in unanimously. Any member ot this organization is automatically a member ot the Sports Club also, and may take part in its activities. The first half of the year was spent in testing and adjusting the requirements we had set up. Every member of the present club has passed the tests set up for membership. Sports Club ln November of l92l the Girls' Sports Club was founded in the gymnasium ot old East High School. Since then the club has gained city-wide recognition in its advocation of good sportsmanship and increased participation in girls' athletics. The girls challenge other schools in games of volleyball, basketball and softball. Once a year a grand "play day" is held by sports clubs of all Denver schools. Some of this year's activities included bowling, horseback riding and ice skating. The girl athletes stress health as well as fun. Back row, left to right: Eloine McWilliams, sponsor, Willa Hale, president, Norma Jean Higgins, Jo Ann Campbell, Kathryn Axell, Mary Lou Simmerman, L ' Gll' J 't Loe tien s onsor. ois I igan, uani a p , D Front row: June Ohlson, Dorothy Eha, llse Lutzens, Betty Patterson, Lena Wright, secretary, Sylvia Lazarov, treasurer, Marine Boardman, Joyce Farthing, Jewell Allen, sergeant at arms. loll www 62l Blackwell. ' Bob Maloney. Second row: Tom Barney, Ben Coleman, Roger Gump, Bruce Wallace, Charles Ungermach, Robert Keirn. I First row: Frank Fieming, Bob Boles, Jim Coleman, Milton Carlson, Bell Sandber , Richard Dic , Don Li . Fourth row, left to right: Lester Galvin, Doug Waterman, Bud Guinn, Third row: Jon Cook, Al Kinney, Jim Lincoln, Dick Wright, Gaynor Miller, Bob ,W W ASW CTT Hi-Y Clu M The present Hi-Y Club of East High was organized in i944 by a group of boys under the leadership of James Clayton. There were eleven charter members, ot which Jimmie was president and Bert White was secretary-treasurer. The tirst year the club sponsored a big brother movement tor incoming lOB students that came in January. The second year found us a group of twenty-seven boys working on school projects such as paper drives, etc. Bert White was president. This year's officers are Bob Fullerton, Art Milman and Gilbert Cook. Thirty-tive boys are working to be of service to the school and to promote Christian Fellowship in the school. Mr. Ewer has sponsored the club since its beginning. OFFICERS AND SPONSOR Lett to right: Art Milman, vice-president, Gilbert Cook, secretary, Bob Fullerton, president, Mr. Bruce Ewer, sponsor, .gre Fifth row, left to right: Dave Chase, Walter Seifert, Robert Briber, Steve Achtenhagen, John Bushf Ora Smith Fourth row: Fred Mattson, Roy Spore, Milford Pepper, William Seifert, Charles Eschenburg, Bob Lucero, Paul Keisling. Third row, Bob Hoffman, Charles Dobson, Earl Greinetz, Bob MacCannon, Victor Crris, Jack Watson, William Schenkein, Gilbert McDonough, Second row: Mary Louise Connors, Margaret Sherlock, Cathie Marinoff, Rosemary Vanderwilt, Stuart Silverberg First row: Bob Cohen, Bill Van Stone, John Harms, Bob Coburn, Bill Shelton, Jack Carey, Braxton Russ, Eucliclian Club ln V923 Mr, H. W. Charlesworth and twelve students organized the Euclidians. Since then it has grown to be one of the school's most popular clubs. lt is noted tor its active, inter- esting meetings, a math classroom library, and the Euclidian Award tor outstanding achievement in math. Also, the club conducts tield trips each year and has an annual club picnic in the spring. The purpose ot the club is to turlher the interest in math by both practical and theoretical applications. CFFICERS AND SPONSOR Lett to right: Roger Richter, second vice-president, Mr. Charles- worth, sponsor, Barbara Pritz, secretary-treasurer: Syd Lamb, president, Gilbert Cook, tirst vice-president. I63 Second row, left to right: Mrs. Vinyard, sponsor, Doris Roberts, Charles Bogard, vice-president, Sue Schrepferman, president, Elaine Johnson, Betty Stander, Gloria Nelson, Marilyn Kaitz. First row Naomi Minnu, treasurer, Sally Brooks, Pat Zesch, Barbara Young, Cecile Rottman Spanish Club There has been a Spanish Club ot some kind ever since Spanish has been offered at East. The present club is about thirty years old. Years ago all ot the clubs met during a home room period, but this was later changed to after school. The club used to write plays in Spanish, sing, dance, and have tiestas and speakers. Each year the Spanish Club holds a banquet and sponsors a Pan-American day assembly. The primary purpose of this club is to promote good relations between our country and Spanish speaking coun- tries. "Y"-Teens Under a new name, a service club ot the Y. W. C. A., sponsored by Miss Florence Harper, has become very active this past school year. The use ot the Y. W. C, A. building was available to all members. Swimming, dancing, and many other sports comprise the activi- ties ot the club. Membership is by application and is limited to twenty active members. Any girl applying tor membership must have a C average and three teachers must sign tor her. Every tall a tea is given in honor ot the incoming sophs and new students in the school. Thirrl row, Ictl lu vicihl Ucxlly liiii llli'-., Doris Horut, llcrlma lirilrll, Virginia Lowe, Jnrlfic Lanrlif. 'icrfinil row Ann Devlin, HQ-ltfn Montgomery, Ruth Yahwnk, Chia Mar: Falimianri, klninc- Kirlfimlrirlf Firll row Mi','. llnrrmr, -,pon'rir, lililh Pain'-iwmlh, prom: fltinl, Mfirit- Ciillinm, uifiir-lilly, Chzirlollf: Lanham, Joan lili-l lofll ful Astronomy Club Following an interlude of four years while its sponsor, Mr. George Wagner, was in the army, the Astronomy Club was reorganized last fall. The club was originally founded in i934 under the sponsor- ship of Mr. Pearson to further the interest of students in the field of astronomy. Activities have included trips to the D. U. observatory, using the school telescope, steak fries, and ice skating parties. Many prominent speakers have addressed the club. Evans, Larry Kittleman, Syd Lamb, Harriet Gauss. Barbara Pritz, Marian Eliason, Phyllis Durbin. Third row, left to right: Mr, Wagner, Bill Van Stone, Nancy Miller lm Second row: Joyce Caraway, Sally Larson, Susan McEniry, Barbara Heath First row: Marlene Henniger, Bob Cohen, Connie Merrill, Dee Larson Polly Schmitt, Mary Lou Madonna, Marlyn Wagener. Engineers Club The Engineers Club was organized two years ago under the able sponsorship of Mr. Kenneth Corsline. Any Angel interested in becoming an engineer or in engineering may apply for membership. The purpose of this club is to help the members to gain knowledge in the various fields of engineering by taking field trips through different types of industrial concerns. Many prominent men in this field have been helpful in addressing the members. Literature has been secured from all engineering schools which has been helpful in plan- ning courses of study. :nf ts? :QR fx Robert Harris, Herschel Phelps, Carl Williams. , Charles Young, Donald Kelling. Second row, left to right: Wilson Urling, Darrell Cast, ' First row: Mr. Gorsline, Herman Abelein, Robert Keim, 65l ll ' his N, AFV? "y i ' ' N K 4 Q 'K 'Y Q' S , is . .. , ,.., ,W 1 R gp-9 , - 1 . . my ,Z . f , . , zgxe it -,V ii W , fi il I - ' N -sf Q 7 ' 153, im .Qi ffm, -. 'i i of Sim ,fe vibe? VW M I ui . 'f A 4 C ' Q . t, if ,,,v 1 'R' -,V ' f my 'V a Y! W 3, 6 we X1 ill T T I R f' 5 Z J 9 F" SW? Uiiiimlil , iff f---'Miles Milf? l-li-R 40 Eack row, left to right: Jim Coleman, Dick Gray, Jim Baker, Art Wollenweber, Mickey Traylor, Bob Swerer, Canton O'Donnel, Putter Harvey, Ralph Cotton, Howard Parks. Third row: Dewey Sandvig, Dayle Larson, Norm Speak, Jerry Losey, Bruce Carson, Bob McCabe, Bill Scott, Bob Hackstaff, Marc Richardson. Second row: Denny Barnes, Gordon Goebel, Bill Beatty, Dick Bryans, Warner Newcomb, Woody Shelton, Howard Garcia, Bob Park, First row: Ronnie Hamer, president, Jim Seccombe, Jim Liggett, Dick Snyder, Bill Faucett, Robert Mc- Comas, sponsor, Alton Castells. The Hi-R 40 Club, which is one of the service clubs of East, has undertaken new activities this year. They helped keep Detroit Street clear of parked autos and always had a watchful eye on the parking lot to prevent theft and destruction to cars. Members of the club are selected by application and the membership is limited to forty active members. Mr. Robert McComas is their able sponsor, Bib e Research Club The Bible Research Club was established for the purpose of helping interested students to become better acquainted with the world's best seller, the Holy Bible. The meetings, which were held after school, featured many distinguished speakers, discussion periods of the Old and New Testaments and hymn singing, which was enjoyed by everyone. Mem- bership is by application and is non-sectarian. Under the able sponsorship of Miss Rosalie Edmiston, the club has had many social activities, the outstanding event being the annual banquet. Third row, left to right' Bob Gilmore, Alan Hoover, George Gumeson. Second row. Raymonrl Bridgeman, Richard Mansfield, Gloria Sollenliarqer, Virginia Sfl'100l'l over, Helen Montgomery, Jfiyfe Mo-vleller, Mary Ann Wfill, loan Cowan At talile Jean ticliltfiin, lirrnsiirei, Trim Gnml- win, vifofprrxuiflenl, lriiiiw- fkliniiuiul, yilesirlenl, Miss Eilrniwlrin, '.p1m',iir, 'iliirlf-y friilf'-mn, moc- rfilfiiy Efwaawywbc-I X W Debate Club Last row, left to right: Bob Frost, Charles Watts, Duane Bucher, Allan Herrington, Kern Brown, Paul Kiesling, Bob Lucero, John Dornberg. Second row: Bernice Friedenthaul, Bob Harris, Kings- ton Minister, Mike Comins, Larry Robertson, Roscoe Bell, Mr. Ozanne. First row: Stanley Adelstein, Beverly Vernor, .lack Brinley, Steve Acthenhagen, Bill Schenheim, James Williams. To familiarize the club members with debating and public speaking is the purpose ot the Debate Club sponsored by Mr. Robert Ozanne. During the school year the debaters par- ticipated in state and regional tournaments and each time achieved the highest honors. This year at election time the club was honored to have as guest speakers two candidates in the race for mayor. Some of the finest speakers in Denver were quests of the club at after-school meetings. Shutter Bugs Starting this year under a new sponsor, the Shutterbugs are again undertaking their activi- ties in photography. Under the able leadership ot Miss Craven, the club pursued its main purpose of promoting an interest in photography in general and attempted to instill added knowledge of the subject to its members. Numerous projects have already been executed and many more are planned tor the future, such as guest experts, darkroom excursions, and bi-weekly round-table discussions. The club boasts a fine large library ot photographic journals and magazines dating back to nineteen hundred thirty-seven. NN xi Front row, left to right: Claude Davis, Hubert Weinshienk, Loren Turnage Second row: Wesley Saprro, Raymond Stone, Keith Norris, Brad Beattie. Back row: Tom Kenehan, Philip Whitelv, Ted Proske, Don Hoover, Jay Krantz. W? Back row, left to right: William Turnage, Hall Beagle, Art Milman, Torn Joffee, Don Fulkerson. Sixth row: Ellen Kock, Beryl Ann Barr, Joanne Healy, Anne Perriman, Beverly Bridges, Mariorie Jeffers, Dorothy Thomas, Maureen MacCluskey, Richard Rutledge, Lloyd Steinman, Walter Seifert, John Moore, Bill Robinson. Fifth row: Bette Powell, Pat Panek, Sally Bailey, Phyllis Samson, Shirley Martin, Bob Fullerton, Arthur Daymon, Oscar Zesch. Fourth row: Betty Genge, Aileen Nance, Anne Stailey, Dottie McMiIIin, Dorthy Jean Moon, Barbara Cook, Betty Jean Pease, Eleanor Lawson, Norma Baird. Third row: Marian Eliason, Barbara Pritz, Arlene McKenzie, Barbara Bartlett, Shirley Carrier, Florene Martin, Jananne Hilton, Dolores Conzett, Phyllis Durbin, Barbara Beach. Second row: Eleanor Minnig, Mary Louise Garver, Elaine Jacoponelli, Alltha Muller, Vernice Lasky, Rosann Goldstein, Betty Palmer, Mariilee Ewer, Barbara Huntington, Helen Cenkovich. First row: Collene Palmer, Opal Johnson, Ruth Ann Eaton, Joan Paulson, Helen Zorichak, Anita Franklin, Ruth Edwards, Joan Timpte. '47 Club Students who have rendered service to the school and to the class of '47 are eligible for membership in the '47 Club. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Doris Vinyard, the club sponsored many of the senior activities and performed duties in the lunch room and halls during the lunch periods. The main activity of the club each year was to write and present the class skit on Red and White Day. OFFICERS AND SPONSOR Back row: William Seifert, treasurer, Mr. Meyer, Bill Benight, secretary. Front row: Bernadetta Bowman, vice-president, Miss Vinyard, Margaret Forth, president. -iQ , , Q. xl . ,W Y Fourth row, Ictt to right: Leslie Lockhart, Shirley Honnen, Jean Fouse, Carolyn Drabing, Diane Bernet, Mary Anne Trautman, Jayne McClelland, Betty Genge. Third row: Eleanor Crowder, Marie Collins, Lois Weir, Mildred Marting, Joanne Starks, Norma Jean Baird, Elaine Johnson, Second row: Sally Holm, Betty Jo Prager, Elaine lacoponelli, Margaret Winter, Mary Clipp, Annette Evans, Joyce Colburn, Jeanne Hazelwood, Helen Zorichak. First row: Sally Ann Zellinger, Lois Metikoft, Florence Gold, Cecile Rothman, Eleanor Minnig, Marilyn Katz, Radine Timbel, Collene Palmer, Edith Swengal. Absent: Marabeth Liggitt, Betty Jean Pease, Barbara Huntington, Barbara Yates, Kampus Klub The Kampus Club was started a year ago when the big five clubs, Clio, Minerva, Cruisers, Junto and Thalia, were discontinued as there was a greater demand tor interest clubs. lt was formed for the purpose ot acquainting girls with the academic and social sides ot college lite. Speakers, both college otticials and students, made up the programs along with musical interludes. Among the extra activities were the dance and the trip to D, U.'s campus. The club was at first sponsored by Mrs. Ruth Eggleston, but this year Miss Lyda Va rney took over. OFFICERS Lett to right: Jenny Starks, junior cabinet officer, Anne Perriman, treas- urer, Sandy Sweet, junior cabinet otticer, Lorraine Schaublin, secretary, Jean Wibel, senior cabinet otticer, Barbara Beach, vice-president, Jean Coldren, sophomore cabinet otticer, Jan Hilton, president, Arlene Crews, sophomore cabinet otticer. 