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wA rfTlA. ■ ■i£:r OF THE CHAMPIONS WA r TjL OF THE CHAMPIONS w tL 1946 T VOLUME XXXVI 1 1 EAST HIGH SCHOOL DENVER. COLORADO . « , i m . A " .;f4?tV ' r.- ... ' Ma7r ' hose Ci And Tree Shaded Campus Lend Inspiration to All I ' •f " . % N Hold Pleasant Memories EDITOR • RUTH HORWITZ HEAD PHOTOGRAPHER • RICHARD BERNICK BUSINESS MANAGER • bernard rottman faculty adviser Ceorce ca ven d e r iiffiK wiSPr n ■ -K mmm w For Those Who Leave CONTENTS SCENES FALL WINTER SPRING Dreary Winter — Work and Study Lovely Spring — Play and Leisure FRIENDSHIP To the friendships built at East — for the boy who walked you home from school — for the girl who helped you with the Latin lesson — for the teacher whose respect and guidance you cherished — that they might continue and grow in an ever expanding circle to end in universal understanding, co-operation and happiness — this book is dedicated GRAHAM R. MILLER PRINCIPAL Friend to All Invitation to Learning Back To School — When September 5 came around this year, Angels once again gave up their pleasant vacation days and returned to school to resume a full year of interesting and varied activities. Howdy Day Early on the calendar was Howdy Day On September 12 the lOB ' s and other new pupils were Ini- tiated into the big school by a tra- ditional assembly. Howdy Day cards, on which autographs of new friends were collected, were distributed among the students and added to the gaity of the day. Looking for someone, George ' ' Saving a dentist bill Sign here, John tl9l 1 I u,-i:r-Ayfiia ' ' - ' :iKr ( ? fi5?f»t ' . ' . « " - ' « ' ■ " W M ■ ■ fk tuki J- fa fk- De iifrf mw Uhi (%«ftS , -am k 1 % . rTm -r ' War Chest Drive One of the best remembered assemblies of the year was the Eddie Bracken assembly in which Eddie appeared in behalf of the War Chest drive. He kissed the girls, imitated Charles Boyer and Frank Sinatra, pantomimed a baseball pitcher and cracked many jokes. The assembly had its serious side too, for $1,228 was raised for the Denver Area War Chest From top to bottom : Thanks for the memory Muggin! You don ' t say! Want to fight [201 War Bond Sales In the fall to promote the sale of bonds and stamps the Bond Auction, another highlight in the fall assemblies was held on November 16 and $88,000 in bonds and stamps was raised. The highest selling articles were a sheep, ski equipment, and nylons. Mr Olander was the auctioneer and the auction was spon- sored bv the Student Council with the aid of Miss Putnam. From top to bottom: Going once, going twice, sold ' Deans for a day They must be thirsty [21 % i ' ' ' ' f ' •« 3 School Spirit Fall means football and football means lots of school spirit. This spirit was developed through pep assemblies held on the Friday before each game. Hearty enthusiasm on the part of East Seraphs was pro- moted at this time by Mr. Olander, the cheerleaders, and the pep band. E-A-S-T Rah-rah-rah-raf. and the band played on [221 FACULTY A great deal of gratitude for untiring, patient guidance is owed to the faculty of East High School. The understanding displayed by the faculty toward the pupils has promoted close co- operation and harmony between the teaching and learning elements of education. Each teacher strives to develop the interests and talents of his students by devoting his entire attention and study to their separate problems and individual personalities Thus through helpful counseling, genuine and everlasting friendships are developed between the teacher and the student. The class of 1946 therefore, would like to thank the faculty for their time and energy spent in edu- cating us for the future. MISS SPARHAWK EXPLAINS THE RECORD SYSTEM WYMOND EHRENKROOK Assistant Principal - ELIZABETH SPARHAWK Dean of Girls [24] Mary Ardrey English Margaret Aylord Mathematics 100 21 1 2 ' ifi o Annette Badgley Foreign Language o-i 1 1 ' J, e s ' t O rri n ' l 6 a7 w7%a in P tITs Ruth Berg Clinic Margaret Beynon English Sam S. Blanc Science Gladys Bona English m i P " M ' 1 r yifj .,,),w 4. . - , 1 L Florence Briber [25] Justin W. Brierly English Laverne Brooks Social Science m s George Covender Social Science HP . A " ' Elbert Chopman Physical Educotion Harry W. Charlesworth Mathematics Regina Desjardins Physical Education Hilda Eaton Commercial [26] Rosalie Edminston Foreign Language Ruth Eggleston Commercial vo Bruce A. Ewer Mathematics Science V? Kathryn Fenner Physical Education Mabel Ferguson Foreign Language Madge Ferguson Librarian Tom Gardner English Helen Gibson Home Economics [27] Kenneth Gorsline Mathematics Florence Harper Social Science Kothnne Hoffman English Morns Hoffman Science Helen Hunter English George Jensen Social Science Amanda Knecht Foreign Language [28] Alice Koons English Genevieve Kreiner English -c Willis Lamson Mary Livesey Home Economics JuanitQ Loeptien Physical Education Oscar Marinoff =%: Lawrence Marshall Social Science |Wil,t " e.eL-i John B. Motties Foreign Languoge m [29] Violette McCarthy Music J " o).!r Robert McComas Social Science Ada McGetrick Commercial Chorle5 McGlone Social Science Jack Mcintosh Science Sergeant McKinley R.O.T.C. Margaret McNally Coordinator Harvey Meyer industrial Arts [30. Waldo S, Miller Industrial Arts Mary Moore Home Economics Fareeda Moorhead Music Edgar Olander Commercial ' Alice O ' SulNvan Robert Ozonne Social Science Adolph Panek Physical Educat.on Melvin Payne Social Science [31] Carl Pease Chester Phelps Foreign Language i,Q.orno eati wsteci,? Roland Roberts Lily Schultz Science Vuu ' -cyf-fl Ruth Shelton English Myrtle Snider Mathematics T40 WW TsVnr Virginia Stearns Social Science O u c Vt » a Isabel St. John Home Economics [321 Selina Taub Commercial Fred V. Ticen Science Lyda Varney English }f n Doris Vinyard Foreign Language George Wagner Mathematics Clarence Whipple Ptiysical Educoton Esther Wickham !31 J. Howard Williamson Ophelia Welter Mathematics « -t- T Rolliff Wright Industrial Arts Dominic Zarlengo Science Personal Attention ifn Ulrmoriam Mr. Schweiger Carl A. Schweiger. athletic coach at East High School for many years, and Assistant Principal, will always be remembered for his fairness in dealing with the boys, and his kindness and consideration toward everyone. Miss Murchison Miss Mina Murchison, at East High School for nine teen years, first as a teach- er, then as Assistant Dean of Girls, won the respect and love of all who knew her, both as a teacher and as a friend. Mrs. Lowe Mrs. Mary E, Lowe, a teacher at East High School for twenty-one years, and sponsor of the Script Club, was long known around school for her warm friendliness, her witty sense of humor, and her wise counseling. [35] Adele Scarborough Secretary Genevieve Frances Attendance Clerk Rita Putnam Treasurer OFFICE PERSONNEL Lois Hageleen Library Clerk Clive Edwards Records Edith Bruce Attendance [361 Elizabeth Davidson Elevator Lady Robert Taylor Head Custodion AT YOUR SERVICE Mrs Chadwick and her ladies of the cafeteria ' ' P n ' i( air power is bringing W closer together, it is no lat the language classes i ded. Latin, Spanish, nd German are all taught aid of moving pictures, and various educational iments that give the stu- better knowledge of the in which the language he ing is spoken. Left to Right Ivo Chadwick, tstello Hutiun, (jroi-O Munboii, Anna Shupp, Anna Cotfelt, Nel Ado Quinn, Grace Samples, Louise Drake, Kate Smith 141 Classes in Action The curriculum of East High coni-ain; a wide variety of interesting and useful courses. To the average incoming sophomore, the names of some of the subjects are quite baffling. Such titles as contemporary literature, psychology, and mathematical analysis not only give the young soph heart failure, but the more sophisticated junior the same. The graduating senior, howeve-. looks back on the long array of classes with understanding and satisfaction. WHAT IS MR. TICEN SAYING? WELL, NOW, I WOULDN ' T SAY THAT ' Subjects in the field of science have always held a great fascination for most East high students. It has often been asked, why does one study chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy, geology, radio, or any of the science courses offered at East? ' Some students take it just because it is required at many colleges, but the great majority believe that a knowledge of science is greatly needed in this modern world. FORM AND MORE FORM air power is bringing closer together, it is no at the language classes ded Latin, Spanish, nd German are all taught aid of moving pictures, and various educational ments that give the stu- better knowledge of the in which the language he ' mg is spoken. [411 BOOK WORMS CI asses in Mathematics offers a proper foundation for almost everyone ' s chosen profession and seems to be important no matter what the student selects as his future work. Such courses as algebra, geometry, practical math, math analysis, and trigonometry have a definite bearing on everyday life. OH, OH, IT ' S BURNING! HAVING TROUBLE, JERRY? English de- I types of ative writ- study of ontempo- nd drama Lois Hagi dent. for s desired Library [361 Acti on The history of the world holds a great interest for all East students because of the rapidly moving events of the day. American history, history of the West, an- cient history, modern European history, government and politics, psychology, and sociology all come under the heading of Social Science, WHAT ' S UP, BOYS? " SEWING CIRCLE STUDYING HARD? Because air power is bringing our world closer together, it is no wonder that the language classes are crowded. Latin. Spanish, French, and German are all taught with the aid of moving pictures, speakers, and various educational entertainments that give the stu- dent a better knowledge of the country in which the language he is learning is spoken. 141 INTER-RACIAL PANEL IT SHOULD WORK THE HONOR SYSTEM CI asses in Sophomores have found great value through the general education classes which they are required to take. Not only do these classes aim to accustom the nevi student with the traditions of East, but counsel- ing and pupihteacher planning are also an important part of this cur- riculatory requirement. The commercial department of- fers the following classes: com- mercial arithmetic, typing, short- hand, transcription, and bookkeep- ing. For the student who is plan- ning on office work either after high school graduation or after college, these courses give him a desirable foundation. Arts and crafts, interior decorat- ing, drawing and painting, and com- mercial art classes afford an Angel a chance to display his creative ability. DENNY DRAWING VARGA GIRLS Action Fashion shows displaying the lat- est thing in costume design have been presented by many girls at East in the past year, when sewing classes have modeled the clothes the girls have made. Not only sew- ing but also cooking classes have become very popular with East girls, and the desire to remove a tasty dish from the oven is the answer to their cooking prayers It IS essential for the youth of today to keep physically fit and mentally strong Both boys and girls have entered a program of extensive exercises, sports and corrective classes. The modern dancing classes helped to give the girl poise, correct posture, and a graceful carriage. R.O T.C. training is open to any sophomore or junior boy. Some cadets are selected to become cadet officers during their senior year The cadets who enter the armed services upon graduation will benefit greatly from having this training in military discipline and leadership. SPOONING THAT ' S AN AMOEBA, SON TEACHER, BLOW, (i.LlIL BLCW HEADING FOR- First Round Scores EAST 38 Manual 6 EAST 39 West EAST 19 North 7 EAST 20 South 7 Football CITY CHAMPIONS -A VICTORY BANQUET Second Round Scores EAST 40 Manual 6 EAST 39 West 20 EAST North EAST 21 South 12 [441 Fi inal Standings Won Lost Tied EAST . . , . . 7 1 NORTH . . . . 5 1 2 SOUTH . . . . 4 3 1 WEST . . . . 2 6 MANUAL . . 8 1 3 c-i " - i The Fighting Angels of 1945 were called by Coach Pat Panek the strongest team he has coached since coming to East in 1938 The football season opened with an exhibition game at Boulder against the Panthers After a bad first quarter, the Seraphs sounded a fair warn- ing to all future opponents by rolling up a score of East 20, Boulder 12, Top: Coach Panek. Center: Bill Russell, Dick Snyder, Jerome Biffle. Bottom: Justin Lana, Don Lee, Dick Stevens, Did; Schrepferman. THE THUNDERING HERD Football The following week the Angel Jug- gernaut rolled over Manual 38 to 6 in the opening game of the regular league ' s play with recovered fumbles and blocked kicks leading to touchdown after touch- down. Snyder, Fehrenbach, Rountree, and Stevens played a bang-up game in the line while Schrepferman and Biffle were the backfield stars. West ' s Cowboys fought hard but were no match for the Angels as the final score showed, East 39, West Sund- gren, Schrepferman, Strobe!, Biffle Co. just couldn ' t be stopped from the opening minutes when Sundgren drove over from the three yard line until the final gun when Art Wollenweber was stopped on West ' s one yard line. COACH McGLONE, ART MILLMAN, Mgr. V V ! Lso ie BRUCE CARSON, ART WOLLENWEBER, BEN CLARK JIM BAKER, SPENCER TITLEY, ED CHILDS BOB HABERKORN, CHUCK ROUNTREE, RAY HANSEN, CARL SUNDGREN 4B 40 Ji 4 57X44X33 1. n nl JOHNNY STROBEL, JOE FEHRENBACH, LENORD FOX WOODY SHELTON, DENNY BARNES. VERNON NELSON BOB LINGER, JOHN PARK, JACK SPRATLEN, BILL FAWCETT Football In a very hot contest the Seraphs routed North 19-7. Almost immediately after the kickoff the Angels recovered a North fumble and just four plays later Johnny Strobel scored Then in the sec- ond period North went out in front on a 14 yard run by Stuckey and Stein- mark ' s conversion. However, in the fourth period it was all East with Sund- gren, Biffle, and Schrepferman leading the attack featured by Rountree ' s pass interception and touchdown run South tried to stop East next and started out very well when Craig ran 60 yards to put them on top. Then Sund- gren scored after a long drive but he failed to convert as the first half ended. In the second half East really caught fire with first Schrepferman and then Sund- gren scoring. The entire line played their best game of the entire season. East 20- South 7 ALBERT BRYANT, GORDON GOEBEL .W- ' - n . -f «. THEY ' RE OFF! A PEACEFUL SATURDAY AFTERNOON. WHERE IS HE? Football The Seraphs opened the second round by running over Manual 40 to 6 with everybody seeing plenty of action and the linemen again turning in a brilliant performance as they toyed with the Thunderbolts. East made it six straight when Dick Schrepferman ran wild and scored four times against West although the Cow- boys went down fighting, East 39, West 20. John Park and Chuck Roun- tree were outstanding in the line while Girtin and Albert led West. Needing only one victory