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lAkLuW1."'. H ..1.ff.i, Qin. . M Q 'f f V fi .' J! "'1illf-.fx iff X! VST HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL East Haven Co e fcuf I 11' W PIONEERS OF THE FUTURE For I dlp? i 1 the future, f h y ld s th ffh Id d ufh d fhf I db LdT y ,T K I1 la f MR. CARL H. GARVIN DEDICATION It is with a sense of humble acknowledgement of your sincere interest and untiring eltorts that we, the Class of '54, are proud to dedicate our Pioneer to you, Mr. Carl H. Garvin. 2 "'-' - ' ' 4 1 . 1 r rssr s t x 3. ',.' 3' Miss MARY Rocco APPRECIATION We wish to extend our sincere apprecia- tion to Miss Mary Rocco and Mr. Caryle Frawley for their unmatched leadership and direction. We hope we shall live up to their expectations. MR. CARYLE FRAWLEY I , I 'Vi A I U1 0 5 'af fx LOOK TO THE FUTURE I wonder as I look ahead Into the time to come, Just what mysteries will unfold Before our eyes and some Of the wonders we'll behold As the far, far future becomes Reality to those who have been told The miracles of the past. Of the past we can be sure- The present we may affirm, ln the future we must really strive To make the best of our short term Of life. What lies before us will drive Us on in times of strife to attain The ease and comforts that should survive For our posterity. But think not of the present, For what is done is done. Take heed for the future and steadily increase Yourself. in truth and wisdom. Look back as the years cease, And with steady keel guide your thoughts And actions on a course leading to peace. You'll be proud of the battle you have won. up if X if X 'Xs By Kenniston Lord, Jr. 4 5 XE x ', fl X x 76- . It 1 Z ' 2 Q, e 1 i 14' f Lf -QQ X I 1 1 4 E ,rf . .f X I g L ' 1 4 ,Q Ls W F K .Q 3 vi They are our pilots, and we aspire X to reach the heights which they have set as our goal. Anon ADMINISTRATI IN aw . I 'i Wei' R 'K an Jw, . JA Vx' 41. K ,ai .ff 1 it Q , T . 1 Q Q- f". at 0 A-J BOARD OF EDUCATION First Row, left to right: Harold C. Hall, Mrs. Mary Fairbanks, Francis Walsh, chairman, Mrs. John Sullivan Vice choirma M' El' b 1 - n, Iss lza eth Chapkovich, George Berky. Second Row: Bernard luongo, William Withington, George Letis. Behind the scenes at East Haven High School lies a group of hard-working people, the school board. One cannot realize the many problems with which this organization is confronted. They give freely of their time and energy to serve the youth of our town. Therefore, the Class of 1954 extends to them our sincerest thanks. MR. JOHN H. CORBETT Business Manager 15 . 1 A A i'S'.!"""'----- NR' vguierknkehdenk PNUCCOQIGARVIN MR. THOMAS A. MURRAY MISS DOROTHY C. KEEFE Assistant Principal Deon of Girls 7 MR. ALLEN BONWILL Industrial Arts fi MR. FRANK CALISTRO Commercial I A I L :ATI-IER ...,,...,,, mdugwpp RBCOEP CIIURL INDI!! A Jrlglvpi l MR. LOUIS CRESCENTI Art C? MISS YOTA BOUZOUCOS Physical Education MR. R. BURDETTE Mathematics, Science MISS JACQUELINE CALLAHAN Science, Math MR. MICHAEL CARBONE Social Science, English Q,-,,.. sf-.J f MR. R. MYRON COHEN Music MR. WILLIAM KOST Spanish 1' MRS. LAURA COULTER Commercial A'-59 MR. DOMINICK COVIELLO Mathematics MR. FRANK CRISAFI Physical Education MR. MARK FIORELLO Commercial MISS BARBARA FOLSOM Homemaking MR. CARYLE FRAWLEY Science MRS. A. GOODMAN Commercial ' MR. JOSEPH HAWTIN History MISS DOROTHY KANE History, English MR. EDWARD LEVY Mathematics MISS MARGARET LOWE Commercial MR. JOHN MCPARTLAND English MR. THEODORE MALONIS Science 1 MR. HORACE MARONE English MISS ZITA MATTHEWS History MR. JOSEPH MELLILO Science MR. DAVID REED Industrial Arts MISS MARY ROCCO Latin MR. RAYMOND SMITH History MR. EDWARD SUGRUE Mathematics MISS ALBERTA TOOTHAKER Homemaking MRS. WILHELMINA STRANDBERG Music MISS C. SWEIG Social Science, English MISS MARY WEBER History, Latin MRS. ELEANOR STRICKLAND French, English MR. MATTHEW TIERNEY English MISS MAUREEN WEBER English it Q x 7 MISS RUTH YOUNGERMAN Art MR. MICHAEL ZILLI English 1, MISS BERNICE HALL Librarian 4- SECRETARIES SECRETARIES Mrs. Virginia Heck Mrs- June Th0mps0n Mrs. Agnes Chapman MISS FLORENCE PARKER, R. N. Mrs' Natalie Ford Mrs. Mary Grudzinski School Nurse CAFETERIA STAFF CUSTODIANS Miss Katherine McGovern Cabsentl Mr. Milano Mrs. Mary McGuire 12 Mr. Beardsiey Mrs. Mary Ingham Mr. Eagan, Head Engineer Mr: Frlnn Wnlinr Mr Finnn Acddnnl L in And what looks dark in the distance, ,J I see not a step before me as I tread on another year, may brighten as I draw near. Brainard ZW Q xX'+' .- - 1' " +:-.JS-1 ? 1- ' , WW i,,?-1. ii- ..?1..1L . -l MW" DAVID WATROUS GEORGE WAGNER DOROTHY ANASTASIO MR. MATTHEW TIERNEY TRIBUTE PAUL LASKO As a special token of thanks to a person whom we have come to think of not only as a teacher, but as our friend to whom we might go for advice or assistance, we, the Class of '54, take pride in offering this tribute to you, Mr. Matthew Tierney. 14 RICHARD ANGUS "Dick" December 6 Blue eyes and curly blonde hair . . . high marks are easy . . . can be found behind HoIcombe's coun- ter . . . capable art student . . . one of our mermen . . . here comes Lois . . . college material. H. R. President 2, 3, Swimming Team 3, 4, T.S.O. 4, Language Club 3. EDWARD AUCAIGNE "Ed" July 'I5 Nice physique . . . speed demon in a speed boat . . . such a sense of humarl . . . whiz on the ice . . . a spark in room 206. . . hunting or fishing, anyone? ALPHONSE ACOMPORA "AI" December 25 Always willing to help . . . a friend to all . . . camera bug . . . photography is his hobby . . . just loves football . . . wouIdn't miss Christmas . . . plenty of school spirit . . . will study en- gineering. Football 2, 3, 4, T.S.O. 4, Dia- Iectic Society 3, 4, Student Council 4. DOROTHY ANASTASIO "Dot" September 26 Tiny and terrific . . . always on the go . . . peppy co-captain of Pep Club . . . high marks are a cinch . . . sing us a tune, Dot . . . a well-mannered miss . . . smooth dresser, too . . . college? but defl Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Drama Work- shop 3, 4, Student Council 3, Class Treasurer 2, 3, Varsity Show 3, 4, Comet 3, 4, Dialectic Society 3, T.S.O. 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 4. 'zfieifeif N JOAN BACKMAN "JOUR" November 24 "Best Personality" . . . Yea, Team! . . . give Nancy a chance to say a word . . . neat hair-do . . . aI- ways on the go . . . the artistic type . . . "not really" . . . such a cute smile . . . College Co-ed. Cheerleader 3, 4, Student Council 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, Junior Prom Committee, Comet Staff 4, Pioneer Staff 4, T.S.O. 4, Art Club 2, 3, Drama Workshop 3, 4, H.R. Vice Presi- dent 3, 4, Varsity Show 2, 3, 4, Football Formal Committee 4. .X - ROCHELLE BALZANO "RoRo" January 17 A boy, where? . . . such lovely hair . . . Who's boy crazy, . . . oh! those dungarees . . . always eating . . . football is her favo- rite, wonder why? . . . peppy cheerleader. H.R. Secretary 3, Pep Club 2, 3, Cheerleader 4, Class Secretary 3, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Pioneer Staff 4, Junior Prom Committee, Comet 4, T.S.O. 4, Varsity Show 2, 3, 4, Football Formal Com- mittee 4. ELAINE ARMSTRONG "Elaine" November 24 Came to E. H. from Hamden High . . . beautiful hair and eyes . . . a whiz on roller skates . . . loves music . . . hot rods fascinate her . . . square dancing is fun . . . future in advertising and selling. RICHARD AYR "Dick" July 20 The Actor . . . "Most Dramatic" . . . a certain senior girl . . . give the girls a break, Dick . . . "Big- gest Line" . . . never on time . . . whose back yard? , , , carefree personality . . he'Il study for- estry. T.S.O. 4, Drama Workshop 3, 4, Varsity Show 3, Fashion Show 3. ROBERT BEAUTON "Bob" September I3 The quiet man . . . hearthrob . . . oh, those eyes . . . dig those crazy pegged pants . . . won't find him in noisy crowds . . . hunts and fishes . . . interested in cars. MICHAEL BONWILL "Mike" July T4 Hot Rod Kid . . . Oh, those levis and plaid shirts , . . Homework? what's that? . . . "You're ol? your rocker" . . . owns car I0 . . . one of the Foxon gang . . . future landscape gardener. GEORGE PHILIP BASSING "Red" December 7 Fiery red hair . . . he dotes on cars . . . owner of a cool Ford . . . member of the bowling team . . . homework, his worst enemy . . . smooth dresser . . . found at Wheeler's Gas Station. Sophomore Hop Committee, Bowl- ing Team 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Varsity Show 2, Fashion Show 2, Co- captain Bowling Team 4. JEAN ANN BATICK "jean" OCYOLDEY 2 Nice clothes on a nice figure . . . Bill . . . cute as they come . . . loves to skate . . . "Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair" . . . stock cars are fun . . . "Take a letter, Miss Batick." T.S.O. 4, Varsity Show 3. PATRICIA BOUGHTON "Pat" March 4 Cute as a button . . . what a per- sonality . . . oh, that smile! . . . Did Phyllis go by here? . . tres petite . . . nursing career. Pep Club 3, 4, Varsity Shaw 3, H.R. Secretary 'lg Intramurals l, 2, 3. SALVATORE BOVA "Sal" May 15 Another import from Cross . . . loves those Fords . . . talk about wavy hair! . . . quiet as they come . . . 2'l2 booster . . . boy with the gray sweater . . . heart belongs to a Crossife. BARBARA BLAKE "Bob" July 27 Blonde dynamo . . . cars fascinate this gal . . . stock car racing is the thing . . . art's her talent . . . "Did ya see Mike's new shirt?" '. . . hopes to be a police- woman. Junior Honor Society lg H.R. Sec- retary lp H.R. Treasurer 3, 4, Student Council 4, Intramurals 'l, 27 Comet 45 T. S. 0. 4: Art Club 2, Pioneer Staff. DONALD BOSCHEN "Don" July 30 Such a cute smile . . . dark Hash- ing eyes . . . "Come an, girls, l'll take you home" . . . keeps that collar up . . . hair always iust right . . . who wants a sign painted? Student Council 'l, 2, 35 Intra- murals l, 2, 3. L ROBERT E. BURWELL Bob" May 5 ails from Riverside . . . talented 1ger . . . Kelley's coudn't get ong without him . . . such a lrd.. lee Club i, 2, 3, 4, All State rstival l, 2, 3, 4. ELIZABETH CARBONE letty" September 14 h, so willowy . . . give us some that beautiful long hair . . . :thes seem made especially for r . . . "Come on, let's dance" . . visit her at the Telephone nmpany. ee Club 3, 4, T.S.O. 4, Tinsel ne Dance Committee 3, T.S.O. mce 4, Drama Workshop 3. .ttf . THOMAS BOWDEN "Tom" February 28 "Hmmm der, Andy" . . . hunting, fishing and golf are his interests . . . at his best on the basketball court . . . liked by all . . . smooth on the dance floor . . . will leave Carole, darn it! . . . chemistry, his field. Class President l, 3, Student Coun- cil 2, 3, 4, H,R. President l, Boys' State 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4, ln- tramurals l, Sophomore Hop Com- mittee, Junior Prom Committee, T.S.O. 4, Junior Honor Society l. SHIRLEY BRADBURY "Shirl" April 29 "Oh, for Pete's sake" . . . a regu- lar outdoor gal . . . loves horse- back riding . . . hails from Maine -accent and all! . . . loves to yodel . . . career in radio. Varsity Show 3, 4, Pep Club 2, Library Club l, Glee Club 2, F.H.A. 2. ROBERT CARR "Bob" December 25 Mr. Malonis' problem child . . . dig that crazy crew cut! . . . soda ierk . . . hunter, trapper and fisherman . . . keeps to himself. CHARLES CIANELLI "Chas" Nov. 16 Loves to tease . . . work? what's that? . . . football for him . . . loyal West Ender . . . chatterbox . . . always leave 'em laughing . . . oh, that corn! . . . prep school for him. Football 3 4, Student Council 3, Junior Prom Committee, Pioneer Staff 4, Football Formal Com- mittee. JUDITH CAMPBELL "Judy" July 6 Good things come in small pack- ages . . . a wit when you get her started . . . loves to tease . . . a small voice and a small girl. F. H. A. 2, 3, 4, Comet 4, Varsity Show 3. GEORGE CARLSON "Hot Rod" April 9 "Kid with the dead red car" . . , "Where's Nancy?" . . . "What's the hurry?" . . . always has a pass . . . con't, keep awake in English . . . hot rods, hot rods, hot rods!!! ELEANOR CLOUSE "El" Jan. IB Such a pretty smile . . . try to catch sight of her skating , . . "Oh, tor crying out loud" . . . my, what devilish eyes you have. "El" . . . a rose-covered cottage in VleW. Art Club I, Intramurals 2, 3, Var- sity Show 3. THOMAS GEORGE COLEMAN "Tom" Jan. 23 Lover boy . . . smile for all . . . "I.et's have a party" . . . indis- pensable at Dayton's . . . who says he's girl crazy? . . . engineer for sure . . . "UConn, here I come." Student Council I, 3, Junior Honor Society I, t-I.R. President 2, Class Vice President 2, T,S.O. 45 T.S.O. Dance Committee 4, Pioneer 4. CHARLES C ICARELLI "Chick" July I6 Baseball . . . likes to swim . . . cars are his interest . . . girl- friend, Josephine DeCosta . . . "Hey!" . . , his favorite disc, "Rags to Riches" . . . likes to read . . . will ioin the Navy. Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM CLAPP "Bill" May 3I "Fashion Plate" . . . swims like a fish . . . always dressed to per- fection . . . "meow" . . . hobby is sailing . . . so well-mannered . . . Coast Guard, here he comes! Swimming Team I, 2, 3, 4, Var- sity Show 3, 4, Boys State 3, H.R, treasurer 'lg T.S.O. 4, Co-Chairman T.S.O. Dance 4. NANCY ANN CUCURELLO "Nan" Sept. 'IO Nice little classmate . . . smile for all . . . quiet as a mouse . . . loves to dance and collect records . . . "Who wants a home-cooked meal?" , . . Listen and think. Comet Staff 4. JAMES CUNNINGHAM "Jim" Feb. I3 Loyal Momauguinite . . . blonde hair, blue eyes . . . good natured . . . oh, that weekend homework! . . . lives for cars . . . a com- plexion most girls dream of. Intramurals 2, 3, 4. ELIZABETH ANN COCHRAN "Betsy" Aug. 2 What a tiny voice . . . what crazy driver . . . faithful frien . . . we love that cute nose, Bets . . . nursing attracts her. Student Council 2, Varsity Show 3, 4, Drama Workshop 3, 47 Ir tramurals I, 2, 3, 4g Comet 4 Songleader 4. ANN ROSE CRISCUOLA "Chris" Sept. One of the Senior Spooks . . those shiny block curls . . a sh smile for everyone , . neat as t pin . . always on the go , . "Business World, here l came." Drama Workshop 3, 41 Comet 2 4, Art Club 35 F.l'I.A. 2, 3, 4, lr tramurals 'l, 2, 3, 4, Pioneer Stafl Glee Club I. .tl FRANK CHARLES DeFl.IPPO 'FIip" March 2 Iar crazy man . . . powder blue 'lymouth . . . "My Girl" . . . always smiling . . . dark eyes . . . lip's always good for a laugh . . anyone need a repair man? howling Team 4, Intramurals I, 2, I, 4. CAMILLIA MARY DeMUSIS CamilIe" October 8 lne of our fashionewise seniors . . pretty clothes on a pretty yirl , . . off to Florida every year . . camera bug . . . tickles the rorios . . . "Love that blue incoIn". 