3 3 fb 1 f gps 'W 3,13 J 1. f 'A "-Ijssg.. S ' . ? all 'Wifi Last row, Iett to right: Margie Boardman, Joan Post, Gerry Roden, Anne Burton, Betty Leach, Shirley Washburn, Marlyn Waggener, Jackie Clark, Bobby Grove, Margaret Gray, Paula Johnson, vice-president. H Second row: Adeline Holmquist, Margie Wenrich, executive officer, Velma Seybert, Pat Arthur, Lee Norling, Corrin Wolcott, Charlene Hoffman, Ora Dales, Gretchen Ohlmann, Judy Greenblatt. First rowz Elsie Sheesley, Mary Markel, president, Peggy Wickes, Betty Lee Miller, Emma Lou Roush, Jeanenne McMann, secretary. A new organization started this year was the East High C-irls' Junior Rifle Club. They are members of the National Rifle Club Association of America. There are thirty active mem- bers, the limit due to the range facilities. Membership is by application. The girls fire regularly one night a week and in competitive matches. The club won second place in the state meet and has taken part in national shoulder to shoulder team matches, also in Girl 'Rifle Club Pre,-JMedic: Club The Pre-Medic Club was founded for the benefit of those students interested in the medical profession and its allied studies and to promote interest in that field. Qualifications for membership are at least a C average, completion of a laboratory science, recommendation by three teachers, and a general interest in medicine. Under the able sponsorship of Miss Lily Schultz, field trips were taken through the Colorado Medical School, Colorado Ceneral Hospital, and the National Jewish Hospital. School services include special clinic projects, such as vaccinations, dental exams, physical exams and chest x-rays. The final activity was the annual banquet. individual matches. Back row, left to right: Dorothy Rosnik, Virginia Klein, Sally Kirby, Sarah Tann, Ann Perriman. Third row: Eloise Bartholic, Rita Burley, Tom Counts, Richard Rutledge. Second row: Wanda King, Marion Eliason, Bettyann Huskins, Mort Hoffman, Miss Schultz, sponsor. First row: Bob Fortna, president, Margaret Lewis, vice-president, Joan Heclcman, treasurer, Patricia Melville, secretary. r . fi .J ini I WWW W 2 ' , ? W1 Back row, left to right: Walter Gail, Alan Gass, Chuck Dodson, John Hill, Steve Achtenhagen, James Williams, Jack Brinley. Second rowz Joan Marshall, Cla.re Strachen, Pat Garrigan, John Dorring, Bev Verner, Elianor Anderson, Bill Shenk- heim, Bob Fullerton. First row: Betty Bradshaw, Eliza Pietch, Joan Timblin, Marlene Levin, Geraldine Roupp, Florine Martin, Paul Kiesling. International Relations Club The international Relations Club, under the sponsorship of Mrs, Virginia Stearns, cele- brated its twenty-fifth anniversary in April with a banquet. A student from the foundation ot Social Science at Denver University was the distinguished speaker. Carrying out the theme of world understanding, many current problems have been debated and many noted speakers from the foreign consul have been honored guests. This year the club was asked to send a representative to the tirst U. N. E. S. C, O. Regional Conference, to be held in the United States in Denver, May l5, lo, l7. A M , , J V 4 I, J 9 V 2 M mf 7 ,I 1' .g i 'ff 4 "2 4 ' ff! f Jfm, A ,W ,W .,,M,, , X 5: QS XY W 7 ' lf ,, I 5154 4 s l . wx , , , , ' Z 2? , ,,,,m,M7JyN,,..w.f5hfWwyAxww If I I ,A .1 5 , W l 0 Ay , , ..,W . Z . 1 Z . V, .. llwzf' 1 , J ,WI ff J Q43 . fn , Ny , ,, 6 '? gg, ' r J ' , if f 3 LVV 1 J J " f , , 4 2 f if 4 , lj 0 lp 3 f , f ' 5 7 U, I r if Q, 'V ,f w W J, f f Z WW ,,,,, .. ,f,. MW. r an s , f, , , V W , J Vin X JW ,,, 'www V ,.,,, W W ,, fw-wwfff-WWWJW , GT f A ., 7, .,., Mhz' l 4 I , ff 151 lc , .,. ,. , H ,, , ,, ,,, M. ,,,,,,,, LLV V,, , , wwewwffffmwMM,wfra-WNWWJ. M ,M f - W..-W, W W. M ,m....Mn. Bale, Goe, Robert Don pson, l-lo Dale rl Berge 36 M F5 ones, Lau J Lou VO Ca olenskn, TTT S Cunnangham, Donna I 5 Greene, Vnrgnn OEJF1 ee, J CG M Lou ater, Betty C I Zabelh M E l lqhf efr to r l V O W rth Foo k Clar y Lou al' onfague, M M EIN Roy, Jo Le SCG Gr Cohen, Reeva Oakes, nN Hole Phelps, accompan Sf, hel SC Young, Her Charles Conner, Ta plan, Alher Ka HE ray, Ela G Joanne Frneclenfha Bernice rdrsfrand, O Van emach, Don V19 A Charles rr Boue Charles 3Y, OW l-la FIG Dav 5, Joseph Davls, Joan Jean m, BSSO H riey Zh VOW Thnrrl Long, ancy N I El mrners, Glor Su k ns, Glen T A QQ , Kello CH I Gre Phi V, Sylvesle Bob ling, I' U F1 SO WI Louis Rupp, Barbara Kllby, Joan O'l.eary, Madonna, Mary Lou lugan Lone Gul Jorley, 6 E lrnor Clqaf Fl, Joan Second row if fu E Moss Phebe Doyle, use, Pal Fo reclorg Jean head, cl OOI' M Fareeda Cohen, uefte Y Ha ayez H nnelfe A ff Benlqh Kos ck, Fin Zehrunq, Erlrlle Douq Boles Bob EIU affr Sh J , age, S Bc- Hall rs, Roge hv er, Dorol ano, Belly Palm M I arelon M '.haTz , Corn yn H' F , Hlllrfl Jan Jrlrll Halwr, M l'fJVv ,T F r Samson lis Phy Jr Lel BQVCJ, Martha , 1 nrqer, Dirlene Fil ha Sf M Pnnek Pal V1 , llarlrna -I euuoq V10 'uMo1g 'VIU JS 9I0'I 'Wd S! 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U Q nl Q Q Q fi N J L U' Q S 0 L LL I. mqo yFC anlc ST Tncy, Wh I'1,E1-en Da C Bonn Ferris, Leo refa hc-nke rw, G Sc E I ncf Stem, Ja CTI' M Connie f l?01l'1WcI Pafly Wl'1 FU V15 Ker Pottlo, Paqsfla Q, Gerry Jo Ozncr, rw P 1'lAyr-',- Le-f and row anc Arnold. J VV Ma Voql, n, Karl SC E Char cs V, kc Pa Largo, Joanne rbara Ba Stone, an mV E! , Wil ry Ecllor CVT H mr C O E E 3 o W. CD NJ C L 3 P- C O L O J C, G CP O .I bf JI .. o .. o D m. 2 ru N C 0 O Aflclsfcl Younq, Zfanforrl Gu hoe, Tom Jurly Eff: ',1Jllul'u, arg -3 Aczcl M P neharr Poncrr Th rd row C fl C 1 CL Q 3 FJ 4 D- 4- QE O U Q N rv: I E E .x. Q N T L ft C O Q J rn Bcrqman D0 phv LII' M Dean Boa Jack Levi:-DIWJQCF1, Lou ary f M Han lfc, Dc-nf 0 T C C Jack Wo QOH, r rvn, Corrine yE rlanr Ffl Burruz Poonfclfll, l VT lfrnrv, fllf Jaf farwflermlt, Joanna Fourth row C O A .bl L u.: P- CJ I lfm s: fi E L o E f- c VXI D O .I Q L fc E S Q 1 V l 2 U V m E E Q 0 5 L o S' o E .L L Jw C I C' -. 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'lgg 1-35 m o -+333 256 -:sw 5133? - DUO- :mg Q-3 4-.. 0:14 -xg-3' as-+1 L 'P ob :TCI- 302 O25 ?"m mm 555 T 3 mfbun 3, DJ :MQ CKE mgwx 200' .26 PU Er 2?N4 mix 3 cLfD,T JUP3 0:2 gel 125 M32 .jg ms: FD 22' 02. ID 04 449' 'MoJ q,L1r1o:q ueof :4q6u GU 'JaA9u.l40H p1o,lue4g US SPV 'un AJUQH 'uospnuyg sapeqj Ualpg uuA'l 'mapuneg eqlanag 'JSJSQSW 9!lI!M HLU 'Sup Jawd :sp-4 P HM 9! LU 'ueuualog 9!II'M 'fkleqpueg Lu X . Q, x 'f,.. Y k T FLUTES TRUMPETS TROMBONES Maxnne Barrows, Janet Stern. Joanne Hoffrneyer Chuck Knudson Lynn Saunder Dxck Beresford Bull Bunger MADRIGAL CHOIR WX fm' V .Q 2 Q' il ia lm fx W mal Wm fm SPECIAL Music: Lasf row, leff To rnghf' Don Goe, Dale Hopson, Leslne Smufh, Ball Bronson, Chuck Young, Louis Rupp, Charle Ungamach, Pal Green, Kelly Afknns, Ed Kuslck Front row, Laura Burger, Carol Leu Jones, Mary Lou Mllano, Carolyn Schatz, Mary Lou Madonna Janus Hubner, Phyllis Samson, Darlene Borg, Martha Burger, Bernice Frledenfhaul, Joan Gray, Alberta Connorz STRINGS CLARINETS Left lo rxglnt Margaret Wlnlc-r, John Schwcuqc-ll Ellcn Lcfl To rlghf Jam bhcphull Hazel bod Betty Mlllcr Karl Vogf Whlfncy, Mll1e Conmnq, Floralncg Price COLOR GUARD AT MORNING CEREMONlES SPECIAL R. O. T. C. GROUPS RIFLE TEAM Standing, left to right: George Kearns, Jimmy Pool Kneeling: Karl Herold, Dick Ralston, Wesley Maycock. DRlLL TEAM Standing, left to right: Tech. Sgt. Chuck Shloss, Staff Sgt. Norman Dufva, Staff Sgt. John Evans, P.F.C. Don Smith, First Sgt. John Yeagle, Staff Sgt. Carl Williams. Kneeling: Second Lt. Gordon Arnold, Tech. Sgt. Bob Hoffman, Staff Sgt. Clark Gibson, Tech. Sgt. Marshall Kratz, First Sgt. George Kearns, Second Lt. John Thraillcill, HONORARY OFFICERS Last row, left to righti Helen Zorichak, Eleanor Minnig, Phyllis Durbin. Second row: Ruth Carter, Marguerite Johnson, Helen Devine, Phyllis Henderson, Front row: Jackie Foster, if M 7 Sb t s S iw to 55 61 W Q "E" COMPANY CAPTAIN MICKEY FRENCH Rl GO To I The Reserve Officers Training Corps was organized twenty-seven years ago to train young men for wartime service. Since that time the R. O. T. C. has been expanded until it now comprises instruction in such other courses of interest as First Aid, Citizenship, and Teaching Methods. "F" COMPANY i 'a ,. C T g .iii C tg, ? it Q N Q- is .i ist A ! g 1 f 2 1 Z 9, Q: COMPANY R. O.. T. C. The Corps participates in many school and community activities. R. O. T, C, volunteers usher at programs, conduct flag ceremonies, and take charge of many other things, Selected groups, such as the Crack Drill Squad and the Rifle Team., uphold the military honor of East High and inter-school competition. "H" COMPANY i l l 3 Ti CAPTAIN BOB HUFFMAN i HEADQUARTERS COMPANY R.0aT.C. Corps activities, such as Federal Inspection, parades, and the Lakeside Review, are salient features of the R. O. T, C. curriculum, for the success of which all cadets labor con- scientiously, The Corps also sponsors dances for officers and enlisted cadets, which have proved to be exceedingly popularl SERWCE COMPANY i so , iiriibis A f x Ev i ' W Q . If C5 rpg gg 3 , f y I nv 355 A if V V I A . .f I W, if fm" , , Q , Q r it i i r , as , 3 , A ' .,xx . . . 4 1 Standing, left to right: Beverly Verner, Marion Eliason, Beverly Scribner, Shirley Carrier, Shizuko Uchiiima, Greta Lee Ferris, Pat Tague, Mrs. Ruth Berg, Betty Lawton. Seated: Wanda King, Connie Carrithers, Phyllis Durbin, Harriet Gauss, Claire Grace, Barbara Cook, Helen Cheney. Cl' ' Testing eyes, taking temperatures and treating the many and varied ills which East High students manage to contract during an average day is more than enough to keep Mrs. Ruth Berg, school nurse, and her Seraph Sister assistants busy each day. This year Mrs, Berg devised an original method for testing eyes ot all sophomores and juniors, and with this mass examination she discovered many unattended cases ot poor vision. , if Standing, lett to right Bill Barnes, John Bartlett, Frank Van Maren, Kellogg Atkins, Don Roach, Louis Oliver, Larry Bodaness, Stuart Silverlzaerg, Al Weltman, Dean Peterson, Seated: Dick Tyler, Don Elhart, Mr. Sam Blanc, Mort I-lottman, Don Barnes E Vis-Ed Operators The Visual Education department may take the credit for all the hours of motion picture enjoyment here at East. The boys, giving up their free time during and after school, present movies for education and pleasure. The group is under the direction of Mr. Sam Blanc. KELLOGG ATKINS AND OLIVER THOMPSON IN Tl-IE PROJECTION BOOTH Back row, left to right: Paul Orris, Ernest Ryness, Norman Conrad, Mr, Meyer. First row: Dan Tipton, Kenneth Palcic, Leonard Peeples, Bill Arnold, Vincent Hefti. Stage Crew When enjoying the assemblies and performances given in the East auditorium, few of us realize that an indispensable and hard-working group has helped to bring those very ex- cellent programs to us. These boys, under the direction of Harvey M. Meyer, have worked hard this year getting materials ready so that our assemblies would be able to run smoothly. THE MUSCLE MEN MOVE A PLATFORM AND PAUL g ,e .- I -NN 3 Standing, left to right: Miss Briber, Billie Jean Cross, Bonnie Dahl, Mrs, Schlosser, Geraldine Gonzales, Pete Kamas, Miss Nicholson, secretary, Patty Rothwell. Seated' Lena Wright, Doris Hendricks, Emma Lou Roush, Mickey Halbert, Joan Skinner, Lucinda Gonzales. Library Staff Supervising Angels in the library is the job ot the Library Statti Florence Briber and Ollie Schlosser help students use books for research, study, and enjoyment, Each day more than eight hundred students pour through the portals of the library to use available books, pamphlets, magazines and newspapers. Another important part ot the library is the class room where general education, social studies, and English classes meet to use library materials and hold discussions. Indispensable to the library's success are the boys and girls who contribute their services to assist in the checking in and out of books and handling records. Their contributions also aid themselves, tor good experience and knowledge is gained through working among books, , , if ,Wg , . . 2 osimrpims Puts HER HEART l into HER WORK 6 Standing, left to right: Norma Jean Baird, Lawrence Marshall, director, Ora Smith, Margaret Winter, Betty Lou Ellis, Faithe Oltrogge. Seated: Betty Jean Girarclot, Harriette Good, Janis Fine, Marguerite Johnson. Cccupational Acliustment Service Mr. Marshall and his assistants work in the Occupational Adjustment Service room placing boys and girls ot East l-ligh School in work that they desire, There is a vast tield ot jobs and applicants. A card is tillecl out by each person who wants a job, ancl when his specific job is available he is able to procure the position without clelay. This service has helped many pupils to find work which tits their particular talent. I85 1 ' fi. ' f ' 3 ' WV , , 3 R ,i l 1 f, i N..,' sr I by ..,, B I W. -. in--9 '? 1 'W N A as N4 K. Q, i , NCSU' 'W' ' ,, ys it ' Standing, left to right: Alan Gass, Tanya Woodburne, Phil Fox, Bob Herzstein, Pat Panek, Connie Hobbs, Stuart Silverberg, Joann Timpte, Roger Richter, Annalee Hartwell, Bob Briber, Margie Jeffers, Mr. Cavender, Barbara Hahn. Seated: Sheldon Alpert, Ronnie Zall, Beverly Bridges, Eileen Karnm, Bonnie Krogh. Angelus Staff After an interesting year of seemingly endless work, the long list of innumerable pictures and stories suddenly dwindled down to nothing and the Angelus staff retired for a three weeks' rest to await the publication of their year's endeavor Sparked by their friendly, hard working sponsor, George Cavender, everyone on the staff-writers, editors, photog- raphers and business rnanagers-did their best to turn out a book that would be "better than ever." BEVERLY RONNIE BRIDGES ZALL 2 4 W , swf.