to clinch the title the Angels were held to a scoreless tie on a muddy gridiron by the Viks from North. The game was featured by a terrific kicking duel be- tween Sundgren of East and Stein- mark of the Viks. Big Carl led the of- fense which threatened to score many times. On the line. Park and Rountree were invincible. East 0, North 0. [48] Football The following Saturday North trimmed the South Denverites 9 to 6 thus giving East undisputed possession of the 1945 title East then showed that they were real champs in the sea- son ' s finale by trouncing the Rebels 21 to 12. In the first few minutes Dick Snyder recovered a fumble on the South four yard line and two plays later Sundgren carried it over. In the second period Schrepferman ran fifty- six yards and a little later Sundgren scored the Angels second touchdown In the third period Schrepferman passed to Biffle for another score. South came back to score twice on passes by Stratton but the Angels fin- ished an unbeaten season with their eighth win against one tie. Chuck Rountree, East Guard, was chosen as the most outstanding player in the city by sports-writers and coaches. In addition Carl Sundgren, Dick Schrepferman, and Joe Fehren- bach were named on All-City teams Thus ended the 1945 football season THE SERAPHS HAVE LANDED GUESS WHAT ' ? RATHER ROUGH?? .fgt... s.;;-.30iafc 149 1 Junior Football •4 Back Row, Left to Right; Jerry Moore, Roland Huskey, John Horms, Jack Jacoby, Dick Easton, John Morns Putter Horvey. Front row: Dave Naiman, Bob Stout, Duane Costella, Al on Castella, Denny Barnes, Bob Linger, Jim Secombe. The Junior football team added an- other championship to East ' s collection by taking first place in the junior Foot- ball League for 1945. The only defeat suffered by the Juniors was at the hands of North, 21 to 7. South ' s Rebels were able to tie them, to 0, Both of these setbacks were avenged however in re- turn games. All in all the outlook for a successful football season is good for 1946, thanks to the Junior Football Champs. Scores EAST 38 Manual EAST 42 West EAST 21 North 20 EAST South EAST 26 Manual EAST 14 West EAST 7 North 21 EAST 7 South ANGELS VERSUS REBELS Final Standings Won Lost Tied EAST . . NORTH . . SOUTH . . WEST . . MANUAL . 5 2 . 3 2 2 [50] 1 1 1 3 6 7 1 K ; .i |Mfl|R|»g l |1 |l | | p i | | |j|l " s®s, «.. afcws!itf « «, ' ; Jfe% . Sophomore Football v »e§ir. ' v 4 t?feii Third row, left to right Bob BiQch ' ev, bot Gilmore, Art l uinn, Bitl Hicks, Albert Kinncv, bob Bullard, Bob Maehoine:, John McCarthy, Bill Hartsfield, Clark Bromley, Harrison Keppner, Sherwin Miller, Gene Gould, Coach Chapman Second row: Leslie Smith, Jack Fleming, James Coleman, Irwin Boscoe, George Friend, Roland Hansen, Bob Boles, Bob Clorkson, Dayle Lorson, Chuck Kettering, Bob Linger, Dick Gray, Jim Gnder, manager. First row: Harry LoFevre, Harold Richardson, Bob Malowney, Joe Jennings, Ernie Isaacs, Gerry Losey, Gordon Ri.xford, Gene Hobbs, Corky Martin, LeRoy Barnes, Tamo Kotura. Scores EAST 12 ....... South 6 EAST 6 . . , Manual 25 EAST North 6 EAST 6 West 12 The Sophomore football team of 1945 had a rather disappointing season when they lost three of their four games by very close scores. The boys showed lots of spirit however, and also plenty of fight and ability. They will prove very valuable in the next two years. The team this year was again coached by Elbert Chapman. Cerry Losey, Bob Linger, and Dick Cray were outstanding for the Sophs this year. Bock row, lett to right: Tamo Katura, Gerry Losey, LeRoy Barnes, Roland Hansen, Front row Bob Blachley, Ernie Isoacs, Art Quinn, Gene Hobbs, Horold Rich- ardson, Bob Boles, Dick Gray. Fin; il Standi ngs Won Lost Tied MANUAL . . 4 WEST . . . . . 3 1 NORTH . . . 2 2 EAST . . 1 3 SOUTH . . . . 4 (511 Left Uj right. Phil Feingold, Roger Ecasloy, Nathan Clifford, Dean Olsen, Tom Loggii Lhorles Shissler, Al Lipson, Art Erickson, Dick Romig, Coach Ozanne. Tennis and Golf The tennis team finished in third place this year behind North and South. The team worked very hard all season under Coach Ozanne and next year should be one of the top contenders as many members of this year ' s team are returning. Bill Klein was the only member of this year ' s team to be named All- City. The Golf Team added to East ' s many laurels by winning the City Championship. Lettermen were: Howard Bissell, Tom Gra- ham, Bob Hackstaff, Bob Maul, Freece Reither, Jim Ryall, Dick Tucker, Jack Turner, and Frank Van Meter. Tucker, Turner, and Van Meter were named All-City. FORE!! NUMBER ONE MAN SHOULD I OR SHOULD I SHOULDN ' T.?. ' 11 [52] Armistice Day Parade On Armistice Day, November 1 I one could see a large group of red and white and khaki uniforms dot- ting Sixteenth street, in down-town Denver, for it is the custom of the White Jackets, the Band, and the R,0 T.C. to march in the Armistice Day Parade It is an East tradition to honor the dead of World War I, and to celebrate the end of that great war ' STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER " .ytVJ - ' -U l, WHAT DO YOU DO IN THE INFANTRY- YOU MARCH, YOU MARCH, YOU MARCH [53] ' •I bv. « . :,- 1 W m M I ' PM Then winter came. The first sure signs of its arrival were limping ski enthusiasts with their casts and crutches. Club activities and the prospects for Junior Prom Queen were the main topics of conversation. Next came Christmas with the pageant and the Yule tree, followed by an exciting and successful basketball season. ORGANIZATIONS There are a large number of organizations at East appealing to hobbies, common in- terests, and social life of Angels. Under the new club program adopted this year, an ex- cellent opportunity has been given to students to make new friends and to develop their special interests. The service clubs — Seraph Sisters, White Jackets, Red Jackets. " D " Club, ' 46 Club, and ' 47 Club — are invaluable to the school, and membership is based on schol- arship. The Clinic, Visual Aid Department, and Stage Crew are also important cogs in the school wheel, while the publications, Angelus and Spotlight, and the instrument and vocal music groups are essential features of student life. COUNCILMEN GEORGE AND JACK ENFORCE THE PARKING RULE 1 ' Left to right: Wilson Uriing, Ruthie Wierman, Frank Troyior, Anita Campbell, Bill Robinson, Ginger La Shell, Dick Stevens, Ruth Horwitz, Spencer Titley, Mrs. St, John, John Strobel. Student Council Left to right: Anne Campbell, Jack Sprotlen, Cile Bokewell, George Smith, Dorothy Sethmon, Bob Lin- ger, Joan Packard, Chuck Knudson, Joan Engstrom, Jack Smith, HEAD GIRL AND HEAD BOY PATTI MclLVAINE JOE CAMPBELL The sponsorship of the Student Council was assumed by Mrs. Isabel St. John, Assistant Dean of Girls, Under her guidance, many outstanding activi- ties, such as Howdy Day, the Bond Auction, Recreation Night, Clean-up Paint-up Week, the Big Broadcast, various drives and assemblies, were pre- sented. Chief among the Council ' s projects was the drawing-up of a new consti- tution, the revising of the Angel ' s Guide, and the initiating of the new club program to provide new and varied activities for East Angels. The leadership of the Council was taken over by the head boy and head girl, each presiding one semester. Four sophomore, six junior, and eight senior members represented their respective classes, together with the class presidents and the editors of the Angelus and Spotlight. DELEGATE ASSEMBLY DELIBERATES OFFICERS AND SPONSOR Left to right: Mory Darnell, secre- tary; Potti Mcllvaine, president; Miss Sparhawk, sponsor; Virginia Writer, treasurer; Virginia Wachob, vice-president. Fifth row, left to rrght: Yvonne Hinton, Jean Nelson, Marilyn Moore. Fourth row: Henrietta Fine, Ar vesta Henkle, Dorothy Whitney, Beatrice Van Houten. Third row: Colette Combs, Betty Mueller, Peggy Hunt, Joan Packard, Maureen Kessinger Second row: Mary Alice Cook, Dorothy Sethman, Carolyn Welp, Peggy Miller, Anne Carleton, Marjorie Ann Miller, Nancy Mossman, Virginia Frost. First row: Sonyo Gray, Vera Spore, Bev. O ' Neil, Jackie Von Valin, Doris Burdett, Jear Burnard, Ruth Horwitz, Helen Svedlund. SERAPH SISTERS The Seraph Sisters, East ' s outstanding service organization, is composed of senior girls who are in the upper one-fifth of the class. Under the sponsorship of Miss Elizabeth Sparhawk, Dean of Girls, the group has performed many valuable serv- ices this year. Among them were: help in the Clinic, Social Room, Testing Department, and the Occupational Adjustment Department. Seraph Sis- ters also played an important part in the social life of the school by giving teas for incoming students and the faculty. Fourth row, left to right Betty Kreutter, Barbara Selby, Marilyn Rankin, Beverley Thomas. Third row; Virginia Hoots, Erica Brunquist, Edia Wilson, Carol Hansen. Second row: Wanda Jeter, Mae Samuelson, Setsuko Oka, Jean Johnson, Joan Nadeau, Ruth Houze Nancy Williams, Maryelizabeth Sefton, Shirley Soper, June Deneke, Donna Robinson, Vivian Brogc Alice Hopp. First row: Darlene Morris, Myrno Samuelson, Helen Ratzer, Joyce Leonhordt, Nancy Stine, Helen Fouse Conn:e Hansen, Beverly Hopley, Ruth Bornschlegel, Jackie Flanders, Jean Silverberg, Janice Johnsor [60] 3 1 ? ' ilb - n til A ' cY ' i " jilfMlll Durth row, left to right: Ruth Wierman, Joan Copelond, Bev McCloin, Joy Heild, Patty Lou Cook, Barbara Selby, Betty Mueller. hird row: Dorothy Ann Thomas, Erica Brunquist, Roberta Bixford, Barbara Cook, Jean Liberstien, Verna Dee Neilson, Betty Kruetter, Hornet Gousse, Joan Smith, Greto Lee Ferns, ?cond row Hornet Froese, Morjone Miller, Helen Svedlund, Virginia Wachob, Helen Zonchok, Dorothy Helmcomp, Delia Moe Richardson, Ursula Ronnebeck, Charjeen Morrison, Morion Sweet, Janice Hubner, Ann Burton, Jeon Johnston, irst row: Mary Low Rodman, Patti Mcllvame, Marilyn Saffrin, Dons Strauss, Ann Russell, Ellen Gray, Betty Jean Girordo, Margaret Kettering, Morjone Ewer, Barbara Pritz, Monan Eliason, Diane Shelnut, Pholien Viders, Marion Roth WHITE JACKETS The White Jackets is a girls ' service club in which membership is obtained by application of junior and senior girls with a B average. In the fall of this year the girls could be seen many a morning practicing their complicated drills on the chilly football field, north of the building. The main purpose of the club is to provide color and enthusiasm by leading cheers and marching between the halves at the football games. Under the sponsorship of Miss Juanita Loep- tien, the White Jackets have marched in many drills with the other four high schools and in the Armistice Day Parade. Durth row, left to right Marilyn Rankin, Mary Darnell, Mary Elizabeth Sefton, Carol Thompson, Jackie Walker, Joan Nadeau, Mary Alice Cook, Peggy Pepper, Joanne Holland hird row Joan Packard, Alice Hopp, Lois Hockenpillar, Dorothy Sethman, Sonyo Gray, Betty Kreutter, Carol Danielson, Potty Kahn, Setsuko Oka, Betty Jane Williams. Bcond row Anne Corleton, Jonice Engstrom, Peggy Hunt, Nancy Stine, Beverly Thomas, Carol Hansen, Bette Jo Dearmin, June Deneke, Carol Hanson, Helen Fouse, Ann Weidman, Edlo Wilson Barbara Littell. irst row: Virginia Writer, Jean Bernard, Alice Schoonover, Joanne Hayes, Harriet Froese, Eleanor Benton, Margie Hodges, Donna Robinson, Jackie Flanders, Pat Hall, Beverly Hopely, Virginia Hoots, Laura Darnell, Vivian Bragg, Beverly O ' Neill. OFFICERS AND SPONSOR « ' Vi ■ 1 1 .tJiLj. ...yj -.. .Atjjii.... Left to right; Ruth Bornschlegel, vice- president; Vera Spore, president; Miss Loeptin, sponsor; Colette Combs, treasurer, Betty Leach, secretary. mm [61 Fifth row, left to right: John Strobel, Bill Rissell, Bob Linger, Ray Hanson, Bob Fullerton, Bill Ley. Fourth row: Howard Bissell, Don Lee, Jack Sprat len, Ed Chi Ids. Third row: Stan Hayes, Roy Riley, Denny Barnes, Art Milman, John Park, Bill Fawcett, Dean Ohison, Phil Fine- gold, Jack Smith, Tommy Loggeans, Dwight Pace, Johon Magen, Gordy Goebels, Coach Lomson. Second row: Coach Panek, Coach Chapman, Jim Grider, Keva Levin, Marcus Richardson, Bob Hackstaff, Woody Shelton, Benny Colman, L. F. Shull, Preston Williams, Ronnie Titley, Norman Speak, Bill Kenny, Don Warner, Leonard Fox. First row: Steve Maupin, Gene Mac, Chick Davis, Harold Zeir, Ernie Gray, Sumner Downing, Dick Stevens, Art Wollenweber, Bob Habercorn, Jimmy Baker, Bru:e Carson, George Smith. D " Club Any boy who has been awarded a letter for participating in or managing one of the school ' s sports activities is eligible to become a member of the " D " Club. The club is sponsored by the six coaches of East, Clarence Whip- ple, Pat Panek, Willis Lamson, Charles McClone, Elbert Chapman, and Robert Ozanne. The sports in which a boy may participate and win a letter include the following: football, basketball, baseball, track, wrestling, swim- ming, golf, and tennis. OFFICERS Second row, left to right: Dick Schrepferman, vice-president; Carl Sundgren, secretary; Chick Roundtree, sergeont-ot-arms. First row: Spencer Titley, treasurer; Joe Fehrenback, president. [62] Fourth row, left to right: Richard Edwards, Bill Robinson, Jim Fithion, Herb Waterman, Bill Heiner. Third row: Steve Maupin, Bob Swerer, John Rogers, George Smith, War- ren Pulis. Second row: Bruce Carson, Corky Larson, Harry Newman, Bill Sumners, Henry Lichtenstein. First row: Vv ' ymond Ehrenkrook. Red Jackets Under the leadership of Wymond Ehrenkrook, assistant principal, the Red Jackets, boys ' pep club, is carrying on the traditional pep rallies and promot- ing enthusiasm at the football and basketball games. During the year, they have sponsored many drives for the betterment of the school. To top off their social life, they co-sponsored one of the year ' s most successful school dances. OFFICERS AND SPONSOR Left to right: Kevin Croke, secretary; Harry Newman, treasurer; Blair Carl- son, president; Mr. Ehrenkrook, sponsor. [63] OFFICERS AND SPONSORS B III I mm Ik Second row, left to right: Mrs. O ' Sul- livan, Mr. Ozanne. First row: Connie Honson, president; Jackie Flanders, treasurer; Anne Carieton, secretary. Fourth row, left to right: Ruth Horwitz, Marjorie Miller, Valerie Vannater, Alice Bromley, Colette Combs, Betty Mueller, June Deneke, Patsy Hall, May Samuelson, Joyce Leonhart. Third row; Betty Kreuter, Helen Fouse, Virginia Hoots, Erica Brunquist, Pat Taylor, Zelda Horwitz, Virginia Writer, Joan Engstrom, Peggy Hunt. Second row: Beverly Hopley, Shirley Coffman, Betty Jo Dearmin, Joan Autrey, Anne Wiedmon, Edlo Wilson, Carol Hanson, Virginia Wachob, Mary Alice Cook, Sonyo Gray, First row: Marguerite Ethridge, Janice Johnson, Pat Swanfelt, Ruth Born- schlegel, JoAnn Corash, Donna Robinson, Marion Roth, Jane Dennger, Rosalie Wulff, " 46 " Club The " 46 " club was created to promote unity and cooperation between the members of the class of ' 46. The club was started, originially, by 46 members made up of outstanding sophomores and has taken in new