'ep Club 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, , 4, Comet 3, 4, F. H. A. 3, 4, ioneer Stat'f 4, Varsity Show 2, , Drama Workshop 3, 4, Sham- ock Cotillion Dance Committee 2. WILLIAM SMITH CURTISS "Wild Bllli' June I1 Our confirmed bachelor . . . high marks are easy for "wild Bill" . . . he's at his best in the chem or physics lab . . . behind the foun- tain at "Everybady's" . . . our perspective Yalie. T.S.O. 4, French Club 4, Dialectic Society 3, 4, Pioneer SIGN, Junior Honor Society I, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, H.R. Vice President 2, Var- sity Show 3, 4, Boy's State 3, T.S.O. Dance 4. ROBERT DAVISON "Bevo" May I The quiet one . . . high marks come naturally for "Bevo" . . . sports are his life . . . one of our basketball stars . . . "Yeh? Then what happened?" . . . a sure bet for engineering. Basketball 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, T.S.O. 4, Boy's State 3. CAROL LOIS DOLAN "Red" October I7 Wonder why the nickname? . . . spots planes for our country . . . Where's Ilene? . . . dressed iust so . . . honors are familiar . . . marked for nursing. Junior Honor Society I, Student Council 4, Modern Language Club 3, T.S.O. 4. ADRIENNE ELLIOTT "Adrienne" January I2 Quiet, but not when cheering . . . 90's are her specialty . . . loves to write . . . such a brain . . . one of the Senior Spooks . . . nice manners . . . college mate- rial. Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Junior Honor Society I, T.S.O. 4, Comet 4, Var- sity Show 2, Student Council 4, Drama Workshop 4, Art Club 4, Co-Captain Cheerleaders 4, Pion- eer Football Formal Committee 4, Spanish Club 4. ' is-up FRANCES BETTY DEGNALL "Peanuts" January I3 Such pretty red hair . . . paint- ing and singing are her hobbies . . . always o smile for her class- mates . . . our comptometer operator. Art Club I, 2, 4, Drama Work- shop 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, T.S.O. 4, Varsity Show I, 2, 3. MARIE ANN DeSERIO "PeeWee" July 19 Oh, those flashing eyes! . . . "Hey Carol" . . . Boardman lost a cheerleader . . . cute lisp . . . trimmed slim. F.H.A. 4, Intramurals 2, 3. JOHN ESPOSITO "Eppie" April 6 Easy to get along with . . . loves to eat . . . gridiron star . . . smooth talker . . . snazzy dresser . . . pretty smart, too . . . "Take it easy" . . college for him. Student Council 1, 2, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, H.R. President 1, Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club 3. DONALD FRAWLEY "Don" December 31 Homework?, waste of time! . . . a real hot rod bug . . . "Let's go for a ride" . . . how does he fit them all? . . . there's another in the trunk! . . . hey, watch that curvel DOLORES MARIA ESPOSITO "Dolor" August 19 Always with a smile and o ioke . . . never without Bev . . . everyone's friend . . . collects records . . . neat dresser . . . "l'm hungry" . . . loves to eat . . . future teacher. H. R. Secretary 3, Glee Club 2, 3, F.H.A. 3, Modern Language Club 2, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Varsity Show 2, 4, Drama Workshop 3, 4. FRANK ESPOSITO "Chubby" November 1 Mr. Mercury . . . smooth . . . easy on the eyes . . . quiet at times . . . at home on the basket- ball court . . . oh, those side- boards! . . . "Dotty". Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. GILBERT GAFFNEY "Gilly" December 9 A live wire any time . . . keeps 'em laughing . . . never a dull moment . . . "Tell them about Gregory, Fran" . . . Graves woudn't exist without him . . . golf "pro". Art Club 2, Football 1, Basketball I, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Soph- omore Hop Co-chairman. PHYLLIS MARJORIE GAMACHE "Phyl" March 30 Quiet and demure . . . glossy black, curly locks . . . religion up- permost in her mind . . . high marks no worry . . . "Anyone seen Dottie or Fran?" . . . hand me those bandages. Junior Honor Society 1, Modern language Club 2, 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Comet 4, T.S.O. 3, 4. GAY LINDA FAIR "Lin" July Such pretty blonde curls . . quiet?, hmmm, we wonder . . . I true friend . . . another Foxonit . . . loves to read . . . yea, rah rah! Walfe's . . . Angel in White Junior Honor Society 1, Varsit Show 3, Drama Workshop 3, 4 Comet 4, T.S.O. 4, Pioneer Staff 4 NANCY MARILYN FREEMAN "Nance" January 1 Quiet, yet friendly . . . high mark always come her way . . . she ant the art club are like this . . seen behind the Holcombe coun ter . . .nursing's for her. Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Vict President 1, H.R. President 3 T.S.O. 4, Junior Honor Society 1 Varsity Show 3, Dialectic Societg 3, 4, T.S.O. Dance Committee 4, Pioneer Staff 4. HENRY FRANCIS HEFFERMAN "Herr" July I2 Tall and handsome . . . sports minded . . . likes bowling . . . an eye out for the opposite sex . . . a future Marine. Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 25 T.S.O. 45 Baseball I5 H.R. President 25 Sophomore Hop, Pioneer Staff 4. JOHN HENRY "Jack" July 6 Dm of the West End Gang . . . 'he silent type??? . . . how do you make that car run, Jock? . . . an avid bowling fan . . . iust loves homework! Co-captain Bowling Team 4. 'RSP' L. JULIANNE HALL DUDLEY HARRISON "Julie" September I ,,Dud,, November 8 Fashion Plate . . . very sophisti- , cated ,,Cml Cuten er- Short, light and blonde . . . ' ' ' Y ' ' ' P iunior heart throb . . . the shy fume and flowers . . . born secre- ,, , ,H 'aryl type . . . Wheres Don. . . . T.S.O. 45 Comet 45 Glee Club 'I5 Varsity Show 2. make mine farming. Student Council 'I5 Intramurals 1. WILLIAM JACOBSON "BiIl" January 8 Friendly chap . . . give me a ride to New Haven, Bill! . . . blonde hair and blue eyes . . . "laugh and the world laughs with you". Glee Club I, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Show 3, 45 Pioneer Stal? 45 Comet 'l. CASIMIR PETER JASUDOWICH "Cas" April 29 A-fishing we will go . . . quite an ice skater . . . terriffic ac- cordion player . . . tall n' blonde . . . real quiet . . . "l'm un- decided". JOSEPH ANTHONY HELLER "Jose" January 24 Hunting, trapping, and fishing . . . sense of humor . , . homework?, oh, no! . . . iust loves algebra . . . leaves Mr. Sugrue wondering. Audio Visual Aids I, 2, 3, 4. ANGELINA ROSE IANNOTTI "Angie" March I8 A friend to all . . . beautiful com- plexion . . . loves to bake . . . good marks . . . seen and not heard . . . personality plus. Student Counfil 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee5 T.S.O. 45 Drama Workshop 45 Comet 45 Pioneer Staff 4. RICHARD JOHNSON November 2 "Dick" Our handsome Dan . . . oh, those pegged pants and suede shoes! . . . hey girls, wait for me! . , . a smooth dancer . . . asset to the drum corps . . . a future in the Marine Corps. Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. JAMES JOSEPH KEEGAN "Buddy" November 24 Hails from Notre Dame . . .oh, those eyes! . . . girls a necessity ot lite . . . Marines tor him. A for DOROTHY MARY JOHNS "Dotty" October 4 Variety is the spice of lite . . . skates, bowls . . . smooth on the dance floor . . . so sweet . . . love that laugh . . . nice dresser . . . future in the business world. Comet 3, Art Club 2, F.H.A. 4, H.R. President 3, Varsity Show 3, 4, Drama Workshop 3, 4, Intra- murals 2p T.S.O. 4, Pioneer Staff 4. DOROTHY CHARLOTTE JOHNSON "Dottie" July 25 Likable personality . . . s smooth dresser . . . loves a good time . . . cy, ay, co-captain . . . neat and sweet . . . a real sparkplug . . . Dottie, Josey and Lulu always! . . . a future tempera- ture-taker. Student Council 'lg Drama Work- shop 3, 4, Comet 3, Pioneer Lay- Out Editor 45 H.R. President 3, Varsity Show 3, 4, Intramurals lg Co-Captain T. S. O. 4. HELEN MURIEL KELSEY "Kellyfish" January 7 Loyal Foxonite . . . everybody's pal . . . a perfect definition of sweet . . . guitar is her best friend . . . the best at square dancing . . . handy with needle and thread. Junior Honor Society Ig Intra- murals l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Show 3, 4, Art Club 3, F.H.A. 3, 4, T.S.O. 4, Glee Club 3. "zur DOROTHY KINGSFORD "Dot" August 29 High marks a must . . . Girls' Stater . . . "Miss Efficiency" . . . always with a worry . . . Doug's her boy . . . asset to the business world. Junior Honor Society I, Freshman Frolic I, Modern Language Club 2, 3, Mardi Gras Dance Choir- man 2, Comet Business Board 3, 4, Varsity Show 3, 4, Intramurals l, 27 Laurel Girls' State 3, T.S.O. 4. RONALD DAVID KAISER "Ron" September 23 Blonde and freckles . . . "me and my car" . . . oft on another fish- ing trip . . . never misses a day . . . "Where's Bob?" . . . "Sail- ing, sailing, over the ocean blue," Audio Visual Aids 'I, 2, 3, 4, ln- tramurals I. JOAN CAROL KEEGAN "Joanie" February 9 Sugar ond spice . . . quiet plus . . . "Not too crazy!" . . . Joanie, Dot, and Alice, a loyal threesome . . . loves ice skating . . . "Take a letter, Miss Keegan." Comet 35 F.H.A. I, 3, 4, Varsity Show 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Drama Workshop 3, 4, Glee Club 'Ip Freshman Frolic Dance Com- mittee. PAUL LASKO "Paul" April 2 Mon with a mission . . . "Got to go to work at the bank" . . . fun to have in a crowd . . . always good for a laugh . . . oh, Joyce! . . . business administrator. H.R. President I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, Intramurals 'I, 2, 3, 4, T.S.O. 4, Modern Language Club I, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom Committee, Pioneer Business Manager, Senior Class Treasurer. THERESA ALINE LEMIEUX "Terry" July I5 One of our quiet seniors . . . our friendly Frenchy . . . good sense of humor . . . loves to write . . . nursing is her aim. Intramurals I, 2, 3, T.S.O. 4, Varsity Show 3, 4, Drama Work- shop 4, T.S.O. Dance Committee 4. RICHARD BERNARD KOWALESKI "Dick" January 19 Ambassador from Cross . . . "Best Looking" . . . smile for all . . . "Hear your name on the Juke Box? . . . always on the golf links . . . any relation to Hogan, Dick? . turning "Pro"?? Student Council 4, H.R. President 4, Drama Workshop 4, Intra- murals 3, 4, Modern Language Club 3, 4, T.S.O. 4, Pioneer Staff 4. THOMAS DONALD LaFONTAINE "Red" April I5 Look at the flaming red hair . . . freckles, too . . . quiet, at times! . . . math's his meat . . . one of the Foxon boys . . . can be seen driving a green Ford. RAYMOND LUYC KX "Ray" June 7 Took the teachers 4 years to learn to spell his name . . . the quiet type in school, but out - Wow! . . . interested in girls . . . future undecided. Intramurals 2, 3, Modern Lang- uage Club 3, Bowling Team I, T.S.O. 4. RICHARD MAHER "Dick" February 20 How's the air up there? . . . able merman . . . swimming and boat- ing . . . avid Rifle Club member . . . a certain Junior girl . . . smart dresser. Student Council 4, Swimming Team 3 4- T.S O. 4- Junior Pro 1 , - I ma, Committee, H. R. Vice President 3. ROGER LECZA "Lecz" September 28 Football and more football . . . always working on his car . . target for Mr. Tierney's iokes . . oh, that hair! . . . hot rods!!! Football 2, 3, 4, Student Council I, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. KENNISTON WINFIELD LORD, JR. "Ken" September 3 "My name is not Kenneth" . . . came from Maine in his senior year . . . left his girl . . , loves music . . . debating is fun for him . . . a poet, we know it. . . aspires to teachers college. Band I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra I, 2, 3, Debating I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club I, 2, 3 4, T.S.O. 4, Pioneer Staff. ,ig -at 1 A , . A ...S V I U " N: ir, . 139 ii .. 1- el -HQ 'iz ' '34 .Vt K is Q , . , . :F ff :Lf .Qs V' . 4 K. A fiiwfli Quwrick- N 4 .Qi 1.4, . u ANTHONY MASSARI "Tony" July 2'l A is for athlete . . . high marks are easy . . . our choice for Prom King . . . always at basketball . . . popular . . . well-mannered . . . college? but of course! Baseball l, 2, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Co-captain of T.S.O. 4, lntrae murals I, 2. ALICE DOROTHY MATTEI "Allie" April 9 Oh, that creamy complexion and dark hair! , . . dances like a dream . . . Alice without Dotty?, Never! . . . Pat, her sailor boy . . . real crazy iitterbuger! Student Council I, 2, T.S.O. 4, Varsity Show I, 2, Comet 3, 4, Drama Workshop 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, H.R. Officer I, 2, Pio- neer Staff 4. ELAINE MALINOWSKI "Elaine" September 'I5 Always dressed to perfection . . . "Most Dramatic" . . . such lovely eyes . . . always fun to have in a crowd . . . pleasant voice and personality . . . she will make a nice secretary, F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Comet 3, 4, Drama Workshop 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Var- sity Show 3, 4. ANGELINA MARENNA "Judy" December 31 A whiz on roller skates . . . who wants to bowl? . . . short, black, wavy hair . . . how about some cookies, Angie? . . . a future secretary. Glee Club 2, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Show 4, T.S.O. 4. DONAS LOUISE MCKENNA "Don" August 2 Always on the go . . . "Biggest Line" . . . peppy cheerleader . . . storehouse of energy . . . quite the lady driver . . . "Laugh and the world laughs with you." F.H.A. I, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Show 3, 4, H.R. Treas- urer 3, 4, Drama Workshop 3, 4, Cheerleaders 4, Comet 3, 4, Foot- ball Formal Committee 4. BEVERLY McLEESE "Beans" June 26 Who's a chatterbox? . . . I'm hungry . . . Bev and Dolores, al' ways . . . such pretty long hair . . . fun to be with . . . great sense of humor . . . asset to the Varsity Show . . . nursing career. H.R. Secretary I, 2, Student Coun- cil 3, Comet 3, Modern language Club 2, F.H.A. 3, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Show I, 2, 3, 4, Drama Workshop 3, 4. ANGELINA MASSARO "Angie" April 24 Cute and petite . . . lives to roller skate and dance . . . member of the Senior Spooks . . . typing's her talent . . . future comptometer operator. Glee Club 2. DANIEL MAUTTE "Dan" January 28 Outstanding on the gridiron . . . goes for blondes . . . one of the boys . . . hit a homerun, Danny! Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, H.R. Treas- urer 3. FRANCES MARGARET MCTROTTES "Fran" October I3 Fran and Lois, always . . . high marks come naturally . . . sweet and shy . . . trim figure . . . any- one need help in math? . . . alter- wates between reading and ping- oong . . . college will snatch her. Modern Language Club I, 2, 3, 1, Junior Honor Society 1, Drama Norkshop 3, 4, Student Council 4, Art Club 4, Comet 4, Dialectic Society 3, T.S.O. 4, Pioneer Staff 4. BARBARA JANE MONACO 'Bob" September I3 Such shiny locks . . . Barbara and lill . . . nice,vaice for broad- :asting . . . quite the basketball zuthority . . . one of our actresses . . a real card, once you get her going. krt Club 3, Drama Workshop 4, ntramurals 'l, 2, 3, 4, Spanish :lub 4, Comet 3, Pep Club 3, larsity Show 2, 3, 4. MARY LOUISE MCLEESE "Lulu" April I5 Always a smile for everyone . . . collects records . . . LuLu, Josey, and Dottie, a steady threesome . . . likes to dance . . . "Take a letter, Lulu." F.H.A. 3, 4, Drama Workshop 3, 4, Comet 3, 4, Varsity Show 3, 4, Intrmurals I, 2, 3, 4, T.S.O. 4, Pioneer Staff 4. PAUL THURSTON MCNALLY "Mac" August 26 Popular member of the bowling team . . . Mary Ann and Mac . . . a camera bug . . . cars fascinate him . . , can take one apart and put it together again. Bowling Team l, 2, 3, 4. JOSEPHINE LOUISE NORDEN "Josey" December 2 "Oh, haw I hate to get up in the morning!" . . . cute in her knee socks . . . Knits for Bob . . . Look at those flashing eyes . . . a cheery hello . . . secretarial career. Art Club 3, Drama Workshop 3, 4, Comet 3, 4, F.H.A. Secretary 4, H.R. Treasurer 3, 4, H.R. Sece retary 2, 3, Student Council l, 3, Pioneer Staff 4, Freshman Frolic, Ring Committee. PHYLLIS JEAN NORDEN "Phil" January 'I A boy, where??? . . . pretty blue eyes and long brown curls . . . who's a fiirt? . . . loyal Momau- quinite . . . a secretarial career for her. RICHARD ALEX MIZGER "Mits" June 25 Aided our football team . . . catching smile . . . "Mits" leaves Billie, Darn! . . . one of the gang . . . at home on the baseball diamond . . . college for him. Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Football 4, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Hap Chairman. GABRIEL MONACO "Gabe" July I2 Always with the iokes . . . dig that crazy hair-do . . . "Cool Scene" . . . a good sport . . . loves football . . . heads for the Marines. I Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, H.R. Presi- dent I, H.R. Vice President 2, Football 1, 3, 4, Swimming I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 4, Varsity Show 3, 4, Comet 4, Junior Pram Com- mittee. JOSEPH O'MARA "Red" January 4 One of our class humorists . . . always keeps 'em laughing . . . set shot whiz . . . sports and more sports . . . ladies' man . . . what a linel Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3. ELEANOR MARY PAJESKI "El" March 25 Cute as a button, neat as a pin . . . knits just for George . . . friend to all . . . asset to the business world. T.S.O. 3, 4, Comet 2, 3, 4, Varsity Show 3, 4, Drama Workshop 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Pioneer Stall! 4. -'FS LEROY NUH N "Leroy" October 'I8 Intelligent fella! . . . wonderful memory . . . usually seen in Hol- combe's . . . who's on the other end of that phone, Hmmmm??? Dioletic Society 3. JOHN OLSON "Johnny" August 'IO Tall, quiet and very cute . . . oh, that Model A! . . . No, I Hot Rod Kid . . . iust can't make it to school on time. -A for MARION JOAN PARILLO "Mar" September 5 Nice clothes on o nice figure . . . asset to the Cheerleaders . . . a mile o minute talker . . . likes to dance . . . "Hey kids, wait for me" . . . a future secretary. Comet 'l, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. I, 3, 4, Varsity Show 2, 4, Drama Workshop 3, 4, Intra- murals l, 2, 3, 4, Junior Honor Society l, H.R. Secretary, T.S.O., Football Formal Committee 4, Pioneer Stat? 4. TERESA LOUISE PARLATO "Terry" August 5 Ambitious, studious, friendly, and just plain terrific! . . . a iob to be done is a challenge . . . good sport for her many teasers . . . all for E. H. H. S .... D. A. R. Girl . . . future English teacher. Student Council 2, 3, Class Secre- tary 'l, 2, Girls' State 3, Sopho- more Hop, Junior Honor Society, Co-Chairman Junior Prom Pioneer Editor 4, Cheerleaders 3, 4, Vare sity Show 2, 3, 4, Football Formal 4, T.S.O, D. A. R. Girl 4. 1 ,J X 1 f ANN . DOLORES ONOFRIO "Chico" August 2 "Gee whiz" . . . loves to go rolle skating . . . Ann and Judy . . trJe Foxonite . . . "Take a letter Ann." Intramurals 2, 3, Glee Club 2, 3 4, Varsity Show 4. MARIE ANTOINETTE PALMIERI "Marie" July 2 Where there's Marie, there're boy . . . oh, a convertible! . . . sparl ling brown eyes . , . sings lik a canary . . . anybody need comptometer operator? Art Club I, 2, 4, Varsity Show I Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Junic Prom Committee, F.H.A., H.I Treasurer I, 2, 3, Football Formc Committee 4. GRACE PlTTS 'Grace" November 5 Quiet, likable girl . . . hails from ioxon . . . pleasant personality . . easy to get along with . . . un to have in a crowd. BARBARA ANN RACCIO 'Bob" May 5 Such a pretty smile . . . sweet as sugar . . . loyal 206'er . . . such :iretty black hair . . . a certain lunior boy . . . secretary deluxe. 't.R. Secretary 35 Drama Work- 'ho 45 Comet 4- Varsity Show 25 . p , l.S.O. 45 Sophomore Hop5 lntru- nurals l, 2, 3, 4. i A fl b AUDREY PECKHAM "Aud" April l7 Demure and well groomed . . . witty . . . loves to knit . . . Mr. Malonis' friend?? . . . nursing for her. DOMINIC PETTINICHI "Pet" December 12 Sports and Dom make a perfect twosome . . . thinks the girls are pretty nice '. . . and so is he . . . everybody's buddy. Football l, 2, 3, 45 Football For- mal Committee 45 All-State Foot- ball Team 4. FRANK RANFONE "Snow Shoes" January 9 Where there's girls, there's Frank . . . dungarees are his favorite . . . anybody seen the "Gang"? . . . loyal West Ender. Football 2, 3, 45 Intramurals l, 2, 3, 45 H.R. Vice President 25 Basket- ball Manager 4. Q af" THOMAS RANFONE "Rooney" January 9 Where there's laughter, there's Tommy . . . smooth on the dance floor . . . what's homework ? . . . loves to tease . . . one of Mr. Tierney's headaches. Football 3, 45 Bowling Team 45 H.R. President 3, 45 Pioneer Staff 4. JOAN MARIE POIRIER "Sport" November ll One of Mrs. Coulter's crew . . . swing your partner . . . hoist that sail . . . member of the Senior Spooks . . . "Jack and me" . . . future in the business world. Art Club l, 25 Intramurals l, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 25 Pioneer Staff. CARL RADEMACHER "Carl" January 22 Our import from Cross . . . tal- ented accordian player . . . why haven't we heard from him? . , . quiet as o mouse . . . so, how is the family? . . . future printer. VICTOR ST. JOHN "Vic" June I5 An export to Cheshire . . . what a crazy car! . . . give me time, I'lI get therel Football 2, 3, 4, H.R. Secretary 2. DOROTHY ELLEN SCHARF "Dottie" September 23 Nice things come in small pack- ages . . . nimble with a thimble . . . always at the skating rink . . . a loyal Momauguinite . . . secretarial career. Modern Language Club I, H.R. Secretary I, 2, Student Council 3, Drama Workshop 3, 4, Comet 3, 4, Pioneer Staff 4, T.S.O. 4. ANNA MARGARET RASCHKE "Ann" June I7 "Sugar and spice and everything nice" . . . so quiet . . . neat as a pin . . . "Let's go skating" . . . swing your partner . . . tickles the ivories. . Art Club 3, 4, Modern Language Club 3, Glee Club 4. MARYANN PATRICIA SABINE "MaryAnn" October 23 Sweet and lovely . . . a cute little figure donned with the nicest clothes . . . Paul and MaryAnn, the perfect duo . . . pretty when she blushes . . . business college for her. Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Hop, Comet 3, 45 Drama Work- shop 3, 4, F.H.A. 3, 4, Varsity Show 3, 4, Cheerleaders 3, 4, T.S.O. 4, H.R. Secretary 4, Foot- ball Formal Committee 4, Pioneer Staff 4. ROBERT TALBOT "Talbo" February II "You know what I mean" . . . likes model railroads and records . . . chemistry whiz . . . High marks come easily . . . will enter college. T.S.O. 4, Dialectic Society 3, 4: Student Council 3, 4, Modern Language Club 3, Junior Honor Society I. A Jessi OMAS "BQ , J 4 "Sil 'c is o . nice and friend . wi needle re . l e's her a . Let uare dancing." F.H.A. 4, Clu , Intramurals 'l, 2, 3. DOMINIC A. SCALISE "Dom" August 2 Our handsome hillbilly . . . lady man . . . next to girls, he like cars . . . hobby is art . . . one c the Foxon Gang . . . future wit the U.5.A.F. .lunior Honor Society 'lp Intrc murals I, Varsity Show 3, 4. ILENE FRANCES SKRINSKI "Skrin" November I The eyes have it . . . always friendly hello to all . . . a quit miss, most of the time! . . . sl' and Carol - very good friem . . . nursing, here she comesl Modern Language Club 3, lntrl murals I, 2, 3, 4, T.S.O. 45 Pionel Staff 4. NELSON THOMAS 'Nel" August 23 nioys hunting and fishing . . . much too guiet . . . shies away rom the fair sex . . . "Easy ome, easy go" . . . a future utdoorsman. 1tramurals l, 2, 3, 4. NICHOLAS VAUISO Nick" March 2l fhere there's life, there's Nicky . . just loves homework??? . . . Biggest Tease" . . . at home on ne football field . . . please, irls, one at a time. :atball Team I, 2, 3, 4, Student ouncil l, Junior Prom Co-chair- an, H.R. Treasurer 'l, Football :rmal Chairman 4. LILLIAN THOMAS "Lill" June 20 Singing and swimming . . . what a beautiful voice! . . . easy to get along with . . . one of the Senior Spooks . . . music should be her career. Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Show 'l, 2, 3, 4, T.S.O. 4, Student Council 2, 4, Treasurer 4, H.R. President 'l, All-State Chorus 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Sophomore Hop, Drama Workshop. MARION LOUISE THOMAS "Weezie" June 30 What pretty blonde, curly hair! . . . smooth on the dance floor . . . personality plus . . . hobbies are sports and music . . . a career in the Waves. Glee Club 2, 3, 4: l"lff0"nU"Ul5 lf 2, 3, 4, T.S.O. 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama Workshop 3, 4: Varsity Show l, 2, 3, 4: Pioneer Staff 4. SALVATORE JOHN VERGATI "Sal" January 9 Oh, those sparkling eyesl . . . and that Ipana smilel . . . can be found in Holcombe's . . . on the phone, talking to Lorraine . . . a future biology teacher. GEORGE PAUL WAGNER "George" July I5 Mr. President . . . oh, that crazy crew cut . . . nothing but 90's . . . pride of 212 . . . interested in everything . . . likes to debate . . . all that he says makes sense . . . college, of coursel President, Junior Honor Society 1, Class President 2, 4, Student Coun- cil 2, 3, President 4, President Honor Society 4, Debating Club 3, President 4, Boy's State 3, Stu- dent Athletic Director 4, Varsity Show 3, 4, Lieutenant T.S.O. 4, Pioneer Staff 4. WILLIAM ALOYSIUS TOLENTO "Bill" October 8 A smile for everyone, especialfy Barbara . . . good looker and snazzy dresser . . . real smooth . . . drafting school for him. Varsity Show 3, 4, Drama Work- shop 4. WINIFRED JOSEPHINE VENUS "Winnie" February 4 Goldy Locks . . . a real artist . . . an eye out for the opposite sex . . . big blue eyes . . . likes to design clothes. Art Club l, 2, Modern Language Club l, Intramurals I, 2, Varsity Show 3, 4, Drama Workshop 3, Pioneer Staff 4. PAUL WISMINITI "Wiz" April 17 Hey, Paul, l'tow's the weather up there? . . . llkes to tease the fair sex . . . sports for a sport . . . he has his own school calendar . . . likes cars . . . "lt's the motor that counts" . . . aids our basket- ball team. Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 4, Baseball I, 2, 4. NANCY CLAUDE WATKINS "Nance" September 7 Pretty teeth add to the ever- present smile . . . such a cute smile, too . . . our tiny package . . . quite the artist . . . takes good care of Joanie . . . we,like that even temper, Nance! . . . take it to college. Art Club 3, 4, Dialectic Society 3, Drama Workshop 3, 4, Varsity Show 3, 4, French Club 4, Cheer- leader 4, H.R. Vice President 4, Football Formal Committee 4, T.S.O. 4, Pioneer Stat? 4. DAVID SCOTT WATROUS "Watty" January I4 Mr. Vice President . . . "Because of You," Marie . . . a smile for all . . . adds to the Varsity Show with his xylophone . . . Home- work?, well you've got to take time out to live! . . . high marks come easy for this future engineer. Student Council 1, Vice President 4, Class Vice President 3, 4, Var- sity Show l, 2, 3, 4, Swimming 3, 4, Boys' State 3, Tratfic Squad Lt. 4, Junior Prom Committee, Junior Honor Society l, Dance Committee 4, Pioneer Staff 4. GLENDA WILSON "Glenda" June ll Hey, Rebel! . . . "I do not talk with an accent" . . . down home in Missouri . . . give us a cheer . . . oh, those pretty eyes! . . . Football Queen . . . personality plus. Freshman Frolic Co-chairman, ln- tramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Comet l, 2, 3, 4, Drama Workshop 3, 4, F.H.A 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, 4, Pioneer Staff 4, Football Formal 4. FRANCIS ALBERT ZAMPIELLO "lamp" October Our number one scholar . . . el ioys a good ioke, especially on of Mr. Tierney's . . . smoot dresser with a pleasing persona ity . . . safety is the keynote whe driving . . . "Ahem, this shoul read 95, not 90." . . . "Doctc Zampiello needed in surgery." Junior Honor Society l, Moder Language Club 2, President 5 Dialectic Society 3, Vice Presider 4, T.S.O. 4, H.R. Vice President 1 Drama Workshop 4, Varsity Show 3, Orchestra I, 2, Associate Edlte Pioneer 4. L -ffxiqfgag v A L T 7 f W fqiiiy 74 'Ev wx, fKVxfxYvx1f N-J Y K f K fx-P x 1 Q- .4 , ' ' N ' . 5 ' n F K, I ,J 'l'JM4' A I 53' . I L, 1 lc' 1, -f-X ' il I N0 5 'aff I ' f 4. 1 5 4 fs ' g I , '5 . 9 J ' Q y ,fl J' 4 Q l f m f 4 2 4 Q V S J Xl I , if si 4 K f . vm! Y Q C5 11, A XX QV, fm-'Dm MM IX, HOMEROOM 102 First row, left to right: F. Lombardi, R. Chambers, N. Lamson, M. Hal loran, P. Burke, K. Lawler. Second row: R. Bertolini, R. Stand ish, M. Altrui, D. Vogt, R. Cos- tanzo, T. Ude. Third row: J. Avitable, P. Saunders. J UNI R Class Advisors Mr. Horace Marone Miss Barbara Folsom I HOMEROOM 101 First row, left to right: S. Wardlt N. Maisano, B. Brown, H. Scillle C. Walsh. Second row: J. Granata, V. Lands A. M. Catania, R. M. Ryan, I Prosch, V. Schurll. Third row: J. Marenna, W. Bom Wilson, J. DePoto, J. Janlxln: Thomas, D. Person, T. Mauttl Y' HOMEROOM 207 First row, left to right: S. L'Heur- eux, E. DePclma, M. Albano, S. Provost, H. Walters, B. Funaro. Second row: W. Wyllie, S. Mitchell C. Leona, B. Brinkman, E. Kurtz C. Bishop, F. Kronberg. Third row: R. Hill, M. Halloran, W Fruin, F. Funaro, W. Webster. Fourth row: W. Lawler, S. Onolrio F. Keefe, A. Giannotti, E. Sullivan l L...-4 -si H ' :'. Ks 4 l N- "fn - , 'F' ,QC .' 'lr Q "' . Y ,Q Sl .. -J ,N .4 x go . wi 1 5 A if ......ar-we HOMEROOM 204 First row, left to right: M. Deflippo, L. Lapedes, C. Velardi, M. Paolillo, V. Zampano, B. Murray, J. Cara- feno, C. Moosdorf. Second row: J. Wolfe, E. Swanson, B. Plaslzon, E. Piombino, P. Rey- nolds, B. Leavestrom, F. Waterbury, O. Muro, J. McFarland, J. Tucker, S. Korngiebel. Third row: F. Jaurlzell, C. Ruggerio, J. Narracci, M. Paalillo, R. Bash- and, J. Curry, R. Carlson, H. Warm- ingham, D. Cunningham. Fourth row: H. Barker, E. McGuig- gan, S. Clow, N. Russo. ,f 1 I 0 HOMEROOM 211 First row, left to right: L. Judge, A. Porto, J. Cross, P. Clark, G. Jackson. Second row: L. Jacobson, J. De Maio, C. Santanello, T.'Criccl1i, J. Applegate. Third row: A. Byrne, J. Kaczynslxi, W. Rosenquist, J. Muller, D. Eld- ridge. Fourth row: M. Brereton, J. Sygiel, E. Herpolr, J. Bradley, J. Carlson, R. Brennan, R. Montgomery, G. Downer. S . an-u ni-n 30, H0151 RE lv L' L R num-:annum-T-unauaua.-no-.1-.fm 1 -I . ,L . ' - - --M-1 l ... . wg A L A. .V , 3 I Y . - .y as ,S 5.-sl 'gi ' yf f . . Q Q" A f w -A - 'af To Ji .fn-wx. mn 1 I - ' 4 ' r '. ,,, A . ..- Homerzoom 205 'VT 7, ' xi li , f ' ., . . First row, left to right: E. Zalonslli w , g lkf V 5 T' 5 J E. Piscitelli, K. Leeper, E. Burke, J 3 X.. ' , 4' .A- DeSolo, R. Hill, E. Hughes. J Hsin' I . I ' ' ' Second row: C. Martin, J. Mclay N N. Harrington, l, Grimaldi. . A' Third row: C, Leonetti, 'E. Jacllson L, Knapp, J. Corso. " , Fourth row: R. Swanson, C. Tirpalc F, Boldassori, Rf Chozonzy, D Magna. . i gi 61" .wwk .5 600 O fxo ml Je.. in in rm A l it 2' sd , I nik J 2 L tfgr iv A as Wi I L f .V fe T? 4 Q W HOMEROOM 310 First row, left to right: L. Burton A. Petrillo, F. Scarpace, A. Cucur- ello, W. Roberts, M. Breymoyor, P. MocNolly. Second row: J. Zito, J. Grimm, P. Terrace, M. A. Yoshenlco, M. Abner, H. Casey, S. Rathburn, J. Andrea. Third row: R. Batick, N. Scilia, R. Harrison, S. Corso, T. Letis, J. Streeto, J. Melillo. 