-wwf ROGER ROBERT RICHTER HERZSTEIN Co-Editors Beverly Bridges Ronnie Zall Business Manager Roger Richter Photographic Coordinator Helen Cenkovich Head Photographer Bob Herzstein Business Staff Gilbert McDonough Rosemary Hinkley Chan Dawson Art Staff Joann Timpte Annalee Hartwell Aileen Nance Editorial Staff Phil Fox Frank Fleming Bob Briber Eileen Kamm Connie Hobbs Elizabeth Argall Pat Panek Anne Stailey Margie Jeffers Tanya Woodburne Phyllis Melnick Nancy Clark Marilyn Waggener Barbara Yates Bonnie Krogh Photographers Stuart Silverberg, Sheldon Alpert Alan Gass Back row, left to right: Horace Hawkins, Mike Morgan. Second row: His honor the Printer, Henry Lichtenstein. First row: Doris Strauss, Diane Shelnutt, Verna Dee Nelson, Mrs. Koons, faculty advisor, Mariilee Ewer. Spotlight Staff Editor Henry Lichtenstein Associate Editor Diane Shelnutt Assistant Editors Verna Dee Nelson Marjilee Ewer Doris Strauss Sports Editors Mike Morgan Bud Hawkins Photographer Bill Luhrs Advisor Alice C. Koons Business Manager Circulation Manager Paula Davis Exchange Editors Helen Cenkovich Bev Scribner Special Writers Anne Rerriman Jerry Shore Bill Robinson Jim Arrnatas Bill Guy Joanne Healy Morty Miller Anne Russell Wanda King Jim White Frank Nichols Dick Robinson Woody Shelton Tom Joiiee Columnists Assistant Business Manager Shirlee Wills Bernice Friendenthal Robert Ffeedhelm Upper right, left to right: Shirlee Wills, Hersh Lackner, Joanne Healy, Bill Robinson. Lower left: Bill Luhrs, Tom Jotfee, Bernice Friedenthal, Mariilee Ewer. Lower right: Diane Shellnut, Verna Dee Nelson, Henry Lichtenstein, Doris Strauss, S i th: B ' f we P'N H, K W f A , , ,,, fi ,V ,K 7 fg 7, , ,f y X5 V41 .? Q 4 X N525 X A X X N sis? 'i Left to right' Jim Armatas, Art Wollenweber, Lloyd Knapp, Bill Beaty, Bill Hicks, Jim Fithian, Dick Beresford, Howard Bissell, Dick Gray, Bruce Carson, George Schweigert, Vernon Nelson, Varsity Basketball Preparation for the regular season, pre-league practice, or just plain target shooting, Pick the name you wish and you will have East High's preliminary games named. The Varsity cagers looked good, as they defeated Fort Morgan 48-27, Englewood 46-24, and Greeley 4l-36. The only pre-season loss came at the hands of the defending state champions, Boulder. The regular l946-47 season had its hoop lid blown off on January 3rd, when the Angels bowed sur- prisingly to a rough Cowboy five at the West gym. Cray, l-licks, Carson, Armatas and Bissell opened the season fracas with fine teamwork, but just couldn't seem to find the range. Loup and Forbis raced the hardwood for half of the Cowpokes' points Rebounding with a deadly drive from their defeat a week earlier, the East High hoopsters massacred the Vikings from North, 40 to 20, in cramped West l-ligh gym. Screening, fast breaking and net splitting arch shots, set off a shock-trooping Angel attack. New combinations were used with Knapp, Nelson and Fithian breaking in. The next tilt with the strongly pre-season favorite, South High Rebels, proved too much for a luckless Angel quintet on January 24. The score, 38-32, does not indicate the closeness of the game as the score changed hands every few minutes. Just three minutes before the end of the conflict Bill l-licks, our great pivotman, tied the score at 30-all. But eventually it was the height of South's six-foot-eight center, and the luck of some of the Rebel shots that turned the copy, The Thunderbolts from Manual seemed to lose their thunder when they dropped a 40-32 decision to the game Seraphs. Rough through the whole game, a total of 46 personals were called by the alert officials. l39l V af' Varsity Swamping the West Cowboys, 56-39, the Cherubs retaliated from their only defeat by West, and moved into second place in the league, Surging ahead in the first few minutes of the game, the Seraphs were never threatened. lt was one of those games where the Angels just dicln't miss many of their shots. Racking up the highest score of the season, the red and white of East sent the Vikings of North paddling home to the tune of a ol-34 victory over the Viks. Again the Seraphs took the lead in the first few minutes, and they were never headed at any time throughout the game. After leading comfortably throughout the entire torrid contest, East's luckless Angels were dropped from behind, 4l-38, by a sparkling Southern rally in the last canto. Howard BisselI's mag- nificent long shots kept the Seraphs ahead until the closing seconds, when premature stalling enabled the South Rebels to get the ball and thus win the game, thanks to some fine ball- handling. FINAL STANDINGS W. L. Pct. EVERYBODY WANTS TO GET South "---'------"-A 8 0 l-O00 ,N THE ACT EAST ,ssisss iissc. 4 4 .soo Manual ,,,,. ..,,,. 4 4 .500 West .,,,,, ...... 4 4 .500 North .... ,.,,.. 0 8 .OOO HOWARD DOES IT EASILY TENSE MOMENT THE Jumps THE THING up AND THROUGH gf A, , 4 2, ff 'W 1? lg X Ai-aiifzz u, W x i .U faq ,gl Basketball The right to enter the 25th Annual Colorado State High School Basketball Tourney was forfeited by the aggressive East Angels. This was when a determined Manual five put a "stop sign" on the prep league playoff. The season ended with East, West and Manual all tied up for second place, when the Cherubs dropped an all-important game to Manual, 37-34. This necessitated a playoff, and when West was dropped by the Thunderbolts it meant a final game between Manual and the Cherubs. The small D. U. gym was host to this final tussle, the goal being a ticket to the State Tourney. The game opened with the Angels taking the lead, but they were unable to hold onto it as the Thunderbolts racked up a 48 to 38 victory. Although the Cherubs had an overdose of bad breaks, an A-I brand of net splitting was shown through the season. High-scoring Howard Bissell and Dick Cray were named on the All-City teams. Seniors Carson, Beatty, Nelson, Wilson, Fithian and Wollenweber played superb ball. Next year's prospects for a title loomed high as we see big Bill I-licks, Jim Armatas, Lloyd Knapp, Dick Beresford and All-City Dick Cray returning to the varsity ranks. ANGEL I-IOOPSTERS IN ACTION I-IICKS SETS ONE IN 1 QM N Q Sf' Q C S C Left to right: Jimmy Armatas, Jerry Losey, Lloyd Knapp, Frank Van Meter, Chuck Bauer, Bob Blachely, Don Goe, Doug Waterman, Junior Basketball Making up for the Varsity failure, the East l-ligh Junior team walked over all comers to take the second team championship undefeated. In pre-season play the Cherubs drubbed the second teams from Ft. Morgan, Boulder, Cireeley and Englewood None of the out ot town schools was able to come within 30 points of the hot shooting underclassmen. City league play proved to be the same story, with the Seraphs trouncing all schools in the double round robin league. Good prospects tor next year's varsity are Jimmy Arrnatas, Dick Beresford, Lloyd Knapp, Chuck Bauer, Doug Waterman, Jerry Locey and Don Coe. SEASON STAN DI NGS - ' ,, b-Qu: f ' F it-1 Y' ,- 5 ' ,, , , mf ygggg . p.,,f. f W X, X f ff 3 Won Lost M EAST C C 8 0 ,K ,,,,, , SOUTH g 6 2 Manual ,,,, 3 5 West C 2 6 it Q North i 7 .' ff, W .f f Standing, left to right: John Kooken, Melvin Hinkle, Jim Razee, Tom Young, Art East, Fred Epstein. Seated: Eddie de Llauro, Chuck Molin, Dick Hanson, Eddie Moran, Jim Skinner. Sophomore Basketball A 3 Jack Mclntosh's Sophomore basketballers finished their season with an underclassman crown, winning their tinal game by a forfeit. The Soph Angels started their season strong by waHoping an outchssed VVestteanL 39 to l6,and another win overthe Phanherners 34 to 20. Atter a week's rest the Seraph cage squad lost their only game to a big Reb five, 53-40. The Angels then came back to enter the win column with a 26-24 victory over AAanual. The second round proved Htde trouble as VVest,lQorth and AAanual were downed easily, and a 36-34 revenge win from South was accomplished. sEAsoN STANDINGS L- Won Lost EAST .... 7 l South .... 6 2 Manual .. 4 4 West ., ,. 2 6 North .,.. .. l 7 N S M E A gigbxgx xg Q Q ff ox. f , s X N Z 4' x Ns Q, , , Xi, y , S-M lex? r. hxy -. X H ww ..m,w- 'S-was-fwfr 1, K: -' - S- wins., .. ., ex M "S-N as Q , S we - .-A , ,f 5,31 Q 5. 4- . v"U"- A Nw - - , . , v K "wig, rw-su ? . 4 . ,. ,, .. A N13 0 as if X xk,-' S K Q x m y i s f to fl 7 5 S l L 5 L - 'sew x J AN s X X fx .. K I Back row, lett to right: Paul Williams, George Dilfeou, Dayid Mills, Harry Lalfeyre, Joe Miller, Don Linger, Jack Galbreath. Second row, Mum McMichael, Howard Garcia, Allen Powell, Norm Speak, Ronny Boyd, Hubert Weinshank Wafner Newcomb, Don Thompson. Front row Jim Brock, Bill Buck, Larson Hamlett, Denny Barnes, Benny Coleman, Jim Coleman, Bill Fawcett. Wrestling Displaying promising pre-season ability, East's muscular grapplers, ably coached by Kenneth Julsrud and Elbert Chapman, had little trouble in overcoming opposition from other schools. The matmen's state champions, North Tournament with a determination to win and displayed Though not accumulating the most points, second-place grapplers on the l2-man all-state team, They were Nor- only season loss was at the hands ot The Cherub wrestlers plunged into all the class ot a well-organized mat East had the distinction ot placing man Speak, Ben Coleman and lett. Upper left: Standing on your Lower left: "lt was a tough fight, Upper right: Pulse OK? won." Lower right: Just try and get out. 14:1-4. i .gm ri ' fi?" 2 'L , if X f ' X D "": , W , MW f jf 4 pf ,V 1 f wa, ,,..,. . rr .QW l WE, ,ff , WW, f a ' fywfff Z 5, .: , i f M! f' 5 Q we ,z , f , ,Q , X ,, Q H, y Y Y W f ,ff f . ' "V, r- fr f' - ' . ,W ,,,,MW,,.,,,,, -ssfwwa WWW., ,W f -vm, ,wfffw f - 'f . M , ,, ,, , ,,,,, f -fr --frfiis. sm ,.,,V.,. ., "",z', 7' ,., .i Aww Ta QE'I.,l1-gli. Back row, left fo right: Gordon Rixford, Jack Patten, Tink Covington, Harold Zier, Marc Richardson, Harold Waller, Gordon ' 5 Goebel, Chuck Thomas. Front row: Art Quinn, rnanager,'Chuck Davis, Curtis Johnson, joe Jankowsky, Gene Mack, Alan Lake, Kelly Atkins Xi ' Frank Nash, Chuck McClone, coach. 5 Swimming The l947 Angelfish of East splashed their way into their twentieth city championship in twenty-two years as they drowned all competition. The tankers overwhelmed West, 46-l6, in the first swimfest of the year, winning all but one event. Falling records paved a gateway to a 47-lO win, as the bathers scuttled the Norsemen, Harold Waller setting a new freestyle record of l:O4.4, and a four-man relay team skimming the l6O-yard relay in l:3O.4. South and Manual were sunk by our mermen as only two races were lost in both matches. The blue-robed tankers swam rings around the Morey pool, when 68 points were chalked up to win another city championship. Coach Charles McGlone's swimmers rounded out a very successful season as they took second place in the Rocky Mountain A. A. U. men's junior regional indoor swimming and diving meet at Fort Collins. He swam, he swam ................,,............,..,.,.,,,,,........., Right over the dam! M? 5? t "ff ,KW f E 1 A , 1 ff 2 7 Q i'f', .f J V M, Me- fx X , 5-M if Ef f ' K y 1 I , ., , ,. X P .V,. V , , 4, Q ,, "" , W Standing, left to right Willa Hale, Betty Leach, Kathryn Axell, JoAnn Campbell, June Ohlson, Norma Jean Higgins, Seated Myrna Gordon, Eleanor Erikson, Hazel Sod, Jewell Allen, Anne Burton, llse Lutzens Girlsl During the spring and tall months, trattic on the Esplanade is halted regularly by the crossing ot the girls' gym Clf3SS95- The stream of red, blue, green and yellow gym suits makes its way to the sports field tor baseball and track practice. Tennis, high jumping and baseball skills are but a tew ot the things that keep Miss McWilliams, Miss Loeptien and Mrs, Branda busy watching their classes, Volleyball also keeps muscles and limbs limber during the winter months. Any careless individual entering the girls' gym is quite likely to be trampled upon by excited teams, hit in the head by a ball, or deatened by feminine screams as a point is scored, What the girls lack in brawn is compensated tor by enthusiasm. WHERE THE HECK IS THE DARN 'l'HlNG???? iffy, ll I COULD ONLY REACH ll"' Sports The not-to-be-torgotten modern dance class is rapidly becoming one ot the rnost popu- lar courses at East. Each sunny afternoon the class does its exercises on the lawn on the south side ot the building, much to the distraction of Mr, Mclntosh's seventh hour chemistry class. All types of dancing as well as sports are studied. Good luck, Amazonsl May your sun tans never fadel SOMETIMES WE GIRLS DO THE SILLIEST THINGS! PYRAMID OF PULCHRITUDE PAVLOVA HAD NOTHWNG ON THIS GYMNASTIC OCTET , X X K S W gg, Girls' Sports The Sports Club, too, has forged ahead, and with its elaborate point system well established, the masculine members of East are astonished to see letter sweaters and gold "D" pins appearing on the gals. The club is open to all grades and awards are given on a basis of sport participation. Skiing, walking, bicycling, swim- ming, all earn points for the club whether they are par- ticipated in during or after school. Each year pictures of champion girls' teams appear in the Angelus, testifying to our feminine Angels' prowess, MODERN ROB ' N H0095 A MAKE THAT BASKET, MYRNA 4 ,. 'W, U W f , , 1, y, 4, ,K V v , , s: f P ws' pw f rwu ,. - -X, f Q1 ,f ,ff-,swf A ff 2,.y, ,gk 5,,,,y ,4 -. 1-', ag:-f s f 45 f f ff w e ,M , X ' .Mi fwviffctif 'X wylv . f tx .Heal T Y X X1 'C X , , tx I 4 xl xi to X, X 1 1 sk xx' xx R, x i x a 1 X Q 3 1 N, X i K MY, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FORM' Assemblies One of the most entertaining aspects of the school year is the assembly programs that are put on by the different school groups for the student body, This year we were privileged to see some of the finest programs in many a year. This was greatly due to the fine work of the assembly committee who worked hard to bring the students the best type of programs available. This aspect of the school program is probably one of the most popular since it affords everyone some well-received relaxation during the school day. Among the many programs out on during the winter were the Whittier Coral Group, John Garter, the Angelus Assembly, and many more of highly enter- taining or instructive nature. The outstanding assembly of the winter season was that put on by the Angelus staff, This year the Angelus again introduced their very popular talent show which featured talent provided by each of the other Denver High Schools as well as an act from our own school. Everyone agreed that this was pos- sibly the best Angelus program thus far, CLOCKWISE: I-IELLO, GOOD-LOOKING GOOD MORNING, FOLKSIES MANUAL TRIO ALMOST GOT HIM THAT TIME iw S, 4 it Assemblles COUNTER-CLOCKWISE1 GET THAT PERSONALITYI LOIS IS BEING DRAMATIC ALLEN LUDDEN DISCUSSES HAMLET JUNIOR OFFICERS LEAD ASSEMBLY JUSTIN W. SELLS PEPSI Assemblies CLOCKWISE: CHEERING ANGELS CARTER MAKES THE GIRLS SWGON SUCH GAMSYYY SWING LOW, SWEET CHARIOT LITVAK AND COMPANY fu Q S' U., . ., , W -5 , ,., ,,..w,.,..,..:,,,. , -K 'Ui 3 l . ,, , , , I, 3,1 i ,gf . I , 5 i 'Q -if we W. + I ,W , nil!! , f K ' 1- , ., 3 yy . 