members each year from class members who have done much service for their class and the school. Under the sponsors. Mrs. O ' Sullivan and Mr. Ozanne, the club has provided many assemblies and sponsored many of the senior activities. Fourth row. left to right: Richard Morron, Harry Weber, Joan McConnaha, Jock Roberts, Jay Caldwell, Ken Robinson, Don Green, George Smith- Third row: Barbara belby, Mary Darnell, Barbara Fisher, Virginia Frost, Eleanor Mason, Nancy Stine, Chuck Morris, Joe Campbell, Jack Smith. Second row. Mary Elizabeth Sefton, Marjorie Hodges, Laura Darnell, Janice Johnson, Kathy Kerfoot, Marietta English, Dorothy Sethman, George Willard. First row: Eleanor Becker, Bette Lee Goss, Mary Lynn Beeley, Joan Nadeau, Jayne Godbe, Joan Packard, Pat Saylor, Bev Van Fleet, Jenny Lou Dunning. [64] ' 0mmm Fifth row: Tom Joffee, Jim Mohoney, Tom Jones, Bill Robinson, Bill Benight, William Siefert, Don Fulkerson. Fourth row: Anne Campbell, Ruth Edwards, Ruth Wiermon, Ann Stoley, Betty Jean Pease. Borbara Cook, Dorothy Moon, Joonne Heoly, Curt Brown. Third row Phyllis Sampson, Joan Timpte, Ellen Gray, Mar)orie Ewer, Morgaret Kettering, Ann Green, Mary Kay Hickey, Helen Zorcheck, John Moore- Second row: Arhne McKenzie, Verno Dee Nelson, Lois McKenzie, Sherry McClain, Delores Curt, Aletha Miller, Laura Lee Chase, Beverly Scribner, Mary Lou Schmausser, First row: Betty Heinly, Betty Knox, Jean Monahan, Marion Allison, Barbora Fritz, Opal Jonson, Ruth Ann Eaton. " 47 " Club The ' 47 club, sponsored by Harvey Meyer and Mrs. Doris Vinyard, is composed of 100 members of the Junior Class. Eligible for membership are all students in the class of ' 47 who have rendered service to the school and to the Junior Class This year the club was in charge of the Junior Prom, their main activity, and every club member served on a committee. OFFICERS AND SPONSORS Left to right: Dons Vinyard, sponsor; Eleanor Minning, secretary; Pot Beeley, treasurer; Morgoret Forth, vice president; Harvey Myer, sponsor; Bob Fullerton, president. [65] Third row, left to right: Dick Schrepferman, Bill Ley, Spencer Tit ley, Don Lee, Jim Seccombe, Dick Snyder, Art Wollenweber, George Smith, Bill Russell, Bill Phelps. Second row: Lewie Kilpatrick, Dick Gray, Joe Fehrenboch, Kenny Sawyer, Johnny Rogers, Sumner Downing, Mickey Trcylor, Dick Stevens, Howard Porks. First row: Bill Scott, Jack Wainick, Tim Guiney, Woody Shelton, Bill Beattie, Cliff Latimer, Corky Larson, Ronnie Homer, Bob Swerer, Gordon Goebel. Hi-R 40 Club The Hi-R 40 has recently been incorporated into the school club system. The club is d edicated to doing all possible services for the benefit of the school. Forty members who are admitted through application make up its membership. The boys are stationed in the parking lot throughout the day to prevent thefts and destruction to the cars. They have also put on an assembly and have cooperated in the program of keeping the grounds clean. OFFICERS AND SPONSOR Left to right; John Strobel, treasurer; John Parl , second vice-president; Bill Fawcett, sergeant- at-arms; Mr. McComas, sponsor; Wolly Oakes, president; Bob Hammond, secretary; Jack Sprotlen, first vice-president. Third row, left to right Betty Baker, Ray Riley, Bruce Bochtold, Larry Lane, George Boker. Secorid row: Dolores Hill, Lawrence Rickards, Bill Weiss, Paul Rous, Owen Murphy, Moreen Kessinger, Tana Field First row Lucy Zundall, Rita Burley, Eloise Bartholic, Phyllis Samson, Enid Kressler, Joanne Rockhill, Miss Conesny Art Club For students interested in art. the Art Club, under the capable leadership of Miss Hero Conesny. has a great attrac- tion because of its various activities. Some of these include visiting museums, art shops, and art galleries. Clothing design was taken up this year and a marionette show was planned. All angels are invited to |oin regardless of artistic ability. OFFICERS AND SPONSOR Left to right; Ray Riley, president; Lucy Zundoll, secre- tary; Miss Conesny, sponsor; Dolores Hill, vice-president, Betty Baker, trecsure. ' . - ' 3. 1671 Third row, left to right: Jay Caldwell, Ann Hammer, Peggy Pepper, Kern Brown, Claire Strochon, Fradelle Tanenbaum. Second row; Gladys Brown, Beverly Verner, George Willard, Marty Woodward, Ronnie Gilmore, First row Marietta English, Bev Van Fleet, Fay line Viders, Pattv Cook, Patsy Hall. Drama Club The purpose of the Drama Club is to give all students interested in the theatre a chance to produce plays. Whether they are interested in acting, directing, producing, or scenery or costuming, all students are given a chance to participate. The club is sponsored by Miss Mary Ardrey, and under her direction, several plays have been given for the school ' s enjoyment. OFFICERS AND SPONSOR Anne Carleton, president; George Willard, secre- tary; Norma Lee Rogers, treasurer; Miss Ardrey, sponsor. [68] ' ! li -1 Fifth row, left to right Mory Kelso, Joanne Campbell. June Oliver, June Ohison, Willa Hole, Betty Lister, Jean Vondenton. Fourth row: Anne Burton, Elizabeth Miester, Jewell Allen, Joan Gon- zales, Darlene Burg, Carolyn Roemer, Venice Varner, Kate Roemer Third row: Clarice Nelms, Joan Davis, Jean Davis, Beverly Beach, Jean Neumeyer, Betty Hannefin, Hazel Sod, Erica Brunquist, Virginia HootS- Second row: Pauline Stebbins, Harriet Stubbs, Betty Lou Patterson, Use Lutzens, Jerry Cobb, Mary Lou Zimmerman, Opal Nelson First row: Ruth Carter, Myrna Gordon, Eleanor Encson, Dons Larson, Jean Rotorr, Shirley May Oliver. Sports Club The Sports Club, under Miss Juanita Loeptien, is organized for girls who are interested in participating in sports activities outside the usual routine of the school gym They hold potluck dinners, take long hikes, horseback rides, and plan other forms of recreation with girls in the other four high schools. OFFICERS AND SPONSOR Left to right: Betty Hackworth, secretary; Miss Loeptien, sponsor, Janice Jacobson, treasurer; Betty Leach, President, i:.J| O % ♦ |69| Fourth row, left to right: Fred Matson, Harold Epstien, William Seifort, Walter Seifort, Jock Jocobey, Gilbert Cook, Roger Richter, Bob Bullord, Bill Shelton. Third row: Bill Wagner, Gilbert MocDonald, John Bush, Barbara Pritz, Mary Louise Connors, Nancy Mosman, Charles Esenburg, Paul Kelsling, Jim Evans. Second row: Bob MacConnon, Jack Brinely, Kenneth Riley, David Raduziner, Raymond Stockhom, Eddy Ar buckle. Bob Lucero. First row: Bob Cohen, Bill Van Stone, Dan Gross, Jim Tipton, Ed Burrus, Poul Albright. Euclidean Club Organized from a slide-rule club in 1931, the Euclideans are now one of the oldest clubs in East High. The Euclidean Club might well be considered a service club. Taking charge of the sale of tickets of the Big Broadcast; sponsoring Mathematics Week; arranging exhibits which show the uses of mathematics in numerous, closely-allied fields; and presenting the Mathe- matics Award to the three most outstanding senior mathematics students, are some of the services to the school which the Euclidean Club has per- formed this year. OFFICERS AND SPONSOR Left to right: Jock Quinn, president; Herbe rt Work, vice president, Jeon Nel- son, secretory-treasurer; Mr. Charles- worth, sponsor. [70] r . ' i 4 .» s» 4 , ' . « ' . -f " Third row, left to right: Norman Allen, Leverett Chopin, John Carson, George Coates, Bob Fortna, Don Griswold, Dave Hunter, Beverly Thomas, Jack Gubbins. Second row: Pat Herrick, Joan Keckmon, Virginia Klien, Mary Gunther, Peggy Prey, Mary Martin, Donna Sprinkle, Phyllis Davis, Pearl Koehler, Nancy Berg First row: Carolyn Brooks, Peggy Jackson, Betty Ann Huskins, Ann Penman, Nancy Williams, Patty Jo Melville, Ruth McTammony, Eloine Tingle, Yvonne Orndoff, Norma Domenico. Pre-Medics Club The Pre-Medics Club was established for the purpose of promoting and encouraging the interest of East High students in the science of medicine During the past year the club has had an interesting and varied program Several doctors freely gave of their time to lead interesting and informative discussions concerning psychiatry, dermatology, and tropical diseases. A dis- cussion of " The Conservation of Hearing " was given by a graduate nurse and followed up by a trip to Evans school to observe the work being done there for the hard of hearing and deaf children. Other field trips were made to the State Department of Public Health, Children ' s Hospital, and Boettcher School OFFICERS AND SPONSOR Lett to right: Miss Schultz, sponsor; Oliver Gushee, treasurer; Helen Ratzer, secretory; Joy Colwell, vice president; Harry Weber, president. |71| Fourth row, left to right: Harry Weber, John Hill, Bob Fullerton, Chris Soros, Spencer Thomas, Fred Morting. Third row: Hugh Bennett, Syd Lamb, Richard Morron, Jack Brinley, Paul Keisling, Paul Holloway. Second row: Clarence Eddlebutt, Barbara Selby, Alice Bromley, Anne Wiedman, FlorJne Martin, Shirley Carrier, Grahm Dales. Fir st row: Peggy Carroll, Russ Bremen, Charles Dodson, Bob Trunk, Charles Livingston, David Roduziner, Vera Lou Brewer, Jane Deringer. i. R. Club Composed of students who are aiming for racial, religious, and political equality, the International Relations Club has had well-known speakers meet with the group and discuss relative subjects. This year the inter-school International Relations Conference was held at East and our I.R. Club upheld its reputation for being well informed and well prepared on all foreign topics, thus furthering the understanding of international problems among other students. OFFICERS AND SPONSOR Left to right: Harry Weber, vice president; Fred Morting, corre- sponding secretory; Bob Trunk, president; Mrs. Stearns, sponsor; Charles Livingstone, recording secretary; David Raduzinger, treas- urer; Jock Brinley, chairman of the board. [72] Second row, left to right: Milford Pepper, Lloyd Steinmon, Art Dehman, Mr. Zarlengo, sponsor. Bill Robinson, Bill Russell. First row: Phil Fox, Jack Clow, Joe Dobos, Chuck Alhson, Jay Thorp, Bob Swerer, Jack Spratlen, John Park. Congress Club To help boys to think clearly and accurately on public problems and to aid them to speak effectively before groups was the chief aim of the Congress Club this year. The club, under the able sponsorship of Mr. Dominic Zar- lengo. is composed of forty boys who have speaking ability and are inter- ested in debating problems of national and international importance. OFFICERS AND SPONSORS Bob Swerer, president; John Rogers, vice president; Joe Dobos, secretary; Mr. Zarlengo, sponsor. [73] Second row, left to right: Mr. Brierly, sponsor, Chuck Knudson, Bob Fullerton, secretory, Jack Jocoby, Bill Robinson, Bob Coburn, Don Linger. First row: Dick Dick, Wilson Uriing, Mickey Tray lor, vice president, Bob Hackstaf f, treasurer, Joy Lutz, Dave Harper, president, George Smith. Pre-Law Club Originally organized for boys interested in studying law, the Pre-Law Club, headed by Justin Brierly, studies court proceedings during trials and im- portant cases, has well known lawyers come and speak to them on the edu- cation and experience of a successful lawyer. This year the club has spon- sored many successful drives and put on an assembly where they showed a movie to raise funds for the Red Cross drive. COURT SCENE The boys take over Judge Gilliam ' s court. [74] Third row, left to right: Dick Dick, Charles Reuben, Gilbert Cook, D-y; Woterman Second row: Mike Morgan, Bob Moloney, Charles Ungermoch, Dick Wright, Russ Broman. First row Frank Fleming, Chuck Allison, Milton Carlson, Art Milman, Bruce Wallace. Hi.y Club The East High chapter of the Hi-Y Club was founded in 1919 and has been a constructive influence in the school ever since. The program of the club this year consisted of welcoming the incoming sophomore boys at the beginning of each new semester Under the sponsorship of Bruce Ewer, the organization has been carrying out this pro|ect and has done many other services for the school. OFFICERS AND SPONSOR Left to right: Bob Linger, vice president; Mr. Ewer, sponsor; Bert White, president. 175] Second row, left to right: Don Linger, Bill Gregory, George Goodole, Morton Solomon, Bob Ryan. First row: Mr. Gorsline, Clifford Walls, Vernon Boyd, Bob Harrison, Bob Leve. K ampus Klub Organized for acquainting girls with the social life on any college campus, the Kampus Klub, un- der the efficient sponsorship of Miss Lyda Varney, heard many speakers representing different col- leges as a part of its year of activity. The club also had several parties, and used for the title of their successful spring formal — " The Twilight Twirl. " Engineers To gain further knowledge in the various fields of engineering, is the chief purpose of the Engineers Club. Sponsored by Mr. Ken- neth Gorsline, the club ' s curriculum includes making tours through certain industrial con- cerns along with other special activities such as movies and guest speakers. OFFICERS AND SPONSOR Kenneth Gorsline, sponsor; Clifford Walls, president; Bob Doremus, vice president; Bob Ryan, secretary. Third row, left to right: Gloria Swan, Anne Weidman, Mary Howkins, Roberta Rixford, Eloine Freeland, Beatrice Van Houten, Nancy stine, Beverly Thomas. Second row: Gerry Weathers, Beverly Kinney, Theresa Sweeney, Laura May Chase, Virginia Van Houten, Patsy Hall, Carol Hansen, Edia Wilson. First row: Marion Eliason, Barbara Pritz, Pat Carney, Betty Palmer, Mar|ilee Ewer, Barbara Yates, Alice Wee, Leora May Fish, Janet Smith, Mary Kay Hicl ey, Jane Derringer. Bible Research Realizing the beauty and Inspiration of the Holy Bible, the members of the Bible Research Club at East have heard many speakers familiar with the full meaning of the stories of the Old and New Testament, Through these speakers and Miss Rosalie Edmiston, the club ' s sponsor, the members have become well acquainted with the world ' s best seller. OFFICERS AND SPONSOR V . s KdJHtf HJiFsf EL.i. HBHi t ' " i®f -Jm Sff To promote friendship and understanding among girls is the chief purpose of the Cirl Re- serves. It is a junior club of the Y.W.C A. and takes part in meetings and parties with other Girl Reserves Clubs. There are many activities held at the Y.W.C. A. for members of Girl Re- serves, such as swimming, dancing, study groups, and handicrafts. This year the East Club has taken a special interest in Tuckaway hlome, a Home for dependent children. ' .