1 I ..-CM j feaf 'Ml I7 -ff ,, . f., i HOMEROOM 209 First row, left to right: R. Bolsomo, M. Carlson, D. Lincoln, L. Brough- ton, J. Raymond, A. Cicarello, M. McAuliHe. Second row: I. Friberg, B. Cook, J. Porloto, M. Nuuo, P. Grud- zinski, K. Morgan.. Third row: R. Brockway, F. Cos- tonzo, S. Owen, K, Brereton, W. I Bennet, A. Bean. Fourth row: S. Sheades, D. Thomas, C. Brooks, W. Blotchley. via' Class Advisors Miss Yota Bouzoucos Mr. Frank Crisafi ii IL av? K? 495. W 'Zi xi HOMEROOM 308 First row, left to right: B. Colrus J. Zabski, M. Spadacenta, A. De Porto, S. LeMieux, M. Yorks, C Norden, C. luo. Second row: W. Quick, M. Kenney, A, Grover, R. Jacocks, B. Behler, J Criscuolo. Third row: N. Koerber, R. Danehy, fl T. Haesche. Qrlfk .fe 1 JJ 556' HOMEROOM 302 First row, left to right: F. Quinlan L. Fritzell, I. Arabolos, F. Massari, T. Petrillo, J. Peacock, R. Noonan, P. Reading. Second row: R. Blake, G. Palmer l.. wlligrino, T. Tomaso, B. Krcw yk, Rp,Velardi, A. limoncelli. la .1 fu, L Y 4,4 fx NS- A c 319 Q x ,ne ,cl WZ 29, li '7 V ll f . . no-1 Z A S 'i Y I, 1 HOMEROOM 305 First row, left to right: P. D'Amico, B. Weimer, J. Kirk, P. Ruotolo, J. Storo, A. Sarno, M. landino. Second row: H. Lage, J. Criscuolo, E. Aldrich, J. Bunnell, J. Richards, J. Libby. Third row: T. Brown, M. Pelligrino, F. Wilson, W. Welch, A. Aveni, H. Baker, E. Barbato. Fourth row: R. Heller, A. Concilio, C. Panico, N. Vegliante, M. Cer- rito, R. Castellon, R. Ezold, E. Surprenant. HOMEROOM 105 First row, left to right: L. Sanda cata, S. Palmeri, M. Abner, L. Ritchie, F. Burns, A. Wisting, M O'Mors, R. Schottman. Second row: C. Dow, C. Cunning ham, A. Shepard, B. Blakeslee, C Lupall, L. Brown, R. Copp, D. Mi lano. Third row: M. Criscuolo, R. Funaro, R. Cooper, R. Andree, A. Panagros- si, J. Corvi, H. Siswick. Fourth row: V. Santanello, H. Ma ciak, D. Fulfard, R. Schneider. HOMEROOM 201 First row, left to right: V. Gedneu G. Fuehrer, H, Clouse, Z. Knight C. Foppicno, P. Tritto, J. Fucci, J Brown. Second row: N. Longolourdi, F. Lom bardi, J. Gritfen, P. Mclntosh, D Newton, M. Rathbun, E. Blalleslea J. Chidsey. Third row: R. Benson, K. Potter, J Marino, R. Brewen, A. Girardi, B Egan, J. Burrone, F. Grindell. Fourth row: R. Sciolla, J. Schartz L. Magoveny, J. DeCaprio, K Rogers, M. Keegan, W. Jasudowich E. Mierzeiewslxi. FRESHMEN HOMEROOM 313 First raw, left to right: S. DoPlna, B. Boyington, D. Mattel, L. Del Vecchio, N. Hines, P. Meade, D, Richards, R. Tamer. Second row: J. Bayzat, L. Seper, G. Bousquet, F. Desmond, J. Brus- seau, M. Meeker, R. Walters. Third row: C."Ohidy, R. Winslow, J. Carr, W. McCall, Jr., W. Poinier, M. Rowley, H. Collins. Fourth row: R. Bartlett, J. Piergrossi, H. Klocllurs, R. Geremia, M. Mc- Nulty, P. Doane, B. Drohaslri. , l i :- n-me HOM E ROOM 306 First row, left to right: M. Vergoti L. Gentile, R. Morrena, E. DeSanto A. DaCrosta, M. Kennedy, A. Gro nata, J. Vircillo, B. Sabine. Second row: V. Andrews, C. Cianel li, G. Bowden, C. Longby, A. Car- bone, J. Nolan, S. Grenon, J. Cun ningham, R. Paolillo. Third row: A. Korstein, D. Hamson, R. Gllson, J. Porto, W. Bristol, R. Camposano, W. Cochran. and M S I .Im HOMEROOM 30l First row, left to right: C. Verder ame, P. Cummings, A. Panico, J Leighton, J. Stempiclx, J. Brockway V. Valenti, C.tBradbury. Second row: C. Rebman, R. Wal lace, A. Standish, A. Paolillo, R Panico, F. Celenano, D. Massiello. Third row: J. Bogart, R. Cham pagne, D. Beam, E. Driscoll, L Kelly. HOMEROOM 203 First row, left to right: G. Mascola, J. Plaskon, B. Zampano, P. Morro, V. Barnes, C. Muller, C. Mulqueen, R. Gacy. Second row: R. Chadeoyne, P. Wil- liams, N. Campbell, H. Levine, L. Laine, L. Lamson. Third row: C. Scharf, A. Massaro, J. Concelmo, R. Warmingham, A. DiGuiseppi, C. Fritizell, J. Smith. Fourth row: J. Fryer, D. Rock, R. Waterbury, D. Carnevale, C. Powell. 1 HOMEROOM 109 First row, left to right: L. King, F. Hanson, M. Grimaldi, J. Scillia, C. Wisting, L. Bowden, L. Flock, E. Vinoslxi. Second row: D, Torello, A. Borbato, R. Funaro, N. Griffen, E. Nazzaro, P. St. Arnault, P. Boticlc. Third row: B. Fryer, R. Ebert, A. Amendolo, R. Burton, J. Lewis. Fourth row: W. Leone, H. Morris, J. Porto, D. Sanford, l.. Zorcono, A. Alexander, D. Hoyder, Cl' 0 Syd' 'Q -an-A HOMEROOM 303 -1 O9 L49 2' First row, left to right: R. Modena, C. Poirier, J. DeCrosta, C. Esposito C. Longella, J, Johnson, R. Wali groslti. f Second row: M. Jackson, S. Wrgsell, M. Caruso, J. LaBoute, B. Torello, J. Pasiponki. Third row: J. Hydoclr, F. Ioquesso f R. Brown, W. Miller, 8. Cahoon, K. Fowler, E. Thompson. Fourth row: E. Clouse, J. Hughes. IIGII H 34.3 I 1 ap: 9- ' . '. an, T HOMEROOM 103 First row, left to right: F. Mac- Donald, B. Briglia, L. Pellegrino, B. Broclcett, L. Fitzgerald, W. Hur+ der, B. Sullivan, L. Fosulo, S. Carl- son, P. Cook. Second row: C. DeMusis, J. Crieco, M. Piscitelli, P. Palmer, J. Henry, L. Gagliardi, M. Chernok, T. Knapp. Third row: S. Russo, M. Grindell, J. Hofrichter, M. Seymour, P. Jo- hannesen, J. Gaslrin, L. Sturges, A. Melillo, J. Baclrman. Fourth row: J. Friberg, J. Anderson, R. Vetrone. 1 Ml I, mf is 'G . g 4 , . iii A5 ,Q Vial Q 1 Nd y 'Q' ' ' v A ,f D J HOMEROOM 104 First row: M. Fenton, P. O'Connell, B. Blalreley, J. Canno, B. Porto, M. Riccio, J. Sherman, C. Hackbarth, T Covallaro. Second row: George Scharf, R Spignesl, B. Brooks, B. Schurlr, E Zalonslli, R. Douglas, P. Perrotti L. Moscolo, G. Fuchs, M. Mauucco Third row: B. Tucker, L. Buonome E. Hill, L. Anastasio, R. Langlois, C. Neumann, M. Eldridge, P. But- lor. n, L of fl 'ff ...J Wg. OMEROOM 107 First row, left to right: S. Pascar- ella, B. Lambert, J. Grown, R. Cu- crello, A. Na9Y, C. DeMaio, M. Stone, L. Allen. Second row: J. DelGuidice, N. Failla, R. LaPaugh, J. Bruno, R. Pompano, E. Lawler, B. Quinn, R, Confrey, R. Neales. Third row: R. Cerito, A. Moio, V. Cricchi, E. Darianis, P. Hurley, L. Shilinslzi, F. Bruno. H HOMEROOM 210 First row: R. Cerrito, J. Wandeleor, S. Tinari, L. Ursone, N. Clough, J. Kellerhouse, L. Mitchell, J. Watson. Second row: B. Burns, A. Narrat- toli, S. Storo, I. Zalonslzi, S. Mi- kutis, A. Gustafson, J. Fogarty. Third row: R. Baldassare, H. La- pides, S. Granata, P. Monaco, F. Knie, A. Martone, G. Behlor, J. Cischine. CLASS HISTORY SEPTEMBER, 1950 Remember the day when we, as freshmen, took our places at E.H.H.S? We were iust beginning our trip into the future and were so anxious to make a good start. Dudley Harrison, Angelina Ianotti, Henry Heffernan, Dottie Johnson, Nick Vauiso, Dave Watrous and Tommy Coleman were chosen to make our views known in Student Council. Perhaps the most significant organization we could belong to was the Junior National Society. Achieving recognition in this group were Dave Watrous, Phyllis Gamache, Frances McTrottes, George Wagner, Rochelle Balzano, Marion Parillo, Billy Curtiss, Dorothy Kingsford, Helen Kelsey, Adrienne Elliot, Carol Dolan, Linda Fair, Barbara Blake, Francis Zampiello, Nancy Freeman, and Terry Parlato. Three other organizations, F.H.A., Art Club, and the Modern Language Club claimed mem- bers from our class. Then came class elections. Tom Bowden was chosen to lead us as president with Nancy Freeman assisting him as vice-president. Theresa Parlato served as secretary and Richard Johnson handled our funds. When spring came, we made ready for our first class dance, the Freshman Frolic, Glenda Wilson and Gilly Gaffney were elected co-chairmen, and with them as mana- gers the dance was a big success. With June came the end of our first year in high school. lt had been a thrilling experience. Surely we were able to say that our first year at E.H.H.S. was a happy one that we would never forget. SEPTEMBER 1951 Our freshman year had flown by, and after vacation we entered school as sopho- mores. This year, too, was swift in passing. The class was led by George Wagner. Tommy Coleman served as vice-president, Terry Parlato was secretary and Dotti Anastasia, treasurer. In the fall Nick Vauiso, John Esposito, Dan Mautte, Dom Pettinicchi, Gabe Moni- co and Roger l.exza were playing on the football team. During the winter Tony Massari, Chubby Esposito, Henry Heffernan, Tom Bowden and Bob Davison were busy with the basketball team. Our boys were not the only ones in the limelight. Marion Parillo, Glenda Wilson and Adrienne Elliott were chosen to be cheerleaders. They cheered our team on to many victories. The Varsity Show was a success that year, as always. Our class was well represented with Lillian Thomas, Dotti Anastasio, Weezie Thomas, Alice Matti and Dave Watrous turning in wonderful performances. Spring came, and with it came the baseball season. Dan Mautte, Dom Pettinicchi, Tony Masarri, and Richie Mizger helped the upperclassmen on the baseball diamond. The year quickly came to an end, but first, our Sophomore Hop took place. lt was a huge success in every way. This dance was, of course, our biggest social event of the year with Malvina Montgomery and Richie Mizger, co-chairmen There was very little time left now. We made plans for our class picnic. It was held at beautiful Ocean Beach in New London. Naturally many of us attended this lively affair and had a wonderful time. Our sophomore year had come and gone. We learned many new things while we were growing older. Yes, we were older now, and would return to school in the fall as eager iuniors. SEPTEMBER T952 4 This year we entered the halls of East Haven High School as upperclassmen. Leading the class were Tommy Bowden, President, David Watrous, Vice-President, Rochelle Balzano, Secretary, and Dotti Anastasio, Treasurer. The football team again won the Housatonic League with such veterans as Danny Mautte, Charles Cianelli, Ronny Lecxa, Gabe Monaco, Dom Pettinicchi, Nick Vauiso, Victor St. John, Tom Ranfone, Red O'Mara, and Al Acompora. The all-stars on the Varsity Basketball Team were Red O'Mara, Tony Massari and Tom Bowden. The JV's claimed Bob Davidson and Henry Heffernan. The strike-happy boys on the bowling team were Tom Ranfone, George Bassing and Paul McNally. The flying fish were Dick Maher, Dave Watrous, Bill Clapp, Dick Angus, and Gabe Monaco. Cheering the team to victories were Terry Parlato, Joan Backman, Glenda Wilson, Adrienne Elliot, Mary Ann Sabine and Marion Parillo. In May we held our very exciting Junior Prom with "Coronation" as the theme. The committee co-chairmen were Terry Parlato and Nick Vauiso, with a very enthusi- astic committee assisting. Members of the Pep Club were Dotti Anastasia, Barbara Monaco, Pat Boughton, Rochelle Balzano, Elaine Malinowski, Louise Thomas and Eleanor Paieski. The junior class had a maiority of members in the Dialectic Society, including Dotti Anastasia, George Wagner, Nancy Watkins, Frances McTrottes, .Nancy Free- man, Francis Zampiello, Bob Talbot, Al Acampora and Leroy Nuhn. A remarkable iob was done by Drama Workshop with such artists as Elaine Malinowski, Louise Thomas and Eleanor Paieski. Nancy Watkins, Nancy Freeman, Ann Criscuola, Barbara Monaco, Helen Kelsey, and Joan Backman comprised the Art Club, which held a very successful Barnyard Brawl. On the intellectual side, the Modern Language Club had such linguists as Frances McTrottes, Francis Zampiello, Dottie Kingsford, Phyllis Gamache, Ilene Skrinski, Dick Angus, Ray Luyckx, Dick Kowaleski, and Bob Talbot. The Future Homemakers of America found such seamstresses as Joan Keegan, Elaine Malinowski, Mary Lou McLeese, Donas McKenna, Glenda Wilson, Mary Ann Sabine and Ann Criscola. Hard work and much thought was put into our school paper, "The Comet". Dot Anastasio, Bev McLeese and Barbara Monaco were seen editing, while on the business end were Elaine Malinowski, Eleanor Paieske, Joan Keegan, Dottie Johnson, Mary Ann Sabine, Dottie Kingsforcl, Dottie Scharf, Ann Criscola, Donas McKenna, Mary Lou McLeese, and Judy Campbell. The Student Council claimed such leaders as Terry Parlato, Dottie Scharf, Jose- phine Norden, Angelina Ianotti, Tom Coleman, Alice Mattie, Bev McLeese, George Wagner, Paul Lasko, Tom Bowden and Bob Talbot. The American Legion announced in May that Tom Bowden, George Wagner, Dave Watrous, Red O'Mara, Bill Curtiss and Tony Masarri had been chosen as delegates to Nutmeg Boy's State, and Terry Parlato and Dottie Kingsford as delegates to Laurel Girl's Stu-e, where for one week a course in Government was held at the University of Connecticut. Last, but by no means least, George Wagner, Dotti Anastasio and Joan Backman were inducted into the National Honor Society. We enioyed a thoroughly successful year as iuniors and were hopefully looking forward to our senior year. SEPTEMBER 1953 Our senior year got off to a good start. Now WE were the important members of the school. We received expert guidance from our advisors, Miss Rocco and Mr. Frawley, our principal, Mr. Garvin, and our vice-principal, Mr. Murray. We were very fortunate to have the class leadership entrusted to George Wagner as president, David Watrous as vice-president, Dotti Anastasio as secretary, and Paul Lasko as treasurer. The "Comet" was never better. Edited each month by a different person, it covered a large variety of topics and kept us in touch with the latest high school news. In March the ever popular Shamrock Cotillion, sponsored by the paper, was held. The unique feature of this dance was that the girls asked the boys. ln October the girls gave a large welcome reception for Miss Keefe, our new dean. Under her direction the Pioneer staff was organized and the book soon under way. Theresa Parlato was chosen Editor with Francis Zampiello, Associate Editor, Barbara Blake, Art Editor, Paul Lasko, Business Manager, Dorothy Johnson, Layout Editor, and John Esposito, Sports Editor. We excelled in athletics with Coach Frank Crisafi. The football team had one of its best years under Dom Pettinicchi and Dom Mautte. The "New Haven Register" publicized Dom as one of the best players of the week for the New Haven area. He also received the Savitt Sportsmanship Award for being an outstanding player. This season ended with a splendid Football Formal at which Glenda Wilson was chosen queen. The basketball team had an excellent season with Tony Massari as captain. The Yellow Jackets were rated the best team in Class M schools of Connecticut. The bowling, swimming, and baseball teams maintained outstanding records, too. The enthusiastic support of the cheerleaders under Glenda Wilson, Adrienne Elliott and Marion Parillo, and the Pep Club under Dotti Anastasio and Louise Thomas, contributed largely to the success of the teams. One highlight of the year was the addition of new members to the National Honor Society. The following seniors were inducted: Adrienne Elliott, Francis Zam- piello, David Watrous, Phyllis Gamache, Dorothy Kingsford, Frances McTrottes, Doro- thy Johnson, Thomas Bowden, Anthony Massari, Teresa Parlato. Their officers were George Wagner, Joan Backman and Dotti Anastasio. The Student Council was efficiently run by