'ff 'H' ' X , :SQ , Q e 5 "' , X , or 4 wi l 1 Dane s 5 323,11 s , ifv rl N A759 :J . 1 x , gulf' I 2 i 'W ' . . . . L ,A y g Three Sparkling dances were given this winter, zflf-ity ' W fi X ifw -,M 1 ,lit , X V' fffrijv I i til.-eff 25, XX - ' ff . y c V the Bubble Ball .Ven b the Red and wwe 2. W , bfi", V. l ' Q Y Jacketsg the Royal Promenade, presented by the .,,- ,,'r ' 3 l r f ,f " i ' . ,Q , 2 A Junior classg the Sweetheart Dance, sponsored g 4' Wt ,.,, by Student Council. I ' -qw' 4, :" 'M"" 1" 'Wl , , Q l The Bubble Ball was held in the boys' gym with Howard Far- rand's orchestra. Balloons were extended from the ceiling to give the effect of bubbles. The heart of every Angel beat a little taster at the Sweetheart Dance. Cupids, bow and arrow in hand, took aim from the ceil- ing ot the boys' gyml i i i ALL HAIL THE QUEEN Junior Prom This year the Junior Prom was called the Royal Promenade, In the cafe, which was decorated in red and white, couples danced to the sweet music of Chuck Bennet and his orches- tra, The ceremony of crowning the Junior Prom Queen was The highlight of the dance, 6 2' Z 3 1 .4 T? , f-, ,, . - , QW' ,fr ,V . ,wg be ,Q . Y gf? 5 J '- ML' , f , vp ' ,gf w Q ,. ff , 2, f . Q M M, Y , 471 lf, 6 , 1 1, ."- , ,' , V " . V , fl' M9 f ', ,kfzf ww M492 af MAH of ff V , 0 -wb, M21 Candicls With our hands: We We We We We We We We clap, Clap dramatize lead greet point throw snowballs shove make love And act like mad Russians is I EQ m Candid ln our odd rnoments: We slide down bannisters We entertain celebrities We cut out prom bids We autograph casts We go Home from school We stand around the Capitol And stand some more We love to dance And tell the latest stories. ra sawn, y QM: JM. jg, f Q .Z "' yi . ! M it .Wi 5 2 Q M QR rx? .V , L,-rw rv. J X wax 'X l tff3:4- . .Q - . .as-sf?Mfs n,?5,ggS,,, x , as fi . Wax we 'Q wtf 'T -, Si, L x 55 sg? is -FX NX , .Y 'X S ,Qi asf- X x X X X X X s Q 7 as+e-Ups From Hne Prom Zi-5 1 I2 , ,ff Z f 5 , , we f , fE Q ,w ' ' 41 Q' , f f' ' if YW 15' Wi Wmwgqw 1' ww 5 A W QWW p 14117525 J. sw Www ...iff W, 3 if A dw' W' ,mimvex -fx?- M ,xmgy 9 V W v .1 if vfb 46 A 1 f 0 4 gf . 4 f f V f , , 1, I ,, , I V,V, IVV" f. ' ff ' fiff f 9 f f W, ' 4325 V , ,4 6? fe., I ' af M M' -uf' qf X. 13 A Q" 0 .,. , X V .. Q 31 -wk. Q, X if - " .f Nw, . J- f V N o-121 , 140- f ' Q-j f ' ' ' ,. nm fy. 12 -' ia, , if f 3 3 ' f yy, ffl f, q, :'- 1, ,- . fZ,. , 1 ,1-if ,fa WY ,, " ff A "W , 4 Ah 1 452' kr ' 'gi l 22.3, V A ' 'Q f ' 'X 1 Y' 1 Q. 1 3 Ny g A V , -V, 1 J . W V ,f ,V ' X, n wx , if 'ix Senior Play ls Karen Andre guilty or not guilty? This one question ran through the Senior Class play, "The Night of January l6th." The jury was composed ot the audience ot East High selected at random. The story re- volved around the death ot Bjorn Faulker- son, and it was up to the jury to decide whether it was murder or suicide. The wit- nesses ot the cast were seated in the audi- ence, and the Defense Attorney and District Attorney called them up one by one to testify. Facts were presented by both sides so that the jury could have a clear idea ot what had happened. There were many tense and dramatic moments in the play, but the climax came when the jury tiled out to de- cide the verdict. The audience had a tew exciting moments while this was being de- cided, and there were many opinions as to what the verdict would be. Finally, the jury came back in and decided that Karen Andre was not guiltyl CAST: Robert Freedheim, Joan Montague, Bill Robin- son, Syd Lamb, Barbara Weiss, Bill Van Stone, Bob Hackstatt, Jack Brinley, Ursula Ronnebeck, Joy Hield, Phyllis Samson, Bob Fullerton, Alden Richman, Imogene Vaughn, Mrs. Kreiner, director, Bernice Friedenthal, Ronnie Zall, Barbara Parker, Esther Brett. Absent from picture: Gary Willoughby, Bob Frost and Eileen Kamm. NOTHHNJG BUT THE TRUTH CURTAIN CALL fair 4' 'lf A S,,.WfY' S at way, l E 2 E x W qnghnl' I M 4 X Z ANNE CAMPBELL ANNE STAILEY BETTY LAWTON ANNE BURTON MARILYN SAFRAN Friendliness Poise Cheerfulness Sense of Humor Courtesy BETTY LEACH JEANNE LUCAS RUTH EDWARDS DOROTHY ANN THOMAS Sportsmanship Service Loyalty Best All-Around Girl Absent from picture: CORA VAN SCHAACK, Dependability Pictured above are the girls who received the 'I947 character awards. Honors and Awards BOB FORTNA receives the Woodbury Medal from W. W. Grant, member of the Board of Education, Spanish Medals-Doris Strauss, Robert Lucero, Edward Bur- ress, Ursula Ronnebeck, Diane Miller, Shirley Martin, Miguelita Halbert. Virgil Medals--Beverly Bridges, Kern Brown, Sid Lamb, John Moore, Cora Van Schaack. Bud Ernst Memorial Award+Bill Robinson. Woodbury Oratorical Contest -Bob Fortna. Wolcott Sight Reading ContestfBernice Friedenthaul. D. A. R. Citizenship-'Ruth Wieriwwan, pilgrim, Dorothy Ann Thomas, Anne Campbell, Euclidian Club Math Awards--Sid Lamb, Ed Lewin. .-5 g , I? FIRST WE TALKED ABOUT IT AND FINALLY TOOK IT OUT TI-IEN WE SANG ABOUT IT AND PLANTED IT Arbor Day-Spring Elecfions DELEGATE ASSEMBLY RECEIVES INSTRUCTIONS SECRET STUFF JUDGES COUNTING BALLOTS TI-IE POLLS WERE CROWDED I . 2 f. ma:-. . xv, L ffm 'TN - 4? fn 2 T"' ' A ' .Q ...-- .... ..,, . , "ff ' ,.., "" 71 I -A 'f 1, 'Z '75 I .ff , I ,..3t t . ? 1g,.,i, - . lt' 1z.i . A .. ,WK if , W, I ffm M5 g'Q?AY,fQgf- 755' llgf ,lglfff ll gm W1-MWA A X,V7 Q 1 X E iz ? lg ff 5 f f E 3 W 4 1 V 41? as E , ms 9 , V M off, S ' Q l tb s L ' ws ww , , , Y" 5 W ' . kf 1, V , ,. W , 6 Q f l :WN wr., llfsg 1 5 6 'inf 51, l , Ns -V wi . xg, W .my f:.,2i-5" Back row, left to right: Coach McGIone, John Wilson, Bill l-licks, Bill Guy, Henry Hall, Fred Greenberg, Neil Charnev, Dave Chase, Fred Epstein, Dick Beresford, Front row: Vern Nelson, Alton Castello, Dick Grav, Art Wollenweber, Jim Baker, Jay Lutz, Bob Vonderlip, manager. Varsity Baseba Coach Charles Mcfjlone has turned out one of the finest baseball teams East has seen in a long time A smart and fiery infield consisting of Baker, Wollenweber, Larson, Castello, Cray and Charney along with one of the league's finest pitchers, Dick Beresford, has provided plenty of trouble for all opposition. The outfield, with Wilson, Nelson and Lutz, provides a lot of hitting power in Wilson and Nelson. This year's race was one of the closest ever witnessed by the Denver prep league. As we go to press, with league play not yet fin ishecl, the standings are as follows: Pct. .667 667 667 600 OOO if Team Won Lost I EAST .... ,, 4 2 tl South 6, B, 4 2 '1' North .... .. 4 2 3, ' wg K 3 2 K .f A Manual .. ' 6 A , f Q-. , ,,,c, West it O 7 , , ,,,, , P A 'gg' M V We' g f ,j"', N"' s1'.s:7g,,-3,.1,W:W , I ,X 5 A W Back row, left to right: Chuck Bauer, Preston Williams, Neil Charney, Bill Hicks, Fred Green- berg, Sherwin Miller, Bob Malowney. Front row: Bob Olson, Ed Wooddell, Jim Grider, Bill Scott, Dick Maires. Junior Baseball Sophomore Baseball Last row, left to right: Jim Mainor, Ernie Brockman, Rodney Coit, Art Maloney, Elliott Reingold, Larry Robertson, Herb Maslin, Karl Walter, Jim Adams, Louis Bauffman. Second row: Dan Vetesk, Jack Waggoner, David Fay, Jack Patten, Fred Epstein, Gaynor Miller, Jack Liggett, Eugene Shirley, Jim Fox, Ed Moran, Bryce Zarit, Coach Panek. First row: Larry Morgan, Ernest Morgenegg, Bruce Belcher, Clarence Peltz, Lester Pedicord, Harold Slusser, Art Bliss Jack Tice, Art Woodburne, Cliff Elkins, manager. ff, -if . Q J . S4bk'5' ' f gl I hh Sf qvlk'5?' 3, Sf 'ff WB, '-nm ' ,i,',, S M N sd' ,:, f . 1 I. R RQ Third row, left to right: Coach Mclntosh, Manager Culpepper, Spencer, Edler, Herzstein, Hormann, Johnson, Menogan, Waggoner, McCarthy, Sylvester, Goodwin, Mollin, Cutrell, Allison, Keyes. Second row: Manager Russell, E. Sandvig, Blake, Peoples, Haller, LeFevre, Davis, Pepper, Smith, Kinney, Knapp, Skinner, Clarkson. First row: Nelson, ReLay, Freidenthal, Weber, F. Sandvig, Zier, Barnes, Murray, Losey, Lackner, Gardner, Powell, Bardwell. Track Team The hard working cindermen, under the guidance of Track Mentor Jack Mclntosh, began the i947 track season especially strong in sprint, relay and hurdle rnen. Climaxing several weeks of workouts, the Angels downed the West Cowpokes with an unbelievable score of lO3 to 57. Manual ancl South also fell to the Cherubs as only North toppled us to take the regular city title. Defending successfully their C. U. Relay crown at Boulder, East shared first place honors with Longmont. Paving the way was versatile Ray Shaffer, who set the new 440-yard dash record of 49.7 in a previous meet, and won all the events he ran. l-le was theoutstanding runner this year, as all middle distances were won by him. ln the D. U. Relays, East overcarne a large point deficit in the final two relays to nose out North and South for the first place trophy. Probably the winning of the Boulder Relays and the Denver Relays came about because of the attention given track events rather than field events, where the Red and White are weak. ' ff' Vfwfyffff' I , if QW ,WW 3,54 if hfyyf. , ' W, so ci so . X TNF' , f f - , f' 7 ., J m e wt X' a s , f I, .. . ...C r ft ' i.ti Q K' ' is A - A ,, jf' ' i eh, . ' ., .. . ..,, 7 Ks Q ,M , 4, LW , , , Q I ,, Q ff - wk ,uf ,,. f I , , , f -6595, .,,, ,W ,, , ,km , VV K X, t . K ' f, VLA, X W .x T df J WW ,. - W v. WW '- ww' W" :ZW ' f 'if as Track Events ln what was undoubtedly one of the closest and most disputed finishes of Denver prep track city championships, the North Vikings edged out our brilliant cindermen by of a point. The outcome was in doubt all the way up to the start of the mile relay, as East took many tirsts, but few lower placements. A victory in this event meant the city championship for either the Angels or the Viks, and although East broke the tape with a winning run, both teams were disqualified for several fouls during the running of the event, and the Norsemen were able to take the crown on previously won points. As the Angelus goes to press, the track kings of East are headed to win again. This yea r's outstanding men were Denny Barnes, Lloyd Knapp, winning both hurdle events in every meet, John McCarthy, Gordon Goebel, Henry Edler, Gutty Monogen, Al Weber, Hersh Lackner, George Gardener and Joe Keyes. Team Won Lost North ....,.,. ..... 4 0 EAST ...., .,,.. 3 l South .....,.. ,A... 2 2 Manual .... ,,A,. l 3 West ..........,.,,..E.,,,A,c..,,c,,,,,,....,,,.... O 4 N v KM, ,M ww, 7!A gs i W " I Anne V54 'Q mi ff Nw W if ff ' 9 Spring Dances This spring, when each little Angel'S fancy was turning to thoughts ot love, the Kampus Klub aided Cupid by presenting a torrnal dance. lt was given as it it were the open- ing ot a new Night Club, with a floor show during intermission, The Senior Prom was held in the sophisti- cated atmosphere ot the Lincoln room of the Shirley-Savoy l-lotel. Sam Krarnlich, a torrner East l-ligh student, supplied the music tor the dance. read Mf gy fQ'Z , ' W 2 f A, . Swf s 0-SQZH., W ' ,v 14 f wffg' ,fff ' f "' wt , 15,13 pf, feffv if 4 QW: ' We 'cw Z XM., .Z 'mn fm ZZ, f W 'gf Aff' if 5 y,,ll,ff ,C :ji , QV ' ' fff 4, ,ff M W V, Z' ff X r. I J , Z 5 ,, fy 1, f W mvlwff QUEEN ANNE Red and White ay Red and White Day started off with a bang as the juniors and seniors had their traditional tug of war on the baseball field. After this the Angels flocked to the auditorium, where the faculty and student skits were given. To the strains of sweet music the May Queen attendants and their escorts marched down the aisles. There was a great deal of excitement when Anne Campbell was chosen to reign as May Queen. Prizes were awarded to the best and most original floats that were seen in the parade down the Esplanade. ln the afternoon the annual city track meet was held at D. U. stadium, with East running against the four other high schools. At night the Cherubs, dressed in all kinds of red and white clothes imaginable, attended the "Color Capers," where prizes were awarded for the most original costumes. BLOSSOMING BEAUTY 98 PROOF ni PM fi' 5- 'ws ,af 4, -, ,y 4 any , T 3 yt RED AND WHITE DAY COUNTER CLOCKWISE: Surrey with the fringe on top ...Yo heave, ho! . . . Here's mud in your eye! . . . Your's too. . . Who stole the catalog? , , . Whatcha lookin' ar? ...Oh, those giddy girls!! Q. K E0 SPRING CANDIDS CLOCKWISE: Sevenfh hour "cIasS." . . Twinkle toes. ,,.Fore! . . .Where's Dick? . . . Ah! These longer Iunches- . . .Cold feet .... Homer! . . . Man hunt. CENTER: Break the cameI's back, ag ' EM wf ,, Ly ,231 mc x V, we Q M " 5' ' ' as A 1 A+" '94 :M ' M y ,,,,, Muff ifflwmcwff 1 Y ,,., 2 ,,,,.,, LQ ,MM 7, f er aw U ' x 5 if.. ff' W.-1 1, 2 4' f Q 4 - My ,,f ,1 fy ' , ' ---- Q0 , , -V , , M, ,ff ,f c... , ' SZ- ,fwwfsi 'w,' fw- X Nt I fa - ,A iff, V, ,Q .,..- , ,V Vuuhhnzuuv , A .. ,. ,ww - " 4, 0"0Cm,4gQfQ:W? M My , W . ' f s ff fyfly 'i A-Zf3i:.M X 1 J K If 3 , I X New N Wg, ,, ,W ' H VA f Q 5 ,Q ,NW 'f'f7'i5f7,.f'?2, ' C f V . QD ,Cc 7 'Z-jx 1, ' ff ,. K ', 'f N 1' 591 ew' f b QMS ,X W af' ,, ff- 3 ,E ,f , , cf f , 1 YA cf ,A f 'i ne f, A ' " ' ' 'A ' E, 1, Z ,,,,.!,,f f, ,A ffygg ,f f,,, ff k ' k -c , , M55 5 v,h,Wi.4,, ,,,.- ,V mfs, fc wiv W, M, S N 35' I' I, f' f .ff .fl , I .,,c. - NW-U -ww" v vi PEPSI-COLA Nl Div rsified Life TOP: Only pretty girls and Zarlengo rate ,,.. The boys' secret ambition is fulfilled .... Our future mayor BOTTOM: Cl-l. llOl .... After this, Marshall will need Occupational Therapy .... "Echo" needs a good yoke ..,,.. .,,, rm Y l l 1 Q il 0 I 1 , I 2, l Q4 Q, ff Y ,: . Q 'A I it f i l i i i l l l l ! l ri 4 , J L 112. ,- wa 4 f 4 , W- rf A a I fu-rf f Z 9 To Q Q fy ' fffz!f3Lf nf 1 ,K gy: f s 4 .Q , E ,,,.XiQ 1 Q J , Y .r CL Ak. , ,,.e,,,...,,,,,a.5,ff,1-A Gl-lT tubs. Class of I947 2 l OFFICERS AND SPONSORS Lett to right: Howard Parks, president, Charles Allison, treas- urer, Miss Vinyard, sponsor, Helen Cenkovich, secretary, Mr. Meyer, sponsor, Bob Coburn, vice-president. Class of l947 The Class ot l947 will graduate to find the world waiting tor it, the world pinning its hopes on the ability ot these and other teen-age youths to build a better civilization. This class will meet its responsibilities with courage and determination, it will tackle new problems and create new ideas in the fashion that only tree men educated in tree schools can do. As true leaders of our school, this class has proven its ability to study, to play, to laugh, and to live. Whatever roads they choose to follow, the world is counting on the members ot the Class ot '47. ABENHEIMER, FRANCES Spotlight Staff, Junto. ADAMS, CHARLES E. R. O. T. C., Lieutenant Colonel. ACHTENHAGEN, STEPHEN Debate Club, Euclidean Club, International Relaf tions Club. ALBRECHT, PAUL ALBRIGHT, WILMA ALLEN, JEAN M. qoh-R Selected Girls' Glee Club, Kambus Klub, Bowling V Club. ALLEN, JEWELL MARIE Honorary Athletic Club, Senior Sports Club, Junior Sports Club, Advanced Orchestra. ALLISON, CHARLES M. Senior Class Treasurer, Hi-Y Club, Congress Club, Track I, 2, 3, Christmas Pageant, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Senior Prom Committee, Red and White Day Committee, Arbor Day Committee, Class Day Committee. ANDERSON, ELEANOR Selected Girls' Glee Club, P. T. A. Fashion Show, Hostess. ,.,t. ,. 