-,- i ' Third row, left to right. Louise Al ' uist, Shirley Enson, Art Dehman, Joyce Mosteller, Elizabeth Wirth. Second row: Shirley Dugord, Jean Rot- roff, Jeannette Babb. First row: James Stockett, Shirley Breenstoll, Donna Dively, Don Stew- art. Miss Edmiston, sponsor; Dons Brag, secretary; Faith Oltrogge, president, Arthur Dehman, vice president; Charles Knudson, treasurer. Girl R eserves Third row, left to right: Ann Devlin, Virginia Van Hou- ten, Rosemary Ashburn, Beatrice Van Houten, Pot Chappell, Edith Farnsworth, Mrs. Baltes, sponsor. Second row: Doris Horst, Harriet Marston, Mary Lou Bur back, Edith Eastwood, Joanne Cook, Marie Col- lins. f irst row; Darlene Morris, Bonita Martin, Helen Mont- gomery, Carolyn Carver, Elizabeth King, Virginio Lowe. OFFICERS AND SPONSOR Beatrice Van Houten, president; Mrs. Baltes, sponsor; Shirley Imber, secretory-treasurer; Virginia Van Houten, vice president. [77] Third row, left to right, Mary Lou Zimmerinan, Francis Melchor, Harriet Froesc, Diane Shelnutt, Gladys Broun, JoAnn Furst, Jeanne, Furst, Marilyn Sweet, Chorline Mor- rison, Janice Jocobson, Jenny Storks, secretory-treasurer; Use Lutzins. Second row: Lorry Peterson, Mar ion Sweet, Donna Lee Sprinkle, Betty Kreutter, Carol Donielson, Betty Carol Smith, Pauline Drumm, Mary Lou Connors. First row: Jenny Lou Dunning, Beverly Hopley, Beverly Von Fleet, president; Pat Saylor, vice-president; George Wiilord, Dorine Rohder, Potty Jo Melville. Bowling Club Every other Thursday afternoon, one of the newest East clubs can be seen at the Park Hill Bowling Alleys. Organized to master the art of bowling, and under the sponsorship of Miss Vera Thompson, the club works as a competitive group, divided into two sections; bowlers who make a score over eighty, and bowlers who make a score under eighty. At the end of the year, the scores will be added up, and a prize will be given to the member with the highest score. Music Club Another new organization started this year was the Music Club under the sponsorship of Mrs. Alice O ' Sullivan and Miss Margaret McNally. Open to all Angels, the group is designed to enable members to gain further knowledge in the various fields of music, and to enable them to appre- ciate the greatest artists of our time. Having guest artists and listening to world famous sym- phonies and concerts were included in the club corriculum. Third row, left to right: Barbara Fisher, Mary Lois Gilligon, Delia Mae Richardson, Curt Brown. Second row: Marian Roth, Laura Dornell, Carolyn Shotz, May Samuelson, Mary Lou Isaocson. First row: Mrs. O ' Sullivon, sponsor; Corol Thompson, president; Mary Alice Cook, treasurer; Helen Svedlund, secretary. [78] Third row, left to right: Bob Young, Bob Frost, Gene Peterson, StLvtj A. htcnhagtn Bill Gregory, Paul Keislmg, Robert Ozonne, sponsor. Second row: Bob Trunk, Jim Williams, Kenneth Riley, manager; Jack Bnnley, Bill Wagner, Clifford Walls, Bob Lucero. First row: Claire Strachen, Mendel Cohen, parliamentarian; Dan Gross, president; Bob Breckenridge, Connie Carrithers, treasurer; Darlene Berg, Stewart Handmaker Debate Club The Debate Club, directed by Robert Ozanne, familiarizes its members with debating and public speaking. At each meeting a question of world importance is discussed and during the year several contests which encourage debating are held by the group. This year the club ex- celled by having nine members enter the Denver University speech conference. Script Club Holding together those students interested in writing and promoting competition for the traditional Edith Hill Short Story and Laura Pratt Strang Memorial contests, is the chief pur- pose of the Script Club. A series of lectures delivered by successful authors on various types of writing was the chief activity of the club this year. Third row Court land Peterson, president; Maralyn Lugmbuhi. Second row; Toma Robinson, Mary Ann Fischer First row: Janet Stem, treasurer; Joyce Co I burn, secretary; Eldona Ham j Iron. [79] il Second row, left to right: Mary Markle, Doris Roberts, Sue Schreffer- mon, Marilyn Auer, Marscho Zekmon, Doris Youngman, Edith Sher. First row: Joyce Mosteller, Nancy Mopes, Naomi Minneo, Toria Fiel d, Sally Bailey, Ruth Horwitz. Spanish Club This year the Spanish Club, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Doris Vinyard, was very active. Movies, guest speak- ers, and parties constituted the cur- riculum at the organization ' s regular meetings, while a banquet and Pan- American Day assembly headed the club ' s list of special events. OFFICERS AND SPONSOR Left to right: Shirley Martin, treasurer; Mary- el izabeth Sefton, secretary; Mrs. Vinyard, sponsor, Helen Fouse, vice-president; Betty Kreutter, president. Third row, left to right: Norman Sovig, Jim DeLeve, Job Scott, secretory-treasurer. Second row: Jack Br in ley. Miss Hunter, sponsor; Dale Williams. First row: Bill Weiss, president; Myron Rosner, Jack Hirsch, :i h. ' r Chess Club The object of the Chess Club is to teach the fundamentals of the game to begin- ners and to give practice and pleasure to those who are already skilled in playing chess. The club has played many outside teams and has had some few outstanding players attend their meetings to give them some pointers. [80] ;i 1 Left to right: Jerry Larsen, Mike Chase, Edwin Frohberg, Myron Hawley, Earl Temple ton, Joe Jennings, Wendell Cooper, Ray Acsell, Bernard Fobiano, Don Beoglehole, Bob Lytle, Henry Morgan, Don Cooke, Harvey M. Meyer. Stage Crew The stage crew, a hard working and indespensable group, is in the background of all the as- semblies and performances given at East. The boys under the direction of Harvey M Meyer have done an excellent job in preparing the stage and having things ready so that our entertain- ments can run smoothly. Visual Education Don Roach, Don Houptman, end Arnold Mosko examine Visual Ed equipment Serving East High to the ut most. Visual Education Department has been responsible for many educa- tional and pleasurable hours of mo- tion pictures. Under the direction of Mr. Sam Blanc, the boys give up their free time to show movies dur- ing classes and after school. ill i.- o - to o UJ KJ z O 1) o QJ 3 o O J Jr c — ■ o ?a o I en i i o ' o . H E 2 I gE Z o .5 C o u 1 1 N lex 2 c- Sm a; - o lyi o c a; = . .!= Q--1 ; o — o o| 5 o o o o £ -Ol -o o oE " D O 1 C O- o O I " o N So " 15 . r £ O O £5 o . -0 c C -t- o O D N O D :||| o 9 ■? S ic Ol O -D u o . 0) u " O S E o o — o o ■ " OJ 3. - S CO 3 o Si 3 " Q. o 2. $ 3 o 2« , o S E ■ ? 3 03 □ g Z. ' ?« o . -D O l i — - Q • 3? i? - IT Q O : " S „= " ' ™ o re rri i:; n ■ =- sS ?(n 0- ■ - s " p °- 2cn ' c ' If S--- s 2 o Ooj 9 t: CD , 71 ■ x-- za og- ro II ni 3i — m y Q 3 3 o5= i I Q -1 ;d5 a3r N ro " no ? 1 D ra 3 J 3 3 - 3 CD 0? 3 ro [ J J. ffi n « !-■ 0 Q f « gs CD ™s 3-ro -a 3 :; 5 c l i 3 " fD ■D to 3 -• z IT 3 Q n 3 m ? a n " ■ 2 1 1 3 ' 3 3 5 T m I S Oro n 7v n C A3 TTCL 3 c -- a 3 • D i? 2? C]D n lO [— -+ 1- ' w c - ■ 5 TW i 3 . S3 y- 3 3 Q 3 Z TT fti ?§ 70 a o TO fB t-P m 3- n V J 3 ID m S Q- 1 " 3-CL -OCD Q c c OJ 5 cr D 1- r- 3 . D i 3 " 03 VI o - H T3 r f- |3 ? n oi? D3O . C I -1 fD rt) 3 TT §A -■ 3 lyl 73 11 3 " iif a° 1 1 §3 ■ 9r CD TT lyi 3-0 c 3 Q 3 3 ? 1- 3 3 CO UO cr s;-- Q 3 roS d ' D fO :::. i i zr Q " — t T n 3 m Ln P-Q 0 ' CD c = " §■ ! ra =i T o Z 3 $? 73 3 3-0 C :i " 3 ? 3 Q ID A-, c c O -1 ro 3 3 Q CO o n IJS SS z- §z 2S O CL o 3 m cn n 2 s o :; ix o to CD D q ro i ro 03 Second row, left to right: Lloyd Griffith, Ken Wolvington, Carl Sundgren, Don Lee, Harry Weber, Doug Zehrung, Glen Summers, Bert White, Charles Shissler. First row: Marilyn Moore, Patty Lou Cook, Marilyn Rankin. Betty Pratt, Morjorie Miller, Virginia Wachob, Dorlene Berg, Phyllis Samson, Jean Burnard, Fareeda Moorhead, Doris Youngman, Nancy Mossman. Madrigal Choir Dance Band JIVE SESSION ■ WWlf I The Library StafF The Library Staff, made up of cheer- ful, helpful Angels, is invaluable to stu- dents and teachers. This little group is responsible for seeing that the library shelves are correctly stacked, the books checked out efficiently, and that re- search material is ready for those who need it. Second row, left to right: Barbara Kilby, Myrhc Gordon, Lena Right, Dorothy Alverson, Doris Hendrix. First row; Jean Monohon, Margie Wenrich, Delores Klarich, Sylvia Lozorov. Clini inic The clinic, under the capable super- vision of Mrs, Berg, furnishes a refuge for ailing Angels It provides first aid treatment when necessary and has cots at the disposal of students desiring rest. Among its a ctivities, the clinic sponsored the very successful tuberculosis x-ray and smallpox vaccination programs. Through the clinic has come instruction and advice for curbing colds and con- tagious diseases. The clinic staff is made up of Seraph Sisters who devote their energies to general aid, to give advice, and to keep records ABOVE RIGHT; A PERFECT FIVE FOOT TWO LOOKING FOR A T,B, GERM 1371 JCJI Bock row, left to right Mr Covcnder, Bernard Rottman, Jock Roberts, Spencer Thomas, Phil Fox, Ronnie Zcll. Middle row: Dick Bernick, Ann Carleton, Bev Van Fleet, Helen Cenkovich, Peggy Pepper, Ruth Andersen, Peggy Hunt. Front row: Jinx Bunard, Pegan Stork, Bev Bridges, Janice Engstrom, Anne Cherrington, Ruth Horwitz. EDITOR RUTH HORWITZ Angelus Staff Editor Associate Editors Personnel Faculty . Organizations . Sports . Curriculum Editorial Staff . Ruth Horwitz Ruth Andersen Colette Combs Anne Carleton Ann Cherrington Ronnie ZaII Beverly Van Fleet Norma Lee Rogers Janice Engstrom Beverly Bridges Helen Cenkovich Pegan Stark )ean Burnard Phil Fox Spencer Thomas Editorial Staff Photography Chief . . Assistant . Business Staff Manager Assistant . Art . . . . Typist . Faculty Advisor (continued) Robert Briber Charles Dodson Dick Bernick Dan Blount Bernard Rottman Peggy Hunt Carol Hansen Peggy Pepper Jack Roberts lune Deneke George Cavender RUTHIE, THE SLAVE DRIVER. CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHER RICHARD BERNICK [88] BUSINESS MANAGER BERNARD ROTTMAN LOOKING OVER COMPETITION Editor-in-Chief Dorothy Sethman Associate Editor Myrna Samuelson A ssistant- Editors Doris Nier, Irwin Pepper Sports Editors Steve Maupin Henry Lichtenstein Business Manager Wayne Hulitzky Assistant Business Manager Chuck Morris Spotlight Staff Photographer Bill Luhrs Advisor Alice C. Koons Circulation Editor Virginia Writer Exchange Editor Doris Strauss Beat Manager Delia Mae Richardson Columnists Harriet Froese EDITOR Reporters: Blair Carlson, Robert Freedheim, Bill Robinson, Moryelizobeth Sefton, Eorle Peak, Russ Thornton, Virginia Frost, Diane Shelnutt, Howard Farrand, Betty Nethercott, Marplee Ewer, Frances Melcher, Joan Timpte Verna Dee Nelson, Connie Hansen, Joanne Beally, Ann Perriman, Helen Cenkovich, Beverly Scribner, Tom Joffee, Marie Marrs, Graham Dales, Alfred Johnson, Mary Ellen Cooper, Ellen Gray, Janet Fay, Shirlee Wills, Jerry Shore, Margaret Winter, Karene Elfervig, John Park, Jeanne Lucas, Bonnie Diffenbach, Bob Binstock, Jack Tohill, Ruth Edwards, Frank Nichols, Shirlee Langdon, Nancy Burg, Frances Abenheimer, Paula Davis, Mary Kay Hickey, Maralys Luginbuhl, Bev- erly Bridges, Ann Russell, Jane Thiede, Cora Von Schaack, Bernice Friedenthal, Frances Brott. BUSINESS MANAGER DOROTHY SETHMAN EDITORS AND SPONSOR Irwin Pepper, Mrs. Koons, Myrna Samuelson, Steve Maupin, Hen Lichtenstein, Dons Nier, seated WAYNE HULITZKY [89] CAPTAIN ALBERT BRYANS, Commanding COMPANY E R. O. T. C. COMPANY F CAPTAIN HENRY SMITH, Commanding 1 BmIBC: ' | V jf CAPTAIN GERALD BINGAMAN, Commanding COMPANY G R.O.T.C. COMPANY H CAPTAIN ROBERT DOREMUS, Commanding R. O. T. C. - - Variety Reading down: ADVISORY COUNCIL BATTALION STAFF RIFLE TEAM Reading down: HONORARY OFFICERS CRACK DRILL SQUAD HUP-TWO-THREE-FOUR « « « BASKETBALL CITY CHAMPS IN ACTION I! ' illl!l!IHiflllll(li|4ii Varsity Firsi- Round Scores EAST 36 Manual 33 EAST 41 West 29 EAST 33 North 35 EAST 35 South 27 Left to right: Chuck Rountree, Jim Bailey, Jack Lux The mighty Angel quintet started out the 1945-46 basketball season by winning seven out of eight of their pre-season ball games. In these engagements the Angels looked like a great ball club led by John Jeffries, Carl Sundgren. and Howard Bissell. The 1946 season opened officially on January 5 with the Seraphs tangling with the defending co-champs, the Bricklayers of Manual in a game that was thrilling from beginning to end. The Angels came from behind in the second half to defeat the Manualites 36 to 33, thanks to the hot shooting of Jeffries, Bissell and the Sophomore flash, Dick Cray. The West Cowboys were the second victims of the Seraphs as the Red and White again turned on the steam in the second half to trample the Cowpokes 41 to 29 Carl Sundgren hit 6 baskets to lead the onslaught with Jeffies coming through with 1 1 points. Smith was high- point man for West. Left to right: John Strobel, Dick Schrepferman, Carl Sundgren COACH PANEK, JIM GRIDER, managers Basketball Second Round Scores EAST 25 Manual 23 EAST 31 West 25 EAST 42 North 31 EAST 26 South 27 Left to right: L. F. Shull, Dick Gray, Ken Zabka The North Vikings finally halted the dreaded Angels in a game whose final outcome was in doubt until the final basket. The game was a heated one all the way with tempers high in places. At one time the Seraphs were trailing by seven points but quickly cut the lead after some beautiful playing by Bill Ley, Howard Bissell. and John Jeffries. It wasn ' t enough to win though, and at the final gun it was North 35 — East 33. The powerful Seraphs surged into a first place tie with the Bricklayers of Manual by drub- bing South 35 to 27. The Angels took an immediate lead and were never headed. Howard Bis- sell was outstanding for the Angels by hitting 13 points along with Bill Ley Dwight Hamilton was high man for South with 10 points. The Seraphs powered their way into undisputed possession of first place the following week by eking out a 25 to 23 victory over the mighty Manual team. It was nip and tuck right up to the final gun with neither team ever leading with more than 3 points. It was Carl Sundgren ' s two quick buckets that won the game. Also out-standing for East was Howard Bissell while for Manual it was Chuck Flowers and Ben Rountree. Assistant Coach McGlone HOWARD BISSELL, JOHN JEFFRIES, BILL LEY West was East ' s fifth victim by tine score of 3 1 to 25. The Angels were never extended in de- feating the West-siders. The entire team played and looked superb. The Seraphs avenged their only defeat thus far in the regular season play by soundly drubbing the North Vikings 42 to 31. In the first quarter North led 16 to 8 but in the next two quarters the Angels scored 25 points while North was scoring only 2. Howard Bissell was the high scorer with 13 points. Ley of East and Eckart of North were also outstanding. In the final game of the season the mighty Seraphs dropped into a first place tie for the 1946 crown with South by dropping a heartbreaking 27 to 26 game to the Rebs. The Seraphs trailed the whole game and almost came through in the final minutes to victory. The Angels were led by Carl Sundgren, who scored 1 1 points, fHoward Bissell, and Bill Ley. Wurtz was South ' s top man. THE MIGHTY ANGELS IN ACTION THE CITY AUDITORIUM — THE BATTLEGROUND OF BASKETBALL Howard Bissell and Bill Ley, Junior and Senior respect- ively, were named on the All-City team. The following week marked the opening of the 1946 State Tourney in which the Angels smashed their way into the semifinals