George Wagner, president, Dave Watrous, vice-president, Joan Backman, secretary, and Lillian Thomas, treasurer. The Traffic Squad Officers, with their blue and gold badges plainly in view of all who passed, stood straight throughout the halls. Tony Masarri, Dotti Johnson and Nancy Watkins gave their leadership to this organization. There were several more extra-curricular clubs to suit the interests of everyone, such as the F.H.A., Art Club, Spanish Club, and Dialectic Society. A splendid band was organized by Mr. Myron Cohen, and many new instruments were bought with money collected from a fund drive held early in the fall. Several assemblies were given by this group, much to the pleasure of all. The Varsity Show under the supervision of Miss Yota Bouzoucos gave students the opportunity of demonstrating their talents, of which East Haven may well be proud. This year, Theresa Parlato was elected the D.A.R. girl of East Haven High. Terry was one of the most active girls in the senior class, putting untold effort into all phases of high school life. The Senior Dance was held on the tenth of April with the theme, "April in Paris," leaving many a senior misty-eyed at the prospect of their last class dance. Finally June seventeenth arrived. It was graduation night . . . a new life awaited us. We looked to the future, eager to meet the challenge of the adult world. The doors of opportunity and success in new fields lay open before us. Checking-out time CLASS GIFTS - I954 Alphonse Acampora,-A FLASH BULB, to help you get started on your career in photography. Dorothy Anastasio,-THE TITLE TNT, TINY AND TERRIFIC, which is just what we think you are. Richard Angus,-A SKETCH PAD AND PENCIL, so you can keep on with your excellent art work. Edward Aucaigne,-A TOY BOAT, to remind you of your first love. Richard Ayr,-A PLAY BOOK, for our most dramatic senior. Joan Backman,-A COPY OF "GLAMOUR" MAGAZINE. We hope this starts you on the road to sophistication that you have always wanted. Rochelle Balzano,-A MYSTERY STORY. Read it and see if you can find any "clues". George Bassing,-A SCORE SHEET, for East Haven's top bowler. Jean Batick,-A BOTTLE OF HALO SHAMPOO, to keep your lovely hair bright and shining. Robert Beauton,-A PICTURE OF A 1954 CADILLAC. Now you won't have to dream anymore. Barbara Blake,-AN EASEL AND BRUSH, so you can continue with your artistic work. Michael Bonwill,-A HORSE, to pull that car of yours. Donald Boschen,-TERRY PARLATO'S PICTURE COMPLETE WITH PHONE NUMBER. She always thought you were iust terrific. Patricia Boughton,-A VITAMIN PILL. Maybe it will help you grow. Salvatore Bova,-A CAR. Everyone admires that car of yours, but if it should ever need repairs, you can use this one. Over the top Elizabeth Carbone,-A HOPE CHEST, for all your lovely clothes. George Carlson and Richard Mizger,-A PRIVATE EYE, to watch over your girls. Robert Carr,-A BRIGHT RED CAP, SO NO ONE WILL TAKE A "pot shot" at you while you are hunting. Charles Cianelli,-A STORY BOOK, to continue the tall tales you tell. Charles Cicarelli,-AN ABSENCE SLIP, so you can come back into school any time without any questions asked. Williom Clapp,-AN OLD SHIRT. You have always looked so nice, Bill, we would like to see you messed up iust for once. Eleanor Clouse,-THE TITLE OF MISS MOMAUGUIN 1954. Betsey Cochran,-A FRIENDSHIP RING, to remind you of your friendly ways in EHHS. Thomas Coleman,-DARK GLASSES, so the girls won't see you flirting with them. Ann Criscuola,-A CURLER, something you will never need with your pretty, naturally curly hair. Nancy Cucurello,-NOISEMAKER. Don't know how you kept so quiet for four years. See how much noise you can make with this. James Cunningham,-A BOTTLE OF PEROXIDE, to keep your hair blonde. William Curtiss,-A PAT ON THE BACK, for maintaining such wonderful marks for your four years in EHHS. Robert Davison,-A RULER, to protect yourself during your sword duels. Frank DeFlippo,-A CAR, to give to Barbara because she's forgotten how to walk to school. Frances Degnoll,-A BAG OF PEANUTS, to remind you of your nickname. Camille DeMusis,-SOME VANISHING CREAM, to get rid of that terrific tan. You have made us all very jealous when you come back with it every year. Marie DeSerio,-PILLS, in case you ever get airsick up there on your high, high heels. Carol Dolan,-A CUTE JOKE, for you to read so we can hear that nice laugh of yours. Thomas Bowden,-A TEST TUBE, to give you a head start on your career as a chemist. Robert Burwell,-A CASH REGISTER, to keep you in practice for Kelly's. Judy Campbell,-STILTS, now people won't mistake you for an 8th grader anymore. Big brothers A lp. . Genius at work. "Let 'cr rip" Dorothy Johns,-We are giving your name of Johns to a junior so won't forget your family. Dorothy Johnson,-A BOX OF STATIONERY. Need we say more! Richard Johnson,-A PERFECT ATTENDANCE AWARD, to remind you attendance. Ronald Kaiser,-A TEST TUBE, to remind you of the iob you had tubes clean in Chem Lab. James Keegan,-A LIFE SAVER, to use when you ioin the Marines. Helen Kelsey,-A BOTTLE OF STARDUST, to always keep your eyes sparkling. Dorothy Kingsford,-A SCOOTER, so you can keep up with all your activities. Richard Kowalski,-A GOLF CLUB, here's hoping you beat Ben Hogan. Thomas LaFontaine,-A PAIR OF DUALS, for your hot rod. Adrianne Elliott,-A BADGE OF MERIT, for proving that you could be a cheerleader and still attain high marks. Dolores Esposito,-AN EXTRA BIG LUNCH, to remind you of the many you ate here. Frank Esposito,-A PERMIT TO RIDE IN DON FRAWLEY'S TWO SEATER CHEVY, to lessen the monotony of riding in a beautiful "52" Mercury. John Esposito,-A BOTTLE OF GLUE, to stay put for a while. Linda Fair,-It is the decision of the class to present you with a SUMMONS declaring you guilty of starting the knee sock fad in EHHS. Donald Frawley,-A CAN OF SARDINES, to remind you of how you packed us in your car. Nancy Freeman,-A FAILURE NOTICE, to show you what it's like to get one. Gilbert Gahney,-SOME JOKES, to show you there are others besides the swell ones you made up. Phyllis Gamache,-A COPY OF "CHARM" MAGAZINE, to remind you that we think you are a very charming person. Julianne Hall,-A PIN, to show you we think you are as neat as one. Dudley Harrison,-CURLERS, iust in case you ever lose those natural curls. Henry Heffernan,-A BOTTLE OF SHRINKING PILLS. We hear the 8th graders, instead of walking around you at your post, take a short cut through your legs. Joseph Heller,--A PERMANENT PASS TO THE CAPITOL, so you can sit down and enioy a picture for once. John Henry,-SOMETHING YOU NEVER GOT . . . A legitimate pass to go home. Fine time to get it, huh, Jack? Dean Hewes,-A TOY BUICK, to play with when you're not working and get lonesome. Angelina Ianotti,-A WHISTLE, to blow to let us know when you're around. Casimir Jasudowich,-A TUNING FORK, to keep your accordion in tune. that the teachers of your irregular keeping the test Paul Lasko,-A PACK OF GUM, so you won't have to ask "Beans" anymore. Roger Lecza,-A LICENSE FROM THE STATE OF CONNECTICUT, giving you permis- The winner: sion to keep your car on the road. Theresa Lemieux,-A COPY OF "C'EST SI BON", for you to translate for us because you are oh, so French. Kenniston Lord,-A 'I7 LEGGED CHAIR, so you won't fall over when you sit down, as you have so many times in homeroom. Raymond Luyckx,-HERE'S A PERMANENT POST, so we can find you on Traffic Squad. Richard Maher,-A BATHTUB, so you can practice your swimming. Elaine Malinowski,-A BOOK ON DRAMATICS, not that you need itl Angelina Marenna, Anna Onofrio and Angelina Massaro,-A ROPE, so you can all hang around together. Anthony Massari,-A TONI, so you can always keep your hair curly as it is now. Alice Mattei,-WRITING PAPER, so you will never stop writing to "PAT". Daniel Mautte,-A FOOTBALL, so you can always keep in practice. Donas McKenna,-A BOOK ON RULES OF THE ROAD. You know what we mean? -'lmililiuil "Welcome home Beverly McLeese,-A CAN OF "BEANS" to remind you of your nickname. Mary McLeese,--A LOLLIPOP. We think it's a LULU. Paul McNally,-A STEERING WHEEL. We hate to see you driving with no hands. Frances McTrottes,-A DICTIONARY, to keep up your vocabulary. Barbara Monaco,-A DRAGNET, to keep your beautiful hair in place. Gabriel Monaco,-A TRUMPET, so you can blow your horn. Phyllis Norden,-A DATE BOOK, so there won't be any mix-ups. Josephine Norden,-A SWING, in case you ever lose the one you've got now. Leroy Nuhn,-A MINIATURE DICTIONARY, iust in case there are a few words you don't know how to define. John Olson,-SEASICK PILLS, for your first cruise in the naval reserve. Joseph O'Mara,-A PONY, to remind you of the many times you galloped down the basketball court. Eleanor Paieski,-A ROCK OF GIBRALTAR, to remind you of your diamond. Marion Parillo,-A TOY SAILOR, to keep you company when Jack is away. Teresa Parlato,-A BLUE RIBBON, to remind you of all your achievements. Audrey Peckham,-A PAIR OF BOXING GLOVES, to remind you of all the times you disagreed with Mr. Hawtin. Dom Pettinicchi,-A FOOTBALL, to remind you of the important touchdown you made in the Seymour game. Grace Pitts,-A PAIR OF BOOTIES, to contrast with your iazzy socks. Joan Poirier,--WEDDING BELLS, which we soon hope to be hearing. Carl Rademacher,-A PAIR OF TAPS, so we can hear you coming. Barbara Raccio,-A HOSPITAL BILL, to remind you of your long-lost appendix. Thomas Ranfone and Frank Ranfone,-AN IDENTIFICATION TAG TO TELL YOU APART. Anna Raschke,-A PAINT BRUSH. We know you're interested in art. Easy nowl Our pro, "Wlnk Mary Ann Sabine,-A CERTIFICATE PROCLAIMING YOUR NICKNAME, as given to you another trip. llene Skrinski,-A BAND AID, for your first patient. Lillian Thomas,-A CANARY, since you are our songbird. Dominic Scalese,-A ROLL OF SCOTCH TAPE, to hold your hot rod together. Dorothy Scharf,-A HUB CAP, to put on your boy friend's "CHRYSLER". today by your classmates. It's "Confection," because you are so sweet. Victor St. John,-A TOY CAR. The one you have looks as though it couldn't stand Robert Talbot,-A STUDENT COUNCIL BEANIE, for being such a good salesman. Barbara Thomas,-A TUBE OF TOOTHPASTE, so you can always keep that bright smile. Louise Thomas,-A COOK BOOK, so you can start practicing for the career you have in mind. Nelson Thomas,-A JOKE BOOK, to remind you of your "witty" remarks in class. Good luckl William Tolento,-HANDCUFFS, to remind you of the many times you held hands with Barbara. Nick Vauiso,-THIS CERTIFICATE entitles you to a job in the telephone company. They always need an extra line. yourself. classes. one color. Winnie Venus,-A BOTTLE OF SUNSHINE, to always keep your pretty blonde hair. Salvatore Vergati,-A BLUE RIBBON, for that winning smile. George Wagner,-A PIECE OF CARBON PAPER, so you can leave a duplicate of Nancy Watkins,-A BEET, to remind you of the many times you blushed in all your David Watrous,-A POLICE BADGE, so you can continue to patrol the halls. Glenda Wilson,-A TIME CARD. We'd like you to be on time iust once. Paul Wisiminiti,-A CAN OF PAINT, so that you can paint that old car of yours all Frances Zampiello,-A BOTTLE OF SUN TAN LOTION, to remind you of the nice tans Music Masters vnu larrlunht lnnrlz frnm Flnrirln CLASS WILL We, the class of '54, being of sound mind and body, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. First: To Mr. Garvin, our principal, we leave our thanks for the interest and help that he has given our class. We leave our appreciation not only for his role as prin- cipal, but also as a true friend and counselor. Second: To the faculty, we leave our gratitude and extend our appreciation for their help, training, understanding and sincere advice. Third: To the future Seniors of 1955, we leave a desire that they will have as wonderful a senior year as we, the class of "54", have had. Fourth: To the sophomores and freshmen, we leave our best wishes for being good leaders, knowing that they will have success in the years to follow. . Fifth: We leave the following: Ronald Kaiser leaves his freckles to Sybil Provost to add to her collection. "This is the way" Angelina Massaro leaves four years of her life to East Haven High. Francis McTrottes leaves an empty seat in the Student Council to any worthy iunior. Phyllis Norden is one of the lucky ones who leaves for Momauguin. Casimir Jusodowich leaves his ability to look wide awake in his classes when he's really fast asleep. Ann Raschke leaves to write Zeke a letter. Warren Riha leaves to celebrate, no more school! Victor St. John leaves on a wing and a prayer. Dom Scalise leaves his rattle trap to any person who has no worries. Bob Talbot leaves all his extra points to any needy junior. Nelson Thomas leaves his place at lunch to anyone who can find it. Alphonse Acompora leaves, making sure his classmates don't forget where to get the best spaghetti in town. Richard Angus leaves a warning to all Junior boys to stay away from Lois. Genius let loose Jean Batick leaves, knowing Bill will be waiting outside. Rochelle Balzano leaves her feminine ways to any iunior girl dainty enough to use them. Pat Boughton leaves to become a future homemaker of America. Donald Boschen leaves his cute smile to Joe Vitale. Betty Carbone leaves her tropical T.S.O. post to Alberta to direct her fellow students. Thomas Bowden leaves Carole going through her senior year very lonely. Dick Kowalaski leaves all the iunior girls crying. Billy Clapp leaves his title of Fashion Plate to Frank Keefe. Bobby Davison leaves his Trig book to Tommy Haeshe. Salvatore Bova leaves his muscles and signs himself "Nature's Gift to Women". Betsey Cochran leaves her quiet disposition to anyone who can find itl l Paul Lasko leaves to write a book entitled How to Figure Out Women. Joan Keegan would like to leave her stylish clothes to some underclassman. Holm, ,,,5d,H Frank De Flippo leaves his girlfriend, Barbara, but with the warning that no one is to steal her. Julianne Hall leaves, still trying to find her shorthand notes. Angelina lannotti leaves her superior ability in shorthand to any iunior girl. Dean Hewes finally leaves. Carol Dolan leaves anything she can't take with her. Joseph Heller leaves Mr. Sugre's Algebra Il class still wondering if Joe will ever be qualified to teach algebra. Charles Cianelli leaves all his empty lunch bags. Bobby Burwell leaves Mrs. Strandberg wondering whom she will send to the Hartford Festival next year. Dudley Harrison leaves his blond curly hair to Raylene Hill. John Henry leaves his car to any ambitious junior who will tow it away. Barbara Monaco and Bill Tolento leave "Memory Lane" to any iunior couple who thinks they can travel through it as well as they did. l Red O'Mara leaves all the girls wondering. Elaine and Eleanor M 5 gil?-H1 Y ' , F ,J lik ba L, fy y .'