6 of wg. xr W' ,Q , y,..s.1- -s. A T bf. x g bm I j g ,QNX st.. J - . 3, ss tl ...., if - ss... H . .. ..,,. .. - r ' ' f. A, . X 1' Q . Q 1 1 1. -I. .... 5 in . k . I A-ws is 1" ' ' sf , S . ,, N J V if . ff y , f 1 ', sg. .5 as . ' I M' ' vf ,. " SH .""',, S M -..s A 7 as' Y ANDERSON, MARLO Orchestra. ANDERSON, NANCY CAROL Spotlight, Minerva, P. T. A, Fashion Show, Hostess. ANDERSON, RICHARD W. ARGALL, ELIZABETH ANN Junior Prom Committee, '47 Club, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Kampus Klub, Angelus Staff, P. T. A. Fashion Show, Hostess, Senior Prom Com- mittee, Red and White Day Committee. ARMSTRONG, JEAN Glee Club. ARNOLD, BILL R. O. T. C., 2nd Lieutenant, Rifle Team, Color Guard, Drill Squad. ARROWSMITH, JOYCE Senior Barn Dance Committee. ATLER, GRETA Lou AUER, MAR1LYis1 Seraph Sisters, '47 Club, Spanish Club, Senior Barn Dance Committee, P. T. A. Fashion Show, Senior Prom Committee. AXTELL, LALJRENCE BAILEY, SALLY '47 Club, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Junior Prom Committee. BAIRD, MAXINE Senior Barn Dance Committee, Big Broadcast, Kampus Klub, Junior Prom Committee, f fsvf i if f ,EL y ,gf I Kampus Klub Vice President 47 Club, Senior Barn Dance Committee Red and White Day Corn- , c Z. .. . it A .. il , I , '55 y eq- . ' 7 M A Q Q: W W A , ' I 7'- -.If X 47 Club Red and White Day Skit, Junior Prom Committee R O T C Captain. BEATTIE WILLIAM F. Congress HiR4O Delegate Assembly, Junior Advanced Band Advanced Orchestra, International Pre Law School Congress, '47 Club, Secretary, A Cappella Choir Boy's Social Room Committee, BENNETT MILDRED IRENE 1 X 4 3 Tic .ci x I Advanced Orrhestra Big Broadcast, Dance Banil BAIRD, NORMA JEAN Sootlight Statt, Seraoh Sisters, Kampus Klub! '47 Club, Selected Girls' Glee Club, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Senior Prom Committee, BAKER, JIMMY Hi-R-40, "D" Club, President, Football 2, 3, Base- ball 2, 3, Junior Class Secretary. BARDWELL, ROBERT O, BARNES, DENNIS A. BARNEY, TOM Hi-Y Club, Red Jackets, Senior Barn Dance Com- mittee, R. O. T. C., Wrestling, '47 Club, BARR, BERYL ANN Seraph Sister, White Jackets, Karnpus Klub, '47 Club, Junior Prom Committee P. T. A. Fashion Show, Model. BARROWS, MAXINE Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra. BARTHOLIC, ELOISE Pre-Medics Club, Art Club, '47 Club. BARTLETT, BARBARA Seraph Sisters, White Jackets, '47 Club, Kampus Klub. P1 'L 'I x . f Mm , ' ' 5. . 'XXc,., S XX N R S X XX . ,X R ,Q E N: 5. N. ' ' I' R f' E . BERRY JOAN LERAY ' I' AM Q24 A -fm BEST THOMAS E. R45 'fa if P ' I Refi Jackets Senior Barn Dance Committee, '47 BISSELL, HOWARD W. R d Jackets, Congre , G If 1 - . Bgsketball i, 2, 3, Aii' cat? 2. ' 2' 3' All Ol' 3' BLACKWELL, CHURCHILL G Hi-Y Club, International Relationc' Captain, Rifle Team. s, R. O. T. C., BLANKE, CHARLOTTE Selected Girls' Glee Club. BLOOM, BERN ITA '47 Club Model P T A Assembl P A I f -, - A y: lay Festival, Junior Prom Committee. BOAL, JACK E. BODHANE, ROBERT BOLDT, NELSA- Selected Girls' Glee Club, Y-Teens. BOSS, SOPHIE '47 Club, Seraph Sisters, Sensor Barn Dance Com- mittee, P. T. A. Fashion Show, Sensor Prom Com- mittee, Selected Girls' Glee Club. BOWMAN, BERNADETTA Junior Prom Committee, '47 Club, Vice-President, Red and White Day Skit, Senior Barn Dance Com- mittee, Karnpus Klub, Angelus Staff, Senior Prom Committee, Red and Wh.te Day Committee. 7 f" ' V. . i V jr A A ft- V ' 3. . ' xxx "QT 'V 5 , it xx QW W f gf wx? as FSH V M- 315574-wif' wwf -A f ' if if f' as ,M . . , .. .Y fy? . X 1 ik 'S s , lg ,, ' . : . T- ,Sy -A -T 'i zeN,1ET..'s 4 f f a 1, I J ff f , .,.ff 'ai X 1 f X C 1 1 W B . f . f rg ABF W H M, f M W 'f ,A f aw p, 4 . 'T ' if -W 4 B, 5 1 W W '. , wh., f I' 3551, f BRADSHAW, BETTY Selected Girls' Glee Club, International Relations, Bowling Club. BRENENSTALL, SHIRLEY A. Bible Research Club. BRETT, JINX BRIDGES, BEVERLY ANN Angelus, Co-Editor, Student Council, Seraoh Sisters, '47 Club, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Senior Prom Committee, Small "D", Spotlight Staff, Red and White Day Commit- tee, Delegate Assembly, Scholastic Art Award. BRINLEY, FLOYD JOHN Junior Usher, Debate Club, Vice-President, Inter- national Relations Club, Vice-President, Euclidean Club, Pre-Meclics Club, R, O. T. C., Ist Lieutenant. BROWN, ANNE BROWN, DAVID R. BROWN, KERN E. Symphony Orchestra, Junior Escort, Drama Club, Junior Prom Committee, '47 Club, Music Club, Debate Club. BROWN, NORMA JEAN R, O. T. C., Honorary Captain, Clio, Girls' Rifle C'ub. BRUHN, ROBERT A. BRUNE, FRANK BURG, NANCY ANNE Pre-Meclics Club, Clio, Spotlight Staff. is A ? ,- ' F, f sw ,ff f 3? are , nv we J .. f i ' - s Y ,,, - . S.. H ff .v ,Q A f .3 1' f ' J Qi 1 .JM -,svv ly ..,.I . 7. vf IL' I . .st f V . 0 Q 5 CAREY, JACK Euclidean Club, Pre-Law Club, International Rela- tions Club, Junior Usher, Advanced Band, Big Broadcast. CARNAHAN, ELSlE MAE CARRIER, SHIRLEY LEE International Relations Club, Kampus Klub, '47 Club, Senior Barn Dance Committee. CARRITHERS, CONSTANCE Seraph Sisters, White Jackets, Debate Club, Senior Barn Dance Committee. CARSON, BRUCE Football 2, 3, Baseball, Basketball, "D" Club, Hi-R-40. CARTER, CAROLYN JEAN Senior Barn Dance Committee, Kampus Klub, '47 Club. CARVELL, DAVID CARVER, CAROLYN MARIE Y-Teens CAST, DARRELL R O T. C, Znrl Lieutenant, Engineers Club. CASTELLA, Amon cENKovicH, HELEN KATHERINE Spotluoht Staff, Anqelus Staff, Delegate Assembly, Seraph Sisters, Sophomore Class, Treasurer, Senioi Class, Secretary, '47 Club, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Class Ring Committee, Senior Prom Committee, Retl anfl White Dav Committee. CERVENY, CARL BURGER, MARTHA ANNE Kampus Klub, Seraph Sisters, Madrigal Choir, A Cappella Choir, BURRUSS, ED '47 Club, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Advanced Band, R. O. T. C., Lieutenant, Euclidean Club. BURTON, ANNE Honorary Athletic Club, President, Script White Jackets, Small "D", Large "D", Gold BUSH, JOHN ERWIN Euclidean Club. EYER, JANYCE Y-Teens Club. CAMMACK, PAT Clio. CAMPBELL, ANITA ' Student Council, May Queen Attendant, Red and White Day Committee, Junior Prom Queen Atten- dant, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Play Festival, '47 Club. CAMPBELL, ANNE KING Sophomore Class President, Student Council, .lun- ior Prom Queen Attendant, May Queen Attendant, Seraph Sisters, White Jackets, '47 Club. CARD, ARLENE Junto, fi! .4-13:5-. ff . , ... X A BlVi'ft M, Q . o f . 'if - ,444 Q . -sw 3. Club Z f w ,i 5 ' le 9 Q f 1. Essex my Q5 Calf A S X Q lx 5 - XIX .Q Ex K is X E E . vl. 5' -1 . , m Q is . J4, 4-Lh i E -me . - , v CI-IAPPELL, PATRICIA SUE Y-Teens, President, CHASE, DAVE Baseball, Euclidean Club, Junior Usher, CHASE, LAURA LEE '47.Club, Kampus Klub, Junior Prom Senior Barn Dance Committee. CHEAN, SAM International Relations Club, Debate Club. CLIFFORD, NATHAN Tennis 2, 3. COATES, GEORGE Pre-Medics Club, Advanced Band. coBURN, ROBERT c. Track, A Cappella Choir, Senior Class, Vice-Presb dent, Junior Escort, Pre-Law Club, "D" Club, Euclidean Club. COCHRAN, BILL COFFEY, GERALD E. A w I v-::. M I 3,45 V f -7' . S' .0 J x? ,I M.. 1 X fs- ' as Q ' , 2 Sf. M. ww ,X lb. .EQ 5 5 Committee, vez, if ik il 3 A - I "rife: I L' v- if w . , I M ef f X s it 'J Q ' 5 '11-4' ,gg A . 27, . it Ig. fr . . 2 S. . .xx iw. vAs.,.W,m., 7' b W I . 6 , V :,. J. 1' ,, . J 'f s er 3,4 f IL," lf? A. I ' ' V . new A W 2 A Q J f 9' Er 'S fi ' W 4 f - . f if 2 X 5 'K W fs. I X . . J f ! ' Z Eignf' fi -' f , I' I fm COHAN, REEVA A Cappella Choir, Christmas Pageant, Senior Barn Dance Committee, P. T. A. Fashion Show Com- mittee. COHEN, DORIS BEVERLY Kampus Klub, Drama Club, '47 Club. COHEN, ROBERT Advanced Band, Euclidean Club, '47 Club, Junior Usher, Astronomy Club, President. COLEMAN, BENNIE "D" Club, Wrestling, Hi-Y Club, All State, 3. COLLINS, CAROL COLLINS, MARIE EILEEN Y-Teens, Secretary, Selected ,Girls' Glee Club, Kampus Klub. CONZETT, DOLORES RUTH White Jackets, Seraph Sisters, '47 Club, Kampus Klub, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Junior Prom Committee. COOK, BARBARA LUCILLE Seraph Sisters, White Jackets, Selected Girls Glee Club, '47 Club, Spanish Club. COOPER, MARY ELLEN '47 Club, Kampus Klub, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Prom Committee, Senior Barn Dance Com- mittee, P. T. A. Fashion Show, Red and White Day Committee, Delegate Assembly, Spotlight Staff. CORNFORTH, NANCY Seraph Sisters, Student Council, White Jackets. CORRIHER, IRIS E. Selected Girls' Glee Club, Music Club, Big Broad- cast, Angelus, Salesman. COSSLETT, BETTY JEAN 'J ,, ,mf '- --lf AW 41 13: 'L a ,,,, X ff ff 4 kf ,Zz ' 'wk J Y X A ,WJ 44 21- DAMAN, ARTHUR ' Congress Club, '47 Club, Bible Research Club, Vice-President. DARBY, RUTH ELLEN DAVIDSON, ROBERT DAVIS, CLAUDE WILLIAM Shutter Bug Club, Vice-President DAVIS, JIM Cheerleader, Red Jackets. DAVIS, PAULA White Jackets, Spotlight Staff, Kampus Klub, Drama Club, '47 Club, Big Broadcast, Junior Prom Committee, Red and White Day Committee, Sen- ior Barn Dance Committee DELILL, PRISCILLA L. Senior Barn Dance Committee, Kampus Klub, Drama Club, Sen:or Prom Committee, 47 Cub cotton, RALPH I-li-R-40, Junior Prom Committee, Red and White Day Committee, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Junior Usher. COUGHENOUR, JOHN Red Jackets, Delegate Assembly, Swimming. couitsife, Jos couiarsioyeiz, JEANNE Kampus Klub, '47 Club. CROWDER, ELEANOR '47 Club, Kampus Klub, Drama Club, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Selected Girls' Glee Club. CROWELL, EDWIN E. CUNNINGHAM, VIRGINIA Student Council, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Prom Committee, A Cappella Choir, Christmas Pageant, Howdy Day Committee, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Kampus Klub, Red and White Day Committee. CURRY, JUNE DAHLIN, CARLA '47 Club, Kampus Klub, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Play Festival, Big Broadcast. 1 1 if f' 5 , , 017 , 5 iw 'S '22 Tiff ' ' T' W 'TTT' ' f WW W- , ff 1 , , 6 I, A ,M i 5, ,jx 7 K its' it F 7 J AIII o - 5 N V -4.0 , DEVLIN, ANN ' '47 Club, Senior Earn Dance Committee, Y-Teen "Qu,-.,, I , ' H1 Club, Debate Club DICKEY, PERRY J, DILLON, RICHARD '47 Clulu, Cheerlcarlcr DOTY, DAVID DUNCAN, JEAN CAROL 'bi xr-55, ,- 3 if A 4 - Va i, 1 'rj 1.-':i.'1".i-H' ' i"3f-"FQ M I f wtf?" ' - :f.li'LL4l'5,M5i' 'I 5 if'?if PQ!!-f't " e , , -w., 4 4-I . , 'wg et ' . . '4 'fff f 'faff 4 I ' .2 b - F. .wut - 9 , V, . if' "' . Q ' I ,g 3. ' 9' if' , , , H, ' - ,t-.,,,.- 'eQ,1's:j'.:-ig .....f..E" ' Q , 7 is it . - fra. DURBIN, PHYLLIS RUTH Whlle 13040751 Scraph Sisters, Vice-President, ff9"1I0f Barn Dance Committee, Astronomy Club, 47 Club: R. O, T. C., Honorary Captain, DWYER, WILLIAM JOSEPH EASTON, CHARLES RICHARD Hi'R-40, Football, "D" Club. EATON, RUTH ANN Spanish Club, '47 Club, Junior Prom Committee. EDWARDS, RUTH Sophomore Class, Secretary, Student Council, Junior Prom Committee, '47 Club, Kampus Klub, Senior Barn Dance Committee, May Queen At- tendant. EGGERT, FLORENCE Big Broadcast, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Senior Prom Committee, Kampus Klub. EISEN, CHARLES Big Broadcast, Orchestra, Dance Band, Advanced Band, Red and White Day Committee. ELIASON, MARIAN CLAIRE White Jackets, Seraph Sisters, '47 Club, Pre- Medic Club, Kampus Klub, Astronomy Club, Senior Barn Dance Committee. ELLIOTT, THOMAS fi I A., rf W' Q 7 .3 A 7 6' ' ll? me ' f f? 4 . J, X 1 I t, 1 , ........ ...,. , , .. f, 'it fi Yi X f ,,f . 5: - ' ' :zz if 5 f A' .' if K-T5 ,J 4 Wai f f if-. i fn aff: , , f for , I., , . 7 ff 1, I..-was Wy? if - .viryi-,U inf J ,-A ,M .ff -if ,Q if .V I ' i ,.... - '--- " ' W 'f f f X, -, Ffa., + - TZ ' H f .ir f ! Z 7 7 f 4 - , , ,... 1, ., f K X , ffm f X , . 5? M. ft JM I U4 ,, 1 2. N ELLIS, BETTY LOU Seraph Sisters, Y-Teens, ELLISTON, KATHERINE Selected Girls' Glee Club, International Relations Club. ELROD, WILLIAM H. ENGLE, ALMER C. JR. EPSTEIN, EDDY EPSTEIN, HAROLD ESCHENBURG, CHARLES Euclidean Club, Junior Escort, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Pre-Medics Club. EVANS, JAMES UHRLAUB Euclidean Club, Astronomy Club. EVANS, MARY LINA Seraph Sisters, Selected Girls' Glee Club. EVERSOLE, JACKIE White Jackets, Kampus Klub. EWER, MARJILEE Spotlight, Assistant Editor, White Jackets, Seraph Sisters, Kampus Klub, Senior Barn Dance Commit- tee, Junior Prom Committee, Commercial Award, '47 Club, Senior Prom Committee, P, T, A. Fashion Show, Hostess. FARNSWORTH, EDITH I. Senior Barn Dance Committee, Y-Teens, President '47 Club. H, M - , YW, " Af! X ,211 'l ' s lik!" " aff' IB l , s , EAWCETT, WILLIAM R. 5 E . -- s E - - -R- O Vs e-Pre sf nm . . AZ ootball l, 2, 3, Wrestlsng, l-ls 4 , c s if A My dent, "D" Club, Congress Club, Sensor Barn Dance 4' ' T Commsttee, Delegate Assemb'y, fs R FEINGOLD, PHILIP aff 0 ' A , , 34 Tennss 2, 3, Junsor Usher, Concert Band, Orclwes ,,,,, , x z, tra, "D" Club. FERGUSON, ROBERT L. FERRIS, GRETA LEE 0 .W . Serapn Sssters, Wbste Jackets, Advanced Orches- tra, Selected Gsrls' Glee Club, Sensor Barn Dance Commsttee, Big Broadcast. FINN, MARY JEAN Crussers, Sensor Barn Dance Commsttee. R- FITHIAN JIM 45 I Red saesfess, Basmfsaass. ,, FOGARTY, JEAN ..', : . 