by defeating the Beet-Diggers from Brush by a score of 44 to 35 with big Carl Sundgren pacing the way. After a hectic semifinal battle with the favored Panthers from Boulder, the Seraphs barely dropped a heartbreaking 41 to 38 game to Boulder. This game was by far the most outstanding game in the tourney, John Jeffries and Carl Sundgren led the Angels while Kendall Hills and Roger Stokes led the Boulderites. John Jeffries was named on the All-State team for 1946 on the basis of his fine all- around play during the tournament. Final Standings Won Lost EAST 6 2 SOUTH 6 2 MANUAL 5 3 NORTH 2 6 WEST 1 7 [97] Bock row, left to right: George Swigert, Bob Stout, Dick Beresford, Jock Jacoby, John Wilson, Jim Fithian. Front row: Bruce Corson, Jim Baker, Art Wollenweber, Bill Beotty, Don Silver, Vernon Nelson. Junior Basketball Sophomore Basketball Scores EAST 25 . Manual 18 EAST 29 . . West 27 EAST 36 , . . North 22 EAST 21 . , . South 29 EAST 30 . . Manual 25 EAST 18 . . . West 32 EAST 36 . . . North 20 EAST 31 . South 24 Back row, left to right: Bill Hicks, Doug Waterman, Leo DeLouro, Bob Blachley, Chuck Bauer, Don Goe, Coach Lomson. Front row: Frank Van Meter, James Coleman, Bob Boles, Lloyd Knapp, Gerry Losey, Jim Armatas, Chuck Knudsen, manager. Scores EAST 23 EAST 27 EAST 35 EAST 28 EAST 20 EAST 33 EAST 42 EAST 26 Manual 25 . West 19 . North 23 . South 17 Manual 32 West 20 . North 28 . South 18 [98] CS fr) r Fina 1 Standin gs Won Lost EAST 4 NORTH 3 1 SOUTH 2 2 MANUAL 1 3 WEST 4 p CfV WT Back row, left to right Marc Richardson, Harold Waller, Sumner Downing, Gene Mack, Harold Richardson Front row Justin Lana, Harold Zier, Etme Grey, Roy Riley Swi wimming Final Standings Won Lost NORTH 4 EAST 3 1 SOUTH 2 2 WEST 1 3 MANUAL 4 Wrestling Third row, left to right: Dwight Pace, Bill King, Dwayne Scolf, Harold Rusk, Larson Homlett, John Pork, Ed Childs, Coach Chapman Second row: Don Warner, Bob Smith, Harry LeFevre, Roddy Weese, Benny Coleman, Norman Speak, Bill Kenney, Albert Kinney. First row: Preston Williams, Wjcky Downing, Bob Jef fers, Allen Powell, Bill Bustos, Tamo Katuro- C f ' p f r v i [99] Wrestling POINT WINNERS IN THE STATE HIGH SCHOOL WRESTLING TOURNEY. Left to right: Benny Coleman, Ed Childs, Albert Bryant, Larson Hamlett, Harold Rusk, Coach Chapman. Under the guidance of Coach Chapman, the Seraph wrestlers were able to place second in the city meet with Ed Childs, Albert Bryant, Norman Speak, and Dwight Page placing on the All- City team. In the state tournament which was again won by North, the Seraphs were able to cop third place. Albert Bryant, East ' s 165 lb. champ was the only Angel to win a state champion- ship. Harold Rusk took second in the 154 lb. class. Ed Childs, 175 lb., and Benny Coleman, 1 13 lb., took third places in their respective weights and Larson Hamlett was fourth place in the heavyweight division. All in all it was a fairly successful season for the Seraph grapplers. ALBERT, MIGHTY MAN OF MUSCLE. 1001 Girls ' Sports Athletic skills plus good sportsmanship and teamwork are the valuable traits ac- quired from girls ' sports. Volley-ball and basket-ball, as well as other games, are played after school when competitive teams meet each other to " battle it out. " The girls are rewarded for their extra- curricular sports activity, for each time a girl goes out for a sport, she receives a cer- tain number of points. When she has merited 100 points, she is awarded a small felt " D " ; for 750 points, a large " D " ; and for 1,000 points, a gold " D " which is the highest sports award one can receive. Cold " D " Winners Stonding: Clarice Nelms, Betfy Hackworth, Betty Leach Kneeling: Dons Larson, Lois Huckenphelar Baskefball Champions Standing: Jerry Cobb, Ann Burton, Norma Higgins Kneeling: Clarice Nelms, Betty Leach Speed-Ball Team Standing: Norma Higgins, Ann Burton, Lois Hucken- phelar, Betty Hackworth, Betty Leach Kneeling: Clarice Nelms, Doris Larson, Ann Russell MOll WINTER The numerous dances which were given this year were the most popular of all extra-curricular activities. With the ending of the war, many more of the dances were formal, and attendance was record-breaking. Both jazz and sweet music predominated as angels danced to the strains of the leading bands at these dances held in the Boys ' Gym or the Cafe. Top to bottom: Marty reigns supreme It was a night for the Juniors Swing your partner Oh, what a beautiful evening :. .. DANCES The special feature of the winter sea- son was the traditional Junior Prom held in the Cafe with music by Howard Far- rand and his orchestra. Other memorable dances were: the Barn Dance sponsored by the Senior Class; the Seraph Swing presented by the Seraph Sisters; the Twi- light Twirl, given by the Kampus Klub, and the Snow Ball directed by the Inter- national Relations Club. Top to bottom: Nancy gets crowned Let It snow, let it snow, let it snow Twilight Twirlers It ' s a grand night for doncing 1 Winter During the winter this year. East stu- dents were very fortunate in having several outstanding assemblies. Well known speak- ers provided a great deal of educational en- tertainment, while several clubs and or- ganizations sponsored various programs. Top to bottom: Confederate dummy speaks for the Angelus Undertable activities Manual Bricklayers beat it out West High ' s representative ' Sii ., ■• ' ■ ' - ' ' ■ " ' - bli ssemDiies Among the many assemblies was an mter-school program featuring talents from the other four high schools presented by the Angelus. Hi-R 40 spon- sored a program to promote a campaign for keeping the school grounds clean, and the P T A directed a fashion show which displayed clothing worn by East students many years ago ■If- Top to bottom; Oid-Foshioned girl Mr. Miller introduces the speaker Ring around the rosie Colette, aren ' t you a little behind the times? 105] il s, • }l li l H il Spring and graduation . . . Angels become lazy (f as spring fever comes upon them . . . Seniors buzz with their many activities, while the happy memories of high school hours culminate in graduation for some and va- cation for all. Traditional Activities LEARNING ABOUT THE CHERUB ■- BiFW 5«8S;% 51 : IM The Prom and the Play The Senior Prom, always the highlight of East ' s social season, and the last for- mal dance of the year, came over and above the expectatio ns of the eight hun- dred Angels and guests who attended. One thousand Angels rolled in the aisles, as Spring Green, the Senior Class Play, came to East High. The story of the production, which revolved around a bottle of perfume, was acclaimed by one and all as a great success. LI 10] Tea and Fashion Show Among the regular activities of the Seraph Sisters are the teas given by the members of this club for incoming sopho- more girls. In this way, new girls become acquainted with each other as well as with the school. Regularly each year, the P.T A. spon- sors a fashion show held at Daniels and Fisher ' s, in which East girls model new spring clothes. Shown here are four of the models displaying the latest fashions. WifPmSSmfi mm mm [in; Big Broadcast Arbor Day ' ' J iSMm y. t ' fc HAND-ME-DOWNS THE RIGHT SIZE IS HARD TO FIND Some Angels Need Clothes Others Need Food vVELL IF THAT DOESN ' T TAKE THE CAKE — GEORGE WILL TAKE THE DOUGHNUT ANGELUS ENTERTAINS LIGHT (BULB) LUNCH HEAVY (DATE) LUNCH NO LUNCH— JUST A COKE Third row, left to right: Coach Lomson, Dick Schreptermon, George Carlisle, Jerry Moore, Jack Lux, John Harms, Bob Coburn, Dick Wendell, Freeman Hansen, Bill Jones, Horry Clark, Bob Streepy, Dan Powell, Jim Rizee, Bill Banks, Benny Coleman. Second row: Dick Borr, Tom Loggins, Dick Romig, Doug Waterman, Earl Seelonder, Albert Kenney, Bob Blonchely, Dick Murrey, Roy Riley, Guffy Menogon, Oscar Zesch, Jimmy Armatas, James Coleman, Mort Pepper, Curtis Johnson Allen Balck. First row: Jim Haberkorn, Norman Speak, Charles Clorkscn, George Heller, Clark Bromley, Bob Smith, Woody Shelton, Jack Spratlen, Ralph Block, Bob Haberkorn, Vernon Nelsjn, Jerry Losey, Jack Jacoby, Bob Nadeau, Charles Allison Track Squad The defending City Champions started the 1946 Track season by winning three out of their four preliminary meets, losing only to North by two points. The Seraphs were led by Jerry Biffle, outstanding runner, high jumper, and broad jumper. In the first relay of the season which was staged at Boulder, the Colorado University Relays, the Angels really showed their power even though they were hampered by a steady rain. The Angels emerged victorious with the defending champions from Pueblo Centennial, second and North Denver in third place. This meet really showed the power of the Seraph relay teams. DIG!!! Final SS ' andings of Preliminaries Won Lost NORTH 4 EAST 3 1 SOUTH 2 2 WEST 1 3 MANUAL 4 [114] -A.% Third row, left to right: Jack Gaibreoth, Al Weber, Alex Lindsoy, Justin Lone, John Morris, Bob Bardwell, Dwoyne Scolf, Charles Young, Dwight Householter, Harold Hanson, Gene Brant, Gilbert McDonough, Bill Greig, Elmer Ingle, Bill Weiss, Roy Hansen, Sam Cutcholl, Bob Mohoney, Coach Chapman. Second row; Russ Cullpeper, George Arnold, John Pork, Bill Fawcetf, Joe Smith, Dick Howord, Bill Willard, Lloyd Knopp, Gene O ' Connell, Bob Stout, George Ivanisevich, Jock Wilcox, Beau Rubin, Bob Ryan, First row Norman Savig, Dave Naiman, Dick Stevens, Dick Snyder, Gene Moore, Roy Schoetter, Denny Bornes, Jerry Bitfle, Joe Fehrenbach, Spencer Titley, Bob Fullerton, Hersh Lockner, Track Squad In the Denver University Relays the Angels were able to capture second place behind North. It was a very confusing meet since the final results gave East a first place tie with Sterling with North next. The officials discovered that Sterling had run an illegal relay team in one event and thus it gave the title to the Vikings with the Seraphs only one and one-half points behind in second place. The Angels were dethroned for the City Championship by the North Vikings 66 to 51, I he Angels were very strong in the track events but in the field events they were very weak and North took advantage of this fact to take the crown After spending almost all of the season on the sidelines because of an injury, Jerry Biffle returned to the lineup to take two first places and one third to amass a total of twelve points. Now the Angels are looking forward to the State Meet at Boulder where they will defend their champio.nship against the Vikings from North. UP AND OVER ' CITY FINALS NORTH 65 EAST 51 MANUAL 12 SOUTH 9 WEST 8 STATE FINALS EAST 40 NORTH 32 STERLING 211 2 |1 15| i STT. m. ' A)k i Stt Third row, left to right: Coach McGlone, Ed Childs, Frank Snyder, John Wilson, Bill EIrod, Bill Guy, Bill Ley John Strobel. Second row: Micky Traylor, Ed Rubin, Jay Lutz, John Magan, Art Wollenweber, Dan Waldorf, Dave Chase, Loudon Nimmo. First row: Dick Beresford, George Coates, Jack Smith, Alton Castella, Don Silver, George Smith, Jim Baker, Bruce Carson. Varsity Baseball Baseball, America ' s greatest game, got off to a good start for the Seraphs this year as they battled their way to four straight victories in the first round of play to put them in first place. In the season opener the Angels shut-out Manual 3 to behind the fine pitching of John Magan. Then came the West Cowboys who were beaten 7 to 2 with Dick Beresford this time turning in a splendid mound performance. In the third game the Angels turned back the Vikings of North for the first time in almost two years by a score of 6 to 5 when Ed Childs hit in the winning run in the final inning of a terrific game. The first round ended in a near riot when the Seraphs cut a six run lead down to defeat South 11 to 7. This game was featured by the terrific hitting of John Wilson, a junior. Manual handed the Angels their first defeat of the season 3 to 2 in a terrific pitching duel. The following game the Seraphs dropped their second game in a row 3 to 2 to last place West. As we go to press the Angels have two games left on their schedule and are tied with South for first place. [1161 Bock row, left to right: Cooch Ponek, Alan Dereemer, Eddie Houchins, Harold Richardson, Lester Golvin, Neil Charney, Leslie Smith, Don Linger, Bob Malowney, Frank Van Meter, Fred Greenburg, Chuck Bauer, Ed Wodell, Robert Briber, Chuck Dawson, Jim Brock. Front row: Larry Levy, Louis Lee, Sam Okner, Irwin Miller, Gordon Rixford, Dayle Larson, Dick Gray, Bill Scott, Rirhard Polger, Jim Grider, Alan Eber, Phil Levine. Sophomore Baseball The defending Sophomore champs have lost two of their three games as we go to press with one game remaining to be played. The Angels lost to Manual 7 to 6 and to North 2 to 1 . Their only win was over West by a score of 10 to 2. This year ' s Sophs were led by Eddie Houchins, Dick Cray, Neil Charney, Don Linger, Sam Okner. Irwin Miller and many others. In their three games to date they look like good varsity material for the years to come. [117] MARIAN ROTH PATSY HALL CONNIE HANSEN BEVERLY O ' NEILL MARY DARNEL Friendliness Sense of Humor Dependability Cheerfulness Service MARJORIE MILLER HELEN SVEDLUND VIRGINIA WACHOB ERICA BRUNQUIST VERA SPORE Loyalty Poise All-around Girl Sportsmanship Courtesy Pictured above are the ten girls who received the 1946 character awards H onors a nd Awards Winners of the various honors and awards for 1946 Laura Prott Stang Poetry Contest — Loren Sutton, Helen Svedlund. Bud Ernest Memorial Award — Wayne Hulitsky. D.A.R. Citizenship — Potti Mcllvaine, pilgrim; Virginia Wachob, and Mary Darnell. Euclidean Club Math Awards — Ed Arbuckle, Bob Doremus, Jacl Quinn. Spanish Medals — Laura Darnell, Mary Darnell, Dale Johnson, Fred Sandholm, Maryelizabeth Sefton, Helen Svedlund, Dons Youngman. Virgil Medal — Anne Carleton. Steinburg Award — Edlo Wilson. Commercial Awards — June Deneke, Shirley Imber, Corolyn Welk, and Dorothy Whitney. Carter Art Contest — George Baker. Clara Whitaker French Medal — Colette Combs. Woolcott Sight Reading Contest — Jean Johnston. Woodbury Oratorical Contest — Bill Ediund. I 1181 CLASS OF " 46 SENIOR OFFICERS Left to right: Virginia Writer, treasurer; Joan Nadeau, secretary; Bob Mount)oy, vice-president; George Smith, president. Offi icers an d Spon sors SPONSORS Alice O ' SuIlivan, Robert Ozanne The Class of 1946 This spring East High School is graduat- ing a group of students who will be remem- bered as the Class of ' 46. Some of these students will immediately take their place in the business world. Others will offer a portion of their future to the armed forces. The majority will continue their educa- tion. Whatever each one does and where ever he may be, it should be remembered that as an adult and a citizen, it is his duty to shape and protect this nation ' s future to the best of his ability. 