. ,A J z 4 Ag- V, . ' ix' 5 ' . , ld ' . , ., Roady for action Joan Backman leaves her brother John to Mr. Tierney, hoping he will obtain as much knowledge from him as she did. Carl Rademacher leaves as quietly as he came. Mary Ann Sabine and Paul McNally leave together, of course. Frank Ranfone leaves his ability of getting passes to his brother Mike. Joan Poirier leaves to her hister and brother the typewriter she used in 311, and hopes they do better with it than she did. Ann Onofrio leaves to the future business students all her passed clerical tests. fTry and find themj. Dorothy Johnson leaves the layout job on the Pioneer to some very ambitious Junior. Roger Lecza leaves Charlie Borrman his good football shoes. James Keegan leaves Miss Lowe still wondering how he ever managed to get out of class so often. Theresa Lemieux leaves the teachers a warning: she has a sister, Sue. Kenniston Lord leaves his tuba to Eddie Clouse. Dicky Johnson leaves, wishing he had come to school more often. Richy Mizger leaves Billy in school, but she's still in his mind. Mary Lou McLeese leaves with her pals, Dotty and Josie. Gabe Monaco leaves his blue sweat pants to Art Concilio. Art borrowed them from someone, and then Gabe "borrowed" them from Art. ll Il Dotty Johns leaves her phone number. in as many difficult situations as it did her. Bates, John Bates. What's the joke? George Wagner leaves the high school all the services which he so unselfishly ren- dered. Robert Beauton leaves all his secret admirers! Judy Campbell leaves her gift of gab to Joy Zabski. George Carlson leaves Nancy without a ride to school. George Bassing leaves his gas pump to anybody who has muscles enough to use it. Robert Carr leaves his diploma to Ripley's "Believe it or not." Charles Cicarelli leaves Josephine with regrets. Barbara Blake leaves in her "hotrod" to accomplish the task of being the first police woman in East Haven. Michael Bonwill leaves early. It takes a long time to get to Foxon, you know. Dorothy Scharf leaves in the Chrysler. Nicky Viauso leaves his pepper sandwiches to Coach Crisafi. Louise Thomas leaves Mr. Fiorello moaning "Oh Happy Days." Ilene Skrinski leaves Sa pair of scissors to Mr. Sugrue and Mr. Levy so they can always keep their crew cuts. Barbara Thomas leaves all her art supplies to her sister Nancy. Angelina Marenna leaves her squeaky chair in Shorthand lll to a future shorthand student. Lillian Thomas leaves with ,her crowd, the "Senior Spooks". Danny Mautte leaves Mrs. Strandburg, who still won't be in peace 'till Tommy leaves. Glenda Wilson leaves, the last of the Rebel Wilsons. Winnie Venus leaves the faculty one less worry. David Watrous leaves the Varsity show minus one wonderful performer. Salvatore Vergati leaves his physique to Dagmar. Paul Wisiminitti leaves his right hook for some future basketball stars. Dicky Maher leaves his height to John Fitzgerald. Elaine Malinowski leaves, still wishing Joey Melillo were a senior instead of iust a sophomore. Josephine Norden leaves her knee socks to any girl brave enough to wear them. Tony Massari leaves all those extra basketball points to Teddy Sullivan. Alice Mattei leaves her quiet disposition to Raylene Hill. Donas McKenna leaves the male hotrodders in the dust. Nancy Watkens leaves her blush to Frances Lombardi in hopes that it'won't get Fran Francis Zampiello leaves, still convincing the cast of Drama Workshop the name is "Go, Henry, Gol -I Meditatlon School support Beverly McLeese leaves Mr. Malonis heaving a sigh of relief. Nancy Freeman leaves Miss Rocco in peace with a new Latin IV class. Henry Heffernan leaves his seat in Miss Lowe's clerical class to any iunior boy who can face all those girls. Tommy Coleman leaves for UCONN. We all know he'll be a success. Frank Esposito leaves his quiet ways to Nicky Torello, Bob Dietrich, and Neil Russo. They certainly need them! Gilly Gaffney leaves Mr. Levy, still trying to get his iokes. Frances Degnall leaves her traltic squad post to any iunior who can stand up against the 8th graders. Dolores Esposito leaves the cafe . . . broke . . . what an appetite! Camille DeMusis leaves her Florida tan to all the girls who have envied it for so long. Linda Fair leaves, still wondering how she'll get home to Foxon. John Esposito leaves his ability to get along with the teachers to Ralph Paolillo. Ann Criscola leaves her dusting job for Mr. Fiorello to any worthy freshman who will do it every day. Marion Parillo leaves her place as a cheerleader to Kay Lawler. Dom Pettinicchi leaves Chubby his football cleats hoping he'll make good use of them. Nancy Cucurello leaves, seen but not heard. James Cunningham leaves his complexion to be fought over by all the envious iunior girls. Eleanor Paieski leaves a warning to Mr. Tierney that there's still another Paieski coming up who talks even more than she does. Donald Frawley leaves with 13 kids packed into his coupe, as usual. Tommy Ranfone leaves shouting, "Hey Ma, l made it!" Audrey Peckham leaves her fingernails to some iunior girl to defend herself with. Dicky Ayr leaves, still trying to learn his lines for Drama Workshop's play, Lights Out. Teresa Parlato leaves with the threat, "l'll be back as a teacher one of these days." Barbara Raccio leaves, regretting that she couldn't leave her appendicitis to Mr. Malonis. Somebody else wanted it more. Dorothy Anastasia leaves all her gracious manners to Carol Walsh. Leroy Nuhn leaves his brain in bookkeeping to Mr. Fiorello so he can give it to some untalented underclassman. John Olson leaves his absent and tardy excuses to Bob Elliott. Dotty Kingsford leaves for the business world, where, we all know, she will be a success. Eddy Aucaigne leaves his place on the corner to anyone willing to freeze it out during the winter months. E Eleanor Clouse leaves to her sister Helen her honorable nickname, Miss Momauguin, compliments of Mr. Tierney. Adrienne Elliott leaves her imagination to a future novel writer. Grace Pitts leaves for the railroad -station, hoping to see Bob upon one of the stools eating. Ray Luyckx leaves the teachers still trying to spell his name. Billy Curtiss leaves to Mr. Frawley the following formula: H2 O X CK S. Try it, l dare you. Phyllis Gamauche leaves her index card on Bible readings during the morning devotions. Thomas LaFontaine leaves his hamsters to Mr. Malonis' experimenting lab. Marie Deserio leaves her old report cards to any worthy freshman who thinks he can't do better. Helen Kelsey leaves well enough alone. On behalf of the whole student body of the class of 1954, we would like to leave to you, Miss Keefe, our deepest thanks and gratitude for being so patient with us in helping to make our "Pioneer" such a success. Without your advice and guidance we would never have been able to accomplish the task of publishing such a book-a book with memories that the class of 1954 will never forget. Signed:- THE CLASS WILL COMMITTEE Tony scores again "Watch that manl' PROPHECY ANNOUNCER: It is now the year 1986. Fifty years have passed since the erection of the East Haven High School. Members of the graduating class of 1954 have re- turned to their Alma Mater for the Golden Jubilee to celebrate this happy occasion. SETTING: The Dean's Office at East Haven High School. In the background is a large calendar for the month of June, 1986. ln the foreground is a desk around which is placed several chairs. Three women enter talking. They are Dorothy Scharf, the Dean of Women: Joan Poirier, the Typing Teacher, and Glenda Wilson, the ibrarian. JOAN: My, what a grand celebration that was! Think of it, 50 years ago this school was erected on a small lot on Tyler Street. Now it extends all the way to Hem- ingway and Dodge Avenues. DOROTHY: Yes, who would ever think such a thing like this could be accomplished, least of all us, when we graduated from here in 1954. GLENDA: And look at all the improvements that have been added to keep up with the changing times: a landing platform on the roof for helicopters and the school's iet busses, as well as those escalators that we used to ioke about when we were pupils ourselves. DOROTHY: Wasn't the program last night wonderful with that All-Girl Band directed by Ken Lord from Tommy Coleman's College for Girls? JOAN: Lillian Thomas' song was beautifully done, especially with the backing of the Song Birds Quartet composed of George Bassing, Bob Burwell, Red O'Mara, and Dom Pettinicchi. GLENDA: Everyone was surprised to see Betsy Cochran and Dottie Johnson back from their European tour. Dottie told me that they canceled much of their tour so they could get back to play their famous piano cluet for us. JOAN: Did you see the look on George Wagner's face when he heard that Johnny Olson is the Superintendent of Schools? DOROTHY: Didn't you realize that George hasn't been in contact with us in many years? He told me that he is an explorer in outer space. GLENDA: Did you know that Phyllis Norden is married and living in Greenland, and that Francis Zampiello is a famous surgeon working over in Siam? DOROTHY: Is that right? Time really flies. Why, it seems that just yesterday we were all students in this school. JOAN: Who would ever have dreamed that Terry Parlato would turn out to be a Math teacher, or that Bob Beauton would be a lecturer on tropical diseases. GLENDA: I was talking to Joan Backman last night. She and Nancy Watkins are the originators of those new flourescent bathing suits. No wonder they have been selling like hotcakes! DOROTHY: Eleanor Clouse, Marion Parillo, and Betty Carbone have gone on an - African Safari. Can you imagine them searching around Africa for lions and tigers? JOAN: I heard that Tommy Bowden and Dick Ayre are ADRIENNE: Calls through the Vidioscope la large screen in the wall, similiar to our televisionj I've just received a letter from Elaine Malinowski. l'Il be right up to read it to you. DOROTHY: Thirty-two years ago, who would have thought we could have such a thing as Vidioscope. Remember that old PA system? JOAN: I hear that Al Acampora and Dick Angus are making millions with this invention of theirs. Our singing iuniors. C151 mqgnifiquel Planning the Football Formal A proud fatherl 'i "Mirror, mirror, on tho wall" The big wheels. HWQAEEZHJ ' S1L ESVBZIV' I "Sit up straight, girls!" "Tuck your head!" Mrs. Gelinas to the rescue! Q , . 1 i 114 , ,Y Wi in ng 1, 'V I . f ' .lg We all scream for ice cream. GLENDA: Oh, by the way, did you know that Fran McTrottas, Nancy Freeman, and Phylis Gamache were arrested for speeding? JOAN: Oh no, really! GLENDA: Ann Raschke and Barbara Monaco, Spacepatrollers, caught them over on the Mcleese Sister Skyway last week. DOROTHY: And racing in Jetmobiles no less! They should know better. Remember those hot rods that Paul McNally, Jackie Henry, Mike Bonwill and Don Frawley used to zoom around in? Well, now they are working in the Ranfone Brothers Helicopter Corporation. ADRIENNE: fpanting madly, runs in bursting with news about the letter she just received.J It's from Elaine Malinowski. Listen to what she has to say. "I'm very sorry that I could not come to the reunion, but I'm very excited over my new promotion. As you know, I am working in Dick Maher's Food Pill Plant, and iust yesterday I was promoted to be private secretary to the President, Danny Mautte. I was talk- ing to Barbara Blake last Tuesday. She is still at the Bill Curtiss Audioscope Com- pany. Bill Tolento came in the other day, and told me all about the raceway that he and George Carlson own. It seems that Dudley Harrison is the Business Man- ager, and they iust opened a new season last month. Some of the well known racers were Dom Scalese, Vic St. John, Frank Esposito, and Frank DeFlippo. He also said that Mary Ann Sabine, Josephine Norden, Louise Thomas, and Dot Anastasio are making quite a name for themselves in the women's races. Dottie won again last week and is said to be a strong contender for the championship in September. Tomorrow I plan to have dinner with Donas McKenna. Remember her? She is now a very famous dress designer for Nick Vauiso Frocks, Inc. Lately she, along with Pat Boughton and Marie DeSerio, have been instructing classes at Leroy Nuhn's Dress Academy. Well, I guess that's about all for now. Why not write me soon and tell me about the celebration?" GLENDA: lsn't it wonderful to hear about all our old friends again? JOAN: Ha, Ha, you know I was just thinking. Remember how Dick Johnson used to skip school so much? Who would ever think he would become the Truant Officer, or that Rochelle Balzano would be the School Nurse. GLENDA: Did you know that Gilly Gaffney is the principal of the new school out in Branford? Fran Degnall is his secretary. DOROTHY: What traitors! I'm glad some of us came back to East Haven to teach. ADRIENNE: Some of us! Did you ever stop to realize how many of our classmates teach here. Johnny Esposito is the principal, Charlie Cicarelli is the football coach, and Eleanor Paieski is head of the Commercial Department. DOROTHY: Yes I know, Bob Davison is teaching Problems of Democracy, and Barbara Thomas is the Homemaking instructor. GLENDA: Why iust look at our Board of Education! Ed Aucaigne, Angie Marenna, Alice Mattie, Dottie Johns, Sal Bova, and Ann Onofrio. Dorothy Kingsford is the Business Manager. JOAN: My how times do change. A few years ago, it seems, Tommy LaFontaine disliked even English, but now he is head of the Foreign Language Department. Ann Cris- cola is the English teacher, while Joe Heller and Ronnie Kaiser are in charge of the Visual Aids Dept. I never would have guessed it. GLENDA: With Jimmy Cunningham as baseball coach: Casmir Jasudewich, basketball coach: Ray Luyckx, swimming: and Carl Rademacher, the bowling instructor, the boys are really lucky. lt could explode, you know. These are cowboys? --5 ADRIENNE: I wonder if Linda Fair who is the Volleyball director: Ilene Skrinski, bowling coach: Joan Keegan, swimming coach, Angie Ianotti, baseball director, and Winnie Venus, the basketball coach, can accomplish what our Gym teacher did. Good luck to them. DOROTHY: The kids today are fortunate. I would have loved to have Bill Clapp as my Dramatics teacher, or Terry Lemiux as my music teacher. JOHN ESPOSITO: lcomes rushing in with today's East Haven Daily Newspaperi Hey, just look at these headlines! CHARLES CIANELLI COMPLETES CHANNEL SWIM. You remember him, don't you? JOAN, DOROTHY, GLENDA, ADRIENNE: Gump up quicklyj Quick! Let us see it! JOHN: All right then, sit down and listen. "Charlie Cianelli has iust completed the difficult task of swimming the treacherous English Channel in the record time of 8 hours, 52'A minutes. Mr. Cianelli is formerly from East Haven, Conn. and is coached by two former classmates, Gabe Monaco and Richard Mizger." JOAN: Isn't that wonderfull DOROTHY: Look over here. There's a picture of Jean Batick. Why, she won the Miss America contest in Atlantic City! ADRIENNE: And over here is a picture of a new restaurant opening today out on Route fl. It's to be managed by Paul Lasko and Henry Heffernan. lsn't it modern look- ing with that suspended roof garden? GLENDA: Here is an article about the 10 Best Dressed Women. Dolores Esposito, Julie Hall, and Camille DeMusis are on the top of the list. I've heard that Julie is married to the ambassador to Spain. DOROTHY: Well, what do you know! Angie Massaro won SlO0,000 on a television give- away program last night. Buddy Keegan was the Master of Ceremonies for the sponsor, Barbara Raccio's Super Rice Krispies. JOAN: Look at all the advertisements. Here is one for Sal Vergati's Jewelry Shop, and another for Bob Talbot's Jetmobile Show Rooms out in Foxon. ADRIENNE: Tony Massari, the world famous architect, is planning to build a new movie house for the owner, Roger Lecza. JOHN: Well girls, don't get so excited. I've found an article about Carol Dolan. She iust won a Hollywood movie contract at the Donald Boschen Studios. GLENDA: Did you know that Dave Watrous and Dick Kowlaski are senators? They are going to run for the second term in office in the fall. lthe paper is put away and they resume talkingj JOHN: Has anyone heard about the accident out at the airport? Nelson Thomas and Dean Hewes were trying out some new invention of theirs, and crashed. Imagine thinking they could fly an airplane without propellers. DOROTHY: The papers said that Paul Wisminiti, the ambulance driver, really tore up the roads to get them to the hospital in time. Bob Carr, the famous surgeon, was supposed to operate today. JOAN: I wonder if Grace Pitts, Nancy Cucurello, Audrey Peckham, or Helen Kelsey were among the nurses. I was talking to Helen the other day, and she told me that they were working up at the hospital together. ADRIENNE: Just stop and think, 32 years have gone by since we graduated. After see- ing and hearing about all our old classmates, I wonder how many of them will be here to enioy the 100th anniversary celebration in 2036. On the whole our predictions were pretty accurate. I think the members of our class have been unusually successful. HO! Rods uwuyl Lunch, at last! The vunnahsl K ' 0' Qowuwfmu 7953 'uikln appz .VW X X1 'E xv K ff W? V t ,fe Q ' Each thing in its place is best, And what seems but idle show Strengthens and supports the rest. Longfellow n uazkg..