'M ,T Seraph Sssters, Kampus Klub, '47 Club, R. O. T, C, N , ' l-sorsorary Officer. , Whste Jackets, Secretary, 47 Club, Pressdent' I ' J 1 Kampus Klub, Sensor Barn Dance Cor'nrn.ttee, ' ' 3 2 M5 ..,., Junsor Prom Commsttee, Delegate Assembly, Se- fr 4 p , Q, 1 lected Gsrls' Gfee Club, ., T FRANCIS, LOUANNE Seraob Sssters. FRANKLIN, ANlTA Whste Jackets, Karnpus Klub, '47 Club, Junsor Prom Cornrnsttee, Sensor Barn Dance Con'srrs.ttee FRENCH, MICHAEL R, O. T. C., Captasn, Drsll Squad, '47 Club' Pre- Medscs Club, Red Jackets FRIED, ESTELLE Senzor Prom Commsttee, Thalsa, Kamous Klub K g FRlEDENTl-lAL, BERNICE FAYE Zerapn Sssters, A Cappella Chosr, Spotlsglrst Staff, '47 Club, Drama Club, Debate Club, Sensor Barn Dance Comrnsttee FROST, ROBERT T. Debate Club, R, O T C, Offscer EuLscERsoN, GEORGE DONALD g,Q..g1 '47 csssrs, "or cssss,, Track s, 2, Recs and 'Whstw Day Cornrnsttce, Junsor Prom Cornmsttcc. 'ij A , ,, b Q X FULLER-l-ON, ROBERT 4 'Wig is- A 1 '47 Clulf, lnternatsonal Rc-latsons Club, PrcALaw " R A Cluls, Sc-rretary, Hs-Y, Prcssrlent, Track 2, 3, All ,Mr-s R' , Csty, All-Stale, 3, Junsor Cla'-.s, Vsco-Prc-ssrlc-nt, 5 Delcqatc Assembly ' J ,,g31.3S EUNDINGSLAND, JOANNE LEE Q Kamssuu Kluls I sf f-i f FURST, JEANNE FURST, JOANNE GAIL, WALTER A lsslf ssmlsf ssfsl lVrl,TtsUs's. llssl OAROENSWARTZ, GERALD N. OARvER, MARY LOUISE White Jackets, Seraph Sisters, '47 Club, Kampus Klub, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Red and White Day Committee, Selected Girls' Glee Club. GAUSS, I-IARRIETT Seraph Sisters, White Jackets, Astronomy Club, Senior Barn Dance Committee GELSIN, JOAN P. T. A. Fashion Show, Hostess GENOE, BETTY '47 Club,. Kampus Klub, Drama Club, Big Broad- cast, Senior Barn Dance Committee GIBSON, GWENN JO ANN White Jackets GILLIGAN, LOIS ANN Advanced A Cappella, Music Club, Y-Teens, Junior Sports Club, Sensor Barn Dance Committee. GI RARDOT, BETTY JEAN Seraph Sisters, White Jackets, '47 Club, Junioi I-rom Committee, Senior Barn Dance Committee GOEBEL, GORDON Hi-R-40, "D" Club, Junior Class, Treasurer, Stu- dent Council, Football 2, 3, Tennis I, Chairman, Grounds Committee. A 'i . 'lie f R Q K2 S if A S Ng N Sai? ox? Qs Qt' Q 1 , ,..l A "J f 1 R it TAI W 'J it I X X , f S I .:1.: GOLD, GLORIA ANN Art Club, Spotlight Staff. GOLDSTEIN, NANA ANN Junior Prom Committee, '47 Cluli GONZALES, GERALDINE Library Staff, GONZALES, JOAN Symphony Orchestra, Sports Club, All-City Orches- tra. GRACE, CLARE LOUISE Selected Girls' Glee Club, P T A Fashion Show, Pre-Medics Club, Seraph Sisters GRAY, ELLEN Seraph Sisters, Vice-President, White Jackets, 'A Club, Spotlight Staff, Pep Assembly, Cornmlttee Kampus Klub, Junior Prom Committee, Senio Barn Dance Committee, GRAY, JOANNIE V. Advanced A Cappella Choir, Madriqal Choir, Music Club, '47 Club, Pre-Medics Club, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Christmas Pageant OREIO, BILL GRIMES, CLINTON L, GROSS, DAN F. President, Debate Club, International Relations Club, Euclidean Club, Junior Usher, Pre-Medics Club. GROVE, BARBARA LOUISE Advanced Band, Ritle Club, '47 Club, Pre-Medics Club. GUTI-IRIE, DON w AW J- pw' f H m ,, 7 !, : V ,,,l.,4yW, , , s J , y, X 7 .. af M - f ff W, ,, ff ,, . I fav I ,' ,' , ,7 J . if - 152 , , J X4 ' 'f X . K f ff, - 4 M Z7 y, X, wifi HARMON, BETTY Wnsfe Jackels, Serapn Ssslers, Sensor Barn Dance Ccmmsllee, Spanssb Club HARMS, JOHN C, Euclsdean Club, R O T C, Mayor, Waldo Msller Award HARTNNELL, ANNA LEE Angelus Sfaff, Junsor Prom Commsttee, Kampus Klub, Arf Club, Delegafe Assembly, Bsg Broad' cast, Sensor Prom Commsllee HARVEY, DUVAL EDWARD Srudenf Councsl, Hs-R-40 Club, Junsor Prom Com- f'nsTTE'E HAZELWOOD, JEANNE '47 Club, Kampus Klub, Sbuffer Bugs Club, Sensor Earn Dance Commsltee, Sensor Prom Commsllee HEALY, JOANNE MARIE Whsle Jackets, Spollsghf Staff, '47 Club, Red and Whsfe Day Commstfee, Junsor Prom Commsffee, Sensor Prom Commsllee, Sensor Rsng Commlllee Sensor Barn Dance Commsffee HElNLY, BETTY 47 Club, Junsor Prom Corrsmsftcc, Drama Club, Sensor Barn Dance Corrsrrssllcc, Karnpue Klub HELMKAMP, DOROTHY JOAN Seraph Zsslers, Qc-rrctary, Wbsfc Jackets, '47 Club, Junsor Prom Commsllcc, Zcnsor Barn Dance Com- msllee HENTNHNG, SHIRLEE DARLENE Junsor Prom Commslleo HERMAN, Loss BORWICK icraph Sssters, Wbsfe JEifl'ClL., '47 Club, Karnpuf, Klub, lnlernalsonal Pelalsonf, Club, Junsor Prom Ccsmmsflee, knsor Barn Danrc- Commsllcc, P l A Fagbson Qlfsow, Sensor Prom Commsffc-cs HEPSH, JOYCE HERZOG, EMIL ,.,. 4' K . M A.,, f ff 1 ' f , if ' f 7 W , fs 5 'f ff f 4' X 'f-' . if ,, 5? HACKSTAFF, ROBERT P, Pre-Law Club, Pressdenf, Hs-R-40, "D" Club, Con, gress, Golf l, 2, 3, Basketball, Harvard Book Award, Junsor Prom Committee, Sensor Barn Dance Commsllee. HALBERT, MIQUELITA DEAN Lsbrary Slaff. HALE, WILLA Gsrls' Sports Club, Pressdent, Seraph Ssslers Large "D", Gold HALL, HENRY HAMER, RONALD N. HAMILL, MARGARET JEAN Kampus Klub, '47 Club, Sensor Prom Commslfee HANSEN, CAROL RUTH Advanced A Cappella, Angelus Sfaff, Sclwolaifsc Ari' Award. HANSEN, FREEMAN O, Foolball l, 2, R O T, C,, Lseufenanl, Drsll Squad HARE, ROBERT X 4- ' J X 4' J f my 0' 'ff ,Cf QF 'W' .1 f , A FY, HERZSTEJN, S. EDWARDS HiELp, JOYE White Jackets, Seraph Sisters. HIGGINS, NORMA JEAN Junior Sports Club, Honorary Athletic Club, Sec- retary, Gold "D." HILL, CAROLYN SARA Minerva, Kampus Klub. HILL, JEAN HILL, JOHN International Relations Club HILTON, JANANNE Senior Barn Dance Committee, '47 Club, Kampus Klub, President, Senior Prom Committee, Red and White Day Committee, P. T. A. Fashion Show, Hostess. HINKLEY, ROSEMARY Advanced A Cappella, Red and White Day Com- mittee, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Euclidean Club, Astronomy Club, Angelus Staff, '47 Club. HJ ELTE, LOIS JEAN E, .x a . ,A K" 702 wt W' f . X' Ag Www my it 47 2 - 4 "5 '. 7' 'z ' A .L . J A V-.czgxz ' I . ' " 1' 1 1, ' , ,,.,,. . . 5 ' A Ki - .,f . I f HOBBS, CONNIE Senior Barn Dance Committee, Senior Prom Com- mittee, Angelus Staff, Senior Class Luncheon Committee. HOBSON, BEVERLY Thalia, Big Broadcast, HOFFMAN, THEODORA HOLM, SHIRLEY MAE HOLMGREN, MARY JEAN HOOKER, ROSALYN Pre-Medics Club. HOPKINS DONALD W. HORST DORIS ELIZABETH Seraph Sisters, Y-Teens. 'Q ,. X . J is , J I we HORAN, JACK if was if W ,f Ja, f f ff ,yu ci., it . 1 I ,fa - " f. f. ,W fm ,W a":'U11 ale- . HOSKINS, sip cs. Junior Prom Committee, Senior Barn Dance Com' mittee, Senior Prom Committee. HOWE, MARTHA JANE HLJBNER, JANJS A Cappella, Madrigal Choir, Seraph Sisters White Jackets, Drama Club, Senior Barn Dance Com mittee. We ff Q"j"9' i , J 45 'ff so X , ,K 7 yffafl JOHNSON, DARLENE MAE JOHNSON, JOAN '47 Club, Joarsisom, LEONA Jonrsisorsi, OPAL Qeraph Sisters, '47 Club, Spanish Club, ff C 4 jf 1 1 ' fy ' , I f ,Q C. m e U 1 lswzf 1:5251 I 3 i x I gi ,, f S '71, ' " yzyqk , W X L , fi 7 32752, AX' ,fs 1 ' f , S W ,af Q Z ,,, 5 HW' W - 4-' X ,, , ,, , Y I fy 4 ff ' JONES, HARRYETTE ELIZABETH Selected Girls' Glee Club JONES, JULIA MURIEL Girls' Glee Club, Kampus Klub JOSS, BONNIE DEE ieraph Sisters KAMM, EILEEN Lra h 'vtrr Anrclus Stiff B If lj'lUEVlfFI'tI, J ' D J J J s, 4 - J C , 4 Woolcott Finalist, Senior Prom Committee KAPLAN, ELAINE CHARLA A Cappella Choir, Cl'lfI'tlFI7ElS Cmrnmnltc-c KEARNS, BERNARDA Paqcanl, Senor: Prom 'nlcrnalional Rc-lations Cluli, Kampu'-, Klulr, '47 ilutf, Senior Barn Danrr' Comrnillfrfr, 'mnror Prrmu S'mrnillCC' KELLEY, NATALIE frlrlftcil Cvirl'-' Glu' Clulf, Kfrrnrruf. Klull KETTER ING, MARGARET Nhilrg Jaflu-Ii., 47 Clulf, KHYTIIJIJH Kluli, Vivo-Prawn rlrfnl, 'ienifir Plfrrn Dfrnif' Cfrrnmlllr-Q, Juinrur Rrwivr Cf rnfrilltvrvr HUNTINGTON, BARBARA Seraph Sisters, White Jackets, Kampus Klub, Sona for Barn Dance Committee, Spotlight Statf, Play Festival, '47 Club, Senior Prom Committee. IACOPONELLI, EVELYN ELAINE White Jackets, '47 Club, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Pre-Medics Club, Kampus Klub, Small "D", Assembly Planning Pro- gram, Red and White Day Committee. INGWERSEN, DON F. H1-Y Club, Pre-Medics Club, Astronomy Club, IRELAND, COLLETTE Kampus Klub, May Queen Attendant, Junior Prom Queen Attendant, Junior Prom Committee, Senor Prom Committee, '47 Club, Red and White Day Committee, Play Festival, Senior Barn Dance Committee. JACOBEY, JACK "D" Club, Football, Basketball 2, Pre-Law Club, Euclidean Club, Junior Usher. JAKA, JANET ILLENE Junto JEEFERS, MARJORIE LEE Angelus Staff, '47 Club, Kampus Klub, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Red and White Day Committee, Senior Prom Committee. JOFFEE, TOM "D" Club, Golf Manager, 2, Spotlight Business Manager, Class Jewelry Committee, Junior Prom Committee. JOHNSON, ALFRED R. O. T, C., Spotlight Staff, , , If ' t 3' ' 7 2 lm l 0 My riri '1.,'I,ff' 7':2:0' 1 ' JVKQQNN' i x, A L Mix wi v KV ' " 545 M fc. x Q" 1 n s' f ,JL , - xl W KJ 'N lf' -R KIESLING, PAUL WILLIAM International RelatIons Club, Presmlentg Euchdean Clubg Debate Club. KINNEY, BILL y - Ye , W, M, Ho" Clubg I-li-R-40g WEESIIIEIQ, 3, f KIRKBRIDE, I-IELEN '47 Clubg Senior Barn Dance Commlttee. KLARICI-I, DELORES Seraph Sistersg '47 Clubg Karnpus Klubg JunIor Prom Cornrmtteeg SenIor Barn Dance CornmIttee, Selected GIrls' Glee Clubg Small KLINE, BILL Red Jackets. Knox, BETTY f ANWK ' , , fit Z f , '47 Clubg SenIor Barn Dance CommItteeg Junnor , X Prom Cornrnitteeg Selected GIrls' Glee Clubg Sen' I Ior Prom Commntee, KOCH, ELLEN J. '47 Clubj BIQ Broaclcastg Jumor Prom Comrmtteeq SenIor Barn Dance CommItteeg Semor Prom Com- rmttee. I4oRTz, PEARLE RAE KRAUTH, ROSANN 47 Club, 'TQ who i Y 4. H In X 5 W .., X R 2 J .5 WS? HI R Ay .. -R iff? 'iw :R I, Mme gf, 4 ri -22. ' . A ' .EI ' , , - -Cvdaf J' -fl I ,,-qu' was -QQ... +L-:ra .10 If R-"fu: ggggmzumwvw J..-,, .5213 ' ,e,.E':1:xx':4w-at Q w...:-1m!..t2M A-gwgr 'ima :V ,Ig my-yr, M...mtv, JA2.45g,...gq,t- '31 f. A , . -Aw211:.1iI1:2:f:a.IL..-g:::,f-:nawmi11: - I '1tt5I'?"-Rf fm'1:v1iw:x.,.-Assam? If: sf t' 'QQ sw' "7 , A W X kr KRUGER, JOANNE Selected Glrls' Glee Clubg '47 Club KURITANI, RUTH LACKNER, HERSI-I Trackg Senlor Barn Dance Comrmtteeg Spothght Staffg '47 Clubg Red and WhIte Day Cornmntee. LAMB, SYDNEY MACD. Euclndean Club, PresIdentg Red Jacketsg Congressg Astronomy Clubg Woodbury FII'18lSj Bandg Orches- tra. LANE, LARRY LAIIGDON, SHIRLEY BIQ Broadcaslg SDOTIIQIWT Staffp Junlor Prom Corn- mItteeg SenIor Prom COFTIFDITTEQQ '47 Club LARSON, MARION LORRAINE Selected Glrls' Glee Clulng Play Festryalg P T A Easl'1Ion Show, Model, LASLEY, VERN ICE '47 Clubg Kampus Klubg SenIor Barn Dance Com- mIttee. LAW, LORA ANN '47 Clubg Kampus Klub LAWSON, ELEANOR MAY '47 Clubg Senror Barn Dance Comrmtteeg P. T A FaElIIon Show, I-lostessg SenIor Prom ComrnIttec', Red and Wl'IIte Day Committee. LAWTON, BETTY JANE Concert Orchestra. LAZAROV, SYLYIA Wlmte Jacketsg Sports Club, Treasurer, Semor Bam Dance CommItteeg Drama Club , ss' " 'E' uv I f 5 .K 4 fr - , 57, fx' f, W J . JK? is 2 flfw 'A s . vw 45,1 1 sf , vf- 3, 45, , ,, " f , Wi." ,-f' . , 3. 7 2fST1i4'i?'f1f ff? , ' A s- s., .s x ms:-lcgsmfz-as ' 1 . I J" '559' f ' , vV-' f 2 " ft 3 f 7 LOCKHART, NANCY Junsor Prom Commsttee, Sensor Prom Commsttee, Sensor Barn Dance Commsttee, '47 Club, Kampus Klub LONG, NANCY A Cappella Chosr LEACH, BETTY Seraph Sssters, Whste Jackets, Honorary Athletsc Club, Vsce-Pressdent, Small "D", Large "D", Gold "D." LEBERSTEIN, JEAN Whste Jackets, LEU, MARTHA Seraph Sssters, Whste Jackets, A Cappella Kampus Klub, LEWIN, ED LICHTENSTEIN, HENRY Spotlight, Edstor, Student Councsl, Congress Club, Vsce-Pressdent, Red Jackets, '47 Club, lnternaf tsonal Relatsons Board, Delegate Assembly, Howdy Day Commsttee, .lunsor Prom Committee, Sensor Barn Dance Commsttee, Junsor Honor Usher. LIGGETT, JAMES MCLEAN l-ls-R 40 Club, Congress Club, LIGGITT, MARABETH '47 Club, Kampus Klub, Sensor Barn Dance Com- msttee, Bsg Broadcast, Junsor Prom Commsttee, Selected Gsrls' Glee Club, Drama Club, Sensor Prom Commsttee, P, T. A. Fashson Show, Model, Red and Whste Day Commsttee, LINDSAY, ALEXANDER Red Jackets, LANA, JUSTIN Football, Swsmmsng, "D" Club, l-ll-R 40 , aww' s .sa si , , ' Q29-K LUCAS, JEANNE MARIE Student Councsl, Delegate Assembly, Spotlsght Staff, '47 Club, Red and Whste Day Commsttee, Junsor Prom Cornmsttee, Howdy Day Commsttee, Sensor Barn Dance Commsttee, Seraph Sssters, Reps:-Cola Scholarshsp Commsttee, Sensor Prom Commsttee YZXN :: , 'I 4 Chosr 7 Q5 X W V f X ff s, if fb X, M LUCERO, ROBERT MAX R O T C, Lseutenant, Euclsdean Club, Delegate Assembly, Debate Club, Astronomy Club LUHRS, WILLIAM T, R O T C, Fsrst Lseutenant, Spotlsght Staff EuTz, My Pre-Law Club, Treasurer, Chrsstmas Pageant, Basel ball, A Cappella LYON, CHARLES E MQCCANNON, ROBERT W, Eusjlsflean Cluls MacCLUSK EY, MAUREEN Kampun Kluls, Delegate Assembly, Arlyanrr- Os rhcwtra, Rc-rl anrl Whslc Day Slut, '47 Clssls, lunsos PFUYY1 Cwrnrnslleri, Sensor Prom Comms MACK, EUGENE Swsrnrnsng, "D" Cluls MADDEN, CORINNE lfanspux Kluls, Drama Cluls MANDEL, JANICE sensor Prom Cornrnstlee, Sensor Lunr mstleo New hcon Com 4' 1 X q 8 W , f , 4 Q7 in 1 1 xv 0 ' ,,,, s - ' - ifsfsf' Q, T N , V' " ll SQ ' bmw- ,s 5 'WWI ,AM MARCHICK, HERBERT H. MARDEN, RONALD MARRS, MARIE SEVGDH Slslers, '47 Club, Selecled Glrls' Glee Club. MARTIN, FLORENE M. lnfernahonal Relahons Club, '47 Club, Drama Club, Senror Barn Dance Comrmtlee. MARTIN, MYRTICE MARTIN, SHIRLEY ANN Spanish Club, Treasurer, Seraplw Srsfers, '47 Club White Jackets, Semor Barn Dance Comnmftee JunIor Prom Committee. MATHIESON, SAMUEL J. Senror Class Play Cor-rImITTee, MATTSON, FRED W. EuclIdean Club, Red Jackers, '47 Club, Football, "D" Club. MAUL, ROBERT F. JR. Golf, 'IDI' curb, '47 Club, , ..,. Q A 54- ':S. .... 4,2 . - Wx' J T K 1 if ,1 :A , I ,,.. .... L MAY, DORIS ANN Senior Barn Dance Commrllee, Kampus Klub, GIrls' Glee Club. McARTl-IUR, HELEN MCBRIDE, GAYLA McCLAlN, SHERRY DEE '47 Club, Selected Girls' Glee Club. McCLELLAND, JAYNE Kampus Klub, Sensor Barn Dance Commrtfeei '47 Club. MCDONOUGI-l, GILBERT Eucludean Club, Senror Barn Dance Comrwffee JunIor Escort. MCFADDEN, FRANK McFADDEN, JANIE Selecfed Girls' Glee Club, MCGEE, BETTY LOU A Cappella Clnolr, Madngal Cholff Thalia. MCKENZIE, ARLENE '47 Club, Kampus Klub, Semor Barn Dance Com- mlflee. MCKENZIE, LOIS '47 Club, Kampus Klub, Senror Barn Dance Com- mittee. MCMANN, JEANENNE Rifle cum. A X ,ff , .. .x . ,,. 9 , Im, . J wi .