1201 AARON, JANYCE LYNN Woolcott Sight Reading Finals; Thalia; Play Festi- val; Junior Prom Committee, Red and White Day Committee, Big Broadcast; P.T A. Fash- ion Show, Model. ACSELL, RAY AILINGER, WANDA LOUISE Small " D " ; Kampus Klub; Fashion Show. AINSWORTH, BEVERLE Selected Glee. ALEXANDER, JANIE Music Club- ALLEN, NORMAN Pre-Medics Club. ANDERSEN, RUTH Angelus Staff; Kampus Klub; Advanced Orchestra. ANDERSON, LORRAINE ANDERSON, ORVILLE G. Euclideon Club; Rifle Team; ROTC. 1st Lf AUTRY, JOAN ■46 Club; Red and White Day Committee; Senior Barn Dance; Thalia. BAKER, GEORGE International Relations Club, Art Club. BAKEWELL, CECILE May Queen Attendant; Junior Prom Queen At- tendant; Student Council; A Cappella Choir; Christmas Pageant; ' 46 Club; Junior Prom Com- mittee; Howdy Day Committee; Clio; Senior Barn Donee Committee; Symphony Queen BARTON, DAVE Advanced Band. BASKIN, JO ANN Seraph Sisters; White Jackets; Selected Girls ' G lee; Play Festival; Christmas Dance Committee. BAUDENDISTEL, WILLIAM BEAGLEHOLE, DON BEASLEY, JUNE BECKER, ELEANOR Clio; ' 46 Club; Bowling Club; Senior Born Dance Committee; Mother and Daughter Tea Fashion Show. BEELEY, MARY LYNN Senior Barn Dance Committee; Junior Prom Com- mittee; Senior Prom Committee; ' 46 Club; Thalia. BENNETT, DONALD Red Jackets; Cheerleader. BENNETT, KAYE [121 1 BILLINGTON, ADELE Thalia; Girl Reserves; Selected Gtrls ' Glee. BINGAMAN, GERALD R.O.T.C, Captain BINSTOCK, BOB Spotlight Staff; Delegate Assembly. BLACK, CAPPY Track I, 2; " D " Club. BLECKER, EDWIN Euclidians Club; Rifle Team. BLOOM, BEVERLY Spotlight Staff; Kampus Klub; Junior Prom Committee. BOAL, lONE Bible Club; Thalia; White Jackets. BORNSCHLEGEL, RUTH BARBARA White Jackets, Vice President; Seraph Sisters; ' 46 Club; Class Jewelry Committee; Red and White Day Committee; Sr. Barn Dance Commit- tee; Spanish Club; Thalio; Jr. Prom Committee; Delegate Assembly. BOYD, DUANE BRAGG, VIVIAN LOUISE Kampus Klub; White Jockets; Seraph Sisters; ' 46 Club; Advanced A Cappello; Christmas Pag- eant; Senior Gift Committee. BRAY, DORIS MARIE Bible Club, Secretary; Selected Girls ' Glee. BREWER, VERA LOU International Relations Club. [122] BENTON, ELINOR White Jackets; Thalia. BERGGREN, JIM Cheerleoaer 2, 3; ' 46 Club; Senior Barn Dance Comm.ttee; Spanish Club. BERKELEY, BOB ALAN BERKOWITZ, MAURINE Junto; ' 46 Club; Drama Club; Arbor Day Com- mittee; Fashion Show Hostess. BERNICK, RICHARD Sophomore Council; ' 46 Club; Woodbury Finalist; Angelus Staff; Head Photographer 2, 3; Spotlight Staff; Congress; R.O.T.C, 1st Lt.; International Relations; Debate Club; Delegate Assembly. BERRY, JAMES L. ' 46 Club; Junior Escort; R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt. BERVE, DCNN WALLACE Advanced Band; Advanced Orchestra; Baseball Manager; All-City Band; All-City Orchestra; R.O 1 .C 1st Lt.; Pep Band. BETTHAUSER, JOSEPH Bowling Club. BIFFLE, JEROME " D " Club; Football 2, 3; Track 1, 2, 3, BRITTINGHAM, BARBARA ANN Minerva, Senior Barn Dance Committee; Senior Class Day Committee; Red and White Day Com- mittee; Senior Lunctieon Committee. BROMAN, RUSS Hi-Y, Vice President, Euclidians, Vice President; Red Jackets, Advanced Bond, A Cappella; Big Broadcast; Class Doy Committee. BROMLEY, ALICE A. ' 46 Club, International Relations, Board of Di- rectors; White Jackets. BROOKS, CAROLYN Pre-Medics Club: Sen or Barn Dance Committee; Junior Prom Committee; P.T.A. Fashion Show, Hostess. BROTT, JIM BROWN, MARILYN BROWNING, DELMA BRUNQUIST, ERICA White Jackets, Seraph Sisters; Girls Sports Club; ■46 Club, Large " D " . BUCK, BILL BUDIG, VIRGINIA MARIE BURDETT, DORIS JEAN Seraph Sisters, Advanced Band. BURNARD, JEAN MARIE Advanced A Cappella Choir; Cruisers; White Jackets; Angelus Staff; Madrigal Choir; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Seraph Sisters; ' 46 Club; Christmas Pageant. CAMPBELL, JOSEPH L., JR. Boy President, Junior Class President; Student Council; A Cappella Choir; Red Jackets; Hi-Y; Inter-School Council; Harvard Award for Out- standing Junior Boy. CARLETON, ANNE Angelus Staff; Drama Club, President; ' 46 Club; Secretary; Seraph Sisters; White Jackets; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Senior Closs Gift Committee; Ploy Festival; Junto; Big Broadcast; Delegate Assembly; P.T.A. Fashion Show, Hostess. CARLSON, BLAIR CATEORA, JOE CHASE, MICHAEL CHELLEW, BETTY CHERRINGTON, ANN Angelus Staff; ' 46 Club; Drama Club; Junior Prom Committee; Christmas Pageant; Red and White Day Committee; Junto; Play Festival. CHILDS, ED Red Jackets; " D " All-City 3. Club; Football 3; Wrestling CLARKE, BEN Footboll 3; " D " Club; R.O.T.C, 2nd Lt. [123] CLEAVER, BONNIE DALE COFFEL, ANITA MAE Senior Barn Dance Committee; Selected Glee; Clio. COFFMAN, SHIRLEY ' 46 Club. COHEN, MENDEL F. Debate Club, Parliamentarian. COLWELL, JAY ALAN ' 46 Club; Red Jackets; Pre-Medics Club; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Christmas Pageant; Drama Club; Junior Prom Committee; Big Broadcast; Red and White Day Committee. COMBS, COLETTE BETTY Seraph Sisters; White Jackets, Treasurer; ' 46 Club; Red and White Day Committee; Senior Barn Donee Committee; Angelus Staff; All-City Orches- tra; Play Festival; Delegate Assembly; Senior Assembly; Senior Class Picnic Committee; Inter- club Counc I. CONZETT, DOLORES White Jackets; Junior Prom Committee; Clio. COOK, MARY ALICE Treasurer, Sophomore Class; Cruisers; White Jack- ets; Seraph Sisters; Music Club; ' 46 Club; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Red and White Day Committee; Ploy Festival, COOK, PAT RICIA LOUISE Advanced A Coppello; White Jackets; Thalia. COOKE, DON R.OT.C, Ist Lt.; Basketball, Manoger. CORASH, JOANNE ' 46 Club; Thalia; Red and White Day Committee; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Script Club. CORBETT, GEORGE CORNUM, LOIS COULSON, MARVYL Small " D " ; Large " D " . COWEN, GUY CROKE, KEVIN C. CROSBY, ROGER M. R.O.T.C, Captain; Delegate Assembly. CUNNINGHAM, MARY MARGARET Advanced A Coppello; Music Club. CUTRELL, JANET DANIELSON, CAROL White Jackets; Bowling Club; Red and White Day Skit. DARNELL, LAURA White Jackets; ' 46 Club; Music Club; Spanish Club; Junto. n24i DARNELL, MARY Seraph Sisters, Secretary, White Jackets; ' 46 Club, Membership Chairman; Music Club; Spanish Club; Gloss Jewelry Committee; Senior Ploy Committee. DAVIS, MARY ANN Orchestra DAVIS, PHYLLIS Pre-Medics Club. DEARHAMMER, JOAN SYLVIA Aviotion Club; Minerva DEARMIN, BETTE JO Junior Prom Committee; Born Donee Committee; Big Broodcost, ' 46 Club; White Jackets; Spot- light; Selected Glee; Art Club; Arbor Day Com- mittee; P,T-A. Foshion Show, Model. DENEKE, JUNE White Jockets; Seraph Sisters; ' 46 Club; Thalia, Kompus Klub, president; Senior Barn Donee Committee; P.T.A. Fashion Show, Model; Delegate Assembly; Senior Class Picnic Committee; Inter- club Council. DERINGER, BETTY LOU Civil Air Potrol Codet; Bowling Club; Ctrl Reserve; Aviotion Club. DERINGER, JANE ' 46 Club; Droma Club; Senior Born Dance Com- mittee; Assembly Committee, Internotionol Re lo- tions Club. DESMARAIS, SHIRLEY Pre-Medics Club; Bible Research Club. DICKINSON, JEAN DOMENICO, NORMA Pre-Medics Club. DONNELLEY, MARGARET MARION DOREMUS, ROBERT H. Student Council, Sophomore Delegate Assembly; R.O.T.C., Captain; Engineers Club, Vice President; international Relations Club; Junior Escort. DOWNING, DICK DOWNING, SUMNER Hi-R 40; Red Jackets; Swimming 2, 3, All-City; Tennis 2; Red ond White Day Committee. DUER, DONNA DUNNING, JENNIE LOU ' 46 Club; Big " D " ; Thalia; Sports Club, Vice President; Bowling Club; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Senior Born Dance. EASTWOOD, MARGARET Girl Reserves; Girls Glee. EDDLEBLUTE, CLARENCE International Relations Club; R OT.C, 2nd Lt.; Junior Escort. EDWARDS, RICHARD Red Jackets; Angelus Stott; Senior Prom Com- mittee. ENGLISH, MARIETTA ' 46 Club; Drama Club; Kompus Klub; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Barn Dance Committee. [125] ENG5TR0M, CAROL JOAN Student Council, Sophomore Class Secretary; White Jackets; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Born Dance Committee; ' 46 Club; Cruisers; Howdy Day Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Red and White Day Committee. ENGSTROM, JANICE RAE Student Council; Sophomore Class Party Com- mittee; White Jackets; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Barn Dance Committee; ' 46 Club; Cruisers; Howdy Day Committee; Angelus Staff; Senior Prom Committee; Red and White Day Committee. ESHLEMAN, AVALON ' 46 Club; Junior Prom Attendant; May Queen At- tendont; Junior Prom Committee; Big Broadcast. ESSINGTON, DONALD H. ETHRIDGE, MARGUERITE ' 46 Club FALLON, RAY Concert Orchestra; Concert Band. FARMER, DAVID FARRAND, HOWARD ' 46 Club; Red and White Day Committee; Spot- light; Big Broadcast; Dance Band. FAY, LORREN H., JR. ' 46 Club; A Coppella Choir; Red and White Day Skit; Christmas Pageant. FEHRENBACH, JOE " D " Club, President; ' 46 Club; Football 2 3; Track 2, 3; Swimming; Hi-R 40; Junior Prom Committee. FEURT, BETTY LOUISE FIELD, TORIA Spanish Club; Art Club. FINE, HENRIETTA Kampus Klub; Seraph Sisters; White Jackets; Spanish Club; Music Award; Advanced Orchestra; Senior Prom Committee. FINESILVER, ARDIS FISCHER, THELMAE Cruisers; ' 46 Club; Delegate Assembly; Red and White Day Committee; Senior Barn Dance Com- mittee; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Howdy Day Committee; Class Jewelry Committee. FISHER, BARBARA J. Senior Class Luncheon; Thalia; Music Club; Bible Research Club; ' 46 Club; Barn Dance Committee. FLANDERS, JACQUELINE Seraph Sisters; White Jackets; ' 46 Club, Treos- urer; Advanced Orchestra; Thalia. FORRESTER, DOLLY Drama Club. FOUSE, HELEN E. ' 46 Club; Spanish Club, Jackets; Seraph Sisters; Barn Dance Committee; Day Committee. FOX, LEONARD Football 3; Track Vice President; White Bowling Club; Senior Minerva; Senior Class 3; " D " Club; ' 46 Club; Class Doy Committee; Junior Prom Committee; A Cop- pella Choir; Christmas Pageant. FREELAND, ELOISE ELAINE Kqmpus Klub; Drama Club. [126] FROESE, HARRIET White Jackets; Junior Prom Committee; Spot- light Stoff. FROHBERG, EDWIN GOULD FROST JEANNE Girl Reserves, Treasurer. FROST, JEANETTE FROST, VIRGINIA FRANCES White Jackets; Seraph Sisters; Spotlight Staff; ' 46 Club; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Script Club, Smoll " D " . FUJRHARA, HARRY Pre-Medics Club, FUNK, COLLEEN GALVIN, MARGARET Thalia, Junior Prom Committee GASH, VIRGINIA ANN Selected Girls ' Glee. GIFFORD, CAROLYN OLIVE White Jackets; Senior Born Dance Committee; Cruisers- GINSBERG, GERALD S GLEOGGLER, JIM K. GODBE, JAYNE May Queen Attendant; A Cappella Choir; Christ- mas Pageant; Big Broadcast; Thalia; Bowling Club; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Senior Luncheon Committee; ' 46 Club. GOLDBERG, ARLEEN GORDON, IDAMAE GOSS, BETTE LEE ' 46 Club; Clio; Senior Barn Dance; Mother and Daughter Tea and Fashion Show; Bowling Club; Senior Prom Committee. GOTTLIEB, BERNARD Congress Club; Debate Club. GOW, HELEN L. Selected Girls ' Glee. GRANEY, MARJORIE GRACE Millcreek High School — Advanced Band; A Cap- pella; Play Staff; Girl Reserves; Girls ' Athletic Club; Operetta Cost. GRAY, ERNIE Red Jackets; Swimming 2, 3; All-City 2; Red and White Day Committee; Junior Prom Commit- tee; Hi-R 40. GRAY, SONYA Seraph Sisters; White Jackets; ' 46 Club, Thalia. [127] GREEDY, AL HALL, PATSY White Jackets; Delegote Assembly; ' 46 Club; Kompus Klub; Drama Club; Spanish Club; Junior Prom Committee; Thalia; Red and White Day Committee. HAMMOND, ROBERT H.-R 40; A Coppella Choir. HANLEN, PATRICIA ' 46 Club; Senior Class Gift Committee; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Junior Prom Committee; Thalia; PT.A- Foshion Show, Model. HANSEN, CAROL G. Advanced A Coppella; Seraph Sisters; White Jackets; Kompus Klub; Drama Club; ' 46 Club; Christmas Pageant; Senior Born Dance Committee. HANSEN, CONNIE Seraph Sisters; White Jackets; ' 46 Club, Presi- dent; Senior Born Dance Committee; Red and White Day Committee; Thalia; Class Jewelry Com- mittee; Spotlight Staff. HANSON, RAY Football 3; Track 3; Red Jackets, Secretory; " D " Club; Pre-Medics Club; ' 46 Club; Interna- tional Relations Club; Senior Barn Dance Com- mittee; Senior Class Play; Red and White Doy Committee. HARDY, JEAN Music Club; A Coppella Choir. HARPER, DAVE Red Jackets; Pre-Law, President; Spotlight; Dele- gate Assembly; Senior Closs Ploy Committee; Senior Class Play. HARTMAN, BARBARA Sports Club; Small " D " . HAYES, JO ANN White Jackets; ' 46 Club; Junior Prom Committee. Kampus Club; Thalia; HAYNES, FRANCES Clio. HAYUTIN, NEVA JEAN Sports Club; Junior Prom Committee. [I28J GREEN, DONALD ' 46 Club; Senior Dance Committee. GRIFFITH, LLOYD Advanced A Coppella; Advanced Bond; Music Club, Vice President; Madrigal Choir. GROTH, LAVAUN J. Seraph Sisters; White Jackets; Selected Girls ' Glee. GUINN, RICHARD Grayville High School — Grayville, Illinois; Presi- dent Junior Class; Junior Play Cast; Bond; Choir; Track 2. GUNTHER, MARY CATHERINE Pre-Medics Club. GUSHEE, OLIVER W. JR. Pre-Medics Club, Treasurer. HABERKORN, BOB " D " Club; Track 2, 3; Football 3. HACKWORTH, BETTY JEAN Sports Club, Secretary. HENKEL, ARVESTA Seroph Sisters: Girl Reserves, Vice President. HENNIGAR, BILL Spanish Club, Junior Usher. HEPPERLY, FRANCES Advanced Orchestra; All-City Orchestra, HERRICK PATRICIA White Jackets; Pre-Medics Club; ' 46 Club; Cruis- ers; Spotlight Staff; Selected Girls ' Glee. HEYWOOD, PATTY ' 46 Club; Junto; Selected Girls ' Glee. HILL, DOLORES White Jackets; Cruisers, Art Club HINTON, ESTHER YVONNE Seraph Sisters. HODGES, MARGE ' 46 Club; Thalia; White Jackets; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Senior Picnic; Fashion Show. HOENIG, BETTY LOU Play Festival; Selected Girls ' Glee. Ib iJku HOLLAND, JO ANN Big Broadcast; Senior Barn Donee Committee; Arbor Day Committee; Junto; Ploy Festival; White Jackets; ' 46 Club; Fashion Show, Hostess; Bowling Club. HOOTS, VIRGINIA Seraph Sisters; White Jackets; ' 46 Club; Cruisers; Large " D " ; Senior Prom Committee. HOPLEY, BEVERLY White Jackets; Clio; Seraph Sisters; Junior Prom Committee; ' 46 Club; Spotlight Staff; Bowling Club; Red ond White Day Committee. HOPP, ALICE Seraph Sisters. HORWITZ, RUTH ELLEN Angel us. Editor; Student Council; Seraph Sisters; White Jackets; ' 46 Club; Minerva; Spanish Club; Music Club; War Bond Asesmbly Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Red and White Day Committee; Angel ' s Guide Committee; P.T.A. Fashion Show, Hostess. HORWITZ, ZELDA All -City Orchestra, Civic Symphony; Advanced Orchestra; Minerva; ' 46 Club; Senior Luncheon Committee; Arbor Day Committee; P.T.A. Fashion Show, Model; Drama Club; Big Broadcast. HOUZE, RUTH V. Seraph Sisters; Selected Girls ' Glee. HOWELL, MARY LOU ' 46 Club; Cruisers; Junior Prom Committee. HOWERTON, HARLEIGH C. Longmont High School — Advanced Band; Ad- vanced Orchestra; Pep Bond; Ensemble. HUCKENPAHLER, LOIS J. White Jackets; Kompus Klub; -■D " ; Small " D " . Bible Club; Large HULITZKY, WAYNE