-Sw r 5 . The memories of our four years together are here recorded by the Pioneer Staff under the direction of Miss Keefe. Our yearbook will provide us with a lasting memento for the future. 3 Teresa Parlato, Editor-in-C hief 0 EE First row, left to right: E. Pajeslci, A. Criscuola, J. Norden, D. Kingsford, J, Baclrmon. Second row: A. Elliott, J. Poirier, L. Thomas, P. Gomache, F. McTrottas, M. McLeese. Third row: W, Clapp, R. Angus, W. Curtiss, T. Bowden, R. Maher, K. Lord, E. Malinowslri, R. Kowalski. .95 N wr. A :Q X 'xffr f :J 'iy.. 195' EDITORIAL BOARD First row, Ieft to right: Francis Zampiello, Associate Editor, Teresa Parlato, Editor-in-Chief, Paul Laslxo, Business Manager. Second row: George Wagner, Sen- ior Class President: Dorothy John- son, Layout Editor, Barbara Blake, Art Editor, John Esposito, Sports Editor. 7870. If -if :Q ,df First row, left to right' M. Parillo, D. Anastasio, D, Johns, J. Baticlc, R. Balazano. "7 5. 3 Second row: A. lanotti, A. Acampora, N. Watkins, I. Skrinski, A. Mattie, H. Heffernan, C. Cianelli, D. Scharf, N. Freeman, W. Venus, B. Mcleese. ASS vi-""' CX. 3. We SM , of 5009-NN'l ie 1. vofljlou. Walton s Nsisi Keg. 'th'-menu occ, J- UTS Coflson' x . . G. Mon ewio"' w A. . . v, len 1: 'R.1foX'::Q,o.W'lion First 'O I o"'i ' 5- B THE comer The students are acquainted th what is going on in our wool through this newspaper, onsored by Miss Keefe, and '. Fiorello. The untiring efTorts the combined boards is evi- nt on every page. We all wait xiously for each new edition. l I 4 'U' " 09, 1 13' COMET BUSINESS BOARD First row, left to right: L. Judge, M, Mclese, E. Paieski, Mr. Fiorello, D. Kingsford, J. Norden, D. Scharf. Second row: C. Norden, I. Friberg, A. Criscuala, A. Mattei, E. Malinowski, D. Johns, J. Keegan, A. Elliott, F. McTrottes. Third row: A. Iannotti, K. Morgan, B. Cochran, J. Hall, P. Gamache, M. Sabine, C. DeMusis, L Brown, J. Applegate, C. Walsh. STUDENT COUNCIL First row, left to right: D. Watrous, Vice President: L. Thomas, Treasurer, G. Wagner, Backman, Secretary. Second raw: l. Fritzell, Z. Knight, W. McNulty, F. Lombardi, H. Walters, F. Scarpace. Third row: D. Boschen, M. Yorks, B. Sullivan, P. Bixby, J. Decrasta, P. Burke, P. Muro B. Sabine, J. Richards, R. Schelatman, W. Webster. Fourth row: Mr. Cost, J. Vercillo, S. DePino, A. Elliott, A. lanotti, C. Izzo, M. Hallorin J. Jackson, S. Wardell, A. Aveni, R. Maher. Fifth row: M. Brerton, E. Valigura, F. Quinlan, M. McAulitTe, B. Blake, C. Dolan, N. Prosch, M. Abner, L. Knapp, F. Keefe. Sixth row: Mr. Sugrue, R. Montgomery, M. Paolillo, D. Wilson, R. Talbott, R. Kowaleski, R. Standish, J. Narracci, T. Bowden, J. Gustafson. A miniature government in action best describes this organization. From the Student Council many future leaders are born or discovered. Mr. Sugrue and Mr. Kost supervise this group. President, J , J. Scarpace, , F. McTrottis, Harrington, l J. Grignano TRAFFIC SQUAD Seated, left to right: D. Watrous, N. Watlnins, A. Massori, D. Johnson, T. Parlato, G. Wagner. Flrst row: D. Johns, M. Parillo, M. Mcleese, A. Elliott, L. Thomas, P. Gamache, l.. Thomas, N. Freeman E. Paieski, D. Kingsford, A. Ianotti, D. Scharf. 1 Second row: J. Bacltman, I. Skrinslxi, F. McTrottes, H. Kelsey, T. Lemieux, F. Degnall, M. Sabine A. Mattel, J. Batticlt, E. Carbone, B. Blake. Third row: J. Hall, R. Balzano, W. Clopp, R. Angus, F. Zampiello, S. Vergati, V. St. John, T. Coleman J. O'Mara, A. Marenna, Mr. Burdette, Advisor. Fourth row: C. Dolan, Mr Sugrue, Advisor, W. Curtiss, R. Davison, R. Talbot, R. Maher, R. Koweloslxl, P Laslni, K. Lord, R. Ayr, R. luycltx. Traffic between classes is controlled through the efforts of this well-organized group. Lead by Mr. Sugrue and Mr. Burdette, they perform an indispensable function through- out the school. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First row, left to right: D. Anastasio, G Wagner, J. Baclcman. Second row: T. Parlata, A. Elliott, M Altruie, F. Zampiello, D. Watrous, E. Kurtz P. Gamache, D. Kingsford. Third row: M. Paolillo, C. Bishop, F. McTrottes, J. Wolfe, Mr. Murray, Advisory S. Korngible, D. Johnson, T. Bowden, A. Massari, -T. Sullivan. One of the highest goals to reach in East Haven High School is to become a member of the National Honor Society. Only a select few who display leadership, scholarship, character, and service are admitted to this important club. JUNIOR NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY row, left to right: B. Sabine, P. Morro, G. Mascola. nd row: J. Fitzgerald, Miss Weber, Advisor, F. Lombardi, ieyrnour, W. Cochran. 4? JUNIOR AND SENIOR GLEE CLUB QQ' Qi' ,gg A' ,...I... TJ-. Q' .ITE Y Lf. 4 . A . . o Q: Fas. , y . V .v .QQ-I X .sa First row, left to right: J. Cross, J. Carafeno, L. Thomas, D. Mautte, J. Thomas, E. Carbone, C. Bishop L. Thomas. Second row: M. Albano, J. Bradley, N. ToreIIo, S. Clow, R. Burwell, D. Pettinichi, T. Mautte, G. Downer A. Onofria, Mrs. Strandberg, Director. Third row: R. Ryen, L. Prosch, V. Schurk, J. McFarland, A. Raschlxe, M. Brown, T. Cricchi. Fourth row: H. Barker, D. Hewes, G. Bassing, R. Thomas, W, Lawler, A, Melillo, J. O'Mara, J. Grignano FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE GLEE CLUB Second row: L. Pellegrino, N. Hines, T. LaChance, A. Paolillo, J. Stempick, R. Tamer, J. Raymond, T. Tomasso, C. Cunningham, J. Davis, J. Kerk, A. Wisting. Third row: M. McAuliffe, R. Heller, B. Boyington, E. Highes, R. Walters, C. Dow, M. Yorks, S. Owen, J. Ploskon, N. Campbell, A. Shepard, A. Ryan, P. Reading. Fourth row: R. Jococlcs, J. Cunningham, J. Schwarz, A. Limoncelli, C. Verderami, F. Ferraiola, C. Harvey, M. Nuuo, B. Behler, C. Longley. Fifth row: A. Melillo, F. Parlato, C. Alderman, W. Ginnetti, D. rd, J. Boyzat, E. Aldrich, A. Grover J. DeCaprio, D. DeAngeIis, C. Tirpalx, C. Leonetti. 1 ffl Ofnf I1 ' MUSIC DEPARTMENT A popular organization of the high school is the glee club. Under the guidance of Mrs. Wilhelmina Strandberg, it entertains us with many concerts and assemblies through- out the year. .......-...- 1 MAJORETTES Kneeling, left to right: M. Riccio, F. Desmond, J. Grimth, L. Gentile. Standing: J. Sherman, A. Barbato, C. Longley, J. Kellerhouse. New stars on the horizon, our Aaiorettes have been practicing all fear under Mrs. Strandberg. They nake quite a picture, too! BAND A budding organization we are proud of. It has grown by leaps and bounds within the past year. Under the able leadership of Mr. Myron Cohen great things can be expected. 5 I T First row, left to right: G. Behler, N. Longabardi, T. Arabolis, D. Rock, W. Ginetti, A. Porto, D. Schlottman, A. Lemincelli, R. Andre, J. Ciccione, A. Alexander, R. Geremia, Douglas, A. Granata. Second row: L. Fritzell, J. Fucci, L. Grimaldi, A. Amendola, F. Lombardi, D. Magna, J. Criscuola, R. Carr, L. Sandacata, L. Mitchell, P. Williams, B. Behler. R. Velardi, R. Taupier, R. C. Panico, R. Camposano, Third row: M. Petrelli, D. Fulford, S. Sheades, J. Schwarz, R. Castellon, L. Anastasia, R. Cooper, Myron Cohen, Director. Tomorrow's homemakers are learning to- day. Miss Alberta Toothaker directs various activities. Aqui se habla espanol - Spanish is poken here. This club is both educational nd entertaining. The expert information of lr. Kost provides interesting inf ' ibout Spain a d ' ormation n Spanish- ' speaking co their FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA First r , E. DePalma, ran, H. Kelsey. row: Miss Tootha h visorg B Pl Second c er, Ad- . askon, M. DeFlippo, M. Holloran, E. Piscitelli, A. Sorno, A. Criscuola, N. Lampscn, R. Cham- bers, M. Parillo, D, Vogt, D. McKenna. Third row: E. Swanson, B. Brown, M. Sabine, J. Keegan, J. DeSola, E. Aldrich. ' Of M. Pellegrln R- Doneby, Angui, , O S. T Judge' R' E Pio-W" ' 1 tteS. L- . dney, ' n A enact, F- W lo 1 vaefsfow' V' Ge MMS" ' ' Storof ' ' hh K' - - S. H to H9 d Exsirflfcxlfv. G0m'f"" A visoff W. KOSlr . hh Mr. nd row, lell lo ng 5eco R. R. BroCkWUY' C. Borfmann. . . I . Bc'-MET. C rso N- Scollnli Rl'lilbTn.l- Avlloblle' , - S. 0 l gonzo, ' ' P. DAmlC01 h F C Mnchellf gs rig it ' Thifd 'awp lglbcnfi- Hqeschef ' Un- ow, left to right: R. Hill, J Applegate, J. Norden, D. Johns, C. Walsh, S. Provost E. Coch RAMA WORKSHOP - 1 Seated, lelt to right: 1. Schwartz F ample o D. Johnson, R. Ayr, E. Cochran K Morgan B Moncce W Tolento A El t First row: R. Gacy, R. Tam r J Norden A Wustmg .l Brockway P Morro D Ruchords K Muller B H' M Landmo L Gentule Z Knught A Sarno T LaChance R Walters L Seeper DeSanto, N. mes, . Second row: C. Norden, J Gnttlth C DeMusts D Johns A Cruscuola L Thomas A lanottl P l Treato, F. McTrottes, E, Piscrtelh B Mcleese D Esposnto E Paleslu D Mrano Third row: M. Parillo, L. Judge E Carbone C Suntanello .l Keegan D McKenna .l Baclrman R Hull S. Owen, M. Sabine, J. Richards B Snbme P Cumrmngs Mr Hawtm Advnsor Fourth row: D. Mattel, J. DeSola J Parlato T Lemleux F Degnoll R Kowelnslu R Gaflney J Plergrosr L. Pellegrino, S. Clow, J. Curry J Carlson .l Bunell J Nolan The birth loc 51 P e of future CYS. We look t D 0WCIrd the romo Worksho f gain P of enter ment. Mr Howtin M' ' Gnd ass Bouzoucos dyed, th proceedlngg. e ART CLUB Fifi' row , left 9 - lo I 9 YI hy. Jingle, F. Degnoul QN C. San S ""0f0no. - Freeman 9COnd row: E kms' N' Maisanlgrmlilrong' N' Wat- muclllroneif E Kurlz 0 Gomoclli, F ird ,-ow, 'V ' ' D - ' - 5 h . R. nlllbh, K. Poaencrka Ag hElIn-m' . g l , . c Fourth tlwfllvgfe, J. DeM4::Tu' B. Thomas J oxni M. Polmeri, C"""'i, Aavisar """"'d. M. 1 DIALETIC SOCIETY af A newly formed or- ganization, the Debat- ing Club discusses im- portant issues of the day. These intellectual leaders of tomorrow are guided by Mr. Tierney. I? Kneeling, left to right: 1 Wagner, N. Freeman, Zampiello, W. Curtiss, Nuhn, F. Quinlan, N. Mc sono, R. Talbot, S, Kar gible, Mr, Tierney, Advisor FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA This new organization has got ofT to a wonderful start under the direction of Miss Lowe. It promises to be one' of the most active in the school. I I "r -uwsnmngvm-H-M.-if . I A A 7sv'y"-, I E I I ..i I., L me-we-mf 1 'Q if i I li A 'rr First row, left to right: M. Mcleese, C. Walsh, C. Velardi, B. Plaslxan, V. Zampano, A. Sumo, J. Zabslxi, R, Balsamo, G. Palmer, E. Paieski, D. Kingsford, J. Applegate, E. DePaIma, E. Molinowslxi, T. Petrillo, A. Petrillo, M. Yorks, N. Mciscno, K. Muller, D. Richards, L. Seepers, J. Norden. Second row: S. DePino, K, Brereton, A. Cicarelli, J. Keegan, D. Johns, A. Mattel, J. Baticlx, V. Schurlc, C. Martin, R. Hill, M u,.n,...... i v:.l. i u-ll A i,.....n: r u,...1.... I n..l x Vecchio, M. Landino, G, Jackson, N. Lampson, C. Moosedorf, M. Spatacenta, Third row: J. Criscuala, M, Cerrito, D, Scharf, F. Wilson, E. Piscatelli, L. Pelligrino, A. Mcssaro, C. luo, B. Lecvestrom, V. Londa, R. Chambers, M. Kenny, E. Aldrich, V.' Roberts, J. Bruosea, L. Berton, A. DePaula, J, DeSola, C. Santanello, S. L't-Ieureux, S. Provost, Miss Lowe, Advisor. Y h iff f ff! ' 1 f , J I 1 X I w X f XX X XXXX XX fl KW!! fffff X XKXM X x X 1 iff! ff XX if ff xg Z LDOLQ To love the game above the prize Th h Ilb d h b h gh llhy Nbl f WJ' 7 X , 1' ' A xll Ll X. A ful 'U USWAVI1 t l I ,vw iw , A an . -ff fl I r Bmw. 6 Q w r x'5?'?'K7. f L . ,Y-'JLHAVC ug: I A 4 -W-pi l f.:: 5: f 3 . . ,". K if V. L 4 ,Z v i xxx fi K 5 ii ' V, A . W 1 RAW. 1 Av' , A lLA'fAX. X A A A t R . . X SKK A - A Q Q . 5 . L nl 'I ld ' ' L L' 1 up A Q. A .. . - . gy A f L., First row, left to right: A. Second row: D. Mautte, Third row: Frank Crisafi Montesano, F. Porlcto. 1 BASEBALL TEAM Luudano, C. Gery, E. Post, V. Paolillo, J. Norton, H. Lawler, V. Ga liardi. 9 L. Orfice, R. Streeto, R. Mizger, T. Sullivan, H. Luui, T. Mautte. coachp M. Paolillo, R. Dunehy, R. Heller, J. Gustafson, J. Nurrochl, M. First row, left to right: J. Es posito, R. Mizger, P. Wisminitti F. Ranfone, C. lecza, D. Pet tinicchi, T. Ranfone, D. Mautte, N. Vauisa, C. Cianelli, J O'Mara, A. Acomparo. Second row: J. Gustafson, L Orifice, A. Concilio, B. Brochett B. Gaffney, C, Borrman, A Mellio, B. Ginnetti, R. Bertolini H. luui, M. Ceretto, M. De Felice. Standing: Coach Frank Crisafi R. Streeto, J, Melillo, M. Pawel R. Swanson, R. Melvin, A. Pet tinicchi, J. Zito, S. Storo, S Negri, R. Paolillo, J. DeCaprio Coach Migdalslmi. I V N35-K Co-Captains Dom and Donnie East Haven East Haven East Haven East Haven, East Haven East Haven East Haven East Haven East Haven X era 395 SCORES Southington .. . . 19 St. Mary's 0 Shelton . . . , 8 Westport , , . , .. 18 Woodrow Wilson ,. . O Wallingford . .. , 0 ., . . Milford .. . 6 Seymour . . O Branford . . . . . 0 . .6 Lost 2 Tied . 'I Won The Senior Class boasted 14 members on the 1954 football team. lt was captained by Dominic Pettiniccihi and Daniel Mautte The coaches, Mr. Frank Crisafi and Mr. Alfred Migdalski, deserve a great deal of credit for the building and shaping of our team. The rec- ord was 6 wins, 2 Iosses, and 1 tie. By defeating top-notch Seymour, the Easties won a three way tie for the Housatonic League Football Championship. 'rm Q sg 251: -ug ' ' , , ITL 'z Jw if iixifh I ,fi if A 1 5 Three on one. lk ll ig Muufh passes. Nick heave: o long one. v,., i w A! H4. 