- , , :I 4 5'i?EfQ::f - 'v:4"' Z2 - 1 wa , f 'Q 0 W zz 70, I 1 ax' any J. ,,,,- .,,.. ., 2" . I 'f MILLER, HELEN MILLER, JOE MILLER, KENNY MILLER, MORTON LEE Student Council, Spotlight Staff, '47 Club, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Prom Committee, Senior Barn Dance CommIttee, MILMAN, ART HI-Y, Vice-President, "D" C'ub, Football Manager 2, 3, Baseball Manager, Advanced Band, MINNIG, ELEANOR White Jackets, Treasurer, '47 Club, Red and White Day Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Kamous Klub, Play Festival, Drama Club, R. O T C, Honorary Offlcer, Senior Prom Committee MITCHELL, MARGIE ANN JunIor Prom Committee, Sc-nIor Prom Commiltce, Len or Barn Dance Committee, P T A Faslmon Qnow, BIQ Broadcast, Play Fostiyal, Red anrl VVl'IIIe Day Committee, Arbor Day CornmIIIee MITCHELL, REED M., JR. MONAHAN, FLORENCE JEAN '47 CILIII MONTAGUE, JOAN Drama Club, '47 Cluli, A CIILILJFIIFI Choir MOON, DOROTHY JEAN 'WIC-fir-fl Girli' Glee CIIIII, '47 Cluli MOORE, JOHN ALLEN lrItL'rnfIIIfInal Relation' CII.tI '47 CILIII lfinnil, Hrinl liqlvt 'I,'III gf W 9 W as fv ,, s 2 W 5 ' X Q7 , f MCMI LLAN, DOROTHY JEAN White Jackets, Junior Prom Committee, '47 Club, WnIfe Jacket Dance Committee, Senior Prom Committee. MEISTER, CECELIA Girls' Sports Club, Y-Teens, RIfle Club. MELNICK, PHYLLIS Angelus Staff, Serapb SIsTers, Bowling League Senior Prom Comrnuttee, P. T A. FasI'IIon Show Model. MENACHOF, LOIS ANNE Senior Barn Dance Commlttee, '47 Club, Kampus Klub. MICHAEL, BARBARA Selected Girls' Glee Club, Drama Club, Kamous Klub MILANI, ELSIE IRENE Kampus Klub, Senior Prom Commnttee. MILLER, BETTYE LEE Gfrls' Rifle Club. MILLER, DIANE Serapb Sisters, '47 Club, Senior Barn Dance Com- mittee, Senior Prom Committee. MILLER, FRANCES W ,ze Q , in .,,, ,. 'Z I Q., U ax. 'K , ga I 451.1 v ,rf M NP' I Q Y . . m,w.m.x.,LI.meis v -IIII II I MOORE, LOLJANN Seraoh Sisters: A Cappella Ch 5 Ch f p - eant, '47 Club, Red and WhiteOIDay SkIi,maS ag MORRIS, JOI-IN Track. MOYER, MARTY Student Council, Junior Prom Queen, May Queen Attendant, '47 Club, Junior Prom Committee, Kampus Klub, Big Broadcast, Red and White Day Committee, Play Festival, Senior Prom Committee. MULLER, ALETI-lA Kampus Klub, '47 Club, Senior Barn Dance Com- mittee, MURLEY, JOAN NAOEAU, ROBERT NAIMAN, DAVID M. Track, Football, "D" Club, NANCE, AILEEN '47 Club, Kampus Klub, Senior Barn Dance Com mittee, Angelus Staff, Minerva, Senior Prom Com- mittee, Red and White Day Committee. NANCE, HARRY sim aa , swf? Q J I A X r W , J , ,ff Ps-sfln' J A f K :"' A Z2 , ' " ,J if " Q37 W if Vixen, l . .4 .' . . "liz wif. iff, 1 f ff ff ae 1 5- X, , I M ,f f R 7 ff Sf , baht' '4 ,, M, ,Q f W J W f M f, K f W 3 , Q Y w w 'ff A Kuff., 44, f 1, Q, f ff J 4 f f ,W J-,I ga, , ,,- ,G ..,,,f'.,y I NEILSEN, EMILY NELSON, GLORIA Spanish Club, Junior Prom COmrn.ttee NELSON, JEANNE Seraph Sisters. NELSON, VERNA DEE Spotlight Staff, Seraph Sisters, White Jackets, Karnpus Klub, '47 Club, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Red and White Day Committee. NELSON, VERNON "D" Club, Track, I, 2, Football, 2, 3, Basketball, 3, Baseball, 3, Advanced Band, Advanced Orchestra, Peo Band, NEWCOMB, NANCY ANN Junior Prom Committee, Senior Prom Committee, Senior Barn Dance Committee, '47 Club, Red and White Day Committee, Senior Class Luncheon, Committee, Big Broadcast. NICHOLS, FRANK N- EoOtl.ght. an :-. ' . A NOAKES, HELEN Senior Prom Committee, A Caopella Choir, Christ- aq mas Pageant, Kampus Klub, Red and White Day ' I Committee. NORTI-ICUTT, BARBARA '47 Club, Kamous Klub, Senior Barn Dance Com mittee, Red and White Day Committee. , I f 0 'NE f fic ag NYE, SUSAN I Senior Barn Dance Committee, De-'egate Assembly, ""' I Kampus Klub, '47 Club, Senior Prom Committee, Red and White Day Committee. O'CON NA, MARGARET . , OOOM, DIANE I f . , , I it ,V Selected Girls Glee Club. -es W , fu" M, q,,, , , , g I , .- C N 2 , ,.. 'Y if "" ' ' f N , , J.. ,f . , f , ,tj f "" ,-va 1,3-fy. , , . ,ugth-iv' -1 ,mf ,M 'S 9,5-9 H, 'P , 1 ,f " ' " ', . -.-. .- .V 1 4 M' f f f'4vn"1 4- .v 1-. -f 'f-.us -:-3 ' ' f' L, 1 A E ,' ., 2 , :Q i fr , 2- ' ' ,, , 'I 7 E' Z 'f 'TT 7 fl y 4 OWENS, ESTHER PALMER, BETTY A Cappella Chow, Kampus Klub, Junlor Prom Comrnuffee, Sensor Barn Dance Commlffee, '47 Club PALMER, COLLENE '47 Club, Kampus Klub, P T A. Fashxon Snow PANEK, PATRICIA ANN Advanced A Cappella Choir, Christmas Pageanl, Sennor Barn Dance Committee, Kampus Klub, '47 Club, Angelus Staff, Red and Whlfe Day Commut- tee, Sensor Prom Cornmlfree, Play Festuval PAPILION, DAN J R O T C, Mayor PARKER, BARBARA Bug Broadcasl, Chrlstmas Pageant, Senor Bam Dance Committee, Kampus Klub, '47 Club PARKER, PATRICIA LOU PARKS, HOWARD Hn-R 40, "D" Clulr, Pre-Law Clull, Senlor Claw Prcslflenr, Sturlenl Council, Sflfwnlarshlp Comma! lee, Fornllall, 3 PATTERSON, BETTY LOU Sensor Barn Danre Cummnfloo, Sporlx Clulv, Jnmll "D", Rlllr' Clull, Junlnr Prom Commlllec I ljrnallr .Ll OGLESBY, COLLEEN JUNE Msnerva, Kampus Klub OHLSON, JUNE Sports Club, Honoraby Aflwlellc Club, Small "D' and Large "D." OLIVER, SHIRLEY Advanced Band, OLSEN, DEAN ARTHUR "D" Club, Tennls 2, 3. OPPENHEIMER, ELLEN Sensor Barn Dance Commrfteeg Sophomore Parry Commulfeej Junfo ORMOND, RUTH JEANNE ORR, CHARLENE ORRIS, PAUL W. orr, BEVERLY JOANNE TERESA Junior Prom Commlffeeg Senior Barn Dance Com- mlffeeg '47 Club, Kampus Klub, May Queen Ar- fendantg Junror Prom Attendant, Red and Whne Day Commuffee, Sensor Class Day Luncheon, Semol Prom Commlffeeg Blg Broadcast I M Twp, If X Q . ek Q 4 E , -.,, 1 we 4 ,. , ,. I, ' ,, ' I N ' ' 'fix fx-. ' , .,.. f A .. f in K QS , Tiff A r f 1 ' f 4 . ' Y, f X f ' 'Tqlg,'.Q,v.x Y so I , Q A ,W ed lk xkllv R 3 B11 L I PATTERSON, CAROL PAULSEN, ELIZABETH JOAN Qelccfcrl Glfll GICQ Clulf, RQ-rl .Jnfl WINTC Day glut Erjwlnnq Club Drama Clulr, 47 Cllll, PEAK, EARLE ANTHONY Spolluqht ,tall Arl Eflllnr, All Clull, TrL'a'.urf-I i .' I, Q V E- If PEASE, BETTY JEAN Seraph Sisters, White Jackets, '47 Club, Senior Barn Dance COmfr1ITte0, Junior Prom Committee' Red and White Day Committee, Script Club: Kampus Klub. ' PERRIMAN, ANN ELAINE Seraph Sisters, White Jackets' S otla ht taff' . I D Q S Pre-Medlcs Club, '47 Club, Kampus Klub, Treas- urer, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Chairman, Delegate Assembly Member, Junior Red Cross. PETERSON, ELLEN PHELPS, ROBERT A. Advanced Band, All-Cnty Band PHILLIPS, DAVID POTTER, SALLY POTTLE, GERALDINE Symphony Orchestra, Kampus Klub. POWELL, ALLEN L, R, O. T, C., Captain POWELL, BETTE Student Council, Seraph Sisters, '47 Club, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Senuor Prom Committee 5. gg, wsfwtfw' ' ' L W' in ay Ls 73 3 X w f fn L, L, ,f .f ,6 W, A M A fi f f 1 A , " A., ,,A: 5 I V ' , Q , . , ' Q ff, A f f if J' for , , Z ,. ' POWELL, DAN PRAGER, BETTY JO Senor Barn Dance Cornm.ttee, Kzmpus K'ub, Drama Club, Clio, P T. A Fashion Show, Hostess PREY, PEGGY ANN Advanced Orchestra, Wh,te Jackets, Pre-Medics Club. PRINZING, FREDERIC J., JR. PRITZ, BARBARA ANN Euclidean Club, Seraph Sisters, Secretary-Treasurer, White Jackets, Astronomy Club, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Red and White Day Committee, '47 Club, Kampus Klub, Small "D," PULIS, WARREN K. Red Jackets RAE, NANCY RAGSDALE, Jo OLIVE RAWLINS, EVA REED, ALICE REESE, RICHARD W, REIN, DOLORES MARIE '47 Club, Karnpus Klub, Fashion Show. ' ,- f ' ',, 7 1 , A We 1, ' X, ' I ' -Riff fs If QR 4 ' f , Sf, 1. I ,,"' nga" 1, J ROACH, CHARLENE Blg Broadcast, '47 Club, Kampus Klub, Senlor Barn Dance Cornmlttee, P T. A Fasblon Show, Hostess, Serror Prom Commnttee, Red and Wblte Day Cornrnlttee, Sensor Class Day Cornmzttee, ROBERTS, DORIS Serabn Slsters, '47 Club, Spotlight Staff, Sensor Barn Dance Commlttee, Senlor Prom Commttec, Sbannslfv Club ROBERTSON, JAMES ROBINSON, OICK Spotllght Staff, Senlor Barn Dance COmrn,ttee, Junior Prom Committee ROBINSON, JACK ROBINSON, WILLIAM F, Junior Class, President, Red Jackets, President, Student Council, Congress Club, Pre-Law Club, '47 Club, Spotlight Staff, Junlor Honor Usher Chrnstrnas Pageant, Rell and Whnte Day Sknt ROBINSON, WILLIAM JAMES '47 Clull, Junlor I.JSl'1Qr, R O T C, lat Lneuten ant, Rllle Team, Trarlf ROCKHILL, JO ANN Sorapn Sluters, White Jaflftgtu, Art Clulr, Sprltlnghl Staff ROE, RALPH K A Cappella Chun ROGERS, DOROTHEIA A Aflyanrcrl A Cappfrlla, CI'Ifl'.IlTWfI', I'.'1:,1rm1nl RONNEBECK, URSULA Iunlflr Pram Commlltr,-r-, Wtutv Jmlfr-la, 'lv-mgvll .nxtr r ,, Play Fc-utlyfll, Burg livrlmll tx .l, '.r-mor llmn lllluf- fun-rnlltf-w VOSEISJ, MYRTH lll l,.lll' Clllll, Af Cllll I RENO, WILLIAM F. Red Jackets, Internatlonal Relatnons Club. REUBEN, CHARLES WAYNE Hn-Y Club, '47 Club, Senlor Barn Dance Committee RICHARDSON, MARCUS R, "D" Club, HI-R 4O Club, Swimming I, 2 RICHMAN, ALDEN Woodbury Flnallst. RICHTER, BETTY RICHTER, ROGER Angelus, Business Manager, Euclidean Club, Vlce President RICKARDS, LAURENCE NATHANIEL Advanced Band, All-Cnty Band, Art Club RITZE, BOB P. RIZEORD, ROBERTA MAE Wlfmlte Jackets, Serapn Sisters, Kampus Klutz .,,, , , lf.. wikis 1 ,sy ROTH, CHUCK ROTH, JOANNE '47 Cl'-IDI K5fTlDUS Klub, Junlor Prom Commlttee, Zenbor Barn Dance Comrnnttee, Selected Gnrls' Glee u , ROTROFF, JEAN Seraph Sustc-rs, Whute Jackets, Buble Research Club' Sports Club, Vice-President, Honorary Athfetl Club' Small "D"' Lar 0 "D" m hony Orchestra, I 1 Q ISY I3 All'Cl'fY Orchestral Muslc Awartl ROUS, PAUL Red Jackets, Art Club, Senlor Barn Dance Ccm- muttee, R O T C, Cabtaln RUBERSON, BETTY LOU RUDOLPH, VIRGINIA MAE RUSSELL, ANN GEORGENE Whltc Jackets, Spotllght Staff, Sports Clulf, Goin "D", Large "D", Small "D RUTLEDGE, RICHARD WALTON Pre-Medlcs Club, Muslc Club, Junlor Prom Com' muttee, Sensor Barn Dance Committee RYMAN, ARTHUR ."'E?f?4?7 Q fi. W , ,-C Um , 3 fs 'W' NN JU! rg 7 mu I js ,, R W s -:mr f N -A 1, ' 4 A 'Ui- M A, ,J , ,, ,, ,, f . ,. J ,, My X ,W ff JAQSZVAY W T' f ,- fm ' if ,, ' , I X Z fi ' 2 -9" , 'ffl Q V M of k C JMWW ZH 'Z' ff" ' in ff Sa RYNESS, ERNEST SAMSON, PHYLLIS JANE Seraph Sisters, Whnte Jackets, '47 Club, Bug Broad- cast, A Cappella Choir, Madrlgal Cholr, Art Club. SAMUELS, JOAN SANDS, MARIE '47 Club. SANDVIG, EARL Hu-R 40, Track. SAFRAN, MARILYN Seraph Sisters, Whlte Jackets lnternatxonal Rea Iat:ons, '47 Club, Kamous Klub, Recreatlon Nught Committee SAWYER, KENNETH c. I-In-R 40, Delegate Assembly SCALF, WAYNE SCHAUBLIN, LORRAINE Pre-Mectncs Club, '47 Club, Kampus Klub, Senmr Barn Dance Commuttee, P. T. A. Fashlon Show Hostess, Senior Class Luncheon Committee, Red :na wht? Lfcy Comm tte: SCHAUER, BARBARA JANE Junnor Prom Commltteo, Bowlung Club, Senor Barn Dance Committee, Kampus Klub SCHMERMAN, JUDY Junto, Junior Prom Cornmnttee SCHWANDT, BEVERLY Big Broadcast, Juntor Prom Committee, Semor Prom Committee, Kampus Klub, Senior Barn Dance Cornmuttce of S3 ,Z f ,Qi , If , sffigaff ff! Wi? 29 . ,..q on 9'mvQ'f3'?f f . L19if',r3 , .. W , ff- 152, ,ff , f ,,, I C af 1 Q ff L it f J X 14 ff!Z X7 f f X7 f f f f f f,ff Q X ff Z K549' '7WfWW,' I ,INN ng ,wwf ' s afe? ZS U' 2. fidv..-KJ f' .5 ?ftww2eK. f I 4 .f .V N Mr... V as .. f ff , , . J 'f W ' ,an J . R 'sf I . -' QW L' -,5??A:51ff5f.f1f 2" W I f " , SEWELL, HAROLD Track, Football, Basketball SI-IAFFER, RAYMOND GEORGE Track 2, 3, "D" Club. SHATZ, CAROLYN REVA -.1 . V, S, ,?,. 6. .wg 45: , ,ff ' , L , J J 75 4 A 'W X if X f 1 4 f '41 f ' f Q sis ' f!7l l ,f Wm, , as 2 . ., X W X 7 31 I t A I ., V3 , ' ,Wil is f' 55. g . ft? sv , Q ef, A Cappella Choir, Madrigal Choir, Christmas Pag- eant, Music Club, Vice-President, Seraph Sisters SHAY, PAT A Cappella Choir, Junior Prom Committee SI-IELNUTT, DIANE White Jackets, Spotlight Staff, Delegate Assembly, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Big Broadcast, Play Festival, '47 Club, Script Club, P. Fashion Show, Bowlmg Club Sl-IELTON, WILLIAM T, T.A International Relations Club, Treasurer, Euclidean Club Sl-IELTON, WOODY Football 2, 3, Track 3, "D" Club, HIER 40 Sl-IERLOCK, MARGARET Seraph Sisters, Euclidean Club, '47 CIuII. SI-IORE, JERRY E. Spotlight Stall, R O T C, Lieutenant SIGMAN, RITA SILVER, DONALD SILVEREIERG, FRED SCI-IWARTZ, MARILYN SUZANNE SCI-IWEIGERT, GEORGE D. SCOTT, JOB F. R. O. T. C., Lieutenant, SCRIBNER, BEVERLY Seraph Sisters, Spotlight Staff, White Jackets, '47 Club, International Relations, Junior Prom Com- mittee. SECCOMBE, JAMES C. I-II-R 40, Secretary, Junior Prom Committee. SEIELSTAD, WILLIAM H. SEIFERT, WALTER F. '47 Club, Euclidean Club, Pre-Law Club, Cheer- leader. SEIEERT, WILLIAM Fllclideari Club, Pre-Law Club, '47 Club, Treasurer, Cheerleader. SELANDER, EARL "D" Club, Pre-Medics Club, International tions Club, R, O. T. C., 2nd Lieutenant. s I I: IZ' .. 1 - YJ ' I I f , . .gl 4,5-, MW.. 1, X Ay? fm A ff 4. w lk 'L f L y , , X , X E ff ,1 Wi? A ' fy f M 'X ' bf ' l 0 ffl' All V, "-W-www 'l il J Rela SILVERMAN, JOAN Seraph Sisters, Delegate Assembly, Clio, SMITH, BETTY JEAN SMITH, ROBERT L. Track 2, 3, "D" club. sob, HAZEL SPIRK, ROBERT Orchestra, Advanced. STAILEY, A SPORE, ROY G. Euclidean Club, Red Jackets, '47 Club. NNE White Jackets, Angelus Staff, Kampus Klub, '47 Club, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Prom Committee, P. T. A. Fashion Show, Model, STAPP, VIRGINIA White Jackets, Pre-Medics Club, Kampus Klub, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Astronomy Club. STEIN, JANET Advanced Band, Advanced Orchestra, All-City Band, Script Club, Ensemble, Music Club, Spot' light, '47 Club, Seraph Sisters. 2 1 T . I gf es W ww' is ,,,, . , uNkss'i ,- -x x ss 1 Nu fi' S N- .. .K S t 525' - . pie """ - 2 - ,fc - sy: Skis 4' f ,f .L wi -' "if-ff-'tv , f : . N ' "1 ,f S " .. 'W ft ' 7 S3635 fi 'Off , 'f , ,gffiw f Q 1 1 ff as ZS 7 f 5 4 . ff f 'ts' f SM I Vx Q g Ze 1 S! Q? X 4 , V V J fx si 0' vi rs We .5 Ei ' S Q if, A xv' .W A XZ. if W 'W I vi- ji V' . STEINMANN, LLOYD C., JR. '47 Club, Congress Club, President. STEVENS, DICK Football I, 2, 3, Student Council, I-li-R 40, Howdy Day Committee, Red and White Day Committee. STONE, GENE Junior Prom Committee, Senior Barn Dance Com mittee, Kampus Klub, Red and White Day Com mittee, Senior Prom Committee. "D" Club, sTouT, Bos STRAUSS, DORIS Spotlight, Assistant Editor, Seraph Sisters, White Jackets, Woolcott Finalist, Senior Barn Dance Committee, '47 C ub, Junior Prom Committee. SUTTON, JANICE Seraph Sisters, '47 Club, Junior Prom Committee SWEENEY, THERESE '47 Club, Kampus Klub, Girls' Glee Club, P. T. A. Fashion Show, Senior Prom Committee. SWEET, MARILYN White Jackets, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Bowling, Cruisers. SWENGEL, EDITH L. '47 Club, Kampus Klub, Thalia. SWERER, BOB Hi-R 40, Student Council, Red Jackets, Secretary, Congress, President. SYLVESTER, BOB Advanced A Cappella. TAGUE, PATRICIA Seraph Sisters. ' Qs 6- .