Spotlight, Business Manager; Drama Club; ' 46 Club; Senior Barn Dance Committee; A Coppello Choir; Madrigal Choir; Senior Prom Committee; Senior Class Play. HUNT, PEGGY White Jackets; Seraph Sisters; Junto; Kampus Klub; Angelus Staff; Senior Barn Dance Commit- tee; Junior Prom Committee; ' 46 Club; Senior Prom Committee; Selected Girls ' Glee; P.T.A. Fashion Show, Hostess. [129] JOHNSON, LOIS LYNETTE JOHNSTON, JEAN Seraph Sisters, White Jackets; Selected Glee; ' 46 Club; Ploy Festival; Senior Class Ploy; Senior Class Day Committee; Woolcott Finalist; P.T.A. Fashion Show, Model. KAHN, PATTI Thaha; White Jackets. KAMINSKY, ELEANOR JEANNE Minerva. KERFOOT, KATHLEEN ' 46 Club; Kampus Klub; Senior Prom Committee; Bond Auction Committee; Little " D " ; Clio- KESSENGER, MAURINE Seraph Sisters; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Senior Born Dance Committee; ' 46 CIud; Art Club; Kampus Klub; Minerva. KINCHELOW, THELMA MAE Senior Prom Committee. KING, EDGAR J. Senior Prom Committee. KING, ELIZABETH KING, WILLIAM T. KINNES, FRED ERASER Senior Prom Committee. KINNEY, BEVERLY Kampus Klub; Cruisers; Junior Prom Committee; Selected Glee; Senior Prom Committee. HUNTER, DAVID EARNEST Pre-Medics Club; Engineers Club. IMBER, SHIRLEY Girl Reserves, Vice President; Bowling C!ub; Senior Class Piay Committee; Red and White Day Com- mittee; Play Festival. IVANISEVICH, GEORGE R.O.T.C-, Colonel; Junior Usher, " D " Club; Track. Pre-Medics Club; JACKSON, PEGGY A Coppello Choir; ' 46 Club; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Pre-Medics Club; Minerv a; Class Gift Committee; Play Festival; Christmas Pageant; P.T.A. Fashion Show, Hostess, JACCBSON, JANISE CLAIR Bowling Club; White Jackets; Cruisers; ' 47 Club; Sports Club, Treasurer; Junior Prom Committee. JAKA, JOAN SUZON Junto. JETER, WANDA JO Seraph Sisters; Junior Prom Committee; Seraph Swing Committee. JOHNSON, DALE V. Euclidean Club; Junior Usher; ' 46 Club; Spanish Club; Senior Barn Dance Committee. JOHNSON, JANICE ' 46 Club; Seraph Sisters; Library Staff; Clinic; Spanish Club; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Barn Dance Committee, [130] if i ifc KIRCHGATTER, ROBERT L. KLAUSNER, ROBERT DAVID Boseboll 2, 3, " D " Club. KOEHLER, PERI Pce-Medcs Club- KRESSLER, ENID KREUTTER, BETTY ' 46 Club, White Jockets; Spanish Club, President; Seraph Sisters, Bowling Club, Senior Born Dance Committee, Minerva, Red and White Day Com- mittee; Senior Assembly Committee. KRUMVIEDA, BOB Junior Ushers, Engineers Club. LADEGARD, CAROLE LAMB, WILLIAM E. Senior Prom Committee; Junior Prom Committee; A Coppella Choir; Red Jackets; Recreotlon Night. LANE, BEVERLY Aviation Club. President; Civil Air Patrol Cadet. LARSEN, GERALD Red Jackets, Hi-R 40; Baseboll. LARSON, DORIS Sports Club; Litt e " D " , Big " D " ; Gold " D " . LAVINGTON, CHARLES S., JR. Red Jackets, ' 46 Club; Congress Club, President; Euclidean Club, Vice President; Junior Usher; Red and White Day Skit; Senior Barn Dance Com- mittee; Red and White Jacket Dance Committee. LEE, DONALD K. Track 3; Football 3; " D " Club; Hi-R 40; A Cop- pella Choir; Madrigal Choir; Delegate Assembly. LEHRMAN, PHIL LENON, FRANK LEONHARDT, JOYCE Seraph Sisters; ' 46 Club; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Senior Prom Committee. LEVIN, CAROLYN Minerva. LEVIN, KEVA LEY, WILLIAM Boseball I, 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3; " D " Club; Hi-R 40. LIEBERKNECHT, LAURA LINZE, DON [131] LYONS, EVELYN LYONS, TOM MACHOL, JACQUES A. JR. MANDEL, MELVIN Advanced Bond; Orchestra; Pep Bond. MARSTON, HARRIET JOAN ' 46 Club; Girl Reserves. MARTIN, BONITA Bowling Club; Girl Reserves; Red and White Day Committee; Senior Class Play Committee; Play Festival. MASON, DONALD J. MASON, ELEANOR ' 46 Club; Cruisers. MASON, MILDRED MAUPiN, STEVE ' 46 Club, President; Junior Class, Vice President; Red and White Day Committee; Red Jackets; " D " Club. MAXWELL, CLAIRE JEAN Advanced Bond; ' 46 Club; Small " D " ; Cruisers. MAXWELL, JOY ' 46 Club; Kampus Klub; Senior Born Dance Com- LIPSON, ALBERT Tennis 1, 2, 3; Euclidean Club; " D " Club; Barn Dance Committee; ' 46 Club; Big Broadcast. LITTELL, BARBARA JEANNE ' 46 Club; White Jackets; Minerva; Kampus Klub; " D " Club Queen; Junior Prom Committee; Born Dance Committee; P.T.A. Fashion Show, Model; Class Play. LIVINGSTON, CHARLES International Relations, Vice President; Pre-Med- ics Club; Woodbury Contest. LOGAN, DARLENE M. Debate Club, President; Pre-Medics, Secretary; Sha froth Extemporaneous Speaking Contest 2, 3. LOHR, ELMER LOWE, JAMES LOWRY, JOANNE Selected Glee. LUSTIG, RENEE LUX, JACK Basketball: Track; R.OT.C. [132] MAY, IRIS Selected Girls ' Glee MAYBERRY, NORMA Grrl Reserves, Secretary; Bowling Club; Senior Class Play Comrnittee; Red and White Day Com- mittee; Play Festival McCLAIN, BEVERLY DIANE Cruisers, White Jackets; International Relations P.T.A. Fashion Show, Model. McCOY, CHARLES ROT C , 2nd Lt, McCONNAHA, JOAN ELAINE ' 46 Club; Senior Barn Dance; War Bond Auction; Selected Girls ' Glee; Droma Club; Smoll " D " ; Senior Class Ploy Committee. McCULLOUGH, BILL MclLVAINE, PATRICIA ANN Girl President; Inter-School Council; May Queen Attendant; Junior Prom Queen Attendant; White Jackets; Seraph Sisters; Big Broadcast; Student Council; Junior Prom Committee; Red and White Day Committee; Play Festival; ' 46 Club; P T.A Fashion Show, Model. MclNTOSH, AUDREY ANN Selected Girls ' Glee; Kampus Klub; Senior Born Dance Committee. McTAMMANY, RUTH MEAGER, PHYLLIS ' 46 Club; Junior Prom Committee. MELCHER, FRANCES J. Advanced A Cappello Choir; Spotlight Staff; Senior Class Day Committee; Bowling Club; Christmas Pageant. MELNICK, GLORIA Student Council; Thalia; P T.A Fashion Show, Model. MESSINGER, DAVID LOGAN MICHAEL, LOIS ELAINE Advanced Orchestra. MILLARD, DICK MILLER, ANNETTE MILLER, JOAN Thalia. MILLER, MARJORIE ANN Seraph Sisters; White Jackets, Junto, Secretary; Madrigal Choir; ' 46 Club; Music Club; P.T.A. Fashion Show, Hostess; Senior Barn Dance Com- mittee; Senior Luncheon Committee, Christmas Pageant. MILLER, PEGGY Seraph Sisters; Spanish Club; Kampus Klub; Sen. or Prom Committee. MINAMIDE, HARRY Junior Escort. MIX, MARJORIE LOIS Selected Girls ' Glee; Thalia 1331 MUEHLIG, BARBARA MUELLER, BETTY ANN ' 46 Club; Seraph Sisters; White Jackets; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Senior Class Luncheon, MULLIGAN, GENE Red Jackets. MULLIGAN, KATHLEEN Junior Prom Committee; Big Broadcast, Senior Prom Committee; Bowling Cub; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Cruisers; ' 46 Club, MURPHY, NANCY Ploy Festival; Glee Club; Big Broadcast. MURPHY, OWEN MYERS, MILDRED E. Girls Glee Club. NADEAU, JOAN Senior Class, Treasurer; White Jackets; Seraph Sisters; ' 46 Club; Bowling Club; Red and White Day Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Big Broodcasf. NEHRMEYER, DOROTHY RUTH NELMS, CLARICE Sports Club; Large " D " ; Gold " D " . NELSON, GALEN DONN Junior Escort; Euclidean Club. NELSON, JEANE A. Seraph Sisters; Euclidean Club, Secretary-Treas- urer; Mathematics Exhibit Committee; Senior Barn Dcnce Committee. [134] MOODY, DOROTHY MOORE, MARILYN Seraph Sisters; A Cappella; Modrigol Choir; Christmas Pageant; Debate Club; Drama Club; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Class Luncheon Committee; White Jackets. MORRIS, CHARLES ELLIOT Pre-Medics; Debate Club; ' 46 Club; Spotlight Staff; Senior Class Gift Committee; R.O,T,C,, Lt, MORRIS, DARLINE Seraph Sisters; Girl Reserves; Bowling Club; Thalia. MORRISON, BETTY Cruisers. MORRISSEY, ROSE EILEEN MORRON, RICHARD BYRON Debate Club, President, International Relations Club; ' 46 Club; Engineering Club; Junior Escort; R OTC, Ist Lt MiOSSMAN, NANCY Euclidean Club; A Cappella Choir; Madrigal Choir; Seraph Sisters. MOUNTJOY, ROBERT Junior Class, Treasurer; Senior Class, Vice Presi- dent; Hi-Y, President; ' 46 Club; Red Jackets. NELSON, WILLARD D. Junior Usher. NESS, JOHN NETHERTON, PATTIE Concert Orchestra, All-City High School Symphony. NcUMAN, ESTELLE NEUMANN, HARRY Red Jackets, Treasurer; Red ond White Day Committee. NEWMAN, VIRGINIA Bowling Club; Thalia; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Born Dance Committee; Red and White Dcy Committee; P.T.A, Fashion Show, Hostess. NIER, DORIS spotlight Staff; Debote Club, Secretary; Shofroth Contest; ' 46 Club; Seraph Sisters; Junto; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Red and White Day Com- mittee; P.T.A, Fashion Show, Hostess. NIX, SHIRLEY MAE Selected Glee; Junto. NORCROSS, ALBERT ■J« ' NORLING, JIM OAKES, WALLY ODOM, THERESE JANE Kompus Klub; Selected Glee; Thalia. OHLSON, DORIS Art Club; Minerva; Big Broadcast 2, 3; Girls Glee; PT A Fashion Show. OKA, SETSUKO Seraph Sisters; White Jackets. OLMSTEAD, JEANNE Bowling Club, Junto; Senior Barn Dance Com- mittee. O ' NEAL, CARL ROT.C. O ' NEILL, BEVERLY Seraph Sisters; White Jackets; ' 46 Club; Kampus Klub, Treasurer; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Barn Dance Committee. ORNDORFF, YVONNE, ELAINE • A Cappello Choir; P re-Medics Club. OTT, RICHARD Euclidean Club, President; Senior Band. PACHOP, DONLEY PACKARD, JOAN Student Council; White Jackets; Seraph Sisters; Cruisers; Bowling Club; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Committee; ' 46 Club; Red and White Day Committee. [135] PETERS, JUNE Bowling Club. PETERSEN, BETTY PETERSON, DUANE PETERSON, GENE S. Debate Club. PETRUCCl, BETTY ROSE PHELPS, WILLIAM EATON Hi-R 40; Red Jackets; Art Club; ' 46 Club; Sym- phony Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Red and White Day Committee. PINNEY, MYRNA LOUISE Kampus Klub. POHLING, DORIS Bowling Club; Sports Club; Small " D. ' POLK, EARLYNE Large " D. " PRANTE, PHYLLIS PRATT, BETTY Cruisers; Advanced A Cappella Choir; Madrigal Choir; Christmas Pageant; Music Club. PRICE, MARY ELIZABETH Cruisers; Senior Prom Committee. PARK, JOHN Hi-R 40; " D ' Club; Congress; Red Jackets; Foot- ball 3; Wrestling I, 2, 3; Track. PARKS, JACQUELINE ' 46 Club, Kampus Klub; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Junior Prom Committee; Ploy Festival. PEHRSON, BARBARA Spotlight Staff; Debate Club; Bowling Club; ' 46 Cljb. PELLISH, KAY Girls ' Glee. PELLS, JOSEPH F. Football, Manager; R.O.T.C, 1st Lt.; International Relations. PELTON, VIGDOR PHILIP PEMBER, JEAN ' 46 Club; Kampus Klub; Red and White Day Com- mittee; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Christmas Pageant. PEPPER, IRWIN Spotlight Staff; Red Jackets; Congress; Inter- national Relations; Euclidean Club; ' 46 Club; Christmas Pageant; Delegate Assembly; Senior Play; Junior Usher. PEPPER, PEGGY White Jackets; Art Club; Drama Club; Angelus Staff; Kampus Klub; Minerva; Senior Closs Play. [136] PULVER, BETTY PUTNAM, LEIGH B., JR. International Relations; ' 46 Club, Pop Bond. QUINN, JACK BERNARD Euclidean Club, RADUZINER, DAVID International Relations, Treasurer; ' 46 Club; Eu- clidean Club; Advanced Band; Music Award; ROTC, 1st Lt. RAFFETY, ED RANKIN, MARYLYN Seraph Sisters; White Jackets; Advanced A Cappella; Madrigol; Christmas Pageant; P T,A Fashion Show, Hostess. RATZER, HELEN Pre-Medics Club, Secretary; Advanced Orchestra; Pep Band; Junior Prom Committee; Seraph Sisters, RAYBOURN, CHARLES REEVES, RETA REILLY, JUNE REIN, FRED Baseball 1, 2; Baseball All-City; Wrestling; Hi-R40, Student Council. RHOADS, MATTIE RICE, JAMES L. Band; Orchestra. RILEY, KENNETH V. ROTC, Maior, Euclidean Club; Debate Club. ROATH, HANK Red Jackets. ROBBINS, GEORGINA Advanced Orchestra; All-City Orchestra; Kampus Klub. ROBERTS, FREDA M. Music Club; Selected Glee. ROBERTS, JACK ' 46 Club; Big Broadcast; Drama Club; Music Club; Senior Class Play; Angelus Staff. ROBERTS, KATHERINE Selected Girls ' Glee; Script Club; Bible Club; Cruisers. ROBINSON, DONNA Seraph Sisters; White Jackets; ' 46 Club, Thalia, Secretary; A Cappella Choir; Christmas Pageant; Madrigal Choir; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Red and White Day Committee. ROBINSON, KATHRYN [137] ROBINSON, KENNETH M. ' 46 Club. RODMAN, MARY LOU White Jackets; A Cappella Choir; Christmas Pag- eant; Big Broadcast; Bowling Club; Thalia; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Junior Prom Committee; Red and White Day Committee. ROE, RALPH K. A Cappella Choir. ROEMER, PIER CAROLINE Sports Club; Clio Club, ROEMER, PIER KATE Sports Club; Clio Club. ROGERS, NORMA LEE Angelus Staff, Spotlight Staff; ' 46 Club; Delegate Assembly; Drama Club, Treasurer; Senior Play Committee; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Play Festival; Thalia; Junior Prom Committee. ROGERS, JOHN EDWARD, JR. Congress, Vice President; Red Jackets; Pre-Med- ics; Sophomore Football; Hi-R 40; Senior Class Play; Red and White Day Committee. ROLLNICK, BARBARA Senior Prom Committee; Occupational Adjustment Service. ROMIG, RICHARD A. Pre-Medics Club; Track Club; Junior Usher. 