1 X., 'Eiga-f' . , W Don'O loose that balll :fn A happy num. Hank and Butch, 1954 Co-captains. Oh, my aching back! ,ff . 4 P I5 I , p- XAI- ...A-I fX..- -.Z-LA.. I xI--l. Qx x . 'a s. Dancing around yhe ph'-one, Lovely ladies and handsome men Wo: fha! good! The Ouisfanding Sporfsman. Crowning Ohe Queen. .YV Uv' ' Mix fm fl fy f CONNECTICUT CHAMPS T Front row, left to right: Henry Heffernan, Joseph O'Mara, Capt. Anthony Massari, Robert Davison, Paul Wisiminiti. Second row: Coach Frank Crisofi, Michael Paolillo, Henry Luui, James Naracci, Thomas Bowden, Edmund Sullivan. This year's basketball team is the greatest in the history of the school. Under Coach Crisafi it has won for the first time the State Class M Champion- ship. The outstanding characteristics of the Yellow- iackets are their sportsmanlike attitude in playing as a team rather than individuals, and their ability to concentrate on one game at a time. Congratulations to a wondertul coach and team. East Haven High School is very proud of you. East Haven East Haven East Haven East Haven East Haven ,....,,...., 48 69 East Haven East Haven.. ,. , East Haven East Haven East Haven ,....,,...., 52 East Haven East Haven ..,.,,..... East Haven East Haven East Haven East Haven East Haven East Haven East Haven East Haven East Haven East Haven East Haven SCORES Middletown Boardman .. North Haven Wilcox Tech. Westport .,.. Alumni ......., Westport .,.. Lyman Hall Boardman .. Derby ....,.,. Seymour .... Shelton ...... St. Mary's ,... Wilcox Tech. Branford .,,... Middletown Lyman Hall Derby ......., Seymour ,..,.. Branford ..,... Shelton ,..... St. Mary's ,. North Haven Record ..,.... 23 wins 0 losses First row, left to righh Julie DelGuidice, Alphonse Melillo, Joseph Melillo, Richard Ezold, Ralph Castellon, Joel Gustafson, James Slreefo, Hurry Lage, l.. Sandacata. Second row: F. Lombardi, M. Defelice, W. Bristol, R. Velardi, R. Paolillo, N. Veglianle, A. Pettinicchi. J.V. TEAM up. UP, and 'l"""9l" Whose ball is if, anyway? "Er lU," Heffernan Wrong S ide, Ted- 1 Where is it? BOWLING TEAM Talk po 5,1 Pau!! P i Z x1 Kneeling, left to right: T. Ronfone, J. Henry, F. DeFlippo. Slondingz Mr. Malonis, Coachp R. Dunelly, G. Bossing, P. McNally, S. Vergafi. East Haven East Haven East Haven East Haven East Haven East Haven East Haven East Haven East Haven East Haven RECORD Hillhouse Wilbur Cross . . . Cheshire Academy St. Mary's . Bristol . Greenwich , , Hamden . Naugatuck , . . . Warren Harding . YMCA Senior Team Record won 6 lost 4 Kneeling, left to right: R. Gilson M Powell R Maher F Keefe W Clapp C Alderman Standing: R. Brockett, C. O'Hldy J Smith D Watrous W Webster W Rosenquist R Wallace R Angus, R. Carlson, H. Barker, M Brereton I. Lane ,K i FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS Left Oo right: L. Judge, K. Lawler, M. Sabine, R. Balzano, G. Wilson J. Baclrman, A. Elliotf, D. McKenna M. Parillo, N. Watkins, T- Puri lato. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS JAY VEE CHEERLEADERS ce.-fer. M. rafnlo, left fo fagm- A. ani.-1, M, sal-ine, J. Lef' 10 fighh L- Judge- C- Bishop. M- Alfwie, K- Lawler. Beckman, G. Wilson, R. Balzano, D. McKenna, T. Parlafo. C- Velilfdlf F- SCUYPUCO, T- Pe?YIll0- PEP CLUB First row, leff to righi: M. Paolilln E. Malinowslzi, E. Paieski, Thomas, P. Boughton, D. Anasfash F. Lombardi, J. Applegafe, E. D1 Palma. Second row: Mr. Murray, Advixo O. Murro, C. Walsh, B. Brinkman J. Wolfe, E. Kurtz, D. Vogt, l Murray, T. Cricchi. Two of the most active and hclrd working groups in our school are the Cheerleaders directed by Miss Weber, and the Pep Club under the supervision of Mr. Murray. The united support of these girls in their snappy uniforms adds greatly to the spirit and excitement of the games. R :lL112I!LYlI!Y4llll' BEST PHYSIQUE NICEST FIGURE MOST ATHLETIC Q ' EXH - MOST POPULAR BIGGEST FLIRT BEST DANCERS 4 BEST MANNERED BIGGEST TEASE BIGGEST LINE BEST ALL-ROUND AT EASE G5 nf , X . if Y aw Vxx nf' W A" ,"" W 4 1 pull A PARTING THOUGHT Silently they leave these halls of learning, Each one to walk along his chosen path, Wisdom and truth will be their companions Guiding them to an unknown future. -Dorothy Anastasio 81 FAREWELL I 'QR I blllkgptfly tfhl D eieve om oo in IYII--IYILI QMWUL wP 05 fe 10'1?G97'01901C05 05f9ffQl'7'Q40W9'09'05405'04"Q' Best Wishes S v to the GRADUATIN G CLASS 'I In V ' KEEP YOUR I SCHOOL SAVINGS ea muh: A K3 ACCOUNT ACTIVE The New Haven Savings Club THE NEW HAVEN SAVINGS BANK 170 ORANGE STREET, NEW HAVEN 1208 DIXWELL AVENUE, HAMDEN 531 CAMPBELL AVENUE, WEST HAVEN 36 FOUNTAIN STREET, WESTVILLE 201 GRAND AVENUE, FAIR HAVEN Assets over S115,000,000 EVERY DOLLAR OF YOUR SAVINGS GUARANTEED 4?" l0Y0K0"09'0'90590' 4 265 MAIN STREET EAST HAVEN, CONN. HO 7-3939 r Buns gywfo Sfugw . Camera Portraits - Commercials PETER T. LUCAS Official Photographer to the 1954 Pioneer 0'C9'l?'k?'G7lG0Y'0K0'l05G0?!05C0'5"0"455"07N0' 8 '0'040"-f 050:10-e0vf0ff0v0:'0f CLASS of 1954 3 We are pleased to announce the opening of Bill Lambert's Tackle Shop Route 1 directly opposite Lake Saltonstall Offering a Complete Line of Quality Fishing Tackle at Moderate Prices EXHIBITIONS DAILY Come in And Look Around ROUTE I CBoston Post Road? Branford, Conn. Directly Opposite Lake Saltonstall xo'-0-01101-of avoffaea-'mfaoiavffafmemawwwwwffaof 86 if rl gf: i vg2ii3g5SE53333 5E Q 7 5 9 1 THE HOLCOMBE DRUG CO. KPHIL AMARANTE-Pmpg 259 MAIN STREET EAST HAVEN KNUDSEN'S BROS. DAIRY BAR 305 MAIN STREET EAST HAVEN, CONN. Telephone HObart 7-7911 P and R MOTORS, INC. All Makes of Cars USED - NEW SAL PACILEO 8 HEMINGWAY AVENUE EAST HAVEN, CONN. 0' 000'00'0' Best Wishes-Class of 1954 DAYTON'S "The Ladies' Store of Courtesy and Value" Tel. HO 7-5918 301 MAIN ST. EAST HAVEN, CONN. YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR LADIES OF THE FAMILY BOTH YOUNG AND OLD Gifts for All Occasions - Gift Wrapped at No Additional Charge Make Us Your Shopping Habit for The Finest in Nationally Advertised Merchandise Best of Luck to CLASS of '54 EVERYBODY'S MARKET 82 HEMMINGWAY AVE- TINARI ELECTRIC Co Best Wishes Cor. Dodge EAST HAVEN, CONN. ANDERSON AUTO ACCESSORIES Compliments of Phone HO 7-0960 THE WEST END BOWLING ALLEYS 222 MAIN STREET EAST HAVEN, CONN. 040u0v0-'0w0v 90 -0"0'0' Dine - Dance - Drink At The WEEPING WILLOWS RESTAURANT LAUREL STREET EAST HAVEN, CONN. Orchestra Every Saturday Nite Weddings -- Parties - Banquets Printing Done At Moderate Prices At EAST HAVEN PRESS 456 MAIN STREET HO 9-0819 TOM'S TELEVISION and RADIO SERVICE 54 HEMINGWAY AVENUE Phone HO 7-4533 Compliments of AN DY'S MARKET Best Wishes CONNECTICUT STEEL 91 Compliments of IZZO'S FURNITURE STORE Complete Home Furnishers 591-597 GRAND AVENUE Phone ST 7-1818 NEW HAVEN, CONN. ,,. S fp -Q5- Ail Phone HO. 7-2913 :NIU IQHURIIIC UNIQUE CLEANERS We Own 8: Operate Our Own Plant 675 MAIN STREET EAST HAVEN, CONN. 24 Hour Service AUGIE'S AUTO REPAIR General Repairing Service Phone HO 7-5210 439 MAIN STREET STONE COLLEGE 129 TEMPLE STREET NEW HAVEN Tel. 5-9021 All Business Subjects SHORTHAND - TYPEWRITING SECRETARIAL e BOOKKEEPING ACCOUNTING - BUSINESS MACHINES Active Placement Dept. Personal Interview Required J. Compliments of GOLDBERG 8: SONS Structural Glass and Metal Store Front Construction Picture Windows Safety Glass for All Makes 523-529 STATE STREET Phone ST. 7-2241 NEW HAVEN, CONN. 0"0N0f0'0N-0" SON DERGAARD'S The Sboreline's Leading Jewelers 250 MAIN STREET BRANFORD Tel. HU 8-9132 Best Wishes KELLEY FOOD STORE 299 MAIN STREET EAST HAVEN, CONN. Compliments of Your Friendly TOWNE JEWELERS 281 MAIN STREET EAST HAVEN, CONN. J. JOHNSON 8: SONS, INC. 85-89 CHURCH ST.-NEW HAVEN 226 MAIN STREET-EAST HAVEN ONLY THE BEST SERVED HERE THE SPARKLING CAVE GRILL - TAP ROOM Real Home Cooking Spaghetti in Italian Style Chicken - Steak Dinners All Kinds of Drinks Phone HO 7-0130 ANTHONY ACAMPORA, Prop. 672 MAIN STREET EAST HAVEN, CONN. LIN DEN CON VALESCEN T HOSPITAL MRS. CATHERINE ANASTASIO, Director Chronic Convalescent and Post-Operative Cases Consulting Physician in Attendance 24 Hours RESTFUL HOME-LIKE ATMOSPHERE Carefully Prepared Meals and Diets TEL. HO 7-5828 83 MAIN STREET EAST HAVEN 04Z"07'040"?' JOSEPH R. SUTHERLAND Printer 491 MAIN STREET EAST HAVEN, CONN. EAST HAVEN DAIRY QUEEN 'j. 5. FRED H. BORRMAN N Building Contractor 10 HOWE COURT EAST HAVEN, CONN. Telephone HO 7-2214 CAPITOL THEATRE Best Wishes 'fo Hwqffuvb Yan, 62 770 L. bl cy' C7-fa is-LUV Compliments of the EAST HAVEN DINER UDE and MURRAY, INC. New Haven East Haven Forbes 8: Main 8: Townsend Bradley Tel. HO 7-0104 Tel. HO 7-0179 Tires - Batteries and Accessories TIN? WOLFE'S QUALITY Eooo sHoP 291 MAIN STREET Phone HO 7-0256 EAST HAVEN, CONN. 0H0H0"0'0N0' ll Q w BEACH HEAD RESTAURANT Sea Food a Specialty Wine - Liquor - Beer Phone HO 7-0125 3 COSEY BEACH AVE. CMomaguin D EAST HAVEN, CONN. Compliments of ERIC S. GUSTAF SON All Forms of Insurance 599 THOMPSON AVE. EAST HAVEN Tel. HO 7-4716 Best Wisbes TINARI ELECTRIC CO. Glassware-Lamps-Dinnerware TUCKER - WAIT CO. Quality Gifts of Distinction Telephone HUbbard 8-1045 BOSTON POST ROAD BRANFORD, CONN. A. C. P. ELECTRICAL SERVICE 467 MAIN STREET EAST HAVEN Compliments of EAST HAVEN GREEN GARAGE 175 MAIN STREET EAST HAVEN, CONN. Best Wishes DR. BISHOP ANNEX HOUSE 0v010fWv -01010 ANTHONY R. NUZZO Health, Hospitalization, Accident and Life Insurance 125 CLAY ST. NEW HAVEN MA 4-7370 MA 4-9970 Best Wishes PHIL'S BARBER SHOP WALL STREET NEW HAVEN, CONN. Compliments of EVERYBODY'S PHARMACY 84 HEMMINGWAY AVE. Best Wishes EVERYBODY'S MARKET 82 HEMMINGWAY AVE. GREENBERG BROS. 897-900 GRAND AVENUE Furniture and Electrical Appliances Compliments of FRANK S. CLANCY Congratulations Best Wishes DARLENE'S Compliments of HOWARD JOHNSON BRANFORD HILL 0n0v0Y0v0N0' '0l0'-0110v6X 2 W Best Wishes CARBON E BROTHERS 432 MAIN STREET EAST HAVEN Compliments of DECAPRIO'S MARKET MEL - GAUGE COMPANY Fuel Oil Gauges EAST HAVEN, CONN. Phone HO 7-6879 BULLARD'S Complete Home Furnishers For Over 52 Years ELM STREET and ORANGE HO 7-1707 Established 1934 TOMMY'S FURNITURE HOUSE Furniture of Character at Reasonable Prices Easy Terms Arranged SERVING THE SHORELINE BROTHERS. INC. usumx mmm smmlm mason LAURA E. ONOFRIO H0 7-1292 149 MAIN STREET 330 MAIN ST. EAST HAVEN opp. Green EAST HAVEN, CONN. G I F T H A V E N Congrutulatiam Gifts for Every Occasion Best Wishes 300 MAIN ST. METCALFS DRUG STORE Phone HO 7-5446 EAST HAVEN 12, CONN. 0l0v0Y-0K0K0' S fl X BUSINESS DIRECTORY EN THONE, INC. Walter R. Meyer, Ph.D., President, New Haven, Conn. COMPLIMEN TS OF Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert M. Zampiello FERRAIOLA CONSTRUCTION CO. 116 Prospect Pl. Ex. CONNECTICUT WELDING SERVICE 36 Dodge Ave., East Haven. Phone HO 7-3708 PROTO BROS. 402 Main St., East Haven, Conn. THE ELGENE SHOP 242 Main St., East Haven, Conn. FRANK FERRAIOLO DAIRY PRODUCTS 26 Talmadge Ave., East Haven, Conn. THE SURRETY STORAGE BATTERY CO. jeiferson Ave., Mass. THE J. A. LONG co. 154 Dodge Ave., East Haven, Conn. Phone HO 7-3618 EAST HAVEN DEPARTMENT STORE Harry Lewis, Prop., 317 Main St. JOSEPH A. GIANELLI INSURANCE AGENCY 205 Church St., New Haven, Conn. JACOB BASS Your Newspaperman PARAMOUNT OIL COMPANY 214 Foxon Road, Leo Scillia, prop. Phone HO 7-7641 M 8: G GARAGE Foxon Road, HO 7-0113 FRANK BARKER 5 Ure Avenue, East Haven BOTWINIK BROS., INC. 333 Welton St., Hamden 0N0N0N?v'0w0'0K0-G0"-0'0N0'f'0f'0N0'-0l'0K0Y 98 A . BUSINESS DIRECTORY 7 FORMAL SHOP 187 Church St. iover Lindy'sJ New Haven NILS AHLBERG-"THE OLD MILL ANTIQUE SHOP U. S. Route 1, East Haven, Conn. JAMES MILANO 265 Main St., East Haven MARTIN OLSON 273 Main St., East Haven EAST HAVEN HARDWARE STORE 319 Main St. Phone HO 7-2641 TASTY PASTRY SHOPPE 458 Main St., East Haven E. G. CURRY Your Frigidaire Dealer East Haven Radio Co., 220 Main St E H EAST HAVEN CLEANERS 8: SHOE REPAIR 309 Main St. Phone HO 7-1109, East Haven THOMA S 'PAT. MED. 206 Main St., East Haven, Conn. D'ALESSIO BAKERY 8: FOOD SHOP 1832 Dixwell Ave., Hamden. Phone CH 8-4133 EAST HAVEN RUG CO. New Rugs and Carpets. 111 Laurel St., Phone HO 7-1455 QUALITY FURNITURE CO. 827 Grand Ave., Phone ST 7-3053 MARCUS FURNITURE CO. 844 Grand Ave., Phone ST 7-1962 CENTRA SHOE 279 Main St., East Haven CHAS. H. MILLER 63 Bradley Ave. MILADY'S BEAUTY SALON 267 Main St., East Haven JAMES B. WALSH, D.D.S. 265 Main St., East Haven 99 040H0"0n0n0v 0101 40"6l0: I-Q0 5513 9 f i' 'f il : f 1'-is, BUSINESS DIRECTORY T. SECONDINO Totoket Road, North Branford WILSON AUTO SALES CO., INC. Ford Sales and Service. 147 Montowese St., Branford. Phone HU 8-2546 FLORIO'S COUNTRY HOUSE Route 80, Foxon FOXON GENERAL STORE Route 80 at Rose St. AUGIE'S LIQUOR STORE 186 Main St., East Haven WHELAN'S SERVICE STATION 342 Main St. HO 7-0680 EAST HAVEN PACKAGE STORE 420 Main St., East Haven ALPHONSE ANASTASIO REAL ESTATE 211 Summit St., New Haven VERGASON FLORIST SHOP Wedding, Funerals, Corsages, Cut Flowers. 14 Pine St. HO 7-1206 VIC'S ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION 166 Main St., New Haven. Phone HO 7-0241 B- 8: J SALES AND SERVICE Motorcycle Accessories and Repairs. 8 Hemmingway Ave. HO 7-0220 VICKY'S CORNER Anthony Simione, Prop. Italian-American Dinners. 15 Hemmingway Ave. A. E. BOVE General Insurance. P. O. Box 882. Phone SP 6-1018 - LO 2-5927 HANDICRAFT STUDIO 406 Strong St. HO 7-7697 AMATO'S RESTAURANT 13 Cosey Beach Ave., East Haven, Conn. 0l0N0K-9101-01' 0'01s0Y0N0N-01' 1 00 5 'S' direct sales personal service ori inal layou f Q E' retouc ng 4' composition I mechanicals halftone and line ne e film and plate stripping plate making offset printing folding complete bindery service packaging nw? delivery 1, o'toole and sons, inc. stamford, connecticut stamford 4-9226 new york me 5-4112 Q 5097 W 'V . .. e, "' gl' 5 5 Q ug , , X if '-. -3 4 jaw 9 51614 ,f . Q . TN 1 ' x x if Y Xp .,,o.-. v " . .-Afnilli ff. If . e. n ' Ag, fryyf' 'fsw www- r'f"' V . . g'n':'n's' v'Q5:'n'1'1'4 'v'r'r'f ,agvw?',','dJ,1 , . 5 .splpgcox','.',',,.'rl,'f,'4 '.'.','o 1 , Q." , ,-.Q-'H ', n"'4 "' .,, , , 10,1 nj '?u""n 9 nr,l H, Q V QW ofa' :ffm ",f,C'f,'. K. o.1',',.a:v'klf1"" "' ' . 1' , 1 ' , W Q' 4 ,LQ fx. ., 'ot :,:,.n.:,1,'o'f,',':,.,r ,IU ' 'fn mf, ' 142 'ff .'f",f' , Q W .W . , N. - K .,..,,.- 2 Un U -. gQ5v-dl iff! Of' J , ,L .- 4 , if f , 'kitiif 351. Qy xv' ,, -J .a, ' .ae- Y. Mrs. Coulter, Director of Placemer discussing employment opportunities wi Commercial students. Vocational discussion by outside speaker. Interview by college representatives. PLANNING FOR :hedules being arranged in o5ice. ss Keefe, Dean of Girls, browsing gh college catalogues with seniors. Wlf lax graduation plans THE FUTURE .eww Mr. Murray counseling underclassme regarding future careers. 7'l'g,: 152 -M7425 iq MSTHJLXJ-' Lv ff gig . JF ,N :W I b'M:il!:193Xff '-Wk ' , '. i K ' ' ' ' , 1 . M, f ., ' . 5-, ' ,. .. r. 3 - 'gl , 'Qs-M ,fi ""'L 1 ,-- ' 1- b-,.g1l Y, ' ' MW' .. 'Pe .'1 A . 1. 1 , Q" . ' 1 -'gf ' W- ' 1 w - ' '41 -f' Aflf' 4- .. . 1' . ' A -1,-gf :al- 2+ --.4r.JX,f,-5 ,1 x .4 I -b 1, -,, -f ., 3+ ' ,,- .-'vw Q, . 3, fa-5,11 v pgnztnaf ' . 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