-v ,K fy, , f f f. Wqrff J 'Q A ' . -' f ' J . C , fn 127' ZA' .- rf - g 14, 'Q aww ' err. -A . fr fx! C.. V r- . fp- A Qffffg' ,. 42.111, ww yy, H , , WJ wJfsfi,, f . Q ff is f t ff Qi. "' X? 4 I Q, ,V f ff? A v X X C 1 Q TIPTON, JAMES R. O. T. C, Captain, Euclidean Club, A Cappella Choir TOHILL, JACK R. O. T. C, Lleutenant, Spotlight Staff. TRAYLOR, FRANK Boy Presrdentj Student Council, HI-R 40, Pre-Lam Club, Football, Red and White Day Committee, Howdy Day Commrttee, Orchestra, Band, Boys Lounge Commnttee, Junror Usher TROELTZSCH, ROBERT E. R O. T C, 2nd Lseutenant, Junlor Honor Roll TUCKEY, ROBERT F. R O T C, 2nd Lieutenant TURNAGE, WILLIAM '47 Club, R O T C, 2nd Lseutenant USHIJIMA, SHIZUKO Zcraph Susters VANDERWILT, JOANNE Seraph Busters, Eurlnrlean Club, Adyanced Orches- lra VAN DUSEN, DONALD C. Gull VAN STONE, WILLIAM W. '47 Club, Euclrdean Clulr, Astronomy Club, Boys' Lounge Committee, Brq Broadcast. yAuGHN, IMOGENE Drama Cluln, Kampus Kluln, Sensor Barn Dance Commrttee VAWTER, W. READ YJ' J 'f . ' ' X ' JZWTI' s" ' ' 41 'J' ff KW? 'M y , X X 1 7 f ff fi ff 1 , 4' , f f ' !QfQV 1 ! f A X f ff N, Y A f W 4, if 6 fy TALBOTT, NANCY Y-Teens Club, THOMAS, CHARLES THOMAS, oorzomy ANN Whrte Jackets, President, Seraph Sisters Sensor Prom Committee, '47 Club, Red and White Day Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Kampus Klub P. T. A. Fashion Show, Model. THOMAS, SPENCER FARRINGTON International Relations Club, R. O. T. C. Lreutenant. THORNTON, RUTH EVELYN Advanced Band, All-City Band, Inter tuons Club, Pre-Meducs Club. Tl-IRAILKILL, JOHN R. O T. C., Astronomy TIMBEL, RADINE SYLVIA Kampus Klub, Club , Flrst national Rela TIMPTE, JOANN Seraph Srsters, White Jackets, '47 Club, Delegate Assembly, Angelus Staff, Spotllght Staff, Junior Prom Commrttee, Senlor Barn Dance Commuttee Class Jewelry Commrttee, Play Festryal, Art Club TIPTON, GENE Aww! 'yi ,V , 'K 4 Y 2.25532 ' I . A 4 -sf , , ,,r 1 .. 5 . 1. -we aaa , ez. ' ' 11 A 27 'mf 4 ff A J I av f 'f ? x yy '- -5: 4: T : ' .fr-1 ,.:. 9" Q .4 x ..,-I ,on 1 1 .,-tr' J ' .pa r , .Q ..., . " :fir J tt fel 1 Q 1 I I 4 . ...A ..,............,L . ,i,......a Q VERANT, EDDIE J. VERNER, BEVERLY Seraph Sisters, Selected GIrIs' Glee Club, Drama Club, Vice-President, Debate Club, Senior Barn Dance CommIttee, International Relations Club. VIDERS, FAYLENE Seraph Sisters, White Jackets, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Drama Club, Debate Club, '47 Club WAGGENER, BILL Euclidean Club, Football. WALKLING, CHARLOTTE Kampus Klub, '47 Club, Drama Club, Senior Barn Dance Committee WALLER, HAROLD "D" Club, Swimming I, 2, 3, '47 Club. WARBERTOIXI, ELLEN LORRAINE WEIss, BARBARA RAY Drama Club, '47 Club, Crulsers WEISS, BILL PAUL Script Club, Chess Club, Presndent, Art Club, Big Broadcast, Junlor Prom Commlttee TN-1 , 552' - ' 'S .w ma A f .. ., . 9,5 f S "- gil Q fy -,sift . ft . N 2 X lg ,as Q. Mfr-Lal , Site? L , ,. ' .fxgf QQ I S .' 'I ,Ig 5. isxiff ,-gl 1. ' an R T. 6' 6 Ml . 'QR . TNQ ' - ffbsi If L ..,.. .,,.. K. HW Q 'W if ' 1 A f N., ., , J Ak, we -J . ' W IQ gag, 1- ..: A. if WELCI-I, ROSELEE WENGER, HERB WENRICH, MARGIE ANN GIrIs' Rlfle Club. WERLIN, ROSEMARIA WHITE, JIMMY Red Jackets, Congress Club, "D" Club, Junior Prom Committee, Tennis WIBEL, JEAN Senior Barn Dance CommIttee, Kampus Klub. Drama Club. WIQKER, WILLIAM WICKES, PEGGY L. Girls' Rltle Club. WIERMAN, RUTH Girl PresIdent, May Queen Attendant, Seraoh Sis- ters, White Jackets, Student CouncIl, JunIor Prom CommIttee, Red and WhIte Day Committee, '47 Club, Howdy Day CommIttee, Kampus Klub, D, A, R. Pllgrlm. WILCOX, JACK Congress Club, Secretary, Delegate Assembly, '47 Club. WILLIAMS, JAMES Debate Club, Treasurer, International Relatxons, Delegate Assembly. WILLIAMS, LOIS Selected Girls' Glee Club, '47 Club, Kampus Klub, Shutter Bug Club, Senlor Prom Committee. WW. Z t WOODBURNE, TANYA GREY Kampus Klub, '47 Club, Play Festival, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Red and White Day Committee, Senior Prom Commit- tee, Angelus Staff. YOUNG, JOANNE ALAYNE Junior Prom Committee, Senior Barn Dance Com- mittee, Karnpus Klub, '47 Club, Play Festival, Big Broadcast, Senior Prom Committee, Red and Wh tc Dey Coirmittcc. ZALL, RONALD IRWIN Co-Editor, Angelus, Christmas Pageant, Student Council, Woodbury Finalist, Shatroth Alternate, Senior Class Play, Play Festival, I. R. Club. ZEHRUNG, C. DOUGLAS A Cappella ZELINGER, SALLYANN White Jackets, Kampus Klub, '47 Club, Debate Clulu, Senior Barn Dance Committee, Senior Prom Committee, P T A Fashion Show ZESCH, OSCAR Traclf I, 2, 3, '47 Club ZORICHAK, HELEN Zcraph Sisters, Whitc- Jaflfcts, '47 Cluli, Honorary Captain, R. O T C, Karnpuf. Kluli, Big Broadcast, Delegate Assemlfly, Sc-lcrtcfl Girls' GICC Clulm, Son- ior Barn Dance Cornmittciu, lunirir Prom Commit- ICC fa if! vf WILLIAMS, PRESTON "D" Club, Wrestling. WILLIAMS, RICHARD WILLOUGHBY, GARY GENE Congress Club. WILLS, SHIRLEE White Jackets, '47 Club, Spotlight Staff, Drama Club, Senior Barn Dance Committee. WINTER, MARGARET Seraph Sisters, Spotlight Staff, Kampus Klub, Occupational Adiustment Service, '47 Club, Red and White Day Committee, Recreation Night Com- mittee. WINTERBOTTOM, LUCINDA Advanced Band. WIRTH, DIANE ELIZABETH Selected Girls' Glee Club. WOLCOTT, CORRINE Symphony Orchestra, Dance Band, Concert Band, Pep Band, All-City Orchestra, Rifle Club, Bowling Club, Big Broadcast. ' WOLLENWEBER, ART I-li-R 40, "D" Club, Football 2, 3, Baseba Basketball. I23 Y we x f cs 'ctggy 2 X si? M' 4-Xb? X R l , C fs W" .. - .,-.. . MM 5 w, N V 4 -.,,,wff7 S '- N. ' I C Q S, , 1 . , ,Q SOPHOMORES AND JUNIGRS J ' V , Q., 1 iz 'ii .4 3 1 f f Q Mx fz :gy ww 3 V' " WS? 2 ,, if 1 Left to rlght Dorothy Sclwrecker treasurer Arlene Southwell vnce presndent George Jensen sponsor Phll Fox Left to rlglnt Jack Wallace vice presldenf John Summerton secretary Francis Pillsbury presldenf Vera Thompaon nw L4 2-,Q . K 7 ,A V4 5 .W V 4 WW 41 - , Z -1711 gi Wm, Q "Um 'f' V mmf ,.u f , Zig ,Wk frfiffw Adams, Patricia lPatl Adcock, Frank Alexander, Sidney Allen, Anne Alpert, Sheldon R. Ambler, Sterling Arthur, Pat Axcell, Diane Babcock, Barbara Ann Batschelet, Beverly Baughman, Louie Beach, Beverly Berger, Laura May Bigham, Dorothy Berve, Nancy Bliley, Almeda Bogard, Charles F. Bottoms, Mary Lou Bowers, Nelson Boyd, Ronald Bradshaw, Ruby Lee Bramer, lanniene Bridwell, Anita Brown, Cecile Miriam Burley, Rita Byrom, Beryl Calahan, Bonnie raifiwaii Thoma . 1,2 if NK' fs.. 5 S ,, , X Y Q -- 1 Q9 Nfav, ss. is ,k.,,,. N A ir f ww S X Q f Q W fy i V f. Z 'R ffKxV ff' y W , y , . 1 I f I 0 W rf, cb ,i ',l- . M1332 .,., H: 'X 4 ir A ,if we ,. a w,W,,,w , i, 1- t X A Q i 4 'X I, S W R, . N X, J' T ,. - ., A G at ' ' jk , V g pg, . f ' - X QRS' V . QS X 5 :,' l mt , fm, A 1 WW 'f 1 1 ,, f, V ,," i g ,,, Z 'Z-. 6 f 4 -A , l , up V 'i QV 1 ,575 " up , M wt ff - , ' 1,37 , , lf 1' , -WC ' .N 1 ' :Q A Z f .. 1 y- .,.,. ev l i f F C51 A M14 f ,, , Mm 1 Q A , 41' . g hx, ' A 3' 4. sf - , -wff Wa 1 f W ii Q , f Q4 4 5 1' r f ,wh , ,i A,,,. , ,M 4, -Jw. It ' 2 AA'A ' V. , fa Q my y,,! l , A ll' f 2? 1 6' 1 Z ww alf all Q' V Q X12 H J f 4 M-vt. av fm f if fy m- WW V ,W r mil ti . 4 ,' V NG L., - X fm 2 We A fff f I iw, V 4, N, f ggi? ' 1, . Z f 4 pw 1 'mln . M' A im fu Campbell, lo Ann Canaday, Sylvia Castella, William Duane Chatin, loan Chambers, loan Chappel, Mark Chellevv, Dorothy Choate, l-larold j. Clark, Barbara Clark, Bonnie Clark, Mary Lou Clifford, Buck Cobb, Barbara Cook, Pattie Corzine, Virginia Counts, Tom Crawley, Eleanor Creamer, Charlotte Cross, Billie leanne Davis, Betty Davis, Rosemary DeMoulin, Ray Dettmers, Barbara Dickson, Marguerite Dornberg, john Robert Douglas, Burt Doyle, Pat Drabing, Caroline Drumm, Pauline Drury, Dorothy Dunn, Grace Eichhorn, jean iii Eiiingsen, Virginia Endcott, Peggy Ann 7 X Erickson, janice , Eshleman, Frances 2 ic, Evans, Charlotte Ewer, Pat 7 Ewing, Louise E. A 'ff 'vs x Fahrni, Mary Fay, janet Fink, Norma Fischer, Ruth Flugstaci, Susan Foster, jackie Fouse, jean Fox, Philip Frey, Anita Frost, joan Frost, Miriam Furst, Larry D Galley, Beth Garretson, Suzanne Garrett, joan Gay, Marilyn wsqxg 'AWS if , Z' ' H, A rg. 4- ' ,444 K . M? 'Mc W Q' 'W N 1 X f 'gy ' 3 :Qt - + is li "i " s, W r, t o Y' " XS X S7 E, nv X s B J- K X . fx 5 X Q M yf x f f my J, 2-ff. , f phi. , K0 f V A K 7 f A, K -. if r, W 1 A Sz 1, 1 ZF Y I' , r , Q e f - f, : Q.. . 'Za f"'x f"' ' ,, V :WV . MJ. 1 '71 , Z Z A! N., WWW Lf, ,M if " JV f Y Q 'AA' I ,y-f f'f' f X . gl 1 .. fi ' M ' i Z Z jf' ff fi' f ', J.. i flat' X' I y ' 1, 1 Aw I ,g 1" . - Qs: :E,,, sf LM fi H if' ' f mf, , , A 1 ' Kf f W J .X -, M '5 we ' Q 31 f ge 7 Q i ,f f ew, '4 ' f :Z V fi , - 2 r W-,ygf 5 gi. ,. fm ke, , 5:31 ig, .V so A., ' " iw 3 Q. gk H... 7 f L fe 4 W Q X 1 f my ff 42 f W vi., Q. r f f, 5 aff, b X ,X 1 f Xa fu f " " ' - ' , 11" ' 36' 4? if 2' ,. ' fer-Wf5'f' X F r 1. WMV , .iw U, A Q Y , V 1, ch ..f - f 'f J 2 ' 'P I . , f ', f . , 2' fi, ' ..' 'a f ' f ' av, yr, X .Ea , my if if i 1 f f i 'Q '17 W , , ! , y z'1'i'w, fx ,frog Q -Y , g , f . flyr, 'hw h in if t,.' , fimi ., Ra 3, 1 ,i , 4 J .am 4 . l i J. X , 9 J ,iff ,T i, il 5' 5 B ,924 ' Azff-1.1 1 as Gilmore, Ronnie Goldman, Elaine Norma Good, Harriette Gordon, Myrna Gorringe, luanita Goto, Ben Greenberg, Gerald Greenwald, Myra Griffith, Mary Ellen Gryder, Patsy Gurley, Eleanor Guy, Willard J. Hahn, Barbara Hammond, Barbara Hancock, jackie Hanifen, Betty Hayes, Gloria Heath, Barbara Herzstein, Robert Hill, Gecelia Hoffman, Bob Hoffman, Gharline Holloway, Paul Holmes, lean Hormann, Vaughn Householter, Naida Houser, Shirley Howard, Maurine l-lubbard, Dick l-luebner, joan lhrig, Shirley lmber, Richard Isaacs, Ernest Iverson, Mary Ann jaggers, Barbara jenkins, Bill johnson, Lu Ann johnson, Marguerite johnson, Olean jonas, joe, jr. Kahn, Lorain Kaitz, Marilyn Keim, Robert E. Keller, Donna Kellman, Robert Kelso, Mary Kendall, Barbara Kepler, Kenneth Kester, Mary Kientz, Evelyn j. King, jo Ann King, Wanda Kinney, Albert Kirby, Sally ' ,jfir ,Vw M , ,V Q I V- .-,... s at 'Z V W2 if s ' . V' X 4 ,f f , Q can .5 , ,, was x .tt ww, f 5 N 5, . Ewa Klein, Virginia 5 Kriolle. Rosemary xfx 1 f yu X X f Y fi 17, .1 X N133 tt Q X X1 . ok Y, X M S! ,f . . fy-vs. F ,525 ,J X' wi S . V N i Ui rf i ' S ' A 1 . as 2 .-21355 5 .xv l i V .Rs i N 4-ny, W , .i w Kranz, jay Kratz, Marshall Lee f i I Lamkin, Sally La Shell, Ginger Lee, Bob W rf W f 41 I ' .IW-Q-. was Www .' 1 llll ff ' f ZW Z t 7 ,, W f " ,J 1' ,V f ti ff A ki f f A , X , 0 Wwgyy' , ff f af f ,rw it W ,I if Z Z f ff! 1 f QW i ,gf , 1 K Lind, joan Lockhart, Leslie Lovett, Marie Charlene Lowe, Anna Virginia MacDonald, loan Machamer, Robert E MacMillan, Gloria Maddock, Kathie Maier, julian, lr. Mann, Louise Markle, Mary Marugg, Barbara Mazzulla, Arlene McDowell, Margaret McMillin, Sue Melnick, Larry Melville, Pat Miller, Anna Lea Minnig, ludy Mitchell Clayton Moore une Morris, ohn Mount, Edward E , i I f mf , 1 ,, . ,V UM'--V ' ' , 1 ' MW ' V4 ,V 1. .if M ' H3521 ' fi' Z , If f . my-, W! f ' 1 i 2 , L ,,,., Ml 45 We L ' r 5 ,N f V I . Q' '4 f,, 3,,, ,, ,, ' 4 ,V vw ,, , , ,ry , , - I 4 ,f W 277: ' f ' 152,37 1' I' Q 9 if , I 4 ,f if W , ' N . -I ff ff , ,,,, , g 1 ' ' f , if - r ,L - l f if Murphy, Anne Nagel, Ruth Neavill, Kay Nelson, Agnes Nelson, Isabelle Nelson, Opal New, Pat Newcomb, Ierry Oehlrnann, Gretchen J Ogle, Betty Lou 5' Pankott Mary l.. I Peclicord, M. Corrine 5 lm 'Ms 6 Pennington, Pat ' V' Permut, llene N Perrin, Luanne Al Peterson, Dolores ' l t l ,W ,Z 90,1 A ' .f Wt X , , , 1 , A f f fs , f ,V M f -f-5 fa, -1 ,ss if , 7' U 1 as :ASV 'l 1 Peterson, Suzanne Pettibone, Beverly Phelps, Dick Pietsch, Liza w Q N0 N W f W 5 X , QS M Z ,Mas , W f Q 'wi ff aw 4 f , if 4 31 q, , Y t M Jrffb' 1 ,f .1 ,, Q gb ai f V :V , , .cc Mcys-f , swam, . . 'W Pinney, Thresa Pixler, Delores Pizer, Susan Porter, Doris Pospisil, Chuck Post, loan Prechtel, Barbara " "' Shlrley Nik X 5 5 4 ff ' N l S f X 4 X' N X X ,gc . N4 S X XX X gs, 'W' it , f " wwf f av f . , s - -Q ' 12 . 4-X f if se If , , ,,, A.A ,, ,zf , . 1 '- ' . 'aft 2 ' -1755. , 1 ' Q., 'jig' ' M A - , X 7 it 1 f 4 .vi xg X A ,,', , . lfgj W 4 f hgyg t X pyifflzlya , V M l 2 MA-,,, g:,f,,' 6 f i if 1 ' ' aff 4 Gyn ll 'A W 'W M f X ff, ,QQ ' if Z if ff-N. Y ff, R 'G V1 l f v ,v ,. we .Q . ' iff- il. ,, f i i , Ranspot, Pat Reese, Charles Ricketts, Ardell Rights, Marilyn Rinehart, Robert Ritze, Kenna Lou Roberts, jucly Robertson, Shirley Robinson, Toma Rohder, Dorene Rosnik, Dorothy Rottman, Cecile Rough, Marietta Roupp, Geraldine Russ, Beatrice A. Sare, lehnette Schenkein, William F. Schmerman, Marilyn Schmitz, Lee Schretferman, Marilyn Schrepterman, Sue Schultz, Chloe Marie Sheetz, Virginia Sheppard, Dolores Sher, Marlene Sherlock, Anita Silver, Elizabeth Simmons Mary Ann Smith, Bea Smith, Ora Smolenske, Donna Snyder, lanis Sollenbarger, Cloria Sorensen, Carla Spence, Sharon Lee Spiers, Duane E Stander, Betty Starks, leannette States, Marian Strachan, Claire Streltzer, Roberta Swanberg, Cierrie Sweet, Sandra Tate, Norman Taylor, jill Tipton, Dan Ungemach, Charles Urling, A. W., jr. Van Derbur, C-wen Vanderleest, lone Van Driesen, Rosemary Von Detten, jeanie Waggener, Marlyn Wallace, Bruce T. Watts, Catherine "' " 'nan Ann fav it , , - wx his f U rm Km inn ' 1 .. f if 13 riff' if .fvsgf Af? ,yi fi' 5 A X lx lx 0 X 1 P " 1 A 3 S X! Q 1 ls' 5 6 gf V ' + .Lg :N t is Q, it f v ,V ' V2 L WN, ff iw- Q A R , ff , MW' s is M ' V2-ix f AN- S he S QSQ X ' - ' Nf C f T S , ,R S iff 0, , W of ' QV!! .,X, I 4 4 X f M! 2 WJ i eq? .,,,e,4-ww' ,ge , ,ff + , I egg, f 44 2 W , f 7 y J X , ffffff f f V 4 lf ' W," -r ,f Z 4 as + Weinshienk, Hubert White, Charles Whitely, Muriel Whitney, janet Williams, Raymond D. Winter, Margaret Wollgast, Carol y y Woodell, Ed . ,cw if ,- "11 I X f i - Woodward, Pat may Wormwood, Sally 7 Worsham, Lera Young, Charles . , Q AQ ' ne -Src'-gf' f - , , 2 . 2 L, f, ' r f- 4 M Y, . f 1 " . - f W 'C' ,r- . .. . ff , J -V s Q "-'- : Q , ,,,,. 4 A , 39 , g Y if GW 4 if f 7 9212 f Z , , xg MJ 1 X Z! fy X QW V f fx ,. , in ,, ..,. fi , V X ff f' fl. ff y , Of f ff 4 , .awry ,iff f 1 srvvsyp Zehrung, Patricia Ann Zimmerman, Leslie Boehm, Evalyn ff XXZLFWW . QW ' yiff Offqj' W M4iT3iffM"7M Qfwfw. iw YWWWJQQQ UN?

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