3; Tennis 3; " D " ROSENTHAL, JOYCE White Jackets; Debate Club; Glee Club; Spanish Club; Thaha. ROSS, BARBARA Seraph Sisters; White Jackets; Play Festival; Spot- light Staff; Girls Glee. ROSS, DOLORES Bowling Club; Clio; Senior Barn Dance Con mittee. ROTH, MARIAN ELIZABETH White Jackets; Music Club; Selected Glee; Senior Barn Dance; ' 46 Club; Play Festival; P.T.A. Fashion Show, Hostess. ROTTMAN, BERNARD ROBERT Angelus Staff, Business Manager; A Cappella; Christmas Pageant; Spotlight Stoff; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Senior Luncheon Committee; Junior Prom Committee; Junior Usher; Senior Class Play; ' 46 Club; Congress; Red Jackets; Drama Club; International Relations; Play Festival. ROUNTREE, LINDY CHARLES " D " Club; Football; All-City Bosketball; Wrest- ling. RUBIN, EDMOND G. Boys ' Glee; Baseball. RUSHO, WILBUR Advanced Band; Advanced Orchestra. RUSSELL, WILLIAM E. Football 3; Congress; Red Jackets; Hi-R 40; " D " Club; Delegate Assembly; Senior Committee. RYAN ROBERT M. Cheer Leader; Engineer ' s Club, Secretary. SAMUELSON, LOUISE MAE ' 46 Club; Junior Prom Committee; Seraph Sisters; Spanish Club; Junto; Senior Barn Dance Commit- tee; White Jackets; Play Festival; Music Club. SAMUELSON, MYRNA JEANNE Spanish Club; Junto, Treasurer; Spotlight Staff; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Delegate Assem- bly; Seraph Sisters; White Jackets; ' 46 Club; Senior Class Day Committee; P.T.A. Fashion Show, Hostess. m [138] SANDHOLM, FRED SAROS, CHRIS ROTi " Is ' Lt , Rifle Team, Intcrnotionol Rela- tions Club. SAVIG, NORMAN I. Chess Club. SAYLOR, PAT Thalia, Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Bowl- ing Club, Treasurer; ' 46 Club SCHAAR, KENNETH W. ROTC, 2nd Lt , Cheer Leader. SCHEiB, BETTY SCHCONOVER, ALICE White Jockets; Bible Club; Sports Club; Small " D " ; MinervQ, Selected Girls ' Glee. SCHREPFERMAN, DICK Student Council; Inter-School Council, Secretary; " D " Club, Vice President; Hi-R 40; Football 1, 2, 3; Basketball 2, 3; Track I, 2; Howdy Day Committee; Red and White Day Committee. SCOTT, BARBARA White Jackets, Kampus Klub, Art Club. SCOTT, BILLIE RUTH Clio; Senior Prom Committee. SCOTT, KATHLEEN Tholio; Bowling Club. SZFTCN, MARYELIZABETH Spotlight Staff; Seraph Sisters, White Jackets; Spanish Club, Secretary; ' 46 Club; Senior Barn Donee Committee; Junior Prom Committee; Minervo; PT.A Fashion Show, Hostess. SELBY, BARBARA White Jackets; Seraph Sisters; ' 46 Club; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Big Broadcast; Music Club; Sen;or Class Luncheon; P,T A. Fashion Show, Hostess. SETHMAN, DOROTHY Spotlight Staff, Editor-in-Chief; Student Council- Seraph Sisters; White Jackets; ' 46 Club; Junto; Script Club, Vice President; Music Club; Drama Cub; Sen or Class Play; Senior Arbor Day Com- mittee; Big Broadcast; Wolcott Finalist. SHER, EDITH Minerva, Spanish Club; Junior Prom Committee; ' 46 Club. SHISSLER, CHARLES E. Madrigal Choir, A Cappella Choir; Tennis 2, 3; R.O-TC-, 2nd Lt.; International Relations Club; Spanish C ' ub. SHORTHILL, ELLA MAE SHUMATE, HELEN LOU Drama Club; Kompus Klub; Senior Born Dance Comm ttee; Red and White Day Committee; Spot- light Staff. SILVERBERG, JEANNE Seraph Sisters; Junto; ' 46 Club SILVERSMITH, RALPH FRANK Junior Usher; Delegate Assembly; International Relot ons Club; R.O.T.C. SMITH, BETTY CAROL Bowling Club; Junior Prom C ommittee Luncheon Committee, P.T.A. Fashion Hostess. Senior [139] SMITH, CAROL GENEIVE SMITH, CLIMENA SMITH, GEORGE Senior Class President; ' 46 Club, President; Red Jackets, President; Hi-R 40; " D " Club; Pre-Law Club; Basketball 2, 3; Baseball 2, 3; Student Council; Senior Prom Chairman; Red and White Day Committee; Howdy Day Committee; Class Jewelry Committee; Pep Assembly Committee. SMITH, GERALDINE SMITH, HENRY R.OT.C, Captain; Engineers Club. SMITH, JACK Student Council; " D " Club; Sophomore and Var- sity Baseball; Red Jackets, Vice President; ' 46 Club; Delegate Assembly; Spotlight Staft; Red and White Day, Chairman; Senior Barn Dance Committee. SMITH, QUENTIN SMITH, VIVIAN L. Kampus Klub; Orchestra. SNYDER, WAYNE ALAN Math Exhibit Committee; Junior Escort; Spot- light Stoff. SOLOMAN, HEINZ SOLOMAN, MORTON ALFRED Internotional R.O.T.C. Relations Club; Engineers Club, SOPER, SHIRLEY Seraph Sisters; Junto; Thalia. SPEIER, BARBARA Minerva; Junior Prom Committee. SPORE, VERA White Jackets, President; Junior Prom Queen; Seraph Sisters; ' 46 Club; Shutter Bugs Club. SPRATLEN, JOHN W. BRANNAN Student Council; Hi-R 40; " D " Club; ' 46 Club, Pre-Medics; Congress; Football I, 2, 3; Track 1, 2; All-City 2; Big Broadcast Committee; Red and White Day Committee; Junior Prom Com- mittee; Senior Prom Committee; Howdy Day, Symphony, Chairman. SPRINKLE, DONA LEE Pre-Medic Club; Minerva, Vice President; Bowling Club; Senior Picnic Committee, Chairman; Dele- gote Assembly; PT.A, Fashion Shovv, Hostess, STANDER, BARBARA Sports Club; Large " D " ; Gold " D " . STANLEY, THOMAS KENT Swimming Team; " D " Club STANTON, HELEN STEIN, STANLEY STARK, PEGAN Angelus; Cruisers; Junior Prom Committee; Club; P.T.A. Fashion Show, Hostess. [1401 STEVENSON, JOE STINE, NANCY VIRGINIA Seraph Sisters, While Jackets, ' 46 Club; Drama Club, Kompus Klub, Spotlight Staff; Thalia, Senior Barn Dance Committee; Ploy Festival; Senior Picnic Committee. STOCKHAM, RAMON Advanced Band, Pep Band; R O T C , 2nd. Lt., Euclidean Club. STONE, DORAYNE Junior Prom Committee; Senior Barn Dance Com- mittee; Kompus Klub; ' 46 Club. STOVER, E. JAMES STROBEL, JOHN ROBERT " D " Club; HI-R40; ' 46 Club; Student Council; Football 2, 3; Basketball 2, 3; Baseball 2, 3. STUDEBAKER, ZONA SUGIMOTO, JIM SUNDGREN, CARL " D " Club; Hi-R 40. SUNSHINE, ROBERT Debate Club R.O.T.C. SUTTON, LOREN E. SVEDLUND, HELEN White Jackets; Seraph Sisters, ' 46 Club, Music Club, Secretary; Script Club. SWAN, GLORIA Thalia; Kompus Klub; Senior Prom Committee SWANFIELDT, PATRICIA KATHLEEN ' 46 Club; Red and White Doy Committee; Thalia; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Junior Prom Com- mittee; Senior Prom Committee; Spotlight Staff; P.T.A. Fashion Show, Hostess. SWEET, MARION Advanced A Cappella Choir; Christmas Pageant, Bowling Club; White Jackets. TAKIMOTO, FRANCES Seraph Sisters; Script Club, Secretary; Thalia; Small " D " ; Bowling Club; Big Broadcast; Selected Glee Club. TARKOFF, RUTH Minervo; P T A Fashion Show, Hostess, TAYLOR, PAT ' 46 Club; Debate Club, Vice President. TEPPER, LEONA P T A Fashion Show, Hostess. THARP, JAY Congress Club; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Committee. THIEDE, JANE LOIS Big Broadcast; Se ' ected Glee; Spotlight Staff; Red and White Day Committee; R O T.C . Honor- ary Lt. Colonel; Ploy Festival. [141] TRAYLOR, PATRICIA TROUDT, RCSALIE JEAN TRUNK, ROBERT International Relet, ons, President; Debate Club; Congress. TUCKER, DICK Golt 1, 2; All-City Golf, " D " Club. TYNE, PEGGY UCHIYAMA, MIYO Art Club. UMLAND, CARL W. Senior Barn Dance Committee; Pre-Medics Club; R.O.T.C. Sgt UNDERWCCD, DALE Band. VAN. DYKE, ANITA Seraph Sisters; Spanish Club, Treasurer; Senior Ben Dance Committee; ' 46 Club. VAN FLEET, BEVERLEY A Cappeila Choir; Vice President Sophomore Closs; ' 46 Ciuli; Christmas Pageant; Angelus Staff; May Queen Attendant; Red and White Day Committee; Big Broadcast; Junior Prom Com- mittee; Senior Barn Dance; Bowling Club, Presi- dent; Drama Club; Thalia. VAN HOUTEN, BEATRICE Kompus Klub; Girl Reserves, President; Seraph Sisters- VAN HOUTEN, VIRGINIA Kampus Klub; Girl Reserves, Secretary; All-City Bond; All-City Orchestra. [1421 THOMAS, BEVERLEY LYNN Seraph Sisters; A ' hite Jacl ets; Pre-Medics Club; Kampus Klub; Junto. THOMAS, BILL Track; " D " Club; All-City Band; Big Broadcast; Senior Barn Dance Committee. THOMAS, WILLIAM CLYDE THOMPSON, CAROL JEA i Music Club, President; ' 46 Club, White Jackets; Senior Born Dance Committee; Class Day Com- mittee; Drama Club; P.T.A. Fashion Show, Hostess. THOMPSON, SHIRLEY Script Club; Senior Class Day Luncheon. THOMPSON, WOOD MYRON Red Jackets. THROM, ROBERT Red Jackets; Red and White Dance Committee. TINGLE, MARY ELAINE Pre-Medics Club. TITLEY, SPENCER Football 2, 3; Track 2, 3; Student Council; Hi-R 40 A Cappeila Choir; " D " Club, Treasurer. VANNATTER, VALERIE Selected Glee; ' 46 Club, Drama CluL), Thalia, Bg BroadcasT; Spanish Club VANVAL!N, JACQUELYN Seraph Sisters, Pep Bond; All-City Bond, Play Festival; Advanced Band; Advanced Orchestra. VARNER, VENICE ' 46 Club; Senior Barn Donee Committee, Script Club; Sports Club; Little " D " . VAUGHN, JANET Kompus K ub, Selected Girls ' Glee; Arbor Day Committee, Small ' D " . P T A Fashion Show, Hostess VCN WYL, PAUL H. Hi-Y, Euclidean Club; ' 46 Club; Red Jockets, Junior Usner; Barn Dance Committee WACHOB, VIRGINIA Seraph Sisters, Vice President, ' 46 Club; A Cap- pello Choir, Madngol Choir; D.A.R, Contestant, Sen. or Born Dance Committee; Senior Prom Com- mittee, White Jackets; Minerva; P.T.A. Fashion Show, Hostess; Senior Closs Play; Music Club; Drama Club; Play Festival WAGNER, MARIETTA Sports Club; Play Festival, P T A Fashion Show, Hostess; Senior Prom Committee WALD, IVERNE WALKER, JACQUELINE LOUISE White Jackets; Seraph Sisters; ' 46 Club; Music Club. WALLIN, HUGO WILLIAM WALLS, CLIFFORD Engineers Club. WARNEKE, RUSSELL E. JR. Red Jackets. WAXMAN, ROBERT W. Wrestling Team. WEATHERS, GERALDINE Tholio Club; Kompus Klub; Senior Prom Com- mittee. WEBER, HARRY B. Pre-Medics Club, President, Internationa! Rela- tions, Secretary; ' 46 Club; A Cappelta Choir; Modrigol Choir; Red ond White Day Committee- WEIR, MARY LOU WEISSBERG, SELMA Minerva; Senior Class Day Committee; ' 46 Club. WELP, CAROLYN ELIZABETH Seraph Sisters. WENDELL, DICK Archery Club; Pre-Medics; Track 2, 3. WESSELQUIST, WINNIE WIEDMAN, ANNE White Jackets; ' 46 Club, Drama Club; Inter- national Relations Club; Senior Barn Dance; Junior Prom Committee; Red and White Day Committee. [143] WOLVINGTON, KENNETH Advanced A Coppella; Advanced Orchestra; Mad- rigal Choir; Drama Club. WORK, HUBERT Euclidean Club, Vice President; International Re- lations; Math Exhibit Committee; Advanced Band. WRITER, VIRGINIA Senior Class, Secretary; May Queen Attendant; Junior Prom Queen Attendant; White Jackets; Seraph Sisters, Treasurer; ' 46 Club; Wolcott Finalist; Christmas Pageant; Junior Prom Com- mittee; Senior Prom Committee; Born Dance Committee; Delegate Assembly. WULFF, ROSALIE KAY ' 46 Club. WUNSCH, JOHN YETTER, DOROTHY L. YOUNG, ELIZABETH DEAN Thalia; ' 46 Club; Drama Club; Bowling Club; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Selected Glee. YOUNG, GEORGE ' 46 Club; Senior Born Dance Committee. YOUNGMAN, DORIS HELEN ZE MAN, MARSCHA Clio; Spanish Club; ' 46 Club. ZUNDEL, LUCY Art Club; Senior Barn Dance Committee. BURBACH, MARY LOU Girl Reserves. 1144] WILLARD, GEORGE Senior Class Ploy; Drama Club, Secretary; Club; Big Broadcast; Bowling Club; Red White Day Committee. WILLEY, SUE ' 46 and WILLIAMS, BETTY JANE White Jackets, Kampus Klub. WILLIAMS, NANCY JEAN Pre-Medics Club, Music Club; Selected Girls ' Glee; Seraph Sisters. WILSON, EDLA Seraph Sisters; White Jackets; Kampus Klub; ' 46 Club; Senior Barn Dance Committee; Junior Prom Committee; Class Day Committee; Play Festival; Small " D " . WITTHUHN, MARILYN L. Concert Band. WHITE, BERT Advanced Band; Advanced A Coppella Choir; Hi-Y, President; Big Broadcast; Christmas Pag- eant; Football; Baseball; Senior Barn Dance Com- mittee. WHITE, PHILLECTA JANE Junto Club. WHITNEY, DOROTHY Kampus Klub; Seraph Sisters. FREELAND, MARY ANNE A Coppella Choir; Christmas Pageant; Junto; Junior Prom Committee. GARDNER, JOAN ' 46 Club; Minerva; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Selected Glee. JANKOVSKY, JOY LUGINBUHL, MARALYS Spotlight Staff; Senior Class Ploy; Script Club. Iftt iH mortam LOUISE COOK MARY CAROLYN WHITE During our last year at East. we. of the class of 1946. have been saddened by the loss of two of our finest members, Louise Cook and Mary Caroline White. Life is like a scaffold behind which a beautiful building is being con- structed. When the scaffold crumbles, a magnificent edifice is seen — a memory of the moral life — which is treasured by those who knew and loved its builder well. May the pleasant memories of our two classmates remain with us always. [145] QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS JUNIORS AND SOPHOMORES gmm ' " JUNIOR OFFICERS Left to right: Gorden Goebel, Treasurer; Jimmy Baker, Secretary; Bob Fullerton, Vice President; Bill Robinson, President. tJ k SOPHOMORE OFFICERS wm Chuck Knudson, President; Bob Boles, Vice President; Lu Ann Johnson, Secretary; Doyle Larson, Treasurer. OFFICERS Juniors and Sophomores SPONSORS JUNIOR SPONSORS Doris Vinyard, Harvey Meyer. SOPHOMORE SPONSORS Lyda Varney, George Jensen. Abenheimer, Frances Alverson, Dorothy Anderson, Eleanor Anderson, Richard Appell, Ruth Carol Arnold, Bill Baird, Norma Jean Baker, Betty Bardwell, Charline Barnard, Anne Barn ' s, Beverly Bartholic, Eloise Beach, Barbara Beeley, Pat Beidler, Bob Bend, Joyce Bromley, Clark Brott, Frances Brown, Jim Brunton, Danny Burg, Nancy Burgess, Mary Margaret Burky, Rita Bush, Robert Card, Arlene Carr, Dorothy Chafin, Joan Charney, Nancy [149] Charney, Neil Chase, Laura Lee Clark, Bonnie Cohan, Reeva Cohen, Doris Colburn, Joyce Cooper, Mary Ellen Corriher, Iris Corzine, Virginia Cosslett, Betty Cournoyer, Jeanne Crawley, Eleanor Crowder, Eleanor Cunningham, Virginia Curry, June Delill, Priscilla Dickey, Perry Dirmeyer, jean Doyle, Patsy Drahing, Caroline Drumm, Pauline Durbin, Phyllis Eason, Jeannine Eisen, Charles Elfervig. Karene Erikson, Bob Eversole, Jackie Ewer, Marjilee [150] Ferguson, Nancy Ferris, Greta Lea Forth, Margaret Foster, Virginia Fouse. Jean Franklin, Anita French, Michael Fullerton, Bob FursV, Jeanne M. Furst, Joanne M Gail, Walter A. Gardenswartz, Gerald Gardner, Beverley Garver, Mary Louise Gauss, Harriet Goodale, George Gray, Betty Gray, Ellen Gray, Joanne V. Greenberg, Gerald Greenwood, Annalee Gregory, Bill Greig, Bill Grossman, Marcille Gushee. Judy Gutshall, Dicksie Hallock, Weslyn Hansen. Carol Ruth [151] T-T JS ' . ' . ' " ' n rs V ' 7 ,. Harmon, Betty Hartsfield, John L. Haweter, Ann Hays, Stan Hazelwood, Jeanne Heath, Claire Hedman, Donna Heinly, Betty Helmkamp, Dorothy Hendrix, Doris Herman, Lois Herriott, jacquelyn Hicks, Bill Hill, John Hiner, Bill Hoffman, Robert Holmgren, Mary Jean Hoop, Pat Huntington, Barbara Huskins, Bettyann iiift-i Joffee, Tom Jones, George T. Jones, Harryette Jones, Roselyn Kaplan, Elaine Kearns, Bernarda Kettering, Margaret Klein, Virginia (1521 Knox, Betty Krauth, Rosann Lampert, Edward Larson. Marion Law, Lora Ann Lawson, Eleanor Leberstein. Jean Joyce Lichtenstein. Henry Liggitt, Marabeth Loar, Marie Louise Lucas, Jeanne Mane Mack. Gene MacQuarrie, Rowland Markle. Mary Martin. Dean Martin. Florene Martin. Kenneth May. Doris Ann McClelland. Jayne McCombs. Marilyn McMann. Jeanenne Miller. Anna Lea Miller, Frances Milvan, Clara Mitchell. Clayton Monahan. Jean Montague. Joan Moore. Delores [153] Moore, John Allen Moyer, Martha Neilsen, Emily Nelson, Opal Nelson, Verna Dee Nienke, Arlene Nyman, Virgil Oglesby, Colleen Oltrogge, Faith Orr, Charlene Overton, Etta Lee Palmer, Betty Pease, Betty Jean Peterson, Courtland Pinney, Thresa Plunkett, Dolores Popisil, Chuck Potter. Sally Powell, Allen Proske, Ted A Randall, Jackie Ravicz, Arthur Reither, Freece Richardson, Delia Mae Richmond, Alden Richter, Betty Reidel, Mary Lou Ritze, Bob 1154] Rixford, Roberta Mae Roach, Charlene Ann Roberts. Doris Robertson, Shirley Robinson, Jack Rohder, Dorene Ronnebeck, Ursula Roscoe, Bill Jr. Rosnik, Dorothy Rovs, Paul Sands. Marie Schaublin, Lorraine Schenkein. William F. Schmausser. Mary Lou Schuster, Dorothy Schwarz, Gail Scribner. Beverly Short, Kenneth Smith, Jeannine F. Smith JoAnn Smith. Sybil Springer. Norma Jean Starks, jeannette Stackpole. LaDonna Stone, Phyllis Svedlund, Alice Swanberg. Ceraldine Thebus, Jean [155] f fi-C 4 Thomas, Dorothy Ann Thompson, Cordon Timbel, Radine Tipton, Gene Trego, Richard P. VanStone, Bill Vaughn, Imogene Verant, Eddie Verner, Beverly Waggener, Bill Wald, Sharrie Wallace, Gloria Wandel, Irwin Webb, Correalene Wenger, Herb Whisler, Mary Wierman, Ruth Wilkin, Ted Williams, Lois Winterbottom, Alma Wirick, Edward Ralph Woodward, Marty Worley, Carmen Worsham, Lera Yates, Barbara Zelinger, Sallyann Zorichak, Helen Zurick, Joyce [156] WAITIN ' FOR SANTA WAITIN ' FOR DATES JUST WAITIN ' 3:30 p. M. POSED FOR THE OCCASION THE PIC HASN ' T OPENED YET STONE SLOW ON THE DRAW PHYSICAL EDUCATION?? 1APPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HONEST JOE AND PEDESTAL PARKS A BOY, A GIRL, AND A DOG CALAMITY JAYI The Queen Queen that is Red and White Day OZANNE IS KILLING AND TO THINK, THEY TEACH HERE IT HAD TO REIGN TOO SUGGESTIVE! WA r I . I- OF THE CHAMPIONS r A SJA. •im ' OF THE CHAMPIONS

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